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HE, liilugqw J If .l , ' w fwff 4fWf.:gm.,' - f - iiiaaffif' asf!! I lf ' ,,, f'ff'-lffawfewl f iff A L - i??i!?f 25 QED? o 'l I I -Il' ff' A ' 1 2 1 . :wr-., ,"f!1f'G,"i ' . 7'f'.f I , John seiss his seal to Magna Carta. ,L ' I 4. ul 1 11, 1 Mlm K A N ' fk'4,i4,':,, r The Common Law develops by a gradual process. 'N f- 1516 . o.,1 I lx 0, . .,2?ff - of---1 f4..f I ,,- V 1-.., 4,5 .1-,j1.'-:.-!':- ..,-11, l-fi! ., ... , -,--,- .e -- Jn. . -. I -5.-3.5 .172 N4 ' ' . ::'-i1??4f'5E'?S:5ff?f 5."6E'.f::,,1j34Z7:l"""' " vm The Chancellor and his fool: are made - available in many cases. g, I Frontier America witnesses some legal crudities. 76M ' SEWQLQ' Modern legal machinery continues its necessary function. fTo be continued . .. next cenizuryj -a ,H - Fn'e'1'5- ', resep fin 'H H J ., ra ix qw Q , A 'QQ m.,Xv ., ,MJ . ff, , . 4.42" , 'M y Y . 'tml . 1,,,,.'1E? x,,. . 4,8 -f --- T . Rx N , gf Y' AQ 9 .M ,-. ., 7.1.5 K A W SEWELL THE PER CONTENTS Faculty . Class . Sc-niors.......-. M id-la ws ........ Freshmen ........ lfm ll IX es 0I'ilI'llllf10I'lS Actn IULS Ads LFTISLIHLIITQ . 7 19 ...2l 55 I 71 ,gl . . .111 .. . 146s .1f3 The Yearbook of The School of Law of The University of Texas T Pllblisllecl by Society of The Peregrinus. lnc. Volume IX l 057 EGR 5EEiEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEE: , EEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEESEESEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ :EE:EEE .EEEESEEE .:::.::a:::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- .:::'::: ::::::::: : sssssszsssssssssssessa -2zsssesssssssssssssesszssssssssa fessssssssessss zsssasssssa -' ssssssssssszassassg:eaaasaa:Essssesss mm... .ssssszsssssssszssg usssssi' :::::::::::::::::::::f . ::::::::::::::::::::::l- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::E . Q W"lWNUi!!"PIgw'4 'I u,- -null' 'IIIIIIII Illlgu , , W ! Muna 'null 4 fi ' K Q 'if SAM G CROOM IR. J-fx m-,, Keeper of the Peregrmus ?g???E?f 3 1 if ii fSiig1s2 Rgmaawi S 3 , 4 Hes? ii? 'ffl iQ? --,S w ,Q + V SQQ4 Kim-rw. FRANK W ELLIOTT, JR. ' I RONALD TROST wk f In r X x i :Qwwewwwwfmmwwb f rw 'i f 5 Q i 3 . L W Q, iff? A X. ' - Xmaeswg esfwfww MW, F x -H . QA... WALTER E BARNETT in .Q A ' VORIS R. BURCH S Nl? i ff 'Q MORTO Keepe Y LLOYD SCURLOCK 1 .tg Q wx. . X Nix?" l E X 'Q 1 X x. . + 'L -:- - X EDWARD WELDON BAILEY A law school gains its reputation mainly through its faculty, and Professor Edward Weldon Bailey adds great stature to The University of Texas Law School. The class of 1957 proudly dedicates this issue of the Peregrinus to Professor Bailey, distinguished scholar, ex- cellent teacher and outstanding expert on Corporation Law. Professor Bailey received his B.A. degree from The Uni- versity of Texas in 1920, his LL.B. from Texas in 1928, and his S.J.D. from Harvard in 1942. During his career as a law student he received many honors, including Order of the Coif and Chancellors. After entering the legal profession in 1928 Mr. Bailey racticed with the firm of Callaway and Reed in Dallas For two years. He then joined the faculty of the Law School in 1930 and has been Professor of Law since 1936. One of Mr. Bailey's greatest contributions to Texas law has been culminated in recent years. This was the major part he had in drafting the new Corporation Code. He served continuously for more than five years on the Texas State Bar Committee on Revision of the Corporation Laws. It has been said that he knew as much as any living person about the contents of the Corporation Code when it was enacted. Our main reason for dedicating this book to Professor Bailey is in tribute to his service to the Law School and genuine interest in his students. In the classroom, we rate him tops for his detailed class preparation and lucid ex- planation of assigned material. 7-0114 SEWELL wi xv :Es rv bfN1:' R 'fiflsgs if fl .. Y K Milf U j t t H ,T I xt W E, .,,.. , .,., .. -V , , , V W " A i 'H f A VgfA"910YG?f35QZ1?ZfPfQii?:9f v' .oI?z'g:' '-2.:5:1fag,, 1: 27 -my wing Vf Fi few W 1495 2 4 4 E ms gs .mc ffwauoiv - J ,V , ,,.f'. . -wmv' Q-vm -Sw X 1 MGP izi?3? if 5 4 E, x x 'Pi I ,WM wr-'ff nnw"5" W A' r gpm -w. Tl' , W , -far' nw- " 4 vw, sw 4- i. 5 L it 4 5 Q VUL! mx .M -w JN kk. v n as u.. v.. .. of 8 ELWYN LOOMIS CADY Associate Professor of Law and Assistant Director of Law Science Institute LL.B., 1951, Tulane School of Law: B.S. in Medicine, 1955, University of Missouri School of Medicine. Admitted prac- tice Missouri 1951. Director of Law-Medicine Program at University of Kansas City School of Law, 1951-55, U.S. Army Field Artillery, 1944-45, Member of American, Mis- souri, and Kansas City Bar Associations. Subjects: Legal Medicine, Seminar on Medicolegal Aspects of the Eye, Insurance. THOMAS J. GIBSON, III Assistant Dean 948, University of Texas. Assistant Professor and Associate ity of Texas School of Law 1954-56. Instructor, Uni- .aw School 1950-51. Member, Texas Bar Association. 6. Subjects: Legal Bibliography. E0 G. BLACKSTOCK Professor of Law 1925, LL.B. 1933, University of Texas. ice, Texas, 1933. Chief Examiner, Gas Railroad Commission of Texas, 1937-38. dministration Department, Trinity Uni- nd Sam Houston State Teachers College, of Business Law, University of Texas g Professor of Military Law, University Law since 1953. Member, Travis County Tol. JAGC, 1940-46. Subjects: Military xtlllg. EDWARD WELDON BAILEY Professor of Law B.A. 1920, LL.B. 1928, University of Texas, S.I.D. 1942, Harvard Uni versity. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1928. Practiced with Callaway Gt Reed, Dallas, Texas, 1928-30. Associate Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1930-36, Professor of Law since 1936. Subjects: Private Corpora tions, Trusts, Future Interests, Wills A JULIUS F. FRANKI Visiting Professor of Law B.A., LL.B., University of Texas, 1932 Assistant Attomey General, Austin, 1934-35, member iinn, Hill, Greer 6: Franki, 1935-425 own practice, Austin, since 1945. Lecturer part time, College Business Administration, University of Texas, 1947-48, Lecturer in Law, part time since 1948. Special Assistant, U.S. Ambassador, Santiago, Chile, 1942- 44, U.S. State Department, 1945. Author, "Vernon's Texas Rules of Civil Procedure" and Supplements. Subjects: Civil Procedure and Practice. LEON GREEN Distinguished Professor of Law WILLIAM F. FRITZ Associate Professor of Law B.A. 1935, M.A. 1938, LL.B. 1946, University of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1946. Assistant Professor of Law, University of Texas School of Law, 1946-49, Sterling Fellow, Yale Law School, 1949-50. Summer faculty, Vanderbilt University, 1953. Member Texas State Bar Asso- ciation. U.S. Army, 1943-45. Subjects: Real Property, Marital Rights, Dam- ages. 1 B.A., 1908, Ouachita College, Arkadelphia, Ark. LL.B. 1915, University of Texas, University of Michigan Summer School, 1921, Honorary M.A., Yale University, 1928, LL.D., Louisiana State University, 1938. Appellate Practice, 1920-26, Austin. Dean on leave, University of North Carolina School of Law, 1926, Associate Prof. 1927, Professor, 1928, Professor of Law and Dean of the Law School, Northwestern University, 1929-47. Mem- beii Connecticut, Texas and Illinois bars. Subjects: Torts, Injuries to Re ations. 33111 sf: N . I of tw -. f M A E. ERNEST COLDSTEIN Associate Professor of Law B.A. 1939, Amherst College, LL.B. 1947, Georgetown Unl- versity, SID. 1956, University of Wisconsin. Carneg Fellow, University of Wisconsin, 1955. General Couns Committee of the Judiciary, U.S. House of Representativ 1950-52. Member: District of Columbia Bar, Anny Securi Agency, 1942-46. Subjects: Government Regulation Competition, International Law, International Trade Pro lems, Property. WILLIAM 0. HUIE Professor of Law B.A. 1932, Henderson State Teachers College, Arkansas, LL.B. 1935, Uni- .versity of Texas, S.I.D. 1953, Harvard University. Admitted to practice in Texas in 1935. Practiced with Greenwood, Moody Gr Robertson, Austin, Texas, 1935-36. Assistant Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1936-39, Associate Professor of Law, 1939-46, Professor of Law since 1946, Assistant Dean, 1946-48. Research Fellow, Harvard Law School, 1939-40. Senior Attorney, O.P.A. 1942-43. U.S. Naval Service, 1943-46. Subjects: Marital ,Rights, Oil and Gas. . 1 l r w l 1 GUS MACEY HODGES Professor of Law B.B.A. 1930, LL.B. 1932, University of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1932. Practiced with Leachman 6: Gardere, Dallas, 1932-365 Robertson, Leachman, Payne, Cardere 8: Lancaster, 1936-40. Professor of Law, University of Texas since 1940. Member, Texas State Bar and Travis County Bar Associations. Subjects: judicial Remedies, Trial Procedure and Pleading, Appellate Procedure. WARNER A. HANCOCK Instructor in Law B.B.A. 1943, Baylor University, LL.B. 1948, University of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1948. Practiced at La Feria, Texas, 1949-50, Assistant Secretary, State Bar of Texas, 1951. Instructor, University of Texas School of Law since 1952. Member, State bar of Texas. U. S. Navy, 1943-46. Subject: Legal Aid. HELEN HARGRAVE Law Librarian-Assistant Professor of Law 1926, University of Texas, Attended Columbia Uni- rsity, summer .1940. Admitted to practice in Texas 1926. slstant Law Librarian, University of Texas, 1930-39, Law brarlan since 1940. Member State Bar of Texas, American soclatlon of Law Libraries, President, 1956-57. Subject: gal Bibliography. Attended New Hampshire and Shrlvenham University England: LL.B., Boston University LL M New York University teaching fellowship, NYU: University of Arkansas 1951 53 US Army 1943 46 Emory University 1953 56 Member Massachusetts Bar Massachusetts Bar Association, American Arbrtrators Association Panel of Arbitrators Subjects: Creditor's CORWIN WACCONER JOHNSON Associate Professor of Law A.B. 1939, f.D. 1941, University of Iowa, Sterling Fellow, Yale University Law Schoo, 1941 and 1947. Instructor University of Iowa College of Law, 1946-475 Assistant Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1947-49, Associate Professor since 1949. Special Agent F.B.I., 1942-46. Subjects: Real Property, Water Law, Constitutional Law. Texas Land Titles. LEON LEBOWITZ Visiting Professor of Law Associate Professor of Law, Baylor University School o Law, Waco, Texas. LL.B. 1943, A.B. 1950, Baylor Uni versity, LL.M. 1952, New York University. Associate Pro fessor of Law since 1948. Author, Legal Bibliography an Research f1949J. U.S. Army, 1943-45. Subjects: Agenc dz Partnership, Procedure, Corporations. - sw. ff . .. W CHARLES TILFORD McCORMICK Distinguished Professor of Law B.A. 1909, University of Texas, LL.B. cum laude, Harvard University, 1912. Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1922-26, Professor of Law, University of North Carolina, 1926-81, Dean, 1927-31, Professor of Law, Northwestern University, 1931-40, 1951, Dean and Professor of. Law, University of Texas 1940-49, Summer teaching, Cornell, Yale, Chicago, Stanford, University of Washington, Columbia, Harvard. Subjects: Con- tracts, Federal Procedure, Evidence. WALTER E. OBERER Associate Professor of Law LA. 1942, Ohio Wesleyan Universityg LL.B. 1948 Harvard .aw School, Admitted to practice, Michigan, 1949. Private rractice, Detroit, 1949-55. Lecturer, part-time, Detroit Jollege of Law, 1952-55. U.S. Anny, 1942-46. Subjects: Iriminal Law, Legal Profession, Corporations, Agency and 'artnership, Contracts. KEITH E. MORRISON Professor of Law Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas, 1927-295 B.A. 1931, University of Kansas, M.S. 1989, University of Wyoming, LL.B. 1948, Yale University. Economist, Agriculture Ex- tension Service, University of Wyoming, 1939-41. Asso- ciate Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1948-51, Pro- fessor of Law since 1951. U.S. Air Corps and U.S. Army 1942-45. Subjects: Taxation, Constitutional Law, Adminis- trative Law. E WOODROW WILSON PATTERSON Legal Aid Clinic Director Pre-law, University of Texas, LL.B. 1936, University of Texas School of Law. Admitted to practice in Texas, 1936. Private practice in Austin, Texas, 1936-37, Assistant District Attorney, Travis County, Texas, 1987-415 member of Hrm of Patterson 8: Patterson since 1941. Member: American Bar Association, Travis County Bar Association and State Bar of Texas. Subjects: Legal Aid, Office Practice. JOSEPH TYREE SN EED Professor of Law B.B.A. 1941, Southwestern University, LL.B. 1947, Univer- sity of Texas, Part time Lecturer, University of Texas Bus- iness Administration Department, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Texas 1947-51, Associate Professor of Law 1951-54, Professor of Law since 1954, U.S. Army Air Force, three years. Subjects: Federal Taxation, Estate and Gift Taxation, Creditors' Rights, Fraud and Mistake. MILLARD HARRINCTON RUUD Professor of Law B.S.L. 1942, LL.B. 1947, University of Minnesota. Assistant Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1947-48, Associate Professor of Law, Univer- sity of Texas, 1948-50, Professor of Law since 1950. President, Minnesota Law Review, 1946-47. Assistant Executive Director, Texas Legislative Council 1950-52. Captain, U.S. Army, World War II. Subjects: Legisla- tion, Agency Bt Partnership, Commercial Law, Local Government. HUBERT WINSTON SMITH Professor of Law and Medicine, Director Law-Science Institute A.B. 1927, MBA. 1931, University of Texas, University of Edinburgh Medical School, Scotland, 1936-383 M.D. 1941, Harvard Medical School, LL.B. 1930, Harvard Law School. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1930, Circuit Court of Appeals f5th Cir.D 1933, U.S. Supreme Court, 1934, Massachusetts, 1942. Subjects: Evidence, Legal Medicine 8: Elements of Medicolegal Litigation, The Science of Human Behavior in Relation to Law. ROBERT WELDON STAYTON Distinguished Professor of Law B.A. 1907, University of Texas, 1904-08, LL.B. 1927, Uni- versity of Texas. Practiced law 1908-09, San Antonio, Texas, Berry Sr Kleberg, 1909-23, Corpus Christi, Texas since 1925. Mana ing Secretary, Texas Law Review since 1926. Subjects: Iucicial Remedies, Trial and Appellate Procedure, Judicial Administration, Administration Criminal Law. JOSEPH PARKER WITHERSPOON Professor of Law A.B. 1936, University of Chicago, LL.B. 1948, University of Texas. Assistant Professor of Law, 1948-50, Associate Professor of Law 1950-555 Professor of Law since 1955. On leave of absence 1951-54 as Chief Counsel O.P.S., Ap arel and Service Trades Branches, Assistant Chief Counsel Consumer Soft, Goods Division WaShlH ton DC Member x t , g , . . : Te as State Bar Associa- tion.. Lt. Cmdr., USNR, active duty U.S. Navy, 1942-46. Subjects: Adminis- tratlve Law, Legislation, Constitutional Law, Philosophy of Law and jurisprudence. if GEORGE WILFRED STUMBERG Distinguished Professor of Law B.A. 1909, Louisiana State University, Washington Univer- sity 1909-10, LL.B. 1912, Columbia University, Oxford, England, 1913-14 and portion of 1916, j.D. 1924, Yale Louisiana State University Law School 1919-23 and 1924- 25. Associate and Full Professor, Professor of Law, Uni- versity of Texas since 1925. Visiting Professor of Law Harvard University summer 1948. Subjects: Criminal Law Conflict of Laws, Admiralty. 7 1 IERRE STOCKTON WILLIAMS Professor of Law A.B. 1988, University of Denver, LL.B. 1941, Columbia University, Instructor, University of Iowa Law School, and Faculty Editor, Iowa Law Review, 1941-42, Assistant Pro- fessor of law, University of Denver School of Law, 19469 Associate Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1946-50, Professor of Law since 1950. University of North Carolina, summer, 1952. Subjects: Constitutional Law, Labor Rela- tions, Employees' Rights, Legal Profession, Seminar in Legal and Economic Aspects of Collective Bargaining. E. WAYNE THODE Associate Professor of Law B.S. 1943, University of Illinois, LL.B. 1950, University of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1950. Briefing Attorney Supreme Court of Texas 1950-51, Assistant Attorney General, Texas, 1951-52, Practiced with Ralph Yarborough, 1952-55. Associate Professor of Law, University of Texas, since 1955. Member American Bar Association, Texas State Bar and Travis County Bar Association. Subjects: Procedure, Torts. X X 5 st 5 :el X-.k 16 CHARLES ALAN WRIGHT A.B. 1947, Wesleyan University, LL.B. 1949, Yale tional Law. MARION KENNETH WOODWARD Professor of Law B.A. 1933, University of Texas, M.A. 1940, West Texas State College, LL.B. 1943, University of Texas, Sterling Fellow, Yale University, 1950. Staff Attorney, Phillips Petroleum Co., Amarillo, Texas, 1946. Teacher, Amarillo, Texas, 1935-41, Associate Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1946-49, Professor of Law since 1950, Assistant Dean, 1948-51, Associate Dean, 1951-53. U.S. Army 1943-45. Subjects: Mortgages, Texas Land Titles, Wills and Administration, Oil and Gas. STUDENT ASSISTANT DEANS l EARL GUITAR fall, 1956-spring 1957 1 Visiting Associate Professor of Law Law School, 1949-50 Associate Professor of Law, University of Minnesota, 1950-55. Assistant to the Reporter, United States Supreme Court's.Advisory Committee on Rules of Civil Procedure. Subjects: Procedure, Labor Relations, Constitu- TAYLOR NICHOLS spring, 1957 BOB CARNAHAN spring dr fall, 1956 qw? S wg Qmkmv, x.,. -shi SVR 1 X X X Y ..,x N 'x,N"'M-,M 'NS sv N k.2,- 'ANN xw WQN. g ---. S , 'E jg S K E SQ ii Mr. Henry Lohrmann Assistant Law Librarian Miss Sara Rumbo Library Assistant LIBRARY STAFF Z'-9 Mrs: Mildred Monk Around the Camnus Scene . . Lfbmfy Sefffefafy Mr. Herman Williams Mrs: 'Connie Sprague Lb A 161' If Senior Library Assistant 1 mfg Ss an C l I S S fW -111 ' ,,,,,, y ff gf i i i 2 f . ,1 l ,,,, """' W ---ig: iii: '11' ""'i 4 JZWLLL, ORDER OF THE COIF The American Order of the Coif is the outgrowth of an earlier society known as Theta Kappa Nu, foundedi at the University of Illinois in 1902 for the purpose of promoting scholarship among American aw stu ents. The first national convention of Theta Kappa Nu met on February 18, 1911, at the Hotel La Salle, Chi- cago, and decided to submit to the cha ters for adoption not only a thoroughly revised national con- stitution, but also a recommendation and, change of name. The revision and recommendations were ratified by the chapters and in February of 1912 the first national organization of the Order of the Coif was eHected. Today there are forty-three chapters of the Order. Election to membership in all cases is restricted by the national constitution to the 10 per cent of the Senior Class who have attained the highest rank in their law school work. The University of Texas chapter has an additional requirement that the student must have completed six units of Texas Law Review work. JUNE, 1956 COIF ELECTEES Ioseph Evans Attwell Mrs. Marian O. Boner Charles D. Boston Finis Ewin Cowan, Ir. James Hadiey Edgar James W. Cary Richard A. Freling William W. Gibson, Ir. Richard A. Hall James H. House Jerome W. Kirby Townes S. Leeper Richard Lee McGraw Iohn W. Mitchell Melvin W. Parse, Ir. Edwin Watson Stockly William Eugene Townsley WITH HONORS JUNE, 1956 Melvin Lloyd Null Ioseph jordan French, Ir. JANUARY, 1957 Robert Audian Fairey Denny O. Ingram Elton M. Montgomery James Sam Moore, Ir. joseph Robert Schneider I. Ronald Trost Ramon Arnold VonDrehle Robert Sellers Weatherall AUGUST, 1956 James Harry Ammerman William Lee Bowers, Ir. Iohn Forrest Green, Ir. Muckleroy McDonnald, Ir. Russell Bell McGowen, jr. David William Purcell George Sladczyk, jr. William Emest Watson, Ir Otto Arthur Yelton, Ir. A i SENIOR I C s OFFICERS on 1956-1957 I n Freed, ry-Treasurer e Humble, esident ll Si mmons, -President N i 3 ANISMAN, SHELDON University! of Texas 615 Sout 8th, Memphis, Tennessee Phi Alpha Delta BAKER, JAMES ADDISON, III gimp Princeton 1216 Bissonnett, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer, Moot Court, Quarter- Finalistg Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll, Quizmaster BAKER, RICHARD C. fDiCkQ University of Texas 2600 Ellise, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll BAKER, WILLIAM CHARLES fBillj University of Texas Route 1, Shady Grove, Kerrville, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Quarter-Finalist Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll Quizmaster 22 7 1 SENIORS ADAMS, A. KEMP Texas A. if M. 2621 Pembrook, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta AKARD, JOHN CRAWFORD Texas A. ei' M. 5743 Berkshire, Dallas, Texas Dicta, Editor, Feature Editor, Law Day, Public Relations Committee, Co-Chairman, Consul Awardee ALVIS, ROBERT H. fBobj Hardin-Simmons 1317 Compere, Abilene, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk, Justice, Moot Court, Semi- Finalist, Board Member, Honor Roll, Consul Awardee ANDREW, WILLIAM H., IR. QDocQ Southwestern Medical College 1405 Corona, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Vice justice, National Convention Delegate, National Chairman Scholarship and Awards Committee, Moot Court, Participant SENIORS BARNETT, WALTER EUGENE Ya e 1324 Kingls Highway, Dallas, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Marshalg Moot Court, Quarter- Finalist, Board Memberg Texas Law Review, Edi- torial Board, Editor-in-Chiefg Honor Roll, Chancel- lorsg Carrington, Cowan, Johnson, Bromberg 8: Leeds Awar BASDEN,- MAURICE WAYNE lBillj Texas Western 300 Carolina, El Paso, Texas BENNETT, HENRY CRADY, IR. fHankl Virginia Military Institute 437 West Main, Danville, Virginia BERRY, VERNON R. Texas A. dc M. 705 Pine Tree, Lufkin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Participant E S K l BISHOP, PHILIP RANDLE Southern Methodist University 415 North Smith, Malakof, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll BISSELL, WILLIAM H. Washington University 6914 Arthur, St. Louis, Missouri BLISS, JAMES VIRGIL Uimj Southern Methodist University 7346 Valleio, Dallas, Texas Phi Alpha Delta BONNER, EDDIE VERNEAL fNealQ University of Texas 1205 Aggie Lane, Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Peregrinus, Subscription Director Peregrinus Board, Consul Awardee 23 BROCK, JEROME D., IR. Gerry? University of Texas 2711 Gerachity, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll BROWN, GEORGE EVANS University of Texas 2410 Live Oak, San Angelo, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Rollg Quizmasterg Chancellors BROWN, ROBERT ALLAN fRobj University of Texas 300 South Houston, Longview, Texas Phi Alpha Delta BROWN, THOMAS A., IR. University of Texas Alta Loma, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, Participant, Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll 24 SENIORS BOOKOUT, DONALD LEROY University of Texas R 511 Schley, Hereford, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Clerkg Honor Roll BOYCE, IOHN T. Hack, North Texas State 533 Schmidt, New Braunfels, Texas Delta Theta Phi BREWSTER, JAMES PORTUS University of Texas 1203-F Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas Moot Court, Participant, Honor Roll BRILL, JAMES EDWARD Gimmyl University of Texas 3620 Meadow Lake, Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Deltag Moot Court, Finalist, Peregrinus Staff, Board Member, Law Day, Public Relations Committee, Chief Iustice, Assemblyman, Secretary of Student Association wx- i v ss-- yy 1s ul SENIORS BROWN, WILLIAM ROBERT fBob7 University of Texas 2901 Stanford, Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, Participant, Dicta, Reporter, Honor Roll BRUCE, DAN ABBOTT University of Texas 1100 Glenwood, Tyler, Texas Moot Court, Quarter-Finalist, Honor Roll, Phi Delta Phi BUCHMEYER, JERRY LYNN University of Texas Box 104, Overton, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Athletic Committee, Chairman Grand Chancellor, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Case Note Editor, Honors, Honor Roll Quizmaster, Chancellors, Wright-Morrow Chal font Scholarship BURCH, VORIS REACAN, IR. fBudClyl Texas A. :E M. P. O. Box 487, Liberty, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Candidate Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Chancellors I 5 BURNETT, BOBBY M. University of Texas 510 South Mary, Arlington, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Peregrinus Staff BURTON, THOMAS HOSEA Rice Institute 4302 Avenue Q35, Galveston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, guarter Finalist, Texas Law Review, Editorial Boar , Honor Roll BUSCH, GEORGE D. Texas Christian University 604 Oakland, Plainview, Texas Phi Alpha Delta CALDWELL, VERNON NEIL University of Texas Newgulf, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Peregrinus, Artist, Dicta, Car- toonist, Reporter, Honor Roll, Law Day, Barristers Ball Committee, Chief justice, Associate Justice, Consul Awardee 25 CARUBBI, ANGELO JOSEPH qmoosep Notre Dame 3602 Avenue K, Galveston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll CHEEVER, CHARLES EMMETT, IR. fCharlieD U. S. Militar Academy 120 Claywellf San Antonio, Texas ahh Alpha Delta, Law Review, Candidate, Honor o CHESTER, CHARLES SADLER Vanderbilt 3529 Bryn Mawr, Dallas, Texas Delta Theta Phi CLAYTON, IOHN I. Universit of Denver 3206 Helms, Austin, Texas Praetors 6 SENIORS CAMMACK, CECIL CAGLE, IR. University of Texas Box 1495, Bartlesoille, Oklahoma Moot Court Participant CAMMACK, VIRGIL EILAND University of Texas E 4035 West Alabama, Houston, Texas Honor Council, Dicta, Feature Editor, B tion, Election Commission, Chairman CANTEY, CRAIG C., IR. Universit of Texas 6202 Lage Hurst, Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Law Bachelors Clubbe, man, Board of Governors, Honor Roll CARNAHAN, BOBBY N. Texas Tech Box 64, Hereford, Texas ar Associa- Assembly Phi Alpha Delta, Reporter, Mid Law Class, Secre tary-Treasurer, Board of Governors, Peregrinus Photographer, Honor Roll, Student Assistant to Dean, Law Day, Assault and Flattery Committee Chairman, Mid Law Class, Social Committee Chairman f2a' -cs-N SENIORS CLEMEN T, EVERETT FOY University of Texas 1309 Jeanette, Abilene, Texas CLINE, WILLIAM ALDRIDCE, IR. QBilll University of Texas 1401 Richmond, Wharton, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll CLOSE, GEORGE ROBERT fBObD Texas Tech 801 South Madden, Shamrock, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Marshal, Moot Court, Quarter- Finalist, Board Member, Texas Law Review, Can- didate, Honor Roll, Law Day, Dance Committee, Bar Association, Election Commission OOBURN, JAMES WILLIAM 41303 University oi Texas Box 183, Li erty, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Moot Court, Participant 5 : Ja, M at COLE, HOYT MOORE McMurry College 7915 Tisdale, Austin, Texas' Phi Delta Phig Honor Roll COLVIN, AMOS HOWARD University of Texas 3637 Avenue K, Fort Worth, Texas CONN, BRYAN RICHARD Baglar University 20 East 32nd, Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi COX, ELTON EARL University of Texas 514 Ogden, Wharton, Texas Delta Theta Phi CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES RAYBURN University of Texas 2300 Westover, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta DALE, DAVID University of Texas S. 3251 Huntingdon, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll, Quizmaster DAVIS, DON WALLACE Universit of Texas 6137 Dell Norte, D Phi Alpha Delta DAVIS, IEAN University of Texas allas, Texas Route 10, Box 915, Texarkana, Texas 28 SENIORS COX, SANFORD C., IR. Texas Western 3660 Douglas, El Paso, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Associate Editor, Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Chancel- lors CRAWFORD, JOHN PHILLIP 414. cg Southern University 622 Capp Street, Texarkana, Texas CROOM, SAM GASTON, IR. University of Texas 3743 Olympia, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Associate Case- note Editor, Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Chancellors CROW, DAN CURTIS Universit of Texas 1902 Rozbins Place, La Feria, Texas Delta Theta Phi SENIORS DAY, GEORGE A. Texas A. Je M. 401 West Commerce, Brownwood, Texas Praetors DAY, WILLIAM MARK Baylor University 6403 Nasco, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi DE CRAFFENRIED, DIXON University of Texas 403 Chambers, Marlin, Texas DELLANA, JERRY ANTHONY St. Edwards Route 7, Box 7, Austin, Texas DICKEN S, IOHN POWERS University of Texas P. O. Box 13, Marlin, Texas DITTERT, 1. LEE, JR. University of Texas 250 West Main, Bellville, Texas , Phi Delta Phi, Silver Spurs, President DOWELL, JAMES DALE Texas A. dr M. 1405 Northwood, Austin, Texas DRUMMOND, LARRY A. New Mexico Military Institute Paducah, Texas Delta Theta Phi SJFWT 2 X2 - 4 X '-S X XX X ,X , X 5? A X Q Sf .111X Q ' Q-Q f li 5? .. wS3'gM1 X, XX X c XX X V- ' r X NX xi: X X KX-X. , XAf,.Qx X H H XSX X Z ,i'W'5::X: X , ik QA 1- ' ,-XQXMQX L 5, Sw- -- f 5' i9 X X 4 X X XQ qs X XXX f .LW.. .X X www - ,HESQQFQ "Q ji L- i it X' " 5Z:WS!'4jj5: f - .-vig? - ,, vw ,f X' A:N5iXNYVE5QI - ygkgw . K -.XXXQ ,i MX!! ' -XX X Us X- SN-.3 Ss, A X Qrwiwsffzi.-2 X 2 X X X XXX X X3 N Ng . Q X, Q ' R X ,X X X . ,, Q X QQQTQ, " E511 ,. 5? ip-X-vw x A "-ihvi'-.' 1 55253255525 :..,,, W , 1' " ' X..N.. X ,. ' ifiiizfyiff , ., WX .X N W X- X' X S X wggfhmf V , i ' , ' . X Xi QW 11 Xi xg X X X , XXX , N S Q X 1 KXN1X.LXXf.iX Rf! LL.. 1 XXX. QXXXX N X12 5. -D X X X , N33 www . 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Scholarship FRANZEN, CHARLES ROBERT fChar1ieJ Rice Institute 4807 Eppes, Houston, Texas Senior Law Panel, Chairman FREED, STANLEY University of Texas 2002 Chihuahua, Laredo, Texas Mid-Law Honor Council, Board of Govemorsg Sen- ior Class, Secretaryg'-Moot Court, Semi-Finalist, Board Memberg Law Day, Assault and Flattery Committee, Bar Association, Film Forum 31 SM . 1 ,f - - x -Q-SAY f - o x Lxxxxh NW X S, V XX. ii XXX X 3 xv Q 5. 3 , i X lxbzsi .-wifi X5 4-sy K :sw MR S' I lf, 1 X-lx:-xl fi GQ 55. a.535aefa 1'YN9E?, W Y V fwfaqff .. Q 1 K di 5 ,- gf lm y gx' x gil. 1 N X X, 12 +1 3 5 A-X -AN - X .. OX WW 5:5XEfl1'--e- wlmw :S 'lksxf ik .fe . ifi ffl. ,Q 'flflg' X X SENIORS GOODMAN, KENNETH B. lKenQ West Texas State Canyon, Texas GRANTHAM, CHARLES WILLIAM, IR. lBuddyj Rice Instittue 723 North Edgefield, Dallas, Texas CRESHAM, WILLIS E., IR. Sam Houston State 3102 Rice, Houston, Texas Praetors GRIFFIN, CAMPBELL ARTHUR University of Missouri 1905 Sharon, Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Tribune, Dean, Bar Association, Secretary-Treasurer, Peregrinus, Board Member, Honor Roll, Law Day, Dance Committee, Public Relations Committee, Consul Awardee , GRIFFIN, MELVIN KENNETH acenp University of Texas 2406 Keystone, Odessa, Texas Praetors, Praetor Peregrinus, Election Commission, Dicta, Staff CRUBEN, JAMES FRED Him? Florida Southern 1803 Alta Vista, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi CUEVARA, ALEX B. University of Texas 1215 Ruiz, San Antonio, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll GUITAR, EARL BEAL, IR. University of the South 742 Rioercrest, Abilene, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Rush Chairman, Treasurer, Stu- dent Assistant to the Dean, Law Day, Co-Chair- man 119571, Barristers Ball Committee, John Charles Townes Foundation Scholarship, Consul Awardee 33 HALL, HARRY LEE, IR. University of Texas P. O. Box 206, Edinburg, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Semi-Finalist, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Law Day, Dance Committee, Chairman, Bar Association, Election Commission HALL, JAMES KENNETH fjimj University of Texas Box 35, Edinburg, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Master of the Ritual, Clerk of the Rolls, Peregrinus Photographer HAND, LLOYD NELSON University of Texas 397-E Deep Eddy Apartments, Austin, Texas Moot Court, Participant, Students Association, President, Student Court, Associate Justice, F riars, Abbot HARDEE, RICHARD BROOKS University of Texas Box 117, Chandler, Texas 34 SENIORS GUTHRIE, ROBERT GUY Texas Tech 3212 Lipscomb, Fort Worth, Texas HAAS, JOHN RUFUS Texas A. Jc M. 2055A Sabine, Austin, Texas Praetors, Treasurer, Law Day, Dance Committee HADDEN, ARTHUR ROBY University of Texas Box 743, Fort Stockton, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Mid-Law Peregrinus Representa- tive, Moot Court, Quarter-Finalist, Honor Roll, Law Day, Barristers Ball Committee, Chairman, Bar Association, Election Commission, Consul Awardee HAGAN, CARL H. Texas A. :fc M. 4522 Willowbrook, Houston, Texas renew-ww-fs . 1 SENIORS HARRIS, CHARLES B. Texas A. dt M. 1503 Ash, Georgetown, Texas Phi Delta Phig lst Year Class, Vice-President, Review, Candidate, Honor Roll, Quizmaster HAZEL, CLAUDE RICHARD Universit of Missouri 1706 Hulldy, Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Moot Court, Participant HELMS, IULIAN DEAN DJ Texas Tech Route 1, Floydada, Texas Honor Roll HEWELL, HARRY P. University of Texas Nixon, Texas YE Law 5-'am si :ig S' HILL, EDWARD H. fEdj Texas A. 62' M. 207 East 43rd, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, lst Year Class, Secretary-Treasurer, Board of Governors, Moot Court, Participant, Honor Roll HODGES, A. EARL University of Texas 1398 Meander, Abilene, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Rush Chairman, Exchequer, Honor Roll, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Iota Epsilong Law Day, Assault and F lattery Committee HODG1-ss, yor HOLIVEP., JR. Sam Houston State 2425 San Jacinto, Beaumont, Texas Moot Court, Participant, Inter-Club Council, Presi- dent, University Co-op, Board of Directors, Vice- Chairman HODCES, RICHARD HUFF fDiClQ University of Texas 708 West 19th, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Candidateg Honor Roll 35 HOWELL, ROBERT CLIFTON University of Texas 2707 Warren, Austin, Texas Praetorg Law Day, Public Relations Committee HOY, ROBERT HILARY, IR. University of Texas 4208 Altura, El Paso, Texas HUEY, ROBERT M. fBob7 Texas A. :fc M. 1500 Ridgemont, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Council HUGHES, EDWARD CLINTON fEdj Texas Western Box 698, El Paso, Texas Dicta, Board Member, Managing Editor, Law Day, Food Committeeg Peregrinus, Board Member, Sub- scription Director, Editor-in-Chief, Consul Awardee 86 SENIORS HOFF, CHARLES GOHMERT, IR. University of Texas Cotulla, Texas Vemon Brookes Committee HONTS, R. BRYAN Southern Methodist University 1225 Ohio Garden, Fort Worth, Texas HOOPER, DAVID L. University of Texas 2625 Salado, Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Moot Court, Participantg Law Day, Barristers Ball Committee, Peregrinus, Staff HOWARD, JOHN MAURICE, JR. University of Texas 401 West 37th, Austin, Texas SENIORS HUMBLE, GEORGE A. fH0merQ Texas A. 4.9: M. 607 East Farrar, Groesbeck, Texas Delta Theta Phig Senior Class, President, Honor Roll, Consul Awardee HURT, SAMUEL FUQUA, IR. fsaml U. S. Military Academy Box 72, Odessa, Texas Phi Alpha Delta INGRAM, DENNY C., JR. University 12' Texas P. O. Box 5 7, Kirbyville, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Associate Case Note Editor, Vemon Law Book Prize, Honor Roll, Quizmasterg Chancellorsg Law Day, Assault and Flattery Committee JACKSON, GUY C. qugy Texas A. ck M. Box 787, Anahuac, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Law Day, Assault and Flattery Committee, Chairman JONES, GUY EDWARD University of Texas Box 109, Linden, Texas Law Day, Awards Committee JONES, ROBERT H. East Texas State Box 7658, University Station, Austin, Texas Moot Court, Participant KENNEDY, RICHARD STEPHEN CDickj Sam Houston State Box 25, Warren, Texas KERRY, HENRY E. QI-lanky University of Texas 606 North 3rd, Longview, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Participant 37 LAMBERT, BILL B. University of Texas Atlanta, Texas Praetors, Secretary, Moot Court, Quarter-Finalist LANFORD, ANNELLE University of Oklahoma 1205 West Gibson, Austin, Texas Kappa Beta Pi, Chancellor LEA, RICHARD UNDERWOOD University of Texas Route 2, Box 2320, Orange, Texas LEDBETTER, IACK WALLACE U. S. Naval Academy 2007 Hopi Trail, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi 38 SENIORS KLEFISCH, DIANA 'C. Southern Methodist University 2911 Pearl, Austin, Texas Kappa Beta Pi, Secretary, Honor Roll KORNFELD, IULIAN P. University of Texas 3105 32nd, Lubbock, Texas KRYSA, STANLEY FRANCIS University of Wisconsin 2107C Sabine, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Athletic Chairmang Ho LAMB, ARTHUR cchugp West Texas State 1602 Mustang, Amarillo, Texas nor Roll Moot Court, Participant SENIORS LEMON, GEORGE SIMMS Texas Tech 2709 20th, Lubbock, Texas Delta Theta Phi LEWIS, ROBERT TATE qisudp Southern Methodist University 3115 Southwestern, Dallas, Texas LIEB, DWIGHT LYNDOL Universit of Texas 6140 Callmont, Fort Worth, Texas Delta Theta Phi LINCECUM, ROBERT L. University of Oklahoma 801 East Elm, Altus, Oklahoma Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll Til' LITTENBERG, ROBERT LOUIS fB0bl Colgate 39 Oakland, Warwick, New York Phi Delta Phig Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll, Quizmasterg Eyes of Texas Copywrite Committee, Chairman LITTLE, JACK NEWELL University of Texas 112 Lexington, Big Spring, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll, Student Association, Vice-Presiclentg Friars, Abbot LOCKETT, LANDON JOHNSON University of Texas Box 216, Boerne, Texas LUTHER, MAX I., III University of Texas 3438 Denver, Corpus Christi, Texas Delta Theta Phi 39 MCGEE, WILLIAM TECUMSEH qBi11p North Texas State 204 McGee, Fort Worth, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Mid Law Honor Council, Moot Court, Participant, Law Day, Barristers Ball Com- mittee MCGRECOR, MALCOLM Texas A. 87 M. 2919 Federal, El Paso, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll MCHENRY, RUPERT KINCSLEY fMacQ Baylor College of Medicine 3660 Chevy Chase, Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta MCKINNEY, BUFORD D., JR. University of Texas 34 Kin s Highway, Lawn, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Board of Governors, Moot Court, Quarter-Finalist, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Attomey-General, Assemblyman 40 SENIORS MCATEE, SPARRELL HARVEY Southern Methodist University 3324 Southwestern, Dallas, Texas Dicta, Managing Editor MCDANIEL, IARREL DAVE gen-yy Riverside Colle e Box 72, Farweli Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll MCDANIELS, GUY HUGH University of Texas 2421 Sunset, Houston, Texas Honor Roll MCFALL, JOHN ROBERT fMacJ Texas A. dk M. 4218 South 5th, Abilene, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Dean, Exchequer, Clerk of Rolls Law Day, Usher Committee, Consul Awardee SENIORS MCMANUS, GEORGE DUNN Austin College 1610 North Ricketts, Sherman, Texas Praetors MCNEEL, EDWARD C. Louisiana College 2111 Military Highway, Pineville, Louisiana MCNIEL, DONALD FERGUSON II Harvard 911-C East 32nd, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Pennanent Class Secretary, Moot Court Finals Winner, Moot Court Board Member, Honor Roll, Law Day Program Committee Chair- man, Bar Association Fund Raising Committee Chairman MACEE, L. HOLT, IR. Texas A. ri' M. 1110 Grand, Abilene, Texas Phi Alpha Delta MANDERSON, ROBERT HORACE lBobj University of Texas 1303 Pecan, Bastrop, Texas MARONEY, JACK D. fBuddyj Southern Methodist University 6305 Shoal Creek, Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Honor Roll MARSHALL, PAUL fPabl0D Texas A. ck M. 107 W. Miller, Gladewater, Texas Hildy's Cutback Award MARTIN, DONALD LOUIS lDonj University of Texas Greenville, Delaware Moot Court Participant, Law Day Speakers Committee 41 MILES, JAMES S. New Mexico Military Institute 724 Huff, Taylor, Texas MILLER, JAMES PATRICK QPatj Oklahoma A. JE M. Box 218, Allen, Oklahoma Delta Theta Phi, Membership Committee Chair- man, Honor Roll MINTON, COODRIDGE VENABLE MORTON CCoodyj Unioersit of Texas 6475 Kirgwood, Fort Worth, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Law Review Candidate, Honor Roll MONTGOMERY, ELTON M. fM0ntyD University of Texas 1303-F Braclcenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Rush Chairman, Magister, lst Year Class, President, Bar Association, Board of Cover- nors, Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll, Dicta Board, Consul Awardee 42 SENIORS MEADERS, PAUL L., IR. University of Virginia 2109 San Pedro, San Antonio, Texas Moot Court Participant MENDLOVITZ, MILTON ALLEN University of Texas 722 North Austin, Seguin, Texas METCALF, WALKER N. University of Texas 715 Montana Street, San Antonio, Texas Praetors MIGHELL, KENNETH JOHN KKGIID Universit of Texas 6705 Gal? Drive, Dallas, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Law Day Picnic Committee Silver Spurs, President SENIORS MONTGOMERY, THOMAS DAVID University of Texas 213 Harris Ave., Kilgore, Texas Phi Delta Phi MOODY, NANCY PAXTON University of Texas 2302 Woodlawn, Austin, Texas Kappa Beta Pi, Law Review, Candidateg Honor Roll, Associate justice MOORE, HAROLD EDWARD fHinkQ Texas Western 3503 Winthro J, Fort Worth, Texas Phi Alpha Delta MOORE, JAMES S., IR. Csaml Kansas University 501 Pecan, McAllen, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Editorial Boardg Honor Roll I I l MOUNCE, BILLY JOE New Mexico A. tk M. McLean, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Semi-Finalist, 2nd Prize for Best lst Round Brief, Law Review, Edi- torial Boardg Honor Roll, Quizmaster MOYER, I. HUDSON University of Texas 2405 Crockett, Amarillo, Texas NIEDECKEN, BEN WESLEY, IR. Hardin Simmons Box 391, Hamlin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta NUGENT, DON M. qnonp University of Texas Route 4, Box 138F, Corpus Christi, Texas Praetors 43 PARNASS, LARRY S. University of Texas 5536 Druid Lane, Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Certificate of Merit, Historian, Social Chairman, lst Year Class, Vice-President, Mid Law Class, President, Bar Association, Vice-President, Moot Court, 2 years, Law Review, Editorial Board, Dicta Board, Honor Roll, Quizmaster, James Do- herty Scholarship, Law Day, Co-Chairman Assault and Flattery Committee, Bar Association Award for Outstanding Service, Chairman Fund Raising Committee, Picnic Committee, Consul Award Com- mittee, Consul Awardee PATTERSON, EDWARD I., IR. QECD University of Texas 110 Seaview, Corpus Christi, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, 2nd Round, Honor Roll PAXSON, s1MoN MURY qsamp Texas Western College 446 Buena Vista, El Paso, Texas Moot Court Participant PERMENTER, JAMES ROBERT University of Texas Fredericksburg, Texas 44 SENIORS O,CONOR, ROBERT, JR. CBobJ University of Texas P. O. Box 298, Laredo, Texas Honor Council, Moot Court Participant OLIVER, ROBERT LEE University of Texas 6102 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas PALMER, PHILIP ISHAM, JR. qPhi1p Southern Methodist University 1422 Claude, Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant, Second Round, Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll, Senior Law Panel PARISH, WELBY K. University of Texas Route 2, Gilmer, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Bar Association, President, Moot Court, Quarter Finalist, Board Member, Peregrinus Board, Law Day, Speakers Committee, Consul Awardee SENICRS PERRY, SAM R. University of Texas 540 West Cameron, Rockdale, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Participant PIER, WILLIE ANN lDittyJ Rice Institute 7415 Azalea, Houston, Texas Honor Roll PRESSLER, HERMAN PAUL III fPaulj Princeton 2133 Pine Valley, Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Participant PUCH, GEORGE EDWIN University of Texas Sherman, Texas PUTNAM, GEORGE University of Texas 2241 Irwin Ave., Fort Worth, Texas RATTIKIN, WILLIAM J., JR. Qackj University of Texas 812 Houston, Fort Worth, Texas Phi Alpha Delta RAWITSCHER, JACK JOSEPH Uackl University of Wisconsin 602 2nd Avenue E, Williston, North Dakota Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Mid-term Finalist, Peregrinus Staff RAY, CREAD L., JR. qnapp Texas A. 62' M. Box 297, Waskom, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Exchequer, Vice Dean, lst Year Class, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class, Vice- President, Law Day, Ticket Committee Chaimiang lst Year Class, Class Party Chairman, Mid-Law Class, Class Party Chaimiang Consul Awardee 45 SENIORS REBMAN, JOHN ROBERT Oklahoma A. 62' M. 358-C Deep Eddy Apartments, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll RICHARDS, DAVID READ 910 Franklin, Waco, Texas Phi Alpha Deltag Law Review Candidate, Dicta Board, Honor Roll rfwrsiezii-tizfvf:tif-issf, - .atpail:-af.55115-55g-Qisfiggftqrgijgr 1 f 1.,,, -R . . R X . .Q-,sgtzijrgiwg g R -- A - -' 'C . Ni, 73' 5- lifiikll'5"?fS.'..s X all 0' , . A- ' ii: , .. fe ag sffimigtzxs 'R' .. ',-'fA QR X - nz ii,. r :ff X23 . ' L'.,:5f - 3151 ffitxi-iii?-Rr K reg 1-r .w-wtf wart, awaits-Q ,ii Q ROBERTSON, SAMUEL HOUSTON, JR. CSamj University of Texas Lolzn, Texas Delta Theta Phi ROGERS, GEROME B. qcen-yy Baylor 411 Barker Lane, Waco, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Participant, Award gor Raising Average Most Between lst and 2nd ear ROSS, ROBERT B. University of Texas 404 Pecan, Center, Texas Delta Theta Phi ROWLAND, ROBERT ADRIAN CBobD University of Texas 60 Briar Hollow, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Law Review Candidateg Honor Roll 46 RIENSTRA, JOYCE Washington University 1212 Baston, Nederland, Texas Perefrinus Staff, 2 years RIVERS, WAYLAND C., JR. Southern Methodist University 3506 Lakeland, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta SENIORS RUDBERG, MORTON ALLAN fM01'ty7 Rice Institute 5947 Luther Lane, Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Chancellors RYAN, JOHN FITZGERALD Penn State 1117 Galveston, Laredo, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, 2nd Round SANDERSON, W. EVERETT Lamar Tech 1011 Chicago, Nederland, Texas SCHNEIDER, JOSEPH ROBERT CBobD University of Texas Box 236, George West, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Clerk, Moot Court, 3rd Round, Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll, Law Day, Assault and Flattery Committee SCHUETH, WILLIS MURRAY QBUZZQ University of Illinois 914 N. Center, Bloomington, Indiana SCI-IULZE, RUPERT PHILIP, IR. QPhiD University of Texas 217 Bayside, Corpus Christi, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Participant, Law Day, Picnic Committee SCURLOCK, N. LLOYD University of Texas 2422 Wabash, Fort Worth, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant, Law Re- view, Associate Casenote Editor, Honor Roll, Quiz- master, Chancellors SELMAN, JOHN B. University of Texas Marble Falls, Texas 47 SHATTO, JAMES MARSHALL CJimj Columbia .918 Caplin, Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Quarter-Finalist, Board Member SHELTON, JAMES WILLIAM CJimj University of Texas 334 West Lullwood, San Antonio, Texas SHIVERS, JESSE E., JR. 'Universitr of Houston 1516 Millby, Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Bailiif, Exchequer SHUR, GERALD University of Texas 5812 Duval, Austin, Texas Honor Council Representative 48 SENIORS SHADDOCK, JOE ED University of Texas 2180 Avenue J, Wichita Falls, Texas SHADDOCK, ROBERT EDWARD CECD Rice Institute 427 Laramie Drive, San Antonio, Texas SHANNON, BOB ERIC University of Texas Route 2, Brownwood, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Clerkg Mid-Law Class, Vive-Presi- dent, Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll Quizmaster SHARPLEY, JOSEPH HAROLD QI-IalJ Colgate University 1215 North Stanton, El Paso, Texas mtl SENIORS SHWIFF, MARVIN DAVID University of Texas 18 Cedar Lawn South, Galveston, Texas Phi Delta Phig Moot Court Participant, Honor Roll SIMMONS, DWIGHT MARSHALL University of Texas 5323 Park Lane, Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phig Moot Court, Semi-Finalist, Board Memberg Honor Roll, Law Day, Speakers Commit- teeg Bar Association, Election Commission SIMON, RICHARD U., IR. fDiCkQ University of Texas 2809 Harlanwood, Fart Worth, Texas Phi Alpha Delta SIMPSON, EARL EDWARD University of Texas Jacksboro, Texas Delta Theta Phi S S 3 2 i 5 5 I J SNEDEKER, IOHN SELDEN University of Texas Box E, Combes, Texas Delta Theta Phi, House Manager, Clerk of the Rolls SPEER, JAMES M., JR. University of Texas Box 38, Olton, Texas Phi Alpha Deltag Moot Court Participant SQUYRES, ROBERT T. University of Texas 2503 Copeland, Tyler, Texas STAPLES, STANLEY N. qstanp Abilene Christian College Rt. 1, Box 384, Garland, Texas 49 SENIORS 1 STEELE, NEWTON I. i University of Texas ' 0232 Victor, Dallas, Texas Moot Court, Participantg Bar Association, Consul Award Committee, Election Commission Chairmang , Associate Justice fSummerJ STEINBACH, FRANK WARD University of Texas 1203-D Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas Praetors 1 STERLING, ROSS N. , University of Texas 709 East Live Oak, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Council Representativeg Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll, Quizmasterg Con- sul Awardee STEWART, MACO Princeton 1421 Bayou Shore, Galveston, Texas ' Phi Delta Phig Law Review, Associate Casenote Editorg Honor Roll, Quizmaster STONE, RICHARD BRYAN qoickp University of Texas Box 631, Robstown, Texas Phi Alpha Deltag Moot Court Participant, Honor Rollg Law Day, Chairman Ticket Sales Committee STRAUSS, HENRY IAMES qHankp University of Texas Hallettsville, Texas STUBBS, JOHN EDWARD fjackj University of Texas 3911 Avenue HZ5, Galveston, Texas Delta Theta Phig Moot Court Participant STUDDARD, KENNETH EARL University of Texas 400 Main, Brownwood, Texas Phi Alpha Delta 50 S,5i ! 5 ' . . 1 y 1 1 1 I 1 4 . 4 I si !WNR l95?cN EX -M SENIORS STURMAN, MILTON North Texas 5600 Live Oak, Dallas, Texas TALBOT, MORGAN KRAEMER Universit of Texas 5050 Wilshire, Beaumont, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Participant TARLTON, BEN-IAMIN DUDLEY St. Mary's University 2908 Beanna, Austin, Texas TERRACINA, JOSEPH THOMAS University of St. Thomas 6511 Country Club Drive, Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta THOMAS, MARVIN RUSSELL, IR. University of Texas 833 N. Davis, Sulphur Springs, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Dicta Editor, Law Day, Chair- man Public Relations Committeeg Bar Association, Election Commissiong Consul Awardee THOMAS, WARLICK Abilene Christian College Box 256, Farwell, Texas Moot Court Participant, Honor Roll THOMPSON, LANIS MURL University of Houston 5414 Pate Road, Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Moot Court Participant THOMPSON, ROBERT R. University of Texas 1253 Annapolis, Corpus Christi, Texas Phi Delta Phig Moot Court Participantg Honor Roll 51 pl VAUCHT, WILLIAM EDWARD CBillj University of Texas 207 West Sth, Texarkana, Texas VON DBEHLE, RAMON ARNOLD ffiayl Washington University 305-C Deep Eddy Apartments, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Magisterg Honor Council Chairman, Law Review, Article Editorg Honor Roll, Quiz- masterg Chancellorsg Outstanding Mid-Law Award, Mid-Law Class, Dance Committee, Consul Awardee WALLACE, RICHARD LA MAR fDiCkj University of Texas 911 Cordova, Dallas, Texas Praetors WARD HARRY NATHAN R. University of Texas , 3200 Tom Green, Austin, Texas 52 SENIORS TINSMAN, RICHARD EARL CDickQ University of Texas 331 Primrose, San Antonio, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, Finals Winner, Na- tional Moot Court Team, Chairman Board, Pere- grinus Boardg Honor Roll, Quizmaster TROILO, ARTHUR CHARLES, JR. QArtj St. Mary's University 1027 West Woodlawn, San Antonio, Texas Phi Alpha Delta TROST, J. RONALD fRonniej Rice Institute 3329 Calumet, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Historian, Social Chairinang Law Review, Associate Note Editor, Honor Roll, Quiz- masterg Chuncellorsg Wright-Morrow Scholarship, Micl-Law Class, Social Chairman TWENHAFEL, MARVIN C. Texas A. JZ' M. 510 East Mary, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Deltag Moot Court Participant, Honor Roll l 3, ri X X E SENIORS WARD, JOHN A. III University of Texas Box 5541, Sonora, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, Second Round, Honor Roll WATERS, GERALD T. North Texas 6618 Ascot Lane, Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant, Honor Roll WEATHEBALL, ROBERT S. University of Texas 3935 North Ivy Road, N.E., Atlanta, Georgia Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Associate Note Editor, Honor Roll, Quizmaster WHARTON, B. E. University of Texas 1603 North Travis, Liberty, Texas Delta Theta Phi WHITE, JAMES EDWARD Arlington State College 509 East 42nd, Austin, Texas Praetors WHITEHILL, CLIFFORD LANE Rice Institute Box 2100, Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Moot Court Participant, Law Rc- view, Editorial Board, Honor Roll WHITFIELD, WILLIAM FRANKLIN United States Military Academy 3382 Del Monte, Houston, Texas WILLIAMS, JAMES LLOYD Millsaps College 506 Parke, McComb, Mississippi Phi Alpha Delta, Bar Association, Chairman Elec- tion Connnission, Law School Assemblyman 53 WRIGHT, WILLIAM EMERSON lBilD Universit of Texas 2012 Olgham, Austin, Texas Moot Court Participantg Assemblymang Attomey General WYNNE, GORDON RUSSELL University of Texas Wills Point, Texas YATES, NORRIS W., 111. qBi11p Texas A. ck M. 228 Redwood, San Antonio, Texas Praetors, Secretaryg Moot Court Participant ZARSKY, CLIFF L. Maryknoll College Woodsboro, Texas Moot Court Participant 54 SENIORS WILLIAMSON, HARDY University of Texas Kemp, Texas Delta Theta Phi WILSON, CARL W. University of Texas 1101 W. Walker, Denison, Texas PhhDelta Phig Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Ro WILSON, ROBERT EDWIN lBobj Texas Western El Paso, Texas Dicta Reporter WOHLT, EMIL IOHN, JR. QE. 1.9 Universit of Texas 111 Golchnrod, Houston, Texas r MID-LAW CLASS OFFICERS r FOR 1956-1957 j Bill Campbell, r Vice-President r Owen CBudD Cecil, , President Carl Parker, Secretary-Treasurer MID-LAWS ! M, ' ix 4 m ALLEN, MAX D. University of Texas 315 Calumet, San Antonio, Texas BAKER, DONALD 0. University of Texas Box 872, Huntsville, Texas BALSON, IOSEPH RONALD University of Texas 411 Crestland, Austin, Texas BARNE'I'I', EDWARD WILLIAM Rice Institute 3005-D Red River, Austin, Texas BENARDINO, WILLIAM JOSEPH Sam Houston State 1210E Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas BENSON, STUART University of Texas 2418 South 19th, Abilene, Texas MID-LAWS ADCOCK, RUFUS JAMES University of Texas 1623 West 7th, Fort Worth, Texas ADKINS, ALLAN BRITI' University of Texas 1602 Bonham, Amarillo, Texas ADOUE, JACQUES P., JR. University of Houston 3109E Red River, Austin, Texas AI-IRENS, CARL WILLIAM University of Illinois 2913 Beanna, Austin, Texas ALEXANDER, HERBERT LLOYD, JR. University of Texas 5624 Wickersham, Houston, Texas ALLEN, GEORCANNE University of Texas 3304 Funston, Austin, Texas MX 2 MID-LAWS BERCNER, RICHARD F. University oi Texas 10421 Heat er, Dallas, Texas BERNARD, DONALD RAY University of Texas 3620 South MacGregor, Houston, Texas BISHOP, CLYDE C. North Texas State Box 123, Wink, Texas BLACKI-IAM, SAM R. Texas Western 1132 Circle, El Paso, Texas BLUESTEIN, EDWIN A., IR. University of Texas 3323 Perry, Austin, Texas BOERNER, JOE V., JR. University of Texas 24048 Winsted, Austin, Texas BOC-A'I'I'O, RICHARD PAUL Rice Institute 1416 Yupon, La Marque, Texas BOCLE, BILL F. Texas Christian University 909B East 37th, Austin, Texas BONDIES, WALTON PORTER, IR. Southern Methodist University 2503 Hartford, Austin, Texas BONNER, LOLA LEE Texas A121 Box 15, Gregory, Texas BOOTH, FRANK R. University of Texas 806 Columbus, Austin, Texas BOUSQUET, THOMAS G. University of Texas H 715 Park Place, Austin, Texas 57 CALHOUN, RONALD BEEDER Texas Western 608 Elmwood, Austin, Texas CAMPBELL, BILLY A. McMarry College 3006 39th, Snyder, Texas CARDENAS, RUBEN RAUL St. Edward's University 621 North 7th, McAllen, Texas CATER, IOHN THOMAS University of Texas 721 Canterbury, San Antonio, Texas CECIL, OWEN WILLIAM University of Texas 1106-E Breckenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas CHOATE, JIM K. Texas Tech 733 Cundiff, Littlefield, Texas MID-LAWS BOYD, IAMIE C. Hardin-Simmons 643 Palm, Abilene, Texas BREWER, EDWIN E. Texas A. ck M, 1331 West 7th, Freeport, Texas BRISTER, BILL Northwestern Louisiana 15068 East Side, Austin, Texas BROWN, WILLIAM SYLVANUS University of Texas Route 1, Te ephone, Texas BRUNE, DAVID HAMILTON University of Texas P.O. Box 2, Anna, Texas CAIN, PAT N. North Texas State 123 South Rosemont, Dallas, Texas MID-LAWS CLAYTON, MONROE NELSON, IR. University of Texas 304 East Dodge, Tyler, Texas GLINES, ROBERT PATRICK University of Texas 815 East 31st, Austin, Texas COATE, JAMES E. University of Texas Box 865, Wink, Texas COIT, HAROLD LEE Baylor University 1100 Summit, Austin, Texas COLLINS, ALICIA TUREK College of New Rochelle 708 East Cardwell, Brownfield, Texas COLLINS, JESS ROGER U.S. Naval Academy 708 East Cardwell, Brownfield, Texas COPELAND, WELDON STONE Texas Western 3614 Crestline, F ort Worth, Texas COTTON, DONALD LEE Texas Western 1913 Piedmont, Austin, Texas CROW, ALLO B., IR. University of Texas 1607 Preston, Austin, Texas CROWELL, EDWARD ELTON University of Texas 3604 Shenandoah, Dallas, Texas GROWLEY, GEORGE ALLEN University of Texas 4301 Kenwood, Fort Worth, Texas DARNALL, JOSEPH ROGERS, IR. University of Texas 3209 Duval, Austin, Texas 59 W De la CARZA, ESTELLA University of Texas 1720 Lane, Laredo, Texas DERRICK, WILLIAM JAMES U i 't T 32l3lTeli?e3n1?Zis, Ealgaso, Texas DesTEFANo, MARTIN JOSEPH Unioersit of Texas 403 Hallf Heame, Texas DICKERSON, BILLY RAY University of Texas 805 North Wigley, Mineola, Texas DOBBINS, PEGGY WELLS Smith College 322 Velarde, Coral Gables, Florida DOUCLASS, FRANK R. Southwestern University Goliad, Texas MID-LAWS DAVEE, ROBERT C. University of New Mexico 101 East 15th, Brady, Texas DAVID, JOHN LEWIS Texas A. J: M. Route 3, Corsicana, Texas DAVIS, CRESWELL DEAN North Texas State 60854 Park Place, Austin, Texas DAVIS, FRANK BARRETT University of Texas Box 625, Richmond, Texas DAVIS, LEONARD E. Trinity University 505 Goodwin, Port Neches, Texas DEFFEBACH, WILLIAM THOMAS University of Texas 3113 Avenue T, Snyder, Texas MID-LAWS DOUTHITT, TROY, IR. Midwestern University 5002 Placid, Austin, Texas DUGCAN, EDMUND B., IR. University of the South 7521 Creekwoofl, Houston, Texas DUVALL, JEAN KYLE University of Texas 4230 Belclaire, Dallas, Texas ELLIS, GEORGE THOMAS Ohio State 2607 Craigmont, Houston, Texas ELLIS, IOHN BAXTER University of Texas 811 West 6th, Austin, Texas EYSTER, CHARLES RICHARD Texas A. ri' M. 458 McLeod, Corpus Christi, Texas FAULKNER, IOHN BRYANT Texas Christian University 1215 Alegria, Austin, Texas FINK, NORMA LEE U.C.L.A. 122 East Mariposa, San Antonio, Texas FINNEY, DAVID RAY Texas Christian University Box 63, Azle, Texas FLEMINC, BOBBY W. Texas Western 610 Wilmes, Austin, Texas FLETCHER, THOMAS, IR. Southern Methodist University Montrose Blvd. Apartments, Houston, Texas , FLICK, ROLAND NQRTH, JR. University of Texas 1921 Sharp Place, Houston, Texas 61 CILL, HALLIE WARD, IR. Texas Tech 1514 Fairmount, Fort Worth, Texas GOLDSTON, DONALD N. Texas Christlkzn University 3228 Coekrell, Fort Worth, Texas GOLLER, THEODORE, IR. University of Oklahoma 1919 Pasadena, Austin, Texas COWAN, IAMES ALBERT University of Texas 56 West, Bay Shore, New York GRAHAM, GEORGE A., IR. University of New Mexico 4524 Park Lane, Dallas, Texas CREER, CODY D. University of Texas 1 6 1 6 B Brackennkige Apartments, Austin, Texas MID-LAWS FLOWERS, ERNEST JOHN Texas Christian University 4925 Dexter, Fort Worth, Texas FRANKLIN, WILLIAM PAUL Texas A. dc M. Box 1817, Midland, Texas FRYBURCER, L. BRUCE University of Cincinnati 1349 Custer, Cincinnati, Ohio FURLOW, KENNETH D. Lamar Tech 614 Euclid, Beaumont, Texas GARDERE, GEORGE PIERRE, IR. University of Texas 10265 Inwood, Dallas, Texas GARNER, JAMES FREDERICK Yale 2502A West 12th, Austin, Texas MID-LAWS HALL, ROBERT A. Rice Institute 301 East 34th, Austin, Texas HARRELL, MARSHALL ALLEN, IR. University of Texas 228 Bluebonnet, San Antonio, Texas HART, FRANK L. Texas Western 12120 Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas HASKETT, MARTIN C., JR. Texas Anil 424 Avenue A, Robstown, Texas HATOFF, HOWARD I. Ohio State 708A East 238, Austin, Texas HEARNE, DOUGLASS DODSON Texas A. ci M. Blanco, Texas HEITLER, IOHN EDWARD University of Texas 811 West 6th, Austin, Texas HILLMAN, IACK EUGENE University of Texas 1404 West 12th, Apartment C, Austin, Texas HOLLINGSWORTH, JOHN BRUCE Southern Methodist University 1317 East Polk, Harlingen, Texas HOLMAN, DIXON WADE University of Texas 5800 El Campo, Fort Worth, Texas HOUSER, FRANKLIN D. Kansas State 1703 North C, Wellington, Kansas HUDSPETH, HARRY LEE University of Texas 4316 Rawlins, Dallas, Texas JARRETT, JOHN W. University cy' Texas 1606 Ethri ge, Austin, Texas JOHNSON, NICHOLAS University of Texas 710 East 19th, Apartment 2, Austin, Texas JONES, RICHARD OWEN University of Wichita 1931 Cherry, Amarillo, Texas KAIN, JOHN OWEN St. Edward's University 310 West Sears, Denison, Texas KAUFMAN, RICHARD FRANCIS University of Texas 15 Gilbert, Great Neck, New York KEAHEY, JAMES HOWARD University of Texas 1812 Bremen, Austin, Texas MID-LAWS HUGO, GEORGE WILLIAM Southern Methodist University 3723 Colquitt, Houston, Texas HUNTER, THOMAS R. University of Texas 2020 Rundell, Austin, Texas IRION, JAMES R., III Texas Christian University 231854 Sabine, Austin, Texas JACKSON, ALFRED J., JR. University of Texas 407 Turner, Cleburne, Texas JAMES, GERALD DODSON Texas All 1129 West Kennedy, Kingsville, Texas JAMESON, JAMES W. North Texas State Montague, Texas MID-LAWS KEAHEY, RICHARD HALL University of Texas 208 S. Washington, San Angelo, Texas KELLEY, SAM LYNN North Texas State Alvarado, Texas KING, DAVID WARD University of Missouri 102B East 30th, Austin, Texas KUHNE, CECIL CRAWFORD Vanderbilt 3007H Red River, Austin, Texas LAFFAN, BRIAN FRED University of Texas Newton 4173-1, Mexico D.F., Mexico LEA, HUGH OCHILTREE U.S. Naval Academy Route 2, Box 232, Orange, Texas LEWIS, GLENN WILLIAM University of Texas 2311 Live Oak, San Angelo, Texas LITTLE, IACK E. Texas Tech 3715 Annetta, Midland, Texas LITTLE, JACK M. University of Texas 300 West 27th, Austin, Texas MCBRAYER, ODELL L. University of Texas Clarendon, Texas MCCOY, C. FRANCE Harvard 604 Elmwood, Apt. 4, Austin, Texas MCCULLOUCH, GRAHAM University of Texas 1414 East Polk, Harlingen, Texas MASON, JOHN BELL, IR. Vanderuilt 4201 Ramsey, Austin, Texas MAYHALL, ROBERT FREEMAN Texas Western 1215 Baltimore, El Paso, Texas MILES, BRADLEY C. University of Texas 315 South Bishop, San Angelo, Texas MILLER, WILLIAM T. Texas A. Jc M. 5518 Crane, Houston, Texas MITEFF, METO Unioersit of Texas 2744 Wlllins, Fort Worth, Texas MORTON, FREDERICK Texas Western 1910 North Stanton, El Paso, Texas 66 ,,. QL. el, ,. - . ,Syl x :sis . . X. X X is X . of -sa, .. x x " X 5 Elfffiii -if 1- -5:7 -.Q 2-. ss .-33. ,. 'NY . sr N .. , ' Q was as . x I . ,M -- I '-gi we . K ' Q.. Q o.-- 1 x ,. N A E FQ , ,N ,X as E NSY W Q S, X ss , X QC xx I 1, x ,sg X , 29 s X ., X X Q-. X Q' X fs , QNX X Q .X f s , .X X X X MID-LAWS MCDONALD, DONALD C. University 3 Texas 1608 Ethr' ge, Austin, Texas MCCEE, HENRY L., IR. University of Texas Trinidad, Texas MCKNICHT, BILLY MARK University of Texas 5523 Reiger, Dallas, Texas MANER, IOHN F. Texas Tech 2404 Swisher, Austin, Texas MARESH, TIMOTHY GEORGE University of St. Thomas 307 Granger, Granger, Texas MARGOITTA, ANTHONY CHARLES Texas A. ck M. Highbank-Eloise, Texas -qv X I MID-LAWS MOUDY, RAY P. University all Texas 2408 Hemp ill, Greenville, Texas MYERS, BOB D. University of Texas 1204 Autrey, Houston, Texas NAUGHTON, HOWARD FRANCIS University of Texas 604 Crestland, Austin, Texas NELSON, IOHN KEITH Washington ci' Lee 1605 Buchanan, Wichita Falls, Texas NEUMANN, LOUIS C. University of Texas 606 East 1st, Hearne, Texas NICHOLS, TAYLOR, IR. University of Texas 318 East Avenue D, Robstown, Texas NOAK, ARVIS E. Texas A. Jr M. Route 1, Box 102, Round Top, Texas OLIPHANT, ROBERT EDWIN University of Texas 409 Barnett, Kilgore, Texas OWEN, DAVID ROBERT Princeton 4710 Duval, Austin, Texas PARKER, CARL ALLEN University of Texas 1649 17th, Port Arthur, Texas PARKER, TOM Texas A. ci' M. 1309 North Big Spring, Midland, Texas PEVEHOUSE, IACK Southern Methodist University 1403 Wooldridge, Austin, Texas 67 r RATLIFF, IOHN THOMAS University of Texas 300 West 27th, Austin, Texas REESE, DONALD GALE Universitye of Texas 1110 Gil spie, Austin, Texas REHFELD, JAMES WRIGHT University of Texas 1526 Melbourne, Corpus Christi, Texas REYNOLDS, ROBERT BRUCE University of Texas 4338 North 56th, Phoenix, Arizona RISLEY, GERALD PORTER, IR. West Texas State 1105 Rosemont, Amarillo, Texas ROBERTS, WAYNE E. Texas Christian University 2416 21st, Lubbock, Texas MID-LAWS PHILLIPS, CARL M. University of Texas 2307 Longview, Austin, Texas PILCHER, WAYLAND DALE University of Texas 605 Stirman, Corpus Christi, Texas POULOS, AUDREY ELIZABETH University of Texas 2823 Hazel, Texarkana, Texas PRACER, DONALD LOUIS University og Texas 309 East 3 rd, Austin, Texas PRICE, MARTIN L. Baylor University Box 509, Brownwood, Texas PRIMM, TOM C. University of Texas 2906 Primrose, Fort Worth, Texas MID-LAWS ROSE, JEROME ROBERT University of Texas 4110 Roseneath, Houston, Texas RUSSELL, CHARLES BARDEN, JR. University of Texas 110755 East Warren, Victoria, Texas RYLEE, ROBERT T., II University of Texas 1901 Stamford, Austin, Texas SCHENK, CLETUS CHARLES Midwestern University 4610 Speedway, Scotland, Texas SCHILL, GUS AUGUST, JR. Rice Institute 6617 Buffalo, Houston, Texas SCOTT, THOMAS RANSOM Rice Institute Brazaria, Texas SEWELL, THOMAS MONETTE, JR. North Texas State Box 112, Blooming Grove, Texas SHANKS, JAMES PAUL H ardin-Simmons Baird, Texas SHULTZ, W. O., II University of Texas 600 Oak, Sweetwater, Texas SHURLEY, JERRY NEILL University of Texas Sonora, Texas SIEGMUND, MARTIN O. University iz Texas Route 1, W itesboro, Texas SIMMONS, LUTCHER BLADES Texas A. ri' M. 712 Cherry, Orange, Texas STEWART, INA BACKMAN Raclcltfe 1421 Bayou Shore, Galveston, Texas STEWART, WELLS Princeton 1421 Bayou Shore, Galveston, Texas STOCNER, ROBERT L. University of Texas 604 West 28th, Austin, Texas STONE, DONALD LAMAR University of Texas P.O. Box 60, Jacksonville, Texas STUDDARD, DON E. University of Texas 400 Main, Brownwood, Texas SULLIVAN, FRED M. University of Texas 1957 Red River, Austin, Texas MID-LAWS SLAUCHTER, EDWARD DAN, JR. University og Texas 1822 West 9th, Austin, Texas SNEED, THOMAS ALAN University of Colorado 1021 Rusk, Amarillo, Texas SPENCER, BRYAN STULTING Texas A. nk M. 907 14th, Galveston, Texas STEED, GENE EARL Texas A. ri' M. Box 281, Groom, Texas STEELE, HOWBERT A. New Mexico Western 403 South Pierce, Burnet, Texas STEINBERGER, IOHN CLINTON University of Texas 1604 West College, Midland, T010-Y MID-LAWS SWANNER, CHARLES BEN-IAMIN University of Texas 6406 Meadow, Dallas, Texas SWIFT, T. GROVER, IR. Texas Christian University 3917 West 4th, Fort Worth, Texas TAYLOR, ALBERT SCOTT University of Texas 701 Manor, Austin, Texas TAYLOR, IAMES S., IR. University of the South 2625 Sunset, Houston, Texas THOMPSON, BILL G. Texas Christian University Box 926, Throclcmorton, Texas THOMPSON, IIMMIE NOBLE Texas A. ci' M. 709 Church, Paris, Texas THURLOW, THOMAS NEILSON University of Texas 5610 Southwestern, Dallas, Texas THURMOND, ROGER H. Rice Institute 310 Pecan, Del Rio, Texas TICHENOR, MCHENRY TAYLOR University of Texas Bax 711, Harlingen, Texas TITA, JOSEPH L. F ardham 2704A Nueces, Austin, Texas TOWERY, ROBERT LINDLEY University of Texas 1032 East Jessamine, Fort Worth, Texas TULLIS, ERNIE WINTON University if Texas 906 West 2 54, Austin, Texas l 71 WECKSTEIN, DONALD T. University of Wisconsin 2215 Leon, Austin, Texas WENDLANDT, WALTER G. Texas A. k M. 704 Baylor, Austin, Texas WHITE, CREIGHTON NEIL University of Texas , 716 Vine, Colorado City, Texas WILLIAMS, MORGAN KENNETH Texas Christian University 2108 Lipscomb, Fort Worth, Texas MID-LAWS TURNER, ROGER A. Duke University 2704A Nueees, Austin, Texas TURNER, ROGER LINN Arlington State 1824 Montclair, Fort Worth, Texas UNGERMAN, ARTHUR IRVIN Southern Methodist University 6162 Northooen, Dallas, Texas VAN DE MARK, SCOTT MACGRECOR Rice Institute 2117 Rosedale, Houston, Texas WAHLQUIST, JACK RAINARD Yale 6281 Revere, Dallas, Texas WARFORD, HAROLD L. University of Texas P.O. Box 464, Breckenridge, Texas . X 1s Www A 5 X E 1 MID-LAWS WILLIAMS, RICHARD ABE University of Texas Bax 414, La Grange, Texas WILLIS, WILLIAM LAURENCE University of Texas Box 242, Edna, Texas WILSON, H. COKE University of Houston 1806 West Alabama, Houston, Texas WINCATE, ROY STEPHEN Uniuers-itz of Colorado 1046 Ru y, Orange, Texas WINSTON, WILLIAM D. Unioersitx of Texas 507 Nort Bynum, Lufktn, Texas WOOLSEY, BILL N. University of Texas 317 Bermuda, Corpus Christi, Texas YOUNG, BARNEY THORNTON Yale 1018 H illcrest, Amarillo, Texas YOUNCER, LEICHTON KEITH University of Texas. 1513 Pease, Austin, Texas ZWEIG, HAROLD I. University of Texas 400 West 29th, Austin, Texas iiiiiiiii iiiiiiii QQ' FIRST YEAR OFFICERS FIRST YEAR OFFICERS FOR SPRING 1957 FOR FALL 1956 Max Hamilton, Honor Council Marcia Rogers, Secretary-Treasurer Herbert Hooks, Secretary-Treasurer Solon Loving, Vice-President Dudley Mann, Vice-President john McClane, President liiiiifn. Lnws fr Nl W E JE N, T' ' 42,5 L gif? C L LLL A211 i 5 I Y saw -:N or A A A A i N A A eeeeeeee AeeeeAAAeeeeeeLAeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee H w M MSQQ is LI L I s . r . is as FIRST YEAR LAWS ABBOTT, THEODORE S. University of Texas 1216F Breckenridge Apts., Austin, Texas ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY Rice Institute Houston, Texas ADAMS, STANLEY EDWARD University of Texas 110 Churchill, San Angelo, Texas ALEXANDER, IVAN, IR. East Texas State Box 296, Emory, Texas ANDERSON, JOE E. University of Texas 4017 Avenue 02-5, Galveston, Texas ANDREWS, THOMAS MARVIN Universit of Texas 1607 Sugolk Drive, Austin, Texas ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM DONALD University of Texas 3021 20th Street, Lubbock, Texas ASTON, B. RICE Rice Institute 5001 Mandell, Houston, Texas AUSBURN, JAMES MACK North Texas State 3823 South Walters, San Antonio, Texas BAILEY, SCOTT North Texas State 208 East 23rd Street, Cisco, Texas BAIRD, RUSSELL LEROY, IR University of Texas 11623 Spriggs Way, Houston, Texas BAKER, DON L. Abilene Christian College Box 3052, Austin, Texas BLAND, ASA VAN University of Texas 1712 Palma Plaza, Austin, Texas BLEV INS, ROBERT L. Unioersit of Texas 210 South Travis, Seguin, Texas BLUMENTRITT, ROSS BRUCE University of Texas 1700 West Illinois, Midland, Texas BOOTH, CRAWFORD H. Universitat of Texas 4613 Oa mont, Austin, Texas BOWERS, RICHARD E. University of Texas 3117 13th Street, Bay City, Texas BRUNETTE, PAUL HARDY University of Texas 393D Deep Eddy Apts., Austin, Texas 76 FIRST YEAR LAWS BANDY, BILLY M. Universitz of Texas 207 Sout Palestine, Athens, Texas BARTZ, JAMES L. University of Texas 4017 Sacramento, El Paso, Texas BAUM, SCOTT GILBERT, IR. New Mexico School of Mines 921 North Cochran, Hobbs, New Mexico BEAZLEY, HERBERT MALCOM Universit of Arizona 2012 Bollsover, Houston, Texas BEELER, RALPH F., IR. Unioersit of Texas 5675 Dollver, Houston, Texas BLAKELEY, THOMAS ALTON, JR. University of Texas 4613 Mockingbird, Dallas, Texas I l , FIRST YEAR LAWS BRYANT, JACK EDWARD Texas A. ek M. Mertzon, Texas BURKE, WILLIAM T. J. Yale University 3711 Tangley Road, Houston, Texas BURNS, JOHN M., III Columbia University 3525 Schoolhouse, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania BURTON, CHARLES RAY University of Texas 3106 Spurlock Street, Dallas, Texas BURTON, WILLIAM HENRY Howard Payne College 1513 Inwood, Garland, Texas BUSCH, THEODORE PAUL College of Saint Thomas 5346 Dupont, Minneapolis, Minnesota B BYRD, JAMES HAL University of Texas 3389 Inwood, Houston, Texas CALDWELL, H. LEE University of Texas 1314 Elmwood, Abilene, Texas CALDWELL, JAMES ROBERT University of Texas Box 5311, Sondra, Texas CALHOUN, FRANK WAYNE Texas Tech Route 2, Box 160, Port Lavaca, Texas CAMPOS, JOHN L. University of Texas 609 Park Place, Austin, Texas CANNON, JOE BARNETT North Texas State 109 South Kaufman, Mexia, Texas 77 CLARK, WILLIAM PARRISH, JR. University of Texas 1605 R' gernont, Austin, Texas CLEVELAND, JOSEPH H. West Texas State 903 Bowie, Amarillo, Texas CLINE, JAMES HALLMARK University of Texas 1125 Terrace, Pampa, Texas COFFEE, JAMES RICHARD Texas Christian University 2305 Red River, Austin, Texas COFFEE, JON NORMAN University of Texas 2001 Whitis, Austin, Texas COFFIELD, CONRAD EUGENE Washington University 1516 Northwood, Austin, Texas 78 FIRST YEAR LAWS CARROLL, JAMES EDWARD Baylor University 608 Richardson, Henderson, Texas CARROLL, PAUL VOTTELER University of Texas V. A. Center, Box 516, Dayton, Ohio CARTWRICHT, CHARLES N. University of Texas 2718 Centenary, Houston, Texas CAVIN, JOHN A. University of Texas 3010 Hayden, Amarillo, Texas CECIL, LAMAR JOHN RYAN, JR. Rice Institute 2495 Broadway, Beaumont, Texas CLARK, WHIT H. University of Texas 9054 Briarwood, Dallas, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS COOK, JAMES MICHAEL University of Texas 3220 Blgham, Fort Worth, Texas COOK, SCOTT T. Texas A. ai' I. 718 Hickory, Alice, Texas COVINGTON, JAMES S, University of Texas 1304 Rio Grande, Austin, Texas COX, ROBERT B. Texas Tech 705 North 8th, Lamesa, Texas CRAWFORD, BRAD, JR. Texas Tech 1404 West 12th, Austin, Texas CRAWFORD, OTHO LOYD University of Texas 2604 Nasworthy, San Angelo, Texas CROFT, JOHN W. University of Texas 5231 Pine, Jacksonville, Texas CUNNINCHAM, PAUL E. University of Texas DeKalb, Texas CURTIS, THOMAS ATKINSON University of Texas Apt. 4, Greenacres, Amarillo, Texas CUTRER, LEWIS WESLEY, IR. Vir inia Military Institute 36.56 Ella Lee, Houston, Texas DADE, MALCOM North Texas State Gladewater, Texas DARDEN, CONRAD LIN Baylor University Box 574, Olney, Texas DEVINE, THOMAS JEROME University of Texas 4512 East Avenue, Austin, Texas DEWES, EDWARD E. Austin College 514 Robinhoad, San Antonio, Texas DEWEY, RICHARD B. Brown University 1907 San Antonia, Austin, Texas DICKINSON, CLEMENT PARKS Louisiana State University 4027 Octavia, New Orleans, Louisiana DICKSON, IAMES F AGAN University of Texas 2004 Sharon Lane, Austin, Texas DICKSON, ROBERT TEMPLE U '- 't T 60llbEassty2tl3C'5, Silgaetwater, Texas 80 FIRST YEAR LAWS DAVIS, BRYAN HOLT University of Texas 2708 North Pecan, Nacogdoches, Texas DAVIS, ROBERT A. University of Texas 1131 West Mayfield, San Antonio, Texas DAVIS, ROBERT TAYLOR University of Texas 1600 Gaston, Austin, Texas DE ASES, EDUARDO EVARISTO Del Mar College 309 Adams, Corpus Christi, Texas DE CORDOVA, DONALD LESTER University of Texas 2348 Rusk, Beaumont, Texas DE VERTER, PAUL LOGAN II. University of Texas 501 San Jacinto, Bayton, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS DREW, KENNETH WAYNE University of Texas 2105 West Second, Corsicana, Texas EAKIN, TERRY CLAY Denver University 4210 Prescott, Dallas, Texas EBERT, ALFRED HARRY, IR Washington and Lee 138 Park Hill, San Antonio, Texas EHRLE, WILLIAM L. McMurry College 609 Avenue G Northwest, Childress, Texas ELLISOR, ARTHUR IAMES Kansas State 1501 Austin Lane, Austin, Texas FARABEE, KENNETH RAY University of Texas 2313 9th, Wichita Falls, Texas FARISS, IACK Rice Institute 4630 Kingfisher, Bellaire, Texas FLOYD, WILLIAM ESLEY Texas A. ci M. Haney Grove, Texas FOSTER, WILLIAM C. Southwestern University 908 Indianola, Cuero, Texas FOUTS, AUBREY JAN Texas Tech 203 East 30th, Rule, Texas FOX, EDWARD JORDAN, IR Rice Institute 4602 Sherman, Galveston, Texas FOX, HARRY DANIEL University of Texas 101 Fremont, Shreveport, Louisiana GOMEZ, ANASTACIO, IR. University of Texas 449 West Washington, Brownsville, Texas Y GOODRUM, MOULTON ALAN, IR. University of Texas 210 East Cedar, Seguin, Texas GORDON, WILLIAM HYATT, JR. Rice Institute 4412 West 16th, Lubbock, Texas GREENBURG, SEINWIL LOUIS University :if Texas 2398 Laure , Beaumont, Texas GRODAHL, EDWARD L. University of Texas 901 Cunningham, Corpus Christi, Texas GURWITZ, GARY REAGAN University of Texas Three Rivers, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS FRANCIS, ROBERT H. University of Texas 1613 Mohle Drive, Austin, Texas FRENCH, PAUL E. Universit of Texas 1614 Julllson, Longview, Texas GALBRAITH, GERALD C. University of Texas 6816 Casa Loma, Dallas, Texas GALVIN, EUSTACIO A. University of Texas 611 Biddle, San Benito, Texas GILBERT, JAMES F. University of Texas 2513 Rio Grande, Austin, Texas GLASS, JUANDELL DOYLE West Texas State Box 923, Post, Texas S NR X X X ,E X xx xv Q . :i f ER! S? ts?" X X 5 N! X N N X X X Q X ww 5 X2 S Y X X QR i E s gy XXX? HOOPER, VAN University of Texas 2625 Saludo, Austin, Texas HUFF, ROBINETTE GAY University of Texas 2201 33rd, Lubbock, Texas HUFFMAN, WILLIAM MARION Texas A. ck M. Route 35, Longview, Texas HUGHES, IIM O. University of Texas 910 Wilbarger, Vernon, Texas JAWORSKI, JOE University of Texas 2417 Winsted Lane, Austin, Texas JEFFERSON, ANDREW L. Texas Southern 2602 Barbee, Houston, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS HENDRICK, THOMAS COULD Texas A. 6: M. 119 Santa Rita, Odessa, Texas HENDRICKS, IAMES ELLIOTT University of Texas Route -1951, Rogers, Texas HISKEY, MARY BETH North Texas State Canton, Texas HOLDSWORTH, THOMAS KIRK M cMur College Frederibzsburg Star Route, Kerrville, Texas HOLITZKE, PAT H. University of Texas Box 54, Crosby, Texas HOOKS, HERBERT LEE University of Texas 1305 West Elk, Henderson, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS JETT, LOIS M. University of Texas 718 Austin, Liberty, Texas JOHNSON, JOE LINDALE University of Texas 3439 Ke logg, Dallas, Texas JONES, CHARLES RAYMOND University! of Texas 2318 Da las, San Angelo, Texas JONES, HARRY STEPHEN Rockhurst College 4140 Harrison, Kansas City, Missouri JORDAN, V. MURRAY University of Texas 1501 South Pine, Brady, Texas KEENER, KENNETH CALVIN University of Texas 1109 Phillips, Alvin, Texas KEITH, ROBERT QUENTIN University of Texas 2465 Gladys, Beaumont, Texas KELLY, GEORGE LENDON, R. Soflthwestern University Route 33, Giddings, Texas KIESLING, ROY ADOLPH, R. Yale University 1109 Meriden, Austin, Texas KIPP, JOHN THEODORE University of Texas 307 Montclair, Corpus Christi, Texas KNAUTH, HERBERT GREGORY Rice Institute 635 West 34th, Austin, Texas KNAUTH, JAY F. Texas A. ci' M. 981 Washington, Beaumont, Texas 85 LANNIE, ANDREW I. Arkansas State Teachers College Rural Route 2, Bragg City, Missouri LAUDERDALE, JAMES H. University of Texas 202 14th, Mercedes, Texas LAUER, IOHN S. Penn State University 711 W 2256, Austin, Texas LAWRENCE, NORBERT E. University of Texas 4802 Duval, Austin, Texas LEACH, PHILLIP M. Texas Christian. University 1311 C Bracken:-idge Apts., Austin Texas LEC-CIH, SAMUEL H. Universit of Texas 548 Biirileson, San Marcos, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS KNIGHT, B. F. University of Texas 1309 E. Brackenruige Apts., Austin Texas KNUDTSON, BOYD ALLEN West Texas State 918 Austin St., Austin, Texas KRAUSE, DONALD C. Rice Institute Box 27, Yoakum, Texas KVINTA, CHARLES I. University of Texas 2321 Red River, Austin, Texas LACROSSE, LOUIS Sul Ross State 398 D Deep Eddy, Austin, Texas LANCE, FRED M. Rice Institute 6511 Vanderbilt, Houston, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS LEHRER, HARRY FREDERICK University of Texas 121 W. Mistletoe, San Antonio, Texas LEHTONEN, ALFRED Rutgers University 1610 Larkwood Dr., Austin, Texas LIECK, EUGENE HUBERT Universit of Texas 302 Nortz Dr., San Antonio, Texas LINBECK, LEO EDWARD Notre Dame 2407 Reba Dr., Houston, Texas LINKLATER, CHARLES W. University of Houston 4810 Rockwood Dr., Houston, Texas LIPSCOMB, CUVIER LONG University of Texas 1915 Cliff St., Austin, Texas N LONG, JOE R. University olf Texas Box 214, Cute, Texas LONG, WALTER R. Uniuersit of Texas Centerville, Texas LOVING, SOLON O. East Texas State College Talco, Texas LYNN, LARRY University of Texas 1210 W. Missouri, Midland, Texas MCCALLA, DUDLEY DAVIS University of Texas 2409 Pemberton Pl., Austin Texas MCCLANE, JOHN B. Rice Institute 2740 6th Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 87 MANNINC, VICTOR ENGLISH Southwestern University Rusk, Texas MASSEY, IACK University of Texas 922 E. 4855, Austin, Texas METTS, HAROLD L. U ' 't T Rllugimggx tg51,exo'fe0ezand, Texas MEYER, GEORGE BAKER University of Texas 1907 Ho combe, Houston, Texas MILES, EARLINE D. Houston Fort Worth, Texas MILLER, JACK REEVES Texas Tech 1005 Evans, Dimmitt, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS McDOWELL, THOMAS D. University of Texas 540 New York, McComb, Mississippi MCFALL, OWEN D. Huston-Tillotson 838 W. 5th, Dayton, Ohio MCCOWN, MARIORIE University of Texas McGown Ranch, Boerne, Texas MCGUIRE, LONNIE C. University of Texas Box 424, Arp, Texas MANGUM, MURRAY B. University of Texas 3125 Iowa, Baytown, Texas MANN, DUDLEY R. Texas Western College 1301 Ingersoll, El Paso, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS MOCKF ORD, JAMES PHILLIP Texas A. nk M. Audis Heights, Greenville, Texas MOORE, HURSHAL F. University of Texas 407 N.W. 16th, Fort Worth, Texas MOORE, JOHN C. University of Texas 3405 Lipscomb, Amarillo, Texas MOORE, THURMAN U. University of Texas 325 Elm, Colorado City, Texas MORROW, FLOYD L. University of Texas University Trailer Park, Austin, Texas NAGY, JOE H. Texas A. lc M. 2210 Wirtz, Austin, Texas NEEL, GEORGE E. Baylor University Box 969, Laredo, Texas O'NEAL, JAMES A. Texas Western College Box 581, Denver City, Texas ORB, JOSEPH L. University of Texas 1209 Virginia Pl., Fort Worth, Tex OWEN, MARTIN F. University of Texas 1030 Shelterwood Dr., Houston, Texas PAIN, GEORGE R. Universit of Texas 565 Redhud, Lancaster, Texas PARK, PHOCION Texas A. aft M. 735 Elmwood, San Antonio, Texas as 89 PICHINSON, DON I. University of Texas 1800 Northwood, Austin, Texas PIRO, ROBERT I. Boston College 110 Albion, Somerville, Massachusetts PLEMONS, FRANK L. , University of Texas 2306 Farrington, Wichita Falls, Texas POOL, JOE HAROLD Stanford 1511 Crockett, Amarillo, Texas PRESTON, HUBERT M. Texas Tech 1725 Childress, San Angelo, Texas PULLIAM, VIRGIL R. University of Texas 2107 Scenic Dr., Austin, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS PARKER, RAY L. University of Texas 707 Enfield, Bryan, Texas PAYNE, EDWARD K. University of Texas 1314 B Brackenridge Apts., Austin, Texas PENA, LEONEL F. East Texas State Teachers College 1702 Marcella, Laredo, Texas PENA, oscuc East Texas State Teachers College San Jacinto Dorm H, Austin, Texa PERKINSON, DOYLE E. University of Texas Box 643, Greggton, Texas PEAFF, ALBERT C. III Austin College Box 2005, Tyler, Texas S FIRST YEAR LAWS RAMIREZ, ABRAHAM, IR. University of Texas 105 Lincoln, Laredo, Texas RAMOS, HUMBERTO University of Texas 1005 Eleanor, Corpus Christi, Texas RAY, JOHN H. University of Texas 315 Two zig, San Angelo, Texas REACOR, IOHN R. University of Texas 3600 Bridle Path, Austin, Texas REDICK, V. Sam Houston State 3314 Merrick Dr., Houston, Texas REYNOLDS, BEN L. University of Texas Rt. 1, Weatherford, Texas RIDER, GEORGE W. University of Iowa 2801 Rosedale, Dallas, Texas RIVES, DON L. North Texas State College 216 Carolanne, Marshall, Texas ROADY, IOHN D. Rice Institute 916 W. Hopkins, San Marcos, Texas ROBERTS, AUBREY LEE University of Kentucky 1921 Rabin Rd., Owensboro, Kentucky ROBERTS, CHARLES R. University of Texas 1830 Keys, Corpus Christi, Texas ROGERS, MARCIA E. Texas Tech 1914 31st., Lubbock, Texas 91 SHARP, THOMAS H. Vanderbilt University 126 Park Hill Dr., San Antonio, Texas SHEA, MICHAEL C., IR. Universitly of Texas 1408 As zwood Rd., Austin, Texas SHOEMAKER, LONNIE O. University of Texas 308 Avenue B, N.W., Childress, Texas Ohio Wesleyan 3110 Duval, Austin, Tex SHRULL, ROSWARD E. ' as SKIDMORE, BOB G. Texas A. ai' M. 703 23rd, Paris, Texas SKLAR, FRED Rice Institute 2602 Arbor, Houston, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS RODCERS, WAYNE R. University of Texas Box 266, Munday, Texas ROHNE, WAYNE A. Luther College Route 2, Clifton, Texas SALZBERCER, PAUL L. University of Texas 10640 Lennox La., Dallas, Texas SANDLIN, IOE F. Texas A. J: M. Bax 147, Analmac, Texas SAPP, DAVID R. University of Texas 1310 C Brackenridge Apts., Austin, Texas SCHUMACHER, CARL W. Rice Institute 2014 Sul Ross, Houston, Texas 2 FIRST YEAR LAWS SLONE, CHARLES R. Texas A. :fc M. Box 1149, Bay City, Texas SMITH, DAN C., III University of Texas 3129 Oakzhle, Houston, Texas SMITH, HARRALL D. Texas Weslyan College 7135 Maple Park, Fort Worth, Texas SMITH, IAMES H. Texas University 610-B Park Place, Austin, Texas SMITH, JAMES 1., JR. University of Texas 4863 Wi son, Groves, Texas SMITH, MELTON VERN University of Texas 4106 Ave. G, Austin, Texas SMITH, WILLIAM I., IR. St. Louis University 1118 Christine, Pampa, Texas SMYLER, IOE P. University of Texas Tilden Route, Jourdanton, Texas SNAVELY, EDWARD E. University of Texas Box 2, Combes, Texas SNELL, DAVID A. University of Texas 4115 Tuam, Houston, Texas SPALDING, WARREN D. West Texas State College 4102 Harden, Amarillo, Texas SPANO, VITO M. Le Moyne College H.D. 41 7th N. Street, North Syracuse, New York STEVENS, MITCHELL D., R. Telus Tech 2013 Ave. 1, Lubbock, Texas STODCHILL, DONALD R. University of Texas Route 2, Rockwall, Texas STONER, IOI-IN H. Wabash, College 6514 Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. STOVALL, RICHARD F., IR. University of Texas 740 W, Miss., Floydada, Texas SWAIN, D. DERK Trinity University 313 University, Waxahachie, Texas TATAR, LEONARD B. Rice Institute 1919 Robbins Place, Austin, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS SPARKS, WILLIAM C. North Texas P. O. Box 597, Victonkz, Texas SPILLER, IAMES M. University of Texas Iacksboro, Texas SPINUZZI, JOHN A. University of Texas 395-F Deep Eddy Apts., Austin, Texas STARRETT, BONNIE D. University of Texas 1406 26th St., Galveston, Texas STEINBERG, LAWRENCE E University of Texas 5909 Frederick Square, Dallas, Texas STEPTOE, MARION H. Texas Southern 300 Francis, Hillsboro, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS TAYLOR, GLEN E. University of Texas 610 Bel, Sweetwater, Texas TEECERSTROM, OSCAR T. Rice Institute Box 47, Shamrock, Texas TEMPLE, LARRY E. University of Texas 607 W. 5th, Plainview, Texas TEMPLER, oT1s W., JR. Texas A. J: M. 802 E. Valverde, Crystal City, Texas THOMPSON, WILLIAM V. University of Texas 2917 Amherst, Dallas, Texas TORBERT, THOMAS J., JR. University of Texas 500 Jeannette, Gladewater, Texas TOWNSEND, JAMES T. University of Texas 1507 S. Pine, Brady, Texas TRUI'IT, JAMES L. Baylor University 6307 Palo Pinto, Dallas, Texas TRYON, L, Rice Institute 410.9 Monticello, Abilene, Texas TUOHEY, HARRY E. Texas Western College 3808 La Luz St., El Paso, Texas TYLER, EARL V. University of Texas 1810 Cullen Ave., Austin, Texas VALTER, ROBERT D. Tulane University I 5410 Woodview, Ridgway, Illinois 95 WARREN, GUY S. Texas A. k M. 4920 Ocean Dr., Corpus Christi, Texas WHEELUS, KYLE, IR. University of the South 2535 South St., Beaumont, Texas WIGINTON, MARTIN A, University of Texas 3915 Avenue F, Austin, Texas WILDE, CARLTON D. William and Mary 3013 Avalon, Houston, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS VAUCHAN, ROY A. University of Texas 5309 Ave. F, Austin, Texas VICKERS, ADEN L. U ' 't T 3.3ll9t5e'll7c2'allldin:axlgZaumont, Texas VINSON, IOHN K. North Texas State College 815 E. 31st., Austin, Texas WALLIS, GERALD L. West Texas State College 4239 W. 14th, Amarillo, Texas WARD, ROBERT B. Yale University 1203 S. Waverly, Dallas, Texas WARNICK, Q., IR. Texas Tech 3506 4-ith St., Lubbock, Texas FIRST YEAR LAWS WILLIAMS, RICHARD B. Georgetown Unioersitiu 5027 Lilac Lane, Dal , Texas WILSON, CHARLES I., IH. University of Texas 1107 W 2nd, Freeport, Texas WINSLOW, JOHN F. University of Texas 3630 Piping Rock, Houston, Texas WITT, MEYER, W. University of Texas 704 Sylvan, Palestine, Texas WOESSNER, CLAUDE, JR. University of the South 9225 Wickford, Houston, Texas WOLF, WILLIAM H. University of Texas MeCamey, Texas rv I sk WOOD, IUDSON Harvard Caracas Country Club, Caracas, Venezuela WOODHEAD, BEN S., IR Lamar State College 2590 Angelina, Beaumont, Texa WORKMAN, WALTER E. Hendrix College 908-D E. 32nd, Austin, Texas ZGOURIDES, TED JOHN University of Texas 215 Stiles St., Houston, Texas RICHARD BAKER Qjoanj Teri Lynn 9 mos. WILLIAM BENARDINO CShirIeyj Susan 7 years, Anthony 6 years, Brett 2 years Mary 2 mos. 1 1 JOHN AKARD CCarrolD I LAWQ Family I 1 ROSS BLUMENTRITT NEAL BONNER QDOIIIIHQ QFFHHCGSD Neal, Ir., 1 year Lynne 4 years, Bruce 134 years SAM BLACKHAM fShirleyj jimmy 5 years, Susan 3 years 98 VORIS BUBCH, IR. QCharlenej l Melissa 9 mos. BOB CARNAHAN CBettyj Cynthia 2 years W. B. BROWN fAudreyQ Helen Anne 3 years, Matt 9 mos. WIVES P1Ctll1'6S l CHARLES CHESTER Wall CHARLES CHEEVER fSallyj y Christine 354 years, Cathleen Cecilia 6 mos., Suzanne 2 years 355 years I OWEN CECIL Qoanj Danny 3' years, Theresa Ann 8 mos. 99 HOWARD COLVIN Quanitaj Susan 3 years BO COBURN Qohnnaj jeif 20 mos. MONROE CLAYTON qshirleyp Melanie 95 years, Phyllis 8 years LAW Family IOHN DAVID Uuliej LARRY DRUMMOND QAnnj john, jr. 254 years Tracy 15 mos. BRYAN CONN CDiAnnj Candy 17 mos. 100 Jack 8 years, Carol 234 JOHN FAULKNER QCatherineQ years IOSEPH F BANKS fWandaj Elisa Gay 455 mos. PAT DVVYER fflhristinej Pat, jr., 8 years, Ann 6 years, joe 5 years, Ruth Lynn 3 years, Mike 18 mos. WIVES Pictures FRANK GIBSON fO1gaQ Barbara 2 years, Tommy 1 year, George 4 mos. KEN FURLOW CPatsyj Wesley 6 years, Iesse 3 years, Cynthia 5 mos. LARRY FULLER Uaniej Pam 834 years, Debbie 534 years, Patty 234 years WILLIS GRESHAM fSallyj Ruth 4 mos. M. K. GRIFFIN QG1enda Raej Randy 3 years RICHARD GILES CSaraluj Charenn 1 mo. LAW Family CHARLES HARRIS fCaro1ynQ MARTIN HASKETT CDe1laQ Martha 3 years George 2 years, Linda Kay 4 years EARL GUITAR CPameliaQ Brandon 18 mos., Allison 4 mos. 102 Q i DOUGLASS HEARNE Qanetj Chris 2 years WIVES P1ctures CHARLES KVINTA fMargiej CECIL KUHNE CLouj Charles, Ir., 1139 mos. Cecil 414 years, Clark 3 years GEORGE HUGO fBettyj George 3 years, Leslie 2 years GEORGE HUMBLE fPatsyD Sarah 11 mos. 1 NICHOLAS IOHNSON fKarenQ Julie 355 years 103 HUGH LEA fCol1eenj Bruce 255 mos. JAMES HARRIS fBetty Ioj Iefff' 6 mos. LOUIS LA CROSSE fManettaj Barbara 234 years, jerry 14 mos. Family GEORGE LEMON QPhy1lisQ CUVIER LIPSCOMB fLajuanaQ Simms 65 mos. Kathy 834 years JACK LEDBETTER qcerryp jay 2 years JOHN MANER fClodettej Denise 3 years, Doren 1 year NIVES Pictu res IERRY SHURLEY Qackiej Jerry 8 years, Mark 6 years FLOYD MORROW fMarlenej Darlene 14 mos. HUDSON MOYER fNancy Leej lay Hudson 17 mos. JOHN RYAN fFrancesj Stevie 29 mos. CARL PHILLIPS fFlorencej David 1 year 105 WILLIAM SPARKS CDorothyj Steven 3 years RICHARD STONE fPolaD Debra 2 years FRED SULLIVAN fCharlottej Fred 2 mos. JAMES SMITH fChar1ottej Bucky 3 years LAW Familj DUDLEY TARLTON fDoloresD MARVIN THOMAS fBettyj Theresa 4 years, Dudly 2 years, Greg 18 mos. Teddy 9 mos. ROBERT TOWERY Uacquelynj ARTHUR TROILO fNancyj Brett 6 mos. Art 3 years, Valerie 16 mos. RAY VON DREHLE Uoycej Karen 2 years Pictures WILLIAM VAUCHT Wirginiaj Paula 4 years, Vanette S years, Susan 2 years fIcHENRY TICHENOR COKE WILSON fMargeQ Carolyn Ieanj McHenry, Ir., Karen 18 mos. 6 mos. I s CREIGHTON WHITE fMarthaj Geoffrey 11 mos. 107 Peggy Anderson Mary Ausburn Peggy Barnett Martha Burnett Carolyn Choate Valerie Coffee Maggie Cofiield Virginia Cotton Margaret Darden jackie Ellisor Norma Franzen Tony Carey Ioan Goltz Bonnie Haas Betty Lou Hall Janet Hamilton Elise Hazel Virginia Hodges jan Hooper Nancy Honts Bonnie Houser Norma Hughes Frances jackson Angelia jones Elizabeth Kerry Nancy Lou Kiesling Peggy Knudtson Gayle Lewis Mary McCoy Anne McDaniel Rita Meyer Virginia Miteil LAW WIVES CLUB :-::fi1a:.1:w, X msgs Tx M: iw:- A Psi? sg Q Q X XX Q: ,A . ,S f- 5 Q x X Q3 2 wily' , Q cw ld li' .,. A 5 S ., ,,,x. X ., . 2, ' Q-sw 1 V 'f l -'iwbbiw l 3Y4A s:.::Ef:f I' , ig ix ?l MQW' 9 ww 'J f4,.f'Z"' DELT THET PHI ROW 1 Allo Crow Bud Cecil James Gowan Iesse Shivers James K. Hall Campbell A. Griffin Corwin Johnson C. L. Ray, Jr. john R. McFall Dick Iones Cliff VVhitehill Bill Franklin C. R. Eyster ROW 2 Robert Scogin W. L. Hardwick Sam Kelley Roe Clayton Larry A. Drummond Sam Robertson Dan Crow Ray P. Moudy Marvin 1. Marnock I. Q. Wamick, Ir. James H. Smith T. Grover Swift, Ir. ! Brad Crawford Ioe F. Sandlin Claude R. Hazel frf-X ,x .9 I LAW SGHCDL 1 iv 'f"'H-74' MEMBERS Left to Right ,wr ,qv Jes SEIVEU-0 5 ' JKT 'W 52?-1,52 . I , ..,a5:::,: f. If 1 ' li' I.Vrq'x,' g V I 4541 P-'5..-M1352 ' -. ' - if fx- -'feb ' Q .. X 7 6:53 'Q' Faii 5. .-221 , W A .,'ff.:':: 1--' ,,.vxr,7,.1 gt : .V . ,Q , ,f - , u if 19:17 in SM Uis Law School ranks just behind Texas. Hardy Williamson lames Bo Cobum Neal Bonner Iohn L. David Wayne E. Roberts George A. Humble Bryan R. Conn john S. Snedeker David L. Hooper Max I. Luther John E. Stubbs Ed Simpson Robert R. Ross Bradley C. Phair ROW 3 ROW 4 Robert L. Towery Pat Cain James Coate Lin Darden Earl V. Tyler Gus W. Hahn D. L. Lieb Robert B. Cox Leighton K. Younger George S. Lemon Guy Jackson Henry L. McGee, Ir. B. E. VVharton Martin C. Haskett FALL OFFICERS Dean . . .......... john R. McFall Vice-Dean . . . Robert M. Bigelow, Ir. Tribune . . . . Campbell A. GrifHn Exchequer . . . Cread L. Ray, Ir. Clerk of Rolls . . . john S. Snedeker Master of Ritual . . . james K. Hall Bailiff ..... . . Allo B. Crow, Ir. House Manager . . . . Guy C. Jackson SPRING OFFICERS Dean . ......... Campbell A. GriHin Vice-Dean . . . . Cread L. Ray, Ir. Tribune . . . Samuel H. Robertson, Ir. Exchequer . . . . . Hardy Williamson Clerk of Rolls . . . james K. Hall Master of Ritual . . . . Guy C. jackson Bailiff .... . Wayne E. Roberts The Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, as such, came into existence on September 28, 1913, after duly appointed representatives of three law fraternities CDelta Phi Delta, founded 1900, Alpha Kappa Phi, founded 1902, and Theta Lambda Phi, founded 19031 had met and resolved themselves into one fraternity under the name of Delta Theta Phi. The Sam Houston Senate of Delta Theta Phi, the oldest Senate in Texas, was founded in 1917. Relationship and activity with the fraternity is continued after members leave school through the many active alumni Senates throughout the United States. F. R. Booth Bobby Bumett James R. Harris Bob Alvis R. K. McHenry Harold E. Moore Richard Simon William I. Rattikin Kemp Adams Jim Choate Jack Hawkins Henry Kerry Donald Bookout Walter E. Bamett Kenneth E. Studdard W. O. Shultz II K fs aff PHI ALPHA DELTA MEMBERS Left to Right ROW 1 ROW 3 Robert M. Huey Thomas A. Sneed Harold L. Metts Kenneth I. Mighill Art T roilo Neil Caldwell jimmy Brill Paul Pressler Harold Warford ROW2 ' Thomas A. Eastus Sheldon Anisman Ben W. Niedecker, Jr. Jim Irion jim Thompson George R. Close Meto Miteff edge. ,v 1 K, Inf: Ak K .gh I:-iff f .-'ffiiti 2. 'f ' . ' lllzlllw -4 IQQQQIEQCV X gig. I ' xl-at ,.-5:1:rk2:2R 41? I A f .fg.f.:g::2-2:9 :-I f Q, if 1' V- gi 1 -.F-5 -:Qi 1 ' I, f.-f.-1'iw5:-- -7- - Q' . ,V ? 5 ' 'fl Q 1 1 - ' 11.--,., fs:-:faf , W '.9g,.q.yd - '.'r,,-1.-r, rr , .,,a-.-,ff -rf.-M4-N 4 . , fm, Q.,-wt,-S 1. ,'v"'.-.f -f.'.-.M W 9534.3 'ea-:em V v fel-Q ' fm ....- f ,W .-gm .'q.g.g.g,g f, ' lf! 1.'.:.g.' 7 f M2441 .1 ' 134. I . 175125 ' ' P' - ., . 3 If f, - , W. K. Parish Don Studdard jim Garner lack R. Miller Bob O, Myers B. Mark McKnight Bob Carnahan Harry Lee Hall Charles R. Cunningham Gene E. Steel Earl Guitar Vemon Berry Tom Bousquet Arthur Ungerman Roland N. Flich, jr. Holt Magee Mac Tichenor Marvin Twenhafel Walter Wendlandt james Shatto Marvin Thomas James Lloyd Williams Frank B. Douglass Son, You'll make a good lawyer. You have that thirst for knowl- William T. McGee Ruben R. Cardenas Roger Thurmond joseph Thomas Teiracina Gerry Rogers Bill Campbell George Graham Walter E. Oberer Leonard E. Davis Donalsiv ODaBaker Don . vis Roger A. Tumer Richar B. Stone Phil Schulze Iohn B. Ellis ROW 5 David H. Brune Guy Warren Wells Stewart William H. Andrew, Ir. Robert A. Fairey George D. Busch Charles E. Cheever lack Rawitscher justice . Vice-justice Clerk . . Treasurer Marshal . FALL OFFICERS ..B . . Bob Alvis ill "Doon Andrew . Don Bookout . . Earl Guitar . Bobby Close istice . . rice-Iustice . lerk . . reasurer , larshal . . fistorian . SPRING OFFICERS . Earl Guitar . Bob Close Henry Kerry . lim Choate . jim Garner jack Hawkins Phi Alpha Delta fraternity was founded on November 8, 1902, and by 1910 the roster of chapters had increased to twenty-three in number. Subsequently, Phi Alpha Delta secure in its principles and purposes has weathered war and depression and has proceeded along a steady, conservative policy of expansion until at this date there are seventy-seven active chapters and thirty alumni chapters. The fraternity thus has more active chapters than does any other law fraternity in the world. Its chapters are restricted to law schools accredited by the American Bar Association, a high standard peculiar only to Phi Alpha Delta. The Tom C. Clark Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta at the University of Texas is presently com- posed of over one hundred students whose mutual en- deavor is designed to cultivate a closer bond of friend- ship and the attainment of a higher culture than that afforded by the regular college courseg and to foster under the influence of intimate friendships, those prin- ciples which tend to form a higher type of manhood. 116 PHI DELTA PHI MEMBERS Left to Right ROW 1 ROW 3 Ross N. Sterling Robert Littenberg Robert A. Hall Dwight M. Simmons Charles Russell Bill Brister Philip I. Palmer, Ir. jack R. Wahlquist Sanford Cox Bill F. Bogle Jerry L. Buchmeyer Carl Parker Robert B. Reynolds John T. Kigip George Crowley Billy R. Dickerson A. Earl Ho ges Rufus James Adcock I. T. Sneed Iohn McClane L. Bruce Fryburger W. D. Pilcher Glenn Lewis W. S. Copeland ROW 4 I. R. Schneider Morty Minton Howell Finch D. N. Goldston I. Ronald Trost Sam Croom Dan A. Bruce Richard Bogatto Robert Owen james S. Tailor, Ir. Richard C. Baker Bill Barnett James A. Ba er III George Hugo Cecil Kuhne George E. Brown Jack W. Ledbetter Bamey Young Elton M. Montgomery Donald R. Bernard Jim Kealer Bud Thom son Jack Jarrett Fred Sullivan Tom SeweIl Don Weckstein ROW 5 5 m Fred I. Morton Edwargl Ii: Patterson Larry . amass o qfvj Coke Wilson Q Q V W. Robert Brown A ' Richard Hodges Row 6 Lee Dittert Gus Schill, Ir. Marvin D. Shwiif X Voris R. Burch, Ir. N ..". z Z- Nicholas Johnson --:-:-15'1:- z- .-.. X, .,.,.. S L!! What! Lawyers in Heaven? Craig C. Cantey, Ir. Morton A. Rudberg Frank W. Elliott, Ir. Denny O. Ingram, Ir Iarrel D. McDaniel Tom Burton Ed Bluestein, Ir. Sam Moore Ray Von Drehle Jack Ratliif Jack Little Bill Derrick Dick Tinsman john Rebman Edward H. Hill Philip R. Bishop Morgan Williams Tom Parker Tom Curtis Frank Davis Carl Wilson Don McDonald Bob Shannon Charlie Harris Tom Scott Alex Guevara, Ir. William T. Deifebach FALL OFFICERS Magister . ...... Elton M. Montgomery Exchequer . . . . James A. Baker III Clerk . . . . I. R. Schneider Historian . . I. Ronald Trost SPRING OFFICERS riagister ........... Charles B. Harris lxchequer . . . . A. Earl Hodges Ilerk . . . Gus A. Schill Historian . . Thomas A. Brown Phi Delta Phi, the international legal fraternity, is repre- sented at the law school of the University of Texas by Roberts Inn which was founded in 1909. This inn is the oldest legal fraternity on the campus and in order to qualify as a member, an average of 75 or better is neces- sary. The fraternity's activities consist of two dinner dances each year, dinner meetings twice a month, and participation in intramural sports. PRAETCRS MEMBERS Left to Right l3LAUfAC!?E SEATED IANNAQS 'Q Pgzoyzfgll NcilrrisRWIlI Yates, Ir 5 f, maj Franlg Glllmsollm llllfillls Cresahazfm 'i D 4 4 wwf C WMX , 1 STANDING l WJ bf D3 W lm W ? Riehard Wallace U James E. White U at V pl 9 yVlrll1a-gn Benardlno Iohn B. Faulkner gr 444 o n . ayton E. E. Brewer xg , A, 9 George McManus Don Nugent M04 !,4,Zg z"?f gy, Howard Naughton Bill B. Lambert 7 3 f A George Day Maurice E. Amidei ' 470 . f - f" lf3NNl0No wwf Qgliftlersssstx lxlwlleklu f Timing, 'Miwgw FW! W7 1 Lf nf, 71' ,L M .f :amid .WM Wil W 2571! 1 118 Ergo . FALL OFFICERS Praetor Urbanus .......... Frank Gibson Praetor Peregrinus . . . Kenneth Griflin Praetor Tutelari , . Norris Yates Praetorian Guard . . . Robert Owens Praetor Aerarii . . . . . John Haas Lictor .... . . Willis Gresham Alumni Tutelari . . . Bob Howell SPRING OFFICERS Praetor Urbanus . ....... Kenneth Griin Praetor Peregrinus . . Howard Naughton Praetor Tutelari . . . Willis Gresham Praetorian Guard . . . Bill Benardino Praetor Aerarii . . . jim White Lictor . . . . john Faulkner Alumni Tutelari . . John Haas The Praetors is a social and service legal fratemity originally formed in 1951 and officially chartered as a recognized legal fraternity by the School of Law in 1952 after meeting the University requirements of frater- nity recognition. In addition to student activity participation, service to the school, and a Christmas charity program, the Praetors select speakers who are outstanding practicing attorneys to present to the fraternity various problems and goals of the beginning lawyer as a supplement between the study and actual practice of law. From its beginning, the Praetors has grown with the School of Law to gain full recognition as a local fraternity. AW B CHELOR'S CL BBE MEMBERS left to right 55nELL Those are good points for discussion. 120 ROW 1 Walton Bondies Louis Neumann Carl Parker Don Bemard Roger Turner Tom Bousquet James Hendricks Herbert Beazley ROW 3 ROW 2 Rufus Adcock Cliff Zarsky Solon Loving Howard Hatofl George Ellis Tom Holswortl jim Miles Ned Fox M. G. Dai 4 l x sJ"'A'N"lDt Q l FALL OFFICERS X . H, P f Social Chairman . . . . Tom Bousquet ' . . . " W V1ce-Soc1al Chairman . . . Bob Ross 4 '4 Letter Writer . . . . Iim Taylor I U .-... X, M.. N ..:,,5,11:,,,:,:,:,:,,4A P Beer Buyer - - - Earl Engle --" t f B111 Collector . . . Joe Tita -, i 4 ''P3525i5E3E3E5E3?E3:5E3Za5?Z ' B 55:1:5:!:5:5:-.-.7:3:f:1:23:5:f:5" f:-:5:?:1:E:g:g:f:5:,,.. " ""-:g:g2g1:ff?2':55" 4 E3E5E5E5E5S5S3E5Eiiiirsz- -:rim.z15:QEZEQEQSQEQQEQEQEQSQEQE5E5522253552525E252552555,igigigigigE55E55355535335E555555255325E5E5E2E25Eg::.:., 53:55:55 P ' """ S 5525ZE2E5E1IIS3E3S3E5E521E5E5E3E5Eg5S3E5S55E3f155E5E5215333333553552353553555533252525255533553giigigigigigigigi5333gigigigiigigigigigi5E5E5E5ErE5?" 4 1:1'1'1'Sg22EiE2EEE2iiE21:15E5E5EgigigigigigigigigigigigEgizizirfrff1'E3E512S3S3EgE3E5E1E5E5E5E5EgEgE5EgE5E5i5S525E5E3E3Q5Q5E555E5E5Eg?3Sg3ggj5E55E:?' Mortality rate is a wee bit high. SPRING OFFICERS Social Chairman ......... Don Bemard Vice-Social Chairman . . Paul French Letter Writer . . . . . Ned Fox Beer Buyer . . M. C. Davis The Law Bachelor's Clubbe was founded at the University of Texas Law School in 1956. Its purpose is to ameliorate and cement relations between the eligible Law Bachelors and the eligible Co-eds of the Uni- versity of Texas. PICTURED Left to Right Norma Fink Annelle Lanford Audrey Poulos Georgarme Allen Irma lane Wink Ina Stewart lc ' i' 'caveat emptof' KAPPA BETA PI ETA CHAPTER Honorary and Professional Sorority for Women Dean . . ........ Irma June Wink Associate Dean . Audrey Poulos Chancellor . . . Annelle Lanford Recorder . ............ Norma Fink Georganne Allen Doris Dees Norma Fink Diana Klefisch Annelle Lanford Faculty Sponsor STUDENT MEMBERS Nancy Moody Audrey Poulos Sarah Shelby Ina Stewart Irma June Wink Miss Helen Hargrave 2? S X if Q Dessert Party in the Alumni Lounge. Dinner at the Tea House. Our sponsor and guests. Welcoming guests at the Dessert Party ED HUGHES Editor in Chief, Peregrinus NEAL BONNER Subscription Director, Peregrinus FRANK GIBSON President, Praetors CGNSUL The Consul Award, instituted in 1954, is an annual award conferred on the twelve or more law students who have made the most outstanding contributions to the Law School through their active participation in extracurricular activities. The selection was made by a committee which reflected the viewpoints of a wide cross-section of the student body and whose members are individually familiar with Law School activities and the students participating in them. ROBERT ALVIS President, Phi Alpha Delta CAMPBELL GRIFFIN Secretary-Treasurer, Bar Association EARL GUITAR Student Assistant to Dean Chairman Barrister's Ball Committee AWARDEES Committee members for 1957 were Jim Choate, Phi Alpha Deltag Ross Sterlin , Phi Delta Phi, Jim Hall, The Praetorsg Audrey Pouios, Kappa Beta Pi, Wayne Roberts, Delta Theta Phi, Bunky Duncan, Independent. Committee members consider not merely the holding of an oiiice or membership in an organization, but attempt to evaluate the accom lishments of the student so parti- cipating and the benegt others derive from his participa- tion. Scholarship is considered only as it may be evi- denced through participation in extracurricular activities such as Texas Law Review stall positions, which are determined partially by scholastic achievement. ELTON MONTGOMERY President, Phi Delta Phi MARVIN THOMAS Dicta Editor ROBY HADDEN RAYMOND VON DREHLE Chairman Honor Council X X SE if :QSFQN .X 75 X A E1 i f' +A ,lg Q, WS F F 9 NYS-,Q S39 fm X A .. A . fwffffg ,-rr MM- fgggwg., .2 , R X 5 gm: Sym' F , F- ,xg 6 " 'uf 'ff' N . .X :Q ,, MNKM5 :X , ,X . X N xx X xv 'EETNXX H me X x REX X xQ X X. EX X M A Xwsi xmxl X Qxii xmy X mg Q QNQ X N 3 3 QN SXQ QNX is wxwk N ww N X X WEE A N Q 8 Q W t 5 .ax , ' QQ Board of Governors FIRST ROW Marcza Rogers Marwn Thomas, C. L. Ray Campbell Gnffin Harvey McAtee Ross Sterlmg Bzll Campbell SECOND ROW Carl Parker Solon Loving, John McClane Owen Ceczl George Humble ,hm Wzllzams Stan Freed Marshall TUDE T B ASSOCIATIO VOTE ! HO OR COUNCIL SPRING OFFICERS STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION Marvin Thomas Secretary-Treasurer C. L. Ray Vice President Campbell Griffin President Harvey McAtee Dicta Editor Ross Sterling Chairman Honor Council SITTING: William McGee, Robert O'ComJr, Robert Fairey, Gerald Shur, Ray Von Drehle, Chairman Fall, 1956. STANDING: Ross Sterling, Chairman Spring, 19575 Paul French. HILDEBRAND MOOT COURT FALL B COMPETITION William Andrew Winner james Brill 81 jack Rawitscher Fall Finalists STANDING: Marshall Simmons dr James Shatto. SITTING: Stan Freed i7 Bob Close. Student Managers Bill Mounce Winner Richard Tinsman Director The Hildebrand Competition, which is conducted by the Board of Student Managers, is held each year to give students experience in appellate practice. This year, there were two brackets, one for Seniors graduating in Ianuary and an- other for all other students. There were six teams in the Senior Bracket. Bill Mounce and William Andrew were the winners in the final argument before the Court of -Criminal Appeals. Of the thirty-two teams in the other bracket, eight entered the quarter finals in the Spring. The winners will be determined on Law Day in an argument before the full Supreme Court of Texas. Louis R. Harding Gt Don Studdard Robert T. Rylee, II Br Lloyd Hand a W W "1 MWA, Qx ' .45 l 1 1' .:.ifg?"'V l HILDEBR A D f ys SPRI G - , 'Q sf' ' ' ,r ' f 'ff-' QQ' I! 5 f l ff? r, M y T T N1 or ' ff' 'f ff RT ,, M .8 My X, ,ml ,ni M ,Q VN A . .4,'5,,,w, ., .,.. . . ,1 42393 Q2:?l5"- ' .gilkii N f .oz :'4g"6 ...... P I I '- 42:0 , n- I-'im-:-'-'.':42' ' JOM E I '3Qt'fa1f5 X a2f1f:giz2:?j53'! 4 3134! f 5537 333212 1 Ll ia-:3:gtg:?q , 337-ef"Q72L iff? ' ,g 3. ':2t2:i.3:E 4 -,fy ,fer-'-1::mf1,-9 W Z e'- Y,,.,f3f,,, , ,L, Yf 4 .ll ' I . 455 Franklin Houser Br Sam Kelley Donald Stone 61 Morgan Talbot Fred Laifan 6: Monroe Clayton Bill Wright 6: James Shatto Iim Choate :St Tom Brown France McCoy 61 Robert Brown EARL GUITAR Co-Chairman IUDGE HERBERT F. GOODRICH. Iudge of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. A.B. Carleton Coll. Minn., 1911, LL.B. Harvard, 1914, in the field of Legal Education jud e Good- rich has: Professor of Law ant? Dean of the School of Law of the University of Iowa, Professor of Law and Dean of the School of Law of the University of Pennsylvania. A lecturer in law until 1940. He has been active in the field of legal assistance and relief in the Philadel- phia area. Member of the American, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Philadel- phia Bar Associations. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Philosophical Society, and is the current Director of the AMER- ICAN LAW INSTITUTE. New York City Bar Association, Harvard Law School Association, Phi Beta Ka pa, Phi Alpha Delta, Order of the Coit? Editor of the Michigan State Bar journal. Auth- or: Goodrich on Conflict of Law, Co- Editor Goodrich-Amram Procedural Rules Service with Forms, Cases on Conflict of Laws, Cheatham, Dowling and Goodrich, and later edition Cheat- ham, Dowling, Goodrich, and Griswold. Law Day 1 957 Principal Speakers ROBERT OSEPH FARLEY Dean and J - ' professor of Law, University of Missis- sippi. Born 1898, A.B. 1919, LL.B. 1924, University of Mississippi, I.S.D. 1932, Yale University. Principal of high school, Canton, Mississippi, 1919-1920, Natchez, 1920-1921. Admitted to practice in Mis- sissippi 1924, practiced as Somerville Bt Farley, Oxford, Mississippi 1924-1929, private practice 1929-1931. Mayor of Oxford, Mississippi, 1924-1926, city at- torney 1926-1931. Assistant professor of law, University of Mississippi, 1926- 1931, part time, professor of aw, 1932- 35, professor of law Tulane University, 1935-46, Dean pro tem Tulane Univer- sity 1942-45, Dean and professor of Law University of Mississippi since 1946. Sub- jects: Agency, Insurance, Domestic Rela- tions, quasi-Contracts, Criminal Law, Crimina Law Administration, Torts, Sales, Civil Procedure, Corporations, Legal Bib., Trusts, Conflict of Laws, Ethics, Taxation, Public Utilities, Real Prop., Legal Philosophy. Published arti- cles and book reviews in Yale LI, Missis- sippi LI, and Tulane Law Review. Com- pliance Commissioner for W.P.B. and C.P.A. 1943-47. Hearing Commissioner, National Production Authority, 1951-53. Member Miss. Bar Association, American Bar Association, Uniform Law Commis- sioner, American Law Institute. Pres- ident, Miss. State Bar, 1954-55. Director, Miss. Economic Council. Order of Coif, Phi Delta Phi. Compiled Miss. Am. Res. Law of Trusts. 1937 La. Anno. on Res. Law of Torts. OWEN 'KBUDS CECIL Co-Chaimian WALTER ELY. Born Baird, Texas, june 24, 1913, admitted to Bar, 1935, Texas, 1945, Calif., Preparatory education, Uni- versity of Texas, A.B., 1935, legal educa- tion, Univ. of Texas. LL.B., 1935, Univ. of South Calif., LL.M. 1949. Phi Delta Phi. Student Editor, Texas Law Review, 1933-35, Univ. of Southern Calif. Law Review, 1944-45. Fellow American Col- lege of Trial Lawyers. Assistant Attorney General of Texas, 1939. Lecturer, State Bar Program for Continuing Education, 1950. Member: Los Angeles, Long Beach and American Bar Associations, The State Bar of California and Texas, Inter- national Association of Insurance Coun- sel. With Marine Co s 1941-44. 0116 of the outstanding trialxlawyers in the US., the son of W. R. Ely of Abilene, distin- guished former District judge and public servant who has been called the 'Father of Texas' modern highway system. 1957 LAW DAY STEERING COMMITTEE General Committees FIRST ROW: Voris Burch, Lloyd Hand, Earl Guitar, Owen fBudj Cecil, James Choate, Marvin Thomas SECOND ROW: Neal Bonner, Gus Schill, Bow Howell, Bob Huey, Jess Collins. Bob Armstrong, Bill Campbell THIRD ROW: David Hooper, lack Ratliif, Frank Douglas, George Humble, Marshall Simmons, Taylor Nichols, Tom Bour- quet, Morgan Talbot, McHenry Tichenor. SRAPHIC DISPLAY Bob Huey, Chairman less Collins, Asst. Chairman Tom Sewell lna Stewart Roger Tumer Sam Kelly SPEAKERS COMMITTEE George Humble, Chairman Mac Tichenor, Co-Chaimian Wayne Roberts Guy McDaniels Donald L. Martin Roe Clayton Willis Gresham, jr. Edward Patterson PICNIC Frank Douglas, Co-Chairman Morgan Talbot, Co-Chairman R. P. Schulze . W. Yates , C. Davis I Iackson George Ellis lRebbie Gregg Bob Davee David Provost Bill Franklin iI'ICKETS David Hooper, Chairman iGus Schill, Asst. Chairman lPaul Marshall ,Charlie Harris Dick Keahey 'Dick Jones jNewton Steele Howard Hatofl Bob O'Conor ET. K. Holdswnrth l PUBLIC RELATIONS Marvin Thomas, Chairman Bob Armstrong, Asst. Chairman Cody Greer Al jackson Odell McBrayer W. R. Brown james H. "Buck" Smith Meto Miteif Clovis Morrison Newton Steele john Q. Adams Ned Fox Bob 0'Conor ,Iohn Faulkner Donald C. Krause Max Hamilton ,. a:zagsa5.g:g:g- 11.5, x 4'-rr ,P N ar... X .ea- I,5:53,5 :,5351+a-gn-za-1:-1-m:x.a-azfriraza haw. g5:5:5g:5:g: gg:gg:5:5:5:5:5:5:53:5:5:5:5: 4 55,35 .-rzaeaai:'-:--:Isa2:25:21rs::s:rfz1:r:rs:-1+ 1-1-1-:vm-'-1 ---'- 1 --:-:A:if:-.-:-4:- 1 .... X " I. . .,.. ,.,.., 1 , H, .C at.L-,aamsgszsggzgagsagg . 5 S FU , N ' I . x f ' ks aiiiiffaiiiwasiiiii ' f ' -V :"?. x ssfasafifilllrisiflili? 'ass:5:2:s:z4 '14 ' fares:ss:z:2:a:3:2:z:s:s:s:a2-1:1sas:e:s:e:5:.:a::::::: :-:.'- 'E ' Q , ,E fE5E5fEi5E3E5E5E5E2:535iA , iii52?E33E5E3E5E322EQEQEfEQ3iE5 , 1 ' 2 2521 -11 P "I 22? ':E5E5E55E55E553555E5E5. -54 .5 2" "1'2112?1:21 ff122i+:" - ",' J 1 : 2 r . ..1:s1r i12"i""f?' ,xp 1" 2 '1 3 ,- 9 af., .,.,., ,,, . XBAIZKISTER5 :SFS "" I: -' ' . .-2SESEESEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEI siiiiiiisiiii . - ,, DA'-L' .1 H, . .-.- :-5.2::Q:-1-:-1-:m-.-aa-:.:-1:-:.:-QM W'-1, A. , ,Q-.,l,,:,s-A ' 5: , 'inf la-z.:-:Q-sr 'W What is the citation for Tami o. Pikowitzfl PRESIDING-LAW DAY Voris "Buddy" Burch James Choate Lloyd Hand PROGRAMS Bill Campbell, Chainnan Bob Howell, Asst. Chairman Carl Parker Wells Stewart Don Bemard Ross Blumentritt Wayne Roberts Bill Franklin Gail Reese Carl Ahrens john McClane SCHOLASTIC AWARDS Taylor Nichols, Co-Chairman Jim Garner, Co-Chairman Fred M. Sullivan Bill Franklin Roger Tumer BARRISTEIYS BALL Neal Bonner, Chairman Tom Bousquet, Asst. Chairman Keith Nelson Ken Mighell Martin DeStefano Louis Newman Cordon Redd Meto Mitelf John C. Steinberger Graham McCullough Bobby Keith John Burgess Pat Patterson Ed Wendler joe Sandlin Bob Davee Walter Boyd ASSAULT AND FLATTERY Marshall Simmons, Chairman jack Ratlill, Asst. Chairman Donald N. Goldston S. L. Greenberg Hal Gill Earl Tyler Bryan Spencer Lee Dittert Dick Keahey Howard Wolf Howbert A. Steele Roger Tumer Larry Steinberg Terry Eakin Max Hamilton C. E. Coflield Marci Rogers Walter Long Ted Zyouides Paul E. Finch Daird Fennekohl Dack Ray Solon 0. Loving 133 Sf, X wiv? Q ,. Vsfflg' x . bit! Portia receives presentation flowers from Peregrinus Editor Edward C- Hugh?-9 WJ Pom the few 11 expresses Po S 130 ,lep- as she appear apnrecmzbn rtia Dean Keeton congratulates Portia Attendants to Portia MISS MARIORIE MCCOWN Dean Keeton addresses the assembly. MISS MARCIA ROGERS Freshmen President Walter Long presents corsage to Marcia. PEREGRINUS x IIB WH 'rl-IE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS The Voice of the Law Students DIGTA WINS NATIONAL AWARD . HARVEY MCATEE Editor, Spring E511 r 1 MARVIN THOMAS Editor, Fall leee A A ,QZAXXA ,A5e, ,Aeeie AAAAAA. e ,e A, e e eeee A eeee 1 AJLAA Aeeee i eeeleeefe ee ee eee AA Av ' ' ,VV2 Axe-'f f 5' -,A- L X'e tL K ZAA A'e Aeee A75 X-A' iii? AAAA Fifi -f A eLbg f1fqgjjf2 'e1- gi Af'1i eeef AAAAAA A :AAAA Q AAAA AAA AeAAe A A pf - - ---- mm moss :mm OFLEKGIHENCEV A woman called on her lawyer. mike Army wouldhft stake my husband because he had flat 1'eet,"fshe said. "Can I get a divorce because L of his f1atf1'eet?" Replied. the lawyer, 'Not until you have evidence his feet are in the wmngrflatf' ESTELA DE LA CARZA Associate Editor The senior partner of the iirx WSC Showing 2 friend Harough his sfficee. They went pest e series of Snell private rooms in which young otmorneya were busily hammering away at mypewrizers. "meme ere some of our ,junior BTH3O'3'.'1'iB3'S,' eeid the Senior Eertmer. "But 'theyre typing letters," said his friend. f 'iS:xre," replied the Senior Zerzmer, "l can get junior atcorneys today for half the price I have to page etenogreplzeref Q-Q FRANKLIN MOORE Associate Editor To doubt the prospective law student will wonder about the nature of law examinations In this area the law professors fer exceed the diabolical imagination of their brother at the undergraduate level. A typical exam ination question follows: IEISTRUCTIONS: The student will give his an swer in light of materials covered in class all pertinent cases since 1859, and the fol lowing reference materials: ill 5 Century Wie 'fist www? re oe-mes. from em merge, .,.FeweYe ielec gpguQee: it ,. . L ,.,.,,,,e,.,.,,. .Final .f i,,: .:.iA, .. 5 ' . .4 13 Qplfke 93 e e oellrersr ri QL,a 44553 Li? zz Z'L,3'Q.l,1i ifgkgrgg mtg' , METO MITEFF WALT WORKMAN Managing Editor Sports Editor 53 JURISDICTICN Supreme Court Justice Frankfurter, asked 23 a friend to eiiiciate at his daughter s marriage, declined the honor wish regret. "A Supreme Coart Justice," he explained, "does not have the authority to ezerry people Perhaps it'a because marriage is gas considered a Federal offense." JOHN AKARD Humor Board Editor UT LAWRSCHCOL TD BE FEATURED IN NATIONAL FUELICATION The Student T.av'ver Jezzrnalg Ai':'lciz21 nzs1,3,Qgk3,. Lim af 'asc Americav Law Sazfciezg. Asa":5,s:timN will iieatzure The Universycy of 'fezcazs Law 1 School in a imrthcfrrrzeng issue, Jack Wezhlguist. mid-law, Tanner exizlimre of The Dials and delegate to the Aish nazional cnnvengfggiu , is azritirxg article. Tire: aeiory wiil cawrgf pictamas sag ska Las: School building and activities. In will similar in mnzsm: in the fefamxe 'Rss R Ubivcrsity of Wiscnnsln in the Octmber, lQ5i, iesaa of the law studezxr. gmiitifzatmn. Tiana are being laii for the Sesame Annual Beer Easel Sozthsli. betwessfs the 3 em zzmfiefers of paste watch 'Ser the fsfficial armsxzmszznsmta. TERRY EAKIN Feature Writer Llfiiifi NQQQQQQNL saws: zzafzistfzcfcgs wr T"JT,, ,M,,f ' s.'l3g'JmX f-.mimi X . w P Investigyazczrs fx-arm the ligase? ccntxol 1 bsssri, cfrtepefrratifars with ?ia:'5:'ave, have Sssarifsi, an EK?fGI2SiV? szixsijf sf the Sili- picizms swipe habits cf law swderutst This irwefsaiggatism was calls-sd when 21555 Eiargrave famed an UC1d Crcwn label in 27'S.W. Ei 5?l E This apparemzw ccmfimezi Miss Rerggravsfs Qbserxftaiisms that reii-nosei law stuciente were csrztinuaiziy filing by the lean desk wink theirthsezis up making at 'gscfrz oi' gfirglirzg devise" in their trips the waner fountain. W DICTA BANNED N IN BOSTON!!! CHARLIE BURTON Feature Writer QC? COURT C?F'TtG FAST -S,TAR'I' 'rf fix! Lhmrsiay Dean Resins aznsuncei pi: L23 Nts: Cesrg Frcgrax had resagninei 'zflxriagx Starting this year first prize .LE 'os 53135 ang 5'-Tiirfi -will be 31553, 'kfiezxsxf fsxgstztien, which is named M ge: fi use Late Dean Era P. Hildebrand, in Mit? far me gmrpese of .i 'e.A legsE'H instructive extracurricular fr flames ir a :sllate arguxsnt ani brief 'ziting. T23 fiifis are held each year as a 14:2e?ai eveft an Law Bay in April and are :fre emzizfe terrain sf the Texas girf: pix 3: ' Q ,esta mf:-gt::it5,::x has E2 teams vhs have L lx'-'RA' f wir mix prizes. in addition, L :Eire aa sgiacial bracket far in .J.2n:.zaz'5f in whisk mb-are 1' 1. A122253 2 ramsie an femarfd the N: :ere fi? Eeswitsslcer 5 Eiriil :,,,... vena K . he . ,L A ,.....w X ., yew. W, . S O C I E T Y O F T H II' 'II' E I I I III III 'II I' We do not make the II IIIIIII,,IIIIIIII JII IIIII Peregrinus. We only , I IIIIIIIIyI,,v,I' IIII '5 III' interpret it. III 'III I IIIIIIII IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII' ' .II XII-I I III II II II IIIIIII' IIIIIII. ' I,.I II.-j I1 fl IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIII If I ' T ' ' I TEX N- II IIIII 'II,'IIII'I IIIIII III 'II I I II 'III' I.I I'I'I' "'III III III IM 'IIIIII II " " I'I 'I II : ff--'I ' I , II II-IIIIII III: II I r'I I II' I I II 'III NW-f ' 'K II' ' 'I' I' I 'II 'I I 'I-I' ,f 1 ' 'I I I III I 'III Q, I ' gig v XI IIIII IIIIII IIIII I' 'I I' "IX Yxi I lII'I""'II'I"I' 5'II.1' IIIIIII I II I III 'f IIIIIIII' I' "I III 'I'IIIIIII ' 3 I-,I II' I 'ZS-E 'X' I . I , IIIIIII III II' 'I III IIII I ' I' I I I1 ' I I I I. I II II I' II a -'IIT' II'I"II II I ,,I I 'sr' X ' :ff-ff! ,553 I It I"' II I III I ZWEI X I I I I I II fl A . A I, I 4, - 5-I .Y jlf ,-jzgrlglr' .: .-' ' I I , I 'I II I :tg S IIIII H II I I I 5-If 4 'L f ' III, I "Elf, "i?:3QII"I 7 I 'I' ' I I I 'I .1 f X f lf- QJA.. A Q 5112:-tl! I"fIIIII'f U II -. I I I III I - 1 "of-ff 'f-' .ze-'zzff' ' I I Il, It -' ia I-I I 22' QI ' 'II'-'III"I'-I.' I IIIIII . , -f 3 ,fe .Vg-' I ,.- 'L ff LI eggjf I -. I' I ' I , -. 45, I - ,f' I II' A syn. J' 4270 , '-'W "Q, 'Zi' ,gg I "7 I ?- 6 V7 140 ' 'ff-1 522243 I I . ' "'- Ai II ' P E R E G R I N U S EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Edward C. Hughes EDITORS Associate Editor Henry Burton Copy Editor McHenry Tichenor Subscription Director Neal Bonner Faculty Editor David Hooper Art Editor Tom Sewell Chief Photo?rapher Joe Duma l i7h7g7f7I1gj '. f f o f fl, in llhl 41 Azz! Malo I 'ku ' E 111516 vm 7' ...,.:::::: 'ff Aff, DAVID HOOPER Faculty Editor THOMAS M. SEWELL Art Editor if Cartoonist HENRY BURTON Associate Editor Ted Abbott John Akard Charlene Amxstrong Lola Bonner Virgil Cammack Bud Cecil jim Clines Alicia Collins I. R. Collins B. J. Colwell Frank Douglas SUBSCRIPTION STAFF Bunky Duncan Charles Emerson Norma Fink jim Geary Frank Gibson Jerry Gilmore Don Goldston Kenneth Griffin Martin Haskett Iack Hawkins Mary Beth Hisky NEAL BONNER Subscription Director Tom Holdsworth Ian Hooper George Humble Solon Loving Bud Maner Harvey McAtee Marjie McGown Joyce Rienstra Wayne Roberts Marcia Rogers Ina Stewart McHEN RY TICHENOR Copy Editor JAMES BRILL 8: BOBBY BURNETT WILLIAM BURKE 8: 'IIQERRY EAKIN Copy Sta newest :N . JOSEPH DARN ALL Chief Photographer M. C. DAVIS 81 CARL AHRENS Assistant Photographers PEREGRI US BOARD Campbell Griffin, james Brill, Dean T. I. Gibson, Professor Corwin johnson, Edward C. Hughes, Neal Bonner McHenry Tichenor, Terry Eakin, Richard Tinsman N 143 . CASENOTE EDITORS -I. Ronald lrost Donny Ingrmn wANX,- f ""'f Nlawo Stvwurt Lloyd SCIITIUCL liobvrt S. VVLWIIIICI liolwrt A. Falirm-y Sum C. Cronin, -I1 'Awww L. Nice of them to give me a by-line. 4 4 . 1 "E: . .. 5. .. .N , -:-:-1-313, - -' wgqg,5.g.3.g.p:-:-:- TL B -1-1-1-M 5E5E5E2EE2:EQ5E5EE5Em I-Z-!'Z-Z+.-.- 111IJ::3I517I:"'.:C' ' -'5'NlZ15Z3.4'35 Z-1'5ZZi5'i":'1N+. 5 .. , :-'- nya 1:afiggzhigagzk'-rizlisfwr'-F ' -k a-s: WB +V- -, -. ,..,+.., -A .. ,l 15S?1Q3:555:549-55:-.:-'lzi ' .. . , ..,, . X, ""'"1'-.-1:2445-x"7c-"-:I'Ei:5t-."23:3:3555..f:H:::- .f -.wp . .......3-.-,-1-3.-..3m.g -. Q... .. .t vm. N - -- 4 1-'Wk 2' . . .+..r:1s: . -- J --::---:-..-:..-.-1+.-:. ' vz-: . 'l """"" X 'F"':1E-. . :'E1. ::i:k-i-.-.-,- iz-:g-:-:-:Z 33:1 ,'-3 :g:::E-:--- N ::Q:1:::i:::::.,--:::- 155.515, '. 'A5:5.:.:.,:.,,,.-.-.:.,:.:. 4'"'''E555355.555:113.Qsg:5:5.g:3:5:i:3iE1ErErErkEr: - Q - - r:r:'sf-'-'f:':z'r: :rz '-.-.-.I-.-.1,1.:.:.:-:-:-:Q-:- : '-: .... ---- ' " " ""'A . . 2 . 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' is , : '-1'1:1:1?rErE ' , X ' 5 .y '.14:S1:1:' .pr-:wg....,.-. s:Q:s:2:s::2:as:.:. , 4 AQ.:-' .-,-:r:r:5:a-"-5-'- ' f rfzrfsaz-zzzzgg. 7,.,.,q.3- ,,::41:,:-., -'-:-111212:-153513 4 .V-:f:f:z-111:-A . vesssssz'-em-:Q-1-" -...:as:e:s:s:-:.:.:- ' A .1--13:1 Y 54" er x x lm. . nw ,Q Cv i A .,..+ . .-:-:rE1E1'+'.,- - .Kg.9g:z5:gf:5:3r:5:5:5:?Erf''' t X + . 1- WSTQA f. 'Q N N 8--twaq t'xwx'-,x,x-- J ,-. ,A -Q-vi W, ., ,K -af-:-:-:+:-:4-:-:-:-:-:-:-...ggqgggggi , -.-an-:-Q:-. 44.1 -4...,:.-.-4.524 J ,N 'C T 4 -2122511111211 ' " " N' ' t-.- ----- - -t 15:5:5:5:-:-:::-:-:-:- ..-:-1-: ,zg-:,:1::::q:::1:2:e-:-2-:-.-:-sfiigqziiiiriil-iii? + ' ASSOCIATE EDITORS Ramon A. Von Drehle jerry L. Buchmeyer Walter E. Barnett Editor in Chief Frank W. Elliott, jr. -f:SE'::"::'1::fs'l::E: EQ-L-J - : 1 ,. If. .-1-..-.E5EE1E1E2I2E2E2E2'" . -- ':4E1EE1Z':-'frifliz-gb -. E1Er:-E2E1:1:22:1i:2r:2rEr53223:E2E:5:122E2Er5rE1i:i 2:-F5542-41:-.-:afzrgszrurzrsgzxzrszx-Qi 1-:-1-:-1-1:.55::,:,., Sam Moore Morton Rudberg I. R. Schneider William C. Baker Edward W. Barnett Sanford C. Cox, Ir. George E. Brown Carl Wilson EDITORIAL BOARD Elton M. Montgomery Harry Lee Hall Tom Burton Phillip I. Palmer, Bob E. Shannon joseph M. Franks L3l'l'y S. Parnass J m"'f'fS ,X r .RY-N A 5 ,SCX XZHZQQY-3QiQiii??Qxx'Ziv.i2lilI1ZlI 'Zi Z s L I i 3 1' Said to lowmu ' i "Please write in lim Williamsv e teflche And than fh da CW iodi- nef wit will be 1 - e fe mn rw no Not bad. Your keen interest is an inspiration to me . o ife W5 at mi! w 2 winks If V1 W izrtssnmmmziqissiws f: S You ain't nothing but a ferae naturae And then I fold the Dean I Them aug!! f z 0 be an ea-"kr way . I just happened to have an auto- graphed photo. Down two again Huw He 'Villked ,I er water 'Hx . .fav 'Q if dur' Bwondfl' Up at dawn -to wait all day. You don't look so hot yourself, Mac Of Be ahead On the last part-150 questions-you have 5 minutes. First Tom Collins I ever saw with a head on it. This, 9014 to On 2 be! Where tk. Mat mrlvfleto i eye, 6 Ut . QP Foe been peopled! What is life without beer? req weyl gather al' the Tiger www' .pn Q .gs Q.. iw.. .v MQ.-' . Q xx XX Q ll 1 x .F-Q' ESS is mi: ' . if . S , 5 . 5 2-2, -w if Q xx X Q3 gf? in Q X Y A wi A R K X -V 5 iggmhw K GMX Rx ,ASS x .... X. US- wx NQWWQ- W X 'H QX Q 'Q 1 .71 7 'X Q. , Hughes One write-in for Well! Telhhg dhty 7221- ea' in L ahh, lc an alw 00-Y' do a swan awe fro X. '72 U26 To wer. . Giving it away' lmugme- tchings' See my e You really Should Who d at wfzo My who dal? Gee T hanks , Tom rankiurter elling F As lwast The 10 fm gets sma Her eoefu UWT Cdfpetbaggerl orward And hem: 5' to S Wliy-nog , Irwenfo, of Teuolut, tons ed step 1' 600 S00 oerft b All thvse who ha ' .x Mimi The M ouseketeers N Yau 3501114 See l He, 12, 00 Date I thought I was finished with lines when I got out of the army. Capacity Crowd! My Cofee lm -S' fl 70116-ll 171 :Z , Frmd Reddg .4 ke uou mean mm dv W hat J' deck? Oberefs grades not out yet. if 5 One part scotch -two drops soda CoHee's good to the last drop. Unvrevmed' again ' k! 516 ke me a Earl's cigars m These late Izou Awfully gfad to be at the nv get me. T ea Haus e again , lc n t as - .aHe 11.70 ous Last Words Fam thathn night bef0'e ' ' Q he Twas t CooL Comfortable, a 'ld Cady. 13. in .Q H X S k 1 ...Xa s' Q? . Ik ix . , Sw- B F, 3 i S QTEK SN A wwmwsmwsxwaw - f--z: wx K ' X 'ah wi 'X Q K . ,. MQ:-1 3' 5 55,3 . e ,vw .. K X Q KN N Anyone for Hodges' Procedure? r Qf K What the heck is it? World Series 'XNNKQ1-smww K folm from bo There g095- Uno th ends th er Egyzfrzgn But, Oh that "morning after." latiom' ' U Beef, P 44 nickel' ent on a Then Yu 1-11,0 i of Pfam ldi aN0w H Keep your mind on the game! Athletic Supporters. is wats mug 'JW' The w. F R Ns .fi New This beats carrying skeletons for Dr. Smith. 1 My wo men are 1, etter than ever, The Legal Eagles-Oklahoma declined an invitation to meet them in the Beer Bowel. Wh6re.P P Dull party? e N.. no eeeeee is Eff, ,kiss x QQ AF" Are Ilo u go- mg to bell? ve him 0 I. me-,D 161 ww 'NOS - .,. ,Sw Q. Ay . , Kinsey was right I tell you. Sf' K E , -.QQ gf . sp 'I K 5 . Zombw . L Q. f' ' 'Rs Pi serve 3 s ' D0 volt . i S m 5 5 Who uv' z been tw ing to kid? The shot heard around the World This conversation leaves me. "FIRSTS" For Every TEXAS Law Library VERNON'S ANNOTATED TEXAS STATUTES FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION AND TERMS VERNON'S ANNOTATED TEXAS RULES TEXAS EDITION SOUTHWESTERN WEST'S TEXAS DIGEST 0 STAYTON'S ANNOTATED TEXAS FORMS WRITE ,li WEST PUBLISHING C0. St. Paul 2, Minnesota O VERNDN LAW BIIUK 00. Kansas City 6, Missouri 'They UNIVERSITY CDF TEXAS do N 'Ring as - -..........f ' SVX31- fe' Q d.rarla1i'Fi'n+f-1 . y for :be 1' S C H O O L O F L AW I QT Cs E Cl-C 1 imdl 6 eff Q I 'ff SML -inf? A at 54,5- if' ' B A 1 51 'LXGJ' Thoroughly Texan, the Senior Ring of the University of Texas Law School carries an elegance that heiits the dignity of the University Graduate. Available for your class regardless of year. HEMPHIll'S WORRIED ABOUT FINALS? May We Be Your Druggist See Shanghi Simm0HS Towen DRUG SL Lose Your Worries 2807 San Jacinto AS Phone CR 84644 You Lose Your Hair Medical Arts Barber Shop Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation State, County and City Depository. The Bank ot All Day Service Your Budget Headquarters 'You are a member of the UNIVERSITY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, INC. . . . . . . . and entitled to share in the savings Save your cash register receipts and turn them in at the end of each term for your share in the savings. 1ifefsW m-go H E sf.. HU-S 0 WN RY 0 R E 'ALL STUDENTS AND FACULTY AUTOMATICALLY BECOME MEMBERS UPON REGISTRATION IN THE UNIVERSITY. Compliments of Burton Duplicating Service Congratulations to the Specialists in the field of duplicating Class of 1956 We COPY Anything on Paper Ph. CR 8-7451 Austin, Texas 1705 East Ave. ARTHUR MITCHELL BAR REVIEW COURSE NUSSBAUM'S , B A R B E C U E Austin, Texas Southern Hickory Cured EAT HERE 0 or 0 TAKE IT HOME CHOICE PIT COOKED MEATS WE CATER TO PARTIES an P1cN1cs OF ANY SIZE 817 W. 12th Dial Gr 2-3315 155 OUR ERE? X P x E72 N 'S WATCH FOR THIS SIGN . . . No. 6310 Lamar Blvd. LIQUOR - WINE - BEER Why Pay more? Call Dan Before You Buy Dial HO 5-I885 USED LAW BOOKS AT REAL SAVINGS - DELIVERY PAID ON ALL BOOKS Texas Annotated Statutes Texas Digest Texas jurisprudence Southwestem Texas Cases and Regular Edition Texas Reports to Southwestem T F Board Tax Appeals, Tax Court, and Tax Court Digest Oil and Gas Books and Medical Books for Lawyers exas Citators orm Books Send your books for sale, books for trade to IOHN R. MARA NEW AND USED L1-IW BOOKS 5127 Bellmont Avenue Dallas 6, Texas TAylor 1-1979 LOUIS SHANKS FURNITURE COMPANY IIO5 Lomor KEIIY SMITH L......i- 511 West 19th - Austin, Texas 5026 Fairview Dr. MOBLEY BROTHERS' BARBER SHOP 2813 San Iacinto Where San Jacinto Meets Duval And You Meet Your Friends Air Conditioned Congratulations to the Class of 57' Compliments 1-HE TOWER EI Matamoros O Restaurant EI TOPO 0 Bowling Monroe's 0 Ballroom Mexican Foods Austin's most complete department store Maia? Congratulations ITALIAN INN Z Fort Worth Z I n and , Medical Arts Pharmacy Austin, Texas Phone 2917 Red River-Austin, Texas Catering to Private Parties and Banquets F i n e F o o d of '6075""JMi"f0 COMMODORE PERRY Sewing Sfudenfs E. A. Brown, Manager For Seventy-five Years 167 168 COMPLIMENTS OF , ' - I A I I 01 It s nq secret... Thcitforthe iiiiest K A I in foods, parties, A E N 's w E A R X if ' M S I ,occasions-it's... 2332 Guadalupe .ff-l Newest, Largest, Most Modern I . sim ,586 Mexfs Shop "On The Drag" " Qu, , l - sob Rmugr. 4? WHEN ITIS PHOTOGRAPHY K ' ' . . X f. " . .-.,... 4 0 ' ' ' ,.,...... . ..... ruorocnmw ' Austin, 1exAs ...,. ' uloog fox this Bimclisn 'ii'-J 'XJ . IN THE YELLOW PAGES -' 32:31, , O SENIORS BLANCHARD, LAWRENCE P. University of Texas X09 W 32nd., Austin, Texas BRADFORD, DERRELL T. University of Texas 707 S. Fern, Monahans, Texas CARROLL, WILLIAM E. University of Texas 2200 Harrison, Beaumont, Texas CLIFTON, GEORGE G. University of Texas 145 Devine Rd., San Antonio, Texas CURTIS, HAROLD F. University of Texas 421.9 Stonewall, Greenville, Texas DARNALL, ELEANOR B. George Washington University 0209 Duval, Austin, Texas DIBRELL, GEORGE E. Southern Methodist University 723 North Zangs, Dallas, Texas DORMAN, JOHN H. University of Texas Teague, Texas FILLMORE, HARTSON D. Midwestern 2425 Berkeley, Wichita Falls, Texas GREEN, PAUL M. University of Texas 326 Rolzinlzood, San Antonio, Texas HAMPTON, LEWIS W. University of Texas 2717 Merida, Fart Worth, Texas -MARNOCK, MARVIN Saint Mary's University Rt. 8, Box 329, San Antonio, Texas PLASTER, WALTON Centenary 3000 Sanford Ave., Shreveport, Louisiana SIMON, DOLPH University of Texas 1503 Preston Ave., Austin, Texas SOWELL, JASON B., JR. Washington dr Lee University 3900 Lexington, Dallas, Texas WEATHERLY, JOAN R. University of Virginia 1260 Rocky River Rd., Houston, Texas MID-LAWS CHERRY, WELDON L. Austin, Texas COLWELL, BILLY JOE Lockhart, Texas DAVIS, MAURICE G. Eden, Texas DELANY, ROBERT EDWARD Houston, Texas DWYER, PATRICK E. Austin, Texas ELLIOTT, LYNWOOD G. Austin, Texas FINCH, HOWELL M. Austin, Texas FLANNAGAN, JOHN W. Austin, Texas FOWLER, BRADLEY A. Austin, Texas GEARY, JAMES E. Austin, Texas GOLDBERG, MOSES Laredo, Texas HARDING, LOUIS R. El Paso, Texas HARDWICK, WILLIAM L. George West, Texas LE MAIRE, BRUCE Lubbock, Texas MCADAMS, BILLY J. Cleveland O'CONNOR, EDWIN M., III Austin, Texas PALMER, ELMER E. Austin, Texas PATTERSON, FLOYD H. Austin, Texas PHAIR, BRADLEY C., JR. Austin, Texas PRUDHOMME, JOSEPH G. Pinelancl, Texas ROBERTS, BENNETT J., JR. Houston, Texas ROYE, WATSON P. Austin, Texas SPENCER, RICHARD C. Fort Worth, Texas STANDLEE, ROBERT G. Fort Worth, Texas STEIMEL, WALTER E. Austin, Texas WARREN, DONALD R. Beaumont, Texas WHITE Anthony, WILDE Houston a x EMORY L. Texas WILLIAM K. Texas WINK, IRMA JUNE Austin, Texas WOLFE, JOSEPH W. 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