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J- jp '1 f .7 ,. w ' ' 1 V I Id X I I ' Q A 4 . xr' . I 8 A 1 'A V N ' , ,. A I Q p , I.: A, l ' I 'B TIN "-' Ajf".l." f-'.p -v, Ye Y ' 5 4 .' Y' 'a ' J. 3 . Jgw' 1. Q " ia, MP4, I, ff,-yn' ', -fa . A , V l WI .,. r . r , "A H , 4 .Q ' ' 'A I n - 1 A -'P ' QR",-'55, t "5 L K- -' N' tl 1 " 41:50 8, N Q ' ' 5 xf -4 4 , 4. I 'I v - -.J 'W-Tv? N if 7 "5 b , ,Iv , 1- , , ,T '4 ' ", - :I Q' ,ily .b . i. .,tl'.:1'v 4 . I ' 5 -'I h- . - M-'ffv ' 1, .Ui , M0 gi A V Q.:- lf- -fp .- . I " nv s.. ,Et H 0 , 1 fun ba - I, ' lmiiiiqf -, K ,, - ' 4. 'Wg f 2 ltftfg ap .pf 'wut' Q W' 95, .' rf: win, ,L Y . ' ww a .v.-W P 4,1 .N --f. - , .Lu A f. 4 . -x -.: , , , fl ll "' 2 5 - ' mari . , ff- 1. . W Q qqvrf. , - fy! Y . ' frf"', - - ,:'-li-5' . , A VA'JN'Nf'4'ff", k wg. - ttf ' 5 A '0?":'H gl, 1 uh s A . '--A5 V -v,,. 44 R . . X D A .vw wif , Q. 4 ifrk. , 1 Ji 8 qc . , 5 K h -'iff - kr' ' hv ' " 4-'iig' X flfi 2 A, . ,A R- ' W ""'7'i -, -H,-,gg ,,l.'g:.' A 5 .i Q: or ,. K ' - '. "5 MQ- , ig :J 1 " ' "' "5" j':':fD Aka A rf. .NV-.1 ,-ilu 'ss I ' ' . ggi ! ,, 1 V, a 5' ' ' Q 4 g1L"1 '-H A NIH - I7 ,I .K U ' A' 'L " in A e ga. A - F4 l,lu.J',h3 fm" "' ' - ' I 4 0 9 l .V V Q-Y W 7 :'4"'?""""'m 1 Ng V TT," 'aqxgfrv ,, f ' . 1 W , . , X K X i Q K, v- V, J 4 I, , V I Q H -Uv fiffcl-f:gfu'.i L: til-. VH, ,ff'?f7?ff':':"'T4f?,Z?12?f"' . ' H .4 +f1.Q.g f..--,,., :,. , iw-fzzq 137 J f . .- rw L. 4.vf'-541016 A ps-fhS3'L.."'if94Kf'v , A.. ' , n A V ' x c . W Mfrs ,Lg-j6.f'-4' A-avg:-Q 3-"' 'H .jj L vm " " W, Alf . . .. ., . ,.,., .,- ,- nm, A 1, ---.-Y--Y: . . ,V N T' N , - ' --, ,M --V - --' N - ,- -- - . X Y Y 1, . ., 4Q'i'j,f 'gif Q 1 3' gf- - ' V- E A k X V A , , , W.. ,W Q 14 , L - " 1 ' - .V . . Av ' .v 1' N , ---. , '-' . , x - L . .' , .., - -,. . ., " , .y 4, . K' V. X 'ff--' --1 .. ,. - i " ',,' ' ' - f . W - -V T7'i':T'ar9"' ' 5 Vi N... X K , Y . ,N 'UW ' , . Qj !,w.fA:QJA - ' V M V' , - ",, ,.1.-'N M . x 7- - gg ---7467. -. .,w.,,,,, ,,V,. Q .' J l97l PEREGRINUS YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHOOL OF LAW CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ....................... I2-39 CLASSES .... .... 4 O- ' O3 ORGANIZATIONS . 'O-4-'35 ACTIVITIES .... .. '36-'ol HONORS .... . '62-'8l ADVERTISING .... .. '82-'87 IN MEMORIAM '88 CHARLES ORY Edilor-In-Chief WILLIAM D. SMITH Business Manager VOLUME 23 Published by Texas Student Publications, Inc. Austin, Texas 2 WE'VE COME A Remembering when: Leon Green, Freshman I cannot remember when I decided to become a lawyer but it was while I was a kid on the farm and long before I had seen a lawyer or even a courthouse. The decision stuck with me through high school and college and for the three years I was engaged in business activities in Jones County. In the fall of 1911 I was able to shake loose and come to law schcol. lVly wife, baby and I reached Austin at high noon on October 18. Our household goods were greatly delayed, but after much travail by good fortune we found room and board with a delightful family on Colorado Street two or three blocks from the School. As I recall I came to the School to register on October 26 and was sent to lVlr. John Loma, the University Registrar and later a widely acclaimed ballad collector and folklorlst of the Southwest. I had my diploma from Ouachita College but he required a transcript of my college record. A fire had, destroyed the college records but whoever made up theg transcript gave me the benefit of the doubt and I was surprised to find how many courses I hadtaken and how my grades had improved since I graduated. I Dean Townes admitted me but due to my late registrationg limited my courses for the first quarter to Elementary Lawi and Torts which he taught and to Contracts taught by Judge Simpkins. At that time one hour quizzes were given every three weeks in the first year courses. The second day II attended Contracts I was faced with a quiz and did not have the faintest glimmer of what it was all about. The passing grade at that time was 80 and as I recall the quizmaster gave me 78, the customary grade for a failure, or excused me altogether. Anyhow thereafter I made the required grade, and I may add that anyone who made less than 90 was greatly. distressed: the better students expected and received grades from 95 to 100. The quizmasters were tougher graders thani the professors, and if a student had a gripe about his grade not infrequently he could persuade the professor to raise it. y At the end of the first quarter and during the Christmas holidays we set up housekeeping on Eighteenth Street where we lived until I graduated in 1915. During the winter andf spring quarter of my first year I found that I could carry my courses and have time left over so I attended classes of the second and third years which met at periods when the first year classes were not meeting. This meant that I was in class all day until classes ended early in the afternoon. In this way I came to know the second and third year students and the professors who taught the advanced subjects. In some of these subjects I took the examinations and my grades were entered along with those of the members of the class. There were only four or five married students and they were not highly regarded by the other students but at least they were tolerated. By virtue of my late arrival I was assigned LUNG WAY IN 90 YEARS 1881 - 1971 a seat at the end of the alphabet next to Miss Rose Zelosky who was among the first, if not the first girl admitted to the School. A year or so later she told my wife that she never knew that I was married. We who were married were not in the mainstream of student life. But the mainstream was neither wide nor deep. Most of the students were farm or small town bred and by no means affluent. Many of them were denizens of B Hall. While there were a few playboys and adolescent pranksters who made life interesting for Dean Townes, most of the 250 students, more or less, were in school on a financial shoestring and made the most of their time in pursuance of their studies. An amazingly large number of the school's,earIy graduates became the leaders of their profession and quite a few of them became prominent in the political life of the state. Actually there was not much else to do other than study law. The fringe activities of the School were centered in the debating and moot court societies of which the Hildebrand was the best known. 1 Except for a few town dandies whose parents owned lautomobiles there were no student cars. lMy wife and I owned lone but sold it before coming to school.l Walking was the bccepted mode of transportation with limited trolley rides out Guadalupe and West Sixth Streets. There was no pavement to ispeak of and horses and buggies raised a lot of dust. There iwere no radios and television: Mrs. Kirby kept the girl students livell protectedp the silent movies were few: the beer joints were held in high favor by only aminorityp restaurants were not attractive: pool halls were taboo. That left as time killers: bridge for the elite, forty-two and flinch for the church members, dominoes for the stupid, checkers for theavery fstute, and a little poker for the B Hall rowdies. X The University churches and YMCA provided the social I nters for most of the law students and especially for those of s who were married. The undergraduate fraternities provided the social life of some of the law students. But the people around the campus were very gracious to law students and ve many of them good Sunday dinners. By June of my freshman year I had accumulated considerable credits. But even with my "brilliant" college record, Mr. Lomax had required that I take two academic courses: Economics and Government. Economics was taught by Professor Haney who later for many years was a noted classical economist. His lectures were way over my head and the substance of his courses had to be translated to me ihrough Hines Baker, his assistant who conducted sections of the class to insure that the students understood what Prof. Haney had taught them. Later Hines was a student in one of my classes when I began teaching in the Law School. Most of the students did not take kindly to academic courses, for at that time law was thought to be completely divorced from all other studies. The instruction in the Law School was given by very able lawyers most of whom had served as judges of trial or appellate courts. They were not law school trained but were rich in experience and their lectures were interesting. Professor Hildebrand was Harvard trained and introduced the "case system" of law school instruction. Professor Potts was Texas trained but became a case book advocate. Both were exacting and many students did not react favorably to their good teaching. But they won out and in a few years the entire faculty were using casebooks and lectures became secondary. Judge Townes, Judge Tarlton, Judge Simpkins and Judge McLaurin taught both effectively and elegantly. Compared with current curricula the curricula of law schools at that time were relatively simplep the bulk of both statute and decisional law has been developed since. The law library then consisted of a small collection of reports and texts. Law graduates at that time were admitted to the bar on diploma, and even those who took the bar examination before graduation were given credit for the courses they had successfully completed. In June 1912 l took the bar examina- tion and my accumulation of credits during the year were such that I had only a few subjects to be examined on. l feared Blackstone and Equity, neither of which l had been able to take or sit in on. To my surprise and great delight the Equity exam was the same that had been given in Contracts and which I had taken only a few days before. Blackstone's Commen- taries were very difficult for me to comprehend. But Judge Cooley's edition had a very full and understandable topical table of contents and I centered my preparation on it. I had no memorizing ability but managed to retain enough of the substance to make a robust try at the questions. l used a typewriter as l did on all my examinations and nothing so prejudices an examiner in a student's favor as a well typed paper. l passed Blackstonep sometime later l asked the grader how I did. His reply in substance was that he knew no Blackstone and what I wrote sounded like I knew what I was talking about and he never questioned it. So on June 12, 1912, I received iii m y license and got a part time job preparing petitions for Judge Maxwell to foreclose tax liens on property for back taxes. He had a contract with the city for the collection of unpaid taxes. It was necessary for me to identify the property and find out who occupied it. Thus it was that I traveled much wof the outlying areas of Austin on foot. But it was my typewriter that got me the job. During the summer l had become acquainted with the City Attorney, Mr. Rector, who occupied an office near that of Mr. Maxwell, andin September set up practice of law as a partner in the firm of Rector 84 Green and there after supported my family by the practice of law until I graduated in June 1915. My fortunate arrangement with Mr. Rector, an able lawyer of great dignity and graciousness, was due in large part to my capacity to do the stenographic work for the City Attorney, and for the firm. My "Old OIiver" has stuck by me and brought me through thick and thin -for sixty years. 3 THERE ARE GTHER ALTERNATIVES T0 STUDYING N 1. 1 ' ,.,,f uw,.. e V P 1 qbjlzigi f. 0 ' Q! '14 , ... ,HT , , H -- 1V '-,Q g. A Aw. ' K' i' : -'F'.'7'L:w 4. A '- J 1 . Y , ,' In 'Lg'ff-"g7'x-,541 Am ,... ., - fr, -. I A1 W lf f1f+'f'? Rah' 'li 5, '. ,.q -- LM- -: ,I Jx, -1 ,,'.. Y-up MY, " fl.-1. 'Zig' 1' 'Tiff' .Y T': '-Ill ' , - . as-1,efffwii-ig-'z::,wQ?v,4 1 . A1 " :f15'-QJFIPPL P-, '.gmg:'F'f.T?+J-1" - , 1: -1 ,- .-'c":' -',QT'1"'AL'-Q,f52',1",'1".:" ""' ' -- - ,.l.-T"-,-"QQ--Lqj1j.: 1'-L-wg: Hrffll., I , , F::,.,g,,,.t1f5:3r,,4,M , - 1' -1 w'.ff-1'f'f- ' ,, . 1 . H-. V '.. -. L:g"':'.' L .I-1 J", ,Mg H, a.. . V . ' " ' -"'ffI.:1":4'-grglvpgl-E Af , . J A , key L, l' 1' Q, ' '4 ,J h 1 1 ' uf ' W I 14" ' I I i s 3 .1 9 2 ,51 I V J . gf QU A uf fm, I .N , lv, 1 ,V y . E, ., Y wv:',J ,, I . 551. I A E' Lk X5 Amf'-" Giniify ,.- ,,-- J.-1"?7? MJ" x K-.fl mf-1"5 J: I n lr' ,'j!,1G1',g" 1 . ve ,-J J .71 -' mg,.,-f-'ff - 4 I . 1' .':u.-- -1 A -A.- - -- , . ...., 1- ,f ' ' 53 J M F' " . U. 1- 5 . .i ..,,?-.M f - z l' ll' 13 L..." P 7-'5' ?.,h,.l.1 Q, ' 'Epfffw-Q f M E 1 V-ff-up l 1 1 f , - ,i w I -, '1 -'T',l'f J E " 9 e " 5 fu'-ig A i 1:f'i-.4 v .317 , :iii .J E r ' 4 AB J 1 1 xp:- ig 1 6 rl-F3 .JMX 'I if 27' .- Ti' if KL. Y' xii. 'Pl ii 1 Hai., r -1 z v 'Ink f .a,,,. 1? , nth N 1 1 .9 15' I 1' P' T. -1-iw 4 .g g x A 151 1 , , N. -.1 'E if ,. 313:15 '- .371 him?-5 1 dWi1f5,'5 1- V - Laaiylgh 5. ' , .- -1. .- , ......-- .---Q-. ........+.- .. F, w 'I ,fygy he 2 X -' 4 -A 5329 1, "A ,iw ., fl.: ' . ,5,i,:41Hw.- ,wk 5 ' J?f?ffIi3i7q' 'iff -it F-i55..7.f - QQ 'YG mx 3: - 1 V, zz ,f- N. ,ij Q3-if .,. :gli f':'.'-1 '- f '-f ,F: 4.5 at-1. fl? 5' , f"Q'v7I ' 1.-xp rn? XM : P ar 1-' ' u 'U-' 111' " "' -3 5 1 ' -. fi'3W55'g! H -:lb , -, Q ' 4'+'.'. Q 'Y x- ' -1 xv-u H '4- ' ' 1 T2 .Jn 5 '45 , '. 1- 3 T 1 '-35532155 fi-3,f::ra'v ,j 9 'J-'Q9f'.1 Q J, :.::,.,:,13. , I -L km . 1 ' 9' N W, ' wg. F I ' Sl 'Wlllv L G ' F 1? . V . gf Y I ' 'N " cf w 5 L 3 I " 1 1 'y TH f 1 Mmm, 7 X5 , Fi .g 'Teri-Q Wd 'A , " 1 I . L if I Wx Z w 15 !'Z,J vig -1 A --B-:Q-tghg. . 'A -. 1: W 1. :,. .A -- Y :L .nw . ' .. . aura.,-fi , xii , - 1A 'jnq.ij5U: ,' ,I ' ' F7155-kr-j5,"f.'. ai-f T . ' L-'B '27, ff -:Z-ig ,:, --11, 'viz ,, :A Eg, ,:' 'Q-J.,-Q" y Xu-+ f ear g.,,,',-g'.4.sQz2. K iff-Sf.-'f,,, ,5 ,H ,.. . .MY L' i 'lk -3-,,.5c4...1 41 f '13 9: 1,11 . f , E. . Q- . ,H 'f p -1' 'I PQ ' film"-H 1 ' 1,3 -' , .1 , f If A' 3, fg Q' :J 3. 'L 1 55 H142 . . -.-,-.....-,...,.,g.A..:a.E::a,4fv.-bw-,A I. 'Y' Hx 91 E. ,fn -,. . -52771 .-,........ 'ife' I v I if-N-' 'f u -fresh, 2 ,Z- 11.....,. -.1 TO THE BUSTLE OF THE DAY 'q3X.,..4,-,X ,jf X,-3 '- .Q 'MQ f .X, K' 9 54 X , u V. ,,. ,Q I' y X 1 ' A . K ' I-,-X,-,'.' X V1 .'xu,,'. 'N - ,.. If " A 'Z'1 - . X -A ' 'fl F ,' "X ' ' ,' X X, I' X " , X ' y N ' .,uYY'v' X. l 1. ,' XY.: X X' X X X P ...Q ,V-'. 1 fkltr. .I-X5 ft" '.- '-1 . .M ,, -, 1 . , 1 fir X . W X X Y N. X X I X I X I I X M-'HX LX? X ' a. WM- D- .4 , 'X H--Qaa 5 '1 t 1 ,i'f'."lX4. xx UAL., I"1g:.,! I fi I X , , ' ' ' "Au Q- Q X 'U 7 '-'-M"f"' -, ' Qietmh- -f-1, ' , i ' W A., 'X' 2. -W , . ...M ' 5 . 1 . X fi,' . A ' ' 3 .L ,DX . y - X-'+'?fl,"'fv-'Hawf-'X '7'f.fxlZf!gMl 'I,F'ati2,yf,.'?:i1if'1 f I f X g - .-1 1 Q " ' " ' s ' " , , -M211 Z'Z'1Er.Z"' 'ffh .X - ' " 1-J, .MQ - - X ' , . " aww X-fm 1, XX.-X W"-,' . .X ,X X X .,-.v,JX! X' ' g -X . .- X, X , X ' I X X . K A A X X N MA- . Luhuig- i1..--,- I"'x BUT SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE W? fu F., ,f 'f .Vi P! ' if: v v v v . ..' . . I 3 J, wiv- is 2.1- , ,V -7... ,,,. F . .f-63:24 1 ' .in A xv, , . . lifgffazrf , , N ,I 4 w I Wx .x W X wr ,L , 4 f 'N h ,.,snAQm T.J. Gibson, Associate Dean X i Byron Fullerton, Associate Dean THE LAW SCHOOL FOUNDATION The Foundation is a private corporation char- tered under the laws of the State of Texas as an educational foundation. Its sole purpose is to assist the Law School by providing extra financial support unavailable through the normal University channels, and since its inception the Foundation has played a vital role in the Law School's steady growth to a position of national ranking in legal education. The Foundation annually provides deserving students with over S135,000 in scholarships, loans and awards. In the judgment of the trustees of the Founda- tion, there is no better way to honor a distinguished man than to use the income from substantial gifts to obtain or maintain the services of distinguished teachers devoted to educating young men and women for seniice in the legal profession. A minimum gift of S100,000 is required to endow a professorship and a minimum gift of S400,000 is required to endow a chair. Sixteen such positions have been created at the School of Law. LIFE MEMBER-TRUSTEES SYLVAN LANG, San Antonio, Chairman W. ST. JOHN GAR- WOOD, Austin ELTON M. HYDER JR., Fort Worth LEROY JEFFERS, Houston THOMAS M. PHILLIPS, Houston TOM SEALY, Midland ALLAN SHIVERS, Austin 16 Wayne Stratton, Director of Development OFFICERS President ........ TOM SEALY, Midland Vice-President ............... KRAFT W. EIDMAN, Houston Secre tary- Treasurer ........... WAYNE R. STRATTON, Austin Assistant Secretary ............ F RANCES ADKI NS, Austin TRUSTEES HINES H. BAKER, Houston EDWARD CLARK, Austin CHARLES W. DUKE, San An- tonio KRAFT W. EIDMAN, Hous- ton WALES H. MADDEN JR., Amarillo MARK MARTIN, Dallas JOHN S. REDDITT, Lufkin CECIL D. REDFORD, Corpus Christi TRUSTEES EMERITUS FRANCIS G. COATES, Houston ANGUS G. WYNNE, Dallas A ....- fa...,,,, HN- ..: . '.iQifT'1i'5f1 ,Q--.. w' f ' "A" ' '-'f7f'iegf1il,v gal . 3. 'fl - CLOCKWISE: Leroy Jeffers, Hines H. Baker, Charles W. Duke, W. St. John Garwood, Mrs. Frances Adkins, Wayne Stratton, Tom Sealy, Kraft Eidman, Allan Shivers, Mark Martin, Elton M. Hyder Jr., Edward Clark. At the presentation of a memorial resolution in honor of Robert K. Hanger of Fort Worth were Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Laughlin, Tom Sealy and Dean Page Keeton. 17 PENAL CODE REVISION In 1965 the Texas State Bar authorized the Penal Code Revision Project with Dean Page Keeton as chairman. Beginning in 1967 the Penal Code Revision became a full-time Law School project with Seth Searcy sewing as chief Revisor. The aim of the Revision Project is to modernize the Texas Penal Code. To accomplish this aim, the Revision Project divided the entire Penal Law of Texas into several subject topics. Each topic includes the present State Law, the proposed change, and an explanation of how the proposed change would affect the existing law. The Revision holds extensive changes for the administration of Criminal Justice in 'dsiis state. The final draft of the Revised Code was sub- mitted to the State Legislature during the 1971 term for its consideration. The legislature will now either adopt the entire Revision, which included such far ranging provisions as legalized abortion, or any part thereof that they may choose. PLACEMENT OFFICE Mettie Roots Brown, Administrative Assistant 18 S. Searcy III, Chief Attorney The Placement office in working with students through formal interviews, correspondence, or per- sonal conferences is able to place directly or indi- rectly over 60'X, of the students who use its facilities. For the school year 1969-1970 the Placement office brought to Austin 345 interviewers from 266 different law firms, corporartions, or government agencies. These recruiters held over 3850 interviews with 366 different students. The number of students using the Placement office has been dramatically increasing each year since it instituted its policy of requiring the individual firms to intenliew any student who signs up and not restrict itself to the top 1OtX1. Besides placing graduating students, the Place- ment office assists in finding summer jobs for mid-law students and new jobs for former students. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Hx "0-um... ,. A :if Rita Pringle LEFT TO RIGHT: Alla Ray Long, Frances Adkins Mike Gammon Marion Harris Sarah Shuptrine 42? ,44 -pw ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF FRONT ROW: Anna Saldana, administrative secretary: Pamela Hadaway, senior secretary. BACK ROW: Beatrice K. Holland, administrative secretary: Peggy Maddox, senior secretary, Vivian Brown, administrative secretary. MAIN OFFICE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Dominguez, clerk-typistg Sunny Lankford, senior clerk-typistg Carol Payne, administrative clerk. 20 L n i tix 'I' rl 'A I I s I I LEFT TO RIGHT: Gwen Andersen, administrative secretary, Sara Reilly, secretary. F LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Poteet, senior clerk-typisti Betsey Rice, senior secretary. FRONT ROW: Trix van Oostrom, senior secretary, BACK ROW: Katharine Springfield, secretary: Shirley Green, senior secretary, Jane Newborn, senior secretary. LAW FOUNDATION: LEFT T0 RIGHT: Linda Wobus, senior secretary Q Frances Husted, clerk-typist. FRONT ROW: Betty Cotten, senior secretary. BACK ROW: Mary Catherine Gray, secretary, Roberta Calahan, clerk-typistp Janice Stewart, senior secretary. IVIARIAN O.BONER FRANK W.ELLlOT JR. B.A., NI.A., LL.B., Texas B.A., LL.B., Texas Associate Law Librarian and Associate Professor of Law Professor of Law Introduction, Evidence, Procedure II 81 III FACULTY ffflffff 0- QW-M ROBE RT O. DAWSON B.A., Nlissourig LL.B., Washington Professor of Law Criminal Law, Criminal Law Administration 22 ,. f, fl- -f-ff-vw . . MFI? RICHARD V. BARNDT B.S.L., LL.B., Utah Professor of Law Contracts, Sales, Local Government W PARKER C. FIELDER B.S., Northwestern, LL.B., Texas W.H. Francis Jr. Professor of Law Income Tax, Business Planning, Securities Regulation ALBERT W. ALSCHULER B.A., LL.B., Haward Associate Professor of Law Criminal Law Constitutional Law xi fmzrtlnliw manga T L W if-ll? 'Pits 5 1535? it 2 WE, i.L , 5 " A -fl" '53 if ' 5,13 ::,x-71,,--'Q-f,,1j4y5n U, ull, ., BL .Ty 1,-lk A T l xi 2 ,Kapil-ls ,S ' tl is f G, . - , H 1 A L:,.i 1 ?,L"1g.'a' ..gs3f3!1i1 , 1:u:--L-i:- i -eifzligi-1357 f SA. ,ge-1l'Qg JZQJAJW WOODFIN L. BUTTE - CAI L. B.A., Texas: LL.B., Yale, Dr. Political Science, Central Venezuela Professor of Law International Law, Conflicts, Civil Law 4, W.W. GIBSON JR. kk I B.A., LL.B., Texas Professor of Law Wills 81 Estates, Legal Profession, Texas Land Titles WILLIAM F. FRITZ ? r-I - B.A., NI.A., LL.B., Texas Vinson, Elkins, Searls 8: Connally Professor of Law Property, Marital Property Rights .V ,l , 1. -i,-1555, l . aj. , , pl .j tl 42,1 ,i-2573 Wjlnlit 4' V .g.--'ii-ll-"-'ww'-H-. - ,- --L 1" aww .,?- Ai. ."' argl'-.v . 5'-1-11' 's. -rw.-5' I-41742 AH:-fr".+i'!,l'!4 f 93' T Lift- V,-,LIU au. ' ,' J . - iX:i,.,,Q'1l jig :jr . 1. " VW,-' nfl i . ll! riurli""' ' in 1' Limo A. GRAGLIA fi i B.A., City College of New York: LL.B. CARL H. FULDA QA! if Columbia ' Rex G. Baker and Edna Heflin Baker Dr. of Law, Freiberg, Germany, LL.B., Yale Professor of Law Hugh Lamar Stone Chair Professor of Law Constitutional Law, Government Regulations, International Business Transactions, Antitrust Administrative Law 24 M ROBERT vv. HAMILTON B.A. Swarthmore: J.D., Chicago Professor of Law Contracts, Business Administration LEON GREEN xg x B.A., Ouachita College: lVl.A., Yale: LL.B., Texas Distinguished Professor of Law Torts, Injuries to Relations , ' N , 'G I . ',.l 'z l 'i 'ui r Z ', m ' Winn . ,n - A ,1- , V , ff , uv -A ,V fig, flu have HELEN HARGRAVE LL.B., Texas Associate Law Librarian and Associate Professor of Law Q,,f4Lf J. LEON LEBOWITZ B.A., LL.B., Baylor, LL.IVI. New York Professor of Law Introduction, Agency, Business Associations, Securities Regulations ..g 1' M.-rs! sa.. A , LW I ' l WILLIAM O.HUIE B.A., Henderson State Teacher's College: LL.B., Texas: S.J.D., Haward Sylvan Lang Professor in Law of Trusts Trusts, Marital Rights, Oil and Gas 26- ,-.-.- . -., Ei if L. ,f-, , 1 .,i-5 -3, ,Wi "1f4,.m IJ 'TT' -had mortage GUS Nl. HODGES B.B.A., LL.B., Texas Albert Sidney Burleson Professor of Law Introduction, Procedure Il 8: Ill ll' -y , 12 A " 'L f Aw ' LJ' l j Nz." 25 ,Vs A5 W J ly E - V nm. h ' fl " ,' . ,f A is l - . ' .hfffl , if ,l TU, I N , N f ms- . !4,Qg!Z, AM ,- .aj V BARBARA KAZEN B.A., LL.B., Texas Legal Aid Director CORWIN W. JOHNSON B.A., J.D., Iowa Qwaw. Charles I. Francis Professor of Law Water Law, Land Use Planning ALBERT P. JoNEs fic B.A., lVl.A., LL.B., Texas Professor of Law Procedure II 84 Ill, Legal Profession, Employee's Rights, Creditor's Rights STANLEY IVI. JOHANSON B.S. Yale, LL.B., Washington, LL.M., Harvard Professor of Law Property, Wills and Estates J W ,ff ea? 1 I., -,,l I l lg 1 f ROBERT E. MATTHEWS B.A. Yale, J.D., Chicago Professor of Law QAM ROBERT C. MEANS B.S., Iowa Statep LL.B., Harvard Assistant Professor of Law Business Associations, Anti Trust, Law in Latin America 28 PIERRE R. LOISEAUX LL.B., Boston: LL.IVl., New York Baker and Botts Professor of Law W j . Contracts, Creditor's Rights W.W. PATTERSON LARRY NIEIVIANN LL.B., Texag B.B.A., LL.B., Texas Visiting Professor of Law Lecturer in Lavv Office Practice Director of Moot Count Program 44 7,1 P T Ofc i ' ffffff, W ' f M M KEITH E. MORRISON EZ B.A., Kansasp M.S., Wyoming: LL.B., Yale ROY M. MERSKY William Stamps Farish Professor of Law Federal Tax, Federal Income Tax, Estate B.S., Nl.A.L.S., LL.B. Wisconsin and Gm Tax Law Librarian and Professor of Law ., QV. " 1 l , l - '?. . rx ' - 1 4 K "Wh- B an Z.. fem MICHAEL P. ROSENTHAL B.A., LL.B. Columbia Wright lVIorrow Professor of Law Criminal Law, Civil Commitment ,,,9w!7'!sfz4wv- DAVID W. ROBERTSON B.A., LL.B., Louisiana State, LL.Nl., Yale Professor of Law Torts, Admiralty, Jurisprudence SAN FORD J. ROSEN A.B., Cornell, LL.B., Yale Visiting Professor, University of Maryland Professor of Law Labor Relations, Insurance, Constitutional Law ,,-,..-..,Q.Mv-v 'ff' " . ' H. 117' - GEORGE Fi B SCHATZKI of A Professor of Law ,ZA B.A., LL.B., LL.lvi., Harvard E gf? Introduction, Labor Relations, Legal Procedure .- K V 5. G . . 4 MILLARD H. Ruuo ! B.S.L., LL.B., Minnesota Professor of Law JOHN J- SAMPSON Sales B.B.A., LL.B. Minnesota Assistant Professor of Law Family Law, Administrative Law JAMES M. TREECE B S LL B., M.A., illinois Professor of Law Constitutional Law, Injuries, Torts, Patents ERNEST E. SMITH Ill B.A., Southern Methodistp LL.B., Haward Professor of Law Family Law, Property, Marital Rights Aw flwifia i f 'i ylziifl 1' .. ,t Y 1 It A Ui -Mi at.. fx ' wmilf, .. I i ... Ma- 'Q .N-fs"-. N, 1- 's'-i 's N. -T '- - PQ-.Qu. .. - -E-4 MWA f .-..-A: sl? -. . JOHN F. SUTTON JR. LL.B. Texas William Benjamin Wynne Professor of Lavv Torts, Legal Profession Evidence gliiwc. f ff! IVI. MICHAEL SHAR LOT B.A., Antioch 5 LL.B., Pennsylvania Associate Professor of Law Criminal Law, Evidence 4-at HEATHCOTE W. WALES A.B., North Carolinag J.D., Chicago Visiting Professor, University of Mississippi Professor of Law Criminal Lavv 4 , A VUL . 33 ' .xlvsih RIGHT: O. JAMES WERNER Ph.B., Chicagog NI. Law Liber., Washington J.D., Chicago Assistant Law Librarian and Assistant Professor of Law Legal Research and Writing S 933 VI Niisiigfm mf U-11100 mm RUSSELL J. WEINTRAUB B.A., New Yorkg LL.B., Harvard Nlarrs McLean Professor of Law Conflicts, Contracts JERRE S. WILLIAMS A.B., Denverp LL.B., Columbia John B. Connally Chair Professor of Law Administrative Law, Legal Profesion, Labor Relations i'--' JOSEPH P. WITHERSPOON JR. B.A., Chicago: LL.B., Texas: S.J.D., Harvard Professor of Law Administrative Law, Government Regulations, Jurisprudence WW? BERNARD J. Ward B.A., LL.B., Loyolag LL.M., Yale Thomas Watt Gregory Professor of Law Introduction, Federal Courts, Remedies J. HENRY WILKINSON JR. B.S., South Carolina: LL.B., Texas Professor of Law Legal Accounting, Oil and Gas Income Tax 35 FACULTY WZ!!! Nl. KENNETH WOODWARD B.A., Texas: Nl.A., West Texas State Teacher's College: LL.B., Texas Robert F. Windfohr Professor of Law Oil and Gas, Texas Land Titles, Nlortgages, Fiduciary Administration CAf,,0LQQ,6!'0w CHAR LES ALAN WRIGHT A.B. Wesleyanp LL.B. Yale Charles T. IVlcCormick Professor of Law Constitutional Law, Federal Courts I 56 L IC-.aww W. PAGE KEETON A,B., LL.B., Texas: S.J.D., Harvard Dean and Professor of Law Torts, Special Issues I 'Ib I 1. -Q Yi-ik ,an h-v ,X ' 49-ITLJLJ x ,,..o LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Garner, Gail Littlefield, Betty Jo Cogswell, Alice Jones, Jerald A. Valentine, Elizabeth Saucedo, Aleta Zapfel, Bardie Clinton Wolfe, Marian Boner. "' H- :J-' efgrl 552' LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Carol lVlcBroom, Stella Chang, Mariana Mabry, John H. Tate. FRONT ROW: Nlanuela C. Rodriguez, Martha V. Caspary. BACK ROW: Bernice Horton, Carol Lee Vickers, Donald Jack Dunn 37 LIBRARY CGNTINUED FRONT ROW: Patricia Ann Rodi, Linda Cantu, Martha Gower, Adela Nlatias. BACK ROW: David Andrew Donohue, Geraldo Rodriguez, John H. Petesch, Nidia Aument, Cheryl IVlinard. KEETON'S CASINO 'i LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Ybarra, Pamela Turner, Georgia Benitez. 38 L. , 'vi -ar -t Q A nd- riff' Q71 Q, Img- I., 1, .2 I MAINTENANCE R - -. 'K-, David Woodrow Hallmark. foreman DAY CREW: John Schmidt, Albert W. Heine. FRONT FlOW: Helen Kaderka,Edith Vitek,Cecilia Vrana, Mary Barcuch,Jo Earl Franks. BACK ROW: David W. Hallmark, John E. Hill, Edwin T. Batla Hugo A. Wenzel, Arcie Walker. 39 'il rw. ED ITED BY + MACKA LEE MURRAH CIASSES p -Ls-In sf' Intimate friends were not difficult to find at the Law School. , ABELL, NELSON DYER, III Monroe, La. Davidson ANSE LL, JAMES RICHARD Galveston Texas at Austin if ASHWORTH, GLEN MONROE Kaufman Texas at Austin They arrived en masse, Iyros call ATKINS, CHARLES T. ' Munster, Ind. 4' Indiana AUGUSTINE JOHN C Sterling City ACC AUSTIN, DE RST KOERNER Dallas Emory AUSTIN, WILLIAM EARL Andrews Texas at Austin BAKER, KENNETH W. Abilene ACC BARBOLLA, PATRICK A. Fort Worth Notre Dame lf! V How many welcoming speeches does this make now? Ten or twelve? 43 Maybe we'II get a walk today. 44 BAR RE'I'I', DAVID LESLIE Bellaire Texas at Austin BATLA, RAYMOND JOHN JR. Cameron Texas at Austin BAZAMAN, HARVEY Galveston Texas at Austin BEALL, JOHN PENDLETON Houston De Pauw BENTLEY, JOHN TAYLOR Austin Louisiana Tech BIGGART, LEE B. Dallas Brown BI RNBAUM, ROBE RT JAY San Antonio Texas at Austin BISCOE , SAM UE L TH OMAS Tyler North Texas State BLAKLEY, ROBERT DWAIN Fort Worth Texas at Austin BOONE, WILLIAM PRICE Austin Texas at Austin BOWER, HENRY EDWARD Corpus Christi Texas at Austin BOWMAN, ROBERT HAFIDIE Austin Texas at Austin BRANSTETFER, C. BURTON Austin Texas at Austin BRODSKY, DONALD WHITE Houston Duke BROOKS, DAVID KRESS Midland ""f' 1 7 ' 'ffl ii I. I I Ei ' .9 ' ' E' jj? ' H W 1' 1 A I 2, X. A I II of Irulh fi I , Texas IA tin Now as an GCIUIIBTJIE matter, I should be given four more 8 US points on this assign rnent BROWN, DAVID EDWARDS, Austin Dayton BROWN, ROBERT MICHAEL, Lubbock Texas at Austin BRUCE, DOYLE EDWARD JR., Lufkin Texas at Austin BRYANT, JACK DAVID, Dallas Texas at Austin BUCKLE, ELSIE HARRIET, Houston Texas at Austin BURGUM, GAYTHA SCHULLE, San Marcos SWT CALHOUN, MARK ALAN, Tvler Texas at Austin CANNON, GORDON THOMAS, Dallas Texas at Austin CARROLL, JAMES L., Temple Texas at Austin CHAPMAN, JOHN MAYNARD, Ft. Worth Texas at Austin justice, equality cmd money I s Z I an COHAN, ROBERT MARSHALL Dallas Brown COHEN, GARY JOEL Houston Texas at Austin COLEMAN, FRANCIS JOSEPH McCook, Nebr. Rice COLLINS, DERRYL LYNN Port Neches Lamar Tech COLVE RT, CHRISTOPHER ALAN Dallas Rice CONES, JOHN WAYNE Austin Texas at Austin CONNORS, JOSEPH A. Ill Austin -SZIM Louisiana COOK, CARROLL CLARKE JR. Austin Harvard They became COOK, ROBE RT BERRY JR. Gilmer Texas at Austin COOKE, JAMES DALE Bay City Texas at Austin COTNER, CATHERINE ELIZABETH Austin Texas Tech COVINGTON, GEORGE A. Austin Texas atAustin COX, HUBERT ELLIOTT Dallas SMU CURREY, BILLIE KEITH Abilene ACC CUTLER, KENNETH LANCE I Rock Island, Ill. University of Chicago DANIELS, DUANE L. Austin Marquette DAVIS, F RAN K FORESTE R Corsicana Texas at Austin DAVIS, JE FFE RSON JAMES Austin Vanderbilt DEAN, DAVID ALLEN Dallas SMU DE LE GARZA, GUILLERMO B. Sumter, S.C. Lamar Tech the subjects of v I 4' - -7-1-4 Prosser is a mere pretender! , L .. ,sq The King of Torls I am the King of Torts! ELLIS, W. RICHARD III Luterville, Md. University of Illinois ENGLISH, RICHARD DUNSHIE Beaumont Texas at Austin EVANS, LARRY LUMMUS Houston Baylor FELDMAN, ROBERT CRAIG Orange Duke FURCHE, MELINDA SUE Justin Radcliffe GANGNES, LARRY STEVEN Santa Ana, Calif. USC GARZA, DAVID CHAMPION Brownsville SL Edwards GATEWOOD, VIVIAN LORRAINE Clebu rne Texas at Austin GE ISTWE l DT, ARTH U R GERALD Mason Texas ASM GILES, GARY THOMAS Austin Texas at Austin GLASS, JAMES GREGORY Arlington Texas at Arlington GRAHAM, RUSSELL RAY San Antonio Texas Tech DIAZ, DANIEL JR. Del Rio Texas at Austin DIEHL, PATRICK CRONIN Austin Santa Clara DONOH UE, DAVID ANDREW Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Vanderbilt DORSETT, C. ROBERT Dallas East Texas State DUHON, JOHN FERRIS Lake Charles, La. Rice DUVAL, JAMES EVAN Abilene Texas AEM EIGLEBIGER, DONNIE RAY Beaumont Huston-Tillotson EISEMANN, JOHN EDWIN Houston Texas at Austin GRIFFIN, JOHN PIERCE Kilgore Texas at Austin GRIGG, RICHARD ALAN Lubbock Texas Tech GRUBER, CHARLES ARTHUR Nacogdoches Stephen F. Austin GUMP, RICHARD ANTHONY Dallas Texas at Austin HAGOOD, RALPH J. JR. Dallas Austin College HANKINSON, WILLIAM THOMAS Austin Yale HARDIN, MARTIN BENJAMIN Houston Texas at Austin HARGRAVES, WALTER ALLEN, JR. Galveston Sam Houston And his wise ministers HAWLEY, JOHN B. Denton Austin College HERD, DANIEL WARE Midland Davidson College HIGGINBOTHAM, ERNEST R. Denton Princeton HOLIFIELD, HENRY O'NEAL Austin South Mississippi HOLM, CHARLES BRUCE Houston TCU HOLMGREEN, JOHN CLIFTON JR San Antonio Vanderbilt HORNSBY, MELINDA Austin Texas at Austin HOUCHINS, JANIES OSCAR Corpus Christi Texas at Austin HOUDYSHELL, RONALD GUY Amarillo Texas at Austin HOWARD, JOHN VIRGIL Lindsay, Okla. Oklahoma HOWE LL, JOE Dallas Arizona HUBE RT, RONNIE DOUGLAS Rockdale Texas A81M of the low " ,,..s. . .,..'f, Vx' .fx . J 2 I ELS' A ,'.g, K Hi. , I I . .Qi 1'-..',. '-" ". , ,Y sums 'rw ,,,, W.-4... 5-fv JOHNSTON, AARON JR. J Houston Texas at Austin JONES, JOHN PAUL Waco Texas at Austin JONES, SHERWOOD OHMER Dal I as Hanfard JONS, HUGH RITMAN Houston Lamar Tech JOR DAN , RAYMON D WESLEY New Boston Texas A8M JULIAN, ELIZABETH KATHERINE Crockett Texas at Austin KATO, MAURICE S. Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaii KELSEY, JOHN ROGER Ill Houston Trinity HUMBLE, MARK MAEDGEN Cameron Texas at Austin HUTCHESON, JOHN PALMER Houston Virginia HUTCHESON, THOMAS T. Houston Virginia JAMES, WILEY FRANCE III Crane Texas at Austin JAMISON, GEORGE BYRON III Houston Texas at Austin JAWORSKI, JOHN MICHAEL Texas City Texas at Austin JEFFE RS, MARVIN L. Austin LSU JOHNSON, MICHAEL RUSSELL Dallas Wrginia KEIVIP, ROLAND CONNOR They studied V KISNER, KEITH EUGENE Littlefield T exas Tech ' ' ' KNIGHT,RONALDGARY al ' I I I 50 KOSS ROBERT JAMES Novato, Calif. Chicago KRUSE, JOHN EDWARD Kingsville Texas at Austin KNOLLE, WILLIAM MILES Bellville Texas A81M Texas at Austin """ KUHLMANN, WILLIAM E. Houston Houston KULTGEN, DAVID BIGGS Austin Missouri KUTZSCHBACH, GEORGE F. Bryan Texas at Austin LAMON, DAVID CARLOS San Antonio Texas at Austin LANFORD, DAVID BRUCE Fort Worth Texas at Austin LANG, WILLIAM ALFRED Dallas Texas at Austin LANGDON, JOHN OLIVER San Antonio NTSU LASHBROOKE, ELVIN C. JR. San Antonio Texas at Austin 'I f ' va'-i A" A - . 75 im . ff 1 V , - I ,..4 1 ' . V. . 'i.?'2': . V Q , nw If! +V 1 A 4' Qvfz 1 , ,ff - , M, 5 . .44 I DZ l LEBOWITZ, LOUIS HAROLD Dallas Tulane LEMEILLEUR, LYNN BRALEY Kerrville Texas at Austin LEONARD, JOE MEANS Gainesville Texas at Austin LITTLE, HERMAN IVY JR. Austin Oklahoma LONG, KENNETH ODEL JR. Abilene Mcllflurry LONGORIA, DAVID KING Austin SWTSU .vi A beer is a beer is a beer is a beer, until you 've tasted . . . LONGORIA, JOE Corpus Christi Texas at Austin LUCIA, GREGORY EUGENE Houston Texas at Austin MAHLAB, VIVIAN Tehran, Iran Texas at Austin MANLEY, LARRY PAUL Houston TexasatAustin MARBURGER, THOMAS MATHEWS,JIMMlE DON EDWARD Denison La Grange ' NTSU Texas at Austin MATHIS, WAYNE RUSSELL MARCEAU, STEPHEN Kendalia MICHAE L Baylgr San Antonio Texas at Austin MAURO, GARRY PAUL MARTIN, RAYMOND Dallas J- JR- Texas A3ffVl Wichita Falls MCCAULEY, ROBERT M. Texas atAustin Dallas MAST, PATRICIA LEE Brigham Y0Uf'9 Nacogdoches Texas at Austin 1 . R McCONN, JAMES JOSEPH JR. Houston Notre Dame McDONALD, GEORGE DONALD Lubbock Texas Tech MCINTYRE, JOHN ROBERT Pittsburgh, Pa. Penn State McNEW, JIM JEB Nocona Texas at Austin MCPHERSON, JIMMIE CARROLL Olney MIT McWILLIAMS, MIKE C. Dallas Texas at Austin MEINRATH, JOHN CROCKER Corpus Christi Washington 81 Lee MILLER, MICHAEL ERNEST Dallas Texas at Austin MITCHELL, JOHN WINSHIP San Augustine Texas at Austin MONTALVO, HECTOR Eagle Pass Texas at Austin MOODY, JOHN STEPHEN Houston Stanford MOORE, MARGARET M. Waco Texas at Austin They labored from dusk MORIN, MATIAS JFI. Epdsl Have you no doconcyl Ii I' at '-lk? XF 1'A 'W ' if-'Rid 'T ,, , , . . --A -- - -- -,4.,- f..- Q4-gxeq-iran-.-.vA.-...A -.-Jmxgrxnai-Edwin Edi nbu rg Pan American l MUNNEKE, GARY ARTHUR Austin Texas at Austin I MUFIRAH, MACKA LEE Diboll Texas at Austin MURRAY, MARK VINCENT N' Huntsville Texas at Austin -5 if ' MUFIRELL, MARSHALL TRO Starling City Texas at Austin 43? .11-fd - I , X I,-as 5 Zami -. '-I '-:"flf4f-, 'Iii down ....... cmd slept in closs. I 'N I 5 An unidentified freshman student, emaciated from his ordeal, paused for a smoke after handing in his memo. MUSSE LNIAN, JAMES CLAUDE Albany Duke NIES, FRED BYRON Perryton Texas Tech O'GORlVIAN, PAUL KEITH Abilene Rice OLIVIER, DANIEL ARNOLD Groves Lamar Tech OVERIVIAN, NANCY LEE Oklahoma City, Okla. Oklahoma State PAISLEY, DOUGLAS ARN DT Watertown, Conn. Southwestern PARISH, HENRY BUESCHER San Antonio Texas at Austin I PARKER, SCOTT SCHREINER Kerrville Texas at Austin PAR KS, JAMES LAR RY Rolla, IVIo. Missouri at Rolla PAR ROTT, CAR L LEONARD JR Orange, N.J. Yale I PATTE RSON, JANETTE Austin Texas at Austin 53 PETERSON, DAVID ARTHUR, Baytown Oklahoma PFEIFFER, STANLEY L., San Antonio SFA PHILLIPS, JAMES CHRISMAN, Austin Harvard PHILLIPS, TRAVIS RAY, Longview SFA POINTER, HOMER STERLING, Dallas Asbury POLAND, RICHARD L., Cranford, N.J. Duke PORTER, RICHARD CAMBELL, Houston TCU PRATT, JOHNNY LEE, Borger NTSU PUNTCH, JAMES EDWIN JR., Houston Texas at Austin QUINN, JAMES STEPHEN, San Antonio Texas at Austin RAIVION, ALBERTO MANUEL, Eagle Pass Texas at Austin RAMOS, ROBERT, EI Paso Texas at El Paso RAYNES, MARK SCHAFF, Chula Vista, Callf DePau W REED, CHATHAM HURST, Shreveport, La , Cen tenary REESE, RICHARD JAMES, Beaumont TexasA81M REESING, ALTON GLENN, Clifton Texas at Austin REILLY, JOHN GREGORY, Houston Rice REMME, MICHAEL JOHN, Galveston Texas AEM RICE, BETSEY MITCHELL, Bellaire Texas at Austin RIDDELL, JOSEPH MURRAY Ill, Fort Worth Texas at Austin 5 4 RIE DEL, CHARLES T., San Antonio Naval Academy ROGERS, A. LOUISE, Fort Worth Texas at Austin ROSENBACH, ROBE RT JOHN, Comfort Notre Dame RUDY, BRYAN CANFIELD, Corpus Christi Navy, PGS RUSSE LL, MAJOR F RAN K, Nacogdoches Texas at Austin SCHICK, DAVID CHARLES, Henrietta Texas at Austin SCH LESS, MICHAE L JAMES, Austin Texas at Austin SCHMI DT, RICHARD STEVEN, EI Paso New Mexico State SCHOFIELD, SH REVE B., Austin Yale SCHORRE, ALBERT W. JR., Austin Texas at Austin SHANNON, WILLIAM PATRICK, Knox City Texas at Austin SIFF, THEODORE JEROME, Houston Harvard SILLIKER, GORDON LEROY JR., Austin Texas at Austin SIMPSON, LEE MERRITT, Dallas Princeton SLANSKY, DOUGLAS ALLEN, Austin Illinois SMITH, LANGDON MILTON JR., Cuero SWTSU SMITH, LORRY PHILIP, Austin Texas at Austin SMYTH, DONALD ALAN, Houston Texas at Austin SOLIS, MIGUEL, EI Paso Texas at Austin SOLOMON, JAY ISRAEL, Dallas Washington University STEWART, MICHAEL DEAN, Austin Missouri STOCKAR D, JANET LOUISE, Beaumont Texas at Austin STRANGE, JOE CLAYTON, Westbrook Austin College STRATTON, JOHN ROBERT, Austin Texas at Austin were rewarded ond finally . . . SULLIVAN, MARTHA JEAN, Woodville Texas at Austin SUMME RS, EMMETT T. Ill, Cuero Texas at Austin TAR LTON, KENNETH NOLAN, Fort Worth Texas at Austin TRUlT7j ROBERT RALPH JR,, Midland Southwestern TURBEVlLLE, BOYD FRANKLIN JR., Las Cruces, N. M. New Mexico State TURNER, TH OMAS JACKSON, Carrollton Texas at Austin TURPIN, JOHN RUSSELL JR., Corpus Christi Texas at Austin UNGER, ROSA LEE, Waterford, Va. Bryn Mawr UROUART, JACK EDWARD, Houston Williams College VAUGHAN, STEPHEN MICHAEL, Dallas Yale VEST, GEORGE WAVE RLY JR., Weslaco Texas at Austin VOGT, JAMES MICHAE L, Kansas City, Kans. Minnesota WAGNER, WILLARD BURCH Ill, Houston Washington 81 Lee WALKER, ROBERT CLINTON, Lake Jackson TCU WALNE, WALTER H. III, Midland Princeton WARD, GAY LE ENID, Lake Jackson Prairie View WATKINS, GARY LYNN, Odessa Texas at Austin WEAVER, DAVID JAMAR, Houston Texas at Austin WE BBER, JOSEPH PAUL, Waco Texas A8zM WEIL, ALAN JAY, Houston Texas at Austin WEINBE RG, GARY SCOTT, Shawnee Mission, Kans. Colorado WESSON, MARIANNE, Dallas Vassar V WI-lITE,JOHN DAVID, Pearsall Texas A81M WHITMORE, ROSS WILLIAM, Bryan Colorado WHITTENBURG, JOHN B., Amarillo Texas Tech WIGINTON, JIM DUNCAN, Alvin Columbia WILLIAMS, PENELOPE, San Pedro, Calif. Duke WILSON, CHARLES MONROE lll, Dallas Texas at Austin WISE, JACK GREENWOOD, Austin Texas at Austin WITTENBRAKER, RICK L., Dallas TCU 56 g X ig Z1 I l spring broughl "il WOOD, MICHAEL JAIVIES, Dallas Rice WOOD, SHAROLYN PETTY, Austin Rice WOODDELL, JOHN DOUGLAS, Amarillo Texas at Austin WOODSON, NONA RUTH, Irving Texas at Austin WRIGHT, JOHN EDWARD, Willis Texas at Austin WRIGHT, THOMAS L., Plainview Rice .' x cf? the firsl encounter lo 0 close. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION MID-LAW CLASS REPRESENTATIVES LEET TO RIGHT: John B. Garrett, Beryl Ponton, Danny Joe Riley. I I I ALLEN, HOWARD A. Roswell, N.M. Texas at Austin ALLEN, WILLIAM THOMAS Philadelphia, Pa. New York ALLAWAY, JOHN WILLIAM JR. Lincoln, Neb. Nebraska ALTARAS, JACK TH OMAS Cleburne Baylor ALVARADO, ANTONIO Laredo Texas at Austin ANAWATY, WILLIAM A. JR. Houston Yale AN DE RS, JOE DAVID Tuscaloosa, Ala. Alabama ANDERSON, DAVID ARNOLD Austin Hanfard ANDERSON, JOHN SHARP Houston Washington 8 Lee APPLETON, MICHAEL JON Austin Harvard ARMSTRONG, ROBERT GEARD Roswell, N.M. Washington 81 Lee ASH, STEPHEN SCHMERLER Midland TexasA8M secon lrysl wil CI versity . . . d ' l1 Cl ' l,f"'Jllll:"-r' -b Nlglunl Ki-'LAK-Q V l R P 1 'lf ' - it H mx 'f4,g ,,,, I., .J yin "", ', , M4241 ll I' ' ' ' Ty' lj iw' , ,Q Sfflllllll llllin' 1"'3E:ff33f3f11 x --. I4 .ee .ri--., V. I I Me - -'E -- , ,,I , 'A if M A . .U nfl-Y .' M 1.5 -,f V' VI., INHRQAL , .... I it i 'I' I fx 'wr "IV i X 'C' 'lf I " ff' A '.' " ii-fa : 'ill ' 3? i . , ' l , " l 1 " ll '.1V.',2 ' "1 ' X, fl! l-,I l' Q '-Ehlx jy ' ' cv I 1 .-A1 , ' 4, -' ,lf,.f.I- W.. 5 Ig., In w ,. A A f' .. I in I, fir, ' ' 'll QQ! -,J"4'f" 5 55531: "iz, 'Vf ' ffl lf-N, --5.2 ISS: '41-Ta ',,' MAI! wk ' 6 fafqw... l ofi'-'5f5 , AmT?j1 ,Q vga . f x -14+ .- V-:X ,N gl ,- J, ., flil- , SMI. I - iv- lf I- 'K If , qlzg .-N I' rig In-,, ,Rf.",-Q D QI - ,HJ lf,lh,q' V l ' , 1-' l b' ' if , "ff Q ' Bicycles were one way to rf' MQQQ- mg! my ',Hll',.fj - 'N l ' 1 .TIP beat the parking prob- 5 Sl' el 2.?igyflrf4illl.1HWJF'INS' H A1 A I 'I ll. lx . l 3 f lem' -X nk ,fm ith H I Il lk ,A 59 , '1sF'4535'f l lv o ne-f -vi I S '.l???l9.a7 " . . , . QaniiS?X95fif5?,5'?.7fffii'1Afl '7'7"-' ox P5 an I I I 11,9 L L . -3- 14 'X X I Armed with the knowledge the first, wiser in the BABCOCK, LINDA ELLEN Havertown, Pa. Randolph-Macon BAISH, RICHARD OWEN Houston Southwest Texas BALLANFANT, RICHARD BURTON Houston Texas at Austin BASS, ROY BYFIN JR. Lubbock Baylor BECK, JOHN ROBERT III Beaumont Lamar Tech BEHRMAN, CHARLES THOMAS Houston Texas at Austin BELT, TERRY LEE Austin Texas at Austin BENNETT, JOHN HARMON Big Spring Texas at Austin BENSON, CRAIG THOMAS Angola, Ind. Tulane BENSON, JAMES ROBERT Nacogdoches Texas AEM BINDER, ROBERT THOMAS Commerce Texas at Austin BIRD, WILLIAM O. Owensboro, Ky. Wabash BLEVINS, CHESKY NANCE Houston Houston BLUNTZER, CHARLES KENNETH Goliad Texas A8fl BOSWE LL, GEORGE T. Ft. Worth North Texas BRICE, WILLIAM ROBINS Houston Rice -I P BRUNER, THOMAS MALACHI Dallas Texas at Austin BUCHANAN, JAMES F. Corpus Christi Texas at Austin BUENGER, JULIAN VINCENT Austin Texas at Austin BURRESS, BOBBIE McCOY Raymondville Texas at Austin BUTLER, GORDON THOMAS Austin Georgia Tech BUTTS, GEORGE BARTON Sweetwater Texas at Austin CAIN, BENJAMIN FRANK Hereford TCU CAMERON, MILA KATHLEEN Point Comfort Texas at Austin ways of the system CAMP, BILL ADKINS San Antonio Texas at Austin CARDWELL, WALTER W. lll Lockhart Texas at Austin CAR RUTH, GERALD CON LEY Elsa Texas A811 CARVER, CRAIG LANSON Amarillo Texas at Austin CASHELL, LOIS DUANE Hyattsville, Md. Vanderbilt CESH KER, GREGORY LEE Ft. Worth Texas Christian CHADICK, MARY SUSAN Texarkana Southern Methodist CHAPMAN, DAVID KORACH Karnes City Stanford CHAPMAN, JANIS ELLEN San Antonio Baylor CHESNUTT, JAMES H. Hot Springs, Ark. Princeton CLOVER, CARL ESTES JR. Austin Texas at Austin COALTER, RICHARD G. Austin Texas at Austin .- 'Ph' 'R px 3 Nh... They leove their iexis home now cmd bring their crossword puzzles COCKRUM, JESSE CLYDE Goldthwaite ' SWTS COLLIE, ROBERT M. JR. Houston Texas at Austin CONNALLY, JOHN BOWDEN III Austin X Texas at Austin I CORBITT, PAUL JAN Arlington Texas at Austin 62 And their newspopers thot they moy stoy well informed N S! I-45. X CRAIG, CHARLES DAVIS Austin Sam Houston CRAIG, DAVID BOULDIN Albuquerque, N.M. Nebraska CREECH, STANLEY LOUIS Houston Texas at Austin CREEGER, ELIZABETH DITTO Conroe Colorado CREEL, JAMES A. Ft. Worth Texas AEM CROFFORD, GARY LYNN Amarillo Texas Tech CUNNINGHAM, MARY CAROL Austin Texas at Austin CURRY, EUGENE BRUCE Lubbock Texas at Austin They watched the feminists iousi quixoticolly DABAGHI, WILLIAM KAMAL Huntsville Corpus Christi DAROSS, JAMES AMADOR EI Paso Texas at Austin DENTON, WAYNE EUGENE Ft. Worth TCU DICKEY, WILL GUTHRIE Austin Texas at Austin DI ETZ, CHAR LES LOGAN Austin Texas Tech DIETZE, KNUTE LEWIS Cuero Texas at Austin DOWLER, MOULTON SHREVE JR. Dallas Washington 81 Lee EARLE, JOHN WILLIAM Houston Princeton ECKELS, JACK PATRICK Dallas Texas AEM ELLIOTT, RICHARD HALL Dallas Tulane ELLIS, ROBERT WILLIAM Huntersville, N.C. Clemson ENGLEHARDT, ELENA BARBARA Austin Southwestern Louisiana ENGLISH, PATRICIA ANN Milwaukee, Wiso. Marquette EVANS, JOHN MARK Nutley, N.J. Virginia FANNING,PAUL THOMAS I Austin X Texas at Austin ff .V Q FARFIINGTON, HOPE PATRICE Washington D.C. V Georgetown by ,fi I I' I if I 64 'Y with the windmill of mole chcivin ISITI FEDER, MILTON EUGENE Kansas City, Mo. Georgia Tech FIELDCAMP, STEVEN WILLIAM Houston Texas at Austin FREUNDLICH, DANIEL B. Fort Worth Texas at Austin GAGE, ROBERT WAYNE Teague Baylor GARCIA, ALBERTO Austin Texas at Austin GARCIA, HECTOR RAMOS Kingsvilie Texas A811 GIBSON, KENNETH JAMES Austin Texas at Austin GILLESPIE, HAL KEITH Austin Texas at Austin Women Libbers discussed the discrimination against them in the Police Action Project. 65 GIPSON, RONALD MAURICE Austin USC GOLDSTEIN, DAVID B. Austin Dartmouth GOLDSTEIN, LEONARD HOWARD Dallas Vanderbilt GONZALES, ROBERT FLOYD San Antonio Texas A81M GONZALEZ, RICARDO D. EI Paso Texas at El Paso GOODMAN, CAROLYN ANDERSON Waco Texas at A ustin GOODRUM, WAYNE LOUIS Seymour Hardin-Simmons GREENWOOD, DEAN IVI. Austin Texas at Austin GREY, NORMAN LAWRENCE Dallas Tulsa GUILD, SHARON ANNE Fort Worth Texas at Austin GUYON, EDWIN F. Montpelier, Idaho Brigham Young HANCOCK, WARREN E. JR. Dallas Texas at Austin HANSEN, CLARENCE N. Laredo Texas at Austin HARBISON, JAMES M. JR. Austin Texas at Austin HARRIS, WESTON LEE Austin Utah HARTLINE, BRENDA LOIS Denton North Texas State And the chivolrous chciuvinists among them wondered of the domsels' distress. ."Y 41:-'F' YF IQ," "H HARWELL, LAYNE HORACE Austin North Texas State HAYES, CODY LILLARD Marianna, Ark. University of the South HEATH, C. ROBERT Deer Park Texas at A ustin HOFFMAN, KENNETH RAY Fort Worth Rice HOLMES, WILLIAM MICHAEL Odessa Texas at A ustin HORNE, MARK HUNTER Newport News, Va. Washington 81 Lee HOWARD, DAVID MELVIN Houston ,Q Texas ASM HOWARD, JOHN ROBERT -.5 Lubbock Texas at Austin HOWARD, ROBERT LAWRENCE Austin Texas at Austin HUGHES, HOWARD DAVID Somerville Texas at A ustin 67 JOLLY, JAMES ANDREW Ariel, Wa. Michigan State JONES, CARY DENNIS Garland SMU JOSEPH, PHILIP CATER Austin Texas at Austin KAISER, WILLIAM MICHAEL Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati KEENAN, CHRISTOPHER D. Houston Texas at Austin KELLY, HUGH RICE Houston Rice KELTON, DAVID DOWNES Austin Colorado KENTOR, MICHAEL BRUCE Austin Texas at A ustin KING, WILLIAM ROBERT Sherman Texas at Austin KIRKLEY, JOHN HARRIS Atlanta, Ga. Washington 81 Lee KREUTZ, CHARLES BUTLER Wichita Falls North western LABAY, LAWRENCE JAMES EI Campo St. Maryis LEATH ER BURY, H ESTER L. Fort Worth Sophie Newcomb LEDERER, GEORGE WILLIAM JR Houston Texas at Austin LEECH, GARY LEE Houston Texas at Austin LESHER, MURRAY MARK Austin Texas at Austin They relaxed wllh coffee In The Cosmo Q I LEVY, MICHAEL RICHARD Dallas Pennsylvania LEWIS, TERRY W. Big Spring North Texas State LIPSCHUETZ, JESSE N. Austin Rochester LIPSON, MYER JACK El Paso Texas at Austin LONG, JAMES DUNAWAY JR. Monterey, Calif. Creighton LOVELL, ROBERT HAROLD Austin Texas AGM MADDOX, DAVID THOMAS College Station Texas A8fM MAGIDS, JACK STEVEN Houston Texas at Austin MAJORS, GENE Athens Texas at Austin MARKLEY, MICHAEL MARK Austin Texas at Austin MASON, BARBARA ANN Garden City, N.Y. SUNY at Buffalo MATTHEWS, STEPHEN TAYLOR Austin Texas at Austin ,am l iw m I I 4 :,-' " L. 3- , YI: I mfr- -zfx 2 .fi I . MAY, HENRY STRATFORD Denver City Texas at Austin IVIAYFIELD, ROBERT USHER Cleburne Texas at Austin MCCREIGHT, HENRY HALE JR., Winters Texas Tech IVICQUARY, RAY JACKSON Austin USMA MCREYNOLDS, MICHAEL LEWIS San Antonio John Brown IVIELADY, GAIL SUSANNE Dallas North western IVIEYER, LARRY EARL Schulenburg Texas at Austin IVIICKS, DONALD FRED Galveston Texas at Austin IVIILLER, RALPH IRAD Dallas Texas at Austin MIZELL, WALTER HIRAM Austin, Oklahoma IVIOFFITT, CHRISTOPHER STUART Summit, N.J. Yale MOFFITT, FREDERICK VINCENT San Antonio Texas at A ustin NIORRILL, GEORGE POE Beeville Texas at Austin IVIULLIN, PHILIP EDWARD El Paso Loyola-New Orleans NICHOLS, NEIL EDWARD Little Rock, Ark. Oklahoma NICKE LSON, GARY LYNDON Fort Worth History if .APN pr- 484 They watched the bulldozers come 70 p f 'Ns ff' N NILAND, JOHN PATRICK EI Paso Texas at El Paso NOE, GARY WAYNE Austin Texas at Austin OLIVER, RUSSELL RAY Vernon Texas Tech O'NEILL, EDWARD JOHN Houston Pennsylvania ORLEANS, NEIL JEFFREY Austin Texas at Austin ORR, DAVID LYNN Amarillo West Texas State ORY, CHARLES NATHAN Dallas George Washington OSB'ORN, WILLIAM S. Dallas St. Edward's OSTEN, JUDD FREEMAN Baton Rouge, La. Naval Academy PARKER, JAMES FRANCIS Corpus Christi Texas at Austin PARKER, SAM TERRY Austin Texas at Austin PATTON, GEORGE EVEFIETT San Marcos SWT SU of w i'F"'.,..,.1":' -A if var as-A , - J If - if A Digg ,J up Y. J' 1 -. .:1wu.1vn 1:-. W J rl I - ' hh' s1i sg., y iifl arf -I Ht' sri fi' ' 3 F'?TfiaQpf,f I I, I . 12,1 ' I , ' A .. , . 5, ' . v L , 71 ' . i M ,., ,-I sa.a:.I.'. f' ' im- -Qs Y any-A . -- "'- "" "'f".,, " fr 'sr -'TTi." i" , ' If 4 ,,,1.,ff L 'f V l n, ,A ---fi-ss -. -p:gg,,JQ-1. , f l " R A .. - i -,.,-'af T- A ' ?f'ffX2C5?'Fa'1951-'- 4' To build a highway In their a muclhole in their paths PEARCE, JAMES WALTER Wichita Falls Texas Tech PEREZ, HECTOR C. San Antonio Texas at A ustin PER LMAN, SUZANNE KAYE Dallas Sophie Newcomb PHILLIPS, FRANCES E. Belleville, Ill. Baylor PITZER, DANNY DUANE Austin Texas at Austin PRESCOTT, WAYNE HENRY Houston Texas A81M PULIS, JAMES EDWARD Dallas North Texas State QUICK, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH Beaumont Texas at Austin RACH LIN, RICHARD STANLEY Miami, Fla. North Carolina RANDALS, JAMES HORD Hico Texas a t A ustin REIMANN,JAN LYNN Austin Texas at Austin RITTS, JOHN LEE Dallas North western ROBERTS, BERYL PONTON Alpine Mills College ROSENFIELD, JOSEPH LEVY Austin Texas at Austin ROTH, LEONARD MATTHEW Houston Texas atAustin RUTLAND, ROY III Waco Texas at Austin 72 Z' midst, to make 52 .9 x! 'lx 'fi tt rl 'L Af. TL 1 fr:-:I ' -if .AN-. - , ' I sg W3 K IIAIEMW SALZHANDLER, HENRY JON Houston Rice SCHILD, FRANCES KITTY Austin Rice SCHREIBER, MARK BRADFORD San Antonio Texas Tech SCHULTZ, CARL TED Houston Texas at Austin SCOTT, CRAIG T. Fort Worth Texas at Austin SCOTT, RICHARD ELEY Kilgore Prairie View ASM SEARCY, MARSHALL M. Mc Kin ney Texas a t A ustin SETTLE, PEVERIL OZROE Fort Worth Washington 8: Lee SHAMBLIN, PAUL RICHARD Dallas Texas AGM SHIELDS, JAY TODD Abilene Texas Tech SHIMEK, WILLIAM GEORGE Bel Air, Md. Virginia SIMMS, CICILY JUMEL Austin Tulane SIMONDS, WALTER S. JR. Austin Texas at Austin SIRICO, LOUIS J. JR. New Haven, Conn. Yale SLEDGE, ROLAND EDWARD JR. Houston Texas at Austin SMALL, WILLIAM G. Austin Texas at Austin SMILEY, MARTHA ELLEN Mission Baylor SMITH, JAMES BRADLEY College Station Texas AGM SOLIS, DANIEL F. Austin Texas at Austin SPARKS, KENNETH WAYNE Mission Texas at Austin SPERSTAD, JAMES R. Austin UCLA SQUIRES, WILLIAM RANDOLPH III EI Paso Stanford STAPLETON, JERRY LEE Houston Sam Houston STERN, IRVING CHARLES San Antonio St. Mary's STEVENS, JAMES WILSON Angleton Texas at Austin SWEARINGEN, PAUL VAN Austin Texas at Austin TATE, JOHN HENRY San Antonio West Point TEITELBAUM, WILLIAM J. Dallas North Texas State 74 -'Ui "T 'C' 'Rm I . 3 S I C' -kia '- But omiclsl their problems, cmd QL Z3 f'h CQQ. i ' 1 hs A 'tr' f I ' A I fa iv' f' Iheir woes, hope again arose. Q-rw TEMPLEMAN, JAMES EDWIN Farmington, N.M. Eastern New Mexico TERRY, JACK MORRIS Houston Houston THOMPSON, HARDY EVANS Ill Austin Stanford THOMPSON, JAY ALAN Lubbock Texas Tech TIMMONS, PATRICK F. JR. Houston Texas at Austin TRAMMELL, DAN DERYL Lamesa Texas Tech TURNER, JAMES WILLIAM Crockett Texas at Austin VALENTINE, JE RALD AALEN Austin New Mexico State VANBERG, HAROLD EUGENE JR Dallas Baylor VENTURA, JOE EDWIN Austin Houston VERKIN, WINTFORD E. LaMarque Texas at Austin VESELKA, SHELBURNE JAY Bellaire Texas A81M VITUCCI, KENNETH JON Falls Church, Va. IAU of Puerto Rico WARD, NOLAN FELTON Prairie View Prairie View WEDDLE, J. Duff Lawton, Okla. Oklahoma WEHMEYER, ROBERT ERLE JR. Mathis Texas at Austin 75 WEST, ROBERT GRADY Wichita Falls Midwestern WHITE, DAVID JOSEPH Fort Worth TCU WHITEHILL, SAMUEL ROBERT Au stin Texas Tech WHITTINGTON, RANDOLPH KIMBLE Austin Texas at Austin WIGDEN, MARK DALE Pittsburgh, Pa. Texas at Austin WIGGS, DAVID HAROLD JR. El Paso Texas Tech WILKINS, JAMES HOWARD JR. Fayetteville, Ark. Arkansas WILLIAMS, JAMES MUN ROE Lubbock Texas Tech WILLIAMS, MARSHALL RAY Lynchburg, Va. William 8 Mary WILSON, DAN MORGAN Berclair Texas A811 WILSON, JACKSON DALE II Weatherford West Texas State WILSON, PHILLIP ALAN Midland Texas Tech WILSON, ROBERT JOSEPH Dallas Texas at Austin WINER, JONATHAN DAVID Dallas Yale WOFFORD, JOHN HAMMOND Abilene Hardin-Simmons WOOD, IVAN JR. Corpus Christi Texas at Austin 76 82' Fix' 1-'X ,vs- in-'A WOODCOCK, JOSEPH DEAN lndianola, Iowa Oklahoma State w, 146 1' 1 . ., ,v. - F - f !xN . , inn f ' K Y M155 'WN ju wi -T'-ew .kedw31z'a::-'fff'f-T 'ft' - - 1- - 2 .. - N-'bei-43' . "ff33"N7""- 'IA yr-- ',, ' .- -U' ' ' ,, f"..- . a. 5, . , Af - '- f .- yr , im, .-. 1 -- v I ,eu 4. , " u 4 ,.! .A,.y,v l. 'U ' ' ' -. u ' , Y A . -4. ff Y F A 5 .A ?N ...V . , X, -5': ,,.1v ,V -. L , " , ..: R ,. ""Hw'f' - ',,'--'f'vCzp-- K ' - 'HJ 4 , . '-'fff' It pf- hw' -"W'r'p1'5"""' ' ' 114' w- ' 4 1 1' .- ', -. 1. ' . -. ,- AF- - A ,. .. 1, ,E , A -ff A t A L1 1 1 "5:1.rJ-S , A 1 E- 1 , '- wt' 'if'f-AF - t-"ff . . ' , uf -:.,1,. ., Q, . ',-v,1le,f'0L.-',1 ,. .Q 'si'v'.".-,..Q. ' I V' " LAX". ' K Rn" 'K -' Q--fl .iff-r.F6L-" f. ,-V ,,'..'- .,x,' . :Ajffrijgqq-7' .g'f'1'v u ' 13,1-'X--L - XnQ":-Vx--'-SEV:-1'-uri. ig,,,,-,,. V.. .:,,,.J-'- av.-,.,f'5 ,. L, , 4 ,.,!".l4yA.,,.Q",--,,g4:,--- A . . 1 A ,- X at .',x" fp, 1- J ' ' '. , xuif 'fs I-5 -'H Q ' ," ., .f .- I-W5 Mneqwn-E--gb.- f V , , ' r -. I . 1 , x, th: , A. "W 'guQ,.f5fff If ' 4 WOOLEY, JEFFREY JUDSON Alice Rice WRIGHT, DAVID WESLEY Fort Worth Texas at Austin WYMAN, JAMES FRANK Marlin North Texas State YEAGER, DOUGLAS EDWARD Houston Princeton As greenness and warmth brought the second encounter to ca close 77 'v JIP x STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATICDN SENIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES David Andrew Keyko, Gail Littlefield, I. James Pollard A O.. At lost!!! Ste 2 The gool wos nigh, 1' A .1- 1- T X ,I O , 1 s ' 4 U .go l ., ,:.'l Q.'1x'f-x D n . , , ' s. -1 , it A149 i'--silk-:ll,:fv5l ii- 1? H iitirf. ffffix Illixidiixl It-555532 'iii 'ii ---fffff ..,D. I M... .9 SXIM, J il! :fstzu 'S'?f-,mt ' N354 Q 'lil li' 4, , ' -1g1f1fza-in-i'l'1 lil! K P a11llii2'iliN , . - swf, 'ffi"?,li"" . i'-like-,'ll:.,lat1 I! '+ 'N AVERY, JOHN SHARP Austin Texas at Austin BANKSTON, WILLIAM MARCUS San Angelo Texas Tech Phi Alpha Delta, Teaching Quizmaster, Moot Court Board BARON, FREDERICK MARTIN Austin Texas at Austin Law Review, Consuls BECK, BARRY NATHAN Lufkin Naval Academy Phi Delta Phi, Teaching Ouizmaster, Moot Court, International Law Society, Consuls BELL, JOE WARNER Trinity Sam Houston Law Review BELT, MORRIS E. JR. Houston Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi, Intramural Soccer BENSON, JAMES MERVIN JR. Overton Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi BERNDT, KAREN ANN College Station Texas at Austin Texas Law Review Associate Editor, Peregrinus BICKERSTAFF, ROBERT STEPHEN JR Midland Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Criminal Law Association, Quizmaster BIRES, DAVID RICHARD Corpus Christi Texas at Austin Hildebrand Moot Court BLAKE, FAYTHE ANN Plainview Wayland Geary-Price and Hildebrand Moot Court BOCK, JOHN GORDON Houston Cornell 79 BOGART, ERNEST F JR. Houston Texas at Austin BONILLA, RUBEN JR. Corpus Christi Texas arAustin Police Project, La Raza National Law Association BRADSHAW, WILLIAM THOMAS JR. McAllen Denver Delta Theta Phi, Legal Research Board BRAY, CHRISTOPHER DAVIS Port Arthur Texas at Austin BRENNER, CARL ANDREW San Antonio Wharton Phi Delta Phi, International Law Society, Handball BRIGGS, CURTIS G. Houston Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi BRIONES, DAVID EI Paso Texas at El Paso BROWN, TIMOTHY RICHARD Houston Stan ford Phi Delta Phi, Community Legal Services 80 L i fi . 1 U -l 'l 'S' J. reoch their promise -e" '7 X f'!'w .115--- 11 ---" .wh Gi, xg BRYAN, JOHN SHELBY Houston Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi Hildebrand IVIoot Court BUDETTI, JOSEPH BART Hollywood, Fla. VWchita State Phi Delta Phi Quizmaster, Law Review BURKETT, JOE WYLIE Texarkana Vanderbilt CHEANEY, SHEILA ENID Austin Texas at Austin American Civil Liberties Union CHEEK, ROBERT CALDWELL Fort Worth Stanford Phi Delta Phi, Nloot Court Board, Criminal Law Association, Housing Commission CHESLOCK, JAMES STEPHEN San Antonio Washington 81 Lee Criminal Justice Intern CIRKAL, THOMAS E. Fort Worth S12 Edward's Phi Alpha Delta, Intramurals CLAYTON, ARCHIE PERRY lll Fort Worth TCU Teaching Ouizmaster CONNELL, JAMES BALLARD Fort Worth Sou th Wes tern CONSIDINE, JAMES CORBIN Midland Duke Phi Delta Phi, Teaching Ouizmaster, Law Review Associate Editor CONVERSE, ROBERT G. Houston Texas at A ustin CRAIG, ALLEN BREWINGTON lll Austin Washington 81 Lee Phi Delta Phi CROSS, STEPHEN FRANKLIN Darrouzett West Texas State Delta Theta Phi, Head Ouizmaster, Crim- inal Law Association, Police Action Pro- ject CRUTCHFIELD, C. BARRY Lovington, N.M. Eastern New Mexico Phi Delta Phi CUNNINGHAM, JUDY MARIE Houston Texas at Austin Law Review DAERR, RICHARD LEO JR. Fort Worth Moot Court, International Law Forum DANIEL, ANNE DICKSON Dallas Texas at Austin International Law Society, Law Forum DANIEL, HOUSTON LEE Liberty Baylor DAVIS, JACK RUSSELL San Antonio Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi DENNIS, BARBARA ANN Robstown Rice Honor Council DIAZ, ROMULO L. JR. Nederland Texas at Austin Hildebrand Moot Court, International Law Society DIPPEL, TIEMAN H. JR. Brenham Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi, Chancellors, Law Review, Moot Court DOGGETT, LLOYD A. ll Austin Texas at Austin Law Review, Hildebrand Moot Court DROLLA, JOHN CASPER JR. San Antonio Texas atAustin 82 Jw ' For the world awaited, - 25: , I . I 4 ,eff ' Q ,- 1 A 'nh 1 Y . 'F' . ., l x . ' X 5552 Q-Sf Wi' .K . .2 A X ci! , ij xf PG ' ' 1 QE- "' fp. .. ., .ij N 355' , ., 272 L Q: W4- 1 ,. ill vf ' 1, uf' "L ..-1' x l Lars' A I ...xi 'B -f .r f ,-,nm .....,,, .Pl S 4 we-4 M V. K an ,1 Ili 5' u f gg -Uh., , 3' 'VU' -'bk' Ln., if 73- ,Q-4 ' K 359. ,V 'tmqfbwu Y Q" 1 1 x 3 ns-Q ug., K 1' f' V , if . " , Qi, 4 ,, , ' ,: - ,vp-," '- 2-1 17. .L :""':-' -. Q' .gf-151'-1 1. 1.'2.5 .'i?l11:f-1',f.1Q11 A . , V 5---Q-'S' -J' .- L uufil-bf" f-"' :':Ff: vf:' - --5 lv- - .A,!cj,,,, ,.,,,:?.. I-H: . W L-my , ,-,v ,v w-my' ... , "',j,x""f'1':b- vw- A 1 --1-ff-iw --1, .fy-mg.. 1- Hu- ,w -e'z.w'vn ,-.,,1-rff+,.4""-tfrr'-3 - , A . , 1' ' Af"-:'i'7'-?Zf!:','f IL '. , . .L 'Qf..' AIR- -.v- .YW-jig "' " "'-f1n':: H. 5 -f ' 'rv . L., .-' , 9, . M. ,, DUNLAP, DUNNE PHIL Dallas Lamar Tech Legal Research Board DUTTON, DIANA CHERYL Austin Georgetown Law Review, Student Court EAKER, JOHN HYSHAM Houston SMU Phi Alpha Delta ELICK, JOHN V. Bellville Texas at Austin Criminal Law Association, Quizmaster ELLIS, LUTHER WILLIS Fort Worth TCU Phi Delta Phi, Senior Teaching Quiz- master, Nloot Court Board ELLISON, GLENN EDWARD Tyler Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Moot Court, Honor Tribunal in-fy 1-' 'Ev , J? it ,.--v owoiled their skills ,lg 55. ,I ,- W VW l 69 ,s CN Fy- Ql"""Il .,w,l,M S he-'?.'b ,QV l l cf-v with open wollels. QVX ETZEL, ROBERT OUINTON JR. Corsicana Oklahoma State Phi Alpha Delta, Criminal Justice Intern Program, Criminal Law Association, Adult Probation Project, Police Action Project FAUGHT, JOHN DAVID Austin Nebraska Phi Delta Phi, lVloot Court Board FAUST, ROBERT HARVARD Corvallis, Oregon FICHTENBAUNI, NOEL HARWERTH Laredo Texas at A ustln Teaching Quizmaster, Board of Gover- nors, Assemblyman FIELDER, ALAN CHAR LES Lockhart Texas at Austin FIELDS, FREDERIC EARWOOD Sonora Texas at A ustin Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association President, Law Week Committee Chairman, Consuls FLENIING, GEORGE MATTHEWS San Antonio Texas at Austin Criminal Law Association FULCHER, WAN DA ROSE Austin Texas at Austin FULTON, JERRY JACK Waco Baylor Phi Alpha Delta, lVloot Court Board, Legal Research Board GARNER, DONALD WAYNE Dallas Texas at Arlington Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Quizmaster, lVloot Court GARRETT, JOHN BOOTH lll Ennis Texas a t Austin Delta Theta Phi, Board of Governors GIBBS, MIKE D. lVlabank Texas a t A ustin Phi Delta Phi, Legal Research Board, Criminal Law Society, Fair Housing Commission 85 GILMORE, MICHAEL LAWRENCE Austin Texas at Arlington Phi Delta Phi, Texas International Law Forum Editor GRABLE, ROBERT COLE Dallas SMU Phi Delta Phi, Law Review Associate Editor, Chancellors GRAHAM, DAVID ELDRIDGE Bay City TexasA8fM International Moot Court Board, Inter- national Law Society and Law Forum, Consuls GREENE, DON SCOTT Austin Indiana Law Review Associate Editor, Quiz- master GUINN, ROBERT LEE Austin Texas at A ustin HANCOCK, DONNIE RAY Jasper Texas AEM HANKS, JACK WALTON JR. Austin Texas at Austin Moot Court Board HARALSON, HAL HOLMES Loraine Hardin-Simmons HARPER, JAKE RICHEY Artesia, N.M. Occidental College Criminal Law Association, Legal Re- search Board, Hildebrand Moot Court HARRISON, WILLIAM OLIVER JR. Corpus Christi TCU Phi Alpha Delta, Police Action Project, Election and Library Committee, House of Delegates HAYS, HAMILTON KIRK Amarillo Texas Tech Phi Delta Phi, Criminal Law Association HAZEL, J. PATRICK Dallas Gregorian-Rome, Italy Law Review, Criminal Law Association HEDGES, DAVID TALMAGE JR. Houston Stanford Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, Law Review, Teaching Quizmaster, Consuls HENDERSON, MARINA G. SHARP Austin Vassar HENDRICK, JOHNNY Denton North Texas State HERRMANN, JAMES ARTHUR Plano East Texas State Legal Aid, Legal Research Board, Inter- national Law Society 86 it-qv 111 i 115 , F,- 'ov'-n -5-N if es...-N 'UI' But in the meon-while, l I ni he Mr Hit 5- E' the vending machines stole their money HESTER, JOHN ROBERT JR. Arlington Arlington State Delta Theta Phi, Criminal Law Associa- .- tion, Police Action Project, Law Forum HILLEY, VAN GALIN Corpus Christi Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi, Legal Research Board, Criminal Law Association HINGSON,JOHN HENRY III Springfield, Oregon SMU Criminal Law Association Z HOLCOIVIB, KEVIN Ouanah Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi HORTON, DAVID LYNN Fort Worth Texas at Austin Delta Theta Phi, Aviation Law Society, Human Rights Research Council, Com- in munity Legal Services, International Law Society HOWARD, ALFRED RYLAND lll Christoval Harvard Phi Delta Phi, Hildebrand lVloot Court, Community Legal Services, Intramural Soccer 't And they recouped it all I l 5 :iki ' A IQIJD f AL, .... 4 g . i , '-- f' , Wg-Fi pin , .r z.- f A u .LL . fl lj A "' in games of chance HOWARD, RANDALL KEITH Dawson TCU Phi Delta Phi, Texas International Forum, Moot Court, Consuls HOWELL, WATSON M. JR. Austin Texas at Austin HOY, WILLIAM ASTOR III San Francisco, Calif. Stanford Texas International Law Forum HUBBARD, WILLIAM LANE Dallas Texas at Austin HURST, JOHN LEONARD Austin Iowa State Delta Theta Phi, Consuls HUTCHESON, JIM BOB Weatherford Texas atAustin 89 Law HUTCHINSON, STAFFORD Austin Harvard lVloot Court, International Law Society, Criminal Law Association, Police Action Project JENKPNS, JANIES WILEY Tyler Texas at Austin JENKlNS,JOHN RICHARD Ill Santa Rosa, Calif. UCLA Delta Theta Phi JOHNSON, CHARLES AUSTI N JR. Seattle, Wash. Washington JOHNSON, JERRY DON Texas City Texas at Austin Moot Court, Teaching Quizmaster JOHNSON, JOHN PORTER Dallas Texas atAustin Phi Delta Phi, Hildebrand Moot Court Board JONES, GORDON WAYNE JR. San Antonio SWTSU Delta Theta Phi, Hildebrand Nloot Court, Criminal Law Association, Police Action Project, SBA, Inns of Court JUAREZ, GEORGE A- Laredo Texas at Austin JUNELL, WILLIANI EDWARD JR. Houston Texas at Austin KELSEY, THOMAS RANDOLPH Houston Washington 81 Lee Teaching Ouizmaster, lVloot Court Board KEYKO, DAVID ANDREW Mount Ephraim, N.J. Drew Delta Theta Phi, Legal Research Board, Fair Housing Commission, Board of Gov- ernors, Council for Legal Understanding KIESTER, KIRT HAROLD Houston Arkansas Teaching Quizmaster, Nloot Court Board 90 Bor noles Q l 'QE' i l 'Pg' gave them confidence 6 5-'X KINNAN, DAVID EMERY Cleveland, Ohio Penn State Texas International Law Forum, Fair Housing Commis- sion, Moot Court, SBA Speak- er's Program KLEINSCHMIDT, GERHARD E. Fort Worth TCU Phi Alpha Delta, Criminal Law Association, International Law Society, Law Forum, SBA i ie ' 3 Q F3 I ' I i 5 I i it ' ir if." - '. ' 'ii Qi , Q, fic 1' ri lil The Texas Law Fbrum The Forum threatened to publish Fred Fields' SBA telephone number. KOCUREK, THOMAS MICHAEL San Antonio Marquette KRUGER, DANIEL YAHR 1.5-N Austin 'Qi lyk Texas at A ustin Moot Court, Legal Understanding Pro- gram, Legal Aid, Legal Research Board, Police Action Project, Handball Singles LACKTMAN, ERIC Upper Darby, Penn. Harvard Criminal Law Association LARAMEY, THOMAS AVRIETT JR. Temple Texas ASM . LEAFFER, MARSHALL ALLIN Fort Worth Texas atAustin Criminal Law Society LEHMAN, JAMES HOWARD JR. Houston Texas AEM Phi Delta Phi 91 Law Forum, Criminal Justice Project, LEMKAN, ROBERT JAMES San Leandro, Calif. Berkeley Legal Research Board, Fair Housing Commission LESOK, EDDIE MONROE Fort Worth Texas Tech Delta Theta Phi LITTLEFIELD, PATRICIA GAIL Orange William 8f Mary Board of Governors, Student-Faculty Admissions Committee, Criminal Justice Summer Intern, Hildebrand, Consuls LOEFF LER, THOMAS GILBERT Mason Texas at Austin Delta Theta Phi, Board of Governor's, SBA, Counsuls. LOWERRE, WILLIAM GRIFFIN Dallas Trinity Legal Research Board, Teaching Quiz- master IVIABRY, JERRY LARRY Austin University of the South 1 3.- v i 'Q I I ' ' :IIE I i ,IL I I X C- ! Lf-V if AQ! I , ug, i, --if L f E' Lf 0-Fil in W CHQ, N A Ee-fx :sg ond outlines gove them hope MALLORY, JAMES ROBERT Austin Texas at Austin MANGUM, ROBERT ERNEST JR. Mt. Pleasant Texas atAustin Phi Delta Phi, Quizmaster, Law Review MAROUEZ, JOSE D. L. Los Banos, Calif. St. John's Texas International Law Forum, Hilde- brand, Intramurals MATLOCK, ROBERT JENSEN St. Louis, Mo. Washington Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Board, Hildebrand, Teaching Ouizmaster, Crimi- nal Law Association. MCCARTY, DANNY EDWIN Austin Texas at A ustin Phi Delta Phi, Criminal Law Association MCCORMICK, STANLEY ERWIN JR. Houston Texas at Austin Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Board, Criminal Law Association MCCOY, BARNEY LEROY Galveston Rice Delta Theta Phi, YD, Students' Associa- tion Attorney General, Criminal Law Studies, Police Action Project, lnns of Court, SBA Committees, Moot Court, Aviation Law Association MILBURN, MARY HELEN San Antonio Texas at A ustin Kappa Beta Pi, Criminal Law Association MOELLER, KARL H. Waynesville, Mo. Texas at Austin MORSE, GEORGE T. lll Houston Houston Delta Theta Phi MURTO, THOMAS VIGGERS Ill Austin, Penn State Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Criminal Justice Intern, Quizmaster, Mock Trial Project, Criminal Justice Society NEVILLE, DONALD THOMAS JR. Fort Worth TCU 93 NIENABER, JOSEPH WALTER Cincinnati, Ohio Notre Dame Criminal Law Association, Community Legal Services O'BRIEN, MICHAEL JOSEPH Houston St. Thomas-Houston Hildebrand Nloot Court, Intramurals, Group Research, Inc. O'NEAL, JOSEPH WELDOM JR. Gorman West Texas State Aviation Law Society, SBA O'ROURKE, TERENCE LEO Houston Rice OWEN, HARROLD DEAN JR. Fort Worth ACC PACE, DAVID WILSON Alexandria, Va. Texas at Austin Criminal Justice Project PARKER, HARLEY O. OUANAH Abilene ACC Phi Alpha Delta PAUL, CHRISTOPHER ALLAN Amarillo Texas at A ustin Phi Alpha Delta, Intramurals PEREZ, REYES VILLEGAS Crystal City Texas at Austin PICKETT, CARL NO LAN Liberty Texas at Austin POLLAN, THOMAS IVIILLER Rosenberg Texas atAustin Phi Delta Phi POWELL, EDWIN ERLE JR. Gatesville TCU Delta Theta Phi 94 'EF' ing. ,ab-'N 6 in cmd call the while the f!""l:.tK'Z'!'N'f':-'?f'z' ' A zlqw' , .7-X. -in PRATHER, ROBERT CHAR LES Dallas Texas at Austin Phi Alpha Delta, Hildebrand lVloot Court, Police Action Project, Adult Pro- bation Project, Student-Faculty Com- mittee PRICE, ROBERT ALEXANDER IV San Antonio Harvard Phi Alpha Delta, Hildebrand lVloot Court, Board of Governors, Law Assem- blyman, International Lavv Society Aviation Law Society, Criminal Law Association RAU, GEORGE HENRY JR. Angleton Texas A8fM REAGAN, PAUL RANDOLPH Temple Texas at Austin RECTOR, REID ABBOTT Austin Texas at Austin REH LER, JAN EDWAR D Austin Texas at Austin Delta Theta Phi, Law Review, master, Chancellor's Ouiz l l l 1 . Qi The Tom Clark lounge offered a respite from the rigor of classes and an opportunity to get caught up on yesterday's news future held its promises its questions for all to ponder 95 RENEKER, DAVID RONALD Memphis, Tenn. Tulsa Law Review, Quizmaster, Penal Code Revision Project RILEY, DANNY JOE Gruver Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi, Law Review Candidate, Teaching, Quizmaster, Board of Gover- nors, Chancellor's RIVERA, MARIO HOMERO San Antonio Texas at A ustin RODRIGUEZ, GILBERT JR. Abilene Texas at Austin ROSS, BERTHA SCHLESSINGER Brooklyn College, N.Y. Brooklyn College Law Forum Editor, Human Rights Research Council, Legal Aid Project, Counsul ROSSELLI, ANTHONY D. III Dallas Texas atAustin ROWE, JASPER CALHOUN Kilgore Texas at Austin Phi Alpha Delta, SBA, Black Law Stu- dents' Association ROWIN, JOHN FERRELL Brownsville TexasA8rl RUDBERG, JOE ARTHUR Dallas Duke Phi Delta Phi, Law Review Associate Editor SALYE RS, GREGORY ALLEN Houston S11 Thomas Delta Theta Phi SAMPSON, ALAN GILBERT Beaumont Lamar Tech Criminal Law Association SAMPSON, MICHAEL LAVELLE Wichita Falls Midwestern Delta Theta Phi, Criminal Law Associa- tion, Police Action Project, Legal Aid Project, Board of Governors, Human Rights Research Committee 96 47 Wos the corporate world l :Xb 5 it L. gf xl suitecl to their tastes? .QQQ 'l SANDOVAR, CHARLES FELIPE El Paso Texas at El Paso Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Research Board SAUER, LAWRENCE W. JR. Houston Houston Criminal Law Association, Adult Proba- tion Project, Human Rights Research Council SCARBOROUGH, TERRY LANE Petersburg Texas Tech Phi Delta Phi, Legal Research Board SCHATTMAN, MICHAEL DENNING Fort Worth Georgetown Texas International Lavv Forum, Delta Theta Phi, Consuls SCHWEINLE, WILLIAM EDWIN JR. Austin Air Force Academy Delta Theta Phi, Legal Research Board SCUDDAY, ROY G. Austin Rice Criminal Law Association, SBA, Student Legal Advisory Committee, Quizmaster SEVERSON, GERALD RAYMOND Milwaukee, Wisc. Duke SEWELL, CAMERON DEE Dallas Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi, International Law Forum, Research Editor SHADDIX, JAMES WEBB Midland Texas at Austin SHEETS, JODY GENE Canyon Texas atAustin SHE LTON, GRAY WESTBROOK Sanger North Texas State Phi Delta Phi SHIRLEY, WILLIAM JOHN Dallas Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi, International Law Society 97 SHORT, JAMES KEITH Henrietta Texas at Austin SIMKIN, SAMUEL H. Houston Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi, Law Review SKELTON, HENRY THOMAS Austin Baylor Law Review, Consuls SKRIVANEK, JOSEPH JOHN Ill Caldwell Texas AEM Criminal Law Society SLAYTON, JACK LYNN Andrews Texas at Austin Delta Theta Phi, Legal Research Board Associate Director, Moot Court Board Associate Director SMITH, EDGAR ASHLEY Houston Texas at Austin Law Review SMITH, GAVIN HARRIS Houston Texas at Austin SMITH, WILLIAM DARRELL Beaumont Texas at Austin Fair Housing Commission, Human Rights Research Council SOLOMON, ROBERT ALLAN Dallas Texas at Austin Criminal Law Association, Legal Re- search Board SPRADLEY, GAREY BRITTON Aqua Dulce Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi, Law Review STALEY, THOMAS LEE Fort Worth North Texas State Legal Research Board, Legal Aid, Moot Court STEPHENS, WALTER MICHAEL Austin Texas at Austin 98 I I I I I I II I I S.- I I I I I I Cr was the sphere of politics .1 STONE, ARTHUR WALTER Austin Vanderbilt Phi Delta Phi, Aviation Law Society STOVER, JOHN DOYLE 6 Corsicana ' South western STOWE, HUGH AARON Fort Worth Austin Peavy State Criminal Law Association, Police Action Patrol Project, SBA STRICKLAND, JACK V. JR. Austin Texas at Austin Phi Alpha Delta, Student-Faculty Special Lectures, Housing Commission, Uni- .,,,,,,, versity Ombudsman, Consuls STROUBE, HENRY REYNAUD Ill Corsicana Yale International Law Forum TACKETT, STEVEN J. Austin Texas at Austin Win, their predestined foie? ,. 5 ,,,- 45' X '- .,. Heads it's Bentsen, tails it's Bush. 99 Or wos privcite practice their cup of tea? TACON, AVELIN PAUL Mobile, Ala. Trinity Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, Ouizmaster TAYLOR, BOBBY RAY Dallas Texas at Arlington Phi Alpha Theta, Black Law Students Association, Criminal Lavv Project TAYLOR, MAURICE LYNN Abilene Hardin-Simmons Students' Attorney Office TERZIAN, ROBERT PAUL Abilene Washington Consuls THOMAS, JAMES KIRBY Dallas Austin College Phi Alpha Delta, Community Legal Services Program TURET, CHARLES SYDNEY JR. Dallas Texas at Austin Criminal Law Association TYCKOSKI, MARTIN ALAN Flint, Michigan Michigan State Delta Theta Phi, Legal Research Board VON DOH LEN, TIMOTHY DON Goliad Texas at Austin Delta Theta Phi WAGGONER, BOBBY JOE Fort Worth TCU International Law Society, Criminal Lavv Association, Police Action Project WALKER, DONNY RAY Fort Worth TCU WALKER, RONALD EDWARD, JR. Amarillo Texas at Austin Moot Court competition, Criminal Law Association, Fair Housing Commission, Intramurals WALLS, ROBERT ERNEST Houston ACC Phi Delta Phi, Law Review Associate Editor 100 Questions lo which only the Gods had onswers ..... ond the plocemenl office. i , Q ""1 -...., Q , In sun , . rf: , fl -i ' X . -i i., fn. Yi 7",-A. LL 44 www 'e!V .H If WARNICK, WILLIAM FRANKLIN Amarillo Texas Tech Delta Theta Phi, Housing Commission WATSON, JOHN ALLEN Fort Worth Rice Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Chancellors WATTS, GUY LELAND Corpus Christi Texas at Austin State Bar Team, Spring Hildebrand, lVloot Court Board 101 But now the WEAVER, JOSEPH REUBEN JR. Dallas Notre Dame WEBB, CHAR LES RICHEY Austin Texas at Austin Aviation Law Society President WEBER, DONALD JOSEPH, Hitchcock Texas at Austin Hildebrand Moot Court, Criminal Law Association, Police Action Project WE BERNICK, JACK NELSON Georgetown Houston Delta Theta Phi, Criminal Law Associa- tion, Police Action Project. WHITEHURST, WILLIAM O. JR. Ardmore, Okla. Oklahoma Phi Delta Phi, National Moot Court, Teacha ing Ouizmaster. Fair Housing Commission Consuls WILKERSON, GLEN MARCUS Fort Worth Texas at Arlington Texas Law Review, Criminal Justice Project Consuls WILLERSON, BETTIE TOWNSEND San Antonio Texas at Austin Moot Court WILLIAMSON, RONALD HUGH Dallas Texas at Arlington Criminal Law Association, Police Action Project, International Law Association, SBA WILLS, DAVID ANTHONY Houston Houston Phi Delta Phi, Teaching Quizmaster, Moot Court Board, Hildebrand WILSON, ADDISON GEORGE Ill Dallas Williams College WILSON, DAVIE LEE Bowling Green, Mo. Lamar Tech WILSON, JOHN CLANCY Dallas Notre Dame WOLFRAM, MICHAEL LEWIS Dallas Harvard Phi Delta Phi, Law Review Associate Editor, Legal Research Board Associate Director Chancellors, Consuls WOOD, MICHAEL WADE Austin Rice WOODS, WILLIAM RANDOLPH San Antonio Texas at Austin Criminal Law Association, Moot Court YARBROUGH, DAVID LYNN Abilene Texas at Austin Phi Delta Phi, Criminal Law Association, Police Action Project 102 end was ol hond I Q. 627' and the third spring mercifully Q ' u broughfnfbe lost tome close 'WP ' A J ' " N , . V V if " fi. gf'ffQ'f4371" 'l1,,Q, ' -vu-Q, 'x , 1 2 EDITED BY ORGANIZATIONS DAVI D DOWNES KELTON 2 LEGAL RESEARCH BOARD FRONT ROW: George Flau, Steven Tackett, Bill Lowerre, Tommy D. Stephens, Charles Gorham, Van Hilley, John H. Tate. SEATED: Nancy Lee Burrell, secretary. BACK ROW: Tom Staley, Martin Tyckoski, Jerry Fulton, Bill Osborn, Terry Scarborough, Jack Slayton, Phil Dunlap, Bill T. Bradshaw, Members of the Legal Research Board participate in the resolution of cases being handled by attorneys in private practice. The board receives problems from attorneys who often do not have the specialized library facilities needed. Students do legal research on the problems and send memoranda based on this research to the attorneys requesting them. ton: sm anewmc caurm DI R ECTO RS sm Amoniofomnoiul cm Dunne Phil Dunlap Jerry Jack Fulton Charles gtcjyniolihjgugihairman I, O I, William Griffin Lowerre ee Jack Lynn Slayton The New GCI'lCI'atiOl'1,, 106 Premium uality Beer 0 YS iiwf r.,fH. f 1 23 T 9 an 41 ll' HEMPHlLL'S BOOKSTORE BOOKSTORE The Students Store "Free Customer "EVef'R98dV pa,-k ng Rebate Case books Hornbooks Suppl e O time S eclal Orders No Extr lVIalI Orders Filled Promptly p 478 0627 a LAW LOCATION AT RED RIVER gl PARK PLACE JUST ACROSS THE STREET NORTH OF TOWNES HALL 107 TEXAS LAW REVIEW The Texas Law Review was formed in 1922 by Leon Green, Ira Hildebrand and Ireland Graves. The primary purpose of the Review is to publish a legal periodical which will benefit the legal community by serving as a forum for analysis, explanation, and criticism of law, and as a research tool for attorneys and students. In addition, the Review helps train students in the art of legal research and writing. OEFICERS: Left to Right: Phil Renfro, comment editor, Robin Gibbs, casenote editor, Taylor Ashworth, articles editor, Tommy Jacks, projectlresearch editor, Susan Schatzel, editor-in-chief, Joe Tom Easley, managing editor, Nlarc Bernat, casenote editor, David Hedges, articles editor, Dan Hyde, comment editor. NOT PICTURED: John Kyle, review editor. -,i ,.. ,f " mf' I ,t '- I 1 ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Left to Right: Steve Bickerstaff, Hugh Lowe, Mike Renfro, Bob Walls, Mike Wolfram, Ashley Smith, Ron Reneker, Fred Baron, Robert Pendergraft, Bob Grable, Duncan Osborne, John Watson, Judy Cunningham, Patrick Hazel, Skipper Dippel, Keith Short, Joe Rudberg, Corby Cosidine, Diana Dutton, Bob Nlangum, NOT PICTURED: Joe Bell, Karen Berndt, Bob Buckner, Bart Budetti, Lloyd Doggett, Joe Dyer, Patricia Elliott, Ed Ellison, Don Garner, Jim Graham, Scott Greene, Tom Harkness, Howard lVlcPheeters, Cade Nlorrow, Tom lVlurto, Bob Roller, Sandy Simkin, Hank Skelton, Garey Spradley, Scott Stehling, Glen Wilkerson, Arthur Wright. 108 Review your bidding. planning a library isn't cheap it's free! There's no need to stress the importance of planning when it comes to your library. Some books duplicate effort. Others work together naturally to save you hours of time. Our representative can give you the advice you need in planning a library. He's an expert. After all he's been doing it day after day for years. And his ad- vice is free. Write us for a survey of your future library needs today. WEST PUBLISHING C0. 50 W. KELLOGG BLVD. or 915 GRAND AVE. ST. PAUL, MINN. 55102 KANSAS CITY, MO. 64106 10 ll 'lt i MOOT COURT BOARD The Moot Court Board is devoted largely to the development of the art of oral advocacy on the appellate level. Included in the over-all program are three intercollegiate teams and the Hilderbrand Com- petition, the finalists of which compete before the Supreme Court of Texas during Law Week. Individual honors are highlighted by faculty selection of the top advocates to the National Order of Barristers. ir- 1 BOARD: FRONT ROW: Peter Dias, David P. Seikel, William Whitehurst, Thomas Harkness, Jerry Fulton. SECOND ROW: Jack Slayton, John Faught, Stan E., lVlcCormick, David Wills, James A, Daross, BACK ROW: Guy Leland Watts, Robert Cheek, Robert Matlock, Warren Hancock, William Bankston, Jack Hanks. intra.-..5.,,, -- ,. ,, r .f H., 1. . V m..,,,,, ., .., . V ,f-7-1-' t . g ' N, . - t,,':.,,-L' ' 4 " .. , " K.. I. OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: John Faught, vice-chairmang Stan McCormick, chairman: David Wills secretary. BACK ROW: Jack Slayton, special activities chairman: Jim Daross, treasurer. 110 MOOT COURT TEAMS State Bar Competition team, LEFT TO RIGHT: Guy Leland Watts, Jim Daross, and Lloyd Doggett ' lllyr Illmll Inurl llnnrh Eh: linlurrallu uf Irxns School nf lun If i I I I s-........i-..... . .... .. L .i -. -.. 5- N. --. H.. -.. .. :v 4: . fi , ,- Q I-:.,Q vim-.. ,, ,L , ,,.-,y,y,.:. . -. ., V ., Ihr linlnrullu nf Zrxau Btluml nf law it-...n. D- v-J Lo Boil it-pm-.n. mm HNF' L-W 4... ,g.,4.. -z--g-:- Just a few of the trophies Zlir llulurrailg nl' EPXIIS Sthmvl nf lam . ,. -, 3 'xl .-v- 1 rn. -...tml 47-in- ' , L' -..J-T1-Z- 1TT.T-L2lAL..f--L,-- -'I Eli: Hnlurnillu nl' Erma btlmnl nf law li I I-wha i--. L ... 1. mat if-.-ti. 94' -1-1--4-11 International Law team, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Graham, David Seikel, and Guy Leland Watts Q' 1 l l Q t r . 1 'T , 5 1 z National Moot Court team, LEFT T0 RIGHT: William lVl. Bankston, William O. Whitehurst, and David Seikel 111 MOOT COURT IN OPERATION l ' Q ll 4 ' l 13 VV,5s?m3?W-e:,,,7F1.,Y. --,--.aff-e.-T..fe A VV 4 ,V V , vhs 5193+ 3,:,,.'.-Le. , , . .. ' z'iB.'iL1f-4-lww-ff f.-fm-.:, ' V 'V .1 - ,l,,gg:fr ef-5.-1 l ,.,-nf ,- l . f 1:53725-aiitlliult-2.7: if l ff.a1ii12'f' A V l . ...AJ l .Qi-5, f 'site' :Ex me-"1 1 3-.1-.-iI..'sf . 1 if . e U"flile'fQl.?'gi9il5M21 ii'f:,.,:Q'imli7" 5 W . . . I-rw-7 - . - ' . -' . , 1 . V V V ' V 4,-V A VS.. -. J l V j ,K 1: I 5 if i l 1 as '22 , 3. ll 5 lf.. " if' 'sl i life 2 l 2 l l . . lei ., ,4 .V V -'ll ri X.. M x, l que: vw V ., W ,. ry., . mn. Guy Leland Watts speaking and David Seikel, seated, in actual competition. Jim Daross pointing to one of the many trophies that the Nloot Court teams have brought home. Hem -4. Jewelers Since 191Q 154 Hancock Center ' Austin Also in Houston 112 as -,...-1-T-' THURGCCD MARSHALL LEGAL SOCIETY FRONT ROW: Nolan Ward, Donie Eiglebiger, Sam Biscoe, Bill Mahomes, Wendy Cooper, Delphine Thomas, Gayle Ward, James Pollard. BACK ROW: Howard Banks, Richard Scott, Gene Jarman, Bobby Taylor. NOT PICTURED: Carnegie IVIimms. When You've Made It Lil X LLL! X ELRLIL 2 irifirra- ,.E, W L' 1- 1.4 W Q a 1 i I I . 'l ul c -I Make It OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Nolan ward, secretary, Bobby Taylor, treasurer, Howard Banks, vice-president. 113 -ww wif l . -iv fa .nl STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATICDN Upon admission to the Law School every student is automatically accorded membership in the Student Bar Association. The SBA is governed by the Board of Governors which is composed of nineteen elected ra members including the officers of the various classes, the Chairman of the Honor Council, the editors of the Law School newspaper and annual, and the SBA executive board. The SBA contributes to the profes- sional education of the law student by sponsoring programs that complement and add to the curricu- lum. r 153 illlfllh Vi is l if? A 1 I i 3'-J 114 BOARD OF GOVERNORS I my K 1 if :P 'fl Y- x FRONT ROW: Dave Goldstein, vice-president, Kathleen Durckel, secretary, Fred Fields, president, Torn Loeffler, treasurer. BACK ROW: Danny Riley, John Garrett, Noel Fichtenbaum, Beryl Ponton Roberts, Larry Paul Nlanley, Louis Lebowitz, Joe Cialone, David Keyko. NOT PICTURED: Tim Banks, Gail Littlefield, James Pollard. PERMANENT CLASS OFFICERS - if rift ,f A X1-seg R'-ha.N"T'x xg, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Loeffler, Gail Littlefield, president, Steve Bikerstaff, Duncan Osburne. 1 1 MEXICAN AMERICAN LAW STUDENTS' ASSCDCIATICDN LEFT T0 RIGHT: Oscar Palacios, David K. Longoria, Jesse Rodriguez Molina, Daniel F. Solis, Alberto Manuel Ramon . MALSA i,..,fvk- 1 -A! -,L X LEFT TO RIGHT: Federico F. Pena, Oscar Palacios, David K. Longoria, Jesse Rodriguez Molina, Encarnacion Ricardo Trejo Jr., Daniel F. Solis, Richard O. Gonzales. John Richard Baca MEMBERS: LEFT TO FIIGHT: Romulo L. Diaz Jr., William Bullock Toland, Gary Wayne Noe, Jack Woodville London, David L. Barrett, Nicholas Jane Pepino, William John Shirley, Chris George Paliare, Samuel Fi. Whitehill, James Andrew Jolly. 4,.,, I...- 'eiel i. +i ars2 " All ' -2 zsintmmrnie -. ,- 1 5 in ?S 'i'g:LL' 73if - ii ' 5 . fi fi.1' I 2ii?'? ii' J mn gg . l g n Q 1 ' ' i..f I, 'iid - - INTERNATIONAL LAW SOCIETY The International Law Society was organized in 1963 and shortly thereafter was voted membership in the Association of Student International Law Socie- ties. The purpose of the Society is to foster interest in international and comparative law as well as the related subjects of foreign trade and international affairs. Student members of the Society participate in the International Law Nloot Court Tribunal Competi- tion. The Society also conducts an annual exchange program between the Law School of the University of Guanajuato, Nlexico and The University of Texas School of Law. The Society's faculty sponsor is Woodfin Lee Butte. OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Romulo L. Diaz Jr., Jack Woodville London, James Andrew Jolly. 1607 San Jacinto 477-41 71 Aus'rin's Traditional Dining and Drinking Spot Since I866 117 CRIMINAL LAW ASSOCIATICDN The Criminal Law Association is organized for the student wanting involvement in the community, now and after graduation. The Association aims to introduce students to all aspects of the field of criminal law. We strive to develop understanding between the police and the future attorney, as well as between the student and the prosecuting forces in the judicial system. Also, members may participate in projects designed to show the tactics of defense in a criminal trial. H A I - .-if - nw. Suzanne Perlman visits with officers from the C.l.D. I 'Q ics ,V L LEFT TO RIGHT: Fred Pena, Mike Renfro, Suzanne Perlman, Floy Scudday, Bill Camp. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Shapiro, Davie Wilson, Shay Gabert, Bob Cheek, Tom Murto. 118 sk ' 1 l :I I . rv' .1 .TP -1,4 , , -11 ' OUT IINE SERVICE fSince 19665 Current and authoritative law outlines. Sold exclusively at: BRAY 8: JORDAN PHARMACY I I X I Te .PRCC QZWWWIQWM AUSTI N'S FAVORITE FOR: o BUSINESS MEN'S 2917 Red River GR 8-8557 LUNCHEON 0 DELICIOUS STEAKS IN BOTTLES, - BANQUETS and CAN5. MEETINGS AND DRAFT. aaa Emcone old Milwaukee Schlitz Malt Liquor 9leSRw, o4.mfm-:6.AAA.LIx Sflnau- The Hoefgen Co. For Reservations, Call: HI 4-3593 l9l7 E. 7m Stelfox 8g Co. C0-UD E331 0 Q51 1' JezxS1?rs SERVING THE EAST A CAMPUS WITH: 3 law textbooks ' Q Stelfox .sf Co. Jewelers general books . 1, have been serving school Supplies I Austin since 1915 records radios 't "' De,,,e,,f0, cassette recorders t 731 tape cassettes Qt!! Q- Rolex 'Watches photo Supplies I Omega Watches greeting cards Reed 8: Barton Souvenirs Towle Gorham tobaccos Finest Quality Diamonds and more Stelfox and Co. 809 Congress 197 l PEREGRINUS The jury found the staff members guilty of Peregrinus mayhem after the defense rested their case on the evidence that producing a yearbook involved a lot of hard work. Many hours were spent gathering material, taking pictures and working on layouts. The staff hopes that they have produced a yearbook that will be enjoyed now and will be a good reference in the future. We would like to thank everyone connected with Texas Student Publications, Inc., for their assistance. 31 If 32 I ' F3117 ' Bill Smith . business manager David Kelton, organizations editor 120 s Charles Ory, editor-in-chief T I U! . .L ' HK. Lynn LeMeilleur, honors editor ck Murrah, class editor and photographer ir ,.....---f" John Dewey, sports editor -QQ- ' 'vs- Mizell, photographer 9430011- PEIQ-5 I BUY YOUR 1970-71 PE KEcR11vUff Paul Fanning, faculty editor Craig Bensen hoodvvinking Ted Siff into buying the Peri. 1 2 TEXAS LAW FGRUM The Texas Law Forum was named the best Student Bar Association newspaper of law schools having 1,000 or more students at the American Bar Association annual meeting in Dallas last year. lt took a lot of work to capture this award, work which the new structure of men behind the Law Forum continue with skill and enthusiasm. Editors for the year were Bertha Schlessinger Ross, editor-in-chief: Bill Hubbard, special editions editor, George Covington and Mary Benson, producf tion editors, Bob Hester, assistant editorp Bill Hub- bard, photographer, Ralph Rash, cartoonist. Members of the staff were David Barrett, Alberto Garcia, Mike Kentor, Mike McReynolds, S. T. Ross, Richard Schmidt. T ,sq f,,, -n f1i""'f Editor-in-Chief Bertha Schlessinger Ross if I i f 7, C '?.ArusVf'-Y""'m Q I Th, -514.1 , ".Y'1 :ut , '-'F ' x . CL isnt Ei Tres. T t-- . LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Kentor, Bill Hubbard, Richard Schmidt, Michael McReynolds, Bertha Schlessinger Ross. 122 TEXAS INTERNATIONAL fi Nu!- OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Randall Keith Howard, David Emery Kinnan, Michael D Schattman Cameron Dee Sewell William Astor Ho Ill Michael I I , y , ' L. Gilmore, Henry R, Stroube Ill. LAW FORUM Since its inception in 1964, TILF has gradually gained recognition as a leading iournal of inter- national law, particularly in the area of international trade and regulation. ln addition to articles by well-known scholars and practicing lawyers, the Forum regularly publishes student notes and com- ments on subjects of current debate in international legal and business circles. The 1970-71 school year has been marked by a substantial expansion of the writing staff, new and larger office space, and the establishment of an award and scholarship fund to reward meritorious writing and editorial achievement. Editors for the year were Michael L. Gilmore, editor-in-chief, Randall K. Howard, managing editor, Michael D. Schattman, articles editor: Cameron Dee Sewell, research editor, William Astor Hoy lll, stu- dent works editor, David Emery Kinnan, book review editor. ...----f-' . - all-xv-I-: Sl:All:D: Robert Gray West, James F. Parker, Jose D. Marquez, Mary Carol Cunningham Jack Woodville London, Jesse N. Lipschuetz. STANDING: Christine E. Beachy, Paul C. Pearson Ill: Richard Leo Daerr Jr., James Andrew Jolly, Samuel R. Whitehill. NOT PICTURED: Bill J. Bishop, Charles L. Corsbie Jr., John Michael Keeling, Craig T. Scott, Anna Elizabeth Stool, Lewis Michael Thompson, Harold E. Vanberg Jr. 123 FAIR HOUSING COMMISSION I A U. 73 in ,P , f, f W1 A ll If f 37" 1' Yv- Members of the Fair Housing Comission, Bill Whitehurst, Jim Boyle, Student Attorney, Jon Wisser, Chuck Kreutz, and Tim Banks gather around secretary Rita Ellison. 41 'II N, ,I Bill Whitehurst discussing a case with Rita EIIISOD. Chuck Kreutz finding out how a student feels toward his landlord. 1 24 AVIATIGN LAW SO ETY L OF FICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles R. Webb, presidentg Layne Horace Harwell, vice-presidentg David Lynn Horton, treasurer. El EJ El IO VJ wg? 'Tj r5Q.3. Q QQN- -1 QNS Q EE-T, Q 3? E 353 se Q Q S N Q Mafia 3 3 S S 2 25559 2 ii 2' 2 Q Eiifsf' 5 E. 2 S 5535? E Q N e :Silas B X1 Z1 Q ee 3,522 2 mx Q e 'Q age: 5' 'E F Q29 Q 'N S. We Q Q -5-32. E fmgg Q 2 N no GosEEosclEoGosEEosclE o GosEEosclE o O-l 295 CD 'I1 --QD o o noi S Yi L 2 'JCE' fn -'U IT! 3 L 22 3 5511 o m gg' A 3-P it-11127 A 3 E -'Q 4 'SSG -lb 9 A Ja-I O Emi 1 m l 2330 I 3-lg i 12 gin ggigaafxz o Q K 'E-lg g?.h,':m:gfgXI- ' - J: :P G 1 2700 EEN! as,2O"'1,,IZ gzfbsul go 2 g.-Q Q f- I' 1-4 O WKQ gi :D CD 'Him m 2 U-JW FS Ooltb Z m 240 :Q rn -- 4 I O 22 Z 2 'DSP 2 QE: 3 5523 H1 v- ... rn C IU 0 3 soaasooisnosoa so o alosoa soo o STUDENT COURT UNIVERSITY .- I: I 3. I I. f OM BUDSMAN l r Bob Terzian Bill Whitehurst Diana Dutton and Anthony Constant. 2.5 Jack Strickland, the student Ombudsman THE CAPITAL NATIONAL BANK .-. ...IL 11.7 -"TF Inj f 1 . I ' lf I ,M lm., '---.- 5 x li I K You wIIl always fund a friend at the CapItaI National. Trust officers are eager to aid law students with their -A' if CAPITAL if NATIONAL K IN AUSTIN IIT!-IE "The Trust Department of Austin Capital National Bank works closely with attorneys in the estate planning of their cIients." .11 TEACHING QUIZMASTERS TEACHINE QUIZIVIASTERSI Not Pictured: Bob Matlock and Dave Wiggs. 4th row: Bill Bankston, Kirt Kiester, Archie Clayton, Bill Whitehurst, Bob Terzian. 3rd row: Danny Riley, Bruce James, Bill Lowerre, Tom Kelsey. 2nd row: David Wills, Jerry Johnson, Corby Considine, Pete Dias, Charles Gorham. 1st row: Barry Crutchfield lSenior T.Q.l, Barry Beck lHead T.Q.l, Noel Fichtenbaum, Luke Ellis lSenior T.Cl.l. HOME STEAM LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS -k 2301 Manor Road Featuring 3 Hour Service On Request After being informed of our Constitutional Rights, we still confess . . . That if you shop at KASH-KAR RY you know that it's good! I GROCERIES 3th and West Lynn 3035 Guadalupe 218 South Lamar 2401 San Gabriel 3415 Northline Drive gf CLSP The unobtrusive store front building in the 1800 block of Rosewood Avenue in East Austin had been empty for several months when the new tenants moved in. Its interior was cluttered with cans and bits of paper, paint was flaking off the walls, and the single fluorescent bulb still functioning only served to illuminate the layer of dirt that covered all exposed surfaces. In the oppressive heat of late August, 1969, the arduous task of cleaning, painting and remodeling began. Today the sign on the large plate glass window fronting on Rosewood reads "Community Legal Senfices Program" and inside the once vacant store is a constant flurry of activity. ln the fall of 1968, in response to considerable interest evidenced by both students and faculty, Dean Page Keeton began to consider seriously expansion of the former program. The following January, Barbara Anne Kazen lU.T. Law School, '65l who had been working with the Neighborhood Legal Services Pro- gram in Washington, D.C., presented the Dean with a proposal that the legal aid office be moved from the Law School into the neighborhood and that the whole program be given a proverbial "shot in the arm." He wholeheartedly endorsed her proposal and she was hired on a trial basis to work on organization of the new program. She was joined some months later by John Scanlan lU.T. Law School '67l, who had done considerable work in the area of poverty law in Austin before going into private practice of law in Brownsville. The CLSP program is directed by these two lawyers and is assisted by one legal secretary. fl I LQ G A L BLD is new cv? V I ff I3 O5 Rosgtaoobly ,L xl. ,1.' AJ,-,,5 .1 U 4! new name 1-. 'H' ,, 1-- ,,f, g ,.., 1 ,-A if ' li ,ML tif," CommuNrTY LEGSL l' QeRiJlCesr ' ' QM. 'kansas C'-iifAZ.lz5,7f5a't-. ... .Jai-'Q-11:r'::..e,""". .. zz sn... 1- ,mg-,...-":z,',:n.,-, ... .. ., 3 1. if-f,..,':.:.s.. .. .-11 .,,..:wd ,, " ls ' . r 2?l'II5L2!'.!'Z.'5.-.EL 1.-.-g an s- u",,..'K3.".3 QT, man- - -- in ,nl - .fame -1... .-au .se N -,.-... 1- F- u- '- A A , F. .111 -2-i-,ff ".,,: ...A K...-.1 .-,mm 3' -1- .wt 1- .::, w. ,ag ,um ,,-z, ,., 4. ..... -. . 7 -eu ,'.-:aw ,. .-. -be --gm 't:,.'z1z.... .at ,. ...,.,.t- 5---, .- , ' LX 5- V 1- 1 1- nut 51.--1: f.. ,,: me .. 1. E. ?-,,,:,g- : f-U ,,.,:1,1.:1,,g L ,- .,,......... ,.. -' li - flu' .' -1123: ",.za..:4T.I5 f-1'-0. Q. E.-H fs .-R -f we , 2 5,1 g.,...a..,-,.,, W ...,.. A L i nv'-n I -' 'ml A,g4M,w:nsA1' Gvluhxs Egg Lia Sfuaprr VLEDSE RERB 2 Before -Q- . JD Barbara Anne Kazan, director After Sanger a CLSP social worker, interviewed a client while students Michael lseatedl and John Alan Dennis worked on their cases. Q., .Q-Lf" va-tq ,-f' s ll- yu! Y. fa . M ta., A Il I John lVlcAllen Scanlan, associate director The present goal of the legal services is two-fold, primarily, as it is sponsored by the Law School, it seeks to provide students with an opportunity for learning practical skills as well as giving some experi- ence in putting their academic knowledge to work in dealing with actual problems. Secondly, the program exists to serve the low income community by providing free legal counsel in civil matters to both individuals and groups. While cases in family law are routing fare for the office, its dynamism and energy has been generated by the more complex and challenging problems that have been taken on in the past year. These include landlord-tenant and consumer credit cases in the private sectors as well as suits involving tenant unions, public housing and urban renewal in the public area. Students have been encouraged to participate in these cases on all levels-from looking up court records and drafting complaints to attending community meetings and providing a liaison between group leaders and CLSP lawyers. The ultimate purpose of this fusion of academic endeavor and legal services is to graduate students who have been exposed not only to the intellectual pursuits of the legal scholar but also to the more mundane aspects of daily legal practice. By research- ing actual cases and dealing personally with individual clients, as well as through general court appearances, the graduate of this program will hopefully be better able to enter the world of law and lawyers with a more accurate understanding on the way the legal profession operates. 129 The people who know We Under the rotosphere, you'll find Austin's oldest bank. In the same loca- tion is Austin's largest bank, and its most progressive bank. They all go under the name of Austin National. So for the usual banking services plus expert personal or buslness fmanclal consultatlon by the people who know See the professlonals' ,I USTIRI3 w ir e s A s g - 'HTIOHH "-5 I - I L Z- - ,Ni Cul 41 FI. A, rv V . Wu- , gl, fsmfuz-ks4111M b Fozc Bank Ill!! '-I We o IL ll ll L il s ll I I ' I Il ll I I il s Il H I I I 'I 211 I I I I I 'I Q I I S I l l I I . t '-.' Inwn .L ' i I I I - I .9 1 I I I ,,. :f I W I - ' -' -X I IQ Lp Mm sl 1 1 1 a 5 i : Hgtffqhr 4I1' I'n IiIlEgIIii Iss Is " - III! sl! !! " I I I lg - - X I, R E Q - 1: ki , ' fi I- I X: Ln.. ' -, , ,,,,-III, I III' IW' -. I '7.i"":" Congressa em er I P' - W I- X W W h I In 1 4 I In AI , A E , I K S no matter WI HOW RIA you get here . . ,,' J, you'll I Q" ENJOY . . Me MOTOR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Club Cas-Avan EXACTLY 354 W inches from the Campus of The University of Texas 130 jgiqmhrfff II7'?i'z'enc13fnlZr BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY AUSTIN COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. I009 West 6+h Street Austin, Texas DELTA THETA PHI John William Alloway Jack Thomas Altaras Paul David Angenend Richard Burt Ballanfant Gary Tim Banks Howard D. Banks William T. Bradshaw Jr. Richard G. Coalter Jesse Clyde Cockrum William R. Connolly George A. Covington David Bouldin Craig James Howell Cromwell Stephen Franklin Cross William Kamal Dabaghi Lloyd A. Doggett ll FALL John T. Muegge . . . . . William Schweinle Jr. John Marion Tutt .... Joseph Michael Watt . . . Martin Alan Tyckoski Robert N.Maxwell .. James Walter Pearce . . . . Jack Lynn Slayton . . . OFFICERS ....Dean.... - - - Vice-Dean. . . - - -Tribune - - ....Exchequer.... .. - Clerk of the Rolls - - - - - SPRING Joseph Michael Watt David Bouldin Craig Robert Wayne Gage .Jan Edward Rehler Michael L. Sampson .Master of the Rituals. ........ James Waler Pearce . . . . . Bailif-f . . . . . . . . . . .Martin Alan Tyckoski . . . Bailiff . . . . . .Thomas Lee Geren MEMBERS Richard Dunshie English Harold Edmond Ford Robert Wayne Gage John Booth Garrett David C. Garza Robert Floyd Gonzales John Robert Hester Jr. David Lynn Horton John Leonard Hurst Jim Bob Hutcheson Stafford Hutchinson John Richard Jenkins lll James Andrew Jolly Gordon Wayne Jones Jr. David Andrew Keyko Murray M. Lesher Eddie Monroe Lesok Thomas G. Loeffler David Thomas Maddox William Mahomes Jr. Barney Leroy McCoy George T. Morse lll John T. Muegge Joseph Walter Nienaber William S. Osborn Harold Dean Owen Jr. James Walter Pearce Jan Edward Rehler Robert V. Robertson Michael L. Sampson Jerry Saegert William Schweinle Jr. Scott Charles Shelton Jack Lynn Slayton John Robert Stratton Steven J, Tackett Jack Morris Terry Patrick F. Timmons Martin Alan Tyckoski Timothy Don Von Dohlen Nolan F. Ward William Franklin Warnick Joseph Michael Watt Jack Nelson Webernick James Howard Wilkins Jr. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Darnall, Harlan Winn, Judge Reynaldo G. Garza, Jim Brady. Judge Garza was initiated in the fraternity on Dec. 5, 1970. 1 3 1 2 DELTA THETA PHI The largest legal fraternity in the world, Delta Theta Phi is composed of individual student senates. The Sam Houston, a local senate, prides itself as being the only University of Texas legal fraternity with a chapter house. Last summer the Sam Houston Senate was recognized as the outstanding student senate in the nation for the third consecutive year. Invitation for membership is extended by a unanimous vote of the active members of the senate. The requ-isites of consideration are the attendance of at least two rush functions and a mimimum average of 65 for ten hours. The current chapter membership numbers around seventy. , T 11 ' VZT ' rs l t l: "cl 'Sf' it U l7l,' A W llqizfi lx! 1 J r i I J as A r-itil' ' T . fr- fl ll T l , ra- G lg--.1l'f, y T X ' ' , Alloway Angenend Altaras Ballanfant G. Banks al' , 13' ti- l . 'if -1- lly I' . N91 A eeezzazazufff- Gt- e A H. Banks Bradshaw Coalter Cockrum Connglly Covington Craig Cromwell Cross Dabaghi Doggett English Ford Gage Garrett Garza Gonzales Hester Horton Hurst . ,iv . LEFT TO RIGHT: David Garza, J.J. Jake Pickle, Judge Reynaldo G. Garza, 1 'bv Hutcheson Hutchinson Jenkins Jolly Jones Keyko Lesher Losok Loeffler Maddox Nlahomes McCoy Morse lvluegge Nienaber Osborn Owen L9 Pearce v :- .D Saegert Sampson Schvveinle Shelton Slavton Stratton Tacken . . Q , , if ' S Van Dohlen Ward Warnick Watt Webernick Wilkins '... Rehler Robertson Timmons Tyckoski 133 LAW WIVES iinisi ,,,. WL ' ks si .lyk Xl,- Law wives at a meeting to discuss upcoming plans. Compliments to I x' the Class of 1971 Cily was National Bank 9th and Congress During finals the Law Wives provided refreshments for the U 134 .X ' ""L"-hzfiif-1Q,.. ' ' ' " N . ,, - f I , P' - ' ' - 1 , N f ' '. fig .,,'s1ii1 -if W H ,A M In v.'..k.,5iA!y' f 1 -1, .:.i, , ' .- W- LJ- : ,-,,A H M . l .,., 1 5. .Hi MARCH INJUNCTION WORKERS Amidst the turbulence on the University campus in lVlay 1970, following the Cambodian invasion and the Kent State tragedy, this group of law students worked late into the night preparing a brief to secure a temporary restraining order from District Judge Jack Roberts blocking the city of Austin's ban on the student protest march in the city streets. The parade, the largest in Austin's history, proceeded peacefully, partly as a result of the efforts of persons such as these law students pictured below. Wilkerson, Taylor Ashworth, Steve Bickerstaff. 4 --. . .., .ce .U-if Easley, iviaric uernat, uiana uutton, Fred Baron, Richard Mithoff, Pat Hazel, Dan Hyde, Jack Strickland. NOT PICTURED: Hugh Lowe, Glen if Arthur Mitchell lectures Bar Class. i Arthur Mitchell Bar Review Course "Since 1950" This is the original Bar Review Course. lt is conducted by practicing attor' neys to aid applicants in their prepara- tion for the Texas Bar Examination which is made up by practicing Texas attorneys. Congratulations to the Class of 1971 477-9651 Suite 315 Westgate Building 1122 Colorado Street Austin, Texas 1 35 wwwwww'www,wwwwwww,WNW,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,w,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 'Wwwuwwummmuwwwwwwww'''''''''''''W""""""""""Mm.ummw W,NM,HHHHH,WW....mmm"'wm.,..,..w.' wuwwuwmwwWWWWmmwwuwwuuwwwwwu EDITED BY CHARLES ORY AND JOHN EDWIN DEWEY mmndll ""'!T!!!"--- -I1.ww.n,MIlNI0"!!!4!'V"""" UWT' limnnlIII'I"Il'Ill mmm W! WIWXIWININI l mm M, lnnnfln .lllllwl V E--E- -lEE- M- -E--E-f : ..IIEimm ---- M EE-E-E- -E-- ' lliffiiiiiii ----- Nm --------- 'w1!22:f:e:::"" .,..1.,..,.ml""wmW,,,,,W.........luW''!m:i,m,in.m....mnl'!!!ue!!e!iQ2Q2" -E--E--'"aa,-------W-----1:eeeE:E:::t::--1--E--H-+-H---I----f!:ae::a:is1if---'-m-------- m-ml"""" 'lmIII""' H w qu' I EINI "" l Pidaiiiilnn 'N--' 'N--' I 'P"lHH:!55EE5i?iii """ "H""!"f'!?!IEE2'2I.:..:.g W':', ...,....... IIM """ """' !"I':f55iiiiii...lnv ""' " W .. . W ---- E -l-E- M-W-mi E..E. L., ---- E -El-E---- -HH ----'- ::::raaa: ------ HH-w's::::::::-- NI' """"'N"' ""f'H5in .. ,... ..m ""' ""' ' ""'2:ffEf!!iii.illl """ !!mm!!::iiilIlllI"""" N.......x....l I ,HW nl 'U IIIINIIIINI ll.. ''1'wwllunm1.H..,..N...N.wll"H"'. ggmmmm.,......nn"-1" I lwuwrnwlw M' """"""' ' I W: in wl,wlwwl1l1n dm' I, n nw 1 mm nMl,N1" " ' ""' " 1 my ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 37 ., mu, an I I ! mm,mnn,n 1 nmmmM!!"""' lim' 3 JW L , ' Ti? I -1 I PREPARE TO RECEIVE A TRUE 'ni K, VIEW OF THE FACULTY ACTION - ' "" BOTH IN THE CLASS AND OUT 2' 'MT l . if-f -P 'I I I And he rewarded his efforts with a warm handshake. P1 .f Let not thy right hand know what thy left hand doeth! 1 38 Justice Fran kfurter WOW ij Come closer my dear so I may see you all the better L im ig 37" V 'I..5"'i'i!TVF53f?'f7?g7v ,1Wguqg.g- 1153: '1W1'?i"f 7 3' 'T .1 ffl 1 ,- , -N-. ' y'A"., A '- - M . ri Li.-fi Jax.. lg, 1:s,vH?21,J'::ij!' NRL , V1,4::JaQb11,p91,,fl5:t.r'.:5,: aiu, v4Q1Y.f'vi 1,141-1iL.v 4, if, v M144 - -Twi.,,,.k.w, ,i-42-, l,,t,...- , V Y , - . 1 ' ,A-A-AL, , W ,jp,1J- ,i H ' -:f- I 1,-. - 'ff-f, 13- Sf ' w, -lil f i 4'1"-QF ' 'A ' 'W-.. '-5f,l5.'7 ' ii f .Rf I-5 f'-'wf.'i,"3:-' U '1"Pl'.i ' A I' J' 'C 54921 ' 's Q""-t f',.1i:l'1 'wif 5' ' fair: V ",--mfr -- ' -7',"' 'V 'Fl -23, J -- A .5 X ' ggi. "1-l',3 f.j , si A ,lf is ,- li A f N H Q 321, .5 ,I ,wggisf-ff, sw- 1 Arg gb - is " S' Af -' 'V ' 1 A V-4 1 q.,- 1- - A iv' Q ,kzfiftfii J '-L-g:- ,.e",- 'Zfi1:',g, - 1- mfiflfa - ' 5 Q S'-'-5-TK' 5:7 - 3 fl" ifisfff F .., til. ,G .U ,mv , I +1 ...??'F':g-'ff-"" '-fiat' . A .. b I lush, 'ZA f-1. . -1, un l ,-ffm, .,,:-kmwf-,, xr Mm., , , , , uv- . H. " ,- j . told me there would be days Bike this. i 'GN-lL....f, -ff FOR NEVER HAVE SO FEW MEN HAD SO MUCH POWER OVER SO MANY Bull Sheet P 'f1w1?ruf.,N i ,. This is the way to approach Proxim:-ate cause. ' Golly Durn O PERI PRESENTS: FACULTY FUNNIES I cmd then . Back By Popular Demand 140 D . Faculty Funnies Il I do not know if this is a case for rising expectations. V ii A A i!'5:1'i5i:f Ji- .' i., -in - -. , ,i -' ii 4 i "Y X' . W I YV . ,:, ,p :,,,. il., f. , , . i , i 3'- ':','jiQv"-v"1-' ,QZH - ' ' 1 , 'W-4, -ll 1 - .-. . T , Lili Q-i'1:Lf' -if v5 ' " I.-n ' I -! If: i , b .. ' , ' ,, I gf ',.- . L.. ,i ff , - ,Mi 'Vi i fl-fl. Q, 'V' 3, ,v' I-1 ' iv' How do you spell Fat Chance!? O L do - - - ' . . .fc-. ', ,' ,A J. ' ' l - , -, '..- '- -. .f . ,.' . ' . - -J. - 1 . - r --- -V - - 'i num 'wow 3 f Y j 1 wi ga, i Vficlyouf' i iP"" i .Q 5ifTTfK T'i5giyk57 'Jig you! 'I fCOF6nuf 1 Tw i' Q :fl i V '-Awawg had.: Y ifrflfjh, ""' r .,, l ffl ' , .1 ' U A If 4 lf i , 3 it .sa is r T'L,i"j . ,z,,,a ' I These Boots are made for walking. A gl,-.UQ Q - EXQMQMN L -8 WGS CL Solu-ogL-DDHZCL, So 6 sensual H., E.K,P1,,,,,,j ll' '40-S M ExpfAMA+foM,41-Q -ML Law! 1T'5 Poucy Ivramfv 41-I 5P0L,67 LJoM'T Yom FooL.5 EVER L.!?,0kll!-- N 4 3 'I- up-0 H' Sfixiflfx x jill ff! W l l I J W , XZ gr! ff .1 Y. , 31 ,lg 55 W - . , 't r iivti 1 lVly Date for an 88. "Any Resemblance to Persons living or dead is strictly coincidental. One more crack like that, wise guy, and you are flat on your ass. Exercise No. 5 combines the Cha-Cha-Cha with the Chest Stretch. 14 1 All Work And No Play Does Not A Lawyer Make lfwx-x. Rfk. v V. ,.,...'.,, P 142 ' 71 ' f Socicals Socicals, and Then Still More . . More Socials a jul Iwi'-it ' " x fa 'r 9.5. PJ fx I . 'MQ' 1 ol 'I - .'L'ih"'Ka'- V ' vo. ' fl"1-s f f A , mf - r 1 4 If ' 'hx I I' 'l s 'A 'I-n' .-3, A. V' ,'QDIA-V, -A ..n .1 y . 4- 4, I , . ,.N .--5 Q at '11 x ZNX P :Q r'j-1,1 'I' 1 ' X .v if I, RW A, V -by . , M, , I .' I 41 f vii i V .4 'kg h ,WIN n ' E. 5435 -+5 Fi , .. . , ff: fi ,Ebb I 47 f V' The Mini Shoot t T T'fFZ:a, : H Tora Them Fems Mossed For The Attack. H U ' 4 fYTe.e.4:I rx M Law St memes -P Earwotttg ca-9 'tht gems an O"5'm"t5"2?ca'ifne.S9f"'fiT2,f,' ci Zjmsnulm, hd -X-O ottend 'F rs? eei hw- QYQ, Fkoom LOW School .N 7 ' GF ' , s ffi in LLO- in ?'0"m fish O41 BOTH 312153- FUI ht T 3 I' I rn ami- T lf' ff' ' .1 l - .. , o -. , Nt 'nffla qfam T fknivaijq recognisd orgmaizaiihu T get 'Z g.. , R ze Y. T T. N I' M 'L I I - -,:'J?:1'T' ,M v if ' 5 - ' i.1ff5if"fffT-Q 3 ' ',.', , ELM -P6-mie.5n.fSQd-Dx, o31JJ.fPm3m.., T tm Tb' ' tpadxa, MOL -Um 4+w..oTfm19M Q"aLo.e.e.4.we-wwfyywef -gtgfw., fewgl-PUUZIJ ,,,,'d,',.,..'d..qQ,,, ' 'I-eu., Mempmwwehw T Dx F 11 g g 1 do not wish to be considered: Ber dt K A Blak Fyuh A Buck, L d El b th Dutton, D Ch ryl Nelson, B bby J H Ross Berth S hle g S h t 1 S Ab g 1 Sto E q Elliott P t A M Sh rley D T Ficht b E N H St l A n El 2 b th Hend o M G S J M chael H lpn- ,mn I rl Portia: To Be Or Not To Be . . . lBufl Hell Hath Na Fury Like A Woman Scorned. . Alas, Poor Peri, I Knew You Well. The Forms Cf Acfion i The Profs never had o chonce in foce of the crowd 81 porfision referees. So the gome ended with the Killing of the Kegs. V. The Faculty .1 xi-x' 14 Movin' On is-qi 150 wus.-xg '?5j'4 N X-1 it' fl 5 Q3 f ' ""'Pd'-'S - , . K, -Y .Ma Befwixt 1 J A-'NON 43" I. Y. x 13 s-iff" "" M... L.: x' v . . '. .N,. -,. M w X W' Q .1 L ,. .w ,Xin -'LN K' , ,V x. I- I' . IL' A ' . , I If and Between 42' S' Yx . 2 lp! .psf , A , f 'J 4 u .','4 v 1 'xx N , Ji' 1'- x 4 ' 'N f ' '. I . 5 A .5 V 4,5 1 x .4- . , e "TheLc1w ls A Jealous Mistress" - The Deon ,mag .. -.. -fi il. l . . T, 7 ' Q-v ."'.- X Q- W ,I ,vlnl ' 'divx ,K iv . Q , 'wr-l N. .T - . 5,-.x . In ,I - 1 5' J, 'K 5414 ,W-a X 154 'Cx ' W v 1 -40 mum, 'Q u Q. ' in li f TSW n"ri1 rvi' Uv'-'Q I11'x,':,l 'QQQQ fix lip N t INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL What have Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nathaniel Hawthorne to do with football? To the average football fan the only Emerson that comes to mind is Emerson Boozer, and the presence of a Hawthorne is even more rare on a football field than in modern literary circles, if such is possible. lt is not that either Emerson or Hawthorne ever knew anything about football lthey did noti or contemplated that it would become a national weekend ritual linconceivablel. Rather it is, that football, when played well, is an experience that connects the currents of Emerson and Hawthorne that run so deeply in American life. Individual initiative, self reliance and skill become joined with order and a nearly divine commitment to something larger than self-The Team. In Law School football experience, the Team is the Legal Eagles, coached by Professor Charles Alan Wright and winners of more championships in recent years than any team that comes to mind, including the great University of Texas Longhorns who managed to run off 30 victories in a row. The Legal Eagles are a precise and proud unit. Each one of the players possesses that natural ability so abundant in America. But there is more. There is the, order and commitment, year in and year out, supplied and reinforced by Coach Wright and the chosen team captains. 1, Yipee! I am gaining 20 yards and there are Legal Eagle scouts in the stands. s4"'5" ' "nfs v s 1'- "l-wof --f-M'..4- f' ' ' - ja-snuff' -J - . mm! . , 156 . - - . ,T l 1 . T - - '-L W 4 'W ' ' - ' .-.-- . Q-uzi. " 'V' " ,T7,J,MA,,,.,,. -.,,-en- - te- .,,. . , ., ..-v . I fs , ,gal-av -..-1- , '-" V ' , ,nan-and , ,,. 5 any , , - - ,-.,.,,,., ,.., t., , . . .. . It ,. M- .., ,QV , . ,is ---'H :A-L, 'j"wel35, ,- X , ga- -lun-..-... ...f A vi- . - .f'9!"!TaiiL:v,1a' -- -- as .- . ' '-" ' 1-...f ---V ' 1 .f - , -J 4" 'M!v1.." " '-. ff-I - I' 4g..,.+1e,,...., vt. " ,... "2M,5,.:? -aw - ' vi--wr - ., . ' - . . 1 . ilk 1' W - vunlwe-'i, rl:.MN . V wt . ,,-,..', , -A .. ,,Li,.., u As if to enforce the truth of these principles upon the unbelieving, the Eagles began to discourage all challengers. ln the first game of the year in the Law Division, the Stealers attempted to rob the potent Eagle machine of some of its horsepower. Nlen are not hanged for stealing Horses, but that Horses may not be stolen. George Savile Marquess of Halifax The attempt by the Stealers failed and the Eagles soared away 21-7 on two touchdowns by Bill Junell and one by Kevin Holcomb. In the next scheduled game the Eagles opponent Sine Oua Non lived up to its name and proved that there is an indispensable item in a football game if a team is to gain a victory. That item is points. Since Sine got none on the board, logic and Eagle prowess dictated that they could not win. The Eagles got 35 points on two touchdowns by Adrian Young, two touchdowns by Kevin Holcomb and one TD by Lloyd Cunningham. The Eagles continued their shutout defensive play, breaking the Roughnecks 22-0 behind a two touchdown performance by Adrian Young and one TD by John Drolla. Fate required that the Roughnecks face the Legal Eagles again, although one can be sure that the Boughnecks had not appealed for a rematch. After the Eagles devastating air attack in the first en- counter, the Roughnecks defense was soon erecting an air raid shelter beneath the sideline bleachers. The first duty is that of subduing fear. Thomas Carlyle The score this time was Eagles 32, Roughnecks 7, with Dan Van Winkle scoring twice and Holcomb, Cunningham and Young one each for the Birds. As the season ended in the Law Division, the Eagles played the Tribe for the Law School Cham- pionship. The ambition of the Tribe to usurp the throne of the perennial rulers was a threat to replace royalty with mortal law students. But the Tribe forgot the first principle of insurgency and their game plan was doomed. The only justification of rebellion is success Thomas B. Reed The ambitious dreams and overstriving of the Tribe was met with Eagle grace. The Tribe may well have been one of the "lost ten" recorded in the Holy Scriptures. Certainly reference is made to their fate in THE TALIVIUD: Ambition destroys its possessors. THE TALMUD: Yoma 86 Thus it was that the Tribe was decimated 26-6 on two TD's by Cunningham and one each by Winston Chapman and Dick Watt. The Law School Champion- ship remained in the talons of the Legal Eagles for the 5th straight year. J312.. all 1-.. A y ,- 's."'L..1 ., ' .-.,1---A-.4543 -.,qqvl'-nv-- '?-' ,.-,- T.-""' ite- . -.-.Q srgevi 11 fl, ,C ...fs I' F-A--5,51-v TQ" .,,r.vx.,1Ag-J 4-W.-Ufsa 1 - " fgwf. I "T .1 . +8-. -,. 0 t. l V, .1 .. 4 so ' 'JP' . "-. .1. -P 1 nf- - 'H of ' 1,-'K t Q i 7 em, .. L or-4 'f:,. ' ,Ah - .. . -' - Q. ...-. sp., - I .F --, ,J Nj A es.. .1l,.r 1 Q 4. ' Q .. "" L 2 ' " , , -"' . --va! ' . ' i' , 'U' i ' , T ' ' " 1' ' '1- 5 " V an . A Q:-'42 ,,nL,,, W . .,,. , EP -4.l'2"l-,:.:'f.L" Ai- ' 1 -' -.., Q .L V .?'If...37' 4 157 CHAMPION LEGAL EAGLES But no season is complete without a Super Bowl game. The Eagles had won the right to play once more for the Graduate School Championship against the Whiz Kids whom the Eagles defeated last year for the same Grad school title in a 29 to 7 rout. But this time the Whiz Kids were more than ready and raced to a 22-19 lead. The ability and com- mitment of the Eagles was being put to the test. With the Whiz Kids still leading 22-19 and only seconds remaining, the Eagles had the ball on their own 11 yard line when they connected on a Randy Howard to Dan Van Winkle pass play which took the ball inside the Whiz Kid 20 yard line. Time ran out on the play, and the Eagles long string of championships appeared to be at an end, but one of the Whiz Kids was guilty of an infraction of the rules, which resulted in a penalty and the ball was finally spotted on the Whiz Kid 11 yard line. Since no game can end on a play on which a penalty was incurred, the Eagles got one more play. Randall Howard dropped back and threw a strike to John Drolla in the end zone for the 11 yard touchdown that brought the Eagles a 25 to 22 victory and their 4th straight Grad School Championship. Another triumph of ability and a dedicated spirit. T e It Are you sure this is the intramural field? FRONT ROW: William A. Hoy, Alan Tomlin, Dave Perkins, Steve Matthews, Jack W Hanks Rob Gibbs Adrian Young BACK ROW Lloyd Cunmn harn Kevin Holcomb, Glenn Ellison, Ed Junell, Dan VanWinkle, Professor Charles Alan Wright coach Winston Chapman Dick Watt lVlike 9 , Perrin, Randy Howard, John Dvolla. 1 5 8 THE GREAT l97O HANDBALI. TOURNAMENT RESULTS r MATHEWS-JUNELL BROWN-RICHARDSON HERMAN-CLAHK "'ER'V'AN'CLARK HERMAN-CLARK SCHWEINLE-REHLER MIZELL-ROTH FREEMAN-Mcwl LLIAMS FREEMAN-IVICWILLIAMS BARNDT-TREECE TREECE-BARNDT TR EECE-BARNDT AYLOR-BEDELL L h u U To HERMAN-CLARK-CHAMPIONS T 'TTTT T" ' T T 4 I have finally found 3 cgun that agrees with me. I was going to become a professional handball player but somehow the contract talks were too confusing. 1 59 A A 1 .W .Kip ,ul M' ,X I -si. vi s ' 4 Tig? X : A X -n I u E1 fa I ai' -...,, H iz? ... iff-V: 3 f .4, rg -. f it ', .154 ,HF I' .-we , 3 Rf Q . :"."", V ' 72 - gin ' "V 4 . ,e 1 T -' , ,Ma l A ,14.'g,, +L. .1 3 417. l ll if Us A 1 .-.pv--f-- 1 I' W P.- , 4 Au ,A ...,..K. x !, - SK 'sl' Yi? ,wx " x'X?i 'Ju' 1 'Wu' ft. 1 Q I '55 JZ. 1- Mxx, , i ,' x X Q , ,mf1f19"! r fwfffgf X ,- :fM"ffi'?1d!f , E N- M-Q'if'.5' z1, f:fm'I'F g,. , .'1.I?,'UWf. z' M v ff 'ff f ' xl, -,aazfik fir' ,. Q ,- 'wix'i53: . Alia-""7"'i' 1 1 ' " "UVM 'P1.'loX N xt S ww- 1-M-' wwf f 4 - f 4 , z 1 Q: 2 Q 41 Q- 1 if EDITED BY H QEN QR5 LYNN BRALEY LEMEILLEUR DEDICATEE ALBERT P. JONES Professor of Law Procedure ll and Ill, Legal Profession, Em- ployer's Rights and Creditor's Rights. lt is rare that one finds a man who brings to his profession the diversity of background and record of excellence that Albert P. Jones has brought to this school and its students. ln addition to being the author of several noted texts and a renowned authority on Texas Procedure, he possesses the unusual ability of being able to combine an academic and philosophic dedication to teaching with a wealth of practical knowledge gained from years of experi- ence as a very successful plaintiffs attorney. The Law School is indeed fortunate to have on its faculty a man of his stature and ability, a man whose outstand- ing skill as a teacher is matched only by his technical skill as a legal craftsman. So it is with his many talents and contributions to the Law School in mind, that we are pleased to dedicate the 1971 Peregrinus to Albert P. Jones. ..aQ..,L.,.Qs: I L Y W.F,,,,.,!y.,..,.,.-ev,.,,- V' f' 164 S. TEACHING EXCELLENCE AWARD 1 l 70" i 41 " Bernard James Ward, LL.lVl. Thomas Watt Gregory Professor of Law At the Third Annual Page Keeton Law Week ceremonies, Professor Bernard J. Ward was honored with the annual Teaching Excellence Award. Professor Ward, a nationally recognized authority on federal court jurisdiction and practice, was selected by law students in school-wide balloting as the most outstanding classroom teacher. He regularly teaches courses in introduction to the law and federal courts. Professor Ward received his LL.B. from Loyola University in New Orleans, La., in 1949 and he was in private practice until 1952. His teaching career began at Loyola University in 1952 and in 1954 he taught at Yale, where he was named a Sterling Fellow and received his LL.lVl. He then taught at the Notre Dame Law School from 1954 until 1968. Professor Ward was reporter for the Committee on Appellate Rules of the Judicial Conference on the United States from 1961-68. Since 1968 he has served as reporter of the Standing Committee on Judicial Conference of the United States. He is co-author with J. W. IVIoore of the law text "United States Courts of Appeal: Jurisdiction and Practice." 165 CHANCELLORS Established in 1912, this organization represents the highest honorary society of the School of Law. Its purpose is to reward law students who, by consistent scholarship and achievement, have shown themselves "most likely to succeed professionally." Each semester, eight law students who have com- pleted 45 hours of law school work and have attained the highest scholastic averages are selected for mem- bership as Chancellors. Vice-Chancellor, C. Taylor Ashworth "Glenn 0.4 Illilll Q- .A ChanCe"0"'3f'Laf96, Tieman H- Dippel Jf- Keeper of the Peregrinus Hugh Shelly Lowe 1'! Clerk, John Allen Watson .qv '-M' fin 1970 ,...-A SPRING Grand-Chancellor, Robert Cole Grable 8 Grand-Chancellor, Danny Joe Riley Vice-Chancellor, David P. Coteliesse ' L Ag A1 A-:: -wal in 1 5- , 1 - if xv .LE-4 f 4. ,, ,, .,,..,..n.,, 4-- 1970 SPRING Chancellor-at-Large, Phillip M. Renfro ' 1 1 vi 5 Chancellor-at-Large, Michael O. Rosenvvasser Chancellor-at-Large, William Thomas Jacks 'ns -an 1 Wi iii fl' am' ui. 'if .l. 21 rm. :r- 1 -1- ,E M, g tif? '11 'li 1' I E? 15 If n - 41 .,. 'Sf -a V' x H 0 'Q A -.4.., -:- -.- 5- ,...A, -391 1 will .pi , Y-..,,',r 4 . .1- t f au lf 1'-1' 9 .4 -so 7 I "I wr?-3:35 -gpgunih-3luvl'lD-31' .Q--.........4 A -an ' Asn was '11 NIH. Y?"-33 "SI -1 Ii "-1 rf-'In 1-'HU MK +f-1 .. 1 - -1- n Hr: .Q-sv-1911 Hug rv was an n -s Y Q-q 'lx ' ""' "C Q -'-1 5""'1l1 'F-B'tl 11 -W V-an I gg Q 1.-a-a-0'0"' D 's9mul'i'3111 sunk-49 -1. il ff- FQHD -F431 ai '-M' 1 ,-an 04,9 fb 1 I --I W G K Wanda Fulcher PORTIA NOMINEES Helen Milburn i 1 I n ia Mary Carol Cunningham 17 CGNSULS The Consul award is conferred annually upon the twelve or more senior lavv students who, by their participation in extracurricular activities, have made the most significant contributions to the Law School outside of the classroom. Selected by a committee of student leaders, the Consuls are chosen on the basis of actual service rendered by the student in various activities in which he or she participated as well as scholarship, initiative, personality, responsibility, and integrity. 2- 5' sf 4.2 Y ,av Joe Tom Easley 1 74 Ji-,f ' - 'ls Frederick M. Baron r' A' V . ,y .,-- Barry Nathan Beck SUV! r ef ' - 3' David Eldridge Graham Frederic Earwood Fields J?" . . r y r, ww , tv,-. U. 1 :m ..-,4- l ,, K . ,w,., - 423. .. nun: 'Q Q.. ffz- , P '.. -. , . ,vu -. 77 4 Ill' , , 5 4 . .N 5,-.. Hx , 1 A x .-. :faf-:inf -,f-.. .- -f, Nz:-. L -2 L- -'.,',.,, ,wiv -- -- ,l -an-N" ' .lit va' Charles Berly Gorham 3 ,. LTI. r 5' L... r P' M I If '4 ZH l 7 Randall Keith Howard Rf '- '5U5i 5453 'T' , . 1igf,+f:,,,t-. M4-S LF U . ,far may r My L'-, mil-mi, Lil? !,.3G-:ici-14317 A . 1. Qi.f'.fi'5'r-9 ' , i:Qfj'.'ff3" ' "Ii 'Cl -VL ,I A L 1324-2573 V' -Jflg' rf.: 32 I: .-L.-5: ',:j,r '1.7F:Q?J'3 ' - dzxqg.. L,-,,, X, fi-'ffP:15f.' Y' H we ' ff.: :vp .ay ,7"2'1',4?'-??i 1 , 'K-QT ab"-' .Q "N .53 " ' : 52241 7 vu- ' A '-b-iff. .A f , 3 1 .,..Q n Hrfwr Thomas G Loeffler J John Leonard Hurst 1 l1Q.i:,:..: 2 W , ' - 4, gf'-., A William Thomas Jacks David Talmage Hedges Jr. Patricia Gail Littlefield CONSULS c:oNsuLs ',,.,v.q-and -4....L 'en - 1 Ke 5 ,v 178 LM, Hugh Shelly Lowe Carnegie H. Nlims Jr. vu 1 ? I f I n 1 Bertha Schlessinger Ross I ...AJ- nib .....Q2-'s-1.44 s Henry Thomas Skelton 33-5-1- Michael D. Schattman eil 'iff' fn' . - ' T117 ' Y ' , T :iQL1.I' Q ' .-'ff' 3291 :skii- ' I M 'rg' 34 I - . '- sa- . af " n 'ff' '2 i:'Q:55:xl'E'g1 I F-355121 ' , Litfg 355: if -f'ifj52'51 mmf' Q--Q-........ 7 , v 80 CGNSULS Jack Vernon Strickland QU . ,fury William O. Whitehurst Jr. l "ij l :QW . 1 ,Q '-L., f-.. 44Q.".',-, .UAV 3- ' . ' l"'f' "W-'A' '413:.Aw'p,---H-".,. f, , ' . ww", wwf X, tw-"',"-'fi,.-- . , -n--w no W.:-A1 'JAM-,, ...Q A ,'!!"7'!i5i.'f5'l'f1"l'!f--l'.T 5-4-1iM'1"ii-.5 , xr, 1-5?-1.w1-H.-.,i'-y , 'rl-1+ -' fn . . 'Ska-. 'f7w.-: QW? lr-.-K4 lg J'fHJi4p, .Q 24-.V-4 '- ,.'- k,,.:.,!,k,' H I I1.L.,g.1f .!,l?hv?.::v'2.':.-X sqbzliaku 351,55 L, Q . ' wg-ls f, - - - ' .,,,1. ' 5!QGf5?4f,:gff,Q-I.', ,axe VL- , . , 1 ,.,. --l".-' fu 'f 553:35 'W'I'c:'Q94',r' 'f -'fafffx-1 ', ' F Fl- 5 .f l'iU'.f'fl3'f'f1FI"' '4 2, '-Q4!'3lu'fef4:5F' '- "ig 1:5-',:,.,..5x 1 -, 'ff , fi V -. ., 'L'-5 .gwf,:, ,A, "'-" w4?l4'f-F451 , .. ' ' -i.ff"- ,gigxf A V 7. 9 '- ' Glen Marcus Wilkerson 3.33- lVlichael Lewis Wolfram 18 2:17 g 5 H WRWUZIQMIV m?.S1El1?SGlZF" E 2 IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliilllI M y - I GR 5 Q " as . . . When TIME is important. . . think of HOLIDAY . . . one hour dry cleaning until 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday . . . ,lg C l M65 O 1 2.35 'Q 0:0 1 :LE as l-U.lo25u. Open Your Account At UNIVERSITY H STATE BANK A u s 'r 1 N , T E x A s Enjoy COIVIPLETE BANKING SERVICE 182 1904 Guadalupe lOn the "DRAG"l. . . Ph. 476-9101 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION l TYPING QIKIOGRAPHIHC PRINTING 4 Tom Sealy, Chairman of the Law School Foundation presents members of the Francis family a memorial plaque during the dedication ofthe Charles l. Francis Auditorium. T Institute For Texas GQ I BAR REVIEW, Inc. ' 'gg 220 S. Congress GR6-2282 gf .E fl Austin Texas 78704 All tag. ii Willard C Finkelstein Director Dean Keeton lectures bar review participants. g The Lecturers at the Institute for Texas Bar Review, lnc. are distinguished professors of law from the Texas Law Schools who lecture on each of the subjects covered on the Texas Bar. The unique aspects of Texas law are emphasized in the context of a complete, systematic coverage of each Bar course, topic by topic. Special emphasis is given to those legal problems which the Bar Examiners have considered important in past years and to those which appear most important and timely now. The lectures plus the outlines and study materials are designed as a unit to give comprehensive coverage of the various subjects given on the Bar. The aim of the Institute is to give the student a clear understanding of the essentials of each Bar course, to sharpen his comprehension of important problem areas, and to tie together all of the Law School courses found on the Bar. The Institute Outlines are prepared by its Faculty members and without question represent the finest rnaterial of this sort available to the student. In addition they are supplemented and brought up to date each session by the Institute Faculty. ln this manner, the student may be confident of skillful and competent direction in his Bar preparation, with clue attention to all recent legislation and new cases. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES 185 FAST ACCURATE DEPENDABLE if you Want the job done right it with gas sournenn union comrmuv TT Located on both sides of lnterregional New customers mean a lot to us We can mean a lot to you eh. Q ITIZENS NATIONAL BANKW., AUSTIN, TEXAS sim lviurr-2r:.r,4sY , 0 DISABILITY INCOME PROTECTION P.O. Box 3705 1733 South Brownlee Corpus Christi, Texas 78404 I512I 884-0671 THE INSURANCE PROGRAM Designed for the Lawyer and His Family lSanctioned by the State Bar of Texasl guarantees you a monthly income up to 31,500.00 when disabled by injury or illness 0 330,000.00 MAJOR IVIEDICAL-HOSPITALIZATION Choice of 3200, 3300, S500, or S750 deductible 0 ACCIDENT INSURANCE from 325,000.00 to S100,000.00 available 0 LOW COST LIFE INSURANCE from 310,000.00 to S100,000.00 available Underwritten by lVlutual OLfNew York o PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE a special policy needed by every lawyer Underwritten by Continental Casualty Company Complete details upon .request to the Administrator 184. FINER FOODS FOR LESS slnuinin 55770 "2 Fine S'I'ores 'Io Serve You" l9+h and Lavaca 322I Red River GSE Compliments of THE TEXAS STATE BANK CONGRESS AT NINTH X AUSTIN X MEMBER FDIC 'see Why they can you tWo,sh0t Johnson I I 6153 A I' We - - v"f'jI? I ' . 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TRUST the bank of convenience . ., -4 -,A 'V 0' wants to Q V V serveyou... . o.,: - .4-.- ' '.'E"'-4 f 1 f . " 'lp - .... ' V 4' of ff g 7 , i in 'x -f " y , 1 fi' C ..V,.- 1 ax ,, .... ,.,,... ....... - '- -'-v- I ,,,, ' --V H, -' 2 xx , . N., ,,,,.,i.. . Nm this Again ! .Member FDIC 7 1 1 when money matters... 5 I C KRIERICAN is 25 NATIONAL X, mf-5 BANK OF AUSTIN Sixth 81 ColoradolAustin, Texas 78767145121 477-6581 Member FDIC 187 Nlrs. Rita C. Pringle, administrative assistant to Law School Dean W. Page Keeton, died Nlarch 3. Both in and out of her official position, Nlrs. Pringle did much for many people. The many students who received her personal guidance and advice will always carry a special memory for her. She lived in Austin for 10 years, sewing as admissions secretary for the Law School before her appointment as Keeton's assistant. IN MEMORIAM Many law students met lVlrs. Pringle through her main official capacity-head of scholarships and loans. She attended Columbia University, Pratt Insti- tute and the New School in New York City. At one time she was a script reader for the Margo Jones Theater in Dallas. The Law School Foundation set up a Rita Pringle Freshman Scholarship Fund in her honor. 88 Charles Inge Francis ss.. MEMORIAL DEDICATION ln ceremonies presided over by Bryce Jordan, UT Austin president ad interim, the one-time UT Regent and Distinguished Alumnus Charles Inge Francis was honored when The University of Texas School of Law named the auditorium in Townes Hall in his honor. IVlr. Francis was born in Denton on Sept. 1, 1893. In 1915 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree from UT Austin and both his Bachelor's and Nlaster's of Laws from the Law School in 1917. As a law student, he helped establish the Texas Law Review and served as an associate editor. He was a University Regent from 1929 to 1935 and served as president of the Ex-Students' Associa- tion from 1931-1933. The Association chose him as a Distinguished Alumnus in 1964. When the Law School established its own distinguished alumni pro- gram in 1958, he was the first recipient. As a founding member of the Law School Foundation, IVlr. Francis served as its president from 1952 until 1967 when he retired and was named a trustee emeritus. ln 1967 lVIr. Francis established the professorship in law which bears his name. He stipulated that the professorship should go to a man of proven classroom teaching excellence. Dr. Harry Ransom talked with Steven Farrish Jr. and Charles Francis TOFU Sealy, F01-lf1daTi0H DfeSIdef1f DVB Winston, the grandsons of the late Charles Inge Francis. sented 3 "950'Ufi0"1 t0 the FVHUCIS famllv 189 A w W? 'PD AN 10N l 4 ' 4 l C0-Chairmen Tom Loeffler. NOT PICTURED Joe Cialone. , 5 Q. .l Y In W ....... ,, ' .E 1 SJ' 1'1,Q'.' -' ' ,, 'W 9 .. . 1, , Q rib. Y' ' A M V -N - gs A E---un SEATED: Bill Anawaty, Cathy Corner, John Garrett, Sharolyn Wood. 0 STANDING: Charles Ory, Tom Loeffler, Michael Wood, Bill Teitelbaum. LAW WEEK COMMITTEE: LEFT TO RIGHT: John Garrett, Charles Ory, Michael Wood, Sharolyn Wood, Cathy Cotner, Joe Cialone, Tom Loeffler, Byron Fullerton, George Covington, Richard Kerr. PAGE KEETON LAW WEEK MARCH 23-27 1971 Tuesday-March 23, 1971 2:30 p.m. Awards Presentation and Nloot Court Finals, Charles I. Francis Auditorium Wednesday-March 24, 1971 8:00 p.m. Assault and Flattery, Charles I. Francis Auditorium Thursday-March 25, 1971 3:00 p.m. Orgain Lecture, Charles I. Francis Auditorium Friday-March 26, 1971 3:00 p.m. Law School Picnic, Eastwood Park Saturday-March 27, 1971 6:30 p.m. Awards Banquet, Thompson Conference Center LAW WEEK COMMITTEE LAW WEEK CO-CHAI RMEN . . . .... Joe Cialone, Tom Loeffler PUBLICATIONS ............................ George Covington PUB LICITY ...................... Sharolyn and Michael J. Wood HILDEBRAND IVIOOT COURT FINALS ........... Stan lVIcCormick AWARDS PRESENTATION . ASSAULT AND FLATTERY ORGAIN LECTURE ....... LAW SCHOOL PICNIC . . AWARDS BANOUET . . . SPECIAL ACTIVITIES ..... FACULTY ADVISOR ...... LAW SCHOOL FOUNDATION .. ......... ...... Fred Fields Bill Anawaty and Bill Teitelbaum ..................Roylvlersky ..............JohnGarrett . . . . . ......... Cathy Cotner Richard Kerr and Charles Ory . ....... . . . . Byron Fullerton . . . Wayne,Stratton l This is where it ends. Mum. 2 P l ,M . E ruuumma owne G,m,-:':1- I - -'mu mv. mu . ' ' - ' - - ' A1 1 - , , ' J 4 3' . 19 P '-4 . f , A 1 - , ' 1 , . ' ,L . . , I , 1 H A N . , , ,, , . . V ' , W , . G , 3, . 1 , ' . , - h 1 Q. A " , I 1 I 1 'N ,Q 1 , ' 4 .A ' , ' , 1 4 ' - . . . , , N - H , N V . 4 V ' ' I I . 5 ' . I ' 1, J . L

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