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 - Class of 1956

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Text from Pages 1 - 376 of the 1956 volume:

aw . A- J -si., W F ' K fjf?O,0fj: 'f!f QF ab W .rr M l ,L 'W' iw? ww iw N 5 f, f 'T Sw 53, ,Q - 4 'Z-'IVV V 4- me - 7 ,fl LQMQV' ' A L A L , il XGXYSCI y-fi mx J -MA-,,g- Nl Xgmr-MS? A, iff, fix. .SJ 1- IAQ-7'-Q," .V 1595 is K ' I VV 0 1 'W 1 ,., . 'fam " . ,fff f .-V'7'l . if Q' z I .ga-. sf ,- 1s--1 'uw' A 0 fi! I ' ES 1' I , A f f '- Q 1 .A 'v-Q.,-1 - 'Q ' Q K fffi A N . ggfzgiihig K with- , A M ff , fi-1-3553 .sf 9- "- W m Ui., V ' ' J "K ' ': if-sm As . . - 5, V , - -- Q , I ,.-A. f z " 1 , . . 3 Ak ' - Q- 'gfff-51 Y s' 'Q'-j' ' I f V. - . A - - , V l V . V .. 1- vw. . ,, fi ,. V. . ' .I ' IQ 1 V gi- .- L- 5 VV VV., V km U. , V V Q '1 A k ' 5 A 1 :X ,jf 'I F K- . . V " xx V , , ,. 5 Y 4 z f'tk:W ' AM ' V 2' .S -5 . .1 - is-Q V. V.VV Vs -, ,QQ 'Y IM ,.. .f - - 'far ' ' .-if , " ,- ' Fx S' ' - Q QV- - f af. Q--,QQXV ab- A K 1 5 4 F 1 wifi ,sw V 'L .' u.1.,V, ' Wf'f'j?5b..w A W ki X , .. ,gg 1 s , J R ,,h.jd1f,,.-Q gy.,-3 . ,w.1,Q3i, , . V? V K Lf.-4'..VV A A .24 .. A -V51 . . NV. .- A . , f'-,jg A. ' 6-, XY ,M ., V V fi XV V,, 'KX ' A+ ,-QSAQST . , H -Nd i .A f Q Q V Q ...rxf fee: my L, ,,5ig ,i 5. V. ,ij . V . V , wxnx' Q -- . .gw- .V f 1, - ,i .g,. n ,MW . fx I V4 my VX' 'QP A 'lf A, .V .wig up V +A-V . V- .' , f, 45. :V I .-,V 4, ,M Mm .3-ff. j. .f ' Q , r ,. Avi, V, ., 7 V. ., .wg , VV A Q , . 3 ' .- V .1 - a ,KQV V 'QR' 4 N 'V A Vx U N, V V fyh I 5-,V , Va, , 1 . --is-1 , u X "GL - fl V fgigir ' fy , ' fk ,-K A g, .L ' ,NW , ' 'gb few 84,4 V VA VV nv ' J: L. ' 72 - . .. I . . K , M ,X 4 1 . gf - , J Q .. rg . ., K ,NWS 4 " L. . 94 as - y, ' 'Q , . . f f .' 'Y' - 1 ix y V N V VV ,. Ni ,f gf' V - ,- R' . -' 'W F .1 V ,U ,. - A 274 3, --as Xi, ' W.. , Ala -41 - --- 23 f - 1 .V 1. .,g A 3 ff' r ' . - f mf mff5-Qff - if Q , - .. . ,gc -Q, -4- - W-V QM - .5 H ' nl-X-,,Vw f Q. 3 ,f - - Q. f I Q , Y.. . wxffi - i - U f , Qi? - ff., R , . ' f"' Q ' ix f K ' Q2 K ' 1, f ,, fi .K . Vf .Q -. .2 Qi- A xiggagg l' E , .. ,, VVSXQFSTAQ . -- -' V ...ff 'S f QM " .. 4' A - - - f.+'L-1 - V , . 4? 'Qin' ya - L- .Q fi-V: U . f - in Y ' K-:C . W " ' 7 L 4 . . - 1? ' S -Y u 331 K . X V , V .HSE Vw -L V, , K V M ' Q. - - - - - .I ' f -1. 3.x Q.. iii 1956 Lavon Haririck Ediior Mickey Bass Business Manager Fine Ar+s Sfuciio Pho+ograpi1er Joe S+erling Phofogra phic Edi+or Hening+on Publishing Lifhogra phers C r L I r. 5 5 X 'I E L r X i E r A 1 2 I 956 FLOWSHEET STAFF MINE TRUCKS GRIZZLY COARSE-ORE BlN PAN FEEDER 5 in. CONVEYOR o'size 'fn in. IMPACT BREAKER J CONVEYOR CONVEYOR Sample CONVEYOR BlNS L FEEDERS E. I 613 53 CONVEYOR 6 cYcLoNEs SAMPLER "X LNCLLNE o'flow A O-flow LSONVEYPL sfflow .L Soda Q CONVEYOR Q SAMPLER mifgon yTHlCKENER C LUN?h P , +-P--0-mr-'-- A ' EQ zfflow KHNS U .,.-,.,. 0...-............. sms AGITATORS Z t POND S2 Gases NODULIZING, 0 KILN - P" Q-75 EEEUEPS sPLmEns gg:5EgtEi QQ ' A i Sludge ' nomar i COOLER t coNvEYorL CONDITIONERS ... Q MuLrLcLoNE E' W' .2 rg ,g LCONVEYOR QQ CONVEYOR coNDmoNEns L- y CYCLONE i y scnuaaen Q SAMPLER ' Bms Lend Sludges to WN vv settling tanks 139, QD Q and storage CONVEYOR E SCREENS Qs 3 Qgofsize '12 in, . Mmm-ING CONVEYOR CLEANERS rw Roo Mans Q 1 'Q9' E CONVEYOR 'E y o'flow Qi A 3 CLASSIFIERS 1--N --- CLEANERS STOCKPILE Q CYCLONES ,N A QED ' u'flow 1'-53, -,"' SAMPLER To consumer I 0 CLEANERS 'pf THICKENER COKZPREP. - PL NT 0 SAMPLQNG 0 v 5 Lf, 0 PLANT 9 Q U ow Q Q ' u Q5 CLEANERS 'E -A DISK FILTERS 603 Sc,f.1AP,fffP' Sam les Q E QD is To flotation 5 b EMULSION D "":"o'Y Q SAMPLER CONVEYOR cake PREP. PLANT To flotation In mining and metallurgic terminology a tlow sheet is a diagramatic method ot showing the pro- cesses ot an entire operation, step by step, trom beginning to end. ln "Miner" tradition, we call the Texas Western College annual the Flowsheet because it traces the history ot student lite step by step through all phases ot college activity. From the rush ot registration and beginning classes, 'football games and traternity pledging in the First days ot school, to the tinal exams and at last, graduation, the Flowsheet tollows the student. The dances, triends, the big game, the parade, all the traditions and memories ot college lite are recorded in pictures and copy, tor the student to loolr baclc on in days ahead, in the Flowsheet. table of contents D edica+ion Publicify Views Ad minis+ra+ion Spoflighf Campusology Greeks Organizafions Honoraries Deparfmenfal Religious Engineers Mili+ary A'I'hIe+ics Sfudeni' Body Governmenf Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Adver+isemen+s Index 1 rj!! , Q! ,f X if , ff fW4 4kZz6f:5ZWf 114,41 4 f,V4ffQ2fa24m,v,414n421v yf , f f 4- ff 2 fi f f 4 Z if 7 f! ',f"'liff' ,fffj fyflkh 1 Lf f f ff f! ' Z . . f fffffiff 2 fc fm-1 f , If ll f- ' X ,7 1114 ,165 1 ff cy 9, ' it 1 - 4 Himff hfgfrffmf ffff, f Q f f 'f 4-2 f 2' 0l,7g ?gZZ45'gffp1 X 4 ff f fff fffff' X .f If I 5 f ,Vi 3 ' ti 'QQ 7 'F' 'L 1 ' r ' 'V T: ' sea 'Z --?5::'. at-gy f f.-A7 ' gf' 'iss , :'. ss '-. zz, f . f ----an-.. tf.:2.:i. .- ' f',f, 1.31: . - Af-KH-YN p - - 13-2?-2,f', ,:- 265-if ,VRS 1 dl Q ,- "' - Qc., f ' -'Z' - r , V' , .f-" ' Q 4 - 4 ',f"'2" 'C' 4 ' "'97- ,ffff"' T'-' - 'f 1' .1 ' i ' -122.-' y?"f1.? , . -. - wr- J ""'x"""i III1 M 1111 nn ff ,. f - - 1 Q. . - -. I f v " ' -' F Y' "1"Q' ' 0 457 ,-+ .. 1-. ,-que-. -, w ffffnlllmum Umm f.-Nr NM ul--L-OI... -vt qw, I nl' ll I D vgf . . -2. ' - - ., " -N ,.,,.,. hw -4, n 2 n 3 2 -' - ' .x.w- 1-sv:-".:a3qs3g, -J.. . . :'.J,:b 'Giga I M. - 5, n, .-...APL , f7'7, f T "" " ' ' 4.0 T ' , -L1L",3,, -nl X 'T 'T-"QT -5-gnc"-'X ' :Il ----.- -,- " "T -'L'-J -CQMH. ::"Z"! if 91-cf- 1 -f T E EN 1 'ff-f'fii"'.a1-"aif'a :ia-vt, gg A., L' ' , Y 5 gLkf-i., ' fo' gfp:-",. . vtx .E 'v:,'- ". .-A-Q-QQ:-,., 'tu 9 ' , 6 .4 fffaisglxxvssii 5 fs ' ,fi . "' .ef-fa-f" " " -fafsfmx ""f'L" , -LH fb" - 4-4- "' -' '-.' Q- of , -J - 1- "-rv? :LA-4 1"-TE . ' - ' ' ' f f -A 2' -in - ii hx, f"A .J-f"?" '75 . . gf ... fha "" ln 'Sepiember of I9l4, +he Texas School of Mining and A f, in 1 .Me+allurgy' opened in an old building on +he grounds of F'l'. - ,fi Q Bliss. Then Franklin' S+ree+ was +he nor+hern mos+ ex+en+ of EI fi ' ,Paso, and Model "T's"bounced over +he newly paved s+ree'I's, ,,- ' ,Q u moso eroasweresl rans,an manysuenswa- 4 ff' fb+ + f+h d +'Il+ 'I d +d + lk ffl ' ' ff' ' , , - gc fi Sed or rode a horse +o +he new college. 0 - L 4' In I9I6 +he building burned, and +he college moved in+o ,557 ,. 55 +hree new buildings, shll in use, on ifs presenl' loca+ion. To .' X5.. 3 I ,.. -g:. K ' Here, a+ 'rhe cross roads of +he lasl' greaf Spanish empire, Z Z..-I - Li' in +he midsf of legends of El Dorado and mining +radi+ions, " ISV!! ' -, . . . ff 1. 0 ,X wl+h a faculi' of six men and hand ul of sfudenfs, Texas Wesf- Q 5,31 ,, x Z B Y 0 fb ' t ern College was born. 5 yhpy -,x cs-, ,Q 25 Z , Q :Ik i . C CP? CD 1' 4 ' - C' .- If Ll, -L-ki X vm Q, wi! vw - A gf 4: C, .f md i ' E i 5. ' 5 C3 l 'CD C .Q C 3 4. Q E zhpzx' Nl T 6 6 11 X Z N Today, sef in fhe foofhills of fhe rugged Franklin Mounfains, Texas Wesfern College, wifh an enrollmenf of over 4,000 sfudenfs, is known for ifs hillside campus, Tibefan archifecfure, and in- fernafional afmosphere. A growing EI Paso broughf arf and science, fhen gracluafe programs, fo meef fhe needs of me area, buf engineering ferminology lives on in fhe Flowsheef, Prospecfor, El Burro, and The nners. Like fhe deserf prospecfor, looking ahead for whaf fhe nexf oufcrop, fhe mounfain range, will bring, an ever expanding Texas Wesfern looks ahead for greafer fhings. Already a new adminis- frafion building is being complefed. The fufure of Texas Wesfern College sounds like an ambifious dream . . . class rooms . . . beffer equipmenf . . . a field house . . . addifional dormifories . . . an enlarged library . . . and en- rollmenf reaching perhaps l0,000 sfudenfs ....... f I 2 7' 'X T4 . l L X T , 5 3 L - ii , ,45- ... ': "'- T L 9 - f is 3 .:-.'. ' Y ', lf? , Tl ar ..-Ziig, ' 4-. 11, V, f is ,-,a- 4 .,:2?.Pr-2- - .eff 1,1-'iffy-2?c'f 'ff2f1efff"f"f o .- , 1 C-ffbfzff2zZ2? ??,s,,12755: ,Z I I f7'5"?I5?' f...aW- .- -f -f " ,gf -T64j:Z ?gM:f1'Q 'T ' T' " T' f 'T :E Q- ET?-.EF 1 P 5 4 77 Q! 'filzz' '!"T5Sf" :Fri Z' w f .. ul"'l,H1 'l' i I U "S1:5E-55 771. ' "4 ?:g' ' ,f' xl L II! . I U i '- .uf'?. Le, V, off f I -1 . , T 'field 14155312--L- -' - lfflf U H H Il U U I1 'I Gun Du I 2-JZ: ' 4 7' "74Z157757?"fK "'1'll"'N- of--2 -. . 'r '-W . . i M -T ' I H 1"1 - 252511-is 133 gfgffg Eiga-517ig35.4.,,,L-,-ur Tl - , . ' , .IEW .-, ,V E 7 Y, I..- I . X 4, V 1 ?'gj::g,9 1 ' - -L-'f 'f --. Y . '5'!!A5XSQ:fgvQ25l'1 , -11 .-l..f... 1- , .L fm , V -.wi-. s C -V ll 1 s wg. ,ly--,gin - -,. . Y 1 - - , Qar, Q 1'5- 'rj' H4-' M--.,, 'Y '1-ri A- gi, GN 'li yl'i'o1 ,"y "".?- X""r , 1' L' -E" 4 gf 'D--Q. ,- U --ig... "1 T Y , , 1 41sggilybggl-he-i3gI:'.":'W i il i A A ,,, Tri g I an 617 vlf:11i3l'f'f!.'v1:'.-1.'.-2-I ,.,.aG?"- -f e 7 gc-xx? X 1 - ,F f - 1 all lf,!tl,4dg,,l .L 6-v 4-3-1 QQ, Q , Q I o A-mule 25' X ' T 5 ' cs ssc: Q- :. -'.Y..4Ul' Q 5 -L 5 - f--6 ...T --' . - 1. v ln?-'.'527'f" ' '.'i'llf 'ff 'LS TTWQ :lb 11,1 ,HH IJ. -. ' fy ' r .. ' ff ef?-. '11 -"-' r ut' A, "1-wm2:'.f.f '- ffm?-.', - - ' '43 W0 gil ti Q 35? if S' ffl " i i44f'ffFf" Z',::'l'r'll1'-'HU A YEL dl' , I ,-ll , T, N- 4' ef 'if J uf- X C 4 I f 4 I gfzti j wi- ff - r T T ff l 7 1: M as , - fir: 'J l il Z 3 'l"i"' T V TA V -- '- , ' I I wird' jlfl " T ri I 4 J A 7 5 ' ' 1 l ' 1 is .: . f - , T I f 5 1' 7 5 MJ' 1 5, 1 4 4 , ' ,,' A r- '.Li':er:-a- - f 1 - Cz, V - 'QQ-:'s'e Ile - -1-44--- W r-. J L,-.ffgghfgg-,3gi:5.:,, - Pj ste ' H315 ,, few- .X A g i -I Q"-.'---a2r.:.ff 2? J f f .L-25-19:2--.:: is - 4 'X ' l , '. -f.:-4:13,- , , , ' Al I X - 5-2.325 -. -,L ' z::::.:2f,ai?c , X 5 1:25 fir? V s i 4 5,5-Q , lx Ee" :gg as Q if S -Q ':,5i-e iggt,-L. ,, f , ,,f -5-322: rf-rr: 55 :fog-f.,'.'f',9f,..-jff,Q':'fgggegZgrfg, Z f .f2f'j. :- , -E15 4. '::5:5,':-::" " ' 'f22ZX:'.'l-7.21.5i!,'.g,:51111535-Z5g J.?y ' g' ff, , ,Z ..--2'i +'f:-I" -7Z1'i:,:L:i , Lf,f,.- fi Vgr,-T.:- Yf:.'!?fHlfx.1 , lllnlaazlf? JZ' , ' -T14-1' B1 . ll Z fl f 4 C " ' f'-'-1 ,YH "J: ' The 'rheme of fhe I'-756 FLOWSHEET has as ifs obiecfive fo porfray 'l'he growfh of Texas Wesfern College since ifs beginning and fo proiecf some fhoughfs info fhe fufure. As Texas Wesfern College complefes ifs 42nd year of confinuous growfh and service, our fhoughfs nafural- ly furn fo fhaf which has gone before, and dwell pleasanfly upon fhose individuals and groups who have confribufed in making Texas Wesfern whaf if is foday and whaf if is fo become. When fhe school opened in I9I4, a feam of progress was born, and if has been carefully nurfur'e.d by a sfouf-hearfed cifizenry. To fhe presenf adminisfrafion, faculfy and sfudenf body, and fo fhose sfurdy pioneers, is owed a heavy debf of grafifude. To all of fhose, and fo fhose who will help build fhe qreafer Texas Wesfern College of fomorrow, fhe i956 Flowsheef is respecffullv dedi- cafed. Today, wifh 42 years of experience, fhe College can look forward fo fhe fufure wifh vigor and confidence. 7 The 'firsr MINER yearbook was published in l9l5 as 'l'he Prospeclor. ln l922 an edilorial sfaff was selecled, and +he 'lirsl' FLOWSHEET came ou+. This copy of fhe Prospeclor shows lhal original slaff. Hisrory of publicafions a+ Texas Weslern is colorful and significanl, mirroring l'he progress and growlh of l'he college. The campus newspaper is 'lhe oldesl' college publicalion, having been firsl issued in magazine form as l'he Crucible in l9l6. Three years laler il' assumed lhe name and 'form of 'rhe Prospec+or +ha+ we know +oday. EI Burro, 'rhe college variely magazine, was published firsl in I939, por+raying +he anlics of a wiry burro, The MINER mascot Publicify 'today has become an impor+an+ parr of s+uden'r life. EI Burro and +l1e Prospecror are l'l1e mosf widely read publicalions on campus: +l1e ex-s'I'uden+s prin'I' l'l1eir own magazine, 'ine Nuggel, and 'rbe FM college radio s'ra+ion, KVOF, nol' only serves 'llme college wi+l1 music and news, bu+ also +l1e communily wi'rl1 educalional programs for +l1e public schools. Complefed in I948, KVOF acquired 'lelevision facililies in l954, and ex- pec+s 'ro have a +elevised ecluca+ional program on campus by +l1is summer, evenlually planning 'ro have closed circui+ conracf wi+l1 every building on campus. EL BURRO El Burro is fhe monfhly humor and piciorial maga- zine published a+ Texas Wesfern by sfudenf iournal- isis. Hs con+en+s are designed lo sui+ 'lhe 'l'as+e of every s+uden+ facrion, ranging from carloons, iolces, pic+ures, ancl humorous arlicles +0 serious essays. El Burro is wriH'en and produced en+irely by TWC s+uden+s offering workshop opporfuniiies 'lo poefs, phofographers, carl'oonis+s, ar+is+s, and wrifers, as well as lo fhose inferesred in +he aclverrising and business side of 'lhe publicalion. BEN P NNELL Business Manager HENRY SOSA Ediror ?"""'i 'i Gloria Es+rada, Henry Sosa, Barbara Fisher, and Ben Pinnell Billie Burson wafches Al Or+iz draw one of his fabulous pin-ups confer on maferial for a forlhcoming issue. EL BURRO STAFF Is+ Row: Wanda Hill, Billie Burson, Rufh Speir, Gloria Esfrada, and Barbara Fisher. 2nd Row: Sam Schneider, Henry Sosa, Bob FluiH and Al Orfiz. Noi' Picfured are Dr. Ray Pasl' and Dr. J. F. Williams, Facul+y Advisors. rxw.-hi., FLOWSHEET The Texas Weslern College yearbook is dislribul- ed in May of each year. ll 'lells 'rhrough picforial and wriH'en records +he s+ory of college life during lhal parlicular year The slaff is composed of slu- den+ journalisls who work as ar+is+s, wrH'ers, layou+ +echnicians, pholographers and make-up arlisls. LAVON HARTRICK Edifor MICKEY BASS Business Manager 12 JeanneHe McFadden ge+s help from edi+or, Lavon. Cynfhia Garbrechf and Jeanine Beevers are working hard on geHing +he Flowsheei' +o press. FLOWSHEET STAFF Is'I' Row: Damon Garbern, Jeanine Beevers, Lavon Har+rick, Mickey Bass, and Gary Hail. 2nd Row: Pai Wl'1iH, Lydia Franco, Jean Willmore, Cookie Vogelpohl, Fefe Gray, Louise Sirain, Judy Moore, Gloria Marfinez, Irene Holguin, and Jany+i1 Smi+h. Q11-T' Q K i w .pf ,J I , KVGF FM Al+hough +he signal of radio sialion KVOF is con- fined 'ro fhe campus area, il is, in every o+her re- specf, 'rhe coun+erpar+ of a sfandard commercial broaclcasf sfalion. Opera+ing from +wo modern sfudios, each wifh Hs own conlrol room, KVOF plans Hs programs +o suii' college iasfes. A sfefi of more +han fiffy radio-felevision maiors is responsible for 'len hours of broaclcasfing each clay, and campus lis+eners are provided wi+h on-+he-spoi-coverage of sporfs and special evenfs +ha+ are of inieresl' 'lo Texas Wesfern s+uclenl's. SAMMY SCHNEIDER Program Direc+or WALLY HARTLY S+a+ion Manager l 1 1 S A . Q f I ,Q eg it 5 li Q w jj aj s a a , Jim "Rocky" Peak, popular spor+scasler, is heard daily al' 6 Howard Sagor, left and Bobby Prensky check +he news wire in p. m. on KVOF. Rocky has raled righ+ along wilh 'Phe nelwork 'rhe KVOF newsroom iusfl' prior +o fhe broadcasf of one of lhe experfs on his seleclions of game winners in all major sporls. hourly news programs. KVOF STAFF Isl Row: Ronald DeHman, Willard Ward, Howard Sagor, Jim Peak, and Fred "S'l'oney" WiH'. 2nd Row: Rober+ Knivefon, Rifa Salazar, Wanda Hill, Fa nelle Boney, Della Haddad, Nancy Creswell, Frankie Gold, and John Ford. 3rd Row: Sammy Schneider, Mike Guardia, Bob Prensky, Charles McGaha, Virgil C. Hicks, Wally Harlly, Na+ Young, Juan Saldivar, and Bill Webb. y-sm THE PROSPECTOR i i T Published weekly during +he fall and spring semes- +er, The Prospecfor carries news, views, and olher iniormafion of in+eres+ fo 'I'he sludenl body, facul- +y, and friends of Texas Wes+ern. The newspaper has won firsi' place in +he Texas ln'l'ercollegia1'e Press Associa+ion and All American awards for oulsfanding work in fhe journalism field. DEAN DEU PREE Edifor 3 I' NKJL 2 ff T, 5, . i ai 5- 4' g he 0 1 A PRISCILLA WINSLOW Managing Edifor I We .,,,.,,,.,.. ,gkww ,'M,,,.,..-H.,...-- ..- .sim 9? Liklwiiw L 'Q' was K ,-Q., ,, I Wonder wl1a+ sfory Margie Crawford is working on here? Here, working hard a+ looking busy, are Jim Peak and S1'eve Morales. PROSPECTOR STAFF ls+ Row: Margie Crawford, Bobby Prensky, Sammy Schneider, Dean Deu Pree, Sieve Morales, Barbara Sanborn, and Edwin Lenf. 2nd Row: Jim Peak, George Roberfson, Fen+on Alley, Herb Blue, Sam Pendergas+, and John Middagh, Facully Advisor. '1 -.imglx Q We! 'biz'- H mlm if When, in Oc+ober of I9 I 7, 'the college moved s presenl Iocalion, I'here were I'hree new buildings and a powerhouse. "Old Main" now 'I'he Physics building, held all classes excepl chemislry, which was conduc+ed in whal is now Ihe Geology building. Burgess Hall, and a few years IaI'er Kelly Hall, were buill as dormilories and IaI'er conver+ed Io class rooms. Lefl of 'Ihe power house Ihe piclure shows 'I'he old mill Ihal was worlced in coniunclion wi'I'h 'I'he prac+ice mine up Ihe hill. I+ was Ia+er Iorn down Io make way for Ihe soufhern addiI'ion of Seamon Hall. The narrow dir? roads and 'Ihe Irails over which +he sludenfs walked Io school Ioolc care of s'Iuden+ 'Iranspor+aIion. 'w5sInf ...1,a!lNm.uL...!.H.sxf.gszi'n:exl1mlexlr ntwdlilmlv A view of The campus loday shows broad paved sfreefs, cars wilhoul' number, and parking a+ a premium. Where foofball games were once played in a 'flalland belween lwo goal posls, fhere is now a sladium sea+ing l4,000 wifh modern press and broad caslinq facilifies. The Texas Weslern campus foday invariably exciles fhe inferesl' of 'lhe visi+or and has become known as 'rhe mosi' picfuresque college campus in America. Several maior college buildings are now on +he drawing boards, and changes in l'he fufure will be equally as impor+an+ as +hose of +he past Texas Wes+ern College is assured of a grea+ fulure. 19 STUDENT UNION BUILDING Lounges, ballroom, Snack Bar, recrea- Iion room, Booksiore, s'rucIen+ publica- Hons, and deans of women and sI'ucIenI' Iife. MUSEUM CoIIecfions of geology and archeology Feafuring 'Ihe sou+I1wes+ and 'Ihe Peak AnImaI CoIIec'IIon. ADMINISTRATION Dean of Arfs and Sciences, regis'rrar, business manager, college library. COTTON MEMORIAL Ari' exhibiis .. . . classes in design, pain+- ing, scuIp'Iure, iewelry, and ceramics. Ber You Don'+ Read Them QS PHYSICS BUILDING Mafh, physics and language deparfmenfs. Cookbooking GEOLOGY BUILDING Geology cIassrooms and Iaborafories. SCIENCE BUILDING DeparImen+s of cI1emis'Iry and biologi- caI Sciences. MAGOFFIN AUDITORIUM Dramafic procIucI'ions, music cIeparI- menf, speech and drama, and TV cenfer. This Is a T. W.. C. AssembIy??? .-"" ,ff WOMEN'S GYM Swimming pool, healfh educafion classrooms, and gymnasium. Faculfy Mes-Ting HOLLIDAY HALL Men's gym . . . In+ramuraI headquariers. 'XT is X, Who said laugh and play wi'fi1 B. B.A.? BURGESS HALL Deparfmenf of Business Adminisfrafion and Economics. KELLY HALL KVOF radio s+a+ioh, Prospecfors office, classrooms, and offices.. Si is fag WORRELL HALL Men's Dormifory The pause fhaf rehashes HUDSPETH HALL Men's Dormiiory BENEDICT HALL Freshmen women's dormi+ory . . . campus healHn cen+er on 'Hue ground floor. BELL HALL Women's dormi+ory wifh +he sfudeni cafeieria in fhe annex on 'Phe left Reading +he Rio? Aci' MINERS HALL Men's dormi+ory Our consfani' companions .. Miner's Haul ,,.,...,--- 1. Dean of Engineering and drawing lab- orafories, classrooms, and Schillenger Iab. TWC Science Ficfion Club SEAMON HALL Engineering library and Iaborafories k ENGINEERING BUILDING From fhe opening of 'rhe School of Mines in I9I4, un+il his dea'rh in December, l94I, John W. Kidd, ins+ruc'ror, counselor, and Dean, pioneered +he worlc +ha+ has gone 'ro malce Texas Wesfern wha+ il is +oday. Affer lhe main building of +he old school had burned on New Year's Day, I9l5, "Cap" Kidd was in 'rhe field surveying +he area of l'he presen+ campus for 'rhe relocafion of +he college, Since I9I'4, wi+h a facully of six and only +hree full lime ins+ruc+ors, Texas Weslern has grown fo become a maior college wifh eigh+een depar'rmen+s under +he division of Ar+s and Sciences, Engineering and Graduale Sludenls. 3. ,,,,,,.,,,,.W,c .cw ,..-if mi' im. The era of "Cap" Kidd is gone. The school is now headed by a Presidenl ins'read of an adminisfrarive dean. Deans and deparfmenl' heads are bound more and more wi'rh adminisirarional work. And ye+ fhe college has no+ grown 'I'oo large 'ro be personal. From fhe classroom ins'l'ruc'l'or +o The President The faculfy s+ill 'fakes 'lime +0 be confident ins'I'ruc+or, and friend, 'ro anyone who needs fhem. 31 399' Coxxeija Q, 27709 GSYZVVS if OF fun umvnnsxfr OF 'rams 4 : M O4 5 M cnjfaffuffvlfrmi 1'11 1 pd' 63090 HH u .5 I Ill' The Student Body oi Texas 'western College Nh N, hy iirst year oi association with 'iencas western N College is drawing, to a close and as l loov. hack over the events of the year one oi the things which stands out very clearly is the excellent spirit of cooperation on the part oi the student body. l hope this spirit will always exist on our campus as our college continues N to grow academically as well as physically. 'Yhe students responsible for the l956 edition of the Ylowsheet are to he congratxiiated .on a fgoh well done, a trait which seems to be characteristic oi many students and student ofg,ani'1.ations on our campus.. with every good wish, 1 am Sincerely yours, art E. Wdolcomh ?resident Qthlbh 52 Q I Y if BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS l956 Tom Sealy, Midland, Chairman Leroy Jeffers, Hous+on Claude W. Voyles, Aus'I'in Lee Loclcwood, Waco Mrs. Charles Devall, Kilgore J. R. Sorrell, Corpus Chris+i J. Lee Johnson lll, Forl' Worlh Dr. Mer+on M. Min+er, San An+onio Dr. L. S. Oales, Cen+er CHARLES A.. PUCKETT. M. A. Dean of Arfs and Sciences JOHN L. WALLER, Ph. D. Dean of Hue Graduafe Council DEANS five BETTY W. COSBY, M. S. Dean of Women in EUGENE M. THOMAS, E. M. Dean of Mines and Engineering JUDSON F. WILLIAMS, Ed. D Dean of Sfudeni' Life fy- CFFICERS GF ADMINISTRATION n COL. M. H. TOMLINSON, B. S. MR. J. M. WHITAKER, M. A. Cura+or of Museum Regisi-rar DR. A. N. FOSTER, ED. D. MR. A. A. SMITH, M. A. MR- C. E- KELSEY. JR.. M. A Direcfor of Exfension Business Manager Diredor of Te5I'In9 and Placemenf and Guidance 36 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS MATTIE CHAMBERS Secre'Iary Io Dean of Mines and Engineering HELEN HADDAD CIerIc, Office of Regisfrar ILA JONES Bookkeeper, Office ofI'I'1e Regisfrar .L 'bv fi ii Y-'Qf -' IQ 4' 1315 , S I I I 7 I ,Qi ' . FRANCES CLAYTON Assis'Ian+ Librarian LOLA HERRERA Secrefary, Deparfmeni' of MiIiI'ary Science ancI Tacfics MARY LOU PETRELLO Supervisor of 'Ihe Pos'I' Office 1 I-:fa ii . ff I 6 , . ,..,. L .. 5.53 , 1' ROY FISK AssisIan+ Business Manager MRS. WREN HOLLENBEAK SociaI Direcior of BenecIic'r Hall MRS. JOCIE RAMSEY SociaI Direcfor of Hudspefh HaII IDeceasecII i g r'r L I f r J F 5 , , S -LIS REYNOLDS MRS. BETTY SANDERS MRS. MILDRED SKOV MARY WHITE anager of 'rI'1e Secrefary Io Dean Caialoger of Social Direcfor nf Union Building of Sfudenf Life 1-he Library of Bell HaII1 37 DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN VERA WISE, B. A. Professor of Arf ANTON H. BERKMAN, Ph. D. WADE HARTRICK. Ph. D. WILUAM W- LAKE. Ph. D- Professor of Biological Professor of Business Professor of Chemisfry Sciences Adminisfrafion and Economics ".!""M FLOYD E- FARQUEAR. Ed. D. FLOYD A. DECKER. M. S. E. CHARLES L. SONNICHSEN, Ph. D. HOWARD E. QUINN, Professor of Educafion Professor of Professor of English Professor of Geology 58 Elecfricai Engineering DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN TTJOHN L. WALLER, Ph.. D. JUDSON F. WILLIAMS, Ed. D. Professor of Hisfory. Professor of Journalism, Governmenf and Sociology Radio and Television EDWIN J. KNAPP, Ph. D. Col. JOHN ALFREY, B. S. JOSEPH C. RINTELEN, Ph. D. Professor of Mafhemafics Professor of Milifary Professor of And Physics Science and Tacfics Mining ancl Mefallurgy DGAR T. RUFF, Ph. D. ENGEBRET A. essor of Moclern Languages THCJRMODSGAARD, Ed. D. Professor of Music CECIL C. CRAWFORD, Ph. D. Professor of Philosophy Ancl Psychology ... ' . . . gi , fs? i P 5 If if I P I sr 555. isyyz. sg --' ., fa '.', QV' - -iz? ' ff 'lei.-' E ..-e.l . ,31 9 Ez. s ' LE ROY G. SEILS, D. Ed Professor of Physical Eclucafion 39 .6 FREDERICK BACHMANN, Ph. D. Professor of Modern Languages 'i " i S ss ss THOMAS BARNES, M. S. Professor of Physics i 4 Ilk. I. W K3 fl' . . .. 531 4 r ,. I5 naiu 'mini I K. in an iff'-E5 lf -14' ' si, Riff' V " . f 4 is Q .M - f' -T51 f If riff? A4 , . a , 5,1 mi if-.r i 5 m ffl CALEB BEVANS, Ph. D. Associafe Professor 4of Modern Languages IJ If , f, JY' v FACULTY F if MYRTLE BALL. M. A. WILLIAM BALL, M. S. ASSISIBUI' PFOLGSSOI' Assisfani' Professor of Speech of Chemisfry air fs, :gli . ff S . if STEPHEN BARRES, M. S. RALPH BENTZ, Ph. D. JACOB BERG, Capfain Insfrucfor in Economics Associafe Professor ASSISIHVII PFOFBSSOI' of of Mafhemafics Milifary Science and Tacfi if Q I ,f CARL BILLINGS, M. S. BRUCE BIXLER, B.. B. A. LELAH BLACK, M. A. Assisfanf Professor Insfrucfor in Aggigfanf Prgfeggor of CiviI Engineering Business Adminisfrafion gf Business 'I' 1 1 FACULTY , ig 1 IIL: I I X In I 5 LANIS BOSWORTH, M, A, HALDEEN BRADDY, Ph. D. WILLIAM BREWSTER, M. A. Assisfanf Professor Professor of English Associafe Professor of Psychology of Economics I-ONNIE BREWTON. RALPH BRIGGS, M. M. JOHN BROADDUS, M. A. Sergeanf Flrsf Class Associafe Professor Insfrucfor in Hisfory Insfrucfor in Miliiary gf Music Science and Tacfics fee.. Q- 3 T BURLINGAME, Ph. D RICHARD BURNS, Ph. D. JOHN CARRICO, Ed. D. Assisfanf Professor Associa+e Professor Assisfani' Professor of English of Educafion of Music 'K 7.1 P . ISK. he 155, FP fr ifir . is I 'P 'al f Q' X Q I I I 3 if a fi... I -.,x , , I . 2' isis , 4 'lf' X-XXX Qi I iii: iii Rf 25 FLORENCE BUCKNER, B. A. Insfrucfor of Economics And Business Adminisfrafion JUNE CASH. B. A. Insirucfor in Physical Educafion 41 FACULTY l CLARENCE CERVENKA, M. S. LOUIS COBBS, Th. M. BENNY COLLINS M S Assis+an+ Professor of lnsfrucior in Bible Assisfanf Professor of Engineering Drawing ELLEN COOGLER, M. A. Assis+an'r Professor of Ar+ HOMER DALE, B. B. A. lns+ruc+or in Economics and Business Adminishafion Physical Educahon iw Q " Q ' ' X114 i 3 .xi 4. .2 VIRGIL COWART, B. A. lnsfrucfor in Economics and Business Adminisfraiion JAMES DAY, Ed. D. JAMES DEHAAN Ph D Associafe Pl'0f9SSOF Assocsafe Professor of Educafion of Ch9mI5+FY 1 S , 1 FACULTY DAVID DELORME, Ph. D. LURLINE DOUGLAS, M. A. ELEANOR DUKE, M. A. Assisfanf Professor lngfruci-or in English Assisfanf Professor of Economics of Biological Science OLAV EIDBO, Ph. D. GEORGE FORD, Lf. Col. DONALD FREELAND, M. B. A. WAYNE FULLER, Ph. D. Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor of Assisfanf Professor of lnsfrucfor in Hisfory of Music Milifary Science and Tacfics Economics .and Business Adminlsfrafion TCHEN GABRIEL, M. A. CHARLES GLADMAN, M.. A. LYNETTE GLARDON, M. A. NORMAN GREGOR, M. A Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor lnsfrucfor in lnsfrucfor in English of Spanish of Mafhemafics Physical Eclucafion ,B FACULTY lg CLARENCE HACKETT, Ph. D. JESSE HANCOCK, Ph. D, WILLIAM HARDY, M. A. Depar+men+ of Philosophy Professor of Chemisfry Insfrucfor in Speech and PSYCIIOIOQY and Drama Y 1"""e M. PAUL HASSLER, M. S. Assisfani' Professor of Civil Engineering JOE HERRERA, SFC. lnsfrucior in Milirary Science and Tacfics Ins+rucI'or In Economics WILTZ HARRISON, M. A Associafe Professor of Ari VJILLIAM HEUSER, M. A. VIRGIL HICKS. M. A, Assisfanf Professor and Business Adminisirafion Of RGCIIO WILLIAM HOUSE, Major ROBERTA HOFFMAN, B. A. GUY INQERSOLL, E. M. Assisianf Professor of Ins+ruc'I'or in EngIish AFSPCIGIG PFOIGSSOI' Milifary Science and Tacfics and Spanish of Mining and MeI'aIIurgy -I I , VS . VERBA ITURRALDE, M. A Insfrucror in Mafhemafics I FACU LTY I . JOSEPH JAMES, M. A. CLARICE JONES, M. A. CLYDE KELSEY, M. A. WILLIAM KIRBY, M. A. Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor Insfrucfor in Mafhemafics of English of Speech of Psychology JOSEPH LEACH, Ph. D. ROBERT LEECH, M. F. A. SALVADOR MAGGIO ROBERT MASSEY, M.F. A. Professor of English Assisfanf Professor Masfer Sergeanf Insfrucfor in Arf of Speech and Drama Insfrucfor in Milifary Science and Tacfics E :AR McMAHAN, M. S. JACK MEADOWS, Ed. D. THEODORE MEIER LORRAINE MERRILL, M. M. Associafe Professor Assisfanf Professor Masfer Sergeanf Insfrucfor in Music of Physics of Educafion InsI'ru'cI'or In Milifary Science X- -lv FACULTY CONRAD MEYER. Ph. D. VLADIK MICULKA, M. S. JOHN MIDDAGH, JR., M. A.. ROBERT MILLER, Ph. D. Professor of Mafh Assisfanf Professor of Biological Sciences And Physics Assisfa nf Professor of Journalism LEON D. MOSES, M. A LLOYD NELSON, Ph. D. RAYMOND PAST, Ph Associafe Professor Professor of Geology Assisfanf Professor of English of English .D. Assisfa nf Professor of Hisfory BULAH PATTERSON M lnsfrucfor in Mafhehwaficj MILLARD PENNINGTON PEARL PONSFORD, Ph. D. EUGENE PORTER, Ph. D. JACK PYTCHER, B. S. Sergeanf Eirsf Class Assisfanf Professor Professor of Hisfory lnsfrucfor in Chemisfry lnsfrucfor in Milifary of English '45 Science and Tacfics FACULTY Assisfanf Professor MARY QUINN. M- A- WILLIAM RAYMOND, M. S. LOUISE RESLEY, M. A. BERTHA REYNOLDS, M.. A Aggociaie Professor of Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor EIeC+ricaI Engineering of iVIaiI'Iema'I'ICS of ECIUCa'iiO!'l of Sociology RISTER, B. A. Insfrucfor in Business Adminisfrafion BERT SCHUMAKER, M. S. Assisfanf Professor of Physics 'lil'-.ii JOHN RYAN, M. B. A. BEVIE SANDERS, M. S. ALLEN SAYLES, A. B. Assisfanf Professor Assocgmme professo,-of Assisfanf Professor of Economics gusgness Adrninisfrafion of Economics and Business Adminisfrafion , ..-- W. X . A 3 ff 2' - 1 ' I I . fa .. if -u f fx .- 2 , 1 V A.. LL A 3 Ad JOSEPH SCRUGGS. M. A. JOHN SHARP, PI1.. D. WILLIAM SHEPHERD, M. S ASSISIHBHI' Professor Associafe Professor Insfrucfor in Ma'rI1ema'rics of CI1emiS'fry of Modern Languages Wg In K , K' z "51.,g .is , , ... K . 40" 4 ' , I If L , L . f . My 1 ,sua ' ,I f ' '53 7 , ,Q .Pfg'y!k:5'fff'f , -. - if . I W gs - ffm -,fri'z'3fg.s4, 4-3.11 ,. I A -As- .21-,were-f K .f V , , J, A b J 2" in Q - 1 'M I - f ji' 1Q,..a'iIkg CHARLES P. SIMPSON Insfrucfor of Voice GRACE SMITH, M. A. Ins+ruc+or in English me-A+ REX STRICKLAND, PI1. D, Professor of Hisfory FACULTY .sg .-:- JAQKK SISTLER, M. S. Insfrucfor in Physics JAMES SMART, M. A. Ins+rucI'or In Ma+I1 JANET SMITH. B. A. Insfrucfor In Physical STELLA SMITH, M. S. Assisfanf Professor Educafion- of Business Adminisfrafion . rf- I n ii ,. , :Lua T o ,I I 'Lu 14" . A I r g I ,L gi , ,, ROBERT TAPPAN, PI1. Assisfanf Professor of Modern Languages I ,. D- ELIZABETH THOMPSON, M. A Insfrucfor in Mafh FACULTY .ffl . fur Y" vii WILLIAM THONSON, M. S. EDYTHE THREADGILL. B. A. WILBERT TIMMONS, PII. D Ins+ruc+or of Ari Insfrucfor of Maih Associafe Professor of His+ory JACK C. VOWELL, M. A. MARIE WADDELL, M. A. Ins+ruc'ror in Hisfory lnsfrucfor in English ,ws-ll" ROBERTA WALKER, M. A. DALE WATERS, M. A. WILLIAM WEBB, M. A. lnsrrucfor in Business Associafe Professor of Assis+an+ Professor of Adminisfrafion Physical Educafion Modern Languages Every school has a few who excell noi only in scholar ship, bul in fhose ac+ivi'I'ies +ha+ add greafly +o siudenf life. Thirfy years ago, 1'hose sl'uden+s hilched Their wagons fo a sfar and rode around in high fopped cars, when il' mean+ some+hing 'ro be one of +he privileged few +o own an aufomobile. Wi+h +ha+ era gone, campus life has grown up wi+h +he college, fhere are more dances, plays, and a grea'l'er va rie+y of varsiiy ac+ivi+iesA h Today 'rhere are almosf as many cars as sfudenfs. and Monday morning finds 'l'l1e campus parking lofs overflowing. Converfibles, American and foreign sporfs cars wifh fhe Texas Wesfern queens lead every parade. Tl1a+TexasWesTern has more fhan iusf a few excepfional sfudenfs is proved by fhe rapidly growing repufafion of flue college. These are fl1e sfudenfs flwe Flowsheef spoflighfs. 1066 Heron fi, Deaf wr. Williams, Xt nas indeed been a nXeaente to sekect a winner ior your beauty Conte-st. X nivyxt add tnat it was a -father diiiicxnt task as aN,1 oi your contestants were so eet. 'Ynanv you very muon for asking, SUS , O0 me to xnelo 51 . Sincefew, Q 49-C, 1 Bobbcz Hczdl ock Hows:-asm QUEEN FLOWSHEET HON OREES Be+l1 Merrill Colleen Roberls Q beauiy confesi held on ALL if-ww : .:iJ.,,.455f- -i?f'fY13'77?'fA af! us s Q , ,wp f :. V ' . 'gEg:,vrq3w E51 .K ' -5 4341 llf 'ki I - k .. ' Q- 5. ' f ,ff ' 5 :Zn m u A,,L,. .. A.., ia ,,,. 5, N.A, ,,,,LI. .wr fd 'rf 21, L, ,A Wwgry. A I 2 Efjlig 1 ff he :sS1:'i2f aw S , -fu .. My 3:5 i'f?lfHQWQ5.: x sFf'iQZ7f'5SQ'f::? fi - A X, a,Q:Wr3!f,1w -fy: .5 M nf is ' ffm .mfg -. 'uw .-,- 5 W Q2,wgg.f-W Q ,www 1 5 4 4- -.:..-ix 1 bf- f-mm , fm f,'M-A :gf-5-faxing-A K ' 1193.11:Ti-1,fg33jyjQ1:: '-741214 Wflgi -5-wifi-ASX N Qi' :sz -M-ww f"ff-wify-MM' -2 -V . ,M,,L.,1 ui,-xcgwlsrt-if - , S7 uw .. ,K ,a -.. X . ,, ,A I9 74, 'aff ' Wfvw ws ww A ,K zf S m432Siz2'5ilfff ?fff1.iifYf fvlfawiaw : If 11-L Y:-11:1 . F 5- PA? W iilligsi k ' A. 3. as Jou Dee Hat SUMMER SCH The Summer School ueen OOL X if crowned af fhe annual summer WWI : xiii: Wx K 3 , Margaret Finertq l rwc suN Pmmcess The Sun Princess is elecfed by members of +he S+uden+ Associafion io represeni Texas Wesfern ' +h an e Sun Carnival fes+ivi+ies preceding Hue New Yeafs Sun .Bowl fooiball game. Eh.. w. 2, "'-A xfw JANE PGSES ON CAMPUS 60 , ' X, I " ' i af I :ff5i2f" fw.S ' - ff? ff:?ffifT59"1- AA,, .K 5 'K 'awww--Q-,V .. Zn fisg.S5A5535"'- ' " - ' f Z1 - N' ww- , 1 Q ., ,m is Q S New X x fi: QL A 4 1 W -Mis wfvwf- ' Q + , M X ,A 5 'k mr' is E 4-Tl' 'Q if i KF 'n aw? N i f N k 8 Q A SX 5,i aiisff5,,v3u. - u fi egg: K - 'A 5? ii,--' ' X - ' 5553 F f ilm Y if wT3FimlS9j,g5Ti2?l'f12l f ' M wiuffiiey sniff -351 QQQVZQA5 F755 if 52fE:,5Wsiff' A up-f,3 4151 f wif T f ' A , ,.,, 5 :mix LQ, f- 55 Ex, if . wk 'X I i' X . Q Jcme Grubb BEAUUFUL GIRL W Ag 1 1, Q ' 1503 Kay Hornaday BEAUTY Elaine AbboH RUNNERS -UP D +hyR Jo B 'H1 S+ .K r 33 3 ' . 7,2 ET 'iiG5.f:af:,MR.'9Ff-- . f L, KN M .mf Q . A '95, fx X " 'PQ-,ern ' ak 5 N x T. Q 5 is 29.5 ' . .r , ' w 'V , A x gm ,fi -. cl m onfesi held each year V Dnv Each penny donded in '95 Zak, 1 .egg X- . f?JafLf. 'SST f,:h:QiQXA U k L 1 , kk EH - A .ga Vai, 1 1 A ak, xxx' , zlz, ' w A ,A ,.f,.,. wx-Lv ' X ,, w Wuxi? f 'if lil: x-. - Wm ix V l Q12 f IMF K iii , ,, .fg- A . 4 ww-A Jsfiiiziif ' iw W-4 ' 1 , 53 iff' THQ 95' ' I 'Q 1- 3 " ki Q -1 , , . v 5- s' 'a2gW,g 5 , AZAAQQQ1 wi . Q. 'wfifQ1f'agg1Qx K K A 1 ,- ,Q H- + Q- LQ Q - gi Vw M .,.. . M 3 , -T 5 511 A Jcm ice Bernard MISS PROSPECTGR ros ec or is e re resen a ive o e w ic con ribufe e mos mone e am us C es rive. Dat Young BAND SWEETHEART I s 1 - I wx , . :-. G'f. w Qi .XENA-1' ff . wullw , S' ,rf My " -' ' ez 1931 14 U Afwi K' we sz gm. sNo ee e r isen: The Snow Fies+a Queen is h 'h members of 'rhe Sfud i' A ,P . A h en s- sociaiion. She is crowned ai' fh 1- ' ' ' anc rch ends fhe Flesfa held m New Mexico befween semesfers. 'A f GG X 'W gi ed 'im' l956 SUN CARNIVAL DUCHESSES Bettqe Smith Elaine Abbott . 7f B A-,gi L5 I ' E, IV' Joq Dee Hatchet l956 SUN CARNIVAL PRINCESS ES H! i W, Kate HGPQPOVQ Hartrick Corrle Hernandez Dale Reqnolds Billie Bu rsor! WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES H. P. ADKINSON SHIRLEY BAKER MICHAEL BASS CHARLES BOYD The members are men or women s'I'ucIen+s who are gracIuaI'Ing sen- iors.They are selecfed on +he basis of a grade average of 2.8 or high- erg are currenf members of 'Ihe S+ucIen+ AssociaI'iong show Ieader- ship and have par'I'icIpaIecI in campus acfivifiesg possess real cI+IzenshIp quaIiIIes and show promise of fufure usefulness 'Io business and socIe'ry. SHARON COLE 2 JOHN CCX BARRY DOOLITTLE Wi' MARY BETH DOOLITTLE GLORIA ESTRADA MARGARET FINERTY 4'9"- Ish MICHAEL FINERTY WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES BARBARA FISHER PETE GREY BRONIA LOWENSTEIN FRED LOFFTUS STEVE LUNG R. H. MAIER M X xx Lf? , was ,W , wrzw gy . 1 I GLORIA MARTINEZ fl M-XXL I JOE SCALES WHO'S WHO AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES HGV' 'ii MARY NELE O'NEAL '95 if! A , 1 gi .L ' ff! g . . in 715 ALFRED ORTIZ S S 532 T - 1:4 W in Nm 1 ai x A A .-- , L as X ' A -. 4' V k.'k 'K 1. Lv L. 14 'S LLALL Q. ,L ,, ',,' . qggi T , ,L T 19? ROBERT SCOTT JOY SHINAUT WHO'S WHO AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES BETTYE SMITH CURTIS SPIER LOUISE STRAIN MARTHA RAE VANCE COOKY WILLIAMS it I PAT YOUNG The members are four year sfu- clenis al' Texas Wesfern College and gracluafing senior men. They musi' have wide par'ficipa'fion in campus sfudenf affairs and have held af leasi' one adminis+ra+ive elecfive office in slucleni' organi- zafions. They musf have a mini- mum of a "C" average in all work falcen.. MEN GF MINES H. P. ADKINSON FENTON ALLEY MICHAEL BASS CHARLES BOYD EDWARD BRAVEN EC MEN OF MINES JOHN COX GORDON CROUCH RICHARD CUMMINGS BARRY DOOLITTLE CLYDE DUNN MICHAEL FINERTY ALFRED ORTIZ MEN OF MINES CEDRIC HUSTACE 'Q 5 ax 4 .sk 562 ' '21 ,-1-' il I ROBERT SCOTT OTHON MEDINA CURTIS SPIER The favorife of MINER fradifions was inifiafed in November of I923. The day before, fhe M on fhe easfern slope of Mf. Franklin was surveyed. and on fhe morning of fhe Zlsf, sfudenfs foolc an unofficial holiday and painfed fhe M wifh lime. Following fhe whifewashing of fhe lvl, visible for 60 miles from fhe air on a clear day, fhe Co-eds served a picnic lunch, and a new holiday was born: all adding up fo one of fhe mosf colorful and inferesfing of TW fradifions. Excepf for slighf addifions, lvl Day has remained unchanged fhrough fhe years. Frosh now do mosf of fhe work, supervised of course, by upper class- meng and fhe day is sfill an unofficial holiday. Today, affer fhe bean feed served on fhe campus, a Sadie Hawkins Day race is held, originafing in I939 and pafferned affer fhe race in Al Capp's comic sfrip, L'il Abner. Affer fhe race, fhe EI Paso Herald Posf awards prizes for fhe firsf couple across fhe line, and for fhe besf cosfumed Daisy Mae and L'il Abner. S "'C""""-.., h l 1lL The beginning of +he end . . . I wan+ depar+men+ . . . REGISTRATION I, I" The climax of a Iong day as seen by Ed OIive's expression The poor faculfy was worn ouf by I' nd of Ihe dayl Hope my secfion doesn'+ close before I gef Ihrough. H swiss 2 new ur,:,g.'f,e1,,-,fgvliwif ORANGE AND WHITE PARADE To sfarl' off 'lhe foofball season wi+h plenly of school spirif, 'rhe Sfudenl' Associaiion called 'ihe campus +o aHenl'ion wi+h 'lhe Orange and While Parade. lndividuals and organizafions were encour- aged 'lo parl'icipa+e by +he announcemenf fhal' prizes would be awarded fhe besl-decorafed cars. On 'lhis day, orange and while was really 'rhe pre- vailing color on campus. Co-ecls gof +oge+her and enfered +heir own cars School organizalions were noi' +0 be lefl' our eifher. . . Firsl' Place Winner-TW masco'I'. Second place winner-isn'+ if a beaufy? The bonfire climaxed 'l'he Parade. ,QQ Jusf a blue Monday Jusi' luke real TV' Easy as pie CLASSES CLASSES KKK 00040000000 alll! Jusl' ac+ing busy. EMHEEJHMHGMI' WEA 332. A biological sciences lab . . . you've gol' fo be exacf here N Sir, you are on. 8 5 S Z YWWWHIJIIIII l..l CAMPUS ,N I iNf4g,'N If LIFE j E -L. 2 I E I ""- ii 'QQUQ-,, bi gn ww H-Q-.Ig 5 XVLLMIX X zfxmwwxmv ,fy N -fs W nil. 3 3 Time ou? for callers! X X l U DCJRM When sfudenfs of all iypes, ideas and places gel 'logefher-you have life in fhe dorm. Like ihe regular siuclenis, lhey sleep, eaf, sfucly ancl yes . . . play an occasional game of carcls.. Dorm sfuclenfs are unique in fhai lhey are away from home-buf +'s no easier, oh no! There's no+hing like geH'ing fogefher and sfudying . . . from boolcs, foo! When fhings slow clown-fhere are always fhe perennial card games. 5.-qw-ff'-w LIFE Ah, fhem books!-college life is 'I'oo big a parf of 'll1em. Two of lhese "loafers" are en- gineers-can you guess who? The guys also like an occasional game of cards: occasional, clicl you say? 89 r. --V - ' 'H' 90 Recognize anyone? The Tucson Trip, annual affair, weni' off wi'rl1 'lhe fradifional bang +his year wifh over 200 sludenfs, fhe band and Gold Diggers aHencling. The Sfuclenf Associafion obfained a special price for buses. Upon arrival af Tucson, s'I'uclen'rs checked in af 'I'he Tucson lnn. They were firsf enferfained by 'lhe Ari- zona Universily Sludenl Council and laler by walch- ing The Miners defeal The Arizona Wildca+s. The posl'-game dance saw acfivifies come lo an encl- un+il nex+ year. Wi+h everyone in high spiriis, fhe Tucson Trip gels off +o a good sfarl. En+husias+ic Gold Diggers awail momenl' of deparlure. THE ANNUAL SCHOOL TRIP Talenfed Sue Dickerson exl1ibi+s, Reading +o 'fhe rescue. No "de fee+" 'For us. No school +rip inferferes wi+h Melly and Margo's beau+y sleep. W SX, SP- xii! kk .2 I , Q 1 y A mm . Q Q , , Qx '- 2 9 if . '12- ' -H' 31 H ." 2' ,Q af I . g., 5, 'G' 'ii 3 F Y ,, . -VM lk,fZi?1Q7ff15,:g,f1 wgwfgfmg--,gffffffffv'seligsffa-saw,' A "- , , wygzfgwgf'Jz,:fgy,5.1',svyaigfezi'ffwr'12,fwf',g,in'ie if af. 11, 1 , sa, lff,gu ,sz.x4,QS,,-W Mio' ' H "w'W-fw,-fl ,g:5mg51xQf::Kfffr fg ,' k Q ki ff 1f'1-5395555 if -f .+iii2: 7 sa. A ..,, - 7 fzigw i ff Q THE MALE ANIMAL J Le'r's drink a +oas+ fo 'ine big red +eam." "Now wafclw +l1is play." A comedy abouf college professors, foofball players and a ques+ion concerning Communism. "Here's wl1a+ Granflancl Rice said abou? me." 'C 11 DAY An unofficial holiday since l923, "M" Day is ira- difionally sei' aside as fhe day when lhe frosh are ini- fiafed info campus life by being allowed +o paini' fhe M on fhe easf side of Mf. Franklin. Held during 'lhe Fall Semesfer, +he repairing and whifewashing is conduc+ed under 'rhe supervision of +he sophomores and upperclass- men. The res+ of +he day's acfivi+ies include a Bean feed prepared by fhe Co-Ed Council followed by 'lhe Sadie Hawlcins Race. If fakes all hands +o pass fhe buclce+, freshmen, lhal' is. Buddies, ever +o fhe rescue, assisf +hirs+-siricken 'Fresh- mang and slowly buf surely, +he chow line was sfrefching for miles.around . . . Affer +he sfrenuous chore of pain+ing +he "M", oh, for fhose chili beans! THE SADIE HAWKINS RACE Following fhe bean feed, sfudenfs congregafe for fhe Sadie Hawlcins Day race, pafferned affer fhe annual Dogpafch Race in Al Capp's Li'l Abner comic sfrip.. Co- eds, dressed as Daisy Maes, pursue 'rhe campus versions of Li'l Abner and fhe couple fo cross fhe finish line firsf is awarded a prize by fhe EI Paso Herald Posf. A prize is also awarded fhose having fhe besf Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae cosfumes. Oo-la, la! Poor Li'l Abner didn'+ have-didn'f wanf a chance. Runners up for fhe mosf aufhenfic Daisy Mae: Rose Marie Graham, Barbara Pringle, Carolyn Neligan, Doris Webb and Gloria Marfinez. On fhe righf, John Knighf is flexing his muscles while ofher Li'l Abner runners-up, Ken Meyer, Bill Whife, Ken McCall and Charles Hoofen, look on. Arf Meyer, alias Marrying Sam, performs fhe sacred rifual for Daisy Mae Barbara and Li'l Abner Bill. 5213g,,,,r , 55 as -, we 5 I , ss. if M.. iris. Vx... ,A f. acid., NS 4' 1 -19 I ' 4 - ,,, 415 '-33' vi. .2-in , vane, Her maies+y, Frieda Howey. Our marching cavaicade. ALPHA PH! OMEGA HOMECOMING One of The biggesi' acfivifies during The fall semesfer, Homecoming cusfomarily held in Novemf ber of each year, Thunders in wifh The Bonfire and The Paiama Parade +hroughou+ Town. Cenfered around a Border Conference home game. Ex-S+u- denfs refurn To 'rhe campus for a series of parfies and meefings and are guesfs of honor a+ open houses given in each sororify lodge. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION How's +his for spifi+? TAU KAPPA EPSILON PSYCHOLOGY CLUB COLLEGE PLAYERS PARADE School crganizalions compefe wilh each olher in producing +he Fanciesl' floa+s, flourished in fhe Homecoming parade. The Foofball game follows and finally fhe coronafion of +he homecomlng queen +alces place af +he dance held in 'rhe SUB TOMMEAWYE Ballroom. PHI KAPPA TAU PRE-MED CLUB 'SOULTHYYYDA K 0 T M iw DELTA GAMMA Sweepsfakes Winner KAPPA SIC-BMA Firsl' Place Frafernify HOMECOMIN6 The fheme for +he homecoming parade was STATES. ROTH SOCIETY Firsf Place Depar'rmen+al 98 :WA E .11 any ' I all' - N T 11, ,K ,, ..qif, QM 'NAST ' 1 E-1 Nikki, V VV . 'J A. V svx H-an x.. Inn,--s ,. '- sv ....,.:...'- E. we af' an ZETA TAU ALPHA Firsi' Place Sorori'ry PARADE A record 'fofal of I7 floa+s were enfered . . . f CAMPUS COLLEAGUES CLUB Firsf Place Non-Greek Social ' SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON CHI OMEGA ,A ET DLT DLAEADELTA 99 5 f i -I 'T Ku X . .. , V. who . bqbek Q. K me ef E ,.,, H if Q ,X , kk All ,, My V E ., . 1 NY! . B Q , T, E x I ' lr' ,V V .. 1 " A ' if ' f . ', 'fmgp A A 35 F I ' i M V A i. i ' fr I 3 A X ' Y K .wir V 1 ki 'gig' a A Z'-,f HE' . A -"1 X V -.,A-2 iw a ' f"'f"1 ,- K A A i r -A ,L AA',. , -W A 1 'V ,A ,,Vx,,: Y -W . 1,-' Q "N- Q..fgifliXx2 W 'X ' si in i ' I i' . i i ,,...0-WMM Maw LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Some of 'Phe crowd Hmaf wafched fhe parade . . HOMECOMIN6 r'K A Q -.wmwn af f "'N '- f- f f We W- -ff ,. I 'hs Jim DeGroa+, Exes presidenf, and Homecom- ing Queen Frieda Howey. IIHJ Early in fhe morning +he Exes s+ar+ed coming from ail over-firs+, +o regisfer. THE GAME AND THEN Q A huqe crowd came +o help Flghl +he Homecoming Game. The dance +hen followecl where F ' cl rue a Howev was crowned by Don Henderson and was a'Hended by Duchesses Barbara Plaslcef, Marlha Vela, Colefle Cline and Carolyn Gumper. . K Wkxik 7 Kffhl lk N 1 1 ,Q ex J Xl '51 . V Q 1 102 i3fJl ,.ff' Fufure TWC freshmen are caughl' by TWC's own TV camera . . . ' a . , S Ausfin High choir members lake 'lime ou+ for lunch iv Affer fhe convocafion sfudenfs 'lrod +o lunch line CAREER DAY New Year's Eve on Times Square would be a good descripfion of lhe TWC campus on Career Day. Sfudenfs from fhe local high schools and from fhe high schools of 'rhe surrounding areas aflencl lecfures and join in panel discussions on various careers. This year ushered in fhe Fiffh annual cifi- zenship and career conference. Promineni' businessmen and poliffcal leaders in fhe communify helped 'io guide fufure careers. i To celebrafe +he successful campus chesl campaign-a dance THE CAMPUS CHEST DRIVE fealurinq Music by King. Miss Gold Digger, Dorolhy Reed, Mr. Miner, Mickey Bass and Besl Prospecfor, Janice Bernard beam afler lriumphing over all compelilion. Organiza+ions had pu+ up candidafes, had worked hard +o raise funds for lhem and-preslol lhe S2000 mark 1 if was hif 5 This was 'lo a slow lempo . . . Mililary Queen candidales and escorls, lef+ lo righlz R. O. Cummings, Rose Marie Graham, Donald Smifh, Jane Grubb, Bill Pas+eur, Margaref Finer+y, Bill Pe+erson and Helen Juarez. -vf 'finial . F Receiving milifary sfudenfs and +heir dales are L+. Colonel George Ford, Mrs. Alfrey, and Colonel John Alfrey. R. O. T. C. sludenls musl' have 'lheir nighi loo, and ihey do when Milifary Ball nigh+ rolls around. Cadefs don fheir uniforms and are freafed, io- ge+her wi+h +heir da+es, +o a dance complele wilh refreshmenls. Sludenl' officers ge+ a chance 'lo show off +heir rank and 'lo hobnob wilh fhe big heads. And finally +he Mililary Queen is crowned. Colonel Alfrey presenls Helen Juarez, Mili+ary Queen wifh her royal bouquef. X1 ff . I l i l'l l From 48 en+ries +o I2 fGloria Angus no+ piciuredl .... The T. W. C. Trio, Marifred Snelson, Sandra Og- den, Ebba Brown provided infermission enferfain- men+. . . THE BEAUTY CONTEST ,X , ,I And finally, +o 'rhe four finalisfs, Elaine Abbof, Dorofhy Reed, Jo Befh Sfevens and Kay Hornadayg and TWC's mos? beaufiful girl, Jane Grubb. IO 3 "Tom, gel' 'rhis fence while-washed +oclay!" "Becky, see whai' l wrole on my slafe abou? you." TOM SAWYER TOM SAWYER was 'the annual College Player Procluclion for +he school children of El Paso. H was 'l'he firsf sfudenl' direcfed maior proclucffon in +he hisfory of fhe college. X- ggi' 4' L: aw' "Huck, l'll fracle 0 "Tom Sawyer, you may s+ay in during fhe recess period." . WI? A , , WW you my +oo+h for +ha+ dead car! The royal courf: Dukes Bill Mischen, Enrique Mafa, King Mickey Bass, Fenfon Alley,Schuler Nelson. CO-ED BALL This fime, Co-eds make fhe dafes, pay ex- penses, send flowers, call for fheir boy friends, and do fhe fagging. Usually fhe lasf affair before fhe Chrisfmas Holidays, fhe Ball, sponsored by fhe Co- Ed Council, is one of +he mosf widely-aH'ended school funcfions. f or fri 1 ,,,,V c 5 up I 5-in Shirley Maurey crowns His Maiesfy, Co-Ed King, Mickey Bass. The dance was a huge success. Heledfw males is and ace slcafes. THE SNCDW FIESTA gs, 4 if by iv QW X ' V .1 Q U 'W How do you Well, whal' do you expecl? This is The firsl l-ime l'ye ever Ice-skalecl. M 'e gpnmw-lew"""'h f' . .sp 1 xbrflp' +l1ese deals? , T T ee., ,...l ff .fm ' -1' A, ' 55 ,, ., L3iv s ' -x r vi V me ggi' f S, fyiytw ,QM K N , W A .,,., A., KM' . A ,,.. , Ak ,. 'll' L73 ,A 'T' N N: .2515 ' ' ' ,lv T "Ten, V V :jf I 4 i WW, H ,, , y L , , 4 t , xy .. ig: A nw A P , ., Q' may LE e 1 e VM rw., M WHL egg! r i,..l, .5A'Vfai,g,2l : . 5 ri? M 'Vi I X Y ef my g ,.fi.,::- I ,,,. ,. A rg Xi - . K .5 5 If . .4 xl xx ' -V i.. f Aw s ,,l .ar-,,,, .Ri 'l'lf ' . K 1 ' 3' 'K ' f , if V :mf -' f- ' L We 'WS ' f ' fl ,gf T fi: 1 lf A x 3, . 'Y ' ' -z - x K P g Q! KI, Lk 7, n , Q , filfik.-W J A R x f ft G -, 1 if -K ig il? ll ,Q lf F, l a, 3 , W,.,,Q, s 1 S li 4? S 2 T in 7 X . EQ f .1-Fel Le'Vk.k M - W V J Q . gr ff I x--.MN I ! - .1 tg I A f, t idx :Al I 1 ei T fa? W ' T1 1 ms -'Y' f. And away l go!! vg--QF' if To escape +he sunny El Paso weafher, TWC sfudenfs "run off" fo Cloudcroff or Ruidoso be- fween fhe Fall and Spring Semesfers each year. Sfudenfs mee-'r ai fhe ski run during fhe clay +o en- ioy sledding, fobogganing, skiing and snowball fighfs. Several confesfs are held and winners pro- claimed. Upon +he sun's seH'ing, fhe dance begins, climaxed by fhe crowning of ihe Texas Wesfern Snow Queen and +he announcemeni' of her fwo duchesses. - My , , fs., any - lisrssffr, . if ,W ig, if 1 il' ' 1 , .4 , ,Q ,N , ' ' si,-A , -ff' gi af 'M 43'if,:.+- if . , W, Wifi , I A 4 J V mf , M 2 ,if a fx , i 'l ,-V123 iirqixfs i je"-sir if i a i fl These hear+y boys made a safe landing. .. Gang way! We're coming fhrough . . . Hey, someone, how do you sfop fhis lhing? I, Et .RN 109 X s iii Sfudenf Presidenf Don Henderson crowns Snow MORE SHOTS OF AT THE DANCE . . . Three lovely girls hold 'Their coveled 'I'rophies. Leff fo righl' are Emma Duran, Duchess, Gerry Lynch, Snow Queen, and Margarel' Fineriy who received +he frophy for Ann Noble. lil? E! C 'ff- THE SNOW-FIESTA AT THE LODGE. . . Mary Ellen Mapula and Sam Meraz, affer a iurn in fhe skafing rink, ge+ ready fo refurn +o ihe Lodge.. The Lodge was jammed by snow bound sfudenfs. , .s.. f. 2 fm vw-Tse y 25? , A gf K Lg, My ,, . -B' e 'Q- Sfudenfs 'rake +ime ouf from dancing For a cozy chaf. I' ,-'WG-. of 'fax T ' wi, Ili' 'T' "l be+ rigl'1+ flwen and 'rlwar he knew plumb well whar he was 'a goin'." DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS An in+ima+e slaging of the 'Famous O'Neil 'rragedy of New England farm life, fealuring several guesl' performers, "l'd like lo own my own place up fhar." "You're soff-headed, like your Ma." SPRING PLEDGES ZETAS Row I: Sally Roberfson, Linda Cobb, Marci ScoH'. Row 2: Angeline Elder, Sarah Ramsey. Row 3: Sarah Cooney, Argyra Walshe, Ri+a Greene, PI1yIis Joyce,. BeH'y Ward, Naialie Andreas. sn, ' y -I 1 .5-if 3,1 ,f-TY-ve I. SE iii? Q' , ,,i,,i ,5 I, - :Era f 1 iiifgl 5 -M, I-, fs 12 fwf , , " ' 2 3- I , l . J , S f ,fl zgsrgirww .gi I 3 I? If 'Q Ii I I In Qnfjxk K is f e .x 4 sr Q X I fi - . am, , . 'Nw 35 11 I I Q A I I 3 ' I F J I , I' I val! I X2 A' I 'Q' ,- 1 1 . , E ,im , ,,. I I fr pm, R I V's h1Qg,,:,ma im , I A Q fi 52 57 li: 54'T?29"f5'f 33", Lf' ,G Y f f r i , f ' 1:5 if .aa if TRI-DELTS Row I: Kay Barwise, Carolyn Jacobs, Barbara Burlcs, Jo Mae Green. Row 2: Sandra Ogden, Ann Simpson, Pal' Douglas, Be++y S'rapIe+on, and Deanne Bauersclmlag. CHI O's Row I: Barbara Cosf, Diane Yerby, Karolyn KGIII1 Ruib Speir. Row 2: Selma Osborne, Pai' Spence, Denlce Win Iers. DELTA GAMMA Ru'II'1 Jean Craig, Marilyn Weaver, Joy Dee Hafcli eff, Judy Maclver, Carolee BesneH'e Barbara Kinder, Ka+I-iryn Kraiq, e ,Af 5 The Religion in Life Week Schedule was much publicized. . ,, RELIGION IN LIFE WEEK The second annual Religious Emphasis Week was ushered in wilh speeches by religious leaders, informal discussions and personal conferences. Calholic, Jewish, and Profesfanf au+horiI'ies were given opporlunify fo encourage Ihe sludenl' in his spirilual quesl. Among 'Ihe commi'H'ee members who helped make Religious Emphasis Week meaningful for all were Jay Gillespie and Charles Frederick. Bobby Brown and Shirley Brown were also among +he s'Iuden'Is who did Their share. ST. PAT'S DAY Hall began when TW was +he famous Coilege of Mines. And 'rhe fradifion of ini+ia+ing freshman engineers in+o fhe order of S+. Par, pa+ron saini' of engineers, on March I7 con+inues +o +his day. The Wesfsides iourney +o Orograncle for an ail- day picnic, parrake of a bean-feed and end ii' all wi+h +he Hardluck Dance where +he besf beards in 'I'he Beard Growing Confesi' are iudgecl. g ff UD-Q. ., ALL T. W. C. DAY Swimming champ Dick Pierce claims his prize. wiv fxcniliiiiomr Beaming Elaine Abboi' also claims hers- 'I'he Miss TWC cup: fhen fo exchange your money for +he Spring Fiesia. There were all sor+s of boo+hs-siep righi up, folks! From a 'aalhing beauly conlesf on May, I946, ALL TWC DAY has blossomed ou+ lo include a senior-facully soflloall game, a gymlchana, swim- ming conlesfs, insfallafion of +he incoming Sluclenf Council ancl also now, fhe annual Spring Fies+a which climaxes +he day's evenls. Highlighl' of fhe clay is 'rhe annual balhing beauly revue al' which "Miss Texas Wes+ern" is selecled from enfries macle by campus social organizaiions. You could have go++en losi' in +he crowd. we PPM' l ,sa-M . i V gi, -I Z X y M A - 'Y f I .Ll A nl A Some were gefling hi+ched while poor Carolyn was gel- fing dousecl-+he friclc was +o pul oul' lhe cig wilh a wafergun. Aclivilies were climaxed by fhe dance- anylhing wrong, Busler? ww THE SENIOR PRGM Finally, Gradualion was here. Seniors had asked Hweir besr qirls and even +l1e underclassmen were ready for 'ine Senior Prom. For a wonderful las'r dance, +l1e Tommy Dorsey Band was broughl' down by 'll'1e S'I'uclen+ Associalion. Tommy Dorsey leis loose wi+l'1 his melodious frombone. Brollner Jimmy Dorsey pu'r in his 'two cenls worflw ioo. Wha+ wi+h 'Phe singer and all-noi' anofher dance like if. SUMMER FUN 28' .F-f""", Frank and Pefe pose wifh 'iheir da+es in froni' of ihe bafhhouse. Glub. glub . . . Oh, boy, whaf fun! Q ww, ,. Anna Alvarez faking in +he rich vifamigx-packed El Paso sun 119 T 2 HE BOUGH BREAKS An original play by William Hardy of fhe Drama Deparfmenl. 'I he were 'lo burn forever, he woulcln'+ pay For H2 Mo+l1er's here, sl'1e'll +ake care of you. l You don'+ wani' 'lo die, do you? Norma Levine as Ru'rl1. Honey, l'm all swole up wifh pride. Ann, +hey had +o pu+ up ihese feepees: don'+ see how ihey did I+. KING OF HEARTS A modern comedy aboul' a carloonisf. I'd like fo do your head. Don'f you lilce me? This is Norman Taylor, a young fellow who's going +o make us all proud of him. TQI THE INNOCENTS A fense psychological drama aolopled 'From 'lhe world famous glnosl slory THE TURN OF THE SCREW. "l clon'l' like lhe habifs of +l1is house." "He has reel hair-very red, close ancl curling, and a long pale face." "Tl1ere's only one +l1ing lhal' ma'H'ers-'l'l1e children mus+n"l' be frighlenedln SEVENTEEN A Musical Comedy by Boo1'l1 Tarlcingfon concerning 'lhe growing pains of exlnuberanf Willie Baxfer. "You've ruined my life, 'l'l1a+'s all! l gof nolhing 'fo live for! Oo-oo-oo, wha? you do 'lo me! If we only could sfop The old fown cloclc "Adieu. Be vigilani, I beseech you. 4 MUCH ADO ABCJUT NCDTHING BY SHAKEQPEARE Shalcespeare's sparkling s+ory of flue ba++le of fhe sexes. S+aged in a modified Elizabe+l1an manner. "Bu+ are you sure +haf Benediclc loves Beafrice so en+irely7" "You come l1i+her, my lord, +o marry 'lhis lady?" THE SUMMER FGRMAL All sell +he spedafors were anxious and waifing. . . The con'I'es+an+s were beaming, along wi'I'h runners- up Florence Silva, Carolyn Gumper, Marion Heg- sfecl and Anifa Goodrich . . . The reigning Summer School Queen of l955, her And Punlcv Haffield was going-gone! maiesfy Joy Dee Ha+cheH'. Greek confribuiions +o sfudeni life began as early as I9 I 9 when a 'Few engineers organized 'I'he Alpha Phi Omega 'Fra+erni+y. Then, as +oday, +he 'fra+erni+y gave s'I'uden1's oppor+uni+ies for friendships, associaiions, and social ac+ivi+y +hey oiherwise would noi' have had. Since l9I9 many Greek le++er socie+ies have appeared on campus, some disappearing and some remaining +0 +he preseni' day. .ll ,ff ,A Ji an M ,E 1' . 3 "fm . ,ij "i?,4,x1 w t xxx by iffy , fi ' 1: if iv wk if ,, K, LJ E 'jr Qi? A A ax ' X ff! if Q 1 ' n- f ,f fl - ,g J . 1 . .Lf 'Nga fx w, rffi m Q f. -'-- .- ..Mfg A 'Q f. A . N M.: ,gf "W :Q i 11? N qv- A ,.. 4f.. .3 :.:g 21' 5' 3. 'if tj, g - ' Q N H . X ggi y , f if - x V "' 231 K rg' ,fy 5? ,ga A My , X K W K1 3' 55' 'F-N 'Q Q Af? if 99 g wig Q .53 241, A371 3 - Kai ag ,gg 5 fs 537 13 id, an V4 . 3 ' ,A ,W 'Q 61 ,ang My 6515 AQ-f.ffQ' f si I .Ed is film-trifins Q. up sf ii? Q ki? . .4 . 7 In nj fl 'f.iZ..f, I krhh '- .4 5 22 'p 5 - X ,. ,V , gg fr' Q ' V S, 54, 'X , Q . , ff Q i - f ff: A ' . t '1 t' .E fb Lk 3 E 1:9 JA, sl' 45" ft 128 Row I: Coolcy Williams, Carol Wafer, Helene Johnson, Jo Ann Plaif, Shirleen Sharpley , Row 2: Carolyn Gumper, Irma Joyner, Lavon Haririclc. PANHELLENIC CCUNCIL The Panhellenic Council pledges fo main+ain a high plane of fra+erni'iy life and in'rer-frafernify relafions, lhe fur+herance of sound scholarship, co-operafion wifh adminisfrafive officials fo mainfain high social sfandards, compliance wiih rules of rushing, pledging, and ini+ia+ion. Members of +he Council are 'rhe presi- denf and rush chairman from each sorori+y. ml ffl ' - . Nl M Row I: Clyde Dunn, Bob Nicholson, Jim Pealr, Michael Bass. Row 2: Dean J. Williams, Jim Chamness, Ben Pinell, Al Or+iz, Dus+y Jeler. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The ln+er-Fra'I'ernil'y Council promo+es co-opera+ion and undersfancling among +he frafernifies, endeavors +o build fhe fra+erni+y svsfem, and +o insure co-opera+ion befween fhe college ancl 'lhe frafernifies. Two aclive members of each fralernily are represenfafives +0 fhe lnfer-Frafernify Council. C ll 45 I7 Wffgy X, .C V Jo Ann Pla++, Presidenfg Miss Wise, Sponsor ,L vw ge , K --1 Ll: 2 .rw s S , - xx al., is C if I CHI OMEGA The Rho Delia chap+er of Chi Omega was insiall- ed on +he campus in June of I939. Each year a social and civic award is given +o an ouislanding senior woman. The sorori+y holds vesper services on Palm Sunday and Chrisimas. Chi Omega colors are cardinal and siraw. The flower is ihe while carnafion. Www Jo Ann Pla'H, Presideni' Loura Anderson Carolyn Billman Barbara Birdwell Donna Bonar Erlyne Bowers Rena Brown Sallie Conn Nancy Cool: Carol Corbefi Margie Crawford Nancy DeBrunner Mary Delaney Doroihy Diehl Jane Ellioii' s I ""fi1.Fxfix," Q, xlfii L Q. -X X sw K M X .. ff? J Jane Fierslad Georgia Folsom Sharron Fredric Grefclien Gnauck Cynfhia Garbrechf Serena Hamilion Mary L. Hargis Nancy Heinzel Wancla Hill Carol Hoffman Jane Holmberg Lynn Horsley Erma Joyner Marflna Jane Kennedy Ruin Kisrenmacker Nancy Kochevar Sally Laya Bonnie May Beih Merrill Mar+i1a Miller Dinah Park Joy Perkins Zoe Dean Poole Sue Puzzi Hellyn Recfor Gayle Sexion Glena Shirley BeHy J., Smifh BeH'ye Smi+l'1 Billie Slephens Carmeli+a Ta+um Ann Turner Jo Ann Vickers Pairicia ViclK9rS Janice Walker Ann Wafkins Sue Wa'r+s Pafricia Weniworih Belly Will1i+e Jean Woll Nancy Woodley X, ina 4. has 4 1f sill W. u gh, A eg 5 ' We J 453 0 SQ 2 -S' t -,EB 6? Q ,gs 4 0YanKn0f' Helene Johnson, Presidenlg Mrs. Slevens, Sponsor 'du- A132 DELTA DELTA DELTA The Thela Psi chap+er of Della Delfa Della was charlered in May, l938. ln l94I, The Tri-Dell lodge was comple+ecl. This year, lhere are 60 Tri-Delis on Campus. Yearly lhe chapler awards a scholarship +o an oufsfanding woman. The colors of 'Phe soror- ily are silver, gold, and blue, lhe flower is lhe Helene Johnson, Fall Presidenl' Barbara Sanborn, Spring Pres. Tomasine Aber Freda Anlhony Nancy Armisfead Shirley Balmer Belly Boylcin Shirley Brown Chrisfine Byrd Maggie Cleghorn Colle-He Cline Barbara Collins Margaref Finerfy Margarel' Gibson Anila Goodrich Pearlann Green Jane Grubb Myne'He Harding Sandra Hellman Phyllis Hesler Lillian Hirsch Helen Juarez Bels Kollilcer Joanne Kollilcer Anne Linebaugh Carolyne Lee JeaneH'e McFadden Carol McKee Tila Mahon Margaref Mehlhop Shirley Moore Elizabelh Morris Be++y Nelson lf-:2 A-:fly Norlon Gladys Odell Fern Parrish Barbara Plaslce+ Barbara Pringle Dorolhy Quinn June Redilcer Colleen Roberls Barbara Schuller Shirleen Sharpley Joy Shinaul Belly Singer Marifred Snelson Jean Slarr Ann Thornlon Nanelle Turner Marlha Rae Vance Bernadeffe Wagne Carolyn Wafson Norma Williamson Anna Wipf Jayne Yelinelc GQ. ff' 135 EEE lbw Carol Wafer, Presidenfg Mrs. Glarclon, Sponsor DELTA GAMMA The Gamma,Gamma chapfer is comparafively new on fhis campus, having been insfallecl in I946, buf Delia Gamma, founded in I873, is 'rhe oldesi' na- fional Panhellenic organizerlion ai' TWC. The na- 'lional philan+hropy is aid +o The blind. DeH'a Gam- ma colors are bronze, pink, and blue. The frafer- nify flower is +he cream rose. tw' Carol Wafer, Fall President Shirley Maury, Spring Presiden+ Mon+e Armor 'R "3 Mary Baehr Georgia Beys Billie Burson .,,. Ki'Hy Cain Dianne Diebels Sally Ecord Joan Edmondson Ann Edwards Edna Garcia Frieda Howey Carolyn Gumper Jean McDonald Rosemary McNamara Gail Monroe Margaref Morrissey Carolyn Neligan Hellen PruiH' Howellyn Smifh illlllllllum 'I ll T. """" 1 E at if i Coolcy Williams, Presidenfg Dr. Gregory, Sponsor 5 6 ,J H M. L,,l M .,.A ,LM 'EW ' . QQ.- X-. aisf , K A M X ZETA TAU ALPHA The Gamma Gamma chapler of Zefa Tau Alpha was organized on campus in l938, and was +he 'firsi' l sorori+y 'lo complele 'rheir lodge. ZETA now has 66 members, and rheir na+ional philanlhropic pro- iecf is aid +o cerebral palsy viclims. ZETA colors are 'furquois blue and sleel grey. The frafernily flower is while viole+. Fall Presidenf Bobba Hadlock, Spring Presicleni Elaine AbboH' Mary Alford Xa ? ii K W yi P Na.-'- A A cocky Williams, 6 E Q ni N 5 6' ii 5 .1 M AIS? ix A if A fr- ii A iii is .-:.- . , ,K ,L R 'ar Mary Ann Armsfrong Janey Armsfrong Lee Arihur Gwen Anderson Annabelle Bean Jeanine Beevers Mary Frances Burde++ Sharon Cole Nancy Creswell Bobbie Dale Palsy Davis Mary Be'l'h Dooliflle Eleanor Dusang Molly Edens Nancy Elder Daurice Gorner Lou Graham Kale Hargrave Lavon Harlriclc Mary Marshall Higgins Kay Hornaclay Susan Horne Marilyn lvey Jeanne Jackson Gayle Lamberi' Palsy Lalham Lou Leonard Mary Leonard Dulcie Ligon Carolyn McChesney Ellen Maris Jerry Marlin Jean Mellon Judifh Moore Marilyn Moore Ann Noble Sandra Olmslecl Mary O'Neal Mary Blanche Polley Judy Quinney Dorolhy Reed Barbara Reinharl Mayre Sue Richards Louise Sfrain Helene Tighe Nancy Toll Sandra Townley Mimi Valdespino Nina Van Horn Helene Vogelpohl Doris Webla Pal' Whili Amanda Willcey Biclrey Winslow fs if J A Mi. Ii Y- ' i JZ!! af iw ,i,iy,. 'G Lx ' game' J,-if-,:iesi.p,, .- 5 4 I 1 f Q 5 J , .1 i mai, - 3 af? M we ,we . nw? reams- , X will .mfiselr ggsa siizsiiszxwmf, - N an gf .1-S if l 4 if 41:35 fe 1 he 5 a f 4221 . ,. S A-K V 2 me Y X N W gi r gnifh we S., M X 11 f X X in A , -5.1: Q Q, yi a f ra 5 ,s 4. aw J iiyeiyeyyylig me EZQ ,.,,,,i1.,:m fi f - ,ff--' im ,Van is f if i Ki Q G' be Qi' 5' .M X fy 1.55 , in i 3 time WV' Y y,,f,xy il, ,9 EF? F5 'l N Q15 . ,,,,, M In 'Kiel i ..x ,W. , if xii VV N. A. Jefer, Presiclenfg Dean Thomas, Sponsor 1 N f x gyf 3 A i A7 ' ff! l 'iff ,fi 1' X ,VII "Q , X I ,V l ' ff f if f l X I x X I ALPHA PHI OMEGA Only sfuclenfs maioring in geology or engineering who have affainecl sophomore slancling are eligible for membership in Alpha Phi Omega, fhe oldesi Greek leHer fra+erni+y on fhe campus. APO was organized by six engineering siuclenfs in l9I9, when TWC was Texas College of Mines. By choice rhe fra'rerni'ry is no+ affiliafeol wi+h a narional or- ganiza+iong members clirecl' +heir own policies. Race, color, or creed does noi' influence invi+a+ion +o APO. N. A. Jefer, Presideni' George Bales Oliver Bafchelor Don Biercl George Buchanan Donald Bucldeclce Royce Callaway Tacl Carlisle Ernesf Carreon Jim Chamness Tom ClieH' John Cox Kennelh Derrick Gene Dulce James EvereH' Ted Field Joe Gonzalez Oliver Graham Bill Granl' Pele Gray Burf Hamric Coy Harrison Thomas Holland Bill Hunler Harry Lucker Roberl' lvlcDermoH Bob Maier Olhon Medina Joe Mussey Joe Roberls Gilberl' Roclriquez Wally Roser Ruben Salcido Don Schoch Diclc Sense Barry Shaw Jerry Slaffa John Thompson George Thompson John Vernon P. J. Wrighl' 1'- 'KK J? 'Wx gd" 'I WW? I' Exp so isar Q1 ., , ,-, X K 5 iii 3 Founded in Virginia in I869, Kappa Sigma came fo +l'1e TWC campus in 1949 and organized +l1e Ep- silon Xi Chapfer. The firsr fo complefe a lodge, Kappa Sig now has a membership of 87 acfives and pledges. Kappa Sigma is known for having 'l'l1e larges'I' endowmer-.+ of nalional frafernifies, and comprises l26 acfive clwapfers. Scarlel, wl1i'l'e, and green are fhe fra+erni'ry colorsg +l'1e Lily of +l'ie Val- ley is Hue flower. Clyde Dunn, Presidenh Dr. Braddy, Sponsor '- - ' ' ii 5 A fl . Cl cle Dunn Fall Presideni' 2 C f 5 g s 1 , K. 5 1 if Dick deBruyn, Spring Presidenf l ffl" s , A X fi' s , Larr Allen l : ' -,'f' vs , K -' Y i s rlrl g r + " , as Laffy Appleby y A DF: lgnvyz V ' 3 . ' George Arms S i is l li li z C ie 49 i iiK s im g Michael Bass fi C' ,Q 1 QW as my 51? Bob Benford f s. -i:'.: , - K is . ' - gy V. . . i r' James BeHle N' , V ' i f ' E g "5'1i J sgy , 1 'A f I i Vernon Boyd 5. it of iini' A 5 A 'i." f Gerald Brooks as S K 11 f ' ""' . in .. ll 5 ' 2 ..i' V it 2' f ii,i i s ,,:-, f i C A g j C Visyy , g g g Q ! if if i is sr i , i W 2 s - i z ,. ,.,V Z E ,L David Burlceff 1 . E 1 W j Paul Carufhers George Clark 'f Y S S 25 . 3 Q sm comer Q X54 A-Z: rg- sw f li, a , i K 3 1+ 2 5 3 A James Creel Wu Ru . J ,. ,.,, , is X A , P , si if ii X ll , K , if 5 L. X X lm l R 16 gi I Si S3 1 3 A, -.-. a. ., .. f .ps J Richard Cummings Barry DooliHle Roy Edens Bill Fields Ted Fowler Kurl' Goefiihg Roe Hall Don Handlin Walsh Hanley Edward Hass Charles Hoofen Edward Houser Ar'l'hur Hull John lgoe Rod Jennings Ralph Johnson James Leonard John Linebaugh Sieve Lung Richard Lyman Bill McBee Bill Mahon Dudley Mann Jerry Marshall Charles Morris Jack Pa'H'on Bill Peferson Diclc Peirce Jim Ponder James PruiH Donald Russell Tom Scoil' Ted Sharp Sieve Simmon Wayne Smiih Jim Tharp George Thomas Lifo Whife Don Whi+alcer Bob Wrighf Na+ Young ' 515532: f ,-., , V 'Q Q J We VX T Q gg e A. , 2 is . ffxfllf' -fm, ,Q RR we S ,r .gi Q ,X Q is-f 15 xy' V Q Ra, was 9 4 sg . . J A , . J 1 1 Q irk K i i iii' i,,. li .,-, . fg, , iifi' ii my T J ..,,: I f r g g G I ' ' saa J B f irrl J a s ,iae- E if ss ri Eifi ss rfifl, i.aai T i liii T ' V , , V. x g 5 5 ai , if 1 fi B 5 r raur . ,:l' V ., , K Vqr H is f I J 'i" "" i Ys' 5 - rsaa 1 1 ' irss - 1 -pa l J I ,, my isgsg sgiag egaeis esga by . zlz i K Q .3 i.,. g :Ek g 2 s s i kk N Lr.. , L R K , : l l a T sr lr 5 fr aai iles is a i B 5':' ' rfa- I ,',..a f T f sgaa g li J J re., g, .sig Li' i1f1sj1'f iaii 1 Si, 5 r w ifi: "V1' K E 'fig 'f-f , E iiiii L ,. ,Q Q if B ls r s T eaaau J ge ss so - 1 ,ia , ' ' B l 2 5 rsas ,sasssggfss W B lr 2+ 5 R i ni: 1 ', 1' if75filETEfSE:'f: ,faig Vi ss? :ii 5534 f W i :,,V , ty T s Q Y 1 i Xi J gli? 1 'X gg sf W' if 2 4 2 VL, i i K A .i - if I ---l: E ..,- x 2 , ki x 1- X F ' A ':":f. f-1 - QRUCEM CRE 1 ' K fwggg, Q W llnn a w1""" fiauinha C lim Dr. Miller, Sponsor: Chesfer Brandl, Presidenl 'lllln f' 4 ' S s l W X I Ty Q - - , Yrs.-ful N - at ..La,,,fa:,sa L Af Teoma, .M C LAMBDA CHI ALPHA The local chap+er was Founded under fhe name of Rho Sigma Tau on +he campus in I939. ln I946 il' afliliafed will-1 Lambda Chi Alpha, and now has 50 members...AXA is 'rhe largesl nafional fraler- nily in fhe world. The TWC chapler has fhe dis- 'linclion of winning The organizalional scholarship frophy and inilialing oufside Chrisfmas decora+ions on +he campus..AXA colors are purple, green, and golcl. ll's flower is +he while rose. Jack Mischen, Fall Presidenl' Chesler Brandl, Spring Presidenl Pe+er Abresch Joe Cleveland Raymond Carrasco Joe Dorgan Roberf Duchouqueinfe Dudley Eclcerl' Mike Eclcerl' Jack Fairall William l-loefner Eu ene Johnson 9 Roberi Kinkade Gerald Kriclc Joe Ligon R. I. McAlis+er Roger Meelcs Railher Merrill Bill Mischen Thomas Moore Michael O'Quinn Frank Palone Harold Siberl' John Smiih Ken Siu+es Tom Swann Q 12 X v ,Wg Q? , 5 I 5 f K .' b as S 1 if Q 5 i 'l 11" Em . eeir ilk il Q, ? Q 5 xi if? X, 5 ' 'L , Ag, le Q ' -f v, R' ? if ai 4 I 3 1 I - 3 5 gk, , Q K A ji Q A 5 x is I 2 Q 55 2 i 'iii ,,,. . V Q ge. N 143 ll NW J Ml I .Ja Zifvgyk . 'llmellli llhpl l LA, 4f? Sv. , IK A' H lll'lIii 7 l Q AL Bill Wa'H's, Presidenlg Hollis Reynolds, Sponsor f PHI KAPPA TAU The Alpha Psi chapler was charfered on 'lhe TWC campus in l94l. H' was +he firsl lralernily 'lo affiliale nalionally, and has lhe newesl lodge on campus. This year marks lhe 5O+h anniversary of Phi Kappa Tau. January firsl' lhe fralernily observes il's annual women halers' week, and 'fines members noi' living up lo lradilion. PKT colors are old gold and Harvard redg lhe flowers are red and while carnalion. Bill Walls, Fall Presidenl' Benny Aiken Henry Barlell Rogers Berggren Carl Bradley John Burrow Edward Bravenec Jim Kesler, Spring Presidenl Tom Cavin Frank Casey Gerald DeVore Joe Ezzell Larry Fairall Roberf Gray Arnold Green Bob Hirsch Dick Holcombe Joe Hunfer Ari' LaCapria Jim Laza Kennefh Meyer John Michener Roberf Nesom Bob Nicholson 1 , Q 13 ' ,E 1 W f ,J X ii - 'S' f' 4? ll J ell l f Q f f rr rl f .S Q 'arf 'Fail . 1,1 . l lc i A -,, ,.:,,' , L ,vb AE., i - ll -ill , 'lrr .ir J ff X Z.,', G , 5 i , fi . K X if l i X E i by QE 5 2 of '.: - , E. 1- a is r mr 3 l S li B ill of f f 'SS 3 J 15 X? VV. mf? f-,V 3 il ,... -w ix Y' 1 fi 3' X i 5 0'5- 1 G 5-1 J.. gf! gr 13 'S 4 Ed Noah M --zvh J A C , Ben Pinnell Y A Q 6 H' I' ' i - it B Chuck Porfh , , 9 .I l Q f 1 Jack Prafher Q' b- - lx ziuq , Q l ,ef l Fred Seeley J . ii,i' 2 4 George Sullivan ff' fowl "'. , A A Harry Tuohey Q x." 'M' fl 5 ' Carl Webb ' ..., In K:.,.: ,.,. X ' D A - 1 t li! 5 EJ K- lm! f Warren Webb V' J ,lyl . ' 2 " ' V Bauwmaams me. "" A ., ' 151 ff John Wesfrope V- r-V r 5 - C V A, E , i, Bob Wifhers J- iff. J' K xffi ii X A G ii N iiil ' i'l' Q 44 C ri 5 if lx an A 'Q :VX V. K .5 A Tl lllllli nv I' llllm a s w ill 'fi j.. ll' 'll'-ll ' - llll T' Zu-,74 Dr. Rin+elen Sponsor: Schuler Nelson Presidenf r L A x qi .K . M V Q," ff?" .. X - . ,. A T A N 54 as 5 W E I ,,'--, qv ,. s gg V T is ii fi ii li 14 x r T A 1. ""' are . M.. , I I ,,,, 5 5. .5 ,gg A L, . me ,, T .2 mf" 2 as T T T SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Soufhern born SAE was founded in Alabama in l856, malcing ir +he oldesf narional frafernily af Texas Wesrern. The Texas Gamma chapfer was charlered on campus in I947, and now has 73 mem- bers. I+ is one of lhe oldesr and s+ronges+ 'Fral'er- niries and leads +he nalion in membership. Sigma Alpha Epsilon colors are purple and gold: fhe flow- er is rhe violer. Schuler Nelson, Fall Presidenl' Bill Pasieur, Spring Presidenl' Jack Bailey Charles Boyd Harrison Broclc Bobby Brown John Diclrey Par Donohue Erwin Eby Joe Fesle Bob Garner Hoof Gibson Ronalcl Gubis Charles Gran? Vernon Harris Brad Hisey Ben Hollaclay Ben Huber? Bill Huff John Kipp Richard Kohnle Bob Lehman Donald Leslie Bob Lowman Jim Mock Arfhur Marslon Harvey McCune James Mellon Johnny Myers Lanny Norris Dick Poe Joe Scales Roberl- ScoH' Larry Traylor Phil Ward Hunler Wise G N if ff 4' W v. . LS-r- A N 'ii" L Y 'J X X ,L , 2 is B Q ,j u 'gn ? .v my N s V f YG in , Za " I 5 KL E 2 - L ' 2 5 4.4. -if - Q is H ' 'S-:. N . 'J' A i , is "QL .HQ Y A L " .. ,igiqqg x X . iff ii Lf Z ,Q 'f 3 L ,,., i i .i l . 3 195 3 f 5 i K in 3 w if gl 2 H E Ji if :V ek ' W, , 35 5 E ma ni is ,Q 3 as 5 is f K of RL . "': .. . fi' X "" . 1:1-12' L 1 L r'i"i: .Q L re L r i , N ii ' L , , ,, .,,1 , ,"'i 2 L innc 'L is , F L 56 Vg T .F , - is . , ,Q ,Ai- ,ir , 7 H25 ge c?5WPF-V, .em,..,.,,,,,, if 3 . , r ,J 6, l 1' 'Axe - .4 B ,f il ,,5, gfifw ,Q ' w ,. . - 'a-:egg 1 -- M 'K ,,,' , - i 7 ,,,f,, L .iiiii s,,iiL fs L, L, RQ. xi ul' ,fgezffgxe A .. i..,., M ssiizwzsn ' iw Q' ' B - - 1. :ws .,f.,b,.,s . - r T 52-YE -3-fn -lf d,A.sw,x,,, I , 'I rlZ?iq,i-Q I If vw 5 4 9 f Q X 2 I ,Ziff A 9 ' If mel Q pi Q ' 9 Q fw- Mr. Kirby Sponsor: MalGreen, Presidenl' sigsxsigiriw "-- - ,, 1 z iii' 'LC as XF 3 gf3?:25?-315 ::..,:-.--- 3.3. . , , .wisfgggxw ,, mf- - -- L ff . ': Q vsireiis me mu ..,,. ix , ., ' ' , . 1, A 91 . t I 5 4' 5 'ff If 75 f ,I , s w is Q 2 IQ: : 'iw .,, ' , ' l 44 ' . Q15 . 19 ? Q , G 5 TAU KAPPA EPSILGN The Gamma Gamma chap+er of Tau Kappa Epsilon was reorganized a+ TWC in l954 wi'l'h iwo members. The membership has now risen +o 39, and plans are being made ro build a lodge wi'rhin The coming year. The big even+ of 'rhe year is The annual Founder's Day Banquel held on January IO. The TKE colors are cherry recl and gray. The 'Flow- er is +he red carnalion.. Mal Green, Fall Presiclenr Sande Morrison, Spring Pres Bill Albrechr Owen Allen James Ayres Jack Baughlman Marvin Beier Bennie Benne'H' Raymond Berry Bill BriH'on James Caroline Rafael Chavez Sfanley Davis Roberl' Earl Tom Fausnaclwl' Alex Fierro Luis Garcia Don Henderson Fred Hill Dan Horlon Joe Karam Amador Licon Kennellm McCall Hulon McSpadden Louie Mendez Carlos Monedero Roberf Monfe William Mowad Arfhur Naiera James Niclcless Al Oriiz Jim Peak Edwin Sharp Ronnie Willard Frecl Will' Q 1 ai: 11: f L. Q, 5 A , .6 as liri . C ii ii . . J 5 E .,. A uq w . ,J ra e 1 is l Q 5 in , . ,. K bgix ,. , 4 n S ii my , se .fi f J - ,.i 'f " ii 'G' x -v J i Q 3 sa ai ,Q C . ,ig 1 '5' si Q X! .- 'il li jf' 8 A 1 ' sf: VZ, ., G' sk if if glaiil ,Q ,G ' xthii Q . 'Iii 'a l E 5 . 1 -'S F 4 eel, 2 if Q X X Q 5 . Z X I sa Q ., .i': is 1 Q ls 5 i 2 3 N 7 sf o , ff f I '49 ii ,eq ag' Y if ,I 4'-f f , Z A WRI49 Z? BELL HALL DORM COUNCIL MEMBERS Barbara Sanborn, Presfderfr Amanda Wilkey, Vice Presidenlr Be'H'y Boykin, Secrefary Carolyn McChesney, Treasurer Pai' Young, Co-Ed Represenralrive 5 BENEDICT HALL Jo Be-'H1 Sfevens, Presldenf Marifred Snelson, Vice Presiolenf Sandra Ogden, Secrefary Ann Srerling, Treasurer Firsf Row: Eleanor Pavan, Ann Waflrins, Shirley Maury, Rosemary Zacour Second Row: Judy Moore, Pal' Young, Dean Be'H'y Cosby, Pearl Green COED COUNCIL The Coed Council is made up of represen+a+ives from each wom- en's organizalion on campus and works foward a closer co-opera'I'ion be'l'ween fhe groups. The council provided +he bean feed on "M" Day, sponsored 'lhe Chrislmas Coed Ball, fhe posfure conlesl, and feas honoring freshman women, and senior women. li Oi. xii-KX y E S : 1 is we i .. M Lavon Harlriclc, Presidenfg Mrs. Smifh, Sponsor ,pil-. if PHI GAMMA NU The Phi chap+er of Phi Gamma Nu Business sororify was charfered on lhe TWC campus in February of l955 fo develop school spirif, academic scholarship, and closer fellowship be+ween women of commerce and business adminislrafion. The nafional philan+hropy is 'Phe dona'I'ion of porrable +ypewri+ers +o local Veferans Hospilals. This year Phi Chapler won 'rhe Na+ional Scholarship Award. PN colors are cardinal red and gold. l'I's flower is The red rose. Mrs. Slella Smilh, Sponsor Lavon Harfriclc, Presideni' Julieia Acosfa Phyllis Akin Flora Alderefe Barbara Birclwell Nancy Cook Mary Befh Doolifrle Irma Ganclara Joyce Hahn Dolores Keeler Le'H+ia Ornelas Joy Perkins Ka'l'l1rine Sherwood Isabel Terrazas Mar+l'1a Vela 1 ef x. -fa 5. ,ze-were .A ,. , ,mg Q A.fge.f-rf,,-. . M . A ,A , W .. I 1, eww ws' s it if l 1 ,A 1 f 4 wr ' 034 0 f , W Eilllldl 1 H W ms '9 B 1 j f'i'l"v l ' wr s s , li tx is v TQ i "' -, X fi Don Russell, Presidenh Mr. Freeland, Sponsor DELTA SIGMA PI Della Sigma Pi, professional lira'l'erni+y was founded a+ New Yorlc Universi'l'v in l907 lo furlher l'he slucly of business and fo encourage scholarship and 'lhe associa- +ion of sfudenfs of Business Adminis+ra+ion ancl Com- merce For +heir mu+ual advan+age. The Gamma Phi Chapler of Aff was organized on +he TWC campus in I95I. Each year ASW makes an award +o fhe senior s+uclen+ highesfrankinginscholarshipin Business and Com- merce. The colors of are blue and gold. Donald Russell, Fall Presidenl' Bill Hall, Spring Presideni' Javier Adaufo Michael Bass Rag ers Berggren Jaclc Brown Thomas Carrillo Bill Cogburn Waymond Dickinson Barry Doolilfle David Ellio'H' Jaclc Fairall Bill Fields Alex Fierro EvereH' Heins Don Henderson Ben Holladay William Mowad Frank Palone Donald Paylon Angel Ramirez George Thomas James Wesi' Bob Wrighi' B ,, 5 sf? ' A-gm 5 5 ar ,ills B if 7 v l 2 . 1 1 " Ea ,. ,xg ix ,L :L Qi , Q i 'e E Q fi digg ms!" s"l iN Ik i I X X 155 l l --........1 V - A L, A 5 ' D 4 'U 4 - A , u p f ' u , Q M if 'if f f f 1 MlSS- Affwld. SPONSOT7 Alda Marfina, Presidenf. I A Q 4 , n A , ' 'sf- .,L Il :sr .3 PHRATERES INTERNATIONAL Phraferes lnlernalional was founded in California af UCLA in I924. ln l945 +l1e Phi Sigma Clwapler was organized on lime Miner Campus. There are 22 acfive members in flie clxapfer foday which is sponsored by Miss Lu Venia Arnold. On cres+ +l1e owl symbolizes wisdom and fhe inscribed circle, unify. The colors of Pl1ra+ers are red and wl1i+e. Alda Marrina, Presidenl Nancy Brown Kay Cherlzo Sallie Dickenson Lora Dillard Liz Gardner ., pi Lucille Hannon Sonja Jorgenson Rufh Lasswell Sandra Morrison Namra Nacim Alicia Porras Yolanda Porras Ysela Porras Neva Schuliz Lorraine Tully Jean Willmore Rosemary Zacour QM BELLES ln I952 +he Belles were organized +o encourage parficipafion in campus life among dormifory wom- en s+uden+s who are noi acfive members of lhe social Greek fralernifies. This year a scholarship fund was inifiafed fo be awarded +o an ouisland- ing Belle. Thir+y-+hree girls are now enrolled in The Belles. '11 WT' WV T- Ng f- ,13 1 , l Pal Young, GER' by K. 'Q' 3 we I 5 Ns 1 me MY yi, ,, P Presidenfg Miss While, Sponsor Pal' Young, Presideni' Phyllis Akin Rufh Baker Lynn Berquisi' Yolanda De Hoyas May Elsbery Joy Esfes Johneffe Fulfon Karolyn Kei'l'h Amy Mendez! Sandra Ogden Anna Pofforf Lois Presley Barbara Russell Jo Williams Ismael Anduiar, Presidenf COSMOPOLITAN CLUB The purpose of fhe Cosmopoliian Club, organized on campus in l955, is fo promofe beH'er relahon- ships and undersfandings among 1l1e sludenfs from 'Phe Unifed Sfafes and +l'1e s1'uden1's from abroad +l1rougl1 an educafional, culfural, and social pro- g . ram. The club has 25 members from I7 counlries. iana Aida Apodaca Maria Velasquez, Michilco Toi, Fusalco Hira Row I: Mary BQPP, Elvira Gomez, Berfa Quin , . lc Elf ' d Ch . awe me e apman l1 ' Anibal Leffebre Gus Laslcaris, Mr. William Webb Row,2: Georlge Rabie, Garb Muvdi, Oc'l'avio Ec evarrla, . 'T cl Holclermans, Roberfo Medina, Eddy Lenf, Frank Hsu. A isponsorl, e -"' f- L Mia asisaiuspii Gloria Mariinez, Presiclenf 4 .-,, CAMPUS COLLEAGUES The Campus Colleagues Club was founded in I94I under +l1e name of Mu Epsilon Chi, making i'I' one of flie oldesf, and only co-educalional social or- ganizafions on campus. Eslablislwed 'ro promofe bel- ler relalions belween anglo and lafin American sfu- denfs, l'l'1e club has become a social-service organ- izafion for Hue campus. Elisa Arellano Esfher Aguilar Arfuro Borrego Yolanda Chavez Mary Isabel Diaz Emma Duran Lydia Franco Vicfor Hernandez Irene Holguin Roberfo Marfinez Carlos Melendez Raymond Melendez Calixfo Membriia Lupe Salas J Q- 'Q fe FRATERNITY Elaine Abbott Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jane Grubb Del+a Sigma Pi Patricia Wentworth Tau Kappa Epsilon SWEETI-I EARTS Glencl Shirleq LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Jean Melton PHI KAPPA TAU Freda Antnonu KAPPA SIGMA Thirry years ago, when +he M Club was organized for men le'r+ering in any varsily spor+, +here were 'Few organizalions on campus, and few proiec+s and ac+ivi+ies in which +o enlis+ s+uden+s. This pic+ure from +he I925 Flowsheel shows +he original M Club. Allhough l'he M club is one of lhe few 'l'o survive from 'rhe earlier days of lhe college, roday +here are organiza'rions +o promo're sfudenl' ac+ivi+y and in+eres+ in every phase of college life: honorary, professional, and social. Besides having +heir individual in'I'eres+s and ac'rivi+ies +oge+her, rhese organiza+ions sponsor proiecls of collegiafe and communi'ry beneliif. .K f SM X a gi f i 2 '- 2 5 i R H ewtsiwix' W One of +he bigger varsiiy proiec+s each year is +he Campus Chest made in cooperafion wiih fhe na+ion wide Communi+y Chesf Drive in +he fail. Organizafions sponsor candida+es for Mr. Miner and Miss Golddigger, who are elecfed by +he amoun+ of confribufions made in fheir name. Each year The drive is inifiafed wi+h a rally in Magoffin Audiforium. The drive slogan wriHen across +he sfage shows some of 'rhe work +ha+ goes info 'rhese yearly proieds. Alpha Chl Alpha Epsilon Rho Chenrlzng Kappa Della Pl Orange Key .Phu Alpha Thela Scholans Sardonyx Alpha Psi Omega - .. - JG - Row I: Shirley Richner, Bobbie Lou Dale, Janice Bernard, Barbara Sanborn, L. A. Nelson, Rex W. Sfriclzland, Richard Cilucas, Louis Robbins, Marqarei' Finerfy, Louise Sfrain, Coolcy Williams, Sharon Cole. Row 2: Lavon Haririclr. Barbara Fisher, Gloria Esfrada. Carolyn McChesney, Gail Monroe, Nancy Kochevar, Bef- +ye Smifh, Effie Lou Graham, Rosa Huni, Jean Willmore, Pai' Whi'H, Flora Anderefe, Gloria Mar+inez, Ben+a L. House. Row 3: Damon Garbern, Augusi L. Aimone, Mack Carroll, Edwin Burns, R. F. Barker, Lynwood M. Finerfy, Curf Spier, John J.. Cox, Gary Owen Hall, Jack Bailey, Donald Payion, Roberf H. Maier. ALPHA CHI OFFICERS Presidenh Janice Bernard Vice-Presidenf: Louis Robbins Secrefaryz Barbara Sanborn Treasurer: Dick Lucas Sponsors: L. A. Nelson and Rex Sfrickland Junior and senior sfudenfs who have mainfained a 3.5 minimum average are eligible for membership in Alpha Chi, +he scholasfic honorary socie+y. The purnose of Alpha Chi is fo Fosfer beH'er scholarship, leadership, and good cifizenship on fhe campus. This year Alpha Chi was selecfed for membership in fhe Nafional Associa- 'Hon of Honor Sociefies. Row I: Marvin Beier, Nancy Creswell, Franlcie Gold, Wanda Hill. Row 2: Jean Mellon, Jaclr Mischen, Jim Pealr, Bobby Prenslcy. Row 3: Rlfa Salazar, Sam Schneider, Fred Whi'H', Barbara Rheinhari. ALPHA EPSILCN RHO OFFICERS Presidenf: Rila Salazar Vice-President Howarcl Sagor Secrefaryz Barbara Rheinhar+ Treasurer: Marvin Beier Sponsor: V. C. Hicks Alpha Epsilon Rho, nafional radio fra+erni'ry, encourages and recognizes oufsfanding radio and TV achievemenl' among college sfudenfs of high scholas+ic sfanding. Members acfively parficipafe in KVOF-FM producfion and musf have compleied al' leas+ nine hours of radio courses. The group visils commercial radio and TV slafions and has been hos'r +o high school radio groups ai KVOF. Row I: EIizabeI'h Gaidry, Roberf Knivefon. Row 2: Arfhur Meyer, Shirleen Sharpley, Ann Waikins. ALPHA PSI OMEGA OFFICERS Presidenfz Joy Shinauf Vice-President ShirIeen Sharpley Secrefaryz EIizabe+h Gaidry Treasurer: Shirleen Sharpley Sponsor: Milfon Leech Alpha Psi Omega, Ihe honorary drama frafernify, each year sponsors Ihe Variefy Show and awards a scholarship of SIO0 +o a worihy drama sI'uden+. Membership in Alpha Psi Omega is open 'Io fhose s+ucIen+s who have accumuIa+ed fif+y poin+s which are given for work done in acI'uaI pIay pro- ducfion. -FGM .-f""'Q Row I: Shirley Baker, Sharon Cole, Gloria Eslrada. Row 2: Barbara Fisher, Bronia Lowenslein, Be'H'ye Smi'l'h. Row 3: Louise Slrain, Marlha Vance, Carol Wafer, Coolcy Williams.. CHENRIZIG Presidenl: Marfha Ray Vance Vice-Presidenfz Louise Sfrain Secrefaryz Be'Hye Smilh Sponsor: Miss BeH'y Cosby Chenrizig is 'lhe senior women's honorary arganizafion corresponding fo Morfar Board on larger campuses. N w members are fapped in 'rhe spring of each year and are chosen by +he old members on 'rhe basis. of +heir scholaslic sfanding, campus leadership, and acfivifies. Leff lo Righ+: Augusl' L. Aimone, Pearlann Green, Janef Smifh. KAPPA DELTA Pl Presiclenlz Janel Smilh Vice-President Pearlann Green Sponsor: Dr. A. N. Fosler af' ffl M 1 g, f :1:iT i5D,jl 12???f" . ' Kappa Delia Pi is 'rhe honorary educafion fralernify. Sfudenls who are invifecl 'lo become mem- bers musf have complefed 'twelve semesfer hours of educafion courses ancl have mainlained an overall scholasfic average of "B if 'LVM , ,I k A 1n f2 i "Q, , m3,w:3i'4313112-LX ' Mbltkz, WN., :g11,p1fY'::x:x:.f , f fc " W Mil: ,JVJJ fr, 1, X szsri .. ., A, ' f , . , ,,f,.M., .,,,, , ,,, qiwgmyz , 'W an -,uaavj ' A .+ : ,,...... 5 I y g...3.i,, Q, L . M , L ,.,,, .:,, , F ' sl: I I 3 5 f 1,2 Q fjfjfljffflu -'K' iflg 172 - A f 'K M, I 5 5 gf, 1 V YE Q 'il ings. 2 1 if xi? gin Tin I f X ' N i xx? 2' 531 x I 1 ,, ,iw vw Q N, Q1 KJ: ,Q ,:. iff . me sf' . ffkix we -sf Q fy Lx 4' ,Q 5'- Row I: Irvin Barringion, James Be++Ie, Marvin Beier, Dan Boyd, Donald Carly. Row 2: Rafael Chavez, Roberf Colpeper, Jim Dicus, Pal' Donohue, Roberl' Earl. Row 3: Roberf Eiber, Ted Engel, Charles Espalin, Truman Fisher, Allan Friedman. Row 4: Caesar FuI'ron, Rene Gonzalez. ORANGE KEY OFFICERS President Allan Friedman Vice-Presidenf: Raphael Chavez Secrefaryz Jerry Marshall Treasurer: Ted Engel Reporierz Sam Pendergasf SPOUSOVI Dr. Judson F. Williams ii f :F I S sr.. Y ,fl l R S 5 l i Row I: Jerry Goon, Charles Granf, Jerry Kellen, Lawrence Langley, Henry Launspaclc. Row 2: Porfirio Lozano, Jerry Marshall, Jim Mock, Sam Pendergrasf, Karl Perry. Row 3: Jack Praiher, David Shawyer, Edward Sochaf, Harry Springer, Joe Srerling. Row 4: Gerald Sfewarl, Larry Traylor. ORANGE KEY Desiring 'ro creafe an organizafion fhrough which freshman and sophomore men a+ Texas Weslern College can advance +he spiri+ of service and al' lhe same +ime encourage scholarship and leadership a+ 'rhe beginning of fheir college careers-an organizafion fhaf shall a+ all limes subscribe +o +he ideals of scholarship, service, fellowship, and leadership Orange Key was organized on April 25, l955. l lil im: ,gf in Row l: Elaine Abbo'H', Barbara Brown, Sharon Cole, Palricia Davis, Elvin-A. Fay. Row 2: Anifa Goodrich, Gloria Hicks, Ru+h Kislenmacker, Gail Monroe, Carolyn McChesney. Row 3: Jo Ann Plall, A. Roberfson, Carmen Rodriguez, Joy Shinauf, Louise Slrain. Row 4: Lorraine Tully, Milly Wade, Carol Wafer, Coolcy Williams, Rachel Wofford. PHI ALPHA THETA OFFICERS President Sharon Cole Vice-Presidenh Belly Sarrles Secrelary: Louise Sfrain Sponsor: Dr. W. H. Timmons The firsl' chapler of Phi Alpha Thela, nalional hisfory frafernify, was formed on March I4, l92l, a+ lhe Universily of Arkansas +o recognize excellence in +he sfudy of hisfory. The local Gamma Epsilon Chapler was organized on May 27, I949. To qualify For membership, a sludenl' musl' have iunior sfanding and have an academic record of "B" wilh a "B-I-" in hislory. Row l: Carolyn Billman, Nancy Creswell, Yolanda Davis. Row 2: Ann Edwards, Serena Hamilfon, Ann Linebaugh. Row 3: Gerry Lynch, Ellen Maris, Sandra Townly. SCHGLARIS OFFICERS Presidenl: Ann Edwards Vice-President Ann Linebaugh Secrefary: Ellen Jayne Maris Repor+er: Zoe Dean Poole Sponsor: Miss BeHy Cosby Scholaris, an honorary organizafion was formed 'ro slimulafe scholarship and fo promofe school spiril' among freshman and sophomore women. The organizafion was formed in 'lhe fall of l955, wifh The above charler members. These women were eligible for membership as 'they had a grade poinf average of 3.5 in l5 hours or a 3.5 average 'for 30 hours. 5 7 Row I: H.P. Adkison, Michael Bass, Charles Boyd. Row 2: Harrison Brock, Gerald Brown, John Cox, Barry DooliH'le Row 3: Clyde Dunn, Joe Fes'l'e, Milce Finer+y, Cedric Husface. SARDONYX OFFICERS President Mike Finerfy Vice-President Harvey McC11ne Secrefary: Charles Boyd Treasurer: Jesus Salcido Reporfer: Sieve Morales Sponsor: Dr. Judson F. Williams 2 l 1 X 3 1 E 3 5 S Row I: Rod Jennings, Jim Kasfer, Sieve Lung. Row 2: Harvey McCune, Ned Moore, Sieve Morales, Schuler Nelson. Row 3: AI Orfiz, Jesus Salcido, Roberi' ScoH', George Thomas. SARDONYX Recognizing fhe advanfages of an honor sociefy for men in 'rhis college, whose purpose shall be 'lo provide for fhe co-operafion of all sfudenis, 'I'o promofe college loyalry, +o advance +he spirii' of service and fellowship amonq all sfudenfs of Texas Wesfern College. +o mainfain a high sfandard of scholar- ship, +o recognize and encourage leadership, and io sfimulafe and develope fine +ype of college man. Sardonyx was organized March, l953. ASSOCl6l'IOn 'For Childhood Educahon Beaux Arls College College College College Gold Diggers Junior Pan Amerucan Pre-Law Club Pre-Med Club Psychology Club Rodeo Club Women s Afhlehc Assoclahon f- F-DUEQUL ,lllvt GD 55 Row I: Pafricia Vickers, Carmelifa Ta'rum, Nancy Brown, Bernadeffe Wagner, Mrs. F. E. O'MaIIey, Dr. Lolier Condon, Beffye Smifh, Carolyn Billman. Row 2: Seymour KreuiH', Magdalena Casillas, Pearlann Greene, Grefchen Gnauclc, Nancy Woodley, Sue Puzzi, Gerry Lynch, AIber+ Gufierrez. ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION OFFICERS Presidenf: BernadeHe Wagner Vice-President Nancy Brown Secrefary-Treasurer: Nancy Woodley Sponsors: Dr. Lozier Condon and Mrs. F.. E. O'MaIIey The'Associa'Iion for Childhood Educa+ion is an organizafion for sfudenfs maioring or minoring in eclucafion and is dedicafed 'Io 'Ihe improvemenf of 'leaching mefhods af Ihe elemenfary school IeveI. A+ 'Ihe mon'II1Iy mee?- ings, speakers and movies, which are concerned wifh problems in 'the educafing of fhe eIemenI'ary school pupils, are presenfed. HU S77 New Row I: Miss Vera Wise, Dorofhy Diehl, Gayle Sexfon, Shirley Brown, Jane Elliof Towle, Pafricia Wen'l'wor'l'h. Row 2: Gerlwy Lynch, Ru'I'h Kisfenmacher, Marfha Miller, Sharon Feclric, Zoe Dean Poole, Serena Hamilfon, Lou Ha Rosa Hunf. Row 3: Billie Louise Farmer, Nancy DeBrunner, Wanda Hill, Nancy Cook, Joy Perkins, Jane Holmberg, Janice Walker, Cynfhia Garbrechf. BEAUX ARTS OFFICERS Presiclenfz Gayle Sex+on Vice-President Shirley Brown Secrefary: Doro+hy Diehl A group of sfudenfs who are in+eres+ed in developing a more complefe appreciafion of arf comprise H16 membership of Beaux Arfs. The club was firsf organized in I94l. The group works foward an increased knowledge of arf hisfory, ar+is+s, and +heir works. Speakers and films are preseniecl ai +he mon+hly mee'l'ings. Row I: John Terry, Frank Fowler, Tommy Webb, May Ussery, Carlene Barber, Rufh Speir, Sandra Morrison. Row 2: Ed Musquiz, Al Duplin, James Owen, Pele Hernandez, Maxine Manlher, Alberl' Goniez, Severo Garcia, Corrie Hernandez, Lou-aPresley, Chuck Wafson, William Milner, Marilyn Law. Row 3: Dick Juba, Jean Sfarr, Karolyn Keilh, Margarila Lucero, Jo Williams, Gail Davis, Joel Velez, Javier Ter- razas, Buddy Burns, Arfhur Meyer, Leonard McNease, Ben Huberf, Ricardo Chavez, Xavier Chavez, Jesus Salcido, Dean Canfy, Ernesl' Alvilar, David Burkeif, Diane Bauerschlag, Louis Mendez,John Michener, Aubrey Jones. COLLEGE BAND OFFICERS Presidenf: Jesus Salcido Sfudenr Direc+or: Ernesi' Alvillar Vice-Presidenh Pele Hernandez Assisranrsz Jesus Salcido and Alberf Duplin Secrefary: Luanne Presley Concerfmasferz John Terry Quarlermasfer: Charles Wafson Texas Wesfern College bands enjoyed fheir mosi' successful and varied season during fhe l955-56 ferm. Led by Dr. John Carrico and Charles Simpson, 'fhe Marching Band feamed wifh fhe Gold Diggers fo presenr ou'I'- sianding half-lime shows af Kidd Field and ai' Tucson, Arizona. "Pep" bands provided enferfainmenf a+ pep ral- lies and home baskefball games. Following The 'foolball season, fhe Symphonic Band, picrured above, engaged in a series of concerfs on campus and al area high schools. 2 Row I: Julie PoHer, Mimi Magedson, Mary Alford, Rodell Morfensen, Bernice Bell, Ann Turner, Coleen Roberls, Jane Holmberg, Lou Presley, Amy Mendez, Blanche Fraser, Ellen Jayne Maris. Row 2: Mary Marshall Higgens, Doroihy Solis, Fanelle Boney, Lou Graham, Ebba Brown, Sandra Ogden, Be+'ry Boykin, Mary Holcomb, Carmelina Franco, Pal' Young, Jo Williams, Sandra Hellman, Roberla Bailey, Karolyn Keifh. Row 3: James Owen, Jack EllioH, Johnny Burrow, Dave Delves, John Liles, Donald Leslie, Frank Micldlelon, Neil Smifh, Bobby Monfez, Chuck Walson, Kennelh McCall, Sande Morrison, John S'l'one, Miguel Guevara. CCDLLEGE A CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS Presidenh Belly Boylcin Vice-Presidenlz Frank Middlelon Secre+ary-Treasurer: Bernice Bell Under +he direcfion of Dr. E. A. Thormodsgaard, ihe A Cappella Choir meefs a+ 8 A. M. Monday 'rhrough Friday. Tryouis are required for admilfance info +he choir. Proiecfs during 'Phe year include +he annual Chrisfmas Conceri' and operas in +he spring. wqgglm. , ,if-fm-ig -, Row l Row 2: Row 3 Pianisiz i 1 , . ,,,,?,,..s,,,,, .V W ,, Margarifa Flores, Silverlene Hamilion, Bernice Bell, Dorofhy Solis, Glena Shirley, Margie Crawford Dolores Mariinez, Beffy Nelson, Tilly Delgadillo, Sue Dickerson, Anna Wipff. Kelly Roberfs, Susan Kolb, Mayre Sue Richards, Shirley Richner, Janie ElIioH', Pai' Wen+wor'I'h, Mary Hol- comb, Marci ScoH, Dulce Ligon, Lynn Berquis+, Jane Holmberg, Lou Hall, Cecilio Villalovoz. Brury Neblerf, James Owen, Rudy Ramerez, John Liles, Joel Velez, Edmundo Muzquiz, Ramon Anchon- do, George Roberson, William Hoefner, Carl Newe, Pere Hernandez, Ernesf Alvilar, Ramiro Ramirez, Hecfor Rosales. Marfha Miller COLLEGE CHORUS OFFICERS Presidenfs Doro+hy Solis Vice Presiden+: Drury Nebleil' Secrefary-Treasurer: Marfha Miller The I2 noon chorus under fhe direciion of Dr. E. A. Thormodsgaard, meels Monday 'through Friday. This choir is designed specifically for lhose who like 'lo sing. No lryoufs are required. 185 l 1-I' Row I: Bea Lueka, Mimi Maqedson, Fanelle Boney, Elizabefh Gaidry, Joy Shinauf, Yvonne Anderson, Monica Herrera, Carolyn Neligan. Row 2: William Hardy, Bob Aclcley, Barry Lawes, Fred Roberfson, Bill McConnell, Arfhur Meyer, Charles Mc- Gaha, Milfon Leech. Row 3: Claude Sfeele, Bob FluiH. John Paul Thomas, Marci ScoH', Sally Roberfson, Roy McGaughey, Maxine Manlher, Richard Clark, Elias Valdez. COLLEGE PLAYERS OFFICERS Presid,en'I': Joy Shinauf Vice-President Shirleen Sharpley Secre'I'ary: Elizabelh Gaidry Treasurer: Shirleen Sharpley Sponsors: Milion Leech and Bill Hardy Sludenfs who are in'reres+ed in drama and who produce 'lhe plays given by fhe drama deparfmeni' call fhemselves lhe College Players. They give al' leasi' 'lwo maior producfions a semesfer. H' is in +he College Play- ers' producfions fhaf fhe sfudenf receives poinfs 'foward membership in 'lhe honorary drama fraferniiy. Any sfu- den'I' who is inferesfed in drama may become a member. Leff fo Righf: Ann Turner, Donna Bonar, Zoe Dean Poole, Carolyn Gumper, Jeaneffe McFadden, Helen Juarez, Molly Edens, Mayre Sue Richards, BeHy Boykin, Marifred Snelson, Monua Herrera, Carolyn Lee, Dora Gufier- rez, Doris Webb, Yolanda DeHoya, Barbara Plaslcef, Amy Mendez, Janyfh Smifh, Nina Van Horn, Mary Lou Har gis, Josie Kollilcer, Carol McKee, Janice Walker, Sally Conn, Sandra Hellman, NaneH'e Turner, Maggie Cleg- horn, Mariha Shadle, Mary Frances Burdelf, Georgia Beys, Melissa Nicholson. GOLD DIGGERS OFFICERS Presidenf: Beffy Boylrin Secrefary-Treasurer: Amy Mendez Sponsor: Miss Janef Smifh The Gold Diggers is a marching unif composed ofiaboui fiH'y members. They perform a+ foofball game, half- +ime shows, parades, and civic clubs. The girls who appear dressed in wesfern clofhes are ins'I'ruc+ed in precision marching, dancing, rope-lwirling, 'flag iwirling, and pom-pom waving. 86 Row I: Mrs. Grefchen Gabriel, Sharon Cole, Jucly Moore, Daurice Gorner, Lee Ar+her, BernacIeHe Wagner. Row 2: Billie Sfephens, Lou Conner, Jane'I Smifh, Barbara Rhinehar+, Elaine Abbo'H', Gayle Lamberf, Dorofhy Reed, Liz Garclner, Gloria Mariinez, Loura Anderson. Row 3: Jill Donohue, Pai' Whi'H', Carolyn McCI1esney, Glena Shirley, Zoe Dean Poole, Cynihia Garbrech+, Bar- bara Birdwell, Be'H'ye Smifh, Gloria EsI'rac.Ia, Barbara Fisher, Cynihia Linam. JUNIOR PAN-AMERICAN ROUND TABLE OFFICERS Presidenfz Sharon Cole Vice-President Pai' Wen'Iwor'rh Secre+ary: Gayle Sex'I'on Hisforianz Barbara Fisher Sponsor: Mrs. Grefchen Gabriel The Junior Pan American Round Table is an organizafion of junior and senior women who are in+eres+ed in furfhering beH'er relafionships befween +he Anglo-American ancl LaI'in American coun'I'ries. Each member of 'Ihe fable s+udies one counfry infensively and reporfs +o 'Ihe group on i+s poIi+icaI, economic, and social life. I ia-xp-"C"" Row I: George Orr, Al Orfiz, Gloria P. Marfinez, Harry E. Tuohey, Barry Morgan. Row 2: Rober+ Miller, John English, Lloyd Hanson, Monica Herrera, Lufher Hillman, Vicfor Hernandez, Rudolfo Pena. PRE-LAW OFFICERS Presiden+: Al Orfiz Vice-Presidenl: Gloria P. Marlinez Secrelaryz George Orr Treasurer: Harry E. Tuohey Sponsor: Roberf Miller Those s+uden+s who are faking undergraduafe courses which form a necessary background for admission 'lo law school have organized 'I'he Pre-Law Club which meefs each monih.. The group inviles quesl' sneakers +o i+s mee-+ings, and makes a sfudy of +he various fields of law prac'l'ice. Movies concerning differenl phases of legal work are shown and +he many oppor+uni+ies and advanfages of such work are discussed. The club pufs our infor- malion concerning law scholarships and aids sludenfs in oblaining +hem. Confacf wi+h fhe various law schools +hroughou'r 'lhe counfry is mainfained. Row I: Mrs. Jack Duke, Michael McGough, Cur'l'is Lyman, Ted Engel, Curfis Spear, Mariha Ray Vance, Louis Robins, Dr. A. H. Berkman. Row 2: Mike Finerfy, Bernard Kalz, Edward Holguin, Orlando Garza, Bob Colpeper, Harry Springer, Marvin Rofh. Row 3: Juan Alva, Bruce Nusbaum, Dick Mirrop, Barry Morgan, Mike Kornhauser, Daniel Sepelveda, Porfirio Lo- zano, Rene Gonzalez, Dennis Negre'He. PRE-MED CLUB OFFICERS President Cur'I'is Spear Vice-Presidenf: Louis Robinson Secrefary: Mariha Ray Vance Sponsors: Dr. A. H.. Berkman, and Mrs. Jack Duke The Pre-Med Club is composed of sfudenis who are inferesfed in ihe biological sciences. The programs ai fhe bi-monfhly meefings are alfernafed befween speakers of nofe and movies concerned wifh fhe biological sciences or the field of medicine. The group fakes an acfive pari' in campus acfivifies. Among ofher Things, if eniers a floai in The Homecoming Parade, which in i953 placed 'Firsi' in fhe Non-Greek Division. A Pre-Med Club Banquei' is held annually. rf:- -4,- Row I: Cyn+hia Garbrechr. Richard C. Lovelace, Bobby Brandburg, Benny Pinnell, Bels Kolliker, Lanis Bosworih. Row 2: C. G. HaclceH', BeHy Jean Smiih, Charles Poifevin, George Thomas, Arlin Maddox, Alvin Clark, Ramon Sanfos, Dorofhy Diehl, C. E. Kelsey. Row 3: Zoe Dean Poole, Phyllis Joyce, Erma Joyner, JeaneH'e McFadden, Dorolhy Quinn, KiH'y Cain, Joanne Vickers, Carolyn Gumper, lrene Dulce, Gayle Sexlon. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS Presidenl: Benny Pinnell Vice-Presidenfz Richard C. Lovelace Secrelary: Bels Kollilcer Corresponding Secrelaryz Bobby Brandberg Treasurer: Cynlhia Garbrechi Program Chairman: Edna Garcia Publiciiy: Charlie Gardiner Sponsors: Lanis Bosworlh and C. E. Kelsey The Psychology Club was formed on +he TWC campus in May I947. The purpose of ihe organiza+ion,is fo give psych maiors and minors a wider experience in lhe field of psychology, and lo sfudy case hisiories and hyp- nolism. Plans have been made io aiiiliale wiih Psi Chi, Nalional Honorary Psychology Club in 'rhe Spring of l956. l 8 Row I: Marcie scoff, .Fanelle Boney, Gwen Anderson, Kafie Hargrove, Lee Arfhur, Marilyn Moore. Row 2: P. J. Wrighf, Pinky Edwin, Ronny New, Carl Kofhmann, Roberf Flui'H', Eugene Meers, JohneH'e Fulfon. RODEO CLUB OFFICERS Presidenh Lee Arlhur Vice-Presidenlz P J. Wrighl' Secrefaryz Fanelle Boney The Rodeo Club emphasizes The "Wes+ern" in Texas Wesiern. This group enfers collegiaie rodeos and per- forms in 'rhe rodeo arena which 'They buil'r on campus. On Wesfern Day lhey appear in wesfern dress and en- courage fhe resf of fhe s'ruclen+ body +o do fhe same. The group meefs regularly for social acfivilies, such as picnics, moonlight' rides, movies, and wes+ern dancing. ,WEN Row I: Amy Mendez, Rufh Barker, Ellen Maris, Judy Moore, Norma Williamson, Carolyn Billman, Wanda Hill, Barbara Birdwell. Row 2: Mayre Sue Richards, Margarei' Morrissey, Carolyn Gumper, Bonnie May, Maggie Cleghorn, BeH'y Boy- kin, JohneHe Fulfon, Tamifa TaI'um, Nancy Creswell, Ka'I'ie Hargrove, Palsy Lafham, Mrs. E. F-Craigo. Row 3: Alicia Herrera, Nancy Kyle. Rosemary Zacour, Mary Kay Delaney, Nancy Cook, DorI'hy Quinn, TiI'a Mahon, Shirley Baker, Frieda Howey, Howellyn Smi+h, Diane Diebels. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSGCIATION OFFICERS President Norma Williamson Vice-President Cookie Williams Secrelaryz Carolyn Billman Treasurer: JoAnn Billingsly. Repor+er: Judy Moore Sponsors: Mrs. E. F. Craigo and Mrs. L. J. Glardon The Women's Afhlefic Associalion is an organiza+ion for all women sludenfs who are inferesled in ex'rra- curricular a+hIe'rics. I+ was firsi' organized in I934. A+ 'Ihe end of each year, a supremacy 'rrophy is awarded by Ihe Associafion Io 'the group which has been mosi' aciive in in'I'ra-murals. Sporfs included are baske'IbaII, volley- ball, badminlon, +ennis, ping-pong, sof+baII and swimming. 19 ln+er-Fai'rl1 Council Bapfisf Sludenl' Union Newman Club Rofh Sociely Wesley Foundafion YZ? EVM Row I: Shirley Brown, Bonnie May, Janice Bernard, Carolvn Billman, Shirley Baker, Ellen Jayne Maris. Row 2: Rev. L. R. Cobbs, Jerry Brown, Bobby Culpepper, Bobby Brown, Al Orfiz, Ted Enqel. INTER-FAITH COUNCIL OFFICERS Chairman: Ted Engel Assisfani' Chairmen: Jerry Brown and AI Orfiz Sponsors: Rev. L. R. Cobbs, and Dr. John Sharp The Infer-Faifh Council was organized in +he spring of I954 for fhe purpose of presen+ing an annual Religion In Life Week program 'Io Ihe sfudeni' body of Texas Wesiern College. Represenfaiives of Ihe fhree major faiihs on campus comprise fhe membership of fhe council, ifs chairman serving as sfudeni' direcfor of Religion In Life Week. The acfivifies of The week include class-room visifafions, personal conferences, and discussions wifh s'I'u- denfs by visiiing speakers of 'Phe CaI'hoIic, Jewish, and Pro+es+an+ fai+hs. 193 ls+ Row: William R. Sanford, Presidenlg Roberl' Holi, Isl' Vice-Presiclen+, Jo Williams, 2nd Vice-President Jerry S+ewar+, 3rd Vice-President 2nd Row: L. R. Cobbs, Sponsor: Neil Smirlig Berman Corbellg Mannon Wallace. 3rd Row: Cynlliia Garbreclwfg Lavon l-larlriclcg Shirley Brown, Samuel A. Ramirez, Bobby Brown. B. S. U. EXECUTIVE CCUNCIL Rev. Cobb leaching a B, i ble Class. The Bapfisf Sfudenf Cenf er, aww! C al' rnorn1f19 Walclil J Slewarl leadS Slnqlng erry BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Bap+is+ Sludenl' Union, which was organ- ized in l94I, is 'lhe connecling linlc befween llae local church and lhe campus communi+y. The Union endeavors +o promole religious growlh and spiril- ual developmenl of 'lhe s+uden'r. The Cenler, which- was erecled in I949, was 'lhe firsl permanenf lype s+uden+ cenler, leaches Bible courses for which 'the College gives credil. Aclivifies include parlies, re- lreals, and Bible sfucly. Relreal af R'-'ldosa' Neil smaih and T SHE Gm me 'HE xmzr um rw' GW' Shirley Brown P lan We Lolille hrislmas Oilerlng' ' lpariy. k .Mo a carniva A pee l lasses Ping POUQ malch belween C 5 196 Row I: Row 2 Row 3: Enrique Busfamanfe, Magdalena Casillas, Calixfo Membrila, Lydia Franco, Luis Garcia, Jim Pealc, Bill Hinfon, Rev. Andrew Burke, Chaplain, Miss LuVenia Arnold, Reverend Thomas Rowland, Gloria P. Mar+inez, Yolanda Porras, Dean Riccioni, Carmelina Franco. Rifa Salazar, Enedina Garcia, Valeria Delgado, Harry Tuohey, Leo Marlin, Harold Marfinez, Lucia Sada, Angie Villalua, Dolores Cofera, Margarei' Ascarafe, Nancy Brown, Marfha Krumpe, Emma Candelaria, Amy Mendez, Ann Grimes, Mary Ellen AnneH'e, Irma Perez, Emma Benifez. Juan Sfockmeyer, Oscar Porras, Pai' McCormick, Ray Dufchover, Severo Garcia, Enrique Maia, Irma Gandara, Rosie Herrera, Mary Ellen Carillo, Flora AldereHe, Juliefa Acos'I'a, Ysela Porras. NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS Presidenf: Bill Hinion Vice-Presidenf: Jim Pealc Recording Secrel'-ary: Gloria P.. Marfinez Corresponding Secrefaryz Yolanda Porras Treasurer: Luis Garcia is as NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club, 'lhe Cafholic Club on Campus, serves as a religious, social, and afhlefic organizafion. H' is one of +he largesf organizalions. There are over a I30 dues-paying members. The club sponsors various bene- fil proiecfs, has several oufings annually, parlicipales, in inframural sporls, goes on an annual pilgrimage fo Chrislo Rey and sponsors lwo dances during +he year. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL LeH +o right Yolanda Porras, Rafael Chavez, Dean Ricioni, Miss LuVenia Arnold, Monsignor Hugh Quinn, Reverend Andrew Burlce, Bishop Sidney M. Mehger, Bill Row l: Bernard Kafz, Lory Talpis, Ted Engel, Bob Prensky Row 2: Alvin Clark, Marlin Ehren, Esfelle Winfroub, Curris Spier. Row 3: Louis Robbins, Barry Morgan, Mike Kornhauser, Edwin l.en+, Dick Mirrop. ROTH SOCIETY OFFICERS President Ted Engel Vice-President Marvin Bendalin Secre'l'ary: Lory Talpis Treasurer: Bernard Kah Repor+er: Bobby Prensky Sponsors: Howard Sherman and Baxrer Polk The J. M. Roih Sociefy was organized in i955 for 'Ihe purpose of infegrafing fhe Jewish sfudenis ai' Texas Wesfern College in +he social, culfural, afhlefic, religious, and polilical aspecfs of campus life. During i+s shori' life on campus, fhe Rofh Sociefy has already won firsi' place in fhe deparfmenfal division of floafs in ihe I955 Homecoming Parade and sponsored one of ifs members, Janice Bernard, for +he Oufsfand- ing Prospecfor Award for fhe Campus Chest x.,,..l I ,R s Row I: Mary Lou Hargis, JaniceMiscI1ener,BeHy S'Iaple+on, Ellen Jayne Maris, Lou Presley, Mrs. Sfella Smifh. Row 2: David Shawver, Ronny Ice, Vergil Hass, Bruce Nusbaum, Rev. Lloyd Shyroclr. WESLEY FGUNDATION Sponsors: Mrs. Sfella Smifh and O. H. McMaI1an OFFICERS ln Sepfember of I953, Ihe Me'IliocIis+ sfudenfs formed flue Wesley Founclafion, 'Ihe local organizaiion of fha worlcl-wicle Me+hocIis+ Sfudenl' Movemeni. ln Ihe spring of I956 il' was re-organized. Plans are being made fo have a Wesley House and a full-'rime clirecfor of religious educafion. 9 200 sf Qin ln 'rhe early days of 'rhe college, summer broughf a fhirfy day sorfi fo fhe field for fhe fufure mining engineer. The MINERS housed fheir equipmenf in field fenfs while fhey learned operafions firsf hand. The Sanfa Juliana Mine, al' Sabinal, Mexico, is fypical of fhose early day operafions. The picfure shows a fypical sfudenf-sponsor group wifh several of fhe college officials of fhose years. Several years affer fhis phofograph was falcen, fhis fype frip was abandoned, and fhe worlx fransferred as much as possible fo fhe classroom and laborafory. ,f haf l 'Eff nf'f?.vfv ,QI X :uma-4. Xiu- Pall. , . f' 'Y 'R ,fl . ' ,xx K WN ly QLJNX Q ' V. .sm 1 - . . .. Sn- ,A 4 ' M by .. ,X gm A , -PM 3-.'.:k1 .A.Nfg ,.,..,O,, I. gags M :U AL A...,, s .fx sv' , .. .. Widened in scope, wi+l1 degrees given in eleclrical, civil, and mining engineering, laborafories 'roday cover broad 'Fields of engineering prob- lems. Scale models of engineering works are made by civil engineering s+uden+s +0 obiain pracfice in planning, reading, blue prinls, and consl'ruc+ion de- 'rails. Here s+uden1's are puH'ing 'rl1efinisl1ing +oucl'1es on a model of a s+ree+ inlerseclion. 201 MM, W wif Z, , i A 'af fi HELLYN RECTOR Engineering Queen Elecfed by 'Phe Engineering Sfudenfs is 'Wills ?4f'Ui'I Row I: Mando Gufierrez, Presidenh Ysela Porras, Mr. J., R. Balleniine, Sponsor: Jim Chamness. Row 2: Ronald McCar'ry: Humber+o Sambrano: Donald Buddecke. THE ENGINEERING COUNCIL The Engineering Council, which is composed of represen+afives of each engineering organizafion on fhe campus, coordinafes all engineering aciivifies 'rhaf occur during ihe school year. This includes +he Engineer's Bean Feed, Sainf PaI"s Day, and 'Ihe Hard Luck Dance. s. Q 5 U O . Buddecke, J. J. Cox, Dr. L. A.. Nelson, P. G. Gray, J. Roberls, G. Crouch, C. J. Sfaffa. Row 2: F. Lofffus, S. Nelson, J. Scales, J. Weslrope, W. Hunler, R. Sense, R. Wershaw, R. Hall. Row 3: E. V. Bravenec, C. Gregory, T. Clielf, B. Hamric, R. Maier, R. Eason, J. Chamness, E. Jimenez, R. Torlc leson. Missing: R. Jenzen, N. Jeler, L. Pillman, G. Rodriguez, W. Roser. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON ln l940 rhe Alpha Lambda Chapler of Sigma Gamma Epsilon,na'rional honorary sociely for sfudenls ol lhe earfh sciences, was organized al' Texas Wesfern. lniliales musl' have above average grades and be able 'lo presenl' a 'rechnical paper prior lo gradualion. The Sociely worlcs foward a closer inleresl in lhe allied fields ol geology, mining, mefallurgy, and pelroleum engineering. l l Officers: Dr. L. A. Nelson, Sponsor, P. G. Gray, Presi- denlg J. J. Cox, Vice-Presidenl, G. Crouch, Correspond- - ing Secrelary, J. Roberfs, Secrelary-Treasurer. Jflli L i Row I: H. Smi+h, S. Jorgenson, E.. V. Bravenec, C. J. S'Iaffa, H. Bariell, D. Budcleclxe, S. Morrison, J. de Ia Fuenfe. Row 2: J. Chamness, L. Piffman, L. Norris, B. Garner, J. Wesfrope, J. Laza, F. Lofflus, J. Hill, H. Holland. Row 3: P. G. Gray, J. Cain, O. G. Echevarria, D. Gipson, J. Mock, J. Chorne, L. Buescher, K. Derriclc, G. Rod- riguez, R.. Jensen, E. Jimenez. Missing: Dr. J. C. Rin'I'eIen, Sponsor. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS The hisfory of Ihe Texas Wes'I'ern chapI'er of 'Ihe AIME goes back +o fhe Scienfific Club which was esiablished al' 'rhe College of Mines in I9I5. The organiza+ion be- camea parf of +he AIME in I944.The group sfimulafes inferes+ in mining, me'I'aIIurgy, geology, and pelroleum, and promofes fellowship befween Ihe EI Paso MeI'aI Sec- Iion of 'Ihe AIME and Ihe s+ucIenI's. Officers: E. V. Bravenec, Treasurer: C. J. Sfaffa, Presi- denfg D. Bucldeclce, Vice-President H. Bariell, Secrefaryg Missing: Dr. J, C. Rin+eIen, Sponsor. Row I: S. Schooler, F. Decker, H. Gschwind, D. D. Jores, H. P. Adkison, D. H. Schuhmann, W. W. Raymond, R. Ramirez. Row 2: F. Reid, W. Olmsfed. G. Buchanan, D. Horfon, R. Lopez, J. A. Ogaz, J. R. Eiland, L. H. Keeler, J. Oax- aca, I... Velez. Row 3: C. Harrison, L. C. Wade, D. Pfeifer. A. L. Napoles, H. Mariinez, F. Moreno, J. Marshall, J. Kellen, G. Geno, A. Benavidez, M. Gomez, L. E. Owen. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Texas WesIern's branch of Ihe AIEE was organized in I948 under +he sponsorship of Mr. F. A. Decker. The aims of 'Ihe chapI'er are 'rhe advancemenr of Ihe Iheory and pracfice of eIec+ricaI engineering, developmenl of individual engineers and par'IicipaI'ion in inspeclion Irips +o places of engineering in'I'eres+. Officers: Mr. F. A. Decker, Sponsor, D. D. Jones, Vice- Presidenlg H. P. Adkison, Presidenlg D. H, Schuhmann, Treasurer: H. Gschwind, Secrefary. 'I-up R R M ,Q I 5 s'wh 3 f 5 I e.f. f E Y ... ' gr C, V M, ow I: A. Duran, R.. Sanchez, B. Anclerson, E. Busfamanfe, R. F. McDermo'H', L. Garcia, Jr. ow 2: A. Alvarez, D. Schoch, I. Aguirre, M. Gandara, E. Carreon, C. Casfeel. Row 3: R. D. Collons, B. Lowman, D. Bierd, A. Gufierrez, J. Vernon, R. Collier. issing: Mr. P. C. Hassler, Jr., Sponsor. AMERICAN SOCIETY CF CIVIL ENGINEERS Sfudenfs majoring in civil engineering are eligible for membership in 'Ihe American Socie+y of Civil Engineers. The Texas Wesfern chapfer was organized in I947 Io infroduce 'Ihe civil engineering s+ucIenI' Io 'Iopics of in- Ieresf in civil engineering and +o fosfer a deveIopmen+ of professional spirif. Olificerszg E. Bus+aman+e, Vice-Presiclenh B. Anderson, Presidenh R. F. McDermoH', Treasurer, R. Sanchez, Sec- rerary. Missing: Mr. P. C. I-Iassler, Jr., Sponsor 208 Row I: S.Morrison, R. H. Maier, J. Scales, C. G. Even sen, P. G. Gray, W. Granf, B. Hirsch. Row 2: R. Callaway, N. Jefer, J. Thompson, B. Hamric, W. Hunier, H. Holland, O. Bafchelor, S. Jorgenson. Row 3: J. Mussey, L. Poage, J. Tillerson, A. Beneclicf, J., Price, L. Buescher, R. Wershaw, R. Sense. Missing: J. T. Sample, Jr. SCJCIETY GF EXPLORATION GECPHYSICISTS The Trans Pecos Sruclenl' Seciion, Socie+y of Explorafion Geophysicis+s was founded on +he campus of Texas Wes?- ern on March 25, I955. The obiecf of +he Siuclenl' Sec- 'I'ion is 'io sfimula'I'e in+eres+ in fhe science of geophysics and ofher sciences relafed fo 'I'he geology of pe'I'roleum and pefroleum exploralion. Officers: Mr. C. G. Evensen, Sponsor, J. Scales, Presi- denfq P. G. Gray, Is+ Vice-Presidenh W. Granf, Treas- urerg B. Hirsch, 2nd Vice-President Missing: J. T. Sample,Llr., Council Chairman and Secre- fary. Q 2 ' 'f'5!i5sf'?,s, . . ,::.,,..:::A,,.. wx 25-z rs W QM QSM, Survival of lwo world wars has broughl Texas Wesrern in'ro a close associa+ion wi+h milirary life. Over +he years Armed Services Personnel have aH'ended off du'I'y classes on campus, and a1'1'imes a few have been released in order +o lake special classes or lo comple+e degrees. A+ one +ime a de+achmen+ of company size was assigned +o fhe college 'ro inable +rainees +o lake specialized courses in coniuncrion wi'rh Their mililary fraining. :sas wgz, V' . , s , ggi, Y . 5 K, .V V , - . ' -mffvfpfs Ass. c W. f T T H ' -11" ' Th ROTC is relafively new fo Texas Wesfern. Nof unfil July, I948, was a e unif assignecl here wifh a sfaff of fwo officers, and fhree enlnsfed men fo frain college sfudenfs in milifary sciences fo qualify fhem for commissions as Reserve Officers in fhe arfillery branch of fhe army. Today wifh four officers and seven enlisfed men permanenfly assigned, insfrucfion covers all fhe basic branches in a General Milifary Science program, giving fhe successful sfuclenf five opfions, fhe firsf fwo of which musf be line ouffifs, under which fo seek a commission. 211 WM -vm , 2 Row I: Siembridge, Allen: Brock, Harrison: Nicholson, C. G.: Pinnell, A. B.: Smifh, Donald W.: Mariinez, Mario. Row 2: Morales, Sfeve: Flefcher, Dick: Flynn, H. P.: Eby, E. B.: Rosemond, Arfhur: Henderson, Don: Sanchez, Ray. Row 3: Donahue, John: Kohnle, Richard: Cummings, R. O.: Peferson, Bill: Grady, T. M.: Nelson, S.: Leigh, Charles: Pasfeur, Bill: Busfamanie, E.. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is a Nafional Mililary Honor Sociely wi+h local chapfers locafed in mosf leading colleges and universi+ies +hroughou+ +he counfry. The purpose of The Socieiy is fo develop and fosfer fhe ideals and prac- fice of milifary educaiion in fhe Unifed S+a+es, parficularly in colleges and universifies, and fo spread infelligeni informaiion concerning +he milifary requiremenis of our counfry. 21 gg. A k ip' 'V ,fi ' Cadei' MBI- Cade? CBPI- Cade+ Capf. Cadef Capt, Sanford. W- R- Pinnell, A. B. Peferson, W. A. Sorensen, N. K. DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS Dis+inguished MiIii'ary S+uden+5 are Senior ROTC g+uden1's who have been selecied by fhe Presidenf of 'Ihe coIIege and fhe professor of Milifary Science and Tac+ics.They musi' III possess ou+s+anding qualifies of Ieadership, high moral characfer, and definife ap'ri'rude for +he miIiI'ary service IZI have aifained an academic sianding in fhe upper half of 'their class or else in +he upper fen perceni' of fheir class in milifary subiecfs I3I have demon- s'I'raI'ed leadership abiiify +hrough +heirachievemen+ in recognized campus acfivifieg, IST BATTALION STAFF Cummings, R. O. Cadef Cap+. Lung, H. R. Cade? Lf. Col. Hunsalrer, E. L. Cade? ls? Lf. Exec. Officer Commanding Officer Adiufani' ZND BATTALION STAFF Leigh, C. H. Cadef Capt Adiufanf Sanford, W. R. Cadef Mai. Commanding Susfamanfe, E. Cadef Capt Exec. Officer OfIicers WWI HM . UF?-f ws Q Row I: Brew+on, Sfc L., firsi' +eam coach, DuchouqueHe, R., S+romberg, J., Gronich, B.. La Capria, A., Haddad, J, Herrera, Sfc J., second leam coach. Row 2: Hodge, Mai. W., 'Team supervisor: Naier, A., +eam capfaing Luclcer, H., Nible'H, D., Marlin, M., Nagel, R. No+ presenfz Leigh, C., Medina, O., Bounds, G. ROTC RIFLE TEAM The ROTC Rifle Team parlicipales in small-bore, indoor compefifion 'rhroughoui' +he school year. ln addifion fo shoulder 'I'o shoulder ma+ches wi+h local 'reams if par+icipa'I'es in 'Phe Na+ional William Randolph Hearsi' Malch, fhe Nafional In+ercollegia+e Ma+ch conducfed by Deparfmeni' Army, and in 'The Four'rh Army Area Champion- ship ma+ches. Each spring if sponsors 'rhe Soufhwesi' lnvifafional Tournameni in EI Paso for college 'reams fhrough- ouf fhe Soufhwesf. Rifle Team Trophies Ready, aim, fire! VXWENSEE f - ai T. .Wag 'X .J I J . '7 A.. Row Row Row Row Row Noi' Marshall, J. V.: Sullivan, G.: Mar+inez, M. Knight J. G.: Schahman, T.: Tolson, T. W.: Perry, K.: Ezzell, J.: Valdez, A.: Ross, F. J.: Sharp, P. Anderson, C. N. Lewis, B. G.: Aguirre, R.: Coulfer, C.: Herndon, R.: Fausf, J.: Summerforcl, R.: Holmes, J.: Sex+on Thompson, G. Cha+oney, J.: Conner, J.: Millard, J.: Schwarfz, l.: Houser, E.: Milner, J.: Allen, L.: Gray, R.: Sofo Eichelrnan, J. E.: Linebauczh, J. M.: Casfro, A.: l-ir1ClS9Y. D-I JENSEN. R-I Kellen. J-I l"l0lguin, H.: Rob son, G. P.: Orr, G. P.: Duchouq'ueHe, R. esenf: Craqin, C. C.: Thompson, J. P.: Maynard, J. V.: S+erling, J.: Hull, A. V.: Albrechf, W. A.: Sullivan C.: McClure, D.: PaHon, R.: Gonzales, l.: Mon+GS. A-I Tyler. E. A- BATTERY "A". FIRST BATTALION Cragin, C. C.: Pe'l'erson, W. A.: Brown, R. H Bafchelor O. R.: Eby, E. B.: S+embridge, A. B. llq - .:i"""i. - Q S - :l X!- llf . 'l , u . illlllllmlir' .....-.4M.x....,.2.-A..g PM Row I: Neary, D. E., Davidson, W. B., Johnson, J. f f- 1 '-v:.'um:4 Row 2: Alvarez, A. B., Can'I'y, D., Sanfoscoy, G. S., Espalin, C. A., HunI'er, J. E., Aclcley, B. G., Merrick, J. W., Benford, R. J., Forresf, Richard., Row 3: Whifson, J. C., Mus+ain, M., Shunlc, F. A., Holguin, E. S., Wilkins, J. O., Tolberf, W., Slromberg, J., Saenz, R., LaBree, H. S. Row 4: Roddy, F. J., Hughes, R. A., Solo, S., Sullivan, C., Mengwasser, R. J., Knapp, D. A., Sanchez, V., MarI'- in, M. L., Flores, A., FuII'on, N. C. Row 5: Gough, P., Clarlc, G. A., Gandara, R., Hall, D. L., Sco'r+, T. H., Yeager, S. L., Howard, J, Rodriguez, J., Woll, J., Bohannan, F. C., PiH'man, L. Noi' Presenf: Hughes, R., Ward, C., Harper, R., Wolfe, E., Forres'I', Rober-In BATTERY "A" FIRST BATTALION OFFICERS AND IST SERGEANT Nicholson, R. D., Kohnle, R. J., Howorfh, J. G., Grady, T.. M., Young, D. B., Graham. C. B. 411 -:4-11 g WIIII 92 -'i' 'S Iliillllllllllllllllllill 111--f Row Row Row Row Row Row Noi- '1 A l " 1 l: Marfin, J. F.: Terrazas, R : Johnson, R. C. 2: Guerrero, S. S.: Prenslcy, R. T.: Cain, W. P.: Clark, R. M.: Porras, A: Sagor, H.: Cavin, T. B.: Traylor, L.: Bourquin, J. J. Gulierrez, J.: Caldwell, J. W: Hall, J. F.: Michener, J.. R.: Villalobos, D.: Simen'I'al, E.: Mar+inez, O.: Bef- 'rle, J. F.: Cinlron, M. 4: Flores, H. R.: Halghf, W. H.: Esperson, P. H.: Naiar. C-I Bl-3060. G- M-I Miranda. R.. G.: Murphy, J. E: Burrow, J. C: Souflee, F.: Lowman, B. D. 5: Aguilar, A. S: Gonzales, R. L : Chridakis, C. E.: Mann. J-: Morales. R.: Clwrne. J.: Hargraves. W-: Smifh, B. L.: Vera, M.: Bullard, D. L: Murray, L- R- 6: Chesalc. C : Sanders, R. C.: Flores, J.: Le Desma. J.: AIVBFGCJO. VI SllV6S. Mu M-I Tl10m6S. J- P-2 C6l'Clill0. B. P.: Hamric, B. E.: Fisher, B.: Haddad, J. Presenfz Vasquez, R. A.: Maloy, J. L.: Aquilar, C, E. 3: BATTERY "C", Is+ BATTALION OFFICERS AND IST SERGEANT Monk, C. W.: Smi+h, D. W.: Edens, R. D.: Marsh, C. C ll' Meyer, K. D.: Garcia, S. A. 218 J! stu, I l ' 54 Q lf: ,, 'wllllll all 'W ll J-- ' snr-'L '. - A Time ou+ a+ Oro Grande Range Any lasf word before Jrhe gas chamber, boys? ROTC SUMMER CAMP ffm- AGZCNQ '7 I WIL- Row I: Borland, L. F., Gronich, B. J., McCar+y, R. ROW 22 SIOGH. C- C-I DUICIWVGF. IVI- R-I BBIGS. G.: Paschich, L. R., McDanieI, F. M., Price, C. P., Fairall, L., Field, Ss Dicus J.- Bounds, G. Row 3: MeacIows.IG.'E., Asbury, W. L., Rincon. I.: Mar+ch, G. K., Martinez, L. J., Dominguez, R., Isaac, G. N., Leslie, D. S., FisI'1Icin, D. E., Lucker, I-I. A. Row 4: MaIooIy, J. S., LancIavazo, A., Mar'I'in, D. A., Chamness, J., MorriII, C. D., BiIIingsIey, W. M., Franco J.' BeI+ran A.' CGFFUIII, W.. S., ScI1ocI'1, D. J. Row 52 AIIH3. P-I BIUFQQSS. -I-I Gunn. R- D-I Biefd. D- E-I McWIior+er, R., NibIeH, D., Evans, D. R., Nelson, S. M.., Moore, N. J. No+ Presen+: I-Iolmberg, J. P., S+ewar+, A. J., Sframler, H, E, BATTERY "A". ZND BATTALIGN 4-4 C l l l -I - T5 IIIIIIIIIW ,Z WIH Rv OFFICERS AND IST SERGEANT Mafa, E., Sorensen, N. K., Wershaw, R. L., PoIIey, M. C Marfinez, H., Donohua, J. W. Row I' Brock, H.: Halow, J.: Moore, T. --.1115 Row FOFHBHCIGZ. R-I MOIIHO- E-I VBFQOS. F-I Elias. J-I Gallardo, L.: Eiber, R.: Davis, J.: Harris, G.: Brunlc, E. Row 32 GOHZBIOZ. M-I Allien- G-I WOOCI. R-I I-ICJI1+bOUFn, C.: Munro, J.: S'I'an+on, C.: Mena, F.: Salclivar, J.: Ramirez J. ROW 41 I-BCBPFIO. A-I MCBOO. W-I DOI-GROSS. I:-Z WI+I1erspoon, J.: Gooclwin, L.: Bowen, R.: Perales, O.: Brook- ins J.' Fuller, J.: Jacobs, P. Row 5: Callawiay, R.: Benaviclez, A.: Endlich, B.: Gomez, AJ Haner, GJ Feinberg, H.: Gibson, R.: S'I'ouI', P.: Smi+I1, L.: LaFIeur, H.: Morales, S. Nof PresenI': Longridge, J. BATTERY "B", SECOND BATTALION OFFICERS AND IST SERGEANT Ver+rees, W. C., Pinnell, A. B.: Rosemond, R. A.: Harrison, C. C.: Henderson, D- S.: Norie, R. A. ,4 1 1""l Y 1 I! 'Mill IP ff I yi' IE' I .liiill lulliiliv ,Y Row I: Myers, D. A. Row 2: Hansen, J. T.: Sloan, H. S.: Jensen, B.: Villa, R. J.: Fausnaclwf, T. C.: FuII'on, C.: McCoy, W. J.: Gon- zales, R.: Escaieda, P. I.: Parra, J. Row 3: Pfeiler, D. B.: Bus+aman'I'e, R. F.: Armiio, J. S.: Rodriguez, E. R.: Duran, P. H.: Adaufo, H. L.: Holmes, E. S. Canales, Felix: Valenzuela, J.: HurH',W. R. Row 4: Mundy, J. D.: AdauI'o, J.: Johnson, R. E.: Perales, L.: Davis, B. D.: Baquera, F.G.: Sfules, K. H.: Busfos, L.: Villalobos, C. S.: Salome, J. J. Row 5: Collons, R. D.: Sense, R. G.: Duran, M. A.: Sanislmez, R.: Bounds, L. L.: Spencer, G. F.: Rivera, J. G.: Holland, T. H.: Canales, Franlc: Sainl, Leon J. Noi Presenf: Friedman, A. J.: FIeI'cI1er, R. C.: Ligon, J. C.: Donaldson, W. D. BATTERY "C", 2ND BAITALION li- -i- R- - - - ' 1, - j Q -I li' Wil IIIII IIIIIIIIW' QQ, N v WI. I ...QW H22 ' OFFICERS AND IST SERGEANT Flynn, H. P.: Adlcison, H. P.: Pasfeur, W.: Prewi'I'+, T. C.: San +ry, P. E.: Flack, C. G. RCTC PARADES Congra'l'ula+ions fo The besi' squad. Sharpen up, or i+'s back +o +he awkward squad RCTC Commence firing! Wiilirr-M we ww-Q WQMW Sg+. Maggio explains +he basic funcfioning of a machine gun. IQ ., ',1. 'A i' QM Zluib, X e . . and +his +hingamaiig . . . ACTIVITIES Texas WesI'ern College ROTC Color Guard The Presidenf cIines wIIh 'I'I1e army. is is a gun, boys. IIII W The s+ory of a+hle+ics is as old as +he college ifself, originafing as early as I9l4 when 'rhe School of Mines opened a+ Fi. Bliss. "Cap" John Kidd, professor and coach, paid 'for 'lhe uniforms of +he 'firsf Miners' foo+ball l'eam. ln 42 years of college hisfory, l9I8 was +he only year +ha+ +here were no foo+balI games 'for 'rhe Miners. On November 9, I929 +he Miners played and won Their firs'r Homecoming game, opening one of+l1e biggesl even+s of Texas Wes+ern's 'Fall semesler. 1 W' N.g1" .. -2fffs? 2 f? ?f-1 ,ss ,fake . - -4 ',,:e " 66 -f' 4 L.-Pew 1 ' l 6 My .vrQ giii-if 3.1 In foo+ball, baskefball, +rack, 'rennis, and golf, Texas Wesfern Miners carry 'rhe spiri+ of compe+H'ion and sporrsmanship onfo +he field wherever 'rhey go. Whe+her vidorious or defeafed, 'These are fhe men we cheered. 'Phe +eams we supporfed, 'l'he games +ha'r were an imporranf par? of our college days. '77 Frieda Howeq Homscomme Guam eHe fha V FOOTBALL DUCHESSES Cline Carolyn Gumper .gfffr 'ia TEXAS WESTERN CHEERLEADERS Joy Dee Ha+cheHg Ben Pinnellg ColleHe Cline, Befs Kollilcer and Barbara Brayma The T. W. C. Cheerleaders are a lively and colorful group as lhey lead fhe 'fans +he yells +ha+ have cheered +he leam on 'I'o vidory. Z' Row I: Maiore++es, Sue Dickerson, Joy Esfes, Barbara Piaskef. Row 2: Gail Davis, Karolyn Kei'H'1, Frieda Howey, Jean Sfarr, Rose Marie Graham. MAJORETTES AND DRUM MAJOR The leaders in acfion. Arfhur Meyer, Drum Major 1 ll nf l l H FOCTBALL Head Foolball Coach--Mike Brumbelow ASSISTANT COACHES Dale Wafers, Ross Moore, and Benny Collins TRAVELINC-5 TROPHIES Trophies exchanged each year befween New Mexico A8cM and Texas Weslern College. , :Q fli P5535 'si k . 1, ,Aj ff J Q A Q fm W H Rl A -A 1 s ss E s A JOHN HOWLE 'K A',' Q ' ARJ Jesse WHITTENTON All'Bo'de' Conference End ' . All-Border Conference Quaderbaclc A2 l lsl ,E A1'V' v lsl LEWIS SINGLETON Cap+ain All-Border Conference Tackle ALL BCJRDER BOWL PLAYERS AND THE SALAD A CONFERENCE PLAYERS John Howleg Jim Johnson: Jerry Campbell: Jesse Whi'Hen+on and Lewis Single+on. 'Q rw K' H"y jaflilvlvluonnpqn-n.,.,..,M,,Wm' 5' A 2? 1' f A K F, it f' L.. ' If .nuff f 'N' -M A ' 1 x ,X V ' ' flll 3 2- ff, ,Z I f A 5 m R :My - 'W W if ii Z cl N , A J M1 1 V V nv-N-w.5,1W,,,, -N-if ll 1 ' W wil 5 f' '12-I Ilfff' N 1 A'V"'7 so S -Q Q ' A A R ,. 'T ' f A f Riffs ' ik' Q lk L 'L so f of f 'fri 7 ,...-qv---5 Q More fhan l0,000 fans waiched lhe Miner offense collapse on flue Norfh Texas four yard line as +l1e Two reams opened flue l955 foofball season wifh a 7-7 fie. Reeves Tevis picked up I20 yards on I0 carries includ- ing a 59 yard scamper for Texas Wes+ern's only foucln- down. Penalries and fumbles hurl' T. W. C. even +l1ough fhe Miners dominafed Hue sfafislics by picking up 32l yards fo ISI for fhe Eagles. Texas Wesfern 7 Norfh Texas 7 fake MONDELL BARNES NOW, for fha? sfealc dinner! Bac JERRY CAMPBELL Cenier The Foo+ball Royalfy being presenied. Texas Wesfern found ifs scoring punch and came up wi+h a ferrific defensive iob as +he "Brumbelow Men" racked up a 34 fo 0 vicfory over New Mexico Univer- sify. Touchdowns were scored by Charlie Ward on runs of 5 yards and I yard: Don Maynard on a 59 yard run: Dick Forresf on a I2 yard pass from WhiHen'fong and Bob Forresi' on a 4 yard run. Corbell and WhiHen+on made fwo conversions each. Texas Wes1'ern 34 New Mexico U. 0 Some l4,000 fans wen+ home slighlly delirious from waiching Texas Wes+ern's 27 lo 27 lie wi+h lhe highly favored Red Raiders of Texas Tech. Jesse Whillenfon connecled on lwo 'rremendous passes in +he final period 'ro speedy Don Maynard who oulraced +he defense once For a long gain and once for a louchdown. Rusiy Ruf- ledge was lhe lop Miner rusher as he gained 93 yards in six fries. Texas Wesfern 27 Texas Tech 27 5 JOHN HOWLE End Somebody has 'rhe wrong colored pom-poml ef W, r T Z T, 'L h.,, , ?VVV ir . I Vrkk X. K . , . m xag,, Q,:1i:,.4 V JIM JOHNSON Guard Whaf won'+ 'lhe cheerleaders do for publicii'y7 Texas Wes+ern's hard charging 'Forward wall led by guards Charlie Wilcox and Jim Johnson, end John Howle and +aclcles Louis Singlefon and Ken George held Arf Lupino and friends fo 73 yards rushing. Few fans could recall when Arizona was so comple+ely oulclassed. Lupino was 'lhe fop ground gainer in fhe nafion in I955, buf he picked up only 40 yards againsi' T. W. Texas Wesiern 29 Arizona 0 P3 il S. Texas Wesfern drove 'ro a lhree +ouchdown lead. bu+ could no+ hold onfo ifs advan+age. A. T. W. lineman, frying +o block a field goal aHemp'r, deflecfed l'he ball iusl' enough for if 'lo clear +he cross bar giving fhe Cow- boys +heir vic+ory. WhiHen+on scored on an eighf yard run and a one yard plunge. Also scoring for T. W. was Bob Forresl' on a 2 yard dive. WhiHen+on conver'I'ed fwice and Berman Corbell once. The game was T. W.'s firsl loss of 'rhe season and pu+ a crimp in +he Miner's hopes For winning +he Border Conference Championship. Texas Wesfern Hardin Simmons 23 ', .C . w-come on ref! ENRIQUE MATA End P? JACK MILLER Tackle During +he half! Texas Weslern had anoiher iourlh quar+er scoring explosiong l'his 'rime for four 6 poinlers over a huslling Aggie eleven. Allhough +he passing of Jesse WhiH'enl'on and +he running of Bob Forresl, Maynard, Tevis and Har- mon proved loo much offensively for lhe "Men from Me- silla", +he visi+ors furnished 'lhe games lop performer, Joe Kelly, of lhe Aggies, who drew a large round of ap- plause when he Ieff 'rhe game in +he four+h quarler afler being iniured for +he fhird 'lime in +he game. Texas Wesl- ern's hard charging line held fhe Aggie runners in check excepl for Kelly, who allhough limping for lhree periods, gained l2I yards in 28 carries. Texas Wesfern 4l N. Mexico AGM 6 The Wuchrfa Wheaf Shoclcers M re shalcen by a ihree louchdown oufbursi' in lhe final quarler as Texas Wesfern clefealed +he Kansans 28 +0 I2. WIChI+B lumped off 'lo a I2 'ro 0 lead in fhe liirsf quarfer, bu+ could noi' fighf off +he Miners cle+ermined scoring efforfs lafe in 'lhe game. Ed Bailey, Hugh Harmon ancl Kennelh George lecl 'rhe ball hawking Texans as -The Miners grabbed six Shock- er fumbles. Texas Wesiern 28 Wichiia I 2 Jesse WhiHen'ron 'rhrew a pass +o Dick Forresi' and 'rhe play covered 90 yards for a iouchdown +o high Iigh+ +he Miners losing efFor+s. Rusfy Ruiledge ran 43 yards on a pun+ refurn, buf fhe Miners could no+ quiie solve Hue muliiple offensive siyle of +he Sundevils, REEVES TEVIS 5 I 1 u Texas Wes+ern I3 Tempe 20 JESSE WHITTENTON Back Back '41 WW VARSITY Winfred Baggefi'-Tackle Wayne Bailey-Guard Jim Bevers-Back Jim Brookins-Guard C. L. Chappell-Guard Ronald Ervin-Guard Bob Forres+-Back Dick Forresf-End Kenne+h George-Tackle me Ken Bixnger Hughaiirmon Daviegnlglowle Anflgcfufl Bolgziqigba SQUAD Vernon Mi+cl1ell-Cenler Rusly Rufledge--Baclc David Slwawver-End Y' ll' if 4' S X33 fl 4 'Wav Bill Lewis-Tackle K A Don Maynard-Back A L K . f Q, ,f 53 Bill Tl1ompso'n-Tackle ,png Edd Tyler--Back Lawrence Wade-Back Charles Ward-Back fi . V H. nl-A ga Aff? -1, 3. 1-. R-.:,,v.':f hr Y' f af' if -M V,..qS, TI pg- . : ,. wg.-.ig .. K ::'-gag'-x ' f ' A, ,, ,W , .A,.. . .W ' L , : 'g::2sr:5 .5 .A w : Q v- 2,5 1 wr e-Ax Me.: M 3 ,NW ,-v-- .,...,.. , ., ' a w me .QA av: K 19. 53 ?:a"E?i:?i'HS 'T' A33 we ,.,,.,,,,, A. , Aa ,, .,A , .,l, A, L,,. wg., 1' e win f ,- AMAX-was QA 1' , A 2? ,A 7 .N 2 2? fx lk E22 5, 5 in W 3 f WL wwf F ll is K1 5 5, 'N fi? f l Q l 4 ,WY . .35 Q, f Q . -. W LAVAH are - 'uf- Pl fffigg . ' fvf-1: , ,. -f .. 1, efmagvkg., , : fi2A.f1f,s-fszwage, ,K 1zi5ya2,mkgAfg?5A 5-55, 'Eg f . - gf - zz.we.M, ., Ae- ,qw ,. A QA. ,Ii , A , Mi aiai .V , A , '-- 43 : ' 1'-2 f 1 .V ' - i L , A, Aqlfifzw 4 K ' 'a g p X1 . . -af' M V ggi qfigjiwi fl M 4 , -f r f e . 7 4 I :V . in W- Ki r' ' f 1 f .af . Q? 'M if A an i if 1 " N ii3it:fl?WfW6'ff" 'L,S,g:,ggg?fR5?g 375 r'Zg:ig:i5,z 59 f il? , ' 1593151 +V ,H . 'I .i,'. , - lv Thx, 1 ' ?Q5'S'mil1f : 'f:'fj'.::'4. " ., ff T Y 1 K I is ' A. W S' - A M A Al A i 5 l ' ' I, A ' . - i , W W A.-. K V i 5 N gi, QA :gov M fi va " M aiai an We l N.. - 2. '+P'-W ,f l "'-L. f.,. J' :Af . . . , Doyle Walkins Quenfin Wafkins Pool Webb Keilh Wharfon Charles Wilcox Cenler End Guard Tackle Guard Head Coach George McCar'I'y Texas Wesiern 70 New Mex. Wesfern 5l Coach George McCar+y receiving ihe Traveling Trophy X-.A f Texas Wesfern 70 Memphis Sfafe 7I Jim Babers-Forward Jack Burgess-Forward Texas Wesfern 97 Arizona S+a+e 84 1 , s X Vw 3 gn V ,Q Alvis Glidewell-Guard Gm, L4"A H Lffl' 1, 3 ng ww-,, A. 1 Rod Gunn-Guard Hx- 7 . I - 'W W W Ag:gxAlAL 7 3 A 2 gp Edgar Heller--Cen+er I 5 xx fizggfm 'Kiwi Texas Wesfern New Mexico U. 52 Texas Wesfern Texas Tech Wayne Jones-Guard xx ? B We J N, J' -il? T J ff T, 1 if Q ' 3 S Dick McAlpine-Guard " Tm, M 5, We , Q' N V I 5, ,iQ .1119 5 ' f K 5 3 , 56 5 if 33 ef ,X Af J. Mason-Guard T ig T T 5 5 .5 in K ,iv Jack Porfer-Forward is : an ' ' Q' N f, E N" H if ,. f 5 ' fav" Kennefh Moorehead-Forward si xX f'i?'Q?"1 ak i ,Q L'f, , 55,5 5 E ,.., fx sz Q- Q. .zifi fm Phil Price-Guard in Texas Wes+ern 53 New Mexico AEM Sl Texas Wesfern Wesf Texas Texas Wesfern 74 Hardin Simmons 70 K . 1, W Yr o 5 'S Where are vou going, Jim? ,, S Jon Sanders-Guard 1 7 ff 1 . 'xi if -ww-A 3 ii5Jn r n 5 E Yi Dick Sfephen Guard P ...M .Sv--, . M,-V Vx 5- - 9 Gordon Shepard-Forward W af Q I K-wtf f 1 5 r a of' 3? ff i as l Don Maynard, Bill Sanford and Jim Bevers men run fhe IOO and 220 yard dashes. The fiF+h man in +he firs+ lraveling squad is High Jumper Roberl' Dollahi+e.He has cleared 6 'Feel' 3 in. Bill Sanford consis+en+ly runs +he IOO in fhe vicin- Hy of IO seconds, Jim Bevers al' 9.9 and Don May- nard al' 9.7. Bevers is +he Miner's bes+ hope for poinfs in lhe broad iump. He leaped 22 feel' in fhe high school compefifion. The 440 and Mile Relay Team. Don Maynard, Louis Robbins, Bill Sanford and Jim Bevers. 5 Don Maynarcl, Bill Sanford, ancl Jim Bevers running 'l'l1e 440, Louis Dollal'1i+e, hi-gh iumperg Alex Monfez, and Er- nesio Alvarez: one and iwo mile runners. Ross Moore, Coach 251 f " y ....e 45 H X w 2 a f, ., A ia -f-fA- J- ,W-.. L f fx' Q ,saw 252 T. W.C. GOLF TEAM Pai Donohue: Harrison Brock: Carlos Zuloaga, Jesse Whiffeniong and Dr. A. N. Fosier, Coach. Varsiry golf has nor ye+ reached +he sfage where if is really con- sidered one of 'Phe major sporfs af Texas Wes+ern. Every year, how- ever, Coach Neil Fosler finds many willing, en+husias+ic players ready and anxious +0 compe+e in +his mosl inieresfing sporf. bl.-I cccr i Q 3. f1J i my TWC TENNIS TEAM Severo Garcia: Bobby Gallardog Roberi' Jimenez: David Clark: Frank Vargas: Henry Mas+ersong and Arlhur Napoles and Dr. W. H. Ball, coach. NOT PRESENT: Leonardo Gallardo, Alexander S'rewar+g Ronald Newg and Bobby Lehmann. Allhough +hey have ye+ fo win a conference championship +he Texas Weslern Var- si+y Tennis Squad almosf every year ends up in 'rhe finals ai' 'rhe conference meei. Coach W. H. Ball believes fhis may be 'I'he year for a Texas Wesfern championship. ffl 'I -4 ag. I , in .,, 4 NEWMAN CLUB VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Row I: Yvonne Franco. Mary Gufierrez, Carmelina Franco, Irma Gandara, Rose Herrera Row 2: Corrie Hernandez, Amy Mendez, Yolanda deHoyas, Espy Sofo, Lupe SaIa. CJD' -wx INDEPENDENT BASKETBALL CHAMPS Row I: Mary Lou Quiiano, Mary Fresquez. Row 2: Bonnie Lowry, JoAnn BIIIingsIey, Velma Wagner. No+ Pic+ured: Alicia Herrera, Nancy Kyle, Grace Bonar. 6 I R L S I N T R A M U E R A L S I . Jai Righf Be+ween The Eyes! A High-ball 256 Wifh fhis cafcher she can'+ miss! CHAMPS IN ACTION ji Somebocly's bound +o gei' I+! 258 Poini Up, up, up! VOLLEYBALL Wafch H1e Birdie! Smash! TENNIS AND BADMINTON Whaf, form? All Hue Hme in fhe World E X . 1f"'is cham A..,' Row I: Don Gipsm., Bob Lehman, John Donohue, Bill Pasfeur. Row 2: Mike Finer'l'y, Bobby Brown, Harvey McCune, H ' B lr INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON + B A KU? '-IITI I-r-bw -HOP ZO SAE's iriumph over TKE's KS's Peirce in for 'lwo poinfs Newman rolls on +o vicfory' Z0--4553, I-r-you-imxmjrou Bradley sinks 'rwo 'For Phi Tau's SAE'5 slap if 0u+ wifh TKE'g Phi Tau's and KS's scramble f-X 264 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPICNS NEWMAN CLUB Row I: Bobby Madrid, Jimmy Cordova, Luis Yanez, Dean Riccioni, Ralph Chavez L M I' Urbano Zea, Abe Gonzalez, Oscar Gonzalez and manager Louie Garcia Row 2: Sammy Schneider, uis ar Inez, BASKETBALL FINAL STANDINGS Newman Club Kappa Sigma Campus Colleagues Pre-Med Club Phi Kappa Tau Bapfisl' Sfudenf Union Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chi Alpha Alpha Phi Omega Tau Kappa Epsilon Won Los+ 9 0 8 I 7 2 6 3 5 4 3 6 2 7 2 7 2 7 I B -. -w,mMr CHAMPIQN Champion Fay rallies baclc fo overcome Elvir Fay-Newman Club a lead fo win over SAE's Bobby Brown.. BADMINTON TOURNAMENT RUNNER-UP Kappa Sig's Al lWoodyl Woods si're+cl1es for volley. 265 CHAMPION-SINGLES RUNNER-UP SINGLES Francisco Suarez-Newman Club Bob Warner-Bap+is+ S+ucIen+ Union TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT ' ez. ' , -Q -fi Q' 925 ,K ' DOUBLES CHAMPIONS Sammy Schnieder and Francisco Suarez-Newman CIub SAE's Dickey goes high for a pass in a win over flue Campus Colleagues. TOUCH - FOOTBALL Early season aclion in 'lhe fouch foolball league wifh LXA's and KS's. 26 28 No class +o graduafe, an enrollmenl' of only 27 s+uden+s, lec+ures in a building vaca+ed by 'lhe El Paso Milifary lns+i+u+e almosf seven miles 'from clown+own EI Paso - - - such was lhal' opening year in I9I4-l5. This Junior class of l922 shows +he progress of +he college,+hen solely an engineering school. Arisancl Sciences were fo come in +he l930's. S+. Pa+'s, fhe Hard Luck Dance, and fhe beard growing con+es+s were well esfablishecl cusfoms by +his +ime. Wifh flwe largesf sfudenf body in fhe l1isfory of fhe college: almosf 300 graduafing seniors are enrolled for flweir final semesfer af Texas Wesfern several fimes flwe enrollmenf of 'rl1ose firsf few years. From 'I'l1e freshman beanie fo fl1e long wallc across fhe graduafing plaf- form - - '- flwese are our friends, classmafes, officers, and favorifes, - - - so much a parf of us during fl1e four years of our college life. 269 270 Don Henderson, Sfudenf Associa+ion Presidenf 5 I I : 1 , , ,. wha, XA f'PEia , A 1 f, 5 MICHAEL BASS Vice Presideni' JO PLATT Secrefary STUDENT ASSOCIATION JIM KASTER Treasurer OFFICERS ,i H'-FIM 271 STUDENT OOUNCIII HENRY BARTELL RICHARD CUMMINGS Engineering Represeniafive Engineering Represenfafive 4 MARGARET FINERTY COOKY WILLIAMS Senior Represen'ra+ive Senior Represenfafive NED MOORE CARMELITA TATUM Junior RepresenI'aI'ive Junior RepresenI'a+ive STUDENT COUNCIL 1 A BILL MISCHEN CAROL WAFER Academic Represenfafive Academic Represenfafive I ALAN FRIEDMAN Sophomore RepresenIa+ive JAM ES MOCK Sophomore Represen+aI'ive 3. I I S S1 I I i fg I 13:4 V ,YL M I H X Ii h ' 3 ,g ISA' 1 SONJA JORGENSON JIM PONDER Freshman Re-presenI'a'I'Ive Freshman Represenfafive 27 Mgt I 3 QE 14' ,525 iw F .Vv- NK 2 74 Sharon Cole. Senior FavorH'e MICHAEL FINERTY SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presideni' . I BOB HIRSCH Vice Presidenf If ANITA GOODRICH Secrefary , Iii I f I M I I,IIg E 'AEE I g SWE I f I if 1 I fg 1 :il I T - xx GAIL MONROE Treasurer 275 ,f L .44 TGP TEN SENIORS ' . X W. 'NX , ' ...X Q V f Margaref Flnerfy Jo Pla'H Gloria Mar+inez Mar+I'1a Ray Vance nf -ff, Barry DooliH'le "W Michael Finerfy fm? I Qhm if ,wa 1 ? 5 5 5, . 4, 1 5 Q Se ,W ,E ,. gr I Y' on Henderson 4 E, ff AI Oriiz TOP TEN SENICJRS 1-fr :fill i x E P Q5 ' is V3' FENTON D. Al LEY, JR., Pecos, Texas Major: Journalism Prospeclor JUAN JOSE ALVA, Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico Maior: Pre-Medical Pre Med Club, American Chemical Socie'l'y, Psy- chology, Newman LUCINDA ALVAREZ, El Paso, Texas Maior: Spanish Newman LOURA JANE ANDERSON, El Paso, Texas Maior: Malh Chi Omeqa, B. S. U., A. C. E., American Chemical Socie'l'y, W. A. A. SHIRLEY ANN BAKER, Fl. Wor'l'h, Texas Major: Elemenlary Educalion Della Della Della, W. A. A., Associa+ion for Child- hood Educalion, Chenrizig,' Pan Hellenic Council. Bell Hall Council RAYMOND F. BARKER, Runnemede, New Jersey Maior: Business Adminislralion Alpha Chi Q. We 1 fl , A ,I , 2.5, ggi. Q ffqi , if E in 'Qt- . is 4 5 HARRY P. ADKISON, Oak Ridge, Tennessee Maior: Eleclrical Engineering A. l. E. E., Sarclonyx, Alpha Chi ESTHER AGUILAR, El Paso, Texas Maior: Bio-Sciences Campus Colleagues ULYSSES G. AGUILAR, El Paso, Texas Maier: Spanish Sigma Delia Pi IGNACIO AGUIRRE, El Paso, Texas Maior: Civil Engineering ASCE AUGUST LOUIS AIMONE, El Paso, Texas Maior: English and Educalion Kappa Della Pi, Newman FLORA ARMIDA ALDERETE, El Paso, Texas Maior: Business Adminislralion Campus Colleagues, Newman, Phi Gamma Nu ?"'X ,QW J' MONDELL ALEXANDER BARNES, Abilene, Texas Major: Geology M Club MlCl-lAEL BASS, El Paso, Texas Major: Business Adminislralion Sardonyx, S'fuden+ Council, Alpha Chi, Flowsheelr, Della Sigma Pi, Secrelary, Kappa Sigma, Vice Presi- Clenl' OLIVER R. BATCHELOR, Kermii, Texas Major: Geology Alpha Phi Omega EDWIN ALLEN BENEDICT, Midland, Texas Major: Geology Phi Kappa Tau DONALD EDWARD BIERD, El Paso, Texas Major: Civil Engineering JOANN BILLINGSLEY, Sanla Fe, New Mexico Major: Physical Educalion W. A. A., Delfa Psi Kappa, P. E. Majors Club 15435 gas '58 BARBARA DELL BLAIR, Big Spring, Texas Major: Radio KVOF, Prdspec+or, Bells, Alpha Ep- silon Rho, College Players, W. A,. A. ALLEN FRED BORENSTEIN, El Paso, Texas Major: Business Adminislralion JANE BOWDEN, Odessa, Texas Major: English CHARLES M. BOYD, El Paso, Texas Major: Pre-Med Sardonyx, Pre-Med Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon BARBARA JEAN BROUGHTON, El Paso, Texas Major: Physical Educalion Phraleres Presidenf, Pre:iden+ Della 'Psi Kappa, W. A. A., Co-Ed Council, P. E. Major and Minors EDWARD V. BRAVENEC, Rogers, Texas Major: Melallurgical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau, AlME, Kidd Mining Club, Sigma Gamma Epsilon ENRIQUE BUSTAMANTE, EI Paso, Texas Major: Civil Engineering Newman Club, A. S. C. E.. ROTC Officers Club WILLIAM MITCHELL CALHOUN, EI Paso, Texas Major: Geology Newman, AIME, ROTC Associa+ion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon HARLAN L. CANSLER, EI Paso, Texas Major: Physical Educalion M-Club, P. E. CHARLES L. CAPEHART, EI Paso, Texas Major: Spanish MARY ELLEN CARRILLO, El Paso, Texas Major: Eclucalion Newman Club, Campus Colleagues, Drum Corps MACK CARROLL, New Yorlc Cily, New Yorlt Major: Music RICHARD GENE BROOM Major: Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Tau, ASCE BARBARA I. BROWN, Auslin, Texas Major: Eclucalion Chi Omega, A. C. E., Jr. Pan American, Rodeo Club, Co-Ed Council, College Players GERALD BRUCE BROWN, EI Paso, Texas Major: Hislory Sarclonyx, College Choir, Phi Kappa Tau, Canfer- bury Club. NANCY K. BROWN, EI Paso, Texas Major: Elemenlary Eclucafion Newman, Phra+eres, College Players, A. C. E. ROBERT ANDREW BUCKHEISTER Indianapolis, Indiana Major: Hislory EDWIN JOE BURNS, Tucson, Arizona Major: Business Aclminisfrarion zg: -.K . 1 f-,- - . f'sg,,.:gf. 5 . Iaxa . ag -div . y I i ...A . 1 f,'-- , aiii 9 I alias. if 5 if 1 wf i f . V is .isa fha? may THOMASA CASAREZ, El Paso, Texas Major: Malh MAGDALENA CASILLAS, EI Paso, Texas Major: Elemenrary EcIuca+ion Newman Club HORACE CHAVEZ, El Paso, Texas COLLETTE CLINE, EI Paso, Texas Major: Elemeniary Educafion Della Della DeI+a WILLIAM F. COGBURN, Odessa, Texas Major: Business AdminisIra+ion DeI+a Sigma Phi SHARON ANNE COLE, EI Paso, Texas Major: Hisiory, Jr. Pan American, Phi Alpha Thefa, Vice Pres.oF Chenrizig, W. A. A. Ze+a Tau Alpha I LAR., is JOHNNIE JOE COX, Grandfalls, Texas Major: Geology Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Sar clonyx, Who's Who, Men of Mines WILLIAM ELBERT CRAWFORD, Caclus, Texas Major: Physical Eclucaiion Fooiball GORDON HOWARD CROUCH, Albuquerque New Mexico Major: Meiallurgy Sigma Gamma Epsilon, AIME RICHARD OLIVER CUMMINGS, EI Paso, Texas Major: Civil Engineering Kappa Sigma, CacIe+ Officers Club, ASCE, Siu denl' Council PATRICIA GRACE DAVIS, EI Paso, Texas Major: Hisfory Gold Diggers, Sigma DeI+a Pi, Zefa Tau Alpha SAM L. DAY, EI Paso, Texas Major: Business Aclminisfrafion Kappa Sigma We-M I I I ii x 284 MARY ELIZABETH DOOLITTLE, El Paso, Texas Maior: Business Adminis'I'ra+ion Phi Gamma Nu, Zefa Tau Alpha WILLIAM CLYDE DUNN, EI Paso, Texas Maior: Eleclrical Engineering Presiclenl' Kappa Sigma, Sardonyx, Inrer Eraiernily Council, AIEE, Men of Mines MODESTO ARTURO DURAN, Yslefa, Texas Maior: Civil Engineering ERWIN BRUCE EBY, Sfocldon, California Maior: Biology Pre-Med Club, Scabbarol and Blade, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROY D. EDENS, JR., EI Paso, Texas Maior: Business Adminis'I'ra'I'ion Kappa Sigma DAVID NEAL ELLIOTT, Ausrin, Texas Maior: Business Adminisiraiion Della Sigma Pi ALAN H. DEAN, El Paso, Texas CARLOS J. DE LA GARZA, EI Paso, Texas Maior: Mining Engineer TILLIE DELGADILLO, El Paso, Texas Maior: Music Choir, Golcl Diggers GERALD EDMOND DEVORE, Phoenix, Arizona Maior: Physics JOSE I-I. DOMINOUEZ, El Paso, Texas Maior: Business Aclminisfraiion Newman Club BARRY BROOKS DOOLITTLE, El Paso, Texas Maior: Business Aclminisfralion Kappa Sigma, Sardonyx, Delfa Sigma Pi, Sluclenf Council Treasurer JACK RALPH ELLIOT, El Paso, Texas Major: Arl' GLORIA ESTRADA, EI Paso, Texas Major: Chemislry Chenrizig, Flowsheel, El Burro, Pan American Chino Mines Scholarship, Who's Who JACK WESLEY FAIRALL, EI Paso, Texas Major: Business Adminisfrafion Lambda Chi Alpha, Della Sigma Pi ELVIR A. FAY, El Paso, Texas Major: Hislory WILLIAM B. FIELDS, Fabens, Texas Major: Business Aclminislralion Kappa Sigma, Della Sigma Pi MARGARET F. FINERTY, El Paso, Texas Major: Spanish Della Del+a Della, Newman Club, W. A. A., Jr. Pan American, Sigma Della Pi, Religious Emphasis Council. iwsfwgn - ::Stf',,S.s 'Ji -55523141 Q le x M, X. , sig- fiqf - T . s . aa, 1 , f 5. , 4 1 MARGARITA IRMA FLORES, EI Paso, Texas Major: Music Educalion All College Choir, Piano Club, Newman Club HENRY P- FLYNN, Den'I'on, Texas Major: Mefallurgy AIME, ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Alpha Epsilon BARBARA L. FISHER, El Paso, Texas Major: Malh. Chenrizig, Flowsheel, El Burro, Jr. Pan American, Who's Who JOHNETTE FULTON, Odessa, Texas Major: Business Aclminislralion Rocleo Club, Choir, Belles, W. A. A., Wesley Foun- dalion SAIL ERWIN GALBRAITH, El Paso, Texas Major: Economics Della Sigma Pi, ROTC Associalion, Phi Kappa Tau SEVERO ALCANTAR GARCIA, EI Paso, Texas Major: Music Band, Alpha Chi, Tennis Team 28 RONALD E.GUBlS, EI Paso, Texas Major: Business Adminisfrafion Sigma Alpha Epsilon ALBERT WILLIAM GUTIERREZ, E+. Clark, Texas Major: Hisiory Newman Club ARMANDO N. GUTIERREZ, El Paso, Texas Maior' Civil En ineerin ASCE Alpha Psi Omega - Q gi I I College Players, Engineer Council, Wesley Founda- lion. FREDERlCK HADDAD, Quincy, Mass. Major: Business Adminisfrafion JOYCE ADELAIDE HAHN, Monahans, Texas Major: Business Adminis+ra+ion Phi Gamma Nu, Joseph Rofh Sociely, W. A. A., Pre-Mecl Club, Belles GARY OWEN HALL, Corpus Chrisli, Texas Major: Geology ANITA RAE GOODRICH, El Paso, Texas Major: Hisfory Della Della Del+a THOMAS MICHAEL GRADY, EI Paso, Texas Major: Business Adminisfrafion Delfa Sigma Pi EFFIE LOU GRAHAM, EI Paso, Texas Major: Music College Choir, Women's Ensemble, BSU, Zela Tau Alpha PETER GORDON GRAY, Uvalde, Texas Major: Geology AIME, Alpha Chi, Alpha Phi Omega, Pres. Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Who's Who PEARLANN GREEN, EI Paso, Texas Major: Educafion Del+a Delfa Della, Kappa Della Pi, W. A. A., A. C. E., Wesley Founclafion CLARENCE A. GREGORY, New Waverly, Texas Major: Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon E ROE HALL, San Angelo, Texas Major: Geology Kappa Sigma WALSH HANLEY, EI Paso, Texas Major: Business Aclminislralion Kappa Sigma, Newman Club DON HENDERSON, Alamogorclo, N. M, Major: Business AcIminisI'ra'rion Tau Kappa Epsilon, S+ucIenf Council, InI'ra-Fra+er- niiy Council, Scabbard and Blade WILLIAM HENSLEY, Hammoncl, Indiana Major: Business AcImInisI'raI'ion HECTOR HERNANDEZ, EI Paso, Texas Major: Business AcIminisIra+ion PEDRO HERNANDEZ, Brownsville, Texas Major: Music Ec.Iuca+ion Band, OFCIISSIFB, Newman CIub,Kappa Kappa Psi we XX 5. js si Q., 'T , -,I ' If: -a 2aassi??411:.a2 . VICTOR HERNANDEZ, EI Paso, Texas Major: Pre-Law Campus Colleagues, ROTC Associa+ion, Newman Club, Pre-Law Club, Band, Choir ALICIA HERRERA, Van Horn, Texas Major: Physical Eclucafion Newman Club, Campus Colleagues, W., A. A. GLORIA ANN HICKS, EI Paso, Texas Major: Hisfory Bap+is+ S+uden'r Union, FIowsI1ee'I', Phi Alpha TI1e'I'a MARY HIGGINS, YsIeI'a, Texas Major: Music Educafion Zefa Tau Alpha VIVA MAY HINES, EI Paso, Texas Major: EcIuca+ion BOB HIRSCH, EI Paso, Texas 28 288 RONALD F. JENSEN, El Paso, Texas Major: Mining Geology NOLAN A. JETER, Eunice, N. M. Major: Geology Alpha Phi Omega, S. E. G., AIME KENNETH AUBREY JONES, Uvalde, Texas Major: Music MARY KAY KENNING, EI Paso, Texas Major: Phvsical Educafion Belles, Melo-Dears, Della Psi Kappa, W. A. A. Drum Corps RUTH MARIE KISTENMACHER, El Paso, Texas Ma'or His'ror 5 Y W,'IA, A,, Phi Alpha Thela, Beaux ArI's, Gold Dig- gers, Chi Omega ROBERT KNIVETON, Bakersfield, Texas Major: Radio-TV Alpha Psi Omega, Radio KVOF BRADNER LYLE HISEY, Escondido, California Major: Pre-Med HOWARD ALLEN HOFFMAN, EI Paso, Texas Major: Eclucafion Kappa Della Pi BEN HOLLADAY, EI Paso, Texas WILLIAM S. HUNTER, El Paso, Texas Major: Geology TPSSEG, Alpha Phi Omega CEDRIC HUSTACE, Honolulu, Hawaii Major: Business Adminisfrafion Sardonyx, Debafe, Forensic, Sigma Alpha Epsilon A'RLENE BEVERLYJAFFEE, EI Paso, Texas Major: Elemenfary Educafion 1. 'iw RICHARD JAMES KOHNLE, La Tuna, Texas Maior: Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Delfa Sigma Pi, Scalobard and Blade, Newman Club SUSAN E- WILCOX KOLB, Wichi+a Falls, Texas Maior: Educafion Alpha Phi HERSHEL LUNY. El Paso, Texas SALLY EJERSTAD LAYA, Pipesfone, Minn. Maior: Physical Educa+ion Chi Ome a Women's Alhlefic Associafion Ph si g 1 I Y ' cal Eclucarion Maior's Club, Junior Pan American Roundfable. BOB LEHMAN, El Paso, Texas AMADOR LICON, El Paso, Texas FRED F. LOFFTUS, Por+lancl, Oregon Major: Me+allurgy Phi Kappa Tau, A. l. M. E., Kidd Mining Club, Sig ma Gamma Epsilon BRONIA LOWENSTEIN, La Mesa, New Mexico Maior: Ecluca+ion Chenrizig, Prospecfor News Ecliior, Flowsheef Busi- ness Manager, Alpha Phi Gamma, Drum Corps BOB DONALD LOWMAN, EI Paso, Texas Maior: Civil Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A. S. M. E. KENNETH D. McCALL, JR., El Paso, Texas Major: Pre-Denlal Tau Kappa Epsilon, College Choir HARVEY MCCUNE, EI Paso, Texas ROBERT F. MCDERMOTT, Dulufh, Minn. Maior: Civil Engineering A. S. C, E., Treasurer Alpha Phi Omega, EI Burro if 9 2 Ea , . Q X 5 E 2 if E fl. 2 Ag? 1 4 ,Lg as M. ' .Q ,.f, ,, 1 1. jj K A ,LL,,. 3 . x ya W e fx 1 .v J 5 XX x an 1' I ri, if 1. fp. z is P 90 R. H. MAIER, El Paso, Texas GLENN CHARLES MARSH, El Paso, Texas Major: Business Aclminislraiion Sigma Alpha Epsilon GLORIA PAULINE MARTINEZ. El Paso. Texas Major: Pre-Law Alpha Chi, Presiclenl' Campus Colleagues Club, Flowsheel' Sfaff, Freshman Aclvisory Council, Chenrizig, Pan American Roundl'able,Newman Club secrelary Who's Who, Pre-Law Club vice-president HECTOR MARTINEZ, San Anlonio, Texas Major: Eleclrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Newman Club, Campus Colleagues MARTHA MEANS, Pecos, Texas OTHON MEDINA, JR., El Paso, Texas Major: Civil Engineering Alpha Phi Omega, A. S. C. E., ROTC Rifle Team. , Y., s.,.. W, ., ., ffiffisifsifi' reg' X x EUGENE MEERS, EI Paso, Texas -r" LUIS ALFREDO MENDEZ, JR., El Paso, Texas sk Major: Music Eclucalion Band, Choir, Varsilonians, Newman Club, Kappa , E I Kappa Psi, Tau Kappa Epsilon , T' iiii E s,,,s A l r I ss GAITHER W. MERRILL, F+. Davis, Texas Major: Business Aclminisfrafion ARTHUR LERROY MEYER, San Anlonio, Texas Major: Speech Sardonyx, Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Chi, Alpha Psi, Band Drum Major, College Players KENNETH MEYERS, EI Paso, Texas GEORGE EDISON MILLER, El Paso, Texas Major: Eclucalion Bapiisl' Siuclenl' Union ,ga as , . X 't st, T. ij' . f ?:s'Z'l-.., ' . ri rrr r sl 3 f I JACK H. MILLER, Temple, Texas Major: Physical Educafion M-Club, Foolball NORALYN GAIL MONROE, El Paso, Texas Major: Hisfory Delfa Gamma, Phi Alpha Thefa, Alpha Chi, Beaux Arls, Flowsheel ROBERTO MONTES, EI Paso, Texas Major: Music Eclucalion College Choir, Newman Club JUDITH ANN MOORE, Tampa, Florida Majors Physical Educa+ion Ze+a Tau Alpha W. A. A., Fencing Club, Jr. Pan American Round Table, Co'Ed Council, Flowsheel Siaff, Delia Psi Kappa ROBERT MOORE, El Paso, TGXGS BARRY MORGAN, New York, New York Major: Biology Pre-Med Club ., if xp- ni ,.w""' 'TWT ,gf"N, is jg JAMES SANDE MORRISON, EI Paso, Texas Major: Music Chorus, Madrigal Club, Chrisfian Fellowship Coun- cil, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Wes+minis'I'er Fellowship BETTY COLEEN MOSER, EI Paso, Texas Major: Eleme-n+ary Educa+ion JOHN DEAN MUNDY, El Paso, Texas Major: Elecfrical Engineering AIEE RUTH EILEEN NAPPER, Boise, Idaho Major: Biology Pre-Med Club, Flowsheef SCHULER NELSON, Waco, Texas Major: Mining AIME, Sardonyx . Sigma Alpha Epsilon. President JOHN JOSEPH NICOLOSI, EI Paso, Texas Major: Business Adminis+ra+ion Del+a Sigma Pi an-ug., wjyj LONNIE ERNEST OWEN, El Paso, Texas Maior: Elecfrical Engineering Baprisi' Sfucleni' Union, A., l. E. E. MANUEL PACILLAS, JR., El Paso, Texas Maior: Physical Eclucaiion Physical EdLica+ion Club, Newman Club YSELA PAREDES, El Paso, Texas Ma ior: Physical Educa+ion THOMAS K. PATTERSON, Earmersville, Louisiana Maior: Phvsical Educafion Physical Eclucafion, Maior's Club Presidenf DONALD ELLIOTT PATTON, Graniville, Georgia Maior: Business Aclminisiraiion Alpha Chi, Delia Sigma Pi, four years Honor Siu- deni' MARY ALICE PEINADO, EI Paso, Texas Maior: Educafion Drum Corps, Choir, Flowsheei Siaff, Girls' Rifle Team, Sigma Delia Pi, Newman Club 'Q s 1 22 L 5 fs, s r fl ssbl A ANN GRAY NOBLETT, El Paso, Texas GLADYS ODELL, Yslefa, Texas Major: Educaiion Del+a Delia Delra, VVomen's Afhle+ic Associafion, A. C. E., Co-ed Council, Fencing JAMES O'NEAL, Denver Cify, Texas MARY NELE O'NEAL, El Paso, Texas Maior: Business Aclminisiraiion Elowsheef Eoli+or, Prospecfor S+aff, Zeia Tau Alpha, Alpha Psi ALFRED ORTIZ, EI Paso, Texas Maior: Governmenf Newman Club, Pre-Law Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Del+a Pi, Sarclonyx, Phi Alpha Thefa ROGERS ORTIZ, EI Paso, Texas Major: Pre-Denial 5 as iii.. is 3 'kk i Ml.. WILLIAM PETERSON, EI Paso, Texas Maior: B. VB. A. Kappa Sigma, Cade+ Officers CIub AUBREY BENJAMIN PINNELL, El Paso, Texas Maior: Psychology Phi Kappa Tau, Cheerleader, Honor Roll, Scabbard and Biade, Psi Chi, Psychology CIub, Disfinguisheci MiIiI'ary Sfudenf, ROTC Officers Club, Inferf Ierni+y CounciI, EI Burro LACY PITTMAN, Crane, Texas Maior: Mining Engineer A. I. M.E. Aipha Phi Omega BARBARA PLASKET, EI Paso, Texas Maior: Educafion Delia Delia DeI+a, Golcldiggers JO PLATT, EI Paso, Texas Maior: English Chi Omega, SI'ucIen'r CounciI, EI Burro, Jr. American, W. A. A., Panhellenic Council. RICHARD CURTIS POE, El Paso, Texas Maior: B. B. A. S. A. E. ra- Pan 19" QD If MICHAEL POLLEY, EI Paso, Texas Maior: B. B. A. DOROTHY C. QUINN, EI Paso, Texas Maior: Psychoiogy DeI+a Delfa DeI+a, W. A. A., Psychology Ciub, Sig ma Delia Pi, Jr. Pan American ANGEL MANUEL RAMIREZ, EI Paso, Texas Major: B. B. A. Delia Sigma Pi ALEJANDRO RAYAS, EI Paso, Texas Maior: B. B. A. DeI'ra -Sigma Pi Newman Club RAUL RIVERA, EI Paso, Texas Maior: Pre-Med PATT ROBERTS, Graham, Texas Maior: Hisfory 294 JOE SCALES, Pecos, Texas Maior: Geology S. E. G., Sigma Alpha Epsilon DON SCHOEK, EI Paso, Texas DOROTHY SCOTT, EI Paso, Texas ROBERT SCOTT, Alamo Heighls, Texas Maior: Physics Sardon x Vice Presiclen+ of S+uden+ Associa'rion, Y I Sigma Alpha Epsilon DANIEL SEPULVEDA, EI Paso, Texas Maior: Pre-Med Pre-Med Club SAMMY CHARLES SCHNEIDER, El Paso, Texas Maior: Journalism , Alpha Epsilon Rho, Flowsheel, Pros-pecfer, New- man Club, EI Burro A. J. ROBERTSON, El Paso, Texas WALTER ROSER, El Paso, Texas Major: Mefallurgy Alpha Phi Omega, A. l. M. E. CHARLES SCOTT RUCKMAN, Miclland, Texas Maior: B., B. A. CARLOS RUIZ, El Paso, Texas Maior: Eclucalion Newman Club, C. C. C. DONALD GEORGE RUSSELL, Chicago, Illinois Maior: Economics Kappa Sigma, Della Sigma Pi, Pre-Law JESUS ALFREDO, SALCIDO, EI Paso, Texas Maior: Music Educalion Treas. Sardonyx, Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, TWC Choir, Varsifonians ff if Q YS Q 2 1 ss 2 9 SHIRLEEN SHARPLEY, EI Paso, Texas Major: Drama Della Della Della, Panhellenic Council, College Players, Alpha Psi Omega JOY SHINAUT, El Paso, Texas Major: Speech College Players, Alpha Psi, Della Della Della GLENA SHIRLEY, Fabens, Texas Major: Music Chi Omega, Jr. Pan American, A. C. E., Choir CALVIN SKINNER, El Paso, Texas Major: B. B. A. BETTYE SMITH, EI Paso, Texas Major: English Chi Omega, Chenrizig, Jr. Pan American, Who's Who, A. C. E. DONALD WILLIAM SMITH, El Paso, Texas Major: B. B. A. R. O. T. C., Scabbarcl and Blade are 3 - mr, E 'ifgipllg' 'if.w.f3,. I X23 ' f N '.7. 5' ai 4 Q, g?j..a, T '-i'.f5f' Ease. 1 . 1, af I ' E ' 1 'jak' E L i I P is I wif! 'f' ai DOROTHY SOLIS, EI Paso, Texas Major: Music Eclucalion Choir NIELS SORENSEN, EI Paso, Texas Major: B. B. A., Caclel' Officers Club, Newman Club CURTIS SPIER, EI Paso, Texas Major: Biology Pre-Med Club, Ro'l'h Sociely, Flowsheel CALVIN JERRY STAFFA, Newgulf, Texas Major: Mining Engineering A. I. M. E., Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Alpha Chi Omega ALAN STEMBRIDGE, EI Paso, Texas Major: B. B. A. Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Alpha Epsilon LOUISE STRAIN, El Paso, Texas Major: Hislory Zela Tau Alpha, Alpha Chi, Phi Alpha Thela, Elow- sheef, Chenrizig D '95 WILLIAM VERTREES, El Paso, Texas Major: Eleclrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha, Bap+is+ Sluclenl Union, A.l.E.E. JOANNE VICKERS, El Paso, Texas Major: Psychology Chi Omega, Psychology Club, Beaux Arls MAX VIESCAS, El Paso, Texas Major: B. B. A. Newman Club, C. C. C. MILBY WADE, San Anlonio, Texas Major: Hisfory WALLIS JOHN WADE, San Anlonio, Texas Major: Geology CAROL WAFER, EI Paso, Texas Major: Educafion Della Gamma, Sludenl' Council, Co-Ed Council, Phi Alpha Thela, Who's Who FRANCISCO SUAREZ, El Paso, Texas Major: B. B. A. Newman Club ROBERT TAPIA, El Paso, Texas Major: Biology HARRY TUOHEY, EI Paso, Texas Major: B. B. A. Phi Kappa Tau, Sarclonyx, Newman Club, Pre-Law Honor Roll JOAN MASTERSON TYRRELL, El Paso, Texas Major: Ari' MARTHA VANCE, El Paso, Texas Major: Bio-Science Della Della Della, Chenrizig, Alpha Psi, Alpha Chi, Pre-Med ANDRES VENEGAS, EI Paso, Texas Major: B. B. A. 1559 5i5fl??g3'1uX5M'g, S ' ,sae-W Ma , as ' , f..,, ,- K ,fy 'W ' age T ry 'V' in , .iff is i' z- , ff?-:I V ff- i s 5, ..:..ff-me xv , 155 Q "EE" lit 7 49:5 Q , ' ' , 2 :qs-,1,,,,., 1' zz 74' BOB WARNER FI Paso, Texas Major: Business Aclminislralion .ww- Baplisl Sluclenl Union I WILLIAM CONRAD WATTS, EI Paso, Texas X Ma'or: Biolo ical Science I 9 Phi Kappa Tau BERNADETTE HELENE WEGENER, El Paso, Texas Major: Educalion Junior Pan American Roundlable, A. C. E., Newman Club, College Players, Della Della Della, Flowsheel Slall PATRICIA NELL WENTWORTH, Corpus Chrisli, Texas Major: Music Chi Omega, Junior Pan American, Beaux Arls JAMES FRANCIS WEST, Monrovia, California ' Major: Business Adminislralion Della Sigma Pi JOHN STAFFORD WESTROPE, San Anlonio, Tex. Major: Mining Melallurgy Phi Kappa Tau, A. I. M. E., Chanlerbury 3.3 Id .X -xt, 'K ft. .r Q S S . li A Vw, is ' , Q19 f '.l'1'llx A E z., .d"f"' 'W' PATRICIA CAROLYN WHITT, EI Paso, Texas Major: Arl Zela Tau Alpha, Beaux Arls, Golcl Diggers, Kappa Pi, Alpha Chi, Pi Della Phi,Juni0r Pan-American Round Table ALLEN R. WILLARD, Fl. Sloclclon, Texas Major: Eleclrical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau, A. I. E. E. COOKY WILLIAMS, EI Paso, Texas Major: Hislory Presiclenl Zela Tau Alpha, Sluclenl Council, Chen- rizig, Panhellenic Council, Junior Pan-American Club, Rodeo, Women's Alhlelic Associalion RACHEL Y. WOFFORD, El Paso, Texas Major: Business Aclminislralion Hislorian, Zela Tau Alpha, Phi Alpha Thela, Phi Gamma Nu, LUIS YBANEZ, Juarez, Mexico Major: Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. RONALD ANTHONY YOUNG, Wakefield, R., I. Major: Business Adminislralion Della Sigma Pi, Kappa Sigma PATRICIA ANN YOUNG, Saul: Cily, Wisconsin Major Music Eclucalion Bancl, Drum Corps, Choir, Dorm Council, Co-Ecl Council, Bells Tau Bela Sigma, Women's Alhlelic Associalion, Melo-Dears SAUL ANGEL ZAMBRANO, Fabens, Texas Major: Business Adminislralion F K, ,gal 298 Carolyn Gumper, Junior Favori+e ROGERS BERGGREN Presiden+ JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS DON HANDLIN sg .Q ELAINE ABBOTT Secre+ary ' Vice-Presiden+ ,Q 5 f f JSQT , Jr" kb BILL MISCHEN Treasurer Elaine Abbofl'-El Paso, Texas Pe+er Abresch-El Paso, Texas Phyllis Akin-Tru+h or Consequences, John Alexander-El Paso, Texas David Allbrighl-Ballinger, Texas Freda Anfhony-Brownfield, Texas Mary Ann Armslrong-El Paso, Texas James Ayres-Pecos, Texas Dow Barnes-Kermit Texas N. M. , 5 l if lllsfx L , T, E121 'f-fx H T fig! if M 2, s , , Henry Bar+ell--Yslela, Texas Melvin Bashner-Harlford, Connecficuf Rogers Berggren-Odessa, Texas Georgia Beys--El Paso, Texas Barbara Birclwell--Yslefa, Texas Herberf Blue-Asforia, Illinois Jack Bourquin-Bar+lesville, Oklahoma BeHy Boykin-Deming, N, Mexico Harrison Brock-El Paso, Texas 1' ii lk ,e 2 --if 'til' 7 X ,. s . X? Q ii 4...--A ss ' nt. 1 me XS K ss? 5 5,35 is rw ,T l g l'-l?z i , JM T as Qt., Q 4l, fy 55 if Y R 43 i .F P an gf sf' K Irene Duke-El Paso, Texas Ray Dufchover-Anfhony, N. M. Angie Elder-El Paso, Texas Nancy Elder-El Paso, Texas Ted Engel-El Paso, Texas Rodolfo Espinoza-El Paso, Texas Jeanne EvereH-Harrisburg, Pa. Joe Fes+e-EI Paso, Texas Aiex Fierro-Fabens, Texas Bobby Brown-El Paso, Texas Thomas Calliilo-El Paso, Texas Frank Canales-EI Paso, Texas James Caroline-Sanderson, Texas Ernesf Carreon-Ei Paso, Texas Bobby Coleman--Yazoo Ciry, Miss Berman Corbeli-Colorado Ci+y, Texas Bobbie Dale-Alamogordo, N. M. Doro+hy Diehl-El Paso, Texas "Y'i"f D I A . T 4. 'NXXX T SX ,i". f" X75',f5'll? 'if -ri . if wefps 1, T aa- , aaz , '55 5 I Jerry Flack-El Paso, Texas Roberl' FluiH'--Anclrews, Texas Carmelina Franco-Presidio, Texas Elia Gagne-Valenline, Texas Roberl Ganclara-El Paso, Texas Damon Garbern--El Paso, Texas Cynflmia Garbrechl-El Paso, Texas Luis Garcia-El Paso, Texas Kennelh George-Graham, Texas ia sis ii i . Q x . , ,.:s,3-5575 1 igiigsiggv sw ....,. ':1'5f it Q 3 Q ,,. ,f M ,vs , f 4 A if W, fm W 3 I 'Ai gm 2 s we 1 Y af Q A fi S 5 z awe , as .ie Q , d ev? mfs .. . 91:53 "" 53933117-7251531935.Eff E3 35215355 x Q , - 1: ei: , . ,'7'l" ' ,W gsm' ,ja 'G 1 s.. E' 5, is 41 ., S' is if Jimmy Good-El Paso, Texas Daurice Gorner-El Paso, Texas Malcolm Green-Farmingfon, Illinois Herman Gschwincl-El Paso, Texas Maria Guerrero-El Paso, Texas Carolyn Gumper-El Paso, Texas Dora Gulierrez-Pecos, Texas Jimmy Hacldacl-El Paso, Texas Bobba Hadloclc-El Paso, Texas Y s , 3 W1 if Lynn Horsley-El Paso, Texas Dan Hor+on-Tyler, Texas Mrs. Virginia Hunfer-El Paso, Texas Rod Jennings-Blufilon, Ohio Mrs. Flecla Jordan-Rome, Georgia Jim Journey-El Paso, Texas Erma Joyner-El Paso, Texas Jim Kasfer-El Paso, Texas Bels Kollilcer-El Paso, Texas -21 ei ? Bill Hall-El Paso, Texas JeaneHe Halow-El Paso, Texas Don Handlin--Kermif, Texas Lavon Haririclc-El Paso, Texas Joy Dee Hal'cl'1eH'-El Paso, Texas Nancy Heinzel-El Paso, Texas Danny Herrera-Maria, Texas Carroll Hickey-El Paso, Texas Thomas Holland-Haskell, Texas .ga ' 4' .l r 2 ff- "fl i if T 4 of , , - , , - p a 'l J' Joanne Kollilcer-El Paso, Texas Nancy Lee Kyle-El Paso, Texas Arl'l1ur La Capria, Jr.-Bosfon, Mass. Lawrence Edward Langley-El Paso, Texas Henry Hersclwel Launspacli-Winflnrop, Mass. Louise Ann Leonard-El Paso, Texas James S'ran+on Leonard-El Paso, Texas James Herman Loper--El Paso, Texas Edmunclo Roman Macias-El Paso, Texas L58 ilk. s,, A 7 K. ika- ..,r. so ss rrs K f axrs sss ra y VA- L K X ,Y Q- y. P 1" PT' P 1 if Psr, TLLLL is T X if s" . sass ,Js , A kkk' P N L as s P ssxssss ' J .2 5321 -srl 'f A '53 wif si it gg S if ii i' , 5 as-P ,, s E 5 5 -Y ' ' ifx ,.5. Jin.. William Mahon-El Paso, Texas Leo Mar+in-P+. Davis, Texas A. J. Mason-Clovis, New Mexico Carolyn lv1cCl'1esney-Brownsville, Texas Norma Jean McDonald-El Paso, Texas Hulon McSpaclden-Yslela, Texas Carlos Melendez-El Paso, Texas Be'H'y Mills-Alpine, Texas Richard Mirrop--Jersey Ci+y, N. J. was F sm- We ' ,fe Eg 4 f' K -52? V Nr 5. lr' Q as A xl ,ix i 9 'Sw yi :J sw .. s QE I ,ff mi f li, ii H005 John Mischen-PiHsburg, Pa. Bill Mischen-El Paso, Texas Necl Moore--Dex+er, N. M. Thomas Moore-El Paso, Texas Sieve Morales-Pearsall, Texas in Q, x , all gy i Arfhur Nolan-Cleveland, Ohio Bruce Nusbaum-El Paso, Texas Fern Parrish-El Paso, Texas lrma Perez-El Paso, Texas Dick Peirce-El Paso, Texas Leon Pol-Belleville, New Jersey Alicia Porras-El Paso, Texas Yolanda Porras-El Paso, Texas Charles Porfh-El Paso, Texas Margarel Morrissey-El Paso, Texas William Mowad-El Paso, Texas Eclmunda Muzqvis-El Paso, Texas Ar+hur Naiera-El Paso, Texas 3 f ii JY I K f i ff, 1 iiie x T is . ' fi V lil ri, i . l , , K fs fry K X ,Jig Y M Tw- T, i K v i i! LJ? fi' ,. Z T Ut f Sam Ramirez-El Paso, Texas Dorol'l1y Reecl-Waco, Texas Louis Robbins-El Paso, Texas Gilloerl' Rodriguez-Harlingen, Texas George Rodriguez--El Paso, Texas Carmen Rodriguez-El Paso, Texas Lupe Salas-El Paso, Texas Rila Salazar-El Paso, Texas Mike Salom-El Paso, Texas 99'- 2. U slffvfm ' flasks ff'f?'3?f'5u T f , if--is , , 7 K W ealji xl,-5 ,La E ' Z,-liar? kfxggf x wn is V-an v -f HW 'rx 'a'-Nw el f. X- lf- ' ta -' me-.1 fr ' 1 -i W . W ' Barbara Sanborn-Toronlo, Onl. Canada Grace Sanchez--El Paso, Texas Tom ScoH--El Paso, Texas Charlie Shadle-EI Paso, Texas Neva Schullz-El Paso, Texas Sleve Smi+h-El Paso, Texas Claude Sfeele-Monalwans, Texas Billie Slephens-El Paso, Texas Elmer Sfrachan-Clin+, Texas Janef Vofa-El Paso, Texas Willard Ward-El Paso, Texas Ann Waflxins-El Paso, Texas Carl Webb-Kokomo, Indiana Keifh Whar+on-Kermit Texas Amanda Willcey-El Paso, Texas Norma Williamson-Valenline, Texas Jean Willmore-El Paso, Texas Hunfer Wise-Dallas, Texas Bob Wi+hers--El Paso, Texas Horace Wrigh+-El Paso, Texas Jayne Yelinelc-El Paso, Texas il as QW is 1 Carmelila Tafum-Parral, Chihuahua Isabel Terrazas-El Paso, Texas John Terry-Weslmorelancl, New Hampshire George Thomas-El Paso, Texas Helen Tighe-El Paso, Texas Nancy Toll-Pecos, Texas we , Q -.ff 5 fix Q s 1' f 1, M 'L If MQ P - X Q ks 3 at 2? ff, x S s l!! SE? Delfino Torres-El Paso, Texas Lorraine Tully-San Anfonio, Texas Marfha Vela-El Paso, Texas Mary Vigerusf-La Tuna, Texas 'fri' if 3, -' , fa if is as , q y ,,- al' ' T X l 5 507 Lou Conner, Sophomore Favorife CARL BRADLEY Presideni' SOPHGMORE CLASS OFFICERS RAFAEL CHAVEZ Vice Presicleni' ANN EDWARDS Secrefary GERRY LYNCH Treasurer w gO O Lee Ar+hur-Marla, Texas Joe Afkins-Dallas, Texas Irvin Barringlon-El Paso, Texas Jaclc Baughman-El Paso, Texas Marvin Beier-Las Cruces, New Mexico Bernice Bell-Midland, Texas Bob Benforcl--El Paso. Texas Rennie BenneH-Big Spring, Texas Lynn Berquisl'-Niles, Michigan Julie+a Acos+a-El Paso, Texas Tomasine Aber-El Paso, Texas Sfella Alba-El Paso, Texas William Albrecl1+-Lemon'I', Illinois Ar+uro Alvarez-El Paso, Texas Charles Anderson-Ashlabula, Ohio Ismael Ancluiar-Caguas, Puer+o Rico Raul Armendariz-El Paso, Texas Harry Arringfon-El Paso, Texas 'fi dit ' 3,3 56515: is-1152, mf We , S S, M, 2 il' ix Z? 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'Q L 5 If f-. 'Na G s 2 Q S 5' , K. '-,,'!1wa. . X Qs, ,ff --fs ', 5 .. W ., V-1, . . , -1 ' if 45 .551 figf' Q12 T -, ' -s ffx- ' we T ,H .. .J-.L . f gd, fs X Si Y 1:14 fi w Sandra Flaiz-El Paso, Texas Frank Fowler-Waxalwachle, Texas Ted Fowler-Es+elllne, Texas Allan Friedman-El Paso, Texas Caesar Fulfon-McAllen, Texas Elizabelh Galclry-Amarillo, Texas lrma Ganclara-El Paso, Texas G-refchen Gnauclc--El Paso, Texas Rene Gonzalez-El Paso, Texas James M. Hill-Briscoe, Texas Wanda Hill-EI Paso, Texas Lillian Hirsch-El Paso, Texas Kay Hornaday-San Anlonio, Texas Susan Horne-El Paso, Texas Frieda Howey-El Paso, Texas Ar+l1ur Hull-San Anlonio, Texas Joe Hunfer-El Paso, Texas Marilyn lvey-El Paso, Texas Rosalinda Gonzalez--El Paso, Texas Charles Granf-El Paso, Texas Rila Greene-Odessa, Texas Serena Hamillon-El Paso, Texas Lloyd Hanson-Chicago, lllinois Edward Hass-McCarney, Texas Sandra Hellman-Porfales, New Mexico Maria Rosa Herrera-El Paso, Texas Phyllis Jane Hesler-El Paso, Texas si ll 4 , i Sandra Jameson-El Paso, Texas Tommy Jones-Odessa, Texas Jerry Kellen-El Paso, Texas John Kipp-Lordsburg, New Mexico Gerald Kriclc-Emmaus, Pennsylvania Gayle Lamberl-El Paso, Texas Mary Leonard-El Paso, Texas Dulcie Ligon-Fl. Sfocldon, Texas Anne Linebaugh-El Paso, Texas ,,.wf. 7--f iw, QQ? Y s i 5 . 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S , T 1- ' ,: ,:..:, ' . .lm Shirley Maury-El Paso, Texas Bonnie May-Kerens, Texas Raymond Melenclez-El Paso, Texas James Mellon-El Paso, Texas Jean Mellon-El Paso, Texas Calixio Membrila-El Paso, Texas Amelia Mendez-Carlsbad, New Mexico Carlos Moneclero-El Paso, Texas Marilyn Moore-El Paso, Texas Charles McGaha-Jal, New Mexico Roy McGaugl1ey-El Paso, Texas Viclor Macias-Chihuahua, Chihuahua Jim Mock-El Paso, Texas Jerry Maloy--El Paso, Texas Ellen Jayne Maris-Pecos, Texas Jerry Marshall-Phillips, Texas Jerry Lou Marlin-El Paso, Texas Oscar Marfinez-Brady, Texas issl 5 T , la , ,qs ., Elf Sandra Morrison-El Paso, Texas Thomas Mulhern-El Paso, Texas Belly Carolyn Nelson-Garland, Texas Roberl' Nesom-El Paso, Texas James Niclcless-Forl Bayard, New Mexico Lanny Norris-Slureveporl, Louisiana Raul Armando Norfe--El Paso, Texas Juan Ogaz-El Paso, Texas l.el'i+ia Ornelas-El Paso, Texas fx Fi il? H is 4-vs' fee -a lil l . 1! . i s ffiff' ' . 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Sfocldon, Texas Mary Sanchez-El Paso, Texas Fred Seeley Harry Springer-El Paso, Texas Joe Sferling-El Paso, Texas Gerald S+ewar+-El Paso, Texas George Sullivan-El Paso, Texas Sandra Townley-Odessa, Texas Larry Traylor--Yslela, Texas Bill Tyra-El Paso, Texas Mary Valclespino-El Paso, Texas Mary Vasquez--El Paso, Texas Joan Vigerusl-LaTuna, Texas Cecil Villalobos-Van Horn, Texas Mannon Wallace-McKinney, Texas , 9 Y . 'wr H s ifiliiii lrf 1' . P' sss. : 'fix N . s ',V' M , T I -sf fl ,F W. , 1 me ns, 4 keg b"'1t 1 fx, 2 mm +1 ' ,msg my! 5 '1- ., .. , . ,,a. - M K f f .-'1'fl2i:A' VPU? ' E. . ' - P A Q' 1 22 gs , '1 miiwise islam: it' 1 X s s s fm 2: Q15-ffrz-im , i ' ' - 5 xii,-Q ,,s lm iriisvv wwf Q i as? 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Ackley, Monahans, Texas Francis Alexander, El Paso, Texas Laurence Allen, El Paso, Texas Owen Allen, El Paso, Texas Monfe Armor, El Paso, Texas Gwen Anderson, Nofrees, Texas Larry Appleby, El Paso, Texas Nancy Armis+ead, Forl' Sfocldon, Te George Arms, El Paso, Texas Alber+o Ayala, Juarez, Cl'1icl1., Roberf Bardsley, EI Paso, Texas Richard Barrera, Van Horn, Texas X65 Vernon Boyd, Soufh Pi++sburg, Gerald Brooks, El Paso, Texas Ebba Brown, Monahans, Texas Jack Burgess, Alpine, Texas Buddy Burns, Yslela, Texas Bill Burros, EI Paso, Texas Billie Burson, Marfa, Texas Chris+ine Byrd, El Paso, Texas Jacqueline Cain, El Paso, Texas Joe Caldwell, Toyah, Texas Emma Candelaria, Yslela, Texas Kay Cherko, EI Paso, Texas we Tennessee f! "f? i '-f -Q., Joe Cleveland, El Paso, Texas Georgia Cobos, EI Paso, Texas Sallie Conn, Fabens, Texas Alva Cook, Kermif, Texas Nancy Cook, EI Paso, Texas David Cowan, Sierra Blanca, Texas Margie Crawford, EI Paso, Texas James Creel, EI Paso, Texas w-I mil . .,,-' J Q T L',L Eg-3 LL11L gi l zg. . Q Sally Ecord, El Paso, Texas Molly Edens, El Paso, Texas George Emerl, El Paso, Texas John English, Housfon, Texas Joy Esfes, Barflesville, Texas Adelaide Evans, EI Paso, Texas Jerry Eaus'l', EI Paso, Texas Sharon Fedric, EI Paso, Texas Roberl' Culpeper, El Paso, Texas Gail Davis, Brownfield, Texas Yolanda De Hoyas, Fl. Hancock, Texas Maria Delgado, EI Paso, Texas Ronald DeH'man, Michigan Cily, Maria Diaz, El Paso, Texas Sallie Dickerson, El Paso, Texas Jim Dicus, El Paso, Texas John Dickey, Tyler, Texas Lora Dillard, El Paso, Texas ln Roberf Duchouquefle, El Paso, Texas Eleanor Dusang, El Paso, Texas Herberf Feinberg, El Paso, Texas Ben Fisher, Penpelfon, N. C. Georgia Folsom, El Paso, Texas Lydia Franco, EI Paso, Texas Lucy Galvan, EI Paso, Texas Edna Garcia, El Paso, Texas Orlando Garza, El Paso, Texas Margaref Gibson, El Paso, Texas Roy Gibson, El Paso, Texas R. Duane Godwin, EI Paso, Texas Frances Gold, EI Paso, Texas Irene Gonzales, El Paso, Texas WL Jerry Goon, El Paso, Texas Gilber+ Govel, El Paso, Texas Roberl' Gray, EI Paso, Texas Adele Haddad, EI Paso, Texas Grover W. Hadwin, Hampfon, S. William Haight EI Paso, Texas Lucille Hannon, EI Paso, Texas Mary Lou Hargis, El Paso, Texas Edward Houser, El Paso, Texas Margarel' Jaclcson, EI Paso, Texas Eugene Johnson, Roswell, N. M. Ralph Johnson. Mary Helen Juarez, El Paso, Texas Richard Jupa Sonja Jorgenson, El Paso, Texas Karolyn Keifh, Denver Cily, Texas Marvin Hargraves, EI Paso, Texas Kalherine Hargrove, Acala, Texas Carl Harmon, El Paso, Texas Edna Hernandez, El Paso, Texas Lucas Herrera, Jr., Marfa, Texas Monica Herrera, El Paso, Texas Richard Holcombe, EI Paso, Texas Irene Holguin, EI Paso, Texas Judy Hollingsworlh, El Pasc, Texas Jane Holmberg, El Paso, Texas Ernesf Holmes, Ff. Wor+h, Texas Charles Hoo+en, El Paso, Texas .y r n K a - ,SE x , , h 5, i 1 5 Marfha Kennedy, El Paso, Texas Mary Anne Kennedy, El Paso, Texas Roberl' Kinkade, El Paso, Texas Harry LaBree, EI Paso, Texas Rulh Lasswell, Rochesfer, N. Y. Pafricia La+ham, El Paso, Texas Marilyn Law, El Paso, Texas Carolyne Lee, Amarillo, Texas Wah Lee, El Paso, Texas Sue Bell Lemperl, EI Paso, Texas Edwin Len+, EI Paso, Texas Donald Leslie, Yslefa, Texas Billie Lewis, Carlsbad, New Mexico Ar+uro Lighfbourn, El Paso, Texas John Linebaugh, EI Paso, Texas Felipe Lopez, Yslela, Texas Margarel Lucero, El Paso, Texas Bill McBee, El Paso, Texas JeaneH'e McFadden, EI Paso, Texas Sylvia Mallery, Omaha, Nebraska Q Q 27 328 Vernon Milchell, Kilgore, Texas Margarei' Mizar, Hun+ing1'on Park, Charles Morriss, EI Paso, Texas Mary Lou Mullings, EI Paso, Texas Namra Nacim, El Paso, Texas Ar+hur Napoles, El Paso, Texas Carolyn Neligan, El Paso, Texas Melissa Nicholson, El Paso, Texas Calif. Rober+ Mapula, EI Paso, Texas Ben Marfin, Jr., F+. Davis, Texas Duane Marl'in,,El Paso, Texas Dolores Marfinez, EI Paso, Texas Margare+ Mehlhop, Dexfen N. Mex Be+h Merrill, Odessa, Texas Janice Michener, Midland, Texas John Michener, Midland, Texas Tom Millard, McGehee, Ark. Ken Miller, EI Paso, Texas Mar'rha Miller, EI Paso, Texas Rex Miller, El Paso, Texas Ann Noble, LiHle Rock, Arlc. Sandra Ogden, Monahans, Texas Sandra Olmsrecl, El Paso, Texas Eleanor Payan, EI Paso, Texas Calalina Peclroza, El Paso, Texas Douglas Pfeifer, Ei Paso, Texas Gayle PickeH', EI Paso, Texas John Prince, El Paso, Texas Norman Quales, Moselle, Miss. Jucly Quinney, EI Paso, Texas Maria Ramirez, El Paso, Texas Janice Rawclon, Midland, Texas Hellyn Recfor, Tucumcari, N. Mex. Marfha Re'y, El Paso, Texas Dale Reynolcls, EI Paso, Texas Mayre Sue Richards, Yslefa, Texas Connie Riorclan, EI Paso, Texas Jose Rivera, El Paso, Texas Mary Roach, San Bernadino, Cal. Colleen Roberfs, EI Paso, Texas Y' 329 S5 John Smilh, El Paso, Texas Lane Smifh, El Paso, Texas Wayne Smi+l'1, EI Paso, Texas May Snedigar, El Paso, Texas Marifred Snelson, Monal1ans, Texas Armando Solo, An+l1ony, Texas Connie Srole, Tucumcari, N. M. Jo Be+l1 S+evens, Deming, N. M.. Kennefh Sfuies, Sanderson, Texas John Taylor, Monahans, Texas Magdalena Terrazas, El Paso, Texas James Tharp, McCamey, Texas 5 A 5 4 V i HE ,gi . 1,1 ',., 1 ,A.. I Q fe so F 'W :rc X v ?"f"g""- R Q 4 2 all Kelly Roberfs, Midland, Texas Sally Roberfson, Roswell, N. M. Rosa Maria Rodarfe, EI Paso, Texas George Rodriquez, El Paso, Texas Elma Rosales, El Paso, Texas Barbara Russell, Tru+l1 or Consequences New Nexico Humber+o Salclivar, El Paso, Texas Esequiel San+iago, Van Horn, Texas Marcia Sco++, Pecos, Texas Calvin Sexfon, EI Paso, Texas Par Shadle, El Paso, Texas Janyfh Smifh, El Paso, Texas Gerald Thrasher, Dallas, Texas Bill Travis, El Paso, Texas Anne Turner, El Paso, Texas Nina Van Horn, EI Paso, Texas Alicia Vasquez, EI Paso, Texas John Vickers, Fabens, Texas Pal' Vickers, El Paso, Texas Janice Walker, El Paso, Texas Doyle Wa+lcins, lvlonahans, Texas Caroline Wa+son, EI Paso, Texas Jane+ WaH's, EI Paso, Texas Doris Webb, El Paso, Texas Neil Weinbrenner, EI Paso, Texas Don Whifalcer, EI Paso, Texas Bill While, Sacramenlo, Cal. Ronald Whorfen BeHy Wilhife, EI Paso, Texas Anna Jean Wipf, El Paso, Texas James WiH', Carlsbad, N. M. Joan Woll, El Paso, Texas Bryan Woolley, E+. Davis, Texas Roberl' Wrighr, EI Paso, Texas In Memoriam Angie Zacour, El Paso, Texas Rosemary Zacour, EI Paso, Texas ws. J .7 Through 'rhe following pages is wri++en +he s+ory of Texas Weslern and i+s supporlers . . . people and organizalions who sponsored lhe Prospeclor when il became a newspaper in l9l9 and who have made possible +he publicaiion of +he Flowsheef since l922. Because of lhem +he games have been beH'er, 'l'he parades bigger, and fhe school year fuller. Your COLLEGE BOOKSTORE is do- ing ifs bes+ +0 give you effecfive and efficienl' service wifh lhe limilecl l'acili+ies available. We hope, wi+h fhe expanded SUB, fo have one of fhe mosf beaufiful and modern A sfores in fhe Soufhwesf available +o you by 'lhis lime nexi' year. Good luck fo you Seniors! f Q ,gf-il' ?Fl??2 ff These are lhe businesses and friends who have helped make big evenis wha'r lhey are 'rodayz Homecoming, M-Day, +he Sun Bowl, and who have made il possible for such depar+men'ls as Radio, Television and Journal- ism +o be more complele. From small ads +o full page spreads, line drawings fo Texas Wes+ern queens, +his is El Paso and Texas Wes'l'ern, growing +oge+her. Le+'s suppori' +hem as +hey have supporled us. , -za 51-.'A ' f":lg:Z7?'19.-1 -.-- 2' 1 , 11- itkgcv, .. . J 'fi A -.1:Q.111.1. t 4 Q 1 Q . .b,.. -1-. .V .1 -. Q., J, 3 8 E' , 5 . I x i sf' 4 1 5, J . N'- X4' Z-:NN Q- A 1 1 Z 1 .. , I ,X K 1 fx , f 5 mi N 1 4 13-1343! -Ie- DRY GOODS popular COMPANY .11E315E1k2?31E1E1?1211. 1 - 1 1.112513 -1 '11 f -:EZii"'4i111:E1H1E1:1 '5'3'Ei112115 112111121321 -' fa1:11Qz11w'.1::a:21 E: -11 iff 51151-1111111 - ' '. 11 -.-1 LN.-1-'-15' '. ' 111-112121 1' -G1-1-1-111:11 '17'.5:'gti493:g1g'-'--13: 'Q-:7341'51fSN4 . E25 1:11 3 1- i3EE7i11112121H11 15151212725 12 - '12111:zf1 .: ::1?'1-1: 4 " f .-1-25-511:12-1511:1'1'-P :11115i1'3.-1-L ., ?" ..,' 11: -' , 215312131 w zizzisiz 1 1 ' , 15533151532 42.-v ,-1:gcg1g,1:21-1, ,1131::1: - 1 ., ,' 3.9,-.-.41 . ' ' -rzlifsii' ' '- ,-i-iirzialziiziig'-zv' 313115: . , 1 . ., .f 311121215,11i1Q:E1g11-.1211-.1 :" 51112 1 112 -1 6 ,111-:1 1S:s1151q-115512111-i1'1 -21111 -'1 131, '- ,1 1 .-1-151, 1-1-:pg-1-14..-1-1-141-1116 -"1-z-1-1-11:1-1 .-.1.1-1- Nj 1. .. 1-1-2-,1 pig.-2551111-15511:-1 1 1111-. wxwr-1-1-F 111111111 s 11-11:g:g'."j," ' -'i'9""- -1-1-5:-1-111:11-145:1:1: 1. 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What I want IS u -w Coke Wg? lEQZ1'Zjn0 1 Na f . 'a ' DRINK ' pm' A ' - Phone 5-0516 ,X Q " . . -.L .5 mi ow "Cah"hungMond trade-vlofh' b Q , .mum VNU!! AUYNOIYY 0' ll TCA-COLA COMPANV IV Magnolia Coca-Cola BoHling Co. 5 Ncnvs Gnu A'4Pu su0' 930 Reynolds Blvd. BOB WILLIAMS El Paso. Texas 5 h 21 , 4 SUI ION TUE WID THU FII SAT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1011121314 15 16 17 18 19 2021 22232425262728 293031 -'-' ONLY dgZQ,,33 'R ' S S 73 RN P 485i 049 Q :v H40 K Sf 521- fe 2 : EJ 2 H7 :DOES so MANY Joss so wm ag, A. ' 5 SWEXW 'ea I For almost every type of job . . . large l T . : or small. . . El Toro Cement is the t iz . preferred building material, because it's i"s,N-Affmr 0 I I".- Q Ere safe, it needs virtually no maintenance, XNNX ' ' .4 v 0 and it withstands hard usage. What's 3 xxstx I' Q ' more, buildings made of El Toro Cement Q, N -fi 3 65 : are built for -beauty. . .and they're built .3 ' " l l ' . to last a lifetime. .5 f I I I , - - -0. , I-.1 4 ' l I fi 4-1 . ' 'il l I 7'K-Q-, 'QQL BUILD . IT YOURSELF! oooooo A .. o Q Q Q o o 0 will 3 TALK o LK Q D FRESH 1'As'rY " i0 0 FREA ENERGY 0 O O uv svfky O KAHN amulrisd co' SL fcfl EL uso. 'texas o oo, b O 0 0 O 1 ' o 'r " 90 TOWN U '. M' '7 ig , s 0 O - ". 0 0 , Save time! Save money! Have fun! For . all your building needs use ATLAS BUILDING PRODUCTS -- available at 0 any Building Supply dealer. Atlas prod- 0 ucts are designed for beauty, perma- ' . nence, and minimum maintenance. 9. THE BUILDING PRODUCTS in C0. Makers of SAIIETI CALCEMINT AND SPIAVTEX PAINTS CIDIDEI CONCRETE ILOCI STIESTCRETE IOOF AND FLOOR SLAIS STUCCO .7 iw, K ' xx - ,Wx .. 'Wa XT , 'X Sw , lg 5 SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT - - - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1011 12131415161718 19202122232425 26272829' - ' 398 FEBRUARY Valentines and Freda Anthonq .'Z' i55i :::"" llllinil 3 Z33iigsg2g2isi2if2 '2" P '-"'4'1-1 4"":'b'A'1: 41:: Q ------Q '--- "'-4 ""' iii : ::"""4'4 5 ig ""' """1' 'A""" ii "'1-' "" A--11: as ' 19 -A-A11 i :11 'S "" 11: 152.15 ... ..l 523. ,,.4 ,,.. .Q,.A, ,.,4.., ,S '12121a2f2g2a2g2z2f21-4- Q 1 N ' C 1 a aa I ..V. .... 2 553:32 rg. 1 .f.1...,: 1 1.6 122 "': Tir 'l im ,1,l.. i'ii5ifii5E3 KTSM-Tvicihainnel 9- KTSM Radio 1380 ,W-E15 N 1 flu.. ,OE L VE AND ENJOY THE In DIFFERENCE! 6 :B .1 64 You Eben as uno sauna? L.f'H'7f""7 ff nf 7 Corner of Texas and Mesa - Dial 3-2411 The Conneclicul Mulual Life Insurance Co. of Harlford L. M. McDaniel l08 E. Yandell Blvd. 3-7312 ELEPHONE 2-36148 IIIEME-SEE! 401044 Gampany FLOOR, WALL 0 CEILING COVERINGS 605 MONTA EL PASO El Paso's Oldest and Finest Shoe Store Z GUARANTEE COLLEGE FASHIONS THE YEAR ROUND 110 Texas St. - 211 E. San Antonio NORTON BROTHERS Engineer lnsfrumenfs and Supplies Visi'r Our Book Deparlrnenf T IIZ Texas Slreel EI Paso "'1gx1tfj,g.1:p 1 fu .. K .., X ' ffff - 1 1 1 M W ff W W Z1 1 1 1 SUN NON TUE WED THU flf SAT N, 'im X.,zV .. W 4 5 6 1 s 9 10 , ' - f i ' 1112131-1151611 MCIPCN WINGS CINCISGPCIH RCHW1 14 18 19 zo 21 22 23 24 Q 1 25 26 27 28 29 3031 W 1 11 1l 2 1 'kgyf ' A fr' 2a :SYN K AMW vf-- 2 ' 'W ,fg Wk M32 .y ,.i1i,,L,gl EL PASO SPORTING GOODS CO. 208 North Stanton St. E1 Paso, Texas EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTMAN Compliments I of Wm M TEXAS STORE THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS LORETTO 4842 Montana PIECE GOODS DEPT ' 300 Texas VILLAGE SHOP Five Points 206 s. Mesa Phone 3-5547 70f3,A,'Iifi2,QDSf, E THE FINEST FORMAL FABRICS "THE LATEST FASHIONS IN FOOTWEAR AND READY-TO-WEAR" SIUPHIIS f""- Huxsows JEWELERS Il G, - I SILVERWARE - CHINA I-19 cumsnwufns unwualfw Q, PONSFORD fn fwazfwe Allltfd cl11za,41fVfr BRCTHERS YOU ARE INVITED T0 COME IN AND BROWSE 820 NORTH MESA AVENUE GENERAL CQNTRACTORS TELEPHONE 4 1507 , ,ff LHP' p .gil -1 fm gf! K I I E 1 ' N 5 II I DIAMONDS-WATCHES 3. I! I . 9 .gg .6 . , 9 f. ff, , Nm W . Abdou Bldg. lll N. MESA We thank you tor the cooperation you have given us in taking your pictures this year. You'll always treasure this annual and we hope that someday we can help you when you Want beautiful and everlasting portraits. DIAL 2-6152 EL PASO. TEXAS "K. K. Kazin, Photographer" Serving the Southwest Since 1912. Oregon af Texas 3-36lI Szgfdon E95 Mills and rbsa EL PASO. TEXAS Tel. 3-2622 E 1 y'ng the Conhdence cf the Co ty for Over 43 Years YOU - SEE MORE ON CHANNEL 4 KROD-TV and for rhe Tops in radio - i+'s KROD - 600 on your dial! -gp xx O N N .ff , PM i ii xffifzg 5 APRIL April Showers cmd Thczlicx Beqs sun mon Yu: wen vnu nu su' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1011121314 15 16 17 18 19 2021 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 ..... hun... pa Mi whim 7w i 5..e.irs.a.13yi,537fz,2gg,:d7g A ' - -I r -------- ----- - - - l I STANDARD llll. P R O D U C T S WE TAKE BETTER CARE UF YUUR CAR 6l3-T5 Monfana Dial 44543 SAUNDER5 31 MCAFEE iWlLLIAMJ.ELLIOTT Insurance Developer of C. F. SAUNDERS TOM W. MCAFEE Mission Hiiis C- ' ,EI Paso's Exclusive Sub-Division 214 N' Stanton 2-1436 Norfh Kansas ST Norfh of Mesifa Ave EL PASO, TEXAS 111355 HHBDLUTIBE BU. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS ALBUQUERQUE PHOENIX NEW IVIEXICO ARIZONA 1 . 53? g W W ,Q -fa 1. ' vw, M A--- Q .14 Q gin P., ' 'Q5' 2 1 4iQQ'i'V fy , -v ,ff ,-sfwikslfsx, -z,1'.5 ' 'Wi s , ,, K SUN NON TUE WED THU FRI SAT ' - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 101112 13141516171819 2021 22 23 24 25 26 2728293031 ' - NAAY Graduadon and Jeannette McFadden N 4 XXX gl .QQ 5 4 ',.A: -5 Slade TQQ are HM ,J hr 1. , '-f::,:-.,, .,:5::j.5-I V- -:.f.'-rE:',:- -j-r1,11Er5.5:5:j.j:5:,zrprf.:I:j.'-:-I..' -' '--iffrIJ:I'1r:5'251f'.-I :1.,:jI5:j.,I-E':- B0 IDU? PP! 70l5 Highway 80 Easl' Dial 3-7585 Plumbing. Hardware, Lumber, Sporiing Goods, and Appliances Complimenls TWC and Texas College of Mines Graduaiion of Rings Available lor Any Year Various Slones, Weighis, Encrusling or Degrees Real Esfafe Since l888 J Sp?Iall1O7I,derTd . oe c ar z, nc. 204 N' Oregon Dlal 2-.454 500 N. Oregon Across from Public Library fl B FORD FOR 56 ILIFEGUARD DESIGNJ FULWILER 3-2434 Thunderbird Thunderbird Performance Sfyling 347 8 fmldnn Eyw ww JUNE Weddings cmd Jcmet Vote: . . . . . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10111213141516 17181920212223 24252627282930 WHITE'S THE HOME OF GREATER VALUES Furniture, Appliances, House-Wares, also Accessories TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS ' 322 Texas 3-2608 5038 Alemodo Prospect 2-7467 Th 6 BUCKNER TRANSFER 6 M k STORAGE CO. a A ers Local of Long Distance Moving AIVI b4.:: :ll lullirzzluh 4V::EE::E I A 1 huzzs :: '.V.:' .: A I Packing - Crating - Storage 'auz K "l,, ,iiii X A ,'1' A S X Of GUNNING-CASTEEL HORTEX MFG. CO., INC. EL PASO, TEXAS DRUG STORES EL PASO'S LARGEST FINEST Corner, Stanton and Mills 4904 Montana at Huckleberrv an 'Y xx ii! tf.k h f Nr' i , --Q FM... i 1' -x 1 ,ar 'ka X 2 X JULY the 4th and Lou Conner SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1011121314 15161718192021 22232425262728 293031 -"' fi? Q Q'gMagl R Mllliw 3 ' 1 SX 9 5 Q x ii E hifi all 'inn 5215, Agile In HQ i if NE H 2. is A TEXAS NEW MEXICO Echlin-Irvin-Crowell 6. Co. 1 msummcr: asilhlile fevxelue TEXAS ANos1ANToN J E W E L E R S A ll Penh lm-gan and Most lcauiiful Jewelry Sier- AHIZONA MEXICO 0010 g X60 00010 .40 'ww 108.9160 TEHHS UDEIG Complimenfs of MONROE, LICHT and HIGGINS ARCHITECTS and ENGINEERS 827 E. Ycrndell SD TI-I ST WMM O Regular Checking Accounfs O Thrifficheck Accounfs O Saving Accounfs O Drive-In-Banking O f Loans 305 MiIIs S+. EI Paso, Texas Member of Ilwe FecIeraI Deposn Insurance Corp. I922 E YANDELL CLEANERS A B Poe Motor Co f lwfn. ,fix I N 9 Tuxedos 81 While Dinner Jaclzeis for Renf S7 00 Also All Accessories for Ren+ Double-breas+ecl Sulfs Allered +o Sing: Experf Alferaflons 8: Sfa-Nu Cleaning Phone 2-73 I2 'l 1 We ' .puf Of S'Pl5" J-ff 5741" LAUNDRY - CLEANERS of Disfincfion 408-20 S. Oregon Dial 22455 601 Texas Street Phone 3-2636 X YOUR CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Dealer over 27 Years Check Our Deal Before You Buy" 6 , fe TWC BOOSTERS SOUTHERN UNION GAS CO. CARROLL 81 DAEUBLE TOMS TOMS Compliments XOWKS 0, of .r SEO ONS I 'Q M X' X S SW01 to if e ' ' roms TOMS roM's WMS ps an T E ,S SWG! En an ' 'S '- M rr 5 IQ? 109 ,O 9- TOM'5 M3 We Give SXKH Green Stamps O O LAND-ER LUMBER CQ- Plenty of Free Storeslde Parking BUILDING MATERIALS N. Piedras at Moniana ESI 1908 Dialb-6755 Dial 3-4481 1830 Texas 4 ,Q ,,:4,, ,. 5, - ""e'-1fAf f 'I J . .ziz -.::. Comphmems of fe,. eeee "'A EL PASO WHITE TRUCK SALE eettr eeeeel W 5 E- 2- 4 ---, - .Q .f.g.,, . I. . -is , ,,v,V w e ..,.,.:,.-.,,.,.,...,,, Reynolds Electrical 8: Engineering Co. ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERS EL PASO - HOUSTON - ALBUOUEROUE - SANTA FE - TOPEKA - OMAHA -- LAS VEGAS An organization ot electrical engineers trained to the intricctte needs of the construction industry. -F 353 SUN ION TUE WED THU FRI SAT - - ' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1011 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 262728293031 ' AUGUST Summer Finals cmd JOLI Dee Hcatchett gf pow Suysfzfq a. FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 2430 Texas Street Phone 2-44 I 4 50 Years of Qualify Dairy Leadership More People in The Soulhwesl Drinlc Prices Milk Than Any Olher Brand! IHTIDILTUSWVIDIIQTTIHI jeweler and Silversmith EL PASO, TEXAS 9 205 MILLS STREET 1 , Nine Convenien+ Locaiions Mesa Ranch House Valley Texas Sfreei Alfa Vida Town Pump Plaza Airporf Dyer Sfreef If A MALT on A MEAL AND NEVER LEAVE YOUR WHEEL RESTAURANTS - DRIVE-INS 355 C A R P A R T S QUALITY PRICE SERVICE D E P O T I N C. OQNOQ. PRODUCE co., Q' ERunT a. VEGETABLES CONGRATULATIONS 'TW' SENIURS can Bo kk p 2-5403-2-5404 2 5372 II4 S. Ochoa St. E P 211-15 N. Cotton 2-3471 M. HX A man or woman and even a business firm is offen Icnown by 'rhe company if keeps. Dickshire of EI Paso, dis+ribu+or of Coors, is proud of 'rhe role which i+ has played in +he deveIop- mem' of +he EI Paso Soufhwesf. Good neighbors mos+ of Ihe 'l'ime dis'rribu+e good produc+s. Dickshire is proud of i+s par+icipa+ion in +he Pan- American Road Race, Ihe Sun Carnival Parade, and numerous o+her communiiy and civic affairs. 4- 9- " Ya' zwnexhrhs I Q, ff ? - , . . If '...:.:,-' A , A Qifylgy . DY? A. ,gtf yi , 'hear I , : is E If ?f.Q:'TI!:e+-wif-1' 1 . GRUBBS PLUMBING CO. SPECIALIZING IN WATER HEATERS AND FLOOR FURNACES PLuMaiNG CoN1'RAc1'1Nc- ad co. Established 1891 El. PAso, TEXAS R P s as 100 R ST LAUNDERER8 PA T ev' A 5 L Q cl.lANmc ai Pnssslnc so' F STNCE ' HA'rs CLEANED AND mocngp rf! fy' HVIIVAZ g RUG CLEANING AND SIZING Dial 3-5479 3 .if2ii..:i.,, gi 'UR STORAGE U, - , at-YQ, 1891 GCIQTJ MAIN C3'Lx:I-EZELSPLANT VDRY A 9 sol-911 sou'rH SANTA FE sv. ALL KINDS OF BODY WORK . Compllmenls of R Ralph Barron 311 A ACE BODY sl TOP SHOP D- L- PWOW C0- Affr'2TPC:fL'5ffG IOI9 E. Missouri S+. 2-9332 COMP'-EVE l-'PHO'-STERY School and Office Equipmenl' iaoo TEXAS s'r AUTO GLASS INSTALLED DIAL 3-5773 - 'W--5 Compliment! of Q The Prudential Insurance Co. 'Qs' Of America M Fl W Q BROOKS TRAVIS, Mgr. 913 N. Mesa - Phone 2-5552 6 2-6543 EL PASO' TEXAS 1326 E. YHNDELI. DIAL 3-7487 Complimenfs ol Complimenfs of PLATE GLASS COMPANY HUGH MCMMAN 5 E 42OI Alabama Ave. Dial 5-2753 B. Q I Nf-MP 1106 EAQT OLJPRLANO STRPET gf Cgaso a ! IQOJQLIGVQF- MIIIQP I:-UHQPCII I-l0fTlQ PHONE 2-5625 Duso, Texas 40l WYOMING STREET EL PASO. TEXAS HIRSCH BROTHERS P A R M E L E E MACHINERY COMPANY RADIO 6 Som SENSE F T RS MANU ACTURERS and UISTRIBU O 2720 Montana St. Dial 5-7531 P. o. BOX 226 - 1901 aAssE1'r AVE. .. PHONE 2-2678 7. if SUN HON TUE WED THU FII SAT . . . . . . 1 2 3 4 S 6 7 8 9 1011 12131415 16171 8 19 20 21 22 2330 24 25 26 27 28 29 558 7 7 XXX! L 'N X . I , , ,pw ffl? 9 1i191999 7 Q ff 9 9 9 SEPTEMBER Registration cmd Bettq Ward Complimenls Us Liifrumnnal Shep Qi 224 Cincinnati -- In Kern Place M 81 M Refrigerafion Supply Co. Ruby Fesfe 2505 Texas Phone 3-0571 EL PASO, TEXAS Dial 3-2459 10,11 Ti' FP' llkq O 41gz-4l9 NORTH MESA AVE. Phones Ita, O 53 S? Margie's Corse'r and Ma'rerni+y Shop L Complimenls ol M E' R Rl CKE S P ESC PTION MERCURY PHARMACY CONTINENTAL 3 Dial 2-2693 l05A E. San Anfonio S+. ROLLINS MOTOR CO. FOOD FAIR SUPER MARKET Choice Meals-Fancy Groceries Complimemlg Fruifs and Vegefables of Beer-Wines-and Liquors 2605 N. Mesa Ave.-Dial 2-469I J' E. Morgan 8K Sons We Give Purple Stamps Complime-mls of CRYSTAL CLEANERS l6OI Wyoming S+. 3-2842 Z6 ?cwa,ZaZez'a or gow .fake , , V The Yellow Huses are bqfvr. 6395 Alameda Hlvcl,pl1O11c PR-2-1526 EL PASO 'LHXAH Complimenls of O'LEARY REALTY CO. Offices Phone 3306 Dyer 5-I444 5224 Jerry Lane 6-728I 3233 N. Piedra 6-I647 450l Hercules 64683 359 SUI HON TU! WED TIIU FII SAT - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10111213 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21222324-252627 28293031 - - - ocros ER Halloween and Sonja Jorqenson EL PASO'S MOST COMPLETE WESTERN STORES 7014 HIGHWAY 80 EAST LAKESIDE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER 110 WEST SAN ANTONIO ACROSS FROM THE SIDE ENTRANCE OF THE DEL NORTE HOTEL WHCLIESDMIE TIDAIIHIRGMQ ENGR. Millc Tl'1a+'s as Fresh as +l'1e Morning Sunrise al Your Favorife Food S+ore or for Home Delivery Call PR 2-275I SMACK BAR DAN R. PONDER, lnc. LET's so MlNERss CONSTRUCTION Meef your old 'Friends and make new ones af THE SMACK BAR 327 AVE. tI!6 Laundru ' Cleaners TOPS IN QUALITY AND SERVICE 27l6 N. Mesa Kern Place RAMSEY STEEL CO. ALL C1jxEl.'EEl4J1:ARAlLPggiSLlARE BY Sfrucfural-ReinforcingfOrname'n+al 4100 Rosa S+. Dial 2-2688 EI Paso, Texas 5 SUN HON TUE WED THU FRI SAT . . . . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910 11121314151617 18192021222324 252627282930 COMMERCIAL ENGRAVING CO., INC. Engraving for All Purposes -Phones 2-6341 3-2582- C R A N E S Engraved Wedding Invitations. Wedding Announcements. Cards. Iniormals and Stationery O 219 W. SAN ANTONIO ST. EL PASO. TEXAS Ambassador Al "Allows" The Pain+ A for The Soufhwesl' is made bv ,Tb .Quint cf llll A Ga., .7nc. fy I53I Magoffin El Paso. Texas Dial 4- l403 Car+er's Flower Shops THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS H. W. CROOK REALTY CO. 3824 Tompkins Ave. 5-2734 See Coronado Hills 23I0 N. Piedras 39I2 Pershing OH. ZOI7 Monfana 'ce 44258 Shop and Save at QEAR B O W E N D , ,L YOUR FRIENDLY 5 " Sm' fx 5 WHEEL ALIGNMENT CO. el 119 SHOCK SERVICE - BRAKE SERVICE - WHEEL BALANCING Al-1 FRONT END REBUILDING Where You Get . . . 'go' WYOMWG . BONDED MEATS Clinf Lee, Owner and Operafor ' BETTER SERVICE HAVE YOU SEEN He has u modern, prac- O LOWER PRICES , 4 THIS MAN? Ifzvlldnd easy-:O-vrfn L I I e Insurance pan or ' FRESH PRODUCE You SHOULD! HE S TEXAS WESTERN We Give S 85 H Green Stamps 5? DAVE CLARK STUDENTS S , I ' , I I VIll1O I'8PI'eSeI'1IS H19 For further information, call ll Locations for Your ,, NEW YORK LIFE Dave Clark Sh0ppiIlg COIIVQIIICIICC N' A INSURANCE COMPANY III E. Franklin 5-zozz Complimenfs of FRANCIS WAGNER COMPANY EL PASO'S EXCLUSIVE CLEANER '225 Texas A C M E LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 3-Ib39 905 E. MISSOURI 2-3611 Q "' EL PASO'S LARGEST CARPET STORE L A "-' C A-R If , I 2 W DECOR CARPET Co. mm. ,ws l arf X l fo Phone 2-5454 M' I , I L, or i w AIX , ..,, l8I7 WYomin9 Corner of Coffon I rrrr .rLL..II. rIrIrIrIr .,II....I,.I.,r,..II,,,,I.r .EII. Home means more wifh c:arpeT on The floor-from DQ-Cor S63 SUN HON TUE WED 'NIU Nil IAT I O I U C l 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 101112131415 16171819202122 23sou:x2526212829 DECEMBER Christmas and ,.M....WwNN.WW Rose Marne WM ,ff Graham EMM 'Ws O I Y fi.- J - HAPPY AS A LARK gf 6 ,n - ,ff O5 f D A Y J Unless you start building up your Q " i nest egg now, while you're free as a '1 XIX bird . . . you may be out on a limb .fi later! So why not open a savings ac- 1 'W I count at The State National right .- X away? Be an early bird . . . and yOu'll x be happy as a lark! 'flll STATE NATIONAL BANK OF Elf PASO Amin norm. osrosn uusuunce couromlou :Au Antonio Ar onoon Z I yy i CONGRATULATIONS Alll I NN., A11 the employees of E1 Paso Natural Gas Company extend their congratulations to the seniors of Texas Western CO1- , s A , lege and best wishes to the other students. A Xp l l 1 rl illlll '- fl llllll, y. Wil.-I fliim lll E. 'SZQQJTT " - lar. . EL PASO NATURAL c-sAs f g ADMINISTRATION Adminislralive Assislanls, 37 Deans, 35 Deparlmenl Chairman, 38-39 Facully, 40-49 Ollicers ol Adminislralion, 36 Presidenl'Holcomb, 32-33 Regenls, 34 I ADVERTISEMENTS A. B. Poe Molor Co.., 352 Abdou's, 352 Ace Body and Top Co., 357 Acme Laundry, 363 American Furnilure Co., 343 Allas Building Producls, 337 Blossom Shop, 335 Border Plumbing, 335 Border Produce, 356 Bowen Wheel Alignmenl, 363 Brooks Travis, 357 Buckner Transler and Slorage Co., 349 Builders' Supply, 347 Camera House, 359 Car-Parls Depol, 356 'Carroll 81 Daeuble, 353 Carler's Flowers, 363 ' CharIolle's Mapel Shop, 335 Chez Paree, 352 Chrislopher's, 34I Coca Cola. 335 Coles Brolhers, 347 Commercial Engraving, 363 Conneclicul Mulual Lile Insurance Co., 339 Coors, 356 Crook Really, 363 Cryslal Cleaners, 359 D. L. Pillow Company, 357 Dan R. Ponder, 36I Dave Clark, 363 Decor Carpel Co., 363 Del Camino Reslauranl, 355 Del Norle,Saddlery, 36I Echlin-Irvin-Crowell, 35! Elile Laundry, 352 El Paso El Paso EI Paso Eleclric Co., 339 Federal Savings and Loan, 357 Holel Supply, 355 El Paso Laundry and Cleaners, 357 El Paso Nalural Gas Co., 365 El Paso Sand Producls, 335 EI Paso Sporling Goods, 34I El Paso While Truck Sales, 353 El Paso-Yslela Bus Lines, 359 Fine Arls Sludio, 342 Food Fair, 359 Food Marl, 363 Francis Wagner Company, 363 Fulwiler Molor Co., 347 Given Brolhers, 341 Grubb's Plumbing and Foundry, 357 Guaranlee'Shoe Co., 339 INDEX 12 Gunning-Casleel Drug Slores, 349 Hanley Painl, 363 Hirsch Brolhers Machinery Co., 357 Hixson's, 34I Holdsworlh, 355 Horlex Manulacluring Co., 349 Houser Resilienl Floors, 339 Hugh McMillan, 357 J. E. Morgan and Son, 359 Jerry Marshall, 36I Joe Schwarlz, Inc., 347 KROD, 343 KTSM. 339 L. M. McDaniel, 339 Lander Lumber Co., 353 M 81 M Relrigeralion Supply Co., 359 Modern Engravers, 353 Monroe, Lichl, and Higgins, 35l McKee's Prescriplion Pharmacy, 359 Nance Buick Co., 352 Nelson Eleclric Co., 337 Norlon Brolhers, 339 Oasis, 355 O'Leary Really Co., 359 Oregon Cleaners, 352 Park-Bishop, 359 Parmelee Radio, 357 Pillsburg Plale Glass, 357 Ponslord Brolhers, 34I Popular Dry Goods Co., 334 Pollers Flowers, 357 Price's Creameries, 355 Provencial Shop, 359 R.. E. McKee, 35l Ramsey Sleel Co., 36I Reynold's Eleclric Co., 353 Rio Grande Machinery Co., 335 Rodehaver-Miller, 357 Rollins Molor Co., 359 Saunders and McAfee, 345 Sears, 353 Seven-Up Bollling Co., 359 Shain's, 349 Sheldon Jewelers, 343 Snack Bar, 36! Soulhern Union Gas Co., 353 Soulhwesl Nalional Bank, 35l Soulhwesl Porlland Cemenl Co., 337 Slanclard Oil, 345 Slale Nalional Bank, 365 Supreme Laundry, 36I Texas Slore, 34! Toms, 353 Town Talk Bread, 337 While House Deparlmenl Slore, 347 While's, 349 Whillen Furs, 345 Wholesome Dairy, 36I William J. Ellioll, 345 Yeager and Sons Reallors, 335 Zales, 339 Zork Hardware, 345 ATHLETICS: All Border Conference lFoo'IbaIll, 233 Baslcefball Coach, 244 Baslcelball Review, 244-249 Baslcelball Team, 245-249 Cheerleaders, 230 Foofball Coaches, 232 Foolball Duchesses, 229 Foofball Queen, 228 Foolball Review, 234-24l Golf, 252 Maiorefles, 23! Salad Bowl Players, 233 Tennis, 253 Traclr, 250-25I Traveling Trophy, 232 Varsily Squad, 242-243 MEN'S INTRAMURALS: Badminlon, 265 Baslcelball, 262-263 Baslcefball Champion, 264 Oulslanding lnlramural Player. Table Tennis, 266 Touch Foolball, 267 Volleyball Champions, 26I WOMEN'S INTRAMURALS: Archery, 256 Badminlon, 259 Baseball, 256 Baslcelball, 257 Baslcelball Champions, 255 Oulslanding Girl, 254 Ping-Pong, 256 Tennis, 259 Volleyball, 258 Volleyball Champions, 255 CAMPUSOLOGY: All TWC Day. II6-I I7 Beaufy Conlesf, l05 Campus Chesf, I03 Campus Life, 86-87 Career Day, I02 Classes, 84-85 Co-Ed Ball, I07 Desire Under fhe Elms, II2 Dorm Life, 88-89 Homecoming Aclivilies, 96- I 0 I Inaugurafion, 92 "M" Day, 94 Male Animal, 93 Milil'ary Ball, I04 Orange 8: While Parade, 83 Regisfrafion, 82 Religion in Life Weelr, II4 Sadie Hawkins Day, 95 Senior Prom, II8 2 Snow Fiesla, I08-I I I Spring Pledges, II3 S+. Pafric lc's Day, II5 Summer Formal, I25 Summer Fun, II9 Summer Sfoclr, l20-124 Tom Sawyer, I06 Tucson Trip, 90-9I ENGINEERS: American InsI'i+u+e of Elecfrical Engineers 206 American Inslifule of Mining and Melallurgncal Engineers, 205 American Sociefy of Civil Engineers, 207 Engineering Council, 203 Queen, 202 Sociely of Exploralion Geophysicisls, 208 Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 204 Labs, 209 GREEKS: Alpha Phi Omega, I38-I39 Bell Hall, l5O Belles, I58 C Campus olleagues, I60-l6l ' 9 Chl Ome a, I30-I3I Co-Ed Council, l5l Cosmopolifan Club, I59 Della Del Della Ga Ia Della, I32-I33 mma, I34-I35 Fralernily Sweelhearls, I 62- I 63 Infer Fralernily Council, l29 Kappa Si gma, I40-I4l Della Sigma Pi, l54-l55 C Lambda hi Alpha, I42-I43 Panhellenic Council, l28 Phaferes, I56-I57 Phi Gamma Nu, I52-l53 ' a Phu Kapp Tau, I44-I45 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I46-I47 Tau Kappa Epsilon,I48-I49 Zela Tau Alpha, I36-I37 MILITARY: Aclivilies, 224-225 Disfinguished Milifary Sfudenls, 2I4 Rifle Team, 2I5 ROTC Parades, 223 ROTC Summer Camp, 2l9 FIRST BATTALION BaI'I'ery A, 2I6 Balfery B, 2l7 BaH'ery C, 2l8 Queen, 2 Scabbard I2 and Blade, 2l3 SECOND BATTALION Baflery A, 220 Baffery B, 22I Baflery C, 222 368 ORGANIZATIONS: DEPARTMENTAL Associafion for Childhood Educafion, I79 Beaux Arfs, !8O College Band, l8l College A Cappella Choir, I82 College Chorus, I83 College Players, I84 Gold Diggers, I85 Junior Pan-American, !86 Pre-Law Club, l87 Pre-Med Club, l88 Psychology Club, I89 Rodeo ,CIub, l90 Women's Afhlefic Associafion, I9l HONORARIES Alpha Chi, I67 Alpha Epsilon Rho, !68 Alpha Psi Omega, I69 Chenrizig, I70 Kappa Delfa Pi, I7I Orange Key, I72-I73 Phi Alpha Thefa, I74 Scholaris, l75 Sardonyx, I76-I77 RELIGIOUS Infer-Faifh Council, I93 Bapfisf Sfuclenf Union, I94-I95 Newman Club, I96-I97 Rofh Sociefy, I98 Wesley Foundafion, I99 PUBLICITY: El Burro, I0-ll Flowsheef, I2-I3 KVOF, I4-I5 Prospecfor, I6-I7 SPOTLIGHT: Band Sweefhearf, 66 Beaufy Runners-up, 62-63 Co-ed King, 69 Flowsheef Honorees, 54-55 Flowsheef Queen, 53 Judge's Le'I"l'er, 52 Men of Mines, 77-79 Miss Gold Digger, 64 Miss Prospecfor, 66 Miss TWC, 56 Mosf Beaufiful Girl, 60-6I Mr. Miner, 65 Posfure Queen, 67 Snow Fiesfa Queen, 68 Summer Queen, 57 Sun Duchesses, 70 Sun Princesses, 7I T. W. C. Favorife, 58 T. W. C. Princess, 59 Who's Who, 72-76 STUDENT BODY: GOVERNMENT Officers, 27I Presiclenf, 270 Sfudenl' Council, 272-273 SENIORS Class, 280-297 Favorife, 274 Officers, 275 Oufsfanding Boy, 277 Oufsfanding Girl, 276 Top Ten Seniors, 278-279 JUNIORS Class, 300-307 Favorife, 298 Officers, 299 SOPHOMORES Class, 3l0-3I9 Favorifes, 308 Officers, 309 FRESHMEN Class, 322-33I Favorife, 320 Officers, 32I ' VIEWS: Adminisfrafion Building, 2l Bell Hall, 27 Benedicf Hall, 27 Burgess Hall, 25 CoH'on Memorial, 2l Engineering Building, 29 Geology, 22 Holiday Hall, 24 Hudspefh Hall, 26 Kelly Hall, 25 Magoffin Audiforium, 23 Miner's Hall, 28 Museum, 20 Physics Building, 22 Science Building, 23 Seamon Hall, 29 Sfudenl' Union Building, 20 Women's Gym, 24 Worrell Hall, 26 S 'WA X J Av W .... A., . A AA. ,,.. - . A ,AA A A A .A --A AW - A A, WAAAH A A-if ,, A A ' ' A" S ,' A 3 AEA -' H AA A A A. ' A ff' .. A ,AA Ai, vc A ggi, - - A , . A M A 75 A Av ,A ,, A A "SS, A. . . A A A -A A A., rf? . if A 'km M A' A-.A A ,,. if--i,,,'f"X!5,,A vs- ' -. .- 3 A V, 1 A I f 1 ASL ,muwygp Aga? X, ,ws M Z, A, Aykgiif AA gg, x A. .:.,.. S NW.: 'I A. ?Qi"'-ANL? A. AA: N. my A I ...Qi WA ATM A g, X A Af AAA,XAfA . A, K- . S- A Q .MA V. A A had . A ,A A A. 'J f 3' " .-Q' 1 5' A A , A A. A 9-1 , in , .- - H 1' -. f ' V' 1 , A sv A -' A Ti A , A Smifw A A- ' . A Aga , XA? Af A A U 106 'IF A W ' A AAA-ss-A - ' A K A4242 gig fi, " ' A4 isii, ,Aj Q AJS? Qflffi ffm f AA ', A f 'Q V 'L' A ' Qmgaf " ' WTS? ' 'A H' A' "MAA mf A A 'xiii' A K .g , N M, f. ' ' A A, ,Qi A . ' siifv Wadi 1 . w , x A QW, A A ' - . , ' , AA, A A. L.: A A A A , A 4 fy' 3 A 'lf' fly Q . , A A . , , A A . ,A ,E ,AAA+ A A AA W LA:-Q., A A 1 ff, ' A M, .A AA MA? A' ' ,A f:1k:ff,l,, A' ' .494 A Wg :miie -If A ' K A Lf" A A ' sy TA W v, A, W' A A: V 'ffm' i A N m A .5 , -A..A A Aw A A ,A v ,AL Q A -A Awfjl' A Q . , . Af ' A, .471 A ' ,Q 'TAA " Nvi' - ww-,fi , f . ff AA Av-'P' AA . ww A , A., , A A . A A A A ig K ' A sw' "MA , A4 Ai M' ,L 3 lcv .A AZW5 A1 F AA 'fig' gg Affjsi AA A A A, J, A A As, uf ..TifHf"'.A My A . IJQA - 1 A ff' mf A ' r 1, ' ' A- , ,- A A , A, A K A ,A5W'i A A H' . QL' 'A A A7 f .-,nf AA-A AAL f , 'A ,-,A -gf A QA - gif 'A nk? -2 A ' J, Af .J -A g A A 4' A AA AA Af' A '29, A' 'f A5 fA,gA4.3,l A A , , , AA Ag. A -ww-AA, A My V+ Af A. - . ,M AM, ,psf .Aw-JQAQA A A A Af A - A A1 .AA A i A . - Ag,-A A i w A , L J AA lfgfig Ls? . V 5 f A Az AA1 ' AA A A A w :.,,Q ,fix 4 A fy ,A if 4 . , . 1 3' E xAsAfAA . .'.,A 2+ 3Lf'fgfAsAg iff f "rf . N ' im A A, f A. A Aff ' A A wifi AA-A A Aly :Spf AA,,fQ:A fa D A HzgT'A5g3j, i 1' A ygm w- A ' ' V' A ifiiilg A A JQA AA 1' A A ,ga 37 flfi. 'fi Aifff . gfgqgfgpi ', , A AR .dltlpgdgxi Qs, A in A Eymzffl Aw sl' - AV ML 'J Ai I A yy. . A I figvfg .Au , ,gy 'Yr MAA ,AQ -ff-f'AAA' Q 1 -Q, in. Q I-n..M.,A,f r igS,,,A1i1f 1 fir' ffi,-3, Q f'A?fl,Af'LAAff.fA , ij, Q. AA .A 1 . Al' ,A K K Msn nag? N., T N A ,... AA.gQs 8 ' 1 n - ' K I A A A,Bif.1.AA uf A , A ' JA- +A., fm ' '-50.4, ff' -A 5 . 1' " ' ll W' ' ,.a 3' 3' V, t -A A A6 ' 'f fi ' i N. AA 1 ,mv A 419, . , a 4-9 Ay , Y f Q15 .-3, Qi . .1 'lm 'f LA A6 gk VA .f ,AY fl' M I A A A 1 ' V ir, ,A f Akfhf i A Ik +A WA ' 1 A 4 4 -HA-ni A . A - if N"'- ' 4 'V ' 4:15. y,,5:V,,,AA4. A A X. Y 3 , A A Ap 'WA A 'i 'lx X1 if w Y A A. ,,, A A HS A AA . fu EM . V 1' A 1,5 ' if N 'V ? AQ., ai A A 'Il' X V' 4 A A fr A A JK, A A if ' Y P 4 p A A A p A if

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