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 Paul E. French Editor-in-Chief Published by The Society of the Peregrinus, Inc.THE1959 PE R Proudly Dedicates Its Yearbook To THOMAS I G III There is in every organization a leader who stands out and makes you feel that he is actually going out of his way to help you with your problems. At the University of Texas School of Law there is such a man and he is our 1959 dedicate—Thomas J. Gibson. lie will always be remembered by the students as the man to whom they felt free to go knowing that they would receive help on any problem ranging from scholastic difficulties to financial burdens. Dean Gibson was born February 7, 1918. at Winnsboro, Wood County, Texas. It was from Winnsboro that he received his high school diploma and in 1939 he obtained his BA degree in English from the University of Texas. lie went back to East Texas where he taught for two years at Mt. Pleasant before being called into the Navy. He served with distinction in the Aleutians. Africa, New Guinea and China, being discharged as a Lieutenant in 1945. October 2, 1944, was the day that Dean Gibson took the biggest step of his life as he married Miss Margaret Hodges. They have three children—Tom (12), Jimmy (11), and Sara Vance (5). Dean Gibson entered Law School in 1946 and received his LL.B in 1948. He didn’t want to leave Austin so he stayed on as Assistant Librarian of the law school. He remained there until 1956 except for a two year period when he served as State Librarian. In 1956. he was named as assistant to Dean Keeton, the position he holds today. This job places him where lie is needed—in personal contact with the students. The Society of the Pcrcgrinus wishes Dean Gibson and his family the best of everything. University of Texas Law LibraryEDWARD L. GRODAHL 11 11 32 — 9 15 58 JOHN LAWRENCE TRYON 2 6 35 — 9 15 58 A dictionary dedicated to the memory of each of these three seniors was placed in Tarlton Library. THOMAS KIRK HOLDSWORTH 3 4 30— 12 24 58 W. PAGE KEETON Dean of the School of Law Professor of Law Subject: Torts A. B., LL. B., University of Texas, 1931 S. J. D., Harvard University, 1936 THOMAS J. GIBSON, III Assistant Dean of the School of Law-Assistant Professor of Law-Subjects: Legal Bibliography B. A.. University of Texas, 1939 LL. B., University of Texas, 1948 EDWARD WELDON BAILEY Professor of Law Subjects: Business Associations, Trusts, Future Interests, Wills and Estates B. A., University of Texas, 1920 LL. B., University of Texas, 1928 S. J. D., Harvard University, 1942 LEO G. BI.ACKSTOCK Visiting Professor of Law-Subject: Military Law-B. A., University of Texas, 1923 M. B. A.. University of Texas, 1925 LL. B.. University of Texas, 1933 FRANK W. ELLIOTT Assistant Professor of Law-Subjects: Admiralty, Torts B. A.. University of Texas, 1951 LL. B., University of Texas, 1957JULIUS F. FRANKI Visiting Professor of Law Subjects: Practice Court, Trial Procedure B. A., LL. B., University of Texas, 1932 WILLIAM F. FRITZ Professor of Law Subjects: Damages, Marital Rights, Property B. A., University of Texas, 1935 M. A., University of Texas, 1938 LL. B.. University of Texas, 1946 E. ERNEST GOLDSTEIN Professor of Law Subjects: Government Regulation of Competition, International Law. Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents, World Trade Problems A. B., Amherst College, 1939 LL. B., Georgetown University, 1947 S. J. D., University of Wisconsin, 1956 WARNER A. HANCOCK Legal Aid Attorney Subject: Legal Aid B. B. A., Baylor University, 1943 LL. B., University of Texas, 1948GUS M. HODGES Professor of Law Subjects: Appellate Procedure, Judicial Remedies, Trial Procedure and Pleading, Special Issues Seminar B, B. A., University of Texas, 1930 LL. B.. University of Texas, 1932 WILLIAM O. HUIE Professor of Law Subjects: Marital Rights, Oil and Gas, Oil and Gas Seminar, Trusts B. A., Henderson State Teachers College, Arkansas, 1932 LL. B., University of Texas, 1935 S. J. D., Harvard University, 1953 DENNY O. INGRAM, JR. Assistant Professor of Law Subjects: Agency, Contracts, Fraud and Mistake B. A., University of Texas, 1955 LL. B., University of Texas, 1957 CORWIN W. JOHNSON Professor of Law Subjects: Property, Texas Land Titles, Water Law A. B., University of Iowa, 1939 J. D., University of Iowa, 1941GAYNOR, KENDALL Visiting Professor of Law Subjects: Brief Writing and Apellate Advocacy LL. B., University of Texas, 1932 LEON LEBOWITZ Professor of Law Subjects: Business Associations., Civil Procedure, Legal Method A. B.. Baylor University, 1950 LL. B., Baylor University, 1943 LL. M., New York University, 1952 PIERRE R. LOISEAUX Associate Professor of Law Subjects: Commercial Law, Contracts, Creditor’s Rights. Labor Law LL. B., Boston University, 1950 LL. M., New York University, 1951 CHARLES T. McCORMICK Distinguished Professor of Law Subjects: Evidence, Federal Procedure B. A., University of Texas, 1909 LL. B., cum laude, Harvard University, 1912 TOM REAVLEY Visiting Professor of Law Subject: Criminal Law B. A.. University of Texas, 1942 LL. B., Harvard University, 1948 MILLARD H. RUUD Professor of Law Subjects: Agency, Commercial Law, Legislation, Local Government B. S. L., University of Minnesota, 1942 LL. B., University of Minnesota, 1947 KEITH E. MORRISON Professor of Law Subjects: Constitutional Law, Estate Planning Federal Taxation, Practice Before the Railroad Commission B. A., University of Kansas, 1981 M. S.. University of Wyoming, 1939 LL. B.. Yale University, 1948 WOODROW W. PATTERSON Director, Legal Aid Clinic Subjects: Legal Aid, Office Practice LL. B., University of Texas, 1936ROBERT W. STAY I ON Distinguished Professor of Law Subjects: Judicial Administration, Legal Method, Research Supervision B.A., University of Texas, 1907 LL.B., University of Texas, 1927 GEORGE WILFRED STUMBERG Distinguished Professor of Law Subjects: Admiralty, Conflict of Laws, Criminal Law B.A., Louisiana State University, 1909 LL.B., Columbia University. 1912 J.D., Yale University, 1924 JOHN F. SUTTON, JR. Professor of Law Subjects: Insurance, I.cgal Profession, Procedure, 'Forts LL.B. with honors, University of Texas, 1941 J. HENRY WILKINSON, JR. Professor of Law Subjects: Federal Taxation, Legal Accounting, Oil and Gas Taxation B.S., University of South Carolina. 1934 LL.B. with honors. University of Texas, 1949 JERRE STOCKTON WILLIAMS Professor of Law Subjects: Constitutional Law, Employee’s Rights, Labor Relations, Legal Profession, Seminar in Legal and Economic Aspects of Collective Bargaining A.B., University of Denver, 1938 LL.B.. Columbia University, 1911 JOSEPH P. WITHERSPOON Professor of Law Subjects: Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Legislation, Philosophy of Law and Jurisprudence A.B., University of Chicago, 1936 LL.B., University of Texas, 1918 MARION K. WOODWARD Professor of Law Subjects: Fiduciary Administration, Oil and Gas, Texas Land Titles B.A., University of Texas, 1933 M.A.. West Texas State College, 1910 LL.B., University of Texas, 1913 CHARLES ALLEN WRIGHT Professor of Law Subjects: Constitutional Law, Evidence Procedure A.B., Wesleyan University. 1917 LL.B., Vale University, 1919 Mortgages, , Remedies,DOROTHY P. SMITH Administrative Secretary SYBIL LEE Switchboard Operator MARGARET OGLESBY Senior Secretary HENRY A. DUNN Building Superintendent KATHRIN SERATA MELINDA TONETTI GLENDA JOHNSON AUDREY LIEBLING MARTHA ADAMSON ALICE DAVIDHUBERT WINSTON SMITH Director of the Law-Science Institute Professor of Law Subjects: Evidence, Legal Medicine and Elements of Medicolegal Litigation, The Science of Human Behavior in Relation to Law A.B., University of Texas, 1927 M.B.A., University of Texas, 1931 LL.B., Harvard University, 1930 M.D., Harvard University, 1941 KATHERINE BARLOW Research Assistant ROSWALD SHRULL Student Assistant THE LAW SCIENCE INSTITUTE Each week Dr. Smith invites outstanding medical specialists and trial counsel to lecturer to law students. Trials are staged which give an insight to the trial techniques used by the experienced lawyers who come from all parts of the country. The Law Science Institute is devoted to the integration of Law and Science for the furthering of the science of proof. Dr. Smith feels that only by taking full advantage of the available medical information can a lawyer become a well-trained law-science advocate. To this end, the Institute and the participating medical and legal authorities strive. Katherine harrison shirley grove ITMGH-HttZ- RlAZn-OM £»PLIBRARY STAFF HELEN HARGRAVE Law Librarian-Assistant Professor of Law Miss Hargrave was admitted to practice in Texas in 1926. She became Assistant Law Librarian at the University of Texas in 1930 and has been Law Librarian since 1910. Miss Hargrave is a member of the State Bar of Texas and past President of the American Association of Law Librarians. She also teaches three sections of Legal Bibliography. SARA L. RUMBO Senior Library Assistant JOHN H. WILLIAMS Senior Library Assistant MILDRED E. MONK Secretarial Assistant LENORE WATSON Library AssistantNATIONAL MOOT COURT CHAMPS Moot Court WALTER E. WORKMAN ALFRED E. EBERT WILLIAM C. SPARKS Won by UT The University of Texas Law-School team has won the 1958 Moot Court national championship in New York, the greatest honor a law school can win on the national scene. The winning UT team was composed of Walter E. Workman. 26. of Beebe, Ark.; Alfred E. Ebert Jr., 29, of San Antonio: and William C. Sparks, 27, of Victoria. The national competition, sponsored by the New York City Young Lawyer’s Association, included 25 schools from over the United States. The competition has been in operation seven years and the University of Texas has won the Southwest Regional championship three times. The UT team drew a bye in the first round and then beat Ala- bama. Wisconsin. Georgetown and Yale Universities in succession. The UT law school will receive the Felix Frankfurter prize of $500 and will be allowed to keep the John C. Know silver cup for a year. In addition, the individual team members will receive numerous gifts of law’ books. Workman was chosen the best oral advocate in the 1958 competition and will receive the John W. Davis Cup. Workman holds the BA degree from Hendrix. Ark., Cbllcge with a major in economics. He is comment editor of the Texas Law Review and will practice with Baker. Botts, Andrews and Shepherd at Houston. Ebert holds a BS degree from Washington and Lee irom 1950. He is comment editor of the Texas Law Review and will practice with Andrews, Kurth, Campbell and Bradley at Houston. Sparks holds a BBA degree from North Texas State in Denton from 1952 where he was a major in business. He is president of the Law School Bar Association. He has not yet decided where he will practice. Honor Council Chairman: J. Q. WARNICK Senior Class: BUDDY CRUTCHFIELD SCOTT COOK T. K. HOLDSWORTH Midlaw Class: KENNETH DICKERSON CHARLES PRATHER Freshman Class: DAVID BURROW (Fall)THE1959 SEMOR CLASS JIM COFFEE President JOE SANDLIN Vice President ED de ASES Secretary-Treasurer dc Ascs, Coffee, Sandlin LARRY TEMPLE Permanent Class Secretary MAX HAMILTON Permanent Class Agent BILL SPARKS Permanent Class AgentSENIORS ABBOTT, THEODORE SAMUEL B.B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas ALEXANDER, IVAN, JR. B.S., East Texas State College Emory, Texas Phi Alpha Delta ANDERSON, JOE E. University of Texas Galveston, Texas Delta Theta Phi ARMSTRONG, CHARLENE University of Texas Austin, Texas ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM DONALD University of Texas Lubbock, Texas Phi Alpha Delta ASTON, B. RICE B.A., Rice Institute Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Editor in Chief of Dicta, Winner of Senior Division of Moot Court, Moot Court Board of Governors. Board of Governors. Consul Awardee, Chairman of Film Forum Committee, Chairman of Class Panel Committee AUSBURN, JAMES MACK North Texas State San Antonio, Texas Phi Delta Phi BAKER, DON L. Abilene Christian College Austin, Texas Phi Alpha DeltaSENIORS BAUM, SCOTT GILBERT, JR. New Mexico School of Mines El Paso, Texas Phi Alpha Delta BEASON, LAWRENCE LINDELL B.B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll, McKic Scholarship, Bobbit Scholarship BEAZLEY, HEBERT MALCOLM B.S., University of Arizona Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court BENTON, JOHN B. University of Texas Sabinal, Texas Law School representative in University Student Assembly, Honor Roll BLAKELEY, THOMAS ALTON, JR. University of Texas Dallas, Texas BLAND, ASA VAN University of Texas Midland, Texas Quizmaster, Delta Theta Phi, Moot Court BLEVINS, ROBERT L. B.A., University of Texas Seguin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Honor Roll BOWERS, RICHARD EDWIN B.B.A., University of Texas Bay City, TexasBRUNETTE, PAUL HARDY B.B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Intramural Sports BRYAN, JOE DALE B.B.A., Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas Phi Alpha Delta BURGESS, JOHN A. B.A., Midwestern University Huntsville, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Master of The Ritual of Delta Theta Phi. Intramural sports BURKE, WILLIAM T. J. B.A., Yale University I louston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll, Pcrcgrinus Staff, Dicta Staff, Assistant Editor of Dicta BURTON, WILLIAM HENRY B.A., Howard Payne College Rockwall, Texas Assistant Editor of Pcrcgrinus, Intramural sports BUSCH. THEODORE PAUL B.A., College of St. Thomas Minneapolis. Minnesota Phi Alpha Delta BYRD, JAMES HALL B.B.A., University of Texas Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Intramural Sports CALHOUN, FRANK WAYNE B.A., Texas Tech Port Lavaca, Texas Law Day Committees, Moot CourtSENIORS CAMPOS, JOHN L. B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Program Committee and Ticket Committee at Law Day CANNON, JOE BARNETT B.A., North Texas State College Mexia, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, President of Midlaw Class, Moot Court CARROLL, JAMES EDWARD B.A., Baylor University Henderson, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Clerk of the Rolls of Delta Theta Phi, Intramural Sports CLEVELAND, JOSEPH H. West Texas State Amarillo. Texas COFFEE, JAMES RICHARD B.S.. Texas Christian University Fort Worth, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Vice Justice of Phi Alpha Delta, President of Senior Class. Sports Editor of Dicta, Candidate of Texas Law Review, Consul Awardee, Honor Roll COFFIELD. CONRAD E. B.B.A.. Washington University Midland. Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Honor Roll, Law Day Assault and Flattery Committee COOK, SCOTT T. B.B.A.. Texas A I Alice, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll. Honor Council COVINGTON, JAMES S., JR. B.B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Law ReviewSENIORS COX, ROBERT B. Texas Tech Lamesa, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Moot Court, Intramurals CROFT, JOHN WAYNE B.B.A., University of Texas Jacksonville, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Law Review Candidate, Honor Roll, Business Manager of Peregrinus, Quizmaster CRUTCHFIELD, C. COHRON (BUDDY) B.B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Marshall of Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll. Honor Council, Speakers Committee for Law Day CUNNINGHAM, PAUL E. B.B.A., University of Texas DeKalb, Texas CURTIS, THOMAS A. B.B.A., University of Texas Amarillo, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Quizmaster. Associate Editor of Texas Law Review, Honor Roll DARDEN, CONRAD LYNN B.A., Baylor University Olney, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Master of the Ritual of Delta Theta Phi, Faculty Editor of the Peregrinus (1957), Chairman of the Election Commission, Law Day Executive Committee, Consul Awardee DAVIS, ROBERT T. B.B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas de ASES, EDUARDO EVARISTO B.B.A., University of Texas Corpus Christi, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Associate Editor of Dicta, Humor Board Editor, Secretary of the Senior Class, Member of Board of Governors, Consul Awardee SENIORS I)c CORDOVA, DONALD LESTER B.A., University of Texas Beaumont, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Council, Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class, Picnic Committee for Law Day, Board of Governors dc la GARZA, ESTELA University of Texas Laredo. Texas Editor in Chief (1957) and Associate Editor (1956) of Dicta.Consul Awardee(1958), Board of Governors, Law Day —Public Relations DeVERTER, PAUL L., II B.S.. M.E., University of Texas Baytown, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll DEVINE, JAMES BERNARD University of Houston Corpus Christi, Texas Delta Theta Phi DEVINE, THOMAS JEROME University of Texas Corpus Christi, Texas Dicta Staff, Moot Court DeWEES. EDWARD E„ JR. B.A., Austin College San Antonio. Texas Delta Theta Phi. Tribune of Delta Theta Phi, Intramural Sports DICKSON, ROBERT TEMPLE University of Texas Sweetwater, Texas Phi Alpha Delta DIONNE, PAUL H. Colby College Fort Stockton, TexasSENIORS DOUGLASS, SAM PRESTON University of Houston Houston, Texas Moot Court Semi-Finalist in Hildebrand Competition, Moot Court, Representative at Texas State Bar Convention (1957), Phi Alpha Delta, Law Day—Public Relations Committee, Chairman of Alumni Committee of Phi Alpha Delta DREW, KENNETH WAYNE University of Texas Corsicana, Texas Phi Alpha Delta EBERT, ALFRED HARRY B.S., Washington Lee University San Antonio, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Magistcr of Phi Delta Phi, National Moot Court Winner, Honor Roll, Case Note Editor of Texas Law Review. Moot Court, Quizmaster EH RLE, WILLIAM L. B.A., MeMurry College Childress, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Law Bachelors Cluhbe ELLIS, GEORGE THOMAS B.B.A., Ohio State University Houston, Texas Law Bachlors Cluhbe, Law Day— Picnic Committee ELLISOR, ARTHUR JAMES Kansas State Teacher’s College Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Intramural Sports, Chairman of Graphic Display for Law Day I'ARISS, JACK B.A., Rice Institute Houston, Texas Honor Roll. Phi Alpha Delta, Candidate for Law Review, Quizmaster, Moot Court FLOYD, WILLIAM ESLEY B.S.. Texas A M Honey Grove, Texas Phi Alpha DeltaSENIORS FOSTER, WILLIAM C. M.A., University of Texas Cuero, Texas Phi Delta Phi FOUTS, AUBREY JAN Texas Tech Rule, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Law Review Candidate, Moot Court, State Bar Moot Court Team, Honor Roll, Quizmaster FREEMAN, CLAUDE C., JR. Texas Tech Denver City, Texas FRENCH, PAUL E. B.B.A., University of Texas Longview, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Co-Chairman of Founders Day for Delta Theta Phi, Honor Council, Consul Awardee, Editor in Chief of Pcrcgrinus (1959), Associate Editor (1958), President of Law Bachelors Clubbe, Intramural Sports GALBRAITH, GERALD C. B.A., University of Texas Dallas, Texas GILBERT, JAMES FRANKLIN B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Historian of Phi Delta Phi, Student ssistant To Dean, Film Forum Committee, Election Commission, Consul Awardee GILL, HALLIE WARD, JR. Texas Tech College Fort Worth, Texas Delta Theta Phi GILPIN, JOHN DEAN Sam Houston State Iola, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor RollSENIORS GOODRUM, MOULTON ALAN, JR. B.A., University of Texas Seguin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Chancellors, Quizmaster, Case Note Editor of Law Review, Herbert S. Bonham Scholarship GORDON, WILLIAM HYATT, JR. B.A., Rice Institute Lubbock, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Chancellors, Law Review GRAINGER, GEORGE RICHARD B.B.A., University of Texas Tyler, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll, Law Review, Moot Court GREENBERG, SEINWIL LOUIS B.B.A., University of Texas Beaumont, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll, Law Review, Chancellors, Law Day Committees GURWITZ, GARY R. B.B.A., University of Texas Three Rivers, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Book Review Editor of Law Review, Honor Roll. Co-Chairman of Ticket Committee, Intramural Sports HAMILTON, EL WIN LOMAX B.A., North Texas State College Fort Worth, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Bailiff of Delta Theta Phi, Honor Council, Scc.-Trcas. of Midlaw Class, Consul Awardee, Board of Governors, Scc.-Treas. of Student Bar Association, Feature Writer for Dicta, Permanent Class Agent, Peregrinus Staff—office manager (1958) HARRIS, ALBERT LESLIE, JR. University of Texas Austin, Texas HARRIS, JAMES RICHARD B.S., Indiana University Corpus Christi, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Chairman Law Day Scholastic Awards Committee, Consul Awardee, Winner of Hildebrand Moot Court Competition, Student Assistant to the Dean, Recipient of the James R. Dougherty Foundation Scholarship1 HAWKINS, JACK WADE B.A., Rice Institute Grocsbcck, Texas Phi Alpha Delta. Justice (1958) and Historian (1957) of Phi Alpha Delta, Associate Editor of Texas Law Review, Honor Roll, Chancellors, Consul Awardee HISKEV, MARY BETH B.S., North Texas State College Canton, Texas Kapa Beta Pi, Portia (1958) HLAVINKA, CHARLES JOSEPH B.B.A., Texas A M East Bernard, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll HOLDSWORTH, THOMAS KIRK B.S., McMurry College Kerrville, Texas Consul Awardee, Honor Council (1958 1959), Circulation Manager of Dicta, Moot Court HOLITZKE, PAT H. B.B.A., University of Texas Crosby, Texas HOOKS, HERBERT LEE B.A., University of Texas Henderson. Texas Delta Theta Phi. House Manager of Delta Theta Phi, Intramural Sports, Co-Chairman of Program Committee, Secretary-Treasurer of Freshman Class, Vice-President of Senior Class HORTON, LEON CORDELL Baylor University Henderson, Texas HUFFMAN, WILLIAM M. B.S.. Texas A M Longview, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Associate Cascnotc Editor of Law Review, Quizmaster, Honor Roll, ChancellorsHUGHES, CHARLES E. East Texas State College Texarkana, Texas Phi Alpha Delta JEFFERSON, ANDREW LEON B.A., Texas Southern University Houston, Texas JETT, LOIS MARIE B.B.A., University of Texas Liberty, Texas Kappa Beta Pi, Recorder of Kappa Beta Pi, Dicta Staff JONES, CHARLES R. B.B.A., University of Texas San Angelo, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court JONES, JERRY P. B.S., West Texas State College Bovina, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Quizmaster, Candidate for Law Review, Honor Roll JORDAN, VERNON MURRAY B.B.A.. University of Texas Brady, Texas Phi Alpha Delta KACIR. SIDNEY GEORGE B.B.A., University of Texas Temple, Texas Praetors, Treasurer of the Praetors KATZ, M. MARVIN Texas A M Laredo, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Articles Editor of the Law Review, Honor Roll, Wright Morrow ScholarshipSENIORS KAUFMAN, RICHARD F. University of Texas New York City, New York Associate Editor of the Dicta (1958) KEENER, KENNETH C. B.A., University of Texas Phi Delta Phi, Article Editor of Law Review Honor Roll, Historian of Phi Delta Phi KELLY, GEORGE LENDON, JR. Southwestern University Giddings, Texas Phi Alpha Delta KEMP, WILLIAM FRANKLIN Austin, Texas KIDD, BYRON L. Austin, Texas KXAUTH, HERBERT GREGORY Rice Institute Overton, Texas Phi Delta Phi University ol Texas Yoakum, Texas Praetors, Vice-President Director of Law School km Chairman of Picnic Committee Krause, donald B.S., Rice Institute Yoakum, Texas Phi Alpha Delta KVINTA, CHARLES JAMESSENIORS LACKSHIN, HERBERT NEIL B.A., Texas A M Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Associate Editor of Texas Law Review, Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Ford Foundation Scholarship, Reporter for the Dicta LANGE, FRED McCALEB B.A., Rice Institute Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Historian of Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Moot Court Student Board of Governors. Honor Roll LANNIE, ANDREW J. B.S., Arkansas State Teachers College Houston. Texas LAUDERDALE, JAMES H. 15.A., University of Texas Mercedes, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Law Assemblyman, Board of Governors, Subscription Director of the Peregrinus I.AUER, JOHN S. B.A., Pennsylvania State University Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi. Social Chairman of Delta Theta Phi, Intramural Sports LEACH, PHILLIP M. B.A., Texas Christian University Lufkin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Law Day-Ball Ticket Committee. Recipient of Mid law Scholastic Achievement Award LEVY, ALBERT B.B.A.. Baylor University Waco, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Law Review LIECK, ENGENE H. B.B.A., University of Texas San Antonio, Texas Praetors, Intramural Sports, Law Bachelors Clubbe Praetorian Guard of Praetors, Selection Committee for Consul Awardees1 LIND, CHARLES RAY University of Texas Austin, Texas LINDSEY, JERRY DEE B.B.A., University of Texas Wichita Falls. Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Law Day-Speaker’s Committee LIPSCOMB, CUVIER LONG B.B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Intramural Sports LITTLE, JACK MERVILLE University of Texas Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Law Review. Honor Roll, Intramural Sports MANN, DUDLEY R. B.A., Texas Western El Paso, Texas Vice-President of the Freshman Class (1957), Treasurer Vice President of Law Bachelor’s Clubbe, Board of Governors, Election Commission, Intramural Sports MANNING, VICTOR ENGLISH B.B.A., Southwestern University Rusk, Texas MARLEY, EVERETT A., JR. B.A., Rice Institute Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll McGREEVY, TERRENCE G. B.S., Fordham University Houston. Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review Candidate, Honor RollMcMASTER, JOE BYRON University of Texas Freeport, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Vice-president of Frshman Class, Intramural Sports MOCKFORD, JAMES PHILIP, JR. B.S., Texas A M Greenville, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Associate Casenote Editor on Texas Law Review Staff, Quizmaster, Honor Roll MOORE. BRUNSON D. B.B.A., Texas Western El Paso, Texas MOORE, FRANKLIN B.A., University of Texas Fort Worth, Texas Dicta Staff, Consul Awardee MORROW, FLOYD L. B.B.A., University of Texas Elcctra. Texas Phi Alpha Delta. Film Forum Committee, Moot Court, Intramural Sports MURRAY, DAVID M. B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas Praetors NUTT. MII.BURN E., JR. B.B.A., University of Texas Wichita Falls, Texas ORR, JOSEPH LACKLAND B.A., University of Texas Fort Worth, TexasSENIORS OWEN, MARTIN FRED University of Texas Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Intramural Sj orts, Co-Chairman ol Assault Flattery for Delta Theta Phi PARK, PHOCION S.,III Texas A M San Antonio, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court PARRAMORE, MeGEHEE H. B.S., University of Alabama Florence, Alabama Phi Alpha Delta PATTERSON, DON L. B.B.A., West Texas State College Austin, Texas Praetors, President of Praetors, Consul Awardee. Intramural Sports PAYNE. EDWARD KEITH University of Texas Pampa, Texas Praetors PETERSON, FREDERIC HOWARD. JR. B.B.A.. University of Texas Red Oak. Iowa Delta Theta Phi, Vice-Dean of Delta Theta Phi, Board of Governors PFAFF, ALBERT G., Ill B.A., Austin College Tyler. Texas Phi Alpha Delta PIRO, ROBERT J. Boston College Somerville, Mass. Phi Delta Phi, Social Chairman of Social Law-day Committee in Phi Delta Phi. Chancellors, Quizmaster, Honor Roll, Associate Editor of Law-ReviewPLEMONS, FRANK L. B.B.A., University of Texas Wichita Falls, Texas Delta Theta Phi POOL, WILLIAM HARMON, JR. B.B.A., University of Texas Albany, Texas POWEL, BENJAMIN R. B.B.A., University of Texas Baytown, Texas Phi Delta Phi POULOS, AUDREY ELIZABETH B.J., University of Texas Texarkana, Texas Kappa Beta Pi, Chancellor and Associate Dean of Kappa Beta Pi PRESTON, HUBERT M. B.A., Texas Tech Lubbock. Texas PROVOST, DAVID A. B.S., Lamar Tech Port Arthur, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Election Commission PULLIAM, VIRGIL ROZELL University of Texas Alpine, Texas RAY, JOHN HERBERT B.B.A., University of Texas San Angelo, Texas Phi Alpha DeltaSi n ■ oi IflB,«■ U®BG' UN, clwllWle ous o«.’Vcws G Ddtt P ; Barrister’s H v,Wi c»»« ■ kWl cw Ytt VtcsulcM ww lM I®® -fift- ( , ,JW Bnchelo, Sf C «W . V'»"ot R°"' w uce tiff . „ . phi Alpte D» Marshal » c Marshal' 0 UE, R0,WS.v«Tsi.y 0 Ke" ucky Kentucky sst s mf-rhdith ea _________Aident Phi MP"a grinus. »OBfm M°,Te a5 B.B.A- y TexasSENIORS RODGERS, WAYNE ROYCE B.S., University of Texas Munday, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Law Day, Chairman of Ticket Committee RYAN, DANIEL PAUL, JR. B.A., Texas A M Blanket, Texas Associate Editor of the Dicta. Humor Board Editor of Dicta, Law Bachelors Clukbc SALZBERGER, PAUL LOUIS B.A., University of Texas Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi SANDLIN, JOE FRESE B.B.A., Texas A M Anahuac, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Clerk of Exchccqucr of Delta Theta Phi, Consul Awardee, Board of Governors, Honor Council, Vice President of Senior Class, Law Bachelor’s Clubbe, Intramural Sports SAPP, DAVID, RALEIGH B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Law Day-Chairman of Graphic Display Committee and member of Executive Committee SCHUMACHER, CARL WILLERS B.A., Rice Institute Houston. Texas Phi Alpha Delta SHARP, THOMAS HILLIARD, JR. B.A., Vanderbilt University San Antonio. Texas Della Theta Phi, Law Day Co-Chairman, Law Day—Ticket Committee and Assault Flattery Committee, Law Bachelor’s Clubbe. Intramural Sports, Feature writer of Dicta Staff, Chairman of Speakers Committee of Delta Theta Phi SHRULL, ROSWALD ERNEST B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University Austin, Texas Student Assistant of Law Science Institute Law, Bachelors ClubbeSERIOUS SLONE, CHARLES RENFRO B.S., Texas A M Bay City, Texas Phi Alpha Delta SMITH, DAN CARGIL, III University of Texas Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Law Day-Picnic Committee SMITH, JAMES H. (BUCK) University of Texas Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Board of Governors SMITH, JAMES ISAAC, JR. B.B.A., University of Texas Groves, Texas Delta Theta Phi. Social Chairman of Delta Theta Phi. Board of Governors, Law Bachelor’s Clubbe, Letter Writer of Law Bachelors Clubbe. Honor Roll, Moot Court, Co-Chairman of Barrister’s Ball Committee SMITH. MELTON VERN University of Texas Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta SPANO, VITO MICHAEL LcMoyne College Liverpool, New York Praetors. Law Bachelor’s Clubbe SPARKS, WILLIAM CALVIN B.B.A., North Texas State College Victoria, Texas Phi Alpha Delta. President of the Student Bar, Consul Awardee, National Moot Court Winner, Moot Court, Vice President of Midlaw Class, Permanent Class Agent SPILLAR, JAMES MADISON University of Texas Jacksboro, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Exchequer of Delta Theta Phi. Intramural SportsSTEVENS, MITCHELL B.A.. Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas STODGILL, DONALD RAY B.B.A., University of Texas Rockwall, Texas Phi Alpha Delta STOVALL, RICHARD FRANKLIN, JR. B.B.A., University of Texas Floydada, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll SULLIVAN, FRED MEYRITH B.A., University of Texas Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Peregrinus Staff (1957-58), Quizmaster. Candidate for Law Review, Lecturer in Business Law TATE, ERTON FRANK B.B.A., Texas Tech Wichita Falls, Texas Phi Alpha Delta TAYLOR, GLEN EARL B.S., University of Texas Sweetwater. Texas Phi Delta Phi. Exchequer of Phi Delta Phi. Quizmaster. Honor Roll. Consul Awardee, Associate Editor of Law Review TBEGERSTROM, OSCAR T. B.A., Rice Instiute Shamrock, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Justice Clerk of Phi Alpha Delta, Chairman of Election Commission, Co-Chairman of Barrister’s Ball TEMPLE, LARRY ENGENE B.B.A., University of Texas Plainvicw, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk of Phi Alpha Delta, Vice President of Student Bar Association. Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Associate Editor of Law Review, Consul Awardee, Permanent Class secretary. Chosen outstanding midlaw studentSENIORS TEMPLER, OTIS WORTH. JR. B.S.. Texas A M Crystal City, Texas Phi Alpha Delta THOMPSON, PATRICK WHITACRE B.A., University of Texas Brackenridgc, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Candidate for Law Review THOMPSON, WILLIAM VAN, JR. Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Honor Roll THORNTON. ROBERT BARNES University of Texas San Antonio, Texas THURLOW, THOMAS NEILSON B.B.A.. University of Texas Dallas. Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll, Law Bachelor’s Clubbe, Member of Election Commission TITA, JOSEPH LAWRENCE B.S., Fordham University Austin, Texas Honor Council TOWNSEND, JAMES TERRELL (TERRY) B.B.A., University of Texas Brady, Texas Phi Alpha Delta TRAMONTE, SAM G. B.S., St. Edwards University Galveston, TexasSENIORS TRUITT, JAMES LENOX B.A., Baylor University Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Quizmaster, Chancellors, Comment Editor of Law Review, Honor Roll UNGERMAN, ARTHUR IRVIN Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas Phi Alpha Delta VICKERS. ADEN LANE University of Texas Beaumont, Texas VINSON, JOHN KENNETH North Texas State College Wink, Texas Honor Roll, Candiatc for Law Review WALLER, MICHAEL RODES B.A., East Texas State College Brownwood, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court. Honor Roll, Intramural Sports WARNICK, J. Q., JR. B.A., Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Dean and Master of the Ritual and House Manager of Delta Theta Phi, Winner of E. A. Tharp Award, Election Commission, Chairman of the Honor Council, Board of Governors. Honor Roll. Moot Court, Consul Awardee WESBROOKS, PERRY M. B.B.A., University of Texas Wichita Falls, Texas Phi Alpha Delta WHEELUS, KYLE, JR. B.A.. University of the South Beaumont. Texas Phi Alpha DeltaI WINSLOW, JOHN FRANKLIN B.A., University of Texas Houston. Texas Moot Court, Intramural Sports WINSTON, WILLIAM D. B.B.A., University of Texas Lufkin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Law Day Speakers Committee, Intramural Sports WITT, MEYER W. B.A., University of Texas Palestine, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Associate Note Editor of Law Review. Moot Court. Chancellors, Consul Awardee Honor Roll, Grand Chancellor WOESSNER, CLAUDE, JR. B.A., University of the South Houston. Texas Phi Alpha Delta. Moot Court, Moot Court Board of Governors, Peregrinus Award. First Round Brief WOLF. HOWARD WILLIAM B.B.A., University of Texas McCamcy, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Friars Society, Honor Roll. Associate Editor Law Review, President of University of Texas Student Association WOODHEAD, BEN SYKES, JR. B.S., Lamar Tech Beaumont, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Honor Roll WORKMAN, W ALTER EDWARD A.B., Hendrix College Beebe, Arkansas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court. National Moot Court Winner. Law Review, Intramural SportsTHE I9S9 ill DIM (IASS BOB DICKSON President JOHN LANCASTER Vice President ED BROWN Sccrctary-T rcasurcr Brown, Dickson. Lancaster BARTON, ROBERT RHEA University of Texas BISHOP DONALD MAC University of Texas BOLDING, EDWARD PORTER University of Texas BOULIGNY. JAMES ALLEN University of Texas BRAINERD, RICHARD W. West Texas State College BRAVENEC. I.ORENCE LARRY University of TexasBRENNAND, JAMES I.. Texas Western College BROOKE, JOHN CHARLES, IV Yale University BROWN, EDWARD McLAIN, JR. University of Texas BROWN, GLENN ROLAND University of Texas BROWN, ROGER DALE Texas Tech CARMONA. FRANK T. University of Texas CARPENTER. CHARLES ERWIN University of Texas CARTER, LYNN PREWITT University of Texas CARTWRIGHT, CHARLES N. University of Texas CASSIN, WILLIAM BOURKE Princeton University CLBNDBNIN, TOM R.. JR. University of Texas COLE. KENNETH M., JR. M.D., Johns Hopkins UniversityCOUCH, JACKSON SEWELL University of Texas CRISS, E. RICHARD University of Texas CROWDER. WINSTON P. University of Texas DANIELS, ARTHUR H. University of Texas DEAKINS, HOMER LODELL Southern Methodist University DICKERSON, KENNETH RAY University of Texas DICKSON, DON LaPRELL University of Texas DICKSON, ROBERT LEE University of Arkansas DONNELL, BEN ADDISON University of Texas DOORES, JAMES HOWARD University of Texas DORMAN, JOHN TIMOTHY University of Texas DOUTHIT, ALKIE DURELL University of TexasDOWLEN, GEORGE EULACE University of Texas DUMAS, BENNY THOMAS Louisiana Tech DUNNAM, JAMES MARION University of Arizona DYE. CHARLIE DOUGLAS University of Texas ENSLE, JOHN FREDERICK University of Texas ESTES. CARL LEWIS. II University of Texas EVANS. ALFRED HARRIS University of Oklahoma FITZ-GERALD, JAMES University of Texas FLAGG. HENRY WILKINSON University of Texas GARCIA. AMADOR University of Texas GISH. WESLEY GIBSON, JR. University of Kansas GRIMES, PEARSON, JR. University of TexasGUYTON, DEWUSE, JR. Rice Institute HAWTHORN, NEAL A. University of Texas HAYS, CLAUDE ALFRED, JR. Southwestern Louisiana Institute HENGER, REX RONALD Southern Methodist University HOGE, WILLIAM ROBERT. JR. University of Texas HOLBROOK. DONALD CARTER University of Texas HUGHES. BENNY HARRY University of Texas INMAN, NORMAN HULL North Texas State College JONES. ROBERT DAVIS University of Texas KELLY. THOMAS PHILIP, JR. University of Texas KRENF.CK, MELVIN ARTHUR University of St. Thomas KUESTER, NOEL JAMES University of TexasMID LANCASTER, JOHN LYNCH, III Washington Lee University LAWRENCE, JOHN DEE Pan American University LAYTON. KIPLING FORD The Citadel LONG. ROBERT ALAN St. John's University LOW, GILBERT I. Stephen F. Austin College LUEDERS, TOMMY W. University of Texas MAFRIGE, STEVENS FARRIS University of Texas MARQUEZ, EDUARDO SANTIAGO University of Texas MARTIN, LLOYD C. San Houston State College MASON, CHARLES CULBERSON, JR. University of Texas MASSEY, THOMAS CADE University of Texas McDonald, laurie Bernard Texas A. I.LAW McGinnis, bryan james University of Texas McIntosh, edward d. University of Texas McLAIN, FRANK EUGENE University of Texas MILES, GENE DWIGHT University of Texas MILLER. CHARLES EDWARD University of Texas MINTON, JERRY D. University of Texas MOORE, RICHARD BRENNAN Vanderbilt University MORSE, ROBERT F. B. Southwestern University NEWEY, ROBERT EDW ARDS Williams College PAUL, KENNETH ARAM Rice Institute PF.DEN, KENNETH JAMES Rice Institute PENA, LIONEL ARON Pan American CollegePLATON, JAMES S. Rice Institute POOL, JOE HAROLD University of Texas PRATHER. CHARLES MARSHALL University of Texas PURTI.E, GLYNN RAY University of Texas QUATTLEBAUM, KATHLEEN East Texas State College QUICK. JAMES HERBERT University of Texas RAABE, HOWARD J. University of Texas RASH, ALAN VANCE Texas Western College REEDER. JAMES A. Washington Lee University RICHARDS, HOWARD NEWTON University of Texas RITTER, JACK FRANCIS, JR. University of Texas ROSS, ALBERT CLAY University of TexasLAW SANDERSON, ELWYN RAY West Texas State College SANSING, S. EARL University of Texas SANSING. WILLIAM A. Texas A M SARRAUF, CAMILLE FRANCIS Rowdowin College SHADE, JOSEPH University of Texas SHERMAN, MAX RAY Baylor University SMITH. WINSTON RAY Baylor University SNOW, THOMAS MARION University of Texas SPINUZZI, JOHN ANTHONY University of Texas SPROUSE, HARLOW LEE North Texas State College STALCUP, SANDRA KAY Wellesley College STEVENSON, CLARENCE NEAL University of TexasSULLIVAN, SHERWOOD MORRIS University of Texas SWIFT, GEORGE LEE John’s Hopkins University SWOFFORD, CHARLES GASTON University of Texas TEED, JOHN F.DSON University of Texas TOTZ, JON DAVID University of Texas TRICKERY, RICHARD MILES University of Texas VAUGHN, WILLIAM JOHN University of Oklahoma WADLER, LARRY ELY Tulanc University WALKER, TESSON JOSEPH Rice Institute WARNER, SAMUEL WOMACK University of Texas WHEATLEY, SEAGAL North Texas State College WHILDEN, ROBERT HARRAL, JR- University of TexasWHITE, WII.UAM D., JR. University of Texas WHITFIELD, JAMES F. Southern Methodist University WIEST, BETTY JO University of Texas WIGINTON, MARTIN ALEXANDER University of Texas WILKES, STANLEY ERNEST, JR. Baylor University WILLIAMS, WALTER WAYI.ON University of Texas WILLIS, GEORGE P. Amherst College WILSON, CHARLES JULIEN, JR. University of Texas WINGET, RICHARD DALE Texas Tech WRIGHT, ROGER ROBINSON University of TexasTHE1959 FRESHMM CLASS EARL KING President JIM SALES Vice President MILES SCHULZE Secretary-Treasurer DAVE BURROW Honor Council ANDERSON, IRA THOMAS Austin College ANDREWS, BOLIVAR COLEMAN University of Texas ANDREWS, JOHN CANNON Yale University ASKINS, JOSEPH MICHAEL Stephen F. Austin State College BARDEN, JAMES EARLE University of Texas BARRON, KENNETH RAY University of Texas BASS, JAMES L. University of Texas BAYERN, ARTHUR HERBERT Colgate University BELCHER, ELLEN University of TexasBENNETT, DAVID S., JR. University of Texas BENSON, DANIEL HARPER University of Texas BERNARD, LAWRENCE J. University of Texas BERRIER, WILLIS LEE Texas Western College BONNEN, DAVID CARROLL Texas A M BORDAGES, JOE Southern Methodist University BOYLE, JOHN F. Texas Christian University BRIMBLE, MICHAEL TERRY University of Texas BURROW, DAVID HUTCHISON MeMurry College CHRISMAN, ROBERT A. California State Polytechnic College CHRISTIAN. ERNEST S., JR. University of Texas CLARK. KENNETH LYNN North Texas State College COLLINS, HARWOOD LEWIS, JR. University of Texas CONAWAY, CHARLES T. University of Texas COOKSEY. FRANK CLOUD University of TexasFRESH DAVIS. BRYAN HOLT University of Texas DOTSON, WAYNE GARNER University of Texas DUDLEY, DALE BOWLES University of Texas DUNLAP, HUGH GRAYDON University of Texas DYER, CROMWELL ADAIR, JR. University of Texas ECKEL. JOHN EDWARD, JR. Princeton University EDSON, THOMAS HART Williams College ELSTON, JAY WRAY Rice Institute FENTON, ALBERT B. State University of Iowa FICKEN, BRYANT A., JR. University of Texas FISHER. GEORGE C. University of Texas FITZPATRICK. ALFRED FLETCHER University of Texas FLETCHER. THOMAS JR. Southern Methodist University FORD, T. FRANK, JR. Texas A M FOSTER, GLENN HOWLAND University of TexasMAN FREM IN, GEORGE PHILLIP, JR. University of Texas FRIEDMAN, ALLAN JAY Texas Western College GEFFEN, MITCHELL New York University GHOLSTON, ROBERT MICHAEL North Texas State College GIBBINS, ROBERT L., JR. University of Texas GILLIAM, JOHN ANDERSON Baylor University GOOCH, R, GORDON Washington Lee University GORRELL, ROGER LEE University of Texas GREEN, J. LEIGHTON Davidson College GUITTARD, STEPHEN WOOD Baylor University GUTIERREZ, ROMAN East Texas State College HOGANS, PAUL McCAUGHEY University of Texas HAILE. LAWRENCE BARCLAY University of Texas HALL, WILLIAM E., JR. Texas Western College HALTOM, JAMES NORTON University of Texas - V, mm HAMILTON, OSCAR CARL, JR. University of Texas HARGRAVE, GILBERT FREEMAN University of Texas HARRELL, ROBERT DITCHLER University of Southern California HARRINGTON, BRUCE MICHAEL University of Texas HARRIS, JAMES MALCOLM University of Texas HARRIS, LAVERN D. Texas Western College HAWKINS, MILTON W. University of Texas HAVEKOST, ROGER N. University of Texas HAYDEN, JULIAN HOWARD University of Texas HAYS, DON BLAKE University of Texas HENDERSON, BOYD LEWIS University of Texas HENRY, BILL E. University of Texas HENSLEY, HAROLD LEROY, JR. Rice Institute HERNDON, WILSON WARREN University of Texas HILL, JEROME, IV Washington Lee UniversityMM HOFMANN, JOHN HENRY University o£ Texas HOI.DEN, WILLIAM REECE University of Texas HOWELL, MARK FRANKLIN Stanford University HUDSON, HAL SEGREST University of Texas HUDSON, ROBERT EWELL University of Texas HUDSON, WILLIAM ARTHUR, III University of Texas HUGHES. JIM DEAN University of Texas HU ITT. EARL MARTIN Texas A M HULL. FRED ONEAL University of Texas HURWITZ, MARK EDWARD University of Southern California JEFFERSON, JOHN ROBERTSON Texas A M JOHNSON, ELMO MARSENE Rice Institute JOLLEY, GEORGE C., JR. University of Texas JONES, GEORGE D. North Texas State College JONES, ROSS LANE Texas TechFRESH JONES, WALTER S. University of Texas JUAREZ, HUMBERTO L., JR. University of Texas KAY, JOEL PHILLIP University of Pennsylvania KING, EARL R. Oklahoma State University KLEINER, ELIZABETH ANNE University of California KLINE, JAY RODNEY University of Texas KLOCK, GEORGE EDWIN University of Chicago LANG, SYLVAN STEPHEN University of Pennsylvania LAUTERSTEIN, MOISE University of Texas LEE, ROBERT J. University of Texas LEIGHTON, LEONARD LANNY University of Texas LEONARD, DONALD University of Texas LEONARZ, JOHN E. University of Texas LEW, QUON D. University of Texas LEWIS, ROGER ALLAN University of TexasMAX LINTON, RICHARD JOHN Texas Christian University LIVINGSTON, ROBERT C. Cornell University LLOYD, CHARLES HAROLD North Texas State College MALINAK, ROBERT JUSTIN Rice Institute MAI.OUF, DONALD J. University of Texas MARSHALL, RAYMOND HAROLD Baylor University MASON, WILLIAM S., JR. University of Texas MATKIN, CHARLES MICHAEL University of the South MATTHEWS. WILLIAM DOUGLAS University of Oklahoma McADAMS, BETTYE JOANNE University of Texas McCALL, CLIFTON HATCHER University of Texas McClendon, frank l., jr. University of Texas McELYEA, engene m. Bethany Nazarcnc College McMAHAN, THOMAS VANCE University of Texas McNEILL, WILLIAM ALAN University of TexasFRESH McGARITY, ROB Lamar Tech MERRILL, HENRY WILLIAM, JR. University of Texas MEYERS, ANITA University of Texas MILLER, JERRY J. North Texas State College MILLER, LOUIS DAYNE Midwestern University MILLS, CLEBURN Kent State University MOORE, ROGER LEWIS University of Nebraska MORRIS, GENE SAMUEL Vanderbilt University NOWLIN, WILLIAM HUGH Trinity University OEHLER, J. C. University of Texas OLDHAM, KENNETH R. Yale University PAGE, RALPH EDWARD University of Texas PATERNOSTRO, SAMUEL BURTON University of Texas PATRICK, BROOKS T. University of Texas PAYNE, JAMES ALLEN University of TexasMI PEEPLES, ROBERT INABNIT Washington Lee University PENA, LEONEL FILEMON Baylor University PHY, PAUL W. University of Texas PICKERING, MICHAEL ROY University of Texas PIPPEH, HARVEY GEORGE, JR. University of Texas POST, KIRBY M. University of Houston POUNDS, MINOR E. University of Texas PRICE, JOHN W. Midwestern University PURDY, CHARLES HAROLD Balyor University RACKLEY, RAMON ROBERT University of Texas RAMSAY, CHARLES R. Southwestern University RHODES, ARVIN L. Abilene Christian College ROADY, JOE GENTRY University of Texas ROBERTS, MARION S., JR. University of Texas RYAN. ROBERT WILLINGS, JR. Yale UniversityFRESH SALES, JAMES B. University of Texas SANTRY, MILES EDWARD Texas Western College SCHULZE. MILES LEONARD North Texas State College SCHWARZBACH, ROBERT TRAVIS Texas Western College SCOTT, OSWALD V., JR. University of Oklahoma SHANNON, OGDEN KELLY, III Yale University SHAW, WALLACE NEUSON University of The South SHAWVER, R. DAVID Texas Western College SIZEMORE, ANN E. University of Texas SLATER. LYNN R. Texas Western College SMITH ELVIN MITCHELL University of Texas SPITZER, JOEL STEPHEN Texas A M SPIVEY, BROADUS AUTRY University of Texas STANLEY, RICHARD ARLIN University of Texas STEPHENSON, C. B., JR. Stanford UniversityMI STILLWELL, ROBERT LEE University of Texas STRASBURGER, JOHN HUNTER University of Texas SUGGS, G. W. University of Texas SUROVIK, BOB J. Texas A M TALKINGTON, FRED M. Texas Wesleyan College TEPLOW, DEIRDRE HERRON University of Texas VANDERVORT, JOY F. University of Texas WALKER, HAGEN ROBERT University of Texas WALKER. ROBERT DEE University of Texas WALSLEBEN, PEGGY JO Texas Christian University WARD, FRED DERYL Southern Methodist University WARNER, JOHN WILLIAM Texas A M WATERS, KERMIT LEE University of Texas WATERS, SUZANNE GEISS University of Colorado WATSON, JAMES ROBERT University of TexasWATSON, JOHN ALLAN University of Texas WEEKS, JULIEN DEVEREUX University of Texas WEIL, RICHARD GRADY University of Texas WEINBRENNER, NEIL EVAN Texas Western College WELTON, BARRY S. West Virginia University WERLEIN, EWING, JR. Southern Methodist University WILLIAMS, STEPHEN GUION Rice Institute WILLIFORD, JOHN LEA University of Oklahoma WINDSOR, JAMES L. University of Missouri WOODWARD, RIPLEY EZRA, JR. Texas A. M. WYSONG, WALTER SCOTT University of Texas BOB WALKER President Officers Spring 1959 ROBERT GIBBINS Vice-President JOE BORDAGES Sccrctary-T rcasurcr ELMO JOHNSON Honor Council ALBERT HARRY EBERT Fall SEINWIL LOUIS GREENBERG Fall MOULTON ALAN GOODRUM Spring WILLIAM HYATT GORDON Spring WILLIAM MARION HUFFMAN Spring JACK E. LITTLE FallROBERT J. PIRO Spring JAMES L. TRUITT Fall MYER W. WITT Fall Chancellors, a legal honorary society excclusivc to the University of Texas Law School, was organized in 1912 for the purpose of honoring and rewarding those law students who show they arc qualified by outstanding work done on the Law Review. Once each Fall and Spring the Chancellors tap new initiates in what is an extremely colorful ceremony. The old Chancellors, garbed in black robes, go from classroom to classroom searching for those who will be taken into their membership. Upon finding them, they arc hooded in black and led to the mystic ritual. RICHARD B. DEWEY Spring JACK WADE HAWKINS FallTEXAS LAW REVIEW RICHARD B. DEWEY Editor-in-Chicf The Texas Law Review was formed in 1922 by Ireland Graves. Ira Hildebrand, and Leon Green. Their purpose was to publish a legal periodical which would be of interest and benefit to both the Law School and to the State Bar. The Texas Law Review contains many valuable articles by prominent legal scholars. Recent court decisions arc dis- cussed in notes and comments prepared by student members of the editorial staff and by student candidates for staff membership. A student becomes clgible on the basis of his scholastic standing. Staff members arc selected by the staff, subject to faculty approval, from among the candidates who have done the best work on the Law Review.EDITORIAL STAFF TEXAS LAW REVIEW EDITORIAL STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Richard B. Dewey ARTICLE EDITORS M. Marvin Katz Kenneth Keener CASENOTE EDITORS Alfred II. Ebert Walter E. Workman William Cassin Moulton Good rum COMMENT EDITORS Jack M. Little James L. Truitt ASSOCIATE EDITORS William Gordon Robert L. Blevins Howard Wolf S. L. Greenberg Robert J. Piro Glen E. Taylor Jack Hawkins Meyer Witt Gary Gurwitz James S. Covington Thomas A. Curtis William M. Huffman Herbert N. Lackshin James P. Mockford IRICBPAUL E. FRENCH Editor in Chief, Pcrcgrinus GLEN E. TAYLOR Exchequer, Phi Delta Phi C. LYNN DARDEN Election Commission CONSUL SELECTION COMMITTEE Each fall, at the request of the Society of the Pcrcgrinus Board of Directors, each fraternal organization at the Law School appoints one member of the Selection Committee. An independent member is appointed by the President of the Student Bar Association. This committee selects the Consuls for the year. G. WILLIAM RIDER, (Chairman), Phi Delta Phi BETTY JO WIEST, Kappa Beta Pi HERBERT L. HOOKS, Delta Theta Phi EUGENE H. LIECK, Praetors MELTON V. SMITH, Phi Alpha Delta T. K. HOLDSWORTH, Independent LARRY E. TEMPLE Vice President, Student Bar Association u m I AW , 3WMMki t3 j; 181) r i 3 M H 11 o $ ] i3 i JAMES R. HARRIS Student Assistant to Dean 202- C PP6S106NT BAP ASSOCIATION BILL SPARKS President, Student Bar Association H. FRANKLIN MOORE Dicta The Consul Award was originated in 1954 by the Society of the Pcrc-grinus. Its purpose is to confer recognition upon those law students who have made the most outstanding contributions to the Law School community through participation in extra-curricular activities. The accomplishments of a student and the benefit others derive from his participation in Law School activities arc the prime considerations; the holding of a certain office, or membership in a certain organization, is not nor sc a basis, for this honor Scholarship is considered only to the extent that it is applied to an extracurricular activity such as the Texas Law Review. Currently, not more than twenty Consuls may be selected each year. Only one activity of each awardee is listed with his name. JAMES F. GILBERT Student Assistant to Dean MAX HAMILTON Secretary-Treasurer, Student Bar Association JOE F. SANDLIN Vice President Senior Class EDUARDO E. DcASES See re ta ry-Treasu rcr, Senior ClassJ. Q. WARNICK, JR. Dean, Delta Theta Phi JACK W. HAWKINS Justice, Phi Alpha Delta DON L. PATTERSON President, Praetors JIM R. COFFEE President, Senior ClassBOARD OF aOVEMORS MEMBERS OF THE BOARD BILL SPARKS, President of the Student Bar LARRY TEMPLE, Vice-President of the Student Bar (Fall) CHARLES PRATHER, Vice-President of the Student Bar (Spring) MAX HAMILTON, Secretary-Treasurer of the Student Bar J. Q. WARNICK, Chairman of the Honor Council (Fall) NEAL HAWTHORN, Chairman of the Honor Council (Spring) RICE ASTON, Editor in Chief of the Dicta JIM SMITH, Student Assemblyman JOHN BENTON, Student Assemblyman JIM COFFEE, President of the Senior Class (Fall) DUDLEY McCALLA, President of the Senior Class (Spring) JOE SANDLIN, Vice-President of the Senior Class (Fall) HERB HOOKS, Vice-President of the Senior Class (Spring) ED dc ASES, Secretary of the Senior Class (Fall) DON De CORDOVA, Secretary of the Senior Class (Spring) BOB DICKSON, President of the Midlaw Class JOHN LANCASTER, Vice-President of the Midlaw Class ED BROWN. Secretary’ of the Midlaw Class EARL KING, President of the Freshman Class (Fall) BOB WALKER, President of the Freshman Class (Spring) JIM SALES, Vice-President of the Freshman Class (Fall) ROBERT GIBBINS, Vice-President of the Freshman Class (Spring) MILES SCHULZE, Secretary of the Freshman Class (Fall) JOE BORDAGES, Secretary of the Freshman Class (Spring) The Board of Governors is the Student’s own governing body of the Law School. The Board acts as an advocate for the student in many of his problems that arise while he is a student of the Law. The Board also acts as the Peregrinus Board of Governors with the assistance of Dean Gibson and Professor Johnson. PAUL FRENCH Editor-in-Chicf THE PEREmms 1949 1950 1951 JOHN CROFT Business Manager HENRY BURTON Associate Editor Law Day-Moot Court In 1949 a group of law students and faculty formed a nonprofit Texas corporation known as The Society of the Pere-grinus, Inc. Since that year this corporation has published the Peregrinus, which is the school of law’s own yearbook. The book covers the year's activities in picture form. JON COFFEE Subscription DirectorCHARLES CARTWRIGHT Associate Editor Activities DICK MOORE Associate Editor Faculty ELLEN BELCHER Associate Editor Classes ED MILLER Associate Editor Organizations EARL ROBERTS Associate Editor Honor SociticsTM Dim B. RICE ASTON Editor-in-Chief As EDUARDO dc ASES Humor Board Editor TOM IIOLDSWORTH Circulation Manager The Dicta is the Law School’s own newspaper and serves as the voice of the Law Students. It is published at intervals throughout the school year by the student Bar Association and is distributed in the Law School without cost to the faculty and students. The Editor of The Dicta is elected by the Law School student body in the spring to serve from June through the following May. The holder of this office is automatically a member of the student Bar Association Board of Governors. The staff of The Dicta is appointed by the Editor. The Dicta also maintains the Humor Board, a bulletin board of ever-changing cartoons, jokes and stories. The Obiter Dicta, a humorous parody, is usually issued on Halloween. JIM COFFEE Associate EditorBILL BURKE Associate Editor Spring DAN RYAN Associate Editor Spring TOM SHARP Feature Writer JOY VANDERVORT Publicity Director of the Law SchoolDELTA THETA PHI Sam Houston Senate J. Q. WARNICK, JR. Dean WALTER L. KNAPP Vice-Dean GLEN BROWN Clerk of the Rolls JOE SANDLIN Clerk of i lie Exchequer ED DEWEES Tribune JOHN A. BURGESS Master of the Ritual ROBERT I). JONES BalifT HERBERT HOOKS House Manager BOB JONES Dean FRED PETERSON Vice-Justice JAMES CARROLL Clerk of the Rolls JIM SPILLER Clerk of the Exchequer BOB BARTON Tribune PAT PATTERSON Master of the Ritual MAX HAMILTON BalifT HERB HOOKS House Manager Delta Theta Phi was established by the consolidation of three legal fraternities: Delta Phi Delta, founded 1900: Alpha Kappa Phi, founded 1902; and Theta Lambda Phi, founded 1903. Since the entire membership of all three fraternities became members of Delta Theta Phi, the Fraternity properly dates its origin from 1900.NATIONAL FOUNDING 1913 LOCAL FOUNDING 1916 ACTIVE STUDENT SENATES 82 Top Row: Barron, Barton, Bcrricr, Bland Second Row: Burgess, Burrow, Carpenter, Carroll Third Row: Chrisman, Cox, Darden, Devine Fourth Row DeWess, French, Hamilton, Havekost Fifth Row: Hooks, Inman, Jones, Kelley Sixth Row: Lauer, Lipscomb, Mafrige, Martin Seventh Row: MeGarity, Moore, Owen, Peterson Eighth Row: Purtlc, Redd, Sandlin, Schulze Bottom Row: Sharp, J. I. Smith, J. II. Smith, WarnickPHI ALPHA DELTA Tom C. Clark Chapter JACK HAWKINS Justice JIM COFFEE Vicc-Justice OSCAR TEEGERSTROM Clerk EARL ROBERTS Treasurer BUDDY CRUTCHFIELD Marshall FRED LANGE Historian OSCAR TEEGERSTROM Justice EARL ROBERTS Vicc-Justice TOM SNOW Clerk TED KERR Treasurer JOHN TEED Marshall ED MILLER Historian The Tom C. Clark Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta at the University of Texas was founded in 1947 and presently has over one hundred members. The purpose of Phi Alpha Delta is to cultivate a closer bond of friendship and the attainment of a higher and broader culture than that afforded by the regular college course. The fraternity’s activities consist of dinner dances, dinner meetings each month, publication of the Law School Student Directory. and active participation in intramural sports. The highlight of the Fall Semester for the local chapter was being host to the District VIII Conclave at which Justice Tom C. Clark was the guest of honor.Top Row: Armstrong, Aston. Baker, Baum, Benton, Bishop, Bolding. Brennard, Brunette, Bryan, Busch, Campos, Cannon. Second Row: Coffee, Cofiield, Cook, Croft, Crutchfield, Deakins, DcAscs, DeCordova, DeVerter, Dickerson, Dickson, Donnell, Dorman. Third Row: Douglas Douthit, Drew, Dunnam, Enslc, Farris, Floyd, Fouts, Gilpin, Gish, Grainger, Guyton, Harris. Fourth Row: Hawkins, Hawthorn, Hensley, Huffman, C. E. Hughes, J. D. Hughes, Jordan, Kelley, Kemp, King, Krause, Lange, Leach. Top Row: Lindsey, Low, Marlcy, Miller, Morrow, Park, Parra-more, Paul. Pickering, Platon, Prather, Ray Reaves. Second Row: Reeder, Relyea, Rives, A. L. Roberts, M. F-. ‘Roberts, Ross, Robinson, Salzbergcr, Sapp, Schumakcr, Sherman, Slone, D. C. Smith. Third Row: M. V. Smith, W. R. Smith, Snow, Sparks, Stevenson, Stillwell, Stodghill, Stovall, Tate, Teed, Teegerstrom. Temple, Thornton. Bottom Row: Townsend, Ungerman, Vickers, Waller, Warner, Westbrooks, Whcelus, Wiginton, Winston, Woessner, Workman.PHI DELTA PHI Roberts Inn ALFRED H. EBERT, JR. Magistcr GLEN TAYLOR Exchequer BRYAN JAMES MCGINNIS Clerk JAMES F. GILBERT Historian BRYAN JAMES MCGINNIS Magistcr EARL SANSING Exchequer ROBERT L. DICKSON Clerk KENNETH KEENER Historian FACULTY MEMBERS Edward W. Bailey Leo G. Blackstock William F. Fritz Warner A. Hancock Gus. M. Hodges William O. Huie Denny O. Ingram, Jr. W. Page Keeton Leon Lebowitz Pierre R. Loiscaux Charles T. McCormick Keith E. Morrison Woodrow W. Patterson Millard II. Ruud Robert VV. Say ton George Stumbcrg John F. Sutton E. Wayne Thodc Jcrrc S. Williams Marion K. WoodwardINTERNATIONAL FOUNDING 1869 LOCAL FOUNDING 1909 ACTIVE STUDENT INNS 81 lop Row: Asburn, Bcazlcy, Blevins. Bravcncc, Burke, Carter Second Row: Cassin, Cole, Covington, Criss, Curtis, Dickson Third Row: Dye, Ebert, Ehrlc, Flagg, Foster, Good rum Fourth Row: Gordon, Greenberg, Gurwitz, Hogc, Hughes, Jones Fifth Row: Katz, Keener, Knauth, Krenek, Lackshin, Lancaster Sixth Row: Lawrence, Layton, Little, Levy, Long, McGinnis Seventh Row: McGrcvy, McMastcr, Minton, Miller, Morris, Piro Eighth Row: Powcl, Preston, Rider, Rodgers, Schwarzbach, Shade Ninth Row: Sullivan, Taylor, P. W. Thompson, W. V. Thompson, Thurlow, Totz Bottom Row: 'Pruitt, Whildcn, Witt, Wolf, Woodhcad, WrightPRAETORS DON L. PATTERSON Praetor Erbanus CHARLES KVINTA Praetor Peregrinus HARLOW SPROUSE Praetor Tutclarii J. SEWELL COUCH Praetor Acrarii EDWARD M. BROWN Praetorian Guard E. RAY SANDERSON Lie tor ALFRED H. EVENS Alumni Tutelarii CHARLES J. KVINTA Praetor Erbanus J. SEWELL COUCH Praetor Peregrinus EDWARD M. BROWN Praetor Tutclarii G. SIDNEY KACIR Praetor Acrarii ENGENE H. LIECK Praetorian Guard J. R. PATTERSON Lictor ROBERT A. GRITTA Alumni Tutclarii Top Row: Brainerd, Brown, Cartwright, Clcndcnin, Couch, Evans, Holitzke, Kacir Bottom Row: Kvinta, Lieck, Mason, Morse, Murray, Payne, Spano, SprouseKAPPA BETA PI m cm mu 19 6 Standing: Quattlebaum, Stalcup Sitting: Poulos, Jett, Hiskey, Vandervort, Wicst OFFICERS MEMBERSHIP Dcan......................SANDRA KAY STALCUP MARY BETH HISKEY, Canton Associate Dcan............. MARY BETH HISKEY LOIS MARIE JETT, Liberty Registrar......................BETTY JO WIEST AUDREY ELIZABETH POULOS, Texarkana Chancellor......................AUDREY POULOS KATHLEEN QUATTLEBAUM, Greenville Faculty Advisor .............HELEN HARGRAVE SANDRA KAY STALCUP, Lubbock JOY FRANCES VANDERVORT, Austin BETTY JO WIEST, Smithvillc ADELE ZEDLERIAW BACHELORS CLUBBE Adcock, Rufus James Ahrens, Carl Anderson, Ira Thomas Askins, Joseph Michael Barron, Kenneth Ray Bayern, Arthur Benton, John B. Bernard, Lawrence Berricr, Willis Lee Burke, William T. Burrow, David Hutchison Campos, John L. Christian, Ernest Cox, Robert B. Crager, Minor B. Croft, Chancy Crowder, Winston P. Darnall, Joseph R. Davis, Bryan H. DeWees, Edward E. Dickson, Don L. Dies, Jack Elston, Jay Wray Estes, Carl Fickcn, Bryant A., Jr. MEMBERS Fox, Douglas Eremin, George Phillip, Jr. French, Paul Fuson, James R. Gary, Charles Andrew Guittard, Stephens Havcrkost, Roger N. Helm, Minor L., Jr. Hcngcr, Rex Hicks, Jack David Hill, Jerome Hudson, Halley Segrest Huitt, Earl Irvin, John Jones, Robert Davis Juarez, Humberto L. Kazcn, George P. Kelly, Thomas Philip Lieck, Eugene Ligardc, Fred Lyne, J. R., Jr. McDonald, William T. Mann, Dudley Mason, William S., Jr. Mat kin. Charles M. Moore, Hurshil F. Moore, Richard B. Morris, Gene Nowlin, William Nygaard, Thomas Max Peterson, Frederick II., Jr. Roca, Jose Luis Shade, Joseph Shivers, Gilbert Spano, Vito Stephenson, C. B., Jr. Stilley, Allen L. Suggs, G. W. Swift, G. Lee Talkington, Fred Thurlow, Thomas .Wilson Vinson, Kenneth Walker, Robert Dee Walters, James A. Ward, Fred Warner, John Willy, Frank Oliver Wilson, Charles J. Wood, Thomas EugeneFall Officers PAUL FRENCH Social Chairman DUDLEY MANN Vice-Social Chairman JAY ELSTON Letter-Writer BOB JONES Beer-Buyer Spring Officers DAVE BURROW Social Chairman JERRY HILL Vice-Social Chairman LEE BERRIER Letter-Writer ROGER HAVEKOST Beer-Buyer FRED LIGARDE Assistant Beer-Buyer L A W W I V E S c L U B FIRST ROW: Canon, Park, Inman, Devine, Waller, Thompson, Smith, Sapp, DeCordova, Brown SECOND ROW: Jungman, Truitt, Bclotc, Sandhop. Hamilton, Bonner, Brimblc, Pruitt, Harris Cherry, Marley, Greenwood, Cooksey, Hoge, Minton THIRD ROW: Brunette, Dewey, Hartcl, Fouts, Hawthorn, Ellisor, Wel- ton, Sullivan, Holitzke, Wesbrooks, Knight, Tramontc, Darden, Sansing, Hughes FOURTH ROW: Foster, Coffee, Barlow, Piro, Sparks, Lconarz, Prather, Smith, Hatch, Pfaff, Chrisman, Green, Morse, Lloyd FIFTH ROW: Workman, Hinson, Fariss, Slaughter, Mills, Hurwitz, Spillcr, Smith, Watson, Mathews, Musslcwhitc, MeGuirt, Fitz-Gerald, MarshallMARILYN CANON President JULIE PARK Vice President SAMMIE INMAN Recording Secretary JUDY DEVINE Corresponding Secretary COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: DRU THOMPSON PATSY SMITH NETTIE SAPP CHARLOTTE DcCORDOVA PAT BROWN SUE WALLER Parlimentarian, Historianmm BELCHERMiss Sandra Stalcup Miss Betty Jo Wicst The Hildebrand Tradition Dean Ira P. Hildebrand received his LL.B. degree from The University of Texas in 1899, LL.M. from Texas in 1900, and an LL.B. from Harvard in 1902. He returned to our law school as a Professor of Law in 1907 with the mission to make it one of the best in the country. He was made Dean of the School of Law in 1924. He injected into our school's curriculum the exacting method of legal training lie had known. His students were introduced to the casebook method of study and analysis which supplanted the textbook system of instruction. To the law students, Dean Hildebrand’s manner was expressed in an issue of the Texas Law Review (December, 1942) which carried tributes from his former professors as well as his students. One student wrote: 4 ‘His loyalty to his boys—the students of the law school—was traditional. He deplores their weaknesses and forgives them. He discounts their faults and exaggerates their virtues, and he has permitted many a law student to remain in school when the strict letter of the law called for his ouster.” His students responded with sincere, hard work. It befits the nature of our moot court program to be named in honor of a teacher who, through his own example, caused students to do more than what was only adequate. The Hildebrand Moot Court Competition is held annually at The University of Texas School of Law in memory of the late Dean Hildebrand. The competition supplements student classroom work by providing a legally instructive extra-curricular activity which gives participants both training and practical experience in advocacy, appellate argument, brief writing, and legal research. Beginning in the fall semester, participants work as two-man teams in the tournament which continues until midspring. Each team becomes the attorneys on one side of a ficticious case in which a competing team is the opposing cocounsel. Such a case presents the essential situation in which the ficticious clients have become involved, and the fictional decision of a trial court on the matter. Each team then prepares its assigned case to be brought in an appellate court. This calls for analysis of the case, research of the pertinent law, and preparation of a brief. The opposing teams then argue the case before a mock appellate court, usually composed of a faculty member and two senior law students. The decision of the “court” is based on the skill with which the briefs were prepared and the arguments delivered (not the legal merits of the team’s position in the “case”). The court’s decision determines the winner of that round. To reduce the scope of the work involved, teams are often restricted to a designated field of law such as Torts or Trusts. In a case designated as “Criminal Law,” therefore, neither team need consider points of Procedure, Constitutional Law, Martial Rights, or any other legal field, although such elements may exist within the fictitious situation.JOE JAWORSKI SAM DOUGLASS FRED LANCE CLAUDE WOESSNER B. RICE ASTONBOH COX JIM SMITH HARLOW SPROUSE—JOHN TEED DON BISHOP—TOM LANDRY JON LAWRENCE MEL KRENEK DON REAVIS MIKE WALLER LARRY WADLER—TOM DEVINEUniversity of Texas law Day Co-Chairmen Bob Barton and Tom Sharp, Honorable Dan Moody, and Dean Keeton 1959 Dedication to + Dan MoodyPrincipal Speakers STANLEY F. REED Former Associate Justice Stanley F. Reed of the Supreme Court of the United States was born in Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky on December 31, 1884. He received A. B. degrees from Kentucky Wesleyan College in 1902 and Yale University in 1906. From 1909 to 1910 he studied law at the University of Virginia, Columbia University and the University of Paris. Doctor of Laws degrees were conferred upon him by Kentucky Wesleyan College and Yale University in 1938, Columbia and the University of Kentucky in 1940, and the University of Louisville in 1947. Upon being admitted to the Kentucky bar in 1910, Justice Reed began practice in Maysville as a member of the firm of Browning, Reed and Zciglcr. In 1912. he was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives where he served until 1916. He was General Counsel of the Federal Farm Board from 1929 to 1932, General Counsel of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation from 1932 to 1935 and Solicitor General of the United States from 1935 to 1938. Following his appointment by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 15, Justice Reed became a member of the United States Supreme Court on January 31, 1938. On the nineteenth anniversary of his appointment, January 31, 1957, Justice Reed, at the age of 72, announced his retirement from the Court. During his nineteen years on the Supreme Court, Justice Reed wrote more than 300 opinions and was noted for his tremendous capacity for hard work. He was always popular with his associates and lawyers, who appreciated his unfailing courtesy. It has been said of Justice Reed that to a greater degree than many others he put away advocacy and embraced adjudication when he donned the Supreme Court robes. DILLON ANDERSON Mr. Anderson was born in McKinney, Texas, on July 14, 1906. He received his B. S. degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1928, LL. B. from Yale University in 1929 and LL. D. degrees from Texas Christian University in 1954 and Allegheny College in 1956. Upon being admitted to the Texas bar in June, 1929, he became associated with the present firm of Baker, Botts, Andrews and Shepherd in Houston and has been a partner in the firm since 1940. From 1953 to 1955 Mr. Anderson served as Civilian Consultant to the National Security Council. He was Special.. Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Affairs from 1955 to 1956, during which time he was a member of the United States delegation to the Summit Conference at Geneva. In December, 1958, he was appointed by the President to the Draper Committee for the purpose of reviewing the United States Military Assistance program. Mr. Anderson is a contributor to The Atlantic Monthly, The Argosy (London, England), The Saturday Review of Literature and Southwest Review. He has written two books, “I and Claudic,” published in 1951 by Little, Brown Co. and ‘‘Claudic’s Kinfolks,” published in 1954 by Little, Brown Co. He is a member of the American Bar Association, American Law Institute, State Bar of Texas and Houston Bar Association. ROGER J. TRAYNOR Associate Justice Roger J. Traynor of the Supreme Court of California was born in Park City, Utah on February 12, 1900. He received his A. B. degree in 1923, Ph. D. in 1926, J. D. in 1927 and LL. D. in 1958 from the University of California. From 1926 to 1929, Judge Traynor was an instructor of political science and, from 1929 to 1940, an instructor of law at the University of California. He was consulting tax counsel for the California State Board of Equalization from 1932 to 1940 and consulting expert for the United States Treasury Department from 1937 to 1938. In 1940 he became deputy attorney general and has served since August 13, 1940 as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of California. Judge Traynor is a member of the American Law Institute, Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity, and Order of the Coif.ASSAULT AND FLATTERY Co-chairmen: Bob Jones and John Teed cr. V. Scott. Jr. Jo Anne Martin Boh Gritta Aim Siicmore Toni Kelly Wheatley Jnry Hill Ellen Belcher Roger I. Moore {.wc K. Carroll red Ligarde Sieve Guitlard GRAPHIC DISPI-AY Chairmen Jim EilisOf James Spiller Jack Diet l.eon Brloie Skip Morse Sam Paternoslro BARRISTERS BALL Co-chairmen: Oicar Tccgcatromi and Jim Smith Ken Dickerson Pearson Grimes Bob Gritta l-eo Swift Ted Kerr Jerry Hill Daync Miller K G. Gooch Mel Smith Fred LiRarde TICKETS Co-Chairmen: Gary Gurwlti anti Dick Moore Mike Gholiton Wallace Shaw Alan McNeill Boh Ncwry Fred Peterton I-arry llernard Bill White Tom Gowan Charlec Mason MASTK.RS OF CEREMONY Howard Wolf Rolwrt Keith PROGRAM Co-chairmen: John Croft anil Herb Hooka Charles Carpenter U B. McDonald Glynn Puttie Char In N. Cartwright John 1. Campos Roger llavckost llcrrirr PICNIC Co-cliairmen: Gilliert laws and Charlie Kvinta Mickey Malkin Tom M Snow Walter Williams J. R. Patterson, Jr. lamer E. Carrol Fred Hull Ross Jones John Hofmann ITBI.IC RELATIONS Co-chairmen: Charlie Die and Joy Vandervotl Ikon I.. Dickson J I. Ban I). Allen C II. Purdy Anita Meyers SPEAKERS Co-chairmen: Jim l-autlenlilc and Jim McGinnis Charles Prather Hilton Chodorow Dusty Rhotles Robert Cox Bill Gordon S| enecr Relyea Ixighton Green Neal A. Hawthorn Moulton tloodrum Everett Marley John W. Price Caiurron Hightower F. R. Atlams SCHOLARSHIP Chairman: Jim Gilbert Sewell Couch Hilton Chodorow Joel N. Coffee Betty Jo Wiest Steering Committee Standing: Tom Sharp, Boh Barton, Herb Hooks, Gilbert Low, John Teed. Second Row: Oscar Tccgcstrom, Jim Smith, John Croft, Jim EUisor. Third Row: Boh Jones, Howard Wolf. First Row: Charlie Dye, Joy Vandcrvort, Jim McGinnis, Jim Gilbert, Boh KeithInns of( 0U' Keeton’s Daync Miller Mr. Fritz Green's Tommy McCampbcll Mr. Witherspoon Benard’s John Hofmann Mr. Ingram Clement’s Neil Wcinbrcnncr Mr. Lebowitz Furnival’s Doug Matthews Mr. Woodward Gray’s Frank McClendon Mr. Sutton Lincoln’s Jim Greenwood Mr. Elliot Lyon's William McNeill Mr. Hodges McCormick Carl Paschctag Mr. Ruud Thavics Adair Dyer Mr. Bailey Towne’s Quentin McGowan Mr. Wilkinson Staple's Joe Bordages Mr. Williams Slayton C. B. Stephenson Mr. Morrison Lari ton’s John F. Campbell Mr. Loiscaux Clifford’s Rick Stover Mr. JohnsonInterviewing Client Preparing Brief Legal Research The Picture Story of Finals The first time you check out a book gives the biggest thrill. Some never worry.Mother. I have just decided to try Medical School Some never stop. As I said, some never stop.Some play cards— The lounge Some just plain rest— nc— But the most important arc the official “sweaters”Pass the biscuits Pappy. Arc you a feme sol? Let's keep both hands on the tabic The bull flows so deep Little stud, big line.The three expressions of a staff meeting. A secret ballot? Come now-Everyone should know what erythroblastosis fetalis is. Dig those legs. No, the Dicta keeps me too busy to do much Law Review work. Edward O. and friends. Who banned the DICTA from Austin news stands? i .'V' They misspelled “PEREGRINUS”.Get out of my way. A real card. Practicing for tooth paste ads. Who said that?Never! 1 )ecisions, decisions. The count down.Four ain't a crowd when it’s two two Which way is the mens’ room? I sleep in class too. 7 come 11 If that is a proposal. I accept Clearly hearsay Cooling off period Tea for two. Watch those eyes! “Scoop" knows all tells all“And then he slamcd the lid on the Asprin box.” The traffic committee can not control this space! There I was, at 10,000 ft., without a parachute. Could it be that Ellen Belcher just walked by? I just make the law, I don’t interpret it.Alcoholics unanimous. Credit Delta Theta Phi with one new Chevy. “Togetherness" My belt broke. Are you drunk again? So 1 took the “fifth”, again and againAre you disputing MY word? Legal research? It's the flavor that counts What do I do now? Clean hands doctrine.Trial by combat. We arc ready.“No Senator, there are no athiests in this office.” What have I done now? I was a mouth piece for practice court. Mouth meets Brainr mm IIERB HOOKS Vice-President Senior Class Spring .-3 DUDLEY McCALLA President Senior Class Spring DON DeCORDOVA Secretary Senior Class SpringCHARLES PRATHER Vice-President Student Bar Spring WALTER WORKMAN Best oral argument in Nation wide competition OSCAR TEEGERSTROM Chairman of the Election Commission Fall ED BROWN ALSA Representative NEAL HAWTHORN Chairman of the Honor Council Spring CHARLES KVINTA Athletic DirectorLouie’sCongratulations To The Class of 1959 AUSTIN. TEXASFIRSTS" For The Modern TEXAS LAW LIBRARY VERNON’S ANNOTATED TEXAS STATUTES WEST’S TEXAS DIGEST TEXAS EDITION SOUTHWESTERN VERNON’S ANNOTATED TEXAS RULES McCORMICK RAY, TEXAS LAW OF EVIDENCE STAYTON, TEXAS FORMS CORPUS JURIS SECUNDUM FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION AND TERMS Write WEST PUBLISHING CO. St. Paul 2, Minn. VERNON LAW BOOK CO. Kansas 6, MissouriYou Can Depend On ... QUALITY PROMPT SERVICE REASONABLE PRICES For all your printing needs at E l Printing Company Reproduction of notes Resumes Law Outlines 1508 Red River GR 6-4616 or GR 6-0260 jjosvda t Medical Arts Pharmacy Phone GR 8-8557 2917 Red River — Austin, Texas Austin's most complete department store Scarbroiuigh Sms WATCH FOR THIS SIGN . . . DAN S No. 1 6310 LAMAR BOULEVARD SPORTING GOODS—FISHING TACKLE Why Pay More? Dial HO 5-1885 CONGRESS AT SIXTHCONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS OF to The Class of 59 SCHOLZ GARTEN Fine Food Serving University of Texas Students for 80 years cfoiueA BAR LOUNGE 1710 San Jacinto AIR CONDITIONED GR 8-0372 Hemphill's Book Stores Austin, Texas The Law Students' Store 2505 San Jacinto Just west of Townes Hall MOBLEY BROTHERS' BARBER SHOP May We Be Your Druggist? 2813 San Jacinto Where San Jacinto Meets Duval TOWER DRUG And You Meet Your Friends Air Conditioned 2807 San Jacinto Phone GR 8-4644°You are a member of the UNIVERSITY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, INC. ................and entitled to share in the savings Save your cash register receipts and turn them in at the end of each term for your share in the savings. I °ALL STUDENTS AND FACULTY AUTOMATICALLY BECOME MEMBERS UPON REGISTRATION IN THE UNIVERSITY. Austin s Bold of Distinction GAS is best ‘ Your Servant Seven Ways — Seven Days a Week" SOUTHERN UNION GAS COMPANY V.I.J7 I__________________________________________COMPLIMENTS OF 0ac y(U M4. MEN'S WEAR 2332 Guadalupe Newest. Largest, Most Modern Men’s Shop "On The Drag” Compliments From El Matamoros El Toro il Cha Fine Mexican Foods COMING TO AUSTIN? STOP AT THE NEWLY DECORATED HOTEL STEPHEN F. AUSTIN (Ulie iJJpittral Arts quarr larltpr ffiiirrr Ham Arr AI umgs JBrlnnn WHEN ITS PHOTOGRAPHY Compliments of : 1 i I i • . ■ • 1 1- j I L-L - I LI « T - PHOTOGRAPHY 141Z Bonn it Rd AUSTIN. TEXAS J-ook fox tfie. 'TBixdin IN THE YELLOW PACES Specialists in the field of duplicating We Copy Anything on Paper and Laminate with Plyon Plastic Ph. GR 8-7451 Austin, Texas 1705 East Ave. TEXAS STATE BAM 1904 Guadalupe MJSTIX, TEXAS Drive-In Motor Dunk open 8:30 to 6:00 Unin Dunk also open Tuesdays 4:00 to 6:00 Member: Federal Deposit Insurance (hup.

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