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a v...,.... .D- e, E ' ' ewmma Registration-coffee, cursing, courses, cards. This page is dedicated to those early birds who got the worm and then found out they didn't want it-it was too tough. No, Miners . . . Biology wasn't that popu- lar; it was the only course left. Freshies Io The- rese Smith, Jill Hooker, Don Tinguely, Gerry Laird, Sanford Cox, and Frances Arledge entered the last lap. And Dr. Berkman informed several stu- dents, HNo, you can't back out now, you're IN!" The Business office was the testing point. Are they Willing to pay for a college education? Fresh- men Betty Lou Goodloe, George Mengel, Dick Stone, and Dan Foster don't look anxious. MINERS BET GUINB Once registered, Miners were as hard to stop as a brakeless hot-rode-cmd nearly as lawbreak- ing. Jack Wilkinson and Andy Everest displayed well-developed calves and CI twisted interpreta- tion of womanhood as part of th "M" Club inie tiation. Some unscholarly individuals became bored With textbooks and started c1 poker game in back of chemistry lecture. And being c1 gam- bling individual, Alejandro Duran says, hI'll raise you fifty cents and two geology books." Gene Baker complained to campus cop Cound, "You mean there's a law against having your elbow outside the Window?" while Blyth Bardsley raved on. uAnd- a now - a the news" --qu1 Downey clowned over the air waves. In November freshmen once again formed a "broom and bucket" brigade and whitewashed the big "M" an Mt. Franklin. Since 1923 the annual struggle between man and mountain has been going on, but on "M" Day man always wins out twith the help of the galst, and all the fish practically swim in lime and water before the job is over. And from the looks of freshman Winifred Buttrey's face, it looks as if she did try swimming. Work got the best of Shirley Kushner Who slacked off for awhile and took time out to read the Prospector. Some of the Muckers gathered around the cauldron to stir the lime, while others of them were lost in C1 lime storm. Keepers of the water wagon were Zeke, Bobby Kessel, and Dick Ernst, Who kept the freshmen busy on that end of the line. Never let it be said that a Miner works to the extreme; for after the slavery on the mountainside ceased, activities on the campus soon began in the form of hilarious contests and Dogpatch-Style races. The Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner style show terminated with the final decision going to bashful Don Ien- kins and amiable Iill Hooker. The ticticious HMammy," alias Judy Pe- terson, did her worst to see that her Li'l Abners were married to the right Daisy Mae's. Meanwhile Larry and Mac, in agreement to the con- cession with 'lMammy," helped ac- celerate the mass weddings with the use of calculus books as Bibles and shotguns as persuaders. The day came to a drastic close with the Daisy Mae's dragging the ex- hausted Li'l Abners across the finish line . . . or was it Vice versa? Marryin' Sam was afraid that his calculus book Bible would be left unopened for the lack of matrimonial ambitions among the contestants. However, as soon as he cut the regular dollar wedding to two bits, several Homry skonks" go hitched. But Larry had a problem on his hands with trigamists Nancy Wilcox, Padde Schiemenz, and Anna lane Derrick. It seems that they had all three caught Raoul Negrette. A group of faculty members Who are eX-Miners got together to talk over old times with HDOCH Nelson leading the dis- cussion, and then adjourned to the tennis courts for barbecue. Roy Fisk and Pete Snelson beamed their aprovod on the food. 7470ng The 1947 Homecoming was one of the most successful events of the year. The Chi O's went all out and decorated their lodge tor the occasion. The Mucker band staged CI gala parade down town in their orange and White uniforms, with drum major UChops" strutting his stuff. And ma- jorettes Iecznne, Billie, Alma, and Deane tried to keep in step with Rita. Wm ,4 367 SW Prior ,to the game on November 2, Homecoming Queen Rita Russell flew up to the A. St M. campus to invite the Aggies to participate in the activities. The performance at the half-time was hilarious With the ex- Miners riding in the oldest car they could find, While Hink Moore and Herb Minton whirled around on Ct bicycle built for two. With the final score 26 to U in favor of the Miners, Queen Rita and her court beamed When football captain Ed Smith performed the crowning honors. November was the month for turkeys, ban- quets, football games and fall productions. At their annual initiation banquet on Novem- ber 9, the S.A.E.'s were addressed by Edward Hatchcock. The photographer caught Bill Davis concentrating, Mr. Snelson contemplating, and Mr. Tappan just looking bored. Some of the more rugged co-eds on the cam- pus were determined to "get their birds," as Phyl- lis demonstrated when Tracht tracked her Thanks- :giving turkey with a battle axe that was almost as malicious as her eye. While Tracht built up her appetite by slaughtering turkeys, about three hundred Muckers increased their appetites with thoughts of slaughtering Hardin-Simmons Cowboys on the football field. And the cast for the College Players' produc- tion of "George Sleppington Washed Here" was burning the midnight oil during the last lap of rehearsals. Wilna Grattan, Nancy Jennings, Carrol Womack, Dorothy McCall, and Leland Robinson took the limelight in this scene. Www There may be some future in studying campusology, but a cer- tain group of Fort Bliss officers found it more to their advantage to analyze the parabolic curves of T.C.M.'s beauties. Shirley DOW- num's pulchritude . . . or was it that smile, completely captured the eyes of the judges as well as the microphone of Vivian Michael Who was mistress of ceremonies for KVOF, the campus station. Meanwhile master of ceremonies, Frank Cauble spent his time smil- ing at the other dozen beauties. As a note to contrast, the New Look also put in its two cents when Hell Week came with all its digni- ty .. and beasts. Betsy Goodloe, uD1". Iekyl and Miss Hyde" of the campus, made a double appear- ance in rags and evening dresses. AND THE mam 26w and che SCHIEMENZ PLAYS SANTA CLAUS With only the addition of one small pillow for the extra avoirdupois, Student Prexy A1 Schiemenz poses as a benevo- lent Saint Nicholas. Here he is practicing beaming at the Chi 0 Christmas tree for a later appearance as Santa for the Vet City kiddies. No, that isn't a natural growth on his face. It wasn't that close to St. Pat's day. tBesides, Paddee said no to the beard growingj HSoup's on" at the Mines Chorale banquet at the Sky Chief. Director Gene H e m m 1e, Reporter Catherine Burnett, and Gene Pavlas beam ap- proval While president of the group Roy Fisk just looks hungry. Below e a scene at the Co-ed Dance, that one time of the year when it's baby Who pays. Notice, tellers, those bouton- nieres. Could be 'tis a gentle hint from the girls for future drags when papa ; t again reaches for the pocketbook. y X tPlease, Ellen, enter the spiritj January was the month of Snow Fiestas and Sun Carni- vals With the Miners, Gs usuall putting their fingers in both pies. Snowball fights, tobogganing, and skiing were highlights of the Snow Fiesta on January 31 When 300 Muckers took off to spend the day in Ruidoso. Lloyd Stevens and some eager beavers spent the morning building ct huge snowman With CLH the trimmings. However, he saw his mistake when the snowman, instead of giving Queen-Elect once Huntef the cold shoulder, promptly put his arm around her, Was Lloyd jealous! Ann Gumaer was pulled out of the river by benefactors Gene Anderson and Hink Moome. But don't think they're typ- ical knights in shining armour . . . seems that they threw her in first. The climax of the evening was a dance at the Navajo Lodge and coronation of Quen once. Several Mines co - eds repre- sented their home towns in the 1948 Sun Carnival Parade. N cm-, cy Wilcox, Deane McLure, and Frances Davidson looked pretty happy about the Whole affair. The Engineers and their gals got out their worst looking clothes and went stomping at the Annual Hard Luck Dance on March 15. Bartender Caroll Cason served Iim Lundy c1 coke which evidently didnlt please him, so mining-geologist Lundy proceeded to shoot up "Pair-A-Dice" Bar. After the smoke cleared away Roy Allen and Kathleen Bartley put in their gunny-sack appearance, but wonder why they looked so happy? Anyway, c: broad smile was in order for Bearded Man John Key who was presented with a "Loving Cuspidor" for having the best beard. Meanwhile Miner lack N eill and "Poca- hantes" Io Flores walked off with top honors for the best costumes. On Monday, March 17, the West Siders took off for Oro Grande when the time-honored ceremonies were once more observed with the knighting of the freshmen engineers. Wary initiates entered the tunnel barefooted and blindfolded, w hile upperclassmen Malcolm Farquear, Les Webel, and Jack Marczeski ad- ministered the proper amount of paddling. Ed Smith looked on While iiSt. Pat" Torn Webb made the freshmen kiss the blarney stone as c: final step in the initiation. rtwh , Swat? ,4: T. E. M. With the coming of Spring, T.C.M. had its share of celebrities and cele- brations. Governor Beauford Iester, who was in El Paso tor the Texas Cattlemen's Association Convention, took time out to visit the Mucker campus. Prospector reporter Ncmcy Wilcox showed her evident enjoyment at the pleasant in- terview. The same day Robert Ruark, noted Scripps-Howctrd columnist, paid Ct Visit to the Prospector office and talked with members of the Press Club on the jobs and headaches of a newspaper columnist. Editor Mary Hill was very much interested in Ruark's remarks, while Scott Thurber looked a little doubtful. This was an eventful spring for the Delta Gamma Colonyl for at their in- stallation they became the Gamma Gamma chapter of Delta Gamma NCI- tional Sorority. They are shown below at their instilation banquet, after which Mrs. Edith Tiel Smith, national presie dent, presented them with their Charter. And throughout all the activity on the campus our little mascot, E1 Burro, slept. It seems that he had CI bad case of spring fever, which not even the governor could cure. w.1a;',;.me wt. .N, M. k. . . A .iIQar! J W . . 331...... . xi. 27:3 14:31.; N. w M x JPNng . . .3. 2.. 35+;2 :. . Kit. . ?mecaawl Only that which is permanent can change, and only With change can an institution progress rapidly. The progress which T. C. M. is experiencing has been accom- plished through continuous evolutionary change, throughout all of which a permanence has been maintained e its traditions. From its traditional Tibetan style architecture which blends nicely into the mountainous background, to its symbolical seal of a pick and shovel, Mines has retained traditions that eptomize a Great College in a Great Southwest. At the present time the college is experiencing an immense building program with the completion of a Fine Arts Building, Student Union Building, and two new dormitories this year. Fu- ture plans have been made for a new Science buildig, audito- rium, and gymnasium. Throughout its brief period of thirty five years, the College of Mines has demonstrated its performance, for it has grown from a small Texas School of Mines with an enrollment of 27 male students to a much larger co-educational college with the pres ent enrollment of 2500. Its curriculum has been proportionately increased to keep pace with its rapid growth, so that it now includes majors in the various fields of engineering as well as liberal arts and sciences. With these things in mind.we look to the future, and choose as the theme for the 1948 Flowsheet, nThe Growth and Traditions of the College of Mines." 7am ang i Sa mn1. CALENDAR Section 2 FACULTY L Section 3 CLASSES SecHon 4 PERSCHWALNHES 1 Section 5 ORGANIZATIONS i ' Section 6 ATHLETICS i Section 7 SNAPSHOTS Section 8 CAMPUS Section 9 aedc'mtc'aa Professor, geologist, and friend are three words synonymous with the name of TDoc" Nelson. A loyal Miner from way back, he was a member of the first Mines graduating class in 1916 when he received his Engineer of Mines degree. Interested in extra-curricular activities, he played end on one of Mines first football teams. Today he still maintains his interest in football when he helps to liven up the spirit at all the games with brilliant fireworks shOWs. The associate professor of geology, Dr. Nelson is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the West Texas Geological Society. He is recognized throughout the United States for his outstanding work in paleontology. Dr. Nelson takes an active part as sponsor of many student activities and clubs including Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, and Alpha Chi. It is appropriate that we should dedicate to him the 1948 Flowsheet, which has as its theme, "The Growth and Traditions of Mines," for 'iDoc" Nelson has furthered the growth of Mines through his efforts, and has helped to establish, as well as to maintain, some of Mines oldest traditions. W A $?qu rpm The balanced growth of cultured men and women must be nurtured by institutions which have grown in balance and in basic concepts. Growth is inevitable, but i growth without direction is hazardous to an ! extreme. The development of the Texas College of Mines and Metal- lurgy has been most rapid. In a brief span of thirty-five years the College has touched many lives and has found a secure place in the great Southwest. Because of its youthfulness, the Colige has been able to establish traditions which are peculiarly its own, and which are distinctly characterized by the democratic spiriT of the Southwest. For its i sound growth cmd for its indomitable spirit 1 , we are all very proud. A. M. G. SWENSON Chairman of the College of Mines Committee of the Board of Regents BETTY AN SecretOlTY N THEDFORD 10 the Board 0 i Regents C. A. PUCKETT, M. A. Dean of Arts and Sciences HE ART OF Pousamo APPLES - ??EEL POUSH ! T l THOSE PRUFESSURS WHU DUTE UN GIVING F's, BUT UN WHOM APPLE PULISh NB WORKS BEAUTIFULLY, ARE REPRESENTED BY 74g 7W LU VENIA ARNOLD, B A. Assistant Registrar EDNA FERRELL Secretary to Business Manager LOVELLA FISHER, M. A. Director of Dormitories ,. DOROTHY HAHN, B. A. '3 Secretary to Faculty GEORGIANA HILLYER, B. A. Assistant Librarian MARY NEWELL, B. A. Secretary to the Registrar MARSHALL PENNINGTON, BBA Business Manager BAXTER POLK, B. S. Librarian MRS. I. RAMSEY Social Director of Worrell Hall DORIS RICHTER, Recorder Office of Registrar NELL THOMPSON, B. A. Loan Assistant Librarian MATHEW H. THOMLINSON, B. S. Curator of Museum F. HOMER BAILEY, M. A. Instructor in Math IOHN R. BALLENTINE, B. S. Instructor in Engineering WILLIAM H. BALL, M. S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry T. G. BARNES, M. S. Associate Professor of Mathematics BARBARA BOHMFALK, B. S. Instructor in Mathematics R. M. COLEMAN, M. S. Instructor in Engineering $6 005 at; 5W JOHN F. GRAHAM, E. M. Professor of Mining and Metallurgy IESSE HANCOCK, B. S. Associate Professor of Chemistry PAUL HASSLER, B. S. Instructor in Engineering GUY INGERSOLL, E. M. Associate Professor of Mining and Metallurgy MARGARET IACQUES, B. S. Instructor in Biological Sciences EDWIN KNAPP, Ph. D. Professor of Mathematics cmd Physics WM. WALTER LAKE, Ph. D. Professor of Chemistry WM. HOWARD MCDILL, B. S. Assistant Professor of Engineering OSCAR MCMAHAN, M. S. Assistant Professor of Physics LLOYD ALVINO NELSON, Ph. D. Professor of Geology HARVE NELSON, B. S. Instructor in Engineering ALLISON PIERCE, B. S. Instructor in Chemistry HOWARD EDMUND QUINN, Ph. D. Professor of Geology ROBERT LOUIS SCHUMACHER, B. S. Instructor in Mathematics WILLIAM S. STRAIN, M S. Assistant Professor of Geology JOSEPH WALLACE SCRUGGS, B. S Instructor in Chemistry EUGENE THOMAS, M. S. Professor of Mining Engineering MARY LEE ABAT, M A Instructor in Spanish VIOLA ANDERSON, M. A. Instructor in English MRS. WILLIAM H. BALL, M. A. Instructor in Speech ANTON BERKMAN, Ph. D. Professor of Biological Sciences LELAH BLACK, M. A. Instructor in Business Administration NATALIE BOYLAN, B. A. Instructor in Modern Languages Schalafz4mm5cdem HALDEEN BRADDY, Ph. D. Associate Professor of English MARY COLLINGWOOD, M. A, Instructor in English ELLEN COOGLER, B. A. Instructor in Arts, Crafts and Design IACK CURTICE, M. A. Professor of Physical Education NORMA EGG, M. A Associate Professor in English FLOYD E FARQUEAR, D Ed. Professor of Education CLARICE MATHEWS IONES, M. A. Instructor in Speech ROY L. JONES, B. S. Instructor in PE ELAINE LA FAVE, R. N. Nurse in Health Office SYBIL LUBARR, M. F. A. Instructor of Speech JOHN H. MCNEELY, M. A. Instructor of History PHYLLIS MESEROW, B. A. Instructor of Physical Education NELL FRANCIS, M. A. Instructor of English GLADYS GREGORY, Ph. D. Associate ProfesSor of Government WADE HATRICK, M. B. S. Professor of Economics and B. A. GENE HEMMLE, M. A. Professor of Music VIRGIL HICKS Instructor in Radio LEHMAN HUTCHINS, M. A. Assistant Professor of Psychology Acting Registrar JOSEPH ROTH, Ph. D. Professor of Philosophy and Psychology EDGAR THOMAS RUFF, Ph. D. Professor of Modern Languages CHARLES W. SCARRITT, B. I. Instructor in Journalism CHARLES E. SENNING, M. Ed. Instructor in Music STELLA SMITH, M.,S. Instructor of Business Administration WALLACE E. SNELSONs B. A. Instructor in Journalism LEON DENNY MOSES, M. A. Assistant Professor of English FRANCES NEWMAN, M. M. Instructor in Music wEARL O. PONSFORD, Ph. D. Instructor in English C, A. PUCKETT, M. A. Dean of Arts and Sciences MARY KELLY QUINN, M. A. Assistant Professor of Sociology LOUISE RESLEY, B. A. Instructor in Mathematics smagz4mm5mm URBICI SOLER, Master Student Instructor in Art C. L. SONNICHSEN,'Ph. D. Professor of English REX. W. STRICKLAND, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Histqry ROBERT TAPPAN, B. A. Instructor in Modern Languages MRS. E. B. THREADGILL, B. A. Instructor in Mathematics IOHN L. WALLER, Ph. D. Professor of History W. F. WEBB, M. A. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages IUDSON F. WILLIAMS, M. A. Associate Professor of Journalism VERA WISE, B. A. Assistant Professor of Design and Interior Decorating EDITH MILLER, B. A. Instructor in English MUST STUDENTS ATTEND T.E.M. TU MAJOR IN BAMPUSULUGY, W- E T- - SCHULABLY INDIVIDUALS EU '1' E TO ATTEND 75c 614mm ELENA ALVAREZ EL PASO Major: BBA Activities: Who's Who Alpha Chi Newman Club Mu Epsilon Chi, Secretary Co-Ed Council, Secretary Representative to Student Council in Junior and Senior years Bekas Junior Pcm-Americcm Round Table NANCY ARMSTRONG EL PASO Major: History Activities: Chi Omega, Secretary Alpha Chi, Secretary, Treasurer, President Iunior Pan-Americcm Round Table, Treasurer Sigma Delta Pi Beaux Arts Radio Workshop Players Student Christian Association 56mm ESTELA C. ACOSTA EL PASO Major: Business Administration Activities: Newman Club Mines Chorale '46, '47 Varsity Show '45 Bekas Mu Epsilon Chi, Historian '48 MARY BACHICHA EL PASO Major: History ANGEL A. AGUIRRE EL PASO Major: Bu Activities: Bekqs '46, '48 WILLIAM BARNHILL EL PASO Major: Geology Siness Administration GENE ANDERSON EL PASO Major: BBA Activities: Sigma Alpha Epsilon REBECCA ARMIIO EL PASO Major: Art Activities: Who's Who Newman Club, Vice President Pdn-American Round Table, Associate Director '47, '48 Mu Epsilon Chi, Social Committee Chairman '45 Beaux Arts Sigma Delta Pi, Historian HAROLD N. BALLARD BENTON, ARKANSAS Major: Physics Alpha Chi, Secretary-Treasurer, , '47, '48 ' Seam XAVIER BARRIOS EL PASO NANCY BENNETTS Major: Pre-Med EL PASO Activities: Major: Business Administradion Mines Chorale Varsity Show '45 BETTY BI'CKLER ELGINA ILLINOIS HECTOR BLANCO Major: BBA EL PASO Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha Major: Economic-History Bekas Iunior Pen-Americcm Round Table CARLOS BOMBACH s EL PASO Major: Engineering i ROBERT W. BOTHWELL EL PASO JULIAN BORSCHOW Major: Science EL PASO Activities: Rho Sigma Tau, President. '43, Men of Mines Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary, '47 Scientific Club Major: BBA PATRICIA BOWER EVELYN BRASSEUR EL PASO EL PASO Major: Language Major: English Activities: Activities: Mines Chorale s Mucker chd SAMMIE BROSNAHAN KANSAS CITY, MO. Major: English Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha Song Leader SAE Sweetheart, '47 Newmcm Club CATHERINE BURNETT EL PASO Major: Art 9x Activities: Who's Who Alpha Chi Editor The Flowsheet Bequx Arts, Secretary Chi Omega Gold Diggers T. I. P. A. Parliamentarian Student-of-the-Momh Award Mines Chorale Press Club , Iunior Representative to Student Council 56W WILLIAM BRIDLER EL PASO Major: BBA Activities: Varsity Football f s ANTHONY I. BUSALACCHI EL PASO Major: Pre-Med BRUCE BROOKS EL PASO Activities: MGJOII Radlo Who's Who Mines Chorale Band Kcvppcr Kappa Psi, Vice President '47, 48 Radio Staff Alpha Psi Omega College Players President, '47, '48, Baptist Student Union President, '47, '48, Press Club Business Manager Prospector, '47, '48 Men's, Glee Club FELICE BROWN EL PASO Major: Radio Activities: Radio Staff LOUIS CANTRELL, IR. EL PASO Major: Physics Activities: Alpha Chi Vet's Club Lambda Chi Alpha Scientific Club ANITA BROWN EL PASO Major: History Activities: Zeta Tcru Alpha Rush Chairman, '47 SAE Sweetheart, l47 Zeta Girl, '47 Beauty NORMA LEE BURNSTEIN OLATHE, KANSAS Major: Music Activities: Mines Chorale, '47, '48 Alpha Chi Phrdteres International Secretary, 746, '47 7 Co-Ed Association College Players IOHN B. CHAPMAN EL PASO Major: English Activities: Sigma Alpha Epsilon H. L. DALE EL PASO Major: BBA 5W YVONNE CARRERA EL PASO Major: History Activities: CARROLL CASON 1 Independent Women, Vice Presi- EL pASO dent, '44, '45 . , B . d . . t t' Co-Ed Council, '47, '48, Mayor. usmess A mlms ralon Activities: Lambda Chi Alpha Beko's, Newman Club Psychology Club International Relations Club Junior Pcm-Americcm Round Table MIRIAM CROCKETT EL PASO Major: Education BOB DAVIS PEYTON DEANE EL PASO EL PASO Major: Geology Major: BBA JULIAN COLE EL PASO Major: Geology ROLAND DALY EL PASO Major: Biology 56mm CARYL H. DOWNEY K. V. O. F. Program Director, '47, 48 MARTIN DEHLINGER EL FASO . . . 3 BIG SPRING, TEXAS Mm-01f:'Bu51ness Admlmstratlon Ixiajor: Geology Aitggngilb ctivities: . , ' 1 Sigma Gamma Epsilon geforter, 45, 47, 48 Rho Sigma Tau e as Ch , '47 '48 1 AIME Program cnrmcm, , i GENEVIEVE DRAEGER EL PASO Major: Spanish Activities: Independent Women, President Sigma Delta Pi, President JAMES F. ELLIOTT EL PASO Junior Pan-American Round Table, Major: Economics Newman Club Activities Sigma Alpha Epsilon! Treasurer IO'SE ESCOBAR EL PASO Major: Chemistry ANGEL F. ESPARZA EL PASO IECzI-ESESPINOSA Major: Chemistry Activities: Major: English Mu Epsilon Chi Newman Club MALCOLM FARQUEAR EL PASO 1EAngESSOE. FAULKNER M ' : Ch ' t . . Agisrlgties; emls ry Malor: Mmermlogy Lambda Chi Alpha 4 A A :it gsem'aw I. M. FLOYD BOB GILBERT EL PASO EL PASO Major: History Major: Business Administration EVA GUTIERREZ EL PASO Major: Art Activities: Mu Epsilon Chi Sigma Delta Pi Beaux Arts EDWARD W. GOULD Newman Club EL PASO Major: Physics RUTH HAHN EL PASO Major: Business Administration Activities: Who's Who . Phratergs, President, Vice President Parliamentarian Secretary of Senior Class Advertising Manager of E1 Burro '46, '47, '48 Beaux Arts Gold Diggers Bekcts Secretary, Junior Pan-Americcm Round Table Baptist Student Union, . Student Christian Association Psychology Club ROBERT L. HAMILTON MARY HART ALPINE TEXAS EL PASO M51017. Mineralogy Major: English Act1v1t1es: Activities: Alpha Phi Omega Scientific Club Kidd Mining Club Band Zetcx Tau Alpha Co-Ed Council, Student Christian Association, Secretary Staff of Prospector Contributor to E1 Burro Student Division Chairman of World Federalist IOHN F HAYNES EL PASO Major: Engineering Activities: SAMUEL G. HAYNE Alpha Phi Omega EL PASO Sigma Gamma Epsilon Kidd Mining Club Student Associate A. I. M. E. Major: Biology 5W 4' LARRY D. HILLYER " EL PASO Major: Geology Activities: Who's Who Alpha Phi Omega Scientific Club IOYCE HUNTER EL PASO Major: Radio Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha Publicity Chairman Corresponding Secretary Senior Representative to Student Council Snow Queen, '48 Drum Corps Senior Editor of Flowsheet Radio Workshop Players, Vice President, Secretary Press Club College Players, '47 DOROTHY KENNEDY CORPUS CHRISTI Major: Spanish Activities: Delta Delta Delta Chaplain House President Marshall ' First Vice President Gold Diggers, '43, '44, '45, '46 Newman Club Drum Corps Co-Ed Cuncil . Junior Pcm-American Round Table GEORGE G. KISTENMACHER EL PASO Major: Engineering Activities: Kappa Sigma Kappa, President, '45, . Vice Chairman Scientific Club, Secretary- Treasurer Inter-Fratemity Council, Secretary Dance Committee Engineering Representative to Student Council Student Union Building Com. American Society Civil Engineers, ANNE HUBBARD EL PASO Major: Business Administration Activities: Chi Omega EUNICE DOWD HYLAND EL PASO Major: Education RAFAEL B. IBARRA EL PASO Major: Biology IOHN KEY EL PASO Major: Engineering Activities: Scientific Club KAY KNAPP EL PASO Major: English Activities: Phrateres Co-Ed Council Representative Gold Diggers Junior Pan-Americcm Round Table Sigma Delta Pi. 'Sem'm PAT LATTNER Iunior Pcm-Americcm Round Table Academic Council Co-Ed Association Constitution Committee Who's Who Inter-Fratemity Council ; ED KNOBLAUCH OLATHE,KANSAS l EL PASO Major: Education . Activities: IAASJSE'HESA Phrqteresa President, '46, '47 ? Phi Kappa Tau, President che Pres1dent, 46' 47 ANDRES LOPEZ IUAREZ, MEXICO Major: Pre-Med HECTOR LLAMAS EL PASO Major: Engineering Major: Mining Engineering Activities: Newman Club Scientific Club Sigma Gamma Epsilon A. I. M. E. JAMES H. LUNDY EL PASO Major: Mining Activities: A. P. 0., President, 145 Chaplain, '48 Scientific Club Kidd Mining Club Vice President, 47 SHIRLEY LYNCH EL PASO Major: History Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha Social Chairman Iunior Pcm-Americcn Round Table, President Newman Club LEROY LYON C4 HARRY MADSEN EL PASO EL PASO Major: Biology Major: Metallurgy IOSE LUIS LUNA MEXICO CITY, MEXICO F l MARTHA MARTINEZ EL PASO Major: Art Activities: Independent Women Newman Club Beaux Arts Junior Pan-American Round Table DICK McCONN EL PASO Major: BBA Activities; Phi Kappa Tctu, President Inter-Frcxtemity Council 5W EDGAR MARTIN LILLIAN MARTIN EL PASO EL PASO Major: PE Major: English BILL McBEE EL PASO Major: Radio Activities: Phi Kappa Tau, Secretary, '46 Alpha Psi Omega College Players, President, '46 Press Club El Burro Staff, '45 Flowsheet Staff, '44, '46 Radio Workshop Players KVOF Staff Assembly Committee GEORGE MCBRIDE EL PASO Mcrjor: Geology BETTY MacGUIRE FABENS Major: Business Administration Activities: Delta Delta Delta Junior Pan-Americcm Round Tabl Alpha Chi Beaux Arts VIVIAN MICHAEL EL PASO Major: Radio Activities: Flowsheet Beauty, '45 Secretary of Junior Class IACOB MORGAN Sophomore Representative to EL PASO Student Council Major: Zoology Phrateres Treasurer, '46, '47 Gold Diggers Academ Council Director of Women's Progress on KVOF, '46, '48 Swim IUNE MURRAY LYNDON MOSES EL PASO EL PASO Major: Art . - ' Activities: XSJiZEiiEslflogY Zeta Tau Alpha Pre-Med Club Newman Club Bectux Arts Junior Pcn-American Round Table Beauty Finalist College Players EMILIO NAVARRO EL PASO Major: Metallurgy COLLEEN MURPHY Activities: EL PASO ghols fVIYAhG ' - en 0 mes 36333;:er Vice President of Student Council Delta! Delta Delta $4.115: L; E. Flowsheet Staff El Burro Staff Newman Club, '46,-'48 Intemcnional Relations Club, '46-'48 Newman Club Sigma Delta Pi Honorary Member Vice President of Vets Scientific Club Vice President of Junior Class IOANNE NICHOLS EL PASO Major: Music Theory Activities: Beauty, '45, '46 Junior Pcm-Americcm Round, Table Mines Chorale Gold Diggers Assembly Committee Dance Committee Delta Gamma International Relations Club E1 Burro Cover Girl FRANCES NIELSEN EL PASO Major: English RAYMOND ODELL EL PASO Maj or: Geology FRANK OLSON JEANNE OPPENHEIMER i EL PASO EL PASO " Major: Geology Major: Psychology 56mm LILLIAN PALAFOX EL PASO Major: History ROBERT A. PARSONS, JR. EL PASO Major: A. E. . IUDY PETERSON 7 EL PASO . . . JOHN A. PHELAN Ir bAACtJOIZ Radlo EL PASO ctivities: . ' . Zeta Tau Alpha 1:01-0foqu0 . ctwmes. Whos Who Wh . Wh Press Club VicePresident OS 9 Colle 9 Flu ers Men of Mmes T g Y Alpha Chi reasurer Sigma Alpha Epsilon Emminent Chaplain Mayor of Vet City KVOF Staff, '46448 Prospector Staff, '46-'48. Writer for El Burro, 46, '47 Prospector Staff, '47, '47 Yell Leader, '46-'48 Flowsheet Staff, '45, '47 Radio Stuff Zeta Tcru Alpha Activity Award Ioumalism Award, '47 Chairman Assembly Committee Chair ' - WILLIAM A. PHILLIPS, IR. EL PASO Major: Psychology NORMAN PRONGER SARATOGA, CALIFORNIA Major: Mining Activities: Scientific Club President, '47 Men of Mines Who's Who GEORGIANA HAMMETT PRICE A. P. 0. EL PASO Secretary, 147 Major: Radio Inter-Frcttemity Council, Secretcn' '47 Kidd Mining Club Chairman Program Committee Snow Fiesta Chairman, '47 I. R. PROVENCIO , EL PASO Major: Physics CONRADO RAMIREZ Activities: Activities: 1' Mu Epsilon Chi President of Senior Class 1 President, '474 '48 Mu Epsilon Chi Vice President Sigma Delta Pi Bekas Newman Club Newman Club KVOF Staff Mines Scholarship, '47 Good Neighbor Scholarship, '47,48 5mm BETTY SUE RICHARDS CANUTILLO, TEXAS Major: P. E Activities: Vice President of Student Body President of Co-Ed Association JOHN R. RAPP WhO'S. Who . EL PASO All-Mmes Favorne Delta Delta Delta CorEd Representative Beaux Arts Student Christian Association Flowsheet Girl's Sports Co-editor Women's Intramurqls Director Major: Geology tOBERT A. RICHTER ERRICK, LONG ISLAND! N, Y. Major: Radio ctivities: President of Sophomore Class Vice President of Scientific Club Band KVOF Staff Varsitonicms ROBERT A. RIEDEL EL PASO Major: Education . JOHN RIGGS r CLINT, TEXAS Major: B. B. A. Activities: w Baptist Student Union President Vice President Representative Student Christian Association Vice President Bekas A Capella Choir ELIA RIVERO 3W3 . PATRICIA REID RODGERS GJ.OI:I. Spamsh EL PASO ctlvmeszh . Mct'or History Mu Epsdon ch11 Secretary A 11.1. . Sigma Delta Pi, Secretary 331931351563th Delta Junior Pan-Americcm Round Table A1 h Ch' Newman Club p a 1 Co-Ed Council JESUS RODRIGUEZ RUBEN ROSALES EL PASO EL PASO Major: Pre-Med Major: Engineering 5W LEE I. BOSCH EL PASO Major; History FRANCISCO SALAS-PORRAS LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Major: Chemistry Activities: Class Vice President Scientific Club M' Club Intramural Sports Director BILL SCHILLINGER EL PASO Major: Physics Activities: Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary Men of Mines Alpha Chi, Vice President Scientific Club A. S. C. E. chd SAMUEL SCHWARTZ EL PASO Major: Chemistry Activities: 'Alphq Chi Independent Men's Association, President International Relations Club RITA RUSSELL Major: History Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice President Football Queen Iunior Pan-Americcm Round Table Drum Mcxjorette Assembly Committee JESUS SANCHEZ FT. HANCOCK, TEXAS Major: P. E. Activities: Mu Epsilon Chi ALBERT SCHIEMENZ WACO, TEXAS Major: Geology Activities: President of Student Body Who's Who Men of Mines College Players Alpha Phi Omega President of' "M" Club Scientific Club Sigma Gamma Epsilon Choir JOHN SCHNAKE EL PASO Major: Chemistry JAMES M. SCOTT EL PASO Major: Chemistry Activities: Lambda Chi Alpha. President Who's Who M Club Scientific Club Men of Mines Director of Intramural Sports EVERETT SCRIMSHIRE YSLETA, TEXAS Major: Business Administration . BURT SELLY Activities: EL PASO 231E??? Tau, Treasurer Major: Business Administration Men of Mines Bekcxs Band ANNE SHAMALEY EL PASO Major: Radio Activities Radio Scholarship Gold Diggers Flowsheet Staff Prospector Newman Club International Relations Club Choir EDWARD G. SHACKLETT EL PASO Major: Psychology CHARLES SHOPPACH EL PASO Major: Physics Activities: Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice President Scientific Club GERRY SLUTES EL PASO PAUL I. SILVER Major: History EL PASO Activities: Major: BBA Delta Gamma Alpha Chi Junior Pun-Americcm Round Table Co-Ed Association, Treasurer TED SMALL ROBERT H. SMITH EL PASO EL PASO Major: Geology Major: Geology 56W DOROTHY STERLING EL PASO SAM SREDANOVICH Major: Business Administration FABENS. TEXAS Activities: Phrateres Major: Economlcs Bekcrs. Secretary Student Christian Association Prospector IOE E. TORRES EL PASO Major: History BETTIE TAYLOR EL PASO Major: Chemistry ANNA VALENTINO EL PASO Major: Language Activities Independent Women Sigma Delta Pi Junior Pan-Americcm Round Table Newman Club LEWIS VAUGHAN EL PASO Major: BBA Activities: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President Inter-Fratemity Council, President Men of Mines Bekds Flowsheet Stcdf ALICE WALL EL PASO Major: English LOUISE WALSH EL PASO Major: Business Administration OSCAR T. WARD Activities: EL PASO Alpha Chi . . Sigma Delta Pi Mmor' Met Bekas Newman Club, Treasurer Treasurer MARILYN WILLISS EL PASO Major: History ALFREDO ABREGO EL PASO Major: Ioumalism ALICE MILDRED WHITE Major: Art EL PASO Activities: Major: History Whos Who Activities: Chl Omega Alpha Chi PreSIdent Kappa Delta Pi Treasurer . International Relations Club Beaux Arts, PreSldent . WING YEE FORT WORTH, TEXAS Major: Geology Activities: Scientific Club IO'HN GRAY EL PASO Major: Geology W BOBBY LANE WIGGINS CANADIAN, TEXAS Student Council, Secretary Sun Princess A Capella Choir MARILYN SMIDTH WOTIPKA EL PASO Major: English ERWIN BOHMFALK EL PASO Major: Chemistry Activities: Editor of E1 Burro Who's Who Flowsheet Prospector Staff Photographer WILLIAM LUCAS EL PASO Major: Biological Science Activities: Men of Mines PrebMed Lambda Chi Alpha Texas Academy of Science 5mm FRANK CAUBLE EL PASO Major: BBA LADISLAV GLATTSTEIN Activities: EL PASO Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President ' . ' ' ' Inter-Fratemity Council, President Major. Blologlcal Sclence Who's Who Bekas Pres. of Vet's Organization FRED LAMPERT EL PASO Major: Pre-Med Activities: Prospector, Sports Editor E1 Burro, Circulation Manager College Players, Vice President Press Club Pre-Med Club HARRY LEE PLUMBLEY EL PASO Major: Music MARY IANE PRENTISS EL PASO Major: Business Administration Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha Beaux Arts Bekcrs Co-Ed Club LOUIS E. SCHNEIDER EL PASO Major: Geology GEORGE RICHARDS EL PASO Major: Geology MARIE BONORDEN BRUCE BIXLER EL PASO EL PASO l ' FAYE B. GRACY EL PASO FRANCES GREGORY EL PASO EVA KARLIN EL PASO JOHN LOVELADY EL PASO MARVAINE LINDSEY EL PASO LUCY RICHARDS CLINT. TEXAS WINONA MAE ADAMS EL PASO DOLLY B. ALLEN JOHN L. ALLISON GARYVILLE, LOUISIANA EASTLAND, TEXAS la x. V l . IAMES W. ALLISON VOY E. ALTHAUS RODOLFO ANCHANDO AMARILLO, TEXAS FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS EL PASO , , K; i : : APOLONIO VERA GABRIEL S. ARMIIO MARGUERITE ASTON JUDY BACON EL PASO MAGDELENA, NEW MEXICO EL PASO EL PASO FRANCIS C. BARBER CATHERINE BARNHILL LOIS IEANBERGER HUMBERTO BERUMEN IOHN BOCKOVEN EL PASO EL PASO PITTSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA EL PASO EL PASO NINA LOU BOTHWELL EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO DOLO'RES BRAUN JACKSON B. BROWN JOHN P. BROWN IOCELYN JEAN BOWDEN FRANCES BRADEN EL PASOI EL PASO EL PASO CLIFFORD BRUCE MARY FRANCES BUEHLER HAROLD BUTTRAM OSCAR CABALLERO PECOS, TEXAS EL PASO OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. EL PASO FERMIN CABRERA WILLIAM CISNEROS IOHN CHERRY EDWIN B. ERHARDT ROBERT M. CONDON IUAREZ, MEXICO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS g MARILYN CORBIN EL PASO i FRANCES, DAVIDSON CLINT, TEXAS .- COLLEEN DAKAN EL PASO ; ELAINE DERRICK EL PASO NETTIE DEL HIERRO EL PASO ISELA DIAZ EL PASO BILL CONRATH EL PASO ix PAUL COPPENBARGER EL PASO LOUIS W. COPE HOUSTON, TEXAS PATTY CRUMBLISS EL PASO RUTH CUMMINGS EL PASO RUE COPELAND DEAN GLORIA DELGADO EL PASO EL PASO a ,, V MARY LOUISE DOUGLAS EL PASO CHARLES DUGAN EL PASO MARY LOUISE DUGAN EL PASO BUDDY DUNN EL PASO OWEN H. ELLINGTON EL PASO RAYMOND EVANS EL PASO MARGARET FRANK HOUSTON. TEXAS LOIS EDMOND EL PASO DAVID ELLIOT EL PASO IIMMY FAGER EL PASO S, BEATRICE FUENTES EL PASO LEO ESTRADA EL PASO L 8. M - ROY FISK, IR. EL PASO BOB GALBRAITH EL PASO BETTY ROSE FRANCIS EL PASO IGNACIO GANDARA EL PASO FREDRICK GIBBE CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO NF 1 TWNKER l HAROLD GRAS CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY GEORGIA GUTIERREZ TERESA GUTIERREZ EL PASO EL PASO 1g JAMES HAGGARD GLEN HAMPTON CHARLES HARRELL EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO ROY GLASS EL PASO ;?i EDWIN S. GODSEY MARIAN GOFF SWEETWATER, TENN. EL PASO 3: w wk JULIUS GUEZ ANN GUMAER EL PASO EL PASO 3;:a w; 7 i GEORGE HAAG MAURICE HAINES EL PASO EL PASO X A IACK HEATHER STELLA ANN HESLER EL PASO EL PASO 1 .. CARLOS HICKERSON EL PASO L . , g T TH N K E R l MARY HILL GLORIA HO'LME j EL PASO EL PASO MAC HORN TRAVIS IRBY OPHELIA IZQUIERDO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO WAYNE JOHNSTON PAULINE KLINK JOHN LANGFORD EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO DICKIE LANDSDOWNE HECTOR LEGORRETA MICKEY LEMMONS MEL LEVENSON RICHARD LINDBERG EL PASO EL PASO YSLETA, TEXAS EL PASO HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA SETH LOBDELL ROSEDALE, MISSISSIPPI 11 L THlNKER 7 L RUSSELL MACK JOHN MARCZESKI YSLETA, TEXAS , EL PASO PAT MARS RICHARD MATHEWS WINNIE WRIGHT MATHEWS EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO JOHN C. McGRATH I. R. McRIMMON DIXIE MEADORS EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO IAN MEAGHER PATSY MILLS MONSERRATT CHAVEZ JAMES MYERS VICTOR NAVARRO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO IACK NILAN D EL PASO N "3 YVONNE OBERLING EL PASO EL PASO a ;,g m J RAYMON E. PATTON EL PASO IEANNE OLTMAN EL PASO .3 FRANK OWEN III FABENS. TEXAS GEORGE PENDELL YSLETA, TEXAS DIANE POWELL EL PASO HILLIS PRATT LEBURN, KENTUCKY DARRELL PARKER EL PASO VITA PETONE EL PASO VINCENT RASCON EL PASO DELLA PIXLEY EL PASO ELIZABETH RHEY EL PASO CLIFF RICHARDS CANUTILLO, TEXAS HECTOR ROCHIN DOUGLAS, ARIZONA n g : - THlNKER I , g l IOSEPHINA RODARTE HERSCHEL ROGERS EL PASO EL PASO NITA ROGERS EDWARD W. RUSSEY, IR. LOUIS SADA EL PASO MONETT, MISSOURI EL PASO ALBERT SALEM VERAGENE SANDERSON LOUIS M. SANTOSCOY MANUEL L. SANTOSCOY EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO 1'" m HOMER SCARBRO CHARLES R SCHULTE IO'SE SERNA FRED SHEETS MARAVENE SHELTON EL PASO 'EL PASO WINK, TEXAS EL PASO EL PASO LONNIE SIMS EL PASO a W S? :W ' x I k W TOMMY SKOV FABENS, TEXAS TED SMALL CARLSBAD, NEW MEXICO LLOYD STEVENS EL PASO RICHARD P. TIERNAN EL PASO SUE TOPP GURDON, ARKANSAS TEXAS WARD EL PASO Q 632v WlliW ,, JOYCE UNDERWOO'D EL PASO EUGENIA WASSERZUG EL PASO ROY TINGUELY EL PASO MAUDIE ANNE VAN TREASE EL PASO FRANK WEIDNER EL PASO MAGDALENA VILLA FT. HANCOK, TEXAS MARY ELLEN WELLS EL PASO FRED WENDT EL PASO ax ELSIE WILKS PRESIDIO, TEXAS 1 THlNKER J L I EDDIE C. WILKERSON BERT WILLIAMS EL PASO EL PASO TOM WILLIAMS TOM WISEHEART GLENN WOODARD EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO ' RALPH BERKLEY BILL BIENEMANN HELEN BROWN RICHARD DAVIS EL PASO SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS EL PASO EL PASO IO FREEMAN VESTINA PROVENCIO R. M. RAYBURN JOHN W. SCHULTE BEBE TIGHE EL PASO ANTHONY! NEW MEXICO ASHLAND, KENTUCKY EL PASO EL PASO MICHAEL 1. CROWLEY EL PASO y THWKER T J CAROLYN ANN GARY CHARLES. HARDIE I EL PASO EL PASO WILLIAM A. LIBBY BOB TURRENTINE BETTY JEAN ROSS ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA EL PASO EL PASO HENRY F. STEARNS ED S 1TH IOE E. TORRES EL PASO VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA EL PASO ROGER BELL EL PASO FRANCISCO BORREGO QUINN BOYD EL PASO EL PASO BLYTHE OWEN BARDSLEY FRANK BARGER EL PASO EL PASO IULIA BENCOMO EL PASO IACK BOYLAN EL PASO GAYLE ABLES EL PASO ANNE BEYS EL PASO IIMMIE BROOKS EL PASO SALVADOR ABEYTA EL PASO ALMA ACEVEDO EL PASO x33; FRANCES BELL EL PASO LAURA BLANCO EL PASO ALVIN BROOM EL PASO PEGGY BROWN , EL PASO DUFFY BURCHELL EL PASO EL PASO BARBARA L. CALISHER ANN CARLIN EL PASO EL PASO WILLIAM I. CARTAN DAVID COHEN EL PASO EL PASO DAN COWART FAYRENE BURDEN JAMES CUNNINGHAM EL PASO coos BAY, OREGON Em WARREN CARR GARDEN CITY, TEXAS MARGO CONE TOM COOK EL PASO EL PASO ALLEN I. DARR ROY DARR ANNA JANE DERRICK EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO . : :wi 324M BRANTLEY DICKEY EL PASO MARGARET DODSON SHIRLEY DOWNUM EL PASO EL PASO RUTH DREES BOB DUKE ROSE DUKE EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO RIGOBERTO ESCARENO WILLIAM FAIRLEY MONA IOE FLACK LARRY FOSTER EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO 3; GEORGE GARRISO'N HUBERT GAY RAUL GONZALEZ JOHN GOODEN IEAN GORDON EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO ORVILLE GOWER EL PASO J3; Z 2- EL PASO EL PASO i MIGUEL GRADO NORMA GRAF I D MARY MARGARET Gk Y CARROLL ANN GAVES MARJORIE GRIGGS EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO W; 2, ,M . mnww... GEORGE GROUNDS IAMES E, HAMMOND WILLIE HANNAN WAYNE HANSON PENWELL, TEXAS EL PASO EL PASO MONAHANS, TEXAS I . CHARLES HARDY WALTER HARMAN ROBERT L. HART WILLIAM HEALY HERBERT HEASLEY EL PASO EL PASO SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO EL PASO EL PASO "u IOHN HENDERSON CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS TONY HEREDIA ISAAC HERNANDEZ EL PASO EL PASO CHARLES HERSCHBERGER JACK B. HILBURN DAN HO'LLINSHEAD EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO CARROLL HUNTER RICHARD HYDE BRUCE IMLER BARBARA INGRAM EL PASO CLEVELAND, OHIO ARUBA, N. W. I EL PASO BILL INGRAM BOB IZARD ' WILLIAM IAKEMAN IEAN IACKSON MATTIE BETH JAMES EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO NANCY IEMEGS DELMER IOHNSON DOROTHY KAPLAN : I . v '1dml..l.llk,-:.M "v EL PASO EL PASO LYLA LEE KENT IOE KERN BETTY IO KERNELL EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO IOE KINARD CECIL KIRCHNER MARY KLEH CHARMAIN KLOHS EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO i, EUGENE KRAUSE ELLEN LAKE CHARLES LEVERETT IOE LINCOLN IEAN LITTLETON EL PASO YSLETA, TEXAS EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO GILBERT LOPEZ EL PASO MARGARET LOPEZ MARY LOPEZ YSLETA, TEXAS YSLETA, TEXAS RODOLFO LOPEZ GEORGE LOVE OSCAR LOYA EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO ESTELLA McCAMANT HARRIET MCDONALD MALCOLM MCDONALD DEAN McLURE EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO SIERRA BLANCA, TEXAS :95 LOIS ANN MCKINNEY DOLLY THELMA MALUF PAULINE MANKER JOHN ROBERT MANNING ARMANDO MARQUEZ EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO HOWARD MARSHALL EL PASO SHIRLEY JEAN MAYTON JO ANN MASON ' iJ-W'uu..w EL PASO MT. PLEASANT TEXAS . LOUISE MEDLOCK IOSE MENDOZA NANCY MILLER EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO PEGGY ANN MILLER JOHNNY MILLS WILLIAM MOLINAR GLORIA MONTELONGO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO DALE MONTHAVEN HAROLD MOORE IOHN MOULTON MARY JEAN NAISMYTH IRMA NEATHERLIN EL PASO EL PASO HOUSTON, TEXAS EL PASO ANTHONY, NEW MEXICO FRANK NORWOOD EL PASO FIDEL ORONA IIM PALMER EL PASO EL PASO LEWIS G. PETMECKY PHYLLIS POLLAKOFF ENRIQUE PORRAS EL PASO EL PASO LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA PEGGY PUZZI IOSEPHINE RAMIREZ F D. REYNOLDS SUSAN REYNOLDS EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO YSLETA, TEXAS JAKE RHOADS EARL RICHARDS DON RITTERBUSCH REX RITTMAN ALICE RIVERA ODESSA, TEXAS HOUSTON, TEXAS TULSA, OKLAHOMA EL PASO EL PASO GUADALUPE RODRIGUEZ EL PASO SALVADOR RODRIGUEZ PATTIE ROSENBERG EL PASO EL PASO MARY ROWE AGUSTIN RUIZ THOMAS RUSH EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO JANE RUSS DAVID SAMUEL ROBERT SALAZAR TERRELL SCEARCE CANUTILLO, TEXAS EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO CALVIN SKINNER CLARA SMITH ROBERT C. SMITH ROBERT L. SMITH HERSHEL SNODDY EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO , WILLIE ANITA SNOW EL PASO BASILIO SOLIS HECTOR SOSA EL PASO IUAREZ, MEXICO BILL SPOON IRENE STEPHENS MARJORIE STEVENS GAINESVILLE, TEXAS EL PASO EL PASO SARAH IANE STOCKWELL JESUS TALAMANTES GORDON THOMPSON MARIA BA VERA EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO PAT TIER BILL TOWRY ALICIA VASQUEZ ESTELLA VASQUEZ ANNABEL VINSON MARSHAL, TEXAS EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO m 22! m I IIMMIE WADLEY EL PASO U1 .A ; CHARLES WARREN AARON WECHTER EL PASO EL PASO ! v ,v r bdml;JA!'k !..4$1: in: y. t ELMER WEISMANTE EARL WENDT IAY WHITE I UNICH, NEW IERSEY EL PASO EL PASO ? w EVELYN WHITNEY CHARLES WILBOURN GEORGE WILSON DON WINSOR EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO LODI, CALIFORNIA PERRY WRIGHT IACK UNDERWOOD MURRAY YEAGER ELISA YIP BILLIE VICKERS EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO 2 I ,V I I w I IOHN W. BAIRD EL PASO W. L. BEATON, IR. BILL BROWN SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA EL PASO PATRICIA CRAIG BILL DAVIS ROBERT F. EVANS EL PASO EL PASO BORGER, TEXAS I , 2? JAMES R FISHER IAMES L. FOSTER IRVING HAMMOND ALFRED HARRIS EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO , I'Cf . i L L: ; EDWARD HARRIS, IR. MARY IOHNSON WM. REX KERR VICTOR LA FAVE STEPHEN I LAWRENCE EL PASO - EL PASO EL PASO RANTOUL, ILLINOIS PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA RAY MAXWELL EL PASO GEORGE MEREDITH BLUFF CITY, TENNESSEE RAMON SAMANIEGO EL PASO IVAN SADDLER DALLAS, TEXAS 53S DAN MUELLER EL PASO JEAN SARTIN EL PASO EDMOND ANSARA EL PASO, TEXAS TBEADWELL C. SCHMITT EL PASO mg NAZZERA ABOUD EL PASO u ii MAX AKINS OSCAR ALBRITTON EL PASO DETROIT, MICHIGAN JACK ALMACK RALPH ALVAREZ AUDREY ANDERSON EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO $15 g I ROY ANDERSON MIGUEL ARANDA JOSEPHINE ARAUIO FRANCES ARLEDGE EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO 3.x: BERNICE ARNOLD IUDY ARNOLD ESTHER A'UMAN ' RUBEN AVELAR GUILLERMO AVILA ' EL PASO ' YSLETA, TEXAS EL PASO - EL PASO EL PASO RICHARD BALTZELL EL PASO ARLENE BARNETT BENIAMIN BARROW EL PASO EL PASO i KATHLEEN BARTLEY BARBARA BEHRMAN ELLYN BELL EL PASO NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK VALENTINE, TEXAS V GLORIA BIEL DOROTHY BILLS JAMES BING LOIS BING EL PASO FABENS, TEXAS EL PASO EL PASO SAM BLACKHAM BERNARD BONAR VIRGINIA BOND MARY LOU BOUNDS BARBARA BOWDEN EL PASO EL PASO PECOS, TEXAS YSLETA, TEXAS EL PASO $ P JOHN BRACEY V A . EL PASO J BARBARA BRAMWELL HERBERT BRASSEUR FABENS, TEXAS EL PASO IACK BREEN RUSSELL BREITEN BARBARA BROWN COLUMBUS, NEW MEXICO EL PASO EL PASO BRUCE BROWN OTIS BURNETT WINIFRED BUTTREY THELMA FAYE CAIN EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO CHARLES CALE LUCIUS CASILLAS HECTOR CASTANEDA BONNIE CATHEY NOEMI CHAVEZ CALALLEN, TEXAS EL PASO IUAREZ, MEXICO EL PASO EL PASO 435? x 1.; ALICE IEAN CHLARSON EL PASO NANCY CHURCH ALMA JEAN COHN EL PASO EL PASO I X I ROBERT COLES EARL. CONRATH VICTOR COOPER EL PASO EL PASO FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO HAROLD CORNING ALBERT CORONA MERRILL CORYER SANFORD COX EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO '. ROBERTA CRAIG BARBARA CRALL ALLEN DARR MARY DARR LAURO DEL VALLE EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO DIANA DICKEY EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO ANN ELLIOTT JACK ELLIOTT RALPH DICKENSON EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO RICHARD ERNST MAURICE EVANS ANDY EVEREST URBANO FABELA EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO SHIRLEY FARNSWORTH DAVE FARQUEAR BERNARD FARWICK ALLEN FINE DICK FLATO EL PASO Freshman Vice-President EL PAso EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO BOB FLETCHER ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO LEE FOGLE CLARA FOSTER EL PASO LORDSBURG, NEW MEXICO CESAR FOURZAN TOMMIE IEAN FOX ABELARDO FRANCO EL PASO EL PASO SHAFTERA TEXAS ADELBERTO FRANCO ETTA MAE FRIEDMAN HAROLD FRIEDMAN MARILYN FULKERSO'N SHAFTER, TEXAS EL PASO FREEPORT, NEW YORK EL PASO BETTY FUNK HARVEY GABREI. ROBERT GARDINER NANETTE GATLIN ALLEN GATTIS EL PASO ODESSA, TEXAS EL PASO YSLETA, TEXAS EL PASO N ORMA GODWIN EL PASO I I VICTORIA GONZALES BETTY LOU GOODLOE 1 EL PASO EL PASO DAURICE VOWELL GORNER IOAN GREULING RACHAEL GROVE EL PASO YSLETAI TEXAS EL PASO z$f , BILL HAGGARD MARLIN HAINES DOROTHEA HARDIN MARTA HARGETT Freshman Representative EI- PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO BOB HAYNES IOYE HEATON LILLIAN HENNING JOAN HEINKLE MARION HESLER EL PASO EL PASO ABILENE, TEXAS EL PASO EL PASO MARY ETHEL HICKS EL PASO w: JIM HOLCOMBE EL PASO FRANCES HOLMSLEY YSLETA, TEXAS BOBBY HORN EL PASO JOHN BOYD EL PASO IOE HOLLEY ODESSA, TEXAS DELIA HOLGUIN EL PASO KENNETH HORSTMAN EL PASO MAIN SUN JOE EL PASO JILL HOOKER EL PASO AW MARGARET HULL EL PASO TACK SUN IOE EL PASO RAY IMLER ARUBA, N. W. I. BILL IONES EL PASO LEE IORDAN CANUTILLO, TEXAS FENTON KATZ EL PASO IOHN KEARNEY MAURY KEMP EL PASO EL PASO HENRY KOLSTAD IOY KROEGER SHIRLEY KUSHNER EL PASO EL PASO COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA IEFF KYLE GERRY LAIRD ANITA LA LONDE EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO RAMON LEDESMA GLORIA LEON IOANNE LEWIS HM LINDOP YSLETA, TEXAS MASSAPEQUA, NEW YORK EL PASO EL PASO MINE, TEXAS NANCIE LOUDON EL PASO x l BILLIE LUNDELL CLAUDE MADDOX EL PASO EL PASO d X X W . ALFREDO MARQUEZ VIRGINIA MARS RICHARD MARSTON EL PASO EL PAso EL mm A ; SUE JANE MAYFIELD DOROTHY McCALL MARTHA MCCARTER CORAL McCRAY EL PASO EL PASO ARTESIA, NEW MEXICO EL PASO ELEANOR McDANIEL BETTY McELHANNON JANET McKIM BILL McLURE BETTY McMURRY EL PASO CANUTILLO, TEXAS CARLSBAD, NEW MEXICO SIERRA BLANCA. TEXAS EL PASO IIMMIE MOSS EL PASO BETTY MIDDLETON EL PASO V , . DOLOR S MOORHEAD IOE MORA EL PASO fb EL PASO CATARINO NAVARRO MARGARET NAYLOR EL PASO EL PASO ROBERT MENA EL PASO BLANCA ROSA MENESES WARREN MERRILL IUAREZ, MEXICO EL PASO MARY MILLER OLLIE MILLER EL PASO EL PASO RONALD MORRISON ROLAND MORROW EL PASO EL PASO E , t XX If? RAY NELSON BILL NEWMAN EL PASO EL PASO BARBARA NORMAN EL PASO MUNCIE, INDIANA EL PASO NELSON OHLEMACHER EDWARD OPPENHEIMER f RAMON ORTEGA MARY ANN OWENS RICARDO PARADA EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO VERNON PARRISH HORACE PEREA OSCAR PEREZ ROBERTO PEREZ MONAHANS, TEXAS CLIFTON, ARIZONA EL PASO EL PASO JANE PIATT ISAAC POLK BOBBY PRENTISS IOYCE PRESCOTT JOSE PROVENCIO EL PASO EL PASO YSLETA, TEXAS EL PASO JUAREZ, MEXICO ALYCE GENE RAINS EL PASO IAN HANDLE ANNABEL RICHARDS YSLETA, TEXAS CANUTILLO, TEXAS MYRNA RICHARDS MARION RICKEL LAHOMA NELL RISINGER EL PASO ANTHONY. NEW MEXICO EL PASO PEGGY BITTER FRANK ROMERO ALICE RUBALCAVA BILL RUSSELL EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO HIGINIO SALAS CESAR SANCHEZ PHILLIP SANCHEZ PAUL SANDERSON EL PASO EL F El. PASO EL PASO EL pAso ROSS SANDERS EL PASO JOHN SAWYER BARBARA SCHNAKE EL PASO CANAL ZONE, PANAMA x 71' 1 , L z 1;; LAWRENCE B. SCOTT WILLIAM SECHRIST MARY LOU SETTLE EL PASO HAVANA, CUBA EL PASO Freshman President HARRY SHAFFER WILLIAM SHARP HAROLD SHOPPACH ENRIQUE SIMENTAL EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO ,M RALPH SIQUEIROS BRUCE SMITH CARROLE SMITH DON SMITH BILLY SNELSON EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO GRANDFAILIS, TEXAS ROLEN SNOWDEN EL PASO aei DORIS SPENCER BUD SPILLAR PECOS, TEXAS EL PASO : E595; E 3 4 - ,, A STEVE SREDANOVICH HAL STEWART LEGENE STOVER FABENS, TEXAS EL PASO SAN ANTONIO TEXAS RUSSELL VAN KIRK ROLAND TAYLER ANITA TAYLOR FRANCES THORNTON EILEEN TIERNAN EL PASO EL PASO YSLETA, TEXAS EL PASO EL PASO wig: DON TINGUELY BESS TOMPKINS BOB TRAVIS IACK TROUP FLORENCE TURRENTINE EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO MARGARET TYHA EL PASO MARTA VALDIVIEZ HARRY VAN HORNE EL PASO EL PASO - iqu STELLA VASQUEZ PATSY VETTER IO'E VEYTIA EL PASO YSLETA, TEXAS EL PASO I EMMA VIDRIO ERNEST VILLANUEVA BOBBY VILLEGAS IUNE WAID POLLY SADDLER IUAREZ, MEXICO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO IACK WILKINSON FORREST WILSON MARIETTA WINDSOR BARBARA WRIGHT RICHARD ZINKOSKY FT WORTH, TEXAS EL PASO EL PASO EL PASO BRIDGEPORT, OHIO Secretary x- Freshman Representative AMONG THE BIG W- .3 ON CAMPUS ARE THE FAVORITES, BEAUTIES, MEN OF MINES, AND MEMBERS UP WHO'S WHO, ALL OF WHUM ABE mandated edwl?wl Owl 8922!? Jaw Qaadloze gait? $146 RicZLMaQ 7411 Mama amwlle Qiama 0 . 5w M Q, .4. m m 60 MW paw, W MW 0M 7414a Qaalm gaphmaae WWW; Ze 5M4 , x 22:;33; ix? 8W gwee$eaaf Qda RMMZZ mmmm Qaeen Alma Ballad yam Mazda fewid WmZtan Elem 74ng c1 business administration major, has been active in student govern- ment, serving for two years on the council as Junior and Senior repre- sentative. She is secretary of Mu Epsilon Chi and the Co-Ed Council. Her other activities include the Newman Club, Iunior Pan-American Round Table, and Alpha Chi. Pekccm ,4'mcd7'a has been c1 student assistant for the Business Administration labs during her senior year. Becky, who is cm 4 Art Major, belongs to the Bectux Arts Club. Among her other activ- ities are Sigma Delta Pi, honorary; Spanish Fraternity, of Which she is the reporter-historian, crnd Junior Pan-American Round Table. 5cm ?Mmfa66 or member of the Press Club, has been very active on the staffs of all the publications being a staff pho- tographer of The Flowsheet, and The Prospector, and Editor of El Burro. Erwin is CI science major cxnd has served for the past year as a freshman chemistry lab instructor. 3W 3W Who was recently elected a Man of Mines, is CI radio major. He has served as business manager of the Prospector and is a member of the Press Club; viceepresident of Kappa Kappa Psi and Alpha Psi Omega; and c1 member of the Mines Chorale and the Mucker Band. eatku'ae gamete? cm art major, has been very active on Publications, being editor of the '48 Flowsheet, CI member of the Prospector staff for three years, and parliamentarian of the Texas Inter- collegiate Press Association. Kitten is past president of the Student Council, ct member of Beaux Arts and Junior Pan-American Round Table, and secretary of Chi Omega for two years. 7mn6 gaxgc'e business administration major, was AH-Mines candidate for the Student 1 Association president last spring, t cmd is the president of the charter t group of Sigma Alpha Epsilon frqa ternity. He is also president of the Inter-Fratemity Council and c1 mem- ber of Bekas. 24W gamma recently elected president of Delta Delta Delta for the second time, is also president of Panhellenic Council, and treasurer of the junior class. Ann, c1 Spanish major, is c: member of Sigma Delta Pi and the Iunior Pcm-Americcm Round Table. Ede Wehz gag 7M Ct business administration major, has been very busy in the music depart- ment, serving as president of the Mines Chorale, and as a member of the Men's quartet of the Chorale. Roy, who has the highest average on campus! is ct member of Alpha Chi. He was cm assistant in the men's barracks dorm. C: B. B. A. major, has been active in politics on campus. She has served on the dance and assembly committees, the Athletic Council and the All-Mines Council. Ruth, Who is president of Phrateres International, has been Cf member of the Flowsheet staff, El Burro staff, Bekcxs, Baptist Student Union, Junior Pan-American Round Table and Gold Diggers. Vine Well tjournalism major, is editor of the Prospec- r, on E1 Burro staff, and a member of the ess Club. She was assistant continuity Frecior of KVOF, secretary of the Student ederalists, a member of the Newman Club, lpha Chi, Sigma Delta Phi, and College ayers. Mary, who is pledge mistress of Del- Gamma, is copy editor of the Flowsheet. 14mg Widget was the force behind the Engineers as their campaign manager last year. A major in geology, he is a member of the Scientific Club and was an officer in his fraternity, AI- pha Phi Omega. 1 .5de Know a i a B B. A. major, is past president of Phi Kappa Tau, and was the A11- Mines candidate for the position of a student association president in 1 1946. Ed was also a member of the Inter-Fratemity Council. 26c4wwl 7755605": president of Phi Kappa Tau is Ct business administration major and CI member of the Bekcts. He is also Cf representative to the Intex-Fratemity Council, 01 member of the Mucker Band and a member of the Mines Tennis Team, 1945-1946. Emilia Waam'w Who is majoring in metallurgy, has been cm active member of the Sci- entific Club. He is also c1 member of Mu Epsilon Chi, and has served CIS ' Vice-president of the S t u d e nt Association. yxdg ?etezaax a radio major, has been vice-president of her junior cmd senior classes, and second vice-president of Zeta Tau Alpha. She is past treasurer of College Players, a member of the Radio Workshop Players, c: Cheer leader, and chairman of the Assembly Committee. Pete has been on the staffs of the Prospector and the Flowsheet and is CI member of the Press Club. yda PMcm ex-mayor of hVet City", is CI memh ber of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, cmd Alpha Chi, honorary scholastic fra- ternity. A staff member of KVOF, the Prospector, and E1 Burro, he is a journalism and radio major. Wm Wammetf Puke a radio major, has been president, treas- urer and secretary of International Relations Club. Active in the dramatics department, she was past vice-president of College Play- ers, c1 member of Alpha Psi Omega, and the lead in "Kiss and Tell'. Georgiana was his- torian of Zeta Tau Alpha, c1 member of the Student Christian Association, E1 Burro staff and KVOF stuff. i Woman Pzaagez a mining engineer major, was chair- man of the Snow Fiesta last year. He was also past president of the Scientific Club, c1 member of the Inter-Fratemity Council, and 0 member of Alpha Phi Omega. 3mg Sac Emea the A11 Mines Favorite, is majoring in physical education. She has served as Women's Intramural Sports Director, vice-president of the Student Council, president of the Co-Ed Association. Her sorority is Delta Delta Delta. giant Scic'emeny a geology major, is president of the Student Association, and the M. Club. Al is a Mines lettermcm, and CI member of Alpha Phi Omega. gamed Scott C: Chemistry major, is president of Lambda Chi Alpha and CI member of the Scientific Club. He is also men's Intramural sports director and varsity lettermcm in tennis i Edam Smw civil engineering major, lettered in otball for two years and was co- ptain of the team. He was a mem- r of the M. Club and All Border onference back. He is president of e junior class and is a member of gma Alpha Epsilon. :5; 7mm 70am! a Who is majoring in electrical en- gineering, is treasurer of Alpha Phi Omega and a member of the Inter- Fratemity Counc1L Tex is also a member of the Scientific Club. 2w, 41m Wc'gg'dmz an art major, is past president of Chi Ome- ga sorority and has served as president of i the Beaux Arts Club for two years. She is also Secretary of the Student Council and was a member of Panhellenic. 141505: Schema; Sadat ram Pmc'dwt BETTY SUE RICHARDS BOBBY LANE WIGGINS JACK MARCZESKI Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 5mm: ELENA ALVAREZ . MALCOLM FARQUEAR Semor Representahve Representative At Large LILLIAN PALAFOX JOYCE HUNTER COLLEEN DAKAN Representative At Large Senior Representative Iunior Represemmive DAVE ELLIOTT QUINN BOYD BARBARA WRIGHT BILL HAGGARD . Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Freshman Representative Freshman Representanve xfu' PARTIES, DANBES, AND OPEN HOUSES ARE . INCLUD: IN T- -. Y: I-AR ROUND 33-. b ULE UP SDCIAL ACTIVITIES GIVEN BY 7a 7mm '- z4mbe Wemhd WINONA MAE ADAMS NANCY ARMSTRONG KATHLEEN BARTLEY FRANCES BELL NINA LOU BOTHWELL CATHERINE BURNETT BETTY CHANSLOR MARILYN CORBIN RUTH DREES BETTY ROSE FRANCIS CAROLYN ANN GARY MARY ANN HAMILTON ANNE HUBBARD BARBARA INGRAM MARY KLEH PATRICIA MARS RUTH MERRITT DIXIE MEADORS DELLA PIXLEY DIANE POWELL ALMA RUSS VERAGENE SANDERSON NANCY SELLY MARAVENE SHELTON PHYLLIS TRACHT q' ALICE NAN WALL BOBBY LANE WIGGINS DELLA PIXLEY President ALTHOUGH IT HAS more than 100 sister chapters in Chi Omega sorority, Rho Delta Chapter doesn't take 02 back seat when it comes to activities and campus fame. The local group is active in 011 campus affairs, social, scholastic, and Intramural sports, included. It received its Charter June 9, 1939. The national sorority was founded April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Ark. The purpose of Chi Omega is to establish companionship and to promote high ideals among members, but the Mines members took time out for their ICIVCI lives, formal dances, and open houses during the year. AUDREY ANDERSON MAEGARITE ASTON PEGGY BROWN BONNIE CATHEY x NANCY CHURCH BARBARA CRALL RUE DEAN SUE DOLEZAL TOMMY JEAN FOX NANNETTE GATLIN NORMA GODWIN BETTY LOU GOODLOE MARY ETHEL HICKS JERRY LAIRD ANITA LA LONDE GLORIA LEON VIRGINIA MARS um LEE KENT IOYCE MAXWELL SUE JANE MAYFIELD BETTY McMURRY DOLORES MOREHEAD V JANE RUSS BARBARA SCHNAKE JUNE WAID ELIZABETH BARTLEY ALICE BOOKER PATRICIA CENTER NORMA LEHMAN IACQUE MADDOX YVONNE OBERLING DONNIE OHSWALDT gcz'c'ae 7756de RUTH ALLEN EMILY BUTLER SUE CROWELL SHIRLEY DOWNUM PEGGY DURRILL MARIAN GOFF ANN GUMAER IANE HOUSE MARY HOLMSLEY STELLA ANNE HESLER MARY JOHNSON JEAN JACKSON DOROTHY KENNEDY PEGGY MILLER JANET McKIE PEGGY PUZZI MARY ROWE BETTY SUE RICHARDS MARY SPRINGER BETTY TAYLOR SUSAN REYNOLDS FRANCES NIELSEN PEGGY WHITE CARROLL ANN GRAVES NANCY BENNETTS' ROSE MARION PORTER CHARLOTTE ARNOLD NANCY LEE wucox MAUDIE ANN VAN TREASE ELLEN LAKE MARY LOUISE DOUGLASS ANN GUMAER President WM 11 z nu mew DELTA DELTA DELTA, the organization that makes you think you're seeing triple, was the first national sorority to be repre- sented at Mines, as it chartered Theta Psi chapter in May, 1938. Tri-Deltct, the first sorority founded in New England, first saw the light of day at Boston University on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888. Delta Delta Delta, a charter member of National Pom-Hellenic, now consists of 101 active chapters and has c1 membership of over 37,000. The Mines chapter's biggest activities of the 1947-'48 year included Pine France, Root Beer Bust, and bazaar. 7d! Ptedgu IUDY ARNOLD FRANCES ARLEDGE BERNICE ARNOLD GAYLE ABLES DOROTHY BILLS BARBARA BRAMWELL ALICE CHLARSON MARY DARR DIANA DICKEY GLENNA RUE GWYN MARION HESLER FRANCES HOLMSLEY IILL HOOKER LOUISE MEDLOCK BETTY MacGUIRE COLLEEN MURPHY LOIS MCKINNEY BETTY McELHANNON MARY ANNE OWEN ANNABEL RICHARDS PAT RODGERS LEGENE STOVER SUE TOPP FLORENCE TURRENTINE DOROTHY WEAVER MARGARET DODSON PEGGY BITTER 5pm Ptedgea MARY ANNE REYNOLDS BENNA LEE NELSON GUIN STOWELL ANN BEYES BETTY STROUP LOUISE PINNELI. gm ?Itema'm BARBARA BONGARD FELICE BROWN FAYE CAIN MARGARET FRANK JEAN GORDON W IENENE HARMAN MARY HILL GLORIA HOLMES LAURA LARDIZABAL NANCIE LOUDON JANICE MEAGHER JOANNE NICHOLS JOYCE PRESCOTT BETTY SLACK GERRY SLUTES CLARA SMITH EILEEN TIERNAN SHIRLEY TILLMAN WILMA NELL WALLACE 'COLE'I'TA WARD EDDIE MAE YOUNG SHIRLEY TILLMAN President DELTA GAMMA, the oldest national sorority with a Mines chapter, is the youngest group locally, as Gamma Gamma was installed by national fraternity officers March 12, 13, crnd .14 as the seventy-third chapter of the fraternity. Although the first pledge class was pinned only G year and CI half ago, the DG'S have taken a very ctctive part in all cmpus affirs. Delt Gamma was founded at Lewis School for Girls in Oxford, Miss, in De- cember, 1873. It is C: charter member of National Pcm-Hellenic and is international in scope, having chapters in the most im- portant colleges crnd unicersities in the United States and Can- ada. Gamma Gamma's major. social events this year were its Founders Day banquet and installation reception, parties, and open houses. Ptdgea BETTY BOWERS SHIRLEY FARNSWORTH CLARA FOSTER WILNA GRAT'I'AN IEAN HICKS MARION RICKEL BEBE TIGHE President THE WHITE LODGE on College Avenue belongs to Gamma Gamma chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. The local chapter was installed on the College of Mines campus on Mcry 16, 1938. ZTA was founded October 15, 1898, at Virginia State Normal School in Farmville, Va, and was chartered in that state by the Virginia legislature. The sorority offers scholarships to its out- standing members and maintains a medical clinic in Virginia. The local ZTA Chapter includes some of the most active girls on campus. Its major social activities this year were the weekly Zeta luncheons, open houses for all fraternities, the Homecoming dance, and CK benefit fashion show for crippled children. 24m Wemgew VALERIE BENNIS RUBY LEE BETHEA SAMMIE BROSNAHAN ANITA BROWN DUFFY BURCHELL IUDY BACON BETTY BICKLER ANN CARLIN EMMA LOU CHAMBERS MARGO CONE MARY LOUISE DUGAN ELAINE DERRICK GEORGIANA HAMMETT PRICE MARY HART JOYCE HUNTER ROSALIE ORR LINKER JEAN LITTLETON SHIRLEY LYNCH DEANE McLURE HARRIETT MCDONALD JOYCE MILLS ANNE MULCAHY JUNE MURRAY NANCY MILLER PATRICIA RESLER LUCY ANNE RICHARDS STELLA LOU ROBERTS NITA ROGERS RITA RUSSELL MARILYN SMIDTH WOTIPKA SARAH IANE STOCKWELL BEBE TIGHE LOIS TOOLE EDMOND ANNABEL VINSON MARILYN WILLISS FRANCES MARY DAVIDSON JUDY PETERSON CAROLYN FOX MARY JANE PRENTISS HELENE TIGHE 7f uh? Ptedgw 7d! Pleigw BARBARA BROWN HELEN BROWN ANN ELLIOTT JOANNE GRUELING MARTA HARGETT JOAN HEINKEL LILLIAN HENNING JOY KROEGER IOAN LEWIS EMILY LIVINGSTON MARTHA LOU McCARTER CQRAL McCRAY ELEANOR McDANIEL JANET McKIM BETTY MIDDLETON MARGARET NAYLOR BARBARA NORMAN JACKIE OISULLIVAN JANE PIATT BOBBIE PRENTISS IAN RANDALL GEORGIA SATTERWHITE PAT VETTER DAURICE VOWELL GORNER JULIE WILLIAMS BARBARA WRIGHT WINIFRED BUTTREY JACKIE OSBORNE SALLY ANN GILL IO ANN MILLER JOAN IENNINGS HUBERTINE YATES BETSY HOLIK BONNIE RESLER BEVERLY MORGAN a PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL, an organization consisting of rep- resentatives of the four national sororities Cit Mines, makes regu- lations pertaining to the sororities and promotes cooperation among them. It makes sorority rush week rules and decides inter-sorori'ty disputes. Officers ANN GUMAER President BEBE TIGHE Secretary SHIRLEY TILLMAN Treasurer Members ANN GUMAER BEBE TIGHE SHIRLEY TILLMAN STELLA ANN HESLER ELAINE DERRICK WILMA NELL WALLACE ANN GUMAER President GENEVIEVE DRAEGER President DURING THE PAST YEAR, the Independent Women have held many social activities, including a skating party, open houses, teas and banquets. They inaugurated the custom of honoring their most active member, by naming Fannie Chow as the Independent Woman of the Year in February. The group also took a very active part in the Intramural Sports activities, politics, and other campus affairs 24m mmgew MARTHA MARTINEZ MARY ANAGNOSTOU LEONIE ANSARA ELOISE ASPEITA ELIZABETH ATTEL LOIS BING MARY F. BUEHLER FAYRENE BURDEN YVONNE CARRERA FANNY CHOW GENEVIEVE DRAEGER GEORGIA GUTIERREZ TONI HEREDIA LADY HUMPHRIS MELBA INCE DOROTHY KAPLAN BETTY IO KERNELL STELLA McCAMANT VITA PETONE PHYLLISS POLLAKOFF LAHOMA RISINGER PATTIE ROSENBERG MARY LOU SETTLE EDNA WARDY EUGENIA SHAFFER EVELYN WHITNEY ALICIA VASQUEZ STELLA VASQUEZ OFELIA IZQUIERDO MARY FRANCES MILLER MARY LOU BOUNDS CAROLYN GRIFFIN LUCY SEGULIA RUTH HAHN President "FAMOUS FOR FRIENDLINESS," the Phrateres International slogan, is really lived up to by the Sigma chapter here at Mines, one of the most active and friendliest groups on the campus. The Co-Ed League was installed as a Phrateres chapter on March 2, 1945, by the Lambda chapter at the University of Arizona. Phrateres, which, is international in scope, was founded at U. C. L. A. in 1924 primarily to promote friendship among affiliated and non-thfilictted groups. Sigma's major activities this year included their Homecoming open house, Christmas party. and Founders' Day banquet. ' ELIZABETH RHEY Hattie mmk'w MARGIE STEVENS MARY ELLEN WELLS s BARBARA CALISHER BILLY VICKER COLLEEN DAKAN JEANNE OPPENHEIMER ANNA JANE DERRICK NORMA GRAF RUTH HAHN ZORA SEGULIA NANY JENNINGS ' NORMA BURNSTEIN PAULINE KUNK DOLORES BRAUN KAY KNAPP PAT LATTNER JACKIE KRANZTHOR IO ANN MASON CHARMAINE KLOHS IEANNE OLTMAN DICKIE LANSDOWNE WINNIE WRIGHT MATHEWS REBECCA MARTIN DOROTHY McCREARY PATSY MOORE MILLS JEAN VICKSELL RODRIGUEZ . 7d! Pledge: JOYCE STONE SHIRLEY KUSHNER BARBARA BEHRMAN MARIETTA WINDSOR MARILYN FULKERSON BETTY FUNK DOROTHY STERLING BILLIE LUNDELL wEAN SALAZAR ETTA MAE FRIEDMAN WILLIE HANNAN HELEN ROSENBERG ARLENE BARNETT WENDELIN AXTER 1 5M Ptedgea PAT COCKERELL MATTIE BETH IAMES BILLIE JOYCE WEST MARILYN CROWELL BARBARA BOWDEN LYNN GRANT I. R. PROVENCIO President MU EPSILON CHI, whose 100 members make it the largest social group on the campus, was founded October 26, 1944, by Mines LctirflAmerican students. Although the pr1nc1pcd phr- pose of MEX is to promote better relations between the Lattn- Americcm and Anglo-Americcm students, it holds many soc1a1 affairs. Many of its members have ben outstanding campus personalities and have ben chosen to high honors. This year MEX activities included leadership in the All-Mines party, and both men's and women's sports teams had outstanding records. Am mam ESTELA ACOSTA ANTONIETA ADAUTO ELENA ALVARZ JOSEPHINE ARANIO BECKY ARMUO MONTSERRAT CHAVEZ NAOMI CHAVEZ ROSE DUKE ELDA DURAN EVA GUTIERREZ TERESA GUTIERREZ CAROLINA JIMENEZ BERTHA MONTES LILLIAN PALAFOX VESTINA PROVENCIO ALICE RIVERA VELIA RIVERO ELVIA RUIZ ESTELA VASQUEZ AURELIA VARELA I. R. PROVENCIO Fall Pledges OLIVIA CARO VICTORIA GONZALES DORA McNEELY ALICIA RUBALCAVA MARTA VALDIVIEZ ELSIE WILKS ROBERT SALAZAR OSCAR CABALLERO CONRAD RAMIREZ GUADALUPE RODRIGUEZ MAGDALENA VILLA ANDRES LOPEZ JOHN MCNEELY ELISA YIP ANGEL ESPARZA MARVINE LINDSEY ENRIQUE VILLANUEVA EMILIO NAVARRO ' THE INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL is formed by representa- tives of the five fraternities at Mines. Its primary purpose is to promote cooperation and understanding among the fraternities, as well as to standardize rushing and pledging regulations. One Of its best known activities is the presenting of the Lloyd A. Nel- son Scholarship Trophy to the fraternity with the highest scho- lastic average each year. The winning of this award three suc- cessive times entitles the holder to permanent possession of the trophy. Officers - lgembers president . LIFF BRUCE LOUIS VAUGHAN TEX WARD . . GEORGE KISTENMACHER Vlce Presxdent t . JACK MARCZESKI BOB PARSONS JACK MARCZESKI Secretary IIM SCOTT GEORGE KISTENMACHER LOUIS VAUGHN Treasurer FRANK CKUBLE CLIFF BRUCE DICK McCONN LONNIE SIMMS LEWIS VAUGHAN President AMI rim ?Itemdew FRANCIS C. BARBER WILLIAM I. BIENEMANN CLIFFORD L. BRUCE ROBERT L. HAMILTON IOHN F. HAYNES JULIAN HEMMLEY LARRY D. HILLYER THEODORE H. HODGES TRAVIS IRBY ROBERT KING JOHN E. LITTLE JAMES H. LUNDY, IR. NORMAN W. PRONGER IOHN R. RAPP ALBERT M. SCHIEMENZ THEODORE A. SMALL BERT TILNEY TEXAS WARD OSCAR WARD CLIFF BRUCE President ALPHA PHI OMEGA, local fraternity for engineering stu- dents, is the home ground of the men with beards and campus political ocmbitions. Founded in the spring of 1919, it is the old- est organization of any kind at Mines and has been active continuously since its founding. Although the primary purpose of the group is to bring closer contact for its members with the engineering world, it takes time out for the lighter side of life with such antics as parading new pledges through El Paso dressed in bear skins, togas, and women's clothes. The APO'S are always leaders in St. Pat's Day activities and the Engin- eering party. 5M Ptedyed 7d! Ptedgea LOUIS COPE HERBERT BRASSEUR JAMES CUNNINGHAM IACKSON B. BROWN WALLACE DOW WARREN C. CARR Roy PRITCHARD LAWRENCE K. DE ZAVALA HECTOR ROCHIN RICHARD E. LINDBERG ARTHU R RUMBELOW ROBERT SMITH Zeta Epsilon chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha went in for all activities this year, including sere- nading sororities, holding dances and open houses, and growing beards. The Mines chapter was char- tered as Lambda Chi's 114th chapter in April, 1946, having existed since 1940 as Rho Sigma Tau, a local fraternity. Since its founding in November, 1909 at Boston University, Lambda Chi has had Ct strong growth. Both the presidential candidate and the campaign manager for the Engineering party this year were Lambda Chi's. 24m madam LAWRENCE GALENTIN ROBERT ARMSTRONG MALCOLM FARQUEAR CLAIR LOUIS CANTRELL CARROLL CASON EDWARD SHACKLETT ROBERT BOOTH JOHN MARCESKI WILLIAM A. PHILLIPS GLEN E. MOCK JAMES M. SCOTT ROBERT W. BOTHWELL ROY S. TINGUELY ROBERT L. DUKE F. ALAN EHMANN WILLIAM C. SCHLLINGER ROY I. GLASS WILLIAM M. MOORE WILLIAM F. INGRAM H. JAIME WHELEN RAOUL NEGRETTE WILLIAM E. LUCAS I. WAYNE RESLER. EARL H. MOFFETT FRANK L. BARGER ALFRED I. HARRIS DONALD S. JENKINS GEORGE E. MCDONALD THOMAS P. WEBB WILLIAM RAMSEY MALCOLM A. MCDONALD QUINN G. BOYD LES P. WEBEL IOHN D.GHERRY TRAVIS G. GROVER MEZICK T. HORNE, IR. BURTON L. SELLY JOHN C. McGRA'I'H ROBERT L. SMITH BEN EUGENE ADAMS JOHN MARCZESKI President 74a mm JAMES E. BOYD HAROLD E. BUTTRAM ROBERT L. CHINN HAROLD T. CORNING SANFORD C. OX BRUCE DUNN C. RICHARD LAKINS RAY S. NELSON, JR. WILLIAM C. NEWMAN FRANK D. NORWOOD THOMAS SKOV JEROME A RAMSEY LAWRENCE B. SCOTT MAURICE T. EVANS, IR. OTIS EA BURNETT IAMES R. MAXWELL 3M ?ledgu WALTER DAVIS PAUL DOLEZAL ROBERT DOUGLAS EDWARD FALLON WINSTON FAROUEAR ROBERT GOLAB PARKER MILLER IOHN MCLENDON ISAAC N. POLK, IR. EDWARD SALGUERO ALPHA PSI CHAPTER of Phi Kappa Tau, the first large na- tional fraternity to be installed on the Mines campus, was in-. stalled on May 10, 1941A Phi Tau rcmks in the upper quarter of the sixty members of the National Interfraterm'ty Conference. The members of Alpha Psi chapter have long been active in campus activities, including student government, social affairs, publications and Intramural sports. The national fraternity was founded in March, 1906, at Miami University in Oxtiord, Ohio, With the purpose of upholding high scholarship ideals and of having c1 better social program. fiddle Wemgew IOSEPH BROWNLQW TOM CONGER BRANTLEY DICKEY BOB FISHER ERWIN HEINKEL TED HOWELL CRAWFORD KERR JOE KINARD ED KNOBLAUCH JAMES LUYSTEF BILL McBEE CHARLES MCBRIDE DICK McCONN DAN MUELLER BUDDY NEWELL FRANK OWEN JACK RICHARDS BERNHARD SAAB EVERETT SCRIMSHIRE JULIUS SADOWSKY LONNIE SIMMS PAT TIER BOB TURRENTINE FRANK WEIDNER FRED WENDT JAY WHITE PAT RAND DICK McCONN President 7d! ?e'ealgea ART BAUCHERT CARL KIRCHER BILL MCLURE RONALD MORRISON CHARLES ORNDOFF ROLEN SNOWDEN SAM SEDANOVICH BILL TOWRY RUSSELL VAN KIRK DON WINSOR 3pm Ptedgw MAX EVANS RAY GILBERT JAMES HICKS BOB KESSELL TERRY MELANCON GEORGE MEZZETTI GRANT MILLER .o. D. MILLER PAUL OPPENHEIM RALPH OPPENHEIM BOB RAYBURN DAVID SKEEN TED SMALL BOB TRAVIS CHARLES WARREN SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, the newest national Greek men's fraternity on the campus, installed Texas Gamma chapter in November, 1947. SAE, the largest national fraternity, was foundegi on March 9, 1858, at the University of Alabama. The local chap- ter was formerly Nu Kappa Sigma, Which has been activelh at Mines sincer1927. The SAE'S have been active in all sociah v political, scholastic, and Intramural sports avtivities, both before 3 and after their chartering. Their activities this year included i: their big installation affairs, Founders' Day banquet, and their gxlcimVAUGHAN annual Spring Formal. 24cm mmdezd IOHN BOYLAN IOSEPH A. LINCOLN ROBERT C. BRENNAND IOSEPH R. MANSFIELD JAMES C. BROOKS RICHARD MARSTON FRANK E. CAUBLE ' JOHN C. MELTON JACK B. CHAPMAN IOHN PHELAN OTTO WMr CONRATH, IR CLIFF RICHARDS DANIEL C. COWART WM. RUSSELL WM. C. DA'V'IS IOHN W. SCHULTE DAVID H. ELLIOTT CHARLES R. SCHULTE JAMES F. ELLIOTT EDWIN 0. SMITH WMr I, HAGGARD LLOYD V. STEVENS, IR. ROBERT L. HART GORDON THOMSON IACK B. HILBURN RICHARD TIERNAN ROBERT IZARD IACK 1:. UNDERWOOD WM. K. IAKEMAN LEWIS Ir VAUGHAN WM. R. KERR 7d! ?tedgu NOEL ADAMS GENE ANDERSON SYDNEY ARCHER RALPH BREWSTER PAUL I. BIESH BRUCE BROWN BOB DILLMAN WM. H EASON JACK ELLIOTT DICK FLATO ROBERT FLETCHER DAN FOSTER STERLING FREEMAN CHARLES GADDY JAMES HAMMOND RALPH HAYWOOD GEORGE W. HOUGHTON, IR. LA MOYNE HOWARD CARROLL HUNTER DICK HYDE TOM I. JONES MAURY KEMP WYNDHAM KEMP SAM R. KING BOB LEAVITT H. R. MAGNESS ULAND MELTON JAMES MOSS JOHN MOULTON L. B. PORTER D. BRUCE SMITH, IR. ROBERT C SMITH BOB ZUENDT MERRAL ALEXANDER JIM BOWDEN EARL CONRATH BOB EVANS RAYMOND EVANS ANDY EVEREST ROY FISK CHARLIE HARDIE IIMMIE HAGGARD DON L, LIBBEY BILL LYNCH DAN McKINSIE CHARLES BEN OLNEY DARRELL PARKER JACK PARKS JOE HECTOR JAKE RHOADS BILL RISLEY IVAN SADLER TOM SCHATTENBERG D. B. SMITH BERT WILLIAMS THETA CHAPTER of Kappa Sigma Kappa was the first national fraternity to be established at Mines in September, 1937. One of the oldest groups on the campus, it had its beginning at the t M De Moldy Exemplars in 1927, and in 1933, the name was t f changed to the Texas Mines Exemplars. Since its founding, the t Kappa 8193 have numbered among its members many school leaders, and has been one of the strong Engineer party groups. The national, Kappa Sigma Kappa, was founded at Virginia Military Institute in September, 1867. As both Founders' Days are in September, the Kappa Sig social program is always high- lighted by a Founders' Day picnic in the early fall. GEORGE KISTENMACHER President 14cm Wemgeu GEORGE KISTENMACHER ROBERT A PARSONS, 1R, IEAN BOWDEN MELVILLE LEVENSON CHESTER BERRYHILL BILL FAIRLEY EUGENE KRAUSE SAM KOBREN DEAN DeLONG JOHNNY MILLS IIM TOM GAY STAN BILLINGSLEY LYNN PARSONS 7d! Peedw BOB CRYE BOB TERRAZAS BILL IARNIGAN HUBERT GAY STAN LLOYD FRED CAVE CARROLL WOMACK BILL CARTAN DARNELL DUKE OWEN ELLINGTON IOHN A. RAMSAY VICTOR SHACKLEFORD 3v 0 Ir.- $. y:; w ,v4ddae mandew DAVID BOTELLO JOHN ELLIOT JAMES FOSTER LARRY GLATTSTEIN BRUCE HENRY JAMES KELLY BILL LIBBY ABE MOWAD PHILLIPP MOWAD EARL RICHARDS GEORGE SCHUSTER ART WATT MAURICE WILLIAMS NORMAN WINDHAM SAMUEL SCHWARTZ President THE INDEPENDENT MEN, c: group of hardy individualists, revived in 1947 with Cl bang. They started oft the fireworks in November by putting up strong third-party candidates for the vacated posts of vice-president and academic representative-crt- large. In April, they joined the Engineers, running one of their Wheels for representative-at-large. They have carried on a varied social program this year, including banquets, picnics, and get- togethers. A11 non-fraternity men on the campus are eligible for membership. OUTSTANDING? STUDENTS IN TL- FIELDS DP ENGIN- RING, AS WELL AS THE ARTS AND 5611 ENEES ARE REPRESENT: BY MEMBERS OF ALPHA CHI, national honorary and scholastic fraternity, chare tered Alpha Beta chapter of the scholarship societies of the South "In 1937. During the past 12 years, it has become one of the most respected groups on the campus. Doc Nelson is the sponsor of this group of brains composed of the top ten percent of the junior and senior Classes who have ct grade average of 19.01 or above. Members of the chapter attended ct regional Alpha Chi convention in Denton March 12 and 13 this year. NANCY ARMSTRONG President FRANCES NIELSON WYNDHAM KEMP IRVING FOX LLOYD STEVENS IOHN ELLIOTT CARMELA DE LA TORRE IOHN SCHULTE LEWIS PETMECKY ANN GUMAER NINA LOU BOTHWELL IULIUS HEINS FRANK BARGER BEATRICE FUENTES HENRY KING HENRY STEARNS GILBERTO GRADO GLORIA HOLMES JACK REED MARILYN CORBIN JOSEPH DU BOIS CLIFFORD BRUCE IOSEPH BROWNLOW GORDEN AAKER MARGARET FRANK SHOKRAY ANSARA BRIAN HILL RICHARD DAVIS JULIAN HEMLEY ALICE M. WHITE LOUIS CANTRELL ALAN EHMANN JAMES ELLIOTT MARILYN WILLISS PATRICIA RODGERS JAMES McCLESKEY WILLIAM SCHILLINGER HAROLD BALLARD GEORGE MCBRIDE PATRICIA MCGALLIARD BETTY MacGUIRE NANCY ARMSTRONG SOLOMON HELLER LOUISE WALSH THOMAS WEBB GERRY SLUTES CATHERINE BURNETT LADISLAV GLATTSTEIN WILLIAM PHILLIPS ROY FISK KENNETH ARES FRANCES BELL DAVID CARNES HAROLD GRAS MARY HILL HARRISON MURPHY FRANCES NEILSON LILLIAN PALAFOX L R PROVENCIO VESTINA PROVENCIO VICENTE RASCON VELIA RIVERO HENRY SAMANIEGO CHARLES SCHULTE EUGENIA SHAEFFER TOM SKOV HENRY STEARNS EMMALINE TIGHE ANNA VALENTINO MRS. ROBERT WALKER LOUISE WALSH TOM WILLIAMS Honorary Members FREDERICK GIBBE EMILIO NAVARRO REBECCA ARMIIO NANCY ARMSTRONG PATRICIA BOWER LOIS BOWLING HELEN C. BROWN FELICE BROWN MARY FRANCES BUEHLER ARMAND CUEN GENEVIEVE DRAEGER LOIS TOOLE EDMOND MAGARET FRANK NORMA GRAF ANN GUMAER FRANCES GREGORY MARY HILL KATHRYN KNAPP ADRIAN MADRIGAL JANICE MEAHGER EVERETT MOSS LILLIAN PALAFOX President SIGMA DELTA PI, the national co- educational Spanish society, was founded in 1919 at the University of California, to promote cm interest in cultural and literary Spaninsh influ- ences. Alpha Iota chapter was granted its charter in February, 1937, and was installed in April of that year. This group carries on unusual initiation ceremonies, both the candlelight ser- vice and the informal session, in Span- ; ish. Active members must be enrolled in cm advanced Spanish class, and have Ct B average in Spanish and C in all other courses. For some non-eli- gible students and instructors with C: special interest in the group's activi- ties, there are associate and honorary memberships. AN HONORARY ORGANIZATION which has its finger in every pie, Alpha Chi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi is compara- tively new at Mines; having been installed as the 46th chapter of the national group in April, 1947. The KKY'S were founded at Oklahoma A. CE M. in 1919 as a national organization with the definite purposes of bettering the college and university bands in the United States. Among its activities, the local group has spent its time in actively supporting the band in fund-rcn'sing campaigns and other moves for the development of a better Mines band. 24m ?Itemgeu ROBERT BOOTH IOHN GRAY BRUCE BROOKS ORVILLE GOWER GILBERT GRADO CARLOS HICKERSON JAMES WADLEY FAT PATTERSON MALCOLM MCDONALD President LAWRENCE STABLEIN JACK MCGURK IIMMY WADLEY BOB PARKER Ptedgee JOE BOOTH BOB CANDELARIA JACK ELLIOTT R. L. HAMILTON LEWIS IEFFERS DICK LAKINS HARRY LEE PLUMBLEY ONE OF THE MOST active organizations at Mines, Sigma Gamma Epsilon is the honorary professional fraternity in earth sciences, mining, metallurgical, geological, and petroleum en- gineering. Students who have 14 hours credit With a B average in these fields are eligible providing that their overall average is C. The group meets every other Monday to discuss technical papers and to hecxr outstanding speakers. Over the Easter holi- days the members took c: field trip to Carlsbad and the salt caverns to study the outstanding geological formations. LOUIS SCHNEIDER President ROBERT HAMILTON LAWRENCE De ZAVALA LARRY ZINK PABLO SEGURA JAMES FAULKNER, IR. MARTIN DEHLINGER JULIAN COLE ROBERT E. FISHER JOHN H. GRAY THEODORE HODGES TOSE LUNA GEORGE MCBRIDE JOHN RAPP LUIS SANCHEZ WILLIAM BARNHILL CARROLL CASON TRACY CLARK IOHN HAYNES RICHARD PRICE LUIS SANCHEZ ALBERT SCHIEMENZ LOUIS SCHNEIDER WILLIAM SKEES ALLAN T. SMALL WING Y'EE RAYMOND O'DELL GLORIA HOLMES DELLA PIXLEY DIANE POWELL ALFEDO ABREGO RALPH DICKINSON BILL BROWN LLOYD STEVENS IOYCE HUNTER MARY ELIZABETH REGAN BEBE TIGHE BETTY ROSE FRANCIS RUTH HAHN IIM PALMER FRANCES BRADEN ANNE SHAMALEY CATHERINE BURNETT MELVILLE LEVENSON BILL McBEE MARY HILL ERWIN BOHMFALK DARRELL PARKER CAROLYN GARY LEE ROSCH WAYNE JOHNSTON SCOTT THUBER NANCY MILLER ELMER GROUNDS CHARLES LEVERETT IUDY PETERSON IIM PALMER President THE ORDER of the Sacred COW is bestowed upon c111 the members of the publications staff who rate member- ship in the Mines Press Club. The hon- orary publications organization of the journalism department was revived this spring, just in time for the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association con- vention, and so that initiation and an annual awards banquet could be held. Each member must be of sophomore standing at least, and have worked on the staff of either the Prospector, El Burro, or the Flowsheet for a year. THE COLLEGE HEROES, alias the football toters, basketball dribblers, and breathless track men, make up the membership of the Mines ""M Club. The HM" Club is open to all lettermen of the College of Mines. A11 squad members of the athletic teams are pledges to the club. This is one case where the pledges have to make the grade through brawn power, not brain power. JIM BOWDEN President BILL MEWHORTER BOB MILLER e MAX NORWOOD SANTOS PEREZ YVON RICHY JAKE RHOADS FRED ROSAS AL SCHIEMENZ TOM SHOCKMAN GREER SKOUSEN TOM STEELE KENNETH STEPHENS IOHN SHYROCK ED SMITH BILL TITTLE JOE VALENCIA JACK WILKINSON TOM WISEHEART BERT WILLIAMS BILL WOODUL FRED WENDT GORDON THOMSON AL SALEM JACK SCOTT M. HORN JOE ZYLKA IACK ARNOLD JIM BOWDEN BILL BRIDLER RALPH BREWSTER Dh BULLOCK HARRY ANDERSON ALEX CARAMEROS BEN CARNELL TOM CHAVEZ JIM DE GROAT L. DEL VALLE RAYMOND EVANS ANDY EVEREST JIM FAGER CHAS. FITZGERALD LEE FOGLE HARVEY GABRIEL GEORGE GROUNDS WAYNE HANSON IOE HOLLEY COLIE HUFFMAN LAV HUMPHREY MIKE IZQUIERDO ERNEST KEILY SAM MARUSICH IN ADDITION TO THEIR STUDY CDURSES MANY UP THE STUDENTS PARTICIPATE IN EXTRA- EURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AND THE SCIENTIFIC CLUB, which sponsors the wearing of the green on St. Pat's Dcry by unwary freshman engineers, is one of the oldest and largest campus organizations. Up to its neck in the Engineering party, it sponsored the Engineering edition of the Prospector, the St. Pat's picnic, the Hard Luck dance, a football team, basketball team, and CI boxing team in the Intra- mural Sports programs, and the famous "Bean Feeds" where the engineers listen between bites to talks by prominent men in that profession. TOM WEBB President ROBERT L. HAMILTON GEORGE MCBRIDE MANUEL GONZALEZ TED SMALL ALVIN SEYBERT MANUEL FLORES JOHN SCHULTE JOSEPH KENNEY LOUIS GARRISON GLEN HANSON KENNETH GALLUP WILLIAM LIBBY JACK THOMPSON JOHN MANNING DONALD MCCABE RAYMOND DELGADO WILLIAM CISNEROS DONALD DAVIDSON JAMES CASPER OSCAR COLLAZO MANUEL STOWER GEORGE MOORE TEXAS WARD DICK TIPTON DICK TIERNAN CLIFFORD BLATCHLEY WARREN CARR GEOGE MEREDITH IIM CUNNINGHAM JERRY MARCUS WALTER SMIT ROY ANDERSON ROBERT MEYERS JEFF KYLE SAM CHRISTO JAMES FAULKNER BILL EASON JACK HADBURN TOM WEBB JIM SCOTT QUINN BOYD BOB BOTHWELL GEORGE KISTENMACHER EARL RICHARDS VICTOR CASTILLO JOHN GRAY BRIAN P. HILL MALCOLM MCDONALD BEN MULLER BILL SCHILLINGER BILL TOWRY RUBEN ROSALES IOHN I. HENDERSON IOE MAIN SUN IOE TACK SUN ALLAN FINE HAROLD CORNING HERB BRASSEUR ALBERT TILNEY IAMES MILLICAN IIM HOLCOMBE C. H. BAILEY EUGENE KRAUSE BOB PARSONS HERN BENGE EVERETT MAY W. R. BROWN JOHN L. NEIL B. B. SMITH REBA MARTIN ROLAND DALY NORMAN PRONGER MEL LEVENSON LOUIS SADA IOHN C. YAN ONE OF THE YOUNGEST organizations at Mines is the College of Mines branch of the University of Texas student chap- ter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The Mines group, which held its first meeting in February, 1948, will receive its own charter when the Mines civil engineering cfurriculct isepa proved by the E.C.P.D. The ASCE'S were hosts when a joint meeting of over 100 members of the society from New Mexico U., New Mexico A CS M., Arizona U., and Texas Tech was held at Mines May 7 and 8. The Mines students wrote technical pd- pers in competition with students from the other colleges. This active group has heard several speakers and seen films at meet- ings this year. JOHN L. NEILL CHESTER F. BERRYHILL GILBERTO RODRIGUEZ HERBERT K. BRASSEUR WILLIAM C. SCHILLINGER FERMIN T. CABRERA GEORGE E SHEETS, 18. DAVID H. ELLIOTT ED SMITH BENNIE L. FRIE BASILIO SOLIS SAMUEL R. KING ABRAHAM SOOKIASIAN EUGENE ET KRAUSE RALPH TIBERI ROBERT LAIT JAMES 3- MYERS TEXAS s. WARD VITOR Mt NAVARRO Chalrman OSCAR R. ZOZAYA STERLING FREEMAN NARCISSO GARCIA DICK TINGUELY President PRE-MEDIC CLUB Those students with the earnest desire to cut people up, pour castor 011 down children's throats, and help humomity, comh pose the Pre-Medic Club. The members, students who intend to enter medical hchool, made frequent field trips to nearby hos- pitals and cliniCS during the school year. The club also held regular meetings this year, at Which many speakers, prominent in medical centers, gave educational talks cmd lectures. JOHN SCHULTE ROY TINGUELY RODOLFO VALDIVIA CHARLES WARREN TOM WINDORF JOHN CHERRY ERWIN GOLDFARB LEE HAMRAH CHARLES HERSBERGER BOB MARTIN JAMES NABHAM ELIZABETH TAYLOR ANDRES LOPEZ ALFRED HARRIS GEORGE FOGELMAN CALVIN SKINNER ROBERT DELGADO ROBERT CANDALERIA MARY JOHNSON ALLEN GATTIS XAVIER BARRIOS RUBEN BEIARANO RALPH BERKELEY ANTHONY BUSALACCHI NETTIE VIRGINIA DEL HIERRO HENRY HAMPTON ERWIN HEINKEL TIM HURLEY ROLAND DALY IANE HOUSE HENRY KING FRED LAMPERT EMILY LIVINGSTON LeROY LYON ESTELLA MCCAMANT VIRGINIA MARS LYDON MOSES IESUS RODGIGUEZ THE BEKAS ORGANIZATION is composed of those students 0 are majoring in Business Administration or Economics. The Cup was founded in 1945 by Mr. Wade Hctrtrick who is profes- of Economics on the Mines faculty, in order that members of - group might become better acquainted with the business n of El Paso and become gware of the business and economic portunities. During the past year at their bi-monthly meetings, - Bekas heard speakers Who were prominent in the fields of vertising, Banking, Communications, Marketing, and Law. DAVID BOTELLO President STELLA ACOSTA ALEX AGUIRRE ELENA ALVAREZ BETTY BICKLER HECTOR BLANCO JULIAN BORSCHOW DAVID BOTELLO FRANK CAUBLE NOEMI CHAVEZ RICHARD DAVIS DOYLE DE ARMAN CARYL DOWNEY ROY FISK IRVING FOX NORMA GRAF MANUEL GUTIERREZ LUTHER HARDING IULIUS HEINS CRAWFORD KERR RICHARD McCONN JACK MCGRATH LIONEL MELANCON MARY MILLER JACK ODIN CHARLES ORNDORFF FRANK OWEN MARY ANNE OWEN JOHN PEOPLES HILLIS PRATT CONRADO RAMIREZ E. C. RODRIGUEZ GUADALUPE RODRIGUEZ BONNIE RESLER CECILE RIOS NOFTELI RUELAS BERNHARD SAAB PETE SANCHEZ ALONZO SIMMS CALVIN SKINNER SAMUEL SREDANOVICH DOROTHY STERLING LLOYD STEVENS IRA STUART LEWIS VAUGHN FRANK WEIDNER MARY WILKS C. FORREST WILSON JOHN J. WOO High brow and long hair may be the terms associated with art students by many college students, but not at Mines, because the Beaux Arts Club numbers among its membership some of the most popular and best-known students on the compus, as well as some mighty good artists. Art majors must belong, and the other members include all art students and those interested in art appreciation. At their monthly meetings, the Becrux Arts members hear speakers who are outstanding in the various art fields. BOBBY LANE WIGGINS President Ht HtHiHlHlJlHHHl SUE TOPP BECKY ARMUO VITA PETONE SUE IANE MAYFIELD PAT MARS BETSY GOODLOE BOBBY WIGGINS ROSE MARION PORTER EVA GUTIERREZ MARTHA MARTINEZ CATHERINE BURNETT VINCENT RASCON AUDREY ANDERSON LOIS EDMOND MONA IOE FLACK FRANK TREW BARBARA SCHNAKE GERRY LAIRD PEGGY BITTER GLORIA LEON JOYCE MAXWELL IILL HOOKER ARMANDO MARQUEZ BE'I'I'Y MacGUIRE BOBBY PRENTISS ANN ELLIOTT ELEANOR MCDANIEL JUNE MURRAY BONNIE CATHEY BILL BROWN MARY HOLMSLEY BROWN BARBARA NORMAN PATRICIA CRUMBLISS LOIS BING FRANCES HOLMSLEY ELAINE DERRICK BETTY MIDDLETON IULES BENNETT JOAN HEINKEL MARY ETHEL HICKS DAURICE VOWELL JEFF KYLE RICHARD ENGER JOY KROEGER TERRELL SCEACE JEAN LITTLETON ANITA LcLONDE DICK PLUMBLEY WILTZ HARRISON MIKE HARDIN CLARA SMITH NANCY CHURCH JOSE SERNA NANNETTB GATLIN MARGARET MCCARVER EDMOND ANSARA JOHN R. MANNING SHIRLEY MAYTON POLLYANNA MOORE LYNDON MOSES JUDY PETERSON FRANCES IANE PIA'I'T IAN HANDLE PAT RESLER LUCY ANNE RICHARDS MARION RICKEL LELAND OBINSON BARBARA SCHNAKE FLORENCE SILVER BILLY SNELSON LEGENE STOVER DOROTHY SWEENEY BEBE TIGHE PHYLLIS TRACH'I' IACK UNDERWOOD JOYCE UNDERWOOD ELMER WEISMANTEL IUILIE WILLIAMS KENNETH WILLIAMS MARIE'I'I'A WINDSOR CARROLL WOMACK BEN E. ADAMS SHOKRAY ANSARA IUDY ARNOLD DICK BAILY STAN BILLINGSLEY CARL L. BISHOP BRUCE BIXLER VIRGINIA BOND JACK BOYL'AN BRUCE BROOKS FAYRENE BURDEN MARILYN F . GARET GRA l WILNA GRAT'I'AN MARY ANN HAMILTON GEORGIANA HAMMETT JULIAN REX HARIS MARY HILL REA F. HOOKER NANCY JENNINGS BILL McBEE DOROTHY McCALL BETTY MCMURRY BRUCE BROOKS President ' FOR STUDENTS with a burning desire to take the center of the stage, College Players, the dramatic group at Mines, was founded in 1927. Always ctctive, the group produces two full- length plays and several one-ctct plays each year. The two productions in 1947-48 were "George Washington Slept Here" and "Over 21," both directed by Miss Lucio: Hutchins. Members of the group also put on one-act plays for speech classes. IN SEPTEMBER With their best foot forward, the Mines band stepped trimly out on the football field and began a great year of activities including parades, pep rallies, and concerts. Under the direction of Charles Senning, the band is making strides toward assuming its prominent pre-WOI position in West Texas. With new uniforms and a fast prance, they got off to a good start last tall and stayed there during their outstanding concerts this spring. . CARLOS HICKERSON President CHARLES SENNING Director IRMA NEA'I'HERLIN WILLIAM SCHILLINGER IAMES SAMMER CARLOS HICKERSON LEWIS IEFFERS MALCOLM MCDONALD ERNEST PATTERSON HAROLD SHOPPACH EDDIE CARRANZA RUTH MATHIS LAWRENCE STABLEIN MALCOLM BOSWELL LEE MORTON EDWIN PALK CARL C. KIRCHER ROBERT BOOTH IACK ELLIOTT JOHN GRAY ABE MOWAD EVERETT SCRIMPSHIRE CHARLES MCBRIDE TOM WENDORF R. L. HAMILTON ROBERT CANDELARIA ORVILLE GOWER FRED MATHIS HARRY RANDELL VAN HORNE IACK MCGURK IAMES WADLEY MARIETTA WINDSOR IOE BOOTH JOE SERVALONI FAYRENE BURDEN GILBERTO GRADO BILLY FRED SNELSQN ANITA TAYLOR JOYCE UNDERWOOD IOHN IOE WOO VIRGINIA BOND PAT DRISCOL LOIS ANN MCKINNEY TOMMY YOUNG I. R DOMINGUEZ RUBEN BEIARANO H. W. FRIEDMAN BOB PARKER BILL TOWRY FENTON KATZ ROBERT GRAVES FAYE CAIN DICK LAKINS IUDY ARNOLD BARBARA BOWDEN BRUCE BROOKS MARJORIE GRIGGS JANET McKIM Drum Mciorettes IEANNE MAYTON, BILLIE LUNDELL, ALMA RUSS, RITA RUSSELL and DEAN McLURE. . THE LIVELY young ladies 0f the JEAN LITTLETON PEGGY BROWN Mines Drum Corps banged 0nd MARGARET NAYLOR PATTY BOWER boomed their way down the football MARGIE TURNER COLLEEN DAKAN field on Saturday nights during the PATSY OLIVER EMILY LIVINGSTON . . . BARBARA CRALL DUSTY ALLEN fall, addmg a lot of splnt to the en- JOANNE GREULING IAN HANDLE thusiastic crowds. With their cowboy IOYCE HUNTER VERAGENE SANDERSON hats and orange and white uniforms, TOMMY CONGER IACK McGURK CATHERINE BURNETT they showed up at the bonflres 0nd VIRGINIA MARS pep rallies, displaying more than their share of the T. C. M. spirit. JACK MCGURK Student Director THE ATTRACTIVE GIRLS who pranced out onto the football field in their snappy orange and white gaucho uniforms last fall are the Gold Dig- gers, the Mines pep squad. Led by five high-strutting majorettes, the mem- bers appeared not only at half-time shows, but at parades, hospital enter- tainments, and other activities as ushers. SARAH IANE STOCKWELL President IENENE HARMAN LILLIAN HENNING TONI HEREDIA MARY ETHEL HICKS OFELIA IZQUIERDO LYLA LEE KENT MARTHA LOPEZ CORAL McCRAY VIRGINIA MARS SUE JANE MAYFIELD JOANNE NICHOLS JACKIE O'SULLIVAN VITA PETONE ELIZABETH RHEY GLENNA RUE RICHARDS ALICE RUBALCAVA JANE RUSS NANCY SELLY CLARA SMITH MARGIE STEVENS IANIE STOCKWELL JUNE WAID ANNA IANE DERRICK Majorette TONY ADAUTO JULIA BENCOMO BARBARA CALISHER BONNIE CATHEY ALMA'CHAVEZ MONSERRATT CHAVEZ ALMA COHN RUTH DREES MARY LOUISE DUGAN ROSE DUKE CLARA FOSTER TOMMIE JEAN FOX BETTY FUNK NORMA GODWIN JEAN GORDON NORMA GRAF GEORGIA GUTIERREZ MARY MARGARET GRAMLY MARTA HARGETT FORTY TOP SONGSTERS With voices ranging from soprano to bass, com- pose the Mines Chorale. This group opened its fall concert season with the presentation of spirituals. Its annual Christmas program, the Festival of Carols, was followed by several spring classic programs omd on All Reqaest show in late spring. A tour of West Texas and programs in the four local high schools and city service clubs completed the 1947-48 activities of the group. IOHN McLENDON WALTER O'DELL GENE PAVLAS XAVIER BARRIOS ROY FISK BOB FLETCHER HARRY LEE PLUMBLEY NOBLE RAGAN JOHN BAIRD BRUCE BROOKS GENE HILL DICK MATHEWS BOB MATHEWS FLORENE STEVENS BARBARA WRIGHT EDWARD RUSSEY REX RITTMANN RAOUL NEGRE'I'TE LEE MORTON REX HARRIS JACK ELLIOTT BILLY SNELSON JERRY BRISBIN ALVIN LEISER CLARK HUGHES FRED MATHIS IANIE 'STOCKWELL NANCIE LOUDON ROY FISK President KATHLEEN BARTLEY ELIZABETH HARTLEY PA'I'I'Y BOWER NORMA LEE BURNSTEIN RUTH MERRITT CATHERINE BURNETT MARILYN CORBIN MARY LOUISE DOUGLAS' MARJORIE GRIGGS MARY ANN HAMILTON PATSY OLIVER WILLIE HANNAN JOANNE NICHOLS MARAVENE SHELTON MARY SPRINGER MARGIE SPRINGER FRANCES NIELSON ALMA ACEVEDO ELAINE DERRICK POLLYANNA MOORE DELLA PIXLEY BESS TOMPKINS JACK ALMACK ARMANDO BRIONES JAMES NABHAN RODOLFO ANCHONDO ORVILLE GOWER Any Mines student With a yen to discuss the exploration of the human mind may belong to the Psychology Club, newly of the various phases of psychology. The club held its first meeting in Ianuary of this year, and since that time has heard many welleknown speakers in this field. The purpose of the club F l formed organization with over 50 members interested in one President ROY TINGUELY PAT VETTEH i IUDY BACON MARGARET LUKARNSKI FAYE GRACEY NETTIE HERSHBERGER HAROLD MALONE MRS. HAROLD MALONE RAYMOND GARDEA DONNA OHSWALDT LOUIS SADA JEAN BOWDEN c. B KELSEY BELL PHILLIPS DICKIE LANDSDOWNE YVONNE OBERLING FAYE MAXWELL LE NEVE BALDWIN CAROLYN GARY JOHN CHERRY IACK McGRATH PAUL NICHOLS is to bring lecturers to students of psychology and to gather psychological literature. Besides monthly meetings with speak- ers, the club also held Saturday business luncheons once a month during the spring term. ROY TINGUELY PAUL HARPER IEANNE OLTMAN YVONNE CARRERA DON LIBBEY MARY LOPEZ MARILYN 'CORBIN MARILYN WILLIS JOE LINCOLN HARRY MIZENER OCTAVIA MEDEANO EMILIA GRACIA-NUNEZ ELOISA ASPEIITIA EDWARD SHACKLETT MAURICE HAINES DICK TINGUELY DILLARD CARRERA BERNICE GOTTLIEB HERBERT EGELKO yum Pm-74mmc'm 2am 7M The Iunior Pan - American Round Table, composed of 22 actives, 22 alternates, a direc- tor-general, and an associate director - general, was started at Mines in 1945 and is spon- sored by the Senior Pcm-Amer- iccm Round Table of El Paso. Its purpose is for the women of the United States to discuss and study the cultures, lan- guages, and customs of the Latin American nations and to get together With each other. The club, Which is composed of juniors and seniors, met every third Wednesday of each month, and also held CI tea honoring the Senior Pan American Round Table in De- cembert PATRICIA LATTNER VIVIAN MICHEL MARTHA MARTINEZ COLLEEN MURPHY BETTY MacGUIRE IANICE MEAHGER BERTHA MONTES JOANNE NICHOLS FRANCES NIELSON LILLIAN PALAFOX DIANNE POWELL VELIA RIVERO LUCY ANNE RICHARDS NITA ROGERS ELIZABETH RHEY PAT RODGERS RITA RUSSELL MARILYN SCHMIDTH GERRY SLUTES BEBE TIGHE LOIS TOOLE MARTHA UZETA ANNA VALENTINO ELVIRA VARGAS MAUDIE VAN TREASE ESTELA VASQUEZ EUGENIA SHAFFER SHIRLEY LYNCH SHIRLEY LYNCH Director NANCY ARMSTRONG ELENA ALVAREZ ANTONIETA ADAUTO REBECCA ARMIIO MARGARET BEAHLER VALERIE BENNIS FELICE BROWN HELEN BROWN CATHERINE BURNETT SAMMY BROSNAHAN NINA LOU BOTHWELL BETTY BICKLER YVONNE CARRERA EMA LOU CHAMBERS GENEVIEVE DRAEGER MARGARET FRANK ANN GUMAER MARY HOLMSLEY ANNE HUBBARD RUTH HAHN STELLA ANN HESLER GLORIA HICKERSON NANCY HEMPHILL NETTIE VIRGINIA DEL HIERR DOROTHY KENNEDY PAULINE KLINK THE INTERNATIONAL Relations Club is an organization with C: really serious purpose, that of studying international policies and law in an effort to effect, if possible, an international reconciliation. The group is an accredited member of the West TexaseNelw Mexico International Relations Conference, which the conferences meeting annually throughout th entire country. Lee Rosch, president of the Mines Chapter, is vice president of this region. The group has held semi-monthly meetings throughout the entire school year, hear- ing prominent local and out-ot-town authorities on international constitutes one-twelfth of relations. FRANCES BRADEN eBOB PUTZEL IEANETTE SILVER BILL PETMECKY DARRELL PARKER CARROLL WOMACK GARRY OWEN IUDY BACON TOM WILLIAMS LEE I. BOSCH PAUL COPPENBARGER COLLEEN MURPHY SAM SCHWARTZ BILL BROWN DICK PANGBURN HOWARD CLARK ALICE WHITE LEE I. BOSCH President wzwm -' e VW w- m .' E3 WITH A BRAND-NEW STAFF setup, KVOF, the campus radio station, has become even more active this spring. The station manager is assisted by directors in all sections of the radio work as well CIS by the many members of the staff. KVOF has operated on C six hour schedule Monday through Friday, besides broadcasting special events such as football and basketball games, the beauty contest, posture con- tests, and All-Mines Day. The radio station has petitioned for membership in Alpha Epsilon Rho, honorary co-ed- nnational radio fraternity BOB PARSONS DICK MAYNARD OLLIE PAREDES GLORIA HOLMES VIVIAN MICHAEL IIM FOSTER FRED MATHIS ANNA LANE DERRICK WAYNE JOHNSTON DIANE POWELL JAMES BANNER FRANCES BELL MARIAN GOFF HENRY STEARNES MURRAY YEAGER LLOYD STEVENS JOYCE HUNTER FRANCES BELL NINA LOU BOTHWELL NANCY JENNINGS DOLORES BRAUN BILL McBEE FRED HILL JEANNE OPPENHEIMER IOYCE MAXWELL IEAN LITTLETON BOB FLETCHER DOLORES MOOREHEAD Ly" SUE MAYFIELD BILL BROWN CARROLL WOMACK BOB GALBRAITH NANCY ANN ARMSTRONG BRUCE BIXLER RALPH HAYWOOD JAMES FOSTER WAYNE JOHNSTON DAVID COHEN JIM HAMMOND MARGIE STEVENS FRANK WEIDNER HENRY STEARNS DELMER JOHNSON PEGGY BROWN BETTY McMURRY CORAL MCCRAY MURRAY YEAGER Director WEIRD SCREAMS in the night at Kelly Hall, a sobbing woman . . . it doesn't mecm mayhem. It's only the Radio Workshop Players doing their stuff. The Radio Workshop Players, now almost two years old, is the dramatic group which produces, directs, and acts in radio dramas over KVOF. Besides producing plays by well-known auth- ors, the group has also produced original scripts by some of its imaginative members. LLOYD STEVENS President The Baptist Student Union has been an active organiza- tion at Mines since April, 1941, and this year the possbility of the group's building its own house on the campus has been brought Closer. Baptist leaders Who visited here advocated this as well as the instituting of a Bible chair at Mines. Although the Mines BSU is a local organization, it cooperates With the state group for the purpose of assisting the Baptist students in both spiritual and social religious activities, and it held many meetings and several parties during the year. BRUCE BROOKS President MARY LOU SETTLE MARILYN ROGERS BERT MARKS FRANK WEIDNER JOHNNY RIGGS PATSY OLIVER FANNY CHOW BRUCE BROOKS DOLOHES MOREHEAD TIM .HURLEY ALMA ACEVEDA ELISA YIP LLOYD STEVENS ROGER BELL KENNETH GRAF FRED MATHIS HERBERT HEASLEY GAIL ELDRIDGE TERRELL SCEARCE LUCIA ELDRIDGE BILL SHARP IOYCE HUNTER LAHOMA RISINGER JACK TROUP BESSIE TOMPKINS MARY ANN DARR GEORGIA GUTIERREZ BENNY VILLEGAS MAGDELENA VILLA LOUISE WALSH. GLORIA HOLMES BEBE TIGHE LOIS BOWLING MARGARET GANDARA SAMMIE BROSNAHAN ANNE VALENTINO MARGARET FRANK TONI HEREDIA FREDERICK GIBBE CLARA SMITH EMILiO NAVARO JIMMY KELLY IO FREEMAN VITA PETONE DICK TINGUELY MARVAINE LINDSAY OCTAVIA MEDRANO NANCY JENNINGS GEORGE GREEN ANNE SHAMALEY CEILIA ANN RIOS ALICIA RIVERA ROBERT SALAZAR MARY HILL OSCAR CABALLERO ROSE EDWARDS ELSIE WILKES i VELIA RIVERO ELENA ALVAEZ CAROLL ANN GRAVES PETER BAEHR MARY ANN REYNOLDS DORA MCNEELY ROY DARE IACK MARCZESKI WILNA GRATTAN FRANCES BRADEN SUSIE REYNOLDS CALVIN SKINNER JULIA ROSE BENCOMO DAVID HARDIN GLORIA BIEL RUTH NAPOLSKE HECTOR ROCHIN ALMA CHAVEZ BECKY ARMIJO ROSE DUKE DICK ENGER SHIRLEY FARNSWORTH RAY KNAUT DAN MUELLER VESTINA PROVENCIO IOE MUELLER NELSON OHLEMACHER RAY NELSON STELLA VASQUEZ EUGENE COOVER JACK MCGRATH BILL WARD CARMELA DE LA TORRW BETTY FUNK L i BOB GRAVES BOB BUTKUS OSCAR PEREZ THE NEWMAN CLUB, a branch of the national organization, was organized on the Mines campus in 1933. The national group was founded in 1905 and was named after Cardinal Newman. The local chapter at the College of Mines is sponsored by the- Nationai District Council of Catholic Women, and is under the jurisdiction of Dioceses of El Paso. The membership of the New- man Club is open to all Catholic students on the campus. A monthly breakfast is held and frequent round table sessions, IACK MARCZESKI President FELICE BROWN ALL SEVEN women's organizations KAY KNAPP on the campus get together for at least giggggfggggmm one thing, to make the Co-Ed Associo- MARY HART tion one of the busiest Mines groups. YVONNE CARRERA The Co-Ed Council, composed of rep- VELIA RIVERA resentatives from each organization, plans for all the big Co-Ed affairs. Their major activities this year were to provide food for ""M Day, to hold c1 .coffee for freshman girls in October, and to hold one of the most successful "drag your man" dances ever held, at the Woman's Club last December. BETTY SUE RICHARDS President M Maw, 579 JOHN PHELAN ALFREDO ABREGO FRANCES BRADEN ROBERT COLEMAN GLORIA HOLMES BETTY McMURRY IUDY PETERSON PAT HUDDLESTON RESLER HAWLEY RICHARSON ALICIA VASQUEZ NANCY LEE WILCOX IIMMY CARPENTER ELIZABETH RHEY MARY ELIZABETH REGAN JIMMY WADLEY KENNETH STEVENS HOMER SCARBRO MARY HILL SCOTT THURBER LESLIE TURNER LUCKY LEVERETT DELLA PIXLEY DIANE POWELL NANCY MILLER DARRELL PARKER GRANT MILLER JIM PALMER WAYNE IOHNSTON ELMER GROUNDS RUBEN SALAZAR LESLIE TURNER DUFFY BURCHELL MARY HILL Editor THE PROSPECTOR, weekly student newspaper, specializes in black, bold headlines, sensational stories on cam- pus political deals, and catty columns. Thisyear several special editions were published, including the Homecoming Issue, and the Engineering and A11- Mines political issues. The Prospector spearheaded the drive to make Mines the site of the 1949 Texas Intercolle- giate Press Association convention. EL BURRO, the campus exponent of typical college humor, is BETTY McMURRY published once CI month. The contents consist of feature. articles, JULIE WILLIAMS jokes, c1 prize story, pictures of outstanding events, CI Chester- ggngEgRgWDHY field's ad, and other efforts on the part of staff members. All ALICE NAN WALL interested students are eligible for the staff and the most capable DICK PLUMBLEY members are voted into the Press Club. El Burro takes an active DICK ENGER part, also, in the Texas Inter-Collegiotte Press Association's $$$$$le IcoogggimN annual conference, Which was held in Abilene at McMurray RUTH HAHN College this year. NORMA GRAF BILL BROWN ERWIN BOHMFALK Editor LEE ROSCH Business Manager 3 ;' V; ,. ; U x, X . L; 5,: 1,1,;va fiyik t s V..., V , 'L L' ms ,x r, ' J, c ......... Vs ,4, s, t V . l r 4 , X s , 4 , J fr . f; j; 3-7 52;, Zifgd; LSZTLV Kg, s l y ' s V , " x . L J ; ' f I y, El Wit, 1 JL'LAV L Lkrsksk I I v? .. L4 V' s 'I I I C s', ; 2 . ' ,5; , 6;; I ,.- Lu 4' 41.ntz l. L '9' 'ka ' ' " N, V Make ?wwdt 475 551., w QMV"'54"!C"'1M s L 0; Editor-in-Chief E; f MM I, . l. V 1:; f, 53" ;,-'J -ijj . r .1," l. . Lav: x," ELLA, WW Business Manager ! IOYCE HUNTER LLQYD STEVENS JIM PALMER HARRIET MCDONALD BARBARA WRIGHT RUE DEAN Senior Editor Iunlor Ednor Sophomore Editor SophomoreEditor Freshman Editor Class Layout Editor DIANE POWELL ERWIN BOHMFALK RALPH DIKINSON BILL BROWN ? s Photographer Photographer Photography Editor Photographer BEBE TIGHE Organizations BETTY ROSE FRANCIS Editor Feature Editor ELIZABETH RHEY NORMA GRAF MARY HILL IOHN SAWYEH, IR Faculty Editor Faculty Editor Copy Writer Copy Writer a E BOB EVANS FRANCES BRADEN ANN SHAMALEY JOAN HEINKLE NORMA GODWIN Snapshol Editor Calendar Editor Circulation Manager Artist Artist COLLEEN MURPHEY VITA PETONE RAY MAXWELL OTIS BURNETT IOHN BOCKOVEN Girls Sports Editor Staff Assistant Ad Staff Ad Staff Spons Editor EARL RICHARDS Sports Editor WITH BRAIN COMES BRAWN . . . AND 'ULE T.B.M. HA3 PLENTY TO OFFER ITS STUDENTS IN 1'-- WAY OF gm. 7W Despite the pre-season loss of care fully tutored Albert Salem, who was to quarterback the 1947 Miners thru a tough ten-game schedule, Head Football Coach lack C. Curtice managed a smile of satis- faction at the climax of the season, for the Orange 'n' White came through With a favorable five-won, three-lost,orfeetie rec- ord. Miner fans, after watching their he- roes trample Kansas State 20-6 in their first home game, were certain that Cur- tice's charges would give the Border Con- ference favorites a race for the top places in the loop. But when the scramble was over, the Miners were in fifth place, due mainly to a mid-season tie-game with New Mexico U. lZOeZUl, and two successive losses before that. But the Orangemen handed their hometown followers a pig- skin treat, in the form of a 26-0 homecom- ing triumph over their ancient grid foes, the New Mexico Aggies, and thereby re- . deemed themselves in the eyes of all who . had followed and backed them up in the games at Kidd Field. And three of the Miners, Guard Ernest Kiely, Tackle Ray- mond 'lSugari' Evans and Fullback Ed Smith got "blue ribbons" for their efforts. Kiely and Evans, who were probably the two "most feared" Mines linemen, were selected for posts on the official 1947 All-Border Conference First Team. Smith, who did his best running in the early part of the season, was given a second-team berth on the alHoop selection of the top conference players. Looking back at the record, it is seen that the Muckers were at the best playing on their own stompin' grounds and before a highly partisan crowd. Kansas State, Flagstaff, Tempe and New Mex- ico A. 6: M. all lost to the Miners on Kidd Field, while New Mexico U. managed a tie and Arizona eked out a one-point Victory. In games played out of town, the Orange and White were less fortunate, whipping only Drake and losing to Har- din-Simmons and West Texas State BEN COLLINS ROSS MOORE Backfield Coach Assistant Line Coach : 3,; N i s JACK CURTICE Head Coach DALE WATERS Line Coach 1 First Row, left to right-SELECTMAN FERGUSON, B; LEE CARGILE, B; LLOYD HEINEMAN, B; ANDY EVEREST, C; JOE ZYLKA, B; WAYNE HANSON, C; JIM DeGROAT, E; IIM BOWDEN, B,- LEE FO'GLE, G; JOE VALENCIA, G; BOB WORTHINGTON, B; RALPH BREWSTER, B; FRED WENDT, B; ED SMITH Captaim, B. Second Row-BEDFORD WOOD, B; HARVEY GABRIEL B; MAX NORWO'OD, G; COLEMAN HUFFMAN, G; TOM SHOCKMAN, T,- SAM MARUSICH, E; IIM FAGER, E,- IOE HOLLEY, T; ERNEST KEILY, G; GEORGE GROUNDS, E; CHARLES FITZGERALD, E; JAKE RHOADS, T; RAYMOND EVANS, T. Third Row BILL WOODUL, Manager; JACK WILKINSON, E,- LAV HUMPHREY, B; TOM STEELE, B; FRED ROSAS, B; SANTOS PEREZ, B; BILL TITTLE, C; HARRY ANDERSON, G; LEE KEILY, T,- RALPH TIBERI, G; DANNY FRASER, B; BILL MEWHORTER, T; JOE SAYKLAY, Manager. Fourth Row-IACK ARNOLD, Head Manager; WILLIAM SECHRIST, E; BILL CRAWFORD, C; HAROLD POLLARD, G,- BEN CARNELL, B,- DICK PLATO, B; BOB ZUAENDT, E; IOHN GOODEN, B,- REMO' FERRETTI, B,- IOHN MELEAR, B; CHARLES COWELL, E; IOHN SHRYROCK, Mcmctger Fifth Row-COACH JACK CURTICE; COACH ROY JONES; COACH DALE WATERS; BOB TRAVIS, B; GEORGE WARDY, B; ALBERT SALEM, B; COACH ROSS MOORE; RONALD MORRISON! E,- BRUCE GARDNER, E; CHARLES MARINO, B; BILL JONES, G; COACH BEN COLLINS. f Awake 8: ED SMITH Back TEXAS MINES i ?4 7 ?cathw zecwwl Won Five e Lost Three e Tied One Date Mines Opponent Sept. 19 19 Drake U. 7 Sept. 26 20 Kansas State 6 Oct. 4 40 1' Flagstali 0 Oct. 11 0 1' W. Texas State 14 Oct. 18 13 1 Arizona U. 14 Nov. 1 20 '1 N. Mexico U. 20 Nov. 8 21 1' Tempe 0 Nov. 15 0 1 tHardin-Simmons 18 Nov. 22 26 '1 N. Mexico 1-1. 6: M. 0 " Border Conference Game Smith, carrying b011, goes around right end with good interference from Miners Camell tin backgroundt, Everest 621 and Evans $61 in the Drake game. IAKE RHOADS Tackle mm W BULLDOGS Big Jim Bowden, a 185-pound hulk of football ma- terial from Odessa, Texas, hadn't figured on being the "brains" behind the 1947 Texas Mines grid machine, but Head Football Coach lack Curtice had other ideas and assigned him the role of quarterdek-a far cry from his 1945 position at center. But Bowden, never- theless, came through With cm impressive performance in the Miners' initial gridiron tangle, c1 tilt With the Bulldogs of Drake University. The game was played on the Drake field at Des Moines, Iowa, another dis- advantage to CI quarterbacking novice. After the game, however, Bowden was given the main credit for the ANDY EVEREST Center RAYMOND EVA Tackle BEN CARNEL Back JIM BOWDEN ERNEST KEILY Quarterback Guard 19-7 triumph the Muckers hcrd pasted on their hosts. His brilliant quarterback- ing, along with his deadly accuracy, was acclaimed in the Des Moines news- ! papers. In leading his ' team to victory, Bowden tossed ten passes, eight i of Which were complete, for a total of 132 yards. In Whipping the Bulldogs, the Miners avenged a '46 loss. 5 OVER KANSAS STATE t A hard-charging Texas Mines line x; proved the main factor of victory When the Muckers successfully repelled the first invasion of their home field by handing LAV IhgbcdeREY the Kansas State Aggies a 20-6 setback. In this game, the Gibraltaric Mines forward wall was Clearly the deciding element, although scoring honors went to Ed Smith tZi and Tom Steele. Xy Xx Into the arms of a Drake tackler goes Fred Wendt in this Drake-Mines action. JIM FAGER FRED WENDT End Back OWM 3m: ?lmtctff Coach lack Curtice made use ot every mom on the Miner bench to rout the Visit- ing Flagstaff Lumberjacks 40-0. The ttBench - warmers," n c m e 1 y the second stringers and the '3" Team, took complete control of th game after the regulars had put the Miners safely in the lead early in the second quarter. One interesting angle of the tilt was the play of Lloyd Heineman, sub back. Heineman, taking the ball for the first time in his Mines grid career, sliced off tackle tor the final Mucker tally which came in the last minutes of the FREDB ROSAS fourth quarter. Again the rock-ribbed Min- BUCK FERGUSON ctck Back er forward wall stood out on defense, cd- lowing the Lumberjacks a measly 66 yards via the line. Almost every Oredigger back scored in this fray. start f5 CHARLES FITZGERALD COLEMAN HUFFMAN IOE VALENCIA ICE ZYLKA End Guard Guard Back It's hide and seek as an unidentified Miner tries to get by C startled Flagstaff man. Fred Wendt and Jim DeGroat are also in the scene. IIM DEGROAT End MUCKERS 345566 ?wfc'cmtly ;49ac'ndt ARIZONA WILDBATS The Mines-Arizona battle proved to be one of the thrillers of the season. Arizona's Wildcats took home the bacon by Q scanty one-point margin 14-13t, but only after the Curticemen chilled the ferns and thoroughly frightened the visiting Arizon- ians by attempting a field-goal from near the twenty-yard gripe in the fleeting minutes of play. Outstanding as the work of the Miner line, which GEORGEESEOUNDS held the Wildcat rushing to 77 yards. 3W 3W MINERS After winning three successive grid duels, the rampaging Muckers encountered the West Texas Buffaloes on the latter's field in Canyon. The Miner line met its match as did the backfield, Which seemed shackled from the outset of the game. The aggressive Butts powered their way for two touche downs and two conversions to win 14-0. text NEW IACK WILKINSON End Miner. back Fred Wendt finds it tough going in this Mines-Arizona shot. FL Tempe tackler gets a stiff-cu'm from Danny Fraser while Pug Gabrel looks on. TOM STEELE Back WAYNE HANSON Center mm TRAMPLE TEMPE 21- D After being tied by the New Mexico Lobos the week before, the Curticemen returned to Kidd Field on Nov. 8 to thoroughly trounce the Tempe Sun Devils 21-0 and unseat the visitors from the top of the Border Conference heap. A number of setbacks paced the attack, with little Ben Carnell drawing first blood in the last seconds of the first half. em Miner Ed Smith twith balD stops c: diving Lobo while Lav Humphrey looks on. HARRY ANDERSON Guard TOM SHOCKMAN Tackle OWM TIE LDBUS Fred Wendt, Whose expert punting had gained him nationwide fame beforehand, came into his own as Ct rambling, shifty fullback against New Mexico U. His efforts, plus the hard running of Ed Smith and excellent team play, netted the Muckers a 20-20 tie With the visiting Lobos. EUWBDYS Edda mm Some 300 Miner fans traveled to Abilene to back up the team in its eighth game; the Miners against the highly-favored Hardin-Sirnmons Cowboys. A scrappy Cowboy back named Wilton Davis proved to be the Mucker nemesis as he snake-hipped it to paydirt twice and led his team to a 18-0 triumph. Little Ben Camell gets stopped after a short gain. IOE HOLLEY Tackle K RALPH BREWSTER Back LEE FOGLE Guard BILL MEWHORTER V BILL TITTLE Tackle MAX NORWOOD Center Guard MUCKERS 7W ziggc'w 26-0 Finishing their 1947 sea- son with a final spurt of aggressiveness, the Ore- diggers trampled their an- cient foes,. the New Mxico Aggies, 26-0 in a home- coming gam e at Kidd Field. Highlight of th e game was a 70-yard dash by Miner Ed Smith in the second quarter. S m ith, playing his final game at Mines, shined as a back, gaining almost half of the total Mines yardage and aiding in two other touchdowns. Again the husky Miner line proved nearly impassablemit held the invading Aggies within their own 40- yard line throughout most of the game. Fred Wendt's punting was also a feature of the battle as time and time again he sent his spirals out of bounds within the Aggie 20-yard stripe. JACK ARNOLD DANNY FRASER ARVEY GABREL Manager Bde BILL WOODUL Back . V, v Manager BILL JONES CHARLES MARINO HAROLD POLLARD BILL SECHRIST IOHN GOODEN With the return ot pre-war eligibility rules in the Border Conference, a secondary team with Ct new name appeared at Kidd Field. The HGrubstakers" under the guiding hand of Coach Roy "Capt. Muncie" Iones were composed of Freshmen and gridders needing more experience. BILL CRAWFORD BOB ZUENDT RALPH TIBERI IOHN MELEAR LEE CARGILE BRUCE GARDN : IULES BENNETT LEE KEILY BUCK FERGUSON BEMO FERRETTI ?mgmw Coach Iones' charges posted an ex- cellent record in the ledger. Led by the running of Lee Cargile and Buck Woods, the southpaw passing of Bob Travis, and some Vicious line play, the HB" squad garnered three Victories, tied one, and dropped one for the season. Serving the purpose for which they were intended, the t Grubstakers developed some outstanding t e .k gridmen that Will appear on the varsity fIIA E 8 next fall. Therefore, the Grubstcxkers are 1 "' appropriately named. IOE SAYKLAY Manager ROY IONES Coach LLO'DY HEINEMAN BUCK WOOD CHARLES COWELL BOB TRAVIS : z ....: t - HARDWOOD With a little more height, Coach Ross Moore and his squad of 28 cagers could have placed higher on the Bor- der Conference ladder at the end of the season. But the Mners didn't have those few extra inches and Lady Luck snubbed them, and so they finished in a three-way tilt for the cellar posi- tion. But the Mines maple midgets had their day during the conference scramble, as they lead the pack for four weeks near the middle of the race. This was all before the doomed Orange and White cagemen took a disastrous road trip and lost three consecutive duels to West Texas State, Texas Tech, and Hardin-Simmons. Up to that time, TOM CHAVEZ the Moore-men had played and won every loop tilt in the narrow confines of their own backyard. In all games played the record was 13 won and 16 lost, In loop play only, the Miners counted six won and ten lost. Mike Izquierdo, wearing Mines colors for the last season, led Moore's charges in the scoring department, finishing with 375 points. Mike, with other regulars Nelson Ohlemacher, Tom Chavez, Ventura Irrobali, and Santos Perez, never failed to give the hometown crowd an exciting game. MIKE IZQUIERDO Ohlemacher tries to block a Flagstaff shot at the goal while Irrobali UN and Iz- quierdo look on. t, M M W VENTURA IRROBALI Above-Tom Chavez lands an uppercut during a jump With a Flagstaff cager. Below-Izquierdo loops one in during loop battle with the Champion Arizona Wildcats. SANTOS PEREZ NELSON OHLEMACHER ' f3?- Front rowelohn Magruder, Greer Skousen, A1 Franco, Earl Rich- ards, Nelson Ohlemacher, Bert Williams, Abe Franco. Back row-Coach Ross Moore, Tom Chavez, Mike Izquierdo, chm Rechy, Venturor Irrobcdi, Robert Menu, Santos Perez. Not in pictureeLelcmd Robinson, Ralph Brewster, Robert Mon- toya. Many cage mentors have "reserve trou- GREER 5K0 bles," but Coach Moore was not hampered in that respect during the '47 season. Ably backing up the regulars were eagle-eyed Greer Skousen, Bert Williams, Earl Richards, Earl Francol chtn Rechy, Abe Franco, Robert Mend, Ralph Brewster, Leland Robinson, Ro- bert Montoya, and John Magruder, a late one. ABE FRANCO BERT WILLIAM YVAN RECHY ROBERT MEN . One of the shortest cagers on the hardwoods, Texas Mines' own "Kayo" Perez, strains mightily for the ball dure ing c1 one-sided jump With a New Mexico Aggie. 3mm 266M TEXAS MINES 1947-48 DHN SHYROCK t Manager 58 AL FRANCO Won Fourteen e Lost Sixteen Opponent International Petroleum Chihuahua Dorados Chihuahua Dorados New Mexico A. 6. M. New Mexico A. 6: M. New Mexico State Teachers San Diego State Abilene Christian Abilene Christian Fort Bliss Arizona State at Flagstaff Arizona State at Tempe New Mexico University Hardin-Simmons New Mexico A. 6. M. Sul Ross Sul Ross West Texas State Texas Tech Hardin-Simmons New Mexico State Teachers New Mexico University Arizona University New Mexico A. 6: M. Texas Tech West Texas State Arizona University Arizona State at Tempe Arizona State at Flagstaff EARL RICHARDS ROSS MOORE Coach The tallest Mines player. 6'5" Earl "Spider" Rich- ards. just does outstrain an Arizona Wildcat. Ross Moore's first year as Texas Mines basketball coach was not with- out some defeats. But his 1947, cage quintet will always be remembered as one of the most colorful teams in Mines history. Favorites with the fans for the second straight year were Mike Iz- quierdo and Kayo Perez, the former known by his consistent shooting, frail body, and dead-pcm expression, the latter by his size, speed, and stalling technique. Alongside this pair is Ven- tura Irrobczli, WhOSelSingUlCII method of shooting and agressiveness wczs out- standing. Ohle Ohlemacher, one of the tallest-on the squad, and Tom Chavez evened the scale with their seriousness. Ohlemcrcher shone on tip-ins cmd Cha- vez played Ct greatl season defensively. Front row, left to right-IIM HICKS, IOHN MAGRUDER, LAURO DEL VALLE, TERRELL SCEARCE, CHARLIE BEN OLNEY, KENNETH BEARDEN, GORDON THOMSON cmd HENRY VALDEZ. Back row-IO'HN SHRYOCK, RALPH BREWSTER, IIM DeGROAT, RUSSELLMACK, RONNIE MORRISON, GEORGE GROUNDS, FRED WENDT, ERNEST KEILY, HENRY GIFFEN, LEE CARGILE cmd SELECTMAN FERGUSON. Hampered by terrific spring winds, 01 poor track and Ct dearth of lettermen, the Texas Mines track team under the guidance of Coach Dede Waters proceeded to hold its own Bor- der Conference competition. The season was highlighted by meets With New Mexico A. 6! M., Sul Ross State College, Texas Tech, Hardin-Simmons, Abilene Christian College. Climax of the year was the annual Border Conference Meet. Standouts were Fred Wendt and Lee Cargile in the dashes, Gordon Thom- son in the pole vault, Ernest Keily in shot put, Gerald Thompson in the javelin and Lauro Del Valle in the 880 yard run. DALE WATERS Coach 7me If all the obstacles in college were this low, hurd- ler Fred Wendt could give some pointers on how to clear them. However, that grim expression wouldn't be necessary. says On your marks, get set, no go lthat would ruin the picturel. Here Adolfo Val- dez, Ronald Morrison, and Terrell Scearce practice beating the gun. This trio kicked plenty of Cinders in the faces of opponents this year. In the picture below them, Scearce and Lee Cargile demonstrate the proper form for knocking off a fast dash around the track. It is not as simple as it looks. Fast sprinters, such as these two, do more than clutch the air and lift a leg. It is common knowledge that all that goes up must of a necessity come down again. Gordon Thomson, star pole vaulter, Will confirm this fact, having put the theory into practice. That pole helps in ascen- sion, but he comes down on his own. RUDOLPHO GONZALEZ BILL FAIRLEY IIM SCOTT MAC HORNE FRANK BARGER WINSTON FARQUEAR With the entry of two freshman tennis stars, who took the limelight in their highschool days, Texas Mines tennis looked up in 1948. These two freshmen, Rodolpho HFido" Gonzalez and Winston Farquear, had definitely established themselves as two of the top four on the team Within c1 few weeks of competition With Arizona teams. Four lettermen, Iim Scott, Frank Burger, Bill Fairley, and Mac Home supply the backbone of the team coached by W. H. Ball. This year's six-mcrn racket outfit is one of the strongest in five years and listed Wins overtthe neighbor- ing New Mexico Aggies and the Tempe hSu-ndevils in the early part of the season, While losing to Arizona University and Tempe on G road trip. WILLIAM H. BALL, Coach DAN HARDEN CHARLES HARRELL IOE McNUTT HAROLD SCROGGINS t Miners also play the so-ccdled Hrich mom's game," golf. And not be- ;cause they're rich, but because they like it. The 1948 team received a blow When three of the outstanding members of the 1947 team left Mines. But two came back, Ioe McNutt and Charles Harrell, and bolstered the chances. of placing in the Border Conference meet. Last year's divoters drove cmd 1putteol their way for third place honors. This year and next are expected to increase the output of good Mines golfers due to the new driving range and 9-hole course now under construction. COACH JACK CURTICE Left to right-IOHNNY WOELFELI IOE VALENCIA, HINK MOORE, LYNN PARSONS, BILL HAGGARD, BILL WILLIAMS cmd VINCENT RASCON. Texas Mines swimming teams have never made the top of the Border Contrence in the swimming sport, but they always manage to make CI nice-sized splash in circuit pools. Last year, in the spring of 1947, the marine Miners paddled their way to third place in the conference standings. This year, with four members of the 1947 squad donning trunks, the prospect is good to better. Coach Jack Ellison was appointed swimming instruc- tor in February and started workouts in March. There are seven men on the squad. JACK ELLISON Coach ; W I? dnvsli'lj: $.35 N7 AND Weezeyme Under a re-vamped Student As- sociation setup, $1500 was alloted to the intramural program in 1947- 48. The cash was shelled out for trophies, medals, plaques, new ath- letic equipment, payment of referees, and purchase of two trophy caseSe to be placed in the SUB. New rules and a complete filing system were established. 771m '4 7mm Intramural sports, under the direction of Jim Scott, mush- roomed into something of major proportions in 1947-48, hitting an all-time high in its expanding scope of events and record- ing a record number of individual and team entries. The in- tramural activities calendar hit its first red-letter day in October, When the basketball show got underway. Eight teams and 250 individuals fought down the line until, in December, Mu Epsi- lon Chi annexed the title. Volleyball, making its initial appear- ance on the mens' agenda, was wrapped up in February by the M Club. From there, the picture changed rapidlyw-from the twin-league football wars in March, tennis and track in Aprileto the final curtain on All-Mines Day, intramural swim- mlng. Above, the champion MEX baske ball team lines up for the camera man after outrunning SAE in th sharpest game of the tourney. Fro left to right, they are Marion Lope Robert Mend, Gilbert Lopez, Chin Rodriguez, Hector Carranza, Charli Lopez, Ioe Valencia and Georg lasso. At left, A Lambda Chi vo Ieybcdl player stretches to complet c1 shot in a game with the Vet Cit outfit. The intramurcds hit some "rough" sledding February 28th when the foot- ball wars began in earnest. The games were not always "touch" football, as the action shot of the Lambda Chi- Vet City scramble indicates. In the other scene, a Dorm quarterback calls signals while the Phi Kappa Tau team watches warily. Twelve teams par- ticipated in the '48 grid tourney and were divided into the HOrcmge" league, and the HWhite" league. The Championship was more hotly cone tested in the White league than in the Orange. INTRAMURAL REFEREES TOM SHOCKMAN, C O A C H BEN COLLINS. Not pictured-AL- BERT SALEM. 7m Amateur tracksters had their day during the intramural track meet on April 24th. Events such as the 220, 440, and 880 dashes, and the mile run and field events were held. This was the first in- tramural cinder meet in Mines history. ?mktMZ Plenty of action marked a fast and rug- ged basketball tournament Which began the second week in December and ended in January. The Mu Epsilon Chi's won by an easy margin, With the Delta Delta Delta's filling the closely-contested second place. In the first event to initiate the Girls Intramural Sports pro- gram, two of the finalists illustrate Winning form. Mu Epsilon Chi won the final match and With it the title, by beating the Tri Delta team two games out of three. Women 3 7Wammak 7W Phrateres very able representa- tive, Zora Sequlia, CI strong con- tender for the Women's Singles Title, warms up for CI match. Set up and over! Tri Deltas show- ing teamwork that won the tourna- ment for them. An axciting schedule was brought to a breath-tctking fin- ale with the Tri Deltas Winning over the Delta Gammcts 15-13. Had they lost the final game, a three-way tie With MEX'S would have resulted. STRIKE ONE! Phrateres get into the swing of Girls Intra- mural Softball, ready to take on one and all. Phrateres president Ruth Hahn shows good bat- ting form. N DTABLE ACTIVITIES SUEH AS PIENIES, TRIPS, AND 01'" SOCIAL EVENTS ARE CANDIDLY PRESERV FUR PUSTERITY BY 'Me 5W '1' E TIBETAN ARCHITECTURAL STYLE OF T PIETURESQUE BUILDINGS BLENDS NIEELY INTO THE MDUNTAINUUS BACKGROUND OF 'MeW Wmvmwmgmg WWW LIBRARY AND ADMINISTRATION CHEMISTRY BUILDING BAR AT STABLES ANNEX BUILDINGS BENEDICT HALL NEW GIRLS' DORMITORY NEW BOYS' DORMITORY WORRELL HALL AMONG T-I PATRDNIZEBS 0F T.B.M. ARE THOSE PROFESSIONAL MEN AND BUSINESS FIRMS OF EL PASO, WHO ARE DUB 24WV WW m m; gym; W , V The Popular's spacious new Junior Shop is a popular shopping center for all the College of Mines Co-eds. Wilna Grattan, Beverly Morgan, Anne Beys and Alice Booker look admiringly at the wonderful selection of spring clothes. They agree that it's c1 pleasurable experience to shop in this exclusive department which features the smartest fashions in Junior sizes. JUNIOR SHOP w FOURTH FLOOR - NEW ADDITION i gar too6s;c9. ' 4cm w; 19W 43W ' Located in the Hills Building 3 i z I 106 Texas Street E I P C 0m plimentx 0f "HIGHSIGN OF STLYE" Excluxively al CAR PARTS DEPOT 716 Texas Street El Paso CORNER SAN ANTONIO 8: MESA INVESTOR'S SYNDICATE AL'S BOWLING ALLEY Ray Maxwell1Representative Alley Reservations Cafe Mills Building El Paso, Texas 5325 Dyer Street El Paso C 0772 plimeim 0f FIRESTONE STORES WIGGS APPLIANCE COMPANY MESA AT MONTANA 1025 Texas Street El Paso Compliment; 0f BURTON-LINGO LUMBER CO. ROMNEY IMPLEMENT CO. 1801 Tam Sinai E! Pm IOHN DEERE FARM IMPLEMENTS Compliment; 0f 718 Myrtle Ave. El Paso LANDER LUMBER COMPANY 1830 Texas Street El Paso Compliment: 0f I WW 5! Pam steam 1. Hotel Paso del Norte Martin Bldg. 2-2631 2-3404 HIXSUH 1EWELHY EU. El P415015 Jeweler Since 1888 DIAMONDS - SILVERWARE - WATCHES DIAL 2-4681 And Cleaners 1431 TEXAS STREET 118 Mills Street E1 Peso STOP AT THE SIGN or SKILLED smvuc: C 0772 plimentj 0f GUNNING-CASTEEL DRUG STORES Dixtributors 0f Airrz'de Tire; and Powerlife Batterie; RECAPPING ROAD SERVICE 914 Texas Street 3-8404 Abdou Produce 6: Cold Storage Co. Poultry, Eggs, Butter and Cheese ICE CONSUMER COMPA Ventilated Cold Storage Sharp Freezers Dry Storage 730 E. Overlcmd 2-5658 NASH EL PASO I NORTON BROTHERS ENGINEER SUPPLIES SERVICE ALL MAKES OF CARS Vixit Our Book Department 815 N. MESA 3-3665 112 Texas Street El Paso GUARANTEE SHOE STORE AMERICAN FURNITURE CO. Where Thrifty Homemaker: Sloop 220 N. Mesa Avenue EL PASO, TEXAS Texas and Stanton 3-3611 r L Compliment; 0f Compliment: 0f HAGEDON-HARDING 6: ORR Funeral Home Epperson 82 Burnett The Home of Perfect Service L . , I Sky Chefs Alrport Restaurant W 01225 1 Municipal Airport 206 N. Stanton 3-6022 i COFFEE SHOP DINING ROOM Banquet and Reception Facilities fly OP 3-6562 RUGEL MOTORS. INC. TRI-STATE MUSIC CO. El P4506; Only Complete Mmic Store Come in and browse around Dodge and Plymouth Passenger Car: ' Dodge fob Rated Truck: 220 N. Stanton 3.3663 320 W. San Antonio 2-6531 , 9 J delicious Velvet Ice Cream is tops with students here in the Southwest. That's not hard to understand once you have tasted the smooth, creamy texture and the luscious flavor that you'll find in every dish, every cone of Velvet Ice Cream. For dessert or between class re- freshment, next time ask for Velvet Ice Creameit's tops With the Miners! afflial Supreme Gasoline and RPM Motor Oil in your car are as much a port of preparing for that big date as getting the girl to soy Hyes." The pick-up power of Mines' flashiest Academ in a new con- vertible is nothing compared to Chevron Supreme's famous get-up-cmd-go. W3 Enriched Bread is the con- stant in your sandwich equation. Whether it's for or snack or o banquet, Purity's will be a welcome guest at your table. Its flavor omd freshness are famous in the Southwest. For safe. comfortable rides all the time. KEEP YOUR take advantage of the services offered you by RADIO DIAL EL PASO 0N 600 ,- .. .......................... . -BAILY 600 KC ' 5000 WATTS ' CBS for SCHOOL HOME CLUB BUSINESS . . . . Nafural gas. Jrhe economical fuel. is Johnny-on-fhe- Spof. There is no more efficient more dependable fuel in Hue world. Working fogfher +0 provide you +his modern fuel aJr low cos+ are We El Paso Na+ural Gas Company and +he Soufhern Union Gas Company. The El Paso Na+ural Gas Company produces and +ranspor+s +he gas i +0 El Paso where +he Soufhern Union Gas Company disfribufes Na- I fure's perfecf fuel +0 schools. homes. clubs and businesses. ! 71w pipe .Eme 6W6 SERVING Till: SOUTHWI3T SouthEaUnion Gas El Paso Natural Gas: Q A Greed Store . . . with a Greater Future j W . y Your Fashion Store Since 1900 . For torty-seven years the policy of Your Fashion Store has been to bring you the finest in quality merchandise at the lowest possible prices . . . to pro- vide you with the best in courteous ser- vice. This policy has involved a program throughout the years of constant expan- sion. Recent added conveniences include escalators, the new Credit Department and the Plaza Shops. Do your shopping at the White House . . . that store that is planned for you . . . the store that Will never know completion. AW Magm, ,4. y. ,4. AR CHITECT i FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING EL PASO, TEXAS THE MINE and SMELTEB SUPPLY CO. 410 SAN FRANCISCO EL PASO ! ? Headquarters for "Miners" before and after Graduation i i R. S. BEARD, Mgr. ZDBH HHBDLUHBE JD. EL PASO, TEXAS : WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR 1 MACHINERY BUILDERS' HARDWARE MILL SUPPLIES AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES HOUSEWARES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 5: APPARATUS SPORTING GOODS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 5K FIXTURES FLOOR COVERING PIPE and FITTINGS REYNOLDS ELECTRICAL 8: ENGINEERINGV CO. ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERS EL PASO. TEXAS ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO 'For NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS Yes, no matter whether you watch, play or just read about sports and all outdoor activities, see us for the most complete stock. THE SOUTHWEST'S FINEST SPORTING GOODS STORE 9mm IN THE BASSETT TOWER Compliment: 0f Carter's Flower Shop Compliment; 0f Hart Steel Plumbing Company Fixtures 0 Contracting 0 Repairs Nelson Electric Company 1200 TEXAS STREET El Paso, Texas 2-6549 Always +he Bes+ W Vi+amin D HOMOGENIZED MILK Lady Borden Ice Cream 5a 5Ke1? r? 4K5 you I .. Complimehlx 0f R. L. Ziegler Stock Yards We Buy, Sell and Service Cattle 3700 Durazno 2-2401 TEXAS NEW MEXICO Echlin-Irvin-Crowell 6: Co. INSURANCE 355 Myrtle Avenue El Paso, Texas ARIZONA MEXICO m- r: ; a r M 3 FIVE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS You owe cordially invited to glOau't3... - V, I L , x: 7 4 H inSPGCt HM! mew Streamlined Lobby and Waderniged erartments The State mational Bank OF EL PASO San Hntonio Street at Oregon MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION F3316 Lcowm WWI 220i MILLS STREET EL PASO' TEXAS Compliments of WEN; "PAS UH" OT NEIL S U "PIP W C..." COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION FOOD SERVICES EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES 112 S. Oregon Dial 2-4414 PREMIUM BEER HAPPY MITCHELL BREWING c0. EL PASO, TEX. GOOD TASTE Jgfl' ffJfEmzmyth mi EL PASO TEXAS 8! pm 5pm.; 000$ 60. 208 NORTH STANTON STREET IN THE BASSETT TOWER EL PASO, TEXAS Compliments gity of fpazii Juarez, Chih., Mexico Robert E. McKee General Contractor EL PASO SANTA FE DALLAS LOS ANGELES C 0772 plimemx 0f WILLIS-O'DONAHUE x 1m Sam 7mm W CHEVROLET CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE Dial 3-I48I Corner Texas 5+. 82 CoHon Ave. El Paso. Texas wqm Two C onvement Location; Downtown2310 E. San Antonio Village Shop2 Five Points "T196 lateyt fabiom in footweaW Complimenfs 01c fulwiler Motor Company 6I5 Texas Sfreef Dial 3-2434 Gillespie En'l'erprises Nehl Royal Crown BoHImg Co. Wyoming Inn Hofbrau Inn BEST BY TASTE TEST 920 Wyoming 5+. 520 N. Sfanfon I9I6 Myr'He Ave. Dial 2-3522 Gillespie Grill i Monfana Sfreef Corr'lplimenh of Watkins Motor Company 4I5 W. San An+onio Sf. Dial 2-l63l Drink a ' . I Magnolia Bottling Works m Quality Carries On 2720 E. Yandell Dial 5-l45l W VJ M j ..,, WWW M The M odem Printing KMXQ: e $ y Prom; for High Speed 32:? 5:: u and Flexibility in 4; Rs, . bamdlz'ng picture; and drawing. E R T. C. M. STUDENTS make 1 E7WPW5W i . Headquarters for their art supplies CLARENCE THOMAS, Manager 1 EX-Student of Mines MIDLAND SPECIALTY CO. EL PASO, TEXAS Wholc-ils'dlhe Distributors R. C. A. Victor Radios, Records I I r Compliments of Mgm 1720 Magoifin Ave. Jig GUARANTEE x x SHOE co. Two Entrances 110 Texas St. - 211 E. San Antonio t Members of the Flowsheet staff got t three things out of this '48 issue: tD bags under their eyes, Qt cm appreciation of good paste, and Qt Ct permanent apart- ; ment in the hospital. We sincerely hope f ' you, the readers, get c1 better deal. H'MLJ ? .WW t ,. 7W'4 2466 3,5, sWi' V imwx g QM A 13H m 437'; 47y s M, , :1 k9 A; qmi: H35: , W 1.3:, m; y r v m 7, , 9 ii: i Mi; g? M WV- $91Mb 1mg x Nag: 1? L W

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