University of Texas Dental Branch - Fang Yearbook (San Antonio, TX)

 - Class of 1978

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University of Texas Dental Branch - Fang Yearbook (San Antonio, TX) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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,nk , .g v K mg, . w ' Q f W gy 5555 Mi, V " an . w, . 13-1:-. , ' " -' 'af fx .JN -NW ,A mu- fb.--g5f!..n4 1' L , XQL.-' m 11.4 1. NW? 555' .,ff'f'f " 'IA . Y if ' L 'fe ' N Aug' - I Lzygfzix' - .' ' if V. ,L,,t.,,4, ff ' , ' ' 'fvzflifm 1. 1 N ,.,L.M-mfqiffif' Q QQ. Wi gy, 1 vo-- , ,, , . A , ' A H n Q1-'ffgggixk -f f ' , ' ' .-z9rS5?ff! N '- x V, J. ,X , y -. fl-A ima' 4,.,g,N,f -C , ,., -, :gm ff:,...QfM::, A f-iw, i r my m.pM:..f-fr:-Q-nf,'a,m.f1M,m-.v:fr.:,, V- -HM 4 uh.. vwbggvggfer. aww. , A we :1 ,ww-I-.1.Q. f, 1. , f A--. F 1 4 1 1 x ,- -1 ,e l-L,. fl., 2:-U 1' 'c f.I,'lQ., 'jl 5 Q-..Z" , 5 t: - . , , . , ,, , ,, , , f 5, 1 x -' . ' 152-K" ''L-'via-f'i'Y!f':4v::f.ju Mx J:Kw,k" 5 2- 2- - V 1 I 5 . ax' , -' 5 ., r . , ' nz? ,.1.fLf,, - .f- 41-' .2.'gwr1,5, 4,.- n:.- . u QU .A g,,u,- ., . xx--:Ay-,l,.2v,,1', M -X. ihsz-'urs A+' 4' ,ve-+25 fp-41i!,ff..:"-3 f- 3? A K---1.1'gf:.'H2:4E' -1 -, fy fade Irv qi,-:-,fr ' -,.' +':' " k':fbq1a:.'1,cf?sMQ5"' :' 1 ws. QL: -: -.,-1:-gb.-V-2,-.-' '- ...- Sq . G 0 1. f 'Q - "' . ' ' l a' R2. i+f:,: ? '.M'--'vi 'P-19-214,-4 ,.134.4:v.v,1 "s4,q11 - M W. -fb Y-1 . 4. , 'vgzqr v ia? gm u , zi a ff-fp: -gm,-. '.5flj 'g'P3,lg, V1 ,rrjqpmyypli-s?x531,9aagiggg, 1393.2 A QD H n ' s 53.-2:9 'f 59575-19'-'. . Vi .. , f -1"1 sL'. y, '1 , .g- M, 155,314-wxggi, -ffwwgv-ragga mf-f f vy ,gnu JQLKQ -. H 1' ,--5777 :V-4'5I,'-on-' ' -.gqfawfwf bw -1 if-' ww F' .I'N- .fE'rqf'1-:73-L"TH'l It-,'x0??47 Xu 'SXWWA' "ii'.',:r f . "Q ,v 1 ' ,-,..13f5v 1 , '-N311 ' GEMS, g ' ' T-', QV" "P9'iT+'W?:-f,"'1F'E"'y Lai' K-,,2 -'.,,,'1"j5j ' 2 3 gfyf' , ' '14 . ', .f-- . QQ. ., .,',3w, fx, . - 'v-uf L'-V., ,- ai- L, .A v .gf - 4 ' -- 'Aw .My , ,- :, vv . -ff, ,-.wsq.:+W1:'4 we , fu E., -, X 51, ..,.- -.fu V ..1- . .. A. ,. My ,f -f .,,. 2--5.1, 1 ff, N, aug A- ,Jw 2 wff'fvff-N:1- 2 w L b ' ds ,z 1 1- 'H' - g Wg' -,fw'?f1f3'5'45i, f'?.f2w3- 2..f'AtQif1sef..:'1-'-viv'?':+ifuiwjrfb-f'-brf.f-w'I. w -ff'wffF2wf'f3?55'f " 1 '1?'f,'Vf:4'?i'9-Us'i'4J'kg'v"316fQ"- Q A Q1 ,Nm H -4 X . , , . , . ., Y f f - .-Q. .L ff -,V ffm - 'NN v MQ,-.-,-, -4. ,gn H5141 xr. .mm ,f --, ., , . ff . 3 J .. , ,H ,L.-Lf-, .1 I ,A -.-.z.-V -H, - X.. -nA,1.-'nga-g. 55,5-.1-. --,Q-.N - 1 ,. ,L Y. V , .- v .,,-Q-va-1, , :,- r.. mg, ,. .,.:. 9,535-'Q 1,,.,,,fw., f fl, A. 4 mrs, f- , , ,fygl S, 1,-, my .wgm - Y Lf 2. -1- mp, f . -,dm-,. vgw.,.g,,, . - ' ' '. . 1 ,N :5":g,f , ' A '.yAg-es, .,x-1. f K X X , I . r I 1. "7 ,,,, ' :YK 'f". 1 -4.3,-1 up .f .. 'J - , I . "-,wx 2 . . I ' A W, 1 l f X ' x f i f ?4' ,,,3 i n ,. . 'f1in f,f,- M 513. V A-" 5- 'Q 4 ' gigs.- :"f- g ,-i f . rf f1 w.4 kg '.,-, ,,4: 'W'-'ff'--v'5s411, Qnddy Q. AQUHS 51 AT K , . I THE FANS Vdume2 University of Texas Dental Branch San Antonio, Texas T 'NX 4' I v "T, m"""w-N I 2 , H I I 5 V9 , f w,L.k,3i In L , .Vw M ,, ,Q 5' f' Q, 'X fl, A f-'15 ei TABLE GF CONTENTS Seniors i r 8 juniors 20 Sophomores 32 Freshmen Scnoolof Allied Health G 72 Editor - Mark Sweeney Assistant Editor Nyla Clepper Dental Assisting - Cecilia Blake Mary Blake Lab Technicians Lois Herbert Photography -- Marc Yasoni Head Photographer Mike Smith Susie Riddle Laura Lopez Special Art - loan Chamberlain Once agaln we ve managed to put together a yearbook of sorts In a feeble attempt to record In black and Whlfe Csorry no color agaIn thIs year? what IT s lIke In the formulatlve years of our dental IIVGS Although we played It faIrly safely last year In that the format was very sImIlar to that of a hIgh school or college book I decIded that thIs was a year for change Gomg maInIy on FGBCTIONS from students and faculty to last year s book I found that nobody reads all the wrItIng and nobody seems to really care about makIng sure everybody else s DICTUVS IS In the book They want I to see theur own plcture or name and 2 to be entertaIned Though we unfortunately may have fallen a bIt short on the former I thInk we ll hIt the spot on the latter I dId away Wlfh the Faculty sectIon and Included the faculty at the ends of the student sectIons And lIke It IS Wlfh the students we mIssed some Instructors but we dId attempt to at least lIst them all I m sure that agaIn thls year there wIlI be some thIngs that some of you wIlI thInk IS In poor taste but all I can say to that IS You never know untul you ve eaten some So bIte It We IIke the fInIshed product and you paId for It Senously we do hope that at least once dunng your Iourney through these pages a smIle wIlI cross your face Flnally there are some people who deserve speclal thanks Kaye Peterson once thIng And speaklng of Nlarc he took 90?-Q of the DICTUVGS gracIng these pages Some contrIbutIng photography was done by Bob Schanzer Bruce Smlth Andy Plckens and the Blake SISTGYS CecIIIa and Mary Joan Chamberlaln dId a fantastlc job wIth the tItle and endlng pages as well as a couple of cartoons In the freshman sectIon Thanks to all of these people for contrIbutIng some of theIr tIme to such a worthwhlle cause Now for the Heavy duty thanks Nyla Clepper provIded not only many many woman hours drawIng up pages but also provIded many Ideas WhlCh were reallzed on the pages of thIs book and WhlCh helped make IT a great book Instead of just a good book I stIIl get the feelIng that there were some Ideas she had that I never dId understand due to a sllght communIcatIon problem Cher teeth were wIred shut for most of the summerb JIm Anderson our Taylor PublIshIng Company agent provIded support at the rIght spots and agaIn hIs Whenever you get It done deadIIne helped us out Immensely And last but not least my Wlfe LIbby deserves some mentlon just for puttIng up wIth The Fang agaln untIl It went to press and we could see the tabletops In our house agam Mark Sweeney So read on and enjoy you dentlsts of tomorrow Edltor again came through with a place for Marc Yasoni and me to do our darkroom 141 S0902 v K- ff-ag-, X - jl f . i 2 x A ,yf C, 'Q , H 52, .2 I MM' jklw PIGS., f yare PIGSM ,fl X' XBIQ Pffiff Beauiiful Beauliful ful 4 W,,.. .,,1, YA ' . : fi w Y GZPW UP KSMILING ,FEB-6"2 Q , ONAL SHILDRENS DENTAL HEKL WEEK L, Y N 0 3 2531 HW iw M A L, W..5 , V mf if ziilxti mx 3,1 .ww Jsfzef- K .12-NWN . . ,ii, in k Wm' .1 J SENIQR CLASS UF 1978 DONALD P. BANDY D D S FRED M BLOSSER D D S RICHARD J CHAPMAN D D S The Beginning and the End: Class president Rick Chapman concludes his presentations at graduation, while Mary Talierico fbelowj wolfs down a taco at the August school party. 7 w""'N,. i fx gy t R 2i i A A if . ' PW V' Q , Goodman always showed us his best side in TEAM. lt's amazing what you can do to these people under Nitrous! SRJESORY W. DAHLBERG, SANDRA M. EDWARDS, D.D.S. CHARLIE A. ELIZONDO, D.D.S. CLINTON L. ESLER, D.D.S. JAMES J. FLAGGERT, D.D.S. LEE T. FOX, D.D.S. .fats ..' 'Iff-Aiqvrf 1 E9 "TT . Q . I iv: : 'X YK 5 aw as k '.X'xI 215' VII? I 'BH I I fj ... , 2 ,302 M .LL wtf? AIN I a.Ha1dI'IbaII ' I Clubs of Son Antonio STOP BY AND PLAY Rocquetboll G Hondboll Clubs of Son Antonio 121 N.W. Loop 410 ' 78216 0 349-2781 7700 Torino Dr. ' 78229 ' 344-8596 CALL FOR COURT RESERVATIONS OR INFORMATION If shoes make the man, then Don feels like a new man at graduation. Don't worry, you'll learn it next year. Is a "4" okay with you? GEORGE L. GARZA, D.D.S. JOHN G. GOODMAN, D.D.S. FRASER H. GRAHAM, D.D.S. Dr. Robert Clayton was selected by this year's Seniors as "Instructor of the Year" for his outstanding contributions to their dental education, in spite of personal illness. He was honored at graduation, with a plaque symbolizing this accomplishment, as well as the knowledge that he has helped ease the transition to private practice for a number of new dentists. 601 L. ..,,, 4 H. IVAN HAECKER, D.D.S. JARY T. KLEIN KENNETH R. KRUEGER, D.D.S RICHARD H. LAZOR, D.D.S. DANIEL J. MEADORS, D.D.S. MARGARET G. MECHINUS, D.D.S. B-if -v ia . g W I ' Y I- . ... f .I if I I ..., 6 5 6 0 x E . . -if Z' A X L r its ls it true that our own Earl Befeld may be teaching Jurisprudence next year, while waiting for release of his book "What, Me Worry?", and before he begins another to be entitled "Dental School Ends With Oral Surgery"? JOHN H. NOWLIN, D.D.S. JOHNNIE D. OVERTON, D.D.S. DOUGLAS M. PAUTZ, D.D.S. This marks the first year for Dr. Rick Buchanan as Chairman of the Department of General Practice. Although he appears to be a "boy in a man's world", this year's Senior class found that appearances are deceiving. He was honest, frank, and genuineiy interested in preparing them for the years to come. The Fang salutes Dr. Buchanan on a job wel! done. Keep up the good work! iirr,e prir or "STH, I STEVEN R. PAYNE, D.D.S. KAYE D. PETERSON, D.D.S. RODNEY K. RAYBURN, D.D.S. V. JOHN J. RICHTER Ill, D.D.S. PAUL R. RIVERA, D.D.S. MARY E. TALLERICO, D.D.S. ffg 'Ez- 1 Dr. J, Longo XE A S Dr. D. Snyder works over a pig jaw. z- T33 .5 1 - Q , X X -of ,452 ff XM 5 'C 52'-Ms ' ':. Wx- Xe- W mx We ain't gonna hurt each other today, are we, Doc? 'K X yi WH V, . Dr. W. Lauer Dr, R, I! 'Q I 932 Carr J '3- KW :av V an-l""' LISA TING GLENN, D.D.S. 6 I 21, I ..Q 4 I N' hmf. ... t , 2 J if 9' Dr. L. Sherrill Dr. B. Harber and Dr. D. Garcia TIMOTHY B. TISCHLEFI, D.D.S. NEVEILLE WILLIAMS III, D.D.S. I .,,., 2, ' --272 " ' film 1 1.. isa.. ie-1.3 m R 2 I Dr. T. Williams and Dr. B. Harber Cagainh I Dr. FI. Weed in a relaxed state. W. 3, "I'm going to make a quick phone call!" YOU'VE WORKED HARD TO BECOME A DENTIST ...don't leave your future to chance. Take aim at your career targets. Making career decisions alone can be tough. We'll give you a helping hand. For over 100 years Patterson peopie have helped dentists plan professional futures. Our consultants can help sharpen your career focus, and find the right loca- tion and practice for you. Let's plan your successful future together, . I LOCATION. Our market analysis capabilities can choice. PRIVATE OR ASSOClATE PRACTICE? Well analyze available opportunities--'perhaps a prec' g tice purchase, a private practice or define opportunities in practice locations of your i ideal situation for you. I OFFICE PLANNING AND DESIGN. 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'U' , I :rx-J ' Eff- i - , lLJ ICR CLASS GF1978 Sf' tx Q PTUOQFW mm VL ow fwmi i6mAQm?7. Qginfvww ' WW 61 QWAQSNKN Q54 45371 fix KXQX fN BQ zr fxeiafeiftttfkij fl fl4f?fJlfV1f?WXfN + QQ -TK 0' 4 X K5 X Wx? X fi. mn tm m ' W it K X110 KQV l 'JL I ff I of 1 '1' 5 U NX iq 5 ' 1 I 0 A 5 A 1 57, 83 N45 gi, QR qc 41 qi' 64 9 Q Q GA A 'NV 5 KO 4 4? 'o 1 A 6 fi L fl 5' , 59 2 'fi " Z., f gb 61 QA g 315 'Lf 1 57 Q CB -5 3 fa '24 7, A I fs? ,O I7 1 '7 IZ A L 3 C . 9 ii I H' 17 Zo Mike Alkek 'Berto Esquivel .John Loar 105 Frank Sammis Joe Allen .Jan Faulk Ned Lunt 106 Bob Schanzer Roger Arredondo Robbie Felker Richard Lyon 107 Farrell Scruggs Jeff Atherton . Jon Fuller Mark Mahaffey 108 David Seals Rodger Bagby Simon Garza Scott Marston 109 Stan Seewald Bill Barrett . Jim Glaess M. "Tay" Mason 110. Grady Sellers Scott Bates T Bill Goss Steve Mayer 1 1 1. Warren Shimotsu Mark Bayne Steve Grant Liz McAlister 1 12 Jack Shirley Mike Beard Brian Gulley Mike Meliza 113 Steve Sims Scott Berry . Joe Gutierrez Mark Moore 1 14 Rob Skvorak ' Gerald Bevers Dahlia Guzman Tony Mullins 115 Bruce Smith Bill Beyers Rick Hahn Ivan Nation 116 Roy Smith Dave Brown . Jerry Hamilton . Skip Nethery 1 17 Ray Snider Bill Bryant, Jr. .Jeannie Hansen .Alan Nix 118 Dickie Stanley Don Buckner Emilio Hernandez .John Norman 119 Bill Steinhauer Robert Bu rson . David Hickey Lee Overstreet 120 Mark Sweeney Mike Butcher . Jeff Hicks Guy Parker 121. Radford Tarry Bo Carrick . Stan Higgs Mary Partida 122. Johnny Taylor Jay Chatmas Mike Hill . John Patterson 123. B. Randy Thorn John Chelkowski Mike Hinze Bill Pavlat 124. Dave Timmis Tom Cockerell Bill Hovel Chris Perrin 125 Ken Vandewalle Tom Cotton Lanny Howell Garry Phillips 126 Ron Verrett Mike Courter John Hudson Andy Pickens 127 Bruce Vetters Joel Courtial Leon Jeffries . Jon Ouillian 128. Henry Wachtendorf Bernie Cox Bryan Jennings .John Quincy 129. Gordon Walling Sam Crane Dennis Jennings Kathy Raesz 130 Lane Walsh Bill Dean . Andrea Johns .Greg Randolph 131 Dayton Warden Gary Delz Frank Johnstone John Reinhard 132 Rick Weaver Mike Dishrnan . Terry Kessler Fred Ripaldi 133 Delwin Wiemers Von Dixon Pete Koletar Pat Robinson 134. Seth Witcher Brent Dove lris Korus Lupita Rodriguez 135. Pete Wood Terry Drennan Holly Lanier Don Ross 136. Steve Wood Mike DuBose Scott Lathan Jack Rutherford 137. Mike Woolwine Mike Dunham Ron Lee Dennis Salinas 138. Clyde Yost Mike Durnin Royce Lively 4? N ffl, "5 A x il l M I 4. ':f'. ,,,L . QW 1 ,, EM: 5 'V 5 2 f , 2 fi 1 Wag gr if Qi? hx, 1? H , I WIQ AIS M7 1 r 1 K 1 x 5' a Q M HJ sr? ' 9 Q 3 A-Q., 31 ,.,',' H , ,, ff f 44 . ., f , '-,- .. ,A .V -- " '11 ' 'm" ,I 'ag ' 22 r" Jvf -- 'Sk mv -av 4 '59 wi ,gh X f X X 1 , ""'-Hr QM' I ugggqnnivll mar-Y QS. 4' ful-' e, iiifzlzgz-if ' 4 .. ,am A-it , nf Q- , K ' :uw V- 5 iv t , 'Q fi V e iiiif e 2' 1 wwf . ,k,, , 23 wg f N 24 +12 ' f Am is Nh !-.,. ' tk. ., xjvmf . I V P' 1- lf you are a work addict, then the junior year of Dental School is like a trip through Needle Park! , fr' "0 X 'x er"r'ji ' wgm Y i i' . V -Q K . ,.., ' ws. 'iw' W 'lg 5' P r X52 .si 5 ..J, 1 'ln N -Q-,LQ .f e I ti 9 ? 9' W 4 AA , , , xxB-.' 5 ?ALA V - :V .. ali'-L33 Sports activities are beginning to play a greater part in the leisure time of dental students, as evidenced by the soccer and volleyball teams. Both teams fared well against competition. The soccer team went to the state finals in Houston, where they held their own for half a game against a more experienced team composed predominantly of Englishmen who were amazed that they, for a short time, were losing to such "rubbish". The junior volleyball team ended in somewhat better shape by winning the Health Science Center's Men's Division after trouncing the freshman team. Many other students have found golf, racquetball, or jogging to be the necessary diversion to relieve the tensions of dental school. Dr. R. Rhyne fOral Diagnosisj Dr. S. Bricker COraI Dx.j Dr. O. Langland COraI Dx.J Dr. J. Cottone COraI Dx.j N C 'll- .fi Dr. C. Padgett CT.E.A.M. Directory and Dr. J. Hardage CD.A.U. Directorb 4' C W9 , V . - .WX NTS Dr. C. Morris COral Dx.J Dr. B. Baker COraI Dx., Coordinator of Faculty Developmentj 15 I V I izi- 1, .Ni " , Dr. Glass COraI Dx.j Dr. J. Hartley CFioentgenoIogyJ Dr. V. Segreto fOraI Dx.J .l..,.... ww. Dr. K. Stewart CProsth.J Dr. Drago demonstrates his good technique. Dr. G. Kiser and his favorite machine, Dr, W. Simmons fC8tBj QB X, to V, Dr. W. Kuebker fProsth.j Dr. R. Morrow CI.Jand Dr. E. Feldman fChairmanJ Dr. Edwards gives a baseplate me "eagle eye". Dr. D. Schwartz on learning that BA of the Juniors passed CSLB. The Fang regrets missing Dr. Steve Parel CMaxiIIo-facial Prosthj, and Drs. Everett Chapman and Terry Hoffman fOrai Dx.j Dr. A. A. Calomeni critiques while a masked woman watches. Dr. W. Smith caught speechIess?? kr Dr. E. Davis tells about the one Dr. A. Bruni CO.S.J that got away. CO.S.J lg. K. Traeger demonstrates the "high-orbital" technique C -SJ Q q, . . ' ' s ots -1 J . ,t.:t, fi 4 M .Q . . . .J ',ts ' ' 3 ' J V - 90- , J . 5 . Q ' Dr. J. Patterson COperative, Occlusionj and Dr. J. Lee COperativeJ . 1 V kk Dr. J. Childers CChairman Restorative Dentistryj Dr. Trowbridge COperativeJ X7 'mi Dr. D. CarterCOperative, D.A.U.J Dr. H. Sisca COperativej Dr. H. Wise and Dr. N. Barghi discuss a dental student's C818 future KV' Wm l W' 3 Dr. G. Re fOperativeJ 17- Dr. H. TiIson1Chairman Oral Surgeryj swf Y as L A Dr, A. Stumpf CO.S.J .1 ' W . Sorry! We missed Drs. A. J. Murray and Tom Nowlin fOperativeJ Dr. Alley 40.5.9 W' ".2:' , ,,., J Dr. C. Catalani COperativeJ Dr. J. Zinck fChairman Operative Dentistryj Dr. J. Nicholson fOperativeJ Dr. J. Vernetti COperativeJ Dr. V. Press fOperativeJ Dr. D. 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Wit C Steve Cotter, Steve Clayton, Kathy Collins, Bill Clark, John Conte, David Cox, Clifford Copus?, Dirk Dekoch, Richard Conoley, Bill Cooper 'bvli A 6f25fg5"4'w ,Q W 4 my . . y i W, , V . J i'f,,i'fg,,, - , ,, Q i I W V L V, In 'W 4,5...'l I ., 'Z -2,5 H ' 1, 3 jg ' z J. ' ' " ' M " , 75 4 . ' U 0 ' . aa J , .., M 1 z F v , --wi un, -- "A, 'A 4 : - f " , 1 we ,, f ' ' i ' 1' , fu, l ' ' v:13,.'vk ' 'W ,.,-V ' , Q IW' ' 'iz .fl ff' f u "1 " nr S iq! " i ' ' 4 ,lx , gi gi" 'ti' Mi - f' ..'f " -V ' i ,, sn f 12:-we Mfr- 4' ".-it - ' -'T' if 4 111' fr 'A' R h 'iyv ,, U3 ' 'A -V ' , - ." " ' i' U. L ' '- 5' - ' , ' J . 'lc " 'tg . " K U' ' 'EL T ' f ' J "' "" f ' 4-. '7 4 ."A 'V' ,eff-xg: ' ' F ' ,V-3'9" M, .. ' ,, ir., , , JW. Air V, 3: A111 ry: A J Biting, . ,I , L ,,.'. ,AFM iq' 2. WJ,-gi NLQW, tgirl: , -5. ,V V v fi , I if ,yy , f-7, ,Qi it a f L 'Q , .V ,fi HC- .41 L. A f gf W N ' I fi ' ,gr-gp ia- .Y-A ,f ,rj J . , ,- 4 ' ao -,VL .yi I Af, ,I an ., .h V V I. , ., il I1 , ,J - P ' Q -1 ,ew ,gf 1-A , ' ' B ' 1, i - " -,, w.Q,, 1, rw- ', V N' ,m4,,, a ,A A A4 If . ,Q ll L Q 6 as ix ,- 1 K., fs, U, ws' -Sl i ' H. . we i' - is ' '. ' fi -' ' S. P AI' V 1 I . ll '4 'Y - , ' . Hg,-I asf W M as 22 M r bg 1,4 ray-'gi QA -dh 'tif " r B vii sgfffb 3,i1"j3 5, J' Gary Guest, Bill Grover, James Grander, Marvin Freytag, James Fulton, Judy Dunham, Fred Griffin, John Frels, Janet Grobe. Not shown: Mark Gonzales, Bill Gray, Becky Greening. . 5 ' ' - G uk 3, 'r e f .-,,. . , i -.f'- 54" 4 Q 1 . ' X f f!rz,r?'f'g,l' 2' 'y ,Q . . A if in ,t iff J aff ' TQ? f' , F ' ,Eg i ,, s s 2: , .. ,R 1-i' ' - eww, -V ,. i , 5 6 I 935, . , 1, 35 .TE , ' - V Wu- X Q C 'eie ' M I , ,Q . ... I Z , . ja ii 5 ,, M , Q a g ' :il all ne w ff C . ' ! 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AWOL: Bill Hanson, Ronnie Horne, Mike Huber, Gary Johnson CLASS OF 1978 f ff' , 9 A J Q2 'J i i Q it if 52' 2 To A he Ji' 1 Peter Manning, John Kelly, Greg Long, Ron King, John Martin, Jae-Hyon Lee, James Lee, Charles McClure, Pat McClellan, Mark McCall, MIA: Mickey Macaluso l Randy Rosellini, Joey Piatek, Ann-Marie Perales, Dave Rathke, Wade Phelps, Mike Pharaoh, Mary Parma, Jerry Poindexter, Charles Panfely, Danny Orsak, Sue Ellen Richardson, Chuck Robinson ff-' ' 's J 5' lv '5 3 ,121-, it 1 Smith, Bob Summers, Stan Smith, Toby Talley, Jean Stout, Ray Taylor, Al Smith, Gary Strey, Terry y Toole, Too Short: Lee Steinle, Ed Tritico Spalten, Dan Theus, Roy Smith, Mal Sumbera, Tim Oakes, Bill Milligan, Ralph Nix, Robert Montoya, Mark McGrath, Roger Obregon, Joel Nickles, Pat Moore, Stuart Nunnally, Not shown: Rodger McCuistion, Dave Nelson Mike Skinner, Jimmie Schmidt, Dallas Ryan, Guy Rosser, Roger Self, Don Shaw Raul Saenz, Robert Rosson, Larry Shook, Keith Savage, Gone Fishin': John Sears 1 Marc Yasoni, Charles Wheelus, Willie Wyatt, Ken Woolridge, Terry Wood, Gloria Vlasak, Mike Wise, Jim Warren, Ann Sue Von Gonton, Tom Watkins, Donna Williams, Fred Turner, Steve Woodruff. In Absentia: Lende Troiani, Butch Watts 33 Pi 14' ,Q-F' , L My A L, ., K, ,. ,N.,,.,,.,,,.,.,,.,,,, Q14 WT if.. 1"'M we 6 -,QW .ff J. A. f ,..,.,, x, ..,...,.,.,x,x,.,. ,A ,.W,W,... hh, K, in N Lx K if - - : - -- 1::1:vLx.4.fz1uz:m ::1z1-1-'mini-L.4.. ii 'fix ,sf AUX. M---nun' 36 K K Q 1 ' .. B qv' . Y Q fa . 1 -.W t a rl f ' Q' A Q 1 3 ' 4 A 5, E g,!,Qs z Q K yn . Q 9-f'I . 1:14 O l A Nr Ri , 'S f 1 ' 2 Q ., 5 ,gi 1' pf in - , av ,416 :..sw'2W if. .Q- if :gs Nm., 4 .1 ,Nw x,,,,.v-"" ,,.,...wwv l. . ,ii. , f f-.3,y Q9 R V H . N X l Q as v 'Nw-W 'ff N 5. Y K X ,,,: 11,34 MW. .,-. . 37 w UF I . 1.. t .g 1 11:7 ' Qs if 5 :yy . X """lx., . x. -. A I . , , ' X K 5,231-wi! , r . ,fd V .4 - ...Y -- -N Qtwgmtk a N--M ML Q W , 'N - L " - 8 L 1 , V ' ,S M21-1 H 5 , x Wf'M Q -- . 7' ' fp . QL? V g ,K L .. -t.i'Qq. ,,-'W' MU. .. H kk vk.A,VS fr, .- . t . , 'P' r ' War 15'-f ,. A W L Q , x K .f . w- 1. if an - " 'dup s ...M EX f.w ,1s,sf K B " i n ' - 1- .af ,L f 7 'fn vf W, .. af ,- U - 1 , I, wfvh, .V Yam wiv' HW , fl " 'QV t .. gl' 7 A., .Ng vi! , ff 4-ff'-Q-NX 1 ' I -Q, - ..... ,. '-ftx X, -. xx p Dr. W. Johnson CPerio.J Dr. E. Burne1'teCPerioj " ' H 5 1 if 'J ' f J . .V "" ff J Dr. C. Brownstein CPerioJ Q., 5 A --Agn J A ,.,o A 4 ' ,L', f Q vk, i f . Dr. C. Tuffiash fPerioj Dr. D. Wilmari CPerioJ if J 4 if .,.... Dr. D, King CF'edoj lu or. T. Banu, of. H. smith qrredoy ri Dr. J. Bugg, Chairman - ri H Pedodontics Drs. D. Peavy and H. P. Hitchcock, Chairman ,Eg Orthodontics ig., ..,.,.. .. Dr. S. Hoskins, Chairman - Periodontics Dept. Dr. R. Meffert CPerioj SORRY! We missed Dr. Luis Campana, Dept. of Periodontics and Dr. John Maguire, Dept. of Pedodontics Vw ,.. fi V. R Dr. M. Halley CPedoJ Dr. M. Wyss CPedoJ Dr. J. Mcllwain CPedo7 Dr. W. Coppola CPedoJ ' . Dr. J. Fielden fEndoJ K Dr. J. Andrews fEndoj Dr. J. Alexander CEndoJ A , QQ' Dr. C. del Rio CEndoJ 'eel Dr. R. Grandich, Chainnan - Endodontics , dm '65 ,T 8 'L ' Dr. G. Walters CEndoJ X -'C 'ml -A N ' .. 6 .. X . I .- 7... 5 me li ew... fl JA X ' -l ll as . ll vim- ,f i, 1 I af.: QE SE ff" .w...av"""'JvMMx..ww k .--"""'N -, I W if 56 I l f , A :, ff Q my -,,X, 5 1' X x 0 W Dr. J. RughCOcc1usior1J ., .,., 15'-V 5359 i . Y' . A ...C -- ' K . " J L ' is Dr. C. Katz Cl-iuman Behaviorj mL.: qflvv H , fi, A 1 , .f , 'h '7,,, K sf 1 ,. , , W W: V Q , - f . - L 1 New Exclusrve Healthco Leasmg Programs Offer Llnlque Beneflts and F lexrble Plans to the new dentrst Whdhe, you ,E to the estabhshed dentrst Ovemrrs G new offrce exparrdrrrq In any tax bracket an exrstrng offrce or purchasrng new equrpment for yourestablrshed offrce you should consrder L EASING as a means of frnancrng To provrde the professron wrth adequate frnan cral assrstance for equrpment and consumable pur chases leasehold rmprovements and workrng Caprtal requrrements Healthc o has formed a wholly owned frnancrng subsrdrary Healthco Professronal Ser vrces Corporatron KHPSCJ Staffed wrth experrenced frnancral people HPSC works closely wrth Healthco equrpmerrt specralrsts rn all of our supply centers to develop the best possrble frnancrnq arrangements foreach customer add to hrs present equrpment wrthout affectrng hrs credrt ratrng or drsturbrng hrs cash flow Many den trsts are becomrng aware of the benefrts of leas rng and of the helpful frnancral gurdance offered by HPSC WHY HEALTHCO3 Because Healthco has estabhshed thrs wholly owned subsrdrary HPSC to provrde the professron wrth adequate frnancral gurdance HPSC offers many plans Allarerndrvrdually prograrnrnedtorrreetyour personal frnancral requrrements and to unsure flexr ble frnancrng of equrpment consumable supplres and leasehold rmprovements Healthco s leasrng Company offers many optrons at are not avarlable from other frnancrng sources Prepayment wrthout penalty Competrtrve rates Trade up prrvrleges on any leased equrpment wrthout havrng to pay off the entrre note Step up payment programs Personalrzed frnancral gurdance for rnformatron regardrng HPSCS lOOf tax de ductrble leasrng programs or any other type of frnancrng Contact your local Healthco representa trve We look forward to assrstrng lou wrth a plan that wrll satrsfy your frnancral needs WHY LEASING? -Healthcn DENTAL SUPPLY Because rt allows the new dentrst to set up prac trce wrth a frnance plan tarlored to hrs cash flow needs rt allows the establrshed dentrst to replace or "J-5'-ra Ns 5 f- EP At I-lealthco,we not only dellver the equlpment and merchandlse, we dellver on servrcel Your practrce and rts productrvrty depend on your skrll and consrstent and dependable servrce to your patrents Our busrness depends on seerng to rt that your charr trme rs not rnterrupted by the breakdown of equrpment or delay rn the delrvery of merchan drse ln other words wrth dental supplres we also supply assurances that when you re ready to prac trce you have all you need when you need rt Next trme you re tempted to shop around ask yourself How long can l afford to wart for delrvery Where wrll I go for equrpment reparr and how long wrll l have to wart? How much can l afford to lose rn prepard orders rf an unrelrable frrrn goes out of busrness9 How long wrll my patrents wart whrle I rn wartrng for my orders or reparrs7 The only answer rs that the only product worth rts prrce rs the one fully backed by servrce The answer rs Healthco next order every order and between orders rf necessary -Healthcn DENTAL suPPLv . Y . . . . . o 0 E Y - Y g H . , Y ,I 'I .K I. I g r r 4 ' Q 4. V l t ' -mm-,WMM ' ..rrr f r A K 2 'lv' ,safe-Q, X WN., ,fd I g o -22 ii f . I A - I ' 1 ' ' r ' Q On the first day of orientation we sat in the auditorium looking at a polyester sea of future dentists, all clean, cropped and captivated. The administration told us we were the cream de'la creme. We were told that the most difficult part of the quest of the D.D.S. was over, we had been ACCEPTED. CThe first lie was laid on us.J As we squirmed in our seats, little did we realize what lay in store for us. Our first semester was filled with cadavers f"Where's the hymen on this one?"J, carvings, Krebs cycle and Kupffer cells Cphagocytic cells lining liver sinusoids - how could you forget?J. We each have our personal memories of the Gross Anatomy labs and lectures. Our eagerness to discover the workings of the human body left a feeling of awe which was sometimes dampened by numb fingers, gloves with holes Cl hope the same company that makes those gloves doesn't make condomsj and that smell you could not get rid of till you laundered all clothing. Dental Anatomy started out simple enough: all we had to do was learn how to identify the teeth. When only one person passed the tooth l.D., Dr. Patterson discovered the anatomy gods had dumped on Him. Dr. Patterson proceeded to return the favor. We were His great experiment CSan Antonio, you gonna get some anatomy at lastly. He would show the world His greatness by turning 152 schmucks into fslightly fewerj cone clones. By hook, crook, or alginate most passed His course. Dental Anatomy led many students to seek careers outside the dental field. The cream de'la creme had gone sour. The Christmas party let us blow off a semester of steam. The Romco dental school adaptor fvaseline not includedb, the Aggie yell and the dance of the uterus provided entertainment. Next year barf bags will be provided. By the time we endured our freshman year we had seen many changes: our class roster had shrunk smaller than Dan Nloore's pants, Dr. C. was still trying to find out who wrote the cat story Cno,.l didn't write ity, and the rumor mill was smoking more than Dr. Sisca. l hope during the summer l can mug enough little old ladies to pay for my sophomore year fi 7 FRESHMA 44 I OK, ITS CLEA? CMONQ I 'Y' LOOKS sooo rms A Fave J WI-IDS NEXT 1 x if YOU NEE , GOD I-IY DID I 'ii-1-, D TD REDO THIS. WHERE'S YOUR GRADE CARD-. THIS IS A 'LERO w PICK THIS as: O ii CLASS OF I9 8 Robert B Auken 3 -A"L ' James E Barta 5 l Davld M. AI Amee! Pamela J Allamu Randall T. Amonett 1 if , Arturo J Belarano Keuth R. Bell Brenda L. Bellocchlo W' v 5 Q F L fi fa J? Thomas R. Anderson Wulllam O Armour Mark D Barnett Stephen P. Anderson Vlqoy M, Bgrgla Mollle Blake Ester l Rllnnmmzn mr g Gif , ' A V' 'LA A Tommy K Bonds Laura C. Braden Warren B. Branch Jnmmue D. Brown Max S. Buchwald Steve B, Buckley Larry A. Buhman L AB ll ll if "'1lr"' ., W it ' ,I 'E wi, f LV 4 1 H 'f ,. I n vm, f mg: M' x fy., A r .. I wa B V nf ,. ' .f, JM is rf X514 M. L ' f . 1. P' ...M , lm.. 1 Kenneth A. Bolin ak Davld M. Caldwell 4- NO MoRE,Pu.raASEf W WONT 510 " ' NATOMY LAB T f J RETURN TO THE GRGSS LABS Znd SEMESTER X Q0 I I 3 wow . E E E V K-A Q V V Til X TTTE M R 5 fl" M S Y' E . Q 11 A i X S... S U T 5 E E T . T T T,S, T .GMM wi As... S an "cu A mu , . L B IIE!! .qv 'K .Qiiefg . s . 'K . :e:i2,i?4Q M L Ns .. ,.-L WE' R -. . N. .-, Wi 5 Xi ... .F Ng fr ig 5 , a ' Q is A . LEA. Lee R. Canizaro Dennis J. Carlile Joan L. Chamberlain Charles C. Chilcoat Blake C. Childers Johnny M. Clark Nyla E. Clepper Patrice Jordy Coons William M. Copeland Val Rodway Corley Danny L. Cox Randall D. Cox David T. Crowe Rocco P. De Santis James E. Downs Daniel Drefke Edward Estrada Paul Falcon James H. Flippen Emilio Garcia Ricardo H. Garcia Martha L. Gardiner Donald L. Gebhart Cecil F. George VU .l BLS EI.!b!IXA'i'IllN E. FEEL 20, lllllll RY F Eli Sllllll RY IlliA!ll.!N 35 QM . l ll ll it 'S K Marilyn K. Gxles Thomas A. Gillman Randal M. Glenn l l l George M. Grant - Cynthia J. Grothues William J. Guthrie Mlcnael A. Hernandez Robert M. Hughes Gregory A. .lackley Q . an 'Nw 3: A. . S 9 . . 3 we .... .Q 3 S Q. Paul Glezer ROV U0YlZ3l91 Michael S. Gorday Kathryn A. Grady ROUGH W. Graham 4 A '. James S Hall Gayle A Hanna Markle P Hansen James M. Hatchett Cheryl E. Hayward Jerrold P. Jolly Gary M. Jones Stuart R. Kalmus George R. Kurklandrlr Cunis D. Kornegay . SH. 355 l ,. Q Joseph A. Kososki Michael J. Landry Kenneth A. Lawson, Jr. James B. Lea Paul K. Lonquist Kenneth C. Macaluso Noble M. Malik, Jr. Martha L. Manley Alfred Z. Marquez Steven Dale Martin Daniel R. Matthews Lynne Alice McKinnon Joseph A. Mechinus Carl Mentesana William F. Metts Jennie L. Miller Dan D. Moore John A, Moore Billy L. Morgan Jack C. Morgan Michael Flomoney Mullen Nina Maria Navarro Bartholomew N. Nichols Donald Gates O'Neal L B ll ll R. if" 4' Karl E. Oppermann Gregory A. Osborne William T. Osterloh Randy A. Parham Charles A. Parker Keith R. Parris Paul L. Patrick William G. Patterson Donald A. Pinkard Larry H. Poth Dawn M. Powlan Steven H. Pratt Pamela J. Presnall Anthony D. Ouante William C. Quinn Daniel T. Ramos Charles M. Repa Michael A. Repka Randall W. Richardson Kim B. Richmond Raul Rios Matthew B. Roberts Randy P. Robinson Ridley O. Ross if he 1 - .Q +. gl, F t P59 2 sweat' lk to Q XII 5 by Pegg' .A .. .. - ff Merrill W. Russell III Terrell B. Slmpson Mlchael Clay Smith Robert M. Smuth Mark A. So L BH ll Robert Allen Shaw 3, rw ' F Wnllnam J, Suskl Steohen C. Tavlor Eugenla Simmons well John R. Stephens Patnck D. Stewart Wulluarn Joel Stewart, Jr. Paul D Stone 5 31 . 3: 4 N- K ,wev e Q E 4 Mark A. Thornoson Oscar G. Trevnno Alben H Turner Robert S. Tynan Rafael R Vlllegas John L, Walker Walter R. Walton Michael L. Ward Robert E. Weaver Ronald B. Welch Steven W. Whltlow C Wnlkrns Michael L Wooldridge Jtm P Young NOW CELEBRATING OUR 50th ANNIVERSARY Where your money gO6S Z0 GRO W! D. ,ff N II ? 3690 51391 2 sf 1 ' WE I.. ' Klzllzf II oo - X 1' Hunan, BQKLAKS S' I Hman 6630 Callaghan Road ALL DIVIDENDS 3414277 50lN.M i Avrn 2 49,71 ' COMPOUNDED 22363221 ' U' M,M,,,w,M0,,,,,0, CONTINUOUSLY 5109 Walzem Road 656-6600 af, 'N fm: i m Y !- Y'. Ki ik 5 U af,-S O Q 'i j - gg, RI n Z X ,. N 3 F' 4 ex SH... xg' ', 'W W if H ' mf J I A Q uk, , L ,X h?rAi.l, infix K3 JJ: :ff , f ,f ' 1 fir ga Q ' fe? f'5 . 1' ,b M 1: S ' f A M WF as fp ss. ,3, ' Fi f f6: f 9T 5'QfQ 5 . V fy? it M 4, ,ifrgikn 1 2 I !' ,IL I ' xflek: , S, , V if: 'Eff E Dr Edwun Collnns Actmg Dean l Dr K Rudd Coordinator Contunumg Educatuon Dr TALADMINISTRATIO If 'WWW' -'we' new wh- 'x"""t TEXAS STATE BOARD OF DENTAL EXAMINERS Drs R Mmatra D Brunson J Rogers M J Morltz F Kldd W Kemp S Rabon J Walker W Knvght Ed Wyss, Asst Cllmc Coordmator Dr Marshall Houston, Associate Dean Dr Blllv FUQSDYI CIIHIC C00fdIn8t0r We were not able to obtain photos of lVlrs Betty Compton, our Registrar, or of Dr Shaller Peterson In tame for thls Issue of the Fang, but we wlsh to mention them here, and thank them for their continuing contributions to our dental education lVlr Brian Lacey served this year as business manager and head Den IVIother for the Outpatlent Cllnuc employees, and was also unfortunately overlooked by our photographers thus year 6553155 - , trtr J , , y ,V ,. ,V ,T V ,,,, ,, T 1 Q A rrrls ,JJA 1 rrrr A 45 , . g srs, 'I 3' , A , rt, E ,,t,,, , -'-' Am I s - g as A breakthmugw in aerodynamic design insieadof oonventionalstraiyrt turbine bladeswith a Q f "gui wing"confiou'. , The performance is amazing! Nolargerthana but more torque, more speed, moreoontrolabiecutmg performancethanstanwd Thisandmominthe handpieoe. AIROTGFT HANDPIECE Ask your vmpfy dealer. IEMSIQLY a mhbontsply international cm., vm. Pu. 4 QQ 1977 Dwiwiy initfmliiond inc, Ali rights roaervedi DELTA SIGM DELTA Bruce Baird Denneth Baker William Barrett William Bates Stephen Becker Brigitte Beiter Scott Berry Gerald Bevers Charles Bloomer Donald Buckner William Carrick Jay Chatmas James Chilton William Clark Stephen Clayton William Cooper Thomas Cotton Samuel Crane Sandra Edwards James Flaggert Raymond Fournier George Garza Fred Griffin William Grover Gary Guest Jerry Hamilton John Hillin Ronald Horne William Hovel Michael Jackson Gary Johnson John Kelly Jary Klein Peter Koletar Michael Macaluso Mark Mahaffey Charles McLendon Margaret Mechinus William Milligan Robert Montoya David Nelson Joel Nickles John Nowlin Stuart Nunnaly Margaret Mechinus William Milligan Robert Montoya David Nelson Joel Nickles John Nowlin Stuart Nunnaly Charles Panfely Kaye Peterson Jerrell Poindexter Jonathan Ouillian Kathy Raesz Rodney Rayburn James Robinson Roger Self Stephen Sims Roy D Smith Roy R Smith William Smith Thomas Spalten Johnny Stanley Lee Steinle Jean Stout Malcom Sumbera Mark Sweeney Ma ry Tallenco Johnny Taylor Thomas Tippit Edward Tritico Lendon Troiani Cecil Turner Bruce Vetters Gordon Walling James Warren Neveille Williams lll James Wise Terry Wood Stevsn Woodruff John Barnes Ed Camacho Sylvia Hinojosa Pat Moore Mary Parma Blake Childers Val Corley David Crow Randy Glenn Ken Macaluso Dan Moore Rocco De Santis John Walker Ron Welch Donald Bandy Michael Beard Fred Blosser John D Chelkowski Thomas Cockerell Gregory Dahlberg Michael Dunham Judy Graham Dunham Jan Faulk Donald Fegley Faye Fegley Nance Formagus James Glaess William Hanna Emilio Hernandez Michael Hill Richard Lazor Richard Lyon Ralph Marston Stephen Mayer Charles McClure Mark Moore lvan Nation Nina Navarro Alan Nix Guy Parker Christopher Perrin Arthur Reinhard Raul Saenz Bruce Smith Timothy Tischler Ronald Verrett Ann Sue Von Gonten Henry Wachtendorf Dayton Warden Donna Williams Clyde Yost PSI OMEGA Davld Adame Davld Albert Joe Allen Ted Allerhelllgen Randall Amonett Stephen Anderson Domingo Arce Wllllam Armour Jeff Atherton Herbert Balley Mark Barnett James Barta Tommy Bonds Warren Branch Rebecca Brooks Dave Brown Jlmmne Brown Max Buchwald Steven Buckley Make Butcher Stephen Chu Johnny Clark Nyla Clepper Gary Delz James Downs Muke Dubose Mlke Durnln Paul Falcon Clarence Feller Marvln Freytag James Fulton Ricardo Garcla Martha Gardiner Sumon Garza Donald Gebhart Cecul George Mark Gonzales Robert Graham James Grander George Grant Joe Gutlerrez Dahlla Guzman Wllllam Hanna Wllllam Hanson Samuel Henry Dave l-nckey Lanny Howell PSI PHI Mlchael Huber Jerrold Jolly Gary Jones Stuart Kalmus John Loar Noble Mallk Martha Manley John Martin Steven Martln Dan Matthews Bully Morgan Lynne McKinnon Maurlce Nethery Davld Norman Tlmothy Oakes Roger Obregon Donald O Neal Karl Oppermann Norma Partlda Doug Pautz Bull Pavlat Garry Phulllps Andy Pickens Anthony Ouante Charles Repa Randell Rlchardson Lupta Rodriguez Radley Ross Danlel Saenz Frank Sammls Alan Schauer Davld Seals Robert Shaw Wllllam Sherrill Jack Shlrley Mnke Smnth Roxanne Smith Wllllam Stelnhauer Wllluam Susku Glorla Vlasak Lane Walsh Thomas Watkuns Wayland Watts Charles Wheelus Seth Watcher Muke Woolwune Wllluam Wyatt James Flippen Dennis Salinas MICRO KAPPA UPSILO Omlcron Kappa Upsllon IS a Natlonal Dental Honor Society Our flrst exposure to It IS during the freshman year when the top ten percent of the classf fondly known as Gunnersj are mvlted to the yearly dlnner honoring present new and potential members ln spate of what most of us thlnk at IS a great honor Why lust look at the dlstlngulshed faculty members listed below OKU was lncepted OJ In 1914 at Northwestern Unlverslty whsle G V Black Crecognlze the name?J was the dean Since then 58 more chapters have been established Our Mu Nu chapter recelved its charter from the Supreme Charter on June 1 1973 Members are dedicated to promotmg better dentlstry throughout the world Richard Alley Thomas Aufdemorte Harmon Buckley Karen Boeselt Phllllp Boyne James Bugg Elmer Burnette James Childers Edwm Colllns John Cornyn Earl Feldman Vlctor Glenn Raymond Gonzales J B Hallet Mesonle Halley Jack Hardage Norman Harrls John Hartley Keith Hull H P Hltchcock Sam Hoskins Marshall Houston Davld Klser Olaf Langland Sldney Muller Charles Morns Shaller Peterson Bully Rlgsby Kenneth Rudd Alvm Schelss Lorellls Sherrill Rodger Snsca Charles Smlth Hugh Tllson Kumble Traeger James Vernettl Glenn Walters Vlck Wrlllams Donald Wlllman H Edward Wyss Mary Ann Wyss James Zmck New Members Dr Richard Lazor Dr Kaye Peterson Dr Mary Tallerlco Dr Timothy Tlschler The Pennyweights is the official wives club at UTDSSA. lt is open to all dental students' wives who T H E want to know a little more about why they are getting a little less. CAttention, that is.j They meet monthly, with a wide variety of topics discussed and with P E N N - frequent guest lectures from birth control to cutting a class 1 amalgam prep for at least being able to recognize onelj The Fang wishes them a successful VVEIC I-ITS TI-IEDE TINALSE Tl EI. This space was originally reserved for the Dentinal Sentinel our monthly 05 school rag Unfortunately I arrived at the trash can too late and missed getting a picture of the latest edition before Housekeeping emptied the trash and took them all Ah well sorry guys' X 'N rf-9'- . 'NN in . l 5 X t tr lf in 4 'N is Q? .vm TN 'l ',,, :,'jjf,:f- l , . . , I - 1 I , - X - N , xv? WK 'X I 9 Qs nf Z aa T5 " , . Qi ,f ff W-ww-.v.,,..,,4-.,, W, K . 'Sith-N1 4 Wai? EW .wwmqh .,,,, wg,-Q v .f,,A .- are ' 'Aw-4' ,, , W! Q, ,Q ng , .. ,' 'A , A, L Qgq 1 if . N' I ' 7 ,Wm qs, -fm, ,b 4 'W' . 'wx 'w + , 2 was W f' A. V A X., Y f.'jg,f'? 4- 5 iv ,-.f- -WJ0 f J 1. 4 ,fwaw-Q-wer-Q 1 I 4, ,WM , , 11. fx , "dir rg H" mw,.,g..fv, -" Q.. 'W V ' ,I -fn 'f A U XX-1 080059 a QM F T153 0d 31 29 2 qW?21?'0r 2625 24 23 22 lpn ROENTGENOLOGIC FINDINGS TENTATIVE ANTICIPATED EXPENSES DENTAL SCHOOL 1978 79 Academwc Year lst YEAR 2nd YEAR Tu1t1on+f S 0 Student Serv1ces Fee Instrumentsfff Textbooksfff M1croscope Fee Laboratory Fee 1850 1000 Health Insurance' Ident1f1cat1on Fee Graduat1on Fee 573 TOTAL S 2775 S S 3rd YEAR 61 S ' Student Hea1th Insurance prem1ums vary from year to year and w1th the number of dependents carr1ed on the po11cy The cost reflected above TS a s1ng1e student rate as of March 15 1978 f'Tu1t1on for out of state students TS S900 00 4th YEAR ffflnstruments and Textbooks are approx1mate costs s1nce at the twme of comp111ng 11st Bookstore had not rece1ved pr1ce 11st from manufacturer ' ' 30 .00 S 300.00 300.00 300.00 ' 60.00 60,00 60.00 60.00 .00 .00 300.00 75.00 320.00 230.00 150.00 75.00 f 60.00 ---.00 ---.00 --.00 32.00 32.00 ---.00 --.00 Parking Fee 12.00 12.00 12.00 12.00 139.20 139.20 139.20 139.20 ' ' ' 2.00 --.00 --.00 --.00 ' ---.00 --.00 --.00 25.00 : .20 17 .20 9 .20 S 686.20 RESTORATIVE Treatment Outline Start lllllllllllllllll Completed Facial Occlusal Lingual RIGHT Lingual Occlusal Facial RESTORATIVE Qwlllllllgllllt get ocaeegaeoo . fv0wQQo5UQ5j5332f529Q LEFT QCDCJQQCHOQ QOCDQQCDCD GHDCBEQOOQQQQQQQCCWDCHECCED liiliiilliillllillllll Wit Start Completed THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS DENTAL SCHOOL AT SAN ANTONIO SENIOR CLASS OPERATIVE DENTISTRY ACHIEVEMENT necono "E0U'5'T'0N FOR MATEFHALS Date: T lGen Pract Clinic D A U V A1 Tooth Number to 0. Stude tSoc al Sec 'tv No. l Restorative Materials KA CG DG TCFM Utherl ssI1 2 3 4 5 M Mm Procedure In nuyz' Code Used o blenkl um, cm, a 'ty: Surfaces Dua t- V: Ret'd 1 " ha : Date Date Started Completed Telle : Step Sequence Eve Rubber Dam IO 1I Opt Cavity Prep I0 41 Base or Sed C0 11 Opt Matrix I0 11 Opt Condensation IDG TCFMI I0 41 LOAN RECORD Carving 84 Occlusuon to 41 Custom Tray I0 11 Opt Date Impression I0 11 Opt Working Cast I0 11 Opt Articulation I0 11 Opt Article Borrowed from .W.l.zLllI!9Ln.l.OA.l To be returned not later than Cestlng Adjusted 18 W X revl I0 Al FI'1"hfP0"Sh I0 Il OPI I understand that l shall be charged for this item if it is not returned on Professionalism I0 41 Opt the due date. FINAL GRADE I0 al Signed Comments Cod Signature f V N' N' V1 VV vv 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 ,4-1 ,t, Q ' ' ..' "" I' I OperainN Q ' ' ' ' Q Cla ""' 6, at r' 1 1, Quantity: llllllllllll if Duff. F O L M D l . I Issue 5 P ID IY I' f u CllmcC rge . :il N I Q ' l . CARTI-I G CLC E NSTIT TE We at Carthage are seeking volunteers for our cloning experiments. We feel that the answer to the problems that dental schools across the nation are experiencing can be completely eradicated by our cloning process No more problems with students who've "got the hands, but nothing between the ears", or with the more common "10-thumbed Bookworms". These problem students are usually remediated endlessly in the dental curriculum until finally being cast by the wayside. By cloning the "perfect dental student", these problems can be eliminated. Think of it. All your school's admissions committee will have to do is to place an order for the freshman class quota on one of our handy Clone Order Forms, or simply call us up on our Call-a-Clone line. CREMEIVIBER: 20M off for orders over 150, so let's get those admissions uplj No more waiting lists. No more phone calls from anxious students or angry parents. You'll have more time to do important things with your afternoons off. We realize some of you from the more staunch and stoic schools may be a bit skeptical at first but we assure you it is not only possible, it's a reality here at Carthage It s being done now with dental school interviewees. After years of research, we have perfected the dental school applicant to a T 3 piece suit close-cropped expensive hairstyle, Gucci shoes and with a spectacular array of questions guaranteed to impart to even the casual listener a voracious interest in pursuing dentistry as a career lt can be done! CSee accompanying photography We are now in the process of cloning the perfect dental student but we need volunteers Our scientists are hard at work mixing and matching DNA in our remarkable Gene Machine We want just the right mixture of intellect, arrogance, dexterity, feigned humility and with a bit of brown tinge on the nose We feel that in the near future we can offer the answer to your problems No more hassles with remedial programs, gripe sessions, etc. And with our re cycle campaign you can sell used models back to us for V2 of the original purchase price. lnvent your own attrition rate' We also expect to offer several of the more popular minorities in our dental clone line so you can keep those Federal funds coming in CSorry - no returns on minority clones.D Imagine it! Within the decade we hope to perfect the Dentist clone Our law staff is hard at work attempting to gain the rights to G. V. Black's remains for the purpose of extracting some dormant DNA in hopes of reviving "the greatest dentist that ever lived' Cloning is the science of the future and we at Carthage are working now for a better tomorrowtomorrowtommorow Carthage Clone Institute Box 19007082576 Carthage, California Call-a-Clone: C3015 524 CLONE REMEDI TORME I think that I shall never see my name behind a D.lVl.D.:ft One chance is all they've given me, To prove that here's where I should be. I've worked my butt off for three years And stayed 'bove average with my peers, But then an onlay margin caught, And now it may be all for naught. Zinck said the summer I could wait, And then I could remediate, Two weeks l'll have of summer session, But, what if my patient's on vacation? Then to the Junior floor l'm sent, Another year of my life spent Cottone and Hoskins on my back, lVly attitude will surely crack. They say that I'lI be treated fair, CBut first I'd better cut my hairlj lVly wife, she doesn't understand, She thought we'd made the Promised Land. She can't believe they'll kick me out On that point she is most devout - But more, she says that if they do, Our marriage meets its Waterloo. I haven't told my parents yet, Lest in their wills they might "forget" Their son, who tried so hard to be, A great success in dentistry. An extra year they sure won't pay, I'd better go and see Charles J. Oh, Lord, I have been such a fool To think Dentistry and Dental School, Could be the end and the means. Cl think it's just a hill of beanslj If in San Antone you wish to stay, Then politics you have to play, So I've just made a call to one Of my good friends down in Houston. :FA D.D.S. is what we get But "see" ain't gonna rhyme with it. So if you think it to be queer Stick this poem in youri. Editor Anon i1 i . l In SCHOOL OE LLIED HEALTH SCIENCES Sorry, we missed Dr. Armand C-uarino, Acting Dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences Dr. John Preece, Acting Director of Dental Auxiliary Training: Professor - Dept. Coordinator of Dental Hygiene Diagnosis and Roentgenology Education The School of Allied Health Sciences includes three auxiliary units of the total dental conglomerate. Hygienists, although not employed by every practicing dentist, are also a major asset to some ot the more progressive and productive practices. Dental assistants also are not always utilized to their maximum potential, but tor the dentist willing to hire a certified assistant, the returns are much greater than any amount invested Cwell, there are exceptions to everythinglj. Dental Lab technicians, unlike the hygienists and assists, are utilized by ninety-nine and 44!100ths ot private dentists. In their case also, the price paid is outweighed by the service rendered. lt should be clear by now that these three specialty groups contribute significantly to the overall dental picture. So one can imagine the multitude of the task faced by faculty ofthe School of Allied Health. Yet they continue to turn out quality personnel, highly skilled in their respective fields, determined to contribute to the future of modern dentistry. Mrs. Jane Carr, Acting DENTAL I-IYGIENE CLASS OF l978 -. u Front row: Krystal Krischke, Michelle Clarke, Shelley Todd, Anna Marie Gerarnita, Marian Shoemaker, Carolyn Trevino, Sharon Brown. 2nd row: Carol Smoot, Lou Ann Caywood, Kim Fellows, Lee Cooper, Stephanie Moran. 3rd row: Jacqui Wager, Celeste Salge, Laurie Wagener, Cheryl Loney, Linda Snow, Kendall Cloud, Gail Mullins, Pam Wager, Anette Poplin. 4th row: Bette Yost, Debbie Driffil, Jamie Houser, Sara Mayfield, Carla Esters, Carolyn Hankins, Margaret Rodgers, Susan Matjeka, Joyce Wallis, Sherril Covin. 5th row: Carla Raubfogel, Laura Lopez, Leonor Perez, Debbie Barrow, Cecilia Beitel, Barta Busby, Patricia Butcher, Sandra Colina, Lisa Raubfogel, Brenda Nietsch, Cindy Stewardson, Gina Hovel, Lulu Clarke. Not pictured: Lynne Hauser, Debbie Holloway, Louisa Tovar. Anita L. Addison Yvonne M. Balcom Cindy D. Bates Sheri A. Bell Cynthia G. Boggs Ruth Borbon Rebecca A. Boswell Susan K. Brucks Cristy C. Burk Nancy Bush Ladenna K. Clarke Deborah K. Copeland Vicki J. Dahlke Nancy L. Davenport Becky S. Davis Kelly A. Dempsey Amy C. Duncan Gloria J. Eaton Barbara S. Fuller Flhonda S. Goebel Sheryl A. Haas Jill C. Hemminghaus Tina Hill Karen E. Holt Cynthia A. Horwedel Gene T. Jackson Tina C. Johnson Gail J. Kalb Deborah Kana Cynthia D. Kosub Leticia E. Lopez Glenna Mayer Linda McDevitt Darlene A. McKenna Michele D. Maranitch Liz Moton Patricia M. Obermeier Anita S. Owens Sherry L. Petkovsky Lisa Ransopher Julie Rivas Rebecca Roberts Flacene Rodenbeck Liza Flodriguez Donna J. Rosenberger Sandra K. Striegler Maria A. Vasquez Ann Marie Wagner FIRSTYE R DENTAL I-IYGIE ECLASS 'EW ll gf. .. . S Q . . ami UAE. 76 vm J -010 . 5' A :"rb X ,'LbDQ X ff , I y.'l'l 3. 1 X II? .4-. A . 5 Q il i ii,-i ,, E . ,N Q u EQ? EEEIIE 4 0 DENTAL I-IYCIENIST'S CI-IEER RIP THEIR FACE, SLASI-I TI-IEIR IAVVS, MAKETHEIRGLJMS, RAW, RAW, RAW! 1' BUDWEISER WORKS S1 40 LONE STAR CHEESE WORKS 1 55 MICHELOB DIET WORKS 140 NATURAL LIGHT 0 90 90 S3 00 S3 00 S3 25 S3 25 FIRE WORKS CHILI WORKS PATTY MELT S2 10 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIII I Q FesSe dWthCh eiftgech SPAGHETTI NACHOS SLOPPY JOES FRENCH FRIES ONION RINGS COTTAGE CHEESE LOKE DR PEPPER 200 130 105 6 4 TW K WIP P l Bnllnauds Beer Burg? s QUAD W NE 0 Inglenook S.,,-lm Chablis Rose Burgundy LOHI-E TEA BY GLASS S SMALL LARGE PITCHER 6015 4 . French ri ,Organ F1ings,g1cCo a easel , ' Y 1 ' X4 4 F WAP., l 4 'f da I-at 1 f I :x Q NA 0,1200 sou Od HIP H' 250 6 54 l P -- Till:-V--iii I : . ....,. '... . - ' 'FQ ...A. .254 .20d 1 i 4 - X 2 81 DENTAL ASSISTING CLASS OF l 978 wa W, 4' Q9 Av. -' - . S 'Fi",t Aj' be 9' 1 Wi, if c B L ff, x' is 1. r L Left to right: Mary Blake, Cecilia Blake, Janet Raphael, Barbara Ostby, Cathy Lancaster, Debbie Gonzales, Antonietta Aguilar, Mary Taylor, Diana Gonzales Ms. Christine Leimone, Coordinator of Dental Assisting W. g r..... '2 . xi? Q , 4' V' , K A P Ms. Karen Johnson This was the second year for the dental assisting program here. Class size was increased threefold and, according to their instructors, this year's group lived up to all expectations, and should be able to make a significant contribution to any dental office. XJ .luv 14' . k5.5 'fs' aims ya X l K 8 'im S ii N DE TALL BTEC!-INICIANS August, 1977 brought twenty-three people together, all eager to learn the technical arts of dental lab work. After classes, we indulged in long heated volleyball games and even hotter parties. Rodger Ray Debbie Lois Diane lNeal Whether we were floating rapids through New Braunfels, or tapping a keg at Woodhill party house, our crowd always seemed to be the happiest X around. Mark and Bob 1. W ,A, ...I , Ken Gidney was unanimous . class. He more than exceeded f eee lr presidential choice for the LI I Q Af Y 'RRY T expectations and even managed to win the admiration ofall. to Diane as i t,t ". , Lyn .4 Ken Nlae West and friends Debbie Price captained our volleyball team l r' lfil f ' ,V to second place in the All Health Science ,4lV AiA CenterTournament. A. 'M l 'Hx Lisa tells Geoff to shove off. 86 as xl 4 ,W ,dw K K , 'SET x , ff 2 iq 'ff .- .V ' 4' 1 gi 5: I ,. 175 -gw ff , 4 'L ,,i:: 7fQB f, 5' Do you have an oral fixation? Do you want an interesting career? A career that pays dividends in salary, lifestyle, independence and status is yours with dentistry. The Pierre Fauchard correspondence school of Dentistry and Hair Styling offers you the unique opportunity to become a respected member of society without leaving the comfort of your home. The benefits of dentistry are too numerous to list but they include: getting to play with a chair that goes up and down, shiny instruments, and getting to wear a doctor coat. The next time you are at the disco, think how impressed that certain man or woman will be when you tell them you are a dentist. Upon graduation from the Pierre Fauchard school of Dentistry and Hair Styling, you will receive a genuine diploma, a pair of rubber gloves, one mask, a mirror and explorer and an autographed picture of Pierre Fauchard. If you write today you will receive, at no extra cost, a special bonus gift. You will receive our famous book, Everything You Need to Know to be a Successful Dentist. This book is full of such valuable information as: where to get dentist hair cuts, how to play golf like a dentist, how to dress like a dentist, and how to act condescending like a dentist. Hurry, and send in your application today. Openings are limited to the first 354,602 applicants. Do not pass up this opportunity to be a dentist, you may never get another chance to enjoy hypertension, stress, ulcers, depression, divorce and back problems. Pierre Fauchard Correspondence School of Dentistry and Hair Styling P.O. Box 1492 Jaurez, Mexico Difili' A S " ik-fw1"J WH :M MH-C 4 2 'f4"f'7 lp EH'ffl EQHWQEF5 J" Q y9XytvHfif5j ll " xii!!-X I TIC-TH C. -T05 DOTS DOTS DOTS V544 Y' XV is f t oral'Ne5 l l Occlusql Relorrlon cus-Fld Pro 'l'e,C 4' Q cl CUT A MINUTE? That s Flught One mlnute IS all It takes to ensure healthy teeth and gums for the rest of your natural Ilfe' There s nothing quite like Uranus It s a totally new breakthrough In dental gel research A slngle one rnlnute appllcatlon can completely reverse any breakdown of the tooth structure by coating the tooth with a potent fllrn that lasts and lasts' You can also use Uranus to repalr uses Use Uranus Instead of your favonte blrth control method Cproven etfectlve In 'I hundreds of fleld tests by people just like l AQ 62? youll So rush rlght out and grab Uranus lj You ll probably want to use Uranus every day' I+ 5 oul'l'Q -l-ln I5 wor ld I SPREAD YouR CHEEKS AND LET URANUS o THEVVORKV f l l l l l QW punctures in flat tires. A thousand other C be . E I . U. . Qga - " ,X ,ff , , '7 ' 'Q U 0 ' 345.7-, Q Hfjf O C ,565 9 F? C7 . MJ X -5-gr L4 J +V 0 x x wofsv WEP Q90 ti My O" VJ' of ' :B if 5 mg x1JeaMJ Tin, vogue 1-,AJ some PraUem5 WZYL 'Pkg Cgmpafen buf +ka:k's jus+ 4-he "na+ufe of -fke 54454-"I sz' N24 Q dMffZLGDlLw1mI4tlz1,lJ MW, few, ,044L'?'Ll.?fbU CL 041115 IIN 5c,u.4rn.pL.au4,l1.urcL iaffut 11.30 lb 2 oo fclmdhubch, ,J-044,01 JM, Aalad, f-Tia, ,wncL1AJ1f2 oo 13 I K 1 XXX -. -I ' 0 'fx V . 'in x r u ' I ix n ' l HAH Fi PIFFSTALIRANI , K I31iiI1VJt1v.'Im1 Pu Hd A N165 1611111 ' if ...J Swv ri. .I 5.5 ' ff Q13 ' vr. . 7 TJDD4 OD ff f n. K.. 1 f f ,-S SAVAGE sf' v il J' ff VVVV yin ff, Y P-FV' :Zi 1 P2-rH0"Ob N l , lf f in Ml of ll x' l l " .1 Li. 1 Us you somrttmes get' -H-e Feeling -rlmert we,'rg 1-he ONLY NORMAL 0065 around lnQ,f2f'fu fi I C - Snnce1917 - '-- DENTOFCRMCQ MODELS for rvfnv Punposf Flossing, Brushing, Case Presentation, Auxiliary Training, Patient Education. Catalog on Request Columbia Dentoform Corporation "The House Of A Thousand Models" l 49 East 2'lst Street, New York, N.Yt lO0lO "NOBODY LEAVES HERE UNTIL 4245! Q 1 . Ei, ' -Ji f h , , . -1 4 : Q?" W X A' v , X , 5 Pftgy,,5M:J , 5 4 A L ,X-.' ' .:.-wxfr :N ,U 4 F fx 1 J, K K Y ,Y . -,A-U-V V 4 + .1 ,,-1 . 39, A V - 1" nf", I z, - f, w 132 , 'QL-wa, Ha 42' 3 3259 'gi , , Alfa' ,,,,J. ' 'W 'sf J- . R Hg-Hi .gg L V' V: ,QR 2, , ,. . , 4 2' , -, Q, . . ,. ., 'ww , f-- ,11f,,f- Az, ,if "A" Q V1-V Mi? NV ef-1 K .H+ 9 ' -swf ft, Gfsew . , ,-Kim-,um ,M gr X Nf- 3,563 If ,- . gig? WH-7. 3- , ,4 - 4-v -4. sy - -Q e X in - My 'zfwafxg sm ' . Q 4 M355 sy 1 XA 1. igfk 11 Ped' :J 5 mn mfr' 'W . 'FW 5 , ' ' ' QQ:fQSr"51l Q ix 6, ggiiiy 5,3565 1: 4.2. A A W' 5, W6 A 5344 - 1, 1 fy w ,L A.-

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