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SCHOOL OF LAW UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS VOLUME XIIITHE 1961 HiPEREGRINUSThe Peregrinus 1960 - 1961 STEVEN OAKS Editor FRANK HERZOG Copy Editor HARVEY LEWIS Business Manager jim McBride Advertising GERALD SUMMERFORD Photographer DON MORGAN Photographer VIRGIL RODGERS DENNIS WHITE MARILYN ALLEN SALLY SPEARS J. K. LYLES TERRY KENDALL BILL SUNSHINE MR. T. J. GIBSON Advisor DOUG MATTHEWSDedicated To GUS MACY HODGES For his outstanding service to the University of Texas Law School, the Society of the Peregrinus proudly dedicates the nineteen hundred and sixty-one edition to Professor Gus M. Hodges. With humor and wit he has given his students respect for accuracy and clarity of expression, and for the necessity of thought before speech. Professor Hodges' contribution to the field of law, to our training as lawyers, and to the Law School has been immense. We are proud to have the opportunity of dedicating the Peregrinus to such a man. 5 The EditorsThis Issue of the Peregrinus Is Dedicated to Gus Macey Hodges He entered this school over thirty years ago. He was a student of first rank. He wrote many of the best of the notes and comments of the Law Review. He graduated with highest honors. He was admitted to the honor societies. He married an amiable and lovely philanthropist and also became a philanthropist and with her continually benefited humanity by wit, music and song. He practiced law until his talent and prowess compelled invitation to join this faculty, which he accepted over twenty years ago. He has conducted his classes thoroughly and effectively. He has put the core of his work into treatise form, to the profit and appreciation of students and of the bar, and is extending his experience and his knowledge and wisdom into casebooks. He works, laughs, guffaws, illustrates, deplores, rejoices, expostulates, explodes, glows good humor and good sense, is a best teacher, a best friend and a best gentleman. He is beloved by his students, his fellows, his fellow-lawyers and his fellow man. He and his spirit are a part of this school forevermore. A FriendW. PAGE KEETON Dean Dean Keeton is an important part of the history of The University of Texas School of Law. After his graduation from the Law School, Dean Keeton became an Assistant Professor of Law in 1932. In 1936, he became an Associate Professor of Law, and in 1939 he was given a full professorship. From 1940-1942. he was the Assistant Dean, and has been Dean since 1949. He also holds an S.J.D. from Harvard University. He was on a leave of absence from 1942 until 1945. During that period he served as Chief Counsel of the Petroleum Branch, Division Counsel in the Office of Price Administration and also as Assistant Chief Counsel of Petroleum Administration for War, Washington. D.C. From 1946 until 1949 he was Dean of the University of Oklahoma Law School and was on leave of absence at the University of California during the Spring semester of 1958. Presently he is the president of the Association of American Law Schools. Dean Keeton is editor of CASES ON FRAUD AND MISTAKE and co-editor of Seavey, Keeton, Keeton, CASES ON TORTS. Dean Keeton is also devoting his time as a professor in the law of Torts. Dean Keeton's diligence and efforts for the Law School have earned for him the respect and affection he receives. 10Dean Gibson was born February 7, 1918, at Winnsboro, Wood County, Texas. It was from Winnsboro that he received his high school diploma and in 1939 he obtained his B.A. degree in English from the University of Texas. He went back to East Texas where he taught for two years at Mt. Pleasant before being colled into the Navy. He served with distinction in the Aleutions. Africa, New Guinea and China, being discharged os a Lieutenant in 1945. Dean Gibson entered Law School in 1946 and received his LL.B. in 1948. He remained at the law school in the position of Assistant Librarian until 1956 except for a two year period when he served as State Librarian. In 1956, he was named as assistant to Dean Keeton, the position he holds today. This position placed him where he is nee ded —in personal contact with the students. The law school is indeed fortunate in having such a man. THOMAS J. GIBSON, III Assistant Dean 11EDWARD WELDON BAILEY Professor of Law Mr. Bailey began practice with Calloway and Reed of Dallas in 1928, after having received his B.A. and LL.B. from the University of Texas. He became Associate Professor of Law in 1930. and has been Professor of Law since 1936. In 1942 he received his S.J.D. from Harvard University. Mr. Bailey assisted in drafting the new Corporation Code, and is a member of the Texas State Bar Committe on Revision of Corporation Law. His subjects at the University are: Private Corporations, Trusts. Future Interests, Wills and Administration. LEO G. BLACKSTOCK Profossor of Law Mr. Blackstock taught Business Administration at Trinity University, (1924-1925), after receiving his B.A. and M.B.A. degrees from the University of Texas. He also taught at Sam Houston State College from 1925 until 1927. In 1927 he became a Professor of Business Law at the University of Texas. A member of the Texas Bar since 1933, he was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States in 1952 and the United States Court of Military Appeals in 1955. He was Chief Examiner, Gas Utilities Division, Railroad Commission of Texas, 1937-1938. In 1953 he became Visiting Professor of Law. Being a Colonel in the Judge Advocate General Corps, U. S. Army, Mr. Blackstock teaches Military Law and Legal Accounting. FRANK W. ELLIOTT Associate Professor of Low Mr. Elliott received his B.A. degree from the University of Texas in 1951 and his LL.B. in 1957 from the University of Texas School of Law. After graduation. Mr. Elliott worked for the Attorney General of Texas, and then did research on points of law for the Supreme Court of Texas. While in Law School he was a Quizmaster, Chancellor, Comment Editor for the Texas Law Review, and a member of the Order of the Coif. Mr. Elliott is a professor in Admiralty Law and also in the law of Torts. 12JULIUS F. FRANKI Profcisor of Law Mr. Frank! received his B.A. from the University of Texas and his LL.B. from the Law School in 1932. He was Assistant Attorney Genera! of Texas from 1934 until 1935. and then entered private practice. He became a part-time lecturer at the College of Business Administration at the Uni-University of Texas in 1947, and a part-time lecturer in law at the School of Law in 1948. He has been Special Assistant to the United States Ambassador, Santiago, Chile, and spent 1945 with the United States Department of State. He is also author of VERNON S TEXAS RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE. His subjects are Civil Procedure and Practice and Practice Court. WILLIAM F. FRITZ Protossor of Law Mr. Fritz received his B.A. degree and his M.A. degree from the University of Texas, the latter having been received in 1938. Soon after having received his LL.B. in 1946 from the University of Texas, Mr. Fritz began his career of teaching. He was Assistant Professor of Law at the Law School for three years, and in 1949 he became an Associate Professor of Law, and has been a Professor of Law since 1956. He was a Sterling Fellow at Yale Law School in 1949. His subjects are Marital Rights, Real Property, and Damages. He is also a co-author of the book, CASES AND MATERIALS ON PROPERTY, with Mr. Corwin W. Johnson of the School of Law, and Mr. John E. Cribbet, Professor of Law, University of Illinois. W. ST. JOHN GARWOOD Visiting Professor of Low Judge Garwood received his A.B. degree in 1917 from Georgetown College and his LL.B. from Harvard Law School. He practiced in New York until 1924 when he moved to Houston to practice with the firm of Baker, Botts, Parker, and Garwood (now Baker, Botts. Andrews and Sheppard). From 1929-1934, he was Resident American Counsel for Standard Oil of New Jersey in Buenos Aires and from 1935-1941 he again returned to practice in this country. From 1941 to 1945 he was with the United States Navy in the Office of Naval Intelligence, rising to the position of' head of the South American Division. He was appointed to the Supreme Court of Texas in 1948. He was re-elected and served as an Associate Justice on that court until December. 1958. Judge Garwood's subject is International Law. 13 E. ERNEST GOLDSTEIN Professor of Law Mr. Goldstein began practice in Washington, D. C. in 1947, was with the Department of Justice in 1948-1949. and the War Claims Commission 1949-1951. He was Assistant Counsel for the Special Senate Crimes Committee and later was a General Counsel for a Monopoly Subcommittee for the House Judiciary Committee. He received his A.B. from Amherst, his LL.B. from Georgetown University, and his S.J.D., from Wisconsin. Last year Mr. Goldstein was in Europe working on a Ford Foundation Award of $16,000 where he was writing a book on anti-trust problems and restrictive trade practices of the Western European Countries. His subjects are International Trade and Trademarks. LEON GREEN Distinguished Professor of Law Mr. Green holds a B.A. from Ouachita College, an M.A. from Yale University, and LL.B. from the University of Texas, and an LL.B. from Louisiana State University. Beginning as an Instructor in Law in 1915 at the University, he rose to the status of Professor of Law in 1920. After being in private practice for 6 years, he became Dean (on leave) of the University of North Carolina School of Law. and during that time became a Professor of Law at Yale University. Afterwards, he remained Dean of Northwestern Law School for 18 years, and then returned to Texas as a Professor of Law. He has written RATIONALE OF PROXIMATE CAUSE. JUDGE AND JURY. CASES ON RELATIONS, and THE JUDICIAL PROCESS IN TORT CASES. WARNER A. HANCOCK Legal Aid Attorney Mr. Hancock was in private practice from 1949 until 1950. He was Assistant Secretary of the State Bar of Texas from 1950 until 1951. He was an Instructor in Law at the University of Texas from 1952 until 1955. He is presently serving in the capacity of Assistant Director of the Legal Aid Clinic. Born in 1923, Mr. Hancock received his B.B.A. degree from Baylor University in 1943 and his LL.B. degree from the University of Texas in 1948. 14HELEN HARGRAVE Associate Professor of Law Miss Hargrave received her LL.B. and was admitted to practice in Texas in 1926. In 1930, she became Assistant Law Librarian at the University of Texas and has been Law Librarian since 1940. She is past President of the American Association of Law Librarians and is a member of the State Bar of Texas. She teaches Legal Bibliography. GUS MACY HODGES Profossor of Law Professor Hodges received his LL.B. degree from the University of Texas in 1932. He also holds a B.B.A. from the University which he earned in 1930. He was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 1932 and from that time until 1940 he practiced law in Dallas, Texas. In 1940 he joined the Faculty at the Law School and since that time has lectured in Judicial Remedies, Trial Procedure and Pleading, and Appellate Procedure. He is also the author of Hodges, SPECIAL ISSUE SUBMISSION IN TEXAS. Mr. Hodges is. in addition, a Commissioner on Uniform State Law. WILLIAM O. HUIE Profetsor of Law Mr. Huie holds a B.A. degree from Henderson State Teachers College (1932), an LL.B. from the University of Texas (1935), and an S.J.D. from Harvard University (1953). Mr. Huie was admitted to practice in Texas in 1935. He practiced in Austin, Texas until 1936 when he became Assistant Professor of Law at the University. He has been a Professor of Law since 1946. During that period he also served as Assistant Dean of the Law School, was a Research Fellow at Harvard Law School, served in the Office of Price Administration as Senior Attorney, and was also in the United States Navy. He lectures in courses on Marital Rights. Oil and Gas, and Trusts. He is author of casebooks on ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES. LAND LIMITATIONS. PUBLIC LANDS. MARITAL RIGHTS, and OIL AND GAS, and is author of numerous law review articles. 15CORWIN WAGGONER JOHNSON Professor of Law Mr. Johnson received his A.B. from the University of Iowa in 1939 and his J.D. from the same University in 1941. He practiced in Iowa until 1942 at which time he became a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In 1946 he became an Instructor in Law at the University of Iowa. In 1941 and 1947 he was a Sterling Fellow at Yale University Law School. He joined the law faculty at the University of Texas in 1947 and has been a Professor of Law since 1954. He is co-author of the book. CASES AND MATERIALS ON PROPERTY, which he wrote in collaboration with W. F. Fritz. Mr. Johnson's courses are Real Property, Personal Property, Water Law, and Texas Land Titles. GAYNOR KENDALL Professor of Law Born in 1910, Mr. Kendall received his LL.B. degree from the University of Texas in 1932. Soon after admission to the State Bar of Texas, he was Assistant Attorney General. Since 1935, he has been in private practice. He lectures in Brief Writing and Appellate Advocacy at the Law School. Perhaps Mr. Kendall's most noteworthy accomplishment came in 1958 when the University of Texas Moot Court Team won the National Moot Court Championship in New York City. He was coach of that team and has always been active in that capacity at the Law School in recent years. LEON LEBOWITZ Professor of Law Mr. Lebowitz received his A.B. from Baylor University in 1940. his LL.B. in 1943 (Baylor) and his LL.M. from New York University in 1952. After being admitted to the Texas State Bar in 1943, he served in the United States Army. From 1946-1948 he was Assistant Professor and Law Librarian at Baylor University Law School. He joined the University of Texas Law Faculty in 1955 as a Visiting Professor of Law and rose to a full Professor of Lav in 1957. He lectures in courses on Private Corporations, Civil Procedure. Corooration Finance, and Agency. He is the author of LEGAL BIBLIOGRAPHY AND RESEARCH. 16PIERRE R. LOISEAUX Professor of Law Mr. Loiseaux received his LL.B. from Boston University in 1950 and his LL.M. from New York University in 1951. He was admitted to practice in Massachusetts in 1950. but soon became a Teaching Fellow at New York University School of Law. From 1951-1953. he was an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas, and from 1953-1955, he held that same position at Emory University, until 1953 when he became on Associate Professor of Law. He joined the University of Texas in 1957 os on Associate Professor of Law and since that time has lectured on Creditor's Rights, Commercial Law, Labor Low. Fraud and Mistake. Mr. Loiseaux is a member of the Americna Arbitration Association Panel of Arbitrators. CHARLES TILFORD McCORMICK Distinguished Professor of Law Mr. McCormick received his B.A. from the University of Texas in 1909 and his LL.B. cum laude, from Harvard University in 1912. He began practice in Dallas, Texas after graduation from Harvard until 1922. He was a Professor of Law at the University from 1922-1926. Professor of Law, University of North Carolina (1926-1931), Dean of North Carolina Law School (1927-1931), Professor of Law at Northwestern University (1931-1940). From 1940-1949 he was Dean of The University of Texas Law School and has been a Professor of Law since 1949. He has taught at Cornell, Yale. Harvard, Chicago, Stanford. Washington University, and Columbia. He lectures on Federal Procedures and Evidence. He is author of McCORMICK ON DAMAGES, McCORMICK ON EVIDENCE and CASES ON EVIDENCE, is co-author of McCormick and Ray, TEXAS LAW OF EVIDENCE, McCormick and Chadbourn, FEDERAL COURTS, and McCormick and Fritz, CASES ON DAMAGES. R. DEAN MOORHEAD Visiting Professor of Law Born in 1916. Mr. Moorhead received his A.B. from the University of Kansas in 1938. and his LL.B. from Columbia in 1941. He was admitted to practice before the Texas and Federal Bars in 1942, and served as Assistant Attorney General of Texas from 1942 until 1945. Mr. Moorhead was on the faculty of the Law School in 1943 and 1944 and in 1946 and 1947 he was on the faculty of the College of Business Administration. He lectures in courses in Contracts and A Seminar in Fiduciary Administration. 17KEITH E. MORRISON Profossor of Law Before having received his LL.B. from Yale University in 1948, Mr. Morrison also received his B.A. from the University of Kansas in 1931 and his M.S. from the University of Wyominq in 1939. From 1939 until 1941 he was an economist for the Agricultural Extension Service. University of Wyoming, and served after that in the United States Army for three years. In 1948 he became an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Texas and since 1951 has been a Professor of Law. He lectures in courses in Taxation, Constitutional Law, Estate Planning. WALTER E. OBERER Protestor of Low Mr. Oberer received his B.A. degree from Ohio Wesleyan University In 1942. After having received his LL.B. from Harvard University in 1948, he was admitted to the Michigan State Bar in 1949, where he engaged in private practice until 1955 in the city of Detroit. During that time he was a part-time lecturer at the Detroit College of Law. He joined the Texas Law Faculty in 1955 as an Associate Professor of Law. and in 1957 was made a Professor of Law. He lectures on Contracts. Criminal Law. Legal Profession. Agency and Partnerships. WOODROW WILSON PATTERSON Director of Legol Aid Clinic Mr. Patterson received his LL.B. from the University of Texas in 1936. Since 1942. he has been Director of the Legal Aid Clinic. He was admitted to practice before the Bar in 1936 and since 1941 has been a member of the law firm of Patterson and Patterson in Austin. Texas. From 1937 until 1941 he was Assistant District Attorney for Travis County. Texas. 18MILLARD HARRINGTON RUUD Professor of Law Mr. Ruud received his B.S.L. from ihe University of Minnesota in 1942, and his LL.B. degree from that same school in 1947. After serving as a Captain in the United States Army during World War II, he became an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Kansas School of Law in 1947. He came to the University of Texas School of Law in 1948 as an Associate Professor of Law and he has been a Professor of Law since 1950. He was Assistant Executive Director of the Texas Legislature from 1950 until 1952 and general editor and co-author of the STUDY OF THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE. In his capacity as a Professor, Mr. Ruud lectures in courses in Legislation, Agency and Partnership, Commercial Law, and Local Government. HUBERT WINSTON SMITH, M.D. Director of Law-Science Injtitute Dr. Smith received his A.B. and M.B.A. from the University of Texas, and his LL.B. and M.D. degrees from Harvard University. He was an Associate in Medical Legal Research,, Harvard Law School from 1941-1945, Professor of Legal Medicine and University Research Professor of Law and Medicine, Tulane University (1949-1952). He joined the University of Texas Law Faculty in 1952. He has been editor and contributing author in national symposia on Scientific Proof and Relations of Law and Medicine. and Legal Responsibility of Medical Malpractice. He has lectured in Evidence. Legal Medicine and Elements of Medicolegal Litigation, The Science of Human Behavior in Relation to Law. ROBERT WELDON STAYTON Distinguished Professor of Low Mr. Stayton received his B.A. (1907) and LL.B. (1927) from the University of Texas. He has been a Professor of Law at the University of Texas since 1925. He was a member of the Board of Legal Examiners. 1921-1923; Judge. Commission of Appeals, 1923-1925; President Texas Bar Association, 1924-1925; Texas Civil Judicial Council, 1930-1946; Texas Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules of Procedure since 1940; managing secretary of the Texas Law Review since 1926. He is author of METHOD OF PRACTICE, and casebooks of TEXAS PROCEDURE, and he has written STAYTON S TEXAS FORMS since 1915. Mr. Stayton has lectured in Judicial Administration, Legal Method, Judician Remedies, Trial and Appellate Procedure, and Federal Procedure. 19GEORGE WILFRED STUMBERG Distinguished Professor of Lew Mr. Stumberg received his B.A. from Louisiana State University, his LL.B. from Columbia University, and his J.D. degree from Yale University and Oxford University in England. He has been a Professor of Law at the University of Texas Law School since 1925. He served with the Board of Economic Warfare as Assistant Counsel in 1942, and in 1943, as their Special Representative in French West Africa. He then became Advisor on French Economic Affairs in the Foreign Economics Administration through 1944. Mr. Stumberg is the author of PRINCIPLES OF CONFLICTS OF LAWS. CASES ON ADMIRALTY. CRIMINAL LAW AND ITS ADMINISTRATION. CASES ON CONFLICTS OF LAWS, and GUIDE TO THE LAW AND LEGAL LITERATURE OF FRANCE. Mr. Stumberg lectures in Criminal Law, Conflicts of Law, and Admiralty, in which he is considered a leading authority. JOHN F. SUTTON, JR. Professor of Low Mr. Sutton was in private practice in San Angelo, Texas from 1941-1942 and 1945-1951. He received his LL.B (with honors) from the University of Texas in 1941. He spent 1942 until 1945 with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington. D.C.. and was a Lieutenant in the Judge Advocate General's Corps, United States Army Reserve, on reserve duty from 1948-1953. He was a Director on the Tom Green County Bar Association Board, 1956, and a member of the International Association of Insurance Counsel. He joined the Law Faculty of the University of Texas in 1957 as Professor of Law and he lectures in courses on Contracts, Criminal Law. Agency Partnership and Legal Profession. E. WAYNE THODE Profeuor of Law Born in 1920. Mr. Thode received his B.S. degree from the University of Illinois in 1943 and his LL.B. from the University of Texas in 1950. He became Briefing Attorney for the Supreme Court of Texas from 1950 until 1951, and was also Assistant Attorney General of Texas from 1951 until 1952. He was in private practive from 1952 until 1955, and then became a Lecturer at the University of Texas School of Law in 1955. He has also served in the United States Army and was Assistant Defense Counsel, War Crimes Trials, Manila, P.l. in 1946. Mr. Thode's subjects are Procedure and Torts. 20J. HENRY WILKINSON Professor of Law Mr. Wilkinson received his B.S. degree from the University of South Carolina in 1934. and his LL.B. with honors from the University of Texas in 1949. He was an accountant after he graduated from South Carolina uuntil 1937 when he became an Agent for the Bureau of Internal Revenue. He served in the United States Navy in 1942, beginning as a Lieutenant (jg) and was honorably discharged as a Lt. Commander in 1945. He became Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Texas in 1950. then he practiced in Midland. Texas until 1957. at which time he rejoined the faculty as a Professor of Law. A member of the Permanent Tax Council, he has lectured in 1954. 1955, and 1957 at the Tax Conference sponsored annually be the Law School. Mr. Wilkinson's courses are Federal Estate and Gift Taxation, and Legal Accounting. JERRE STOCKTON WILLIAMS Professor of Law Mr. Williams received his A.B. from the University of Denver in 1938. his LL.B. from Columbia University in 1941. From 1941-1942, he served as Instructor of Law and Faculty Editor of the Iowa Law Review at the University of Iowa. He then served on the Law Faculty at the University of Denver for four years after which he came to the University of Texas. He became a Professor of Law in 1950. He has also served in the capacities of attorney with the Office of Price Stabilization and was Associate Director, of Study of Loyalty Security Program, City of New York Bar Association. He is author of CASES AND MATERIAL ON EMPLOYEES' RIGHTS and THE SUPREME COURT SPEAKS. He was Associate Editor of LABOR RELATIONS AND THE LAW. He lectures on Constitutional Law, Labor Relations, Legal Profession, and Seminar in Collective Bargaining. JOSEPH PARKER WITHERSPOON Professor of Low Mr. Witherspoon received his A.B. from the University of Chicago and his LL.B. from the University of Texas in 1948. He joined the Law Faculty as an Assistant Professor of Lav , and in 1950 became Associate Professor of Law, and since 1955 has been a Professor of Law. Mr. Witherspoon has held the offices of Chief Counsel, Apparel and Service Trade Branches, O.P.S.; Advisory Editor of Natural Law Forum; and Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy. His courses are Administrative Law, Legislation, Constitutional Law, Seminar in Jurisprudence, and Problems in Jurisprudence. 21MARION KENNETH WOODWARD Professor of Law In 1933. Mr. Woodward received his B.A. degree from the University of Texas, and in 1940, he received his M.A. from West Texas State College. and 1943, his LL.B. from the University of Texas. From 1943 to 1945 he served in the United States Army and from 1945 to 1946 was in private practice in Amarillo, Texas. In 1946 he joined the Law Faculty at the University of Texas as an Associate Professor of Law. becoming a Professor of Law in 1950. In 1950 he was honored as a Sterling Fellow at Yale University. Mr. Woodward served in the capacity of acting dean of the Law School and also as Assistant Dean from 1948-1951, and Associate Dean from 1951-1953. His courses are Mortgages. Texas Land Titles. Wills and Administration, and Oil and Gas. Mr. Woodward is also coauthor with W. O. Huie of a casebook on Oil and Gas. CHARLES ALAN WRIGHT Professor of Law Mr. Wright earned his A.B. from Wesleyan University in 1947, and his LL.B. from Yale University in 1949. In 1950 he was an Assistant Professor at Minnesota University, and in 1953 he was made an Associate Professor. He joined the Texas Law Faculty in 1955. He has held the positions of law clerk in the U.S. Circuit Court, Secretary of the Minnesota State Bar Association Court Rules Committee, Assistant to the Reporter. U. S. Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules of Civil Procedure, and Consultant, Alabama Committe for Judicial Reform. He is author of WRIGHTS MINNESOTA RULES, and CASES ON REMEDIES. Mr. Wright's courses are Procedure. Labor Relations, and Constitutional Law. LONNY F. ZWIENER Visiting Associate Professor of Low Mr. Zwiener received his LL.B. in 1950 and his B.B.A. from the University of Texas in 1948. He has held the positions of Assistant United States Attorney in charge of the Waco and Austin Dvisions, Division Head in the State Attorney General's office as Chief of the Veteran Land Division, Director of the Criminal Law and Procedure Section of the State Bar, and Director of the Texas Law Enforcement Foundation. Mr. Zwiener lectures in Criminal Law in addition to having a private practice in Austin, Texas. 22Administrative Staff DOROTHY SMITH Administrative Secretary 7 m I SYBIL LEE Main Office MARTHA ADAMSON Secretary to Dean Keeton LOIS GRANT Main Office MABEL WEIR Faculty Secretary MARGARET OGLESBY Senior Secretary JOAN SMITH Main Office SHIRLEY GREEN Faculty Secretary VThe Class of 1961 26 Roger Lewis Vice-President Jewett Huff President Peggy Walsleben Secretary-T reasurerALLEN. DAVID D. Vanderbilt University 1748 North Blvd. Houston. Toxas Honor Council, Chairman Phi Alpha Delta, President Board of Governors ANDREWS III. BOLIVAR COLEMAN University of Toxas 215 E. Kelly Pharr, Texas ANDREWS. JOHN CANNON Yale Univorsity 6131 Locko Avenue Fort Worth. Toxas ANDRUS. JACK LORAN JR. University of Texas 5101 Gulfton Dr. Bollairo, Texas Phi Dolta Phi AYCOCK. ROBERT REX Texas Technological College Box 391 Tulia, Texas Praetor BARDEN. JAMES EARLE Univorsity of Texas 827 Lamonto Lane Houston 18, Toxas Phi Alpha Dolta Chiof Justice, Student Court BARLOW. IRVEN EUGENE Univorsity of Toxas Route I Maud, Toxas BARRON. KENNETH RAY University of Texas 124 E. Gold St. Tylor, Texas Sonior Honor Council Representative Barristers Ball Committee Dolta Thota Phi Law Bachelors Inns of Court 27BASS. JAMES L., JR. University of Texas 910 Poach Avenuo Dalhart, Texas Phi Alpha Dolta BASS. OGDEN L,JR. Texas A M 1326 W. Broad Freeport, Texas BELCHER. W. ELLEN University of Toxas 206 Parkway Del Rio, Texas Portia Law Day Committees Associate Editor Peregrines BENSON. DANIEL H. University of Texas 3311-42nd Lubbock. Texas Moot Court BLENDEN. DICK ARTHUR Toxas Tech Box 292 Andrews, Toxas Dolta Theta Phi BLOCK. GUS University of Texas 2115 Maroneal Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi Grand Chancollor-Spring Associate Editor Law Review Assistant to Editor in Chief-Law Review Quizmaster Honor Roll BONNEN. DAVID CARROLL Texas A M 201 Loo St. College Station. Texas BONNER. LESLIE REID University of Texas Fairfield. Toxas Delta Theta Phi, Tribune 28BOYLE. JOHN F. Texas Christian University 4736 Lafayette Fort Worth. Texas Phi Alpha Dolta BRACK. JOE B. Texas A I 1215 Circle Drive Kingsville, Texas Praotor BRIMBLE. MICHAEL T. University of Texas 449 W. 24th St. Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi Law Roviow Moot Court BURDEN. WILLIAM H., JR. Kansas University 436 N. Poarl Joplin, Missouri Phi Delta Phi BURROW, DAVID HUTCHISON McMurry College Box 622 Sweetwater, Texas Dolta Theta Phi, Tribune Honor Council, Freshman Representative Law Day Co-Chairman Delegate to Dolta Thota Phi Convention Law Bachelor's Club, President BURTON. CHARLES RAY University of Texas 3106 Spurlock St. Dallas, Texas Dicta Law Day BUTLER. JOHN M. Toxas A I 704 Tamerack McAllen, Texas Dolta Theta Phi CAMPBELL. JOHN F. Univorsity of Oklahoma Pampa, Texas Phi Alpha Dolta Moot Court 29CHAMBERS. H. DUDLEY Univorsity of Texas 611 Couch Circle Grand Prairo, Toxas Phi Delta Phi Quizmaster Law Rcviow CHRISTIAN. ERNEST S. Univorsiey of Texas 1120 Fairmont Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi Texas Law Roview, Casenote Editor CHRISTIE. JOE WILLIAM Univorsity of Toxas 1918 Chestnut Abilene, Texas Delta Theta Phi CLARK. KENNETH LYNN Univorsity of Toxas 917 W. Prairio Denton, Texas Phi Delta Phi COFFEE, ROY CLARENCE, JR. University of Texas 6325 Preston Parkway Dallas, Texas Phi Alpha Delta Moot Court, Hilderbrand Law Day Committoo CONAWAY. CHARLES T. University of Texas 1002 Sacramonto San Antonio, Toxas Delta Theta Phi COOK. THOMAS WARREN Toxas Christian University 19 E. Front Stroot Red Bank. New Jersey Phi Dolta Phi Moot Court COTULLA. WILLIAM LAWRENCE University of Toxas P. O. Box 418 Cotulla, Texas 30COWLES. JIM E. Midwestern University 116 Fillmor© Wichita Falls, Texas DAVIS. BRYAN HOLT University of Toxas 2708 N. Pecan Nacogdoches, Toxas DEAN. WILLIAM W. Toxas A M 810 So. Elm Pocos. Texas Delta Theta Phi Law Bacholor's Club DICKSON. DON LaPRELLE University of Toxas 12206 Brokon Arrow Houston, Texas Law Bachelor Club Law Day Committee DOTSON. WAYNE GARNER University of Texas 1235 East Drive Beaumont, Texas DREYER, GERALD THEODORE Texas Tech 10113 Oboe Houston. Toxas Delta Theta Phi DRUSHEL. WILLIAM H.. JR. University of Texas 1053 Rocky River Houston, Toxas Phi Dolta Phi Law Review ECHEL. JOHN Princeton University 2305 Longview Austin, Texas 31FARABEE. KENNETH RAY Univorsity of Toxas 2313 9th Stroot Wichita Falls, Toxas Phi Alpha Dolta Honor Roll National Moot Court FENTON. ALBERT B. State University of Iowa 2308 Oldham Austin. Toxas Phi Alpha Dolta FERRIS. LEO PATRICK Oklahoma University 3517 Denton Highway Fort Worth 17. Toxas FICKEN. BRYANT. JR. University of Texas 1301 Florida Corpus Christi, Toxas Phi Delta Phi FORTESCUE. III. ZACHARIAH T. Lamar State College of Tech. 2536 Glenwood Drive Port Arthur, Texas FOSTER. GLENN H. University of Toxas 2610 Albata Avonuo Austin. Texas Phi Delta Phi FREEMAN. ROBERT E. North Toxas Stato College 1014 S. Randall Pasadena, Texas FRICKE. MICHAEL M. University of Texas 2021 Linda Lane Bay City, Texas Moot Court 32FUSON. JAMES R. Univorsity of Oklahoma 3108 Sweotbriar Lano Fort Worth. Texas GANN. A. ANN Univorsity of Texas 1402 Glenwood Austin, Texas GARDNER. DONOVAN G. Toxas Western Collego 336 Lombardy Avenue El Paso. Texas GARY. CHARLES ANDREW Texas A M P. O. Box 567 San Marcos. Toxas Phi Alpha Dolta GIBBINS, BOB, JR. University of Texas 5407 Joe Sayers Austin. Texas President, Mid-law class Vico President, Freshman law class Moot Court, First year winner McKio Scholarship recipient National Moot Court Board of Governors Dicta Phi Alpha Dolta, Vico Justice; Marshall GILLIAM. JOHN ANDERSON Baylor University 4th and Hutchins Goldthwaite, Texas Associate Editor of Texas Law Review Honor Roll Phi Dolta Phi GLICKMAN. DAVID GERALD Texas A M 906 Grant Wichita Falls, Toxas Phi Alpha Dolta Law Review Candidate GOOCH. R. GORDON Washington Lee University 4400 Ridge Haven Court Fort Worth, Toxas Editor-in-Chiof. Texas Law Review Vico-Chancellor Honor Holl Phi Dolta Phi, Clerk Quizmaster 33GORRELL. ROGER LEE Univeisity of Texas 706 West 2nd Muleshoo, Toxas GREENWOOD. Ill, JAMES Rice University 3394 Chovy Chaso Houston, Texas Law Review, Associate Editor Phi Delta Phi, Treasurer, Secrotary GRIMES. PEARSON University of Texas 515 S. Mulberry Eastland. Texas Phi Alpha Dolta GUITTARD. STEPHEN WOOD Baylor University 902 W. Power Victoria, Toxas Moot Court Law Day Peregrinus GUY, DWIGHT LEONARD Washington Lee University 235 Ward Parkway Kansas City, Missouri Phi Alpha Delta HAGANS. PAUL M. University of Texas 40 Parnell Denison, Texas HAILE. LAWRENCE BARCLAY Univorsity of Toxas 4231 Valloy Ridge Dallos, Texas Phi Delta Phi Texas Law Review, Associate Editor Moot Court Honor Roll HALL. WILLIAM E„ JR. Toxas Wostern College 2113 Brunswick. Austin, Toxas Hildebrand Moot Court. First Place Moot Court Board of Managers University of Texas School of Law Representative in State Moot Court Competition 34HAlTOM. JAMES NORTON Univorsity of Toxas 1603 West Ninth Stroot Texarkana, Texas Phi Delta Phi Moot Court, Board of Managers HAMILTON. PAUL R. University of Toxas 6700 Crandon Chicago, Illinois HARGRAVE, GILBERT FREEMAN Stophon F. Austin Collogc 2710 El Patio Drivo Dallas, Texas HARRINGTON. BRUCE MICHAEL University of Texas 3408 Overbrook Lane Houston, Texas Honor Roll Quizmaster Associate Editor, Law Review Phi Delta Phi HARRIS, JAMES MALCOLM University of Toxas 1906 Wheless Lane Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Historian Comment Editor, Texas Law Review Chancellor Quizmaster Outstanding Mid-Law Student Award HARRIS LAVERN Texas Westorn College 1314 Wright Avo. El Paso, Texas HAVEKOST. ROGER N. University of Toxas 301 Sabino Groesbeck, Toxas Delta Theta Phi, President Law Bachelors Club, Treasurer Law Day Program Committee. Chairman Hildobrand Moot Court Competition Freshman Inns of Court HAYDEN, J. HOWARD University of Texas 2103 Tower Drivo Austin. Texas Phi Dolta Phi 35HAYS. CLYDE LYNDALL Texas Technological Collego Route 3 Friona, Texas HAYS. DON BLAKE University of Texas 1207 Ridgehaven Drive Austin, Texas HELM. JR.. MINOR L. University of Texas 815 South Mont Clair Dallas. Texas Phi Delta Phi Law Review Quizmaster HENDERSON. BOYD L. Univorsity of Texas 3806 A Ridgelea Austin. Texas Moot Court HERNDON. WILSON WARREN University of Texas 11804 North Oaks Drive Austin, Texas Student Assistant to the Dean Associate Editor, Texas Law Review Quizmaster Honor Roll Phi Delta Phi Inns of Court HILL. IV JEROME Washington Leo University 3070 Locke Lane Houston. Texas Advocate Bachelors Club Baron, Chief Chancellor HOFFMANN. CHARLES WILLARD Purduo University 601 East 43rd Austin. Texas Phi Alpha Dolta HOFFMAN. JOHN H. Univorsity of Texas Mason. Texas Phi Dolta Phi 36HORNUNG. WILLIAM E. University of Texas 4702 Lido Lane Houston, Texas HOWELL. MARK FRANKLIN Stanford University 1206 C Braclconridge Apartments Austin, Toxas Phi Dolta Phi Moot Court HUDSON. HAL SEGREST University of Texas 2907 Linlcwood Houston, Texas Law Bachelor Club HUDSON. ROBERT E. University of Texas 410 West Watson Midland, Texas Phi Alpha Delta Moot Court HUDSON. WILLIAM ARTHUR University of Texas 4736 Crestlino Road Fort Worth, Texas Phi Dolta Phi Honor Roll HUFF. JEWETT EUGENE University of Oklahoma Harvard Law School 2201 33rd Street Lubbock. Texas Praetors Law Day Co-chairman President, Senior Class HUGHES. JIM D. Universitly of Toxas 910 Wilbargor Street Vernon, Toxas Honor Roll Phi Alpha Dolta. Treasurer Toxas Law Roviow Candidate Hildobrand Moot Court, Quarterfinal Picnic Committoo, Law Day HULL. FRED ONEAL University of Texas 6213 Dol Monte Houston, Toxas Praetor, President Law Review, Business Office Moot Court 37HULL. TRUETT G.,JR. University of Texas 2406 10th Avenue Canyon, Texas Phi Alpha Dolta HUNT. DONALD M. McMurry College 3811 39th Street Lubbock. Toxas Moot Court HYDE. JERRY MACK University of Texas Lake Tyler Tyler, Texas Delta Theta Phi Irvin, John Jordan University of Texas 505 Ridgowood Bryan, Texas JOHNSON, ELMO MARSENE Rico University 2111 Lillian Pasadena, Texas Phi Delta Phi Honor Council Rep. Freshman, Midlaw Quizmaster Honor Roll Law Review, Associate Editor Law Day, Publicity Committee Chairman JONES. HARRY RALPHERD, JR. Southern Methodist University 2504 Inwood Drivo Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Dolta JONES. KENNETH HUGH, JR. Rice University 2115 Park Place Fort Worth, Texas Phi Alpha Delta Toxas Law Review Candidate JONES. ROSS L. Texas Technological College Box 1303 Seymour, Texas Dolta Thota Phi Porogrinus, Business Manager 38JUNGMAN, ROBERT P. University of Texas 1507 Elton Lane Austin, Texas Praetor KAY, JOEL P. University of Pennsylvania 3284 North MacGregor Way Houston, Texas Moot Court Law Day KAZEN. GEORGE P. University of Texas 1415 Lane Streot Laredo, Texas Phi Dolta Phi Law Review, Associate Editor, Symposium Editor Board of Governors, Summer Assembly Quizmaster KELLY, THOMAS PHILIP, JR. University of Texas 401 South Presa San Antonio, Texas Delta Theta Phi Law Bachelors Law Day, Assault and Flattery Committeo Dolta Theta Phi, Bailaff KINCHELOE. DAN D. University of Texas 3536 Ohio Avenue Wichita, Kansas Delta Theta Phi Chairman, Election Commission KLINE, JAY RODNEY University of Texas 4209 Everglad os Port Arthur, Texas KLOCK, GEORGE EDWIN University of Texas, University of Chicago, New York University 2500 South M Street Fort Smith, Arkansas KOLB, GEORGE H. University of Texas 122 Bluohill Road San Antonio, Texas Law Review Phi Delta Phi 39KYLE. JERRY VAN University of Texas 1705 North Highland Avonuo Sherman, Toxas Phi Alpha Delta LANG. SYLVAN STEPHEN Univorsity of Pennsylvania 700 Alta San Antonio, Toxas Phi Delta Phi Law Day, Assault and Flattery Moot Court LEE. ROBERT J. Univorsity of Texas 722 Lazy Lane Bryan. Toxas Phi Alpha Dolta LEIGHTON. LEONARD LANNY University of Toxas 1008 West 25th Street Austin. Texas Moot Court. Board of Managers, Socrotary LEONARD. DON Tarloton State, Univorsity of Texas 3801 Erath Avenue Waco, Texas Praetor LEWIS. ROGER ALLAN University of Texas 233 Mitcholl Corpus Christ!. Texas Delta Theta Phi LINTON. RICHARD JOHN, JR. Texas Christian University 2837 Townsend Drive Fort Worth, Texas Hildobrand Moot Court Competition LLOYD. CHARLES H. North Toxas State Colloge 203 North Morris McKinney, Toxas Hildebrand Moot Court, Semi Finals Moot Court, Board of Governors, Chairman 40LONS. WALTER RUSSELL, JR. Tarloton Stato Collogo, Univorsity of Texas Centerville, Texas Phi Alpha Delta Freshman Class President Law Day. Assault and Flattery Committee Momber Parking, Traffic, and Safety Committee, University of Texas LOWE, GALE 8. Stephen F. Austin College Route 2 Mt. Enterprise, Texas LUEDERS, TOMMY W. University of Toxas Box 366 LaGrango, Toxas Delta Theta Phi LYNCH. WILLIAM D. Georgetown University, Univorsity of Toxas 1218 33 PI. S. E. Washington, D. C. Delta Theta Phi McCall, clifton (terry) h. University of Texas 407 North Avenue E Victoria. Texas Phi Dolta Phi, Historian Associate Editor of Texas Law Review McClendon, frank University of Texas 2907 Curtis Drive Tyler, Texas Phi Delta Phi McDaniel, Samuel downing Southern Methodist University Box 147 Timpson, Texas Phi Alpha Delta Moot Court McDonald, laurie b. Toxas A I College Big Bend National Park, Texas Law Day, Program Committee 41McGRAW, BILLY F. University of Texas Jasper, Toxas Dolta Thcfa Phi, Clerk of Exchequer Election Comimssion Chairman National Moot Court Competition Freshman Inns of Court McMahan, thomas vance University of Texas 3530 Russett Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta Toxas Law Review, Candidate McMASTER. CLIFFORD F. University of Texas 139 Pinecrest San Antonio, Texas Praetor MACDOWELL, GORDON KENDOICK Southorn Methodist Univorsity, Baylor University. University of Toxas 1414 Ridgemont Phi Alpha Delta Toxas Law Review Quizmaster Moot Court Election Comimssion Dicta MALINAK, ROBERT J. Rice University 1500 North 5th Temple, Texas Phi Delta Phi Honor Roll Toxas Law Review, Associate Editor Quizmaster MARSHALL, RAYMOND H. Baylor University 2719 Savannah El Paso. Texas Phi Alpha Dolta, Justico Texas Law Review, Article Editor MARTIN. LLOYD C. Som Houston State Collogo Normangee, Texas Dolta Theta Phi MASON. W. S.. JR. University of Toxas 665 Howoll Beaumont, Texas 42MASON. GORBY C. Texas Wostorn Univorsity Route I Philo, Ohio Delta Theta Phi MATHENY. MICHAEL DAVID Lamar Technological 606 Dowoy Street Boaumont, Texas Phi Delta Phi Law Bachelor's Club Student Advisor Inns of Court MATKIN. CHARLES MICHAEL University of the South 3806 Drake Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi Moot Court Freshman Inns of Court, Chairman MATTHEWS. ROLAND LARRY University of Texas 2415 Halkeis Road Pasadena, Texas Delta Theta Phi MATTHEWS. WILLIAM DOUGLAS Univorsity of Oklahoma 2407 Rod River Austin. Toxas Phi Alpha Delta Mastor of Bonch, Inns of Court Law Assomblyman Moot Court Student Bar Association, President Honor Roll Recipient, 3 Law Scholarships MILLER. LOUIS DAYNE Midwestern University Box 534 Graham, Texas Phi Alpha Delta Chairman Inns of Court Mastor of the Bench, Inns of Court MILLS. CLEBURN Kent State University 910 East 32nd Street Austin, Toxas MINTON. ROY QUILLIN North Texas State Collego 1401 Egan Stroot Donton. Toxas Phi Delta Phi 43MOFFITT. FRANKLIN G. University of Texas 1014 Cedar Hill Dallas, Texas MORRIS. GENE S. Vanderbilt University 2696 Romig Road Alcron, Ohio Phi Dolta Phi Quizmaster Texas Law Review, Associate Editor Honor Council NELSON, PHILIP A.. JR. University of Texas 2601 Jarratt Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta NICHOLS. NICK C. Rice University 313 East Hill Spua, Texas Dolta Theta Phi NIELSEN. DITLEV DAVIDSEN University of Copenhagen, Denmark Pracstegarden, Vestorsottrup, Denmark Graduate Student NOWLIN. WILLIAM Trinity University Route 10, Box 58 N San Antonio, Texas OEHLER. J. C. BOB University of Texas 4320 Hyer Dallas, Texas Dolta Theta Phi OLDHAM. KENNETH R. Yale University I 19 Laurel Lane Austin. Texas Moot Court Phi Alpha Delta 44PAGE. RALPH EDWARD University of Toxas 11807 North Oaks Drive Austin. Texas Praetor. Socrotary-Troasurer Election Commission Bar Association, Vice President PAYNE. JAMES ALLEN University of Toxas 440 Austin Stroot Contor, Toxas Dolta Thota Phi, Master of Ritual PHY. PAUL W. University of Texas 517 Trinity Stamford. Texas Administrative Assistant Law Scicnco Institute PIPPEN, HARVEY G.,JR. University of Texas 303 Parkview Drive Arlington, Toxas Phi Delta Phi Moot Court Honor Roll PRATT. BILLIE J. University of Toxas I309E Brackenridge Apartments Austin. Texas Praetor QUICK. MALCOLM LENIS University of Texas 3213 Bryker Drive Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta RAMSAY. CHARLES R. Southwostorn University 1016 Wost San Antonio San Marcos, Toxas Praetors RANDOLPH. ROBERT M. Texas Christian University 4607 Ingorsoll Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Dolta Texas Law Review, Candidate 45REAGAN. CHARLES E..JR. University of Texas 603 Carter Street Marlin, Texas REED, DON W. University of Texas 1520 Patton Drive Odessa, Texas RENICK, BRINK C.. JR. University of Texas 219 Park Hill Drive San Antonio, Toxas Phi Alpha Delta ROADY. JOE GENTRY University of Toxas 908 East 32nd Street Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi Honor Roll Inns of Court ROBERTS. MARION S.,JR. University of Texas 4901 Holt Bollaire, Toxas Phi Delta Phi ROGERS, VIRGIL E. North Toxas State Collogo 503 Tabor Houston, Texas Dolta Thota Phi, Clork of the Rolls, Master of Ritual Board of Governors Law Bacholor's Club, Treasurer Society of the Peregrinus ROSS. JIMMY L. Univorsity of Texas Route I, Box 69 Luling, Toxas ROWE, BURREL University of Texas Box 164 Livingston, Toxas 46RYAN, ROBERT WILLING. JR. Yolo Univorsity 4012 West Fourth Street Fort Worth, Texas Honor Council Law Day Program Committee SCHULZE. MILES LEONARD North Toxas State Collogo 610 Woodland Donton, Toxas Freshman Class. Secretary-Treasurer Midlaw Class, Socrotary-Troasurer Dolta Theta Phi. Clork of tho Rolls Sports Editor of Dicta Intramurals, Sports Program Director SCOTT, O. V.. JR. University of Oklahoma 1715 Dayton Wichita Falls. Texas Honor Roll Phi Dolta Phi Honor Council SHAW. WALLACE N. Univorsity of the South P. O. Box 843 Freeport, Toxas Dolta Thota Phi, Bailif Moot Court Law Day Ticket Committee SIZEMORE. ANN Univorsity of Toxas 914 East 32nd Stroot Program Committee Law Day Board of Governors Secretary-Treasurer. Mid Law Class SMITH. ALLEN E. University of Texas I 105 East 32nd Street Delta Theta Phi President, Freshman Class Election Commission. Chairman Texas Law Review. Candidate National Moot Court SMITH. EUGENE BOYD University of Texas 5000 Birchman Fort Worth, Toxas Studont Council, Chief Justice SMITH. E. M.. JR. Univorsity of Texas 905 Duncan Lane Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta 47SMITH. WADE CASSLE University of Texas 3520 Drcxel Drivo Dallas, Toxas Phi Alpha Delta SOURIS. J. C. Texas A M 3103 Harris Park Vernon, Toxas SPEARS. SALLY ELIZABETH Univorsity of Toxas 115 Five Oaks San Antonio. Texas Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class Chairman Stayton's Inns of Court Finalist. Froshman Moot Court Associate Justice, Student Court SPIVEY. BRODUS A. Univorsity of Texas 2211 Bristol Drive Austin. Texas Dolta Thota Phi Election Commission Inns of Court STEPHENSON. C. 8.. JR. Stanford University 5806 Shady River Houston, Texas STILLWELL, ROBERT L. University of Toxas 5636 Overbrook Houston, Texas Associate Editor Law Review Honor Roll Phi Alpha Dofta STOVER. FREDRICK MINTON University of Toxas Route 7, Box 47, Westlake Drive Austin, Texas Inns of Court Summer Honor Council Advisor to Inns of Court STRASBURGER. JOHN H. University of Texas 3500 Rock Crook Drivo Dallos, Texas Phi Delta Phi Law Assemblyman, Student Assembly Board of Governors 48SUGGS. G. W. Univorsity of Toxas 113 Avonue G Hereford, Texas Phi Alpha Delta SUROVIK. BOB J. Toxas A M 1010 W. 1st Stroot Mt. Pleasant, Toxas Phi Alpha Dolta, Clerk, Vico Chiof Justice THOMPSON, MIKE JOE Toxas Western Colloge 2700 Morehead Avenue El Paso, Toxas VANDERVORT. JOY Univorsity of Toxas 2408 Bluffviow Austin, Toxas Dicta Editor, Associate Editor Board of Govornors Co-Chairman Law Day Publicity Committee Kappa Beta Pi, Vice Dean Law School Public Relations, Chairman Honor Roll WALKER, ROBERT DEE University of Toxas 208 South Missouri Fort Stockton, Texas Phi Alpha Delta President First Year Class Socrotary-Troasuror Bar Association WALSLEBEN. PEGGY JO Toxas Christian University 2915 South Jennings Fort Worth, Toxas Senior Class, Secretary-Treasurer WARD. FRED DERYL Southo.-n Methodist University 633 Gilmer Sulphur Springs, Toxas Law Bachelor Club, Secretary WARNER. JOHN WILLIAM Texas A M 1320 Christine Pampa, Texas Law Bachelors Club Moot Court Assault and Flattory Committeo 49WATERS. SUZANNE GEISS University of Colorado 1920 Maple Waco, Texas KoppA Beta Pi. Dean Dicta. Associate Editor Portia Attendant Election Commission WATSON. JAMES ROBERT University of Texas Graham. Texas WATSON. JOHN ALLAN University of Texas 1311 Morrow Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta WEED. THOMAS HUGH University of Texas 2101 Tower Drive Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi Honor Council Texas Law Review. Candidate Moot Court, Hildebrand and Notional WEEKS. JULIEN DEVEREUX University of Tc::as 1606 Northwood Road Austin, Texas WEINBRENNER. NEIL E. Toxas Wcstorn College 401 I Chester Avo. El Paso. Texas Phi Delta Phi Hildobrand Moot Court Winner State Bar Competition, Law School Representative Moot Court Board Clement's Inn Master of Bench Dicta Staff WELLS. JERRY A. University of Texas 4404 Eilers B Austin. Texas Phi Delta Phi WELTON. BARRY S. West Virginia University 614 Fairmont Ave. Fairmont, West Virginia 50WERLEIN, EWING, JR. Southern Mothodist University 1901 North Boulovard Houston, Texas Texas Law Review, Casenote Editor Phi Dolta Phi, Magister Quizmaster Honor Roll WEST, BEN BRITAIN University of Texas 2505 20th Lubbock, Toxas Phi Dolta Phi Quizmaster Toxas Law Review WILLIAMS. RICHARD G. Hardin Simmons University 307 West 4th Street Brcckonridge. Texas Phi Alpha Delta Quizmaster Toxas Law Review, Candidate Honor Roll WILLY. FRANK O., JR. University of Texas 1139 Division Del Norte Mexico 12. D. F. Dolta Theta Phi Law Bachelors Assault and Flattery Committee WILSON. JOHN C. Texas A M 2305 South Marsalis Dallas, Texas Praetors WINDLE. WAYNE E. University of Toxas 1122 Main Texarkana, Texas Moot Court, Board of Governors Phi Alpha Delta WOODWARD. RIPLEY E.. JR. Texas A M 3751 Darcus Houston, Texas Moot Court. Board of Governors Phi Alpha Delta YEAGER. RONALD M. Baylor University P. O. Box 1117 Aransas Pass. Toxas Phi Alpha Dolta Texas Law Review. Candidate 51YOUNG. BOBBY F. University of Texas I303B Brackonridge Apts. Austin, Texas Praotor Toxas Law Review, Candidate ZUBER. JERRY GORDON University of Oklahoma 601 Mayfair Apartmonts Houston, Texas Unpictured ANDERSON. ROBERT A. I4I4-A Braes Ridgo Austin, Texas ELSTON. JAY 1406 W. 40th Austin, Texas McDonald, laurie 805 Park Place Austin, Texas BULLINGTON. JOHN 2707 Steel Houston, Texas ETOCK. MICHAEL 1401 E. 34th Austin, Texas McGOWN. GEORGE 2814 Smithdale Fort Worth, Texas CALDWELL. HENRY 1314 Elmwood Abilene, Texas FITZGERALD. JAMES 1612 Broadmoor Austin, Texas MANNING. JACK 1404 Broadmoor Austin, Texas CAROTHERS, WILLIAM 3305 Bowman Austin, Texas GRESHAM. NORMAN 121 Resident Wharton, Toxas MILES. EUGENE 108 Jan El Campo, Texas CARR. WILLIAM 234 Lominq Corpus Christ!, Texas HARRIS. LAVERN 1314 Wright Ave. El Paso, Texas MINTON. ELI D. 2200B Wirtz Denton .Texas COSNER, DAIL 213 Wostqato Corpus Christi, Texas HIGHTOWER, CAMERON 1711 Cos Liberty, Texas MOUER. ROY 1344 DuBarry Ln. Houston, Texas CROFT. CHANCY 911 N. Sam Houston Odossa, Toxas HORWITZ. JULIAN 1324 Cincinnati El Paso, Toxas NATHAN. JEROME 2415 Ashloy Beaumont, Texas DOUTHIT. DURELL 3708-B Bailey Lane Austin, Texas HUCKABY. THOMAS 2900 Oakmont Austin, Texas PATERNQSTRO. SAM 5444 Northbrook Dallas, Texas DUNLAP. HUGH GRAYDON 3402 Nottingham Houston, Toxas HUITT, EARL 2517 Cottonwood Bay City, Toxas PICKENS. ROBERT 2414 Pearl Skidmore, Texas DYER. CROMWELL 2410 Koating Lano Austin, Toxas KENDRICK. MICKEY 323 Louise Corpus Christi, Toxas SCARBOROUGH. FRANK 1741 S. 5th Abilene, Texas EHRLE. WILLIAM 220 Avenue B Childress, Texas LEE. IVON 1710 Community Ln. Midland, Texas SIMONS. HERBERT 2211 Dryden Houston, Texas ELLETT. ROBERT 1209 Enfield Austin, Texas McADAMS. BETTYE 4205 Bull Creek Austin, Texas SIMPSON. MARY 322 Avenue F Dallas, Toxas SMITH. ELVIN 2130 Pelham Houston, Texas SMITH. JERE 3208 Glonview Austin, Texas SNOW. CORBIN 512 W. Houston Marshall, Toxas SNOW. TOM 1204 Francis Terrell, Texas SOUTHERS. FRANK 804 Lovora San Antonio, Toxas STJEPCEVICH. JO 1612 Ridqemont Dr. Austin, Texas THOMPSON. JOHN P. O. Box III Gladwater, Texas TULLIS. ERNIE 1406 Wooten Dr. Austin, Toxas WALKER. JAMES Box 335 Ft. Stockton. Toxas WALTERS. JAMES 908 West Elm Olney, Texas WEIL. RICHARD 1000 E. 43rd Austin, Texas WHITE. ISSAC Route 7 Box 45G Austin, Texas WILLIAMS. IVAN Manchaca, Texas 52The Class of 1962 Terry Kendall Vice-President Tati Santiesteban President Donald Leslie Secretary-TreasurerADKINS. BERT B.. JR. University of Toxas 4522 Shotland Sf. Houston. Texas ALLEN, MARILYN University of Texas 141 E. Gramorcy Place San Antonio, Texas ALLMOND. TED R. University of Texas 1700 Holcomb Blvd. Houston. Texas ALSUP. WILLIAM DoWITT University of Texas 601 Harrison St. Corpus Christ!, Texas ANDERSON. IRA T. Austin College 2701 7th St. Bay City. Texas ARTHUR. ROBERT H. Texas Tech 1607-A Brackenridge Apts. Austin, Texas BAKER. MALCOLM G. University of Texas 2504 Brentwood St. Houston. Texas BARRAS. RICHARD Texas A M College 3704 5th St. Port Arthur. Texas BARTON. BILL W. Texas Tech 2 Sands St. Phillips, Texas BARTON. JACK Q. University of Texas 714 Southern St. Corpus Christi, Texas BLACK. RICHARD E. University of Texas 5019 West Park Dr. Austin. Texas BLACKSTOCK. RONALD LEE University of Texas 1331 Edgcwood St. Graham, Texas 54BOLDRICK. JAMES PRATT Washington Lee University 2010 Sinclair St. Midland, Texas BOWERS. PETER A. Harvard College 3003 Chevy Chaso Houston, Texas BRADFORD. JAMES W., JR. University of Texas 117 W. Magnolia St. Angleton, Texas BRANDON. JAMES E. North Texas Stato 3404 Hawthorne Amarillo, Texas BRANTON. JAMES LaVOY Univorsity of Texas 702 W. 5th St. Cisco, Texas BROOKS. HENRY University of Texas 3711 Rice Blvd. Houston, Texas BROOKS. JO TEDD University of Texas 429 South Texas Ave. Mercedes, Texas BROWN. RAYMOND R. University of Texas 435 Highland Blvd. San Antonio. Texas BUCHNER. DONALD ROSS Texas A M Collcgo Box 66 Follott, Texas BUTLER. IRA. JR. Toxas Christian University 2100 Oldham. Apt. 8 Austin, Texas CARDENAS. JOSE Toxas A M College 852 South Iowa Street Woslaco, Texas CAVE. FRANK A. University of Toxas 300 N. E. Alpine St. Plainvicw. Texas 55CHAGRA. LEE A. Texas Western I I 10 Terrace St. El Paso, Texas CHAPMAN, GEORGE CAMP University of Toxas 2203 Travis Amarillo. Texas CHRISTIE. GEORGE F. North Toxas State 2216 B. San Gabriel Austin. Toxas CLARK. JOHN E. Lamar Tech 5510 Maplolcaf Drivo Austin, Texas CLOVER, FRANK Texas Tech 2515 31st St. Lubbock, Texas COLE. PHILIP T. Texas Western 2313 Longview El Paso Texas CONN. GEORGE D. University of Texas 1230 Longfellow Beaumont, Texas CONNERY. DAVID B. University of Toxas 803 North D Stroot Midland, Toxos CONOVER. WILLIAM VAN II University of Toxas 2436 Brentwood St. Houston, Texas CRANZ. WILLIAM P. Univorsity of Toxas 308 Ridgewood Rd. Fort Worth, Texas CREAMER. WANDA Baylor University 3908 Memphis St. El Paso, Texas CURRAN. JOHN FRANCIS University of Toxas 970 Carmol Parkway Corpus Christi. Texas 56CURRY, DOYLE WAYNE University of Toxas Box 588 Moxia. Texas DADE. MALCOLM University of Toxas Rt. 2. Box 123 Gladcwater, Texas DAVIS. TOM University of Toxas 2222 Chilton Rd Houston, Texas DAWSON. JOHN C.. JR. Washington Loe University 36 West Rivorsidc Dr. Houston, Toxas DENNY. SAN Rico University 1201 Belle Placo Fort Worth, Texas DIXIE. GEORGE C. Southorn Methodist University 1003 Kesslor Parkway Dallas, Texas DUBOSE. DAVIID C. University of Houston 208 Dillon St. Houston, Texas EBLEN, WILLIAM E.. JR. Toxas Tech Box 305 Paducah, Texas EHRLICH. HERBERT Toxos Western College 2928 Piedmont St. El Paso. Toxas FALLS. ROBERT CLAYTON University of Texas 4002 Avo. F Austin. Texas FASSNIDGE. WARNER F. Trinity University 1811 W. Huisacho Avo. San Antonio, Texas FITZGERALD. BILL University of Texas 610 Park Blvd. Austin. Texas 57FLOREY. TULLY R. East Texas State Rt. 4 Mt. Pleasant, Texas GANDY. CHARLES TAYLOR Univorsity of Texas 1206 E. 32 Austin, Texas GIESBER. FRANK W. Texas Lutheran Collogc 338 W. Crockett St. La Grango, Texas GIPSON. RAY A. University of Texas 606 E. Nueces Victoria, Texas GLANDON, ROGER L. West Texas State 385 E. Doep Eddy Apts. Austin, Texas GRAF, DONALD L. University of Illinois 3524 Sherman Springfield, III. GROSSMAN, GARY Univorsity of Texas 4926 N. Bracswood Houston, Texas GUEST. FLOYD E., JR. Dulco Univorsity 600 Bomar St. Houston, Texas GUTIERREZ. ROMAN East Texas State 1219 Corpus Christi Laredo, Texas HAGLE, GEORGE H. Yale Univorsity 71 I Pinehavon St. Houston, Texas HAM. DONALD R. University of Texas 1103 Early St. Swoony. Toxas HAMILTON. BENJAMIN N. University of Texas 3045 Rosodalo Port Arthur. Texas 58HAMRIC. RANDOLPH V. Texas Tech Box 544 Roby, Texas HARRIS. BELVIN R. University of Texas 2828 San Gabriel St. Austin, Texas HERZOG. FRANK CONRAD Yale University 1000 Possum Trot Austin, Texas HILBURN. DAVID H. North Texas State 710 S. Clements Gainesville, Texas HITT. J. CAHILL University of Texas 3209 Larry Lano Austin, Texas HOLSTEAD. JOHN B. Louisiana Tech Box 109 Ruston, La. HOPE. RUBEN W.. JR. University of Texas 818 Rutland St. Houston, Texas HOWELL. EDWARD S. Stanford Univorsity 22 Courtland Place Houston, Texas HURN, WILLIAM T. University of Texas Box 313 Rankin, Texas IRBY. AUSTIN HOLT Texas Tech 907-L E. 32nd St. Austin, Toxas IVY. JIMMY DWAIN University of Texas Rt. I Friona, Texas JANUARY. WILLIAM H. University of Texas 1311 Norwalk Austin, Toxas 59JETER. THOMAS GENTRY JR. University of Texas 808 E. 30th Apt. C Austin, Texas JOHNSON. JAMES C. Univorsity of Oklahoma 2407 Red River St. Austin, Texas JOHNSON. RAYMOND R. Harvard College 204 E. Ponn. Avo. Ottumwa. Iowa JOHNSON. ROY University of Texas Rt. One Morton, Texas JONES. WALTER S. University of Texas Box 183 Ennis, Texas JUDD. ARDON B. Denison University I I Pinehill Lane Houston, Texas KAHANEK. DANIEL L. University of Texas 1701 Adams Taylor, Texas KARKOWSKY, JAY J. University of Texas 3003 M.A.S. St. Houston, Texas KENDALL. TERRENCE G. Univorsity of Texas 2109 Griswold Lane Austin, Texas KIING. JOHN L. Toxas Tech 2028 N. 6th Tahoka, Texas KIRK. TIMOTHY Toxas Tech Rt. I Lakoviow, Texas KOPECKY, PETE Texas A M College Box IS Engle, Texas 60KUHN. ROBERT J. Texas A M College 2212 C. Perry Avc. Austin. Toxas LATCHFORD, DAVID ROSS S.W.T.S.T.C. Wimberly, Texas LENZ. MARVIN RAY University of Texas Rt. 4 Box 39 Taylor, Texas LEMENS. WILLIAM VERNON University of Texas 915 W. 21st St. Austin. Texas LESLIE. DONALD S. Texas Wcstorn College 250 Smith Rd. El Paso, Toxas LEWIS. HARVEY J. University of Pennsylvania 7301 S. Main Houston. Texas LEWIS. JOHN FURMAN Rico Institute 3013 Jennings St. Fort Worth, Toxas LONS. HARRY S. University of Texas Rt. 3 Box 232 Marshall, Texas LUNA. JOSEPH RICHARD Rico Institute Box 187 Eaglo Lake, Texas LYLES. JULIAN K. Southwestern University 1508 Wooldridgo Drivo Austin, Toxas McBRIDE. JAMES WYLIE University of Texas 2440 South Boaumont, Texas McCarty, joel b. Univorsity of Texas 4502 Willowbend Houston. Texas 61McGANN, MIKE University of Texas 1715 E. 34th Austin. Texas McMENAS. DAVID University of Texas 2511 Hartford Rd. Austin, Toxas McQUIGG, JOHN D. Denison Univorsity 3122 Ave. B San Antonio, Texas McCarthy, thomas a., jr. Montana State University 4901 Denver Drive Galveston, Texas McDADE, THOMAS University of Toxas 1901 Winstoad Lane Austin, Toxas McGinnis, bill j. Texas Toch 2200 5th St. Lubbock, Toxas MALEY, KARL A. University of Texas 1412 Corona Drive Austin. Texas MARTIN, DON G. Kansas Stato Toachor's College 1541-A Brackonridge Apts. Austin, Toxas MARTIN. JAMES NEAL Texas A M College 312 Belmont St. Athens, Texas MEADOWS. CURTIS W.. JR. University of Texas 5530 Wanota St. Dallas, Toxas MENDELSOHN. LESLIE S. University of Toxas I4I6-T Braes Ridge Austin, Texas MIDDLEBROOK. SAMUEL A. University of Toxas Box III Eola, Texas 62MILLER. MALLORY L.. JR. Texas Western 615 LaCruz Dr. El Paso, Texas MOORE. JOE GRADY University of Texas 1002 Winsted Lane Austin. Toxas MORGAN. DON B. University of Texas I4I9-B Brackonridgo Apt. Austin. Texas MYERS. MICHAEL Univorsity of Toxas 901 W. Payne St. Olney, Texas NEEL. JAMES MERRILL Univorsity of Toxas Box 335 Edinburg. Toxas NICHOLS. REX A. University of Toxas 2014 Wholoss Lano Austin. Toxas OAKS. STEVEN CLARK College of William Mary 3527 Morriclc St. Houston. Texas ORTIZ. GUILLERMO Toxas Wostorn 3810 Hueco St. El Paso, Toxas PALMROS. ALEX University of Texas 2574 Highvicw St. Fort Worth. Toxas PARKER. JIM Rico University 4634 Banning Houston. Texas PECK, JOE H.. JR. University of Toxas Rt. I Ralls. Texas PFEIFFER. FRED NELSON University of Texas 1003 Rigsby Avo. San Antonio, Texas 63PFEUFFER, ROBERT T. Texas A M College Box 80 New Braunfels, Texas PHELAN. HAROLD L. Sul Ross State College 1005 Nth St. Levelland, Texas PHELAN, MARILYN 1502 9th St. Levelland, Texas POPE. T. TURNER University of Oklahoma 61 I Pinehaven St. Houston, Texas PRICE, WILLIAM RAYFORD University of Texas Box 378 Frankston, Texas PRUETT, JAMES ALBERT. JR. University of Texas 2319 Sabine Austin. Texas PUETT. ROANE H. University of Texas 1113 A Brackenridge Apts. Austin, Texas RAMIREZ. JOE University of Texas 506 S. 9th St. Robstown, Texas REESE. JOHN B. Yale University 2211 Fannin St. Amarillo, Texas REILLY. JOHN PATRICK Washington Lee 513 Sunset Terrace Amarillo, Texas ROBERTS. THOMAS G. University of Toxas 7013 Rookin Houston, Texas ROEVER. WILLIAM A. Univorsity of Toxas 4319 Univorsity St. Dallas, Texas 64ROGERS. NORMAN R. Rico Institute 3901 Centenary St. Dallas, Texas ROPER. DON University of Texas 4615 University Oaks Blvd. Houston, Texas ROSS. ERNEST O. Texas A I College 1416 Konwood St. Austin, Texas ROYALL. DONALD R. Texas A M College 241 Hodwig Rd. Houston, Texas ROZZELL. JEAN E. University of Texas Box 653 Harlingen, Texas SALMANSON. IRWIN R. Toxas Western 3007 Red River Austin, Texas SANTIESTEBAN, HUMBERTO TATI Now Moxico Institute 174 N. Aubrey Rd. El Paso, Texas SCHMIDT. HAROLD R. University of Texas Box 234 Mason, Toxas SCHWAB. ELMO PETE University of Texas Box 236 Gonzales, Texas SCOTT. LEONARD W. S. W. T. S. T. C. Rt. I. Box 13 Lockhart, Toxas SHANNON, RICHARD A. University of Toxas Box 1186 La Feria, Texas SIKES. LARRY D. University of Toxas 4134 Glenwick St. Dallas, Toxas 65SIMON. HENRY W. Yolo Univorsity 4105 Bcllaro Drlvo Ft. Worth. Toxas SMITH. RAY GENE Midwestern Univorsity 4905 Marsha Lano Wichita Falls. Toxas SMITH. ROBERT H. University of Texas 816 Sunset Torracc, Amarillo, Texas STOCK. BETTIE JO Texas A I Collogo Box 55 Devine. Texas STORK, TERRY ERWIN University of Toxas 1703 B Margaret St. Austin, Toxas SUMMERFORD. GERALD Baylor University 4811 Shoal Crook Blvd. Austin, Texas SUNSHINE. W. N. Univorsity of Toxas 6456 Norway Rd. Dallas, Toxas SWANN. WILLIAM J. University of Texas Box 308 Sterling City, Texas TAYLOR. SHERIDAN E. Vanderbilt University 4304 Curion Ft. Worth, Toxas TORRES. ARTURO D. Uni orsity of Toxas Box 146. Rt. 3 Edinburg, Toxas TOTTENHAM. JOHN W.. Ill Texas Christian University 2626 Rogors Ft. Worth, Toxas TUCKER, JAMES R. University of Toxas 1219 Main St. La Marque. Toxas 66TURNER. BENJAMIN B.. JR. Rico Institute 1118 Milford St. Houston, Toxas VELA. CARLOS F. University of Texas 802 Fair Park Horlingen, Toxas WADE. ROBERT E. Texas Western 4500 Afton St. Dallas, Texas WADSWORTH. DOUG J. University of Illinois 1416 E. 36th St. Odessa, Texas WALKER. MILLER B. Lamar Tech 725 Belvedere Boaumont, Toxas WASH. MICHAEL A. Univorsity of Texas 1209 E. Woslyn St. Stamford, Texas WEBB. WILLIAM MARTIN Texas Wostorn 1925 Harpor St. El Paso. Texas WESTON. MICHAIL D. University of Texas 2313 Elmwood St. Dallas, Texas WHITE. JOHN T. West Toxas State 523 Coble Borger, Texas WILEY. BILLY GLEN University of Texas Rt. I Leander, Toxas WILSON. HARVEY A.. JR. Univorsity of Texas Box 235 Brazoria, Toxas WOLFRAM. CHARLES W. University of Notre Dame 809 E. 45th St. Austin. Texas 67ZOLLNER. BEN HENRY Trinity University Box 113 Rockwall, Texas Unpictured ALWORTH. LEE G. 2809 Oakmont Austin, Toxas COPELAND. JOHN 2824 Princeton Ft. Worth, Texas HUNT, TANNER 272 Manor Beaumont, Texas AMIS, ROBERT W. 1712 A Newfield Austin, Texas DAVIS, DEE Gail Rd. Big Spring, Toxas KENNEDY. ROBERT LEE 405' 2 E. 32nd Austin, Toxas ARMSTRONG. DAN 8727 Ilona Lane Houston, Texas DICKSON. JAMES 1609 N. Congross Austin, Toxas KILGARLIN, WAYNE 8510 Glen Lock Lano Houston, Texas AUSTIN. CRAIG 2012 15th Lubbock. Texas EDWARDS. ROBERT 808 Potomac Marlin, Texas KLEINER. ELIZABETH 1501 Wilshiro Austin, Toxas BARRINGTON. THOMAS 3400 Lake Austin Austin, Texas FITZPATRICK, ALFRED 410 Ave. D Del Rio, Texas LEEKA. JACK 4907 Stress Drive Austin, Texas BERRY. WILLIAM 915 Blandon Sherman,. Texas GRAVES. GLENN 3303 Duval Austin, Texas LOCKMAN. JOHN 403 W. 14th Austin, Texas BRIAN. ROBERT 3407 Speedway Austin, Texas GREENBERG. ROBERT 606 B Elmwood Austin, Texas LOHMEYER. OHO FRED 410 Johnson Navasota, Texas CARMONA, FRANK 515 44th Galveston, Texas HALL. MILFORD 8015 Lazy Lane Austin, Toxas LOVE. DON 4408 Amherst Dallas, Toxas CHRISTIAN, JO, MRS 6001 Bolfast Austin, Texas HENSLEE. LEE 3202 Morrio Lynn Austin, Texas LUNA. JOSEPH Box 187 Eaglo Lake, Toxas CLARK. HARLEY 201 l-l Rod Rivor Austin, Texas HIGGINS. THOMAS 513 S. Broadway McAllen, Texas McCAMPBELL. TOM 1704 Windsor Austin, Toxas COLEMAN. BRADY 2517 Inwood Houston, Texas HOFFMAN. RICHARD 202 Monclair Longview, Toxas McConnell, philip 3502-1 Owon Circle Austin, ToxasUnpictured McCREA. VICTOR 1209 Community Lano Midland. Texas PARKER. KENNETH Box 893 Ozona, Texas SNYDER, EDWARD II 107 Wostmoro Dallas, Texas McLEAlSH. DON Box 1057, Soton Hosp. Austin, Texas PATTERSON. ROBERT 4 Enfield Rd. Austin, Texas SPELCE. WILLIAM Box 818 Austin, Toxas MANNING. PHILIP Rusk, Texas RADFRORD. WENDELL Box 372 Nederland, Toxas STOFER. JAMES 811 W. Stayton Victoria, Toxas MASHBURN, JAMES Box 4884 Midland, Toxas ROGERS. WILLIAM 6237 Belmont Dallas, Toxas TALKINGTON. FRED 2615 Honeysuckle Ft. Worth, Toxas MATTHEWS. EUGENE 2408 Oldham Austin, Toxas ROHWER. EMMET 118 Laurol Lane Austin, Toxas TAYLOR. WILLIS 3018 36th Lubbock, Toxas MEITZEN, WILLIAM Box 475 Dickinson, Texas SEALE. SAM Route 3 Port Lavaca, Texas UHER. DON Route 1 Bay City, Texas MOORE. OTHA 2911 Larkwood San Antonio, Texas SEBESTA. JOE 1501 N. Pecan Bastrop, Texas WATSON. BRANSFORD Wiley College Marshall, Texas MORRIS. RICHARD 1413 B Braes Ridge Austin, Toxas SMITH. DAVID ATMAR 505 N. Washington Victoria, Texas WELDON. FRED 1404 W. 12th Austin, Texas MUNSON, HOUSTON Routo 1 Gonzalos, Texas SMITH. DAVID LEE Box 674 Sonora, Toxas WOOD. THOMAS 469 Olive Jasper, Texas MUTSCHER, GUS 307 N. Ross Brenham, Texas SMITH. DON 5123 Del Monte Houston, Toxas YARBOROUGH, PAUL Box 230 Littlefield, Texas NIEMANN. LARRY 1508 Windsor Austin, Toxas SMYER. JOE Tilden Route Jourdanton, Toxas YOUNG. RICHARD P. O. Box 98 Silsbee, Texas OGDEN. HAROLD 1303 Romoria Austin, Toxas SNAVELY, EDWARD Box 2 Combes, Texas The Class of 1963 70 Allan McNeill Vice-President Harry Reasoner President Hairy Stafford Secretary-TreasurerADAMS. MONEY Univorsity of Toxas 1001 E. 39th Street Austin, Texas ADELMAN. FRANK Uni ersify of Pennsylvania 409 Geneseo Road San Antonio, Texas ALBIN, ARTHUR M. University of Colorado 5208 Caladium Dallas, Texas ALEXANDER. BROOKS L. Toxas Christian University I 100 Blanco Austin, Texas ANDERSON. MILES C. University of Oklahoma I 11 Cromwell Drive San Antonio. Toxas ANDREWS. KEN Univorsify of Texas 915 Virginia Graham. Texas ANSPACHER. RICHARD BARTON Univorsity of Texas 4512 Arcady Dallas, Texas ARMER. WILLIAM MAGILL Southern Methodist University 3737 Arnold Houston, Toxas ASKINS. ROBERT HERBERT Sam Houston P. O. Box 305 Bronham, Texas BAERNSTEIN. SAUL W. Dartmouth Collogo 3702 Gronnoch Houston, Toxas BARBER. PERRY. JR. Univorsity of Toxas Route I Colorado City, Texas BARGE. THOMAS MURRAY University of Texas 2405 Hartford Road Austin, Toxas 71BARLOW. JAMES BRUCE Texas A M 3224 Rogers Fort Worth, Texas BARRETT. J. A. University of Kansas I4I5-A Wooldridgo Drive Austin. Toxas BELL. JOHN L. University of Texas 1940 Thomas Road Beaumont. Texas BENSON. GERALD WAYNE University of Texas 6639 Joyce Way Dallas, Texas BERRY BUFORD PRESTON Univorjity of Toxas Box 876 Archer City, Texas BESS. DONALD R. University of Toxas 2211 Post Road Austin .Texas BIESEL. JERRY W. University of Texas 3007 N. W. Highway Dallos, Texas BLACK. GEORGE CLIFT University of Texas 304 Calle Cenixo Brownsville, Texas BOARDMAN, ERNEST. JR. University of Toxas 2620 Jofforson Austin. Texas BORCHERS. MARION J. Unversity of Texas 1002 E. Gonzales Yoakum. Toxas BRADSHAW. JOHN Stophon F. Austin College Route 4. Box 83 Center, Texas BRATTON. EDWARDS R. University of Toxas 2616 Harris Blvd. Austin, Toxas 72BRISCOE. JAMES P. University of Texas 1308 Lee Stroot Alvin, Texas BROWNING. DAVID STUART University of Texas 4014 B Lewis Lane Austin. Texas BRUNS. JOE HENRY Univorsity of Toxos 2300 Tower Drivo Austin. Texas BUCKALEW. RUPERT. JR. University of Texas 6402 Shoal Crcok Austin, Toxas CANDELARIA. RUBEN GILBERT Toxas Westorn 108 South Puoblo Stroot El Paso, Texas CANDISH. DAVID JOHN Southern Methodist Univorsity 6109 Airline Road Dallas, Texas CAPESIUS. JOEL L. Creighton Univorsity 122 Florence Pierce. Nebraska CARMICHAEL. DAVID M. University of Texas 4735 Regina Lano Beaumont, Toxos CASEY. BOB. JR. Univorsity of Texas 5406 Albia Road Washington, D. C. CASON. CARL W. North Texas State College 1220-D Brackonridge Apts. Austin, Toxas CATLETT. L. SCOTf University of Texas 800 Laurel Stroot Uvalde, Texas CEZEAUX. PHILIP CALVIN Univorsity of Toxas 311 Staitti Street Humble, Texas 73CHAVEZ-CAMACHO, MELCHOR Univorsity of Toxas Route 3, South Palm Blvd. Harlingen, Texas CHERTKOU, BOREN University of Michigan 6613 Northwest Parkway Dallas, Toxas CHRISTIAN. JOHN E. Toxas A M 2410 Swishor. Apt. B Austin, Toxas CLEVELAND. DAVID GARRETT Univorsity of Texas 1147 W. Froy Stephonvillo, Texas COFFEY. ROBERT L. University of Toxas 1803 West llth Freeport, Texas CONNALLY. TOM ALLEN University of Texas 244 Hedwig Road Houston Texas COPE. JERRY D. Univorsity of Texas Box 172 Coleman, Toxas CREWS. FRANK TRIBBLE. JR. Princeton Univorsity 1007 Austin Street Amarillo, Texas CULBERSON. CHARLES Texas Christian Univorsity 1924 Loma Linda Court Fort Worth, Toxas DAWSON. WILLIAM HENRY University of Toxas 501 East Crockett Ennis. Toxas DICKERSON. CHARLES A. Univorsity of Texas I 100 First Rosenborg, Toxas DOUGLAS. JOHN WINSTON Univorsity of Texas 6530 Brompton Rood Houston. Toxas 74DOYLE. PATRICK TERRENCE Lamar Tech 3416 27th Port Arthur, Texas DUKE. JACK DALE Texas Wostern 2809 Mariana Midland, Toxas DYER. .CURTIS B. University of Toxas 3714 Sobey Drive Corpus Christ!, Texas EDENS. RODERICK T. University of Texas 2720 Mountain Laurel Lane Austin, Toxas EDWARDS. CECIL A., JR. United States Naval Academy 309 West Lewis Phoenix, Arizona ELLIOTT. CHARLES P. Texas Tech 1201 Kokomo Stroet Plainview, Texas ENDER. FREDERICK C. Southwest Texas Stato 706 West Rosewood San Antonio, Texas EVANS. JAMES ALTON University of Texas Route 4, Box 377 Hallettsville, Texas FANN.. LAURENCE E. Toxos A M 3733 Merrick Houston Texas FINK. LOWELL S. Univorsity of Texas 3714 Rio Vista Houston, Texas FLANANGAN. CHRISTIE S. Notre Dame Univorsity 4305 Forost Drive Port Arthur, Toxas FURMAN. WILLIAM MICHAEL Texas Wostorn 1717 North Stanton El Paso, Texas 75GAGE, GERALD DAVID University of Texas 101 Morrell Boytown, Texas GALLAGHER. JAMES LYMAN University of Texas 5317 Patrick Honry Bellaire, Texas GARDNER. H. LAWRENCE. JR. University of Toxas 4108 Shoal Crook Blvd. Austin, Texas GEE. .HARRY, JR. Rico University 2712 W. Dallas Houston, Toxas GELINO, DON F. University of Texas 601 Manor Road Austin, Texas GIBBS. LARRY BLAIR Yale Univorsity 1256 Balmoral Ave. Westchester, Illinois GILBERT, MARLIN LEE Austin Collego 1200 N. Fannin San Benito, Texas GINN. GORDON L. University of Texas 4007 Hain Austin, Texas GLASPY, BILL University of Texas 301 West Donton Ennis, Texas GRABER, ALLAN L. University of Texas 4820 Sherman Galveston, Toxas GRAY. DAVID NATHAN Lamar Tech 3235 Fronch Road Beaumont, Toxas GRESHAM. JOHN K. Sam Houston 3102 Rice Blvd. Houston, Texas 76GRINSTEAD, TEVIS S. University of Texas 2248 Chilton Houston, Texas GUNN. CARL D. University of Texas 2021 Blue Bonnet Fort Worth, Texas HALE. JOHN ANTHONY Texas Christian Univorsity 2407 Sabine Apt. C Austin, Texas HARALSON. DALE D. Hardin-Simmons University 1149 Blain Abilono. Texas HARDIN, SANDERS LEE Univorsity of Toxas 7430 Erath Houston, Texas HARPER. JACK H. Colgate Univorsity 1023 Sheridan Road Evanston, Illinois HENSON. WALTER TOM Univorsity of Texas 201 East 9th Dalhart, Texas HIBLER. .PRENTIS OTIS University of Texas Box 415 West Columbia, Toxas HODGE, CLAUDE BURRELL University of Toxas 720 West 10th Bonham, Texas HOLLAND, DAVID WfNGATE University of Toxas 1206 Braclccnridgo Apts. Austin, Toxas HOLLE, DENNIS CHARLES Toxas A M Route I Washington, Texas HOLLOWAY. GORDON A. Univorsity of Texas 7006 Currin Drive Dallas, Texas 77HOOD. JOE T. Texas Tech 3203 Golf Course Midland. Texas HOUSER. GORDON WILLARD University of Texas 3924 Balcones Drive Austin. Texas HOWELL. DONALD LEE Baylor University 3718 Horwol Waco, Toxas HUNNICUTT.. G. D. Harding College 708 Control S. E. Albugnergno. New Mexico HUNT. CHESTER Southwest Texas State College 403 North Main Pheasanton, Texas HUSTACE. CEDRIC Texas Western 2323 Red River Austin, Texas ISAACKS. HUBERT PHIL Texas A M Box 733 Sour Lake, Texas JACKSON. CLARK University of Toxas 208 Welch Palacios, Texas JARVIS. R. GLENN Rice Univorsity 1425 N. Shore Drive San Benito, Texas JOHNSON. BOBBY J. West Texas Stato College Routo 4 Olton. Toxas JOHNSON. KENNETH H. University of Texas 8227 Glencrest Ave. Houston, Texas JOHANSON. MICHAEL TRUITT Southwestern Univorsity 908 E. 32nd Austin, Texas 78JOHNSTON. RICHARD NORMAN Southern Methodist University 1318 Michigan Dallas, Texas JONES. PAUL BYRON Now Moxico State University Lake Austin Blvd. El Paso. Texas JONES. ROBERT DALE University of Texas Box 1152 Austin, Texas JOPLIN, MIKE J. Texas Tech 1323 Park Avo. Littlefield, Texas JUDAH. H. P.. JR. Texas A M 6344 Wostchoster Houston, Texas KATZ. RONALD LEVY Swarthmoro College 4927 Braes Valley Drive Houston, Texas KEETON. RICHARD PAGE Univorsity of Toxas 2100 Griswold Lane Austin, Texas KELLY. WILLIAM CARROLL. JR. University of Texas Box 98 Freer, Texas KELLY. WILLIAM FRANKLIN Stanford University 2727 Revere, Apt. 10 Houston, Texas HARMON, KENDRICK United Statos Military Academy San Antonio, Texas KELSALL, SAMUEL IV Univorsity of Texas 5302 Cortolyou Houston, Texas KLEIN. KEITH E. University of Texas 357 North Drive San Antonio, Toxas 79KLEIN. MICHAEL University of Toxas 7404 Charlotte Kansas City, Missouri KNAPP. MARCIAL A. Texas A M P. O. Box 1240 Corpus Christi, Texas KRIST. RONALD DAVID University of Texas 2504 Cuthbort Midland, Texas LANE. DONALD H. University of Denver 809 Sycamore Stroot Abilene, Texas LANS. BERNARD CHARLES Catholic University of America 1712 Mohlo Drive Austin, Texas LANG. VICTOR J. JR. University of Texas 4202 Avo. R Galveston. Texas LE BLEU. JONATHAN LINDSEY University of Texas 1518 Dorothy Houston, Texas LEVY. LAWRENCE University of Michigan 2302 Maroneal Houston, Texas LEVY. ROBERT G.. II University of Texas 651 Stroy Lane Houston, Texas LINK. JOHN W. University of Texas 1929 Milford Street Houston, Texas LIPPINCOTT. LAURENCE L. Univorsity of Texas 1814 25th Stroot Galvoston, Toxas McCLURE. CHARLES R. Southwestern State Collego Clinton, Oklahoma 80McCullough, paul michael Baylor University Goldthwaite, Texas McNEILL. WILLIAM ALLAN University of Texas 200 W. Caldwood Beaumont, Texas MACMANUS. CHARLES JOSEPH University of Texas 1022 Ralston MAHAFFEY. JOHAN MICHAEL University of Texas 3302 Floyd Corpus Christi, Texas MANN, LAWRENCE ALLEN University of Toxas 1319 Chihuahua Laredo. Toxas MANN. PHILLIP L. University of Texas 1109 Locust Street Alva, Oklahoma MARKLEY. GEORGE GLENN. JR. Lamar Tech 3960 Caldor Beaumont, Texas MARTIN. GREG N. University of Texas 4211 Ramsey Austin, Texas MARTINEZ. MARIO J. Texas Western 1418 Hawthorne El Paso, Texas MATTHEW. WILLIAM EDWARD Univorsity of Texas 7562 Erath Houston, Texas MAYNARD, WILLIAM E. University of Texas 1313 North Jefferson Bastrop, Texas MILLER. G. RAY. JR. University of Texas Box 276 Kathy, Texas 81MILLER. JAMES W. University of Texas 2004 Griswold Lane Austin, Texas MILLER. KENT T. University of Texas 2903 Kerbey Lano Austin, Texas MILLER. MARY KATHRYN University of Texas 6150 Cedar Creek Houston, Texas MOEHLMAN, MICHAEL SCOTT Harvard College 2907 Oakhurst Austin, Texas MONROO. W. BRUCE Texas Christian University 2307 Terraco Avo. Midland, Toxas MONTGOMERY. LARRY KENT Toxas Christian University 5030 Birchman Apt. 28 Fort Worth, Texas MOORE. HARVIN C. Rice University 2247 Chilton Road Houston, Texas MOORE. ROBERT CLAY Texas Tech 2909 Villago Drive Austin, Toxas MOORE. ROBERT THOMPSON Duke University 5217 Shadywood Lano Dallas, Texas MORENO. .PAUL C. Texas Western 2008 Atlanta El Paso, Toxas MORRIS. EMMY DoPauw University 648 East Broad Streot Westfield, New Jersey MORRIS. THOMAS A. University of Colorado 2603 Wooldridge Drive Austin, Texas 82MOSELEY. DAVID LEE University of Texas Rochollo, Texas MOSER. WILLIAM B.. JR. Univorsity of Texas P. O. Box 55 Bocvllle, Texas MURPHY. MICHAEL GORDON Southern Methodist Univorsity 211 Plantation Road Houston, Toxas MYERS, LARRY G. Toxos A M 6650 Howe Grovos, Toxas NARANJO. DANIEL A. University of Texas 227 Future Drive San Antonio, Toxas NEAL. JAMES WILLIAM University of Texas 7812 Lazy Lane Austin. Texas NEILL. RONALD LEROY Stephen F. Austin College 225 E. Dodgo Tyler, Texas NEILSON. JOHN $. University of Virginia 2413 Dol Monte Drive Houston, Toxas NEISIG, RUSSELL WARREN Texas A M 9618 Kerrwood Houston, Texas NELMS. JOHN R. Toxas A M 7219 Elmridgc Drive Dallas, Texas NIKSCH. HAROLD W. Oklahoma A M 1300 E. 27th Odossa, Texas NOLEN. LARRY OLIVER University of Texas Route I. Box 23-E Dickinson, Texas 83NORDHEIMER. GARY H. University of Texas 4627 Miron Drive Dallas, Texas NORVELL. LIPSCOMB JR. Southern Methodist Univorsity 4101 Lewis Lane Austin, Texas NOWLIN. JAMES R. Trinity University 8001 San Pedro Ave. San Antonio. Toxas OAKES. JOHN Texas Christian Univorsity 2422 Ong Amarillo, Texas OXFORD. HUBERT III Toxas A M 4810 Caldor Road Beaumont, Texas PALMER, TED R. Claremont Men's College P. O. Box 696 Indio, California PATRICK. JOHN W. Oklahoma University 326 Westminster Drive Houston, Texas PENNINGTON. OLIVER Rice Univorsity Box 134 Webster, Texas PEREL, STEVE University of Texas 3301 Redwood Victoria, Texas PEYTON. NORMAN CARROLL Texas Western Collogo 2528 Louisvillo El Paso. Toxas PHAGAN, JIMMIE R. Toxas Christian Univorsity 509 South Baylor Porryton, Toxas PHELAN. CLEATUS M. Sul Ross Stato Collogo 1005 I Ith Stroot Lovolland, Texas 84PHELPS. JUDSON HIRAM JR. University of Texas 5600 Vance-Jackson Road San Antonio. Texas PICKENS. FRANKLIN A. University of Texas 2201 Walnut Odossa, Texas PIZZITOLA. TANNIE L. Texas A M 2015-52 Stroot Galveston. Texas POWELL. ROGER T. University of Texas Routo I, Box 134-A Taft, Toxas POWELL. VERNE University of Texas Box 905 Hereford, Toxas PRESSE. PHIL R. University of Toxas 3708 Enfield Road Austin, Toxas RANDOLPH. ROBERT RAYMOND University of Texas 158 West Harding Blvd. San Antonio. Texas RANSON. JAMES J. Kansas University 9 St. James Place Wichita, Kansas RAY. DONALD H. Rice University 918 Borzos Drive Houston, Texas REASONER. HARRY MAX Rico University Route 2, Box 430 San Marcos, Texas RICE. WILLIAM C.. JR. Florida Southern University 9310 Ribbonwood Stroot, Houston, Texas RIVERS. WILLIAM LEON University of Texas 710 North Main Elgin, Toxas 85ROBERTSON. MICHAEL P. University of Texas Box 24 Bishop, Texas ROLOFF. M. LYNN University of Texas 2306 N. Whoolor Victoria. Texas RUSSELL. HUGH LAWRENCE Southern Methodist University 2413 Travis Amarillo. Texas SANFORD. VERNON T.. JR. Univorsity of Toxas 2604 Parlcviow Austin, Texas SANSING, CHARLES MACK University of Toxas Higgins, Texas SCHMIDT. WILLIAM E. University of Texas 47S Magazine New Braunfels, Toxas SCHOUVALOFF. ANDREW Texas A M Box 1082 B.-uni, Texas SCHROEDER. WILLIAM HENRY. JR. University of Texas 1203 Magnolia Lockhart, Texas SCHUTZE, EUGENE WALTER University of Toxas 2711 Greonloe Drive Austin, Texas SCOGGINS, RALPH WILLIAM Toxas Wostorn 2324 Fedoral Ave. El Paso, Texas SIDES, JACK DAVIS. JR. University of Texas 4024 Purdue Dallas, Texas SORRELL. JAY RIGGAN University of Texas 2300 25th Street Pearsall. Toxas 86SPENCER. CHARLES WILLIAM University of Texas Box 232 Morton. Toxas SPRAGUE.. KURTH Princeton University Rod Bud Trail at Caravan Circle Austin. Toxas SPURLOCK. JOE C. M. II Toxas A M 1508 Enfield Road Austin, Toxas STANTON. JOHN WALKER Univorsity of Mississippi P. O. Box 4503 Austin, Toxas STONE. D. BARRY Univorsity of Toxas 1414 S. Avo. H Portales. New Mexico STOVER. SIDNEY S. University of Texas 2631 Boctton Road Wichita Falls, Texas STRUVE. J. D. Univorsity of Texas General Delivery Austin, Texas STUHBEMAN. DAVID G. Southern Methodist University 1502 W. Toxas Avo. Midland, Toxas SULLIVAN. SELBY W. Rice University 2123 Dunstan Houston, Toxas SULLIVANT. WILLIAM B. University of Texas 416 S. Denton Geinosvillo, Texas TATE. MILTON YORK JR. Univorsity of Toxas P. O. Box 549 Giddings, Texas TARRY. STEPHEN ALBERT Southorn Methodist Univorsity 3403 Spocdway Austin, Texas 87TINNELL. ROBERT WAYNE University of Texas 4205 Livo Oak Corpus Christi, Toxas TOMLIN. WILLIAM DALTON Texas Christian University 2221 Huntington Lane Fort Worth, Toxas TURMAN. WILLIAM FORD Oklahoma Univorsity 1207 Hillcrost Fort Worth, Texas TURNER. JOHN G. JR. University of Toxas 6700 Brants Lano Fort Worth, Toxas TURNER. ROBERT WAYNE Rice Univorsity 1514 Brentwood Austin, Texas TYLER. BOBBY S. Toxas Christian University 1211 Carlock Fort Worth, Toxas VANCE. ESTIL A. JR. Yale University 601 Rivercrest Drivo Fort Worth, Texas VAN METER. JOHNNIE C. Wost Toxas State College Box 256 Vega, Texas WADE. JEROME K. Rice University 4323 Phil Bellairo, Toxas WALLACE. EDGAR ALBERT Washington and Lee University 12006 Winwood Lano Houston. Texas WALSH. RALPH CLAIBORNE Yalo University 620 Stirman Corpus Christi, Toxas WALTER. JACK EUGENE Texas Tech Collogo 2421 27th Street Lubbock, Texas I 88WARD. SAMUEL DAVID Southern Methodist University 5210 Moadowlake Houston, Texas WHEAT. JOE F. University of Texas 3642 Ella Loo Lano Houston, Texas WEST. PAUL S. University of Texas 2414 Park Blvd. Odessa, Texas WHITE. DENNIS LEIGH Harvard University 715 Woolsey Drive Dallas, Texas WILBUR. WARREN ABBOTT III Babson Institute 32 Millor Road Morristown, New Jersey WINTON. RALPH HUNTINGTON JR. University of Texas 157 Schroiner Placo San Antonio. Toxas WOMBLE. BILLY R. Texas Tech Route I Stinnett, Texas WUESTE, WARD WILLIAM JR. University of Texas 926 Ave. A Eaglo Pass, Texas ZIMMERMAN. LOUIE T. University of Texas 513 E. 27th Houston, Texas 89U npictured ABBOTT. DAN S. 2401 B Rod River Austin, Texas BROWN. MARVIN 3608 Shenandoah Dallas, Texas DWYER. JOHN 1429 Fewel St. El Paso, Texas ALLRED. SAM HOUSTON IC07 City View Wichita Falls, Texas COOKSEY. FRANK 2208 Mathews Austin, Texas FAINTER. JOHN 2903 Bonnie Rd. Austin, Texas ANKENMAN. FRED N. 4014 Underwood Houston, Texas COOPER, GEORGE 358 E. Petaluma San Antonio, Texas FOSTER. CHARLES 405 E. 32 Austin, Toxas BAGALAY, JOHN E. 1205 Kcnnan Houston, Toxas CORTEZ. HERMAN 918 N. "A" St. Harlingen, Texas FOUTCH. JAMES 2318 Oldham, Apt. C Austin, Texas BAILEY. CHARLES W. 1515 Pease Rd. Austin, Texas CRADDOCK. LARRY 720 E. 32 Austin, Texas GAFFORD. GARY 3517 Yucca Fort Worth, Toxas BAILEY. WILLIAM 1007 W. 31 Austin, Texas CRAWFORD. DAVID 1510 A W. 13 Austin, Texas GASKELL, GEORGE 7707 N. Now Braunfels San Antonio, Texas BARNES. BEN FRANK 4806 Evans Austin, Toxas CURTIS, E. TOM 1110 West 22| 2 Austin, Texas GAYLE. JAMES 324 S. Velasco Angleton, Texas BARNETT. THOMAS 1504 W. 34 Austin, Toxas DAUGHERTY, RALPH 3914 Beckor Rankin, Toxas GIBBENS, WAYNE Box 828 Brockonridgo, Toxas BAUM. GEORGE 3206 C Tom Green Austin, Texas DAVIDSON. WILLIAM JR. 604 Elmwood Placo No. 4 Houston, Toxas GILLESPIE. CAMPBELL 2515 Leon Austin, Texas BENNETT. MAX 224 W. King Kingsville, Texas DENBOW. DONALD 611 N. 15 Corsicana, Texas GOOCH. JON 2204 Bedford Midland, Texas BETTIS. HENRY 1210 B Brack Apts. Austin, Texas DIAZ DE LEON, EFREN 414 Washington Robstown, Texas GRAHAM. CAROL 3105 Cedar Rt. 1, Tuscola, Texas BINION. WILLIE 3902 Wrightwood Austin, Texas DICKEY. DAVID 2551 Aldon Dallas, Toxas GURNEY. GERALD 702 E. Bryant Troup, Texas BOLES. DAVID 1601 Wethersfield Austin, Toxas DOHERTY, JAMES 5709 Ave. F Austin, Texas GUSLER. JACK 2404 B Sharon Austin, Toxas BOWNDS. BILLY 4902 19 Lubbock, Texas DONOVAN. CARL 1212 A Brack Apts. Austin, Texas HAIRSTON, JOG Routo 1 Toylor, TexasUnpictured HASCHKE. HERBERT 103 B E. 52nd Austin, Texas HOFHEINZ. JAMES 2400 Yorktown Houston, Texas HORTON. DONNIE Cleburne, Texas HORVITZ. SIGMUND 3738 Sunset Blvd. Houston, Texas HYATT. ROBERT 205 Ridgloa Drivo Midland, Texas IRSFELD. NICHOLAS 1416 Bontwood Austin, Toxas JEFFERSON. JOHN 933 W. Lucas Beaumont, Texas JONES. PAUL Box 52 Las Cruces. New Mexico KEELING. JOHN 704 Sparks Austin, Texas KENNEDY. MARGARET 405' j E. 32nd Austin. Texas KREIMEYER. JAMES 2900 A Pecan Springs Austin, Texas KRENEK. MELVIN 1010 Niagara Houston, Texas LANE. SAM 3903 Balconos Dr. Austin, Toxas LANGFORD. ALAN Rusk County Court House Honderson, Toxas LEGGETT. DAVID 901 Storey Midland, Texas LEWIS. ROBERT 331 Corona Avenue San Antonio, Texas LOCKMAN. JOHN 403 West 14th Austin, Toxas LOGAN. ROBERT 515 E. Euclid San Antonio, Texas McClellan, jack 2618 Homan Waco, Texas McGregor, timmie 1863 Rivorway Dallas, Texas MALONEY. ROBY MRS. 8342 Wost 1st Los Angolos. Calif. MARTIN. HARRY 3812 East Side Houston, Texas MILLARD. ROBERT 509 Wayland Beaver Dam, Wisconsin MILLS. TOMMIE JOE 2007 10th Brown wood, Texas MOORE. WILLIAM CARL 5302 Bordloy Houston. Texas MOUNT. WILLIAM 4544 Lorraine Dallas, Toxas NIXON. WILLIAM 409 Pulliam Del Rio, Toxas OBRIEN. JOHN 1660 Prairie Boaumont, Texas OCHOA. JESUS 817 W. Mo. Ave. El Paso, Toxas PASCHETAG, CARL 575 20th St. Beaumont, Texas PERKINS. JOHN 915 17th Huntsville. Texas PERKINSON. DOYLE Box 5643 Longview, Texas PLATON. JAIME Brazoria, Toxas PROBST. JANET 338 Anton Drivo San Antonio. Toxas PRUITT, JOHN 5209 Ovorbrook Drivo Austin, Texas RATLIFF. LOUIS 123 East 12th Littlefield, Texas RIENSTRA. JOHN 2625 Louisiana Beaumont, Texas SEBASTIAN. MICHAEL 6044 Royal Crest Dallas, Toxas SEELY. CLAXTON 100 Cravons Silsbee, Texas LANE. WILLIAM Box 398 Port O'Connor, Toxas NANCE. THOMAS SIMONS. JAMES 5600 Woodviow 3119 Raloigh Austin, Texas Dallas, Texas 1Unpictured SMITH. TOM 702 Barton Blvd. Austin, Texas TOLAND, STANLEY 3718 Armstrong Dallas, Texas SPANN. ROY 10418 Willowwisp Dr. Houston, Texas TUCK. LON 801 Western Hills Shorman, Texas SPARKS. SAM 2602 Oakdale Court Austin, Texas TUOHY, THEASA 800 Oak Graham, Texas SPOOR. DAVID 2320 Bolsovor Houston, Toxas WALKER, BILLY 124 W. Houston STAFFORD, HARRY Box 1025 Corsicana, Texas WHITE. CHARLES Route 2, Box 420 Tyler, Texas TATE, DAVID 2701 Taft Wichita Falls, Texas WHITEHEAD, MARION 915 Booch Abilene, Toxas TEKELl, KENNETH 1720 Woodlawn Corsicana, Texas WHITEHEAD, ROY 1401 Mobberly Longview, Texas THEISS, WALTER 8212 Boyd Houston, Texas WHITEHURST, MARTIN 133 Leggett Abileno, Toxas THOMPSON, ROBERT 1007 Blanco Austin, Texas WILCOX. WILLIAM 3109 Beverly Road Austin, Toxas THOMSON, GORDON 2136 Albans Houston, Texas WILLIAMS, GEORGE 1205 Ficklin Corsicana, Toxas TINKER, JOEL 1005 S. Progress Edna, Toxas TODD. JIMMIE Box 368 Porryton, Texas WRIGHT, HUGH 212 Montana El Paso, Texas 92 ACTIVITIESOrder of the Coif The American Order of the Coif is the outgrowth of an earlier society. Theta Kappa Nu. founded at the University of Illinois in 1902 for the purpose of promoting scholarship among American law students. Membership in the Order of the Coif is the highest scholastic honor that a student can receive while he is a law student. The first national convention of Theta Kappa Nu met on February 18, 1911, at the Hotel La Salle, Chicago, and decided to submit to the chapters for adoption not only a thoroughly revised national constitution, but also a recommendation to change the name. The revision and recommendation were William B. Cassin John E. Chapoton Otis D Chapoton Charlie D. Dye Edward H. Forgotson Benny H. Hughes ratified by the chapters and in February of 1912 the first national organization of the Order of the Coif was effected. Today there are forty-three chapters of the Order. Election by the membership is restricted by the national constitution to the ten per cent of the Senior Class who have attained the highest rank in their law school work. The University of Texas Chapter has an additional requirement that the student must have completed six units of work on the Texas Law Review. Since the members for 1961 have yet to be announced, the following list is composed of those members selected in I960. Jerry P. Jones Gilbert I. Low Joseph Shade Sherwood Sullivan Betty Jo Wiest 96ors Chancel "The purpose of the order is to honor and reward by election those law students who, by a combination of consistent scholarship, personality, and achievement, have shown themselves most likely to succeed and become a credit to their profession." 97George P. Kazen Grand Chancellor—Fall 98 Ben West Keeper of the Peregrinus—Fall Ernest Christian Chancellor-At-Large—Fall Jay Elston Chanceilor-At-Large—FallGus Block Grand Chancellor—Spring R. Gordon Gooch Vice Chancellor—Spring J. Leighton Green, Jr. Clerk—Spring J. Malcolm Harris Keeper of the Peregrinus—Spring Jerry Miller Chancellor-At-Large—Spring Sidney Ravkind Chancellor-At-Large—SpringTexas Law Review Robert Gordon Gooch Editor -in- Chief The Texas Law Review, a private corporation, was formed in 1922 by Ireland Graves, Ira Hildebrand, and Leon Green to publish a legal periodical of interest and benefit both to the Law School and to the State Bar. From its inception the Texas Lav Review has furnished judges, lawyers, law professors, and lav students with a current analysis, synthesis, and criticism of the law as it develops. It serves as a source of a continuing legal education, as a forum for suggesting improvement in the law, and as a research aid in solving legal problems. Among the contributors have been Justices of the United States Supreme Court, Justices of the Supreme Court of Texas and other states, eminent legal scholars from the better law schools, and outstanding practicing attorneys. Selected students prepare comments and casenotcs on the significant changes in the law as they occur. Membership on the Texas Law Review is recognized as the highest honor attainable prior to graduation. Candidacy is open to those students in the upper percentage of their class. 100Seated; Christian, Marshall, Gooch, Harris, Werlain Second Row; Stillwell, Helm, Herndon, Elston, Block, McCall, Druschel, Kyle, Gilliam Third Row; Kazen, Brimble, Morris, Harrington, Hale, Malinak, Johnson, Greenwood Robert Gordon Gooch Editor -in- Chief J. Leighton Green Raymond H. Marshall Article Editors Ernest S. Christian, Jr. Ewing Werlein, Jr. Casenote Editors J. Malcolm Harris, Comment Editor Associate Editors Gus Block Michael T. Brimble Jay W. Elston John A. Gilliam James Greenwood III Bruce M. Harrington Lawrence B. Haile Minor Helm Wilson Herndon Associate Editors Elmo Johnson George P. Kazen Jerry V. Kyle Clifton H. McCall Robert J. Malinak Jerry J. Miller Gene S. Morris Sidney Ravkind James B. Sales 101 Robert L. StillwellBert B. Adkins, Jr. Richard E. Black Thomas J. Brorby Lee A. Chagra Dudley Chambers George F. Chapman Frank Clover Phillip Cole John W. Copeland John C. Dawson, Jr. Sam Denny Bill Druschel David DuBose Tully R. Florey III Taylor Gandy Ray A. Gipson Roger L. Glandon David Glickman Glenn R. Graves Gary S. Grossman Lee Henslee Edward S. Howell Jewett Huff Jim Hughes James C. Johnson Kenneth Jones George Kolb David R. Latchford John F. Lewis Fred O. Lohmeyer Frank McClendon Thomas R. McDade William M. McGann Tom McMahon Gordon K. Mac Cowell James M. Neel Jim Parker Charles Purdy Bob Randolph Norman R. Rogers Larry D. Sikes, Jr. Allen E. Smith Joe Smyer Robert E. Wade Tom Weed Ben West Richard G. Williams Charles W. Wolfram Ronny Yeager Bobby F. Young Candidates First Row; Lohmeyer, Glandon, Latchford, Gipson, Black, Weed, Williams, Glickman, Graves Second Row; Kolb, Adkins, Denny, Parker, Hughes, Johnson, Jones, Smyer, Wolfram Third Row; McDowell, Grossman, Neel, Howell, McMahon, Yeager, Huff, Young Fourth Row; Brorby, Rogers, McDade, Randolph, Clover, McClendon, DuBose, Wade Fifth Row; Smith, Chapman, Sikes, Cole Dawson, Chagra, Florey, Henslee 102Business Office of the Texas Law Review The Texas Law Review Business Office has functioned since 1922 and manages all of the business aspects of the Law Review. It has compiled, with the aid of the Law Review staff, all of the Oil and Gas Articles from the Review. The Business Office also handles all the distribution and mailing for all of the world-wide subscribers to the Texas Law Review. Fred Hull Ralph Page 103 -•kyThe Consul Award The Consul Award is awarded annually. The purpose of the award is to confer recognition upon those students who have made outstanding contibu-tions to the law school by their participation in extracurricular activities. In selecting the Consuls the committee considers the benefits which law students and others derive from the activities of the prospective awardees. While the scholastic standing of the Consuls is considered, it is not a controlling requirement for the honor. Each Consul is presented with an award on Law Day by the Society of the Peregrinus. The Consuls are selected by a committee which is composed of one member from each law fraternity and sorority and an independent member. There is no limit on the number of Consuls which may be selected, so long as the requirements are met. Selection Committee David Allen (Chairm. Phi Alpha Delta Ewing Werlein Phi Delta Phi Roger Havekost Delta Theta Phi David Allen , , Chairman of Honor Council 104 Awardees Gus Block Chancellor Fred Hull Praetors Suzanne Waters Kappa Beta Pi Ardon Judd Independent David Burrow Law Day Co-ChairmanAwardees Gordon Gooch Editor—Texas Law Review Mai Hams Roger Havekost Chancellor Past President—Delta Theta Phi Wilson Herndon Student Assistant Gene Huff President—Senior Class Fred Hull Past President—Praetors George Kazen Grand Chancellor Harold Lloyd Chariman—Moot Court Tom McDade Student Assistant 105Awardees Raymond Marshall Past President—Phi Alpha Delta Doug Matthews President—Student Bor Association Steven Oaks Editor—Peregrinus Ralph Page Vice President— Student Bar Association Tati Santiesteban President—Mid Law Class Miles Schultz Intramural Co-Chairman 106 Joy Vandervort Editor—Dicta Suzanne Waters Dean—Kappa Beta Pi Ewing Werlein President—Phi Delta PhiHonor Council David Allen Chairman All examinations at the Lav School are taken under the honor system. The enforcement of the moral obligations created by the Honor Code are performed by the Honor Council. Each case of a breach of the Code is brought before the Council. The Council writes opinions on each case to determine whether there has been a breach. The Code undergoes revision at times in order to clarify it, and to make it a better instrument from which the Council can work. Seated; Barron Allen, Morris. Standing; Hitt, McClure, Turner 107The Society of the Peregrinus STEVEN OAKS Editor The 60th Year of the Peregrinus This year our strange little animal, Peregrinus. celebrates sixty years with the School of Law of the University of Texas. To commenerate the occassion the Society of the Peregrinus is printing the following brief sketch telling of the birth of our cherished symbol. Early in the spring of 1901, the Junior Law Class adopted the Peregrinus as their emblem. A student drew the creature on cloth and, with help of his landladies and a fellow student, cut out the drawing and sewed it onto another piece of cloth of a different color, creating a banner. Its life was short, for in a few v eeks a rival student group, either the Freshman Law Class or the Engineers, destroyed it. The Peregrinus made its first appearance in print, in the 1902 Cactus. The first papier mache model of the Peregrinus was created in the fall of 1912. It is unknov n exactly how many have been created and destroyed since. The Peregrinus which currently reigns over the Law School appeared about 1948. 108The physical attributes of the Peregrinus have changed substantially in the past sixty years. Today the upraised left front foot and the right hind foot each wear a cowboy boot emblazened with the Texas Lone Star. The other two feet are bare, showing claws. The legs are somewhat thicker and shorter than on the original Peregrinus. and the tail is far less bushy. Although there is no record of it being officially adopted, the Peregrinus is now firmly rooted as the trabitional symbol of The University of Texas School of Law. The Peregrinus is used only for special ocassions, and at all other times is kept safe in a secret location. The birth of the Peregrinus took place in the classroom of Judge W. S. Simkins. Because Judge Simkins has so vividly described the details of the event, the Society is reprinting the Judge's own story of the Pergrinus. Judge W. S. Simkins’ Own Story of Peregrinus "You ask for the origin of Peregrinus. I will remember its birth.—in fact I was present at the accouchement. This nondescript sprang fully armed and equipped for its mission not from a mental Jove, but from a disordered brain of a Savage. Many years ago I was trying to explain to the class in Equity, the origin of the system in Rome and the sources of Equity in the Roman Empire. At that time fledglings just from the high schools were admitted to the Law School. Many of them had never heard of the Roman Empire, and not a few spelled cow with a "K. Well, I explained to them that when Rome conquered a nation it was incorporated into the Roman Empire subject to its own laws and not to the laws of Rome—that the Roman citizen was not subject to the laws of these incorporated nations.—that in due course commerce sprang up between the citizens of Rome and the barbaric nations, and there was no lav to determine and settle their contractual relations. The Roman Emperor, to settle the troubles. 109arising out of the fact that there was no law applicable to control their contract, appointed a Praetor or chancellor to travel among these nations and to settle all disputes without reference to the Laws of Rome, or of the incorporated Nations, but to do justice and decide all disputes, alone by the conscience of the Praetor. Peregrinating from one nation to the other, he was called a Praetor Peregrinus. "The boneheads of the class evidently thought that Peregrinus was an internal organ of the body for they continually greeted each other, 'How is your Peregrinus today?' This fact seems to have developed the humorous side of the incident, and Russell Savage developed a concrete expression of it on the black board, and thus the tradi- tion began. Russell drew better than he knew, for the nondescript animal symbolizes both in limb and attitude the maxims in Equity that guide the administration of the system. For instance, on one of the front feet as originally drawn was an Irish ditcher's boot, — indicating the law's protection to the least of mankind. On the other front foot were naked claws, indicating that the greates of mankind must fear its power. The arched back in the attitude of springing, indicated that the law was ever ready to protect right or prevent wrong. The sharp beak indicated the power to penetrate the mysteries of the law which the true student must obtain by study. The bushy tail indicated that Equity brushes away the technicalities of the law and does justice to the merits." Staff noThe University of Texas Bar Association Doug Matthews President The Student Bar Association is the student organization which encompasses most of the extra-curricular student activities in the School of Law and of which every law student is automatically a member. The objectives of the Bar Association, as set out in Article I of the Constitution, are: 1. To direct the efforts of the students of the School of Law toward worthy ends. 2. To promote cooperation between students and faculty. 3. To encourage association of students with members of the legal profession. 4. To instill in its members an appreciation for ethical standards in the practice of law. The elected officers of the Bar Association are the President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer, who have executive duties and powers, primarily with regard to the Board of Governors, the governing body of the Association. The Board of Governors has the legislative power of the Bar Association and is composed of the various elected officers of the student body. These are: the President. Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Bar Association: the President, Vice-President, and Secretary of the Senior, Midlaw, and Freshman classes: the Chairman of the Honor Council, the two Law School Assemblymen (the Law School representatives elected to the Main University student legislative body): and the Editor of the Dicta. The Bar Association is also a member organization of the American Law Student Association, the national law student organization to which almost every major law school bar association belongs. The Bar Association sponsors many permanent school-wide activities which are organized and or supervised by the Board of Governors. Among the better known of these activities are: Law Day, the 111Inns of Court Program, the Intramural program, the Book Exchange, the Peregrinus, and the Dicta. The Bar Association also carries on several smaller but important Law School programs through the Board of Governors. Such activities and services as the Blood Fund, the Annual Bar Association Christmas Dance, the Fund Drive for the State Mental Hospital, the Austin Jr. Bar speakers programs, the official Law School ring, the maintenance of the Student Lounge, the study hall lockers, and the mail service are a few of the many such programs. The Board of Governors and the President of the Bar Association are the official voices of the student body to the Law School administration and the Main University and are constantly seeking to represent the interests of law students. One example of such representation that occurred this year was the fee refunds for I960 summer school students who were overcharged which were sought and gained by the Board of Governors from the President of the University. The Board of Governors also tries to improve the quality and quanity of the services and activities of the Bar Association, and in this regard has undertaken or completed the following projects this year: a re-organization of the Inns of Court program and the Society of the Peregrinus. a reexamination of the official Lav School ring, the setting up .of a new, supervised Book Exchange, the expansion and improvement of the Dicta, a more extensive use of ALSA services, the institution of a special Bar Association speakers program, and a redecoration of the Student Lounge. The American Law Student Association of which the Bar Association is a member orginization, provides many worthwhile services to its member bar associations and student members; including a Law School Assemblymen FALL I960 112 JIM JOHNSON STEVE OAKSnational job placement service, a national legal firm service, a national low-cost life insurance program. and a free subscription for every member student to its official magazine, "The Student Law-yer." A.L.S.A. also provides a forum through its annual meeting and circuit meetings whereby representatives of the bar associations can discuss problems of mutual interest, express their opinions on topics of national and local concern to the pro-fesion, and gain many valuable ideas from other bar associations. The Bar Association has this year attempted to gain a closer working relationship with A.L.S.A., and the sending of representatives to the annual meeting and circuit meetings was aimed toward this goal. The activities of the Bar Association and the Board of Governors are ambitious and attempts have been made to expand them. The success of these programs, however depends primarily on the reception and participation they receive from the student body. The Bar Association strongly encourages all of its members to both take advantage of its many services and to actively participate in its many extra-curricular activities. Board of Governors Fall I960 Seated: Vandevort. Page, Matthews, Stock, Allen. Standing: Lesvis, Johnson, Huff, Oaks, Walsleben, Reasoner, Leslie, Stafford, Santiesteban, McNeill, Kendall. 113The Dicta Joy Vandervort Editor The Dicta is the official newspaper of the University of Texas Law School. It was organized April 5, 1950 by a group of industrious law students in cooperation with the Board of Governors of Lav School. The purpose of the paper is to report on lav school activities, to acquaint the student with his professors by thumbnail sketches of them, and to publish the official notices from the Administration. The Dicta dees not participate in student politics, controversial matters or anything not given to the best welfare of the University Law School. The Editor is elected each Spring by the Student Bar Association. In addition to his duties as editor, he serves as an officer of the Board ot Governors, of the Student Bar Association. The Dicta maintains the Dicta Humor Board on the Main Floor, Townes Hall, and publishes the Obiter Dicta at Halloween and on April Fool's Day, an edition which attempts to make fun of the school, its students, and faculty. The Dicta's expenses are shared equally by the Board of Governors and the Administration. It is distributed without cost to the students. In 1956, the Dicta won the American Law Student's Association award for the best law school paper in its class. 114Joy Vandervort Editor Suzanne Waters Associate Editor Rip Woodward Special Issues Ardon Judd Diets Humor Board Miles Schulz Sports Editor John McQuigg Associate Editor Neil Wienbrenner Dicta Humor Board Tati Santiestiban Sports Editor Emmy Morris Anne Sizemore Bettie Stock George Kazen Jim Johnson J. L. Bass Sam Allred Ralph Page Doug Matthews Writers Staff 115 Seated; Waters, McQuigg, Vandervort, Schulze Standing; Woodward, Matthews, Weinbrenner, JuddMoot Court Harold Lloyd Chariman The Moot Court program fosters three phases of competition in the art of advocacy—National, Hildebrand, and Freshman. The three programs are administered by the Moot Court Board of Managers. The Board is composed of the outstanding entrants in the competition of the previous year and has as its faculty director, Mr. Gaynor Kendall. Entrance in the national competition is limited to senior students. The National Bracket is held each fall to determine the National Moot Court Team which will represent the University of Texas Law School at the regional tournament. The Law School has been fortunate in having won the regional tournament three times since 1950. In 1958 the Law School won not only the regional tournament, but also the national finals in New York City. The Hildebrand Moot Court Competition is held annually at The University of Texas School of Law in memory of the late Dean Hildebrand. The competition supplements student classroom work by providing a legally instructive extra-curricular activity which gives participants both training and practical experience in advocacy, appellate argument, brief writing, and legal research. Beginning in the fall semester, participants work as two man teams in the tournament which continues until mid-spring. Each team prepares its assigned case to be brought in an appellate court. The opposing teams then argue the case before a mock appellate court, usually composed of a faculty member and two senior law students. The decision of the court is based on the skill with which the briefs were prepared and the arguments delivered. The final round is argued before the Supreme Court of Texas on 116Law Day and awards are given for the outstanding speaker in the final round and for the best brief in the competition. The Freshman Competition was initiated only two year ago, but it has already proved its value and popularity. It includes every student who takes the brief writing course during his freshman year. Each student prepares a brief and argues his case before a faculty member. Competition continues until a winner is declared in each of the brackets. Because of the guidance of Mr. Gaynor Kendall, the faculty, and the Moot Court Board of Managers. the Progress of the Moot Court has been considerable. Through their efforts the I960 Moot Court Program produced the greatest number of participants since the Moot Court was originated. Moot Court Board of Managers Harold Lloyd Chairman Doug Matthews Leonard Leighton Wayne Windle Ripley Woodard Mike Brimble Larry Haile Thomas Weed James Haltom Steve Lang Joel Kay Al Smith Glenn Graves Jim Hall Neil Weinbrenner First Row: Weinbrenner, Woodard, Lloyd, Windle, Second Row: Graves, Kay, Haile, Smith, Matthews 117National Bracket Finalists Harold Lloyd Doug Matthews Semi-Finalists Sylvan Lang Joel Kay nsThe Election Commission The function of the Election Commission is to conduct elections for officers of the Board of Governors, class officers, class representatives on the Honor Council, and the Editor of The Dicta. This includes preparing the ballots, certifying the candidates as eligible, supervising the conduct during elections, manning the polls, counting the ballots, and certifying the results. If questions arise as to a possible infraction of the election rules, the Election Commission makes a decision on the matter, with the only appeal therefrom being to the Board of Governors. The President of the Student Bar Association with the consent of the Board of Governors, appoints the members of the Election Commission. This year’s members are James McBride. Chairman, Ted Allmond, Ira Anderson, Bill Eblen, Robert Greenburg, Bernard Lang, and Wayne Windle. Seated; Bill Eblen, James McBride Standing; Ted Almond, Bernard Lang 119Inns of Court The original Inns of Court were private colleges of law founded in London during the fourteenth century. They were vested with the exclusive power to confer the rank of barrister. In general usage, the term "Inns of Court" refers also to the Inns of Chancery, junior colleges of law lacking the power to name barristers. It was common practice to study in an Inn of Chancery as preparation for admission to an Inn of Court. The Freshman Law Inns of Court at The University of Texas are the framework of a program developed this year by the freshman law students. Its basic purpose is to help new law students. Its basic purpose is to the freshman law students grasp the art of studying law and to make them aware of the many aspects of the law profession. The Inns range in size, the usual number being twelve members. Each Inn contains, in addition to the members, a student leader, called the Master of the Bench, and his assistant, called the Treasurer. Each Inn has also a faculty member, called the Serjeant at Law. Masters of the Bench 120Gray’s Inn Coke’s Inn 121Lincoln’s Inn Marshall’s Inn 122Towne’s Inn Taney’s Inn 123Members of the Inns of Court Program Brandels' Inn Armor. William Moore, Robert T. Barrett, John Murphy, Mike Biesel, Jerry Nelms, John Boardman, Ernest Patrick, John Chavez. Melchor Pizzitola, Tammy Foster, C. L. Vance, Estel, Jr. Hustace, Cedric Spencer, Charles Johnson, Kenneth Wade. Jerry Macmanus, Charles Wallace, Edgar Matthews, Bill Walsh, Ralph Miller, G. R. Jr. Wilbur, Warren Cardozo's Inn Kennedy. Mrs. E. Johnson, Bob Nixon, Bill VanMeter, J. Lipincott, L. Mann, Phil Bettis, H. Glaspy, B- Terry. Steve Browning, D. Reasoner. H. Bell. J. Robertson, M'. Christian, J. Casoy, Bob Neill. R. Holloway, G. Connally, T. Bess, Don Barlow, J. Struve, Dan Schouvaloff, A. Coke's Inn Gray's Inn Hollo, Dennis Grinsread, T. Hardin, S. Otting. G. Cleveland, David Niksch, Harold Hibler, P. Sullivant. W. Cana'ish, David Dyer, Curtis Jackson, C. Coffey, R. Gee, Harry Mariinez. Mario Jones, Paul Fink, Lowell Studbomon, David Martin, Greg Neal. James Tuck, Lon West, Paul Todd. Jimmie Tinker, J. Neill. R. Sprague, K. Stone, D. Cason, C. Bardshaw, J. Foutch. J. Wueste, W. Ginn, G. Crews, Frank Winton, Ralph 124Holmes' Inn Lincoln's Inn Chertkov, Boren Bratton, Edwards Graber. Alton Lang, Victor Johnston. Richard White, Dennis Zimmerman. L. Issacks, Hubert Pickons, F. Ronson, Jim Gurney. G. Duke, Dale Whitehurst, Gardner. Larry Hunt. C. Wilcox, Bill Whitehead. M. Houser. Gordon Denbon. Don Sanford. Vernon Nowlin. J. Diaz de Leon. E. Crawford. David Klein, Keith Culberson. C. Fainter. John Powell. Vorno Turner. Robert Albin, Arthur Mann. L. Randolph. Bob Cooper, George Grosham. John Markley, G. Tinned, R. Doherty. James Jarvis. R. Ade'man, F. J. Luna. R. Jones. R. Barber, Perry Scoggins. Ralph Elliott. Chorlcs Hodge, Claude Haralson, D. Ankenman, Norman Taney's Inn Edwards, C. Catlett, S. Katz, R. Lano, D. Barge, Murray Oxford, H. Cormicheal, David Nordheimer, G. Cexeaux, P. Anderson. M. McClure. C. Cortez, H. Davidson. W. Ochoa. J.The Law-Science Institute Dr. Hubert Winston Smith Director The Law-Science Institute, established at the Law School in 1952, functions to co-ordinate legal thought with the physical medical, and social sciences. There are various courses offered by the Institute to the students. A course in “Legal Medicine is designed for those who have not majored in biology and the Seminar in Legal Medicine illustrates problems in areas which have not been thoroughly developed. In the past, Medico-Legal programs have been presented to show the correlation between law and medicine from the trial advocate s point of view, particularly in the area of personal injuries. Under the leadership of Dr. Hubert Winston Smith, the Institute has grown each year and now it is operated by a full-time staff of assistants. Paul Phy Jody Wright Lois Miller Adeline GillospieLegal Aid Clinic Woodrow Patterson Director The Legal Aid Clinic completed 20 years of service to the University School of Law and the residents of Travis County on February 4, 1961. The clinic began operation in 1941 in Texas. It was probably the eleventh established in the United States. Legal Aid was the brainchild of the Law Faculty. It was begun as a cooperative project with the Travis County Bar Association to aid the indigent. It has replaced the old-time office apprenticeship application of law practice. Since its opening, about 9,000 applications for aid have been filed. Warner Hancock Assistant Attorney Law Class, interviews the applicant without taking any action or giving any advice. On the basis of this review, the directors will approve or reject the case. If the case is accepted, a student attorney is assigned the case. He does legal research, draws instruments, appears in court, and participates in trials, with the approval of the judge and the opposing party. Either Mr. NAoodrow Patterson or Mr. Warner Hancock will accompany the student in the course of the trial. Mr. Patterson has been director of the Clinic since 127 The student attorney, a member of the Senior 1942.The Law Library 1 Helen Hargrave Law Librarian The Tarlton Law Library is one of the finest and largest in the South. The collection of approximately 115,000 volumes contains the published reports of opinions delivered in the appellate courts of Great Britain, the federal courts of the United States and its possessions, and the American State Courts. Statutes and laws for the same jurisdictions are also kept current. In addition to administrative regulations, loose leaf services, treatises, texts, and decisions of the British Commonwealth of nations, the Library is the only one in this section of the Country that has microfilm records and briefs of the United States Supreme Court since 1938. It is also a depository for legal texts in Braille. In recent years an increasing number of Latin American Codes have been added. 128 Carl Lamors Marian Bonor Mildred Monk Botty DornborgorStudent Assistants to the Dean Tom McDade Larry Sikes Appointed by Dean Keeton, the Student Assistants carry out all duties assigned them by the Dean of the Law School, and also help execute many of the administrative details of the Law School. 129Law Day 1961 Jewett E. Huff Co-Chairman The students and faculty of the Law School of the University of Texas, together with alumni, families and guests observed the ninth annual "Law Day'' activities held in and about Townes Hall and the Law School campus on Friday, April 7. This year, for the first time, Law Day was held in conjunction with the annual "Round-up' activities presented by the main University. Dedicated to and directed by the law students, Lav Day 1961 combined seriousness, humor, and entertainment throughout the day and into the evening. Lay Day was first celebrated by the Law School in 1953 when the events were held in the Student Union Building on the main campus with the traditional noon barbecue luncheon held on the lawn in front of Townes Hall. Since that time, Law Day has grown into one of the Law School s finest traditions. Preparation for this event begins almost before the current Law Day is over, and the student chairman of the committees are busy throughout the year securing some of the most distinguished jurists, writers, humorists, and public figures in the country to deliver the Law Day addresses. In past years, such noted persons as Erie Stanley Gardner creator of Perry Mason; Mr. Henry Steeger, co-founder of the Court of Last Resort and founder of Popular Publications, Inc. which publishes Argosy Magazine; Professor Karl N. Llewellyn of the University of Chicago Law School; Dean W. L. Prosser of the University of California Law School; Robert B. Anderson, then U.S. Secretary of the Treasury: Justice Stanley F. Reed of the United States Supreme Court, and many more noted personalities. Speakers for this year's Law Day will include the Honorable Charles E. Clark, United States Circur 130Law Day 1961 David Burrow Co-Chairman Judge of the Second Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals, former Dean of the Yale School of Law, author of several law text books, one of the fathers of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and a former member of the Connecticutt General Assembly. The second speaker will be Mr. Anthony Lewis, Washington correspondent for the New York Times assigned to cover the activities of the United States Supreme Court, Justice Department and other related legal matters, Pulitzer Prize winner, and Nieman Fellow at Harvard School of Law. The third major speaker of the day will be Mr. Robert W. (Bob) Murphey, graduate of the University of Texas Law School, former Sergeant-At-Arms of the Texas House of Representatives, and until recently the District Attorney of the Second Judicial District of Texas. Mr. Murphey who chose not to run for the elective office again, is now engaged in the practice of law in Nacogdoches, Texas, and is renowned as one of the finest humorists in the country. Jewett E. Huff. Senior Law Student, and Chairman of the Law Day Committee, together with Co-Chairman David Burrow, also a Senior Law student, have been working on preliminary planning of the event for some time, and although the ritual of the days activities is guided by the traditional sequence of events, there remains a tremendous amount of preliminary planning and co-ordination necessary to insure a successful Law Day. Sub-Committee Chairman execute the final details for the event. Morning activities of Law Day begin with presentation of prizes, scholarships and awards to the outstanding students for their classroom and extracurricular activities. Student Bar Association awards and fraternity presentation plus an address by one of the featured speakers conclude the first session of Law Day. 131Afternoon activities included the barbecue picnic held on the lawn in front of Townes Hall, crosvning of "Portia"—the Law School sweetheart selected by popular vote of the students, Texas Law Review awards and announcement of the new Texas Lav Review staff and members, final judging of the Hildebrand Moot Court Competition by members of the Texas Supreme Court sitting en banc as the Texas Moot Supreme Court, and other activities. Evening activities begin with the most humorous portion of the day—"Assault and Flattery." "Assault and Flattery" is presented by the faculty, students, and the Law Wives' Club. Their presentations satarize various aspects of the life around Townes Hall. The "Barrister's Ball following "Assault and Flattery, concluded the day's festivities. 1321961 Law Day Dedicatee Mr. Hines Baker 133Law Day Speakers The Honorable Charles E. Clark, United States Circuit Judge of the Second Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals and former Dean of the Yale School of Law. Mr. Anthony Lewis, Pulitizer Prize winning Washington correspondent for the New York Times assigned to the United States Supreme Court, the Justice Department and other related legal matters. Mr. Robert W. (Bob) Murphey, graduate of the University of Texas Law School, former Sergeant-At-Arms of the Texas House of Representatives, and until recently the District Attorney of the Second Judicial District of Texas, and now engaged in private practice. 134Portia Miss Sally Spears 135136137Hildebrand Moot Court Finalists Steve Lang, Chief Justice Calvert, Joel Kay Ben Turner, Cahill Hitt The Supreme Court of Texas 138 Law School Awards Baker, Botts, Andrews Shepherd—$100 to the outstanding Senior student—Ewing Werlein, Jr. Baker, Botts, Andrews Shepherd—$100 to the outstanding Mid-Law student—Lee Chagra. Fulbright, Crooker, Freeman, Bates Jaworski—$150 to the outstanding Mid-Law student who has earned a substanitial part of his expenses while in Law School—John Furman Lewis. Baker, Botts, Andrews Shepherd—$100 to the Mid-Law student who makes the most scholastic progress in the semester following his first year in Law School—Samuel A. Middlebrook. Royston, Rayzor Cook—$300 to the Senior studeniwho has made the most scholastic progress following his first year in Law School— Paul Hagans, George Kolb, Jerre B. Smith. Carrington, Johnson Stephens—$100 to an outstanding first-year student—Harry Reasoner. Baker, Botts, Andrews Shepherd—$100 to an outstanding first-year student—Estil Vance. Herbert L. Smith Prize—a prize of $150 and a prize of $75 to the two students, having financial need, who have done the best student research work in the field of administrative law. Contributed by Phillip Robinson and Mert Starnes of Austin in memory of their deceased partner—W. J. Hewitt, George Chapman, Ben West. Andrews, Kurth, Campbell Bradley—$100 to the student who has contributed most in an extra-curricular way to the welfare of the Law School—William Douglas Matthews. Andrews, Kurth, Campbell Bradley—$100 to the Senior student whose character and ability, in the opinion of his associates, give the greatest promise of achieving distinction in the practice of law— Jewett E. Huff. Phi Alpha Delta Achievement Award—a set of the United States Supreme Court Reports to the Senior student who, in the estimation of the faculty, shows the most promise of a constructive professional contribution to society and to the development of the legal profession, donated by Justice Tom C. Clark of the United States Supreme Court—George P. Kazen. Jarrell Garonzik Award ("Hildy's Cutback")—$100 to a law student who, by virtue of failure or success, intransigence or adaptability, personality or persistence, handicaps or ability, or perhaps, simple mundane magnetism, captures the imagination and respect of the Law Faculty—Truitt G. Hull. 139Assault and Flattery Faculty Skit 140 Phi Delta Phi Skit Phi Alpha Delta SkitAssault and Flattery Praetor's Skit 141 Delta Theta Phi Skit Law Wive's SkitORGANIZATIONS Phi Delta Phi Local Founding 1909 National Founding 1869 Number of Chapters 79 Local Chapter Roberts Inn Officers Magister Bruce Harrington Exchequer Malcolm Harris Clerk George Chapman Historian Elmo Johnson First Row: Andrus J., Black R., Block G., Branton J., Brimble M. Second Row: Browning D., Burden W., Chagra L., Chambers H.( Chapman G. Third Row: Christian E., Clark K., Clover F., Cook T., Dawson J. 144Denny S. Drushei W. Falls R. Ficken B. Florey T. Foster G. Giesber F. Gilliam J. Gipson R. Glandon R Gooch G. Greenwood J. Grossman G. Hagle G. Haile L. Haltom J. Hamilton B. Harrington B. Harris J. M. Hayden J. Helm M. Herndon W. Hofmann J. Holstead J. Howell E. 145Minton R. Morris G. Morris T. Neel J. Parker J. Pippen H. Pope T. Price W. Reasoner H. Roady J. 146Roberts M Rogers N. Roloff M. Roper D. Royall D. Scott O. Sikes L. Simon H. Strasburger J. Weed T. Weinbrenner N. Wells J. Werlein E. West B. Unpictured Adkins Jr., Bert Bently Berry, William Gregg Caldwell, Lee Copeland, John William Dyer, C. Adair Earle, Will Elston, Jay W. Fitzpatrick, Jr., Alfred F. Foutch, James R. Henslee, Lee W. Krenek, Mel Lohmeyer, O. Fred McCall, Terry Smyer, Joe P. 147 Pi Alpha Delta Local Founding 1947 National Founding 1902 Number of Chapters 77 Local Chapter Tom C. Clark Officers Justice Bob Surovik Vice Justice John McQuigg Clerk Ben Turner Treasurer John Clark 148 First Row: Allen D., Barden J., Bass J., Bonnen D., Boyle J. Second Row; Brandon J., Campbell J., Cave F., Clark J., Coffee R. Third Row; Conover W., Davis T., Dixie G., DuBose D., Farabee K.Fenton A. Gary C. Gibbins R. Glickman D. Grimes P. Guittard S. Guy D. Harris L. Herzog F. Hitt C. Hoffmann C. Hudson R. Hughes J. Hull T. Ivy J. Jones K. Kay J. Kyle J. Lee R. Lloyd C. Long W. Lyles J. McCarty J. McClure C. McDade T. 149McDaniel S. McGann M. McMahan T. McQuigg J. MacDowell G, Marshall R. Matthews W. Meadows C. Myers M. Miller L. Nelson P. Nichols R. Nielsen D. Oaks S. Oldham K, Peck J. Phelan H. Pickens F. Quick M. Randolph R. Renick B. Rowe B. Salmanson 1. Shannon R. Smith E. 150Smith R. Smith W. Stillwell R. Surovik B. Turner B. Wadsworth D. Wash M. Watson J. A. Watson J. R. Wiley B. Williams R. Windle W. Woodard R, Yeager R. Unpictured Alworth, Lee G. Amis, Robert W. Barnett, Charles G. Brorby, Thomas J. Douthit, Durell Ellett, Robert Etoch, Michael J. Gandy, Taylor Graves, Glenn Kendrick, Mike McGown, Quentin Ogden, Harold Perkinson, Doyle Snow, Thomas M. Suggs, G. W. Walker, James Thomas Walker, Robert Dee 151Delta Theta Phi Local Founding 1916 National Founding 1900 Number of Chapters 45 Name of Chapter, Sam Houston Senate Officers Dean Ira Anderson Vice Dean Kenneth Barron Exchequer Bob Pfeuffer Clerk Wallace Shaw First Row; Anderson I., Barron K., Blenden D., Bonner L., Burrow D. Second Row; Butler J., Christie J., Conoaway C., Conn 0., Cranz W. Third Row; Dade M., Dean W., Guest F., Havekost R., Hyde J. 152Jones R. Kelly T. Kinchelee D. King J. Leslie D. Lewis R. Lueders T. Lynch W. McGraw B. Mason G. Matkin C. Matthews R. Nichols N. Oehler J. Payne J. Pfeuffer R. Puett R. Reese J. Reilly J. Manning Jack B. Rogers V. Schulze M. Schwab E. Shaw W. Smith A. 153Smith R. Willy J. Croft, Chancey Donovan, Carl Huitt, Earl Jones, Paul McGinnis, Billy J. Manning Jock B. Unpictured Moore, Otha L. Jr. Mouer, Roy Purtle, Glynn R. Spelce, Bennett Talkington, Fred M. Weil, Richard 154Praetors Local Founding 1951 Officers Urbanus Ralph Page Peregrinus Bob Young Tutelarii Holt Irby Aerarii Bob Wade Praetorian Guard Bill Harris Lictor Bill Barton First Row: Arthur, R., Aycock, R., Barton, B., Borchers, M. Second Row: Brack, J., Cardenas, J., Christie, G., Curry, D.Eblen, W. Harris, B. Huff, J. Hull, F. Irby, A. Jungman, R. Kendall, T. Kirk, T. Kopecky, P. Kuhn, R. McMasfer, C. Martin, J. Page, R. Praft, B. Ramsay, C. Santiesteban, T. 156 Summerford, G. Wade, R. Wilson, J. Young, B.Kappa Beta Pi Local Founding 1947 National Founding 1916 Number of Chapters 61 Officers Dean Suzanne Waters Associate Dean Joy Yandervort Registrar Sally Spears Chancellor Joyce Hill Scribe Jo Ann Christian 157 First Row: Allen M., Gann A., Phelan M., Spears S. Second Row: Stock B., Vanderfort J., Waters S.Where is Marilyn Allen? Unusual Meeting: An AFL-CIO man and Bob Randolph get together at a P.A.D. dinner. Frank finds that Metracal and Pearl don't mix at a Phi Alpha Delta dinner meeting. Where The Boys Are' Phi Delta Phi goes to its weekly meeting. 158"Who says costume parties are outlawed at the Law School." The Class Agents of the Class of 1961. The Praetors find a new fraternity house. "We briefed all our cases like good little boys." No wonder the "T.L.R." never makes a profit. 159The Law Wives’ Club Officers The Law Wives' Club dedicates itself to the purpose of fostering, through joint pursuit of mutual interest, social and philanthropic activities, better acquaintance and mutual understanding among women whose husbands are preparing for, or are engaged in, the legal profession. Since its beginning in 1947, membership has grown in the Club from six to one-hundred and sixty three in 1961. Due to its large membership the Club is able to conduct many worthwhile activities throughout the year. The activities of the iaw wives are threefold—service, charity, and social. The service activities include the July rummage sale for fund raising purposes, the annual Tax Conference Style Show at Westwood Country Club for the visiting attorneys' wives, hat check service for attorneys attending the conference, a Christmas Party for Pan-American children held at the First Presbyterian Church, a Spring Style Show in March for fund raising purposes, and serving cookies and coffee to students during final examinations. The Travis County Detention Home was selected by the Law Wives as the principal charity for 1961. In addition to the above the Club on Law Day makes a presentation of one-hundred dollars to the "most deserving married student". The Club's extensive social calendar includes monthly bridge parties, monthly book study group meetings, the October membership tea, the December Christmas formal at the Villa Capri, the January dinner honoring wives of the graduating lav students, and active participation in the "Assualt and Flattery Program" of Lav Day. Educational activities, service activities directed toward the Lav School, service activities for the community, social activities, and lasting friendships are realized by the members as a result of participation in the Law Wives Club. 160Members Linda Alexander Helen Ann Alworth Dianne Andrus Jan Austin Martha Barber Nina Barras Joan Barrett Sydney Bass Jane Berry Shirley Berry Patricia Bess Mary Alice Black Elizabeth Bonner Betty Brack Peggy Brandon Jane Bratton Judi Briscoe Olivette Brorby Judie Browning Linda Butler Nora Cardenas Betty Cason Jo Anne Chagra Gayla Chapman Patricia Christi Carolyn Clark Jo Ann Coffey Joyce Cooper Rosie Cope Carole Corter Ann Curry Mary Ann Dade Beverly Daugherty Neva Dawson Kitty Dreyer Cissy Dyer Jerry Dyer Louise Etoch Helen Farabee Carolyn Fitz-gerald Rene Fitzgerald Elaine Foster Marcia Foster Caroly Foutch Carolyn Fricke Jean Gandy Beverly Gardner Betty Gipson Shirley Glandon Patsy Greenberg Cody Greenwood Camilla Hall Lina Hamilton Patsy Hamric Lynn Haralson Sally Harper Faye Harris Jan Harris Mariella Harris Mary Ellen Harvick Sue Hays Linda Hensley Betty Joe Hibler Mary Sue Hitt Dolores Hodge Audrey Hoffman Gwen Howell Jayne Howell Ima Jean Huff Carol Ann Hustace LaVerne Irby Dorothey Iresfeld Pat Jarvis Ann Page Jefferson Karen Johnson 161Members (continued) Yoskiko Johnson Jan Jones Barbara Joplin Sally Jungman Janice Kolb Suzette Kopecky Karin Kreimeger Betty Kuhn Mary Lea Lane Eleanor Lang Barbara Lee Betty Leeka Joyce Leighton Jean Lemens Beth Lloyd Linda Loftin Betty Long Sandra McClure Pat McConnell Sharon McCullough Katherine McGraw Johnnie McGregor Marva McGann Ella Macdowell Nacy Marshall Nancy Martin Mabel Martinez Janie Miller Laura Beth Miller Barbara Mills Barbara Minton Doris Minton Jane Moffitt Lee Monroe Dorothy Moore Mary Ellen Moreno Sherry Morris Margaret Moser Iris Nathan Dorothy Neal Sylvia Neill Barbara Nelms Joyce Niksch Cynthia Norvell Jeanne Oehler Bette Palmros Florence Parker Jean Pfeuffer Ann Phy Mary Jane Pitzzitora Vada Pruett Pat Pruitt Barbara Puett Virginia Quick Sylvia Ramirez Norma Jean Rice Dede Roady Marge Rohwer Helen Salmanson Lynda Sansing Sue Santiesteban Gaynelle Schulze Sandra Scoggins Fran Scott Patricia Scott Peggy Seale Marisue Smith Tot Smith Mary Sorrell Ruth Ann Spivey Peggy Steelman Linda Stone Jan Stork Carolyn Summerford Twila Tate Ann Todd Harriet Turner Sallie Turner Myra Wade Joanne Walter Sharon Wash Linda Watson Kay Weed Carolyn Welton Reuna West Janice Windle Carol Wueste 162The Law Wives’ Membership Tea 163The Law Bachelor’s Clubbe Officers Advocate ............................................................. David Dubose Baron ................................................................ Larry Neimann Chief Chancellor ................................................... Doug Wadsworth Chancellor of the Exchequer........................................... Allan McNeil Deputy Chancellor of the Exchequer...................................... Tom Smith Earl ................................................................... Ron Yeager 164Members Armer, Bill Biesel, Jerry Baerstein, Saul Brooks, Henry Capesius, Joel Connery, David Curran, John Curtis, Tom Dixie, George Dotson, Wayne Dubose, David Edwards, Cecil Fassnidge, Warner Gilliam, John Guittard, Steve Hilburn, David Hill, Jerry Irvin, John Johnston, Richard Kendall, Terry Kelly, Frank King, John Lang, Vic Leslie, Don Levy, Bob Lewis, John Lewis, Roger Lockman, John Lyles, Julian Luna, Dick 165Members (continued) Macmanus, Charles Martin, Jim Matkin, Charles McCrea, Vic Meyers, Larry Moehlman, Mike Moore, Bob Murphy, Michael Neiman, Larry O'Brien, John Peck, Joe Perel, Steve Pfeiffer, Fred Phagan, Jimmie Rachelson, Jerry Ranson, James Reagan Charles Reasoner, Harry Reese, John Roberts, Tom Roper, Don Seely, Claxton Schouvaloff, Andy Shannon, Richard Shivers, Gil Smith, Tommy Stephenson, C. B. Sullivant, Bill Swann, Bill Tate, David Tekell, Ken Tottenham, John Wadsworth, Doug Ward, David Wiley, Bill Womble, Bill Yeager, Ronnie Zollner, Ben 166167168"I'll show my husband that I have everything Ellen has and more." "I told Gus and Millard for three weeks to learn the lyrics. I feel so embarrassed with him holding that paper. Next year I'll sing a solo. 169This man is Grand Chancellor and has an "88" average? "Mother told me that extrcurricular activities would impress Baker Botts. "If only they would ask me some questions on bidding or the correct covention." 170"It always amazes me how efficiently organized registration is." "Even his best friends won't tell him." 171 Mr. Fritz must be coming.172 "Forget everything Bob Barton has told you and listen to me".Senator Gale McGee sees Werlein and "FACT" advancing. "Peqgy would you stop pinching my knee"! "Is Spears running again for Portia"? 173The one on the left made a "92" in Bill Fritz's Marital Rights. "Hope I can get this grisel out of my teeth without anyone looking." 174 Will Matthews ever stop talking?"Let's skip the afternoon speeches and go to Louies". n "This book certainly has some wierd notions about the law of Torts. Wonder who wrote it? Well, what do you know, Seavey, Keeton and Keeton!"The 1961 Peregrinus is Dedicated in Memoriam to Julius F. Franki Professor of Law May 8, 1909—December 25, I960 176Julius F. FrankiThe Society of the Peregrinus is grateful to the following people who, although not in the yearbook staff, volunteered valuable time and service to help assure the success of the 1961 Peregrinus: Dorene Herzog Harry Reasoner Dorothy Smith Joan Smith Professor Robert Stayton Bettie Jo Stock Peggy Wasleban The work of the above mentioned is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help. Steven Oaks Editor. 178FIRSTS For The Modern TEXAS LAW LIBRARY VERNON’S ANNOTATED TEXAS STATUTES WEST’S TEXAS DIGEST TEXAS EDITION SOUTHWESTERN VERNON’S ANNOTATED TEXAS RULES McCORMICK RAY, TEXAS LAW OF EVIDENCE STAYTON, TEXAS FORMS CORPUS JURIS SECUNDUM FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION AND TERMS Write WEST PUBLISHING CO. St. Paul 2, Minn. VERNON LAW BOOK CO. Kansas 6, MissouriCOMPLIMENTS OF MEN'S WEAR 2332 Guadalupe Largest, Most Modern Men’s Shop “On The Drag” CONGRATULATIONS to The Class of '61 Jjdms’a BAR LOUNGE 1710 San Jacinto GR 8-0372 AIR CONDITIONED Austin's most complete department store | Scorbroeqlh Sons | CONGRESS AT SIXTH 1 BlCOf, jJoSutoH May We Be Your Druggisl Medical Arts Pharmacy Phone GR 8-8557 TOWER DRUG 2917 Red River — Austin, Texas 2807 San Jacinto ) Phone GR 8-4644Compliments of (Hl|e HHeiitral Arts £ quar? Specialists in the field of duplicating We Copy Anything on Paper and Laminate with Piyon Plastic lather Ph. GR 7-6775 Austin, Texas Sfljerr Siam g tufonta Art 1705 East Ave. Aluiaga ffltlromt Fine Mexican Foods COMING TO AUSTIN? STOP AT THE NEWLY DECORATED HOTEL STEPHEN F. AUSTIN EVERYONE SHOPS AT THE CO-OP The University Co-Op offers students, staff members, faculty, and wives the selection of quality books, school supplies, gift items, cameras and camera accessories, and small appliances. Cash Rebates make shopping at the Co-Op inexpensive. Gift wrapping service and ■ Lay-Away plans make shopping at the Co-Op convenient. THE TOGGERY FOR FINE MENS FASHIONS Over 45 years of service to University men makes the University Toggery the fashion center of the Key Men on the Campus. Comfort and Good Looks are the bywords of the Toggery, located in the University Co-op. The University Co-Op and the University Toggery congratulate the Law Students for their selection of the practice of Law- as a profession. Students are invited to come to the Co-Op to solve their book and school supply problems, and to the Toggery to meet the tasteful dress requirements of the profession. STUOINI S OWM SI0t( UNIVERSITY (XfflWlfr 2246 Guadalupe Street AustinCongratulations To The Class of 1961 Drive-In Motor Bank Open 8:30 to 6:00 Main Bank 9:00 to 2:00 also Thursdays 4:00 to 6:00 19th Guadalupe Streets Austin, Texas Congratulations CLASS of 1961 2270 Guadalupe AUSTIN, TEXAS Suit man photo service Compliments of your 222 West 19th St. GR 6-4326 Class Pictures and Cameron Village GL 3-1958 Austin 1, Texas Finisher of Peregrinus Pictures For your formal wear see us. The University Men's Shop 2310 Guadalupe GR 6-8287 Photographer Visit Our Newest Store CAPITAL PLAZA Interregional 53rd Streets 182HEMPHILL’S Book Store THE LAW STUDENTS' STORE Case Book, Outlines Supplies CVcCWWL IlniwmtvjShop i 2350 Guadalupe Austin, Texas 2505 San Jacinto Just West of Townes Hall GR 8-0627 THIS IS HOW 41 MILLION HOMES ARE USING GAS TODAY • COOKING • REFRIGERATION • HEATING • AIR CONDITIONING • CLOTHES DRYING • WATER HEATING • INCINERATION • OUTDOOR LIGHTING yes ... Gas puts modern living at your fingertips! A aOUTHMN UNION QAS « ' " 183

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University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas School of Law - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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