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K ,SFX .. N '-.'.Q.XIx51. "XV 'R XV' 15' EX ' N :Nu W? ' W' ' at gh fag? R I ,xx K, an K iiylffi' 's gc 1 N V KH X V: 452' TTT- x X G'vlHL"1V5gf.f1, N n E . . ' X L1 X ,, , x , 5, . .M -,', 1 . H 13 2, ' t X- N X - -1 3 .ft xl YRS- AQ :Ig Q: '- H , E' ?-E555 MQ x X. .-V A x 5 NWMXK rx llqwhxu Km? ,l 1 .V ,M .,' nf' .m1:-w A- -,,.2,'uL1,. K 1 . , a .- ,L ?12'yq'f',. LTWEWQ4-'1 ,' 'v3f"f.ig.,., .bi ,, vIorW ln.-,V ', V' , , , A A ' -.4 "fl, fv",.,ijf.WQ5f ' 4' X, ' ww . .1 . -- AM 1 H 1 un Q1 ' -1 ' , , 1 , , 9 ' , f ,r xp, X A 1 5. - I, , 1 ' ,L I ' 'Vu -:Q-5 X -,, xy w. W- - M sl f,. nm If S 'Y-'wxiw VX 53'-. 'W W 153 - N .. . I 1 Nglsw . , ,M if . . . .V .fy I X- Xu 55, X 1+ R, . 'N 2 'f f 'X ' Serv. .M X -i J .. - SX "kk f,:+-'S -5 " A " I X -X -Xa X X -X 'M' .. . 'Y ,M-X - N - X . 5+ A X .- Q SX QM - X f g.. . Qs- 55 . , Xws sf- XX 'f . . - X X N .. .. i?5Q1jyXk. wv xgwf .flm XSS NX -an X K .. X45 X X X QQN Q nf bi . A ,gwww .XXQNXX . ggi .Q J x as Xl -XQQXL XX.. X. X sg. 56 XX X R? X-, Q X M: V.: :k y XXXX gp X , ES - W Q Q ff A M X X Y .. . N X 1 K ww . Q qw . X- - Q K?" k N- - X X li .- K X ,bk N x gk LS K t A X- . X -X Q Q X Q - XX ,LX Xggg., X- - X- X ws -X +L f Q52 X S .. .Ni X S X .. K X SN Y . X.. if f f Q S. A -'XXX -wp 9 -Y-QQ X X-A . SY -X Q .P ' fx ig., sw QU. ig Sf -X X A XT M ' X A XQXX:-xw V 1 Q N 'X 'i X X. . SAX " X-YT iff .... Q SW X X. F-.TS 1 XX . B k 1 -Eiissisizig, ' :fXXF'fi Q Q K K' qf Q AM X TW - 5 P kf- X X X- f . X . 'im R--I ix QS .X NF 1 5 X -- NM?" ' X. - XM f . XX XXX N 5 Sf f -' Ii 5 x -, . .... . Q Wi if X Q N N XX- X . .. X ,,.. ,. Nl W e- X NX ?f --- f X-'YS X X X . A .. ' - 'X . X: ,--,XX ' .- 2: X X, . -TXX - Xxx x A 'X ,X .sy -ijig f' N L.. '- ,Ig if X -. KXQQ X I .XV .- - Xf ' K k XY af XX f f , . NWN X. .9 .s swag Y XX .X g paw we 1S.Nx:iwQgivv. ix -SX Q vs Q X if -X X A we N- XS .SX X- X. - . XX X Assays X - . X Kiwi XWQPHX . X Q 1 . . A f X -Q X, N. ff' ' was - S31 ' . ,wi .X QQS5- , Xw K H .,,.X f as iggtkwh .X ,K , XX.. N. ww X , M "' f 'SNA . 'S . S XX X . L , .. W 325 - Ml- . if X ' X -XX . XX X'?'Xx1i:?frm -fXX2X' - .. X X -Xb SX Q-if R' SX - . . X. gum X .. .. . XXX? Q K 1 . . ..A V .. X. N .mv 1' SSX X XXX. W , ,NN Q xx Q58 N X M Y Y .XX - X X 0- Q X fag. ' X Q51 R? . 5 XA.. . -. W ,... x . .X . .X X X ..,. fs, f SX- z - f 2339 Z, . W- 'XX 1-if xx " ---': ' ,gig - ---, 1 X -. QQ. Q gy ig. XA X ze. A xiugx - - Q' x xxx X Q 55555 1 ' - . X X "X ESX! 'X . w i ki -Xsg-.X Y 983 Q X XX X, :ax X Wa . -M . ga. NP xxXSg5 x X 'N XQAX X X K-S X X55 X QXXXX S X. R N. x , 51.5. XQWVX . 3 VX XX A -wi T F -Aff' -Q' ,, X ' ff SWLSX . if SN . ..Xx1.'X gX X X. X M NN 4 XX iss 'ik Q . A' A Sivvsyun' X A -Sui " Uv u 1' .-1. W S Nl .. , - . vi 'F .. .... XXQ ...X 'P X .... XX XL, ex X mx 'N . i S - .W '-. - Q gb , K ,gmwgw . .. 5.-2.51 X i x 7 NSNMN 5 S g' L . A. Q 'W N N wi Q. . . .SN .X X X if f-X' Ni 5 X i.: ix Q N, 5 XA .. X- X. X , . W A. I A .5 .Isis - X X- 4 . xxiS.XwiX: ,g Abwmn, N--mmm NW X .. -. sk- . - 5 Q3 .yum , X . . 'tip xx-ug L I Y- 1 N 'il Q i gs - 'ii . wg. Swv x . KL A i Q t :Qi 6... k . X X,,s.. .. X.. ISN' 'A X-1 t XX E 2. .,. X. X.Q E XS1 ' 2 Wai - X X w- Mxxkill .- 5 5 .ws I x X Q -ax . f'f"l. - X fa w. . X 4 N X Q V xx X K Y Q X 5 , e S 5 XWXL ima . ,1"4'l4."'f' , ,M . o V-. 3 1 1 - 1 YP V ' r '. ' 'w H. A , +5 .Q-,fi , 'n , . 1' . , aff gs-vZ15fr",A . 1 .- ', , . of 1,- x 1 I ' - ,u Vi A rg:ku ,w,. QS -9 f',N,, Us v- 1 fa ' 'E p ll 1 6 , 4 u 1 . , s V O a Q . -Ei- -, r . u F ' ' :Wav it -vi 1 5 1 Q , I ..g.. u, I Fi? f-X: ,I THE PEREGRI US The Yearbook of The School of Law of The University of Texas Published by Society of The Peregrinus, Inc. Vol. VIII 1956 1 9 5 6 DR. HUBERT WINSTON SMITH Dr. Smith has achieved an education which few men can equal. After graduation from the Universit of Texas in 1927 with an A.B. de ree he proceeded to Harvard, Law School from which he received an LL.B. in 1930. After six years of law practice, first as an associate of the law firm of Thompson, Knight, Baker, and Harris in Dallas, and later as a member of his own firm, he carried out an aspiration conceived in Law School of some day studyin medicine with the plan of working on possible integra- tions 0? law and science. He studied for two years at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and finished his medical education at Harvard in 1941. Subsequentl he was appointed as a Research Fellow of Rockefeller Foundation and accepted an appointment as an Associate in Legal-Medical Research on the faculties of Harvard Law School and Harvard Medical School. On leave of absence from Harvard in late 1943, Dr. Smith served in the Medical Corps of the USNR and was assigned to duty in the Legal Medicine Branch of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery in Washington, D.C. After the war he served on the faculties of the Universit of Illinois and Tulane University until his acceptance of a professorship in 1952 at the University of Texas School of Law as Professor of Law and Legal Medicine and Director of the newly created Law Science Institute. He is also a member of the Faculty at the Medical Branch in Galveston. In addition to teaching courses in Legal Medicine and Evidence, he conducts a seminar in the Law-Science area. Dr. Smith has written many articles which have been published on various aspects of the Science of Proof and of Legal Medicine. He is Associate Editor of the Iournal of Criminal Law and Criminology, and has been Editor and Contributing Author in several National Symposia devoted to Law-Science Problems. The Legal Medicine Short Courses on "Legal Medicine and Elements of Medicolegal Litigation" involve the use of a distin- guished teaching staff made up of as many as fifty to seventy-five medical specialists and trial lawyers. It is estimated that today eighty percent of civil actions involve personal injuries and trial lawyers have become increasingly concerned with obtainin instruction in the related fundamentals of medical science and medicolegal trial technique. Lawyers from every State in the Union have attended the Short Course which involves from seventy to eighty-five hours of intensive instruction and constant experimentation with new post-graduate teaching techniques. Dr. Smith has said that "only science can ex lain human behavior and only law can regulate it and therein lies the basis of a necessary and enduring partnership." Today law schools throughout the country are endeavoring to launch Law-Science programs similar to that now functioning at the University of Texas Law School. Dr. Smith has received various honors and recognitionsg among these has been his recent election as a Fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers in recognition of his contributions to the field of Scientific Proof. In view of his tireless devotion to Law-Science ideals, and his energy in bringing its contributions to aid of the judicial process, to trial lawyers, and to undergraduate students, it is with dee prilde that the staff of the 1956 Peregrinus dedicates this yearboog to im. D E D I A E E Q Wim Elwtss ummm sm x sssf wy sx X' SX 4 N X Vex AQ t A B LL B 1931 University of Texas SJ D 1936 Harvard University. Professor of Law since 1939 Asslstant Dean University of Texas, 1940 42 On leave 1942 45 as Chief Counsel and Puce Executive of Petroleum Blanch of O P A and as Assistant Chief Counsel of Petroleum Administration for War Washington DC Dean Universlty of Okla- homa Law School, 1946 49. Dean, University of Texas Law School since 1949. Member, Texas, American, Oklahoma Bar Associations, and Judi- cial Council of Oklahoma. Co-editor of Seavey, Keeton, and Thurston, Cases on Torts, editor, Cases on Fraud and Mistake. Published articles in several law reviews. Subject: Torts. THOMAS I. GIBSON, III Assistant Dean-Spring Semester B.A. 1939, LL.B. 1948, University of Texas. Assistant Professor and Associate Librarian, University of Texas School of Law 1954-56. Admitted to practice, Texas 1948. Texas State Librarian, 1952-54. Instructor, University of Texas Law School, 1950-51. Member, Texas Bar Associati-on. U. S. Navy, 1941-46. Subjects: Legal Bibliography. JACK PROCTOR Assistant Dean-Fall Semester B.A. 1948, LL.B. 1949, University of Texas. Admitted to practice in Texas, 1949. Practiced with Paul Bandy firm, 1949-50, in Wichita Falls. Appointed Administra- tive Assistant to Dean, University of Texas Law School, 1950, Executive Assistant to the Dean, 1952. Member of Texas State Bar. EDWARD WELDON BAILEY Professor of Law B.A. 1920, LL.B. 1928, University of Texas. S.I.D. 1942, Harvard University. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1928. Practiced with Callaway 61 Reed, Dallas, Texas, 1928-30. Associate Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1930-36, Professor of Law since 1936. Subjects: Private Corporations, Trusts, Future Interests, Wills. ' LEO G. BLACKSTOCK Professor of Law B.A. 1923, M.B.A. 1925, LL.B. 1933, University of Texas. Admitted to ractice, Texas, 1933. U. S. Supreme Court, 1952, U. S. Court of Military Appealg, 1955. Chief Examiner, Gas Utilities Division, Railroad Commission of Texas, 1937-38. Head, Business Administration Department, Trinity University, 1924-25, and Sam Houston State Teachers College, 1925-27, Professor of Business Law, University of Texas since 1927, Visiting Professor of Military Law, University of Texas School of Law since 1953. Member, Travis County Bar Association. Col. IAGC, 1940- 46. Subjects: Military Law, Legal Accounting. FAC ULTY WYLIE H. DAVIS Professor of Law A.B. 1940, LL.B. 1947, Mercer University, LL.M. 1948, Harvard Law School. Pro- fessor of Law, University of Arkansas School of Law, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1948- 55. Faculty Editor, Arkansas Law Review, 1949-52. Visiting Professor of Law, University of Texas School of Law, 1954-1955, Professor of Law since 1955. Lieut. Cmdr. U.S.N.R. Subjects: Insurance, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law. JULIUS F. FRANKI Lecturer in Law B.A., LL.B., University of Texas, 1932. Assistant Attorney General, Austin, 1934- 85. Member firm, Hill, Greer 81. Franki, 1935-42, private practice in Austin since 1945. Lecturer, part time, College Business Administration, University of Texas, 1947-48, Lecturer in Law since 1948. Special Assistant, U. S. Ambassador, Santiago, Chile, 1942-44, U. S. State Department, 1945. Author, "Vernon's Texas Rules of Civil Procedure" and Supplements. Subjects: Civil Procedure and Practice. WILLIAM F. FRITZ Associate Professor of Law B.A. 1935, M.A. 1938, LL.B. 1946, University of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1946. Assistant Professor of Law, University of Texas School of Law, 1946- 49. Sterling Fellow, Yale Law School, 1949-50. Summer faculty, Vanderbilt University, 1953, Summer Faculty, Rutgers, 1954. U. S. Army 1942-44. Member Texas State Bar Association. Subjects: Real Property, Damages. E. ERNEST GOLDSTEIN Associate Professor of Law B.A. 1939, Amherst College, LL.B. 1947, Georgetown University, SID. 1956, Univer- sity of Wisconsin. Carnegie Fellow, University of Wisconsin, 1955. General Counsel Committee of the Judiciary, U. S. House of Representatives, 1950-52. Member, District of Columbia Bar, Army Security Agency, 1942-46. Subjects: Government Regulation of Competition, International Law, International Trade Problems, Prop- erty. LEON GREEN Professor of Law B.A. 1908, Ouachita College, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, LL.B. 1915, University of Texas, University of Michigan Summer School, 1921, Honorary M.A., Yale Univer- sity, 1928g LL.D. Louisiana State University, 1938. Appellate practice, 1920-26, Austin. Dean on leave, University of North Carolina School of Law, 1926, Visit- ing Professor, Yale University School -of Law, 1926, Associate Professor, 1927, Pro- fessor, 1928, Professor of Law and Dean of the Law School, Northwestern Univer- sity, 1929-47. Member Connecticut, Texas and Illinois bars. Subjects: Torts, Injuries to Relations. WARNER A. HANCOCK Assistant Director Legal Aid Clinic B.B.A. 1943, Baylor University, LL.B. 1948, University of Texas. Admitted to prac- tice, Texas, 1948. Practiced at La Feria, Texas, 1949-50. Assistant Secretary, State Bar of Texas, 1951. Instructor, University of Texas School of Law 1952-55. Assist- ant Director Legal Aid Clinic since l955. Member, State Bar of Texas. U. S. Navy, 1943-46. HELEN HARGRAVE Law Librarian-Assistant Professor of Law LL.B. 1926, University of Texasg attended Columbia University, summer, 1940. Admitted to practice in Texas, 1926. Assistant Law Librarian, University of Texas, 1930-39, Law Librarian since 1940. Member State Bar of Texas, American Asso- ciation of Law Libraries. Subject: Legal Bibliography. GUS MACEY HODGES Professor of Law B.B.A. 1930, LL.B. 1932, University of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1932. Practiced with Leachman 61 Gardere. Dallas. 1932-36: Robertson, Leachman, Payne, Cardere 6: Lancaster, 1936-40. Professor of Law, University of Texas since 1940. Member, Texas State Bar and Travis County Bar Associations. Subjects: Judicial Remedies, Trial Procedure and Pleading, Appellate Procedure. CELTIC A .iA1m FAC V w ULTY WILLIAM 0. HUIE Professor of Law B.A. 1932, Henderson State Teachers College, Arkansas, LL.B. 1935, University of Texas, S.J.D. 1953, Harvard University. Admitted to practice in Texas Practiced with Greenwood, Moody :Sr Robertson, Austin, Texas, 1935-36. Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1936-39, Associate Professor of Law, Professor of Law since 1946, Assistant Dean, 1946-48. Research Fellow Law School, 1939-40. Senior Attorney, O.P.A. 1942-43. U. S. Navy Subjects: Marital Rights, Oil and Gas, Trusts. CORWIN WAGGONER JOHNSON V Professor of Law in 1935. Assistant 1939-46, Harvard 1943-46. A.B. 1939, I.D. 1941, University of Iowa, Sterling Fellow, Yale University Law School, 1941 and 1947. Instructor University of Iowa College of Law, 1946-47, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1947-49, Associate Professor 1949- 54. Professor of Law since 1954. Special Agent F.B.I., 1942-46. Subjects: Real Property, Personal Property, Water Law, Constitutional Law, Texas Land Titles. GAYNOR KENDALL Lecturer in Law LL.B. 1932, University of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1932. Assistant Attorney General of Texas, 1932-35, private practice, Austin, Texas, 1935-44 and since 1946. Member, State Bar of Texas, Travis County Bar Associati-on. U. S. Navy, 1944-46. Subject: Brief Writing and Appellate Advocacy. CHARLES TILFORD McCORMICK Professor of Law B.A. 1909, University of Texas, LL.B. cum laude, Harvard University, 1912. Pro- fessor of Law, University of Texas, 1922-26, Professor of Law, University of North Carolina, 1926-31, Dean, 1927-31, Professor of Law, Northwestern University, 1931-40, 1951, Dean and Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1940-49, summer teachin , Cornell, Yale, Chicago, Stanford, University of Washington, Columbia, Harvard. Subjects: Contracts, Federal Procedure,,Evidence. KEITH E. MORRISON Professor of Law Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas, 1927-29, B.A. 1931, University of Kansas, M.S. 1939, University of Wyoming, LL.B. 1948, Yale University. Economist, Agri- culture Extension Service, University of Wyoming, 1939-41. Associate Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1948-51, Professor of Law since 1951. U.S. Air Corps ind U.S. Army 1942-45. Subjects: Taxation, Constitutional Law, Administrative aw. WALTER E. OBERER Associate Professor of Law B.A. 1942, Ohio Wesleyan University, LL.B. 1948, Harvard Law School. Admitted to practice, Michigan, 1949. Private practice, Detroit, 1949-55. Lecturer, part-time, Detroit College of Law, 1952-55. U.S. Army, 1942-46. Subjects: Criminal Law, Legal Profession, Corporations, Agency and Partnership, Contracts. WOODROW WILSON PATTERSON Legal Aid Clinic Director Pre-law, University of Texasg LL.B. 1936, University of Texas School of Law. Admitted to practice in Texas, 1936. Private practice in Austin, Texas, 1936-374 Assistant District Attorney, Travis County, Texas, 1937-41, member of firm of Patterson or Patterson since 1941. Member American Bar Association, Travis County Bar Association and State Bar of Texas. Subjects: Legal Aid, Office Practice. MILLARD HARRINGTON RUDD Professor of Law B.S.L. 1942, LL.B. 1947, University of Minnesota. Assistant Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1947-48, Associate Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1948-50, Professor of Law since 1950. President, Minnesota Law Review, 1946-47. Assistant Executive Director, Texas Legislative Council 1950-52. Captain, U.S. Army, World War II. Subjects: Legislation, Agency 8: Partnership, Commercial Law, Local Government. FAC ULTY JOSEPH TYREE SNEED Professor of Law B.B.A. 1941, Southwestern University, LL.B. 1947, University of Texas. Part time Lecturer, University of Texas Business Administration Department, Assistant Pro- fessor of Law, University of Texas 1947-51, Associate Professor of Law 1951-545 Professor of Law since 1954. U.S. Army Air Force, three years. Subjects: Contracts, Estate and Gift Taxation, Creditors' Rights, Fraud and Mistake. ROBERT WELDON STAYTON Professor of Law B.A. 1907, University of Texas, 1904-08, LL.B. 1927, University of Texas. Practiced law 1908-09, San Antonio, Berry 6r Kleberg, 1909-23, Corpus Christi, Kleberg 61 Stayton. President Texas Bar Associati-on 1925. Commission of Appeals 1923-25. Managing Secretary, Texas Law Review since 1926. Professor in charge, Research in Judicial Administration. Subjects: Judicial Remedies, Trial and Appellate Procedure, Judicial Administration, Administration Criminal Law. GEORGE WILFRED STUMBERG Professor of Law B.A. 1909, Louisiana State University, Washington University 1909-10, LL.B. 1912, Columbia University, Oxford, England, 1913-14 and portion of 1916, I.D. 1924, Yale. Louisiana State University Law School, 1919-23 and 1924-25. Associate and Full Professor, Professor of Law, University of Texas since 1925. Visiting Professor of Law, Harvard University, Summer 1948. Subjects: Criminal Law, Conflict of Laws, Admiralty, International Law. E. WAYNE THODE Associate Professor of Law B.S. 1943, University of Illinois, LL.B. 1950, U ' 't f T ' practice, Texas, 1950. Briefing Attorney Supreme Cdliirltgldlf 91'exaixE1S953q.5111'1tlEiis1? ant Attorney General, Texas, 1951-52, Practiced with Ralph Yarborough 1952-55 Associate Professor of Law, University of Texas, since 1955. Member Ameri a B . Assoclatron, Texas State Bar and Travis County Bar Association. Subjectszc Plrocaei dure, Torts. . FACULTY JOSEPH PARKER WITHERSPOON Professor of Law A.B. 1936, University of Chicago, LL.B. 1948, University of Texas. Assistant Profes- sor of Law, 1948-50, Associate Professor of Law 1950-55, Professor of Law since 1955. On leave of absence 1951-52 as Chief Counsel O.P.S., Apparel and Service Trades Branches, Assistant Chief Counsel Consumer Soft Goods Division, Washington, D.C. Member, Texas State Bar Association. Lt. Cmdr, USNR, active duty U.S. Navy, 1942-46. Subjects: Administrative Law, Legislation, Constitutional Law, Philosophy of Law and Jurisprudence. MARION KENNETH WOODWARD Professor of Law B.A. 1933, University of Texas, M.A. 1940, VVest Texas State College: LL.B. 1943, University of Texas, Sterling Fellow, Yale University, 1950. Staff Attorney, Phillips Petroleum Co., Amarillo, Texas, 1946. Teacher, Amarillo, Texas, 1935-41, Associate Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1946-49, Professor of Law since 1950: Assistant Dean, 1948-51: Associate Dean, 1951-53. U.S. Army, 1943-45. Subjects: Mortgages, Texas Land Titles, Wills and Administration, Oil and Gas. CHARLES ALAN WRIGHT Visiting Associate Professor of Law A.B. 1947, Wesleyan University, LL.B. ,1949, Yale University. Assistant in In- struction, Yale Law School, 1949-50, Associate Professor of Law, University of Minnesota, 1950-55. Assistant to the Reporter, United States Supreme Court's Advisory Committee on Rules of Civil Procedure. Subjects: Procedure, Labor Re- lations, Constitutional Law. I WILLIAM FRANKLIN YOUNG, JR. Associate Professor of Law College of Marshall, 1942-43, B.A. 1947, LL.B. 1949, University of Texas. Assistant Professor of Law, University of Texas, 1949-52: Associate Professor since 1952. Visiting Professor, Duke University Law School, 1952-53. U.S. Army Signal Corps, 1943-45. Subjects: Contracts, Debtors' Estates, Fraud and Mistake. 3 2 3 1 2 c 11 STAFF MISS MARTHA ADAMSON Placement Secretary MISS DOROTHY HELLO Legal Aid Clinic Secretary MISS MARY KIRKSEY Faculty Secretary MRS. SYBIL LEE Switchboard Operator A MRS. CARLA MATTHEWS Admimls-trative Secretary, Law-Science Institute MISS BOBBIE MAYS Senior Secretary MRS. SARAH SHELBY Faculty Secretary ' MRS. DOROTHY SMITH Administrative Secretary MRS. RUTH TAYLOR Secretary to the Dean MISS LEN WHITESIDE Faculty Secretary 'Y I F L 5 1 r 5 , l l 1 J LIBRARY STAFF MISS DELLA GEYER Cataloguer MISS MARGARET HODGES Library Assistant MRS MILDRED MONK Library Secretary MISS SARA RUMBO Senior Library Assistant Library Student Assistants Left to right: JAMES T. GARRETT BEN woon JACK EsTEs TEDDY HELBIG HAL PERRY MR. H. A. DUNN Building Superintendent ORDER OF THE COIF v The American Order of the Coif is the outgrowth of an earlier society known as Theta Kappa Nu, founded at the University of Illinois in 1902 for the purpose of promoting scholarship among American law students. The first national convention of Theta Kappa Nu met on February 18, 1911, at the Hotel La Salle, Chi- cago, and decided to submit to the chapters for adoption not only a thoroughly revised national constitu- tion, but also a recommendation and change of name. The revision and recommendations were ratified by the chapters and in February of 1912 the first national organization of the Order of the Coif was effected. Today there are forty-three chapters of the Order. Election to membership in all cases is restricted by the national constitution to the 10 per cent of the Senior Class who have attained the highest rank in their law school work. The University of Texas chapter has an additional requirement that the student must have completed six units of Texas Law Review work. JUNE, 1955 COIF ELECTEES William Lockhart Garwood Winston Lamar Adkins William Ingo Marschall, jr. Joel Herbert Pullen Mrs. Mary jo Carroll john Glenn Cjackl Pew Patricia Hinds William Denny Neary 5 JUNE, 1955 AUGUST, 1955 Alphonso Ragland, III William Eugene Townsley Melbert Dow en Schwarz Mrs. Marian Oldfather Boner ' William Arnold Stout Edwin Watson Stockly Frederick Wadsworth Robinson George White Terry JANUARY, 1956 Finis Ewing Cowan, Jr. Charles D. Boston Melvin W. Parse, Jr. Richard Lee McGraw Richard A. Hall Towner S. Leeper J. EVANS ATTWELL Grand Chancellor, Fall 1955 CHAN Chancellors is a legal honorary society found only at the University of Texas, having been organized in 1912 for the purpose of honoring and rewarding by election to membership those law students most likely to succeed and become a credit to their profession. A combination of con- sistent scholarship, achievements, and personality, as exemplified by class standin and work on the Texas Law Review, are requisites for election to memiership. Six students are tapped each semester, adding their num- bers to the hundreds of outstanding members of the Texas Bar who have received this high honor. New members of Chancellors are rudely tapped in the various classrooms in one of the most impressive ceremonial traditions of the Texas Law JIM HOUSE Vice-Chancellor, Fall 1955 MELVIN NULL Clerk, Fall 1955 WILLIAM WATSON Keeper of the Peregrinus, Fall 1955 J. HADLEY EDGAR RICHARD L. MCGRAW .LLORS I I I I I I I ISchool. The new initiates are then hooded, laden with heavy law books, and paraded through Townes Hall. Chancellors are the traditional kee ers of the Peregrinus, which is brought out of its secret hiding place only on rare and special occasions. The Chancellors also escort the Portia in the annual Round-Up Parade. Chan- 'cellors enjoy the hard-won and unique distinction of being the only local legal honorary society which is noted by the name of its members in the IMartindale-Hubbell Law Directory. I I RICHARD A. FRELING r Grand Chancellor, Spring 1955 I I I I I Q I I I MELVIN W. PARSE, JR. FINIS E. COWAN, IR. Vzce-Chancellor, Spring 1955 Clerk, Spring 1955 CHARLES D. BOSTON RICHARD A. HALL Keeper of the Peregrinus, Spring 1955 - ,I I I Q I I l I r TEXAS LAW REVIEW STAFF FALL 1955 lSeated, left to rightl Richard A. Hall, Melvin W. Parse, Ir., Richard A. Freling, Charles D. Boston. CStanding, left to rightl William W. Gibson, jr., Richard L. McGraw, Finis E.-Cowan, Ir., I. Hadley Edgar, James M. House, Melvin L. Null, J. Evans Attwell. PROFESSOR WILLIAM F. FRITZ Faculty Advisor 18 STAFF MEMBERS Editor-in-Chief . . Article Editor . . Comment Editor . Note Editor . . Associate Note Editors FALL 1955 . Richard A. Freling . Melvin W. Parse, Jr. . . Richard A. Hall . Charles D. Boston J. Evans Attwell Finis E. Cowan, jr. J. Hadley Edgar William W. Gibson, jr. James M. House Richard L. McGraw Melvin L, Null TEXAS LAW REVIEW EDITORIAL BOARD SPRING 1956 fSeated, left to rightl joseph I. French, Jr., James M. House, I. Evans Attwell, Richard A. Freling, I. Hadley Edgar, Jerome W. Kirby lStanding, left to rightl William E. Watson, James W. Gary, Frank W. Elliott, Ir., George Sladczyk, Ir., Melvin L. Null, John E. Eliason, John K. Mitchell, William W. Gibson, Jr., I. C. Zbranek, Tom Rush Moody, jr., Frank Finn, I. Ronald Trost, Robert H. Walls J. Evans Attwell Katherine Barlow Charles D. Boston Finis E. Cowan, Ir. I. Hadley Edgar John E. Eliason Frank W. Elliott, Jr. Frank Finn Richard A. Freling Iames H. Ammennan William C. Baker Walter E. Barnett William L. Bowers Ben M. Brigham George E. Brown Jerry L. Buchmeyer Thomas H. Burton Fred A. Collins Sanford C. Cox, Jr. Sam G. Croom, Ir. David S. Dale Robert A. Fairey EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBERS AND CANDIDATES Members joseph J. French, jr. James W. Gary William W. Gibson, Ir. Richard A. Hall James M..House Jerome W. Kirby Towner S. Leeper Richard L. McGraw john K. Mitchell 'Candidates Ioseph M. Franks John E. Green Harry L. Hall Denny O. Ingram Paul Kirton Jack N. Little Muckleroy McDonnold Russell B. McGowen, jr. Buford D. McKinney, Ir. Elton M. Montgomery james S. Moore Billy I. Mounce Philip I. Palmer, Jr. Tom Rush Moody, Jr Melvin L. Null Melvin W. Parse, jr. J. Ronald Trost Robert H. Walls William E. Watson Robert S. Weatherall I. C. Zbranek David W. Purcell Morton A. Rudberg N. Lloyd Scurlock Bob E. Shannon George Sladczyk, Ir. Maco Stewart Ramon A. Von Drehle Lois I. Watson Robert S. Weatherall Clifford L. Whitehill Carl Wilson Otto Yelton CONSUL AWARDEES The Consul Award, instituted in 1954, is an annual award conferred on the twelve or more law students who have made the most outstanding contributions to the Law School through their active participation in extracurricular activities. The selection was made by a committee which reflected the viewpoints of a wide cross- section of the student body and whose members are individually familiar with Law School activities and the students participating in them. Committee members for 1956 were Walter Bamett, Phi Alpha Delta, Robert Dabney, Delta Theta Phi, john Haas, The Praetorsg Nancy Moody, Kappa Beta Pig Larry Parnass, Phi Delta Phi, Newton Steele, Independent. Committee members consider not merely the holding of an office or membership in an organization, but attempt to evaluate the accomplishments of the student so participating and the benefit others derive from his participation. Scholarship is considered only as it may be evidenced through participation in extracurricular activities such as Texas Law Review staff positions, which are determined partially by scholastic achievement. Q Q JOE LIPPER, JAMES T. CARRETT r Peregrinus C0-Editors PAUL KIRTON Honor Council Law Assemblyman TRUMAN KIRK Dicta Editor ,. TOM FOTHERINGHAM Chairman Honor Council RUSH MOODY Associate Note Editor Texas Law Review LOUIS V. CPATJ HALL Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class Law Day Picnic Committee Chairman . .. ,t l MELVIN W. PARSE Magister, Phi Delta Phi ED JONES Article Editor, Texas Law Review JACK SALYER Chairman Law Day Public Relations Committee Secretary-Treasurer Bar Association Managing Editor, Dicta . CAROLYN BUSCH Dean, Kappa Beta Pi RICHARD A. HALL ALSA Representative Comment Editor, Texas Law Review Staff President Mid-Law Class, Outstanding Mid-Law 22 X BILL MOSS BYRON F ULLERTON president Senior Class President Student Bar Association Law Assemblyman BILL PARSLEY Law Day Co-Chairman BOB HARTSON, HADLEY EDGAR, EARL ELLIOTT Law Day Co-Chairmen 23 1 9 5 6 P GRTIA MINA WAGONSELLER Portia receives presentation Howers from Bar Association President Byron Fullerton Mina adds zest to beautiful scenery , ----q Peregrinus Co-Editor james Garrett rides with Portia in Round'-Up Parade OUR RUNNERS UP ' we .xt SMX James pins Runner-Up bouquet on Carolyn. Carolyn Busch, Senior student from Baytown, is admired by the student body for her winning personality and her many school activities. Joe pins Runner-Up bouquet on Bunky. Bunky Duncan, First-Year student from Dallas, has become well known to the Law School through her energetic manner and her friendly smile. Semok JL Mun-LAN X fi Neulfwweu., ARGUE, DOUGLAS BA, University of Texas, 1954 4805 Brae Burn, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi ARNETT, DONALD RAY fD0nl M.Ed., Stephen F. Austin, 1952 P.O. Box 115, Lufkin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll ATKINS, BILLY CBil1j BA, University of Texas, 1952 102 South 29th Street, Temple, Texas Peregrinus, Photographer ATTWELL, JOSEPH EVANS BA, Rice Institute, 1953 808 Lovett Boulevard, Houston, Texas Chancellors, Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Associate Casenote Editor AKIN, JAMES THOMAS BA, Baylor University, 1950 3704 Bailey Lane, Austin AMMERMAN, JAMES H. Qimj AA, Del Mar junior College, 1950 P.O. Box 247, Yorktown, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Marshall, Texas Law Review Candidate, Honor Roll ANDERSON, RAYMOND DOUGLAS CRW? BBA, University of Texas, 1953 411 State Line, Texarkana, Texas Delta Theta Phi ANDERSON, WILLIAM B., IR. QBillj BA, University of Texas, 1951 210 Forest Avenue, Cleburne, Texas Delta Theta Phi SENIORS AYERS, BILL JOE University of Texas 1413 Westmoor Drive, Austin, Texas BABER, ROBERT E. BA, Texas Tech, 1950 4302 Avenue A, Lubbock, Texas BABIN, CARL IOHN BS, University of Houston, 1952 1519-B Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant, Honor Roll, uizmaster Q BAILEY, CHARLES PAT fPa0 BA, Texas Ad:M, 1950 Box B, Refugio, Texas Phil Alpha Delta, Moot Court Participant, Honor Ro SENIORS BANKSTON, MILTON L. BA, University of Texas, 1951 4535 Hollywood Drive, Port Arthur, Texas Phi Delta Phi BARBER, WILLIAM ARTHUR, JR. BA, Texas AGM, 1950 Box 463, Linden, Texas BARLOW, KATHERINE Southern Methodist University 1305 San Antonio, Austin, Texas Kappa Beta Pi, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll BASKIN, JAMES DOLLAR, IR. fjimj BS, U.S. Naval Academy, 1946 2201 Mountainview Road, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll BOWERS, WILLIAM LEE, IR. QBillj BBA, University of Texas, 1952 2503 Bnklle Path, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Candidate BOWIE, ALBERTINE E. fTinaD BA, Ohio Wesleyan, 1953 3503 Ruth, Houston, Texas BRADY, JOHN A. BA, Duquesne University, 1951 326 North Bluff, Butler, Pennsylvania BRELSFORD, WILLIAM MOORE QBillj BA, University of Texas Route 6, Box 59, Tyler, Texas Delta Theta Phi BLANCHARD, LAWRENCE P. BA, University of Texas 809 West 32nd Street, Austin, Texas BOLDRICK, NEILL BA, University of Texas, 1952 1320 Clover Lane, F oft Worth, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant, Honor Roll BON N EY, ROGER BA, Rice Institute, 1953 309 Telephone Road, Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Honor Roll, Quizmaster BOSTON, CHARLES D. BS, West Texas State, 1949 414 South Madden, Shamrock, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Clerk, Texas Law Review, Casenote Editor, Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Chancellors SENIORS BRIGHAM, BEN M., JB. BBA, University of T exas, 1954 3300 Stevenson Avenue, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll BURDETTE, DON E. QDODJ BBA, University of Texas, 1954 Route 3 Gatesville, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant, Honor Roll BURKE, EDD, IR. BA, Universit of Texas, 1954 142 Mockinglglird Lane, Longview, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll BUSCH, CAROLYN BI, Universit of Texas, 1952 214 West Adhue, Baytown, Texas Kappa Beta Pi, Dean, 1st Year Class, Secretary, Bar Association, A.L.S.A. Committee, Consul Awardee SENIORS itit 3 , is CASHMAN, fOHN e. fjacky BA, North Texas State, 1953 6034 Vanderbilt, Dallas, Texas Praetors CASTILLON, CARLOS BA, University of Texas, 1954 410 Gustavus, Laredo, Texas CAZARES, EDWARD A. CECU BBA, University of Texas, 1950 610 West Elizabeth, Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Master of Ritual, Law Day, Speakers Committee, Bar Association, Election Commission CHAUM, ELLIOT fskipj BS, University of Illinois, 1949 1510 Parkway, Austin, Texas COLVIN, AMOS HOWARD BA, University of Texas, 1951 3637 Avenue K, Fort Worth, Texas COWAN, FINIS EWINC, IR. BA, Rice Institute, 1951 2131 Brentwood Drive, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer, Texas Law Review, Associate Casenote Editor- Honor Roll- uizmaster, , , Q Chancellors, Outstanding Freshman CUMMINCS, ROBERT MAX fB0bQ BA, University of Texas, 1954 800 West 84th Street, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant, Dicta, Humor Editor, Reporter CURRY, GENE WATSON BBA, University of Texas, 1955 2682 Bowling Green, Dallas, Texas coHN, WILLIAM F. fBillj BBA, University of Texas, 1954 Box 485, Cleveland, Texas Praetors, Lictor, lst Year Class, Secretary-Treas- urer, Moot Court, Participant, Law Day, Barrister's Ball, Assault and Flattery Committee, Bar Asso- ciation, Dedal, Veteran's Committees, Class Com- mittee, Picnic, Dance . COLBURN, FRANK WILLIAM QBillj BBA, University of Texas, 1954 1712 Bluebonnet Lane, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant COLLINS, FRED A. BA, University of Texas, 1949 730 West Walnut, Coleman, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Joseph C. Hutchenson Ir. Scholarship COLTZER, ROBERT GEORGE BBA, University of Texas, 1952 54 Cedar Lane, Galveston, Texas SENIORS DABNEY, ROBERT LEWIS, JR. fB0bJ BA, University of Virginia, 1953 3215 Ella Lee Lane, Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Moot Court Participant DAMERIS, THANO fD1'an0Q BA, University of Texas, 1953 4337 Leeland, Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi, lst Year Class, President, Moot Court Participant, Dicta Board DARNALL, ELEANOR BARCLAY AB, George Washington University 3209 Duval, Austin, Texas DAWKINS, SAM D. CSamj BBA, University of Texas, 1950 3449 6th Street, Port Arthur, Texas SENIORS DECKER, VERNON L. University of Texas 301 Deep Eddy Apartments, Austin, Texas DIBRELL, GEORGE EDWARD BBA, Southern Methodist University, 1951 1227 Hillside, Dallas, Texas DICKERSON, ROBERT W. B. qsusrerp Stanford 2436 Quenby, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant, Law Day Refreshments Committee DODD, STANLEY BA, Willuzms College, 1952 3917 Anita, Houston, Texas EDGAR, HADLEY, IR. fl-ladj BA, Texas AdrM, 1949 907 Frederick William, Cuero, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Council, Texas Law Review Associate Casenote Editor- Honor Roll- iz , , Qu master, Chancellorsg Law Day Co-Chairman, Picnic Com- mittee Chairman, Counsel Awardee ELIASON, JOHN EDMUND Gel BBA, University of Texas, 1953 2914 Ezekiel Avenue, Zion, Illinois Phi Alpha Delta Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll ELLIOTT, EARL DAM ON Louisiana State University 3726 Glen Haven, Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer, Senior Class, Vice President, Moot Court, Quarter Finalist, Board Member, Honor Rollg Student Assistant to the Dean, Law Day Co-Chainnan, Consul Awardee ERWIN, GEORGE L., JR. BS, University of Colorado, 1947 1307 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Roswell, New Mexico Phi Delta Phi 3 DOUGLASS, MALCOLM CURTIS fDOugl BA, Texas ADM, 1953 1801 Mary Ellen, Parnpa, Texas Delta Theta Phi DOW, BERNARD OLTER BA, University of Texas, 1954 3433 North Parkwood, Houston, Texas Moot Court Participant, Board Member DUNCAN, DAVID T. BBA, Texas AUM, 1951 502 Brookside Drive, Bryan, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Vice-Dean Bailiffg Senior Class, Honor Council, Moot Court, Quarter-Finalist DWYER, NANCY LEE BA, University of Texas, 1953 1429 F ewel, El Paso, Texas Permanent Class Secretary of Senior Class of 1955, Moot Court Participant, Law Day, Barbeque Com- mittee SENIORS o s s L, LLDLL e 1i ESTRS, JACK HOMER BBA, University of Texas, 1953 117 South Pine, Eureka, Kansas ESTES, JOHN L. BBA, University of Texas Waxahachie, Texas lst Year Class, Honor Council EVANS, DAVID BS, Louisiana State University, 1949 1019 Sayers, Lufkin, Texas FAIREY, ROBERT A. fBobJ BA, University of Texas, 1955 5600 Manor Road, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, 1st Year Class, Vice Presidentg Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll, Law Day, Program Committee, Bar Association, Chair- man of Committee on Court of Last Resortg lst Year Class, Chairman of Entertainment Commit- tee. SENIORS 2 'H ' A lu FINN, FRANK, jR. qmickeyp BA, University of Notre Dame, 1954 35 Parnell, Denison, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Finalist, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll F LYNT, JAMES THARP Gimp BA, Texas Christian University, 1953 407 Kilpatrick, Mineola, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Dean, Bailiif, House Manager, Moot Court Participant, Peregrinus Board, Dicta Staff, Bar Association, Consul Award Committee FOSHEE, JOHN C. BI, University of Texas, 1950 3300 Tom Green, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant, Honor Roll FOSTER, JOE DAVIS BBA, University of Texas. 1958 426 King, Center, Texas F ULLINCIM, JACKIE WORTH BA, Howard Payne College, 1949 Box 987, Borger, Texas FULTON, E. M. BA, North Texas State, 1953 6034 Vanderbilt, Dallas, Texas Praetors GARNER, MYRON H. BS, Trinity University, 1953 P.O. Box 187, Lubbock, Texas Praetors GARRETT, JAMES TRUETT qreefap BS, University of Houston, 1955 6502 Pickens, Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Peregrinus, Co-Editor, Produc- tion Director, Dicta, Reporter, Law Day, Picnic Committee, Consul Awardee FOTHERINCHAM, TOM IAMES BS, Northwestern University, 1953 2422 Hayden, Amarillo, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Honor Council Chairman, Consul Awardee FRELING, RICHARD ALAN BA, University of Texas, 1954 3556 Manclerly Place, Fort Worth, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Historian, Texas Law Review, Edi- tor-in-Chief, Dicta Reporter, Honor Roll, Quiz- master, Chancellors FRENCH, JOSEPH IORDAN, JR. 006, BS, Washington if Lee, 1950 f 112 East Hendon, Shreveport, Louisiana Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll, Law Day, Chairman of the Speaker's Committee F ULLERTON, BYRON BS, University of Texas, 1946 P.O. Box 1003, Kingsville, Texas Bar Association, President, Consul Awardee SENIORS GARY, JAMES WARREN BA, Rice Institute, 1951 205-D West 15th Street, Austin, Texas Ighi lilelta Phi, Texas Law Review, Editorial oar GIBSON, WILLIAM WILLARD, JR. fBillJ BA, University of Texas, 1954 2808 Bowie, Amarillo, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Texas Law Review, Associate Casenote Editor, Honor Roll GIDLEY, WILLIAM fBillb BBA, University of Texas, 1950 Lytle, Texas Praetors, President, Vice President COAD, FREDERICK ARTHUR BA, University of Texas, 1949 3122 Olive, Texarkana, Texas Praetors 1 SENIORS iii lil' fiii Wi 13 1 1 GOLDSMITH, MARCUS HALE, II CGoldieJ BBA, University of Texas, 1953 415 West 32nd Street, Austin, Texas GOODENOUGH, W. EUGENE BBA, University of Texas, 1949 Bandera, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Quizmaster GOODRICH, IRA M. qaedp BBA, University of Texas, 1719 Pasadena, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta GRAHAM, JAMES K. Uiml BS, McMurry College, 1958 310 Jeanette, Abilene, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk, 1st Year Class, Secretary Permanent Class Secretary of Senior Class of 1956 Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll HALLMARK, BRUCE BBA, Universit of Texas, 1955 902 Peach, Dalliart, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant HAMMOND, JAMES ERNEST Uiml BBA, Texas Western, 1951 ' 3505 Polk, El Paso, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Quarter Finalist HARDIN, GRACE ANN fAnnj BA, University of Texas, 1954 Box 1267, Sweetwater, Texas Kappa Beta Pi, Chancellor HARTSON, ROBERT W. fB0bD BA, University of Texas 1435 Glen, Dallas, Texas ' Praetors, Secretary, Student Assistant to the Dean, Law Day, Co-Chairman, Law Day, Assault and F lattery Committee, Consul Awardee GREEN, JOHN F. BA, University of Texas, 1953 Box 673, Hamlin Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll GREENSPAN ABRAHAM QAbej , A. BA, University of Texas, 1953 P.O. Box 552, Brownsville, Texas Praetors HALL, PAT L. V. fPatQ BA, University of Texas, 1955 215 West Twohig, San Angelo, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Senior Class, Secretary, Moot Court Participant, Law Day, Chairman of Picnic Committee, Consul Awardee HALL, RICHARD A. BBA, Universit of Michigan, 1950 Box 206, Edingurg, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Justice, Mid-Law Class, Presi- dent, Moot Court Finalist, Texas Law Review, Comment Editor, Dicta, Editorial Board, Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Chancellors, Outstanding Mid- Law Student, Consul Awardee SENIORS A ,g HAUSENF LUCK, GLENN BA, North Texas State, 1951 1100 North West 18th Street, Fort Worth, Texas HERMANN, RICHARD PAUL fDickj BS, University of Notre Dame, 1953 1981 Harrison, Amarillo, Texas Praetors HOLT, LEE EMMETT BA, University of Texas, 1950- 1214-B Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas HOUSE, JAMES MARTIN Qjimj BA, University of Texas, 1951 117 North College Avenue, Lubbock, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Associate Case- note Editor, Honor Roll, Quizmasterg Chancellors SENIORS HUGHES, WILLIAM LEE, IR BA, University of Texas, 1951 408 South West, Arlington, Texas IDAR, ED, JR. BI, University of Texas, 1949 310 Musser, Laredo, Texas IRVINE, J. PAT BS, University of Houston, 1951 1311 Brackenridge Apartments Delta Theta Phi JONES, CLYDE DANIEL, JR. BBA, University of Texas, 1951 95 Guffey, Beaumont, Texas IUNC, HARRY H. BBA, University of Texas, 1950 Box 146, Albany, Texas JUVRUD, DUANE OWEN BA, Texas Western College, 1954 1820 Montana, El Paso, Texas Honor Roll, Law Day, Barristers Ball Committee KEMP, ARTHUR JEF F BBA, University of Houston, 1954 214 Westmoreland, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll KIRBY, JEROME W. Gerry, University of Texas, 1950 4017 Moffett Courts, Dallas, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Texas Law Rev Board, Honor Roll iew, Editorial BA, University P.O. Box 582 A . of Texas, 1952 Praetors President, Secretary, Honor Roll Dlcta Managing Edit Public Relatio JONES, EDW , L l 0 Il Election Committee, Consul Awardee JONES, O.F. qninkp BBA, University of Texas, 1953 2525 Austin Av enue, Waco, Texas JONES, ROBERT H. M.S., East Texas State Commerce, Texas JONES, ROB BBA Universit Box 352 San , ll , Au Phi Delta Phi of Texas gustine, Texas SENIORS RD WARD IR ivingston, Texas r, 1954-55, Law Day Chairman s Committee, Bar Association ERT LYNN qB0bJ KIRK, TRUMAN P. BA, Hardin-Simmons University, 1949 601 E. 47th Street, Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Honor Council, Moot Court Par- ticipant, Dicta, Editor, 1954-55, Law Day, Pub- licity Committee, Consul Awardee KIRTON, PAUL fFat Many University of Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Council, Honor Roll, Consul Awardee KNIGHT, PAUL A. BA, Texas Tech, 1951 1811 W. Illinois, Midland, Texas Praetors, Pere grinus KOSKA RUDOLPH A B. ., I BA, Rice,Institute, 1953 3903 Kennon, Hou Delta Theta Phi ston, Texas .2 ii W SENIORS LANDA, LARRY H. fLarryQ BBA, Tulane University, 1954 7507 Wenwood Dr., Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phig Law Day, Assault 81 Flattery Com- mittee LAPIN, MABTAINE JOHN L. fMartj BA, University of Texas, 1953 Box 124, Kilgore, Texas Praetors, Treasurer, Honor Council, Moot Court Participant, Dicta Reporter, Law Day, Public Re- lations Committee LEA, RICHARD UNDERWOOD qnickp BBA, University of Texas, 1953 Rt. 2, Box 282 A, Orange, Texas LEEPER, TOWNER S. CPA, University of Texas, 1950 Robert Lee, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board LOVETT, JIM D. BA, University of Texas, 1954 703 E. Broadway, Clarksville, Texas MCBRYDE, JOHN H. BSC, Texas Christian University, 1953 3208 Greene, Ft. Worth, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant MCCLURE, BEN MORTON BA, Texas Christian University, 1949 170555 E. Vickery, Ft. Worth, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Tribune, Bailiff McDONALD, WILLIAM EDWARD Giml BBA, University of Texas, 1953 1309 14th Street, Orange, Texas Phi Alpha Delta LEIFESTE, WILLIAM HERBERT BA, Rice Institute, 1949 3411 Montrose, Houston, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Vice Dean . LIPPER, IOSEPH C. 006, BA, Rice Institute, 1953 Moot Court Participant, Peregrinus, Co-Editor, Ac- tivities Director, Editorial Assistant, Board Mem- ber, Law Day, Picnic Committee, Consul Awardee LOTT, HEAULLAN E. BS, Huston-Tillotson, 1947 1914 E. 10th, Austin, Texas LUCAS, TOM E. BBA, U.S. Marine Corps Academy 1813 Banks, Houston SENIORS MCDCNNOLD, MUCKLEROY, IR. CBudgej BBA, University of Texas, 1954 606 East Mandalay, San Antonio, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll McFARLING, TOM I. BA, University of Texas, 1949 311 Normandy, San Antonio, Texas Praetorsg Honor Roll, Law Day, Assault and Flat- tery Committee BS Texas A. if 811 S. Charles Monahans, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Vice-Justice, Honor Council, Moot Court Pa icipantg Texas Law Review, Edi- torial Board- H nor Roll MCCOWEN, RUSSELL B. IR., , M. rt 0 AB Tufts Um rszty 19 1709B Bracken idge Apartments Austin Texas Chancellors Phi Alpha Delta Secretary Treasurer Mid Law Class Texas Law Review Associate Casenote Editor Honor Roll Qulzmaster Law Day Barristers Ball Bar Association Constltu tional Revision ommittee MCGRAW RICHARD LEE qnlckp 15.6 C SENIORS 1-3 gi 15. ls it A ?i - N 3 half - MCCREW, VERN V. IR. BA, Rice Institute 1427 Corona, Houston, Texas MCPHERSON, B. D. BA, University of Texas, 1954 1032 E. Twiford, Pampa, Texas MCPHERSON, HARRY CHUMMINCS BA, University of The South, 1949 1200 Wilma, Tyler, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Justice, Moot Court, Participant MACKIN, JACK University of Texas 1419 Howard, San Angelo, Texas MITCHELL, JOHN WILEY BA, Mexico City College, 1953 Box 252, Brookshire, Texas Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll, Quizmaster MONCURE, JOHN L. BBA, University of Houston, 1953 5631 Ella Lees Lane, Houston, Texas Praetors, Vice President-Treasurer, Bar Association, Film Forum MOODY, TOM RUSH, IR. Rice Institute 605 Harold, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll, Associate Justice, Consul Awardee MOORE, FRANCIS H. BBA, Texas College of Arts and Industries, 1948 4929 Strass, Austin, Texas MALONEY, FRANCIS JAMES, IR. fFrankj BA, University of Texas, 1954 8 Churchill Road, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Phi Alpha Delta, Vice Justice, Marshall, Historian, Moot Court Participant, Peregrinus, Board Mem- ber MERONEY, JOE D. BA, University of Texas, 1950 922 Sinclair, Ranger, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Candidate Honor Roll, Quizmaster METCALF, WALKER N. BBA, University of Texas 715 Montana, San Antonio, Texas Praetors MILLER, ERNEST LEE, JR. fErnieQ BBA, Texas A. if M. 1951 1913 Utah, Baytown, Texas Praetors, Vice-Justice, Alumni Secretary SENIORS MOORE, RACER HARRELL BA, University of Texas, 1954 Praetorsg Vice President, F irst-year Class, Law Day, Assault and Flattery Committee, Law School Decal Committee Chairman MOSS, WILLIAM R. fBillJ BA, Texas A. if M. 1951 2401 Red River, Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Master of the Ritual, Athletic Director, President Senior Classg Law Day, Speak- ers Committeeg Consul Awardee MOYE, BILLY DARRELL fBillJ BA, Texas A. if M. 1950 Nederland, Texas Phi Alpha Delta N ASS, HARRY A. BA, University of Texas, 1955 929 Nolan, San Antonio, Texas SENIORS NELSON, HAL E. BA, University of Texas, 1951 3911B Avenue F , Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, Participant NORMAN, WALTER T. JR. fwaltl BS, North Texas State, 1950 Route 2, Longview, Texas Delta Theta Phi NULL, MELVIN LOYD MA, Texas A. if I., 1950 2003 Daney, Refugio Phi Alpha Delta, Chancellorsg Texas Law Review, Assistant Casenote Editor, Honor Roll PAINE, LOUIS BURR, IR. BA, Rice Institute 2113 Dickey Place, Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta RIDINGS, JOE BUCY BA, Texas C ristian University, 1952 3518 E. Rosedale, Ft. Worth, Texas Delta Theta Phi RIENSTRA, JOYCE Washington University 1212 Boston Avenue, Nederland, Texas ROBINSON, JAMES MALCOLM BA, University of Texas, 1949 2817 A Harris Boulevard, Austin, Texas ROGERS, ROBERT OWEN lB0lJl BBA, University of Texas, 1951 4000 Windsor, Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll, Moot Court, Participant PARSE, MELVIN WILLARD IB. fBill7 BS, Texas A. if M., 1951 2501 Missouri, Baytown, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Magister, Texas Law Review, Article Editor, Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Chancellors, Con- sul Awardee PARSLEY, BILL BA, Texas Tech, 1952 2006 31st Street, Lubbock, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer, Law Day Co-Chair- man, Consul ,Awardee PURCELL, DAVID WILLIAM qnavep BS, Denison University, 1958 Rural Route One, F razeysburg, Ohio Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review Candidate, Moot Court, Semi-Finalist, Chairman, Honor Roll, Quizmaster, Law Day, Barristers Ball Committee RAWLS, ROY BA, University of Texas, 1955 Box 12, Gorman, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Marshall, Vice-President, Mid- law Class, Honor Roll s SENIORS ROUNTREE, BILLY JOE QB. BS, United States Military Academy, 1949 2307 N. De Leon, Victoria, Texas Phi Alpha Delta SALEH, IOSEPH SAMUEL fSammyj St. Marys University Box 736, O'Donnell, Texas SALYER, WILBURN JACK BS, Sacramento State, 1953 Delta Theta Phi, Tribune, Convention Delegate, Secretary-Treasurer Bar Association, Dicta, Re- porter, Law Day, Assault and Flattery Committee- Moot Court, Participant, Consul Awardee P 5 SAMES, WILLIAM JAMES III BS, Tufts College, 1952 602 S. Jackson, Jacksonville, Texas 1 Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court Participant, Pere- grinus, Activities Editor, Dicta, Fraternity Editor- Law Day, Steering Committee 3 Q 'iz SENIORS 'sl i 4 1 SCHAEFFER, ROY F. BA, Morehead State, 1953 1100 Travis, Wichita Falls, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll SCHRADER, BERNARD WILLIAM lBerniel BS, University of Corpus Christi, 1953 Municipal Airport, Corpus Christi, Texas Phi Alpha Delta SCHWARZBACH, BERNARD E. BBA, University of Texas, 1953 4009 Pershing Avenue, El Paso, Texas Praetors, Peregrinus, Delta SCOTT, STUART BBA, University of Texas, 1951 4800 5th Street, Port Arthur, Texas Phi Alpha Delta ' ss 2 SMALLWOOD, C. BAOON lcharliel BA, University of Texas 2600 San Gabriel, Austin, Texas Praetors, Hildys Cutback Award SMITH, GERALD I. BA, University of Texas, 1952 304 Deep E dy Apartments, Austin, Texas Moot Court Participant SMITH, MARK SPENCER University of Texas 398B Deep Eddy Apartments, Austin, Texas Moot Court Participant, Peregrinus, Staff Member, Dicta, Sports Editor, Law Day, Organization Com- mittee SOLOMON, WILLIAM G. BS, Texas Tech, 1951 2915 20th Street, Lubbock, Texas Delta Theta Phi SEKALY, WALTER MARION lWaltl BBA, University of Texas, 1954 1815 Prairie, Beaumont, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Honor Council SHEPPARD, IOHN GILLETT BA, Southwestern University, 1951 916 N. Hunt, Cuero, Texas Praetors SINGLETARY, MARCUS KEITH lMarkl Lamar Junior College 465 Garland, Beaumont, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk, Vice-President, Bar Asso- ciation, Moot Court, Participant, Honor Roll SLADCZYK, GEORGE IR. BBA, University of Texas, 1955 301 Live Oak Lane, Port Arthur, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Candidate Honor Roll SENIORS SOWELL, JACK R. fBuzzyl BBA, University of Texas 2518 West Huisache, San Antonio, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll SPENCER, NORMAN STUART, IR. BA, University of Texas, 1951 2207 25th Street, Snyder, Texas STANLEY, JOE L. BBA, Southern Methodist University, 1951 Route 4, Box 679, Dallas, Texas STEGALL, DONALD LEE CDouj BA, University of Texas, 1955 3933 Floyd Drive, Ft. Worth, Texas 2 S is , a221':.1 1 1. g ' 1 1 1 s E 1 . 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University of Texas 5700 Stonegate, Dallas, Texas Chief Justice, Student Court TAYLOR, ALFORD INMAN QAD BA, University of Texas, 1953 Box 565, Huntsville, Texas THABP, BLUCHER STANLEY IR. BS, United States Military Academy, 1946 1915 Tyler, Amarillo, Texas Phi Alpha Delta STINSON, THOMAS E. QTOml BA, Michigan, 1947 2603 Englewood, Wichita Falls, Texas STRAUSS, HENRY JAMES fHankj 'A BA, University of Texas, 1951 1 1 H allettsville, Texas STRAUSS, JOANNE GLOVER BS, University of Texas, 1953 1 1926 Sycamore, Abilene. Texas p Kappa Beta Pig Honor Roll SUDDERTH, BEN DOYLE BS, Howard-Payne College, 1953 A 3208 Merrie Lynn, Austin, Texas f Delta Theta Phi, Honor Roll i I i z ' i , ,ii . is M2 E I 2 .' Q:2'f:i,xi:-ie ': i 3 S x ,gf lil SENIORS THEALL, THOMAS ROBERT lBobQ University of Texas 2970 Emile, Beaumont, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Dean, Exchequer, Peregrinus, Assistant Editor, Layout Director, Dicta Board Member THEDFORD, LARKIN T. QL. TJ BA, Baylor University, 1951 1800 N. Congress, Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi THOMAS, I. C. lTommyJ BBA, University of Texas, 1950 4604 Shoal Creek, Austin, Texas THOMAS, THOMAS BA, University of Texas, 1951 944 Stilwell, Port Arthur, Texas SENIORS . 1 THOMPSON, RAYMOND CLYDE R. C. Bri Univgrsity of Texas, 1951 4500 B Ramsey, Diboll, Texas THURMOND, WILLIAM A. fBillj BA, New Mexico A. if M. 1412 B Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas PhhDelta Phi, Moot Court, Quarter-Finals, Honor Ro TRAVIS, ROBERT SIMEON QBobJ BA, Texas A. if M., 19534 1201 Clover Lane, Ft. Worth, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll, Quizmasterg Moot Court Participant TURNER, WILLIAM F. lCottonJ BA, University of Texas, 608 Spear, Kilgore, Texas . WADE, JOHN s. BBA, University of Texas, 1950 San Saba, Texas WALDROP, HIRAM HOWARD MEd, East Texas State, 1951 1405 W 13th, Texarkana, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, Participant WALKER, JACK LELAND MD, University of Texas, 1942 cfo E. A. Relchert, Mart, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Roll WALLACE, BASS CAMPBELL BA, Rice Institute, 1953 2604 Hopkins, Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta fBassj UNDERWOOD, JACK LEE Texas Western College 1615 Elm, El Paso, Texas VANCE, JOHN A. IR. BBA, Lamar College, 1954 3950 Baldwin, Beaumont, Texas VENER, LOUIS S. BBA, University of Texas, 1952 Box 366, Hobbs, New Mexico Moot Court, Semi-Finals, Board Member 1 N l VICKERS, STANLEY M. fBudJ BA, Ursinus, 1951 A Phi Alpha Delta SENIORS W1 WALLS, BOBEBT H. fBobJ BBA, University of Texas, 1954 258 Cavalier Avenue, San Antonio, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll, Quizmaster WARREN, THOMAS B. AB, Southwestern University 111 W. Lampasas, Ennis, Texas WATSON, LOIS I. University of Texas 124 Little Campus Dorms WATSON, WILLIAM E. JR. CBill7 BS, Texas A. if M., 1951 - 112 Carnal Avenue, Luling, Texas Phi Delta Phig Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Honor Roll, Quizmasterg Chancellors SENIORS WELLS, RICHARD ALLAN fDickQ BBA, University of Texas, 1951 4527 N ii, Galveston, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court Participant, Peregrinus Subscriptions Director, Honor Roll, Law Day Program Committee WERKENTHIN, CONRAD P. BBA, University of Texas, 1955 8500 Greenway, Austin, Texas WHATLEY, WILLIS I. BBA, University of Texas, 1949 1709 W. 30th, Austin, Texas WHEAT, A. C. fCharlieJ BBA, University of Texas, 1953 1305 W. Tennessee, Midland, Texas WILEY, EDWARD O. BBA, South Texas State, 1950 628 W. San- Antonio, San Marcos, Texas WOLFRAM, WALTER PAUL BA, North Texas State, 1953 604 Texas Avenue, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi KEMP, KENNETH HWD. BA, University of Texas 1710 Enfield Road, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi WHITE, ROSA IANE BA, Wm. Jewell Co lege, 1958 Kappa Beta Phi, Assistant Dean, Moot Court, Par- ticipant, Peregrinus, Staff Member, Dicta, Reporter WHITTEN, FRANK ERVIN BBA, University of Texas 208 W. Brame, Paris, Texas WHITWORTH, WORTH EVANS BBA, University of Texas London, Texas WIEDERSPAHN, HARRY GENE BBA, University of Texas, 1948 Bartlett, Texas SENIORS WOOD, JOHN W BBA, University of Texas, 1950 220 N. Gregg, Albany, Texas YELTON, OTTO ARTHUR, IR. BS, Texas A. if M. 1211 R Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Moot Court, Participant, Texas Law Review, Candidate, Honor Roll YORK, EDWIN REINHOLD fEdQ BA, University of Texas, 1949 4500 Spanish Oak Trail, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer, Moot Court Partici- pant, First Year Vice-President, Board of Govern- ors, Law Assemblyman, Consul, ALSA Delegate- Phi Alpha Delta National Convention Delegate Law Day, Steering Committee Chairman, Dicta, Staff Member, Peregrinus, Associate Editor Editor Board Member 7 YOUNG, CARY BA, University of Texas, 1955 Route 2, Box 430, Port Arthur, Texas Phi Alpha Delta SENIORS ZOBAL, ARTHUR F. BBA, University of Texas, 1953 Box 74, Katarina, Texas YOUNG, JACK D. BA, Texas Tech, 1951 1318 C Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi ZBRANEK, J. O. qzekep BA, University of Texas, 1952 Box 265, Daisetta, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board Peregrinus, Assistant Editor CAMERA SHY BRABHAM, BILLY JAMES BA, Texas AdrM, 3300 Grady, Fort Worth, Texas CALHOUN, CHARLES G., IR. University of Texas 2915 Red River, Austin, Texas CLIFTON, GEORGE University of Texas 145 Devine Road, San Antonio, Texas CURTIS, HAROLD F. University of Texas 4219 Stonewall, Greenville, Texas DORMAN, JOHN H. University of Texas 200 South 11th Street, Teague, Texas EMBREY, AMBROSE R. BA, University of Texas, 1953 Route 3, Hamilton, Texas GAULT, ROSS THOMSON University of Kentucky 708 6th Street, Portsmouth, Ohio GRIFFIN, ALTON R. BS, Texas Tech, 1951 B'ox 462, Crowell, Texas HAMPTON, LOUIS W. BBA University of Texas, 1950 1511 Marrow, Ft. Worth, Texas LUNDELIUS, CHARLES R. BA, Texas A. if M., 1950 910 E. 32nd, Austin, Texas MCGEE, ROBERT DAVID BBA, University of Texas, 1952 517 College, Waxahachie, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review C PARKER, JAMES F., JR. University of Texas 2424 Angelina, Beaumont, Texas ROGERS, IOHNNIE B. BA, University of Texas, 1950 916 N. Hunt, Cuero, Texas SCOGIN, ROBERT ROLAND BS, Texas Tech, 1955 Box 326, Wink, Texas SIMON, DOLPH BBA, University of Texas 2401 Park Place, Austin, Texas VLETAS, GUS GEORGE BS, Texas A. if M., 1949 903 East 32nd Street, Austin, Texas WINKELMAN, BOB C. University of Oklahoma 2008 Winstead, Austin., Texas andidate M -X . ,X X X?-Qx ,rj K - K KK K . XT - K X. ?"fa5XXX 'X :"',- ' ' . ,, V Q3 X, 55,191 xy ,if J X ' "X ' f" , .X fr My ,Q X NX53. . X ,bf X..,FJ'f '.', XX Ks +I., ,.vK. SY w r . QQ X415 L Wjflif K-f , K KKK .Kg K W . 7.65-,I 'X - T X .Q-XX X f' :fa Egg, .ff-f --,uk K. , A Kff K X. .szfgi ' fu - If - inf?--I'4 XX 'Vw , r . ,' Q' 5 .Q Y . J - Xe . 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BAl Virginia Military Institute 437 West Main Street, Danville, Vir ginia BERGOLOF SKY, JACOB Hardin junior College ' 508 Burnett, Wichita Falls, Texas Ierry's great bank robbery 58 MID-LAWS AKARD, JOHN C. BBA, Texas A. dr M. 4227 Holland, Dallas, Texas ALVIS, ROBERT H. BA, Hardin-Simmons, 1950 1817 Compere Place, Abilene, Texas ANDREW, WILLIAM H. IR. MD, Southwestern Medical College, 1946 1405 Corona Drive, Austin, Texas ANISMAN, SHELDON University of Texas Box 750, Memphis, Texas ARMSTRONG, CHARLENE BA, University of Texas 2206 Truman, Odessa, Texas BAKER, WILLIAM CHARLES University of Texas 3005A Red River, Austin, Texas BERRY, VERNON R. BA, Texas A. if M., 1952 705 Pine Tree Lane, Lufkin, Texas BISHOP, PHILIP RANDLE BBA, Southern Methodist University, 1953 P.O. Box "In, Malakoff, Texas BISSELL, WILLIAM HENRY BS, Washington University, 1954 6914 Arthur, St. Louis, Missouri BONNER, EDDIE . VERNEAL University of Texas 1205 Aggie Lane, Austin, Texas BOOKOUT, DONALD L. BBA, University of Texas, 1950 511 Schley Avenue, Hereford, Texas BREWSTER, JAMES PORTUS BI, University of Texas, 1952 1203F Brackenridge Apartments, Aus- tin, Texas BRILL, JAMES EDWARD BBA, University of Texas, 1956 3620 Meadow Lake Lane, Houston, Texas BROCK, JEROME D. BA, University of Texas, 1950 2158 Kelham, Houston, Texas BROWN, GEORGE EVANS University of Texas 2410 Live Oak, San Angelo, Texas BROWN, ROBERT ALLEN University of Texas Box 84, Longview, Texas Funny . . . Bob could open his eyes that aftemoon MID-LAWS 59 CALDWELL, VERNON N EIL BA, University of Texas, 1954 Newgulf, Texas CAMMACK, CECIL CACLE, IR. Texas Christian University 3750 Brighton Road, Ft. Worth, Texas CAM MACK, VIRCIL EILAN D University of Texas 4035 W. Alabama, Houston, Texas CARNAHAN, BOBBY N. BA, Texas Tech, 1950 Box 64, Hereford, Texas 'Twas the night before finals . . to MID-LAWS BRUCE, DAN ABBOTT BBA, University of Texas, 1952 1100 Glenwood, Tyler, Texas BUCHMEYER, IERRY L. Kilgore Junior College Box 104, Overton, Texas BURCH, VORIS R., IR. BBA, Texas A. fb M., 1952 Box 487, Liberty, Texas BURNETT, BOBBY M. University of Texas 1218A Baylor, Austin, Texas BURTON, THOMAS H. BA, Rice Institute, 1954 4302 Avenue Qii, Galveston, Texas BUSCH, GEORGE DIXON BA, Texas Christian University, 1951 604 Oakland, Plainview, Texas CARUBBI, ANGELO I., IR. PhB, University of Notre Dame, 1952 8602 Avenue K, Galveston, Texas 1CHEEVER, CHARLES E. BS, United States Military Academy, 1949 1408 F airwood, Austin, Texas CHESTER, CHARLES S. BA, Vanderbilt University, 1950 3529 Bryn Mawr, Dallas, Texas Q CLAYTON, JOHN University of Denver ,1603 A North Big Spring Road, Mid- Lland, Texas . CLEMENT, EVERETT FOY University of Texas 1309 Jeanette, Abilene, Texas lCLINE, WILLIAM A. 111. 1 University of Texas 1401 Richmond Road, Wharton, Texas I CLOSE, GEORGE ROBERT BBA, Texas Tech, 1952 801 South Madden, Shamrock, Texas COBURN, JAMES WILLIAM BBA, Universitz of Texas, 1955 725 Travis, Li erty, Texas COLE, HOYT M. BA, McMurry College, 1949 7915 Tisdale Road, Austin, Texas CONN, BRYAN R. BA, Baylor University, 1954 1713 Buena Vista, Bakersfield, Cali- fornia 1 MID-LAWS 61 DAVIS, DON WALLACE BA, University of Texas, 1954 6137 Del Norte, Dallas, Texas DAVIS, MAURICE G. BBA, Texas Tech, 1952 Box 1312, Eden, Texas DAY, GEORGE A. BA, Texas A. i7 M., 1952 401 W Commerce, Brownwood, Texas DE CRAFFENRIED, DIXON University of Texas 403 Chambers, Marlin, Texas Phil told another one 6 2 MID - LAWS COX, ELTON EARL University of Texas 514 Ogden, Wharton, Texas COX, SANFORD O. JR. MA, 'Texas Western College, 1952 3660 Douglas, El Paso, Texas CRAWFORD, JOHN PHILLIP BS, Southern University, 1952 622 Capp, Texarkana, Texas CROOM, SAM G., IR. BBA, University of Texas, 1952 3743 Olympia, Houston, Texas CROW, DAN CURTIS University of Texas LaFeria, Texas DALE, DAVID S. University of Texas 3251 Huntington Place, Houston Texas - ff- u- '- -'-- ----- ' A- DICKENS, IOHN POWERS BBA, University of Texas, 1954 Box 13, Marlin, Texas DOWELL, JAMES DALE BA, Texas A. , M.,-1954 1405 Northwood, Austin, Texas DRUMMOND, LARRY A. BS, New Mexico Military Institute, 1952 1207D Brackenridge Apartments, Aus- tin, Texas DUNN, DAVID WILLIAM University of Texas 2616 Wichita, Austin, Texas DUNN, ROBERT RAY BA, Southwest Texas State, 1954 801 San Jacinto, Rosenberg, Texas DWYER, HUGH BARTEK BA, Texas Western College, 1954 1408 Ashwoocl Road, El Paso, Texas EASTUS, THOMAS A. BS, McMurry College, 1950 4010 Palomac, Abilene, Texas EISENBERG, JACK C. BA, University of Texas, 1952 2203 Polk, Amarillo, Texas ty of Texas, 1951 ELLIOTT, FRANK W. IR ll BA, Universi Box 838, Gr ham, Texas ENGLE, EARL IAY BBA, Unive 'ty of Texas 1955 rsi , 1512 Pease Road, Austin, Texas MID -LAWS 1 .S E FRANKS, JOSEPH MELVIN BS, Texas A. dr M., 1951 1002-A Concordia Avenue, Austin, Texas F RANZEN, CHARLES ROBERT BA, Rice Institute, 1952 4807 Eppes Street, Houston, Texas F REED, STANLEY BBA, University of Texas, 1951 2002 Chihuahuha Street, Laredo, Tex- as FULBRIGHT, JOHN L. BBA, North Texas State, 1952 585 Elgie, Beaumont, Texas Wait till you hear what happened next G.. MID-LAWS FERGUSON, IOHN A. BA, Southeast Missouri State College, 1949 1504 18th Street, Austin, Texas FILLMORE, H. DUSTIN BBA, Midwestern University 2425 Berkley, Wichita Falls, Texas FISHER, ROBERT HALL University of Texas 3716 7th Street, Port Arthur, Texas F LAGC, MERLE ME, Northwestern University, 1954 cfo L. P. Baker, Rt. 2, San Marcos, Texas FLEMING, JACKIE H. BBA, Texas Western College, 1953 413 E 18th, Amarillo, Texas F OWLER, ROBERT PENN BBA, University of Texas, 1955 303 W 6th, Austin, Texas FULLER, LAWRENCE BBA, University of Texas, 1950 El Paso, Texas GARDNER, WILLIAM BEVERLY, JR. BS, University of Texas, 1950 2003 Mountain View Road, Austin Texas CAREY, ALAN JACK BBA, University of Texas, 1955 1502 S. Pine Street, Brady, Texas GIBSON, FRANK BBA, University of Texas, 1955 1301 Clark Street, Wichita Falls, Tex as GILMORE, JERRY CARL University of Texas 1019 Woodlawn, Dallas, Texas GRESHAM, WILLIS E. BA, Sam Houston State, 1954 5902 Fordham, Houston, Texas I GRIFFIN, CAMPBELL ARTHUR MA, University of Missouri, 1952 Box 7581 University Station, Austin, Texas GRIFFIN, MELVIN KENNETH University of Texas 2406 Keystone, Odessa, Texas GRUBEN, JAMES FRED BS, Florida Southern University, 1954 1803 Alta Vista Avenue, Austin, Texas HAAS, JOHN RUFUS BS, Texas A. if M., 1953 2055A Sabine, Austin, Texas Dorm Regulations 124 fb? say . . . MID-LAWS 65 HAZEL, CLAUDE R. BA, University of Missouri 2216 Rio Grande, Austin, Texas HEANER, WILLIAM E., IR. University of Texas 3554 Boca Chica, Brownsville, Texas HELMS, IULIAN DEAN BAA, Texas Tech, 1954 Rt. 1, Floydada, Texas HODGES, IOT HOLIVER BBA, Sam Houston State, 1954 2425 San Jacinto, Beaumont, Texas Ipana . 66 MID-LAWS HADDEN, ARTHUR ROBY BBA, University of Texas, 1951 1113 W 2nd, Ft. Stockton, Texas HALL, HARRY LEE BA, University of Texas, 1953 Box 206, Edinburg, Texas HALL, JAM ES KENNETH BBA, University of Texas 703 B East 25th, Austin, Texas HANSON, LOREN QUE BA, University of Missouri, 1952 610 W 2-3rd, Austin, Texas HARDEE, RICHARD BROOKS BBA, University of Texas, 1955 Box 117, Chandler, Texas HARDWICK, WILLIAM LLOYD 53535, Hardin-Simmons University P.O. Box 86, George West, Texas 4 4 5 125 ,SE ,z Q R 'E N 3 s 15 3 Q 2 3 3 I N V 1 V 1 P HOFF, CHARLES G. University of Texas Cotulla, Texas HOLMAN, DIXON WADE BBA, University of Texas, 1955 5800 El Campo Terrace, Ft. Worth, Texas HOOPER, DAVID L. University of Texas 2526 Hutchins, Houston, Texas HOWELL, ROBERT C. University of Houston 1103 E. Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas HOY, ROBERT HILARY, IR. University of Texas 8304 Jefferson, Austin, Texas HUGHES, EDWARD CLINTON BA, Texas Western College, 1954 3927 Montana, El Paso, Texas HUMBLE, GEORGE A. BS, Texas A if M, 1950 805 W. 19th, Austin, Texas HURT, SAMUEL F. BgLi8United States Military Academy 1409 Trinity, Austin, Texas INGRAM, DENNY O., IR. BA, University of Texas, 1955 P.O. Box 547, Kirbyville, Texas JACKSON, GUY C. BBA, Texas A dr M, 1952 Box 787, Anahuac, Texas Larry and his boys MID-LAWS 67 LAN FORD, ANN ELLE BA, Oklahoma University, 1951 1205 W. Gibson, Austin, Texas LEMON, GEORGE SIMMS BA, Texas Tech 2709 20th Street, Lubbock, Texas LEWIS, ROBERT TATE BBA, Southern Methodist University, 1949 3115 Southwestern Blvd., Dallas, Texas LIEB, DWIGHT LYNDOL BA, University of Texas, 1955 6140 Calmont, Ft. Worth, Texas 68 MID-LAWS IONES, GUY University of Texas Box 109, Linden, Texas KENNEDY, RICHARD STEPHEN Sam Houston State Box 25, Warren, Texas KLEFISCH, DIANA C. MRS. Brownsville Junior College 618 S. 5th Street, Raymondville, Texas KRYSA, STANLEY FRANCIS BS, University of Wisconsin 504 Park Heights Circle, Tyler, Texas LAMB, ARTHUR BBA, West Texas State College, 1954 1602 Mustang, Amarillo, Texas LAMBERT, BILLIE B. BBA, University of Texas, 1955 Atlanta, Texas LINCECUM, ROBERT L. BS, Oklahoma University, 1949 801 E. Elm, Altus, Oklahoma LITTENBERC, ROBERT L. Colgate University 39 ,Oakland Avenue, Warrick, New Yor LUTHER, MAX I. III BA, University of Texas, 1951 3438 Denver, Corpus Christi, Texas MCDANIELS, GUY HUGH University of Texas- 2421 Sunset Blvd., Houston, Texas MCFALL, JOHN R. BBA, Texas A ir M, 1951 4218 South 5th, Abilene, Texas MCCREGOR, MALCOLM BS, Texas A if M, 1950 2919 Federal, El Paso, Texas MCKINNEY, BUFORD D., JR. BBA, University of Texas, 1955 84 Kings Highway, Lawn, Texas MCMANUS, GEORGE DUNN BA, Austin College, 1950 1610 N. Ricketts, Sherman, Texas MCNEEL, EDWARD C. BA, Louisiana College, 1954 Box 588, Pineville, Louisiana MCNEIL, DONALD F. AB, Harvard University, 1952 2614 Wichita, Austin, Texas Joe and james catch a live one MID-LAWS 69 MEADERS, PAUL L., TR. BA, Universit of Virginia, 1952 311 Park Hill, Drive, San Antonio, Texas MENDLOVITZ, MILTON ALLEN BBA, University of Texas, 1954 722 N. Austin Street, Seguin, Texas MIGHELL, KENNETH JOHN BBA, University of Texas, 1952 6705 Golf Drive, Dallas, Texas MILLER, JAMES PATRICK BS, Oklahoma A 4: M, 1951 Box 218, Allen, Oklahoma Bottoms up 70 MID-LAWS MABE, HUGH P., JR. University of Tulsa 1314 C Brackenridge Apartments, Aus- tin, Texas NIACEE, L. HOLT, IR. BS, Texas A if Bl, 1950 1110 Grand, Abilene, Texas MANDERSON, ROBERT H. Harvard University Box 52, Bosanky, Texas MARONEY, JACK D. II A BBA, Southern Methodist University, 1948 . . 6305 Shoal Creek Blvd., Austin, Texas l MARSHALL, PAUL 1 BA, Texas A et- M, 1951 1 107 W. Miller, Gladewater, Texas 4 1 i MARTIN, DONALD L. A University of Texas Barley Mill Road, Greenville, Delaware A 4 I MINTON, GOODRIDGE VEN ABLE MORTON BA, University of Texas, 1955 6475 Kirkwood, Ft. Worth, Texas MONTGOMERY, ELTON M. BBA, University of Texas, 1955 1303 Braokenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas MONTGOMERY, THOMAS DAVID Kilgore Junior College 218 Harris Avenue, Kilgore, Texas MOODY, NANCY PAXTON University of Texas 2302 Woodlawn Blvd., Austin, Texas MOORE, HAROLD EDWARD Texas Western College 1105 Stockwell, El Paso, Texas MOORE, JAMES SAM, IR. BS, University of Kansas, 1952 501 Pecan, McAllen, Texas MOUNCE, BILLY BS, New Mexico A dr M, 1952 Route 7, Box 34 F, McLean, Texas MOYEP., 1. HUDSON BBA, University of Texas, 1954 2405 Crockett, Amarillo, Texas NIEDECKEN, BEN VVESLEY IR. BBA, Hardin-Simmons University, 1952 Box 801, Hamlin, Texas NUGENT, DON M. University of Texas Route 4, Box 138 F, Corpus Christi, Texas Slow servicel PD MID-LAWS 71 PAXSON, SIMON MURY BBA, Texas Western College, 1955 446 Buena Vista Drive, El Paso, Texas PERLITZ, CHARLES ALBERT, III BA, Oxford University, 1955 3682 Willowick Road, Houston, Texas PERMENTER, IAM ES ROBERT BA, University of Texas, 1955 Box 4, Cain City, Texas PIER, WILLIE' ANN BA, Rice Institute, 1954 Box 69, Hempstead, Texas 72 MID-LAWS O'CON OR, ROBERT, IR. University of Texas P.O. Box 298, Laredo, Texas OLIVER, ROBERT LEE University of Texas 6102 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas PARISH, WELBY K. BA, University of Texas, 1952 Gilmer, Texas PARNASS, LARRY S. BA, University of Texas 218 W. 51st Street, Austin, Texas PARR, ARCHER University of Texas San Diego, Texas PATTERSON EDWARD , I- Del Mar Junior College 110 Seaview, Corpus Christi, Texas PRESSLER, HERMAN PAUL, III AB, Princeton University, 1952 2183 Pine Valley, Houston, Texas RATTIKIN, WILLIAM 1. BBA, University of Texas, 1955 300 E. 33rd, Austin, Texas RAWITSCHER, JACK 1. University of Wisconsin, 1954 602 Second Avenue E, Williston, North Dakota RAY, CBEAD L., JR. BBA, Texas A fb M, 1952 Box 297, Waskom, Texas RICHARDS, DAVID READ BA, Baylor University, 1954 Westover Road, Waco, Texas RIVERS, WAYLAND C., IR. BBA, Southern Methodist University, 1950 4532 Highland Terrace, Austin, Texas 1 M x 1 1 1 S E5 ss se X 3 3 s N 5 5 X A Q A S. Q Q 1 ,E S 3 E E S E 2 S E E S S Q ROBERTS, BENNETT JAMES University of Texas 2208 Westgate, Houston, Texas ROBERTSON, SAMUEL H., JR. University of Texas, 1951 3807 Avenue H, Austin, Texas ROGERS, GEROME B. BBA, Baylor University, 1952 411 Baker Lane, Waco, Texas ROSS, ROBERT B. BBA, University of Texas, 1952 404 Pecan Street, Center, Texas Man of distinction MID-LAWS 73 SHADDOCK, JOE ED BA, University of Texas, 1955 2180 Avenue J, Wichita Falls, Texas SHANNON, BOB ERIC BA, University of Texas, 1955 Rt. 2, Brownwood, Texas SHARPLEY, JOSEPH HAROLD AB, Colgate University, 1950 1215 N. Stanton Street No. 3, El Paso, Texas SHATTO, JAMES MARSHALL BA, Columbia University, 1954 918 Caplin Street, Houston, Texas 74 MID-LAWS RUDBERG, MORTON ALLAN BA, Rice Institute, 1954 5947 Luther Lane, Dallas, Texas RYAN, JOHN F. Penn. State University 1117 Galveston, Laredo, Texas SANDERSON, W. EVERETT Lamar Tech. Box 405, Nederland, Texas SCHNEIDER, JOSEPH ROBERT BBA, University of Texas, 1955 Box 236, George West, Texas SCHULZE, RUPERT P., JR. BBA, University of Texas, 1954 217 Bayside Dr., Corpus Christi, Texas SCURLOCK, N. LLOYD University of Texas, 1955 2422 Wabash, Ft. Worth, Texas SHELTON, IAMES W BA, University of Texas, 1954 334 W. Lullwood San Antonio Texas SI-IIVERS, IESSE E MBA, University of Houston 1953 1516 Milby, Houston, Texas SHUR GERALD New York University 309 E. 33rd Austin Texas SIMMONS, DWIGHT M University of Texas 5323 Park Lane, Dallas, Texas SIMON, RICHARD BBA, University of Texas, 1955 3458 Kent, Fort Worth, Texas SIMPSON, EARL EDWARD University of Texas Box 184, Iacksboro, Texas SNEDEKER, JOHN s. BBA, University of Texas Box "E", Combes, Texas SPEER, JAMES M. AB, University of Texas, 1954 Box "D", Olton, Texas SQUYRES, ROBERT TYRE University of Texas 2503 Copeland Road, Tyler, Texas STAPLES, STANLEY N. BS, Abilene Christian College, 1953 Rt. 1, Box 384, Garland, Texas Dick and Irma wait for the fun to start MID-LAWS7, STUDDARD, KENNETH E. BA, University of Texas, 1954 400 Main Street, Brownwood, Texas STURMAN, MILTON BA, North Texas State, 1954 5600 Live Oak, Dallas, Texas TARLTON, BENJAMIN DUDLEY BA, St. Mary's University, 1956 2908 Beanna, Austin, Texas TERRACINA, JOSEPH THOMAS BA, University of St. Thomas, 1954 6511 Country Club Drive, Houston, Texas Mom and the two students 76 MID-LAWS STARKEY, IO ANN University of Texas 107 Park Lane Drive, San Antonio, Texas STEELE, NEWTON I. BA, University of Texas, 1952 3111 Marshall, Vernon, Texas STEINBACH, FRANK WARD BBA, University of Texas, 1955 1208 D Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas STEWART, MACO BA, Princeton University 2114 Bayou Shore, Galveston, Texas STONE, RICHARD BRYAN BS, University of Texas Box 681, Robstown, Texas STUBBS, JOHN E. BA, University of Texas, 1952 3911 Avenue 1155, Galveston, Texas ty , X X ,es-'11 A , 769 X x 43 as-X - NRS . x Mx. 5112? yiisa., :-.qs is ' ,inw 1 BNN? Q , fm- w fl- -1. sf vs ,Q-ssw :z busy X. :E 5 5 2 X S X S X S x 5 2 5 2 2 5 s S X S 3 S X S THOMAS, MARVIN RUSSELL, JR. BBA, University of Texas 833 N. Davis Street, Sulphur Springs, Texas TINSMAN, RICHARD EARL BBA, University of Texas, 1955 331 Primrose, San Antonio, Texas TROILO, ARTHUR CHARLES, JR. BA, St. Mary's University, 1952 3202 Harris Park, San Antonio, Texas TROST, RONALD BA, Rice Institute, 1954 3329 Calumet, Houston, Texas TWENHAFEL, MARVIN BS, Texas A if M, 1951 813 E. 31st, Austin, Texas VANCE, CAROL STONER University of Texas Rt. 2, Box 778 F Ware Road, Houston, Texas E VAUCHT, WILLIAM EDWARD MPA, University of Texas, 1951 1203 Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas VICK, CABE THOMAS BBA, University of Texas, 1952 214 Spring Street, Weatherford, Texas VON DREHLE, RAMON A. BS, Washington University, 1952 4934 Eichelberger, St. Louis, Missouri WARD, HARRY NATHAN University of Texas 3833 Westclif Road South, Ft. Worth, Texas MID-LAWS 77 l WILSON, ROBERT E. BA, Texas Western College, 1953 1107 E. Brackenrklge Apartments, Austin, Texas Wol-ILT, EMIL JOHN, JB. BBA, University of Texas, 1955 111 Goldenrod, Houston, Texas WRIGHT, WILLIAM EMERSON BA, University of Texas, 1954 1310 West 39th Street, Austin, Texas YATES, NORRIS WILLIAM, R. BA? Texas A if M, 1950 228 Redwood Avenue, San Antonio, Texas The finger of suspicion is MID-LAWS WATERS, GERALD TRUETT North Texas State, 3536 McFarlin, Dallas, Texas WEATHERALL, ROBERT S. BS, University of Texas, 1951 7171 Park Place, Austin, Texas WHITEHILL, CLIFFORD BA, Rice Institute, 1954 Box 2100, Houston, Texas WHITFIELD, WILLIAM F. BS5 United States Military Academy 19 0 3282 Del Monte, Houston, Texas WILLIAMS, JAMES L. BA, Millsaps, 1954 506 Parke Street, MoCombe, Mississippi WILSON, CARL W. BBA, University of Texas, 1952 1108 W. Walker Street, Denison, Texas ! BAKER, JAMES A., III AB, Princeton University, 1952 1216 Bissonett, Houston, Texas BRADFORD, DERRELL T. Southwestern University 8608 Dungan Street, Austin, Texas BUTTRYN, HENRY S. BS, Bradley University, 1950 920 York Street, East Rutherford, New Jersey CHERRY, WELDON University of Texas 388 C Deep Eddy-, Austin, Texas DAVIS, JEAN University of Texas 308 W. 26th, Austin, Texas DELLANA, JERRY ANTHONY BS, St. Edwards University, 1954 Route 7, Box 7, Austin, Texas DITTERT, J. LEE JR. BA, University of Texas 250 West Main, Bellville, Texas ELLIS, JOHN WILSON BA, University of Texas, 1954 2625 Long Avenue, Beaumont, Texas FISCHER, JERRY EDWARD University of Texas 3333 Ocean Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas A FOCEROUSSE, JAMES FRANK BS, St. Edwards University, 1952 cfo St. Edwards University, Austin, ,Texas GILES, RICHARD CURRY University of Texas 807 W 30th, Austin, Texas GILLETT, NANCY JEAN University of Texas .2613 Wichita, Austin, Texas 1 J , CAMERA SHY GRANTHAM, CHARLES WILLIAM BA, Rice Institute, 1954 723 North Edgefield, Dallas, Texas GREEN, PAUL M. University of Texas 326 Robinhood, San Antonio, Texas HARPER, RALPH A. BA, Colgate University, 1951 1023 Sheridan, Evanston, Illinois HEWELL, HARRY P. BA, University of Texas, 1954 Nixon, Texas HODGES, AGIL EARL University of Texas 1398 Meander Street, Abilene, Texas HOWARD, JOHN MAURICE, JR. BA, University of Texas, 1952 P.O. Box 81, San Antonio, Texas JOHNSON, DAVID N. University of Texas 1423 Vorde Courts, Corpus Christi, Texas KLAEVEMAN, LESTER BBA, University of Texas, 1941 1701 A Winstead Lane, Austin, Texas KORNFELD, JULIAN P. BBA, Universit of Texas, 1955 3105 32nd, Lugbock, Texas LAMPLEY, G. H. University of Texas Rdute 4, Yoakum, Texas LITTLE, JACK N. University of Texas 112 Lexington, Big Spring, Texas LOCKETT, LANDON J. BA, University of Texas, 1954 Box 354, Boerne, Texas MCADAMS, BILLY J., Universit? of Texas Box 1, C eveland, Texas MOATEE, SPARRELL H. BA, Southern Methodist University, 1954 3324 Southwestern, Dallas, Texas MCDONALD, WILLIAM T. BA, Texas A if M, 1933 Box 445, Bryan, Texas MARNOCK, MARVIN BA, St. Mary, 1948 70535 Grand Place, Austin, Texas MOORE, JAMES STEELE BA, Texas A if M, 1952 Rt. 3, Arlington, Texas NORRIS, RALPH J. BBA, University of Texas, 1951 108 W. 38th, Austin, Texas PAGE, JOHN MARSHALL University of Texas 2608 Harris Blvd., Austin, Texas PALMER, PHILIP ISHAM BBA, Southern Methodist University, 1952 812 B Theresa, Dallas, Texas PERRY, SAM R. University of Texas 540 W. Cameron, Rockdale, Texas PLASTER, WALTON B. BS, Centenary, 1954 2515 Leon, Austin, Texas PUTNAM, GEORGE BBA, University of Texas, 1953 2241 Irwin, Ft. Worth, Texas ROWLAND, ROBERT ADRIAN Southern Methodist University 60 Briar Hollow Lane, Houston, Texas SOWELL, JASON BYRON, JR. BA, Washington dv- Lee University, 1954 3900 Lexington Avenue, Dallas, Texas THOMPSON, ROBERT R. BBA, University of Texas, 1955 1253 Annapolis, Corpus Christi, Texas WARD, JOHN A. University of Texas Box 5541, Sonora, Texas WEATHERLY, JOHN ROBERT BA, University of Virginia, -1954 1260 Rocky River, Houston, Texas WHARTON, B. EDWIN University of Texas 1603 N. Travis, Liberty, Texas WHITE, EMORY L., JR. University of Texas 604 Elmwood Place, Anthony, Texas WILLIAMSON, HARDY BBA, University of Texas, 1952 Kemp, Texas WINK, IRMA JANE AB, Cornell, 1946 2904 Terrain Lane, Austin, Texas WYNNE, GORDON R. BA, University of Texas, 1954 Wells Point, Texas 79 X xx mmm Q A. S - 2 Q if 1 A 4 : ::, ..: ., ,.,. , -:,:,, . , xv .. X 53 ..:- j Q w Sf xy xl X X ,A 5215" t5:' SF'-I-rx V x x mv . X, Q X w ik 5 ' x QbNv3 . S Q + X xx 'w +94... -.3 Q 342:5- x ' h ,. N ,!?.V,.A I b ' , ji '.':j1ggj.'j,ifg"i,1V W , .V 1 iffy: , xy3.VVgg"kg?j A g ,R-s H' igifj V.-VM . , V, 4 V .5 V.: H- VV' f H3311 -V ff! .. V S Mfr' gi IV: 5 P 4:--Q.. HW" lu: .' V ! riff' if V. N 1 .W . ..V,VVf . ,. Vx wif" V V WQQVM - . 5212 . AQ MN Vs. QV'-xcw. .V , ,VV ,xx x . V VV. . if ffegp.. VV ?-EV. Y VV, ' HR. 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BA, University of Texas, 1954 1108 Church Street, Georgetown, Texas ATKINSON, HAROLD O,HANLON University of Texas 1212 Lanham, Midland, Texas BAKER, DONALD OLIN BA, University of Texas, 1950 Box 872, Huntsville, Texas BAKER, RICHARD C. BBA, University of Texas, 1954 2600 Ellise, Austin, Texas NVl1at! No assignment F IRST-YEAR 82 LAWS ADCOCK, RUF US JAMES BBA, University of Texas, Drawer P, Dublin, Texas ADKINS, ALLAN BRITT University of Texas 1602 Bonham, Amarillo, Texas ADOUE, JACQUES P., JR. BBA, University of Houston, 1955 914 East 32nd Street, Austin, Texas ALEXANDER, ROBERT BURNEY, IR. Bs, Cornell, 1952 3725 Castle, Waco, Texas AMIDEI, MAURICE ENEAS BBA, Southern Methodist University, 1955 2005 Daniel, Fort Worth, Texas ARMSTRONG, ROBERT LANDIS University of Texas, 1505 Rainbow Bend, Austin, Texas I i 5. if 1 x ES E BALSON, JOSEPH RONALD University of Texas Scranton Police Department, Scranton, Pennsylvania BARNETT, EDWARD WILLIAINI BA, Rice Institute, 1955 3005-D Red River, Austin, Texas BECKWITH, BILLY I. University of Texas Box 1235, Neches, Texas BELT, CLARENCE RICHARD BA, North Texas State, 1955 Old Orchard Road, Riverside, Connecticut A BENARDINO, WILLIAM JOSEPH Sam Houston State College Route 3, Box 124, Willis, Texas BENSON, STUART BS, University of Texas, 1955 2418 South 19th Street, Abilene, Texas BERGN ER, RICHARD FRANK University of Texas 10421 Heather, Dallas, Texas BERNARD, EMILE LOUIS BA, New Mexico, A dr M, 1951 7622 Corozal Road, El Paso, Texas BIGELOW, ROBERT MYRON, JR. BA, University of Texas, 1956 Box 1040, Bruni, Texas BISHOP, CLYDE CHARLES BBA, North Texas State, 1955 Box 123, Wink, Texas Playboys at work F IRST-YEAR LAWS 83 I-:HSM BONNER, LOLA LEE BS, Texas A dz I, 1953 Box 15, Gregory, Texas BORCHERS, MARION JACK Unwersit Tex ' ' y of as 1002 East Gonzales Street, Yoakum, Texas BORING, BILLY JAMES BBA, North Texas State, 1955 2730 South Cameron Avenue, Tyler, Texas BOSQUEZ, MARIO LUIS AB, St. Edward's University, 1955 300 West Martin, Del Rio, Texas 'iii . . 55 Proximate Cause FIRST-YEAR 84 LAWS BITTICKS, WRAY EUCEN E University of Texas 3433 Lebanon, El Paso, Texas BLACKHAM, SAM R. BA, Texas YVestern College, 1953 1132 Circle Street, El Paso, Texas BLUESTEIN, EDWIN A., IR. BBA, University of Texas, 1952 A 3323 Perry La-ne, Austin, Texas BLUMBERC, MELVIN RONALD University of Texas 275 Lovera Boulevard, San Antonio, Texas BOGATTO, RICHARD PAUL BA, Rice Institute, 1955 Box 5, LaMarque, Texas BOGLE, BILL FRANK Texas Christian University 1312 West Dickson, Fort Worth, Texas E? .., s N S BOUSQUET, THOMAS C. University of Texas 3981 Del Monte Drive, Houston, Texas - U BOYD, IAMIE CLAYTON BBA, Hardin Simmons University, 1952 645 Locust Street, Colorado City, Texas BRADLEY, JAMES LEON BA, Baylor University, 1955 201 North Burrow Street, Groesbeck, I Texas ' BRAMBLITT, ROBERT EARL , BA, Baylor University, 1953 D 1615 Cloverleaf Drive, Austin, Texas BRAMLEY, WILLIAM I ALFRED BBA, Hardin Simmons, 1955 807 Park Place, Austin, Texas BBANNEN, HEBSCHEL SAMPSON R , I . , BA, University of Texas, 1953 A 3527 Belfontaine, Houston, Texas RRELSFORD, JAMES MADISON University of Texas 4311 Stanford, Houston, Texas BREWER, EDWIN EARL BA, Texas A dr M, 1952 1331 West 7th Street, Freeport, Texas BROWN, EDGAR N. BA, U.C.L.A., 1951 2637 West 49th Street, Austin, Texas BROWN, THOMAS A., University of Texas 1517 West 31st, Austin, Texas It's new and QUIET UD F IRST-YEAR LAWS 85 CALHOUN, RONALD REEDER Texas Western College 819 West Sunset Drive, El Paso, Texas CAMPBELL, BILLY A. BS, McMurry College Box 371, Hugo, Oklahoma CANTEY, CRAIG C., JR. BA, University of Texas, 1955 6202 Lake Hurst Avenue, Dallas, Texas CARDENAS, RUBEN RAUL BS, St. Edward's University, 1951 621 North 7th, Box 461, McAllen, Texas Two cases-ten minutes FIRST-YEAR S., LAWS BROWN, WILLIAM ROBERT BA, University of Texas, 1952 2901 Stanford, Dallas, Texas BRUNE, DAVID H. BA, University of Texas, 1953 P.O. Box Z, Anna, Texas BURCESS, IOHN ALGER BA, Midwestern University, 1955 4205 Bellvue, Austin, Texas BURKE, WILLIAM JOSEPH BA, Columbia University, 1952 113 Riverview Avenue, New London Connecticut BURRIS, IOHN HOWARD Southwest Texas State College P.O. Box 243, Alice, Texas CAIN, PAT N. BS, North Texas State, 1953 123 South Rosemont, Dallas, Texas 9 CATER, JOHN THOMAS University of Texas 72.1 Canterbury Hill, San Antonio, Texas CECIL, OWEN WILLIAM University of Texas 1106-F Brackenridge Apts., Austin, Texas CHICOS, DAVID K. BS, West Virgin-ia Wesleyan, 1954 105 Little Campus, Austin, Texas OHOATE, JIM K. BBA, Texas Tech, 1952 783 Cundif Avenue, Littlefield, Texas CHRISTENSEN, CHARLES M. BA, University of Texas ' Skagen-Barrington, Illinois CLAYTON, MONROE NELSON, JR. Texas Christian University 304 East Dodge, Tyler, Texas CLIN ES, ROBERT PATRICK University of Texas Route 1, Boerne, Texas COATE, JAMES EDWARD BS, Texas Tech, 1955 Box 865, Wink, Texas COIT, HAROLD LEE BBA, Baylor University, 1951 1100 Summit, Austin, Texas COLLINS, ROY DALE University of Texas 700 Emerson Street, Kilgore, Texas FIRST-YEAR LAWS 87 CRAFT, JIM BER1. , University of Texas 23 Country Club Place, Corpus Christi. Texas CROW, ALLO BAILEY BBA, University of Texas, 1955 1607 Preston, Austin, Texas CROWDER, WINSTON PETTUS BBA, University of Texas, 1956 2601 Olive Street, Texarkana, Texas DARNALL, IOSEPH ROGERS University of Texas 3209 Duval, Austin, Texas But tonight I'll be at Eli's F IRST-YEAR 88 LAWS 1 COLWELL, BILLY JOE Universit of Texas 1 4 316 Gibilln, Lockhart, Texas CONGER, JOE E., IR. BBA, Texas Tech, 1950 McCamey, Texas COOK, JAMES MICHAEL BA, University of Texas, 1954 3220 Bigham Street, Fort Worth, Texas COPELAND, WELDON STONE University of Texas 3614 Crestline Road, Fort Worth, Texas COSKEY, JULIEN BLISS University of Texas 2903 University, Houston, Texas COTTON, DONALD LEE BBA, Texas Western College, 1955 Box 335, Vega, Texas DAVEE, ROBERT C. BJ, University of New Mexico, 1952 101 East 15th Street, Brady, Texas DAVID, JOHN L. BA, Texas A vb M, 1958 Route 3, Corsicana, Texas DAVILA, FRANK University of Texas 2001 West Commerce, San Antonio, Texas DAVIS, FRANKLIN BARRETT BBA, University of Texas, 1949 Box 625, Richmond, Texas DAVIS, LEONARD EARL BS, Trinity University, 1953 505 Goodwin Avenue, Port Neches, Texas DAVIS, LESLIE JACK Texas Tech Route 1, Box 108, Littlefield, Texas DAVIS, LLOYD LESLIE, IR. New Mexico Military Institute P.O. Box 642, Fort Stockton, Texas DAY, WILLIAM MARK Baylor University 1202 Marshall Lane, Austin, Texas DEFFEBACH, WILLIAM THOMAS BBA, University of Texas, 1952 4 Margranita Crescent, Austin, Texas De la CARZA, ESTELA University of Texas 1720 Lane Street, Laredo, Texas OH you beautiful doll FIRST-YEAR LAWS 89 DOWLEN, GEORGE EULACE BA, University of Texas, 1956 Route 2, Canyon, Texas DOWN EY, GILBERT LEE BSC, Texas Christian University, 1955 518 Adams, San Antonio, Texas DUDLEY, JAMES FULLER BS, Stephen F. Austin, 1949 Route I, Box 118, Zavalla, Texas DUNCAN, RITA JOAN Southern Methodist University 415 East 6th Street, Dallas, Texas I like tea house pie because . . F IRST-YEAR 90 LAWS DERRIGK, WILLIAM JAMES University of Texas 3237 Memphis, El Paso, Texas DQSTEFANO, MARTIN JOSEPH University of Texas 1003 Market, Hearne, Texas DETHLOFF, HENRY CLAY BA, University of Texas 1321 Williams Avenue, Nachitoches, Louisiana DIGKERSON, BILLY RAY BA, University of Texas, 1955 805 North Wigley, Mineola, Texas DIGKSON, DON La PRELLE University of Texas 5504 Bordley, Houston, Texas DOUGLASS, FRANK RUSSELL BBA, Southwestern University, 1953 3817 Maplewood, Austin, Texas DWYER, PAT E. M .Ed, University of Houston, 1952 1429 Fewel Street, El Paso, Texas EDMONDSON, JAMES HOWARD BA, Virginia Military Institute, 1955 4420 Fairfax Avenue, Dallas, Texas ELLIS, GEORGE THOMAS BS, Ohio State, 1955 2607 Craigmont Avenue, Houston, Texas ELLIS, JOHN B. University of Texas 2325 Yucca, Fort Worth, Texas EYSTER, CHARLES RICHARD BBA, Texas A if M, 1958 458 McLeod Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas FABER, CURT M., IR. University of Texas 3451 Wichita, Houston, Texas sgs 'iss ,si FAULKNER, IOHN BRYANT BS, Texas Christian University, 1951 1215 Alegria, Austin, Texas FENNEKOHL, DAVID ROSS University of Texas 3827 Inwood Drive, Houston, Texas FINK, NORMA LEE BA, U.C.L.A., 1953 122 East Mariposa Drive, San An- tonio, Texas F INNEY, DAVID RAY BS, Texas Christian University, 1955 Box 63, Azle, Texas Wanted . . . Upper 1556 FIRST-YEAR LAWS 91 FURLOW, KENNETH D. Lamar Tech 614 Euclid Avenue, Beaumont, Texas GARCIA, ROBERT W. BA, Texas Western College, 1955 1415 Hawthorn, El Paso, Texas CARNER, JAMES FREDRICK BA, Yale, 1953 3616 Blende Street, Fort Worth, Texas GARRISON, HERBERT J. University of Texas 2201 Walnut, Texarkana, Texas Paul says . . "The water's fine." F IRST-YEAR 92 LAWS FLANNAGAN, JOHN WEBSTER MS, Louisiana State University, Box 12 AA, Crystal City, Texas F LEMINC, BOBBY WILL BBA, Texas Western College, 1955 610 Wilmes, Austin, Texas FLICK, ROLAND NORTH, JR. University of Houston 1921 Sharp Place, Houston, Texas FLOWERS, ERNEST JOHN University of Texas 4925 Dexter, Fort Worth, Texas FRANK, GEORGE VERNON BBA, Southwestern, 1951 2920 Stewart, Laredo, Texas FRANKLIN, WILLIAM PAUL BA, Texas A. if M., 1955 -Box 1817, Midland, Texas GEARY, JAMES E. BBA, University of Texas 6604 Daugherty, Austin, Texas GILL, HALLIE WARD, IR. BA, Texas Tech, 1953 1514 Fairmount, Fort W'orth, Texas GILPIN, IOHN DEAN BBA, Sam Houston State, 1955 P.O. Box 1128, Iola, Texas GOLDMAN, ALFRED BA, University of Oklahoma, 1950 1905 Karen Avenue, Austin, Texas GOLDSTON, DONALD NIM MO BA, Texas Christian University, 1953 21 North Jackson, San Angelo, Texas GOODMAN, KENNETH B. BS, West Texas State, 1950 Box 36, Canyon, Texas GOUSE, FRED M., JR. University of Texas 2315 Nueces Street, Austin, Texas GRAHAM, GEORGE A., JR. BA, University of New Mexico, 1951 3625 Greenbrier Drive, Dallas, Texas GREER, CODY DANIEL University of Texas 107 Kyle St., Sulphur Springs, Texas GRESSO, VERNON RIDDLE BS, Wayne University, 1951 436 Horatio, Charlotte, Michigan Our First comprehensive FIRST-YEAR LAWS 93 HAMMER, EDWIN KING University of Texas Box 276 Muenster, Texas HARDING, LOUIS RUSSELL BBA, Texas Western College, 1955 633 Pueblo Road, El Paso, Texas HARRELL, MARSHALL ALLEN University of Texas 228 Bluebonnet Boulevard, San An- tonio, Texas HARRIS, CHARLES BRADY BS, Texas A. if M., 1949 1503 Ash Street, Georgetown, Texas Guess who didn't go to Louie's FIRST-YEAR 9, LAWS GUEVERA, ALEX B. University of Texas 1215 Ruiz, San Antonio, Texas GUITAR, EARL B., IR. BA, University of the South, 1951 7527 Grover, Austin GUTHRIE, ROBERT GUY BA, Texas Tech, 1951 3212 Lipscomb, Fort Worth, Texas HAGAN, CARL HERBERT BBA, Texas A. et- M., 1951 4522 Willowbrook Boulevard, Hous- ton, Texas HALL, ROBERT ALVIN BA, Rice Institute, 1955 907 Harold, Houston, Texas HAMILTON, PAUL R. University of Texas 3656 Ella Lee Lane, Houston, Texas HART, FRANK LLEWELLYN BA, Texas Western. College, 1951 1212-C Braekenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas HARTEL, ARTHUR JGHN University of Texas 1719 Trinity, Liberty, Texas HASKETT, MARTIN C. BA, Texas A. if I., 1954 424 Avenue A, Robstown, Texas HATOFF, HOWARD I. BA, Ohio State, 1953 20610 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, New Yor HEARNE, DOUGLASS DODSON BA, Texas A. fb M., 1951 3210 Larry Lane, Blanco, Texas HEITLER, JOHN EDWARD BA, University of Texas, 1954 153-A Simpkins Hall, Austin, Texas HENDERSON, JOHN BURNS, JR. University of Texas 410 West 4th Street, Cameron, Texas HENSLEY, CARL E. University of Texas 703 West 35th Street, Austin, Texas HICKS, JAMES RUSSELL BS, East Texas State College, 1951 453 Bonham, Paris, Texas HILL, EDWARD HAYNES BS, Texas A. dr M., 1958 Route 2, Box 191, Garland, Texas The lot at 10 till eight FIRST-YEAR LAWS 95 HUDSPETH, HARRY LEE University of Texas 4316 Rawlins, Dallas, Texas HUEY, ROBERT M. BA, Texas A. if M., 1953 1500 Ridgemont, Austin, Texas HUGO, GEORGE WILLIAM BBA, Southern Methodist University, 1952 3601 Cherry Lane, Austin, Texas HUNTER, EUGENE RUSSELL BBA, North Texas State, 1955 7607 Prosper, Dallas, Texas Portable goldmines FIRST-YEAR 96 LAWS HILL, FRANK YOUNG, IR. BA, University of the South, 1953 1701 Market Street, Laredo, Texas HILLMAN, JACK EUGENE University of Texas 1439 Lawson, Houston, Texas HOGAN, THOMAS FRANCIS III BS, Virginia Military Institute, 1955 2605 Lakeshore Drive, Port Arthur Texas HOLLAND, FRANK T. BBA, University of Texas, 1955 2115 Chamberlain, Chattanooga, Ten- 7168866 HONTS, RALPH BRYAN BBA, Southern Methodist University 1955 1225 Ohio Garden Road, Fort WVorth Texas HOUSER, FRANKLIN D. BS, Kansas State College, 1955 1708 N.C., Wellington, Kansas JACKSON, ALFRED J., JR. BA, University of Texas, 1951 407 Turner Avenue, Cleburne, Texas JAMES, GERALD DODSON BS, Texas A. dr I., 1950 1129 West Kennedy, Kingsville, Texas JAMES, JAY MORRIS Texas A. dr M. Box 4, Groveton, Texas JAMESON, JAMES W. North Texas State Montague, Texas JARRETT, JOHN WESLEY, J III University of Texas 1606 Ethridge, Austin, Texas JEFFREYS, MARTHA ARDEN Rice Institute 1307-A Brackenridge Apartments, Aus- tin, Texas 23 JEKO LESLIE JEWEL BS Trinity Umversity 1954 4905 Forest Drive Port Arthur Texas JOHNSON, NICHOLAS BA, University of Texas, 1956 1909-B Red River, Austin, Texas JONES, JIMMIE DEE McMurry College 1518 Cedar, Abilene, Texas JONES, JOSEPH HARDY, JR. BA, Texas Christian University, 1955 2800 Highland Terrace, Austin, Texas But what's the TRUE RULE- FIRST-YEAR LAWS 97 JONES, RICHARD OWEN BA, University of Wichita, 1953 1931 Cherry, Amarillo, Texas KAIN, IOHN OWEN BA, St. Edward's University, 1955 310 West Sears, Denison, Texas KEAHEY, RICHARD H. University of Texas 208 South Washington, San Angelo, Texas KELLEY, SAM LYNN BA, North Texas State, 1955 Box 164, Alvarado, Texas KING, DAVID WARD BS, University of Missouri, 1949 2301-A Rio Grande, Austin, Texas KIRKLAND, JAM ES ALLAN, IR. BBA, Lamar State College, 1955 2511 Glenwood Drive, Port Arthur Texas KIRKSEY, MARY PEACE BBA, University of Texas, 1950 2010 Oldham, Austin, Texas KORIOTH, THOMAS ANTHONY BA, St. Edward's University, 1955 1412 West Wood, Sherman, Texas KUESTER, NOEL JAMES Rice Institute 2111 Bolsover, Houston, Texas KUHNE, CECIL CRAWFORD, JR. BA, Vanderbilt University, 1950 2901 Harrison, Amarillo, Texas Now where did I leave those books F IRST-YEAR 98 LAWS 3 LAFFAN, BRIAN FRED University of Texas 173-I Newton, Mexico City, Mexico LANG, BERNARD CHARLES AB, Catholic University, 1955 1004 Drexel Avenue, San Antonio, Texas LEA, HUGH OCHILTBEE BS, U. S. Naval Academy, 1948 903-F East 32nd Street, Austin, Texas LEDBETTER, IACK - WALLACE BS, U. S. Naval Academy, 1951 361-D Deep Eddy Apartments, Aus- tin, Texas LEE, BENIS GLEN University of Texas 2005 Sabine, Austin, Texas LEWIS, GLENN WILLIAM University of Texas 2311 Live Oak, San Angelo, Texas 1 ' 1-5 1 W :Ng ig I W i LILLARD, ROBERT BS, Southern Methodist University, 1954 3428 University, Dallas, Texas LITTLE, JACK E. BBA, Texas Tech, 1952 3715 Annetta, Midland, Texas LITTLE, JACK MERVILLE University of Texas 5511 West Mockingbird, Dallas, Texas LUTTRELL, WILLIAM SHERROD University of Texas 2230-A Albans, Houston, Texas I see a camera FIRST-YEAR LAWS 99 MCCEE, WILLIAM TECUMSEH North Texas State 204 McGee Drive, Fort Worth, Texas MCOOWN, GEORGE QUENTIN BA, Brown University, 1955 107-N Rivercrest Drive, Fort Worth, Texas MCKNICHT, BILLY MARK North Texas State 303 East Phillips, Conroe, Texas MaCMILLAN, ROGER KELLISON BA, North Texas State, 1955 10915 Pinocchio Drive, Dallas, Texas Can you spot the interloper? F IRST-YEAR 10, LAWS MCBRAYER, ODELL L. Texas Tech University Park Lot 2, Austin, Texas MCCOY, CHARLES FRANCE BA, Harvard, 1956 604 Elmwood Place, Austin, Texas MOCULLOUGH, GRAHAM EUGENE University of Texas 1414 East Polk, Harlingen, Texas MCDANIEL, IARREL DAVE Riverside College Box 72, Farwell, Texas MODONALD, DONALD O. BBA, University of Texas, 1950 1439 Eunice Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas MCGEE, HENRY LEE, IR. BS, East Texas State College, 1955 Trinidad, Texas i 1 MAGNESS, WALTER LEE University of Texas 2814 Glenview, Austin, Texas MARESH, TIMOTHY GEORGE BA, University of St. Thomas, 1951 307 Granger Street, Granger, Texas MARGOITTA, ANTHONY CHARLES BBA, Texas A. fb M., 1952 Route 2, Box 35, Reagan, Texas MARLEY, EVERETT ARMSTRONG, IR. BA, Rice Institute, 1955 4023 Sul Ross, Houston, Texas MASK, CHARLES RAY BA, Texas Tech, 1955 1404 14th Street, Sweetwater, Texas MAYHALL, ROBERT FREEMAN BBA, Texas Western,- 1955 1215 Baltimore Street, El Paso, Texas i 9 MELO, HADLEY A. University of Texas 265 West Caldwood Drive, Beaumont, Texas MILES, BRADLEY BBA, University of Texas, 1956 315 South Bishop, San Angelo, Texas MILLER, DON KIRBY University of Texas 1327 Katy, Port Neches, Texas MILLER, WILLIAM T., IR. BA, Texas A. dr M., 1955 5518 Crane. Houston, Texas Stomachs of iron FIRST-YEAR 101 MYERS BOB D University of Texas 4312 Roseland Houston Texas NAUCHTON HOVVARD F University of Texas 15 Auburn Long Island New York NEWMAN CHARLES DENNISON BA, Texas A. if M., 1955 1120-C South Carolina, Amarillo, Tex- as NICHOLS, TAYLOR University of Texas 318 East Avenue D, Robstown, Texas Sweater girl FIRST-YEAR 102 LAWS MITEF F, METO BBA, University of Texas, 1956 2744 Willing, Fort Worth, Texas MORRIS, VICTOR LEE University of Texas 5326 Mandell, Houston, Texas MORRISSON, cLov1s CLYDE, JR. A University of Texas 1088 Rosedale, Port Arthur, Texas MORTON, FREDERICK I. Texas Western College 1910 North Stanton, El Paso, Texas MOUDY, RAY PAUL BBA, University of Texas, 1949- 2408 Hemphill, Greenville, Texas MUTSCHER, GUS F. BBA, University of Texas, 1954 301 North School, Brenham, Texas ODOM, RICHARD DEAN University of Texas Box 1243, Corpus Christi, Texas OLIPHANT, ROBERT EDWIN BA, Kilgore College, 1951 409 Barnett, Kilgore, Texas OVERTON, ROBERT A. Vanderbilt University 1807 Brazos, Austin, Texas OWEN, DAVID ROBERT AB, Princeton University, 1952 4710 Duval, Austin, Texas OWEN, ROBERT EUGENE University of Texas cfo Owen Jewelry Store, Kermit, Texas PARKER, CARL ALLEN University of Texas 1649 17th Street, Port Arthur, Texas PARKER, THOMAS FRANCIS University of Texas 2407 Oldham, Midland, Texas PATTERSON, FLOYD HARRIS BA, Texas A. if M., 1950 8004 Hemphill Park, Austin, Texas PERKINS, THOMAS WALTER BS, West Texas State, 1955 4124 Polk, Amarillo, Texas PEVEHOUSE, IACK 535513, Southern Methodist University, 137 North Beverly, Amarillo, Texas Brave soul FIRST-YEAR LAWS 103 POULOS, AUDREY ELIZABETH BJ, University of Texas, 1955 2823 Hazel, Texarkana, Texas PRICE, MARTIN LEWIS BBA, Baylor University, 1951 Box 509, Brownwood, Texas PRIMM, TOM C. BBA, University of Texas 2906 Primrose, Fort Worth, Texas RATIFF, JOHN THOMAS University of Texas Sonora, Texas VVhat are the "Phidle-de-fees" planning next C?J FIRST-YEAR LAWS PHAIR, BRADLEY C. BA, University of Texas, 1955 1922 Banks, Houston, Texas PHILLIPS, CARL M. Southern Methodist University 2307 Longview, Austin, Texas PHY, PAUL WILLIAM BBA, University of Texas, 1956 517 Trinity, Stamford, Texas PILCHER, WAYLAND DALE BJ, University of Texas, 1954 Box 5416, Corpus Christi, Texas PONTIUS, PAUL ELM ER University of Texas Route 1, Taylor Road, Mission, Texas POOL, WILLIAM H., JR. University of Texas Box 817, Albany, Texas REBMAN, IOHN ROBERT BS, Oklahoma A. ir M., 1953 1513-C Enfield Road, Austin, Texas REDD, GORDON LINDBERGH BA, Rice Institute, 1952 2741 Amherst, Houston, Texas REESE, DONALD GALE University of Texas 2612 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas REHFELD, JAMES WRIGHT BBA, University of Texas 1526 Melbourne, Corpus Christi, Tex- as REYNOLDS, ROBERT BRUCE University of Colorado 4338 North 50th Street, Phoenix, Ari- zona RIGHARDS HOWARD NEWTON University of Texas 111 West 15th Street Austin Texas RISLEY GERALD PORTER BS West Texas State College 1955 1105 Rosemont Amarillo Texas ROBERTSON DAVID IYLE University of Texas 2406 Speedway Wichita Falls Texas ROBINSON JAMES STUART BS Fisk University 1955 1403 Pleasantville Houston Texas ROMANO, IOSEPH IOHN BA, University of Texas, 1955 305 Polk, Orange, Texas Guess who's winning FIRST -YEAR LAWS 105 SCHUHMANN, DONALD ARTHUR BA, Southwestern University, 1955 Box 97, Giddings, Texas SCOCIN, ROBERT R. BS, Texas Tech, 1955 Box 326, Wink, Texas SCOTT, THOMAS RANSOM BA, Rice Institute 1955 Route 1, Box 46-A, Brazoria, Texas SELMAN, IOHN B. Box 632, Rockdale, Texas Gus pulling a fast one FIRST-YEAR LAWS ROSS, WILLIAM HUGH University of Texas 1018 Ross Trail, Arlington, Texas RUSSELL, CHARLES BORDEN University of Texas 110792 East Warren, Victoria, Texas RYLEE, ROBERT T., II University of Texas 1128 West Woodard, Denison, Texas SCHENK, CLETUS CHARLES BA, Midwestern University, 1955 Box 6, Scotland, Texas SCHILL, GUS AUGUST BA, Rice Institute, 1955 6617 , Buffalo Speedway, Houston, Texas SCHUETH, WILLIS MURRAY St. Mary's University 211 West Courtland, San Antonio, Texas SEWELL, THOMAS MONETTE, JR. M.Ecl, North Texas State College, 1952 Box 112, Blooming Grove, Texas SHAW, IO EDWARD, IR. BA, Rice Institute, 1955 2117 Looscan Lane, Houston, Texas SHEINBERG, SIDNEY JAY BA, Columbia College, 1955 216 Oleander, Corpus Christi, Texas SHELBY, SARAH SAYE BA, North Texas State College, 1950 714 Park Place, Austin, Texas SHEWMAKE, WILLIAM JOSEPH BA, Midwestern University, 1951 1515 Beverly, Amarillo, Texas SHINKLE, JACK M. BBA, Tri-State College, 1987 Box 116, Georgetown, Texas i SHIPMA N, MORGAN BBA, University of Texas, 1955 Box 513, Seminole, Texas SHULTZ, W. O., II BS, University of Texas, 1950 600 Oak, Sweetwater, Texas SHURLEY, IERRY NEILL BA, University of Texas, 1955 Sonora, Texas SHWIFF, MARVIN DAVID BBA, University of Texas, 1952 18 Cedar Lawn South, Galveston, Texas Just a "study aid" FIRST -YEAR LAWS 107 ,, 1 'Q 1 STANDLEE, RANALD RHEY BA, University of Texas, 1955 706 Park Drive, Hillsboro, Texas STEELE, HOWBERT A. BA, New Mexico Western College, 1951 D Box 627, Burnet, Texas STEWART, INA BACKWAN Radcliffe College 1421 Bayou Shore Drive, Galveston, Texas STEWART, WELLS ' AB, Princeton, 1954 1421 Bayou Shore Drive, Galveston, Texas So that was how you answered it FIRST-YEAR LAWS SIEGMUND, MARTIN University of Texas Route 1, Whitesboro, Texas SKIBELL, CARL A. BBA, University of Texas, 1953 5631 Purdue, Dallas, Texas SLAUGHTER, EDWARD DANTZLER, JR. University of Texas 1306 B Newfield Lane, Austin, Texas SMITH, RICHARD STOWERS BA, Yale, 1955 Hunt, Texas SNEED, THOMAS ALAN University of Colorado 110 East 36th Street, Amarillo, Texas SPENCER, BRYAN S. BA. Texas A. if M., 1953 907 14th Street, Galveston, Texas STONE, DONALD LAMAR University of Texas P. O. Box 60, Jacksonville, Texas sToNE, SAMUEL VAUCHAN JR. University of Texas 1404 Elm, Georgetown, Texas STUDDARD, DON E. University of Texas 400 Main Street, Brownwood, Texas SI-IUR, WILFRED FRANK BBA, South West Texas College, 1953 1295 Cross, New Braunfels, Texas SULLIVAN, FRED MEYRITH University of Texas 1518 Barton Springs, Austin, Texas SWANN ER, CHARLES BENJAMIN University of Texas 6466 Meadow Road, Dallas, Texas SWIFT, THOMAS G., IR. Texas Christian University 3917 West 4th Street, Fort Worth, Texas TALBOT, MORGAN K. Lamar College 748 Mariposa Street, Beaumont, Texas TANIS, PHILIP ELMER, JR. BBA, Texas A. i7 M., 1953 2022 Craig Avenue, Corpus Christi, Texas TAYLOR, ALBERT S. University of Texas 521 North 15th Street, McAllen, Texas A place familiar to a few FIRST -YEAR LAWS 109 sexi U THURMOND, ROGER BA, Rice Institute, 1955 310 Pecan, Del Rio, Texas TITA, IOSEPH LAWRENCE BS, Fordham University, 1952 2706-B Nueces, Austin, Texas TOwERY,' ROBERT LINDLEY University of Texas 1032 East Jessamine, Fort Worth, Texas TRAMONTE, DOMINICK SAM B ar ' Umver 1 s, sf. Edw ds ' sity, 954 2623 Christopher, Galveston, Texas "Autograph by Hamilton" FIRST-YEAR 110 TAYLOR, fAMES SPENCE, R. University of the South 2625 Sunset Boulevard, Houston, Texas THOMAS, WARLICK BA, Abilene Christian College, 1953 808 East 23Vz Street, Austin, Texas THOMPSON, BILL GOFF BA, Texas Christian University, 1955 155-B Simpkins Hall, Austin, Texas THOMPSON, GILBERT STANLEY University of Texas 1426-A Braokenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas THOMPSON, JIMMIE NOBLE BBA, Texas A. if M. 709 Church, Paris, Texas THORNTON, ROBERT BARNES University of Texas 202 East Hermosa, San Antonio, Texas TRIBBLE, FRANK JOSEPH BA, University of Texas, 1955 201 Jackson Place, Corpus Christi, Texas TULLIS, ERNIE WIN TON University of Texas 416 Bridge, Weatherford, Texas TURNER, ROGER I. A. AB, Dulce University, 1954 1626 West Hollywood Drive, San Antonio, Texas TURNER, ROGER LINN Arlington State 1824 Montclair, Fort Worth, Texas VICKERS, s. J. BBA, University of Texas, 1955 4613 Virginia Lane, Fort Worth, Texas VOGEL, CECELIA BS, Indiana University, 1944 Nicksville, Ohio se s S 2 S 4 VON DOHLEN, LEONARD HAROLD, III University of Texas Box 306, Goliad, Texas WAGON SELLER, M INA FORD BA, Texas Western, 1954 2804 Camp Mabry Road, Austin, Texas WAHLQUIST, JACK HAINARD BA, Yale, 1955 6281 Revere Place, Dallas, Texas WARFORD, HAROLD L. BI, University of Texas, 1953 P. O. Box 464, Breckenridge, Texas GO-GO-GO FIRST -YEAR 111 WHITE, J. EDWARD University of Texas 147 Rusk, Dallas, Texas WILDE, WILLIAM KEY BA, William if Mary, 1955 3018 Avalon, Houston, Texas WILLIAMS, MORGAN KENNETH BSC, Texas Christian University, 1955 2108 Lipsoomb, Fort Worth, Texas WILLIAMS, RICHARD A. BS, University of Texas, 1955 Box 414, La Grange, Texas Casenote on Pierson v. Post FIRST-YEAR LAWS WARREN, DONALD RAY University of Texas 1480 Washington Boulevard, Beau- mont, Texas WEBBER, LESTER FRANK BBA, University of Houston, 1953 447 Northridge Drive, San Antonio, Texas WEEKS, HARRY CURTIS, IR Mexico City College 5444 Byers, Fort Worth, Texas WENDLANDT, WALTER GEORGE Bs, Texas A. if M., 1949 3939 Balcones Drive, Austin, Texas WEST, BEN BRITAIN University of Texas 2505 20th Street, Lubbock, Texas WHITE, CREIGHTON NEIL BA, University of Texas, 1955 716 Vine, Colorado City, Texas WILLIAMSON, JAMES R. Lamar Junior College 955 Boyd, Beaumont, Texas WILLINGHAM, NOBLE H., IR. BS, North Texas State College, 1953 111 Sycamore, Mineola, Texas WILLIS, WILLIAM LAUBENCE University of Texas Box 242, Edna, Texas WILSON, FLOYD SCOTTY BBA, Universit of Texas, 1953 Route 1, Hendlbrson, Texas WILSON, HORACE COKE, IR. BS, University of Houston, 1953 1806 West abama, Houston, Texas WILSON, SAM BS, Texas Wesleyan, 1953 2905 Meadowbrook Drive, Fort Worth, Texas W M' S 2 WINGATE, ROY STEPHEN University of Colorado 1046 Ruby Lane, Orange, Texas WINGFIELD, CLINTON LAVERN MA, George Peabody College, 1954 1422-A Brackenridge Apartments, Austin, Texas WIN STON, WILLIAM D. BBA, University of Texas, 1953 507 North Bynum, Lufkin, Texas WOLFE, JOSEPH W. University of Texas 111 W. Belden. Sherman, Texas' Honest, Tom, what's in the glass? FIRST -YEAR LAWS 1,3 ADAMS, ALBERT KEMP BS, Texas A i7 M, 1940 2621 Pembroolce Trail, Austin, Texas BAKER, ROLAND LEWIS BBA, Texas Southern, 1955 301 East Rosedale, Fort Worth, Texas BOOTH, FRANK RUSSELL BA, University of Texas, 1952 806 Columbus Street, Austin, Texas BRADSHAW, WILLIAM WALTERS BA, Texas A dr M, 1955 329 Cherry Drive East, San Antonio, Texas BRIDGES, RONALD WAYNE BA, University of Texas, 1954 100 Nelray Boulevard, Austin, Texas BROWN, WILLIAM S. BA, University of Texas, 1953 Route 1, Telephone, Texas BURNETT, WILLIAM CUINN BS, Trinity University, 1955 1011 Adeline, Sinton, Texas CANALES, HORAGIO University of Texas Benavides, Texas FIRST-YEAR LAWS CAMERA SHY COMER, HAROLD LEE BA, Texas A dr M, 1955 528 North Nelson, Pampa, Texas CORTEZ, HERMAN GLEN Texas A dr I 918 North A Street, Harlingen, Texas COWLES, JAMES EDGAR Midwestern University 116 Fillmore, Wichita Falls, Texas CROWLEY, GEORGE ALLEN University of Texas 4301 Kenwood Court, Fort Worth, Texas CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES R. University of Texas Nueces Hotel, Corpus Christi, Texas DART, JUSTIN W. MA, University of Houston, 1954 7101 Grover, Austin, Texas DEAVER, JOHN RANDOLPH BA, University of Texas, 1952 2806 Nueces, Austin, Texas DEES, DORIS FAY BBA, University of Texas, 1950 P.O. Box 250, Austin, Texas WOOLSEY, WILLIAM NEAL University of Texas 317 Bermuda Place, Corpus Christi, Texas WORSHAM, JOHN WILLIAM BBA, University of Texas, 1953 2145 Brentwood, Houston, Texas YOUNG, BARNEY THORNTON BA, Yale University, 1955 1018 Hillcrest, Amarillo, Texas YOUNGER, LEIGHTON KEITH BS, University of Texas, 1955 1513 Pease Road, Austin, Texas ZAHSKY, CLIFFORD L. BA, Mary Knoll College, 1951 VVoodsboro, Texas ZWEIG, HAROLD ISADORE BBA, University of Texas, 1955 2331 West Kings Highway, San An- tonio, Texas DOUTHITT, TROY, IR. BA, Midwestern, 1950 5002 Placid Place, Austin, Texas V DOYLE, WILLIAM LAMAR University of Houston 5004 Woodrow, Galveston, Texas DuVALL, JEAN KYLE BA, University of Texas, 1956 4230 Belclaire, Dallas, Texas EMERSON, CHARLES WILLIAM BS, St. Edward's University, 1952 Route 5, Paris, Texas FAIL, VVILLIAM MORGAN, R. Ungversity of Texas 317 North Green, Grand Saline, Texas FLETCHER, THOMAS BA, Southern Methodist University, 1955 1002 Bissonet, Houston, Texas FOERSTER, HOMER A. Texas Tech Vernon, Texas LLJ F OWLER, BRADLEY A. University of Texas 303 West 6th Street, Austin, Texas GARCIA, JOHN A. MD, Tulane University, 1942 4802 Ridgeoak Drive, Austin, Texas CARDERE, GEORGE P. University of Texas 10111 Inwood Road, Dallas, Texas COLBERC, MOSES BA, University of Texas, 1955 1917 Musser, Laredo, Texas COWAN, JAMES ALBERT University of Texas 931-A East 41st Street, Austin, Texas GREER, DONALD WEBB University of Texas Estelline, Texas HAND, LLOYD N. University of Texas 10604 Oswego, Houston, Texas HERVEY, HAL H. BA, Hardin-Simmons, 1948 Box 94, Abilene, Texas HILL, EUEL KAY Texas Tech 508 North 5th Street, Lamesa, Texas HOLLIDAY, ROBERT WINSLOW University of Texas Route 4, Box 126A, San Antonio, Tex- as HOOPER, RICHARD D. University of Texas Box 96, Austin, Texas HUNTER, THOMAS R. University of Texas 2020 Rundell Place, Austin, Texas HYDE, JERRY MACK BA, University of Texas, 1955 Box 188, Tyler, Texas IRION, JAMES R., III BA, Texas Christian University, 1955 2518 Carter, Fort Worth, Texas JORDAN, JOHN FRED BA, University of Texas, 1955 106 Newsome, Mineola, Texas KAUFMAN, RICHARD F. University of Texas 15 ,gilbert Road, Great Neck, New Yor KEAHEY, JAMES HOVVARD BI, University of Texas, 1955 427 West Colorado, Dallas, Texas LANCFORD, JOSEPH H. BA, Texas Western College, 1952 1708 Elm, El Paso, Texas CAMERA SHY LOMAIRE, BRUCE BBA, Texas Tech, 1955 1516 39th Street, Lubbock, Texas LINDSEY, JERRY DEE BBA, University of Texas 2800 Grant, Wichita Falls, Texas LOCKMAN, JOHN University of Texas 403 West 14th Street, Austin, Texas LOVICK, JOHN BRANDON University of Texas 1403 Kenwood, Austin, Texas MANER, JOHN F. BA, Texas Tech, 1951 2108 31st Street, Lubbock, Texas MARTIN, ROSCOE C. BA, University of Alabama, 1951 946 Westmoreland Avenue, Syracuse, New York MASON, JOHN BELL, JR. BS, Vanderbilt University, 1953 1916 Speedway, Austin, Texas MORENO, JOSE RUBEN MS, University of Texas, 1953 401 East 35th Street, Austin, Texas NELSON, BENJAMIN, JR. BBA, Baylor University, 1954 1710 West 17th Street, Texarkana, Texas O'CONNOR, EDWIN MORTON, III BA, Southern Methodist University, 1951 4517 South Versailles, Dallas, Texas PARKER, KENNETH LEIGH University of Texas Box 893, Ozona, Texas PARRAM ORE, HOWARD M OCEHEE BS, University of Alabama, 1953 501 North Wood Avenue, Florence, Alabama PATTERSON, JEPTHA ROBERT AA, Lon Morris Junior College, 1950 Box 833, Killeen, ,Texas PRACER, DONALD LOUIS University of Texas 309-E East 33rd Street, Austin, Texas RALLIS, GUS BBA, Texas Western, 1952 517 West Missouri, El Paso, Texas RIDDICK, WILLIAM PRESLOW BS, Texas A. if M. 3363 San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Texas ROBERTS, JERRY H. University of Texas 421 Bois cl Arc, Tyler, Texa.s ROBERTS, PAUL RECENE, JR. University of Texas 1122 Lee Hall, San Antonio, Texas ROBERTS, WAYNE ELBERT BS, Texas Christian University, 1949 Roberts Fishing Village, Tow, Texas SCHULZE, RUPERT PHILIP, JR. BBA, University of Texas, 1954 217 Bayside Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas STEIMEL, WALTER EARL BS, Trinity University, 1950 1000 Oil And Gas Building, Wichita Falls, Texas STERLING, ROSS N . University of Texas 2100 Forest Trail, Austin, Texas TAYLOR, RUTH BA, University of Texas, 1943 805 Park Place, Austin, Texas THURLOW, THOMAS N EILSON University of Texas 5610 Southwestern, Dallas, Texas VAN DE MARK, SCOTT MacGRECOR BA, Rice Institute, 1949 2117 Rosedale, Houston, Texas WENDLER, EDWARD TYN AN University of Texas 1305-A Lorrain, Austin, Texas WILSON, GEORGE D., JR. BA, Rice Institute, 1955 1310 Kipling, Houston, Texas WILSON, JAMES ALAN BI, University of Texas Box 205, Lyford, Texas WINDER, VVILLIAM ALFRED BBA, North Texas State, 1955 3913 Collinwood, Fort Worth, Texas WOOD, WILLIAM EDWARD, JR. BA, Texas Western College, 1952 607 New York, El Paso, Texas WRIGHT, JAMES A. AB, Princeton, 1952 1430 Placentia, Coral Gables, Florida 115 Carroll Akard Lanette Baker Peg Barnett Dorothy Boldrick Charline Burch Martha Burnett Edith Burris Billy Campbell LAW WIV ES CLUB Ruth Chigos Ann Close Carolyn David Beverly Douglass Patti Downey Winona Elliott Carolyn F otheringham Carol French Norma Franzen Emestine Goodrich Sally Gresham Betty Lou Hall Mary Hanson Kathryn Hartson Virginia Hodges . Frances Jackson LAW WIV E CLUB A, W, ,, France James Martha D. james Karen Johnson Carol King Eleanor Lang Colleen Lea Gayle Lewis Clodette Maner Mary McCoy Anne McDaniel Betty Nelson Eleanor Palmer Berry Rebman Bobby Robertson Io Ann Rogers Luch Spencer LAW WIV ES CLUB Margaret Steimel Augusta Strock Betty Io Stubbs Beverly Thomas Jacquelyn Towery Lola Winder LAW WIVES Dayle Cary Georgere Dibrell L A W FAMILY JIM AMMERMAN fDeloresj jim II 5 years, Kathryn Dell 3 years PAT BAILEY fCarolynQ Caren, Cheryl 1 mo., Nancy 3 years, Charles 2 years BILL BOWERS CLeeJ Mary Ellen 9 mos. OWEN CECIL Uoanj Danny 2 years CHARLES S. CHESTER Wall Cathleen and Christine 2Vz years MONROE CLAYTON fShirleyQ Melanie 8116 years, Phyllis 7 years W 1 V E S PICTURES JAMES COBURN Uohanay Jeff 9 mos JOHN DAVID Uuliay John Jr. 17 mos BILL DEFFEBACH Uoanj Susan 2112 years LARRY DRUMMOND fAnnQ Ann Tracy 826 mos. EARL ELLIOTT fMerilynnQ Brett 9 IDOS. 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VON DREHLE Uoycej Karen 9 mos. JIM WHITE fBettyj Janet 2116 years WORTH E. WHITWORTH fPeggyj Worth jr. llfz mos. OTTO YELTON QLeeQ Arthur 4 mos. F - . ..-W xxwwwzx-.swwf wx x s Q .fa ysvrgf, w .xg-Ngqf,Qqhbkwsiklsf.QQ-PIR sys wr . ill! W L. X xx M .xxx ix M MM QWYQNQwNwwwxm . , 'yym 1 A ,...,. . -.X VX 3 X wxx xy ., X X XXV.: x . NW .wif X X QNX X xc QR, ,My A 1 XS- mY Q EXW N Q ' .V . ,, N ..,. xx, N 1. , - We R S N K 711 Q S , 'X t Q 5 T E X X ' L Wi! SRL Xf i ..... 44 gxsiriggb, Tx XE gp: XX X X xx N X X .,.... .:x.: 1 .,,. : ....,,, X X Q N 9 N5 X X X X E X y X X N N X. x ' X Q N ...- Q X . .... , X ENN S f A x X A Q K QQ Y?- if K N ww + NNN tm X wk .X X xx N S as .+ Nm STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION BOARD OF GOVERNORS Seated Left to Right, Singletary, Fullerton, Salyer, Fotheringham Standing left to right, Moss, Taylor, Parnass, McKinney, Keahey, Shannon, Cecil, Harris, Carey H111 Carnahan Irvine Elliott ' President ........... Vice-President ...... Secretary-Treasurer President ........... Vice-President ...... Secretary-Treasurer President ......,......., Vice-President ...... Secretary-Treasurer ' BAR ASSOCIATION SENIOR CLASS MID-LAW CLASS ' ---.-.--.Byron Fullerton -Marcus Singletary --.-,-,--..-,-.--.jack Salyer .. .......... - Bill Moss Earl Elliott v. qpatp Hall ---..--Larry Parnass ..,...--.,Bob Shannon ---.-...Bob Carnahan FIRST-YEAR CLASS, FALL President ................ ..,.,.....,........,..........,,.,........ A ...,...........,......,.... .,.,,.,,,, , e.,, I i m Taylor Vice-President .......... ...e..,, C harlie Harris Secretary-Treasurer ....,.......,e,...........,...,.....,,.,...........,....,..,,..,...... ,..,,, , Hill FIRST-YEAR CLASS, SPRING President .,.....,..,,. ...,..,.,...........,e,e....,,.........e.....,,.....,....,......,......, ,,,.., ,..,,, B L 1 d Cecil Vice-President ........... ....i,.. Roe Clayton Secretary-Treasurer -- ...,....,...,..,.,...,........,.e.......,..... .......,., D ick Keahey HONOR 'COUNCIL Chairman ........ .....................................,......,........,..,...... T om Fotheringham STUDENT ASSEMBLY Law Assemblyman .............. ......................... 1 ...................... ................. I ack Carey Law Assemblyman ....... ........ B . D. McKinney Ed Hill watches while Mark Singletary l'CaCl'lSS fO1' "SC-3COnClS.,, Professor Fritz and Charlie Harris enjoy the banquet, 5 Q 5 S S s Q R 5 4 5 'S E sz Q 3 S John Akard gets a rest from home cooking. Byron Fullerton is interested in the Hrst course but Marilyn smiles for the cameraman. C. L. Ray and his wife look up while Tom Fotheringham seems to contemplate a future lawsuit. 131 BOB HARTSON Co-Chairman SPEAKERS COMMITTEE Thomas Thomas, Chairman Welby Parish George Brown Mars all Simmons Jack Borchers Moses Goldberg Harold Tweig SCHOLASTIC AWARDS COMMITTEE Richard A. Freling, Chairman Dick Wells Guy Jones PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE John Moncure, Co-Chairman John Akard, Co-Chairman C. L. Ray Dick Stone Bob Howell Al Jackson Charles Smallwood Jerry Gilmore Tom Sowell jack Garey John McFall Jim Brill Mina Wagonseller Campbell Griffin Bud Cecil 2 law 1956 GENERAL COMMITTEES PROGRAM COMMITTEE Tom McFarling, Co-Chairman Don McNeil, Co-Chairman Neil Caldwell BARRISTERS BALL Roby Hadden R. B. McGowen John Haas John Ellis Bill McGee Campbell Griffin Dave Duncan Bill Campbell Frank Holland Hudson Moyer Claude Hazel Jack Adcock Hany Hall Earl Guitar BILL PARSLEY Co-Chairman PICNIC- COMMITTEE Stan Stephens, Chairman 'Arthur Zobal Jack Garey Phil Schultz Bob Travis Pat Dw er Ken Miles Bob Ross Jim Flynt ASSAULT AND FLATTERY COMMITTEE Bob Carnahan, Co-Chairman Larry Pamass, Co-Chairman Stanley Freed Larry Landa Denny Ingram Earl Hodges Vernon Gresso Odell McBrayer Bryan Spencer 1956 LAW DAY STEERING COMMITTEE A lLeft to right? Roby Hadden, Barristefs Ballg Larry Parnass, Bob Carnahan, Assault and Flatteryg Bob Hart- son, Bill Parsley, Co-Chairmen of Law Dayg T. I. McFarling, Programg Thomas Thomas, Speakersg Stan Stephen, Picnicg John Moncure, John Akard fnot picturedj, Public Relations. ' PRINCIPAL SPEAKERS Chief Iustice Carl 1. Weygandt of the Ohio Supreme Court ..... . . "Obiter Dictum" Dean William Prosser, Dean of the University of California Law School . . . "The Ancient Grudge" I. A. CTinyQ Gooch .................... . . "Humorous Talk" DEAN WILLIAM PBOSSER WST WT 'VU CHIP? QQYXGP' 0000111 QPKYA' S Dick Tinsman, Don McNeil Finalists HILDEBRAND MOOT COURT Loren Hanson, Bob Winkelman Finalists 33? CQMPETITIQN Eiiifliieilmmons Sem1 Finalists . Semi-Finalists The Hildebrand Competition is held annually at the Uni- versity of Texas School of Law in memory of the late Dean Ira P. Hildebrand and is designed to give students an opportunity to acquire practical experience in advocacy, legal research, brief writing and appellate argument. This year there were forty teams and the Finalist teams of Tinsman :St McNeil and Hanson Sr Winkelman will argue before the justices of the Supreme Court of Texas on Law Day to determine the 1956 winning team. Stan Stephen, Dan Sullivan Malk Singletary Welby Parish Quai ter Finalists Quarter-Finalists Gabe Vick, Bob Close, James Shatto, uarter-Finalists Quarter-Finalists Qllartel'-FiI1aliStS Otto Yelton Bruce Hallmark Walter Barnett Q AMERICAN LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIATION CLeft to rightj john Moncure, Carolyn Busch, Pat Irvine, Ross Sterling. ALSA Coordinator ............................ Pat Irvine Senior Representative . . . . . . . . john Moncure Mid Law Representative ................. p ....... Carolyn Busch First-Year Representative ....................... Ross Sterling CAMPUS LAW SCHOCL LEADERS lSeatedJ Nancy Moody, Student Court fStanding, left to rightj jack Carey, Law Assemblymang james Brill, Student Courtg Neil Caldwell, Student Co rt u fNot shownj B. D. McKinney, Law Assemblyman HONOR COUNCIL fSeated, left to right, Joseph Tita, F irst-Year Representativeg Torn Fotheringham, Chairmang Truman Kirk Senior Representative fStanding, left to right? Ramon Von Drehle, Mid-Law Representativeg Dave Duncan, Senior Represen- tativeg Stanley Freed, First-Year Representative CNot shownj Walter Sekaly, Senior Representative DICTA BOARD fSeated, left to rightj Larry Parnass, Byron Fullerton, Richard Freling CStanding, left to rightj james T. Garrett, James Taylor, john Akard, Joe Lipper fNot shownj Bill Moss, Owen Cecil ST AF? lor TTER Dlcrigummlmgs' Tay fLef t ,. to ughtj StandFDITORS OB OQB5-1 ee weft to rxgbtl l Hug es Y Akard Wahlqulst i 0 t Editor ...................... .......................... I ohn Akard Managing Editor .......... ...,.........,............,....... E d Hughes Circulation Managers ............... .Frank Suhr, Dave Brune Associate Editors .......... .......,...,.......... I ack Wahlquist, Obiter Dicta Editor . Production Manager Sports Editor ............ Sports Writers ........ Rhey Standlee ---------Bob Cummings -------...Sarah Shelby Frank Douglass ---------,Marvin Thomas, Bryan Honts Feature Editor ...... ........... B ob Fowler Feature Writers ......... ...................... K enneth Griflin, Dan jones News Writers ...... David Chigos, Bob Brown, jerry Kirby, Jim Taylor, Larry Drummond The Dicta is the official publication -of the University of Texas Student Bar Association. It is distributed weekly without cost to the students and faculty DICTA STAFF SPORTS STAFF fSeated, left to right Suhr, Hughes, Akard, Standlee fLeft to right? Douglass Thomas fStanding, left to rig tj Kirby, jones, Taylor, Fowler, L Chigos xx Q! 5 Q sw 'z a X 5 Qs, 11 531 W, Fi S 5 3 E fi la EE S 1 1 3 1 k a s i 1 l GHES DUAN E IUVRUD ED HU Advertising Manager JACK 1C-O5 ' actors S WH DAVXDSEIEZC1-ifpt1OTl Dw fag? Mengg'gIST BOB CARNAHAN NEIL CALDWELL Photographer Staff Artist PEREGRINUS BOARD fSeated, left to rightj Corwin Iohnson, Byron Fullerton, Thomas Gibson fStanding, left to rightj Campbell Griffin, Ioe Lipperg Roby Hadden, jim Flynt, Pat Irvine, Fred Sullivan james Garrett KAPPA BETA PI 14 fSeated, left to rightl Annelle Lanford, Grace Hardin, Joanne Strauss fStanding, left to right? Rosa White, Carolyn Busch, Lois Watson KAPPA BETA PI Honorary and Professional Legal Sorority for Women FALL Carolyn Busch . Rosa White . . Diana Klefisch . Lois Watson . Katherine Barlow Carolyn Busch Norma Fink Ann Hardin Diana Kleiisch - International- Officers ..Dean. . .. . Associate Dean . . . . . Recorder . . . . . . Chancellor . . . . Quarterly Correspondent . Student Members Annelle Lanford Nancy Moody Audrey Poulos Sarah Shelby Joanne Strauss ,SPRING . . Irma Wink . Audrey Poulos . . Sarah Shelby . . Annelle Lanford . Norma Fink Lois Watson Rosa White Irma Wink -Y . the auu 1 k ew of a case in Whlch w U , 1:37215 a woman ' ' What odds. The lighter side of law school. "Meow 14 DELTA THETA PHI Qlst row, left to rightj Moss, Coburn, Salyer, Duncan, Flynt, Theall, Snedeker, Stevens, Cazares, McFall, Bigelow f2nd rowj Little, Marnock, Drummond, Sekaly, Griflin, Crow A, Cecil, Gilmore, Gowan, Garrett f3rd row, Ridings, Crow D, Miller, Thedford, Maner, Franklin, Douglass, Robertson 14th row? Koska, Bonney, Shivers, Anderson, Hall, Davis, Lemon, Maroney 15th rowj F otheringham, Humble, Dabney, Ross, Stubbs, Conn, Luther, jackson, Irvine Active Members Anderson, W. Bigelow, R. Bonney, R. Cazares, E. Chester, C. Coburn, I. Crow, A. Crow, D. Dabney, B. Dameris, T. Duncan, D. Fotheringham, T. Ferguson, J. Flynt, I. Garrett, I. Griffin, C. Hall, I. Haskett, M. Hazel, C. Irvine, P. Jackson, G. Brelsford, B. Davis, I. Drummond, Franklin, B. Humble, G. Lemon, G. Moore, 1. Ross, R. Simpson, E. Cecil, O. Koska, R. Lieb, L. Little, I. Lucas, T. Maner, I. Marnock, M. Maroney, J. McF all, I. Miller, P. Moss, W. Ray, C. L. Salyer, I. Pledges Sekaly, W. Shivers, I. Snedeker, I. Stephen, S. Stevens, D. Stubbs, I. Theall, R. Thedford, L. T. Wade, 1. Williamson, H. Wendler, E. Clayton, R. Conn, B. Bonner, N. David, 1. Burgess, 1. Gilmore, I. Luther, M. Robertson, S. Basden, B. Heaner, B. Inactive members Anderson, R Sudderth, B. Whitehill, C. Douglass, M Thompson, L Kirk, T. Ridings, J. SAM HOUSTON SENATE I. Flynt . . B. Liefeste I. Salyer J. McFall R. Theall D. Duncan B. Moss D. Stevens Q f . Q n . n - . . Master of Ritual . . fSeated, left to rightj Moss, McFall, Salyer, Flynt, Theall, Duncan, Stevens . R. Theall . .Dean. . . Vice-Dean . . D. Duncan . Tribune . . . B. Moss Clerk of Rolls . . J. Coburn . Exchequer . . I. McFall . Bailiff . . . . . . R. Bigelow l U .... E. Cazares . . . . J. Flynt-J. Snedeker House Manager fSeated, left to rightl Moss, McFall, Cazares, Theall, Duncan, Snedeker, Bigelow, Coburn 1 1 Don and Jack breaking training "Crazylegs" Coburn scoots for five Delta Theta Phi House 1 202 Archway 1 1 4 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 "Big Bob" 1 g . 144 Sack time 1 1 Time 7:55 . . . 8 o'clock class 1 J 1 Some party I 1 4.-.- Alton ck aw ing one fS Exxw:wfmw.N x.., Both yours, George? . . . ,.4 Lieb with h is hands full ?S5'3Sf5gw. ,,X- K ' " ' Bob? Thinking ot Louxe s, . 145 PHI ALPHA DELTA fFirst row, left to rightl Eliason, Fairey, Fillmore, Young, Mighell, Yelton, Hadden, Rattikin, Eastus, Elliott, Alvis, Moore, Scott Burnett, Stone lSecond row, left to right? Vletas, Barnett, Finn, Carubbi, Hanson, Graham, Guitar, Singletary, Tharp, Baker, Carnahan, Fowler Ellis CThird row, left to rightl Arnett, Twenhafel, Parish, Bookout, Rivers, Malone, Andrew, Kirby, Dow, Sullivan, Moye, Wallace, Close lFourth row, left to rightj Parsley, Goodrich, Barber, Berry, Magee, Richards, Hall, Heaner, Ammerman, McGowen, Rawls, Cheever 14 Robert H. Alvis james Ammerman William H. Andrew, Ir Donald Ray Arnett Charles Pat Bailey William C. Baker Will Barber Walter Barnett Vernon R. Berry Donald Leroy Bookout Robert Moore Burnett Vemon Neil Caldwell Bobby N. Carnahan A. I. Carubbi Charles Cheever Geor e R. Close Harold Curtis Bernard Olter Dow John Eliason Earl Elliott John Baxter Ellis Alec Eastus Robert A. Fairey Dustin Fillmore Frank Finn Robert Fowler Lawrence L. Fuller Ira Goodrich James K. Graham Earl B. Guitar, Jr. Harry L. Hall Richard Hall Roby Hadden James E. Hammond Loren Q. Hanson je Kirby Paxill' Kirton Holt L. Magee, Jr. Frank Malone William E. McDonald R. B. McGowen, Ir. Richard McGraw Harry McPherson Kenneth J. Mighell Harold Moore Billy J. Mounce Billy D. Moye Louis B. Paine Welby K. Parish James F. Parker Bill J. Parsley Sam R. Perry William J. Rattikin, Jr Roy Rawls David R. Richards Wayland C. Rivers, jr Bill Rountree john Ryan William I. Sames Bernard Schrader Stuart J. Scott Marcus K. Singletary Richard B. Stone Daniel D. Sullivan S. Tharp Marvin C. Twenhafel Gabe T. Vick Stanley Vickers Gus Vletas Jack Walker Bass C. Wallace Willis Whatley Otto Yelton Ed York Cary Young TOM C. CLARK CHAPTER FALL 1955 CSeated, left to rightl Mark Singletary, Harry McPherson,,R. B. McGowen, Jr. fStanding, left to rightl Bill Parsley, Jim Ammerman , OFFICERS FALL AND SPRING FALL, 1955 SPRING, 1956 Harry McPherson . . ..... justice ..... . . . Bill Parsley R. B. McGowen, Ir. . Vice-Justice . . lim Ammerman Mark Singletary . . . . Clerk . . . . Robert Alvis Bill Parsley . . . . Treasurer . . . Gus Vletas Jim Ammerman . . . . Marshal . . . Walter Barnett . . . . Reporter . . . . Bob Carnahan SPRING 1956 Seated, left to right? Robert Alvis, Bill Parsley, Jim Ammerman QStanding, left to rightj Bob Camahan, Walter Barnett 1 Q X N x x x X X -f .,:,,... X NE X Y . S .:,.g..: as , - .5' ::.:.:.. ' x '3f:E:a-':.r- " " 32:25 1'5::'5.If:f wi s - ..... : .. .-X. - S' YN, A M fapwff ' ..r,N::f5.E.:.:"':1QQ " K W U QQ X X 5 X1 my xx N 3 N 'VY xxx -,xv 'iw C 1 fir 1. Y: :.- N X :Y ..... xg X. . W Senses X X Qx A X x x N Q N Nw X X W X X ::3:.:s:sa .. XR XxX X SQ XV X 9 X ml' Q R w - SN mm. X Jymggwi., , .55 :am f ,.:-1 Q ii S N Q N X X .,- X :VX Q- WS X 5 X X S feb W 1 3. . N ,.n""""'i E.: ..,. F X pg . . :aXQE::5k:E5::2:i:E1z ..:...:.: . X- 4 21 r . - '.:'-', S ' R .Q ..,.. W Y AS 1 X N Q X xx ,x - XXX QS X Q WS sf s NNQSWBXXQ . - M.. sk gn N N, wr Q . Y 1 Q Q . X ' Nmx Y S X A W X if Q-, S A RX? N Q.. gms: Q X fs 5 6 'TQ f x xw , , x Q x. i NS: X :zz Q fy 5, SMX ! . X 1 E ig Nev ag xsf gs PHI DELTA PHI fFirst row, left to rightl Gary, House, Freling, Von Drehle, Parnass, Shannon, Baskin, Franks, Hallmark, Littenberg, Waters lSecond row, left to right? Purcell, Moody, Gibson, McKinney, Trost, Zbranek, Buchmeyer, Burton, Attwell, Rudberg, Dale I fThird row, left to right? Schneider, Stewart, Bowers, Ward, French, Edgar, Minton, Moore, Montgomery, Waldrop, Cox fFourth row, left to rightj Brown, Colburn, Green, Harris, jones, Elliott, Mitchell, Walls, Watson Allan B. Adkins Douglas William Argue Joseph Evans Attwel Carl I. Babin James A. Baker, III Milton L. Bankston Edward W. Barnett james D. Baskin, jr. Philip R. Bishop Richard P. Bogatto Bill F. Bogie Neill Boldrick, jr. Charles D. Boston William Lee Bowers, Ir james M. Brelsford Ben M. Brigham, Ir. Edgar N. Brown -h George E. Brown Thomas A. Brown Dan A. Bruce - Jerry L. Buchmeyer Voris J. Burch Donald E. Burdette Edd Burke, Ir. Thomas Burton Craig: C. Cantey F ran W. Colburn Hoyt M. Cole Fred A. Collins Finis E. Cowan, Ir.. Sanford C. Cox, jr. John J. Crook Samuel G. Croom, Ir. Robert M. Cummings David S. Dale Billy R. Dickerson 150 MEMBERS Robert W. B. Dickerson 1. Lee Dittert, jr. J. Hadley Edgar Frank W. Elliott Earl J. Engle George L. Erwin, Jr. John C. F oshee joseph Melvin Franks Richard A. Freling joseph I. French, jr. Alan Jack Garey J. W. Gary William W. Gibson William E. Goodenough john F. Green, Jr. James F. Gruben Alex B. Guevera, Jr. Robert A. Hall Bruce C. Hallmark Charles B. Harris Edward H. Hill Earl A. Hodges Iames M. House Harry Lee Hudspeth Denny O. Ingram, Jr. Gerald D. james Nicholas Johnson Robert Lynn jones Harry H. Jung, gr. Duane O. Juvru James H. Keahey Kenneth H. Kemp Stanley F. Krysa Larry H. Landa jack W. Ledbetter Towner S. Leeper Glen W. Lewis Robert L. Lincecum Robert L. Littenberg Jack M. Little john H. McBryde Jarrel D. McDaniel Muckleroy McDonnold, jr. Malcolm McGregor Buford D. McKinney, Ir. Donald F . McNeil, II Morton Minton John Mitchell Elton H. Montgomery Tom R. Moody James S. Moore, Jr. joseph H. Newton Robert A. Overton David R. Owen john Page Philip I. Palmer, jr. Carl A. Parker Larry S. Parnass Melvin W. Parse Edward J. Patterson David W. Purcell john T. Ratliff, Ir. Iohn R. Rebman Robert B. Reynolds Robert O. Rogers Robert A. Rowland Morton A. Rudberg Charles B. Russell, Ir. Robert T. Rylee Gus A. Schill, Jr. joseph R. Schneider Thomas R. Scott Lloyd N. Scurlock Thomas M. Sewell, jr. Bob E. Shannon Morgan E. Shipman Marvin P. Shwiif . George Sladczyk, Jr. Jack Robson Sowell Ross Sterling I Maco Stewart Donald L. Stone Fred M. Sullivan Charles B. Swanner Bob R. Thompson William Thurmond . Richard E. Tinsman Robert S. Travis joseph- R. Trost Ramon A. Von Drehle Jack R. Wahlquist Hiram H. Waldrop Robert H. Walls john A. Ward, III r Gerald T. Waters William E. Watson Robert S. Weatherall Richard Wells Conrad Werkenthin Ben B. West 1 Edward O. Wiley Richard A. Williams Carl W. Wilson Horace C. VVilson, Ir. Bob C. Winkleman Walter P. Wolfram James Hal Woods Barney T. Young J. C. Zbranek RCBERTS INN Q S T3 'x 15 E? E S s 3 S lLeft to Rightj George Sladczyk, Jr., Larry Parnass, Charles D. Boston, Melvin W. Parse, Jr., Richard A. Freling, Ramon A. Von Drehle, Bob Shannon FALL 1955 Melvin W. Parse, jr. . . Finis E. Cowan, jr. . Charles D. Boston Richard A. Freling . . SPRING .1956 . . Magister . . . Ramon A. Von Drehle . . Exchequer . . . . George Sladczyk, Jr. . Clerk . . . Bob Shannon . Historian . . Larry Parnass 151 PHI DELTA PHI were in session 1 sm When we centers. Von D. lehle entertains. That last one went down oked 15 Now R0bert , , I hard Mac and date smile for the cameraman. Tom a Hd to the !adigf1dd'V,S ShOp talk is of in tefest t Dick, Rhita, john and wife enjoy a Bob and Jim have cocktails before dinner. James StI'0Ck and Wlfe- Conversation. N PRAETORS 154 CFirst row, left to rightl Moncure, Day, Knight, Metcalf, Wiederspahn, Zobal, Greenspan fSecond row, left to rightl Hartson, Cashman, Decker, Moore, Fulton, Sheppard, Howell fThird row, left to rightl McFarling, Griffin, Yates, Miller, Gibson, Lambert, Herrmann Bill I. A ers Jack Casl-lman William F. Cohn George A. Day Vemon E. Decker E. M. Fulton Myron F. Garner Frank Gibson William I. Gidley Frederick A. Goad Abraham A. Greenspan Willis E. Gresham, Ir. MEMBERS Melvin K. Griflin john R. Haas Robert W. Hartson Richard P. Herrmann Robert'C. Howell Edward YV. jones Paul A. Knight Bill B. Lambert Martaine I. L. Lapin Hugh P. Mabe T. I. McFarling Walker N. Metcalf Ernest L. Miller John L. Moncure Harrell R. Moore Bernard E. Schwarzbach Gillett Sheppard Charles Smallwood Windell Stiefer Harry Wiederspahn Norris W. Yates Arthur F. Zobal I PRAETORS SPRING, 1955 lSeated, Left to Rightj Robert W. Hartson, Edward L. jones, Paul A Knight fStanding, Left to Right, Fred Goad, john Gillett Sheppard, john L. Moncure, Ernest L. Miller OFFICERS SPRING AND FALL 1955 Edward L. jones . . ..... Praetor Urbanus ....... Robert W. Hartson Paul A. Knight , . . . Praetor Peregrinus . . john L. Moncure Robert W. Hartson . . . Praetor Tutilarii . . . . . Bill Lambert john L. Moncure . . . Praetor Aerarii . .... Frank Gibson john Gillett Sheppard . . . Praetorian Guard . . . . Richard P. Herrmann Fred Goad .... . . Lictor . '. . . . Pete Mabe Ernest L. Miller . . . Tutelarii Alumni . . Paul A. Knight FALL, 1955 QLeft to Rightj Frank Gibson, john L. Moncure, Bill Lambert, Robert W. Hartson, Richard P. Herrmann, Paul A. Knight 1 5 ...mxwwmmsmd A "fifth" a mah- 'P x - - ' , T311 OU r You mean We i-.......,, Chair xg g Chanjpeen 'P That Cou I P e Over there ., mul. , 5 f Dentyne chewing gum We apologize, but 80061 N as it that good? OW HEAR THIS - Nblilnmwxv ,.... H 'Tho UNIVERSITY GF TEXAS Q Y -W-'l'3KT'55 FW 455 2 f""'0 W' 4'f..?"e f " f A . , -1 11'f,. Tsai, V 365,12 ti,-X tbe 5 , ji Q ,I 1 'U A, sv' E L- RQ k.,,,1f,-' s c H o o L o F L AW X R: I ., 'lr I lx fe it HI C' I t 1 or 'we 9' 1 fttgty' sq f Q u A .I '- 111 '--s1,l'5,'L": 1 1 A4 K 1 It Nxikl J, 3 ffl F503 . 'iv 1 .- - we :- E'C:f"lf1'i A 2',':5 .Nf::7'f ' f Thoroughly Texan, the Senior Ring of the University of Texas Law School carries an elegance that befits the dignity of the University Graduate. Available for your class regardless of year. I-IEMPI-llll'S AUSTIN, TEXAS May We Be Your Druggist "Where the cuisine of the South TOWER DRUG meets that of the Westi' For Reservations 2807 San IaC1H'f0 Phone GR 8-8827 Phone GR 8-4644 Austin, Texas 1011 Lamar Boulevard Member Federal Deposit , Insurance Corporation State, County and City A Depository. The Bank of All Day SGTVICG Ygur Budgef Headquarters 158 'You are a member of the I UNIVERSITY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, INC. . . . . . . . and entitled to share in the savings Save your cash register receipts and turn them in at the end of each term for your share in the savings. rl TM ll 0 0 ..':r'5i- - .ull1l:l' 'Ill .wi 51.3 15,-1,1 1'i2,H5Q, H E s T u o e N T 's o w N s 1 o n E 'ALL STUDENTS AND FACULTY AUTOMATICALLY BECOME MEMBERS UPON REGISTRATION IN THE UNIVERSITY. Congratulations to the Class of 1956 to A The Class of '56 ARTHUR MITCHELL BAR REVIEW COURSE A BAR 8: LOUNGE 1710 San Jacinto CR 8-0872 Austinffexas AIR coND1T1oNED 1 5 15 scnouz GARTEN C O M P L I M E N T S FINE FOOD O F 1607 Sun Jacinto , Commodore Perry Servmg Students ' for E. A. BROWN, Manager Seventy-five Years . A K K ,, ,X X X X X.XXX,XXXX,Wx N X., .. Q K . . . X X .. - . X. W K f S , ww W? X .X .. . .- '-'X'KW'f'2"KXXY .X -XXX, 'XSKMQXXX KX' K KK K K K XX WX - - . KK -ff -X K1 "' 57 ' RY' K. 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Suggestions in the University of Texas Law School - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) collection:

University of Texas Law School - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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University of Texas Law School - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas Law School - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1995 Edition, Page 1


University of Texas Law School - Peregrinus Yearbook (Austin, TX) online yearbook collection, 1996 Edition, Page 1


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