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 i ' ? na,ef, utcC s4eC4 i,c t,t4.te-% ccatece'” e S. %e 7 7K tZ id S nec “Pre-e " I . i 2 . ' The Peregrines 1970 The University of Texas School of Law Austin, Texas Volume 221 tt UluB 'Tftacf, j7 rfttcL IcUninUt i tyeutice 7(ZomfrucctC SttUiKcceA rfact title Sctiiaat 'Zf.ean 1Setyt tA'! Jtcc %Wd.ded 8le bnKitt 0itenUitiO'tt '?a(l Slectio4U 'Pe%4i4,te ti 'Pai itty P 9Not since Apollo chased Daphne 'faculty ewile 2 yo-t6-all nteiicatv Sivil Jli eitieA 76 1 y tAJL . . . 7tt ic(a,lcftt 'tttcwMUf, SfreafoeO'KTRO'l S'RS'lSS SXWP7- - - II TttaW SitttU Op ttutty Sa,(lo t SaSTHt lS POR'Haney laylei tan 'Keeton coitit Q ntUdncUny Seniort %6€ KO-te ! T)c zk y(lUeifoK £t, fa V-ClKt-l i yin US: GS76HZ After I'm elected would you like to be land commissioner? vz'RssK'i ZTZA'nesZTZ tVSS- 7 Se 'Waiting utd 7VO'VMfMtq' etyCtcb 15HEMPHILL'S BOOK STORE The Law Students Store Free Customer Parking" "Ever-Ready Rebate" Case books Supplies Hornbooks Outlines Mail Orders Filled Promptly Special Orders—No Extra Chari LAW LOCATION AT RED RIVER PARK PLACE 478-0627 16 JUST ACROSS THE STREET NORTH OF TOWNES HALLTable of Contents Dedication Peregrinus Administration Faculty Organizations Activities Honors 18 20 21 51 127 175Dedicatee Stanley M. Johanson Professor of Law This twenty-second volume of Peregrinus honors an outstanding professor who has amassed great student and faculty respect since joining the faculty as associate professor in 1963. Previously recognized for his fine teaching when he received the Teaching Excellence Award in 1967, he has continued to impress upon his students the sense of scholarship and motivation needed for success in law, and in life. It is a privilege for the School of Law to list his honors and his talents under its name. And it is this man, and these honors, which the Peregrinus now proudly acclaims, with sincere appreciation. 18It is a rare man who can capture the admiration of an entire school in just one year as this man has done. A visiting professor of the highest caliber, he has brought to the classroom a spirit of academic and legal success captured through his experience as a partner in a large Los Angeles law firm. He will be remembered with highest regards in spite of his short stay. For his future success, we wish him the best of luck. For his past accomplishments and the benefits he has bestowed on the School of Law, the Peregrinus dedicates this volume to him. Dedicatee Owen O pin Visiting Rex G. Baker and Edna Heflin Baker Professor of Law.The Story of the PEREGRINUS- The Patron Saint of the Law School It was born in the classroom in 1899 or 1900 when a law student was asked to identify the word "Peregrinus", the name of an ancient Roman official. The student guessed, "Wal, I don't know judge, 'less it could be some kind of animal." The 'animal' was sketched on the blackboard the next morning. It had: The tail of a fox-to represent the wise and skillful lawful lawyer or the shrewd ■ i. and crafty one The fiery mouth-to fight injustice and represent the wide latitude of a bill of equity The Irish ditcher's boot on one front foot-to indicate the law's protection of the least of mankind The naked claw on the other foot-to indicate that the greatest of mankind must fear its power The hindquarters of a dog-man's most faithful friend Spotted patches-to indicate that even the most beautiful days will have a few clouds The arched back ready to spring-to indicate that the law is ever ready to protect right or to prevent wrong The head of a stork with vicious fangs-to indicate the power to penetrate the mysteries of the law which the true student must obtain by study. The Peregrinus is omnipotent-in every classroom, on Law Day, at Moot Court arguments, in the Law Review, Law Forum, or Peregrinus. He takes the Bar with each candidate and is sworn in at the Texas Association ceremonies. He is the symbol of integrity, efficiency, and spirit of a job well done that makes the University of Texas School of Law proud of its reputation, and the students proud of their school. mtiiWI n 20 ADMINISTRATION CULTYHI W. PAGE KEETON DEAN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS LAW SCHOOL 22 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT TO DEAN KEETON: Mrs. Lois GrantTHE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS LAW SCHOOL FOUNDATION DIRECTORY OF DEVELOPMENT WAYNE STRATTON Administrative Assistants Frances Adkins Frances Husted BOARD OF TRUSTEES OFFICERS LIFE MEMBERS-TRUSTEES TRUSTEES TRUSTEES EMERITUS Tom Sealy Sylvan Lang, Chairman Edward Clark Charles 1. Francis President Hines H. Baker John J. Cox Robert E. Hardwicke Kraft W. Eidman Vice-President W. St. John Garwood Charles W. Duke Angus G. Wynne Wayne Stratton Secretary- Elton M. Hyder, Jr. Kraft W. Eidman Treasurer Leroy Jeffers Wales H. Madden, Jr. Frances Adkins Assistant Tom Sealy Mark Martin Secretary Allan Shivers Thomas M. Phillips John S. Redditt 23 Cecil D. RedfordBYRON F. FULLERTON ASSOCIATE DEAN DIRECTOR OF CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION Administrative Secretaries To Dean Fullerton: Alla Long and Anno Saldana Administrative Secretary: Bea Holland THOMAS J. GIBSON III ASSOCIATE DEAN Administrative Secretary: Rita Pringle Placement Director: Mrs. Mettie Brown Placement Assistant: Larry Macon Assistant Aids, Tommy Thomason with placement. Main Office Staff Marion Harris Sandra Hoffman Carol Payne Janice Trepagnier 26Professors Albert W. Alschuler Assistant Professor of Law B.A., Harvard University; LL. B., Harvard University. Criminal Law, Constitutional Law Edward Weldon Bailey Professor of Law B.A., Texas; LL. B.. Texas; S. J. D., Harvard. Commercial Paper, Trusts Richard V. Barndt Professor of Law a I Itah. I , 27o Marion 0. Boner Associate Law Librarian Assistant Professor of Law B.A., Texas; M.A.. Texas; LL. B., Texas Woodfin L. Butte Professor of Law B.A., Texas; LL. B.. Yale; Dr. Political Science, Central Venezuela. International Law, Conflicts, Civil Law Kenneth R. Callahan Visiting Professor, Wayne State University Professor of Law B.A., Wittenberg; LL. B.. Ohio State; LL. M., Columbia; J. D., Ohio State. Land Use Planning, ContractsEdward R. Cohen Assistant Professor of Law B.S.. Cornell; LL. B.. Yale. Property I— VA L Robert 0. Dawson Professor of Law B.A., Missouri; LL. B., Washington. Criminal Law, Criminal Law Administration tfU 0. Richard F. Dole, Jr. Visiting Professor, University of Iowa-Associate Professor of Law B.A., Bates College; LL. B., Cornell; LL.M. Cornell; S. J. 0., Michigan. Contracts 29Parker C. Fiedler Professor of Law B.S., Northwestern University; LL. B.. Texas. Income Tax, Business Planning, Securities Regulation Frank W. Elliot Professor of Law B.A., Texas; LI.. B., Texas. Evidence, Introduction, Procedure III William F. Fritz Professor of Law B.A., Texas; M.A., Texas; LL. B., Texas. Property T=r hz_______________ 30Carl C. Fulda Professor of Law Dr. of Law, Freiberg (Germany); LL. B., Yale. International Business Transactions W.W. Gibson Associate Professor of Law B.A., Texas; LL. 8., Texas. Wills, Legal Profession, Texas Land Titles Lino A. Graglia Professor of Law B.A., City College of New York; LL. B., Columbia. Constitutional Law, Government Regulations 31Leon Green Robert W. Hamilton Professor of Law B.A., Swarthmore; J. D.. Chicago. Contracts, Business Administration Helen Hargrave Associate Professor of Law LL. B., Texas. Dean Hester Lecturer in Law Gus M. Hodges Professor of Law B.B.A., Texas; LL.B., Texas. Procedure II, Procedure III (jus William 0. Huie Professor of Law B.A., Henderson State Teachers College; LL. B., Texas; S. J. D., Harvard. Tursts, Marital Rights, Oil and GasCorwin W. Johnson Professor of Law B. A., Iowa; J. D., Iowa. Water Law Albert P. Jones Professor of Law B. A., Texas; M. A., Texas; LL. 8., Texas. Procedure II, Procedure III, Legal Profession, Employees' RightsBarbara Kazen B-Director of Legal Aid B. A. and LL. B. concurrently, Texas Leon Lebowitz Professor of Law B.A., Baylor; LL. B.. Baylor, LL. M.. New York. Introduction, Agency, Business Associations, Securities Regulations Pierre R. Loiseaux Professor of Law LL. B., Boston; LL. M., New York. Contracts, Creditors' Rights 35'imimiiiii'irn I! Robert E. Mathews Professor of Law 8.A., Yale; J. D., Chicago. Seminar Roy M. Mersky Professor of Law Director of Research B. S., Wisconsin; M.A.L.S., Wisconsin; LL. B., Wisconsin Keith E. Morrison Professor of Law Larry Niemann Director of Moot Court Program B.8.A., Texas; LL. B., Texas Owen Olpin Visiting Professor, Partner-O'Me veny and Myers, Los Angeles 8.S., Brigham Young; LL. B., Columbia. Property, Constitutional Law W.W. Patterson Professor of Law LL. B., Texas. Office Practice. David W. Robertson Professor of Law B.A., Louisiana State; LL. B., Louisiana State; LL. M., Yale. Torts, Admiralty, Jurisprudence 38 Michael P. Rosenthal Professor of Law B.A., Columbia; LL. B., Columbia. Criminal LawMillard H. Ruud Professor of Law B.S.L., Minnesota; LL. B., Minnesota. Sales George R. Schatzki Professor of Law 8.A., Harvard; LL.B., Harvard; LL.M., Harvard. Introduction Labor Relations, Legal Procedure Charles Seligson Visiting Professor, New York University, Professor of Law B.S., New York University; LL. B., New York University. Creditors' RightsM. Michael Sharlot Professor of Lav,v B.A., Antioch; LL. B., Pennsylvania. Criminal Law, Evidence. Allen E. Smith Associate Professor of Law B.A., Texas; LL. B., Texas. Torts, Jurisprudence Ernest E. Smith, III Professor of Law B.A., Southern Methodist; LL.6., Harvard. Family Law, Property, Marital Rights IJohn F. Sutton, Jr. Professor of Law Bernard J. Ward Professor of Law B.A., Loyola. LL.B., Loyola; LL.M., Yale. Introduction,. Federal Courts, RemediesRussell J. Weintraub Professor of Law J. Henry Wilkinson, Jr. Professor of Law B.S., South Carolina; LL.B., Texas. Income Tax, Legal Accounting, Oil and Gas Joseph P. Witherspoon Professor of Law B.A., Chicago; LL.B., Texas; S.J.D., Harvard. Administrative Law, Government RegulationsMarion K. Woodward Professor of Law B.A., Texas; M.A., West Texas State Teachers College; LL. B., Texas. Oil and Gas, Texas Land Titles, Mortgages, Fiduciary Administration Charles Alan Wright Professor of Law B.S., Georgetown; LL. 8., Texas. Constitutional Law, Federal Courts Dean Page Keeton in Action Teaching His Torts Class 43Elizabeth Saucedo Manuela Rodriguez Ruby Collins Bardie Wolfe Judy Dominguez LIBRARY STAFF ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Roberta Callahan LEGAL AID ADMINISTRA 77 VE ASSISTANT Cora RossRita Pannel! Betty Nchring Beatrix Vcrndoy SECRETARIES Caroline Poling Sally Baskett Vivian Brown Betty Cotten, Jane Newborn. Dorothy Hardy 45KEETON’S CASINO Mrs. Eudora Buckley, supervisor Helen Ybarra Georgia BenitesBUILDING ATTENDANTS EVENING ATTENDANTS Candclcrio Gonzalez, Ed Batla, Tarlk Yass, Helen Kadcrk8, Florence Rohluck Hugo Wenzel. John Hill, Lucy Goerlitz, Mary BarcuchFACULTY Poetry in Motion Listen, guys, if we don't hurry up, all the beer's going to be gone. Best Football Gamo I've ever played! Classroom Comments What A Football Game! Pursuit of the Unattainable TORT! TORT! May I never grade another first year paper again! WANTED: Russell Weintraub Dead or Alive Have a cup of coffee in who's Casino? You're right-the female law students aren't half bad. I will not condone any long haired, unshaven radicals ii my class. | v,vv v lie f» 25.000 REWARD My lecture doesn't seem to be reaching the front row students.FUNNIES “Give Me Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses” There’s Men On The Door. I’ll Be Opened Minded About It o- 'i “Step Out of the Crowd” Arthur Mitchell lectures Bar Class. . Box 9789 Phone 453-6693 2100 Northland Drive Your bank in North Austin offers its CONGRATULATIONS! to the Class of 1969 Member FDIC Arthur Mitchell Bar Review Course “Since 1950” This is the original Bar Review Course. It is conducted by practicing attorneys to aid applicants in their preparation for the Texas Bar Examination which is made up by practicing Texas attorneys. Congratulations to the 477-9651 Suite 315 Westgate Building 1122 Colorado Street Austin, Texas Class of 1970 50 reshmeFRESHMEN 1969-70 Freshmen from bottom to top: Carolyn Anderson, Douglas Colton, and Charles Ory. The Great Unwashed Mass Abercrombie, Jerry L. Oklahoma State Ainsa, Michael F. San Duis Rev College a V Alexander, Richard L. Alvarado, Antonio Texas at Austin Here We’ll Plant The Bombs. . . Allen, Howard Texas at Austin Alloway, John W. Nebraska Altaras, Tom 8aylor Allen, William T. Now York University 1. Anawaty, William, Jr. Yale 2. Anders, Joe D. Alabama 3. Anderson, Carolyn Texas at Austin 4. Anderson, David Harvard 5. Anderson, Donald Texas at Austin 6. Anderson, John W. Idaho 7. Appleton, Michael Harvard 8. Ardoin, Mare Texas at Austin 9. Armstrong, Robert G. Washington Lee 10. Armstrong, William American University 11. Arnold, Merle Reginald Texas at Austin 12. Arnold, William Duke 13. Arronge, Steven Texas at Austin 14. Ash, Stephen Texas A M 15. Austin, William Earl Texas at Austin 16. Aylor, Wilbur Edward Southwest Texas State The Thighs of Legal Research is Enormous. We May Never Reach The BottomiP 1. Babock, Linda Randolph-Macon 2. Baish, Richard Southwest Tex. State 3. Baker, Stephen Texas at Austin 4. Baker, Wm. ill North Texas State 12. Beachy, Christine Midwestern 13. Bean, Ira III Lamar State 14. Beckerleg, Robert Michigan 15. Beesley, Wade H. Ill Texas at Austin 5. Ballanfant, Richard Texas at Austin 6. Banks, Gary Tim Arkansas 7. Banks, Howard Bishop College 8. Barlow, Oonald Texas at Austin 16. Behrman, C. Thomas Texas at Austin 17. Bell, Allen Eli North Texas Atatc 18. Belt, Terry Lee Texas at Austin 19. Bender, Michael Texas at Austin 9. Barren, George B. Baylor 10. Bass, Roy, Jr. Baylor 11. Battle, Jackson SMU 20. Bennett, John Jr. Texas at Austin 21. Beoson, Craig T. Tulane 22. Benson, James M., Jr. Texas at Austin 55Bird, Wm. Wabash Blackwood, William M. Texas at Austin Blanton, Tom Texas at Austin Blevins, Chesley Houston Bluntzer, Charles K. Texas A I Bogart, Ernest Texas at Austin Boone, Richard T. California Bowman, R. H. Ill Texas at Austin Birnberg, Gerald Texas at Austin Bitting, Jerome Oklahome State Blackstone, Eddie North Texas State 1. Benson, James Robert, Jr. Texas A M 2. Binder, Robert T., Jr. Texas at Austin 14. Bohlman, Hans Wright Texas at Austin 15. Bolton, Frank Texas at Austin I $ I Borsheim, Eric Boswell, George Bowser, Ronur Texas at Austin North Texas State Oklahoma State Borum, Winston L. Bowers, Mark Texas Tech SMUBoyd, Randall Toxas at Austin Box, William Colorado Brady, Mila Kathleen Britain, Howard W. Texas at Austin Toxas at Austin Brant, John Brassard, Raymond M. Oklahoma Texas at Austin Bruner, Thomas Texas at Austin ITt % o 7. Bromberg, John Columbia " 8. Brumbelow, John Stephen F. Austin n Buchanan, James F. Texas at Austin m 14. Burrell, Nancy Lee jiXwwIt Austin 21. Cambrice, Robert Buchanan, Janice Houston Buell, Scott Texas at Austin Burress, Bobbie McCoy Texas at Austin Butler, Charles M. Houston Butler, G. T. Georgia Tech Butts, George B. Toxas at Austin Cain, B. Frank Texas Christian Buenger, Julian V. Texas at Austin Cairns, Richard Texas at Austin SEE ABOVE 1. Camp, Bill Texas at Austin 2. Campbell, Homer St. Meinard 3. Capelle, Stephen Austin 4. Caperton, Mark Texas A M 5. Cardenas, Gilberto Texas at Austin 6. Carlton, Stephen D. Eastern N. M. 7. Carroll, Ronald Sam Houston State 8. Carruth, Gerald Texas A I 9. Cardwell, Walter III Texas at Austin 10. Carter, Ellen St. Marys 11. Carver, Craig Texas at Austin 12. Casebolt, Merrillie Texas at Austin 13. Cashed, Lois Vanderbilt 14. Caspary, Martha North Tex. State 15. Cavitt, Joe V. Southwestern 16. Cavner, James D. Texas at Austin 17. Ceshker, Gregory L. T.C.U. 18. Chapman, David Stanford 19. Chapman, Don Stanford 20. Chapman, Jan Baylor 21. Chesnutt, James Princeton 22. Childress, David Texas at Austin 23. Clark, Steven Texas at Austin 24. Clements, Harold II S.M.U. 25. Clifton, Truett Texas at Austin Educational T-V Has Achieved Great SuccessThe Tables In The South Room Are Best For Sleeping 11'-'S‘ 1 M) The collected Sodomy Cases Are On The Second Floor Clover, Carl Jr. Texas at Austin Colter, Richard Texas at Austin Cobb, Charles Mac Stephen F. Austin Cockrum, Clyde Southwest Tex. State Collie, Robert M., Jr. Texas at Austin Colton, Douglas Yale Conn, Robert F. Southwestern Connally, John B. Ill Texas at Austin Cooper, Windell Bowie State Corbitt, Paul Jay Texas at Arlington Corley, Bruce U.S. Military Academy Cotellesse, David Texas at Austin Coughlin, Carolyn Kansas Covington, George A. Texas at Austin Cox, Jack M. Texas at AustinCraddock, Tom Texas at Austin Craig, David Nebraska Creeger, Elizabeth II Colorado Creel, James A. Texas A M 16. Daross, James A. Texas at Austin 17. Davch, Ramon Texas at Austin 18. Daves, Larry Washington 19. Dcnnehy, Robert C Lamar Tech 20. Dennis, Ann Rice 21. Dent, Lonnie D. Abilene Christian 22. Denton, Wayne Texas Christian 23. Denton, William Texas at Austin 24. Dewey, John E. Ohio State 25. Dickey, Will G. Texas at Austin 26. Dietz, Charles Texas Tech 27. Dietze, Knute L. Texas at Austin 28. Dodson, David B. Texas A M 29. Dodson, Diane Rice Crofford, Gary L. Texas Tech Crouch, Spencer K North Texas State Crowson, H.E., Jr. Texas at El Paso Cunningham, Lloyd Washington Lee Cunningham, Mary C. Texas at Austin Curry, Eugene B. Texas at Austin Curtis, Thomas P. Texas at Austin Curtis, Tim P. Austin Dabaghi, William K Corpus Christi Dailey, Donald George Washington Damron, James S. Texas at Austin SEE ABOVE SEE ABOVESubversives Step To The Left For Finger Printing 27. Farrington, Hope Patrice Georgetown 28. Feeler, Milton Kansas City, Mo. 29. Ferrary, Richard Texas at Austin 30. Fichtenbaum, Noel Texas at Austin 1. Doerr, Timothy M. Texas at Austin 2. Douglas, Clay Texas Tech 3. Dowler, Moulton, Jr. Washington Lee 4. Dryden, James W. Maryland 5. Dudley, Paul William Texas at Austin 6. Duncan, Linda Texas at Austin 7. Dunigan, Dennis W. Notre Dame 8. Dupuy, Robert Southwestern 9. Durckel, Kathleen Stanford 10. Dusewicz, John J. Delaware 11. Earle, John W. Princeton 12. Eckels, Jack P. Texas A M 13. Edwards, Robert T. Texas at Austin 14. Ehrlich, Douglas Nebraska 15. Eisenman, Harold Oklahoma 16. Eldridge, David Allen Tulane 17. Elliott, Richard H. Tulane 18. Ellis, Robert W. Clemson 19. Ellman, M.L. Tulane 20; Engelhardt, Elena Southwestern La. 21. English, Patricia Texas at Austin 22. Eppright, Charles L. Texas at Austin 23. Ervin, Kenneth Texas Southern 24. Evans, Charles Laures Texas at Austin 25. Evans, John Mark Virginia 26. Fanning, Paul T. Texas at AustinThanks For The Offer, But I’m Saving Myself For Law Review. Fieldcamp, Steve Texas at Austin Fielder, Cecil David Texas at Austin Fields, John D., Jr. Southwestern Finney, Robert Leland Fling, James C. Eastern Illinois Flournoy, Donald Royce Texas at Austin Flowers, Leslie Texas at Austin Ford, Harold E. Texas at Austin Forehand, James Texas at Austin Foster, Cecil, Jr. Texas at Austin Fowler, John Allen New Mexico State Freeman, Ronald Jay Texas at Austin Friedlander, Daniel G. Texas at Austin Freundlich, Daniel B. Texas at Austin Fuller, Joseph D. Ill T.C.U. Furlong, Timothy P. Texas at Austin Gage, Robert Wayne Baylor Galindo, Israel Texas at El Paso Garcia, Hector R. Texas A I George, John A. Texas at Arlington George, Michael F St. Edward's 62Gibson, Kenneth J. Texas at Austin Gillespie, Hal K. Texas at Austin Gillett, Michael R. SMU Gipson, Ronald M. U.S. Coast Guard Academy Goldstein, David B. Dartmouth Goldstein, Leonard H. Vanderbilt Gonzales, Alexander R. Sul Ross Gonzalez, Ricardo D. Texas at El Paso Goodrum, Wayne Louis Hardin Simmons Grant, Harry H. Baylor Greenhill, William Duke Texas at Austin Greenwood, Dean M. Texas at Austin Grey, Norman L. Tulsa Grisham, Ray F. Texas A M Guild, Sharon A. Texas at Austin Gutheinz, Jerome M. Texas Tech Hagans, William Fred Texas at Austin Hallmark, K.B. Ill Texas at Austin Halton, Reuben W. Texas at Austin Hancock, Warren Texas at Austin Harbison, James M., Jr. Texas at AustinHeath, Claude Texas at Austin Hernandez, Alpha Texas at Austin Hertz, Alan B. Hunter Hill, George R. Texas at Austin Hardwick, Lillian Houston Hargadon, Patrick Texas at Austin Harris, Weston L. Utah Harrold, Daniel J. Nebraska Hartline, Brenda North Texas State Harwell, Layne H. North Texas State Haverlah, Edward Texas at Austin Hay, John A., Jr. Texas at Austin 64 Hirsh, Robert Geo. Washington Hoffman, Kenneth Rice Hollis, Darrell Texas At Austin Holmes, William Texas at Austin Honea, John Mark, Jr. Lamar Tech. Blow In My Ear And I’ll Follow You Anywhere1. Hooser, Gregory Texas at Austin 3. Houdyshell, Ronald Texas at Austin 5. Howard, John R, Texas at Austin 7. Hudgins, Geoffrey C. Baylor University 2. Horne, Mark H. Washington Lee 4. Howard, David M. Texas A M 6. Howard, Robert L. Texas at Austin 8. Hughes, H. David Texas at Austin What This Country Needs Is A Good Five Minute Orgy 23. Keenan, Christopher U. of Texas 24. Kelly, Hugh Rice 25. Kennard, Jose Texas at El Paso 26. Kentor, Michael Texas at Austin 27. Kerr, Richard L. Texas at Austin 28. Kidd, Robert C. North Texas State SEE ABOVE 9. Hurt, William R. Guilford 10. Hutcheson, Jim Texas at Austin 11. James, Bruce L. Texas at Austin 12. Jarmon, Gene C. North Carolina 13. Johnson, Boyd Texas at Austin 14. Johnson, Robert Texas at Austin 15. Johnson, Russell Princeton 16. Jolly, James A. Michigan State 17. Jones, Cary D. SMU 18. Joseph, Philip C. Texas at Austin 19. Juarez, Jose Texas at El Paso 20. Kaase, Robert P. Texas at Austin 21. Kaiser, William M. Cincinnati 22. Keeling, J. Michael YaleSEE ABOVE ? Labay, Lawrence J. St. Marys Laden, Larry Texas at Austin LaGrange, Kaye Texas at Austin Langham, Wayne A. Texas at Austin Langworthy, John A. Kansas Leatherbury, Hester Sophie Newcomb Lederer, George W., Jr. Texas at Austin Lesher, M. Mark 18. Levy. Michael Pennsylvania 19. Lewis, Terry North Texas State 20. Lipschuetz, Jesse Rochester 21. Lipson, Myer Texas at Austin 22. Lochabay, David Texas A I 23. Locke, William, Jr. Texas at Austin Texas at Austin Lesok, Eddie Texas Tech 24. Long, James D. Creighton 25. Long, Larry L. Texas at Austin 26. Lovell, Robert Texas A M King, William Robert Texas at Austin Klossner, Gerald H. South West Texas State 27. Loving, Jean M. Texas at Austin 28. Lummus, John A. Toxas at Austin 29. Lynch, James Michael Texas at Austin 30. McAdams, John Blaine Oklahoma State Knox, Stephen Reid Wesleyan Kreutz, Charles B. Northwestern “For This I traded Fort Polk?" Kidd, Scott R. Rice Kiker, David B. Texas at Austin McCarthy, John F., Jr, SMU McClellan, Kenneth Illinois Wesleyan McCloud, Candace E. Texas at Austin McCreight, Henry, Jr. Texas Tech McCulley, Richard Texas at Austin McGuire, Patrick J, Rice McQuary, Ray J. U.S. Military Academy McReynolds, Michael John Brown Mabry, Jerry L. Scwaneo Maddox, David Thomas Texas A M The Doors To Salvation Are Always Open 17. Malone, Don Texas at Austin 18. Mandel, S. Frank Texas at Austin 19. Mankins, Michael Texas at Austin 20. Manning, Edward F New Mexico 21. Marrus, Phillip Louisiana State 22. Martin, William Rice 23. Mascot, Paul V.M.l 24. Mason, Terry John Hopkins 25. Matthews, Steve Texas At Austin 26. May, Henry S., Jr. Texas at Austin 27. Mayo, Cynthia Texas at Austin 28. Mead, John A. Texas at Austin 29. Meadows, John B. Texas at Austin Magee, Charles Texas A I Magids, Jack S. Texas at Austin Mahomes, William Jr, Texas A M Majors, Gene Texas at Austin Malloy, Paul Rice ABOVE SEE ABOVEMealer, Lawrence L. Texas at Austin Melady, Gail Northwestern Meyer, Larry Texas at Austin Micks, D. Fred Texas at Austin Miller, Ralph I. Texas at Austin Miller, Robert E. Johns Hopkins Millin, John A. Ill Texas at Austin Mills, Thomas W., Jr. SMU Mitchell, Phillip L. Texas at Austin Mizell, Walter H. Oklahoma Moffitt, Christopher Yale Moffitt, Frederick V. Texas at Austin Molina, Jesse R. Texas at Austin Moon, William N. Texas Christian Mullin, Philip E. Loyola Mullins, Mike Texas Christian Murray, Charles C. Texas at Austin Nabors, Larry A. Texas at Austin 68 “Ed. 302 Was Never Like this”1. Naman, Paul Northwestern 2. Nelson, Jack 0. Jr. Texas Tech 3. Nelson, Kurt T. Texas at Austin 4. Neufeld, Daniel Berkeley 5. Newsom, Bernard, Jr. California 6. Nichols, Neil E. Oklahoma 7. Nickelson, Gary Texas Tech 8. Northington, H.M. Texas at Austin 9. Norwood, Barry Virginia 10. Norquest, Neil Texas at Austin 11. Oldham, David Texas at Austin 12. Oliver, Rufus III Texas at Austin 13. Oliver, Russell Texas Tech 14. Oppenheimer, Robert New Mexico SEE ABOVE Pearls Of Wisdom have their price. 15. O'Neill, Edward, Jr. Pennsylvania 16. Orleans, Neil J. Texas at Austin 17. O'Rourke, Terence Rice 18. Orr, David L. West Texas State 19. Ory, Charles George Washington 20. Osborn, William S. St. Edwards 21. Osten, Judd F. U.S. Naval Academy 22. Owen, John L. Tul8ne 23. Pakalka, William Texas at Austin 24. Oscar, Palacios Texas at Austin 25. Paridis, David New Mexico State 26. Parker, Dallas Vanderbilt 27. Parker, James F. Texas at Austin 28. Parkin, Harry Notre DameParrino, James T. Patton, George Tulane Southwest Tex. State Patrick, Bruce Texas at Austin Pearce, James Perez, Hector Texas Tech Texas at Austin Pearson, Paul C. Ill Duke Perez, Rey Texas at Austin Perrin, Michael W. Texas at Austin Perlman, Suzanne Sophie Newcomb Petit, Michael S. SMU Peister, Steven Houston Pitzer, Danny D. Texas at Austin Pollard. Billy H. Southwestern Ponton, Berry Mills Poole, Horace R. Powell, David Prado, Edward Prescott, Wayne H. Texas at Austin Southern Methodist Texas at Austin Texas A M Powell, Benjamin Powers, Bruce Prater, Sam E., Jr. Prothro, Jerry R Oartmouth Texas at Austin Texas at Austin SouthwesternPulis, James E., Jr. Quillan, Roy Ramsey, Stephen North Tox. State Texas at Austin Princeton Quick, Kathleen Rachlin, Richard Randals, James Texas at Austin U.N.C. Texas at Austin Rash, Ralph A. Texas at Austin Rau, George H., Jr. Texas A M Redgrave, Robert G. Reed, Thomas A. Reimann, Jan Richardson, Robert G. Texas at Austin Illinois Texas at Austin Texas at Austin Reese, Dennis Texas at Austin Rehler, J.E. Renyck, Raymond Reyes, Hector I. Texas at Austin Texas at Austin Texas at El Paso Rider, Brian C. Right, Richard H. Roberts, John D. Roth, Leonard M. Rico Colorado North Texas State Texas at Austin Riggs, Stephen L. Riley, Danny J. Rosenfield, Joseph Rutland, Roy III Little Rock Texas at Austin Texas at Austin Texas at Austin Saginaw, Harry Samaniego, Jesus Santire, Stanley P. Schirmeyer, William V. Texas at Austin Texas Western Houston Vanderbilt Salzhandler, Henry Sanchez, Robert M. Schild, Kitty Schoenfeldt, Stephen Rice Trinity Rico SUNY at Stony Brook 711. Schonwald, Avrum B. Texas at Austin 2. Schubert, Carroll W. Texas A M 3. Schultz, Carl T. Texas at Austin 4. Schweinle, William, Jr. USAF Academy 5. Scott, Craig T. Texas at Austin 6. Scott, John Texas at Austin 7. Seikel, David P. Houston 8. Selke, Charles R. Texas at Austin 9. Settle, Peveril III Washington Lee 10. Settle, Robert D., Jr. North Carolina 11. Shaffer, Franklin Middle Tenn. State 12. Shamblin, Paul R. Texas A M 13. Shelton, Scott C. Texas Christian 14. Shibley, William H. Stanford 15. Shields, Jay Todd Texas Tech 16. Shimek, William G. Virginia 17. Shirley, William J. Texas at Austin 18. Sigwing, Richard B. Kansas State 19. Simms, Cicily J. Tulane 20. Simonds, Walter S. Texas at Austin 21. Sirico, Louis J. Yale 22. Skrivanek, Joseph III Texas A M 23. Sledge, Roland, Jr. Texas at Austin 24. Small, William G. Texas at Austin 25. Smiley, Martha Baylor 26. Smith, Beverly M. Texas at Austin 721. Smith, Jeffrey P. West Toxas State 2. Smith, Michele Texas at Austin 3. Smith, William R Texas at Austin 4. Snodgrass, Roy T.C.U. 5. Solis, Daniel F. Texas at Austin 6. Son, Thad E., Jr. Toxas at Austin 7. Southard, Charles G Texas Tech 8. Spain, Michael L. Vanderbilt 9. Sparks, Kenneth Texas at Austin 10. Sperstad, James U.C.L.A. 11. Spring, James J. Texas at Austin 12. Squires, William R Stanford 13. Stapleton, Jerry Sam Houston 14. Starck, Andrew A.C.C. 15. Starling, Linda M. Texas at Austin 16. Stautz, C. David Texas at Austin 17. Stenger, Frank W. Texas at Austin 18. Stephen, John Kurt Texas at Austin 19. Stern, Irving Charles St. Marys 20. Stevens, James Texas at Austin 21. Stewart, Claudia Texas at Austin 22. Stokes, Joe D. Columbia Texas at Southwestern 25. Strieglre, O.J. Texas at Austin 26. Stuart, Michai Texas Tech 27. Swartz, John , Texas at Austin 28. Swearinger, Paul Texas at Austin 29. Taggart, David A. USAF Academy 30. Tate, John H. II West Point 31. Taylor, Bobby R. Texas at Arlington4. Thompson, Bennie S. Texas at Austin 5. Thompson, Dan O. Harvard 6. Thompson, Hardy E. Ill Stanford 7. Thompson, Lewis M Stephen F. Austin 9. Tobin, Martha Colorado o o o d, . » t ! amm 'T 6t V'S V 11. Todd, Kenneth C.g Texas Tech 12. Trout, Gregory L. California 13. Tyckoski, Martin Michigan State 14. Valdez, Ramiro Texas A M 74Valentine, Jerald A Lamar Tech 2. Vanberg, Harold E. Baylor 3. Van Hemert, William, Jr Texas at Austin 4. Van Winkle, Danny L. Rice 5. Ventura, Joe Houston 6. Verkin, Wintford, Jr. Texas at Austin 7. Veselka, Shelburne Texas A M 8. Vickers, John E. Ill Texas Tech 9. Vondrak, Edd Illinois 10. Walker, Joe R. Louisiana 11. Ward, Nolan R. Prairie View 12. Wall, Jack K. Texas at Austin 13. Wehmeyer, Robert Texas at Austin 17. Watt, Richard Texas at Austin 18. Watts, Guy Leland Texas at Austin 19. Webb, Charles R. Texas at Austin 20. Weddle, J.D. Oklahoma 21. Welsh, John W. Texas at El Paso 22. West, Robert Midwestern 23. Westerburg, Randy Stanford 24. White, David J. T.C.U. 25. Whitmire, Leon Texas at Austin 26. Whittington, Randolph K. Texas at Austin 27. Whitworth, H. Philip Texas at Austin 28. Wigder, Mark Dale Texas at Austin 29. Wiggs, David, Jr. Texas Tech 14. Watson, David Texas at Austin 15. Watson, Thomas Texas at Austin 16. Watt, Joseph M. 30. Wilcox, Charles Tulane 31. Williams, Scott Yale 32. Willis, William C Stephen F. Austin f f 75Wilson, Gernqe H Texas at AlA'm Wilson, Hfyet W. North Tex State Wilson, JacMsoi West Texas S§3te Wilson, Tr£ i$ Texas at A ltin Wisser on l l Texas at stin hn Hammond Wofford, Hardin-Sir Woodl kn, Jr Texas Austin Wootfcock, Josefcb Dean Oklahoma Etate - Womack, Joseph L Texas at Austin Wooley, Jeffrey J. Rice Worthy, Richard Texas at Austin AND THE TRUTH Williams, Marshall R. William Mary Wilson, Dan Texas A IFREE Wright, David Wesley Texas at Austin Wyman, James Frank North Texas St8ie Yarbrough, Bill Hall Texas Tech Yeager, Douglas E Princeton York, Billy Joe Sul Ross incisco Zoss, Paul A. IncJianaNifc s )odson, J ck L exas at Aoiaift »y Ikard, Willlm F.'. Texas at AuSn London, Jack W West Texas Stap McCarty, Danny E. Texas at Austin Mallicote, James McLean Texas at Austin Maschal, William Edward VirginiaLOST IN THE LETHE OF AN EDITOR’S MIND Brice, Robins W. Rice Green, Patrick Notre Dame Sapp, John Tulane “Through a Glass Darkly” Trammell, Dan D. Texas Tech 78 Wilson, Phillip Alan Texas TechWHAT HATHMID - LAWS zB Mid-Law: left to right: Bill Whitehurst, Joe Tom Easley, and Bob Terzian, Mid-Law Board of Governors Representatives:1. Allen, Chris Texas Tech Athens, Texas 2. Anderson, John S. Washington Lee Houston, Texas 3. Angenend, Paul Texas at Austin Houston, Texas 7. Bankston, William M. Texas Tech San Angelo, Texas 8. Baron, Fred M. Texas at Austin Smithville, Texas 9. Beck, Barry N. U.S. Naval Academy Red Oak, Iowa 4. Ashworth, C. Taylor Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 5. Autrey, Jeff W. Texas at Austin Waxahachie, Texas 6. Avery, John Sharp Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 13. Bickerstaff, Robert S. Texas at Austin Midland, Texas 14. Bishop, Scott Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 15. Blake, Faythe Ann Baylor Plainview, Texas 10. Bell, Joe Warner Sam Houston State Trinity, Texas 11. Belt, Morris E., Jr. Texas at Austin Houston, Texas 12. Bernat, Mare Texas at Austin El Paso, Texas 83 1. Blaschke, Dwain SWTSU Yorktown, Texas 2. Bonilla, Ruben, Jr. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 3. Box, Jerry D. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 4. Bradshaw, W.T., Jr. Denver 5. Brown, Timothy R. Stanford Houston. Texas 6. Buckner, Robert Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 7. Casebier, Frank A. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 8. Cheaney, Shelia Enid Texas at Austin Austin. Texas 9. Cheek, Bob Stanford Ft. Worth, Texas 10. Cheslock, James S. Washington Lee San Antonio, Texas 11. Cirkal, Thomas E. St. Edward's Ft. Worth, Texas 12. Connolly, Wm. R. Holy Cross Grosse Point . Michigan 13. Considine, James C. Duke Midland, Texas 14. Converse, Robert G. Texas at Austin Houston, Texas 15. Cromwell, James H. Stephen F. Austin State Rusk, Texas 16. Cruse, Sam Texas at Austin Houston, TexasAnd this class teaches the senior how to read the want ads for jobs. . . . 3. Daniel, Anne Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 4. Daniel, Houston Baylor Liberty, Texas 5. Davis, Jack Russell Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas 6. Davis, Jimmy Frank Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas 7. Dawson, Peter California Comp Springs, Maryland 8. DeYoung, Edwin R. Texas at Austin Arlington, Texas 9. Diaz, R.L., Jr. Texas at Austin Nederland, Texas 10. Dippel, Skipper Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 11. Donohue, David A. Vanderbilt Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 12. Lloyd Doggett Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 13. Dunlap, Phil Lamar Tech Dallas, Texas 14. Dupre, Douglas F. Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas 15. Dutton, Diana Georgetown Sherman, Texas 16. Eaker, John H. SMU Houston, TexasFayqht, John 6. Faust, Robert H Nebrb a Oregon % LincoloSNebraska Corvallis, Oregon 3. Ellis, Luther W. T.C.U. -r-Ft. Worth, Texas 4? Etzel, Robert Q., Jr. Oklahoma State Corsicana, Texas 2. Elick, John V. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 7. Ferber, Michael D Texas at Austin Houston, Texas 9. Fernandes, Ronald C. Allegheny Fairview, Pennsylvania 10. Fielder, Alan C Texas at Austin _ Lockhart. Texas 11. renting, George M, Tmxas at Ausx'in J? Houston, Texas Kord.JohnN. A. cas at Austin Sih.Antonio, Texas 1 mMm1. Gilmore, M Texas at Arli Austin, Texa 3. Gorham, Charles Davidson Austin. Texas 2. Gonzales, Robert Texas A M San Antonio; Texas 4. Grable, Robert C SMU Dallas, Texas 6. Griffin, Denver Houtffl 7. Guinn Bj Texas at? J Dallas. Tcxa? Hardin-Sirr Lorainc, T» 16. Hill. Ri M Harvard 14. Hendrik. Johnny Houston. To ntsu Denton, Texas 15. Hester, J. Robert, Arlington State Arlington, Texas Hazel, J. Pa Greeorian, R1 White Oak. T 13. Helmcamp. Texas A M Houston, Texas12. Junell, Ed. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 15. Kinnan, David E. Penn State 11. Jonson, William R. Cleveland, Ohio Texas at Austin Temple, Texas 14. Kiester, Kirt Arkansas Houston, Texas 1. Hilley, Van Texas at Austin Corpus Christi, Texas 2. Horton, David L. Texas at Austin Ft. Worth, Texas 3. Howard, Randy T.C.U. Dawson, Texss 13. Keyko, David Andrew Drew Mt. Ephraim, New Jersey 10. Johnson, Jerry D. Texas at Austin Texas City, Texas 4. Howard, A. Ryland ill Harvard Christoval, Texas 5. Hurst, John L. Iowa State Austin, Texas 6. Hutchinson, Stafford Harvard Austin, Texas 7. Hyde, Daniel Rice Dallas, Texas 8. Jacks, William Thomas Baylor Waco, Texas 9. Jenkins, John R. UCLA Santa Rosa, Calif.1. Kleinschmidt, Gerhard Texas Christian Ft. Worth, Texas 2. Kyle, John B. U.S. Military Academy Sherman, Texas 3. Lacktman, Eric Harvard Austin, Texas 4. Lehmann, James H. Texas A M Houston, Texas 5. Lemkau, Robert James California San Leandro, California 6. Litin, Nancy Rice Rochester, Minnesota 7. Littlefield, Patricia William Mary Austin, Texas 8. Maclver, Donald J., Jr. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 9. McCormick, Stan E., Jr. Texas at Austin Houston, Texas 10. McCreary, Jacki Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 11. Mangum, Robert E., Jr. Texas at Austin Mt. Pleasant, Texas 12. Markley, Michael Mark Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 13. Marquez, Jose D. L. St. John's Los Banos, California 14. Matlock, R.J. Washington St. Louis, Missouri 15. Milburn, Helen Texas at Austin San Antonio. Texas 16. Pollan, Thomas Miller Texas at Austin Rosenberg, Texas 1. Moeller, Karl H. Texas at Austin Wayncsville, Missouri 2. Morse, George T. Ill Houston Houston, Texas 3. Muegge, John T. Texas at Austin Brenham, Texas 4. Muller, John E. Mankato State Mankato, Minnesota 5. Murto, Thomas V. Ill Penn State Austin, Texas 6. O'Brien, Mike St. Thomas Houston, Texas 7. Oliver, Leon Texas at Austin Vernon, Texas 8. Owen, Dean Abilene Christian Mid-Law Law Review Candidates. Ft. Worth, Texas 9. Pace, David W. Duke Alexandria, Virginia 10. Parker, Geoffrey S. Vanderbilt Atlanta, Georgia 11. Parker, H. O. Quanah Abilene Christian Austin, Texas 12. Pearson, Ralph UCLA San Jose. California 13. Pena, Federico F. Texas at Austin Brownsville. Texas 14. Pickett, Carl N. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 15. Price, Robert A. IV Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas 16. Ramsey, Rinda Lamar Tech Groves, Texas1. Rea, Michael A. TCU Austin, Texas 2. Reneker, Ron Tulsa Memphis, Tennessee 3. Rivera, Mario H. Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas 4. Robertson, Robert V. Southwest Texas State Taylor, Texas 5. Roller, Robert Arkansas Austin, Texas 6. Ross, M. Allen Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 7. Rosselli, Anthony D. Ill Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 8. Rowe, Jasper C. Texas at Austin Kilgore, Texas wm 9. Rowin, John Texas A I Brownsville, Texas 10. Rudberg, Joe Duke Dallas, Texas 11. Russell, Philip Texas at Austin Austin , Texas 12. Russell, Robert G. Texas at Arlington Austin, Texas 13. Saegert, Jerry C. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 14. Sampson, Michael Midwestern Wichita Falls, Texas 15. Salyers, Gregory St. Thomas Houston, Texas 16. Sandoval, Charles F. Texas at El Paso El Paso, Texas 9. Solomon, Robert A. Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 10. Splawn, Walter F. Midwestern Wichita Falls, Texas 11. Stone, Eugenia Texas at Austin Madisonville. Texas 12. Stowe, Hugh A. Austin Peav State Ft. Worth, Texas 13. Strickland, Jack Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 14. Tackett, Steven Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 15. Tanzy, Jerry Texas at El Paso El Paso, Texas 16. Taylor, M. Lynn Hardin-Simmons Abilene, Texas 1. Scarborough, Terry L. 2. Schattman, Michael D. 3. Scudday, Roy G. 4. Sewell, Cameron Der Texas Tech Georgetown Rice Texas at Austin Petersburg, Ft. Worth, Texas Austin, Texas Dallas, Texas 5. Shannon, Joel Texas at Austin Wharton, Texas 6. Smith, E. Ashley Texas at Austin Houston, Texas 7. Smith, Gavin H. 8. Smith, William D. Texas at Austin Texas at Austin Houston, Texas Austin, Texas 921. Thomas, James Kirby Vanderbilt Dallas, Texas 2. Toland, William B. Baylor Kosse, Texas 3. Townsend, Tom Texas at Austin Paris, Texas 4. Turet, Charles S., Jr. Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 5. Turner. James W. Texas at Austin Crockett, Texas 6. Walker, Don R. TCU Ft. Worth, Texas 7. Walls, Robert E. A.C.C. Houston, Texas 8. Washburn, Molly Texas at Austin Madison, Georgia 9. Warnick, William F. Texas Tech Amarillo, Texas 10. Watson, John A. Rice Ft. Worth, Texas 11. Weaver, Joseph R. Notre Dame Midland, Texas 12. Weber, Don Texas at Austin Hitchcock. Texas 13. Weller, Harvill E., Jr. Mississippi Vicksburg, Mississippi 14. Welsh, N. J. Ill Texas at Austin Corpus Christi, Texas 15. Whitehurst, Bill Oklahoma Ardmore, Oklahoma 16. Willerson, Bettie Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas One of the many assets of law students is their neatness.1. Williamson, Ronald H. Texas at Arlington Dallas, Texas 2. Wilkerson, Glen M. Texas at Arlington Austin, Texas Did he say the bar was going to close in ten minutes? 6. Woods, William R. Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas 7. Yarbrough, David L. Texas at Austin Abilene, Texas 3. Wills, David A. Houston Houston, Texas 4. Wilson, Addison G. Williams Dallas, Texas 5. Wilson, Davie Lee Lamar Tech Bowling Green, Missouri After a few drinks, we won't mind being the only three people here. 4These freshmen will soon learn the meaning of thi old adage-Sober as a Judge. 1. Anderson, Lucille Smith Houston, Texas 2. Guyon, Edwin 8righam Young Austin, Texas 3. Guittard, John Amherst Dallas, Texas 4. Briones, David Texas at El Paso El Paso, Texas 5. Bracken, David L. Texas at Austin 6. Beckwith, David C. Carleton2. Hansen, C. N. Texas at Austin 3. Hubbard, William Texas at Austin 4. Jones, Gordon SWTSC 5. McCulley, Hugh L Sewanee 6. Sheets, Jody Texas at Austin 7. Whitehill, S. R. Texas Tech What does it mean? A banana a day... Freshman Make-Ups Are we making a contract? It's time for the long climb to the library.Senior Representatives to the Board of Governors: TROY WILLIAMS ED REAVES RICHARD SWAN:iT t WWW 9. Barcnblat, Martin Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas Com. Leg. Serv. Program Juvenile Defenders Phi Delta Phi 8. Bailey, W. Douglas Texas A M Ft. Worth, Texas 7. Aubree, Yannig Paris Law School Paris, France "What do you want to be when you grow up?" 1. Acker, Leslie Clark Texas at Austin Houston, Texas C. for Ad. of Legal Understanding Criminal Law Assn. Intramurals 6. Ashford, Amanda Texas at Austin Maud, Texas 5. Baker, Donald SMU Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi Texas Law Review Election Commission 4. Altman, William K. Texas A M Odessa, Texas Honor Tribunal Phi Delta Phi Texas Trial Lawyers Assn. 3. Albert, Craig Cincinnati U. Cincinnati, Ohio 2. Agnew, John E. U. of Oklahoma Grapevine, Texas1. Barrow, Charles K. Rice Austin. Texas Legal Research Board Meet Court Competition 10. Betzer, Stan Oklahoma U. Shidler, Oklahoma Chancellors Texas Law Review 2. Bartholow, Toby Yale Dallas, Texas Intramurals Phi Delta Phi Texas Law Review 9. Bergman, Laurence Louisiana State Dallas. Texas 3. Basham, George III SMU Austin, Texas Human Rights Research Council Phi Dolta Phi Texas International L8W Forum 8. Bell, Rondal Terry Texas Tech Temple, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Meot Court Board Phi Delta Phi 5. Beanland, Kenneth Trinity U. Marfa, Texas Com. Legal Ser. Program Criminal Law Assn. Human Rights Research C. 4. Baxter, Sam Texas at Austin Carthage, Texas Meet Court Board Meet Court Competition Teaching Quizmaster 7. Bednar, William, Jr. Stanford Dallas, Texas Consul Quizmaster Texas International Law Forum 6. Bech, Douglas Y. Baylor Seattle, Washington Phi Delta Phi Texas Law Review 1003. Bolton, Sheryl Sophie H. Newcomb Houston, Texas Meet Court Board S.B.A. Officer Teach. Quizmaster 4. Boone, Hannibal S. Stephen F. Austin Navasota, Texas 10. Brown, Forrest, Jr. Kansas Wichita, Kansas Phi Dolta Phi Quizmaster Texas Law Review 5. Bosch, Peter J. Tulsa Williamsburg, Va. Graduate Law 6. Bowen, J. Donald ACC Abilene, Texas Student Court Texas Law Review 7. Brandes, Mike Texas at Austin Temple, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Honor Council Phi Alpha Delta 8. Bridges, Thomas North Texas State Sweetwater, Texas Meet Court Board Phi Alpha Delta Teaching Quizmaster 9. Brown, Chester H., Jr. Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Project Police Action Phi Alpha Delta 1013. Builta, James A. North Texas State Kcrrville, Texas Legal Research Board Phi 0elt3 Phi Texas Law Forum 4. Bulmahn, Ted P. Valparaiso Valparaiso, Indiana 5. Burkett, Joe W. Vanderbilt Texarkana, Texas 6. Burnett, William L. Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 7. Bybee, Gerald G. Texas at Austin Hereford. Texas 8. Caddell, Michael Jon Texas Tech Phillips, Texas 1. Bryce, James Y. Texas at Austin Waxahachic, Texas 2. Buckle, Wm. T. Rice Houston, Texas Int'l Law Society Legal Research Bd. CLSP "I want to be a Lawyer?" 102 1. Cagney, Richard B., Jr. Yale Bellaire, Texas Board of Governors Phi Delta Phi Law School Soccer Tcam 3. Campbell, Winfield M. Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 5. Carl, Colin J. Harvard Austin, Texas Police Action Project 7. Cate, Reynolds N. "Rick" Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas Board of Governors Int'l. Law Society Chr„ Closed Circuit TV Comm. 9. Church, Walter W. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 2. Campbell, Bert L. Texas at Austin Sulphur Springs, Texas Chancellors Quizmaster Texas Law Review 4. Campion, William P. Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas C. for A. of L.U. Police Action Project Meet Court Competition 6. Carter, John F. Princeton Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi Quizmaster Texas lnt‘1. Law Forum 8. Chapline, Eugene P. Texas at Austin Houston, Texas Texas Law Forum Police Action Project Phi Alpha Delta 10. Ciolino, Joseph F. Loyola New Orleans, Louisiana 1031. Clark, Patrick A. Lamar Tech Orange, Texas Freshman Inns of Court Intramurals Meet Court 3. Collins, Robert TCU Houston, Texas CALU Criminal Law Assn. Police Action Project 2. Collins, Marvin L Centenary Minden, Louisiana 4. Cook, Gareth W. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi Chancellors Texas Law Review 5. Cornwell, Gary Texas at Austin Houston, Texas Mid-Law President Student Asst. To the Dean Student Faculty Committee 6. Courtney, Jerry Texas at Arlington Wills Point, Texas Phi Delta Phi Quizmaster Legal Research Board 7. Dahlman, Terrell W. S.M.u. Houston, Texas 8. Davis, C. Michael Texas at Austin Ft. Worth, Texas Phi Delta Phi Quizmaster Juvenile Defenders Project 9. Davis, Paul R., Jr. Tulsa Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi Library Committee Texas Law Forum, Editor Oh, please buy an annual 10. Dean, Clint, W. Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas Criminal Law Assn, Penal Observation Project ABA-Law Student Division 11. Dennis, Ronald Ned New Mexico State Hobbs, New Mexico 1045. Driegcr, Robert Pennsylvania Glenside, Pa. 8. Dvdvey, Charles Tulane E Isa. Texas 10. Elkan, Harold Harvard Lovington, N.M. 9. Edmonds, Finley L. Rice Lancaster, Texas 11. Ezon, Steven Texas at Austin Houston, Texas Council for Advancement of Legal Understanding Human.Rights Research Council International Law Society 1. Derrick, James V., Jr. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Chancellors Texas Law Review 3. Dougherty, James S. Notre Dame Houston, Texas C.L.S.P. Criminal Law Assn. Int'l. Law Society 2. Diaz, Robert N.T.S.U. Ft. Worth, Texas 4. Dorsaneo, Wm. Ill Pennsylvania '1 San Antonio, Texas Chancellors Quizmaster Texas Law Review 7. DuBois, Allan K. Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas Meet Court Board Phi Delta Phi Teach. Quizmaster 6. Driver, Walter Stanford El Paso, Texas Meet Court Board Phi Delta Phi Teaching Quizmaster 12. Feige, Donald H. Illinois Mt. Prospect, Illinois Meet Court Board Praeters1. Fields, R. J., Jr. St. Thomas Freeport, Texas Phi Delta Phi Quizmaster Meet Court Competition 3. Finley, Dee, Jr. Texas at Austin Ft. Worth, Texas Phi Alpha Delta Quizmaster Atty. Asst. Project 2. Fields, Fred, Sr. Student Bar Association 4. Foster, Charles S. Mississippi State Bryan, Texas ABA-Law Student Div. Criminal Law Assn. "Who says I am not heavenly?" 106 5. Frels, Kelly SWTSU Lolita, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Pres. Honor Council, Chr. Legal Research Board 6. Friberg, Wilson TCU Wichita Falls, Texas Criminal Law Assn. 7. Friedman, Jeffrey M. Wisconsin Austin, Texas Criminal Law Assn, Pres. Human Rights Research Student Legal Advisory 8. Furgeson, R. Drew Texas Tech Ft. Worth, Texas ABA-Law Student Div. Delta Theta Phi Student Faculty Com.1. Gardner, Bill Texas at Austin Coleman, Texas 2. Gerstenfield, Edward H. Penn State Ft. Worth, Texas Delia Theta Phi Legal Research Board Student-Faculty Com. 3. Giblin, Pamela Texas at Austin McAllen, Texas Peregrinus Int'l Law Society Texas Int'l. Law Forum "An August Assembly?1 1 4. Giles, Thomas E. Texas at Austin Ft. Worth, Texas Delta Theta Phi C. for A. of LU Meet Court Competition 5. Gillespie, Robert M. Texas at Austin Sherman, Texas Phi Delta Phi Teaching Quizmaster 6. Goforth, Daniel TCU Austin, Texas Texas Law Review 7. Goodman, William DePauw South Bend, Indiana Criminal Law Assn. Phi Delta Phi Texas Law Review 8. Gorski, Ted Texas at Austin Ft. Worth, Texas Portia fwo nor awjiable 107"Who shirt?” says | am a stuffed 2. 1. Graham, Seldon B., Jr. West Point Austin, Texas Greber, Edmund Texas at Austin Austin, Texas I 3. Green, G. Maynard Texas A I Austin, Texas 6. Greenwood, Roy, Jr. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Phi Alpha Delta Criminal Justice Int. 7. Gregory, Clay, Jr. Duke San Antonio, Toxas Police Action Project Legal Research Board Phi Delta Phi 1081. Gregory, David M. Texas at Austin Denton, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Human Rights Research Legal Research Board 2. Grasham, Robert Texas at Austin Centerville. Texas 3. Griffin, Frederick Holy Cross Austin, Texas "Certainly we always study." 4. Guerry, George, Jr. Abilene Christian Dallas, Texas 7. Hall, Richard E. Florida State Panama City, Florida Phi Alpha Delta Honor Council Student Assemblyman 6. Hall, David M. Texas at Austin Danville. Illinois Criminal Law Assn. Praeters Texas Law Forum 5. Hagans, Donald Texas at El Paso El Paso, Texas State Bar Meet Team Sr. Teach Quizmaster Meet Court Board 1096. Hays, Kirk Texas Tech Amarillo, Texas 2. Harris, Harold F. Texas A M Austin, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Project Meet Court Board Teaching Quizmaster 3. Harrison, Clarence, Jr. Texas at Austin Tyler, Texas ABA-Law Student Div. Delta Theta Phi CALU 4. Hartman, Lee, Jr. Texas at Austin Houston, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Meet Court Board Meet Court Competition 5. Harvin, David Yale Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi Chancellors Texas Law Review 1. Hammond, Lawrence A. New Mexico El Paso, Texas Chancellors Texas Law Review1. Helms, John M. Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 4. Hill, Yerger, III SMU Smithville. Texas Meet Court Board Intramurals Meet Court Competition 7. Hood, Donald C. Lamar Tech Beaumont, Texas Dolta Theta Phi Teaching Quizmaster Moot Court Board 3. Hicks, M. Lawrence, Jr. Duke Ft. Worth, Texas Order of the Coif Phi Delta Phi Texas Law Review 6. Hoffman, Robert L. Texas Tech Slaton, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Phi Delta Phi Texas Law Roview 5. Hoffman, Chas. Roger Duke Atlanta, Georgia Phi Delta Phi 2. Hewitt, Thomas P. Trinity Sherman, Texas ABA-Law Student Div. Phi Delta Phi Texas Law Review7. Kardys, Richard Texas A M. San Antonio, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Quizmaster Phi Alpha Delta, Trea. 3. Karre, Richard Nebraska Omaha, Nebraska Quizmaster Texas Law Review 1. Houp, Kenneth, Jr. Florida Tampa, Florida Criminal Law Assn. Praetors Criminal Law Project 2. Ivy, Frank T. UTEP Austin, Texas 3. James, Edith Lee George Washington, D. C. Austin, Texas Freshman Inns of Court Legal Aid Human Rights Research Co. 4. Johndroe, S. G. Ill Yale Ft. Worth, Texas 5. Johnson, Charles T. Michigan State Delaware, Ohio 6. Jones, Ed Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Phi Alpha Delta Legal Research Board1. King, Don W. Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas 2. Kuhn, James R. Princeton Austin, Texas 3. LaFleur, Richard Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 4. Larson, Carole Illinois Aurora, Illinois Criminal Law Project Texas Law Forum Criminal Justice Project 5. Leiken, Lawrence Dartmouth Shaker Heights, Ohio Int'l. Law Society Phi Delta Phi Ford Fd. Criminal Justice Fellow 6. Lerner, Gary Texas at Austin Austin. Texas Com. Legal Service Program Texas Law Forum Juvenile Defenders 7. Lester, Phoebe Stephen F. Austin Tyler, Texas Int'l. Law Society Board of Governors Texas Law Forum 8. Leverett, Gerald California Bakersfield, Calif. 9. Levey, Arnold Texas at Austin San Antonio, Texas 113 3. Little, James M. Centenay College of La. Houston, Texas ABA-Law Student Div. Police Action Project 7. Lowenberg, Edward City College of New York Austin, Texas 5. Longnecker, Bruce E. Kansas Kansas City, Kansas Criminal Law Assn. Delta Theta Phi Meet Court Competition 4. Lockney, Thomas M. Wisconsin Austin, Texas Meet Court Board Quizmaster Criminal Justice Project 6. Loving, David III NTSU Dallas, Texas Criminal Law Assn. SLAC Texas Law Forum 2. Lipnick, Jerome California Galveston, Texas Juvenile Defender Human Rights Research Council Phi Delta Phi Lindley, G. W. Oklahoma Duncan, Oklahoma Inmate Asst. Project Phi Dlpha Delta Meet Court Competition P.2. Lusky, Herman A. Vanderbilt Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi Legal Research Board SLAC 3. McLelland, Stan Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Chancellors Texas Law Review 7. Macon, Richard Yale Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi Peruvian Exchange Quizmaster 4. McShane, Raymond Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 6. Macon, Jane H. Texas at Austin Kingsville, Texas Legal Aid Juvenile Defenders Peregrinus, Editor 1. Lucky, Alfred Gordon, Jr. Claremont Beaumont, Texas Community Legal Services Program Delta Theta Phi Legal Research Board 5. Mabe, Hugh P. Ill Oklahoma Austin, Texas 1151. Mallett, Ed Dartmouth Houston, Texas 5. Matlock, Drew Texas at Austin Austin. Toxas 8. Milbank, Robert Yale Summit, N.J. Community Legal Services Program Moot Court Competition Phi Delta Phi 2. Margolis, Barry Tex8$ at Austin Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi Legal Understanding Comm. Special Lectures Comm. 6. May, Adrian C., Jr. Rice Shrovcport, La. Texas Intnatl. Law Forum 3. Martindale, J. Bruce III Williams Dallas, Texas 4. Martinez, George Texas at Austin El Paso Advisory Board Chairman Phi Delta Phi SBA Vice-President 7. Meyer, Philip G. Michigan Dearborn, Mich. 9. Miller, Jimmy Texas at Austin El Campo Delta Theta Phi 10. Miller, Stewart Austin Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi Honor Tribunal Honor Code Revision Student-Faculty Comm. 11. Moore, P.T. Trinity Harlingen, Texas 1164. Moser, Janie Newcomb DcKalb, Texas 1. Moore, Robt. E, Texas at Austin Dayton, Texas ABA-LSD Crim. Law Assn. 2. Morris, Malcolm S. SMU Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta 11. Norris, Geoffrey Rice Houston, Texas Moot Court Board Phi Delta Phi Teaching Quizmaster 10. Nolte, Georgene Vassar Tyler, Texas Community Legal Services Prog. Human Rights Research Council Kappa 8cta Pi 3. Moser, Bertrand C. Rice Houston, Texas 6. Neiman, Ronald North Texas State Austin, Texas 9. Nolan, Edwin Rice Houston, Texas 5. Mullins, Terrell Texas A M 7. Newsom, Neil T.C.U. Fort Worth, Texas Moot Court Board Teaching Quizmaster Texas Law Review 8. Newton, Stephen Kansas State Pittsburg Austin, Texas 1171. Nugent, Gerard P. Marquette Waukegan, III. Legal Research Bd. Moot Court Board Teaching Quizmaster 2. Oberman, Milton Tulane Miami, Fla. Legal Research Bd Phi Delta Phi Assault Flattery 4. Oliver, Chas. A. Texas at Austin Ft. Worth Texas Phi Alpha Delta 5. Oliver, Jed I. NTSU Austin, Texas 6. Orr, Stephen M. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Juvenile Defenders Int'l Moot Court Team Moot Court Board 3. O' Conner, Michael Chas. Rice Dallas, Texas Chancellors Quizmaster Texas Law Review 7. Oshman, Rick Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 8. Parmalee, Robert A. University of the South Austin, Texas Human Rights Reaserch Council Phi Delta Phi Criminal Justice Project: Summer Intern 118A - 8. Powell, George P. SMU Austin, Texas 7. Pitre, Marcus Allen Lamar State Groves, Texas 1. Patterson, John N. Virginia Taylor, Texas Police Action Project Phi Delta Phi 6. Perez, Kenneth A. Houston Houston, Texas ABA-Law Student Division Criminal Law Assn. Mock Trial Project, Chr. 5. Pendergraft, Robert Texas at Austin 2. Payte, Gerald Stephen F. Austin Midland, Texas 3. Peacock, Robert L. Southwestern Ranger, Texas CLSP PBP, Director Freshman Inns of Court 4. Peden, James K. Ill Rice Dallas, Texas Meet Court Board National Meet Court Team Teaching Quizmaster 1195. Reaves, James E., Jr. LSU Dallas, Texas Delta Theta Phi Legal Research Board 8oard of Governors 3. Pritchard, James E. Oklahoma Ft. Worth, Texas 4. Ralston, Robert Texas at Ausitn Alamo, Texas Delta Theta Phi 7. Renfro, John Michael Oklahoma Arlington, Virginia 8. Richardson, H. Albert, Jr. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 2. Prescott, James West Point El Paso, Texas Delta Thet8 Phi Texas Law Forum Meet Court Competition 1. Powell, Ken Nebraska Max, Nebraska Phi Delta Phi 6. Reining, Robert Jay Texas at Austin Houston, Texas 9. Richter, Jeff R. U.C.L.A. Los Angeles, California Quizmaster Texas Law Review Texas Law Forum 10. Rider, Kent M. 11. Robbins, Richard Texas at Austin Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi Fair Housing Committee Legal Research Board3. Runge, Gracey Dana Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas Texas Law Review Freshman Inns of Court 1. Robinson, James Northeast Oklahoma State Amarillo, Texas Quizmaster National Meet Court Team Chr., Moot Court Board 5. Shea, Susan Georgetown Washington, D. C. Criminal Law Assn. Crim, Law Assn. Project Attorney Asst. Project, Chr. 6. Simon, Robert Texas at Austin Ft. Worth, Texas 2. Rowland, Richard Austin Sherman, Texas 4. Rustay, George Austin Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi Juvenile Defenders C. for A. of L.U. 7. Simon, Samuel A. Texas at El Paso El Paso, Texas Phi Delta Phi Texas Law Review Co. Legal Services Program 1215. Smith.William III Texas at Arlington Ft. Worth, Texas 122 1. Skipworth, Robert Texas at Austin El Paso, Texas Teaching Quizmaster Moot Court Board Spring Hildebrand 2. Slavik, Charles M. Texas at Ausitn Edna, Texas Freshman Inns of Court Intramurals Quizmaster 3. Smith, Lawrence Texas at Austin Dallas, Texas 10. Streeter, Richard H. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 9. Stokes, Bennett Texas at Austin Austin. Texas Criminal Law Assn. Criminal Justice Project Phi Delta Phi 8. Sternberg, Bruce Emory Dallas, Texas 4. Smith, Robert Abilene Christian San Angelo, Texas 7. Spradley, Garey Texas at Austin Agua Dulce. Texas Phi Delta Phi 6. Sparks, Sammy Sul Ross State Van Horn, Texas Quizmaster Freshman Inns of Court Intramurals1. Swan, Gerald Indiana Austin, Texas 2. Swan, Richard Duke Kerrville, Texas Board of Governors Criminal Law Assn. Int'l. Law Society 3. Sutton, John P. Maryland Bandallstown, Maryland Community Lesol Services Phi Alpha Delta Slope 4. Taylor, Nancy Texas at Austin Richardson, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Juvenile Defenders 5. Thomas, Donald, Jr. Texas at Austin El Paso, Texas 6. Thomason, Thomas E. Texas at Ausitn Dallas, Texas Criminal Law Assn. Project Police Action Project Phi Alpha Delta Texas Int'l. Lav Forum 7. Thorpe, Robert Douglas Texas at Austin Corpus Christi, Texas Phi Alpha Delta Legal Research Board Placement Committee 8. Tigner, Ronald E. Texas at Austin Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta 12}4. Trachtenberg, Dan Tulane Austin, Texas Texas Low Review Phi Delta Phi 5. Tracy, J. David Texas at Austin Ft. Worth, Texas Meet Court Competition Quizmasters 124 7. Tucker, Eliot P. Texas at Austin Houston, Texas 8. Vexler, Jack M. Rice San Antonio, Texas 6. Trotter, David Kansas Bartlesville, Oklahoma Intramurals Phi Delta Phi Texas Law Forum 9. Walker. Wade Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas 10. Weddington, James Texas at Austin Abilene, Texas Juvenile Defenders Minority Recruitment Spring Hildebrand 11. Weiss, Theodore, Jr. Princeton San Antonio, Texas Texas Law Review 12. Weller, Frederick Wisconsin State Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi Meet Court Competition Community Legal Service Program 1. Tinney, Larry Texas at Austin Athens, Texas Delta Theta Phi Legal Aid Legal Research Board 2. Topek, E. Stanley Texas at Austin Houston, Texas Police Action Project Phi Delta Phi Quizmaster 3. Tottenham, Terry Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Student Court Legal Research Board Texas Law Review 91. Weichert, Glenn K. Oklahoma Tulsa, Okla. 2. Westergren, Michael J. Texas at Austin Corpus Christi. Texas 3. Whaley, Robert E. Indiana University Austin, Texas A. White, Dwain Austin Midland, Texas Phi Delta Phi Quizmaster Texas Law Review 5. Whittenburg, Mack Texas Tech Amarillo, Texas Honor Tribunal Moot Court Board Texas Law Review 6. Whittle, William NTSU Corpus Christi, Texas Barristers Int'l. Meet Court Team Legal Aid 7. Williams, Troy D. Angelo State Ozona, Texas Board of Governors Phi Alpha Delta Com. Legal Ser. Program 8. Wise, Gordon E. Pennsylvania Port Wainington, New York Phi Delta Phi Teaching Quizmaster 9. Wims, Michael N.T.S.U. ABA—Law Student Div. (Juvenile Defenders Project) Delta Theta Phi 1251. Woodlock, Jerry W. Texas at Arlington Ft. Worth, Texas Legal Research Board 2. Worsham, Jack C. Tulane Sulphur Springs, Texas Meet Court Competition 3. Vale, William D.f Jr. Texas at Austin Houston, Texas 4. Yeager, John A. Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Meet Court Competition Eastwood Park 126 Beer Parties Law School Moot Court Fall Hildebrand Fall Hildebrand is sponsored by the Moot Court Board. To compete in the Spring Hildebrand it is necessary to successfully perform in the Fall Hildebrand. Susan Shea addresses the court. loot Court Board The Moot Court Board is devoted largely to the development of the art of oral advocacy. Members of the Board supply Teaching Quizmasters for the freshman course on Legal Research and Oral Advocacy. Honor points for elegibility for the Order of Barristers and graduation with honors are earned by Board members. Hildebrand Moot Court Competition is always a highlight of Law Day. Harold Harris, vice-chairman; Jeff Norris, treasurer; Jed Robinson, chairman; Not pictured: Malcom Logan, secretary. Seated: Jed Robinson, chairman; Sheryl Bolton, Rich Baxendalo; 2d row: Jerry Nugent, Harold Harris, vice-chairman; Neil Newsom, Jeff Norris, treasurer; Steve Orr, Don Hagans; 3rd row: Jim Peden, Sam Baxter, Bruce Kiely. Dave Fleischaker. Tom Bridges, Alan DuBois.National Moot Court Team National Moot Court Team, Jed Robinson, Bill Whitehurst, Jim Pedcn State Bar Moot Court Team, State Champions Jim Peden, Don Hagans. Not pictured, Jeff Dykes International Law Moot Court Team, David Graham, Don Hagans, Don Hood 130Don Hagans. Asst. T.Q.; David Flcishaker, Head T.Q.; Sheryl Bolton, Asst. T.Q. Teaching Quizmaster The Teaching Quizmaster Program administers the Legal Research and Writing course to all first year law students. The twenty-two Quizmasters teach legal bibliography first semester and brief-writing and oral advocacy second semester. David Fleishaker and Don Hagans teach Legal Research class. 1st—Keily, B.; Hagans, D.; Fleischeker, D.; Bolton, S.; Boxendote, R.; Mallet, E. 2nd—Hood, D.; Hedges, D.; Gillespie, R.; Wheelis, J.; Vale, R. 3rd-Harris, H.; Norris, J.; Skipworth, R.; Peden, J.; Bridges, T. 4th-Nugent, G.; Baxter, S.; Wise, G.; Driver, W.; Newsom, N.Quiz Masters First Row; L—R: Molly Washburn, Judy Cunningham, Susan Shea, Ed Reaves, Tom Geren. Second Row, L—R: Dick Karr, Peter Pctkas, Jim Welch, Larry Macon, Roy Scudday. Third Row, L—R: Federico Pena, Eddie DeYoung, Don Garner, James Graham, Tom Murto. Fourth Row, L—R: John Flynn, James Maynard, Bob Hester. Jed Robinson, Ron Reneker, Bart Budetti, Steve Bickerstaff. Back Row, L—R: Richard Mithoff, Keith Short, Dan Hyde, Joe Tom Easley, Tom Lockney, Glenn Wilkerson. U te 11 ’ e m The Nation's Leading Drive-in Grocers UtoteMStudent Court Court: Tim Bowen, Terry Tottenham, Chief justice, Carnigie Mims; Back row: Max Hendrix and Mike Gregory Jewelers Since 1914 154 Hancock Center Austin Also in HoustonThe Legal Research Board, created in 1962, serves the function of providing law students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience through researching legal memoranda on cases submitted by lawyers, and it provides available research assistants for lawyers throughout the state. Membership is based upon successful completion of a legal memorandum on a qualification problem. As a member of the Board, each student must complete two problems each semester. OFFICERS: Left to right-Lusky. H., Grace. J. A., Smith, VV. Second row-left to right-Courtney, J., Frels, K., Nugent, G. Legal Research Board MEMBERS: First row-left to right: Robins, Smith, W.. Grace, J. A., Lusky, H., Wolfram, R., Barrow. Second row-left to right: Oberman. M.. Gregory. C.. Gorham, Greenberg, R. Third row-left to right: Geren, T., Thorpe. R„ Buckle. T.. Gerstenfield, Fulton. Tottenham. Fourth row-left to right: Freh, K., Courtney, J., Tinney, L., Sehan, T., Gibbs. Fifth row-left to right: Nugent. G.. French. Bozarth. Woodlock. Dudley, Builta. 134Green Pastures Sunday Noon Featuring Old South Brunch Buffet Research is pursued in All Areas. . . . Closed Mondays SI I West Live Oak For Information and Reservations Call HI2-2342 if- s SA I t ia n.ozBcrm»»1 SIN la n. « . lumu'.s ‘tic i 'A+s ■: IN BOTTLES, CANS, AND DRAFT. The Hoefgen Co. 19)7 E. 7th 135 it ScUt % - ‘Dewey 136 7 t Venccpiimc 7te (ihit duty tic ’P icwt-Uuc io to too md edit tic JL W- Sciool t a. ct 'Pa.ccUtef Sdit x - “Dcdc (2 U% Ox pa, 6j.atC Sdc (or -Pa-m-'pxeo tKatt Sditox- (Z axteo 01 4 IK id- £ a cv 2 ditox - 'Kaxttc Scxtcdt AdvtxUoiKf Sate ornate: 'Bid Stteitfc loto$xaft,1icx: Da ’Pit'ycx ‘P otoyxafi tx - Sett '% t66axdOfficers: Hugh Lowe, director; Bob Terzian, president; Fred Baron, director; Bertha Ross, director. Human Rights Research Council Members of H.R.R.C. do legal and social research for the American Civil Liberties Union and minority-rights groups on emerging areas of human and civil rights law. "Use Your Blue Student 138 Card and Save” 817 Congress Ave. AUSTIN'S FINEST JEWELERS SINCE 1865International Law Forum Since its inception in 1964, TILF has gradually gained recognition as a leading journal of international law, particularly in the area of international trade and regulation. In addition to articles by well-known scholars and practicing lawyers, the FORUM regularly publishes student notes and comments on subjects of current debate in international legal and business circles. The 1969-70 school year has been marked by a substantial expansion of the writing staff, new and larger office space, and the establishment of an awards and scholarship fund to reward meritorious writing and editorial achievement. r: SiU “Bid Staff Editor in Chief................. Bill Bednar Articles Editor ....... Adrian May Book Review Editor ... Pam Giblin Notes Editor .......... Fritz Wollett Research Editor ..... Jo Ann Grace ScCitiicat Sta,icC: V UK AcL%Cclk 7K Ufr. Sill it. 7(Jtilt Back row: Mike Gilmore, Jack Strickland, D8ve Kinnan, Cameron «Dce Sewell, Richard Daerr. Front: Randall Howard, Mike Wolfram, Mike Shattman, Jose Marquez, Tom Thomasop. 139M a I s a Mexican American Law Students Association 140 Front Row: Jesus Samaniego, Dan Solis, David Briones, Ricardo Gonzalez, David Paredes; Second Row: Hector Garcia, Ramiro Vofdez, Gilberto Cardenas, George Martinez, Oscar Palacios, Edward Prado, Ricardo Trejo.Delta Theta Phi Fall Officers: John Hurst. Terry Dahlman, Tribune Kelly Frets, Dean; Randy Miller, clerk of the Exchequer DELTA THETA PHI LAW FRATERNITY 1970 AWARD RECIPIENTS: SAM HOUSTON SENATE AWARD .... Kelly Frels E. A. THORPE AWARD ........Larry Tinney OUTSTANDING STUDENT SENATE MEMBER ...........Randy Miller FREE STATE SCHOLARSHIP ... .Martin Tyckoski Spring Officers: Robert Maxwell, Master of the Ritual, Skip Miller, Vice-Dean; Bob Hester, clerk of the Exchequer, Larry Tinney, Clerk of Rolls, Randy Miller, Dean, Phil Weatherbcc and Bill Connolly. Co-Bailiffs, John Mucggc, Tribune. 141 titirn rust;! 61FIP3IJIDelta Theta Phi Blaschke, Dwain Cariotis, Nick Cate, Rick Chapin, John Connolly, Bill Cockrum, Clyde Dahlman, Terry Davis, Jimmy Doggett, Lloyd Driegert, Bill Fain, John Ferguson, Phil Frels, Kelly Ferguson, Drew Friedman, Jeff Giles, Tom Hagans, Don Harrison, Buff Hendrix, Max Hester, Bob Hood, Don Hurst, John Jolly, Jim Jones, Gordon Keyko, David Logenecker, Bruce Loeffler, Tom Lucky, Fred 142 McShane, David Mabe, PetePhi Alpha Delta Spring Officers: First Row, L-R: Gene Chapline, Social Chairman; James Pollard, Athletic Chairman; Tom Bridges, Justice; Judd Osten, Rush Chairman and Marshal. Second Row, L-R: Bill Bludworth, Clerk; Robert Thorpe, Vice Justice; Jerry Fulton, Treasurer. Fall Officers: Bottom: Robin Gibbs, Vice Justice. Second Row, L-R: Ron Tigner, Social Chairman; Bill Bludworth, Clerk. Third Row, L—R: James Pollard, Athletic Chairman; Richard Hall, Representative; Richard Kardys, Treasurer. Top: Terrell Mullins, Justice. H 144Doug Bailey William Bankston Robert Binder Billy Bludworth Shelton Boone Mike Brandes Tom Bridges Doug Brooks Chester Brown Eugene Chapline Charles Dudley John Eaker Robert Etzel Dee Finley John Ford Jerry Fulton Roy Greenwood Robert Gresham Richard Hall Trey D. Helmcamp Robin Gibbs Gene Jarman Richard Kardys George Lindley Robert Moore Terrell Mullins Charles Oliver Judd Osten James Pollard Paul Ray Dave Roberts Jasper Rowe Richard Scott John Sutton John Tate Kirby Thomas Tom Thomason Robert Thorpe RonTigner Troy Williams Jerry Woodlock Not pictured: Paul Davis, F. L. Frazer, W. A. Griffin, Jim Kauffman, Carnegie Mims, Alex Oliver, Chris 145 Paul, Charles WilcoxRoberts Inn Phi Delta Phi Kneeling, sitting, I. to r.: R. Parmclco, D. Hyde, S. Agnew, R. Howard, D. Hedges, R. Cagney, B. Mangum, J. Carter, W. Dorsaneo, G. Wise. D. Gaulle. Shelby Bryan, J. Peden, C. Dack; Standing: H. Alger, F. Casebier, T. Pollan, R. Davis, E. De Young, A. Lincoln, J. Weber, W. Disney. G. Spradley, A. Dubois, J. Norris, J. Allison, E. Ellison, E. Sullivan, D. Bech, C. Columbus, J. Dygr, J. Shannon, W. Armstrong, On wall: H.S. Truman, T. Jefferson, L. Ellis, M. Gilmore, R. Howard, C. Sewell, F. Fields, G. Martinez, D. White, J. Namath, V. Hilley, S. Topek. M. Davis, L. Oliver, P. Revere, D.'Trotter. Spring Beer Bust Outstanding Phi Delta Phi AlumnusOutstanding Phi Dolta Phi-1970 Phi Delta Phi Members: James Allison William Armstrong Douglas Bailey Martin Barenblat Theodore Bartholow Georgo Basham Douglas Bcch Barry Beck William Bodnar Morris Belt Terry Belt Calvin Bennett Stan Betzer Robert Bickerstaff Stephen Block Donald Bowen Carl Brenner Curtis Briggs Forrest Brown John Bryan Bart Budctti James Builta James Butler Richard Cagney Bert Campbell Winfiold Campbell John Carssow John Carter Frank Casebier Robert Cheek Lee Clyburn James Considine Anthony Constant Gareth Cook Phi Delta Phi Members: Fall Officers: Sky Marshal, Allan Dubois, Jeff Norris, Jack Carter. Robert Kirby Johh Kyle James Langdon Lawrence Lcikon Herman Lusky Stan McLelland Richard McMillan Barry McNeil Howard McPheeters Richard Macon Robert Mangum Bruce Martindale Richard Mithoff Carl Moore Clinton Morse Thomas Murto Robert Neill Ronald Neiman Neil Newsom Geoffrey Norris Gerald Nugent Milton Oberman Maurice Oliver Duncan Osborne Johathan Pace Robert Parmelee John Patterson James Pedcn Robert Pendergraft Peter Petkas Edward Pfiester Thomas Pollan John Poston Ken Powell Howard Rachofsky Robert Reining Philip Renfro panny Riley Michael Rosenwasser Joe Rudberg Roger Sanders Cameron Sewell Joel Shannon Gary Shapiro John Sharman Don Curtis Sherwood William Shirley Samuel Simkin Robert Simon Samuel Simon Henry Skelton William H. Smith Garey B. Sprodley James J. Spring Al Staehely Bennett Stokes Michael Stuart Edward Topek Daniel Trachtenberg David Tracy John Trottor Keith Tucker Terry Tottingham Kenneth Wall Robert Walls John Watson James Weber James Weddington Glenn Wcichert Theodore Weiss Aubrey White William Whitehurst Ralph Whiften David Wiggs David Wills Gordon Wise Michael Wolfram Frederick Wollett Robert Worcester David Yarbrough Herbert Yates Allen Craig Sam Cruse Carl Crutchfield Christopher Dack Charles Davis Jack Davis Paul Davis James Derrick Edwin DeYoung Tiorhan Dippel William Dorsaneo Walter Driver Dennis Dunigan Joseph Dyer Joe Easley Luther Ellis Glenn Ellison Michael Fcrber Fred Fields John Ford Donald Garner Mike Gibbs Michael Gilmore William Goodman Claiborne Gregory Robert Griffin Stephen Hackorman David Harvin Kirk Hays David Hedges Marion Hicks Van Hilloy Charles Hoffman Robert Hoffman Ryland Howard Randall Howard Daniel Hyde Gerald Irwin William Jacks Bruce James Charles Johnson John Johnson Spring Officers Gordon Wise, Chris Dack, Jack Carter, Rick Cagney, David Hedges.Legal Aid Advisors vrrT f r After being informed of our Constitutional Rights, we still confess . . . That if you shop at KASH-KARRY you know that it's good! Legal Aid Advisors: Bill Dorsaneo, Hugh Lowe, Tom Buckle, Bill Gardner KM'Kmr GROCERIES 13th and West Lynn 3035 Guadalupe 218 South Lamar 2401 San Gabriel 3415 Northline DriveLaw Wives The Law Wives Club serves a vital function in the Law students career. The club aids in intergrating the home and family with student life. 1 iCapital • I I National ■I iBank THE Capital National. Bank IN AUSTIN "The Trust Department of Austin Capital National Bank works closely with attorneys in the estate planning of their clients." 149 You will always find a friend at the Capital National. Trust officers are eager to aid law students with their personal or course related trust problems.SPORTS LAW INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL Football provides special instruction for the Law student who is transported to the glass gates of Townes each morning in Autumn by way of nocturnal intramural fame and glory. The student-hero soon learns there is seldom a game so filled with perfect players that there fails to occur a trover of a pigskin. However, he also finds that his right to immediate possession of the pigskin terminated at the point of conversion and he has no remedy unless the conversion was done in a manner that fractured the rules of fair play. In other words, no one has a permanent title to the ball and it may legally change hands without being officially recorded. In fact, there is sometimes a question of whether the pertinent activities revolving around the ball are noticed at all, either by recording officials or the referees appointed to handle the dispute. It is under such circumstances that the leaders of tomorrow's America climbed out of the library stacks in the fall of 1969 and converged on the intramural field to join in the annual test of courage . As life is action and passion, if is required of a man tHat He sHould sfare (He passion and action of His time, at peril of Heing judged not to H ave lived. Oliver Wendell Holmes 150Before the season started there was much discussion as to who was going to produce the better team in the Law League. The Vultures had power, the Avengers speed, the Legal Eagles had experience and size, to the Phi Delts belonged stamina. And so the pre season battle raged. How many a dispute could have been deflated into a single paragraph if the disputants had dared to define their terms. Aristotle On opening night the Vultures displayed their prowess in bombing the Law Review 46 0, as Vulture QB Tom Circle threw a season high of six touchdown passes. Even the referee couldn't get close enough to stop this slaughter. The law is silent amidst the clash of arms.- Cicero On the same evening the Avengers buried Willing 21 0 on the strength of David Perkins' arm and 3 touchdown passes. Phi Delta Phi also sunk Praetors 20 0 as John Trotter threw for 3 scores. The next test for the Avengers was the Legal Eagles who were at the mountain top as the Avengers approached. The size of the Eagle grew with the score. Final-Legal Eagles 16 Avengers 0. Fortune is always on the side of the largest bat-talions.- Marquise de Sevigne The Eagles next encountered the Vultures who had devoured the Aardvarks 13 to 0. The Vultures were believing they had a chance for a great upset and the opportunity to be number one. Lust of power is the most flagrant of all the passions. Tacitus Final: Legal Eagles 14 Vultures 2. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the league, undefeated Nolo Contendere had beaten Phi Delta Phi 15-6 and were suddenly in command of their division. Delta Theta Phi managed to hang in by nipping Wiley Fox 13-6, as defensive man Reuben Bonilla trovered a pigskin that was errantly transferred by the Wiley Fox quarterback, and ran for a touchdown that secured the victory. There is no error so monstrous that it fails to find defenders. Lord Acton 151Phi Delta Phi made a great comeback whipping PAD and then disposing of Delta Theta Phi to get another crack at the Nolo Contendere team. It seemed as if opponents of the Phi Delts had taken one look at their defense and decided it was more sensible to return to the library. At the very moment when, at sunset, vve were making our way through a herd of hippopotamuses, there flashed upon my mind, unforeseen and unsought, the phrase "Reverence for Life."— Albert Schweizer Phi Delta Phi narrowly defeated Nolo Contendere 9 to 8 and Nolo appeared surprised. Nolo tried again to defeat Phi Delta Phi and once again lost. Coach Wright's concern paid off in a stronger defense in the next outing-the championship of the Law Intramural League-as the Eagles flew, and down went the powerful Phi Delta Phi 30 to 6. From the true antagonist illimitable courage is transmitted to you. —Franz Kafka There is no likelihood of our being able to suppress humanity's aggressive tendencies.. .what we may try is to direct it into a channel other than that of warfare.- Sigmund Freud To stumble twice against the same stone is a proverbial disgrace.— Cicero But the Phi Delts were not home free yet. The winner of the other division had still to be decided and disposed of. The Avengers eliminated the Vultures 32 to 6 as Wallace Tingley passed for 4 touchdowns. The victory enabled the Avengers to climb back up the mountain to another meeting with the Legal Eagles. The eagles scored first on a Randal Howard pass to Edward Small. However, the Avengers drew blood on a touchdown pass from Tingley to Mike Wood. Then the Eagles operated one of the big plays of the year as Howard passed to Mike Gammon who in turn lateraled the ball to Gareth Cook, who ran the remaining 11 yards for the score, and a 12-6 Eagle lead, from which the Avengers never really recovered. Final: Eagles 24 Avengers 12. A good defense had been shown by the Eagles, but their coach Mr. Charles Alan Wright was concerned that two touchdowns had been scored against the Eagles. Had I been Present at the creation of the world I would have proposed some improvements.- Alfonso X Eagle Coach Mr. C. A. Wright 152The Eagles had accomplished what the Vultures, Avengers and Phi Delts had claimed they would not. They had taken the Law Championship-and with grace and ease. The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. -Walter Bagehot The Champion Eagles then played for the Law-Grad Championship against the Grad School champion Whiz Kids and won all the marbles 29-7. The passing combination of Randall Howard to Mike Gammon and Gareth Cook was again devastating and the defense was superb. Gammon scored first on a 50 yard return of a pass interception. Howard then hit Gammon in the end zone for touchdown number 2, and passed to Cook for both of the remaining counters, bringing the Grad Championship home to Townes Hall. Growing Central Texas ...and the bank that helps it grow! When you've got business in central Texas, talk to the leader. EBB [rvjQ-tiomfiil Congress ot Fifth GR 7-6411 Mcmbor FDICLAW SCHOOL WOMEN'S TEAM V. THE FACULTY One of the high-lights of the sports year was the action which the Townes Hall ladies footballers commenced against the male faculty football partisans. The women of course won the hearts of the fans, while the men gained their sympathy and envy! i He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass— Psalms LXXII "In Texas, we sip from the hip.' Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.— Ralph Waldo Emerson Doak Walker rides again or Walty Mitty consents to all offensive touchings.They met at Appalachia "Subtract 30 years, and Sammy Baugh would bo in trouble. "Hey. where did the Dallas Cowboys get this quarterback? He's a real dog!'' HOME STEAM LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 2301 Manor Road ★ 1400 Red River TRAVIS BANK 5, TRUST the bank of convenience... wants to serve you... Member FDIC 711 WEST 38th Featuring 3 Hour Service On RequestFinal Standings W L W L Legal Eagles 3 0 Phi Delta Phi 5 1 Avengers 4 2 Nolo Contendere 2 2 Vultures 2 2 Delta Theta Phi 2 2 Aardvarks 1 2 Wiley Fox 1 2 Willing 0 2 Praeters 0 2 Law Review 0 2 Phi Alpha Delta 0 2 Law championship game—Legal Eagles 30 Phi Delta Phi 6 Grad school Championship—Legal Eagles 29 Whiz Kids 7 The Champion Legal Eagles: Front Row, L—R: Platt Davis, Ed Junell, Jack Hanks. Dick Watt. Jerry Wolfe, Robin Gibbs. Back Row, L—R: Dean Greenwood, Ed Small, Mike Gammon, Gareth Cook, Professor Wright, Randy Howard, Steve Mathews. 156 Morgan Gulf 2817 Guadalupe . . . When TIME is important . . . think of HOLIDAY , , . one hour dry cleaning until 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday . . •VOLLEYBALL Front Row: T. J. Gibson, Tom L. Geren, John Hurst. Back Row: J. Capp. Bill Shimek, Ron Bousey, Jim Treecer, Phil Weatherbee, Bill Connolley, Duncan Osborn. P.O. Box 3705 1733 South Brownlee Corpus Christi, Texas 78404 THE INSURANCE PROGRAM Designed for the Lawyer and His Family (Sanctioned by the State Bar of Texas) • DISABILITY INCOME PROTECTION guarantees you a monthly income when disabled by injury or illness • DISABILITY INCOME PROTECTION guarantees you a monthly income when disabled by injury or illness • $20,000.00 MAJOR MEDICAL-HOSPITALIZATION Choice of $200, $300, $500, or $750 deductible • ACCIDENT INSURANCE from $25,000.00 to $100,000.00 available • LOW COST LIFE INSURANCE from $10,000.00 to $50,000.00 available Underwritten by Mutual Of New York • PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE a special policy needed by every lawyer Underwritten by Continental Casualty Company Complete details upon request to the AdministratorSOCCER The Law School Soccer team won the University Soccer Tournament. The Team won 7 straight games in route to the championship. From all accounts this was truly a magnificient effort. ■ts The Law School Soccer Team: front row, left to right; Earnest Alonz, Bill Hoy, Ed Prado, Robert Pendergraft, and Rick Cagney. Standing, are; Bob Terzian, Ryland Howard, Allen Craig, Mike Chase, Randy Hill. Larry Schneider, and Skip Belt. Soccer Team Institute For Texas BAR REVIEW, Inc. 220 S. Congress GR6-2282 Austin, Texas 78704 Willard C Fmkelsfein Director lectures bar review participants. The Lecturers at the Institute for Texas Bar Review, Inc. are distinguished professors of law from the Texas Law Schools who lecture on each of the subjects covered on the Texas Bar. The unique aspects of Texas law are emphasized in the context of a complete, systematic coverage of each Bar course, topic by topic. Special emphasis is given to those legal problems which the Bar Examiners have considered important in past years and to those which appear most important and timely now. The lectures plus the outlines and study materials are designed as a unit to give comprehensive coverage of the various subjects given on the Bar. The aim of the Institute is to give the student a clear understanding of the essentials of each Bar course, to sharpen his comprehension of important problem areas, and to tie together all of the Law School courses found on the Bar. The Institute Outlines are prepared by its Faculty members and without question represent the finest material of this sort available to the student. In addition they are supplemented and brought up to date each session by the Institute Faculty. In this manner, the student may be confident of skillful and competent direction in his Bar preparation, with due attention to all recent legislation and new cases. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES 159First Row, L-R: Sheryl Bolton, Mark Berry, George Martinez, Fred Fields. Second Row, L-R: Bob Heath, Doug Colton, Charles Ory, Bob Terzian, Carolyn Anderson, Kelly Frels, Bill Whitehurst, Ed Reaves Board of Governors of the Student Bar i mi: FRESHMAN FEWER 55 s 160 Ed Reaves guides Freshman Inns of Courts. Rob Robertson explains how to prevent Freshmen failures.officers: Frank Fields, treasurer; Mark Berry, President; Sheryl Bolton, secretary; George Martinez, vice president. Student Bar Association Upon admission to the Law School every student is automatically accorded membership in the Student Bar Association. The SBA is governed by the Board of Governors which is composed of nineteen elected members including the officers of the various classes, the Chairman of the Honor Council, the editors of the Law School newspaper and annual, and the SBA executive board. The SBA contributes to the professional education of the law student by sponsoring programs that complement and add to the curriculum. ack Strickling and Brenda Hartline count ballots. Students vote in Law School election. 161Honor Council Seated left to right: Richard Hall, Sr.; Ann Dennis, Fr.; Kelly Frols, Chairman; Skip Miller, Mid.; Standing: Mike Brandis. Sr.; Randy Miller, Mid.; Tom Bridges, Sr. Direct Diamond Importers Com pare-You're Greatest Value Guaranteed Omega Watches 162 On The Drag-next to co-op also Allandale Village 5726 Burnet Rd. The Honor Council investigates and holds hearings to determine if there is reasonable cause to believe that the accused has violated a provision of the Honor Code. If a possible violation is found, the Council prosecutes the accused before the Honor Tribunal.Law Review Front row: D. Bowen, M. Whittenburg, L. Hicks, T. Weiss, E. Nolan, R. Pendergraft, S. Better, S. Lewis, D. Harvin; Second row: S. Marshall, S. Hackerman, G. Cook, L. Clyburn, R. Hoffman. D. Trachtenberg, T. Huie, M. Hendrick; Third row: L. Hammond. C. Morse, T. Carr sow, S. McLelland, Dubois, J. Welch. S. Simon, M. O'Conner, F. Broun The Texas Law Review was formed in 1922, by Leon Green, Ira Hildebrand, and Ireland Graves. The primary purpose of the Review is to publish a legal periodical which will benefit the legal community by serving as a forum for analysis, explanation, and criticism of law, and as a research tool for attorneys and students. In addition, the Review helps train students in the art of legal research and writing. "Some people are never ready to have their picture taken.Officers: Hugh Lowe, president: Jane Macon, secretary; Pam Giblin, vice president; and Tom Buckle, treasurer. International Law Society The International Law Society was organized in 1963, and shortly thereafter was voted membership in the Association of Student International Law Societies. The purpose of the Society is to foster insterest in international and comparative law as well as the related subjects of foreign trade and international affairs. Student members of the Society participate in the International Law Moot Court Tribunal Competition. The Society also conducts an annual exchange program between the Law School of the University of Guanajuato, Mexico and the University of Texas Law School. The Society's faculty sponsor is Professor Woodfin Butte. Dependable Cooling? if you want the job done right it with gas A SOUTHERN UNION COMPANY 164outuxe service (Since 1966) Current and authoritative law outlines. Sold exclusively at: BRAY JORDAN PHARMACY 2917 Red River GR 8-8557 ITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Ol A.VUIN AUSTIN. TEXAS Try Citizens National For All Your Banking Needs Carnival Abounds outside Keeton’s Casino. ' KtbHnAW aeeR Members Cm DIMES yA Orr P Sheraton- Crest TL N,te Nov. IS C ssJ' UAA Y In t ohon D n ief Commodore Pcrrij Fridau, Nou. 14 £ .30 pm fGdtfa b bcj J) Freshman Presidents: Inns of Court John Kirkley Don Flournoy Noelle Richtenbaum Judd Osten David Powell George Lederer Terry Belt Shelly Veselka Dick Brumbelow Tom Tiemann David Cotell esse George Covington Chuck Murray Fred Micks Julian Buenger Nancy Burrell David Maddox Richard Elliott Jep Hill James Blackburn Tim Banks Rob Singer Inns of court is composed of all Freshman and their teaching quizmaster. The Inns compete in Oral Advocacy, intermurels, and social functions. AUS-TEX DUPLICATORS Printing • Mimnognphing • Milling 166 311 EAST IITH ST. AUSTIN, TEXAS • TELEPHONE 476-7581Schatzki Philosophies Dubois' T.Q. Section There are certain tastes you must acquire to be a good lawyer.I UNIVERSITY OF TE Wad Bob Hester TEXAS LAW FORUM The Texas Law Forum was named the best student bar association newspaper of law schools having 1,000 or more students at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting in Dallas in August, 1969. It took a lot of work to capture this award, work which the new structure of men behind the Law Forum continue with skill and enthusiasm. workings of “Nm Monday, Octobj fj veterans of id v or um S SCHOOL OF LAW Tom Bridges, Special Editions Editor October 16, 196! to Easley, the ma meeting is to idents with the Dirical research developed and whi summer by the st him. In ►pcs I me said that at the close of the IVf day meeting applications will available for those who would 1 to apply for Nader’s summer 19 team. Dave Hall, Articles Editor hasley said fie was delighted w he intere st that the law school ; Tiinistrati on has 0 projects c )f this 169 It-if lli.i r lldl IIIC 1 neeting will encourage s ients to do resc ;arch right here oegin Opin-to le-pe re- vel expenses for Mr. to Dean Keeton who virtually all of the Nader stude: Paul Davis, Editor-in-chief aidOfficers: Susan Lewis, treasurer; Sheryl Bolton, president; Gcorgene Nolte, vice president; and Betty Willerson, secretary. Kappa Beta Pi Women’s Sorority This year the girls instigated the Forms of Action versus the Faculty. All concluded this would be an annual event.Female FormsCriminal Law Association PARKING UNIV 0F1 Criminal Law Association Officers: David Hall, Kenneth Houp, David Loving, Jeff Friedman, and Bob Collins. President: Jeff Friedman Susan Shea and Att. Gen. Project Dee Finley Att. Gen. ProjectLeft to right: Larry Saver, Adult Probation Project; Dave Hall, Treasurer; Rick Oshman, Police Action Project; David Loving, Secretary; George Lindley, Inmate Assistance Proj.; Susan Shea, Attorney Assistance Proj.; Jeff Friedman, President; Ken Houp, Editor, The Indictment; not pictured: Nancy Taylor, Juvenile Defender Project. PROJECT CHAIRMEN£aw Day Awards 1970 Hildy’s Cutback Senior with Mosf Promising Ability 0 u ts t a n d i n g Sxfra -Curricular Cont r i b uti o ?i $ Outstanding 3 i r s f I) ear Stu d e n s Outstanding Mid -1 aw Stud e n t s Ou tst a tiding Senior Stu d cuts Mid-law Sarning Substantial Part Of Expenses M id-I aw Scholas t i c P r o g r e s s A iu a r d Senior Scholastic Progress Award Caw IPi ves Scholarship Outstanding teaching Qui $tn ast er A wa r d s - Milt Oberman -Gerry Got fern bam • Kelly 3rels - Ralph Miller Judd 0 s f e n Mike Petrin -Robert Q table Bill Whitehurst Joe Gom S as ley -Mike O’ Co ti no r Qerard Nugent - Joel Shannon • D'Ettc Cooney Henry Skelton -Carole Ca r son -Rob Robertson - S a m B a x ter David He d g e s Gom Bridges James Peden Perry Jones Memorial Criminal Dam Award Outstanding Student in Oil (gas Daw Outstanding Courtroom Advocacy Outstanding Seminar Paper Awards -David Hall - James Derrick -Bill Dor s an eo -Max Hendrick III Michael Rea Best Papers in Criminal Caw 9 nf er n a f i on a I Associ ation of insurance Prentice Hall Gax Awards Excellence in 3 i eld of Proce dure Avi at i on Caw Society Awards Ge aching Excellence -Carry Cei ken Douglas Bailey Counsel Award - Qlen IPiI kerson -Stan Better Bert Campbell Chris Paul - Ged IPeiss -Roy C. Collins G o m Bridges Charles Webb - Qeorge Schat ki Robert Hamilton 174Mike O’Conner GRAND CHANCELLOR Spring Chancellors Chancellors represents the highest honorary society in the School of Law. Established in 1912, its purpose is to reward law students who, by consistent scholarship and achievement, have shown themselves "most likely to succeed professionally". Each semester, eight law students who have completed 45 hours of law school work and have attained the highest scholastic averages are selected for membership. Gareth Cook CLERK Larry Hammond KEEPER OF THE PEREGRINUS 4Ed Nolan Chancellor at Large Not Pictured: Ben Benjamin, Chancellor at Large Steve Hackerman, Chancellor at Large Fall 'Chancellors' 1969uuxaa. William Dorsaneo Grand Chancellor Fall Chancellors 1969 Stan Betzer Chancellor at Large Bert Campbell Chancellor at Large Jim Derrick Keeper of the Peregrinus 178Max Hendrick Clerk Stan McLelland Chancellor at Large Not Pictured: Clint Morse Chancellor at Large 179 David Harvin Vice ChancellorSem i fynC Each year the Society of the Peregrinus sponsors an election to determine which Senior girl is most deserving of special recognition for her intelligence, charm, grace, wit, and beauty. The title “Portia’' is taken from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice in which the heroine, Portia, argued law and equity in the defense of her lover. 181 j Sh Ufl ‘SoittM T aittt it OtattfyZ (faiol Aafl M- TtJ dat 1 cu-Ant TtJdat ) ant What tybcc faice nte t de i TVdat (f u ate 182183 Scai Pi fynfo Shaltih, Shantih' S h lntikMark Berry CONSULS Stan Betzer 184Tom Bridges The Counsul Award is conferred annually upon the twelve or more senior law students who, by their participation in extracurricular activities, have made the most significant contributions to the Law School outside of the classroom. Consuls are selected by a committee of student leaders which considers a roster of prospective awardees. Nominations are not made on the mere holding of an office, but on actual service rendered by the student in various activities in which he has participated as well as scholarship, initiative, personality, responsibility, and integrity. Those students who are finally selected by the committee are presented their award on Law Day. Sheryl BoltonTom Buckle Paul Davis Platt Davisf. 4 i I'k Jeff Friedmon Ann Grace Don HagansLarry Hammond Larry Macon 189 Jane MaconGerald Nugent Ed Reaves 190 Jed Robinson Terry Tottenham Mack Whittenhurg 191PeneysUttuA fan 1970 This year the Peregrinus takes great pleasure in awarding the Pere-Fellow award to three seniors and one Mid-Law. Because of the efforts of these four people the Law School is a better place in which to live. Pam ;i %e t 'pCelcU tyevift THaAtiKtj, Senior Addresses Jerald Lewis Abrams Thomas G. Barnes Charles Mark Berry Thomas Lee Bridges 90 Lawton 135 Croton Avenue 3801 Shelby Drive 1603 Woodruff Lane Brookline, Massachusetts 02146 Ossinine, New York 10562 Fort Worth. Texas Sweetwater, Texas Leslie Clard Acker Charles Kimbro Barrow Stanley Irvin Betzcr. Jr. James William Brison 2720 Briarhurst No. 26 4421 Crestway % O'Melveny Myers 217 Cass Houston, Texas Austin, Texas 78723 611 West 6th Street Los Angelos, California Gilbcr, Texas John Ecker Agnew Chester Hughey Brown, Jr. 416 A alea Billy Ray Bludworth 360 Shclburn Drive Grapevine, Texas Theodore Ohmstede Bartholow, Jr. 7110 Keller San Antonio, Texas Craig Steven Albert 3837 Caruth Dallas, Texas 75225 Houston, Texas 77017 Forrest Walworth Brown, Jr. 735 Avon Fields Lane William Humphrey Bogart 5827 E. 2d Cincinnati, Ohio George Verner Basham 111 1000 Avenue Road Wichita, Kansas Thomas Neville Alfrey 909 Boonevillo 6339 Deslo Drive Toronto 199, Ontario, Dallas. Texas 75285 Canada James Young Bryce 202 Overhill Drive New Braunfels, Texas George Carroll Baxley Sheryl Zoo Bolton Waxahachie, Texas 2206 Midlane 1129 Bunker Hill Rd. Scotty Dan Allen Houston, Texas Houston. Texas 77055 Ted Paul Bulmahn 211 N. Kentucky Street 311 I B Harris Park McKinney, Texas Samuel Franklin Baxter Hannibal Shelton Boone Austin, Texas 356 Fontaine Boone's Court Shreveport, Louisiana Navasota, Texas William T. Buckle William Kern Altman 6213 Wicknrsham c o C. A. Johnson, Box 9 William C. Bcdnar, Jr. Houston, Texas 77027 Christoval, Texas 1005 Lorrain Street J. Donald Bowen Austin, Texas Robert Lee Rt. Joe Wylie Burkett Albert Armendariz San Angelo, Texas 3524 Walnut Street 1421 Murchison Texarkana, Texas El Paso, Texas Rondal Terry Bell James Her!) Bozarth 3702 Las Cienga 1608 W. Tennessee William Lee Burnett Yann ik Abrec Temple, Texas Midland, Texas 6206 Royal Lane Dallas, Texas Peter William Ayo 506 West 16th Street Ben Edward Benjamin Michael Lee Brandcs Gerald Gist Bybee Austin, Texas 4100 Marine Drive 503 W. Thompson 134 Star Street Chicago, Illinois Temple, Texas Hereford, Texas 79045 Don W. Baker Milbank, Tweed, Hadley McCloy Laurence Edgar Bergman Carl Hubier Braubach Michael Jon Caddell 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza P. 0. Box 4232 309 Plum 5805 S. First Street New York, New York Austin, Texas Cleveland, Texas Austin, Texas when money matters... THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK OF AUSTIN Sixth Colorado Austin. Texas 78767 (512) 477 6581 Member FDIC 193Senior Addresses Richard B. Cagney, Jr. 4922 Valerie Bellaire, Texas 77401 Winfield M. Campbell 1300 E. St. John’s Austin, Texas Robert Carr Lewisville, Texas John T. Carssow 2104 San Gabriel Austin, Texas Roynolds N. Cate 135 Canterbury Hill Son Antonio, Texas Stella Win-Shin Chiang 3832 Rutho Street Houston, Texas Robert L. Chrane Walter W. Church 335 Elizabeth Road San Antonio, Texas Patrick A. Clark 413 Camelia Orange, Texas 77630 Lee C. Clyburn 902 No. San Jacinto Conroe, Texas Jesse O. Colley, Jr. 915 E. Barton Temple, Texas Marvin L. Collins 1002 Jefferson Minden, Louisiana Robert J. Collins 12122 Taylorcrest Houston, Texas Gareth W. Cook 2614 West 4914 Austin, Texas William D. Cook 512 East Shepherd Lufkin, Texas Gary T. Cornwell 9226 Timbersido Houston. Texas Jerry Don Courtney P. O. Box 4 Wills Point, Texas Dennis W. Craggs 203 Jonguil Lake Jackson, Texas Charles M. Davis Rt. 2, Box 324 W Fort Worth, Texas Platt W. Davis, II First City Nat'l. Bank Bldg. Houston, Texas Richard T. Davis, Jr. 123 Pasco Enlinal San Antonio, Texas Clint W. Dean 4428 Westway Avenue Dallas. Texas Ronald N. Dennis P. O. Box 3664 Austin, Texas Roland O. De Noie 25 Wright Road Rockville Centre, N.Y. James V. Derrick, Jr. 118 Matisse Drive Houston, Texas Robert E. Diaz 3905 Pershing Fort Worth, Texas Robert S. Dickey 3929 Montego, Apt. B Corpus Christi, Texas William W. Didlake 2608 Rollingwood Drive Austin, Texas Charles Dillingham 802 Capital National Bank Houston, Texas 194 FINER FOODS FOR LESS "2 Fine Stores to Serve You" 19th and Lavaca 3221 Red River Robert S. Driegert 2800 Swisher - Apt. 103 Austin, Texas Gilbert E. Fox 6242 Joyce Way Dallas, Texas 75225 Walter W. Driver. Jr. 2435 Mayfield El Paso, Texas Jerry H. Frank 2108 Townes Lane Austin, Texas 78703 Allan K. DuBois 202 Mayflower Avenue San Antonio, Texas Leon Kelly Frels Box 61 Lolita, Texas 77971 Charles B. Dudley 206 Greenville Elsa, Texas 78543 Wilson E. Friberg 4506 Alamo Wichita Falls, Texas William D. Duke 5609 Tourist Drive Fort Worth, Texas Ben H. Gaddis Box 524 Cotulla, Texas Finley L. Edmonds 173 Arbor Lane Lancaster, Toxas Sam W. Gainer 2642 W. 45th Austin, Texas Harold A. Elkan P. O. Box 1625 Lovington, New Mexico Michael E. Gammon 1026 Hillcrest Denton, Texas 76201 John C. Emerson 1700 Pease Austin, Texas John H. Garner, II 2504 First Brown wood, Texas Donald H. Fcige 211 S. Elmhurst Avc. Mt. Prospect, Illinois Pamela M. Giblin 309 South 5th St. McAllen, Texas 78501 Raymond J. Fields, Jr. Box 1103 Freeport, Texas 77541 Thomas E. Giles 511A Academy Drive Austin, Toxas Louis J. Fohn P. O. Box 366 O’Hanis, Texas Robert M. Gillespie 1313 E. Richards Sherman, Texas Louis M. Fouts 3161 Brookhaven Club Dr. Dallas, Texas John R. Gilpin 114 Princess Drive Houston, Texas 477-4171 Austin's Traditional Dining and Drinking Spot Since 1866Senior Addresses Cullen M. Godfrey 121 N.W. Ellison Burleson, Texas Stephen M. Hackerman 2101 Meadowbrook Austin, Texas 78703 Daniel 0. Goforth Route 1 Fmitvale, Texas Donald F. Hogans, II 2800 Colera Austin, Texas Jo-Ann Grace 218 N. Bentley Los Angeles, Calif. 90049 David M. Hall 1318 N. Logan Street Danville, Illinois Roger M. Grace 218 N. Bentley Los Angeles, Calif. 90049 Richard F. Hall 2414 Island View Dr. Panama City, Florida Sheldon B. Graham, Jr. 5605 Chadwyck Austin, Texas Walter M. Hall 2716 Binyon Fort Worth, Texas Roger B. Greenberg 6642 Lennox Avenue Vannugs, California Lawrence A. Hammond 9568 Blue Wing Drive El Paso, Texas Paul R. Grecnwadc 5116 Waterbrook Austin, Texas Harold F. Harris 2210 N. 9th Temple, Texas Claiborne B. Gregory 636 Lamont San Antonio, Texas 78209 W. Majors Harris 4401 Stanford Dallas, Texas Frederick J. Griffin No. 7 Hillside Drive Portsmouth, New Hampshire Clarence 8. Harrison, Jr. Thomas A. Hutcheson 3242 Dinah Lane 7 Tradd Street Austin, Texas Charleston, South Carolina Lee Edward Hartman, Jr. Frank T. Ivy 5455 Darnell 3001 Tyler Houston, Texas 77035 El Paso, Texas David T. Harvin Edith Lee James First City Nat'l. Bank Bldg. 7515 Carriage Drive Houston, Texas 77002 Austin, Texas John M. Helms 4413 Hanover Dallas, Texas Standage G. Johndroe, III 3913 8unting Fort Worth, Texas Max Hendrick, III P.O. Box 1242 Midland, Texas Clyde J.B. Johnson. Ill Rt. 1, Box 131 Bulverde, Texas Mack Ray Hernandez 4801 Sara Drive Austin, Texas Bruce E. Julian Box 55 South Plains. Texas Harold D. Herndon 628 Ripple Creek Houston, Texas Richard Kardys Rt. 1. 1748 Cibolo, Texas Thomas P. Hewitt 635 Kessler Blvd. Richard A. Karrc 8105 Browne Sherman, Texas Omaha, Nebraska Marion L. Hicks, Jr. 500 Hazelwood Drive Fort Worth, Texas James H. Kauffman 1504 Summit - No. 102 Austin, Texas • Glassware • Bar accessories Rare Vintage Wines DISCOUNT LIQUOR PRICES TO THE U.T. AREA 1809 GUADALUPE 1209 RED RIVER SPECIAL ATTENTION TO ALL PARTY NEEDS YOUR Verger Hill, III 4205 Lakeside Drive Dallas, Texas Charles R. Hoffman 1100 Citizens Southern National Bank Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Robert L. Hoffman Strasburger, Price Kelton, Martin Unis One Main Place Dallas, Texas Donald C. Hood 175 Wren Way Beaumont. Texas Kenneth E. Houp, Jr. 3932 Versailles Tampa, Florida Stephen C. Kelly 1035 19th Beaumont, Texas Robert B. Kirby 101 South Suburban Drive Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901 James R. Kuhn 5015 Tanbark Dallas, Texas 75229 Richard D. La Fleur 104 Avenue C Victoria, Texas James C. Langdon, Jr. 5828 Trailridge Austin, Texas you live like a senator at "austin's leading convention hotel” the HOTEL STEPHEN F. AUSTIN booiti all thing, peop'e like when traveling—hee parking. television. e cellent food. private club— f downtown In the center o‘ thing,. You’ll.appreciate the faet »h«t It’, within walking distance ot the Governor’, Mention State Capitol, and downtown topping area. Th HOTEL STEPHEN F AUSTIN offers an etmolphe'e ol g'eciovt tervice and friendly hospitality. And by the way., a'e treated like a icnetor. JIMMY McMillan. Manager Hotel STEPHEN EAUSTIN 701 Congress GR 6-4361GO SEE OSCIF • GO SEE OSCIE • GOSEEOSCIE Senior Addresses Carole Lynn Larson 814 Penn. Avc. Aurora, Illinois Lawrence S. Leiken 21850 Shaker Blvd. Shaker Heights, Ohio Ray G. Lerner 4316 Caduceus Galveston. Texas 77550 Phoebe Anne Lester 118 Belmcad Lane Tyler, Texas Arnold L. Levey 1320 Spanish Oaks San Antonio, Texas William Ley 1625 Sam Houston Harlingen, Texas George W. Lindley 1211 N. 10th St. Duncan, Oklahoma Jerome P. Lipnick 6809 Fairway Drive Galveston, Texas James M. Little 7823 Bobbitt Houston, Texas Thomas Lockncy 316 Buchner Court Waukesha. Wisconsin William M. Logan, Jr. 3212 West 35 Austin. Texas William D. Lohrey 719 N.E. 15 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Patrick C. Long 2707 B. Warren Austin, Texas 78705 Richard M. Lovelace 3909 Red River Austin, Texas David L. Loving, III 9943 Lakemont Dallas, Texas Alfred G. Lucky, Jr. 1475 Continental Lane Beaumont, Texas HughP. Mabc, III 4812 Shoal Creek Austin, Texas Jane H. Macon 425 E. Kenedy Kingsville, Tex. Richard L. Macon Powell, Goldstein, Frazier Murphy Citizens Southern Bldg. Atlanta, Georgia John A. Madeley Box 69 Conroe, Texas Thomas D. Manford, III 5405 Highland Crest Austin, Texas Barry H. Margolis 5327 Paisley Houston. Texas 77035 Schuyler B. Marshall, III 2508 Memphis El Paso, Toxas 79930 James Martindalo, III 6223 Desco Drive Dallas, Texas 75225 Parke T. Moore, Jr. 318 Lamar Harlingen, Texas Robert E. Moore 808 Coleman Dayton, Texas Malcolm S. Morris 3996 Inverness Houston. Texas 77019 Martin E. Morris 5610 Yarwcll Houston, Texas Clinton S. Morse 3840 Del Monte Houston. Texas 77019 Madelaina J. Moser Box 609 DeKalb, Texas Compliments to the Class of 1970 GOSEEOSCIE GOSEEOSCIE AIRLINE TICKETS All Airline Tickets Issued at NO EXTRA CHARGE TO YOU plus FREE TICKET DELIVERY TO YOUR OFFICE! 'People Pleasing Personnel' to serve You! 30-DAY CHARGE AVAILABLE! CALL 476-4791 FOR EXPERT TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS ANYWHERE! MORGAN TRAVEL 910 W. 19th St. (Next to KHFl) O o co m m O CO O m O O co m m O co o m GO SEE OSCIE GO SEE OSCIE Martha D. Matlock 2803 Miori Victoria, Texas 47901 M. Lane McDaniel 4208 Wallingion El Paso. Texas 78703 Philip G. Meyer 924 Clavemont Dearborn, Michigan 48124 Robert Milbank, Jr. 1 Sweetbriar Summit, New Jersey John C. Miller 2905 Bcanna Austin, Texas Jacob W. Mohr. Jr. Rochelle, Texas 76872 Damuel B. Moore. Jr. 515 S. McColl McAllen, Texas City National Bank 9th and Congress Congratulations to the Class of 1970 ROY BUTLER Lincoln — Mercury Rolls Royce 900 West 6th St. GR8-9346Senior Addresses Terrell S. Mullins Route 1 Hallettsville, Texas Peter K. Munson 1128 W. Bond Street Denison, Texas John D. Murphrcc Gonzales Street Cuero, Texas Ronald A. Murray 7638 Glen Prairie Houston, Texas David W. Nelson 1904 Crooked Lane Austin, Texas Noil E. Newsom 5812 Wal raven Fort Worth, Texas 76133 Stephen F. Newton 516 E. Jofforson Pittsburg, Kansas 66762 Edwin K. Nolan Dibrell, Dibrell, Greer Brown 9th Floor, American Nat'l. Bldg. Galveston, Texas Georgene G. Noltc Twin Oaks Arnold, Missouri Geoffrey J. Norris 5218 Braes Valley Dr. Houston, Texas 77035 Joseph J. Norton 8802 Forest Hill Blvd. City? Gerald P. Nugent c o P. Nugent 2702 Mackcn Austin, Texas Terrace Milton H. Oberman 1710 Cleveland Road Miami Beach. Florida Michael C. O’Connor 3420 Marquette Dallas, Texas 75225 Carlos G. O'Higgins Creole Petroleum Corp. • Law Dep't. P. O. Box 885 Caracas, Venezuela, South America Charles A. Oliver 3600 Autumn Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76109 Stephen M. Orr 8837 Benson Drive Overland Park, Kansas Paul R. Osh man 4415 Cheena Houston, Texas 77075 Geoffrey S. Parker 415 River Shore Court Atlanta, Georgia 30328 Robert A. Parmelee P. O. Box 237 Austin, Texas George J. Parnham 11451 Strait Lane Dallas, Texas Robert L. Peacock Box 553 Ranger, Texas Ken Perez 501 W. 38th Austin, Tcxas 78705 Marcus A. Pitre 4748 8ellaire Groves, Texas Ken R. Powell Box 71 Max, Nebraska 69037 James E. Pritchard 4316 Warnock Court Fort Worth, Texas Robert L. Ramey 1021 Angle Road Kingsville, Texas NEED COPIES FAST?? DUPLICATING SERVICE = is the place to get them 1705 N. INTERREGIONAL • 477-6775 XEROX COPY PRICES I to 5 copies of one original..............10c per copy 6 to 10 copies of one original .............9c per copy II to 25 copies o. -one original............8c per copy 26 to 45 copies of one original.............7c per copy 46 to 70 copies of one original.............6c per copy 71 to 100 copies of one original............5c per copy John N. Patterson 4105 A ve. G Austin, Texas 78751 Robert S. Patterson 1807 Liveoak Longview, Texas Roswell R. Patterson, Jr. 4668 Amesbury • No. 2093 Dallas, Texas [Me AUSTIN'S FAVORITE FOR BUSINESS MEN’S LUNCHEON DELICIOUS STEAKS BANQUETS and MEETINGS For Reservations, Call: HI 4-3593 Open Your Account At ras UNIVERSITY STATE BANK AUSTIN Enjoy TEXAS COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE 1904 Guadalupe (On the “DRAG”)... Ph. 476-9101 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATIONSenior Addresses [ Robert D. Ralston 1005 Arcadia Avenue Austin. Texas Robert N. Rule, Jr. 420 Houston Avenue League City, Texas Richard F. Sherman 5835 Braeswood Houston, Texas 77035 Jack L. Slayton 5516 Helen No. 3 Austin, Texas 78751 Virgil O. Rambo 1500 Magnolia Humble. Texas Grace D. Rungc 626 17th Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida David S. Shughart, II 3105 Boulder Odessa, Texas John B. Sloan R. Rt. 1 Powell, Texas Paul R. Ray, Jr. Dwight E. Rust 20 Valley Ridge Road 1916 Rebecca Fort Worth, Texas San Angelo, Texas John K. Rayburn 621 Piney Point Houston, Texas 77024 George A. Rustay 3850 Chevy Chose Houston. Texas James E. Reaves, Jr. 1735 Berkley Avenue Edward E. Rundcll Dallas, Texas 3405 Speedway, 8-4 Austin. Texas 78705 Sheldon E. Richie 2500 Steck Avenue - No. 141 Michael R. Sanders Austin, Texas 515 S. Bernice Spearman. Texas 79081 Kent M. Rider Vincent J. Scalco, Jr. 1606 Wilshire 441 Nechcs Austin, Texas Port Arthur, Texas 77640 Stephen M. Rienstra James M. Schendlo 2625 Louisiana 3916 Potomac Beaumont, Texas 77702 Dallas, Texas 75205 Charles F. Ricpcn, Jr. Thomas B. Sehon 607 Ruell 204 Anders Street Houston, Texas 77017 Marlin, Texas Robert R. Robbins Christopher P. Sharp 4406 Arazona Drive 3107 Grooms Oxon Hill, Maryland Austin. Texas Richard G. Robbins Majorie M. Sharpley 2641 Chestnut Drive 614 West 32nd Grand Junction, Colorado Austin, Texas James E. Robinson Susan Shea 5148 Royce 2801 New Mexico Avenue Amarillo, Texas 79110 Washington, D.C. Robert S. Simon John H. Smith 3669 Manderiy PI. 5900 Highland Pass. Fort Worth, Texas Austin, Texas 78731 Samuel A. Simon Lawrence S. Smith 4049 Stanford Dallas, Texas 4023 Las Vegas El Paso. Texas 79902 William H. Smith. Ill Robert D. Simpson 3220 Edna Street Fort Worth, Texas Sammy D. Sparks 3209 Parker Box 603 Amarillo, Texas Van Horn, Texas Robert A. Skipworth John T. Stallworth 3113 Federal El Paso, Texas Memphis. Tennessee MOTOR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT EXACTLY 354 ' i inches from the Campus of The University of Texas Could I interest you in a little souvenir dearie, from The Co-C Or something from their Gift Horse or record shop? You name it - anything under 50c and it's yours ' 198Senior Addresses William B. Stanberry, Jr. Robert D. Thorpe 3531 Merrick 1029 Barracuda Houston, Texas Corpus Christ i, Texas Bennett Stokes Ronald E. Tigner 2215 West 4 Avenue 2828 Bammer Corsicana, Texas Houston, Texas 77006 Jospch O. Stone, Jr. Edward S. Topok 3637 Buckthoan Lane 4954 Valkeith Downers Grove, Illinois Houston, Texas Richard H. Streeter Terry O. Tottenham 8711 Oak Mt. Circle 6402 Sprucewood Drive Austin, Texas Austin, Texas Michael S. Sundquist 3427 Bacroft Daniel S. Trachtenberg San Diego, California Gerald F. Swan 2004 Monroe LaPorte, Indiana 700 Roosevelt Seminole, Oklahoma 74868 David J. Trotter Richard H. Swan 512 Denver Road Rt. 1, Box 267 A Kerrville, Texas Bartlesville, Oklahoma Eliot P. Tucker, II Nancy C. Taylor c o G. C. Duncan 715 Westwood Rt. 1 Richardson, Texas Eagle Lako, Texas John R. Teffenhart Thomas A. Van Zandt 400 W. 29th 4931 Bryce Austin, Texas Fort Worth, Texas Donald C. Thomas, Jr. Jack M. Vexler 7694 Alameda 330 Parkhill El Paso, Texas San Antonio, Texas James D. Thomas Gregg C. Waddill, III 3301 Auburn 5528 Holly Springs Big Spring, Texas Houston, Texas Thomas E. Thomason Wade H. Walker P.O. Box 176 3111 -40 Centerville, Texas Lubbock, Texas William M. Walls Harold J. Wilson 1404J4 West Avenue c o Flynn Apt. No. 908 Austin, Texas 321 E. 43rd Street New York, New York 10017 John P. Watson 5425 Lako Lindcnwood Michael D. Wims Waco, Texas 2819 Costa Mesa Dallas, Texas Theodore F. Weiss, Jr. 234 Cardinal Irma June Wink San Antonio, Texas Frost National Bank San Antonio, Texas Fredrick B. Weller 5011 Placid Place Charles B. Wolfe Austin, Texas 3652 Overbrook Houston, Texas Robert H. Wcstcrburg 4603 - 16th Lubbock, Texas Frederick E. Wollctt 1920 104th S.E. Bellevue, Washington Michael J. Westergren 234 Rossites Street Corpus Christi, Texas Jerry Wayne Woodlock 4901 Stephanie Drive Fort Worth, Texas Robert E. Whaley 1801 Lavaca, Apt. 9C Jack C. Worsham Austin. Texas 1713 Enfield, No. E Austin, Texas Louis P. McKee Whittenburg 305 West 9th Avenue William E. Wylie Amarillo, Texas 4001 Overbrook Houston, Texas Rick Wilcox 915 Keith Lane No. 104 John A. Yeager Austin, Texas 78705 6306 Haney Drive Austin, Texas 78723 Troy D. Williams Box 130 Ozona, Texas Terry A. Willis Rt. No. 1, Box 252A Gilmer, Texas 78751 J. Clancy Wilson 3304 Liberty Austin, Texas 78705 Stelfox Co. Jewelers SINCE 1910 AND THESIS DISSERTATION PRINTING Stelfox Co. Jewelers have been serving Austin since 1915 Dealersfor Rolex Watches Omega Watches Reed Barton Towle Gorham Finest Quality Diamonds Stelfox and Co. 809 Congress Our Automated Multilith Gives You these Advantages: • Type on Ordinary Paper-No duplimat required. • Make Corrections Easily with "Liquid Paper" or "Taperaser" • Faster Delivery Schedules Ready within 24 hours • Price! —10 Printed Copies- 50 cents Self Service Xerox Do it Yourself - 7 cents ACCURATE PRINTING 917 West 12th • austin. t«xai • 787037 kaw a

Suggestions in the University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) collection:

University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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