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 V r- A i . • %Dean Page Keeton ... a Reluctant Legend 1975 Peregrinus University of Texas School of Law Published by Texas Student Publications Austin, Texas Volume 251975 PEREGRINUS The Peregrinus is back after a two year absence, hopefully to stay. We are honored in this issue to be back in time to pay tribute to a much honored man. Page Keeton. It is hoped that this special issue of the Peregrinus will express the gratitude felt by UT Law Students for having shared in Page Keeton's long and important career. We respectively dedicate this book to a great man, to a reluctant legend in his own time .. . Page Keeton. Page Keeton—A Reluctant Legend Page 4 Faculty Page 12 Activities Page 38 Organizations Page 58 Classes Page 86 Index Page 140The Birth of the Peregrinus Saint Ives, Patron Saint of all law students, has nothing on the Peregrinus as a Patron Saint. The Peregrinus was created in December, 1899, and was adopted by the Junior Law Class in 1901 as the Patron Saint of the Law School. The birth of "Perry" took place in the lecture room of one of the most colorful and beloved of the early law professors. Colonel W.S. Simkins. It was the Colonel's first year of instructing, and his students were intrigued by the way he pronounced—or mispronounced —some Latin terms. One day in his Equity class he asked a student to identify the word "Peregrinus," which was the name of an ancient Roman official, whose full name was Praetor Peregrinus. The student swung too low on the curved pronunciation, however, and guessed, "Wal, I don't know. Judge, 'less it could be some kind of animal." This student was Jim Livingston McCall, a star Longhorn football player who was the center for the team. Another version of the incident by those who believe it was 1900 and not 1899 that Peregrinus was born, claim that the incident took place after Texas beat A M on Thanksgiving. McCall was asleep in class when called on because he had been up the night before celebrating the victory. Nevertheless, it was too good to let die, and in practically nothing flat another student, the late Russell R. Savage of Corpus Christi, drew a picture of the imaginary animal in class and on the blackboard the next morning before class. The Sketch was later copied in a plaster statuette, which was installed as the idol of the Law School. The small orange and white figurine has also been securely installed in the hearts of thousands of students through the years. Since early in the century "Perry" has been the symbol of a feud between the Lawyers and the Engineers, with the result that he has been captured and taken for a ride several times. It is not known for certain, but it is believed that the current "Perry" is the fourth edition of the original. "Perry" is always the subject of inquiry by the first year students; some have asked why a "duck" appears on the official senior ring. But, it doesn't take long before these students learn that the Peregrinus is the patron saint of the Law School and join thousands who for more than half a century have shown their love, admiration and respect for "Perry." In discussing the Roman Court that set up the cases involving foreigners. Colonel Simkins told of the judge who presided over the court and, intentionally or unintentionally, he pronounced Praetor Peregrinus as "Peregrinoos," and to this day it is still so pronounced. Savage drew the picture on the blackboard and when Professor Simkins arrived he saw that the creature had the tail of a fox, the body of a donkey, the eyes of an eagle, the head of a stork, and vicious fangs. On his front feet were men's shoes and on his rear feet were boxing gloves. Later a claw replaced one front shoe and an Irish ditcher's boot replaced the other. Colonel Simkins first gave significance to the features and through the years his comments picked up other traditional meanings. The fiery mouth was to fight injustice and represent the wide latitude of a bill of equity; the bushy tail of a fox represents the wise and skillful lawyer or the shrewd and crafty one. On the Peregrinus' front foot the Irish ditcher's boot indicates the law's protection of the least of mankind. On the other front foot the naked claws indicate that the greatest of mankind must fear its power. His hindquarters are those of a dog, man's most faithful friend. The spotted patches indicate that even the most beautiful days will have a few clouds. The arched back in the attitude of springing indicates that the law is ever ready to protect right or prevent wrong. The sharp extending beak indicates the power to penetrate the mysteries of the law which the true student must obtain by study. Page 3Page "I decided to be a lawyer when I read one day after coming home from the cotton field that a lawyer did most of his work sitting down. I decided to be a lawyer way back there when I was about eleven or twelve or younger even. I guess my father encouraged me, and I never had any doubts about what I wanted to be ' Page -1Keeton Retires After 25 Years As Dean Edited by Mote Baird Commentary by Leslie Taylor It must surely be no small satisfaction to Page Keeton that he was uniquely equipped to bring the University of Texas School of Law from mired promise in 1949 to a position of prestige and respect as one of the 10 best law schools in the country. In the process, the gravelly-voiced, open-faced Keeton has earned the respect of the intellectual elite and the downright affection of perhaps the most cynical group of students on campus today. His combination of legal scholarship, teaching excellence, energy, political acumen, sense of humor, fair dealing and down-home charm will make him a tough act to follow. It's hard to replace a legend and that is exactly what Page Keeton is, whether he wants to be or not. Pag 5Keeton enjoyed his law school days and took every honor in sight—Texas Law Review editor. Order of the Coif, Phi Beta Kappa, Chancellors, President of the law school student body. He graduated in 1931 when the depression had really taken hold. "It was really rough. Lawyers weren't making any money generally and nobody was hiring lawyers. I don't remember but two people who got jobs in our class where they were on a salary. Nearly everybody went somewhere and either opened up an office or was allowed by other lawyers to have some space in their offices and just pick up whatever business came in." He planned to return home to Vernon and run for county attorney, but instead he took an offer to stay on at the law school as an assistant to Judge Robert W. Stay ton and as business manager of the Texas Law Review. He moved to a faculty post the next year when a vacancy occurred. Keeton says that he's never regretted choosing an academic administrator-teacher's role over what would probably have been a prosperous personal injury practice. "I think I would have enjoyed it (private practice), but I have no regrets because I don't see how I could have gotten more satisfaction out of that than I have gotten out of what 1 have done." What Keeton did was to teach at UT until 1942 (with a brief teaching-study stint at Harvard where he earned a S.J.D.) when he went to Washington, D.C. to "fight the battles of the Potomac" in the Office of Price Administration overseeing price control and supply of petroleum and petroleum products for three years. At the end of that period, he turned down a job with the legal department of a large oil company to return to teaching at UT. In 1946, at the age of 37, he went to the University of Oklahoma to be dean of the law school there. Three years later he was back in Texas as dean of his alma mater. When Keeton returned to Texas it was a "good law school," but a good school with problems, money problems. Texas had become a training ground for young law professors. As soon as a young professor had established himself as an outstanding teacher, another law school would outbid UT for his services, usually paying 50 to 75 per cent more. Within the space of ten years, two things happened that turned the law school around, in Keeton's estimation. The first was the creation of the University of Texas Law School Foundation. The second was precipitated by the offer of the deanship of UCLA Law School to Keeton. The idea of allowing a separate corporation to solicit funds for the Law School met considerable resistance from the University administration. The operating procedure up to that time had been to solicit gifts for the University as a whole, leaving to the top school executives the decisions as to how the money would be spent. FROM I OP TO BOTTOM: Page Keeton as young faculty member; the Keeton family; Page Keeton and his wife Madge at the special Keeton Convocation. Page 6'It was my point that you will never raise much money that way," Keeton says. "Lawyers are interested in law school, engineers are interested in the engineering school, fine arts people are interested in fine arts, and so on." In 1952, after several years of controversy, the administration approved the foundation idea. When UCLA tried to hire Keeton away from UT, it gave him the opportunity to lay it on the line to the University Administration on the matter of inadequate faculty services. "I was serious about it (accepting the UCLA offer) because 1 was very dejected about the fact that we had lost so many of our good people in recent years simply over money." Keeton's price for staying was "a substantial increase in the budget of the Law School. I would say a 25 per cent increase, probably a 30 per cent increase in the salary budget of the Law School, immediately." The establishment of the Foundation and the price exacted by Keeton for his continued services gave the school the financial base it needed to rise to its present position of prominence because it now had the capacity to compete for top talent on a nationwide basis. "Every law school will lose somebody it doesn't want to lose every now and then for a variety of reasons, but we have lost virtually no one simply because of financial reasons," according to Keeton. But it was after two decades at the helm of the UT Law School that Keeton was drawn reluctantly into his most publicized and important battle. The lines were drawn between the dean and his celebrated adversary Frank Erwin, then chairman of the Board of Regents. Erwin, Keeton recalls, frequently asserted that the Dean was one of the best teachers he had ever had (Keeton taught Erwin freshman contracts). But Erwin didn't agree with many of Keeton's administrative policies and procedures—namely faculty employment, admissions, and use of funds from gifts to the Law School Foundation, a separate legal entity. Erwin took his complaints to a Board of Regents executive session in which Keeton appeared and responded to the complaints. Keeton recalls that "nothing happened as a result of that confrontation before the Board of Regents" and that Erwin chose as the next forum the Texas Legislature to air his grievances against the Law School and Keeton's administration. Erwin got the Appropriations Committee to send up a proposal that would have set the Law School s budget for the next biennium at the then existing level unless specific changes were approved by the Governor. Keeton has always regarded the fight as an effort to force him to resign, but, he notes, "the practicing bar has always been a great support for the law school and it can be a powerful body in influencing decisionmakers in both legislative and executive positions." He credits the bar together with law students and faculty with saving the law school from disaster." Page 7'King of Torts' in His Keeton's field is torts or personal injury law, a subject taught to every first-year law student in the country, but nobody teaches it like he does. He does things to the Socratic method of pedagogy that Socrates would not believe but undoubtedly would approve. Everyone who has taken Keeton's torts class has his favorite Keeton story. One is the story of a man who wandered onto a construction site and decided to avail himself of a portable toilet placed there for the convenience of the workers. During the course of his repose, an explosion destroyed the toilet and disrobed the startled occupant. "Now," growls Keeton with the straightest professorial face, "the question is whether this unfortunate victim is classified as a naked trespasser or a bare licensee." In the course of his classroom analysis of tricky jurisprudence, the dean is likely to admonish his students not to "jump to conclusions" by telling the story of two unsophisticated East Texas boys who took their first train ride. "They were simple folks and they'd never seen a train before in their lives. Well, a man came up selling bananas. They'd never seen any bananas before, but they bought some." The first boy proceeded to peel his banana and eat the whole thing just as the train went through a long tunnel—everything went black as pitch. As the train emerged into the light, his friend was about to bite into his banana. "My God," the first one cried. "Don't eat that thing—it'll make you go blind." One student observed, "He cares about his students and he doesn't have any sacred cows—except the jury system." "It's much more fun, more exciting to teach torts to the students at the UT Law School today than it was to teach torts to the students when I first started teaching. The class is a highly select group and much more intellectually elite," Keeton says. The students are more critical and more inquiring, and are not as willing to accept what judges say in opinions as they were then. And I think that's good." But, today's law students are not as industrious as those of Keeton's generation, the Dean says. I think we were harder working when I was in law school in the depths of depression," he adds. Some students today "have had everything and they think everything ought to come to them."Class Gus Hodges, law professor and dean of the special jury issue in Texas, graduated a year after Keeton. He recalls one day in Slayton's procedure course when Keeton gave the lecture. Hodges, whose Texas nasal twang and now great snowy moustache are as much law school institutions as the Dean's own gravelly, ebullient style, recalls that he, Keeton and others had been to a legal fraternity party the night before and "of course, we had been drinking and not doing any studying. "Well, the next day in class, Keeton called on everybody who'd been at the party." Keeton refuses to take himself too seriously. A favorite story he tells recalls the woman who telephoned the law school and wanted to talk to someone about getting her son into law school. "I'll let you talk with Dean Keeton," the switchboard operator said. "Oh, no," the woman said "I don't need to talk to him. Isn't there someone lower I could talk to?" "Ma'am," came the operator's reply, "there's no one around here any lower than the Dean." Those around Page Keeton find they can't take themselves too seriously either. At a convocation at the school drawing top lawyers from all over Texas, Keeton introduced the main speaker—an eminent professor from one of the most prestigious eastern law schools. "Our speaker,” the Dean said, "is one of the foremost experts in the law of sales. But that isn't saying much, because there aren't too many people who know anything about sales." The dean, who has shown himself willing to put his job on the line when he felt the stakes were high enough, has seldom lost his perspective or his wry outlook on life. "I read in the paper one day that 1 was going to be kicked out as dean of the law school,' he matter-of-factly told a group of listeners. "Then I read that I was going to be named president of the University. Well, I stayed awake all night, wondering which one of those horrible things was going to happen to me."Along with admonitions and homilies he directs to each year's incoming class, Keeton suggests they Follow advice which he has taken to heart: "work hard and have a good time." He has been arriving for work at 7:30 a.m. weekdays and coming in on Saturdays for the last ten years. He averaged ten hours a week for five years as chairman of the Penal Code Revision Committee. He served on the Texas Constitutional Revision Commission. He teaches fulltime. "He really practices what he preaches," observed one of his first-year torts students. "That's the way he runs his class. He works us hard, but we have a good time."Running a national law school has become an increasingly complicated affair, according to Keeton. "There was a time in the history of legal education when about all you were expected to do was to train students for admission to the bar. But society has become more and more complex. Law schools are expected to serve more functions than they once did." Such as? Of course, the first and most important function of any law school is to train students to become lawyers," he said, "but there's more.” The law is changing so dramatically that the practicing bar looks to the school for continuing legal education. Further, legal educators have a responsibility to assist in law reform efforts and add to legal research for the benefit of bench and bar, according to the Dean. "Finally, those of us in law school are in a position of being independent of any interest groups in society and I think we ought to be spokesmen for what we consider to be the essential characteristics of the free society. After all, the most complex and challenging task of mankind today is the ordering of human relations. That's infinitely more difficult, more complex and more controversial than technology. "The law is the means by which we get order in society and those involved in the law have the primary responsibility in this area. I think this is why so many people are studying the law. They are perceptive enough to realize that the law is where the action is now." "The more 1 learn about things," Keeton says, "and the more I'm around my colleagues, the more I realize that no one person has access to the Truth; and that the law school has within its faculty, experts who are highly trained and very capable people but with different ideas and views. That creates a challenging intellectual atmosphere. I don't believe in selecting people because of the point of view they might have. It would be a dull place if everybody felt the same way." Although Keeton is leaving the deanship, he's not really leaving the law school. After a year's leave of absence, he'll be back in the classroom. New batches of first-year students will hear him growl out the finer points of tort law, will learn to appreciate his steady stream of pointed hypothetical and his rough and ready classroom style. Page Keeton's achievements as dean are manifest. There's no question that he's enjoyed it. But how about disappointments? Well, no, not really. I ought to be able to think of some major disappointments, but I really can't.""He is a charming man ... But after all what did he mean?— His pointed ears .. . He must be unbalanced. — There was something he said that I might have challenged." —T.S. ElliottDeans of the School of Law Dean Ernest E. Smith, III Professor of Law Assuming duties in September of 1974, Professor Ernest E. Smith has become the new Dean of the UT School of Law. Dean Smith succeeds retiring Dean, Page Keeton. Professor Smith, who received teaching excellence awards in 1966 from the UT Austin Students' Association and the Law School student body, joined the faculty in the fall of 1963 after serving a year as clerk to Judge John Minor Wisdom of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. In 1966 for one semester he was a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota Law School. During the summer of 1973, he was a visiting professor at the University of Colorado Law School. He was appointed a full Professor of Law at the University of Texas in 1968. An authority on oil and gas law. Dean Smith also has taught courses on property law and marital property rights. He is the co-author of two books—the two volume "Texas Probate and Decedents' Estates" with Professor M.K.Woodward and "Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas" with Professors Woodward and W.O.Huie. He also has written a number of articles which have appeared in the Texas Law Review, the Kansas Law Review, and the Texas Tech Law Review. Born Sept. 8, 1936, in Gonzales, Texas, where he attended public schools. Dean Smith took a Bachelor of Arts degree at Southern Methodist University in 1958. He then entered the University of London for a year, prior to attending Harvard Law School and obtaining an LLB degree in 1962. He was an editor of the Harvard Law Review. Page 14Associate Dean T.J. Gibson An Associate Dean and Associate Professor at the University of Texas Law School since 1969, T.J. Gibson has long been known for his wide open door and willingness to help any law student with any problems. He originally received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas in 1939, and subsequently discontinued his education to serve in the Navy for five years during World War 11. He entered the University of Texas Law School in 1946, received his LLB in 1948, and was admitted to the Texas Bar the same year. From 1952 until 1954 Dean Gibson remained in Austin serving as the State Librarian. He came back to the University of Texas in 1954 as an Assistant Librarian, a position he held for two years before becoming Assistant Dean of the Law School in 1956. Associate Dean Byron Fullerton An Associate Dean and Associate Professor at the Law School since 1969, Byron Fullerton has distinguished himself both in Education and in Law. After receiving a Bachelor of Science de- free from the University of exas in 1946, he went on to the University of Colorado, where he earned a Masters Degree in Education in 1950. In 1956 he received his LLB at the University of Texas. From 1963 until 1969, he was Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor at the UT Law School, and has served since 1963 as the Law School's Director of Continuing Legal Education. A former Assistant Attorney General of Texas, Dean Fullerton was a Presidential appointee to the National Advisory Coun-:il for Education Professions development in 1970, and was gain appointed in 1972 to serve n the National Advisory Coun-i) on Extension and Continuing Jucation. Page 1University of Texas Law School Foundation The Foundation is a private corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Texas as an educational foundation. Its purpose is to assist the Law School by providing extra financial support unavailable through the normal university channels, and since its inception, the Foundation has played a vital role in the Law School's steady growth to a position of national ranking in legal education. The Foundation also provides scholarships, loans and awards to deserving students. In the judgment of the trustees of the Foundation, there is no bet- ter way to honor a distinguished man than to use the income from substantial gifts to obtain or maintain the services of distinguished teachers devoted to educating young men and women for service in the legal profession. A minimum gift of $ 100,000 is required to endow a professorship and minimum gift of $400,00 is required to endow a chair. FRONT ROW: Leroy Jeffers. Allan Shivers, Tom Scaly, Kraft Eidman. Tom Phillips BACK ROW': E.E. Smith. Mark Wit tin, W. St. John Garwood. Elton Hydtr. Preston Shirley, Wales Madden. JA "Tiny-' Gooch. Ed Clark, J. Mark McLaughlin. Charles Duke, Cecil Redford. Page toNew Director Named The Law School Foundation appointed a new Executive Secretary to begin duties on January 1, 1975. Replacing Wayne Stratton is Neal Powers. Wayne Stratton, who served as Executive Secretary for seven years, has accepted a position as Southwest Manager of the American Mutual Insurance Alliance. Neal Powers comes to the Law School from the Austin National Bank Trust Department. He is a 1966 University Law School graduate and graduate of the College of Business Administration. WAYNE STRATTON resigned as Executive Secretary and Director of the Foundation after seven years of service. Page 17 BARBARA ALDAVE Visiting Professor of Law B.S., Stanford. LL.B., University of California at Berkeley Securities Regulations ALBERT W. ALSCHULER Associate Professor of Law B.A., Harvard University; L1..B., Harvard University Constitutional Law DAVID A. ANDERSON Assistant Professor of Law B.A., Harvard College; J.D., University of Texas School of Law Property, Injuries to RelationsHANS W. BAADE Albert Sidney Burleson Professor l.l.B, L1.M Duke University Conflicts, International L«iw, Comparative Law RICHARD V. BARNDT Professor ol" Law l.l.B Utah University Contracts, Local Government ROBERT L. BARD Visiting Professor JD Vale University Contracts, International LawMARSHALL J. BRECER Assistant Professor of Law JD University of Pennsylvania Administrative Law WOODFIN L. BUTTE Professor of Law LLB Yale University International Law, Conflicts PATRICIA ANN CAIN Assistant Professor of Law JD University of Georgia Legal Accounting. Real Estate Page 20FRANK W. ELLIOTT, JR. Fulbright Jaworski Professor of Law Ll.B University of Texas Evidence and Procedure DAVID G. EPSTEIN Professor of Law JD University of Texas, I.I.M Harvard University Sales and Consumer Credit PARKER C. FIELDER W. H. Francis, Jr., Professor of Law LLB University of Texas Securities, Federal Taxation Page 22DAVID B. FILVAROFF Professor of Law LLB Harvard University Civil Rights CARL. H. FULDA Hugh Lamar Stone Professor LLB Yale University International Transac tions and Antitrust WILLIAM W. GIBSON Professor of Law LLB University of Texas Estates and Future Interests Page 23LINO A. GRAGLIA Professor of Law B.A., City College of New York; LL.B., ColumK Constitutional Law, Government Regulations, Anti-Trust ROBERT W. HAMILTON Professor of Law B.A.. Swarthmore; J.D., Chicago Contracts, Business AdministrationWILLIAM O. HUIE Sylvan Lang Professor LLB University of Texas, SJD Harvard University Marital Property, Oil and Gas GUS M. HODGES Baker and Botts Professor l.I.B University of Texas Civil Procedure STANLEY M. JOHANSON Judge Benjamin Harrison Powell Professor LLB Washington (Seattle), LLM Harvard University Property and Wills and Estates Page 25PAGE KEETON W. Page Keeton Professor LLB University of Texas SJD Harvard University Torts CORWIN W. JOHNSON William C. Liedtke Professor JD University of Iowa Environmental Law, Real Property ALBERT P. JONES Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor LLB University of Texas Legal Profession, Practice and Procedure Page 26LEON LEBOW1TZ Professor of Law JD Baylor. LLM New York Practice and Procedure. Business Associations HUGH S. LOWE Lecturer JD University of Texas Criminal LawROBERT C. MEANS Professor of Law LLB Harvard University Business Associations, Antitrust, Latin American Law ROBERT E. MATTHEWS Professor of Law BA Yale University, JD University of Chicago Page 28 ROY M. MERSKEY Professor; Law Librarian JD University of WisconsinKEITH E. MORRISON William Stamps Farish Professor I-LB Yale University Federal Taxation GARY MUNNEKE Assistant Dean; Director of Placement JD University of Texas LARRY NIEMANN Lecturer I-I.B University of Texas Moot Court WOODROW W. PATTERSON Visiting Professor LLB University of Texas Office Practice DONALD F. NOBLES Lecturer LLB University of Texas Negotiable Instruments REX PERSCHBACHER Assistant Professor JD University of California at Berkley TortsALAN S. RAU Professor of Law On Leave LUCAS A. POWE Professor of Law JD Washington (Seattle) Constitutional Law DAVID W. ROBERTSON 1 fofessor of Law On LeaveJOHN J. SAMPSON Professor of Law I.LB University of Minnesota Family Law, Administrative LawM. MICHAEL SHARL.OT Professor of Law LLB University of Pennsylvania Criminal Law, Evidence C1CILY SIMMS Lecturer; Director of Clinical Legal Education Program Page 33 ALLEN E. SMITH Mr. Mrs. Hines H. Baker Professor of Law LLB University of Texas Jurisprudence, Torts JOHN F. SUTTON, JR. William Benjamin Wynne Professor LLB University of Texas Torts, Legal Profession, Evidence Page 34RUSSEL J. WEINTRAUB Marrs McLean Professor JD Harvard University Conflicts, Contracts OLIN GUV WELLBORN Assistant Professor JD Harvard University Privacy Page 35J. HENRY WILKINSON Professor of Law LLB University of Texas Legal Accounting, Oil and Gas I JERRE S. WILLIAMS John B. Connally Professor of Law LLB Columbia University Administrative Law, Legal Profession, Labor Relations JOSEPH P. WITHERSPOON Professor of Law LI B University of Texas, SJD I larvard University Administrative Law, Governmental Regulations, Jurisprudence Page 36M. KENNETH WOODWARD Robert F. Windfohr Professor LLB University of Texas Oil and Gas, TLT, Mortgages CHARLES ALAN WRIGHT Charles T. McCormick Professor LLB Yale University Constitutional Law, Federal Courts mark g. yudof Professor of Law LLB Yale University Contracts"There will be time, there will be time To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet; There will be time to murder and create. And time for all the works and days of hands That lift and drop a question on your plate; Time for you and time for me. And time yet for a hundred indecisions. And for a hundred visions and revisions. Before the taking of a toast and tea ..." —T.S. ElliottIs this is meant by "fee Tail”? Fall Drunk Staged on Halloween Every year, tire SBA rewards the diligent UT law students with a party where they can forget impending finals and concentrate on some serious drinking. This year's Fall Drunk was held on Halloween at Fiesta Cardens on Townlake. Mike Rodgers, SBS Secretary, provided the leadership necessary to coordinate all of the plans for the party. Kegs of beer and mixed drinks were served for all at a nominal fee. This year's party was an optional costume party and a good number of those attending did dress for the occassion in garb ranging from the Great Pumpkin to Merlin the Magician. On these pages are a few of the sights from that haunted evening. 'I am not a crook. . .scout' ; honor!” The Groat Pumpkin couldn't make it to Charlie Brown's Pumpkin Patch, but he was in evidence at the Fall Drunk. Page 40He's the Sheik of Araby, and I'm his Mamma! I know you ordered two, Mary Ann, but how about drinking them one at a time?” queries temporary Bar Keep. Mark Weiss. and then the Chief Justice says to me, 'Well, hell, Bernie "' SBA Hosts Dean Smith In September the Student Bar Association hosted an Eastwoods Park Beer Bust in honor of new Dean Ernest E. Smith, Professors and students assembled in the park and quaffed suds after classes. While Dean Smith is far from a stranger to UT law students, they were ever ready to float a keg in his behalf. "No, I don't feel any heavy breathing down my neck." Professor Bernie Ward entertains a bevy of faculty. Or is it covey? Well, hello there. Miss Legs, uh. Miss Hurd."Pago 44 Women Law Students Upset Score 12-10 in Favor of Curvaceous Classmates Last November the law faculty once again took on the women law students in the annual football contest. A strenuous intramural schedule paid off for the "Illegal Eagles" as the women won this year, 12-10 in a surprise upset. Pam Wendell scored twice for the women on passes from Mary Anne Ward. The faculty scored only one touchdown, on a play by Prof. David Anderson. The other four faculty points were ungraciously awarded on safeties hobbled after bad exchanges from the center.Trounce Profs Page 45"We Need Help!" "The faculty quarterback, Duncan Lane Dave Epstein, reminds me of the old Danderoo. Able to move the team downfield, but unable to take them in. Although you really can't blame Dave for the last drive of the first half. He put the ball right in Munneke's hands. While there were two Illegal Eagles interfering with Munneke, he should have caught it. That is what he is being paid for. "Duncan Lane Dave is wearing the famous red herring jersey. By all rights, Harry Reasoner should be wearing that jersey. He's a true red herring—a bona fide member of the law school team only if you regard the law school as the Austin farm club for Vinson Elkins. 4o "Speaking of thinking, you can't help but wonder what's going through Ernest Smith's mind at a time like this. He has only had the faculty team for a few short months. You know he has to be thinking that they never lost for Page. "While it has been a long afternoon for the faculty, there have been some bright signs. Particularly the play of two newcomers, Cain and Breger. Pat's performance at quarterback should dispel the myth about women; no longer will women be relegated to linespersons. And what more can we say about Marshall. When he was drafted, everyone said he was too slow but he has done a fine job playing guard and tackle. "Notwithstanding the paradigmly performance of these two, the faculty needs help. What has so long been apparent to the students should now be clear to the faculty appointments committee—the school needs more Johan-sons. (At last, we re even. That takes care of the '86' in property back in 1963.) "Take it away, Giffer."7£EB T StcPP oc 7 » fttO T« LRTOPtU Fred Graham and David Beckwith Cite Danger to Free Press Fred Graham, CBS News Correspondent and regular reporter on the CBS Evening News, spoke to the Law School in November. With Mr. Graham also appeared David Beckwith, legal correspondent for TIME magazine. Both Graham and Beckwith are attorneys; Beckwith graduated from UT Law School in 1971. The two correspondents first met informally with law students during their lunch hour in the Tom Clarke Lounge. They later addressed students in the auditorium on law and communication. Graham expressed his concern over the encroachment of the first amendment freedom of the press by the Nixon Administration. Both correspondents acknowledged that while Watergate was a boon to journalists with a legal background, the overall possibility of a journalistic career for today's law graduates is very restricted. Page 48National Moot Court Team THE ONM. MOOT C0U i COMPETITION -a- .Ubm fc»n.l Kte =jiH I' Wlte M.irk Canaan John Bcrkcl Morton Baird Placed 4th in Regional Competition State Bar Team Page 50 Moot Court Teams 1974-1975 The Board of Advocates administers intra-school appellate and trial competitions and interscholastic team tryout competitions. Students have an opportunity to participate in five intra-school competitions and five interscholastic competitions. Intra-school competitions consist of: (1) the freshman appellate competition within the T.Q. program; (2) freshman appellate competition in the spring for students with outstanding records in the T.Q. program; (3) an appellate competition in the fall open to all second and third year students. Each team writes a brief and argues against three other teams. Teams with the best win-loss record advance to a sudden death competition held in the spring. (4) The spring appellate competition is open only to the 16 best teams from the fall competition; (5) a trial competition is held in the spring. Interscholastic participation includes: State Bar Competition, National Moot Court Competition, International Moot Court Competition, Patent Competition and Client Counseling Competition. Morton Baird Mark Cannan John NelsonGiles, Sutherland, Rich Patent Law Moot Court Bruce Patrick B. Neal Stokey National Championship Team, 1974 Defeated Boston College Law School, at Notre Dame University Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition Douglas M. Becker John W. Berkel (Picture Not Available) Daniel K. Hedges Best Brief Award, 1974 International Championship Team, 1974 Defeated Haile Selassie I University (Ethiopia), Washington, D.C. Best Oral Advocate: Daniel K. Hedges Louis M. Brown Client Counseling Competition Bruce Newell Floyd R. Nation National Championship Team, 1974 Defeated National Law Center of George Washington University, Washington D.C. Page 51Hildebrand Moot Court Program The Fall Hildebrand Competition is an intrascholastic Moot Court Program open to all law students. Teams of two members compete in four brackets: Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Torts and Consumer Credit. In each bracket awards are given for best briefs and for overall best performance. The best 16 teams advance to the Spring Competition. Teams Advancing to Spring Fall Hildebrand winners, who were eligible to compete in the Spring Hildebrand, are: Civil Rights 1. Houston Latimer 2. Hollenback Topletz 3. Preston Edwards Consumer Credit 1. Combs Hamblen 2. Cure Thompson 3. Thompson Cowling Criminal Law 1. Warren Johns 2. Merrill Watkins 3. Ward Scott Torts 1. Blair Bracht 2. Selz Sewell 3. Cohen Kelly Best brief awards were: Houston Latimer in Civil Rights, Frederick Kellough in Consumer Credit, Gilbert Gordon and Warren Johns in Criminal Law and Boon Flint in Torts. Judges put oral advocates on the spot with tough legal questions designed to test their research and composure. 52Strasburger Trial Lecture Series The academic year of 1971-1972 at the University of Texas School of Law saw the creation of the Trial Advocacy Association and the birth of what is today known as the Henry W. Strasburger Trial Lecture Series. A the close of that year, the infant organization merged with the long established Moor Court Board and the two organizations became known as The Board of Advocates. The Board now administers both a Trial Program and an Appellate Program. The Trial Division sponsors the Locke, Purnell Mock Trial Competition in the spring semester and a series of lectures on trial strategy and tactics in the fall. This lecture series has been endowed by a grant to the University of Texas Law School Foundation by the Dallas law firm of Strasburger, Price, Kelton, Martin and Unis in memory of Henry W. Strasburger. Mr. Strasburger, who died in 1972, was one of the most respected trial attorneys in Texas. This lecture series provides law students valuable lessons on litigation strategy and tactics learned in the heat of courtroom battle. Phil Maxwell and David Beck 1974 Lectures Seplcmbcr 12: Prosecution Defense of Air Water Pollution Suits David Beck, Fulbright Jaworski, Phil Maxwell, Attorney General s Office October 3: How to Take A Deposition Their Use At Trial Scott Baldwin, Jones, Jones Baldwin. Joseph Jaworski, Bracewell Patterson October 24: Jury Voir Dire Selection Mack Kidd. Kidd Doggett. Harrell Feldt, Stubberman, McRae, Sealy Browder Laughlin November 7: Examination of Expert Witnesses—Products Liability Suits Franklin D. Houser, Tinsman Houser. Roland C. Anderson, Strasburger. Price, Martin, Kelton Unis November 21: Opening Statements Closing Jury Argument John Estes, Locke. Purnell, Boren, Laney Neely Mike Hinton, (Houston) Assistant District Attorney Page 53 LEFT TO RIGHT: John Berkel, Scott Baldwin, Joseph Jaworski. Mollie Childs, Prof. Gus HodgesBill Jones and won second place in UT competition. Locke, Purnell Mock Trial Competition The Locke, Purnell Mock Trial Competition bean early in the spring semester, 1975, as teams attled for a place on the interscholastic team. This year the State Bar of Texas sponsored a National Mock Trial Competition between law schools. Last year, the Mock Trial Competition was a UT Law School function involving competition among UT students only. With the expansion to an interscholastic event, the Board of Advocates not only moved up the dates of the Competition to early in the semester but also used as their problem the State Bar situation used in the national competition. The Board sent the two winning teams from UT to the competition in Houston, Feb. 6, 1975. Jack Zimmermann, Ron Scott and Mark Canan placed first in UT competition.1975 UT Mock Trial Competition Best Team: Jack Zimmerman, Ronald Scott, Mark Cannan Best Oral Advocate: Mark Cannan Teams Competing in Houston: Zimmerman-Scott-Cannan, and Harry-Jones Mock competition members are expected to interrogate witnesses, present audience, make proper objections and argue his client's case to the court and jury. Page 55Fred Wilkerson, Director of the National Committee Against Repressive Legislation speaks to a Tom Clark Lounge crowd. Visitors to the Law School Travis County Sheriff Raymond Frank meets with the Criminal Law Association to discuss prisoners' rights. Russell Means of the American Indian Movement spoke to law students prior to addressing the main campus on the Indian movement. Page 56Placement Office According to Gary Munneke, Assistant Dean, over 60% of the graduating seniors file resumes with the Placement Office each fall. In the fall, law firms from all over the country come to UT Law School to interview students for permanent and summer jobs. This year over 125 law firms were scheduled to conduct interviews. Law students may interview up to 25 firms during each semester. Law firms may not limit those they interview to the top percentages of the class. As a result, long lines form outside the Placement Office in the early fall as students eagerly try to sign up for the more prestigious firms. In addition to interviews, the Placement Office staff maintains other services such as alternative practice registers, mini-conferences explaining differences in legal practice and videotape interviews for firms not coming to the school. 57 LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Lau, Nancy Wilmuth, Trudy Piatck, Linda Thomas. Cary Munneke. Dean."O Cavaliers! of the Legion of Honour, The Order of the Black Eagle (1st and 2nd Class), And the Order of The Rising Sun. Cry cry what shall I cry? The first thing to do is to form the committees ... — T.S. ElliottLegal Research Board The primary purpose of the Legal Research Board is to refine the research and writing skills of its members by providing an opportunity to work with actual problems submitted by attorneys throughout the United States. Law students become members by submitting a qualification problem which is evaluated by members and directors or by writing the best memorandum in their section of the Legal Research and Writing Course. Board of Directors joe Reeder, Chairman; Tom Boone, Gary Clark, Howard Fenton, George Flint. Woodic Jones, Bill McCann, David Sweat (NOT PICTURED), Dan Sykes. Doug WiUhusen (NOT PICTURED), Dinah Guerrero. Secretary. Members, Candidates and Interns Peter Augustine, Robert Bastion, William Barnes. Gail Bartlett, Ken Bennight, John Berkel, Chip Brees, Mark Brown, Bruce Budner, Jon Burrows, Joe Cochran, John Courtade. Mike Curry, Mary Darilek. Ed Davis, David Dcadcrick. Louis De La Garza, Steve Doggett. Steve Doyle. Dorlee Ettinger, Ken Fields. William Fowler, Don Gaffney. Ellen Gates. Louise Graham, Rick Gray, Tom Greaves, Ray Guy, Tom Hawkins, Tom Henderson, Jesse Irwin, David Jones. Greg Jones. Sue Kelley, Kay Knobloch, Tom Kolkner, Vicki Land. Denny Lee, Pat Long. William Martin, Janice Maupin, Steve Mitchell, Merrily Moore, Josh Morriss, Kyle Morrow, Tim McCoy, Robert Neal, Bill Ogden, Bill Peters, Phil Pfeifer, Debbie Ratliff, Judith Reed. Barry Ruback, Larry Russell. Lenn Sellers, Barbara Shields, Cary Sorenson, Ron Sponberg, Susan Spruce. David Stevenson. Tom Strickland. Rick Sullivan, Bob Thompson, John Watkins, James Willmann. Board of Directors ROW: GarV Cljrk- Tom Boone. George Flint. Dinah Guerrero. BACK ROW: Woodic Jones, Joe Reeder. Dan Sykes. Howard Fenton. Bill McCann. 7 Page 60FRONT ROW: Susan Spruce, Sue Kelley, Jon Burrows, Ron Sponberg, Mark Brown, Robert Neal. BACK ROW: Tim McCoy, David Sweat, Bill Peters, William Martin, Dennis Lee, Joe Cochran, Steve Mitchell. Page o 1 FIRST ROW: Robert Bastien. Josh Morriss. David Deaderick. Chip Brees. SECOND ROW: Luis de la Garza, Tom Hawkins Mike Watson Steve Doggett, Dorlee Ettinger. Tom Henderson, Rick Gray. THIRD ROW: John Courtade, John Berkel. Ken Benmght. Curry, Bob Thompson, Larry Russell. Ray Guy, Ed Davis.Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Law Review, 1974-1975, Scott J. Atlas Texas Law Review The Texas Law Review is a legal periodical published seven times a year under the supervision of students from the second and third year classes. Invitations to join the Law Review staff are extended to the students who rank academically at the top of their class in their first year. The Law Review also holds each fall and spring an internship program by which midlaw students try out for positions on the staff. Editors of this year's Law Review were Scott J. Atlas, Editor-in-Chief; Thomas O. Matlock, Managing Editor; Donovan Campbell Jr., Stephen Lazor, and Paula C. Phillips, Articles Editors; Louis Frank Oliver, Book Review Editor; James C. Crain and Dwight D. Meier, Research Editors; David H. Brown, Terry W. Conner, P.M. Schenkkan, H. Ronald Welsh, R. Dan Wirschey and Diane Pamela Wood, Note and Comment Editors; and Thomas A. Collins, B. Thomas Cook, William Daniel, Charles E. Greef, John H. Martin, Molly Steele and Dan Gibson W'alton, Associate Editors. Tom 0I7?RIAL BOARD FRONT ROW: Piel Schenkkan. Diane Wood, Scott Atlas. Dan Witschey, Stephen Lazor. BACK ROW: Plf TIlRm. r i f.V, , Brown' Phillips, Frank Oliver. Ron Welsh, Tom Collins, Jim Crain, Donovan Campbell. Jr., Terry Conner. NOT ib V alton. Dwight Meier, Tom Cook, Bill Daniel. Charles Greef, John Martin, and Molly Steele. Page 62FRONT ROW: Robert Major, Kathlyn Knoblock, Diana Hudson, David H. Donaldson Jr. BACK ROW: Louis LeClair, Steve Wagner, Hal Sanders, Rik Wehmcicr. m ROW: M. Wilson Jr., Be Ann Smith. Kay Leveled. Thorns H. Edwards. BACK ROW: John M. Collins. Dw,sh. 0. Meier v Scott Hounds, Don IV. Pickch, Boone SchwartzeJ. Page 63FRONT ROW: Susan Garrison. Claude Treece, Steve Fontaine, Debby Ratliff. John Saunders. BACK ROW: Jim Koelemay. Steve Doggett, Gordon Christy, John Nelson, Keith Myers, Tony Safi, Lee Keller. Page 6-1 FRONT ROW: Robert Major, Vicki Land. Bill Blanton. Steve Doyle, Fred Carroll. BACK ROW: Charles Katz, Cal Bobbitt, Brandon Janes. Larry Veselka, B.D.Daniel. A.Kirby Covin, Jim Summers. Gary C. Johnson.FRONT ROW: Pamela Kingsley Gold, Scott Sheehan, George Flint, Gail Dickenson, Doak Bishop. BACK ROW: John Heard, Tom Eaton, Kyle Rost, Howard Fenton, Linda Leuchter, Nina Cortell, Bill Alvis, Doug Sandage. FRONT ROW: Dave Schumacher, Rick Jones. Ray Cuy, Bob Crotly. Anne Megan. BACK ROW: William McBride. George DeMonirond. John Williford, Stockton Williams, Pat Lochridge, Laura I lagen. Joe Dilg, Mike Baldwin. Page 65International Law Journal Editor in Chief .................Stephen A. Dorshaw Managing Editor............................Rex Amini Research Editor ..................James M. Hollrah Article Editors ..................Joseph E. Earnest Daniel Foucheaux, Jr. Charles Maynard, Jr. Note and Comment Editors ..............Gary C. Clark Bill Hill, Jr. J.J. Jewett III Reviews Editor.........................John S. Broude Associate Editors ................Ralph K. Harrison, Glenn Madere, Rudy J. Peritz, Lang Reid, Joe Reeder, Joe H. Thrash, Richard Wells Staff.............................Charles Anderson, Natalie Bayless, John Berkel, Chip Brees, Randolph Bryant, Marion Craig III, Robert Curry, Catherine Greene, George Hangs, Jr., Joseph Jacobson, William Kellough, Randall Kirk, Edward Knight, Stan Lauk-huf, Abraham Levit, William Martin, Stephen Maxwell, Bill McAllister, Steve McCarter, Kenneth Mendel, Jeffrey Newman, Richard Orsinger, Randy Parker, Trudy Piatek, Chris Record, John Roads, Robert Sand-field, James B. Smith, Jr., Ronald T. Sponberg, Kenneth Stein, Patrick Sullivan, Wiley R. Swartz, Richard Symonds, Robert Thompson, Bruce Topletz, Daniel Tsevat, Paul Van Osselaer, Stephen Walraven, Bernard Weberman, Daniel W'oods. December Graduates.......Benjamin L. Carroll (Note Comments Editor), Jan Farley (Article Editor), Burgain Hayes, Jr. (Article Editor), Larry Gustafson, John Meride, Bradley Seals Faculty Advisor........................Hans W. Bade The Texas International Law Journal began as an offshoot of the International Law- Society in 1964, publishing its first issue in January, 1965. The Committee on the INDEX TO LEGAL PERIODICALS voted to list the Journal (then the Texas International Law Forum) in that publication in December, 1965. Only three student international legal publications preceded the Journal. The others are published by Harvard and Virginia, now in their 14th volume, and Columbia, now in its twelfth volume. The Journal is about to begin its tenth volume, with over 400 paid subscriptions. There are now 17 student international legal publications, with several more scheduled to begin operations this fall. Since only a small portion of the 1500 students in law school can take advantage of the limited opportunity offered b - the TEXAS LAW REVIEW to develop their legal writing abilities, the Journal serves as a valuable alternative means of achieving this goal. As a legal periodical, the Journal publishes scholarly articles in the areas of private and public international law, comparative law, international business transactions and domestic constitutional and taxation issues of interest to the international practitioner. The Journal publishes student-written sasenotes, comments and book reviews and articles submitted by leading authorities on contemporary international legal issues. The Journal's candidacy program is open to all members of the Law School student body. Each staff member is given the opportunity to expand his legal research and writing skills, and is eligible for appointment as an associate editor upon the completion of at least one semester of administrative duties and the production of a published casenote or comment. Twenty-five individual students works were published in Volume 9 of the Journal for the 1973-1974 school year. The present Journal membership consists of ten editors, eight Associate editors and 40 staff members, for a total membership of fifty-eight. Page 66 LEU TO RIGHT: Gary Clark, James Hollrah, John Broude, Steve Dorshaw, Charles Maynard, joe Earnest.Originated in 1974, the Patent and Intellectual Property Law Association expands the curriculum in the area of intellectual property, promotes interest among students in the field and establishes communication between students, faculty and professional practitioners. Annual activities include extensive speaker programs and participation in the Patent Law Moot Court Program. Members Patent and Intellectual Property Law Association Sieve Akers Robert Carter Jim Clingan Tom Edwards Bob Falk Jerry Keys Dan Lantz Marie Larson George Lockwood Gary Lyons Bob Mahood Dale Nixon Bill Peters Kyle Rost Larry Schenk Marly Simpson Eugene Stewart W. Thomas Timmons Estela Wackerbarth Officers Officers: Larry Schenk. Treasurer; Bob Falk. President. Marty Simpson, Vice-President; Tom Edwards. Secretary. Pago 67 Women's Law Caucus The Women's Law Caucus is a relatively new group dedicated to developing some light on problems in achieving equal rights for women. The Women's Law Caucus sponsors symposiam on those problems in an effort to involve law students in the fight for equal rights. Last spring, they coordinated a highly successful Women's Law Day that brought distinguished women jurists and legal professionals together for a weekend symposium. Prof. Pat Cain answers questions at informal Womens' Law Caucus meeting. "Well, let's see. We could change our name to the W'opcrsons Law Caucus, the Fepersons Law Caucus or the Huperson Caucus.” Susan Spruce, Debbie Smith and Cynthia Mayo coordinate group activities. Page 68Board of Advocates OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Merrill. Secretary; Bob Curry, Treasurer; Paul Van Osselaer, President; Stroud Kelley. Director of Appellate Advocacy. The Moot Court Board is devoted to the development of the art of oral advocacy on the appellate level. Included in the over-all program are three intercollegiate teams and the Hildebrand Competition, the finalists of which compete before the Supreme Court of Texas during Law Week. Individual honors are highlighted by faculty selection of the top advocates to the National Order of Barristers. Mollic Childs. Director of Trial Advocacy, discusses moot court schedules with Stroud Kelley. BRACKET CHAIRPERSONS: Lauren Eaton. Criminal Law; Woodi Jones, Torts; Mike McMurphy. Civil Rights (NOT PICTURED, Dana Hendricks, Commercial Law.) Members Mote Baird Doug Becker John Berkel David Brown Don Campbell Mark Cannan Mollie Childs Jeff Civins Susan Combs Lila Craddock Bob Curry David Donaldson Lauren Eaton Robert Falk Relda Fleshman Mike Fox Ronald G. Franklin Thomas Greene III Dan Dennis Hartnett Dana Hendricks Bill Hill John Holenback Jr. Paul Holmes Robert Houston Jay Wood fin Jones Lee Kaplan Stroud Kelley Fred Khedouri PaulLeche Myra A. McDaniel Michael McMurphy James Mann Richard Merrill Bruce Neeley John Nelson Richard Orsinger Bruce Patrick Andres Perez-Chaumont Phil Pfeifer John Reynolds Allan Schwartz Ronald Scott Palmer Simpson GrahamSmith Leslie South wick Paul Van Osselaer Mary Ann Ward Ron WelshSteve Jackson and Debbie Smith attempt valiantly to interest John Sutton in buying a Peregrinus during the fall sales drive. 1975 After an absence of two years, the Percgrinus returned to the Law School scene. Its resui rcction was due chiefly to the efforts of Mote Baird and Maria Narisi who convinced the Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees that the students of the Law School would support a yearbook publica tion. In its first year of new operations, the Peregrinus has almost met its revenue budget and the outlook for continued publication is good. Editor of the Peregrinus this year was Bruce Patrick. Section Editors included Maria Narisi, Organizations; Debbie Smith and Mary Kay Davis, Classes; Bill Ogden, Faculty and Harris Kerr, Activities and Honors. Mote Baird was the Special Keeton Section Editor. Page 70Peregrinus Staff Dick White patiently waits while the necessary paperwork is finished so that he can get his picture taken during the Peregrinus Studio Week. Bill Ogden, Faculty Editor rests his bandaged hand which, contrary to popular opinion, was not bitten by a snarling. rabid faculty prof, reluctant to have his picture taken. Bruce, if we crop this picture of Dean Keeton at Assault and Flattery just right, I think I can work it into my section," explains Mote Baird.Texas Law Forum The Texas Law Forum is published in two editions. The regular full format edition contains news of longterm significance, interpretative articles and faculty interviews and is published monthly during the school year. The weekly edition of the Forum is affectionately known as the Quickie. In these shortened versions are found weekly announcements of events to come and group meetings. Without the Quickie, many law school organizations would find it almost impossible to contact their members. Inititated this year was a weekly football pool during the season. By guessing the correct winning teams, some law student is awarded a free pitcher of beer at George's Tavern. The Editor of the Texas Law Forum is elected each spring. This year's Editor was Bcrnie Weberman. Associtate Editor was Bill Kellough and the Business Manager was Lynn Sanders. Members of the staff included Steve Jackson, George McElreath, Dick Or-singer, Jim Smith and Mollie Childs. Gaylen Groce and Dick Price edited the Quickie. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Kellough. Dick Price. Bernie Weberns, Jim Smith, Gaylen Groce, Steve Jackson. Page 72Teaching Quizmasters The Teaching Quizmasters are upper division law students chosen on the basis of their competence in researching and teaching. They instruct their students in legal research and writing and serve as counselors. TQ's guide their students through memorandum of law in the fall and a legal brief and oral argument in the spring. Aside from their academic duties, the TQ's arrange parties, encounters with law professors and athletic events designed to acquaint freshman students with the Law School and each other. Page 73 FRONT ROW: Bill Hill, Karl Schmalz, Steve Davis, Leslie Southwick, Mike Fox, Lila Craddock. BACK ROW: Tim McCoy. Joe Redden Greg Stobl, John Heard, Tom Eaton. Allan Schwartz Professor David Anderson. NOT PICTURED: Carol Hurd. Ralph Harrison, Trace Cochran, Doug Cochran, Phil Pfeifer, John McFarland, Dick Greenwood, Ken Short.Student Bar Association Upon admission to the Law School every student is automatically accorded membership in the Student Bar Association. The SBA is governed by the Board of Governors which is composed of nineteen elected members including the officers of the various classes, the Chairman of the Honor Council, the editors of the Law School newspaper and yearbook and the SBA Executive Board. The SBA contributes to the professional education of the law student by sponsoring programs that complement and add to the curriculum. Officers President - Nick Perez Vice-President - Mark Weiss Secretary - Mike Rodgers Treasurer-Sue Kelly Class Representatives Senior Class: Bill Hill, Carol Hurd, Larry Schenk Mid-law Class: Gary Bledsoe, Henry Flores, Corky Sherman Freshman Class: Henry Popkin. Patrick Pesek, Rhonda Muir Chairperson Honor Council: Mary Anne Ward FRONT: Nick Perez, Sue Kelley. Mike Rodgers and Mark Weiss BACK ROW: Fred RhonJj Muir, Mary Ann W.iid. Corky Sherman Henry Flores, Larry Schenk, Carol Hurd and Bill Hill Page 74John Sutton ponders the proposed smoking ban under consideration by the SBA with studious impartiality. Mike Rogers, Nick Perez, and Sue Kelly lead discussions. Page 75W Fred Schattman, UT Rep resentative to the Law Stu dent Division of the SBA explains to the SBA meet ing what opportunities arc available to the school for funding of special programs of benefit to $tu dents. Page 7t Bachelors of Law In the Spring of 1973 a UT mid-law student put together a keg party for 60 fellow bachelors and the Pi Beta Phi Sorority. As a result of the success of the initial gathering (and six months of planning and organizing), The Bachelors of Law was officially created on August 28, 1974 by Ross W. Stoddard, the first Chairman of the Board of Bachelors. The primary purposes of this association are to offer an opportunity for single gentlemen students of Law to meet and mingle with members of various campus women's groups and to provide opportunities for bachelors to get to know their cohorts in a non-academic environment. Armed with this "idea," the founder and his vice-chairman, Sam Longoria, began an intensive membership drive which culminated in reaching the ultimate goal of 100 Charter Members by the end of January, 1975. CHARTER MEMBERS Ross W. Stoddard III SainG. Longoria Alan D. Bynum Dan W. Woods Harris E. Kerr Dan R. Lang Art L. Keinarth Ed Schmidt L.H. (Hank) Alterman R.j. (Bob) Gieb Dan W. Nelson Gaylen L. Groce G.K. (Kerry) Blair T.J. (Tommy) Holmes Ted B. Roberts R.C. (Dick) Price Hugh M. Moore G.W. (Bill) Lockwood Abraham Levit J.R (Rob) Green Boyd K. Herndon Paul J. Van Osselaer John C. McDuff C.B. (Chuck) Jordan Jr F.B. (Trace) Cochran III L.E. (Larry) Gustafson Brad Westmoreland John A. Hobbs John K. George L.G. (Greg) Gegenhcimcr G. S. (Chip) Johns III John G. Haring ILL. (Buster) Davis III H. R (Rik) Wehmeier Alan H. Meyers MarkG. Davison J.M. (Mike) Moore Sidney R. Meadows Steven G. Jackson Danny Tscvat John R. Heard Joseph W. Ryan J.D. (Jim) Blume Ron G. Tefteller Rob M. Lindquist Bruce D. Patrick S. Jack Balagia Jr. David S. Stallard Don W. Bivens C.L. (Chuck) Perry Rathakorn Nimwatana Henry G. Grun Neil Siegel W.J. (Bill) Klingemann Richard L. Merrill J. Alan Holman Paul J. Franzetti Louis M. Scofield Jr. Alan D. McLemore Paul D. Clote Jeff W. Henke Walter P. Fontenot Robert S. Harrell W.Y. (Bill) Fowler IV Robert T. Saunders John E. Sutton Kenneth K. Kirk Leland W. Waters Martin Hotchkiss Robert K. Arnett Jr. Mark A. Padon Ronald B. Prince William R. Cook III Ken V. McLaughlin Jr. Christopher H. Morgan Lou Altman Frank B. Brown IV Ronald D. Rosener James H. McCallum W.S. (Bill) Bush Jr. Samuel L. Kindred Harrold K. Ownby Gerald L. Bracht W. Cary Quillin David H. Oden J. Fred Gist George A. DcMontrond III J. Stephen McCarter John K. Saunders John A. Schmidt James A. Boone Sam L. Stolbun W.C. (Bill) Liedlke III Larry G. Barbour Stephen G. Schultz E.G. (Gerry) Morris Edward A. Stapelton III Bruce I. Topletz James T. Osborn Scott J. Atlas"Yeah, But We Were Always First to Hansel After the Game!" "Perennial bridesmaids" of the intramural leagues, the Red Herrings approached the modern record for second place finishes in intramural team sports. Behind the spiritual leadership of Coach Emeritus Dean Leon Green and the pep talks (sales pitches?) of rookie coach Dave "Danderoo" Epstein, the Herrings compiled an impressive record. During their three years on the field of play, the men in green placed second in football (twice), basketball (twice, going on three) and softball (once). The only blemish on the Herrings' astonishing record was a law school championship in volleyball. However, team members will be quick to remind statistical buffs that the volleyball team did finish second in all-university competition. FIRST ROW: Mike McMurphy, Tom "Too Small ' Collins. Mark Grenader, Dean Leon Green, Athletic Coordinator. Head Coach, Chris Jackson, Bill Hill. Prof. David Epstein. Coach SECOND ROW: John "Too Tall" Collins. Ken "Night Train" Hines, Rene Guerra. John Beatty. Larry Gustafson. Phil "Jefferson Street" Pfeifer THIRD ROW': Jack "Action Nokes. Doug Becker. Mark "Flea" W'eiss, Paul "Bub-ba' Gaido FOURTH ROW: John Lange. Rick Lowcrce, Pat Long. Pete Harry BACK ROW: Stephen "Leroy" Howell. Steve Muddy" Waters, John Boston, Chip Morsbach, Terry "Rocky Jones" Conner NOT PICTURED: Wade Bingamanand Gretel .. .the Football Season he Red Herrings' football season did not start out slowly. Facing the Legal Eagles in their opening game, the aging and out of shape Herrings considered this to be yet another in a long line of tool jobs courtesy of the law school. The kids had their work cut out for them. But when the going got tough, the Herrings went down to Jake's to talk it over. Perhaps the tenor for the entire season was set two weeks before the Big Game when after chuggin' another cold Lone Star, a glassy-eyed Chris “Eldorado Skate" Jackson heroically proclaimed, “If we don't beat the Eagles this year, I swear to God I'm gonna sell my tube, quit drinking beer, start going to class and study every night until midnight in the Fed Room." Red Herrings take their football seriously. 13-6: A Parting Cheap Shot Shaking off the reputation for being unable to win the big one, the remarkable Herrings finally put it all together on the night of October 9, 1974. In their 13-6 come-from-behind victory over the heralded Legal Eagles, the inspired Herrings did what no other team had managed to do in 20 straight Eagle games. The win was particularly meaningful for the kids as it avenged two previous losses to the Eagles (and a subsequent one) and a team average of 69 in coach C.A. “Daddy C" Wright's freshman Con Law class. Indeed Terry “Space Ranger'' Conner spoke for the entire team when at the post-game celebration, he stood up on a table, raised his beer, and shouted to no one in particular, "This has got to be my most meaningful experience in law school.'' Mutatis Mutandis.. .Movin' on Since the Red Herrings were unable to convince I.J. that they were entitled to a fourth year of intramural eligibility, they have had to turn to the real world for their kicks. Perhaps the year that gave us Watergate and Baylor as Southwest Conference Champs, is as good a year as any to leave law school. There may be those who doubt that in the short span of three years the Herrings left much of a legacy to the Law School. But then again, it's really hard in such a brief period of time, for a small group of dedicated students to dispel the popular myth that all law students ever do is study. In the case of the Red Herrings, it can be said only that they did their best. Page 79Deans of Della Theta Phi, Forrest Roan, Spring, 1975, and Maria Narisi, Fall, 1974. Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity The Sam Houston Senate of Delta Theta Phi provides a needed outlet for law students who wish occasional respites from the routine of classes. An active social calender with activities at least twice monthly is an essential part of the Delta Theta Phi program. In addition, the fraternity sponsors speaker programs and holds an annual Spring Banquet honoring prominent alumni. Members Scott Anderson Mike Moore Ron Tefteller Carla Bishop Bruce Morrison Alan Thiemann David Bolduc Charles Mueller Bruce Toplctz Ted Cackowski Bruce Patrick Lee Waters Mollie Childs Nick Perez Tom Williams Bill Ducker Bill Puckett Jim Wilson Tom Fitzhugh Chris Record DECEMBER GRADUATES Mark Greer Forrest Roan Maria Narisi Hallie Huttash Alan Robin Tom Wright Bob Irby Mike Rodgers Tom Bowers Gray Jennings Bob Roofner Neal Stokcy Dan Lang Charley Smith Mote Baird Bill Messer Hugh Moore Charles Stidham Newt Millen WHDuckM f°r he Sprin8Sonm,cr'1975' Bruc ? Morrison, Bob Roofner, Bill Puckett. Scott Anderson. Forrest Roan, Dean, Ron Tefteller and Page 80Zollie Stcaklcy, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas, accepts the Delta Theta Phi Justinian Award presented annually to outstanding alumni each year at the Spring Banquet, 1974. Prospective members enjoy the Spring Keg Party at the Lila B. Etler Alumni Center where Della Theta Phi honored alumni. The Spring Banquet is the highlight of the Delta Theta Phi social year.Phi Delta Phi Honorary Legal Fraternity Roberts Inn Phi Delta Phi is the Law School's only honorary fraternity and is open to all students who have attained a scholastic ranking in the top third of their class. Although a predominately honorary fraternity, the group also sponsored an active social schedule. Activities included a get acquainted party in September and in informal October dinner featuring Dean Ernest Smith as speaker. Also included in the year's activities was a banquet and dance honoring new members which was attended by members of the Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals. Guest speaker for the event was Thomas Gibbs Gee, Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Magister Jack Zimmermann Viec-Magister Tim McCoy Officers 1974-1975 Faculty Advisor Stanley Johanson Exchequer Bill McCann Clerk Ron Welsh Historian Bill Hill Page 82Membership Cary Michael Alletag James Myers Alsup Rex Mitchell A mini Richard Henry Anton Irwin Michael Barg John H. Barry Joan Marie Batsell James William Beard Jr. Bruce I larlan Beck Kenneth L. Bennight Jr. R. Doak Bishop Mark Lee Boon Thomas Kiel Boone Gerald Leigh Bracht Chip Brees Charles E. Brown David Hurst Brown Kathleen Paulin Buck Alan Dean Bynum Jack William Callahan Jr. Donovan Campbell Jr Barry Frank Cannady Mark James Cannan Michael Frank Canon Juanita Joyce Carpenter Danford Frederic Carroll Glenda Boverie Childress J. Gordon Christy Kathleen Monroe Civins Jeffrey Civins Gary Carl Clark Michael Cohen John Creig Coogan Jr. Bruce Robert Coulombe Stanley E. Crawford Jr Tom Alan Cunningham Peter Michael Curry Jr Robert A. Curry Steven Karl Dankof Roger George Darley C. Ed Davis Mary Kathryn Davis Steven Ray Davis George DcMontrond Jerry A. DeVault Robert B. Dillon Donald James Dombrowski James Leonard Dougherty Jr. Natalie Bayless Dubbeling Joseph Ellison Earnest New Dean of the University of Texas Law School. Ernest E. Smith, addresses a fall dinner of Phi Delta Phi. Lauren Lynn Eaton Danny Thomas Edwards Gary W. Eiland Kenneth G. Engerrand Dorlee Ettinger Thomas Howard Fain Robert Hardy Falk Jan Edwin Farley James E. Farris Howard Nathan Fenton ill Randall Nallie Finley Geoffrey Alexis FitzGerald George Lee Flint Jr. Stephen Ray Fontaine Daniel James, Foucheaux Jr. David Shuler Gamble Raymond F. Gaston A. Gerald Geistweidt Mark L. Gibbons Pamela Kingsley Gold Michael Good Thomas Baker Greene Jr. Stewart David Greenlee Richard I lopson Greenwood Brian Strother Greig Page 83 Dean Smith unlimbers a few one liners to an appreciative head table as his wife Paula looks on.James O. Guleke Thomas Ray Guy Laura Joan Hagen Brendcn Joseph Hall Jr T. Richard Handler Jr George Leslie Hangs Jr Thornton Hardie Jr. Donald Penn Harris Ralph Kent Harrison Peter Joseph Harry Burgain Garfield Hayes Jr. John Robert Heard Bruce Evan Henderson Pamela White Hensle Dewey Reed Hicks Jr. Bill Hill Jr. Clayton James Hoover John Phillip Howe Stephen Clark Howell Monty Garfield Humble Carol Hurd Dunham F. Jewett Glenn Edwin Johnson David McClellan Jones William C. Jones New initiates and other members of Phi Delta Phi enjoy Judge Tom Gee's remarks after the initiation banquet. Charles B. Jordan Harris Eastham Kerr Michael Kris King W.L. Knobles Jack DeVere Ladd Vicki E. Land Paula Latimer Bonnie Leggat Patton Greene Lochridge Marleen Debra Lowenthal Robert J. Magner Michael G. Maloney Gary Lee Marks Janice Green Maupin Brian Travis McCabe W'illiam Frank McCann Charles W. McCoy Jr John Stephen McCarter Vickie Marley McDaniel Robert S. McGrath Michael Allen McMurphy William Mark McNair Larry Parker McNeill John Lawrence Mericle Rose Ann Medlin Kenneth Jared Mendel Bruce W. Merwin David Allen Miller Stephen Alan Mitchell Eldridge Moak Jack Hutchins Moore Roy Wayne Moore James Caldwell Morriss III Scott Notley Morse Rebecca S. Motal Frederick Franklin Murray James E. Myers Robert Frank Neal Karen S. Neeley John Eugene Nelson III David Harris Oden Adrian Marcel Overstreet Jr John Lee Parramore Michael Lynn Pate Rudy J. Peril Charles L. Perry Don W. Pickles Joe Nicholas Pratt Doroty Prengler Drew Averill Ranier Page 8-t Magister Jack Zimmcrmann reads initiates the rites of Phi Delta Phi membership at the fall initiation. IV -iJimmy Ross Weaver Bernie Weberman H. Ronald Welsh Philip Werner Robert James Werner Bradley Westmoreland Kent E. Westmoreland J. Stockton Williams Jr. John Richard Williford John McCormick Witherspoon Ralph Daniel Witschey Jr. Branson L. Wood III David Lee Vlitalo Jack B. Zimmermann After the dinner held at Bergstrom Force Base Officers Club, members joyed music and dancing. Air en- Scott Mitchcl Rawdin Joe Winston Redden Jr. Gray Neale Reger Ann Ysleta Riddel Stephen Paul Rigsby Douglas Gene Rosencr Gary Stewart Rosin Kyle W. Rost Scott E. Rozzell George Ruhlen Sabre Anthony Safi Frank J. Saldana Jr. Robert Alan Schlanger Karl B. Schmalz Robert D. Schneider Darrel Jerome Scott Ronald Ray Scott Susan Sewell Michael Joseph Shearn James Scott Sheehan Alexander G. Shtofman Steven Azan Sinkin Graham Newton Smith Ross Menefee Smith Anthony Thomas Sortino John Gordon Soule Ronald T. Sponbcrg Edward A. Stapleton III David Ross Stevenson Kenneth Richard Stein Mark Steven Stewart Charles L. Stidham Sam Leon Stolbun Stephanie Ann Storms E. Janice Summer Ray Swartz Michael D. Sydow Daniel Wesley Sykes Cyndi Taylor C.A. Tell Fred Duncan Thomas Jr. Paul Joseph Van Osselear John L. Verner Albert Edward Vernon III Andrew Stephen Viger William Ryan Volk Dan Gibson Walton James B. Warren Michael Townes Watson Steven E. Weart Page 85 The Hon. Tom Gee, federal Judge on the Fifth Circuit of the Courts of Appeal, reminisces on his days as a member of Phi Delta Phi."And I have known the eyes already, known them all— The eyes that fix you in a formulated phrase, And when I am formulated, sprawling on a pin. When I am pinned and wriggling on the wall. .. And how should 1 presume?" —T.S. ElliottFreshman Class Freshman law students encounter a unique learning environment upon entering law school. Not only must they learn a new language where torts and caveats and ratio desccndi reign supreme, but they must also contend with professors who refuse to provide easy answers to hard legal questions. An essential introductory course to every freshman is the legal bibliography or "TQ'' section. These small groups provide basic training in legal research and an important outlet for students' social drives. The TQ program also provides entrants for the Geary-Brice Moot Court Competition, a freshman contest held in the spring. Other freshman courses include Property, Contracts, Torts, Constitutional Law, and Introduction to Legal Processes. Freshman Class SBA Representatives Henry A. Popkin (Summer) Ronda Muir Patrick J. Pesekw. The Best and Brightest? The UT Law School, like so many others, is feeling the crush of an ever increasing mass of applicants for the few places in each class. This year over 2500 applications were received, with only 557 being granted admittance. Because selection is based primarily on L.S.A.T. scores and undergraduate G. P.A., this year's group reflects a much higher level for both. The median G.P.A. is 3.50, and the median L.S.A.T. score is 660. Of those admitted, 14 have advanced law degrees, and 55 hold graduate degrees. Although the number of minority students admitted compares favorably with the number admitted last year, recruitment of minority students and administrators is still needed to achieve a representative balance. Only 9% of the freshman class is Chicano, and only 2% of the class is Black. Women are better represented with over 22% of the class. The median age of the entering freshmen this year is 22 years, although over 5% are over the age of 30. A little over 15% of the class are non-residents representing 31 states and the District of Columbia. I hat s Freshperson, you schmuck!" Contracts: Weintraub, Hamilton, Yudof. Bard Property: Johanson. Johnson. Anderson. Cohen, Smith Torts: Smith, Green, Wellborn, Sutton, Filvaroff, Perschbacher, T reece Introduction: Lebowitz, Hodges. Ward, Schatski Constitutional Law: Williams, Graglia, Wright, Powe, Aldave Criminal Law: Dawson A freshman TQ group makes a study of environmental law between classes. Page 89 Black, Richard Lee, Sudan UT Austin Blassingame, J. D., Clifton UT Arlington Blaydes, Lonnie Edward, Dallas North Texas State University Block, Steven Jay, Leawood. KS University of Kansas Bohlmann, John Paul, Austin Concordia College Boldrick, Clarence Spaulding UT Austin There’s just gotta be some mistake in that seating chart!" Adams, Adell Huston-Tillotson College Addison, Frederick William, III Dallas Adkins, John August, Houston UT Austin Alexander, Richard W., Austin Texas Tech University Alter, Keith Alan, Beaumont UT Austin Altman, Louis Henry, Fort Worth UT Austin Appelt, James Mack, Three Rivers UT Austin Arlitt, Sezanne, San Antonio UT Austin Atlee, William Kipling, Jr., Austin Missouri Valley College Baker, Rex Gavin, III, Sugarland UT Austin Baldwin, Brent Winfield, Houston UT Austin Barbour, Larry Gregory, Austin Princeton University Bcckcom, Curtis M., Austin University of Houston Benitez, Leslie Anne, San Antonio UT Austin Bonn, Phyllis M., Austin University of the Americas Bennett, Joel Benard, Marshall North Texas State University Bentley, Marian Ruth, Burkburnctt UT Austin Bergquist, Kenneth Paul, Austin Stanford University Birch, Leonard Marlin, Atlanta UT Austin Bivens, Donald Wayne, Alburquerque, NM Page 90Boone, James Arthur, Austin UT Austin Braddock, James D., Cincinnati, OH Wabash College Brady, Douglas W., Dallas UT Austin Brazell, Ronnie R., Austin University of South Carolina Brinkley, Charles Michael, Fort Worth UT Austin Brown, Curtis Lynn, Grand Prairie Texas Tech University Brown, Walter Carroll, II, Corpus Christi, Rice University Budncr, Bruce Albert, Dallas Tufts Buccker, Bernard John, Umbarger Southwest Texas State University Burbach, William Frederick, Whitefish Bay, WI, University of Michigan Burns, Robert Brian, Jr. University of Illinois Butler, Dennis Emerson, Austin UT Austin Campagna, Larry Alan, Houston UT Austin Carr, Gerald T„ Austin University of Houston Carroll, Robert Charles, Wichita Falls UT Austin Caughey, I larvey Dorsey, Austin Southwestern at Memphis Chaves, Douglas Edmond, Austin University of Houston Chitwood, Patricia Alice, Tyler UT Austin Choate, Gary Wayne, Alice UT Austin Cohen, Harvey F., Rochester. NY Swarthmore College Coutant, Kevin Clark, Austin Oklahoma State University Cukerbaum, Neal Sandler, Youngstown, OH, University of Pennsylvania Cummings, Vicki Lynn, Grand Prairie UT Arlington Page 91Daugherty, Craig Michael, Austin Abilene Christian College Daughtrey, Tana Jo, New Orleans, LA Louisiana State University Davis, Harrel Leon, III, El Paso UT El Paso Delgado, Hector, El Paso UT El Paso Dietz, John Karl, Austin UT Austin Disney, Richard Keys, Midland UT Austin Dissly, Jayme Smith, Austin University of Arkansas Dixon, Thomas Raymond, Jr., Austin University of Oklahoma Dodds, James Edwin, San Antonio UT Austin Doegey, Jay Brooke, Corpus Christi Southern Illinois University Ducker, William Lyon, Lubbock UT Austin Dugan, Patrick William, Houston UT Austin Dunn, David John, Austin University of Houston Duson, Molly Clare, Houston UT Austin Edmonson, Richard Lewis, Houston Oklahoma State University Ehret, Chester Erwin, Richardson UT Austin Eiger, John Fullerton, Austin Stanford University Elmore, Jane Varner Abilene Christian College Elmore, Otis Edmond, Jr., Abilene UT Austin Epstein, Barbara Ann, Pasadena Antioch Evans, Mark Cumbic, Pittsford, NY Evans, Martha Ann, Bryan UT Austin Fannin, Melanie Slade, Austin New Mexico State University Ferguson, Kenneth Joseph, Abilene UT Austin Fernandez, Amador Jaime, Mercedes UT Austin Fields, Kenneth William, Bridge City UT Austin Fisher, Brady Alan, Paris UT Austin Fisher, Carrol Ray, Austin UT Austin Fitzhugh, Thomas Champe III, Austin Texas A M University Fontenot, Walter Paul, Houston Texas Southern University Page 92Ford, Jeffrey Alan, Cedar Rapids, IA University of Iowa Fowler, William Young, IV, Mason UT Austin Franzetli, Paul Joseph, Austin UT Austin Fugil, Lonnie W., Austin Michigan State University Furlong, Timothy Patrick, Dallas UT Austin Gabriel, Johnny Deep, San Antonio UT Austin Gad, Chris, El Paso UT El Paso Garcia, Humberto S., San Benito Lamar University Gardner, John Mark, Austin Abilene Christian College Garza, Rudy Arthur, San Antonio UT Austin Gates, Ellen Pat, Columbus Trinity University George, Pamela Elizabeth, Houston UT Austin Gill, Lee Stephen, Mont Belvicu UT Austin Gilyeart, Steven Craig, Bartlesville, OK Oklahoma State University Glenn, Lawrence Edward, Houston Stanford University Goldberg, Helene Marsha, Athens, AL University of Georgia Golden, Robert Edward, San Antonio UT Austin Gomez, Lynne Marie, Mexico UT Austin Gonzales, Juan Martinez, New Braunfels Southwest Texas State University Goolsby, Bryan Lee, Austin Texas Tech University Grabski, Linda A., Austin St. Bonaventurc University Greaves, Lawrence Homer, Dallas Harvard University Green, Jon Allen, Jefferson Spring Hill College Greenberg, Stephen, Austin UT Austin "With my L.S.A.T. scores and G.P.A., they just had to let me in this year's class."Hime, James Archie, Corpus Christi UT Austin Hindman, Dave, Lubbock UT Austin Hobert, Jeffrey L., Austin Ventre College Holland, J. Walker, Fort Worth Stanford University Holland, Margaret Elizabeth, San Gabriel, CA. Stanford University Hoffman, Jeffrey Lee, San Antonio UT Austin "Okay, so you haven't made TI.R yet. You've only been here two weeks!” Page 9 1 Grcif, Gary W., Austin UT Austin Griffin, Martin Leonard, Lufkin Stephen F. Austin University Griffin, Martin Randolph, Pittsburg, PA Albion College Grove, James P. IV, Dallas North Texas State University Grun, Henry Gene, San Antonio Texas Lutheran College Guerra, Robert Lawrence, McAllen University of Notre Dame Hafner, Carl Joseph, Austin Maryville College Hanson, Cheryl Jane Iowa State University Haring, John Goode, Goliad St. Mary's University Harrell, Robert Stanford, Fort Worth UT Austin Hart, Jeffery Lee, Orange UT Austin Hartman, Ronald Frank, Forth Worth UT Austin Hayes, Karen, San Antonio Augsburg College Hcnsen, Jack Robert, Houston UT Austin Henson, Mark Allen, Killeen University of Kansas Hernandez, Ida, Corpus Christi UT Austin Hiett, Robert Brinson, Austin UT Austin Hill, Jerel Johnston, Denison North Texas State University Hill, Jeffry Russell, Austin UT Austin Hill, Martha Ann, Austin UT Austiniollis, Randall Howard, Texas City UT Austin i ’olloway, Mike S., Austin UT Austin Houck, David Connell, Dallas UT Austin Hudspeth, Deborah Jeanne, Lake Charles, LA, UT Austin Humphries, John C., Tonkawa, OK U.S. Air Force Academy Hunsaker, Hugh Scott, Houston Texas Tech University Hurst, Mary Elizabeth, Austin Rice University Irwin, Jesse Milton III, Austin UT Austin Jackson, Marian E„ Dallas Southern Methodist University Jackson, Steven Gary, Houston Rice University Jennings, Cray, Houston California Institute of Technology Johnson, Barry Glen, Fort Worth Texas Christian University Johnson, Madeline, Houston UT Austin Jones, Emily C., Denison Stephen F. Austin University Jones, Thomas Frederick, Houston Massachusetts Institute of Technology Jukes, Richard Lee, Sugar Land University of Kansas Keck, Jeffrey Brian, Kent, WA University of Washington Kectcr, Olan Alford, Plainview UT Austin Kelinske, Darryl Lois, Corpus Christi UT Austin Kelly, Patrick Michael, Lubbock UT Austin Kinard, Martha E., Fort Worth UT Austin King, Ronald Baker, San Antonio Southern Methodist University King, Ward D., Rockport U.S. Military Academy Kirk, Kenneth Keith, Dallas Southern Methodist University Page 95Kirzner, Leonard, Dallas Klingemann, William James, Kerrville Texas Lutheran College Knott, Richard S., Houston Rice University Kosub, Phil Steven, San Antonio Texas A M University Lacey, David Morgan, Dallas Harding College La Dow, David Eric, Austin Southern Methodist University Landers, Cary Clinton, Abilene McMurray College Larson, Sandra J., Austin University of Oklahoma Lattimore, Michael Wayne, Fort Worth UT Austin Lawler, Milton Dale, Temple UT Austin Leary, Sarah Catherine, Austin Rice University Lebowitz, Amy Kay, Austin UT Austin Lebowitz, Beverly Ann, Dallas UT Austin Leistico, Kent Rolf, Austin UT Austin Leonard, Walter Watson, Irving UT Arlington Levy, Roger Lynn, Corpus Christi UT Austin Lezar, Harold Joseph, Jr., Austin Yale University I.iedtke, William Clarence, III Houston, Amherst College Lindquist, Robert Michael, Washington D.C. Lindsay, Sam Allen, San Antonio St. Mary's University Lipman, Robert Davis University of Pennsylvania Little, Douglas R., Austin University of New Mexico Lorenz, Milton Eilert, Corpus Christi UT Austin Loveless, Stephen Jeb, Waco UT Austin Lowe, Thomas Wilson, Mansfield Texas Christian University Lozano, Ronaldo Samuel, Harlingen St. Mary's University Lucas, John Allen, Austin U.S. Military Academy Lucksinger, Michael J. Austin St. Edwards University Maicr, Peter Rolf, Oklahoma City. OK Yale University Malm, Jeffrey George, Waukegan, IL UT Austin Page 96Malone, Darryl Wayne, Austin University of Houston Manford, Louis Price, Austin UT Austin Marshall, Clyde Christopher, Fort Worth UT Austin Martin, Yolanda, Houston Georgetown University Matyastik, Jane Rachel, Cameron UT Austin Mauldin, Keith Lawrence UT Arlington McClure, Terry Nelson, Austin UT Austin McDonald, Scott Kelley, Dallas Southern Methodist University McElwrath, Michael Rogers, Houston UT Austin McKecman, Leland Paul, Wakita, OK Oklahoma State University McKetta, John J., Ill, Austin Harvard University Mendez, Manuel Olvera, Plainview UT Austin Meyers, Alan Hoge, Dallas UT Austin Miller, Robert Allen, Austin University of Iowa Mims, Larry, Chicago, IL H uston-Tillotson College Moffatt, Brian Thomas, Austin Centenary College Moore, John Douglas, Farmington, MD University of Maryland at Columbia Moore, Joyce W., Austin North Texas State University Morgan, Christopher Harmon, Austin Oklahoma University Morris, Edwin Gerald, Tyler Stephen F. Austin University A warm afternoon usually means the snap of closing books in the library and the slap of volleyballs over in Eastwoods Park.Patton, Gary Paul, Panhandle Peterson, Russell, Stillwater, OK Oklahoma State University Polansky, Margaret Ann, Caldwell Texas A M University Pott, Robert Conrad, Chicago, II. St. Louis University Powell, Ida Altha, Houston Whittier College Price, Geoffrey Coyle, Baton Rouge, LA, Louisiana State University What I can t believe is that we actually gel an hour of credit for coining to these IQ sections!” Muir, Ronda L. Swarthmore College Neill, Dennis Row, Ponca City, OK Oklahoma State University Niemann, Fred A., Austin UT Austin Nelson, Daniel Warren, Austin UT Austin Newman, Gayle, Austin North Texas State University Nimwatana, Rathakorn, Thailand Chulalonokorn University Norris, Robert Eugene, Dallas University of New Mexico Noteboom, Charles Martin, Austin University of Illinois Ogden, William W., Austin UT Austin O'Hanlon, Kevin Thomas, Dallas UT Austin Olsen, Michael David, Austin Onak, Mark Hill, Houston Ondrovik, Nancy Jane, Dallas Texas A M University O'Neil, Patricia Mayer, Austin University of Wisconsin Ott, Dana Bruce, Fort Worth UT Austin Ownby, H., Austin U.S. Air Force Academy Oxford, Terrell Wallace, San Antonio Harvard University Pankonien, Kyle Williams, Houston Southern Methodist University Partida, Juan Ramon, Edinburg UT Austin Pasko, Margaret Ann, Alvin UT Austin Page 98Prince, Ronald Barbosa, San Antonio Texas A M University Quammen, Nancy, Lakeland, MN University of Minnesota Quebc, Karl Russell, Austin UT Austin Reynolds, Thurston Howard, Austin Abilene Christian College Rhodes, Fred A., Ill, Houston UT Austin Richardson, Ralph Hadley, Austin Rice University Roberts, Sue B., Austin University of Colorado Roberts, Ted Blake, Dcs Moines, IA University of Iowa Roberts, Willie Emmilt, Marshall Wesleyan University Roseboom, Carolyn I.., Austin Indiana University Rosener, Ronald L)., Fairbury. NB University of Kansas Rosenthal, Arnold Stephen, Fort Worth UT Austin Ross, Monty Lee, Austin University of Oklahoma Rud, Patricia Newcomb College Rule, John I lenry, II, Austin Oklahoma City University Russo, Robert, Austin University of Florida Ryan, Joseph W., Houston UT Austin Sammons, James Harris, Jr., Austin Texas A M University Sanderson, Michael Kelly, San Antonio Southern Methodist University Schlags, Glenn I toward U.S. Air Force Academy Schwartz, Suzanne, Austin UT Austin Scofield, Louis Morris, Jr. University of Michigan Scruggs, Robert Carl, Houston UT Austin Page 99Scldin, D. Craig, Dallas University of California, Berkeley Sellers, l.enn Gene, Jr., Austin UT Austin Shaver, Gary Harold, Austin Southwest Texas State University Sherman, Robert T., Dallas Southern Methodist University Shisk, Diana G., Flint UT Austin Sibley, Daniel Craig, Garland North Texas State University Simons, John Charles, Fort Worth UT Austin Simpson, Reagan William, Jacksboro UT Austin Sinclair, Robert Jay, Houston Texas Tech University Slaikeu, Diane Weimer, Austin University of Nebraska Smith, Adrian Celeste, Austin University of Kansas Smith, James C., Waukesha, Wl St. Olaf College Smith, Steve, Cisco Abilene Christian College Snell, Ann Clarke, Georgetown University of Miami Sorenson, Rick Glenn, Colorado City Texas Tech University Speers, Peter Carter, III Saudi Arabia, UT Austin Stallard, David Rawley, Dallas Brigham Young University Slutheit, Brian Kent, Littleton, CO Trinity University Sucsy, Steven McDonald, Rydal, PA Lubbock Christian College Sullivan, Richard D., Fort Worth UT Arlington Swann, Thomas Dossett, Tyler Washington Lee University Swanson, Robert Walter, Austin UT Austin Taber, Michael Dennis, Austin University of Maine Tatum, Cynthia Lee, Houston Rice University Tirey, Laura Alice Mills College Trillanes, Mario A., Jr., El Paso UT El Paso Turnham, Hollis Gail Stephen F. Austin University Tuthill, Frederick James, Austin Rice University TwedcII, David Samuel, Dallas UT Austin Urias, Joseph Franklin, Fort Stockton UT El Paso Page 100Valdez, Ernest G., Austin UT Austin Venso, Norma Jo, Fort Worth UT Austin Wackcrbarth, Estela S., Austin UT Austin Wagers, Margaret Hamilton, Dallas University of North Carolina Walker, Charles Edward, Austin Dartmouth College Walters, Patricia, Odessa UT El Paso Watkins, John J., Austin UT Austin Watson, Cary Stephen, Corpus Christi Texas A M University Wells, Judee Ann, Austin Southwest Missouri State College Weynand, John Adrian, San Antonio Texas A M University Whatley, Thomas Lee, Baytown UT Austin Williams, Aubrey Roe, Austin UT Austin Williams, Bennie Blake, Austin UT Austin Wood, Robert Charles, Fort Worth Texas Christian University Wright, Edwin Earle, Gainesville UT Austin Wright, Max Edwin, Austin Southern Methodist University Wright, T. R., Jr., Austin UT Austin Young, Donald Dale, Topeka, KS Kansas Stale University Zook, William Eugene, Jr., Springfield, VA, U. S. Military Academy 'Now after I decimate their first speaker, you come back and clobber their second speaker, and I’ll close with a stinging rebuttal. If that doesn't work, then we start crying. Got it?"Mid-Law Class Mid-Law SBA Class Representatives Henry G. Flores Corky Sherman Gary L. Bledsoe Mid-Laws Seek Involvement A Second year law students are no longer easily intimidated, as the majority of professors will attest. In fact, there exists a particular group of mid-laws that started as summer freshmen and are now a senior hybrid. Most never know whether to call themselves seniors or mid-laws. While other mid-laws are just now getting involved with the Student Bar Association, and getting their feet wet in regard to the Hildebrand Moot Court Competition, the hybrids are making their sometimes one and only attempt in running for class office, and in competing in Moot Court. The Legal Research Board, the Law Journals, Legal Fraternities, and other organizations note a considerable surge in membership at the mid-law level. After the freshman year, students seek out new interest areas, whether social or educational, and decide, that as a matter of policy, more can be done with their student Football's Afoot It is usually after the freshman year before a law student can find the time to engage in extracurricular activities. An enterprising oral advocate has a chance in the fall to try out for the National, International, and Patent Law Moot Court Teams involved in UT's interscholastic competitions. Also in the fall, the Hildebrand Moot Court Program tests the skills of those students vying for a place in the Spring Hildebrand. In the spring semester, the State Bar Team is chosen and the National Client Counseling Team is picked to represent UT Law School in regional Vand national tournaments. ■ "Why is there a wire on my briefcase?" (tick, lick, tick) ■ = Moot Court Competitions A Eastwoods Park provides a frequent watering hole for thirsty law students. By the second year of law school, mid-laws are all settling down to a self-imposed routine of study interspersed with just tne right amount of gaiety. The Legal Eagle Intramural football team, coached by Professor Charles Alan Wright, captures the bodies of numerous mid-laws desiring to exercise parts of their bodies other than the brains and hands. These sorely bruised teammates are the very ones who circulate the rumor that Charlie Wright's greatest love is his team— especially its winning record. The athletically minded female members of the law school exercise their talents for fun and profit at the annual Women's-Faculty Football game held in November. The basic difference in the teams is that the women's game draws a biased crowd and is a great spectator's sport.Adams, Gordon G., Killeen Southwest Texas State University Addison, Max Murray, Lubbock Yale University Allctag, Gary Michael, Austin UT Austin Anderson, Charles Richard, Dallas UT Austin Anton, Richard Henry, Austin UT Austin Arenson, Edwin Walker, El Reno, OK Oklahoma City University Armstrong, Anna Louise Stanford University Bailey, Russell Jay, Austin Lakehead University Barg, Irwin Michael, Houston Bradley Barnes, Cathy M., El Paso UT El Paso' Bayless, Natalie, Austin University of Brussels Bcdman, William Lee Tulane University Beeson, Douglas Wayne, San Antonio UT Austin Bishop, Raymond Doak, Denison Southern Methodist University Bishop, William Patrick, Alexandria. LA Louisiana State University Bodzy, Gerald Wayne, Austin UT Austin Bradshaw, Susan O., Austin University of Minnesota Brown, Barry Stephen, San Antonio University of Pennsylvania Brown, Frank B., Richardson UT Austin Brown, Larry Franklin, Fort Worth Washington Lee University Page 101Brown, M«uk Randall, Austin Texas Wesleyan College Burrows, Jon Hanes, Austin University of Oklahoma Bush, William S., Austin Tulane University Cavin, A. Kirby, Austin UT Austin Clark, Robert Duncan, Chevy Chase. MD Oberlin College Coble, Edgar Oran, Jr., Texarkana Texas Christian University Cohen, Michael, El Paso UT Austin Cohen, Nancy J., Dallas UT Austin Collier, Travis R., El Paso UT El Paso Combs, Susan, San Antonio Vassar College Cortell, Nina, Dallas UT Austin Cowling, David Edward, Kermit Texas Tech University Daum, Donald Ray, Houston UT Austin Davison, Mark Gregory, Houston University of California, Berkeley Dc La Rosa, Albert, Austin UT Austin Dilg, Joseph Carl, Austin Southern Methodist University Donnelly, Margaret A., Richardson UT Austin Doyle, Stephen Paul, New York, NY DuBose, Dorothy, Fort Worth Wellesley College Duran, Maxie Jane, Galveston Southwestern University Page 105Durst, Bruce Eric UT Austin Edwards, Paul Waite, Austin Texas Tech University Eiland, Gary W., Houston UT Austin Eltinger, Dorlcc, El Paso Southern Methodist University Falik, Thomas Alan, Houston University of Pennsylvania Farris, Thomas Dale, Austin UT Austin Finley, Randall N. Rice University Fitzpatrick, Sandra Marlene, Austin UT Austin Flores, Henry Gomez, San Antonio UT Austin Foster, Jesse Douglas, Bedford, NY Stanford University Freedman, Seth, Austin Lawrence University Frerking, Ernest Greg, Weslaco UT Austin Fryer, John Stuart, Halletsvillc Texas A M University Gardner, Stephen Henry, Austin UT Austin Gordon, James Clark, Austin UT Austin Gordon, Kathryn Gayle, Houston University of Arizona, UT Austin Page 106Grant, Joseph Harmon, Misawa, Japan UT Austin Green, Carl Hardy, Dickinson UT El Paso Greene, Catherine Evelyn, San Antonio UT Austin Greenlee, Stewart David, Weatherford UT Austin Groce, Gaylen Lee, Fort Worth UT Austin Gutierrez, Rodolfo V., I iebbronville UT Austin Guy, Thomas Ray, Burleson UT Austin Hagen, Laura Jean, Austin UT Austin Hanneman, Paul Walter, Dallas UT Austin Harris, William Stanley, Austin UT Austin Harrison, Robert Christian, Dallas Southwestern University Hartman, Sherry Lynn, Dallas UT Austin Henderson, Thomas S., Waco Texas A M University Henderson, William R. Johns Hopkins University Henry, Robert Thompson, III, Fort Worth, Trinity University Hill, Mark Clarence, Longview Texas Christian University Holifield, Henry O'Neal, Austin University of Southern Mississippi Hoover, Clayton James, Corpus Christi, UT Austin 107Illig, Dale Walden, Austin UT Austin Iverson, Jerome Irwin, Williston, ND UT Austin Jacobson, Joseph, Dallas UT Austin Janes, Brandon Chaison, Corpus Christi Baylor University Jenson, Gary Wayne, Pearland UT Austin Jones, William Cox, Austin University of Oregon Jordan, M. Glenn, Austin Keeney, Huey C., Jr., Houston UT Austin Keis, Ricky Brent, Weatherford UT Austin Kelley, Susan Martha, Webster, NY Northwestern University Kelly, Charles Warren, El Paso Kiker, Mary Alice, Killeen Southwest Texas State University Knobles, William Lane, Austin Texas Lutheran College Koelemay, James Martin, Jr., Shreveport. LA Georgia Tech University Lind, Vicki E., Austin University of Houston Lau khuf, Stanley Dwight, Wichita Falls UT Austin LcClair, Lewis Titus, Austin UT Austin LcMeilleur, Lynn Braley, Kerrville UT Austin Lockwood, George William, Hico Texas A M University Love, Jeff Benton, Houston Vanderbilt University Page 108Lowry, James M., Austin Tarleton Maddox, Charles J., Jr., Cameron UT Austin Maisel, Christopher Mark Texas A M University Marks, Gary Lee, Austin UT Austin Maroney, James Francis, Houston UT Austin Mason, Thomas C., Corpus Christi University of Houston McCarroll, Scott Goodloe, Austin UT Austin McCarter, John Stephen, Tonkawa, OK Oklahoma University McCarthy, George Gilbert, Jr., Austin UT Austin McClaughcrty, Joe L., Austin UT Austin McEachern, Frank Pittman, Jackson, Ml Millsaps College McGrath, Robert S., Fort Worth UT Arlington McKee, Darwin Layne, Austin Austin College Megan, Anne, Austin St. Mary's Notre Dame. UT Austin Meier, Michael, Corpus Christi UT Austin Merwin, Bruce W., Houston George Washington University Messer, William Alexander, Belton Southwest Texas State University Miller, James Richard, Austin Oklahoma University Mims, Sherbcrt Louise, Austin I luston-Tillotson College Moore, Jack Hutchins, Richmond UT Austin Page 109Page no Moore, James M., Dallas Austin College Moore, Robert Scott, Aransas Pass Rice University Morgan, Lawrence John, Houston Texas Tech University Morriss, James C., Nash Southern Methodist University Morrow, Kyle Alan, Waco UT Austin Mortal, Rebecca S., Austin UT Austin Mueller, Charles Edward, Yorktown Texas A M University Neeley, Karen Sue, Troy UT Austin Netherton, James Nicholas, Austin University of Oklahoma Newman, Jeffrey K., Dallas Nixon, Dale Bruce University of Arkansas Parker, William Maxwell, Comanche UT Austin Pate, Michael Lynn, Fort Worth Texas Wesleyan College Payne, William Lawrence, II, Dallas Perry, Charles Lee, Commerce University of Missouri Peters, William Frank, Jr., Austin U.S. Naval Academy Phifer, Dwight L., Houston Southwest Texas State UniversityPonder, Bernard Weldon, Jr., LaMarque Pan American University Poss, James Michael, Dallas UT Austin Price, Richard C., Ruston, LA UT Austin Rawdin, Scott M. UT Austin Reed, Pamela Gail, Austin University of Colorado Reisner, James Sherwood, Kingsville Texas A M University Roades, John Leslie, Wharton UT Austin Rosen, Robert Louis, Dallas Texas Tech University Rynd, Frank Barlow, Houston UT Austin Safi, Sabre Anthony, El Paso UT Austin Sandage, Douglas S., Bcllaire Vanderbilt University Sandficld, Robert Eli, Dallas Princeton University Schlabs, Michael Wayne, Scotland U.S. Air Force Schulz, Stephen Gary, Galveston Rice University Sebcsta, Stephen George, Cat Spring Texas A M University Shcarn, Michael J., Austin UT Austin »gelll "Of course he hasn't read that decision. I just made it up!"Shrader, Jeffrey Glen, Austin Northwestern University Siegel, Neil, El Paso UT El Paso Smith, Banks M., San Antonio UT Austin Smith, Bca Ann, Austin UT Austin Smith, Deborah Ann, Lake Jackson UT Austin Smoller, Michael Edward UT Austin Snyder, Donna Lynn, Austin University of Colorado Stark, John Charles, San Antonio Oklahoma State University Stein, Kenneth Richard, Austin UT Austin Steinheimer, Michael Garret, Austin University of Maryland Stevens, Susan Jane, Houston University of St. Thomas Steward, Eugene David, Devine UT Austin Summers, James Mott Southern Methodist University Sutton, John Ewing, Austin UT Austin Symonds, Richard Lee, Houston Johns Hopkins University Taliaferro, Ted Cass, Mt. Pleasant UT Austin Tefteller, Ronald G., Austin Texas A M University Thomas, Fred Duncan, Garland UT Arlington Thompson, Robert Clifton, Austin Rice University Thrash, Joe Henry UT Austin Page 112Toles, H. Edward, Austin UT Austin, Harvard University Toplctz, Bruce Irving, Dallas Rice University Trotter, Richard Clayton, Austin UT Austin Tscvat, Daniel, Austin Varela, Jose Federico, Brown wood UT Austin Wagner, Stephen Clark, Seabrook UT Austin Warren, James B., Austin UT Austin Waters, Lcland Wyatt, Pampa UT Austin Watkins, G. Gail, Dallas UT Austin Watson, Michael Townes, Austin UT Austin Weisinger, James Steven, Baytown UT Austin W'ells, Richard Glen, Houston Northern Illinois University W'erncr, Philip Allen, Dallas North Texas State University Whittington, Robert Arch UT Austin Williams, Donald I.eon UT El Paso Williams, J. Stockton, Austin Amherst College Williams, Thomas Joseph, Fort Worth UT Austin Wilson, James Milton, Jr., Austin UT Austin Wilson, Newton Walton, III, Lockhart Southern Methodist University Wolf, Barry- Howard, Longview UT Austin Page 113Senior Class (r Seniors Face Critical Choices There is almost universal agreement among third year law students that three years of law school is one year too many. By their senior year most are busy adding up their credits and counting the hours left until graduation. Of course, job hunting occupies a great deal of the seniors' attention, making the routine of class attendance an even heavier burden. Not all seniors suffer from the doldrums, however. The Moot Court Program, Law Journals' Teaching Quizmasters Program and other extracurricular activities do rely on seniors for leadership and personnel. Yet seniors turn inward their last year, as more than at any other time in their life-time, they are faced with critical career choices and new directions. Senior Class SBA Representatives Larry W. Schenk Carol Hurd Bill Hill"Jerry Moctezuma? That's him over there. Officer!" If at First You Don't Succeed During the last half of September and all of October, professors accustomed to the casual law school "uniform" of cut-offs and sandals may be overcome by the wafting fumes of aftershave and the sartorial elegance of the besuited seniors in search of a job. Interview season is upon them. For seniors, this means long lines at early hours to sign up for interviews, skipped classes and a perpetual smile and affability which may use up their supply of both for the entire year. Through the efforts of Dean Gary Munnekc and his Placement Office staff, UT law students, at little cost to themselves may interview up to 25 law firms per semester from all over the country. While this process doesn't always guarantee a job, it can narrow down the possibilities and give seniors valuable practice in the "art" of interviewing. vs —'j DEWEY, CHEATHAM, and HOWE ATTORNEYS 1135 Rebozo Boulevard Houston, Texas 77007 The firm is engaged in the general practice of business law. Most of our practice deals with liens, loans, stocks, bonds, banks, bailments, easements, mortgages, soccage, scutage and corporate mergers, engorgements, evasions and obfuscations in general. The firm presently consists of three partners and six hundred and twenty-eight associates. Our policy is to hire only those associates whom we feel have the capacity to become partners—eventually. The firm is located on the outskirts of dynamic, pulsating Houston, and our offices command a dramatic view of the breathtaking Houston ship channel. We believe that for enough money any young lawyer can be trained to live in Houston. Compensation is competitive with other mammoth firms in the Houston area, i.e. exactly the same as all other mammoth firms in the area. While we prefer to avoid setting rigid guidelines based on academic standing, we are primarily interested in the student in tne top two per cent of his class, preferably with a black belt in oral advocacy and a nice wardrobe. The rest of you kids had probably better figure on selling life insurance or something. "No wonder our Oil and Gas grades aren't up yet!" Page 115Alex, Donald Malcom, Austin UT Austin Alterman, Lyle Henry, San Antonio UT Austin Anderson, Scott Miller, Denison UT Arlington Student Attorney's Office, Atlas, Scott Jerome, McAllen Yale University Autry, Stephen Smith, Coleman UT Austin Baird, Morton Williams, II, San Antonio, UT Austin, Freshman Hildebrand Moot Court, 74 State Bar Team National Moot Court, Peregrinus,A© t Bajaj, Mohinder Lai, New Delhi India, University of Delhi Graduate Student Barney, Daniel Rhodes, Snowville, NH Harvard College Barry, Jon Hazelton, Dallas Stanford University Bartlett, Gail Anne, Wichita, KS Smith College, Legal Research Board Bayc, Sula L. Texas Southern University Berkcl, John William, Houston University of Houston, Board of Advocates, Legal Research Board, International Law Journal Bernal, Gilbert Jaurez,San Antonio UT Austin, Chicano Law Students Association Bishop, Carla Jo, Dallas Southern Methodist University,A© J) Blair, Elizabeth Owen, Wisner, LA UT Austin Bolduc, David, Hunt Bowdoin College, HRRC, SBA, LSD-ABA, Fingerprint Conference, NLG, A© t Page 116Boone, Thomas Kiel, Dallas Emory University, Legal Research Board. J A0 Boston, John C., Austin Southern Methodist University Broude, John Samuel, Dallas Brandeis University, Criminal Justice Project, Texas International Law Journal Brown, Michael Lance, Austin UT Austin, 1974 Mock Trial, Legal Research Board Director Broyles, Frank L., Austin University of Arizona Buck, Kathleen Paulin, Houston Cornell University, Criminal Law Association Vice-President, Adult Probation Project, Criminal Justice Project Intern Bush, Robert L. Russell, Almont, CO Southern Methodist University, Criminal Law Association, Student Attorney's Office Byers, John Dennis, Sulfur Springs East Texas State University Bynum, Alan Dean, Houston Texas A M University, (JA t Bywaters, John Kelty, Austin UT Austin Cannan, Mark James, Kings College, Board of Advocates, (JlA t Carptentcr, Joyce B., Austin UT Austin, Criminal Law Association. (JiA t Carroll, Benjamin L., Kailua, HI Legal Research Board, Texas International Law Journal, American Journal of Criminal Law, NCL Carter, Robert Sherwood, Bellairc University of Houston, Patents Intellectual Law Association Childress, Glenda Boveric, Lubbock UT Austin.dAO Childs, Mollie A., San Antonio UT Austin. Board of Advocates, Honor Council, Cj A t Page 117Civins, Jeffrey, Austin Brandeis University Clark, Gary Carl, Tulsa, OK Oklahoma State University, LSAT Prep Committee, Legal Research Board, Texas International Law Journal, d A t Clingan, James Lee, Jr., Austin University of Colorado Collins, John McClellan, Dallas Duke University, Texas Law Review, Urban Law Review, Quizmaster Collins, Thomas Allen, Amarillo UT Austin, Texas Law Review. Urban Law Review Conner, Terry William, Houston UT Austin Craddock, Lila Tenison, Dallas Smith College, Hildebrand Moot Court, Board of Advocates, TQ, Student Assistant to the Dean Curry, Robert Allen, Austin Kansas State University, Board of Advocates, Texas International Law Journal. Hildebrand Moot Court, LSD-ABA, O A0 Darley, Roger G., San Antonio UT Austin Davenport, Gerald Bruce, Austin University of Michigan, Geary, Brice and Hildebrand Moot Court Davis, Carleton Abney, Austin UT Austin Davis, Jeffrey Alan, Houston UT Austin Davis, Kathleen Linnard, Austin UT Austin, Criminal Law Association, President, Criminal Justice Project, Women's Law Caucus Davis, Mary Kathryn, Houston UT Austin. Peregrinus, Davis, Stephen R., Little Rock, AR Vanderbilt University, Teaching Quizmaster Dc La Garza, Luis Adolpo, Mission UT Austin Page 118Dickenson, Gail Marie, Richardson UT Austin Dix, Stephen David, Houston University of Houston Doggett, Stephen Arthur, Richmond UT Austin, Texas Law Review, Legal Research Board, Student Attorney's Office Dorshaw, Stephen A., Austin Texas international Law Journal Editor Dunnagan, Charles Abbott, Lubbock Trinity University Eaton, Lauren Lynn, Plainview UT Austin. Hildebrand Moot Court, Board of Advocates, 0A 1) Eaton, Thomas Aldrich, Austin UT Austin, Teaching Quizmaster, Texas Law Review Edwards, Thomas Haines, Austin UT Austin Elder, David Speed Houston, Rice University Emmert, Duane F. UT Austin Erwin, Thomas Patric Reno, NV University of Nevada Falk, Robert Hardy Patent Law Association, President, Board of Advocates, Gearv. Brice and Hildebrand Moot Court • • - $1100 'assorted expenses', and $850 'other'. That oughta about cover it." Farris, James E., Austin University of Missouri at Kansas City, d A J Fenton, Howard Nathan, Austin UT Austin, Texas Law Review. Legal Research Board, Geary-Brice Barron-Stahl Moot Court Field, George Addison, III, Austin Southern Methodist University, Urban Law Review Editor Fitzgerald, Geoffrey A., Austin Southern Methodist University, Hildebrand Moot Court. Criminal Justice Project Intern Fleshman, Relda Ann, Austin UT Austin, Board of Advocates, Hildebrand Moot Court, Women's Law Caucus Flint, George Lee, Jr., Austin UT Austin Fontaine, Stephen Ray, Sherman Baylor University, Texas Law Review, 0 A t Frederick, Michael Earl, Austin North Texas State University. Legal Research Board, Criminal Law Association Gamble, David Shuler, Houston UT Austin,0A0 George, John Kim, Houston UT Austin Gilbert, Randal Vevens, Tyler UT Austin Glesby, Gary Steven, Houston University of Southern California Godcfoid, Alain, Brussels, Belgium University Libre Bruxelles GraduateStudent Gold, Pamela Kingsley, Austin UT F.1 Paso, Texas Law Review, SBA Freshman Representative, Criminal Law Association, Women's Law Caucus, Police Action Program,QA J) Graham, Samuel Russell, Austin Quizmaster, Mock Trial Greene, Thomas Baker, III, Austin Rice University. American Journal of Criminal Law Editor. Board of Advocates. QA t Page 120 "Maybe if I make an ugly face andGreig, Brian S., Austin Washington Lee University Urban Law Review, QA t Grcnander, Mark James, Houston UT Austin Haglund, Wayne Douglas, Beaumont UT Austin Hall, Brendan Joseph, Jr., San Antonio, Indiana University, Criminal Law Association, American Journal of Criminal Law, Mock Trial, Project Info Hall, Thomas J., Ill Texas Tech University Hangs, George L, Jr., Austin Washington University, OAO Harris, Donald Penn, Austin Stanford University Harrison, Ralph Kent, Austin University of Houston, Teaching Quizmaster, Texas International Law Journal, (JiAO Hartnett, Dan Dennis, Austin University of Houston, Board of Advocates, Criminal Law Association, Hildebrand Moot Court, Criminal Justice Project Intern, PAD Henderson, Bruce E., Dallas Colorado College, QA J Hendricks, Dana Jean, Houston Stanford University, Hildebrand Moot Court, Board of Advocates, Women's Law Caucus, 5A t Henke, Jeffrey William, Fredericksburg UT AustinHicks, Dewey R. UT El Paso Hill, Bill B., Dallas Oklahoma University, Texas International Law Journal, Teaching Quizmaster, Senior Representative SB A, GAO Hines, Ralph Kenneth, Wichita Falls UT Austin Holland, Gilbert Harrison, Wharton UT Austin, Legal Research Board Hollenback, John Joseph, Jr., San Antonio, Sacramento State College Holmes, Paul Joseph, Garland Stanford University, Board of Advocates, Hildebrand Moot Court Holub, Ronald Eugene, Dallas UT Austin, LSD-ABA Hooks, Charles Guy, III, Tomball UT Austin Howard, Gary Frank, Austin Claremont Men's College Howe, John Philip, Temple UT Austin, d Ad Howell, Stephen Clark, Fort Worth Texas Christian University Huebner, Thomas John, North Platte UT Austin Hurd, Carol D., Austin UT Austin, Teaching Quizmaster, Senior Representative SBA Huttash, Hallie Lewis, Austin Texas A I University, A9 t Jackson, Norvell Ford, Jr., Rockport North Texas State University Jewett, Dunham F., Houston Dartmouth College Page 122Jewett, Jeremiah Jonathan, III Davidson College Texas International Law Journal Jones, Jay Woodfin, Austin UT Austin, Board of Advocates, Legal Research Board, Geary, Brice, Hildebrand Moot Court, Criminal Justice Project Intern Jordan, Charles B. University of Oklahoma Jordan, Charles Milton, Austin UT Austin Kelley, Stroud Carter, Austin UT Austin, Board of Advocates, Hildebrand, Geary, Brice Moot Court Kellough, Bill, Austin UT Austin, Law Forum, Texas International Law Journal, Hildebrand Moot Court Kent, Samuel Bristow, Houston UT Austin Kerr, Harris Eastham, Midland UT Austin Peregrinus,d A t Kidder, James Nuel, San Antonio Brigham Young University King, John Andrew, El Paso UT El Paso, Criminal Law Association, HRRC Lang, Daniel Ray, Highlands Texas Christian University Criminal Law Association, A© t Lawler, Wilton Gale, Temple UT Austin Lechc, Paul A., Dallas UT Austin, Board of Advocates, Student Court, William Shelton, Austin UT Austin Levit, Abraham, San Antonio UT Austin Texas International Law Journal Lewin, Randall Jay, McAllen UT Austin Law Film Forum Page 123Lippman, Susan Gail, Valparaiso. IN UT Austin Women's Law Caucus. HRRC Livingston, David Duncan, Austin Princeton University Longoria, Samuel Glenn, Pharr UT Austin MacDonald, John A., Austin UT Austin Mann, James Edward, Monahans UT Austin, Board of Advocates, Criminal Law Association Matlock, Thomas Owen, Jr., Shreveport, LA Louisiana Slate University Quiamaster, Honor Council. Texas Law Review Martin, Laura Jean, Austin UT Austin Maxwell, Stephen C., Houston Trinity University Mayo, Cynthia Eileen Dallas, UT Austin, Criminal Law Association, Women's Law Caucus McCann, William Frank Abilene, Baylor, Legal Research Board.( A J) McCoy, Charles W., Austin Purdue University. Legal Research Board, Tcaching Quizmaster McDaniel, Myra Atwell, Austin University of Pennsylvania, Thurgood Marshall Legal Association, Hildebrand Moot Court, Board of Advocates His tests arc no problem. Just know all the cases he's mentioned and read all the books."McGIcw, Polly Anne, Arlington Texas A M University McMurphy, Michael Allen, Austin U.S. Air Force Academy, Board of Advocates, Fall and Spring Hildebrand, National Secretary Order of Barristers, (JAO Melvin, Ronald Kelly, Austin University of California, San Diego, Geary-Bricc Freshman Moot Court, Intramurals Mericlc, John Lawrence, Austin UT Austin, Director, Legal Research Board, International Law Journal Merrill, Richard Lowell, Houston Secretary, Board of Advocates, Criminal Law Journal Meycrcord, David Kendall, Dallas Dartmout College, PFD Club Moak, Eldridge, Austin West Texas State Univcrsity,fl A l Moore, Nancy Jane, Austin UT Austin, HRRC Intern Program, Women's Law Caucus Moreno, Luis Augusto, Austin UT Austin, Chicano Law Students Association, State Chairman Morrison, Bruce Thomas, Austin Grinnell College, Chairman. City Lobby. A0 t Mueller, VaLinda 1 lathcox. Sulphur Springs, East Texas State University, A0 t Myers, H. Keith, Houston Vanderbilt University, Texas Law Review Narisi, Maria, Dallas UT Austin, Dean, A0 t , Law School Senator, SBA Board of Governors, Assistant Editor Texas Law Forum, Section Editor Pcrcgrinus Nathan, Arthur Maurice, Houston UT Austin Newman, John Edward, Jr., San Antonio UT Austin Niikura, Kenzi, Ishchara, Japan Chuo University Page 125Nokes, Robert Jackson, Waco UT Austin Nolan, Peter Andrew, Austin UT Austin Orsinger, Richard Remington, Dallas UT Austin, Texas International Law Journal, Locke Purcell Mock Trial. Casenotes Editor Pargaman, Patrice Jane, Fort Worth UT Austin, Juvenile Justice Project, Co-Op Board of Directors Patrick, Bruce Douglas, Fort Worth UT Austin, Board of Advocates, National Champ Client Counseling, Pcrcgrinus Editor, Hildebrand Brief Award Perez, Nicolas}., Austin UT Austin, SBA President, Admissions Committee, LSAT Prep Session Coordinator, Chicano Law Students Association Pettit, Jack William, Amarillo Southern Methodist University Pratt, Kevin Burton, Austin UT Austin Prcsswood, Lani N., Austin Texas A M University Preston, George Allen, Denton UT Austin Puckett, William Notley, Fort Stockton UT El Paso SBA Election Commision, Criminal Law Association, © t) Pync, William Francis, Cliffside Park, NJ Manhattan College PAD Ramirez, Rolando Rente Alice, Texas A M University, Criminal Law Association, Chicano Law Students Association "... and I was half w y through the test before I realizes! it was Contracts, not Torts!"Ramsey, Scott, Houston Stanford, International journal. Intramural Sports, Geary-Brice Moot Court, Legal Aid Redden, Joe Winston, Jr., Austin TCU, Teaching Quizmaster, (1 A J) Reeder, Joe Robert, Austin U.S. Military Academy, Chairman Legal Research Board Rigsby, Stephen Paul, Austin Ohio State,d A D Roan, Forrest C., Jr., Austin UT Austin, A0 t Roberts, James Vincent, Austin UT Austin Robin, Alan Jay, Dallas UT Austin. A©4 Rodgers, Michael H., Tyler North Texas State University, SBA, Secretary, HRRC Intern, Minority Opportunities Committee Roig, William Ashley, New Orleans, LA UT Austin, Legal Research Board Rosener, Douglas Gene, Fairbury, NB University of Kansas,OA t Rosin, Gary Stewart, San Antonio Texas A M University, Managing Editor, International Law Journal Rozzcll, Scott E. SMU Ruhlen, George, San Antonio Rice University Ryan, Henry Grady, III, Lindsay, OK University of Oklahoma Saldana, Frank Jose, Jr., Laredo UT Austin Schattman, Frederick Marlin, Fort Worth Tulane University, ABA-LSD Representative Page 127Schenk, Larry W., Richardson Texas Tech University, SBA Senior Representative, Patent Law Association Schcnkkan, Pieter Meade, Austin University of Virginia Scheske, Robert B., Gonzales Texas A M University Schwartzel, Charles Boone, Hempstead Vanderbilt University Texas Law Review Scott, Darrell Jerome, Sacramento, CA University of Nebraska. University of Southern California. Scott, Ronald Ray, Tyler Baylor University Criminal Law Association Sheehan, James Scott, Houston Ohio State University, Texas Law Review. Geary-Brice Moot Court. Simpson, Palmer Martin, Jr., Houston Southwestern at Memphis, Patent Law Association Vice-President, Board of Advocates, Hildebrand Moot Court Singer, Albert, Laredo Boston University Smith, Callie Virginia, Louisville, KY Hollins College, Criminal Law Association, Adult Probation Project Smith, Charles Lee, Lubbock UT Austin Hildebrand Moot Court, Quizmaster Smith, Graham Newton, Austin University of Southwestern Louisiana, Board of Advocates Smith, Ross Menefee, Tatum Baylor University, Southwick, Leslie, Edinburg Rice University, Hildebrand Moot Court, Teaching Quizmasters, Criminal Law Association Spence, Jerry Lynn, Tyler Columbia University Sponberg, Ronald T., Austin UT Austin. Legal Research Board, Texas International Law Journal Page 12SSpruce, Susan, Floresville UT Austin, Women's Law Caucus, Criminal Justice Project Intern Stapleton, Edward A., Denton UT Austin International Moot Court Team Sternlicht, David N., Houston UT Austin Stevenson, David Ross, Dallas UT Austin Stewart, Mark Steven, Fort Worth UT Austin, SBA, Hildebrand Moot Court Competition Stidham, Charles Louis, Austin UT Austin, A© 1 Stoddard, Ross W., Ill Southern Methodist University, Founder, The Bachelors of Law-Storms, Stephanie Stanford, Streeter, Thomas Winthrop, III Austin, University of Houston, SBA Election Commission, Criminal Law Association, Canterbury Association Strobl, Greg Fred, Austin University of Minnesota, Teaching Quizmaster Summers, Mark Steven, Austin UT Austin Sweat, David Russell UT Arlington, Leagal Research Board Sykes, Daniel Wesley, Fort Worth Austin College, Legal Research Board Talbot, David A., Jr., Commerce Rutgers University Taylor, Cyndi, Bceville UT Austin, Student Court Taylor, Donald R. UT Austin Page 129Taylor, Leslie Donovan, Austin UT Austin Thiemann, Alan J., Dallas Denison University, Liason to Administrative Law Section, ABA. d AQ Tibbets, Michael Robert, San Antonio Rice University Van, Stephen L., Austin UT Austin, Dean Selection Committee Van Kleef, John D., George West UT Austin Van Osselaer, Paul J., I louston UT Austin, Chairman, Board of Advocates, Moot Court, Mock Trial, Texas International Law Journal, 0 A D Vanderhacghe, Werner, Hertshage, Belgium, University of Ghent Vernon, Albert Edward, III, Austin Texas A M University. ($£ £ Walraven, Stephen Edwards, Austin UT Austin, Hildebrand Moot Court, Texas International Law Journal Walsh, James Raymond, Austin UT Austin Walton, Dan Gibson, Houston University of Virginia, Texas Law Review, Associate Editor, Geary-Brice Moot Court, Legal Eagles, Captain Ward, Mary Anne, El Paso UT Austin, Honor Council Chairman, Board of Advocates, Board of Governors Waters, Steven Allen, San Antonio Southern Methodist University, Police Action Program Weaver, Jimmy Ross, Austin University of Houston, American Journal of Criminal Law, Geary-Brice Moot Court, Locke, Purnell Mock Trial, d»A t Weberman, Bcrnie, Oak Park, Ml University of Michigan, Law Forum, international Law Journal, Wedge, Charles L., El Paso UT El Paso Page 130Weisbrod, Carl, Dallas UT Austin, Criminal Justice Project Welsh, Harry Ronald, Austin Northwestern University, Texas Law Review, Board of Advocates, A0 Werner, Robert James, Austin University of 1 louston, Whiscnhunt, John Richard, Austin UT Austin White, Richard W. UT Austin Williams, Michael C lark, Texarkana Texas A M University Witschcy, Ralph Daniel, Jr„ Dallas Massachusetts Institute of Techonlogy, Texas Law Review, CA t Wood, Diane Pamela, Houston UT Austin, Texas Law Review Wright, Thomas L. Plainview, Rice University, A© t Ylitalo, David L. Paducah. KY Honor Council, Criminal Law Association Young, Michael Glenn San Angelo, UT Austin Zimmerman, Jack Benjamin U.S. Naval Academy. Purdue University Criminal Law Association. International Law Society No, A- couldn't make a contract. A' is dead. Do you have any other suggestions-.“3 — 00 E LiLiL f f f« z? L% 3 3 i?.?55-33?§3 DO 3; : • wo: t 3 3?: y _ ': 2 ?SS?i52S2S2i52ig?ga;2g?S§2§2Sa DOCSOCwCOOfC I.Mil HUM i !?l pvnjff? •3 3- If? II £ Ej ■=• 2 I ° MO c c c §•5-3 =5 I ' ■ r'r'OC'C,‘. nm Z-p .2 5-: [sip1 lie? 5 s 2 ■ ! n r n n r n r o r, 8 S | gjg.g.g.g. . '2 3 2 3 3 3 y fc 5 S •• Hill □ mi ? i ? 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Lee Stephen Gilyeart. Steven Craig Grst.JFrcdi Glenn. 1 jwrence Edward Glesby. Gary Steven Godefroid. Alain Cold. Pamela Kingsley Goldberg. Helene Marsha CoWrn, Robert Edward Gome Lynne Marie Gonzales. Juan Marline Goolsby. Bryan Lee Cordon. James Clark Cordon. Kathryn Gayle Grabski. Linda A CragJia. Lino A......... Graham. Louise .......... Graham. Samuel Russell Grant. Joseph Harmon Gray, Richard Greaves. Thomas Greaves. Lawrence Homer Green. Carl Hardy....... Cteen. Jon Allen ....... Creen.J. R.............. Cteen. Dean Leon ........ Greenberg. Stephen . Crcene. Catherine Evelyn Greene. Thomas Baker. Ill Greenlee, Stewart David Greenwood. Dick......... Greet. Mark............. Creif. Gary W......... Greig. Brian S.......... Grenader, Mark James Griffin. Martin Leonard Griffin. Martin Randolph Croce. Gaylen Lee ....... Grove. James P . IV..... Grun. Henry Ccne......... Guerra. Robert Lawrence Guerrero. Dinah ........ Gustafson. Larry E....... Cutierrei. Rodolfo V. ... Guy. Thomas Ray ...........93 ...........93 ...........90 ........120 ...........93 ...........93 ..........106 ..........64 ..........93 00.93 ...........77 77.120 ...........93 ...........15 ..........23 .......52.120 ...........93 ...........93 ...........77 ..........93 ......120 120 .....120 ...........93 ...........93 ...........93 ...........93 .........93 .......106 ........106 .......... 93 ..........24 .........60 ........120 .107 .........60 .........60 ......93 .........107 ..........93 ..........77 ......24.7 ..........93 .......66.107 ........120 .........107 ...........73 ......... 0 ..........94 ....... 121 78.121 ..........94 ..........94 72.77.107 ..........94 . . .77.94 ..........94 ..........60 ........66.77 .........107 ... .60.61.107 Hicks. Dewey R Hiett, Robert Brinson Hill. Bill B. Hill, Jeffrey Russell Hill, Jerel Johnston Hill, Mark Clarence Hill. Martha Ann Hime. James Archie Hindman, Dave Hines, Ralph Kenneth .. . Hobart, Jeffrey L Hobbs. John A. Hodges. Gus .M Hoffman. Jeffrey Lee Holtfsrld, Henry O'Neau Holland. Gilbert Harrison Holland. J Walker Holland. Margaret Elizabeth ., . Hollenback. John Joseph. J, Hollrah, James M Holman. J Alan Holmes. Paul Joseph Holmes. Thomas J. Holub. Ronald Eugene Holbs. Randall Howard Hooks. Charles Guy. Ill . 122 Hoover. Clayton James Hotchkiss, Martin Houck. David Connell Howard. Gary Frank Howell. Stephen Clark Hudson. Diana Hudspeth. Deborah | jnne 1 luebner. 1 homas John Humphries. John G Hunsakrr, Hugh Scott Hurd. Carol D. Hurst. Mary Elizabeth Huttash. Hallie Lewis 80.122 I lllig. Dale Walden 10s .............................................. 140 International Law Journal . . ... .66 Irby. Bob ............................................. go Irssin.JesseMilton.lII ............................. 00.93 Iverson,JeromeIrsvin ..................................jog J Jackson. Chris.......................................7 g Jackson. Marian E.....................................95 Jackson. Norvell Ford. Jr. 122 Jackson. Steven Cary Jacobson. Joseph 60,108 Janes. Brandon Chaison ......................... 64.108 Jennings. Gray ................................... 80.95 Jenson. Gary Wayne...................................108 Jewell. Dunham F ....................................122 Jewetr. Jeremiah Jonathan. 111. 66,123 Johan son. Stanley M.................................25 Johns. C.S. II.................................... 52.77 Johnson, Harry Glen Johnson. Corwin W. Johnson. Cary ........ Johnson. Madeline Jones, Albert J Jones, David Jones. Emily C. Jone». Greg .......... Jones. Jay Woodfin ____ Jones. Thomas Frtderick Jones. Wdham Cox Jones, Woodward Jordan. Charles B. Jordan. Charles Milton Jordan. M. Glenn .... Jukes. Richard Lee 95 26 95 20 ......60 95 60 123 95 108 60 77.123 .....123 105 95 K Katz. Charles .................................... 64 Keck. Jeffrey Brian 95 Keeney. Huey C. Jr. 108 Keeter. Olan Alford ' 5 Keeton. W. Page ............................... 2.4.26 Keinarth. Art L.................................... 77 Kris, Kicky Brent .................................108 Ktl nskc. Darryl Lois 95 Keller. Lee 64 Kelley, Stroud Car err ............................123 Kelley, Susan Maltha 60,61.75,108 Kelly, Charles Warren .............................108 Kelly. Patrick Michael 95 KeHough. Bill 72.123 Kent. Samuel Bristow ..............................123 Kerr. Harris Eastham ...................... .70.77.123 Kidder. James Nuel ................................123 Kiker. Mary Alice................................. 108 Kmard. Martha E.................................... 95 Kindred. Samuel I. King. John Andrew .................................123 King. Ronald Baker..................................95 King. Ward D....................................... 95 Kirk. Kenneth Keith .............................77.95 Kirk. Randall ..................................... 60 Kn ner. Leonard.................................... 9o Klmgemann. Willsam James.........................77.96 Knobies. William Lane 108 K no block. Kalhlyn 60.63 Knott. Richard S....................................96 Koelemay. James Martin. Jr..................... 64,108 Kolkner. Thomas......................................60 Kosub. Phil Steven .................................96 L Lacey. David Morgan 96 Ladow. David Eric ...................................96 Land, Vicki E................................ 60.64.108 Landers. Gary Clinton .......................•.......96 Lange. John .........................................78 Lang. Daniel Ray ............................ 77.80.123 Larson. Sandra J.....................................9o Lattimore. Michael Wayne 96 Laukhuf. Stanley Dwight .........................66.108 Hofner, Carl Joseph 94 Hagen. Laura Jean .............................83.107 Haglund. Wayne Douglas ...........................121 Hall. Brendan Joseph. Jr..........................121 Hall. ThomasJ.. Ill ...........................83.121 Hamilton. Robert W................................ 24 Hangs. George L.. Jr...........................66.121 Hanneman. Paul Walter ............................107 Hanson. Cheryl Jane .............................. 94 Haring. John Goode ............................ 77.94 Harrell. Robert Stanford ...................... 77.94 Harris. Donald Penn ...........................83.121 Harris. William Stanley ..........................107 Harrison. Ralph Kent ....................66,73.83.121 Harnson. Robert Christian ........................107 Hart. Jeffriy Lee .................................94 Hartman. Ronald Frank............................ 94 Hartman. Sherry Lynn..............................107 Hartnett, Dan Dennis .............................121 Hawkins. Thomas................................ 60.61 Hayes, Burgain. Jr.................................66 Hayes. Karen ..................................... 94 Heard. John R...................................73.77 Hedges. Daniel K...................................51 Henderson. Bruce E............................... 121 Henderson. Thomas S....................... 60.01.107 Henderson. William R............................. 107 Hendricks, Dana Jean .............................121 Henke. Jeffrey William ........................77,121 Henry, Robert Thompson. Ill . 107 Henson. Jack Robert ...............................94 Henson. Mark Alien ................................94 Hernandez. Ida.....................................94 Herndon. Boyd Kimball .........................77.121 Page 133A A Attention Law Students: If you have been waiting for the Outline Series to come out, then your wait is over. That's right, the Co-Op East has made it possible for you to get the New Outline Series. And the Co-Op East is the only place that you can buy them. So come on by and look these outlines over, it might be the best investment you have made so far. Co-Op East 26th and Red River 172-6156 LUNCHEON SERVED DAILY from 11 30 2 CK p in DINNER EVENIN( '.S Sunday] from 00'10 30 pm OLD SOUTH BUFFET (Sunday) from 11 30 2 AO p tn For lieseruoiions coll 444 4747 IN BOTTLES, CANS, AND DRAFT. SCHLITZ ENCORE OLD MILWAUKEE SCHLITZ MALT LIQUOR The Hoefgen Co. 1917 E. 7th 478-5773 Page 135Lau. Barbara 57 Lawler. Milton Dale 96 Lawler. Wilton Gale 123 Law School Foundation 16.17 La or. Stephen Leary. Sarah Catherine 96 Lebowitz. Amy Kay 06 Lebowitz. Beverly Ann 06 Lebowitz. Leon 27 Leche. Paul A 123 LeClair, Lewis Titus 03.1C6 Lee. Dennis 61 Lee. William Shelton 123 Legal Research Board 00,61 Leistico. Kent Rolf 96 LeMeilleur. Lynn Bralcy .. 106 Leonard Wallet Watson 96 Levit, Abraham 66.77,123 Levy. Roger Lynn 96 Lewin, Randall Jay 123 Lezar. Harold Joseph. Jr 96 Licdtke. William Clarence. Ill 77,06 Lindquist. Robert Michael 77.96 Lmdsay, Sam Allen 96 Lipman. Robert David Oc. Lippman. Susan Gail 124 Little. Douglas K 96 Livingston. David Duncan 124 Livingston. David Duncan 124 Lockwood. Ceotge William 77.106 Long. Pat 60,7$ Longoria. Samud Glenn 77,124 Lorenz, Milton Eilcrt 96 Love. Jeff Benton 103 Lovdand. Kay 63 Loveless. Stephen Jeb 96 Lowe. Thomas Wilson. Ill 96 Lowe. Hugh S 27 Lowerte, Rick 78 Lowry. James M. 109 Lozarso, Ronald Samuel 96 Lucas. John Allen 96 locksinger, Michael J. 96 M Mai Jon jU. John A............................. 124 Maddox. Charles J Jr. 109 Madete. Clrnn 66 Main. Peter Rolf «6 Maisel, Christopher Mark 109 Major. Robert ............................... 63.64 Malm, Jeffrey George............................. 96 Malone. Darryl Wayne . 97 Maloney. Frank 27 Man ford, loui» Price ............................97 Mann. James Edward 124 Mark . Cary Lee ................................ 109 Maroncy. James Francis ...... Marshall. Clyde Christopher Martin. Laura Jean ...... Martin. William ......... Martin. Yolanda .... Mason. Thomas C.............. Matlock. Thomas Owen. Jr. .. Matthews. Robert E. Malyastik. Jane Rachel Mauldin. Keith Lawrence Maupin, Janice........ Maxwell, Stephen C Maynard. Charles Jr Mayo. Cynthia Eileen .... McAllister. William McCann. William Frank McCarroll. Scott Coodloe McCartei. John Stephen McCarthy. George Gilbert. Jr McClaugherty, Joe L.......... McClure. Terry Nelson McCollum. James H........... McCoy. Charles W. McCoy. Timothy McDaniel. Myra Atwell McDonald. Scott Kellev....... Me Duff. John C McEachern, Frank Pittman McElwtath. Michael Rogers ... McFarland. John McGlew, Polly Anne McGrath. RobertS....... McKee. Darwin Laync McKecman, Leland Paul MeKetta. John J. (Mike) III McLaughlin. Kenneth V. .. McLemore, Alan D McMurphy. Michael Allen Meadows. Sidney R. ......... Means. Robert C...... ..... Megan. Anne ................ Meier. Dwight D.............. Meier. Michael Melvin, Ronald Kelly Mendez. Kenneth Mervdea, Manuel Olvera Mciicle. John Lawrence ...... Merrill. Richard Lowell Merskey, Roy M. Merwin. Bruce W Messer, William Alexander. . Meyercord. David Kendall Meyers. Alan Hoge ........... Millen, Newt Miller. James Richard ... Miller. Robert Allen ........ Mims, Larry.......... Mims. Sherbet! Louise ..... Mitchell, Steve ............. Moak. Eldridge Moffatt. Brian Thomas ....... .....109 ...... 97 124 . 60.61,66 ........97 109 62.124 .......26 97 ...... 97 60 .66.124 ........66 ...... 124 66 .60.124 .....109 .66.77.109 109 .....109 96.97 .......77 73.124 ....60.61 124 .......97 ........77 10» .......97 ......73 .....125 ......109 109 ......97 ......97 ..... 77 .....77 76.125 .......77 ......26 ......109 63 ......109 ......123 ...... 66 .......97 .06.125 77.125 .26 ......109 60.109 ......125 .77.97 .......80 ......109 .......97 .......97 ......109 60.61 ......125 .......97 Page Moore. Hugh M.......... Moore. Jack Hutchins Moore, James Michael....... Moore, John Douglas .... Moore. Joyce W............. Moore, Merrily Moore. Michael............. Moore. Nancy Jane Moore. Robert Scott Moreno. Luis Auguslo Morgan. Christopher Harmon Morgan. Lawrence John Morris. Edwin Gerald Morrison. Bruce Thomas Morrison. Keith C.......... Mottiss. James C........... Morriss, Josh ............. Morrow. Kyle Alan Motsbach. Chip Mutal. RebcccaS............ Mueller. Charles Edward Mueller. VaLinda Hathcox Muir. Ronda L.............. Munncke. Gary Myers, IL Keith ........... .. .77.60 77.110 .....97 ---- 97 ......60 ---- 30 .....125 .....110 .....125 .. .77,97 .....110 ...77.97 ..60,125 ..... 29 -... 110 ...60.61 ..60.110 .... 76 no ..80.110 ... 125 .... 93 ...2937 .64.125 Narisi. Maria 70.80.125 Nathan. Arthur Maurice 125 Nation. Floyd 51 Neal, Robert 60.61 Neeley, Karen Sue 110 Neill, Dennis Row 98 Nelson. Daniel Watrcn 77.98 Nelson. John 50.64 Nelherlon. James Nicholas no Newell, Bruce 51 Newman, Gayle 98 Newman. Jeffrey K 66,110 Newman. John Edward. Jr 125 Niemann. Fred A 9 Niemann. Larry 29 Niikura, Kcnzi 125 Nimwatana. Kathakorn 77.93 Nixon. Dale Bruce no Nobles. Donald F 30 Nokcs, Robert Jackson . 75,126 Nolan. Peter Andrew 126 Norris, Robert Eugene 93 Notcboom. Charles Martin 93 o Ogden. William W (Bill) ... Oliver. Frank ............. O'Hanlon. Kevin Thomas . Olsen, Michael David . Onak, Mark Hill Ondrovik. Nancy Jane ...... O'Neil, Patricia Mayer Organizations ............. Orsinger. Richard Remington Osborn. James T............ Ott. Dana Bruce Owrtby. Harrold K. ........ Oxford, Terrell Wallace.... 60.70.9$ 62 ... 9$ ... 0$ ... 95 _____93 .....98 JS .66.120 .....77 93 . .77,93 .... 9$ P Padon. Mark A 77 Patent and Intellectual Property law AtttXiatson t? Piatek. Trudv Pankonicn. Kvle Williams 93 Pargaman. Patrice Jane 128 Parker. Randy 68 Parker. William Maxwell no Pailida. Juan Ramon . 93 Pasko. Margaret Ann 93 Pate, Michael Lynn 110 Patrick. Bruce Douglas 51.70.7730.126 Patterson. Woodrow W 30 Payne. William Lawrence II Peregrinus Staff 70.71 Perez, Nicolas I ....7530,126 66 Perry. Charles Lee 77,110 Perschbacher. Rex . 0 Peters. William Frank Jr. 60.6l.UO Peter too. Russell Dwight » Pettit. Jack William . 126 Pfeifer. Phil 6073.78 Phi Delta Flii 82.33 Phillips, Paula 62 Phifer. Dwight L 110 Pickels. Don W Polansky. Margaret Ann Ponder. Bernard Weldon Jr. . Poss. James Michael [ lt. Robett Conrad .............................. 98 ►w. LucasA 31 -well. Ida Allha...................................98 i'owW.Nfjl .........................................17 . rati. Kevin Button ..............................128 r ess stood. Lani Newell 128 leston. George Allen ...................... ..52.128 Price. Oof frey Coyle...............................98 Price. Richard C.............................72.77.111 Prince. Ronjld Barbosa .... 77.99 . jckrtt, William Notify .......................80.126 Pyne. William Frances .............................126 Q l uammen. Nancy 90 Duebe. Karl Russell 00 Quillm, W. Cary 77 R Ramirez. Rolando Rene 126 Ramsey. Scott 127 Ratliff, Debbie 60.04 Rau.AlanS 31 Kawdm. Scott M Ill Record. Christopher .66.80 Redden. Joe Winston Jr 73.127 Reed. Judith CO Reed, Pamela Gail 111 Reeder. Joe Robert .... 60,66.127 Reid. 1-jng 66 Reisner. James Shet wood Ill Reynolds. Thurston Howard 90 Rhodes. Fred A . Ill 99 Richardson. Ralph Hadley 99 Rigsby. Stephen Paul 127 Roades, John Leslie 66.111 Roan. Fotrest C. Jr 80.127 Roberts. James Vincent 127 Roberts. Sue B Roberts. Ted Blake 77.90 Roberts, WiUie .. 00 Robertson. David W . 31 Robin. Alan Jay 80.127 Rodgers. Michael 11 40.7580.127 Roofnet, Robert 80 Roig. William Ashley . . . 127 Roseboom. Carolyn L 99 Rosen. Robert Louis 111 Rosenet, Douglas Gene 127 Rosener. Ronald D. .... Rosenthal, Arnold Stephen 99 Rosenthal. Michael P 32 Rosin. Gary Stewart ... 127 90 Rozze'.l. Scott E 127 Rubock. Barry ....................................... ,o Rud. I’atiicia . • Rudd. MiUaid. 11 32 Ruhien. George ... 127 Rule. John Henry. II 99 Russell. Larry.................................. 60.61 Russo. Robert ....................................... 99 Ryan. Henry Grady III............................... 127 Ryan.Jcsteph W................................... .77.99 Rynd. Frank Barlow . .. m s Safi. Sabre Anthony ............................64.111 Saldana. Frank Jose'Jt..............................127 Sammons. Jamn Harris. Jr.............................99 Sampson. john J......................................32 Sandage. Douglas S..................................Ill Sanders. Hal........................... . 63 Sanderson. Michael Kelly ............................99 Sandfield. Robert Eli ...........................66.111 Saunders. John K. ................................64.77 Saunders. Robert T...................................77 S hat ki. George 33 Schattmon. Frederick Martin......................76.127 Schenk. Larry W. ................................. 128 Schenkkan, Pieter Meade .........................62.128 Scheske. Robert B. .................................128 Schlabs. Glenn Howard ...............................99 Schlabs. Michael Wayne 111 Schmalr. Karl .......................................73 Schmidt. Ed...........• 77 Schmidt. John A......................................77 Schnciderwind. Barry J...............................99 Schulte. Roger Mark .................................99 Schulz. Stephen Gary............................ 77.111 Schunck, Phyllis Berkelirun .........................99 Schwaitr.Suronnr.....................................99 Schwartz. Alan 73 Schwartzel. Charles Boone........................63.128 Scofield. Lours Morin. Jr.........................77.99 Scott. Darrell Jerome...............................128 Scott. Ronald Ray ...............................33.128 Scruggs. Robert Carl ............................... 99 Seals. Bradley ..................................... 66 Sebesta.Stephen George .............................Ill Seldan.D. Craig ....................................100 Sellers. Lenn Gene. Jr...........................60.100 Sharlot. M Michael................. .. . 33 Shaver. Gary Harold.................................103 Sheam. Michael J................................. ' • Sheehan. J. Scott ................................ 128 Sherman. Robert T............... • ..............100 Shields. Barbara ....................................60 Shirk. Diana C. ................................... 100 Shrader. Jeffrey Glen ............................. 112 Sibley. Daniel Craig................................100 Siegel. Neil ....................................77.112 Simms. Cicily .......................................33 Simmons. John Charles Simpson. Palmer Martin. Jr Simpson. Reagan William 100 128 100 Singer. Albert 128 Slaikeu. Diane Weimer 100 Smith. Allen E 34 Smith. Banks M 112 Smith. Bca Ann 63.112 Smith, Call«e Virginia 128 80,128 Smith. Deborah Ann 68,70.112 Smith. Ernest E III 14,16 Smith. Graham Newton 128 Smith, James B. Jr 60 Smith. James C. 72.100 Smith. Ross Menefee .128 Smith. Steve 100 Smoller. Michael Edward 112 Snell. Ann Clarke 100 Snyder. Donna Lynn 112 Sotenson. Cary 60 Sorenson, Rick Glenn 100 Southwkk. Leslie 73.128 Speers, Peter Carter. Ill 100 Spence. Jerry Lynn 128 Sponberg. Ronald T Spruce. Susan Stallard. David Rawley 77.100 Stapleton. Edward A 77.129 Stark. John Charles 112 Stein. Kenneth Richard 66.112 Steinheimer. Michael Garrett 112 Stemlight. David N 129 Stevens. Susan Jane 112 Stevenson. David Ross 60.129 Stewart. Eugene David 112 Stewart. Mark Steven 129 Stidham. Chatles Louis 80 Stidham. Chatles Louis 80.129 Stratton, Wayne 17 Strickland. Thomas 60 Stoddard. Ross W III 77.129 Stokey. Neal .51.80 Slolbun, Sam L 77 Storms, Stephanie 129 Stieeter. Thomas Winlhrop III 129 StroW. Greg Fred 73.129 Student Bar Association . . 74.75 Stutheit, Brian Kent 100 Sucsy. Steven McDonald .100 Sullivan. Richatd D. 60.66.100 Summers. James Mott 64,112 Summers. Mark Steven 129 Sutton, John Esving 75.77.112 Sutton. John F. Jr. 34 Swann. Thomas Dos sett 100 Swanson. Robett Walter 100 Swartz. Wiley R 66 Swell, David Russell 61.129 Sykes. Daniel Wesley 60.129 Symondt. Richard Lee 66.112 Page 137HERITAGE BOOK STORE (THE ORIGINAL HEMPHILL'S) SERVING THE LEGAL PROFESSION SINCE 1933 824 EAST 26TH STREET CORNER OF RED RIVER AND 26TH STREET JUST NORTH OF TOWNES HALL • GENERAL LAW BOOKS AND SUPPLIES •OUTLINES • HORN BOOKS MAIL ORDERS TELEPHONE (512) 478-0627 BANK AMERICARD AND MAILING ADDRESS 824 E. 26TH MASTERCHARGE WELCOME AUSTIN, TEXAS 78705 FREE CUSTOMER PARKING Congress at Ninth • Downtown Austin • K.D.I.C. Checkmate. Texas Bank's 2+ Account checkmates the cost of services that other banks charge for. Maintain a $500 minimum savings account with Texas Bank and you qualify lor the 2+ Account All the benefits other hanks charge monthly dues for arc yours free with the 2+ Account. No-Service Charge Checking • Emergency Over-draft Protection • Free Fully Personalized Checks • Free Cashiers and Travelers Checks • $10,000 Accidental' Death Insurance MR. OH MUD. JOlIf; ilTOVKHil_________ ?• CHECKING "• I ? 3 » L. 5 £ ••• ?n SAVINGS "• C. ? 3... I. 5 «..„•?.■• ■ caAS BANK Page 138PREPARING YOU TO PASS THE TEXAS BAR EXAM IS OUR BUSINESS In fact, it's our only business, and we work at it full-time. BRI stands for Bar Review, Inc., a professional bar review organization with affiliates in 23 jurisdictions coast-to-coast. With that kind of scope, BRI can afford to provide you with course materials, lecturers, and locations of only the finest quality so that you'll not only be prepared for the exam — you'll be confident about it. You pay only for the preparation; the confidence is absolutely free. JUDGE FOR YOURSELF WHAT BRI OFFERS YOU: • Outstanding bar review lecturers who focus on the Texas bar exam and give you the most recent Texas law. • Totally bar-exam-oriented outlines in a clear and concise format — outlines you may write in and annotate without forfeiting your materials deposit. • Convenient locations with classroom comfort and atmosphere. • Discounts of up to 50 per cent on BRI courses in other states. • A pre-review enrollment program which allows first-year and mid-law students to get the outlines in advance as a study aid for coursework. WE'RE MOT JUST OUT TO GET YOU—WE'RE OUT TO GET YOU THROUGH. HRi Bar Review, Inc. of Texas 3200 Red River Austin, Texas 78705 512 478-4140LAW WIVES « ft i£ 1 V arrie_daLaw T0DENT5 Please Take One O Ihese NEW5LETrE b HOME To Vou-R WlFB T Taber. Michael Dennit Talbot. David A Jr Taliaferro. Ted Cat Tatum. Cynthia Lee Taylor. Cyndi Taylor, Donald R Taylor. Lethe Donovan TeachingQuirmattet Teftellet. Ronald G Texa Law Forum Texa Law Review Thienvmn. AUn J. 100 120 112 100 126 126 DO 7} 77 0.112 72} 60.130 Van. Stephen L VanKleef. John D VanO elaer. Paul J Vanderhaeghe. Werner Varela. Jote'Federico Vento. Norma Jo Vernon, Albert Edward III Vetelka. Larry w Wacketbarth. EttelaS Wager . Margaret Hamilton Wagner. Steven Clark DO DO 66.77.130 130 m 101 130 64 101 101 63.113 Thoma . Linda Thompson, Robert Clifton Thra h. Joe Henry T-.bbet . Michael Robert 57 32.60,61.66,112 66.112 130 Walker. Chari Edward Walravrn. Stephen Edward Wakh. lame Raymond Walton. Dan Cibton Ward. Bernard J 101 66.130 130 130 35.43 Tole . H Edward ... ID Ward. Maty Anne 41.DO Topletr. Bruce Irving 52.66.77 0.113 Warren. Jamr B 52.113 Water . Leiand Wyatt 77 0.113 Treete. Jame M Water . Steven Allen 70.130 Trillanrv Mario A Jr. 100 Welkin . C Cad 52.113 Trotter. Richard Clayton ID Watkint. John J 60.101 Ttevat. Daniel Watcon. Cary Stephen 101 W t on. Michael Towne Tuthill. Frederick Jamr 100 Walter Patricia 101 Twedell. David Samuel Weaver. Jimmy Rot 130 Weberman, Bernie 66.72.130 Wedge. Charlet L. DO 1 1 Wehmner. Rik 63.77 u Wtintraub. Ru el J 35 Wefebrod. Carl 131 Weninger. Jame Steven Uria . Joveph Franklin 100 Wei . Mark 41.7 Wellborn. Olin Guy III 35 Well . Judee Ann 101 Well . Richard Glen 66.113 V Wefeh. Harry Ronald 62.131 Werner. Philip Allen 113 Werner, Robrrt Jame aide . Erne ! G 101 Wettmoreland. Bradley .... 77 Weynard. John Adrian....... ........................ Whatley. Thom lee ........................... 101 Whi enhunt. John Richard....................... 1J1 White Richard W 71.1)1 Whittington. Robert Arch ...................... J|J Wilkm«on.J Henry ................................Jo William . Aubrey Roe ...........................101 William . Berm Blake...........................101 William . Donald Leon ......................... 1|3 William . Jet re Stockton ................. .J6.ll) William . Michael Clark Ul William . Thoma Jo eph 0.11) Willmann. Jame .................................00 Wilmuth. Nancy ..................................57 Wilton. Jamr Milton. Jr................... 6J.M.HJ Wilvon.NrwtonWalton.lll IU Withntpoon. Jo eph P............................ Jo Wibekey, Ralph Daniel Jr...................... 62.1 Jl Woli. Barry Howard 11J Women Law Catacu ........................... 694 Wood. Diane Pamela....................... 62.06.1JI Wood. Robert Charlr 101 Wood . Dan W.....................................77 Woodward. M. Kenneth ........................... J7 Wright. Chariot Alan............................ J7 Wright. Edwin Earle............................ 101 Weight. Max Fdwm 101 Wright, i k j. ioi Wright. Thoma L ........................... S0.IJ1 Y Ylitalo. David L.. 1)1 Young. Donald Dale 101 Young. Michael Glenn 1)1 Yudof. Mark G 7 Z Zimmermann, Jack Benjamin W.U1 Zook. William Eugene Jr................... ■Before You Buy, See If They Advertise It’s the real thing Coke CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1975 FROM MORGAN GULF 19th Guadalupe 512 476-7101 Third at Brazos Austin. Texas 78701 Page 141■I MORE THAN 125 YEARS OF SERVICE TO LAW STUDENTS ★ In 1845, a law student living in New Jersey purchased a policy from New York Life for S800 — a large amount for that time. He looked forward to the future when he would need protection for his family. ★ In 1847, a student at Rutgers University bought a New York Life policy. The premium he paid was his contribution to his college fund. At his death in 1851, Rutgers received the endowment. New York Life has served the varying life insurance needs of college students since its founding in 1845. The Company has proved it's financial strength during wars, panics and depressions for more than twelve decades. Today, the New York Life Agent continues to serve the needs of law students, helping them chart their financial future. Law students still find that New York Life policies offer not only financial protection, but also are a convenient way of contributing to their college foundation funds. With its progressive leadership, New York Life will continue to serve law students in the United States and Canada, utilizing its years of experience on college campuses. STEVE RAY Sales Representative New York Life Insurance Company 1201 City National Bank Building Phone: 474-2301 M2Budweiser. LAOen seen ftumij w tvnt iw Mr (t'AcindjTrfli 'Art.atid Sett tal eyjffaA IHE URGES! SELLING BEER IN THE WORLD sl stfn ia 6t -03mc i. JKk -j ViM H»«« icn MCAU tuw - .» BROWN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY • BUDWEISER •MICHELOB • BUSCH BAVARIAN • BUDWEISER MALT LIQUOR • KEG BEER FOR PARTIES • SERVICING your travel needs is our business! DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE TICKETS Complete Reservations for ALL Air Lines at NO COST TO YOU! • Hotel Accommodations • Cruises • Car Rental CALL 451-6483 MfMtie or AH Your Trat el Nerds. Go See Ostie" MORGAN TRAVEL 411 Chicon • Austin. Texas 78702 Phone: 478-9353 8307 SHOAL CREEK BLVD. Institute For Texas BAR REVIEW, Inc. 220 S. Congress 476-2282 Austin, Texas 78704 Willard C Finkelstein Director Dean Keeton lectures bar review participants. The Lecturers at the Institute for Texas Bar Review, Inc. are distinguished professors of law from the Texas Law Schools who lecture on each of the subjects covered on the Texas Bar. The unique aspects of Texas law are emphasized in the context of a complete, systematic coverage of each Bar course, topic by topic. Special emphasis is given to those legal problems which the Bar Examiners have considered important in past years, and to those which appear most important and timely now. The lectures plus the outlines and study materials are designed as a unit to give comprehensive coverage of the various subjects given on the Bar. The aim of the Institute is to give the student a clear understanding of the essentials of each Bar course, to sharpen his comprehension of important problem areas, and to tie together all of the Law School courses found on the Bar. The Institute Outlines are prepared by its Faculty members and without question represent the finest material of this sort available to the student. In addition they are supplemented and brought up to date each session by the Institute Faculty. In this manner, the student may be confident of skillful and competent direction in his Bar preparation, with due attention to all recent legislation and new cases. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Page 143THE GLENPLAID VEST SUIT ... TAILORED BY ARTHUR FREEDBURG IN THE LATEST CONTEMPORARY STYLING. AVAILABLE IN AN ASSORTMENT OF PLAIDS, STRIPES, CHECKS AND SOLIDS .... AT BRITTON’S. Brittons THE GENTLEMAN’S CLOTHIER 2346 GUADALUPE........... 478-3411  f Vs

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