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THE PEREGRINUS The Yearbook of The School of Law of The University of Texas Published by Society of The Peregrinus, Inc Vol. VIp t -Townes Holl and Tarleton Library arc the new pride of the campus. jRuilt of concrete and steel, and covered with beautiful white Indiana r limestone, the Law School is located on a rolling hill on the north-east corner of the campus. The surrounding grounds are being landscaped and one day will be an outstanding beauty spot, empha j ; sizing a grove of oak and pecan trees on the eastern side of Wit)h84,000 square feet of air-conditioned floor space -otfauditorium with court room facilities and a seating capacity of jpOf lounge facilities for alumni, faculty, and students; offite Ofo faculty, staff, and student activities; seven classrooms accommodate over 1000 students, and an expansive librarv rrtaining over 100,000 volumes, the Law School is equipped nov R adequately train fledgling attorneys. Jf The 1954 Peregrinus erHphasixes the n|£ Tdw School ph cal plant by means of sectional division spread 'ttell as portraying ordinary day-to-day activities withiiKthe cdPines of ToWnes Holl and Tarleton Library. The ReregrinuvStjmjirsmbers, speakipjj for all law students, express their gratituy Wyhe people of Xpcas who have made possible this advancem itd(r their egal education. rr EdDedicated To ... W. PAGE KEETON Dean of the School of Law Professor of Law "The functiont of the lawyer in our society Unlay arc probably more important than they have ever been in the history of mankind because our national and international problems arc of unprecedented gravity. It cannot, therefore, be denied that the kind of legal education that is provided in our law schools is of the utmost .significance. The hue School of the University of Texas occupies a very special and unique )x sition because of the rapid growth and development of the State of Texas. The challenge at our law school, therefore, in the advancement of justice in human affairs is tremendous. It am not he satisfactorily met by the faculty without the assistance of the many loyal alumni at the bar. If, however, we approach our common task together with the proper zeal aiul enthusiasm, I ion ixmfiilent that we can build soundly upon the solid foundation of the past." Will) these words Werdner Page Keeton accepted the position of IXxin of The University of Texas Law School, one of the largest state law schools in the nation. Born in Clarksville, Texas, on August 22, 1909, he was one of five children of William Robert ami Mildred Ernestine (Tuten) Keeton. Following his graduation in May 192", as the 15-year-old valedictorian of hi' Clarksville High School class, he entered The University of Texas and in 1931 received both his B.A. and LL.B. degrees. As an undergraduate he compiled an enviable record, becoming a member of Tejas Clyb, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa. Pin Delta Phi. Chancellors, Order of the Coif, and the editorial staff of the Texas Imw Review. He also served as quizmaster in 1930-31 and as president of the Law School student body the same year. Upon graduation he was appointed an Assistant Professor of Law at his alma mater, and hv 1939 he had advanced to the position of a full Professor of Law. In 1910 his outstanding ability was recognized further when he was selected as the first Assistant Dean of the Law School. During a leave of absence in 1935-36 he completed work at Harvard Law School and received hi' Doctor of Juridical Science degree. On a subsequent leave of absence lie served with the Office of Price Administration from 1942 until 1945 when he- became assistant chief counsel of the Petroleum Administration for War. He returned to the Law School in November. 1945. hut left the following year to become Dean of The University’ of Oklahoma Law School. In September. 1949. he returned to The University of Texas as Dean of the Law School, succeeding Dean Charles T. McCormick, who had resigned to devote his time to teaching and research. A member of the Texas, Oklahoma, and American Bar Associations, lie also served on the Judicial Council of Oklahoma from 1946 to 1949 He has written extensively for the Texas, Oklahoma. Pennsylvania and Minnesota I-«w Reviews and others, Joined Seavey and Thurston in co-authoring Cases on Torts, and wrote Casebook on Fraud and Mistake, published during the current year. He and Madge Anna Stewart were married in 1934 and now have two children, Richard Page. 16. and Carole Stewart. I t. The dynamic young dean has added considerable luster to tin- reputation of the already highly-regarded I-aw School. Since the beginning of his administration, the Board of Regents approved tin- construction of a new physical plant and in December, 1953. $2,250,000 Townes Hall and Tarleton Library were dedicated; the Law School Foundation was created in 1951 and has been successfully securing gifts for the promotion of research In legal education; the Small Gifts Program since 1951 has secured some $10,000 annually for scliolarsiiips. institutes, and conferences, and tin- Ia»w-Seiei»ee Institute under the direction of Dr. Hubert Winston Smith iicgaii in 1952 making its contribution thioughout the nation. Considering in retrospect flu- accomplishments of Werdner Page Keeton, particularly his outstanding record as Dean of The University of Texas Law School, tlic staff of The 1954 Percgrinus proudly dedicates this yearbook to him and expresses its confidence that he will continue to "build soundly upon tire solid foundation of the past." I Past Dedicatees . . . 1949 1950 Robert Weldon Stnytnn Distinguished Professor Charles Tilford McCormick Distinguished Professor 1951 James P. Harl Unil ersity Chancellor 1952 Leon Green Distinguished Professor 1953 George Wilfred Stumbcrg Distinguished ProfessorEditor Chuck Cabaniss looks a little tired alter the final page was turned in on the largest Peregrinus yet. Associate Editor Ed York (center) admires the fine photography work of Photographer John Brinkley (seated at right) while Photographer Bill Harris (standing) and Art Director Arthur Blanchard look on. THE 1954 PERE The 1954 Peregrinus is the work of a relatively small nucleus of staff workers, and it is to the credit of these volunteer staff members that they have contributed so heavily of their time to produce the book at which you arc now looking. Particularly helpful this year was John Brinkley, Organizations Editor Vernon Harville seems more interested in the cameraman than the check list Class Editor Lee Duggan (center) is going over with Editorial Assistant Joe Lippcr. The Faculty was cooperative during picture-making CJpi strated by Professor Gray Thoron (left), first to attain 10096’3 his class members, and Professor Gus Hodges, who was a ct»Associate Editor Bob The all (left) watches while Associate Editor Kathi Conti explains the daily schedule to Editorial Assistant Bemey Schwarzbach, Activities Editor Bill Sames, and Editorial Assistant Norvell Monroe. GRINUS STAFF who at considerable expense to himself made many of our best photographs, including the division spreads and informal faculty and staff pictures. Not pictured are Advertising Director Robert Katz and Editorial Assistant Nancy Dwyer. — The Editor. Associate Editor Morris McCall and Circulation Director Jim Wright consider the number of subscriptions sold, while Karine Gips, the staff's best friend, completes the subscription roster. Cabaniss and Wright man the subscription sales booth during the registration period drive. ipaigns, as demon-articipation among e second. The friendly interrogator, Assistant Dean Jack Proctor: "What do you need checks signed for this time?" Being treasurer of the Peregrinus corporation can mean headaches.SOCIETY Of THE PEPEGPiriUS. I." C LAW SCHOOL TUK INIVERSITY OK TEXAS AUSTIN. TEXAS To the Students, Faculty, Staff, and all Friends of the Law Schools aa AkLtt Vxl M07TETO« DEL EADFO X) THE PORTRAIT OF THE 1954 PORTIA WILL BE DISPLAYED IK TICS FRAME AFTERMiss Katherine BarlowCONSUL AWARDEES Consul Awards are presented to the twelve law students who are judged to have made the most outstanding contributions to the Law School community through participation in extra-curricular activities. The awards were presented this year for the first time and arc to be presented annually. Thirteen students, rather than twelve, were chosen this year because the selection committee felt that the contributions of several students were too nearly equal to permit any distinction between them. The selection was made by a committee which reflected the viewpoints of a wide cross-section of the student body and whose members arc individually familiar with most, possibly all, activities carried on at the Law School and the students participating in such activities. Committee members for 1954 were Jim O’Leary, magister of Phi Delta Phi; Luther Nelson, justice of Phi Alpha Delta; Pat Everitt, praetor urbanus of The Praetors; Argentina C ronfel, registrar of Kappa Beta Pi; Jack Sargent, representing Delta Theta Phi, and ChuckCabaniss, editor of The Peregrinus. Members of the committee are not eligible for selection, and hence no senior students were included on the committee. Committee members c o n s i d e r not merely the holding of an office or membership in an organization, but attempt to evaluate the accomplishments of the student so participating and the benefit others derive from his participation. Scholarship is considered only as it may be evidenced through participation in extra-curricular activities, such as Texas Law Review staff positions, which are determined partially by scholastic achievement. EVERETT S. McCRUM Dean, Delta Theta Phi Chairman, Moot Court Board JAMES D. McKEITH AN Editor, The Dicta Law Assemblyman GORDON R. PATE Vice-President, Bar Association Vice-Justice, Phi Alpha Delta JOHN P. RITCHIE EDWIN E. WEISS JAMES D. WRIGHT Justice, PAD Chm. 1953 Law Day Cir. Dir., The Peregrinus TLR Board Magister, PDP Sec.-Treas., Mid-Law Class EDWIN R. YORK Law Assemblyman Chairman, 1954 Law DayI I CARL O. BUE, JR. 1953 Moot Court Winner Vice-Justice, Phi Alpha Delta KATHERINE W. CONTI Dean, Kappa Beta Pi Associate Editor, The Peregrinus F. LEE DUGGAN President, Mid-Law Class Moot Court Semi-Finalist ROBERT J. HEARON Editor, Texas Law Review Moot Ct. Quarter-Finalist ROBERT D. LEMON Justice, Phi Alpha Delta Assoc. Case Note Editor, TLR MORRIS D. McCALL Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class President, Mid-Law Class 1953 LAW DAY AWARDS Baker, Botts, Andrews U P a r i s h Outstanding Senior Award to Robert L. Steely as the outstanding all-around student in the Senior Class. Baker, Botts, Andrews Parish Mid-Law Student Award to Edwin E. Weiss as the mid-law student who has made the most valuable contribution to the School of Law. Carrington, Gowan, Johnson Walker Award to Charles D. Cabaniss as the first-year student who has the best record with respect to all-around achievement on behalf of the School of Law. Phi Alpha Delta Achievement Award to Robert B. McLeaish as the senior law student who in the estimation of the faculty shows the most promise of a constructive professional contribution to society and the development of the law. Phi Delta Phi Outstanding Graduate of the Year Award to Thomas G. Gee as the graduating member of Phi Delta Phi considered to be the most outstanding student from the standpoint of grades, contribution to the School of Law, community service, and promise of achievement in the legal profession. Delta Theta Phi Sam Houston Award to James W. Mast as the senior member of Sam Houston Senate who has, in the opinion of the other members of the senate, contributed the most to the fraternity. Delta Theta Phi Scholarship Key to Robert L. Steely as a senior member of the fraternity ranking scholastically in the upper ten per cent of his class. Thompson, Knight, Wright 8 Simmons Prize to Carl O. Bue, Jr., and Dudley P. Andrews as the winners in the Hildebrand Moot Court Competition finals. Peregrinus Prize to William C. Martin, Jr., and Ralph L. Alexander as the runners-up in the Moot Court Competition. Assault Flattery Prize to the Faculty for the best skit in the 1953 show.CHANCELLORS Chancellors, a legal honorary society found only at the University of Texas, was organized at the Law School in 1912. The purpose of Chancellors is to honor and reward by election to membership those law students who have shown themselves most likely to succeed and become a credit to their profession by a combination of consistent scholarship, personality, and achievement, as demonstrated by class standing and work on the Texas Law Review. Six men are tapped each semester, and over a period of years hundreds of the finest and most outstanding members of the Texas bar have received this honor. New members of Chancellors are rudely tapped in the various classrooms in one of the most impressive ceremonial traditions of the Texas Law School. The new initiates are hooded and arc paraded carrying heavy law books through every part of Townes Hall and over a large area of the main campus. The Chancellors are the traditional keepers of the Peregrinus, which is produced from its secret hiding place only on special occasions. They also arc the annual escorts for the Law School Portia in the Round-Up Parade. Chancellors enjoys the hard-won and unique distinction of being the only local legal honorary society which is noted by the name of its members in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory. DELMAR L. SROUFE Vice-Chancellor, 1953 Spring Harold fred kleinman Clerk, 1953 Spring PAT STERLING HOLLOWAY Grand Chancellor, 1953 Spring ROBERT J. HEARON Keeper of the Peregrinus, 1953 Spring EDMUND L. COGBURN JAMES D. McKINNEY ROLLINS M. KOPPELWAYNE P. STURDIVANT Grand Chancellor, 1953 Fall ROBERT D. LEMON Vice-Chancellor, 1953 Fall ROBERT P. SMITH Clerk, 1953 Fall JAMES D. McKEITHAN Keeper of the Peregrinus, 1953 Fall JACK M. YATES JOHN P. RITCHIE ORDER OF THE COIF AND HONORS The American Order of the Coif is the outgrowth of an earlier society known as Theta Kappa Nu, founded at the University of Illinois in 1902 for the purpose of promoting scholarship among American law- students. The first national convention of Theta Kappa Nu met on Feb. 18, 1911, at the Hotel LaSalle, Chicago, and decided to submit to the chapters for adoption not only a thoroughly revised national constitution, but also a recommendation that the name be changed to the Order of the Coif. This constitution and change of name were ratified by the chapters and thus in February, 1912, the first national organization of the Order of the Coif was effected. Today there are forty-three chapters of the Order. Election to membership in all cases is restricted by the national constitution to the 10% of the Senior Class who have attained the highest rank in their law school work. The University of Te'xas chapter has an additional requirement that the student must have completed six units of Texas Law Review work. June 1953, Electees Willie Bruce Allen, Jr. Eugene Golden Daniel Calmes Arnold David Jay Kreager, Jr. Robert Louis Blumenthal Jerry Frank Lyons Thomas Gibbs Gee Honor May, 1953 Thomas Gibbs Gee David J. Kreager, Jr. Robert Louis Blumenthal Eugene Golden Willie Bruce Allen, Jr. Daniel Calmes Arnold Jerry Frank Lyons Milas Clyde Bradford, Jr. Billy Don St. Clair Jerry Wix LeMond Raymond T. R. Tatum Graduates August, 1953 Delmar L. Sroufe James Durst McKinney January, 1954 John P. Ritchie Charles Wendell Coffee Warren Ware Shipman III Edwin E. Weiss BOARD OF REGENTS 'left. I. to r.i L. Jeffers IX Woodward Mrs. E. Tobin Tom Scaly Chairman thdou, I. In r.) I. . Wilson l'ii hln t D. M. Warren Vltv-Chmn. c. W. Vovlos J. R. Sorrell BOARD OF rf:gf.nts (iH't lf (! « I.. Lock-wood L. C. Oates It ft) ALLAN SHIVERS Governor (bottom, left, JAMES F. HART Chancellor (bottom, right) LOGAN WILSON PresidentTo the Law Students: 1 have said many times that there are perhaps four main objectives to achieve in trying to satisfy the Law School's obligation to the students. These arc (and in my opinion they are stated in the order of their importance) as follows: (1) a student body of high intellectual attainments and capacities, with entirely different backgrounds and experience; (2) a superior faculty; (3) an excellent library; and (4) reasonably adequate physical facilities and equipment. Wc have always attracted a large percentage of the best students who contemplate practicing law in this state, and I feel certain that you have found the intellectual atmosphere more stimulating as a result. We have not only one of the largest law libraries but also one of the best, from a research standpoint, in this part of the country. Now that we have had almost a year's experience in our new quarters, with adequate facilities for student activities, the Moot Court program, the Texas Law Review, the Legal Aid Clinic, and the other educational services that should be provided, I am even more convinced than ever that with Townes Hall we have one of the best plants in the country. As regards physical equipment we are most fortunate. Having eliminated the big handicap of inadequate physical facilities, we can devote our major attention to a matter that requires eternal vigilance and proper financial support, i.e. , the maintenance of a superior and experienced faculty. We do have a superior faculty at the present time, and I take considerable pride in being able to serve them in an administrative capacity. However, we have suffered some painful losses because of inadequate financial support, and your interest and help on this problem in the future as citizens of our great state are earnestly solicited. Sincerely, ££d v Page Keeton Deans THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS The School of Law Austin 12, Texas Office of the DeanJACK PROCTOR Assistant Dean B. A., 1948, LL. B., 1949, Univ. of Texas. Admitted to practice in Texas, 1949. Practiced with Paul Bandy firm, 1949-50, in Wichita Falls. Appointed Administrative Assistantto Dean, Univ. of Texas Law School, 1950; Executive Assistant to the Dean, 1952. Member of Texas State Bar. WOODROW WILSON PATTERSON Legal Aid Clinic Director Pre-law, Univ. of Texas; LL.B. 1936, Univ. of Texas School of Law. Admitted to practice in Texas, 1936. Practiced alone in Austin, Tex., 1936- 37. Asst. Dist. Atty. Travis County, Tex., 1937- 41. With Patterson Patterson since 1941. Member, Bar Ass’n., Travis County and State Bar of Texas. Subjects: Legal Aid, Office Practice. FACULTY HUBERT WINSTON SMITH Professor of Law and Medicine Director, Law-Science Institute A.B. 1927,M.B.A. 1931,Univ. of Texas; Univ.of Edinburgh Medical School, Scotland, 1936-38; M.D. 1941,Harvard Medical School; LL.B. 1930, Harvard Law School. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1930, Circuit Courtof Appeals (5th Cir.) 1933; U.S. Supreme Court, 1934; Massachusetts, 1942. Subjects: Evidence, Legal Medicine Elements of Medicolegal Litigation, The Science of Human Behavio r in Relation to Law. HELEN HARGRAVE Law Librarian Assistant Professor of Law LL.B 1926, Univ. of Texas; attended Columbia Univ. summer, 1940. Admitted to practice in Texas, 1926. Asst, law librarian, Univ. of Texas, 1930-39; law librarian since 1940. Member State Bar of Texas, American Association ofLaw Libraries. Subject: Legal Bibliography. PACE 22LEON GREEN Distinguished Professor of Law B. A. 1908, Ouachita Coll., Arkadelphia, Ark.; LL. B. 1915, Univ. of Texas; Univ. of Mich. Summer School 1921; Hon. M. A. Yale Univ. 1928; LL. D. Louisiana State Univ., 1938. Appellate practice, 1920-26, Austin. Dean on leave, Univ. of N. C. School of Law, 192 6; Visiting Prof., Yale Univ. School of Law, 1926; Assoc. Prof. 1927; Prof. 1928; Prof, of Law and Dean of the Law School, Northwestern Univ., 1929-47. Member Connecticut, Texas and Illinois bars. Subjects: T o r t s. Injuries to Relations. CHARLES TILFORD McCORMICK Distinguished Professor of Law B. A. 1909, Univ. of Texas; LL. B. cum laude, Harvard Univ. 1912. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas, 1922-1926; Prof, of Law, Univ. of N. C., 1926-31; Dean, 1927-31; Prof, of Law, Northwestern Univ., 1931-40, 1951; Dean and Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas, 1940-49; summer teaching, Cornell, Yale, Chicago, Stanford, Univ. of Washington, Columbia, Harvard. Subjects: Contracts, Federal Procedure, Evidence. FACULTY CEORGE WILFRED STUMBERG Distinguished Professor of Law B. A. 1909, Louisiana State Univ.; Washington Univ., St. Louis, 1909-10; LL. B. 1912, Columbia Univ., Oxford, England, 1913-14 and portion of 1916; J. D. 1924, Yale. Louisiana State Univ. Law School, 1919-23 and 1924-25, Assoc., and Full Prof.; Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas since 1925. Visiting Prof, of Law, Harvard Univ. summer 1948. Subjects: Criminal Law, Conflict of Laws, Admiralty, International Law. ROBERT WELDON STAYTON Distinguished Professor of Law B. A. 1907, Univ. of Texas; 1904-08, LL. B. 1927, Univ. of Texas. Prac. law, 1908-09, San Antonio, Tex., Berry it Kleberg; 1909-23, Corpus Christi, Tex., Kleberg and Stay ton. Prof, of Law, Univ, of Texas, since 1925. Managing Secty., Tex. Law Rev., since 1926. Subjects: Judicial Remedies, Trial and Appellate Procedure, Judicial Administration, Administration Criminal Law, FACE 23EARL K. ADAMS Asst. Director, Legal Aid Clinic Attended Southwestern Univ., 1936-38; B. B. A. 1940, LL. B. 1942, Univ. of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1942. U. S. Dept, of Justice, Special Agent F. B. I,, 1942-45; Trial Judge Advocate, U. S. Navy General Court Martial Board, Guam, 1946; general practice, Austin, Texas, since 1946. Member Texas and Travis County Bar Associations. President, T ravis County Junior Baj- Ass’n., 1952. Lt. (JG) U. S. N. R. 1945-46. Subject: Legal Aid Clinic. EDWARD WELDON BAILEY Professor of Law B. A. 1920, LL. B. 1928, Univ. of Texas. S. J. D., 1942, Harvard Univ. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1 928;'prac. with Callaway it Reed, Dallas, Texas, 1928-30. Assoc, prof, of law, Univ. of Texas 1930-36; prof, of law since 1936. Subjects: Private Corporations, Trusts, Future Interests, Wills. FACULTY FRANKLIN LANIER COX Visiting Professor of Law B. B. A. 193 5, LL. B. 1937, Univ. of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 193 7 . Instructor, Univ. of Texas College of Business Administration, 1937; Asst. Prof., 1937-41; Assoc. Prof. 1941-48. Visiting Assoc. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas, Summer 1948; Assoc. Prof, of Law, 1948-50; Legal Adviser to the Registrar, Univ. of Texas, since 1943. Assistant to the Chancellor, since 1953. Member, Texas Bar Association. U. S. Navy, 1943-46-A-X(N). Subjects : Legal Accounting , Corporation Law, C. P. A. Law Review. LEO G. BLACKSTOCK Visiting Professor of Law B. A. 1923, M. B. A. 1925, LL. B. 1933, Univ. of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1933. Chief Examiner, Gas Utilities Div., Railroad Commission Of Texas, 1937-38. Head, Business Admin. Dept., Trinity Univ., 1924-25, and Sam Houston State Teachers College, 1925-27; Prof, of Business Law, Univ. of Texas, since 1927; Visiting Prof, of Military Law, Univ. of Texas School of Law, since 1953. Member, Travis County Bar Association. Col. JAGC, 1940-46. Subjects: Military Law, Legal Accounting.JULIUS F. FRANKI Lecturer in Law B. A., LL. B.f Univ. of Texas, 1932. Asst. A tty. General, Austin, 1934-35; member firm. Hill Greer Franki, 1935-42; own practice, Austin, since 1945. Lecturer, part time. Col. Bus. Admin., Univ. of Texas, 1947-48; Lecturer in Law, art time, since 1948. Special Asst., '. 3. Ambassador, Santiago, Chile, 942-44; U. S. State Dept., 1945. thor, “Vernon’s Texas Rules of C i 1 Procedure" and Supplements. ■S :: jects: Civil Procedure and Prac- WARNER A. HANCOCK Instructor in Law i . . A. 1943, Baylor Univ.; LL. B. 1948, Univ. of ; Admitted to practice, Texas, 1948. Practiced ■ a Feria, Tex., 1949-50; Asst. Secy., State Bar of •xc. s, 1951. Instructor, Univ. of Texas School of ; r since 1952. Member, State Bar of Texas. U. S. Navy, 1943-46. Subject: Legal Bibliography. WILLIAM F. FRITZ Associate Professor of Law B. A. 1935, M. A. 1938, LL. B. 1946, Univ. of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 194 6. Asst. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas School of Law, 1946-49. Sterling Fellow, Yale Law School, 1949-50. Summer faculty, Vanderbilt U n i v., 1 9 53. Member, Texas State Bar Association. U. S. Army, 1943-45. Subjects: Real Property, Damages. FACULTY GUS MACEY HODGES Professor of Law B. B. A. 1930, LL. B. 1932, Univ. of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1932. Practiced with Leachman Gardere, Dallas, 1932-36; Robertson, Lcachman, Payne, Gardere 8 Lancaster, 1936-40. Prof, of Law, U n i v. o f T e x a s since 1940. Member, Texas State Bar and Travis County B a r Associations. Subjects: Judicial Remedies, Trial Procedure and Pleading, Appellate Procedure. PAGE 25WILLIAM O. HUIE Professor of Law B. A. 1932, Henderson State Teachers College, Ark.; LL. B. 1935, Univ.of Texas; S. J. D. 1953, Harvard Univ. Admitted to practice in Texas in 193 5. Prac. with Greenwood, Moody Robertson, Austin, Tex., 1935-36. Asst. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas, 1936-39; Assoc. Prof, of Law, 1 939-46; Prof, of Law since 1946; Asst. Dean, 1946-48. Research fellow. Harvard Law School, 1939-40. Senior attorney, O. P. A. 1942-43. U. S. N a v a 1 Service, 1943-46. Subjects: Marital Rights, Oil and Gas. CORWIN WAGGONER JOHNSON Associate Professor of Law A. B. 1939, J. D. 1941, Univ. of Iowa; Sterling Fellow, Yale Univ. Law School, 1941 and 1947. Instr., Univ. of Iowa College of Law, 1946-47; Asst. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas, 1947-49; Assoc. Prof, since 1949. Special Agent F. B. I., 1942-46. Subjects: Real Property, Personal Property, Water Law, Constitutional Law, Texas Land Titles. FACULTY GAYNOR KENDALL Lecturer in Law LL. B. 1932, Univ. of Texas. Admitted to practice, Texas, 1932. Asst. Attorney General of Texas, 1932-35; private prac., Austin, Texas, 1935-44 and since 1 94 6. Member, State Bar of Texas; T ravis County Bar Association. U. S. N a v y , 1944-46. Subject: Brief Writing and Appelate Ad- vocacy. PACE 26 CHARLIE JARVIS MEYERS Associate Professor of Law B. A. 1949, Rice Institute; LL. B. 1949, Univ.of Texas; LL. M. 1953, Columbia Univ. Admitted to practice, Texas, 194 9. Prac. with Looney, Clark Moorhead, Austin, 1951-52. Teaching Fellow, Dept, of English, Univ. of Texas, 1946-48; Asst. Prof, of Law 1 949-51; Assoc. Prof, of Law since 1951; Visiting Asst. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Minnesota, 1953-54. Member, Texas B a r Association. Lt. (j.g.) U.S. N. R. Subjects: Creditors’ Rights, Oil and Gas Law, Property.KEITH E. MORRISON Professor of Law Bethany Col., Lindsborg, Kan., 1927-29; B. A. 1931, Univ., of Kansas; M. S. 1939, Univ.of Wyoming; LL. B. 1948, Yale Univ. Agr. Ext. Svc., Univ. of Wyoming, Asst. Ext. Economist, 1939-41. Assoc. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas 1948-51; Prof, of Law since 1951. Sgt. Maj., Base Hdqs. Sqdn., CAAB, S. C.; 2nd Lt. Hdqs. I n t e 11. Svc., Wash., D. C., 1 942-45. Subjects: Taxation, Constitutional Law. JOSEPH TYREE SNEED Associate Professor of Law B. B. A. 1941, Southwestern Univ.; LL. B. 1947, Univ. of Texas. Part time Lecturer, Univ. of Texas Business Administration Dept.; Asst. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas 1947-51; Assoc. Prof, since 1951. U. S. Army Air Force, three years. Subjects: Contracts, Estate and Gift Taxation, Creditors’ Rights,Fraud and Mistake. MILLARD HARRINGTON RUUD Professor of Law B. S. L. 1942; LL. B. 1947, Univ. of Minnesota. Asst. Prof, of Law, Univ.of Kansas, 1947-48; Assoc. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas 1948-50. Prof, of Law, since 1950. President, Minnesota Law Review, 1946-47. Asst. Executive Director, Texas Legislative Council 1950-52. Capt., U. S Army, World War II. Subjects: Legislation, Agency Partnership, Commercial Law. FACULTY GRAY THORON Professor of Law A. B. 1938, LL. B. 1941, Harvard. Admitted to practice, New York, 1942; U. S. Supreme Court, 1948; various lower federal courts, 1946-48. With Sullivan Cromwell, New York, N. Y. 1940-42 and 1945-48. Assoc. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas, 1948-50; Prof, of Law, since 1950; Visiting Prof, of Law, Univ. of Mich., summer 1951. Mem., Assoc, of the Bar of the City o f N. Y.; Am. Bar Assoc. Armored Force and Inf., 1942-45. Subjects: Brief Writing and Advocacy, Civil Procedure, Corporations I and II, Legal Profession, Agency and Partnership. PACE 27JERRE STOCKTON WILLIAMS Professor of Law A. B. 1938, Univ. of Denver; LL. B. 1941, Columbia Univ. Instructor, Univ, of lowu Law School, and Faculty Editor, Iowa Law Review, 1941-42; Asst. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Denver School of Law, 1946; Assoc. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas, 1946-50; Prof, of Law since 1950. Univ. of North Carolina, summer, 1952. Subjects: Constitutional Law, Labor Relations, Employees’ Rights, Legal Profession, Seminar in Legal and Economic Aspects of Collective Bargaining. FACULTY MARION KENNETH WOODWARD Professor of Law B. A. 1933, Univ. of Texas; M. A. 1940, West Texas State College; LL. B., 1943, Univ. of Texas; Sterling Fellow, Yale Univ., 1950. Staff Attorney, Phillips Petroleum C o., Amarillo, T e x., 1946. Teacher, Amarillo, Tex,, 1935-41; Assoc. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas, 1946-49; Prof, of Law, since 1950; Asst. Dean, 1948-51; Assoc. Dean, 1951-53. U. S. Army, 1943-45. Subjects: Mortgages, Texas Land Titles, Wills and Administration. JOSEPH PARKER WITHERSPOON Associate Professor of Law A. B. 1936, Univ. of Chicago; LL. B. 1948, Univ. of Texas. Asst. Prof, of Law, 1948-50. Assoc. Prof, of Law since 1950. On leave of absence 1951-52 as Chief counsel O. P. S., Washington, D. C. Member, Texas State Bar Assn. Lt. (SC), USNR, active duty U. S. Navy, 1942-4 6. Subjects: Administrative Law, Legislation, Constitutional Law, T rade Regulation. WILLIAM FRANKLIN YOUNG, JR. Associate Professor of Law College of Marshall, 1942-43; B. A. 1947, LL. B. 1949, Univ. of Texas. Asst. Prof, of Law, Univ. of Texas, 1949-52; Assoc. Prof, since 1952. V i s i t i n g Prof., Duke Univ. Law School, 1952-53. U. S. Army Signal Corps, 1943-45. Subjects: Contracts, Debtors’ Estates, Fraud and Mistake. PACE 28The Law-Science Institute r SPONSOR © OY TMt SCHOOLS OF LAW MO MEOtCtNC 1HI UNIVERSITY OP TEXAS AUSTIN A 2 V4VSI ST WlhMOM SMITH. LL » . « 9. . KMtCTM moicum or lap amo or li»al mount Judge W. S. Simkins’ Own Story of Peregnnus WILLIAM GRAY JOHNSON VII J ohnson Foundation Research Associate LL. B. Univ. of Texas. 1951. Law-Science Institute, associated with Dr. H. W. Smith. (Top right) D r. Hubert Winston Smith, Professor of Legal Medicine, assisted by Dr. Ralph N. Baillif of Tulane, opened the first class in Townes Hall, the new University of Texas Law School building. They are shown discussing legal terms and anatomy with prospective lawyers in order to better acquaint them with the problems surrounding personal injury cases. “You ask for the origin of Peregrinus. I well rememhrr its birth,— in fact 1 was present at the accouchement. “This nondescript sprang fully armed and equipped for its mission not from a mental Jove, but from a disordered brain of a Savage. “Many years ago I was trying to explain to the class in Equity, the origin of the system in Rome and the sources of Equity in the Roman Empire. At that time fledglings just from the high schools were admitted to the Law School. Many of them had never heard of the Roman Empire, and not a few spelled cow with a • K. Well, I explained to them that when Rome conquered a nation it was incorporated into the Roman Empire subject to its own laws and not to the laws of Rome — that the Roman citizen was not subject to the laws of these incorporated nations, — that in due course commerce sprang up between the citizens of Rome and the barbaric nations, and there was no law to determine and settle their contractual relations. The Roman Emperor, to settle the troubles arising out of the fact that there was no law applicable to control their contract, appointed a Praetor or chancellor to travel among these nations and to settle all dis-putes without reference to the laws of Rome, or of the incorporated Nations, but to do justice and decide all disputes, alone by the conscience of the Praetor. Peregrinating from one nation to the other, he has called a Praetor Peregrinus. “The boneheads of the class evidently thought that Peregrinus was an internal organ of the body, for they continually greeted each other,'How is your Peregrinus today? This fact seems to have developed the humorous side of the incident, and Russell Savage developed a concrete expression of it on the black board,.and thus the tradition began. Russell drew better than he knew, for the nondescript animal symbolizes both in limb and attitude the maxims in Equity that guide the administration of the system. For instance, on one of the front feet as originally drawn was an Irish ditcher's boot, — indicating the law’s protection to the least of mankind. On the other front fool were naked claws, indicating that the greatest of mankind must fear its power. The arched back in the attitude of springing, indicated that the law was ever ready to protect right or prevent wrong. The sharp beak indicated the power to penetrate the mysteries of the law, which the true student must obtain by study. The bushy tail indicated that Equity brushes away the technicalities of the law and does justice to the merits.’’ PACE 29STAFF (Left) MRS. DOROTHY SMITH Administrative Secretary MRS. NINA DELORME Administrative Secretary (Right) MRS. RUTH TAYLOR Secretary to the Dear. MISS KARINE GIPS Placement Secretary MRS. SYBIL LEE Switchboard Operator MRS. MARGARET SHOAP Faculty Secretary MRS. INA DELL SELLERS Faculty Secretary PACE 30MISS DOROTHY HELLO Legal Aid Clinic Secretary STAFF (Left) MRS. M. TORMOLLON Law-Science Secretary MRS. CARLA MATTHEWS Law-Science Secretary (Kight) EDWIN VAUGHT Assistant Law Librarian MISS DELA GEYER Cataloguer JOHN BRINKLEY, graduate law student who took informal staff and faculty pictures. ALBERT HEINE, WILLIAM BROWNING, CHARLIE H. A. DUNN TAWATER, CHARLES CARTER, Bldg. Custodians. BuildinR Custodian PACE 31’54 LAW CARL EVANS ABRAMSON (Carl) BA, University of Texas. 1951 5256 Green, Fort Worth. Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court, Participant, Board of Student Managers CLARENCE ALLEN ABRAMSON (Tex) BBA, University of Texas. 1955 3032 South Bled., Dallas. Texas Phi Delta Phi; Law Day. Townes Hall Tour Committee; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board Candidate; Honor Roll ROBERT WILLIAM AUSTIN BBA. University of Texas, 1948 804 Wert Ace., Austin, Texas LESLIE E. BAUCH (Leslie) BS. Centenary College, 1951 Box 612. Mathis, Texas Delta Theta Phi; Dicta. Reporter JOHN McELWEE ANDERSON (John) BBA, Baylor University 4523 Birchinan Ate., Fort Worth, Texas Delta Theta Phi FREDERIC CORTLAND AUFORTH, JR. (Fred) BA. Stanford University 4120 Fair Oaks Bled., Sacramento, Calif. EDMUND FREDERIC BENCHOFF (Ed) BBA. University of Texas, 1952 Box 664. Menard. Texas Phi Delta Phi; Honor Roll JOHN BALLARD BENNETT (Ballard) BBA. University of Texas 616 Illinois. Weslaco, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board; Honor Roll PACE 34 —SENIORS DAVID BENNETT (Dave) BA. University of Texas. 1962 2901 Breeze Terrace, Austin, Texas Moot Court, Participant WALLACE BARTON BOLING (Barton) BA, North Texas Slate College, 1951 2101 Skyline Dr., Fort Worth, Texas Phi Alpha Delta. Marshal; Moot Court, Quarter-Finalist; Honor Council, Senior Representative; Law Day Awards Committee, Chairman MARIAN BONER (Marian) BA, MA. University of Texas. 1930, 1931 150S Hardouin Ave., Austin. Texas Kappa Beta Pi; Texas Law Review, Legislation Editor. Editorial Board; Honor Roll; Dicta, Reporter; Law Day Schedule and Program Committee WILLIAM DON BONHAM (Bill) University of Texas •315 Julia St.. Navasota, Texas Phi Delta Phi CARROLL JOSEPH BOUDREAUX (Carroll) BA, University of Texas, 1951 1209 Bentwood Rd., Austin. Texas GLORIA K. BRADFORD (Gloria) BA. Prairie View College, 1949 2718 Dowling St., Houston, Texas JACK LEE BRANDON (Jack) University of Texas 2900 5th Ae ., Fort Worth, Texas GEORCE ROSS BRIDGMAN (George) BA, Yale University, 1950 Route 7, Finley Dr., Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Prrrgrinus, Organizations Editor PACE 35’54 LAW CORDON LEICII BRISCOE BA, Southern Methodist University, 1952 2505 Aztec St., Austin, Texas Honor Roll; Moot Court. Quarter-Finalist ELMER S. BROWDER (Elmer) BA. University of Texas, 1951 6833 Crain St.. Fort Worth, Texas Moot Court. Participant JIM BOB BRYAN (J“») BBA, Texas Technological College, 1951 2111 29 » St., Lubbock, Texas Phi Alpha Delta CARL O. BUE JR. Ph.B, Northwestern University ■1014 Maplewood, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta. Vice Justice; Honor Council; Senior Class. Secretary-Treasurer; Moot Court Winner, Board of Student Managers. Chairman-Quizmaster; Honor Roll FREEMAN M. BULLOCK (Freeman) BS, MF.d, University of Missouri, 1951 3012 Hayden, Amarillo, Texe.s Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. Quarter-Finalist; Honor Roll; Student Assistant to the Dean JOHN A. BRUCE CALDWELL (Bruce) BA, University of Texas. 1952 2844 Angeliquc St., St. Joseph, Missouri Phi Della Phi; Moot Court. Participant; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board Candidate. Honor Roll RALPH HUGH CARDEN BBA, University of Texas Box 123. Ozona. Texas Phi Alpha Delta ROBERT WARREN CARLSON BS, Iowa State University 205 Little Walnut Drive, Austin, Trias Praetors. Vice-President PACE 36 (Bol )I SENIORS DALE STEWART CARPENTER (Dale) BA, University of Houston 7008 Myrtle St., Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta JOHN DANIEL CARR BBA, University of Texas, 1952 0O3A W. 28th St., Austin, Texas WILLIAM EUGENE CARROLL University of Texas 2260 Harrison St., Beaumont, Texas Delta Theta Phi THOMAS ALLEN CAVE (T.A.) BA, University of Texas, 1952 806 Brazos St., Graham, Texas Moot Court, Participant HERBERT LELAND CLANCY JR. BA, University of Texas, 1950 111 Thompson Place, San Antonio, Texas C. WENDELL COFFEE (Wendell) BS, Texas Technological College, 1947 3419 21st St., Lubbock. Texas Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. Participant; Dicta. Reporter Texas Law Review, Editorial Board EDMUND L. COGBURN (Ed) BA, University of Texas, 1952 821 S. 9th St., Edinburg, Texas First-Year Law Class. President; Moot Court, Quarter-Finalist; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board; Dicta. Legislation Editor; Honor Roll; Quizmaster; Chancellors PACE 37 JOHN WATTS CLAYBROOK University of Texas 1902 Nueces St., Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board Candidate; Honor Roll; Quizmaster ’54 LAW KATHERINE W1LIIELMINE CONTI (Kathi) BA, Univi-rsity of Texas, 1951 301 North Vine St., Victoria. rexas Kappa Beta Pi. Doan. Registrar; Moot Court. Participant; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board Candidate; Peregrines, Associate Editor, Activities Editor; Honor Roll; Law Day, Public Relations Committee; Dedication. Ladies' Entertainment Committee. Chairman; Consul Awardee JACK F. CCX)K, JR. (Jack) HBA, University of Texas, 1952 1807 Brazos St.. Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court, Semi-Finalist; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board (Jandidatc. Honor Roll MASTON CHARLES COURTNEY (Maston) BBA, University of Texas, 1952 Wills Foint. Texas Delta Theta Phi GERALD J. CREIGHTON (Jerry) BA, University of Texas, 1952 Box 1400. Conroe, Texas Delta Theta Phi. Clerk of the Rolls JAMES D. CUNNINGHAM (Jim) BA, Texas Christian University, 1950 3520 Hampshire Bird., Fort Worth, Texas Praetors. Treasurer JACK K. CURREY (Jack) BS, Abilene Christian Colfccc, 1947 Thornton, Texas Phi Delta Phi RALPH SAMUEL DANIEL (Ralph) BA, Texas Technological College., 1954 1807 KWi St., l.uhbock. Texas Delta Theta'Phi. Vice-Dean JOHN WESLEY DAVIDSON (John) BA, University of Texas, 1953 1110 Monroe, Wichita Falls, Texas PAGE 38SENIORS GUY ALLEN DAVIS (Guy) HA, University of Texas 210 West HoUutvood, Son Antonio, Texas Delta Theta Phi. Kailitf JEFF DAVIS. JR. (Jeff) HS, Northwestern University 111 Summit Pi, El Dorado, Arkansas Phi Alpha Delta PERRY D. DAVIS, JR. (Perry) HA, University of Texas 600 Romar, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. Participant; Uw Day, Assault and Flatten-, Master of Ceremonies TOWNES LORING DAWSON (Townes) BA, HS, HHA, Ph D, University of Texas, U.S.M.M.A. 6918 Limlslcy Ace., Dallas, Texas WILLIAM WARFORD DINGLE HS, Purdue University, 19-18 1728 West 100th Pi, Chicago, Illinois Praetors. Praetor Uhanus; 1934 Senior Class, Permanent Secretin GEORGE A. DONALDSON (George) BA, Rice Institute 816 Marshall, Houston, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board Candidate; Quizmaster; Honor Roll PACE 39 SAM JAMES DAY (Sam) BA. University of Texas. 1952 Box 44-A, Kopperl, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Convention Delegate; Moot Court. Participant; Honor Roll PRESTON HASTINGS DIAL, JR. (Peppy) University of Texas 135 Park Hill Dr., San Antonio. Texas54 LAW JOHN CARL IX)NOVAN (John) BA, University of Texas, 1952 1001 North Tillotson, Muncie, Indiana Phi Alpha Delta THOMAS L. DOUVRY (1 University of Texas 2502 Boulevard, Galveston, Texas Honor Roll WILLIAM H. EARNEY BBA, University of Texas, 1940 Box B, Marfa, Texas Phi Alpha Delta GEORGE RICHARD EDWARDS (George) BA, Texas A. M. College, 1949 5849 Oram St., Apt. 11, Dallas, Texas JOHN THOMAS EUBANK. JR. (Tom) BA, Rice Institute, 1951 3149 Woodtawn Ace., Shreveport, Louisiana Phi Delta Phi; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board. Quizmaster; Honor Roll JOSEPH B. EVINS (Joe) BBA, University of Texas 604 E. Van Week, Edinburg, Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court. Participant ROBERT LEWIS FAIRCHILD BBA, University of Texas, 1950 Chester, Texas Moot Court, Participant JOHN H. FLINN (Moose) BBA, Southwestern University. 1951 Box 421, Taft, Texas Law Day, Special Awards Committee PACE 40SENIORS GUILLERMO A. FLORES (Bill) BA, University of Texas, 1953 572 Madison St., Eagle Pass, Texas PATRICK ALLEN FLYNN (Pat) BA, University of Texas, 1951 Tyler, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Historian; Moot Court. Participant; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board; Honor Roll JACK LAWRENCE FORRESTER (Jack) BA, University of Texas, 1951 5504 Woodview, Austin, Texas Moot Court, Participant MARVIN F. FOSTER, JR. (Marvin) BBA, University of Texas, 1952 303 Oak Plaza. Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Tribune; Moot Court, Participant SAMUEL BAKER FRENCH (Sam) BS, Louisiana State University, 1949 3309 lOf j St., Port Arthur, Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court, Participant; Honor Roll ED FROST (Ed) BBA, University of Texas, 1951 2605 Louisiana St., Beaumont, Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court, Participant JAMES STUART FULLER (Jim) University of Texas -3334 llt » St., Port Arthur, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board Candidate; Honor Roll PAT HENRY GARDNER (Pat) BA, University of Texas Box 61, Carrizo Springs, Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board Candidate; Quizmaster; Honor Roll PACE 41■ DEWEY J. CONSOULIN (Dewey) BA, Rice Institute, 1951 2801 Son Jacinto, Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board. Associate Note Editor; Quizmaster; Law Day. Honors Committee, Chairman; Honor Roll DON LEON COULD (Don) BBA, University of Texas, 1952 1441 East ioth St., Tulsa, Oklahoma Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court, Participant. Honor Roll PAGE 42 ’54 LAW WELDON FRANK GASTON (Frank) BBA. Texas Technological College, 1951 2075 East 6th St., Plainvlew, Texas ROSS THOMSON GAULT (Ross) BBA. University of New Mexico 708 6th St.. Portsmouth. Ohio Moot Court, Participant DONALD C. GLADDEN (Don) BS, Texas Weslcuan College. 1951 2983 Milam St.. Fort Worth 12. Texas ARTHUR MORTON GOCHMAN (Arthur) BS. Trinity University. 1951 2107 W. Wood lawn St., San Antonio, Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board Candidate; Honor Roll; Moot Court. Participant EUGENE COLDCAR (Cene) BBA, University of Texas. 1951 7710 Eastern St., Dallas, Texas Moot Court, Participant; Moot Court, Special Mention in Oral Advoe-acy; Honor Roll ELMER LEE GOLDSMITH (Tohv) BBA. University of Texas 2802 Hollis St., Fort Worth, Texas Delta Theta Phi; Moot Court. ParticipantSENIORS GEORGE WILLIAM GRAY. Ill (George) BA, Southern University, 1951 Box 439, Lubbock, Texas Bar Association Election Committee ALTON REEDER GRIFFIN (Alton) BS, Texas Technological College, 1951 Box 462. Crowell, Texas Delta Theta Phi. Dean. House Manager; Moot Court. Participant; Percgrinus Board RICIIAIU) H. GROSS (Dick) IMA, University of Texas, 1953 42-3 Grant PL, Corpus Christi, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Texas Law Review. Editorial Board Candidate; Honor Roll EMILIO FRANCISCO GUTIERREZ BA, University of Texas. 1951 508 4th St.. Mo Grande City. Texas ROBERT E. HALL (Boh) BA, University of Texas McAllen, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Texas Law Review. Editorial Board Candidate; Quizmaster; Honor Roll JAMES THAD HARRISON University of Texas 3404 Bonnie Rd.. Austin, Texas GORDON C. HAWN (Cordon) BBA, Texas A. 6- I. College, 1951 1206 Possum, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta. Marshal; Honor Council. Chairman ROBERT J. HEARON BA. University of Texas. 1952 Dallas, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. Quarter-Finalist; Texas Law Review. Editorial Board. Editor; Quizmaster; Honor Roll; Consul Awardee; Chancellors PACE 43’54 LAW H. GRADY HIGHT (Grady) BA, University of Texas, 1952 Route 2, Clifton. Texas Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court, Participant; Law Day, Ticket Sales Committee, Chairman; Law Day, Steering Committee; Bar Association, Faculty Relations Committee, Chairman PAT STERLING HOLLOWAY (Pat) Yale University 2626 bimondale Dr., Fort Worth. Texas Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. Semi-Finalist; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board. Article Editor; Quizmaster; Chancellors; Honor Roll WINFRED HOOPER, JR. BA, Texas Technological College, 1950 920 Niinitz Dr., Odessa, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Mid-Ltw Class. Vice-President; Dicta, Fraternities Editor. Board; Townes Hall Rules Committee, Chairman; Law Day, Speakers Committee. Scholastic Awards Committee; Bar Association, Entertainment Committee. Faculty Relations Committee; Honor Roll WILLIAM CAREY HOOSER (Bill) BA, Texas Christian University, 1951 7906 Brutus St., Houston. Texas Delta Theta Phi; Moot Court. Quarter-Finalist JOHN MARTIN HOPPER (Jack) BBA, University of Texas 440 Riverside Dr., New York. Sew York Phi Alpha Delta; Honor Roll FORD HUBBARD, JR. BA, University of Texas 2425 Pine Valley. Houston. Texas Phi Delta Phi JACKSON CHANDLER HUBBARD (Jack) University of Texas 2630 Oak Crest Ace.. Austin. Texas Praetors CLYDE M. HUDSON (Clyde) BA. Texas Technological College. 1954 Box 491. Stratford. Texas Delta Theta Phi, House Manager PACE 44SENIORS ROBERT EUGENE TONES (Bob) BS, University of Colorado, 1949 271 S. 3rd St., Brighton, Colorado Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court, Participant; Honor Roll TOLBERT NAT JONES, JR. (Nat) BBA, University of Texas, 1951 1301 S. Sneed Ave., Tyler, Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Law Day. Program Committee, Chairman w. FRANKLIN JONES, JR. (Franklin) BA, University of Texas Box 252, Marshall, Texas Phi Alpha Delta HORACE BROOME KELTON (Horace) BA, Washington 6 Lee University 123 S. David St., San Angelo, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court, Participant; Honor Roll WILLIAM MONROE KERR (Bill) BA, University of Texas. 1950 1200 Country ('lab Dr., Midland, Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Pcrcgrinus, Editor HAROLD FRED KLEINMAN (Harold) BBA. University of Texas. 1952 Box 1015. McCamey, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Exchequer; Moot Couit. Participant; Texas l-iw Review. Editorial Board. Comment Editor. Second Best All-Around Work Award; Honor Roll; Quizmaster; Chancellors ■I DALE L. KNESS (Dale) BA, University of Texas. 1952 Box 211. Phillips. Texas Delta Theta Phi VERNE F. KNICKERBOCKER BA. DePautc University IS05 Evans Ave., Austin, Texas Praetors. President; First-Yeai I-iw ( lass. Participant PACE 45 (Knick) President; Moot (arurt.’54 LAW ROLLINS M. KOPPEL (Rollie) BBA, University of Texas, 1950 O. Box 17, Harlingen. Texas Texas Law Review, Editorial Hoard. Asso. Case Note Editor; Honor Roll; Quizmaster; Chancellors; Chief Justice, Student Court LARRY LEE LAMBERT (Larry) BBA, Midwestern University. 1951 1509 Hayes St., Wichita halls, Texas Delta Theta Phi PETER JOSEPH La VALLE (Pete) AB. Colgate University. 1951 131 Knickerbocker Ra„ Manhasset, Sew York Delta Theta Phi HOWARD M. LEMMONS (Howard) University of Texas Box 505. Osona, Texas ROBERT DELL LEMON (Boh) BS, Oklahoma A. 6 M„ 1951 Booker. Texas Phi Alpha Delta. Justice; Mid-Low Class. President; Moot Court. Quarter-Finalist; Texas Law Review, Associate Case Note Edi-or; Honor Roll; Quizmaster; Chancellors; law Day. Finance Committee, Chairman; Consul Awardee JAMES DONALD LLEWELLYN (Jimmy) BA, University of Texas 5020 Wichita St., Fort Worth, Texas Phi Alpha Delta FRANK BEVERLY LLOYD (Bev) BBA, University of Texas, 1952 722 iV. Beijnolrh St., Alice, Texas THEO LUEDERS (Tlieo) BA, University of Texas, 1933 Rot .300, Im ('.range, Texas Student Court. Associate Justice; Moot Court. Participant PACE 46SENIORS SARA ANN McALISTER (Sara) BA, University of Texas, 1932 308 E. Austin, Nacogdoches, Texas Kappa Beta Pi. Chancellor JAMES W. McANELLY BA, University of Texas 3421 Meadow Lake Lane, Houston, Texas DAVID SCOTT McANGUS University of Texas 1805 Drake, Austin, Texas Delta Theta Phi MORRIS D. McCALL (Morris) BKA, Stephen F. Austin State College, 1951 914 Wilson St., Port Nechcs, Texas Delta Theta Phi. Master of Ritual; Mid-Liw Class, President; Senior Class. Secretary-Treasurer; Moot Court. Participant, Board Member; Peregrinus. Board. Circulation Director, Associate Editor; Dicta. Reporter, Co-Editor. Board; Law Day, Barbecue Committee, Chairman; Bar Association Finance Committee. Chairman; Mid-Law Class. Christmas Committee, Chairman; Consul Awardee JAMES OSCAR McCARVER University of Texas Tetui ha, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Honor Council; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board; Honor Roll EVERETT S. McCRUM (Everett) BBA, University of Texas, 1952 1910 Avenue I)., Browmvood, Texas Delta Theta Phi. Clerk of Exchequer. Dean; Honor Council; Moot Court, Semi-Finalist, Regional Competition, Board Chairman-Quizmaster; Consul Awardee GLYNN W. MCDONALD (Link) BBA, University of Texas, 1951 310 E. Strand St., El Campo, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Excliequer; Bar Association, President; Moot Court, Participant; Texas Law Review. Editorial Board; Honor Roll; Quizmaster RICHARD EARL McKAUGHAN JR. University of Texas Houston, Texas Honor Roll PACE 47PAGE 48 ROBERT J. MACLIN (Boh) Ixiulsiana State University Fort Worth, Texas Delta Theta Phi SHIRLEY W. MACLIN (Shirley) HA, Louisiana State University. 1950 Fort Worth. Texas Kappa Beta PI, Vice-Dean; Honor Roll; Law Day, Program and Scheduling Committee OLLICE MALOY. JR. (Ollice) AH. Wiley University. 1936 1050 •;. Terrell Ace.. Fort Worth. Texas JOSEPH W. MARTIN (Joe) HA, University of Texas, 1952 911 Walters Lane, Arlington, Texas Phi Alpha Delta ’54 LAW JAMES DANIEL McKEITHAN (Jim) HA, University of Texas, 1951 1510 W. 30th St., Austin, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. Quarter-Finalist; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Rest Cascnotc Award; Dicta, Editor; Bar Association, Forum Speakers Committee, Chairman; Student Court. Chief Justice, Associate Justice; Law Assemblyman; Honor Roll; Quizmaster; Consul Awardee; Chancellors JOHN MARK McLALGHLIN (Mark) BRA, University of Texas, 1952 Diamond f Ranch, Snyder, Texas Phi Alpha Delta. Moot Court. Participant JOHN LEE McMILLEN (John jct) HA, University of Texas, 1953 2505 Julian Blva., Amarillo, Texas JAMES ABNEY McMULLEN (Jim University of Texas 4012 Birchman St., Fort Worth, Texas Honor RollSENIORS VENN FAYNE MARTIN (Vem) MS, F.ast Texas Slate College, 1951 133 Oak Ave., Sulphur Springs, Texas Praetors MORRIS B. MITCHELL, JR. (Mitch) MS, University of Arizona 1133 Sootinc Mldg., Minneapolis, Minnesota Phi Delta; Honor Council, Chairman; Bar Association, Co: ition By-l-aws Committee, Chairman W M FRED MOELLER Ur tty of Texas Hn San Marcos, Texas FRI 0 JONES MOORE (Fred) BP University of Texas, 1950 Mo 'A, Betts, Texas Phi i ha Delta; Law Assemblyman OLIVER PERRY NEWBERRY, JR. (Hut) BA. Dartmouth ('allege. 1949 ■SOI Country Club Hoad, Fort Worth. Texas Dedication. Transportation Committee. Chairman ROBERT HAROLD NIELSEN (Bob) MBA, University of Texas, 1951 Box 310, Cuero, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. Participant; Student Assistant to the Dean; Dedication. Registration Committee PACE 49 SCOTT DEAN MOORE (Scott) MBA, University of Texas, 1950 Fort Worth, Texas Phi Alpha Delta. Historian CONRAD PATRICK MORRIS (Pat) BA. University of Texas, 1951 4907 Cran ford Hied , Houston, Texas M«x t Court. Participant. Dicta. Co-EditorGORDON RALPH PATE (Gordon) BA, University of Texas, 1932 Buffalo, Texas Phi Alpha Delta. Vice-Justice; Bar Association, Vice-President. Secretary-Treasurer-, Moot Court. Hoard, Quarter-Finalist; U»w Day, Steering Committee; Honor Roll; Consul Awardee WILLIAM DREW PERKINS BA, University of Texas, 1951 Huntsville, Texas Phi Alpha Delta (Bill) CHARLES IL PIRTLE (Charlie) BBA, University of Texas, 1950 Burner, Texas Praetors. President JAMES MADISON PRATT University of Texas 1906 Bobbins PI., Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta (Jim) ’54 LAW JOHN ROBERT NORRIS Boh) MBA, University of Texas, 1951 2131 Waits Bd., Houston. Texas Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. Participant MONROE NORTHROP (Monroe) BBA. University of Texas, 1953 ■5220 Bai ard Lone, Houston 6, Texas ARNOLDO OCHOA (Amie) BBA, University of Texas Box 3. Hcbbronvillc, Texas JAMES A. PAKENHAM (Jim) BBA, University of Texas. 1952 1713 Holly St., Longview, Texas Phi Delta Phi PACE 50NOLAN QUEEN, JR. (Nolan) BBA. University of Texas, 1950 ■'305 Couts, Weatherford, Texas SENIORS JERRY CLARKE PRESTRIDCE (Jem-) BBA, University of Texas Box 143, Alvarado, Texas Delta Theta Phi, Vice-Dean; Honor Council. Moot Court. Participant; Law Assemblyman GLENN HOYT RAMEY BS, Texas A. 6 M. College, 1950 707 N. Ewing St., Dallas, Texas Phi Alpha Delta JAMES LcGRANDE READ (Jim) BA. University of Texas, 1951 2223 Hermann St.. Houston, Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court, Participant, Board; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board Candidate; Honor Roll PATRICK HARDY REAGAN (Pat) BA, Yale University, 1950 "The Ranch,” I lye, Texas Phi Alpha Delta JOHN P. RITCHIE (John) BA. University of Texas, 1952 Mineral Wells. Texas Phi Alpha Delta, Justice; Moot Court. Participant; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board; Law Day, Steering Committee, Program Committee; American taw Students Association, National Convention Delegate, Armed Sen-ices Committee; Honor Roll; Chancellors; Consul Awardee JOHN P. ROBBINS, III (Jack) BA. University of Texas, 1931 2210 Imcooil St., Houston, Texas GENE SUMNER ROGERS University of Texas 361-B Deep Eddy Apts., Austin. Texas-Moot Court. Participant PAGE 51 mmmSANDER WOLE SHAPIRO (Sandy) BA. Hire Institute 1951 3507 Arlwr St.. Houston. Texas Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. Participant; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board Candidate; Honor Roll; Quizmaster WARREN WARE SHIPMAN, III (Warren) Unicersitu of Texas 4005 Collinuood St., Fort Worth. Texas Phi Delta Phi. Texas Law Review. Editorial Board: Honor Roll; Quizmaster LINWARD PAUL SHIVERS HA. I niversity of Texas. 1958 Houle 3. C.arthatic. Texas Delta Theta Phi; Senior Class. Vice-President MAXEL B. SILVER BERG (Bud) BRA, University of Texas, 1952 402 U'. Hill Ate., Corsicana. Texas PACE 52 ’54 LAW PHILIP E. SANDERS (Phil) BBA, University of Texas. 1953 1008 Travis Bled.. Austin, Texas JAMES WILLIAM SCHOOL FI ELD (Jim) University of Texas- 2226 Piedmont St., Wichita Falls, Trxas WALLIS E. SCHULLE Wally) BBA, University of Texas, 194S 2501 Schulte Ave., Austin, Trie . Phi Alpha Delta NEWTON SCHWARTZ Newton) BBA. University of Texas, 1952 1601 Francis St., Houston. Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court. Qu ote: -Finalist; Honor Roll; Associate Editor. DictaSENIORS BARNEY McCOY SMITH JR. (Barney) BBA, MBA. University of Texas. 1950 2344 Avenue C., Beaumont, Texas Phi Alpha Delta CLYDE E. SMITH BBA. University of Texas Woodvillc, Texas Delta Theta Phi JOHN M. SMITH BBA, Baylor University, 19-16 Box 635. Hawkins, Texas Delta Theta Phi; Honor Council ROBERT O. SMITH BBA, University of Texas. 1951 6900 Pete's Path, Austin, Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Honor Roll ROBERT PACE SMITH (Bob) BBA, University of Texas. 1952 925 Bowie St., Amarillo, Texas Phi Delta Phi; Texas Law Review, Associate Case Note Editor; Honor Roll; Chancellors; Law Day, Public Relations Committee GEORGE H. SMYTH BBA, University of Texas, 1951 2007 .V. Wheeler St.. Victoria. Texas Delta Theta Phi. Clerk of the Rolls. House Manager, Percgrinus, Board FRANKLIN SCOTT SPEARS (Franklin) University of Texas 312 Morningsidc Drive, San Antonio, Texas Honor Council; Students Association. President JOHN DONALD SQUIBB JR. (Don) BBA, Southern Methodist University, 1952 2705 Clcarview Drive, Austin. Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Honor Council PACE 53’54 LAW GROVER LEROY STEPHENS (Grover) BA, University of Texas-. 1949 Sierra Blanca, Texas Fhi Alpha Delta, Reporter; Dicta, Layout Editor; Bar Association, Public Relations Committee RONALD DEE STEPHENS (Ronnie) BBA, University of Texas, 1952 Box 1169, Graham, Texas Phi Alpha Delta STERLING YV. STEVES (Sterling) BA. University of Texas. 1950 3415 Michigan St., Baytown. Texas Phi Delta Phi; Law Day, Program Committee, Chairman; Honor Roll; University Senior Cabinet, Chairman; Law Assemblyman; Students Association, Vice-President WAYNE P. STURDIVANT (Wayne) University of Texas Independence, Kansas Phi Delta Phi; Honor Council. Moot Court. Participant; Texas Law Review. Editorial Board. Casenote Editor; Honor Roll; Quizmaster; Chancellors JOHN E. SULLIVAN (John) BA. Rice Institute, 1951 2123 Dunstan. Houston. Texas Phi Alpha Delta JESSE KAVANAUCH TAYLOR (J. K.) BA, University of Texas. 1952 Corjms Christi. Texas Phi Delta Phi. Clerk. Moot Court. Participant; Texas law Review, Editorial Board Candidate; Law Assemblyman. Honor Roll; Quizmaster JACK Q. TIDWELL (Jack) BA. Hardin-Simmons University, 1951 1541 Grajte St., Abilene. Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Law Assemblyman JACK J. TURK (Jack) BBA. University of Texas. 1951 3216 Crawford St.. Houston. Texas Moot Court, Participant PACE 54SENIORS JIMMY DALE VOLLERS 0im) BBA, University of Texas, 1951 Box 632, Goliad, Texas Delta Theta Phi; Senior Class, President; Moot Court, Participant; Dicta, Board; University Senior Cabinet, Chairman ROBERT L. WALKER (Boh) BS, University of Houston, 1951 2322 Robin hood St.. Houston. Texas Delta Theta Phi. Moot Court. Participant TEXAS SIDNEY WARD (Tex) BS, Texas Western College, 1949 1404 .V. St. Vraln St., El Puso. Texas Moot Court. Participant GEORGE WASHINGTON (George) AB. Sam Huston College, 1950 3920 Wilder St.. Dallas. Texas Pcrcgrinus, Editorial Assistant REUBEN E. WEATHERFORD, JR. (Ben) University of Texas Coney. Kansas EDWIN E. WEISS (Ed) BBA, University of Texas. 1952 Pampa, Texas Phi Delta Phi. Magistcr; Moot Court. Participant, State Junior Bar Moot Court Contest Winner; Texas Law Review, Editorial Board, Wright Mathews Award; Law Day, Steering Committee. Chairman; Dedication, Steering Committee. Chairman; American law Students Association. Circuit Convention Delegate. National Convention Delegate. Public Relations Committee. Chairman; Student .Assistant to the Dean; Outstanding Mid-Law of 1953 Award; Honor Roll; Quizmaster; Consul Awardee GEORGE LAM BORN WEST University of Texas Brackettvillc. Texas MERLIN CHARLES WHALEN (Mike) BBA. University of Texas, 1916 1407 W. 1st Avc., Newton, Iowa Delta Theta Phi; Moot Court. Participant PACE 55GRADUATES NATHAN CARL BOBROFF (Boh) University of Texas 51 S.W. 18th lid.. Miami, Florida Phi Delta Pin JOSEPH ALEXANDER BONIS LLSt. Academy of Law, Miskol. Hungary. 1911 LLB. University of Geneva. Switzerland, 1950 International Law Academy, Den Haag. Holland, 1950 Hangary JOHN RICHARD BRINKLEY (Unpictured) BA. Yale University. 19-19 LLB, University of Texas. 1953 Hudson Drive, Del Bio. Texas ’54 LAW ROBERT YEATS WHEELER (Boh) BA. University of Texas. 1950 Tilden, Texas JOHN ALBERT WILD BBA. University of Texas. 1951 2803 Wooldridge Drive, Austin. Texas ROBERT DAN WINN (Dan) BA. Rice Institute Dallas, Texas Phi Alpha Delta T. B. WRIGHT (Tibby) BA, North Texas State College; 1950 1013 Park Ate., Bonham. Texas Phi Alpha Delta; Honor lloll Unpictured Seniors MAURICE N. HEBB (Moc) WILBUR EDMUND NOTESTINE (Ed) PhB. St. Edward' s University, 1950 BS, University of Texas. 1951 St. Edward's University. Austin. Texas 429 Arch Terrace. Amarillo, Texas WALTER HENRY MENCDEN (Walt) BBA, University of Texas. 1950 3730 Willowick, Houston, Texas PAGE 56SENIORS JOHN R. WRIGHT (Buddy) BA, Korth Texas State College Route 1, Box 183, Mesquite, Texas Delta Theta Phi JACK M. YATES (Jack) BA. Hard in-Simmons University, 1951 10-12 Amarillo St.. Abilene, Texas Phi Delta Phi, Texas Law Review, Editorial Board; Texas Law Review, Associate Note Editor; Honor Roll; Quizmaster: Chancellors ROBERT ELDON YOUNG (Chico) BA. University of Texas, 1951 •3S00 Willowick, Houston, Texas HECTOR YZNAGA University of Texas 2105 Falm Blvd., Brownsville, Texas GRADUATES DONALD G. McCORMICK BA, University of Houston. 1950 LLB, University of Texas. 1953 23IS Pcrsa St., Houston, Texas Delta Tlwla Phi. Tribune; Senior Class. President; Texas Law Review. Editorial Hoard Candidate; Honor Roll JOHN MILES O'CONNOR (John) BS, United States Military Academy, 1946 BA, LLB, Montana State University, 1952 White Sulphur Springs, Montana Phi Alpha Delta. Marshal; Moot Court. Participant; Montana Law Review. Editorial Board CARLOS CHRISTIAN CADENA (Unpictured) LLB, University of Texas 119 Saint Francis Art'.. San Antonio. Texas Quizmaster; Chancellors; Order of the Coif; Honor Roll Unpictured Seniors ROBERT JOSEPH POITS. JR Southern Methodist University 1407 Xcwning, Austin. Texas WILLIAM EMERSON RIDGEWAY BS. University of Houston. 1950 2423 I juke lAinr, Houston. Texas PACE 57 CHARLES LAWRENCE SCARBOROUGH University of Texas 726 Amarillo, Abilene. Texas...vf'Vi IlilUlt lit: 11: • iHOMER CEORCE BRELSFORD BA, University of Texas 3702 Havard, Dallas, Texas ANTHONY GERARD BROCATO University of Texas 1305 Orange. Beaumont. Texas WILLIAM V. BROWNING BA. University of Arkansas. '50 3 Circle Drive. Ft. Smith, Ark. GLYNN BUIE BA, University of Texas James, Texas "So then she tells me, ‘If you don't stop . . PACE 60 MID-LAW WINSTON LAMAR ADKINS BA. University of Texas. '53 1602 Bonham. Amarillo. Texas MONTY CLYDE BARBER BBA, University of Texas, 53 5804 Wynona, Austin, Texas FRANCIS J. BAUGHMAN BBA, University of Texas, '53 Connellsvilte, Pennsylvania NORMAN WILLIAM BLACK BBA, University of Texas. '53 3141 Oakdale, Houston. Texas ROBERT C. BLEDSOE BBA, University of Texas Marfa, Texas WILFORD J. BOHN BBA, University of Texas. '49 Box 913. Corsicana. TexasCLASS ROY ANDERSON BUTLER BA, University of Texas 3409 Oneal, Greenville, Texas CHARLES DAVIS CABANISS BA. Texas A. 6 M. College, ’50 1013 Avenue E, Garland, Texas JAMES C. GALA WAY BBj , University of Texas, '53 607 Carnegie, Brownwood, Texas DON G. CANUTESON BBA, Southern Methodist University, ’52 5640 l-'rost St., Beaumont, Texas ROBERT C. CARPENTER BA, University of Texas Drawer 26, Woodsboro. Texas JAMES PHILIP CATHEY BA, University of Wichita 1116 W. 20th, Wichita, Kansas JOHN LOFTIN CONLON BA, University of Texas 418 Pasco Enciiud, San Antonio, Texas “But Nina, I had him for five hours last semester!!!” PACE 61 WILLIAM CUTHBERT CLARK BA, Texas Technological College, '42 1920 23rd St., Lubbock, Texas WILLIAM HENRY CLARK BA, University of Texas. ‘53 9054 Briar wood, Dallas, Texas JAMIE HAGER CLEMENTS BA, University of Texas, '53 Crockett, TexasMID-LAW ADA CRONFEL BA, University of Texas 1803 Chihuahua, Laredo, Texas ARGENTINA MARY CRONFEL BA, University of Texas 1803 Chihuahua, Laredo, Texas JOSEPH IIURSEY DAVIS AB, University of North Carolina, '52 Box 471. Elizabethtown, N. Carolina HAROLD R. DEMOSS BA, Rice Institute, '52 6722 Pemberton, Dallas, Texas STAN FOSTER DODD BA. Williams College, '52 Babylon, New York GEORGE DONALDSON BA, Rice Institute, '52 816 Marshall, Houston, Texas ROBERT LEE DONAI.SON BBA, University of Texas, '50 c oMcdlcy Motor Co., Weslaco, Texas FITZHUCH l.EE DUGGAN, JR. BA, Rice Institute, o2 2-311 Tangley Road, Houston 5. Texas NANCY LEE DWYER BA, University of Texas 1429 I'ewel. Ill Paso. Texas KENNETH EASTRJDCE BA, University of Texas 2026 Wroxton, Houston, Texas “Lee and Conrad have the situation well in hand.” PACE 62CLASS MORRIS RILEY EDWARDS BA, University of Texas, ’49 306 E. Laurel, San Antonio, Texas ALTON DAVID EMERSON BA, Baylor University, '52 511 Highland, Waxuhachic, Texas JAMES HARDY EUBANK BA, Texas Technological College, o2 1606 V Avenue, Lubbock, Texas HENRY L. EVANS. JR. BBA, Howard Payne College, ’47 709 Avenue D, Brownwooa, Texas PATRICK II. EVERITT, JR. BS, Mississippi Southern Col., 50 Hattiesburg, Mississippi SIDNEY CLIFTON FARRAR BBA, University of Texas, '52 2209 Warner Rd., Fort Worth, Texas GENE N. FONDREN BBA, University of Texas, '53 Corpus Christi, Texas JAMES EDWIN FORBIS BBA, University of Texas, ’53 1408 F.. Allen, Fort Worth. Texas JOHN R. FOSTER BA, University of the South. '52 Pel Bio. Texas M. NICANOR GARCIA BA. University of Texas, ’51 1605 W. Sixth St., Austin, Texas "I’ll scream if you don’t throw that pipe away.” PAGE 63MID-LAW JAMES G. GARNER BA, University of Texas, ‘53 Route S’o. 2, Longview, Texas WILLIAM L. GARWOOD AR. Princeton University. '52 2213 Windsor Road, Austin. Texas WILLIAM JOE GILLESPIE BRA. Texas Technological College, '19 3802 32m St., Lubbock, Texas HENRY L. GILLIAM BA, University of Texas, '53 805 V. Prairieville, Athens, Texas JOHN DUEL GLASS. IR. BBA, University of Texas, 52 711 S. Vine, Tyler, Texas CLAUDE W. GOLDSMITH. JR. BA, University of Texas 2636 Proctor, Port Arthur, Texas JAY MORTON COLTZ BBA, University of Texas. '53 2229 55th. Tulsa, Oklahoma IRA MERRILL GOODRICH University of Texas Tcnaha, Texas JAMES S. GRAHAM. JR. BA, University of Texas, '52 1522 W. fleece, Brownsville. Texas JOSEPH PAUL HAMMOND BBA, University of Texas, ’53 2108 Copies, lil Paso, Texas Uh, uh,—my feet are about to kill me.” PAGE ft4CLASS MORRIS JACKSON HAMPTON BA, University of Texas, '53 Route No. 3. Box No. 4. Naples, Texas HAROLD O. HARRICER BS. Midwestern University, ’52 Route No. 2, Brookvillc, Pa. JAMF.S LAMAR HART BBA, University of Texas, ‘49 2310 Avenue A, Beaumont, Texas VERNON D. HARVILLE MS, Texas A. 6- I. College, ’48 Mathis. Texas GLEN HAUSENFLUCK BA, North Texas State College, '51 1100 NAV IS . St., Ft. Worth. Texas NOLAN 11. IIKNSARLING BS. Texas A. ir M. College, ’4S Route No. 4. Dublin, Texas PAUL F. HILL BBA, University of Texas Tyler, Texas VERNON B. HILL. JR. BA, University of Texas, ’51 Box No. 32, Mission. Texas WILLIAM M. HILL BA. IIart!in-Sintntons University, '52 101 Nelray. Austin, Texas PATRICIA HINDS BA. University of Texas. 53 5010 Field wood. Houston, Texas "Here. here, young lady, such language! PAGE 5MID-LAW JACK H. HOLLAND BA. North Texas State College, ’52 Route No. 1. Athens, Texas JACK P. HORNADAY BRA, University of Texas, 51 400 H'. Division. Arlington, Texas HAROLD CARTER HOWARD Si A, University of Texas, 50 415 W. 1th Si.. Freeport, Texas EDWARD JOHN LANDRY BRA, University of Texas, ’53 907 V. Uh St., Tree port. Texas "At least the young ladies didn't object to the cameraman.' PACE 66 FRANK R. JEWELL BA, Hamilton College, '52 2503 Pearl. Austin, Texas ROY E. JOHNSTON BBA, University of Texas, ’54 Box 515. Lufkin, Texas ROBERT NATHAN KATZ BA. University of Texas, '53 1520 S. 24th St.. St. Joseph, Mo. DOLORES L. KAZEN MA, University of Texas 1911 Galveston. Ivircdo. Texas HENRY E. KERRY University of Texas 910 E. 32m , Apt. D, Austin, Texas DAVID S. KIDDER BBA. Texas Western College, '52 Route No. 2. Box 355, El Paso, TexasCLASS CLAUD POPE LANE BA, University of Texas, ’52 304 E. Merritt, Marshall, Texas JACK LAPIN BA, Rice Institute, ’52 2211 MacArthur, Houston, Texas BRITTON P. LAUGHTER, JR. BS, V.S. Merchant Marine Acad., ’49 4153 Drew, Houston, Texas LLOYD LONCMIRK BBA, University of Texas, 53 616 Alamo Hats. Bled., San Antonio MEREDITH J. LONG BA. University of Texas 1611 Wcstovcr, Austin, Texas NORRIS LOCAN LLOYD BBA. University of Texas, '53 5020 Reha Dr., Houston, Texas CHARLES R. LUNDELIUS BA, Texas A. o M. College, 50 Round Rock, Texas CHARLES EDCAR LYNCH BA, University of Texas, ‘53 Krum. Texas PHILIP C. MeGAHEY, JR. BBA, Hard in-Simmons University, '52 Alice, Texas WILLIAM KENT McILYAR University of Texas 8505 Douglas, Dallas 5, Texas "Dave exhibits best legs at the picnic." PACE 67MID-LAW JOHN O. MacAYEAL AR. Colgate University, '50 3006 Harris Park, Austin, Texas WILLIAM MAHSCHALL, JR. BA, University of Texas, '53 203 S. Washington, San Angelo, Tex. HUGH TANNEHILL MATTHEWS MR A, University of Denver, 'JO 1919 W. 39f » St., Austin, Texas JOSEPH P. MATTHEWS BRA, University of Texas, '52 2509 Austin Ate., Brownwood, Texas JOHN KEIL MEYER AR, Washington University, 51 1150 .V Windomere, Dallas, Texas WILLIAM J. MEYER. JR. RA, University of Texas Box 118. Bancroft. Nebraska JAMES S. MILES BA. University of Texas. '53 72-1 Huff, Taylor. Texas GEORGE WAYNE MILLER BRA, University of Texas, '53 1410 jY. I Uh St, La mem. Texas RAY M. MOORE BRA, Southern Methodist 1'niv.. '52 2540 Buchanan, Beaumont. Texas PACE 6S WILLIAM I). NEARY RA, Southern Methodist Unit ., '52 6306 Woodland. Dallas, Texas "So. watch the left shoulder - -CLASS LUTHER A. NELSON BBA, Oklahoma University, '52 2271 Scripture, Denton, Texas ERIN C. NEVITT BA. Texas Technological College, '52 2603 'loth St., Lubbock, Texas II. JOSEPH E. NEWTON IIS, U.S. Merchant Marine Acad., ‘.50 2109 Wilson, Austin, Texas HUARD II. NORTON University of Texas San Antonio, Texas JAMES M. O LEARY BA, Austin College. '52 •157 E. Olmos Dr., San Antonio, Texas DEE S. OSBORNE BBA, West Texas State»Callege, '52 •3913 H' 7th St.. Amarillo, Texas ROBERT RAY PEARSON BBA, Sam Houston State College. '49 1312 W. 40th St., Austin, Texas JOHN LANE PECK MBA. University of Texas, '52 214 S. 2nd St.. Paducah, Kentucky WILLIAM ALBERT PENN BA, University of Texas •3114 West Ace., Austin, Texas PAUL. W. PERSONS BA. University of Texas, ’50 Hallettsville, Texas “We made our grades." PAGE 09MID-LAW JOHN GLENN PEW I niciriity of Texas fil 10 Del.orche, Dallas, Texas EMIL HENRY PRATKA, JR. lillA, Tnlane University. '52 lax Sfi Sr iii i iibnrf!, Texas JAMES K. PRESNAL IIS. Texas A. 6 51. College. ‘49 Taltor, Texas GEORCE EDWIN PUGH IIIIA. University of Texas 100S S. Montgomery, Sherman, Texas JOEL HERBERT PULLEN BBA. University of Texas. '- '5 522 E. Nueces. Crystal City. Texet ALPHONSO RAGLAND IIIIA. University of Texas. ’ 5111 Wateka. Dallas. Texas WILLIAM RAY HEIFF BA, University of Texas, ’53 4761 Boca Chica Meet., Brownsville JESSE PAUL RHODES. JR. IIIIA, University of Texas 2209 UiUcrest, Tort Worth, Texas HENRY GORMAN RITCHIE HU A. University of Texas, 53 Box 101. Taft. Texas PAGE 70 R. LARRY ROBINSON BA, Midwestern University. ‘52 1305 Monroe, Wichita Falls, Texas ‘Just thinking of the next Tort problem."CLASS THOMAS RODMAN BBA, University of Texas, '52 100 Alonticcllo, Odessa, Texas STANLEY D. ROSENBERG BBA, University of Texas 309 Park Hill Dr., San Antonio, Texas WATSON P. ROYE BA, University of Texas Banger Houle, Graham, Texas ALFRED LOUIS RUEBEL BBA, University of Texas, ’S3 4-316 McFarlin Blvxi., Dallas, Texas JACK D. SARGENT AB, U. C. L. A., ’52 605 Kendlewood Ace., McAllen, Texas M ELBERT DOWLEN SCHWARZ BBA, University of Texas, ’54 3517 Greenbrier, Dallas, Texas JOHN H. SEALE BBA. I'niccrsity of Texas Box 450. Bellt illc, Texas MARVIN V. SENT ElA. BBA, Unicmify of Texas 3101 Acotmc X. Snyder. Texas HAMP SMEAD BBA, I'nicersitu of Texas, ’53 516 XtH'l Dr., Lon cieiu, Terns TOM PENLAND SMITH BBA, University of Texas 3419 Locke Italic, Houston, Texas “Typical J.A. before finals. PACE 7 CHARLES F. SL’GERMAN BBA, University of Texas, '53 122 E. Hollywood. San Antonio, Texas BOYD D. TAYLOR BA. University of Texas, '52 Temple, Texas LEROY WILLIAM TAYLOR BBA, University of Texas, '52 4306 Dallas. Houston. Texas GEORGE WHITE TERRY. JR. BA. University of Texas, '52 1130 Amarillo, Beaumont, Texas "The sleepy-eyed one on the right is your man. Officer.'1 PACE 72 JERRY SOWDER BA. Texas Technological College Idalou, Texas CHARLES LEE SOWELL BBA, University of Texas, '53 2518 lluisache Ace., Sun Antonio ROBERT G. STANDLEE BBA. University of Texas. 51 1200 Rosser, Fort Worth, Texas PAUL H. STANDFORD BA. University of Texes, '53 Box S. Canton, Texas WINDELL W. ST1EFER University of Texas 2948 Eckert. Austin. Texas JAMES M. STROCK BA. University of Texas. '51 113 E. ISf i St.. Austin, Texas MID-LAWCLASS ROBERT LEE THOMAS, III BBA, University of Texas 4140 Fonville, Beaumont, Texas GEORGE MURAT THURMOND BA, University of the South, '52 Box 1053, Del Bio, Texas CHARLES LOUIS TICHE BA, Rice Institute, '51 2117 University Bind., Houston JOSEPH P. TRIMBOLI BA, American International Col., '52 49 Fir glade Ace., Springfield, Mass. JAMES H. WARREN University of Texas 715 Peoples Bank, Tyler. Texas JAMES DUNCAN WEBB BBA, Southern Methodist, ’52 5315 Cast on Ace., Dallas, Texas RICHARD L. WESTLAKE BA, Texas Technological College, ’52 1939 Atlantic, Dallas, Texas “Prima facia evidence that education will never replace Rood-looking women." JAMES C. TINKLER BBA, University of Texas, '50 Box 96. Edinburg, Texas JOHN N. TOUCHSTONE BA, University of Texas 3817 Miramar. Dallas. Texas WILLIAM E. TOWNSLEY BA, North Texas State College, ’51 22-10 Uiurel, Beaumont, Texas PAGE 73MID-LAW Unpictured DONALD MARVIN ANDERSON BA, MA, University of Texas 3310 Scenic Drive, Austin, Texas Mid-Laws RICHARD HUFF HODGES BA, University of Texas 706 West 19th St.. Austin, Texas CHARI.ES LEE BALI.MAN University of-Texas Riescl, Texas ROBERT HARRELL MASON BBA. Southwestern University, '49 2007 Raleigh, Austin, Texas JOSEPH WELDON BEASLEY University of Texas Box 386, Junction, Texas ARTHUR BLANCHARD BA, Hamilton College, ol 1509 Congress. Austin. Texas MRS. MARY JOE CARROLL MA. BA. University of Texas, 114. '35 2100 Sharon Lane, Austin, Texas JOE N. PRATT University of Texas 1509-B West 29th. Austin. Texas JOHNNIE B. ROGERS BJ, University of Texas. ’50 2002 Rundcll. Austin. Texas RICHARD C. SPENCER BA. Texas Christian University. '53 1116 Hawthorne, Fort Worth. Texas ROBERT H. DRENNER MA, University of Texas 1614-B Brackenridge. Austin, Texas THOMAS J. FRANKLIN BBA. Texas A A I. College, '48 1224 7th. Corpus Christ!, Texas ALFREDO GARCIA, JR. BA, University of Texas 700 Sarabosa St., San Benito, Texas JOHN WALLER. JR. BA, University of Texas. '52 2507 Bowman Ave., Austin, Texas RANDOLPH F. WHELESS, JR. BBA, University of Texas 5587 Doliver, Houston, Texas KELLY DAN WILLIAMS BA. Texas Christian University, '52 3307 Bonnie Road, Austin, Texas PACE 74 THOMAS H. WHARTON, JR. BA, Rice Institute 2401 Dryden, Houston, Texas MARSHALL LAWSON WILSON BA, University of Michigan, '49 1006 Emily, Salisan, Michigan HERMAN WING MD, University of Texas, '50 Box 1098, Austin, Texas JOHN WALTER WOOD BBA. University of Texas, "50 200 N. Cregg. Albany, Texas RAYMOND LEE NlcKIM BBA, University of Texas, '48 2503 W. Storey, Midland, Texas MRS. HELENA HARDCASTLE (Visitor) MJ, MA, BA, University of Texas 402 Littlefield Bldg., Austin, Texas Unpictured Law Wives MRS. M. D. ALLEN (Mary) MRS. C. J. BABIN (Margie) MRS. C. BAILEY (Carolvn) MRS. M. BANKSTON (Mary) MRS. R. BLEDSOE (Evelyn) MRS. J. L. BRANDON (Javne) MRS. G. BRISCOE (Cary) MRS. R. C. BROWN (Alice) MRS. II. BL'TRYN (Judy) MRS. P. B. CATE, JR. (Marian) MRS. W. L. CHERRY (Neva Mae) MRS. T. DAWSON (Gloria) MRS. S. J. DAY (Francis) MRS. J. If. EDGAR (Ruth) MRS. W. FRAKER (Barbara) MRS. J. S. FULLER (Betty) MRS. B. FULLERTON (Marilyn) MRS. M. H. GARNER (Kay) MRS. W. CIDLEY (Frances) MRS. M. A. GILLHAM (Sue) MRS. R. A. HALL (Nancy) MRS. V. HARVILLE (Sherry) MRS. R. J. HE ARON (Shelby) MRS. V. HILL (Barbara) MRS. J. M. HOPPER (Tany)CLASS JAMES D. WRIGHT BA. Stephen F. Austin College. '50 Kildare, Texas RICHARD W. YARBOROUGH BA, University of Texas, ’53 2527 Jarratt Ave., Austin, Texas EDWIN REIN HOLD YORK BA, University of Texas. '49 •1500 Spanish Oak Trail. Austin. Texas GORDON A. CRAIG (Senior) BS, University of Wisconsin, '49 3435 Cedar Springs Dallas, Texas HARVEY NORVELL MONROE BBA, University of Texas. ’53 3016 Crawford. Houston. Texas GUS ZCOURIDES BA. Rice Institute, '52 215 Stiles. Houston, Texas Unpictured First-Year Laws Unpictured Law Wives MRS. L. E. HOLT (Emily) MRS. R. E. JONES (Gene) MRS. H. H. JUNG (Penny) MRS. T. LEEPER (LaFonne) MRS. II. LEMMONS (Pearl) MRS. M. LONG (Jeanne) MRS. C. LUNDELIUS (Lvnn) MRS. F. MOORE (Maxine) MRS. H. NELSON (Betty) MRS. J. NORRIS (Betty) MRS. J. PERSON (Dorothv) MRS. J. K. PRESNAL (Ruth) MRS. P. II. REAGAN (Jovce) MRS. J. A. RICE (Violet) MRS. R. SCHAEFFER (Jane) MRS. M. SCHWARZ (Katherine) MRS. N. B. SCHWARTZ (Sue) MRS. W. SEKALY (Barbara) MRS. I. SHELMAN (Jean) MRS. C. SOWELL (Jo Ann) MRS. J. STEIN BERGER (Katherine) MRS. H. STRAUSS (Joanne) MRS. J. C. THOMAS (Beverlv) MRS. R. THOMAS (Dolores)' MRS. C. WHEAT (Vi Jean) MRS. D. WILLIAMS (Marianne) GLENN H. REID BA. Southern Methodist Univ. '52 17145 Matilda. Dallas. Texas ROBERT OWEN ROGERS BBA. University of .Texas, "51 WOO Windsor. Dallas. Texas IRVIN W. SHELMAN AB. Central Missouri State Col. ’52 Box 217, Pattonsburg. Missouri ERNEST WM. SLANINCER BA, University of Texas. ’ IS 3201 Bryker Drive. Austin, Texas CHARLES B. SMALLWOOD University of Texas 1071 Fnfield Road, Austin, Texas LOUIS PRESTON SMITH BA. University of Richmond 3409 Rosewood Ave., Richmond, Va. JACK ROBSON SOWELL BBA. University of Texas, ’53 2518 W. Huisachc. San Antonio, Texas HENRY JAMES STRAUSS BA, University of Texas. ’51 3907 Jefferson. Austin, Texas PACE 75 MRS. JOANNE G. STRAUSS BS. University of Texas 3907 Jefferson, Austin. Texas J. C. THOMAS BBA. University of Texas 4604 Shoal Creek. Austin, Texas GUS GEORGE V LET AS BA. Texas A. A M. College, 49 765 Cypress St.. Abilene, Texas RICHARD L. WALLACE University of Texas 2608 W. 495 . Austin. Texas EDWARD O. WILEY. JR. BBA. Southwest Texas State College, '50 628 W. San Antonio. San Marcos. Texas HARRY LOUIS WILLETT BBA, University of Texas Matador, Texas MRS. IRMA JUNE WINK AB, Cornell University, '46 2102 Enfield Road, Austin, Texas WILLIAM EMERSON WRIGHT University of Texas 1402? W. 40th, Austin, Texas WILLIAM ROSS YOST University of Texas 8-14 Avenue C, Kcrmit, TexasFIRST YEAR HERBERT L. ALEXANDER University of Texas 3210 Parhcood Dr., Houston, Texas MAX DEE ALLEN Univarsity of Texas 315 Calumet PI., San Antonio, Texas SIDNEY EUGENE ALLEN University of Texas It ox 47. nuila, Texas DOUGLAS WILLIAM ARGUE University of Texas 4803 Rraeburn Dr., Bcllairc, Texas LEON ATAYAN ItS. University of Alabama, '33 Teheran, Iran BILLY JACK ATKINS HA, University of Texas, '52 102 S. '29th St.. Temple. Texas JOSEPH EVANS ATTWELL BA, Rice Institute 2924 Ella Lee Lane, Houston, Texas RUBEN AVELAR BA, Texas Western College, '51 520 ('.union l)r„ El Paso, Texas BILL JOE AVERS University of Texas 4304 Avenue H, Austin, Texas ROBERT EMORY BABER BA. Texas Technological College 1203 Avenue A, Lubbock. Texas IiCgal Bib was a cinch!' PACE 78LAW CLASS CARL JOHN BABIN BS, University of Houston, '51 2502-A W. 12th St., Austin, Texas CHARLES PAT BAILEY US, Texas A. 6 M College, 50 Box B. Refugio.'Texas MILTON LACY BANKSTON University of Texas 453 S. Hollywood Dr., Port Arthur WILLIAM A. BARBER. JR. BA, Texas A. L M. College, '50 Box 403, Linden, Texas RICHARD JACKSON BARKER BA, University of Texas 359 Prospect. Fall liiver. Mass. KATHERINE B. BARLOW University of Texas 1305 Sun Antonio, Austin, Texas MAURICE WAYNE BASDEN BA, Texas Western College Bluet op Cafe, Pecos, Texas ROBERT EMERY BATES. JR. BS, Texas A. L' I. College, '48 517 Xaplcs. Corpus Christi, Texas CLAIBORNE MURRAY BELL University of Texas 345 S. Church, Paris. Texas DONALD RAY BERNARD University of Texas •3620 S. MacGregor, Houston 21. Texas "Fritz flunks seventy per cent.'' PAGE 79FIRST YEAR SHIRLEY BITTERN!AN7 BA, University of California, '53 Route So. 7, Box 37, Austin, Texas LAWRENCE P. BLANCHARD University of Texas 809 W. 32na St., Austin, Texas S. NEILL BOLDRICK, JR. BA, University of Texas, ’52 1320 Clover fAine, Fort Worth, Texas STEWART ALAN BON NETT BBA, University of Texas 6027 Park Lane, Dallas, Texas ROGER BONNEY BA. Rice Institute. ’53 309 Telephone Rd„ Houston, Texas CHARLES DONALD BOSTON BS, West Texas State College, ’49 414 S. Madden, Shamrock, Texas DONALD BOWERS BBA, North Texas State College, ’50 601 S. Kaufman. Seagovillc, Texas ALBERTINE E. BOWIE BA, Ohio Wesleyan University 3503 Ruth. Houston. Texas CHARLES ALLEN BOYCE BS, West Virginia University, ’51 1114 Fenninmre, Fairmont, V Va. BILLY JAMES BRABHAM BA. Texas A. 6 M. College, '51 3300 Grady, Fort Worth. Texas "111 bring replevin.’ I’AGE 80LAW CLASS JOHN AVEN BRADY Duquesne Univcrsity R.F.D. No. 6. Bt tiler. Pennsylvania WILLIAM MOORE BRELSFORD HA. University of Texas, '51 Route No. 6, Box 59. Tyler, Texas BEN M. BRIGHAM, JR. University of Texas 3300 Stevenson Ate., Austin. Texas DAN MORGAN BROCK HA. University of Texas. '49 1413 Cheshire Lane, Houston, Texas WILLIAM SYLVANUS BROWN University of Texas Route No. 1, Telephone, Texas ROBERT GRIM BUCKNER University of Texas 104 Fernaale. Bcllaire, Texas JERRY McKEE BULLOCK BS, Last Texas State College 2112 Barberry, Dallas, Texas DONALD ELDON BURDETTE University of Texas 140S Stafford, Killeen, Texas EDI) BURKE, JR. University of Texas 142 Mockingbird Lane. IjOngview. Texas LEE SAMUEL BURNS BS. MeMurry College Aekcrly. Texas 'Only deem contains CI.-70. FACE 81FIRST YEAR JOHN L. CAMPOS University of Texas San Diego, Texas ROBERT LEE CARSON JR. University of Texas 3900 Calmont, Fort Worth, Texas JOHN GIBBON CASHMAN BA, North Texas State College 1115 Walter Dr., Dallas, Texas CARLOS CASTILLON University of Texas 410 Gustavus, Laredo, Texas PLEDGER B. CATE. JR. BA, Texas A. 6 . College Rt. No. 3, Mexia, Texas ELLIOT CHAUM University of Illinois 13553 Sarah, Sherman Oaks, Calif. WELDON LEON CHERRY University of Texas Wichita Falls, Texas CHARLES RAY CLEMENTS BBA. University of Texas, ’50 .5611 Brady, Houston, Texas CEORGE C. CLIFTON University of Texas San Antonio, Texas CARROLL COBB BBA. University of Texas. 52 Box 1000, Seminole, Texas “I think this is letter than teaching lawr' anyway.” PACE 82LAW CLASS LLIAM F. COHN trrsity of Texas vcland, Texas ANK WILLIAM COLBURN versitij of Texas I Bluebonnet Lane. Austin, Texas ED A. COLLINS University of Texas, '19 West Walnut, Coleman, Texas IOS HOWARD COLVIN varsity of Texas t Worth, Texas NI CORWIN University of Arizona, '53 Texas Avenue, Austin, Texas V.IS EWING COWAN, JR. Bice Institute, ’51 1 Brentwood, Houston, Texas JOHN HERBERT CROOK University of Texas P.O. Box 1-1, Mart indale, Texas ROBERT MAX CUMMINGS University of Texas S00 West 34th, Austin, Texas GENE WATSON CURRY University of Texas 2G32 Bonding Green. Austin, Texas ROBERT L. DABNEY JR. BA, University of Virginia 3215 Ella IjCC Lane, Houston It’s easy when you type your briefs.” PAGE 83FIRS' YEA] TIIANO DAMERIS BA, University of Tews, ’53 4337 Leelaiul, Houston, Text WILLIAM EDWARD C BA, liicc Institute, '. '5 925 Prescott, BeeeiUe, Texas C. DEAN DAVIS BA, North Texas State Colic; 1019 Austin Ate., Denton, T RICHARD W. DAVIS BBA, University of Houston, Menard, Texas SAM DUNCAN DAWK] BBA, University of Texas, o' 3916 6th St., Port Arthur, T. VERNON L. DECKER University of Texas Amarillo. Texas GEORGE EDW. DIBRELL BBA, Southern Methodist University, ’51 1227 Hillside. Dallas, Texas ROBERT W. B. DICKERSON BBA, University of Texas 2436 Quenhj, Houston, Texas BARCLAY W. DISMUKES BA, University of Texas Box 304, Woodville, Texas JOHN HENRY DORMAN University of Texas Teatitte, Texas "Who spiked my drink?" PACE 84LAW CLASS JOHNNIE E. DORRIS BJ, University of Missouri, "51 Box 433, Alpine, Texas MALCOLM CURTIS DOUGLAS BA, Texas A. 6 M. College 1301 Mary Ellen, Pampa, Texas BERNARD OLTER DOW University of Texas 3+33 N. Parkwood, Houston, Texas DAVID WILLIAM DUNN BA, University of Saskatchewan, ’46 218 Poplar Cres., Saskatoon, Canada JAMES IIADLEY EDGAR BA, Texas A. 6 M. College, '49 Cuero, Texas JOHN ELIASON M.Ed., North Texas State Col.. '51 2914 Ezekiel, Zion, Illinois EARL DAMON ELLIOTT Louisiana State College 3726 Glen Haven, Houston, Texas “Don’t you realize that the efficacy of sylogistic logic in cybernetics is nebulously innocuous?' PAGE 85 DAVID TURNER DUNCAN BBA, Texas A. 6 M. College, '51 502 Brookside Dr., Bryan, Texas JACK C. DUNCAN M.Ed., North Texas State Col. '51 004 E. Main, Clarksville. Texas LOUIS DUGAS, JR. University of Texas 1023 Avenue C. Orange, TexasFIRST YEAR LYNWOOD C. ELLIOTT University of Texas 1011 V 10th St.. Austin, Texas JOHN WILSON ELLIS University of Texas 2025 Long, Beaumont, Texas AMBROSE ROBERT EMBREY University of Texas R. R, 3, Hamilton, Texas GEORGE L. ERWIN JR. BS, University of Colorado, -17 Roswell. New Mexico JACK HOMER ESTES HR A, University of Texas, 53 5S15 Doulton, Houston, Texas JOHN L. ESTES BRA, University of Texas Waxahachie, Texas ROBERT A. FAIHEY University of Texas Rt. 1. Box 68-A, Austin, Texas ROBERT ERNEST FIELDS University of Texas 822 Nebraska, Weslaco. Texas HOWELL M. FINCH University of Texas 3312 Duval, Austin, Texas FRANK FINN, JR. i'niversitu of Notre Dame 35 Parnell, Denison, Texas 'Sitting in banc' PACE S6LAW CLASS CORDON REX FLACK BBA, Texas A. 6 . . College Amarillo, Texas JACKIE HARLAN FLEMING Mi A, West Texas State College, '53 •I 13 E. IS , Amarillo, Texas JAMES THARP FLYXT HA. Texas Christian University, ’53 407 Kilpatrick, Mineola, Texas WALTER U. FRAKER HA. University of Texas. '52 123 W. 1st St., San Angelo, Texas Rice could never l eat my team.' PAGE 87 GEORGE DEAN FORD IS, Southwest Texas State Col.. '48 Hox 273, Bogota, Texas ERNEST E. FORTENBERRY Texas A. 6 I. College 303 W. 6th St.. Austin, Texas JOHN CHARLES FOSHEE lij. University of Texas, 50 Haitians Hunch, Hunt. Texas . TOM JAMES FOTHERINGHAM HS, Northwestern University, '53 3227 Travis. Amarillo. Texas JAMES FRANK FOUGEROUSSE HS. St. Eduard’s University, '52 St. Edward's University. Austin JOE DAVIS FOSTER HHA. University of Texas, '53 428 King. Center, TexasMYRON II. GARNER BS. Trinity University, '53 Box 187. Lubbock. Texas JAMES WARREN GARY BA, Bice Institute, "51 Box 587. San Marcos, Texas WM. WILLARD GIBSON, University of Texas 2808 Bowie, Amarillo, Texas WILLIAM J. GIDLEY BBA, University of Texas, ‘50 Box 272, Lytle, Texas “What — No brown suit?" PAGE 88 FIRST YEAR RICHARD ALAN FUELING University of Texas 1301 Pennsylvania Ave., Tt. Worth JOSEPH J. FRENCH, JR. BS, Washington O Lee Univ., '50 112 E. Herndon, Shreveport, La. BYRON F. FULLERTON MEd, University of Colorado, '30 1407 W. 39’i St., Austin. Texas JACKIE W. FULLINCIM BA. Howard Payne College, 19 Crosby ton. Texas ELBERT Nl. FULTON. JR. BA, Southern Methodist University 6034 Vanderbilt. Dallas, Texas GEO. PIERRE GARDERE. JR. BBA. University of Texas 10111 Inwood Rd.. Dallas, TexasLAW CLASS MILLARD A. CILLHAM BS, Texas Technological College, ’45 Box 171, Daingcrfxeld, Texas FREDERICK A. GOAD BA, University of Texas, '49 3122 Olive, Texarkana, Texas JAMES K. GRAHAM BS, MeMurry College, ’53 310 Jeanette, Abilene, Texas JOHN FORREST GREEN JR. University of Texas Box 673, Hamlin, Texas ABRAHAM GREENSPAN BA, University of Texas 1309 E. Elizabeth, Brownsville, Tex. RAYMOND F. GRIFFIN University of Texas Edgewater Beach, Valparaiso, Ind. JOSEPH P. GRINNAN University of Texas 3525 Mockingbird Ixme, Dallas, Tex. LOUIS VOSBURG HALL University of Texas 215 W. Twohig, San Angelo, Texas PATRICK BURNEY HALL MF.d, Texas A. ir M. College, '52 Box 47. Hcarnc. Texas RICHARD ANTHONY HALL BBA, Michigan University Box 206. Edinburg, Texas "And they’re talking to each other!" PACE 89FIRST YEAR BRUCE C. HALLMARK University of Texas 902 Peach. Dalhart, Texas WILLIAM EDWARD HARRIS BA. University of Texas, '53 2601 S. Congress, Austin, Texas ROBERT WADE HARTSON University of Texas 1435 Glen, Dallas. Texas RICHARD PAUL HERRMANN BS, University of Notre Dame 1931 Harrison, Amarillo, Texas WILLIAM H. HERTEL BS. St. Edwards University Monday. Texas “Could you lend my husband a comb?” PACE 90 ALBERT GARLAND HAMILTON BA, Mississippi State College 2701 W. 49‘s Sf., Austin, Texas JAMES ERNEST HAMMOND BA, Texas Western College, '51 SmimY Acres, F.l Paso, Texas FRANK GEORGE HANNA BA, University of Texas 713 Donny Brook. Tyler, Texas GRACE ANN HARDIN University of Texas Box 1267. Sweetwater, Texas RALPH ALLEN HARPER BA, Colgate University, 51 1023 Sheridan. Evanston. IllinoisLAW CLASS HAL II. HERVEY BA, Hardin-Simmons University, '4S Box 97, Abilene, Texas JIMMY DEAN HICKEY BSC, Texas Christian Univ. '51 Paris, Texas FLETCHER S. HICKS. JR. BA, llardin-Sinimons University, '52 •106 Pacific, San Antonio, Texas HERBERT WHEELER HILL BA, University of Texas, '53 121 Stanford Dr., San Antonio AGIL EARL HODGES University of Texas 1398 Meander, Abilene, Texas HENRY HOLLINGSWORTH, JR. BA, Southern Methodist Univ., '50 409 Texas Ave., Texarkana, Texas JACK H. HOLLOWAY BBA. Texas A. 6 M. College. 51 Box 18. Itasca, Texas LEE EMMETT HOLT BA, University of Texas, '.50 212 N. Loop Bled.. Austin, Texas DAN MOODY HURLEY BBA, Texas Technological Col.. '51 1705 E. 16f i St., Lubbock. Texas EDWARD IDAR. JR. BJ, University of Texas, '49 303 W. 2th St., Austin, Texas Dean - 199-1." PACE 91FIRST YEAR LOUIS M. JACOBS. JR. BA, Texas A. 6 M. College, '53 2608 Iajous, Houston, Texas HARDY O’NEAL JOHNSON BS, Southern Methodist Univ., ’51 Atlanta, Texas JOE LINDALE JOHNSON University of Texas 3489 Kellogg, Dallas, Texas J. S. (JUDY) JOHNSON University of Texas 720 .V. McKinney, Odessa, Texas OSCAR FREER JONES. Ill BBA, Baylor University, "54 2525 Austin Aw., Waco, Texas ROBERT LYNN JONES University of Texas Box 352, San Augustine, Texas HARRY HARPER JUNG, JR. BBA, University of Texas, ’50 Box 146. Albany. Texas BRYAN O. KEATHLEY BS, Austin College, '49 2002 Holcombe Bled., Houston, Texas KENNETH C. KEENER BA, University of Texas, '53 1109 Phillips, Alvin, Texas KENNETH HOWARD KEMP University of Texas 505 Naples, Corpus Christ!, Texas "Maloney told that joke' PACE 92LAW CLASS MARVIN EARL KING Universalt of Texas 7220 Staffordshire. Houston. Texas JEROME WILLIAM KIRBY BBA, University of Texas. ’50 ■1017 Moffet Courts, Dallas 11, Texas TRUMAN PRICE KIRK BA, Hardin-Sinnnotis University, '49 3109 Speedway. Austin, Texas PAUL KIRTON University of Texas 711 Sumpter, Mexia, Texas PAUL A. KNIGHT BA, Texas Technological College, ’51 419 W. Olive, Odessa, Texas RUDOLPH AUGUST KOSKA BA, Rice Institute, '53 3903 Kennan, Houston, Texas DEIRDRE VINCENT LAMARR BA, North Texas State College 1405 W. Jefferson, Waxahachic, Texas MARTAINE J. L. LAPIN University of Texas Box 124. Kilgore, Texas RICHARD UNDERWOOD LEA BBA. University of Texas Route 2. Box 232, Orange, Texas CHAUNCEY D. LEAKE. JR. BS, University of Wisconsin. ’49 1000 Strand, Galveston, Texas Is that the back end of a duck?" PAGE 93FIRST YEAR TOWNER SHIELDS LEEPER BBA, University of Texes. '50 707 James, Sweetwater, Texas WM. HERBERT LEIFESTE BA, Bice Institute, '49 7029 Appleton, Houston, Texas ANDREW JACKSON LEWIS University of Texas 118 Brittany Dr.. San Antonio, Tex. JOSEPH C. LIPPER BA, llicc Institute, '53 1104 Berthen, Houston 6, Texas CORDON L. LLEWELLYN BA, University of Texas, '52 2343 Mistletoe Bhd., Ft. Worth RUDOLPH MULLER LOPEZ University of Notre Dame, '46 Box 101. Pecos, Texas JIM DICK LOVETT University of Texas 703 E. Broadway, Clarksville, Tex. THOMAS EDWIN LUCAS BBA, University of Houston 1813 Banks. Houston, Texas JESSE DON LYLES University of Texas Star Boutc, Blue Croce, Texas BILLY JAMES McADAMS University of Texas Box 1, Cleveland, Texas “Drunkards all!" PACE 94LAW CLASS JOHN H. McBRYDE BS, Texas Christian University, '53 1206 IV, Terrell, Fort Worth, Texas john c. McClain AB, Brown University 818 Wahkenburger, Austin, Texas BENJAMIN MORTON McClure BA, Texas Christian University, '49 1705 1 E. Vickery, Ft. Worth, Texas PAUL CHARLES McCORD BA, University of Texas, '53 2625 Gramercy So. 3, Houston, Texas ROBT. THOS. McCORMICK BA. University of Texas 1028 Magoffin Ace., El Paso. Texas WILLIAM EDWARD McDonald BBA, University of Texas. '53 1309 I4f i St., Orange, Texas MUCKLEROY McDONNOLD, JR. University of Texas 606 E. Mandalay, San Antonio, Tex. RICHARD LEE McGRAW BA, Tufts College, ’51 2412 Ella l ee I ane, Houston, Texas RUPERT KINCSLEY McHENRY BA. University of Minnesota. '48 ■‘1660 Chevy Chase. Houston, Texas william f. McKinney BA, University of Texas 326 Brahan Bled, San Antonio. Texas Ash v. Childs Dining HallFIRST YEAR bobby d. McPherson University of Texas- 1032 E. Twiford, Pampa, Texas harry c. McPherson BA, University of the South, '49 600 E. hike, Tyler, Texas THOS. OSBORNE McWhorter BS, U.S. Naval Academy, '41 3320 S. MacGregor Way. Houston, Tex. JACK MACK IN BIS A, University of Texes 419 Howard. San Angelo, Texas NICK MALANT BBA, University of Texas 5738 Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas FRANCIS J. MALONEY BA. University of Texas 8 Churchill Rd., Shrewsbury, Mass. TIMOTHY C. MARESH BA, University of St. Thomas, '51 307 Granger. Granger, Texas JOHN J. MARTIN, JR. BBA, Texas A. 6 M. College, '53 5830 McComas, Dallas. Texas ROSCOE C. MARTIN. JR. BA, University of Alabama 946 W. Moreland Ace., Syracuse. N.Y. TONY ROMO MARTINEZ BBA. St. Mary's University 250 Lovett Ace.. San Antonio, Tex. "A lively conversation." PAGE 96LAW CLASS DONALD WRIGHT MEEK University of Texas 2312 Quenby, Houston, Texas WALKER NISSIM METCALF University of Texas 715 Montana, San Antonio, Texas ERNEST LEE MILLER, JR. BBA, Texas A. 6 M. College, ‘51 1913 Utah, Baytown, Texas JOHN LEWIS MONCURE BBA, University of Houston, "53 5631 F.lla Lee hinr, Houston, Texas FRANCIS HARRY MOORE BBA, Texas A. 0 I. College •1929 Strass Dr., Austin, Texas R. HARRELL MOORE University of Texas 3507 Mills Ave., Austin, Texas ROBERT MIGUEL MOREMAN BBA, University of Texas, ’53 893 Main, Beaumont, Texas WILLIAM ROBERT MOSS BA, Texas A. is- M. College 300 E. 27 St.. Bryan. Texas BILLY DARRELL MOYE BA. Texas A. O M. College. '50 Nederland. Texas HARRY A. NASS University of Texas 929 Nolan, San Antonio, Texas “Looks gmxl, no?" PACE 97 J FERRY KAY ODELL BBA, Texas Western College 234 S. Cifen wood, FJ Paso, Texas JOSEPH LACKLAND ORR BA, University of Texas, ‘53 1209 Virginia PI., Fort Worth, Tex. JOE ALLEN OSBORN University of Texus Box 385, Friona. Textis LOUIS BURR PAINE, JR. University of Texas 2113 Dickey Pi, Houston, Texas "A M was never like this." PAGE 98 FIRST YEAR MANTON A. NATIONS IS, University of Texas. ’48 Box 42, Donna, Texas LEONARD F. NEAL BA, Mexico City College Box 283. Wickett, Texas HAL E. NELSON BA, University of Texas, ’51 3199-B Avenue F. Austin. Texas JOHN KEITH NELSON BS, Washington 6 Lee Unit., '53 1605 Buchanan, Wichita Falls, Texas ARVIS E. NOAK BA. Texas A. 6 M. College, 53 Route 1. Box 102. Round Top. Texas WALTER T. NORMAN, JR BS, Worth Texas State College. "50 Route 2. Longview, TexasHERIBERTO J. PORRAS University of Texas 3124 Montana, El Paso, Texas UES F. PRYOR, JR. BA, Yale University, '53 Bottle 4. Brcnham, Texas WILLIAM AUSTIN PUGH BS, New Mexico Military Institute M incola, Texas JAMES A. PURSE, III University of Texas 4404 Belclairc, Dallas, Texas “Sleepy time gal." PAGE 99 LAW CLASS JAMES F. PARKER, JR. University of Texas 2424 Angelina, Beaumont. 'Texas JAMES KENT PARKER BBA. East Texas Slate College Crap eland. Texas MELVIN W. PARSE, JR. BS, Texas A. ir M. College, 51 2501 Missouri, Baytown, Texas GARY PINKNEY PEARSON University of Texas Box 416, Navasotu, Texas WILL DIETRICH PEAVY BA, University of Texas '49 McFaddin, Texas THOMAS HILL PETERSON BA. The Citadel, '50 510 Potomac Ace., Marlin, TexasFIRST YEAR HUBERT SMITH RATLIFF BBA, University of Texas 1109 Locust, Colorado City, Texas ROY JEFF RAWLS University of Texas Box 12, Gorman, Texas CHARLES HOWARD REESE HBA, Texas A. i? I., '50 502 W. King, Kingsville, Texas VALENTINE E. REVERA University of Texas 4109 Avenue L. Galveston, Texas JOE ALLEN RICE University of Texas 935 W. 43rd, Houston, Texas JOE BUCY RIDINGS BA. Texas Christian University. 52 3518 E. Rosed ale. Ft. Worth. Texas JOYCE RIENSTRA Washington University 1212 Boston Ate.. Nederland. Texas SHIRLEY JEANNE RILEY BA, University of Texas. 53 1121 Harris, Odessa, Texas JOE FRANK RISEDEN BA, University of Texas. '49 1605 Kerr. Austin, Texas HAILEY AUSTIN ROBERTS BA. Texas A. d .If. College, '.53 Box 3325, Temple. Texas "Thoron says grades will be out by Easter." PAGE 100LAW CLASS FREDERICK W. ROBINSON BS, U. S. Military Academy Pasadena, California BILLY J. ROUNTREE BS, V. S. Military Academy 2307 N. DeLeon, Victoria, Texas ROBERT ADRIAN ROWLAND University of Texas 2410 Kipling, Houston, Texas WILLIAM J. SAMES, III US, Tufts College, '52 602 S. Jackson. Jacksonville, Tex. ROY F. SCHAEFFER AB, Morehead State College, ’53 1100 Travis, Wichita Falls, Texas BERNARD W.SCHRADER IIS. Vniv. of Corpus Christi, ’53 Box 1779, Corpus Christi, Texas BERNARD E. SCHWARZBACH BBA, University of Texas, ’53 •1009 Pershing Dr., El Paso, Texas WALTER MARION SEKALY University of Texas 1815 Prairie, Beaumont. Texas JAMES PAUL SHANKS BA, Hardin-Simmons University, ’53 Route 1, Clyde, Texas WILLIAM F. SHIVER BA, University of Texas, ’52 620 W. 31th St., Austin, Texas "I believe I will have another hip orange." PACE 101FIRST YEAR JERRY NEIL SHURLEY University of Texas Sonora, Texas ADOLPH B. H. SIMON University of Texas 1503 Preston Ace., Austin, Texas X I MARCUS KEITH SINGLETARY It PA. University of Texas, '51 165 Garland, Beaumont, Texas KENNETH WILLIAM SMITH BA, University of Denver •1602 Banister I.anc, Austin, Texas MARK SPENCER SMITH University of Texas 3007 31st St.. Lubbock, Texes WILLIAM GLENN SOLOMON BS, Texas Technological College, '51 2915 20th St.. Lubbock, Texas JACK B. SOMMERFIELD BA, University of Texas. "53 •111 Craig, Hillsboro. Texas JOE L. STANLEY BBA, Southern Methodist University Route 4, Box 679, Dallas, Texas GENE EARL STEED BS, Texas A. 6 M. College, '53 Box 281. Groom, Texas DONALD LEE STEGALL University of Texas 100 W. 7th Sl„ Fort Worth, Texas I want Schlitz!!!! PACE 102LAW CLASS JOHN C. STEINBERGER University of Texas 1601 V. College, Midland, Text JOE STANLEY STEPHEI University of Texas Eastland, Texas E. LEWIS STEPHENS BA. I lard in-Sim mons Universiti Route 1. Eden, Texas DONALD GENE STEVF Texas Technological College 1CKK5 W. 7th St.. Amarillo. Text JOHN I). STEVENS BBA, Baylor University, '53 1308 Pat is Pr., Burger. Text ED H. STEWART BBA. North Texas State Coll Box 155. Jacksboro. Texas ALLEN LOUIS STILLEY University of Texas Route 1. Freeixirl, Texas THOMAS EDWARD STINSON All. University of Michigan 2803 Inglewood Dr., Wichita Falls EDWIN W. STOCKLY AB, Princeton University. ’49 4017 Cumberland, El Paso, Texas ROBERT LYNN STOCNER University of Texas 311 iV. Mesa, Carlsbad. New Mexico "Sure, well pose.' PACE 103JAMES ALLEN TAYLOR BA, University of Texas, '50 734 Chilton, Marlin. Texas THOMAS ROBERT THEALL University of Texas 2970 Emile, Beaumont, Texas LARKIN T. THEDFORD BA, Baylor University. '51 I Ail it a, Texas PHIL THOMPSON BA. Texas Technological College, ‘53 Box 269, Plainviete, Texas "Don’t you think Mr. Hodges is adorable?" ’ PACE 104 FIRST YEAR WILLIAM ARNOLD STOUT BS, Bice Institute, '4S 2915 Caroline, Houston 4, Texas ARNOLD NORMAN SWEET University of Texas 5700 Stonegate, Dallas. Texas T. GROVER SWIFT, JR. BS. Texas Christian University. '53 3917 W. 4th St., Fort Worth. Texes THOBURN TACCART, IR. BA, University of the South, 52 1703 Esperson Bldg.. Houston. Texas ALFORD INMAN TAYLOR University of Texas Box 565. Huntsville. Texas ELBERT B. TAYLOR BBA, University of Texas 2410 Angelina, Beaumont, TexasLAW CLASS WILLIAM A. THURMOND BA, New Mexico A. 6 M College Hatch, New Mexico McHENRY TAYLOR TICHENOR University of Texas Box 711, Harlingen, Texas ROBERT SIMEON TRAVIS HA, Texas A. £ M College, ’53 1201 Clover Lane, Fort Worth, Texas WM. FRANKLIN TURNER BA, University of Texas, '51 60S Spear, Kilgore, Texas JOHN ALFRED VANCE, JR. University of Texas 3050 Baldwin Dr., Beaumont, Texas STANLEY MERZ VICKERS BA, Ursinus College 205 1th St., Orange, Texas JOHN SPENCER WADE BBA, University of Texas 508 N. llfh St., Temple, Texas ROBERT EARL WALDRON University of Texas Box 141. Arp, Texas J. L. WALKER MD, University of Texas, ’42 2121 61th St., Galveston, Texas BASS C. WALLACE BA, Bice Institute, "53 260-1 Hopkins, Houston 6, Texas “Look! There’s the barbecue.-' FACE 105CONRAD P. WERKENTHIN University of Texas 3500 Green way, Austin, Texas JOE N. WESTERLACE University of Texas 1909 Olympia I)r., Houston, Texas CHARLES A. WHEAT IMA, University of Texas, ‘53 1305 W Trim St., Midland, Texas FIRST YEAR ROBERT H. WALLS University of Texas 258 Cavalier, San Antonio, Texas JORDAN DOUCLASS WARD HA, Baylor University. '53 Box 621. Pharr, Texas THOMAS BRYAN WARREN AB, Southwestern University, 51 111 W. Ixunpasas, F.nnis, Texas WILLIAM ERNEST WATSON, JR. BS, Texas A. O M. College 112 Comal Ave., Luting, Texas THOMAS ZORN WATT BA, Virginia Military Institute, ‘51 209 A'. Main, Gibsonburg. Ohio RICHARD ALLAN WELLS University of Texas 4527 N. % St., Galveston, Texas Unpictured First-Year Laws ROBERT C. BROWN BS, Univ. of South Carolina, '50 910 E. 32nd St., Austin, Texas HENRY STANLEY BUTRYN IIS, Bradley University, '50 920 York St.. East Rutherford. N.J. WILLIAM BOWLING BYERS University of Texas 610 W. Woodard, Denison, Texas ELBERT JOSEPH COFFMAN IMA, University of Texas. '53 2018 Ward Parkuay. Ft. Worth, Texas JAMES JAVAN DILLON BS. University of Texas, ‘SI Route I, Livingston, Texas GORDON LINDSEY GRAY IIA, Texas Christian University, '51 6733 Kirkwood. Fort Worth. Texas JOHN KASIMATIS BS, University of Utah, '52 1002 IV. 26f i St.. Austin, Texas CLARK I. KLEINSCHMIDT BA, Texas Western College, ‘52 805 Coffin, El Paso, Texas BENNIE LLOYD LARRABKE BJ. University of Texas 1002 West Avenue, Amfin, Texas ALTON CALVIN LINNE BA, Texas Technological College, '53 707 S. Water, Monahans, Texas JOE RICHARD LONG BA, University of Texas, '51 113 Pecan Lane, l okc Jackson, Texas WILLIAM THOMAS McDonald BA, Texas A. O M. College, ‘33 Box 445. Bryan, Texas PAGE 106LAW CLASS FRANK ERVIN WHITTEN BBA, University of Texas 203 W. Bramo, Paris, Texas HARRY GENE WIEDERSPAHN BBA, University of Texas, ’48 Box 522. Bartlett, Texas ROBERT EDWIN WILSON BA, Texas Western College 3815 Jefferson, El Paso, Texas BOB CHARLES WINKELMAN University of Texas 2907 Perry Lane. Austin, Texas WALTER PAUL WOLFRAM BA, North Texas State College 721 Woodland, Denton, Texas JAMES HALBERT WOODS BBA, University of Michigan Waxahachie, Texas ARTHUR FRED ZOBAL BBA, University of Texas Box 74. Catarina, Texas DAVID ZWEIG BBA, University of Texas, '53 1305 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. ROSA JANE WHITE BA, William Jewell College, ’53 325 Coble. Borger, Texas Unpictured First-Year Laws JACK DRENNA MARONEY II BBA, Southern Methodist Univ., ’48 2915 Bed River, Austin, Texas CHARLES E. MAYFIELD BS, Texas A. 6 I. College Route 1. Box 42, Sinton, Texas THOMAS EUGENE MILLER BA. Texas A. 6 M. College, '50 101 N. llaswell Dr., Bryan, Texas JOHN W. MITCHELL BA, Mexico City College, '53 Box 252. Brookshire, Texas EDWARD GILES NICHOLS BA, Southwest Texas State Col, ’53 009 West 16th, Austin, Texas JACK K. NORRIS BA, University of Texas 803 East 2lf i. Aiitfin. Texas MELVIN LLOYD NULL BA, MA, Texas A. 6 I. College 4060 Beechwood Lane, Dallas, Texas JAMES SIDNEY PERSON BA, University of Texas 312 Young Street, Longview, Texas ROBERT DUPREE PETERSON University of South Carolina 510 Potomac Ave., Marlin, Texas ALLAN KERRY PRESTON BA, University of Texas, ’53 6323 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, Tex. EDWIN CHARLES PRICE. JR. BA. University of Texas, ’52 3249 Epworth Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio EDWARD R. RATHGEBER University of Texas Route 3. Box 366, Vernon, Texas PAGE 107LAW MRS. RAYMOND L. McKIM Helen President MRS. PATRICK A. FLYNN Ann Vice-President MRS. JOHN L. PECK Jane Recording Secretary MRS. JOHN ROBERT NORRIS J»J. Corresponding Secretary MRS. J. Pat Treasurer o s JOHN Historian M ANDERSON mittcc A nelson “r Committee roittec "• P'»R,a, M|tcheWIVES MRS. CHARLES R. PIRTLE Colleen MRS. JOHN K. MEYER Barbara Chairman, Membership Committee MRS. FREEMAN BULLOCK Cathy Parliamentarian MRS. SCOTT MOORE Nancy Chairman, Federation Committee MRS. ROBERT J. MACLIN Shirley Chairman Alumni Committee MRS. CARROLL COBB Clynda Chairman, Benefit Committee MRS. FRED AUFORTH Mary Ann MRS. RUBEN AVELAR Dolores MRS. FRANCIS BAUGHMAN Lucille MRS. WILLIAM V. BROWNING Patsy MRS. JIM BOB BRYAN Wanda MRS. CARL O. BUE, JR. Mary PACE 111LAW MRS. ROBERT W. CARLSON Luellyn MRS. FINIS EWINC COWAN, JR. Juliet MRS. CJERALD J CREIGHTON Janet MRS. JAMES C. CUNNINGHAM MRS. ROBERT DABNEY, JR Faye MRS. VERNON L. DECKER Jo Ann WM. W. DINGLE ROBERT L. DONALSON JOHN E. DORRIS MRS. JACK C. DUNCAN Norca MRS. EARL D. ELLIOT Merilyn MRS. JAMES H. EUBANK Clydenc FACE 112WIVES MRS. HENRY L. EVANS, JR. Helen MRS. PAT EVERITT June MRS. GENE N. FONDREN Pat MRS. MARVIN F. FOSTER. JR. Jo Anne Chairman. Steixigraphic Committee MRS. SAM B. FRENCH Elaine MRS. WILLIAM W. GIBSON JR. Beth MRS. WILLIAM J. GILLESPIE Mary MRS. E. L. GOLDSMITH Martha MRS. DONALD COULD Jean MRS. JAMES K. GRAHAM Mary Frances MRS. GEORGE WILLIAM GRAY Enid MRS. LOUIS V. HALL Nancy PACE 113LAW MRS. HAROLD 0. HARRIGER Rebecca MRS ROBERT W. HARTSON Katherine MRS. GORDON G. HAWN Yvonne MRS. NOLAN B. HENSARL1NG Doris MRS. RICHARD PAUL HERRMANN Betty MRS. PAUL F. HILL Marge MRS. WINFRED HOOPER Margaret MRS. HENRY E. KERRY Elizabeth MRS. TRUMAN PRICE KIRK Marie MRS. VERNE F. KNICKERBOCKER Jane MRS. ROBERT I). LEMON Mary Lon MRS. GORDON L. LLEWELLYN Sally PAGE 114WIVES MRS. JAMES D. LLEWELLYN Marilyn MRS. RUDOLPH M. LOPEZ Suzanne MRS. DON LYLES Filla Mae MRS. RICHARD McCRAW Cynthia MRS. JIMMY A. McMULLEN Mary Louise MRS. THOMAS O. McWhorter Louise MRS. ERNEST L. MILLER Charlecn MRS. CEORCE W. MILLER Betty MRS. 1L II. MOORE Brownie MRS. JOE E. NEWTON Clara MRS. ROBERT H. NEILSEN Pat MRS. IIUARD H. NORTON Jo Marie PACE 115LAW MRS. JOHN M. O’CONNOR Ki» MRS. MELVIN W. PARSE Jan MRS. PAUL W. PERSONS Bess MRS. JOE N. PRATT Lucille Chairman, Yearbook Committee MRS. WILLIAM REIFF Joyce MRS. FRANK RISEDEN Mildred MRS. JOHN P. RITCHIE Ann MRS. FRED W. ROBINSON Pat MRS. JERRY SHURLEY Jackie MRS. FRANKLIN SPEARS Jo Ann MRS. GENE E. STEED Marvel MRS. DONALD STEGALL Mary Ann PACE 116WIVES MRS. RONALD D. STEPHENS Barbara MRS. WINDELL STIEFER Hope MRS. EDWIN W. STOCKLY Gladys MRS. WILLIAM A. STOUT Ann MRS. WAYNE STURDIVANT Ann MRS. WILLIAM THURMOND Betty MRS. ROBERT WALKER Astrid MRS. THOMAS B. WARREN Margaret MRS. RICHARD L. WESTLAKE Dorothy MRS. MARSHALL L. WILSON Martha MRS. ROBERT E. WILSON Mary MRS. J. HAL WOODS Jean PACE 117 I I lThe University of Texas Bar Association BOARD OF GOVERNORS , left to right: (seated) McDonald, Pate, Nelson, Hawn, and Vollers; (standing) Cabaniss, York, Shivers, McCall, Duggan, Zgouridcs, Carpenter, Gillespie, Fairey, Cohn, Damcris, Moore, and Graham. BOARD OF GOVERNORS Bar Association President ............. Vice-President......... Secretary-Treasurer . . Honor Council Chairman................ Senior Law Class President.............. Vice-President......... Secretary-Treasurer . . Mid-Law Class President.............. Vice-President......... Secretary-Treasurer . . First-Year Law Class President.............. Vice-President......... Secretary-Treasurer . . Student Assembly Law Assemblyman . . . . Law Assemblyman . . . . Summer Session Fall Semester Spring Semester Glynn McDonald Gordon Pate Glynn McDonald . . . Gordon Pate Delmar Sroufc (Acting). . Jim Vollers Carl Eue (Acting) .... Morris McCall .... Morris McCall Winfred Hooper Bill Dingle (Acting) .... Lee Duggan Gus Zgouridcs . . . . , Bob Carpenter . . . . , Chuck Cabaniss Jim Calawav Bill Gillespie Bob Fairey Bill Finger Pat Holloway (Appmt.) . . Jack Tidwell (Appmt.) Chuck Cabaniss . . . . Ed York PACE 120Univ. of Texas Bar Assn. Officers of the Bar Association during 1953-54 were (left to right) Gordon Pate, vice-president; Glynn McDonald, president, and Luther Nelson, secretary-treasurer. The Bar Association is composed of all students registered in the School of Law; the officers act as the executive branch, the Board of Governors as the legislative branch, and the Honor Council as the judicial branch. Officials of the Bar Association are elected by the students and work to solve problems of the law students, independently and in cooperation with the administration. Univ. of Texas Students Assn. All students in the School of Law are members of the University-wide Students Association as well as the Bar Association. Certain offices within the Students Association are required to be filled by law students, but in addition, law students generally fill many other responsible posts. Law students and the offices they held during 1953-54 were (left to right) Chuck Caba-niss and Ed York, law assemblymen; Sonny Sowell, vice-president; Franklin Spears, president; Bill Marschall, chief justice; Jim Mc-Kcithan, associate justice , and Ed Notcstine, attorney general. American Law Student Assn. The Bar A ssoci ation is a member of the American Law Student Association, which includes over a hundred ABA-approved law schools and was organized to accumulate and distribute information on conducting all types of beneficial student bar association activities. The ALSA Board of Governors during 1953-54 included (third from left) Chuck Cabaniss of Texas , vice-president in charge of the 5th Circuit, and (head of table) Bill Brice of SMU, president. PAGE 1211954 Law Day Steering Committee At head of table: Ed York Chairman Beginning at left: Jack Meyer Speakers Chuck Cabaniss Public Relations Sonny Sowell Assault it Flattery John Wild Barristers Ball Hadley Edgar Refreshments Robert Katz Program Bill Marschall Facilities Bill Neary Finance Not shown: Bill Gillespie Scholastic Awards John Dorris Public Relations Dedication Steering Committee (Left to right) Norman Black, Open-House Tour; Morris McCall, Barbecue; Lee Duggan, Ushers; Robert Don-alson, Co-Chairman, and Raymond McKim, Co-Chairman. Not shown: Edwin Weiss, Student Asst, to the Dean; Joe Evins, Co-Chairman; O. P. Newberry, Transportation, and Katherine Conti. Ladies Entertainment.Honor Council and Honor Code HONOR COUNCIL CODE FOR STUDENT SUPERVISION OF EXAMINATIONS Morris Mitchell Fall Chairman Gordon Hawn Spring Chairman Barton Boling Don Squibb Fall and Spring Senior Reps. Gordon Hawn Fall Senior Rep. Everett McCrum Spring Senior Rep. Norman Black James Wright Fall and Spring Mid-Law Reps. John Estes Fall First-Year Rep. Paul Kirton Spring First-Year Rep. ARTICLE I Examinations stall lx- conducted under tile following regulations: 1. Students shall sit in alternate scats and the faculty shall provide sufficient seating arrangements fur this purpose. 2. There shall Ire no unnecessary conversation and no other communication of any kind during the examination period. 3. No student shall leave the room in which an examination is being conducted witlxxit first signing an absence paper provided for that purpose by the quizmaster. 4. No papers, books, notes, or notebooks of any description shall hi- brought Into the examination room. 5. Bluebooks. typewriting paper, and hVntters shall lx- furnished to the students by the School of Law. (i All students shall sign the following pledge: 1 HAVE NEITHER GIVEN NOR RECEIVED AID ON THIS EXAMINATION NOR HAVE I SEEN AW ONE SO DOING. 7. No examination paper shall he guided unless it Ix-iux the signed pledge written out in full, or the absence of inch pledge is satisfactorily explained to the faculty member under whom the course is token. 8. Any faculty member, assigning special written work, and setting forth special rules for its preparation, may. by requesting the signing of the pledge as above set forth, include such roles within this Gxie. ARTICLE II 1. All violations or infractions of this Code shall be tried la-fore the Student Council of the School of Law (the Honor Council). 2. through «. (Cover elections to the llotiur Council and are largely outmoded.) 7. All meetings of the Council stall be closed to the public, but any hearing of evideix-c or conduct of trial, upon the request of the accused, stall be opened to the entire student body and Faculty of the School of Law. 8. No person shall hi- convicted except by a vote of five members of the Council for the Long Session, or if the hearing is before the summer Council, then by vote of four members. No conviction or penalty assessed shall be final without the final approval of the Faculty of the School of law. 9. Any acquittal by the Council shall be a final disposition of the case. 10. The Council otherwise than herein provided, shall prescribe its own roles of procedure and shall levy such punishment or penalty as it deems advisable. 11. Any imexcuscd failure of any student to appear aixl give testimony lx-fore the Council when called upon by that body shall he a contempt and shall lx- punishable by tlie Council in such manner as it deems advisable. 12 The Dean of the School of Ioiw shall appoint a disinterested member of the law faculty to be present as a visitor at all hearings or examinations conducted by tlx- Council. 13. If the Council for the lung session fails to complete any business, tlx- work shall be given over to the Council for the Summer session. Any violation or infraction of this Code discovered after the summer session tas ended may he tried by the Faculty of the School of Law or be postponed until the meeting of tlx- Council for the long session, as tlie accused student may choose. 14. This Code may Ik- amensled at the regular election of the chairman of the Student Council by a two-thirds majority of those voting therein, provided that one-half of those registered In the School of Law vote in said election. All proposed amendments shall lx- approved by ami submitted through the Student Council or tlx- nominating committee. ARTICLE III Before tin- November quizzes of each Long Session, the Student Council shall call for a vote by ballot and should one-third of the student body refuse In pledge active support to the Code, including reporting of cheating, this Cede shall become without effect. Left to right: John Estes, Gordon Hawn, Morris Mitchell, Norman Black, James Wright, and Don Squibb. Not shown: Everett McCrum, Barton Boling, and Paul Kirton. PACE 123(Above) Townes Hall tour director Black delivers the two-bit chamber of commerce spiel. (Above) Texas Bar president Glenn Turner informed the prospective attorneys of organized bar activities. (Below) Outstanding student awards were presented Steely, senior; Cabaniss, first-year, and Weiss, mid-law. (Above, right) Defense counsel Josh Groce highlighted afternoon program on Law Day. (Below) P laintiff lawyer Orville Richardson, visiting speaker from St. Louis, tries on his Texas hat. 1953 LAW DAY PACE 124 (Below) Special awards emcee Boling presents a “Dallas Special" to Professor Stumberg, n o t e d criminal law authority.(Below) Law Wives again hold the audience 's Attention: will Marsha regain John s love — or must the sponsor find a new show ? PACE (Above) Dc Ita Theta Phi's Philadelphia lawyer attempts to make some time with two ladies ol the chorus. (Below) Jack Proctor's Beef Trust, or “The Denmark Half-Dozen ”, display a dozen wicked legs. What did we expect — 13? PA ’ (Above, left) Assault Flattery pulchritude was supplied by the Law Wives; 'course anyone knows Procedure was never like this I (Below) Recess refreshments outside Batts Hall Auditorium attracted scores of the spectators, Anybody for a coke ? (Above) The Chancellors tappe members of the audience u leadership of Jackson Hubbar(Above) GiR Kirkpatrick is obviously quite tickled and Jim Webb isn’t quite sure just why. SUMMER (Above) O-o-o-o La, la! Jo Ann Foster and June Trawcok present the boys with their version of the latest cheese-cake. PACE 126 (Above)Looks like Bill Dingle is challenging Charlie Pirtle to a Chug-a-lug race, while Jim Cunningham smiles with approval. (Below) Jack Forrester and date pose for the roving cameraman and smile as he says "Watch the birdie". (Below) V irginia Weaver, Dorothy Finger and Marianne Williams relaxing, while Glynda Cobb and Betty Bridgman are gossiping. (Above) Ah, ah, George, beware of those fingers! After all, a Shelley-burger might not taste so good. (Right) Bill Gillespie a n d Dick Mc-Kaughan wait as Marvin Foster inflates the sphere for a game of Water Polo.PICNIC (Above) It’s hard to tell whether Bill Gillespie is putting those bottles in or taking them out--seems to have that “clutch-grip" on them either way. (Left) George and Betty Bridgman trip the light fantastic—in shorts yet--while Glynda Cobb smiles her approval. (Above) Dick McKaughan and Jane "Miss Texas” Holcomb McKaughan casting a backward glance. I’ll take the one on the right, thank you. (Below) Professor Joe Sneed seems to be extolling the merits of G rand Prize to his missus while Jane McKaughan listens intently. (Above) Bar Association Proxy Glynn McDonald and B e a v e r spread thier blanket under a shade tree and settled down to a little serious drinking. PACE 127 (Above) Marvin Foster, Toby Goldsmith, Helen Evans, Margaret Thompson, et al. gather for a quick parley before taking another dip in the pool. (Below) Jim Callaway and Carolyn Prcbble appear to be keeping warm together between dips.(Above) “There it is, change number six.” (Above) Assistant Dean Proctor gives the word to first-year students during orientation while student leaders await their part of the program. SIGN-UP (Right) First-year students listen intently during orientation program......the pressure's on. PACE 128 (Left) “Section closed. Humph!”(Above) Bush-beaters were notable by their absence during Portia election. (Right) “My friends, I promise you that...” (Left) Several days’ entertainment were provided by DeMoss' signs. PAGE 129 (Above) Preferential ballots are distributed during fall assemblymen race. VOTINGa M2 0H H A L D E D I C A T I O (Left) United States Attorney General Herbert Brownell, Jr., delivered the dedication address on Saturday, December 5, 1953, when Townes Hall and Tarleton Library were formally dedicated. Other dedication speakers included Thomas Taliaferro, 1911 Class president who presented several portraits to the school; Logan Wilson, University president; James P. Hart, University chancellor; Tom Sealy, University Board of Regents chairman; J. E. Hickman, Supreme Court of Texas chief justice; W. U White, Law School Association president, and Charles I. Francis, Law School Foundation president. (Below) Attorney General Brownell was kept busy chatting with Dedication program guests during the intermission. (Above) Part of the large crowd of students and visitors who attended the Saturday morning cation program. PACE 130(Left) Chief Justice J. E. Hickman of the Supreme Court of Texas was one of the most notable speakers during Dedication ceremonies. Chancellor J a m e s P. Hart, another speaker, is seated at the right. (Below) Hundreds of guests enjoyed the barbecue served under the massive bulk of Memorial Stadium, only a short walk from Townes Hall. (Above) A large group of visiting alumni and student members attended the Phi Alpa Delta luncheon at the University Tea House. (Right) The late morning sun beat down on speakers and listeners alike during the latter phases of the Dedication program. Attorney General Brownell was speaking at the time. PACE 131PEREGRINUS BOARD (Left to right) Alton Griffin, senior; Frank Maloney, first-year; Marvin Foster, senior; Joe Martin, mid-law; Chuck Cabaniss, Peregrinus editor; Robert Katz, mid-law; and Glynn McDonald, Bar Association president. Not shown are George Smyth, senior; and Everett McCrum, Moot Court chairman. DICTA BOARD (Seated, left to right) Thano Damcris, first-year president; Jim Vollcrs, senior president; Lee Duggan, midlaw president. (Standing) Robert Hcaron, Law Review editor-in-chief; Chuck Cabaniss, Peregrinus editor. PACE 1321953-54 DICTA STAFF Co-editors for the fall semester were Jim McKeithan and Morris McCall, at left. Not shown is Ed Stockley, who was selected for editor in the spring. Activities reporters included Harold Kleinman, Bob Carpenter, Leslie Bauch, Art Cochman , and Hal DeMoss, while Jim Wright was chief printer. (Right) Seated, left to right are Argie Cronfel, assistant copy editor j Bob Carpenter, Bar Association reporter; Nancy Dwyer and Ada Cronfel, assistant copy editors. (Left) Left to right are Chuck Cabaniss, reporter-at-large; Vernon Harville, copy editor; John Dorris, spring associate editor; Ed York, humor editor; and Newton Schwartz, fall associate editor. Not shown is Frank Maloney, copy editor. PAGE 133(Right) Summer associate case note editors included JamesMcKinneyand Dclmar Sroufe, August graduates. TEXAS LAW REVIEW In the large picture above, members of the Law Review staff discuss plans for one of the issues. (Seated, left to right) Wayne P. Sturdivant, case note editor; Robert Hearon, editor-in-chief; Harold F. Klcinroar., comment editor; Pat Holloway, articles editor; (Standing) Jack M. Yates, Dewey J. Gonsoulin, Robert P. Smith, and Robert D. Lemon, associate case note editors. Not shown is Rollins M. Koppel, associate case note editor. Texas Law Review prizes for 1952-53 were awarded to the following: best work from standpoint of quantity and quality, Robert Hearon; second-best work, Harold Kleinman; best comment, E. P. Woodruff and J. P. Williams; second-best comment. Dean Patton; best case note, Dclmar Sroufe; second-best case note, James McKeithan, and best taxation paper, Todd Weaver and Ed Weiss. RACE 1.34EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBERS EDITORIAL BOARD CANDIDATES Clarence A. Abramson Winston Lamar Adkins John Ballard Eennett Marian Boner John A. Bruce Caldwell C. Wendell Coffee Edmund Lewis Cogburn John T. Eubank, Jr. Pat A. Flynn Arthur M. Gochman James D. McCarver Glynn McDonald James McKeithan William I. Marschall, Jr. John Keil Meyer John P. Ritchie Stan Rosenberg Warren Shipman George White Terry Edwin E. Weiss Monty C. Barber Charles D. Cabaniss Katherine Conti George Donaldson Robert L. Donalson William L. Garwood Richard H. Gross Robert E. Hall Patricia Hinds Richard Hodges David S. Kidder William D. Neary James M. O’Leary John Lane Peck John Glenn Pew Joel Herbert Pullen Sander Wolf Shapiro Boyd Taylor George Thurmond William Townsley Richard W. Yarborough TEXAS LAW REVIEW (Left) Fall Editorial Board members were: (Seated, left to right) Glynn McDonald, James D. McCarver, John P. Ritchie. (Standing) C. Wendell Coffee, Edwin E. Weiss, and Warren Shipman. Members not shown are B e n n e 11, B o n e r, Caldwell, Cogburn, Eubank, Flynn, Gochman, McKeithan. (Below) Editorial Board members and candidates are photographed during the fall semester. PAGE 135 (Above) Regional Runners-Up: Hamilton, Brice, and Hay of S.M.U. (Left) Semi-Finalists : Curlee, Harris, and Smith with faculty advisor Vliet of Oklahoma. (Right) Semi-Finalists: Boling, McCrum, and Pate of Texas. PACE 136 MC OO OU T R T Regional Competition Drawing G ray Thoron Former Moot Court Director Will Wilson Texas Supreme Court Justice Gaynor Kendall Current Moot Court Director Carl Bue Fall Board Chairman Board of Student Managers (Seated, left to right) Morris McCall, Everett McCrum, spring c h a i r m a n ; Barton Boling. (Standing) James Reed and Gordon Pate. (Top circle) State Junior Bar Champions: Lemon and Weiss of Texas. (Lower circle) R e g i o n a 1 Champions: Dalton, Peragine, and Kelly of L. S. U.MOOT COURT CHAMPIONS Jack Lapin Norman Black MOOT COURT RUNNERS-UP Kelly Dan Williams Hugh Matthews QUARTER -FINALISTS (Left) Bill Perkins Bill Moeller (Right) Bill Gillespie Dick Davis PACE 137 SEMI-FINALISTS (Left) Franklin Spears Sonny Sowell (Right) Bill Clark Lee Duggan QUARTER-FINALISTS QUARTER-FINALISTS Gordon Briscoe Freeman Bullock ■■I - Jim McKeithan Newton Schwartz(Right) Mrs. Evelyn Archer, Austin attorney, chats with law students Shirley Mac lin, Kathy Barlow and Shirley Bitterman. MEMBERS Mrs. Shirley Bitterman Mrs. Marian Boner Mrs. Mary Joe Carroll Katherine W. Conti KAPPA BETA PI (Above) Chapter officers for 1 953-54 were (left to right) Patricia Hinds, chancellor; Argentina Cronfel, registrar; Katherine Conti, dean; and Shirley Maclin, vice-dean. Argentine Cronfel Patricia Hinds Mrs. Dolores Kazen Mrs. Shirley Maclin Mrs. Pat Proctor SPRING INITIATES Katherine Barlow Grace Ann Hardin Rosa Jane White Mrs. Irma Jean Wink (Below) 1953 Portia, Pat Hinds, smilingly serves Rosa White coffee. PACE 138ETA CHAPTER (Above)Seated (left to right): Mrs. Mary Joe Carroll, Mrs. Pat Proctor, Mrs. Ellen M. Janousek, International Grand Dean of Kappa Beta Pi, and Mrs. Dolores K a z e n . Standing: M rs. Corwin Johnson, Mrs. William Fritz, Mrs. Marietta Creel, assistant attorney general, and Mrs. Marian Boner. (Left) Argentina Cronfel, Kathe rine Conti, Mrs. Evelyn Archer, Mrs. Madge Keeton, and Shirley Maclinenjoy luncheon at the University Tea House. AUSTIN ALUMNI PARTICIPATING IN CHAPTER ACTIVITIES Miss Doris H. Conncrly Mrs. Wylie F. Creel Miss Helen Hargrave Mrs. W. Page Keeton Miss Louise Kirk Miss Leona Malstrom Miss Annie I. Maxwell Miss Suzette Meyer Mrs. Millard H. Ruud Mrs. Anna I. Sandbo Miss lone P. Spears Mrs. George W. Stumberg Mrs. Mary Kate Wall Mrs. Jcrrc S. Williams Mrs. Adele Zedler (Below) Katherine Conti, Dean of Kappa Beta Pi, seems to enjoy remarks by alumnus, Mrs. Evelyn Archer. PACE 139(Above) Fall officers include Robert W. Carlson, vice-president; James D. Cunningham, treasurer, and Charles R. Pirtle, president. Not shown are Roy Lee Bell, secretary; Jack Hornaday, historian, and Jack Hubbard, sergeant-at-arms. (Right) Members with wives and dates enjoying the Yule time spirit at their gala Christmas party. PRAETORS MEMBERS Jim Cunningham Bill Dingle John Dorris Pat Everitt Bill Gidley Fred Goad Bill Harris Vernon Harville Paul Hill Jack Hornaday Dan Hurley Mart Lapin Vern Martin PACE 140 (Above) Spring office rs, left t o right, include James D. Wright, vice-president; Frederick Goad; sergeant-at-arms; George Miller, historian; Norvell Monroe, secretary; and Patrick Everitt, president. Not shown is John Dorris, treasurer. (Left) With hands on hips, Charlie Pirtle, fall president, and his pretty wife, Colleen, chit-chat. MEMBERS Walker Metcalf George Miller Norvell Monroe Charles Pirtle James Presnal James Wright PLEDGES Myron Garner Harrell Moore Bill Moss PACE 141PHI DELTA MEMBERS Clarence A. Abramson Winston L. Adkins Monty Barber Edmund Bcnchoff John B. Bennett Norman Black William B. Bonham George Bridgeman Cordon Briscoe Freeman M. Bullock John B. Caldwell William C. Clark John W. Claybrook Jamie H. Clements Charles W. Coffee Jack F. Cook Jack Curry Tyler W. Dann Joseph Davis Perry Davis Sam J. Day Harold R. DeMoss Robert L. Donalson George A. Donaldson John T. Eubank James S. Fuller William L. Garwood Dewey J. Gonsoulin Richard H. Gross Donald L. Gould Robert E. Hall Joseph P. Hammond Robert J. Hearon Henry G. Hight Vernon Hill Richard H. Hodges Pat S. Holloway Winfred Hooper Ford Hubbard Robert E. Jones Horace Kclton David Kidder Rollins Koppel Brittow Laughter, Jr. James O. McCarver James McKcithan Raymond McKim James D. McKinney William L Marshall, Jr. William D. Neary Huck Newberry Louis G. Newmann Joseph Newton Robert H. Nielson Bob Norris (Above, left) 1953 Officers of Roberts Inn were Patrick Flynn, Historian; Harold Kleinman, Exchequer; J. K. Taylor, Clerk, and Edwin Weiss, Magister. (Above) Taylor mans the information booth in an initial phase of Phi Delta Phi's Counseling Service which is designed to aid beginning law students in adapting themselves to law study methods. I PAGE 112ROBERTS INN (Above, right) 1954 Officers of Roberts Inn are Jack Meyer, Exchequer; Joel Pullen, Historian, and Jim O'Leary, Magistcr. Not shown is Charles "Sonny" Sowell, Clerk. (Above) Texas Law Review staffers Smith, Gonsoulin, and Klcinman attack a problem during a TLR function which was included in Dedication program activities. MEMBERS Edmund Notcstine James Pakenhsm John L. Peck Paul Persons John G. Pew Alphonse Ragland, III Jess P. Rhodes, Jr. Tommy Rodman Howard V. Rose Stanley D. Rosenburg Sandor Shapiro Warren W. Shipman Hamp Smead Robert Smith Sterling Steves James M. Strock Wayne R. Sturdivant Charles Sugarman George H. Thurmond Charles Louis Tighc Herman Wing Richard W. Yarborough Jack M. Yates SPRING INITIATES Evans Attwell Bob Bledsoe Charles Boston Edd Burke, Jr. Don Canuteson Ed Cogbum Finis Cowan Herb Crook Richard Davis Hadley Edgar, Jr. Dick Freling Joe French Bill Gibson Jack Lapin Towner Lceper John Mitchell Melvin W. Parse Melbert Schwarz Dolph Simon Ed Stockley Jack Sowell Bill Stout Bob Travis Bob Walls William Watson, Jr. Dick Wells Harry Willett Hal Woods PACE: 143•' m mi , (Above) ’53 Portia Pat Hinds is the center of attraction for Sterling Steves and Dean Page Keeton. (Above) TLR staffer Harold Klein-man is not studying in a bar, only looks that way. (Above) Moot Court champ Norman Black and date seem to be enjoying themselves. (Right) Shelby and TLR editor Bob Hearon make their entrance. (Below) The Loyalist Young Demo contingent smile for the cameraman: Vernon and Barbara Hill, Pat and J. K. Taylor, and Beverly and Bob Hall. PACE 144 (Above) Toni Corwin and Jim Strock display varying reactions to Professor Gus Hodges conversation, and even Mrs. Hodges reveals a quizzical expression. (Below) Tex Abramson appears surrounded by young lovelies. PHI DEL(Left) Chief Justice Bill Marschali found the executive branch of student government rather e n t i c i n g in the form of Secretary Amy Johnson. (Below)Mustbe “a Betty Bridgman an (Above) It was a different party, but Dick Hodges seems to be enjoying himself anyway. house divided,” since George and flanked by Linda and Pat Holloway. TA PHI (Above) Magister Ed Weiss introduces honorary member W. St. John Garwood, Associate Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. (Above) Who’s protecting whom? Chuck Sugarman and date Son-dra Weiss, Stan Rosenberg and date Sandra Sugarman. Above) a res ipsa case proving that Delts go with eautiful girls; Ballard Bennett and date, Mary Jo Savage, Bill Bonham, and Nalda Van Brunt. (Below) Grady and Lynn Hight seem amused at the question: is it mink? PACE 145PHI ALPHA r m nr a MEMBERS Barton Boling Jack Brandon Tony Brocato Jim B. Bryan Jim Calaway Dale Carpenter John Davidson Jeff Davis John Donovan Jack Duncan Bill Eamey Joe Evins Gene Fondren Ed Forbis Jack Forrester Sam French Pat Gardner Bill Gillespie Hank Gilliam Arthur Gochman Ira Goodrich Jack Hampton Harold Harriger Gordon Hawn Jack Holland Nat Jones BiU Kerr Chauncy Leake Jim Llewellyn Meredith Long Lloyd Longmirc Jim McMullen Jack MacAyeal John McClain Mark McLaughlin Tom McWhorter Joe Martin Bill Meyer Morris Mitchell Fred Moore John O'Connor Gordon Pate Bill Perkins Joe Pratt Jim Read Pat Reagan John Ritchie Fred Robinson (Above, left) Fall Officers of Clark Chapter were Ed York, Treasurer; Jim Pratt, Clerk; Carl Bue, Vice-Justice, and Bob Lemon, Justice. Not shown are Scott Moore, Historian, and Grover Stephens, Reporter. (Above) Evins and Stephens check one of the many law volumes which arc handled by the PAD Book Exchange; the exchange saves a considerable amount of money for thrifty law students who sell and buy used books. PAGE 146CLARK CHAPTER (Above, right) Spring Officers were Bob Carpenter, Historian; Gus Zgourides, Vice-Justice, and Luther Nelson, Justice. Not shown are Robert O. Smith, Clerk; Jim Webb, Treasurer, and Will Barber, Reporter. (Above, far left) Profits from the book exchange were used by PAD to purchase a television set which was donated to the school for the student lounge. (Above, center) Gillespie was one of PAD'S most successful political candidates. MEMBERS Larry Robinson Wallis Schulle Newton Schwartz John Seale Irwin Shellman Franklin Spears Ronald Stephens John Sullivan Don Squibb Boyd Taylor Jack Tidwell John Touchstone Bill T ownsley Randy Wheelus Dan Winn Dan Williams SPRING INITIATES Max Allen Pat Bailey John Eli a son Lynwood Elliott Walter Frakcr Jim Graham Dick Hall A1 Hamilton Jim Hammond W inton Hampton Bill Hill Corky Howard Jerry Kirby Paul Kirton Gordon Llewellyn Bill McDonald M. L. Null Louis Paine Jim Parker W. J. Sames, III Gene Steed Roy Rawls Bill Rountree Marcus Singletary Robert L. Tlromas Mack Tichenor J. L. Walker Willis Whatley PACE 147(Above) Who’s drinking beer on a night like this? Don’t know the names, but aren’t the three young ladies lovely ? (Below) Wha hoppened, Hank? Couldn’t have been that a Gilliam joke fizzled? (Above) A Gus Zgourides motto each one lovelier than the last. (Above) Ed York, scoundrel of the plot, bars the door to non-paying PADs. (Right) Bill Meyer, another perennial Casanova, displays one of his covey of lovelies. (Below) Pat, your date's getting bored! Pat......oh, well, Gardner was probably talking to someone clsc's date anyway.HA DELTA (Above) Mark McLaughlin chats with Justice William O. Douglas at the PAD Reception, Palomino Club. (Above) Frank Maloney and his lovely seem to appreciate the conversation. (Below) Faculty Sponsor of PAD, Gray Thoron, and his Missus are obviously having a good time visiting with Mary Lou Lemon. PACE 149 (Above) Gorgon Pate and Shirley Riley seem to be enjoying the beverages and company at PAD Country Club Dance. (Below) John Donovan’s date looks a-musedas he gives his drink the “sniff test.” (Left) Students Association President Franklin Spears and Jo Ann stop to shake hands on entering the Country Club. (Above) The Country Club atmosphere seems to a-gree with handsome Don Squibb and his date.DELTA THETA PHI PACE 150 (Above, left) Fall Officers were Toby Goldsmith, Bailiff; Everett McCrum, Clerk of Exchequer; Morris McCall, Master of Ritual; Ralph Daniel, Vice-Dean; Alton Griffin, Dean, and Jerry Creighton, Clerk of Rolls. Not shown arc Marvin Foster, Tribune, and Jerry Prestridge, House Manager. MEMBERS John M. Anderson Raymond D. Anderson Dudley P. Andrews Leslie E. Bauch Charles D. Cabaniss William E. Carroll Maston C. Courtney Gerald J. Creighton Ralph S. Daniel Guy A. Davis Henry L. Evans, Jr. George W. Finger Marvin F. Foster, Jr. Thomas J. Franklin E. L. (Toby) Goldsmith Alton R. Griffin William C. Hooser Clyde M. Hudson Dale L. Kncss Larry L. Lambert Peter J. LaValle Morris D. McCall Donald McCormick Benny McClure Everett S. McCrum Glynn McDonald Robert Maclin Jerry C. Prestridge Johnnie B. Rogers (Right) Dean Keeton speaks at organisational meeting of Pre-Law Society sponsored by DTP, whose committee chairman McCall looks on. (Far right) DTP politicians McDonald and Cabaniss participated in program during fall law assembly-man campaign.SAM HOUSTON (Above, right) Spring Officers were Lin Shivers, Master of Ritual; Guy Davis, Bailiff; George Smyth, Clerk of Rolls; Clyde Hudson, House Manager; Toby Goldsmith, Vice-Dean, and Everett McCrum, Dean. Not shown are Jerry Prestridge, Tribune, and Bob Walker, Clerk of Exchequer. MEMBERS r (Above) Sam Houston Senate House is located at 202 Archway and is the center of fraternity activity. Eight members live at the Senate House which serves the group for meetings, informal bull and television sessions, and barbecue dinners prepared ranch-style at the backyard barbecue pit. John D. Sargent Nelson R. Sharpe Linward P. Shivers Clyde E. Smith, Jr. John M. Smith George H. Smyth Jerry Sowder Dclmar Sroufe Paul H. Stanford George W. Terry James G. Vletas Jimmy D. Vollers Robert L. Walker Harlan T. Weaver M. C. (Mike) Whalen Marshall L. Wilson John R. Wright SPRING PLEDGES Billy J. Brabham Sidney C. Farrar James Flynt William H. Leifeste Charles Lundelius David McAngus Walter T. Norman Joe Ridings William G. Soloman PAGE 151DELTA TH (Above) GeorgeTerry makes a toast with an unshown young lady. Catch the smirk. (Right) Jack Sargent and date smile graciously as they leave the dance floor. (Below) Mike Whalen and Martha Wilson talkto Mike’s date, but Marsh apparently is asking for a match. LS MFT. PACE 152 (Above) Kathi Conti and Clyde Hudson register surprise when the flash bulb pops. (Above) Bar Association President Glynn McDonald poses; why can’t you look natural like Beaver,Glynn? (Above) Jo Ann Foster, Alton Griffin and Helen and Henry Evans enjoy the Delta Theta Phi Fall Reception. (Below) Charlie Laws, Beaver and Glynn McDonald, and Morris McCall entertain the group with “Piano Roll Blues.”PACE 153 (Above) Vice-Dean Ralph Daniel and date both agree the party is a huge success. (Above) Paul Stafford and date, a Baylor lovely, make a handsome couple. ETA PHI ✓ (Left) Another lovely, Eula Mae Bass, (Above)Jerry Prc t- smiles for the cameraman, but that ri Re ° ° S. a °Ut , . . , , D.„ „ . ready to begin his handsome hunk a man Bill Hooscr is . ' _ 8 . , Apache Dance, too coy to look. (Below) Lin Shivers and a local lovely smile for the photographer. (Above) Chuck Cabaniss and Carolyn Preble enjoy themselves at the DTP Christmas Party. (Below) Jim Vollcrs and Margaret Thompson are uncertain as to the veracity of the last comment.°You are a member of the UNIVERSITY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, INC. ................and entitled to share in the savings Save your cash register receipts and turn them in at the end of each term for your share in the savings. I •ALL STUDENTS AND FACULTY AUTOMATICALLY BECOME MEMBERS UPON REGISTRATION IN THE UNIVERSITY. PACE 156IF IT’S FOR A TEXAS LAW LIBRARY ASK VERNON STATUTES REPORTERS DIGESTS LOCAL BOOKS Compliments of HILSBERG'S 21 st Wichita May We Be Your Druggist TOWER DRUG 2807 San Jacinto Phone: 8-4644 VERNON LAW BOOK CO. KANSAS CITY 6, MO.Reminiscing . . . 1951 Portia Miss Charlotte Tonroy (above) 1951 Editor Connell Ashley (right) THE HITCHIN' POST "Where the cuisine of the South meets that of the West” For Reservations Phone 8-SS27 Austin, Texas 1011 Lamar Boulevard MOBLEY BROTHERS' BARBER SHOP 2813 San Jacinto Around the Corner from Law School Don’t go elsewhere to get trimmed. Come here. Cordial Greetings and Good Wishes to PEREGRINUS Its Staff, the Faculty, Students and Alumni of the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS LAW SCHOOL West Publishing Co. St. Paul 2, Minn. PAGE 158The UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Thoroughly Texan, the Senior Ring of the University of Texas Law School carries an elegance that befits the dignity of the University Graduate. Available for your class regardless of year. HEMPHILLS 109 E. 21st St. AUSTIN, TEXAS 2501 Guadalupe St. THE BRIDGEWAY 2616 Wichita OLD SEVILLE RESTAURANT We cater to private groups Serving Mexican and American Food 16th at Guadalupe Phone 8-4321 PAGE IReminiscing . . 1953 Portia Mi» Pat Hind (above) 1953 Editor Charles E. McDonald (left) Congratulations to the Class of 1954 ARTHUR MITCHELL BAR REVIEW COURSE Austin, Texas Where Photography is a Profession! JOHN ZIMMERLI WALTER BARNES STUDIO 5402 Merrimac Tel. Taylor 0381 Dallas 6, Texas Sinah Colburn Walter Barnes 1204 Lamar Blvd. Austin, Texas Second-I land Bargains Terms If Desired Can and Will Furnish Complete Libraries Inclusive All Text Books Ask for Quotations Your Class Panel is in our Files The Official Bing of The University of Texas Law School 6'A dwt. 8J ihvt. $22.95 $24.95 •Plus Federal Excise Tax Back Dates $2.50 Extra Give Finger Size and Class When Ordering from The University of Texas Bar Association or College Seal Crest Co. 236-A Broadway, Cambridge 39, Mass. PAGE 100

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