University of Texas at El Paso - Flowsheet Yearbook (El Paso, TX)

 - Class of 1964

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University of Texas at El Paso - Flowsheet Yearbook (El Paso, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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our fiftieth year n w -. A -4w"5" 1- o,.a1. ,- Y 1 1 'K Liv 'Q ' ,f . I- 14' s f Urvflfugl. , 1 1 X , A ."1'."n.- NY- 7 4 -'A-Q., H v 'Q QQ" ,.,3',,.-q sc." 2-lu : .-4.-an --Q-QQ... - .1-..-..,.. ' ' wkvxrxfw .-vi: "" ' 5 I, E 4 I r 'lr' 4 1 . xqfguh " Q' W 1,w. -QT.'?f'l'g'-L 9' - '5 "Q"1--5-'.'-ff . fv .UQ ,M ' ,.,, 'fu fr 4 w -S- A fx 'L y. . Y , .' ' ....47"1"-' ' .,-.un-w.gpd 'f ' ,,,.. 'fyniw 'f---. rvvhs -v--..n ...... ,u 4 ,.':L.L -he ,,.7--1------- F v-v ' , . an , ,Q-,J ,i , A ..........-- ..l'idu4f..,,,,.: I ' 4 .11",u. ...' 5 ,...dlu -'f ' 'dia A FLGWSHEET 19 64 Golden Anniversary Edition 5 00 Q 1913 19 my QD v"" AQ 5 61 k,,5,i QWWE 1'1'Hl Q TEXAS WESTERN CGLLEGE of the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS EDITORIAL STAFF PRODL CTIOIN STAFF EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOI1 BUSINESS MANAGER ADVISOR Sporta Fdltor Llassiflcatlons Edltor Feature Edltor Faculty Edltor Actn mes Editor M1l1tarv Editor Photographers Artist Layout Edltor Copy Editor Head Typist Ixit Detwiler Ma. i Wiswell Walt McColloch J. I. Middagh SUSIE Boyd Susan Yonge Ixaren Johnson Nelson Sanders Nancy Ekdall Anne Fitch Jeff Berry Cralg Waters Steve Edwards ebay Sexton Mary Cocozza Donna Jones I Organization Editor Liz Mccutcheon ' ' P ao' ' ag -, x A gJ3"3iL.,,L,.-,,f:- ,. CONTENTS CAMPUS LIFE 9 FLOWSHEET SALUTES 73 CLASSIFICATIO NS 113 FACULTY 169 ORGANIZATIONS 189 ATHLETICS 265 MILITARY 307 ADVERTISEMENTS 327 I DEDICAT ION BAXTER POLK -. .-4 3 Since- Mr. l'nlk's arrival lu thi- Nctllllflgf' of Minef' llll' LYlllXl'I'5lll' nl Uklulwrml, mul llis 31.3. il--gn-v iii in 1936. ln- liaw liafl une' goal' -In Illillit' the lilvrary num- l,ilPl'ilI'f Svin-in-1' lrmn liuvllllillriil l'11ix'e'i'+iIy. lim-riule' uwlul uml nwrv flttmfjlixn- In lmtli QI'HllllLllf'F mul un- Hr. Volkl iluliw ax lllifllllllll. lui liar I.K'llHIAlNl'll in 1lm-rgrumlualvs. lfiwrii Sl rm-rv 12,0011 wlniilws that we-rv numy ilrluimliv IllUIllIl'llllllN. mul lu- lun lllvb purlivi in tln- lilvrzwy' ul nhl- lime' ul liis HI'PIJllllIlIHi'lll as llf'Ll4l lull:-il in niaiuy 1-ulluzxil pi'-rio-vlx in lin- lil Paw RlI'l'Ll llllliilflilll. llie- uuml-1-r ul lwlilvx has grmxii In mow- than l:l'l'2lll5l' iw urn' Ql'Llll'lil1l lf-r nur llllliillfl liwzlllxn l30.0lDl'L Plum lui' ilu- nf-xt ll'Il yvars llI4'lllKlt' an t'Yt'll ww- am' prwinl ul nur llllfillf. lnwullw- uf our lllilllfllllll ffwatvi' lIll'l'1'1l51' up lu 5U0,ll0fl xulunn-S. p1-1-sfmuI,l.- uit. :mil lil-1 num- lu- is nur frie-ml ul- ll.-fl Nlr. Polk l'l'f'l'lXl'fl lib B. A. in l2lljIllSll ami Spanish if-ala' lliif, Hlll' llulflvn 'Xii1iiwi'N:1i'y lfililiwxi ul llu' lfluu um l'lau'4lin Slllllllllllg. hix ll. 5. in l,ilura1ry Sviviirw- from slim-l. lu liLlXll'I' Pwllx. 7 'Z' C MP LIFE September. We greet old friends. We make new friends. We smile. We are gay. We pack sundresses away. We wear dark cottons. We stand in transcript lines, clutching a quarter all the while. We wade through registration. We watch classes close. We grab the wrong class cards. We see Dean Small. We cry for Dean Small. We stand in bookstore lines. We spend money. We spend too much mon- ey. We wear beanies. We carry buckets of whitewash. We check out the freshman ladies. We tremble through rush. We pledge, We carry paddles. We wait on actives. We go to class. We smile at the profes- sor. We growl at the professor. We study. We play. We cheer the Miners on to victory. We sing folksongs. November. We build house decorations and floats for Homecoming. We celebrate. We park on campus. We park off campus. We collect parking tickets. We dance. We go to Coed Ball. We go to the Military Ball. We sing Christmas carols. We pray during the silence of a free-throw. February. We take part in Sing Song. We are in Variety Show. We grow beards. May. We go to the Campus Carnival. We throw Sponges at pseudo-mer maids. We have fun. We laugh. We cram. We have finals. We cry. We graduate. We live. We are the students, from 1913 to 1964-and this is our Campus Life. Cbeerlefzffeiiv f6l!tl71:lIg yeffx. bm fidef fo the l110lll1lfIfJ7, freslynzelz lzzggnzg 5l1tWk,f of fye up the dope. lhen pfznirzg 111111 of 'Zl'l7jfEZl'fI5lJ lo be llvroufn by otbeu on live lv.5!l,fiz1'ele11e1'. Tbix 1:5166 Iraffilioaml fmizzfiug of Ike "M," as-nn1T.lm' yn, P-- NR' .- if 3.-. 'm ,, S X A R- 'ix ,,-f 5 ., ml .- m:d:.,,,45f? f .- Q A-.Ari jgfm 4 if-1' 'r L I ...T 2- ' ,-va - "' "'.-'sf ' '- ,..,Jl' 9. In ' 1'4v'frr"' N' . gf V' , '. . , 874 , ,Rv .,., xi.. -rv: V . as Q be , . ,gt X -Q' 'L N 5 'NU it Q -' 5 .-nw. :- -P 1- , ,gn P . Q xx 'Nia 'Rs ,A -N-ul I ff . A wwffgslsg ' 2 ' ltx ,1 - . Q.,.5.xx,,'5. 3 4 ' N. .U :J ..f .4 w, rw 4 2 , v-4 vs A :A ming, h Na, 11 4 , W iff---'fr"Hfig f "T .ka xp F ' ' ', Q-C , .if -mf: 5 1, : 'Gif QI' L . . w K 'fs-.EH V in -Ju .xjxx -'1' -,'.,, sf' . Ifjfff : f ve: . V ,A 2 Q fl I A ,yr 'Q-,fi-3, .,L.v:rf: 5.31, 'nd Elin ,VeflLfflkf7' s:'7 , . . 3, V .tw 'I'-:5, :5,KFQ:!:.- . gg A ,1v 4 :Vx 11 7 ,q?.,,y, A . ' y 5 m ,-N'-I Y: . ,1 nr, , ,n .. , ,l 12553A?f?f1j-Q?j43,:i"'Te5 "i if Wuilfsx , W' 'ff we " ' -Mr' L Q4 . r . :A F-15,5 X-,..25k,' A173 up .432 v -'w fi 3 -' pw .mf H : . N i ---V' 12 i 1 fl! Beau feedy are L1 bfzfk to ,frlvonf nzzzxl, for flvey fel .Yfllf!c'Ul'.f mee! one mmfher and relax from live cfmref of zzfzffzfkjxxj uflvjle five zvonzezz 5111461111 me Imzmz' 10 41 .Yl70Ilf of c'fl77Zf71!,f fLI,Yf7f02Ij and 11 j71'ez'icz4' of T. U". C. cfzeefiv. A Q,,1..-nuga3nrfm.- rf 4 ff ff' 11 Yi' V 6 fl --'1i:u:"'gr- 451971, 1 'z The fotifzifion 0f1'egi5t1"tzti0n, no matter what the .flZldE7lf,.F experieiire, remit! in fees that are tzlufayf too bigb, conflicting climey, general claizoy, and -- ala!! -- the plague of ez'e1'y frexlmzan, tboxe omnge and white beimiey. Regimzztion lasts for days, seeming newer fo emi S. A. azrdf, clan cardx, 1'e5inz'e11f mrdf, defzm' mrdy, arlirify midi - until filldfly j'0Il77'E tfyrouglv - and can fears the building to relax in zz quiet mnzpzzs Jpot. S r I l 'f , , t P., , .-,Q , g -, I 5.2: 13' Ad '::3,.- 1 A -wg-1. -X , - -1 1:-.. ' .-1 ly' ZYVQX' J, I A, ' ' N -,fr N -..ff.y. MQ' H 9 ., ,.,y ' ,J 2 sw. ,M I M ,wg " Q-711. '. -l 'A qu- sw: .1 2. -9 ' P 5' "Tin . ,iv -xxx-f, . A , -4 I 'Q9,4L,-4 x " - -'. 1..,.-5,-,M-. A , , :JF .ww 'Lrg , ,,.Jv ,, ,:. I X., ,eg gf-yr, -' '.'. -'f"f-,xv ' "0 :Syl-il J-,iii -'if :M - fl Cf ': A . -in H :"5Akfw.- ui. 4 . 1 '1 N, mv.: f-:gg 4' ' -- .554 . Z :YM 1-.Y -Y 17 Q. Fi .-x I X T 9 "hg...f K N , , 4..,1 iv if lx-- Rzfxlv Iefzref 77Ic1lIj' zzzelzzorjex to be l'67lZEl72I76'7'E!f from Dean Re.fley"5 fevlure to me Hnzmiiazz Luau. 58x N K it ro- Kal' I 1 K' 'X X rn.-ff ? S' fi. .. ..-, fi A ,N ,.-1 :E +1 ,-. ,."!'fS ' 5::.xP Q. r is T J -r f I 1 ' I f6fQ?QF K, -. ' P " ' - ,v y ' bff' . S i Xi! .H . f W A X I as :img 1 .- , S "IX I A s . . f flag . fig Z J I After all flue fuzz of izzzimljug Dlzify Mae, lvringing 5011717 Pmifif Io El Pino mm' 6llj0.1'.ilIg Ike !lljl'jUl1,f food. mmex Ike Ivfzffvf-3' 1261111 of being one of the .feleffed few ' 1 Lf' Yi 1 4 W 1 N - ', ' 1 115 4 I 1 I n N I E 1 2 2 Meeting neu' frfe1zn',f. pffzyilzg lhoker. Lflzzzfiffg. mm' lnzrjzzg fllllv are jay! zz fezf of ffm' L1L11zfc'1lliU Jfiffj' fe.z1'11edL1Z ffxlzx I lH:'AfC1'lZ. Q Q. Viv .,-.V ., ,, f 1 '- 1, 'T . , 9, I ' V - :I , if-MJ V-,i if, 34. 1 Q M ,I s A f -'Q .SZ 5. 1,-.1 'e '. If! fuzz being Jmvozzmiezl by pretty girly, iiztrorlzifed to importaizt Jociely, ,md rlfzlzreil willy to all form! of flexibility. Q. .... I ca Q J' 4 2 Q ! 25 I W1 I.-dy' 1. !,, xg., 'ry 'Six Qi.-.:' 'T -fd H Due I0 Ike Zl'cf'U-ZZ'll7'kj1i5' llljL'7'lJf7Z7U1IC.f. Ibe ,ff!Icf:?IIfJ' .Hlllg Lzfozzzf zwjllr gui. and nzade flfe H00,'61I4Zl2I7'1' .1 ren! .v1m'en. 3 l -4 4 1 1 x l i I . 3 'I l F V 1 F 1 I I w A 1 4 I J 1 2 8 All exriiilzg H111 am! L1 zz'ez'f-weufffm' ffflzj' are enjoyed 211 fbi' neu' S1111 Bow! Jfzljflllll fvbile ,fflffjfifffj and fam .ffwzz lfwiz' .vpjrlf nf the Mizfem' nffcwzfvl L1 l'1L'f0i"1', 1 " uf . -M '- . 1, 2. 4 ,. ,Q-, fu-' 1- a ' ' . ' 'sr 'W' 1 . '- rf. 'x,'. ,.- Q ,'c Y" 11 'l-3-If f' im. it s:J:," X': Q r-HE?" A , ix 2 , A ,V :MFE 'K Y I X. P .f" SP5 sf 2 fin Slaying zap late at night to work 012 a float produres a winning defigfz. BLZZZKZIJ, Goldciiggerx, and 170772607265 rofztribate lo the H 077Z6'6'0l7Zjl7 g parade 30 1 I 2 H " . hx. .vb Y X K . -r' N 3 , .X h 4' ...E . J ef ,Q 1- . 's W yi...- K ' .' Q f ' I 45 .P if gt. "Y, L ' , . r , . V ' 4 I ...Q . - 1255 I' I fT Q , . is , Wag:-gg' I Q A . " f m W - ' ,. F f L., Q,...1, " T"'-'W ' . ."4"i'-,L WQ151- ' -' .X ,X ' , "' 1 ii. " I- ,.f"'7 ' - s ii? 5 r -'ff' 11 -' Fla-fr' Xu :LL . '.XY.,,,? sit. E- ' '- , - ,V f im? in-' , . ' 5.13-fi - v.. 933. ff' . N. My . ,J K i 6 .4 Q. .9 -.-I Uk Eyrzrx NSS 32 I my -, 1 K -it Hamill. ,-of 1 6 - fn' :K fi' 5 f...- 1 . W, Riding in zfifzlage azztonzobifef and miniature fire trucks is all cl part of our jubilee Year Homefomizzg Pfmzde. Then 011 I0 tampa! I0 fee the prize wimzilzg bozzxe deforafiofzy, and Zbe prize wimzers tbemfelzfes 3fT"1 r" Y' V' , , - is 1 I ' ' 1 Viv! :.. . I M, . 41' V ff- A s 7? J gyf gs .x , f ' A nl ' and Fooilmll fenfou. nf Tfxm U"e.vfe1'1z C ollege, zvitlv iff llfrlllj' exf1fj11g 11111 z1'o1'1'-1' filfed 112011161115 if 1'6l1I6llIb6l'6fZ1 for flue L'0!0l'fZl! 01'!ZlIg6' and zvbite difplfzyf of five foollmff fecllll, baud, g0l11'd1gge1'.f. and cheer- Zeadery. 1 ...v few" 4-vw, ,K .. , ----f -f-g-,4,-,bi-M -X ' - --rxrkms-X9-3'P", ,fm - ,4 . .saagf H-.. rw" Y..-NN-f:.'.v"' M ' ' ' YT 219' '-?""'+-1--'3!?P'f, ish-lui ' - i - .,,.,- -'r - .......,. .N-w :rx-Xzq., A , ...... ..- - , RN. " " N, -xv--X -v M ., . , ' ,,M,g, ws: EQ.-AW ' ' ,-,. -f ' - ' 1- igagggeiqxiffl, 1-'Nw--.wi-, 51 S-ty?'Qg,.,.xX 'f A-7.1111 xl! 'f-H-5'-f,'x"'xx'T'A'W-v 'rk?fm.'-:Q -' -D31 ' 1 H. ' - C' Ati ,- X-T1-Y'x-X123 .. M'-K. . 'rv' - 1, ' l5i',5?Q5,.:35vff .,. JA 'JAM Q Qu ,T s-,gf L. .xixflt -.N ,-f..5::.:1Z'-,.,M-:L K W- 0 ... 1 NV Ng ,--'. 1 .J:i""'A'f1.,, , N: - if Q -Q.k:'x-C' ' wx- K4 - .J 2-' H-1. - ' A -, ' : :A tx- ,, ' . .- ,, r . 'M ' 5 '11fQ1'f'v' -b"'-mir? EY ' ' E 2-??""X '-' i Li:-N1 ft' MUS? ' - ggi? gg, itgq,-,ggiix-i'Qvfvfaw2.L ......"' --P-' f.,.-a-3-1.Q..f vw -4-'vm' Wig.-.ahu.u.a-m.rmxAAm . ua . rs-4 'nf 'I x- .s .-A . . , ...M-1 m N X XY, x as ff g L 7,4 QQ .. 'ff F585 'T I 's sif ' ' 5 L- Q ' , - Y x s Nan . --- , x- .Q - -- ' 5.1. 'Wg' -...I sllilw' Y-wr'-'fi A-f .,A, :fp -xv R , A A J , 5-gf' :Q . , , , Q' .. '93 1 . ,mn 4 :,,1' ug " .. ca' Tlfifi I' n7f5,.f'. ' '4771f4 .4 ,I 1.4 .5 Rv' 3 A- -'vw 1 -35, 'L --gfjr' .A Wu,-His . 5,14 1 . 3 A144 f. XLS . 2,2 X: HQQLZQ 1- -Ig" ..v,a-.4 pl a ' I , -,cv E fax 9-219 'Y if' Yi" . 7- p I. 4 fl xx X X Q . wig-R ff' " cgi Q X X 1 'E b,AA 1 V, q A .A .YK tw'-1 ff ' W- dvi 'ive'-S Gnu?1 , . . N LQ., Qkxmiv. X: Ei T C The p1'e.u'-box of fbe neu' S1411 Bozvf .vlfzdilmz held nmzzy bofhefzzf zc'af4'l1e1'5 X 6,1617 lime flve TIVC IXUIIFIYS' ffzfm' another opposing team. ' y ur , , .M . Q . X Q11 , ,M x Each of the five 101-01-iziex on the Texas Wefterfz mmpzzy proudly difplfzyed their newly enquired pledgef dt the Pledge Open Home held in the fall. 38 cj E - r P b . I M J Precident Kennedy'5 acmrsindzfion affected Texczc Wfeftern xtudentc much the mme way df the rest ofthe country They held cl candlelight parade to honor the stricken hero. fl- Cf'aeerleade1'5, 772EgzZPh0lZ6J'. and milling rrowrix are fommmz foofbnii game offzwezzrey while the Miner burro, the Golddiggerx and Mnrfbifzg Cawzimde are TU"C'.r own rolztrilfzzfion to five Jporf. ml I , v A -1 i 5 I P 1 P L 5 i l 11 5 44 ' Unlvffe the Mjzzwiv mzzfllvlffelf L111 6.X'z'fIfl1g 56111011 fooflmff .Yll'6'Efl7?LI1'f.X', mlffw'-gzllllf ffazzfef, zIUlfl70llI6L'01lIfl2g jwjnmzfiozzy were five ffmvf pfayed by flw ofbez' TWC Jtzzrielzls. .af ,A 4. - 'Mb I ivy, ' T.. Buying boo,-125 and Zfjfiizg 012 befuzief are 0111 y the izzififzl part of Jflaool, for 50072 there followx nzmzy long bourx in the library and Zan minute cmnzmifzg for finaly. ,l ha' - Af '-. , 48 . "' :f' if if ,, - N ' Q L Q X, F , 5 . - , .QS . P R. 3 wr .arc R' 1 S Vi ,N Q , vi ,nr sqxx " ,wg -g , H .7 .- ' Q X Q W sv A . l . - 1 Sh? - Q, K K - :Z ,V , I I '91 U' N . f f ri ,,. X : X3- f f u . ,X if J 1 . 4 ,. .-3 I ' 5: V Q Yr, ' A 4,3 i ,1 I L I .L .gt X , Q Q 'Q 355 I- ' X. K, W fffx 3' 23' N X W Yi Q, ' ' " - QL. , , Q' 5 f ,Q Y r fu' E' WWMM.--. "' - f ' N 1 K hwlwuwwxw A H F' ' iam- f .X Q Q x B-9 X REX -4: Ns ,hlefmsq S! Q J 4 'Q WPS? if -Q , , Q- . f TE' if 4 ' VH' "f.,v"'Q!1 -'21 ?' 'J' , . .M . ff 31:45,-. g X ilff' " ' Y' gfglf' 1 I-E ' '-f " , ,,jg1-,E - .- if -4 -f fr ' - . ' I hvbawsqgi 1. Ars- F i , N,..,' , -b X .2 .8954 ' ' - , , , 'far 'ig - ' -,Q si , S , ,Y Q, X fb - Yi - Q 9.3,-+ X p. xl' w -A X , X -Ak X 1 gr its-in Q D if X X, 1 -u V -gn-4 :Ll -':'?ii V V 4 The higlvligbt of Greek Week was the faculty bean feed and although Ike liner were long, the food ufaf good. The Greeks alyo collerzfed for the United Fund. and added a gefzeroaf amoam' fo the cityir fund. ,y- L, . ' 515' ,A, id.. W b-"5 1 ' x J- 9-J 2 fi V, '- 1-. :'- 2 -Q "QSM 0 Q' 15 ' lf f f 6, Sm! 3 M L, . ' '-" Pl X : 1 : . I ' 'A '.l , 34 is e,.-,I .9 - .,.,- ' -- - mel.-sg , Kg: ,X . X , Y? e 4 s , '9 Q 9 e 5 ff . L.. Baxketball 5861011 ana' beauty vonlest time rome at the fame point on the falendar. In fad, lbexe fire lovely coeflf were named TIVO: mos! beautiful girl: the night that our nationally ranked team beat Wirhita 41 Qi 5 The faculty if often the hott to a zfixiting group, Jo afternoon tea! are a regular occurrence for them where they can relax and enjoy each other'5 company. ff WT T T b 'A 'im 54 4 X ine' Comzojvofjfmz Club dllllfff in Ilve Sub, BZlI'g6.!' Half. llve lII67Z'.f New dorm, roedf riding in au open mr, pizza al A1'Cf0I'flI0',f, amz' lznzfheom lyozzorjzzg the infelferlzm! elite are every day .rigfafy 011 the TIWC mmpus 55 '11 - 1 .-. 5:11 9. .1 .4-q,r,,+ 1 v I 4 5 The amzua! Sing Song spoizxored by the Sfzzdefzl A550Cf!lfi072 Jaw grand ezzzemzizzmezzt from the :allege gfoupy and Chi Omega Jorority as the Sufeepffakex winner Q I Fznz in the 51111, F1411 in fhe zunter, and F1111 zvnlrhizzg the pref!-31 girly highlight ihe affizfifiex 072 All TIIVC Day held envh spring. ' i ,Mi ...lp ,., U Q, ' We A fc- - , A., N A-it uqwm, - - ' f . .V-'Q N , . , iw " ""...,..4-'sr Arg: ii' ,............,.....-.- 2 5 El 5 -v mths: ," 'i, 5 ,Z il in 12' 60 s ju 'C 1 5, 1455 rr' ' Prelfy Toni Ilvjg gf zmf vrozwzed queen 0 Q the nmzzzfzl .vznzmzer ,frlvoof dame dlllidff colorful frepe jmlher ,f1'l'6:1llZ67'.f and 1'F,f01UIl?Ij1IQ fl'illlIf7Ef.f. L ' . ,V-, - I Q I e At Texay Weflewz College lhere if ez Jlmrp eozzmzxt of interests emzofzg the siudefzls. H ere the judoka and the eozvboy meet and mingle. The Orient and the Sozzllazvesf mme Iogetlyer. 62 VI E Q Q 5 - 5. Y' F f 5 0 y Nfwmi fm NV ,' 1 Il if M ihg Tlve footbnff gllllid 147111 ffm n'lvee1'femfe1'.x. Ilw G0fnQz'jgge11f and live banrf, f7l'Lf567ll.Y flre ima .xjfinf of Texan' Wfexferzz Coflege. B4 l QQ? 512-LA' 'A TV 52? Y wx -N S X X Xu i K xx , X 11 f Z1 ' Cy n' "W" ,, v,,-Lf I My ,. T xii' ,. V ,,,1nf4.! "W fwi , ,fwl 1:12-'6 .0 -,,a,gg,,4 . 1 'ini n 17' ,Mmfuzg 5 , Q15 1 1 A. faii. 1' , H,b.,,,,,C4,f,f I, 5 ----.,.....,,..,,,,, w7m?gv MU ,m.m ,,,fm g ,,1fWz:.f'16' ' .U4mM7w" v,,.,.,-f X X f' K S A Q' an 6 E235 .. -.......-y-M... . . ... w -A Agp, ,-' X .vw ,.-..--X-wev X ' 3 I X Mb'- ? s . . 3 3 A ,-.vii E11 3 yQ 3 : x s ' 2 i X M - : , : Q- ' S fr s ' X ggggg '3 x E x Y iwfw mNfQ . xii' FXBN S X P f Tx sw N 5 'x R . A Q .Sgk Mn, x'gv'-Q-rv, X N Q ,af .. V egymwfw vwxiwaw .N.. ., mai , . ,Z gwif .X . Q, X. x .N A fWM'ww wgmmmw- sl W 66 7' XM X JS" a. .--f ,- 1- X. xx 'N paw FLO HEE 'rv'fi V X . F W K , I 3 P 5 X .1 wiv! bm' 5 YYY' 39' ,Q 'Q-if R 5 EA-fm .,,,.qA.,Q, .VH , ., . ww x w Nawx fe. wg, --'ff' . W SALUTE ' -4-155. K. w X. '45 vw 'Y D" 4 0 -' Jfsffr. 4. N. Dflyf 1 'O 'u 115- Y' -vp .fs - . vf -- -f ,,sl'w 'pg ' "" H. Cllx I 4 -4 , '?'a'4X 'rl' f 'B 541.1 .." O C HO S HO in AMERICAN ,lo Ann Anderson Secondary Education Chi Omega Secretary Alpha Lambda Delta Secretary Panhellenic Council Secretary Chenrizig President Kappa Delta Pi Pre-Med Club Alpha Chi Secretary Student Supreme Court Associate Justice Future Plans: Teaching Profession Margaret Becker Spurs Alpha Lambda Delta President Chenrizig Associated Women Students Parliamentarian Collegiate Chorale College Orchestra Student Activities Board Film Committee Forum Committee Student Supreme Court Future Plans: Teaching Profession Musicals-Dramatic Productions Graduate Work in Biological Sciences :Il NNX . 4 X . , A ll IULLEGE l l 1 l l Cvrulil ll. lloiigon Physics Mutlicmatics W Sarclonyx W Alpha Chi 1 Sigma Pi Sigma Tl'CJ1Fll1'0I' Suprenie' Court Honor Counril Stvvciis SL'lllllHl' Dm-anis List Futuro Plans: Graduate School and UN VER I1 IF Micliuel I. Bcriistciu Sigma Alpha Mu lJl'C5lllt'Ill Sauloiiyx P1'x'SlLlClll :XCC'0llllllllg Cluh Prcsidont Alpha Chi hill?-Pl'E'SlllL'lll Stevens Scliolursliip Stuclcnt Suprcim- Cuurl Honors Night Asscuilily Cliairmuu SCL1l,iliL1l'll mul Orange Hoy Circle lllzulo Men of Mines Dennis List XWQ A X3 :-1-. 5 2:-FI?-"1:E:3fjE1:3: -'-' 1 qs-rg. , :f .1 iff,-2 -. -ak?sgsk-:-fssyg-5:91.15-2-V f-1-pi M , -f,"23Lli51'f3E35', fS1Q:'Y5:.fE5'3?E2ff3" 'N 51sF2Q'i?nzssf .rfb . 2:3.s.s:1.1-:V -1 ,, A .,,, .. 1? 435253512'iiifsiizisf ' ' ' . ff: ' -- :-14 .5-ZF' .gr .fi -' i - - ,-1.3.5124vf2:ErE:gFf:jE?sgie3g:: 23:-'1"i2'5 1125 12525 HO'S H0 i11AMERICANi Reinhold Bridges Mathematics Physics Alpha Chi Sardonyx Sigma Pi Sigma Society of American Military Engineers Scahlnarcl and Blade Jack C. Vowell Scholarship Mary Cocozza English Speech Alpha Chi Alpha Lambda Delta Treasurer Junior Advisor Flowsheet Staff Oral Interpretation T.W.C. Concert Reading Group T.W.C. Readers' Theatre Future Plans: Masters Degree Teaching Profession -gl OLLEGEL and UNIVEP1 ITIE Judith L. Coffin Delta Delta Delta Historian Recommendation Chairman Spurs Kappa Pi Deans List Scholarships: American Furniture Co. Travis PTA Cotton Memorial Ann L. Crawley Eleincntary Education Baptist Student Linion Psenemlict Hull President Treasurer Arts and Feiein-es Hep. Student Council Association for Cllilcllloml Education Student Education Association Spurs Alpha Larnlia Delta Kappa Delta Pi Wliite House Fashion Council Dean's List fi Q! HUS WHO in ERICAN Ruth E. Donges Student Council Student Senate Co-ed Council AWS President Arts and Science Rep. Chenrizig Student Party Secretary Patricia A. Fletcher Chi Omega Assistant Secretary Treasurer Alpha Lambda Delta Treasurer Spurs Chenrizig Alpha Chi Associated Women Students President Legislative Chairman Office Manager Kappa Delta Pi President Historian Tau Beta Sigma Vice-President Pledge Trainer 'Tv-Dmznrpr GL LEGE Georgina l. Cm-k Chenrizig Alpha Chi Alpha Lanllula Delta Stuclf-nt l'l4llIl'Hll0Il Assn. President Kappa Delta Pi Student Senate -- .tax and UNIVER ITIE .MQ x-.X X Ha 1' ga ret L. Clardon Plnsieal lfclueation Delta Delta Delta Treasurer Intramural Director ITE. Majors Clnlv Treasurer Spurs Alpha Lambda Delta Chenrizig President Alpha Chi 1 . in et ,Q HG' N HO in AMERICAN Judy M. Hail Zeta Tau Alpha Treasurer Historian Alpha Larnhda Delta Spurs Chenrizig Alpha Chi Kappa Delta Pi Vice-President Michael H. Henderson Platoon Leaders' Class Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cotton Memorial Scholarship TWC Womens' Auxilia Scholarship Deanis List ry OLLEGE William L. Kiely Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau President Interfraternity Council Secretary Student Supreme Court Justice Mechanical Engineering Society Society of American Military Engineers Orange Key Sardonyx Men of Mines Distinguished Military Society Future Plans: Mechanical Engineer Graduate School and Virginia D. Love History Student Council Secretary Methodist Student Organization Varsity Tennis Sportsmanship Award Student Association Secretary Student Senate Secretary Student Council Secretary Phi Alpha Theta Secretary Bell Hall President Future Plans: College Professor ITIE Elizalieth A. McCutcheon History English Chi Omega Vice-President Personnel Chairinan Spurs Historian Chenrizig Secretary Student Senate Panhellenic Council A.W.S. Governing Counci Kappa Delta Pi Ten Best Dressed Future Plans: Teaching Profession Graduate work in History HCYS WHO l in Artliiss M. Laughman Music Education Baptist Student Union President Vice-President Girls Intramural Chairman Alpha Lambda Delta Chenrizig Collegiate Chorale Secretary AMERICAN Norman J. Nelson Marching Cavalcade Drum Major Symphonic Band Vice-President Kappa Kappa Psi President M.E.N.C. Student Chapter Treasurer Alpha Chi Men of Mines Karen B. Parks Business Administration Delta Delta Delta Spurs Chenrizig Treasurer Order of Diana of Tau Kappa Epsilon President Tun Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart Student Covernmc-nt First Battalion Sweetheart Military Bull 1962 Nvesley Fountlation Future Plans: Gracluate Work in Stwiolugy Social Yvork OLLEGE HHJUNIVEP1 ITIE Palma Lynn Ross Alpha Chi Chenriziv Kappa Delta Pi Historian Alpha Lambda Delta Cutstanding Freshman Woman for '61-'62 Student Education Assoc. Future Plans: Masters in Mathematics College Professor wx 4 Bk , Q i X XX 1- ' - ' -l':'?5iI5fT ': 5 -as-5, . 1 1 it , i-mr' L- X,-ax. 2se., - ' . . V jpg, ' Ii 3.535115 Sf' Louvenia B. Shapiro English Spanish Chi Omega Pledge Class Sec. Scholarship .Achievement Award Sing Song Arranger-Dir. Spurs Student Senate Interfaith Council Christian Science College Organization TWC Womens Auxiliary Scholarship Award Dean's List Flowsheet Staff Future Plans: Teaching Profession HO'S WHO in AMERICAN Joye A. Sclieffler Secondary Education El Burro Editor Advertising Ilan Prospector Staff Student Senate KVOF-TV Publicity Chairman Press Club Cotton Memorial Scholarship Dc-an's List Future Plans: Advertising E Charles F. Tupper History Englisli Student Association President Stn-vens Fr-holar Sigma Alpha Fpsilon Phi Alpha 'lllieta President Alpha Chi Sardonyx Prospcvtor Staff Student Snfnate Prcsidc-nt Pro-Tom Mon of lllinvs Urangm- Key Student Activities Board Dennis List Futnro Plans: lf. of T. Svhool ol Law OLLEGE and UNIVER IT IE 2,51 Arthur J. Ward Raymond K. Will Physics Mining Engineering Mathematics Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sardonyx Scabbard and Blade Sigma Pi Sigma Men of Mines Orange Key Alpha Phi Omega Freshman Physics Award A.I.M.E. Newman Club Society of American Alpha Chi Military Engineers Dean's List Future Plans: Stevens Scholar Geology Exploration Elk's Lodge Scholar Student Activity Board Future Plans: Graduate School at Vanderbilt University HO' WHOin MERICAN 51 Stella M. Yturralde Elementary Education Psychology Alpha Lambda Delta SPUTS. . William D. Adams Cl1CI'lI'lZlg Student Education Assoc. Geolmw Association for Childhood Qhessl fllub hducallon Sigma liilllllllll lilasilun Future Plans: 1Jr,,,idCm Teaching Profession Smmlm-ll QU OLLEGE and UNIVER ITIE James R. Glaser Dan J. Ramsdale Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Chi Secretary President American Society of Civil Sigma Pi Sigma Engineers President Alpha Chi Sardonyx Future Plans: Vice-President Graduate School at Men of Mines U. of T. Four-year Stevens Scholar Future Plans: Graduate work in Biophysics at U. of A. HO'S WHO in ERICANl 4 l l l l er t, S Wayne C. Shelton Electrical Engineer Lambda Chi Alpha IEEE Stevens Scholarship Future Plans: Graduate work in Electrical Engincerln Not Shown liolwcrt J. Holuln Brainertl llnrri-li .luclith llcttingcr Lawrence Suntlcll COLLEGE and UNIVER ITIE l of Frank P. Ball Joe Dove Bill Carnes Emet C. Dunn I r. muh In-H: Af IV -af' Pi YYY 'E-A 'Ps Fred Gertll Bill Kiely Not S how Il Mike llvrustcin Jolm Harris Cu.-I lluore Clmrlcs O'Rvilly Bumlnly l1L1I'1'lSl1 Hay Wm Wvillium A. Harrison Herbert E. Marsh Dau R!1Il151lC1lC Lawrence Snmlcll Clmrlir- Tupper CllLl1'lCr Tlwnlpsou Tony lvrilwc- Steve Kahn Normon J. Nelson 19 'Wm .-N -p..,.,- ..,.--4' ,IOAIIII Anderson Ruth Dong:-s TOP TE Patricia Fletcher Wilmfrey Rogers Hearst HY -x X .uh mw , -',gr. 4 X iii nf Q "7 cfm. M, Judy Rettinger Qs! 59" " rv- fQf Brainerd Parrish Michael IM-rulstein W'illimn Ki.-ly Dau RLIIIISIIHIG Clmrlvi Tuppcr f 4 7,2- .Q . . X M " 5? sf-w 5 D LE ROBERT O CHOOSES1964 FLG HEETQ EE eimggfu W IE STERN U NION A 5:55115 Lmfu Tv-, pd 1 - um R W NL:N.gmLEu ,WSH h mm u-my Lrg:-.373-?S.e.:Tm The Bhnsl 1vx1L Oman Tr Thi are Imc un dom m-xxr c Telegram: -vf .. - - - - 921A MST JAN 16 64 DA059 KJO 34 :L WZA053 COLL FAX HOLLYWOOD CAL I F A MISS NI KI LETTUNTCH Q JFLOSHEET ONE EL PASO TEXAS I STUDENTS AT TEXAS HESTEHACOLLEGE WSHEET IT HAS BEEN MY HONOR TO SELECT THE QUEEN OFTHE ELO OF 64 T0 ALL OF You 1 WOULD LIKE T0 SAY THANK You AND HOPE ONE DAY I WILL HAVE A CHANCE T0 MEET YOU IN PERSON DALE ROBERTSON ' CLR9 53?-AS T: 22:23 'ms comm wlu. Arrnzc aa-'Q ,yn ' W5 Mariliell C0 fey 1 , , f HLOWSHEET QUEEN 'ii fi? wk 'U'-V iff- Diune Driscoll Pat Evans Margarvl Ann Marsh Dorothy Rogers FLOWSHEET 92 i fr ,gl . 'QW Debby Dvnnehby ,Ian Coffin FINALISTS N P ,J-, N l ,fl X , ,. In K L , n , ,- I' ' lu ' V if .-.,, -. rf, :Q f""' Q -' ' I "'. V "' ' L. Q ' Qb ,Q I f' V K X -H , ..,-' 'ff Ronnie Forbis Pete Maddeaux D u lf 0 D u ke Philip Boswell Bentley King ,I e s t 0 r ,I e s t e r COED COURT 3 f Y. 5: lf. 9 E ?. rs 'fi 5. J.. fr 5 Tom Wzggs MISS TWC i ,- 545 . . :Sf ffiv 1 IE-5 f-:Six 552' - 15, ,ixzsx 15. . ' . - .m Q, . .7 N Nm -, .V '- .g-fQ.,f1'.- .- 'z -1.1 X- fr ? -N x . Q .',:,5 :'-iff-XF:-xgQiSv:.Ei,::q ,V 'x,.,: ,H-,Ag5gc.,,,p9' 1? 5 ' '. . H ' ' R. :IQ-Qvl: 3 - I --:.We.kf.:11S 2: 'Y X. ,,-wyewfsrrfg. f , . :'QiCjE?SfjN,i' - fa..fsij3--:QW -an X X .ffjqs .55- .. xx ii'5I9..- '. Sf" A Yi! .4 v.. if x EQ ,.-. . t ,. .As v . .h pi N - .v -X ,gm 13':T.' 3 I dren fohnso n BEA TY Vivian T House TALE T The Miss TWC contest is sponsored annually by the Associated Women Students. This year the contestants com- peted in two divisions-Beauty and Talent. The judges chose a trophy winner in each division and the entrant with the greatest number of judging points was crowned Miss TWC and reigned over the activities of All-TWC-Day. R H LL x l 98 MISS T C FI ALISTS N., Karen Johnson FIRST RUNNER - UP gfffffa . -" . x in Q. ffm' y q9xf'5jS.ffe' ' 1,-,,',qP?'Pg " sfmfif fy N.,-E ,ax 'Rai' ,y,- Q 2 if 4" fx X fir k.g5gi-fziiglg X, 'mv Q- -'QQQ ww QM-A R -W Q. A-rss! A-rw 'fs'-33 af 4 ,7gL',i41 - 4: . '12 H--YJ-, -1 "':ii'-A '-"3 .z J -'ma '. A 1: 1211.3 ,Y '- V 4 -.J S. 3 W f1g,,tg,,g, if -ygrggzkg. M' . 253 7 151491 ' V 1-'iri rvs-5 'his' N "WW ,f1L. V' iA'1L.,.! -' ' W ' . 4 s1,n', fp . '.v".fN' f 9- fif,-' gg f,,.,, ,- ggwb.-. 11517 - -V illdv---11. R' ."i?5tL"3?'1i'H1'?fif mga, 554 E ka " ' XS Si Fx r,-f3"m' ' ., "Q-U-ws mlukibi-'x!LS1ru2h.,f'f'xi1.Vf 41" t R X Susie Boyd Barbara Ritter SECOND RUNNER-UP THIRD RUNNER-UR GP ' N Sy? 1151- F 'N?iE5J ' XX X V fs X Carolyji Hopkins ix . 2 '42, , - ffgjk ' E , .f.g:5:g '-':2-3,.,- ,I BEAUTY X v 5 , Lo co gifiig PQgyUWQMt BEAUTY 5 , fi -4:A3'Q-Qgflkqfx X ,Q x x K S- 1222-5516 , I rv Wm, x X i X 'H Lf' Karen Johnson BE TY SQ X ,. .Ng - .wk 4 Q br 2 :VH 1 ,if 12,1 Y , wi in ,, .W .5 ..,-f' Af an Coffin BEAUTY BEAUTY FINALISTS V55 Ginny Behrens f Pfggy Latham .R K !'vX Anno L11n1nn Terry Ann Reznikov Hays HHI "Wu ic' K, ,J S, X M' J' ' Q' ' :X 1 9 ff" f ,Q I VV NN, V, 93553 fi: 1 g5M3?:GH?fii Y.- .4nn Stephanie Jane Whters Baker Johnson 105 .J A 1 A E ,. A ? 1 , 5, . I I ii i E E Christy Upshaw J E SNOW FIESTA QUEEN! LP? 'QM' ' fimzgxlx , ' ' xv ALL ,,...+ '2 ,,-.5-. 6 ai., x A Siuzdy Strain SENI R FAVORITE 108 ' 'X ., N . L W. , qfgfff-ju X , .JA x 1 is 1 'lid fr 1 1 , gn- 56' in .fsa,?23f:2:1"' iii? 4 A . 2 ki 2 FX X x fi+'Q! ' - 4 ' P 1' it . , ' 'Q U x ' In I 'I K ,surf WM VORITE A Hu 5 4+ xakff.-s. . ,ll C Q 'K+ ' '4-. , all , me '42 . I Terry Butler all SJ -Q-1 4 3 1 5' mia 05 W '2,- asa .L "git DR, f - em-2112 :::., if 'JK 3 if 'J L A k, Q ,, , 4 . . 1- fi' ii' ' ph 1 -H""i3 . "f " . ' .a-- ' 0'.- ., 73 . --I' I - , . 4' I 1 .Jr 6, , 1.1 ' QT ,ggi "ll A ff,-ff Q It . K ' 1 1" , , ' -.X if. , 'T It F, ' 1 A' in Q. - G , E- fi- -- S.. H11 , T' .. Q 4- 54 - ..- ' ' 7 .. A fu -1-v V . . " 7 , ' f- :.1.1.,:Q'f N' V , -4 ' ,. .,:, -, ,Mx - CL SSS Gmdzmle Sfzzrzlezzfi' , ,Y 116 Sefziorx .....,,,,.,,,.,,S, 117 funiorr .,,,,....1 136 Solfvlvofzzwet ,,,,, 146 Freylmzezz .,S. 156 At the first commencement of the College of Mines in 1916. three proud men received their degrees. It was a thrilling moment for them and a thrilling mo- ment for the school. These were the first graduates of a new collegeg their achievement gave great joy to a few dedicated men who had strived. under great difficulties. to lead them towards this happy day. The College was smallg the equipment was meager: the lwntlget was inadequate: nevertheless. the end had been attained. In 1911-. twenty-seven students were working towards the one degree offered at that time. ln 1923. most of the 65 students then enrolled turned out to mark out and paint the NM" on Mount Franklin. Ten years later there were 339 men and 328 women in our college. Yes. the College of Miner. was expanding. By 1939. 663 degrees had heen conferred. and two years after a graduate study program was initiated. Today 7365 students have received their degree at Texas 1Vestern College. 4-5-1- issued to undergraduates this last year. while 45 were Master degrees. In 19141. there were twenty courses offered to the students. Thirty years later this numher had increased to 285. Today. excluding the individualized music program. there are almost 800 different courses listed in our catalogue. Thirteen degrees are conferred. The student ltody nnmlvers more than 6000 and grows every semester. W'hat a proud achievement from such small beginnings! 115 GR UAT E This is the first year that a graduate section has been Flowsheet. The Graduate School is a rapidly growing Westerrm College. and Currently there are 100 students their Master's degrees. Graduate degrees are offered in tion, and Physics. James Sande Morrison t I Q Q included in the section of Texas working towards English, Educa- W3 N Q - x 7 I , ' 1 "ff 1 I U J,-,fZ3Q3'5511-'.,:3'3-1.5.'fl-5:1:?,.:S5Qt , ' 4? f .- -,- 7 4 -' -''l s:a,5:4 -1, f ,fi-' f-.4.5:.p.,..-L , ,yr q:igf,-- Li: .1 U X Q, , . .. ., ,. ,,. . .ant ,. fem-4 . - iw.ff.,.y,!-.-w-'ff-f-'A.-,-.f-.-Af'-f. 'fs to-uh ,- ..:-n,.--we-..:4:f.-5-0f'f:ffr'wyf14a'-2 L-1921-.qv ai- mf-te: . fsi.-vc: its isfffif' ' '.'.-:..'g'ffV , iff? 7 'Uiiixziiiktzv -"' M',,g',f'5-3133-351:-o5:1g:,I:,--gy .3 I K2-,'a1ggililt.i -- ,L f49z'r-'4sm1.'9sf-- , H.w:v.,--f.'.4f-:- ".','f,L'-9f.v.- i-'EW .mixi Mary E. Mitchell OR e A . f I Qwfbw 'lf' X N xx ' is . N X p ? Z.- Q ve! OLGA ABBOTT Spanish JULIE ALDEN English Wesley Student Senate GEORGE AHBLCKLE Secondary Ed. Student Senate Sardonyx 50? Q-aug? RUTH ADKISSON WILLIAM ALLEN JOHN ARVIN Geology 3' A f lggatt A . ' me as . .Q DOROTHY AIKEN Elementary Ed. Zeta Tau Alpha Spurs Cheerleader Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart Summer School Queen All TWC favorite ACE Student Council Flowsheet JOANN ANDERSON Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta Spurs Panhellenic Alpha Chi Chenrizig Kappa Delta Pi Pre Med PAULETTE AYRES Alpha Lambda Delta 1 17 I5 S1-4 pri -.,r Ol N 16 'Gr' Q JAMES BACON MICHELE BAKER ROBERT BAKER Sardonyx Literary Society Journalism Phrateres Student Senate WILBER BATEMAN Editor, Prospector Radio 8: TV DON BENSON Alpha Epsilon Rho Sardonyx MICHAEL BERSTEIN Student Senate Sardonyx PHILIP BOSWELL Alpha Chi JAMES BOSWELL Biology Sigma Alpha Mu Secondary Ed. Kappa Sigma Pre-Med Club REINHOLD BRIDGES Football Mathematics Alpha Chi Sardonyx SAME E IOR l 118 FRANK BALL BBA Scabbard and Blade DMS Pershing Rifles SUZANNE BERROTERAN French Spurs Pi Delta Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Student Senate ROBERT BROWN Kappa Sigma JOSEPH BARANOWSKI BBA J EAN BOATRI GHT GROVER BRYSON Kappa Kappa Psi Collegiate Chorale Marching Cavalcade l l KAY BLRG Elementary Ed. Zeta Tau Alpha Bell Hall Exec. Council Interdorm Council AWS Exec. Council Student Senate JOE CALDWELL BBA THOMAS CLINE Music Ed, Collegiate Chorale Barber Shop Quartet JOHN BIIIIQIC Lambda Chi Alpha STEVE CAMP Psyeliology Business ACIIIIIIIISIHIIIOII Kappa Sigma MARY COCOZZA English Alpha Lamlwda Delta Alpha Chi Chenrizig Flowsheet Ag, f X-f' SHEILA BLIIIQETT Businese Administration Phi Gamma Nu Delta Zeta HALPII CAIIHIQUX HUM 1liIiS 4. COLKIENERO Journalism 4 ROB IILIINS Tau Kappa Epsilon ENRIQIIE CHIN Klwhanical Engineering SME IlODOI.I-'O COLBIENERO Radio-T. Y. LOWELI, BLRRISS IEEE WILLIAM CLARK Secondary Ed. COLLINS CONRAD History YES .yn x . 1 . 'nf 'Q-...-J' .Qt . - E-'f.:.:- X 9:73 U4 I' -I ,iz-45 ' 'MJ' ,-f I . ' A 'fs-v" ,A :lx ff W Q33 filij, Tsuv I 'IQ' 119 .l 120 4 Mes., 5 --.S CAROLYN LUIS CORTEZ RICHARD CORTEZ COPENHAVER BBA BBA Newman Club Dean's List JOHN CULLEN Education Club Lambda Chi Alpha KIT DETWILER ROBERT DANIELE English RUSSELL DONOHUE English Zeta Tau Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Tau Chenrizig Flowsheet Queen RUTH DONGES Cheerleader Geology SPLITS Golddiggg-rg Military Court AWS, President Student Council Student Council Paflhellffllic, Chem-izig President Student Party Flowsheet, Editor President, Benedict Hall PATRICIA DORSCH s-.,F-X ., 'Vi ROY COVERT ACS Lambda Chi Alpha Student Senate CAROL DICKINSON Secondary Ed. Delta Delta Delta Student Senate Spurs Collegiate Chorale JOE DOVE Kappa Kappa Psi TW' if L .IAMES COZART BBA Phi Kappa Tau Scabbard 8: Blade Intramural Council MARGARET DIVELBISS Chi Omega Panhellenic EMET DUNN Pershing Rifles Scabbard 81 Blade Sigma Gamma Epsilon Alpha Sigma Mu AIME ASM ROBERT DURAN Radio-T. V. Alpha Epsilon Rho KVOF Station Manager IRMA FIERRO Newman Club ACE IVIARGARITA FRESQUEZ ACS Newman Club Cardinal Ball Queen .fi ,Hi-. :,-', ."'.,7 Us ALTA EATON Kappa Delta LYLE FISHLER VINCENT FRESQUEZ Electrical Engin. Newman Club AIEE IEEE Circle K BEN ESCAIEDA Education PATRICIA FLETCHER Student Council AWS. President Chi Omega Chenrizig Kappa Delta Pi Spurs Alpha Lambda Delta NORMA FULKS Student Senate Spurs Chimes tiff? WARD ESPER Physics AIEE Cosmopolitan Club KATHY FLOOD Chi Omega Cheerleader Freshman Favorite Little Sisters of Minerva IAIME GAMBOA Electrical Engineering Cosmopolitan Club er . . . JOSEPH FAISSAL Math 8: Physics GUILLERMO FLORES Kappa Kappa Psi Band Orange Key WILLIAM GARRISON IEEE kgs:- ZX 75 Xu 'DX Tb Nd! New : I A ,4 lip- 5.-ef. .1- ' if E '-4 . . M Q ' fx A CEUHGINA GILCK Elementary Ed. Sl',A, P11-fitlelit Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Chi fihenrizig Kappa Delta Pi Stuelc-nt Senate JAMES llliASEli Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Chi ASCE MANY JO GOLDING Delta Delta Delta LINDA GECK Alpha Chi Spurs AWS ALMETA GOLD Kappa Alpha Theta CAHMEN GONZALEZ Sectniclary Ecl. 'rv-44" CW? I ,aw Q29 lthllklil-I GERHEL Lambda Chi Alpha MARTIN GOLD lflectrical Engineering lEEE Student Senate LAWSON CUUDHICH Electrical Engineering IEEE .,. :ard Q-'X S imx 5 X 9 FRED GERTH Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon ASME SAME Seabharcl S Blade IFC jfbli CIULDISITHC BBA Sigma Alpha Mn JOHN GHIFFITHS BBA Lamhtla Chi Alpha Delta Sigma Pi MARGARET GLAHDON Delta Delta Delta Chenrizig Spurs Alpha Lainhcla Delta Alpha Chi KENNETH GOLDBLATT Student Senate Hillel SEA Education BOB CHIMSLEY Phi Kappa Tau Q08- -Q-ef, ....-Q-5 Q' lt I JUDY HAIL Education Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta Spurs Chenrizig Alpha Chi Kappa Delta Pi AWS DAVID HAHDISON BBA Kappa Sigma Football LINDA HEINEMAN Elementary Etl. Zeta Tau Alpha ACE Little Sisters of Minerva Golddigger AWS Military Court HOSE HAIQIIVI Elementary Iftl. ACE JOHN HARRIS Govf-rmnent Psi Chi Phi Alpha Delta Baseball TERRY HENDERSON Kappa Kappa Psi Sarclonyx SAIIX HAHADY Civil Engineering lfusniupolitall Clulm WILLIAM IIAIIIIISON Sigma Alpha Ifpsilon Student Senate IFC MARTHA HEIINANDEZ Mmlc-rn Dance Club Flowsheet KYOI9 PE Majors t ,-R' 'S' PAT HAMILTON Student Senate BSU Spurs SLE HAYES Elementary Ed. Zeta Tau Alpha Chenrizig Kappa Delta Pi ACE Spurs Military Court MARVELLA HINTON Education Zeta Tau Alpha Chimes Kappa Delta Pi .-1? pr' we f A .A ,I 4 A gf 'T' wt' 'Ov' 5"-" '--Q, OR S-M dw-' -, 'X SHEILA HOFFMAN ROBERT HOLUB Alpha Epsilon Phi Sigma Alpha Mu MICHAEL HOPPER Sweetheart Government LOIS HOOVER AL HUMPHREY SEA Pre Med Forum Committee Kappa Sigma AWS Sardonyx Student Senate CHARLES HUMBERT Pre Med Club Elementary Ed. Campus Carnival ACE King NEA Best Dressed Ed Student Senate Q19 if JOANN HOOVER Zeta Tau Alpha Little Sisters of Minerva ESTHER HUDGINS English Alpha Lambda Delta TOM HUTCHESON Kappa Kappa Psi L? gc., :T 1 -vm" T'--r-1' 'N' Qin? 2 m if 'M' ,ss KN' ,Fe uf 1, XD 1-ln""'X ft., ,W in W' N L IN' Q-X 'UN I K- 1 ., f?5iT5599,,2"-1' 'fa qfifeaifdfetfa 459 , 1 Egg F 4 4 Q mr. .L -.-......., 4 152 fi ff 155 I it 5 r f JANET IRVIN JAMES ISAAC KENNETH IRENE JIMENEZ History JACKSON KEATON JOHNSON Secondary Ed. MARIA JURADO Secondary' Ed- THOMAS JOHNSON Biology EET? Sigma Pi Kappa Kappa Psi LUCILLE JIJRADO Newman Club Art Business Council DONALD KIELY STEWART KINKAID Mechanical J ENTRY KENDALL Geology SANDRA Engineering Psychology Sigma Alpha KARLSRUHER Phi Kappa Tau Wrestling team Epsilon Secondary Ed. ASME Rodeo Club Track Zeta Tau Alpha Intramural Intramural Director Scabbard gl Blade SPUTS Director kappa Delta Pi Panhellenic Young Republicans KAREN JOHNSON Chi Omega Cheerleader Sophomore Favorite Psi Chi Miss TWC Finalist Panhellenic AWS Flowsheet TWC Beauty ACE KAY KISER Biology Alpha Lamlmda Delta Alpha Clii ROBERT KINNIBIIRG Pre Med Club Pvc: ii ,J-, 'fi f--,Q T CAROL KNAPP Physical Ed. Flowsheet Beauty TWC Sun Princess Secretary. S. A. Interfaith Council We le Foundation 5 PEM Club White House Fashion Council Spurs VERONA LAUNSPOCH Elementary Ed. SEA DIANA LEWIS Elementary Ed. Delta Delta Delta ACE Student Senate Q--ev -ia who KATHERINE KOLLIKER Spanish Delta Delta Delta Spanish Club REEDA LAURENCE Radio-T. V. KVOF Alpha Epsilon Rho JANE LIMON Secondary Ed. Phi Alpha Theta N EA Rodeo Club Flowsheet ,aft PAUL KRUPP Sigma Alpha Mu Pre Med Club IFC DOROTHY LAWRENCE Secondary Ed. SEA Political Science Club TOMMY LOVE Civil Engineering Alpha Phi Omega ASCE Q' VIRGINIA LOVE Secretary, S. A. President, Bell Hall Phi Alpha Theta Student Council CHARLES MADSEN History NANCY MARSHALL Coldcliggers NEA ACE ws rf I J 2 'R is Q SF' 1X if Lib RICHARD KENNETH LLCKETT LOVELACE Sigma Alpha Epsilon English HERB MARSH JOHN MAKOWSKI Psychology JOHN MARTINEZ Psi Chi Electrical Circle K Engineerinff IEEE IRENE IVIARTINEZ ACE Goldcliggers Phrateres Modern Dance Club SEA Pershing Rifles Sweetheart GR MICHAEL MARTINEZ Physics Newman Club Pershing Rifles Student Senate Intramural Council SAME LARRY MENCHACA Government Baseball Pershing Rifles Scabhard S Blade Newman Clulm SAME GEORGE MINJAREZ Inter-American Studies Student Senate Newman Club Pershing Rifles Collegiate Chorale 'FQ MYRNA MATOY BILLIE MERKIN Mechanical Engineering Alpha Phi Omega ASME JACK MITCHELL Mechanical Engineering MEC PAT MAVEETY Secondary Ed. Delta Delta Delta Little Sisters of Minerva GLENN MILAN Physics CARL MOORE Sigma Alpha Mu IFC Student Senate fm, . lif- WADE MAYO Math Sigma Alpha Epsilon IEEE Chemistry Club IFC JAMES MILLER Sigma Alpha Epsilon HARRY MOORE Sigma Alpha Epsilon 44. EDWARD MCCOME English Alpha Chi SEA KEITH MILLER Radio-T. V. Alpha Epsilon Rho Kappa Delta KVOF SIDNEY MOORE 15 1 'IFE j,.L.. . ,5 FS N' s we' ' r,2+,Q, .. ,. 5, get I 2 'E-P is ,, Q gf I. Bl yy- , QA Egg . N N 535 4- mut' 2. M: 'ii in l VICTOR MUNOZ BBA Newman Club TWC Judo Clulr PAT O'DONNELL FRANK PADILLA JOSEPH NELSON Band Kappa Kappa Psi STEVE O'GAZ TERRELL PARK RICHARD NICHOLSON Physics Phi Kappa Tau Wesley Foundation OLSON CURTIS Math Alpha Chi KAREN PARKS Delta Delta Delta Chenrizig TKE Sweetheart JANE NORRIS Elementary Ed. A. C. E. S. E. A. CHARLES O'REILLY Delta Chi IFC BRAINERD PARRISH Sigma Alpha Epsilon Q I0 'U' 'R A-0 QI? QW.:-Q 'i sr- ff' few QT' -:fir QS! . '21 si' f"""1' 129 I ?N '?3"e 4 1 'R 3 .A PM if .C K M 5 . WI., " I 'HF I I, Hari 'MPI xox, Q. fxw? -.' "E," mn- -pl 2' ev! 65- fx I x , 'E I 5: ws:-09' 9 TRAVIS PEDERSON Electrical Engineering IEEE GANETT POTTER Physics EDWIN RANELS Physics Flight Student Pershing Rifles Scabhard K Blade 1+ ag ,g- .IV ga K I H rf! 1 I G! Y'-Z? IU! '10 QQ? 4 ,fi ROY PENA Secondary Ed. Newman Club Circle K DAVID RAY lVIath APO IFC RUTHELLA PRENTICE El. Education ERNEST PEREZ GLORIA PRICE ALICIA RAYNAL BBA PATRICIA PHILLIPS BEA RAMIREZ Drama College Players Literary Society Best Actress 61-62 El Burro Girl ACE BARBIE REEVES Philosophy Zeta Tau Alpha Flowsheet Honoree S NIOB PENNYE PINNELL Zeta Tau Alpha Panhellenic Prospector Editor Student Act Brd. JUAN RAMIREZ Kappa Kappa Psi JUDY RETTINGER l 1 4 l l I l Y NORMA REYES Elem. Educ. Interfaith Council SEA JERROLD RITTMANX YVINFREY ROGERS Delta Delta Delta Flowsliflet Reauty Spurs Fluwshf-et Hoimrec IIN X x YQ X in PATSY RINCON GEORGE B. ROBBINS Tau Kappa Epsilon EECENE ROSEN Sigma Alpha Mu i -if Y TS? 519 X 'CLK' JUAN RIOS B. H. A. Delta Sigma Pi Newrnan Clulm Accounting Club THOMAS T. ROGERS B. B. A. MICHAEL ROSEN Sigma Alpha Mu Radio-TV Student Senate KVOF Prog. Dir. Student Activities Board IFC was ggt t 5.x1-5 132 PALKIA LYNN ROSS Alpha Chi Chenrizig Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Fresh. W-0111311 '62 CAROL SCHADE Elo. Education Phi Beta Chi Panhellenic ACE SEA LOU SHAPIRO Chi Omega Student Senate if -Ou! .nn-"" 2 1:- A Q-fx -'7 is A - 1 lt Y RALPH ROTOLANTE JOYE SCHEFFLER Sec. Education Editor. El Burro Press Club ACE Student Senate MAIUORIE SHAPLEY Ele. Education SEA Kappa Delta Pi 'ans SHIRLEY ROLSE JOEY SCHMITT College Player T. S. E. A. Drama SHARMA BHARAT Mech. Engr. India Ass. Cosmopolitaon Club 9 egg CHARLES SAN DOVAL Psychology Kappa Sigma Psi Chi ANN SCHULLER ALLEN SHELBY FG? x Q . if Q. M4 -x. X WARNER SANKMAN Tau Kappa Epsilon BBA GLENN SHAHEEN Accounting Club CEZAR SIBAL Philosophy hh ,QQ 5.55 Xe . R f i l J--1' X , . i xl . ' lf" ' .ff ' ts. .J l -'f :ffrg 1' l gy 41 y Iptfli-' 1 U ,,,4f1 4 . N I r ' yung.: ,,, rdlfftht r,' :iff fr I get ws W3 -ed f, of 2' 7... I I IV I N I Q 'K' ,' DENNIS SIMECEK B. A. Pl'IILl,lP SMITH History Literary Society ART SODERSTROM SEA ACE Political Sci Club Campus Police X 5" , - . A FARLEY SIMPSON Bio. Sciences HSL Student Senate ELIZABETH SNODDY Art BSL' SALLY SUDERSTROM Phi Alpha Theata Political Sei. Club E IOR - K PATRICIA SMITH AWS Stnfle-nt Senate Bancl Tau Beta Sigma SAM SNODDY BSI' MICLEI, SOLIS Frosll. Basketball l 133 ""'3" PHYLLIS STANCHOS Alpha Lambda Delta OTEKA STEVENS Secondary Education JOHN TEEGARDEN Music Track T. W. C. Collegiate Chorale B. S. C. 134 -36' gn- .px WELDON STANLEY WILLIAM B. B. A. Dean's List Honors NANCY STITT MARY ANN THOMPSON Radio-TV Alpha Epsilon Rho Chi Omega Panhellenic Council KVOF-AM Staff STEINMANN LORNE TAYLOR TOBY TOVAR THOMAS TREECE Lambda Chi Alpha IFC Pre-Med Club Circle K IANEEN WHITE Elementary Ed. Delta Delta Delta A. C. E. JOHN YLINEN ALLAN TROPPE Sigma Alfa Mu Student Senate IFC. History Orange Key Sardonyx WILLIAM WHITE DOLORES YOLNC Zeta Tau Alpha Spurs Chenrizig Cheerleader CHARLES TLPPER History Student Asstw.. Pres. Phi Alpha Theta Student Senate Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sardonyx. Alpha Chi Orange Key Prospector Staff CHARLIE WHITSOX English Track Team M Club Newrnan Club STELLA YTUIIRALDE Elem. Education Alpha Lambda Delta Spurs Chenrizig S. E. A. STANLEY WALKER WILL IIAYMONK Mining Engineer A. P. O. Sigma Gamma Epsilon A. I. M. M. E. Scabbard 8 Blade A. S. M. E. JEAN MCLEOD 'S'-. ,T Q' CAROLE WARD Delta Delta Delta P. E. M. Club Modern Dance Club Golddiggers JUDY WILLIAMS Delta Delta Delta MENACHO ENRIQLE Metallurgical Engineering A. I. M. E. A. S. M. "-1 Wi f e-a' f I QQ.: . AM - 2. 34 " J C vy' 3 N ef .w I if N X X Y 'u re 'F' "" X-I ff-lg 2' , A l Y'l X, l I ' X 135 VN' W. -N p , 1 1 N w 5 i i N l U UNIOR N R 'Gif - 0-kj ,. 4. X Q Y SX xv 'N 1 -"gr X ' J gn' F, gg' V -J-J I, Jimmie Bert Pat Allen Almon Ambrose , M ,tg E Martha Barbara James Artega Archer Benner f sig in vw .Y James Tommy David Connolly Cook Cude l 138 x' xx 5 251. Adrienne Ames Ernest Wynn Anderson Anderson Billy Best Q, as 'x X X vw--f t - , Robert Curtis I Qi 5 Vu, 'z Linda Steve Carpenter Cone A ls: i , lag. ""-m --4 r r -Q' is-,ga iii James Jody Virginia De Garmo Dixon Drahan Q- Qin' A 0 rj X Q '7 .r A Qi . F W KK Q ix F, ii Bill Gloria Judy Erwin Enriquez Faith , x' I l 1 1 l l -.Q ' X wir' Q if x--,' - N. ' -4 V 3-if Diana Domingo Robert Dreckman Domingez Drotman 'fx 1 Gary George Kay Feldman Fielding Fine Q6 john Jeff Joe Alfredo Fiol Gates Gelsthorpe Gonzales UNIOR 22 J 1-.- X 1 w-'fs Judy Haddad Mike Hatch Martin Jaffe John Glenda Hafen Hammon Ray William Helburn Hewitt Dody Hart William Bettie Hart Hastie 41 Linda Hollenshead Cynthia Henry Humhert Ingle Bruce Bentley Carolyn Edgar Patrick Janet King Knott Guerry Lanpher ?'!V Patricia Owena Walter Alice Lynch McCarty McCulloch McMahon ,va 5' Melver Don Gloria Gary Marczeski Marrin Matlock I L fv- Willianis E' ' -s. '-'N ' 'Q S 41V ts? 5, I Gail McNun ,.fv Howard Moeck 5- V-4 -fs. R l Janet John Karen Russell Christine Moore Moore Moore Moore Mora nd ev'-X S Keith Stanley Bob Robert Gina Murray Nelson Notely 0'Rear Orellana UNIGR BZ? hr Allan Kay Osborn Patton Karen Peterson N 1 Floyd Philipa ,P . James Nora Rainwater Ramirez l. , si'- John Tom John Paula Leona Stephen Remmie Rhoades Rice Ronquilla Rouse Saltzman F. I- r - 'R 'axe . ' 1 , V S X 17 R - 1 R ff' Q l i X l if 2, Tina LOU A1111 Bob Herbert Joe Justin Sanchez Scott Segalman Smith Smith Smith JU IOR , I Q 'Nha 1 ,.,7x L1-,,. -- rx lf" .x N X Donna Kathleen Smyres Soldan ag 93' Maria Malcolm Sharon John Solis Spitalnick Starkey Stephenson QQ!! 1:-A 1205 vrr Bob Tooley John Paul Carlos David Thomas Towns Trollinger Valdez Valenzuela Vinson ml W ,gi W, UNIOR R- -,' 1 ,gy if Frankie Beryl Marva Eldine Norman Peggy V0lII1f'T Ward Ward Webb Wenkley Whitehead --J ,, ,, Y Nancy Oscar Maggi Peggy Joanne Myrna Whitley Williams Wiswell Wright Yapor Young . 'F l 'V Q S QQ AF' Robert Duane Terry Mike Joseph Tony Zielinski Baker Butler Davis F elman Harries A ff' an -9 1 , . , . gin Q14 x Q5 Connie Mary Richard Judy Tita Kuhn Martinez Overly Palmore Steele Nelson Sanders r i Q 5 N l i ZH QM Q f i il ,N ,. M SN 'xl fm 41 1 ez 34 li I, ii r . 3 1 1 . I OPHO ORE -Z mms: maui WWW' Norman Vance Mohammad John Vicki Abbott Alexander Al-Olayan Anderson Atkins 4-se ,,,. , 4 , ,f-' Cordon Donald Shannon Ginny Carolyn Balter Barnum Becker Behrens Blackburr 'pr , . I: X4 Karen Willa Ruth Barbara Karyn Judy Boozer Braden Brashear Bn-ckf-nrirlgc Brokate OPHOMORE 1 ji ' fair X Joel Barbara Brown Browder X pi . 1 P . ' .4 1. Q '- 'i "B , "Yr , V ' 3' " " ' 2' Q .l P lien a "V E Lai Dale Chew Clayton -.,' ,:, 'J U .- f Betty Bunn 5: of-fx Q7 ef Polly Cluff William Luis Burke Castellanos Michael Collier Sharon Joel Sherry Linda Conroy Damron Davis Dean 0 U1 Conn ,Eli X Sandra DeVries Sharda Dixit i Pat Evans ,Q 61' -,av -.fav ' Karen Fithian LW T 8:1 Rose Nancy Dominguez Ekdall . , -1 x Marte Dave Fargason Fargier Julie Becky Elkins Escalante James Carolyn Faulkner Fisk R5 2 Jacqueline Jane Ford Garrett SN? Bill .lacklyn Geyer Goins 'JS' OPHOMORE Georgina Gonzalez Lynn Lester Gayle Gore Grau Greve Sharon Grimmesey Lennie Henderson i .""X9 L I fii I ' 'ff' V 1 .- me 2 , W Lk' new Beverly Grose QQ Allen Harding 'Qs Pat Hernandez Ricardo Hernandez ,Q 6' Linda Harvey f" 'X ' 1 rf K. in , b, ' "3 v - .251 I' , 4 M, in Gloria Greve 1' 9' x, ,. Q X g-1 Charlotte Hays Sandra Howard Herrera H111 .- ,if Vi, g W' S w. 'I 7 V Nd , I fi 3 -. . " 211- V . ,i ,lean Marie Hill ,qv as -,4 'VT . A , ., 3 ' - ' 4 'sf x Barbara Hudson 'a Ginny Jansen If-, Mia Tom Freddie Carolyn Hodnett Holmes Hopkins J ack Ed Hutchins Ingram Irons Kaliko Tom Cecilia Hornedo 15. y XS i Alice Jackson 'fs Sam Carroll Amy Jetton Johnson Jones Donna J ones T7 VN -4 -E: '59 Hilda Murry Laighton Sandy Mart Y Kelly Ixlem lxohloss Lambert Laurel L., if-r Janet Lee Don Mary Lawless Lvven Levenridge Matthews Tir Gemlge Roy Noel Su e MCKQ-H219 Merchant Miller Millhofer OPHO ORE Elaine Maxwell fs.. . Mary Dare Mitclwll .l J ack Rosalyn Roberta J ohn Trini Morris Morton Ne dl 0,Neill Ontiveros OPHO ORE Patty Pat Judy Parks Parmeter Patterson Nancy Norma Keith Patterson Perez Peters V7 Judith Virgil Robin Rachow 4 , -S f 4 Carol Robinson Reed Rettgers "5 Sandy Manuel Rogers Ruiz 41 Q Arbie Barbara Tom Helen Ann Sharon Salinas Schafer Schooley Shanley Smith . fi at ' '- ,.' 1. hy 3 Q' . 13 5. I Donna Stewart but James Townes ja vi' Charles ' Wakeem I Ann l Weston I Cathy Jane Suaydi Sudtlreath "'i 4 Q V? ,Lfx ', 'W 1521+ . Q wr: -N l it Rose Marie Margaret Uttaro Valenzuela ff ' ,.. r -Q 'Q ,ff L 17 'ar I Karen Frosty Ward Wardy Ted Ann Teegarden Tonkin 'fa .t-, A .V - .ur U, 'f l .fp e Levy Naomi Valdez Vargas f '5 , l ca. W ' -. 'Y " ' 1 eh ' VIVAQV i fl affix Q -tlt "'V ,.,. I . ' ll AQZ' 1 Wanda Richard Weiman Westerman S Marie Roy Wheatley White 'h Pat Bobbye Wiman Wright -l v 3 , T s I . I P N , E f 2 V z N 1 I W X' , f I ii 4 if W if Q ,1 i 1 1 - r Ii 1 41 , 1 I W N 4 1 , E 4 , E 'Q N ' 'IT .4 45 U 156 -JL FRE SHM 4 L,...-- gnc:-1' ,AK X X A, fi, . 3 Q A fi f 5 f M Y 157 Mtv R 1-J Q. k , ,-Q n Margaret Alfred Rebecca Raymond John Mary Ginger Adkisson Aguilar Aguirre Allen Ambrose Arrevalo Austin . '7'., si. li! h QS an X 'N H.. Q 2-1 X Q E sl. Q .VM 'K ,- A k - ,FL gl 'gd' i .' A X ' , , 9 ,Q I XX K " - . Q J X' 9 I Q N A ii 5 ' si". 'FE 9- X S ' . l I Q ' V ., R: - t K Y i- 3.3 R ti . :I Les Sandra Allen Jackie Ted Dale Buster Aylesworth Baca Baker Baker Baker Banks Barnes MN gal g E' :ar p ' 1 " -,l rf V X , -4 X ,. X , H x X ' l Gloria Kathryn Troy Earl Clodene Judy Mike Barter Barton Bates Bean Beavers Beckerman Beeman X Q' fi Q Q il 1 f 'N' r.. A 4' L by Carol Carolyn .lo Ann Frances Tommi Nancy 1811165 Bibby Biediger Biester Bowden Bower Bradford Brarlllafl 6 Y I A 5 r 'C 6.57 If 9" ' ' r L Yvr, 4' . 4'A. 5 r 'lr .xg N..- 6 fe- r , n Jancy Brennand Lorenzo Candelaria ,vs In rg. J oe Corrasco F, Deanne Dadich as , ,H 5 . 4 A 1 - I .I "3 fv- -4 MA. -,rt 1+-'7' Mary William B. W. Britton Britton Brown Q? Bay Brown 'A Judy Burns R- - Arrnida Vance Joseph ,lan George Carrasco Causey Cervelloni Coffin Cooper 5,355 ,, , 5 V- A A y v gh E 3 ., B 1 r' :ff S, N. 51. W A QT - Cabell Carolyn Jane Sharon Durrell Cotton Cox Crawford Criswell Cullenbine ,v Ss.. gg eu. 4- A i r Jimmy Robert Linda Bill Diane Dennis Dickason Dixon Dollar Donnell fe Pat Doreen Alberta Gloria Anthony Patsy Echols Eisch Encinas Fisher Carden Dwight Stephen Maria Kent Fletcher Floyd Friedman Garcia Gardner X Q r to Alfredo Lucille Ann Sharon Toby Garza Gillis Glover Goddard Goodwin '4 EN Bertha Benny Clayton Roger Carl Guzman Hahn Hamilton Hamilton Harvey l Anne Fitch are fe-1' Terry Gardner F .5- We -if if 3 Bonnie Graham .aah , -J' -v 1 our 7 Mary Harvey FRE HME Amp A- 'I ' ' I2 . -- J- -5 Q x ,css Torn Lynnetle Jene David Hatch Hawke Hayden Henry Jo Ann Hoffman 'O fu. 9-ia Dolores J ara Karen Jones Q.: . :: -4 Angela Koepke ,s W -,x --, ll J I K Raul Hernandez wi '- .- IQ-f '- -,.. ff:i- Eva J erry Leslie Hoffpauir Holclerman Hunkins '. '77 C, rf .1-,. n 'xc Alberto J imeno ,X Vie 1, I: Susan Kalmans 5 , A I , QA Sharon Lauritzen '.-v ,xg F 'N Ernie Charles Jiron Johnson Dave l'lUIl5lf'liC'l' 'J fs fs G Tb ..- .411 S , J ff.::g'I:::g ".'. Ae?5ll.lii5!a5'Zf!:ss5?,'2 .lane Johnson . .1ll"'l ' nn"fu Shirley Hill -3 x hs..-. 6' i A l Jerry H utclieison pi? Terry Johnson -ga. A Q9 Bill Boll Karmiol Kelley Kirkwood Knox Judy llanilolpli ""1 ,fvTg. Jan Bill Eva Leslie Lieberman Little Littlm-john lJOClil1llIl 181 72' ' he pi 5: Efrain Tommie Lopez Love ' K 'fly 17 aff Beatrice Irma Martinez Martinez ,v,a 'ii' Elida Jody Mesa Miller 1,1 uv: . Q ix . gr C Qvi ,. ,' .. Gary Melinda Elizabeth Arthur Lusk Lykins McCarthy Mcflowan FRE MN Carol Kay Vicki Joseph Medinger Mathews Mayfield Mays 43-Q Jose John Edwyna Morales Morey Morse Norma Montoya .4 , 41: dl 5 A- l David Mahoney 'fy . -f- a :f -.ff X David Mena Andrea Mossman -O Magdalena Katie Lawrence Christine Rosemary Gloria 5115311 Nanez N eece Nelson N evarez Newth Oaxaca 0 Conner l Q Lourdes Rodizuez X , i 'ix 1 f. ,.,. I6 -U5 1 . vw,-. 1 ri Keni Patton l Ernestine Pina Carolyn Quillen Q .- s- ' Ted Reed 2 ,a fa If .gt r-Zi, Q f i' is Reginald Vinita Edna Gloria Ruebush Russell Salazar Saldana Scott Pharies Q' -J r I T, Richard Pineda , 1 It Lorenzo Ramos Betty Reinert r 'Q T, , ,-.. v-- -A9 t X4-ff Mike Sanchez ev Susan Phifer Y Q. vw X Dixie Pierce lima Christine Ponce Powers a.,ff75 S ' , 7 ' X ' N4 A.. y X.. A - L, 3 ' Ck- fl 1 ,Q ,, i .Q - Ls? 1. P nf' ,-'T F' ie . V N . ,' 'Q 7 X X .2 was u wx' W ,. Rosalind Allynne Rannev Ray , '23 Alfred Penny Reyes Roberns Samuel Sanchez Gloria Saxon 163 l' . Sara Shafer '39 Marianne Skopanski 59' " of 1.1 Johnny Smith ,...... N , -- xx . 4 Raul Soto 1 5- -x Linda Dorothy Peggy Schafer Scott Sexton timmy F ti? . , , W , :qt - F Q-J ,' ., .f Q if ,..... .lane Greg Antonio Siegel Siewart Silva A S fi a S 35, .1e. - it Diane Marylou Jay Slaughter Slemenda Smith lv. ' ,N lx . , 'x if if. . '.'s1,t. - . to - - for Marsha Ruth Nancy Smith Smith Sonnichsen wwf .67 3 L,3P,y Suzanne Caress Mary Ann Richard Strauss Sunderman Tankersley Telles Annette Steele X K!f'Tl' , s ,- X Cecilia Terrazas Martha Sue Stephens our 5 i t ,xy I IL, Ignacio Terrazas Barbara Stone Xu." vb- Kit Thomas 1 Philip Thompson 'wg we 1 x ij' I G if f ty., John Valles ff-X Qfs . iiffqi ' -A Mary Walker Ji So Q.-7 15.54 .fi A 1 'ig . P ., T!-Vg ' 'i x-:E Linda Wingo '-:T 'e , , vw fi Jimmie Sue Cochran Bn It 'rl' 'Kr' Jeannie Eddie Todaro Talentino Lois Van nerson Anne Wasser s Q' 421 . ,lf Cynthia Winston ,Ji K . if - Gayle Connell Virgina Varela -3 G Thomas Webb .,,,,g3 IX Tv- . . 5 Stephen Young is 'IN v:-,r Cathy Drovdahl l L FRE ,HMB Robert Tolliver was -4- ...- R .- I X Leandro Vargas 3 z.!',x 'N ix as Jo Dee Wells 'Jag- fi 5 as . 5 ' 15...- l . I r AX'- L Harry Zimmer 5-ra:-4 V' ,. George Fowler ft 2 E sf - s fl Bill Tomlinson ,PM 'Q ,' A QM , Richard Wagner . wr' x 5 Bernadette Torres .1 - I -A 17 x Patricia Waide Richard Wetzig is 'Q ,.,. 1757 r Margaret Zumr I . .3 1. 5,4 'sf Edgar Guerry .fa-,X -5 Dean Whitworth t as na, 4 -, fi ..., xv, i "1 X fl ,. 'Z Tom Blandin 5 -Q' VX '7 ,l Beatriz Garcia Linda Valle - Bs lg' It ' 'Yi Ili ' Carol Walker 2, ..v Elizabeth Williams +39 Joe Brown Tommie Watrous 165 n ! m N Z N.,.,. NA, -,A xxx -. S "Tw Sgt. is ,Xi XX, li A .--. K-. v -1 , -,, f ivrsts-'M 7' 'rs T- -TY: fi' ' "X-:ty Ng, , x S : A j FACULTY When. fifty-years ago. the State School of Mines and Metallurgy opened its doors to twenty-seven eager students. the faculty consisted of four professors. three lecturers. and a student assistant. The sub- jects taught were all allied to engineering. and the professional qual- ifications of these very alule. practical men were either Bachelor of Science or Engineer of Mines degrees. Conversational Spanish was taught twice a week lay one of the students. a native of Mexico. This was the nucleus of a faculty that was to grow in size and stature - figuratively speaking. of course--until it attained its present propor- tions. With the annexation of the Junior College of El Paso in 1927, and the consequent lmroadening of the curriculum to include a liber- al arts program. the faculty increased to five professors. three asso- ciate and seven adjunct professors. and sixteen instructors and lec- turers. In 1950. when the college was renamed Texas Western College. there were 111 full time faculty memlners. twenty four of which held a doctorate degree. Today. there are over 6.000 students at this College. They are in- spired and guided hy some forty-eight professors. forty-three asso- ciate professors. fifty-four assistant professors. fifty-seven instructors. one foothall coach with three assistants. and one special lecturer. Assisting them are thirty-six part-time instructors. Sixty-eight of this total of 243 have olntained their doctorate. Certainly that nucleus of 191-I has grown in size and stature. We. the students. are proud of our great liody of learned men who have dedicated their lives to the imparting of knowledge for the hetterment of humanity. May these men and women find deep joy and satisfaction in the knowledge that their efforts are greatly appreciated by their students who take pride in being a part of this growing college. 167 l A rx i 'vw if,-QQ -Ki'-: iT"3 ff .,..-----1 5? A ,IH - -1' 'ix A All Mrs. E. L. Tnrnk millistratiu- Svcrf' to Prulfialvxlt Hay larv J, -., in i ,- :a , W i'-SL4 Y , "xi ---V ' ' l' ' President and Mrs. Rav U ran-+V V 1 5,45 4:-an f--""'r4-'J ,1 ,J i -1 Iteuuuwfv--ww .N,..1.y,qu.......,,e .. W, . ..,. ...,.., .wana-wfuav-x N ww vm. . . N ,WM x vu wi.-f -.N-ww-V. - -nf 1 Dr. Ray Small Dean of Arts and Sciences Dr. Lonnie Abernathy Dean of Engineering 170 Dr. Clyde Kelsey Dean of Students Mr. jimmy Walker Dean of Men Mrs. Louise Resley Dean of Women z gl ,AP-' e S -VQ rv- ,v ,x g , P 67- A I 4 H.- . Asa i X4 I 'He Q f , A , . ja I A , L -' . E. Coogler 53' -6 J. Baird RT Dr. J. L. M. Baird De artment Head The function of the Department of Art is that of providing thorough and careful training in the fundamentals and techniques of the basic artsg drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry making and silversmithing. ceramics, and graphics. This program includes the study of the development of art and acquiring ap- preciation through courses in art history. The Art Department also offers special courses of commercial design in advertising and interior decorationg and for the prospective teacher, xa art education classes deal with the processes of teaching art at the elementary and second- ary levels. Furthermore, the Art Department offers to the professionally oriented art stu- dent a research course especially designed to allow him to select and explore intensively in an approved art area with the guidance of a memlwer of the art staff. Texas Western's Art Department takes great pride in its art students. BIOLOGIC CIE CE Texas Wests-rn's Biological Science Departmentg which at the present time consists mostly of pre-med and pre-dental students, places its greatest emphasis on giving the graduate a sound foundation in the basic hiological sciences-as well as the development of outstanding scholarship. if tt to Dr. J. B. Reeves P. Chrapliwy E. Dulce C. Landolt The Department of Chemistry plays a dual role on the Texas West- ern Campusg it is a service department as well as a degree granting depart- ment. It teaches the elementary courses in chemistry that are so im- portant to the modern engineer or chemistry major: and at the same time, it offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in chemistry. The dee partmentis program is designed to aid the advanced technical education of exceptionally adept students. to allow the beginning student speedy advancement through his hasic courses. and to offer advanced courses in qual- itative and quantitative analysis. The chemistry department extends its cur- riculum from biology and medicine on the one hand to theoretical phys- ics on the other. It offers almost un- limited possibilities for research. ,V . A Mr. E. C. Reynolds Department Head P. Adkins D. Brady CHE I TRY Pm' s , H. Alexander J. Foulds J. Hancock W. Lloyd Fx 'vs Ji 'T' sd ' rv R. Miller F. O'Neal W. Rivera ,l. Scruggs F. Shioji and The Department of Drama and Speech strives to make meaningful contribu- tions to the theatrical and speaking education of the Texas Wlestern student. C. Etheridge S. Gonzalez 3 X fvsl' X 7 .-Q. N ,r va: 43 C. Jones J. Miculka H. Tucker Q e fs.- T .J IS x ,.... -.J - .A li qi 7 Q ' it 173 9 1 is-H.. G w is-A. 'N . Xxx' .fl F. Buckner P. Duriez D. Freeland W. Hartrick H- IEIISBH 3. I. Johnson J. Reynolds ,IND RF J. Richards E. Sanders f r . Q i -if 49 4 A. Stone G. Tompkins The Department of Economics and Business Administration serves three functions: It provides instruction in the particular business ca- reers of Accounting, Economics. Finance, Foreign Trade. Management, Marketing, and Secretarial Studies. It offers a major program leading to the Bachelor of Arts Degree of Business Administration and to the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. And it strives in getting the graduate an excellent reception and acceptance in his chosen field by not only continually improving its curriculum, but also by gaining publicity for the department through its faculty's presenting papers, attending national meetings and conferences, and writing dissertations. Individual economics and business administration courses, as well as the entire curriculum, are kept up to date by frequent revisions. For instance. the department now has a statistics and computor center of calculators to modernize the courses in data processing and accounting and a classroom full of IBM MSelectric', typewriters, the latest model developed by IBM. The department takes pride in its goal-that of gaining recognition and a reputation for its graduate. ECO OMIC and USI SS I I TR TIO l' - Dr. R. W, Burns Department Head ED C TIO The Department of Education. which has the largest number of majors on the TWC Campus. emphasizes two levels of development: the under- graduate courses pertaining to elementary and secondary education and to special education of exceptional or mentally retarded children. and the grad- uate division primarily stressing training counselors leading to the Master of Education. The principal aim of the Department of Education is to turn out good teachers-all under three significant areas. First. the program of general education gives every student in the field of Liberal Arts an excel- lent academic foundation. Second. considerable work is emphasized in an area of specialization: for example. the students "practice teach" in public schools-thirty-six hours at the elementary level and forty-eight hours at the secondary level. And third. a professional attitude is developed through in- troduction of practice teaching in the education classes. This program should give every student a broad foundation in education: it should prepare an in- dividual to teach in his area or areas of specialization: it should give some understanding in regard to how studentsigrow and mature. in the procedures of evaluating students. haw students learn. and how to develop curriculum units. The students are exposed to various teaching methods. in addition to actual teaching. Because there are unlimited opportunities in teaching pro- fession. it is not surprising that at Texas Yvestern more degrees are granted in Education than in any other field. ., A gy 95 l QT - K I x . i f X X M. Cline M. Craik V. Davis J- Day - -ew f-40 V X ir- uv ri 'Qi W, Fisher A. Foster L. Henderson J- Meadows C- Wivel 175 C. Cervenka R. Coleman P. Hassler "' ti C. Nichols P. Young GI EERI GLI . 176 I n l In the Department of Engineering at Texas Western College the student has a choice of curricula in Civil Engineering, Elec- trical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering. and Drawing. These Curricula are designed to prepare the student upon graduation to hold positions in various fields of engineering. The civil engineering courses range from problem and data analysis to advanced structural analysis. engineering problems, and concrete design. The electrical engineering program includes curricula ranging from electromagnetic field theory and engineer- ing electronics to advanced topics in communication, engineering electronics. digital and analog computers. and energy conversion. Mechanical engineering ranges from such courses as mechanisms and thermodynamics to mechanical engineering measurements and system analysis. ln the research lalmratories students perform several of the classic experiments of engineering and several dealing with re- Cently discovered phenomena. in . Q! r-' n"g H 3 4,5 R. Barakat P. Birkinshaw L. Berkman H- Bra I A ' f-'r t Us if . I' ...L V MA W. Calhoun J. Dugan F. Ehmann B- Eva The Department of English endeavors to make signifi- ant contrihutions to the education of the Texas Westerii tudent in two ways. First. it seeks to teach the art of speak- ng and writing well. ln its freshman advanced courses it lemands analytical thinking. logical organization of ideas. ,nd the expression of these ideas in clear. precise language. iecond. the Department seeks to help the student know and ealize the present world around him and the world of the vast. It hopes that through the study of these literary vorks, the TWC student will grow in an awareness of the iuman assets which enrich life and the mind. The Depart- nent of English gives to professionally-minded students ourses that hroaden not only his scope. hut also his view -f all mankind. 'sf ' -.1 J. James S. Justice R. La Fontaine T. Penfield " 9.-Q: -4 J. Quarm E. Richeson L. Sipiora R. Small 1'3" Ig 1' . H, 4 " .,,- 't i ' , '. Us it '-5 1 A 5 -1 ve- 'S sf " 4' P 4 sr Q 5 l 1 ttf G. Smith R. spiese P. strand 12. Walker J. West l GLI H 6 X a-' Diff!" J, if .aug aw v- -.. Dr. J. M. Leach Department Head The Department of Geology and Geography offers course work leading to various fields of specialization-chemistry. phys- ics. paleontology. and all the geological fields. The student may also complete a curriculum in other major branches of engineer- ing. Experiencing an outstanding growth in the last few years. the department also offers service courses to other academic depart- ments. GEOLOGY 'SLN V 55 ' L. Card6l1aS R. Meek S, Nlyers M, Straus 178 L. Nelson W, Strain The Department of Government strives to giv the student an understanding in the various kinc of governmental systems. doctrines, and relation Courses investigate the organization, powers, fun: tion. business methods, principles and politic: problems involved in international relations of tl states of the world with particular emphasis on n. tionalism and imperialism. This year. besides beir a new department within itself, the Governmel Department had added a new courseg Inter-Amer can International Relations. which involves the p litical, economic. and cultural relations among tl Latin American states. The department aims to gi' the graduate a thorough study of the processes i volved in the management of men and materials the accomplishment of the purposes of governmer l 4 l l l HE LTH and PHY IC L EDUCATIO Ben Collins Department Head The Department of Health and Physical Education at Texas Western College, believing that every student needs a well-rounded education. has or- ganized a program to meet these needs. Service courses for men are designed to provide vigorous. strenuous. and aggres- sive activities that will he of lasting val- ueg service courses for women are de- signed to provide activities that are mentally and physically stimulating. as well as promoting grace. vigor. and poise through group and individual instruc- tion. All service courses are provided to promote vigorous. mental. emotional. social and physical health: Io further the education of the individual through physical activities: to develop motor skillsg and to prepare for leisure time activity. In addition. the Department trains the student for teaching. if X W na . 4 ,. AR UA" fr- be "' M P L V ',q- Ill, -In '- , E lg if f K. Craigo L. Glardon D. Hardin M, Loper "' ' Q 'A "' "-" M41 M. Broaddus M. Dickson W. Fuller J. Harvey R. Strickland C. Warner HI TORY The Department of History provides its stu- dents with an opportunity to survey civilization from its beginning to the present. including the ma- jor political. social. economic. and cultural trends of the past and present which have influenced the world situation of today. The Department strives to give the students a broad background of man's evolution from a historical viewpoint. 179 .i. J 0 NALI J. Middagh D and IO -T. . The Department of Jour- nalism and Radio-Television, realizing the need for profes- sionally trained men and women in the field of communications, offers a complete curricula in the field of journalism and ra- dio-television. Organized on a professional basis. the Depart- ment aims to provide students with a broad background in English and history. economics. political science, and business- plus realistic training under pro- fessional newsmen and radio- television men as instructors. Texas Western facilities are new. modern, and complete, offering the prospective student unsur- passed opportunities for learn- ing every phase in the field of communications. and PHY IC iq, Virgil Hicks, Department Head The function of the Department of Math and Physics is that of providing thorough and careful training in the concepts and techniques of mathematics and physics. Because of the ex- tremely rapid growth of knowledge in scientific and technical areas during the past few years, the Departments program includes the modern facilities for teaching. The major departmental objectives are to offer courses leading to a bachelors degree with adequate preparation for graduate study. to offer courses necessary for public school teacher certification, and to offer service courses as requested by other academic departments. The Department now offers a Mas- ter of Science degree in Physics, a new addition to the degrees conferred upon Texas Western students. 'C' . I 5- , C . as rg! ' - 'AA I 1 :AN I- , " :g 1 Ill' .1 In i Rf it S. Agarwal F. Bailey H. Ballard R. Bentz C. Gladman D. Horner E. Knapp W. Burgett O. Kruschwitz O. McMahan V. Miculka R. Pryor R. Schumaker E. Threadgill 180 MININ and ET LL RGY W. Heer E. Thomas fi f The Mining and Metallurgy Department offers a cur- riculum designed to give the engineering student a compre- hensive study of the applicability. safety. production. and comparative costs of mining methods: of mine examination and valuation: of mineral and rock mechanics: of the prin- ciples of metal extraction. processing. and refining: and of the structures and properties of metals and alloys. The De- partment of Milling and Metallurgy fulfills its function of providing the careful training necessary for any engineer- ing curriculum. The Department of Military Science strives to produce junior commissioned officers who by their education. train- ing. and inherent qualities are suitable for continued devel- opment as officers in the United States Army. Training in military leadership is emphasized. as well as instruction in 7? 'T T' fp 6' -' 9 5' . v--v 1 l if V 1 X , E A 9 ., x "ii R X 4 ry, I X . J, X ' A I C. Bond J. Briggle I. Neely , -R vit . is K - 4 A' xxx X still- - 'V T X Ji is 1 KAI' C. Kiefer I, Woodyard subjects common to all ful completion of the who qualify as Distin ble for appointment as Army. hranches of the Army. l'pon success- four-year ROTC program. students uished Military Graduates are eligi- commissioned officers in the Regular MILIT RY CIE CE 181 MODER LA GU GE The Department of Modern Languages provides its students with an opportu- nity to acquire an officially approved language as a tool of research and a medium of cultural enrichment. The methods of instruction employed aim at the development of all skills necessary for practical use of the language. All these skills are devel- oped equally in all of the classes. The impact of language in the modern world of today affects the sources which the college student must use in order to obtain technical information. The Modern Languages Department meets this need by making available to the student the language he needs to understand these new sources. Of prime importance to any collegiate student is a knowledge of a lan- guage which he does not use everyday. J. Bailey C B W' 4' . evans , - , 1 I. F. Brewer fa. ll ' S Q C. Chrestian G. Gabriel M. Rodriguez E. Scruggs R. Tappan W. Webb MUSIC In the Department of Music the student has a choice curricula de- signed to satisfy several objectives: Teacher training. professional train- ing, and avocational interest. The de' partmental program aims to give the student a sound foundation in music theory. literature. and education. Also part of the program is applied music: Band. Choir. Orchestra. Chorus. Lab Dance Band. a fully equipped sympho- ny orchestra. a concert and march- ing hand. Z1 laboratory hand. small chamber groups and two larger choirs. Also. many non-majors participate in these activities in addition to the de- partmental majors. Study and puhlic performance are important parts of the life of the music major. fu .mg 1 H' L Alderette R. Briggs H. Cardon vie' G5 I X J . 1 A. Chavez i 1 :rl Dr. E. H. Thormodsgaard Department Head 1 s sf-P m-w""""""N " Nd' E Eicher R. Henderson H. Hillyer M. Meyer H. Nelson L. Thayer O. Eidbo PHILO GPHY and PSYCHGLGGY Man and his behavior. a search for truth through logical reasoning rather than T- Chism factual observation. manis internal and ex- ternal relationships. the various phases of human culture. and the principles of growth and development improvise the general Curricula topics provided by the Depart- G. Barrientos ment of Philosophy and Psychology. The problems of matter. life. mind. truth and value are investigate-d to give students a R. Whitwvortll thorough understanding of the problem of hx knowledge and human behavior. it -Q ,ff Dr. John Haddox Department Head 4 I The Department nl' Sociology specializes in man's relation with man-human relationships, a subject of universal interest ' today. ln order to understand the world of today. one must a l have an appreciation of the ways in which individuals. groups. l and nations have related themselves to each other in the past ' T 1 as well as in the present. lolitical. economic. religious, educa- i tional. and family systems are investigated by means of the specialized techniques of sociology in an effort to give students at Texas Western familiarity with and understanding of man's ,fi ie iavior in associa ion wi iis e ow men. I l t thi f ll '. l X l ,A J' :h i X A ' ,I Dr. Clark Knowlton Y V X Department Head A , M. Quinn B. Hollingsworth OCIOLGGY l 184 t TFF The Staff of Texas Western Col- lege patiently give their time and ef- fort in working "behind the scenes" to maintain all the facilities necessary to provide a well-organized college system. They strive endlessly in al- ways trying to obtain the needs of Texas Western College. x M. Aguilar C. Arnold L. Bennett 'ff' H. Gerecke V. Hopper S. .lones if A 'o " 5 U . i J. Stewart L. Todd B, Fatuch JI 'N wx 233 X xx XX mxx X f x Q it X X X X- Q XX X ,K x x? X 5 Nifxmxe 'Zia X M. Boydston N 'NO x?. ts 1 ts? , if 1 D. Kendrick .Rf- , ..-A si he li ' sf- Hallbert St. Clair. Business Manager J. Cavalleri 'Q' ,S l B. Kelley M. Crowson A. Estrada ,M :N us Q li sf? f i X K . .Q is X P. Smith i 4 L., . .Q Zgg Y P. Stauchos S. Van Pelt J. Whitaker J. Whitelaw S. Williams nn - nn - as .- .- an 1 ! BO 0 Icfl to Hiulltz Julm 5. Hn-flflltl. Ll'X'l A. Ulzm. Wah-s 1 W XX H J . . mfath. Wall:-r P. Rl'l'llilIIl. l'l'Llllk L.. hm -6 Julmns am. Hl. f REGE E H Muelnlvn. Jr.. A. C. Mvxffcso. in. Jr.. H. F. Connullv, Jr.. Mrs. ""1f"iN':-7' .. . . . .. X 53.5 3 Rexx xwmxmx-xxwuQ-xv-www-ww Sm SS-Ei -wg Xie SN W-MQNNNQ, N..w.Wwxx gym. 1 NXy kr. Nwmvmwxwxxw.www-QNX fyxfs . , X N Q. xv 2. A Xxx WWNXWNQN.Mmm.. lg . Xxx . ..MNN.W.,V..m.w..... xxNN.mwxNN.XX3Www NNN X, X 4 XTITTII xx AQ Q' K . M -Nw ..X..-N.m....,,... .. ., ..... V. gk N 'g ft N .M .X.. 5 -:ARL H 1 .fxaw ex: Q . -mrs. X .N ' Eg. 5 : ,S Y " ' N Q Q A . X. 1 - 5 N EWR "'x'5xNK A Y: 1 EE 3 xy, f. V., f,W4w,w,v 144 fw ki' FTOM TOW, left I0 fight! Chris P- FOX, Conrad P- Ra' H. Lind. Ur Hilton Lce-ch. Frank Hunter. Col. J. T. mirez, Mayor Judson F. Williams. chairman. Mrs. Jack L15-gefig fourth mi,-5 D1-, H, E, Charlpg, Dr, M, P, Kitchen, Mrs. J. Burges Perrenot, Mrs. Thad A. Steele, Spearman. J. M. Hanks. Richard C. White. Granville PI'6SlCl6Il't JOSEpl1 liay. M3rSll8ll WillliS1 Secolltl IOWZ Gfepyl, Dr, Floyd Fiprmang top rowg Jack Richard W. Mithoff, Dr. Ray Small, William Latham, tlurlin. ltr. l,. D. Hadkew. William H. Hardie and Jack C. Vowell. Jr., Francis liroaddus. Jr.. Francis EdwinW',Carr0ll, Morgan? third row: Edward F. Schwartz, Theodore These people are the civic and lwnsincss lenders in our community who will be responsihle for the projected growth and academic success of Texas Vvestern College within the next ten years. Through their efforts. the T. W. C. students of 1973 will enjoy advantages we can only dream of. MEMBER of MISSION '73 1 S A , , 0 '1- if A 1 .L. l 6 'N ,A ,!,4.l-U l . "S .ni ' A" 141, '24 .. , - it- ' V A C' CL Texas Westc-isii College had over eighty activity groups or or- ganizations. This integral part of collegiate life includes govern- mental organizations. national and local fraternities and sororities. honor societies. departmental clubs. music and drama groups. reli- gious affiliations. and student publications. There is an activity on this campus for every student: moreover should there seem to be a lack of endeavor in any particular direction. other approved groups could be formed. 1n this Jubilee year. let us look at some of the groups that were formed in the early days of our college. but which fell by the way- side in the passage of time. 1n 1918. the Ad Club was formed to advertise a small struggling college. and to keep its name before the public. Two years later, the Ancient and Onery Order of the Wa-Pu Bird came into existence. The aims and by-laws of the strange named society seem to be missing from the archives of the college: this may prove a fruitful field of research to one who has the yen. The "Merry Maskersu of 1928 pre- sumably were the forerunners of the College Players. but is it gen- erally known the Gold Diggers followed a male football squadfthe Ore Diggers? Groups of aspiring authors have handed together from time to time: the Scriblerus Club which. with the students from the Junior College of El Paso in 1927. was followed by the Quill Club, who produced their own Magazine. Flze Parchment. The Womaii Hater's Club formed in 1932 would seem to sug- gest that five years of daily contact with liberal arts co-eds had not been time enough to soften the hearts of some of the miners! Be that as it may. when the out-of-town men formed themselves into a band called the Outpost. the dorm girls followed suit and became the Outcastsl However. there does remain at this college one unsolved mys- tery. Who were the R. F. D. Co-ed Club of 1924? If. after scanning the various college organizations in this section. there should be someone with the necessary time and inclination, why not form a group for the purpose of clearing up this riddle? 189 'Qs Charles Tupper President of the Student Association 1 'Vs ' 91-4 .1-119 Wx "7 Billy Best Virginia Love Vice PIQSTCTCIII Stff'l'f-tary..-Fall The Executive Branch of the Student Association exists to implement the laws of the Student Senate and the constitution and to carry out the pol- icies of the President. Within this hranch is found an Executive Council and Executive Cabinet. The Council consists of representatives from various councils on campus such as the lnterfraternity Council. Interfaith Council, Honorary Council, Business Council. Engineering Council, The Independent Club Council, Panhellenic Council. and the lnterdormitory Council. Une cheerleader also sits on the council. The cabinet consists of the elected officers and President of the Associated Women Students. The cabinet is responsible for administering the laws of the legislature. These students on this page are the members of the Cabinet. and those on page 1911 are the memhers of the council. . . OFFICER Betty Jane Thomas Secretary-f -Spring gf-M., 1 1 I, Arts and Sciences Representative Ann Crawley ,,...-v r 36? Q55 Billy Best Bill Harrison Betty Thomas Carl Moore President V. Pres. Secretary Parl. TUDE S NATE X Barbara Abraham xl' , 5. QU? as ' Y:-rv' X, 3' Q C ' 'e Julie Alden Jim Cass , "Wo GN -,. i Norma Fulks 192 George Bob Arbuckle Baker Wilber Bateman Y li' , Sv Y'-rx' J im Benner IN? x ,,,..f Roy Ted David Robert Covert Cruz Cude Davis ..-3 . Don Sue Martin Ken Gibsvrl Glover Gold Goldblatt Diane Donnell ,TCW if Judy Haddad Ted Blackwell Carolyn Fisk V426 g PS ,Nl Pat Hamilton Ray Browt Ya 'Q Ann Foster James 1 Hinds ,gr ,- ' sr' Q-"' X' v" av-1 , fx' ,Q .fvf 5 'f 2 1- my ,ft - ,f "V are Rip uv' qs- ?'sff.,' 'Y aft p 4 51 ci, Charles Al Donna Ginger Pat Owena George Humhert Humphrey Hurley Jackson Lanpher McCarty Martinez The Student Senate is the workhorse of the stu- dent government.0nt of it come up to twentydifferent committees during the course of the year. These com- mittees. under the direction of the Rules committee and the Student Association Yice-president. accom- plish whatever work is necessary for the success of the many activities on the campus which fall under Stu- Membership in the Senate consists of either one or two representatives from each campusfrecognized organization. Each organization. he it Greek or inde- pendent. social or service. is allowed one representa- tive if its membership falls below 25 and two if it has over 25 members. ln addition. I1 maximum of ten un- affiliated students may be seated. dent Association jurisdiction. ,A 1. . Qfsiv' -36 495: Qi, . V: , I .wJ 5.55, I' -it Myrna Mary Victor Janet Arturo Trini Nanci' Matoy Matthews Montez Moore Oaxafia Ontiveros Patterson J ,QQ 5 'ei' '13 '+A 171 5 eu wr S- E. Q i' .p 5 Nr A X qt.: l .4 'nfl X Yi ' '4 XX l Q A H x Z 2 Carol Ann Mike Stephen Bob Lou Herbert JUSUII Robinson Rosen Salzman Segalman Shapiro Smith Smith ' are gxt 9 62 D 'lx r N . John Charles Pat Norman Michael Myrna Bob Staab Wakeem Wiman Winkley WYSC Young N Otely UK' .4-gb. Wynn Anderson Darold Barnum ,gym Kit Detwiler 15, 1 l Patricia Fletcher ' ' Mike Hatch Willis Lamden . b,.,f--f faux ffl ' Maxey Lumm Richard Moore Robert Thomas Linda Ul-in ST DE TCOUNCIL S DE CTI ITIE BO RD The Student Activities Board was organized in the Spring of 1963. The hoard sponsors five student activities committees: Exhibits. Film. Forum. Music. and Publicity. The objectives of the Student Activities Board are to contribute toward the development of an intellectual climate. to supplement classroom ex- periences with a variety of educational programs. to promote student initiative and leadership. to develop student loyalty and to provide wholesome leisure- time activities for all students. Wiynn Anderson My-.. . Q? Billy Best """' Domingo Dominguez iii-Q:-.-p George Fielding up ,gn-5. 'it' Q' Karen Johnson , 'Hn' Pennye Pinnell ,Q UK Carlos Valenzuela 5 -nu. rs t . ev 1 sv . 'sr . . , V X Patricia Fletcher Judy Haddad Linda Ulin Dianne Irvin Peggy Becker President V. President Secretary Treasurer Parliamf-marian AW The Associated WOHIGII Students group is composed of representatives from every women's organization on campus. A. W. S. is nationally known as I. A.W. S., Intercollegiate Associated Women Students. It occupies the unique position of be- ing the only national womens student government group in the United States. The purpose of A. YV. S. is to further in every way the spirit of unity among the women of the collegeg to increase their sense of responsibility toward each otherg and to maintain in every way high standards of college life. One of the important activities is an orientation program for new women students. and another is the sponsor- ship of the annual Co-ed Ball. .3 an j 'if ,e ,N F X . :A ii Q3 JV Q f-4 :L e-, Barhara Barbara Kay Mary Io Margo DOHHH Archer Brashear Burg Golding Hughes Hurley Jane Betty Karen Beth Owena Emma Kathleen Anne Suddreath Jackson Johnson McCarty McKnight Soldan Tonkin 1 TER-Don COUNCIL FQ Thr- lnter-Donn Council is Compose-cl of C I I l'l'pI'CM'lllllllYE'S of Qavll of Ilw florrns on vurnpns. - ailrvrn . . . JM 'lf 1 ll' ll f'0l'i1'4llllHll'S nr'tn'1tn-s arnong thc' ClOI'ITlllUl'lE'S Presnlvnt K 1 - - annl spmmns llllllll sovrul affairs. 5 A 'K N -,Y xg .Y il , Q.-?j! 'rr'-nf lx Wynn Anderson Kay Burg Terry Lee Butler Domingo Domiguez Willis Lamdin Roberta Nejdi Carol Ann Robinson Donna Smyres it - me .ff U ..-4 Joel Brown Fred L. Gerth William A. Harrison Martin A. Jaffe Paul Krupp Don Leveridge Maxev Edward Luinm Keith Murray Richard H. Netz Charles A. O'Reillv David M. Ray rr '34 9 N , Qld Q Q Carl Moore 1 President I TER FR TER.ITX COUNCHQ lnterfraternitv Council membership is derivt from representatives of the one local and seven n tional Fraternities on campus. The council acts as supervisory body and handles rush and fraterni policy. Fraternities constantly maintain a scholast average almove the all men's average and above tl all campus average. The l. F. C. awards a Scholz ship trophy to the fraternity with the highest ave age each semester. l.F. C.. along with the Panhl lenic Council. also sponsors an annual Greek Wee --1 Virgil Reed '7 t-:v Stephen Saltzman Steve Trede iiii eck Thomas R. Treece David B. Vinson IV. JN vi? Kit Detwiler President Panhellenic Council is the governing body for the sorority groups and is composed of representatives from each of the five national sororities on campus. One of the major responsibilities of the council is the organization and supervision of sorority rush. A Panhellenic sponsored workshop is held each Spring for the purpose of promoting and improving sorority-campus relations. HELLE IC Linda Carpenter Margaret Divelliiss x . Q , Niqygih, iq ' ' .4 n as 'N R :' I ' ' 1- 3' .J ' .. 1- x. .4 .A t gT.,: yr 4 'Q---1 5 if is --'S' ' V . -f' ' Y V t I 'Q or 'Qt t i 215 F 'X , t if so .. O Diana Nancy Ann Gloria Jo A1111 Dreclcman Ekclall Foster Creve HOOYGI' Owena Sandra Eileen Stanlee Carol McCarty Menacker Mgrggm Rosenberg Sqhade -Q rx 'mil' vgnujt. . x .T 4. -.45 -17.- af'- l I Dianne Irvin Ann Sherwin fr a' A 8 A -.4 , .3 lx , is 1 as 253' Q vw X 'V ' M N. gf? -i 'wr ' 11 S. vw. 2 X ex e Ginger Jackson Betty Thomas A Q-. vi' fu - YQ , I . 2 Jo Ann Anderson Mike Bernstein ReiIlllOld Bridges Mary Cocozza . 'mx fx f,,,.,, G' Patricia Dorsch Pat Fletcher Georgina Geek Judy Hail nr-. Membership in Alpha Chi is the highes1 scholastic honor which a T. W. C. student car attain. Eligibility includes the maintenance ofz 3.5 overall grade point average, and leadership in campus activities. from junior and senior mer and women students. The purposes of Alpha Ch are to promote better scholarship, leadership and citizenship among the campus students. Palma Lynn Ross Charlie Tupper ARDO YX Sarflonyx is a feliolastir- and serviee honorary for junior and Senior men who have maintained at least a 3.0 overall grade point average. At the Mr-n's Honors Night Assernlwly. held for the first time last Spring. new Sardonyx rnernliers were recognized and inducted for their academ ie achievement. The purpoxe of Sardonyx is to promote College loyalty. student rfooperation. and In mlvum-e n spirit of service and friendship among all students. Mike Bernstein President 6 N' ,5-' 'ag f Nr. .l3m6S B. James D. DON Billw' Baum Bt-.mmf Benson BBSI 'Ex 'v A, e... w-.Q is-4,4 Reinhold Terry L. Al Bill Charlie Bridges Henderson Humphrey .l0l'll1F0U TUPPH 201 average. participated in campus activities 1 r X CHE RIZIG QV QN:,g l - a. .f l 1 . rl t I Jo Ann Anderson President 'N- ,-"vi Wm'-Q I , , , , , Pew Lee Becker Kit Detwiler Ruth Don es . Chenrmg is a senior women s honorary ogy g v for those who have maintained a 3.0 overall 7 and maintained high standards of character. Memhers are invited each spring semester at the W'onien's Honors Night Awards Assembly. ,.N I Chenrizig members sell footlwall mums for N if 1 .4 A i the home games everv fall. A tutoring service 1'-' . ' . cw" was made available this year for women stu- sir, 4-" dents on scholastic' probation from the previ- ous semester. Pat Fletcher Margaret Glardon Judy Hail 7' 41K 9 J-of? 1:9 Sue Hayes Karen Beth Parks Palma Lynn Ross Betty Jane Thomas Stella Yturralde l 202 an CHI 'QQS A new honorary at T.W'.C.. Chimes recognizes scholastic achieve- ment among junior women who have maintained at least a 2.75 graale ar-H' point average. and was organized on the Texas Wlestern Campus in tht- Spring of 1963. Marvella Hinton. Maggi Wiswell. anfl Carolvn Knott. sys' who was elected president for this academic' year. were instrumental in its founding. Chimes is a national. scholastic honorary and strives lu promote scholastic- achievement among college women. L ,f Q ef Dana Durst Norma Fulks i' 'S LOU Ann Scott Sherri Seeling I fi 'VN .agp 'ii Marvella Hinton ' ,Isp if --.P 'f'.4-a, ' J -, , 6? Sharon Starkey t Carolyn Knott Presiflent T74 :Jw fs.. , N R' R. -f-f V t g ' Q., Jo Ann Hoover Karen Moore 'N T" Y D N If ix ,H uu- x Peggy Whitehead Maggi Yviswell 20 3 Dt ' 155' fi fx' 'N f Q-,I ' w i Bev C1059 Pat H3mllt0n President Advisor " "1 ?r ' IQ? ff F sg 5 7 5 'CJ -I S 1 Vickie Barbara Atkins Brashear -'f W-' ' ,X if Nl.: H .,4'- ' to ' it - 2: 3' , A f ,' IIN Ill Ci. 'ZS Q s it Nancy .lacque Ekdall Ford ii E 1 ' ,4 f 1 Norma Pat Perez Peterson 204 .F ' uv- ' X Betty Bunn .vvx v-ft Q N-sv 1 Gayle Creve Marvyn Prestwood 'cf We SU l Sophomore women who have maintained at least a 2.5 grade aver age and who have participated in campus activities are eligible to weai the Golden Spur of this scholastic and service organization. Under tht sponsorship of Pat Hamilton. a former Spur, and the leadership o- Beverly Crose, Spurs participated in various service projects through, out the school year. The girls don their white uniforms and can bt el seen ushering or serving at various functions and baby-sitting at thtg football games. This year the Spurs attended a regional convention ii! 1 . . . J Las Cruces at lNew Mexico State University where Norma Fulks wal nominated for Regional Director. Jw. .tfx 'il vw vis 5 Lai Chew '53 ,fh- l I Gloria Creve Ga KN' 1 Robin Rettgers r WI. B145 Q x ,Rm 5, :Q SEQ '-354 ' - ,f 6' re X x T Ernestine Sharon Linda Codero Conroy Dean b 7 ' 'Ai 3 .Mi 'Fifi 'af 9- F? , A' A are 4 lx Vxvv 4,-' +L :X ' Q Donna Barbara Barbara Jgnes ' ,. a T , Sharon Carol Ann .lane Reynolds Robinson Suddreath s .E r 4 l 1 1 x I 1 l l ,srl I . ., i 7 I I Pennj 2 Drahal A it 9 Trini Ontiver I Sylvi Toval " 'I' Anne Tonkin President LPH AMBD- DELT Alpha Lambda Delta recognizes freshman and sophomore women who maintain a 3.5 grade average. Girls are inducted at Women's Honors Night each Spring and are also tapped in the Fall. Alpha Lambda Delta promotes outstand- ing scholarship by recognizing the outstanding freshman woman, presenting an award to a sen- ior woman and former member of Alpha Lambda Delta who has maintained the highest grade point average, and by recognizing women students who have made a fl-.O grade point average. Paulette Ayers Mary Cocozza Beverly Crose Esther Hudgins Owena McCarty Gloria Marrin Barbara Michell Trini Ontiveros Pat Peterson Carol Robinson Karen Ward Myrna Young 'oi' 1- ev .Q-1' Ns. as ,- 'Fi ., ?- 1' -f CTT' t i it ' t 7 gk R 'su , ff f 3 t ' ers. if-.-R f N Nf? 13 . 'S f-r 'uf PP PP PI Kappa Kappa Psi is an honorary banfl fraternity for male band members. It is also an honorary Marching Cavalcacle organization. Eligibility for Kappa Kappa Psi Consists of maintaining a 3.0 average in the field of music. JSM ff-Lug, 90K 1 Grover Bryson Joe Dove Guillermo Flores 'JSP ""-up S r gs' . T H d . X pI. U gt- erry en erson s -. QQ X --if--Nw W 1. S x NNQS ' . ' Tom Hutcheon X ., f rf' Thomas Johnson 1-Y Thomas Macias Joe Nelson Juan Ramirez sr Barbara Archer Female hand members who have maintained a 3.0 grade average are eli- gible for membership in Tau Beta Sigma. which seels to promote hand activities and high scholarship among college women. 'B ,-fN 2 gm! ,AZ 'if Barbara Browrler Dolores Jenkins Betty Jackson .'1, s.. -4 ,,,., ' ,-,V va Christine Mora A ngie Saldana Barbara SCl1Hf9f : ' ,:9 41, . 3 . 6 4' g ' l- ' fl A M SZ 1 K K 1 fir Pat Smith Kathleen Soldan Peggy Wright T UBET IGM if Mary Ann Thompson President lil 1 LPH EP ILO RHO Alpha Epsilon Rho is an honorary organization for students interested in radio and television. The members of Alpha Epsilon Rho are memhers of the KVOC college radio staff. ev-w 'si sa' ,, tr W H' N., Wilbur Robert J0hI1 HCIITY Bateman Duran Fiol Ingle fi-x .IT 'Q 1' by Q. Q., .- 4" Qi mls fl'-'-'li .EEK 3 , 'flwzetzt lieeda Kay Keith Michael LOU Lawrence Miller Rosen Scott A PP DE LT PI Kappa Delta Pi is an hormrury teachers' organization. Un- til thifs year the college clmptm-r was the only one in El Paso, but now there is an uetive nlurnnae chapter that fur- thers the goals of KD Pi uutricle the limits of the college. fx Patricia Fletcher President QV I Jo Ann Anderson Patricia Dorsch 115 A 'Uv 'Ui -1-1 ,.f' 1 Marvella Hinton Sandy Karlsruher Palma ROSS Judy Hail .. I Y Marjorie Shapley 210 V v l DELTA SIGMA PI l Delta Sigma Pi is L1 rofessional societ' for men business C majors. l i l l I s l l I i wfgslwmx- mv' 'ful Www lf! 1. 4 V ' , ia ' I , I , las- . ,Y-'lil A I y -nts i x-,Q if ' -' X1 Ernest Anderson James DeGarmo John Griffiths 1 'uf' fs.-fa Edgar Langlel' Juan Rios Charles Wakeem Oscar Williams MEMBERS Allen, B. LYHCIL P- Bale57 R, McGregor, R. Blystone, R. Murguia, M. Boswell, P. Ochoa, R. Bridges, J. 0'Ga1, S. Cartwright, M. Pananen, M. Causey, V. Pederson, J. Davis, M. Perine, J. Elkins, W. Pharies, S. Flores, R. Robinson, L. Guerrero, D. Ruehush, P. Haddad, A. Sepulveda, R. Hansen, A. Schector, L. Harrison, W. Smiley, R. Hille, K. Smith, J. Humphrey, A. Smith, R. Kinnard, A. Strauss, S. Kinniburgh, R. Villalohos, B. Krupp, P. PRE- ED CL Ns... Robert Kinniburgh Paul Krupp President Secretary-T1'easu1'o1' Students ll'llCl'P5l'Pfl in the nreilivul profossion are cligil-lv to lio- Come members of tho Pro-Med Club. At I'PQ'lllL1I' lU9Gtll1g5 they view educational films and have speakers from the various med- ical specialties. ..,e- AQ' ECHANUI G1 EERI OCIETY The Mechanical Engineering Society was organized at Texas West- ern College in 1959. The prirnzlry purpose of the society is to be- come L1 stuflf-nt r-liuplcr ol thi- Min-riruni Association of Mechan- ical Engineers. Mr. John A. YVl1il.i1l,'l'Q is the sponsor of the society. This past 5enr the soc-in-ly had lllillly our-st speakers from inrlus- trial areas arounil El Paso. The society was also in charge of the .loint lfingineuring Council and thc- "Hurd Lucki' Dance which ended the Saint Patrickis Day festivities. EIGIIIEERING IUILDIIIG MEMBERS Acosto, A. Aguirre, M. Borrego, S. Chin, E. Coers, D. Cone, J. Damfon, J. Delgado, G. Deras, L. Early, M. Gentry, R. Gerth, F. Hafen, J. Hamden, S. Higgins, D. Johnson, F. Kiely, B. Kiely, D. Limon, E. Manriquez, A Martin, R. Merkin, B. Mitchell, J. Pruitt, D. Rittmann, J- Sanders, J. Scruggs, M- Thies, B. Williams, E- Young, J. ,- . ON v .Af ODER DANCE CL Modern Dance Cluh is for all Girls intercstecl in nrorlern flance at TWC. Try-outs judged hy modcrn dance teachers across the city are held for those interested in joining. The group gives demonstrations for high schools. presents programs for any interested organizations and works with the Drama Depart- ment. This year they plan to participate in the Variety Show and are presently working with the Speech Chorale group. Ushering at the rocleo was one of this yearis projects. They have given two moflern clancf- demonstrations at local high schools thus far. i-,, MEMBERS Al'Il'16'Nfl3I't"Z. E Duarte. C. Martinez, C. Martinez. M. Morton. R. Sanchez. C. Sanchez. T. Walls. S. Ward. M. Wasser. A. OF - F DIO The Radio and Television Department was founded by and has been under the full direction of Virgil C. Hicks since it began. The department was organized in 1945 and went on the air in 19-1.7. FM radio was licensed in 1952 and TV in 1956. The department. which originally occupied a single room on the first floor of Kel- ly Hall, seventeen years ago has expanded and now covers all the third Hoor. There are two radio control rooms and two TV control rooms which have two cameras. KVOF-FM provides an educational program from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. which is broad- casted to the El Paso Public Schools. The program includes lessons on science, his- tory and kiddie sessions for story telling. KVOF also presents selected music programs and covers Texas WESI61'l1 College sports events. Don Dornell John O,Neil1 AM Announcer AM Announcer eip R ..- sx. John Fiol FM Manager L. .1 Henry Ingle FM Progranl Director The Flowsheet Staff consists of students who voluntarily register for the class receiving one semester hour's credit. The staff functions as a whole to produce as an end product the Texas Western College yearbook. Duties are divided as to the ability of the workers, as photographers, typists, lay-out editors, and editors of the various divisions of the annual. The editor and assistant editor work to co-ordi- nate these areas in hopes of producing an annual to the satisfaction of the student body. Kit Detwiler Editor Pictured from left are Kit Detwiler, editorg Maggi Wiswell, assistant editorg George McKenzie, Greeks editorg Peggy Sexton, lay-out editor and Walt McCul- logh, business manager. dtt 5 Walt MCCul1ogh Business Manager George McKenzie Greeks Editor STAFF MEMBERS Ted Baker Eileen Morgan Beverly Wade Dorothy Aiken Ann Pofahl lady Rochow Vicki Mayfield Pam Wilhelm Debbie Dennehy Pam Hoffman Kathy Flood Mary Frances Black Bobbi Ford Freddie Ho FLO SHEET STAFF Mary Cocozza Copy lrnes Niki Lettunich Nancy Ekdall Activities Editor Ann Pofahl Features it 217 N uf 5-can I ,x" ' - 1 X Yi 115 I 5 l hl h or and pictorial magaziiz E1 Burrow is the mont y um bli'hed at Texas Western College by student jourrir P11 a . ists. Its contents are designed to suit the taste of evtfp student faction, ranging from cartoons, jokes, pictu, l rious essays. El Burrow Q 1 b TWC students off? and humorous artic es to se written and produced entirey y ing workshop opportunites to poets, photographef writers as well as to those intjz cartoonists, artists, and and business side of the publii' estecl in the advertising tion. 1 Eduard Kee I Editor I i I. Russell Goldberg f Exchange Editor Q t 1 l I 1 i -S 5 525 ffmzwzm 1 I I My f i me W ,cf WW . :mg . I if ' L ' ' X: at is If x ,Q- I if -'ws seq e ,h x, Q - Q Q . ,,.t ,-, - X X X X 3:9 N V 5 bf' lf' . is X Q 33:3 -332. Z IW zz 41 NNN Xt st s X XQXX N xx X Nh X X Linda Dixon X Typist 218 X e SX t X xx ' sg:-lil -I ., wi ' S ilgijyyz Nx t-.5 X X Q 1 Q We xiifz. Q, -Q w--sux vc, . gm.-Q g N,-0' xx 355 XX sm- 45: ,r W-Nw.: is P '1 ESQ-1 .1 - .-.leg -'isis . l-I xf:fzE4S.X 1 9' is -1 541 "1:if?5? ,fl " my 1:4 Y.. H is ' , rf' 5 ,na X t. Q ' p L 1 . ,ggi U X . Q. P ,1 we -. E ?,C,f S4 X3 . ' .-fiqfra S ,lj ELB RRG T FF .aw - ky l X A :r 'at Howard White Assistant Editor 'K S Clive Cochran Art Editor Therese Mele-ndez Staff Writer Rodolfo Ramirc-z Typist Kalhaleen Dighart Rodolfo Rauiirez, Charles Tc-itsworth Copy Editor Staffers X. 'W v. 9 'QQ J., ,Na 1 Q55 'hai 5, s l Q5 5 U. ' ' ' F- . 1, ?JivaD?,: N A SX Z Elf 1 Q35 -iii! ' L N fx l X ' NQQ QS. N Bob Baker Pennye Pinnell Co-Editor Co-Editor PRO PECTOR T FF Q- s. I , eq., lx A. X xX Editor Baker and faculty advisor Ralph Lowenstein proofread one of the week- ly Prospectors. Texas Western Colleges weekly campus newspaper likes to think of itself as Wllhe Assayer of Student Opinion." ln its thirty years of publication. Prospector articles and stor- ies have mirrored more than any other campus publication, the daily goings-on around the once Texas School of Mines, later Texas College of Mines, and today's Texas Western College. The Prospector is distributed every Saturday morning throughout the regular school year. lt is published by Stu- dent Publications, lnc., and printed by The American Printing Company. Janet Moore Copy Editor Editor Pinnell works late into the night on a deadline. r 3 N 14, f Q' ,xx , ' Nu ' f af, X' " :ffi:C1?-.','lxf. 4 .T , 1 if- -' ' t v sifif 5 - 1 ,Q -5. ' 353'-'fs -t T ' l I , - Risxsrfx-" " R ' lfjiii' f"' w- .- -r mf L f' N " J ' N ff Marty Laurel Sports Editor E, 4 f rf: N xx 4 4 .3 N E ,-,Xt f X l wx it .sive 'N Jear ie Todaro Assistant Editor V N.-,S N -N r sz 221 MEMBERS Carnes, Bill Dominguez, Cruz Glaser, James Love, Tom Maynes, Hector Roe, George Salinas, Gilbert Tischler, Lial White, Allen TERfFQl COUNCIL UNITY S. U. B. mn run up .M P M .im .mo . R ' E - W S xi 5 xp . xgx VN!! 4 1' .I 5- 3 ' 1 '. ' ., ji, 3, .wk ,K .3 4 . F E , I l B 5 X 'V . W Q f ' 3 'A -X J ,.f' I -Qi Q I I I xl U i fr 1 !XYfQ.3f:L "'! in ' al N"2.A ghaslll-...' XQY' THl MEMBERS Masliliurn. Slua rt Hastie, Betty .. ..... Mrfrrem. Frank ... Barnes. Sylvia Davis, Randy Dralian, Gina Earnst, Susan Harney. Bill Herrera. Sandra Karmiol. Judy Lathem. Peggy Leilzermann. .lan Roberson, Lee Ann Schumann. Joy Whetten, Reiley President Secretary-Treasurer Publicity Chairman The Inter-Faith Council coordinates the religious activities of the various faiths represented on campus. Each year the council sponsors Religion-lri-l.ife-Week. A prominent speaker in the field of theology is invited to come to the campus to speak and discussion groups are held in the evening in conjunction with the speak- Sf. in--W n .J .-"- l f 1 'N ,- 'sr 1 C x x EYE! 1 .Ag "QT,"X' -, Y V' lx .k,-Q-"' X Xt 223 l l 4 I - The United Campus Christian Fellowship, the Uccrf s Q e , n comprised of the following faiths: the United Luthet- Church, Assembly of God. Presbyterian Church, Unlg Church of Christ, Christian Church, and the Congrmli tional Church. The sponsor and faculty board rnemlil are the Rev. Harold Edwards, Mr. C. E. Miculka, Wayne Fuller, Mr. Virgil Hicks, and Dr. Olav Eiril .F ig The purpose of UCCF is to provide Christian fellowsli and projects for TWC students. f .gd .l I 3 1 1 MEMBERS , Baird, George . Bridges. John Drahan, Gina ,l Drahan, Penny Q, Hastie, Betty Katsuniura. Elko ' Lupercio, Alex Maddux, Kay A Mashburn, Stuart I I I I l E Miles, Sharon C R I I A P Owen, Dale i Pierce, Janie l Plunkett, Peter Powers. Christine Roberson, Lee Ann I' Ruebush, Paul Sample, Steve Scheihagen. Sandra ,V Shockley, Johnny l Starnes, Richard I Upham, Ray E? Q.: Qigswgla. fy MEMBERS liXlifILTTIYli COUNCIL FRESHMAN COUNCIL Benson, R. Barter, G. Burks. J. Bishop. D. Carpenter. B. Donnell, D. Clie-xv. l.. Henry, D. Hamilton. P. Newton. l.:1tliarn. P. Payne, D. Lauglnnan, A. RHPY. L' Meflarty. O. Miller, E, Peters. K. Rouse, L. Rouse, S. Rev. C. F. Alllyritlnn. Pastor Advisor Tom Cliism. BSU llirector Dr. Lonnie Kliewr. Favultj: Advisor Endlich. C. Ruthie Smith. Assistant BSU Director PTI T DE UNIO 2 Baptist Student Union is a religiously affiliated 'anization whose purpose is to provide Christian luence and growth for students. As a group, BSU Q participated in and provided Intramurals, wor- p programs, study groups. mission endeavors. l recreation facilities. This club provides an op- ftunity for students to receive help in spiritual 'elopment. Officers of the club are Arsie Laugh- fn-President, Shirley Rouse-Vice President, and jth Peters-Secretary-Treasurer. I 4 it . I HILLEL Hillel is a social. Cultural and religious organization for Jewish students on the TYVC Campus, Hillel is associated with the B'nai B'rith National Hillel Foundations, which has units at more than 240 American and Canadian colleges and universities. The TWC Hillel is four years old and it is sponsored by the El Paso Reuben Weinstein Lodge of Binai B'rith. The counselor is Mr. Ralph Lowenstein. Pres- ident is Thelma Levine. Vice-President is Sandra Epstein, and Secretary is Eileen Morgan. 'fa -'Q nr WMAN CL The Newman Club. a religious clnlv organized for Catholic students. sets religious. educational, and social goals in balancing secular education with religious educa- tion. During the year the Xewrnmi lillnlv participated in the Hornccoming activities and received first place in the independent division. In intramurals the Newman Club received second place in liovs football and in girls volleylmull. They recently sent a student to the Xational Newman Convention in Lafayette. Louisiana. Dr. Haddox is the faculty advisor and officers are the following: Alicia Aceves-Presi- dent, Bill Ross--Vice-President. :Xngella Gallegos-Secretary. and Grace Malon- Treasurer. 1 ' ' ...Y Y . -- -Av-1--' 'bs- Al-Olayan. M. Arreola. C. Atares, D. Baraliat, R. Baray. G. Biediger, .l. Blllllt'I'lll0fl. H. Del Valle. Z. Del Yalln-. Y. Endlicli. E. EIlClllI'll. C. lispcr. Wi. Espino. M. Flores. H. M. Franco. L. M. Calxan. N. 5. Garcia, C. Haddad. A. Hamdan, S. MEMBERS Hasliim. H. Hauser. T. C. Hille. K. Kelley. H. Kimmey, J. A. Krimly. H. A. Mahmood. K. Mariles. C. lx'lY6I'ClHlI1l1, H. C. Miller. G. R. Monterrey. A. Niziol. U. M. Ramirez, R. Ransom, A. SlJllllQZ. C. Sims, W. Wardy. C. Yepcz. M. L. O . ,Al . I 4 1 I n Ra' 'Q l COSMOPOLITAN CL The Cosmopolitan Club. a social club on the Texas Western Il' pus, sets its purpose to establish friendly relations among lle foreign students. It is a nationally affiliated club that has as lie of its activities a Valentine Dance. Cha-Cha Night, a Cosmo f-fill speakers and projects for cultural purposes and a schola liP committee to ohtain grants and aid to foreign students. Lezilg this group of students is Dr. Kliever, Faculty Sponsorg Rolfo Ramirez, Presidentg Kamal Mahmood, Vice-Presidentg Hilda gil' ley, Secretaryg and Jerry Garcia, Treasurer. 'li MEMBERS Abshier, ,lon Berniea, Arturo Chapin, James Dunn. Emet Fiftal, Conrad Gallegos. Juan Grimsley, Bobby Herrera. Oscar Holub, Robert Hunt. Kenneth Janet, Bruce Johnson, James McCullough, Wm. Marin, Dennis Medley, Oscar Morris, Richard Nunez, Sylvester Prati, .lohn Sandell, Lawrencn Stine, David Vincent, ,lack White, Roy Will, Raymond Worthington. Wm. , tg , -155 si N .-ss J MERICAN TIT TE IE MININ , ET LL RGIC DPETROLEUM GI EER The Student Chapter of the American Institute of Mining. Metallurgi- cal. and Petroleum Engineers. also known as the Kidd Mining Club. is a professional organization promoting interest in and knowledge of earth science. Films and lectures concerning earth science. the yearly banquet in honor of the professional chapter in El Paso. and the intro- duction of prospective employees with various employers are a few of its activities. Officers of the club are: President-Hay Will. Vice-Presi- dent-,lim Johnson. Secretary-Jim Chapin. and Treasurer-Bob Crimsley. 229 :fx 1 or " RODE A A' The Texas Yvestern Rodeo Association was officially recognized in the 1962-63 school year. Since its organization, the Rodeo Association has sponsored many ln- vitational College Hopings. the girls team brought home the first rodeo trophy won at Texas Tech. and a member of the association, Miss Sandi Prati. was chosen Miss Rodeo America-1964. The future holds many contests for the group to compete in starting this spring with the Rodeo team attending various college Rodeos. E- l 1 MEMBERS Adams, Jim Allen, Steve Arredondo, Rene Bishop, T. R. Brennand, Janie Brown, Joel Campbell, Junior Carson, Nell Charlet, Larry Cincheti, Farrel Fifer, Edd Ford, James Gentry, Johnnie Hibbert, Conrad Jacobs, Gary Jones, Harvey Kendall, Jentry Lench, Rocky Marsh, Margaret A Milam, Donna Miles, Bob Posey, Emmitt Racliow, Judi' Rayla, Sherry Reid, Barbara Robinson, Fulton Roen, Dave Shook, Charles Stanford, Bill Turner, Jackie l'lIl ,N -Q sf. E iz , ',"" ? ti as-QQ X 'A' T- I ls X sq- ,5 6,4 'Q 1. xx -. s. 9 f . Qs V. i . j ' Bit A im.. , . ' x 'fx N .Q C - .Q 'Y We is l,:.E:.. . - ar I T Here the members of the Judo Cluh take a much-needed rest. MEMBERS Aguilar, Enrique Becker, Roy Bettran, Gonzalo Escudero, Antonio Juan, Gonzalez Grau, Les Johnson, Walt Long, Robert Maxwell, Paul Maxwell, Wes Munoz, Victor Roxales. Sam JDO CL Beltran and Gonzalez are about to start a throw-engaging in right natural posture. --v-M-Neff .. ,.....g.. ..,....,. .1 fp. y ............. ,-................- " .. . gg, Q ..w......4.. .N I ' , u N ' ,. ' 4 .R A :Lava i .. . A xx 4 ... I The Texas Wiestern College Judo Clul- is striving to promote the art and science of Kodokan Judo in Texas. but more particularly in the El Paso area. The chili hopes tu promote hetter relationships among Judoka tthe student! on a higher level of sportsmanship and friendly endeavor, and maintain participation in ,lnrlo activities of Texas and national or- ganizations. Although the Judo Club is harely a year old. it has already participated in various contests. A shiai in Roswell. New Mexico. and the Second Annual Fort Hood Invitational Judo Tournament are two of their more important contests. The largest item on the chilfs agenda for the 196 li spring semester is the National Collegiate Judo Championships which are going to be held at TWC. Q7 us!" A-,s X . , ..t. :ribs 5 ss I X X 4 'Nw The club is going through "Taiso" or the warm-up exercises. . "-I' Q 'Q f 5. . s ef--"'f i J .:. .5 M ., M , T, .ijqp Margaret Ann Marsh Vicki Nava Kathleen Soldan MARCHI G CAVALC DE The Golddiggers and the band, which together form the Marching Cavalcade, pre- sent half-time ceremonies during the Homecoming Game with Texas Tech. 232 1 f J 1 V ,v "K T43 67 j ,ai i-N e' l , , ff' '52, - r fx, QI ,. b - . if . 1 Fe f M f J X g T .x ,W 's : in .. nf 'Q if I, , S 4 . Maggie Rayon Lucille Gillis Peggy Wright Mike Bishop Drum Major The entertainment that the Marching Cavalcade performed at every home game half-time was one of the highlights of the evenin 1554 .41-S X- 3.5. s-I 3' glif gi ilu- "f".f0'.-l'..l U D. A ,N sr, Q Q if Q' 1 YQ 'V , .ie J, :ff if et a - M P -. . "' ' 'Y' 4.-,. A' , it 1 fr in A' X 3 . ,TN - -1- f t -,.., iii. ,., 3.25555 e i- Captain v. a it N. e A - -S . Ns? ,155-i' ix x, 't M , X W. S QR 'QQQ V----yn -w-wh, 1 - ' pq .a .D in., , llc . "L"-' J' Winn., -l 'lllnu.e,.,, , P' """ " , inn, ""'lllun., Irene Martinez, supervises the mak- ing of streamers for TWC cars. Members of Plirateres begin the construction of streamers to promote school spirit before foot- ball games. 234 Rosario Alba Silvia Alcantar Pat Ambrose Irene Armendariz Judy Bell Tomini Bower Patricia Carreon Linda Casavantes Lai Chew Delores Delgado Yolande Del Valle Zandra Del Valle Priscilla Dominquez Penny Dralian Becky Escalante Terri Estavillo Sharon Fischer Betty Hastie Margaret Loera Pat McGuinness Emma McKnight 2 -1- :v 6' re, Q 1. r V .- 2 P .., , 2 , , , may 90 um fra 7 eww I E . lr K X , f I 0 ' l Q Z. ,. 5 4- -n , 'Q ' ng v ...W v , Y S I4 . 'R A,,.. it ill 'wh 'JN BE M rv, -. 'Z' , A ' Lyn Marezko Myrna Matoy C. 2 Susan O'Connor v :Le :M P. -.fff .LQ Gloria Oaxaca 5 J ' ' ' I fl' LMA -sn A f fi? se 'I A. J in X ,-N.-x - asm :M -4' 4 6- ,.., A -4 of? - . sg Q. aa. 0, ,,, 7- 'ff -an v- 1 . i L, Marta Okulao Trini Untiveros Gina On-llaiici Rose Osivk Naney Patterson Sovorro Montes Nanrv l'.1ttr'lson Alicia Pena Maggie Rayon K1-Ili ltovha Martha Robles Andrey Rogers Paula Honqnille Yvonne Rubio Cer-ilia Sarivln-z Irene Soriana Donna Stewart Maria Telles Yvonne Wake-em Karen Ward 4- 'F . 'P ' Joanne Yapor X.. Lx' cs. LA t Margaret Zumr Phrateres lnternational is a demoeratie. non- Creek. service organization. Sigma Chapter has several serviee projects. one lie-ing the adoption of a needy family for one year. At Thanksgiving and Christmas. the girls of Phrateres provide them with food. and at Easter. they buy the fam- ily Clothes. Once a month. they huv the faniilfs supply of milk. Another service project is help- ing out at the Youth Center. and the campus serv- ice is that of tying orange and white streamers on the Cars hefore every footliall gaine. They also usher at various Campus events. Scholarship is stressed in Phrateres. and while pledges must make a 2.0 to heeonie aetives. they must maintain a 2.5 overall grade point average to remain af,-tives. Officers must have an even higher average. Plirateres has won the best Independent Organi- zation on Campus award for the last three years. and this year they won first place in the Car divi- sion of the Homer-oiuing parade. The ollieers this year were Emma Melinight. Pres- ident: Kelli Rocha. Vice Presidentg Irene Soriana, Seeretary: Paula Ronquille. Historiansparliamen- tarian: Myrna Matoy and Lynn Moresco, Pledge Mistresses: and Nancy Patterson. lntramurals Director. 23 Fu ! 1 Sorority Pledge Clfmex Alpha Epsilon Phi Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Kappa Delta Zeta Tau Alpha 236 N 45, O n Pnorr loi -if 9 We ,r Qs. 9 iiuell XVI . , A' vw . X . ' K.. I 19 IW GREEK The Greek system at Texas Western College is almost as old as the campus itself. The first Greek group on campus was Alpha Phi Omega. a local organization. which was founded in 1919. forty-five years ago. There followed numerous local Greek social clubs for both men and women. and in the late 1930's. the women's groups affiliated with National Panhellenie Council Fraternities. The local menis organizations joined National Inter-Fraternity groups during the 1940's. and since that time the system has grown to include eight fraternities and live sororities. Panhellenic Council and lntcr-Fraternity Council work closely together to coordi- nate their groups. Together. they sponsor a Pledge Council which is comprised of representatives of each sorority and fraternity pledge class. Their job is to bind the pledge groups closer together so they can fully cooperate with one an- other as active members. The Greek system on campus also sponsors an annual Greek Wieck. which is a week of service performed hy the fraternities and sororities. This year. they sponsored a faculty bean feed. where they presented awards to the outstanding faculty man and woman. All students and faculty members on campus were in- vited. Also. the groups volunteered to assist with collecting for the United Fund. For entertainment during the week. an All-Creek party was held. as well as a very successful hootenanny in the Sul: ballroom. The Creek system is successful on our campus. and this is proved by their ever- increasing numbers and their above-average scholarship. Greeks are encouraged to participate in all the campus activities and thus are seen in every phase of campus life. Janet Lawless collects for the United Fund while Dr. E. Richeson enjoys the Creek Week Faculty Bean Feed. 237 ss - S vf W-,X n MT X Rush is one of the most important and fun events for all sorority girls. AE Phi members presented an outstanding skit to excited rushees during their Sayonara Party. . 2 M. Hughes wx 'V J. Lieberman Aw 3.- nf-. -, if,-gg. ' - gs? .W x 'Q ,Fr 417 1' - l Ti, B. Landsman ti? ' '-v' J. Karmoil v , 3, I 1 . l i l V M , l 'K l w, 1 v X P W- l Ax A I W7 S. Kalmans S. Monacker - QT? l E. Morgan A. Reznikov S. Rosenberg H. Schoichet J. Siegel S. Zditowski A. Sherwin Pretty costumes and singing dom- inated the scene at the AE Phi rush parties. . ' ff - I 'A -' .' ,L f 1? ri- - af :L . ' tiff E -4 fi' -4 " x A -fi N- t lf ' 118 4 f,,.-f"' Y - ', 1 we ll Y' - , ' AACDA ENVI NON CD1 " if i,.E ' :vit M . 1.. W rit- ,Q Ill -" l l .. 1 9 ll. lll f n P g r e ' 1 A nif."'lll AECID ' "A Anil 'TEWEI' . f -ti Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded on Octoher 19. 1909 at Brandeis lfniver- sity in New York. A relatively new sorority on the TWC campus. AE Phi was estalvlished here in the fall of 1961. and currently. there are 55 chap- ters throughout the country. Their colors are green and white. their flow- er the lily of the valley. and their jewel the pearl. Their national philan- thropy is a scholarship progrzun to aid deserving students. AE Phi's local civic service is adopting needy families at Thanksgiving. Christmas. and Easter in order that these people may have as happy a time as more fortu- nate families. Alpha Epsilon Phi is very active on campus. having me-mhers on the stu- dent council. on Panhellenic council. and in student senate. They entered Sing Song with a medley of love songs. and they made a very impressive sight in their lulack dresses. Arnong their honors. Sheila Hoffman is the sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Mu. Ann lieznilcov was a finalist in the Flow- sheet beauty contest. and Ann Sherwin is the El Paso Queen of Restaurants. Heading Alpha Epsilon Phi this year were Sandra Menacker. President: Thelma Levine. Vice President: Linda lilin. Recording Secretary: Sandra Epstein. Corresponding Secretary. lfilc-en Morgan. Treasurer: Ann Sherwin. liush Chairman: and Sheila Hoffman. Ritual Chairman. i x , . ,sa -. 3 ' st' 1 W sp- . ' I ' 1' i"' -iii-1 g jg? 1 .X-'f' 4 f ' T' lx 2,a.- Rushees seem to be amazed at the antics of AI? Phi members. 239 ,T :nv-:W - - -A QQ fig? A xt 21 Chi Omega was founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Ar- kansas. Rho Delta of Chi Omega was established here at Texas Western in 1939. Betty ,lane Thomas acted as President for the 1963-6fl school year. Serving with her were Liz McCutcheon as Vice President. Zelda Rippe as Secretary. Pat Fletcher as Treasurer, and Christy Upshaw as Pledge Trainer. Active participation in campus activities is a sorority mustl Chi Omega placed first in campus house decorations and second in the car parade to climax Homecoming Week. Singing a medley of Rodgers and Hammerstein favorites, Chi Omega won the Sweepstakes trophy in the annual Sing Song held December 17th. With a take- off on "Gone with the Wind." Chi Omega placed third in Variety Show. Chi Omega can list such honors as two Flowsheet beauties, the Freshman Favorite, members of the Military court, the A. W. S. president, president of Chenrizig, Miss El Paso, and the Miss T. W. C. beauty division winner to their string of activi- ties, as well as several fraternity sweethearts. J Andiuhs ,l Anderson 5, Baker C. Blackburn J. Border S. Boyd J. Brokate J. Byers V Clapp Dean D num-liey K, Fitlligm P. lfletcher K. Flood C. Franklin J. Froemel C. Gibson H1 Hmm D Hurley J. johnson K. .lohnson C. Jackson G. Jackson K. Jones A. Lanaux Mace X 'Q .,. Ax ff- 'fv i i i i i E . .......' K , This is the giant Xliuvr that won the first place ,, in lmim- elm-miutimif fm' Huim-mniiiig for the lf, Chi Univgaf. ' gl f 1 i - 3 2 Chi Him-ga iX11I'l'll juluifmi. 1-liuirinmi uf Sing Sung. pri-sm-mls he-1' wi'-wily sihlefr. Lou Shapiro, uilh lIl1'Shl't'IbNlilixt'N il'UIbilY. ' .A I.. ihI1'filllA'ilt'UIl S. Mcjuiiikiil lf. Hvffoy 4,A M1-ilirigefr R, N.-mlm P. Park, P. I,l'l4'l'NUIl il. l,ll'lI4' H. Hellgi-is X. liippv 1... Sniiknmn Y. 5l'illIiI1'l' L. Shapiro M. Slvpllvllf N. SOlllli!'ilN!'l1 J. Ymhll--nth B. 'lihmnas M. 'liliuiiipxrm . ae. ',.':. .Vii it . n . 1 Q' i ... i h . 3 Q f-.,' Yr V. Atkins D. Billeiter L. Bledsoe J. Coffin C. Colligan S. Davis S. French M. Clardon K. Gnauek President uf Tri Delta. Diane Dreekman. and Katy Kollilcer hold the sweepstakes trophy re- ceived for their participation in Homecoming activities. .gh , 1c2r' L '. .T 35:-1 gf 'WF fss T' F. Bowden B. Brashear J. Brennand B. Brunner B. Bunn T. Butler C. Dirkinson P. Doreen D. Drerkman C. Dyer M. Fargason D. French M. Golding B. Grant G. Creve C. Creve M. Groeble P. Hoffman A Grim Fairy Tale. the title of the Tri Deltais entry for the variety show, ended with their famous chorus line. The Tri Delta entry in the Homecoming parade was a fire engine urging the Miners lo burn Texas Tech. Q.. 'S F4 -., V. K.. D, Irvin G. Jansen C. jenness K. johnson K. jones D. Lewis K4 P31-kg K, Patton K. Patton M. Prestwuod F Robertson VV. Rogers N, Uhlig V. Wall B. Vifard -l. White .I Yifilliams ,l. XVilliams Delta Delta Delta. founded on the Texas Western campus in 1938. has at the present time seventy-two members. forty-seven aetives and twenty'three pledges. Their active participation in campus activities can he seen through their numerous trophies. In the spring semester the Tri-Deltas took home a first place variety show win with their interpretation of A Grim lfairy Tale. Dressed in flapper costumes. the girls formed a chorus line hack-ground for the sad Cinderella who wanted to gn to the hall. The 1963 Honieconiiiig activities brought them the sweepstakes trophy. The entire front part of the Tri-Delta lodge was covered in such a manner as tn represent a giant mountain at whose lvase was a Miner. Uther Aeliiexeriieiits of this group include first place in the sorority division of the N63 annual Sing Song in which they sang a medley of Christmas songs and the Sweepstakes award in the Campus Car- nival. Heading this group of girls are President. Diane Dreckman, Vice-President. Mary Calderella. Secretary. llewrly Milner.. Treasurer. Stevie Rogers. and Chaplain, Diane French. i i i i l l l i l f 1' fi'-' G. McNutt B. Milner L, Shaffer T. Steele- C. Winston P. Wright AAA 9 -- , C. Grissom S. Kelley S. Lauritzen J. Lawless .f 9 fi C. Buble -.1 1-9 . Carpenter S. E. Chapman ,., -K J! 'ST .--7, P. Daws A. J. Eaton J. A. Elkins P. Fisher M. Gorman O. McCarty C. Quillen M. Matthews R. Ranney fl 4. .x X. Carol Sclmde. president of Kappa Delta. often demonstralcd her expert? cooking alwility for the lTlf'II1lTFl'S. K. Miller S. Reaves A. Mossman J. Rettingcr ."' v qv.-v 7- '15 fs . 'sr - .- 1.. ' ' 1' ,. .ff - ' . .. ., - .A - 2' A . ' -f E, Q nv. N. Miller C. Reed xp ,. xo " , Q 4 :vs J. Palmore H ,J -x J. Parnell 244 '17 fi T? Kappa Delta Sorority of Texas Western College, formerly Phi Beta Chi. a local sorority on campus. received its na- tional affiliation on the 17th of November 1963. Kappa Delta Sorority was founded in October of 1897 in West Virginia. and at present there are 101 chapters of Kappa Delta Sorority. During the past year the group has participated in several of the campus and city activities. One of the most enjoy- able activities was participation in the annual variety show. Kappa Delta Sorority did a skit concerning the founding of a sorority and the building of a sorority lodge. During the year the girls have participated in sev- eral beauty contests including the Miss El Paso and Miss T. YV. C. contests. When election time came around sev- eral members ran for class favorite and for A. W. S. offi- cers. ln the area of scholarship. the 1963 Spring pledge class won a trophy for having the highest pledge class average. The 1963 Homecoming Parade gave Kappa Delta another chance for participation on campus. Like many of the other groups Kappa Delta built a float. On the float was a very large gold football with the date of Texas West- ern's founding and the date of the 50th anniversary. Goal posts with the Texas Wvestern and Texas Tech colors formed a background for the 1962 homecoming queen. Peggy Wright. . war , :fri 1 ' 2 gg . it-rj-y , f . 4 5 4 vi f I .,g A gay time was enjoyed by all during the Spanish setting of Kappa Deltais second night of fall rush. s. "', -h W C. st-me I'-f" 'if' K. Soldan A uf' ' t ,1""'N t. 'aaz.:.z::. A- - -'-1. --1-f - --v--- - . 5 Ss A. Steele 5 I". Vollmer B. Wade Energetic members of Kappa Delta are seen working on their props for Variety Show. KA Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Longwood College, Farmville. Virginia on October 15. 1898. It was the first social fraternity to be officially chartered by the Virginia State Legislature. Gamma Gamma Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was founded on the Texas Western College campus in 1838 making the seventy-sixth chapter. There are now one hundred and fifteen college chapters comprising the interna- tional fraternity. one chapter being in Canada. Last spring Zeta took honors in the campus carnival as the first place winner in the' sorority division. The booth with pink and white striped canopy sold sandwiches and beverages. Zeta entered a winning float in the Colden Jubilee Homecoming Parade by taking first place in the sorority division. The daz- 1 L zling float. done in shining gold with mirrored sun- bursts, carried out the theme of "Ring out the old, ring in the new" by having models of both the Cam- pus ofthe College of Mines in 1913 and todayis Texas Westerli Campus. At the invitation of the Sun Carnival Association, Zeta Tau Alpha entered her float in the Sun Carnival parade. Zeta's are also out- standing in the field of scholarship. In the spring Zeta actives won the scholarship trophy among the sororities. Zeta also received the award for out- standing scholarship on campus. Officers of the group are Pennye Pinnell. Presidentg Barbie Reeves, Vice-Presidentg Dorothy Aiken, Sec- retaryg Sue Hayes. Treasurerg and Bernadette Flynn, Chaplain. r 1 ,X , I gg I . lx i 4. ' .Q X. . x 'A ' 5 534' Palm trees shade the talking girls at the Zeta's South Pacific rush party. ,N .- t.. ,- Qs D Aiken P. Angell G. Behrens K. Boozer N. Bradford M. Brittan B. Brown K. Burg M. Burleson M Coffey C. Cotton C. Cox K. Delwiler P. Donaldson D. Durst N. Ekdall S. Ellerbe J. Etter ZTA P. Evans J. Faith J. Fiske C. Fisk C5I9f'.J"lCD O'--0' J. Ford A. Glover S. Glover J J. Hail J: V fx D. Hari S. Hayes L. Heineman M. Hinton Q S Bloody Mary is the star attrac- .. ...J f hon during rush. my - K. Hutchins 2 gg, L ,Q gr. ' 5 J. Hoover E, Ri-lg A. A A.. C. Johnson Y i YA i T-Y L, D. Jones 'K 3 ,' Q I .J ,. ' ... , Q 'Aj , I ' -'25-zz: J. Karlsruher S. Karlsruhn-r ,ws " 'C A C. Knott 'ff' . 'EY ' 'N' -J L. Kohloss .V- vw- 'Q J A J. Lassilter Q FZ " ' !46-""' .- .. A- A J. ' ' J L x I 9- X B. Licht K. Lomax E. Maxwell on' v M CL 1 xi. kv' fu- ff- B. Michell J. Miller J. Moore K. Neece J- PBUCTSOII P. Paul P. Pinnell D. Riley C. Robinson D. Rogers P. Sexton H- SJIHHJCY S. Starkey S. Strain 'V :j-'11"- ., ' Lfff ,F ,H inr- is 'V . fc- JP J. Quier P. Thomson SN it , if N? C? '52- if-lf J -251551111 A Pb 'sxi' B. Reeves S. Reynolds J. Wilkey A. Weston 247 248 .A s ' J... 1 , A fx . Viiijggjx gs . -L' 11 --f' f' ui .nigger-I R A , X1 f- i iss: X 1 fi, 1 -- VJ: ..x if f .--nu ,,. fx! 'N Y - Aww .,k,,,1 -' . T. Cook J. Daniron W .. .llu EKQW4 W 4 These are the engineering symbols that are so familiar to the mem bers of APO. J. Glaser T. Love D. Marrin . Merkin 74.08 L. A ' -a ' hg',P"1'i'-' . 'iff-Q 1 0- - ff' D. Ray L. Sandell R. Overly R. Wetzig W. White R. Will J' -A i l 1 l i i l i Alpha Phi Omega is the oldest fraternity on the Texas Westerii Campus. It was founded in 1919 when TWC was the Texas College of Mines. Since its inception it has re- stricted memhership requirements to second semester freshmen and up who have maintained a two point grade average: but who must also be enrolled in some phase of the engineering. mathematics. physics.geology.metallurgy. or mining programs. As scholarship is of prime impor- tance. Alpha Phi Omega presently holds the lnter-Frater- nity Council trophy for the highest fraternity grade point Here. sorns- APO pledges are shown in their re- galia trying to get money for their milk fund. on campus. Of the many 1-irie activities in which the APO's participate. ushering at the annual Southwestern llodeo is the one for which they are liest known. Of course. the APO milk fund drive is familiar to all TWC students. APO pledges are seen stopping cars around the campus and other costumed plerlges solicit coutrihutions. the proceeds going to a needy organization. Being a social fraternity. the annual Christnias Party and Spring Formal top the social calendar. -Xlpha Phi Omega has remained a local fraternity with no national fraternity affiliations. Lumumbq V 0 .0.O , fo . ' i , -. .. , ,.-.t...,:.v.'f:?U i n '- A-0 o" . ,.. .. . . .-0-'.- ".. 3 ':C'TI:L.'-'. .'l.' -.I ...Z '. 'n "' IT.. .... - 1 '3B'!'Lfi..' '-.suv--bfavf. ' --wr - - APO 24 , Y., .. ,.-4, The Texas Yvesteru Chapter of Delta Chi. chartered in April. 1961. has proven to he one of the fastest growing Greek organizations on campus. The founders and original members of this chapter first met three years ago in the tower of Hudspeth Hall. From that time the fraternity's growth has taken it through three houses to its current location at 1515 N. Mesa. Della Chiis entry in the Homecoming parade. Now the brothers have a large residence with facili- ties for memhers living in the house. Activities range from an extensive social calendar to a personalized scholarship program. Nationally. Delta Chi was originally formed in 1890. Our current living membership now totalls more than 16,500. 9' n A if .I V P. - v V I. rj V -nf' K nr . l lmllll l Delta Chi brothers clown at their Halloween r l r J. Brooks D Cudv R. llrvkusmr D. Dungan V. Dutro BI. F1-Idbvrg AX .Q ' 1 I'-FJ.. D- Q, ' ,Jr ,-tl party. l y lf., I . r 9 Q. 1 1 ... .. ,. 5 M i , V , -V L-ff pa 'Iv 79 G' ' ,,, ear- fa. aw rt S' .. fy' -N4 g- w-rv' l l l l K. Cal:-wood J. Hall A. Kipnis M. Oherlrofer C. O'RCillcy J, Padden ' P. Wayne F. Tisdale R. Wadsworth C. Teitsworth T. Walrous D, Williams 1 F. Gilchrist B Alexander B. Allen M. Adams R. Adams D. Baker T. Bates R. Beard P. Boswell J. Brown R. Brown R. Brown S. Camp A. Chitwood J. Clarey M. Files I. Finigan G. Fowler T. Gardner . Clam ill.- Q,-e Ann Humphrey E. Gmlml. lxappa SIU Sweetheart D- Hardigon N. Harrie-s T. Harries Holderman A Humphrey J. Irons C. Johnson D. Leterlclge W. Linam M. Lumm lx. McAdams The Epsilon Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma has been on the Texas Western campus since l9l9. With an accent on athletics. Kappa Sigma has won the intra- mural chanipionsliip six times out of the past ten years. Last year they won the school championship l1y'lYl'lflglIlQ down first place honors in hasehall, yollcylvall. handl-all. and second in footliall and lvas- kethall with third in swimming and track competi- tion. Three mcmlvers of this year's first string TWC loolliall squad are Kappa Sigs. Kappa Sigma is also aware of its civic responsibilities and has an annual Christmas party for the Southwestern Childrens Home. Also this year the chapter aided the home by doing some in-cvssary painting and repairs. Kappa Sigmzfs entry in the Homecoming Parade won the third place trophy. '. its .7 wt' ili- Sli: "Ji -Q 1- 53,1 1, 'z-.V 2 F: L ..'X'fl, V ' . l. ' g fl? il b -.' Q.-ok. " Q. - ",. vrf, 5 ff- ' .' 3' - . ., , g fjzsm 1 t ' .l tt' ififa -"iq . ' . iii 1 't'1- n Q ' X' pg' 'f S . FF ' G. Matlock .l. Morris .l. Moore J. Newberry J. Rice C. Sandoval J. Smith J. Smith A H I' 'ss-H' AL s Proud memhers of Kappa Sigma display their championship trophies. One civic responsihility performed hy Kappa Sigma was the painting ul the Soiitliwestcrn Childrcnis Home. T. Reed R. Speers 4-N. 25" E'1lB-L.!'ffiE?: S ."t'74i -Nxil. ""!"i . 'fvf ' 'E "' ' ' AAA ., - - Zeta lfpsilon of Lambda Chi Alpha. the largest in- ternational fraternity and second largest national Creek organization. was founded at Texas Westerri in 19-l-6. Lambda Chi Alpha credits to its brother- hood and scholastic achievement outstanding men in all walks of life. Zeta Epsilon is also known at T. W. C. for its civic service projects such as light- ing luminarias at Christmas time and annual parties for orphans and underprivileged children of El Paso. Lambda Chi uses the big brother system to mold pledges into well informed, educated leaders of society. The social aspect of Greek life is by no means overlooked at Zeta Epsilon. Avarietyof social events and "type partiesl' are stressed with the White Rose Ball forming the high point of the social calen- dar. "Crescent Girls." the woman's auxiliary, is an important asset to the Brotherhood. Sweetheart 'ferry Ann Hill S. Allen R. Gerbel G. Corsie J. Griffiths M. Beeman J. Burke t '17 John Cullen is Santa at Christmas party for under- privileged children. kng ar ce .,,- 935 Q. X J. Hinds G. McKenzie I AXA W. Burke C. Cooper r. -4- 4, R. Covert J. Cullen -. dugg A -. bf tm-gig . xiii' f, .,-...-iz. A, ,, 2, , x, , ml .V '-fp. J. English I R. Fallin S. .lilton A. Osborn R. Kriecllhauln J. J. Sowell T, Larrimore Tree-ce Paul Neel J. Trollinger ' -V L. Fannon C. Harris 'fx 2-5 22- "TV" V' - 'F-' C. Henry W. Hewitt ,pu W9 . ,Q X R. New B. Nickle ir- 'rf W' -xA . R. Wagner C. Woodrich 25F -A ,,, - -4 f' . . . .5155-,gi-A 7' 'R ' .JACK hw: xr' frat nfl H. Albert E. Beard J. Benner T. Braithxraite H. Brokate J. Brown K. Burdick E. Chandler J. Cozart YV. Crews J. Cruger F. Dickerson R. English B. Erwin H. Fanning M. Fugitt J. Gates B. Goodman B. Grimsley M. Hatch T. Hatch T. Ingram R. Irvin W. Johnsen s'fg..g'T-gifs' +-fr Jhi :CR ? Diane French Sweetheart Q, 2 . I pw .- 9, S, ha. D. Kiely L. Langberg J. Lodolo M. McCown J. Miller R. Nicheison J. Prati J. Roach W- Russell R. Simon J, Slaver J. Smith E. Sommers S. Allen B. Thies R. Tolliver M. Ulin H- Zimmer I" ,.,.fff:f25' , . . iz., , ,ff uafff s'fI,'Rl 132 if "QI 1 5' t I' , ,..r . ,x i f Afternoon recreation President Bill Keily CIDKT Phi Kappa Tau is the oldest national fraternity at Texas Wlestern being founded here in 1911. Since that time the chapter has flourished to the point where the memlwership totals around seventy-five men and the physical facilities include a lodge complete with outdoor barlieque and swimming pool. Phi Tau is essentially a social hrotherhood hut does perform various services throughout the year. These include Christmas and Easter parties for various groups of orphans and participation in fund raising drives for different charities. .N 1fm"1 'xv-ex' . , , f A - - , A . ,. -- ' -' 1 , ,e ,ff J.-'ll , - "5 ,Q Q 4' -1 Z, iilglix .-sv...mS X .,-DY3-K? lx' x .X 'axis wig-tsfawiila, R 'wr a .J .. A, fe' . x xi .J - . X' 'XT' if---' xx w 1 .- "U" V' N - ' V' "' e 1 KX gg cj 0 4' G' ac: J ' .. .Q l ,Q k X , . . ,.- Lt Ir' Q 1 .5 ' ,5 'Ig XJ sv . Q . F ,I A .W's'-ll - i X-mf' N' T. Alexander B. Bannon K. Beno W. Britton D. Brown R. Butler J. Campbell A, Celani M. Collier B. Collin- J. Cone H. Deakyne R- D0I10l1l16 G- Fielding .i Dean Kelsey presents John Dale first place trophy for homecoming float. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. founded at TWC in 1947, ' has long pritletl itself in heing one of the top organ- izations on Cillliplli. The effort and participation of all its rnenulfers has won many awards and much rec- ognition in the areas of scholarship. athletics, and the ' gf 1 many other faveta of college and fraternity life. ' '7 'f'!, Michael Emerv works on winning float. it on 5' ' V2 C-ji Q :- Ja rw" - sa ' ' .9-QLN5 ' 1 .1 ' w F. Certh B. Geyer L. Gore D. Crcrmrood in 4. S L, .N 'V 5 4 B. Johnson T. Johnson H. Kennedy B. King 5- , 0 fl 'Q' "Q ' E 1 S l i l 1 f 1 1 91-' ' P W' A.. kb' if' QR , '76 "' 97. 3 I .w. Q3 -.PL , . .rx N . :Qs Q67 N, . N- V ,. 'J , , , .., ,J ' S' vu -. Y- Sweetheart ,lonie Powell L, Q Q EX ZAE Croseclose Hafen Harrison Hodnelt Horst Knox Larson Luckett Lyons W. Mayo McCroskey Mcfluistion Miller, III H. Moore Moore Murphy Newton Parrish Parrish Paul Perry B. V. Reed R. Rose . Rule . Shanon C. Schooley . Sclimoeller B. Schwartz . Snidon T. Southern J. Stephenson E. Stokes B. Strauss R. 'lhomas T. Titus . Tupper J. Wallace P. Wiman S. Young R. Zielinski 25 O M. Jaffe M. Klein W Sl Q.. S. Behar M. Bernstein R. Drotman T. Dula .l. Feldnmn S. Friedman C. Balter gn.. 1 J. Goldberg x x 5-- K. Goldberg W Hansiq President Tom Dula and brothers display trophy for highest grade average B. Herman H arf 4- i'e' P- 7-, :V E .xg ..A. .,., ,,., ...ig qv FT. "'gX ..... ,,,, ' ll 1, . iszsi' 51 .lf iixse: - - 5' - V53 5:5 ' A ,- . M ? , 5.R hi Q ,. nbng .gtg ., -- In 3 :5 -x .... 5 i 1 ' Qtr" ' visit.. -. i . --,- J ' V' 0 ' 1....!-3 "-i 1" 'f 2.-f 1-'-1 -' -3 Homecoming float in front of new lodge. ,3 S ,, .3 Q A sa.. 'l Q.. 15" f- I "" ' B. Svherner P. Krupp C. Moore E- Rosen M. Rosen C. Rubin C. Saltzinan Q'-ry S. Simon .nw 329, r .. ,W , S. Toub . t , ,A p ga, . . I ,-1'sZ2Y1+3"dH" f -:T--5,13 -vsp.-1-.-' , .-' ,Qi 'ff-gf rs: ima I, . , st - rg, ,sg ,ez-5132 egypt., ' 35315125 Q . ,Q 314' ' .A 1 iff' ' r ... 2' Painting curb signs was one of the civic services activities. A, Troppe Beta Alpha Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity was colonized in November. 1959. and chartered in April, 1962, on the Texas Western College campus. During its short histo- ry on campus. it has actively participated in all campus activi- , "M: 3 ties, intermurals. and established the highest grade point aver- ' age of all TWC fraternities. p' N. Waxman ,Q it Hawaiian luau held during summer. 261 gI"fl.I..-iFfTiT.:' " wfwv' ' ' ' A ...., -if- 'lm vw ., 13.2. T YN J. Anderson M. Barrueta J. Boebinger B. Burns A. Butler J. Franssen J. Fulkerson D. Gibson R. Gilley C, Howard Tekewood Singers at a Hoote-nanny. q-v Q6- R. Dunsmore C. Fletcher D. Hunsecker M. Laurel D. Marczeski W. Melver TKE as Y' 1..,,, Sweetheart Karen Parks Pres. Warner Sankrnn shows national vice-pres. Sweepstakes Homecoming trophy. ,A 'Fr C NJ '-S-v VQYQ1 fsff - ' - 56 w , , bl TY-V E. Mender K. Murray A. Oaxaco T. O'Ncil L. Parker E. Perez T. Powers G. Robbins W. Sankman R. Smith M. Tovar D. Vinson F. Wardy E. Ziegler n k,l,., A -M 1 V, T' tk QQ imf -X ff i' is i A ' E ,, p Qin'-A . A lx ,s 1 X g . ' aux . lx" -.-ff iv ff-X . ' it 'Jaw ai! Tekes working on Colden Jubilee Float. A growing organization hoth nationally and locally. Tau Kappa Epsilon prides itself on selecting its men "Not for wealth. rank. or honor. hut for personal worth and characterf' Teke was founded in 1899 at Illinois Wesleyan University and is now the largest fraternity in the world, with 200 chapters in the United States ancl Canada. The Tekes at Texas Westerri follow the national tradition of loyalty to the alma mater by stressing scholarship and school support. as well as a social program. Y' l.""ffQ, "5f'F'f"xF"f:I'1-..'1f ' ., .K QY.. . A. Working on a float i sticky business. 'lff.F?" WJ :Si , 1 263 A v Q f 1 ff 1 5 'A 19.4 rm ff' -tw Q1 PORT Sport is an integral part of campus life in American Colleges: this has been the case at Texas Western from the word '4Gol', In 1914. under the direction of Professor Kidd and Instructor Dwyer of the Engineering Department. every living student with two legs. two arms. and two lungssin other words, all twenty seven students-had to report at the City Ball Park for the bi-weekly foot- ball practices. By 1920. however. work had commenced on a new athletic field. which. though providing at first seating accommoda- tions only for the College heirarchy and the city dignitaries. did be- come our present Kidd Field-fa lasting tribute to our first "coach" The College of Mines. in 19211. still had no gymnasium. The basketball squad played out-of-doors on any court available. Most frequently this was at the City Community Center. Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1V.P..-X. Plan furnished them with Halliday Hall Cym- nasium in 1934. thus allowing them the luxury of indoor practice. 193-1 saw the Miners members of the Border Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. and the following year the first Sun Bowl game was held in Kidd Field. The Sun Howl Came. the second oldest in the Nation. has featured the Miners on five occasions. three of which they haye been cheered as winners. The season of 1956 will always stand out in the annals of Texas Westerii. for that year of great achievement saw both our football and basketball teams win the Border Athletic Conference. Today. our College boasts a sports program encompassing fencing. judo. wrestling. golf. tennis. track. cross-country. rifle- shooting. baseball. basketball. and football. It has fine gymnasiums. two fine stadiums with a total seating' capacity of 112500. and a fine team of coaches. P L' Yes! We have come a long way in fifty years. 265 1. Q-Qi. ,I A 4 5 .r V 1-f" I lj Bob Thomas Head Cheerleader rr? X: xf J 'x A Awlff ..,.,.--v"' l A s C Ann Foster v K 19 f 'Q ' ar w U r., .nk x I . Carroll Johnson ' -f -'- -+f-V -n-we--V V. . . 't""? ov' 'Q :Al X KY I PT if Q.. ,.,. Norman Abbott ,Asc A X V , sl -N. C l 1 Sue Clover . 77 'fs u -fog , w SAY v ff Carville Stone , 9' Cl ., owe., , , P ' ff A ,gf ' .. , Tx: 3: wie A J me 'N--un-5' " N XP' lv if " , iw Lai Chew Nancy Ekdall CHEERLE DER The Texas Western College Chet-rleariers are elevtefi each Spring fur one year by the student hmiy of the eollege. This is the first time in many years that there have been men nn the elieerh-aciing,squad. anti this year the squad was inereasefi from six to eight members tn rlrwnrrirrlmhitt- our new Sun Bowl Stadium. The Cheer- leaders accompany the fnothall team un most of their out of town games as well as initiating spirit for the home tmvn fnothall and haskt-thall games. The cheerleaders as they ride in the Humeeorning paramie. , -f""Glll ' x' 'I.,,e:V- u . ll 'J' ' S Ill Blll IIB.. II!"!:: ,..i ,f'i. xr-gait b 'wa -' I 5. .. Y v Q A '- L' Q Y Y .AXA x 'ini' ft :ei 'QQQJY is it-Q i 'fi-4.'W'7ll F1.JaiIII ,f..I5"rH s 1 T,i."3F?'fJ1"'1"f"'t"""".l,l'1"lf .-,,Q"' S, -15 ' s pf! 7m XIJ if Q5 .' xv. l ,wax . .: H Nancy Marshall President .gpg-A S . WSL r "P -4 , A wet A- " ' L, L . l ,W ., . as " iff. -, YA, ! L, V Q i new -as Q Y lx' -. T f QL: my J, .,-. A I - -ll fi f i I-Q, sw. V M Q V, fi a,'l'w-- 33" I ",45"""'A :-, li ,"- 4-1, .,.'.- fi: K . , ' 1 ' " L s . ,I ., 4 ffl' 'l Mary Mary Marie Laurie Karyn Eva Irene Apodaca Arevalo Barron Birney Breckenridge Carrillo Carrillo in I- 1-V?-I+.. f Q Ag .x 5 S Q 7 , 1 A of " 5' A Rosemary Lupe Lorene Sharon Linda Martha Delores Castetter Contreras Corbett Criswell Dean DeLaRosa Delgado k T sy fre 6 3? 92' n. va 0- K, - r i r ye, .Q f ta li livin. . A., A 5 X .Ay a 55.4 l ! ,f kd ' ll ' i4..t.s"' A Rose Penny Charlotte Becky Terri Irene Sandy Dominguez Drahan Endlich Escalante Estavillo Fernandez Fernandez , ir 4: F r , Q in K QE' 1 1 if f K, 1, '? l A j 2 .,.. A I , . hx? .F 5 I Xl is I y ' gg 45' , Q i it s s L y Barbara Leslie Ruby Peggy Marsha Terri Juliette Hudson Hunkins Kilgore Latham McCuen Melendez Mirabel 268 The Golddiggers are a co-ed marching unit. and these girls consistently present. along with the Marching Cavalcade. fine half-time programs at the football games in the Fall. They have performed on national television during the half-times of professional football games. Try outs for Golddiggers are held each year. and competition is always very keen. GOLD D IGGER . v 1 fa L. E, ff 1, to lf. X . .3 Rosalyn Pat Claudia Morton Parker Parks . F' Gloria Arbie Mary Saldana Salinas Telles I 81.2 j V' :Q.w?:?v. ig' .kt Lynnette Mary JoDee Hawke Lujan Wells 'iff' , A? ' ' vw-j T-wav-'fi A Pat Peterson Q . --f If . 'tx . Patricia Waide fi - if a. ,, ,4. I T'-Vx , 1, , ,. 1 . ls Joyce Holland K 1 1' e. eg Q at WZ. 'S 'gt Joyce Gina Cathy Gillis Orellana Suaydi ' K x P H l 1 X ya' I X ' X y Irma Charlene Edna Ponce Reed Salazar .A . ff J? . Ur ., fin ay hw- 4 -- .df 'FQ ,"! n X' ' :1 -' r , J LX F fad Marva Carolyn Peggy Ward Whitehead Whitehead xr - 1 yi .LN 7 jj Q 9 'S I V x fi 2 1 f- lt I . MLK Ada Lily Annette Pabon Silva Steele 269 , ..f, cf ron riswell rfb ECOMI GQ EE 1963 5 3 "'kV - , is r i S sf' X I K x I XXX X Q X X , H Q ' .4 at 2 Riga' V . 3 K X it oe' Q xx S X W' Barlmrfz Braxlvefzr Mozelle Gmebl Knflvy 1017111012 rg it 1'-Ji Tim Sfeefe The candidates for Homecoming Queen are nominated by the Texas ive-stern College football team and then voted on lwy the entire student liody. The Homecoming Queen and her court are honored at the annual homecoming activities which include the parade. dance and football game. HO ECOMI GCO RT A . ,:vtfi.4.-.4.,'.. -f.QIx.f.'r'1T.,1f " ' ' . 'f' iv' 271 Warrel1 Harper Head Football Coach , . M1-v 'iff' wvx Kenneth Almond Don Duke FOOTB LL This was Warren Harper's first season as head coach of the Texas Western College Miner football team. He brought them through the season with a 3-7 record, but if a closer look is taken. it is easy to see that the record could have been an even 5-5. forthe games with Texas Tech and Wyoming were well. hard-fought games that could easily have gone our way. We are eagerly anticipat- ing bigger and better things from our Miner team in the 1964- season. and Coach Harper has this job of building what many TWC fans predict to be one of the best teams in recent years. At 32-years of age. Harper is perhaps one of the youngest head coaches at a major college. A gifted organizer. the popular Harper has surrounded himself with a group of young. dedicated coaches-ones he feels will be an asset to Texas Western. El Paso and. certainly to the athletic department. He captained his high school and junior col- CO HE lege teams and was chosen to the All-Texas Conference team in l953-his junior year at Austin College. Ken Almond joined the TWC coaching staff from Rusk. Texas High School where he had served as head coach for two years. His l962 team won the first district cham- pionship in a decade. Almond has worked with the ends and the offensive liavkfield. coaching background-eight years His alma mater is Austin College. Don Duke has a rich in Texas high sclior-ls. the same as Warren Harper. Dean Slayton coached at Sherman High School under Harper. having played his college career at the llnirersity of Tulsa. At Tyler ,lunior College. he was named to the All Conference Team. John Young. the centers and guard coach. is the only TWC grad on the football staff. He served as a tri-captain for the Miners during his senior year. and was named to the All- Border Conference team three years as a guard. ' x -. st l r A 'us ' X Q W sv 1 . il P X X ni Dean Slayton Donald Smith .lohn Young 273 E 4' if L f"'f""'. , , , -i- 7 S T emi--2,4 L FOOTB LL TE The Texas Western College Miner football team played one of their most exciting seasons this year. They christened the new Sun Bowl with a win against North Texas State for their opener. and barely lost the closing game to Wyoming, 7-6. It was the toughest schedule the Miners have played in several years, and enthusiastic, record-breaking crowds supported the TWC team at all home games and quite a few road games. September 21 North Texas State 34.7 September 28 University of New Mexico 7.23 October 5 New Mexico State 14.13 October 12 University of Arizona 7.13 October 19 Arizona State 0.27 October 26 Colorado State 14.21 November 9 Xavier University 0.24, November 16 Texas Tech 3-7 November 30 West Texas State 13.0 December 7 Wyoming 6.7 - i "., +2 ',, . ff, 'qlurp :. flrxxq s x I flux 61121 if-fits it a?tYl.V ?.xc x tk :X r- 1 s H: I 2 Tift! IT? vfblw If 5 T fe-bbs .ig ii, . Linz F, ' ".dfXA 2 f A xl . . V, . Qe V. F Q Y I 5 ' X I -MQBV fr: 3X fmgaf ,trzgfb farf f . . t 'lt x ' N .tff'37Sf' t X 'A 6' ' N 5 Bl, . , , fs . qu, W F Y U V x A I 9 X V les: ., I fast I f H X' y MV fr W r E I 'IS' 125' C 571' f55Q227Etf G73 BU is ' -' L. 1' so -tv N-f-is 9"'1V- -tif' .atv " J . . 'il TTUHQTTNHN 'T M ,... s F' et ' ,-,, , X , . .,.. .. , . -.... ,,.-t . . ..,....t....,.....................-.. .. . -,.. ,..-. , ...-......... t.... .... ... ...... ..r..,,...s.-....,...... ..... ... .....,.,...... 6 274 , , 12 if R.:-. on X , I -if .I .,,..4q RQ U 2 Ni,,,' , KQ '- ' E ae ., r e H fi N Y? EX N x N " Xws, . -1. 1 X FH 1 ia, fk' Tl, . L i-,fl 1 a - 1 eiyzxqy ,X B . , A xx .4 Q f , '.,, 4 'N ' -. . "iii ' K. 1 I , 3 r s- - r X213-A fa u f .A ii- Are- wang' i 'W if Kneeling: Head Coach Warren Harper, standing: Don Smith, defensive backfieldg Don Duke, tacklesg John Young, centers and guardsg Ken Almond, offensive back- fieldg and Dean Slayton, ends and linebackers. I J E11'Ji7iT'Z7Ri. 'T"W1"' T 5 Leroy Johnston Jim Evans C0-Captain Guard Co-Captain End The Red Raiders had a difficult victory over the determined Miners as seen here. It took five Raiders to get one Miner to the ground. MINER CLIP EAGLES' WI G The passing of Jerry Tucker. the receiving of Jimmy Evans and alert. heads-up ball playing on the part of the entire Texas Western football team carried the Miners to their first victory of the 1963 season. crushing the North Texas State Eagles. 34-7, before a crowd of more than 20.000. The Miners' second game. played at Albuquerque. put the TWC team at a one and one standing. losing the game to the I.-lliYt'l'SiiY of New Mexico. 23-7. Texas W'estern's second win came after s olting the New Mexico State Aggies two P t nO quick touchdowns- when they returned from the dressing room. They unleashed a rugged defense and their well-known passing talents edged them past the lads from Las Cruces, 111-13. Jack Caldarella Larry Rumsey Tim Morton Guard Guard Guard ,lack Irons Bill Stavley Piti Vasquez Guard Guard Guard :dwg ,, , ,Q ..j""'--7" '- m The rcfcrcc is luuking in thc wrong direction to sec Texas Wcster11's number 37 gain yardage toward his goal. Mart Adams Vic Coats Ron Geske Tackle Tackle Tackle Bob Ellcrliwce Robert Glover Carlyle Lyneis Tackle Tackle Tackle ni M IER TAKES BRI G DEFEAT Miner errors were one of the main causes for Texas Western's loss to the University of Arizona in Tucson. The team ran smoothly throughout most of the game, but the breaks were falling the wrong way. A fumble. an unsuccessful punt, and victory-minded Arizona defense put the Wildcats ahead and left them there. 13-7. It was a weary group of men who trudged into the Miner dressing room the night of October 19. Arizona State had just given the Miners a tough 27-O licking. Bob Windham The Miners looked good in spots. but those spots were few and far between. The Miners just couldn't match the speedy ASU hacks. Texas Westerii went into the game against the Colora- do State Rams a favorite and came out a disappointed 21-l-L loser. The Rams caught fire to pull one of the major upsets of the TWC season. Each time the Miners got within scoring range. penalties. fumbles or swiped passes stopped them. and CSU would find themselves with the ball again. Bethany Chapple Tackle Center James Morgan Dexter l'atv Center Center 4 l. The Miners used the long bomb from Val Tenorio to Harrison Gamble to break the backs of West Texas State. Jerry Tucker .Q ,. 1 . .X .,j .sw -5 1 s , added insult to injury by pushing over six more points in the final stage. Curtis Robin- :ig 5' son continued his job making sevens out of 2, sixes after the second six-pointer. if 'I Texas Western lost another close one to Wyoming, here in the Sun Bowl, 7-6. 3 H' 'f Y - h , x -X . Not knowing where to go due Western team, Texas Tech's n safety. ' W EST A i l .l0hl1 Htrllafd Ulysses Kendall End End Ralph Kennetly Hay Scholten End End A pile-up seems inevitable as Texas Western and the opposing team compete for a Gamble Harrison victory. Quarterback -i ff.. l x x ,. . ix,- Q 4 .L is 280 21" : defense methods of the Texas The ball carrier is well protected by supporting team members as Number 31 trys mber 4-9 takes to the air for for that winning touchdown. 'EXAS STATE DOW ED Curt Parsons Val Tenorio Jerry Tucker Quarterback Quarterback Quarterback Age, 281 1 l I H17 - emi-:Q -ww-7 ' ef Inge 1 1 1 1 . ' U F h, t X ' , fl 'g,,..Js,:i-9'z..,i.,--lb rf X i " ' . .- -- ' . .. " -Q-gi -if left :sf . . 4f1,.f-tnlly-'fit When a Miner spots an enemy, he holds fast even if a short flight is necessary. The Xavier Muskateers of Cincinnati added another victory to their record, downing the Miners. 21-0. Five swiped TWC aerials and three Miner drops were responsible for the defeat. A bright note-the Miners completely halted the Muskateer passing attack, shutting them out on five attempts. This gave the Miners the number one spot in the nation in pass defense. The Red Raiders. heavily favored. found the Miner's homecoming spirit too much as the Miners pushed the Raiders all over the field, dominating the statistics. The sour note in the statistics song-the score, 7-3. The Miners just couldn't capitalize on the few breaks they had. Charles Arciniega Ray J21CkSOI1 Fullback Fullback Donald Mason Stan Reeder Fullback Fullback This Texas Tech man thinks he has the ball, but a smart Miner close behind has other ideas. I l ZQQ C v -1 l- i ..-.. f North Texas State didn,t try hard enough to stop the Miners as seen by the 34-T TWC win. Julius Glosson Halfback Hon Bostwick Wingback P Larry Harrell Halfback Boll Mortimer Wingback Larry Durham Halfhack Louis James Halfback Curtis Robinson Winghack Nap rf'-5-of 5, .1 Y v1Q5g,T-1 W la- Head Coach Don Haskins and Assistant Coach Henry lba. Coach Haskins has led the Miners to their third straight successful season under his guidance, and this year were consistently rated in the top twenty teams by beating such schools as the Uni- versity of Wichita and Arizona State. Also. for the third year, the Miners were the winners of the annual Sun Bowl Tournament held here at the Memorial Gymnasium to sell-out crowds. 284 -sf KETB LL TE Under the guidance of Coach Don Haskins and his assist- ant, Henry lMoej lba, Texas Western College's basketball team made record-breaking history for the college and El Paso. Led by All-American center Jim "Bad News" Barnes, the Miner team became the ninth ranked team in the coun- try. Meeting all opposition. they combined a superbly coached conference with a back-breaking offense to end the season with a 25-3 record. They were second in the na- tion in defense allowing their opponents a mere 55.3 points per game to the 72.5 points they earned for themselves. Nationally, the Miners put the basketball world on its feet and Texas lvestern College on the map when they beat Texas AM in the NCAA district tournament. When the Miners went to the NCAA regional tourney in Kansas City, they gave Kansas State the scare of its life before fin- ally bowing to the eventual tournament winner. Out of the tournament hut still in the running for third place, the Miners came back the following night to smash highly- rated Creighton. The Miners also created a sensation when during the reg- ular season they defeated the fourth and seventh ranked teams in the nation. Wichita and Arizona State. Considered a rebuilding year for Coach Haskins, the 1964 season was a masterpiece in coaching annals. Coach Has- kins had a big start by having Jim Barnes as the nucleus of the team. He took the finest athlete in the history of Tex- as Westerii College and added forwards Andy Hlumping- Jack" Stoglin, Harry Flournoy and Charlie Banks to make up the powerful scoring and rebounding combination that broke opponents all season. The playmakers of the team, guards Orsten "Little or Artis, Bob Dibler and Steve Tredennick, made life miser- able for opponents throughout the season, their ball-hawlo ing abilities saving point after point for the Miners. Their adept passes and quick thinking set up many a score for their team-mates up front. Also assisting, but not in the headlines as much, were the upcoming stars of the team, Jerry Armstrong, ,lim Holmes, Togo Hailey and Ron Schockley. V X pas. arg, Vw '- --ezswwfeve vs- ffftx' X .....? ,W -lfk2-hi.'7zfTfT78W?.'-:':N7liiiiiT'i'. 7V"'4C""'f ' IWW' 'mi' L.. .. his VJ W px .fm T 12 be ?,,1hW 3 4 s """"l ff?-2 gi!-.157 1115611 an J im Barnes All American U.S. Olympic Team Center Records 9111 in the nation in scoring 816 points-29-1 avg. 51 points in one game against Western New Mexico State 36 rebounds in one game agai Western New Mexico State 5th in the nation in rebounds 537 rebounds-19-2 avg. 16 free throws in one game against West Texas State B1 Jim L'13ad News" Barnes sinks another two pointer to lead the Miner team onto victory. I X. Q why' ' a if Orsten Artis works to get the hall to the basket. so that Jim Barnvs ran add another two points to the Miners' score. Jvrry Armstrong Harry Flournoy .xv-QW mmm. N xxq xx xxx Q m NM X XSS xx N hx xx 'NRS QSSQ-Qi 'X " :X , X' tx ::g:1..x tr,r el" X -' X gggkv VQQQ f if ' " -:sfi N ' M X-Q 1-,., X NN Q - - E ff'i:'5"A' ft f N- f 'i -slf'K3sP?'r' WS - ,L -x f -in x.-33-V xx W Mg f .IN X g wi-:Q :max t . - ..,. - '- ' ' ' "" ' '- i ,vsxx y X-K . L K A Orsten Artis Bob Dibler AA iw -r-4 is EM Jim Holmes Togo Railey Ron Shockley Cage Schedule Nov Dec. Miner offense doesift let a little thing like oppositional defense get in their waygtliey just barrel on through. Dec Dec , Dec Dec Dec Dec J an. J an. Jan. J an. J an. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. X S , ' -W. . - 4 '- A A, "' fm-.-az. ' ,,.,,,j::""' ii.- 1,1T Y -' "'-5-ALI " S Dec. Dec. . 30-North Texas State 2-University of Washington flSLfniversity of Wichita 9-Tarlelon State l3fLong Beach State 14-San Jose State 16--Centenary 18-Tennessee Tech 19-Tennessee Tech 20-Double Header Tournament-Tulane, William and Mary, Ark- ansas State, TWC Dec. 28-Sun Carnival Tournament-Denver, Clemson, Baylor, and TWC. 11- New Mexico Western 6-eArizona State 8-West Texas State 25-West Texas State 28-Southwest Missouri 1-Arizona State 8-University of New Mexico 10 -University of Denver 17-N ew Mexico State 22-Pan American 24-N ew Mexico State Feb. 26-North Texas State 3' " 'Nui V 7 . z?"FE? Andy Stoglin Jim Barnes reaches for the ball when the Min- ers beat the University of New Mexico on their court. Following this game the Miners were cat- apulted into tenth place in the national basket- ball ratings. lb X, EM 57 ete,t Tony Toren Steve Tredennick J P 289 ,FLW ,Q , . . W A -su, .3, My . I .f-V , V- M JT.-.,,-,,.f.,f.v , Q, , V ,R.:,,,i lp ,FY-.I .- J A N Q. N ww A . Q 'K we -WU A 392 Q' 'X 'Qtr' G .sz IU T XER NBR f f 5 5 l S 1 l l Andy Cohen Orville Kruschwitz The 196-L baseball team is an 4'infant" as far as sports are concerned at Texas Ylfestern. lsnt under the excellent eonelling of Andy Cohen and Orville Krusell- witz n proxnising future is to lie seen in the Coming years. Head Coach Andy Co- lien. is a noted El Pasoan. and he lias seen much nc-tion on the lwaselnall diamond in laotli llle Major and Minor Leagues. Orville Krusehwitz was the only assistant coaf-11 this season, and he is a matliematics instructor at Texas Western EB LL CO CHE as EB LL TEAM This is TWC's second season playing baseball. Nine letlermen have returned to spur the tm-ain lo even greater success than their very prom- ising 18-14 first season. This year's schedule of nearly thirty games included encounters with two 'Western .-Xtlileliv Conference teams. Arizona and New Mexico, and the Amateur All-Stars of Ciudad Chihuahua. Mexico. The baseball players do not have a diamond of their own as yet. Practice games are played at Hugo Myer lfield. and home games at Dudley Field. Standing: Assistant Coach, O. C. Kruschwitzg Bill Gil- crease, Brooks Cline. Larry Machristie. ,lay Christopher, Charlie Arciniega, Nolan Richardson, Charles Pearce, Mike Barrueta. Larry Menchaca, Cletus James, and Bufe mer Crews. Jack Harris. Bob Berryhill, Coach Andy Coh- eng hat boy. Hank Coheng Steve Legg, Gil Mendoza, ,loe Carraseo. and Richard Simon. Morrison. Kneeling: John limerson, Toby Tovar, Wil- Q I, K 11. l '51, Q Q - f' . or e f e N511 WE? X if 5 E 'T 9"'E'tw, VNEQW ll mal P mins l M5045 N 'lf W 9' 'W ' 5 'E'-i 3-f.i"l nfl.-m"'M3'.!" a ' null """l ,' ' f Qi 35 V A X39 f'fl'f"" 'l ' V' 1 'E A E f t .,Yg A l f' 'V 5 N VE - Q. kj, 4 " 'C' V Qnvl . N' X Eqvfl of-P K nLlNE0Ju 1 4' L ,Nxt . fl' 5094 r ,f Q l 53" . -44 ll' r- f , 5- 5 M- g U E! Z ' i ek' ,J -, X f X . e -, , -asf f"'N' 2 e 3 -fl A 'l " 19. ,C Cf W En, '-an ,. XNER C H '- 1-1 .Q--r 2, ' ,, 'fx Fi sN EH .Xu "LJ iff' Charles Arcinieoa Mike Barrueta Bob Berryhill March 13 March 14 March 18 March 19 March 23 March 27 March 23 April 2 April 3 April 4 April 6 April 7 April 14 April 211. April 25 April 28 at Sul Ross at Sul Ross fniversity of Denver University of Deliver Regis College University of Colorado University of Colorado University of Colorado Sul Hoes Sul Ross New lilexiclo New Mexico New Mexico Slate At Arizona ' At Arizona at New Mexico State Jackie Harris Eff -Q gi K Q ek if it - ji . A X ' ff5'f5YEFi 1 1 iii! ' Q5 , , If Ea QW Giga , XNE , , 1 1 V: i , A 1 7 , ., ,TV 1 K 5 J - I I . -.. V 1 X, - 1- M I ' , I W 4 1 M 1 -Q ' , X t uk 1, 1 -, Wilmer Crews Jay Christopher John Jimerson 1 4 I Coach Cohvn gives hir Ie-am a px-p talk bvfure that niglmfs game. 1-fri'--F -gafzf-:'1::+':-.W:-::f-:.- -::f:- -.-f,f,,,,, r ifQ1r'r?: 222: 2 E 2 E 2 5 sri 2 5 ' ' 2 if-1iv'!f.a 'J ' ' 'bn "T'.L:-'- 4:-2.'7.."'-F"-'L-41 -'fg-F12 : 1 :1 1 '57-': 5 E 1 E E-K F ff: . : 1 - v if S 'P-w.T'i-. ---4--..z-P: -r:-:h-- :-:-::':r,r :: - :: L' f r: : - 1 f -r 4:1f5g,,vr.Q?g-:gi-':f5:2: 15:-12:5 Ei 2 ggi 5 is 5 3 f '-T!-LF' " f' -.",,'7'-91r'f7'I-f.:Ir'i'f,? 1E1:'?.?-'f:?i2E E E212 if S v z , .,,,-1'!.,. .., L. .. - , M, V- , , . -- .. .....:v 5'.:2f'f::15.,j-36,1-3323 iEa:jif:f5f52 g , f , , x:!12,'H-'-'fr::"I'T-':"'.E":"i'.5'f54Lii?P ?'i:'5i?rfiiiE'2f 5 5 1 fi J ,fi "" " -FI' 5- f-:'.:'.: -V L-,."..'-..,-'h':1'.:rpra',.-gfgq'rrxrnfp- ' v 3 E E 2 1 5.1 -, ' f ' --'--- nrcfffff .."1'.-v1',-fy-..2.:.j..:..'.'.?2525575 :4:,?,f:Q,5'e,2f,'Elq L Q 3 , ' "rf -W - -'-'M M f f ' :','e,'f:-rm-2:1 1, 12 .5 , .,l 0 ' s J' , , . s ' f-Q nr W . W "' i 'U-'A N ,Riu X 1 ll 3 293 w Eilsfuw "K'U!'fWlif' ' .af EZA2' ' F"H4f""" 7' 'wh -. A- - ' lag. 'if A , .ul 4 ' " , ' ".4:tL,..' Q--- -.. '- M , 1, Ax.... ' C .l."f .Lg AQ:4,,,A we - , I L- ' .5 D My-gp-' - X SN If e ws N 4' M N Q ' - 1 -j 4 sf -I K Y eeee ee e e - ' - ,1 3 3... i l I1 ,N e A-img' I ,K X , X , K x k x yi, 15 f e . . l ,X 1 -X x Z Steve Legg Larry Machristie N.. K s'7! "!'. J iq...,x,.X N rgNER Larry Menchaca Charles Pearce Richard Simon , ,j-X. X- X ,E 1 s 1 'X' .xv . :gif -. -M fp. -, x- W ". .wr rr in -Nsxskkbxis Q h 2 " 'ss Q ww f-A , . - r in Qui. N 31 3 R KM V 55. . , . 'H -N . QA HQNAAQ 1 0 sRx.'.1,:x::2 BIIIIVI' C-mvlu-5 Cohf-n and lXl'llSI'l1W1TZ look lropvfllllv ggi, 5,-gmt Sv I 1KK:Zlrziw'-:gseQ"'Xf-ifI l I . wr. r. , H Ui :ik .':k.::f:,iEEiR: at tlus year 5 tenrn. r.1.-ixizizl Awww-N,,,,N ,A 31 Ngiligglfliirlilligg N- X --'-'3if?f.3:2Ix.N:III53-- "wk WM -N X- - 'ii' x. M- . .. ,,.... ---N- 'M' .IL-:ggi ,Q-1-vrffv' N' - -fwffw -fr . .s.:'...---'-" 'Illia--":"' ....r:. ......- --3 , 11. X V nv' if - L 1 ' pus1N""-:- - ,i .,:,:und.uulns-I. r w ' v . Q- X -' 'Tll1f75f!"'V' paw J +xN-'Ind ,naw wwf 4 !1flFYW'H""'-'IESENTL' V F"T"" 1. " - ' :wana ll-J TR CK TEAM February 22 Arizona lnvitationals Tucson March 13-lfl West Texas Relays Odessa March 21 New Mexico State El Paso March 28 Colorado, Wyoming New Mexico Western El Paso April 3-4 Texas Relays Austin April 10-11 TWC Relays El Paso April 17 Kansas Relays Lawrence, Kansas April 211. McMurray Abilene May 2 New Mexico Western Silver, City Front Row: Julius Closson, Ron Seegar, Charles Cant, 'iHardi11, Teddy Teegarden. Buddy Luce Pat Casey Tom Allan Harding, and Lupe Yzaguirre. Middle Row: Linde, Santiago Batres, Glen Bigelow Mark Yarbrough Charles Whitson. ,lim Allen. Ray Hitliurn. Stan 1xICPll6l'- and Coach Moore. son, James Smith, and Zeak Williams. Back Row: Coach g 1 va -as ' Q . 5 Q. i at 4 X -of ii ll x .. xxx N. 296 ve ,. rl' X is -:S uf R Sw ft ,. .N Ross Moore, a native of Louisiana. has done great service to the College for twenty-four years acting in the Capacity of trainer and track coach. A runner himself in his TWC student days, he Chose to remain at Texas Western and to use his skill to- wards the furthering of the athletic program of his Alma Mater. Don Hardin, assistant track Coach, received his Masters at Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls, Iowa. While attend- ing the college. he was a runner and excelled in the mile. Besides his position as P. E. professor, he is currently working on his Ph.D. at Iowa University at Iowa City. 297 4' vr vm-up-2 -sd-3.0. in W. fxA i '-"U 1 ' .f si 'i 1 -4 . lf- ,, 'Q K" 0' , - .., x x J lf- il l 4' I p.npn.,.il ,V i Q . 1 , , , ' i P . 'Q-af James Smith. Charles Whitson. Gvorge Balanis, Teddy Teegar- mlen, Pat Cawy. uml Santingu Batris 298 2 fx? Q ix 'Qi 'vw Q ,, 1 ,. .Q xy 'S AS: x , . N h X N, Y . ' rigs MN.: A W Q 'b" A ,J l lf: x S Q we ,, 5 N 51.15 L X X .' ' " Ray.Hitburn. Julius Glosson. Jimmie Allen, Zeak Williams, and Mark Yarbrough 1 vwmw-wwf -49 " ' v 5 Lk K Y . " ' X 3 1 X .. , 'Qi ,, l U 4 r. , i Charles Gaut, Allan Harding. H011 Seegar 'PTT' lmhis year. fifteen ftulwart Miners lmattlecl for acl- ' clitional honors in trafxlx anil lil-lil. Thix :lc-nimiflinfl sport walls for 3 high fll'4Ul'C'C of pliysical fitness. pro- ' 'A found jumlgenn-nt. znnl lI1fllYlClll11l excellence in hurdl- Z g 2'-7 ing. long and lv1'oa1l jlunping. Sprinting. flisc1lS-tl11'0w- 'vw . . 1 ing. and relay events. Nine meets have been held this A 1' year. four at Kirhl Fil-lil. .----- " I X 5,1 1 I 1 1 i , I James Smith, Zeak Williams, Mark Yarbrough, Ray Hilhurn. and I Jim Allen L , iv . ' +6 fe 2 : .' C I , L... V 4' li Q if C I X'f' a , ., if xr, I i A i i 1 ' 'iil K V I X x -X-4... 4 x I : f ' A 1, jf I A i i l .W -, xy - ff' l it , i ' ' 4 i L if X l 'lu N r 1 V i jf ,.-V 4 f , ?f':T.x- J X M'-fe . - ' 7l-Qi-fiQ.?..l" 1 QPQEE-,zz-1 , . Qfiil- 31 l , ,V - ., ' , i for .m m Ngfsilvu' ' -.M x- wx, George Balanis, Lupe Yzaguirre, and Stan McPherson Glen Bigelow, Ray Hitburn. and Buddy Luce 299 ?EWf'W1" 'il' W' '-I-V 7- '5 -ana-""""g va 'Y 'Qin ' -fi , .. ..- 6 .-5' A x,- :W 5: 1 S. 7, -.,..-v Y! gk , , f E: V N 6 K. K p 5,, ,X 1 Ugg lx 'C ' I E Ag '5 4 X Y '4-: X. ,, War'-Kwfsf ' s Q A A 1 ' 'W -54, A 4 , N! f v, -, W ,1 .gk -va :Sf 'J If FW , k f 1 'Q ,fd Q K. N ylie ' J-4 60' S J r x 1 8 ? in mf, . 4 if ' i .Q ...X .V J-K. , . f f gp . 2 N' xv r '-. 0 S vw -:XS -is h 3 '21 2 '. 195+ 'W r S " . if " -X, ,,3W v , X L Q 1 'Q s4Xf'x7i,i5l fi if 4 Xe. ..f A, R .f- . 13. J-, mr A-vggli JN. K X J. . X we g 2 X -4 4 '-1 f' . Q- A 5 ' 'XL 1' Jr az, s . 1? 5 . S, fix. vi ... .ww " , i ,.., R we . Q g tw.. 1311- 9 FIA' , . f t :' 3 Qi' .Q If 1,249.4 V 2 ff 5,5'.,'-.few , -:V 5 i-R' ' if Q via 'f 3 R ,t ' 4 ,sf u Q, ' N 'f' . .. 1 -1 er 'm' La Q ,I 1 6.1 f " : . -X iF'stZv:' ' T155 1' 1' 3? :Q t- ,Q x . A . F 1' U Q aff 5 . iff . l 'sis ' li 1 , . i"g S'-A' ' ' ' S- I Q . --1 4 1 fi' 1' -Vi ' xc A l if .T A ' , 1 Q 2 y I ASR? ', r -' l y x X , 1 jfs. A i '--I-'yr T ILIT RY Fifty years ago the local press recorded two items of news. The first was a happy one: a new school of mining had opened in the South- west, and was located here in El Paso. The other, a very grave statement that war had broken out in Europe. To the isolationists of that era. per- haps these facts were unrelated. but to four students of those early days this was not so. They were called to service in World War I. i The contribution of this College during World War II would be almost impossible to assess. The decrease in the number of males enrolled during the War years bear witness to the fact that the contribution was not a small one. ln 1943, 250 engineering trainees. cadets of the National Army Specialized Training Program tA.S.T.P.l entered the College of Mines for training in engineering and other sciences. with orientation in the basic humanities. Under their own commandant they were under milia tary discipline and were housed in barrack buildings moved on to the Campus for this purpose. This program closed the following year when they were integrated with the regular army. R.O.T.C. first appeared on Campus in 19-18, and were billeted in two wooden hutsg though time and a little patience elevated them to the familiar grey home adjacent to Kidd Field. It was not until the opening of the Memorial Gymnasium in 1961, that they moved into the elegant quarters that they occupy today. Members of R.O.T.C. were at first trained to become Anti-Aircraft Artillery Officersg this has changed with the passage of time. Today, the program is geared to produce officers trained in general military science who will. on graduation. proceed to a specific branch school for special- ized training. In the last ten years, TWC has produced 353 regular and reserve officers. The yearly complement. on the average. is around four hundredg the Berlin crisis of 1961 was an exception to this. Almost six hundred patriotic students stepped forward that year prepared to serve their country. 301 ' iff-.. '- TFFSE7' serv- rf - fe - i. uv ,.,,, ' ,, A- -.-- .. .. .., . 4 1 . . A .5 x CVilMCNu,tt MILITARY QUEEN M I 302 ' P' N .fl -X af '- x , 1 , K 'Q . M ILIT RY CC RT it il-H' 5 'sf WY4 far 5.34 Boni Sue Williams FIRST BATTALION PRINCESS Q-'lr Q5 X X .4-gif .I -uf NPN N XF 3 J Jeanie Williams LADY-IN -WAITING ,Q Jane Johnson SECOND BAT TALION PRINCE SS 'NAR' Qu-np, f W S Betty Brown A COMP.-X NY If , -N ig: w ' ,X ,leri Andrulis B CONI PANY K X , wr.. 4 Yvonne Bromley C COMPANY 'F S i J Holly Bryson Susan 0,Conner ,Ian Lieberman E COMPANY F COMPANY G COMPANY C OM PANY SPONSORS RCTC DEPT. Maj. Charles A. Kiefer ' Q Ks Asst. Commandaut 3 . .-.....'E..??S?S : ' - ' 1355 .nf 1,z':,3, SX R1fHmn.MoonMAN 4 cu ,um Col. Richard H. Moorrnan Commandant 305 'fiiisv xr' 1 ff' -mm' "W-ff ' A D ' lst Battalion Frank Ball Rusty Donohue Brainerd Parrish Fred Certh Bob Baker Lial Tiscliler -w 'vw , Mfg- 1- ,H ' I .-...,.,.-.. .. 1. ...Y.,, -1 ...H f Y - 7, - . A, ' A H1.a.!'i'IL"".4'4..Z.,J ,.,. ,.,,,.. TT L10 T FF 2nd Battalion Charles A. O'Reilly Bill A. Carnes Terrell W. Parks Emet C. Dunn Gene E. Matthews Eugene E. Rosen --1' QT? L' I .5 ' Q air ' jg From left: Dunn. Charles ley, Bill Carnes Charles O'Reil- DI TI GUI HED MILIT RY T These students have earned for themselves the distinction of being Distinguished Military Stu- dents. This is clone by completing four years of outstanding work in the ROTC department. They will be entitled to a regular army commis- SIOII. From left standing are Bill Allen and Buddy Parrish. Seated, Fred Garth, and Frank Ball. s DE T ix 7 S3 if fiif 307 , 1 X - NESS' - w A 5 ,f ' f" XX W A J Shown from left are Ralph Schneider, Jack Keller, Larry Menchaca and Ted Bolick. COM AN Shown from left are Bob Kinneburgh. Mike Bernstien and Stuart Kincaid H BCOMA f M.:--r ' r , , 'uv , , --Q... ...+L.x.....N .......,-1- ..4........N ,.--,,1.,.,. ft- 5 Shown from left are Robert Ramos. Bill Allen, Manuel Chavez, and Richard Contu. Shown holding the standard is Allen Cox. 310 CCO .- Q-.-... . ii- ,A- e. I FN n .:...,..s.,.xi.::r13'-1 . ..A-...4,..... R. Shown from left are Phillip Smith. Jim Maxon. William Allen and Jim Cozart. Shown holding the standard is Steve Young. H: 2 i f hw' W . ' P ' SQ ua- -XJ?-PEW' , .1 - z L - .,., wg fi, i ' , , - wr. , xi-i W .HQ , ,fu NQQ' :uv V Q 5 5 W w., 4,Ns,1.A xf:Yq , K .g, E '. min" ', f f: 5 Q ' ,. . ' "'u . .--'fl-,-J !!,,+,..r5i-45 ' - . ., ' X vr,1"j, l-im' ij.. -A -5" lsfwff 5 .' - 'X C - 4 1 ' 1 ' 1 a ' ' X, s ' A -" ' ' wig fi ,. 3: L yi . X 35.1. if ,N Q A lx.. K I V 8 59.5 W -2' ' N ' .ss15'wwx..w NH A"'.f+ ' Q, , 1 . , X . x, 1 , ' i . v . ,MK Q. xv' A iw'----,M ECOMA 311 ,urn-.sf:q4Lffj - Ek V i ....-...p , ...,.. ......,. ...-.-.-v-,..--q-- 7.. f--" M--P ,mu-nm -nan 'Nd' ,....m.m.s---1 gunna- Q.-:nl -v---- -'Wi-Y' MTW.. 1.QQl'T T a ' ,gps QM X xi, N51 I MJ... -Q x qi Shown from left are Dennis Marrin, Joe Gelsthorpe, Jack Chapman and Reinhold Bridges. Shown holding the standard is James Baker. 312 , ...,,.. . Ox ,- F CO AN ,,..... o nw- Shown from left are ,lack Schueler, Joseph Baranowski, Ray Will, and George Lull. Shown holding the standard is Charles Wakeem. GCG AN '57 ' i'li"": ' X525 ": ' 7 l y w 1 ff' 'wg-,v .' . -' ' V Tw' , :fag -in ff . 9 sf X ' - , .- gm, : , . ,. '4' fy??3aE-'f:ff'f' sf? . X 22 9: 5" 3' . ' r : 1.8.5-- ., , , .. . 7' w a , f 5 335' f -1 . V 1' x - , JF1. Ow- n rsh. lf t, Lf 1 , V wil. :, , i K N ,U ., . rl - F F '?'.V 'g vgfijix Q - 2 -.. 2-gl, 1 ii: ...Q A.: , v .A 'iq fgzffl Q. ,- ,R x ' '. .1 ' ,, Fife : Rx - R - ' . W 5 ' ff' ' " 2 ' ' Gaily - my K ' 1 ' Ik, :xx s'- Q K . ni Nl, -A ' 1, . N g ' . X . ' Q ff 5 ' . , , 4.7. gn.. . X lt.. .I .x5 s ..'. .1 :"'-'- l 1 - . . -gm , ' ' A .. .. f . I V L., . . u I. I xi . ra 5 '45 'S'l' 'ae jf .a:L....., .ii N Y- wg' J f ., . A mime, an fzrrbed mlfer, h0IH'J' of fcztigzzifzg drilf, lyelp Henle lerzdewlvip zzbilitiex in Ike ROTC offirer. 315 . . 7f"!7:'7'lF?Ti-' J ii. '-?C?.+T,Q'ff"' '46-Triii-vi"? -veg'-' . Q! ---v QF' .w 316 ' ffl' FLIGHT TRAINING CURP The ROTC Flight Training Corp is open only to Military Science 4 students. or to those students who have completed their senior year but have not yet graduated. They attend flight training school at Champs Aviation and the cost is borne by the IIS. Army. Upon successful completion of the course, the students are eligible to apply to the Federal Aviation Agency for an aviation license. ' From left, standing are Rusty Donohue - , and Bill Allen. Kneeling are Frank Ball -, and Bob Baker. MEMBERS Steve Cone Emet Dunn Fred Gerth Bob Baker Frank Ball Mike Bemstein Joe Gelsthorpe Stewart Kincaid Miguel Chavez Gabriel Armijo Rheinhold Bridges Gary Feldman .lack Chapman Duane Johns Cellum Richard Contu JOY: Nelson Duane Baker Buddy Parrish Larry Menchaca Rusty Donohue SCABBARD and BLADE From left are Frank Ball. Fred Gerth, Dusty Donohue. Mike Bernstein and Capt, Bond X 1 '9" 4u b 1 we W' ' t-'Wf'9'?4HF 2. -N- , ' '2-uw' ' .M 4-5 MNH' S S X INDEX A Abernathy, L. 170 Adkins, P. 173 Agarwal, S. 180 Aguilar. M. 185 Alderette, L. 183 Alexander, H. 173 Almond, K. 272, 275 Arnold, C. 185 B Bailey, F. 180 Bailey, J. 182 Baird. J.L.M. 172 Ballard, H. 180 Barakat, R. 176 Barrientos. G. 184 Bennett, L. 185 Bentz. R. 180 Berkman, L. 176 Bevans. C. 182 Birkinshaw, P. 176 Bond, G. 181, 317 Boydston. M. 185 Braddy, H. 176 Brady, D. 173 Brewer, F. 182 Briggle, J. 181 Briggs. R. 183 Broaddns. M. 179 Buckner, F. 174 Burgett. JV. 180 Burns, R.W. 175 C Calhoun, YV. 176 Cardenas. L. 178 Cardon, H. 183 Cavalleri, J. 185 Cervenka. C. 176 Chavez, A. 183 Chism, T. 184 Chrapliwy, P. 172 Christian, C. 182 Cline, M. 175 Cohen. A. 295. 293, 291, 290 Coleman, R. 176 Collins. B. 179 Coogler, E. 172 Craigo. K. 179 Craik, M. 175 Crowson, M. 185 D Davis, V. 175 Day, J. 175 Dickson. M. 179 Dugan, J. 176 Duke, D. 272 Duke, E. 172 E Ehmann, F. 176 Eicher, E. 183 Eidho, O. 183 Estrada, A. 185 Etheridge, C. 173 Evans, B. 176 F Fatuch, B. 185 Fisher, W. 175 Foster, A. 175 Foulds, J. 173 FAC LTY Freeland. D. 174 Fuller, W. 179 G Gabriel. G. 182 Gerecke, H. 185 Cladman. C. 180 Clardon, L. 179 Conalez, S. 173 H Haddox. J. 184 Hancock. J. 173 Hardin. D. 179, 296, 2 Harper. YV. 272. 275 Hartrick. W. 174 Harvey. J. 179 Haskins, D. 284 Heer. W. 181 Henderson, L. 175 Henderson. R. 183 Hicks, V. 180 Hillyer, H. 183 Hollingsworth. B. 18-1- Hopper. V. 185 Horner, D. 180 I Iba. H. 28-1 J James. J. 177 Jensen. H. 17-1 Johnson. J. 174 Jones, C. 173 Jones, S. 185 Justice, S. 177 K Kelley, B. 185 Kelsey, C. 171 Kendrick, D. 185 Kiefer. C. 181. 305 Knapp, E. 180 Knowlton, C. 184 Kruschwitz. O. 180, 295. 291. 290 L LaFontaine, C.R. 177 Landolt. C. 172 Leach, J. 177 Leech, M. 187 Lloyd, W. 173 Loper, M. 179 M McMahan, O. 180 Meadows, J. 175 Bleek, R. 178 Meyer. M. 183 Miculka, J. 173 Miculka, V. 180 Middagh, J. 180 Miller, R. 173 Moore. R. 296. 297 Moorman, R. 305 Myers, S. 178 N Neely, J. 181 Nelson, H. 183 Nelson, L. 178 Nichols, C. 176 v1i4il -Yik -W f O O'Neal. F. 173 P Penfield, L. 177 Pryor, R. 180 Puriez, P. 17-1 Q Qnarin. J. 177 Quinn. M. 184- R Ray. J.M. iota. 187. 109 Reeves, J.B. 172 Relsley, L. 171 Reynolds, HC. 173 Reynolds. J. 17-1- Rir-hards. J. 174 Richeson, E. 177 Rivera. XY. 173 Rodriquez, M. 182 S Sandeis, E. 174 Schumaker. R. 180 Scruggs. E. 182 Shioji, F. 173 Sipiora. L. 177 Slayton. D. 273, 275 Small. R. 187. 170, 1,, Smith. D. 273. 275 Smith. C. 177 Smith. P. 185 Spiese. R. 177 Stanchos, P. 185 St.C1air, H. 185 Stewart, J. 185 Stone. A. 174 Strain, W. 178 Straus. M. 178 Strickland, R. 179 Stroud. P. 177 T Tappan. R. 182 Thayer. L. 183 Thomas. E. 181 Tl1UI'I110LlNgd.lI'tl. lf. H. 183 Threadgill. E. 180 Todd. L. 185 Tompkins. C. 17-1- Torok. li. 169 Tnwkcr. H. 173 V Yan Pt-It. S. 185 W Walker, J. 171 Walker. R. 177 1Yarner. C. 179 Xkelrli, XY. 182 Wlisl. 177 xxillilake-11.1. 185 11'hite1aw, J. 185 Xkvllituollll. R. 184 Wl1ll1H111S. S. 185 Yvivcl. C. 175 Woodyard, J. 181 Y Young. J. 273. 275 Young. P. 176 l 1 9 7 1 1 1 F r 1 ex. 'HIM 4 . -0-'Q' Lf "?Q.',. ,----'sinh vw. A Abbott. Norman 148, 266 Abbott, Olga 117 Abraham. Barbara 192 Aceves. Alicia 227 Adams, Mart 278, 252 Adams, R. 252 Adams. Ykilliain D. 83 Adkisson, Margaret 158 Adkisson. Ruth 117 Aguilar. Alfred 158 Aguirre. Rebecca 158 Aiken, Dorothy 117, 246 Albert, H. 256 Alcant ue, Sylvia 234 Alva. Rosario 234 Alden. Julie 192, 177 Alexander. T. 258 Alexander. Vance 148, 252 Allen. Bill 252, 307. 310, 311, 317,117,316 Allen. Jimmie 138, 299, 298, 296 Allen. Raymond 158 Alinon. Bert 138 A1-Ola yon. llloliannnad 148 Ambrose. John 158 Ambrose. Pat 138. 234 Ames. Adrienne 138 Anderson, lfrnest 210, 138 Anderson, 'Jo Ann 209, 200, 117, 240. 88 , 70 Anderson. John 148. 262, 202 Anderson. Wynn 197, 194, 195 Andrulis. Jeri 30-1, 240 Angell. Pam 246 Apodoca. M. 268 Aranda, Ricardo 86 Arburkle. George 192. 117 Arclu-r. Barbara 138. 206. 196 Areiniega. Charles 282, 292, 291 A reral 0. Mary 268, 158 Arinendariz. lrene 234 Armiio. Gabriel 317 Armstrong, Jerry 287 Artega. Martha 138 Artis. Orsten 287 1 STUDE T Beavers, Clodene 158 Becker, Margaret 70 Becker, P. 202, 196 Becker, Shannon 148 Bcckerman, Jody 158 Beeman, Mike 158, 254 Behar, S. 260 Behrens, Ginny 148, 104, 246 Belanis, George 299 Bell, Judy 234 Beno, Kenneth 258 Benner, James 256, 201, 192, 138 Benson, Don 118, 71 Benson, P. 201 Benson. R. 225 Bernstein. Mike 260, 200, 201, 118. 308. 317, 89, 71 Berroteran, Suzanne 118 Berryhill, Bob 292, 291 Best. Billy 138, 191, 192, 201, Bbara. Shannon 132 Bibby, Carol 158 Bible, C. 244 Biediger. Carolyn 158 Biester, Jo IAIIH 158 Bigelow, Glen 299. 296 Billeiter. Diana 242 Birney, L. 268 Bishop, Dan 225 Bishop, Mike 233 Blackburn, Carolyn 148, 240 Blackwell. Ted 192 Blandin, Tom 165 Bledsoe, Linda 242 Boebinger, J. 262 Bolick, Ted 309 Boozer, Karen 148, 246 Border. J. 240 Boswell, James 118 Boswell, Philip 95, 118, 252 Boswick, Ron 283 Bowden. Frances 158, 242 Bower. Tommi 158, 234 Boyd. Susie 98. 240 Braden, Willa Ruth 148 Brittoh, Mary 159, 246 Arrin. John 117 Atkins, Vicki 148. 204, 242 Austin. Ginger 158 Ayers. Paulette 205, 117 Aylesuorth. Les 158 B Baca. Sandra 158 Balani Bacon, Janis 201, 118 Baker Allen 158 Bakeri Duane 14-1,252, 317 Baker .Jackic 158, 57, 102 Baker, Michele 118 Baker, Robert 317, 316, 118, 192, 306, 220 Baker, James 312 Baker. Str-pliaiiie 105, 240 Baker, Tr-d 158 s, Ceorge 298 Ball. Frank 307, 118, 316, 317, 306, 86 Balter, Cordon 148, 260 Banks. Dale 158 Bannon, Bruce 258 Baranoirski. Joseph 118, 313 Barnes, Buster 158 Barn'-s. .lim 289, 286 Barnum, Darold 148, 194 Barron, M. 268 Barrueta. M. 262, 292, 291 Bartcr, Cloria 158, 225 Barton, Kathryn 158 Bat:-man, Vvilbur 207, 192, 118 Bates, Troy 158, 252 Batris. Santiago 298, 296 Bean, Earl 158 Beard, Dick 252 Beard, E. 256 Bradford, Nancy 158, 246 Braithwaite, T. 256 Brannon, James 158 Brashear, Barbara 148, 204, 196, 271, 24-2 Breckenridge. Karyn 148, 268 Brennand. Janey 159. 242 Bridges, R. 118, 201, 200, 312, 317 72 Britton. William 258, 159 Brokate. H. 256 Brokate, Judy 148, 240 Bromley. Yvonne 304 Brooks. J. 251 Broxvden. Barbara 149, 206 Brown, Betty 304, 246 Brown, Joe 165 Brown Joel 149, 197, 252, 256 Brown Ray 258, 192, 159 Brown R. W. 159 Brown Robert 118. 252 Brunner, Betty 242 Bryson. Grover 206, 118 Bryson. Holly 304 Bunn. Betty 149, 204, 242 Burdick. K. 256 Burg, Kay 197, 196, 119, 246 Burke, John 119 Burke, William 149, 255 Burkett. Sheila 119 Burke, J. 254 Burks, J. 225 Burleson, Marianne 246 Burns, Bob 262, 119 Burns, Judy 159 Burriss, Lowell 119 Butler, A. 262 Butler, Terry 144, 197, 113, 242 Byers, J. 240 C Caldarella, Jack 277 Camp, Steve 119, 252 Candelaria, Lorenzo 159 Carnes, Bill 306, 307, 86 Carpenter, B. 225 Carrasco, Joe 291 Carrasco, Armida 154 Carreon. Patricia 234 Carreon, Ralph 119 Carrillo, E. 268 Carrillo, 1. 268 Casavantes, Linda 234 Casey. Pat 298, 296 Cass, Jim 192 Castellanos, Luis 149 Castetter, R. 268 Causrfy, Vance 159 Celani, A. 258 Cirvelloni, Joseph 159 Chandler, E. 256 Chapman, Jack 312, 317 Chapman. S. E. 244 Chapple, Bethany 279 Chavez, Manuel 310, 317 Chew, Lai 149, 266, 204, 225, 234 Chin, Enrique 119 Chitwood, Andy 252 Christopher. Jay 293, 291 Clapp, Vivian 240 Clarey, J. 252 Clark, William 119 Clayton, Dale 149 Cline, Brooks 291 Cline, Thomas 119 Cluff, Polly 149 Coats, Viv 278 Cocozza, Mary 205, 200, Cochran, Clive 219, 217 Codero, Ernie 204 Coffey, Marinell 91, 246 Coffin, Jan 93, 159, 57, Coffin, Judith 73 Collier, Michael 149, 258 Colligan, Cathy 242 Collins. Bill 258 Colghenero, Dolores 119 Colmenero, Rodolfo 119 Cone, Steve 317, 138, 258 Conn, John 149 Connell, Gayle 165 Connolly. James 138 Conrad, Collins 119 Conroy, Sharon 149, 204 Contreras, L. 268 Contu. Richard 310, 317 Cook, Tommy 138, 248 Cooper. George 159, 255 Copenhaven, Carolyn 120 Corbett, L. 268 Corrasco, Joe 159 Cortez, Luis 120 Cortez, Richard 120 Cotton, Cabell 159, 246 Covert, Ray 192, 120, 255 Cox, Allen 310 Cox, Carolyn 150, 246 Cozart, James 120. 256, 311 Crawford, .lane 159 Crawley, Ann 191, 73 Crenshaw, Calvin 86 119, 72, 103, 242 Crews, 1Vilmer 256, 293, 291 Criswell, Sharon 268, 159, 270 Crugar, J. 256 Cruz, Ted 192 Cude, David 138, 192, 251 Cullen, John 120, 255, 254 Cullenbine, Durrell 159 Curtis, Robert 138 D Dadich, Deanne 159 Dale, John 258 Damron, Foel 149, 248 Daniele, Rohert 120 Davis, Mike 149 Davis, P. 244 Davis, Robert 192 Davis. Sherry 149. 242 Dean, Linda 149, 268, 204, Dea Ryne, H. 258 De Garmo, James 139, 210 Dr- La Rosa. M. 268 Delgado, Dolores 268. 234 D1-nnehy. Debby 240, 93 Dennis, Jimmy 159 240 Dt-twiler, Kit 202, 199, 194. 120. 246. 216 De Valle, Yolando 204 STUDE T De Valle, Zandra 234 De Viries. Sandra 149 Dibler. Bob 287 Dir-kason. Robert 159. 251 Dickerson, F. 256 Dickinson. Carol 120. 242 Dickson, .lody 139 Dishart, liathaleen 219 Divelbiss, Margaret 199, 120 Dixit, Sharda 150 Dixon, Linda 159, 18 Dollar, Bill 159 Dominguez, Domingo 139. 197. 195 Dominguez. ljrivilla 234 Dominguez, Rose 268, 150 Donaldson. Peggy 246 Donohue. Rusty 258, 120. 316, 317. 306 Donges, Ruth 202. 120. 69, 88, 74 Donnell, Diane 192, 159, 225 Dorsch. Pat 200. 120, 209 Dorseh. Pat 100, 120. 209 Doreen, Pat 160, 242 Dornell, Don 21-1- Dove, ,loe 206, 120. 86 Drahan. Virginia 139 Drahan. P1-nny 268, 204, 234 Dreckman. Diane 139, 199, 242 Driscoll, Diane 92 Drotinan. Robert 139. 260 Drovdahl. Cathy 165 Dula, T. 260 Dungan. D. 251 Dunn, Emmett 120, 317, 306, 307, 86 Dunsmore, R. 262 Duran. Robert 208. 121 Durham, Larry 283 Durst, Dana 203, 246 Dutro, V. 251 Dyer, Carol 44 E Eaton, Alta 121, 244 Echols. Alberta 160 Eisch, Gloria 160 Ekdall, Nancy 266, 204, 199, 250, 110, 246, 217 Elkins. Julie 150, 244 Ellerbe, Bob 278 Ellerbe. Sharon 246 Emery, Michael 258 Encinas. Anthony 160 Endlich, C. 268 English, J. 255, 256 Erwin, Bill 139, 256 Escajeda, Ben 121 Escalante, Becky 268, 150, 234 Esper. Ward 121 Estavillo, Terry 268, 234 Etter, Janet 246 Evans. Jim 276 Evans. Pat 150, 246, 92 F Faissal, Joseph 121 Faith, Judy 139, 246 Fallin. R. 255 Fanning. Larry 256 Fargason. Marte 150, 242 Fargier, Dave 150 Faulkner, James 150 Feldberg. M. 251 Feldman. Gary 317. 139 Felman. Joseph 144, 260 Fernandez, L 268 Fernandez. S. 268 Fielding. George 139. 258, 195 Fierro, Irma 121 Files. M. 252 Fine, Kay 139 Finigan. J. 252 Fiol, John 139. 208, 215 Fisher. Lylt- 121 Fisher. Patsy 160, 244 Fisher. Sharon 224 Fisk. Carolyn 192, 150, 246 Fisk. Jo Ann 246 Fitch, Anne 160 Fithian. Karen 150. 240 Fletf-lwr, Cardon 262, 160 Fl.-tt-lier. Pat 202. 200, 194, 121, 240. 209. 88. 74 Flood, Kathy 21 Flores, G. 206. 121 Flourney. Harry 287 Floyd. Dixight 160 Forhis. Ronnie 95 Foul. Fackie 204. 150. 246 Foster. Ann 266, 199, 192 Fowler. George 165, 252 Franklin. Carol 240 Franssen, J. 262 Freidman, S. 260, 160 Frent-h, Diane 256. 242 lfrwrrvli. Sandy 242 Fresquez, Margarita 121 Fr:-sqtit-Z. Vincent 121 Frm-mel. Jeannie 240 Fugvtt, M. 256 Fulkerson. J. 262 Fulks. Norma 203, 192, 121 G Gallegos. Angella 227 Gamboa. Jaime 121 Garcia, Beatriz 165 Garcia. Maria 160 Gardner. Kent 160 Gardner. Terry 160, 252 Garrett. Jane 150 Garrison, William 121 Garza, Alfredo 160 Gates, Jeff 139, 256 Gatewood. K. 251 Gaut, Charles 298. 296 Geek. Georgina 122, 75 Geck. Linda 122 Geir, G. 200 Gelsthorpe. Joe 139, 197, 312 317 Gerbel, Reiner 122, 254 Gerth, Fred 259, 197, 122, 317, 306, 87 Geske, Ron 278 Geyer, Billy 259, 150 Gibson. Cheryl 240 Gibson, Don 262, 192 Gilchrist, F. 252 Gilcrease, Bill 291 Gilley, R. 262 Gillis, Lucille 233 Glanville, B. 252 Glardon, Margaret 202, 122, 75 Glaser, James 248. 122. 84 Glosson, Julius 298, 296 Glover, Ann 160. 246 Glover, Robert 278 Glover. Sue 266, 192, 246 Glossen, Julius 283 Gnauck. Katie 242 Goddard, Sharon 160 C0 195, 307, 242, Goins. Jarvklyn 150 Gold. Alrneta 122 Gold. Martin 192. 122 Goldberg. Joi- 260, 122 Goldberg. K. 260 Goldberg. Russell 218 Goldhlatt, Ken 192, 122 Golking, Mary Jo Anti 196, 122, 242 Gonzalez. Alfredo 139 Gonzalez. Carmen 122 Gonzalez. Georgina 151 Goodman. Bill 256 Goodrich. Lawson 122 Goodwin. Toby 160 Gore. Lynn 259, 151 Gorman. M. 244 Gorsie, G. 254 Graham. Bonnie 160 Grant, Beth 242 Gran. Lester 151 Greenwood. Davis 259 Grew. Gavlc- 204. 151. 242 Greve, Gloria 204, 199, 151, 24 ffrrflrth-. John 122. 254. 210 Grimmesey. Sharon 151 Grimsley, Bob 122, 256 Grissom. Glenda 244 Groeble. Mozelle 271. 242 Grose. Beverly 204. 205. 151 Groseclose. Bob 259 Guerry, Edgar 140. 165 Gusman. Bertha 160 Guthrie. Ed 252 H rna.i...i.Jt.t1,' rio. 192, 196 Halen. ,lohn 140. 259 llahaby, Saba 123 2 Hail. Judy 202. 200. 123, 249 209. 76 Hakim. Rose 123 Halls. J. 251 Hamilton, Clayton 160 Hamilton. Pat 204. 192, 225 Hamilton. Roger 160 Hammon. Glenda 140 Hanseiker. D. 262 Hansis, W. 260 Harding. Allen 151. 298. 296 Hardison. David 123, 252 Harrell, Larry 283 Harries, N. 252 Harries. Tony 144, 252 Harris, G. 255 Harris. Javk 292, 291 Harris, John 123 Harrison, Bill 259. 192, 197, 94, 87 Harrison. Gamble 280 Hart. Dody 140. 247 Hart, Tony 144 Hart, William 140 Harvey. Carl 160 Harvey, Linda 150 Harvey. Mary 160 Hastie. Bettie 140, 234 Hatch, Mike 140. 194. 256 Hatch, Tom 161, 256 Hawke. Lynette 161 Hayden-n. .le-ne 161 Hayes. Sue 202. 123, 247 Hays, Charlotte 151 Hi-ineman. Linda 123. 247 Helbnrn, Ray 140 Hellard, John 280 Henderson, Lennis 151 Henderson, Michael 76 Henderson. Terry 201 Henry, David 161, 225 , 123 Henry. G. 255 Herman. B. 260 Hernandez, Martha 123 Hernandez. Pat 151 Hernandez, Raul 161 Hernandez, Ricardo 151 n 123, Herrera. 3- 'U-', -1-Q' '- " 'ri , - --1- JKT-. 1-.,,,-.. Sandra 151 Hewitt, Williain 140, 255 Hill, Jean Marie 152 Hill, Howard 151 Hill, Terry Ann 105, 240, 254 Hill, Shirley 161 Hinds, James 192, 255 Hinton, 209 Hitburn, Hodnett, Marvella 203, 123, 247, Ray 299, 296 Torn 259, 152 Hoffman, Jo Ann 165 Ilollman, Pam 242 Hoffman, Sheila 124 Hoflpauir, Eva 161 Holderman, Jerry 161, 252 Hollenshead. Linda 140 Holmes, Freddie 152 Holmes. Jimmie 288 Holub, Robert 124 Hoon, Connie 240 Hoover, 247 Jo Ann 203, 199, 124, Hoover, Lois 124 Hopkins, Carolyn 15, 57, 99 Hopper. Michael 124 Hornedo, Cecilia 152 Horst, G. 259 Howard. G. 262 Hudgius, Esther 205, 124 Hudson, Barbara 152, 268 Hughes, M. 196, 238 Humbert, Charles 192, 124 Humhert, Cynthia 140 Humphrey, Al 201, 192, 124, 252 Hunkins, L. 268, 161 Hunsicker, Dave 161 Hurley, Donna 196, 192, 240 Hutcheson, Toni 124 Hutcheon, T. 206 Hutcheisol., Jerry 161 Hutchins, Kaliko 152, 247 I Ingle, Henry 140. 208, 215 Ingram, Tom 152, 256 Irons, Jack Ed 152, 277, 252 Irvin, Diane 199, 196, 107, 242 Irvin, Janett 125 Irvin, R. 256 Isaac, James 125 Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson. Jackson. Jackson, J Alice 152 B. 207, 196 Carole 240 Kenneth 125 Kenneth 125 Ray 282 Jaffee, M. 198 James, Cle 291 James, Luis 283 Janet, Bruce 140 Jansen, Ginny 152, 242 Jaca, Dolores 161 Jeffe, Martin 140, 260 Jenkins, Jenness, D. 207 Carol 109, 242 Jetton, Sam 152, 255 Jimenez, Irene 125 Jimeno, Alberto 161 Jimerson, John 293, 291 Jiron, Ernie 161 Johns. Duane 317 Johnsen, W. 256 Johnson Johnson , Bill 259. 201 Johnson, , Carroll 266, 152, 247 Charles 161, 252 Johnson, Jane 161, 105, 111, 240, 303 Johnson, Karen 196, 195, 98, 57, 101, 97, 125, 240, 241 Johnson, Kathy 271, 243 STUDE T CO ' Johnson, Keaton 125 Johnson, Terry 259, 206, 161 Johnson, Thomas 15 Johnston, Leroy 276 Jones, Amy 152 Jones, Donna 204, 152, 247 Jones, Karen 161, 240, 243 Jurado, Lucille 125 Jurado, Maria 125 K Kahn, Steve 87 Kalmans, Susan 161, 234 Karmiol, Judy 238 Karlsruhe-r, Judy 247 Karlsruher, Sandra 125, 247 Kee, Eduard 218 Keller. Jack 309 Kelley, Randolf 152 Kelly. Hilda 153 Kelly, Sally 244 Kendall. Gentry 125 Kendall, Ulyses 280 Kennedy. H. 259 Kennedy, Ralph 280 Kiely, Bill 257, 89. 77. 87 Kiely, Donald 126, 256 Kilgore, R. 268 King, Bentley 140, 259, 95 Kinnihurg, Robert 125, 308 Kinkaid, Stuart 308, 126, 317 Kipnis, A. 251 Kirkwood, Bill 161 Kiser, Kay 125 Klein, Murry 260, 153 Knapp, Carol 127 Knott, Carolyn 140, 203, 247 Knox, B. 250, 161 Koepke, Angela 161 Kohlass, Leighton 153, 247 Kolliker. Katherine 127 Krupp, Paul 261, 198, 127 Kriechbaum, R. 255 Kuhn, Connie 145 L Langherg, L. 256 Langley, Edgar 210 Lambert, Sandy 153 Lamdin, Wlillis 194, 197 Lanaux, Annette 240 Lanpher, Patrick 140, 193 Larrimore, Joe 255 Larson, A. 259 Lassitter, Jody 247 Latham. Peggy 268. 225, 104 Laughman, Arthiss 225, 78 Launspoch, Verona 126 Laurel, Marty 262, 153, 221 Laurence. Reeda 126 Laurence, Dorothy 126 Lauritzen, Sharon 161 Lawless, Janet 153 Lawrence, R. 208 Legg, Steve 294, 291 Leven. Lee 153 Levenridge, Don 153 Leveridge, D. 198, 252 Lewis, Diana 126, 243 Licht, Barbara 204, 247 Leming, Jane 126 Lemona, Jack 252 Lieberman, Jan 161, 238, 304 Linde, Tom 296 Little, Bill 161 Littlejohn, Eva 161 Lockhart, Leslie 161 Lodolo, J. 256 Loera, Margaret 234 Lomax. Kay 247 Lopez, Efrain 162 Love, Tommie 162 Love, Tommy 126 Love, J. 248 2 09 Love, Virginia 191, 128, 77 Lovelace, Richard 128 Luce, Buddy 299, 296 Luckett, Kenneth 259, 128 Lumm, Maxie 198. 194, 252 Lusk, Gary 162 Lull, George 313 Lykins, Melinda 162 Lynch, Patricia 141 Lyneis, Carlyle 278 Lyons. Gary 259 Mc McAdams. Kenneth 252 McCarthy, Elizabeth 162 McCarty, Owena 141, 205, 199, 196, 193, 225, 244 McCombs, Ed. 128 McCowan, Arthur 162 McCown, M. 256 McCoy, E. 241 McCroskey, 259 McCuen, M. 268 McCuistion, 254 McCullough, Walter 141, 216, 217 McCutcheon, Elizaheth 241, 78 McGuiness, Pat 234 McJunkin, Sharon 241 McKenzie, George 153, 255, 216, 217 McKnight. George 196, 234 McLeod, Jean 135 McMahon, Alice 141 McNntt, Gail 141, 243, 302 McPherson, Stan 299, 296 M Mace, Cherry 240 Machristie, Larry 294, 291 Macias, T. 206 Maddeaux, Pete 95 Madsen, Charles 128 Mahoney, David 162 Makowski, John 127 Malon, Grace 227 Mari-zeski, Don 141, 262 Marczko, Lyn 234 Marrin, D. 248, 312 Marrin, Gloria 141, 205 Marsh, Herb 127, 87 Marsh, Margaret Ann 232, 92 Marshall, Nancy 268, 127 Martinez, Beatrice 162 Marginez, Goerge 193 Martinez, Irene 127, 234 Martinez, Irma 162 Martinez, John 127 Martinez. Mary 145 Martinez, Michael 128 Mason, Donald 282 Matlock, Gary 141, 253 Mathews, Kay 162 Matory, Myrna 193, 128, 234 Mattews, Gene 306 Matthews, Mary 193, 153, 244 Maveety, Pat 128 Maxon, Jim 311 Maxwell, Elaine 153, 247 Mayfield, Vicki 162 Mayo, Wade 289, 128 Mays, Joseph 162 Mays, Lorann 105 Medingeo, Carol 162, 241 Melendez, L. 268 Melendez, Therese 219 Melver. W. 262 Mena, David 162 Menacho. Enrique 135 Menaker, Sandra 199, 238 Menchaca, Larry 128, 309, 317, 295, 291 Mender, Eddie 263 Mendoza, Gil 291 Merchant. Roy 153 Merkin. Billie 248. 128 Mesa, Rlida 162 Michell, Barbara 204, 205, Milan. Glen 128 Miller, Claire 247 Miller, E. 225 Miller, Noel 153 Miller, Jim 254. 128 Miller. Jody 162 Miller. Keith 208, 128 Miller. K. 244 Miller Noel 244 Millhofer, Sue 153 Milner. Beverly 243 Minjarez, George 128 Mirabel. J. 268 Mitchell, Jack 128 Mitchell, Mary Dave 153 Mitchell. Mary E. 116 Moeck. Howard 141 Montez, Victor 193 Montoya, Norma 162 Moore, Moore. Moore, , John 141. 253 Moore Carl 261, 192, 197, 128 Harry 259. 128 Janet 141, 193, 247 Moore, Karen 141, 203 Moore Richard 259, 194 Moore, Russell 141 Moore, Sidney 128 Mora, Christina 141, 207 Oaxaco, Arturo 263. 193 Rodolfo 219 Morales. Jose 162 Morey, John 162 Morgan, Eileen 199, 238 Morgan, James 279 Morris, Jack 154. 253 Morrison, Bute 291 Morrison. James Sande 116 Morse, Edwyna 162 Mortimer. Bob 283 Morton. Rosalyn 154 Morton. Tim 277 Mossman. Andrea 162, 244 Montes. Socorro 235 Munoz, Victor 129 Murphy. Bob 259 Murray, Keith 141, 263, 198 N Nail. Marihet 191 Nanez. Magdalena 162 Naya. Vicki 232 Neece. Katie 162, 241 Neel. Paul 255 Nejdi. Roberta 197, 154 Nelson. Joseph 317, 129, 206 Nelson, Lawrence 162 Nelson. Norman 79, 87 Nelson. Stanley 141 Netz. R. 198, 255 Nt-xarez. Christine 162 Newberry, J. 253 Newtli, Rosemary 162, 241 Newton. Allen 259 Newton. S. 225 Nicltelson. R. 256 Nicholson. Richard 129, 256 Nickle. B. 255 Norris, Jane 129 Notley, Bob 141, 193 O Oaxaco. Gloria 162, 234 Oberltofer. M. 162. 234 O'Conner, Susan 162, 234, 304 O'Donnell, Pat 129 O'Gaz, Steve 129 Okulio, Marta 235 Olson. Curtis 129 O'Neal, T. 263 O'Neill, John 154, 214 Ontiveros, Trini 204, 205, 193, 154, 235 2 221 STUDE T C0 ' O'Rear. Robert 141 O'Reilly, Charles 129. 198, 251 307, 306 Orellana. Gina 141. 235 Osborn. Allan 142, 255 Osick, Rose 235 Overly, Richard 145, 248 P Padden. J. 251 Padilla. Frank 129 Palmore, Judy 145 Park. Terrell 129, 306 Parker, L. 263 Parks, Karen 129, 262, 202, 79 Parks. Patty 154, 241 Parmeter. Pat 154 Parrish. Brainerd 129, 259, 307, 317, 89 Parrish, Frank 259 Parsons. Curt 281 Patton, Keni 163 Pate. Dexter 279 Patterson. Judy 154. 247 Patterson. Nancy 193. 154, Patterson, P. 142 Patton. Kay 142. 243 Paul. Jimmy 259 Paul, Penny 247 Payne. D. 225 Pearce. Charles 295. 291 Pederson, Trayis 130 Pena. Alicia 235 Pena, Roy 130 Perez, lfrnest 130, 263 Perez, Norma 204, 154 Perry, Bobby 259 Peters, Keith 154. 225 Peterson. Karen 142 Peterson, Pat 204, 205 Pharies. Scott 163 Pliifer. Susan 163 Philipa. Floyd 142 Phillips, Floyd 142 Pierce- Dixie 163 Pierce. J. 241 Pina. Ernestine 163 Pineda. Richard 163 Pinnell, Pennye 130, 195. 221, 220 Polahl. Ann 217 Ponce, Irma 163 Potter. Garett 130 Powell. J. 259 Powers. Christine 163 Powers, L. 263 Reaves. S. 244 Reed, C. 244 Reed. Ted 163, 253 Reed. Virgil 259. 198. 154 Reeder. Stan 282 Reeves. Barbie 247, 130 Reinert. Betty 163 Remmie. John 142 Retegus, Robin 204, 154 Rettgers. R. 241 Rettinger. Judy 130. 244. 88 Reyes. Alfred 163 Rettinger. Judy 130. 244 Reyes. Alfred '163 Reyes, Norma 131 243 Reynolds. Slit-rrie 204. 247 ' Reznikov. Anne 105. 238 Rhodes. Tom 142 Rice. John 142. 253 Ricliardsnn. Nolan 291 Riley, Deborah 247 Riley. L, 225 Rincon. Patsy 131 Rios. Juan 210. 131 Ripptg. Z. 241 Ritter, Barbara 98 235 Rittmann. Jerrold 131 Roach. J. 256 Robbins, George 131. 263 Rolmerts. Penny 163 Robertson, E. 243 Robinson. Carol Ann 204. 205, 197, 193, 247, 154 Robinson. Curtis 283 Robles, Martha 235 Rocha. Kelli 235 Rodizuez. Lourdes 163 Rogers. Audrey 235 Rogers, Dorothy 247, 92 Rovers. Sandy 154 Rogers, Thomas 131 Rogers. Winfrey 131. 243. 88 Ronquilla. Paula 142. 235 Rose. R. 254 Rosen, Eugene 131, 261, 306 Rosen. Michael 131. 1. 208, 193 Rosenberg. Stanlee 199, 238 Ross. Bill 227 Ross, Palma Lynn 132, 202, 200, 247 209, 80 7 Rotolante, Ralph 132 Rouse. Leona 142. 225 Rouse, Shirley 132, 225 Rubin. G. 261 Rubio, Yvonne 235 Ruebu sh. Reginald 163 Ruiz, Manuel 154 Prati, J. 256 Prentice, Ruthella 130 Prestu ood, Marryn 204, 243 Q Quicr, Janis 247 Quillen, Carolyn 163, 244 R Rachow, Judith 154 Railey, Togo 288 Rainwater, James 142 Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez, Bea 130 Ramirez, , Juan 130, 206 . Nora 142 Rule. Kenneth 259 Rumsev. Larry 277 Russell. Vinita 163 Russell, W. 256 S Salazar, Edna 163 Saldana, A. 207 Saldana, Gloria 163 Salenas, Arbie 155 Saltzman, G. 261 Saltzman, Stephen 142, 198, Sanchez, Cecilia 235 Sanchez, Mike 163 Sanchez, Samuel 163 Sanchez, Tena 142 Sandell, L. 248 193 Ramos. Lorenzo 163 Ramos, Robert 310 Ramsdale, Dan 89, 84 Ranels, Edwin 130 Ranney. Rosalind 163, 244 Ray, Allyne 163 Ray. David 130, 198, 248 Raymonk, Will 135 Raynal. Alicia 130 Rayon, Maggie 235, 233 Sandoval, Charles 132, 253 Sankman, Carol 241 Sankman. Warner 132, 262, 263 Saxon, Gloria 163 Schade, Carol 132, 199, 244, 245 Schafer, Barbara 207, 155 Schafer, Linda 164 Scheffler, Joye 132, 81 Schemer, B. 261 Schoichet, Harriet 238 Schnitt, Joey 132 325 'sugar r-osf.11'f13a.aa:a,,.:-2 "" ' - V' A 51, 1.. R gp 'Wir Juni' ,,,,,,,- ,j V, "vw-wr.-L., -mir-'-15 -.mi u.w--- ...,,.f- r ,,. -24.1.2-2 ...... . Schmoeller, G. 259 Schneider, Ralph 309 Scholten, Ray 280 Schooley, Tom 155 Schueler, Jack 313 Schuller, Ann 132 Schuller, V. 241 Schwartz, B. 259 STUDE T Strauss, Suzanne 164 Suaydi, Cathy 155 Suddreth, Jane 204, 196, 155 241 Sunderman, Caress 164 T CO' WVaide, Patricia 165 WVakeem. Charles 193, 155 313 Wakecm, Yvonne 235 WValker, Carol 165 YValker, Mary 165 WValker, Stanley 135 Wall, V. 243 Scott, Dorothy 164 Scott, Lou Ann 142, 208, 203 Seeberg, S. 203 Seegar, Ron 298 Segalman, Bob 142, 193 Sexton, Peggy 164, 247, 216 Shafer, Sara 164 Shaffer . 1.inda 243 Shaheen, Glenn 132 Shanley, Helen Ann 155, 247 Shanon, K. 259 Shapiro, Lou 132, 193, 241, 80 Shapley, Marjorie 132, 209 Shelley, Allen 132 Shelton. Wayne G. 85 Sherwin, Ann 199, 238 Shockley, Ron 288 Sibal, Cezar 132 Siegel, Jane 164, 238 Talentino, Eddie 165 Tankersley. Mary Ann 164 Taylor, Lorne 134 Teegarden, John 134 Teegarden, Ted 155, 298, 296 Teitswortli. C. 251, 219 Telles, Maria 235 Telles, Richard 164 Tenorio, Val 281 Terrazas, Cecilia 164 Terrazas, lgnacio 164 Thoman. Bob 143 Thomas. Betty 192, 202, 241 Thomas, Bob 266, 259 Thomas, Kit 164 Thomas. Robert 194 Thomson. Penny 247 199 Wallace, Joe 259 Ward, Arthur 82 Ward, Beryl 144, 243 Ward. Carole 135 WVard, Karen 205, 155, 235 WVard. Marva 144 Wardy, Frosty 263, 155 Wasscr, Anne 165 Waters, Anne 105 Watrous, Tommie 165, 251 Waxman, N. 261 WVayne, P. 251 WVebb, Eldine 144 Weiman, Wanda 155 Wells, Jo Dee 165 Wenkley, Norman 144 Westerman, Richard 155 Weston, Ann 155, 247 Siewart, Greg 164 Silva, Antonio 164 Simeclk. Dennia 133 Simon, Richard 256, 295, 291 Simon, S. 261 Simson, Farley 133 Skopanski, Marianne 164 Slaver, J. 256 Slaughter, Diane 164 Slemenda, Mary Lou 164 Smith, Herbert 142, 193 Smith, J. 253, 299, 298, 296 Smith, Jay 164, 256 Smith, Joe 142, 253 Smith. Johnny 164 Smith, Justin 142, 193 Smith, Marsha 164 Smith, Patricia 133, 207 Smith, Phillip 133, 311 Smith, R. 263 Smith, Ruth 164 Smith, Sharon 155 Smyres, Donna 143, 197 Snidon, G. 259 Snoddy, Elizabeth 133 Soderstrom, Art 133 Soderstrom, Sally 133 Soldan, Kathleen 143, 196, 232, 244 Solis, Maria 143 Solis. Miguel 133 Sommers, E. 256 Sonnichsen, Nancy 164, 241 Soriana, Irene 235 . Stephen 165, 311 Soto, Raul 164 Southorn, T. 259 Sowell, Jerry 255 Speers, R. 253 Spitalnick, Malcolm 143 Staab, John 193 Stanchos, Phyllis 134 Stanley, Weldon 134 Starkey, Sharon 203, 247 Stavley, Bill 277 Steele, Annette 164, 244 Steele, Tita 145. 271, 243 Steinmann. William 134 Stephens, Martha Sue 164 Stephenson, J. 254 Stephens, M. 241 Stewart. Donna 155, 235 Stite, Nancy 134 Stoglin, Andy 289 Stokes, E. 251 Stone, Barbara 164 Stone, Carville 266 Strain, Sandy 108, 247 Strauss, Barry 259 Thompson. Mary Ann 134, 207. 241 Thompson, Philip 165 Tiscler, Lial 306 Tisdale, F. 251 Titus, 1. 254 Todaro. Jeannie 165. 221 Tolliver, Robert 165. 256 Tomlinson, Bill 165 Tonkin. Ann 205,196, 155 Toren. Tony 289 Torres, Bernadette 165 Toub, S. 261 Toyar, M. 263 Toyar, Sylvia 204 Tovar, Toby 134, 291 Townes. James 155 Townes. Tooley 143 Trmh-nnif'k. Ste-ye 198. 289 Treece, Thomas 135. 198. 255 Trollingt-r. John 1-13. 255 Troppe, Allen 135, 261 Tucker. Jerry 281 Tupper, Charles 135, 259, 190, 201, 200. 68, 89. 81 U Uhlig. Nancy 243 1flin,1.inda 19-1, 196 l'lin. Miki- 256 Upshaw. Christy 106 Uttaro, Rose Marie 155 V Valdez. Lf-try 155 Valdez. Paul 143 Valerizuf-la. Carlos 143. 195 Valenzuela, Margaret 155 Valle. Linda 165 Vallejo. Alice 235 Valles. John 165 Vannerson, Lois 165 Varela. Virginia 165 Vargas, Aida 235 Vargas, Leandro 165 Vargas. Naomi 155 Vasques. Piti 277 Vigil. Carmen 235 Vinson. David 143, 263, 192 Vlinen, John 135 Volmer. Frankie 144, 244 W Wade, Beverly 244 WVadsw0rth. R. 251 Wagner, Richard 165 Wetzig, Richard 165, 248 Whearley. Marie 155 White, Howard 219 White White .Janeen 135, 243 , Ray 135, 243 WVl1itC. WV. 248 Whitehead, Peggy 144, 203 Whitley, Nancy 144 YVhitson, Charlie 135, 298, 296 Whitworth. Dean 165 Wiggs, Toni 61, 112, 96 Wilkey, Jane 247 WVill. Raymond 248, 313, 82 Williams. D. 251 Williams, Elizabeth 165 Williams. Boni Sue 303 Williams, Jeanie 243, 318, 303 Williams. Judy 135. 243 Williams, Melyer 141 WVilliorns. Oscar 144, 210 Williams, Zeke 299, 298, 296 Wiman. Pat 259. 193, 155 Windham, Bob 279 Wingo. Linda 165 YVink1ey. Norman 193 WVinston. Cynthia 165. 243 Wiswell, Maggi 144, 203, 216 Woodrich. C. 255 Wrigl t Bobbye 155 1. irfight. Peggy 144. 207, 57 100 233 , 243 Wyse. Michael 193 Y Yapor. Joanne 144, 235 Yarbrough. Mark 299, 298, 296 Young. Dolores 135 Young . Myrna 144, 205, 193 Young. Sandy 254 Young Yturralde, S. 202, 83 Yzaguirre, Lupe 299, 296 Z Zditowski, S. 238 Ziegler. E. 263 Zielinski, Robert 144, 259 Zimmer, Harry 165. 256 Zumr, Margaret 165, 235 A American Furniture 335 Automatic Vending 337 C Carter Flowers 338 Charcoaler 338 College Master 341 Coronado State Bank 335 E Echlin-Irvin-Crowell 338 El Burro 334 El Paso Electric 338 El Paso Federal Savings Sa Loan Assn. 344 El Paso Laundry X Cleaners 3-ll El Paso Natural Gas Company 332 El Paso Natural Cas Products Co. 335 F Feclers Jewelers 344 First State Bank 341 G Class Apparel Inc. 338 Guarantee Shoe Co. 338 Gunning-Casteel 337 H Hanley Paint Co. 341 1 International Moving Sz Ware- house 34-L K S. H. Kress 341 ADVERTISER KYOF FM Radio Station L C. H. Leavell Sa Co. 331 341 M Rohr-rt E. Mr-Kee Inc. 343 Moore Service Inc. 336 .l. E. Morgan Sr Sons 337 Mutual Federal Savings Assn. 339 8 Loan O Oasis 336 P Ponsford Brothers 344 Popular Dry Goods Co. 333 Prospector 342 R Ray's Barber Shop 336 Reynolds Electric Co. 335 S Saunders 8 McAfee 336 Sears 34 Roebuck Co. 337 T TWC Bookstore 331 336 W Western Vending Co. White House 340 Y York Hardware 336 Z Zales Jewelers 338 327 ""lh'S-61120 -Evans:-...-5--,-A.,4:-fl , 7 , V ' -g ADVERTISING Q- . M. if. - i:.......i, , -. . ,,....,,,,.,..-,....v. , ,,,- s- -wt ' A fir MW" D ,wedv H uf, . X ' fug- . , . -' ,--v. in ' U -5 hlxr 3 ! S W' hN X ,f Ks :R 1: 3 : M ,Q G V-.- ,-k-4 E: x Sh-V35 "E 'iff T535 . ' Q ,"'L" ' A' s 5 Q as 1 Q h ' Q a . , s p saas a t, ' t ' i 2 A ' .- . - - ' - Q. as V 1 1 x i 3 Q , km. KM I 'g ' 1 " ' . - f fl inf 1, i trw tm Q w az V a- 5, qt 5 ,sq E 1 3 f, i X- 1 'X v ?M,.,.,.,, .g ' at e x R . S FRU TR T10 Someone appears to be frustrated by the actions for lack thereofj of the girls of Hawthrone House. They're far from being alone in their frustration though. The advertisers of El Paso are one of the rnost disillusioned ethnic group in the Southwest. Their investments, via advertising, support to a large extent student publications-the Prospector, the Flowsheet, and El Burro Yet results are rarely forthcoming, and there's nothing sadder than a fat little advertiser with tears running down his cheeks. It's a blow against free enterprise, God, mother, and apple pie. So patronize our adver- tisers for we may just put a damper on your sex life tooj. 000 C.H.LeaveIIS .vv ,A , Company GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1900 Wyroming Street El Paso, Texas Books Record Progress sg f C: F A ,X and we sell books See us also when you need class rings drugs sundries greeting cards gifts for all occasions stationery college jewelry complete line of paperbacks art supplies pictures and frames decals of all kinds gift wrapping supplies Banned for singing bawdy ballads. B 0 0 Il?"-" "' 33 1 Standing and waiting patiently , ..........,,,,.., . t A. x 415555555E5E5E5E5E5E535E 'kitlzrz-'i':E:E:E:E:? Q, ,... ..h cg! ,gf.f.:4.:.:.:-:-sm. ::::z:z:5:5:s::a:::::::a cos:r:.:.m:,1,:,:,:::e :i5g:5:3:3Q,5:1::::,. Q Q f X A - SP- . ff X Q irEr:rE:E:EEEfErErErE5E2g - -wtf.:-:-:-:-:Q r iizftlgtfififii. :S5iE5E5E5E5E5E5E5EEE' mls:s:a:e:s:z:zfegz5z5aa1 E3 ,. . . , -:S:2:EEi:E::1:r:s 4 W:-Y ,4is:s:a:s:z:z:1- Q :,.- ,1., :.:.:. - .- --mga--it ffl:-1: ww' FI ST SS NATURAL GAS EL PASO NATURAL GAS COMPANY 22 Stepping pretty for the j d U CONGRATULATES THE STUDENT BODY AND FACULTY AT TEXAS WESTERN COLLEGE ON ITS GOLDEN .IUBILEE YEAR Tl ,, "" "H" - Illllllll fl ' . Jm1sul:lrH.TE.!:1. W A!-'LID , ,M IN '- lr J KE 2 .. 's ' 7755 JWI Llllllllllllu T B fc: 778 5222 T "HUM Y :ii g,, ,Sian-,A . , ' f,f:1.'f.1-M ,.,...,g,: ..,,,, ,.., ,. 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The years are behind you now, and we hope they have been wonderful times. We wish you the best of luck in the years ahead. DOWNTOWN AND BASSETT www l Compliments of S.H. Kress and Company y. Your College Degree . . . And Your College lvlasler P-l LII Z E ,flee gh 5 5 f 1, U' U3 Riilflv 2 :Q I TU ll 5' P-4 .-. rw 2 ' 3 B Q' P+ m U Q :P 5 N rn N4 5 24 0 'ss l"' X3 f-QI Us li O - H O Us fb 'M 'Tl E. Q m U Q- 02 2 "' ar E ,..,. ae Z Q1 S 3 CL D 03 1 2 2 EL 2 E' E m is E D-X4 9' 'Tl sw 2' 3 gi ga UU -P 1 U"- 5' m 6 . 5? E af 3 fj 2+ Wwif- V. .- 5 is . ,b ,E . 2 7: O wwf!- - O g-U,,Q'u ,.1 o ' if la-vw, rn 'f-A ix Q .9 -""" a is Q . Q' 9, 'wr V1 xc '5' .,...,.....,.,. 2 'PU 77 O 5 ,xo5'4"3 m UQ' 5' 'Q ' ro '-A gs 1, Ii Z gd 2 H fu Cl : 5, g 3 'l 3 9 'Z' Q5 'f' re qv fv 4' ' U1 fksov- E 'll f 11 T' Q A -K O 9 D- gc: ww E- -1 3 ll"V'1' C Q I 5 l CB N " .Q m 3 559 as gif U1 S m Q IIMH1 Q fD 'T'Z C 9. fl-E,.,,5 ,,,'f' 0 29 to m O E HS' Q92 ' f: 34 UQOQ 'vim m 5 r-. fn N4 Omg EDU513 l'l1 Elf- Egmg l Tn U25 Q- U," F3 6-Q Q wg U, Cram 5Q:1"U" O0 5 1 n-1 0 r-I ','?.O.-U1 N233-QE gl lo Graf 53 9 '7 -11'-'co U20 5' N A mg Egan Q2 S 02" "r r' Q gl "' 5 I-D K V CD F Campus Radio Moral my-six" r-wa-Ren-n.m.w-----.1 - YL . A, ,C V Everyone reads mf P 0.95670 1913-1963: TWC's Golden Jubilee Texas Western C ollege's Outstanding. "Assayer of Student Opinion. . ." ft ,fhx 1, sffsgtjw .1'fN"iNx of isss V S K ef' X N 1 . CX N?-""' ELL! 3 3 Q ...- , xr- a a sf V 1' xy -N---2 Jffqf , X P f SN vknx ,Qr:Qei'5L5"I wlfiffb 5, 5 it Q x5 1 ,. 'viingasi Xa t wff fx: i H W ' X -W I ,V , -H ' A 1 X 'x, X ' " ,- i Q 5 if 4 i 5 flff' Q N G X i?w'i"'i ' ' I' I E i - A' 'iii Z T 2 1 : fax A Aid' 5 gg: h X V' '- Q Q, XXX I xii, Q Eg, iii! i..f it 1.9 F ' ul ',', JSA 1 ' f , 5 i If NNN ' if ' 5, i p 13 i '.,. -- 1 E I 1 E S x 'Li 3 X 'S K 5 fix .1 9 , i'. ii X E X xi Qxxi X v M i L i b I ' . kr xx- . fix X x .N . ,L ,V V .QAM 1 ,- f X Hs X ' Y. f of r H 3 N 0 ' .. e JD 4-7 1 ia . M JAGL K , - t x A 1'-' 5 X' TTI, "' -'7:',-E? A L ."- 'wx Published by Student Publications, Inc. ' r 3 X 2 s E 'U' -Q? A shot from a Hudspeth Hall party. ROBERT E. NICKEE GENERAL CONTRACTOR, INC. EL PASO - DALLAS - LOS ANGELES - SANTA FE r .S T a E Feders Jewelers Inc. II and 5 I'a'ge5f mm er ALLIED VAN LINES, INC. International Moving and Warehouse Company 6965 Commerce 778-4271 El Paso, Texas Corner Texas and Stanton and Bassett Center . --.. in ' siekikfw ss SSX New hats for new students In the western Tradition a FRIENDLY pIac:e Io VISIT P071 5f0 rd Brothers a PROFITABLE place Io SAVE FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION 517 N KANSAS AT MISSOURI 8512 DYER IN SUNRISE CENTER Member Federal Sava Insurance Corp General Contractors 914 East Missouri El Paso, Texas 344 ' 'me Cpemng of'Our Co o ado O-EIICG vs W ESG. .5 .wg-.:. - ,y-1+ 'ii -4- 351 4 1 :r M"',.. 7 Nss 76-A-fo nlnlliuanu ""- '. 913 1964 our fiftieth year

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