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J Rpm .' ., XM. W M su," 3 5 Q .QS 'x Nl?" ...w -Ms. Q- Qrqiynfr .Q A Q f1f'v'f"fdL.,ip J: W. u'!f' jiwfu an TEXAS WESTERN COLLEGE 1958 FLOWSHEET RON DETTMAN. edi+or DON LESLIE, business manager RON DeVILLIER, phofographic edi+or MR. MIDDAGH, sponsor prinfing by Guynes Prinfing Co. phofography by +he Whi+e House 1 Faculfy Ed Hors Class Edi+ors FLCVVSHEET STAFF a,,,,,...Cookie Arreola Francis Holmes Jennie Yvonne Bruner Freshmen s,.,. Marfha Jane Kennedy Sophomores, s.s,......, Carla Maffei Gerri Miele Juniors a, Becky Esfavillo Seniors ..s77s7,,s7,,., Lydia Franco Campus Capers ,..,,l A,,.,..,,, E Iaine Hanna Personalifies, Brenda Grose Marfha Delqado Honoraries ,,ss,,,,, J ane Holmberg Honey Dennehy Erma Clark Barbara Schuller Greeks ,,.s, Jack Holmberg Ray Young Milifary r,,,,,,,s .....,s,., N aieH'e Halow Religious., Linda Curion Dolores Price Sporfs ..,7,,.. Jerry Porras Mariha Palafox lnframurals A.c,,,..,s,Y,s ,s,,.....,l C ynfhia Wiiherspoon Mufual Inieresf. Mary Sanchez Pai' Young Phofography ,,,... .s77.,,.,. R on DeVillier Cover Design s,,s Business Sfaff s,.. Bill Hudson Bob Lunclell Roy Gibson Jim Nickless Bob Mapula Kay DeHman Carol McKinney Andrea Mohwinkle Nancy DeBrunner Don Leslie Pai' Douglas Mike McGeel1ee Dedicafion ,C Presicleni- ..Y.,. FacuI+y ,. Classes ..,.......,.....,. . Sfudeni' Governmeni' Campus Capers ss,.., Publiciiy sss,.ss.,,sss, Personaliiies ...s,ss, Honoraries ...... Greeks ,.s...s,.,..,.,.s Mufual ln'I'eres1' .s..,sw Religious .sss.Ass..sss, Milifary ........ Engineering s..... Sporis ,,,ss...,s..,s In'I'ramuraIs 7,...,.,,s A Pariing Look ...,.,, Adverfisemenis ss..... TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Deparfmenf Chairman af Texas Wesfern College for 3l years . . . One of fhe mosf successful pre- medical.advisors in fhe counfry . . . Supporfer of College and Communify affairs-culfural, social. academic, afhlefic . . Respecfed and admired by sfudenfs and fellow faculfy members alike . . . To DR. ANTON H. BERKMAN Professor of Biological Sciences . . . fhe sfaff of fhe l958 Flowsheef dedicafes fhis annal of fhe year's acfivifies. Since I927, when he came fo fhe College fo inaugurafe fhe Deparfmenf of Biological Sciences fhis school and ifs sfudenfs have been his greafesf inferesf. He has worked for if, and ifs communi: fy, fo fhe exclusion of ofher inferesfs. He has served fhe college, addifionally, as acfing Dean of Arfs and Sciences and as acfing Dean of Sfudenf Life. His sfafure as an advisor fo pre-medical sfudenfs is such,fhaf only his recommendafion is need- ed for his sfudenfs fo be welcomed fo any medical school in fhe sfafe. Dr. Anfon H. Berkman is a man we are proud fo honor in fhe I958 Flowsheef. 5 M eywss esfevn Cone e H-fp V1 N1 OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS R' x ' ,yj'.s Q? Q: 45 offewmrmumf Af dunno March 20, 1958 The Editor and Staff of the Flow:-sheet for 1958 are to be congratulated for a job well done and for maintaining the sarne high standards of workmanship as evidenced in past issues . The Flowsheet will serve to bring back fond memories to all of you in years to come. We sincerely hope that in these years your interest in and loyalty to Texas Western College will continue to grow and that you will help us in our efforts to continually improve the institution as a whole. With best wishes to each of you, I ani, Sincerely yours , sart E. Holcomb President DEH:s5n ,pawwkwg-A . M, Q! ff E' 1' K Sc cf? 'Q A f"""""'u ,,.,, """'N , ,d DR. DYSART E. HOLCOMB Presidenf of Texas Wesiern College -f""" 7 Time 'flies during summer vacarion, here we are, ready for anoiher year of classes and learning. Some of +he faces are new ones, like Francis Holmes, represenfing lhe Freshmen Class. Ofhers we know and remember like S+re+ch Meadows, Sophomore: Ben Aiken, Junior: and Ellen Jayne Maris. Senior. Now 'lhal' regis+ra'I'ion is over and we have all of our new books, i+'s fime +o meei' our new professors. 1 8 'lm 4 -.M D a 'L K 2 maiwk, 'Pb QW"-ff Q gkf' I A . -- ' iii? , , 2 I V, 'x Q1 .af ,- aff- 8. I as X U 'fi 3 x rg -0 , A ,-..-. A , At fgfl f va TS K 1 5, 3 f A ig 1 : ff QQ ,WA - . W S Q 1 Q' 7 aww, 241 . Y ., .. ' 1 'ff K: X , ,, V , I',,."'f1" .QL-2 ', ' ' f U ' " 1 - 'i' 2 f - Q ig P f"""'m.,,Mw .M -K -7 - zpvfgs -. i M- A .- " "L ' Www . , . ,. - I ww- - - 1 W ' ,, er V 9, We-K - .gig , " ,,, L im 'W-W 1 M K ,: Q ' 'ff'-WM, - , M 7 ff . -,Af , , M Q .H P' , ,., Y A MR. THORNTON HARDIE f fhe Board of Regenfs Member o Universify of Texas - Y 'Wu DR. KATHRYN BURKE MR. CHARLES A. PUCKETT Dean of School of Nursing Dean of Arfs and Sciences MRS. MAXINE B. STEELE MR. EUGENE M. THOMAS Dean of Women Dean of Mines and Engineering i ' 5 DR. JOHN L. WALLER DR. JACK YUTHAS Dean of Graduafe Division Dean of S'ruden+ Life 11 DR. HERBERT J. BELL MR. THOMAS O. JACKSON Direc+or of +he He-alfh Service Direcior of Placemeni MR. CLYDE E. KELSEY MR. BAXTER POLK Direcfor of Tesfing and Guidance Librarian MR. ALVAN A. SMITH COL. MATTHEW H. THOMLINSON MR. J. M. WHITAKERU U Business Manager Cura+or of Museum Regisfrar and Direcfor of Admissions 12 'ily-,aff HARRY ARRINGTON Campus Police FRANCIS CLAYTON Library MR. GEORGE GENO Campus Police X1 -91' ,yr MRS. L. O. POAGE crefary Miiifary Science Ag MISS EDNA M. BARNETT Booksfore MRS. R. D. CURTIS PBX Operafor MRS. WREN HOLLENBEAK Dormiiory Sfaff MRS. R. M. BELL MRS. MARY BOISVERT MRS. J. W. BROWN Library Assisiani Business Office Secreiary of Engineering Q11 MRS. JOAN DUGGER MR. NORMAN EITING Secreiary of Graduaie Division MRS. A. FRIEDMAN Secreiary of Ex-Sfudenfs Associaiion Campus Police QIQK f-Qi. ,CQ MRS. J. N. JAMES JR. MRS. HELEN MURRIE MRS. W. P. PERRY Business Office Dormiiory Shaff Secretary, Aris 8: Sciences Q53 Q I ff MR. FRANK SCOTT Library 5111 ww '- i Q i MRS. PEYTON SKIPWORTH MRS. THOMAS SKOV MRS. L. W. STEVENS Museum LHDTBVY Office of fhe President 13 Col. JOHN ALFREY DR. ANTON H. BERKMAN Milifary Science Biological Sciences 'f 5':'ffi2il.,.L5lf5 DR. CECIL C. CRAWFORD MR, FLOYD A. DECKER Philosophy and Psychology Engineering MR. THOMAS M. CHISM Bible DR. FLOYD E. FARQUEAR Educafion MR. VIRGIL C. HICKS DR. GEORGE E. KISER Co-Chairman Business Adminis+ra+ion and Economics Journalism and Radio-Television 14 DR. EDWIN J. KNAPP Main and Physics DR. WILLIAM W. LAKE Chemisfry DR. JOSEPH C. RINTELEN Mining and Metallurgy DR. REX W. STRICKLAND His'rory and Governmeni MR. JOHN J. MIDDAGH DR. HOWARD E. OUINN Co-Chairman Geoiogy Journalism and Radio-Television J. . . X DR. EDGAR T. RUFF DR. C. L. SONNICHSEN Languages English ,,gf21fv4 lf??Fzf1-z..f-Af X DR. ENGEBRET THORMODSGAARD MISS VERA WISE Music Aff 15 " me DR. HAROLD E. ALEXANDER DR. FREDERICK W. BACKMANN MRS. W. H. BALL Associafe PFOISSSOF of CI1emiS'Il'y Professor of Modern Languages Assisfanf Professor of Speech I I MR. WILLIAM H. HALL MR. THOMAS G. BARNES MR. ROBERT L. BENNETT f Assisfanf Professor of Chemisfry Professor of Physics Assisfanf Professor o Economics and Business Adminisfrafion DR. RALPH P. BENTZ DR. CALAB A. BEVANS MISS LELAH BLACK DR. JOHN P. BLOOM Associafe Professor of Mafhemafics Asfsociafe Professor of Modern Languages Assisfanf Professor of A55is+an+ Professor of Hisfory Business Adminisfrafion 16 Assisfanf Professor of Milifary Science and Tacfics MR. BRUCE W. BROOKS lnsfrucfor in Radio CLARENCE J. CERVENKA anf Professor of Engineering DUNCAN S. BOUGHNER DR. HALDEEN BRADDY MR. FRED M. BREWER MR MORGAN BROADDUS Professor of English lnsrucfor of Modern Languages Ingfrucfor In Hrsfory DR. RICHARD W. BURNS DR. JOHN L. CARRICO Associafe Professor of Educafion Associafe Professor of Music MR. ABRAHAM CHAVEZ JR. MR. HAROLD COLDWELL insfrucfor of Music lnsfrucfor of Mafhemafics 17 MR. RALPH M. COLEMAN MR. BEN W. COLLINS DR. MINNIE LOZIER CONDON Professor of Engineering Assisfanf Professor of Physical Edcafion Associafe Professor of Educafion MISS ELLEN W. COOGLER MRS. E. F. CRAIGO DR. DALE L. CRAMER Assisfani' Professor of Arf Assisfanf Professor of Physical Educafion Associafe Professor of Economics DR. JACK L. CROSS DR. JAMES F. DAY MR. JOHN W. DENNY MR. GEORGE B. DICKINSON Insfrucfor of Hisfory and Governmeni' Assisfanf Professor of Educafion Insfrucfor of Hisfory and Governmeni' Insfrucfor of Business Adminisfrafion 18 MRS. LURLINE H. DOUGLAS lnsfrucior in English MR. PAUL JOSEPH ELLENBURG lnsfrucror in Business Adminisira+ion MR. CHARLES H. GLADMAN Associale Professor of Ma+l'1ema+ics ifffgxs :L MR. WALTER DUCOFF MRS. MARY ELEANOR DUKE DR OLAV E EIDBO lnsfrucfor In Engineering Assis+an+ Professor of Biological Sciences Asslsfam' Professor of Music DR. A. N. FOSTER Professor of Educalion MRS. L. J. GLARDON lns'rruc+or in Physical Educa+ion 19 MRS. GRETCHEN R. GABRIEL Assisfanf Professor of Modern Languages MR. HAROLD GODDARD Assisfanr Professor of Music W2 -J DR. CLARENCE G. HACKETT DR. JOHN H. HADDOX MR. HENRY G. HAMPTO Insfrucfor in Psychology Assisfanf Professor of Philosophy Insfrucfor in Biological Scienc Assisfanf Professor of Philosophy MR. WILLIAM M. HARDY DR. WADE J. HARTRICK MR. WILTZ A. HARRISON Assisfanf Professor of Speech and Drama Professor of Business Adminisfrafion Associafe Professor of Arf A A I A -.DI X X .XX QQHIL . , is ar - I A L is I :iii I A ' ?3.9'A.,iI4NX'I:I'x MR. EVERETT B. HEINS MRS. L. HITCHCOCK, JR. MAJOR WILLIAM L. HODGE MRS. A. H. .HOFFMAN Insfrucfor of Business Adminisfrafion Insfrucfor of English Assisfanf Professor of IYISIFUCIOF In EHQIISI1 Milifary Science and Tacfics 20 DR. ARI A. HOOGENBLOOM MR. GUY E. INGERSOLL MR. JOSEPH H. JAMES MR. BRYAN S. JONES Assisfanf Professor of Hisfory Associafe Professor of Assisfanf Professor of English Direcfor of News and lnformafion Mining and Mefallurgy MRS. V. F. JONES MR. CLYDE E. KELSEY MR. ORVILLE C. KRUSCHWITZ Assisfanf Professor of Speech Assisfanf Professor of Psychology Insfrucfor in Mafhemafics MR. JAMES LANDERS DR. EUGENE W. LEWIS MR. RALPH L. LOWENSTEIN sfanf Professor of Biological Sciences Assisfanf Professor of Clnemisfry Assisfanf Professor of Journalism and Business Aclminisfrafion 21 Y MR. OSCAR H. McMAHAN MfSg+. SALVADOR F. MAGGIO MfSg+. THEODORE R. MEIER Associaie Professor of Physics Insfrucior in Milifary Science anci Taciics lnsfrucfor in Milifary Science and Ta MRS. W. B. MERRILL MR. VLADNIK A. MICULKA MR. NACIM MILEDI Insfrucfor in Music Assis+an+ Professor of Ma+hema+ics lns+ruc+or in Chemis+ry DR. LLOYD A. NELSON MR. LEIF NEPRUD Capt LEONARD P. OCHS MRS. F. E. O'MALLEY 1 Professor of Geology lnsfrucfor of Business Adm'inis+ra+ion Assis+an1' Professor in Mili+ary Science ASSiS+6f1'f Pr0fGSS0F of EdUCH'H0f1 22 O DR. RAY PAST MRS. O. S. PATTERSON MRS. D. L. PILLOW DR. EUGENE O. PORTER Associafe Professor of English lnsfrucfor in Mafhemafics lnsfrucfor in Sociology Professor of Hisfory My I N Wifi -nw V' MR. JACK R. PYTCHER MRS. T. A. QUARM MRS. HOWARD E. OUINN Insfrucfor of Chemisfry Insfrucfor of English Associafe Professor of Sociology MR. JAMES B. REEVES MRS. C. F. RENNICK MRS. LOUISE RESLEY f Professor of Biological Sciences lnsfrucfor of Philosophy Assisfanf Professor of Mafhemafics 23 MRS. J. T. REYNOLDS MR. ALBERT P. RUOTSALA MR. WILLIAM M. RUSSELL Assisianf Professor of Educafion AssIs+anI' Professor of Geology Insirucfor of Modern Languages MR. JOSEPH W. SCRUGGS DR. JOHN M. SHARP MR. FRANK Y. SHIOJI Assis+anI' Professor of CI1emis+ry Associafe Professor of Modern Languages Ins+ruc+or on Chemisiry MR. CHARLES P. SIMPSON MRS. GRACE K. SMITH MRS. STELLA SMITH IvIf"SgI'. BILLY L. STUART Ir1SIruCI'0r OI Music IFISIFUCIOI' of English Assisfani' Professor Ins+ruc+or of Milifary Science of Business Adminis+ra'Iion 24 ! I E DR. ROBERT L. TAPPAN MR. WILLIAM H. THONSON MR. JAMES A. THORBURN MRS. EDITH THREADGILL + Professor of Modern Language Ins+ruc+or of Ari Insfrucfor of English Insfrucfor of Mafhemafics .JG-'ffiiizi I DR. WILBERT H. TIMMONS MR. JACK C. VOWELL JR. MRS. MARIE L. WADDELL MRS. ROBERTA WALKER Professor of Hisfory Insfrucfor of Hisfory Ins+ruc1'or of EngIisI'l Ins+ruc+or of Business Adminisirafion and English x 52 MR. DALE B. WATERS SFC WILLIAM J. WATT MR. WILLIAM F. WEBB MR. PHILLIP W. YOUNG e Professor of PI1ysicaI Eciucafion Insfrucfor of MiIi+ary Science Assisfanf Professor of Modern Languages Assisfani' Professor of Engineering 25 I We all realize +l1a+ +l1e friends we make among +l1e diHeren'r classificafion will remain in our memories for many fu+ure years. Hoping fo help o'l'l1ers remember us longer, we had our class sec- 'l'ions picfures made +o be used in our yearbook. Our pl1o'rograpl1er, Mr. Blue did a fine job of pho+o- graphy for Hue College and we're glad our picfures appeared in +l1e annual. 26 -H 44 255 F QW! L, sl Q-K .E 2 i . O , " f iii'--4 , 1 Y s 5 1 f J f . Ni V 1 2 s gf ' f. Q H Q 'gf x f ' 4 2 mia! ,E may 353' J. ,, we my. Q- xml' .- ' , ,. 03,144 AQ X Q , ., LN, ,Q , f' ' L ' af N? ,im ,Y i A 212 ' ' Xiiiiifmil X ,. E E 3 1 wx I M A .Q :san Q1 Q 1 Wifi! FRESH MAN CLASS OFFICERS: Tim Dwyer, President Jerry McClellan, Vice-President Elaine Hanna, Secrefary: Barbara Wiggs and David Birllebach, Class Represeniaiives. 28 AHMID ABDIN Baghdad, Iraq ROBERTA ADAMS Taos, N. M. MARGARITA ALARCON El Paso I ,I A -I-41. Q aa aaa L ABEL ANCHONDO EI Paso BILL AGEE Wellingfon, Texas MANUEL ALDAVA HELEN ALFREY EI Paso Newport Va. GEORGE ATKINS LEROY BAEZA MARSHA BAKER FF. Sfocldon, Texas Ff. Davis, Texas El Paso 29 W Ha 9 pg, 5 ,, va . SAM BAKER DON BASSETT GEORGE BARBEE DAVE BECK H. Sfockfon. Texas San Anfonio El Paso El Paso MARY ANN BENNETT GENE BOSWELL JUDY BOTTER EI P550 Sundown, Texas EI Peso fun., WM. BRUCE JENNIE BRUNER El Paso El Peso f my W '?5':gE: Ziff : ' 7 1 Tl' A Q LYDIA BUENO EI Paso so DON BURGESS Alpine, Texas JAMES BURKE GEORGIA BURKHAITER San Bernardino, Calif. EI Peso SANDRA BURLESON JANET BUTLER ,VICTOR CABALLERO Clinf, Texas EI Paso . V ' Juarez, Chilw.. Mex. ?W?f'??Wf1 , . M ii A ' -53 222: 1-P- BART COLWELL CHARLES CAGLE FLAVIA CANTU DALE CARMEN Alpine, Texas EI Paso Juarez, Chih., Mex. Wink, Texas 31 RICHARD CARTER El Paso 'QZA rl i 1 , gfmfwgw' imwj V ALFRED CASTRO ROBERT CAVINESS ALBERTO COMAS El Paso Carlsbad, N. M. El Paso IIZEIE IZ' 'f ' T HORACE CRAWFORD RACHEL CRAWFORD BARBARA CREAMER Fi. Davis, Texas El Paso El Paso JACK CREAMER DAISY CRENSHAW Temple, Texas San Francisco LINDA CU RTO N Waco, Texas 32 CLYDE DAUGHHETEE Bars+ow, Texas I RICKEY DE LA TORRE OLIVIA DE LAS CASA EI Paso EI Peso LUIS DELGADO MANLIO DE SANTIS GREGORIO DIAZ EI Paso Niagara Falls. N. Y. EI Paso -Q f, 5. BILL DILLION MARY DOUGLAS SHERYLL DULANEY GEORGE DUNLAP McDonaId, Pa. EI Paso EI Paso EI Paso 33 CHERIE DUSSEAU SARAH EAKER GLENDA ELDRIDGE DANNY ELKINS Dayfon, Ohio El Paso EI Paso Lawfon, Olde. JOHN FITCH MARTHA LOU FLORENCE ADOLFO FLORES El Paso El Paso Sanderson, Texas LAINY FRIEDMAN 4 LEONORE GALINN EI Paso El Paso LEONORE GARCIA El Paso 34 KHHUM LUIS GARCIA Juarez, Chih., Mex. , A 1 4, Q M I 3 'X si' I I 1 I Y sr- I 0' , , +V f 4 .4 gs ,ig 3 'eye , M . 0 5 E334 , I, -.W ,. Q :.- ZS, , ,, f fl' ' , '- - " Mfwzimz, W. :W Y V Q4 , ' W ' S. r K 'E.:E'. 7 ..,,. ,,, E -:g tg x li I, . AA - PHIL GASTON RICHARD GONZALES Dalles EI Pa so R 1I.I., I I I I I I INA GRAY JOHN GREEK, JR. BROOK GREENE EI Paso EI Paso EI Paso I FRED GRELLE JOAN GROESBEEK JAY HACKLER LARRY HAHN Sheffield. Texas EI Paso El Paso Roswell. N. M. 35 I L L I NAJATTE HALOW DONALD HAMILTON ELIZABETH HAMBLIN EI Paso Riverside. Calif. EI Paso ELAINE HANNA SARAH LOUISE HARDISON EI Paso EI Paso f PATSY HARRIS PHILLIP HANDLIN Ke rmi+, Texas CHARLES HARLSY El Paso WM. HARTT Winnsboro, Texas 36 El Paso ROBERT HEARST Dallas AMW- VIRGINIA HEISEL EI Paso RAMIRO HERNANDEZ RUDOLPHO HERRERA EI Paso Juarez, Chih., Mex. A,.,, H . ALICE HERRING' C. R. HIGGINS El Peso EI Paso figyegczxtwf '25 I K, 5 ' ' A Joe Hooven Bess HERMATS LiH'lefTeld Fallsburg, N. Y. 37 FRANCES HOLMES El Paso MARY SUE HOUSE KRISTY LOU HOUSEN El Paso Bremer+on, Wash. JIMMIE LOU HOY MARIAN HUBER BARBARA HURT SHELDON HURVITZ Redondo Beach EI Paso EI Paso Silver Springs, Md. FRANK HYDER ARTURO JIMENEZ ANNA JEANNE JOHNSON Rockdale, Texas Juarez, Mexico El Paso DAVID JOHNSON CLAUDIA JONES Roswell, N. M. EI Paso VIDAL JONES El Paso 38 B . , ' Q, - , -W I sv fa X . RUTH KAPLAN El Paso NORA KELLY El Paso .,n-ww, WM. KENNEDY EI Paso A IWW - 1 W . V TERRY KISTNER Midland 55655355553 ' ' 4g5...2f.... fg I ,.,.,, sf - 5 f' :vu 'Wg' 'A 'N if J! . " A Y if , , 5 xg? SAGESON KENDALL El Paso Ji? JANE KINCAID REBECCA KIRKLAND EI Paso EI Paso fel BOBBY KNIGHT EMMY KNOTTS VERA LEE KOENIG EI Paso EI Paso Hobbs, N. M. 39 IRMA LAGARDA ffm ELLEN LAMB 3' ' xl El Paso El Paso N www J' .,',. l 'gE:,QlCiL'v -5 "'., ,.,. , ., W 2 ' JON LUEDERS Burlingame, Calif. 2 I sv fu., 1 Y bg il, DONNA LEMMON ALBERT LINK El Paso Albuquerque, N. M. , ,pw IONE LUSK ESTHER LYNCH EI Paso El Paso EDWARD MADDOX CORNELLIA MALONE Miami, Florida El Paso H2 f..4 Q.: V ' V, va ,, 1 5' Q V -.,. , . mm' ' ED McCOMBS EI Paso JERRY MCCULLEN Burling+on, N. C. 1 ff' A lv- JUNE McCULLOGH McAIis+er, Oklahoma JALMA McDANIEL El Paso ff figifd 1f ' ., .31 ..,. K igllgg, I -s mf--. V., 11 W ji K W ' 4: x ' 1 5, ,..A, , K Q-fm? X :ww W sg Q? ' ..- gif PAT MCCUTCHEON El Peso CHARLES MCDONALD El Paso DONENE Mceowm CAROLYN Mcsfzew Silsbee, Texas El Paso 41 ffl DON McGHEE El Paso , fb' d WA , FAYE MCINTOSH JUDY MALQNE El Paso EI Paso wnmnw 9 ww W wazz ANN MARSH BILLY MARTIN HENRY MARTIN ANNA MARTINEZ EI Paso El Paso El Peso El Paso DONALD MAURER MARY LOU MAYHALL KENNETH MEARNS Farmingion, N. M. El Paso El Paso ALFREDO MEDINA JACKIE MEEKS Rio Grande Cify, Texas Brownfield NANCY MENDEZ EI Paso 42 ASPASIA MERARI EI Paso sw '3' NATALIE MEYER CARRIE MILLER Alexandria, Va. Phillips, Texas KEN R. MILLER PAUL MANDRAZON BETTY MORGAN El Paso EI Paso WIYIL 1 I 'Q IHIQIH 0-aw, K I . f Q, A K gl SAM MULLEN LETICIA NAPOLES JOE NAVAR JULIE NELSON Odessa El Paso EI Paso Marla 43 BRUCE NICKLE Del Rio ANDRE NORTE EI Paso 5 CARMEN O KESON SeaH'le, Wash. LOYD NORTON ARMANDO OCHOA Clovis, N. M. Sanderson IRENE O'NEILL ROBERT ORR El Paso Odessa ANN OUESEN JARI NAN PACK La Mesa, N. M. EI P650 llvv iii ' 3' 2 . ,.AV. - -I V ,,.. FRANCISCO PARRA EI Paso 44 .c. '1 .b ,wif f".il1" Tj ' BUDDY PAVEY EI Paso I 1 T'-F T' R4 2 A , ww M 4 I ., . L , ,f 1 I I -vl4e,1r,' - I .if I Q- f af. 1, RODOLFO PAVIA RUDY PAZ AHIIIOHY EI Paso QR. u , 7' .1 3 fs I 5 if i dm ' Rf: T1-www T I I 1 I I E ' LURYE PHILLIPS RAYFORD PICKETT CYNTHIA POULTER Kennewick, Wash. EI Paso Waxahachie, Texas YV' 4 MARGARET PRESCOTT DELORES PRICE. J. P. PURCELL MELRITA RAMOS El P050 MoneHe, Arkansas Snyder, Texas EI Pago 45 , , , , , fn, ,, ?. , BUZZ RANE PHYLLIS RATRAY EI Paso El P050 JAMES REAGAN El Pa so ww .... ,g.-.,,:f:,' mfg.- M. . ,. 4,f.,5..5., my Q 1 ,, 1 V 1 WMM 4 W . L 5fwVEQfZE5 3 ,y wxwmfw . ,Q Q, Em,h.,W Y A 3 2 fG :5' : Ei2 "2Ef ' fx' , w, 549,15 Q -, A h"ma"mg 4 ww: gn 'M - Guzzi? if is 'IAV Z A K A "'f?5f -, A A A:,, 7 "2': VAVQZAA A P- A ,Y .. f,,..'... '....., 2 gm '-'.- --'1 ' "I "..' f 5, '-" " ""' M JOHNNY RAYBON Brownfield. Texas " 'V 75 xg X, wyjf 2 RAYMOND RESKEY EI Paso JOSEPH REY EI Paso fi 1515. r Khin V .... ,A,, ' iff A 'J 21:1 1 'W ? if, , ,, E54 ., ..,. fs is A 'ff ff wx' , ,, I-'ZI,:- 1'Eg:2'7'2a' ' U' 53 ' . JAMES READER EI Paso HENRY GEORGE RETTIG El Paso HERBERT RICHEY Muensfer. Texas 46 Q3 GRACIERA RIOS El Paso El Paso f' f H 'ma gk, I in . .:, . Asf w Ie 0, E . ' ,. ,. 5- an. mn W .ET W 25 T Q f ELEANOR ROBBINS El Paso WM. ROMINE Temple, Texas my ""' ' if FUAAD SAAB Anfhony, N. M. JOEL ROSANDO EI Peso ROBERT RUSSELL DOROTHY RUTTER Van Horn Midland ! , 7 ' i ff , 55 4 JEANNE SADLO JUANITA SALAZAR YVONNE SANTOSCOY New Bedford, Mass. EI Paso EI Pegg 47 I V-,, , , DAISY SCHAFFINO EI Paso SL N E25 me QU 6+ Az, WEEEF. I ALFRED SEDDONS DON SHERWOOD CARL SIMON EI Paso EI Paso Hobbs, N. M. N 'P' I . , I R2 I mggggg L-ZA 'I -f , QM , I 4, lix E73 5' A yiigv ' . ' 7 9, 'f'f22':17- .4 " "12fzQg.'5i121 V ' 2 :35, .. ..., f ,.:.. W -.-f . ,. -, . - s -Elf' ' STEPHEN E, SIMS ALBERT SIPLER MIKE SLIDER Birmingham, Ala. El Paso Bfownwood- Texas FRANCES SOMMER RACHAEL SOSNOWSKY EI Paso EI Paso LILVIA SOTO Nuevo Casas Grande, Chih., Mex 48 JOSEPH SPARTI EI Paso RICHARD STEELE EI Pa so INEZ TURLEY L Aqmw . Burleson, Texas A ' ' 3 ' f ,. A . I :M . yi :sf A 'XA fi Q SALVADOR VARELI EI Paso BONNIE TOMAN EI Paso SALLY URIAS ROSE VALERIA EI Paso El Paso LOUIE VARELA ANTONIO VASOUEZ G, C, VAUGHAN El Paso El Paso El Paso 49 REUBEN VELA ROBERT VERBOSH El Paso El Paso CHARLOTTE WALKER Fl. Slocldon, Texas JACK VINCENT Del Rio TOMMY WOLL Od essa SAM WASOFF EI Paso BILL VOKES Carlsbad, N. M. ONA WASHBURN EI Paso BETTY WEAVER EI Paso 50 SANDY WECK Los Angeles, Calif. I STEPHEN WESTON 5 Yslefa 1 LINWOOD WHITEHURST LESLIE WHITWORTH Larboro, N. C. Ft. Stockton BETTY WICKER JACK WILLIAMS LINDA WOOLEY EI Paso Fabens H, Dgvig STANLEY WOOLSEY YVONNE YAPOR RAY YOUNG DIANE ZUEHL EI Paso EI Paso EI Paso EI Paso 51 E, K? 53' 1 fx ' f K Z If 0 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Ri+chie Spence, President ScoH Krufilelc, Vice-President Judy Baker, Secrefary 52 W5 JOANNE ABRAHAM MARY BOISVERT El Paso EI Paso , V fl ' , 'ZH .. -5 K PE X - if hw fi, . "'- 2 1, JUDY BAKER SUE ANN BILLMAN LARRY BLAIR EI Paso El Paso Col-fage Grove, Oregon 115 WWA NAOMI BONNER KEITH BONNEY BETTY BOUTWELL JUDY BRENNAND EI Paso Borger, Texas EI Paso El Paso 53 Q 4 swf TOM BRERETON Columbus, Ga, BERNARDINE BROCK Carlsbad, N. M. ALFONSO CHAVEZ El Paso DOLORES CARREON CAROL CHAMBERS El Paso EI Paso ERMA CLARK NORRIS COLEMAN EI Paso El Paso sl""K , l- JAMES CONYERS KAY CRAWFORD El Paso El Paso 54 I iw' I 'Z'A- H fv4g,'f'Ii' iz,QfT an . '.- WANDA CREAMER JAMES CREEL Brady, Texas EI Paso FRANCISCO CRUZ-AIDO BECKY ESTAVILLO SAMUEL FIELDS El Paso El Paso Odessa, Texas CATHERINE FINERTY KATHY FITZGERALD FORREST WYLIE EI Paso Paris, Missouri Carlsbad, N. M. 55 .525 MILO GARDNER EI Paso nuwyg JU? . W VV., Eg: " -f 1419 - - .gig-If 1:11 fw fs If 1, wr 5 73 ff I. ' E ,I Y Q3 ' 55 4 L, 1 -' ,V,, WILLIAM GIBSON CHARLES GLOCK MICHAEL GOLDMAN Linden, Texas El P850 El Paso RICHARD GRANT El Paso JO MAE GREEN El Paso 'ii V2.1 ,.,, , -I , Q ,f 5- .K 1 BRENDA GROSE EI Paso BERRY HAWKINS El Paso SHIRLEY HALL El Paso JOHN HEDRICK El Paso RUTH HEINS El Paso MARLYS HESSEL Rapid Cify, S. D. JOE JACQUES Anfhony, N. M. F, CAROL KENNEDY EI Paso JOSE JACQUEZ ANTHONY KENDRICK Van Horn, Texas EI Paso if V. 5 if X 9 xwy' . Aa-df" BARBARA KINDER DON KIRBY WILLIAM KLEINSCHMIDT El P650 El Paso El Paso 57 KATHRYN KRATZ CATHY LAMBERT WANDA LAMBERT El Paso Monahans, Texas El Pa so JANET LINEBAUGH El Paso JULIE LORD El Paso DICK LAUGHMAN EI Paso MARGUERITE LOYA EI Paso BETTY LYONS BETTY LYTLE EI Paso Andrews, Texas 'V' JUDY MaclVER ROBERT MacCALLUM El Paso El Paso my-M ,Q MARGARET MacNElL MARY MCCUTCHEON EDWARD MARSH EI Paso Forf Sfocldon El Paso N- Wa T 2 vm Q . If AQ T f ,g:,, 5 up ' 4 A ' ,.AA RAYMOND MARIN ROSE MARTINEZ ARTHUR MARVIN PAT MAURY EI Paso EI Paso Odessa El Page 59 8 Q X 953 I M P 1. F ss 'WX' 8 X a y 15' 1 ,.,: :IE Wg .,,: swing? KEN MILLER MALLORY MILLER DAVID MONTELONGO MARY HELEN MORENO EI Paso EI Paso El Paso Midland, Texas ARNOLD NANCE EUGENIA NIEHOUSE EDDIE OCHOTORENA Inspirafion, Arizona EI Paso EI Paso SARA OLIVER MARTHA PALAFOX EI Paso El Paso 60 bm Jaw? GEORGE PASCHICH MARTHA PARRA El Paso El Paso in M5 A A J . . . ff Y 'IE' 543 ., .uul fm M ' f Q :'f?C?. A .Sw 3 'g?'i5,,W 1 'IMG-wf 1 W O. D. PAULK HELEN PAULUS PAUL PAYNTER Ozona El Paso El Paso ..,-2112155515 EV ' 3"Zf5Z'Qff'fff5 ff K5 we , gf W- MW ,., fe '-189' 'aiu' MAXINE PRESCOTT CARROL PRATHRO BOB PRYOR El Paso El Paao Alamogordo, N. M. 61 Q, fm. NANCY PULLEN EI Paso INDIA RADER COOKIE RAMIREZ HAZEL RAMIREZ NORA LEE RANDALL Kilgore, Texas EI Paso EI Paso EI Paso DWIGHT REAGAN JACK RHOADES JOHN RIPPER Monahans, Texas Odessa Wink JOHNNIE ROYALL JESUS SALAZAR Phillips, Texas Anfhony, N. M. 62 EDWARD SANDELL JOHN SCHMIDT Harlingen, Texas Balboa, Canal Zone A C JOHN SHERMAN ALICE SHERWOOD WILLIAM STEPHENS EI Paso El Paso El Paso 'X IVY - I is -.fav GAIL SURRATT NICHOLAS TATE VAN B.TATE MARIA TERRAZAS Fabens Niagara Falls, N. Y. Sfephenville, Texas EI Paso 63 JAMES THORPE THOMAS TOMAN ANNA MARIA VARGAS BARBARA WALKER El Paso El Paso El Paso El Paso PERRY WALLER MELISSA WARE RAY WARREN EI Paso EI Paso Paducah, Ky. Y MARJORIE WATKINS TOMMIE LOU WATSON Fi. Bliss, Texas EI Paso 64 if 4+ KARIN WAUGH EI Paso JOAN WEAVER FI. Davis iw! j k II GRETCHEN WEGENER HENRY RETTIG Cheiham, N. J. MADELINE WILLIS EI Paso EI Paso ,WMI CYNTHIA WITHERSPOON EI Paso ff ' :.- . f' ' f an Ie! LOUIS WILLIAMS EI Paso DIAN YOUNG CONNIE YOUNG El P050 EI Paso "9""Q"'f JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Lefi' fo Righfz Bill Downing, Presidenh Orlando Garza, Vice-Presidenh Kaie Gilliland, Sec reiaryg Caroline Waison, Treasurer: and Bill Huff and Dale Diclrson, Junior Represeniaiives. 66 ,wi z ANN ANDERSON LUCILLE ARMENDAREZ Texarkana EI Paso GEORGE ARMS EVANGELINA ASPEITIA Marfin, Kenfuclcy EI Paso WINFRED BAGGET RICHARD BARRERA Seminole Van Horn BELIA BACA El Paso KAY BARWISE DIANE BAUERSCHLAG EI Paso Thorndale Q ' Ffa Www, I av' ANNABELLE BEAN EI Paso DAN BOYD CHARLES BRADSHAW GARY BROOKE Abilene Abilene El Paso CHARLES BROWN RICHARD BUGNACKI MARY FRANCES BURDETT Aflanfa Syracuse, New York El Paso JACK BURGESS FRED CANALES Alpine El Paso 68 BARBARA CANTRELL KAY CHERKO EI Paso EI Paso " ' . "47:g:'1?f,-'.,, -V nizbikzs 5 ,g ' is: :ig A' "':2::::": -, - X' A A ' 'igggg iifififn 'z 1 .E ., '?2fs'iQ"'g-2 , L, 'Qi'-. 5 IQ.. 5 552413 'M' 4? A .A ,, -:gg W wg , . K, 35425: 2 A L , 4 - f K A Y i ?4.?,a,q,j H K I I ,W Aw- in V Y I- .W y ,X 1.4 - g wi A ' r es ,W , 1 ' 'Q X ix lv' Maw if af ,ff :WXW K? . Q, f ,, f':"?L2fvx . wg? xy 2 if: ,.,. Q K , 1315! ,, 'Q 1' 5,4 .v R' .- ff, f wa, X Y i -Fi 11 'cab K " 4 'P' 1 x ' 1 V, 5, Q JTJPY 5? f 'V 4 3 F 'Si 'Y X ,NATHAN COOK CLIFTON DARDEN HONEY DENNEHY Dallas Hubbard EI Paso as . I A "3A L L L RONALD DETTMAN DALE DICKSON BRUCE DUGGER ERNESTO ELORREAGA El Paso EI Paso EI Paso EI Paso 69 1' WILLIAM ENGLERETH KEN ENGLISH A. J. ESTES, JR. ROBERT FERNANDEZ CI'1a+anooga, Tenn. San An'Ionio Gainesville EI Paso BENNY FOWLER LYDIA FRANCO MIKE FURMAN Seagonville EI Paso Housfon LUCY GALVAN WILLIAM GANDARA EI Paso El P650 70 3 ls, 33 i of 'if 5 A EDNA GARCIA JOEL GARCIA EI Paso El Paso ORLANDO GARZA KATE GILLILAND E. U. GOGL EI Paso San Anfonio Hillsboro, Oregon :Wm MW' RUDY GONZALES ORVILLE GOWER CHARLES GRANT FRANK GRIMMER El Paso EI Paso EI Paso Albuquerque, N. M. 71 GEORGINA GUEVERA ALICE HARRIS JIM HARVIE WILLIAM HEAPS EI Paso EI Peso EI Paso Whifeford, Indiana IRENE HOLGUIN JANE HOLMBERG ERNEST HOLMES lll El P650 EI Paso Las Cruces, New Mexico 9 Q .,A .-- - , ,,..,.. A 4 ' E I ' IGI If " BILL HUFF FRANK HSU Mesa, Arizona Taipei, Taiwan, China 72 if D 'U' ' WM :ig :I qimaww 1 5 If-f ,X EVELYN IMLE GEORGE IWANAGA EI Paso EI Paso N 'lk Rv- I , ' I. , , I , fp M .5 , , H f -, , ' LEE JONES DICK JUBA MARY ANNE KENNEDY Brownfield Lawrence, Mess. EI Paso I 5 E,4 s wg X, , T I F 'S H Q P Qvr THEODORE LAPKO EDWIN LENT BILL LEWIS LIN LIVERMORE San An+onio Toronfo, Canada Carlsbad, N. M. EI Paso 73 V-"+ 'nf Y' ' ' BETTY MAGOON JOHN MALOOLY Kerrville EI Paso DON MARTIN San Anionio 'll MARILYN MARSH JERRY MARSHALL Florence, Monfana PllilliPS JIM MATLOCK VICTOR MOORE Alpine EI Paso PORTIS MORELAND THOMAS MULHERN El Paso El P650 '74 ARTHUR NAPOLES EI Paso SANDRA OGDEN Odessa mir, NANCY PIRTLE Dexier, New Mexico .f-ug, CAROLYN NELIGAN EI Paso ELEANOR PAYAN RICHARD PEREZ El Paso P550 WILLIAM PURDY RABIE GEORGE PETE RAMIREZ El P650 Beii Jaia. Jordan EI Paso 75 JIM RIPPER SALLY ROBERTSON ROSA RODARTE FRANCIS RODDY Wink Roswell, New Mexico El Paso Philadelphia, Pa. SANTIAGO ROMERO GILBERT SANTOSCOY MARCI SCOTT EI Paso EI Paso Richardson Q ANN SIMPSON ARMANDO SOTO EI Paso Anfhony '76 43 Aj "W iff, W I in 4 Q' , I' , ' Ii al if is A 1 eg 4 fy , ,Q T, ff " , . . IH A 5313 9 Hai RICHARD SOUTER WILLIAM STANTON Denver Cify San An+onio BETTY STAPLETON KENNETH STUTES PHILLIP SWAILS Balmorea Sanderson San DIegO. CHINOFHIB -vnu il CARLOS TELLEZ NANCY TILLER TOM TOLSON ROSITA TRUJILLO Anfhony, New Mexico EI Paso EI Paso Yslaia '77 TOM TRUMBELL PEDRO VARGAS ALICIA VASQUEZ RENE VELA EI Paso EI Paso El Paso EI Paso DON WARD CAROLINE WATSON WILLIAM WEBB El Paso El Paso EI Paso El Paso El P650 '78 NEIL WEINBRENNER LEE WIGZELL WALTER WILLIS Texarkana ANNA JEAN WIPF EI Paso JOAN WALL EI Paso J. 'R JAMES WITI' Carlsbad, New Mexico DIANE YERBY PAT YOUNG El Paso El Paso 79 'lr SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bob Garner, President Alan Friedman, Vice Presldenh Tifa Mahon, Secre+ary: Sandra Fowler, Treas urer: Pai Douglas, Class Represeniaiiveg Anne Tl'1orn+on, Class Represen+a+ive. 80 'if' MARIA STELLA ALBA JOHN C. ALEXANDER, JR. Maior: P. E, Maior: BBA EI Paso, Texas EI Paso, Texas P.E, Club Kappa Sigma W.A.A. Inferfralernify Council Della Sigma Pi wh' .lm My D-gg, W 4 1 av gg CHARLES NELS ANDERSON GWENDOLYN JOYCE ANDERSON OLGA M. ARREOLA Maior: Geology Maior: P. E. Maior: Radio TV Ashiabula, Ohio Odessa, Texas El Paso, Texas Kappa Sigma wld Tau AlPl'B Scholaris .A.A. Bell Hall Dorm Council P,E. Maiors Club Campus Colleagues Flowsheei KVOF Sfaff JACK W. BALLARD WILLIE RAUL BARRAGAN Maior: Geology Maior: Governmeni El Paso, Texas EI Pago, Texas AIME SEG IRVIN L. BARRINGTON Maior: Hisfory EI Paso, Texas Orange Key Phi Alpha Thela 81 JEANINE BEEVERS Maior: Educafion El Paso, Texas Alpha Chi Vice4Presiden+, Scholaris Treasurer, Zela Tau Alpha Flowsheel Edilor Vice'Presidenl, Kappa Delia Pi Lady-in-Waihng, Snow Fiesfa Luce Claire Hoard, Scholarship Bus. Manager, EI Burro W.A.A. Honor Roll MARVIN ALBERT BEIER Maior: Radio TV Las Cruces, New Mexico Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Rho Orange Key ROBERT M. BELL Maier: BBA Soulh Amboy, New Jersey Presidenl, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Columnisf, Prospecfor Ediior, Nuggef infer-Fralernify Council ROBERT BENFORD Maior: Educafion El Paso. Texas Kappa Sigma GEORGIA BEYS Maior: Arfs EI Paso, Texas Delia Gamma Choir Golddiggers Drum Corps W.A.A. CAROLYN BILLMAN ELEANOR BLACK JAMES H. BLACK Maior: Elemenfary Educafion Major: Educaiion Mdiort BBA El Paso, Texas El Paso, Texas El PGSO. TQXGS Presideni, Chi Omega Zeta Tau Alpha Orange Key Presidenl, W.A.A. SBVJUWYX Secreiary, lnferfailh Council Treasurer, Panhellenic ACE, Reporier Chenrizig Scholaris BSU Alpha Chi 82 GRACE ANNE BONAR CLARENCE ALLEN BORN Maior: Educalion Major: Geology Tacoma, Washingfon Durango, Colorado P.E. Maiors Club JACK JULES BOUROUIN Maior: Elecfrical Engineering Barflesville, Olrlahoma BILL L. BRITTON Maior: Psychology Carlsbad, New Mexico AIEE Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Chi Psychology Club Who's Who JOANNE KOLLINER BROWN WILL C. BUNNELL Maior: Geology Maior: Eleclrical Engineering EI Paso, Texas Maria, Texas Della Della Delfa AIEE 'Sf' BARBARA ANN BURKS Maiqr: Mafh El Paso. Texas Delia Della Delia BSU Scholaris FERNANDO CARACENA, JR. I. REID CARLISLE Maior: Physics Maior: Geology EI Paso, Texas Beaumonf, Texas Alpha Phi Omega BARBARA JANE CHAMNESS MAGGIE JEAN CLEGHORN Major: Educalion Maior: Elemeniary Eclucafion Chihuahua, Mexico Monahans, Texas Delfa Della Della Presidenl, Della Delfa Delia Sigma Della Pi Assoc. Childhood EducaI'ion ACE W.A,A. Chenrizig 83 LINDA LOUISE COBB BOBBY LEE COLEMAN SALLIE RHEA CONN Maier: Psychology Maior: Geology Maior: BBA Demopolis, Alabama Yazoo, Mississippi Fabens, Texas Alpha Chi Chi Omega Psi Chi Chenrixig Chenrizig Alpha Chi Psychology Club Panhellenic Ze+a Tau Alpha W,A.A. Panhellenic Council Jr. Pan American SARA ROBERTA COONEY Maior: Nursing El Paso, Texas Zefa Tau Alpha Publicify Chairman Psi Chi, Presiclenf Psychology Club, Presiclenf W.A.A. Canferbury Sfudenf Union Board JERRY RUSSELL CRADDOCK RICHARD DAHLKE ZUILMA XEENEA DEHESA Maior: Spanish Maier: Psychology Pueblo, Colorado EI Paso, Texas Maior: Chemisfry Juarez, Chihuahua American Chemical Sociefy Cosmopolifan Club YOLANDA DE HOYOS MARIA ISABLEL DIAZ Maior: Educafion El Paso, Texas Newman Club 84 Maior: Eclucafion EI Paso, Texas Newman Club Campus Colleagues SHIRLEY DIANNE DIEBELS Maier: Elemenlary Educafion El Paso, Texas Delia Gamma Kappa Della Pi Delfa Psi Kappa Sfudenf Council W.A.A. ACE LORI T. DILLARD Maior: P. E. El Paso, Texas Phraferes P.E. Leaders Jr. Pan American W.A.A. Co-Ed Council BSU PATRlCIA ANN DOUGLAS Maior: Drama El Paso, Texas Delia Della Della Sfudenl' Council Flowshee! ROBERT ALLAN EIBER Maier: P. E. EI Paso, Texas Sardonyx Orange Key Scabbard 8: Blade RAY DUTCHOVER Major: Infer-American Sfudies An+l1ony. New Mexico Newman Club -V ' Zl2fI.:If- ' -- 6793553 5 - 31.-.QW - . E:' Kwjiebs. , . ' , iiggfsfcsff , ' Q. ' : gf YQ .jhl ,PW iii :jig ,t , .gall . 3,5355 5,3 ,::gff.- ' " F2225 3:. : V 'Wa':?'Q: M . if-' - ' ff NORMAN ELMER EITING Maior: Engineer EI Paso, Texas AIEE Campus Police BARBARA ANN EIBER Maior: P. E. El Paso, Texas Drum Corps Sfudenr Council, Freshm P.E. Maiors Club Cheerleader an Rep. CHARLES A. ESPALIN Maior: Geology El Paso. Texas Orange Key AIME Campus Colleagues 85 X una-05' I Viii. :W 1 l?F,.i IV w , .V gf ..., J MITCHELL ESPER Maior: Hisfory El Paso, Texas BONNIE MAY FAlRALl. Maior: Psychology EI Paso, Texas Chi Omega W.A.A. lnierfaifh Council Psychology Club Jr. Pan American RICHARD LAWRENCE FAIRALL Maior: His+ory EI Paso, Texas Scabbard S: Blade Phi Kappa Tau Pre-Law Club WTR j Ellll aa SANDRA GAYLE FLAIZ Maier: Elemeniary Educalion El Paso, Texas 86 wily D B Q , L ss 2' 5 fe: 7? ' ,R ,Z f A sig Q, R .. W , y ,,,. E Y .w 6, 1 jp 3 if xg ,V ,, sg U in SAM TERRELL FIELD Maier: Geology Crane. Texas Orange Key Wesley Foundafion Alpha Phi Omega AIME ., f ' W ' f FEDERICO FIERRO Maior: BBA El Paso, Texas SANDRA ANN FOWLER TED C. F-OWLER Maior: Speech 8: Drama Maior: Geology Odessa, Texas College Players BSU Dorm Council W.A.A. Zefa Tau Alpha KVOF Eslelline. Texas MARGOT FRASER Maier: Psychology Alpine, Texas Alpha Psi Omega CAESAR FULTON Maior: Engineer Houston. Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon Coed-King, l957 LEONARDO JESUS GALLARDO Maier: Chemisfry El Paso, Texas A. C. S. R.O.T.C. WMM 75 -"' T BARRY STEPHEN GALLOWAY Maier: BBA EI Paso, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon lnfer-Fraiernify Council IRMA ELVIRA GANDARA Maior: BA El Paso, Texas Newman Club Phi Gamma Nu Sigma Delia Pi 'ffmff GEORGE ALLAN GENO Maior: Eleclrical Engineering Rochesfer, Michigan AIEE Campus Police ROBERT J, GANDARA Maior: Elecfrical Engineering El Paso, Texas Alpha Phi Omega Rifle Team Scabbarcl 8: Blade AIEE ROBERT L. GARNER Maior: Meiallurgy Carlsbad, New Mexico AIME Sigma Alpha Epsilon THOMAS JAMES GILLEY Maior: Physics EI Paso, Texas DON GIPSON Maior: Geology Jackson, Mississippi Sigma Alpha Epsilon AIME SEG Alpha Phi Omega Orange Key Sfuden? Council lnframural Direcfor 87 EMANUEL GILMORE Maior: BBA El Paso. Texas .waz :.3,53.,:3 55,555,555-ggggji's52g:f:agsa::":: -5- -QE . :. . , , , 5 , if 44 Wifi? Q , :asm QQ ,K Mi M , f Q MJ gg 3, ,Q ,5 ., f f a':f:: 3 1 'Q if i ' Q ' "--9 ' ' '1 FRED GRANT GREEN, JR. ERNEST F, GOELDNER SAM D. GOMEZ ADRIAN RUBEN GONZALES Maior: Chemislry Maior: Hisfory Maior: BBA Maior: Music Educafion Juarez, Chihuahua Corpus Chrisl, Texas EI Paso, Texas Hcopesfon, Illinois American Chemical Socieiy AIME Newman Club Cosmopolifan Club f i f RITA SUE GREENE Maior: Educafion Odessa, Texas Zela Tau Alpha Kappa Kappa Psi Band Varsifonians R.O.T.C. ASSN. M.E.N.C. in ? BETTE MYNETTE HARDING RONALD VERNE HENSLEY Maior: Psychology Maier: Biology EI Paso, Texas EI Paso, Texas Del+a Delia Delia Orange Key Psychology Club Pre-Med Club 88 3 5 5 5 E li ANNA P. HERNANDEZ LUCAS HERRERA, JR. Maior: Elemenfary Educaiion Maier: BBA Hanover, Pennsylvania Marfa, Texas MARIA ROSA HERRERA MARY EVELYN HIGHSMITH Maior: BBA Maior: BA Marfa, Texas Phi Gamma Nu Newman Club W.A.A. Maria. Texas Zefa Alum Dean's Lisf-Spring '57 JAMES M. HILL Maior: Geology Berger, Texas Alpha Phi Omega AIME Sfudeni Council, Engineer Rep. ,W-., 'iii 'Tim' LILLIAN HIRSCH Maier: Educafion EI Paso, Texas Delfa Delia Delia American Childhood Educaiion Kappa Delia Pi El Burro BSU s 3 4155 'fi CARLOS HORNEDO LEE E. HOUSEN Maior: Engineering Maier: Geology Mugisiral Durango, Mexico Belfair, Washingfon Alpha Phi Omega IRENE LOUISE HOLLAND Maior: Ari Odessa. Texas Kappa Pi ROBERT HUGHES Maior: Gelogy For'I Sfoclrfon, Texas 89 ARTHUR V. HULL Maior: BBA San Antonio. Texas Kappa Sigma Scabbard 8: Blade MARILYN IVEY RODNEY JENNINGS MARY LYNN JOHNSON BOBBY JOE JONES Major: Educaiion Major: Music Educafion Major: Chemisiry Maior: Psychology El Paso, Texas Bluffton, Ohio Pampa, Texas Ranlrin, Texas Zefa Tau Alpha Kappa Kappa Psi Alpha Chi Psi Chi, Secrefary-Treasurer Sardonyx Psychology Club, Secretary-Treas. EI Burro Cosmopolifan Club, Vice-Pres. Xi Pres A Capella Choir TWC Band College Players WILLIAM WAYNE JONES JERRY KELLEN MARTHA JANE KENNEDY Major: BBA Major: Elecirical Engineering Maier: Ed'-ICdfi0YI El Paso, Texas El Paso, Texas El Paso. Texas M Club Sardonyx Chi Omega Baslrefball Team Scabbard 8: Blade W.A.A, BSU AIEE Jr. Pan American Sfuclenf Council Flowsheef, Freshman Editor Who'5 Who Beaux Arfs Men of Mines A-OE. JOAN KIONKA ALFRED W. KORUS Maior: English Maior: Geology El Paso, Texas El Paso, Texas Alpha Chi AIME 90 EDNA LANCASTER Maior: Speech Monahans, Texas JOE M. LE DESMA Maior: Radio TV El Paso, Texas Newman Club Alpha Epsilon Rho TWC Amaleur Radio Club ARTURO J. LIGHTBOURN DULCIE MILDRED LIGON FRED LITTLE Maior: P,E. Maior: Piano Maior: BBA El Paso, Texas Ferl Slockfon, Texas EI Paso, Texas Campus Colleagues Zefa Tau Alpha Della Sigma Pi Choir W.A.A. Alpha Chi WILLIAM LLOYD Maier: Physics EI Paso, Texas A.R.E. ROSEMARY LOPEZ Maior: Educafion EI Paso, Texas Newman Club Campus Colleagues Flowsheef Sfaff PORFIRIO LOZANO Maier: Pre-Med EI Paso, Texas Newman Club 91 GERRY LYNCH Maior: Educalion El Paso, Texas Chenrizig Who's Who Sfudenl Council, Secrefary Ass'n Childhood Educaiion Q i f .sa f f 5, 'T Q' W Q, ,, Q bi we SQ x S: IIE.: li I T I' 'W Ein ai Q w . them ix Z, .,., Q X x it 1 ., i , X W , , N Q35 fifiirw ' ess, Q me Q DONALD KEITH MCCARTY Maior: Physics Big Spring, Texas Alpha Chi Orange Key asf 521232 4 Im-V H we eee , :,' ' 3 ,. as .,.q ,,. asm, , , aww-595 PEGGY JANE McCLENDON JO ANN C. McDONALD CHRISTINE ELIS McEACHERN Maior: BBA Texarkana, Texas Phi Gamma Nu Belles Sludenf Council Wesley Foundalion Inler-Faifh Council Maior: Elementary Educalion Maior: Music EI Paso, Texas El Paso, Texas Zera Tau Alpha Mu Phi Epsilon W.A.A. , Choir A.C.E. CHARLES ANDREW McGAHA CAROL A. McKEE Maier: Radio TV Jal, New Mexico KVOF TWC-TV Sfaff Alpha Epsilon Rho Tau Kappa Epsilon Major: Psychology El Paso, Texas Della Della Delia Co-Ed Council Psychology Club, Secrelary Dorm Council, Secreiary W.A.A. Golddiggers +5 W was w:ea4"f?T?? :': 3' 5222 ., ' , g gi, . ,ee.,sas. ' - ly: Q? H 4, M -V fe: if Q Q Y I Es 1 . e.,M,,fv'iWs, 55g,.e,l,:1s:'Q,f:f -1 . , , 'E 52 W 'S w na ' af fy A fy "1 X A A A 1.1 gy 1 J A W M Vg 1 is Q Q 4 X iq f mb 4 yd fx A A 1 491+ Y Wi +1 ' , If 4-1553 4 'fav X1 H IQ - - 2' '1s:'miza21f' 9 f A g is-if if if ez? MIKE B. MCKENZIE Maior: Geology San Anlonio, Texas AIME Kidd Mining Club Geology Club 92 MARY G. MAHON Major: Spanish EI Paso, Texas Della Delia Della Flowsheei Slaff Newman Club Sigma Della Pi W.A.A. Senior Class Secrefary WILLIAM J. MAHON Maior: Biology EI Paso, Texas Kappa Sigma Pre-Med Club Newman Club ELLEN JAYNE MARIS JAMES PETER MARTIN Maier: Music Educalion Pecos, Texas Zeta Tau Alpha Jr, Pan American Round Table Chenrizig Choir Wesley Foundafion Maior: BBA El Paso. Texas GORBY C. MASON CHARLES MATTHEWS FRED GORDON MAULDIN Maior: BBA Maior: Geology Maior: Geology Philo, Ollie Corpus Cllrisli, Texas San Anlonio, Texas AIME SEG -ee ROBERT PAUL MAY Maier: Pre-Med El Paso. Texas Orange Key Pre-Med Club Roll: Sociely Q -:y,. ii AMY MENDEZ VERNON ARTHUR MITCHELL MARGARET J MIZAR Maior: BA Maior: BBA Maior: Educahon Carlsbad, New Mexico Kilgore, Texas Hunlinglon Park California Golddiggers Orange Key Sclrolaris Belles Foolball Choir Drum Corps Newman Club Phi Gamma Nu Campus Colleagues W.A.A. 93 Maior: Engineer Jeanefle, Pennsylvania if I JAMES WARD MOCK CHARLES C. MONEDERO RICHARD JACKSON MONTGOMERY BILLY RAY MORGAN Maior: BBA Maier: Geology Maior: P. E. El Paso, Texas Miami, Texas Wink. TSXBS Tau Kappa Epsilon AIME Varsify Foolball Sardonyx, Treasurer Sigma Alpha Epsilon AIME, Vice-Presidenl' Orange Key Sigma Gamma Epsilon S'IucIen+ Council Della Sigma Pi DONN COTTERELL MORRIS Major: Ari El Paso, Texas Kappa Pi M Club w ELIZABETH M. MORRIS Maior: Eclucafion SANDRA MORRISON Maior: Geology Parral. Mexico El Paso, Texas Delta Della Della W,A,A, Secrefary-Treasurer AIME, Secrefary SEC-1 Jr. Pan-American Round Table, ' I li! 24 5 1? 21 ' , 155125 we lgggag.,-3 ' .,,,, , . 1,4-2 new sal' -1: 1.5. ' :g:2f?:f,1' f "'II-Z..-.22 ':"'EfSIE .-2-5525717 -'Ei ,, . - V -V-:sire A f -,-. , 32 ?-52 25. -1 , a?s'?4fi I I l,Qww:i?T f -,vf-,f:::-z:::-asF- ' . Q ff ,,, . e - f V '- " . fi ft ,5 ' Q " E fs , l I ,fa I s - F 5 in 29 5 is 1 ,- 5'?5f'5'2i A If il ,f'.5'f f'i,1f? 1' fi 51? if -axis, ,fglm as life: ffifigz ww f? f 1 RAUL MUNIZ LARK MURRAY Maior: Educafion Maior: Engineer Flnresville, Texas EI Paso, Texas 94 Lambda Chi Alpha Q :S 2 Q ? 5 2 5 A Z 1 E E ii ? ii 33 NAMRA SOFIE NACIM Major: Elemeniary Educaiion EI Paso, Texas ACE Phreferes W.A.A. Jr. Pan American is sf ei ' 2 U, ff LANNY NORRIS Maior: Geology Tyler, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon AIME Wesley Foundaiinn BILLY PAT NASH Maior: Geology Merlrel, Texas Alpha Phi Omega Sigma Gamma Epsilon AIME JUAN OGAZ Maior: Elecfrical Engineer El Paso, Texas AIME, Reporfer Newman Club li 5 iii I 3 425222: 3.1222-a2i::1':'::':': ' ' iii I 'Z if? ALAN LEE PHELPS JACKSON A. PHILLIPS Maior: Hisiory Maior: Geology EI Peso, Texas Shirley, W. Virginia Phi Kappa Tau Alpha Phi Omega Scalsbard Hr Blade AIME KARL FOSTER PERRY Maier: BBA EI Paso, Texas Delia Sigma Pi Sardonyx Scalzlaard Xr Blade Wesley Foundaiion Inferfailh Council 5, 3251 iii: .:: :5: 5: . -' S ,: U ,, U , , r Wx., 551 :L "" ""' ' 2.25 .. .mfr -' . 2 A 1 Q W, " "r:.:f: 4. . M .,..,. .. ,.,. ,,..,......... , .- 3 ' W wa? Q Q ,Wag , .r ., .wwawm Q ,S ' Wwwwf 355322 W D A 2 ,,,, A s sszszfg-:asia .. :g. 2: .:: ':: ::. , -' W ':: :I r: +':1 gs--1: xi i: " 5 1 x 2- A 5 2. ::.:::"::..::' ' M we m iie . , rmwwmm J 4 I ii IfE:.-:' .':Z!I2. :E..-: 'i: '-I -1 '- ::E.:5':f:': ii' 'ff- rg. 1,-,-r . - . 4 4. ag: .:' ' Q .7 .5 0 J! A . ,... ., . ,, f 4 mh z ,. : ....,.. ..,, . ' I 3 ':.: - -::,.::-:args 5:51 EZ -:..x,, ..., ,i .r rr E pr f NORMAN W. PITTENGER Maior: BBA Gallup, New Mexico Lambda Chi Alpha Orange Key Della Sigma Pi 95 .. , .rim . .5 I. .r,, mba ......,.. . ZOE DEAN POOLE Maior: Psychology El Paso, Texas Chi Omega Chenrizig Psi Chi Alpha Chi Psychology Club Golddiggers EI Burro Jr. Pan-American ROBERT T. PRENSKY LUANNE PRESLEY Maicr: Radio TV EI Paso. Texas Alpha Epsilon Rho KVOF Sfaff Ruilv Society Prospecfor, Business Manager Maior: Music Educafion Crane, Texas TWC Choir TNQ. SAM A. RAMIREZ CARLOS REYNA. JR. Maior: Biological Science Maiofi EdUCiII9" EI Paso, Texas EI Paso. Texaz Pre-Med Club BSU CONNIE MAE RIORDAN Maier: P. E. El Paso, Texas W.A.A. P.E. Maiors Club 96 DALE ROBERTS GILBERT RODRIGUEZ Maior: Hisiory Maior: Geology Ralls, Texas Richland, Washingfon Phi Alpha Thefa Sigma Gamma Epsilon AIME, Secrefary SEG, Secrefary-Treasurer APO, Presideni Enginering Council, Treasurer MARCOS RODRIGUEZ, JR. GAYLE ROSEMUND Maior: Hisrory Maior: CI-iemisfry EI Paso. Texas EI Paso. Texas ROBERT SANDERS Maier: Engineer El Paso, Texas A,S.C.E. Sigma Aplha Epsilon BARBARA LOUISE SCHULLER Maior: Elemenlary Educalion El Paso, Texas Della Della Della W.A.A, V:- ,QQ , ' 4 .Fw 'T u Q1 . EQ? 7 ,, ' v.-, t , I If - 3 FRED B. SEELY FRED WILLIAM SEYMOUR MARTHA LUCILLE SHADLE Maior: Physics Maior: Pre-Med Maigrg Journalism Hammond, Indiana El Paso, Texas For! Worlh, Texas Phi Kappa Tau, Presidenl Pre-Med Club Prqgpecforl Ediior AIPPQ CIW' Alpha Phi Gamma Who s Who A.S.C.E. - Sweelhearl Men ol Mines ROBERT DAVID SHAWVER Maier: BBA Jaclxslaoro, Texas Sardonyx wr' 'Z' ,us 1 -Q- KATHLEEIN Sl-IERWOOD Major: P. E. El Paso, Texas P.E. Maiors Club Della Psi Kappa Scholaris W.A.A, BETTE ANN SINGER Maier: Education El Paso. Texas Della Della Della ACE 97 JANYTH ROY SMITH Maier: Geology El Paso. Texas AIME Alpha Phi Gamma Jr. Pan-American Golddiggers Flowsheel Slalf SEG, Secrelary ESPERANZA SOTO Maior: Spanish Sunrise, Wyoming Newman Club, Presidenf lnlerlaifh Council SONJA NAN SPENCER Maior: Geology El Paso, Texas AlME SEG Sfudeni Council Jr. Pan-American ALLEN E. STARCH Maior: Educafion EI Paso, Texas Cosmopolifan Club College Choir Campus Colleagues Wesley Eoundalion GERALD STEWART JEANNE M. STONE Maior: English Maier: English EI Paso, Texas El Paso. Texas BSU Sardonyx Oran'e Key Phi A?pha Thela Men of Mines lnfer-Fai+h Council, Presidenl 98 v ai EUNICE B. STEUERWALD Maior: Arl' El Paso, Texas Alpha Alpha Nu ,W W.. ...lum N... ....... ,. ,.a,wsae4.f.fM.w'- ...,....ew-Q ,w,,,,,,,.,,,.W..i.ea. . sg. . .,..,. . weeaseweem M . .. .,,, , .:. 4- 7 Sim -, ..., -. 4- ., ., ,,.,,.. . ,UA .. , fi Q za A l M Z , K X' .gwjife E xx f 2: , 'E 2 if 4-1 ,Nga ff G . . Q r M Za 1 , 515:11 H ':-.25 my - aww .W . .,,, A Knew, , . W. D. STRICKLIN Maior: Geology Douglas, Arizona 55 li is il 5 i S BOB SUMMERFORD JACK P. THOMPSON Maior: Engineering Maier: Economics El Paso, Texas McAllen, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delia Sigma Pi MIKE JOE THOMPSON Maier: Infer-American Sfuclies EI Paso, Texas ELIZABETH ANNE THORNTON Maior: Elemenlary Educalion EI Paso, Texas Delia Della Della FRANK M. VARGAS Maier: Cl1emis'lry EI Paso, Texas ACS R.O.T.C. Tennis Team ' 1 .atm NANCY THOMPSON Maior: Malli Midland. Texas Zefa Tau Alpha W.A.A. Alpha Epsilon Rho :Q if- 4 I H ai ' '. fn ly: REUBEN romzss WILLIAM R, TYRA Maior: Elemeniary Education Maior: BBA EI Paso, Texas Pre-Med Club ASC EI Paso, Texas Phi Kappa Tau PATRICIA JOYCE VICKERS JOAN BETTY vlggiqugr MBIUYI BA Major: Biology El PGSO. TBUS La Tuna, Texas CIII Omega Pre'Med Club Phi Gamma Nu Jr, Pan-American 99 CECIL S. VILLALOBOS Maier: English Van Horn, Texas Cosmopolilan Club TWC Band Sigma Della Pi TWC Choir Campus Colleagues Wesley Foundation ROY WALL WILLIAM ALLEN WALSH NANCY COOK WARD PHILIP WAYNE WARD Maior: BBA Maior: BBA Major: BA Maior: Elecirical Engineer EI Paso, Texas EI Paso, Texas El Paso, Texas EI Paso, Texas Chi Omega Sigma Aipha Epsilon Jr. Pan-American Sardonyx Beeux Arfs Men of Mines Prospecior, Sociefy Ediior ESTELLE WINTROUB FRED WITT LOWELL BRYAN WOLLEY Maior: Elemenfary Educafion Maier: Radio TV Maior: Engiisil EI Paso, Texas Meibpurne, Iowa Forf Davis, Texas " Roih Socieiy Tau Kappa Epsilon infer-FaiI'I1 Council I.F.C. ,Vice-Presidenf Dean's Lisl' Flowsheef 100 EDWARD YANNUZZI ROSEMARY ZACOUR Major: Physics Maier: Elemeniary Educafion El Paso, Texas El Paso, Texas Orange Key Phraieres W.A.A. ACE Co-Ed Councii 1, f? 'Fifa 'H zz, .,i 'sup Mi a1f'!w'ZQ We K -Q xx kv NRNN' 95- 5 4. W f,-,Q hw I sy -ss n , 4 ilu -.rxhu , " ff, My fab, aka 4' M ,fam Qiy HY 4 ,,,,W1X 1, 4. 711 ,, 1 1+ Q new img y . Aw lbw VK.. ,... - W, 2 -1,9111- , 344, K "1: . 322 1 N. 2 5 ,5221 V, ki Q Mm Zia ww ww, WMM WM ,. W A, H-, N....,.,,.... , . wvf'2, . . Q . 5 6 X , if , fi s f'3f,fQ:,x "QQ " 5 5 Q ' f MWA 5 77 3335-X X 'sy mx Vw Xxx 5a,.4gf Ynxijxxw s fg wh X: M. f fiig I 1 s 5 XM' 5 2 s ffifg 2 . s 3, 5 A " f Y if? i V Wx f I 1 iii! 1 A! "Class sec+ion deadline is geffing near." Jerry helps alphabefize freshmen. RQ' ix ,-Q XXX A ,K fm 9 K 'wr XTR' 1, Us 2 Q X M, Ni K. 'I-'IES pf.""s S K K XR' X1 aim Sgt me 'm""w.m.s X it I-BZIHUGHUJ v-lzrlngzrnmceocn P-4 G ND JIM PEAK Presidenf V 'L'L www'-u S D 3 ,,. V9 r, PW' :Emo r rrra My 'U O---...,,,,,,,, STUDENT COUNCIL Standing: Bob Calhoun, Sophomore Represen+a+iveg Bob Jones, Sophomore Represen1a+ive: Jim Peak, Presidenh Jerry Kellen, Engineering Represenfafiveg Bob Waller, Academic Represenraliveg David Birlcelbach, Freshman Represenfafiveg Don Leslie, Vice-Presidenfg Hoo+ Gibson, Direcfor of In+ramural Spor+s. Sea+ed: Ellene Jayne Maris, Treasurer, Carol Kennedy, Academic Represenfa+iveg Dale Dickson, Junior Represenfafiveg Gerry Lynch, Secre+aryg Barbara Wiggs, Freshman Represenfafive. Nof Piclured: Bill Huff, Junior Represenlafive, Pai Douglas and Anne Thorn+on, Senior Rep- resenfafivesg and Jim Hill, Engineering Represeniaiive. -'Q "Now, wiih +his card, you can ger .... " A consfifurional revision was vored in by Hue s+uden+ body as suggesied by The S+uden+ Council. .HZQ f K l'f?5,f!f'5f7'U!? 5 CHN DA V i y Qwffffffi i bfi? fgfg anfiffgy "'!?"l Qiisrxqgm fffffpf TOP Fun- S.A. Card holders were asked +o vofe for a be++er s+uden+ gov- ernmenf. Sfudem' Council members look happy af-fer +he meeiings are over. "All +hose opposed say Ach+ung!" Jim Peak, falks wifh Sian Kenion before fhe concer+ sponsored by Hue S+uden'f Associafion. W,M,,..M,.v, A,,, WMM M ,.., . .. .A H .A V, ., , ., NWI x Qh xvAe.-,vmxmre Mwewm Campus ac'I'ivil'ies are fun, especially when all of our friends are in aH'endance. We enioyed 'I'he dances, parades, foofball and laaslcefball games and Magoffin en+er+ainmenf. We especially like fhe ac+ivi'l'ies in which we could pari-icipafe simply by owning a S+uden+ Associa+ion Membership Card. 106 l ,nt f .W I 1 Q, vi f' QQ w , x A f Vg, ' '55 5 fi? EQ ik . an E s 1 Q 3 1 Freshmen sfudenfs labor over enfry examinalions, 3 e cl-nearing, please Hmm, he did preHy well! .Q... The pink one . . . no, fhe N. No, you have fo re- porr here before you go fhere. plnlc one . . . 1- Evra M . l've already been here +wo hours. Why can'+ fhey hurry? X X I V! nm Red +ape, red rape and more red iape . . . All l'm doing is regisharing. 'GW You're going +o have fo sfar+ someiimeq if migh+ as well be here and NOW. I don'+ have io go back, do I7 The s+amp IS bugger ihan +he paper 4 --A 7, L The S+uden+ Association decorafed cars wifh sfreamers for fhe game. The Golddiggers marched in fhe parade and performed af half-lime as well. 110 ll run: ll T 4 'ibxfii FT, H W ' R. L' ,Vi li . x . T T as T, i ,i X . , gs. ff' A Jlif' , A A' nw The Ex-Sfudenl' band eniered The parade in an efforf fo help inspire fhe Team. Bonnie Toman rode aboard 'Phe Tau Kappa Epsilon enfry The Campus Colleagues' floaf clepicfed 'fufure Homecoming vidories. M49 N3 fs -sa' if-,A 51, V Q ss Q s o Q, im , L, 'N gil A-M 2 QW:-W., f-K 4, '- , m""-ul' l i nMX,g,, ' ,, V35 f5ff,giK'vs'5i' .5,Ag:g,R,,L ,-kL,, ?f.,,f,mw ,,. W , 57 '--" , , is l fi 1. A--" Q' 'IW-Mg -1 :L , 'fl' 4N',22g f f'Z' f732: A,,,ff 2H3?QZiiiSf4ff,, gig, 1.75 ,,-mggefsjf V Aflwv-Vmmgy q,:-nQ4,5, . ,N K V g NA gm, M s l , in A A g so A is gggl s, il? . . ,, QQWFM .s,.fW!H " I ' , - T .X . V ' Ei' gf . '.-' .. , , 2 A J - ,. -' , ' K W v," iss .' , ., ,gg 7' , 5 , A I ws ' ' 4. N: 14- 'L-ff -- A gf 3? V. ' ,,...m, I 'K sm, -- Us , V., g ,', 1 N 'E W 2, if ., ' . ' , , 'Q W"- z , W, ,L , 1 Q V Q mu A A if 1 . mm gs, s Z? , i ' :i Q, f-"Wi my g , - -.vMf' gs, Q - if . I 2 ' " V. . ,.,i ' A '22 if ni Em swiss The DeI+a Della Della enlry porfrayed past Homecoming Queens. Sigma Alpha Epsilon enlered 'this winning floaf depicfing +l1e Move For Co-Educa+ion. Q , , law-H""""' iris: lg g . U 5.3 R ,, a iq! S gkigg my M K I 4 1 Q Q gl R' A my 15? A ,Ni . 249 Q 4 Y' if 'E f 4 -. x V," 4 A sfwl . w U. ..,.f" W-M , :5"5Eff:Z?f ii , - 'Wm ,, WM 'tn- 4 H .W ,gm 'alibi' 0 -ff' PM ' ,, V MSO! P-we KV' ..,.- O0 E ,1 ,pn 'ww CDZ'-' 5, ,,...-0 I ymmmfwwwwmwnmmv La f Elf' A. ....... maven M Pre-Med Club presenfed an afler fhe game scene Zefa Tau Alpha Sorori'ry paid fribufe 'lo Coach Ben Collins 2 5 pg-.-n -an-an , .Q E N -1-:qi 2 l W Wmww-Mya Wm C7 Glenda Elderidge received second place honors, and if isn'+ hard fo see why. Mary Lou Morehead appears 'For fhe firsf fime looking quife shielc in red and black. i ,. How hard if was for fhe iudges +o eliminafe five of +hese lovelies who represenf +he resulfs of +he preliminary conresfl Vt, 1 N ,... -rw K sk .K sg ,W x 5 ,W ...-v-.,..,, K Sharon Nye, Marfha Lou Florence, Bonnie Toman, Glenda Eldridge, and Mary Lou Morehead were chosen fhe five mosf beaufiful girls a+ TWC. Again, Mary Lou looked charming! In fad, lhis "yellow rose of Texas Wes+ern" copped +op place in lhe I957 Beau+y Con- fest Vivaciousness and nafural beauly led Bonnie Toman +o fhird place in fhe confesf. Eugnia Niehaus, presidenl of +l1e Coed Council, crowns Caesar Fulfon king of +l'1e 1957 dance. lx Sanfa Claus, Rudolph, Frosfy ihe Snowman, and s+ars led flwese dancers +o 'the par+ners who ihey are now sfepping wifh. i 'X in King Caesar is surrounded by his courf: Dukes Jim Mailoclx, AH Hull, and Courf Jesler Orlando Garza as Eugenia Niehaus loolcs on. 8 Harrison Brock, Eugenia Niehaus, Grefchen Wegener, and Bill Lewis sfop for a momeni to pose before fhey again ioin in the merrymaking. , , W ' 42-iUl'M'W The I957 Milifary Ball was climaxecl wilh fhe presenfafion of Queen Mary Jane of 'lhe House of Telehany and her couri' Duchesses Marfha Lou Florence and Barbie Hurt Their escor+s are George Sullivan, David Birlcelbaclr, and Jerry McClelland, respedively. The Queen and her escorf seem very absorbed in fheir dancing! -K , V School musf go on! This couldn'f be TWC's Campus, could H? This is a frue Soufhwesfern Wonderland! Can you imagine frying fo sfudy mafh or physics wifh surroundings like l'hese7 - 1 1 , V s ,af . Q X H 'N K 1 ',.x"'ff" -is ,lk VVMR . Q a V J may V . V wt , Vi, as rx 3, . x 5, 5 I V 1 V X Q F ,Q V 1 , J QV m ' .R ix Vs Q, 9' if ,I i 'V 'lf xv-p-,LM W' W Vx' 1 w ' j V- L , , " A, ,atm , 5.1: R ,imw 4 .N A 4 ' x' A Vf wig W. ff V e yn 5k kgfhdwiz A 1 W., VV , W V . -4 ,M as ,V 1 N, :Q 'ff 'HV 5,5 1 , ,4 VV VVE5-5: 9 1 , at 2 VX il Q5 A 9 i' fiiiv KJVXQ. xiii' A' 'f'W'Z fv X U ,Vi i 3 3,3 , 1 , V sw-a 5-ffggf W ,VV :fV'gA:Vfg W , VV ,fs f 'kf .W V V ,Q Q , ,sm V f iw A 5 .W ' " 54 1 4-V' V :VV M ,.,g g,,a,ffE'jx4 ,jf A , , V ., wg, W W , -1 M ning ,f - his ' f 35 xifffm VV ' w'fV..?f V -Fifi V V . W A my fir L 3 if' if up f fv - 3 . 4 .,,,...,8iV' 4 ' VY: V .wi f M 1' 1, AQ, ,S f - V ww-Q ws , - ? ' it w 'Vfii 2535 51.4 af ' ,nh.1.,:, 1 E, gfw M1 f eV if 1 s M' 1 2 'i f V V A-si f .V .!f A Vw ' V, V 'V r , N ' '73 f M 2- ,- f -A 'P .u f f ' 'H ' w V 5 1-af ' V 5 " ' V . .VV1 V- V. V V 4 in ""' 3 F' H 1 'f, "qi Q 'fl K V V, , V : , gf'-15 " I V if Ili f -iiflzilfz 3 5 " dig", H Wi ' 4 A Q ,uf " . K 5 1 - A - f 1 WV QQQVJQN at 1 , 5' f ' VZ gg: 1 V s w fy? E V ff rg 6' it 2 V xii 6 V . . , Q VV WL: if HQ if gms.. 2 2 " fi . ' 1 V v t , V vi 325 :yu :qw ' Y 4- ' f if fs i ' V. W N - r V EV V V we in ,N .. Vfg 1 " in .5 A Q 1 - V A V 4 nf., 14 V 1 vu! -. -1' . ' 4' i K KH- . if '. ' v 3' X Q V ri L A ' ' a 9 0' a 5' 4 .V..V M 1 J-rs...VV Y sk, W , LKSVJ 5' Y' 1' 4 A 7 r-VV wi ' V3 ' 1: .Wh Q Q 2 ' it ,gf 9 :ww ....., V ' X? 2 Q HP. Z Q 5 5 E ? ?? ,gsm 'Sw- 'YW M3 JNMWEYQQ W-5 539271 N, if w '4!'ff99i -www S 'Lf r 1 sf.: Snowballs came +hiclr and fasf lngenious Chi Omegas sculpfured a snow-woman. The proud sculpfurers of 'this snow-woman pose for +he phofographer me ,Q m' "'W WN QM? M ,ww 4 an . f R02 fi 'Q ,W "V 41,333 tx! lr. 'Win-f 'l I N- 1 JE" .af ,air fi 'P in 5 Q bl? ,X -an 9 'isfwig -Aww ff if ' .NIJ Q , . 1 - S ' 4 If . xg .. ff fx Q. 0, ki. VW ,....Q J-ws K4 , . , , yt ,V .L hs, Heave ho Thai wafer up +he .X Y 1. xx, - . 4 , ,fleas xg., ' K Q VX - X- ,. 'vii "" 'WW' . , . - ,, 'rx -'G ' x ' R 1 It-SA' xx? R . -48" -lx s....- .. ,X Q xg.,. X. 4' 2- . , sf s.-- 1- ,x fs.. . h'. - -E. .nl .O Whai a clean looking group . . . Now . . . " I ' , ' si f 711.5 ' QT? . x- Q 'mh' if xf"Zm,5-. V-1-A 9' 1 I W- w-vra?4,s, Q. -fs,-sw . 9 naw, , M - ff K ,'a,,frh'5gZ2sQ1r::igg -, Ni f K, f f w . T ff . ?" 'nv' F 4 ' . 'm'k ff? wifi ' fi 1 'fb ., ' V ' 'lg Lf, :'2:Af:.'5- far , ' . Q wg,-.S - -: 1 'EM yi-Pw.?,.HQV 5, ' ig Nw jg: ' :-'-f ' - 241' s'i4:x.', ' A. ,swgjs-x.f,..g f :,-xi ' - ' ' 3. K , 134 - ,5 AI, I , 7 1 'K 'w my 'T ' ' 1 'ws if 4 LL., ,Q - . , wlfkfi if7',2'i 'L K, is s. , 1 .N -K - A .qgqgp .QA .HX 4 I 4 'X k-"ns" iflfffgi-Yfldis 'gilwrw , , 3 sg- n fl R f ix W? f Q A ' ' f - ' Q is ,f ,,.., ws, . L, . .W , . A 53,6 lx A Who painfed who???? Qi: ances all sor+s of goodiesll. fLefH, Joan Groesbeeclc bal- H looks as ihough Freshmen siuden+s did fheir pad, foo. lRighH, Everyone is hungry bu+ I need a fooihpiclr!!! F? A scene 'From ihe winning Kappa Sigma Eniry, "Unus Deus" Jay Haclder accepfs +he firsf place 'Irophy for Kappa Sigma 'From Bob Ackley, Presidenf of Alpha Psi Omega. "Wha+ does America mean? l'll iell you "The Vaelniine dance las? year was 'Phe finest" A por+rai+ of song and dance, Unus Deus. "There's always a big Four+h of July Parade." 'Quay ,F- ai we , xi fx Q i Ms2?:sw. If N .ff fm-,ff Mme WYWEWY voN0"fff There's no+ much happening righf now, aff TWC If somefhing is bound fo af any minu+e FAVUPITE 'e'll keep you posfed. Hmm, if's a hard choice! ., 1 R U .X A pw nge ra , Ai 0,. Sighfed +hrough fhe hoop wiih eieciion re+urns are eager s+uden+ council members. M Zi , W And for our nex+ number," The Kenfon popularify grew on campus a'F+er +his grea+ concer 'P sponsored by 'the S. A. Associa- Hon. Trombone IS fhe word 3 and S+an Kenfon knew how +o use H' f , 0, WM, H xt Mwwig' L' "Pulver, sir. Ensign Puiver." "This is fhe las+ liber+y 'fhis bucke+'s gonna have." "Bring flue sfrefcher We may need if," "1 oughf +o punch you righf in fhe nose!" "Man, oh man. wha? a par+y!" ww, "I love you, you dope." yi. ny, "l knew fhis chair had my name wriffen on if." "Rain! For fhe firsf fime in my life, I made rain!" "I ain'+ aimin +o come 'ro dinner." P2 . sell wa QW J' HA. 4,1 6 amz. 513' Mn, , A , - ,... ' - f .uf nw 5 W L mA l A M -'inf ' 2 if H "'35QgQ::5::, . M1-xv5Q1.f2?4f wif ""--w fm M . ' 'V ww frwpw -' e . , x,3,w,,, U '- . 5 fw., 15? -f - L. f- , -' K 556455 ii pk .lla .X 0 ff' 35: 5, V -M ,Q 1- ,KJ j F .xr ., i -sf ' 'v ,," 1 I 5 5 a -, R K . v Q K x 'N -Q. ,gig , Q N M . Q ' ,ff-' Z NN 7' 39 These charming ballerinas display iheir slcills in "Symphonia in Green" km- Sandra Ogden and Roberl Monfes sing a love due+ in lhe garden scene of "The Merry Widow." Around, around, and around we go +0 fhe "Marsovian Dance." 132 x 4 b' 2 T553 Q5 '2! W ka 4 li! , L 3? 3 0 l MINE! S I D O W 9 "Burn all flue spinning wheels Now le? flue sleep of IOO years begin!" "Here's your pie." "You have fhe soul of a servan+, Nicola." A cavalry charge, you can'+ guess how splendid if is." "I wan! my hurl made well 135 The S1'uden+ Publica+ions depar'I'men+ did a nice fob of informing fhe s+uden+ body of ac'l'ivi- +ies concerning 'l'he campus. The Prospecior fold abouf 'l'he even+s +ha+ had happened, +he El Burro made iolces abouf fhem and The Flowsheel' gave a picforial record of fhe year's even+s. We also wil'- nessed fhe Nuggei' 'lell all of our exes abou'l' The happenings of TWC. 136 Qpulslicity DON LESLIE, Bu THE FLOVVSHEET RON DETTMAN, seam H.-1 . Y if gi Francis, Cookie, and Elaine examine las+ year's Flowsheet Don Leslie, Business Manager af wor J, f-'Z 4 yy ji-We , Kg! - Mdflhd explains Phe ar+ of making a layoul' lo Lydia and Honey. ,Q ., -yn . 1 , X X .: N ' .V 5 ,. , A' W Qlgf, -. ' Q j H , , I ,f,,,.,,N,h, ,xii Cynilwia, Linda, Dolores and Ray examine pl1o+os +o be used in l'l1e "58" annual. FLOWSH EET STAFF Kneeling: Jerry Porras, Sporfsp Ray Young and Jack Holmberg, Greeks. Sfandingz Naieife Halow, Milifaryg Jane Holmberg, Honorariesg Brenda Grose, Feafuresg Mariha Jane Kennedy, Freshman and Becky Esfavillo, Junior. W 140 QQTZEV A ' W Don Leslie, Business Manager smiles al fhe news of l'l'le annual's complelion. Pasle up is lols of fun, iusl' ask 'lhese girls. The s'l'a'ff enioyed looking lhrough all lhe piclures. "l know him, l'1e's a Junior." The edilor lries fo hold back a grin as Mr. Middaglw refers fo a piclure If qi' .. 4:5 fl f 1 " t t 1 4 ,M-TJ m""!!5'- fzwmm L WMM ' M x M N ,, A, ff X 4 Xi I A-NX!! ? -r-' , 'E '-:' ' ..V'-- 1 . ZF is ..',., ..,,g . Q , as , I, A 1 , 1 M as Ray Young lends a hand 'lo Jane Holmberg, all wrapped up in her Flowslweel' work. JEANINE BEEVERS, Business Manager EL BURRO MARGOT FRASER, savor -...wwf x Mary Anne looks for a new s'rory 'For EL BURRO. "There musi' be some good iolres somewhere in here." X She'S dreaming up iokes for ihe BURRO! Joe Aflrins and Roberi' MacCallum hard a+ worlr ic. 'el 'Eurro Staff Sfanding: Rober+ MacCaIlum, Humor Ediforq Joe Ailrins, Sfaff Wriierg Eddy Leni, Ficrion Edifor Mary Anne BurneH, Exchange Ediforg Roberi Orion, Sfaff Wriier. Seafed: Mary Anne Kennedy, Business Siaff anci Margo Fraser, Ediior. Noi Piciured are Margie MacNeil, Managing Edifor and Jeanine Beavers, Business Manager. 144 AW, 3 if MM. .MWMAWWWWYNQ if Margie MacNeil proof reads a sfory for 'flue EL 'fl' itll-I BURRO. "Anyone else lmow a good iolre? is E if me-adsl. 'Y ' M, , N-M, Aw-sus Left Eddie Lenf appears somewlwal disfurbed a+ having his lhoughfs inferruplecl for picfures. Below: Jeanine Beevers lhumbs ihrough an old EL BURRO looking 'For adverlising ideas. L ww Dr. Pasf, Sponsor and Margol Fraser, Edilor of lhe EL BURRO. BOBBY PRENSKY, Business Manager THE PROSPECTCR MARTHA SHADLE, Editor fmt: ' al,'S:':' ,,.4,,, bv-.N W, PROSPECTOR STAFF Sfanding: Jesus Bollar, Reporferg Howard Sagor, Repor'I'erg John Filch, Reporierp Charles Horlry Sporfsg Bob Prenslcy, Business Manager: Charles Funlr, Reporferg Doug Early, Columnisf Jim Niclless, Sfaff Phofographer. Sealed: Esfher Lynch, Sfudenf Associaiion Reporfer and Lynn Carfer, Edifor. 147 Doug Early 'fallcs over a s+ory wifh Spring Edifor Lynn Car+er and Jim Nickless and Charles Funk. This pic+ure can be apfly +i+led "ln+errup+ion." Mariha Shadle, Fall Edi+or wi+h Mr. Lowensfein, sponsor of 'Phe Prospeclor "Now, would you say +ha+ again, sir?" Business Managers have a never ending iob. "Here's a slory I wanf you fo run down for me lher Lynch and Alfred Barriga lhinlc fwo heads are be'Her 'Phan one when i+ comes "Clean copy is a mus'r!" copy wrifing. People seem fo be so busy near deadline. ri S may W .mia K if Wx ww.-1.s: ' ' LIAM M. WEBB, Assisf + S+ KVOF RADIO AND TELEVISION HOWARD SAGOR S+ + M g ivy, 1, wg A-3 s i ,f Z Ti . ,f L--"' , l x 4 L Sfanding: Shelly Hurvifz, Sammy Samaniego, Bill Webb, Bob Prenslcy, and Howard Saqor. - Si'Hing: Della Haddad, Cookie Aerreola, Milo Gardner, Jacque Sfroud, and Joan Groesbeclr. Kneeling: Marlin Yaiez, Joe Ledesma, Rudy Gonzales, and Roberf McBride. "Standby in +he s+udio!" Mr. Hiclrs explains fhe principle of a felevision camera. '2 Izx The record librarian gels help 5 The new ielevision sfudios give fhe radio major firsthand experience. 755 5, Joan Grosbeeck +ells Ron DeVillier of a program change. Clean-up operafions afier 'I'he big move 'From Magoffin. KVOF Spor+s crew a+ work. Career conference siudenfs heard Jack Rye speak abouf fhe indusfry 11-l pull ull Q A , , ,4 ,JM v.,, V 3 i . ,.,,f-- W 1 Ll, 'i""""""! uf. yr- "" T" .. if nys f v xg as 5 . MHA? .. iii' 'i "Music on fhe following program is franscribedf' ix f ' 7 w, Television Lab! i .J Mr. Hicks addresses a career conference group. A view from Video Confrol. .I-vii' Q li, . lin' ., 'Q' 1 ., J 5 153 BOB BELL, EDITOR Mrs. Erline Friedman, Ex-Sfudenf secre+ary helps mail ouf +l1e Nugge+ Sfeele Jones, Faculfy Advisor. We wafched wi1'h exci'l'emen1' as Mary Lou Mayhall Morehead was selecfecl The Mos+ Beaufi- ful Girl of Texas Wesfern College. She was seleciecl from a group which began wifh 'forfy-Three parficipanfs. She is iusi' one of +he people whose picfures will grace +he Personali+y sec+ion of our yearbook. 156 eroonalitieo 157 As Chosen by MR. TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD I958 FLOWSHEET QUEEN EE EIIHPIIHATIUN was NORTH vme smear - HoLLYwooo za, CALIFORNIA - Hon.u.Ywooo a-7155 January 20, 1958 Brenda Grose Co-Feature Editor Flowsheet Staff Texas Western College El Paso, Texas Dear Miss Grose: Hou nice it was to hear from you and what a treat it was to receive the pictures of your six beautiful girls but what a chore it was to pick the 'Most Beautiful G:lr1". They are all so lovely that I hope I haven't offended anyone by the one I have picked, because as I say they are all so pretty. Once again thanks so much for your invitation to judge your contest and my warmest personal regards to you and the other students of the school. Cordially, t Tennessee Ernie Ford W M ELISSA WARE Flowsheei' Queen 159 f SUE ABER glowohee onoreeo SANDRA OGDEN L1 2 ea, 4 5 ax 5 k mr i , f X Q 5, Q . f V A "M fff.fa?f Nw wg: - ,.. 5-L m.Q, 2gw . J, -:MAI Q rg gi 'far fiigggggsg-1' w l " Ties: -m y . 1 i f . W, QW.-, K W i I-fi , PM 79291, T, 3 ANNA JEANNE JOHNSON '15 ANN TURNER 161 BARBARA CREAM ER ff" K ' . 9 gk kv,-,zir,. I ,Wk , -, J a. ' 5 ' ,J A , 717 wk, 1, W H A , Q. ,L-gig' ' ' A W -1 vw-1, w K- A "A ' lg . , g5,0WWfM , f JILL DONOHUE All TWC Favori+e BRENDA GROSE Freshman Favorife EUGENIA NIEHAUS Sophomore Favorife MARCI SCOTT Junior Favorife MAGGIE CLEGHORN Senior Favorife in X Xu was .,- . 4 f . Q! i m?sggg?fx5 AJy.iZ 31, Mary Lou and her smile grace +he campus. 991' ' Q 'iff wr! 4 ,Ei ff? if fin' . Mr 'gf QP' ffpfk' 1 , g, .A A Iv'-.v" 1,5 W rn' J' K' gf ,A-4. ,0- C117 ... . , ' I M, i ' fnywv , -'k,ff,:+ f .f 1 It , l. 4,i,,A,.f,,, f J., "' 'if " MARY LOU MAYHALI. Mosi Beauiiful Girl BONNIE TOMAN GLENDA ELDREDGE SHARON NYE MARTHA LOU FLORENCE , .4- 1' W film if N w.xJyg,.Lu.,m. X g M ,we - ,-M f: V .Wu QA- -2 i ii, A35 ,Za ,S-, ,.., A? 'F 5, , 'S Y' L 1:4 3 f 7 - .f gso1at:fg5G3Pf2?::f w e Jiffy Q, VT, , , Pwxe.: We ,N : wgA,.'-5g::gt,,. ..- 35 . ,I . .51-V wuz- " 'Z " ' 1 Duchess JILL DONOHUE Duchess MARY DOUGLAS Duchess MELISSA WARE un arnival Quart Duchess BARBARA SCHULLER Princess DOLORES ENRIOUEZ PTENCSSS WANDA LAMBERT 172 S, Q 'W --"' ."n ,, . . -su, 2, , "l'ovn . .5."." A 00' do-.das '50w'."'l. Q. ' 9 . ,,. If eu ff? , 1 Y ,aw -. .W fi? 4 CAESAR FULTON Co-Ed Ball King -mf F CAROLYN WATSON Snow Fiesia Queen 11 JUDY BAKER Snow Fiesia Duchess .W ll We really respecfed fhose sfuclenfs chosen fo be members of our Honorary organiza+ions Mosi' of fhe organizafions require a s'l'uden+ +o have a "B" average or beHer +o be eligible for mem- bership. Recognifion for oufsfancling s+uden+s of four years and for fhose who are members of Hon- orary organizafions is given a+ fhe annual Honors Day Assembly in +he Spring. 178 4 i ru 'iw 1, w wa -1 '1 Bw K, 5,-A if I 2 sf XV Y, A E1 f x 0 K ix 5 fl Si Q5 5? 54 2 is E SE JIM CHAMNESS Four Year Oufsianding Sfudenf Jim was presidenf of Sarclonyx, presicleni of Scabbard and Blade, secrefary of Alpha Phi Omega, a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, a Disfinguished Mili+ary Sludenf, Wl'1o's Who and Men of Mines l956-57, and a member of fhe Engineering Council i955-58. ELLEN JANE MARIS Four Year Oufslanding Sfudent Ellen Jayne was Hisforian and Panhellenlc represenfafive for Zefa Tau Alpha Sororify, Presidenf of Junior Pan Arnericfan Club, Secrelary of Sclwolaris. Secrefary Treasurer of Chenrizlg, a member of Wl1o's Wlwo I957-58. and Alpha CHF. HARRY ARRINGTON Harry was a member of Orange Key, Sardonyx, and +l1e Campus Police. CAROLYN BILLMAN Carolyn was Presideni' of Chi Omega, Secrelary of W.A.A. and lnlerfai+l1 Council. JAMES BETTLE James was a member of Kappa Sigma, Orange Key. Sardonyx, Scabbard and Blade, and held an office on 'llne Sfuclen+ Associalion. MAGGIE CLEGHORN Maggie was Presiden+ of Del+a Del+a Del+a, Vice- Presiclenl' of Dorm Council 8: a member of Clwenrizig. i '75, LINDA COBB Linda was Presiden+ of Ze+a Tau Alpha, a member - of Alpha Chi and Psi Chi. JERRY LYNCH Jerry was Pledge Trainer of Chi Omega, Secretary of Ihe S'fuden+ Body, and a member of Scholaris. 5, JERRY KELLEN Jerry was a member of Sardonyx, Scabbard and Blade, and Men of Mines. JIM PEAK Jim was Presidenf of fhe Sludenf Body, a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, and IFC. I :nys 0-3-.70 mglf 20-129 n..m,,7g 9-"W 53.02 ' :r Q19 if O 5 1:22 59 .43 -'U C m -u 2 5. f' w O m S L. mag 00.02 +:g- TO... 0-1:2 znomm :""gUU 2?"'m v- 11:5 -.- 7 ggoguv mag O00 55, 229- .lm "Sf 3. -1 'fm 51 . 23.1 mtv 5:5 3. U2 cms CAROLYN HILLMAN JACK BOURGUIN Carolyn was Presiclenf of Chi Omega. Jack was Vice Presiden+ of Alpha Chi, President of W.A.A. a member of A.l.E.E. and Secreiary of flue lnferfaifh Council. MAGGIE CLEGHORN LINDA COBB Maggie was Presicleni of Delia Delia Delia. Linda WGS PfeSld2nl of Zeld Tau Alpha. Vice Presidenl of +l'1e Dorm Council, a member of Alpha Chi and a member of Clnenrizig. and Psi Chi. 184 SALLY CONN Sally was Chi Omega Vice President Scholaris, and a member of Alpha Chi. cn -OES cami PAT DOUGLAS Par was Treasurer of Della Delia Delia on fhe EI Burro sfaff and 1'he Flowsheel' sfaff. ROBERT EIBER CABELL FINCH Roberl WHS 6 member of Orange KEY- Cabell was Secrefary of Sigma Alpha Epsilon SGYJODYK, ' a member of Alpha Chi, and Presideni of Scabbarcl and Blade. and on ine Engineering Council, fm. MARGOT FRASER SANDRA FOWLER Margof was a member of Alpha Psi Omega, Sandra was a member of Zefa Tau Alpha, and Edifor of EI Burro College Players, 185 and Presidenf of lhe Dorm Council. CHARLES GRANT Charles was a member of Sardonyx, Orange Key and Kappa Sigma Fraferniiy. BOBBY JONES Bobby was a member of Phi Kappa Tau Fra+erni+y. JERRY LYNCH Jerry was Pledge Trainer 'for Chi Omega Sororify, a member of Scholaris and A.C.E. rn 'OMS OES 186 SERENA HAMILTON Serena was Treasurer of Chi Omega a member of Alpha Chi and Scholaris. JERRY KELLEN Jerry was a member of Sardonyx, Scabbard and Blade and Men of Mines. l ELLEN JAYNE MARIS Ellen Jane was Secrefary of Scholaris, a member of Zefa Tau Alpha. and fhe Choir. DONALD McCARTY Donald was a member of Alpha Chi and Orange Key. JIM MOCK Jim was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer of Sardonyx, and Vice Presideni of A.l.M.E. rn 'OES CES ZOE DEAN MIDDLETON Zoe Dean was Vice Presiden+ of Chi Omega a member of A.C.E., and Psi Chi. CARLOS MONEDERO Carlos was Presideni of Delia Sigma Pi, a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Orange Key. 5 S 7252 Pl'- Pi 2 2 E I :LQ 8 if :U 0 A 42" Q U' U' W O Q.-n 2 N ' 1 ll -I DI C 3: E- 9 3 hr L 3 2 52 fa "1 3 1 ,U ga me -1 -4 'VI 0 3 rn 'DIL 4 2:0 3 X il: O 'U '91 E Z -.'U er g 3' 2 187 I and Orange Key. up N i FRED SEELEY Fred was Presiclen+ of Phi Kappa Tau, a member of Alpha Chi and Men of Mines, JANYTH SMITH Janyfh was a member of Alpha Phi Gamma, Secreiary of S.E.G., rn 'OES cami MARTHA SHADLE Marfha was Sweelheari of A.S.C.E.. Edifor of ihe Prospeclor and a member of Alpha Phi Gamma. SONJA SPENSER Sonia was on ihe S'i'uden+ Council, a member of A.l.M.E.. and a member of fhe Flowsheei siaff. and Junior Pan American. NANCY THOMPSON Nancy was a member of Zefa Tau Alpha, W.A.A., and Alpha Epsilon Rho. i 188 O IRVIN L. BARRINGTON Orange Key, Presldeni Phi Alpha Thefa Zhi!! ROBERT A. EIBER Presidenf of A.S.C.E '11 mtl-12'-'E CABELL B. FINCH JERRY KELLEN Vice Presidenf of Orange Key, Sardonyx, Sfudenf Council, Sardonyx, Who's Who Treasurer, A.l.E.E. RENE C. GONZALES ROBERT P. MAY Foofball Rofh Socieiy, Pre-Med Club M-Club Orange Key 189 JAMES W. MOCK Vice Presidenl, A.I.M.E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Orange Key ZH! '11O mmZHE CARLOS C. MONEDERO Tau Kappa Epsilon, Della Sigma Pi President, Orange Key JAMES M. PEAK WILLIAM E. PASTEUR Sfudenl Body, Presiderll, Presidenl, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon lnler-Failh Council, Orange Key KARL F. PERRY JACK E. PRATHER Orange Key, Della Sigma Pi, Phi Kappa Tau, Orange Key, Sardonyx Presidenf of Alpha Chi l 190 -'U 3 J 1:53 ga'-3 mo' ilf' 021, O12 :TH1 V5 H1 2 X QUE.-4 0 5: ui? OO '2.' 0 'F "4 Q 395 hfirn .. 'xv' 22" ffm -l . 553 E30 :Wg 9 C 'D m 3 N If cn If 3 3 D IT1 'U 2. F 3 Presidenl Engineering Council mt11Z'-'E ROBERT DAVID SHAWVER GERALD L. STEWART Sardonyx, Orange Key, Presidenf Infer-Failh Council, Vice Presidenf Wesley Foundafion Orange Key. Phi Alpha Thela PHILLIP W. WARD Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A.I., E.E.. Sardonyx 191 Row I: Coolrie Arreola, Mary Anne Kennedy, Chrisiine McEachern, Ellen Jayne Maris, Annabelle Bean, Dr. Nelson Row 2: Jack J. Bourguin, OH'o Muioz, Orlando Garza, Neil Weinbrenner, Bob May, Ross Harrel, Edwin Len+, oalpha Qhi OFFICERS: Presiden+ .,,,,,,,,.,,A ,...,.,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,, O RLANDO GARZA Vice Presidenf ...,,,, ,,,,,,......,,,,,,., .,,,,,, E D WIN LENT Secreiary ,,,.,,,,,,,, .,,,..,,, M ARY ANN KENNEDY Treasurer ,,,,,, WANNABELLE BEAN Alpha Chi is Ihe scholaslic honorary Sociely for iunior and senior s'I'uden'Is who have main- Iained a 3.5 minimum average. The purpose of Alpha Chi is +o fosfer beHer scholarship, leadership, and good cilizenship on The campus. 192 Row I: Joe LeDesma. Cookie Arreola, Bob Prenslry, Della Haddad, Keni Danciger. Row 2: Heclor Samaniego, Mr. Hiclrs, Bill Webb. Howard Sagor, John Ford. 4:-glpha Qpoilen Qpho OFFICERS: Presidenh ,.. .. , , , , , ,,, BOB PRENSKY Vice Presidenl: ,. KENT DANCIGER Secrefary: ,, ,,,, , ..,, ,WOLGA ARREOLA Treasurer: ,,,,, H SANDRA FOWLER Sponsor: .,. ..... , H . H ,,,,,, MR. VlRGlL C. HICKS Alpha Epsilon Rho, Nalional honorary radio frafernify, was granled a charler al Texas Weslern College in l948. The main purpose is lo encourage and recognize oufsfanding radio achievemenls among college sludenls. Requiremenis for membership include excellenl scholarship, a genuine inferesl' in radio as a profession and an underslanding of lhe principles of fhe nafional organizalion. This year Bob Prenshy aflended lhe Nalional Alpha Epsilon Rho convenfion, and an Open House was held for facully, parenls, sludenls, and personnel of lhe local radio and 'lelevision sfafions lo display new television faciliiies in Kelly Hall. 193 CAROLYN BILLMAN MARY JEAN CLEGHORN LINDA COBB SALLY CONN JILL DONAHUE ELLEN JANE MARIS ekenrizig Corresponding +o Mor+ar Board on larger campuses, Chenrizig is +I1e senior women's honorary organizaiion. In 'Ihe spring, +I-le new members of Chenrizig are +apped on +I1e basis of +I1eir schoIas+ic s+ancIing, campus leadership, and +heir par+icipa+ion in college ac'rivi+ies. 194 I fx f f?-'QQ we I ,,, Wx DORETTA BENDALIN IRENE HOLLAND TERRY KISTNER SHIRLEY MOORE SANTIAGO DURAN WILLIAM THONSON appa cpi Alpha Alpha Nu Chapfer of Kappa Pi, honorary arf frafernily was formally insfalled af Texas WesIern in I949. Closer union and co- operalion is fhe goal of Ihis fraierniiy, and several nofable arf shows have appeared here under Ihe organi1afion's sponsorship. CARLOS YEE CHEE 195 Leff fo righi: Yolanda DeHoyas, Alan Phelps, Judy Brock. Bryan Wooley, Margarifa Lopez, Dr. Timmons, Sponsor, Dale Roberls, Della Haddad, Raul Muniz. Sfandingz Bruce Bariell, and Ralph Scoggins. Thi oalpha iheta OFFICERS: Presidenf Irvin Barringion Vice Presidenf Serena Hamilion Secreiary-Treasurer Margari-la Lopez Sponsor Dr. W. Timmons The Gamma Epsilon Chapler of Phi Alpha Thela was organized in I949. The requiremenis for membership are a "B+" average in al leasf fwelve hours of hisfory, wi+h a "B" average in all olher subiecis. The purpose of ihe organizaiion is fo promofe oufsfanding work in ihe 'field of hisfory. 196 JIM CONYERS SCOTT KRUTILEK PAUL PAYNTER JOHN FASHING RICHARD GRANT DICK JUBA MI ROBERT MacCALLUM PORTIS MORELAND ALLEN SCHICK FORREST WYLIE JOHN SHERMAN Orange lay Orange Key was organized on April 25Ih. I955. subscribing 'ro fhe ideals of scholarship, service, fellowship and leadership. II is an organizalion Ihrough which 'Freshmen and sophomore men af Texas Weslern College can advance in spirii of service and encourages scholarship and leader- ship al' fhe beginning of 'Iheir college careers. V, J, I W 1 . ,xx f I , ' I Q JIM BETTLE JAMES BLACK DON BOYD JIM CHAMNESS ROBERT EIBER CAESAR FULTON ORLANDO GARZA ROY GIBSON CHARLES GRANT JERRY KELLEN JERRY MARSHALL JAMES MOCK SGVJOKVX 198 Sardonyx, Junior and Senior men's honorary, recognizes and en- courages leadership and developes a fine fype of college man. The purpose of fhis honor socieiy for men is fo provide for fhe cooper- aiion of all sfudenis, fo promoie college loyalry, and fo advance the spirif of service and fellowship among all siudenfs of Texas fwesfern College. S OTTO MUNOZ KARL PERRY JACK PRATHER GERALD STEWART if-. PHIL WARD NEIL WEINBRENNER caralonyx 199 JUDY BAKER BETTY RAE BOUTWELL ALICE HARRIS RUTH HEINS MARGARET MACNEIL ROSA RODARTE Scholario ALICE SHERWQQD Scholaris was 'formed in 'lhe fall of I955 as an honorary organizarion for 'freshman and sophomore women who have a grade poini' average of 3.5 in I5 hours or a 3.5 in 30 hours. H' sfimulafes scholarship and promofes school spirif among freshman and sophomore girls. 200 fha Qreateot jfonor of fhem call 2 Each of us is a member of a Frafernify or a Sororify. We find fhaf fhe life of a member of such an organizafion is filled wifh fhe added friendship of ofher fellow members of Greek Sociefies. No maffer where we go, we can be sure fo meef someone affiliafed wifh an organizafion such as fhose found on fhe campus of TWC. We find fhaf Frafernify and Sororify life adds much fo fhe sfudenfs college career. 202 Q, reelzo 203 GRETCHEN BASSETI' CAROLYN BILLMAN SUE ANN BILLMAN BETTY BIERD DONNA BONAR GAYLE BORDEN BETTY RAE BOUTWELL PRISSY BYNUM CAROL CHAMBERS ERMA CLARK SALLIE CONN RACHEL CRAWFORD BARBARA CREAMER WANDA CREAMER HONEY DENNEHY, Pres. SHERYLL DULANEY BONNIE FAIRALL MARY LOU FAIRCHILD BILLIE LOUISE FARMER SERENA HAMILTON JIMMIE LOU HOY JANE ANNIE HOLMBERG BARBIE HURT ANNAJEAN JOHNSON RUTHIE KAPLAN MARTHA JANE KENNEDY MARY MARGARET KEY JALMA RUTH McDANIEL CARRIE MILLER JANICE NEWTON ORNELL NEEL DINAH PARKS DELORES PRICE JANET SHUMAKER FRANCIS SOMMERS CAROLYN STONE ANN TURNER PATRICIA VICKERS JOAN WALL CHARLOTTE WALKER NANCY COOK WARD KAYE WILLIAMS 204 4, 'sa gs .1 ,. f 1 H gm M MI 22- ' in sims aff .,,. V FD . E' UZ' 6 ICII I I Q4 1 A V ifua z: ..., Q: 4, ,W A M ' 44 Vi Z ai? W Ni' W Q Q: mn ,, , ..,.. A ,.,., A , 5 'Q ff 5 1 2 X if . . , ....,.. .I. . fii: A if. -:-av 1 : '15,-:Q-:z2':: -1- 4 .1 I MJ VWZQIZ . 4 1 ii. ,.,..,. , H gr 'K 2 4 -- fa, 14 ffgj .AZZ ,if I , Q M at ,. mf V "' Aw W X 1 .. .,,. I 52 I f-I H I I I., -,Jw 4, .. .I ,,, , 'St .1 4 ' W 1.4: 5 BI T 5' f 2 'if' 1 A ff 3 I 72 SPRING PLEDGES Row I: Pai McNamara, Margarel Willis. Row 2: Vera Lee Koenig, Thelma Williams, Marian Huber, Jennie Bruner, BeH'y Wiclrer. ehi Qmega Rho Della chapfer of Chi Omega was charlered in I939 on TWC's campus. Rho Della is one of Ihe l2I chaplers of Chi Omega, fhe largesl' women's fralernify. Aclive in QII campus acfivifies I'he members of Chi Omega have represenfed fheir group as +wo Top Ten sfudenls, four members of Who's Who, sluclenf body Ireasurer, presidencies of six campus clubs, and PKT sweefhearf. ln addifion fo social acfivifies-dinner dances, luncheons, fra? padies, informalfeas,-vesper services are held before Chrisfmas and Easier. The flower is while carnafion and Ihe colors are cardinal and sfraw. MADELINE WILLIS KATHY WOODLEY SALLY WOODLEY DIANE YERBY JERRI YOUNG D 205 SUZANNE ABER TOMASINE ABER MARY ASTERTAG KAY BARWISE DIANE BAUERSCHLEY JOSIE BROWN .,,. I -ff: -1:1 ,. ai I :SZ QF W jx BARBARA BURKS PATTI BUSCH JANET BUTLER JEAN CLEGHORN LINDA CURTON LINDA DAVIS MARY DONALDSON PAT DOUGLAS SARAH EAKER MARIE ENDLICH CATHERINE FINNERTY MARTHA L. FLORENCE JOE MAE GREEN ELAINE HANNA MYNETTE HARDING ALICE HARRIS LILLIAN HERSCH FRANCES HOLMES EVELYN IMLE BARBARA KIONKA CATHY LAMBERT WANDA LAMBERT JANET LINEBAUGH JULIE LORD BETTY LYTLE TITA MAHN JUDY MALONE MARILYN MARSCH JANE McCUTCHEON CAROL McKEE MARGARET MELLHOP SHIRLEY MOORE LIZ MORRIS SHARON NYE SANDRA OGDEN NANCY PIRTLE A, , , I . SI 3522523 I W' ,gr ima:-'K Yi' E. if W ., ,wwf ff' . .45 .E 4P""s 'bf G' ul gg - ,.... m 'i V7 ww' IE 5? ' I 5 , . ,. v E.. Q I SPRING PLEDGES Is'I' Row: Nancy Pullen, Susan Reynolds. Judy Gaflen, Bobby Vaughn. Ebelta Ebelta Ebelta Thefa Psi chapfer of Delfa Delfa Delfa was insfalled in fhe spring of I938, fhus being The firsf nafional sororify on campus. The lodge was complefed in I94I and recenf addifions were complefed in I953. This year Tri Delfa won fhird place in Variefy Show, and placed in several of The sporfs. Acfivifies This year in- cluded Co-Ed Ball, April Dance, Apple Polish Tea, and Winfer Pine Prance. A Tri Delfa was Homecoming Queen: Snow Fiesfa Queen, and fhey had fhree duchesses in The Homecoming Parade. They were also presenfed a Special Judges award in This year's parade. In fhe fall of lasf year fhey won The Pledge Scholarship Award. Membership during The year has been fiffy-nine women. Tri Delfa has Class Favorifes, a Class Officer, Miss TWC, 'Iwo Sfudenf Council Represenfafives, and Kappa Sigma Sweefhearf. The colors of Delfa Delfa Delfa are silver, gold, and blue. The flower is fhe pansy. K . ,....--.,,., ng, . " A5 3 M " I INDIA RADER Hx, . , ' BARBARA SCHULLER -. 5, -K .I in - 5 ANNE SIMPSON, Pres. A BETTE SINGER ,- , BETTY STAPLETON I '--.-. ELIZABETH THORNTON 9 1' 2 "N.gM W, 4 B. ' BONNIE TOMAN ' A P' HEIDE VOGEL '-:- .E - MELISA wARE V - 'f--. I ONA WASHBURN A """' 3 - MAJORIE WATKINS 4 CAROLINE WATSON it . 4 N 'I . GRETCHEN WEGANER LYNNE WILSON ANNA JEAN WIPF LINDA WOOLLEY CONNIE YOUNG MARY BAEHR GEORGIA BERG NANCY CARTER JACKIE CHAUVETT SUE DICKERSON DIANE DIEBLES JOAN FOURIGAN EDNA GARCIA BARBARA KINDER KATHY KRATZ JOAN LYONS CORNELLIA MALONE PAT MAURY SHIRLEY MAURY MAXINE MOORE CAROLYN NELIGAN-Presidenf IRENE O'NElLL SUSIE-RICHARDSON SHIRLEE STEBLER CAROL THOMPSON BETTY JANE WEAVER SANDY WECK 208 'ihfhn "Cr::v' -QE. Vik As. V27 0?1' 'Ns I as JUN' 4"""Q SPRING PLEDGE JOAN ZUEL Ebelta amma Gamma Gamma chapfer of Delia Gamma was esiablished ai' Texas Wes+ern in I948. This chapfer is one of Delia Gamma's 85 acfive groups in fhe U. S. and Canada. The 2I members of Del+a Gamma parficipare in all campus acfiviries. They won firsf place in fhe sororify divi- sion in +his year's Homecoming Parade, have four maioreffes represenfing fhe college in fhe band, one Class Represen- +a+ive, Panhellenic Presidenf, and Lambda Chi Alpha Sweerheari. Every year fhe Delia Gammas sell programs a+ Rodeo performances fo finance rheir annual refreaf +o Cloud- croff. Dare luncheons and dinner dances are also among iheir ac+ivi+ies. Af fhe Founder's Day Banquei in March +he our- sfanding girls of ihe year are recognized. The flower of Delia Gamma is fhe cream rose and fhe colors are bronze, pinlr, and blue. The local group helps wifh fhe DG Naiional Philanfhropy of Sigh+ Conservarion and Aid +o fhe Blind. GWEN ANDERSON SUSAN ANDERSON JUDY BAKER MARSHA BAKER JEANINE BEEVERS MARY ANN BENNETT JUDY BRENNARD MARY BURDETT BARBARA CANTRELL LINDA COBB SARA COONEY KAY CRAWFORD ANN DAVIDSON DALE DICKSON MARY DOUGLAS GLENDA ELDREDGE SANDRA FOWLER KATE GILLILAND BRENDA GROSE SUSAN HALL LA VERNE HINTON MARILYN IVEY CAROL KENNEDY MARY KENNEDY JEANNIE LANAUX DONNA LEMMON DULCIE LIG-ON MARGARET MacNEIL, Pres. BETTY MAGOON ELLEN JAY MARIS MARILYN MOORE EUGENIA NIEHAUS DORA O'KELLEY ANN O'I'I'ESEN ELEANOR ROBBINS SALLY ROBERTSON MARCI SCOTT MARY JANE TELEHANY NANCY THOMPSON ARGYRA WALSHE BARBARA WIGGS DIANE YOUNG f 1 X, Myy 'Xl 'G-63 Q 25 S f 1 is ,Q fx wg ff , , y , gf ff J: .,., A If A 1 ff gi' Sy? If I If if I ..,., , 5: Blvi 210 H ?51'?Lffi"?1fVi5'i 2 7 SPRING PLEDGES Ann Morgan, Linda Haughfon, Anne Arnold, Carolyn McGrew, Nancy Bell, Doris Fields, Helen Alfrey, Donna Sue Roberfs. Zeta au c-alpha The Gamma Gamma Chap+er of Ze+a Tau Alpha was char+ered a+ TWC in I938. This year +he chap- fer has won many honors such as Is+ place in +he beau+y con+es+ along wifh several runners up, +hey hold fhe scholarship cup for fhis year, have several class favoriies, many class officers, four cheerleaders, Mil- i+ary Queen and Duchess, TWC Sun Princess, five members in Who's Who, Two Top Ten Seniors, and busi- ness manager of ifhe El Burro. A+ presenr +here are six+y aclive members on campus. The sororily colors are furquoise blue and sfeel grey and +he whi+e viole+ is 'rheir flower. A-:,.i,,,Q,11l , fan'-L ' . T - ,... T " " 'T 1 iw-nada , , ,, x , " . ' i . 52 3 l M " "" ' 4 by E ,cigar me -X r in ' . Vvrfc -"' L L Mfsnwwwsfmef' 1 , J . , ' " " '- 2 ' , ' ' ' f , ,.,,. - A fi CAROLYN BILLMAN Presidenl 4 4 dl'lh3u2l'llC ouncil The Panhellenic CounciI's 'funciions are fo mainfain frafernify Iife and inierfrafernify relafions on a high plane, 'Io fur+her scholarship, fo co-operafe wiih Ihe college adminisI'ra+ion for The mainienance of high social s+andards, Io cliscuss queslions of inferesf in fhe college world, and Io compile rules for rushing pledging, and inifiafion on 'Ihe campus. The Panhellenic represenfafives, Ihe presidenis and 'Ihe appren lice represen+a+ives are delegafes fo +he Panhellenic Council SALLIE CONN KAYE WILLIAMS KATHY WOODLEY MAGGIE CLEGHORN MARGARET MELHOP CAROLINE WATSON MARY ANN BAHER KATHRYN KRATZ CAROLYN NELLIGAN MARY FRANCES BLJRDETTE BARBARA CANTRELL LINDA COBB CAROLYN BILLMAN Chi Omega Chi Omega Chi Omega DeI+a Delia Delia Delia Delfa Delfa Delia Delia Delia Delia Gamma Delia Gamma Delia Gamma Zefa Tau Alpha Zefa Tau Alpha Zeia Tau Alpha Presideni if bg , , I .. ., -, - ,V ,.,. 5 ,,.,.f:.. ., pf- ' .1 -1-5215 I 1 -,-- -V .- -.:.-.If aww ,I g, wwf: Q up J A I M Q ..... - 1 W 2 is a ffl ii -2- .:.x.:,,-.- Q. Q 0, Q U ,I L We I-5-:,:3, , ,hwfmgfgw :::-:I-: a:.:.:-f- fmagzf was :PW . H 1 rg Q wi wif' P9353 as Ah -Z-il .......... . , ,,, M,,m,0w emm mw If ,Q -MN' ew 2 A , X i 2 Z Sf 5 Mm if .f I.-1 iff V A ' ' I ., 7 'E SWZJUZ . L ' KH aims ' . I ' , BARRY GALLOWAY Presiclenf nter-fgzraternity eouncil The ln+er Fra+ernl+y Council represenfs fhe common inferesfs of fhe men s social frafermhes pro vides beHer relahons befween fhese groups, con+rols compefifion befween fhe fralernlhes In fheir achvl hes and se++les dispules befween lhe fralernilies. Two acfive members of each social fralernsiy are repre senfahves fo fhe Infer Fralernily Council wifh The Presidenf of each frafernily an auiomahc represenfa JOSEPH MUSSEY MARTIN LIVERMORE GERALD BROOKS JAMES BETTLE BOBBY WALLER EUGENE JOHNSON JOE DEVINE WELDON DONALDSON ROBERT BELL JACK HOLMBERG RON ARNOLD BILL DOWNING BARRY GALLOWAY JAMES BETTLE EUGENE JOHNSON Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Tau Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon Presidenl Vice Presidenf Secrelary-Treasurer Q. my f f Members of fhe Zefa Tau Alpha Sorori+y worlc on +heir float "Now, if you'll ius+ hold your hand righf +here, I'll use fhis hammer +0 'Fix if." The Ze+a 'Floa+ in Hs nearly complefed s+age. FB g :nu 5 J ,V V df'P'N N fl' , ir. gym Q 1 4 6 5534 y 43 , L,.M ff' 5 , "Now if we ius+ connecf fhis wire righi' here, and 'lhen . . 1 Crepe paper leaves your hands wilh such healfhy If you can make sense oul of fhis, you obviously looking colors. clon'+ unders+and flue sifua+ion. 215 b l n Siffing ouf 'lhis dance "Somebody say cheese nk This is no pariy Fred Ioolrs happy Wha+'s ihe iolre? 216 f I V 4. I Q is-.XM Ex-PresidenlJol1n Alexander presenfed las+ year's Swee+l'1ear+, Paf Douglas, cl. wi+l'1 a loving cup, suifably inscribe "Our new Sweellaearl, Miss Marie Endlicl'1." Y The musnc of Vlncenf Kung prevailed a+ 'fhe Black and While Ball Fifi Paul Carufliers escorfed Marie fo be officially announced "Swee+l'1ear+." The Hi-Fi adds +o fhe fun af 'Phe Lambda Chi Lodge Pledge Dufy. "We received 'Huis one for. . ." Recrea1'ion in +he form of ping-pong. 'Pty i f"Z.'9""' "Sing Brofher Sing." Pledge-Ac+ive dance "A+ +l1e Hop." Hopefuls ialk wifh Sororify Actives ai ihe Del+a Del+a Delfa lodge. The Delia Deifa Del+a preferenfial iea. x 1 I i 1 UN ,Ji , fi ii i n 5 S Chi Omega Alum's add finishing fouches io decoraiions for a final rush par+y. Fiowsheef siaff ioins fun af a Zeia Tau Alpha rush per+y Ano+her scene from ine Del+a DeHa Del+a prefereniial fea A Carnival fheme was chosen for fhis Ze+a Tau Alpha rush parfy. ' in 4 I T e whife carna+ion banque+ of Chi Omega. A formal banquef a+ The Delia Gamma lodge. Rushees enloy ping-pong af fhe Lambda Chl lodge. Phi Kappa Tau enferlained rushees on +he pafio pool. , Q 1, Q if A hx 3 L f , 3 Q lp ii' 'sw' Q Q Q if J' i 1 Q 5 4' G' 'wh ,Q lm. T Q ,-Q. Tau Kappa Epsilon lodging 'facilifies were shown fo fhese rushees. Rushees admired +l'1e +ropl'1ies of Kappa Sigma Fralernify. Ac+ives ioined rushees in singing Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frafernify songs. My 3 x 5' F Pledge maferial? "This is an obsolefe Kappa Sigma persuader A glass of orange iuice ai ihe Sigma Alpha Epsilon lodge. Rushees ge? a briefing on +he Phi Kappa Tau pledge program. DAN BOYD JACK BURGESS REID CARLISLE NATHAN COOK JOSE DE LA FUENTE KENNETH DERRICK SAM FIELD WALTER GALYEON PHIL GASTON BILL GIBSON JIM HILL BOB HUGHES ALFRED KORUS BRUCE KENNEDY LIN LIVERMORE JIM MATLOCK CHARLES MATTHEWS DON McCLURG MIKE McKENZIE DANIEL METCALF RICHARD MONTGOMERY JOE MUSSEY, Pres. BILL NASH JIM PATTERSON O. D. PAULK LARRY POAGE JERALD PRICE JACK RHOADES GILBERT RODRIGUEZ KENNETH STUTES VAN TATE GEORGE THOMPSON JOHN THOMPSON ROBERT VEJIL RAY WALLACH ROBERT WALLACH CALYTON WHEATSTONE f 'ik If mf ! , Nw Vg' wi fu 94100 L . R I , 22 4 gi., , U my yang z ' -- 712 BQ? - I H N ww ,uma 1- oglpha cphi Qmega Alpha Phi Omega, Texas Wes+ern College's firs'r fra'l'erni+y, was founded in l9I9. I+ is limi'I'ed 'ro men wilh engi- neering, geology, or physics maiors and ma+h minors. APO is noi' affiliafed wifh any nalional organizafion and ifs mem- bers direci' i+s policies +hemselves. Any man who meeis fhe maior and minor requiremenfs nofifies 'rhe frafernify +ha+ he wishes fo pledge. The members 'I'hen decide whefher or noi' 'l'o pledge him. The 'frafernify sponsors many +radi+ional even+s on fhe campus. They sfarfed and are sfill in charge of "M" Day and lnifiaiion and Picnic 'For Engineers on S+. Pa+'s Day. They also usher ai' 'l'he rodeo and parficipaie in campus acii- vi'l'ies having won fhe ln+ramural cup lasf year. 225 LEE BARNES JIMMY BRICKER GARY BROOKE BOB DUCHEQUETTE TIM DWYER DAVID JOHNSON EUGENE JOHNSON A. J. KOLLER GERALD KRICK FRED LITTLE ANDY LIVINGSTON KEN MEARNS CHARLES MITCHELL CHARLES MOORE BUDDY PAVEY ALAN POWELL A. E. SEDDON JOHN UMBENHAUER WILLIAM VECHIONE BOBBY WALLER-Presidenf SPRING PLEDGES Row I: Andy LivingsTon, James BryanT, PaT MiTchell, Don Holcomb, Paul PaynTer, Lee Barnes. Row 2: Parlcer Cole, Ned Seddon, Charles Moore, Ken Mearns, Franlc HighsmiTh, John Highsmi+h. amlvala ehi oalpha ZeTa Epsilon ChapTer oT Lambda Chi Alpha FraTerniTy has been on TWC campus since I946, when The local group, Rho Sigma Tau, joined The naTional TraTerniTy. The local chapTer is one oT The I52 chapTers oT Lambda Chi Alpha, malring iT The largesT men's TraTerniTy. The ThirTy-Tive members of Lambda Alpha have parTicipaTed in campus acTiviTies This year. They placed TirsT in Two divisions oT The ChrisTmas lighTing conTesT This year and goT a Special Judges Award also. They have one class of- Ticer, and The enTire TraTerniTy parTicipaTes in an annual WhiTe Sands Picnic every spring semesTer. They hold Their an- nual WhiTe Rose Ball every year and aT This Time They crown Their ChapTer SweeThearT. The TraTerniTy colors are purple, green, and gold and The whiTe rose is The Tlower. I L ,E S5 zvvr gvff. H 227 BOB ALMOND CHARLES ANDERSON GEORGE ARMS DON BASSETT JIM BETTLE BILL BARTON DAVID BIRKLEBACH GERALD BROOKS, Pres. DAVID BURKETT FRANCIS BURRILL JOHN COUGHRAN JAMES CREEL WM. ENGLERTH TED FOWLER GERALD GUIDRY JAY HACKLER WM. HAMPTON PHILLIP HANDLIN JIM HOWARD RICHARD HUGHES ART HULL RODNEY JENNINGS RICHARD JUBA TONY KENDRICK RICHARD KUETHE DON LESLIE ALBERT LETZIO RAYMOND LOURIE BILL MAHON ARTHUR MARVIN JERRY MARSHALL TOM McCLEARY WILLARD McDONALD RICHARD McLOY LEE MILLER DAVID MONTELONGO V. C. MOORE PORTIS MORELAND ROBERT NAGLE MALCOM NEWBILL CHARLES NIN PADDY SANDERS i ., Q fi ., is i I Q Y f 3 W , J !f .312,-1- Q ::"ff3:f?'i:3E,Q5":'7 new aeivifzki -:flu 'WM 're:Q.:1:.: .:.: -. ,1. .. , 2? .1 . v .. ms'31753-..',::: : A I I 228 a. '?5:2 B 13, , .t ,:I G S J gg ' "Q: - i Q " EIL A , A? ' ' ,f :5,.5:5:sf .,.. , Q. SPRING PLEDGES: Row I: John Sullivan, Lui Wash, Eddie Wiseman, Herberi Leamans, Lin- wood E. Whifehursf III. Row 2: Paddy Sanders, Ronnie Clifion, Dick Hughes, Bob Pryor, Bud Per- Icins, Pal Morion. Row 3: J. R. Hudspefh, Tom Wicker, Bob Almond, Dave Johnsion, Mike Morfon, Charlie Horalc, Ray Higgins. appa Sigma Epsilon Xi of Kappa Sigma was organized on fhe campus of Texas Wesiern in I949 and fhe lodge was complefed in Ihe fall of l952. In fhe pas? year fhe sixfy-'five members of Kappa Sigma won firsf place in 'Ihe 'frafernify division in fhe annual Homecoming parade, firsf place in fhis years Variefy Show, and a member of Kappa Sigma is Sfudenf Body Vice President Among 'Ihe acfivifies of Kappa Sigma are 'Ihe Bowery Ball held in Ihe spring and +l'1e annual Blaclr and While Ball. Awards are made af I'I1is ball io Ihe oufsfanding fraiernify members. Their frafernify colors are Scarlef, Green and While. CHARLES STODGILL JIM THORPE EDDIE WISEMAN FORREST WYLIE DICK PIERCE JIM PETICOLAS BOB PRYOR BOB SHOPPACH GEORGE SHAVER 229 BENNY AIKEN JAMES BURKE TOM CAVIN JERRY DEAL RON DeVILLIER JOE DEVINE, Pres. J. D. FAIRCHILD RICHARD FAIRALL JERRY FLACK CHARLES GLOCK E. U. GOGLE LOREN HACKETT EDWARD HILL BRUCE KENNEDY J. H. LAZA SAM LIGHTBURNE FRANK McCALLACK JERRY McCLELLAND LEE McDOWELL WILLIAM MILLER GARY MORRISON DAVID PAXSON HAL PEERS GEORGE PASCHICH ALAN PHELPS FRED SEELEY JOSEPH SPARTI HARVEY STAHL CHARLES STEINMAN JUAN STOCKMEYER CHARLES SULLIVAN DONALD SULLIVAN GEORGE SULLIVAN JOHN SUSTARSIC SAM WASAFF NEIL WEINBRENNER BILL WILLIAMS .W ...I iv v9Wm ini? 3 . ff . fgifiwf SPRING PLEDGES Picfured above are fhe following: Vic Pena, Joe Sparfi, John Fifzgerald, Jim Richardson, David Alvarez, George Roberfs. Jim Burke, John Herrick, Ralph Adamson, Jerry Donaldson. 'lphi lappcc au Phi Kappa Tau, fhe firsf nafional frafernify af Texas Wesfern had a very successful year. One of fheir members was presenfed fhe Schidler Award which is an award given each year fo an oufsfanding graduafe fhroughouf fhe nafion. Phi Kappa Tau made luminarios for fhe Chrisfmas Lighfing Confesf in Cielo Visfa which for fhe secondyear won fhem a firsf place in fhe cify confesf. Phi Kappa Tau also won firsf place in "Sing Song." 1 Phi Kappa Tau parficipafes in all school acfivifies and af presenf has fwo Men of Mines, four Alpha Chi members, one class represenfafive, and one class officer. Phi Kappa Tau also holds a spring formal every year and Womans Hafers' Week. Their frafernify colors are old gold and harvard red. X of rir, ROBERT BELL, Pres. GERRY BURKE BOB CALHOUN CABELL FINCH BEN FISHER CEASER FULTON MIKE FURMAN BARRY GALLOWAY BOB GARNER DON GIBSON RICHARD GRANT JON HANSEN LeBRON HARDIE JIM HARVIE MALCOLM HENSLEY THOMAS HINES JACK HOLMBERG ERNEST HOLMES MIKE HOWE BILL HUFF GLENN JOHNSON TOM JONES SCOTT KRUTILECK BILL LEWIS WAYNE LINNENBURGER ROBERT LUNDELL ROBERT LUTTRELL STRETCH MEADOWS JAMES MELTON RONALD McCARTY MIKE McGEHEE DOUG McLAURIN JACK McVEIGH MALLORY MILLER JAMES MOCK BOB ORTON WILLIAM RIGGS ROBERT SANDERS RITCHIE SPENCE BOB SUMMERFORD L. E. TRAYLOR TOM TRUMBULL ana.. w .wma DQS! ' HWMZVQB wMmsw'5Q.H?, 4i'Y3WmM52F9'?6dusfe,wf wv, - ' ,MQ MW W-.wm?m.' ?g1mI.,w. A 7 ggi ,K , ..,. I 4' 6? g ig g Q 461434, Wngggfv' Q 3 E3 'YW Y 'B , A 2? e A Wiz' f I me as A A EM f .Q W J 8 yung Q gg J ' ,Wg Q, ' gems E xg, Q 6, I ,f Q eg ,, Q at gy 4- .- V. ,,, B H ,, 5 QW I ,I . 2,1 wg ' ' ' ef 1 QI F2521 I, wg? K ' Zi I gg M W X ' J W Q gh 1 4 QV ffm 5 f I if a 31 I 3 I Q 1 f 2 Z I Q I W ff .V . - 4 ' A ..,. ... 2, J if in x ,. 'V' A ff ix ' M' f V I Q ' .'af:. : :'z::,- :b a -5-"I , 7 QI I i 72 M 2 A CUZBQQ 'QZIIIQZZEESZEE'52252.53IEZIEQ ,. , . . .. .. ---'v- I , ' 35 4 W-7 .,,., , ..... , M ,V- -Z ii . ,V ' ,Qwjiik , . - , ---V f : ff 4 f x W 9 .iv if 1f-k I I " .. I I I Ig-ET' W3 I age I I I ' r bfi? : .,,.. IQ 5:22 ' H502 3, .,., I ,Q 'M ...,.,. :Y VW' , I 2 A . ,i ' ff I Q2yf3f E , 5 ' QAM , QA EE I I , 1. 22121 2 'I A ' M ""' --v-- - " "" , ...., " I .1 , is A K A 1 N X ' ,E an . gg, E? - ' 2' km, 'g::,:I': :bf 4 ..,,., I r ...,..,. ..:,.,.....:.,. I Qgw sig Sf? ' 4' , I , 3 M A as I '23 at I QZ5'.53'?zS5S2?53Z,Z 53 nm , .pdlfylg QQ-A 5 f' 4 BWBQQQ I I AIVV . I 1 -' -:,,-, : ,..--' 31.153 'i , 232 E It zv' .-,-,'VIv , "I' I ,,.,, W A A . i,,,,.., ,:, I ., Lx , I , X My ' ' f ' '-', Z fiiffww . . ..,I.I A If 'Ziff I Mi ri : ' lv : 1.2.2 4 I :VLA ::-- 2 iff ,-'- "JJ A 1 IQEQQQI QEQM ' , In gg L I V "-:- -:-' 1 5.55:-521 Q' It W E? - 4 if , I . A X K I ' ,f 422 Eg SPRING PLEDGES Row I: George March, Eugene Sledge, Raymond Reslcey, James Paclr, Milne Glover. Row 2: Berlc Miller, Paul Talbol, Jim Agee, John La Grange. Ken Zaring. Sigma cfalpha Qpailon Texas Gamma chapier of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded af TWC on Nov. 9, I947. The chapfer lodge was compleied in l954 and plans are in progress for fhe building of a dormifory. The fraI'erni+y is represenfed by having Ihree members in WHO'S WHO, fhree Men of Mines, fhe lnframural Direc+or and four DMS sfudenfs, The fif+y-four aclives and iwelve pledges pariicipafe in all campus acfivifies. Their acf lor Variefy Show placed second fhis year. They won sweepsfalres in Ihis years Homecoming Parade. There are over 350 acfive SAE's in fhe El Paso area and fhe chapfer has always had a sfrong alumni organizalion bacl: of Ihem. Among fhe infer-fralernily acfivifies of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are fhe Cosfume Ball held each Decem- ber and fhe Spring Formal held each May af which lime Ihe "Swee'fhearI of SAE" is crowned. JACK VICKERS DON WARD PHIL WARD POOL WEBB z . - 5g,'?,m,f. 5,1--wee l i RAYMOND YOUNG 1... JOSEPH ABRAHAM WILLIAM ALBRECHT RON ARNOLD, Pres. CLAYTON BAKER MARUIM BEIER ROBERT BENNETT RAYMOND BERRY BILL BRI'ITON LEE CHAGRA BILL DOWNING JOHN FASHING JOHN FRIED TOM HENNESSY HENRY JURADO THOMAS LERNER CHARLES McGAHA RALPH MOORE CHARLIE MONEDERO JIM PEAK NORMAN PEYTON GEORGE RODRIGUEZ JOE RUIZ FLOYD STEWART ROBERT STEVENSON PHILLIP SWAILS DOUGLAS HAN HORN FRED WITT JAMES WITT ,f fm " 4 ,Zi 5 ,,, .,.. ,,,,.,,::::a:g...,.,:,. , W, I I 4, 1 -v Q gg, sig?-as 4 I I -wg, W W, 4 vm 8 Q Q2-2 if , SHN 5 B, 9 if Q5 + N ff- M is I ,B R 5 4, I Q ,. ,Q I I any I, 42' gm . ..:,: ..., K ' , J " ,Rf1--'I-V-J:-V-fm T i:- -I-'-I-EiE3i:I'..I. .: I9 --"III: ":?'?I':5Z5' A '1-1-121:15 EM' ' if' 5 V-A 4. .V .I HL: .I WM REA: 2 . -. :ii , ..., 1221 35 I ,zigru filqqu. f , if xi ,,:s.::: .I .. . riili if 'gf gy aw -1 iv A ,,z 4' in 5 Ailiffifgf. Qif I A , . ,rglyftffizg-:re i, .,: 'A T4-352gi2iif'3Lfi3:9-15.35.:W ffgzvggih '- 5 2 E E i SPRING PLEDGES: Row I: Tom Lerner, Frank Sanchez, Tom Brereron, Bob Sfevenson, Leo Fernandez, Frank Alvarez. Row 2: John Schinas, Fred Nabhan, Richie Askew, Ar+hur Sracks, "Dea- coh" Hoffman. au appa Qpoilon The Gamma Gamma chapfer of Tau Kappa Epsilon was insfalled a+ TWC in I949. In fhe summer of I956 +he group moved in+o fhe 'firsi' 'fraferniry house on campus where +he members could live fogefher. Tau Kappa Epsilon has a member fha? if a'I'1'he presen+ lime S+uden+ Body Presidenf, and a member rhal' was recognized as 'l'he bes'r Teke +hroughou+ fhe Sou+hwes+. They were also honored by being chos- en +o hosl' leadership school on fhis campus. Tau Kappa Epsilon has 3I members wifh fwo in Top Ten and +wo in Men of Mines. The members par+icipa+e in all campus acfiviries and have many in+er-group acfivifies as +he annual Red Coronarion Ball and rhe par+y form orphans a+ Chrisfmas rime. Hs members are also acfive on cam- pus holding imporfanf posi+ions in publicafions. JOHN ALEXANDER JACK HOLMBERG CHARLES MONEDERO GUILLERMO ORTIZ KARL PERRY-Presiden+ JOSE RIVERA PADDY L. SANDERS JOE STANDIFER LEROY TAYLOR JACK THOMPSON NEIL WEINBRENNER FRED LITTLE 236 X X X JN if A ,Tv Q 5 X S15 Af! J ff, A Z, .L mu :is 1: rw :kt 4 fr 'SJ j ibeltcc Sigma i The Gamma Phi chapfer of fhe Infernafional Frafernify of Delfa Sigma Pi was insfalled af Texas Wesfern on April I9, l95I. If is a professional commerce and business adminisfrafion frafernify and was founded on November 7, I907. If is fhe largesf professional frafernify in fhe counfry and ifs purpose is fo fosfer fhe sfudy of business in universifies: fo en- courage scholarship, social acfivify, and fhe associafion of sfudenfs for fheir mufual advancemenf by research and prac- fice: fo promofe a closer affiliafion befween fhe commercial world and sfudenfs of commerce: and fo furfher a higher sfandard of commercial efhics and culfure and fhe civic and commercial welfare of fhe communify. Acfivifies of Delfa Sigma Pi include professional field frips, oufside speakers, and social gafherings. A formal dance is held each spring and "The Rose of Delfa Sigma Pi" is crowned. All of ifs members parficipafe in all of fhe school uncfions. 237 MARY ANN ADAMS MARGARITA BURCIAGA LYDIA FRANCO IRMA E. GANDARA BARBARA HEILER ROSA MARIA HERRERA-Presideni PAT MAURY AMY MENDEZ PEGGY McCLENDON CECILIA PAYAN KATHERINE SHERWOOD ANA MARIA VARGAS DIANE YOUNG V if A U 1 I VV.,, nl ' ,- vb .:: :. - ai , 5 V ess.. ' ,Q A ,f , .zz , :gg , A - 5 ...ya J' if W , A if 3 7 6? V Y, .fa Q V.... ..,,i...w sr EA Y , 1 cphi gamma u The Phi Chapfer of Phi Gamma Nu was insfalled in February of I955. If is a professional commerce sororify, or- ganized fo furfher inferesf in civic and professional enferprises, and fo encourage parficipafion in campus acfivifies. A high sfandard of scholarship is promofed bv fhe local group. In fhe professional field Phi Gamma Nu has helped sponsor fhe "Town Hall of fhe Campus", a round fable conducfed by fhe Texas Manufacfurer's Associafion. Also Phi chapfer as- sisfed wifh fhe Indusfrial Managemenf Supervisory Conference. On fhe campus fhe Phi chapfer has been acfive in Home- coming acfivifies including fhe parade and brealcfasf sponsored by fhe business deparfmenf. 239 OLGA ARREOLA MANUEL CINTRON ELSA CONTRERAS CHARLES ESPALIN LYDIA FRANCO IRENE HOLGUIN JULIETA MARQUEZ MARTHA PARRA ELEANOR PAYAN EMILO ROCHA RACHEL SOSNOWSKY MARIA TERRAZAS CECIL VILLALOBOS Pres. g m ? , .L 'A M My-Q .,.,. 1 :iZj:5::.1E22 5 Q ,Msgi Qampuo eolleag ueo Cam us Colleagues Club was founded in I94I, under +he name Mu Epsilon Chi. lf is one of +he oldesi' cliibs on campus, and if has +he disfincfion of being +he only co-educafional social organ- izaiion a+ Texas Wesfern. ln Ocfober I957, Campus Colleagues celebra+ed i+s six+een+h anniversary. During +he pasi' year, +he club has parficipafed in many of fhe college acfivifies. The Campus Colleagues placed in fhe non-Greek class of fhe Homecoming Parade. Besides being a social organizafion, fhe Colleagues parficipafe in various communify proiecfs. Campus Col- leagues works wi+h 1'he Lulac Club of EI Paso, which serves as ifs off-campus advisory council. The purpose of 1'he Tri-C is +o esfablish beHer relafions beiween non-Greek sfudenfs a+ TWC. 241 KAY CHERKO LORI DILLARD, Pres. GEORGINE GUEVARA KRISTY HAUSEN SHARON HOLT NORA KELLY NAMRA NACIM YVONNE VEALE ROSEMARY ZACOUR Picfured lefi' +o righ'I': Dean Sieele, Lori Dillard- All Phraieres Girl, Donna Lee Figuieras-Besi' Pledge, and Namra Nacim-Scholarship Award winner. cphrcctereo The Sigma Chapfer of Phraieres ln1'erna+ional, beH'er lcnown as Phi Sigma, is a women's social organizaiion de- signed +o promoie friendships among college women. Phraferes has a pledging sysfem where a woman is a pledge for a semesier, giving her a chance 'l'o develop menfally and morally. Phi Sigma chapfer on TWC's campus has had several proiecis fhis year including a furlcey drawing and several calce sales. They also parficipafe in school funcfions and con+es+s. Phraieres meefs every Tuesday evening a+ I905 Hawihorne Sfreef. 243 JO ANN DAUGHERTY ROSALIE HOLDER BERTHA MUNOZ CARMEN OKESON CYNTHIA POVLTER SALLY URIAS 24 4 flue 'felled "The Belles", a club for dormi'I'ory girls noi' par+icipa+ing in Greek ac+ivi'ries, was organized in l952. Members mus'I' be residenfs of Bell Hall. Since ifs formafion, "The Belles" have been acfive in all campus ac'I'ivil'ies including sporfs, confesfs, Sing Song, and "M" Day. In I956, a scholarship fund was es+ablished 'ro help a deserving member of "The Belles". The members raise +he funds for +his proieci' by ushering a+ 'rhe annual El Paso Rodeo and Livesioclc Show. Charifies aided by fhe club include +he Ysle+a Orphans Home and fhe annual Campus Chesi' rive. 245 Would you be in+eres+ed in having luminarios H-ris Cl'1ris+mas?" "Anybody go+ a penny?" "Cool wafer for ho? summer days "Eigl1+ ball, corner pocket" wjggwy K y I . This picfure may bring back memories of varieiy show, l957 "Dealer fakes 'lhree cards." Las? year's sweefheari' says goodbye. The new sweeihearf gives a fond hello. ln fhe differenf deparfmenfs of fhe college, we found organizafions for sfudenfs of differenf maiors. These organizafions are for flue purpose of offering oufside sidelighfs and help foward fhe subiecf fhey represenf. Sfudenfs can find friends who are inferesfed in flue same fhings fhey are and find added knowledge fhrough fhe meefings of fhese organizafions. L ,yan , N ' 4. M . ,fn 1' 1- Uv Q 1 Q-W., Maw-U, A .1 X: 5 I 2 -K ,L f 'M www: M 4 7 ,-W? ,ff : lr as W. i 1:7 9i4i,,fV.q5yg5Qf jL 1-W Q- 9 giv- 1 ,iij L, Q 1 fm z, A ., . E w fy , if QLIZ1 3 1 .4 .,-fr' f Z 1 SAE Piclured above are: Sandra Fowler, Nancy Carier, Geraldine McGrew, Belly Slaplefon, Gwen An- derson, Mary Douglas, Kafe Gilliland, Linda Curfon, Sandra Ogden, Marfha Shadle. fell gfall Qormitory Qouncil Presidenf, Sandra Fowler Vice Presidenf, Kafe Gilliland Secrefary, Sandra Ogden Treasurer, Gwen Anderson The Bell Hall Dormifory Council acfs as fhe legislafive and iudicial group for Bell Hall. If plans social affairs, dormifory improvemenfs, and philanfhropic proiecfs each year. K This year fhe Council purchased gas logs for fhe fireplace, held religious discussions wilh guesf speakers during religion in life week, and disfribufed Chrisfmas Baslrefs fo needy families. 252 W, Q. , A' I 'TZ' ,asm 'fl I -Ay 5 I is ,,, . li Row Row Row Row Row Row I: Connie Rubio, Cynfhia Wiiherspoon, Dr. O. A. Eidbo, Sponsor. 2: Frankie Gioia, Bernadine Brock, Inez Turley, Belly Siaplefon, Nancy Wilbanks. 3: Felipa Zavala, Sue Dickerson, Mariorie Brockingion, Adele Murillo, James Owen. 4: Guillermo Flores, Julie Nelson, Chrisfine McEachern, Maria Rodriguez, Sandra Ogden 5: Cynihia Poulfer, Al Lehie, Luanne Presley, Jane Holmberg, Francis Holi, Muriel Marlin 6: AI Anderson, Red Jennings, David Green, Raul Guereca. uoic Qclucatorfo rational eonference Presi Vice OFFICERS: deni, James Owen Presidenf, Raul Guereca Secrefary-Treasurer, Sandra Ogden Reporfer, Cynihia Wifherspoon Sponsor, Dr. O. A. Eidbo The purpose of This organizaiion is Io encourage and help fhe music sfudenf. Ifs programs are sef up 'ro show fufure music feachers how fo plan curriculum and 'Io aid Ihem in 'Iheir planning. 253 Row I: Lucille Sepulveda, Jeanine Beevers, Mar+l1a Ray Vance, Tommie Lou Wafson, Kale Gilliland, Annabelle Bean, lsabel Herre- ra, Mary Ann Place, Mrs. Eleanor Duke, Sponsor. Row 2: Ross Harrell, Pedro Vargas, Fred Ekery, Rene Gonzales, Mike Goldman, Orlando Garza, H. Glenn Hampion, OHo Mufioz, Sam Ramirez, Kennefh Malmquisf, Gilberf Sanfoscoy, Porfirio Lozano Jr., Vicfor ArdiHi, Luis Arredondo, James Spier, Joe S+arling. Row 3: Wick Curiis, Fred Seymour, Charles Grani, Bob May, George Curry. re-clnecl elulf OFFICERS: ' Presideni' ....,..,,.,,...., ,,.,,.,,..,...,.......,,.,,,, .,,,.,.... R E NE GONZALES Vice Presideni' ....,,...,. ,,,,A,...,,.,,....... ,,,,,.. O R LANDO GARZA 2nd Vice Presideni ..... ,....,,,,,,,,,a.....,..., B OB MAY Secrefary ......,..,......... ,.rr,,.. A NNABELLE BEAN Reporier .,,,..,............. ,,,,....AA. .... .... ,..,.,,,,. ..,...A.... J A M E S SPIER lnframural Direcior .....,....,,.,...,.,,,,,....,,,,,,,,.z.i.i.,,.........,, OTTO MUFIOZ The Pre-Med Club is composed of siudenls inferesfed in l'l1e biological sciences. Hs programs are arranged so as fo provide bofh speakers and movies concerned wirh fhe biological sciences and medicine. Acfivifies of fhe club include an annual banquef, parficipaiion in 'l'l1e Homecoming Parade and orher campus acrivifies. Row Row Row Row excw qgeotern eollege c-all eollege Cahoir I: Beffy Brady, Maria L. Rodriguez, Julie Nelson, Mariorie Brockingion, Chrisfine McEachern, Cynihia Wiiherspoon, Melrifa Ramos, lnez Turley, Ellen Jayne Maris, Bernadine Brock, Alicia Alvidrez. 2: Sue Dickerson, Helaine Friedman, Francis Holi, Mary Tracy, Sue Wood, Sibyl McDonald, Georgina Guevara, Mariha Miller, Faye Mclniosh, Dulcie Ligon, President Be'H'y Sfaplefon, Febe Bonilla, Naomi Sfearns, Mary Ramos. 3: Raul Guereca, Adela Murillo, Thelma Thormodsgaard, Pai-ly Pierce, Shirley Woodull, Sandra Ogden, Muriel Marfin, Edna Nixon, Ann Davidson, Jane Holmberg, Leanore Galinn, Cynfhia Poulfer, Lou Presley, Connie Rubio, Herlinda Uranga, Frank Gioia. 4: Bobby Jackson, David Delves, John Liles, Don Spurrier, Billy Hallas, Dean Coufy, Gabriel Morales, Paul Talboff, Ken John- son, David Green, AI Tucker, Herb Cooper, Bill Flores. 255 l I-OR' Dil-I-ARD IRENE HOLGUIN CAROL McKEE PEGGY MCCLENDEN PAT MAURY EUGENIA NEIHAUS CAROLYN STONE oecl eouncil OFFICERS: Presidenf, Eugenia Niehaus lsf Represeniafive, Pai Maury Vice Presideni, Carol McKee 2nd Represenfaiive, Carolyn Slone Secreiary, Lori Dillard Sponsor, Mrs. Thad Sfeele Treasurer, Peggy McClendon Reporfer, Irene Holguin The Coed Council is made up of represen+a+ives from each women's organizafion on campus and works fowards a closer co-operafion befween ihe groups. The council served a luncheon for graduafing seniors in May, and held ihe Coed Ball in December. A+ ihe Coed Ball, +l'ie Coed King Caesar Fulion was crowned. 256 glancing Tack The following pages are iusl a few scenes from fhe pas'r year perhaps +hey will help you +o find and recapfure a losi' momeni' 257 'MW'-1-:xl 'S-1,5 "The wheels +urn." 258 'il 'VH 7 sm, Boolrsfores gef 'Hue business during regisfrafion. "Anyone have a Hisiory 3l02 bool: for sale?" uiclzieo Conversafion "The line is long ai noonf' Sign fhis and move fo +l1e nexf fable!" W , ,f MMV V Mm- M,,,,,m..,.,.,. N ' , ., V, NWN ,NNN vm, Agn Y W, .,,s 1... , ,QW r..,...w Beauiy on parade. uiclzieo A lovely freshman, a bouque+ of roses, a fhrilling momen+ Beaufy coniesi' finalisi' uiclzieo Flowsheel Slaff ai worlr, The rivalry wi+l1 +l1e Aggies in all sporfs. Class piclures. 5516 24 Sludenf Council meefing. 261 The explosions fhai' ' 4 4 buckled 4-LL 31 1 5 p A 5 s f New f af i+fm,A ,X K ,Q SR is F 55,959 ,. V W uf mf, k Am Q'im,.,,L ' if fm ' .J ww 'riffs' if W ' 1 f"'lRkr1.g'i"',woligM VW" n--f 1.-I ,wa-g. K MA 'hh A Q dy 'fr nw, K r w W Fmiyip if -wg J . M M A 'fn fa is .1 1' A ,fm A Afifmf ' my X , ' in .1 , I Q in 'I ka ' 1, .1 , ,,.g .X if fr' 'ikqxmkwswe ff " J an was ,Ji gi Q ' ML ap 1 rocked 'the Sfudenf Union, in preparaiion for expansion. W Q The ROTC inspecfions Vofing in siudenf elecfions. 262 Qgcickieo Mr. Rober+s" "The Tender Trap "The Rainmakerf' 263 Realizing +ha+ mosi' sfuclenfs supporf 'rheir own religious beliefs for life, many organizafions are es+ablishecl on campus for fhe furiherance of +hese beliefs. These organizafions open 'rheir doors +o new people hoping +o make fhem 'Feel more af ease ancl af home on our campus. They have a coun- cil o'F all fai+hs which works fowards fhe success of an annual Religion in Life Week program. 264 Kneeling: Ornell.Neil, Sarah Cooney, Della Haddad, Jane Holmberg, Cynihia Wilherspoon, and Thelma Williams. Sifling: Sue Ann Billman, Mary Douglas, Mrs. J. C. Vowell, Hilda Miniares, Espie Solo. Siandingz Roy Gibson, Bob Prenslry, Jerry Siewari, Walfer Willis, and Dan Boyd. jnter-gaith eouncil OFFICERS: Chairman ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,.. ,,,,, J ERRY STEWART Sponsors ,,,....., MRS. J. C. VOWELL and MR. THOMAS M. CHISM The lnler-Faifh Council was organized in fhe spring of I954, for fhe purpose of presenfing an annual Religion in Life Weelr Program 'lo fhe sfudenl body. The Council is composed of members of fhe fhree major 'Faiihs on campus. Hs chairman serves as sfudenf direcfor of Religion in Life Weelr. Religion in Life Weelc Acfivifies include assemblies, classroom visilafions, conferences, and discussions wifh sfudenfs by ihe visiling spealrers. 266 'Ml' C7 'ya If' 'W afyh xi wa lg 21 . is 7 va , 'KJ' .A v 491 Row I: Cynihia Wiiherspoon, Peggy McClendon, Cherie Dusseau, Carolyn McGrew, Eleanor Robbin, lone Lusk, Frances Holmes. Row 2: Karl Perry, Evelyn lmle, Carmen Olreson, Don Johnson, Marci Scohl, Elaine Hanna, Forresf Wylie. Row 3: Gene Boswell, Orlando Garza, John Sherman, Bob Maxwell and Jim Hill. qoeoley go unalation OFFICERS: Presideni' ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CYNTHIA WlTHERSPOON Faifh , , , Vice Presideni' .,,,...,.,.,,,.... ,,,......,. J ACK BURGESS Publicify , Secre+ary .,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, M ARCI SCOTT Treasurer ...., . ,, ,. BOB PRYOR Direcior . The Wesley Founclafion af T.W.C. is a parf of fhe world-wicle Melhodisf Siudenf Movemenl. H was organized in ihe spring of I953 and reorganized in I956. Plans are being made for a Wesley House ancl a full-lime direclor of religious eclucaiion. 267 Qllup PEGGY McCLENDON NORMAN PEYTON and CARMEN OKESON FORREST WYLIE ""'--w--.....,,,,nm, I , C L-U... wma... 0-"-1-w--U mmmmqvh A an-..,, .,W,.,,XWW ' """'-w- , , M "'-l-nu.. 4' A I ir Sealed: Suzanne Darroh, Erma Clark, Mary Ann Kennedy, Madeline Willis. Sranding: ,Tom Chism, John English, Bob Donohue, John Prince, Al Tucker, Roy Gibson. iBc4ptiot Student qlnion OFFICERS: MARY ANN KENNEDY ,,,A,, ,,......,,.,..,, P residenf BOB DONOHUE ERMA CLARK .,,.,..,..,,,. , ,.,,,,,, Vice Presidenl ROY GIBSON MADELINE WILLIS ,,,,,,.,,,......,,....,, Secrefary JOHN ENGLISH ,,,,,, ,,,,,.,......., B .S.U. Chairman JOHN PRINCE .,,,.,,,. ,,,. ,.... D e vofional Chairman The Bapiisf Sfudenl' Union, organized in I94I 'furnishes a con- necfing Iinlr befween 'Ihe local Bapfisf Church and fhe campus communify. The Union endeavors Io promoie religious grow-Ih and spiri+uaI developmenl' of ihe sfudenf. The Union cenfer was builf in I949, ihe firsf permanenf fype sfudenr cenier. Parfies, reireafs, and Bible sfudy are only a few of fhe acfivifies of 'Ihe B.S.U. 268 xecutiue council Publiciiy Chairman Missions Chairman TOM CHISM ,,,,,,,, Sfudenf Direcfor Sfudenls enioy High Fidelify music af rhe B.S.U. 75+ ff4 John Prince leads ihe singing a+ a noon inspirafion meefing. Members of ihe B.S.U. fry fo encourage new sfudenfs during regisfrafion. Ping-pong fakes in any player al' fhe B.S.U. X Fellowship up K 43 ras vii w, wr N L s K in , r ..m.,........m Ml, 1. -- ...sw-ug Kneeling: Adan Lopez, Richard Onfiveros, Richard Loya, Amy Mendez, John D. Douglas, Vicior Peiia, Rene Vela, Chiio Calderon, Ruben Vela, and Faiher Burke. SiH'ing: Ramon Piion, Jack Fuller, Richard Olivas, Leo Gonzales, Vicfor Young, Armando Garcia, OH'o Telles, Salvador Velas quez, Salvador Varela, Charles Horlcy, and Richard Gonzales. Sfanding: Arfhur Napoles, Graciela Islas. Norma Mar+inez, Hilda Miniares, Belia Baca, Mary Helen Moreno, Alicia Armenia Yvonne Veale, Marguerife Loya, Emmy KnoH's, and Richard PaHon. ewman elulv' OFFICERS: Presideni .,.....,...............,.,,. ,,,...,............... ,,,,,,,,,, J . D. DOUGLAS Vice Presidenr ....,.........,....... ........,,.,,.,,,...... E SPIE SOTO Corresponding Secreiary .,,,.., ,,,,,,, S OLEDAD SAMBRANO Recording Secreiary ,..,,.,,.,, ..,....,,,,,,,,,,,, A MY MENDEZ Treasurer .,,,.,.,A,..,,,,..,,,,,,,.,, .,....,,.,,,.,,,,,.,,,., V IC PEISIA Hisforian .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,.......,...........,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,....,.,......,, RENE VELA The Newman Club, one of 'rhe largesi' religious organizafions on campus, serves as a religious, social and aihlefic organizafion for Cafholic sfudenis. The club members pariicipafe in sponsoring various benefii' proiecfs, oufings, inframural sporfs, an annual pilgrimage io Mf. Crisio Rey, and fwo dances yearly. 270 Princess Amy Mendez and her escorf Orlando Cervanfes. Espne Sofo ns crowned as Lady in-Wai+ing, Yolanda Porras looks 5 .4 MISS ESPIE SOTO Cardinal Ball Queen, l957-I958 el, 5 Religion is hugh? by Mr. Tom Chism a+ +he Bap'ris+ Sfudenf Cenfer 272 We wa+ch wilh pride and respeci' as Bob Prenslcy execufes a smarl' salu'I'e. He is bul one of +he young men in uniform who represenfs 'lhe R.O.T.C. deparfmenl' of our college. These are sl'uden'I's who are learning fo be lufure members of The Armed Services. They learn and prac'I'ice Milifary Science and Tacfics fhroughoul' 1'he year. A summer camp gives +hem oppor+uni+y +o prove fhemselves as as soldiers. They add a grea+ amouni' of color +o Texas Weslfern College. 274 Miliiary Queen MISS MARY JANE TELEHANY Honorary Colonel Reserve Officers Training Corps 276 BARBARA HURT Honorary Lf. Colonel Reserve Officers Training Corps MARTHA LOU FLORENCE Honorary Lf. Coionei Reserve Officers Training Corps 1 -ww- ,ws f - fsfew . H' I U. . , ' X ' . ',.K.f'1 sf is 2 'f ,sa l ,L , . ., ,, W, .,,A.,A . , . , , , . W ia W Q 1' A 1, ,. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row M I I I ,.:..,. I .. .sf K I .. K .1 ,H ,. S2 M Capfain R. A. Eiber, Presidenh Firsf Lieufenanf Villa, Vice Presidenh Firsl' Sergean+ J Chorne, Firs+ Sergeant J. Kellen, F. J. Davis, F. M. Vargas, J. Parra, A. L. Phelps, R. L. Fairall. L. R. Moran, A. V. Holl, G. M. Johnson, T. B. Cavin, R. A. Nagel, F. A. Shunlx. Cardillo, Aguilar, J. S. Armiio, G. P. Welsh, A. G. Parra, C. Sullivan. Dominguez, K. H. Sfuies, J. S. Arms, R. D. Gibson, G. S. Sanioscoy, L. Hardie. Solo, J. L. Maloy, J. V. Marshall, J. F. Beiile, B. G. Lewis. Colonel J. Alfrey, Maior W. L. Hodge, Major D. S. Boughner, Cap+ain L. P. Ochs. Scabbard and Blade is a Nafional Mililary Honor Socie+y wifh local chapfers locafed in mosl' leading colleges and universilies fhroughouf 'the couniry. The purpose of fhe Socieiy is fo develop and fosfer fhe ideals and prac+ice of miliiary educafion in ihe Unifed Slafes, parficularly in colleges and universilies, and fo spread inlelligenf informa+ion concerning 'Phe miliiary requiremenfs of our coun+ry. 278 Capi. Thomas Cavin, ls? Lf. R. J. Villa, Capf. Jerry Kellen, Capt Richard Fairall, Maier Karl Perry, lsf Lf. James C. McDonald lll, Isl Lf. Allan Friedman. ibiotinguiohecl qnilitary Studento Disfinguished Milifary Sfudenis musl have a+ least a "B" average in R. O. T. C. and s+and in fhe upper fhird of fheir class. They are chosen on +he basis of ouisfanding leadership pofenfials, high moral characfer, and an aplifude for fhe milifary service. Upon graduafion, ihe Dislinguished Milifary Sludenf is proffered a Commission in lhe Regular Army. 279 4 I ! ,,, - J' , , 4t , , . N 5 4- . fr g . I 4 ' 1 If N 4 'M h . ' m Ami 3 1 , U4 n ,f P V2.2 ' Q Q, rr - N ,rf Q-n "1 ,P W if uv Af , 1 1, ' , vfi'f?5 ,LvQi, 4- A A A '. . A 1 Ya. , Karl Perry, Ba'Hle Group Commander: Larry Fairall, Execufive Officer: Jerry Kellen, Adiufant "Sir, fhe BaHalion is formed." 280 "And so I said fo him ,,,,......-v , . - an p n as V un , n1l qi i and 1 WM- WW K """" in 1-all ' 'A . 1 Q ' ' ii i 'M - "' ' ' A ' I .. . " q 73.11. 4' A ,. 'ff 1 X ii -- 1 1 , . , Q... , , A' -X-. -' ',pfE'5K - 5' ., '-f A... ,. 'fa ' ,-:: ' 1 . A 1 Mg ii . ff 1 I Na' -. vw- .n .1.., .' ' -' 2394? .3-' ' if 'K Q Qi A--' " '- " "Jw, ' .girfy ,, N. ...M - M X ' fg ' " A2 ef. 'M S o'vQ E . .1 A . fx gat v ' 35 .Q .. VI T, 3 . b ' up . ,.,..,V,n ,iii I a N' S . X I 'mf ,K gtg in 'III I O x... .NY Q h - A ww- 'A 3 35555 Q G" L ""' 'Q' 1' X WE' 1 :' y v yy-, J fr 5. -- gf . fi f f , , , . ...f - J V F . :Ei I ,lag-1 , if 2 , . . , . M., .,y!tv. - .3 .A V, , f jf V A. ti 1,15 I I Q I 2' "i ,I Zferejygl r, . r LF, .nf "R 7.,' 5 A' 'i 5? ...QA :vt A' V '. 5 i - . A I n 1 :1Q . ..A, .- A' 1. - A J- . J " . . ' A' JP .Y 2" in 7' A' ui' ' " I M ' - jf' '-1 22 ,:-' 4 5-',,,,. if ' '4'-e.i,,,:h Axn: .. V H . I .2 it .5 :-:k: I . an y ky? W., A , V T. .5 -V ..f: 2 gze H5512 1 3' gh., , ww, f o we ' ' - V, Q51 'K EXW " . M' , " . K' - ' if ,N 2 f A . nz F - . . A .. .- 1 . 4 'f .- 9. 5. Y x ... -Q I . .1-ffnam ms "HL A 2.4 Y, .. i .5 1,1 1111:-'i 'M ' K irsupl-.kai UC' Row I: F. J. Roddy, J. F. Thompson, J. A. Malooly, C. C. Sloan, R. D. Dominguez, J. Porras, R. G.DuchouqueH'e, C. R. Sullivan. Row 2: F. Devlyn, E. L. Hirsf, L. A. Dishar+, C. R. Higgins, J. E. Boafrighf, D. W. Crouch, D. D. Paxson, K. R. Mil- ler, D. W. Sherwood. Row 3: A. Anchondo, D. R. Nible'H, P. O. Gasfon, B. Everhar+, R. F. Vela, G. J. Harris, R. E. Angle, R. N. Cavin- ess. Row 4: W. I. Purdy, B. J. Waller, G. E. Barbee, R. B. Carfer, B. Vechione, T. F. Wylie, W. K. Young, W. E. Bruce, G. C. Vaughan. Row 5: S. C. Payne, D. T. Denman, M. C. Walfers, Pino, E. Perez, L. Barnes, J. A. Hedriclrs, D. Fagelman, E. Wiseman. Row 6: J. C. Schmidf, D. C. Hamilfon, A. E. Seddon, T. Arellanes, R. B. Bellinger. ' Lefi' +o Righh- ?-fi' Company Commander: Arihur V. Hull Company Execufive Officer: Girard Cardillo Firsi' Plafoon Leader: Gary P. Welsh Second Plafoon Leader: John P. Thompson Third Pla+oon Leader: Gilberi' S. Sanfoscoy 281 ge I A . .... - .rr F ' ir I: : 5 VMVW " E . lI...............: : fm -r ' -1 u v r - ' I ' ' git.. dk - . . .- i . L - gl.. I i'l.l nl Y' I1 ' l ii I ii. In LL 'I' I I W - g N, L4 . , - . .I E. I if i U L Q., Y I . 1 l M MSW FTW FM'- Row I: G. F. Ailcen, B. A. Sierra, G. K. Marlch, L. R. Paschich, A. Belfran, D. S. Leslie, M. L. Marlin, G. H. Thompson. Row 2: M. Howe, A. Rane, G. Shaver, E, Harris, E. Sandell, R. Warren, R. Calhoun, D. Davidson, S. Kru+ilelx. Row 3: H. Rede, S. Meraz, R. Consfanfalcis, M. Tomboslry, A. D. Linlr, J. W. Haclrler, A. J. Lefizio, J. M. Filch, R. F. Reslcey. Row 4: A. R. Norfe, A. Gonzalez, R. J. Moore, H. Hamil+on, L. Lopez, A. Livingsfon, R. N. Greene, D. Benfley, J. N. Arriaga. Row 5: F. Cruz-Aedo, F. Johnson, R. LuH'rell, B. A. Greene, E. Maddox, A. Acuia, D. F. Mellon, R. Gonzales, T. Hennessy. Leff +o Right- , Company Commander: ' Rosendo J. Villa Company Execu+ive Officer: i Alan L. Phelps Firsl Plafoon Leader: William J. Huff Second Pla+oon Leader: Jose M. Le Disma Third Plaioon Leader: Manuel Cinlron 282 .. 1. . W- .1 new :Q-as el J ' Q.. 1 M "'M VXI T' IJ ll' i'iAN1'Wf'fiiEwC7T'- an Row Row Row Row Row Row Ll ' lf' M' .,,.v"' " . ,,,. 'N" -of-ww :mpg - , f- M- ., - -.-. . . 4 , 1 , , -- .. F. Canales, F. Canales, J. G. Rivera, E. Molina, J. Miichell, J. Howard, E. S. Holmes, G. Harris. R. Piion, A. Randle, L. Knox, D. Van Hbrn, F. Garcia, L. Burrell, C. Glock, V. Tafe, E. Limon. 2:11. Pavis, R. Laughman, J. Saucedo, L. Dominguez, C. Cagle, J. WhiHier, M. Casillas, M. Aguirre, F. ross. F. C. Gioia, R. E. Olivas, C. Segura, R. Hughes, T. Lee, B. Flores, A. Ochoa, L. A. Gonzales, S. Ramos. A. Garcia, H. ReHig, R. Olivas, M. Chacon, D. Lemus, A. Schick, D. Johnson, J. Goyfia, A. Flores. T. Lerner, R. Limon, R. Muro, A. Powell, F. Saab, R. Garcia, A. Vasquez, G. Valenzuela, V. Villalva. wa- L,- Q' 'W' Leif fo Rlghf. Company Commander: Glenn M Johnson Company Execuiive Officer: L Anfonio R. Aguilar J Firsi Plaioon Leader: Frank McCallick Second Plafoon Leader: - i Paul W. Hun' 'bv . -4 Third Plafoon Leader: Rober+ T. Prensky 283 X , HEP'- Francisco Cruz-Aido, Donald C. Hamilfon. Delbert R. NibIeH, Sam Meraz, Jr 284 Kneeling: Leff fo Righf-Monfe Marlin, Earnesf Limon, Alben' Link, Sammy Meraz, Ruben Gonzales. Sfanding: Delberf Nil:le++, Don Sherwood, John Schmidf, Phillip Gas+on, Roberf Duchouquefle. Picfured above is ihe Texas Wesfern Rifle Team which placed high in many rifle fournamenis held fhroughouf fhe l957-l958 school year. The feam placed fhird in The Soufhwesf and Fourfh Army Tournamenis and in fhe upper fhird of fhe Nafional lnfercollegiafe Compeliiion. Each year 'the TWC rifle feam excells in sporfsmanship as well as marlrsmanship. 285 1"7 f E , Qs , af 1' f' ,FT L11 433, 422 1 2 .mv " ll Y I 'U .....,.......,,,., ,,.,,..-. , N . .nr 4. - A A, ..,.....-,..,......-.u.,. ...W , ---- Row Row Row Row Row 5 O A. G. Parra, G. E. Sullivan, M. Furman, G, U. Arms, A. P. Sofo, B. G. Lewis, T. W. Tolson, A. L. Napoles, J. C. Whifson, L. Hardie. D. B. Sullivan, A. Gonzalez, V. L. Jones, R. F. Knigh+, W. Marfinez, C. J. Horalr, J. W. Chamness, T. P. Maloney, A. Esman. C. H. Benson, R. N. Lundell, B. F. Heiler, J. J. Crook, J. M. Rosado, S. C. Wesfon, T. J. Wall, R. T. Sleele, R. D. Orion. a11.DL.vM:ller, J. M. Caslro, R. M. Pryor, L. Varela, T. Sarfor, J. A. Hughes, R. D. Daugherfy, M. R. Weber, . . eez. T.L'l. Jones, R. R. Verbosh, A. Calderon, T. W. Vaughn, J. H. Hubbard, A. Acosfa, D. Ellrins, W. A. Ken- ne y. Le'f+ fo Righh- Company Commander: Francisco M. Vargas Company Execufive Officer: James C. McDonald Ill Firs+ Plaioon Leader: George H. Bounds Assisfanf Firsf Pla+oon Leader: William A. Albrechf Second Plafoon Leader: Frank J. Davis Third Pla'roon Leader: Ronald C. McCar+y 287 mg gjfjfjjlffflu r vri f N . 'I' l 1 f M. M. ' e. gf W . k. . 71- ef '. x f r - ' , A .fd ,.' i 1' . wvwwwwi we-m,,Q5,zp Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5' Row 6. Lef+ +o Right- Company Commander: Roberf A. Eiber Company Execu+ive Officer: Juan Chorre Firsi Plafoon Leader: Hecior Holguin Second Plafoon Leader: Roberfo Cordova Third Pla+oon Leader: Jose A. Marfinez .?,..5,.., H H ,...w,...,..:.m I N. B. Doss, F. A. De La Rosa, R. Vela, P. Webb, J. F. Hall, P. D. Hall, J. V. Marshall, F. Shunk, R. Gray. H. Saucedo, J. Greek, S. Carreon, J. Davis, R. Pavia, R. Wischlcaemper, C. McGehee, R. Duar+e, H. A. Licon. J. L. Davis, J. Sullivan, H. Feinberg, R. Jones, R. Manigold, R. Navarro, S. Sims, R. Gonzalez, J. Lafferfy S. Wasaff, G. Brooke, J. Navar, G, Phelps, R. Young, J. Lanahan, D. Birlrelbach, J. McVeigh, M. Yaiiez. E. Rocha, M. Glover, E. Ochoforena, G. Aflcins, G. Morrison, T. Toman, P. Bowman, G. Guidry, P. Paynier R. DeVillier, W. Wilson, D. A. While, A. Lopez, G. Diaz, L. Whifworih. 11ii 'uf M EMM ME ' o Row Row Row Row Row X 4'f"'2ginfM ' 'affgfkf fs 1' iw Q's??!f Q 'ifesgl X. 1 ,Nw W gh k2?i?ai f5f5 Q 2 Q "f'SsQ:i',z-fu' 'ffffsp . .11!3w gg " 55235-A 'Q ffybf ,syn KNQQQSXQ- . fy X -, 3 lvg fx '4 if t uw ig57i?' ' 5, 4 , 5 2 QQfw A f Si 1- Sa W-ffvwiiw 'E ' if W V . L Q g 7 1 . I J 1 L I? af 3 s at W .r f s 1 r Lf' ,QM ,W J gain' -ww ,, ,. .. fii?1: I 'QQEEIQEG . f W - ' S' fx Q 5, fb :-.L4 9 2 1 'Q 4, wwf. , 1- , av 45 . A., 3 1 is ??:,' 1 ""' A 'L-1 0 ' giff ,gl ll" 4 I, -1 Q, 1- 5? W3 if Q vw, W, Q g.,,.. , Wim f E , Si A M O Q 1' 2 9 ,A ,, U N 1 f , fn J' ,r' Some of you may no+ become officers . . . "Hup, +wo, fhree, four" "Now, look, ihis is an impor+an+ inspeciion so look and acf sharp." ag gf, I as ff QS . L wif 4. 2 Q 6 C V Q , mi ' 47524 :wa Q., K., . fn Moz W ,W ,M .W gf iii. ,. kk h 3 Q ' , If ' K ?fw'wb. .- .. fMM -, 761. ,fy - u jsg' M., 311. , Axfag A Q ,L ,fgj p.- umm X ..,+, V .iw fix . T: , x,!, gl N 4 , . 2 , V . . 5 f Z7 Z .f. N . F if n 1 f 3 Q Q P Q , KZ. - W Q I gif A ' -I . A ff " , 1- if 1. . tx . x X. . M X . ,.-mf N,...w-1-' ' Q, My W 1 15 5 Q .ff 'w-7' K A . ff.f:..ka- fZfgj.'Qf1j,"f. V vs .ff?'wQfjQ1?g2?,i Q.-EES!s:.'5sffi. NTT S.. i'ie?sfff? '?f5'.'Eaf .'1!'i4s5'9iE?if7f ' if 33 38-.5,3 W' -. my -Q7 ,. 5 JN 1. SW . M iami , , - . 221 . - P , .3-3 1-sf.J. Q' . ' ,Q 4 fx hx TK is ln ai., A parf of every school day, was 'Flcers Tralmng Corps did an efflclenf and lmpresslve 'ob of ranslng Old Glory for +l'1e college We view wifh inferesl' fhe line separa+ing 'I'l1e Engineering Deparfmeni' from 'l'l1e resl' of fhe campus. We know fhe college as originally founded was called Texas College of Mines. Today modern equipmeni' and experienced professors +urn oui' some of fhe finesi' engineers in fhe na+ion. 294 V I pw. 4 S 'N' as ' 4 A I r 'ix i A nm! Q55 Q 'N 04" YSELA PoRRAs Engineering Queen 296 fx 4' ,www GE? 'Ave BERTHA MUNOZ Engineering Duchess BONNIE TOMAN Engineering Duchess Noi Picfured, Peggy Disselicoen If i WILLIAM BUNEI-L JAMES CHAMNESS WILLIAM GANDARA PfeSidefI'I Treasurer Secreiary EIec+ricaI Engineer Mining Engineer Civil Engineer engineering eouncil ' 7 'V Us - LARK MURRY GILBERT RODRIGUEZ ROBERT VILLARREAL Elecirical Engineer Mining Engineer Civil Engineer 298 i 4 S XXX gl ,Mix 4-Q ia., xx , ...W ,ww"""""S..,,..."' Row I: Larry Poagh, Jim Paflerson, Jack Burgess. Row 2: Gilberl' Rodriguez, Joe Mussey, Caesar Fullon, Jim Mock, Jack Heiden, Herb Holland, Diclr Jones Charlie Mafhers Row 3: Marlin Buslamanle, Dan Boyd, Cabell Finch, Bob Garner, Gerald Price, Bill Nash. Sigma :emma Qpoilon OFFICERS: 1. KX., m""'C"'1J J Herb Holland, President Jim Moclr, Vice Presidenlg Bill Nash, Secrelaryg Gilberi Rodriguez, Treasurer. The Alpha Lambda Chapler of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, na- fional professional frafernily 'lor sludenls of lhe earlh sciences, was inslalled af Texas Weslern in l94O. Qualificalion for mem- bership requires an above average scholaslic record and lhe pre- senlalion of a lechnical paper. The fralernily worlrs fowards a closer inleresl in 'lhe allied fields of geology, mining, melallurgy, and pelroleum engineering. 299 Row I: R. Ellison, W. Ganclara, H. Sambrano, E. Babenco, A. Alverez, B. Adorns, B. Sanders. Row 2: Mr. Harry H. Corbefl, Senior Charfer Confac+, R. Villarreal, W. Hiler, R. Sofelo, L. Garcia, A. Alvarez, H. Holguin, C. Overfon, J. Esparza, Mr. Paul Hassler, Sponsor. Row 3: F. Cruz-Aido, B, Casfro, T. Mliion, L. DePanfilis, A. Lugo, Mr. Young, l. Ruiz, W. Jarmmon. merican ociety of eivil Qngineero O F F l C E R S : Presidenf Ariuro Alvarez Vice-President Hecior Holguin Secreiary Humberfo Sambrano Treasurer Guillermo Licon Sponsor, Mr. Paul C. Hassler, Jr. The Texas Wesfern Chapfer of fhe American Sociefy of Civil Engineers was esfablished in I948 by a group of Twelve men Eligibilify for membership requires a maior of Civil Engineering wifh a slanding of sophomore or above. The chapier acquainis sfudenis wifh one and ofher, iniroduces fhem 'lo iopics of inferesl' in civil engineering, ancl 'fosfers developmeni' of a professional spirit 300 Row I: R. Fernandez, R. Olivas, K. Johnson, W. Bernard, J. Kellen, P. Ward, G. Gino, L. Varela, J. Creamer, T. Arellanes, J. Bourquin. Row 2. L. Hamilfon, H. Gschwind, L. Murray, R. Berry, A. Dugan, P. Rodriguez, D. Williamson, B. Munoz, Y. Porras, Mr. Gomez, J. Baugli man, R. Gandara, J. Ogaz, P. Harris, T. Salas. Row 3: J. Beifle, R. Rios, J. Gonzales, E. Rocha, E. Sfaeps, J. Marshall, N. Eifing, G. Marich, A. Norfe, R. Olivas, F. Delgadillo, P. Ra- mirez, R. de la Fuenfe, R. Poriillo, R. Gonzales, A. Marinez, A. Murillo. Row 4: C. Cagle, R. Fuenfes, R. Lopez, W. Foy, A. Borrego, C. Higgins, J. Ellenbergher, A. Parra, A. Napoles, J. Monfez, S. McCalliclr H. Feinberg, J. Mann, D. Moore, B. Bruce, W. Bunnell. merican jnotitute of Qlectrical Qngineero OFFICERS: Jaclr Baughman Presideni' Pai' Dugan Vice Presideni' George Gino Secrefary Jerry Kellen Treasurer Juan Ogaz Reporier Mr. Gomez Sponsor The sfudenf chapfer of ihe American lnsfifuie of Elecfrical Engineers, esrablished in I948 encourages fhe advancemenf of elecfrical engineers in ihe fields of 'fheory and praciice, iogeiher wiih allied aris and sciences, developmeni of individual engineers and pariici- pafion in inspedion hips fo places of engineering inieresf. 301 Row I: G. Rodriguez, J. Mock, D. Gipson, C. Fulfon, E. Escalanle, T. Laplxo, R. Limo, J. Armiio. Row 2: Dr. J. C. Rinfelen, sponsor, J. McDonald, G. Palau, J. Chorne, S. Morrison, R. Garner, O. Echevarria, A. Korus. Row 3: A. De La Rosa, R. Carlisle, C. NavareHe, C. Hornado,P. Moore, F. Mauldin, F. Shunlc, M. McKenzie, W. Sfricklin, W. Gib son. C. Finch. Row 4: O. Gonzales, E. Chavez, M. Busfamenfe, R. Bardsley, R. Monfgomery, C. Maihews, D. Boyd, H. Siahl. merican jnotitute o ining anal qnetallurgical Qngineero OFFICERS: Dan Boyd Presideni Bob Garner Vice Presideni Caesar Fulron Treasurer Juan Chorne Secreiary Dr. J. C. Rinielen Sponsor The Texas Wesiern Chapier of fhe American lnsiiiufe of Mining and Mefallurgical Engineers was esiablished in I9l5 as ihe American lnsfifule of Mining. li became a parf of A.l.M.E. in I944. The chapfer encourages inieresf in various sciences and pro- mofes fellowship befween professional men and sfuclenis. 302 Ouch!" Low Bridge. THE MINES CEREMONY OF This used +o be ihe ri+ual for miners kasagm, I A h r .X in An Engineer a+ lasf! "Kiss rhe Blarney Srone or ge+ anofher whack." ,, W -..... .,., We . , , ,, ,V .WWW-nm-gi ' ' mm, ..,.... .u......---W..l-- -W-NM' nz.-M LJ 'WD NX ' Q 4+ ig ' ' f,,A. is-12 7 ,gy 5 M95 S Av. 1 ex rl in W if an f K 5, Vt . Q, 411 1, PM T 11 3-My W wwe V E ll ,QQ Q, W Mil L 2 T' 0 5 .K "He's confidenl' 'rhe blasf will occur on lime. Xxx An engineer drills holes 'For 'rhe clynamiie which rocked lhe campus on Sf. Pa'l'riclr's Day. Dynami+e fakes a lol of packing. "Thar -' V new She Blows" o ,ss Bob Garner sieps up +o ialre his award for beard growing. "Uk i -,ze 3511 iii' lf. ww! Par? of 'Phe ceremonies which surround ihe Si. Pafrick's Day week-end is 'ihe annual beard growing confesf. This year, a new record was esfablished when Joe Mussey won fhe con+es+ for fhe longest and 'fuilesi' beard 'for ihe fhird year in succession. JOE MUSSEY Champion of fhe Beard 4 We cheered un+il our voices gave ou+ for bo+h Miner fooiball and baslce+ball +eams. Our new foofball head coach, Mr. Ben Collins,gave us quife a fhrill by winning his firsi' five games in a row. We were equally fhrilled by fhe Miner baskefball feam ably coached by Mr. George McCar+y. Track and Tennis were added assefs fo view +hroughou+ fhe remainder of fhe spring spor+s season. We are proud of our greai' achievemenfs in fhe sporis field. 306 Sperm 307 w Q " "'Q-f".Q:'sis,f'm' ., H , I - w:ffffwf,'5!5M A-xgwwggq . f Q . -- g 'ff - . - ff -,,f5:gz'1-' " " ' 2 a , fi'5'V'h4 . - ,Q . . , ,M Q 7 R 4: if R W ,-, ,,-vff Q BARBARA BURKE 308 N!" I T if x ' 5353 Duchess NANCY CLAYTON Duchess INDIA RADER wr Duchess ELIZABETH MORRIS omecoming eourt Duchess CAROLINE WATSON WWW W2fF9fS5fff6:3f3, Qf,,,X ".':2-SEwl'?S:f.:: .' .. . . .. I I " ' -17 ffflws .::W-. 7' f TI g '.g,62,,:'l:5-gf'-.:'555 'E:iI. , I 7 I Hifi: ' I TV' 175 S215 :ffm 5:41 I ' 1 :mis ' f ,sum -2 - X , Z1 'fig 1 'V ,,. 1 gf wan, s D- k we wg? z by , ww? . ,Q4.Qw'- - 4, 3 'ff 14 14" il 'L coma :sn conuus Ben Collins, baclfield coach ai' Texas Weslern College since I946, succeeded Mike Brumbelow as Head Coach of fhe Miners in mid-summer of I957. Coach Collins holds a Masfer of Science degree 'from fhe Universily of Ufah. A+ Texas Wesfern, he is an assisf- ani professor of Healfh 8: Physical Educafion. While in his 'final year of varsily compe+ifion he was named LiHle All-American. Thai season he scored I32 poinfs, second high in 'lhe naiion, and gained I,l5I yards rushing. Coach has produced some of lhe Border Con'ference's finesf backs af Texas Wes+ern, and has proved himself a masier af developing quarferbacks. The lasf fhree men fo hold fha+ posifion under his coaching have been named fo ihe All-Conference leam. They include Bob Laraba, Dick Shinaur, and Jesse Whiffenfon. an ,B COACHES 1957-1958 KENNETH GEORGE ROSS MOORE ASSiS+df1f C0665 Assisfan+ and Trainer BEN COLLINS DALE WATERS Head Coach Assis+an+ Coach 6 - . ff Probable Texas Wesfern sfarf . ing line-up rhroughouf 'Hue season wx. A U X T? We Q aifaaag Ward opens a hole for Jimmy Bevers. Taclcied! G '13 J , m6:,i,:ws :'-' N lam TEXAS WESTERN NORTH TEXAS STATE f 9 Firsf Downs i6 A I I X I66 Nei Yards Rushing 29l W- A -W--M X E ix 65 Yards Passing 56 ""' ' I-3 Passes Comple+ed 4-8 H i, In A 2 Passes lnfercepfed 0 K I Fumbles Los+ W 37 Pun+s Average N4-if I A 2 5 Pe n a liie s A A E l75 Toial Offense ' iff' K Eg. E' If-oi Iv.. -swim is f if w M -Q' WINFRED BAGGETT I x 3 I QD" ul rw ao fe T x J 347 Q v Q Q 'V ff X Z . 'N K a K ZW t A4 5' 3 Qf.. " i n ,-.X rj .'?"f' X U 7, I "1"-,fu -3' K il :QU -xii'-?','??', N gig! K E gags ug' Y J' fs: fy- 1 sw ,.Q'i,ffr'gTt1lf4',g1 in 'i W ,Q . Bob Laraba boo+s fhe winning poinf in flue TWC opener. Riqhf Tackle TEXAS WESTERN 'I4 NORTH TEXAS STATE. 13 Texas Wesfern exploded wi+h a bb yard fouchdown pass wi+h +wo minuies leff in fhe game fo come from behind and score a I4-I3 vicfory in fhe season's opener. The Miner cause was dealf a severe blow early in The game when Norih Texas scored on a series of firsf downs af+er +he lriclroff. Trailing by seven poinrs un+il midway in fhe fhird quarler, fhe Miners siruclc hard and fast Don Maynard, in a lighfning move, snafched a pass from fhe hands of an infended Norfh Texas receiver and darfed 48 yards. wifh fhe help of a key block from Jack Gorh- ard, 'lo paydirt Laraba's dependable +oe quiclcly fied +he score ef 7 all. Wi+h fwo minufes remaining in fhe game Laraba faded back and fhrew 4l yards fo speeding Don Maynard who fool: 'the ball on +he 25 and won The race +0 fhe end zone. Laraba's ecluca+ed roe came rhrough again. The final score was I4-I3 in wha? many T.W.C. fans called a very pleasani evening. JIMMY BEVERS BRUCE BLACK ROBERT BOBO Righf Halfbaclx Fullback Leff Tackle Y x 0- -A ---wr--'H 1- --M--ve an G "'FP" A wr- -fr' ' 'X S A H . ,Y A, W,W.,s.,,.rs, ,, an g r f- ,, fm. as KM xl :Y 5,3 if 'f"""'ij K S A T i A TV 'Q ,vylqr K I ,nf.,,,:,xQe a s fum- -' MET-'fi'-"""' i T i l ' ?'y S"T-fe ei Z.. ' ' gg- 1 ' " ' ' , as :,- 1 S e J X X I f v. ' as maxi' - .M gy, Q.. r if , Z ,K i ne ""!' L ' +L N' ' "A . Sf 313 is PY Q' Keep your hands off! H's mine! TEX II ZIB 25 2-6 0 0 36 5 243 AS WESTERN WEST TEXAS ST Firsf Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing Passes Complefed Passes In+ercepIed Fumbles Losf Punfs Average Penalfies Toral Offense ATE I4 233 0 0-9 I I 38 I5 233 Don Maynard closes in on a Wes? Texas ball carrier. 4 DAN BOYD Rigllf Tackle TEXAS WESTERN 20 Texas Weslern spoiled Wesr Texas iwo fouchdowns in lhe firsf quarfer and 'lhen baffled baclc for a 20-I2 viclory. During lhe firsl quarler fhe Buffaloes marched for lwo louch- downs bu? missed lhe exlra poinls. An exchange of punts in lhe second quarler slarled fhe Miners rolling. Wirh gains by Maynard and Bevers and an 8-yard gamble by Laraba, fhe Miners picked up a Firsf down on 'rhe Wesl Texas lwo. Ward punched lhrough for fhe louchdown, and Maynard loooled lhe WEST TEXAS STATE 12 point The second louchdown came lafe in rhe second quar+er as lhe resull of anoflier shor+ punf while lhe Miners raced bl yards againsl lime. Ward sfarled lhe Miners foward fhe final TWC counfer wiih his 44-yard sprinl, lhe longesl run of fhe game. Ward was halfed on fhe Buffalo 2l. The Buffaloes gam- bled on lhe fourlh down and failed. Time ran ouf, leaving l'l1e Miners viclorious in lheir firsl Border Conference game. A high- lighf of fhe game was a laullel punl of 69 yards by Willie Vas- quez. 'Q'-1 ir Q . , , g E Q.-Apt, +A CHARLES BRADSHAW DARRELL CONGER JOHN COWAN Fullbacll Cenlel' Right Tackle The Golddiggers led by Jo Mae Green. TEXA I4 283 I5 298 I-5 0 7-34.4 7-85 0-0 I Bob Forr I foolr fhree of Ihem. S WESTERN Firsf Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing Total Offense Passes Complered Passes ln+ercepI'ed Punfs Average Penal+ies Fumbles Losf Punfs Blocked est evades his pursuers. 9' TEXAS TECH I3 273 2I 294 I- I 2 I 8-3I.9 4-30 I-2 I , .Q 1 Ooof! .' -f ., N ." - W s- I r A - A . +L ' :-4.,,K .Q j xx fi -E..-....,..":'s . '4 "N I ' Q-A Jil!" zfzzmzrhmzi. nk-Qi 2 A :ew :M - 5 m""'1'J . 1 , . 1 , .. 'I ' , ' A Y f -, " ' ' X -slr 'ky f I ' Q . 4'-v 1K - 2 ,X 5 I , I , ,f , x . . ' xx ,..f A 1 7 X ,,.,-A ni sg KX .,., K ,f K, sf , W, A in U . fs , , I I 'buts '-M 1 V I I ff Xe I' W f 5 K 2' f .' x 'J -ki' 1 7 X, ,, 3 '.r"'f , . .M A " A I . a, , , J ei 1 , , t 5 ,433 K 2 .T sa., X4 5 fi Y. 4 "f ' we .v . f . I f 'Is A 'I 'A .Q ,, , 1 5' E xi I: 0 'HX Iirf' 1 - . Ex -y V . , XI yt X 1 U V51 2 . X ' ' Yu i..'z',l:"f "K R " -- ' ' " f,F'?:f'55':Z?f-ii " AARON CRANFORD Righf Guard 'vu Maynard in fo +ry fo break up Ihe pass play. TEXAS WESTERN 26 Texas Wesfern sfrealced back wilh Ihree second-half Iouch- downs in a bruising baHIe To defeaf Texas Tech 26-I4. Wifh an I I yard scamper around end, quar+erbacIr Bob Forresf sfad- ed Ihe Miners' scoring. The lead was shor+-lived when Ihe Red Raiders scored on a blocked Miner pun+ and Iriclmed +he poin'f fo go ahead 7-6. The Miners wen+ ahead early in fhe Ihird quarfer on a 38 yard march climaxed by Charlie Ward's dash Q as .I X rf 'S X X . xxx X --rx .W . 4 TEXAS TECH 'I4 around end. The winning fouchdown was fhe mosf specfacular of fhe game. Wirh fhe ball on fhe Raider 4I-yard line Bob For- resl foolr fhe ball around righi end, Iwisfed loose from fwo Iaclrlers, and wiih a fanfaslic s+ar+-s+op, squirming run, sped down Ihe sideline for Ihe score. The Iasf Miner fouchdown was fhe resuI+ of a 63 yard march made up of Iwo fourlh-and-inches si+ua+ions. The Miner gambles paid off wifh anofher 7 poinfs. .W W A ff ,f " fi 1 J I J I I ii"i Tai... i s . is I -F raaa .T an I ,gem 3 we 3, ff If S, Eifffsfsfl e-k. f ,' U Q , .K I C 4 fa I . .N Q, I-sfjfw' . I 'S' y s. - .-- . f ,. ,et . , ye 'G so . CLIFTON DARDEN BOB FORREST DICK FORREST Leif Guard Quar+erbacIm Leff End 1 Gel him, Bob! 317 TEX 9 I3I 47 l78 7-I4 I 7-24 3-I5 2-4 li This siluafion is commonly called, Cornered! AS WESTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY Firsl Downs Nef Yards Rushing Nef Yards Passing Tofal Offense Passes Complefed Passes lnlercepled Pun+s Average Penalfies Fumbles l.os'r I0 I3O 99 229 6-I2 0 4-35 3-25 2-5 Dick Forresf jumps over blockers Io end a +l1rea+ fo a sfrong Miner defense. CAESAR FULTON Quarferbaclr TEXAS WESTERN 15 Capilalizing on one of several breaks, +he Miners scored a lighfning fouchdown in fhe las? 'Five minufes of fhe game, de- feaiing New Mexico Universify I5-I3. Due +o a safely by Diclr Forres+ fhe Miners had an early lead of 2-0. A wel field and drizzling rain made il' difficulf io handle fhe ball, causing qui+e a few fumbles. Charles Bradshaw sfrealced 24 yards fhrough leff iaclrle affer Pool Webb recovered a Lobo fumble +o give fhe JM gpm lf qi NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY I3 Miners a 9-0 lead af fhe half. Tension rose fo a peel: for fhe Miner fans when fhe Lobos pulled ahead in fhe fhird and fourfh quarlers wifh a recovered fumble and a series of aerial plays. The score was I3-9. Wifh six minufes left Webb again recov- ered a fumble, and on fhe firsf play Bradshaw fwisfed +hrough +he secondary and ouisped his pursuers lo score fhe winning fouchdown. V,g1a"jA :Sgr , MIKE FURMAN JACK GOTHARD BILL HANNON Righ+ Tacllle Righi End Right Guard TEXAS 2l 276 86 3b2 3 of 8 3 I-32 I0-I09 I of 3 And so ends anofher play. WESTERN NEW MEXICO A 8: M Firs+ Downs 8 Yards Rushing 69 Yards Passing I I5 Tofai Offense I84 Passes Compleied 5 of I4 Passes lnfercepfed I Punfs Average 3-26 Penaliies 7-79 Fumbles Los'r 2 of 2 Block +ha+ kick! Heads down! LEE HEDRICK Leff End TEXAS WESTERN 42 The Texas Wes+ern Miners won Their second Border Con- ference game wifh a 42-I2 vicfory over +he New Mexico Ag- gies. The scoring exhibifion ioolc place before 8,500 chilled fans. Five backs shared +he scoring honors. In only seven plays, Bevers was able lo score wifh Maynard conver+ing. Six minuies la+er, wi+h Bevers carrying +o fhe Miner 49 and a pass from Laraba +o Maynard, anofher TD was challced up for ihe Miners. Quenlin Wa+lrins blocked an Aggie pun+ in fhe Miners' end NEW MEXICO ALM 12 zone for a safe+y. Af fhe half fhe score sfood a+ I5-6. In fhe fhird-quar+er Don Maynard fool: fwo passes from Bob Laraba for fouchdowns, one covering SI yards. Bob Forresi wirh his hipperdipper sweeps drove for 2I yards in a 4I-yard fhrusf for fhe fhird fouchdown in lhe ihird-quarfer. Anofher infercep- 'lion gave fhe Miners ihe ball on fhe 23. Wilh +wo plays Brad- shaw powered eighf yards for 'lhe finale. C I , '-Q., ' , . 5 1 . JOE HOOVER HOWARD JOHNSON JIM JOHNSON I-eff Tackle Righr Halfback Rgghf Tackle The end of a long gain! Help him down, Pool! TEXAS WESTERN HARDIN-SIMMONS I5 Firsf Downs 23 I95 Yards Rushing 273 I I I Yards Passing I55 306 Tofal Offense 428 7-I I Passes CompIe+ed I2-I9 8 Passes lnfercepfed 0 I-23 Punis Average 5-22 2-8 PenaI+ies 2-20 I-2 Fumbles Losf I-I ls if good, Officers? 322 LEE ALLEN JONES RigI1+ End TEXAS WESTERN 20 The Hardin-Simmons Cowboys defended fheir iinx-fhe Miners have never won in Abilene-and snapped +he Miners' vicrory sfring wiih a 33-20 iriumph. Five minufes deep in ihe firsf quar+er fhe Cowboys capifalized on a Miner fumble by scoring fhe firsf Touchdown of ihe game. The score was quick- ly fied when Jim Bevers fool: rhe lriclr-off on fhe rwelve and raced 88 yards 'ro rhe goal line. Bevers broke Through a hole in The on-rushing Cowboy wave, cuf lo fhe lefl' and sfrealred down +he sideline, pulling away from his pursuers. Alfer rhe score 'rhe Miners were swamped by lhree louchdowns before pulling HARDIN-SIMMONS 33 back wiihin sfrilxing disiance. Early in rhe lhird quarfer The Miners came fo life wiih rwo scores. Bob Forresf exploded wiih an I3- yard pass fo Don Maynard who shoolc off iwo faclxlers and raced The remaining 30 yards fo ihe promised land. The Miners swepi baclc 55 yards for anofher score before ihe quarfer ended. Through ihe hard running of Charles Bradshaw and Bevers, ihe Miners drove fo fhe l yard line, where Forresi dove over for fhe score. The Miners missed fwo more opporfunilies lo score by losing fhe ball on fumbles. ,X ff L. .ag 5-. i. n.i,. ,yi , aff:-if if . El ' .Q fi i A: ' y E is ff wr. X ?s . .Mb E my, s an MONROE KIRBY Riqhr Guard Ras? clears The way for Bradshaw. ff ifv LARRY KUNDYSEK BOB LARABA Righl' End Quarferback BENNY LYBRAND Le'H End TEX I I I28 47 I75 0 4-I2 6-36 3-25 I-4 AS WESTERN ARIZONA STATE Firsr Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing ToIaI Offense Passes In+ercep+ed Passes CompIe'fed Pun+s Average Penalfies Fumbles Losf sw Laraba makes anorher conversion. COLLEGE 2I 342 I I5 457 I 6-9 4-22 6-40 I-2 BILL LEWIS Le'f+ Guard DON MAYNARD DONALD McGEHEE Leff Halfback Righf Tackle , 735 J -1 'i :2 If 1 .Xu I ., QI ,f -,sf I r. I ITII I' an I i Q 1 'S will : f me ,M V,..,,. 'LQ . , .Q .,., I L'ffg7.fM.f P1 A5575 ff , : I ' . rf - ' , W-sgf 3 2 X ffl !?2f!??ZWL'Qizfvxtflq? sie, - - - ., ,V1-,..1,-. s,.-, I.,-V--f A, ,. WL... ., ., ,-, ig?2:,,1.1g.1wL,a ,. vs A7 Isagmzfffi ' 1 - :ww . iasraswaafx ' , , H as-Qisgfsasfis' ,, 4AWs,: 4- -1 -1,--QW,--If, M, , ..,,. ,..-,. 9 1e,k1,.sg:1g,5s-if ff sr 2 Wig? .21 'QSM 3 5 eg, El'-Q' is my Za ,QQ-as - ,I , 7 i ,W f- ' ,2.f-2.44-2-. I ,Qffi .. I2 'EAN -,ti Mm ., . 1, ,wi ,S .k... ,. f ,L ws-gm 19" AW, ' . . .2-rv 4 -Mu W' I H-1 1' I ., i .. . .. i .,. , .- I - V. . .. .. ,. ,vll , . ., V , .I . . K, gg, , A ,z1121'4wg,f?iQ-1-any ?i1,ag,,g-j I, - 1 - , fi J If ggiggigg I ,A ' 'U W l -' ' '5I '7lf - , 15 'Y ' -- . 5 K, gF,,yg5'4's iw V By gi' my i -. 54,5 I 'L 24575 W" -ga s f - ' 7 ' KL 'i 'N ' f M 'il"'7"."5ffKfw Ilffifaf WL-Q-iii-s k' --I ' . . - 4 TEXAS WESTERN 7 Arizona Sh-are College Sun Devils blew Texas Wesfern our of lhe Border Conference race as fhey exploded for 24 poinfs in fhe second quarier, rhen coasfed fo a 43-7 vicfory. The Miners drew firsf blood when Don Maynard scored on a six yard run in fhe firsf quarfer. The Miners had recovered a Tempe fumble on +he 32. A fumble play gave lhe Miners a firsl down "1-L. , ' rf! Eg , ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE 43 on fhe Arizona 2I and fhen Bob Forresf passed fo Diclr Forresi, who made a specfacular cafch on +he lhree. Two plays lafer Maynard scoofed around end for +he score. Affler rhaf if was all Arizona Sfale. The powerful Sun Devils scored almosr af will. Only four limes in +he game did rhe Sun Devils gel' fheir hands on lhe ball and fail +o score. JACKIE MEEKS Righr Halfbacl The Kappa Sins' suppor+ed fhe ream wifh +heir winning floaf. 5 ,Z ' i ?. ,, gs VERNON MITCHELL BILLY RAY MORGAN Cenler Righf Guard Dick Forresr fries fo block +he kick. Sw LZ! f W . The Mmers are on fhe boHom bu+ so ns Ihe balI. TEXA 26 292 242 534 IO-20 2 3-35 2-4 I I5 One, Iwo, fhree, leap! S WESTERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY Firsf Downs I3 Yards Rushing 67 Yards Passing ZI6 Tofal Offense 283 Passes CompIe+ed I7-38 Passes lnfercepfed I Punfs Average 6-34 Fumbles Losf I-3 Penalfies 82 lsn"r 'rhis +he hard way +o sif dcwn7 'aff'!:" X I ' - 7 'pf f . H . 'Q ef" 7 i 3' I ' , , I ,-I ,, . 4 ' 1 - , -, X . . ,X h , L s x A .. In r K 1 fy NN ' If -fi-X, I s , Q Q1 - Q in , I -YH. an D ' .- ' , II' fi . I A 1 gl I , I N .,.. f , ' ,. x, in .X I K nfl? we ' l I .I sf 2 ' ' "H 'vb 1 ' ,, I ' Q 1. . P1 ' Qyggibqlvsg,-si ,s ., V - g' 4L.,4.,,- I, .3 ,ig , I azz: f . 3. ii: Ishs 1- .-J.,y,W j'5'Q,VS ' QU., .V .-img, . 7 , kg' K , K K . ff",'A .E I '- . V 5"f'2-wg., U ,.- . -si. ,. Mig: sg. . - , .kwps-in .i .5 V , ' K f 5 K I if ,ag K Q ' lf4:2""x:-x .--sad.-4 ., I I.-nib 1 '2.'J-ln'f..:'-J' . ,Ea -5 my-' - -.-Ix,,-'71, 3' 'X' ,.-' 3 326 K 5 .fs L+- K " Ae v STEVE PURSLEY EDWQRD QUICK' aaa TEXAS WESTERN 51 ARIZONA UNIVERSITY 'I4 Texas WesIern's Miners handed +he Arizona Wildcafs lheir worsl defeaf in lhe 27-game series. The Miners scored quickly as Bradshaw broke Hue middle on a draw play and sprinled 68 yards. Maynard relurned a quick kick fo +he Wildca+ 24 fo sfarl fhe nexl Miner +hrus+. Laraba hif Bevers wilh a I0-yard pass, and lafer caughf Gofhard in fhe end zone wilh a perfecf peg for fhe six. Early in Ihe second quarfer Laraba looped a long one +o Maynard, who our-raced ihe defenders. The play covered 79 yards and Laraba made +he conversion. The kick- N-TF' . off was bobbled by an Arizona man while anofher kicked fhe ball inlo Hue end zone. Bevers recovered lhe ball for a touch- down. Laraba made a 32-yard pilch lo Gofhard, who ran Ihe las? six yards. Maynard conver+ed. Ln Ihe final minufe of fhe Huird quarfer Ihe Miners marched 80 yards in ll plays, wiih Bob Forresf scoring. Laraba lhrew Iwo scoring passes in fhe las? quarler, Ihe firsr lo Maynard, who also boofed Hue exfra poinf. The lasl fouchdown came when Laraba hi+ Nick Tale in lhe corner of Hue end zone. -agx RICHARD RAST HUBERT RlCHEY BILLY RIGGS Leif Tackle Lefl' Halfloack Cenler ,.,?1...t.U. 1 , E. ,,mk,.V.F .RV Y If looks could kill? Al Coach Ben Co TEXA 6 67 44 I I I 4-I3 2 2I-30 7-39 2 4-35 f1,.r""Y-. llins wifh a uniform laid out S WESTERN Firsf Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing Toral Offense Passes Complefed Passes lnfercepfed Pun+s Average Yards Punfs Refurned Fumbles Penal+ies TRINITY 6 73 33 I06 2-7 I I8-3l I-I I 5 3-45 Two heads are be++er fhan one. Nick Tafe aHernp+s +o run wifh +he bali, 1 I ,Q k kh s n A 6 R 2s, ff em- X X pb? RENE ROSAS Lef+ End 328 o TEXAS WESTERN 7 TRINITY I4 TI1e TriniI'y Tigers ouflasfed The Texas Wesiern Miners in a rain-snow-sleel pun+ing duel. Mosi of The scoring came in The firsf fhree minu+es in a Iighlning exchange of poinls, as 354de- gree weafher, falling sleel and snow, and a mid-field lake made offense a gamble. Ward look Ihe opening kickoff and broke Through Ihe middle Io race 72 yards for Ihe Touchdown. Don Maynard Iaoofed The poinl wilh I5 seconds gone in The game. Triniiy fied The score in fhe firs+ quarfer. This was fhe Iasf of- fensive gesfure for bofh Ieams un+iI I'I1e Iasi Iwo minures of The game. The Miners had Iwo olher scoring opporiuniiies in fhe second period, buf fhe slippery ball, fhe snow, and swamp be- Iween Ihe hashmarks foiled Them. In The Ihird quarier +he puni- ing duel began. Vasquez and Ward shared The kicking dulies wilh Iwo Trinify men. Vasquez's punfing kep+ shoving fhe Tigers back. The game ser a punfing record for Ihe Miners who kicked I8 limes. RU STY RUTLEDGE Righf Halfback i, NICK TATE Lefl Halfback Fun in fhe snow a+ Trinify? 329 r Y i I , I K ,. , if e e I jggjgigg . i,k, -5-, -.35 .r., Y . I - V ,.1.3gg!,9ifi I i.'Q me 'ga S ' I i .Mr Q-fvV3s'g7: fl., I A ff., lf., kg fu Pr A ,Y 1 . ,f 'Nui' this' A ,Sh VH RF WILLIE VASQUEZ Fullback TEXAS WESTERN OPPONENTS I4 20 26 I5 42 20 7 5I 7 Nor-H1 Texas Sfafe I 3 Wes? Texas S+a+e I2 Texas Tech I4 New Mexico Universify I3 New Mexico A 8: M I2 Hardin-Simmons Universify 33 Arizona Siaie CoIIege 43 Arizona Universify I4 Trinify I4 The I1aIf-Hme shows by Ihe RocIceHes, Golddiggers, and BOBBY COLEMAN Maiore'Hes added color and spirif +o our games. CHARLES WARD Lef+ Halfbaclx , Fullback r"'+"o"'+"4 vltzolvga I rloiolor H I gg+4+4+4+.a is A 4. A .4 11 I s A. 4 A 4 Ii' I-'I fwfwewfs ' Nh iw? .nwyfwmw Is4I II fi? A grip! if U .. ,f A I E- fi--v Q Q sl I I I II , E I I .Ig r 3 E QI M? F: E' . I A Q Iass if I M E A v fi E .. A 5k If 1 . , Q, eV:,h I I - - I . If ','. is "" - ' - I 'L.1 ,3,--'h,L 4 ss , I I 444 V, I if I! I ' . - ,,,'1'rifff-Iii S I I Q X -JH " A . Ak ,k,l.. Vk.k . I , I 4444 Is II BORDER CONFERENCE STATISTICS Texas Wesfern Ned WIIII Hardin-Simmons Universify for fhird place In +I'1e Border Conference. Member of fhe All-Conference Team: DICK FORREST AII-American Honorable Menrionz DICK FORREST Member of I'I1e Blue-Grey Team: DON MAYNARD Miner of Ihe Year: DICK FORREST QUENTIN WATKINS DOLYE WATKINS POOL WEBB RIQIW End Leff Guard Cenfer Quenfin Waflcins blocks an Aggie punf for a safe+y. Wx . my H. s vim K G Z y lf lvla I e .wqfel Q fiiakgh ' 'X an , M gf., ls- Qx ,, ln 3 Sally Roberfson, Mary Jane Telehany, Marci Sco'H, Marilyn Moore Jnll Donohue and Wanda Lamberl The Cheerleaders helped promofe school spirir by leading cheers ar all fhe games and marchmg In 'rhe parades ,gt 2 s ,. X F' WRX 3 X 'ii . ' -v 5 -4--0' N M l ROCKETTES AND MAJORETTES Froni' Row: Sue Dickerson, Pa'Hy Busch, Jackie Chauvef, and Julie Nelson. Second Row: Marfha Delgado, Carrie Miller, Georgine Guevara, Jo Mae Green, Kay Barwise, Connie Young, Sharon Nye, and Yvonne San+oscoy. ROCKETTES, MAJORETTES, AND GOLDDIGGERS Froni' Row: Mar+ha Delgado, Presidenfg Connie Young, Carrie Miller, Secrefary-Treasurer, Georgine Guevara, Jo Mae Green, Rocke'He Capfaing Kay Barwise, Vice Presidenh Sharon Nye, and Yvonne Sanfoscoy. Second Row: Jeannie Johnson, Sheryll Dulaney, Sally Eiber, Ann Parsons, Janice Frei, Nancy Mendez, Glenda Eldredge, Cynfhia Morris, Berfha Rose, Reporlerg and Ona Washburn. Third Row: Ann Schermerhorn, Susie Richardson, Yvonne Yapor, lone Lusk, Barbie Hur+, Erma Clark, Rufhie Kaplan, Sue Dickerson Head Golddigger Emmy Kno'Hs Susan Hall Sandy Weck Brenda Gross Felipe Zavala Irene Terran and Be'Hy Weaver Fourfh Row Julie Nelson Jackie Chauvef and Pa'Hy Busch -l','l'4'l'4 -1-,+,-1-,-1-4 +,+,+,+ ,+,-I-,4-4 +5-,+,+ +5-,+,+ Q-a-3,-n-4 +3-,+,+ 4-,+,-u-,+ +A-1-A+, -1-A+ 4-A+ -1-A+A+A+ vi vvvw rvvv 0 7 S X K' , 50" .KJ 5- 1 X4 Vx Q , 'gf V Coach George McCarly enfers his fiffh year as head coach of The Texas Western Miners. The courfeous, affable Miner coach relies on speed, condiiioning, and a fhorough grounding in funclamenials for his viciories. This fype of coaching and play has paid off. Coach is lcnown for his success wifh numerically small squads. This year's 'team has only eleven players, in- cluding freshmen eligible for va rsify play. Coach's record af Texas Wesfern now siands a+ 6l vicfories and 50 losses. CHARLES BROWN The Aggies are wafching Jones fally CECIL BROWN DON BURGESS JACK BURGESS JERRY GILLEY HANS FIELDS The Law of Graviiy s+a+es Charlie is up fo his old +ac+ics. WAYNE JONES DON MARTIN BOBBY KNIGHT 337 Wayne Jones is frying fo prevenf anofher point DON SANDERS N BOB LARABA Who fhrew +ha+ ball? Texas Texas TEXAS WESTERN BASKETBALL 'I958 SEASON'S RECORD BORDER CONFERENCE Wesiern Opponenis 67 Arizona Universi+y 73 Arizona S+a+e lTempel 82 Wes+ Texas S'I'a+e 43 Hardin-Simmons Universify 67 New Mexico A. 8: M. 62 Arizona S'l'a're lTempei 59 Arizona Universify 54 New Mexico A. 81 M 78 Wesi' Texas Sfaife 69 Hardin-Simmons Universify O T H E R G A M E S Wesiern Opponenfs 3I Kansas Sfafe 48 Wichifa Universify 38 Washingfon Universify 43 Oklahoma Siare 60 New Mexico Wesrern 63 McMurry 6l Sou+l1wes'I' Texas Sfafe 72 Sul Ross 55 Universify of New Mexico 85 New Mexico Highlands 89 Abilene Chrisfian College 55 Arizona S+a1'e College lFlags+a'Ffl 85 Arigona Srafe College llFlags+affl 339 CHARLES BRADSHAW ALDEN GEORGE JOHN HALL 340 'Q u ' ,W in ,ff ' If W 'X' nxt f, 'W ,,,,,V Maj, N Q , ' AWN., MIR . , I ,ML 1' V m. 'L ' ,4r',Q,.,jf Q if FW Asif? J i f . , fini.: ,N ff-?.ag1 E O i f.. :M ' "f W. A. KENNEDY we-.J -... -.X :TIN if if Q 'Q um, W, ...'. r""' ,w .mf -.,g-EQ W YQ: 'F A, :WE , mf if H il gli? N E.-sr.. JACKIE MEEKS in Ef' GARY MEADOWS PETE MOORE . ED QUICK ROBERT ORR 342 x HUBERT RICHEY JON SANDERS JOE STARLING 343 TOMMY WALL N f E Y S. L?" K K ff I sk W my L , ,Q 3 ,, N .,,.. W4 FQ, 4 ,. A,,.Q M- , T ff -'rw QQ ij A,..: I -wi lfghfhi 2 im' A H Q! "" ""' " w-.wwzdilif in Wi. s if L.. ART NAPOLES """i 1--ww 'eww "www 'vm I A A' -'www-Q. V ""1""w-Q ,mi "fu-w-..M. ,M M4 t '-ww., ,lr it . g, ry , -vw , Y. ...-,-,ffx-' ww, - .-,. A ,gre - -. 4 D f f ww.-.-..,,. Q A L ..,. ' ,L 4,4 A M 5 4 N , if X x 4 -'J 'iv V, f P , ,Lk K S V W 3 Q 'ws' ' , ...... ,Q ' A T ,ff 5 BOBBY JIMENEZ s in Q E Z9 5 3: ,. if ' ' Q 1" fi 7 . F Q , ' 4 Q . ME, ? v 'M-Min., .,,, , , , "" ' 233, gm " .f,: mf P U I ,l,- I 4? ,L ci: Q, Wm, f JIMMY PACK H 1 . L .A . UM, f-....N,h.n ROLLIN RUSSELL Q is """-Q, t, S M A coAcH w. H. BALL .9 M, K AL WITHOLDER f 1 5 Ho-....,,,,,,-hw-M 1 345 Q. Q 6 ,I DON GIPSON I nframural Direcfor 346 "H-MM as 5 ' f iii A A , gi -'f .f I 5 q V , Q Q 1 M'i""1-W., LMI!! MEMBERS: Ofio Munoz, Pre med Club: Roberi Duchouqueffe, Lambda Chi Alpha: Larry Traylor, Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Hoof Gipson. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intramural Direcfor: Bill Albrechf, Tau Kappa Epsilon: George Arms, Kappa Sigma: Lee Mc Dowell, Phi Kappa Tau: Ray Wallach, Apha Phi Omega. jntrcamural gourd The inlramural board is composed of represeniafives of fhe ieams compefing in ln+ramural Sporis. The board meefs weelzly fo discuss coming evenfs, solve problems of fhe pasf weelr,vo+e on rules affecfing ihe program and +o keep fhe organizaiion up fo dale on whaf is happening. 347 Ron McCar'fy, S.A.E., Smgles Champion. Gene Johnson and Bob Duchouquefle sfand in for Lambda Chi doubles champions Bill Umbenhauer and Jack W fl B i fbff W fffff Y 59213535 W 'g,5: We ff BASKETBALL AND VOLLEY BALL CHAMPIONS, l957-58, ALPHA CHI OMEGA Row I: Lin Livermore, Clayion Wheaisfone, Jim Hill. Ray Wallach. Row 2: Jack Burgess, Jim Ma+loclr, Wm. Marfin, Don McClurg, Jack Rhoades 349 The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraferniiy shown here in acfion in one of fhe many inframural games 350 INTRAMURAL RECORD MEN's INTRAMURALS VOLLEYBALL .L,...,L,..,......L.,L..LL..,L.,ALL BASKETBALL ,..,. TABLE TENNIS HORSESHOES BADMINTON ., ..E..4EEE.EEEE,EEE,..E,.......EEEEEE ,E.w,. . , WOME N'S INTRAMURALS BASKETBALL ...4EE..E,E,EE..EE,..,E.E.,A.EE.EEEEEE. L VOLLEYBALL .EE,,.AE, JI' ALPHA PHI OMEGA CHAMPIONS . E,.E,A . ALPHA PHI OMEGA CHAMPIONS PRE-MED CLUB CHAMPIONS V NEWMAN 'CLUB CHAMPIONS LAMBDA CHI ALPHA CHAMPIONS SIGMA ALPHA EPSILONP CHAMPIONS BAPTIST STUDENT CENTER CHAMPIONS DELTA DELTA DELTA CHAMPIONS .. INDEPENDENT WOMEN CHAMPIONS , 351 P N Badminfon seems io appeal io Hmis pair. ' I I Q is KZ? wi if E f ' I ! V i an lend, JQFQXMH M Q by E , , if1aiii2?i1 4 fij.a,Q5d gyl. 5' 9 NW T wg,,q:g'z,fm,,A , 'E g 1 ns: A 22 .:.. .Az F xg .. -:f , V ' 53515151 '12 A '2 , f' " -21 2. - x A M V BaHer Up!" Se .Q A 5 Jai' fm'-wp. point GIRL'S .-Jump, INTRAMURALS "Ping 'For Serve." "Go Over!" K ? 'Q 352 -ml we. A if ' Q15 'QA QW wgggfw , Arm ww he ' lf 5 Q,,g,fzfZpW fr Q , M w wa, 51,43 'ff 'am 2:y+Zt1 'lf' 4, 'lik M. .4 'A-, Q. V' I. Wzfiggy ADMINISTRATION BUILDING MUSEUM WII STUDENT UNION BUILDING LIBRARY SCIENCE BUILDING PHYSICS BUILDING , ,- , Qff-ymwq BURGESS HALL KELLY HALL II II'Il'I E E E F 8 fV"I "M" 'W A.ff illusi- GEOLOGY BUILDING ,Qs 215 DJJ. -"'3"c' -" 2 :mf ,1 ,E 'Im 1:1322 4 5-,VA ,kxiz-, - ENGINEERING BUILDING 'ff as-I MILITARY SCIENCE BUILDING SEAMON HALL il? nag Ui? BENEDICT HALL QQ is? ., ' lz " ' S ' -L + Q L Q I 1 SAL .mi BELL HALL fi 5, X WORRELL HALL ,Q V, K In 2 if K :W nw 15. WN Q A A 525' 'Q W WM. iwiggfw 5 5 was Q M BA MQWMW hwy, .wfnftffjfgkf , I " f...s 1fi. L Wiiiif m f use L? in , f.. X M .- f f, n .1 2,-., W War - ' , , S,,L .,,L 5 f. ,A.,,A.W,A iW,. 6 , . . , , , 42i::.,:- V 5, 1253 afL9W2 1ef5ffH5fgsfgi?g :fl . .f',.:':"5 , , ' ' ' k 72I:5,.,::X, ' . V ,K 1 , 3 nf 'E if 15135 MINER HALL 1. , - a ' il! gm - 453. Y-any - milf .ga ,.: P we - 1. ., 'A 5? . g 3: ' f si F -.x, ,,,,,...,.,........,g,w -.W -J-K ,- . .,.. .M-1 L MM----v-" L - M xw 'll""f"' .,....-n-v""""""" I . YZ my--4-I . ' - A . f "0 y-4 'H 3' '- pw I .,,...-v-""" M". for-'D'-Y L '-f w:,ami'.m.aaam.wff .,..:........... COTTON MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM HUDSPETH HALL fi I1 Q L MAGOFFIN AUDITORIUM D- 3 4Q ANNEX I ' M I Awww-M W 4' -y - , , if 5 B lr ,,. WP IN nn -4' a ,Jag Q H L" Q if 1:3 5 V ' LX , - s 9 u-Q. oacluertioemento 364 EL PASO'S LARGEST Corner, Stanton and Mills FINEST 4904 Montana at Huckleberry if mf E V Serving the Southwest Since 1912. it rs . . .,, X Q .. What I want is :rg Coke DRINK - , 1- 15' 1 M696 1 . get ' - --2 -S "-' :if "Coh6bnghhrwdn1do-mod. From Its Own Frosty Bottle Magnolia Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Oregon at Texas KE 3-3611 I sy 1 20011. I I I competent n GUARANTEED 1 electrical g contracting Y ,, FLOWERS h ' , uc. , bo falwm 1922 E. Ycmdeu the w oitewn s ta m a ut. . .X 3 H ' '1 0 K- , . H. 1. KE 2-3152 O ,Oo . Ed es Mary Davis 03553 0, 2, . Q .,' , I T - oo 'Ml 0 Q Q ,K ? 512332 "',','nv ' fs 4' 0935 ' ma-I I I, L 1 oo o :el if 0 . we .Q TUWN TALK " - ns 1 X., .READ my 1. KAHWS sumo courmv 4,7 U l'lPlso.Toxos 365 ri, s X f , ""'w-.- -' .5321 . X O W. O , -O K . Xa 1 - fx O e 2- a 1 - 'Q li: SEX XQQ. : 3 , Jw... ..-......... 2.5 - wf' xx Wwyww- I ::3f.5ff-A: -. , 'O I K Q - 5 3.5, Rm 071: 625' I :ian 510' -59293 f' 'N wax iaaaazrzfma-. 1 geaaaegnv ?:- af1g.25"1-.1 ' I ' ' wif-..,E: I I E :S '-n gil gl 'N fx 4" ' .2 Y. nf" pi ng f , gtfi, 'agi- ,J 2:3 DRY GOODS : - -111 et-.12 V32 E225 COMPANY - -..--.:- wa- .-Q swag ' mai me ff?-1124. 12512225 326511251 31?E'.fK2', 21151214 x'-gs '15-aa.2.x-fix if" , XgX?.Q.1Qk W QN- .1 iff r, Hbxgkvlgl f' -- :Jr - Mfr--cr-.wqx ff l'l1..I" 1 1 'Jia -any I lg, . 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You do noi- have +o walf +o see whai' WILL be worn . . -fisfggii "0 I ou have fhe opporiuniiy +o help sei' +he fashions be 1 Y ' V Q +he firsi' fo wear fhem on your campus +he very momeni- +hey appear on +he boulevards of 'l'he world! 366 Q ' I rl CONGRATULATIONS - 4 .Ei I 4 K I N., A All the employees of E1 Paso Natural Gas Company extend their congratulations to the seniors of Texas Western Col - - , lege and best wishes to the other students. 1 I L, 4 fl IIIIIIHE lTioieee-get www im!! ---v A 1. I ,-.-- .. ' 5:r' '3ta.,L,s.,,,- EL mxso NATURAL GAS COMPANY ZORK HARDWARE COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS El Paso, Texas Albuquerque, Phoenix, New Mexico Arizona Corter's Flower Shops Three Convenient Locations . 2310 N. Piedras 39I2 Pershing WOM! Of SPM' p-ff SPAA' 2017 Montana LAUNDRY - CLEANERS HOLDSWORTH of IEWELEH AND SILVEHSMITH DiSfi1'1Cti0I1 El Paso, Texas 205 Mills Street 408-20 S. Oregon Dial KE 2-2455 367 T , C lim n '5 TOMIS OMS Q, ompof e ts S .YQYA R656 6? ' 'W To Oi Ol OREGON S' Q TOM'S A CLEANERS ToM's 5 X049 S045 SWG! 'gots-5 ToM'S TOM BURCHELLS TOMS 3625 Donophan Drive BE. 9-0211 9 N Oregon SOUTHWEST NATIONAL BANK 0 Regular Checking Accounts 0 Thrifticheck Accounts 0 Saving Accounts 0 Drive-In-Banking 0 Loans 305 Mills St. E1 Paso, Texas Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Tuxedos :S White Dinner Iackets for Rent 57.00 Also All Accessories For Rent Double-breasted Suits Altered to Single Expert Alterations 6. Sta-Nu Cleaning Phone KE 2-7312 Compliments of McKEE'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Dial KE 2-2693 105A E. San Antonio St. Mills and Mau El Paso, Texas Tel. KE 3-2622 Enjoying the Confidence of the Community for Over 43 Years Always just ahead f I Swv' Sieww I I I S I I N f- F .,.::..::: -'I X g ..! X ' X featuring the famous products of STANDARD DIL COMPANY UF TEXAS . I II PEN f-in 4 SAVED... I 'Z AA:"' I IS A PENNY EARNED H and pennies saved mouni' up mlghfy fasi' They mnghf as well be yours Why noi' s+ar+ YOUR savmgs accounf 'roclay The S+a're Nahonal of course' 'HIE LIGHT THAI' HAS NEVER FAILED BANK or EL PAs0 SINCE 1881 I 5 If MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ' I Q Q STATE NATIBNAL 3 i f v' I 1 THE SOUTHWEST'S QUALITY BUILDING PRODUCTS CINDER CONCRETE BLOCK STRESTCRETE ROOFS AND FLOORS- HUECO BRICK I AND STONE' sTuCCO CALCEMENT PAINT SAKRETE - TONGUE AND GROOVE FENCE BLOCK THE ATLAS BUILDING PRODUCTS CO. EL PASO, TEXAS 369 School is finished for 'lhe year, ihe guys and gals are gone, The ianiior places chairs upon fhe lable, fhe frai houses are empiy, fhe iulcebox wi+hou+ a song. no more a funny sfory or professors' fable. The dances all have ended, ihe parries all are lhrough, fhe classes ihaf you lilred 'lhe besf have all gone by, You wish ihaf summer would end so you could s+arf anew and fell you someihing, so do l. 370 IIIE IIIIIIIH IIIIIISH THE SPOTLIGHT IS ALWAYS ON EL PASO'S RST AND FINEST FASHION STORE DOWNTOWN ON THE PLAZA I 'X ! 1 I ! Z ' , ,- ! z ! x N., , ! If! XI 371 A MALT OR A IVIEAL AND NEVER LEAVE YOUR WHEEL The Nine Convenient Locafions Mesa Ranch House Valley Texas Street Alta Vista Town Pump Aki, RESTAURANTS - DRuvE-lNs P Dyer Street I 24 hours, 7 days cm week flll' Music, News, and Sports 0 inf' E a T , Q y ' f If T0 5 STAT " 0 Analytical eye examinations Q 0 4 Hour Laboratory Service X - 0 Largest selections of Frames-Colors 61 Styles F in El Paso x 5 0 Credit facilities for your convenience E- , N E--,Q 'ts 1 ff 210 N St t St El P T 'A ,-, , . an on . aso, exas V-fx, I 4 BUILDERS' PPD' 0M AW 7015 Highway so East Dial PR 2-1481 Plumbing, Hardware, Lumber, Sporting Goods, and Appliances 372 A man or woman and even a business 'firm is often lrnown by the company it lreeps. Diclrshire of El Paso, distributor of Coors, is proud of the role which if has played in the develop- ment of the EI Paso Southwest. Good neighbors mosl' of the time distribute good products. Diclcshire is proud of its participation in the Pan- American Road Race, +he Sun Carnival Parade, and numerous other community and civic affairs. . KY-D W 4 I - it 1' 'I I -1. -,:1-':f-- .. ' 1 R K. -new 'S' 'ts ff if . f ' '4 . ...g af ,. ll A, V Y' HY ,A I 540 "" Q4 li .C-.ftx-KX ".'L-"'x'Aa-Ft. ' sump' ' I-uxsoN's JEWELERS rs and CU' DIAMONDS - WATCHES Established 1891 SILVERWARE - CHINA El Paso, Texas Lqunderers 00" A 'L Q Cleaning G Pressing ' SINCE ' Hats Cleaned and Blocked '13 'il""64,, Rug Cleaning and S1z1ng 118 Mills St. Since 1888 in " ,, Fur Storage . nf 'Q IQQ1 5' Dial KE 2-5413 ofvgw no 09 Main Office and Plant 901-911 South Santa Fe St CQHRISTOPHERS CHINA - CRYSTAL - SILVER FURNITURE - CARPETING - WALL DECOR IEWELRY - LEATHER GOODS GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION BORDER PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. CONTRACTORS 0 PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES Dial LO 6-1604 2601 East Misso Phone KE 3-5507 MESA AND MONTANA EL PASO, TEXAS EL PASO, TEXAS uri Street I . FOUR CONVEN I ENT LOCATIONS LORETTO 4842 Montana DOWNTOWN 300 Texas VILLAGE SHOP Five Points LAKESIDE 7018 I-Iiway 80 E "THE LATEST FASHIONS IN FOOTWEAR AND READY-TO-WEAR" THE SNACK BAR LET'S GO MINERS! Meet Your Friends at The Snack Bar S. U. B. 373 Plenty of Free Storeside Parking fl, N. Piedras at Montana Dial LO 6-6755 ,. .,,.,f:: ' g 'i .,... . '.,."f,::,- A "':":: , to fi al e , A a R MILK AND ICE CREAM ,. Rig, f1-:1 5 xqybv ....,,.: I z are m-m-mlghty good -- :.,,, " ' .,,..,. ,.1. :.,. . . . , V A lang., Supreme ' Laundry - Cleaners ?T .'Bfoaaom gfoziac --w Tops in Quality and Service .6 'X - I807 wYoMlNe sr. AT coT1'oN - DIAL KE a-mn . if Whatever the Occasion, Flowers Will 2716 N. Mesa Kern Place P Best Express Your True Sentiments 3. ' N Save I0'Z, on all ACME laundry and clean A- - Comp1jments of services af the FIVE Drive-in Call Of " :ces I S H A D 900 Wyoming St. 7749 N. Loop Rd 4 1 N C ,, 1 ,ll Main Plant Ti ua -m d ll 70I6 Hwy. so E. 211 N. Mesa fr tmw-H - Q Lak-we I' A 1. f iii A- 79I5 Dyer Dyer 81 Van Bure wh - - :ij 'fy .QL Mountain vie No.-rheau El Pas ROBERT GF GENERAL CONTRACTOR INC. 374 L , TWC and Texas College of Mines Graduation Rings Available for Any Year Various Stones, Weights, Encrusting or Degrees Special Ordered JOE SCHWARTZ, INC. 3l I Mills S+. - Next +o S.W. Na+'I Bank S Get Your Flowers at The KERN PLACE FLOWER SHOP 206 Cincinnati St. Dial KE 2-2594 YOUR BOOKSTORE .... THE PROVINCIAI-SHOP Sfffmg fof 4 biggef 5 224 cincmmu - In Kem Place better T.W.C. Ruby Feste Phone KE 3-0571 El Paso, Texas from the press of GUYNES "Makers of Good Impressions" 614 NORTH STANTON EL PASO. TEXAS 375 Engineering. . .Chemistry. .. Good Design... These are Vital Factors in the Use of CUNGRETE Southwestern Portland Cement Company AVURU x tw A ty,TUR0 'if makers of ccmenrs E Q9 GRANQ .Q 'F 'F El Paso Texas LRHSUXY 'QQ 0 57 V9 ' P71 'Tw i 5' T0 Q C X Z 9 w El Toro Portland Cement . EI Toro Type ll Cement . EI Toro Hydro-Plastic Cement . El Toro High-Early Strength Cement . EI Toro Richmort r Compliments ' 'C " of GUNNING-CASTEEL e Corner of Texas cmd Mesa Dial KE 3-2411 SPORTING GOODS CO. 208 NORTH STANTON STREET IN THE BASSETT TOWER the one good store for a GOOD PORT 376 Dlfl NORTIE SADDIERY EL PAso's MOST coMPLe're wes'rEnN sromas 7014 HIGHWAY 80 EAST LAKESIDE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER 116 N. MAIN ST. LAS CRUCES, N. M. g 110 WEST SAN ANTONIO ACROSS F ROM THE SIDE ENTRANCE OF THE DEL NORTE HOTEL THE FINEST NAMES IN WESTERN WEAR tv 6 1 IQ ers TEXAS AND STANTON J E W. E L E R S I Plifl large!! DMI Mol! leuufiful Jewelry More EL PASO HOTEL SUPPLY CO. FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 2430 Texas St. Phone KE 2-4414 COMMERCIAL ENGRAVING CO. Photo Engraving for A11 Purposes Phones KE 2-6341 and KE 3-2582 CRANES Engraved Wedding Invitations, Wedding Announcements Cards, Informals and Stationery 219 W. SAN ANTONIO ST. EL PASO, TEXAS Rodehaver-Miller Funeral Home E1 Paso, Texas 24 Hour Ambulance Service Compliments of The Prudential Insurance Co. Of America Brooks Travis, Mgr. 1326 E. Yandell Dial KE 3-7487 MADE IN' EL PASO ' 1' 111. Billyfhe Kiel II IIII BOYSWSS-T BY THE MAKERS OF .I T E x A N s HORTEX MFG. CO., INC. 0 EL PASO, TEXAS L 9 'iii :':A"'A A H A':'Z::: 5 553f:i:5:2:5sE252i5i 'f" A 4--"'-4'14i 3 ' All AATlll liiiilifiizsfzii fig ,,,A,.,,: 5 ii ,:,.,.... 252: iii. ..W..AV.. 2 Q1 ,.,... :i:i:i.4.,.-A-. 5 555 .,4.1 1 it -.-,-.Q:- 55, li '....... 2 .-.-5 .:.. f ,,,,,,Q'.:.:. .,.A,,-11::,11:1f Q 2555254 3? "A1A:f 1 2212252222222 1" 'A 5 A EQ, i'1'11'f .iii '.,.,4: ""fA""'L1f a Sffififiiifiiigiiiifiif "" 53 Q 'iii Q C ,ffl , ' TE ' T ,. ... .1.,. . 1 .:... . 1 l.:.L.,. A ' KTSM-Tv Channel 9 - KTSM Radio 1380 . EIB tx ! Wl'llllf'S THE HOME GF GREATER VALUES Furniture, Appliances, House-Wares, olso Accessories TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 322 Texas KE 3-2608 5038 Alameda Prospect 2-7467 Compliments of J. E.MORGAN8-SONS "THE PUWER T0 PASS" Compliments of BALDWIN'S BARBER SHOP 603 N. Stanton St. Telephone KE 2-3648 IIIE BEEI Resilient' Floors Company Floor, Wall :S Ceiling Coverings 605 Montana St. Picture Framing E1 Pqsgl Texas E L P A S 0 You ,I NATURAL GAS like --1 . PRODUCTS COMPANY if.. S? O likes 'll 9 You l 378 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Ace Body and Top Shop B EEEE B EE,EEEE BB BB E...,EE .4E.EE. B B. BB Acme Laundry and Cleaners B eeeeeee B American Furnifure Co. B Allas Building Producfs Co. Baldwin's Barber Shop aaaaa Blossom Shop , ..ssss.s. Boolcsfore .ssssssss,,.. ssss1.ssss B .B BBBB Border Priniing Co. BBBBBB B B.B...B..BBBBB.B.. BB Buckner Transfer and Sforage Co. Builder's Supply Co. B .BBBBBB B .,...B,BB .B.B,,B B Camera House B..B B BBBBBB Car+er's Flowers BB B BB Chez Paree BBBBBB. BBBBBBBBBBBBBB B BB Chrisi'opher's BBBBBBBBB BB BB BBB.,.,..BB,,B,B .BBBBBBBBBB B BBB Commercial Engraving Co. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BB BB Commercial Mu+ual Life Insurance B Coca Cola BoH'ling Co. BB BB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BB Coors Beer B BBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBB B Del Camino BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Del Nor'I'e Saddlery BBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBB Dixie Gasoline BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Eliie Laundry and Cleaners BBBBBBBBBBBB EI Paso Elecfric Co. B BBBB EI Paso Hofel Supply BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBB EI Paso Lounclry and Cleaners BBBBBBBBBBBB EI Paso Na'l'ural Cas Co. BB BBBBBBBBBBBBB EI Paso Piano Co. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB B EI Paso Sporfing Goods BBBBBBBBBB EI Toro Cemen+ Co. BBBBBBBBBBBBBB B Feder's Jewelers BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Franklin Opfical Co, BBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBB Given Brofhers BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Gunning Casieel Drug Sfores BBBBBBB Guynes Prinfing Co. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Harding and Orr BBBBBBBBBB Hixson's Jewelers BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Holdsworih Jewelers ,BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Horfex Manufacfuring Co. BBBBBBB B Houser Resilieni' Floors Co. BBBBBBB B Hugh McMillan BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB 379 lCONT'D.l J. E. Morgan and Sons .,, ,.,,,.,.,,...... Joe Schwarfz Jewelers e.,, e,e, J Kern Flowers ,..eee.,.,.er.,.......,....., K.S.E.T. ,..,,,,,e...,,,,eee J K.T.S.M.,.e...,,rrer.e,..,,.e..e,.,,..,......,...... J Lewis Jewelers ...s,sr..r,.e.,.,Ar...e.,.sser..,.,..r....,, McKee's Prescripiion Pharmacy ,.A.esrreee., McKeon Mofors ....,r,....r..e..A.,,,se,......rr..,,..see,serr Nance Buick Co. ,cc....c,cA,,....,.c......r. J Nelson Elechic Co. .,cccc..c. J Norion Brofhers JJ r,,. JJ Oasis Drive Ins,.ccc ccc, Oregon Cleaners .,c,,..A.,ccccr., Popular Dry Goods Co. .,., .,.,c.c.,....c,ccccc Price's Creameries ..c...,........,,...J...,.,,c.,..,..cccc,.,.cccccc Prudenrial Insurance Co. of America .cccrc Reynolds Elecirical and Engineering Co Rhodehaver-Miller JJ cc.ccc J c..,.. J c.... JJ J Roberi' E. McKee JJJJJJJJJJ JJJJJJJJ J J JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ Rollins Mofor Co. JJJJJ.JJJJJJ Sears JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ... Seven-Up BoH'ling Co. .J,J,J,J.J Shain's Jewelers ....,....JJJJ.....J, Sheldon Jewelers JJ,J,.JJ,J.J S. M. Kress 8: Co. JJJJJJJJJJJJJ J Snack Bar ..........J..........,,.JJJJ..,J,JJJJJJ....,.. Soufhwesf Narional Bank JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ. Soufhwesiern Employmenf Service Sfandard Oil Co. ...J.J....J..J...., ....JJ.JJJJJ J S1'a'I'e Nafional Banlc JJJJJJ,JJ,JJJJ,..JJ.J....J...J... Supreme Laundry and Cleaners JJJJJJJJJJJ Texas Piece Goods Siore .JJJ...J,.... The Guaranfee ..,....JJ.JJJJJ,.,..... The Provincial Shop JJJJJJJJJJ. Tom Burchell's JJJ.JJ.J.......,,JJJ Town Tall: Bread Co. ,.J,.JJJ,JJ Whiie House .........,,,......JJJ Whi1'e's Auio S'l'ores JJJJJJ J Zale's Jewelers JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ Zorlc Hardware Co. JJJJJJJJJJ J 380 Compliments of HARDING 81 ORR FUNERAL HOME 320 Montana Dial KE 2-7941 BUCKNER TRANSFER 8. STORAGE CO. Local G Long Distance Moving Packing - Crating - Storage Agents for United Van Lines, Inc. 2301 Mills St. Dial KE 2-1449 F- LIVE ffl I M AND :mov me gc DIFFERENCE! 9 54 . 1' Sw ' 64 2 Your Elgtsdil f ll. PASO ELECTRIC L1M'7f'W7 E1 Paso's Oldest and Finest Shoe Store COLLEGE FASHIONS THE YEAR ROUND 110 Texas St.-211 E. San Antonio compzfmenrs of TEXAS STORE PIECE GOODS DEPT. 206 s. Mesa Phone KE 3-5547 The Finest Formal Fabrics Compliments of , O 01161168 ' ' l000 TEXAS g, 4 - I 'XJELEPHONE KE 4-1455 ft' 1""d7 F V' ,- f , XM W., HUGH MCMILLAN 4 A itil - 5 vc -A aff' "' ' , ,, K Q-, " A 7 'IF lr , , 7' EE 1' , fl Wamce gmc! at ,, Qian ! - , ' " ', I 'lr fl. V L , , A l :' Q 1 ,del s. . a!al,eaml ' laflIallH H I 4201 Alabama Ave. Dial LO 5-2753 EL PASO, TEXAS ! Mi J MCKEON MOTORS INC. 320 W. san Antonio KE 2-ess: ooocsfa ?-- - --Q PLYMOUTH I 4 I "Service Is Our Most Important Product" REYNOLDS ELECTRICAL 81 ENGINEERING CO. ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERS EL PASO-HOUSTON-ALBUQUERQUE- SANTA FE-TOPEKA--OMAHA-LAS VEGAS An Organization of Electrical Engineers trained to the intricate needs of the construction industry SOUTHWESTERN RT B THE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE N0 UN R0 Rs Thelma Van Horn Helen Cost ENGINEER INSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES 312 Caples Bldg. Ph. KE 3-1325 112 Texas Street E1 Paso E1 Paso, Texas Your Doorway To Fine Music Compliments of mu. nn ! EI-PASO LEWIS JEWELERS W co' ' El'r Fmtesz Growing jewelry Store ' II2 Mills St. KE 3-3689 EL PASO PIANO CO. A11 Kinds of Body Work Ralph Barron ACE BODY 8. TOP SHOP L1NcoLN Seat Covers Auto Paintinq MERCURY Complete Upholstery CONTINENTAL Texas St- Auto Glass KE The Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Hartford L. M. McDaniel 108 E. Yandell Blvd. KE 3-7312 ROLLINS MOTOR CO. A WORD TO THE STUDENT This is your college annual, fhe Flowsheelz H' is yours now, bu'l' 'For eighi' monfhs if was ours, +he Flowshee+ s+a'Ff. We of 'rhe s+aff feel +ha+ fhis book is a pari' of each of us. We have become familiar wi+h fhe pages and piciures and have pul in a li'H'le exfra efforf fo fry fo insure pleasure 'for you. Our urpose in preparing fhis annual has been +o help you relive, or recap'I'ure momenfs of your college liife +ha+ may have slipped away. If +his occurs, our purpose has been accomplished. We of fhe Flowsheei' s+aff would like +o ex+end our 'rhanks +o +he people whose special ef- 'For+s helped make +his annual possible. The VNLhi'I'e House Phofo S+udio, Mr. and Mrs. Blue for fheir phofography wor . Mr. Louis Perez, for special phoiography. Mrs. L. E. S+evens, 'For +he faculiy cap+ions. To fhe sfudenfs, faculfy and organizafions of Texas Wesfern College. To 'rhe Sfaff of fine workers who gave up fheir +ime fo pui' ouf THE FLOWSHEET. THANK YOU. RON DETTMAN. EDITOR l957-I958 383 I li .4 J a-,.n, ,, , Q Li' wgmm.. gm ,uw-ali .P,...-.QA-...S 4. ..,.... FW :Jw Aififef ESQ in ibm ima. A 4 'Max Z - anim N ,Q A YQNHQQF , , guy ,, -ef. . sm x s H"?'?" Q "1 ' gff"','-1 Ji" .vhew-JM mwi HA? x A 31.3. ff, 3339?

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