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lilffc- HBM ;-, : ' , .,w : " -. ' " ( ' ' - ' ' ' ' " . ' .. " ' ' ;,. -,-(., ., ' , m SI .? r-: Kr;i H m-m -, ' .- ' -: ' si - - a vanishing example of detailed crafts- manship. From afar, it is i merely a rotating platform moving in an endless circle. The horses pass before us in a nondescript blur. Upon closer examination, the blur becomes distinct images. Each horse is a hand-carved treasure. As individual as snowflakes, no two are alike. Muscu- lar steeds race through the air, mouths agape, manes flying in the wind. Some horses wear adornments of flowers, flags and jewels. These mythological creatures stand ready to carry the rid- er into the realm of excitement. T he merry-go-round is symbolic of the cycle in which we travel. We come to the University and take our place for the ride. Every year a new group of riders arrives to take the places of the ones departing. The ride is just beginning. he riders are as different and as interesting as the crea- tures on which they sit. From around the world thousands of individuals flock together to the University. The campus takes on a carnival atmosphere. Sideshows and booths appear. The Drag becomes a midway. Consessionaires vend an as- sortment of food and drink. Barkers sell tickets to a higher education. You are swept up by the kaleidoscope of activity. The fun is just beginning. rf 2 Opening .cation. You :3$cope of EACH STUDENT MUST PRESENT IS OWN TICKET STUB ND ACTIVITY CARD UNIVERSITY Q TEXAS AT AUSTIW -ENT 1976 IX L 1 11 12 ticket is needed to ride the carousel. Issued by the bursar ' s office, a fee re- ceipt is the student ' s key to any door. This versatile and omnipo- tent piece of paper entitles the bearer to a seat on the ride, a place in the line. A more utile version is the plastic ID card; signs everywhere proclaim, " Ev- ery rider must have a ticket. " Each semester we stand in endless lines to obtain our tickets. Whether it be for a Thanksgiving Day football game or a Linda Ronstadt concert, the all-night vigil at the ticket office is a common occurance. Just by looking at it, your ticket tells a lot about its owner. Your appearance, the optional fees you purchased and your degree of campus involvement are written on its face. 4 Opening -IT I SCHOLARSHIP Opening 5 he ticket is torn, and a trans- formation takes place. Each of us is now a member of the group. Diversity becomes university. The University is a thread that weaves our lives together. Each member has his own goals and inter- ests, yet experiences are shared by the mass. The excitement of an athletic event, the sense of purpose at a rally or the enjoyment of a concert are ties that bind. The mood of the moment is felt by all. Everyone interacts and a group identity is formed. A new entity is born. 6 Opening Opening 7 Group experience is not limited to the classroom. " Involvement " is the key word. For years the University has had a reputation as being " a hot bed of student activism. " In this election year, our student vote emerged as a powerful factor. he carousel continues to turn and the cycle moves on. Out of the mass arises a smaller group. We are identi- fied with a group, whether it be as a freshman, a resident of a dorm or a member of a club. As our own personal goals begin to take shape, we seek out others with the same ideals. Organiza- tions exist to unite people academical- ly, spiritually, politically, professionally, athletically, recreationally, culturally and socially. There ' s something for ev- eryone. 8 Opening Opening 9 10 Opening uring our stay at the Uni- ( versity we have an oppor- tunity to learn more about our fellow riders. The cliche of gaining an education through meet- ing people is still true. Relationships on many different levels develop. Some friends we make while on the ride are purely academic in nature. Others, such as roommates and co- workers, serve a very functional pur- pose. A majority of those we pass are tran- sitory, but from some of these encoun- ters grows friendships that last a life- time. It is in these situations that we learn to look beyond the surface and thus gain a deeper understanding of the individual. Just as each horse is uniquely carved and decorated so is each person. Opening 1 1 s the ride draws to a close and we near the point at which we started, we leave the University as we en- tered it an individual. But not the same individual. The uniqueness of the person has been enhanced and high- lighted. The carousel is one of the last rem- nants of fine craftmanship, and the University is a stronghold of individual- ity, creativity and expression. It is a blend of conformity and creativity, or- ganization and individuality. As we dis- mount, we realize that our attitudes have broadened, our knowledge deep- ened. Only later will the impact of these changes become apparent. The next ticket, a diploma, marks the end of one ride and the beginning of another. And the cycle starts over. 12 Opening MARTHA ROOT Editor-in-Chief ROB MARTIN Associate Editor MILAN HUGHSTON Copy Editor JERRY THOMPSON Supervisor of Yearbooks PATSY MERIDITH Assistant Supervisor STANLEY FARRAR MARLON TAYLOR Photography Supervisors 14 Table of Contents LYNNE BAGGETT, Features DEBBIE BRAGG, Student Leadership RICHARD BROWN, Athletics KEITH CRAWFORD, Classes JOHN DEPEW, Military MONA EZELL, Features LINDA FORREST, Classes STAN GARDNER, Student Leadership LIZ JACKSON, Professionals MIKE OLSON, Greeks PATTY RUNKLE, Special Interests DANA RUTZ, Greeks ANN STEMBRIDGE, Classes JACKIE WANTA, Honoraries EMRE WRIGHT, Academics TOM KESSLER, Sports Copy Writer RANDY STIEFER, Artist Published by Texas Student Publications The University of Texas at Austin Austin. Texas 78712 Texas Student Publications. 1976. FEATURES 17 ATHLETICS 107 STUDENT LEADERSHIP 169 ACADEMICS 215 LIMELIGHT 265 PROFESSIONALS 281 SPECIAL INTERESTS 315 HONORARIES 367 MILITARY 385 GREEKS 407 CLASSES 497 Table of Contents 16 Opening , 3 - i I 1 W " m M. aHVT= Support v i -., . . ' ' i , m ft " ' " f B FEATURES ATHLETICS 107 STUDENT LEADERSHIP 169 ACADEMICS 215 ' - ' :- . ; ' . . ' ., . WgfaiM ; :, ; :; : ; -rr V ' ' gl FEATURES Lynne Baggett Mona Ezell section editors or students who attended summer school in 1975, Austin and the University seemed strangely quiet and deserted. Because summer enrollment was less than one-fourth that of the long semes- ter, classes were smaller and more intimate. Students cov- ered the same amount of material at a faster pace during the shorter summer semesters, but their spare time was spent in more leisurely ways. Amid lazy afternoons at the lake, students watched as Austin changed. As they do every year, new students joined the four-year carousel ride of the University. Suitcase in one hand, a map clutched in the other, the new student began his orientation to a system. A trained staff of 80 student orientation advisors intro- duced approximately 5,000 freshmen and transfer students to university life.The orientation program emphasized every- thing from academic to extracurricular activities. For assistance in specific academic areas, students met with faculty members. Armed with advice and a course catalogue, the orientee prepared for preregistration. For the student who preferred to bypass the classroom entirely, the Measurement and Evalua- tion Center offered a credit-by- examination program. " Fireside Chats " with var- ious professors were held to stress that a course is more than textbooks and memoriza- tion. The Career Choice Infor- mation Center and the Reading and Study Skills Laboratory (RASSL) were introduced as sources of counseling and aid to the harried freshman. Social activities provided en- tertainment and much needed relaxation. A multi-media show, folk singers, a dance, a water- melon party and an afternoon at Eastwoods Park allowed the opportunity to meet new people. If the orientee learned nothing else, he quickly discovered the magical power of his social security number. After mas- tering a few simple rules, (use only number two pencil, do not erase, consent of instructor must be obtained), the new student officially registered for school. Turning his back on the long lines of the Rifle Range, he had completed his basic training for fall. Centralized adds and drops offered hope to those whose schedule had been changed beyond recogni- tion. As a brief introduction to the University, Orientation calmed some of the student ' s worst fears. Signs of change were observed by students in the Austin area. One controversial action centered around the renam- ing of 19th Street. The Austin City Council motion renamed the street in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. The cost in- volved for the city and private businesses caused protests among citizens. As new street signs went up, the District Court began examination of the case. The court ' s ruling reversed the City Council ' s motion, saying the Council did not follow the correct procedure in making the name change. This decision would invalidate a total of 87 other street name changes enacted by resolution. The Council decided to leave the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard signs up until the final appeal could be heard. Other signs went up around Austin as a no-smoking law went into effect on September 1. The state law prohibits smoking in public schools, elevators, enclosed theaters, li- braries, museums, hospitals and intrastate and local transit buses if a warning sign of the prohibition and penalties is posted. On campus the ordinance was generally ignored. Many students felt the no-smoking signs were most useful for decorating dorm rooms or adding to their collection of other warning signs to be ignored. On campus, flags flew at half-mast for two days com- memorating the death of Miss Ima Hogg (1882-1975). Miss Ima Hogg will be remembered as an incomparable Texan possessed with a passionate concern for the betterment of humanity, the preservation of history and the promotion and appreciation of the arts. That she was a Texan was fortunate, for she manifested all of these concerns in Texas and for Texans. Her life ended quietly in Au- gust, 1975, during a trip to Lon- don. Fortunately, she had an unusually long and prosperous life and proved to be one of Texas ' finest natives. The death of Miss Ima Hogg did not put an end to her good works. Her entire life was dedi- cated to the enrichment of life and the preservation of history around her. Texas abounds with the gifts of her generosity. Her interest in education was among her many accomplish- ments and generosities. Her primary loyalty was to The Uni- versity of Texas, which she at- tended from 1899-1901. She served as a Trustee of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene which she established for the improvement of mental health in Texas. This pro- gram was extended by the implementation of another foun- dation the Ima Hogg Foundation which is now under the administration of the Board of Regents. Miss Hogg ' s interest in the arts led her to purchase the 113-year old Stagecoach Inn at Winedale, Texas, in Fayette County. After extensive restoration, she donated the newly renovated buildings and 130 acres to The University of Tex- as. The center is used for the study of the history and culture of the German immigrants who settled in Texas before the Civil War. Texas ' heritage was one of Miss Hogg ' s main concerns. In 1958, she restored and donated James S. Hogg ' s plantation home and 53 acres to the State of Texas as a state park and museum. Miss Hogg ' s interest in music grew from her ch ildhood days and became particularly apparent in her later years. She studied piano as a student at the University and later developed an impressive talent. Often called one of the 18 Summer -: 3bounds -. ' . of the . ; ;.-:--5etne . ;:;; -Fayette -;;; " { newly - - Sf- . s ' ' Vv ' v She was a lady ' whose life itself has been a constant tri- bute to beauty, honesty, grace, good sense and good taste. ' grandest of all musical grandes dames, she was the Vice- President of the Houston Symphony Orchestra and a most dedicated patron and supporter. Miss Hogg developed another interest which contributed to the beauty and heritage of Texas that of decorative arts and beautiful furniture. In the early 1920 ' s she began building a collection of Early American furniture which was ultimately a gift to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. In 1965, Miss Hogg donated the family home at Bayou Bend, Houston, and her collection of Early American Deco- rative Arts to the Houston Museum. Miss Hogg ' s awards and honors were many. The Universi- ty honored her in 1962 by naming her a Distinguished Alum- na. She was also appointed a charter member of the Texas Historical Survey Committee. In 1968, she was the first to receive the Santa Rita Award from the University for her demonstration of concern for the principles of higher edu- cation. More recently, Miss Hogg was selected as one of 25 charter members of the Academy of Texas for her achieve- ments in the enrichment and enlightenment of people ev- erywhere. Generous acts were not unique solely to Miss Ima, for the entire Hogg family has shown an intense interest in Texas and its historical preservation. James Stephen Hogg was elected Governor of Texas in January, 1891 the first native Texan to become Governor. Hogg ' s actions as gover- nor reflected his belief that the people of Texas should run the government, not the corporations. After the death of Mrs. Hogg, James Hogg retired from public life and turned his attentions to his daughter and three sons. His interests in oil were made famous by the gusher at Spindletop in 1901. In March, 1906, at the age of 55, he died in his sleep. The Hoggs had always been a close-knit family. The older two, Will and Ima, traveled with the Governor. Will practiced law, but, like Ima, he devoted much of his life to higher education in Texas. In 1916, Will was chairman of the Uni- versity of Texas Board of Regents. The current governor had vetoed the state ' s appropriation for support of the University. Will moved to Austin to insure that the situation was investigated thoroughly. The results were profitable: The governor was found guilty of irregularities and was im- peached. In 1930, after undergoing surgery, William Hogg died. His estate was placed in the hands of Ima and brother Mike as executors. The Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene at The University of Texas was then established. In the tradition of the Hogg Family, Miss Ima profoundly benefitted Texas and its people. She was a lady, in the words of Dr. Harry Ransom, " whose life itself has been a constant tribute to beauty; honesty, grace, good sense and good taste. " Harry Ransom Texas was indeed fortunate to share the presence of this great lady. An ancient Chinese proverb says, " The wise man does not store up treasure. The more he gives, the more he has. " Miss Ima was one of the wealthiest of all a truly extraordinary Texan. Summer has a special quality that makes students feel wealthy. The atmosphere of the student ' s summer world is felt only in other college towns. The town seems to empty, and the students who remain share a feeling of camarade- rie. An easy-going, holiday mood infects everyone; school is out for recess. The world of books and classes remained, but Austin offered the student many diversions to fill his leisure hours and to tempt him from his studies. Apartment pools shimmered invitingly in the heat. Area lakes drew students on sunny afternoons for sailing, skiing and skinny dipping. The summer was short, but students made the best of it. Austin-Travis County Collection. Austin (Texas) Public Library 20 Ima Hogg Miss I ma Hogg 1882-1975 LEFT: With the elegance of a past decade, Miss Hogg (right) participated in the Floral Parade of December, 1903. BOTTOM LEFT: From 1899-1901, Miss Hogg (right) studied music at the University; she later established the Houston Symphony BOT- TOM RIGHT: On August 26. 1972. Miss Hogg celebrated her 90th birthday at Wine- dale Museum, one of her donations to the University. Austin-Travis County Collection. Austin (Texas) Pu blic Library Ima Hogg 21 fe, ' Vifc-. CHAT DO NorJ oLo, Orientation Signs of Change LEFT: Those no-smoking signs that weren ' t stolen were simply ignored. BELOW: Many efforts were made to stop the 19th Street name change, but by spring the new signs remained in place. Austin Signs 23 The Student ' s Summer World M Smith 24 Summer Recreation TOP LEFT: Hippie Hollow was one of Austin ' s beautiful natural spots for sun worshippers and skinny dippers. TOP RIGHT: An inner tube and a daring spirit were all a student needed to shoot the rapids at New Braunfels. BOTTOM LEFT: Summer school students found pleasant spots to study outside. BOTTOM RIGHT: Running down- wind with spinnakers flying, sailing enthusiasts raced the wind. 5 " ! ' " IK. SCI I all symbolized a new beginning for every student. ' The exodus to Austin began in late summer. Al- most overnight campus population swelled from 10,000 to 42,000 students as the University pre- pared for a new semester. The once silent dormitory halls suddenly resounded with excitement as new residents moved in. The city seemed to come alive. For approximately 13,000 students, registration was the first step to start the new semester. Endless lines and a marathon wait signaled that the lengthy process had just begun. Once inside Bellmont, the task was complicated by a myriad of signs. A limited selection of classes frustrated the most eager students. Before the ordeal ended, the student had stood in more lines, filled in countless computer cards and invested a small fortune in books. With a check to the Bursar, however, the student was finished with registration until the next semester. The student then had time for other fall activities. Inevi- tably fall meant football, and University of Texas football attracted some of football ' s most faithful fans. This orange- blooded group included Texas Exes, students and college football fanatics. Even those students who didn ' t know a wishbone from a T-bone were quickly caught up in the ritual surrounding a Longhorn foot- ball game. The football game was only the final result of a long and complicated procedure which started two weeks before the game. Dates had to be ar- ranged; students ' ID ' s were collected. For a regular game, tickets were drawn without much effort. For the special games, however, tickets were a scarce commodity available only to students with the en- durance and determination to camp out in the ticket lines. Students who were normally considered sane left their books, their beds and perhaps their heads to spend the night in Memorial Stadium for a ticket to the Texas-OU game. Armed with radios, ice chests, sleeping bags and beer, students patiently prepared to face the all-night trial. Those few whose vigil was rewarded with a ticket cheered a little louder than the others at the pep rally. By the end of the OU game, however, only OU fans were cheering. Even Bevo was upset when an intoxicated Oklahoma spectator attempted to throw red syrup at the Texas mascot. Despite the disappointment of the OU game, Texas fans revived their spirits for the traditional rivalry with Texas A M. Once again Memorial Stadium was cluttered with sleeping bags the night before ticket sales began. Through- out Austin, wooden objects began to disappear mysteriously as fraternities prepared for the annual bonfire competition. Confidence faltered, however, as quarterback Marty Akin ' s knee injury threatened the team ' s chances. To the severe humiliation and disappointment of faithful fans, A M was triumphant for the first time in eight years. Football season ended on an anti-climatic note as Texas was named SWC Tri-Champs with Arkansas and A M and defeated the Colorado Buffaloes in the Houston Astro-Blue- bonnet Bowl. The high point of the season occurred when Marty Akins declared his intention to eventually become governor of Texas. The life of a fan has never been easy, but his season seemed particularly demanding for the devoted Texas fans. Austin offered one consolation to the disgruntled fan: In October area clubs displayed signs proclaiming " Now Open Until 2 a.m., " as citizens passed a controversial referendum extending drinking hours. The late drinking hours issue had been an emotional and hotly contested one for the last four years and went through nine separate City Council votes. The Council finally passed the ordinance last May, but by late July a petition drive by an anti-late drinking hours group had collected enough sig- natures to suspend the ordinance and call for a referendum on the issue. Opposing sides formed quickly, and the battle began. Pro- ponents of the late drinking option immediately organized voter registration drives, concentrating on getting students registered in Austin. Newspa- per ads, bumper stickers and posters soon cited the advan- tages of the later hours. At the same time, from the pulpit and the press, the extension was denounced as harmful and dis- solute. Even after the election, the conflict did not cease. The drinking hours extention was passed by a slim margin of 101 votes. Both sides agreed that the student vote had decided the issue; the student vote re- flected a 75 percent margin in favor of the later curfew. Oppo- nents of the later hours at- tempted to obtain a temporary restraining order to keep the ordinance from going into effect while they contested the election. By November their allegations had been overruled, and when the smoke had cleared, the 2 a.m. drinking hours had survived the fray. People looking for entertainment in Austin after dark now had two more hours to enjoy it. They also had a wider range of choices in the kinds of entertainment available. Although live entertainment suffered some setbacks, Austin clubs of- fered anything from live country bands to top 40 disco music in a variety of atmospheres. Known as the Progressive Country Music Capital, Austin was considered a great launching point for young musicians. As they became well-known, however, these musicians left their home town for more profitable plateaus. Club owners, unable to afford top quality bands on a regular basis, turned to disco music and sound systems. The response to this new trend in entertainment was mixed. Many still preferred live music when the clubs were able to book top quality acts. Others, however, found disco music just as enjoyable and much less expensive since it eliminated the need for a cover charge. 26 Fail .;- .-:-; " " Wwhe,, -- . . " " HKowOpen " " " ,-- assed - . ::. " . Oppo- fe Ar dark now . . J i ft ' ! ' I Because disco music was much the same everywhere, clubs had to offer something unique to their customers. To attract the Austin crowd, clubs developed various themes in their decor. The Bucket, a favorite spot for " jocks and Greeks, " moved to a new, larger location across from its previous place and boasted a seven foot television screen suitable for watching the Darrell Royal Show. Billy Shake- speare ' s, located in the revitalized Sixth Street area, had a downstairs backgammon room and a medieval motif to match its name. An air of sophistication invaded Austin entertainment. Saturday ' s was resplendent with the decadence of the thir- ties with its etched glass and brass fixtures. It did not take a vivid imagination to hear echoes of Bogey ' s " Play It Again, Sam " in one club: The large white grand piano and the scenes painted on the walls from the movie Casablanca provided the atmosphere at the club Casablanca. Next door in the Blue Parrot, waitresses, dressed in Carmen Miranda costumes, served exotic drinks. Perhaps the most popular and unique of the new clubs was the Magic Time Machine. The Time Machine was a kind of magical fantasyland with a million dollar construction price tag. The salad bar was disguised as a shiny red ' 53 MG, and the waiters and waitresses were disguised as anything from Tarzan or Peter Pan to Ginger Rogers or Maid Marian. Even the booths were magically transformed to teepees, alleyways or log cabins. With its wide variety of attractions, the restaurant and club drew students and young singles as well as the older crowd. Austin ' s country music was by no means dead. Castle Creek, newly redecorated, remained one of the best places to hear live progressive country bands. The Alliance Wagon Yard burned early in January, and such well-known country musicians as B. W. Stevenson and the Milton Carroll Band hosted benefits to raise money to rebuild it. The Soap Creek Saloon and the Broken Spoke prospered and catered to hard-core progressive country fans with their live bands. The name of that famed Austin institution, the Armadillo World Headquarters, still drew the best entertainment in everything from country music to classical ballet. Austin emerged as a town where all tastes could be satis- fied, but the tastes of the Austin crowd proved to be fickle and unpredictable. Catering to those changing tastes was a high-risk venture. A club which offered standing-room-only one week could be begging for business the next, and many club owners found that old clubs never die; they just fade away. One form of entertainment that showed no signs of fading away this year was the annual Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas. The 130-year-old German community held its fif- teenth festival saluting sausage and attracted a record at- tendance of 160,000. University students headed for the fest by the thousands to enjoy good food and fellowship in the traditional German manner. For many the main attraction was that foamy brew - beer. During the ten-day festival, 3,661 kegs of beer were consumed along with 42 tons of sausage. Wursthalle resem- bled an overstuffed sausage when all those people gathered to dance the polka to the oom-pah-pah music or to munch on strudels, shish-ka-bobs and wurst-on-a-stick. Whether the trip to Wurstfest was for the music, the food or the beer, few were disappointed. The lines of registration, the student ' s anticipation, the fervor of football season, the evenings of entertainment - these were the events of the fall. The registration ordeal has moved to Bellmont. The Aggies won for a change. In the sparkling new nightclubs, today ' s music is heard where pro- test music, rock-and-roll, jazz or the blues once entertained students of past years. Essentially, however, nothing has really changed. Fall has always brought these events; they are as old as the University and as new as the participants. Only the students change each year making every fall a new beginning. P Blankenmeiste 28 Fall 1 :?- ere scortc- stt n- ge.lntjie " P. Blankenmeister P. Blankenmeister Endless Lines and a Marathon Wait LEFT: Lines doubled endlessly back on them- selves as students waited for their turn to enter Bellmont for registration. TOP LEFT: Amid the confusion of signs, instructions, computer cards, tables and lists of closed classes, frustrated stu- dents were not hard to find. ABOVE: The debris from a natural disaster? The remnants of a tick- er-tape parade? The site of a riot? Maybe all three. With registration over, Bellmont was clut- tered with the desolate remains. Registration 29 ' . . : J - r= . - w If Football ' s Most Faithful Fans ABOVE: The spirit competition at the OU pep rally created a lively rivalry between sorori- ties and fraternaties. RIGHT: Football follow- ers come in all ages. UPPER RIGHT: With only 9,500 tickets available for the Texas-A M game, many students resorted to camping out. FAR RIGHT: As a UT tradition, the A M bonfire ignited the flames of spirit. LOWER RIGHT: A limited number of tickets made beg- gars of fans. P. Lester J Cole 30 Football Football 31 1 Dont Throw the Lock ' til Z O ' clock. Vote YES on Carlos Femat. Street Corner Communicators I Goto 32 2 a.m. Drinking Hours OPPOSITE PAGE: Citizens Response Committee spread posters across Austin urging voters to support the change in drinking hours. ABOVE: A 75 percent pro-late drinking margin from University student precincts was the deciding factor in the slim 101-vote victory allowing Austin restau- rants and bars to remain open until 2 a.m. LEFT: The Blue Parrot and the Carmen Miranda are now featured nightly until 2 a.m. J. Godwin 2 a.m. Drinking Hours 33 J Austin After Dark P P. Btankenmeister TOP: The new music at the New Bucket, a DJ and disco. TOP RIGHT: Piano bar and Bogey, a night at Casablanca. ABOVE: Backgammon at Billy Shakespeare ' s, the place named after the man who " really knew how to play right. " RIGHT: Dancing amid a medieval setting at Billy Shakespeare ' s. MIDDLE RIGHT: Boots, blue jeans and beer at Armadillo World Head- quarters. FAR RIGHT: The Magic Time Machine, a world of fantasies. s v U - n A e ' ffi k J s P. Blankenmeister 34 Entertainment V 1 1 p P. Blankenmeister P. Blankenmeister Crotote d ompafj P. Blankenmeister illkommen to IIJurcHkt FREE ADMITTANCE TO THE GROUNDS fUN, COM 8AC C AGAIN HAVE YOUR I.D. READY IF YOU DON ' T LOOK YOUR AGE UNDtR |g YRS of A6 { PLEASE PRESENT YOUR RIGHT HAND FOR STAMP W 6 R MM ft BROUGHT W FROM OUTSW P. Blankenmeister 36 Wurstfest P. Blankenmeister P. Blankenmeister P. Blankenmeister Wurstfest 37 inter was a time of transition in the stu- dents ' s world a time for exchanging the old for the new. The season brought the end of one semester and the beginning of an- other. As students awakened to the jolting realization that finals were quickly approaching, old study habits were re- placed by a new attitude of fear and determination. Two weeks of coffee-induced insomnia and three-hour finals made the surviving students agree that " dead " week should have come after finals and not before them. Post-finals exhaustion was forgotten, however, in the ex- citement of pre-Christmas anticipation. Students and facul- ty sighed with relief at the knowledge that finally Christmas had come. For the students who spent Christmas at home there was a welcome change home cooking, free laundry service and no classes. The more adventurous travelers traded the hills of Austin for the mountains of Colorado. All too soon, however, students found themselves standing in registration lines rather that lift lines. Another new semester had begun. In the state, transitions were not so readily made. On November 4, 1975, Texas vot- ers went to the polls in an at- tempt to exchange the old State Constitution for the new one proposed by the sixty- fourth session of the state leg- islature. In addition to changes proposed in the eight amend- ments, the major differences were in length and form. The revised document decreased the number of articles in the present 99-year-old Constitu- tion from seventeen to six and the number of words from 63,000 to 18,000. Although there was low voter turnout among University stu- dents, those who did vote al- most unanimously approved it. Student support was not sufficient, however, as all eight amendments of the proposed Constitution were defeated at the polls. If changes were slow for the state government, the speed of changes on the University campus in the last seventy years has more than made up. Students did not, however, derive much comfort from this fast growth when their classes were interrupted by the noises of continuous con- struction. In 1883 forty acres were designated for The University of Texas at Austin. One building, the Old Main, eight faculty members, two departments and 221 students formed the cornerstone of the University. Today the University ' s land, buildings, plant and equipment are valued at well over $400 million, and the total number of buildings has increased to over 243 covering an excess of 400 acres. The total number of faculty has grown to over 2,099 and the number of stu- dents to 42,500. The campus itself is probably the best indicator of this continuous growth; several major areas of construction were evident this year. The Robert Welch Hall addition has a projected completion of January, 1978. The original chem- istry building, built in 1894, was the third building on cam- pus. Located where the greenhouse south of the Biology Building now stands, it was destroyed by fire in 1927. In 1931 the present Robert Welch Hall was completed. The growing chemistry department made the new addition nec- essary. The addition was constructed on the site of Brackenridge Hall, Old B Hall, a four-story dormitory for men that opened in December, 1890. Rent was then $2.50 a month per boy in a four-room suite. B Hall was a stronghold for independent men; the residents were almost a fraternity of their own. Campus politics were greatly influenced by B Hall organiza- tions. The dormitory was eventually closed because of its close proximity to Garrison Hall. In May, 1952, efforts to prevent its demolition were overridden. Despite a wave of controversy surrounding it, construc- tion was completed this year on a decorative wall around the campus. Regent Frank Erwin explained the purpose of the wall asserting that too many students were jumping out of their cars and running onto the campus. The campus looked messy and little grass would grow. He further felt that the structure should be thought of as a series of plant- ers rather than as a wall. This wall enclosed a walk that was built in 1901 around the original 40 acres. Major George Littlefield donated the money to build the Peripatus. The Peripatus was tree-lined and ideal for dates, promen- ades and concerts. The recently completed Gra- duate School of Business was dedicated this year. This mod- ern structure permitted the ex- pansion of the rapidly growing College of Business Administra- tion. The graduate school was built on the site of the original University of Texas Law School. Completed in 1908, this building housed the law school until 1953 when Townes Hall was dedicated. The old Law Building was famous for its quiet library where women were not allowed " because of their distracting influence. " After the law school moved, a variety of departments and offices occupied the old building which was then named Pearce Hall. When demolition began on Pearce Hall in June, 1972, it was the second oldest building on campus. Two sources provide the revenue necessary for such ex- pansion: (1) proceeds from the sale of Permanent Universi- ty Fund bonds and (2) proceeds from the sale of bonds based on the estimated building use fee income. The Board of Regents has total control over the investment of these funds. In 1964, a study of projected birth rates and primary school enrollments showed that by the year 1976, there would be a great increase in the number of college students. To accommodate this increase, the Board of Regents decid- ed to expand the area of the campus by 50 percent and the building by 100 percent. The Available Fund (monies earned from the sale of PUF bonds) was not sufficient for this task 38 Winter fc so the student building use fee was instituted. James Colvin, vice-president for business affairs, cited inflation and the need for further expansion as the causes of the ever-in- creasing building use fee. Buildings were not the University ' s only contributions to the student ' s education. Special programs offered every kind of assistance to the overwhelmed student. The Coun- seling-Psychological Services Center was open to anyone interested in or in need of some type of help. This center is made up of three divisions: the Telephone Counseling and Referral Service, the Career Choice Information Center and the Reading and Study Skills Laboratory. As a part of the Division of Student Affairs, the Counseling- Psychological Services Center strives to be a complete mental health center for the University community. Under the administration of Dr. Ira Iscoe, director, and Dr. Karl Slaikeu, associate director, the center offers professional counseling, consultation and referral for individuals, groups and organizations. The center ' s individualized services include therapy, crisis intervention, marital, family and relationship counseling. Ac- cording to Dr. Slaikeu, this area focuses on " helping stu- dents to cope with life crises which may develop while in school. " Through the Walk-in Service, a counselor is avail- able at all times during the day without prior appointment. The Telephone Counseling and Referral Service is staffed by trained counselors seven days a week, 24 hours a day, who handle calls concerning personal and academic prob- lems. Another innovative service offered by Telephone Counseling is the Telephone Tape Program which began in 1975. The program has a library of 115 tapes related to both physical and mental health issues. Each tape is be- tween five and ten minutes long, and the number of calls per week averages over 700. The program is one of the most extensive mental oriented tape systems in the country. The Career Choice Information Center helps the student assess his abilities, interests and needs and to survey career options based on this assessment. Frequent workshops aid students in selecting a major, decision-making, value clarifi- cation, interviewing and job-hunting. The center is also a source of information on various careers and on graduate and law schools. Students faced with learning or study problems can turn to RASSL, the Reading and Study Skills Laboratory, for as- sistance. Like the Career Choice Information Center, RASSL offers individualized self-paced programs, focus groups and classes. Lasting from two to six weeks, the classes provide more complete instruction on any of the 23 RASSL topics such as Study Techniques, Study Reading Speeds and Vo- cabulary Improvement. The University Day Care Center was originally a Student Government program and is now operated effectively on its own. It is a service for the younger members of the Universi- ty community the children of University students, faculty and staff. Children of three months to three years may attend the Day Care Center for four hours a day at a cost of seventy cents per hour. At the center, which is located in the University Presbyterian Church, the child is under the supervision of an instructor as well as volunteers. These special programs offered by the University are aimed at making the transitions in the student experience a little easier. Assistance To The Overwhelmed OPPOSITE PAGE: Tapes on study tech- niques may be heard at the Reading and Study Skills Laboratory (RASSL). LEFT: The University Day Care Center is a service for students, faculty and staff members with children from ages three months to three years. BELOW: Calls concerning personal and aca- demic problems are handled seven days a week, 24 hours a day by The Telephone Counseling and Referral Service. 41 Richard Fleming Collection ABOVE: From 1890 until 1952. Brackenridge Hall, or B Hall, was home for men attending the University. It was located just east of the Main Building on the present site of the Rob- ert A. Welsh Building addition. RIGHT: When the University first opened its doors in Sep- tember, 1883, the only building on campus was the Old Main Building located where the Main Building, begun in 1933, stands today OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: The Peripatus, a tree- lined walk built in 1901 that surrounded the original 40 acres, has since been enclosed by " the Wall. " OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Built in 1892, where the greenhouse south of the Bi- ology Building now stands, the original Chem- istry Building was destroyed by fire in 1927. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: In 1908, the 25- year-old University of Texas campus included (from left to right) the Woman ' s Building built in 1902; the Chemistry Building, 1892; the Old Main Building, 1883; the Speech Buildine 1904; and B Hall, 1890. E. O. Goldbeck Collection PH 42 Construction l HRC Collection 3 Henry L. Pritchett Collection Seventy Years Ago Today But What About Tomorrow? Wm. B. Phillips Collection Construction 43 44 Christmas inally Christmas On December 13, 1975, the Aus- tin Civic Ballet presented its fourth annual Christmas production of Tchaikovsky ' s classic " The Nut- cracker. " Directed by Eugene Slavin and Alexandra Nadal, the ballet has been performed for the entertain- ment of over 15,000 school children over the past four years. Christmas 45 today Worm . . . Thursday tempera- tures will be warm with cloudy skies in the morning and partly-cloudy skies in the afternoon. High will be 80, and the night low will be 60. Winds will be south- erly, gusting from 10 to 20 m.p.h. Sunrise is at 6:54 a.m., sunset at 6:32 p.m. Winter brought cool mornings and warm afternoons, drawing man (and beast) outdoors to spend their spare time in the sunshine. Early winter temperatures were just above normal. The warmest February in seven- ty-eight years broke all records with highs in the eighties. Much to the satisfaction of sun-worshipping students, the entire winter was unsea- sonably warm and dry. 46 Winter Weather Winter Weather 47 s it does every year, spring brought events that distracted students from their mundane world. Parties, parks and politics were more appealing 1 than serious endeavors. Enthusiastic partiers were kept busy during Round-Up. The 46-year-old week of festivities has been through many trying times. Since 1972, however, Round-Up has been growing in popularity as interest spread beyond Greek orga- nizations. The Austin community has become involved through the efforts of the Silver Spurs and their March of Dimes Mara- thon. Dancers, sponsored by organizations and local busi- nesses, danced for 20 hours and raised more than $28,000 for the Austin March of Dimes. The Round-Up carnival offered another opportunity for fund raising. Organizations sponsored booths, games and sold beer, sausage, hot pretzels and nachos in the midway- type atmosphere. A country-western band, baked beans and barbeque brought students together for the 45th annu- al Texas Cowboy Barbeque. The parade down Congress ended the week ' s activities with floats decorated in the Bicentennial theme. With all the events of this week in April, Round-Up is a tradition which shows no signs of dying. Another University tradition of spring was ruined this year by its very popularity. Twelve years ago a donkey and a few of his close friends gathered to celebrate his birthday. Eeyore ' s Birthday Party has since grown to an unmanage- able size. The original spirit of the celebration was embodied by the easy afternoons spent in the shade of Eastwoods Park. As news of the party spread, Eeyore was forced to move out of his secluded woods to the more spacious Pease Park. The huge crowds destroyed the intimate, free-spririted nature of Eeyore ' s party. Eeyore ' s closest friends finally gave up trying to plan a party for so many people. This year ' s get-together was the last. The thefts and damages at last year ' s celebration shocked and disappointed many of the original sponsors. When the beer ran out, angry guests demanded their dollar donations and walked away with $600 worth of pumps and PA system equipment owned by Pearl Brewing Company. Eeyore ' s friends had to absorb the debt. A widely misunderstood but warmly embraced tradi- tion has been lost with the passing of Eeyore ' s Birthday Party. Another frequently misunderstood event of the spring was the Art and Sausages campaign for Student Govern- ment. Led by absurdists Jay Adkins and Skip Slyfield, Stu- dent Government presidential and vice-presidential candi- dates, the Arts and Sausages platform queried, " Is there life after Student Government? " In an effort to revive interest in Student Government, their campaign was highlighted by a series of public specta- cles on the Main Mall. With Adkins wearing a top hat and Slyfield carrying the jaw of an ass, they spouted such cam- paign slogans as, " You Can Hang Us on the Wall or Eat Us for Lunch But Don ' t Throw Us Away. " One of the main campaign issues was illustrated by their promise to change the motto on the Main Building from " You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free, " to " Money talks. " The absurdists ' tactics proved to be highly successful. Adkins and Slyfield defeated their more conventional oppo- nents with each receiving more than 60 percent of the vote. Approximately 18 percent of the student body voted in the election, 2,000 more votes than were recorded in the pre- vious election. The absurdist spectacles continued after their victory as Adkins and Slyfield proclaimed, " Funny costs money. " Stu- dent Government faced a financial crisis when the Board of Regents declined to reinstate mandatory funding. Using their own special style of political persuasion, the new presi- dent and vice-president rallied student support on the issue. T-shirts appeared around campus proclaiming " Money talks, " and signs advocated, " We want you to Chekov op- tional funding. " By late spring, Adkins, Slyfield and their supporters had done much to convince the students that there is life after Student Gov- ernment. For the 93rd year, the Uni- versity of Texas ended its spring semester with a day to mark the new beginning. On May 22, the University award- ed 4,400 degrees in a day-long program that included recogni- tion of student and faculty achievement. The traditional interfaith baccalaureate ser- vice began the day of ceremo- nies. Throughout the day, the colleges and schools of the University held convocations at which degree candidates were recognized individually by their respective deans. Marking the end of not only Commencement day but of four years of undergraduate study as well was the academic pageantry of the official graduation exercises. Proud par- ents watched as their children, dressed in the black aca- demic regalia of graduation, were declared graduates of the University by President Lorene Rogers. Students awarded doctoral degrees marched to the platform to receive their academic hoods from the vice-president and the dean of graduate studies. The Commencement address was delivered by Dr. Daniel J. Boorstin, recently appointed Librarian of Congress and one of America ' s leading historians. In the address, Dr. Boorstin stressed education as the prime example of the need for the unnecessary " the general awakener and inventor of endless unimagined needs. " The flash cubes of hundred of cameras flashed as the Tower was lighted orange and the participants sang " The Eyes of Texas. " The new graduates turned their back on the Tower with mixed feelings about the past and the present. 48 Spring n " if " ::: " " =::. " oted in the - ; " Money ; ' ;: and their r i day to W---I : rwn a day-long " dudedrecogni- Wand faculty The traditional cctecate ser- dayofceremo- t the day, the state of the M convocations : ' - ' -: mntdaybutof the academic B Proud par- = !grifltesofthe Daniel ,( Congress and address. Dr. jtohedastne i 5 timed I ! u Z. Ryall Z. Ryall L Kolvoord 50 Eeyore ' s Birthday and Round-Up ' Round-Up ' Your Friends And Join in the Fun! OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: On a lazy April afternoon, the friends of Eeyore gathered to dance around the Maypole in his honor as the 12th annual Eeyore ' s Birthday Party Cele- bration began. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Strangely cos- tumed creatures appeared at the Pease Park Birthday Party to drink a beer to Eeyore for the last year. The celebration has grown too big for the original organizers to handle. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: In a Round-Up Parade with a Bicentennial theme, the " American Cowboy " float entered by Delta Delta Delta and Delta Tau Delta was a winner. LEFT: The star of the Round-Up Parade was Lynne McGee, the 1976-77 UT Sweetheart. BELOW: Expressions of horror and glee cross the faces of the spectators of the Chug and Peddle Contast at the Round-Up Carnival. 51 52 Round Up MJH Enthusiasm Rides High at Round Up OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: The SAE street party drew a large crowd to enjoy hot d ogs, beer, music and friends. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Barbeque and country-western music attracted many students to the 45th annual Texas Cowboy Barbeque. ABOVE: Whipped cream pies were offered on a contract ba- sis by SRD advisors and Beta Theta Pi fraternity to unsuspecting bystanders. LEFT: Warm afternoons during Round Up week resulted in a high con- sumption of beer. Round Up 53 Is There Life After Student Government? S. Pumphry 54 Adkins and Slyfield OPPOSITE PAGE: Uncowed by the awesome indifference of this institu- tion. Absurdist Jay Adkins took his campaign for Student Government president to the steps of the Main Building. LEFT: Hundreds turned out for a tug-of-war battle between Art and Sausages " goons " and a team led by Texas football players to raise money for a women ' s athletics banquet. BELOW: Jay Adkins and Skip Slyfield, who promised if elected to change the slogan on the Main Building to " Money Talks, " collect campaign contributions. BOTTOM: The newly elected Adkins and Sly- field marched student senators-elect across campus chained and bound in a plea for funds when the Board of Regents did not reinstate mandatory funding for Student Government. F. Tilley F. Tilley FT , 56 Graduation A Day To Mark The New Beginning It seems proper that University graduation ceremonies should take place in front of the Tower. After all, you ' ve been in its shadow mentally and physically for four years. As you sit on the terrace which has been the scene of tragedy, protests and absurdist rallies you begin to wonder if indeed " the truth will make you free. " For some it will. As commencement speaker Daniel Boor- stin said, these are the graduates who will use their knowl- edge to " solve problems before they exist and invent things before they are needed. " Sadly, other graduates will find they are only prepared to be a prisoner in a world outside the walled University. Other thoughts enter your mind while dressed in that black costume worn on only one occasion. Have the last four years really been that bad ? All too soon the rigors of an 8 to 5 job will make what were once worries seem like pleasant memories. Hopefully those memories will recall a time when you were rushed but not too much, restrained but not stifled and your knowledge was enriched but not perfected. One cycle in your life has ended, but another has just begun. If life is like a series of carousel rides, then your ride here is over. The University has placed in your hands a ticket to another, larger carousel. A University of Texas degree brings not only recognition but often prestige. And even if a job is slow in coming, as it often is, this ticket may be enough to get you started in the direction for which you aimed when you began. Milan Hughston Class of 1976 1976 CACTUS Copy Editor F F Tilley Graduation 57 ruly the University campus is a treasure island for art seekers. The fact is well illustrated by the University ' s Art Museum. Dr. Donald B. Goodall, director of art collections, says the museum maintains an exhibition schedule " probably unmatched among university museums in the United States " in breadth and variety. The Art Museum displays exhibits at two galleries the Archer M. Huntington Gallery in the Art Building and the Michener Gallery on the first two floors of the Harry Ransom Center (HRC). Other buildings on campus also house art displays. For instance, had one of the 40,000-plus University stu- dents felt an urge to go art hunting last November, he could have entered the Michener Gallery to find the " Images for Eternity " collection, featuring art objects from ancient Egypt. The color and charm of Dixie would next have re- vealed itself to our art aficionado in the form of Leo Touch- er ' s photographic documentary on New Orleans jazz funer- als, also at the Michener. Upstairs at the HRC, our student could have entered a dream world of travels to exotic places in the " Voyages, Real and Imaginary " exhibition. Onward to the academic Center, where the Chinese His- tory Exhibition awaited our stu- dent. He then might have wan- dered east to the Art Building ' s Huntington Gallery, which fea- tured drawings and paintings by noted artist Arshile Gorky, as well as works by Hugo We- ber, Swiss-born sculptor, paint- er and lithographer. If enough time remained on this November afternoon, our student could also take in a Venezuelan exhibit in Sid Rich- ardson Hall ' s Latin American Collection; a show celebrating achievements of notable wom- en at the LBJ Library; a display about the evolution of the American cowboy at the Texas Memorial Museum; and the Tarleton Law Library ' s exhibition entitled, " Frontier Law Texas Style. " In one day even the hungriest of art lovers could have found enough exhibits to satisfy his taste. This situation prevails year round art is always in abundance at the University. Besides the abundance of art exhibits, art on a more permanent basis may be found in several of the University ' s permanent collections. The Michener Collection of Twenti- eth Century American Art and the Barbara Duncan Collec- tion of Latin American Paintings and Drawings are the two largest. The Michener Collection, donated to the University in 1968 by the noted author James A. Michener and his wife, is comprised of 356 paintings of primarily 20th century North American artists. Out of 241 artists represented, the bulk of the paintings are by post-World War II New York artists. Because Michener began collecting paintings during the 1960s, there is a heavier emphasis from this decade. How- ever, steps are being taken to fill in the gaps. Maintaining and adding to the Michener Collection is a difficult task. There are no funds set aside to buy new paint- ings and the University must rely on gifts and donations. To overcome this problem with a permanent collection, the University is active in circulating exhibits. " We are not ranked among the top ten university muse- ums, but we are very active in exchanging exhibits, " Dr. Earl A. Powell III, curator of the Michener Collection, said. However, he added, " We are getting there. We have the facilities, the personnel and the audience to be a major university art museum. " The works of the permanent collections are always avail- able to anyone wishing to see them. If a particular painting is not hung, arrangements can be made to see it on an ap- pointment basis. The University and art came together in other ways be- sides through the permanent collections and travelling exhi- bitions. Several art symposiums were held on campus, the most important one entitled, " The Arts: Years of Develop- ment, Time of Decision. " Co-sponsored by the University and the LBJ Library, the sym- posium marked the tenth anni- versary of President Johnson signing the legislation estab- lishing the National Foundation of the Arts and Humanities. At- tendees discussed art-related topics and listened to well- known speakers such as Sena- tor Hubert Humphrey and Be- verly Sills, internationally ac- claimed soprano and advocate for the arts. The University has one of the largest art departments in Tex- as and offers students numer- ous educational opportunities through the classroom. Popu- larity of art courses has caused overcrowding, forcing the aver- age class size to about 28 people. Courses in metal working, sculpturing and printmaking are among the most popular as well as painting and drawing. For education majors, there is a special program designed to give practical teaching experience before student teach- ing. On nine Saturdays during each semester, 70 talented children from Austin schools come to the University to re- ceive art instruction. The children may choose from six activities including painting, macrame and drawing. The teaching program, begun for elementary level chil- dren last spring, has been such a success that it may be- come a requirement for all art education majors, Katherine T. Williams, art instructor and head of the elementary pro- gram said. Our art hunting student does not have to search long to find that art is a living force at the University. It is not found only in the cool, shadowy recesses of museums; University museums are teaching galleries. Art is a cultural exchange between people and nations, an explora- tion of the role of art in society and a unique learning experience for all involved. 58 Art ' Art is the signature of a civilization ' Beverly Sills m 60 Art Photos by S. Farrar OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: After the basic courses in design and sculpturing, a metal or decorative textile crafts course may be taken. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM, ABOVE, LEFT: Students express their own artistic creativity through different art forms. Most students take at least one semester of sculpturing and at least two semesters of painting. Art 61 Photos by S. Farrar ABOVE: The 37th Annual Art Stu- dents ' Exhibition provided an op- portunity for students of the Uni- versity Art Department to display their works. RIGHT: Variety was the theme of the Art Students ' Exhibit which included painting, drawing, sculpture, crafts, prints and design from all art laboratory classes. OP- POSITE PAGE TOP: In a special pro- gram designed to benefit both the students and the children, art edu- cation majors instruct talented chil- dren from Austin schools in paint- ing, macrame and drawing. OPPO- SITE PAGE BOTTOM: El Dorado: The Gold of Ancient Colombia, one of the traveling exhibits visiting the University, was a selection of works from Bogota ' s Museo del Oro of the greatest collection of pre-Hispanic gold to survive the ravages of con- quistadors and tomb robbers. 62 Art Tor many students, our galleries serve as their first introduction to visual experiences in life. ' Dr. Donald B. Goodall director of UT art collections Art 153 all american season outstanding plays 1975 76 THE MAJOR SERIES offers the many facets of American stage drama including musical comedy, classic drama, history, melodrama, opera, dance, and comedy. OKLAHOMA! October 3-5, 7-1 1 Hogg Auditorium The Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammersteln II musical first produced in 1943 is a milestone In the history of musical theatre. With OKLAHOMA! came the establishment of a new form of theatre which remains uniquely American. WHO ' S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? November 4-9, 11-15 Theatre Room Edward Albee ' s searching look at the relationships of men and women relentlessly probes into the guilty secrets of two married couples of a university town, forcing them to reveal themselves in confessions. THE CONTRAST November 1 4-1 6, 1 8-22 Hogg Auditorium As the first successful American play produced on the professional stage, THE CONTRAST still retains its vitality and humor. Out of Tyler ' s depiction of 18th Century American manners sprang Jonathan, the " Yankee " character, who blossomed as a symbol of native integrity, common sense, and patriotic sentiment. UNDER THE GASLIGHT February 24-29, March 2-6 Theatre Room Snorkey is tied to the railroad tracks. Inside the baggage shed Laura is slashing at the door with an axe. Finally she bursts out. " Victory! Saved! Hooray! " he shouts. " And these are the women who ain ' t to have a vote! " John Augustin Daly ' s 19th Century blend of adventure and sentiment is American melodrama at its best. THE SAINT OF BLEECKER STREET March 4, 6, 8, 10 Hogg Auditorium When catastrophe forces people to move to another country you have a refugee problem. When Menotti gets hold of it you have a Pulitzer Prize-winning opera of New York ' s " little Italy. " This look at a timeless American dilemma is produced in cooperation with the University Opera Program and the Department of Music. DANCE 1776 -1976 April 9-1 1,1 3-1 7 Hogg Auditorium An evening of entertainment reflecting the growth of dance and dance styles In the United States. From the minuets of Colonial Williamsburg, through the Ziegfeld Follies to the (rug, forms of dance that are typically American will be showcased. MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA April 1 3-1 8, 20-25, 27, May 2 Theatre Room O ' Neill ' s epically stark adaptation of Aeschylus ' ORESTIAN trilogy hit Broadway in 1931. The critics were practically unanimous In their appraisal, calling it " O ' Neill ' s masterpiece, " and " an implacable and unrelenting tragedy. " The work stands today as one of the most ambitious undertakings of the man who may have been America ' s greatest playwright. Bonus to season ticket holders: PLAZA SUITE August 29-31 , September 2-6 Theatre Room A triple-barreled explosion of comedy from America ' s acknowledged king of mirth, Neil Simon. As the New York critics stumbled out of the 1 968 premiere, one claimed he had been hit by " an avalanche of hilarity. " THE MFA WORKSHOP SERIES features four American plays directed by graduate students in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters of Fine Art degree. COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA October 1-4 Theatre Room The first of Pulitzer prize winner William Inge ' s plays to be produced in New York is a drama about the small people, the everyday people with whom we all identify, men and women who lead lives of " quiet desperation. " J. B. October 1 5-1 8 Theatre Room This 1956 Archibald MacLeish prize-winning poetic drama reopened the case of the Biblical Job. Set in modern times, J. B. is an exciting, dynamic story of a man and his belief written in theatrical form as MacLeish swirls the words of the Bible with tomorrow ' s questions. STICKS AND BONES December 2, 4, 6 Theatre Room David Rabe follows the American tradition of O ' Neill, Miller, and Albee by examining our society. It takes place during the Viet Nam era when the American Ideal was being seriously questioned and reassessment was being urged, sometimes violently. The frightening possibility of the breakdown of the family unit as a foreshadowing of the breakdown of the American way of life Is held up to the light in this powerful, threatening play. SUMMER AND SMOKE December 3, 5, 7 Theatre Room Tennessee Williams ' s story of Alma, an Inexperienced spinster, and her love of Dr. John Buchanan. Through the sultry heat of one summer, Alma sees that she must abandon her morality If she is to make Dr. John love her. Through an ironic web of changes, Dr. John is so influenced by Alma ' s saintly example that he adopts the morals which Alma has shed. THE CHILDREN ' S THEATRE SERIES includes two new American plays designed for school-aged students. The productions are not for pre-school children and we request that the pre- schoolers not attend these offerings. In the future we will have separate productions created espe- cially for younger children. STEAL AWAY HOME November 14, 15, 17-23 Hogg Auditorium Aurand Harris ' s dramatization of Jane Kristof ' s award-winning novel. A moving drama of two young boys ' escape from slavery and their flight to freedom along the Underground Railroad from South Carolina to Pennsylvania in 1854. YANKEE DOODLE February 4-7, March 24-27 Hogg Auditorium A rousing Bicentennial musical revue by Aurand Harris with music by Mort Stine. YANKEE DOODLE, which through songs, dance and mime recreates vignettes in American history from Paul Revere to Charles Lindbergh, was given its world premiere last fall by the UT drama department. With this re-staging the department will form its first profes- sional company which will tour throughout Texas during 1976. DEPARTMENT OF DRAMA THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN 64 Drama m , ' . OKLAHOMA! 66 Drama Who ' s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? P. Blankenmeister P. Blankenmeister I 68 Drama The Contrast Drama 69 VDMEIS RIGHTS A MUSICAL REVUE 7 A S. Farrar S Farrar 70 Drama THE SAINT OF BLEECKHl STREET BYG1AN.CARU) IWENOTTI f Armstrong Drama 7 S. Fai rrar The Children ' s Theatre Series: Steal Away Home 72 Drama . ' P. Lester e Series: , ay Home Under the Gaslight P. Lester P. Lester Drama 73 v A 74 Drama Mourning Becomes Electra 76 Drama " es Electra Ariadne on Naxos 2 Rya Drama 77 MFA Master of Fine Arts Thesis Productions 78 Drama Summer and Smoke Sticks and Bones l ' - . ; ' -.: Cnltaral Entertainment Committee of the Tezas Union featuring Twyla Tharp Dance Foundation Modern dance Chinese Acrobats of Taiwan Company of 65 Chinese acrobats Roger Wagner Chorale Choral group I The Crusaders Jazz ensemble Cheech and Chong Comedy Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre Blood, Sweat and Tears Rock group Paul Simon Singer and song writer Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens Theatre The Spinners Soul group Don ' t Bother Me I Can ' t Cope Broadway musical Linda Ronstadt Country rock singer Marcel Marceau Pantomime Dance Theatre of Harlem Classic and neo-classic dance Lily Tomlin Comedienne Don Cossacks of Rostov Russian folk dancers and singers Melissa Manchester Singer and song writer Cleveland Symphony Orchestra Symphony 80 CEC Chinese Acrobats of T,iiw r in - A( robats of P Blankenmeister Roger Wagner CEC 81 The Crusaders Jazz Ensemble CEC Z. Ryall The Crusaders Jazz Ensemble The Royal Shakespeare Company P. Lester 82 CEC Cheech and Chong P. Blankenmeister Cheech and Chong The Crusaders Jazz Ensemble P. Blankenmeister P. Lester 83 Ik M Ramirez Blood, Sweat and Tears 1 M. Ramirez J. Godwin Blood, Sweat and Tears Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens ' 84 CEC I Paul Simon and Gospel Singers F. Tilley CEC 85 Dance Theatre of Harlem THE CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE OF THE TEXAS UNION PRESENTS Saturday, January 31 Municipal Auditorium, 8:OO P.M. Ticket sales begin Thursday. January 22 Hogg Box Office. 1 0-6 weekdays $.50. 1 OO. 1 .SO with Optional Services Fee General sales begin Thursday. January 29 S4.50. 5.OO. 5.5O Dance Theatre of Harlem 86 CEC c , " ( ' 11 1 J76 I ADMIT ONE ON ABOVE DATE ONLY 3JTJ Linda Ronstadt ; o rn J; o no _ 5 H m 2 w n c r II 12 5 : z " w INO REFUND rKH-CNO EXCHANGE $ .50 SEC ROW SEAT C R 11 , Linda Ronstadt C.E.C. 87 John Hill " I don ' t believe it is the system that has failed us as much as it is the individuals that have failed the sys- tem. " M. Smith SPEAKERS SPEAt John Henry Faulk " I find ignorance of our basic free- doms everywhere. I wish the igno- rance could be confined to laymen, but I know it extends to the highest level of the judiciary. " 88 Speakers Z Rya Hunter Thompson " The future of gonzo journalism is what I choose. I ' m the only one who writes it. It might end tomorrow. " iKERS SPEAKERS Edward Albee " The best theater is written in the mind of the playwright. The best theater is a very small stage in the reader ' s head. " Speakers 89 CONFERENCE ON WOMEN Barbara Jordan " If anyone needs to be liberated, it s men with their 18th century thought patterns. " Frances Farenthold Anne I 90 Speakers IN PUBLIC LIFE Bill Moyers 2. Ryall " For all the talk about equal rights, we still have a society shorn of dis- cernment, shorn of the ability to recognize that women, too, like ev- eryone who has had to fight their way from the subservient role, are human beings who think, act, dream, aspire, as men do, to the powerful and irresistible idea of self- propriety. " Anne Armstrong 2 Ryall Nelson Rockefeller Speakers 91 SYMPOSIUM ON THE S. Farrar Dan Rather " We all tend to see the truth through the prism of our own preju- dices. And that includes the report- ers on one side, the press secretary, the President and the President ' s men on the other side. " 92 Speakers THE PRESIDENCY AND THE PRESS Ron Nessen " I ' ve been thinking of something for the second term, of having the President appear every day. I get the feeling from the press members that the truth is hidden in the White House and must be dug out. " Ronald Ziegler " Obviously things that were said in terms of Watergate turned out to be untrue. I will say, however, that in terms of major policy and major events that effect the country, I can say from my standpoint that I was never asked to go before the press and tell a lie. " Speakers 93 Barbara Jordan " The last bulwark for protection of the people is the people ' s represen- tatives that ' s Congress and if you think we are dishonest, make us honest. " Z. Ryall SPEAKERS SPEi Z Ryall Jack Ford " Anyone who thinks they can agree 100 percent with a political candi- date is fooling themselves. We have natural father son differences of opinion. " 94 Speakers Dan Rather " People tend to vote their pocket- books, so the economic situation of the country could well determine the outcome of the 1976 election. " Z. Ryall KERS SPEAKERS Ronald Reagan " I am going to continue to criticize our foreign policy. Countries like ours have backed our way into war through weakness. " S. Farrar Speakers 95 r. Lorene L Rogers made history September 12, 1975 she became the first woman president of a major American university. But, unfortunately, what people will remem- ber is the political maneuvers that marred her appointment. The regental move authorizing her presidency echoed the abrupt firing of former president Stephen Spurr exactly one year earlier. Prior to the decision, a Faculty-Student Advisory Commit- tee, established to allow faculty and student input into the selection process, unanimously rejected Rogers as a pro- spective candidate. The Advisory Committee was astounded when the Re- gent ' s Presidential Selection Committee and Chancellor Charles LeMaistre recommended Roger ' s appointment. The Board of Regents approved the appointment by a 5-3 vote. As she became the official president, ad interim was re- moved from Rogers ' earlier title. Those opposing the move emphasized that the students on the Advisory Committee represented the entire student body, and that the faculty committee members were elect- ed by the faculty-at-large. The Advisory Committee registered its anger in a state- ment immediately following the appointment, " We feel this action of the Chancellor and the Board shows a most ex- traordinary cynicism and a bla- tant disregard of the processes of orderly University gover- nance, " the statement read. " The members of this com- mittee, " it continued, " are convinced that they have been contemptuously exploited. " Student Government leaders also expressed their discon- tent, refusing to support the re- gental decision. " We stress that the purpose of our refusal is not to discredit Dr. Rogers but to emphasize our disappoint- ment and dismay that the Student-Faculty Advisory Com- mittee ' s input was ignored and overridden, " they said. " Never did the Advisory Committee offer Dr. Rogers as a candidate. Never did it support her nomination for president of the University. " We are humiliated, appalled and disgusted that student- faculty input was of such minor importance in the final decision, " they concluded. The Advisory Committee and Student Government thanked Regents Lady Bird Johnson, Thomas Law and Dr. James Bauerle, who opposed Rogers ' appointment, " for recognizing the absence of student-faculty support and re- fusing to violate the spirit of the selection process. " The Regents later guaranteed Rogers their full support during her presidency. " It would be an enormously difficult job without the full support of the University community, " Law said. " But, " he added, " a fresh face would be better for the University. " The appointment came at a time when Rogers was being criticized for allegedly cutting prominent professors ' salary increases as punishment for their political activities. During her year as ad interim president, Rogers had also acquired a reputation for being out-of-touch with students and faculty. Complaints against Rogers included: her inac- cessibility to deans; her veto of an increase of student mem- bership in the University Council; and her veto of mandatory funding for The Daily Texan and Student Government. Rog- ers refused to acknowledge any such reputation, saying, " I characterize myself as being very open and direct. " One student senator criticized Rogers ' performance in dealing with minority affairs. Her reply to discrimination charges made by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare was, he said, " filled with half-truths and cover-ups. " Rogers ' report to the HEW claimed that efforts were being made to remedy the University ' s lack of minority recruit- ment. Despite her assurances, during her term Rogers cut by 50 percent the Law School Project Info, a program de- signed to recruit minorities, and reduced funding of the Center for Mexican-American Studies by $18,000. If Rogers had not been notable before the presidential appointment, it was only days before she emerged as a public figure. Walter Cronkite report- ed on the selection and subse- quent reactions over network news. Newspapers throughout the state covered the issue, and legislators began question- ing the legality of the selection process. On campus, classes and meetings were boycotted in protest of the appointment. Approximately 6,000 students jammed the Main Mall in the noon heat shouting for Rogers ' resignation. The crowd listened to nine speakers. Students Helping Academic Freedom at Texas (SHAFT) was formed from a coalition of campus political groups to sponsor the strike. SHAFT vowed that a boycott of classes would not end until Rogers resigned and urged that all stu- dents participate. During one such rally, State Rep. Gonzalo Barrientos called for an investigation of the University ' s academic gov- ernance procedures by the House Higher Education Com- mittee. Ronnie Dugger, publisher of the Texas Observer and for- mer Daily Texan editor, told protestors, " You are ruled willy- nilly by bankers. " State Rep. Sarah Weddington reminded the crowd, " We owe a deep debt of gratitude to the Faculty-Student Adviso- ry Committee. When that committee is ignored, you are ignored. " Speeches were interspersed with chants of " Quit, quit, quit, " and a number of other " Buck Rogers " slogans. The crowd ' s most enthusiastic response went to history professor Thomas Philpott, who accused Rogers of making an " enemies list. " 96 Rogers -::; I - - ' ?+ ' - ' H tia! i: ' :.e;t ' or- ' tt selection dasses and! boycotted I 03! ' SHAPT) I ca; groops to :ademicgo- j or and for- crod, " jentAdviso- :; ou are " Quit, quit J ;to NsW i of making A- ' We are humiliated, appalled and dis- gusted that student-faculty input was of such minor importance in the final decision. ' Student Government The movement to oust Rogers brought 3,000 students together to march to the homes of Regents ' Chairman Allan Shivers, Chancellor Charles LeMaistre, ex-regent Frank Er- win and President Rogers. The marchers were granted a permit by unanimous Austin City Council approval. Universi- ty Police were prepared for the march and were posted at each stop to maintain the peace. A mourning wreath, with the words, " Academic freedom is dead, " was hung on the front door of the President ' s house. Students wore black armbands to symbolize their protest. The General Faculty went one step further and adopted a series of resolutions which it hoped would trigger Rogers ' resignation. Resolutions included a refusal to work with standing committees appointed by Rogers or to take part in University Council proceedings. The General Faculty also demanded that the Regents ' rules be changed to facilitate faculty participation in University decision-making. Full pow- er over the appointment now lies with the Board of Regents which can veto recommendations by both the Advisory and Selection Committees. A principle of reciprocal acceptance was one revision sug- gested by Dr. James Kinneavy, chairman of the Advisory Committee. This policy would provide for mutual agreement between those involved in the selection processes. " If a president is not accepted by students and faculty, " he said, " you have what is happening on this campus today a state of academic anarchy. " Charles Alan Wright, law professor and attorney for Rich- ard Nixon during the Watergate investigation, was outspo- ken about the conflict at the University. Drawing a parallel, he said, " Newspaper accounts saying faculty and students are the cause of the turmoil make about as much sense as saying the Washington Post was the cause of Watergate. " In a campus-wide referendum almost a month after the appointment, a vast majority of the 8,677 students who voted did not approve of the selection process by which 98 Rogers LEFT: Marching for academic freedom, students revived the revolutionary spirit. BELOW: Students came together in an effort to achieve a voice in the affairs of the University. BOTTOM LEFT: Lack of support made Dr. Rogers ' job a lonely one. BOTTOM ROW: Regents Bauerle, Johnson and Law vote no on the appointment of Lorene Rogers. ' If a president is not accepted by stu- dents and faculty, you have what is happening on this campus today a state of academic anarchy. ' Dr. James Kinneavy Rogers was chosen, did not support her as president, and felt she should resign. The final tally showed: Do you approve of the selection process by which Rog- ers was chosen? 268 yes. 8,402 no. Could you now support Rogers as president? 1,998 yes. 7,492 no. Do you think Rogers should resign? 7,541 yes. 1,075 no. Upon hearing the referendum results, Rogers said, " I am just gratified that more than a thousand students voted for me. There is nothing, " she added, " that would induce me to resign. " Bolstering up her 61 years worth of determination, Presi- dent Rogers held true to her words. By spring, protest of her appointment had died down. Students reluctantly accepted that Rogers was here to stay; once again their attempt to change the system had failed. This incident added to The University of Texas ' growing reputation for administrative and academic anarchy. Dis- couraged by the atmosphere created by the administration, distinguished professors have declined to become associat- ed with the University. In the fall Dr. Gregory Vlastos, the nation ' s most renowned scholar in ancient philosophy, re- jected the University ' s teaching offer. " I feel sure that under ordinary circumstances, the asso- ciations you have offered me would have enriched my life and given me optimal opportunities to continue my scholar- ly work, " Vlastos wrote in his letter to the University. " But the extraordinary circumstances in which the new president has been elected persuade me that a person like myself, on a year-to-year appointment, would find himself in an intolerable position at UT. This being the case, I have no option but to decline your offer. " The controversy surrounding Rogers ' appointment, leaves a mar on the sheen of the University ' s surface. The dual refusal of the Regents to acknowledge student and faculty opinion, combined with Rogers ' refusal to accept a position which would throw her into the center of controversy left the University in political unresolved conflicts. By Cathy Brown 100 Rogers _ ' m I f ; v J. Godwin t TOP: 6,000 rallying students on the Main Mall were an impressive sight from Rogers ' office. OPPOSITE: An intense faculty spokesman, Dr. Thomas Philpott won the support of students. LEFT: At the rally State Rep. Sarah Weddington urged students and faculty to speak out. ABOVE: Hung on Rogers ' door, this wreath was a symbolistic protest. M. Smith Rogers 101 lans for the University ' s Bicentennial activities ' were begun as early as 1973. Dr. Stanley R. Ross, University vice president and provost, coordinat- ed the University ' s Bicentennial participation and also worked closely with Austin ' s director of Bicentennial activities. The University was named one of the nation ' s Bicenten- nial Universities by the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration (ARBA) in August 1975. The ARBA program is divided into three categories: " Heritage 76, " " Festival U.S.A. " and " Horizons 76. " To qualify, a school must submit at least one scheduled program pertaining to each cate- gory. As part of " Heritage 76 " , the University ' s nationally-dis- tr ibuted radio program " 200 Years " related the American aspects of life through the past and present. Bicentennial activities planned for fall 1975 and spring 1976 fulfilled the " Festival U.S.A. " category. " Horizons 76 " dealt with topics in store for the nation in the future. The LBJ Library held a symposium on " The Arts: Years of Development, Time of Decision " September 29 and 30 which explored major prob- lem areas in American art. The symposium focused more on a look toward the future than a mere celebration of past achievements. An assembly of artists, critics, observers and political leaders attended. The University of Texas Bi- centennial Lecture Series, sponsored by the American En- terprise Institute Lecture Se- ries, hosted nine lectures for the fall and spring semesters. Guest speakers spoke on the general theme, " The Heritage of the Declaration of Indepen- dence: The State of Liberal De- mocracy in the Modern World. " Dr. William S. Living- ston, chairman of the lecture series committee, called the series the University ' s principal commemoration of the United States ' Bicentennial. The sponsor of the lecture series is a publicly supported, nonpartisan research and educational organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C. In April, The Longhorn Singers presented its Bicentennial program, " 200 Years of Popular Music in America. " The first annual University choral Organizations Festival performed its Bicentennial celebration of American ' s heritage in choral works by Bernard Fitzgerald. " Yankee Doodle, " a Bicentennial musical revue for chil- dren of all ages, toured the state under the support of The University of Texas Drama Department. Written by Aurand Harris, " Yankee Doodle " had its world premiere last fall at the University, where it was well received by critics as well as children. Performances were scheduled in 34 Texas towns. Two University of Texas students prepared, as a gift to the United States ' Bicentennial celebration, a special three- screen, six-projector slide program on the events that led up 102 Bicentennial to the writing of the Declaration of Independence. Called " The Dawn of Freedom, " the program was re- searched eight months by Leroy Foster and Vickie Lynn Jones. They traveled to historical sites in order to take the slides which comprised the program. " The Dawn of Free- dom " , which was shown across the nation in the Bicenten- nial year, had bookings in Philadelphia on July 4, 1976. The two advanced radio-television-film students decided to produce the program as a factual and realistic interpreta- tion of the events and the men that formed the nation. " The whole idea behind the show is to give the audience a feeling of the period, what those men went through, what they felt and the forces that were acting on them, " Foster said. " The Dawn of Freedom " has been described by several American historians as quite authentic and contains about 600 slides using narration with music. Austin ' s Bicentennial program was divided into the same three categories as the University, each headed by a com- mittee. " Heritage 76 " emphasized Austin ' s past with such pro- jects as the restoration and preservation of East Sixth Street and Symphony Square. Festive events planned be- tween July 1975 and July 1976 were part of " Festival U.S.A. " These included Fourth of July parades, a Square Dance Festi- val and musical variety shows on Town Lake ' s Floating stage. Austin Parks and Recreation sponsored the musical, " 1776 " , which was performed in Zilker Park during the sum- mer of 1975. " Horizons 76 " provided guidance for developing Aus- tin ' s environmental assets by supporting such programs as the completion of the Town Lake Parkways and Beautification Project and development of the creeks. Rain and flash flood warnings in Travis County on the morning of July 4 caused many Bicentennial events to be cancelled in Austin. " Horizons 76 " included the Waller Creek clean-up and beautification campaign. Designated as one of Austin ' s Bi- centennial projects, University students actively participat- ed in the program. Several groups that helped were Student Government, Spooks, the Bicycle Club and Cycling Commit- tee and the University Conservation Committee. The controversial American Freedom Train made its Aus- tin appearance on February 16 and 17. The ten-car train contained displays from the beginnings of the American Revolution with a replica of Paul Revere ' s lantern, up to the present with the test unit for the Lunar Roving Vehicle. After a wait of several hours, people were transported from one display to the next by conveyor belts. The Peo- ple ' s Bicentennial Commission protested saying " Send us jobs not circuses. " While others com- plained about the commercialism of the train, how- ever, the crowds continued to flock to see it. J Godwin 104 Bicentennial ' Plays, Parades and Parking Meters The Bicentennial Comes to Texas! I OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Designed by an Austin student, the Austin Bicentennial logo combines the city ' s shield with the state capitol and flag. The converging arrows superimposed on the state out- line symbolize the contributions of var- ious ethnic groups in the formation of the Lone Star State. OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE: " 1776 " was presented by the Austin Parks and Recreation Depart- ment during the summer of 1975 at Zilker ' s outdoor theater. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: The First Calvary and a caravan of covered wagons cross the Colorado River during a Bicentennial Parade down Congress Avenue. ABOVE: Student organizations were asked to help with the Waller Creek clean-up, an Austin Bicentennial pro- ject designed to restore the creek from the University campus to Town Lake. This project was part of the " Horizons 76 " program for enhancing the city ' s environment. LEFT: The streets of Aus- tin took on a patriotic look when the parking meters outside the Office of Bicentennial Affairs were painted red, white and blue. Bicentennial 105 A university is more than an institution for high- er learning with teaching and research facilities, or more than the buildings and grounds, or the students and faculty taken as a body. A university is every individual who brings something to it or gains something from it. In the same way, the Features section is more than a printed record of one year at this Universi- ty. This section has tried to be a collection of words and pictures with which each individual may create his own record. 106 Closing . . ..,. V .- i $m -, i ;.... I 1 T , m ATHLETICS Richard Brown section editor A Tradition of Greatness UNIV. OF TEXAS Athletics 109 r Recruiting A Game of Chance Where does the Number One college football team in the nation get its start? On the practice field? No. How about the best college basketball team in the country? The answer ' s the same. The best teams in college sports begin in the same place as the worst teams in college sports: In high schools across the nation. The secret to success is finding the best players. There are good and bad athletes spread out all over the country and it ' s up to the college recruiters to find the good ones. Some recruiters sign the good players and they become winners. Others don ' t and . . . well, we know what they become. So recruiting is the name of the game no matter what game you choose. And, as most recruiters know, it ' s a game of chance. " You ' re never guaranteed a player is going to make it, " Asst. Basketball Coach Skip Adams said. " You just have to look at other things that make a good player, like quickness and agility. That plus past performances. It ' s all educated guessing. But educated guessing like any other kind of guessing has fallacies. The reasons for a high school star burning out at the college level are hard to pin down. " There are a lot of highly touted, highly regarded play- ers who just don ' t make it, " Adams said. " On the other side, there are players you don ' t hear about that come on strong in college. There aren ' t very many like that, but it happens. " " Every guy who plays college ball was an All-something somewhere, " he said. " Some just never quite make the adjustment. If I knew how to pick a great player, hell, I ' d quit coaching and write a book and collect royalties. " Among the " can ' t miss " players are the late bloomers and the never bloomers. California ' s Chuck Muncie was a senior before he excelled on the football field. Others never quite reach their potential. Paul Rice of Lewisville set a national record by rushing for over 3,000 yards as a high school senior. He had offers from teams all around the country before choosing USC. However, in his first year with the Trojans he be- came disenchanted with USC and dropped out of school to return to Texas. Billy Sims of Hooks was rated one of the top two high school running backs in the nation. He went to Oklahoma where he ran third team behind an obscure freshman, who was not so highly acclaimed. At Texas the trend continues. Mike Presley was an All- State quarterback before coming to the Longhorns. Here he competed furiously with Marty Akins for the starting pole, but never got it and left the athletics program be- fore his final year. The list goes on. But any player that does get the title of " Blue Chip " or " can ' t miss " has no shortage of recruiters knocking at his door simply because he might not be as good as his reputation indicates. No recruiter is about to risk missing a " star. " Although it ' s against the rules, the bidding for a top recruit occasionally leads to an under-the-table offer. Joey Aboussie was an Ail-American at Wichita Falls before coming to Texas, and he turned down more lucrative offers to come here. " That wasn ' t the way I wanted to do things, " Aboussie said. " I didn ' t want to start out owing somebody some- thing. The alumni are the main ones who offer you things. The coaches know what the rules are so about 95 percent of the time it ' s the alumni. " Moving into a strange environment also has an immea- sureable effect on young freshmen. That, coupled with the shocking experience of recruiting, can lead to un- needed pressures on a recruit. " It ' s hard coming out of high school and getting into that whole recruiting scene, " Aboussie said. " There ' s a lot of pressure so you have to rely on intuition. " " It doesn ' t matter where a kid is from, " Adams ob- served. " They still have to adjust to the system. John Moore (a guard on Texas ' basketball team) is from a small town, but there are others from big cities like Houston. " And for every big city that produces a star, there ' s a little town that produces one, too. For every big city that produces a dud, there ' s a small town . . . well, it ' s all a game of chance. 110 Recruiting WHAT ? YOU MEAN THIS IS ALL I GET? YOU REALIZE, OF COURSE ... I ' M NOT HERE WELL...UH... HAVE YOU MET NAY DAUGHTER? Texas Football - Only A Share Of The Crown After missing the Southwest Conference cham- pionship last year, 1975 saw the Longhorns back on top of the football pile, even though they had to go through the back door to get there. Texas finished the season with a 9-2 record and a 38-12 victory over Colorado in the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl. A 24- 17 loss to national champion Oklahoma coupled with a 20- 10 defeat by Co-Southwest Conference Champion Texas A M ended the ' Horns ' hopes for a perfect season. The Longhorns edged Arkansas 24-18 in midseason, so when the Razorbacks routed A M in the final SWC game of the year, the conference was tossed into a three-way tie, with Texas, the Aggies and the Hogs sharing the crown. Offense, as usual, was the most important part of Texas ' game. The Longhorns led the nation in scoring most of the season and at one time had the most proficient ground attack Quarterback Marty Akins and ' fullback Earl Campbell were named to All-America teams, as was tackle Bob Sim- mons. The two losses were the only games in which the ' Horns failed to score at least 27 points. Texas hit its production peak in a 61-7 thrashing of the Utah State Aggies. An im- proved passing game and a strong offensive line were key factors in obtaining Texas ' sev- enth SWC title in eight years. Defensively, the once poor backfield improved so much that nicknames like " quick six " no longer applied to its players. Opposing teams continually avoided defensive back Ray- mond Clayburn because of his awsome reputation as being one of the most physical play- ers in the conference. But the linebackers and front four anchored the young defense through the season. Tim Campbell, Earl ' s freshman brother, came in to fill an important gap at defensive end. Tackle Brad Shearer shined consistently in action as did weakside linebacker Rick Fenlaw. Texas began the year with a solid 46-0 pounding of Colo- rado State. The Washington Huskies were a bit tougher the following week, but the cool Seattle air didn ' t affect the final 28-19 Longhorn victory. Texas Tech came to town with the ' Horns still smarting from last years 26-3 taming courtesy of the Red Raiders. Tech apparently knew Texas had every intention of winning and graciously provided six turnovers in the form of four fumbles and two interceptions. The result was a revengeful 42-18 win for the ' Horns. After warming up with a 61-7 stifling of Utah State, the Longhorns entered Cotton Bowl Stadium against Oklahoma as only a seven point underdog. But Texas was quickly trail- ing 14-0 and it looked as if halftime might be the best opportunity for anyone dressed in orange and white to make their exit. However, it wasn ' t going to be a walkaway for the Soon- ers. Texas rallied to tie the score 17-17 in the fourth quar- ter, as momentum shifted to the ' Horns. But following the kickoff, Oklahoma drove downfield with Horace Ivory scrambling in from thirty-three yards out for the go ahead. The score seemed to deflate Texas ' hopes and although more than five minutes remained in the game, the ' Horns were unable to move the ball. After the gun sounded, tears filled the eyes of Akins, who left the field having never de- feated the Sooners in four years at Texas. The final score was 24-17. Texas went on to beat Rice in a cold, driving rain by the score of 41-9. The ' Horns ' next win came in Dallas as they held off a late fourth quarter SMU rally to beat the Mustangs 30-22. Texas avenged last year ' s loss to Baylor outlasting the Bears 37-21. Akins severely injured his knee in the TCU game, crip- pling the Texas offense as well. At this point it became obvious the Longhorns would miss the experience of the senior quar- terback. In the first eight min- utes of the game, Akins drove the Texas offense to 14 points. It took the last 52 minutes for the Ted Constanzo led offense to score 13 points. But the freshman quarterback was able to hold the team together long enough to slip past the Frogs 27-11. It looked like Texas was about to lose its third straight bowl game, despite a 76-yard kickoff return by Raymond Clayborn. The Longhorns were on the short end of a 21-7 halftime score. But two Buffalo fumbles, a blocked punt by Tim Campbell and the strong combination of Marty Akins and Earl Campbell, led the ' Horns to an explosive 24 point third quarter gain. Ivey Suber took a pitch out across the goal line in the fourth quarter for the final score of the game. Earl Campbell and brother Tim were voted offensive and defensive players of the game and the ' Horns walked away from the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl with a come-from-behind 38-21 win. With another Southwest Conference title and Texas ' s sixteenth bowl appearance in his nineteen years as head coach, Darrell Royal could be nothing but satisfied. And why not? With only minor graduation losses expected, the Longhorns ' return to the sum- mit of college football could be just a year away. 112 Football Graylyn Wyatt breaks through a weak TCU defense towards the Texas goal line. Coacti Roy; 1975 FOOTBALL TEAM Joseph A. Aboussie William Berry Acker. Jr. Martin Ray Akins Andrew Collins Allen Rusty Allen Albert Calvin Axtell William Robert Barren Stuart Hobart Batts Alec Frank Beck Steve Mark Bingham Jo Bob Bizzell Glenn Allen Blackwood Richard Lynn Burleson Robert Roy Butler Earl Christian Campbell Stephen Rob Campbell Timothy Bob Campbell Johnny Mack Chappell Raymond D. Clayborn Samuel Glen Cleckler Stephen Ferguson Collier Ted Louis Constanzo Margam L. Copeland. Jr. Travis Marc Couch Mark Lynn Covey Charles M. Crosswhite Russell Allen Erxleben Miliel R. Featherston Rick Hillard Fenlaw Adrien Ford Stanley Marc Freeman Randy John Gerdes William Patrick Gordon Boyd Wayne Gray James C. Gresham Mark Joseph Hamilton William P. Hamilton Michael L. Hartinger Clyde Eugene Hearron Kevin V. Henry John Scott Huntington Gregory Kurt Husmann Richard Ray Ingraham Tommy Edward Ingram William Rudy Izzard Alfred Jackson George Ellis James Dwight Eugene Jefferson Paul Eldridge Jette Lionell Johnson Johnny Lee Jones Alford Huey Lee, III Ernest Alonzo Lee Alan Stephen Lenz Martin Michael Madro Christopher L. McDaniel Randall L. McEachern David Greigh McLeod Manuel John Mehos Phillip Scott Middlebrooks Randall Lee Miksch Ronald James Miksch Larry Paul Miller Landry Roy Minor Victor Alan Moore Derek Layne Page Robert C. Richey Allen Mather Rickman Robert Eugene Rickman James Vernon Roller Robert Caperton Rowan Walter C. Rowan Louis Albert Rowlett Joe Van Samford Harold Fred Sarchet Kevin Beloamy Scott Robert Keith Shaeffer Bradford S. Shearer Bob Simmons Stan A. Singleton Hal Eugene Smith Thomas B. Stolhandske Stephen Michael Straty David Derald Studdard Ivey Lee Suber, Jr. Glen Thomas Swenson, Jr. John Ross Thompson Stephen Ray Timmons Donald Wayne Thurman Kenneth Vern Thurman Terrance G. Tschatschula Charles Lee Vaclavik Michael William Vogel James Ralph Walker William Sears Ward Charles Walter Wilcox William Wayne Wilcox Larry Doby Wilson Gralyn Leonie Wyatt James Lee Wyman James Daniel Yarbrough James Earl Yates, Jr. 114 Football Coach Royal watches as Texas trainers attend an injured Marty Akins. ;:; . ; n t J Freshman quarterback Ted Constanzo receives a play from D.K.R. Football 115 RIGHT: Campbell receives an- other hand-off from Akins. BE- LOW: Bubba Bean is brought down by a strong Texas defense. OPPOSITE PAGE T OP: Robert Rickman sacks the OU quarter- back. OPPOSITE PAGE BOT- TOM: Texas defensers pursue a threatening OU player. 116 Football j ' We were close to having a great season but . . . ' Darrell Royal Football 117 Leon Black End of an Era When Leon Black resigned his position as coach of the Texas basketball team following a 103-90 Southwest Con- ference playoff loss to SMU, he said it was because he couldn ' t recruit a big man. But there were deeper rea- sons for Black ' s decision to leave a job he had long sought. He attended the University in the mid-fifties and played on the Longhorn basketball team. Black won two of the last four SWC championships. He has four children in the Austin public schools, none of which he wants to move to a new environment. It is difficult to believe that after nine years at Texas, Leon Black forgot these facts and realized he couldn ' t recruit a big man so he decided to exit. The truth was and remains that as far as he was con- cerned, the fun had gone out of coaching. Maybe not so much the coaching itself, but the things that go with coaching, recruiting being the best example. " I love coaching, " Black said. " But it ' s all the things that go with coaching that have become very distastful to me. " Recruiting was admittedly the downfall of Black. He never cared for the general system of recruiting athletes, especially the illegal methods sometimes employed. Ru- mors of finagling and bribary are common in the coaches circles, some of which are true, many of which are false. But none-the-less, the reality exists that cheating does go on and some high schoolers are paid to play. The situation that soured Black on coaching was his own involvement in the suspension of two Aggie players, Karl Godine and Jarvis Williams. There were also strains with other people in the SWC which had developed problems that hadn ' t existed before the 1975-76 season. The most visible was the deteriora- tion of the relationship between Black and Texas A M Coach Shelby Metcalf. " Obviously it ' s difficult when you can ' t get along with some of the others (coaches) in the conference, " Black said. Black sent a letter to SWC Officials in September sug- gesting that Godine and Williams be investigated. He charged that both had received a cash bonus of approxi- mately $6,000 and their parents had received a washer and dryer. It wasn ' t until SWC Commissioner Cliff Speegle testified that Leon Black had reported the violation that Black began to be criticized for his action. Rather than the simple report of a rule violation, the public generally re- garded Black ' s accusations a retaliatory action against the Aggies, who were leading the SWC (Texas was next to last). The guns went off all around Black ' s head and at one point he received a phone call at 3 a.m. by a person warning that he was going to have Earl Campbell investi- gated and declared ineligible. And so it went. As the case unfolded before the eyes of thousands of avid sports fans, the various media went on the hunt for the elusive Leon Black. With his telephone ringing day and night, Black chose to take a " no comment " stance and held firmly to his ground. " I may never comment on the case, " he said. " It would serve no purpose for me to comment on it. " " I stand on what I am. I ' ll never go to the press to defend myself. " With that statement the Leon Black era at Texas came to an end. The evaluation of Black will always be fairly standardized: A great guy, a good coach, but a poor recruiter. The real reason behind Black ' s resignation may never be known. Regardless, Black admits a change would benefit Texas. A few weeks after the season, that change was made as the Athletic department announced Black ' s replacement. With the hiring of Abe Lemons as Texas ' basketball coach, the University not only gained one of the most highly respected coaches in the nation, but also one of the best recruiters. It ' s sad that Leon Black had to leave the job he loves because the ethics of recruiting failed to meet his stan- dards. It ' s a good comment on the state of collegiate athletics. But there ' s no doubt the change was needed and it took an intelligent man to realize it. Hopefully in the future a man like Black can succeed on the college level. For now, the burden to stick to the rules and build a winning team shifts to Abe Lemons. Black would probably be first in line to wish him luck. 118 Leon Black Leon Black 119 James Lee Tucker Stephen Dennis Brack 120 Cheerleaders HOI mes L. Gordon Carol Lynne Plum LaTrala Gibson Patrcia Sue Munir Cheerleaders 121 sfer- Texas Basketball Frustration and Failure After SMU had beaten Texas 79-76 in Gregory Gym, the Mustangs ' star center Ira Terrell said, " They sure don ' t play like an eighth place team. " However, that ' s where the Longhorns were at the end of the Southwest Conference season. They were also without a coach. Citing his inability to recruit a big man, Coach Leon Black announced his resignation following Texas ' 103-90 loss to SMU in the first round of the SWC playoffs. In 1974 the Horns used a constantly changing lineup and Black said it would be this season before he would know if that had hindered his team ' s progress. Now he knows. Texas finished with a 4-12 SWC record and was 9-17 overall. Texas A M won the conference championship, de- spite a SWC ruling that freshmen Karl Godine and Jarvis Williams were ineligible for the last two games of the season through the 1976-77 season. The two Aggies were ruled to have accepted bribes to play for Texas A M. The first SWC basketball tournament to decide which team would represent the Southwest Conference in the NCAA playoffs was less than a glorious success, as high ticket prices kept attendance much lower than conference officials had anticipated. Texas Tech won the tournament, defeating A M by two points. The Longhorns began the season with their hottest streak in recent years. Texas won three of its first four games and finished the non- conference schedule with a 5-4 record. But Texas finally set foot in the real world as two losses to Baylor, along with losses to SMU, Texas Tech and Houston put the ' Horns in an 0-5 hole as the SWC season started. Arkansas became the first victim of what proved to be a small collection of Texas season victories. The Hogs ' Jack Schultz missed two free throws with no time remaining to insure Texas of a 59-57 victory. The Longhorns followed that upset with another win, this one over the hapless Rice Owls 74-56, in Houston. Unfortunately, statistics don ' t count. If they did, the 76- 52 edge in shooting coupled with a 49-28 advantage on the boards would have been enough for Texas to beat TCU. As it was, the Froggies came out on top in scoring, 73-70, and the Horns ' win streak died at two games. The Aggies came to town and used a delay game to defeat Texas, 72-60. That game was never close, but some were. Texas was leading SMU 76-73 with only 2:50 left in the game in Gregory Gym. The Longhorns eventually crumbled under the pressure as the Mustangs pulled out a 79-76 win. As the ' Horns continued to slide helplessly through the season, Texas Tech journeyed here for another exhibition of cattle roping. Red Raider Coach Gerald Meyers called the event a " fun- type game. " He probably could call it that since Tech won without trouble, 71-60. Texas split in the last four games of the season, winning two and losing two. The Longhorns ended their five game losing streak by outrunning Houston 95-86, in a fast paced game. That turned out to be Texas ' largest point production of the season, with senior All-Conference guard Dan Krueger leading the way with 28 points. Arkansas stifled the ' Horns in Little Rock, 75-68. But Tex- as came back to whallop Rice 90-70 in the final home game of the year. The season came to a boring but symbolic finish for Texas as TCU turned an eight-point Longhorn lead into an eight- point Longhorn loss, 89-81. After that game, Black analyzed what had happened to the ' Horns and effectively cap- sulized the season as well. " We made a lot of mis- takes, " he said. " You can ' t win when you make mistakes. " The Leon Black era came to an end on February 28, 1976, before a sparse crowd of 1,400 in SMU ' s Moody Coliseum. Krueger ' s 27 points weren ' t enough to compensate for an extremely hot Mustang team as Texas lost, 103-90. On March 16, 1976, UT Ath- letic Director Darrell Royal an- nounced the hiring of UT ' s twentieth basketball coach. To succeed Leon Black, the UT Athletic Council chose 21-year veteran Coach Abe Lemons. Lemons came from Pan American University where he served as athletic director and head coach for the past three years. He brought to UT a very successful lifetime win- loss record of 364 wins and 197 defeats. Despite the record of his predecessor, Lemons considers " coach " at UT a prestigious position. " Sure it is a great job . . . when you ride down the road and see a car with The University ' on it you know they aren ' t talking about Howard Payne, " he said. With the addition of Lemons and his coaching staff, a brighter basketball future is expected for Texas. The University has long needed a good recruiter to bring the best of the high school and junior col- lege players to Austin. Abe Lemons is that recruiter. 122 Basketball : M r Basketball 123 1975 Basketball Team Daniel Thomas Kreuger John Moore Michael Joe Murphy Edward Lynden Johnson Gary Wayne Goodner Thomas H. Weilert Carl Olenthia Belcher Ovie Everett Dotson Richard D. Parson Henry Fred Bauerschlag Jeffery Boothe Michael Pierson Lien 124 Basketball Basketball 125 J.V. Basketball The season was probably much too long and much too unproductive as far as the Texas junior varsity basketball team was concerned. The Long- horns ' final record of 1-9 told the story. Texas J.V. Coach Tyrone Johnson cited a mental letdown by his players as one of the ' Horns ' prob- lems. He felt Texas ' mistakes had been the last- minute factors that decided many of its games. " Turnovers and rebounding killed us, " Johnson said. " We ' ve been blowing it at the end of the game. " The Longhorns lost six straight games before breaking the monotony with an 83-80 victory over Concordia. The low point of the season came when Texas was blasted by McLennan, the sixth-ranked team in the nation, by a 34-point margin. 126 J.V. Basketball 1975 J.V. Basketball Team William Baker Bruce Anthony Jones Dennis Patrick Breen William Brian Lament John Charles Carsey Charles Shannon Layne Rick Castello Joel S. McCoy James Randall Feemster Richard William Nevins Theodore E. Guidry Steve Alvin Owsley Tom Sheppard Nichols J.V. Basketball 127 Texas Track Back on Top The Texas track team had to struggle to win the Southwest Conference Outdoor title last year and in 1976 it had to fight even harder. But despite the much improved competition, the Longhorns managed their sixth straight SWC Outdoor championship. Unfortunately for Texas, the Baylor Bears were too tough on the indoor track and the ' Horns were stripped of their 1975 title. As a matter of fact, there were few times during the season that Baylor wasn ' t too tough. The Bears were the major threat facing Texas throughout the season and the 94-91 1 2 Baylor victory at the Border Olympics set the pace of things to come. Senior captain Jim McGoldrick was the backbone of an otherwise inconsistent Texas team. The defending NCAA discus champion repeated that trick and captured the colle- giate Triple Crown, the Texas Relays, the Kansas Relays and the Drake Relays. McGoldrick set a personal and meet record of 208-9 at the Kansas Relays, which was good enough for the fifth best collegiate throw ever. The Longhorns had a large supply of experienced seniors on which to count. Before the season started, Texas Coach Cleburne Price remarked, " This is the strongest group of seniors since I ' ve been here. " Shot putter Dana LeDuc and distance runner Reid Fischer also headed the team. LeDuc won both the Drake and Kan- sas relays in the shot put. Arkansas easily won the Dis- trict VI Cross-Country meet with a low score of 23, com- pared to 70 for second place Texas. Rice finished third with 82 points and Texas A M was fourth with 83 points. Don Wa- ters led the Longhorn team, finishing eleventh. Texas pole vaulter David Shepherd had an excellent sea- son, winning the Kansas Relays with a new meet record of 17 feet 5 inches. Although dealt an early setback at the Border Olympics, Texas came back to win a triangular meet over Kansas State and Oklahoma. Then, only a week later, the Longhorns put together a stunning performance to finish second behind national power Tennessee at the Dallas Invitational. The Volunteers had to hold on for a close 139-102 victory. In that meet, junior college transfer David Nelson pulled a big upset in beating Kansas ' Norman Cromwell in the 220- meter hurdles. Shepherd and Frank Estes went one-two in the pole vault. McGoldrick and LeDuc went one-two in the shot put also, as Texas had a field day in the field events. Fischer, after missing most of last season with a leg injury, regained his old form and proved to be the ' Horns ' most consistent long distance runner through most of the season. The sprint team was shocked when Billy Jackson mysteri- ously disappeared in the middle of the season. Texas ' 880- yard team of Darrell Jarnigan, Raymond Clayborn and Over- ton Spence had David McKee added late in the season to replace Jackson. However, he had problems with an Achilles tendon and was forced to miss the SWC meet. The Longhorns got a surprise at their All-Comers Meet in May, as International Track Association shot putter Brian Oldfield was one of the people to come. However, on that particular day the heroics were left up to Texas ' own shot putter LeDuc. Dana uncorked a shot for 67 feet V inch for a new school record. " Dana ' s probably one of the top 10 shot putters in the US today, " Price said. " And that ' s including everybody. There ' s no doubt he ' s one of the finest collegians around. " One of the best breaks the track team got all year was the signing of Lampassas ' Jony Jones to a football scholarship. Jones is aiming for the Montreal Olympics and his chances of making the team are excellent. Jones ' addition to the track team could prove most benefi- cial to Texas ' sprint relays, the events in which Baylor has be- come strongest. Jones set state records in the 220 and 100-yard dashes. He has a best time in the 100-yard dash of 9.2 seconds and his time in the 220 is only a tenth of a second off the national high school re- cord. McGoldrick won his second straight Southwest Conference- discus title with his seventh throw of over 200 feet in con- ference competition. However, his Olympic hopes were dimmed when he failed to de- fend his NCAA championship in June. However, LeDuc won the NCAA shot put competition for the second time. He had won the Southwest Conference shot put with his best toss of the year 66-11 Vi feet. It was in fact McGoldrick, LeDuc and pole vaulters Estes and Shephard who put the Longhorns in winning position with their dominance in the field events for a 199 total victory over the runner-up Baylor Bears. " Naturally I ' m thrilled about the team ' s championship, " Price said after his team had held off the up-start bears. " I can ' t say enough about the Baylor team. They ran well and so did we. " But for the most part, the sagging ' Horns would have really been down in the scoring if their weightmen had not had such a successful year. But then again, that ' s probably the secret to suc- cess: to win even when you shouldn ' t. 128 Track John Isimeme Akhile William Cook Barren James William Blessing Raymond D. Clayborn Michael Stephen Coffey John Henry Craig Terry Evert Davenport George Wesley Dennis Frank M. Estes Ernest Reed Fischer Michael George Fray Miguel Angel Garcia Mark Giesecke Daniel Ford Gilmer Noel Wayne Hansen Rod Van Harvey Ted H. Heaton Patrick Neil Hendry Marc F. Herns John Edwin Hinde 1976 TRACK TEAM Austin Thomas Jackson Billy Gene Jackson Darrell Glen Jarnagin Carroll Lee Kearney Jr. Jeff C. Kirk James Blair Korndorffer Dana Le Due Mark Sheldon Lewis Ruben Linares Donald Ray Luedecke Brian Hugh Lyerly Francis Joseph Lyons Michael McCoy James Dean McGoldrick David Wayne McKee Jesse Angel Maldonado Dwight Christopher Martin Jimmy Joe Mathews Ted Voorhis Moreland David Nelson Glenn Karl Neurohr Derek Layne Page Martell Lewis Petermann Kim Duane Pitner James Blake Rawlings Robert Haynes Robinson Daniel James Rouse David Powell Shepherd Overton Roy Spence Jimmy Lee Strong Paul Subrt Charlie Ruben Taliaferro Jefferson James Walker Don Edward Waters David Riggs Wildman Michael Williams Gralyn Wyatt 130 Track OPPOSITE PAGE: John Craig anchors the 2-mile relay team to a third place finish in the Texas Relays. ABOVE: Jim McGoldrick throws discus at the Texas Relays. LEFT: Andy Jackson runs the second lap of the 4- mile relay. Track 131 Cross Country RIGHT: Paul Craig widens lead over North Texas in UT Invitational meet. BELOW: Texas threatens Rice runner in District VI Cross Country Cham- pionship meet. OPPOSITE PAGE: The loneliness of a long distance runner. 132 Cross Country 1975 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM John Henry Craig Paul Frederick Craig Ernest Reed Fisher Daniel Ford Gilmer Ruben Linares Austin T. Jackson Jesse Angel Maldonado Jack Blake Rawlins Don Edward Waters Cross Country 133 Texas Swimming A Few Bright Moments The Texas swimming team had hopes of overcoming past barriers and finally upsetting SMU in the Southwest Confer- ence race. With most of last year ' s team returning, the ' Horns looked like strong contenders. But alas, history withstood the test and the SMU Mus- tangs captured their 20th consecutive SWC Championship. Texas was unable to even repeat last year ' s dual meet victo- ry, losing to SMU 84-29. After the Longhorns had been properly subdued by SMU, Texas Coach Pat Patterson remarked, " I thought we could do a little better than we did. But they got ahead early and it just snowballed on us. " The situation continued to snowball all the way through the nationals. Even though Texas sent the largest, fastest qualifying team ever, only three Longhorn swimmers man- aged to score in the national competition. Texas ' goal had been to better last year ' s 15th place finish, but as it was the ' Horns struggled to finish 20th, while Southern California went to win for the third straight year. " We just didn ' t do too well, " Patterson said after the dismal showing. " We were close, but not close enough. " But the Longhorn season was not without bright mo- ments. While pushing Texas into second place at the 45th annual SWC meet, Guy Hagstette set SWC records in the 100 and 200-yard backstroke. He finished the meet with the highest individual point total and was chosen the outstand- ing meet swimmer. Twelve SWC records were set at the conference meet which Patterson called " one of the best in the history of the conference. " The meet also featured what Patterson felt was one of the most exciting races the conference has had, as Texas ' Darrell Pick shaved nine seconds off the old SWC record in the 440-yard individual medley. Pick, a junior college trans- fer from California, was one of the three Texas swimmers to score at the nationals. D. Woo 134 Swimming ents Swimming 135 ABOVE: UT swimmer starts his leg of the 400-yard relay at the Texas-A M swim meet held at Gregory Gym Pool. RIGHT: Coach Pat Paterson shouts instructions to one of his swimmers. OPPOSITE PAGE: Construction at the new swimming complex. 1976 Swim Team Niven James Baird Brent Alan Barker Timothy Hester Carter Theodore Wilson Doyle Darrell Gilbert Pick Lance Lee Gordon Donald Goodnow Graham Gary Michael Grinsby Guy Lefevre Hagstette Patrick D. Harrington Duncan James Hawthorn William Charles Hobbs James Hughes Jeffery Lynn Krumwiede Fredrick W. Machell Jonathan J. McMahon David Patterson John Henry Pearson William John Rachner Richard Gill Reeves Robert S. Robertson Wendell Neal Smith Ronald Tyre Jr. John Turner Ralph Watson 136 Swimming k ! :.+e Swimming 137 Texas Tennis Second Place in SWC For the second straight year, the Texas tennis team was so close to winning the Southwest Conference title it was ready to measure off space in the trophy case. But for the second straight year it was not to be. The Longhorns finished a mere three points behind Houston in the championship race, after coming in one point behind SMU last year. Texas went 22-4 in dual match play and 57-15 in the SWC. The ' Horns had a better record than Houston at the sea- son ' s end, but the Cougars had several matches in hand. It was expected the SWC title would be decided at the conference tournament in Waco, the first in its history, as 80 points were up for grabs. Texas Coach Dave Snyder entered the tournament with high expectations. " We were hoping to pull off a miracle, " Snyder said, " but Houston didn ' t falter much. " Even though they didn ' t win the SWC team title, the Longhorns still took four of the nine singles and doubles championships. Stewart Keller captured the number three singles crown, while Danny Byfield ended his Texas career by winning the number six title. Graham Whaling also capped off his senior year by team- ing with Gary Plock to take the number two doubles cham- pionship. Byfield was again a winner, this time joining fresh- man Steve Denton in surpassing the rest of the number three doubles field. Keller felt this strong showing proved Texas was among the best teams. " The points say that Houston is the best, " Keller said. " But as far as I ' m concerned when you play for 80 points and you ' re only three down at the end, you ' re just as good (as the winner). " Texas had two surprises in Steve Denton and Kevin Cur- rin, both freshmen. Each of them lost only one SWC match during the year, as the Longhorns compiled an excellent record which included an upset of sixth-ranked Pepperdine. , I fT 1 138 Tennis : ' V- " ' - ' :- OPPOSITE PAGE: Stewart Keller vol- leys against Baylor. ABOVE: Gary Plock attacks a Bear serve. LEFT: Graham Whaling psyches up for SWTSU. 1976 TENNIS TEAM Eddy Scurlock Blanton Daniel M. Byfield Kevin Currin Steven Branch Denton William Edward Fisher Stewart Keller Francisco Gonzalo Nunez Gary Dean Plock Brian McLane Startzman Richard Graham Whaling Tennis 139 Texas Golf A One-Over-Par Season Before the golf season started, Texas co-captain Randy Simmons said, " There ' s no doubt about it; we could win the national title. " By the end of the year, he probably would have been happy if the ' Horns had just won the Southwest Conference title. The Texas golf team didn ' t quite return to national promi- nence as its players and Coach George Hannon had expect- ed. Although the Longhorns spent most of the year ranked in the top five, Texas was unable to win a single major tournament. So, after having tied Houston for the SWC championship the last two years, Texas faltered a bit too much and fin- ished second. It wasn ' t a bad season by any means. The Longhorns won four of the 11 tournaments they played and were runner- ups in four others. But there was no Ben Crenshaw or Tom Kite on the team and the impressive national titles slipped away. The 1976 Texas team was an odd combination of youth and experience. Sophomores Lance TenBroeck, Warren Aune and Dale Blackburn, along with seniors Jim Mason, Tim Wilson and Simmons, carried the majority of the bur- den. But there was no overlooking the fact that one of Texas ' two most consistent performers of last year was missing. Sophomore Mark Bedillion quit the team to concentrate on his studies. Last season, TenBroeck was a SWC medalist and there was speculation that he would become the next Crenshaw after he tied " Gentle Ben " for the course record at Morris Williams Golf Course. However, TenBroeck has fought the comparison. " No way. Nobody could ever fill his (Crenshaw ' s) shoes, " TenBroeck said. " I don ' t think I ever could (win three NCAA titles). Two times would be hard enough for anybody. " P 1 140 Golf OPPOSITE PAGE: Teeing-off under threatening skies. LEFT: UT golfer surveys the situation. BELOW: A relaxed moment on the course. 1976 GOLF TEAM Gerald Ashton Anderson Eugene Warren Aune Dale Lloyd Blackburn John H. Calhoun Jon Robert Chaffee Robert Henry Dickerson Randall Lee Jacobs Kelley Kirkpatrick Robert Harrison Mase George Thomas Mase James Terry Mason Michael Kent Muckleroy David Scott Naverson Stephen Michael Novak John Paul Scott Stewart W. Shockley Randal Mark Simmons John Hamin Swantner Lance Mark Ten Broeck Timothy Todd Wilson Golf 141 Texas Baseball Still Number One Cliff Gustafson knew there would be a slight drop off from the accomplishments of last year ' s na- tional championship team, but he probably didn ' t expect the 1976 edition to have the worst record of any team he ' s ever coached at Texas. Nonetheless, that ' s exactly what he got as the ' Horns rolled up " Victory Lane " and down " Defeat Avenue " like a roller coaster. By the time the last pitch had been thrown, Texas was Southwest Conference champion for the 12th straight year but its 33-14 record was disastrous compared to the 59-6 national champions. It didn ' t take long for the Longhorns to find out how tough the season was going to be. In its second series, Texas lost two games to always-weak St. Mary ' s and stood 2-2. One loss could have been overlooked as a fluke, but TWO losses caused some serious eyebrow raising in the old Longhorn camp. Those worries were dispelled quickly though, as Texas romped and stomped to 14 consecutive wins, including a double-header sweep of national power Arizona State and a No. 1 ranking on the basis of a strong 16-2 record. Then came the po int where the loss of top players like Keith Moreland, Blair Stouffer, Rick Bradley and Jim Gideon really took its toll. Over the next 23-game period, the ' Horns went 13-10, an unbe- lievable slump for a Texas team. " Our team always seems to be up one day and down the next, " pitcher Mickey Reichen- bach said at one point in the season. " We ' re just an on again, off again team. " If anyone was qualified to comment on Texas ' dry spell, it was Reichenbach, who at one time had managed only two hits in 32 trips to the plate. Things got so bad for the Longhorns that one night while sitting in a local fast-food house outfielder Johnny Olvera turned to a sportswriter and asked, " What ' s wrong? Are we just not that good, or what? " It was and still is a difficult question to answer. What makes a team that kicks around Arizona State stumble un- der the treads of St. Mary ' s in the same year? " It ' s not fair to compare this year ' s team with last year ' s team, " Gustafson remarked during Texas ' lull. " It ' s not a true reflection of the caliber of this team. " Gustafson cited the Longhorn ' s three-game sweep of co- SWC favorite TCU as a true indication of Texas ' ability. However, in retrospect that evidence seems weak since the Horned Froggies finished next to last in the conference race. Although a lot of big names were missing from the Texas roster, there was still plenty of talent hanging around in the forms of Doug Duncan, Charlie Proske, Jim Wortham and Garry Pyka, along with Reichenbach. But this Longhorn team was definitely younger, less ex- perienced and, therefore, less consistant than the team that rambled from victory to victory in 1975. The pitching wisdom of seniors Jim Gideon and Martin Flores was gone, and in its place was the novice talent of freshman Kim Wright and sophomores Don Kainer and Tony Brizzolara. There was also a sub-par performance out of many of Te xas ' top players of the past. On any given day there was a swarm of players trying to break out of that cursed slump. When the ' Horns finally got a big day in the pitching and hitting departments, there seemed to be holes cut in every- one ' s gloves and fielding suffered accordingly. But there was one definite bright spot in the team: the man who pitched the ' Horns to that national baseball cham- pionship last year, Jim Wortham, was still around. After three superb seasons of 11-0, 10-4, and 11-0, it was only a matter of when Wortham would break Arizona State pitcher Craig Swan ' s NCAA record of 46 victories. Thanks to arch rival Oklaho- ma, Texas not only didn ' t re- peat as national champions - it didn ' t even make the finals. After eliminating the Sooners the last four years, the ' Horns lost their best-of-three series 2-1 which meant that no Texas school would be in the cham- pionship race for the first time since 1960. We ' re shorter of talent than years before, Gustafson said after the disappointing loss. " But it ' s not the fault of the players. They did all of what we asked them to do. I ' m as proud of them as last year ' s bunch (1975 national collegiate base- ball champions). Wortham took the loss giving him a career record of 50-7. But it was in getting his 50th win that Wortham had kept Texas alive in the playoffs. In the resumption of a suspended 5-5 game with Oklahoma, the senior left-hander put down nine straight Sooner batters striking out the last three in the llth inning. Windell Hibbett ' s 375-foot home run in the same inning gave Texas a 6-5 victory. Gustafson ' s fears that Wortham wouldn ' t be rested enough to pitch the final game were well-founded. However, Wortham started the game and was able to pitch 6 2 3 innings before Bob Heuck came in to relieve him. Wortham felt he could have pitched a winning game with proper rest. " He pitched tired and did a heck of a job, " Gustafson said. " Talk about courage. He did a good enough job to win the game. You sure can ' t criticize him for that. " 142 Baseball A 144 Baseball OPPOSITE PAGE: Texas player Rocky Thompson waits for a pitch at the UT-Minnesota game. ABOVE: A M catcher successfully tags out UT second baseman Gary Pyka. LEFT: Charles Proske caught in a Baylor " hot box. " Baseball 145 I III 146 Baseball : 1976 BASEBALL TEAM Joseph Anthony Ayers Anthony J. Brizzolara Howard F. Bushong John Mark Chelette Steven Earl Day Douglas Emmett Duncan William Joseph Dunniga n Donald Ray English Russell Allen Erxleben Keith Owen Ferguson Michael T. Fitzpatrick Marcus Ray Griffin Mark Gregory Guy Robert Franklin Heuck Gary Wendell Hibbett Ronald Lee Jacobs Jerry Lee Jones Robert Clyde McNicol Juan Manuel Olvera Karl Douglas Pagel Kenneth James Ponder Charles F. Proske Garry Edward Pyka Donald Wayne Rainer Christopher Lee Raper Michael N. Reichenbach Robert Keith Shaeffer Doyle Scott Soden Gerald Hugh Standridge Michael Everett Stein Daniel K. Steussy Robert Doyle Stevens William Robert Stramp Robert Louis Thompson Jr. Ashley Simons Walker Ted Ludwig Wendlandt Hollis N. Wieruscheske Richard C. Wortham Terry Kem Wright Graylan Leonie Wyatt Martin Henry Zolkoski Baseball 147 Women ' s Athletics Shuffled Around Women ' s athletics was gaining speed in its race to respectability under second-year director Donna Lopiano, when suddenly " a wheel flew off " in 1976. A budget change resulted in the termination of three coaching positions. The unpopularity of the move thrust Lopiano into hot controversy. The change forced basketball coach Rodney Page, volleyball coach Sharon Koepke and swimming coach Keith Bell out of their jobs. Men ' s swimming coach Pat Patterson took over the wom- en ' s team, along with his men, while Jody Conradt was brought in to fill the dual role of basketball and volleyball coach. However, Page had just finished a winning season with his team in which Texas went 21-7 and won the consolation title in the state tournament to cap the best season the ' Horns have ever had. As it was, Page and his players were mutually upset with the decision. " Personally I think it was a mistake because Rodney is an excellent coach, " co-captain Lorene McClennan said. " He has such a good rapport with the team. " Page said he felt no animos- ity towards Lopiano for her de- cision, but later admitted he felt slighted. " I firmly believe professional- ly and ethically that the entire situation has been hand led in extremely poor taste, " he said. Page was reportedly offered a job as Conradt ' s assistant but refused, saying " It ' s a matter of pride, character, class, in- tegrity and self-respect. " Despite the problems, though, the women were able to successfully put together several programs. One of these was the 10-part sport clinic se- ries for players and coaches. Among the superstar women brought in to teach some of the finer points of their respective sports were pro volley- bailer Mary Jo Peppier, cage queen Karen Logan and pre- mier softball pitcher Joan Joyce. In November the women staged a grand spectacular called " The Battle of the Sexes " . In reality it was only a softball contest between the women and a collection of Texas ' male athletes, including several members of the na- tional championship baseball team. With Joan Joyce on the mound, the women expected an upset. Unfortunately, Joyce hadn ' t picked up a baseball in three months and the men took an easy 6-0 win. But the other women ' s teams had more success. The swimming team lost only one dual meet, a 75-76 drubbing by SMU, en route to its third straight Texas Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (TAIAW) championship. Despite moral problems surrounding the future of Coach Page, two of his basketball players were able to keep calm and do their jobs well. Cathy Steinle and Retha Swindell were named Most Valuable Players after scoring 486 and 418, respectively, in the season. Steinle averaged 18 points per game, while Swindell aver- aged 15.5. Together they had an incredible 472 rebounds in 27 games. Beery Boggs, a junior from Austin, finished sixth in the 50- yard freestyle in a Texas record time at the nationals. She also finished seventh in the 100-yard freestyle and tenth in the 200-yard freestyle. Micaela Brown placed in the nationals also, taking eighth place in the three-meter diving. Beckie Wright led the gymnastics team to its best record ever, winning the state championship in the process. She went on to place among the top 20 in the country by finish- ing 19th in the floor exercises and 21st in the balance beam competition. The tennis team ran up a 1300 mark before finally falling to SMU. Texas finished with a 13-3 dual match record, win- ning the TAIAW South Central Zone. The ' Horns went on to finish second in the state meet. The women ' s golf team won the Judy Rankin Invitational and the Temple Junior College Invitational and finished a close second in the state champion- ship. The team was led by Most Valuable Player Carla Spen- koch, who shot an average 79 in 18 holes. Spenkoch won indi- vidual honors at the Judy Ran- kin Invitational and finished llth at the TAIAW state tour- nament. The track team finished sec- ond in the South Central Zone. However, the two-mile relay team of Susan B. Abernathy, Julia Campbell, Susan Davis and Carol Sheffield won the zo ne and then captured the TAIAW state championship. They also won the two-mile re- lay at the Bobby Goff Relays and at the Southwest Texas University Invitational, placing fifth in the state. The volleyball team, shocked in midseason to learn its coach would not be returning, still managed a winning re- cord, finishing 36-27. The Barbara Harkins-led team finished eight at the TAIAW state tournament, after having won its own South Central Zone. Texas sponsored an invitational tournament in Octo- ber, which it won. Overall, It was a very good year for women ' s ath- letics, but it remains to be seen if the program was forwarded by the replacement of Page, Lyman and the resignation of Koepke. 148 Women ' s Athletics - MM i?2 rebounds ' { fc and tenth i bestrecoi - f ecofd, " s ent oo I fiwestTe I to learn i jyth Centra entinC ' H 6 _ , ; r Nifo f fcf @ i 150 Women ' s Athletics I! ! I : ' . . ' . OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Tennis player prepares to return a forehand in UT-Abilene Christian College tennis match. OPPOSITE PAGE BOT- TOM LEFT: Lynn Kercheval pauses to concentrate on her next serve in a women ' s volleyball game. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Women ' s volleyball players discuss strategy. LEFT: Gymnast readies next stunt on balance beam routine. BOTTOM: Women ' s gymnast concludes performance at the UT-Amarillo College gymnastics meet. Women ' s Athletics 151 RIGHT: UT ' s defense stalls St. Mary ' s scoring drive. BELOW: Tex- as runner Julia Campbell sprints the first leg of the mile relay at the Texas Relays. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: UT swimmer Carol Jack- son completes the butterfly leg of the 200-yard medley during the UT-A M dual meet. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: UT golfer tees-off at Austin tournament. - Women ' s Athletics Women ' s Athletics 153 Baseball Men ' s Intercollegiate Athletics 46 28 42 61 17 24 41 30 37 27 10 38 Football . UT Colorado State . .UT Washington . . . UT Texas Tech . . ..UT Utah State .. . . .UT Oklahoma . . . . . . .UT Arkansas . . . UT Rice UT SMU UT Baylor . . . . UT TCU ...UT Texas A M .. ..UT Colorado . . .10 .18 . 7 .24 .18 . 9 .22 .21 .11 .20 .21 10 UT Texas Lutheran 2 7 UT TexasLutheran 2 1 UT St. Mary ' s 5 4 5 11 11 4 15 12 6 UT SMU 13 .UT St. Mary ' s 5 UT Sam Houston 2 .... UT Sam Houston 10 UT Sam Houston 2 . . . . UT Louisiana Tech . . . . UT Louisiana Tech 5 .UT SMU . 1 .UT SMU 1 11 UT TCU 3 12 UT TCU 6 UT TCU 4 UT Arizona State 3 4 UT Arizona State 2 UT Arizona State 6 1 UT Arizona State 7 16 UT Baylor 5 4 UT Baylor 4 UT Baylor 9 8 UT Minnesota 1 UT Minnesota 4 4 UT Minnesota 5 1 UT Minnesota 5 6 UT Rice 8 UT Rice 2 8 UT Rice 6 5 UT Lubbock Christian 6 9 UT Lubbock Christian 5 3 UT Texas A M UT Texas A M 2 8 UT Texas A M 2 4 UT Southern California .... 3 4 UT Southern California 2 UT Southern California .... 4 4 UT Houston 1 1 UT Houston 10 5 UT Houston 4 10 UT Arkansas 1 5 UT Arkansas 2 3 . UT Arkansas 6 i - : I Women ' s Intercollegiate Athletics 83 ' 2 UT SWTSU 28V, 80 UT Lamar .. ..22 77 UT SWTSU 44 69 UT LSU 44 74 UT Midland 26 86 UT Texas A M 37 56 UT SMU 75 73 UT TCU 17 87 UT Houston 36 TAIAW Champions 17th Place AIAW National Meet Swimming Place Tournament 6 Tucker Invitational 5 Houston Baptist U. Invitational 1 Judy Rankin Invitational 1 UT Temple Jr. College 2 Lady Cardinal Classic 3 Betsy Rawls Invitational 3 Texas A M Invitational 1 Temple Jr. College Invitational 2 .TAIAW Golf Sw I 154 Scores ys in... ifai l ltd) : - ut w IN Swimming 33 UT California 79 33 UT Stanford 78 66 UT Rice 41 78 UT Lamar .... . .35 71 UT UT Arlington 42 44 UT Alabama 68 68 UT Midland College 35 83 UT Texas A M 30 24 UT SMU 89 78 UT TCU 34 83 UT Texas Tech . ..30 2nd Place 20th Place SWC Meet NCAA Meet Golf Place Tournament Texas A M Invitational Atascocita 3 Pan American SWTSU Invitational Border Olympics Bevo Classic Longhorn Classic Four States I Morris Williams Woodland Hill All American 2 Southwest Conference Tennis Place Match 1 Central Texas 2 Princeton 2 Brigham Young 1 Missouri 1 SWTSU 1 Central Texas 1 NTSU Texas Southern Oklahoma 2 Trinity SMU Arkansas TCU Baylor Miami Southwestern Louisiana LSU Oklahoma City Wisconsin SMU Michigan State Texas Tech Texas A M Rice 2 Houston 1 Pepperdine Basketball 60 73 67 77 79 63 70 70 84 77 61 58 59 74 70 60 . 69 . 76 . 60 . 95 68 . 90 . 81 . UT Oklahoma 55 UT Oklahoma State 88 UT Mississippi 65 UT California Poly 66 UT Centenary 87 UT Fairleigh Dickinson 59 UT Centenary 75 UT Baylor ... 72 UT SMU 96 UT Baylor 82 UT Texas Tech 67 UT Houston 63 UT Arkansas 57 UT Rice 56 UT TCU 73 UT Texas A M .... 72 UT Texas A M .... 85 UT SMU 79 UT Texas Tech 71 UT Houston 86 UT Arkansas 75 UT Rice 70 UT TCU 89 - ' - : fc 57 UT SWTSU . 47 49 UT Baylor . 92 66 UT Trinity 67 48 UT San Jacinto 61 78 UT Rice 19 58 UT Houston 67 UT Wharton Co. Jr 74 UT TCU Place Meet 66 UT Texas Wesleyan 55 UT Texas A M . 86 UT Trinity 57 UT SWTSU 43 UT Texas A M 73 UT McClennan Jr 72 UT St. Mary ' s . . UT Texas Lutheran South Central Zone Champions TAIAW State Consolation Champions 52 48 31 56 49 52 43 42 50 24 34 1 UT UTEP Amarillo College 1 UT Amarillo College 1 UT Invitational 1 UT SWTSU TCU 1 UT Texas A M SWTSU 2 UT Memphis LSU 1 UT SWTSU Gymnastics Basketball Scores 155 IPtSCQ The University of Texas Sports Club Association was one of the many Texas athletic programs to grow in the 1975-76 year. Several new sports joined the already bulg- ing list of clubs and the woman ' s sports were phenomen- ally successful. Aikido joined the roster of sports in the UTSCA and had 18 members by the end of the year. The Judo Club grew to 30 members, while the archery, weightlifting and bowling clubs each had similar success. Perhaps the strangest addition to the club sports activi- ties was the Aerial Tennis Club. The game, which players claim can be learned in 15-30 minutes, is described as a combination of badminton, tennis, ping-pong and volley- ball. But the women ' s soccer team was the real success this year. Formed only a year ago, the team grew to over 50 members and played a schedule that included some of the strongest teams in the state. The women ' s lacrosse club made its debut, with a little more subdued style than normal, but the basics of the game were the same. The UTSCA operation was vastly improved by combin- ing it and intramurals under the same department. This was viewed by the Director of the Division of Recreational Sports, Betty Thompson, as a positive move towards a balanced recreational program. " In philosophy, I believe we have moved from an intra- mural stance to a recreational sports stance, " she said. The Texas soccer team continued to press for NCAA recognition, and in late April the proposal finally made the Texas Athletics Council Agenda. After receiving a favor- able response, the team submitted a proposed budget for consideration by the council. Unfortunately, the Longhorns didn ' t have quite that much success on the field, finishing fourth in the Texas Collegiate Soccer League. Texas did win the Central Divi- sion however, before losing to eventual champion North Texas State. ! Rider maneuvers her horse over jump at the Cantor Club horse show. I 156 UTSCA ufSjsW ? Woman ' s Soccer Club player endures the pain of a twisted ankle. UTSCA 157 RIGHT: Women ' s soccer team huddles before game. BELOW: Texas drives for a score against SMU. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Pablo Taboada pre- vents a turnover to U. of H. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Texas and U. of H. meet head on. OPPO- SITE PAGE LEFT: Men ' s soccer player, Greg Leiser, outruns Rice defender. 158 UTSCA Photos by D Woo UTSCA 159 OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: UT gymnast dismounts after completing exercise. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Action at the UT-A M-SWT fencing meet. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Texas lacross player moves on offense. ABOVE: Texas wrestler downs TCU man at the UT-SWT-TCU meet. LEFT: UT arch- ery club member, Billy James, concentrates on tar- get. " UtSCQ. 161 Intramurais Intramural participation continued to grow in the 1975-1976 year. Men ' s, women ' s and coed activi- ties expanded their variety to include a large num- ber of off-beat sports as well as modified versions of popular team sports. The major boom took place in the area of wom- en ' s activities, where 18 sports were offered. The growth in participation led to an expansion of facilities, as additional buildings for dressing areas went up near the intramural tennis courts. The ten- nis courts themselves, after undergoing maximum usage throughout the year, received a cosmetic lift in the form of a resurfacing job. Football drew the largest number of participants, as 236 teams competed, with basketball a close second. Men were offered the standard athletic trials, along with such specialties as punt, pass and kick, golf long knock competition, three-man basketball and, of course, the ritual Turkey Trot. Women had similar choices, in addition to squash, archery and the smoke-filled room sport of billiards. The coed sports were more limited in scope, but flag football, the most contact-oriented of them, enjoyed a successful year. 162 Intramurais I Intramurals 163 I 164 Intramurals Intramurals 165 166 Intramurals 168 Athletics STUDENT LEADERSHIP Debbie Bragg Stan Gardner section editors Student Leadership 169 Texas Union As the 1976 CACTUS is distributed in the fall of our bicen- tennial year, the University community has appropriate cause for celebration. Texas Union West, closed for almost two years for a $5.7 million renovation program, will re- open, constituting a rare and splendid gift to ourselves. The Union ' s era " in exile " can begin to be remembered with good humor, with pride that it was confronted with grace and creativity. Thoughts of re-opening a building refurbished with an emphasis on renewal and an ambiance of interaction forces recall of those days in 1974 when the building was in the process of being closed for the construction period. At dusk on that October evening, I made a solitary inspection tour, a tour to insure that the forty-one year old building was in- deed ready to greet the craftsmen who would transform it. Alone, I moved from room to room, methodically surveying it from basement to attic. There was a strangeness which pervaded my stroll through those familiar spaces, spaces now barren of furnishings and people. It was as if I were reviewing the troops, doffing my hat at an old and special friend. we have just begun ' Ghosts aplenty appeared during that twilight tour. As I entered the grand ball room, I could almost hear the tunes from the big bands of the Thirties to the acid rock of the Sixties. Had Louis Armstrong and " Oedipus And The Moth- ers " actually played from the same stage? Voices seemed to drift from the platform where the issues of our civilization had been debated and discussed. There President Lyndon Johnson, William F. Buckley, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy and countless others had shared their views and perspectives. There Marianne Moore, Robert Lowell, Ten- nessee Williams, Truman Capote and many more had read their works to spellbound audiences. I made my way to the theatre where generation after generation of students had cheered on their favorite stars from Shirley Temple to Fritz the Cat. I felt weary as I passed the once infamous " Chuck Wagon, " recalling the dark day when abuse could no longer be tolerated. I slipped into the Old Commons and remembered its original charm; I smiled in anticipation of its restoration. As I glanced out onto the Union Patio, our own Hyde Park, I could readily envision the lively debates on politics, poverty, war, ecol- ogy, economy and campus issues. We had been forced to think. And, I grinned as I recalled the happy, whimsical events: puppet shows, Christmas carols, watermelon feasts, frisbee flings. My tour took me through reading areas and lounges, places where people could retreat and commune with them- selves. I peered inside meeting rooms and offices where groups had formed, met, and disbanded, where student leaders had worked, where future and would-be gpvernors, legislators and civic leaders had learned the ropes, tasted the victories, taken their knocks. I paused on well-traveled turf, the Union Program Office, the site where many frenzy and diverse programs were created and produced. There students had learned to serve fellow students; there they had learned something about others and themselves. As my sentimental tour was finished, I was dramatically aware of what The Texas Union has meant and will continue to mean to this University and its people. The collaborative efforts of many have made it an important force, a significant place. I walked through the door, using a key to lock it, realizing that come morning - - the keys would be passed, as if a torch. Down the path I turned for a review, a kind of salute. Already I could imagine it alive again, bustling with people and activity. Ah, I thought, we have just begun! 170 Texas Union " .I I? ' . Texas Union 171 Building Advisory Committee FRONT ROW: Jane Elizabeth Strauss, Shirley Bird Perry, Linda Isabel Leuchter. MIDDLE ROW: Bobby G. Cook, Gappy Ray McGarr, Dr. June M. Gallessich. BACK ROW: Dr. Donald W. Zacharias, Frank Crawford Fleming, Edwin W. Dennis. Members of the press inspect three new entrances which are being added to Union West as part of the renovation project. 172 Texas Union The skylight in the garden room, a new feature being added to the Union West. Shirley Bird Perry, Director of the Texas Union. II Texas Union Board of Directors FRONT ROW: Carol Ann Crabtree, Nancy Katherine Mowry. MIDDLE ROW: Shirley Bird Perry, Linda Isabel Leuchter. Margaret Lynn Liddle, Dr. Charles T. Clark. BACK ROW: James W. Pennington, Huey Lee Johnson, Dr. Donald W. Zacharias. Dr. James P. Duncan. Texas Union 173 FRONT ROW: Nancy Katherme Mowry, Harold L. Weiner, Michael Wayne Barker, Ronald Reagan Bayless. MIDDLE ROW: Susan Wagnon Clagett, Arnaldo Mata, Beverly J. Landers, Kathleen Marie Henry, Teresa Palomo Acosta. BACK ROW: Madeline N Clark, Karen L. J. Todar, Mark Wayne Addicks, Charles E. Pace. FrsMecr. CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT Larry Newman Chairperson Leigh Ann Abraham Steven Lee Anderson James Finley Avant Robert Michael Baskin Charles W. Bowen Jr. Robert Scott Campbell Stephen Linn Chew Anne Catlett Giles Norma Patricia Haynes Cynthia Dianne Hays William Hays Rosalind Renee Hight David Weisman Hirsch Laurie Sue Kriger Gena Landon Lannie John Lawrence Thomas Leslie London Kathy Elian Minor Marcia Lynn Nemzin Rena Golda Nirenberg Donald A. Pinkard Stephen Leo Poizner Carolyn D. Ragsdale Deborah J. Randerson Raul Rios Cindy Roberts Chris Mitchell Saleh Sharon Lynn Stewart David Lewis Strong David Joseph Talarico Angelica S. Volterra Susan L. Weiner AFRO-AMERICAN CULTURE Beverly J. Landers Chairperson Vanessa Agnew Doris Ann Basquine Michael C. Christopher Mitchell C. Christopher Lareatha Honette Clay Devlin Douglas Davis Michael Glenn Dotson Vanessa F. Downey Elegy Leon Etter Gaither C. Fisher Edwin Patridge Graves Joe McNeil Andre Newman Donald Ray Pleasant Vicky Lynn Printers FINE ARTS Kathleen Marie Henry Chairperson Shirine S. Malek-Asiani Styles Leslie Bertrand 174 Texas Union Program Council Continuing renovation of Texas Union West meant a decentralization of the activities planned by the Program Council. With Union programming dis- persed to more parts of the campus, the opportuni- ty arose for the Union Program Council to involve more students in a wider array of activities. Members of the Program Council felt that the two years of programming " in exile " have served as a learning experience. Even when Union West reopens in the fall of 1976, programming will be continued around the campus in an effort to involve more students. Texas Union Week, sponsored by the Union ' s nine student committees, introduced students to a full range of programs offered throughout the year. The Texas Tavern celebrated its first birthday in January. The Tavern featured Disco, Chicano and Soul nights where students danced to their favorite music and on the weekends the Musical Events Committee brought live bands to the Tavern. During happy hour, students were able to participate in and watch tournaments of backgammon, chess and arm-wrestling. Other Union programming included movies in Jester, Burdine and Batts Auditoriums; sandwich seminars in Dobie and The Castillian; and art and other topical exhibits in the foyer of the Academic Center. " Campus-wide programming has involved more students than ever before this year and proved pro- gramming ' in exile ' can be a success, " Union Board Director Shirley Bird Perry said. Frisbee champion Victor Malafronte gives an exhibition on the East Mall. James E. Bratone Marcia C. Cirulli Maria Olga Faraklas Jay Stephen Fudemberg Lisa Germany Karen E. Hemphill Karen Johnson Stephen M. Lapthisophon Mallory Lawrence Kerry Ann Mezzetti Nancy Gail Moore Melissa Frame Rudy Edward Allen Seidel IDEAS AND ISSUES Mark Wayne Addicks Chairperson Hoover Herman Alexander Becky Joan Baskin Robert Stuart Bush Karrie Lynn Capello Karen Cortell Carolyn Lee Dover Randall Jay Fein Barbara Lynn Frankfurt John Peter Gallant Kent Howard Gordon David Greenberg Sandra Merle Hauser Shelli Lynn Helm William C. Helmbrecht Sharon Kay Jayson Brian Patrick Johnson Stuart Brooks Johnston Janelle E. Jones John Faulconer Kells Deborah Joann Knapp Margaret Lynn Liddle Francis Suzanne Majors Dana Maria Mancill Julia Kathryn McKie Donald Mark Meltzer Helen T. Mohrmann Diana L. Northington Dawn Alice O ' Neal Steven Andrew Ornish Stephen Douglas Perkins Stephen Leo Poizner Terry Charles Quist Clifford S. Robbins Demetris Aquilla Sampson Sarah M. Shields Donna Joyce Venable Caroline P. Wall Cynthia Ann Wilson Stephen J. Yarbrough Mary C. Zelsman Texas Union 175 Union Committees The Afro-American Culture Committee discusses their projects. The World ' s Smallest Circus " comes to the University. Students C MUSICAL EVENTS Ronald Reagan Bayless Chairperson Gary Wayne Baden Dean Winston Buck James Edwin Carson Stephen Bennett Carter Claudio R. Cirulli Pamela Kay Dewitt Susan Lynn Ellis Susan Dee Fernbach Elizabeth Moore Frerking Richard Alfred Furst James Howard Gillis Thomas David Grover Richard B. Hemingway Jr. Frank Thomas Kurzawa Lynne Anne Missina Nancy Ann Pacharzina Jeffrey Dale Peterson Mary K. Ramseur Anthony Gerard Rocco Judith Robin Savit Susan D. Scott Kimberly Ann Sherrill Pamela Ann Woods Carol Sue Zorn MEXICAN-AMERICAN CULTURE Arnaldo Mata Chairperson Roberto R. Alonzo Inocencia V. Alvarez Abelardo Perez Bernal Michael Ray Carmona San Juanita Castaneda Nancy Marie Elizarde Amalia Fernandez Eva E. Gonzalez Irene Isabel Garza Sandra L. Garza Juan Pablo Gutierrez Dierro Emiterio Muniz Nina Najar Irma Stella Orozco Maria Ortiz Virginia G. Ramirez Mary Dahlia Sepeda RECREATION Madeline N. Clark Chairperson David Alaniz James Harry Bishop Patricia Castaneda Bernice Alba Collins John Matthew Gaynor Howard S. Goldfield James McFarlane Grizzard Denise Jacqueline Hinds Neal Douglas Johnson Vivian Holland Lander Elizabeth MacDonald Robert Michael Miller Richard K. Mortensen 176 Texas Union Students Older Than Average relax after class at The Club Caravan. Students frolicked to the Back-to-School Dance on the CMA Patio. Nancy Lynn Phelps Jill Torbert Harold Kent Twining Sylvia Valverde Sandra Jenise Whitten UT INTERACTION Sherri Lynn Zillgitt Chairperson Elizabeth Slater Best Alice Kleberg Clement Deborah Ann Davis Ray Cooke Gillespie Billy Neal Graham Margaret E. Gregory Cynthia Andree Mickey Barbara Jean Holderman Helen Virginia Huff Michelle M. Johnson Karilyn Eve Kober Jennifer Lee Levin Anne Elise Mayfield Eric Winston Mayo Robert Yale Meyerson Peggy Anne Parker Tara C. Riklin Jill Arnold Roberts Layne Marie Royal Ann Thorpe Douglas Brian Wilburn Reid Carroll Wilson THEATRE Michael Wayne Barker Chairperson Lisa Ann Adams Carl Eugene Blalock Julie Anne Booty Martin Joseph Chait Mary Margaret Collins Michael Perce Collins Kathleen A. Connell Joe Early Dishner Paul Gregory Easley Kristina Engel Leo M. Flores Maria Paige Greenberg Jennifer Henley Dean Richard Hobart Huey Lee Johnson Betsy Anne Klein Cindy Lee Klein Gerald James Madrigal Michael H. Meyerson Mimi Ormand Miller Martha Powell Owen Marshall C. Page Randall Robert Romig Barbara F. Tobolowsky Melissa Kay Waggoner Randall Lyons Weltman Robert Brooks Williams Texas Union 177 Texas Tavern Trick or Treat was celebrated at the Texas Tavern with j costume contest M.idame Hippie, one o( Austin s foremost fortune tellers, demonstrated her psychic powers at the Texas Tavern during Union Week 1 78 Texas Union Charles Pace interprets tr luelas in the Texas Tavern ..- Hollywood s infamous dating game finjlly came to the Texas Tavern spc ntly by the Keire.ition and Theatre Committees Texas Union 179 Informal Classes Life drawing class helps students exercise imagination and talent. D Students interested in the martial arts are starting their studies in a Union-sponsored class, Beginning Kung-Fu. 180 Texas Union Students Poise, grace and the patience of the instructor are tried by students learning beginning ballet techniques Students learn to mix their favorite brews in a Union bartending class Texas Union 181 Student Government Winning my office during International Women ' s Year, serving as the first woman ever elected stu- dent body president of The University of Texas at Austin and concluding my term during our nation ' s bicentennial are factors that have contributed to a very exciting and challenging experience. Set at the beginning of my term, academic ad- vancement, student services and equal opportunity remained the priorities of Student Government dur- ing the 1975-1976 year. The goal of academic achievement encompassed the Student Govern- ment-sponsored teacher excellence awards and accessibility of teacher evaluations, bringing atten- tion to the quality of our education. Student Services included increased bicycle fa- cilities, groundwork for a West Campus Co-op and the provision of campus newspaper recycling boxes, not to mention continuing Student Government Films, the Student Day Care Center, Student Health Insurance and Student Government Tours (which I originated in 1972). Within the goal of equal opportunity, Student Gov- ernment established Graduate Project Info, assisted in cultural awareness and provided emergency grants for UT minority students. Through Women ' s Affairs Committee, Student Government provided input for the University ' s compliance plan for Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex. In keeping with Title IX guidelines, Student Government lobbied suc- cessfully for increased funding of women ' s athletics and an additional female physician and gynecologist at the Student Health Center. The Women ' s Referral Center of Student Government was reopened and the Rape Crisis Center merged with th e more recent Austin Rape Crisis Center. The 1975-1976 year was not without controversy: Protesting the University ' s presidential selection process, attempting reinstatement of mandatory funding for Student Government and The Daily Tex- an and increasing the Texas Union fee were issues which met much conflict throughout the year. For my successor, whomever he or she may be, I hope that the year ahead might be more peaceful, but certainly not stagnant, as they work to achieve student goals. President 182 Student Government These messages are usually no more than cutesie lists of " things I did " during the year, but I won ' t do it that way because I wouldn ' t read it. Instead, I ' d flip over to athletics or limelight. And since this is my only shot at immortality this year, I ' m going to try and make a point or two. First, I want to say that students at UT have virtu- ally no meaningful say in academic governance. We have titles and token input, but at present we have no control over an educational product which slides downhill with every political antic of our Regents. Be it through the legislature, the courts, or through collective action, things must be done to help pre- serve the integrity of this institution. We have re- course as consumers to protect our degree value, but if we fail to see it and use it, we deserve what we get later on. Secondly, we are in the midst of an exciting peri- od. Organization of students has already paid off at the polls, is now paying off in the legislature and it could pay off in terms of student economic flex in the community. Voter registration and participation in electoral politics is vital to student advancement. Lobbying in the legislature has already proven effec- tive. We must keep on to maximize our goals in all of these areas. Finally, I ' ve learned through this year that all " stu- dent leaders, " including myself, are insufferable. So forgive me my trespasses, and keep on " doing it. " DKOD Vice-President Student Government 183 Student Government In 1975-1976 the efforts of Student Government were overshadowed by frustrations and controver- sies. The year was initially unique as Carol Crabtree was elected to become the first woman to serve as president of the University student body. During the fall semester the primary concentra- tion of Student Government focused on the contro- versy surrounding the appointment of Dr. Lorene Rogers as University president. The Student Senate passed a resolution asking for the resignation of Rogers. In further protest, the senate also passed a resolution to boycott classes. Student Government initiated a two-fold program to protest the Rogers ' appointment. The University Policy Committee sponsored a tour of faculty and student senates throughout the state to inform other campuses of the controversy. The committee also went on to compile a fact sheet on the Rogers ' situation. The State Lobby Committee initiated a letter campaign to Texas state senators and repre- sentatives in protest of the appointment. Student Government joined with the faculty in boycotting student-faculty committees and the Uni- versity Council. Although the senators did not col- lectively support Students Helping Academic Free- dom at Texas (SHAFT), they voted to appropriate money to be used for rallies protesting the appoint- ment. The Communications Committee published the new student government colum in The Daily Texan which appeared once a week. At the Consumer Fair in November, the committee operated a booth to distribute information to the student body on student government. The Communications Commit- tee was also responsible for helping Crabtree and Vice-President Lyn Breeland set up public presenta- tions. Tickets for Benefit Concert for World Hunger Year go on sale. FRONT ROW: William Edward Fisher, Lee Waine Kubena, Lyn Taylor Bree- land, Carol Ann Crabtree, Lee Robert Sandoloski, Magdalena Hernandez, Santiage Coronado. Patricia de Lourdes McKay, Jeffrey David Ross. SEC- OND ROW: Karen Lynn Fagala, Vanita Joy Klutts, Mary Margaret Flynn, William John Chriss, Vicki Eve Evans, Joyce Elaine Colson, Jesse Alex San- chez, Ira Jay Bleiweiss, Laura Jane Bader. BACK ROW: Nelson Keith Barre, Robert Scott Campbell, Robert Porter Kauffman, John David Harrison, Kenneth Steven Cook, Fred David Raschke, Felix R. Sanchez, Douglas Lloyd Jones. 184 Student Government The Consumer Affairs Committee sponsored a Consumer Fair to introduce students to the philos- ophy of a co-op. On March 23, Wheatsville, a food co-op, was opened through the efforts of the Con- sumer Affairs Committee in conjunction with Austin Community Project (ACP). In conjunction with Texas Student Publications, The Environmental Protection and Improvement Committee revived and successfully carried out a newsprint recycling project by placing green recy- cling boxes around campus. The Teaching Excellence Awards were continued and presented in April by the Education Committee. The committee compiled research and began work- ing on a student bill of rights. A proposal was made by the Education Committee to keep the Academic Center open until 2 a.m. every day and 24 hours a day during final examinations. The Student Services Committee conducted a survey on sport facility hours. Presentation of the survey led to an increase in hours for all facilities that do not require supervision. The committee also initiated a volunteer program at the Student Health Center which began after spring break. The group continued research on the problems handicapped students encounter on the University campus. The International Students Committee sponsored a week of sandwich seminars and international speakers which introduced University students to other countries and their cultures. The Women ' s Affairs Committee was successful in obtaining increased funding for Women ' s Athletics and reviving the Women ' s Referral Center. The Uni- versity Rape Crisis Center continued operating and merged with the Austin Rape Crisis Center. The Committee also sponsored women ' s study seminars during the year. The Minority Affairs Committee conducted work- shops and worked with other minority organizations on campus. Student Government Tours sponsored trips to out-of-town football games in the fall and provided a trip to Acapulco between semesters. During spring break, students were able to take advantage of a trip to Padre Island. At the January 28 Student Senate meeting allega- tions were made against Crabtree for " subverting the authority of the Student Senate by not fulfilling the Student Association Constitution. " A student senator initiated recall proceedings stating, as reported in The Daily Texan, that Crabtree had not " been totally open with the Senate " in dealings with Barron Publications, printers of the campus housing guide. During the course of the proceedings, Stu- dent Government Financial Director Sandy Shtof- man and Crabtree ' s administrative assistant, Judy Spalding, resigned. On February 11 Crabtree was exonerated. The Student Senate found that " Crabtree had not con- sulted the Student Attorneys in contractual agree- ments and negotiations by Barron; has not sought senate approval for collection of monies from Bar- ron; has not sought senate approval in contractual agreement by Barron. Therefore, the Student Sen- ate resolved that these acts do not constitute offi- cial misconduct, but are interpretations by the president of an ambiguous constitution and are based upon precedent set by previous student body presidents. " By the end of the year credibility in Student Gov- ernment had dropped drastically and student apa- thy toward Student Government was widespread. These sentiments were reflected during spring elec- tions by a low voter turnout and the support of many students of an untraditional Arts and Sausages plat- form. Appropriations Lizabeth Ann Caskey City Lobby Lee Robert Sandoloski Communications John Richard Potter Jane Ellen Graves Community Affairs Felix Sanchez Student Government Committee Chairpersons Consumer Affairs Audrey Helen Eger Education Reid Carroll Wilson Environmental Protection and Improvement Randall Charles Daley Finance Robert Wayne Sharp Housing Mark Samuel Sanford International Students John Peter Gallant Minority Affairs Juan Pablo Gutierrez State Lobby Gordon Marc Shapiro Student Government Tours David Wayne Thomas Student Services Shelley Anne Friend University Policy Joyce Elaine Colson William John Chriss Women ' s Affairs Sue Ann Ray Student Government 185 University Ombudsman Sh Since ey has wrsity watt ' both 111 office fo entered wod s second Theo JlOSt ( problerr tots. I ' or have The On October 13 Linda Ferine assumed the position of University Ombudsman. The role of the Ombuds- man is that of a mediator, assisting students with problems concerning rules and regulations of the University System. Ferine works approximately twenty hours a week and normally sees about four or five people a day. The greatest percentage of students come to the Ombudsman with academically-oriented problems. Other problems Ferine has dealt with this year include registrar admissions policy, housing and food, student financial aid, library fines, parking tick- Linda Ferine, University Ombudsman ets, Texas residency requirements and various oth- er problems. If the student has a valid problem or complaint, Ferine advises the student or speaks to the administrator or faculty personnel involved. Ferine can only function as an advisor to students or a go-between among students and the bureauc- racy. Ferine said, " In my office I often become aware of circumstances where the system isn ' t working as well as it should. " She then makes sug- gestions for changes in the rule. As Ombudsman Ms. Ferine is striving to alleviate the hassles one en- counters within the system. 186 University Ombudsman Students ' Attorney Since June 1970 the office of the Students ' Attor- ney has provided legal advice and services to Uni- versity students. The office is currently staffed by two attorneys, Frank Ivy and Martin Underwood, both UT Law School graduates. Ivy has been in the office for three and one-half years while Underwood entered the office in September. Ivy and Under- wood supervise and train 26 law clerks, who are second or third year law students at the University. The office handles approximately 100 new cases a week dealing with a wide range of problems. The most common complaints are landlord-tenant problems, consumer problems and automobile acci- dents. It has been estimated that 50 percent of the students who are here for four years use this office or have used this service at least once. The proposal to eliminate mandatory student funding of the Students ' Attorney office came up again this year. President Rogers appointed a stu- dent-faculty committee to research this matter. The committee decided there was no other option to replace the mandatory fee. They found the office to be effectively and efficiently operating and widely used by students. Ivy stated, " Given the amount of monetary input, the amount of legal output is pro- portionally higher than any other office I know of. " The committee recommended the addition of an- other attorney to the office. At the present time the office is located in the basement of the Speech Building. Plans to renovate the office have been confirmed and Ivy says they hope to increase the interviewing rooms from two to seven. Frank Ivy and Martin Underwood, Students ' Attorneys Students ' Attorney 187 FRONT ROW: Martha Ann Root. Marjorie Dolores Moore, Secre- tary, Scott Alan Tagliarino, Steven Robert Dunn, Martin L. Gibson, David H. McClintock. BACK ROW: Geoffrey M. Leavenworth, James C. Gresham, Michael H. Granof, Vice-President, Richard N. Jefferson, Deborah Ann Smith, L. Loyd Edmonds, General Manager, James Ritts, Secretary, Kelley E. Anderson, Donald Gle n Martin, Nick Anthony Cuccia, S. Griffin Singer, Robert E. Hilburn. The Texas Student Publications Board of Operat- ing Trustees endured a long, tough year filled with controversial issues and policy changes. Two problems the board faced during the year were a protest by the Mexican American Youth Or- ganization (MAYO) and the discontinuation of the Associated Press (AP) wire services to The Daily Texan. The MAYO protest originated over two adver- tisements which appeared in the Texan. MAYO voiced protest over these ads on the basis that they were racially and sexually discriminatory. The TSP Board, being responsible for the policy governing the advertising and editorial content of The Daily Texan, passed a resolution reasserting the policy of not accepting advertising containing " attacks of a personal, sexist, racist or religious nature ... " The board decided to seek qualified and knowledgeable consultation from organized minority group mem- bers before passing judgement on questionable arti- cles or advertisements. A second issue concerned the terminatio n of the 28-year working relationship between The Daily Tex- an and the Associated Press wire service. An investi- gation by AP determined that the Texan no longer qualified for the educational rate it had been paying since 1947 because of increased size and circula- tion. TSP was offered an associate membership, at more than 10 times the educational rate, which the board rejected. In order to supplement national and world news coverage, the Texan subscribed to the full New York Times News Service at an educational rate two days after the AP termination, and contin- ued to subscribe to the United Press International wire service. The TSP Board also pushed for mandatory stu- dent fee for The Daily Texan to provide a more equitable system of funding than the optional fee subscription plan. The Texan was easily available to all students, regardless of whether they had paid, and there was no way of insuring that only those students who had paid received the daily publica- tion. Some students objected to the idea of paying for a newspaper with a political image that differed from their own, but, in March, the University Board of Regents granted mandatory funding for The Daily Texan to begin in the fall of 1976. In addition to the issues of the year, the TSP Board dealt with a higher turnover rate than usual among its own membership. President Neal Graham resigned in February to run, unsuccessfully, for stu- dent government president and Vice-President Mi- chael Granof took over Graham ' s position until the end of the term. Steve Dunn was elected vice-presi- dent. Richard Jefferson and Kelley Anderson fin- ished first and second respectively in a preferential poll conducted in the School of Communication and were appointed to the board in October to replace two members who had resigned during the summer of 1975. 188 Texas Student Publications A Texan staffer takes a needed break from her duties. Staff members paste up a page layout for the next day ' s issue of the Texan. Texas Student ' Publications m jm Board of v, M id j M t, A Klj 1 Operating Trustees , F MAYO members voice their dissatisfaction over racist ads to the TSP Board. Texas Student Publications 189 Student Publications Photographs are reproduced to the dimensions required by The Daily Texan and Pearl in the composing room. On Wednesday, October 29, The Daily Texan end- ed a 28-year relationship with the Associated Press and began subscribing to the New York Times News Service. As a result of an investigation ordered by Editor Richard Brown of the Austin American States- man, The Texan was denied educational rates after a status evaluat ion by AP. The Times ' service in- cludes weekly columns by Tom Wicker, Russell Ba- ker, James Reston and many more. The Texan re- ceives the Times News Service at the same educa- tional rates that other colleges and universities pay. The format of The Texan was rearranged slightly so that news and editorials appeared in the first section, and sports, entertainment and features categorized the second section. The Texan provided readers with fashion, dining and advertising supple- ments. " Images " , an entertainment and TV guide, became a weekly feature beginning in early March. " Weekend Review " was a special column in each Monday issue that encapsulated national and local weekend events. The Daily Texan reached full time publication (5 issues per week) last summer. Circulation was up to 39,000 copies daily, and the paper averaged 19V6 pages per issue. The Texan went " on line " , meaning that copy was edited from the video display termi- nal. At the first of the spring semester, the news- room became completely electronic, but the paper- tape punch method remained a back-up in case of mechanical difficulties. In January, The Daily Texan Staff Association was formed as an advisory group to The Texan. Mem- bers worked to promote better communication and organization of The Texan. The Daily Texan won the Southwest Journalism Congress sweepstakes award at the Edmond, Oklahoma, conference held March 5 and 6. Outscoring 18 competing schools from Tex- as, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, The Texan took five first, six second and three third place awards in 28 categories. Pearl, the monthly magazine supplement to The Daily Texan, was a showcase for fiction during the 1975-76 year. A selection by David Ohle, an assis- tant English professor, appeared in the October is- sue. Excerpts from Ohle ' s fictional work have also appeared in Harper ' s Magazine and Transatlantic Review. Awarded the David Oliker Prize for Poetry by editors of American Review, John Ramington wrote a fictional work that appeared in the February i ssue. " Letters from Abidjan " included a monthly report in Pearl by two 1974 University graduates. Mary Kay and Michael Fontenot wrote of their exper- iences as Peace Corps volunteers near Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa. Publication day changed from Monday to Tuesday, and for the first time, the Pearl included full-color photographs. Pearl won two first and two third place awards in the Southwest Journalism Congress competition. 190 Student Publications As the oldest UT student publication, the CACTUS Yearbook for 1975 received the All-American rating for the fifth consecutive year from the Associated Collegiate Press. Marks of distinction were earned in four categories: photography, display, coverage and concept. The 1976 CACTUS Yearbook, under a new print- ing contract with American Yearbook Company, was produced with a printing budget of approximately $85,250 and was distributed to more than 10,000 students. Fall and spring workshops were held for staff members and Editor Martha Root and Supervi- sor Jerry Thompson attended the Associate Colle- giate Press Convention in St. Louis, MO, in October. In order to recognize exceptional service to the Uni- versity by students, Outstanding Student and Good- fellow awards, a long-standing UT tradition, were announced by the editor in March. Peregrinus, the University Law School yearbook, added a 16-page supplement that included spring activities. Peregrinus covered controversial issues such as the recall of Student Bar Association Presi- dent Darwin McKee and a law student march to the Capitol in protest of the appointment of University President Lorene Rogers. The name Peregrinus comes from the Praetor Peregrinus, a chancellor who travelled, or peregri- nated, to settle legal disputes in the Roman Empire. Peregrinus, the patron saint of the Law School, took on physical characteristics of a bird that gradually developed legendary significance. Daily Texan staffer Mary Walsh receives information about local entertainment. to for Poetry .- :;- ' ;-: like MM W time, l.pjylWiW ... :. " ' -; ' Preparation for each issue of The Daily Texan includes the selection of articles through a budgeting process. Student Publications 191 Patsy MK Martha Anne Root, Editor-in-Chief and Robert G. Martin, Associate Editor. " CTUSSI f ' iter.ftc TO He 192 CACTUS Patsy Meridith, Assistant Supervisor and Jerry Thompson, Supervisor CACTUS SECTION EDITORS: FRONT ROW: Thomas E. Kessler. Sports Copy Writer, Richard Wayne Brown, Athletics, Keith Joseph Crawford, Classes, Jon Michael Olson, Greeks, Milan Ross Hughston, Copy Editor, Emre Lola Wright, Academics, Dana E. Rutz, Greeks. MIDDLE ROW: Mona Lynn Ezell, Features, Lynne Anne Baggett, Features, Jacqueline Mary Wanta, Honorar- ies, John Henry Depew, Military, Patricia Ann Runkle, Special Interest. BACK ROW: Linda Evelyn Forrest, Classes, Deborah Kay Bragg, Student Leadership, Elisabeth Lee Jackson, Professionals. CACTUS 193 CACTUS YEARBOOK STAFF 1. Carol Ann Kent 2. Nina Jo Cook 3. Christ! Ann Ray 4. Nancy Amanda Merritt 5. Susan Denise Gee 6. Catherine L. Freitag 7. Andrea E. Eisenkraft 8. Suzan Valrie Osborne 9. Cheryl Lynn Varnado 10. Susan Scott 11. Cynthia Cooke 12. Kathleen Elizabeth Cook 13. Stephanie H. Goldfield 14. Michelle Mary Audette 15. Alice Elizabeth Adams 16. Dawn Renee Greenspan 17. Ann Thorpe 18. Elizabeth Moore Frerking 19. Stanley Dwain Gardner 20. Pamela Davis 21. Kristina Suzanne Cruse 22. Pamela Kay Woolridge 23. Amanda Lea Jones 24. Dariel Elizabeth Baker 25. Kathryn Joan Breen 26. Helen Kay Dean 27. William Clark Blevins Jr. 28. Marilyn Ann Vitek 29. David Eugene Kusnerik 30. Ann Carol Stembridge fasti 194 CACTUS Staff 1976 CACTUS Staff George Randall Stiefer, CACTUS artist. Mona Ezell and Lynne Baggett, Features co-editors, put the finishing touches on their pages. CACTUS Staff 195 PEARL THE DAILY TEXAN FIRST ROW: Robert W. Vernon, Assistant Editor, Christopher Charles Childs, Managing Editor, Geoffrey M. Leavenworth, Editor, Carolyn C. Fitzgerald, Roger Luther Sperberg. SECOND ROW: Juliet Ada George, Katherine Anne Talley. THIRD ROW: Kathryn Jean Bocella, Angela A. Neville, Meredith Ann McAtee, Cleland Early Jr. FOURTH ROW: Jo Ann Tower, Michael Younger Pitts, Assistant Editor FRONT ROW: Mary Elizabeth Walsh. Fall News Editor, Mark Francis Yemma, Summer Managing Editor, Elizabeth Ann Wheelock, Fall Assis- tant Managing Editor and Spring Features Editor, Scott Alan Tagliarino, Editor, Gail Linda Burris, Summer News Editor, Michelle C. Pemberton, Fall Features Editor, Nick Anthony Cuccia, Fall and Spring Managing Editor. BACK ROW: F. Scott Bobb, Summer Features Editor. Sara Jane Carptenter. Spring Assistant Managing Editor, William Arling Stone, Summer Entertainment Editor, Edwin Madison English, Fall and Spring Sports Editor, Patricia Rose Kilday, Spring News Editor, William Lloyd Darwin, Summer Entertainment Editor, Ford Fessenden. Summer News Editor, Michael Tolson, Fall Entertainment Editor, Charles Holm Cole- man, Spring Entertainment Editor. 196 Texas Student Publications Monthly Magazine Supplement to The Daily Tfexan FRONT ROW: Carolyn C. Fitzgerald, Jean Ann Long, Meredith Ann McAtee, Juliet Ada George, Assistant Editor, Robert David Grosvenor, Art Director, Jo Ann Tower, Charles William Tischler. BACK ROW: Geoffrey M. Leavenworth, Editor, Christopher Charles Child, Managing Editor, Robert W. Vernon, Associate Editor, Allan Dale Williams, Roger Luther Sperberg, William Howard Alberts. Peregrinus FRONT ROW: Laura Ellen Keslin, William Calvin Chaney. MIDDLE ROW: Thomas Rufus McKnight, Deborah Ann Smith, Editor. THIRD ROW: Barbara Ann Linch, James Norwood Rader. Texas Student Publications 197 Senior Cabinet As the coordinating body of the 16 college coun- cils, the Senior Cabinet consists of the presidents from each of these councils. The Senior Cabinet ' s main responsibility is to organize activities and pro- grams which bring about the flow of information between the councils and the University administra- tion. College councils also represent the students in academic affairs to the Senior Cabinet. The cabinet aided individual councils in academic and career programs including College of Business Administra- tion Week, Communication Week and Social and Be- havioral Science Week. Through budget approval power, the Senior Cabinet controls distribution of funds for each council ' s activities. The duties of the cabinet include the selection of Who ' s Who representatives from the University. To insure strong representation on the University Council, the Senior Cabinet is allocated two voting members. Dean Wayne Danielson sells kisses during Communication ' s Oktoberfest. Mem Lucinda Kathryn Kennedy, Architecture, Ronald Charles Roeder Architec- ture, Carol Leigh Bloomer. Graduate Business. Lesa Carol White, Human- ities, Carole Marie Tamayo, Nursing, David Fuhrman, Chairman, Business, Charles Louis Wilson. Pharmacy. Mark Hamilton Zion, General and Comparative, Robert Moore Murray, Communication, Melinda Lou Fugitt, Education, John W. Derichsweiler, Business. Educa Pine Gener Gradu Gradu Gradu Huma Natur, Pharn Schoc Social Stude 198 Senior Cabinet Michael O ' Kelley, Dr. Nick P. Woodward. Skipper Leake and David Wayne Fuhrman discuss developments in the business field during a CBA Council mixer. Member Councils Architecture Student Government College of Business Administration Council Education Student Council Fine Arts Student Council General and Comparative Studies Student Council Graduate Business Council Graduate Engineering Council Graduate Student Council Humanities Student Council Natural Sciences Student Council Pharmacy Student Council School of Communication Council Social and Behavioral Sciences Council Student Engineering Council Senior Cabinet 199 L Students in the School of Architecture take a frenzied break in the palm tree-shaded courtyard of the Architecture Building. ' V T . tuf if " u r , Problems are solved by students in the architecture laboratory. 200 Architecture Council Architecture Council Establishing communication between the archi- tecture student body, faculty and administration is the major objective of the Architecture Council. The group helped students with their particular con- cerns and needs as well as publishing a weekly news- letter to inform students of various programs and activities. Services of the council included an Inter-commu- nity Action Group that helped various civic groups in need of architectural knowledge. Students partici- pated in a Telefund to collect scholarship money by calling ex-students. A special committee organized and distributed information about scholarship possi- bilities to worthy students. In October the council attended the Texas Society of Architects Convention in Fort Worth. An exhibit of resumes and portfolios from the fac- ulty and highly-regarded architects helped give stu- dents ideas for their own portfolio designs. The an- nual Beaux Arts Ball marked the year ' s end. Charles Shannon West explains his model homes Co-presidents of the Architecture Council are Ronald Charles Roeder, Joel Brian Rovinsky and Lucinda Kathryn Kennedy. Architecture Council 201 CBA Council College of Business Administration Council serves as a liason between business students and faculty. Membership includes twelve elected positions from the CBA student body and one representative from each of the twelve CBA professional organizations. The council has student members on eight of the dean ' s standing committees, including the Enroll- ment Controls and Continuance and Probation com- mittees. Keeping the students aware of developments and oppor tunities in the business world is the primary concern of the CBA Council. A variety of programs, such as seminars and lectures by business execu- tives, served to further business students ' career planning and development. Coordination and sup- port for professional clubs and organizations in the business college are also provided by the council. Council publications and information services helped provide adequate communication to a rapid- ly expanding student body. The bi-weekly newslet- ter, 14 Days, provided news of general and profes- sional interest to business students. The council participated in the summer orienta- tion program by producing its own multi-media pre- sentation. The program informed incoming business students about degree requirements and the envi- ronment of the business college. Faculty firesides and monthly career-oriented programs established the basis for this year ' s activi- ties. During CBA Week in March, the council sponsored approximately 50 visiting businessmen and women in classrooms as " Professors for a Day " , each lec- turing in his pro fessional area. Several specialized seminars gave students the chance to question per- sons from many career areas. The dedication of the new Graduate School of Business Building highlight- ed CBA Week. FIRST ROW: William Edward Fisher, Thomas Edward Cornwell, Nelson Keith Barre. Fred David Raschke. David Wayne Fuhrman, President, Ronald J. Kunschik, Richard Bruce Pecore. SECOND ROW: Edward Jay Bisno, Isaac Ronald Morgan, David Alan Trockman, Lawrence E. Plotsky, Rebecca Jean Adams, Karen Sherrill Pippin, Steven P. Valerius, Mary Therese Gormley. Daniel Chris Kollaja, Pamela K. Liska. THIRD ROW: Wayne Alan Heller, Douglas Lloyd Jones, Robert Scott Campbell, David Wayne Leeds, Robert Joseph Mitchell, Paul Kamsler Gordon, Charles Ronald Kalteyer. Jo Ann Andry, Bryan David Handley, David Lee Ray, Steven Royal Anderson, Ken- neth Verne Kelley, Gregory S. Marchbanks. FOURTH ROW: Richard Frank- lin Davis, John William Derichsweiler, Leonard Franklyn Schaefer, Richard Allen Evans. 202 CBA Council FIRST ROW: Rebecca Hurley. Treasurer, Melinda Lou Fugitt, President, Carol Sue Gilmore, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Laurie Ann Friedson. Carol Ann Lubke, Barbara Ann Debner, Sherry Ruth Josin, Susan Kerr Kelly, Cindy Janice Stoller, Phyllis Suzanne Ray, Debra Selby Long, Mimi Davitte Hackney, Sylvia Lula Goodwin. THIRD ROW: Michele Bea Raff, Karen Ander- son, Linda Kay McLean, Cynthia Elizabeth Cobb. Kathleen Ann Boothe, Kathy Anne Hamm, Jane Iris Wertheimer. Cindy Lou Bullock, Elaine Louise Minor. FOURTH ROW: Sheree Patrice Pillans, Mary Villareal Hunt. Elizabeth A. Nitschke. Mary Suzanne Poteet, Jennifer Inez Locke. Angela Jane Armi- tage, Barbara A. Earnest. FIFTH ROW: Edith Diane Dochen, Pamela Jane Dewitz, Florence Elise Shelton, Kathleen L. Rohmer, Roger Williams. Carol Anderson Blalock, Jane Ann Tull. Samuel T. Wisialowski, Susan Diane Krute. Acting as the representative student body of the College of Education, the Education Council is the communicator between the students and the dean. A newsletter published by the council helped to in- form the students of all upcoming activities. Council activities included participation in Okto- berfest in the fall. An open house was sponsored by the council for all the colleges on campus to view the new Education Building which opened in August. The council gave tours of the building and distribut- ed maps. In December the education faculty and students were entertained by a wine and cheese party hosted by the council. Education Council : Education Council 203 General and Comparative Studies Council Dr. James A. Hitt, Associate Dean of General and Comparative Studies, Dr. William M. Stott, Associate Professor of American Studies, and Elspeth D. Ros tow, Dean of General and Comparative Studies take a break together during a busy day. 204 General and Comparative Studies Council Humanities Council The Humanities Council is a liason among faculty, students and administration in the College of Hu- manities. The council not only helps students with any problems or ideas, but initiates programs that might benefit and be of interest to the college. Inter- views are held each spring by existing council mem- bers and are open to any student in the College of Humanities. Throughout the year the council sponsored Facul- ty Firesides where informal gatherings of students and educators were held at the homes of various faculty members. The council published Analecta, a literary maga- zine. The Analecta is a compilation of original cre- ative writings submitted by any student of the Col- lege of Humanities. Phantom Writers is a weekly noon meeting of all students interested in creative writing. Students are encouraged to meet and discuss their works over sack lunches. The council also participated in the Austin Tele- fund, a means of raising money for the Dean ' s estab- lishment of scholarships and special programs for students. The Effective Curriculum and Instruction Commit- tee serves the College in a number of ways academi- cally. This co mmittee worked during the year with the Dean ' s office to improve pre-registration aca- demic advising procedures in addition to seeking ways to change the tremendous rise in placement test fees. FIRST ROW: Karl F. Hagemeier, Sharon Sue Naert. Mary Alice McLean, Secretary-Treasurer, Janice Kay Wilkinson, Joseph Solomon Topek. SEC- OND ROW: Susan Webb Reilly, Mary Alice Donley, Diane Joyce Hebner, Katherine Lucia Chatas, Susan Gay Fore, Helen Mary Zadow, Barry Evan Jones. THIRD ROW: Donald Gene Sikora, Cheryl Ann Zonana. Loretta A. Wantschek, Karen Lee Redman, Richard Wade Vague, Vice-President, Lesa Carol White, President. Thomas A. Belinoski, Sarah Margaret Shields. Humanities Council 205 Pharmacy Council The Pharmacy Student Council provides an offi- cial and representative student organization for stu- dents in the College of Pharmacy. The council re- ceives student questions and suggestions while acting as a voice through which student opinion may be expressed. In 1975-1976 the council worked to obtain longer library hours in the College of Pharmacy. Plans were also made for a Teaching Excellence Award to be given at the conclusion of each year. The council also petitioned the Board of Regents for more of- fice, library and class space. As one of its social activities a faculty-student retreat was held in the spring. Members are selected annually from each of the three professional pharmacy fraternities along with the president of the Longhorn Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation and six members from open elections. FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Dodd Barton, James Ray Merryman, Yolanda Judith Guerrero, Charles Louis Wilson, President, Stephen Royall Smiley, Secre- tary-Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Karen Lynn Fagala, Jacque Milton Borel, Willa Cathy Hamblen, Michael Anthony Peters, Vice-President, Dean James T. Doluisio, Advisor, Norman Wayne Beisel, Anna Lynn Binns, Stacia Jan Whitehead. 206 Pharmacy Council FIRST ROW: Michael Joseph Kaspar, Secretary, James Joseph Roskophf, Vice-President-Treasurer, Charles Lee Edwards, President. SECOND ROW: Claudia Claire Bemis, George Frederick Cravens, Leah Rae Montgomery, Edward Allen Seidel, Jack Bernstein Vine, Laura Jane Bader. THIRD ROW: Ana M. Garza, Elizabeth Sloan Rudy. Marie C. Cirulli, Deborah Sue Allison. Dorothy Ann Lou, Sara Ann Sorelle, Cheryl Ann Findley. FOURTH ROW: Georges Edward Jamieson, David Glenn Brannen, George Leslie Lankford, Lynn Elliot Schwartz, Lyndon Stanley Wells. Elise Carol Zan, Sharon Kay Williams. Improving rapport between students and faculty is the goal of the Natural Sciences Council. The group works to bring student and faculty opinions together. Unifying the various areas of the College of Natural Science is one of the mail goals of the council. During November the council sponsored a " Facul- ty-Student Get Together " for those interested in math, physics, computer science and astronomy. Later in the month a meeting with Dean Schrank was held for those interested in biological sciences. The Natural Sciences Council, in order to facilitate the needs of the students, taped lower division courses which could be obtained in the audio library of the Academic Center. The council also lobbied this year for better laboratories within the college. Selection for the council is held each fall through interviews. Members with common interests in biol- ogy, chemistry, geology, home economics, math- ematics, microbiology and zoology are brought to- gether by the council. Natural Sciences Council Natural Sciences Council 207 School of Communication Council FRONT ROW: John Richard Potter, David Sam Guarino, Paul Joseph Wyble. BACK ROW: Cheryl Lynn Chasteen, Benjamin F. Jones, Barbara Frances Tobolowsky, Julie Anne Booty, Sarah Smither Hodges, Kim William Lubke, Elizabeth Ann Fielder, Sharon Kay Jayson, Secretary, James Edwin Carson, Robert Moore Murray, President, Richard Norman Jefferson. The Communication Council serves as a voice for the students of the School of Communication and attempts to unify separate departments of advertis- ing, radio-television-film and speech. Various social events were held by the council throughout the year. On September 26 the council held a TGIF for the entire school and October 30 was the date of the annual Oktoberfest Halloween carnival. The council sponsored a sponge-throwing booth at various communication professors during the carnival. Brown Bag seminars were held three times a month featuring various guest speakers. Faculty Firesides promoted communication be- tween students, faculty and council. Communication Week was held March 6-11 with the theme " Reflections of the Past Focused on the Future . " During the week consumer affairs reporter Marvin Zindler and Dr. S. Richard Silverman, noted audiologist and professor of deaf education, were guest speakers. Elmer Lower, vice-president of cor- porate affairs for ABC television, and Eugene Patter- son, editor and publisher of the St. Petersburg Times also spoke. The DeWitt Reddick Award was presented March 6 to Wilbur Schramm, a communi- cation researcher. Other projects for the council included informal classes and discussions of building improvements and revision of the course syllabus handbook and course-instructor surveys. Council members are selected in the spring. Three members are elected from each of the three departments. Representatives from each student organization in the school besides student govern- ment senators from the School of Communication compose the remaining council members. 208 Communication Council Social and Behavioral Sciences Council The Social and Behavioral Sciences Council acts as a forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions of students and faculty in the various departments of the college. This goal is met by providing student representatives to the Senior Cabinet and carrying out projects and programs of benefit to the students of the college. The council held a wine and cheese party for the faculty, students and staff of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The council also partici- pated in Oktoberfest and held spring sandwich semi- nars. During November the council sponsored semi- nars on different aspects of job hunting skills. Members are selected in September and Febru- ary. The council is composed of 18 members and election is based on interviews of prospective mem- bers with the final decision made by council officers. FIRST ROW: Julia Kathryn McKie, Vanessa Frances Downey, Helaine Marian Seitzman, Guy Howard Miller, Advisor, Barbara Jane Lewis, President, Cheryl Anne Gogelis, Secretary, Stephanie Carol Abbott. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Katherine Mertz, Ted Nathan Tobolowsky, Treasurer, Jose Yanez Gonzalez, Preston Dana Hardison, Mary Melissa Pratka, Leila Rosamaya Shelton, Vice-President. Social and Behavioral Sciences Council 209 Student Engineering Council Representatives of all honorary societies and pro- fessional organizations of the College of Engineering composed the Student Engineering Council. In the bi-weekly publication, The Vector, the coun- cil informed students of organizational activities. An- other project of the council included providing a free telephone in Cockrell Hall for engineering students. Weekly faculty firesides enabled students to meet engineering professors on a personal basis. The design for the park on 24th Street and Speed- way came from the College of Engineering; the park was provided for student use. In March, a picnic sponsored by the council acknowledged the recipi- ents of the Engineering Service Award. -: ' ' FIRST ROW: Diana Yolanda Bazan, Mark Patrick Evans, James E. Dailey, Advisor, Terry A. Welch, Advisor, Gerhardt Eugene Wissler, Alexis Mount Cranberg, Linnie Marie Harris. SECOND ROW: John Frederick Stockton, Brenda Kay Barnett, Brian Roger Sullivan, Robert Sheppard Barnum, Ken- neth Steven Cook, James Mathis Willingham, Marsha Lynn Hamby. THIRD ROW: John Steven Swinnea, Robert Lloyd Glover, Teresa Gail Sipes, Melo- 210 Student Engineering Council dye Darlene Jackson, Lawrence Paul Chew, Charlie Reagan Copeland Jr., Vivek Shankar Savur. FOURTH ROW: Teresa Helaine Hirezi, Ronald Allen Carlson, Kent Burdell Mickelson, David Scott Mothersole, Loren Thomas Lancaster, David Zuniga, Donald Scott Nellor. FIFTH ROW: Horace Patrick Seale, Marilynn McBride, Patricia de Lourdes McKay. Apolonio Fidel San- tos. Sunnier ::; ' March, 3 picntj ;: Orientation Advisors Orientation advisors play an important role in wel- coming freshman and transfer students to the Uni- versity. The orientation program is designed to in- troduce these students to campus activities, pro- grams, facilities and administration through aca- demic pre-advising, campus tours and campus infor- mation. Wing meeting discussion groups in Kinsolv- ing Dormitory gave orientees the chance to learn more about the University. According to Neal Hartman, assistant coordinator for student orientation, advisors help approximately 5,000 students during the eight, four-day summer orientation sessions. Stephen T. Schreiber is the orientation coordinator. Advisors also help undergraduates who need pre- advising for spring pre-registration. Pre-advising is conducted by trained orientation advisors who know degree requirements. They assisted with UT Day in the spring, when high school students came to tour the campus. In December, applications are submitted by stu- dents interested in becoming advisors. Through a screening and interviewing process new advisors are selected. They then participate in a spring training course and spring orientation programs. Advisors are taught techniques in spring training courses. Summer orientation advisors Orientation Advisors 211 Upper Class Advisors Dorm life is an experience that the Upper Class Advisors strive to make meaningful for residents of Andrews, Blanton, Carothers, Littlefield and Kinsolv- ing dormitories. Through Upper Class Advisors, stu- dent governments from these dorms coordinated activities and exchanged ideas. New advisors were selected by students on each wing and were announced at a formal tapping dinner in spring. A major service of Upper Class Advisors was rais- ing money for scholarships given to residents. Fund- raising projects included two china shows in the fall and bake sales in the spring. New advisors attended a retreat in the spring that focused on problems residents have and how to cope with them. In August, a colloquim with speakers from campus services such as the health center, campus police and the financial aid office was held for the new advisors. I ;.jn! " i J: ' FIRST ROW: Susan Renee Wier, Carol Siler Lambdin, Anne Elizabeth Ver- heyden, Teri Lynn Tinkle, Karen Ann Daniel, Denise McTyre, Nancy Jo Lubke, Nancy Ruth Dunn, Hollyce Charenn Giles, Sonia A. Lewis, Margaret Sophia Greer, President. SECOND ROW: Anita Beth Isbell, Sheila Linene Nicholson, Mary Quock, Diana Gale Pennock, Eva Enriqueta Gonzalez, Leslie Ann Price, Susan Marie Fox, Floy Elizabeth Althaus, Ann Daree Dar- ling, Susan Ann Wicheta, Secretary, Thelma Tunthein, Linda Gail Dunlap, Alys J. Bodin, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Susan Carol Kelly, Mary Kathleen Price, Meredith Cummins, Nancy Darlene Null, Robyn Jill Morgan, Phyllis Ann Sullivan, Mary Christine Foster, Tracy Ann Chester, Nancy Lea Ehlers, Catherine Louise Freitag, Lindsey Seldon, Denise Jean Collins, Jeanette Marie LaBouff. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Sue Hawes, Rose Diane Cantu, Janis Ruth Hall, Karen Ann Crum, Susan Elizabeth Henry, Mary Margaret Mur- phy, Mary Ida Hargis, Julie Ann Whittington, Yvonne B. Hinojosa, Reporter, 212 Upper Class Advisors Synthia J. Neyland, Teresa Ann Altom, Rebecca Anne Lynn, Linda Freeman. FIFTH ROW: Margaret Anne Boulanger, Karla Ruth Zwiers, Maria DeJesus, Patricia Diaz, Zelda Anne Choice, Lucila Mercedes Salinas, Cheryl Lee Sanford, Loren Payne, Leslie Karen Bruce, Patricia Salinas, Debra llene Blatt, Sharlann Marie Roe. SIXTH ROW: Paula Jean Thompson, Karen Lee Mourey, Janet Marie Lindley, Melissa Katherine Haralson, Rebecca Ann Cowling, Stacy Renee Bankhead, Nina Leah Verheyden, Kay Lyn Messen- ger, Gilda Pro, Robin Denise Boldt, Jean Ann Elliott, Lacy Claire Atkinson, Dora Elisa Garza, Elizabeth Ann McKee, Kerry Lyn Nelson, Donna Alene Ganzer. SEVENTH ROW: Barbara E. Turner, Susan Kay Woolley, Patty H. Tallant, Margaret Anne Covington, Leona Ann Agnello, Joy Lynn Fryman, Susan Hertha Basse, Donna Lynn Jette, Nancy Leigh Fritts, Susan Elizabeth Sivley, Lynne Ann Warren, Kletia Ceil Kelly. JSA Jester Center is a foreboding complex to many who fail to understand how three thousand indivi- duals can live in what has been termed by some residents as a prison. The Jester Student Assembly tries to unite the residents of this immense dormi- tory complex and to meet their requests. In the fall of every long session residents of each wing elect a representative to the Assembly. Repre- sentatives work within five committees to keep resi- dents informed of events and projects in the dorm. These committees are Food Service, Films, Hous- ing, Speakers and Special Events. Throughout the session the Assembly solicits residents ' opinions and ideas. The Assembly sponsored a Christmas Dance for residents before finals. In celebration of Valentine ' s Day, Jester Center once more became a dance floor. In April, Jester residents participated in the Casi- no Royale party, a night of gambling and partying open to the entire University. Proceeds from the night were contributed to the Angeline Palmer Me- morial Scholarship Fund. The Films Committee offered students films monthly. The Speakers Committee sponsored monthly faculty-student discussions and a Constitu- tional Debate in October. piantha Garrett presides over J.S.A. meeting. FIRST ROW: Diantha Jean Garrett, President, Sylvia Gail Franzolino, Secre- tary, David Walter Freestone, Treasurer, Bernadette Corpora, Diana Jane Naylor, Saretta Lynne Moss, Meredith Lynette Canada, Tracy Anne Hart. SECOND ROW: Robert Christian Pittard, Vice-President, Steven John Mat- thews, Sheree Dawn Covington, Gary Stephen Farmer, Jeffry Soong Ya- plee, East Jester chairman, Nina Marie Peterson, Janet Kay Miller, Rebecca Jo Rutherford, Peter Jonathan Bybel, Darrel Anthony Smith, James Wayne Dunnam. THIRD ROW: Marcus Lee Chamberland, Donny Jones, Constitu- tion Chairman, George Montgomery Rudenberg, Speaker ' s Committee Chairman, John Reed Schwartz, Leslie Ann Tillerson, Housing Committee Chairman, Susan Dorthea Scott, Shari Lynn Nichols, Tom Alan Black, John F. Neville, James William Creech. FOURTH ROW: Jack Allen Dudley, Speak- ers ' Committee Co-Chairman, Steven James Fisher, Special Events Chair- man, Leland Teng, Kenneth Carson Hill, James Mikell Barnum, Kevin Jo- seph Rohrer, Kenneth Bruce Shepardson, Patrick Joseph LaRocca, Parlia- mentarian, Terence Lynn Thompson, Films Committee Chairman. Jester Student Assembly 213 214 Closing ! .. . Km ffi ' 1 i ' K m_ . . ACADEMICS Emre Wright section editor i i P I 1 Academics 215 School of Architecture John A. Gallery, acting dean, School of Architecture Silhouette overlooks architecture student ' s work. t Dropping eggs in specially designed crates was one architecture project. 216 Architecture In June, the National Architectural Accrediting Board granted the School of Architecture five year accreditation for both the Masters and Bachelors of Architecture programs. Richard Dodge was appoint- ed the first director of the newly accredited Masters program. He was then appointed assistant dean. The accreditation of the Masters program is a first for the University. Candidates with degrees in other fields can receive an accredited degree in architec- ture and be eligible for a professional license. Texas is one of the only schools in the country which offers both degree programs. Another new degree pro- gram was instituted consisting of a six-year dual degree program leading to a Bachelors of Architec- ture Architectural Engineering. The School of Architecture moved into new facili- ties in Sutton Hall after two years of voicing expan- sion needs of the school. Every student now has a desk at which he can work and studio enrollment is being held at a reasonable average. Plans are being made to move into the Tower by 1977. The Main Library will be moved into a new building and the School of Architecture will move into the space the library now occupies. Architecture professor Daniel E. Leary said that the Architecture Building was designed for 250 stu- dents, but the enrollment is now 850 students. The students are housed in the Architecture Building, the Architecture Annex and Sutton Hall. " We have a teaching method that is mainly lab and studio - - large tables and all. The reading rooms (in the Tower) are perfect for that, " Leary explained. Dean Charles Burnette resigned in January and President Lorene Rogers appointed John Gallery as acting dean. Gallery has been associate dean since 1973 and director of the Graduate Program in Com- munity and Regional Planning. Burnette remained on the architecture faculty, devoting his time to teaching and research. Architecture major describes the function of a windmill. W ol H v ! , Charles Burnette, dean, School of Architecture Architecture 217 . ' 218 OPPOSIT, College of Business Administration Enrollment increases and their impact on teach- ing effectiveness were major concerns for the Col- lege of Business Administration in the 1975-1976 academic year. With enrollment exceeding 7,000 undergraduates, reflecting an enrollment of almost 1,900 women, the College of Business Administra- tion found itself the largest college at the University. Accounting continued as the largest undergrad- uate department in the college. The increase brought the ratio of undergraduate students to pro- fessors at the PhD level to 31:1, meaning that an increasing number of undergraduate courses were taught by teaching assistants. Much emphasis was placed on new methods to increase teaching effectiveness in large classes. " Large classes making full use of modern teaching technology can be as effective as a small class, " Assistant Dean Seymour Schwartz said. He added that although the cost of equipment is high, it can be less than maintaining a large faculty. Many undergraduate courses made full use of the new teaching equipment placed in the Graduate School of Business building which opened to classes in the spring. The new building is located adjacent to the Business-Economics Building and contains 150,000 square feet of academic space. The build- ing has four floors of classrooms, laboratories, study lounges, reading rooms and seminar rooms. Several multimedia rooms were designed especially for large undergraduate courses. The facility was de- signed with modern furnishings and spacious rooms to help promote informal interaction among stu- dents and faculty. The job placement office, former- ly housed in the Business-Economics Building, also moved to the new structure. The College of Business Administration began a program of raising money to help finance student field trips and sponsor informal seminars with distin- guished speakers. Funds will also be used for schol- arships and loans from the college. OPPOSITE PAGE: Sculpture entitled " Family " graces the front of the Graduate School of Business Building. ABOVE: George Koz- metsky, dean. College of Business Administration. The new Graduate School of Business building opened to 8,000 students in January. Business 219 School of Communication In cooperation with the Department of Advertis- ing, Texas Student Publications published two Daily Texan advertising supplements composed of cou- pon specials. In the fall, 71 students enrolled in Ad- vertising 345J sold 272 coupons for the 48-page " Halloween Coupon Special " . In the spring, students analyzed prospects, pre- pared sample layouts, called on the prospects, made the sale and collected the money for the " Easter Bunny Coupon Special " . In addition to pro- viding students with on-the-job experience, the sup- plements were also a service to readers and adver- tisers of The Daily Texan. The Department of Journalism inaugurated a grammar and spelling test as a screening device for Journalism 312 during 1975. Students were re- quired to pass with a score of 70 or more before they were allowed to take the introductory writing course. They were given three chances to pass the test before it was too late to drop the course with- out academic penalty. " Newspaper people have complained that they are getting people who can ' t spell or don ' t know grammar and punctuation. This is the response we hear from people who hire our graduates, " Dr. Mor- ris G. Davis, chairman of the Department of Journal- ism, said. The School of Communication and the Depart- ment of Radio-Television-Film honored director Ni- cholas Ray during October. Ray directed more than 20 films, including " Rebel Without a Cause " , " 55 Days at Peking " and " King of Kings " . Ray discussed his career and answered questions after the screen- ing of four of his films. In February, Ramona Austin presented her nation- ally-known program on Afro-American and African Literature under the auspices of the Department of Speech Communication as part of the Performance of Literature Series. Austin also conducted a work- shop for student performers and students interest- ed in black literature. 220 Communication OPPOSITE PAGE: Communication student uses a video display terminal to edit news stories. LEFT: Ceiling and floor designs of Communication Build- ing A frame students in light and shadow. BELOW: Wayne Danielson, dean. School of Communication. BELOW: Dean Danielson provides technical ex- pertise in the kissing booth during Oktoberfest. Communication 221 College of Education RIGHT: Lorrin Kennamer, dean, College of Education. BELOW: The octagonal Al Kiva provides study area for up to 200 people. OPPO- SITE PAGE: Workers sand the floor of the nearly-completed education building. 222 Education During September 1975, more than 4,000 under- graduate and graduate students began attending classes in the new five-level education complex, re- cently completed at the cost of $8.8 million. The building now houses not only study and stor- age areas, classrooms, libraries, electronic media resources and computer terminals, but also 213 of- fices for College of Education faculty and staff. Until the 250,000 gross square feet of floor space in the new building was made available, these facilities were scattered across campus in 13 different loca- tions. The openness and flexibility of the building ' s de- sign emphasizes the need to accomodate changing trends in education. Planners (including faculty and students) hope that the building will be functional 100 years from now. The walls are non-loadbearing, making it possible to restructure the interior as of- ten as desired. The only permanent structures are stairwells, escalators, elevators and restrooms. " We ' re not saying any one kind of facility is right. The faculty, as methods change, can determine what kind of classrooms they want, " explained Dr. Lorrin G. Kennamer, dean of the College of Educa- tion. He went on to state that the building ' s planners also hoped to create an aesthetically pleasing envi- ronment. Interior walls are color-coordinated: The blue panels become darker the farther north they are located in relation to the center, and to the south, the shades of red deepen. In addition, the colors of the corridor walls deepen with each suc- cessively higher floor. The innovative Al Kiva is a partially underground, three-tiered octagonal area 60 feet in diameter. " Kiva " is a Hopi Indian word that refers to a cere- monial structure. The term " Al " indicates the Horn clan of the Hopis. The theater-in-the-round design facilitates lectures, discussion panels and multime- dia presentations to audiences of over two hundred people. The extended use of the College of Education ' s community resource center indicates the progres- sive trend toward the use of modern equipment to facilitate teaching. The media lab with its television and film equipment increases teaching effectiveness through the use of audio visual aids. The center is also open to public schools and interested citizens, reflecting the concern of the college for the quality of education in the community. In order to better prepare students for work in the rapidly changing atmosphere of the schools, field- based education work was emphasized more than in past years. In 1975-1976 even freshmen had the opportunity to assist classrooms teachers at local schools. Students in Education 101 worked in ele- mentary or secondary schools helping with grading assignments, taking attendance, preparing visual aids and setting up the bulletin boards. Another new course, Orientation to Teaching in Special Education, was required of all special educa- tion students before they could begin their profes- sional sequence. Approximately 95 students worked with handicapped persons in a total of 20 Austin agencies, including the Austin State School, the Travis State School and the Infant Child Develop- ment Center. Education 223 College of Engineering The year 1975-1976 was accompanied by an en- rollment increase in the College of Engineering. The good job market, the growing interest of women in engineering and the importance of engineering skills in other careers accounted for this increase. Dean Earnest Gloyna summed up the goals of the college: emphasizing quality instruction by reorga- nizing a number of courses, instructional labs and innovative forms of teaching. " It is our responsibility to provide educational modes for the students who will provide technological advances in the decades to come and we are meeting the challenge, " he said. The College of Engineering showed concern for minority students in the Equal Opportunity Engi- neering Program, which included scholarships and financial assistance to needy students. A college- wide tutorial program was also available to engineer- ing students. Fifty percent of engineering majors ' degree re- quirements must be taken in subjects outside the college ' s curriculum in order to strengthen the stu- dents ' educational background. The remaining courses are designed to prepare the individual for a degree that will lead either to a highly technical career or involvment in other fields of management and business. In the Co-operative Engineering Program, stu- dents combined academic studies with work in in- dustry or government, increasing the students ' range of experience, knowledge and personal devel- opment. Approximately 114 students entered the program after their freshman year, working and at- tending classes alternating semesters. Thirty com- panies, including Bell Helicopter and Dow Chemical gave students the opportunity to work with practic- ing professionals. Radar scope atop Cockrell Hall enables students to study meteorology. 224 Engineering A co-op student explains his design of a new advanced attack helicopter Earnest G. Gloyna, dean. College of Engineering Engineering 225 College of Fine Arts The completion of the art and drama building ad- ditions, combined with the Music Building East, unit- ed the College of Fine Arts on the eastern portion of the campus in 1975-1976. A Performing Arts Cen- ter, planned to house administrative offices and the- aters, will be constructed adjacent to the new music building. Dean Peter Garvie said he feels the Performing Arts Center will be valuable in bringing students and faculty of the college together by providing them with new teaching and performing facilities. In review of the year ' s activities, the College of Fine Arts seemed to be unified in 1975-1976 . The college helped plan an LBJ Library symposium on " The State of the Arts in the United States " and presented entertainment for the symposium partici- pants. Beverly Sills was the keynote speaker for the September 29-30 conference. Sponsoring several academic symposia of its own, the college worked to provide informative meetings between guests scholars from different disciplines and the faculty and students of the University. A three-day symposium in October entitled, " Images In Music " analyzed musical production. The music department began the fall semester with a new chairman from the Eastman School of Music, Professor Daniel J. Patrylak. He has been on the trumpet faculty of the University of Rochester ' s Eastman School for the past 17 years. He also held the post of assistant director for academic affairs at Eastman. Two annual events presented by the College of Fine Arts included the 34th Fine Arts Festival and the second Doty Lecture Series. The art, music and drama of Latin America was explored through var- ious media October 17-29 during the Fine Arts Festi- val. The Doty Lecture Series, given each year by a distinguished figure in the arts to honor Dr. E. W. Doty for his service as teacher and dean of the college, began in May 1975. Dr. Donald Oenslager spoke during the 1975 Doty Lectures, which evolved around the topic of scenic design. The 1976 Doty Lecturer, British composer Sir Michael Tippett, spent March 23-25 on campus. Adding more variety and strength to the college ' s curriculum, an experimental course in the arts called Arts Omnibus was offered in the fall. A new two-year arts program in arts administration was the first of its kind in North America. It directly involved master ' s degree candidates in all aspects of operating a fine arts academic program from working with a faculty, programming and budgeting to practical experiences such as learning how an orchestra is set up and selling tickets in a box office. 226 Fine Arts OPPOSITE PAGE: A flute player practices in one of the studios in the Music Building. TOP LEFT: Art student puts the finishing touches on his clay sculpture. BOTTOM LEFT: Sometimes just getting to class can be a problem for music majors. ABOVE: Peter Garvie, dean, College of Fine Arts. Fine Arts 227 Division of General and Comparative Studies The Division of General and Comparative studies is a combination of 27 interdisciplinary programs under the direction of Dean Elspeth Rostow. Rostow was appointed permanent dean last fall after holding the position of acting dean since September, 1974. The division ' s major programs are those of area studies: the Institute for Latin American Studies, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, the American Studies program and the Asian Studies program. One of Rostow ' s major accomplishments has been the qualitative development and increase of area studies over the past two years. In February, 1976, the University established a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Asian studies after 15 years of offering a concentration in that field. Rostow hopes to eventually see a masters degree offered in the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. " The importance of interdisciplinary studies is in- creasing with the emergence of new world problems which demand research outside the boundaries of any single area of scholarship. The questions of envi- ronment, population, energy and diminishing re- sources are relevent to any fields and demand the perspective of an interdisciplinary approach, " Ros- tow said. Rostow hopes her division will someday attain col- legiate status and eventually gain approval of a study concentration in resources and environment. The 1975-1976 budget cutbacks did not affect the division drastically although alternate funding was necessary for the continuation of some programs. Aside from area studies, the division also includes ROTC, Plan II, Bible Studies and the Ethnic Studies program. Elspeth Rostow, dean, Division of General and Comparative Studies 228 General and Comparative ABOVE: " Spirit, " the Navy bi- centennial rock-jazz band, per- formed on the East Mall. LEFT: Students listen attentively in American Civilization class. General and Comparative 229 RIGHT: Interpreters were provided for Latin American artists during the sym- posium sponsored in October. BELOW: Dr. Harold Liebowitz displays artifacts from his recent Israel tour. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Freshman English students make use of computer terminals in Parlin Hall. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Dean Stanley Werbow instructs begin- ning German students. " 230 Humanities College of Humanities The College of Humanities continued to play a mediatory role among the other colleges and schools at the University by broadening its program and offering more relevant electives to non-human- ity majors. Due to its popularity, the Classics Department expanded one course entitled The Latin and Greek Element in the English Language, while the Philos- ophy Department made plans for a business ethics course designed especially for business majors. The English Department offered a course entitled Shake- speare at Winedale. Students selected for this course studied and performed at the Winedale Inn Properties of the University near Round Top, Texas. Through the Plan I major in humanities, the col- lege aimed at improving the relevance of degree requirements in humanities. Dean Stanley Werbow pointed out that through this program students are able to plan their studies to more accurately fit their future ambitions. The college added new teaching techniques in several language departments. The Spanish Depart- ment ' s new " total immersion Spanish " course fo- cused on the language of the Barrio. The Germanic Languages Department offered a new approach to beginning language courses with more emphasis on culture and less on grammatical precision. Comput- ers were introducted by the Department of Oriental and African Languages for a special computerized Arabic course. The English Department also experi- mented with comp uters to assist freshmen English students in the new individualized English program. Two archaeological projects for graduate stu- dents were conducted in the College of Humanities. Dr. Joseph Carter of the Classics Department spon- sored a successful expedition near Metaponto, Italy, which unearthed many ancient Roman artifacts. Dr. Harold Liebowitz of the Department of Oriental and African Languages conducted a walking tour of Isra- el and supervised graduate students in field work. The College of Humanities joined with other col- leges in sponsoring several special programs. In the fall the College of Fine Arts and the College of Hu- manities presented a symposium on Latin American art that brought in art experts from throughout the country and Latin America. The two colleges also sponsored a winter symposium entitled " Eleanor of Acquitaine. " Humanities 231 School of Law The impeachment of Student Bar Association (SBA) President Darwin McKee was the major issue in the School of Law in fall, 1975. Controversy sur- rounded McKee ' s alleged misappropriation and mis- handling of funds issued to him to attend the Ameri- can Bar Association-Law Student Division conven- tion in New Orleans. In addition, there were allega- tions that McKee failed to inform appropriate par- ties that Nathan Johnson, vice-president of the Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, planned to ac- company him. These charges eventually led to the circulation of a petition calling for a recall vote. Supporters of McKee contended that politics had confused the real issues and that all the facts of the case had not been presented. However, the necessary 100 signa- tures were gathered from the Law School student body. On December 2, Law School students voted 610- 402 in favor of McKee ' s removal from office, and Martha Loveless, vice-president of the SBA, tempo- rarily assumed the top position. Marliyn Poole, a second-year law student, won the January 28 spe- cial election. Poole ' s platform advocated a 24-hour library, more combined degree programs and more clerical programs that would allow students to work with private attorneys. Three new programs were implemented in the School of Law this year. A seminar in judicial admin- istration conducted by Professor Albert Jones gave students actual working experience in the judicial branch of government. Fourteen students were placed with district judges in Travis County; these students conferred weekly with Professor Jones to discuss any problems or questions. The Civil Committment to Institutions, another new program, provided students clinical experience by representing people who are being involuntarily committed to mental institutions. A Child Abuse and Neglect Center was a joint project of the Law School, School of Social Work and the Medical School. Its purpose was to lower the incidence of child abuse in Austin. The Law School ' s role in the program was to determine what legal remedies were available to help the child and the child ' s par- ents and to recommend additional laws. Voter casts ballot in Law School recall vote that resulted in Darwin McKee ' s impeachment. rs:E 232 School of Law flotll : . " ' ft Nk in Hi gai remote . Ernest E. Smith, dean, School of Law - ' - " Ron Cook, chief justice of the Student Court, and Martha Loveless, vice-president of the SBA, listen to McKee ' s statement at SBA meeting. _ School of Law 233 Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs ABOVE: Kenneth Tolo, dean, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. ABOVE RIGHT: Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller ad- dresses the Conference on Women in Public Affairs. RIGHT: Jill Ruckelshaus and Liz Carpenter talk with protestors outside the LBJ Library. OPPOSITE PAGE: Liz Carpenter calls attention to the cover of the women ' s conference program, a reproduction of Austin artist Fannie Lou Spelce ' s work. 234 LBJ School The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs and the Law School collaborated in two areas during " 1975 to sponsor a new degree program and an insti- 1 tute on the delivery of legal services to the economi- cally disadvantaged in the Southwest. New requirements for Doctor of Jurisprudence and Master of Public Affairs degrees made it possi- ble for students to obtain both degrees at the end of four years instead of five. According to specifica- tions of the joint program, students spend their first year in law school and then study in both fields for the remaining three years. Students also spend one I summer working for a government agency. The legal services institute was held to acquaint conference participants with the new Legal Services Corporation (LSC). Grants from the federally funded LSC provide aid to locally-based offices which fur- nish legal services in civil cases to indigents. The conference was co-sponsored by the state bar asso- ciations of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, New Mexico and Oklahoma, and marked the first meeting held since the corporation was formed in summer 1975. The Conference on Women in Public Life was co- sponsored by the LBJ School and the Lyndon B. Johnson Library. More than 1,000 women attended the Novemeber 11-12 seminar, which was held in observance of International Women ' s Year, and con- ference participants from around the world com- pared various life styles. Speakers included Anne Armstrong, former presi- dential adviser to Richard Nixon, Erma Bombeck, humor columnist, Liz Carpenter, former press sec- retary to Mrs. Lyndon Johnson, Governor Ella Grasso of Connecticutt, Congresswoman Barbara Jordan of Texas and Jill Ruckelshaus, presiding offi- cer of the President ' s Committee on International Women ' s Year. Surprise speaker Vice-President Nel- son Rockefeller addressed the audience briefly while accompanied by chants from demonstrators protesting his appearance at the conference. Femi- nist women also protested the fact that such issues as day care, population control and lesbianism were excluded as discussion topics. In November, William B. Cannon, dean of the LBJ School, resigned his post to become the University of Chicago ' s vice-president for business and finance effective January 1, 1976. Dr. Kenneth W. Tolo, as- sociate dean of the school, was appointed acting dean. Dr. Tolo holds PhD and MA degrees in math- ematics from the University of Nebraska and an MA in public affairs from the University of Minnesota. A consultative committee composed of students and faculty was formed to recommend names of pro- spective dean candidates to President Lorene Rog- ers. LBJ School 235 TOP: Paul Olum, dean, College of Natural Sciences. ABOVE: A telescope mount atop R. L. Moore Hall. RIGHT: A textile student uses a fabric strength tester. OPPOSITE PAGE: Sanjuanita Martinez ' s classes are popular with dance students. BHi irian p. In, worses Morse Kditfi I Other : r :ea " ' -eb iyof 5C ' 3!r 236 Natural Sciences Concerned about the tight job markets that exist today, the College of Natural Sciences expanded in 1975-1976 in order to make students ' search for employment easier. The Dean ' s office built and maintained a career opportunities library, which was a great asset in counseling undetermined ma- jors. In addition to helping students determine their goals, the College of Natural Sciences offered courses that were job-oriented. A new training course in geophysics enabled students to obtain credit for work in industry while gaining job exper- ience. Other expansions included the computer sciences program and the dietetics and nutrition program in the Home Economics Department. Also, The Univer- sity of Texas Marine Science Institute, which has laboratories at Port Aransas, Galveston and Austin, expanded three-fold under the direction of Creighton Burk. College of Natural Sciences Courses in marine studies were organized in a formal department for the first time. In connection with marine studies, the new fall program for under- graduates offered a degree in aquatic biology. Ma- jors in molecular biology and biochemistry were also offered for the first time, prompting the assistant dean, Dr. Gerard F. Mosely, to express his opinion that new majors lead students to be more competi- tive. Under the Chemistry Department ' s Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Program, eleven chemistry profes- sors visited the campus during the spring semester to provide graduate students with as broad a spec- trum of the scientific community as possible. Each of the visiting chemists, including Nobel Prize recipi- ents Dr. Paul Flory and Sir Derek Barton, spent one week in the Chemistry Department. They each gave five public lectures, most of which will form the basis of a graduate chemistry course. Natural Sciences 237 School of Nursing ABOVE: Billye Brown, dean, School of Nursing. TOP RIGHT: Nursing students and staff assisted in the UT Blood Drive. RIGHT: Student nurses use tape recorders in study sessions. OPPOSITE PAGE: Future nurses in the Learning Center, Nursing School. 238 Nursing Providing a better teaching-learning experience is the basic goal of the School of Nursing. " The new building has provided a better academic environ- ment, " Dean Billye Brown said " but a major prob- lem that we are constantly striving to improve is providing enough clinical experience for students outside the building. " Constant revision of the academic curriculum im- proved the learning situation between the faculty and students, as the school hoped to prepare nurs- ing students for what employers will need when the students graduate. One hundred percent of the nurses graduating from Texas nursing schools are employed. In Texas there is a shortage of nurses which can be attribut- ed to the expanding population, the increase in health awareness and the increase in health bene- fits available today. Approximately 110 enter the nursing program every semester. The quota is set on the number of teachers to assure quality education. Nursing courses have clinical labs with close supervision, so a limit has to be placed on the number of students per teacher to insure proper instruction. Before 1967, nursing was a division of the medical branch, with its main campus in Galveston. The re- gents reorganized the Nursing Division into an autonomous school in 1967. Austin was made the largest of the six-campus University System School of Nursing. Throughout the nation, the school is recognized for its upper-division program. There were over 1,000 students enrolled in the school in 1975-1976. Dean Billye Brown said that the cutbacks in the 1975-1976 budget did not impair any activities with- in the educational development of the school. There were no cuts in the faculty and the only expansion in the school halted was the student-teacher ratio. The school had hoped to lower the standing average ratio of ten students to every one teacher. Continued education was a program offered by the school for graduates and any registered nurses in the Austin area. Conferences were held in 1975- 1976 for nurses throughout the state. Nursing 239 H r-r w ' DDDl Ib Students receive practical experience dispensing prescriptions in the Health Center Pharmacy 240 Pharmacy College of Pharmacy On February 13, the Board of Regents approved a plan for expanding the College of Pharmacy. The approved proposal was a revision of a plan originally formulated during former President Ste- phen Spurr ' s administration. Pharmacy Dean James T. Doluisio, as well as Re- gent James Bauerle, a graduate of the college, and the Texas Pharmaceutical Association advocated moving the college to San Antonio, necessitating a J| 150,000 square foot addition to the building facili- (ties already in existance. " My reasoning is based on the premise that a College of Pharmacy has no other right but to be in a health science center, " Bauerle said. Bauerle also stated that studies have shown that the college suffers from a lack of support, inad- equate funding, scant space and an imbalance in student-faculty ratio. Objectives of the original plan include hiring ap- proximately 24 people for new staff positions and decreasing the faculty-student ratio from 23:1 to 14:1 by 1980, an average of four new faculty posi- tions a year. It also called for the continuation of federal funding for such improvements through June, 1977. If legislation is passed requiring the money to be refunded through a student pay-back clause, the plan proposed ceases such funding. Dissent over the specifications of the plan, espe- cially the proposed move to San Antonio, produced a compromise formulated by President Rogers, Re- gent Bauerle, Dean Doluisio and Deputy Chancellor E. D. Walker. The major changes to the proposal consisted of a 40,000 square foot addition to the Austin building, and a 10,000 square foot addition to the building in San Antonio. The addition in Austin will cost between $3 and $4 million and will contain 50 percent class- rooms and 50 percent laboratories for undergrad- uate students. The San Antonio addition will be pri- marily classrooms for the use of graduate students. After months of administrative delay due to Lor- ene Roger ' s status as an ad interim president and the campus unrest following her appointment, the Regents approved preparation of a definite plan but did not formally allocate funds for the improve- ments. James Doluisio, dean, College of Pharmacy Pharmacy 241 Government Professor Thomas Philpott leads a teach-in to protest UT presidential appointment. Elspeth and Walt Rostow conduct a televised class session in Problems of the Presidency. 242 Social and Behavioral Sciences 1 College of Social and Behavioral Sciences The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, now five years old, is one of the successors of the old College of Arts and Sciences which split in 1972. Courses and programs in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences deal with man, his history, his relations with other men and his social institutions. " Social and Behavioral sciences must be attuned to current events because large numbers of people living in our society are concerned with social change, political conflict, economic problems and the stress arising from interpersonal behavior, " Dean James McKie said. McKie also stated that the college tries to develop student ' s understanding of how these problems arose through the history of social evolution and what possibilities there are for solving them. Courses in various departments have dealt with unemployment, inflation, integration and race rela- tions. Other courses have branched out to areas of food and population , energy and economic develop- ment, the third world and the politics of war and peace. Dean McKie, the first dean of the college, com- pleted his term of service during the year and will hand it over to his successor in September, 1976. McKie will remain at the University as a professor of economics. " If I am to regain parity with my fellow economists and make further contributions to economics, I must regain full faculty status soon. The Depart- ment of Economics needs me as a fulltime member, and I myself have increasingly felt that I should con- tribute much more to classroom teaching than I have been doing of late, " McKie said. James McKie, dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Social and Behavioral Sciences 243 Division of Extension On January 12, University officials seized records from the desk of Charles Kelso, director of the In- dustrial and Business Training Bureau which offers vocational and managerial courses to businesses, industry and government. The records, obtained after an informant ' s tip, concerned alleged mishan- dling of federal funds, improper transactions with firms that conducted business with the University and payments for consultant services which were never rendered. Two state auditors, an assistant district attorney and University officials conducting the investigation expanded the search when blank vouchers pre- signed by private businessmen were discovered in Kelso ' s office. Records from public schools, two film companies, a travel agency, a catering firm and a pipeline inspection company were among those sub- poenaed in the investigation. Other subpoenas were issued for the bank records of Dean William Barren and John Hunt, a training specialist in the Industrial and Business Training Bureau. On February 6, 26 days after the inquiry began, President Lorene Rogers suspended Barren, Kelso and Hunt with pay. Ron Brown, vice-president for The " Little Campus " headquarters the Division of Extension. administrative services, assumed responsibility for the division ' s operation. One day later, Barren, Kelso and Hunt were indict- ed by the Travis County grand jury. President Rog- ers terminated their employment. The three men were indicted on 32 counts of felony theft along with Michael Barren, a Houston school teacher and son of the former dean, and Kenneth Shephard, presi- dent of Pleico, Inc. An indictment was also issued against the engineering firm Pleico, Inc. and marked the first indictment returned against a corporation in Travis County. Barren and Kelso are major stock- holders in the firm and consulting fees were paid to Pleico. The thefts of University checks or state war- rants totaled more than $15,000 in University funds. On March 4, President Rogers appointed William Wallace as supervisor of the bureau formerly head- ed by Kelso. Wallace stressed that he accepted the post only until a permanent replacement was found, when he will return to his position as associate di- rector of the Office of Personnel Services and Em- ploye Relations. William E. Barren, former dean, Division of Extension 244 Extension Graduate School Graduate student Robert Barren explains his project, the solar concentrator. Irwin C. Lieb, vice-president and dean, Graduate School On October 5, President Lorene Rogers appointed Dr. Irwin C. Lieb vice-president and dean of graduate studies. Lieb received his doctorate from Yale Uni- versity and joined the UT-Austin faculty in 1963. He served as chairman of the Philosophy Department for four years and as associate dean of graduate studies for two years. He also chaired the Commit- tee on Organization of the Graduate School which recommended making the dean of graduate studies a vice-president of the University three years ago. The Graduate School offers more than 50 mas- ters degree programs and 40 doctoral degree pro- grams for the benefit of almost 6,000 students en- rolled in the school. " Graduate education is the kind of education we understand less well. In graduate education we try to teach people how to find out, " Lieb said, adding that graduate studies " ... shape our ignorance by inventing new ways to lead to advances in knowl- edge and art. " There has been a noticeable rearrangement of academic preparations within graduate studies, Lieb explained. " There is a clear affiliation between some of the humanities and communication and between engi- neering and science. Programs at the University be- tween the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the Engi- neering and Law Schools are examples of attempts to relate affiliated fields, " Lieb said. Linguistics has shifted more towards mathemat- ics, philosophy and computers while the Spanish and Portuguese Department has programs which prepare graduates to work on police forces and in hospitals where a foreign language is needed. Graduate School 245 Graduate School of Library Science Occupying the fourth floor of the Humanities Re- search Center, the Graduate School of Library Sci- ence continued to offer students a wide variety of programs accommodated by the most up-to-date facilities in the history of the school. After basic courses, graduate students enter an established program of study or plan their own spe- cialization in one of the following areas: information science and systems technology, user services, technical services, library and information center administration or rare book librarianship. In addition to the masters and doctoral programs, the school offers a Sixth Year of Advanced Study, a program designed to prepare experienced librarians for specialized positions. The Graduate School of Library Science library, which contains 25,000 of the most frequently used books in library science, and special laboratories housed within the school are used to facilitate in- struction. A learning resources laboratory trains both students and faculty in the use of audio-visual materials. Students also work in a large cataloging laboratory and are required to learn how to operate computer terminals in the information retrieval lab- oratory. The school sponsored a conference on library funding November 14 in connection with the Texas Chapter of Special Libraries Association. The con- ference dealt with such topics as identification of funding sources, writing grant proposals and special programs and current trends in library funding. Three master-level fellowships were awarded in the fall of 1975 to students in the Graduate School of Library Science who are from minority groups or economically stressed families. The $3,000 stipend, which will run through the summer of 1976, was funded under Title II-B of the Higher Education Act. The course of study undertaken by fellowship re- cipients will prepare them for library service in areas that are presently unserved or inadequately served by libraries, including minority racial and ethnic group members and other economically stressed persons, according to Dr. Glenn Sparks, dean of the school. Claud Glenn Sparks, dean. Graduate School of Library Science 246 Library Science Jack Otis, dean. Graduate School of Social Work Graduate School of Social Work " Funds from outside sources have enabled us to strengthen our community service functions, as well as our basic educational program, " Dr. Jack Otis, dean of the Graduate School of Social Work said. Otis was referring to the more than $1,500,000 in ten grants the Graduate School of Social Work re- ceived from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) for the 1975-1976 academic year. The grants enabled graduate social work students to provide social work services through a communi- ty mental health program and maternal and child health programs. A Regional Resource Center for Child Abuse and Neglect serving HEW ' s Region VI was established to provide students training in the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect cases. The Center for Social Work Research received an additional $200,000 grant to assist with a variety of services such as consultation to community and state agencies and continuing education programs. Integrated with the school ' s week-long boycott of classes in the fall which protested the appointment of Dr. Lorene Rogers as University president, was the school ' s support of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Student spokesman Michael Malinas was quoted in the Daily Texas as saying, " There was initially a feeling that we should oppose the selection process. We now intend to oppose anyone who does not comply with the HEW guidelines. " He was referring to guidelines concerning affirmative action toward ending discrimination at the University. Dean Otis said the school ' s minority recruitment program has been so successful in 1975, that of the 65 students admitted to the graduate program, one- third were minority students. A minority grant of $39,678 from the National Institute of Mental Health will support faculty and minority students. To develop public and professional understanding of the school ' s emphases in the education of social workers and to celebrate its 25th anniversary, the school sponsored a spring lecture series. The public lecture series dealt with current issues in social work and social policy. Each of the eight lectures, presented by speakers from universities across the country, was presented at the Joe C. Thompson Conference Center. Students protest UT presidential appointment outside Social Work Building. Social Work 247 Administration Margaret C. Berry, director, Developmental Programs Paul C. Trickett, director, Student Health Center Ira Iscoe, director, Counseling- Psychological Services 248 Administration David E Robert C. Cooke, director, Housing and Food Service Shirley F. Binder, director, Student Financial Aids Albert K. Meerzo, registrar lnW David E. Hershey, director, Admissions and Records Joe W. Neal, director, International Office Administration 249 Office of the Dean of Students On April 7, over 100 recruiting companies from across the nation participated in a minority career conference sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Students. The purpose of the conference, held at the Lila B. Etter Alumni Center, was to inform minor- ity students of career opportunities and advantages open to them. Other minority student services offered by the office included programs in minority student leader- ship, academic counseling, personal guidance and graduate opportunities. The office sponsored a month-long symposium in February titled " Women in Professions and Ca- reers " through the Services for Returning Students unit. It consisted of four seminars conducted by panels of professional women who spoke on their respective fields and was designed to help the col- lege woman in choosing a profession or career. Student Referral Service also sponsors a tutorial assistance program and helps older than average and veteran students utilize services available at the University. The tutorial assistance program, having recently grown 400-500 percent, is in the process of being transferred to the Reading and Study Skills Laboratory. A third unit in the Office of the Dean of Students maintains a General Information and Referral Ser- vice, conducts an orientation program and operates a student voluntary action center. In addition to continuing his position as dean of the office, Dr. James Duncan served as acting vice- president for student affairs for a short period in 1976. Ite ' ,:,= As 01 MnSJt Jiose FIRST ROW: Stephen Screiber, coordinator, Orientation Sandra Epps, assistant coordinator, Special Services Dora Savedra. assistant coordinator, Special Services Neal Hartman, assistant coordinator, Orientation Maralyn Heimlich, coordinator, General Information and Referral Services and Student Volunteer Services Almetris Duren, Student Development Specialist SECOND ROW: Bonita Betters-Reed, assistant coordinator, Orientation Frances Plotsky, coordinator, Services for Returning Students Ann Smith, administrative assistant THIRD ROW: Beverly Tucker, assistant dean of students Margaret Barr, assistant dean of students David McClintock, assistant dean of students FOURTH ROW: James Duncan, dean of students Dan Holland, veterans representative William Bryan, associate dean of students FIFTH ROW: Lawrence Franks, associate dean of students Richard Heller, research associate Billy Johnson, coordinator, Minority Student Services ..... ' ' rior nC ;..- m Btii 250 Dean of Students The Ex-Students ' Association The Alumni Association of The University of Texas at Austin was organized on Commencement Day, June 17, 1885. In June, 1914, the name was changed to " The Ex-Students ' Association of The University of Texas, " the name it carries today. As one of the nation ' s largest alumni organiza- tions, it serves more than 250, 000 former students. Two services are Alcade, the alumni magazine, and Flying Longhorns, a travel program through which ex-students may continue educational opportuni- ties. In addition, each year the association awards 100 scholarships to UT students, many of whom are selected by Texas Exes Chapters throughout the world. Texas Exes also aid students by volunteering their time to counsel seniors on job prospects, prep- aration of resumes and interviews. In October, the Ex-Students ' Association held a ceremony honoring the 1975 recipients of Distin- guished Alumni Awards. The six recipients fulfilled these criteria: distinguished in his or her chosen business or profession; a person of integrity and stature; must have demonstrated continuing inter- est in UT; a member in good standing of The Ex- Student ' s Association; and one who reflects and rec- ognizes the importance of his or her education at UT. Distinguished Alumni of 1975 were Liz Carpenter, former press secretary to Mrs. Lyndon Johnson, Maurice Granville, chairman of the board of direc- tors for Texaco, Inc., Ben Love, chairman of the board of direct ors and chief executive officer of Tex- as Commerce Bank, Dr. Mario Ramirez, physician and Starr County judge, Dr. Harry Ransom, chancel- lor emeritus of The University System and Jack Wrather, television producer. Headquarters of the association are located in the Lila B. Etter Alumni Center across the street from Memorial Stadium. In addition to offices for the staff, the Alumni Center has meeting rooms and banquet facilities which are available to alumni, fac- ulty, students and University related groups. In October, Jack and Pat Maguire resigned their posts at The Ex-Students ' Association. Mr. Maguire had served as executive director of the Alumni asso- ciation since 1956. His wife was managing editor of the Alcalde. Mr. Maguire was appointed director of the UT Institute of Texan Cultures by UT-San Anto- nio President Peter Flawn. Mrs. Maguire left to as- sume the duties of publications adviser at the insti- tute. The association is currently under the new leader- ship of Mr. Roy Vaughan, executive director. Alumni award winners included Maurice Granville. Mario Ramirez. Jack Wrather. Liz Carpenter. Harry Ransom and Ben Love. 251 Regents Clark, McNeese, Nelson, Sterling and Shivers vote in favor of the appointment of Lorene Rogers as University President. Chancellor LeMaistre and Regent Shivers attend conference of the AAUP. Allan Shivers, chairman, Board of Regents 252 Regents Board of Regents After considering approximately four other candi- dates, the Board of Regents appointed Lorene Rog- ers president of the University by a vote of 5-3 in September. Rogers was recommended by the Se- lection Committee, but not by the Student-Faculty Advisory Committee, and this dissension launched a flood of protests. " One of the members of the Advisory Committee asked at the first joint meeting with the Selection Committee (eight months ago) if the Selection Com- mittee would agree to make a selection only from a list which they submitted. At the time, I made it explicitly clear that first we had a duty and responsi- bility to make the selection and then recommend this choice to the Regents. I felt I could not in good conscience allow the faculty veto power, " Regents Chairman Allan Shivers said. Following her appointment, some legislators joined faculty and student protestors in censuring the Regents ' action. Representatives Gonzalo Bar- rientos, Wilhelmina Delco, Ronnie Earle, Sarah Wed- dington and Senator Lloyd Doggett issued a joint statement condemning the methods used by the Board of Regents. " The complete disrespect shown by the Regents for established administrative selection procedures and for the recommendations of the Student-Facul- ty Advisory Committee poses yet another threat to the academic integrity of the state ' s largest univer- sity, " the legislators said. Dissenters continued to rally their forces for many weeks without success in an attempt to reverse the Regent ' s decision, but the three Regents who voted against her appointment chose to support her as president. " If I were a student now, there is a good possibility that I would have been among the 4,000 people on the Main Mall, but having gone through the demo- cratic process, we should join hands and work to- gether. Dr. Rogers needs three or four years to prove her worth and if she doesn ' t have support, she won ' t be a good president, " Regent James Bauerle said. Other decisions made by the Regents involved budget allocations. In June, they decided to post- pone construction on the Fine Arts Center for possi- bly as long as two years, and authorized instead an expansion project for the School of Law. The Law School addition received priority funding because of extremely overcrowded conditions. The Regents also authorized a down payment to be made on the purchase of a $1.4 million collection of rare documents that included books, manuscripts and maps. The collection was part of the $10,000,000 Eberstadt Collection owned by Austin bookdealer John Jenkins. With this purchase the University replaced Yale University as possessor of the largest collection of Texas and Southwestern literature in the country. An appropriation of $200,000 from the University Available Fund was approved by the Regents for 1976 fiscal year operations of the Center for Energy Studies. " The center is providing a valuable service to the state through the operation of its library and infor- mation center, and it has pursued with diligence the basic purpose of serving as a central liaison office for research and educational activities at the Uni- versity, and that of providing a point for the collec- tion and dissemination of energy information, " President Rogers said. BOARD OF REGENTS: A. G. McNeese. Thomas Law, Dan J. Williams. Joe Nelson. Allan Shivers. James Bauerle, Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, Ed Clark. Walter Sterling. Regents 253 Office of the President In September, the Board of Regents approved Ad Interim President Lorene Rogers as president of the University. Upon her selection, Rogers became the first woman president of a major state university in the nation. Opportunities for women at the University played a major role in Rogers ' administration during the year. Speaking to the University chapter of the American Home Economics Association in Novem- ber, Rogers reported that some accomplishments have been made by women since 1970. The per- centage of women professors on the faculty rose from 10 percent to 15 percent. In October, Rogers selected Linda Ferine as the first woman ombuds- man. Rogers also stressed the importance of the Coun- cil on the Status of Women and Minorities. The council recommendations on policy relating to the status of women and minorities assists in investigat- ing allegations of discriminatory practices and pro- vides counsel and advice to the administration. Other priorities during the year included plans for changing the presidential selection process which had caused much controversy at Rogers ' selection in September. " I think the selection process is a miserably poor one, and one reason I took the job was to change this process, " Rogers said. Rogers expressed her belief that greater decen- tralization of authority was necessary and, there- Rogers answers questions during a sandwich seminar. fore, that more authority should be delegated to the deans and departmental chairmen in academic problems. Rogers also continued the practice of hosting in- formal coffees with students. Held on three occa- sions each semester during the long session, the coffees provided a chance for the students to ad- dress the president on matters ranging from cam- pus to personal academic concerns. Emphasis is placed on random selection of students who would not usually have the opportunity to talk with the president. One of Rogers ' major goals is to improve the aca- demic rating of the University. Presently the Univer- sity is ranked 14th nationally in academic excellence and sixth among state universities in the nation. Since the University is in good condition financially, unlike many other institutions, Rogers feels there is no reason why the University cannot improve the ratings. In a statement made in October, Rogers stated, " We must be concerned with the quality of instruc- tion, not merely with the head count. " Continuing to express her views on the impor- tance of the faculty, Rogers further stated, " I con- tinue to believe that the character of the University is shaped most of all by the character of its faculty. And I believe the people of Texas can be proud of both. " 254 President Lorene Rogers addresses a meeting of the general faculty. Donald Zacharias, Steven Monti and Floyd Brandt, presidential assis- tants Members of the student body attend one of the informal coffees held in the president ' s office. President 255 On January 26, President Lorene Rogers an- nounced the creation of the Office of Vice-President for Administrative Services and named Ronald M. Brown as the vice-president. Brown had served as vice-president for student affairs since 1971. " The workload has increased in the office since I took office, and new government regulations have added a lot to the duties of this office. That is one reason for the new position which Brown will as- sume, " Rogers said. Office of the Vice-President for Administrative Services Under the new arrangement, the Office of Person- nel Services, Intercollegiate Athletics for Men and Women, the Affirmative Action Office, the Division of Extension and Special Use Facilities report to Brown. Affirmative Action and Intercollegiate Athlet- ics had previously answered directly to Rogers and the Personnel Office was responsible to Vice-Presi- dent for Business Affairs James Colvin. The Division of Extension had been administered through the vice-president and provost ' s office. Ronald M. Brown, vice-president for administrative services 256 Administrative Services James H. Colvin, vice-president for business affairs The Office of the Vice-President for Business Af- fairs remained relatively unaffected by President Lorene Rogers ' reorganization of administrative ser- vices. James Colvin, vice-president for business af- fairs, continued his management of the Data Pro- cessing Division, University Police and the Physical Plant. The Personnel Office is no longer under his jurisdiction. In addition to protective services, the University Police Department is responsible for lost and found articles and the issuance of traffic tickets. Office of the Vice-President for Business Affairs The Data Processing Division offers a broad range of services to both administrative and academic communities including scheduling and monitoring student exams and scoring tests for the faculty. In February, James Colvin was elected a trustee of the University Research Association, which oper- ates the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Bativia, Illinois. Colvin is one of 21 trustees elected to serve a three-year term by the presidents of the 52 universities which form the association. Business Affairs 257 On December 5, President Lorene Rogers ap- pointed Dr. Irwin C. Lieb vice-president and dean of graduate studies. He succeeds Dr. Gardner Lindsey, who assumed duties September 1 as director of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sci- ences at Stanford University. Lieb joined the faculty in 1963 and is a former chairman of the Graduate Assembly. He also served as associate graduate dean for two years. As associate graduate dean, Lieb had general responsibility for academic and student programs on the graduate level. Lieb stated that he wished to continue work to- ward improving " the quality and character of the graduate program " and cited the " PhD glut " as a Irwin C. Lieb, vice-president and dean of graduate studies Office of the Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies major obstacle. " American universities award around 30,000 PhDs per year for only 5,000 new job openings where doctorates are needed. This causes the PhD glut, " Lieb said. Another problem mentioned was the lack of fel- lowship funds. Lieb expressed a desire to see the graduate student fellowship funds increased to $2 million, approximately ten times the amount bud- geted for 1975-1976. " The fellowship funds at Texas are too small. It ' s not uncommon for a major university to have ten times as large a fund as ours, " Lieb explained. 258 Graduate Studies Office of the Vice-President and Provost On January 26, President Lorene Rogers simul- taneously announced the resignation of Vice-Presi- dent and Provost Stanley Ross and a reorganization of administrative services. Ross submitted his resig- nation letter dated December 11. Allegations that Ross resigned due to a drastic decline in responsibilities to the office during Rog- er ' s administration were denied by both parties. President Rogers requested that Ross continue to serve as vice-president for the remainder of the year and he agreed to do so. " I am a firm believer that a university president should have freedom to form his or her own admin- istrative team with individuals of personal confi- dence who also enjoy faculty support, " Ross said. Organizational changes made by Rogers included transferring the supervision of the Division of Exten- tion from the vice-president and provost ' s office to the vice-president for administrative services. Other changes in the office were postponed until Ross completed his term of service. After consulta- tion with the deans of the university, Rogers decid- ed to replace the office of vice-president and pro- vost with the office of vice-president for academic affairs. A student-faculty consultative committee was formed and accepted nominations for the posi- tion. Stanley R. Ross, vice-president and provost Provost 259 Dr. Eldon Button was appointed vice-president for research by University President Lorene Rogers on November 25, 1975. Vice-president for research is a new position formed in 1975 to establish research policies on and off campus. Dr. Button, one of five candidates approved by a faculty-student-dean consultation committee, served as associate dean of graduate studies during 1974-1975. In his new position Dr. Sutton assumes many of the same duties he held in his old position that were channeled through the Office of Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies. Dr. Sutton will continue to be an advocate for research, directing 39 budget- ed research programs on campus and the Balcones Research Center northwest of Austin, McDonald Ob- servatory near Fort Davis and the Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas and Galveston. Office of the Vice-President for Research The new vice-president supervises over 65 re- search units including the Animal Resources Center, the Center for Particle Theory, the Learning Disabil- ities Center and the new Center for Energy Studies. Dr. Sutton, a zoologist, is a specialist in human genetics. He is particularly concerned with the evo- lution of human genes, and his recent work has dealt with the risk of human mutation posed by environmental chemicals. Sutton is active in a number of national and inter- national scientific groups, such as the National Re- search Council Advisory Committee for the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council and the Council of Scientific Advisors to the National Insti- tute of Environmental Health Sciences, National In- stitutes of Health. H. Eldon Sutton, vice-president for research 260 Research Office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs James P. Duncan, vice-president for student affairs On March 3, Lorene Rogers announced the ap- pointment of James P. Duncan as vice-president for student affairs. Duncan had filled the post of acting vice-president since February 1 when Ronald M. Brown was assigned to the new position of vice- president for administrative services. Since joining the UT-Austin staff in 1970, Duncan has held the titles of associate dean of students, dean of students, assistant vice-president for stu- dent affairs and associate vice-president for student affairs. He has served as chairman of the American College Personnel Association commission on stu- dent residence programs and holds three degrees from Indiana University: A.B. in sociology, M.S. in education and Ed.D. in higher education administra- tion and educational research. As vice-president, Duncan assumes responsibility for the operation of the International Office, Recrea- tional Sports, the Texas Union, the Counseling and Psychological Services Center, the Student Health Center, Student Financial Aid, Housing and Food Services and Admissions and Records. Student Affairs 261 1958 University vice-president and provost HARRY HUNTT RANSOM Asst. Professor of English 1938-1947 Professor of English 1947-1951 Asst. Dean, Graduate School 1951-1953 Assoc. Dean, Graduate School 1953-1954 Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 1954-1957 University Vice-President and Provost 1957-1960 University President 1960-1961 Chancellor, The University of Texas System 1961-1971 Harry -had soils fft mostva stricken 67, until?: legede; He is (aluaNe ter.the as the I behind 1 tadem " This hadn ' t I sorintri madett pen. " Harry rational tie, quit charism Ransc charism andadr tow C sity. " Hec " Hecoti believe. ' " Het objectivi couragir andexa MTeac Ranso support rersity. " Rans fidiculoy mannsa Asari grans si ersity p teach 01 " HiSD: calitym; muscutai dream. " Ranso! and build ' acts, rrn floor. " lt as 262 Harry Huntt Ransom By Sandra Lynn Fails Harry Huntt Ransom magician, optimist, charmer - had an extraordinary talent for securing tangible re- sults from the abstract. The University lost one of its most valuable assets when the chancellor emeritus was stricken by a fatal heart attack April 19, 1976. Ransom, 67, was chancellor of the University System from 1961 until 1971, after serving the University as professor, col- lege dean, vice-president and provost, and president. He is perhaps best remembered as the acquirer of the valuable archives now housed in the Harry Ransom Cen- ter, the builder of innovative educational programs such as the Plan II liberal arts degree and the driving force behind the planning and building of the undergraduate Academic Center. " This University wouldn ' t be anything like it is if Harry hadn ' t been here, " Donald Weismann, University profes- sor in the arts, said. " Harry Ransom was a magician. He made things happen nobody else could have made hap- pen. " Harry Ransom was described by friends, such as Edu- cational Administration Professor L. D. Haskew, as a sub- tle, quiet man who possessed an almost unbelievable charisma. Ransom used his power with words and his personal charisma to build enthusiasm among faculty, students and administrators for such projects as the new Aca- demic Center and to attract top professors to the Univer- sity. " He could build a dream in words, " Weismann said. " He could make you believe. By God, he could make you believe. " " He had a capacity to penetrate and anticipate the objectives of his individual colleagues and a way of en- couraging them that made the University an optimistic and exciting place to work, " Don Goodall, director of the Art Teaching Gallery, said. Ransom was also known for his ability to draw financial support from organizations and people outside the Uni- versity. His ability to persuade and to accomplish his goals was directed by what colleagues called foresight, breadth of vision and humanism. " Ransom saw very early say 25 years ago the ridiculousness of compartmentalized learning, " Weis- mann said. As a result of that insight, Ransom helped build pro- grams such as Plan II, Comparative Studies, and the Uni- versity professorship title, allowing certain professors to teach outside departmental jurisdiction. " His unusual combination of idealism and hard practi- cality made Ransom special, " Weismann said. " He was a muscular dreamer. He put muscle into what he had to dream. " Ransom was almost totally responsible for the planning and building of the Academic Center, completed in 1963. The building was unusual both in its emphasis on under- graduate needs and in the extensive collection of arti- facts, memorabilia and art works housed on the fourth floor. " It was his conception of what an undergraduate ought to encounter, " Haskew said. Ransom also originated a 24-hour counseling service, the Junior Fellows Program and Texas Quarterly maga- zine. He was chairman of the Texas Quarterly editorial board at the time of his death. Ransom was a member of sev eral educational and research organizations, including the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teach- ing. He was also on national commissions on libraries. White House Fellows, Patents and Supreme Court histo- ry. As chancellor emeritus, Ransom had been preparing a history of the University under special assignment from the Board of Regents. On learning of Ransom ' s death, Governor Dolph Bris- coe issued a statement calling him " a great educator and a great Texan. " " As chancellor of The University of Texas System, he worked tirelessly to improve the programs of higher edu- cation in our state, " Briscoe said. Ransom was born in Galveston in 1908. He attended Harvard, Yale and Sewanee Universities and the Universi- ty of London. He held honorary degrees from the Univer- sity of the South, Austin College and Baylor, Trinity and Texas Christian Universities. " Of all the people at this University in the last 30 years, " Weismann concluded, " Harry Ransom has done more for this place than anyone else. He was someone special. " 1975 chancellor emeritus Harry Huntt Ransom 263 wl :x - F iiJ " ' JL, , s x; Z - ' . i JL -wr 5aLi] - i: r jv - I L%? J I iplfi ACt ' .W ' " 7 ' r lf if?. i ir- ' TakS i,, ; ; -v c : -;-- ' .nM ' ' ' Oiif; ' .r- :%c w-v m ? ' i . ii -:: ' -.- , :- ' : H 3S K s . : , . : " : ' - l l I H ff ;i " -;r-S SB ' . . ' . n -- ' , ' . .. -- V, ; -v: .:- - 1 1 m - 1 ' . " LIMELIGHT PROFESSIONALS SPECIAL INTEREST HONORARIES MILITARY GREEKS CLASSES - I 1 ; i , - - m ' 1 : - ' ' ; ' I LIMELIGHT John Depew section editor Limelight 265 Outstanding Students Nelson Keith Barre was a member of Beta Alpha Psi and Delta Sigma Pi. The senior honors accounting major served on the Student Senate and the College of Business Administration Council. He was selected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Phi Eta Sigma President Randell C. Roberts held memberships in Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega and Omicron Delta Kappa. President of Women in Communication, Inc., Julie Anne Booty was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Delta Chi. She served on the Texas Union Theatre Committee and was named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. r 266 Outstanding Students Paul Talmage Boston Jr. served on the Texas Union Board of Directors and the Union Ideas and Issues Committee. The first year law student was a mem- ber of Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa and Sigma Nu. Mortar Board President Marilyn Lou Grooms was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and served as a student senator. She also was a member of the Education Committee and the Nursing Student Af- fairs Committee. Junior electrical engineering student Stephen Leo Poizner was a member of Alpha Phi Omega. He received the Engineering Scholar Award and was active in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. He also served on the Cultural Entertain- ment and Ideas and Issues Committees of the Texas Union. Outstanding Students 267 University Sweetheart finalist for 1975, Karilyn Eve Kober was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Delta Pi. The senior pre-med biology student served on the UT Interaction Committee and was named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. She was also a member of Orange Jackets. Graduate finance student Reid Carroll Wilson was a student representative of the University Council. He served on the UT Interaction Committee and the Education Committee. He also worked on the Stu- dent-Faculty Advisory Committee of the Center for Teaching Effectiveness. He was also a member of Sigma Nu. Orange Jackets Vice-President Mary Melissa Pratka was a member of Mortar Board and served as an orientation advisor. The senior government major was on the Student Committee to select the Jean Holloway Teaching Excellence Award recipient. She was also on the Consulting Committee to select the new dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. 268 Outstanding Students Sigma Delta Pi President John W. Craddock was vice-president of Lambda Chi Alpha and treasurer of Phi Eta Sigma. The senior Spanish major was also a student senator and on the Regental Committee to study the selection processes of chief administra- tors of component UT institutions. Army ROTC Commander Paul Arthur Suhler was chairman of the ROTC Tri-Service Committee. As one of the top ten electrical engineering students in the nation, he was active in the IEEE Computer Soci- ety and Eta Kappa Nu. Rebecca Hurley was selected as a UT Dads ' Day Outstanding Student. She served as an orientation advisor and as secretary of Orange Jackets. As a graduate student in education, she was treasurer of the Education Student Council. She was also a 1975 CACTUS section editor. Outstanding Students 269 Junior communications major Mark Wayne Addicks served on the Union Board of Directors and as vice- president of Sigma Nu. He was a member of the Student Government Education Committee, Phi Eta Sigma and Longhorn Singers. Senior economics major Leila Rosamaya Shelton was vice-president of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Council. She was on the Student-Faculty Committee for the selection of the new dean of the Col- lege of Social and Behavioral Sciences. A member of Phi Kappa Phi, she also was historian of Mortar Board and secretary of the International Students Organiza- tion. Managing Editor of the Texas Law Review, John August Adkins served on the Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees. The mid-law student was on the Law School Honor Council and the Union Ideas and Issues Committee. He was also a 1973 CACTUS section editor. 270 Outstanding Students Student Government President Carol Ann Crabtree was a member of the Friars Society and the Women ' s Athletic Coun- cil. The senior bi-lingual education major was director of Student Government Tours and was the Southern Singer ' s most outstanding member. Junior marketing and management major DeMetris Aquilla Sampson was president of Alpha Kappa Alpha and Innervisions of Blackness. A member of Mortar Board, she served as an orientation advisor and on the Ideas and Issues Committee of the Texas Union. Brian Roger Sullivan was president of the Jester Student Assembly and a Jester resident assistant. The senior petroleum engineering student held memberships in Tau Beta Pi and Pi Eta Tau and served as president of the Society of Petroleum Engineers-American Institute of Metallurgical En- gineers. Outstanding Students 271 Alexis Mount Cranberg served as treasurer of the Student Engineering Council and business manager of the Tejas Club. The senior petroleum engineer- ing major was also a member of Mortar Board and the Society of Petroleum Engineers-American Insti- tute of Metallurgical Engineers. He was awarded the Gulf Oil Honors Scholarship. iGoo r Student Engineering Council Secretary Mark Pat- rick Evans was a member of Tau Beta Pi and the Society of Petroleum Engineers-American Institute of Metallurgical Engineers. The junior petroleum en- gineering major served on the University Policy Committee and was an initiate of Mortar Board. Outstanding Students Still In School Saba Jack Balagia Jerry Arch Bell Marian Ruth Bentley Terree Allan Bowers Anna Clare Buie Larry Alan Campagna William Calvin Chaney Linda Ann Crocker Ronald Glenn Franklin Martha Ann Hill Robert Garth Ikel Patrick Michael Kelly Linda Isabel Leuchter Barbara Ann Linch Cappy Ray McGarr William Morrison Parrish Robert E. Pennington III Charles Christopher Reeder Thomas Wayne Rioux Randall E. Roberts Jerald Lee Schnoor Michael Joseph Shearn James Burleson Smith Jr. Jane Elizabeth Strauss Angelica S. Volterra Nancy Louise Vine Shirley Ann Worcester 272 Outstanding Students Goodfellows Melinda Lou Fugitt Education Council, president Mortar Board Posse Claudia Ramsey Clinton 1975 UT Sweetheart Posse Kappa Alpha Theta Robert Moore Murray Communication Council, president Orientation Advisor Kappa Alpha Carolyn Frost Keenan Cordettes, vice-president Mortar Board Pi Beta Phi Helen Dorothy Stewart Innvervisions of Blackness UNIT, advisor Alpha Lambda Delta Sharon Kay Jayson Communication Council, secretary The Daily Texan, assistant news editor Union Ideas and Issues Committee Goodfellows 273 Goodfellows Sara Lee Stewart Student Senate Education Committee Kappa Kappa Gamma William Kent Brunette Student Services Committee, chairman Student-Faculty Health Center Committee Student Advisory Board, Ex-Students ' Association Deborah Gail Brinkley UT Interaction Committee Student Services Committee Alpha Chi Omega John David Harrison Student Senate Tejas Club, historian Waller Creek Coordinating Committee, chairman Gordon Owen Dorsey Navy ROTC, batallion executive officer Resident Advisor Phi Beta Kappa Sue Ann Ray Women ' s Affairs Committee, chairman Orange Jackets Alpha Xi Delta 274 Goodfellows lows Goodfellows David Wayne Fuhrman Senior Cabinet, chairman CBA Council, president The University Council David S. Mothersole Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Student Engineering Council Tau Beta Pi Gerhardt Eugene Wissler Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer Student Engineering Council, president Engineering Scholastic Appeals Committee Deborah Ann Davis Phi Kappa Phi UT Interaction Committee Pi Beta Phi Michael Wayne McCoy Alpha Phi Omega, vice-president Phi Eta Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha Mary Katharine Scepansky Mortar Board Phi Beta Kappa Pi Beta Phi Goodfellows 275 Goodfellows Scott Alan Tagliarino The Daily Texan, editor Sigma Delta Chi Outstanding College Students of America Barbara F. Tobolowsky Communication Council Union Theatre Committee Zachary Scott Theatre Board of Directors Robert Allen Major Jr. Student Court, sitting justice The Texas Law Review, research editor Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Susan Webb Reilly Humanities Council Orange Jackets Alpha Phi Edward Hale Martin Jr. Varsity Swim Team Tejas Club Peruvian Exchange 276 Goodfellows Goodfellows Shelley Ann Friend Communication Council Student Senate Young Democrats David Wayne Thomas Student Government Tours Committee, chairman Tejas Club, vice-president Omicron Delta Kappa Donna Patricia Brockie Spooks, president Orange Jackets Resident Assistant Martha Anne Root 1976 CACTUS, editor-in-chief Texas Student Publications Board Dean ' s List Steven Lee Anderson Cultural Entertainment Committee Alpha Phi Omega Phi Kappa Phi Goodfellows 277 David Earl Butts Silver Spurs, president Student Advisory Board, Ex-Students ' Association Sigma Phi Epsilon Richard Wayne Brown Freshman Cheerleader Big Brothers of Austin 1976 CACTUS, section editor Patricia deLourdes McKay Student Engineering Council Student Senate Mortar Board r Goodfellows Still in School John August Adkms Saba Jack Balagia Leslie Anne Benitez Victoria Lillian Blaschke Joseph Marvin Bloom Paul Talmage Boston Jr. Terree Allan Bowers John K. Boyce III William Alexander Brock Jr. Karrte Lynn Capello Claire Eleise Charlton David Mark Cordell Carol Ann Crabtree Linda Ann Crooker Steve Robert Dunn James Randolph Edwards Paul C. Feinberg Frank Crawford Fleming Laura Ann Foster Deirdre Zoe Fotescu Paul Joseph Franzetti Juan M. Gonzales Diane Elaine Gorzycki Scott Ingersoll Harmon Madeline D. Hartwell Melame Mauser Charles Jackson Hooper Rebecca Hurley Francis Marion Jackson Jr. Richard Norman Jefferson Craig Martin Kercho Martha Elaine Kinard Loveless Barbara Ann Linen Bonnie Cummins Lucas Patrick Owen Macken Nancy Katherine Mowry Carolyn Vaughn Perkins Cynthia Jean Powell Lesa Janine Raschke Charles Christopher Reeder Juan Isidro Reyes Orine S Robinson Frank Barlow Rynd Michael Joseph Shearn James Burleson Smith Jr. Richard L. Spencer Melissa Len Stallones Jane Elizabeth Strauss Paul Arthur Suhler Robert Bruce Turner Angelica Silvia Volterra Linda Rose Weiner Marsha Lynne Westfall Lewise Ann Wilson Gary Joe Wolff Sherri Lynn Zillgitt I r Mary Therese Gormley CBA Council UT Sailing Club, secretary Mortar Board Martha Virginia Upchurch Angel Flight, executive officer Mortar Board, vice-president Kappa Kappa Gamma I Go J I 278 Goodfellows Diane Joyce Hebner Interservice Council, chairman Humanities Council GDE president Eric Winston Mayo Alpha Phi Omega, service vice- president Student Services Committee, co- chairman UT Interaction Committee Patricia Ann Loven GDE service vice-president 1975 CACTUS, section editor Sigma Delta Chi Mary Margaret Flynn Student Senate Mortar Board Zeta Tau Alpha, pledge trainer John Richard Potter Communication Council Communications Committee, co- chairman Lambda Chi Alpha, student advisory committee Sherilyn Joye Haller Breakthrough to Nursing Spooks Alpha Kappa Alpha, president J Goodfellows Goodfellows 279 Dads ' Day Outstanding Students Rebecca Hurley and Terree Alan Bowers were an- nounced as 1975 Dad ' s Day Outstanding Students during Dads ' Day weekend in November. The two students were chosen on the basis of their outstand- ing scholastic averages and their other campus in- volvements. Selected to Mortar Board and Phi Kappa Phi, Hur- ley was active as an orientation advisor. She co- chaired several subcommittees of the Student Com- mittee on Orientation Procedure. She was also an advisor at Scottish Rite Dormitory. She held the positions of secretary and tappee trainer for Orange Jackets and worked on the CAC- TUS Yearbook both as a staffer and section editor. She served on the University Council on Teacher Education and the Texas Union Communications Committee. Alpha Lambda Delta and Omicron Delta Kappa inducted her into membership and she was selected to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. She is a former CACTUS Goodfellow. Bowers is a member of Friar ' s Society and Omi- cron Delta Kappa. He was chairman of the Election Commission and scholarship chairman of Delta Up- silon. As an orientation advisor, he worked with the Student Committee on Orientation Procedures. Bowers was a member of the Jean Holloway Teach- ing Excellence Committee and the General and Comparatve Studies Council. A national delegate to Alpha Phi Omega, he was also active with the Big Buddies of Austin and the University Wrestling Club. Bowers is a former CAC- TUS Outstanding Student and Goodfellow. 280 Dads ' Day Outstanding Students " e as ' each- INTERVIEW ROOMS ' . . , ;: -;X 1m , : i - i . r - ' " :; unii i PROFESSIONALS Liz Jackson section editor A College Degree: Your Hunting License The 1975-1976 year cast a more positive light on the employment situation. More Americans had jobs in March 1976 than ever before, reported the Department of Labor, with the total employed numbering 86.7 million persons. Unemployment rate fell to 7.5 percent, with this being the lowest level in more than a year. Daily Texan reporters announced near 100 percent employment opportunities in nursing and law fields for UT graduates. However, for those who were not so fortu- nate, job hunting efforts began on campus in the depart- mental or college offices. Many services were open to students, faculty members and alumni through various placement offices on cam- pus. Beginning with the most basic necessary informa- tion, guidance on resume writing was available in all col- lege offices and through many of the de partment advi- sors. Other services offered included interest tests, ca- reer seminars, notices of job openings, interview schedul- ing with outside companies and further referral to outside agencies. The UT Career Planning and Placement Council, chaired in 1975 by Gary Munneke of the School of Law placement office, published a booklet which for the first time listed all placement offices and their services under one heading for the use of students, faculty and staff. Major offices on campus included the Career Choice Information Center, Ex-Students ' Association, and offices in the Schools of Business, Communication, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Latin American Studies, Law, Li- brary Science, Pharmacy, and LBJ School of Public Af- fairs. " The services we at the placement centers provide are being utilized by more students as life gets more com- plex, " Munneke said. " Undergraduates as well as gradu- ates realize that they need the extra advantage we can give in finding jobs today, and they are counting on us m ore and more. " ABOVE: Jack Maguire Jr., director of the Pharmacy placement office, dis- cusses openings in the field of pharma- cy with Al Dagar. RIGHT: Washington D.C. internship steering committee members Milan Hughston, Steve Yar- brough and Kent Brunette discuss the 1976 program with Susan Kessler and 1975 coordinator Roy Vaughan. direc- tor of the Ex-Students ' Association. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Education stu- dents survey teaching positions posted outside the Education Placement Of- fice. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Educa- tion Placement Service provides inter- view scheduling with several school districts and answers questions for prospective teachers. 282 Hunting License Hunting License 283 American Marketing Association The purpose of the American Marketing Associ- ation is to serve as an intermediary between mar- keting students and the business world. The group went to Houston to visit Marvin Zindler of Channel 13, Allied Bancshares, Inc. and Photographic Labo- ratories. Guest speakers at the meetings included execu- tives from National Airlines, Texas Monthly Maga- zine, Capital National Bank of Austin and Joe Ondrey of the College of Business placement office. To join, a person must be a student, faculty or staff member of the University. Meetings are held bi-monthly, and the new members are chosen each semester. FIRST ROW: Lawrence Woods Haas, Taylor Vance Grove, David August Senter, Randall Weaver Hayes, Vernon Wade Lenhart, Glenn Walter Huffman, Robert Alan Spletter, Brain Hough. SECOND ROW: Judy Ann Pomarantz, Anita Marie Sweeney, James Craig Elkins, Richard Mark Berman, Elizabeth Roseanne Berezovytch, Leonard Franklyn Schaefer, Stephanie Jean Kubala, Charles Shedrick Moody, Deborah Kay Joseph, Sharon Anne Hutchison, Terrie Anne Pierce, Stephen Langton Schaefer, Paul Lee Pennington, Treila LaTrelle Krueger. THIRD ROW: Thomas Edward Bogar, Allen Dale Jenkins, Rebecca Jean Adams, Marina Kath- ryn Crews, Janet Diane Grubbs, Rebecca Sue Harris, Nan Holley Forest- er, Ronnie Kathel Humphrey, Jeffery Scott Clark, David Joseph Gregg, Penny Kathryn Patterson, Sandra Kay Kloesel, August Vince Kostroun. FOURTH ROW: Jon Michael Olson, Duffie Wayne Monroe, Richard Lynn Ray, Marc Duane Potter, Henry Thomas Cruz. tiononca social, ac black stuc " Wewa n, ore i In ordei between! ministratii sored aca registry on file ini Speakei velopmen P ' ofessor Wministr theCollej Doeges, Business, rol pany. 284 American Marketing Association FIRST ROW: Cassandra Adell Washington, Jacqueline Denise Mottley, DeMetris Aquilla Sampson, Laretha Honette Clay, Linda Marie Richards, Pamela Teresa Semien, Kathleen Shelton. SECOND ROW: James Louis Johnson, LioneH Keith McLendon, Ronald Wayne Moseley, Kenneth La- mar Drayden, Michael Von Williams, Steven Royal Anderson, David Lee Ray, Edwin Odell Leffall, Joe McNeil. The Black Business Association, a new organiza- tion on campus was formed to provide a medium of social, academic and professional exchange among black students in business administration. " We want to establish a flow of communication so that students will be aware of what is going on in the College of Business Administration, " Steve Ander- son, one of the group ' s main organizers, said. In order to help establish better communication between students and the College of Business Ad- ministration, the Black Business Association spon- sored academic advising during fall and spring pre- registration and compiled copies of tests to be kept on file in the BEB library. Speakers participating in the Black Program De- velopment series included Dr. Reuben McDaniel, professor of management in the College of Business Administration, Robert W. Smith, associate dean of the College of Business Administration, Dr. Conrad Doeges, associate dean in the Graduate School of Business Administration and Fred R. Johnson, coor- dinator of special projects with Standard Oil Com- pany. Black Business Association Black Business Association 285 Delta Sigma Pi Sponsoring professional speakers in business and field trips to business and banking firms were major activities of Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity for business majors. Business aspects of Delta Sigma Pi were accom- panied by various social activities and service pro- jects. The men of Delta Sigma Pi had match parties with several social sororities, a fall and spring for- mal, a Casino party and beer floats down New Braunfels river rapids. Service projects included fit- ting shoes on underprivileged children for the Salva- tion Army. The Beta Kappa chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, with ninety active members, is involved in campus activi- ties including CBA Council, Senior Cabinet, Student Senate and intramural sports. Members are select- ed at the beginning of each semester through rush smokers. FIRST ROW: Denise C. McTyre, Velma J. Pickett, Karen Anne Wahlsten, Leah McNair, Christy Ann Gorin, Barbara Ann Koncewicz. SECOND ROW: David Louis Garza, Robert Jack Nelson, James Daniel Manfull, Donald Kirby Gray, Warren T. Leake, Floyd E. Covill Jr., James Lynn Bedsole, Daniel Martin Green, Paul David Amend, Richard Franklin Davis Jr., Christopher Lee Eldredge, Danny Ray Moore, David Bruce Lear. THIRD ROW: Douglas Darwin Lapham, Gary Michael Dorsey, Richard Sevier Merrill, Jeffrey Lee Dorrell, John Stanislaw Koncewicz, Butler Kimball Mauldin Jr., Rene David Ruiz, Stephen Lyndol Walker, Nelson Keith Barre, Robert Henry Bynes Jr., Alan Keith Reed, Henry Jorgensen Hansen, John Frederick Archer, Arminio Michael Cantini, Roy Arthur Johnson, Bruce Allen Thompson, Gregory Harry Mayben, John William McGovern. FOURTH ROW: Walter Craig Overstreet, Kenneth Robert Reiser, Philip Dennis Roach, Paul Kamsler Gordon, Richard Gerald Barnes, Fred David Raschke, Randy Eugene Jennings, Wayne Allen Spencer, Michael Gary Skarke, David Ross Liles, Richard Bruce Pecore, David Ritch Hatcher, Valiant Kyle Jeter, Neil Smolik. FIFTH ROW: Gary Wayne Glenewinkel, Stephen Pettigrew Rhea, David Fletcher Hester, Richard Alan Hoffman, Stephen Anthony Reinert, Daryl Dean Bohls, Frederick Shields Adams Jr., James Joseph Weber, Mark Leroy Stead- man, Robert M. Taber Jr., David Carroll Reves, Stephen E. Harris, William Bruce Pyle, James Russell Tamlyn, Keith Harold Lehtinen, Tom A. Moore, David A. Luttrell, Scott Alan Wheeler, Robert J. Mitchell, James Edward Baker, Mark A. Floyd, Paul A. Pickett, Gordon Lee Hous- ton, Bruce Weldon Morriss, Kenneth Verne Kelley, Michael J. Upchurch, Thomas E. Cornwall, Michael K. O ' Kelley, David Wayne Fuhrman. 286 Delta Sigma Pi TOP: Member Danny Moore helps Salvation Army by fitting child with shoes. LEFT: Casino party-goers take a moment to meditate. ABOVE: Delta Sigma Pi ' s Casino party has another winner. Delta Sigma Pi 287 Phi Chi Theta The purpose of Phi Chi Theta is to promote higher business education and training for women. Foster- ing high standards in business careers and stimulat- ing the sacrifice and the unselfish devotion to a career are the strong personal goals brought out by the club. A member of Phi Chi Theta must be a female business student with at least a second semester freshman standing and a 2.0 grade point average. Members are selected after several rush activities each semester. Initiates go through six weeks of pledgeship with formal initiation conducted by Phi Chi Theta national district directors. Phi Chi Theta publishes the national professional magazine " The Iris of Phi Chi Theta. " The magazine honors outstanding women in business on the na- tional and local levels. The club went on a field trip jointly with a male business organization to San Ant- onio. Members also aided in spring pre-registration. ' FIRST ROW: Donna Jean Michie, Carol Seay Wilder, Virginia LouAnn Criswell, Elizabeth Anne Rice, Claire Louise Mezzetti, Mary Jane West, Nancy Gail Cox, Brondel A. Joseph. SECOND ROW: Judy Ann Pomarantz, Lynn Ellen Schweig, Louise Elizabeth Eng, Phyllis Ann Sacks, Joyce Lee. Mary Alice Anderson, Roberta Jeanne Cortner, Debra Louise Lamb, Wynne Deborah Newell. Jillana Celeste Sitterle, Janelle Meyer. THIRD 288 Phi Chi Theta Foster- : a female xl semester activities n 3 field trip - -. Mjyw. THIRD ROW: Ann Bird Anderson, Tara Colleen Brolin, Mary Lee Harkins, Yolanda S. Tung, Peggy F. Ellowitz, Carol Levy, Carolyn Ann Hollinger, Linda Rae Rodriguez, Evelyn Ann Alvey, Zelda Anne Choice, Sara Ann Schutze. , Judy Phi Chi Theta 289 FIRST ROW: Mary Elizabeth Centenio, Debra Lynn Sabrsula, Elizabeth Lee Richey, Jane Ann Scherer, llona Beth Lunin, Carol Ann Lineback, Margaret Ashton Merrifield, Jo Ann Andry, Vicki Ruth Gassiot, Pamela Ann McFall, Suzanne Rose Stuckly, Susan Vaught, Sandra Kay Wade. SECOND ROW: Carol Augusta Maury, Cynthia Lou Ward, Jan Dough- man, Jeanette M. Schindler, Kathy Kusy Barta, Sandra Theresa Coo- gan, Beth Lynn Anderson, Susan Jeanette Velez, Olivia Harriette Lopez, Pamela Katherine Liska, Sharon Lynn Stewart, Donna Lynn Stolbun, Nancy Lynne Brown, Sharon Kay Sheffield. THIRD ROW: Bobbi Jane Duran, Nancy Gail Stewart, Linda Sue Dysart, Nancy Jane Dube, Susan Melissa Pohl, Mary Helen MacKinnon, Paula Anne Platt, Adina Michele Schramm. FOURTH ROW: Vicki Lynn Wimberley, Pamela Louise Idomir, Catherine Ann Ball, Jean Anne Butler, Margaret Ann McRae, Gaye Ann Sanders, Betty Ann Lusk, Linda Susan Chapman, Patricia Lynn Havel, Kaye Lynn Galloway, Anita MarieSweeney, Terry Lynn Naylor, Susan Leigh Kaplan. FIFTH ROW: Judith Kay Fontenot, Carlene Gale Kouba, Nicole Ann Mandt, Nan Maret Weinheimer, Stephanie Jean Kubala, Janet Diane Grubbs, Sabrina Buice, Kathryn Jo Adams, Kathy Marie Head, Joan Susan Winter, Cary Lynn Brown, Linda Kay Morgan, Patricia Anne Vasey, Ann Gertrude Williams. The Re constitue graduate andurtoa society is major W Inaddi andD lives frof partiapal allowed ; women ti reeropfx A Care presents the state which sp and the | I FIRST R David C Rufe ' THIRDS Phi Beta Chi Phi Beta Chi is designed to promote women ma- joring in business. Although it provides field trips, faculty friendship and intramural involvement, the club is not entirely a social club. Members partici- pated in a heart fund drive in October, brown bag luncheons with business professors and aided in spring pre-registration. Women business majors with a minimum 2.0 GPA may join each semester. 290 Phi Beta Chi 1 . The Real Estate Society is a student group whose constituency includes both graduate and under- graduate students sharing an interest in real estate and urban land development. Membership to the society is open to all students regardless of their major field of study. In addition to sponsoring field trips to Houston and Dallas, the society invited business representa- tives from various real estate related industries to participate in the speakers program. This program allowed students to meet with business men and women to discuss current trends and potential ca- reer opportunities. A Careers Day on February 18 featured seminars presented by industry representatives throughout the state. The program was highlighted by a dinner which sponsored industry and university speakers and the presentation of five student scholarships. Real Estate Society FIRST ROW: Gail Harrison, Gary Franklin Brown, Gary Martin Glazer, David Calvin Hodge, Ronald Raymond Kirkwood, Janet Lynn Ramsey, Ruth Annette Rutchik. SECOND ROW: Stephen A. Phyrr, Robin Kay Segal, Caren Sue Kirshenbaum, Otis V. Brewer Jr., David Gibson Allen, Roger Cooper Lawrence, Larry Wayne Collins, Richard Stephen Hill. THIRD ROW: Mitchell Testa, Anne Marie Adams, Paula Lee Wilson, Ste- phen Louis Smith, Gregory B. Powers, Jana Karol Pruett, Keith Chap- man Weaver, Sheryl Lynn McLaughlin, Alan Neil Zieben, Gary Arthur Blaha. FOURTH ROW: Gordon Bobby England, George Allen McCanse, James Clive Holland, Gary Dean Thrasher, Ronald B. Warded, Dale C. McConnell, Charles H. Wurtzebach, Burdette W. Keeland. Real Estate Society 291 FIRST ROW: Hattie Bernice White, Kentoinette L. Wright, Cynthia M. Chassion, Carolyn Jane Davis, Londa Valencia Wilson, Alice Cassandra Patten, Sandra Marie Cornish. SECOND ROW: Paul Kim Minifee, Wayne Houston Gordon, Billy Earl Johnson. Denise A. Williams, Patricia A. Pinkett, Michael Tracey Phelps. Black Health Professions Black Health Professions Organization is a group of University students interested in health profes- sions. Billy Rankin, Director of Admissions for Baylor Medical School and Jeanne Allender, from the Ad- missions Office of Tulane Medical School, informed students of criteria for entrance in their respective schools. In December, the club sponsored a Christmas Benefit Dance from which all proceeds went to pur- chase dinners for needy families. The purpose of the organization is to make stu- dents more aware of various opportunities in the health professions and membership is open to any University student interested in a health career. 292 Black Health Professions Kappa Epsilon Serving to unite women in the profession of phar- macy, Kappa Epsilon forms bonds for friendship, service and cooperation with faculty and profession- als. KE worked in conjunction with the Capital Area Pharmaceutical Association during Immunization Action Month to inform the public of required immu- nizations for pre-schoolers and elementary-aged children. Members also worked throughout the year at the Austin Free Clinic by volunteering weekday evenings to serve the clinic ' s pharmacy. " Get Acquainted " parties were held each semes- ter for all women in pharmacy, allowing students and faculty members to meet. Mixers with men ' s pharmacy fraternities were also held. Members must maintain a 2.0 GPA and be in good standing with the College of Pharmacy. Prospective members must participate in a pledge sem ester pri- or to being considered for induction in this profes- sional fraternity. FIRST ROW: Yolanda Judith Guerrero, Marion Perry McKee, Trena Weid- mann, Diane Marie Draper, Rebecca Sue Zatopek, Selma Marie Berry. SECOND ROW: Terry Lynn Sutton, Lydia Irma Martinez, Diane Leigh Walker, Stacia Jan Whitehead, Pamela Yvonne Gilkerson, Patricia Ann Pompa, Vickye Elaine Hogan, Vina Louise Cantu. THIRD ROW: Debra Gail Hagens, Edna M. Everett, Lucila M. Salinas, Marcia Gale Armstrong, Raquel E. Salinas, Nora Lee Solis, Dora Elia Fernandez, Carolyn Dolores Bolton, Stephanie V. Dietert, Harriet Anne Monsell, Shellie Marie Gos- nell, Vincent Anne Court. FOURTH ROW: Charlene Mary Ertel, Bonney Jean Mann, Denise Dickerson, Catharine Withers Jackson, Colleen Kay Eck, Debra Kay Ramsey, Linda Ann Wordward, Berta Linda Gonzales, Rebecca Brink Poldrack, Nan Needham, Claire Louise Rollwage, Debra Colleen Burkett. FIFTH ROW: Dru Ann Shipman, Lena Kay Bluestein, Rosemary Holy, Deborah Anne Lee, Marina Patricia Sifuentes, Ivy L. Coleman, Alice Elaine Loper, Deborah Sue Mack, Annette Marie Ladin, Barbara Jean Martin, Phyllis L. Allen, Lisa Gaye Pitzer. , Kappa Epsilon 293 FIRST ROW: Paul Martin DeLomel, Frank W. Covington, William Donald Linn, Michael Wayne Buss, Max Edward Hooten, Thomas Joe Abel. William Kenneth Huff, Donald Ray VonMinden, Lawrence T. Balmas. SECOND ROW: Michael Eugene Lowry, James Richard Witt, Gilbert R. Salinas, Danny Dale Graham, John Ray Wills, David Walter Kralik, Charles W. Scott, Roberto V. Salinas, Jacque Milton Borel, Walter Perry Floyd, Gary Lynn Sonnenburg, Michael A. Peters, Charles E. Moody, William Michael Driscoll. THIRD ROW: Norman Keifer Beck, James Paul Blanton, James Lynn Cross, Bruce Robert Carlson, Ronald Rene Woody, David Richard Strauss, John Raul Mirelez, Tony Everard McDowell, Virgil Griffin Bohannon, Michael Terry Clark, Kevin Dale Chesney, John Bruce Hillin, Norman Wayne Beisel, James Richard Poison. II provides part iotramuri Memlx , 1976 m dangers i round do the sale t dents. Memtx part m as the L Texas Pn cy COUN canPhar Orleans afondr; Newrr pharmac Kappa Psi 294 Kappa Psi Kappa Psi, a men ' s pharmaceutical fraternity, provides an outlet for pharmacy students through participation in pharmaceutical programs as well as intramural sports, dances and socials. Members presented a drug abuse program to area elementary schools and PTAs during spring 1976 in an effort to warn young persons of the dangers of narcotics. The club also organized year- round donations to Travis County Blood Bank and the sale of pharmaceutical weights to pharmacy stu- dents. Members of Kappa Psi support and take an active part in various pharmaceutical organizations such as the Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, the Texas Pharmaceutical Association and the Pharma- cy Council. Several members attended the Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association Convention in New Orleans in April. A Casino Night featuring a CB raffle and the tradi- tional play money and prizes was held on April 10 as a fund raiser. Other social events included fall and Round Up formals and a rush dance. New members are selected each semester. Male pharmacy students who maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average are eigible. BELOW: Kappa Psi members Mick Lowry and Bruce Carlson participate in UT intra- mural Softball during the 1976 spring season. Kappa Psi 295 Phi Delta Chi The professional fraternity of pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi, promotes friendship among members as well as encouraging the advancement of pharmacy. Social events in 1975-1976 included the annual Christmas and Halloween parties, after-football game parties, a Spring Raffle party and a formal Spring Social. Phi Delta Chi members participated in the March of Dimes Walkathon in March and manned the Her- pes-Simplex VD information booth at the Health Fair in March. The group also built a retainer wall in September to prevent water runoff at the Texas Pharmaceutical Headquarters on Highway 183 out- side of Austin. Other projects included weekends with Austin or- phans in April and May and raising funds through garage sales and car washes. The regional Phi Delta Chi convention was held in Little Rock, Arkansas, in February. Members of Phi Delta Chi are selected through rush smokers held in fall, spring and summer semes- ters. FIRST ROW: Kenneth Paul Wong, Guy H. Foster, Gary Milton Haralson, Karl Michael Munn, Dario Gutierrez, David Silva Ibarra, Eliodoro Q. Benavidez, William Fredrick Fisher, Raul Dominguez, Mario Rey Garcia, Robert Lee Pippin, Hector Rafael Pacheco, Daniel Wayne Lukas. SEC- OND ROW: Steven Neal Ackman, Jack Quentin Cash, David Zamarripa, Ricardo Martinez, Edward Lee Posvar, Andrew William Ayoub, Clay Bradley Mayo, Eugene Leroy Pearson, Armando Albert Niebla, Andrew De La Garza, Harry Lee Allbright, Larry W. Yanta. THIRD ROW: Robert Sherman Adams, Kent Lee Howze, Ricardo Trevino, Emilio Trujillo, Ste- ven Wayne Leslie, Alan B. Combs, John Michael Miles, Verlie Grant Haralson. FOURTH ROW: Blake Shanklin Johnson, Jimmie Tom John- ston, Daniel Acosta, Timothy David Weathers, Andrew Henry Smith. 296 Phi Delta Chi TOP: Phi Delta Chi members put the finishing touches on the retaining wall built at the TPA headquarters. LEFT: Costume winners at the annual Halloween party pose for the camera. Phi Delta Chi 297 UT Nursing Students ' Association The UT Nursing Students ' Association was orga- nized to help students better understand the nurs- ing profession, promote professionalism and im- prove health care. The group is affiliated with the Texas Nursing Students ' Association, and is com- prised of all pre-nursing and nursing students at the University. Hypertension screening in cooperation with the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross was a major project in the fall. The screening clinic, set up at Northcross Mall, was designed to inform people about hypertension in observance of Texas Blood Pressure Month. Nursing students also participated in a blood drive in February. Social activities included a mixer with one of the pharmacy fraternities and a Christmas social for the student body and faculty. At the beginning of each semester, the Nursing Students ' Association intro- duced new nursing students to the faculty, club offi- cers, and Dean Billye J. Brown. TheF 1 signed ' wes iiM Fryman a Speake star of t Place 1 ' D municatic tian til " 1 1 Service during C( local chu thec All com possibift invited tc FIRST ROW: Trudy Gayle Thompson, Sarah Sue Kelly, Angela Jo Sutton. SEC- OND ROW: Suzan Valrie Osborne, Marilyn M. Gunter, Carole M. Tamayo, Karen Elaine Fly, Cathy Lynnette Gates. ' ' . . i ' . ' ' . ' ' i . .-:: . k FIRST I Von 298 UT Nursing The Fellowship of Christian Communicators is de- signed to actively integrate Christian ideas and doc- trines into the realm of communication through per- sonal education and actual performance in produc- tion. The group was organized in 1975 by Dr. John Fryman and David Mandt. Speakers for the meetings included Jenette Clift, star of the recent motion picture, " The Hiding Place " , Dr. DeWitt C. Reddick of the School of Com- munication and Mai Couch, an independent Chris- tian film producer. Service projects included a slide show production during Communication Week and a workshop for local church personnel on new media uses within the church. All communication majors wishing to explore field possibilities in Christian media and production are invited to join. FIRST ROW: David Harry Mandt. Pepper Ann Pierson, Paula Jo Sinise, Susan Elaine Vingoe, Veronica Casillas. SECOND ROW: William Fredrick Geddie, Terrence Ray Wilt, John E. Fryman. Fellowship of Christian Communicators FCC 299 FIRST ROW: Michael Dan Walker, Jo Anne Richstatter, Deborah C. Broyhill, Lisa Lynn Fryman, Thelma Elizalde, Elizabeth Starr Braun, Robert Louis Thompson, Terri Lynn Matthew, Sandra Lorraine Bonner. SECOND ROW: Vanita Joy Klutts, Michael Stewart Livingston, Thomas Kegg Reilly, Philip William Bode, Elizabeth Ann Riggs, Marsha Evelyn Goff, Rebecca Anne Lammert, Patricia Carole Magel. THIRD ROW: James Robert Good, Steven Alan Schindler, Kathleen Elizabeth Cook, Linda Peek, Sharlann Marie Roe, Deborah Gail Brinkley, Brenda Sue Stroope, Marsha L. De Montreve. FOURTH ROW: Mary Corinne Quilliam, Shari Lynn Johnson, Susan Elizabeth Sivley, Dr. Alan Scott, Philip David McAlister, William Gordon Edie. FIFTH ROW: Dr. Donald K. Wright, Rus- sell Gordon Miller, Richard Emmett Gil, Joshua Israel Taylor, Cynthia Kay Carman, Lynn Keith Deen. PRSSA Largely an educational and professional society, the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) provides public relations students with in- formation, education and expertise in the field of communication. Members participated in a field trip to Houston in October where the society toured the new Penzoil Twin Towers built by Gerald Mines. Members also met in New Braunfels in January to hear David Finn, president of Ruder and Finn Public Relations Agency of New York City. Speakers at the monthly meetings included Frank Wylie of the Chrysler Corporation and Simon Cardou of Sheraton Hotels, Inc. President Rusty Miller was elected national chari- man of the National Public Relations Student Soci- ety of America in November at the convention held in New York City. PRSSA is open to all students interested in the field of public relations. 300 PRSSA Women in Communication, Inc. is organized to acquaint women in the field of communication with career opportunities and to build friendship between members. The chapter was recognized as one of ten outstanding chapters in the United States at the national convention of 1975 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The group helped the School of Communication Placement Office with the Career Day Seminar in November and participated in the Communication Council Oktoberfest. Novelist Shelby Hearon was a guest speaker for the March meeting. The organization is open to sophomore, junior, senior and graduate women with a 3.0 average in communication courses, and members are accept- ed at any time. Women in Communication, Inc J if America ew Penzoi! nbers also id jdentSoci- FIRST ROW: Julia Elizabeth Mclngvale, Delica Kaywynne Day, Julie Anne Booty. Deborah Kay Bragg. Sharon Kay Jayson. SECOND ROW: Sara Jane Carpenter, Elizabeth Ann Wheelock, Elizabeth Anne Eason, Emily Jeanne Coffman, Nicole Joanne Bremner, Susan Elizabeth Sivley, Patri- cia Ann Loven, Karen Marie Sonleitner. THIRD ROW: Markeeta Lam- berth McNatt, Susan Denise Tunnell, Juliet Ada George, Olive Jane Talley, Griff Singer, Advisor. . Women in Communication, Inc, 301 Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma is a professional chemistry and chemical engineering fraternity which endeavors to advance the science of chemistry among students. Alpha Chi Sigma is open to students who are seri- ously pursuing professional careers in chemistry. Members tutored freshmen chemistry students every Tuesday night. In the spring, members camped out at Bastrop State Park in March. An alumni barbeque was held on April 17. The club also participated in intramural football. FIRST ROW: Gary Mark Paulette, Karen Loraine Westbrook, Barbara Ann Wood, Robin Noelle Siewert Cornelia Gertrud Gutz, William Joseph Peer. MIDDLE ROW: Joseph Gustava Schmidt, Jeanmarie Kachnik, William Paul Waits, John Martin Herrmann, Michael Jefferson Boone, Worthy Ray Warnack. BACK ROW: Benjamin Ancil Sweat, William H. Gray, John David Bugay, James Robert Daniel. Karen Sue Johnson, Reginald Michael Harvey. c s Striving fessional| ciation of Coring ersasLE construct spoke on cess. Loc fectsofgi my Taylo Attorney U.S.Nav) Social; ball intrai awards c to join. 302 Alpha Chi Sigma f FRONT ROW: Colby Leigh Parkhouse, Billy Dean James, Debra Laura Rawlings, Stephen Michael Schilder, BACK ROW: Samuel E. Navarro, Creg Bradburn Jones, Scott Riley Daugherty, Curtis Lee Frantzen, Ben Villarreal Jr., John Dearl Dugat, John David Williams. Striving to help students with educational and pro- fessional plans is a major goal of the American Asso- ciation of Architectural Engineers (AAAE). During 1975-1976, AAAE sponsored such speak- ers as L. B. Wiloby of Brown and Root, who spoke on construction management, and Dr. W. Scholler, who spoke on design problems in the construction pro- cess. Local contractors discussed the thermal ef- fects of glass in building. Other speakers were Tom- my Taylor of Datum Engineering in Dallas, Austin Attorney Charles Babb and a presentation by the U.S. Navy. Social activities included participation in basket- ball intramurals for members. A spring picnic and awards ceremony were held in April where out- standing students in AAAE were honored. Any interested architectural students are invited to join. AAAE AAAE 303 AlChE The chief purpose of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering is to serve society, particular- ly where chemical engineering can contribute to public interest. The organization ' s social events included a Christ- mas party, spring picnic and a beer bust. Happy hours were held following each meeting. In February, AlChE members attended the AlChE Regional Convention at Texas A M while the group took its yearly plant trip in March to a Houston refinery. Members also participated in the UT Tele- fund, a telephone effort to raise money from alumni, as well as the World of Engineering Seminar in No- vember which introduced high school students to the University ' s engineering department. Speakers at the regular monthly meetings includ- ed top executives in the oil industry, representatives from Alcoa and a representative of the Radian Cor- poration of Austin. FIRST ROW: Regina Ann Johnson, Michael Ray Piana. SECOND ROW: Robert Sheppard Barnum, James Thomas Wilkins, Teresa Gail Sipes, Charles William Arnold. T. F. Edgar. THIRD ROW: Alan Karg Stoltz, Robert Lloyd Glover, John Steven Swinnea, Miguel Enrique Fernandez, Raul Antonio Fletes-Lugo. Jayne Yuri Gorup. FOURTH ROW: Stephan Edgar Johnston, Jon Robert Fischer, Paul Bryan Riggs, Marian Carol Tullis, David Bruce Bishkin, Foster Larkin Faerman. Robert John Haskin, Nancy Louise Kolb. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Jean Stancil, Kyle Murray Schultz, William Morgan Huff, Leonard Nelson Schooler, Christopher Ross Davey, Deborah Ann Dunlap, Teresa P. Suffredini, David Lee Hor- any. SIXTH ROW: William Paul Waits, David Hadley Grittman, Eduardo Garcia Zapata, Martha Louise Piana, David Charles Tuel, Patricia Kate McRee, Robin Noelle Siewert, James Robert Daniel. SEVENTH ROW: John Cutler Tiffany, Robert Garner York, Jim Jones Trigg, David Bryan Stanley, Jonathan Earl Wukasch, David Earl Turner, William Oliver Rod- erick. Samuel Lynn Smolik. EIGHTH ROW: Steven Francis Smolen, Rich- ard Andrew Getz, William Clifton Hunt III, Robert Joseph Fehrenbacher, Christian David Kneupper, Ruben Mendoza, Clough Shelton, Richard Kevin Ulrich. NINTH ROW: William Allen Parks, Adalberto Garza, Guil- lermo Enrique Moran, Jeffrey Allen Hall. John Frederick Oyen, Paul Michael Lorimer, Oussama Noueilaty, Jamie Andrew Murray. TENTH ROW: Mark Charles Cooley, David Lee Squires, Larry Rhea Short, Lynn Thomas Bannan, George Harvey Dunn, Richard Gene Wofford, Donald R. Paul. ELEVENTH ROW: Andrew Sellers Moore, Joel W. Barlow, Keith Kay Rodgers, Pamela Jo Merriman. TWELFTH ROW: Charles M. Watkins, Robert M. Stearns. 304 AlChE The Society of Petroleum Engineers of American Institute of Metallurgical Engineers (SPE-AIME) of- fered its members athletic enjoyment through intra- murals as well as field trips and special guest speak- ers. SPE athletes finished second in intramural foot- ball. Members also attended the spring engineering picnic. Senior SPE members travelled to the offshore drilling site of Pennzoil Corporation off the Texas and Louisiana coast, while freshmen were exposed to oil field equipmet and procedures at Mobil Oil Company ' s facility in Luling, Texas. Social activities planned were fall and spring pic- nics, pre-football game beerbusts and a Christmas party to celebrate the end of classes. Membership is open to all petroleum engineering students. SPE-AIME 1 FIRST ROW: Joao Jose Menezes. Charles Henry Gibson, Mahmoud Mes- rahi. Alphonso Bascom Buron, Asa John Whitehead, Luis Eduardo Ca- macho, David W. Phillips, Terrence Mark Duffey, Kerry Alan Pollard, Benjamin Frank Wear. SECOND ROW: Gordon Sidney Brademan. James Brian Huber, Robert Steven Brashier, Apolonio Fidel Santos, Richard Alan Molohon, Chester DeWayne Wilson, Marie Louise Gouldie, Dalia R. Gonzalez, Scott Douglas Sheffield, Michael Henry Feltch, Lloyd Erwin Martin, Brian Roger Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Tom Neil Burns, David James Hartman, Victor Carnal Saied, Gregory Clinton Sullivan, Glenn Wayman Grimes, John Taylor Lewis, Alison Garber Buffington, Thomas Allen Muncey, Weldon Brad Hatcher, Pat Estes Murdock, Jeanne Anne Dris- coll, Michael John Allison. FOURTH ROW: Matthew Franey, Terry Wayne Harrison, William Bruce Bartos, David Edward Dickerson, Paul Michael Bommer, Mark Steven Theisen, Douglas Gene Heitmiller, David Henry Hopkins, Lindell L. Looger, Donny Ray Scott. FIFTH ROW: William Cook Barren, Randall Hulme Hulme, Brenda Kay Barnett. SIXTH ROW: Mau- rice P. Gaddis. Tommy James Drescher, Alexis Mount Cranberg. SPE-AIME 305 ASCE Participation in departmental projects and social functions involved members of the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers in all fac- ets of University life. Members helped with the UT Telefund Drive, the World of Engineering seminar, spring pre-registration and food for the needy drives. Social events included student-faculty beer and chips meetings held at off-campus locations such as Hansel and Gretel and Eastwoods Parks. Membership is extended to all civil engineering majors each semester. FIRST ROW: Mario Quijano, Samuel E. Navarro, John A. Rivera, Charlie R. Copeland Jr., William Kwok-Yeung Fung. SECOND ROW: Louis Gene Long, Stephen Allan Ramsey, Mauricio Guerrero, Glenn Edward Gray- son, Seyed Jalal Miri. THIRD ROW: Marsha Lynn Hamby, Marilyn McBride, Cheryl Sue Wagner, Bakeer Ali Naseef, Muawia Hicham Za- bian, Debra Yvonne Davis, Linnie Marie Harris. FOURTH ROW: John W. Whitaker III, Felipe Llano, Hector Reyes, Kenneth J. Cervenka, Phillip A. DeSautell, Jawed Akhtar Moheet, James Howard Long, Mark Alan Towner. FIFTH ROW: Lee Taylor, David Carter Wheelock, Richard Scott McKitrick, David George Johnson, Robert Barrier Daigh, Gary Marial Kosut, Douglas Wayne Wiersig, Andrew Frank Wilde, Thomas Wilson Home. SIXTH ROW: Shih Hong Sher, Larry Duane Olson, Kyle Andrew Woodward, Mario Luis Villarreal, James Clarkson Zoller, David Wayne Hall, Robert Walling Heflin, Mark Albert Madeley. SEVENTH ROW: Wil- liam M. Isenhower, Thomas Joseph Carmichael, Frederick Burton Win- ter, Hute Watkins, Paul A. Steger Jr., James Gonzalez, Keith F. Bracewell. 306 ASCE FIRST ROW: David Ross Kleeman, Richard Alan Eisner, Russell Park Wilson, Khai Con Truong, Raymond F. Peters, Lawrence Paul Chew, William Frank Carleton Jr. SECOND ROW: Steven Dale Havemann, Rog- er King McPherson, Vivienne Lee McKitrick, Armen E. Stephanian, Sue Ellen Cash, Paul Arthur Suhler, Kim Hunter Eckert, John Sai-Keung Ng, George Thomas Santamaria. The central purpose of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is to increase awareness of its members through technical instruction meetings and publications. IEEE operated the Electronic Bin, a student-run store in the engineering science lab building that sold electronic parts, data books and lab manuals. Members also participated in the World of Engineer- ing seminar held in November. IEEE sponsored a student contest on technical writing in the spring, with cash prizes awarded for the top three papers. Speakers at the meetings included Robert Chilton of NASA, Randy Young of Motorola and other distin- guished lecturers in the field of electronics. Membership is open to any student in electrical engineering or related courses of study. IEEE IEEE 307 Pi Sigma Pi Pi Sigma Pi is an engineering service organization for minority engineering students. For the third year, members organized and sponsored the World of Engineering in November, which provided infor- mation for high school students throughout Texas interested in engineering. In the spring, the group visited Southwest Re- search Institute in San Antonio for on-the-spot ob- servation of engineering practices. Outside activities included tutorial programs for members, summer job placement services, a test files program and intramurals. Membership is open to any interested engineering student. tlKT R FIRST ROW: Benito G. De La Rosa, Rudolpho M. Trevino, Johnny Joe Flores, Daniel Balderas Jr., Raul Chacon, James A. Espinosa, Albert V. San Miguel, Armando Esparza, Anthony Roy Morales, Peter Arthur Que- zergue. Randy James Carrier, Ben Villarreal Jr., Agustin Cruz, Simon Navarro Ramiret, David Lee Ellis, Manuel Chavira. SECOND ROW: Ar- mando Gutierrez, Luis Eduardo Mendez, Luther Charles Wilson, Mitchell Claude Christopher, Michael Clyde Christopher, Manuel Alfonso Solis, Duane Gerard Stiner, Vivienne Lee McKitrick, Brenda J. Jones, Jaime Eloy Esparza, Patricia Nila, Guadalupe Gerardo Trevino, Anna Josephine Medina, Katie Pena, Apolonio Fidel Santos, Jose Angel Rodriguez, Jose Luis Zapico, Orlando Cruz, Dr. Philip Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Robert Reyes Flores, Peter Alvin Ramos, Frank Anthony Pena, Richard Phillip Taylor, Kenneth Ray Gray, Antonio Andrade, Eddie Baker Freeman, Ursula Rhea Hilton, Jose Luis Porras, Salvador Arturo Mercado, Hiram Joel Jacques, Jose Oscar Villarreal, Edward Paul Gonzalez, Jesus Villar- real, Richard Henry Cabrera, Cesar Augusto Longoria. 308 Pi Sigma Pi FIRST Lillian ft The So nizedtoe in Am bersinits Speakei tatives fri Monitor [ company 1 ing. Theorg ingorenj ded infer. Nt Texas - ' Rl Hi Not ot- to activities n. summer rogram and FIRST ROW: Marilynn McBride, Dana Lea Humble, Joanne L. Aldredge, Marsha Lynn Hamby, Danna Lynn Hill, Kimberly Ann Langlotz, Robin Noelle Siewert, Teresa Helaine Hirezi, Kathy Ann Martin. SECOND ROW: Jayne Ann Fultz, Vivienne Lee McKitrick, Pamelia Jo Stanford, Victoria Lillian Blaschke, Frances Sue McKneely, Katherine Ann Malm, Linnie Marie Harris, Brenda Earl Carter, Debra Yvonne Davis, Teresa Gail Sipes, Cynthia Ann Dunn, Folkert N. Brons. THIRD ROW: Warner Gordon Derr, Elaine Adams Day, Kathleen Evans Day, Wendy Kay Mok, Brenda Joyce Houston, Patricia de Lourdes McKay, Melodye Darlene Jackson. - : , freeman. - " The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is orga- nized to encourage women to study engineering and designed to show the need for women in the profes- sion. A men ' s auxiliary group works with SWE mem- bers in its service and social projects. Speakers at monthly meetings included represen- tatives from IBM, Corning Glassware and Medical Monitor Systems, who shared overviews of each company ' s policies concerning women in engineer- ing. The organization is open to all women in engineer- ing or engineering-related fields. Society of Women Engineers Society of Women Engineers 309 FIRST ROW: Carolyn Suzanne Jackson, Catherine Sue Hahn, Ora Sue Singleton, Pamela Diane Harri- son, Elise Carol Zan. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Ann Krischke, Amy Lyon Renard, Sally Lynn McGee, Donna Kay Jordan, Betty Jean Partin. THIRD ROW: Sue Elaine Washam, Mary Katherine Goldapp, Gayla Jennings, Becky Lynn Davenport, Velda Nora Garza. FOURTH ROW: Gretchen Stryker, Robin Denise Boldt, Carl Hall, Barbara L. Litwornia. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics The ideas and goals of the American Home Eco- nomics Association are promoted through the Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Organization. Distin- guished women such as University President Rogers and Lady Bird Johnson spoke at meetings this year. The group served donuts and coffee to students and faculty each semester. The members also spon- sored a reception for the American Home Econom- ics Association accreditation team, a national evalu- ative committee, on November 10. Any home economics majors may join at the be- ginning of each semester. 310 MEG Home Economics PEM Club Who picked up that coke cup you left under your seat after the football game? It was the Physical Education Majors (PEM) club trying to raise money to send 25 of its members to Fort Worth for the December convention of the Texas Association for Help in Physical Education and Recreation. " Our goal is to change the future of sports and physical education. Through meeting and working with people, PEM hopes to bring new ideas to the field of physical education, " John Delgado, PEM president, safd. Projects included a Skate Day with exceptional children and volleyball and basketball games with junior and senior high school faculties to raise mon- ey for minor sports. The year ended with the annual formal banquet, where outstanding male and female physical educa- tion students were honored. ,ear FIRST ROW: Regina Coleen Rawson, Dinah Lynn Scale, John Edward Delgado, Nicholas Curry Bertrand, Terry Allen Kubsch, Daniel Mancha. SECOND ROW: Rebecca Kathleen Herber, Debra Jo Norton, Yvonne Carol Jansen, Rebecca Bea Roberts, Teresa Marie Murphy, Martha Frances Corley, Sandra Faye Weeber, Patti Ann Cohen, Suzanne Rene Parramore, Frances G. Mata. THIRD ROW: Carla Gale Spenkoch, Delia Hernandez, Valentin Mata, Roy Jack Price, Steven Lee Anderson, Ste- ven Micheal Dunlap, Joe Dan Fitzgerald, Dwight Andrew Richey, Ricky Gordon Ingram, Susan Yvonne Webster, Helen Denise Pouncey. PEM Club 311 Student Council for Exceptional Children The Student Council for Exceptional Children, or- ganized in 1975, helped unite students interested in teaching special education and provided experience in working with the exceptional child. Two of the projects undertaken by the group this year were a sandwhich seminar on Child Abuse and Education and a Halloween Carnival at the Travis State School. Activities also included monthly meetings and an informal Christmas dinner with the Council for Ex- ceptional Children on December 10. FIRST ROW: Omar Victor Guerrero, Yvonne Carter, Sharon Kay Sadler Linda Gail Ballenger, Elise Susan Skinner, Linda Sue Casas, John D. King. SECOND ROW: Karen Diane Rueb, Donna Gail Hering, Dorothy Ann Derapelian, Catherine Elaine Broyles, Marie Jeanne Welsh Gonzales, Patricia Anna Castaneda, Rosa Tak-Lan Ching, Valerie Jean Partain, Ann Louise Moline. THIRD ROW: June Karen Bissell, Patricia Ann Kruger, Judy Lynne Randolph, Elizabeth Martha Jorden, Josefina Margarita Gomez. Susan Marie Johnston, Virginia 3lalock Hale. Hi tneM SECOH _ Thel! ever for purpose nates to Aptitude coming i Social, to Kim Pland ' s.1 voting b, stands 01 specifier and stud mester. 312 SCEC FIRST ROW: Michael Philip Riley, Mark Eugene Johnson, Elmer C. Beck- worth, Abelardo Perez Bernal, Frances Suzanne Majors, Diana Laura Cabaza, Stephen Henry Shipp, Henry Willis Bashore, Melanie Gae Die- trich, Kathleen Marie Fiorillo, Irma Guadalupe Soto, Patricia D. Salinas. SECOND ROW: Robin Ahrendt Osborn, George Cooper Morris III. Caro- lyn Sue Olivarez, Ernesto D. Montalvo, Stanley Kent Doss, Andre Edward Bacon, John Fredrick Feltham, Gregory Lloyd Longino, Paul Lee Pen- nington, Stephanie Ann Steffler, Archie Rodney Sarten, Richard Joseph Hoffman, Joseph Alexander Gonzales, Paul Kamsler Gordon, Randall Gene Speer, Shelby Anne Beer, James Walter Goggans. THIRD ROW: John Philip Romer, Kenneth Eugene Sherrard. James Francis Polka, Raymond Edward White, Elaine F. Valadez, Michael Lewis Rinehart, Agapito Martinez. The 1975-76 academic year was the most active ever for the University Pre-Law Association. The purpose of the organization is to orient undergrad- uates to all aspects of law. A mock Law School Aptitude Test was given to prepare students for up- coming law school entrance tests. Social activities included a Halloween party, a trip to Wurstfest and a Christmas banquet at Cou- pland ' s. UT Pre-Law helped Young Democrats staff voting booths around campus and took political stands on issues concerning the student body. No specific requirements for membership are required and students may join at the beginning of each se- mester. UT Pre-Law Association UT Pre-Law 313 314 Closing .- ' ' -; ' .: ' : ' ' : : - --- MS - I . - - ; ' . , . ; I ! ' ' -: " ' - , ' I - .,;.. ' SP -- ---.:, ...,..,... .-, ill H SPECIAL INTEREST Patty Runkle sec tion editor Remember when Smokey burned a hole in a lady ' s dress . . . remember when the Texas flag be- longed to Mississippi . . . remember when the flashcard section was run by 800 men in white shirts and bow ties ... all of these are part of the history of The University of Texas traditions. " As the longhorn was free to roam the wilderness of Texas, so must the University be free to roam the world of thought, unhampered and unafraid, " declared T. B. Buffing- ton, an 1892 graduate of The University of Texas, when he presented the longhorn mascot on Thanksgiving Day, 1916. The Longhorns trounced A M that day 21-7. In celebration of the victory, a Texan reporter announced that a large " T " and the " 21-7 " score should be branded on the side of the new mascot, but students ' protests of cruelty ruled the idea out. Apparently, some Aggie fans who were still remembering A M ' s 1915 victory over Texas found the reporter ' s suggestion worth trying. The steer was found branded one Sunday morning in a south Austin stockyard with 8-inch numerals celebrating the previous year ' s 13-0 Aggie victory over UT. To save face, a group of UT students altered the numbers ___ ______ ________ " 13-0 " to read " BEVO " the name of a popular near-beer which was a product of Bud- weiser Brewery during the pro- hibition era. Stephen Pinskney arranged for the boxcar shipment of the first longhorn to Austin from the Panhandle. Bevo I reigned from 1916-1921. His retire- ment was spent as the main course of a barbeque; a delega- tion from Texas A M was awarded the half of his hide that had been branded. Pinskney ' s dream of a long- horn mascot was revived in 1932 with Bevo II, a hereford donated by the 10,000-acre Diamond-T Ranch. W. A. Boyett presented the animal to students at a " surprise " rally one night before the Texas-SMU game. The steer was too ram- bunctious, trying to kick out the side boards of his trailer at the game and was retired at the end of the season. In 1945, Bevo III was placed in the custody of the Silver Spurs by Charles Schreiner, an honorary member of that organization. The idea of a permanent mascot had finally become a reality. The bull was retired to the San Antonio Zoo three years later. Acquired at age eight, Bevo IV was considered the mean- est of them all. He was kept for only one year, 1949-1950. Bevo V was the first steer to be protected by a bodyguard at the OU game during his reign from 1950-1955. Bevos II, III and IV suffered ill treatment when Sooner fans sawed off their horns at the annual Texas-OU clash. The sixth steer was unable to endure the screaming and confusion at one of the games during his two-season tenure, broke loose and ran over the Rice bench at half-time. Bevo VII relished the attention of football fans for eight years. In 1963, the mascot caught attention when Texas Aggies " steer-napped " the bull. The story was carried by all wire services and Bevo ' s photograph appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The Texas Rangers recovered the ani- mal unharmed. Silver Spurs collected $3,000 for Bevo ' s airfare to the Orange Bowl in 1965. Bevo VII was retired the same year due to old age and arthritis. Bevo VIII, commonly known as " Old Will, " was sold to the Spurs for $1.00 by a former member of the board of Re- gents. He was resold to the state for that same price as he was too old to be trained. The final year for the reign of Bevo IX was 1975. In 1972, he was " steer-napped " twice, once by Rice students and once by Aggies. Since he was returned unharmed each time, the University never pressed charges on his abductors. Bevo IX was pampered; students honored him each year with a special birthday party and rodeo. His one vice was a strong dislike for women at their scent, he shook his head and turned away. The newest mascot is a three-year- old trained bull raised by relatives of an active Silver Spur member. Bevo IX and " Old Will " graze in a pasture near the Leander Rehabilita- tion Center. Smokey the cannon was built in UT ' s Mechanical Engi- neering Lab in 1953 as an an- swer to shotgun blasts fired by Oklahoma University Rufnecks. At the end of the 1954 Thanksgiving Day game, a shot exploded inside the barrel when the cannon was fired too close to the stands. This shot brought complaints from a woman spectator who claimed she suffered temporary deaf- ness and a hole burned in her dress. Eventually the cannon was modified to shoot 12-gauge blasts. In 1963, Bill Melton and Bob Lowe, members of the Texas Cowboys, were caretakers of Smokey. Rumors circulated that Aggies planned to steal the cannon so Melton and Lowe hid it in a friend ' s closet before the Thanksgiving Day game. The cannon was called out of hiding, however, to fire a 21- gun salute to assassinated President John Kennedy on the Capitol grounds; the ceremony received nation-wide news coverage. Smokey is presently guarded by the Texas Cow- boys and is fired when the Longhorns score at football games and on other special occasions. January 1, 1962, Texas played the University of Mississip- pi in the Cotton Bowl and won not only the game, but also a huge Texas flag. During half-time, Mississippi students un- furled a Texas flag and carried it over their band. The band changed formation and replaced the Texas flag with a con- federate banner. After the game, Mississippi Gov. Ross Bar- nett presented the flag to Texas Gov. Price Daniels, who later presented the flag to the Longhorn Band. At the 1963 Thanksgiving Day game, the first " run " was made. Long- 316 University Traditions w horn Band members asked the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity to help carry the flag. The pre-game event be- came a University tradition under the responsibility of the APO chapter. After considerable wear and tear, the flag began to show its age. In 1967 APO members decided a more permanent banner should be made. After the University Athletic De- partment agreed to finance the project, bids were request- ed and the project of making the new flag went to Mrs. Flo Kuehn of Seabrook Sailmakers in Seabrook, Texas. The flag was sewn exactly like a sail with 777 square yards of four- ounce nylon bolstered by 800-pound test nylon rope around the perimeter. It is the largest flag in the world, measuring 37 by 21 yards and the star is 27 feet long from point to point. The flag made its first appearance in the fall of 1972 and currently is carried in a special trailer with a personalized license plate reading TX FLAG. APO ' s financed the trailer to give the world ' s largest flag a home. Big Bertha, the largest drum in the world, came to The University of Texas in 1955. Her dimensions are 8 feet V inches high, 44 3 4 inches deep and 9 feet 10 inches wide. Bertha was created by C. G. Conn, LTD. for the University of Chicago and began her career at the Princeton-Chicago football game on October 23, 1922. When the University of Chicago dropped varsity football, the band also dissolved and Bertha went into seclusion for a number of years. There were moments of pleasure for her during retire- ment. In 1939, Arturo Toscanini invited her to participate in a presentation of the " 1812 Overture " in New York City. But there was no elevator large enough to hoist her up to the hall, high in the RCA Building where the symphony was to be performed, so she was returned to Chicago. In 1955, Col. D. Harold Byrd, a one-time member and long-time friend of the Longhorn Band, purchased Bertha from the University of Chicago and gave her a new home at the University. Since she has been at UT, Bertha has made one visit back to Chicago. In 1957, she returned to her old home when Chicago wanted her help in reactivating varsity football. Since, then, she has been at the University. Life for Bertha at the University has been luxurious and exciting. Her permanent dwelling is in the comfort of the Longhorn Band Rehearsal Hall in Music Building East. For her performances at football games, she is escorted by a group of Longhorn bandsmen known as the " Drum Wran- glers. " She attends all out-of town games that have stadium openings large enough to accommodate her entrance, in- cluding all post-season bowl games. Flash cards were first used at Texas football games in November, 1925. At the Texas-Baylor game in Austin 800 men dressed in white shirts and bow ties sat together in the stands and formed a Longhorn head and the word " Texas. " They used orange and white cards. The Co-Op furnished the cards and instructions and Bill Rippey, head yell leader, worked out the routines. Today the flash cards are the responsibility of the Tejas Club. These are just a few of the " orange-blooded " traditions of the University. Other groups on campus have traditions and symbols just as interesting and the pages that follow point out the diversity that is the University: A com- munity of special interest devoted to spirit and ser- vice. XAS COWBOYS University Traditions 319 Texas Cowboys Who said bad guys wear black hats? Texas Cow- boys, the oldest men ' s honorary service organiza- tion at UT, can easily be recognized by members ' traditional black hats and chaps. But the Cowboys can hardly be called " bad guys. " Members are chosen each semester from Greek and independent communities for leadership, scho- lastic ability, character and service to the Universi- ty. Members of the group served at the annual Dad ' s Day Association Awards Banquet and sponsored the Texas-Texas A M bonfire. Before the blaze, they maintained a 24-hour patrol of the site to prevent unauthorized dumping of wood and a premature igniting of the fire by anxious A M fans. The Cow- boys also have the responsibility of taking care of " Smokey " the cannon. On December 4, the Cowboy Minstrels present- ed Jerry Jeff Walker in their annual benefit perfor- mance. Ray Wylie Hubbard also performed and pro- ceeds went to the Austin Association for Retarded Children. Texas Cowboys joined forces with the Ex-Stu- dents ' Association in 1975-1976 to establish the Texas Cowboy-Ex-Students ' Association Scholar- ship to be awarded to financially stressed students chosen by the Ex-Students ' Association. Wales Mad- A participant in the Special Olympics is congratulated by a Texas Cowboy. 320 Texas Cowboys den, president of the Association and former Cow- boy, proposed the new program to encourage aca- demic and leadership abilities on campus. The organization also recognizes outstanding members of the University through the Arno Nowotny and Bill McGill Awards. Both men were co- founders of the Texas Cowboys. The Arno Nowotny Award recognizes an outstanding student who ex- emplifies the characteristics of fairness, honesty, integrity and unselfishness in service to the Universi- ty. The Bill McGill Award is given to a member of the Cowboys considered to have perpetuated, through- out the year, the tradition and spirit of good charac- ter, scholarship, leadership and ability on which the Cowboys are based. On March 27, the group helped the Austin Area Special Olympics at Nelson Field. Over 1,500 excep- tional children competed in track and field events and the best athletes were sent to the state meet. Before this year the Cowboys only participated by sponsoring and coaching one team, but this year took full responsibility of the Olympics. " We believe that every athlete in this contest is a winner, " Mark Dodson, Cowboy Foreman, said. During Round-Up Week, Cowboys sponsored their traditional barbeque on campus. Proceeds went to the Austin Association for Retarded Children. FIRST ROW: Lamonte Scott McAngus, Stephen C. Horn, Benjamin David Lemmons, David Frederick Pohl, Stuart Glen Sharrock, Kenneth Charles Pruitt, John Royden Biddle, Randy Frank Goldman, Scott Shane Ingraham, Randall Dane Smith, Brian Frederick Antweil, Hale Bremond Umstattd, Tolar Numa Hamblen, Daniel Henry Zeligson, James Donald Goudge, Mark William Connell, Charles Patrick Oles. SEC- OND ROW: Robert Scott Palmer, John David Lisenby, Chester Robert Upham III, Michael Edmund Sawtelle, Richard Martin Lucas, Bruce Hardy Chilton Hill, Charles Leon Stephens, David Wayne Clawater, Shotgun, Douglas Lloyd Jones, Camp Cook, Mark Randle Dodson, Foreman, Mary Alice Bettis, Sweetheart, Michale Glenn Lank- ford, Michael Edwin Hanson, Patrick Joseph Cook, Neil Allen Goldberg, Bryan Lee Harding, Richard Tod Golman, Robert Ryan Cain, Garland Benton Woodward, James Bruce Bennett, Roy Wallace Hendrix. THIRD ROW: Howard Goldberg, Charles Freder- ick Proske, Richard Stephen Rankin, Jeffrey Thomas Hinson, Richard Michael Ridley, Thomas David Moscoe, Norman Joseph Bailey, Paul Christopher Brando, George Salim Bayoud, Stephen Dale Robirds, Robert E. Peerman, David B. D. Lumpkins, Matthew Steward Ramsey, Forrest Moseley Smith, Garry Edward Pyka, Kim Carlson Hutchins, John Patrick Doherty. Timm Wooten, Strawboss. FOURTH ROW: Robert Clinton Strait, John Charles Pearce, Robert Martin O ' Neal. - Spooks n The bond between women of Spooks is indicated by their motto: SPIRIT, LOVE, SERVICE, FRIEND- SHIP. Spooks is an honorary service and spirit organiza- tion for outstanding freshmen and sophomore wom- en. Selection is determined by past involvement in high school and University activities. The purpose of Spooks is to promote spirit among the students of the University and to serve the cam- pus in any way possible. Spooks selected a pledge class in the fall and spring semesters which brought in approximately sixty new members. To remain active, one must have earned twenty service hours in any given se- mester. Spooks also participated in spring and fall blood drives, the A M bonfire and the Dad ' s Day reception held at the LBJ Library on November 8. They also painted the Drag each week during football season. Spooks decorated athletic locker rooms and dining halls before conference events and backed male and female Longhorns in all sport competition. as FIRST ROW: Kristy Kay Bradfield, Edith Lynn Isaacks, Treasurer, Sue Ann Ray, Special Projects, Patricia Lucille Kelly, Royal Spirit Haunt, Ann Lovett, Singing Haunt, Gail Marie Kitowski, Vice-President, Mrs. Kay Mayne, Spon- sor, Donna Patricia Brockie, President, Sarah Ann Oliver, Historian, Joanne Christine Macow. Scribe Haunt, Lynne Ann Culter, Service Haunt, Susan Kathleen Garrott, Spirit Haunt, Laurie Rennie McCrimmon, Singing Haunt. SECOND ROW: Pattie Ann Stephens, Linda Diane Seelig, Vickie Lee Gaudin, Jayne Denise Howard, Stacy Lynn Frieden, Stacy Renee Bankhead, Mary Kathleen Price, Tracy Ann Jones. Vickie Brodbeck, Leslie Ann Coghlin, Karin Wentworth, Eleanor Anne Luecke, Julie Ann Kunz, Gay Wesley War- ren, Vicki Anita Wallace, Bette Ann Pugh, Nanci Leigh Jette, Karen Ann Daniel, Denise McTyre, Robin Samuels, Teri Lynn Wenglein, Robin Worth- 322 Spooks ington, Cheryl Lee Sanford, Terri Lyn Holster. THIRD ROW: Vicki Lynn Filer, Karen Lee Mourey, Patricia Ann Ashton, Connie Gail Cook, Marian Elaine Gaenslen, Holly Lynn Moreland, Nina Leah Verheyden, Kathleen Susan Fos- ter, Denise Jean Collins, Susan Hertha Basse, Tamara Lynn Hardy, Shyla Thomas, Brenda Raye Cone, Donna Lynn Jette, Leslie Lynn Zimmermann, Robin Newcomb McClendon, Margaret Ann Barnett, Barbara Anne Hin- shaw, Jelia Ann Jones, Patricia Sue Stewart, Jo Ann Rosenfeld, Diane Byrd Tudor, Cecilia Kay Shearer, Ann Shearer, Audrey Ann Rohan. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Ruth Cline, Alexis Ann Taylor, Robin Lynne Garner, Judy Logan, Katherine Eve Barker, Nancy Kay Adams, Judy Louise Scott, Me- laine Sue Phillips, Nancy Lynn McEachern, Caroline Alida Palmer, Leona Ann Agnello, Elaine Judith Schaub. Memtx esses for on the b, and cam member! In Sept LBJ libra ' . " . " ' i festivities Orange aChristrr :r e : . , Or. lor, University FRONT ROW: Rebecca Hurley. Secretary-Tapee Trainer, Clair Elizabeth Krizov, Treasurer, Melinda Lou Fugitt, Program Chairman, Carolyn Lee Do- ver, Contact Officer, Susan Webb Reilly, President, Mary Melissa Pratka, Vice-President, Lourdes Margarita Montesino, Contact Officer. MIDDLE ROW: Sandra Marie Holub, Susan Jan Soward, Kathleen Ann Boothe, Kelly Jayne Freeland, Jacqueline Suzanne Holmes, Caran Ann Galloway, Cheryl Ann Zaremba, Karilyn Eve Kober, Lisa Germany, Vicki Lynn Wagner, Doro- thy Lynne McGee, Cheryl Kay Hampton, Eileen Beth Martell, Amy Lynn Clark, Carol Jean McAnelly, Deborah Kay Bragg. BACK ROW: Hollyce Char- enn Giles, Margie Annette Harris, Kimberle Koile, Terry Zlotnik, Margaret Jane Stanbery, Karen Emily Tumulty, Edith Diane Dochen, Sue Ann Ray, Nan Needham, Emily Ruth Terwey, Pamela Lea McMichael, Stacy Renee Bankhead. Members of Orange Jackets serve as official host- esses for The University of Texas and are selected on the basis of leadership, scholastic achievement and campus involvement. After " tapping " for new members in October, a reception was held at the Veranda. In September, the women served as hostesses at LBJ Library for the tenth anniversity of the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities. They also served at the School of Communication reception for distinguished alumni in October and at Dad ' s Day festivities in November, also at the LBJ Library. Orange Jackets represented University women at a Christmas party held for the dean and faculty of the College of Engineering. Dr. Lorene Rogers spoke at the November meet- ing and Dr. Margaret Berry also gave a presenfation that month on the history of UT. The Showboat restaurant was the site for a re- union with Green Jackets from North Texas State University in March. Lady Bird Johnson was also a guest speaker in March. Orange Jackets Orange Jackets 323 Texas Posse Members of Texas Posse, an honorary spirit and service organization for the University and Austin community, are chosen after their first semester as freshmen. Selection is based on individual charac- ter, leadership and academic achievement. Current members choose students from independent and Greek communities for spring induction into the or- ganization. Posse raised over $1,500 this year to benefit charitable causes such as Big Brothers of Austin and the Austin State School for the Deaf. Other money-making projects included a " Fire Up for OU Party " at the Bucket on October 9 and the distribution of balloons for the opening of a down- town graphics shop. On Halloween, Posse gave a party for 60 children at Austin State School for the Deaf. Members also sold orange and white balloons to raise money for cheerleaders at the Texas-Baylor game on November 8. Posse took 40 boys from the Big Brothers program to the Texas-TCU game the following week. Posse members regularly attend pep rallies, paint Drag merchants ' windows to promote spirit before games, decorate the athletes ' cafeterias and partici- pate in Round-Up. " For years Posse has been an active service orga- nization at the University. Along with the honor of being a Posse member comes the responsibility of helping others, " Jack Kelly, Posse president said. FRONT ROW: Jack Albert Kelly, President, Patricia Brown Dedman, Rebec- ca Wren, Leisa Carol House, Jennifer Joan Liebes, Shelley Ruth Gerst, Elizabeth Knox Beavers, Laurette Harmon Beeson, Martha Anne Booe, Dorothy Lynne McGee, Teena Beth Oman, Kathy Ann Yeoman, Lisa Diane Hamm, Nancy Jan Horlock, Diane Marie Cuenod. MIDDLE ROW: Twink Elizabeth Harrison, Mark Austin Harris, Christopher Richard Peck, Pamela Jane DeWitz, Brian Patrick Johnson, Larry Langston Harlan, Thomas Bu- chanan Ewing, Eldon Bradley Mahon, Nancy Ann Davidson. Secretary, Scott Evans Holtzman, Richard Edward Reed, Arthur Thompson Reichert. BACK ROW: Norman Balfour Oshman, Carol Ann Jones, Thomas Hastey Gose, Andrew Hill Rhea, Lester Gregory Swan, Shelley Erwin Todd, David Williams Burgher, Denise Gail Brown, Rusty Bannerman, Gregory William Austin, Barbara Cummings Smith, Stephen Lawrence Crain, Treasurer, John Michael Pruitt, Dewhyne Bell. 324 Texas Posse Posse ---i-. " as-Baylo, Deaf children enjoy piggyback races at Posse Halloween party. Artistic Posse members show it ' s not all play and no work. More fun and games at the Posse Halloween party for students at the State School for the Deaf. Texas Posse 325 Bevo ' s Babes Bevo ' s Babes is a select group of University women who aid the varsity swim team as time- keepers, message runners and judges at University meets. They also act as hostesses to potential high school recruits. The organization consisted of 35 members last fall. Each applicant appeared before a board of swim team members and was judged on poise, personal- ity, appearance and interest in swimming. In No- vember the team tapped new members at various dormitories and sorority houses. Each Bevo ' s Babe had a " little brother " on the swim team, and she decorated his locker and pro- vided moral support. The entire organization fol- lowed the team to Southwest Conference swim meets. On the social side, the girls had TGIF ' s with the varsity swim team to promote spirit among team members. The group met weekly at the University pool throughout the school year. Silv Bevo ' s Babes help the swim team by keeping correct times. : FRONT ROW: Micaela E. Brown, Audrey Anne Supple, Laurie Anne Londri- gan, Lecia Ellen Barton. MIDDLE ROW: Susan N. Berg, Karin Wentworth, Kathryn Jo Tabb, Mary Margaret Prisko, Cheryl Ann Colmery, Janice John- son, Susan Curby Gaskill, Deborah Ruth Templin, Linda Sue Gladden. BACK ROW: Nancy L. Robertson, President, Nancy Lou Marter, Laurie Kay Lor- enz, Janice Mary Bickford, Harriet Tica Herns, Andrea McNiel, Kathryn Lynn Luck, Mary Smith, Debra Ann Herman, Susan L. Weiner, Deanna Marie Brandt. 326 Bevo ' s Babes Silver Spurs II " Dance for Those Who Can ' t " was the theme of the 1976 Silver Spurs Dance Marathon at which over $28,000 was raised for the Travis County March of Dimes campaign. Country-western singer Waylon Jennings and the Amazing Rhythm Aces Band were featured performers. Silver Spurs began the marathon in 1972. Silver Spurs, an honorary service organization founded on November 15, 1938, invited Johnny Ro- driguez to sing at Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo November 8 to raise money for the Travis State School. Rodeo events included bronc and bull riding, pig chase, calf scramble and barrel racing. Silver Spurs assumed responsibility for Bevo ' s care in 1945 and can be seen with him at all football games and major Uni- versity functions. This year the Spurs worked closely with the Texas Cowboys and other groups at the Special Olympics in March for the Austin Association for Retarded Children. " The Silver Spurs have raised $60,000 for charity since 1972, " Lenny Wormser, marathon director, said. During the marathon weekend, Spurs staged a " Hold-Up " in which students dressed in western garb " robbed " cars at specified city intersections to raise over $12,000 for the March of Dimes. FIRST ROW: George Leon Kennedy, Richard Henry Edelman, Steven Earl Day, Kevin O ' Donnell McHale, Wade Hampton McMullen, John Stuart Hoi- comb, George Terry Balagia, Sheryl Lynn Smith, Sweetheart, David Earl Butts, President, Gary William Lancaster, Martin Bruce Feldman, Randall Jay Fishman, Robert Edward Tabak, Silas Lanham Frazier. SECOND ROW: Peter MacKerer Boyd, Richard Anderson Renaudin, Mark Gayland Dinges, Myron Geer Blalock, Kirk Matthew Pfeffer, Sterling McKinley Morris, Charles Guy Goodwin III, John Brown Hardin III, William Franklin Zwiener. Blair Todd Stouffer, Robert Dudley Mansell, Kenneth Eugene Baum, Leon- ard Vance Wormser, Richard Kirk Pipkin, William Cardon Gerner, Andrew Jackson Lewis, Harry Walter Wolff. THIRD ROW: David Lowell, Robert Louis Reese, Morgan Lee Copeland Jr., Forrest David Nelson, Niven James Baird Jr., Winton Lee Coleman Jr., Michael David Hartwig, John Coleman Horton III, Timothy Hester Carter, Chad Tolbert Hanna, John Bates Eidman, Rob- ert Bruce Turner, Charles Scott Burford. Charles Murray Barnard, Treasur- er, Robert Fuller Black. Dudley Jarvis Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Richard Kelty Stoneburner, Thomas Elkin McGaughy, Bryan P. Ratlin " , Lester J. N. Keliher, William Christopher Jones, George Mitchell Owen, Michael Cotton Grimm, Albert Shannon Conly, Mike Nelson Nabors, Leonard Ray Irby Jr., Gary Douglas Pickens, Secretary, William Patterson Denton, Thomas Drury Cordell, James Lawrence Gordon, Robert Leland Shaw, Lesiie Carter Klein. Silver Spurs 327 Silver Spurs March of Dimes Hold-Up, March 21, 1976 Meg Morris and John Akin (Left), Dance Marathon Winners, April 3, 1976 Bevo, the Longhorn Mascot, October 11. 1975 328 Silver Spurs Waylon Jennings Concert. April 2. 1976 Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo, November 8, 1975 March of Dimes Dance Marathon, April 2 and 3, 1976 Silver Spurs 329 Women ' s Service Organization Susan FIRST ROW: Kathryn Elizabeth Crim, Reporter, Sandra Mae Schuler, Secre- tary, Patricia Ann Loven, Service Vice-President, Elizabeth Kaye Tynan, Membership Vice-President, Diane Joyce Hebner, President, Ann Elizabeth Kitchen, Administrative Vice-President, Debra llene Blatt, Treasurer, Edith Elizabeth Brown, Community Projects Director, Ellen Ruth Quinton, Histori- an, Joan Elizabeth Ruby, Co-Trainer. SECOND ROW: Susan Denise Gee, Mindy Joy Siegel, Joanna Evans, Anita Beth Isbell, Cynthia Marie Legrand, Frances Gomez, Linda Gail Dunlap, Lindsey Seldon, Eileen Beth Martell, Kathryn Joan Breen, Mary Elizabeth Francis, Mollie Ann McAuliffe. THIRD ROW: Catherine Louise Freitag, Cecelia May Owen, Dorothy Ann Lo ' u, Susie Ranette Salfield, Jo Susan Pakowsky, Debra Beth Reinberg, Debra Jean Brand, Teresa Ann Conoley, Shelly Irene Smith, Nanci Georginne Silver, Sylvia Lula Goodwin. FOURTH ROW: Deborah Lou Cohen, Barbara Lyn Johnson, Marilyn Ann Vitek, Robin Denise Boldt, Cheryl Lynn Varnado, Diane Louise Wynne, Vicki Lynn Nelson, Cheryl Ann Payne, Carolyn Joan Orr, Rena Carol Andrus, Lena Kay Bluestein, Sara Jane Smith. FIFTH ROW: Lizabeth Ann Caskey, Suzette Mayrie Haile, Diane Merle Friedrich, Nancy Anne Bliven, Jane Evelyn Woods, Sherry Darlene Huie, Mary Jane Williams, Lynne Ann Warren, Nikki Lynne Notias, Margaret Isabel Leavenworth, Re- becca Layton Gullette, Ellen Louise Larose, Diane Lyn Aumann. SIXTH ROW: Kerin Ann Capper, Martha Jane Delmore, Karen Delana Gray, Shelly Jane Wardell, Linda Sue Johnson, Helen Kay Dean, Jacqueline Mary Wanta, Lucy Margaret Wagner, Holly Lynn Kirkwood. Nancy Kay King, Nelda Creed Cason, Sharlann Marie Roe, Andrea Lynn Jenkins. 330 GDE Susan Gee presents the Mary Sunshine Award to Mary Francis for her ever-cheerful appearances at GDE functions. c:- ' " GDE is a campus women ' s service organization dedicated to the goals of friendship, leadership and service. Any University woman interested in these goals is welcome to join. New members were initiated in both fall and spring, and the fall group of 54 initiates was one of the largest in the organization ' s history. GDE members worked on both campus and com- munity projects. Campus projects included helping coordinate and run blood drives, working registra- tion, adds and drops and campus elections. Among GDE ' s many community projects were taking underpriviledged children to University foot- ball games, working for the American Cancer Soci- ety and taking donations for the Travis County Hu- mane Society. Many members also devoted time to individual projects such as tutoring, working at the Main Building information desk and recording col- lege textbooks for the blind. GDE had a formal dance in the spring, and held banquets in the fall and spring after their initiation ceremonies. During the fall and spring initiation ban- quets, awards were presented and new officers were installed. Ellen Quinton cleans up Waller Creek as a service to the Austin community. GDE 331 Alpha Phi Omega The Alpha Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Omega ser- vice fraternity was chartered at The University of Texas in 1935 to provide leadership, friendship and service in the areas of campus, community and scouting. It is the largest APO chapter in the state. Officers and new members are selected each semester. Any University male who completes the requirements of a pledge semester may join. Shineboys, the official APO shirts, could be seen at many campus projects during each semester. APO ' s worked elections, registration, adds and drops, helped co-ordinate the blood drives and also carried the largest Texas flag in the country at Uni- versity football games. APO ' s also provided services for the Austin com- munity. Projects included collecting money for the Heart Fund and UNICEF and working at state schools. APO sponsored a Cub Scout pack and troop and members have worked at five scout camps in the Austin area. FIRST ROW: Dori Anne Keith, Wenonah Elizabeth Wollitz, Geralyn Kay Kley- pas, Cheryl Lynn Chasteen, Melinda Sue Mills, Ann Milstrey Garrett, Karen Oelana Gray, Suzette Mayrie Haile, Sandra Mae Schuler, Sylvia Estella Fuentes. SECOND ROW: Paul Michael Lorimer, Robert Charles Amerman, Secretary, Morris Emanuel Pentecost, Edwin John Mackie Jr., William Somerville Gilmer, John Wheeler Johns, Lawson Phillip Roberts, President, Terree Allan Bowers, Service Vice-President, Robert Scott Brown, Michael Wayne McCoy, Membership Vice-President, James Ansle Smith Jr., Mi- chael Alan Odell, James Richard Rippy Jr., Samuel Thomas Wisialowki. THIRD ROW: John Michael Childs, Gary Fred Kearns, Robert Roy Lane, John Henry Depew, John Paul Loven, Ruben Mendoza, Larry Dale Welch, Robert Louis Panzarella, David Alaniz, Stephen Leo Poizner, Eric Winston Mayo, Kenneth W. Griffin, Rudolfo V. Granados, Carl Dennis Schock, Larry James McGee. FOURTH ROW: Hugh David Orr, Andrew Glenn DeYoung, Craig William Peterson, John Franklin Mertz, William Robb Griffin, Stephen Lewis Snitchler, John Delwood Rogers, Charles Michael Smith, Russell Allen Hooper, Bart Allen Pelton, Reporter, Robert Pratt Thacker, Kenneth Broderick Mercer, David Lopez Guerrero, Donald Wayne Jones. FIFTH ROW: John Truitt Stokes, Jack Allen Dudley, Charles Frederick Hinger, Albert J. McMullin, Joseph Russell Woolsey, Albert V. San Miguel, Edward Leroy Doud, Jay Edward Breeding, John Kevin Browne, William Warren Barr, Ted Lee Moore, Freddie Ray Jones. SIXTH ROW: Robert Norwood Wilson, Administrative Vice-President, Gerhardt Eugene Wissler, Raymond Alfred Brown, Stephen Clark Silverthorne, Albert Edward Todino, William Edward Becker, Harry Daniel Hanen, Scott Emil Johnson, John Stanley Ford, Stanley Robert Ryfa, David Rudolph Rodriguez. SEVENTH ROW: An- drew Ridgely Taylor, Treasurer, Billy Dean James, Richard Kellogg Morton, Richard Lee Polmanteer, Joseph Magliolo III, Mark Stephen Harris, Robert Lewis Morgan, Douglas Edward Mann, Daniel Hector Quintana, Richard David Jordan. 332 Alpha Phi Omega ABOVE: APO flag-runners prepare to unfurl the " Lone Star " in pre-game activities. LEFT: At Lost Pines Boy Scout Camp near Bastrop. Texas, an APO member works industriously at an organiza- tional project. Alpha Phi Omega 333 Tejas Club encourages friendship among mem- bers who possess qualities of leadership, scholar- ship, friendliness and a willingness to serve others. In 1975-1976 the group held a Christmas party for underprivileged children, coordinated the flash card section at fall football games and maintained a blood fund at the Travis County Blood Bank. The club organized weekly coffees for members and guests at which distinguished speakers, includ- ing faculty members and businessmen, were fea- tured. Tejas members enjoyed after-game parties during football season, Christmas and Thanksgiving din- ners for all members, a Valentine dinner and a J. O. Garrett Dinner honoring the club ' s most outstand- ing member. The traditional debate was held between the " Southern Colonels " and the " Lily Whites " to deter- mine whether or not liquor should be an ingredient in egg nog at the Christmas party. Members are initiated twice yearly and offices are held for one semester only. Many members are ac- tively involved in other campus service organiza- tions. Tej Disc Jockey David Gayle spins records at a Tejas Club party. At a weekly late night coffee, Student Government President Carol Crabtree discusses the role of the senate in University politics with Tejas Club. 334 Tejas Club 1 FIRST EMnBa Steven LI WJohi mend Je Tejas Club FIRST ROW: Keith Lee Hamilton, Kitchen Manager, David Wayne Thomas, Edwin Barrett Turner, Joe David Word, President, Jimmy Wayne McManus, Steven Lee McMillon, Secretary, Kevin Lawrence Shaw, Gary Charles Mor- gan, John Walker King. SECOND ROW: John David Harrison, Leslie Des- mond Jennings, Robert Garth Ikel, Historian, Michael Allen McFarland, Jonathon David Ivey, Jon Allen Green, Harry Edwin Steffen Jr., Eric Francis Craven, Stephen Scott Huntsberger. THIRD ROW: Edwin John Seilheimer Jr., Vice-President, Malcolm Conrad Geiger, Alexis Mount Cranberg, Em- mett Elbert Harrison, Business Manager, Robert Dean Dabbs, Timothy Brian Fleming, John Bruce Lowe. Tejas Club 335 Tom C. Rhodes, Longhorn Band director Glenn A. Richter, assistant to the director Loi mover nation homE die co newd The freshr son. requir it Here initial Tw triple in Of Theb Kaj spons Wan Theal IheE Ina home Thf perfo San I Ihi and | sprin] 336 Longhorn Band Longhorn Band Nationally known for its large-scale precision movements, " Texas-size sound " and a rare combi- nation of excellence and showmanship, the Long- horn Band is one of the largest university bands in the country. Each member reflects the spirit, pride and tradi- tion that has formed the character of the band for the past 75 years. In 1975, the band came under the new direction of Tom C. Rhodes. Rhodes came to The University of Texas band program in 1974 as an assistant to the director and was appointed director of the Longhorn Band in June 1975. The band ' s season officially began August 25, as freshmen attended a week-long introductory ses- sion. For six weeks 101 new band members were required to wear orange and white beanies and learn the band ' s history and traditions. These beanies were officially replaced by Stetson hats at a formal initiation ceremony October 4. Two television appearances, including a three day trip to Houston for the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl game on December 27, highlighted the football season. The band travelled to the OU, SMU and A M games. Kappa Kappa Psi, the honorary band fraternity, sponsored buses that took 100 bandsmen to the Arkansas game in Fayetteville. The band also played at various pep rallies and local engagements throughout the fall. In the spring, the 300-member marching band divided into three concert bands, a jazz ensemble and a brass band. A performance was held in the Theatre for the Performing Arts in San Antonio for the Ex-Students ' Association on February 29. In addition, members of these bands played at the home basketball games and swimming meets. The band regrouped as a marching band for their performance in the April Fiesta Flambeau parade in San Antonio. Other major performances were the annual football banquet, Spring Band-0-Rama and University commencement excercises. Throughout the year members of the band en- joyed picnics, barbeques, the Freshman P arty, a Halloween Party, a Kicker Party, a Christmas Carol- ing Party and a Bavarian Party. In May, the band presented old and new officers and honored outstanding students at the formal spring banquet. Nancy Gail Crosby, feature twirler, Eric Stewart Hagstette, drum major, Adana Teresa Willman, feature twirler Longhorn Band 337 Showband 01 FIRST ROW: Teresa Adana Willman SECOND ROW: Raymond L. Kohler Steven Lee McMillon Harold Philip Stern Charles Terry Bridgeman Glen Earl Wilkes Lee Devereaux Lacy Alice Louise Aanstoos Selinda Susan Stockton Rae Ann Tillerson Karen Kay Grube Scott Ingersoll Harmon Philip Robert Knisely Brent Randolph Caldwell Pamela Sue McPhee Paul Joseph Cimoch Hilda Louise Prado Guy Franklin Aldrich Robert Alfred Williams John Walker King Vincente Paredes Richard Alan Dunbar Lewis Brent Shrier THIRD ROW: Jon Albert Haneman William Matthew Harriss Grant Richard Wolfe Carol Ann Nickels Sandra Kay Chapman Shirley Joyce Sanchez Marjorie Lynette Nelson Julie Bredeth Luker Michael Gene Figer Lee Otis Taylor Joseph Isabel Gasca Charles Ervont Grays Peggy Jo Elliot Leslie Ann Malone Leah Beth Klein Elaine Boyd Mary Elizabeth Ehrlich Lynn Barbara Nawrocki Jerry Frederick Junkin Rhonda Lynn Hare Cynthia Burnell Knox FOURTH ROW: Pamela Lynn Davis Sharon Sue Hoelscher Deborah Lynn Mudd Nancy Susan North Victoria Guerra Lisa Ellen Swanson Stacey Lynn Pool Becky S. Snodgrass William Keith Honea Karen Lorraine Ford John Robert Lindley Michael Everett Brymer Darlene Theresa Guillory Richard Phillip Taylor Brett Louis Perroux Donald Keith Figer John Frederick Berry Terry Allen Pence John Edward Hope FIFTH ROW: Michael Jefferson Boone Cynthia Lea Anderson Karen Joy Spinks Mark Jay Crenwelge James Edward Browne Raul Salvador Casso Philip Joel Hiller August James Mitchon Craig Alan McKennon Frank S. Walker Jr. John Frederick Kaderli Edward James Sparks Larry Wayne Mendez Richard Mark Robinson Richard F. Gutierrez Garry Lewis Myers John Robert Laughlin Leslie Desmond Jennings Ronald Keith Moore Joseph Thomas Walters Steven Wyatt Philippus Cameron Iliff Coldwell SIXTH ROW: Donnie Gene Sharon Anna Margaret Clements Mark Wheeler Walker Samuel C. McDonald Kenneth Paul Bierschenk James Aaron Abies Joni Elizabeth Spanjer Carol Ann Nelson Stuart C. McKennon James Michael McEnelly John Bruce Lowe Mark Shannon Dolive Edwin Glenn Spinks Randol Alan Bass Edward Charles Stein Robert Kalle Michaels John A. McAnulty Jr. Norman Lloyd Burrows Steven Riley Oliver SEVENTH ROW: Judith Gay Oehler Deborah Jean O ' Donnell James Alan Feldman Diana Lynn Talasek Karl Thomas Maher James Kenner Biggs III Joe David Lozano Roger Drake Barker Ricky Charles Corse Jack Gary Halm William Graham Wright John Edson Michaels Daniel Earl McGookey Scott Emil Johnson Dennis Brian Hutchison David Nelson Currey Samuel Hunt Carr Timothy Wayne Cunningham Harold Alvin Wilbanks EIGHTH ROW: William S. Gum George Ruiz Jr. James Charles Holt Jr. Scott Keith Ramsey Daniel Bryan Davidson Paul Collins Baria Bruce Kevin Kretsinger David Clay Reese Adrian Lloyd Sorrell Todd Elton Linstrum Mark Charles Hastings Reese Brentzel Jr. Milton E. Lindsey Jr. Thomas E. Bickers Jr. David Lee Gandin Mark Allen Stinson James Harold Spencer Paul Stephen Moore Stephen Ray Nolley Richard Keith Frithiof FRS fer K MX ---: ' - : - i Pun : ; , : : ; - 9 - : i 338 Longhorn Band Of the Southwest FIRST ROW: Nancy Gail Crosby SECOND ROW: Robert Dupree Detert Richard Earl Morris Thomas Robert Fields Stephen Earl Spooner Robert Lee McGlasson William Otto Haehnel Pamela Leigh Towry David Randall Krauskopf Vicki Ann Williams Curtis Jay Royer Debra Colleen Burkett Susan Elizabeth Fox Katherine Eilene McAbee Karen Loraine Westbrook Caryn Denise Bothwell Diane Berenice Nelson Peggy Jane Williams Sue Ann Kendrick Mary Pamela Didion Amy Lou Reinhardt Sheila Darlene Nichols THIRD ROW: Eric Laurence Monashkin Charlotte Mae Dietzel Sally Ann Black Cynthia Gayle Bartek Kitzi Jane Blitch Susan Marie Mesecke Thomas Alan Foreman Ronald Allen Carlson Laura Diane Currey Caroline Herrise Creeden Roger Evans Sowell Doreen Kay Payne Patricia Gayle Smith Karin Nanette Westlund Karen Suzanne Bouchard Glenn A. Richter Assistant to the Director James E. Turpin Director ' s Assistant Eric Stewart Hagstette Tom C. Rhodes Longhorn Band Director FOURTH ROW: Arthur F. Graff III Robert Benjamin Purdy Douglas Carl Holmes Irvin Darnell Peterson Charles Roland Brewer Raney Dale Petty David Lee Turner Donald Paul Havis Francis Ann Reed Jean Allyse Burson Rita Irene Samano Susan Carol Hopkins Pamela Rae Wood Gail Susan Graham Donna Kaye DeCuir Terry Eileen Faucheux Kathleen Anne Kadell Elizabeth Jane Brockett Laurie Kay Hill Kathleen Thomas Betty Sue Bierschenk Patti Lynn Brookshire Myra Lee Klinksiek FIFTH ROW: Ronald James Garcia Paul Darwin Norton Douglas Frank Wunneburger Steven Ray Richter Robert Flay Mohle Robert Franklin Avant William Bryan Phillips Philip Edward Kruger John Henry Benavides Elston Howard Bell Rosendo G. Sanchez William Kennedy Crone Robert Forrest Steele William Jack Dyer Gregory Marc Downs Elmo Stewart Lopez Stephen Herman Miller Ronald Wayne Behrends Marcelle Ivonne Cedars Denise Lanell Turmel Victoria Lynne Bell Janet Elaine Markwordt SIXTH ROW: Bruce Gregory Arnold Mark Areilius Ledford Tracy Lynn Little William Martin Brian John Mihleder Philip Joseph Porter Curt Lewis Heffley Robert Anhony Hunt Gary David McCullough Keith Lee Hamilton Kenneth Leigh Sebek John Delane Nelson Carol Ann Brown John Herbert Merz Barbara Ann Dorf Dorothy Cecile Williams Karen Marie Andreas Kelly Diane Wallin Susan Lee Sheldon Mary Martha Maurer Cynthia Lynn Derrick SEVENTH ROW: Jay Fredric Wheless Michael Allen McFarland Bendel Seveil Rushing Mark A. Hernandez Paul Andrew Farris John Kevin Shaw William Otway Breedlove Jon Richard Flint II David Warren Polstra William Thomas Kelly Anthony Joseph Moreno Claudio Luis Cardenas Glen Alan Clark Jack Wyman Browne Jr. Steven Thomas Newlin Dennis Carl Ahrens Keith Robert Rowden Mary Evelyn Johnson Barbara Nunn Diane Elaine Gorzycki Robert Alan Young EIGHTH ROW: Michael Martin Nassour Carl Craig McClendon Jose Luis Hernandez Emmett Elbert Harrison Daniel Marshall Sebek Richard Mark Church James Gregory Wilson Herbert Timothy Frazier David Michael Tucker William Clayton Goodwin Michael Dalton Meyer Larry Don Koeninger Frank Ides VanDyck Allan Durand Stephens David Scott Mothersole James Louis Collier Dale Lee Chapman Joel Matthew Shryack John Dalgus Boggs III Michael Paul Jergins Longhorn Band 339 BAND COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Diane Elaine Gorzycki, Sue Ann Kendrick, Rae Ann Tillerson. BACK ROW: Michael Allen McFarland, Michael Gene Figer, Reese Brentzel Jr., William Kennedy Crone. SECTION LEADERS: FIRST ROW: Richard Alan Dunbar, Peggy Jane Wil- liams, John Bruce Lowe, Richard Earl Morris, Ronald Wayne Behrends, Sandra Kay Chapman, Jerry Fredrick Junkin, Cynthia Burnell Knox. SEC- OND ROW: Michael Gene Figer, Rae Ann Tillerson, Thomas Alan Foreman, Steven Lee McMillipn, Raney Dale Petty, Dennis Carl Ahrens, Keith Lee Hamilton, Scott Keith Ramsey, John Douglas Boggs III, Diane Elaine Gor- zycki. THIRD ROW: Tom C. Rhodes, Director, Paul Collins Baria, Rudford Kyle Evans, Richard F. Gutierrez, James Harold Spencer, Emmett Elbert Harison, Daniel Earl McGookey, Roger E. Sowell, Scott Ingersoll Harmon, James Edwin Turpin, Jack Wyman Browne Jr. FOURTH ROW: Scott La- monte McAngus, Ronald Keith Moore, Timothy Wayne Cunningham, Ca- meron Iliff Coldwell, Eric Stewart Hagstette, Jay Fredric Wheless, David Michael Tucker, Norman Lloyd Burrows, Arthur Frederick Graf, Leslie Des- mond Jennings, William Graham Wright. 340 Longhorn Band B - Si Longhorn Band Longhorn Band 341 Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma (TBS) is an honorary band soror- ity based on musical ability, leadership and other outstanding qualities exhibited by its members. The sole purpose of this organization is to help and aid the University of Texas Longhorn Band. A woman must have lettered for two semesters in Longhorn Band to be eligible for membership. During the fall, Tau Beta Sigma aided the band by carrying sewing kits and other essentials needed by members of the band during rehearsals and football games. At every game and concert, TBS sponsored the sale of the Longhorn Band records and tapes. The sorority contributed to the organization of the Freshman band program, the fall and spring picnics and weekly barbeques held in the fall. Socially, TBS hosted a party for the women in the band and a joint party with their brother fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi. This past year several members attended a dis- trict convention in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and a National TB S Convention in Houston. They also held two retreats for the entire membership of the soror- ity to promote friendship in the organization. KKYm FIRST ROW: Debra Colleen Burkett, Treasurer, Dorothy Cecile Williams, Historian, Leah Beth Klein, Vice-President. Mary Martha Maurer, President, Katherine Eilene McAbee, Corresponding Secretary, Lynn Barbara Naw- rocki, Parliamentarian, Mary Evelyn Johnson, Recording Secretary. SEC- OND ROW: Sue Ann Kendrick, Susan Lee Sheldon, Rhonda Lynne Hare, Sally Ann Black, Rae Ann Tillerson, Elaine Boyd, Barbara Ann Dorf, Judith Gay Oehler, Francis Ann Reed. THIRD ROW: Denise Lanell Turmel, Nancy Gail Crosby, Diane Berenice Nelson, Kathleen Anne Kadell, Donna Kay DeCuir, Cynthia Burnell Knox, Gail Susan Graham, Jean Allyse Burson, Hilda Louise Prado, Diane Elaine Gorzycki. FIRST :;;. ads., Let ft 342 Tau Beta Sigma Kappa Kappa Psi Members of Kappa Kappa Psi (KKY), honorary fraternity for Longhorn bandsmen, are selected on the basis of musical ability, spirit and willingness to work, particularly in service to the Longhorn Band. Eight-week pledge programs are held each semes- ter. KKY sponsored a bus to the Arkansas game on October 18 for interested football fans. Also in Octo- ber was the KKY-Alumni Football Game, an annual clash between fraternity members and ex-bands- men. The fraternity chartered buses in November to Wurstfest for band members and held a picnic in the spring for all members of the fall marching band. Tau Beta Sigma women and KKY men enjoyed a " Burger Bash " in the Spring. KKY supplied soft drinks for visiting bands at home games and apples for the Longhorn Band. Members furnished water at all rehearsals and set up equipment when needed. KKY members outring the Arkansas Razorbacks with their cowbells - ' - :: ' - FIRST ROW: David Scott Mothersole, Arthur Frederick Graff, Treasurer, Paul Collins Baria, Vice-President, David Michael Tucker, President, Tom Collins Rhodes, Sponsor, Craig Alan Buchele, Secretary, Jack Wyman Browne Jr., Parliamentarian, Scott Keith Ramsey, Historian, John Bruce Lowe. SECOND ROW: Lee Devereaux Lacy, David Lawrence Peterson, Ran- dol Alan Bass, Robert Forrest Steele, Alan Glen Clark, Ronald Wayne Beh- rends, Adrian Lloyd Sorrell, Phillip Joseph Porter, Keith Lee Hamilton, Dale Lee Chapman, Joe David Lozano. THIRD ROW: Reese Brentzel Jr., Robert Flay Mohle, Emmett Elbert Harrison, Lamonte Scott McAngus, Eric Stewart Hagstette, Michael Allen McFarland, Jay Fredric Wheless, Michael Gene Figer, Lee Otis Taylor, Louis Numa DeCuir, Mark Anthony Hernandez. FOURTH ROW: Daniel Earl McGookey, John Walker King, Jose Luis Her- mandez, John Dalgus Boggs, Vicente Paredes, Raney Dale Petty, Irvin Darnell Peterson, Douglas Frank Wunneburger, Richard Alan Dunbar, James Charles Holt Jr., Curt Lewis Heffley, Roger Drake Barker, Stephen Herman Miller. Kappa Kappa Psi 343 Longhorn Band Festivities 344 Longhorn Band FIRST ROW: Donna Maria Blackshear, Rosalind Renee Might, Helen Sandra Mays, DeMetris Aquilla Sampson, president, Pamela Rechelle White, Karen Delores Hayes, Sandra Gerard, Linda Marie Richards. SECOND ROW: Linda Denise Mclntosh, Sheila Laruth Cheatham, Beverly Dilworth, Mallinee Iris Portia Smith, Doris Ann Basquine, Cheryl Ann Kirk, directress, Sheila Bur- nette Campbell, Velma Joyce Gaines, Gilda Joyce Davidson, Wonda Elise Burnim. THIRD ROW: Debra Ann Harris, Jacqualyn llvana Huckaby, Corinda Joanne Walker, Lorraine Hood, vice-president, Deborah Louise Thomas, Lee Milton Powers Jr., Charles Robert Kelley, Bobby Dwayne Witcher, Meredith Lynette Canada, Deborah Etta Giles, Sherry Denise Stowers. FOURTH ROW: Claudie Mae Harrell, Debra Michelle Smith, Letty Arlene Manuel. Sharitta Gale Cnism, historian, Dianna Gordon, secretary, Beverly Jeannette Landers, Gaither Cicero Risher III, Leo Jason Adams, Ursula Rhea Hilton, Bessie Lynn Butler, Onella Laverne Brown, Ava Gisele Wheat- ley. FIFTH ROW: Julie Ann Jackson, Larry Dennis Dawn, Michael Von Wil- liams, Ray Donald Dudley, treasurer, Rodman Lynn Turner, Calvin Mayfield III, Michael Curtis Galloway, Randolph Alan Mayfield, Cornell Tinsley McGhee, Jesse Jones Jr., Edwin Odell Leffall, Douglas Eugene Davis Jr., Joe McNeil, Elizabeth Veronica Hall. Members of Innervisions of Blackness wish to " educate, emulate, exemplify and enlighten the soul of the black experience through the scope of mu- sic, " DeMetris Sampson, president, said. Those interested can join at the beginning of each semester. The group is essentially a choir. Performances in the fall included a history of Black Music, a Sunday service for the 19th Street Church, a program for Jester Center residents and a Christmas program for elderly people. In the spring, members presented a Black History Week program and performed at Temple Beth Israel and the at Presbyterian Center. The choir entertained the audience of the Miss Afro Pageant sponsored by Lanier High School on Valentine ' s Day. On April 23, the club ' s " Innervi- sions of Blackness Concert " ended the year ' s per- formances. Innervisions of Blackness Innervisions of Blackness 345 ' Choral Directors The University of Texas Choral Organizations con- tinue to be one of the largest student activities on the campus. The eight organizations are directed by three faculty members and four teaching assistants. Over 100 performances were presented locally and throughout the state as well as other parts of the country during 1975-1976. Dr. Morris Beachy continued his 19th year as Di- rector of Choral Activities while Dr. Alaire Lowry and Dr. Charles Smith began their second year of associ- ation with the University choral program. New teaching assistants for 1975-1976 were Sharon Co- leman and Richard Dodd, while Stewart Clark con- tinued his directorship of the pop programs. Ann Bunyan remained the Director of the Women ' s Con- cert Choir. Dr. Morris Beachy Dr. Alaire Lowry Dr. Charles Smith Stewart Clark The Sharon Coleman Richard Dodd Ann Bunyan 346 Choral Directors mm Thej mcipal Master ' OoA| On May id Kith The Choral Union Choral Union combines with the University Symphony Orchestra to present " Mahler ' s Eighth Symphony. The Choral Union, the largest of all University choral groups, faced a monumental task at the be- ginning of the fall semester in preparing for " Mahler ' s Eighth Symphony, " a large-scale choral orchestral work. The symphony was pre- sented for two performances in Municipal Audito- rium on November 18 and 20 with the University Symphony Orchestra. It was the first Austin perfor- mance of this work. The group presented a Christmas program at Mu- nicipal Auditorium on December 20. Sponsored by Austin Savings and Loan Association, over 4,000 Austin citizens attended. Choral Union members split into two different groups at the beginning of the spring semester. Some choir members provided the chorus work for the University opera production " The Saint of Bleeker Street " in March. One of the members took the other half of the Choral Union and prepared his Master ' s recital program in choral conducting. On April 23, the Choral Union joined the Austin Symphony Orchestra to perform David Diamond ' s " This Scared Ground, " Howard Hanson ' s " Lament for Beowulf " and Beethoven ' s " Symphony No. 9. " On May 7 and 8, the Choral Union again collaborat- ed with the Austin Symphony Orchestra in its Pops Program for the final performance of the year. Choral Union 347 Chamber Singers The Chamber Singers began their fall schedule in November with performances at two Austin high schools. Much of the repertoire for the fall had a Spanish flavor as the main activity during the fall was a trip to San Antonio to present a concert of early Spanish religious music in the San Jose Mis- sion on December 5. The group also appeared in concert at the First English Lutheran Church during December. The se- mester was concluded with the 19th Annual Cham- ber Singers Christmas Concert on December 8. The spring semester took the Chamber Singers to Lanier and Crockett High Schools in Austin and on trips to Dallas and San Antonio. The group present- ed concerts for students in the Richardson area as well as a concert in the First Baptist Church of Dal- las. The main concert in the Dallas area was held on April 1 for the National Convention of the Music Teachers National Association, where the Chamber Singers presented a program of American music to commemorate the Bicentennial year. Several works were given their premiere performances at this con- vention, among them an extensive work by the resi- dent composer at the University, Karl Korte. The Chamber Singers were again invited to ap- pear before the state-wide Madrigal Festival spon- sored by Roosevelt High School in San Antonio. The major activity of the spring semester took place on May 26. Chamber Singers went to Washing- ton, D.C. as the official music group representing the State of Texas for the Bicentennial Texas Pro- gram at Kennedy Center. A program by Texas com- posers was presented with two UT Department of Music composers represented, Karl Korte and Don- ald Grantham. Two other Texas composers who wrote works specifically for this performance were Paul Cooper of Rice University and Robert Rodri- guez, a former UT student now teaching at UT Dal- las. FIRST ROW: Robert Erwin Minor Jr., Richard Dean Poole. SECOND ROW: Gwen Elizabeth Franke, Diana Gail Eblen, Pamela Gail Elrod, Margaret E. Gregory, Jeanne Louise Kemp. THIRD ROW: Donald Lee Edens Jr., Diane Guthrie, Ara Verne Carapetyan, Marilyn Jean Howell, Pamela Jean Shank, 348 Chamber Singers Jimmy Wade Guthrie, Terri Kay Tyner, Stewart J. Clark, Connie Ruth Gastler, Nancy Ann Hermanson, Robert Michael Stout. FOURTH ROW: Robert Addison Reid, Andrew Kormany. Concert Chorale FIRST ROW: Laurie Jan Reece, Laura Elizabeth Luecke, Cynthia Louise Fadely, Susan Jan Soward, Secretary, Gail Lynn Murray, Carmen Marie Gonzales, Sharon Benson Underwood, Kimi Jan Chafin, Patricia Rosalind Riggle, Norma Jean Villarreal. SECOND ROW: Charles K. Smith, Director. Julie Ann Whittington, Pamela Ann Taylor, Barbara Ruth Mallin, Lesa Carol White, President, Carla von Merz, Kim Berman, Rebecca Behrendt, Mary Marshall Davie, Jan Marie White. THIRD ROW: Laura Lou Petermann, Shar- on Eileen Dolan, Sharon Renee Coleman, Pricilla Rose Kingry, Lisa Irby, Pamela Gail Elrod, Jennifer Marie Jicha, Pamela Sue Gregory, Cheryl Lynn King. FOURTH ROW: Richard Malcolm Walsh, Michael Proter Kappelman, Tommy Lee Ingram, Jeffrey Scott Barnett, Donald Preston Wiley, Charles Wayne Gabehart, Michael Henry Rasco, Mark Edward Fisch, Edward Junius Drake, Gregory Leo Gastler, Vice-President. FIFTH ROW: Charles Hank Hammett, Wayne George Locklear, James Edward Wood, Reginald Michael Harvey, Randol Alan Bass, Keith Lee Hamilton, Andrew McLeod Taylor, Wendell Dean Wyatt, David Marc Owen, James Douglas Hurd. SIXTH ROW: John Tablott Sessing, Michael Lee Raillard, Robert Wayne Proft, Louis Scott Hammond, Michael Thomas Edwards, Charles Donelson Spradley, Robert Lewis Hirtzel, Richard William Tacker, Gary Wayne Pyle, Ricky Charles Corse, Treasurer. Concert Chorale provides an opportunity for stu- dents to experience a wide variety of musical litera- ture from various time periods through learning and performing. The Chorale performs a wide range of musical styles from Ninth Century Gregorian chants to new choral works composed especially for the group. Approximately 60 percent of the choir ' s members are music majors, but students majoring in other studies are also included in the group. The Concert Chorale began 1975-1976 by partici- pating in the Fine Arts Symposium on September 28-30. It also held several music clinics with Austin area high schools, in addition to performing for the Texas Junior College All-State Choir Convention in Temple. In October, the Chorale conducted a three-day set of clinics in Houston area high schools. These clinics were valuable learning experiences not only for the audience, but the Chorale as well, as they gave members a chance to learn through teaching. Concert Chorale also performed at Bergstrom Air Force Base on November 30 and concluded the fall semester with its Winter Concert. Members par- ticipated in a combined choral organizations Christ- mas caroling in December. To begin the spring semester, Concert Chorale gave a concert at Travis High School in Austin on February 18 and its annual Spring Concert in April. On May 2, Concert Chorale joined all University cho- ral groups in a May Day Choral Extravaganza. " I can ' t think of a better job than to stand in front of a group such as the Concert Chorale and listen to their music. I get paid for something I love. The members are the best part of this job. I have tre- mendous opportunities to get to know them, and we both have a common goal to create music, " Dr. Charles K. Smith, Concert Chorale directo r, said. Concert Chorale 349 " With our show entitled ' 200 Years of Popular Music in America ' the Longhorn Singers celebrated the Bicentennial with the best examples of pop mu- sic from America ' s past to provide a memorable evening ' s entertainment, " Stewart Clark, Longhorn Singers director, said. With this goal in mind, Longhorn Singers per- formed many times this year. On October 10 and 1 1 they took their fall tour to Dallas. The Longhorn Singers sang for the Orange Jackets in November and on November 8 they performed for the Dad ' s Day Association at the LBJ Library. A concert for the Alumni Association was held in November. Longhorn Singers participated on December 7 in the All Cho- rus Carol Sing at the First English Church in Austin. Spring semester activities began February 7 with the Longhorn Singers performance for the Lion ' s Club Mid-Winter Conference. On March 3 they held a concert for Jaycees in Lockhart, and on March 6 the Longhorn Singe rs performed at the University School of Communication complex. Longhorn Singers took their Spring Tour during spring break, March 13-21. Performances were held at Jackson, Galveston, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Houston. They ended the year on May 2 by participating in the May Day Choral Extravanganza. The Longhorn Singers enjoy a beer at the Texas Tavern. Stewart Clark, director of Longhorn Singers, explains a rough passage during a practice for their Spring Tour through Texas and Louisiana. 350 Longhorn Singers 1 Longhorn Singers rfl c L (] 1 FIRST ROW: Marshal D. Goldberg, Bette Anne Pugh, Jeffrey Hayden Heald, Deborah Lynn Wroth, David August Senter, Julie M. Wilson, Robert Pratt Thacker, Donna Lanelle Gorzycki, Daniel Richard Flores, Carol Paula Brune- man. SECOND ROW: Debra Elaine Lentz, Paul Alan Boskind, Helen K. Johnson, Thomas C. Harrison, Nancy Maxwell, Kirkland Lee Busby, Bar- bara Susan Pryor, Thomas Sanders Ingram, Camille Larue. Leslie Ann Cohn. Charles W. Eggert Jr.. Debra Lynne Matthew, Michael Lynn Roberts, Persis Ann Forster. THIRD ROW: Carol L. Shaffer, Kelley Francis Whalen, Laura Elizabeth Luecke, James A. Janeway Jr., Deborah Lynn Bridges, Stanley R. Galanski, Mary Ann Schorlemer, Clarence Maris Smith, Kimberly Ann Sherrill, Catherine Carol Davis, Jane Brazelton. Tammy Anne Booth, Jay Ira Steinfeld, Kathleen Dohoney, Roy Thomas James, Kim Berman. FOURTH ROW: Carol Ann Lineback, Charles W. Mueller, Melissa Lyn Ran- dolph, Andrew Ridgely Taylor, Gail Ann Knoble, Timothy Joseph Rottet, Diane Elizabeth Kuhn, John Edmond Taylor, Elizabeth Ann Higley, Mark Goldstein, Ronald Jay Brustein, Timothy Slater Nash, Mary Elizabeth Diste- fano, Richard David O ' Connor, Martin Scott Holter. Longhorn Singers 351 Southern Singer members could be seen perform- ing popular music at various places, including mili- tary bases, civic meetings and conventions during 1975-1976. Southern Singers is an all-female choir whose members are chosen through auditions with director Sharon Coleman at the beginning of the fall semester. Southern Singers ' schedule included perfor- mances at LBJ Library and Littlefield Dormitory in November. In December the women sang for an Southern Singers East Austin elementary school and for the Austin Rotary Club. Their program included a pop and Christmas repertoire. During February the Southern Singers went to Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo. In April, Southern Singers performed at Kin- solving and Littlefield Dorms and in San Antonio at Lackland Air Force Base. The Spring Banquet in May provided the setting for initiation of new officers and recognition of graduating seniors. FIRST ROW: Carla Ann Serafin, Otelia Antoinette Jurcak, Elizabeth Anne Crisman, Vice-President, Cheryl Yvette Carlisle, Librarian, Deann Lechten- berger, President, Gail Snyder Blocher, Claudia Jacqueline Goodwin, Sar- etta Lynne Moss. SECOND ROW: Julia Joyce Clegg, Historian, Diedre Eliza- beth Hacker, Mary Markle Moore, Shiryl Louise Thompson, Treasurer, Elizabeth Rankin McNeely, Christy Sue Lundstedt, Beverly Gail Scudday, Kathleen Susan Foster, Mary Suzanne Trotzuk. THIRD ROW: Janis Ann Hobart, Elizabeth Ann Fairchild, Deborah Joan Benitez, Margaret Ann Mc- Carthy, Mary Helen McFarlane, Vicki Jo Lyon, Cynthia June Lawrence, Candella Koomey. FOURTH ROW: Jane Cay Elliot, Marsha Renee Greene, Frances Carolyn Prudhomme, Kyle Elaine Cooper, Leslie Lynn Zimmerman, Kathleen Louise Rohmer, Librarian, Nina Elaine Prudhomme. Chorus : and Stec 352 Southern Singers lingers University Chorus FIRST ROW: Dr. Alaire Lowry, Conductor, Margarita Moquin, Sharon Ann Lyon, Lynn Pollard, Susan Kay Bruton, Norma Lynne Vodicka, Jean Casner Casarez, Susan Lea Terrell, Kelly Jayne Brazell, Virginia Beth McKinney, Susan Gayle Hawthorne. SECOND ROW: Ara Verne Carapetyan, Cynthia Eunice Janke, Susan Marie Fox, Juliana Kazee, Catharine W. Jackson. Nancy L. Hildebrand, Jane Susan Lanzisera. Susan Elaine Rogers, Linda Kay Youngblood, Mary Catherine McMillen, Jerri Louise Hale, Vernon Harold Moeller. THIRD ROW: Rebecca Anne Fadely. Vice-President. Nancy Eliza- beth White, Gale Marie Turner, Secretary, Susan Renee Branson, Laura Gay Stueckler, Cynthia Jeanne Bryant, Robin Louise Schlichter, Rebeca Garza, Ann I. Perrine. FOURTH ROW: Sally DayTrigg, Treasurer, Persis Ann Forster, Donna Lee Cranberry, Elaine Louise Koughan. Debra Kay Pease, Karla Ruth Zwiers. Eileen Marie Berlinger, Jean Anne Craft. FIFTH ROW: Glenn A. Tobleman, Blair Richard Williamson, Andres Castillo, James T. Ainsworth. Harlen Rieger Fleming, Carl Lee Fike, James Delayne Martin, Richard Alan Polunsky, Gerre Barth Gannaway. SIXTH ROW: David Peter Kellaway, Thomas Martin Eisele. Harry Allen Gump, Ronald James Herrera, Matthew John Sherman, Rudolph Frank Mares, Howard Allen Brook, Bruce William Boyle. Curtis Polk. SEVENTH ROW: Leonard Scott Schmidt. Law- rence B. Stewart, Gregory Thomas Dunn, David Eldon Moody, Thomas John Donovan, Randall Browning Meacham, Kenneth Ray Pease, Chris William Pierce. EIGHTH ROW: Thomas Martin Upshaw, John Raymond Elrod, Randall Lewis Kelleher, David Lynn Ross, Charles Louis Renaud, Jimmy Preston Wrotenbery, Bruce MacKenzie Martin, Bruce David Lies- man. NINTH ROW: Charles A. Tompkins, Gary Arthur Goethe, Lawrence Ross Clarke, Floyd Miles II, Leslie Gene lull, Carl Robert Johnston, Presi- dent. The University Chorus is a large mixed choir for both music and non-music majors. Its repertoire was predominately sacred music with most of its concerts held in area churches. Members were se- lected through auditions with director Dr. Alaire Lowry each semester. In the fall -the group presented church programs and sang for the Fine Arts Symposium on November 28. A Spring Tour March 6-9 took the University Chorus to Marble Falls, Burnet, Brady, Brownwood and Stephenville. The Chorus held its Spring Con- cert on March 28. For its final performance of the year the University Chorus participated in the May Day Choral Extravanganza on May 2, with other Choral Organizations. " University Chorus became, in many ways, a new choir this year. For the first time, it had a faculty director, took a tour and presented a spring con- cert. For me, however, it is more important that we had so many wonderful times together learning, growing and sharing the job of making music, " Dr. Lowry said. University Chorus 353 Varsity Singers Under the direction of Richard Dodd, the Varsity Singers performed choreographed vocal arrange- ments within a pop-Broadway repertoire. Tryouts for the choral organization were held in the fall. Students put in five hours practice each week preparing for local performances at various conventions, civic clubs and a Dad ' s Day program. Campus performances included concerts at Kinsolv- ing, the Texas Tavern, Jester Center and the Little- field Home. In addition to these appearances, the Varsity Singers took weekend trips to Houston and Dallas and toured Texas during Spring Break. In the past, Varsity Singers have participated in USO tours which have taken them throughout Eur- ope. The Singers also made a television advertise- ment for a local bank by special request. if a iii I I Varsity Singers give it some " pizazz " at the Hilton. FRONT ROW: Robin Melinda Frisby. Mary McCord Sullivan, Terry Lynn Cassell, Janie Lou Semke, Todd Brian Freeman, Byron Frederick Lilly, Donald Preston Wiley. Joseph Patrick Carroll, Richard Wyatt Roberts, 354 Varsity Singers Charles William Adams, Richard Dennis Dodd, Catherine Anne Bowles, Betsy Fath, Edith Diane Dochen. Michele D. Fallwell. BACK ROW: John Dewey Miller, Michael L. Kaufman, Charles D. Spradley, Mark Pitman. FRONT ROW: Donna Lynn Fikes. Mary Alice Leyva, Cindy Sue Sampler, Suzanne Lee, Secretary, Gladys Edna Thomas, Karen L. Shifflett, Mary Alice Maurer, Christine Ruth Wagner, Judy Kathryn Sousares. President, Peggy Elaine McDade, Vice-President. MIDDLE ROW: Tina Jeanette Ayers, Emily Anne Bergman, Cheri Ann Stalcup. Betty Diann Berry, Elizabeth K. Beavers, Patricia M. Nelson, Robin Elena Hinderer, Jerilyn Ree Wise McGe- hee, Mary Markle Moore, Mary Christine Arnett, Jane Ann Steed, Ann Sotherden Bunyan. BACK ROW: Karen Lynne Kelley, Jean Marie Zimmer- mann, Lora Lynn Trainer, Carol Ann Lindner, Peggy Elaine McDade, Kath- ryn M. Gilbert, Sarah K. Robberson, Treasurer, Julie Patrice Wall, Judth Lorraine Knippa, Kathleen Anne Huston, Marsha K. Scale May. Him i The Women ' s Concert Choir attempts to develop professional choral techniques in an all-female vocal setting. Tryouts for the Women ' s Concert Choir are held privately with choir director Ann Bunyan at the be- ginning of each semester. She is solely responsible for selecting the choir ' s membership. The Women ' s Concert Choir enjoyed a picnic at Pease Park on October 5, and on November 9 gave a performance at the Church of the Resurrection. On November 18 and 20, the Women ' s Concert Choir performed Mahler ' s Eighth Symphony with the Choral Union and the University Symphony at Municipal Auditorium. On December 7, the Women ' s Concert Choir sang Christmas carols at the First English Lu thern Church and performed for the December 14 church service at the Central Christian Church. The choir per- formed at Saint Martin Lutheran Church on March 3. On May 2, the Women ' s Concert Choir sang in the May Day Choral Extravaganza for their final perfor- mance of the year. Women ' s Concert Choir Women ' s Concert Choir 355 Hillel Sponsoring activities as varied as Jewish cooking classes and lessons in the Hebrew language, Hillel provided a center for Jewish fellowship on The Uni- versity of Texas campus. Rabbi Neal Borovitz came to Hillel in August, to serve as teacher, counselor and religious leader to the UT Jewish community. Hillel provided lox and bagel breakfasts on week- ends as well as weekly movies. Speakers included Professor Roy Mersky and United Jewish Appeal Director Rabbi Earl Jordon. The 1975-1976 aca- demic year was highlighted by a guest performance by Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jew-Boys. Hillel also sponsored testing for Tay Sachs dis- ease, an ever-increasing problem affecting people of eastern European origin and descent. W " Hillel President Randy Plost helps auction goods in a benefit for Israel. CLIFFORDS UNGERS FRONT ROW: Robert Michael Zirl. Ann Charisse Fallas, Randall Bruce Plost. President. Barbara Ruth Mallin. James Leslie Berk. BACK ROW: Steven Lowe. Marc E. Lefkowitz. Lewis Jay Scherotter. Rabbi Neal Borovitz. 356 Hillel TheC UPOSC: Science top. Hembi fcirprii special e Boston copies o FRONT ROW: Tina Lynne Latham, John Henry Depew Jr., Deborah Lou Paine, Sandra Lynn Gray. President, Jack Scott Mosley. MIDDLE ROW: Eric Tate Troseth, Ann C. Jackson, Jacquelyn Sword. Helen Clare Helmer. Thomas Wayne Starnes. BACK ROW: Laura Sue Chapman, Jeffrey Kim Holmes, Helen Francis Long, Treasurer, Jarl Garrett Sahol, James Thomas Bryan Jr. M The Christian Scientist Organization ' s primary purposes were to explain the teachings of Christian Science and to " provide an atmosphere conducive to healing in the academic community, " according to member John Depew. All interested University students, faculty and staff members were welcome to join. Members used weekly testimonial meetings as their primary means of healing. They also attended special events, such as a lecture given by a promi- nent Christian Scientist from the Mother Church in Boston. In the spring, the organization handed out copies of the Christian Science Monitor to those who wanted to know more about Christian Science. Christian Science College Organization ' Christian Science College Organization 357 Crow ' s Nest A unique housing experience, the Crow ' s Nest fos- ters naval leadership among midshipmen that live in the house, as well as providing members with eco- nomical lodging. Since 1948 the doors have been open to any Navy ROTC Midshipman with an overall grade point aver- age of 2.0 and good standing with the University. Life at Crow ' s Nest is not all work. Members par- ticipated in a number of social and service activities. On October 13, the Crow ' s Nest celebrated the Na- vy ' s 200th birthday. They continued their year with various activities that ranged from the USS TRIPOLI Commissioning Day Ceremonies to the Tri-Service Blood Drive Competition. -..-.-. -,: y ? ' . ' c ; ; FIRST ROW: Steven Mark White, Treasurer, Hector Luis Colon, Vice-President, Dean Bradley Creech, Steven Mark Robertson, Timothy Joe Parker, David Mehring Helfrinch, Bruce Daniel Za- loski, William Harry McRaven, Michael Orr. SECOND ROW: Mi- chael Keith Stacey. Geoffrey Charles Torrence, Joseph Anthony Molinari, President, Michael Salde Maza. THIRD ROW: Quentin Wayne Dement, Keith Arnold Townsend, Timothy Joseph James Harrod, David Bradley Knox, Jerome Michael Pajares, Norman Jose Farley, Patrick James Benhke. 358 Crow ' s Nest ThePh provide bppa mi transfern foradmi; hards ; IheUr Won laredof FIRST ROW: Ana M. Garza, Secretary, Eugene Carroll Freeman, Vice- President, Elizabeth Maria Garcia, Cheryl Anne Gogelis, President. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Kay Fisher, Carl Joseph Shahady, Marsha Kay Seale May, Peggy Anita Overstreet. THIRD ROW: Yukihiro Anth- ony Nakamura, Faye Pearl Lindsay, Lelia Rosamaya Shelton, Freddie Ray Jones. FOURTH ROW: Donna Marie Danysh, Michelle Patricia Just. Laurie Elaine Spicer, Robin Ray Roberts. FIFTH ROW: Cynthia Ann Schultz, Ken Mason Korthauer, Ann Marie Hodges. Deborah Ann Huggins. SIXTH ROW: Wilhelm Paul Backhaus, Gustavo Alfonso Car- denas, Vice-President, Richard Arthur Herrington. SEVENTH ROW: Charles Walter Schwartz, Steven Allen Wood, Treasurer, David Earl Turner, Curtis Elton Wren. EIGHTH ROW: Aubrey Lee Jones. Michael Alan Wren, David Wayne Conrad, Arthur Joseph Harding Jr. The Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association serves to provide continuing fellowship among Phi Theta Kappa members and help junior college students in transferring to the University. The only requirement for admission is to have been selected to a junior college Phi Theta Kappa chapter which requires at least a 3.5 grade point average for students working towards a four year degree. The University chapter had forty members last year from such varied places as New Jersey, Geor- gia, Panama and Texas. The 1975-1976 school year was the first full year of operation for the PTK chap- ter. They sent delegates to the state convention in Laredo February 13-14. The University chapter has the distinction of being one of only three Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Associ- ations in the nation, and the past year was spent trying to secure a national charter. Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association 359 Forensic Union The 1975-1976 topic for the Forensic Union, a University debate organization, was that Congress should adopt a comprehensive policy of land use control in the United States. The Forensic Union was formed to compete with college debate teams while enlarging each mem- ber ' s views on important issues. Membership in the Forensic Union is open to any University student with a 2.0 grade point average, but the ability to persuade is essential for represent- ing Texas as a debater. To prepare for a debate tournament, members thoroughly research material on affirmative and negative sides of the issues to be debated. They also hold practice sessions before each debate tourna- ment. The Forensic Union competed against such Texas teams as Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, University of Houston, Southwest Texas State and Lamar Univer- sity throughout the year. They also participated in tournaments on the east and west coasts. The Forensic Union hosted the Texas College Nov- ice Tournament on October 17 and sponsored the Orange and White High School Debate Tournament on December 12 and 13. On February 6 and 7 the debate tea m also hosted the Longhorn College De- bate Tournament on The University of Texas cam- pus. Sharon Renee Haines brushes up on her persuasive techniques. FIRST ROW: Janie Cristina Castaneda, Sharon Renee Haines, Dr. Larry Davis Browning, Coach, Richard Charles Price, Coach, Frank Rory McGinty, Coach, Katherine Susan Karp, Leigh Anne Grover, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Ronald Keith Martin, John Douglas Armstrong, Milward Glenn Chase, Ara Mihran Merjanian, Lawrence Rosenthal, James Kent Gruetzner, Aaron Louis Jackson, Jeffrey Clark Alexander, Robert Randolph Grimm, President, Mark August Ovard. 360 Forensic Union Texas Archery Club The days of the bow and arrow are still here. Students and faculty members can join The Univer- sity of Texas Archery Club if the sport interests them. The Texas archery team has mastered the sport so well they are currently the defending state cham- pions. Tournaments around the state included contests with archery teams from Texas Christian University, Southwest Texas State University and Texas A M. On January 23-25 the traveling team, chosen from the especially skilled members of the club, went to the Desert Inn Archery Classic in Las Vegas, Nevada. The men ' s team placed second and the women ' s team placed fifth in the tournament. The club sponsored a Co-ed Archery Tournament on March 6 and 7 on The University of Texas Cam- pus. Since the archery team is not a varsity sport it receives partial support from the University Recrea- tional Sports program division. Other support comes from club members who earn money by cleaning Memorial Stadium after football games. FRONT ROW: Ann Louise Davis, Don Travis Berry, President, Joan Kay Gottlieb, Secretary-Treasurer, Lindsey Carlin Schnell. BACK ROW: Billy Dean James Jr., Craig Leslie Marker, B. Maxine Beardsley, Advisor, Cather- ine S. Farris, Cynthia Anne Savage, Kathryn E. Tate, Advisor, Ann Leigh Thacker, Robert Willis Yovens. Texas Archery Club 361 UT Rodeo Association Rodeo enthusiasts found an outlet for their inter- ests in the University Rodeo Association. Last year was only the second year for the club, and it brought about a definite increase in membership. The organization operates under the National In- tercollegiate Rodeo Association. The club promotes the sport of rodeo for its members and interested spectators. It provides members with a chance to compete with other colleges and to develop their own talents. Each member must carry at least twelve hours and maintain a 2.0 or higher grade point average for each semester they remain in the organization. Last spring, the Rodeo Association sponsored a rodeo to raise money to buy their own stock. This allowed members to practice and enjoy the sport whenever they wished. Since the rodeo association now has club status, the University has provided funds to enable its members to compete with other colleges and universities on a statewide basis. FRONT DO taw Knap, to Melissa Kohoat competes in the Texas Cowboy Reunion barrel racing event. FRONT ROW: Michael Francis Forrester. Linda Ann Heck, Treasurer, Melis- sa Kohout, Bruce Raymond Greene, President, Peggy Jo Elliott, June Stan- ford, Edgard Paul Gill. BACK ROW: Howard Lynn Taylor, Mark Alan 362 UT Rodeo Association Taylor, Ricky Lynn Hudson. Patrick Christopher Buckley, Mack Nelson Brice. Vice-President, Phillip Cled Kite, Russell Warren Bergstrom, Charles Ward Byerly. panSR es FRONT ROW: Amanda Susan Machlan, Secretary, Randy Elizabeth Gorham, Treasurer. BACK ROW: Janet Lee Ellzey, Third Rear Commodore, Ben Kenneth Knape, Commodore, George Craig Smith. First Rear Commodore. UT Sailing Club The UT Sailing Club, which owns seventeen sail- boats on Lake Travis, offered a full program of sail- ing instruction, recreational sailing and intercolle- giate racing to all students, faculty and staff at the University. The only requirement is that you know how to swim. Monthly meetings featured speakers on first aid, racing tactics, sail theory and weather. Sailing films were also presented. Social events included the Commodore ' s Ball in December, the fall Halloween party, the Ides of March masquerade party and the summer pajama party. Mixers, keg parties and Sunday night suppers were also held. Club members earned two-thirds of the team ' s budgeted income by cleaning Memorial Stadium after football games. Because the UT Sailing Team is not a part of intercollegiate athletics, the remaining funds were supplied by private donations and the University Recreational Sports program. FIRST ROW: Diane Mary Dekoning, Kristie JoAnn Young. Randy Elizabeth Gorham. SECOND ROW: Greg Ming Wong. Bjarne Ruby, George Peter Ford. George Preston Pardue, Fabio Fantozzi. THIRD ROW: Frieda Karen Jack- son. Ben Kenneth Knape. Janet Lee Ellzey, George Craig Smith, Amanda Susan Machlan, John David Collier, Stephen Bruce Miller. UT Sailing Club 363 The Undergraduate Research Foundation was es- tablished in October, 1971, to enable students to expand their interests and concerns involving cam- pus life through in-depth research and analysis. These investigations have taken the form of ad hoc committees, interviews, mail surveys and memoran- dums concerning problems of undergraduate life. Current membership is almost entirely " second generation " with only a couple of charter members still at the University. With this change in member- ship, a perceptible change in interests and focus of the organization has also occurred. This change in concerns was evident at the begin- ning of the school year as the campus was gripped in controversy over the selection of Lorene Rogers as University president. The Foundation was one of the few organizations to publicly support the University presidential selection process. The Foundation also threw its support behind the extention of drinking hours in the city referendum held in the fall and endorsed several candidates in student government elections in the spring. Throughout the year month- ly forums were held in which current controversial issues were openly discussed among members and guests. The Foundation conducted several other projects during 1975-1976. Because previous studies had been outdated by various changes in policies and services, a comparative study of Austin banks was prepared in October detailing services offered and their costs to students. With the indictments of Senate Secretary Charles Schnable and various implications of University stu- dents, an informal investigation was conducted into the various student-filled jobs at the Capitol along with hiring and payment practices. FIRST ROW: James Lee Tucker, Carl Frederick Drews, Vanessa Hargis, Cynthia Lee Darnell, Constance Colleen Mills, Melody Anne Smith, Phillip Clay Bankhead, Graduate Advisor, Joan Margaret Morris, John David Startz, Kathi Elaine Turner, Glen Charles Naylor, Roseanne Taylor. SEC- OND ROW: Edward Rudolf Prince, Jim Forrest Avant, Charles Ford Spen- cer, Dan Henry Ehlinger, Patricia Sue Munir. THIRD ROW: Dan Kavanaugh Felder, Michael Eugene Houge, James Ernest Coles, Robert Scott Camp- bell, William Rodger Hinckley, Vice-President, Richard C. Koonce, Helen Ruth Flournoy, John Burwell Pope III. Gregory Lance Winborn, John Albert Stieber, Brian Allen Bailey, James Robert Livingston, Truman Dean Kerr III, Patrick Marshall Harvill, Douglas Ray Crosby, Ralph Lee Ross, James Mack Appelt, Kevin Webster Bankhead, President, Jennifer Alice Landgraf. FOURTH ROW: Guy Franklin Aldrich, Stephen Bradford Clark, John Clark Wicker, Paul Norman Stolnacke, Gordon Leslie Stevenson. 364 Undergraduate Research Foundation Undergraduate Research Foundation Brian Barley, Candace Jeanette, Roseanne Taylor and Charlie Naylor view Senate-paid salaries. ! - m ' Members of the Undergraduate Research Foundation lounge in familiar surroundings, Scholz Beer Garden. Undergraduate Research Foundation 365 " Each institution has a way of life a tra- dition, a set of values, a pattern of customs that influences and provides a framework for the educational experiences of members of a campus community. " Dr. Margaret Berry " Shoal Creek Publishers, Inc.. 1975. 366 Closing - , HONORARIES Jackie Wanta section editor Honorary Organizations 367 MEMBERS y Jr Alien Bashour Styles I- -, Ann Blunt i ord Butler Harvey D Campbell Hi Amy Lynn Clarke John W Craddock Jr James ! Mvtd Oewit Mary E EdgerTon Rhonda Sue E:; i .John Richard ( : George R. Four S Francisco . t ' Jdy irnotl ; hso Gar a Cecil Floyd Gof Marsha .oles Anne Green imptort Karen Haslund .moron Hinte ,mb Mane Hokiber Phillip Charles ' David Mills Jenkins Wondy Bay Kang l.ilford Lee L:tn. James Kr George ikowitz Phillip Lfoyd I Cathy Rae Lowdrr Pierre Maunce Malek Patrick J McClellan James T McCr Cynthia Lee M Robert Marc Mendell John Paul Mont Marvin Penn Kimes W. Pen Kathy Ann Pn Lesa Janme K, Leslie B. Ricks Bruci 1 Dorothy Jean i Michael J. Romanko -Mien Roy. ill Pamel Mary K Jay M Scherr Harry E. Schilling R Schwirtlif.h Lory Lyn Sedherry John R Sher ' Wade Kent Smith Donald R Si Michael John Stevener Hugh M. Tadloc.k William Murphy Talley Lee Alan Taylor I Thompson Timothy Kenneth Brenda Lee Towell David Nrts Ugland Marianne Ver Angelica S Volt or r a Richard Lee W.tllner William loseph Wjtors Deborah Kay W-bb Dan Huton Weissling Wayne John Carl Womble John M Zimburr-.-in FALL INITIATES Mark Benjamin Berger Patricia Ann Clapsnddle Shannon Douglass Cox Linda Jane Do! Edward Armand Eichler Lisa Estelle Flores Alan Irwin Frankfurt Bruce C Greenway William David ; Gregory ! Susan Rose Johnson Robert Franklin Kirby -i Isabel Leavenworth M jne Lyons M.irk " !: George M. Markus lean McKown M.irjone F_ll Pamela Nurenberg Richard Arnold Schrjm Pamela Mary South Nancy Sue Weiss rner Winston SPRING INITIATES Mary Eli?abeth Archer Joseph Switz Bailes Patricia Lucia Balette John David Beerbower Jettrey Michael Bern Scott Evan Bov William D.wid Clayton Jeffrey Warren Fato David Charles Fein Aaron Marian Fink Howard Jay Freed Peter AlanV. Hetnricfi Hal Terry Jayson Gregory Paul Jc Bradley Basch Kayser Mark L Kuller Michai wid Levme Thomas Shields Livingston Andrew Karl Jean Maria Muller Peggy Anne Nash . John Charles Pearce Thomas Alvm I Suzanne Phillips John Winston Reeves Carl Root Rom Lyn Rudner Lisa Gaye Sanders James D Smith Stanley Warren Spinne Jack Arnold Steinberg John Anthony V Jack Bernstein Vine lson Zeiger Alpha Epsilon Delta, a national scholastic society for pre-medical and pre-dental students, was estab- lished to recognize excellence in pre-medical and pre-dental scholarship and to promote interest in the medical fields. Service projects included participation in the Uni- versity Blood Drive, service programs at Bracken- ridge Hospital and sponsoring lectures. A minimum of 45 hours and an overall 3.0 GPA are requirements for membership, with formal initiation held each fall and spring semesters. Officers were Brenda Fangmeier, president, Irving Prengler, vice-president, Jay Scherr, treasurer and Jim Clark, secretary. Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Honor Society FALL INITIATES Leigh Ann Abraham Sarah Ann Avary i Gale Bahme Carol Sue Baker K.tmn Frances Baty Susan Adele Black Lynne Sandra Boggs Barbara Anne Hr.itt . f Mr own Dena Allison Chasnoff Ann Cecile Chatfield N,!fuy Ruth Dunn l.inot Elaine Elger Allison Stephanie Elmore ira i ynn 1 r.mkfurt M,iry Arocha Garcia Cynthia Elaine Grossenbacher Lorene Beatnz Guzman , Hernandez Laura Mane Holgum Susan Kay Holley Ann Margaret Hyman I itl, i Kane y Ann Kaufman I ,iurio Ann Knox Rronwyn Lawson Laurie Kay Lorenz Lynn Tracy McDonald Patricia Miller Sue Ann Mussel! Donna Renee Neat Sharise Oncken Adrienne Eve Paulson Meltnda Sue Peroir.i N.inry Lynn Phelps Candice T. Poland Andi -a Elaine Rakes Susan Webb Reilly N.inry Beth Roberts Mary Ellen Rogers Audrey Ann Rohan D ' Anne Seely Susan Ann Socher Patricia Tearse Ingnd Ann Weltge Rebecca Lynn Wesley Myra Beth Whatley Ellen Ann Withelm Gwendolyn F Williams SPRING INITIATES Margaret Lynn Adams Carol Jeanne Albury Pamela Louise Altard Stephanie A. Allbritton Susan Jane Allen Maria Del Socorro Alonso Judith Ann Anderson Elizabeth Antonius Janet Yvonne Arhtt Deanna Louise Armstrong Jessie Judith Aronow Beth Ann Ball Virginia Edith Baliard Mary Diana Ballesteros Patricia Lucia Balette Elizabeth Kaye Barnes Marl isa Reeves Barge Margaret Ann Barnett Deborah Barren Julia Elizabeth Barton Martha Elizabeth Bass Karma Jo Baumstimler Nancy Beth Bernardino Deborah Joan Be hitez Sandra Kay Bingehs Audith Lynn Blair Lauren Blair Blanton Laune Lynn Blazek Cynthia Mane Bonsall Sandra Jo Borschow May Lynn Bowman Long Seda Boyajian Catherine Dell Bozeman Carrie Kay Bradley HiAiheth Starr Brown Jean Helen Brockie Vickie Lin Brodbeck Altce Annette Brown Shirley Edith Brown Joan Bryson Debora Sue Burks Jean Allyse Burson Sydney Diana Burton Shelley Anne Bush Tern Denise Campbell Sylvia T. Campos Nancy Elizabeth Capps Cassandra Sue Cassell Charlotte Elizabeth Cauley Cheryl Ann Chance Judy Vee-Zee Chen Carole Ann Chiles Shelia Christman Audrey Ann Cielmski Oteta Carol Clayton Susan Lee Clayton Jean Mane Cockelreas Rebecca Rhea Coffey Marcy Ann Cohen Cheryl Lynn Coldwater Carol Ann Coleman Cheryl Ann Colmery Tracy Lynn Coogler Sharon Lynn Cook Cynthia Cooke Bernadette Corpora Deborah Ann Cox Cynthia Leigh Croker Leigh Ann Crow Raquel Regina Cruz Donna Dean Cuenod Mary Elizabeth Curnn Ann Loretta Dalton Mtchele Annise Davidson Kathleen Elaine Davis Deborah Dawson Helen Kay Dean Diane Mary Dekonig Christine R. Del Santo Anne Menwether Denny Diane Dempsey Cynthia Lynn Derrick Erin Margaret Devme Hetty Helen de Wette Karen Camille Diaz Karen Lynn Dietschweiler Charlotte Mae Dtetzel Susan Gale Dobbs Marjone Joy Dommguez Margaret Rachaelle Drews Mary Maura Driscoll Cathleen Anne Dultahan Ann Elizabeth Early Barbara Helaine Edenbaum Laurie Kay Edmiston Heather Gail Ehrenkranz Wendy Lee Eisenberg Martha Jane Elliott Amy Anne Evans Lisa Beth Falk Julie Farrington Rose-Marie Fay Nancy Bohn Feinberg Terese Elaine Ferguson Grace Elten Fisher Julie Beth Fitzgerald Constance Marie Fjetland Laurie Leigh Flannagan Maria Herlmda Frauslro Shayla Marie Freeman Elizabeth Moore Frerktng Diane Merle Fnednch Janet Lynn Gamble Marilyn Rose Gardner Robin Lynne Garner Velma Sue Garza Carol Gibbs Cheryl Kay Gilmore Cynthia Ann Gladstone Jennifer Diane Gleason Gere Gleim llene Lynn Goldsmith Adele Marie Goldstein Barbara Ann Goolsby Rhonda Sue Graff Rebecca Jean Gray Laura Ellen Green Sherri Rachelle Greenberg Carrie Evelyn Griffin Mary Dionne Groepper Cynthia Jane Grothues Karen Kay Grube Constance Kay Grusendorf Victoria Guerra Patricia Gulbrandsen Delia Judith Guzman Anne Thompson Hale Jane M. Hansen Karen Elise Hardy Deborah Jeane Harrison Carol Ann Heath Julie Ann Held Tracey Lynn Hennessy Patricia M. Hernandez Laura Belle Herndon Sylvia Marie Herrera Randy Lou Herrington Mary Louise Hibbs Janice Lorraine Hill Karen Anne Hill Leticia Hmojosa Rebecca Lynn Hodges Lisa Gaye Holden Lou Ann Holden Cynthia Ann Holder Barbara Jeanne Holland Donna Jean Hollenberg Elizabeth Ann Holloway Helen Cherry Holman Jennifer Holmes Cynthia Ann Hopson Carol Gay Hovenga Laurie Bea Hudspeth Diane Frances Hurd Catherine Hurt Karen Sara Hurwitz Terry Anne Husbands Kathryn Anne Irish Julie Ann Isoline Kathleen Ann Jackson Karen Gay Jenkins Sharon Kay Jenkins Shirley Covert Jenkins Linda Sue Johnson Barbara Lynn Jones Laura Elizabeth Jones Robin Jean Jones Linda Marie Jordan Pamela Victoria Jordan Marnie Bernadine Joseph Beth Mary Juhl Karen Mane Kalmbacher Jams Mane Kasiske Teri Lynn Keen Carol Ann Killen Jenny Fontaine Killian Janet Lee Kimbrough Kathy Anne King Elaine Louise Koughan Karen Beth Kriegsman Diane Elizabeth Kuhn Elizabeth Burks Kiltgen Pamela Susan Laakso Ann-Mane Elisabeth Landh Michele Lang Valerie Jeanne Langille Cynthia Ann Langston Lorette Sue Lamer Susan Kay Levme Kathenne Ruth Lieban Susan Lu Lindgren Caren Joy Lipman Gina Rose Lombardi Julie Louise Lucas Julie Bredeth Luker Jennifer Lundelius Christy Sue Lundstedt Sharon Melissa Luskey Nancy Kathenne Mack Momka Maeckle Shirine Sylvia Malek-Aslam Kathenne Ann Malm Judy Patricia Mann Laura Christine Mann Jamne Ann Manning Mandene Diane Margohs Judith Sara Markowitz Judith Rae Marshal Cynthia Ellen Marshall Robin Lori Martin Vtcki Louise McAlister Shannon Elizabeth McCann Melinda Ann McConn Kathleen Ann McCormick Virginia C. McGaughy Claire Marguerite McGee Debra Ann McGrew Debra Lynn McGuire Pamela McKellar Elizaberh Kay McLendon Roberta Ann McMillion Mary Margaret McMullen Lauren McNaughton Elizabeth Rankin McNeely Kelly Marie Meek Stephanie Lee Megna Wendy Mara Merola Connie Marcel Miller Leah Margaret Miller Eugenia Lynn Minor Enn Elizabeth Mitchell Jeanne Elisabeth Mixon Carol Anne Molish Diana Lee Montague Maria Teresa Morales Anna Patricia Morin Kathryn Suzanne Morris Anne Namette Nappa Diana Jane Naylor Sandra Rose Nicolas Donna Mane Normand Nancy Susan North Margaret Virginia Norvell Mary Elizabeth Null Melissa Gaines Nunnelee Joan O ' Brien Kathleen Harlan O ' Connell Cynthia Louise O ' Donnell Cynthia Ann Oakes Kristin Ann Olive Lorraine Marie Olson Catherine Lee Overall Julie LaVerne Paiva Janice Elaine Pardue Julie Lynne Parker Marsha Gayle Patterson Carolyn Louise Paxton Debra Kay Pease Gail Ann Pennmgton Therisa Susan Perez Patricia Ann Pfeiffer Judith Lynn Phalin Melissa Ann Pitman Marcta Jean Pitt Susan Elizabeth Poag Nancy Darl Potts Y-lan Quan-Trong Susan Kay Quinn Mary Jane Quitta Catherine Jean Quoyeser Ann Reedy Debra Deeann Rehn Deborah Ann Rencurret Margaret Ann Rendon Deborah Lanmghan Rittgers Concepcion Rivas Ann Robbins Jill Arnold Roberts Joan Louise Roberts Kay Robins Monica Claire Roehm Laura Susan Rollwage Robin Leilani Rosen Jo Ann Rosenfeld Janet Irene Ross Olivia Helene Roth Janet Lynn Rothschild Rom Lyn Rudner Angela Gale Russell Jody Ann Saari Laura Lee Sager Jana Sue Saikin Shirley Joyce Sanchez Gaye Ann Sanders Lisa Anne Sansom Julia Beth Sargent Michelle Sausser Mary Anne Schadler Sharon Rae Schartf Sandra Kay Schubert Jacqueline S. Schweitzer Polly Jeannette Scale Anne Elizabeth Seargeant K.itherine Lauri Sears Lucy Jane Seay Sherry Lynne Seay Sandra Sue Settegast Karen Marie Settle Marcey Ellen Shapiro Karen Elaine Shattuck Sally Kay Shelton Karen Anne Sherwood Mindy Joy Siegel Elizabeth Suzanne Silverm Marianne Simmons Ava Rae Smith Deborah Ann Smith Patricia Carol Smith Sharon Virginia Smith Sharon Ann Snodgrass Bea Lea Somerville Susan Elizabeth Sorelle Glenora Spring Pamelia Jo Stanford Deborah Marie Stewart Julie Alice Thayer Diane Bolton Thompson Anne Louise Thorpe Jill Torbert Norma Louise Torres Eloise Moran Tusa Elisabeth Groos Uhl Marsha Lynn Uhl Janet Margaret Vaughan Diana Ramos Vera Vicki Diane Vickrey Susanne Vierling Joanne Michel Vollmer Janet Elizabeth Walker Nancy J Walker Deborah Jean Wall Susan Elaine Wallace Kelly Diane Wallin Leona Faith Walthall Terri Gay Warren Linda Sue Waters Jana Weatherbee Winifred Lynne Webb Mary Melanie Weil Sharla Faye Weiner Mary Weller Donna Jean Wells Carole D. Welsh Susan Lynn Wenglar Donna Lea Wetzel Lois Elaine White Cynthia Harvey Williams Lucia Leigh Williams Mary Jane Williams Suzanne Williams Lori Kay Wilson Mary Beth Wilson Linda Jo Wirunger Janice Carol Winters Lisa Kay Winton Debra Lee Wishard Susan Elise Wisian Debra Luann Witter Allyson Leigh Womac Jane Evelyn Woods Deborah Anne Wormser Andrea Page Worth Karen Fay Wunsch Mary Jane Yancey Mary Elizabeth Yates Sharon Jean Zaiontz Tanya Sue Zoller Alpha Lambda Delta Women ' s Freshman Honor Society Second semester civil and architectural engineer- ing juniors in the upper third of their class are eligi- ble for membership in Chi Epsilon, an honorary civil engineering fraternity. Candidates are selected on the basis of scholarship, character and sociability. Activities included an annual picnic, a community service project and a formal initiation banquet to induct new members. Officers were Paul Steger, president, Dan Kinard, vice-president, Brent Schkade, treasurer and Mar- garet Himmelblau, secretary. MEMBERS Junius Davis Allen Eric Neil Angevine John Roy Avila Jr. Walter G. Barfield Russel Wyatt Barr Leon Barzegar Charles W. Beere Victoria L. Blaschke Jesse D. Bogard Rudolph Bonaparte Jonathan W. Braswell Benjamin A. Brooks Jr. Joe Tom Burch Robert Frank Carmichaet William Roland Catlett William A. Chaffin Jr. Thomas P. Chesney Tommy Ray Chmores Thomas Camille Cloutier Michael Weldon Cooper Robert L. Cooper Calvin Eugene Cowher Scott Ritey Daughtery Bill Davis Christopher Davis Waters S. Davis IV Anita Joan Dawson Leven Thomas Deputy III Warner Gordon Derr Chris Eugene Elkins John Berterant Falcon James Steven Farr Edward Alan Feith Franklin Lee Fischer Larry Edward Fitchhorn Stephen Hoo Chuen Foo David Thurman Ford Gregory Duane Franz Roy Webb Fuller Ramon K. Gomez Glenn Edward Grayson Jed Marcus Hamilton Burkely Joseph Hendrix Henry Jas Hervol Margaret A. Himmelblau Richard James Hoar Michael William Hoblet Herman William Hotfman Jr. Patrick Steven Hogan Darrel V Holmquist Thomas Wilson Home Sue Hudson John Tolar Hull Billy Dean James David Johnson Mark Jones Reginald Hiram Keith Dan Thomas Kinard Andrew Meidell Knysh Cheong Yin Kong Glenn Berry Landers David Bruce Law Jerrold Payne Lea Robert Carl Lee Kin Lo James Howard Long David Layne Lott Wayne Howard Lott David Arnold Malish Charles R Mauldin Patrick Lee Meyer Robert Moore Samuel E. Navarro Stephen Duane Nease Tim Charles Newton Teera Ngarmcroh Joe Neil Niedermayer John Dudley Noell Paul Arthur Pabor Thomas Patrick Allen Petersen Kay Marie Peterson Praiya Phinyawat Byron Witfiam Porter Layne Leroy Puls Robert W Purdom Ml David Quintanilla Stephen Allan Ramsey William W. Reeves John H. Richardson Thomas Wayne Rioux Thomas John Rowe Vrvek Shankar Sevur Brent Dale Schkade Walter E. Skipwith John Ronald Smith II Francis H. Speed Jr. Kerrie Glenn Standlee Paul A. Steger Jr. Pieter J. Strauss Somsak Suddee Lee Morris Taylor Thaksin Thepohatri Roger Lee Thomas Grant Ray Thompson Mark Alan Thompson Rivero Fellipe Vallejo Michael David Watkms - Ronald Paul Webster Samuel Sidney White David Neil Willis Thomas Robert Winkley Wendell R Vines Gary Joe Wolf Mark Thomas Wood Kyte Andrew Woodward Joe David Word Wah-Kin Van Piti Yimprasert John Paul Zaniewski James 0. Zimmerman Jr. FALL INITIATES John Alfred Crumley Marsha Lynn Hamby John Richard Hemenway William C. Jones IV Gary Manal Kosut Dale Lynn Lilljedaht Robert Dudley Mansell John J. Murphy Bastm Aziz Sayigh Stephen Burke Seeds Thomas Anthony Trutna Abdullah Ah Zamel James Clarkson Zoller SPRING INITIATES Jesse Milton Brooks Benjamin Cyrus Carmine III Robert Barrier Daigh Carlyle Dube Janet Lee Ellzey Bruce William Ficke Larry Donald Freeman Noble Earl Johnson James Quinton Mansell David Beldon Peters David John Prewett Rodolfo Javier Rivera Brent Wendell Ryan Amadeo Saenz Jr. Stephen Jay Simmons Donald Martin Sloan John David Williams Clyde Joseph Yount Chi Epsilon Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity HM | i 370 Chi Epsilon I ' ' . ' MEMBERS Victoria B. Blaschke William A. Brock Jr. Larry Alan Campagna Carol Ann Crabtree John Karl Dietz Deidre Zoe Fotescu Ronald Glenn Franklin Scott Ingersoll Harmon Martha Ann Hill Patrick Michael Kelly Robert D. Kilpatrick Erwin Smith McGee William M. Parrish Linda Sue Perine Alison Leigh Smith Jane Elizabeth Strauss John Jerome Watkins Julius E. Whittier FALL INITIATES Frank Crawford Fleming Linda Isabel Leuchter Daniel Warren Nelson Mary Elizabeth Walsh SPRING INITIATES John August Adkins Terree Allan Bowers Anna Clare Buie Lee Landa Kaplan Craig Martin Kercho I a ' : ' Founded in 1911, the Friar Society is the oldest honor society on campus. Significant contributions of leadership, service, character and scholarship make students eligible for membership. New members are honored twice a year at an initiation breakfast. Fall officers were Linda Perine, abbot, Martha Hill, scrivener and Janie Strauss, almoner. Spring officers were Cappy McGarr, abbot, Larry Campagna, scrivener, Mary Walsh, almoner and Da- vid Kendrick, advisor. Friar Society University Honor Society ..-;. Friar Society MEMBERS Julie Anne Booty Elizabeth A. Borrett Carol Ann Crabtree Mary E. Edgerton Ann Elizabeth Ennen Mary Margaret Flynn Melinda Lou Fugitt Cheryl Anne Gogelis Mary Therese Gormley Nancy Lynne Gracey Elizabeth A. Grimes Marilyn Lou Grooms Susan Jeanne Hubbard Barbara Ann Hun Rebecca Hurley Ann Junkin Carolyn Frost Keenan Marsha Seale May Patricia Delourdes McKay Marilyn Jean McKenzie Karen Elizabeth McLane Mary Alice McLean Judy Ann Modrzejewski Mary Melissa Pratka Pamela Jill Robertson Mary Kay Scepansky Leila R. Shelton Kimberly Ann Sherrill Ann Coke Spillman Martha V. Upchurch Denise Gayle Waugh Cheryl Jo White Janet Ellen Youngman Elise Carol Zan Sherri Lynn Zillgitt SPRING INITIATES Floy Elizabeth Althaus Lisa Jeanne Arnold Emily Kit-Ching Cheung John W. Craddock Alexis Mount Cranberg Mark Patrick Evans Martha Elaine Fears Lisa Germany Mary K. Gesell Carolyn Ann Greenfield Marsha Lynn Hamby Cheryl Kay Hampton Janet E. Harrell Pamela D. Harrison Cynthia Andree Mickey Jacqueline Suzanne Holmes Sandra Marie Holub Helen K. Johnson Karen Sue Johnson Patricia Lynn Kenfield Ann Elizabeth Kitchen Clair Elizabeth Krizov Marilyn Katherine Mertz Helen T. Mohrmann John Richard Potter Susan Webb Reilly DeMetris Aquilla Sampson Florence Elise Shelton Margaret Jane Stanbery Carol Brooke Stollenwerck Anne Adele Szablowski Emily Ruth Terwey Vicki Lynn Wagner Lesa Carol White Treva L. Mayer Whitehead Mortar Board is an honor society of senior colle- giate women selected for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership and service. Mortar Board exists to honor outstanding scholar- ship, support the ideals of the University, encourage leadership and provide the opportunity for a mean- ingful exchange of ideas as individuals. As a service to the campus and the community, Mortar Board held a public forum on the new pro- posed state constitution and participated in the Conference on Women in Public Life. In accordance with Title IX stipulations, Mortar Board accepted male initiates in the spring. Officers were Marilyn Grooms, president, Martha Upchurch, vice-president, Barbara Hunt, secretary, Jan Youngman, treasurer and Dr. Margaret Berry, sponsor Mortar Board Women ' s Honor Society 372 Mortar Board STUDENT MEMBERS Ikiti ' , Saba i i Willi-irn f .ri-i ' f.i y ( ' , ' l.-rr AM ! h ' -H Ir M.ifi.if. I ' John Kirl-i- ' " " - Boyd k it Ann., f,l-! pagna M.irl- I . ibtTM f ' lllll[, ' I I ' cti-F i i fine ' .f.r yr ki ' , ' tl lfi(; ' -r-.M M.irin ,1. Martha Ann Hill (Mtfl- - J :rry M [M I-J f 1 il[,.it ' i ' k- [j.inifl W.irr ' -n N ' -I ' JM Arthur Ni ' .ln, ' Dennis K.iH oi, Mi Wiiii irn Mf.tir. ' .i. Pan Penm Gary M M ' jhcr t I r if ! ilh.irr | j.iiiK " , I I ' . '] ' . h i;irk- r Si henkkan I ' ftf-r ' ' M " h H Antonio J.iiii. " , I ' .url ' - ' . ' r, ' .inith Jr W.ilf ' r f ' l ' u ' .-,.-ll K-tit Mr.iwn ' .,IK i-oritic i ernefl Wit ' ii--r FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS ringasl -(I. ltd Ayres Bell H.irnM ' 1 ICfc Ir (r.mkl. Wilh.irn H OiriMiri) ' ! VIM --fit I ' . I ' .iul [Jure. .1(1 , I i-int- ,i I n-fl.-M ' t- . I f,mii ' ' ' ' ' WiNi-im I i ir , l.i ' t ku ' , ' -ll r | ' M- Ketta ) ' Lirri " ' f l ' ,); -t ri I w.iit Wt Darrell M rl- W KJ M.IMI M SOI ! N " (K Chomp Charles Al,,n , ' . HONORARY MEMBERS John B Connally Jr Bob R Dorsey :er Dewitl Maistre H.iif I ! ilvefi ml i|rnl..ul SPRING INITIATES STUDENTS MartH f j .i!jl l;i ' t Willi.irn C,,)l r, ' .h,,n ' -y I ' jhri W-ilton f .- : l ' .,| - ' ' iT ' :ll [ rnffrt-lt [ ItArrt H,it ! ll.irh.jf , M.iry r - Williyrf. Gi 1 Paul ( ' Brian Roger Sullivan Eva Janice Summer David Wayne Thomas Lester Van Pelt HI Angelica S. Volterra Mary Eh abeth Walsh FACULTY f flmonrj M ba erghi Margaret C Berry Robert E Boyer Ga lord A Jent f ' iftorpr Lesso M.irk f ' .ttn ' f I i Willi.irn [ ' I.-- ir j Santos F ' ' - ' ' )r HONORARY Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership soci- ety which honors members of the student body, faculty and the community who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities. Omi- cron Delta Kappa also seeks to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similiar lines. To be eligible, a student must rank in the top thirty-five percent of his class and show exceptional service and leadership at the University. Faculty and honorary nominees must have also shown excep- tional leadership and achievement in their fields. Officers were Dan Nelson, president, Victoria Blaschke, vice-president, Edwin Wright, treasurer and Larry Lehman, secretary. Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Society TO - MEMBERS Marilyn Louise Adams Mary Margaret Aman Aurora F. Arnold Michele Barr Marcia Annette Capp Mary Eugenia Courtney Mary Esther Diaz Kathryn Virginia Dick Roxan Anette Ellis Sara Ann George Holly Bruce Greaves Joanne Carol Green Martha Eli zabeth Gunn Linda Jean Haan Cynthia Ruth Harris Mary Dudley Hickman Susan Lorraine Hill Lea Anne Isgur Carolyn S. Jackson Margaret Ann Jeffus Jane Eileen Kurzawa Susan Melene Lesikar Fay Lynn Leverett Linda Ann Lightburn Patricia A. Kelley Mason Jessie _oretta O ' Brien Donna Rae Ozar Betty Jean Partin Patricia F. Rockhill Deborah Kay Roemer Kathleen Marie Ross Karen Jean Saadeh Gail Ann Schaffhausen Nina E. Rossi Schenck Mary Ruth Seiders Deborah Kay Shourd Karen Gay Smith Kathleen D. H. Sparks Jill Anne Staewen Diane E. W. Sultenfuss Elizabeth Ann Taylor Debra Lynne Thompson Vivian Ellen Voltz Sue Elaine Washam Treva L. Mayer Whitehead Gloria Ann Whiteley Wanda R. Williams Julia Alice Wilson Dorothy E. Wiswell Janet Claire Wolf Elise Carol Zan SPRING INITIATES Edna Catherine Breen Cynthia Hanes Brown Susan Denise Bruce Roy Bruns Tamara K. Chambless Gail Iris Cohen Sara E. Ferguson Leslie Ann Forbis Jan Elise Hardy Pamela Diane Harrison Pamela Diane Hensarling Cynthia J. G. Hutchinson Lea Ann Isgur Lisa Jensen Janet Ann B. Johnson Donna Lindsey K. Jordan Susan Milene Lesikar Patricia L. Kenfield Donna Bladry McCarthy Mary Camille Noell Margaret Orlander Barbara Ellen Paull Patti Jean Paxton Geraldine Ross L. Prinz Judith G. Rogers Barbara Lynn Saunders Margaret Leigh Shapleigh William Lee Sinkhorn Jeanne Ann Snowden Barbara Jane Sutton Lisa Elaine Taylor Marcia Kay Taylor Kirk Dale Thomas Mary Ellen Thorn Joann Sue Ullrich Debra Marie Warren Lynne Wilkin . P . - ' ' - Omicron Nu, an active association of home eco- nomics students, stresses the promotion of gra- duate study and research along with the advance- ment of the well-being of people throughout the world. Members are chosen on the basis of merit and high standards, minimum GPA requirements, plus determination to promote their profession in the state and in the world. Officers were Carolyn Jackson, president, Sue Washam, vice-president, Janet Wolf, treasurer and Linda Lightburn, secretary. Omicron Nu Home Economics Honor Society 374 Omicron Nu MEMBERS Donna Elizabeth Adams Leona Ann Agnello s.jiiu- ' . Aiguier Sharon Lynn Allen Floy Elizabeth Althaus Brenda Kay Bairi. tt Vicki Barren Kimberly Nancy Betl Shelley Bennett Shjron I ynn kshi.T L) C;jldw ' ll Carolyn Gardner Camp : ' i Ann Caskey ! miece Collier Ellen Suzanne Corbin AMene Joan Corson Margaret Ann Covtngton Cheryl Rae Crews Kathryn E Crim Joanna Evans Lorena Lynn Foard Mary Elizabeth Francis Catherine Louise Freitag Robyn Melinda Frisby Lisa Germany Nor i G Gonzales Jusith Ann Gr.tff Carol Ann Lmeback Catherine Helen Little Jean Ann Long Ann Lovett Jose Greeley ...argarei Sophia Greer Donna Lynn Grittrn.m " jmela B. Hagan 1 ynn Hamby M.irih.i Diane Hamill K,-iy Haralson Shciyl L ynn H;jrOwif M.try Dell Harrington Holly I yrm 1 1 Julia Lee Houston Deborah Lynne Huber Carol M,i ' Melinda G-iyl-- t.iy.on Helen Kathleen Johnson Susan Beth Jones Phyllis L Karstens Ann Elizabeth Kitchen Divine Mane Klecka- Myr.i Lee Klinksiek Deborah Joann Knapp Mary Carroll Kruger Jeanette Mane Labouff Ann Latimer Roxanne D Leath Sonia Lewis Janet M Lmdley Mary Teresa Lytle Joanne C Macow Karan Renee M.m y Carol Jean McAnelly Patricia Kim McAuliffe Catherine Ann McGonigle Marjone Ellen Micks Sheralyn O. Miller Jo Beth Montgomery Linda Louise Morris Karen Lee Mourey Jean Mane MulU-r Karen Lynn Murphy Cynthia Marie Muzny Jana Dee Myn t- Peggy A. Nash Karen Oenise Nelson Renee Lynn Nichols Linda Lee Niemann ni Nungesser Pamela Nurenberg Carol D ' Ann O ' Malley Carolyn J Orr Dian Olivia Petty jndice True Poland ...ary Kathleen Price Lissa Fay Pnlop Virginia Catherine Redmon Amy Lou Remhardt Amy Lyon Renard Kathleen V Richardson [ liAirjeth Ann Roberts Xanna Lee Robinson Cindy Sue Sampler M.iry Eleln Scheibel Karen Lee Schmidt Judy L Scott Dinah Lynn ; ' -,- Janet Ruth Slaughter Kaye Lynn Smallwood Barbara Cummings Smith Ar.urf.-j Joan Solomon Chen Ann Staicup Sheryl Ann Strickter Lisa Ellen Swanson Karen Lynn Tabak Patricia Hennette TalLmt Debra K. Thompson Paula Jean Thompson Shiryl Louise Thompson Jane Ellen Trusty Karen Emily Tumulty Mary Hill Van Steenbergh Sharyl C. Van Winkle Marianne Vertrees Marian Johnson Wagner Loretta A Wantschek Carol Ann Weston Andrea Ruth Williams Mary Louise Williams Susan Kay Wooley SPRING INITIATES Stephanie Alice Allbntton Janet Yvonne Arhlt Jessie Judith Aronow Donna Kay Avery Susan Jaye Ayers M.itf 1,1 Diane Bandy Elizabeth Kaye Barnes Mary Zona Beisman Deborah Joan Benitez Kim Berman Janet Colleen Blomdahl Robin Denise Boldt Elizabeth Ann Bosler Martha Louise Boswell Susan Lynn Braddock Carrie Kay Bradley Jane Brazelton Elizabeth Jane Brockett Vickie Lin Brodbeck Sydney Diana Burton Mary Kathenne Cangelosi Stephanie Ann Clayburne Rebecca Rhea Coffey Denise Jean Collins Cynthia Cooke Mary Kimberly Corngan Mary EliAibeth Currin Bethany Joyce Dagen Michelle Annise Davidson Nancy Ann Davidson Kathleen Evans Day Helen Kay Dean Cheryl Lynn Deenng Diane Mary Dekoning Diane Dempsey Karen Lynn Dietschweiler Susan G. Dobbs Debra Dobray Mary Christena Drumm Cathleen Anne Dullahan Nancy Ruth Dunn Ann Elizabeth Early Danya Steele Ellinor Jean Ann Elliott Amy Anne Evans Rose-Mane Fav Terese Elaine Ferguson Julie Beth Fitzgerald Janet Lynn Gamble Christene Jeannette Garrett Cheryl Kay Gilmore Phyllis Ann Gindler Jennifer Diane Gleason Gere Gleim H Gott Delia Judith Guzman Anno Ihompson Hale Sandra Jeanne Hamilton Deborah Jeane Harrison Carolyn Sue Hawes Tracey Lynn Hennessy Randy Lou Herrington Ann Marie Hodges Lisa Gaye Holden Barbara Jeanne Holland Donna Jean Hollenberg Susan Kay Holley Cynthia Ann Hopson Claire Hor ton Jayne Denise Howard Robbin Jan Hufford Terry Ann Husbands Marietta Hutchinson Julie Ann Isolme Leisa Jayne Linda Sue Johnson Barbara Lynn Jones Pamela V. Jordan Kletia Ceil Kelly Jeanne Louise Kemp Kathy Anne King Elizabeth Burks Kultgen Karen Ann Kurzawski Cynthia Ann Langston Carol Lynne Little Nancy Jo Lubke Christy Sue Lundstedt Rebecca Ann Lynn Nancy Kathenne Mack Laura Christine Mann Mary Alice Maurer Sandra Kay Michalski Connie Marcel Miller Mary Louise Miller Shannon Elizabeth McCann Sharon Lynn McCloud Melinda K. McDonald Kathleen Ann McCormu k Debra A. McGrew Elizabeth Ann McKee Lauren McNaughton Elizabeth R. McNeeley Kristin Ann Olive Beth Anne Otto Catherine Lee Over ' Janice Elaine Pardue Carolyn L Paxlon Loren Payne Gail Ann Pennington Thensa Susan Perez Mary Margaret Prisco Gloria R. Puls Andrea Elaine Rakes Ann Reedy Deborah A. Rencurrel Sarah Kathleen Robberson Joan Louise Roberts Monica Claire Roehm Laura Susan Rollwage Jo Ann Rosenfeld Olivia Helene Roth Robin Louise Rugaard Cheryl Vaughn Ryne Gaye Ann Sanders Susan Jane Schmidt Laura Kathryn Schneider Lynn Ellen Schweig Jacqueline Sue Schweitzer Karen Marie Settle Salty Kay Shetton Mmdy Joy Siegel Marianne Simmons Diana Rose Sims Sharon Ann Snodgrass Susan Elizabeth Sorelle Glenora Spring Isabel Lee Sweat Diane Bolton Thompson Ann Louise Thorpe Nancy Jane Upton Janet Margaret Vaughan Anne Elizabeth Verheyden Nina Leah Verheyden Vicki Diane Vickrey Deborah Jean Wall Terri Gay Warren Jana Weatherbee Myra Beth Whatley Lois Elaine White Mary Jane Williams Angela Ann Wilson Lori Kay Wilson Linda Jo Wininger Lisa Kay Winton Jane Evelyn Woods Mary Elizabeth Yates The purpose of Phi Beta Kinsolving is to honor excellence in scholastic achievement among the residents of Kinsolving Dormitory. The only require- ment for membership is a 3.5 GPA. Members are chosen each spring and honored at a Phi Beta Kin- solving initiation dinner. Service programs included providing up-to-date files containing past tests and professor evaluations and providing book scholarships for needy mem- bers. Officers were Lisa Nungesser, president, Sue Siv- ley, vice-president, Kathy Price, treasurer and Peg- gy Nash, secretary. Phi Beta Kinsolving Women ' s Scholastic Society Phi Beta Kinsolving 375 Admission into Phi Beta Kappa is limited to upper- division students with outstanding scholastic re- cords. Students must be enrolled in the Colleges of Fine Arts, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Natural Sciences or the Division of General and Comparative Studies to be eligible. Members are elected in the fall and spring semes- ters. New initiates are honored at a banquet each spring. Officers were Albert Donald Sellstron, president, Zoritza Koprivnik, vice-president and James Alfred Hitt, advisor. MEMBERS Ruth Joyce Abboud Jonathan Paul Terry Ann Allhni ' ht br.ifjy I ; Allen Jeffrey Scott Archer ; Jean Aust Jo f Ann Bader i (wood I : JKT Jr. beet Warren H.ium-in JF , ..Jhp Clark .[, Stephen Morns H -ll Hob ' -M D.ivid h " i It Marian Ruth Bentley 01 -- Allan Bi v,,..enne Ann Hi.ih.i Suzanne Elizabeth Hi u Leslre Byess Blanton Paul Talmage Boston Jr A " " H.ilston brdgp, ..,. Sherill (JF Deborah Glyn Jerry Lynn Cade Steven Chaim C.ipl.m John H.jralson Carlson m Fileen Carmichael lichael Lindsey Carroll Mli.nn f,;jlvin Chaney Bette Nan Costales Stephen i [ ott. K,ith -nnt- I -. i- t ' Cromac Ann, i ' ,.ifoi Fi Joan Cutler Aihon I nii " ,t U.ivi.-. ill I unt " . ' .tfphf.-n |j;wi-, Julie Anne Davis Ralph Ernest Day I J. ' hnr.ih Y , j Wllll.lFfl J ' lVph [)0,m i-lson W, ill. if j.iini-s Dommey John Yoiiry Doss Patrick William Mu| ' ,..n Gregory M.IF tn Jlit rJ;;rrion Phoebe I Mr, .ilhf rim- in ' h.ivid R.iiifJolph I FVVIM Keith Wilh-irn Kairchild f ii .ii-i-ih Atin I arris AnrJrtM i - Jay Edward Fcrrn.ijiiif n I UK),, fj.ilc I M ' . t Kenneth WiHi if (,,lthf. ' f UK 1 I f)UI ' ,C I PFK- i ' Firird ( inil f i ' , ' hr-r I ,iur.i N ' ' .il f ly i ,! K;i1hryn I OUtSti r r.i icr ark Andri-w rr " nlnj|j Julia t 1 . , Cl,,rk [).,!. f, Willi-nn ' ,. M,irth;j Vyrl i Malcolm .. !t t,t( (,-i; -t Thomas Alan Ginn James ) Rene Abi-l-trMr, ' . Mirr.l ' ipl H-F )- (fin f id finlfin Jr Juli.i Ann Cjnffin vVslli.iin ' hH I ' ' Pamela Cl ' ivr. H ' -nn. ' tt M.iirn, Miirl Ann W ' if I ' -.t ' -r lit 1 ' - 1 . H-.rt ! ' lw.,r.! H ' -Fh ' -M letfrey . K.i Nrihf - Huf h Mif h. ' ll. I John Victor H I ' nhcrt , rhomas i HI Hunt in Judltli Artn ; ) . ' ' ' , ' , " rhtTt " ,,i I nn II ' TII it) ..irl Hif ' , ' hie I . ' 1 ' I ' .t ' iM Mi ' fi,i ' l ' -r,,i , I ' jn ' - ' . i ' Tr f i ' hael Sheryl Ann K-lly John Wllh.lfli r ' [J.r ir] Al.m K Ifin i. in J.irn " , Krnn.-lli K ' ,pf Ir K.;ilti ' -i mi- f .i ' , I ,irri G.jil M.jrt iF. ' i I . I t cd ' -n- F I . ' .ill . ' :.! I Of r.nni- I i-!l Wi( h J ' htln, I l ' , i 1 (ggftl Winlc-d I ' I ' ! t ' -jnni ' ' li.iri I i , ' , ' luj! fanel Ann I itHr- . ,r I ucf Vf III Mi h.i ' -i Dtrksen i un.i,.- , David VU ' I u ' illc I ' .iul M-r fVuth Ann- ' f - .-why M.iri- AdfrU: M.IF tin I ' .irnrl.i Ann M.i ' , ' iii licrn i I Hi ' i.i f ,- I ' -i; ' .h f .r.f ' -r Judith Ann, i .. I, ilii ' - 1 , I r,ti M,i i-r tmada r iii-T . ' ,,-llfr J ' jhn Kimlj ' rti ' B jrt Willr.irn M ...,. Carol M ' , ' 1 ' 1 Charlottf Jo- [Jori fj-n r ,ti ' -l -.n . j.i ' I ' ll- i Mi) [ ' itr ' rni-n-. Hi .il- ' ' it ( ' .)fll " ).V.i ' M.iry I ' .IMI.-I.I ! . Mi ' h,.H P ' ,t.-ph ' :Fi f,l,iri i pji.if i n .ihi-th Peter on Mr.,, K.irn Cippm Mil h iel i I ind.i K,. Po Roh ' -f t i ' -.irol Fi I . i. urn Fon l ' ol,.-rt ( Robert ' ,,ir.jh Wit ' ' Irciii- : l .if h ' -l f ' . " H ( rr i ugene 5 TN--. tr t ' on.ilil H.iif I ' .OF, ' , i l ' ,f ( - M., : Flc;.-rl I U M.iMr.- I l- A v i Sitvei Judith i . f ' n ' Jni- ll yi ' ,- Muff ' nrii-ttc r I i I ' i. Mr-- Chart Phi Beta Kappa National Arts And Sciences Honor Society Phi Beta Kappt .Ml I I ,lr| Innli tt Fro - ' I. ' I- r. ' Ml N. ise Vine [ " horn 11 V ' .ik (,.ir KK li, . Int. " I FALL INITIATES Kr (MM. " -r i tmea d ' ii.ini A n . Alhrij ' ht William Carroll And hem. If ' I A ' . ' l ' -llle i iol ) tL- Ailtiy . ' I ,,,r ' J Henry If.illn ' " helinr!,. I orr. mi. ! 86 Horron N.,1, ' I lnMheth ' ..ill ' uiiN ' .- ' i!i i ' .11 tei .ittnTirn- n ' . ' .fer ohen tu f ' I ' ' i M..M.I onstantatos M.trj " , ' It.irf I ' -nri ' T ' . In, in I h .ih ' -th K.,thenn.- -| f M, ' .tHpli.itiie ' jKun ' .fo [ i.wr. I h .theth Ann.- i I IIHleil [Jllllfl f,,,rnl Aunt- Imk ' . I ' .ilfH.k Or -l. ' ii I:-, I, . ' it hni e hun!,.n i fttei M.irr. I l i. h.,f i Stephen i ' - I ' . ml A ' , hi.- I hlert 1 ,tr ; ' -n ' , f Ib ' -in G I Inc. ' ..,. ,l, N. .. J.iiiie ' . I -Iwm I f inn-r F 1 i.-l ' l-. hristian t m-i I ' , IN! Willi.itn I . imbrefl , i.i Jr jeitr.- Wile Goodson , rnond ' .m ! " . 1 t, . ,il.- ' , f ,nul ' l i ni ' i.i Mom M Grayson J.ine I iM.l-.le I '! - ' , HrOrtn I ' D . " [; ' ' H.iMen Ir fieverl |r, r H.inn-ih h-.nn.i ' . he-. Ink i I tin, t Miir-hm- H,)t ' I- ' M 1,11 1 i;., ni, i -- -I Hardnty l ' i- V I I iinrii ' lori jeiire H.iM ' i.iii Harm Alh ' -r! I i fly H.jrtiHi ' Jr . H ' -runt: it- ' !- i I Wilh.mi I ' Iw.irrJ " HolliM -. ' ,- ' ' i HI ' ]. i SIM irt-i.nifj jl-.JI 1(1 ! I.I ' ' " , , -It f AIM I . M.JI h.irnc-. , I Lacy i i.iyn-- i ouiM i snilord ;,.-!. I .i nr :. mi.- I -i ' ,t.-r . Frtdtrit i . !,.i ' k lanx ! . ' .- .- Sprmgui t ru Cu-.-.f-ll M.irhii 1 1 It M. if tut In.-y M.itlock ,i md Ranee vikion.i M (,n(ht Ail, .-ft Kt-nt MI ' fj.H.- I ' --- Mi I I )., fl hi, in.- M(. Mullen I Hohi-rt Mfph.-t, M. N.illy , ihn M ' ci. ml k.,|,..,1 hfiir " Ml. llf . M.irfi ' . Mm Miller I iii ],ilyfi ' ,.i TJ.iil Unr ' itl.y M.iii ' - Nn-(l -lrn.iii I. Mini- -f J.t( Ofa i; irbara innf n-itiif rford o HHI i- I ,iui ' -n M.nit- 1 1 ' .ti-ph.-n M.irtin.r hehr.i I .nth Orlm ' ' Wilh.i ' r th I .IWM ' IH I ' F | It r,e,ry Elizabeth Prall v ' .MMe .if n f ' uij ' . ten ' hai r ' .itin i.i Ann-- I ' .i ' ,., ' iv |, ' jn,il ! ' ..if I ' ' V I . " .he Ann i i ' jl ' - M.iry f.u ton Knhf h.nn h.nh.j ' | ! ' .,!, fit I ' fir Jr . i Si hot, fit ' .tephf ii h - wn f efiee Ml ' he He ShapirO I -,,., Me Li ' ,, l ' .t, 1 Suiani . ' .! .|,.-r t ' . ' .i.i I r-fl lameS Wilh,im Ih.,ni.r. AKI f .ithi-nn.- It i md.i Carol infill, ion lorfi Fo , M 1 1 r i f K,i I I v rKX [ ' - ; itney m n y ' .l ' l ' . V.jc h ' ,r.-r, Gordon i angsto M ' .lly . Jo M.irMi.i Ann Willi.ifii-, ( ' ..heft |..iniei Winn Ir ' Win-.lo Ahli ' , Wuil ' , Willi.llii i ' MK.h.iel ! e-,hf if nl- - John Mi h.n.-l iinhure.jit SPRING INITIATES 1 1, i if] Kiph.iel Ahf.irnowil I M.HI., rn i enon Ann.- r .ll If A- 1 HI l , lohn M.nt- Anthony ].,-.!, I ' ' , l:.ikri Willi.irn Au-.lin h .l-er I ' , ' !, - ,1 Ann H.i ' . ' . irPei .HI ' y I li -ih " ' th lie.i cr ; i Hell ,i ,,.- - .i ' ' r tr.iii ' l Inhn I ' Irt.ini h irh.ll Bohn ' , ott Broberg Kirnly I.i Uu k " ,(. m I ' etet Me,,, [ ' ,u ' .. lJ.ivi-1 Me h.iel (in- , lame C ii-ir-u jr WillLitn M.ilph ' .I ' M ' !., li (hili( Hurnett i Mi ' hen (.oh ' -n f,.if y I ee (.ollirr. I, .net f,.i lf ( l, liner GeOrge Ke n, ( iiiininj ' .h.iin 1 imj.i ' ' f.ion.i Gail Colrell [|., l l ' i ' h,ir(J l.iJ -. , in., he Wette Steven Alien Doores ludtth iifien D [jouf! ' ' " Mary i ii itM Ih i o fton 1,,, Kl (,.,0-lAif: I lrnnn ' lv,n ' ,u , inn. 1 li .ihelh I i iya i . . M ' . hd i I ,i.m " ' . . John MK h.if I (,. inn. i y.iy lent i. mnette f.-if-t Gregoi Pau ,.. n ' er ' . In I li .it eth Anne M, f.nme . Terr I li ,.helh M.ill I .nl ' ,tu.,rt M,ini|,ton I ' M ' l I inU- i Willi.ini f nrtn-r H.iyn- . , Wy Hill- H yirj ' ini.i Ann I ovele . Sue Miiy.irc. l ir h.u ' i Charles Huit.ert ii M.irt- John h Stephen Ch iri- " . NIK -i Y .ireii Sue Cannon ' r " ' t Hyron J.f hhiiio A. HOI, lameson MIIK Jenkins . (0 j(-rni;;,,n h., tn ' ta i fMUif ,, I otkm ' . lot I ' I M ' ( I r I Nell . , i LI. KeHy ( i i.i ' . t-enl Kin,- K,int n I e Kol ' r M irt- t -i vrei,, ,- Kutler || I ' ltJfl ilni.iti I e-,ter . fVlfllflm I ll ' " ' iltle K-ithef me (..mujhi ' ll I fjdf, I .iwre- . ' trgOHl Ut.irir-, Troy Harold Franklin th A ..... r ume Martin K.iy Scale M.iy inn.-. Ih ' M(.Cracken ,hn Mf Uoridk) I ' .ilti- i.i Ad- L,I M ' r,.irvey Stuai ' ' .M ' 11 . ' 1 ' - ' M ' - Mi ' i 11 lie Ann M ' -v. ., ' .l.i-. Ju ' ly An lohn i ' .i- ... . i inlc i N.IIK Ann f Anj;el.t Nt-vilj- f ' o| ' ,. ' i I ( )i in I ' .irkci Ji i ' .-lfl! vir I- If!. ' I JlivM-r ' ,jnMini ' .h,in, I ' e.kui ' M. If 1,11 l! If t ' ' . " F I ' .jillel.i M ' j ili- 1 : . n if, l.iini " , A.Nfn ' M.if K.itherine S ' .fp.msk I Id .H . : il.,rr ( ' irt,,r(J Schilling I ' .hn ' ,- tirivider ' ' ir.i ' -,i arrtan , Kay ' .f-woii ]. nnitff Ann Shockley () (, r. i I ynn ' mnrnons iren Anne Sitlcrle K.ithleen Smith P.iul f;lomon M trg ifel Nuth Souby l H hi , I ynn Slepht-ris i Ann Steve ns l i.iine Stewart iul Subrt Pjtrick Wrieel.-j ' it I Wn.nh i.uni " . Lowell Yates Vicki Jill elios M,iry (..iltertori . Zieglei Phi Beta Kappa National Arts and Sciences Honor Socie: MEMBERS Kirn K.ul Allbnght Henry Kiper Allen Ir Scott Hdmlin Allen M Alln i. in G.ii v Am -.lerdjni Gregg Arnold Anderson D.ivid Hugh Ayer Philip G Baton Joseph Swit Bailes Eric Robb Baird Thomas Bruce Baker Lawrence M.artm Bdldauf Bf.i.m Duvjl Bjrruird Robert Bruce Borrow David Ryan Basse Daniel Bernard B.iumstimi.-r John David Beef bower Steven Kenl Belaire Joseph Merntt Beltsle Willi.ifn Warren Bell III Raye L Bellinger Mark Benjamin Berger Eric Foster Berglund - J r J vard Berknian r eiiMKUt ra J BierSChenk James Kyle Biggs David Bruce Bishkin William Taylor Biskamp v,... ul .r: rM.u.dl Bitner III Gregory P Blanchett Thomas Craig Blevms Stuart Louis Blum Edward Brian Boles Peter Anthony Bommei Stephen Dennis Brack 11 tr il Nelson Br.itjy nas Roy Bray Lloyd Douglas Brown Paul Randall Bruton rrrn Busi h {.h.ul. ' s Ric hjrd Bullet Arnold Byron C iiden n Brent R Caldwell John Thomas Camonm Brett Carlton i .miph. ' ll Jack C Canruit.i Jr )ul " Alan Caplan n I. ml C.irlson Rofyr Greg Carroll M.irlm Joseph Ch.iit Stephen Ashon Chan H,il Hrun Chapman I ii.iiMi ' us Bosweli _ ' h Stephen Linn Chew Robert Gardiner Chretien Willi.nn John Chriss David B Christian Douglas David Clme , Michael Cocheres Randall C Coffey Jeffrey Wayne Cole Hi h.iriJ C.iul Colquitt K.IMI k Tr.wis Conner Neil Brent Cooper D.ivid W.iyne Cornett Derell Ryan Cowan D.ilr Kent (,f .i niri i.imes Cnttendon I-. Robert Crosson A) ' ,ir tl " ' Ml nmgham Steven Scol ut, h.-n i H.irfi-. t Kr.h. ' tl Huhfft fl.lVIS Jf . 1 |),ivivn M.irk W.iyin- iMw.on n.trry i eonard U ' .irmg Willi.ini A Does Jr l.tuiei I MMMM,- [ . I .1 Ii.ll .i Richard Dean Dillman Jr Dean Dtmmitt Gary Randall LJI Sonnor Jowell Duffey Randall Anthony Dye Gary Wayne D i P;iul Gregory t Erik Leil : Willi.mi Easter II dph Ehrlich Mark Henry EHert James Richard Ellison (J.wnl M.irk [ p-.t.-m John Michael Eshenour f uster t .jrkin i Mickey Allen f ,iu Alan Jot Mark Randall F.irr Michael Farley Femstein Mark Stuart Finkelstem Paul Lewis Firey Steven James Fisher Ruben M. Flores Thomas W Ford Jr Howard Jay ( ! George Scott Fnsbie Jay Steven Fudemberg Craig Michael Gattenbacti Joel Ray Galloway David Lee Gandin Andrew Oakley Garrod Gregory Leo Gastler Terrence Bernard Gaus Lionel Leon Gavenda Mitchell Lee Gaynor Oscar G.iyi-in Jeffrey Clyde GHke.y John Torbert Gill William S Gilmer Mt( h.iel B. Ginsberg W.iyne Houston Gordon Loyd Alton Graham John M.irtin Gr iyi.f,)l Carl Victor Greek William Paut Green D.IVMl Guy ! etevre H. , Jeffrey Allen Hall f Peter Seth Hamilton William David Hardy Thomas Charles Harrison Leif Olaf Clifton Clay Hefner MK h K;l LtT Herulrn k--. Randall Scott Hickle Kenneth Carson Hill Larry Marvin Hines H.jrns OtJom Hmnant Jr Stfvrn I ynn Hodges William Wylie Holden HI Bruno Curt Homeyer William Keith Honea Jeffrey Lee Horswell Mark Reed Hoy James Michael Hudson Doyle Wade Huey Ronald Clark Hughes Lee Everett Hunt Robert Anthony Hunt Edward Palm Hurst Dwayne Gerard Jammal Brian Gary I : David Mills Jenkins John Scott Jepsen Brian Palrick Johnson Jay Lawrence Johnson Carl Robert Johnston i A. Johnston I van Jones KK h.inl Stephen Jurek George Adams K.irn|xn,j Jr. Hunter Kapp (it. nn Milton K.IMV h irnpU ' 11 Kr.jri Thornton John Keel Kim Alan Ketsner Gary Akin Kern Philip Scott Kiger James Garrett King Gary Keith Knippa li.wnJ Luke Knox ( ' tulip Ojvid Korenman Jeffrey Paul Kosons Richard Winthrop Kr.irv Kcimeth John K I li.i KurT f-r How, IK) I Ij (Vd h ird Kim Laird fi.if y AI.JN I .imotte Loreo I Nils Rtchard Larson Daniel Ira Lavis Douglas Julius Lehr Robert J Leonard Paul David Levme John Taylor Lewis Todd Elton Lmstrum Michael 1 London,) Jesse Robert Lord i .IF i Dan Luedke Stephen Ray Luplon Samuel Gary Lusk Bruce Austin Lultrell Robin Bruce Lyin Kirk D wi l I yons Michael M Ly w,mski Carl Robert M.n Eldon Bradley M.ihon Robert Brutf M.ntsfirUJ Allan Chester Markolf David Roy M.irtut Joseph Edward Martini- Rick Floyd Mashburn Gregory Djlf M.itttufW. James William Mays Jr Joseph Keith Mf.l .iuf,hiin nter Cullen Mi N,m Mu.h.icl John MrF haul Mark Alan Mchsh MK h.uM IVt-fic M ' fn: Joao Jose Mene es Brian Eamon Mertes .Andrew Karl Mt.-.s.u Ch-irles Edward Meyt ' ts Jeff Wayne Miller Georgic Mm.i 1 . Paul Kim Minifee Don Leland MoHilt Henry Houston Moore III Martin Thomas Morell Isaac Ronald Morgan John Allan Mossbarger Keith Howard Muik-n Samuel Atva Myers M.irk Hjciell Arthur Newman Paul Thomas Nipper James Marquis Oberwetter David Keith Oden Gerald Anders Olson Larry Duane Olson Richard Dene Ondrusrk Thomas Edw.inJ Oxford Stephen Lee P.irkt-r L.irry Rayware Phillips Dennis Anthony Pleti hi Randall Jack Pliler I t dward Poe III M.-phrn I 90 CUI MCI iipy Thomas l ' t William Bruce Pyle Glenn Stfpti.m Rechtschalten Richard Chester Re-d Richard Edward R fi Thomas Anselm Reed Joseph S Rice Joe Allen Richards Jf Brian Paul Richard Brian Edward Richter John Townes Ridout Jose Alberto ' ' Randy Mike I RiUi.ird Mark Robinson Erich R Robert Wesley Rogers James Carl Root KMmf:th Glen Rosmann Bruno I Rubio Terry Lee Rugeley Robert John Russ Will.ird Gk-nn Ry.ils Jr. 12 Jr Gilbert R. y S.HH hv Douglas Wjyrn. ' Sanders Paul Franklin Sangree ht-vin t rit ' ,-iunilcf ' -, Steven Warren Saylor Brent Willum Scheps Jeffrey-Alan Schiik-r William Robin Schlaudt Andrew Jay Schlosser Joseph Gustava Schmidt Jr. Gerald Paul Schulz Shanf-Homayoun Robert Walton Shelton Dwight L Silv - Donald Andrew Simmons M.iik Philip Simon David Wayne Skarke Steven Jame ' - flon.ili) M.ntir, f.h.irles Michael Smith Joe Ben Smith t. -finis Smith Nelson Dale Smith Robert Edmond Smith Steven Dale Smith Mir-h,-l 1 Smlol.ik Henry Wayne Soechtmg ,Dnsino W.iyn.- Allen -Spencer mner Charles Wmton Sponbcrf; III ' . Donelson S Mitt h.-ll A St.ihl D.ivirJ Roy Stanford Jon Mark Stdutbrr c. Mark Leroy Sl ' viHfTi.iM Dulaney Gordon Steer Jack Arnold Stemhcrj ' Harold Philip Stern Richard Gerald Stinson Chris W Strayhorn Jimmy Lee Strong George Carl Susat Warren Craig Sunbury Robert Lee Taylor Robert Lee Taylor Jr James Stanley Thomas Rn hard Robert Thomas Stephen Alan Thonngton John Morrow Truetson Bert Neal Tucker Jr. Richard Kevin Ulrich Javier Arnoldo Valade Ruben Ismael Velasquez Jack Bernstein Vine John Wyhe Waldrep Mark Freeman k Monty Madison Waters John Calvin Watson Scott William W.-h- Jeffrey James Webster Michael Guy Wemert David Reber WeiMnj ' ..-r Robert Allen W Ronald James West Kevin Robert Wheel, m John Dewey Whisenant William E Wicheta Kerry Alan Wilbourn Dama Graig Wilburn John Edward Wirni.. ' iiry . ea Witij ' .it. ' Mark Allan Wolf Kevin Lee Woodruff bteven Kim Yanagisa 1 Jeffry Soong Y ... James Daniel Yarbrough Robert Michael Zirl FALL INITIATES Danny W. Abdo Brian Reid Altor Rory Stephen Alter Steven Russell Biegel Thomas Eugene Black Jr. John Mark Breeding Ralph T. Bryan Samuel M. Bryant Brad Robert Buthhol Christopher Alden Cook David John Cooper Ronald Charles Cox Christopher Stephens Cru William Charles Cunningham Henry G. Dalehtt.- ill David Gary Drumm Robert Floyd DuBois III Chris Eberspacher Kerry Glen Faseler David Criarles Fein Steven Rex Foy James i MK h.n ' l William Clayton Good 1 Richard Fraser Grove Stephen Guerra John Mark He James Vincent Henneburg David Alan Hibbs Hjrry J t tmes Hill.jk ' -r h Leslie Brian Kevin M.jrk Holl.inrJ John Daniel H , John Burton In D.imel M.trk I : Robert Allen Johns Jr f.urti-. Wtii.ird Jones Jr Kevin Miller Kerr I eslie Hjrns King MK fuel Clarence Klein Howard Louis I em-it Andre Lerman Frank Bonner Lyon Byron Morns McKnight II Barton Leonard MenOe! James Wayne Meredith Seth Hamilton Mitchell 111 Michael Scott Muhlbauer Ronald Gene Pearson Jeffrey Dale Peterson Robert Kent Phillips Russell Atkinson Powell Brooks Purnell Thomas Daniel Raymond Christopher Mulholland Rendeiro Anthony Ross Russo Brian Sam Sayers David W Schneider Michael Robert Sf.hult William Lee Sh.iftrr Jace Harnson Simmons ile Sit John Barnaby Skaggs Dennis Lee Srruth Keith Sproull M.irk All, in St.irry Ted Nathan Tobolowsky Knox Holljnd Todd Wilham Eugene Wellborn Kevin D Wiiii Bryan Allen Woods KM hard losepti .urifehi Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Men ' s Honor Society Phi f l,i Sii ' .ni.i ms Pi MEMBERS Paul Michael Bommer Robert Campbell Tommy James Drescher Keith R. Fangmeier Brad Hatcher Pham Dinh Hung Ombo F. Isokrari Hong Chen Lin Keith Wayne Mills Mehrnet Melih Oskay Hwi Woong Pang ' Gus Barwick Sanders Rene Santos Brian Roger Sullivan Craig M. Tellinghuisen Paul Joseph Woodul FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS Will E. Boyd Folkert N. Brons Ben H. Caudle William W. Dingle Samuel P. Ellison Jr. Earnest F. Gloyna Kenneth E. Gray Claude R. Hocott Roy M. Knapp John J. McKetta Jr. Sylvain J. Pirson Augusto L. Podio Harry H. Power Ahma Saberian Irwin H. Silberberg J. H. Yang FALL INITIATES Michael John Allison Abdul-Kareem Al- Sa ffar Alexis Mount Cranberg David Henry Hopkins Pham Quoc Huan Terry Lee Hurst In Sul Hyun Wei-Quo Liu Nirso Jesus Martinez John Anthony Massoth Joao J. Menezes Russell Romoser Dr. Robert S. Schechter Horace Patrick Seale Kambozia Sepehernoori Dr. Robert L. Slobod Benjamin Frank Wear SPRING INITIATES Brenda Kay Barnett Jamin Djuang Terrence Mark Duffey Maurice P. Gaddis Jr. Bryant W. Hainey Mark Mabry Howard Randall Houston Hulme Ser Yuen Kwong Lmdell L. Looger Lloyd Erwin Martin Daniel Lester Wilson Mark Harvey Zeppa Members of Pi Epsilon Tau are selected from pe- troleum engineering juniors, seniors and graduate students who have a cumulative 3.0 GPA. Individuals in the petroleum engineering profession who have made significant contributions to the field are also honored. Pi Epsilon Tau strives to promote academic excel- lence and fosters a closer bond between petroleum engineering students and the petroleum industry. - Officers were Paul Bommer, president, Craig Tel- linghuisen, first vice-president, Mehmet Oskay, sec- ond vice-president, Brad Hatcher, secretary-trea- surer, and Robert Campbell, corresponding secre- tary. Pi Epsilon Tau Petroleum Engineering Honor Society Pi Epsilon tau 379 " The primary purpose of Phi Kappa Phi is to pro- mote the pursuit of excellence in all fields of higher education. The society extends its membership to faculty, graduate and senior students on the basis of their academic record. Officers were Frances Flournoy, president. Joyce Hoover, secretary-treasurer and Karl Klein, public relations officer. The president-elect is James Rey- nolds. FALL INITIATES GRADUATES Suvin Gralton Al?y jnd ' -f John E Barnard Bobbe Morse Barnes Bryan L BarUett Frieda Anna Bayer William Gregory Beck TI Ellen Bell Ronald Wayne Bell Helen Victoria Berner Emily Deering Blazer Kenneth Wayne Boeker Margaret Ruth Bohck Barbara Ann Bonjour James Hayden Boyd Marshall Aaron Brachma Larry R Brteschke Sandra Mane Bnnkman Paula B Campbell Theodore A Clme James Mellon Creel Faramarz Damanpour Duane Alien Davis Patricia De La Fuente Beatn E De La Gar a Nancy Jane De La Zerda Peter Anthony DeVito Mananna Di Paolo Albert F Dupree Jr Kenneth Roger Earnest Carol Ann Edkms Thomas W Ford Adam Joseph Fnsch Juliet Villdrredl Garcia Daniel Joseph Geppert Alan Lyn Goldstein Anne Eh abr-tr, Terry A:; Paul Wayne Gosnell William G Haldenwang Kenneth L H.r Carolyn Lofland Hart Laurie Eiler. Douglas Richar - David Barnett Higgms Tom Hollm; 1 Sandra Louise Holmes Manon Mclntyre Johnson Kay Elame Mark Henry Kilgore Feme Charier e Alice Louisa Laborde " lien Ladusaw ' Jerz Mae Lee Wesley Joseph Levench Joseph David 1 Nancy ' - Audrey Joseph Lee M ' Judy f ff ' ,u ' .on M Kclv.-y Philip Allen M ' -1 ) ' , T Robert hmf Miller kohert W n Moora K,ithU-.-n Ruth Mullf-n Stu.iM Arthut NV h ' .l ' . Novy John Stu irt H.irry ( Arthur 1 Ellen f ' Barbar i M.jreai I ' Joseph John Ki1 ' )ii " Mary i John J.irr. " K.lth ' Tlflf f OMl : I, line-, ' - Neil Ari ' ltT ' ,f,n ' , ' jM Saihe Mjtiin Sharp Mary Ellen ' _,; Ann Quinn St.jton i Asbury I, nt Johnn Mir l,;jel ! itlim Jacqueline Su - Gregory I hun ; Martfi Colleen Montr fj.jlton [j ' -rt- W.irrJ Patsy Ann W.i . Sarah Mel.ime. Wf-llt-r Susan R White James Kenneth Whitt John J . UNDER- GRADUATES I ynn Adams Tam Manlena Adams Susan Elizabeth Aiken Laura Lee Ainsworlh . ' , Andren Albright Lelia B Alexander Michael Loyd Andf;r Jams Clare Babet Baker Josh Brooks Baker Richard Henry Bellinger ill Gail Diane Barham Robert Lee Bassetl Elmer C Beckworth Jr Carl Eugene Blalock Belinda Lorraine i :. Pamela J blur- Kimb.:i! - tlr .ml Carroll h ' -rt-n Jr Susan I ' .iti i ' ia I ' .-.rowir W.iynr M.turif flown Randy I Orris E Burns III Pelei M ' -in flu-, ' D.ivid M Buss f li ,ihctli Ann h.wi.l I f.n ' lwll J,r.(. W f..ilil " ll J ' [ r u- ' i T ik.i y ui- M,jrj ' . ! itnpln- M.ifl.ilynn Jf.m ' ..ire I ' ' l Allt-r. ' ; Ml C ' -irtfrr : in.- I ' , in Clll I Ji ' .ini if it- (.ti ' ., ' Cor tell CharlM f ! ' ' ' K.ithiTii N Ann CoMeen ui hs Dacy [ 0dfl I ' ' ..iroti i AntH- -fj ivr, Willi.ifn Hr .m iJ.j;. 1 , MI- hael f r Di hfi.ii. ' , I ,iwr f-nr Mn ' l Nrtu f j ' rOOfi ' J t-n ' - Jij ' ltth M ' f.htr. ' , ' . ' ' -W William A ' - in liki f BfTO Mai Kaj i li ,ihcth Ann I John h.ivi ' I I . Allen I r.hf.-r rhwnas ' ' ! ' ,irri ' i.i Y ., ' . -n f r.inkturt Ray rj fr-jnUm in ' M; F niton ' , ; " ; i Cdthryn A Gregory Paul ' 1 ' . A I. FT i Albf.-rt I Ha M.jrk Ai M.if [Jiull ' - C.itnr i.i Ann M Carlton v Hort,.-n Ctviitopl f Her. Jclfj[. John-, mi loUy I r,. i N.-ll Ionian M. ' ljlu-n f to Hr lt ' t- f I ytn r K.itfif r n : Ii2abth KI|,[, I ' Kloctr, M TF LUM fM Knuc K,jni f. Eve K (,.ir Ko ' .ut F ' K h.iti] I ' KM; ' hf-r Kullei Ml ' ). I ' " Gena i Kunh ' Tl I ' -i. i h.ith.jr-j i eat h " , he I (-c Susan M " t ' -i " - i estkai , I hotP.J ' . 1 I.FI I i yr , Grwoi i io o : .. M.ifn- M.ijor f ,jf i-n I I, iin - M.irtin A M.irline ' .h.! ' .e.ilt- M,iy f ' .irti ' 1,1 Atifi M.iy r.h.., l I Mrf.ui ! ' i ,ir(J Dill Mit- t . r ,ivi j ' . fl Mf.Ke ' ,t ' j,irt ' .-irperJeF f ' K - i Roe I Mih-il-.k Ann,] C. ither me Millet M.J;I ' , Anfi f ill-t Mi ' h.ifl I,, ' - M ' ;r t ' M TJ.iit Arthur M.iun ' N, mi. in ivt.-T lames N.r.t. )(,hh l Mi. hael Glenn Null M.irj ' .in- ' .hill ' . i,- ( J .ir ' , III. Till,- ' . I ' I ' I ' , ' I, irkei I ' Hot! I H ;n M. in. H, ii ' K ' .-rirn-il ,.,,,., Micha, Willi.ii.. r l.,|i-.-..i I ' l ,1k.! Ir-rr ' i I ' c-ti ' i I w Mil h.i. ' f ' ,,nl- R ' , ii i ,.-. Rob II. -in I i llr .n. i ' K.iihi ' --i. r " N.H., M,.iN ' il. ' Vi.iroii Anr, ' , it. II. ir I ,! if.; Ci. (i, nil I ' .i,ni - I ' Si h ' " " i ,rn-n A I F r i . i . Phi Kappa Phi Interdisciplinary Honor Society 380 Phi Kappa Phi fa Jana Lee btrauss I ' .itn ' 1,1 lire, konndge Swair . ;mhea :iiv,in Elizabeth Ann Mullms Tayloi Pamela Ann I.ivif Charles Henry Thieman Robert R Thompson Timothy Kenneth T- Kathryn I M ' J inc M.ilnney 1 utnifi John Ml ' h. ' l I If I ,1H David [Jed, V V in Winkle 1 i i iy | ' Voelker Rita Paulina Wakir-n Shirley Arm ' ' W.ili " T William Joseph Water. Edward ' nurtney V. Janice I Denise fl-c u- W.nij-h Keith Chapman W Steven Mark Williams Wanda Ruth Williams Jeff Charles Wilson ' in Wilson ,,,,, ' iherly ju ........ ... ci h Wmterkamp ' In h.icl L Xientek FACULTY Aaron Bar Adon William A Bennie Rudolph Con i Ernest Linn Draper Jr. William J Lord Jr Albert Shapero Leland Jan Turk Lorraine Olszewski Walker SPRING INITIATES GRADUATES D.inH F Ackerman Owight Rial Adatr Thomas Lorenzo Adam Robert Alfred Amsler Robert Lawrence Andres Linda Jo Arnold Seung Ho Back Cathy Ann Baker Jerry Wayne Baker Charles Frankltn Beadle Jr Wmtield Scott Bennett III Barbara Beryl Berkeley Nancy Dickenson Berlage Johanan Bernstein Eleanor Davis Blair Mary Jane Boyd Donald D Brand Jr Shelley Ann Breeding Joseph James Brennan Scot Burton Milton Ch.itlwick Butler I riu.irdn c:.ii,..i I,, ni,--, I .iwrem e Caldwell Patricia Ann Place duiweii l nhi-it I .if iv, (..impholl IN ' - ' - -v NoKon (, y I H.Klrn ( Ofinei n Culler III 10 Virjnm,. [ i.ivenpor I lull, i M.; I M 1 ' ierr " I " ' ROL : ilw.irfK Joyce Johnson F l.nn f ..thy Max ' ' Ann I UK h [ hAil.pth ( ilveit I me Victor Alan I I ' .hrn.m Larry D Fnr,ter Ann Frank D.IVK) N Vijay Krishna Teresa Ann Gilius Donna Gayle Hamann Jody Ruth Hausser Robert I ' Iw.inl Hen ' ] ' " , " !! Guillernifi 1 r. in ' iv o Vogel Hmo)osa Alice Ann Hmiker Paul Jacob Hitpod M, in. nine I i .mi ' , Hopper D.wid Howard John Wesley Hull Gail Moore Hurt .M Ikenherry lion.iM (,tM r -- -, kson Jr. Linn Dale Johnk W-in f ,11 Mm Ho Kang William Hubert Keils i I ynn Keir Jan Elizabeth Kilby Man Robert King Ronald R Kirkwood Nathan Dale Khng Carroll Tankersley Kobernus Paint M Knf ' p.l Koch ir-ru o Korach Leonard Richard Kru Jana Lea Langston I in } - K.inp. I in Timothy Mlllai Robert Lee Love Edward Brian Lo Lynn Mane I utham Charlotte Kay Magness Marian f h aheth ' , Martha Malloy Donald Paul Maple Leon Schmidt McAulay Barbara Sue McCord Sharon Renee Duncan M. Farland Mirhael James McGrath Cecil Leon McKenzie y -n Mane Oerth Morso John Charles Moskop Kwok On Hermann Ng leftiey Jay Nixon Nils Bonesteel Ohman M.try O ' Malley Daniel I eon Overbey Ann Urhahn Overbey William Erank Perrin Mary Nelson FVt.-r, Fred Young Phillips Lynn Atherton Phillips Robert Wayne Proft Chandragin D Rao Patton Breon Reigh.ini John Wilson Ro.i ' h Jesse Byron Rogers. Jr Anne M.inp Susan llene Rubin David William Russell Deborah Yates Sanders Werner Schroder Terry Dean Sh.iw t.oy Alon o Singleton III James Thomas Skeen U.uiil.ill hnj ' .e Smith Sylvia Ann Smith Perry Louis Stecle I h ih.-lh Ki-tth ' Ralph ),.ni ' " - ' . y) ' r ( Fiil,i ;... jr ,j | ........ M Tellinghuisen Lou Ann Brown Terry Paul Er h.irfj 1 f, ' h.m Jr Ann, i Wirth I hompson ; i rn.inl Thompso Mrphl-n I c.ikcy 1 ' jt I ' M ih. l H.irry I 1 it-rlcnniek III Willirirn I rn . " ,l Tunmer I-? luti hui| " , William M.ihry f y. ' in fihftord H Whit- Ir Ann WidfMff George Watson Williams Wilson Gary Austin Wilt Paul Joseph Wooilul t John 1. i ' cy Ir Nelson A .in Shirley Mflat 7iegler Stan W.irM-M ti-t ' !-i UNDER- GRADUATES William Sti ' v - Alhr.M ht Robert Rowe Allen .liitm Arbuthnol Louis Alfred Armijo Urn. . Gregory Arnold IJ.IVK! f ' Iwin Arnold Patrick M Arnold Keith Charles Ashrnof Sara Sue Avant Joseph Swit Bailes I ..wren- r M.trtin Bald Ann Harrow M.iry Kyle Barrow George Paul Barsness M.uth.i I ouis! Bean Carol Clark B itty Sylviri Ruth Beerman Charles Lee Black Debra llene Bi.itt Michael Bruce Blotner Miriam Ann Blum Howard Nelson Brady Nancy Ellen Bnstor Donna Patricia Brockie James Dudley Caldwell Marcelle I. Cedars Tamara Kay Chambless Saron Jean Cheng William John Chnss Susan April Clare Linda Lee Cleaver Rebecca Frances Coel Colleen Man Ellen Collins Deborah Lynn Collins M.iry Ann Cotter Patricia Ann Cox Janet Gayle Cramer Jerry Deane Crane .Iy Ann ' unnirtyh.irn I iri ' la Cunningham Gloria Gail Cutrcll f.,irol I ynn Oarrou et W.iters Smith Davts IV Donna Gene Dickerson William Robert Dobbing Gary Steven Donovit? Steven Allen Doores K.II en I ' .itrn ia Doyle l),ivnl li.try Drumm William Claiborne Dun.if ' .- ' ' ,t if y Patricia Dun ' .m Clio Mane Dunn M,.rk Ihoftias DuPnest Harry Seymour Earl Jr Chris Eberspacher Evalene Hutlon Edge [,,nl ! I.KH es Ellish Paul Richard Emery Y ithy I i n. ' [ pperly Mark I ' Stuart Roland Faulk Hi abeth I aruiry I Lynne Diani; ' i usn ..... Amy Beth Gam Susan M G.ill mdo (I-.- .if ' - " ' ! I ) ..... f i.irrftt Dons Mane G ( harleS Wayne fill ' hri ' .t Harold Benjamin Gold Douglas M Gomilhon David i.arrnll Grant Carl Victor Greek Mart ' ,are.l S f.rerr Heth Guthne Abdul Nairn Hakirm ' ..indr.i I nui ' .e Hale Nham Nhi Hao h.ivifl James Hart man Ashley Naru y H ' Thomas Parker Helms I ii ah( th Ann Henke Inn Michael Hilbert Paul Alan Hottman Alice Rebecca Hood Steven Ray Horton Ci. hard C. Hulbert Jr Robert Brook-,hire Hunter Edward Palm Hurst Robert Byron Ja kson ( .ithy taster Clark i A Meredith John Mark Lynn Johnson Susan Joyce Johnson Jennifer M Johnston Jjnelle Elizabeth Jones Lisa Jones Glenn Milton Kansch Br.idlcy Basch Kayser Ruth Kimberly Keeland Patricia L. Kenfield Amy Harriet Ktdd Rosemary Ann Ktdd Rebecca Ann Kilman Robert Weldon Kmcheloe Jeffry Thomas King Jan Claire Knape Laura Margaret Kobler Ken Mason Korthauer Laurie Sue Knger Donald Wei Lee Phyllis Susan Lewis Alice Elaine Loper Mary Lynn Loveioy Jonathan Pauly Luden Frances Delores Fredn ' kvn Lundgren Patricia Louise Makin Nicole Ann Mandt Vicki Jean Martin Patni ia Ke!! ' v Mason Mark Christopher Matula Mary Ktmbroufh Mr C, ill Joseph Anthony McQuade Mark Edward Meyer Catherine Lisle Michael Danush Minoohamedani Roderick D. Moe Jr Robert Charles Moore [).-hnf.ih M. Moran S ott Anthony Morgan Judith Ann Morrison Roderick Scott Muhlbauer Charles M Murphy K ' n h.ird Craig Newton Annice Northt utt nl Nungesser M.irth.i f ..tvin Owen Deborah Lou Paine Jamie Deniese Palmer Mar i h ih. ' th Parkci loseph Parma ' Paul Kay Marie Peterson Donald Spencer Piland Steven Podsedmk Miidn-d Jean Porter Marianne Poythress Susan Russrll Prather David John Prewett Ross Fred Prochnow rme Anne Ramsdell Robert Cole Reiter Daniel L Rentfro Jr. Joseph S Rice Tom Lou Roberts James Hall Robichaux Kenneth Lee Robinowit? Meryl Debra Rogers Laura Elise Salinas Brenda Sue Sanders Betsy Jo Manka Sansom Sharon Verlmda Sather Deborah Schutze Barbara Ruth Schweitzer leffrey M Sheriff Holly Carol Stetsema Cynlhia Irene Sigler Tom Seiders Simms Daniel M. Slattery John Raymond Slavik Mark Edward Smith Sandra Beth Smyth Clarence B. Sorrels Ronald Reed Spillman Judy Kay Stanton Cynthia Ann Stem Ross Clifton Stephenson Patrick Cronin Still Beth Elaine Streeter Ralph Thomas Strother Jane Theresa Sulak Pham Thuong Tai Vtckie Carlene Tatum Peter Carl Tausend Gary Lynn Teter Kirk Dale Thomas Richard Robert Thomas Mark Thompson Paula Jean Thompson John Peter Thurmond II Jean Ellen Tipton Thomas L. Tipton III Karen Emily Tumulty Nancy Elizabeth Tusa Phil Car) Umphres James Christopher Vogel Stephen Austin Wade Randall Ray Walker Worthy Ray Warnack Jr. Gregg Scott Weber Raymond Edward White D ' Anne Whitehead Tracy Whitely Carol Seay Wilder Rebeca M. Williams Frank Allen Wojtek Thomas Richard Wolf Leighton Thomas Works Geoffrey Lee Wright James Lowell Yates Dennis James Young FACULTY Eric B Becker Edgar Wailand Bessent Laroy Ray Carry William E Field Jr John Douglas King Guy J Manasler Guy Howard Miller Geneva Hanna Pilgrim Phi Kappa Phi Interdisciplinary Honor Society Bfe MEMBERS John M. Alexander Michael Allen Baker Paul Collins Sana Brenda Kay Barnett Robert S Barnum Maynard P. Bearce Victoria L Blaschke Rudolf Bonaparte William R. Brock Paul Bryan Bump William F. Carleton Jr. Ronald A. Carlson Sue Ellen Cash William A Chaffin Jr. Thomas P. Chesney Thomas Camitle Cloutier Dennis Byron Conley Alexis Mount Cranberg Christopher R. Davey Harrel L. Davis III James Lindsay Davison Iran Quang Dieu Tommy James Drescher George H. Dunn III Clinton E. Duval Peter L. Erickson Keith R. Fangmeier Amanda M. Faseler Franklin Lee Fischer Larry Edward Fitchhorn Robert Lloyd Glover Andrew C. Graham Janet Lawrence Green James R. Greer Jr. John Houston Gully Samuel E. Hammer II William E. Harmony David F. Hartman George Allan Hastings John Richard Hemenway Darrel V. Holmquist Russell Lee Honerkamp Terry Lee Hurst Keith Ickelberry Jimmy Burrus Johns Cleveland M. Johnson David George Johnson Gary Marial Kosut Robert Carl Lee James Howard Long Jerry Walter Matcomb Chester J. Malms Clarence C, Meyer Jr. Keith Wayne Mills Brad David Moore George D. Obnen Jr. Richard G. Ogier Catherine C. Paciotti Michael Ray Piana William W. Reeves George T. Santamaria Rene Santos Horace Patrick Seale Ernest Dale Smith Samuel Lynn Smolik Paul A. Steger Jr. Bradley Winton Studt Brian Roger Sullivan John Steven Swinnea Lee Morris Taylor Oscar Oo Loke Teoh John Cutler Tiffany William J Tiffany Khai Con Truong R. Stuart Wallace Ronald Douglas Wessels David Edward Wight Thomas Robert Winkley Mark Davis Winston Gerhardt E. Wissler Gary Joe Wolff Jonathan Earl Wukasch Wah Kiu Van David L. Zimmerman FALL INITIATES James M. Allman William Lynn Anderson Jon Robert Averhoff Joseph Edward Bass Marvin M Beckmann Davy Mac Belk Paul Michael Bommer Robert E. Boswell Steven Edward Briley Richard Darrow Butler Wing Lok Chiu Colleen M. Collins Deborah L. Collins Jerry Deane Crane Waters S. Davis IV David R. Dixon Dwain Alan Dodson Tau Beta Pi, a national honoray organization open to all engineering students, was founded in 1885. Candidates for membership are chosen from the upper fifth of the senior class and the upper eighth of the junior class. Students must also exhibit quali- ties of integrity, adaptibility and unselfish activity. Selection of those eligible is by three-fourths major- ity vote of the active membership of the chapter. Officers were Patrick Seale, president, Chester Malins, vice-president, Cathy Paciotti, treasurer, Brenda Barnett, corresponding secretary and Steve Swinner, recording secretary. Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society Tau Beta Pi Kim Hunter Eckert Paul Richard Emery Mark Patrick Evans Salar W F. Farmayan Stephen Hoo Chuen Foo Alan Foreman Richard Andrew Gert Thomas Franklin Green Abdul Nairn Hakimi Jed Marcus Hamilton David Lynn Harper Davtd James Hartman Weldon B Hatcher Mark A. Hayes Larry Gene Hearin David R Hoffmeister Arthur Burnum Holcomb Arthur Charles Holly William C. Hunt III Billy Dean James Jr Karen C. Shaner Jordahl Michael Dale Kierum Howard Alan Lagrone Robert Allen Lamb Lmdelt L Looger Donald P. McCelvey Robert W Menzel Jr Kent B. Micketson Andrew Sellers Moore David S Mothersole Richard Louis Mott John Kevin Murphy David Charles Nemir Thomas Henry Olle Martha J Bassett Pertusa Kay Marie Peterson Kenneth Gale Phillips Martha Louise Piana Richard Kirk Pipkin Steven Ross Poole David John Prewett Roy Rodman Pnebe William R. Read Jr. Rebecca Ann Reiman Mark Alan Richards Steven Craig Richards Frank James Rilling Jr. Terry Frank Ritter Gary Lee Robinson Brent Wendell Ryan Lynn Saunders Brent Dale Schkade Karen L Schlueter Donald Francis Schorr II Matt Stephen Shiplet Oarrell M. Silverthorne Teresa Gail Sipes Michael H. Skelton Brian Roy Smith Karen Sue Stemgraber Vincent Manuel Torres John Marrow Truelson Leslie Gene Tull Robert B. Uselton Thomas Jones Walthall Jr. Curt Alan Williams James M Willtngham Mark Thomas Wood Leighton T. Works SPRING INITIATES N.tijf-r Bagherzadeh Wayne Paul Bailey Daniel Wayne Barnette Timothy J. Bartel Christopher L. Bauer Alvm G- Becker Jr. Gregory Edward Beers Davy Mac Belk Joseph Paul Belle William Thomas Belt Jr James Harry Bishop Howard Nelson Brady Orlando Cardenas Brian Hall Caudle Tit Chau Cheung James Edward Cole Donald Lee Cooper Jr. Michael Norman Day Wilham A Dees Jr. Daniel Leroy Downum William C. Dumagan Hadteh John Ehas James Richard Ellison Blake Thomas Eskew Barbara Janet Evans Billy Dean Faith Salar W F. Farmayan Jeffrey Warren Fato Amir Mansour Firouzabadi Ray N Franklin lit Clay W G. Fulcher Isadore Stephen Gerson Jeffrey C. Gilkey David Anthony Glowka Steven Howard Golding Encarnacion Gonzalez Wilham C. Goodwin Thomas Franklin Green Bryant W Hatney Scott Maurice Hall George Richard Hancock Nham Nhi Hao Weldon B. Hatcher Phillip Doyce Hester Gary Kai-Man Ho Michael Grant Hollars Robert W Hughes Ombo F. Isokran Richard Kent June David John Kaderka Wan-Cai Kan Michael Lee Kenoyer David Sam Kirsch Delbert Craig Klump Christian D. Kneupper Robert Allen Lamb Loren T. Lancaster Simon Mong Lun Law Jerrold Payne Lea Richard Peter Lee Robert Dean Lee Stephen Ray Long James C. Lundberg Charles Scott Magee Joseph Magliolo III Joseph K. McLaughlm Edward D. McMullen II Wayne C Micheletti Danush Mmoohamedant Guillermo E. Moran Don Shuford Morgan Peter James Nash Robert Grant Netson Mehmet Mehh Oskay Arthur Roy Padgett Randy Lynn Park Herbert H Payne Martha J Bassett Pertusa Stephen Leo Poizne Wilham R Poteet Michael A. Ratcliff Russet A. Reininger Mark Alan Richards Frank James Rilling Jr. Rosemary Rodman Alan Wayne Russell Martin Stephen Sander Ahreza Sarabi Jimmy Lynn Saunders Joh Mark Schleyer Clinton Jean Schulz Ah Shapoon Russell Craig Shaw Neal G Shoeneberg Jerry Robert Sloss Michael Alan Smith Franklin Leon Sodek David Bryan Stanley Pham Thoung Tai Andrew McLeon Taylor Lee Alan Taylor Robert R. Thompson Wing-Sin Tin Man Ho Tong John Morrow Truelson Stanley Earl Tucker Craig W. Ufterheide Jim Leighton Upshaw Ralph P. Waters John E. Wimberley Kyle Andrew Woodward FACULTY AND STAFF Folkert N Brons Wilham W. Dingle Myron H. Dorfman Zwy D. Eliezer Augusto L Podio Philip S. Schmidt Robert L Slobod Gary Clark Vliet Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society MEMBERS Catherine Jan Acriche Elizabeth S. Baldauf Howard Norman Barkley III Belinda L. Blevins Pamela J. Blumenthal Anna Clare Buie Diane Lynn Chamrad Catherine E Clifton Karen Suzanne Cook Harry F. Corbett Jan et Gayle Cramer Jonathan Crews Evan A. Dreilinger Tiki Farris Amy Lee Flowers Gary Allen Flusche Pam Folger Lawrence T. Gillaspia Cheryl Anne Gogelis Sandra Merle W. Hauser Barry Edward Herbert Robin Shen Herskowitz Maria Jean Kahn George E. Kampschaefer III Elayne Lawsford Melanie Leary Richard B. Levinson Barbara Jane Lewis Jeniece Ellen Lipsky Karen Elaine Martin Anne Elise Mayfield Albert Kent McCullock Richard Milam Jr. Ann Iris Miller Cynthia Anne Moore Wesley Clark Munns Hyman Marvin Penn Mary Robin Peters Mary Grace Plank Paul William Proud Linda C. Roberts William S. Rogers Lindsay Zweig Rosin August Jacob Rothe Jan Alison Seriff Renee M. Shapiro Jeffrey M. Sheriff Diana Rose Siegel Merrill Drew Siegel Mitchell B. Solomon John Douglas Tillman David Turner David Jay Vanderwal Arthur Burch Waldron Mike Wall Glenna Dean Williams Wanda R. Williams Randy Neal Willis SPRING INITIATES Josh Brooks Baker Douglas E. Barnett Francine Claire Barton Paul David Bell Debra Kay Brian Phyllis J. Chamlee Cobb Jeffrey C. Dunkelberg Virginia Anne Gahagan Robert Anthony Guercio Donna Ruth Hardwick David Crockett Harper Shelli Lynn Helm Carol Ann Hussey Merry Luscaine Knue Edward Hale Martin Jr. Lynn Tracy McDonald Marie Annette Pardue Jane Lynn Parker William Karl Perkins Julie Beth Pollock Thomas Richard Pyles Karen Anne Sitterle Charles Wayne Stocker Rudy Stephen Walker Barbara Lynn Weinberg _ ' - . Undergraduate psychology students with a 3.0 GPA and a 3.5 average in all psychology courses are eligible for Psi Chi, organized to promote scholar- ship and fellowship. Psi Chi helps bridge the gap between students, faculty and professionals. In ad- dition, Psi Chi is establishing a grant for members with outstanding research proposals. Officers were Gary Flusche, president, Debra Bri- an, vice-president, Evan Dreilanger, secretary and Tracy McDonald, treasurer. Psi Chi Honorary Psychology Society MILITARY John Depew section editor Military 385 Navy ROTC FIRST ROW: Wayne Douglas Slaughter Edward Milton Macomber Susie Kay Jones Gordon Owen Dorsey Holly Hazlett SECOND ROW: Harman Fred Ramsey Lee Lewis Oliphant Michael Dale Kierum Robert Anthony Altobelli David Spinney Borden THIRD ROW: Steven Mark White John William Perlich Michael Stephen Gonzalez Mark Culver Evans Robert Roy Whittle FOURTH ROW: Stephan Robert Summa Bruce Lloyd Barnes Ronald David Rivard Anthony A. Ambrosetti Battalion Staff Captain Thomas V. Solan and his unit had the honor of boosting the San Antonio District to the number one recruiting position in the country this year. At the same time, the United States Navy cele- brated two hundred years of serv ice to the nation on October 13, 1975. Unit activities included intramural athletics and drill, rifle and pistol competition. Fall and spring for- mals, Oktoberfest and other celebrations provided relief from drills and classwork. Professional training was not confined to the classroom. A varied and interesting summer training program has involved cruises to several countries as part of a foreign exchange program. Midshipmen spent part of their summer at Corpus Christi learn- ing to fly various aircraft. The program continued its mission of training young men and women to fulfill the high responsibil- ities of command in active service. Spirit, a Navy jazz band, plays for the Navy birthday party. 386 Navy ROTC ROTC Buccaneers Drill Team FIRST ROW: Marsha Lynn Uhl Billy Frank Woods Jerome Michael Pajares Joseph Anthony Molinari SECOND ROW: Geoffrey Charles Torrance Gabriel R. Salazar Richard Edward Richarz Curtis Duane Karges Peter Bernard Sargent THIRD ROW: Fernando Ramirez Robert Eugene Harbour Russell Doyle Stevens Keith William Blohm Gary Robert Page FOURTH ROW: Christopher Charles Kelley Gary Martin Abbott Bruce John Mergele Timothy J. J. Harrop FIFTH ROW: Robert Dean Barker Jr. Edward Warren Fidler III William Harry McRaven William A. Dees Jr. Roger P. Murdock Unit Staff FRONT ROW: Capt. Thomas V. Solan Eileen E. Hagebusch Beverly J. Roberts Dorothy S. Burk Max R. Rumelhart MIDDLE ROW: Maj. Charles L. Lynch Joseph Lieto Norita Ray E. Christensen James Wilson Pippin John William Jackson BACK ROW: Larry Allan Van Meter Lt. Douglas Terrell Lowe Lt. Cmdr. William Ross Fullerton Lt. Joe Alan Ylitalo Lt. James Glenn McCoy Navy ROTC 387 Navy ROTC A Company FIRST ROW: Gary Davis Moore Nancy Jane Olson Donna Alene Ganzer Bruce Acton Sowers Michael Allen Baker Dwight D. Hart Edwin Frank Hoff SECOND ROW: David Mark Epstein Joseph Jesse Barrientos Quentin Wayne Dement Robert Bruce Barren William Monroe Hessenius Norman Jose Farley Gary Wade Moore Danny Thomas O ' Neil Timothy Joe Parker James Michael Manganello THIRD ROW: Gregory Lee Colchin William Randel Drake John David Denson John Albert Resales Stephen LeRoy McFarland Michael David Crocker Donny Manfred Cockerham FOURTH ROW: Paul Byron Cravens Gary Don Atkinson Craig William Beckett Barry Lynn Fisher Leslie Eugene Hosmer Charles William Kaough James Martin Lemezis Robert Donald Lampton Jr. B Company FI8S1 tan Em -- FIRST ROW: Keith Arnold Townsend Thomas Hall Whitney James Kent Gruetzner James Eldon Lindsey Patrick James Behnke James Michael Bushee Robert Jeffery Wiseman George Edmond Ruggiero SECOND ROW: James T. Samelson Michael David Stone Louis Numa DeCuir III Michael Slade Maza David Mehring Helfrich Michael Wayne Jones David Bradley Knox Judith Kaye Willey Steven Dee Jones THIRD ROW: David Ross Luethcke Michael Vincent Meed Dean Bradley Creech James Bruce Weldy John Thomas Tamlyn Paul Michael Culbertson Timothy Dean Turner Mark Charles Mendez Raymond John Thornber Geronimo Perez Jr. FOURTH ROW: James Marcus Pappas Steven Mark Robertson Murray Alan Hess Robert Ryan Rogers Bruce Daniel Zaloski Michael Keith Stacey Doren Charles Martin Keith Edward Burtner Gregory Everett Tyer 388 Navy ROTC ROTC! N Company FIRST ROW: Charles Michael Vaughn Chester Joseph Malins Randall Gene Harmon Thomas Lee Conner SECOND ROW: Sharron Kay Crowder Ernest Gonzalez Encino Robert Charles Larrabee Benjamin Harrison Youell Richard Glen Stiles Robert Lewis Knight Renee Ann Aschbrenner THIRD ROW: Ann Margaret Jochum Jerry Winston McLemore Charles Edward Ogier Jose David Montoya David Stanley Buckles Charles Richard Beavers FOURTH ROW: Robert Jon Rivard Michael Joseph Hoeinghaus Michael Sanford Reed Arlen Ray Becker Jack David Dunaway Richard William Ashmore FIFTH ROW: Charles Edward Vogel Robert Jerome Maher Allen Victor Peloquin James John Lewandowski Joseph Edmon Pillow David Alan Ayars SIXTH ROW: Larry James Murphy Jerry Lee McWithey Paul Charles Gage Orris Edward Burns III The Navy ROTC is one of several military organizations participating in the November Veterans Day Parade. Navy ROTC 389 ' Damn the Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead! ' On October 13, 1775, the Continental Congress autho- rized the acquisition and con- struction of ships for the Conti- nental Navy. On that day, the Congress delegated two vessels for " in- tercepting such transports as may be laden with warlike stores and other supplies for our Enemies. " At a dinner that evening, members of the Naval Commit- tee drank to the toast: " Gentle- men, three cheers for our American Navy! " No delegate to the Continen- tal Congress could have for- seen how important a part that infant Navy would play in victo- ry for the 13 American colonies in the war for Independence. On November 10, Congress established " the Frist and Sec- ond Battalions of American Marines, " a branch of the Navy. The U.S. Navy matured to 500 ships and now, 200 years later, it celebrates its bicenten- nial birthday. About 60 Navy ROTC stu- dents and their officers gath- ered October 21, 1975, to celebrate the Naval anniversa- ry. Following a cake cutting ceremony, a Navy jazz band from San Diego performed on the East Mall. Earlier in the week, the Tower chimes played " Anchors Aweigh " in honor of the occasion. Governor Dolph Briscoe pro- claimed October 10, 1975, Navy Day in Texas. The Navy ROTC battalion wore full dress uniforms. In this anniversary year, mid- shipman Capt. Holly Hazlett became the second female in the nation to command an ROTC battalion. The efforts of John Adams in behalf of the Continental Navy to aid the struggle for indepen- dence two centuries ago brought him wide and favor- able recognition. Gen. George Washington, who well understood the im- portance of superiority at sea, declared near the war ' s end: " The Navy was the pivot on which everything turned. " David Farragut first American admiral Anchorettes make way for the birthday cake. .Com- mander Max R. Rumelhart wields a sword to cut it. Tradition dictates that the oldest member present. Ru- melhart, pass the first piece to the youngest member present. Midshipman 4th Class Murray Hess. Navy Birthday Women May Dominate ROTC How much of a man ' s job can a woman do? Probably a lot more of one than you ' d think, even in the Army. " Women have no more trouble completing Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) requirements than men do, " Capt. Walter Tulloch said. But a woman doesn ' t need to imitate a man to be an effec- tive corps member. Although Tulloch admits women are not required to take the same physical fitness tests that men do, there is little to hinder a woman ' s functioning well in a com- mand position. One woman, Lisa Arnold, who entered the ROTC program in 1974, has reached the highest position a third year ROTC student can attain. " Arnold is a squad leader, and she has also won the ' Out- standing Basic Course Cadet ' award, " Tulloch said. Tulloch said that if women ' s enrollment in Army ROTC con- tinues at its present rate, extrapolation indicates women could dominate the programs in a few years. " Women serve a vital function in a variety of tasks and the scope of their employment is expanding rapidly within the Army. If anything, the Army ' s career opportunities for women are better than those within private industry. We want to let people know the truth and then let them make up their minds. " hesaid. -- By C. Russell Leigon Suhler Accepts Command Only a physical fitness test kept Paul Arthur Suhler out of West Point Academy. According to one academy official, had he passed the test, he would have been the top academic cadet in the freshman class. West Point ' s loss was the University ' s gain. Twenty-one-year-old Suhler was chosen to command the 1 10-member Army ROTC battalion, the highest honor a senior cadet can achieve. He was president and Outstanding Double E Student of Eta Kappa Nu engineering society and commander of Praetorian Guard, an Army ROTC service organization. The Optimists Club in Suhler ' s home town of San Antonio honored him as the Outstanding Youth in Military in 1971. His selection as a 1975 Cactus Goodfellow added to an already long list of accomplishments. Regarding potential leaders, Suhler said, " ROTC teaches you to analyze a problem, organize a group to solve the prob- lem, and to supervise the group in accomplishing it. " West Point may have turned Suhler down but he doesn ' t harbor any regrets. " I think I ' ve become a more well-rounded person. My closest friends aren ' t even in ROTC. That ' s the most important thing seeing people in different perspectives, " Suhler said. Paul Suhler 391 Army ROTC Paul Arthur Suhler Charles Patrick Bruce Busbey Jon Leigh Samusson Tommy Wayne Hite Jesse Frank Munoz Cadet Staff Teaching leadership and self-confidence, Army ROTC offered a competitive edge in the job market by combining military training with an academic cur- riculum. The program was endorsed this year by Darrell Royal, Governor Dolph Briscoe and U.S. Rep. Barbara Jordan. A variety of organizations complemented the standard four hours of weekly classroom instruction and drill field training. The societies of Praetorian Guard and Scabbard and Blade honored cadets demonstrating superior academic and leadership abilities. Cordettes, a women ' s honorary service organiza- tion, acted as official hostesses and administrative aids. The Ranger Club gave its members plenty of field-oriented experience, patterned after the rug- ged training received by officers attending the U.S. Army Ranger School. 392 Army ROTC Unit Staff FRONT ROW: Margarete Ellen O ' Neal Sargeant-Major Anthony Nomura Lieutenant Colonel David B. Sain Shirley J. Hayden Vicky L Mokry BACK ROW: Captain Paul Edmond McCarthy Douglas Lionel Walker Gary Thomas Bingaman Captain Walter Scott Tulloch Captain Michael Jeffrey Friedman Osvaldo M. Melendez Major William Jared Rowe Richard Gibson Foster Nolan Armstrong Lieutenant Colonel David B. Sain reart at and U.S. Rep. Army ROTC 393 Distinguished Military Students Paul Stephen Lane Charles Patrick Bruce Busbey Paul Arthur Suhler Brigadier General Richard E. Cavazos, Assistant Division Commander at Ft. Hood, confers with Cadet Captain Ernest Banasau at the Dining-ln. 394 Army ROTC FIRST ROW: David Russell Rupp John Elmer Fleckenstein Elizabeth Kay Sanderson Charles Byron Carmichael SECOND ROW: Donald Glen Drummer Alfelio V. Barrera Jr. Daniel Vinton Trevino Michael Lopez Janet Joy Harrington THIRD ROW: Carson Curtis Blake Faron Drew Betchley San Claude Ingram James Michael Hargett FOURTH ROW: William Howard Taylor Steven Westly Johnson Robert Douglas Bailey Daniel Mumford Baughman Army ROTC Drill Team The Khyber Rifles !:s::s:sss: Army ROTC 395 Color Guard FRONT ROW: William Howard Taylor Elizabeth Kay Sanderson John Elmer Fleckenstein San Claude Ingram David Russell Rupp BACK ROW: Donald Glen Drummer Daniel Vinton Trevino Daniel Mumford Baughman Faron Drew Betchley Alfelio V. Barrera Jr. Carson Curtis Blake Robert Douglas Bailey Master marksmen aim to win a Thanksgiving bird in the holiday Turkey Shoot. | 396 Army ROTC Rangers Danny Baughman rests at the unit picnic. FIRST ROW: Faron Drew Betchley James Michael Hargett Jeffrey Lawrence Trower Janet Joy Harrington Alfelio V. Barrera Jr. SECOND ROW: Martin Karpowicz Timothy Brian Cyr San Claude Ingram Roger William Parker THIRD ROW: Dale Sidney Doss Daniel Mumford Baughman Daniel Vinton Trevino Robert Douglas Bailey FOURTH ROW: John Elmer Fleckenstein William Howard Taylor III David Russell Rupp Army ROTC Army ROTC 397 Army ROTC FIRST ROW: Lawrence Edward Bartosek Paul Stephen Lane Glenn Ellis Pmkham SECOND ROW: Charles M. Hornberger Fermin Calderon Jr. Janet Joy Harrington Harold Tolbert Jr. Reba Arenice Kuykendall Michael Lopez Gerald Freytag Jeffery L. Trower K. Harold Malone III Donald Glen Drummer Daniel Vinton Trevino THIRD ROW: Anntoinette Lucy Renieri James Davis Wood Cora Jean Blakemore Steven Westly Johnson Glenn Edward Thompson Samuel Ramirez Randolph V. Gonzalez William Howard Taylor Susan Lynn White Judy Remona Arnold FOURTH ROW: Andre Christian Schuetz John Elmer Fleckenstein Alfelio V. Barrera Francis V. Ebbecke Angel Gonzales Daniel Mumford Baughman Thomas Alvin Perkins Michael Andrew Ussery David Russell Rupp Jack Vaughn J. Day Julio Arturo Dominguez Roger William Parker ' .: ' -. " ' A Company The Khyber Rifles Drill Team served as color guard at the Baylor and TCU football games. The 14- member team also provided an honor guard for the showdown between Austin ' s Pop Warner football league and little league gridders from Mexico. The highpoint of the Khyber Rifles was a trip to the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl as official color guard. In addition to weekly " beer calls, " the social side of Army ROTC included a number of official func- tions. Most notable was the fall " Dining-ln " with guest speaker Brigadier General Richard E. Cavazos from Fort Hood ' s Second Armored Division. 398 Army ROTC ROTC - Army ROTC Anntoinette Renieri, cadet buck sargeant, drills at Memorial Stadium. t - in toco. The: tor guard. : " ' FIRST ROW: Robert Lawrence Guerra Patrick Victor Adamcik Bruce Roger Jocz Charles Byron Carmichael SECOND ROW: David Perez David Joseph Ciarella Loderick Mark Goza George Davis James Michael Hargett Lisa Jeanne Arnold Lonnie Dale Rhodes Jr. Beverly Gayle Piper Daniel Lee Burkeen THIRD ROW: Phillip Carl Umphres J. Graydon Vandament Dale Sidney Doss Carson Curtis Blake Michael Patrick Kernan San Claude Ingram Faron Drew Betchley FOURTH ROW: David Bruce Lear James Boyd Kerr Phillip John Newman Roger Edward Miller Robert Douglas Bailey Billy Wayne Wilson Wayne Houston Gordon Timothy Brian Cyr Friederika K. Campbell FIFTH ROW: Nicholas Prentice Palmer George Pratt Jr. Martin Karpowicz B Company Army ROTC 399 Air Force ROTC Unit Staff : FIRST ROW: Jose Luis Newberry Vicki Lynn Fletcher Patricia Bertha Gott Mara Lynn Wells Robert Jack Feldman John Alan Phaneuf Steven Mark Zwernemann SECOND ROW: Vern Lewis Hulbert II Thomas Wilburn Cochran Edward Thomas Whiteley Charles Brown Hagemeier Robert James Mathews Charles Gerard Merlo Don Bigler Dozier THIRD ROW: Jeffrey Alan Blohm William Burl Hurt Michael Dennis Guidry James Lewis Beach Lynn Bailey Wheeless Bobby Joe Davis Peter David Mauch FOURTH ROW: Douglas William Strodtbeck Henry Bruce Longino Richard William Glasebrook Kevin Dean Johnson Thomas Wayne Ellis Harold James Icke Dean Allan Hautanen Boasting the largest undergraduate enrollment in several years, the Air Force ROTC took in more than 110 cadets. Instructed by professional officers of the 825th Detachment, cadets learned military courtesy and discipline at weekly drill exercises, and attended science classes and a month-long summer camp. Seniors chosen to enter the Undergraduate Flight Training School began the Flight Instruction Program with Captain Harold J. Icke. A cadet ' s experience was not all work. In October, 35 cadets and several officers flew to Davis- Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona, the largest " bone yard " of mothballed aircraft in the world, to see a large complex of strategic nuclear missile si- los. The Corps Formal at Bergstrom Air Force Base Officer ' s Club in April was the culmination of social events for the Air Force ROTC. FIRST ;-.-; Oorotl Reto Lous Dean i Jan v_ 400 Air Force ROTC Squadron One FIRST ROW: Neal Gene Schoeneberg James Alan Crossley Yolanda Kay Earner Charlene Marie Boettcher Barbara Susan Pryor Sherill Lee Donaldson David Brian McGill Stephen Michael McQueen SECOND ROW: Scott Bradley Tolar Stephen Anthony Scott William Edward Badger Jaime Oscar Elizalde Tommy Earl Cathey Stanley Robert Galanski Michael Forrest Trafton Leslie Allan Palmer THIRD ROW: Mark Allen Wrede John Patrick Halligan Daniel Clifton Reel Byron David Woods Phillip Hubert Beard Terry Lynn Ponton Terry Donald Tosh Darrell Wayne Brandon FOURTH ROW: David Griffith Owens Marcus Dean Kieschnick Gary Lee Fitts Michael Richard Danis Ronald Craig Olson Dale Richard Lange FIFTH ROW: William Joseph O ' Brien Robert Edward Torn Ronald Jeffery Miller Paul Gregory Smith Robert Harold Harborth Richard Peter Mihalik Squadron Two FIRST ROW: William Stormont Harris Ronald Ottis Blocker Richard Joseph Niels Jr. Susan Marie Erbs Dorothy Sue Norris Roxane Rodriguez Richard Alan Dyer Louis Bruce Dulaney Dean Clark VandeHey SECOND ROW: James Robert Henry Michael Lee Jasper Kevin Craig Massaro Douglas Philip Grajczyk Theresa Ann Halligan Therese Irene Baish William Howard Perkins THIRD ROW: Mark William Reeves Michael Eugene Crabill George Fredrick Maxfield Marvin Charles Gunter Chan Mark Gerard Chauret Robert Alan Straw Samuel Brent Hartman FOURTH ROW: David John Tweddell Robin Lee Strong John Frederick Feltham Bruce Edward Agee FIFTH ROW: Arthur Wesley Williams Thomas Eugene Bickers Charles Leroy Timberlake Gregory Marc Downs Gregory Oliver Villaret SIXTH ROW: Philip Michael George Gary Lynn Newman David Earl Walker Randolph Graham Growder Scott Dee Miller Christopher Willmon Blakely James Michael Thompson Air Force ROTC 401 Angel Flight Arnold Air Society Arnold Air Society, a professional honarory ser- vice organization for Air Force ROTC cadets, cele- brated its twenty-fifth anniversary this year. Angel Flight, a women ' s honorary service organization, worked hand-in-hand with Air Force ROTC and Ar- nold Air Society. The two groups worked closely together through- out the school year. Activities included a picnic for underpriviledged children of the Meridell Achieve- ment Center, addressing envelopes for the Ameri- can Cancer Society and on the social side, skating parties. In the spring, the two organizations assisted with the American Cancer Society ' s fund raising drive. The Angels helped the John H. Payne Squadron of Arnold Air Society celebrate its twenty-fifth anniver- sary. Each semester, the pledge classes were initiated at a Dining-Out ceremony. Angel Flight decorated Air Force cadet offices and Arnold Air Society assist- ed the Big Buddy Program. Angel Flight FIRST ROW: Molly Duval Upchurch Emily Dale Karen Emily Tumulty Susan Kay Koger Carol Ann Carson Anne Adele Szablowski Lisa Louise Fountain Kathleen Marie Kirby Ann Elizabeth Moore SECOND ROW: Carol Sue Solsbery Sandra Marie Holub Cheryl Ann Zaremba Mindy Catherine Power Kristine Mary Muessig Deborah Ruth Templin Diane Drake Pamela Nurenberg Martha Virginia Upchurch Catherine Ann Rossi THIRD ROW: Janis Lorraine Haskovec Renee Lynn Nichols Linda Lee Niemann Deborah Ann Humphries Connie Gay Osborne Jeannie Spangler Kesler Leslie Kay Budnek Cheryl Ann Hagenson Lynn Blunt Arnold Air Society FOURTH ROW: Robert Alan Straw William Howard Perkins Peter David Mauch William Stormont Harris Jeffrey Alan Blohm Robert Jack Feldman Therese Irene Baish Mark Gerard Chauret James Alan Crossley Mara Lynn Wells FIFTH ROW: Christopher Willmon Blakeley William Burl Hurt David John Tweddell Isaias G. Arriaga Jr. Dean Clark VandeHey Gregory Oliver Villaret Dale Richard Lange Steven Mark Zwernemann John Alan Phaneuf Dean Allan Hautanen William Joseph O ' Brien III 402 Angel Flight Cordettes FIRST ROW: Tommy Wayne Hite Paul Edmond McCarthy Linda Sue Gladden Rebecca Ann Reiman JoAnne Faerber Lawrence Edward Bartosek SECOND ROW: Mary Kathleen Price Anne Elizabeth Verheyden Kathleen Sarah Short THIRD ROW: Carol Lynne Lyles Rebecca Wren Maritza Aida Morris Carol Clark Beatty FOURTH ROW: Melissa Katherine Haralson Sharon Kay Lucas Linda Kay McLean FIFTH ROW: Andrea Elaine Rakes Patricia Ann Tribble Tina Glyn Coker Martha Jane Rylander SIXTH ROW: Jane Ann Magness Elizabeth Kay Sanderson Barbara Lynn Massey SEVENTH ROW: Leslie Ann McCoy Sandee Denise Bryan Rebecca Lou Phillips Cordettes, a women ' s honorary service auxiliary to Army ROTC, began to take a hard look at how the Army program could better be served. The group took a more active role in helping re- cruit new cadets by mailing and phoning information to prospective enlistees. Members gave a tea at the Bergstrom Officer ' s Club to help interest the wives of cadets and cadre in Cordette activities. Cordettes took part in community service pro- jects, including the Inter-Service Council Waller Creek clean-ups and a joint Christmas project at a nursing home with members of Angel Flight. After Thursday drills, the group served cookies and punch to the cadets. Beer calls added spark to Friday afternoons and a Big Sis-Little Sis ice cream party strengthened relations between pledges and actives. One of the high points of the spring semes- ter was the military ball. Susie Holmes and Mrs. Ruth McCarthy help out at the Battalion picnic. Cordettes 403 Anchorettes When the United States Navy celebrated its two- hundredth birthday in October, the Anc horettes were on hand to serve cake and punch. The wom- en ' s auxiliary to Navy ROTC acted as official host- esses for the birthday and other Navy functions throughout the year. The group supported the midshipmen at drill meets, intramural sports activities and the Universi- ty Blood Drive as well as the Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot and Oktoberfest. Members accompanied the Buccaneers Drill Team to several drill competitions, including one in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Friday afternoon beer calls were regularly sched- uled along with cookie calls after Tuesday drills. The Anchorettes enjoyed a retreat with pledges and din- ing-out at Country Dinner Playhouse. A spring formal followed a banquet at which the year ' s outstanding Anchorettes were recognized. I r FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Aldridge Sunnee Ann ' Rakowitz Irma Lydia Martinez Nina Elaine Prudhomme SECOND ROW: Karen Jean Ellis Anita Beth Isbell Glendine Gipson Frances Carolyn Prudhomme THIRD ROW: Janice Carol Winters Lou Ann Holmes Susan Louise Pontello Cheryl Yvette Carlisle FOURTH ROW: Bea Lea Somerville Layne Marie Royal Vicky Lynn Gaulding Cheryl Ann Neill Andrea Jane Paust FIFTH ROW: Rache Louise Rust Marsha Renee Greene Gail Ann Knoble Justa Alejandro Nancy Lynn Knox Anchorettes entertain midshipmen at Navy beer call. 404 Anchorettes ' orettes Scabbard and Blade ,i FRONT ROW: Walter Scott Tulloch Paul Stephen Lane Joseph Anthony Molinari Phillip Carl Umphres Susie Kay Jones Geoffrey Charles Torrance Patrick James Behnke Edward Thomas Whiteley Glenn Ellis Pinkham Robert Dean Barker Jr. Tommy Wayne Hite Charles Byron Carmichael Anthony Andrew Ambrosetti Ernest G. Banasau Jr. Jesse Frank Munoz BACK ROW: George Edmond Ruggiero Paul Arthur Suhler Charles Patrick Bruce Busbey Leslie Eugene Hosmer The National Scabbard and Blade Society initially promoted the military on college campuses at a time when the military was unpopular. The Universi- ty ' s " G " Company, Eighth regiment, continued to further that cause but has evolved into a service organization working with the campus and the com- munity. The Scabbard and Blade is composed of Army cadets, Navy and Marine midshipmen and Air Force cadets, chosen on the basis of scholastic achiev- ment and merits in their respective units. In the fall, " G " Company helped with the Waller Creek clean-up, sponsored by the Inter-Service Council, and raised funds to send a delegate to the national Scabbard and Blade convention in New Or- leans. In the spring, the society sponsored a college ROTC drill meet and worked with children from the Travis State School. Signifying change of command, Glenn Pinkham passes a saber to Susie Jones. Scabbard and Blade 405 406 Air Force ROTC . . . maa I Greeks 407 v WUIKO 408 Greeks Greeks in the Seventies Despite strong criticism against the Greek system expressed in early fall and late spring of 1975, Greek organizations basically remained the same. Rush week included a carnival-like atmosphere of days filled with hand-shaking, song-singing and beverage- drinking. After pledges were accepted, the more serious business of scholastic and extracurricular activities began. A barrage of pro and con letters were sent to The Daily Texan bringing a somewhat heated debate over whether or not the Greek system should con- tinue to be linked with the University. However, the controversy cooled abruptly when Lorene Rogers was appointed University president and student re- actions were directed elsewhere. Grade standards were expected to be maintained along with participation in blood drives, holdups for charities and intramural sports. Sing-Song, a special musical event, provided competition for Greeks as a whole, and sorority pledges battled in Derby Day sports activities. Spring brought Round Up, a University-wide pro- ject in which Greeks played a major part. A dance marathon, carnival and parade were some of the major events. The Greek system has been a part of the Universi- ty almost as long as there has been a University, but each decade shows a change in attitudes toward it. Student activism in the sixties brought a sharp de- cline in sorority and fraternity membership. But the trend in the seventies seems to be a return to the Greek traditions and the Greek system is again growing. Whether this growth will continue remains in the hands of future students and their acceptance or rejection of fraternal organizations. Greeks 409 _. - " 410 Greeks , Greeks Enthusiasm in Action INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL i John Adams, K William Bailey. SAE Terry Balagia. SAE Don Bernard. B8I1 Spencer Brown. KS Robert Campbell. AXA Armin Cantini. ACACIA Donald Chandler. AS James Coles. AXA John Copeland. SX Judson Crow. IIKA Howard Goldberg. SAM Neil Goldberg. 7.HT John Hardin, ATA Frank Holaday. +K+ Robert Holley. KS Ronald Holman. HUM David Hummel. TKK Brady Isaacks, SN Lester Keliher. B8II George Kennedy. 7.BT Wales Madden. A8 Robert McKinley. ATH Thomas McMichael. AT George Morris. ATM Thomas Moscoe. BT Mark Parr. 4 SK Robert Parsons. AT Mark Peavy. TKK Richard Rankin. S K Frank Seibert. FA Neil Shudde. PA 412 Interfraternity Council Randall Smith. SAM Richard Stoneburner. SX Ted Tobolowsky. AKI1 Richard Vigness, IIKA Steven Walker. SN James Weiss. AEII PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Leigh Abraham, AT Sharon Bengston, AAA Cindy Bullock. AXH Lisa Carmichael. AZA Rebecca Conway. Af Carolyn Craig, IIB Helen Day. KA8 Kelly Hall, AZ Susan Hamilton, KKF Jane Hartley. AAO Mary Catherine Hogan. IIB+ Tex Ann Horvath. AXS! Patricia Johnson. AKA Anna Kennard. Xft Kim Koile. 7.TA Susan Lauber. Al ' Carol McAnelly. At Jeri Messer. AAH Candy Pink. AE Beth Roberts. KA8 Sue Staller. iAT Margaret Stanberg. ZTA Jana Standeter, .VV Cynthia Walker. KKP Elizabeth Ward. AZ Jan Weeklev, I ' B Cheryl White. A Joe Willeford. xn Cheryl Zaremba. AHA Terry Zlotnik. AK Panhellenic Council 413 DeGraaf Adams Bill Allen Ken Allen Darryl Andrews Earl Austtn David Balderach George Berry Steve Bible Jim Billings Eugene Brjford Robin Bradford Rick Breidenbach Stephen Burke Armm Cantini Steve Carter Brian Cogburn Bert Conly Rich Cope Frank Covmgton Steve Dalton John Davis Doug Devme David Dwyer Chuck Fishbeck Duane Flippm Rodney Gamble Ray Green David Groos Brad Hall Gordon Hall Scott Holtzman Richard Jackson Rick Jensen Jim Kelley Bryan Kirbo Lee Lancaster Buddy Langholz Nyle Maxwell Lance McNeel Bob Meroney Kent Meyer Marc Mihovil Steve Mobley Mike Nabors Richard Newland Henri Oliver Charles Patillo Chris Patton Bill Peper John Plummer Marc Prewett Dale Price Kim Quillin R. 0. Reber Richard Reed John Reichert Bill Remkes Richard Roberts Mike Ryan Jim Ryan Jack Sanders Jim Savage Brian Sayers John Simmons Davtd Skarke Steve Sockler Brian Stoker Michael Taggart Joe Taylor Tim Teel Greg Thagard Cliff Thomas Mike Thomas Greg Tnmarchi Jay Waddell Tom WhMehurst John Williamson Brad Wylie Steve Young David Zimmerman 414 Acacia i ACACIA Kent Meyer, Chapter Advisor, David Gross, Treasurer, Mike Nabors. Vice-President, David Dwyer, Pledge Trainer, David Balderach. Social Chairman, Ar- min Cantini, President, Duane Flippin, Rush Chairman, David Skarke, Secretary. Acacia 415 Debra Allen Elisa Ard Sara Avant Joyce Baier Susan Barren Susan Bateman Jan Baucum Nancy Bixby Jackie Boorman Nina Brainin Dedie Brandt Deborah Brinkley Denise Bristow Cindy Bullock Missy Carr Kathryn Catsinas Joyce Cermin Gayle Cervenka Sheila Christman Beverly Cottey Carolyn Coley Jame Conrad Tracy Coogler Leigh Ann Crow Kay Crowson Carolyn Cummings Carolyn Curran Colleen Curran Karen Daniel Kay English Deborah Estill Cindy Evans Terri Fanelli Vicki Filer Mary Ann Flowers Gaile Forney Vicky Gaulding Shari Gee Nancy Gracey Joan Grigassy Lisa Grimes Kathy Guarino Missy Harmon Ann Haunschild Holly Hawn Karen Hemphilt Debbie Herman Linda Hesselbein Lynn Hicks Karen Hill Becky Hodges Julie Holloway Tex Ann Horvath Kim Howell RIGHT FIRST ROW- Nina Brainin, Treasurer, Nancy Gracey, President SECOND ROW- Ann Haunschild. Rush Captain, Cindy Evans, Social Chair- man, Marti Whiteside. Pledge Trainer, Pam Pierre. Vice-President. 416 Alpha Chi Omega AXQ Lynn Isaacks Karen Jenkins Sharon Jenkins Susie Jenkins Susan Jistel Jill Johnson Dana Jolly Carol Jones Laura Jones Robin Jones Gina King Michele King Deborah Knapp Kathy Knowles Carroll Kruger Marcy Kurth Terry Landry Lee LeClercq Betsy LeMond Janet Lindley Diana Loyd Karen Lumb Tern Mabry Lee Ann Malma Vicki McAlister Kathy McCormick Leslie McCoy Laura McCullouch Cheryl McCultough Linda McLean Mary Alice McLean Jams Mergele Claire Mezzetti Nancy Moore Karen Mourey Sherie Neal Cheryl Neill Melissa Newberry Sheila Newlin Lea Ann Niblett Beverly Paine Ann Parker Ann Peebles Trudy Pearce Pam Pierre Candy Poland Mindy Power Patty Ralston Gmny Reardon Laurie Rouse Babs Smith Tern Smith Debbie Sobocmski Penny Spence Esther Spring Dellann Stuart Susan Susskind Lisa Taylor Marianne Terry Cathy Thompson Debra Trantham Mary Jayne Turbeville Traci Tyler Traci Tyler Vtcki Wagner Tina Warnock Denise Weber Peggy Wehmeyer Shannon Wells Ingnd Wellge Jana West Debra Whiddon Shelley White Marti Whiteside Sherne Williams Judy Willis Sharon Willis Mary Jean Wilson Leslie Woods Pam Word Beverly Yochum Alpha Chi Omega 417 Robin Aderhold Marsha Akers Gwyn Aldrich Martha Alexander Karen Almquist Rogie Anderson Nancy Angevine Jeannie Apffel Jessie Aronow Genevieve Aydam Laura Barnes Patty Becker Debbie Benitez Brenda Bennett Lisa Berres Karen Block Bndgett Bradford Kristy Brodfield Georgeann Brady Betsy Buckner lelene Burke Betsy Burkett Lori Burleson Penny Carter Gina Chancellor Tracy Chester Elizabeth Christian Susan Christian Carol Coale Laura Coffey Courtney Combs Catherine Corbett Christine Corbett Sally Crutchfield Mary Carol Cumbie Dianne Cumbie Diane Darby Peggy Darrah Nancy Davidson Kathie Dick Cathy Dillard Cheryl Edwards Nancy Ehlers Elaine Ellison Kim Evans Donna Fletcher Kelly Freeland Cindy Furgiuele Marian Gaenslcn Tina Garvey Susan Gaskill Mary Sue Gehring Janet Gieb Joanne Graffeo Mary Halet Georganna Hall Jane Hartley Joan Hawes Shelley Henington Cathy Hirsch Barbara Holderman Sue Hubbard Cherie Hughes Kathy Johnson Susan Kelly Diane Klecka Jan Knape Diane Knebel Karilyn Kober Jamie Kovich Kathy Kramer Clair Krizov Alicia Lancaster Sharon Lancaster Beth Lee Sarajane Lohmann Jean Long Cindy Marshall Nancy Marter Cathy Martin Carol Matula Susan Mayer Wendy Mayfield Kim McAuliffe Trtcia McCalpin Susan McCulley Megg McPhail Linda Mertz Jene Messer Connie Moore AAII I H 1 B 418 Alpha Delta Pi LEFT, FIRST ROW: Beth Thompson, Rush Captain, Bobbie Thompson, Pledge Trainer. SECOND ROW: Beth Rademacher, Social Chairman, Diane Knebei, President. THIRD ROW: Sandy Zimmerman, Vice-President, Nancy Marter, Treasurer. Diane Moore Martha Moore Kathy Morgan Pam Morgan Susan Morgan Cindy Morrow April Newman Diana Nipper Jane Oliver use Oyen Melanie Palmer Robin Patton Susan Pearson Edie Pennal Becky Peterson Leslie Pipkin Mary Kay Pratt Leslie Price Beth Rademacher Jan Ramsey Mary Richardson Marilyn Rickman Rachel Robillard Layne Roya Susie Russell Dana Rutz Barbara Scheffe Sarah Scott Kathy Sears Celia Seiders Linda Sigler Lu Beth Sizemore Janice Smith Lynn Stanley Debbie Stewart Denise Stowell Carla Tergerson Emily Terwey Beth Thompson Bobbie Thompson Ginger Thompson Kathy Thompson Jame Towles Kim Trampe Carol Urbani Karen Utesch Caroline Walt Debbie Wall Ceci Wallace Karen Waller Cindy Webb Mimi Whaley Susan Whaley Karla White Jenise Whitten Denise Whitty Ellen Wilhelm Carolee Winans Nanette Winans Karla Woods Terri Woomer Paula Wvman Sandy Zimmermann Alpha Delta Pi 419 Felise Antweil Laurie Becker Elaine Bergolofsky Deborah Berkman Hope Bernstein Susan Berry Erleen Bisno Marsha Bloom LeeAnn Bodzy Sondra Breit Melaine Brochstein Pam Buckman Kathy Chod Lori Cobbel Kim Colen Fonda Davis Dee Dee Dochen Carolyn Doer Lisa Engler Andi Essenfeld Cynthia Falik Holly Feiges Amy Fields Lois Fisher Linda Forrest Barbara Frankfurt Beth Frankfurt Leslie Frederick Stacy Fneden Laurie Friedson Nancy Feinberg Sandra Frucht Amy Gamsburgh Cathy Caspar Cindy Gertner Cynthia Gold Pam Goldfarb Judy Goldstein Laurie Goldstein Sherri Gorme Mmdy Gossen Marcia Gottesman Joan Gottlieb Lauren Green Elena Greenberg Sherri Greenberg Shelley Greenman Susan Gernsbacher Abby Hechtman Julie Held Debbie Hersh Sally Hotchkiss Nancy Hudson Sherri Israel Kathy Kamen Shelly Kanter Susan Kaplan Ann Kaufman Arlene Kellner Linda Kline Karen Knegsman Wendy Lee Paula Lerman Lori Levey Susan Levey Jolene Levick Susan Levin Leslie Levine Robin Levine Ellen Levy Sally Levy Lisa Lewis Sondra Lipkin Randa Lipman Jeniece Lipsky Alana Litman Marcy Malowitz Jacqueline Margolis Frances Marks Linda Marks Cathy Matusoff AE4 420 Alpha Epsilon Phi Susie Melinger, President, Robin Samuels, Vice-President, Carolyn Dover, Pledge Train- er, Mindy Roberts, Rush Captain, Ellen Levy, Treasurer, Dee Dee Dochen, Social Chair- man. Susie Melinger Fara Meltzer Jan Mendeloff Cynthia Meyer Janet Miller Marilyn Mimun Liz Morgan Laynie Morgan Patricia Myers Sara Nathan Naomi Nedell Leslye Oksner llene Pernick Candy Pink Laurie Pink Carol Raiffie Amy Raphael Vicky Raynold Shelly Reitman Madelyn Rice Mindy Roberts Suzy Roberts Nancy Roffman Jennifer Rolnick Lecey Rosen Cindy Rosenberg Susan Rosenberg Jan Rosenlhal Shar on Rosenthal Janet Rothschild Renee Rubin Susan Rudolph Robin Samuels Rebecca Sankary Fonda Schepps Shelly Schnurr Linda Scultz Kathie Sherman Wendy Schultz Harriet Silberberg Kerry Silver Kathy Spitz Debra Steinberg Maralyn Steinberg Fredda Stemfeld Susan Stemfeld Karen Stern Kim Sussan Leslie Sussan Sheryl Szembach Lori Teiber Myra Tobolowsky Annie Tobor Su ette Toledano Valerie Vine Catherine Wadel Sharla Weiner Susan Weiner Shelley Wemgarten Helame Wise Julie Wolf Nancy Yonack Cindie Yost Terry Zlotnik Alpha Epsilon Phi 421 Intramural Sports 422 Greeks AEH Richard Eisner, Pledge Trainer, Bob Steinfeld, Social Chair- man, Ted Tobolowsky, Rush Captain, James Weiss, President, Paul Gubin, Treasurer. Andy Benjamin Mark Bodzin Barry Bubis Joe Carr Jerry Coff Gary Cohen Fred Dunsky Richard Eisner Jim Feldman Ron Feldman David Fisher Rick Furst Mark Goldstein Paul Gubin Mark Heidenheimer Myron Hoffman Paul Hoffman Mike Hopkovitz Grant Jacobson Paul Levine Richard Polunsky Mickey Radoff Perry Radoff Aaron Rubin Larry Rutt Steven Saltzman Sandy Schackman Jeffrey Schiller Jim Schwartz Richard Shampain David Shea Ronald Shipper Charles Skibell Mitchell Squires Robert Stemfeld Ted Tobolowsky Arthur Wechsler Herbert Weiss James Weiss Robert Wizig Alpha Epsilon Pi 423 r DeMetris Sampson, Secretary, Renee Might, Vice-President, Angela Bell, Parliamentarian. Sherilyn Haller, President. 424 Alpha Kappa Alpha Joyce Armstrong Melody Douglas Shenlyn Haller Renee Hight Janet Jack Patricia Johnson Ethelene McCullough Valerie Rodgers DeMetns Sompson AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha 425 Glenna Anderson Kay Anderson Dana Baker Libbie Barnes Betsy Begien Beth Berger Nancy Bess Jamie Blakey Denise Bothwell Nancy Brown Denie Buffaloe Susan Butter Paula Cargile Emily Castille Cheri Chapman Chris Coffey Denise Collins Jan DeCoux Pam Dempsey Sue DeSanto Kellye Dodd Beth Duke Donna Duke Cheryl Dunmon Kathy Eardley Lprena Foard Lisa Frantz Suzanne Garrett Carol Geer Pam Geil Terri Gibson Anita Glade Marsha Greene Janet Grimes Lisa Haggard Laura Hankins Margie Harris Lynn Hayes Marie Hendrix Sarah Herrington Lynne Hicks Nancy Hixson Cindy Hogan Laury Holden Claire Horton Linda Horton Marta Hunt Nancy James Debbie Jameson Bernadine Joseph Nancy Keffer Lydia King Sharen Kirksey Diane Kuhn Carol Lambdin Connye Lea Becky Lewis Candy Lewis Sandra Loden Kim Loomans Barbara Massey Carol McAnelly Liz McDonald Laura McDonald Patti McGee Mona McMurray Melissa Mealer Sally Metzler Mary Kay Morgan Susan Morgan Terry Morriss Kari Musgrove Renee Nichols Carla Noack Nancy Noack Katnn Nordloh Elaine Noton Karen Officer Kathleen O ' Neill Connie Osborne Carrie Palmer Jennifer Parkhurst Maggie Paul! JariPeveler Marilyn Pfeiffer Charlotte Plemmons Susan Pontello Leigh Anne Porcher Julie Powell Pam Prewitt Scott Pruter Mona Raley Ouijan Rasmusen Sue Reilly Celeste Ried Beth Riggs Linda Robertson Sarah Robinson Martha Ryan Marli Ann Sawyer Jean Schaff Randa Shawell Nancy Simonds Bea Lea Somerville Susan Sprawls Jane Steed Claudia Stephens Phyllis Sullivan i. 426 Alpha Phi Suzie Swanson Karen Tabak Jan Taylor Becky Townsend Cindy Trevino Caren Troutman Diane Tudor Meg Van Eck Susan Vmgoe Mary Washburn Corinne Watkms Helen Weller Jo White Mary Wilkirson Beth Willard Leslie Woodson Melissa Wooldndge FIRST ROW: Jean Schaff, Schol- arship Chairman, Charlotte Plemmons, Standards Chair- man. SECOND ROW: Margie Harris, President, Lisa Haggard, Rush Chairman, Mona Raley, Social Chairman. Candy Lewis, Pledge Trainer. Alpha Phi 427 Hoover Alexander, Vice-President. Donald Pmkard. President. Ronald Holland, Rush Captain. Garfield Britton, Treasurer Elegy Etter Garfield Fisher William Hays 428 Alpha Phi Alpha Mike Alexander Patrick Allison Charlie Atchison Kim Ballantyne Bob Berry Chris Brandt Mark Breeding Jim Burke Jim Burkhalter Jim Carlisle Henry Casal Ration Chapman Scott Clme Fielding Cocke Mike Cole Jesse Collier William Collins Mike Connelly Dow Crocker Brian Crockett John Crockett James Dalthrop Bill Davis Dallas DiFiore Mark Dinges Leslie Doggett Bill Dukes Monte English Jerry Frey Tony Gatti Gary Gerhart Alan Graham Bill Graham Bill Gwmn Dan Harris Trey Hoffman Ron Home Tom Hunt Jim Janke Steve Johnson Chuck King Blake Kuhlman Julio Laguarta Joey Leath Cadell Liedtke Richard Lucas Jay Manning Gary Mason ATQ 430 Alpha Tau Omega Rob McKmley Tom Meador Ed Mercer Jay Ray Minton George Morns Bruce Moseley Mark Nastri Greg Peerman Kirk Pfeffer Richard Pickett Jeff Presley Dan Plumlee Mike Puccio Rick Renaudin Randy Rew Vernon Rew Mike Smith Tommy Smith Mike Sowell Mac Sweeney Griff Thomas Steven Tune Robin Vasicek Keith Weaver Buzz White Frelon Wiley Fred Williams Jerry Williams Browning Williams Jack Wolfe Rick Renaudin, Vice-President, Hap Hunnicutt. Social Chairman, Myron Blalock. Social Chairman Mike Cole, Treasurer. Tom Hunt. Plegde Trainer. Jim Janke, President, Kirk Pfeffer, Rush Captain Alpha Tau Omega 431 BELOW: Aida Kennedy, Treasurer. Debbie Walls, Rush Captain, Leah McNair, Social Chairman, Susie Kelly, President, Caran Galloway, Vice- President. r Darla Adcock Sharon A ' twein Susan Ashcralt Stacy Bankhead Michele Barr Kathleen Bartnett Carol Beatty Carolyn Bergin KathyBrasch Sharon Brown Debby Broyhill Carol Bruneman Lee Ann Burk Deborah Burks Cindy Burnett Janice Campbell Lisa Carmichael Amy Clarke Robin Clay Patti Coller Mary Cooper Beck Cowling Anne Cox Tami DeWitt Susan Domask Erica Douma Lucy Duncan Cherie Fmdley Martha Fitzpatrick Caran Galloway Susan Garrott Carol Gtlmore Linda Goehrs Claudia Goodwin Donna Grtttman w 432 Alpha Xi Delta Karen Hafernick Tricia Hansen Sheryl Hardwick Robbi Harnll Robin Hartman Ruth Anne Herring Cherry Holmes Debbie Holmes Julia Houston Barbara Hurley Jan Jensen Linda Jones Susie Kelly Aida Kennedy Stephanie Kiesel Elaine Koughan Debra Lamb Louise Lattimore Lynn Lindsay Pam Liska Laura Llewellyn Vicki Lyon Irish Manahan Cathy Martin Kathy Martin Mary Lou Mauk Mary Helen McFarlane Pam McMichael Leah McNair Maria Mendez Janelle Meyer Lourdes Montesino Cindy Narum Peggy Nash Pam Nurenberg Margaret O ' Bannion Janice Oswald Syrisse Parker Sheree Pillans Diane Powell Elaine Prudhomme Sue Ann Ray Amy Renard Bettye Robinson Annette Romero Robin Ross Elaine Rundle Cathy Schneider Sara Schutze Jackie Schweitzer Janie Semke Ann Semrad Susan Sheldon Sally Shelton Susan Shofner Kathy Short Vicki Siegel Jill Sitterle Sue Sivley Susie Smith Stacey Soper Sharlene Stapp Sherry Steward Sandy Svalberg Annie Sweeney Donna Telkamp lleana Tellechea Cathy Thompson Liz Thompson Karen Tumulty Betsy Walls Debbie Walls Susan Walsh Jackie Wanta Cynthia Williams Sharon Williams Wendy Winborn Carol Wyatt Cathy Yee Cheryl Zaremba Alpha Xi Delta 433 Scott Allen Stephen Arms Mark Barcklow Charles Barnard William Barnard Donald Bernard Thomas Black Darrold Cannan Samuel Chase Everett Coon Stephen Grain Robert Curtis Tomlmson Dagel Gary Darby Bruce Davis John Davis Arvm Dillard Joe Edwards Randall Edwards Page Foshee Philip Freeman Richard Freeman Randy Greene Franklin Hall William Hamm Russell Harwood Charles Hawkins William Helmbrecht George Hendnckson Jeffrey Hill Jon Hill Ronald Holman John Hurt Lester Keliher Kary Kemble John Lohman Thomas London Rocky Martatt Derek Massey Mark Maund Kevin McCalla Randall McCleskey B f n 434 Beta Theta Pi Murray McCune Patrick McGinnis Kevin McHale Wade McMullen Dylan Megarity Edward Meinen Lan Milton Robert Oake Frederick Phillips Robert Porter Timothy Rhodes Edward Rice Russell Rice Scott Ritchie Malcolm Robertson Mark Roman Mason Standley David Stanley Tom Stephens William Transter Arthur Waldron Harry Weeks Greg Young Burch Waldron. Treasurer, Tommy London. President, Fred Phillips, Social Chairman. Bill Barnard. Pledge Tr ainer. Charlie. Barnard. State Rush Captain. Beta Theta Pi 435 Gail Aitken Carol Albano Alicia Allen Mary Allison Susan Andrews Susan Archer Sylvia Bacon Melinda Bailey Blair Baldwin Shannon Barnard Carla Bass Mary Bexten Deborah Bogar Marian Bogar Betty Bostick Catherine Bowles Catherine Bozeman Teresa Brown Jennie Brusilow Loreta Burlmgame Camille Burlison Carolyn Burney Linda Bussey Jan Buster Ellen Byrd Nancy Caussey Judith Cederberg Catherine Chambers Barbara Click Sissy Coffin Caren Copus Peggy Cordell Jodie Corley Lee Davis Lynn Davis Anne Davison Rosanna Deane Helen Donahue Betsy Dugan Cathleen Dullahan Laura Epps Wendy Erickson Tern Everett Brooks Fitzpatrick Julie Fletcher Stephanie Fletcher Helen Flournoy Jane Forehand Tina Fowler Carolyn Franz Sally Frazer Jan Freitag Dianne Garrett Patricia Gates Sue Gibson Loraine Gipe Karen Greene Shelley Guerriero Tina Guerriero Caroline Haight Sara Hailey Nancy Ham Susan Ham Hollye Hayes Ann Haynes Barbara Haynes Diane Haynes Annette Hendricks Jane Henry Kristin Holter Nancy Horlock Jayne Howard Linda Huddleston Jennette Hunnicutt Laura Hutchins Claudia Hutchinson Marietta Hutchinson Marta Irvine Claudia Jackson Janet Johnson Shari Johnson Jelia Jones Jene Jones Leslie Jones Anna Kennard Kelly Kidd Claire King Lauralee Lawrence Ehsa Lee Judy Ligon Ann Lindsay Lutie Little Merrill Locher Lmdsey Long Tera Mansker Kay Maples Debra Mason Celia Massey Mary McGill Jan McNeil Cathy McLeod Sally McLeod Sharon Meyer Lisa Michalka Laura Miller Linda Miller Nancy Mitchell Ann Moffatt 436 Chi Omega FIRST ROW: Barbara Click, President, Shari Johnson, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Anne Wheeler, Pledge Trainer, Claudia Jackson, Rush Captain, Nora Van den Bosch, Social Chairman, Jodie Corley, Treasurer. Anne Moore Mary Margaret Moore Sherry Morris Devin Mott Alice Murray Jill Nanney Cynthia Neill Druanna Newman Karen Orler Maura Osborne Maudie Overton Robin Palmer Marion Park Kalhy Paul Marsha Pavletich Sandra Payton Melanie Phillips Melinda Phillips Paula Pike Hally Pomdexter Nancy Potter Taffy Powell Vicki Price Gorki Quilliam Karen Rogers Nancy Ruby Susie Sample Jams Schorlemer Susie Schram Lynn Scurlock Julie Shaw Pam Shorter Sheryl Smith Chen Stalcup Mary Stewart Cathy Stover Sandy Sudduth Lee Ann Tally Teresa Taylor Jill Thompson Shelley Todd Tncia Tnbble Nora Van den Bosch Cathy Vargo Elise Vaughn Cecily Watson Suzanne Webb Anne Wheeler Julie Whitworth Debbie Wilkinson Joy Willeford Cindy Wilson Ann Wisdom Allyson Womac Chi Omega 437 AAA FIRST ROW: Jan Givens, President, Nancy Reithner, Vice- President. SECOND ROW: Meg Morris, Treasurer, Donna Self, Pledge Trainer, Leanne Carr, Secretary. Pam Abbott Diane Acker Char Alexander Lisa Alexander Susan Anderson BJ Bailey Kit Baker Frances Baker Kit Barker Gayle Bengtson Cindy Bernard Mary Bettis Sandra Bigby Susan Bigby Sheryl Blair Barbara Boehme Molly Borden Therese Bouchard Carrte Bradley Cindy Brandt Alyson Breathed Lisa Brodnax Jenelle Brown Susan Brusenhan Laney Burns Carolyn Camp Leanne Carr Barbara Carter Suzanne Cheever Lisa Clark Mary Comstock Marvilyn Conwell Suzann Cooley Maroe Copeland Jan Crawford Mary Crosby Linda Cunningham Cmdy Curtis Cynthia Darnell Debbie Deering Lysa Dial Dana Dorbandt Karen Driver Nancy Dunn Ten Edge Mona Ezell Sande Ferguson Tncia Fibich 438 Delta Delta Delta Mary Fowler Virginia Gahagan Ce Garza Liz Gibbons Sherry Giles Jan Givens Ann Glass Joni Haesemeyer Carol Hahn Jennifer Hall Lisa Hamm Frances Hanna Pamela Hardin Debbie Harrell Amy Harris Cherie Haynes Dene Hearn M ' Liss Hmdman Wendy Holmes Betsy Holt Sandy Holub Heidi Huber Hilda Huber Mmdy Huber Kathy Irish Gayla Jennings Laura Jennings Debbie Johnson Ellen Johnson Brenda Kostohryz Kay Lancaster Kris Lancaster Lynne Little Debra Littleton Marian Livingston Jennie Locke Ann Loventhal Diane Marsh Sally Marshall Marianne Martin Cathy Matthews Candy Mayes Shen McAlister Neil McCoy Cathy McKnight Paula McMilhan Gail Moore Meg Morris Elizabeth Null Margaret Null Susie Osburn Debbie Parker Joan Parnell Anne Pohli Melissa Powell Tom Provost Bronwyn Purdy Jeryl Purdy Cathy Rain Susan Read Becky Reiman Nancy Retthner Kathy Richardson Cindy Roberts Susan Rose Frances Royall Kathy Russo Sandy Settegast Sharla Shaffer Linda Sheldon Shelley Shugart Sally Sledge Karen Sloan Jana Standefer Ann Stansbury Gigi Strong Vicki Sullivan Roseann Taylor Laura Templeton Kathy Thomas Charlotte Thornton Vicki Throckmorton Becky Triggs Jame Tull Cindy Tunstall Kathi Turner Wendy Wade Pat Wallace Martha Walton Jill Watson Lu Anne Watson Kim Watts Ten Wenglem Cindy Wiener Sarah Wilkinson Jenlyn Wilson Susan Winters Sarah Woodward Valin Woodward Delta Delta Delta 439 FIRST ROW: Nancy Pugsley, Rush Captain, Lisa Emery, Pledge Trainer, Casey Cox, Vice- President. Judy Strader, Presi- dent. SECOND ROW: Connie Mills, Treasurer, Melanie Coyle, Social Chairman. Sallie Aiguter Pam Allard Becky Austin Tricia Avis Lynn Ballard Anne Bauer Carolyn Beamon Sue Berg Daran Bilhngsley Betty Borrett Sue Braddock Leslie Bradley Pat Briles Donna Carter Charlotte Cauley Donna Chaffin Cathy Chegin Tern Childers Tina Coker Jana Collier Cheryl Colmery Becky Conway Casey Cox Melanie Coyle Caren Creighton Shelley Davidson Debbie Davis Nicki Davis 440 Delta Gamma Sarah Decker Chen Peering Karen Dittman Debbie Dobbins Gayle Donnell Danae Duno Laurie Eaton Laurie Emery Lisa Emery Colleen Evans Beth Fmdlay Patty Fmdley Suzanne Fly Kim Fosco Kim Frazier Janet Fuller Susan Fuller Cathy Gait Kaye Galloway Lynne Glieber Kayla Goodrich Linda Gordon Janet Gorence Martha Gunn Cathy Hageman Cheryl Hampton Vanessa Hargis Kathleen Harrington Lianne Hart Dysle Havens Zoe Ann Heep Debbie Hetl Pam Hejl Cindy Henley Nancy Horn Leisa House Linda Ingram June James Carolyn Jemelka Pam Joyce Mona Keeter Karen Kennedy Kathi Lambert Sue Lauber Suzan Lauten Bronwyn Lawson Jane Lewis Carolyn Lmder Sharon Lucas Eleanor Luecke Mary Helen MacKinnon Suzanne Mangun Missy Marrs Page Mason Linda Mayer Shannon McCann Charlotte McCarty Pat McCauley Janet McClendon Beth McGregor Cathy Mills Connie Mills Debi Morales Glenna Mott Pat Munir Gail Murray Holly Nail Margie Neil Ruthie Neyland Mary Ann Noland Randa O ' Brien Loren Payne Susan Pohl Eloise Pope Elaine Pope Nancy Pugsley Donna Ratterree Vicki Richards Mary Robbms Beth Roessler Eileen Rogers Lorraine Rosen Sharon Sadler Betty Schumann Anne Shirley Penny Simmons Sharon Sims Debbie Smith Diane Smith Melody Smith Kim Sparks Patty Stewart Judy Strader Joyce Stranathan Jan Strickel Diana Summers Cindy Thomas Patty Timberlake Ten Tinkle Veann Valenta Maggie Warren Nancy Weissler Elizabeth Westmoreland Mary Jane Wiley Angela Wilson Julie Wilson Becki Wren Mary Linda Yarbrough Delta Gamma 441 Steve Anderson Tom Blizzard Jim Branch I FIRST ROW: James Branch. Pledge Trainer. Wade Schelton. Social Chairman. John Cantwell. Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Keith Havins. President. Mel Hainey, Rush Chairman. Don Chandler. Vice-President. 442 Delta Sigma Phi Don Chandler Ronnie Cruz Robert Gonzales John Hasty Keith Havms Morns Hemtschel Allen Hueske Ron Kaplan Jim Knox John Labinski Glenn Leisey Mike McCormick David Scheihagen Andre Schuetz Keith Shrull Dave Williams Delta Sigma Phi 443 FIRST ROW: Margie Taylor, Social Chairman, Glenda Daniels, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Madeline Hartwell, President, Deborah Shaw, Secretary. Laurie Manners, Vice-President. Rhonda Bailey Deane Blair Wanda Burroughs Lynda Bush Vemta Gallon Deborah Crawford Glenda Daniels Beryl Douglas Rosa Earls Madeline Hartwell Karen Hood Brenda Kennedy Sharon Knotts Toni Larry Laurie Manners Marilyn Marshall Cynthia Mclntyre Dottie Nesby Orme Robmson Mae Frances Rowlett Deborah Shaw Margie Taylor Deborah Vatne Cheryle Wilhite Cynthia Young 444 Delta Sigma Theta LL f KOCFEDS BENEFIT Greek Activities: Service Through Competition Greeks 445 Bill Wallace, Vice-President. Kevin Forbes, Treasurer, John Pearce. Pledge Trainer, Joe Karol, Rush Captain, Robert Strait. Rush Captain, Pat Cook, President. Ki Allen Matt Balch Richard Barajas Jim Baskin Mark Bedillion Fhp Bible Steve Biegel Mike Bonnot Ted Bowen Locke Braly John Brodnax John Buaas Keith Callaway Richard Capps Pat Cook Scott Dahse Craig Dubow John Ewmg Tom Ewmg Gary Farmer Glenn Filtp Bill Fisher Kevin Forbes Jimmy Fourmy Tommy Gamez Lawrence Glasgow Jed Goodall Guy Goodwin Bill Gossett Terry Gnsham Chuck Guinn John Gunn John Hardm Chris Hill Boxy Hornberger Ed Hurst Rick Ingraham Scott Ingraham Alien Jogerst Ray Johnson Doug Jones Mark Jones 446 Delta Tau Delta Mark Langford Mark Letsos Rob Lindley Greg Loe Kenny Macaluso Jim Mahoney May Mazy Mike McColm Jim Bob McNeil Mack Mercer Mike Miers Pat Miles Greg Miller Rip Miller Charlie Mitchell Mike Mooney Mark Morgan Mark Murphy Pat Murphy Charlie Nettles Jeff Ottmann Jim Parker John Pearce Paul Pesek Bob Pirtle Richard Price Matt Ramsey Rob Reeb Richard Reeves Jim Robison Ricky Romine Louis Rowlett John Runnion Joel Schroeder Steve Sledge Steve Small Randy Strahan James Strickler Doug Thompson Scott Tmdall David Toone Laney Vickers Charlie Wallace Bill Wallace David Wells Bruce Wilchar Mike Wysocki Randy Yeager Delta Tau Delta 447 Marty Akins Bob Avent Bruce Beddow Greg Bell Alan Blackburn Major Blair Matthew Blair Terree Bowers Warren Brown Tom Bullard Bill Burford Rick Clark Mike Coleman Dale Daniel Frank Elam Bob Glaze Mike Hollingsworth Bill Howard Jerry Hughes Mark Jacks David Jamail Steve Keeling John Kennedy Jimmy Kirkpatnck 448 Delta Upsilon FIRST ROW: Dale Daniels, Vice-President, Charlie Miller. President. SECOND ROW: Mark McCullough. Chapter Relations, Jimmy Kirkpatrick, Secretary, Steve Wolf, Treasurer. Lloyd Kofahl Robert Levine George Matcek Mark McCulloch Glenn McMichael David McWhorter Charles Miller Robert Mitchell Ross Nager Jimmy Niemann Paul Parsons Robert Parsons Ray Pearce Gary Pearson Ben Riggs Bill Rogers Dick Sealy Jimmy Smith Robbie Smith Ted Sullivan David Ugland Lee Waters Sam Wisialowsk Steve Wo Robert Wright Delta Upsilon 449 Mary Anderson Tncia Balette Karon Barbee Susan Beaver Leslie Brown Susan Brown Joyce Cashion Linda Cobb Becky Combs Diane Croston Kelley Cusenbary Elaine Day Kathleen Day Celyna Delgado Pam DeWitz Jane Doyle Mandy Elliott Denise Engels Loretta Freeland Peggy Green Carolyn Gustafson Debbie Hahn Jerri Hale Kelly Hall Melony Hempflmg Terri Holster Lou Hunt Kathy Jordan Donna Kemp Gale Kiester Metta Kiser Allyson Knoebel Lynne Leverton Susan Lewis Kathleen Lutz Peggy McDade Carly McMillen Jo Menendez Elaine Merntt Kerry Mezzetti Karen Miller Melody Mohle Holly Moreland Karen Murphy Annette Neumann Carol Newton Anne Nolan Patty Norred Anne Oberwortmann 450 Delta Zeta Julie Paiva Kim Phillips Dale Prestwood Debra Rehn Catherine Russell Lory Sedberry Cathy Singer Sandy Skelton Carole Tefft Dawn Valdez Susan Walker Betsy Ward Nancy Weiss Mara Lynn Wells Cindy Weyel Lucia Williams Sheri Wilson Laura Winfrey FIRST ROW: Allyson Knoebel, President, Donna Kemp, Open Rush Captain. SECOND ROW: Kathy Jordon, Pledge Trainer, Denise Engles, Social Chairman, Lory Sedberry, Rush Captain, Holly Moreland, Treasurer. Delta Zeta 451 r t R Sharon Allen Diana Anderson Karen Anderson Barbara Attendg Bev Barcklow Fran Barton Julie Barton Kathleen Bell Denise Billeaudeaux Betsy Blatt Melanie Bonner Janet Bridges D ' Ann Bullock Reena Candis Chris Dahl Debra Davids Beth Davis Lesley Deurmyer Mary Dilger Melinda Dondlinger Aliene Elkins Susan Foulk Julene Franki Terry Gallagher Beverle Garner Vickie Gaudm Linda Gladden Nancy Goerner Barbara Grader Kern Griffin Janet Hallmark Barbara Hanna Sarah Hanneman Karen Hardy Linda Hardy Twink Harrison Karen Henk Linda Hopper Patti Hubbard Vickie Jacobson Elaine Johnson Michelle Johnson 452 Gamma Phi Beta Debbie Randerson, Vice-Presi- dent, Kathleen Bell, Treasurer, Catherine Watson, Pledge Train- er, Kim Siefken, Social Chair- man, Terry Gallagher, President, Brenda Lockett, Rush Captain. Carol Kent Kathy King Jean Kinsey Barbara Khpple Gayle Lamendola Robin LaRocca Susan Levme Brenda Lockett Karen Luedecke Laurel Lurker Elite Lynch Lorraine Mahaffey Marcy Major Betsy Mangelsdorf Renee Mauzy Amy Maxwell Andrya McAuley Kathy McClaugherty Markeeta McNatt Diana Mechler Linann Mitchell Jo Beth Montgomery Leah Montgomery Glynda Moore Lisa Moore Terry Morse Mary Ann Mulhern Lucy Nagle Debbie Nordmeyer Julie Oberg Tracy Owens June Parr Pam Petersen Becky Phillips Lynn Phillips Clare Radcliffe Deborah Randerson Suzan Redmond Eugenia Robinson Cathy Rossi Susan Rowland Ellen Scheibal Kim Siefken Suzanne Sims Kim Smith Judy Sousares Barbara Steakley Barbara Steig Debbie St John Lisa Stovall Jaime Teas Camille Trice Janet Walker Catherine Watson Jan Weekley Jean Wilkinson Marian Willingham Denise Wilson Tern Wilson Janice Winters Joan Womack Lmn Woodruff Leslie Zimmermann Gamma Phi Beta 453 Bob Aiken John Akin Ben Albritton Les Allison Tim Austin Frank Baird Roger Baldwin David Belchic Jamey Bennett Starrett Berry Steve Bird Charles Black Bob Blades Bob Broadnax David Burgher Doug Burke Stuart Bush Edward Butler Bnce Campbell Ben Carter Gordon Caskey Mark Cleaveland Biff Coker Richard Colquitt Rick Grain Joe Culbirth John Dale John Davis Lance Davis Tommy Dawson Bill Denton Terry Dezonia Bob Dickerson Dan Dillon Dan Dowdy Richard Dyess Carlton Eckert James Elkins Joe Fly Alan Friedman Norman George Mike George Cardon Gerner Kevin Gill Jack Gorman Jim Goudge Glenn Grimes Randy Grimes Bart Gunter Brock Hamilton Rob Hankinson Roy Haws Keith Heil John Helm Matt Herring Richard Hill Cinco Hoffman Robby Hoffman Charles Holley Dwight Horton Mark Hoy Richard Jackson Steve Jenkins Steve Kalteyer Houston Kauffman Kelly Kennemer Kelly Kmard Les Klein Mark Klein Gregg Lafitte Stewart Lee John Lisenby David Look Randy Lucas Steve Lupton Bobby Mace Mike Mahoney Pat McClellan Tom McElroy Roger Merrill Len Mertz 454 Kappa Alpha Donny Miller Greg Miller Sandy Miller Moore Murray David Newman Mickey Gates Bob O ' Neal Lee Owen Steven Patillo Gary Pickens Ric Pipkin Chuck Ptstor Ken Pittman Tom Pressly Jim Prince David Rambie Bob Randle Robert Rhea Gerald Richardson Byron Russell Bill Scarff Billy Scheihing Tim Selly Steve Shaw Bob Shaw Van Shaw Ware Shipman Forrest Smith Madison Smith Charles Spradley Blair Stouffer Leigh Tahaferro John Taylor Mark Thomas Pete Thomas Randy Thompson Mark Todd Ted Williams Mike Wyatt John Yochum FIRST ROW: Ben Albritton, President, Jim Goudge, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Terry De- zonia. Pledge Trainer, Cardon Gerner, Social Chairman, Scott Palmer, Pledge Trainer, Bob Shaw, Recording Secretary. Chad Stephens, Rush Captain, Robert Rhea. Pledge Trainer. Kappa Alpha 455 Ann Arneson Alice Arnold Jams Babel Amanda Barfteld Susan Bell Betty Bentsen Betsy Best Anne Black Leslie Black Karen Bond Martha Booe Nancy Broaddus Lisa Brock Cindy Broussard Margaret Brown Pam Brown Brenda Buaas Alison Buffmgton Honey Burns Allison Cam Nancy Capps Patty Cargile Lisa Clarke Michele Clark Claudia Clinton Carol Cobb Anne Cochran Susan Collie Anne Cowden Cathy Craft Camille Crews Keni Cunningham Lorez Curhn Cindy Cutrer Kellene Cutrer Carol Davis Nancy Davis Elizabeth Day Helen Day Laura Dolph Tracey Doss Heather Douglass Sandy Drews Janie Drought Edie Durham Oebby Embry Jane Feuille Leslie Fischer Linda Lloyd, President, Amanda Barfield. Rush Captain, Beth Johnston, Treasurer, Martha Lane, Social Chairman, Lisa Clarke, Vice-President, Claudia Clinton, Pledge Train- er. 456 Kappa Alpha Theta Vicki Fischer Glenna Foster Melinda Fugitt Carolyn Fuquay Jan Fulbright Robin Garner Sally Garrett Susan Garrett Shelley Gerst Linda Goodson Nancy Grace Mimi Hackney Laurie Hall Sally Hall Mary Dell Harrington Holly Harris Susan Hart Marianna Hawley Terry Hennersdorf Nell Herff Kathy Hoffman Gaye Holden Beth Holland Kathy Holland Helen Holman Lee Hooper Barbara Hopper Kate Hunsicker Cathy Hurt Tina Janse Kathy Jewell Lee Johnson Beth Johnston Suzy Jonsson Lea Kellogg Cindy Kelly Cheslea Kemble Sally Kerbow Katherine King Lois Kirkpatrick Candy Koederit Martha Lane Julie Langdon Camille LaRue Lisa Launius Suzanne Lewis Becky Lewis Linda Lloyd Fran LochrTdge Julie Lucas Laurie Lupton Melinda McConn Shannon McDonald Mary McFarland Elaine McHard Carni McNealy Diane Merrell Amanda Merritt Karen Murphy Susan Murphy Nancy Murray Carroll Nelson Dale Nelson Beth Nitschke Alice Notestine Sarah Oliver Susie Oviatt Peggy Parker Margaret Peak Marion Perryman Catherine Pickens Stephanie Pierce Kim Ploch Gatrel Poage Carol-Gray Pranke Holly Pumphrey Renee Rader Bo Ramsey Kathy Redfearn Suzanne Redwme Beth Roberts Patty Roberts Edie Roosevelt Margaret Saunders Ewmg Schmidt Julie Shade Ehse Shelton Leigh Sinclair Vivian Streit Ann Stuart Lora Talley Tracey Tarlton Alexis Taylor Melissa Tillotson Jan Walker Beth Ann Wheat Cindy Whitehurst C. C. Whittenburg Sandy Wildenradt Cynthia Williams Gwynn Williams Stephanie Williams Sue Wilshusen Adnenne Wilson Betsy Wise Jeanne Wootters Lynn Wysocki Mary Zelsman Kappa Alpha Theta 457 KKF FIRST ROW: Meredith Moore. Pledge Trainer. Mehnda McCloud. Social Chairman. SECOND ROW: Debbie Brown. President. Janie Strauss. Rush Captain. Lisa Germany. Vice-President. Barbara Steen. Treasurer Kans Adam Kathy Allday Kathy Allen Nannette Avant Louise Bayless Barbara Biel Mehnda Biel Louise Bivins Demse Blackman Carol Blalock Martha Block Sherry Block Lynn Blunt Starr Braun Angela Brown Debbie Brown Betsy Brown Sandee Bryan Beverly Burns Kay Butler Margaret Campbel Kay Carpenter Katherine Carter Nenetta Carter Sheryl Cheesman India Chumney Kathy Clark Lulu Clarke Cathy Clegg Carol Clme Susan Collins Shan Cox Linda Crooker Tara Crooker Carol Cuenod Cathy Gulp Beverly Cunningham Mary Cunningham Paige Davis Terry Deal Charmame Denius Ellen Dorsey Diane Drake Katie Dunahoo Tncia Ellis Ginger Ellis Jill Elhston Eliza Erwm 458 Kappa Kappa Gamma Beth Fawcett Amy Ferguson Donna Ferguson Martha Freund Gail Frye Tonya Fyfe Lisa Germany Susan Ghormley Mary Gidel Anne Giles Hilary Gillespie Gere Gleim Betty Graves Holly Greaves Betsy Halpin Susie Hamilton Janet Harrell Jane Haughton Mary Hooper Kristi Howard Cindy Howell Benna Hull Holly Huston Jennifer Jenkins Kathy Johnson Julie Jones Sheila Jones Allison Kerr Jayne Kinder Ann Kingswell-Smith Mallory Lawrence Leila Leftwich Kathy Letz Barbara Lewis Jenny Liebes Gay Limmer Ree Limmer Ann Lovett Jean MacGregor Laurie McClain Melmda McCloud Sharon McCloud Laurie McCrimmon Barbie McCullough Megan McDonnold Lynne McGee Ann McKay Paula Meek Katie Mertz Sheralyn Miller Cathy Millis Mary Jane Moody Meredith Moore Lynn Mulberry Nancy Netherton Ruth Newberry Shelley Nowlin Kitty O ' Connell Hessie Owen Melinda Pardue Carla Parker Tern Parker Vanna Parr Sandra Parsley Sharon Parsley Stacy Perlrtz Mary Clare Peterson Nancy Potts Melissa Pratka Jenny Prothro Gloria Puls Mary Richards Laura Rochelle Melissa Ross Mary Rowe Michele Sausser Judy Scott Erin Shaw Dorothy Slator Julie Sleeper Elizabeth Smith Marion Smith Barbara Steen Gaye Stevens Catherine Stewart Sara Stewart Susan Straus Janie Strauss Ellen Taylor Leslie Taylor Jil Tennison Meg Terry Eloise Tusa Nancy Tusa Molly Upchurch Cynthia Walker Leslie Waters Lisa Weaver Kathy Weidmann Shannon West Nancy Wheless Lee Ann Whitten Kelvie Williams Susan Wood Mary Wright Gallic Wroe Kathy Yeoman Susy Zimmerman Kappa Kappa Gamma 459 Joey Bailey Beaumont Boyce Ken Braud Spencer Brown Paul Burdick Les Clark Bruce Colhoun Rush Dugette E. J. Devine Pat Doherty Mike Doherty John Eidman Craig Fields Bill Finnegan Charles Fleming Steven Foy Greg Genitempo Kevin Grace Johnny Griffin Greg Guanno Mark Hablinski Jef Harris Billy Harrison Chris Heidrick James Henderson Richard Hightower Robert Holley Steve Horn Mark Hotze Brad Jones Jeff Kanaly Tommy Lehman Richard Lucas Bob Mansell Sam McBirney Tom McCarthy 460 Kappa Sigma Joe McDermott Bill Newberry John Newman Charles Odom Lon Osborn Jeffrey Paul Jeff Piper Terry Porter Bill Reed Terry Richardson Doug Smith Charles Stoddard Greg Strong Hill Swift Burl Tidwel Bryan Walters. Vice-President. Bill Zweiner. Rush Captain. Terry Richardson. President. E. J. Devine. Pledge Trainer. Joe Bailey. Rush Captain, John Eidman. Social Chairman. Kappa Sigma 461 Tim Allen Guy Allrich Jim Appelt Jim Avant Brian Bailey Phillip Bankhead Bob Campbell John Casseb Bill Caveness Steve Clark Jim Coles John Craddock John Crago Peter Craycroft Doug Crosby Ed Drake Carl Drews Larry Dunn Dan Ehlinger Dale English Dan Felder Mark Giles Darrell Griffin Marc Guy Wendell Hall David Hardy Pat Harvill Mark Harris Tom Hoffman Bob Kauffman Chip Kerr Charles Key Howard Key Bobby Livingston Matthew Manroe Tom Mclntire Joe Montalbano Steve Philley Rick Potter Rudy Prince Ralph Ross Hal Shelton Randy Smiley Philip Smith Charles Spencer John Start Gordon Stevenson Jack Stieber 462 Lambda Chi Alpha Charles Spencer, President, Bill Hinckley, Rush Captain, Brian Bailey, Social Chair- man, Mike Timmons, Pledge Trainer, How- ard Key, Treasurer, John Craddock, Vice- President. Mike Timmons John Truelson Jim Tucker Clark Wicker David Wtlkerson Speedy Wmborn Randy Wolfberg AXA Lambda Chi Alpha 463 Charles Brewer Roland Brown John Buffalo Raymond Clayborn Luther Cowling Kenneth Daniels Eddie Freeman William Hills Roy Hunt Lannie Lawrence Michael Manor Virgil Manor Lonnie Lawrence, Treasurer. King Stephens. Vice-President. Eddie Freeman, Secretary, Kenneth Daniels. President. 464 Omega Psi Phi FIRST ROW: Richard Wiggans, President, David Bogan, Vice-Presi- dent. SECOND ROW: Bob Collins, Secretary, Kevin Dabney, Sentinel, Jim Humphrey, Treasurer, Bill Lamb, Inductor. Tom Belt David Bogan Bob Collins Dirk Domas Jaime Elizalde Ed English Gary Fagelman Rick Gordon John Kamp Justin Kesler Jimmy Humphrey Bill Lamb Paul Moore Chebin Morales Mark Parr Steve St. John Howard Townsend James Watson Richard Wyman Phi Sigma Kappa 465 . " , V Harris Baker Jeffrey Baker Bourdon Barfield William Baskerville Edwin Bauman George Bayoud Hymie Bell Philip Bell Willard Boss Brad Boswe ' l Brian Broaddus Frank Bullock James Cardwell Brady Carruth Richard Compto n Mark Connell Reagan Davis Waters Davis Logan Dickinson James Dingier David Doherty Doug Doyle Robert Ehrlich William Erwin Bruce Faulkner Tommy Ford David Frazier Gregory Frazier FIRST ROW: Mark Connell, Treasurer, John Morton, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Frank Bullock, Social Chair- man, Tom McDaniel, Pledge Trainer, Pat Oles, Rush Captain, Greg Frazier, President. 466 Phi Delta Theta Warren Frazier John Gill John Gould Robert Grainger Jack Gray John Greer Barry Green Peter Hall Michael Hartwig William Hayes Harold Hightower Stephen Hillyer James Hinton John Horton John Jones Burdette Keeland James Kerr Thomas Kerr William Kirklin Lew Little Wales Madden Raymond McCloskey Dwight McDaniel Thomas Merritt William Morehouse Sterling Morris Craig Neill William Nixon David Oles William Parks Edward Patton William Ragtand Michael Reed Peter Rose Herbert Shilstone James Shmdler Robert Sinclair Jack Solari Craig Staples John Stetter James Thaxton James Thorp Jack Vaughn Robert Vaughn Dan Walton Jimmy Wooten Timm Wooten Geoffrey Wright Charles Zimmerman A Phi Delta Theta 467 John Ames Bob Anderson Bill Baker George Baldwin Brian Barnard Alec Beck Mitch Belew Bill Bishop Bob Black Tim Blonkvist Wolf Bouldin Mike Cagle Claude Campbell Will Carter Mark Clawson Kent Collins Tom Cordell Rod Corvo Tom Corvo Clark Covert Kenny Creighton Mark Creighton Rick Dollins Robert DuBois Craig Duke Mark Edwards Howard Etheridge Porter Farrell Carroll Faulkner Bill Finklea Deets Finley Bill Fowler Larry Frymire Harold Gernsbacher Greg Goodman Jimmy Gordon Tom Gose Stephen Gunn Billy Halden Stephen Harper Jim Hess Bruce Hill Richard Hocott John Jett Dean Johnson Scott Johnson David Kalish John Keith John Kent Trey Kiel Stephen Kinney David Lumpkins Todd Maclin Bob Martin L awrance McAfee David McAllister Ben McCaleb Tom McGaughy Byron McKnight Les Moor Drake Moore Robin Moore Glenn Mortimer Roger Motheral John Neff Richard Nelson Bill Netherton Scott Northern Charlie Northington Bobby Orr Curtis Page Kenneth Pruitt Bryan Ratliff Marvin Rickabaugh Rob Rodman Happy Rogers Mark Santa Maria Trebe Sasser Mike Sawtelle Bill Sawtelle Dean Schlatter Robert Schmidt Chuck Schram Jeff Seal Frank Seibert Robert Shaeffer Neal Shudde Wally Smith Mark Sutton W. J. Teel 468 Phi Gamma Delta FRONT ROW: David Kalish, Social Chairman, Mike Sawtelle, Rush Captain, Kenny Creighton, Secretary, Bruce Hill, Rush Captain. SECOND ROW: Bob Martin, Historian, Kenneth Pruitt, President, Glenn Mortimer, Treasurer, Neal Shudde. House Manager. Scott Tellkamp Layne Thompson Russell Thumran Patrick Tobin Jay Turner Robert Upham Richard Upham John Vance Bill Walker Kirk Wiginton Wade Wise Jack Womack Jim Wortham Randy Ziehe Phi Gamma Delta 469 FIRST ROW: Mike Rhody, Social Chairman, John Adams, President, Dan Wilkirson, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Don Evans, Rush Captain, Steve Moller, Treasurer, Frank Holaday, Pledge Trainer. 470 Phi Kappa Psi Richard Catlin Tim Chancy Mark Davis David Dickard Donald Evans Brent Floyd Winston Grant Don Gray Bill Griffith Frank Holaday Donald Kemp Michael Langford Doren Martin David McKee Stephen Motler David Moxley Bryan Muecke Nathaniel Norman Mark Ohls David Phillips Russell Pruitt Michael Rhody Bruce Robinett Steve Salge Lloyd Segler David Temple Walter Tippin Dan Wilkirson James Wilson Kevin Wommack Phi Kappa Psi 471 Augustin Bill Ralph Cardinteyro Charlie Castillo Rick Chapa Jorge De La Garza Ernie Dominguez David Garza Adrian Gonzales Ricardo Lopez Dito Ramirez George Ramon Alex Saenz Peter Sakai Cesar Segovia Danny Veta Efraim Vela 472 Phi Kappa Theta FIRST ROW: Adrian Gonzales, Secretary, Rick Chapa, President. Alex Saenz, Rush Chairman, Peter Sakai, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Jorge De La Garza, Social Chairman, Jorge Ramon, Treasurer, David Garza, Parliamentarian. Phi Kappa Theta 473 Ellen Adams Kan Addington Melinda Allen Eugenia Anderson Allison Arnspiger Betty Baker Jane Ballantyne Becky Baskin Martha Bass Sarah Gaye Blades Jennifer Bradfield Lindy Bradfield Sally Bremond Debbie Bridges Carol Brother Clare Broun Stacy Broun Beverley Brown Chaille Brown Julie Brown Kathryn Brown Louise Brown Kim Brusenhan Alden Bumstead Evelyn Bumstead Dorothy Campbell Sue Ann Campbell Caroline Caven Cindy Cobb Missy Cobb Julie Collie Elizabeth Cookston Ginger Coolidge Sally Coulter Gary Beth Covert Carolyn Craig Diane Cuenod Donna Cuenod Emily Dale Anne Davis Lisa Davis Harriet DeCell Patty Dedman Caroline Dennard Mariana Dieste Nancy Ellsworth Ann Ennen Sally Ferguson Ltegh Fischer Julie Fitzgerald Moihe Fitzgerald Cynthia Ford Phyllis Gatti Kathy Gesell Tern Gilchnst Sue Harris Mary Haynes Cynthia Hickey Mtchele Hickey MaryCathenne Hogan Cynthia Hopson Rebecca Hopson Callie Hudson Helen Huff Diane Hurst Ann Hutson Lisa Irby Laura Irons Susan Irons Jeanine Jones Jennifer Kane Lida Kane Carolyn Keenan Susan Keeney Nora Knowles Patricia Knowles Susan Koger Linda Kramer Rebecca Kunkel Susan Kunkel Deborah Kyle 474 Pi Beta Phi Leah Lacy Carol Lubke Barbara Mathews Patty May Laura Mayfield Melisa Mayfield Lura Mayhew Robin McClendon Ginia McGaughy Mary McKay Julia McKie Maragret Miller Paige Moore Toni Naugle Diana Northington Renee Peel Marilyn Penn Margaret Peterson Pepper Pierson Terry Price Mary Rippey Christie Roberts Jil Roberts Linda Roberts Nancy Robertson Kerry Sayers Mary Kay Scepansky Leigh Schoenvogel Susan Schoenvogel Debbie Schutze Valerie Schutze Betsy Sengelmann Caroline Shannon Leila Shannon Martha Smith Ann Somerville Jan Stephens Peggy Stocker Brooke Stollenwerck Adriane Swenson Jinger Taylor Missy Tillett Liz Tucker Roni Tynes Lynn Vance Joci Vial Elizabeth Walters Clare Ward Gay Warren Donna Wetzel Peggy Whittington Mary Wynne Wicker Laurie Wilkin Lynne Wilkin ' Carol Williams Sherri Zillgitt FIRST ROW: Sarah Gaye Blades, Social Chairman, Cindy Cobb, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Leigh Schoenvogel, Presi- dent, Laurie Wilkin, Pledge Trainer, Mariana Dieste, Assis- tant Pledge Trainer, Becky Baskin, Rush Captain, Jennifer Kane, Secretary, Diane Wilkin, Vice-President, Mary Sce- pansky, Vice-President. Pi Beta Phi 475 FIRST ROW: Tommy Marshburn, Social Chairman, Tommy Peel, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: John Scofield, Rush Captain, Mitch Owen, Vice- President, John Barclay, President, Jeff Hinson, Pledge Trainer. Barry Adkins James Ayers John Barclay Clint Barnhill Jim Baumgardner Charles Beckham Merntt BellSle Paul Bell Jack Biddle Neely Bonner Craig Brooks Steven Bruneman Ballard Burgher John Cameron George Clay Russell Conkltng David Cordell Judson Crow Warren Culwell Kevin Daniels Britt Davit Jeff Davis Fred Deaton Steven Dunn Allen Durrett William Dyer Michael Elliott Rusty Farabee Robert Farris Christopher Ferris John Florence Stuart Ford James Foster Chuck Fugitt Mac Fuller John Genge Allen Gump Robert Harris Frank Harrison Alan Hart 476 Pi Kappa Alpha iiii OKA Trfy Clifton Hefner Jeffrey Hmson Craig Hokenson Curt Home Stephen Hudson David Jones Douglas Jones Will Jones Jeffrey Kuhn Thomas Leachman Daniel Little Tom Livingston Jay Lucas Brad Mahon Thomas Marshburn James Mertz Tommy Moore John Murray Mitch Owen Thomas Peel Lee Powell Steve Rankm Cass Robinson Ryan Savage Carl Schwab John Scofield Alan Sinclair Scott Seager Jeffrey Sehg John Skaggs James Smith Stan Steele Kim Stewart Robb Stewart Toby Stolhandske Randy Swope Rusty Tamlyn Paul Taylor William Thomas Rob Thrash Mac Tichenor Stephen Tiemann Richard Vtgness Robert Willis Garland Woodward Pi Kappa Alpha 477 Wayne Clawater, President. Roy Hendrix, Vice-President, Ted Swinney, Rush Captain. Terry Balagia, Pledge Trainer, Peter Tippen, Treasurer Gene Barren Rush Captain. wwmRu3S?. Tim Alexander Rick Archer Philip Arnett Rob Arnot Tim Ashley Steve Saber Bill Bailey Terry Balagia Jim Balagia Ben Barren Gene Barton Bryan Bateman Louis Beecherl Brian Bishop John Blanchard Gary Brooks Rihl Buckley Mark Cavender Bob Cavender Bill Cavender Wayne Clawater Tony Click Ben Cravens Mike Culwell Tom Davis Mike Denny Kirk Dinkins Tim Dobbins Cliff Douglass Paul DuBose John Duncan Dick Eastland Bruce Ficke Mike Fischer Mike Fitzpatnck 478 Sigma Alpha Epsilon LAE TFF Bob Gmsburg James Gouger Raleigh Green Chad Hanna John Hawkins Russell Haynes John Heasley Roy Hendnx Brad Hickman Lon Houseman Chuck Hudson Kim Hutchms Ross Hyde George Kampmann Floyd Keeble Randy Keeney Lee Ketley Philip Kiger Tim Kilpatnck David Kimbell Jack Lewts Robert Long Tom Lowder George Macatee Davm May T. Kirk May Steve McBnde Bert Magill Charley McCluer Fred Meyer David Miller Dorrance Monteith Keith Montgomery Gary Morrison Whit Moses Robert Muth Gary Newman John Norns Clay Peeples Gene Peeples Jim Ferryman Scott Pinkston David Pohl Brannm Pndeaux John Ridout David Rilling Frank Rilling Michael Robertson Ed Rowan Bob Sellingsloh Jay Shands Kelly Shaw Bobby Sillers Bob Spalten Mark Steen David Stocker Steve Strain Andy Strauss Dean Stocker Ted Swmney Charles Taylor Mark Thannisch Charley Thomas Doug Thompson Bruce Thompson Peter Ttppen Hale Umstattd Jim Van Deventer Jim West Raymond Wetegrove Harry Wolff Rodd Wombte Sigma Alpha Epsilon 479 Barry Adler James Albert Brian Alter Brmn Antweil Howard Aron Kenneth Baum Jeffrey Berg Jim Berk Layne Berman Allen Bodzy Ronald Brustein Mark Chicotsky Bernard Cohen Michael Cohen Neil Cooper Joel Denbo Avrom Denn Gary Epstein Richard Glazer Howard Goldberg David Goldstein Kent Gordon Stuart Haas Gary Horowitz Mark Julius Brian Kantor Carlos Kaplan Robert Lerner Steven Levenson Alan Levine David Lipschutz Mike Luskey Mark Martin Kenneth Mogloukin Bernard Moses Rick Nepomnick Randall Nogg Brian Novy Norman Oshman Barry Pitluk Randall Plost Leonard Raphael 480 Sigma Alpha Mu LAM Jeffrey Robinson Michael Rudelson Steven Rudoff Neil Schein Randall Smith Richard Stark Paul Stern Michael Weiss Marc Winograd Leonard Wormser Perry Wulfe Barry Zale Alan Zeplain Philip Zinn Robert Zlotrak Avrom Denn, Vice-President, Mike Cohen, Rush Captain, Bernard Co- hen. President, Brian Alter, Trea- surer, Rick Nepomnik, Recorder. Sigma Alpha Mu 481 Tony Abercrombie Bob Atkins Kesley Aydam Shon Barnett Dewayne Bell Sterling Boon Mike Borowiak Jim Brooks Brad Brown Richard Chapman Ted Clegg Mike Coffield Miles Cooper John Copeland Ed Cross Brent Davis Skeet Des Champs Jeff Easley Mark Edwards Greg Evans Fred Fournier Lanny Frazier Jim Goodloe Hal Goolsby Larry Hagy Mark Hansen Kevin Hazard John Hennes Mark Howard Jim Jarvis Tim Jarvis Buz Jochetz 482 Sigma Chi FIRST ROW: James Burnitt, Treasurer, Mike Thomas, President. SECOND ROW: Steve Spencer, Assistant Treasurer, Richard Edelman, Pledge Train- er, Steve Dunnagen, Vice-President, Miles Cooper, Social Chairman. Christopher Johnston Reed Jordan Tom Kendall Hank Kremers Mike Kruger Rick Lyons Everett Marler Mac McConnell Ken McNeil David Miller Kurt Miller Bill Moffitt Ken Pearson Parker Peebles Dick Reaves Ray Rodgers Dick Roessler Rick Spencer Steve Spencer David Stewart Fraser Stitt Joe Stockdale Dick Stoneburner Mike Thomas Bob Vander Ploeg Tom Walthall David Walton Trey Wattinger James Williams Sam Wilson Sigma Chi 483 Leigh Ann Abraham Jenny Albert Debbie Austein Shelly Berkowitz Cindy Bernstein Paula Bernstien Susan Biderman Sharon Borger Sandra Borschow Tina Borschow Rochelle Bronstein Lorie Brown Janet Charles Norma Clark Debbie Cohen Debbie Cohen Marcy Cohen Jody Cosner Terry Cooper Laurie Dushkin Gail Ellish Susan Eisner Edith Esquenazi Lisa Falk Jen Fischl Sherry Frankel Glenda Freedman Lynne Friedel Linda Friedman Elise Caller Elaine Gardner Janelle Gardner Annette Gerson Anne Gmsburg Maria Gitlin Nancy Glazer Bettie Goldberg llene Goldsmith Maria Greenberg Sherry Harwood Celia Haveson Robin Hempling 484 Sigma Delta Tau FIRST ROW: Karen Reichstein, President, Donna Shel- by, Second Vice-President, Joan Rabinowitz, Social Chairman. SECOND ROW: Caren Kirshenbaum, Trea- surer, Gail Ellish, Pledge Trainer, Cheryl lola. Rush Chairman. LAT Ronna Hermann Karen Hurwitz Cheryl lola Debbie Jacobs Melinda Jayson Sharon Jayson Debbi Kanter Randi Kaplan Merri Ellen Kase Laurie Kleiman Karen Kogut Pam Kopin Louise Koslin Ellen Kramer Mtra Krumholz Nancy Malnove Cindy Mandel Eileen Martell Robin Martin Frida Moszkowicz Maria Partegas Lynne Pepper Joan Rabinowitz Michelle Raff Phyllis Ray Karen Reichstein Tara Riklin Georga Roberts Audrey Rohan Melissa Rosen Robin Rosen Betty Rosenberg Laurie Rosenberg Judy Rosenbloom Marcy Rosenblum Jo Ann Rosenfeld Cathy Ruskin Laura Schectman Randee Schonwald Jeanette Schwartz Linda Seelig Lindsey Seldon Elyse Selzer Donna Shelby Sue Staller Debbie Stem Debbie Stern Cmdy Stoller Liz Stool Sharon Tapick Missy Uzick Marcia Weinberg Jane Wertheimer Carla Wiman Cindy Wishnow Laurie Wolf Sigma Delta Tau 485 Mark Addicks Mark Arnold Jim Bailey John Beckham Jeffrey Bergfield Randall Bergfield Terry Black Eddy Blanton Allan Bloxsom Thomas Bray Wynne Breeden Gary Brown Kirkland Busby Keith Butler John Carsey Michael Cillo Lee Cobb David Coker Ricky Corse David Dodson Mark Dodson George Dunn John Edwards Richard Egan Stephen Ellis Chuck Erwin Grant Ezell Lawrence Flynn Rick Ridley, President, Jim Mar- tin, Vice-President, David Dod- son, Treasurer, Butch Irby, So- cial Chairman, Pat Simmons, Pledge Trainer, Tom Reichert, Rush Captain. 486 Sigma Nu John Games Peter Gardiner James Gnzzard Steven Haehnel Fiske Hartley Jack Hebdon Steve Heimstead Mark Hockaday Walton Huff James Hussey Leonard Irby Brady Isaacks Brian Johnson Randall Johnson Stuart Johnston Michael Kay Richard Lewis Frank Lyon James Martin Larry Massey Michael McWilhams Tom Muncey Steven Niemann James Pearson John Pruitt Jay Rea Patrick Reardon Tom Reichert Bobby Reynolds Larry Rice Richard Ridley Stephen Robirds Michael Rothwell Jace Simmons Patrick Simmons Brian Startzman Tod Terry John Tipton Kevin Tucker Steven Walker Robert Watson Leslie West Robert Weylandt Steve Weylandt Oavid Wilkinson Clark Will Reid Wilson Bill Woodward David Worley Sigma Nu 487 Buddy Adams Cullen Aderhold Thomas Bacon Mike Barragan Brad Beene David Bergstrom Greg Bowers Clyde Boyce Peter Boyd Bo Brackendorff Chip Buckley Steve Burt Gregory Bustin Larry Campbell Brian Cloyes Jim Covey David Crawford David Dacy Ed Davis Louis Divino Mike Freeman Bill Frmk Marc Griffin John Hairston Doug Hammond Jon Hanna Marc Hanna Larry Harlan Don Heckmann Douglas Hodge Don Holloway Brudge Hopkins Scott Huffman Stephen Hundley Curt Johnson Philip Jorden Paul Kearns Jack Kelly Mark Kelting David Kile Cameron Kreager Brad Laughlin Les Lewis Rusty Lineberry Warner Linehan Tres Lorton Robert Luther Bill Mahrer ,1 488 Sigma Phi Epsilon Robert McConnell Bubba McGaughey Dusly Miller Richard Mosher David Norwood Patrick O ' ConneH Jeff Otto Steven Pearson Edward Pellegrin Richard Rankm Ron Riggs John Scott Stuart Sharrock Jerry Smith Danny Smith Roger Soape John Spafford Scott Stephenson Jim Strickland Don Sullivan John Summers Greg Swan Frederick Thomas David Thompson Jorge Toledo Craig Weber Edward White Bill Whilphill Mike Willis David Wood Buck Woodson Bill Woodson COMESYOU TO FIRST ROW: Dusty Miller. President. Tres Lorton. Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Bo Brackendorff, Recording Secretary, Larry Harlan, Corresponding Secretary, Richard Rankin, Rush Captain, Paul Brown, Treasurer. Greg Swan, Senior Marshall. Sigma Phi Epsilon 489 Jerry Blackman Monte Borgeson Mark Brooks Bruce Buelt Charlie Burns Tom Cappello Gary Cox Jeff Crozter Jay Fenly Bill Fischer Larry Gonzales Chuck Hawk Dave Hummel Dick Jefferson Gregory Johnson Robert Key TKE 490 Tau Kappa Epsilon Mark Peavy, Secretary, Tom Ver- ducci, Vice-President, John Thoma- son, President, Jerry Blackman, Treasurer. Charles Burns, Rush Captain. David Krser John Kuebler Charlie Kvitek Andy Lin Miio Mahan Barne Montgomery Michael Powers Mark Peavy Brad Perdue Bob Peterson Dan Pfister Robert Rodke John Rust Scott Schneider John Smith Jon Thomas Salty Thomason Bank Thomason Tom Van Osselaer Thomas Verducci Billy Vicic Scott Weaver Amos Welder Paul Wyble Tau Kappa Epsilon 491 Sandy Aron Andy Bernstein Bruce Bishkin Jim Bishkin Eddie Bisno Joe Bloom Scott Bormaster Hank Brenner David Brown Richard Brown Scott Burford Kevin Burke Ronald Chod Michael Cohen Mark Davidoff Robert Donosky John Dreyfus Jay Eisen David Eisenberg Scott Ernstem John Falik Michael Feinstein Larry Feld Bruce Feldman Nason Feldman Randy Fishman Mitch Fonberg Doug Franket Howard Freed Marc Freedman Steve Freedman Maury Frumkin Gary Glazer Larry Glazer Howard Click Neil Goldberg Rick Golman Josh Golman Bob Goodman David Greenberg Jim Grodnick Donny Hauser Alan Heltman Mark Heller Wayne Heller David Hirsch Mike Hurst Alan Jacobs Hal Jayson Jeff Jerwick Mark Kaman Mark Kariel Buz Katz Perry Kaufman FIRST ROW: Robert Tabak. So- cial Chairman, Eddie Bisno, Rush Captain, Sandy Arno, Vice- President. Joe Bloom, Presi- dent. SECOND ROW: Buz Katz, Treasurer, Neil Goldberg, Pledge Trainer. George Kennedy Ron Kramer Jay Krasoff Mike Krost Steve Kuper David Kurtz Rickie Lacier David Leeds Seth Lerner Steve Leshin Bruce Levy Randy Levy Richard Lewins Marc Luzzatto Don Meltzer Gary Miller Ronnie Morgan Mike Morgan Richard Morgan Tom Moscoe Keith Novorr Jeff Padawer Randy Padawer Joe Pevsner Larry Plotsky Stuart Prescott Barry Rabin Michael Reiner Wally Rosenblum Kip Rosenblum Jeff Ross Stanley Rothschild Alan Rubin Lee Sandoloski Bruce Sandweiss Brent Scheps Alan Schwartz Lynn Schwartz Jon Schwartzman Craig Bellinger Drew Siegel Mark Simon Dino Solomon Ronny Spolane Jack Steinberg Alan Stern Dan Stolper Brian Strull Alan Sweet Robert Tabak David Trockman Michael Urbach David Veeder Jack Vine Steve Waldman Jeff Wolff Zeta Beta Tau 493 Nancy Adams Mary Kay Anderson Mary Lou Andrews Anne Ashby Susan Babineaux Mary Baker Deanne Barnard Bonnie Beard Lrbby Beavers Laurette Beeson Laurie Bellatti Cynthia Bills Debra Brennan Cyndi Brooks Denise Brown Jeanie Butler Becky Campbell Lisa Campbell Merry Carnngton Mary Carroll Carol Ann Carson CamiHe Cheesman Polly Cheesman Caye Clearman Lynette Clearman Catherine Clegg Julia Clegg Shern Collins Elizabeth Compton Melissa Cooke Nan Daniel Alice Davey DeAnn Davis Mallonee Davis Mary Lou Delia Croce Deborah Denton Kim Eaton Danya Ellmor Lisa English Anne Faber Missie Fletcher Margaret Flynn Lauren Folse Carolyn Forney Kathi Fountain Lisa Fountain Lisa Fryman S hiree Gadbois Suzanne Gentry Dianna Gerber Gwen Grant Kim Graves Marta Gray Donellen Gready Danette Greene Carrie Griffin ZTA FIRST ROW: Mary Hunt, Vice-President. Jan Youngman, President, Charlyn Rosenbaum. Rush Captain. SECOND ROW: Margaret Flynn, Pledge Trainer, Susan Watkins, Secretary, Barbie Stevens, Social Chairman. 494 Zeta Tau Alpha Becki Hall Jody Hall Tracey Hall Sally Hamilton Cindy Harris Susan Harris Caroline Hart Elinor Hart Diane Hartman Dee Hawkins Linda Hayden Tica Herns Kim Holder Lyn Hollon Lu Ann Hood Kate Hopkins Cynthia Hughes Mary Hunt Carolyn Johns Julie Johnson Jan Jones Tracy Jones Mary Kellogg Kathy Kennedy Karen King Suzanne Kinney Kim Koile April I .! . i Mary Leishman Pam Lewis Monna Malone Stephanie McClure Sheila McGinnis Margaret McRae Suzy Merntt Mary Milam Anne Miller Diana Miller Linda Minnis Deborah Moorehead Jennie Morris Lisa Muecke Nancy Nelson Linda Niemann Beth Pearson Susan Peterson Jeannie Pitts Janet Pope Robin Ray Melissa Richardson Jo Anne Richstatter Charlyn Rosenbaum Kathy Rosenfeld Livvy Roth Cathy Rundell Kay Ruwwe Kay Sanderson Susan Schmidt Julie Schramm Patty Schuelke Beth Schultz Sally Schultz Suzan Schwarz Nancy Self Anne Shearer Susan Shearer Beth Sherman Pam Silliman Anne Solsbery Carol Solsbery Shannon Spence Jane Stanbery Barbie Stevens Lisa Strickhausen Brenda Stroope Susan Sturdivant Anne Szablowski Cyndi Taylor Elaine Taylor Pam Taylor Diane Thomson Sally Tillery Julie Tobin Cmdi Van Zandt Manvi Vilorio Martha Vowan Susie Watkins Jane Watson Mmdy Watts Melanie Weil Shelley Wlliams Pam Wilson Martha Wood Jan Youngman Vicki Zeto Zeta Tau Alpha 495 The Greek World: A Contrast of Dreams and Realities 496 Greeks I ' " ' , ' HI m m CLASSES Keith Crawford Linda Forrest Ann Stembridge section editors m I !38a ' :, Classes - 497 ADEDIMILA. ADEDARE SAMUEL, Austin Civil Engineering ALEMAN. SUSANA IMELDA. Austin Educational Administration, AK. KAII, K+. A A. P A AL-KHUBAIZI. MUNIRA. Kuwait Botany ALLEN. JUNIUS DAVIS. Austin Geotechnical Engineering, XE, ASCE ALLEN, LINDA LOU, Austin Community and Regional Planning AMIRKABIRIAN, IRAJ, Austin Aerospace Engineering. HS. AIAA TESTS GRADUATE STUDENTS GRADUATE STUDENTS 8W ANDERSON. BRONWYN ANNE, Dallas Special Education APPELT. JAMES MACK, Three Rivers Law. AXA. Bra. K ATKINS. CLAUDE JAMES JR., Van Business Administration. CBA Council. Finance Association BAILEY. JOHN RICHARD. Hartford CT Finance. K . BFS BALSLEY. RONALD DEAN. Austin Marketing BARNETT. WILLIAM SIDNEY LOUIS. Houston Finance-Accounting. K . Finance Association BARRON. ROBERT STEPHEN. Warwick Rl Chemical Engineering, AlChE. Intramural Sports BEMIS, SUSAN CECILIA, Texarkana Speech Communication BENNETT. WILLIAM KYLE, Marshall Accounting. BA BLANCHARD. JEFFREY PAUL. Austin Finance BORN. HELEN HASKIN. Austin Chemical Engineering. flXE, K . Society of Women Engineers BOSCH. EDUARDO, Laredo Meteorology, American Meteorological Society, H , XEII BOTTS. JON EARL, Houston Microbiology-Medicine, American Society for Microbiology BROOKSHIRE, DANIEL STUART. Clear Lake City Anthropology BROWN, ROBERT EARLE. San Antonio Geography. American Society of Photogrammetry BUIE. ANNA CLARE, Houston Clinical Psychology. OAK, I1B Alumni, Psychology Graduate Student Council. Graduate Student Council, Health Center Advisory Committee BUSBY. KENNETH OWEN. Austin Physics BUTZBERGER. PAUL. Dallas Finance. BK. K+ BYNUM, PATRICIA KATHLEEN. Richardson Architecture CAFFERY. TOMAS GIRARD. Lafayette LA Civil Engineering. XE. Institute of Traffic Engineers. ASCE CALDERONI, MARIA CLAUDIA, Brownsville Art History CAMACHO. LUIS E.. Ecuador Petroleum Engineering. AIME. SPWLA CARSTENS, IRENE CLEMENCE. Austin Library Science. 2AI I. GLISSA CEBALLOS. MAXIMO MICHAEL, Edinburg Microbiology CHAN. CHI-WING ANTHONY, Hong Kong Business Administration. Chinese MBA Club. Chinese Student Association CHIU. RAYMOND SHUKUEN, Hong Kong Electrical Engineering, HS. TBII. IIKN. Chinese Student Association CHOW. PETER KAI-MOU. Austin Marketing. K , TBII. HKN. American Marketing Association President CLOYES. BRIAN MORGAN. Houston Biology. E CONTRERAS. RAUL. Lubbock Educational Administration, Educational Administration Association President. I ' AK A8. LAII CORDELL. DAVID MARK. Austin Finance. IIKA. Union Board of Directors. Ideas and Issues Committee Chair- man. Union Program Council Coordinator CROSS. JOFFRE JAMES II. Houston Business Administration. ZX CULVER. CLAUDIA E.. Austin Business Administration DAVIS. EDWARD ALVIN III, Dallas Accounting, Z+E DEAGUINAGA. JOAQUIN, Mexico Advertising DELGADO. JOAQUIN ARTURO. Austin Management DREYFUSS. JULES HENRY JR.. Austin Finance ELLIOTT. CAROL ANN WILLIAMS. Austin Educational Administration ESTEP. SUZANNE ANNETTE. Mexico Education-English-Spanish EVANCHO. CLAUDIA SANDERS. Austin Mathematics. Education. K t , Alumni Band Vice-President FOERSTER. WILLIAM PETER, Austin Zoology FOSTER. RUTH ANN. Austin Business Administration FUENTES. ERNEST R.. San Antonio Social Work. A il 498 Graduate Students GABLE, DEMPSEY LEE, Pasadena Business Administration GARDNER, EDWARD MITCHELL, Houston Business Administration. Hillel GARIBAY, LORENZO JR., Brownsville Economics, BK. K GERTNER. CAREN RAE, Houston Psychology. AE . BK. K . AAA. X GOOD. SCOTT BRADLEY. Dallas Business Administration GREGORY, DONALD CLIFFORD. Tyler Physics. Snz DENTS GRADUATE STUDENTS GRADUATE STUDENTS GUAJARDO. NORMA ALICIA, Laredo Library Science. MAYO GUIER. MICHAEL EDWARD. Albuquerque NM Government. K4 . Orientation Advisor GUIMBARDA. RICARDO. Austin Social Work HALE. CONNIE MERLE, Austin English HARMON, SCOTT INGERSOLL. Dallas Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Friars Society, Longhorn Band President, Longhorn Band Drum Major. Fencing Club HART, LAURIE ELLEN. Austin Mathematics-Education HEARD. DEBORAH CAROL. Houston Anthropology HECK. LINDA ANN. Austin Library Science, Special Libraries Association, Rodeo Association Club HOLLINGSWORTH, TOM D.. Austin Educational Psychology, American Psychological Association, 4 BK, K . X IRION. JACK BAIRD. Dallas Classical Archaeology, Underwater Society. Anthropology Club. Fencing Club JHO, CHANG HYUN. Austin Physical Chemistry. AT JOHNSON, orris HINKLE. Austin Education. Council for Exceptional Children. NEA, Austin Association of Teach- ers, American Crafts Council, Vestryman JOHNSTON, DAVID LEE, Austin Physics JORGE-CARRANZA. RAMON OCTAVIO. Argentina Civil Engineering KALTEYER. CHARLES RONALD. Midland Business Administration, BA Vice-President. Pre-Law Association Vice-Presi- dent. CBA Council KANCHANAWAN, NITAYA. Austin Linguistics KONG. CHEONG-YIN QUINCY. Hong Kong Civil Engineering. XE. ASCE. Chinese Student Association LANDERS, GLENN BERRY, Lampasas Civil Engineering. XE. ASCE LEAVENWORTH, GEOFFREY MILLER. Dickinson Journalism, PEARL Magazine Editor LEE. HOI. Hong Kong Business Administration, American Marketing Association. Finance Associ- ation. Chinese Student Association LEWIS. SUE ANN. Richland Center Wl Music. AX!!. ZAI. Choral Union LINDLEY, JOHN ROBERT, Russellville AR Music LOMAX. JAN ELIZABETH, Charlotte NC Mathematics-Education LONG, RANDALL COLLIER, Houston Architecture LUSKEY, DEBRA SUE. Fort Worth Advertising, Advertising Club LUZZATTO, MARC L. Dallas Law, ZBT MANOR. MICHAEL. Austin Social WorK. Si , The Blacks. Varsity Track MARTIN. THOMAS ALLEN, Dallas Public Affairs. AE MCABEE. KATHERINE EILENE, Fort Worth Education Administration. TB2. KAII. TSEA. Longhorn Band MCDONALD. HELEN, Houston Accounting, $X8 MCDONNELL. ELIZABETH ANNE. League City Library Science MCFEELEY. NEIL DOUGLAS. Austin Government, BK. 4 K4 . Teaching Assistant. University Fellow MESSAHI. MOHMAUD. Austin Petroleum Engineering, AIME MOHN, ROBERT NORMAN. Richardson Chemical Engineering, TBIJ, Campus Crusade MONTEMAYOR. JOSE J., Mexico Electrical Engineering-Mathematics. TEH. K . HKN. 2112, Austin Municipal Soccer Association NARANJO. MARY STELLA FRANCES. Lufkin Psychology, Union Program Council. Arts and Sciences Council. Southern Singers, CACTUS Staff. Mortar Board NELSON. DIANE BERENICE. Austin Curriculum and Instruction. KAII. Longhorn Band OUTENREATH, ROBERT LYNN, Austin Biology PELLETIER. JOHN HENRY. Derry NH Civil Engineering POWERS. SALLY LOUISE, Wichita Falls Speech Pathology. ITB+ PRIEBE. ROY RODMAN. Big Spring Electrical Engineering PROFT. ROBERT WAYNE. Port Arthur Aerospace Engineering. AIAA, SPT. Concert Chorale Graduate Students 499 RAINE. WILLIAM WOODY, Corpus Christ! Mechanical Engineering, ASME REED. DAVID BROCK. Fort Worth Business Administration RICHIE. DAVID MICHAEL, Natchitoches LA Physics RIEMANN. CARL F.. Ecuador Business Administration. TBn, SJXE. AlChE RIOS-CASTELLON. LORENZO A.. Nicaragua Mechanical Engineering ROMOSER. RUSSELL WAYNE. Houston Petroleum Engineering. AIME. SPWLA GRADUATE STUDENTS GRADUATE STUDENTS ROOKE. MOLLY KATHLEEN. Woodsboro Art History ROSATO, JOHN CURTIS. New Orleans LA Nursing ROSEN. DANIEL ALLAN. San Antonio Journalism. Teaching Assistant ROWE. NANCY ANN, Baytown Architecture. Graduate Architecture Students Association SALCEDO-CASILLAS. MARIO. Mexico Journalism SANTOS. RENE, Ecuador Petroleum Engineering. K . TBn. HET SCHULZ. PEGGY ANNE. Pecos Anthropology SCOFIELD. WILLIAM RANDAL. Houston Accounting. BA . HS SHEA, IRL VICTOR, Levelland Child Development, Austin Ballet Theater SONNENBERGER, ROBERTO SIGFRIDO, Mexico Finance. Graduate Business Council. II.VI SPENCER. RICHARD LAWRENCE. Amarillo Finance-Accounting, 2X, Texas Relays Student Committee STANCIL. STANLEY HUBERT. San Antonio Biomedical Electrical Engineering. Student Engineering Council. HKN. TBn STANFORD. ANDREW BAILEY. San Antonio Business Administration STEWART. LAWRENCE BRUCE. Austin Biology-Science Education STORY, JAMES WILLIAM. Austin Geography SULLIVAN, JAMES DAVID. Mesquite Computer Science. BK. K . H TAYLOR. JOE FRANK. Mesquite Accounting TAYLOR. JOHN EDMOND. Austin Business Administration, Longhorn Singers. S THOMAS. JOHN LEWIS. Beaumont Education THOMPSON. IDA DAWN, Austin Social Work. AKA, Afro-American Culture Committee TOLEDO, JORGE, Dallas Biology. 2E, AEA, Ski Club, Young Republicans TORRES-MENDOZA. ABRAHAM. Mexico Latin American Studies TRIEB, MARK ALAN. Austin Actuarial Science. AK . K . BIT, Actuarial Club President. CBA Outstanding Student TRONCOSO. FERNANDO JAVIER. Austin Actuarial Science. Track UPCHURCH, MICHAEL JAMES. Houston Business Administration. A2II. OAK, James Stephen Hogg Society. Finance Association. Teaching Assistant VALDEZ. REBECCA ANN. San Antonio Library Science. GLISSA VANPELT. LESTER III, Midland Law. AA. Bachelors of Law. Young Republicans VELA, DAVID WILLIAM. Laredo Business Administration WEAVER, NANCY JEAN, San Antonio Speech Communication WESTFALL. MARSHA LYNNE. Nederland Classics. AOH. CACTUS Goodfellow WHITEHILL, JOHN MAYS. Austin Business Administration, AT, Lacrosse Team WIRSCHING-GUIMBARDA. ELSA C . Austin Social Work WOLTMAN. ARTHUR WILLIAM. Marlin Electrical Engineering. Ens. K . IEEE. American Institute of Physics WORAYINGYONG. KAWEEPOJ, Thailand Civil Engineering WU. KWOK CHUNG, Austin Architecture. Chess Club. Bridge Club WU. KWOK WAI. Austin Electrical Engineering. HJ). TBn. HKN. IEEE. Dean ' s List 500 Graduate Students GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS ABROVEIS. ABDOLHAMID. Austin Civil Engineering ABREGO, CHRISTINA MARIA. San Antonio Interior Design. ASID ADAMS. JOHN WORTH JR., Galena Park Management, 4 K ADAMS. MARY ELIZABETH. Dallas Special Education, Council for Exceptional Children, TSTA ADAMS, REBECCA JEAN, Austin Marketing, X8. American Marketing Association, CBA Council ADAY, JOHN ALLEN. Waxach achie Petroleum Land Management. Student Landman ' s Association ADKINS. BARRY WOOD. Bellaire Accounting. F1KA. K . BA . EPS, II2 AHLBERG. MARGARET ELIZABETH. Austin History. Scandinavian Club AIKEN. SUSAN ELIZABETH, Salado Speech Pathology. Baptist Student Union AKINS. MARTIN RAY. Portland Business Administration, AT. Varsity Football. All SWC Academic Quarterback ALBERS, RICKEY MELVIN. Houston Finance-Real Estate, Finance Association. Real Estate Society ALBRECHT. JAMES WILLIAM JR., Corsicana Accounting ALBRITTON. BENJAMIN J.. Dallas History, KA, Intertraternity Council ALDRIDGE, MARY ANN. Austin Insurance. AAA, BFZ, K . Anchorettes President. Ski Club ALEXANDER. BARRY PEYTON. Leander Accounting ALEXANDER. LELIA BEATRICE. Austin Psychology. 4 K ALLAMON. JERRY DELL. Austin Advertising, Longhorn Band, Advertising Club ALLEN. ALFRED GEORGE. Dallas Accounting-Petroleum Land Management ALLEN. CAROLYN ELIZABETH. Houston Nursing, Nursing Students Association. Sailing Club ALLEN. SHARON LYNN. Corpus Christi Education, r B ALLEN, THOMAS DAVID, Longview History, AXA ALLISON, TANA DENISE, Houston Advertising. American Marketing Association, Southern Singers ALSTON, CAROL LOUISE. Austin Elementary Education AMBROSETTI. ANTHONY ANDREW. Batto MD Government. 8S, Navy ROTC. Scabbard and Blade AMUNDSON. DEBRA KAY, Austin Education ANDERS, PATRICIA ANN. Austin Business Administration. BX ANDERSON. FREDERICK VICTOR STEPHEN. Dallas Architecture ANDERSON. KAREN JANE. Bartlesville OK Education. F B, Education Council, Anchorettes. Dean ' s List ANDERSON, RODNEY WAYNE, San Antonio Accounting ANDERSON, STEVEN LEE. Houston International Business. At . K . Cultural Entertainment Committee. Inter- national Business Association. Pre-Law Association ANDERSON. SUSAN GALE. Austin Journalism. AAA KTA, K . AAA, DAILY TEXAN Staff ANDERSON, WILLIAM LYNN. Devine Chemical Engineering. AT, TBII, AlChE ANDRUS. RENA CAROL, Port Arthur Elementary Education, TSTA. GDE APPLEGATE. DAVID RANDOLPH. Bowie Radio-Television-Film. Orientation Advisor ARCHER. WILLIAM REYNOLDS III, McLean VA Botany AREND. LYNN PUGH. Austin Art ARISPE. RICARDO G.. San Antonio Psychology ARLITT, CHERRY JEAN. Houston Marketing. XH ARMSTRONG. LINDA DIANE. Pasadena English ARNDT. BILLY KEITH. Marlin Pharmacy, LPhA ARNIE. DENNIS DALE. Houston Accounting, BA . K . BrS. HI ARNO, ORTEGA JOSE E., Venezuela Architecture ARNOLD. SOPHIA ILEENE. Texarkana Marketing ASHBY. RANDALL BLAIR. Dallas Marketing, Pre-Law Association ASHCRAFT. JAY ARDEN. Harlingen Radio-Television-Film ATIEE. THERESA ANN, San Antonio Sociology AUSTIN, GLENN ALAN, Tyler Marketing, AK . American Marketing Association AUSTIN, KATHLEEN DAWN, San Antonio Nutrition, SNO Graduating Seniors 501 AVENT. ROBERT STEPHEN PAGE. Longview Accounting AT. 4 A . Social Chairman and Rush Captain BACK. LESLIE, KAREN. McLean Business Education, IHHI BADEN. GARY WAYNE. Salado Radio-Television-Film BAGWELL. JOHN TODD. Parker CO Zoology BAKER. GERALD LEE. Pasadena Business Administration. Transportation Management Club BAKER. JEFFREY WATTS. Houston Finance, A9 BAKER. LANNY GREGG. Gainesville Finance BALLANTYNE. JANE MICHELLE. Minot ND Government. I1B+ BALLENGER. DEWEY PATRICK III. Austin Special Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children Dean ' s List BALLENGER. LINDA GAIL. Austin Special Education. Student Council for Exceptional Children President BALLEW, HENRY BERNARD JR., Cleburne Pharmacy BALUSEK. EDWARD ROBERT JR., Arlington Radio-Television-Film GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS BANDY. OTIS EARL JR.. Cleburne Pharmacy BANKHEAD. KEVIN WEBSTER, Carthage Business Administration, AXA, Undergraduate Research Foundation BARCLAY. JOHN A. III. Austin Insurance, IIKA. Insurance Society BARHAM. GAIL DIANE. Houston Psychology, K . BK, Dean ' s List BARIA, PAUL COLLINS, Corpus Christi Electrical Engineering, KK+. THII, HKN, K . Longhorn Band Section Leader BARNARD, CHARLES MURRAY. Wichita Falls General Business. Ben. Silver Spurs BARNARD. DEANNE GAY. Corpus Christi Elementary Education, ZTA. Daughter of the Diamond BARNETT. BRENDA GAIL. Dallas Journalism. DAILY TEXAN Staff BARNETT. SUSAN GAYLE. Houston Elementary Education BARNETT, WILLIAM G., Houston Architecture BARNUM. ROBERT SHEPPARD. Seabrook Chemical Engineering, TBn, K . S1XE. AlChE. Engineering Council BARR. MICHELE. Dallas Nutrition. A2A. AAA. ON. SK Little Sister. Longhorn Singers BARRE, NELSON KEITH, Fulton Accounting, A2II, BA . CBA Council, Student Senator, Finance Committee. CACTUS Outstanding Student BARRERA. FRANK. Harlingen Accounting, Intercollegiate Knights BARRIENTOS, ADELA, Seguin Advertising, Advertising Club BARRON, VICKI. Houston Transportation, 4 BK. Sacred Singers. Baptist Student Union BARTA. CAROLYN FAYE. San Angelo Paarmacy, KE BARTEE, STEPHEN LLOYD. Spring Transportation BARTHOLOMEW, DENNIS CARSON. Austin Journalism BARTHOLOMEW. SAMUEL ROBERT, Texas City Finance BARTON. MARY KEITH. MontClair NJ Journalism-Spanish, SPJ ZAX. CACTUS Start BARTOS. LEONARD WAYNE. Weimar Pharmacy, LPhA BARZEGAR. LEON. Austin Civil Engineering. XE, ASCE BASHORE, HENRY WILLIS. El Paso Government. Pre-Law Association, Ideas and Issues Committee, Social and Behavioral .Sciences Council. Student Services Committee BASSE. CORA LYNN. Albert Sociology. ZN Little Sister, Spooks BATES, BILLY BOB. San Antonio Computer Science BATEY. KEVIN JAY, Honolulu HI Botany BAUCUM. SARA JAN. Garland Textiles, AXtt. FIKA Little Sister BAUMGARDNER. JOHN WALTER JR., Dallas Nuclear Engineering. American Nuclear Society, ASME BEAVER, NANCY BETH, Anson Plan II BECKER, LARRY DALE, Scaton Mechanical Engineering BECKER. STEPHEN HOWARD. Follett Biology BECKERDITE. STEVEN KEITH. Shreveport LA Pharmacy BECKHAM. CHARLES ADDISON. Killeen General Business, IIKA BECKLEY. ROBERT ALFRED. Austin Engineering BECK WORTH. ELMER C., Rusk Government. Pre-Law Association. Young Democrats 502 Graduating Seniors BEDSOLE. JAMES LYNN. Pittsburg Accounting, :.i I BEGEY. JOSEPH EDWARD JR.. Amarillo Accounting. BA . K BEHNKE. BONNIE GAIL. Dallas Psychology BEHNKE, PATRICK JAMES. Virginia Beach VA Finance, Crow ' s Nest BEHRENDS. RHONDA BROWN. Austin Education. AHA BEHRENDT. REBECCA. Austin Music Education BEISMAN, BETH MARIE, Richardson Marketing. BP2, BX. American Marketing Association BELL, PAUL GERVAIS. Austin Government, I1KA BELL. PHILIP NASH. Austin Journalism. +AB, DAILY TEXAN Staff. Karate Club. Parachute Team BENNETT, DEBORAH ASHORN, Columbus Education BENNETT, JAMES BRUCE. Crockett General Business, J1KA. Cowboys. Library Committee BENNETT. REGINA CLAIRE, Brownsville Special Education GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS BENNETT. THOMAS EDWARD II. San Antonio Biology BEN2, WILLIAM PETER. New Braunfels Sociology BERENSON. WILLIAM KEITH. San Antonio PLAN II, TexPIRG Board of Directors, DAILY TEXAN Staff, Squash Raquets Club. General and Comparative Studies Council Treasurer BERG. BETTY JEANNE, Longview Advertising BERGER. STEVEN GAYLORD. Austin Management BERKOWITZ. RONALD V.. Fort Worth Government BERRY. DON TRAVIS. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering. Archery Club President BERRY. JOSEPH CRAIG. San Antonio Psychology BERRY, MICHAEL DENNIS. Fort Worth Studio Art. Fine Arts Council BESEDA. DORIS MAE. Austin Office Administration BHARUCHA, MANECK JEHANGIR, Pakistan Mechanical Engineering BIRES. PATRICIA ANN. Austin Interior Design. ASID Treasurer BISNO, EILEEN. Austin Advertising. AE4 BISSELL. JOHN WILSON. Dickinson Geology BJORDM, JAMES HOLLISTER. Austin Government. Conservation Society, UT Veterans Association, UT Civil Liber- ties Union, Honors Day Award BLACK, CHARLES LEE. Abilene General Business. KA BLACK, HORACE D. JR.. Teague Marketing BLACK, JAMES ANTHONY. Sudan Journalism, KTA BLACKARD, MARY L.. Mathis Nutrition BLACKSHER. SHARON LYNN. Houston Spanish BLADES. SARAH GAYE. Houston Elementary Education-History. Hi) Vice-President. Ki: Little Sister, Educa- tion Council. Dean ' s List BLAIR, ROBERT WILLIAM .Bellaire Accounting, BA BLAKE. DONNA LYN, Houston General Business, Sailing Club BLALOCK, CAROL ANDERSON. Dallas Special Education. KKr. 2BT Little Sister. Special Education Council BLASCHKE. VICTORIA LILLIAN, Corpus Christ! Civil Engineering. OAK, XE, TBI1, ASCE. SWE BLAYLOCK, VICKI LEE, Marlin Transportation, BX. Transportation Club Secretary. CACTUS Section Editor CBA Council BLEEKER, VERNON ALFORD. Austin Physical Education. PEM Club BLOOM. RONALD GENE. Dallas Marketing BLUM. ELIZABETH ANNE, Austin Education BLUM. WARREN STUART, Dallas Biology BLUMENTHAL. PAMELA J . Dallas Plan Il-Psychology BODZY. ALLEN NEIL. Fort Worth Advertising. SAM, Advertising Club BOEHME. BARBARA ELIZABETH, San Antonio Psychology, w BOERNER. MICHAEL WAYNE, Robstown Actuarial Science Acturial Club, Tennis BOLADO. LAURO JR., San Benito Psychology, Social Welfare Club BOLAND. MICHAEL GRANT. Austin Business Administration Graduating Seniors 503 BOMMER. PAUL MICHAEL. San Antonio Petroleum Engineering. nET President. AIME BONDY. CHRISTINA MARIE. Garland Botany, AAA. r A. Environmental and Protection Improvement Committee BONHAM, JAMES B.. San Antonio Accounting BONILLA. HENRY A.. San Antonio Journalism BONNER. SANDRA L. CHAMBERS, Odessa Journalism. PRSSA Vice-President BOOTY, JULIE ANNE. Dallas Journalism-Government, SPJ 2AX. BK. K. KTA. DAILY TEXAN Staff. CAC- TUS Outstanding Student BORCHARDT. CRAIG WILLIAM. Austin History BORDEN. DAVID SPINNEY. Teaneck NJ Government. Navy ROTC. Scabbard and Blac BOREL. JACQUE MILTON. Port Arthur Pharmacy. K . LPhA President. Dean ' s List BOSSE. KATHERINE AILEEN, San Antonio Home Economics BOTTOMS. SHERYL LAYNE. Friendswood Secondary Education BOURG. MICHAEL ALAN. Corpus Christi Finance GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GRA BOWDEN. NICKY DALE. Brownwood Speech Pathology, A Si. Young Democrats BOWEN. CHARLES WILLIAM JR.. San Antonio Pharmacy. Cultural Entertainment Committee BOWERMAN, REBECCA ELAINE, Paris Computer Science BOWERS. TERREE ALLAN. El Paso Plan II, AT. An, Orientation Advisor, Wrestling, Big Buddies BOYD, PATRICIA LYNETTE, San Antonio Pharmacy. KE Vice-President. LPhA BOYDSTON. BEVERLY JOY, Burleson Special Education BOYLE, JOHN THOMAS. San Antonio Radio-Television-Film BOYLE. KEVIN JOSEPH. San Antonio Radio-Television-Film, Orientation Advisor, SCOOP. Intramural Sports BRAASCH, STEVEN MARK, Tyler Advertising. rA, Advertising Club. Student Government BRADSHAW. MICHAEL GLENN. Dallas Architecture BRAININ. NINA LEE. Dallas General Business. AX!! BAIRD. NIVEN JAMES JR.. San Antonio Real Estate, X, Silver Spurs, Real Estate Society, Swimming Team BARHAM, GAIL DIANE, Houston Psychology. K . Dean ' s List BRANDES. JEN SUE. Temple Physical Education, PEM Club BRAUN. ELIESE E.. Georgetown Home Economics, Fashion Group. Historic Costume Committee BREEN. EDNA CATHERINE. San Antonio Child Development BREMNER, NICOLE JOANNE. Fort Worth Journalism. DAILY TEXAN Staff. Women in Communication BRENNAN. JUDITH INEZ. Houston Journalism, SPJ 2AX BRIEN. COURTNEY ROSS. Del Rio Radio-Television-Film BRIGGS. LEONARD SOLON JR.. San Antonio Music Education. MA. Longhorn Band. UT Symphony. Wind Ensemble, Dean ' s List BROCKMAN. KERRY JOE. Nazareth Accounting. Catholic Folk Choir BROGDON. JUDY LYNN. Austin Home Economics BROOKS. LUCY MONTEZ. Leander Elementary Education BROUSSARD. CINDY SUE. Groves History. KAS BROWN. CHARLES ELMO. Austin Geology. Geology Club. Explorers BROWN. DEBORAH ANN, Houston Government, KKP. Cordettes. Student Services Committee BROWN. LESLIE JOAN, Dallas Radio-Television-Film, AZ. Women in Communication. Advertising Club. Intra- mural Sports. Dean ' s List BROWN, MELINDA KAY. Dallas Special Education, B Kinsolving. Cultural Entertainment Committee. Cor- dettes. Resident Assistant BROWN. NANCY LYNNE, Bellaire Business Statistics, BX BROWN. RICHARD WAYNE. Houston Deaf Education. CACTUS Section Editor. Ski Club. Freshman Cheerleader. Big Brothers. Dean ' s List, CACTUS Goodfellow BROWN. WARREN FREDERICK. Kerrville Management, AT BROWNE. JACK WYMAN JR.. Euless Electrical Engineering. KK . IEEE. Longhorn Band BROWNLEE. LUCY PARKE. Austin Advertising. KAO BRUCE. SUSAN DENISE, Austin Home Economics, AHEA BRUNEMAN. CAROL PAULA. Dallas Public Relations. A2A, PRSSA, Longhorn Singers, Southern Singers Vice-Presi- dent BRUTON. REX WAYNE. Longview Marketing 504 Graduating Seniors BUCHANAN, PAMELA ANN. Houston Psychology BUCHANAN. PAUL CLARENCE. Tyler Geology. K . ES.AT BUCHELE. CRAIG ALAN. San Augustine Microbiology. KK . Longhorn Band BUCK. BARBARA ELLEN. Houston Humanities. AAA. K . P A. Italian Club BUCKNER. CAROL ANN. Irving Mathematics-Education BUFFALO. JOHN ROGER. Philadelphia PA Management,!! . Intramurals BURFORD. CHARLES SCOTT, Dallas Accounting, ZBT, Silver Spurs BURGER. JOANNE. Dallas Special Education BURGOWER, WENDY SUSAN, Houston Plan II BURKHARDT. JERALD LEE. Robstown Architecture. Student Government BURNETT, JOHN DEXTER, Austin Geography BURNS. BEVERLY JO. Austin Clothing and Textiles. KKT. TKE Little Sister. Bevo ' s Babes GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS BURNS. MARGIE ELLEN. Sabinal Secondary Education, TSTA BURT. LARRY STEVEN. Tyler Mechanical Engineering. American Nuclear Society. ASME, Baptist Student Union. Sacred Singers BUSBEY, CHARLES PATRICK BRUCE. Wichita Falls Management. Army ROTC. Scabbard and Blade BUSH. JAMES FRANCIS, Arlington Biology BUSH. ROBERT STUART. Dallas Accounting. KA. BA . Student Government. Ideas and Issues Committee BUTLER. EDWARD SHOWERS. Austin Business Administration, KA, Bachelors of Austin BYERS. NANCY JANE, Shawnee Mission KA Accounting-Marketing, SAT, BX, CACTUS Staff, American Marketing Associ- ation BYRD. MARGARET ELIZABETH, Houston Special Education BYRNE. KENNETH ROBERT, Missouri City Management CALDWELL. DAVID ROBERT, Palestine German, K CALDWELL, JAMES WILEY JR.. Houston Plan II, +K+. Classics Club, Dean ' s List CAMP. RICHARD FIELD III. Richardson Journalism, KTA, SPJ ZAX, CACTUS Staff CAMPBELL, DEBORAH LYNN, Fort Leavenworth KS Finance CAMPBELL. HARVEY D. III. Gretna LA Psychology, BK.K K. X. HS CAMPBELL, LISA NELLE. Fort Worth Elementary Education, ZTA CAMPBELL, MARGARET WOMACK, Fort Worth English, KKP CAMPBELL. PENNY RENAE. Garland Education. A , KATl, I1A0, Student Council for Exceptional Children CAMPBELL. RICHARD JOHN, League City Computer Science CAMPBELL, SUE ANN, Wichita Falls General Busi ness, HE CANADA, WILLIAM RALPH JR., Dallas History CANDELLA, LINDA JADE, Houston German, German Club CANTU. GLORIA, Edinburg Psychology CANTU, VINA LOUISE. Edinburg Pharmacy. KE. TSHP, LPhA CAPEHART. MARY ANN. Austin Spanish CAPPS. RICHARD LEROY. Houston Finance, ATA CARDENAS, ESMERALDA. Mexico Spanish-Government. International Student Association. MAYO CARLESTON. CAROL JEAN. San Antonio Business Administration CARLETON, CAROL JEAN. Lufkin Economics. Spooks. Women ' s Economic Society CARLETON. WILLIAM FRANKLIN JR.. Houston Electrical Engineering, HKN. TBH. K . IEEE Chairman CARMICHAEL. JAMES ERWIN, Brady Accounting, BA . ES CARPENTER. JAMES R.. Austin Finance, Real Estate Society CARPENTER. SARA JANE. Houston Journalism. KTA Secretary-Treasurer, SPJ EAX. DAILY TEXAN Staff, Women in Communication CARR, JO ANN. Garland Secondary Education CARREN. LISA MARGARET. Dallas Art History CARROCCIO. JAMES EUGENE. Dallas Drama CARROLL, FRANCES MARIE, Wichita Falls Accounting, BA Graduating Seniors 505 CARTER. GARY DEAN. Houston Geology. Geological Society CARTER. NENETTA BROWN. Fort Worth History. KKr. AH CARTER, RAMONA CAROL. Longview Elementary Education CARTER. RICHARD MICHAEL. Austin Mechanical Engineering. ASME CARTER. STEPHEN LEE. Sugarland Marketing. American Marketing Association, Musical Events Committee CARTER. YVONNE. San Antonio Special Education. Student Council for Exceptional Children Treasurer CASAS. LINDA SUE. San Benito Special Education. Student Council for Exceptional Children Secretary CASO. VICTOR. San Antonio Sociology-Pre-Dental CASSELBERRY. RUSSELL WAYNE. Coleman Finance CASTANEDA. DINA ISABEL. Austin Management. Women ' s Concert Choir. A Cappella Choir CASTETER, SUSAN LEHMANN. Austin Special Education CASTILLO, VICTOR. Victoria Government GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS CATHEY, REBECCA ANN. Dallas General Business-English CAVAZOS. MARIA J., McAllen Education GATE, DAVID JULIAN, Houston History, Young Republicans CERRILLO, JUAN ANGEL, Harlingen Spanish-English CHAHIN. JULIAN JORGE. Eagle Pass Geology CHAMBERS, WILLIAM JAMES. Canada Accounting. AK+, CBA Council CHANCELLOR. GINA. Sulphur Springs Marketing, AAII.Ain Little Sister, American Marketing Association CHANDLER, GARY WAYNE, Corpus Christi Special Education CHAPA. JAVIER NOE. Corpus Christi Accounting. ASH. Project Info CHAPA, RICARDO JOSE. Austin Finance, K9 CHAPMAN. RICHARD SCOTT. Glendale CA Music CHAPMAN. RICHARD THOMAS. Shreveport LA Plan II, SX CHAPMAN. TERESA JAN. Fort Worth Biology. AAA, AKA CHARLTON, CLAIRE ELEISE. Rosenberg Education. AAH. CACTUS Associate Editor. CACTUS Goodfellow Cordettes CHARO. ELVA. Cotulla Sociology. Social Welfare Association CHEEVER. SUZANNE IRENE, San Antonio Accounting. AAA.AAA. Society of Southern Belles CHEGANI. MOHAMMAD. Iran Civil Engineering. ASCE CHEW. LAWRENCE PAUL, Dallas Electrical Engineering, IEEE Vice-President and Secretary, Chinese Students Association. Chess Club, Dean ' s List CHICOTSKY. MARK STEVEN. Fort Worth Management, JAM CHILDS. JOHN NICHAEL, Bellaire Accounting, A 0 CHISHOLM. JANICE KAY. Austin CHIU, KIN PONG ERIC. San Francisco CA Pharmacy. APhA CHOW. CLARA OI-YEE, Austin Accounting CHUTE, DONALD JAMES, Corpus Christi Advertising, Advertising club CIRULLI. MARIA. Fort Worth Biology. Natural Science Council. Fine Arts Committee. Sailing Club CLARK. MARY LEE. Dallas Drama, Union Theatre Committee, Senior Cabinet Secretary. Fine Arts Coun- cil President CLARK STEPHEN BRADFORD. San Antonio Advertising. AXA. Cheerleader. Royal Spirit Committee President CLARK TIMOTHY LOWELL. Houston Special Education CLARK. THOMAS R.. Big Spring Business Administration CLEARMAN. LINDA CAYE. Hereford Marketing. ZTA. Texas Relays Queen CLEMENS. VICKI LYNN. Richardson Advertising, Advertising Club CLEVELAND, KENNETH RAY, Dallas Accounting CLIFTON. SHARON LEE. Houston Psychology CLINTON. CLAUDIA RAMSEY. Burnet Marketing COBB. CYNTHIA ELIZABETH, Tyler Angel Flight UT Sweetheart A ' TSEA ' IIB Tfeasurer ' 506 Graduating Seniors COBBEL, LORI RACHELLE, Dallas Speech. AE+ COCEK, CAROL ANNE, Houston Accounting-Marketing. 4 K4 . AAA. HA . American Marketing Association COHEN. BERNARD HAROLD, Amarillo Business Administration. 1AM COHEN. GAIL IRIS, Dallas Child Development. Dean ' s List COHEN. HELENE SUSAN. Dallas Government. AAA, K COLBERT. RHONDA LYN. San Antonio Sociology COLE. BYRON HARRISON. San Antonio Pharmacy. PX, ASHP, LPhA COLEMAN. IVY L, Corpus Christi Pharmacy. KE, LPhA COLLIER, JAMES LOUIS. Fort Worth Finance. Longhorn Band COLLIER. JANA KAY. Dallas Marketing. AF. BX. American Marketing Association, Student Government COLLINS. BERNICE ALBA, Galveston Economics. Union Recreation Committee COLLINS. LARRY WAYNE. Richardson Public Relations, PRSSA. Swedish Club IORS GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS COLLINS. MAURICE EDWIN II. Austin Accounting COLLINS. ROBERT WILLIAM, Bedford Advertising, i)K, Intramural Sports COLLINS, SHERRI ANN, Newton Radio-Television-Film. ZTA COLLMAN. TODD CHARLES. Austin Accounting COLMENARES, JOSE LUIS. Venezuela Architecture COLUNGA. GEORGE, El Paso Computer Science CONDIT. MARSHA FAYE. New Braunfels Nursing CONDIT. RANDAL ARTHUR. Dickinson Medical Technology CONN, KATHY LYNN, Del Rio Accounting CONNELL, MARK WILLIAM. Dallas Finance, A6, Cowboys CONNER, MICHAEL ELMER, Houston Real Estate. A2H. Real Estate Society CONNOLLY. KEVIN JOSEPH, El Paso Biology. Longhorn Band CONRAD. D AVID WAYNE, O ' Donnell Finance, State Lobby Committee, Intramural Sports COOK, CHARLES RAY, Angleton Finance, Weightlifting Team COOK. KATHLEEN E.. Dallas Journalism. SPJ 2AX. PRSSA, CACTUS Staff COOLEY, KATHLEEN MARIE. Austin Secondary Education, KA, Society of Physics Students. TSEA COOLEY, MAUREEN ELLEN, Austin Elementary Education, KA. TSEA COOPER, MILES HALL. Corpus Christi Finance. 2X COPELAND. GEORGE KENNETH. Del Rio Philosophy CORNETT. RITA C. ALLISON. Amarillo Office Administration. Dean ' s List COSELLI. PETER CLYDE. Houston Marketing. Real Estate Society. Pre-Law Association COURSEY, DONALD CHARLES JR., Waxahachie Radio-Television-Film COX. NANCY GAIL. Austin Marketing. X6, American Marketing Association COYLE. MELANIE ADELLE. Austin Child Development. AP, Undergraduate Research Foundation CRAIN, LEE SHUDDE. Houston Electrical Engineering. KK . MKN, Hi. Longhorn Band CRAIN. RENE ARITA. Palmer Speech Pathology CRAMER, JANET GAYLE. San Antonio Psychology, X. AAA CRANDALL, JOAN ELIZABETH. Luling French, K CRANSHAW, DAVID ROSS, Austin Government CRAVENS. GEORGE F., Fort Worth Biology. Natural Science Council. Student Government. Scuba Club. Flying Club CRAWFORD. JANICE ANNE, Bryan Special Education. A.VV KAH. 4 B Kinsoving. TSEA. Student Council for Excep- tional Children CREIGHTON, KENNETH ROY. Mineral Wells English-Business Administration, 4 rA. Intramural Sports CREWS, CAMILLE LYNN. Alice Business Administration, KAe CREWS. JACK CALVIN, Dallas Accounting CREWS, MARINA KATHRYN. Seabrook Marketing, American Marketing Association CRISWELL. JOHN WALTER. Abilene Anthropology Graduating Seniors 507 CROAN, DONNEITA KAYE. Fort Worth Elementary Education CROOKER. LINDA ANN. Houston Government. KKF. OAK. CACTUS Goodfellow. CACTUS Outstanding Student. Mortar Board CROSBY. ALAN WAYNE. Austin Finance. American Finance Association CROSBY. NANCY GAIL. Jacksonville Elementary Education. TBS. F1A8. KAII, +6K Alumni Association. Feature Majorette CROSS. JERREL LEE. Brownwood Accounting. AK CROSS. JAMES LYNN. Brownwood Pharmacy. K+. LPhA. TSHP CROSSON. RICHARD LEE. Houston Accounting. Ben CROUCH. MICHAEL JOHN. San Antonio Acquatic Biology CUELLAR. CARMEN. Weslaco Nursing CULWE LL. WARREN DALE. Lufkin Civil Engineering. I1KA. Campus Crusade for Christ CUMBIE. NANCY DIANNE. Beaumont Marketing. AAI1. American Marketing Association CUNNINGHAM. DUANE, Lewisville Insurance GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS 9 CZIMSKEY. JEANA HEARN. Austin Nursing DABNEY. CYNTHIA JANE. Austin History DABNEY, DAN YARBROUGH. Dallas General Business DAERR. SHARON MELISSA. Fort Worth Textiles and Clothing. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club. Fashion Group DAMEWOOD. DOUGLAS KEITH. Piano Education-Government-History DANIELS, TIMOTHY JOHN. San Antonio Advertising DAUGHERTY. SCOTT RILEY. Bishop Architectural Engineering. E. AAAE. Flying Club DAVENPORT, MICHAEL. Galveston Computer Science DAVIDS. DEBRA KAY. Texarkana Accounting. r B DAVIDSON. GARY CLIFFORD. Bartlesville OK Zoology DAVIDSON. SHARON JOY. Portland Mathematics. AAA DAVIS. BOBBY JOE, Austin World Resources and Industry. Air Force ROTC. Arnold Air Society. DAVIS, DEVLIN DOUGLAS. Houston History DAVIS. DONALD RICHARD. Austin German DAVIS. HAROLD LOUIS. Austin Electrical Engineering. 1 HS, K+. TUN. HKN. IEEE DAVIS, LESLIE BRENT. Houston Marketing. ZX DAVIS. LYNN MARCIA. Houston International Studies, XI! DAVIS, NANCY GAIL. Austin Elementary Education-Kindergarten DAVIS. RANDEL C., Austin Archaeology. Sailing Team DAVIS. RICHARD FRANKLIN JR.. Woodville Finance, AIM, A M1. Finance Association. CBA Council DAWKINS. THOMAS R.. Corpus Christi Management DAWSON. JUDY KAY. Humble Education DAY. HELEN MARSHALL. Austin Marketing. KAO. B Kinsolving. Panhellenic Council. American Marketing Asso- ciation DEAL CYNTHIA LYNN. San Antonio Nursing, Nursing Students Association DEAN. JOHN PETER, McAllen Finance, Finance Association DEBNER, BARBARA ANN. Castroville Education, Education Council, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship DE LA ROSA. RALPH A.. San Antonio Zoology-Pre-Med DELANGE.STEVE EDWARD, Austin Engineering DELEON. AMADOR, Austin Management DELGADO. JOHN EDWARD, San Antonio Physical Education, PEM Club President. Intramural Sports. Arno Nowotny Sportsmanship Award DEL PAPA, LUANN. Dickinson Elementary Education DE LUNA, DORALINDA. Del Rio Education DENBO. JOEL BYRON. Decatur AL Management, 1AM DENISON. ELEANOR. SUZANNE. Pleasanton Education DENTON. DEBORAH JAN. Dallas Marketing, ZTA, American Marketing Association DENTON. WILLIAM PATTERSON. San Angelo Business Administration. KA, Silver Spurs 508 Graduating Seniors DEUSINGER. WILLIAM FRED. Conroe Petroleum Land Management. Student Landman ' s Association DEZO. GEORGE STEVE. Alvin Finance DIAZ. MARY ESTHER. Austin Interior Design Spanish. AAA. ON. ASID DICKERSON. DONNA GENE. San Antonio Anthropology. NOW. AINT. ACLU. Baha ' i Association DICKERSON. MARCUS JOHN. San Francisco CA Government. Powerlitting Team DICKINSON. LOGAN. Dallas Finance, A6. Finance Association DIERS. DEADRA DEAN. San Antonio Business Administration. Bl . Acacia Little Sisters DIETER. JAMES MONROE. Austin Secondary Education DILLARD. SANDRA DIANE. Garland Elementary Education DITTMAN. KAREN ELLEN. Houston Psychology. AT DIXON. JAMES ALAN. Dallas Advertising DIXON. SANDRA MARGIT, Bedford Elementary Education. Cultural Entertainment Committee GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS m DOB8ING, WILLIAM ROBERT. Austin Statistics-Operations Research DOBBS. JESS CHRIS. Grandview Public Relations. SPJ SAX. PRSSA. Pre-Law Association DODGE. COLLEEN, Streetman Speech-Deaf Education. AAA. Upper Class Advisors. National Student Speech and Hearing Association DODSON. MARK RANDLE. Cameron General Business. -N. Cowboys DOERFLER. HARLEY FRANCIS. Corpus Christi General Business. A n. TKE. Married Student Council DOERING. CAROLYN LOUISE. Galveston Management. Transportation Club. Student Government DOMASK. MARY SUSAN. Houston Art. AHA. K DOMINGUEZ. ERNESTO JESUS. Hondo Sociology. KH DOMINQUEZ. RAUL. Laredo Pharmacy. AX. LPhA. National Chicano Health Organization DONALDSON. SUSAN ARLEEN. Odessa Nursing DONOP. PAUL EDWIN. Mason Spanish DORSEY. BILLIE WOODS. Henderson Music Education. M E President. Women ' s Concert Choir, Choral Union, Fine Arts Council DORSEY. GARY MICHAEL. Henderson Accounting. A2I1 President. CBA Council DOSS. STANLEY KENT. San Antonio History. Pre-Law Association DOUGLAS. JACK L.. Fort Worth Journalism DOUGLAS. JOHN HOWARD JACK. Fort Worth Sociology. A Q DOYLE. KAREN PATRICIA. Houston Elementary Education DOYLE. PATRICIA ANNE. Groves Elementary Education. TSEA DOZIER. DON BIGLER. Austin General Business. Arnold Air Society DOZIER. JANE RENE. AUSTIN Elementary Education DRUMM. MARY CHRISTENA. San Antonio English DUARTE. SARAH LENCHA, Austin Pharmacy DUFF. WILLIAM B . Odessa Management, 4 K , Young Democrats. Intramural Sports DUGAS. LORI DENISE. Baytown Nursing. Nursing Students Association. Student Affairs Committee DUGAT. JOHN EARL. Houston Architectural Engineering. AAAE Vice-President. ASCE. Real Estate Society Oceanographic Research Committee. Advisory Council to Dean of Students DUKE. DONNA LYNN. Texas City Pharmacy. A Chaplain. KE. LPhA. Cordettes. Bevo ' s Babes DUNLAP. STEVEN MICHAEL. Parlin NJ Physical Education. PEM Club DUNN. GEORGE HARVEY. Odessa Chemical Engineering. SN DUNN. RAMONA CECILE. Grapevine Anthropology DUVAL. JOHN ARDIS. Houston Computer Science-Mathematics. Intramural Sports DVORAK. PAUL RICHARD. Austin Management DWIGHT. JANET SUE. Richardson English DWYER. DAVID ALAN. Houston Accounting. Acacia DYER. KAREN ANN. Beaumont Government EARDLEY. KATHLEEN MARY. Houston Marketing. A Treasurer EARNEST. BARBARA A.. Austin Elementary Education. Education Council Graduating Seniors 509 EASLEY. KARL RAYMOND. Fort Worth Art History ECHOLS. BRUCE ALAN, Kilgore Biology Pre-Med EDGERTON. MARY ELIZABETH, Rio Grande City Physics. ARX AA.X K t . Junior Fellows, Mortar Board EDWARDS, JAMES RANDOLPH. San Angelo Government-Journalism. Teias Club. Union. CACTUS Editor-in-Chief EDWARDS. KENNETH CHARLES. Midlothian Pharmacy, K .LPhA EDWARDS. ROBERT DEURIES. Houston Marketing, American Marketing Association EISINGER. JOAN DENISE. Dallas Psychology ELIZALDE, THELMA, Elsa Journalism-Public Relations. PRSSA. SPJ 2AX, Project Info. ELLIOTT, PEGGY JO. Pleasanton Office Administration. Illill. SSS. GDE. Longhorn Band CACTUS Staff ELLIOTT. SANDRA MORRISON, Houston Elementary Education. IIAB. KAII ELLIS, DRUSILLA BETHEA. San Antonio Spanish ELLIS. JOHN SCOTT. Tyler Biology GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS ELLISON. ELAINE LAURIE. Houston Advertising. AAII ENG. LOUISE E., San Antonio Marketing, X8, BX, American Marketing Association, Chinese Student Asso- ciation ENNEN. ANN ELIZABETH. Dallas Nursing-Psychology, IIB . X, Nursing Students Association, Mortar Board EP PS. LAURA ANN, Houston Radio-Television-Film. Xfl, Jr. Varsity Tennis. Dean ' s List ERICKSON. PETER LAWRENCE. Littleton CO Mechanical Engineering, TBn. nTZ. ASME ERNSTEIN. SCOTT BARRY. Kansas City MO Marketing. ZBT. American Marketing Association. Real Estate Society ERVING. CLAUDIA ANN. Wetmore Speech ESKOWITZ. SHERYL PAULINE. Houston Elementary Education, TSEA ESPARZA. YOLANDA INEZ. El Paso Education ESPINOSA. JAMES ANTHONY, Thorndale Electrical Engineering, nin ESPINOSA, MARGARITA. Austin Marketing ESSARY. BETH ANN. Richardson Advertising. American Marketing Association. Bevo ' s Babes ESSLINGER. RICHARD GARY. Austin Accounting. Big Brothers ESTRADA. ALBERT JR., El Paso Pharmacy, TKB. LPhA ESTRADA. MARGARET KONDO. El Paso Nursing. Nursing Students Association EUBANK. WILLIAM DAVID. Amarillo Accounting.BA ' l ' EVANS. DONALD RAY. Garland Marketing. K + EVANS, KAREN SUE. Fort Worth Drama EVANS. MARK CULVER. San Antonio Government, Crow ' s Nest EVERETT, EDNA M . San Diego Pharmacy, KE. LPhA EVERETT. YVETTE DORNELL. Houston Advertising. Advertising Club, Women in Communication EZELL. MONA LYNN. Dallas English. AAA. AAA. B Kinsolving. N Little Sister. CACTUS Section Editor FAGALA. KAREN LYNN. McAllen Pharmacy. LPhA. Student Senate FAHRENTHOLD. LUCIA JEANE. Houston Business Administration, ZTA. Panhellenic Council FAITH. BILLY DEAN. Austin Electrical Engineering FALIK. JONATHAN LOUIS, Houston Accounting, ZBT FANGMEIER. KEITH RICHARD. Austin Petroleum Engineering. TBI1. IIKT. AIME. Student Engineering Council FANT. ALFRED EDWARD JR.. Austin Astrophysics FANTOZZI. FABIO. Houston Mechanical Engineering. ASME FARAKLAS. MARIA OLGA. San Antonio Studio Art. Fine Arts Committee FARB. GERILYN D . Galveston Government. Young Democrats Vice-President. Student Action Committee FARLEY. ANN TAWANAH. San Antonio Sociology FARMER, SCOTT MONROE, Austin Chemical Engineering, .YT, AlChE. Longhorn Singers FARR. HERBERT RAY. Dallas Economics FARRIS, CATHERINE S.. Austin Anthropology. Archery Club FAUST, JANET LEE. Dickinson Radio-Television-Film. Scandinavian Club 510 Graduating Seniors FAZ. MARIA DOLORES. San Antonio English-Secondary Education, 2AI1. TSTA FEE, JAY GREGORY, Dallas Marketing FELDMAN. MARTIN BRUCE. Dallas General Business, ZBT. Posse. Silver Spurs. Dean ' s List FELDMAN. NASON MARK. Houston Biology.ZBT. ABA FELDMAN. ROBERT. San Antonio Management. Air Force ROTC. Arnold Air Society FERGUSON. LARRY WAYNE. Terrell General Business. Intramural Sports FERNANDEZ. AMALIA, Del Rio Spanish-Italian, Project Info. MANS FERNANDEZ. MIGUEL ENRIQUE. Austin Chemical Engineering. II2M. AlCht FIELD. CHARLES LEE. Houston Management FIGER. BONNIE GAIL. Austin Elementary Education. TBS. Longhorn Band FILLINGIM, STEVEN JOSEPH. Austin Management. ZE. Ski Club FINCHER. JAMES ERNEST. Fort Worth Government GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS FINDLEY. PATRICIA WOODS, Alice Marketing, AP American Marketing Association. Posse FINKELSTEIN. DEVIE. Metairie LA Nursing. Nursing Students Association. Hillel FIORELLI. DIANE. Dallas Zoology FISHER, DAVID SIDNEY. Houston Accounting, AKII, Varsity Basketball. T Association FISHER. KATHLEEN KAY. Houston Journalism, 1-HK Alumni Association FISHER. WILLIAM EDWARD. Houston Finance. ATA. Student Senate. Varsity Tennis FITZGERALD. JOE DAN. Winfield Physical Education. PEM Cub FLEMING. JEANETTE ANNE. Pearland Speech Pathology-Audiology FLING. JOE CLEMENT. Garwood Business Administration, Dean ' s List FLINN. BETH ANN. Sinton Education, TSEA, Association for Childhood Education FLORES, DANIEL JR.. San Antonio Accounting. H2 FLORES. DANIEL RICHARD. San Antonio Business Administration, Longhorn Singers. Aviation Club, Karate Club FLORES. JOVITA OLIVIA. McAllen Speech Pathology FLORES. ROBERT REYES. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering. IKI . ASME. Engineering Society FLYNN. MARY MARGARET. Kingsville Health Education, ZTA. Acacia Order of Delphi. Student Senator Mortar Board. CACTUS Goodfellow FOGLE. MARSHA LEE. Austin Management FOO, STEPHEN HOO-CHUEN. Austin Civil Engineering FORBES. RANDALL KEVIN. Corpus Christi Accounting. ATA FOREHAND. RICHARD LEE. Leander Mechanical Engineering. HT2, ASME. Intramural Sports FORREST. LINDA EVELYN. Baton Rouge LA Marketing. AAA. AE . American Marketing Association CACTUS Section Edi- tor, Dean ' s List FOS. JILL. Houston Mathematics FOSTER. BRUCE EVAN. Midland Accounting FOSTER. GUY H. JR.. Austin Pharmacy. AX President. LPhA President. Student Activities Committee FOTESCU. DEIRDRE ZOE. Houston Music, Symphonic Band, Friar Society FRANCIS. MARY E.. San Antonio Education-Mathematics. GDE. Resident Assistant FRANKLIN. RAY NATHANIEL III. Houston Electrical Engineering FRANTZ. MARY ELIZABETH. Conroe Marketing. XS. American Marketing Association. Intramural Sports FRANTZ. RICHARD THOMAS. Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE FREEMAN. EUGENE CARROLL. Trinidad Accounting. HA . 6K Alumni Association FREEMAN. LINDA. San Antonio Journalism FRIETAG. JAN KATHRYN. Houston Interior Design. XQ. ASID, Southern Singers FRENTRUP. MARK ANDREW, Austin Chemistry FRIEDRICH. JOSEPHINE. Austin Nursing. Nursing Students Association FUGITT. MELINDA LOU. Fort Worth Education. KA8, FIKA Little Sister. Orange Jackets. Mortar Board CACTUS Goodfellow FUNDERBURK. ALISA MAUREEN. Bastrop Education FURST. RICHARD ALFRED. Dallas Economics. AEn. Student Government, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Hillel Graduating Seniors 511 GABRIEL. RITA DIANE. San Antonio Psychology GADDIS MAURICE P. JR.. Odessa Petroleum Engineering, AIME GAFFEY. MICHAEL JONATHON. Dickinson Accounting GAHAGAN. VIRGINIA ANNE. Dallas Psychology-Business Administration, AAA. Ski Club. Intramural Sports. Dean ' s List GAINER. GALE LYNN. Austin Elementary Education. TSEA GAINER, JOHN WILLIAM III, Austin Marketing. Acacia GALLAGHER. THERESA JANE. Fort Worth Medical Technology. I " B President GALAVIZ. ANTONIO CERDA, San Antonio Accounting GANZ. MARCIA LYNN, Corpus Christ! Accounting, X8 GAONA, ISRAEL. Galveston Finance. Finance Association GARCIA. FELIX HENRY. Austin Government, Orientation Advisor. Newman Club, Pre-Law Association GARCIA, ISMAEL Beeville Accounting GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GR GARCIA. JUANITA. Del Rio Art Education. NAEA GARCIA. MARIO ALFREDO. Austin Accounting GARCIA. MARIO REY. Campbellton Pharmacy. AX. LPhA GARCIA. PETER MADRID, San Antonio Biology GARCIA, ROSA ESTHER, Tulsa OK Psychology GARCIA, RUDOLPH. Austin Accounting GARCIA. TERRY ANN, San Antonio Spanish GARNER. CLAY ANNE. Laredo Speech Pathology GARRETT, ANN MILSTREY, Houston Psychology-Social Work. A+!i Little Sister GARRIOTT. RANDALL OWEN. Houston Biology. H2. AEA. Intramural Sports GARRISON. JAMES ROY JR., Atlanta Geology GARZA, ANA. Brownsville Biology. Natural Science Council. Project Info. OK Alumni Association GARZA. CAROL GENE. San Antonio Spanish GARZA. DORA ELISA. Corpus Christi Biology-Pre-Med. AAA. AEA. GDE GARZA. MARIA OLIVIA, Roma Government GARZA, RICARDO. Austin Radio-Television-Film GARZA. ROBERT T.. Odessa General Business-Transportation. Transportation Club GASSIOT. VICKI RUTH. San Angelo Business Education, mill. IIH.X GATES. MARY ELIZABETH. Denison Journalism GAULDING. LINDA VON. Corpus Christi Special Education GAVLICK. GARY THOMAS. San Antonio Electrical Engineering, IEEE GEE, JUANNA INEZ. Houston Linguistics. AAA GEORGE. CECIL FLOYD JR.. Georgetown Biology. H2. AEA GERSTMANN. GERALD MARK. Austin Architectural Engineering. AAAE GERTNER. EDWARD DAVID. Houston General Business. ZBT, Softball GIBSON. JAMES LESLIE. Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE GIDLEY, MICHAEL ANDREW. Austin Accounting. Tejas Club, Married Student Housing Council GILBERT. BRENDA RUTH. Arlington Education GILES. JEANIE LEE, Austin Special Education GILLASPIA. LAWRENCE TROY, Galveston Psychology, X GILLIAM. CONNIE ANN. Killeen Journalism GILLIAM. EDREA LANELLE. Austin Computer Science GILLIS. JOEL LYNN, Corpus Christi Secondary Education. TSEA. Baptist Student Union GIRARD. DENISE MARIE. Austin Biology GITTINGS. MARK STEVEN. Graham Pharmacy GITTLEMAN, JOYCE ANN, Dallas Advertising. Advertising Club 512 Graduating Seniors m. A GIVENS. JANICE DIANE, San Angelo Speech. AAA, Society of Southern Belles GLASEBROOK, FREDDIE JANE, Odessa Spanish. GDE GLASEBROOK. RICHARD WILLIAM. Odessa Anthropology. Air Force ROTC GLEIM. GREGORY PAUL. Richardson Biology. A !! GLEINSER. MARK EDWARD. San Antonio Management, Flying Club CLICK, HOWARD CRAIG. Texarkana Management. ZBT Vice-President. Posse GLOVER. ROBERT LLOYD. McAlester OK Chemical Engineering. TBII. !!XK. !I2, AlChE. Engineering Council GOEHRS. WAYNE HENRY. Houston Accounting GOGELIS, CHERYL ANNE, San Antonio Psychology, X, P A, OK Alumni Association President. Social and Behavior- al Council Secretary. Mortar Board GOLDBERG. MARSHAL DAVID. El Paso Biology. H2, AKA, Longhorn Singers, Musical Events Committee COLDER. WILLIAM EDWARD, Dallas Government. Lacrosse Club GOLDSBERRY, LYNNE. San Antonio Psychology GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GOLMAN. RICHARD TOD. Dallas Management, ZBT GOMEZ. MARY ALICE. Brownsville Interior Design. ASID President GONZALES, NOEMI RUTH, El Paso Elementary Education GONZALES, JOHN JR., Edinburg Government. A n. Hi, Young Democrats, CACTUS Goodfellow GONZALEZ. LETICIA, Corpus Christi Education GONZALEZ. RICARDO NOE. McAllen Government GONZALEZ. ROSANNA LEE, El Paso Sociology, Ski Club GOODE, SCOTT MCDERMOTT. Austin Civil Engineering GOODMAN. MERIDITH ELLEN. Lago Vista Management GOODSON. LARRY FREDERICK. Austin General Business. American Marketing, Bowling Team. Softball GORDON. GAYLE DENISE. Galveston Accounting, AAA GORGAS. EDDIE WILLIAM. El Paso Aerospace Engineering, SIT, AIAA GORMLEY. MARY THERESE. Canada Business Administration. AAA. Upper Class Advisors. Southern Singers. Mortar Board. CACTUS Goodfellow GORZYCKI. DIANE ELAINE. Austin Music Education. TBZ. 2AI. OAK. Longhorn Band. CACTUS Goodfellow GOSNELL. SHELLIE MARIE. Fort Worth Pharmacy, KE, LPhA, Upper Class Advisors. Baptist Student Union GOTT. PATRICIA BERTHA. North Bay NY English. Arnold Air Society GOTTSCHALK. DONALD EVERETT. Austin Business Administration-Accounting GRAHAM. ANDREW CLARK. Houston Electrical Engineering. HI. K . TBn, HKN, KK GRAHAM. LAURIE IVES. Houston Speech Pathology. K4 GRAHAM. NANCY CAROL. Seabrook Petroleum Land Management-Office Administration. Pre-Law Association. Stu- dent Landman ' s Association GRANT. PHYLLIS LORRAINE. Grand Prairie Nursing-Sociology. GDE GRAVGNARD. SUSAN GAYLE, Houston English-Journalism, B Kinsolving GRAXIOLA. MICHAEL DAVID, Austin Public Relations, PRSSA GREEN. JOANNE CAROL. Houston Nutrition. ON, SNO GREENBERG. LINDA FAYE, Houston Art GREER. JAMES ROBERT JR.. Austin Mechanical Engineering, TBII. IITS, ASME. Intramural Sports GREGG. DAVID JOSEPH. Largo FL Finance, American Marketing Association, Finance Association GRELLA, MARK ALLAN. Sherman Marketing GRENADER, HARRY BORIS. Houston Accounting, TA . 4 ES. Ski Club GRIFFITH. CAMILLE MARIE, Waco Radio-Television-Film GRIGGS. IKE ZACK. Lampasas Marketing. American Marketing Association GRISSOM, CHARLES AUSTIN JR.. Abilene General Business GROOMS. MARILYN LOU. Brownwood Nursing K . SOT. Dean ' s List. Mortar Board President. CACTUS Outstanding Student GROVER. THOMAS DAVID. San Antonio Communication. Musical Events Committee GRUBBS. JANET DIANE, San Antonio Marketing. BX. American Marketing Association GUARINO. THERESA ANN. Austin Elementary Education Graduating Seniors 513 GUEL, MIGUEL ANGEL. McAllen Psychology GUENTHER. SHERIDAN COALE, Austin Communication GUERRERO. JOE, Corpus Christi General Business, A tt. Dean ' s List GUERRERO. MARTIN G.. Corpus Christi Biology GUERRERO. YOLANDA JUDITH. Mission Pharmacy, KE. LPhA. SHPA GUILLOT. GARY LYNN, Texarkana Marketing GULLETTE. REBECCA LAYTON. Carthage Education, GDE GULLY. RUSSELL GEORGE. San Angelo Mathematics. Newman Club GUNN, MARTHA ELIZABETH. Weimar Interior Design, AF GUTIERREZ. JOSE HECTOR. Harlingen Accounting GUTIERREZ. RICHARD f.. Austin Economics, H2, Longhorn Band GUTIERREZ. RUDOLFO, C., Thorndale Statistics-Operations Research GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GR GUTZ. CORNELIA GERTRUD. Richardson Chemistry, AXS, AT, AAA. B Kinsolving, Junior Fellows HABLINSKI, MARK PHILLIP. Austin Biology. KE HACKER. DIEDRE ELIZABETH, Corpus Christi Office Administration, Southern Singers, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Navigators HAFERTEPE. DONNA MARIE. Dallas Nutrition. SNO HAGHANI. TORAB. West Covina CA Architectural Engineering HAHN. CATHERINE SUE. Austin Home Economics, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club. Fashion Group HAKIM. AFYOUNI AKBAR. Iran Civil Engineering. ASCE HAKIMI. ABDUL NAIM. Austin Engineering, K+. TBII. HKN HALDEN, WILLIAM JOSEPH. Austin Plan II. rA HALDIMAN. BEVERLY ANN RUTLEDGE. Austin Biology HALL, DANA JILL. Meridian Clothing and Textiles. K+ Little Sisters. AHEA HALL. DAVID WAYNE. Lufkin Civil Engineering, ASCE HALL. GEORGANNA. Dallas Marketing. AAM. American Marketing Association HALL. JENNIFER LEE. Luboock Elementary Education. AAA. SN Little Sister, Spooks. Resident Assistant HALL, KELLY ANN. West Columbia Accounting. AZ. AAA. HI ' S, Panhellenic Council, TexPIRG, Consumer Affairs Committee HALLCOM, KENNETH RAYMOND. Houston Accounting HALPIN. ROBERT EDWARD. Houston Biology. HS. AEA. K HALTER. RICHARD VOLPOE. Texarkana Pharmacy. LPhA HAMLIN. HERBERT SCOTT. Austin Anthropology HAMMOCK. CLYDE LEE. Austin Management HAMPTON EARL STUART. Houston Zoology. +HS. AEA HANCOCK, KAREN MARIE. Dickinson French HANEY. MARY HELEN. Greenville Accounting. AX HANOVER, WAITER DAVID. Lufkin Accounting HARDING. ARTHUR J. JR., Burleson Accounting, WK Alumni Association, Lacrosse Team HARDT. NATHAN EDWARD. Baytown Biology HARDY, DANIEL BRUCE. Granbury Architecture HARELIK. MARCIA DEAN. Hamilton Advertising, Advertising Club. Spooks. Hillel HARKINS. BARBARA ELAINE. Dallas Finance. BX. American Marketing Association. Student Government. Varsity Volleyball. Dean ' s List HARLEY, STANLEY C.. Austin Aerospace Engineering. AIAA HARRELL. NICK M. III. Kingsville Pharmacy. LPhA, Pharmacy Council HARRELL. THOMAS WALTER. New Braunfels Psychology. Mn. Scuba Team ' HARRINGTON. CHARLES H , Houston Advertising. Advertising Club HARRIS. BRUCE ALAN. Houston Molecular Biology HARRIS. CAROLYN ELIZABETH. La Marque Accounting. Spooks Treasurer. Upper Class Advisor. Intramural Sports HARRIS. GARY DON. Katy Accounting. Intramural Sports 514 Graduating Seniors HARRIS, HOLLY SMITH. Houston Marketing, KA8 HARRIS, JOHN ROBERT JR . Austin Microbiology, AT HARRIS, MARGIE ANNETTE. Houston General Business, A President, Orange Jackets Dean ' s List HARRIS. REBECCA SUE. Houston International Business. American Marketing Association. International Busi- ness Association HARRIS. STEPHEN E.. Angleton Accounting. A2I1. American Marketing Association, Insurance Society HARRIS. WILLIAM JENNINGS. San Antonio Government HARRISON, DOROTHY JANIECE, Commerce Zoology HARRY. ALAN WAYNE. Pasadena Accounting, A Si HARTLEY, DONNA LYN, Austin Advertising, AZ. Advertising Club HARTLEY, JANE ELIZABETH. Dallas Education. AAI1. Panhellenic Council. Education Council. Cordettes. CACTUS Staff HARTWELL, MADELINE D., Houston Marketing. A29 President. Orange Jackets. Orientation Advisor. University Sweetheart Finalist. CACTUS Goodfellow HARVIN. LESLIE ANN. Corpus Christ! English S GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS HASSELL. LACEY ANN, Palestine Public Relations. AAA. PRSSA HASSELL. RALPH EUGENE. Austin Biology HASTINGS. GEORGE ALLAN. San Antonio Mechanical Engineeri ng. TBII. FITS. ASME. Engineering Council HATCHER. DUANE SCOTT. Austin Management HATHWAY, CRAIG WILSON, La Marque Government. 4 H2, Pre-Law Association HATHWAY MELISA KATHLEEN, La Marque Home Economics. Fashion Group Secretary-Treasurer HAUSER. MELANIE. Houston History, Spooks. Orange Jackets, CACTUS Section Editor. DAILY TEXAN Assis- tant Sports Editor. CACTUS Goodfellow HAVERKORN. GARY WAYNE. Houston General Business HAVINS. WILLIAM KEITH, Gretna LA Finance. A . Real Estate Society HAWLEY. MARIANNA HORTON. Austin Clothing and Textiles, KA8. Advertising Club HAWS. BARBARA CLAIRE. Austin Zoology HAYNES, BARBARA KAY. Dallas Public Relations. Xfl, PRSSA. Women in Communication HAYNES. CHERIE YVONNE. Abilene Biology, AAA. Society of Southern Belles HAYS. CYNTHIA DIANNE. Houston Journalism. SPJ SAX. Student Government. Upper Class Advisors. Cultural Entertainment Committee, Dean ' s List HAYS. WILLIAM III. San Antonio Radio-Television-Film. A A. Cultural Entertainment Committee HAYTER. RONALD GARY. San Angelo Biology HAZEL. DANA KATHLEEN, Fort Worth Psychology, SCOOP Chairperson. Orientation Advisor HEALEY. WALTER RICHARD, San Diego CA General Business, Student Landman ' s Association HEARN, ANN MOLLEY. Alvin Education. TSEA HEARN. ELIZABETH DENE. San Antonio Psychology. AAA HEATH. JAN LORRAINE. Angleton Psychology HEBERT. BRUCE EDWARD, Houston Management HEBERT. LINDA CAROL. Houston Nutrition, Student Dietetic Association HEBNER, DIANE. Corpus Christ! English. GDE, Inter-Service Council, Humanities Council. CACTUS Goodfellow HEFTON. KRISTOPHER KLAS, Sherman Geology HEID, CHARLOTTE ANN, Philadelphia PA Nursing HELLER. DENNIS RAY. Inez Accounting HEMINGWAY. RICHARD BRADLEY JR., Houston Plan II, Musical Events Committee. Plan I HENDERSON. JOANI GENE, Austin Mathematics HENDRIX. ELOISE MARIE. El Paso Elementary Education, A HENDRICKSON, MARY ALICE. Austin Sociology HENNERSDORF. TERRY GAY. Fort Worth General Business. KA9. Society of Southern Belles HENRY, KATHLEEN MARIE. Lubbock English-History. Fine Arts Committee Chairperson HENSKE. BONNIE LEE. Brenham Elementary Education HENSLEY. JOSEPH ALLEN. Texarkana Accounting. BA HER8ECK, MARK FRANCIS. Dallas Accounting, BA . Hanggiiding Club Coun cil. Squash Club Graduating Seniors 515 HERBERT. BARRY EDWARD. Dallas Computer Science. K . BK. X, Ski Club HERBST. LESLIE ALAN. Houston Mechanical Engineering. ASME HERING. DONNA GAIL. Alvin Elementary Education. Student Council for Exceptional Children HERNANDEZ. BLANCA NORMA. Corpus Christi Home Economics, Fashion Group HERRERA, ALBERTO JOSE. Laredo Electrical Engineering. HKN. IEEE, Radio Club. Karate Club HERRERA. ARACELI. Laredo Spanish. Classics Club HERRERA. HERMELINDA. Edinburg Accounting HERRERA. SANDRA ANN. Austin Nursing HERRIAGE, ROBERT MERRELL, Denison Government HERRINGTON. JANET. San Angelo Special Education HESS. JERE JAN. Bedford Psychology HESSON. ROGER ALLAN. Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS HEWELL. JERRY JOHNSTON. Nixon Electrical Engineering HICKERSON. GARY JAMES. Corpus Christi Chemistry HICKS. LINDA ANN KOEPPE. Elgin Nursing HICKS. WILLIAM RANDALL. Beaumont Marketing. S E HIGGINS. CLAUDIA RUTH. Alvin Secondary Education. TSEA. Baptist Student Union HIGGINS, DENNIS BARNEY. Washington DC Drama HIGGINS. PAMELA SUE. Huntington NY Plan II HIGH, RICHARD OWEN. Houston Fine Arts HIGHTOWER. KATHERINE ABNEY, Marshall Home Economics. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club, TSTA HILBIG, WILLIAM PATRICK. San Antonio Journalism. PRSSA. Advertising Club. DAILY TEXAN Staff HILL. JAN ALICE. Austin Biology HILL. JANICE SUE. Moore OK Textiles and Clothing HILL. RICHARD STEPHEN. Dallas Finance, KA HILLERY. MARK VINCENT. Findlay OH Art Education HILLHOUSE. MARTHA LISA. Alvin Psychology HILLIARD. KATHLEEN JEAN. Dallas Sociology. AKA. Sailing Club HIMES, DEBRA ANN. San Antonio Interior Design. ASID HINOJOSA. ALICE SKIDMORE. Austin English HINOJOSA. ROLANDO. Mission Biology HITE. TOMMY WAYNE. Corpus Christi Transportation. Transportation Club. Army ROTC. Scabbard and Blade Trea- surer HLANAK. LINHARD ERNEST JR.. Baytown General Business HO. BERNARD WING-FAI. Hong Kong Chemical Engineering. AlChE. Chinese Student Association HO. GARY KAI-MAN. Austin Electrical Engineering HOBBS. MARK HODDE. Houston Accounting. Intramural Sports HOELSCHER. ROBERT JON. Houston Spanish HOEY, PAUL SCOTT. Mineral Wells Pharmacy HOFFMAN. TOMMY WADE JR.. San Antonio Psychology, AXA HOLDEN, LORENA GAY. San Anonio Journalism. A1 HOLLAND. JAMES CLIVE. Garland Finance. Real Estate Society HOLLIS. JAMES MACK JR.. Austin Sociology HOLLON. LYNETTE KAY. Hastings NF English, ZTA HOLLOWAY. DON RHOADS. Houston Accounting, 2 E. BA+. Real Estate Society. Cowboys HOLMAN. RONALD OWEN. Dallas Finance. Ben, Intrafraternity Council Secretary HOLMANS. DEBORAH ANN. Austin Government HOLMES. JO ANN. Pearland Elementary Education HOLT. JAMES CHARLES JR . Fort Worth Computer Science. KK . Longhorn Band 516 Graduating Seniors HOLIER, KRISTIN. Austin Elementary Education. XII HOLUBEC. DEBORAH MARIE. San Antonio Biology. ABA. AAA HONERKAMP. RUSSELL LEE. Brenham Chemical Engineering. TBI1. !1XK. AlChE HOOD. CHARLES MICHAEL. Alice Government HOOD. LU ANN. Odessa Chemical Engineering. TA. AXE. AlChE. SWE HOPKINS. DAVID HENRY JR.. Big Spring Petroleum Engineering. AIME. Ski Club HOPKOVITZ. MICHAEL DON. San Antonio Actuary Science. AEII. Q K HOPSON. REBECCA LYNN. Houston General Business. IIB . X Little Sister HOPSON. ROBERT PATRICK. Bay City Accounting HORNSBY. KATHLEEN ANN. Austin Special Education, t K HORTON. DANIEL JACK. Brownsboro Botany HORTON. JOHN COLEMAN III. Austin Finance. 4 A8, Silver Spurs , GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS HORTON. PAUL LATHAM, Port Arthur Mechanical Engineering, nTS, ASME HORTON, STEVEN RAY. Longview Marketing HOUGH. BRIAN, San Antonio Business Administration, American Marketing Association HOUSE. SUSAN PATRICIA, Houston English HOWELL. JOY KAY. Austin Journalism. SPJ 2AX, DAILY TEXAN Staff. CACTUS Contributing Writer. Stu- dent Government. Interaction Committee HOWELL, MATTHEW CHARLES, Fort Worth Finance. Finance Association HUBBARD. SUSAN JEANNE. Silver Spring MD Biology, AAI1. Orientation Advisor. Mortar Board HUBBLE, MYRON TRUMAN, Floresville Business Administration. American Marketing Association, Underwater Soci- ety HUDDLESTON, WAYNE CLIFFORD. Lockhart Mechanical Engineering. American Nuclear Society. ASME, Longhorn Singers, Sacred Singers. Baptist Student Union HUDGENS. LOUISE MARIE. Austin Marketing. AXfl HUDGINS. LISA KAY. Fort Worth Secondary Education, Young Life HUDSON. CAROLINE. Houston Accounting, IIB HUDSON, WILLIAM PARKE CUSTIS. Brownsville Geology. Young Republicans, Soccer Team HUESKE, ALLEN WAYNE. Brenham Accounting, A2 HUETER. KENT STEPHEN, Houston Marketing. American Marketing Association HAFF. TEXANNA DAVIS. Austin Nursing HUFFMAN. MARY CATHERINE. Houston Elementary Education. Association for Childhood Education. Spooks HUGHES. HELEN LOUISE. Fort Worth Spanish HUGHSTON, MILAN ROSS. Clarksville Journalism. KTA. SPJ IAX. Longhorn Band. CACTUS Section Editor, CACTUS Copy Editor HUI, DAVID. Austin Pharmacy. Chinese Student Association Vice-President HULBERT. VERN LEWIS II. San Antonio Accounting, Arnold Air Society. Air Force ROTC HUMPHRIES. DEBORAH ANN. Schertz Transportation. Transportation Club. Angel Flight President. Texas Relays HUMPHREY. ALBERT ALFRED JR.. Victoria Electrical Engineering. I1SI1, IEEE HUMPHREY, DAVID LYNE. Austin Mechanical Engineering HUMPHREY. SUSAN MARIE. Victoria Journalism. PRSSA. CACTUS Staff HUNT, BARBARA ANN. Dallas Art History. FIB , Mortar Board Secretary HUNT. MARY VILLAREAL. Dallas Seondary Education-Mathematics. ZTA. Society of Southern Belles. Education Council HUNT. REX HARRIS. Austin Civil Engineering. ASCE HUNTER, CHARLES MICHAEL. Dallas Management. Ski Club HURLEY. REBECCA. Shreveport LA Elementary Education. AAA, K . KA1I, IIA8. CACTUS Section Editor. Mortar Board. CACTUS Outstanding Student, Dad ' s Day Outstanding Student HUTCHISON. SHARON ANNE. Midland Marketing ICKELBERRY. KEITH, Austin Electrical Engineering, TBII. IIKN IKEL. ROBERT GARTH. Dallas Architecture. K . Student Senate. Architecture Council. CACTUS Outstand- ing Student. Tejas Club INGRAM, JUDY CATHERINE, Georgetown Art History. Ski Club INGRAM. LINDA KAY. Marlm Real Estate. Ar, Real Estate Society Chairperson IRION. KAREN SUE. Dallas Classical Archaeology. Anthropology Club. Underwater Society. Fencing Graduating Seniors 517 IRVIN, CECILIA ANNE. Brownsville Special Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children JACKSON. ANN C. B.. Austin Studio Art. Christian Science Organization JACKSON. CAROLYN SUZANNE. Fort Worth Elementary Education. Swimming Team JACKSON. CAROLYN SUZANNE. San Antonio Home Economics. ON, AHEA. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club, Dietetic Association JACKSON. CLEMIS L.. LaMarque Pharmacy. A A. Project Info JACKSON. CLYDE JAMES III. Corpus Christi Accounting, H2, Resident Assistant JACKSON. FRANKLIN ROY. Massena NY English JACKSON, RUSSELL WAYNE. Houston Geology. Student Landman ' s Association JACOBS. SUSAN DALE. Dallas Advertising, Advertising Club JACOBUS. MARY LAURA. Longview Journalism, PRSSA, DAILY TEXAN Staff JAMES BILLY DEAN, Iowa Park Architectural Engineering, A n. II2. XE. K+. AAAE JAMES. CARL RANDALL. Mason Pharmacy GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GR JANECKA. ALAN CHARLES. Fort Worth Architecture JANKE. JAMES JERI. Marble Falls Marketing. AT!!, Cowboys JAROLIK. JEANETTE ELIZABETH. Holland Czechoslovakian, Czech Club JAROSZEWSKI. DENISE, Austin Advertising JARREAU, CAROLYN ANN, Beaumont Nursing, Z B, Nursing Students Association JAVAID, ATHER, Pakistan Architecture. International Club JAYSON. SHARON KAY. Dallas Journalism. ZAT. SPJ 2AX. DAILY TEXAN Staff, Women in Communication. CACTUS Goodfellow JEALOUSE. CONNIE MARIE. Cedar Hill Advertising, Fencing Club JENKINS. ALLEN DALE. Austin Marketing. AK . American Marketing Association JENKINS. DAVID MILLS. Dallas Biology. AEA. HS JENKINS, MARJORIE ANN, Dickinson Speech Pathology JENKINS, TERESA ANN. Rocky Mount NC Accounting JOCZ. BRUCE ROGER, San Antonio Accounting. Army ROTC, Intramural Sports. Dean ' s List JOHNS. JIMMY BURRUS. Atoka OK Electrical Engineering, HKN. TBI1. Archery Club JOHNSON. DAVID CARL. Houston Accounting. Intramural Sports JOHNSON. GEORGE SCOTT. Raytown MO Government. Resident Assistant JOHNSON. JOHNNY DEAN. Quanah Natural Science JOHNSON. LEE SHARON. Hurst Advertising JOHNSON, REGINA ANN. Freeport Chemical Engineering, AXI, AlChE JOHNSON. RICHARD OLIVER. San Antonio Accounting JOHNSON, VERNON RAY, San Antonio Statistics JOHNSTON. ELIZABETH CLINTON. Longview Finance. KA9 JOHNSTON. SUSAN MARIE. Tyler Special Education. Student Council for Exceptional Children JONES. DANIEL WILLIS. Austin Accounting JONES. DONNA COOK, Austin Spanish JONES, DOUGLAS LLOYD. Dallas Finance. FIKA. Cowboys. Student Senate JONES. FREDDIE RAY, Brownsville History. A il, +6K. Student Government JONES. HAL KARPER. Graham Finance. OH. Finance Association JONES, JAN, Dallas Art History. ZTA JONES. JUDY JUANITA. Kerrville Psychology JONES, KIM MICHAEL. Houston General Business JONES. LORITA LYNN. Corpus Christi Marketing. +X8. American Marketing Association JONES. ROBERT DEE, Austin Fine Arts JONES. SUSIE KAY. Llano History. Navy ROTC JORDAN. DONNA KAY. Texarkana Home Economics-Education. Mary E Gearing Home Economics Club. AHEA JORDAN. GREGORY LYNN. Naples Accounting 518 Graduating Seniors JOSEPH, DEBORAH KAY. Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association JOSEY, DEBORAH ANN, Austin English JOSIN. SHERRY RUTH, Austin Elementary Education. TSEA. Education Council JOSLIN, RANDY DAVID, Grand Saline Journalism. PRSSA. CACTUS Staff JUDSON. ROBERT PATRICK. San Antonio Management JUST. MICHELLE PATRICIA. Killeen Psychology, Longhorn WK Alumni Association JUSTUS, LISA ANN. Houston Psychology KAHN. DAVID MINTER, Corpus Christi Economics KALISH. DAVID DANIEL. San Antonio Petroleum Land Management. I ' A KALKE. PATRICIA ANN. Houston Public Relations. PRSSA Southwest District Director KAMAN. MARK JOEL, Dallas Accounting. ZBT KAMIN. ALLAN TUCKER. Victoria Advertising, Advertising Club, Conservation Association GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS KAN. CHONG-KEONG. Malaysia Studio Art. Chinese Student Association KANE. JENNIFER. Houston Psychology. IIB Secretary KANG, WENDY BAY. Nassau Bay Microbiology. K+. ABA KARPF. KATHRYN GAIL, Austin Art Education, Art Education Association KAUFFMAN. ROBERT PORTER. Midland Biology, AXA, HS, Student Senate. Undergraduate Research Foundation. Education Committee KAUFMAN. MICHAEL LAWRENCE, Dallas Psychology, +H. X. Varsity Singers KEE. DAVID VERNON, Houston History. A6, Pre-Law Association KEENAN, CAROLYN FROST, Houston Child Development, nB4 , Association for Childhood Education, Women ' s Af- fairs Council, Mortar Board, CACTUS Goodfellow KELEMEN. VICTOR PAUL JR.. Galveston Psychology KELLAM. GARY WAYNE. Tyler Pharmacy. ASHP KELLOGG. JULIA POLLARD. Midland Government KELLY. BRADLEY LYNN. Houston History.tK KELLY, SARAH SUE, Sinton Nursing, Nursing Students Association KELSO, TOM RAY, Kyle Accounting KEMP. CYNTHIA MAYSEL. Houston Special Education KEMP. DONALD GENE, Dallas Speech Communication, K KENNEDY, AIDA MARIE, Houston Accounting, ASA. AAA. Womens Concert Choir. Jester Student Government, Anchorettes KENNEDY. LUCINDA KATHRYN. Corpus Christi Architecture, Senior Cabinet, Student Government. Dean ' s List KENNON. ALAN GIDDENS. Cleburne Accounting KERR. JOHNNIE BURCH. Austin Radio-Television-Film KESLER. JEANNIE RAE. Midland Art Education. 2K Little Sister. Angel Flight KESLER. JUSTIN OTIS. Tulia Petroleum Land Management, 4 -K. Student Landman ' s Association KESSLER, SHERI CAROL. Glencoe IL Deaf Education KETABI. HAMIO. Austin Civil Engineering KEY. HOWARD WAYNE. Lubbock Accounting-Finance. AXA Treasurer. Undergraduate Research Foundation. Pre-Law Association KIDD. NANCY NELL. Mason Nursing KIEKE, MARGARET ANN. Austin Sociology KIERUM. MICHAEL DALE. Devine Aerospace Engineering, SIT President, Navy ROTC KILLIAM. DONNA CELESTE. Houston Elementary Education KILMAIN. BRIAN ROBERT. Austin Business Administration, Transportation Club. Student Landmen ' s Association KIMBERLY. KIRBY K.. Tyler Management KIMBROUGH, CATHERINE ELIZABETH. Austin American Studies, University Council KING. KAREN ELIZABETH. Fort Worth Accounting, ZTA. Acacia Order of Delphi KINSEY. ROBERT E.. Baytown Accounting, AXA, Dean ' s List KIRBO. BRYAN WILLIAM. Gladewater Management, Acacia KIRBY, KATHLEEN MARIE. Houston Accounting. AAA. Angel Flight, Texas Relays Student Committee Graduating Seniors 519 KIRKLEY. CHARLES REAGAN JR.. Houston History KIRKSEY. SHAREN ANN. Baytown Interior Design, A . ASID KIRKWOOD. HOLLY LYNN. Port Arthur Secondary Education, GDE KIRSCH DAVID SAM. Rockdale Electrical Engineering. K . 1IKN. H2. IEEE KIRWAN, THOMAS A. III. Dallas Transportation, A4fi KLEB. TEVAN BERNHARDT JR.. Cypress General Business KLEIN. JOYCE MARILYN. Dallas Advertising, AE4 , Advertising Club. Women in Communication KLEIN. LEAH BETH. Beaumont Chemistry. TBZ, AXE, I2F1, AT. AAA KLEIN, LESLIE CARTER. Dallas Marketing. KA, Posse, Silver Spurs KLEINECKE. KAREN N.. Galveston Elementary Education KLUTTS. VANITA JOY. Smithville Public Relations. PRSSA. Student Senate. Communication Council. Finance Committee. Communication Committee KNAPE. JAN CLAIRE. Austin Biology. AAII, AAA, AT Little Sisters. Sailing Club GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GM KNEBEL. DIANE LEA. Houston Accounting. AAFI KNIGHT. CAROL ANNE. Houston Biochemistry. 6K KNIGHT. RANDAL BLAKE. Austin Psychology KNOBLE. GAIL A.. Bridgewater NJ Psychology-Spanish. Anchorettes. GDE. Longhorn Singers KNOEBEL, ALLYSON DEBRA. Houston Journalism, AZ President, Cordettes KNOPF, GEORGE BRUCE. San Antonio Advertising KNUE. MERRY LUSCAINE. Austin Psychology-Physical Therapy KOBER. KARILYN EVE. Waterloo IA Pre-Med-Biology. AAH. AAA. AEA. Student Government. CACTUS Outstanding Student KOCH. MICHAEL EDWARD. DeSoto Marketing. American Marketing Association, Fencing Club President KOEPCKE, RICHARD BRUCE. Austin Psychology KONCEWICZ. BARBARA ANN. Dallas Accounting. A2I1 Little Sisters KOTARA. JOHN LAMBERT. San Antonio Biology KOTLEN. RISA. Houston History KRAEGE, THOMAS ROLAND, Yorktown Pharmacy KRAKOWER. MICHAEL HOWARD. Houston General Business, Real Estate Society KRAMER. THOMAS EDWIN. San Antonio Accounting KRAUSE. KIMBERLY. Houston Psychology. Social Welfare Association KRAUSKOPF, DAVID RANDALL, Raymondville Radio-Television-Film, Longhorn Band KREUZ. CHARLES PATON, Midland Marketing KRUEGER. DAN KIRBY, Austin Accounting KRUEGER. TREILA LATRELLE. Hutto Advertising-Marketing. American Marketing Association Advertising Club. PEARL Staff KRUGER. PATRICIA ANN. Dallas Special Education. Student Council for Exceptional Children KUHN. JEFFREY SCOTT. Houston General Business. I1KA. K . 4 H2 KUNKEL. REBECCA JAYNE, Olney Child Devejopment. I1B+, 2AK Little Sisters. Southern Singers KUSY. KATHY SUE. Schulenburg Business Education. H.X, HUM. Intramural Football KUTLER. MARK LAWRENCE, Omaha NE Biology. K+. H. AEA. HK. UT Interaction KVITEK. CHARLES KEVIN. Corpus Christi Secondary Education.TKE. CACTUS Staff. Moore-Hill Government President KWAN. LOUIS. Hong Kong Pharmacy. PX. ASHP. LPhA LAGRONE. SUSAN ELAINE. San Antonio Biology LAHOUTI. MAHMOUD. Iran Architecture, AAAE LAM, KAI YEE MICHAEL. Hong Kong Pharmacy. I1KI1 LAM. YIN-TAK ALBERT, Austin Pharmacy, LPhA. ASHP LAMB. ROBERT ALLEN. Tyler Electrical Engineering LAMBERT. KATHI SUZANNE. Houston Education. Al. AAA. B Kinsolving LAMMERT. REBECCA ANNE. Katy Public Relations, Intramural Tennis LAMPORT. KAREN JANE. San Antonio Studio Art 520 Graduating Seniors LANCASTER. ALICIA RUTH. Dallas Special Education, AAII, IIKA Little Sisters. Orange Jackets LANDERS. JAMES RONALD. Lampasas Biology. AEA LANDON, GENE, Wichita Falls Biology, K . Cultural Entertainment Committee LANE, MARTHA ANNE, El Paso Elementary Education. KA9. TSTA LANIER. TERRELL WENDELL. Garwood Accounting LARA. RAQUEL. Eagle Pass Spanish, Magda Cum Laude LAUFMAN, MARK STEVEN, Houston Plan II. K LAUTERBACH. AMY SUSAN, El Paso Special Education. K . AAA. TSTA. Volleyball LAWHEAD, ROBERT JAMES. Austin Radio-Television-Film LAWRENCE. LANNIE JOHN. Houston Management, 11 . Transportation Club. Student Government, Cultural Enter- tainment Committee LAWSON, DIANA HICKMAN. Austin Elementary Education LAY. MARY CATHERINE. Houston English. Spooks MRS GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS LAYDEN. JAMES DAVID. Dallas Biochemistry. Intramural Sports LAYDEN. JOAN MARIE. Dallas Zoology. Intramural Sports .LEAL, G LORIA, Weslaco History-Pre-Law, Pre-Law Association. Young Democrats, Musical Events Committee. Radical Student Union LEBEN, DAVID GREGORY. Wichita KS Advertising. Advertising Club LECHTENBERGER. DEANN. Houston Education, Southern Singers, University Housing Committee LECROIX. ROBERT WILLIAM. Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE LEE. DENNIS KAM CHING, Austin Pharmacy LEE. JOYCE. San Antonio Accounting, AAA, BA . BX, X, Chinese Student Association Secretary- Treasurer and Social Chairman LEE. MARK LEWIS. Austin Anthropology LEE. ROBERT DEAN. Houston Electrical Engineering LEE. WILSON CHI-YUNG. Hong Kong Mathematics LEE, YVONNE E.. Houston Medical Technology-Biology LEIGON. CHARLES RUSSELL. Austin Chemical Engineering. ARE. AlChE. DAILY TEXAN Features Editor. LEISEY, GLENN ALAN, Dickinson Communication. AZ LEMER. DEBORAH GAY. Houston Psychology. Social Welfare Association LEMMONS. BENJAMIN DAVID. San Angelo Biology, 2AM, Cowboys LENARD, KENNETH IVA, Beaumont Speech Pathology, A n, Varsity Cheerleader, Resident Assistant LENT. EDWARD ORVILLE III. San Antonio Accounting, BA LESHIN, LARRY STEVEN, Robstown Accounting, ZBT. H2. BA LESIKAR. SUSAN MELENE. Houston Home Economics. KAII, ON, AAA, GDE, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club LESLIE. DAVID ALEC. Houston Accounting LESSO, WILLIAM GEORGE JR.. Austin Mechanical Engineering. ASME LEVENTHAL. RANDA LEE. Houston Psychology LEVIN. JENNIFER LEE. Houston Psychology. Interaction Committee, Student-Faculty Committee for Orienta- tion, Big Buddy Program LEVIN, SUSAN DIANE, Dallas Education. AE LEVINE. HARRY JAY, Austin Radio-Television-Film. DAILY TEXAN Copy Editor LEVY. JULIA RUTH. Dallas Advertising. Women in Communication LEW. STEVEN ROBERT. Laredo Humanities, Student Government LEWALLEN, BEVERLY JOY, Hewitt Secondary Education LEWALLEN. RODNEY STEPHEN. Austin General Business LEWIS. DEBRA MAE. San Antonio Elementary Education LEWIS. DONALD JAMES, Austin Electrical Engineering LEWIS, EUGENIA CANICE, Beaumont Marketing, A , 2X, Upper Class Advisors LEWIS. FRED EARL. Austin Chemical Engineering HI, 1T. AlChE LEWIS. JANE CHILES. Dallas General Business, AF LIDDLE. MARGARET LYNN. Abilene Plan Il-Psychology. X. Student Services Committee. Ideas and I ssues Com- mittee. Union Board of Directors Graduating Seniors 521 LILES. DAVID ROSS. Taylor Marketing. ASH LIM. EUGENE CHRISTOPHER. Houston Computer Science LINDEN. JAN CAROL, Houston Sociology LINDSEY. JAMES ELDON, Austin Aerospace Engineering LINE, MICHAEL SCOTT, Snyder General Business. Pre-Law Association LINVILLE. JERRY WAYNE, Lampasas Advertising, American Marketing Association LIPMAN. ALAN LEE, Houston Accounting LIPOVSKY, SUSAN ANNE. Seabrook Interior Design LITTLE. TERRY NELSON, McCamey Education LIVINGSTON, JANICE LYNN. Corpus Christ! French. AI1, AAA LIVINGSTON. MARIAN ELIZABETH. Dallas Spanish. AAA. AAA LLOYD. LINDA SUE. Dallas Finance-Marketing, KA6 President, BX, Posse, American Marketing Associ- ation, Finance Association. GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS fiM LOCHBAUM, PATRICIA A., San Antonio Journalism. SPJ SAX, Women in Communication LOCKE. JENNIFER INEZ, Waco Elementary Education. AAA. Education Council LOCKETT. BRENDA ANN, Houston Interior Design, r B, ASID LOGSDON, GARY ALDEN. Austin Architecture LONDON. THOMAS LESLIE. Corpus Christi Finance, BOI1. Cultural Entertainment Committee LONG, HELEN FRANCIS. Austin Accounting. Christian Science Organization LONG. WALTER CROMER. Austin History LONGMIRE. TEREASA EARLEEN. Conroe Physical Education. PEM Club LOPEZ. ANGELINA S.. San Antonio Sociology, Social Welfare Association President, Social Work Education Coun- cil LOPEZ. JAMES ANTHONY. Victoria Sociology, Social Welfare Association, MANS LOPEZ, OLIVIA HARRIETTS, Houston Marketing. BX, American Marketing Association, Real Estate Society LORTON. ARTHUR F.. Houston Accounting, S E, Posse. Cowboys LOUIE. RUDY SUN. San Antonio Government LOWDER. TOM CHARLES. Wichita Falls Psychology. 2AE LOWE, JAMES FARRAR. Lampasas Journalism, SPJ 2AX. Communication Council, Campus Crusade for Christ LOWE, MARCIA MENDICK. Austin Interior Design LOWELL. TERI ILENE. Houston History LOZANO, PATRICIA S.. Falfurrias Secondary Education LUBKE. CAROL ANN, Dallas Elementary Education. riB , TSEA, Education Council. Angel Flight, Dean ' s List LUBKE. KIM WILLIAM. Grandview Advertising. Communication Council. Advertising Club LUCE. DANIEL EDWARD. Austin Accounting LUCIO, PATRICIA ANN, Waxahacnie Elementary Education LUCKETT. KAREN ANN CROW, Austin Elementary Education, AAn, Association for Childhood Education, TSEA LUCKETT. ROBERT DOYLE. Austin Marketing LUDL. ELIZABETH JEAN. Austin Mathematics. AI ' LUERSEN. ROXANA KAY, Austin Accounting LUKE, BYRON BRENNAN. Lake Jackson Psychology LUKE. LEZLIE LEE. Fort Worth Education. TSEA, GDE LUMPKINS. SONNA NEYLAND. Austin Interior Design, ASID LUNIN. ILONA BETH. Houston General Business, BX LUTZ. KATHLEEN ELROD. Houston Education. AZ. +K . AAA. TSEA LUX. BARBARA DIANE. Dallas English LYERLY. BRIAN HUGH. Dallas Finance. Varsity Track LYTLE. MARY TERESA. Arlington Elementary Education, 4 B Kinsolving. Resident Assistant MACHINA. MARK STEPHEN. Duncanville Marketing, American Marketing Association MACKINNON. MARY HtLEN, Dallas Accounting, AT. BX. American Marketing Association. Student Government 522 Graduating Seniors MACMILLAN. LAURIE JEAN, Houston Art Education MAGALLANES. OLIVIA J.. Slaton Management MAHER. DENNIS PATRICK. Houston Psychology, +IIX. +K . X MAHLMANN. BRUCE LEE. Richmond Business Finance, A fl, Finance Association MAHONEY. LEONARD JAMES, Wichita Falls Finance. ATA MAKIN, PATRICIA LOUISE, Dickinson Sociology MALEKABADI, ALI AZIZI, Iran Engineering MALTSBERGER. ADRIANNE. Boerne Education MANCHA. DANIEL. San Antonio Physical Education, PEM Club. Intramural Sports MANGOLD. GARY CLAYTON. Austin Management MANN. KAREN LEE, Beaumont Art MANSKER, TERA IRENE. Fort Worth Accounting. Xfl HOK GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS MARCKS, SHEILA NANCY, Houston Plan II, Plan II Student-Faculty Committee MAREK. DAVID LYN. Dallas History-Government MAREK. HELEN BILHARTZ. Dallas Mathematics-Chemistry MAREK, MICHAEL PHILIP, Dallas Business Administration MARR. ANDRECE LYNN, Austin Education MARSH, RAYMOND EDWARD, Austin Marketing. ASH MARSHALL, CHARLES TROY, Eastland History. H2. Orientation Advisor, SCOOP MARSHALL. HAROLD FRANKLIN, Midland Plan II, HS, K . Tejas Club, Swimming Team MARTIN. DONALD GLEN. Baytown Journalism. Student Government. Ideas and Issues Committee, Texas Student Publication Board of Operating Trustees MARTIN. LARRY PAUL, Texas City Studio Art MARTINEZ. ABIGAIL, Carrizo Springs English-Communication MARTINEZ. ANDREA H., Uvalde Accounting MARTINI, CATHERINE MAUREEN. Houston Education MASSEY, LARRY WINSTON. Missouri City Finance. 2N, Finance Association MASSEY, REX DEWAYNE, Dallas Architectural Engineering, AAAE President, Real Estate Society, American In- stitute of Constructors MATA. VALENTIN. Brownsville Physical Education, PEM Club MATHIEU. CAROL ANN, San Antonio Marketing, American Marketing Association, Intramural Sports MATTHEWS. PHILIP CHARLES. Dallas Marketing MAXEY. CAROLYN RUTH. Austin Fine Arts MAY. MARSHA KAY SEALE, Baytown Plan II- Music, IAI, K , Junior Fellows. Mortar Board MAYFIELD. NANCY SUE, Austin History MCBRIDE, MARTHA ELLEN. Richardson Interior Design MCCARTY, LEONARD GEE, Austin Petroleum Land Management, Student Landman ' s Association MCCLAIN, JANE MELISSA. Fort Worth Government, AAA MCCLELLAN, LORENE ELIZABETH, Rosenberg Government, Women ' s Varsity Basketball MCCLELLAN. PATRICK JOSEPH. Houston Biology, KA, AEA. +H2. Varsity Basketball MCCLUNG, PATRICIA ANN, El Paso Sociology, AKA, Intramural Sports MCCLURE, DAVID LAWSON. Corsicana G overnment MCCOMBS. SUSAN LYNN. Waco Psychology MCCOY, MICHAEL WAYNE, Groves Government-Pre-Law. H, A il, Jester Student Assembly, Intramural Sports, CACTUS Goodfellow MCCULLOUGH, CHERYL LANE. Gonzales History. AXfl. AAA. Pre-Law Association. Student Government. Anchorettes MCCULLOUGH. JOE GLENN. Austin Advertising MCCUTCHEN. MICHELE. Houston Public Relations, Cultural Entertainment Committee. Advertising Club CAC- TUS Staff. PRSSA MCDANIEL. LARRY JAY, Amarillo Marketing. American Marketing Association MCDONALD. SHANNON, Fort Worth Art History. KA9, Cultural Entertainment Committee MCFALL. PAMELA ANN, Houston Business Education. t BX Graduating Seniors 523 MCFARLAND, WILLIAM REEL. Austin Finance MCFARLANE. MARY HELEN, Brownwood Studio Art, AHA, Southern Singers MC6EE, JANEL CYNTHIA, Fort Worth Clothing and Textiles-Fashion Design MCGEHEE. JERILYN REE. Austin Music Education MCGINNIS. PATRICK C., Dallas Accounting. Ben. Real Estate Society. CACTUS Staff MCGOVERN. VIRGINIA ANNE. Houston Music, M E Secretary, Choral Union, MENC MCKAY, PATRICIA DE LOURDES. Panama Mechanical Engineering. OAK, SWE, ASME, Mortar Board. CACTUS Goodfellow MCKAY. ZO ANN. Fort Worth Journalism. KKF. DAILY TEXAN Staff MCKEE. DAVID PAUL. Mesquite Radio-Television-Film. K MCKEE. DAVID WAYNE. Dallas Management, Track Team MCKEE. DAYNE MICHELE. Houston Pharmacy, PX, LPhA MCKENNON, STUART CARPENTER. Cleburne Biology-Pre-Med, HS. 4 K . Longhorn Band GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GW MCKITRICK. VIVIENNE LEE. Memphis TN Electrical Engineering, AOH, nsn, IEEE. SWE, Young Democrats MCLEAN. MILTON EDMUND. Austin History MCMILLIAN. PAULA JANE. Midland Government, AAA MCMILLEN, ROBERT LEE, Lockhart Statistics and Operations Research, AXA MCNAIR, MONTY LYNN, Dripping Springs Architectural Engineering MCNATT, MARKEETA LAMBERTH, Dallas Journalism. P B, K . AAA.KTA, SPJ SAX MCNEILL. MARY MARGARET. Austin Management MCNUTT. PEGGY ELIZABETH, Austin Public Relations MCPHAIL. RAYMOND THOMAS Baytown Mechanical Engineering, ASMF MCWHIRTER. KATHLEEN. Alvarado Philosophy MEARS. HILARY. Houston Accounting. Br. 4 BX, Sailing Club. Intercooperative Council MECOM. ARACELI LISA GUERRA. Austin Speech Pathology MEDINA, JOE JR.. San Antonio General Business. MAYO MEDINA, JOHNNY ANGEL. Austin Management. Finance Association MELASKY, FLORA ELAINE. Houston Marketing. American Marketing Association MELINGER. HARRIET SUE. Amarillo Advertising, AE President, Advertising Club, CACTUS Staff, Women in Com- munication MENAGER. DARRYL WAYNt, San Antonio Radio-Television-i-nm MENCHACA. CESAR, Brownsville Accounting MENDOLIA. LAWRENCE ALBERT, Fort Worth Economics-Pre-Law, FA MENENDEZ. DALIA, Austin Art History, Archery Club MENUT, SANDRA KAY, Houston Secondary Education MERCADO. SALVADOR ARTURO, Laredo Civil Engineering. FlEn. ASCE. Project Info MERLO. CHARLES GERARD. Austin Advertising, Air Force ROTC MERRIFIELD. MARGARET ASHTON Houston Accounting, BX MERRITT, SUZY. Decatur Interior Design, ZTA, ASID. Posse MERTZ. LINDA SUE. Dallas Business Education, AAII. [Kill MEZZETTI. CLAIRE LOUISE. San Antonio Accounting, AXO. X6 MEZZETTI. KERRY ANN, San Antonio Economics, CO., Social and Behavioral Sciences Council. Fine Arts Committee MICHAEL. CATHERINE LESLE. Mexico Spanish MICHAUD. KATHRYN ROSE. San Antonio Secondary Education MIEGEL. ELIZABETH MARIE. Dallas General Business MILAN. DAVID MICHAEL, Austin Finance, Student Landman ' s Association, Football MILLAN, JAVIER. Colombia Computer Science MILLER, CHARLES RANDALL, Dallas Accounting. AT MILLER. RANDAL WILLIAM, San Antonio Accounting. Intramural Sports. Dean ' s List MILLER. SUSAN GAIL. Austin Plan II. SOTA 524 Graduating Seniors MILLS. CONSTANCE COLLEEN, Tyler Government-History, AI " . Student Services Committee, Ideas and Issues Com- mittee, CACTUS Staff. Young Republicans MILLS. KEITH WAYNE. Childress Petroleum Engineering. TBH. [IET. AIME. Intramural Sports MILLS. MELINDA SUE. Mission Education. A S! Little Sisters MIMS. CHRISTA BESS. Dallas Special Education. American Association on Mental Deficiencies MINTER. JEAN RENE, Dallas Psychology MIRI. SEYTED JALAL. Iran Civil Engineering, ASCE MITCHELL. CHARLES RAMSEY. San Augustine Mathematics. ATA MITCHELL. WILLIAM COCHRAN, Gainesville Petroleum Land Management. Student Landmen ' s Association. Intramural Sports MOFFATT, ANN MARIE. Houston International Business, xn. K . BFS MOHAMMADIOUN. MOSTAFA, Iran Electrical Engineering MOLINA, SAM G.. San Antonio Biology MOLINE, ANN LOUISE. Dallas Special Education, Intramural Sports GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS MONTALVO. ERNESTO, Eagle Pass Government-Management MONTEMAYOR. THOMAS JOHN. San Antonio Computer Science. Flying Club MONTESINO. LOURDES MARGARITA, Austin Interior Design, A2A. AAA. Spooks Vice-President. Orange Jackets Contact Officer, Bevo ' s Babes MONTGOMERY. JOHN PAUL. San Angelo Biology, AEA, K ' I MONTGOMERY. MARGARET MICHELLE, Pleasanton Mathematics. KAI1. 2SX. GDE. Rodeo Club MONTZ. KATHLEEN MARY ISAAC Austin Special Education. KAII. SCEC. TSTA. TSEA. Nf A MOODY. MARY JANE. Houston Journalism. KKT. UT Interaction, DAILY TEXAN Staff MOORE. GAIL ANN. Houston Government. AAA MOORE. GREGORY CLAYTON. Houston Management MOORE, LISA ANN, Dallas Government, r B, K Little Sister. Angel Flight MOORE. MARGARET MARY. Houston Child Development MORALES. DEBORAH ANN. Houston Speech Pathology. Ar. K Little Sisters MORALES, SALVADOR A. JR., Alta Loma History. Mexican-American Culture Committee MORELAND. LANCE ANTHONY. New York NY Radio-Television-Film. KLRN Staff Photographer MOREWITZ. DOROTHY DEE. Houston Special Education, HAS. K . AAA. Student Council for Exceptional Children MORIN. ANGEL NOE. San Diego Elementary Education MORRIS. ANNE ELIZABETH, Dallas English MORRIS, CYNTHIA LYNN. Dallas Education MORRISON. JEFFREY LYNN. Austin Accounting, BAty MORTON. MICHAEL JOE, DeSoto Mathematics MOSTY, FRANCIS RAE. Center Point Journalism MOTTLEY, JACQUELINE DENISE. Houston Accounting. Black Business Association Secretary MUDD, PAMELA ANN. Houston Sociology. iM A MUESSIG. KRISTINE MARY, Garland Elementary Education, TSEA. Angel Flight MUHLBERG. BRUCE ROBERT. Austin Psychology MULBERRY. LYNN ELIZABETH. Dallas Marketing. KKF. IN Little Sisters, Angel Flight MULLINS. CHARLES BUDDIE. San Angelo Physics MUNOZ. RAMON RICARDO. El Paso Biology, Project Info MUNTZ. DEBRA KAY. Tyler Advertising MURPHY DEBORAH ANN, Houston Special Education MURPHY, SUSAN WILLS. Houston Elementary Education. KA9 MURPHY. TERESA MARIE. Dallas Physical Education, Tennis Team MYERS. MARLEEN, Denison Psychology NAGER, ROSS WAYNE. Houston Accounting. AT. BA . K+. HS NAIL, LINDALYN GAY, Euless Biology NARVAEZ, HENRY Z., San Antonio Psychology, An. OKA Graduating Seniors 525 NASSER, KAMA FAMED. Lebanon Aerospace Engineering, Intramural Sports NATHAN. SARA LYNN. Chattanooga TN English, AE4 . Spooks. Inter-Service Council, Angel Flight, Dean ' s List NAUGHTON. CATHERINE ANNE. Houston Fashion Merchandising NEAL, DAVID LESTER, Angleton Insurance NELSON, PATRICIA MARICE, Austin Music Education, MENC, Longhorn Band. Women ' s Concert Choir. Dean ' s List NEUMANN, ANNETTE LOUISE. Simi Valley CA Elementary Education, AZ NEVILLE. ANGELA. Henrietta English. +K . PEARL Staff NEWHOUSE, KATHRYN LYNN AYERS. Springfield VA Accounting. BF2 NG. MANSHAN DEREK. Hone Kong Electrical Engineering, IEEE NICHOLS. KATHLEEN ANN. Little Rock AR Secondary Education NIEBLA. ARMANDO ALBERTO. San Antonio Pharmacy. AX, LPhA NIEMANN. JAMES C.. Austin Computer Science. AT GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GR NIEMANN, STEVEN WAYNE, Houston General Business, SN NITSCHKE, ELIZABETH ANN, Austin Secondary Education-History-Government, KA6 Chaplain. Education Council. Student Services Committee NIXON. ROGER BANE. Denver City Psychology NOLAN. ELIZABETH ANNE. Lafayette LA Plan II. AZ NORMAN. JOHN RANDOLPH. Dallas History. Young Democrats MORRIS. DEBRA LYNN. Smithfield Finance MORRIS. JOHN ROBERT III. Dallas Business Administration. 2AE MOVER. MARK NATHAN, El Paso Mathematics-Computer Science NOWELL. DONNA JEAN. Dallas Accounting. X9 NULL. MICHAEL GLENN. Waco Government, SHAFT, Political Rights Defense Fund NURIUS, JOHN MICHAEL, Austin Journalism NURIUS. PAULA SUZETTE. Austin Plan Il-Social Psychology. Recreation Committee OATES. NICKEY LOUIS. Palestine Finance, KA O ' BANNION, MARGARET JEAN. Houston Accounting, AHA, AAA. I B Kinsolving OBERG. JULIA ANN, Amarillo Archeology, P B OBITTS, DENISE DIANE. Austin Microbiology. AP ODAHARA, NOBUKO. Japan Advertising. Baptist Student Union ODLE, BRENDA DEON, Oenison Psychology. Social Welfare Association ODOM. CHARLES HERMON. Bay City Petroleum Land Management. K2. Student Landman ' s Association DOOM. MIKAL JANELLE, Arlington Pre-Med, Student Government, Scandinavian Club, Dean ' s List OGG. SHERI DENISE, Yoakum Advertising. Advertising Club O ' HALLORAN. KAREN ANN. Carro llton Government O ' KELLEY. MICHAEL KEITH, Houston Management, AZI1 OLAFSON. STEVEN MICHAEL. Baytown Journalism, DAILY TEXAN Staff OLIVO, EDNA ALICIA, Eagle Pass Spanish OLMSTEAD. TIMOTHY ALLEN, Pasadena. Finance OLSON. EDWARD CLINTON, Arlington Electrical Engineering, HKN, IEEE, Karate Club OLSON, JON MICHAEL. Houston Marketing. American Marketing Association. CACTUS Section Editor ONCKEN. TOMMY WAYNE. Houston Accounting, 4 H O ' NEAL. ROBERT MARTIN. Dallas Finance. KA. Cowboys, Posse, Golf Team O ' REILLY, MICHAEL JOSEPH. Fort Worth Biology ORTEGA. EVELINA, El Paso Government OSBORNE. ROBIN AHRENDT. Austin Government. IIZA. Pre-Law Association. International Studies OTTERMANN. ROBERT WILLIAM. Chicago IL Psychology. 2X. Musical Events Committee. Varsity Singers. Dean ' s List OVERCASH, CARL NORVIN. Houston Biolrgy OVERFIELD. STUART ALLAN. Austin Psychology 526 Graduating Seniors OVERSTREET, PEGGY ANITA, Pasadena Spanish 0K Alumni Association OWEN! HESSIE REESE. Austin Journalism, KKP, Little Sigmas OYEN, LISE ANN, Victoria Home Economics-Education, AAII, Campus Crusade for Christ OZAR, DONNA RAE, Kansas City MO Child Development PACE. DAVID FRANKLIN. Dallas Business Administration, Orientation Advisor, Student Government PADILLA. JOE JAVIER. San Antonio Government PANNELL. VERNELLE, Houston Office Administration PARDUE. DANA JO. Austin Nursing PARKER. LAWRENCE HUBERT. Houston History PARKER, SUSAN SYRISSE, Missouri City Elementary Education, ASA. Anchorettes. Library Committee PARKS. WILLIAM ALLEN JR.. Longview Chemical Engineering, A8, H2) AlChE PARR. JUNE ELIZABETH. Paris Government-Pre-Law, rB, +6K Alumni Association. Pre-Law Association Young Democrats .5 GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS PARR. MARK BARRETT, Austin Civil Engineering, XK. ASCE PARTAIN. VALERIE JEAN. Austin Special Education. SCEC PARTIN, BETTY JEAN, Houston Home Economics. ON. K . AAA, AHEA PATE. PHYLLIS ELAINE, Fort Worth Food Systems Management. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club, SNO PATTERSON, MARY CATHRYN. Tyler Biology PAYNE. RUTH ELLEN, Big Spring Management PEARSON, SUSAN. Tyler Journalism, PRSSA PEAVEY, DONALD RALPH. Orland ME Management PEEL. CHARLOTTE ANN. Paris French PEMBERTON. MICHELLE CHARLENE, Harker Heights Journalism, DAILY TEXAN Feature Editor, Women in Communication PENNOCK. WHITNEY LEE. Texas City Fine Arts PEPER. WILLIAM ARTHUR. Dallas Plan II, Acacia. Intramural Sports PERDUE. CATHRYN ANN, San Antonio Radio-Television-Film PERKINS, WILLIAM STEVEN. Abilene Plan II. Ideas and Issues Committee PERLEY, MICHAEL WAYNE. Highland Village Accounting PERREAULT, DENISE MICHELLE. Dallas Biology PETERMAN. CHRIS ALLEN, Austin Accounting PETERSON, CRAIG WILLIAM. Austin Marketing, A l ' .. . Scandinavian Club PETERSON. DAVID LAWRENCE. Houston Electrical Engineering. KK . IEEE. Longhorn Band PETRIE. SUSAN CAROL, San Antonio Secondary Education PETTY, MARTHA ELIZABETH. Austin Pharmacy PHANEUF. JOHN ALAN. Marion Management, Arnold Air Society, Air Force ROTC. Posse PHILLIPS, GWENDOLYN. Lewisville American Studies PHILLIPS. WILLIAM BRYAN III. Houston Petroleum Land Management. Student Landman ' s Association, Longhorn Band PHIPPS. JAN ELAINE. Vernon Journalism. SPJ SAX. Resident Assistant. Women in Communication PIANA. MICHAEL RAY, Pasadena Chemical Engineering, TBn. fiXE Treasurer, AlChE. Ski Club PICKENS, DONA LANE, Waco Marketing PICKENS. GARY DOUGLAS. Greenville Accounting. KA. Posse. Silver Spurs PICKLE, MARY KATHLEEN. Victoria Sociology-History PILLANS. SHEREE PATRICE, Houston Elementary Education. AcA Pledge Trainer. TSEA, Education Council PINKHAM, GLENN ELLIS. Austin Botany. Inter-Service Council. Army ROTC. Scabbard and Blade PIRRUNG. MICHAEL CRAIG, Mesquite Chemistry, H2, Dean ' s List PITRUCHA, PATRICE C.. Houston Business Administration PITTMAN, DWIGHT LEE, Austin Speech-Deaf Education PLEMMONS, CHARLOTTE ELLEN. Fort Worth Journalism-Public Relations. A POGORZELSKI. RICHARD GEORGE. Austin Marketing. American Marketing Association Graduating Seniors 527 POHL. SUSAN MELISSA. Austin Marketing AF. 4 BX. American Marketing Association POLKA. JAMES FRANCIS. San Antonio History POMARANTZ. JUDY ANN, Dallas Marketing. X6, American Marketing Association. Fashion Group POMONIS. BOBBIE JEAN. Houston Psychology POMPA, PATRICIA ANN. Corpus Christi Pharmacy. KE. LPhA POOL. CHARLES MICHAEL, Baytown Electrica l Engineering, IEEE POOLE. JACQUELINE DAWN. Hondo Psychology POOLE, STEVEN ROSS. Avinger Aerospace Engineering, AIAA. A Q PORRAS. EDNA. San Antonio Elementary Education, TSEA POPE, PATRICIA ELOISE. San Antonio Elementary Education, AP. Acacia Little Sisters PORTERFIELD, JENNEFER TODD. Shreveport LA Psychology POSTOLOS. NICHOLAS PETER. San Antonio Accounting. AK GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GW POTTS, TERRY DANIEL, Belton Architecture. Student Government POWELL. CYNTHIA JEAN. Dallas Journalism-Public Relations, XO, Executive Committee of Communication Council, Student Senate CACTUS Goodlellow Posse PRATT. MARY KATHLEEN. Houston Interior Design. AAII. ASID. Baptist Student Union. Recreation Committee. Swimming Team PRENDERGAST. SUSAN NELSON. Austin Pharmacy. IIB l . LPhA. ASHP PREWITT, MICHAEL SCOTT, San Antonio Pharmacy PRICE. MYRA ERLENE. Austin Marketing PROFITT. DIANE LOUISE. Austin Elementary Education PRUITT. KENNETH CHARLES. San Antonio General Business, rA. Posse. Cowboys PRUTER. MARTHA SCOTT. Orange Advertising. A4 . Executive Board of Communication Council PSENCIK. MARY HELEN GLASS. Rowena Pharmacy PUGH, LONNIE LOYD. Marshall Marketing, AK , Intramural Sports PURCELL. JEFFREY WAYNE. Borger Accounting QUINONEZ. BELINDA ANN. Victoria Bilingual Education RABORN. POLLY ESTELLE. Houston Accounting. BA RAHBARAN, BAHRAM. Iran Civil Engineering. ASCE RAIFFIE. CAROL BETH. St. Louis MO Journalism, SPJ 2AX RAINEY, RHONDA LEWIS. Paris Music Education, l. i, K, UT Orchestra RAITHEL, ERNEST JAMES JR.. Austin Radio-Television-Film RAITHEL. JUDY JAMES. Austin Government RAKOWITZ. SUNNEt ANN, Pleasanton Nutrition. SNO. Anchorettes. Ski Club RAMIREZ. AURORA MUGICA. Austin Communication RAMIREZ. IGNACIO. Baytown Accounting. BA . Pre-Law Association RAMIREZ. MARGARET, Port Lavaca Sociology RAMON. ROSALINDA. Brownsville Sociology RAMSEY, HARMAN FRED, Austin Engineering Science, Navy ROTC RANDERSON. DEBORAH JEANE. Midland Plan II. P B. Panhellenic Council Vice-President. Cultural Entertainment Com- mittee. Texas Relays Student Committee RANDOLPH. JUDY LYNNt. Austin Education. SCEC RAPP. JANET SUE. Estelline Accounting. BA RASCHKE. LESA JANINE, Austin Biology. AEA. French Club RATLIFF. BRYAN P., Fort Worth Business Administration. PA. Silver Spurs RAY. SUE ANN Marshall Government. ASA. Spooks. Women ' s Affairs Committee. Inter-Service Coun- cil. CACTUS Goodfellow RAYNOLL), VICKY SUZANNt. Cleveland OH Accounting, AE . BA+, Intramural Sports REDDING, ELMER CLAYTON. Austin Accounting REDDING. LYNETTE R.. Houston Health Education REDMAN. KAREN LEE. Fort Worth Spanish-French, r A. Humanities Council REEB. ROBERT JOSEPH. Lockhart Biology. ATA. HK VJ ' A 528 Graduating Seniors REECE. LAURIE JAN. Austin Music. Concert Chorale. A Capella Choir REED. FRANCIS ANN. Austin Anthropology, TB, Longhorn Band REEDER. TERRY SUE. Houston Office Administration REESE, DONALD JAMES. Austin Accounting. AIII, K . BA . HS. CBA Council REESE, JAMES MICHAEL. Houston Biology REID. DAVID, Garland Business Administration. BA REITHNER, NANCY ANN. Palos Verdes Estate CA Sociology. AAA RENAUDIN, RICHARD ANDERSON. Houston General Business, AT!!. Posse. Silver Spurs RENTFRO. LINDSAY ELIZABETH. Brownsville Music Education. 2AI. AAA, K . Choral Union RETTIG. DELWIN PENN. Simonton General Business REYES. MARIA ELENA. San Antonio Secondary Education REYNOLDS. NATHAN LEE JR . Port Neches Accounting GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS REYNOLDS. SYBIL JEANETTE, Austin Nursing RHODELL, DAVID XENON, Austin Electrical Engineering. IEEE RHODES, DEBORAH ANN. Lake Johnson Home Economics. KAfl, TSTA. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club. Univer- sity Chorus RICH. JAMES RALPH. San Antonio Accounting, Longhorn Band RICHARD. ANTHONY GERARD II. Austin Petroleum Land Management, AK . Student Landman ' s Association RICHARDS. SUSAN KATHLEEN. San Antonio Marketing. American Marketing Association. Fashion Group RICHARDSON, GERALD FORREST, Beaumont International Business, KA. American Marketing Association, Student Govern- ment Tours Committee. Golf Team RICHEY, ELIZABETH LEE. Fort Worth Marketing. +HX RICHSTATTER. JO ANNE. San Antonio Public Relations, ZTA, PRSSA RICKS. LESLIE BEE JR.. Galena Park Pharmacy. lli. AEA, A S! RIGGS. BEN HAYES, Houston Finance. AT RILLING. FRANK JAMES. San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AE RINEHART. MICHAEL LEWIS. Franklin Marketing, American Market ing Association, Pre-Law Association, Young Democrats RINGMAN, PHILIP ANDREW. Robins AFB GA Journalism. SPJ IAX Treasurer. DAILY TEXAN Staff RINKER, SUSAN KAY, Snyder Education. Association for Childhood Education RIVAS, MARY MAGDELEN. Austin Journalism. OAK. ATA, SCOOP. Orientation Advisor RIVERS. BARBARA LYNN. Houston Elementary Education ROACH. PHILIP DENNIS, Mount Pleasant Accounting, AIM. HA ROBBERSON. SARAH KATHLEEN. San Antonio Music Education. Resident Assistant. Women ' s Concert Choir ROBBINS. DEBRA GEORGETTE, Liberty Accounting ROBERTS. CINDY E., Edinburg Textiles. AAA. Cultural Entertainment Committee, University Sweetheart Fina- list ROBERTS, LINDA CELESTE. Austin Psychology. AAA, +X ROBERTS. MARY J. JACKSON. Austin Anthropology ROBERTS. RANDELL C.. Tyler General Business. H2. UFS. A O. CACTUS Outstanding Student ROBERTSON. PAMELA JILL. Dallas Radio-Television-Film, Longhorn Singers. Women in Communication, Mortar Board ROBIN. JOAN ELIZABETH. Houston Nutrition. Student Dietetic Association ROBINOWITZ. KENNETH LEE. Richmond Finance. Pre-Law Association. Flying Club ROBINSON, XANNA LEE. Dallas History. B Kinsolving. Longhorn Band. Women ' s Affairs Committee. Intramu- ral Sports ROBIRDS. STEPHEN DALE. Austin Biochemistry. SN, Health Professions Program Committee Cowboys ROD, DOUGLAS PAUL, El Campo Mechanical Engineering, ASME RODEHEAVER. DANIEL GILBERT. Macon GA Anthropology RODGERS. ZELMA JOANNE, Dallas Elementary Education RODRIGUEZ, CYNTHIA YVETTE. San Benito Latin American History RODRIGUE. ROXANNE LOUISE. Pasadena Biology RODRIGUEZ. GEORGE LUIS. Pasadena Biology RODRIGUEZ. LINDA RAE, San Antonio Accounting, X6, BX Graduating Seniors 529 ROE. SHARLANN MARIE. Austin Journalism. AT Little Sisters. A !! Little Sisters. GDE. PRSSA, Resident Assis- tant ROEDER. RONALD CHARLES. El Paso Architecture, A n. Student Government. Senior Cabinet ROESCH. HEINZ EMIL. San Antonio Mathematics, K . KAU. Dean ' s List ROGERS. RHONDA MAE. Paris Office Administration, ITOH Treasurer. CBA Council. Baptist Student Union ROGERS. SHARON JEANETTE. Bedford Elementary Education, KAII. TSEA ROGERS. WALLACE III, San Antonio General Business. PA. Flying Club ROGERS. WILLIAM SCOTT. Houston Psychology. +X ROHMER. KATHLEEN LOUISE, Muenster Elementary Education, TSEA, Southern Singers, Education Council ROLLWAGE, CLAIRE LOUISE. Lake Jackson Pharmacy. AAA. KE, B Kinsolving, Longhorn Band ROMANKO. MICHAEL JOHN, Fort Worth Zoology. AEA ROME. ALAN K., Corpus Christi Archaeology ROOT. MARTHA ANNE. Austin Accounting. Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees, CACTUS Editor-in-Chief. CACTUS Goodfellow. Dean ' s List GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS ROSE, DOUGLAS KEITH, Dallas Economics ROSEN. CYNTHIA ANN. Dallas Clothing and Textiles ROSENBERG, BETTY GAIL. Dallas Sociology. SAT ROSENFIELD. SHERRI DONNA. Dallas Elementary Education, TSEA ROSENTHAL. ILENE RUTH. Dallas Education-Psychology, Hillel ROSKOPF. JAMES JOSEPH. LaHabra CA Geology, Natural Sciences Council. Buildings and Grounds Committee ROSS. ANNETTE KAREN. Orange Pharmacy ROSS. DIANE MARIE. Houston Studio Art ROSS. ROBIN ANNE. La Marque Elementary Education-Psychology, ASA ROTHE. AUGUST JACOB, D ' Hanis Psychology. X, K Vice-President ROTHSCHILD. STANLEY LEE. Dallas Marketing, ZBT ROTHWELL. MICHAEL EDWARD. Converse Advertising. N. Advertising Club. DAILY TEXAN Advertising Staff ROWLAND. JAMES MELTON. Mesquite Finance ROYALL. JAMES ALLEN. Beaumont Biology. H2). Longhorn Handball Association, Big Brothers RUELAS. ELVIA, Laredo Psychology, Social Welfare Association RUIZ. MANUEL. Laredo Psychology RUNDELL. CATHY SUE, San Antonio History. ZTA RUSH, JAMES MARION. Odessa Government RUSSELL. MARY LOUISE. Fort Worth Special Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Texas Relays Princess. Project Info. Orientation Advisor RYNE. CHERYL VAUGHN, Humble Government SADLER, SHARON KAY, Austin Special Education. AF, K . IIAe. Student Council for Exceptional Children Vice-President. Student Government SAENZ. ALEJANDRO A.. Premont Radio-Television-Film. Project Info. K9 SAENZ. DRUSILLA. San Antonio English. MAYO SALAS. JUANITA. Eagle Pass Spanish SALELANONDA, CHIRDCHAI. Thailand Advertising. Thai Association SALINAS. LAURA ELISA. Laredo Special Education. PfrA, Cultural Entertainment Committee SALTER. LYNETTE GAIL. Bacliff Biology. Resident Assistant SAMUELS. DOUGLAS SCOTT. Houston Biology SANDERS. BUNNY SUZAN. Beeville Elementary Education SANDGARTEN. DALE LYNN. Oklahoma City. OK Anthropology. Anthropology Club. Student Government, Education Council SANDLIN, ALBERT DEAN. Houston Zoology SANFORD. MARK SAMUEL. Fort Worth Finance, Student Government. Housing Committee Chairperson SANGER. FREDRICK WILLIAM. Alice Government. Archery Club SANSOM. DONALD JOSEPH. Austin Civil Engineering SATHER, SHARON VERLINDA, Houston Elementary Education SAUNDERS. BARBARA LYNN. San Antonio Nutrition, Student Diatetic Association , J mm 530 Graduating Seniors SAUNDERS, PAMELA. Houston Biology-Medical Technology, AEA SAVAGE. JAN ELLEN HELM, Austin Secondary Education. Longhorn Band SCEPANSKY, MARY KATHERINE, Austin Biology-Pre-Med, IIB . AAA. t K, AEA. CACTUS Goodfellow SCHAEFER, LAURA, Dickinson Elementary Education, AE Little Sisters SCHAEFER. LEONARD FRANKLYN. Houston Marketing. Acacia. American Marketing Association. CBA Council Intramural Sports SCHAFF, JEAN ANN. Nassau Bay Studio Art, A SCHARES. THOMAS. Houston Plan II. -nil SCHIFFER. WILLIAM JOHN JR.. Austin Pharmacy SCHILLACI, JEANNE, Baytown Economics. Student City Lobby SCHILLER. LLOYD KIP. Carrollton Management SCHINDLER, STEVEN ALAN. Dallas Public Relations SCHMALHORST, ERICH LEYTON, San Antonio Fine Arts NIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS SCHMIDT. BETTY JEWEL. Harlingen Accounting. BA SCHMIDT, LYNN ELIZABETH, Houston Psychology SCHMIDT. MIT2I JANE, Fort Worth Business Administration SCHMIDT, SHEILA FAY, Austin Nursing SCHOOLER. LEONARD NELSON. Austin Chemical Engineering, AlChE SCHRAM, SUSAN 0., San Antonio Journalism, Xfl, PRSSA SCHRAMM, MARTHA L.. San Antonio Anthropology SCHUBERT. FRANK BRITTAIN, Fort Worth Accounting SCHUBERT. VICKIE LYNN. Kyle Accounting SCHUCHARD. SUSAN ELIZABETH. San Antonio Speech Pathology SCHULER, SANDRA M., Dallas Journalism, A 0 Little Sisters, GDE Secretary SCHULTZ. BETH ANN. Waco Marketing. ZTA SCHULZ, BARNEY LEE. Austin Accounting SCHUMANN. BETTY ELAINE. Austin Interior Design, Ar SCHUTZE, SARA ANN. Baytown Accounting. AHA, AAA. K . BIT, XB SCHWAB, CAROL SUE, Houston Finance. I BX, American Marketing Association. International Business Associ- ation, Young Life, Intramural Sports SCHWARTZ, ALAN JAY, Austin Petroleum Land Management. BT. Student Landman ' s Association SCHWEIG, LYNN ELLEN, Little Rock AR Marketing, X8, Spooks. Resident Assistant SCHWETHELM, OTTO CHESTER. Comfort Accounting SCHWIRTLICH. LONNIE R.. Corpus Christ! Chemistry-Pre-Med. AEA SCOGGIN. BECKY ANN. Great Falls VA Journalism SCOTT, GARY WAYNE. Carrollton Advertising SCOTT. GERALD WAYNE, Conroe Mechanical Engineering, TBFI, flTX, ASME, Intramural Sports SCOTT. TERRY FLOYD, Midland Petroleum Land Management, Student Landman ' s Association, Interscholas- tic Archery Team SEALE. HORACE PATRICK. Karnes City Petroleum Engineering. TBfl President. NET. +K . HS. Engineering Council SEAMAN. SANDRA JANE. Corpus Christi Biology, AAA SEDBERRY. LORY LYN, Austin Zoology. AZ. AAA. AEA. Anchorettes SEGOVIA, CESAR J.. Edinburg Biology, K9 SELLERS. DANA DAVIS. Austin Chemical Engineering. TBn. OAK. SJXE. AlChE. CACTUS Goodfellow. CACTUS Outstanding Student SENTER. DAVID AUGUST. Dallas Marketing. American Marketing Association, Varsity Singers. Longhorn Singers SHACKELFORD. SHARON LEE. Corpus Christi Studio Art, Baptist Student Union SHAMPAIN. RICHARD H.. Dallas Marketing, AEn, American Marketing Association SHAPIRO. RENEE MICHELLE, Austin Psychology. AAA. K . X SHAPLEY, ROBERT GARY. Houston Government, Resident Assistant SHAPOORj. ALL Tehran Electrical Engineering, 4 HS SHAW, DEBORAH LOUISE. Universal City Accounting. A20, Black Student Business Association Graduating Seniors 531 SHEARN. KAY. Houston Speech Pathology SHEFFIELD. SHARON KAY. Conroe Accounting. BA+. BX SHEINBERG. EILEEN MARCIA. Houston Child Development SHELTON. LEILA ROSAMAYA. Panama Economics. OK Alumni. International Students Organization. CACTUS Out- standing Student, Social and Behavioral Sciences Council. Mortar Board SHEPHARD, DEBORAH SUE. Houston Special Education. GDE. Spooks. Resident Assistant SHERIFF. JEFFREY M.. Austin Psychology. " frX SHERMAN. WILLIAM MARSHALL JR.. Seguin Architecture. Architecture Newsletter Editor SHERRILL. KIMBERLY ANN, San Angelo Microbiology, AAA, Longhorn Singers, Union Recreation Committee. Musical Events Committee, Mortar Board SHERROD. MARGARET TEK. Houston Speech Pathology, AAA. Baptist Student Union SHIELDS. RENE CARYN, Hempstead General Business SHIELDS, WILLIAM D.. San Antonio Journalism SHIPLET, MATT STEPHEN, El Paso Civil Engineering GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS! GRA SHIPP. STEPHEN H.. Quinlan History, Pre-Law Association Vice-President SHOBE. DEBRA JANET, San Juan Nursing SHOCKLEE, FRANCEEN MARIE. Fort Worth Marketing. American Marketing Association SHOFNER. SUSAN MARY. Houston History. AHA. AAA, B Kinsolving, Longhorn Singers SHOOK. PATSY SHARON. Austin Humanities SHORT. KATHLEEN SARAH. Harker Heights Psychology. AZA. AAA. Cordettes. Women ' s Affairs Committee. Dean ' s List SHORT. LINDA RUTH. Houston Special Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children SHORTER. JOHN MICHAEL. Longview Finance SICOLA, THOMAS SAVERIO JR.. Austin Biology SIGLER. CYNTHIA IRENE. San Antonio Education. Dean ' s List SILVERTHORNE. STEPHEN CLARK. Temple Biology-Pre-Med, A Si SIMMONS. DEBRA LYNN. Carrollton Plan II SIMMONS. SALLY RUTH. Irving Interior Design, ASID. Spooks. Baptist Student Union SIMPSON, MARGARET RUTH. Richmond VA English SIMS. BRENDA GAIL. Jackson MS Spanish SIMS. SHARON LEE. Houston Nutrition. AF. Student Nutrition. SNO, Texas Student Dietetic Association SIMS. THOMAS EDWARD, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, IEEE SINISE, PAULA JO. Amarillo Radio-Television-Film, Women in Communication. Fellowship of Christian Communicators SISSON. GEORGE CHARLES. Austin Accounting SKAGGS. ROBERT KENNETH. Houston Biology. fH2 SKELLS. GEORGE STEVEN, Dallas International Business, Finance Association SLAYTON, CONNIE JEAN. Beeville Business Administration, Intramural Sports SLEDGE, STEVE ALAN, Fort Worth Finance. ATA, Intramural Sports SLOANE. JERRY DERWIN JR.. Austin Petroleum Land Management, AK . Student Landman ' s Association, Skydiv- ing, Club SLONEK. THOMAS OTTO, Lake Jackson Accounting SMELKER. THOMAS VERNON. Beaumont Finance SMITH. BEN DAVID. Dallas Radio-Television-Film SMITH. CONNIE JANE. Kerrville Biology SMITH. DAVID CULVER. Southbury CT Government SMITH. GREGORY f.. Austin History SMITH. GUY DODSON. Cleburne Radio-Television-Film. Musical Events Committee SMITH. HELEN KAY WENDLANDT. Austin Accounting SMITH. JAMES ANSLE JR . Jefferson Finance. AT. A fl, Longhorn Handball Association SMITH. JOE ALLEN, Tyler Accounting, AK + , Sacred Singers SMITH. JOHN JULIAN, Gainesville Accounting SMITH. MARGARET ANN. Irving Biology 532 Graduating Seniors SMITH. NANCY KAY. El Paso Nursing SMITH. RHONNIE DOYLE. San Antonio Pharmacy. K . LPhA SMITH, SHELLY IRENE. Houston Special Education. GDE. Student Council for Exceptional Children SMITH. VICKI LYNN, Dallas Accounting SMITH, WADE KENT. Texas City Zoology. +HS. K . AEA SMOLIK. NEIL. Barker Business Administration. A2I1. American Marketing Association SMOLIK, SAMUEL LYNN. Newgulf Chemical Engineering, TBn. S1XE. +AT. AlChE. Intramural Sports SNIFFEN, JOHN DAVID. Woodville Journalism SNOWDEN. JEANNE ANN. Austin Nutrition. Student Diatetic Association SOCKLER. STEVEN ALLAN. Beaumont General Business. Acacia, Bevo Mascot SOUS. MANUEL ALFONSO. El Paso Civil Engineering, nsn. Project Info Board Chairperson and Coordinator SOLOMON, MITCHELL B.. Houston Psychology. X. Young Democrats GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS V SOLOMON. PAUL ALAN. Fort Worth Biology. 2AM SOMERVILLE. ANN ELIZABETH. Dallas Elementary Education, IIB . Society of Southern Belles SOMMERFIELD. LAWRENCE WILLIAM. Houston Accounting SONNENBURG, GARY LYNN, Brenham Pharmacy. K . LPhA SOSA. PATRICIA LYNN. San Antonio Child Development SOUTHWELL. DEBORAH NANCY, San Antonio Art History SOWERS. EDWARD KIRK. Midland Management, AK . Dean ' s List SPARKS. KIMBERLY KAYE. Sweetwater Marketing. Ar. Little Sisters, American Marketing Association SPECHT. GARY ALAN. Houston Government SPEED. FRANCIS HERBERT JR.. Alexandria VA Architectural Engineering, XE. AAAE SPELL. FRANCES ANNELL. Baytown Management. X0, IISH1, Student Government, Intramural Sports SPENCER, JAMES HAROLD. Sweeney Zoology. Longhorn Band. Navy ROTC SPICER. LAURIE ELAINE. San Antonio Elementary Education. 6K Alumni Association SPILLER. NANCY JANE. Sherman Art SPILLMAN, ANN COKE. Dallas Psychology. Social and Behavioral Sciences Council Treasurer. Education Committee. Archery Club Vice-President, Intramural Sports. Mortar Board SPONBERG. EDWARD TITUS III. Bellaire Marketing SPRAGUE. BARBARA JEAN. San Angelo Journalism. KTA STACY, SUE PARKER. Garland Secondary Education STAMM, LOUIS MCDONALD. Hurst Radio-Televtsion-Film STANFORD, CINDY L. GERNER. Winnsboro Deaf Education, Upper Class Advisors, Texas Relays Student Committee. Spooks. Resident Assistant STANFORD. JULIE. Canton English-Communication STANDEFER, JANA LYNN. Graham Marketing, Panhellenic Council, AAA STANLEY. LYNN PATRICE, Austin Elementary Education, Angel Flight, Dean ' s List, AAH STAPLETON. PAMELA ANN. Kenedy Microbiology. Sailing Club STARK, NANCY, Houston Biology, Ski Club. Intramural Tennis STATON. JAMES MICHAEL. Sweetwater Pharmacy, LPhA STEARNS. LEE D.. Houston Government-Economics STEEN. BARBARA LYNN. Corpus Christi English. KKF Treasurer STEFFEN. HARRY EDWIN JR.. San Antonio Finance. A2I1. Finance Association. Tejas Club STEGER. PAUL ANTHONY JR.. Houston Civil Engineering, TBI1, XE President. ASCE STEINFELD. JAY IRA. Dallas Accounting, BA . Longhorn Singers STEPHANIAN. ARMEN. Austin Computer Science-Mathematics-General Business I1ME. IEEE. Real Estate Society, Computer Science Society STEPHENS. LEA S.. San Antonio Advertising. Advertising Club. Communication Council STEVENER. MICHAEL JOHN, Memphis TN Biology STEVENS, DEBORAH ANN. Houston Government, K STEWART. ABIGAIL ELAINE. Richardson Plan II. AAA, K . General and Comparative Studies Council Graduating Seniors 533 STINSON. BURNEY FRITZ, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME Vice-Chairperson and Program Chairperson STIPP, OLIVER RUSSELL, San Antonio Pharmacy ST. JOHN. DEBRA LYNN. Dallas General Business, F B STOCKDALE. JOSEPH SHIELDS, Houston General Business. 2X STOCKER. CHARLES WAYNE, Bryan Psychology. Big Buddies. Dean ' s List STOCKER. BRIAN TERRY, Canyon General Business. Acacia, Transportation Club STOLTZ, ALAN KARG. Pasadena Chemical Engineering, +HI, AlChE STOLZ, DIANE. Washington General Business STONE. BRUCE WARREN. Houston Biology. Recreation Committee STONE. RICHARD LEE, JR.. Jacksonville Finance STRANGE, JOHN MARK. Houston Insurance, t A9. Insurance Society STRECK, DANNY WAYNE. Richardson Government GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS STRENG, RANDOLPH LEWIN, Dallas Government, Jester Student Government, Registrar ' s Advisory Committee STREUSAND. DAVID ELI, Houston Accounting STRONG, GEORGEANN ELIZABETH. Houston Music, AAA Librarian, American Guild of Organists STRYKER, JAMES MATTHEW, Austin General Business STUART. LEIGH ANN, Dallas Art History-French. KA9 STUDT. BRADLEY WINTON. Longview Chemial Engineering, TBfl. S2XE, AlChE SUHOR, MARY MARGARET. San Antonio Computer Science, ACM SULLIVAN, MARGUERITE, Houston Biology. K SUMMERS, JOHN MORRIS, Cuero Management. 2 E. Pre-Law Association, Young Democrats SUSSDORF. MARJORIE KAY. Palestine Accounting SUTHERLAND. STEPHEN WAYNE. Burkburnett Psychology, Pre-Law Association, Young Democrats SUTTER. JOHN DOUGLAS, San Antonio Government-Spanish, K4 , I12A, International Student Affairs Committee SVOBODA. LINDA KAYE. Smithville History SWETT, RICHARD MELVON, Dallas Radio-Television-Film SWINNEA, JOHN STEVEN, Marlin Chemical Engineering, TBtl, !!XE. K . Engineering Council, AlChE SWIREN, ANN HARRIET, Austin Sociology TAIT, LARRY LEE. Telferner Civil Engineering. ASCE TALBOTT. DANIEL WILLIAM. Denison Business Administration, I1TK Alumni Association, Pre-Law Association TAMAYO. CAROLE MARIE, Lockhart Nursing, Nursing Students Association. Senior Cabinet TARPEY. JUDITH ANN. Houston Office Administration TARSKI. MICHAEL THOMAS, Baytown Economics. Pre-Law Association. Parachute Club TATE, KATHRYN LARRAINE, Tyler Special Education TATE. WILFORD ALLEN. Victoria Finance. Finance Society TAYLOR, CHRISTINE DIANE. Arlington Government, Women ' s Affairs Committee, Adult Probation Volunteer TAYLOR. JANICE LYNN. Houston Microbiology. A . AAA. AT Little Sisters TAYLOR. ROSEANNE. Conroe Management, AAA TAYLOR, TIMOTHY WRIGHT, Austin Radio-Television-Film TEACHOUT, JOHN SCOT, Houston Insurance TEEL. HOWARD O ' NEAL. Texarkana General Business TEINERT. RANDALL JAY. Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association. Campus Crusade for Christ TEMPLE. DAVID JOHN. Dallas Finance. -frK TEMPLIN. DEBORAH RUTH. Humble Marketing. American Marketing Association. Angel Flight. Bevo ' s Babes TENORIO. RICHARD ALEXANDER. Canyon Marketing. American Marketing Association. Dean ' s List TERAN. ORLANDO. Nicaragua Civil Engineering TERRELL. SUSAN LEA. Kenedy Music Education TERRY DENNIS LANE. Corpus Christi Finance 534 Graduating Seniors THACKER, ROBERT PRATT. Corpus Christi Government, A fl. Longhorn Singers THAXTON. JAMES ERIC, Austin General Business, frA8 THOMAS, DAVID WAYNE. Hereford Finance, OH2, K . Pre-Law Association, Tejas Club. CACTUS Goodfellow THOMAS, NORRELL WILSON. Houston General Business THOMASON, JOHN ROBERT, Houston Marketing. TKE THOMASSON. MARK JAY. Port Lavaca Electrical Engineering. IEEE THOMPSON, PETER JOHN, Fort Worth Finance, American Marketing Association, Intramural Basketball THOMPSON. RANDALL MARLOW. Elgin General Business, KA, Student Landman ' s Association THOMPSON. TAUNIA NELL. Orange General Business TICE. MARTHA JANE, Sinton Drama TIFFANY. JOHN CUTLER. Ingleside Chemical Engineering. TBII. AT. ilXE. 4 II2: TILLMAN, JOHN DOUGLAS. Abilene Psychology. VX, Jester Student Government. Dean ' s List. Intramural Sports NIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS TILLERSON. RAE ANN, Houston Secondary Education. TB, AAA, Longhorn Band TINGLE, MYRON OWEN. San Antonio Government. Scandinavian Club TISDALE. BEVERLY LYNN. San Antonio Physical Education. Education Council. Women ' s Affairs Committee TOBOLOWSKY. BARBARA FRANCES. Dallas Speech. Union Theater Committee, Communication Council, CACTUS Good- fellow TOLEDANO. SUZETTE, DIANE. New Orleans LA Journalism, AE . SPJ 2AX. Pre-Law Association TONN, WILLIAM HARMON, Houston Aquatic Biology. Sailing Club TORRES. MARTHA CARMEN, San Antonio Biology. Project Info, National Chicano Heath Organization Secretary-Treasur- er TORRES, RICARDO, San Antonio Accounting TORRES. ROBERT. San Antonio Speech Pathology TOWELL. BRENDA LEE, Houston Anthropology, BK, K . AEA President TOWNER. MARK ALAN. Kansas City MO Civil Engineering. ASCE TOWNSEND. HOWARD WILLIAM. Austin Government, 2K TOWNSEND, PATRICK A JR.. Mission General Business TRANSIER, WILLIAM LEE. Houston Accounting. B9I1 President. Flying Club TREADWAY, ARTHUR WARD, Tyler Accounting TREDICI. MIA. San Antonio Management TREVINO, ANN MARIE, San Antonio Sociology TREVINO, DAVID SAMUEL. San Antonio Management TREVINO. VICTOR, San Benito Psychology. Chicano Pre-law Association, MAYO TREW, DAN THOMPSON. Canyon Management. Real Estate Society. Young Democrats. Varsity Football TROUT. ROBERT LEE. Mesquite Marketing TROUTMAN. CAREN SUE, Austin Textiles and Clothing, A TRULY. VALERIE ANNE. Burleson Education TUBBS. BETTY JEAN, Tyler Interior Design. ASID. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club. Intramural Sports TURNER, DAVID EARL, Denison Chemical Engineering, AlChE TURNER. KATHI ELAINE. Dallas Home Economics. AAA, AHEA TUTINO. JANE MALONEY, Austin Phychology, K TYSON. JERRI LOU, Oklahoma City OK Accounting UPCHURCH. MARTHA VIRGINIA. Midland Office Administration. KM ' , Inter-Service Council, Young Life, Mortar Board. CACTUS Goodfellow UPHAM, CHESTER ROBERT III, Austin General Business-English, rA. Cowboys URBANO. ISIDORO JR., Brownsville Biology, National Chicano Health Organization VALDEZ, ANITA DAWN, Eagle Pass Medical Technology, A VALDEZ. RUBEN G. JR.. Del Rio Government VALERIUS. STEVEN PAUL, Houston Accounting. ASH, CBA Council. Finance Association VALIGURA. MICHAEL DAVID. Caldwell Marketing VALZ, LESLIE ANNE. Fairfax VA Plan II Graduating Seniors 535 VARDELL, RUSSELL ALAN. Rockwall History 4 H2, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship VARDELL, SYLVIA MERGELER. Rockwall Elementary Education, AAA, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship VASCOCU. JACQUELINE A.. Longview Secondary Education- Mathematics. KAII VASQUEZ, MARIA G . San Antonio Spanish. MAYO VASQUEZ. ROBERTO JOSE, Laredo Psychology-Communication. UT Vetrans ' Association VELA. EFRAIM JR., McAllen Biology. K6. National Chicano Health Organization VELA, WESLEY JAMES. Port Arthur Accounting. AK VELEZ, SUSAN JEANETTE. San Antonio Accounting. BX. Resident Assistant VERNON, ROBERT W.. Dallas Journalism. PEARL Staff. DAILY TEXAN Staff VICK, GUY ALLEN, Denison Elementary Education. PEM Club VICK. JOSEPH JAMES, Waco Business Administration VILLARREAL, BEN JR.. San Antonio Architectural Engineering. IlZn. AAAE GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GRA VILLARREAL, DANIEL R.. San Antonio Zoology VINGOE. SUSAN ELAINE. Houston Public Relations, A4 Pledge Trainer. B Kinsolving. Angel Flight Secretary, CACTUS Staff VITA, PAUL ANTHONY. Houston Management, ATfi VITAL. RAFAEL JR.. Laredo Accounting. Intramural Sports VOIGT. SHIRLEY DENISE. Bastrop English, Pre-Law Association VOLTERRA, ANGELICA SILVIA. Austin Pre-Med. AXfl. BK, K . AEA. Mortar Board VOWAN. MARTHA ANN. Dallas History. ZTA, Golden Hearts of ZTE President VYORAL, DAVID LOUIS. Liberty Mechanical Engineering. ASME WADDELL. JAY ROSS. Sweetwater General Business. Acacia. Intramural Sports Council. T Association WADE. SANDRA KAY. Houston Accounting. BX WADEL, CATHERINE ANN, Dallas Elementary Education-Kindergarten. AE WAGNER. LUCY MARGARET. Corpus Christi History. Canterbury Association. Young Democrats. GDE. Student Council for Voter Registration WAGNER. NANCY LYNN, Houston Education WAITS. GARY BELDEN. Hillsboro Pharmacy, LPhA WALKER. GRACE ANN. Houston Nursing, Nursing Students Association WALKER. SHIRLEY ANNE. Tyler Government WALKER. STEPHEN LYNDOL. Richardson Accounting. AII WALLACE, CECILIA ANN. Austin Government-History, AAA. A An. Angel Flight WALLACE, PATRICIA SMITH. Houston Education, AAA Posse WALLER, MELISSA LYNN. Albany Education WALLS. DEBORAH JEAN. Austin Nursing. AHA. Rush Captain. Nursing Students Association, Anchorettes WALSH. SHAWN TERRENCE. Houston Physics WALTERS. ROBERT JOHN. Anaheim CA Management. Intramural Sports WALZ, PATRICK T.. Austin Accounting WARD. CYNTHIA LOU. Baytown Accounting, BX WARD. LENEL. Austin Journalism-Public Relations WARD. LESLIE K . Austin Advertising. I ' +B WARD. STEPHANIE ANN. Midland Journalism WARD, TERESA ANN. Houston History. Varsity Track WARDELL. RONALD BAKER JOHN JR.. Houston Finance-Real Estate. Real Estate Society WARE. MARK FLYNN. Austin Psychology WARREN KELLY. Bellaire Accounting. XH. N Little Sisters WARRINGTON, CYNTHIA ANICE. Austin Special Education WASHAM. SUE ELAINE. Kenedy Home Economics. AAA. ON. Mary E Gearing Home Economics Club. Sailing Club WASHBURN. MARY ELIZABETH, San Antonio Zoology WASHBURN, RICHARD ALLEN, Denison General Business, Transportation Club m; fit 536 Graduating Seniors WATERS. DIANE PATRICIA. Houston Biology. Campus Crusade for Christ WATKINS. SUSAN LEIGH. Dallas Office Administration. TA WATLER. PAUL CHRISTOPHER. Beaumont Journalism. Communication Council. Orientation Advisor. DAILY TEXAN Staff WATSON. EDWARD COURTNEY. Marquez Accounting. HA . K WATSON. JAMES DAVID. Arlington Accounting WATSON. JAMES FRANCIS. Tulia Accounting. i:K. ll. +SK Treasurer WATSON. JOSEPH STEVEN. Corpus Christi English WATSON. MARTHA EILEEN, Rio Grande Sociology-Social Work WAXLER. CONNIE ELAINE. Blanco Elementary Education WEAR. BENJAMIN FRANK. Austin Petroleum Engineering. AIME. Texas Troubadours. Longhorn Singers. Big Brothers WEATHERS. TIMOTHY DAVID. Austin Pharmacy. AK WEAVER. KEITH CHAPMAN. Houston Finance. ATf). H, K . American Marketing Association. Real Estate Society NIOR! GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS WEAVER. REEN CANADA, Nacogdoches Statistics WEBSTER. THERESA ANN. Austin Physical Education. PEM Club WEEKLEY, JAN FRANCES, San Benito Textiles and Clothing. rH. Panhellenic Council WEEKLEY. WILLIAM B.. Portland Transportation. Transportation Club. CBA Council WEIDMANN. TRENA. Corsicana Pharmacy. KE Treasurer. LPhA. ASHP WEIL. JUDY LYNN. Houston Sociology WEINER. JEFFREY ALLAN. Sioux City IA Accounting. 2AM WEIR. JACKIE MAE. Houston Psychology. AXI! WELK. TRUDY EILEEN. Fort Worth Nursing WELLMERLING. CYNTHIA ANN. Worthington OH French. AAA. K , A WEST. JAMES HERSCHEL. San Antonio Finance. -AE WEST. KATHRYN ANNE. San Antonio History. ,TA WEST. MARY JANE. Fnendswood Accounting. +H.X President. XH Pledge Mistress WEST. MICHAEL ALLEN. Garland Economics WEST. ROBERT LAMAR. Austin Government WEST. ROCKY LEWIS. Brady Accounting. BA+ WHALEN. KELLEY FRANCIS, Baytown Government, Pre-Law Association. Longhorn Singers WHALEY. KENNETH RAY. Austin Geology. Geological Society WHALEY. MIMI ANNE. Houston Textiles. AA1I. Fashion Group WHATLEY. LUCIA ANN. Texarkana Speech. I ' +lt. Underwater Society WHATLEY. ROBIN GAY. Austin History. AAA WHEELESS. LYNN BAILEY. Eagle Lake Management. Air Force ROTC WHELESS. JAY FREDRIC. Corpus Christi Accounting. KK . Longhorn Band WHELESS, MARSHA HERNDON. Corpus Christi Marketing WHIDDON. DEBRA JANET. Dallas General Business. AXiZ. American Marketing Association WHITE. CHERYL JO. Houston Microbiology. A . AAA. K . Cordettes. Mortar Board WHITE. DEL BRADFORD II. Rocksprmgs Management, Bevo ' s Babes WHITE. EDWARD HIGGINS. Houston Engineering-General Business. 1 K. Interfraternity Council. Ski Club WHITE. PHILIP BENJAMIN. Houston Accounting WHITE. RICHARD WAYNE. Bloomington Transportation. Transportation Club WHITEHEAD. STACIA JAN. Temple Pharmacy. KE. LPhA. Pharmacy Council WHITEHURST. DONNA FAYE. Houston Accounting WHITELEY. EDWARD THOMAS. Killeen Mathematics. Air Force ROTC WHITLEY. CYNTHIA JUNE. Lometa Biology-Journalism WHITMIRE. CARL DOUGLAS III. Houston Advertising, Advertising Club WHITTINGTON. ROBERT DANIEL. Van Horn Electrical Engineering Graduating Seniors 537 WITTLE. ROBERT ROY. Corpus Christi Radio-Television-Film. Navy ROTC WHITTON. JAMES MORTON. Fort Worth History WICKS. DEBRA LYNN. Austin Psychology WIEDERKEHR. HENRY MICHAEL. Austin Zoology WIEOERKEHR. KATHLEEN AH.. Austin Marketing WIERUSCHESKE. CAROLYN FAYE. Austin Education WILBANKS. HAROLD ALVIN. Cleburne Finance. Finance Association. Real Estate Society. Longhorn Band WILDER. CAROL SEAY. Marietta GA Marketing, X0 Vice-President. American Marketing Association WILEY. DONALD PRESTON. Dallas Government. Student Government. A Capella Choir. Concert Chorale Presi- dent. Varsity Singers WILEY. LINDA JEAN. St. Louis Park MN Applied Music. SAI WILEY. MARY JANE. Gladewater Special Education. AP. KAII. Acacia Little Sisters WILKERSON. GAIL ALICIA. Tyler Government GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS GRfl WILKINS. CRAIG ALAN. Austin Accounting. AT WILLIAMS. ANDREA RUTH. San Antonio Elementary Education. Young Democrats. Ski Club WILLIAMS. CURT ALAN. Dallas Mechanical Engineering. I1T2, ASME. Student Government Tours Committee WILLIAMS. DOROTHY CECILE. Austin General Business. TBS. Longhorn Band WILLIAMS. GARY N.. Austin Accounting. ASME WILLIAMS. GEORGE KEITH. Sealy Biology WILLIAMS. JOHN DAVID. Austin Management WILLIAMS. JOHN DAVID. Camp Springs MD Architectural Engineering. Ai) , AAAE WILLIAMS. KATHERINE ANN. Austin Deaf Education. Women ' s Swimming Team WILLIAMS, KERRY DREW. Rosenberg Zoology WILLIAMS. RODERICK BLAND. Houston Biology WILLIAMS, STEVEN DURHAM, Richmond VA Zoology WILLIAMS. TERRY LYNN. Hurst English WILLIAMS. WANDA RUTH. Garland Child Development. AAA. ON, Campus Crusade for Christ WILLIS. THOMAS MARTIN. Austin General Business. Dean ' s List WILLS. JOHN RAY. Austin Pharmacy. K . LPhA WILSON. JAN MARIE. Austin Accounting. X. K WILSON. JERILYN. Brownsville Journalism. WILSON. PATRICIA CAROLYN. Seabrook Nursing WILSON, RUSSELL PARK. Abilene Electrical Engineering, AKA WILSON. SHERI JANNAN. Houston Interior Design. AZ. ASID WIMBISH. CHERYL ELAINE. Corpus Christi Psychology WINTERS. SUSAN KATHRYN. Houston Education. AAA WIRTANEN. BARBARA GAIL. Austin Art WISDOM. ANN. Austin Child Development. Xi). Posse. Young Life WISIALOWSKI. SAMUEL THOMAS. Burleson Education, AT. A !i. Education Council. Student Senator WITT. JAMES RICHARD. Henderson Pharmacy. K+ WIZIG. ROBERT MARK. Houston Management. AKII WOERNEff STEVEN FELIZ. Fredericksburg Nursing. Nursing Students Association WOLF. JANET CLAIRE. Longview Nutrition. ON, Student Dietetic Association. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club WOLF. JULIE SUSAN. Harlingen Spanish, AK . ZBT Little Sisters WOLFF. GARY JOE. Bellaire Civil Engineering. XE. TBII. OAK. CACTUS Goodfellow. James Stephen Hogg Society WOLFSON. GEORGE ROBERT, flallas Advertising. K WOMBLE. JOHN CARL, Nacona Zoology. AEA. 4 H, AT WONG. EDDIE YUE-KAI. Macau Architecture WONG. HING CHEONG. Hong Kong Pharmacy. LPhA, ASHP 538 Graduating Seniors WONG. KATHERINE YEE-MAN. Austin Accounting. HA . K WONG. SPENCER MING-PO. Hong Kong Biochemistry WOOD. MARK THOMAS. Houston Civil Engineering. XK, TBII. ASCE. Engineering Council WOODARO. FRANK SCOTT. Corpus Christi Architecture, Dean ' s List WOODWARD. GARLAND BENTON. Lubbock Accounting. I1KA. Cowboys WOOTTERS. JEANNE CAROL. Houston Marketing. KAH WOTIPKA. PAMELA KAY. Flatonia Geography. Education Committee. Environmental Protection and Improve- ment Committee. Sailing Club WREN. CURTIS ELTON. Lexington Finance. WK Alumni Association WRIGHT. DONNIE J.. Victoria Accounting WRIGHT. RANDEL DEAN. Azle Drama WRIGHT. ROBERT STANELY. Austin Civil Engineering, AT. ASCE WRIGHT. VIRGINIA GAY. Houston Music. -Al, Longhorn Singers. Longhorn Band GRADUATING SENIORS GRADUATING SENIORS WUKASCH. JONATHAN EARL. Austin Chemical Engineering. AlChE. THII. I1XK. AT WURZBACH. LINDA SUE. San Antonio Special Education. TSEA. Student Council for Exceptional Children WYATT, WILLIAM EARLE. Mabank Latin American Studies. Hi). International Business Club Intramural Squash WYCHE. BRUCE LYNN. Alice Mechanical Engineering WYMAN. BEVERLY JO. Houston Special Education WYMAN. KATHRYN ELIZABETH. Beaumont Education WYMAN. PAULA JEAN. Dallas Education. AAII, AAA. i)K Little Sisters WYNNE. THOMAS BURTON. Houston Accounting. Pre-Law Association WYSOCKI. LYNN ANN. Dallas Accounting. KAH WYSONG. MARGARET ANN, Melissa Accounting. AAA. 4 BX. 4 H Kinsolving. Upper Class Advisors. Resident Assis- tant YELDERMAN, KARL ERNST. El Paso Accounting. +H-. International Student Affairs Committee Vice-Chairperson, Recreation Committee. Longhorn Band YELICH. ANN MARIE. Houston Speech YEMMA, MARK FRANCIS. Austin Journalism, DAILY TEXAN Managing Editor YOUELL. BENJAMIN HARRISON III. Austin Mathematics YOUNG. WENDY H.. Austin Home Economics. Fashion Group YOUNG. RUTH ELLEN. Glen Ellyn IL Education YOUNG. STEVEN ELGIN. Austin Journalism, Acacia YOUNGBLOOD. MICHAEL THOMAS, Richardson Biology. Jester Center Judicial Board ZACHARY. SUSAN KAY. Mount Pleasant Accounting ZAI. WILLIAM. Austin Pharmacy. LPhA. ASHP ZAN. ELISE CAROL. Austin Home Economics. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club President. Natural Sciences Council. Mortar Board ZAPATA. LAURA ANN. Sinton Marketing. Fashion Group ZATOPEK, REBECCA SUE. Fredericksburg Pharmacy. KK ZELSMAN. MARY CATTERTON, Austin Plan Il-Pre-Med. KAH. K . Women ' s Affairs Committee. Ideas and Issues Committee ZETO, VICKI JEAN. Orange Interior Design. XTA ZILLGITT. SHERRI LYNN. Kligore Sociology. IIH . Natural Sciences Council. UT Interaction Council Chairper- son. Cordettes. Mortar Board ZIMBUREAN. JOHN MICHAEL. Garland Zoology. AEA ZIMMERMAN. SANDRA KAY. San Antonio Accounting. AAII. I1KA Little Sisters ZWERNEMANN. STEVEN MARK. Austin Physics, Arnold Air Society. Air Force ROTC Graduating Seniors 539 i : ;; ' ' ' ; fcw ' :, -A fe ADAMS. JOHN GANOY JR.. Austin ADAMS. ROBERT SHERMAN. DeSoto ADAY. AMY BETH. Waxahachie ALLBRIGHT. HARRY LEE III. Austin ALLDAY. JAMES MELVIN. Odessa ALMARA7 LAURO JR Laredo ALTHAUS. FLOY ELIZABETH. Houston ARAYA. SONIA MARIA. Austin ARON. SANDY P.. Austin BAHME. HARRIET ELLEN. Houston BAKER, BRUCE WILBER. Austin BALAGIA. JAMES KOURY. Austin BARCKLOW. MARK ALAN. Corpus Christi BARNER. WILEY BLOUNT. Austin BARNETT. SHARIE HOPE. Sherman BARRON. EUGENE EARL. Tyler BARTON. JAMES ROBERT. San Antonio BARTOSEK, LAWRENCE EDWARD. Austin BASKIN. ROBERT MICHAEL. Stratford BEAGLE. PAMELA JOAN. Aransas Pass BECKER. LAUREN LYN. Cedar Rapids IA SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS BEISEL. NORMAN WAYNE. Wichita Falls BELL. BEVERLY JOAN. El Dorado AR BENAVIDEZ. ELIODORA Q.. San Antonio BERAN. BRIAN JOHN. Moulton BIDDLE. JOHN ROYDEN. Dallas BIFFLE, GERRY KEITH. Portland BLACK. ANNE COURTLANO. Houston tLANCHARD. MARIAN. Houston LOHM. JEFFREY ALAN. Denver CO BOREN. BRYANT CARROLL. Garland BORRETT, ELIZABETH ANNE. El Paso BOSQUEZ. ROBERTO II. Austin BOTHWELL. CARYN DENISE. El Paso BOULDIN. LEONARD WOLF. Austin BREADY, DOUGLAS GERALD. Orange BRINK. EDWIN EMERSON. Coleman BRYAN DANIEL ARTHUR. Garland BUMP. ROBIN ALICE. McKiney BUNCH. TRAVIS ALAN. Snyder BUNSICK. BARBARA SUE. Shawnee Mission KS BURNS. ROBERT ANDREW. Sabinal BYERLY. JOHN SHELTON. Metairie LA CAIN. DEBRA ANN. Garland CALDWELL. LARRY LEE. Austin CANDLER. CHARLES RAY. Dallas CANTU. JORGE LUIS. Seguin CAPP. MARCIA ANNETTE. Garland CARLSON. BRUCE ROBERT. Austin CHESNEY. KEVIN DALE. Fort Worth CLARK MICHAEL TERRY, Odessa CLEMENTS. ELLEN AGATHA. San Antonio COLLINS. DOUGLAS LANHAM. San Antonio CONANT. STEVEN EUGENE. Fort Worth CORNWELL. THOMAS EDWARD. Austin CRABTREE. CAROL ANN. Austin Seniors 541 CRAGO. JOHN CARMAN. Dallas CROES. MICHAEL FERNAND. Houston CROUCH. MICHAEL AVAUGHN. Austin CUELLAR. NELDA GLORIA. San Antonio CUNNINGHAM. BEVERLY CAMERON. Houston CUNNINGHAM. KENNEDY A., Tyler DANNA. RICHARD CHARLES. Atlanta GA DAVEY. CHRISTOPHER ROSS. Houston DAVEY. SARAH KAY. Houston DAVID. DARRELL STEELE. New Braunfels DAVIS. DEANN. Dallas DAVIS. DE8RA YVONNE. Texas City DAVIS. JOHN BAXTER. Dallas DAVIS. PATRICIA LINN. Houston DE LA GARZA ANDREW PHILIP. Edinburg DE LA GARZA, LOUIS EMMETT. San Antonio DELANO. ROCKY DEAN. Corpus Christl DIAZ. FRANCISCO JAVIER. Laredo DIAZ. GRICELDA MARIA. Victoria DICKSON. CHARLES CARTER. Kilgore DIETRICH. MELANIE GAE. Houston SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SEf DILGER. DAVID JOSEPH. Houston DINGRANDO. PATRICK MICHAEL. Marhn DONAHOO. PATSY ELAINE. Brownwood DOUGHMAN. JAN. Dallas DUNN. STEVEN ROBERT. Richardson DUVALL. PATRICIA ANN. Houston DYE, SYLINDA. Houston ECHEVARRIA. MARIA DEL CARMEN. Laredo EGAN. RICHARD SCOTT JR.. Big Spring ELLIOTT. ELIZABETH GAYLE. Baird ELLIS. ROXAN ANETTE. Dickinson ENG. SUSIE JANE. San Antonio ENGLAND, GORDON BOBBY. Richardson ERWIN. EMILIE. Houston ETHEREDGE. CHERYL LYNN. Pasadena FAHRENTHOLD. PETER DAMIAN. Austin FERNANDEZ. DORA ELIA Del Rio FICKE. BRUCE WILLIAM. Dallas FIELDER. ELIZABETH ANN. Baytown FITZGERALD. KERRIE MARGUERITE Dallas FLEMING. CHARLES M . Austin FLORES. JAVIER. Harhngen FLY. JOE WAYNE. Dallas FRANTZEN. CURTIS LEE. Austin FREED. ISADORE DAVID. Galveston FREIMANN. TINA MARIE. Dallas FRENCH. BETTY LOU. Corsicana FRENCH, KENZIE VERSE. Corsicana FRITTS, HOLLIS MCNEILL JR.. McAllen FULLICK. DONNA MARIE. Baytown FUSON. DAVID LEE. Big Lake GAITZ. RONALD STEVEN. Houston GARCIA. DANIEL G . Mathis GARZ A. VELDA NORA. Benavides GASTLER. CONNIE RUTH. Austin 542 Seniors GEE. JOHN CHRISTOPHER GILLIAM. Austin GEORGE. ROY EDWARD. Austin GEORGE. SARA ANN. Dallas GILLIS. JAMES HOWARD. Branford CT GLAZER. RICHARD LOUIS. Fort Worth GOEWEY. ANDREW BELL. Austin GOMEZ. JOSEFINA M .. Brownsville GONZALEZ. RAIMUNDO. Galveston GOODWIN. TONY PAULETTE. Kempner GOR. JEANNIE SHAK. Houston GORMAN. JACK STREETY. Snyder GRAHAM. DANNY DALE. Waxahachie GREGG JUDY RUTH. Marble Falls GREMILLION. CHARLES A III. Houston GUSTAFSON ROBERT PAUL. Austin GUTIERREZ ROMEO RICARDO. Laredo GUZMAN. LORENE BEATRIZ. Houston HAEGELIN. HANNAH LOUISE. Corpus Christ! HAILE. SUZETTE MAYRIE. Richardson HALLER. SHERILYN JOYE. Galveston HAMM. RAYMOND EARL. Copperas Cove : SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS HANEY RHONDA CATHERINE. Baytown HAPTONSTALL. SHEREE MARIE. League City HARRINGTON. KATHLEEN H.. Houston HARRIS JOHN C . Bellaire HATMAN. CURTIS LEE. La Place LA HAYNES. NORMA PATRICIA. Laredo HAYWARD. SUSAN KAY. Irvine CA HENINGTON. SHELLEY. Greenville HENRY MARVIN CHET Austin HERBER. REBECCA KATHLEEN. Round Rock HERNANDEZ. DELIA. San Antonio HERNANDEZ. SYLVIA ONTIVEROS McNeil HERTEL. CHERYL KAY. Corpus Christ! HEYMANN. MAX CARLOS. Austin HICKS. WILLIAM MILLER. Houston HILL. CARLA ANN. Cedar Creek HILSCHER. JANICE ANNE. Dallas HODGES. TONI BAKER. Seabrook HOLCOMB. ARTHUR B . Scottsboro AL HOLCOMB. DONALD. Quanah HOMSANY. JOSEPH. Panama HORBELT. CARLTON VINCENT. Pasadena HOWARD. STEPHEN PAUL. Dickinson HUGHES. GLENNA MARIE. Siminole HUGHES. JERRY ADAM. Austin HUMBLE. DANA LEA. San Antonio HUNT. ROY LEE. Austin HUTCHINS. LAURA SUE. San Antonio INGRAM. JOHN HERBERT Ml. Houston JAMES. TOM PAUL JR.. Odessa JASEK DENNIS EDWARD. Taylor JOHNSON. PATRICIA LOUISE. Dallas JONES. AUBREY LEE JR.. Athens JONES MARY FRANCIS. Austin KELLY. ROBERT HAROLD. Killeen Seniors 543 KELLY. SUSAN KERR. Dallas KERNAN. MICHAEL PATRICK. San Antonio KHOURY. PAMELA LILY. Waco KIESEL. STEPHANIE M.. Victoria KINSEY. JEAN MARIE. Baytown KRIVONIAK. NICKLAS RICHARD II Austin KRUEGER. BECKY LYNN. Austin LAGRONE. MICHELE. Austin LANCASTER. LIFFORD LEE. Beaumont LANGDON. JULIE GAYE. Austin LANGLEY, BILL WAYNE. Austin LANGSTON. LYNN ANNE. Midland LEATH. ROXANNE. Tyler LEE. ANNIE YUNFOON. Houston LEHMAN. TOMMY PAUL. Georgetown LENTZ. DEBRA ELAINE. Austin LESIKER. JOY LANELL Temple LEWIS. BARBARA JANE. Houston LEWIS. NATHAN ROMUALD Austin LIGON. EVLYN MARIE. Houston LIM. BOBBY SING OY. Houston SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORSiSEN LINDNER. ALLEN ROBERT. San Antonio LIPSKY. JENIECE ELLEN. Prairie Village KS LITTLE. LEWETTE ANN. Austin LOFTIS KATHLEEN ANN. Austin LOPEZ. MELVA G.. Harlmgen LOPEZ. SYLVIA. Laredo LOVELESS. RICHARD BROOKS. Dallas LOWE. JOHN BRUCE. Austin LUGO. BOB LOUIS. Austin LUKE. NORMAN JOHN JR.. Houston LUTHY. LAURA ELAINE. Houston LUTZ. MATTHEW CHARLES Midland LYSSY. JILL ARLENE. San Antonio MAK. PRISCILLA S . Austin MALDONADO. ALMA LETICIA. San Antonio MALLIN. BARBARA RUTH Prairie Village KS MALONE, DANNY FRANK Dallas MALONE. JAMES MARK Fort Worth MANGRUM. MARC ALAN Lubbock MANN. BONNEY JEAN Austin MARKWORDT, JANET ELAINE Kerrville MARSHALL, SALLY ANN. Odessa MARTIN. KATHY KAREN, Dallas MARTINEZ. DAVID RICHARD. San Antonio MASSENGALE. JENNIFER ELIZABETH. Houston MASSINGILL. BERNA LINDA. Fort Worth MASTERS. WANDA JEAN. Baytown MATA. MARIO ALBERTO. Brownsville MAYFIELD, CALVIN III. Corpus Christi MAYSE. SANDRA LARUTH. Davilla MCDOWELL. TONY EVERARD. Bay City MCINTOSH. DAVID GUY. Orange MCLELAND. KENNETH CRAIG. Houston MCNEIL. PATRICIA CLAY. Houston MIDDLEBROOK. RANDALL DEAN. San Angelo 544 Seniors MILLER. MIMI ORMAND. Pampa MILLER. NANCY LEE. Arlington MINOR. PAMELA ANN. Fort Worth MITCHELL, WILLIAM DAVID, Longview MOODY. CHARLES EUGENE. Robstown MOORE. CONSTANCE ANN. Premont MOORE. PATSY GLENAVEE. Gordonville MORGAN. JACQUELINE DIANN. Cuero MURPHY. JOHN KEVIN. Hollis NY NASEEF, BAKEER ALL Austin NEEDHAM. NAN. Llano NEEL. GARY TAYLOR. Tyler NELSON. ROBERT JACK. Dallas NELSON, WILLIAM RICHARD. Houston NOACK. NANCY ANN. Austin NOLAND. JAMES LESTER. Lufkin NOUEILATY. HAYSSAM. Syria NUTTER. ROYCE LAYTON. Big Lake ODOM. GEORGE HENRY. Galveston O ' DONNELL. DEBORAH JEAN. Houston OLIVEIRA. RONNELL HECTOR. Brownsville SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS OLIVEIRA, VICTOR LOUIS. Brownsville OLSEN SUSAN KAY. Houston OSBORNE. SUZAN VALERIE. Houston OWENS, TRACY LYNN, Avinger PACHECO, HECTOR RAFAEL. San Antonio PADAWER. STEPHEN RANDALL, Austin PAINE. BEVERLY ANNE. Austin PENA. DIANA. Mission PERKINS, CANDICE E.. San Antonio PETER. CONRAD ADOLPH. Galveston PETERSON. IRVIN DARNELL. Bryan PIERCE. RICHARD WAYNE. Austin PIPKIN. LESLIE ANN. Bryan PIPPIN KAREN SHERRILL. Haskell POLSON. JAMES RICHARD. Fort Worth POWELL. DIANE ELIZABETH, Bellaire POWERS. CHARLES BRYAN. Austin PRESKITT, RANDALL. Dallas PRICE. LARRY CLYDE. Corpus Christi PRITCHETT. ELISE C.. Atlanta GA PRITCHETT ROBERT MOSELEY. Austin PRO. GILDA. Laredo PROTHRO. JENNIFER ANNE. Tyler PURVIS. MARYBETH. Harlingen PYLE. ROBERT GLEN. Austin QUICK. NANCY JO. Austin QUILLIAM. MARY CORINNE. Lubbock RABE. PATRICIA LEE. Edinburg RALEY. RAMONA CATHERINE. Garwood RAMIREZ. RICARDO RENE. San Diego RHOADES. WILLIAM RAY. Austin RIOS. ROSA PENA. Seguin ROBERTS. BRUCE THEALL. Houston ROBERTSON. REBECCA EILEEN. Dallas ROBINSON. EUGENIA. Dallas Seniors 545 RODRIGUEZ. JESSE, Santa Rosa RODRIGUEZ. MARICELA. McAllen RODRIGUEZ NORA LEAL. Uvalde RODRIGUEZ. ROBERT ANTHONY. Austin ROESSLER RICHARD WAGNER III. Houston ROSE. DAVID EDGAR, Dallas ROSE, DAVID LOUIS. Austin ROSE. PAMELA MAE, MacDlll AFB FL ROSENBERG. CINDY ANN. New Orleans LA RUEB. KAREN DIANE. Houston RUSSELL. SHARON KAY, Ivanhoe SAKAI, PETER ALLEN, Hidalgo SALGE. STEVE ALLEN. Corpus Christi SALINAS. LUCILA MERCEDES. Roma SALINAS. RAQUEL EUGENIA, Laredo SCHNEIDAU. SANDRA MARY Houston SCHNEIDER. CATHY ANN. San Antonio SCHRAM. CHARLES E. III. Dallas SCHULTZ. LINDA HARRIET. Houston SCHUTZE, DEBORAH CAROL. Dallas SCOTT. STEVEN LAMAR. Austin SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SEGUIN. ROSA ELIA. Eagle Pass SIFUENTES. MARINA PATRICIA, Austin SILBERBERG. CELIA JAYNE. Austin SILLERS. ROBERT BRUCE. Dallas SIMONDS. NANCY COX. Houston SLAUGHTER. WAYNE DOUGLAS. El Paso SMITH, KILLOUGH KENT, Fort Worth SMITH, SARA JANE. Elgin SOLIS. NORA LEE. Mission SOWADA. MARGARET AILEEN. Corpus Christi SPENCER. BAYARD MANNING III. Austin SPURGEON. JAMES MATTHEW. Austin STARNES. THOMAS WAYNE. Pleasant Hill CA STEFFLER. STEPHANIE ANN. Baytown STEPHENSON. SCOTT ALLEN. Greenville STEWART, SHARON LYNN. Edinburg ST. JOHN, ERNEST REVERE, Beaumont STONE. AULBERT PRESTON. Sulphur Springs STONE. REBECCA SUSAN. Conroe STROOPE. BRENDA SUE. Waxahachie SULLIVAN, DARLENE FAY. Austin SULLIVAN, JOHN AGUSTIN. San Antonio SUTTON. TERRY LYNN. Burkburnett TABAK, KAREN LYNN. San Antonio TAYLOR. JEFFERSON LYNN JR.. Bowie TAYLOR. JOE KENNETH. Garland TAYLOR. TERRY CALVIN. Austin TERRELL. PAUL ALTON, Greenville THEISS. GARY LEE, Bishop THOMAS. KATHLEEN. Woodville THOMPSON. KENNETH FRANKLIN. Austin TIMMONS. MICHAEL DEWAYNE. Perryton TOBIAS. ESTER. Lubbock TONG. KOON-HO. Austin TRIEB. MICHELE PEGUES. Austin 546 Seniors IRON. KATHERINE MARIE. Houston TROUSDALE. JAMES ARNOLD. Smithville TRUONG. KHAI C.. Ogden UT TURNBOUGH DEBBIE DENICE, Balmorhea TURNER. JAY KENDICK. Corpus Christ! TYNAN. HAROLD AUGUSTINE JR.. San Antonio UPSHAW, JIM LEIGHTON, Lubbock VANDERGRIFF. LINDA ANN. Odessa VAVRICEK. BRENDA JEAN. Corpus Christi VELA. EFRAIM JR.. McAllen VERA. CARMELA VIRGINIA, Brownsville VON MINDEN. DONALD RAY. La Grange VRBA. CHARLOTTE MARIE Waco WAITS. WILLIAM PAUL. Dallas WALK. WILLIAM ARTHUR. Austin WALLACE. WILLIAM M.. Llano WALTON, TONY R.. Texas City WARD. MADELINE ETHEL. Tyler WARREN. ANN CAROLINE. Baytown WATKINS MILES HUNTER. San Antonio WEBB. PATRICIA WILLIAMS. Austin NIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS WEBER. JAMES JOSEPH. Cuero WEEBER. SANDRA FAYE. Caldwell WEISS. HERBERT P., Dallas WELLS, MARA LYNN. Westlake Village CA WEST ANN WAVERLY. Athens WHEAT. GARY LYNN. Fort Worth WHEELEY, NINA CAROL, White Deer WHITWORTH JULIE Austin WICHETA. SUSAN ANN Austin WIERUSCHESKE, JOANN. Manor WILDE. ANDREW FRANK. New Ulm WILLIAMS. KATHY SUE. Houston WILLIAMS. NANCY IRENE Groves WITCHER. DEBORAH JEAN. Henderson WOLF, STEVEN THOMAS. Longview WONG. JASON JEN. San Antonio WOOD. STEVEN A., San Antonio WORKMAN. LYDA GUTHRIE, Austin WORLEY. MARILYN KAY, Austin WRIGHT, LINDA HELEN, Lansing Ml WRIGHT. WILLIAM GRAHAM. Austin WROTH, DEBORAH LYNN, Lake Jackson YARBROUGH, MARY LINDA. Austin YORK. ROBERT GARNER. Baytown YOUNG, DENNIS JAMES Austin ZAMARRIPA. DAVID. Harlingen ZIENTEK. MICHAEL LESLIE. Bellaire ZIMMERMANN. ELAINE M., Dallas Seniors 547 ABLES. JAMES MICHAEL, Texas City ADAMS, DONNA LYNN. Houston AGNESS. LESLIE LYNN, Houston AJELLO. JULIE ANN, Houston ALBERTSON. JERRI ANN. Amarillo ALLBRIGHT, MARCIA LOUISE, Austin ALLISON. BRENDA DAY. Houston ALLISON, DEBORAH SUE, Houston ALDRICH, GUY FRANKLIN, Austin ALEXANDER. CHARLENE G.. Fort Worth ALEXANDER. MARTHA LYNN. San Antonio ALEXANDER. SHANNON LYNN. San Antonio AL-JUNDI. SHAROUD, Damascus. Syria ALLEN. MARY JANE. Austin ALLMAN. JAMES M.. Lubbock ALSTON. NORMAN RAY. Garland ALTER. BRIAN REID. Beaumont ALVEY, EVELYN ANN. Laredo AMERMAN. ROBERT CHARLES. Houston ANDERSON, BETH LYNN. Bellaire ANDERSON. DIANA SUE, San Antonio ANDERSON. JERRY DON, Longview ANDERSON. PAULA L.. Fort Worth ANDREWS. BETSY. Austin ANTWEIL, BRIAN F,. Fort Worth ARCHER. JOHN FREDERICK, Houston ARMSTRONG, JAMES M.. Hawkins ARNDT. KATHERINE ELAINE, Amarillo ARNETT. SHARON LEE, Brownsville ARNOLD. MARK LEE, Taylor ARNOLD, STEVE RICHARD. Dallas ARRIAGA, ISAIAS, G. JR.. Columbus OH ASHLEY, JAMES DAVID, Blanco ATTAWAY, SUE ELLEN, Aransas Pass AVANT, DAVID LEE. Austin BACON. SYLVIA SUE. Newton BAGGETT. LEAH HARGROVE. Stamford BAGGETT. LYNNE ANNE, Fort Worth BAILES, JOSEPH SWITZ, Jefferson BAILEY, BRIAN ALLEN, Austin JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS BAILEY, SHAREN ANN. San Angelo BAKER, FRANCES DELORES. Weslaco BAKER STEVEN ROGER, Garland BALES. JOHN MALCOLM. Universal City BARAJAS. LAURA URSULA, Baytown BARCKLOW, BEVERLY ANN. Corpus Christi BARFIELD. JAN MARIE. Sugar Land BARMORE. WILLIAM ROBERT. Pasadena BARNETT, BRENDA KAY. Corpus Christi BARNETT. SHON MICHAEL. Amarillo BARTON, FRANCINE CLAIRE. Little Rock AR BASH. BEVERLY KAY. Houston BAUER. JOHN SIGURD. Dallas BAUMGARTEN. DAVID MICHAEL. San Antonio BEALL. NINA RUTH. Gr and Saline BEER, SHELBY ANNE, Boerne BEERBOWER, JOHN DAVID, Houston BELL. ANGELA ELOIS. San Antonio BELL. KATHLEEN MARIE. Houston BELT, WILLIAM THOMAS JR.. Austin BENARDINO. BRETT ANDREW. Conroe BENGTSON, SHARON GAYLE. Austin BENNETT. HOWARD, Longview BENNETT, JAMES BRIAN. Waco BERGER. RICKEY KARL. Weimar BERGMAN. MARTIN HARRIS. Dallas BERGOLOFSKY. ELAINE BETH. Wichita Falls BERNAL. ABELARDO PEREZ, El Paso BERNSTEIN, CINDY SUE, Houston BERRY. JOHN FREDRICK. Longview BEST. ELIZABETH SLATER, Dallas BIEL, MELINDA E.. Corpus Christi BIGBY. SUSAN KAY, Fort Worth BILL. AUGUSTIN ZAMBRANO. Del Rio BIRD. STEVEN RICHARD. Childress BITTER. JAMES CLARENCE. Dallas BLACK. LESLIE LOUISE, Dallas BLACK. SALLY ANN. Austin BLACK, TERRY WAYNE. Lockhart BLACKMAN. BLOSSOM D., Houston BLACKMON. JOHN PAUL. Friendswood BLACKMON. KRISTI-ANNE KRAFT. Friendswood BLAINE. LINDA SUE. Kelso WA BLATT. DEBRA ILENE. Dallas BLITCH. KITZI JANE. Fort Worth BLUE.STEIN. LENA KAY. Port Arthur BLUM. ANDREA CLAIRE. Houston BOGAN, DAVID WOFFORD. Houston Juniors 549 BOGGS. CAYE. LEYNE, Dallas BOHENEK, STANLEY EUGENE. Burnet BOHLS. JOHN M., Stonewall BOMMARITO. MARLA THERESA, Austin BOOHER. TAMI LYNN. Sherman BOONE, MARTHA LOUISE. Houston BOONE. MICHAEL JEFFERSON. Houston BOORMAN, JACKIE ANN, Groves BOOTHE. KATHLEEN ANN Fort Worth BOSQUEZ. MARIA J., Del Rio BOSTICK. BETTY BOND. San Antonio BOWLES. CATHERINE ANNE. Dallas BOYCE. CLYDE ALVIN. Mesquite BRASHIER. ROBERT STEVEN. Pasadena BRAWLEY. BRENT ALAN, Garland BRIAN, DEBRA KAY. Mesquite BRISTOW. DENISE JHO. Henderson BROGDON. WILLIAM MARTIN JR.. Weatherford BROUILLETTE. JEFFREY DALTON. Texarkana BROWN. CANDICE ANN. Dallas BROWN. MARK WILLIAM. Richardson BROWN, MICAELA ELIZABETH, El Paso BROWN. PHYLLIS ANN. Fort Worth BROYHILL, DEBORAH C., Dallas BRUNO ROY Port Arthur BUFFINGTON, ALISON. GARBER, Houston BULLARD, DONNA KAY. DeSoto BUNYAN. TERRY LYNNE. Granada Hills CA BURCHARO. BARBARA KAY. Austin BURDETTE. BARBARA. Dallas BURNS. GAYLE ELAINE. Tyler BUTLER. BARBARA LYNN. Dallas BUTLER. SUSAN ELAINE. Houston BUTTON, WILLIAM LOUIS. Dallas BYERLEY, DEBRA LYNN, Lufkin BYROM, LUCY KAYE. Austin CALVERT. BRYAN THOM, Beaumont CAMERON. JAMES TURNER San Saba CAMP. CAROLYN G., Houston CAMPBELL. ELIZABETH. Laredo JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS CAMPBELL. ROBERT SCOTT. Dallas CANADA. BELINDA ELIZABETH, Wichita Falls CANALES. NELDA EMMA. Hebbronville CANDIS. REENA. Houston CANZONERI. VINCENT CHARLES Houston CAPPELLO. THOMAS JOHN. Lancaster CARDENAS. REBA CINTHIA. Brownsville CARDENAZ. MICHAEL SIFUENTES. Austin CARDINTEYRO. RALPH JR.. Dilley CARLETON. CHARLES RICHARD. Austin CARLOCK, SUSAN ELIZABETH. Corsicana CARLSON. RONALD ALLEN. Pasadena CARMONA, VANGIE. Hondo CARR. CAY CLAIRE. Terrell CARROLL. LUCIE CLAIRE. San Antonio CARROLL. MARY LOUISE. Premont CARTER. CHARLES MARSHALL. Austin CARTER. TIM HESTER, Houston CASILLAS. VERONICA. Laredo CASSO. RAUL SALVADOR. Laredo CASTILLO. CARLOS E.. McAllen CASTILLON. GEORGE WILSON. Fort Worth CAUSSEY. NANCY JANE. Midland CAVE. THOMAS WINSTON. Austin CERMIN. JOYCE ANNE. San Antonio CERVENKA. KENNETH JAMES. Waco CHAMBLESS. TAMARA KAY. Pampa CHAPMAN CHERI LANELL. Dallas CHASTEEN. CHERYL LYNN. Spring CHEEK. ROBERT CLAY. Austin CHICK. LINDA KATHERINE. Universal City CHILDERS, TERRI ANN, Tyler CHISUM, REBECCA KAY. Brownfield CHOD. KATHY JEAN. St. Louis MO CLARK. DONALD RAY, San Antonio CLARKE. MICHELE. San Antonio CLEGG. CATHERINE ANNE. Houston CLEGG. JULIA JOYCE. Houston CLEMENTS. ANNA MARGARET. Cleveland CLINTON. CATHERINE JEAN, Grand Prairie CLOWE. REBECCA. Houston COBURN. NEIL LOWELL. Baytown COEL. REBECCA FRANCES. El Paso COFFIELD. MICHAEL STUART. Midland COLEMAN. DOROTHY JEANETTE. Kerrville COLEMAN, STEPHEN LEWIS. San Antonio COLEY. SUSAN CAROLYN. Houston COMPTON. JAMES EDWARD. McCamey 550 Juniors CONGER. LISA WILSON. Houston CONNERAT. LEE NORA. Marco Island FL CONRADO. ALAN MICHAEL. Austin CONVERSE!. JEANNE MARIE, Corpus Christ! COOGAN. SANDRA. El Paso COOKE. MELISSA ELAINE. Vernon COPE. DAVID MARTIN, Houston COPE. RICHARD ELLISON. Fort Worth CORDELL. MARGARET L, Richardson COVEY. JAMES MATTHEW. Houston COVILL. FLOYD EUGENE JR.. McCamey COVINGTON, FRANK WILLIAM. Austin COWAN. KATHRYN JOYCE. Fort Worth COX. THOMAS AFTON. Tyler CRADDOCK. JOHN WALTON. Houston CRAIG. AUDREY ELLEN. Midland CRAIG. CAROLYN LYLE. Beaumont CRAWFORD. KEITH JOSEPH, Austin CREDEUR. KENNETH R.. Austi n CREICHTON. CAREN JO. Mineral Wells CRIM. KATHRYN ELIZABETH. Beaumont CRISWELL. CAROL LEIGH. Houston CROSBY, ANNE. Houston CROZIER. JEFFREY LEE. Austin CRUTCHFIELD. SALLY DALZELL. McAllen CRUZ. JOSEFINA, Corpus Christi CULTER. LYNNE A.. Richardson CUNNINGHAM. LINDA. Fort Worth CURRY. JACQUELINE. Houston CURTIS. ROBERT WEBSTER. Corpus Christi CUSENBARY. KELLEY JO. Sonora CUTRER. CATHRYN KELLENE. Houston DALGLISH. JAMES CUNNINGHAM. San Antonio DANIEL. JAMES DONALD. Houston DANIEL. MARK GANT. Fort Worth DARBY. GARY THOMAS. Austin DAVIDSON, DANIEL BRYAN, Marshall DAVIS. LANCE HARRISON. Houston DAVIS. LESLIE BRENT. Houston DAVIS, MARIANNE D.. McAllen NIOR JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS DAY. DELICA KAYWYNNE. Fort Worth DEAN. VICKI LYNN. San Antonio DEETJEN. ALAN CHARLES. Houston DEHNER. MARY ELLEN, Austin DE LA GARZA. JORGE LUIS, Mission DE LA ROSA. BENITO G.. Corpus Christi DEMPSEY. PAMELA A.. Angleton DENNIS. ROBIN ROSEMARY. Austin DENSON. MARK DAILEY. Bellaire DIAZ. ELENA D.. Kmgsville DIAZ. PATRICIA. Eagle Pass DILLON. DAN MICHAEL. Temple DIRKS. LAURA ELIZABETH. Tuleta DOBBINS. DEBORAH ANNE, Corpus Christi DOCHEN, EDITH DIANE. Austin DOMINGUEZ. JOSE ROGELIO. Panama DONALDSON. CYNTHIA JEANNE. Temple DOWNEY. VANESSA FRANCES. San Antonio DREILINGER. EVAN ARTHUR Austin DRUMM. DAVID GARY. Richardson DUBOIS. THOMAS VICTOR, Corpus Christi DUBOW. CRAIG ALAN. Houston DUECKER. SIRI LYNN Austin DUKE. JANICE ELAINE. Houston DURAN. BOBBI JANE. Alvin DYSART, LINDA SUE. Dallas EASTERLING, DANNY KARL. Houston ELIZARDE. NANCY MARIE. Harlingen ELLERT, MARK HENRY. Houston ELLIS. DELLENE. Houston ELLIS. SUSAN LYNN. Fort Worth ELSIK. DIANE ELISE. Seguin EMERY. PAUL RICHARD. Amarillo ENGLISH. JANICE SUE. Houston ENGLISH MONTGOMERY JACK. Corpus Christi EPPERLY. KATHY LAYNE, League City ESTILL. DEBORAH LEE. Fort Worth EVANS. COLLEN JEAN. Dallas EVERETT. TERRI LYNN. Dallas FAERBER. JOANNE. Houston FARRAR. PATRICIA ANN. Houston FARRELL. PORTER III. Midland FASULLO. DONNA LEE. Houston FELCMAN. LEAH MARIE. Houston FELDER. DAN KAVANAUGH. Huntsville FIBICH. PATRICIA KAY. San Antonio FINNEGAN. MARTHA SCOTT. Houston FISCHER, JON ROBERT. Refugio Juniors 551 FISHER. GARFIELD JR.. Fort Worth FITZ-GERALD, CAROLYN, Midland FLEMING. TIMOTHY BRIAN. Richardson FLETCHER. CAROLYN SUSAN. Temple FLIELLER. JAMES ALFRED. Austin FLIPPIN. BENJAMIN. DUANE. Dallas FLORES. ANNA BERNICE. Mission FLORES. MARIA TERESA, Zapata FLOURNOY. HELEN RUTH. Aice FLY. KAREN. ELAINE. Austin FORD. JOHN CALVIN. Fort Worth FORNEY CAROLYN LOVE, Corpus Christi FOURMY. JAMES CLARENCE. Houston FOWLER GUY HAMNER. Temple FRANCIS. ROBERT NEAL. Fort Worth FRANK, JANET VICTORIA. Austin FRANKI. LINDA JULENE, Alice FRANKLIN. LAURA BETH. Dallas FREE. GALE LAVERNE, Austin FREEDMAN. STEVEN JAY. Dallas FREELAND. KELLY JAYNE. McAllen FREEMAN. SUSAN D.. Houston FRELS. JOHN HERBERT. Cuero FRIEDMAN. LINDA SUSAN. Houston FRIEND. SHELLEY ANNE. Liberty FRUMKIN. MORRIS DAVID, Houton FUGE. REBECCA JENS. Houston FULK. KIRKLAND ALAN. Austin FULKERSON, DEREK, JOSEPH. Austin FULLER. SUSAN RAE. Austin GAINSBURGH. AMY BETH. New Orleans LA GALL. CATHERINE, Dallas GALLOWAY. KAYE LYNN. Baytown GAMBLE, RODNEY ALLAN. Austin GANNON. MARY GRACE. Hillsboro GANZER, DONNA ALENE. Houston GARCIA, ANGELA MARIE Galveston GARCIA. ELIZABETH MARIA. San Antonio GARCIA. GILDA YRAZEMA. Mission GARCIA. HECTOR RENE. Weslaco JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS GARCIA. JOSE EDUARDO. Edmburg GARCIA, NORA M.. San Diego GARCIA. SAN JUANA. Corpus Christ GARDNER. DAVID WARREN, Fort Worth GARDNER. ELAINE, Waco GARRETT. SUSAN DIANE. Longview GARROTT, SUSAN KATHLEEN. Darien CT GARZA. IRENE ISABEL, San Antonio GEORGE. HARRIET ANN. Houston GERBER. DANIEL LEE. Austin GESELL, MARY KATHRYN, Midland GIL. KELLI SUSANNE. Coolidge GILL. KEVIN. Abilene GILMORE, CAROL SUE, San Antonio GLADDEN, LINDA SUE, Victoria GLAZER, GARY MARTIN, Anderson IN GLFASON. JOYCE LEAHY. Dallas GODOY. JAVIER F., Corpus Christi GOFF. JOHN COLLINS. Lake Jackson GOLDBERG. HOWARD. El Paso GOMEZ. DAHLIA. Los Fresnos GONZALES. EDWARD JR., Austin GOODHEART. MARK CHARLES. Houston GOLDSTEIN. JUDY KAYE. Houston GOODE. WILLIAM ROBERT. Beaumont GOODMAN. ROBERT GREGORY, Houston GOODWIN. CHARLES GUY III. Wichita Falls GOODWIN, FRED ALLEN JR.. Dallas GOODWIN. SYLVIA LULA. Bellaire GORDON. PAUL KAMSLER. Houston GORHAM. RANDY ELIZABETH. Corpus Christi GORMLEY, PATRICIA ELLEN, Ontario. Canado GOTTESMAN, MARCIA SUE, New Orleans LA GOTTLIEB. JOAN KAY. Dallas GRAF. ARTHUR FREDERICK. San Antonio GRAFF. JUDITH ANN. Houston GRAHAM. RANDY JAY. San Angelo GRAY. DANA JEAN. Fort Myers FL GREEN. PEGGY SUE. San Antonio GREENBERG. ELENANNE RACHEL. Houston GREENBERG. MARLA PAIGE. Dallas GREENMAN. SHELLEY LYNN. Houston GREER. CAROL ANNE, Bellaire GREGG, NANCY LEE. Fort Worth GREGORY. MARGARET ELIZABETH. Fort Worth GRIDER. CYNTHIA JEANNE, Longview GRIFFIN. KENNETH WAYNE. Stafford GRIFFIN. WILLIAM ROBB. Austin 552 Juniors GRIFFITH. JAMES WILLIAM JR.. Dallas GROGAN. ALAN LAWRENCE. Lexington KY GROOS. DAVID JOSEPH. La Porte GUERCIO. ROBERT ANTHONY. Houston GUERRERO. JUAN MANUEL. Hebbronville GUNN. GLENDA GAYE. Houston GUSTAFSON. CAROLYN RUTH. Austin GUTEN, KERI RAE. Dallas HAEDGE. JANIS EVELYN. Hempstead HAFERNICK, KAREN JO. Ganado HAFERTEPE. ANITA LOUISE. Dallas HAGENS. DEBRA GAIL. Yoakum HAGENSON. CHERYL ANN. San Antonio HAGGARD. LISA LYNNE. Fort Worth HAGLER. JOHN MAURICE. Seguin HAHN. DEBORAH ELIZABETH. Freer HAHN. MARY CAROL. Fort Worth HAINEY BRYANT W.. Fort Worth HALEY. GREGORY KEITH. Johnson City HALL. EDDIE JR.. San Antonio HALL. KATHY LEE. Houston HALL. SCOTT MAURICE. Dickinson HALOW. RENEE E.. El Paso HAM. NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston HAMILTON. KEITH LEE. Houston HAMILTON. SALLY ANN. Harlingen HAMPTON. CHERYL KAY. Houston HANEY, PHILLIP C.. Pasadena HANKS. HOPE CAMERON. Austin HANSEN, PATRICIA ANN. Austin HARBOUR. SANDRA LYNN. Houston HARDIN. JOHN BROWN III. Vernon HARDWICK. SHERYL LYNN. Dallas HARE. ROBERT ALAN Irving HARGIS. MARY IDA. Dallas HARVILL PAT MARSHALL. Conroe HARRIS. CAROL FAITH. Dallas HARRIS. DAVID REEVES. Dallas HARRIS. MARCIA LYNN. San Antonio HARRISON. GEORGE CLIFF. Tyler JNIOR! JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS HARRISON. JOHN DAVID. Longview HARRISON. VICKI JEANINE, Grand Prairie HART. DWIGHT DAVID. Davenport IA HARTMAN DAVID JAMES. Midland HARTSELL. BRENT DEAN. Dallas HAUFT SHERRIE MARIE. Corpus Christi HAWES. JOAN GRACE. Wharton HAZEL. JON MARK. Hawkins HEARIN. LARRY GENE. Liberty HEATON, SANDRA CLAIRE. Houston HECHTMAN. ABBY PHIL. Dallas HEIDER. REBECCA ANN. Houston HEIL. DEBRA LYNN. San Antonio HEIL. DON KEITH. Goliad HEJL. JAMES DAVID. Temple HELMBRECHT. WILLIAM CHRISTIAN III. Dallas HELMS. BRENT ALAN. Floydada HENRY. RENE RAY. Austin HENSEN. CHARLES CLAUDE. Houston HESS. JIM CRAIG. Pecos HIATT. EVE SEVIER. San Antonio HICKEY. CYNTHIA ANDREE. Midland HICKS. LYNNE. Denison HIGDON. RODNEY BURT. Austin HILL. KATHLEEN SUE. Austin HILL. KENNETH CARSON. Dallas HINGER. CHARLES FREDERICK. San Antonio HODGES. SARAH SMITHER. Houston HOFFMAN. BRIAN JOURDIN. San Antonio HOFFMAN. MYRON DAVID. Navasota HOFFMAN. WILLIAM KLETTUS. Houston HOGAN. CYNTHIA LEA. Beeville HOGAN. MARY CATHERINE. Houston HOLCOMB. SUSAN LYNN. Tyler HOLIFIELD. MARK QUIN. Austin HOLLINGSWORTH. WILLIAM EDWARD. Austin HOLMES. JACQUELINE SUZANNE. El Paso HOLTKAMP. SUSAN, Brenham HOLUB. SANDRA MARIE. Bay City HOLY. ROSEMARY. Corsicana HONS. PAMELA MARIE. San Antonio HOOPER. RUSSELL ALLEN. Pasadena HOOVER. CLYDE WILLIAM JR.. Austin HORNE. RONALE DEE. Fort Worth HOUCK. JOAN MARIE. Houston HOWARD. MARK MABRY. Covington LA HOWLAND. WILLIAM CHARLES III. Indianapolis IN HUDDLESTON. PATRICK NEALE. Austin Juniors 553 HUDSON. CINDY SUE DERBY. Brownsville MUGGINS. DEBORAH ANN. Channelview HUNT. JERRY DON. Crane HUNT MARGARETTE ANN. Corpus Christi HURWITZ. BENJAMIN SAMUEL. Houston HUSSEY. JAMES JOSEPH. Austin ISAACKS. EDITH LYNN. San Antonio ISBELL. JAMES NATHAN. Brownsville ISRAEL. SHERRI MAXINE. Houston JACKSON. CENIA GAIL. Dallas JACKSON. ELISABETH LEE. Garland JACKSON. JAMES ALLEN. Groves JACKSON. RICHARD HIRAM San Antonio JACKSON. WILLIAM RODNEY, Brady JAECKEL. KARL THOMAS El Paso JAMES. SUSAN RHEA. Longview JANAK. KATHLEEN ANN. Blessing JANCZYS. KLETA LOUISE. Pasadena JANSE. HELEN BERNICE. Houston JANSEN. YVONNE CAROL. Taylor JARRETT. ANN. Pendleton JASSO. JOE DAGOBERTO. Alice JENKINS. JOHN BARTLETT, Waco JERGINS. MICHAEL PAUL. Austin JISTEL. SUSAN GAYLE. Houston JOHNS. CAROLYN ELIZABETH. San Antonio JOHNS. JOHN WHEELER. Atoka OK JOHNSON. BARBARA LYN, Bishop JOHNSON. CURT DOUGLAS. Austin JOHNSON. GREGORY PAUL. Dallas JOHNSON. HELEN KATHEELN. Houston JOHNSON. JAY LAWRENCE. Austin JOHNSON. KAREN SUE. Galveston JOHNSON. MARK DOUGLAS. Dallas JOHNSON. MICHELLE MARIE. Dallas JOHNSON. SCOTT EMIL. Houston JOHNSON. WILLIAM RAY. Austin JOHNSTON. JULIA LYNN. Houston JONES. VICKI VAUGHN. San Antonio JORDAN. RICHARD DAVID. Shreveport LA JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JOSLIN. ROBERT ALAN. Garland JOYCE MARK EDWIN. Dallas JURCZYN. BARBARA JO. San Antonio KADURA MARILYN GAYLE. San Antonio KAHLICH. KATHY JEAN. Cuero KAISER. DAVID KEITH. Yoakum KALTEYER. STEPHEN FREDERICK. Midland KANTER. SHELLY SUE, Austin KARISCH. GLENN MILTON, Hempstead KASPAR. MICHAEL JOSEPH. Taylor KEETON. ROBERTA JEAN. Houston KELINSKE. KAROLYN KAY. Corpus Christi KELLAM. FREDERICK L.. Austin KELLY. ALICE RAMONA. Shreveport LA KELLY. SUSAN LEE. Bay City KENDRICK. SUE ANN. Waco KENFIELD. PATRICIA LYNN. Houston KENNEDY. ALFONSO. Austin KENNEDY. GEORGE LEON. Texarkana KERBOW. SALLY ANN. Houston KERLEY. NEILLA JANECE. Corsicana KERR. ALLISON SORRELLS. Fort Worth KESSLER. TRAVIS NEAL. Del Rio KEY. ROBERT MERTON JR.. Austin KEYSER. SANDRA L.. Fredencksburg KIDD. MADELYN ANN Austin KIESTER. GALE ANN. Plainview KIMBALL. KATHLEEN TARYN. Houston KINCHELOW, ROBERT WELDON. Vernon KING. DANIEL CHRISTOPHER. Wallis KINSER. GLEN BYRON. Fort Worth KIPP. CYNTHIA GAIL. Austin KIRKPATRICK. JAMES ROBERT. Houston KISER. DAVID C.. San Antonio KISER. METTA ANNE. Houston KITOWSKI. GAIL MARIE. Houston KLATT. MICHAEL R.. Waco KLEITZ. DEBORAH SUE. Dallas KLEYPAS. GERALYN KAY. Lake Jackson KLINKSIEK. SYLVIA ANN. Fredencksburg KLUMP. DELBERT CRAIG. Navasota KOFAHL. LLOYD E.. Dallas KOKAS. ROSE KATHERINE. Bellaire KONCEWICZ. ANNA HELEN. Dallas KONVICKA. LINDA MARIE. Austin KOVICH. JAMIE J . Dallas KRIZOV. CLAIR ELIZABETH. Austin KROST. MICHAEL DAVID. Houston 554 Juniors KRUMHOLZ. MIRA PEARL. Houston KUBIAK. DENNIS JAMES. Austin KUEBLER. JOHN ADAM. Pasadena KUNTSCHIK. DAVID ROUSE. Dallas KURTZ. DAVID MARCUS. Dallas KYLE. DOROTHY ANN. San Antonio LAIT. LINDA SUE. El Paso LANCASTER. DEBORAH JANE. San Antonio LANE. ROBERT ROY. Dallas LARUE. JAMES KEITH, Baytown LATCHAM. FREDERICK CHARLES. Beeville LAZA. RANDALL JOE. Enms LEE. DONALD WEI. Houston LEE MARY SUSAN Austin LEE. NANCY YUKYIN. Houston LEE. TIMOTHY DE. Kansas City MO LEROUX. PHILLIP EDMOND. Argyle LEVELL. EDWARD FRANK. Dallas LEVINE. ROBERT LLOYD. Corpus Chnsti LEWIS. DAVID WYNN. Gonzales LEWIS GAY SUZANNE Austin LEWIS. WILLIAM THOMPSON. Indianola MS LICHTY. LINDA MARIE. Colorado Springs CO LIEDTKE. CADELL SMITH. Houston LIESMAN. BRUCE DAVID. Cuero LIMMER ALLYNN GAY Flint LINEBACK. CAROL ANN. Austin LIPKIN SONDRA ANN Dallas LIPSCOMB. BARBARA JANE. Pasadena LISKA PAMELA KATHrlRINE. Karnes City LITTLE. CAROL LYNNE. Fort Worth LITTLEFIELD. SUZANNE BROOKS. Austin LODOWSKI. JOHN WILLIAM. Dallas LOGHRY. SUSAN LYNNE. Rockport LOGSDON. FAITH BELOVSKY. Austin LOHR BETH CHRISTINE Garland LONGINO. GREGORY LLOYD. Corsicana LOOMANS KIM ADAIR. Austin LORIMER. PAUL MICHAEL. Orange LOVEN. PATRICIA ANN. San Antonio JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS LOVETT. ANN. Seguin LOWE. SANDRA ELAINE. Austin LOZANO. ALMA ROSA. Laredo LOZANO. YOLANDA DEE. Austin LUCAS RICHARD MARTIN JR , Berclair LUEDECKE. NEWTON ARTHUR JR.. Austin LUMB KAREN KAY Houston LUSKEY. MIKE A.. Fort Worth LUTZ. CYNTHIA DAWNN. Midland LYNCH. ELINOR MARTHA Seabrook LYON. VICKI JO. Dallas MAESE. JOSE HUMBERTO. El Paso MAHAFFEY. LORRAINE. Houston MAHRER WILLIAM L Greenville MAJORS. FRANCES SUZANNE. San Antonio MALONE. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH. Dallas MANAHAN PATRICIA ANN. Austin MANN. DOUGLAS EDWARD. Houston MANSELL. ROBERT DUDLEY. Houston MAPLES KAY FRANCES. Dallas MARLATT. ROCKY LAWSON. Austin MARSH. DON WESLEY. Burleson MARSHALL. GARY NEAL. Baytown MARTELL. EILEEN BETH. Yonkers NY MARTER. NANCY LOU. Houston MARTIN. JAMES ALAN. Wichita Falls MARTIN. ROBERT GRISHAM. Angleton MARTIN. ROSE ANN Dallas MARTINEZ. GILBERT. Brownsville MARTINEZ IRMA LYDIA McAllen MASSEY. BARBARA LYNN. Fort Worth MATA. FRANCES G Brownsville MATCEK. GEORGE WILSON. Houston MATHENY. CRAIG LAWRENCE. Bedford MATHEWS. PHILLIP DWAYNE. Amanllo MATTESON. JAMES PAUL. Texas City MATTHEW. TERRI LYNN. Yoakum MATTHYS. SHERL ANN Wharton MAURY. CAROL AUGUSTA. Houston MCATEE. MEREDITH ANN. San Antonio MCAULEY. ANDRYA FAITH. Corpus Christi MCAVOY. MARY KAY. Dumas MCBRIDE. MARILYNN. Dickinson MCCAULEY. KATHLEEN ANN. Houston MCCLASKEY. EVITA SUZANNE. Goliad MCCLAUGHERTY. KATHLEEN. San Antonio MCCOY. MARY NEIL. Houston MCCULLOCH. MARK REYNOLDS. Dallas Juniors 555 MCCUNE. MURRAY DAVIS Tulsa OK MCDONALD. ELIZABETH LARKIN. Austin MCDONALD. EVAN EDWARD Portland MCFADDEN. DEBORAH LYNN. Fort Worth MCFARLAND. MICHAEL ALLEN. Austin MCGARRY. MARGARET MARY, New Orleans LA MCGEE. PATTI LOU. Lockhart MCILHANY. JULIANA. San Antonio MCKINLEY. MELANIE LORA. Pearsall MCKINLEY. THERESA LORENA. Uvalde MCKNIGHT. CATHERINE MARIE. Fort Davis MCLEMORE. DENISE. Irving MCLEROY. KATHLEEN. Gainesville MCMICHAEL. JAMES WAYNE. Houston MCMILLON, STEVEN LEE. DeKalb MCMULLEN. WADE HAMPTON. Fort Worth MCPHERSON. JOHN COOK. Fort Worth MCRAE. MARGARET ANN. Houston MEALER. MELISSA ANN. Fort Worth MEANS. GERRY ANN. Denison MECHLER. DIANA KATHERINE. Anchorage AL MENCHACA. LYDIA. Donna MENDOZA. RUBEN. Laredo MENENDEZ. JOSEFINA MARIA. Terrell MERTZ. MARILYN KATHERINE San Angelo METZGER. KAREN ELIZABETH. Dallas MEYER. CATHERINE LOUISE. San Antonio MEYER. CYNTHIA LYNN. Port Arthur MEYER. JANELLE. Baytown MEYER. SHARON ANN, Hondo MEYERSON. MICHAEL HARRIS. San Antonio MICOCCI. PAUL ANGELO. Houston MILLER. DENNIS LYNN. Austin MILLER. SHERALYN O ' HARA. Dallas MOI. LYNN DIANE. Dallas MOKRY. SCOTT JOSEPH, Taylor MOODY. DEBORAH LEIGH. Waco MOORE. PAUL STEPHEN. Austin MOORE. TED LEE, Van Alstyne MOOREHAED. DEBORAH DARLENE. Garland JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS Jl MORAN. SUSAN CAROL. Fort Worth MORGAN. GARY CHARLES. San Antonio MORGAN. MARK LLOYD, Andrews MORGAN. MARY KATHERINE Austin MORRIS. BURKE WESLEY. El Paso MORRIS. LINDA LOUISE. Dallas MORRISON. JUDITH ANN. Houston MORTON. CATHY. Garland MOY. ROBERT KANADA. San Antonio MULCIHY. CASEY THOMAS. Freeport MUNCEY. TOM ALLEN. Houston MUNIR. PATRICIA SUE. Euless MURRAY. LUCY AILEEN. Houston MURRAY. NANCY JEANNE. Greenville MURRY. DULSE LAKAYE. Tyler MYERS. LAWRENCE RICHARD. Houston MYRICK, JANA DEE. McCamey NAWROCKI. LYNN BARBARA. Houston NEAL. DEBORAH LYNN Waco NEGRON. ELIZABETH, Donna NELSON. HELEN DALE. Houston NELSON. VICKI LYNN. Greenville NEMKY. CAROL JEAN. San Antonio NETHERTON. NANCY KATRINA. Austin NEUMANN. LILY. Brownsville NICHOLS. ANTHONY ALAN, Arlington NICHOLS. RENEE LYNN. Scottsboro AL NICHOLSON. WILLIAM HENRY. Tyler NIEMANN. LINDA LEE. Austin NIESNER. HELEN MARIE. Austin NIPPER. DIANA LYNN. Iowa Park NOLAND. MARY ANN. San Antonio NORTHINGTON. DIANA LYNN, Midland NOTON. ELAINE. Austin NUNEZ. GONZALO FRANCISCO. Austin NUNGESSER. LISA GAIL, San Antonio OATMAN. DAVID CLARK. Austin OBERWORTMANN. ANNE ELIZABETH. Danville IL O ' CONNELL. PATRICK JOHN. Houston O ' HARA. RICHARD MICHAEL Dallas OKSNER. LESLYE RAE, Dallas OLIVEIRA. DAVID GEORGE. Brownsville OLIVER, JANE MARIE, Dallas OLIVER, SARAH. ANN, Groesbeck OLIVER. WILLIAM RICHARD. Junction ORLER, KAREN GRATIA. Houston OROZCO. IRMA STELLA. Cuero OSWALD. JANICE GAIL. Houston 556 Juniors OTTMANN. JEFFRY DONALD. Midland PAAPE. CATHERINE ANN, Houston PACIOTTI. CATHERINE C.. Corpus Christ! PACK. CATHERINE ANN. Pasadena PAGET-CLARKE. JANE. Houston PALMER, DEBORAH LYNNE. Lawton OK PARADOSKI, CONNIE JANE. Houston PARKS. SANDRA LEIGH. San Antonio PARMA. MICHAEL JOSEPH. San Antonio PARNELL. JOAN WADE. Houston PARSLEY SHARON STRAKE. Houston PARSONS. BETTY SUSAN. Georgetown PARSONS. GEORGE THOMAS III. Houston PASENHOFER. JAN ELLEN, San Antonio PATE. GINA LOUISE. Gainesville PATTERSON. ELLEN JEAN. Houston PATTERSON. MARY MIGNETTE, Austin PATTON. ELIZABETH MARIE. Baytown PAYNE. REBECCA LYNN. Enid OK PEARSON, GARY PINKNEY, Houston PECORE. RICHARD BRUCE. Spring PEDROZA. BERTHA ANNA El Paso PEEPLES. CLAYTON. KERLIN. Corpus Christi PEIFFER. MICHAEL STEVEN. Houston PENCE. TERRY ALLEN, Austin PENDERGRAS. SHARON LYNN. Austin PENNER. TERRY DUANE. Alvin PENNINGTON. PAUL LEE, Houston PEREZ. CELESTE ANNE. San Diego PERKINS. PATRICIA KAY. Pasadena PERKINS. THOMAS ALVIN, Huntsville AL PERRYMAN. MARION LESLIE. Houston PETERS. TRIXIE JOY. Georgetown PETERSON. ELAYNE MARIE. Austin PETTY. RANEY DALE. Victoria PFEFFER. KIRK MATTHEW. Houston PFISTER. DANIEL JAMES, Wayne PA PHAGAN. REBECCA ARLEEN. Fort Worth PHILLIPS, REBECCA LOU. Springfield MO PHILLIPS. MARVIN STANLEY. Portland NIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS PHILLIPS. TOMMY JO. Texarkana PICKETT. SHARON ANNE. Dallas PIKE. DIANNE. San Antonio PIPPIN. ROBERT LEE. Haskell PIRTLE. ROBERT SHERWOOD. Tyler PITTARD. ROBERT CHRISTAN. El Paso PITTMAN. KENNETH EDWIN. Dallas PLYLER. PHILLIP DANIEL JR.. San Antonio POOLE. RICHARD DEAN. Austin POSEY. DEBRA KAYE. Dallas POTETZ. THERESA ANNE. Liberty POTTER. JOHN RICHARD. Amarillo POTTER. NANCY. Longview POWELL. DANA MICHAEL. Austin POWELL. KATHLEEN P.. Dallas POWER. JOHN MICHAEL. Brownsville POWERS. GREGORY B.. Austin POWERS. MARY LOUISE. Austin POWERS. MICHAEL NEIL. Hurst PREWETT. JAMES MARCUS. Corpus Christi PRICE. NEIL MORGAN. Gonzales PRICE. RICHARD BROOKE, Oklahoma City OK PRICE. SYLVIA. Houston PRICE. WALTER REID. San Antonio PRINCE. JAMES MCDADE. Austin PRUITT. WILLIAM EARL. Houston PUMPHREY. HOLLY LYNN. Fort Worth QUINN. FRANK DAY, Laredo RAIN, CATHY ANN. Houston RAMON. GEORGE LUIS. McAllen RAMOS. MARGARITA ANNA. Dallas RANDOLPH. MELISSA LYN. Humble RANKIN. THOMAS STEPHEN C.. Longview RANLY. LARRY JAMES. Corpus Christi RASCHKE. FRED DAVID. Lubbock RASCO. MARSHAL ELIZABETH. Austin RAY. NELADENE GAIL. La Marque READ. MERRYLYN SHERESE. Galveston READ. SUSAN CAROL. Houston REED. EVA LAURIE. Austin REICHSTEIN. KAREN SUE. Galveston REIK. SUSAN LYNN. Dallas REILLY. MARY HOPE. Houston REILLY, SUSAN WEBB. McLean VA REIMAN. REBECCA ANN. Austin RENTFRO. DANIEL LINDSAY JR.. Brownsville REVES. DAVID CARROLL. Houston REYNOLDS. TIMOTHY HORMEL, Temple Juniors 557 RHODES. LONNIE DALE JR.. Elizabethtown KY RHODES. TIMOTHY MARK. Midland RICE. GLORIA IRENE. Dallas RICHARDS. CATHI LEE. Fort Worth RICHARDSON. JAMES FARMER. Dallas RICHARDSON. KATHERINE DEE. Fort Worth RIDDLE. CATHERINE BARRINGTON. Houston RIEFSTAHL. JAN MARIE. Barnngton IL RIEWE. BERYL JEANINE. Dallas RIGGS. ELIZABETH ANN. Houston RILLING. DAVID CHARLES. San Antonio RINKOFF. ALEXIS LENORE. Houston RIOS. JUAN HONORATO. Goodrich RIOS RAUL Hondo RIPPY. JAMES RICHARD. Midland ROACH. BRUCE DEE. Arlington ROBERTS. ELIZABETH ANN. Dallas ROBERTS. PATRICIA ALICE. Dallas ROBERTSON. NANCY LOUISA. Burnet ROBLES. KAREN DARLENE. Seguin ROCHELLE. LAURA ELIZABETH. Texarkana ROCKELMANN. DIANE FRANCES Alamo ROCKETT. PEARSON L. JR.. Dallas RODGERS. RAYMOND SAFFELL. Amanllo ROESSLER. NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston ROMAN MARK EVAN Dallas ROMERO. ANNETTE LOUISE. Houston ROOSEVELT. EDITH A. Galveston ROSENBLOOM. JUDY LEE. Houston ROSENBLUM. HOWARD WALDER. Bogalusa LA ROSINBAUM. LARRY WAYNE. Baytown ROTHE. GAIL ELIZABETH. D ' Hanis RUBIN. ALAN JAY. Dallas RUIZ. ROBERT JOE. Texas City RUSSELL. BYRON CHARLES. Sherman RYBERG. MELANIE S.. Houston SABRSULA, DEBRA LYNN. Simonton SALAS. VINCENT JOEL. El Paso SALDIVAR, JAVIER GODOY. Corpus Christi SALINAS. RAUL VARGAS. Uvalde JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS SALINAS. RICHARD. Austin SAMPSON. DEMETRIS AQUILLA. Center SANCHEZ. DAVID PEREZ. Corpus Christi SANCHEZ. JOSEPHINE. Corpus Christi SANDOLOSKI. LEE ROBERT. Dallas SAUSTRUP. NIELS VILHELM. Austin SCHAEFER. STEPHEN LANGTON Houston SCHERER. JOHN EDWIN. Midland SCHERO. ROBERT JOE JR.. San Antonio SCHIFFEL. FRANK JR.. San Francisco CA SCHLEUNING. THOMAS LEE. San Antonio SCHNEIDER. DAVID V.. College Station SCHRAMM ADINA MICHELLE. Chesterfield MO SCHUETZ, ANDRE CHRISTIAN. San Antonio SCHUMANN SUSAN JEANNINE. New Braunfels SCHULTZ. JONATHAN D.. Dickinson SCHWARTZ. LAURA JEANNE. Austin SCOTT. DAVID MILTON. Mineral Wells SCOTT. RENE ELIZABETH. San Angelo SCUDDAY. VALERIE LAURA. Spring SEGAL, ELYSE SHARON. Houston SEKULA. SHERRY LIN. San Antonio SEMKE. JANIE LOU. Richardson SHANNON. REBEKAH LYNNE. Dallas SHARON. DONNIE GENE. Houston SHAW. BRYAN ROBERT Austin SHEFFIELD. DEBRA LYNNE. San Antonio SHEPPERD. DAVID ALAN, Longview SHERMAN. ELIZABETH ANN. Dallas SHIELDS. SARAH MARGARET. Abilene SHILSTONE. HERBERT MAX. Houston SHIPMAN. DRU ANN. Paris SHOPTAW. DEBRA LYNN Houston SHOTTS. GALEN KEITH. Austin SIEGEL. MERRILL DREW. Dallas SILVA. WILLIAM ARTHUR. Austin SILVERMAN. DWIGHT L.. Corpus Christi SIMMONS. SUSAN ANNETTE. Piano SIMON. MARY ELIZABETH. Fort Worth SIMS. EVELYN PAULETTE. San Antonio SIMS. SUZANNE FRANCES. San Antonio SINGER. JUDITH ANNE. La Place LA SIPES. TERESA GAIL. Longview SITTERIE. JILLANA CELESTE. Houston SLATOR. DOROTHY STEVENSON. Houston SMITH. CARLTON DEAN. Round Mountain SMITH. EILEEN MARIE. Houston SMITH. MARION LOUISE. Houston 558 Juniors SMITH. MARY ELIZABETH. Dallas SMITH. PATRICIA GAYLE. Sadler SMITH. WALLY D . Houston SOUS. MARY ELIZABETH. San Antonio SORRELL. ADRIAN LLOYD. San Antonio SOUSARES. JUDY KATHRYN. Austin SPAIN. DONALD PENNINGTON. Houston SPALDING. JUDITH MARIE. San Antonio SPEARS. MARY ELEANOR. Denison SPEIGHTS. LOIS ELIZABETH. Houston SPENCER. CHARLES FORD. Austin SPENCER. STEPHEN WATSON Austin STANBERY. MARGARET JANE. Houston STANCIL. KAREN ELAINE. San Antonio STARK, PETER MARK. Garland STARTZ. JOHN DAVID. Groves STEIN. DEBRA KAY. Houston STEINBERG. DEBRA GAIL. Dallas STEINFELD. ROBERT HOWARD. Dallas STEMBRIDGE. ANN CAROL. Gilmer STEPHENS. KING S JR .. Galveston STEPHENS. WALTER DAVID. Lutkm STERN. PAUL ALBERT. Austin STEVENS. EVELYN GAYE. Fort Lauderdale FL STEVENS. SHEILA KAY. Dallas STEWARD. SHERRY LYNN. Florissant MO STEWART. HELEN DOROTHY Humble STEWART. HOLLY PATRICIA. San Antonio STOLLE. MAUREEN CARMEN. Houston STRANGE. DANIEL BOWORE. Dallas STRIBLING. CHARLES BRADFORD. Austin STRICKHAUSEN. LISA EVANS. Corpus Christi SUAREZ. PETER MARLIN JR.. Bedford SUFFREDINI. TERESA PAULINE. Corpus Christi SULLIVAN. LINDA KAY. Everman SULLIVAN. THEODORE DAVID. Pasadena SUMMERS. DIANA GAIL. San Angelo SUMNER. RHONDA JEAN. Carrollton SUTTON. BARBARA JANE. Bartlesville OK SWANSON. SUZIE. Houston JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS SWENSEN. CHERYL JEAN. Pearland SWOPE RANDALL LAMOYNE. San Antonio TAGGART. MICHAEL H.. Austin TAIT. MARGARET ANN. Houston TALLEY. KATHERINE ANNE. Redondo Beach CA TANBERG. SALLY LEE. Harlingen TAYLOR. KAREN LYNNE. Arlington TAYLOR. PAMELA ANN. Garland TAYLOR. TERRY JEAN. Marshall TAYLOR. WILMA JEAN. Corpus Christi TEAGUE. SHERRY ANNETTE. Spring TEEL. JAMES CECIL JR.. Huntmgton Beach CA TELLECHEA. ILEANA ROSA. Dallas TENNISON. JIL MAURY, Fort Worth TEVIS. SUSAN MARIE. Houston THOMAS. GLADYS EDNA. San Antonio THOMAS. LARRY LEON Garland THOMPSON. BARTT GREGORY. Fort Worth THOMPSON. SHIRYL LOUISE. Fort Worth THOMSEN. SANDRA ELOISE. San Antonio THRASH. ROBERT LEE JR., Sugar Land THREET. JOHN THOMAS. Fort Worth TILLMAN. SHARON KAY. Dayton TINDALL. JOHN SCOTT. Fort Worth TINNEY. CORLIS MARIE. Austin TIPPIN. WALTER LEE. El Paso TIPTON. JOHN DAVID. Houston TOBOLOWSKY. MYRA. Dallas TOBOLOWSKY. TED NATHAN Dallas TOLLES. JAMES R. JR.. Houston TOVAR. JOSE LUIS. Donna TRAMPE. KIMBERLY ANN. Louisville KY TRDY. MICHAEL JOHN. Cameron TREVINO. YVONNE FLORES. Corpus Christi TRICOLI. CARL JOHN. San Antonio TRIMBLE. THOMAS A.. Jacksonville TRIMARCHI. GREGORY C Galveston TUBE. NANCY CATHRYNE. Houston TUFFLY. LESLIE MARIE. Houston TUMULTY. KAREN EMILY. San Antonio TURBEVILLE, MARY JAYNE. Dallas TURPIN. KATHRYN LEE. Corpus Christi TUSA. NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston TYLER. TRACI JO. Fort Worth UMSTATTD. HALE BREMOND. Austin VADEN. FLOYD LEONARD III. Corpus Christi VAN DE WALLE. VINCENT DOUGLAS. San Antonio VANEK. ZOE ELLEN. Austin Juniors 559 VAUGHAN. DONNA GAYLE. Dallas VELAZCO. SYLVANA C.. Corpus Christi VERTREES. MARIANNE. Austin VEST. JANET MARIE, Houston VIGNESS. RICHARD M.. Lubbock VOLLERS. JAMES MICHAEL, Austin VON BLON. MICHAEL PHILLIP Houston VORTMANN. KATHRYN ANN. Austin WAGNER. MARIAN JOHNSON. Corpus Christi WAHNE. JANICE SOPHIE. Elmendorf WALCIK RANDOLPH WILLIAM Angleton WALDROP, ROBERT RUSH. Tyler WALKER JEFFERSON JAMES. Brownsville WALL. CAROLINE PATRICIA. Houston WALLACE. LISA DEANE. Montgomery WALSH. JON ROBERT, San Antonio WALSH. SUSAN BIANCA. New York NY WALTON KERRY WANYE. Humble WALVOORD. DAVID KEITH. Garland WANTA JACQUELINE MARY. Houston WATKINS. CORINNE ELIZABETH. Austin WATTS DEBRA GAIL. Galveston WATTS. SARAH SPENCE. Houston WEEMS. SHERRY. Houston WELDER. AMOS GLENN III. Austin WEST. JAYNE ELAINE, Austin WESTON, CAROL ANN. Harlmgen WHEAT. PHYLLIS ELOISE. Houston WHITE, DIANNE ELIZABETH. Dallas WHITE. LESA CAROL. Houston WHITE, SHARON LYNN. Van WHITED. THOMAS FRANCIS. Austin WHITELEY. MICHAEL AUSTIN. Killeen WHITLOCK. PAMELA DEANE. Buda WILBURN. MARCIA SUSAN. Fort Worth WILKERSON. JENNIFER RAY. Tyler WILKINS. AMY KAY. Houston WILKINS. MARC WINSTON. Houston WILLCOCKSON. WILLIAM STUART. Dallas WILLIAMS. ANN GERTRUDE, Garwood JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS WILLIAMS BARBARA JANN Austin WILLIAMS. CYNTHIA ANNE, Baytown WILLIAMS, EDMUND P, IV, Corpus Christi WILLIAMS. KELVIE LEE. Austin WILKINSON. DEBORAH ANNE. Seabrook WILLARD. MARY BETH. Henderson WILLIAMS. PEGGY JANE. Buna WILLIAMS. SHARON KAY, San Antonio WILLIAMS. STEPHANIE KETHLEY. Austin WILLMAN, ADANA TERESA. Austin WILLMAN. DANA STEVEN. Lorena WILSON. BARBARA DENISE, Austin WILSON. BILLY WAYNE. Houston WILSON. GARY MARK. Austin WILSON. JULIE MARGARET, Dallas WINCHELL. LORI LOUISE. Garland WINFREY. LAURA LILLIAN. Somerville TN WISRODT LU ANNE Galveston WOLF. BEVERLY CAROLE. Rosebud WOOD. MARIANNE Houston WOOD. MARTHA RUTH. Alvm WOODS, PAMELA ANN. Fort Worth WOODWARD. LINDA ANN. Houston WOODWARD. SARAH KATHRYN. New Braunfels WOOLSEY, LAURA LYNN. Austin WOOMER. TERRI LYNN. Longview WORDEN. ELIZABETH ANN, Alice WORLEY. DAVID S. III. San Antonio WORMSER. LEONARD VANCE. Lafayette LA WORTHAM. JAMES MASON. Fort Worth WREN. MICHAEL ALAN. Lexington WRIGHT. GEOFFREY LEE. Amanllo WUSTRAU. PATRICIA ANN. Austin WYATT. MICHAEL GORDON. Galveston WYLIE. BRADLEY LEON. Austin WYLIE. KATHLEEN LOUISE, Austin YARBROUGH. STEPHEN JAMES. Houston YEAGER. RANDALL KEITH, Vernon YOCHUM. JOHN ROBERT. Houston YOUNG, SHARON E . Dallas YOUNG. STEPHEN CLAUDE. New Boston ZAMORA. ROLANDO KEY. Brownsville ZAMUTT. MARK STEVEN Dallas ZAREMBA, CHERYL ANN. Austin ZEGLIN. ROSANNE ELIZABETH. Baytown ZIEHE. RANDALL MARK. Austin ZIKES. ZANA ANN. Bryan ZIMMERHANZEL, LAWRENCE D . Smithvilk 560 Juniors ZLOTNIK. TERRY, El Campo ZUNKER, SHEREE LOU, San Antonio ZWIENER, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, Austin INIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS HIM Juniors 561 ABELL. PHILLIP MICHAEL. Dallas ABRAHAM. LEIGH ANN. Baton Rouge LA ADAMS. DONNA ELIZABETH. Houston ADAMS. FREDERICK SHIELDS JR.. Dallas ADLER. BARRY ALAN Tulsa OK AIKEN. ROBERT CODY. Houston AIUVALASIT. JOHN WILLIAM Houston AKIN. JOHN STEWART, Dallas ALBERT. JAMES YALE. Omaha NE ALBRIGHT. TERESA LYNN. Corpus Christi ALLDAY. KATHERINE ANNE. Midland ALLEN. HENRY KIPER JR.. Temple ALLEN. SCOTT HAMLIN. Carrolton MO ALTWEIN. SHARON ANNE. Houston AMES. JOHN YOUNG. San Antonio ANDERSON, GLENNA SUZETTE. Dallas ANDERSON, MARY ALICE. Austin ANDERSON. MARY ANN. Brownfield ANDREWS. CAROL JEAN. Austin ANDREWS. JONTHY ELIZABETH. Austin ANDREWS, REGINA CAROL. Fort Worth ARCHER. LINDA SUSAN Houston ARMSTRONG. JOYCE MADELYN. Austin ARNETT. PHILIP DARWIN. Lufkin ARNOLD. ALICE BINTLIFF. Houston ASHTON, PATRICIA ANN. Fort Worth ATKINSON. LACY CLAIRE. Pasadena ATSINGER. TERRY LYNN. Houston ATTERIDG. BARBARA JOAN. Houston AVANT. JIM FORREST. Dilley AVANT. SARA SUE. Dallas AVARY. SARAH ANN. San Angelo AVIS. PATRICIA PEARL. Houston AYDAM. GENEVIEVE MARIE Houston AYARS. DAVID ALAN. Austin AYERS. JAMES STEPHEN. Holdrege NE BACCHUS. ROCKNEY D.. Georgetown BAILEY. WILLIAM EDWARD. Fort Worth BAILIFF. REBECCA ANN. Fort Worth BAKER. CAROL SUE. McKinney BAKER. DOUGLAS WILLIAM. Baytown BALBOA, i ROSE ELIZABETH. Austin BALCH. DEAN MATTHEW. Wichita Falls BALDERAS, DANIEL JR.. San Antonio BALDWIN. MARILYN, Longview BANKHEAD. STACY RENEE. Carthage BARKER. KIT EVE. Fort Worth BARNARD. BRIAN DUVAL. Hobbs NM BARNETT, PATRICIA ANN. Bowie BARNEY. TERRENCE EUGENE, Austin BARR. SHARON DIANNE. Austin BARR. THOMAS BRIAN. Houston BARRIENTOS. JOSEPH JESSE JR.. Laredo BASQUINE. DORIS ANN. Beaumont SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES r Nu Sfc , I m It v F BASSE. SUSAN HERTHA, Fredencksburg BEARD. BONNIE MARIE. Beaumont BEASLEY. KEVIN MICHEAL. San Antonio BEAVERS. ELIZABETH KNOX. Baytown BECK. ALEC F.. Austin BECK. CARLA SUE. Dallas BECK. LORELEI. San Angelo BEDRICK. BARBARA ANN. Kaufman BEESON. LAURETTE HARMON. Houston BEGIEN. CAROLYN ELIZABETH. Houston BEHRENS. ANDREA JOY. Pasadena BEISMAN, MARY ZONA. Richardson BENTSEN. ELIZABETH. J. Houston BERGEL. FELIX, Venezuela BERGSTROM. RUSSELL WARREN. El Campo BERNSTEIN. CAROL JO. Wharton BERNSTEIN. HOPE ELLEN. Dallas BERRONES. EVA LAMAR. Dilley BERRY. SUSAN PULITZER, New Orleans LA BETCHER. JONATHAN ROBERT, Dallas SETTLE. JEROME ORD. Austin BEYER. MARJORIE JO. Houston BIDERMAN. SUSAN ELAINE. Dallas BING. MARTHA. Katy BISHOP THEODORE ARTHUR III. Texas City BISHOP. WILLIAM DAVID, Houston BISKAMP. WILLIAM TAYLOR. Dallas BISNO. EDWARD JAY. Memphis TN BLACK. SUSAN ADELE. Harlingen BLACK, THOMAS EUGENE JR.. Wichita KS BLAHA GARY ARTHUR. Houston BLAIR. DEANE ARLEA, San Antonio BLAKEY. BRENDA JAMIE. Worthington OH BLANCHARD. JOHN BEN. Austin BLEVINS. WILLIAM CLARK JR.. Duncanville BLUM. LYNDA EILEEN, Dallas BLUNT. LYNN. Houston BOATRIGHT. PATSY ANN. Fort Worth BODZIN MARK BRIAN. Dallas BOLDT. ROBIN DENISE. San Antonio BOND, WILLIAM RICHARD. Dallas BORMASTER. SCOTT EVAN. Houston BORREGO. CAROLINA D.. Houston BOTELLO. REBECCA TONI. Corpus Christi BOUCHARD, DENISE L.. Houston Sophomores 563 BOWMAN. TAYLOR RASK. Dallas BOYD. JULIA ELIZABETH, San Antonio BOYD. RONALD WAYNE. Corpus Christ! BOYD. THOMAS ENOCH JR.. West Texas City BRADDOCK. SUSAN LYNN. Dallas BRADFORD, EUGENE WHALEY. Austin BRADSHAW. LESLIE GLENN. Austin BRAGG. DEBORAH KAY. Arlington BRANDT. DEANNA MARIE. Wichita Falls BRAZELTON. JANE. Austin BREEN, KATHRYN JOAN. Denton BREWER. CHARLES ROLAND. Austin BROCK. JAMES MICHAEL. New Boston BROCK. LISA ANN. Midland BROCKETT. ELIZABETH JANE. Elm Mott BROOKS, CYNTHIA GAY. Dallas BROOKS, MARK WAYNE, Belton BROOKS. WILLIAM E., Dallas BROUN, ELIZABETH CLARE. Houston BROWN. DEBRA ELAINE. Odessa BROWN. ELIZABETH ANN, Corsicana BROWN. FISHER WELLS III. Dallas BROWN. JOANN PRISCILLA. Austin BROWN. LARRY STEVEN. Austin BROWN. LORIE. Dallas BROWN. SHARON ANN. Katy BROWN. SUSAN MARIE. Arlington BROWN, TERESA JO, Houston BRUCE, LESLIE KAREN. Corpus Christi BRUNEMAN, STEVEN WALTER, Dallas BUCHHOLZ. BRAD ROBERT. Houston BUCHANAN, KAREN JEAN, Oenton BUCKLEY. PATRICK CHRISTOPHER. Del Rio BUDNEK, LESLIE KAY. Orange BULLARD, THOMAS LUCAS. San Antonio BURCH. DAVID RANDALL. Houston BURNS. MARYLYN D.. La Marque BURROUGHS. WANDA LYNELL. Dallas BURSON, JEAN ALLYSE, Canyon Lake BURROUGHS, CHARLENE CATHERINE El Paso BURRUS. CONSTANCE ANNE. Dallas BUS, VERONICA ANN, Del Rio CABALLERO. JOHN MANUEL. Austin CABALLERO-PEREZ. HECTOR JAVIER Laredo CAGLE. MICHAEL WAYNE, Waco CALDWELL, BRENT RANDOLPH, Austin CAMERON, JOHN THOMAS Amarillo CAMP. DEBORAH YVONNE, Houston CAMP. STEVEN SCOTT. Temple CAMPBELL, BRETT CARLTON, Dallas CAMPBELL, MICHAEL MASON, Gretna LA CAMPBELL. TERRI DENISE. Garland CAMPBELL. THOMAS LEE. Amarillo CANADA. MEREDITH LYNETTE. Woodville SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOP CONGELOSI. MARY KATHERINE. Stafford CANTU. ROSE DIANE. Corpus Christi CARDENAL. BERNARDO. Nicaragua CARGILE. PAULA ANN, Austin CARLE. ROBIN LYNN, Houston CARLOCK. NANCYE MARIE, Corsicana CARMINATI. DIANE. Montague CARMONA. MICHAEL RAYE. Galveston CARPENTER. KATHERINE GAIL. Dallas CARR. KATHRINE SHARLENE. Conroe CARRASCO. BRENDA. Brownsville CARRIER. ERIC DALE. Austin CARRILLO. ALICE DENISE. San Antonio CARROLL, ROGER GREG. Garland CARTER. KATHLYN CONE. Tyler CARTER. STEPHEN BERT. Austin CASHION. JOYCE EVELYN. College Station CASKEY. GORDON RAYMOND. Beaumont CASON. NELDA CREED. Van Alstyne CASSEB. JOHN BERTETTI. San Antonio CASTILLE. EMILY ANN. Houston CATT. MARILYN. El Paso CATO. TWYLA KYLE. Vernon CEDERBERG. JUDITH ANN. Richardson CHACON. YSELA JACQUES. El Paso CHAFFIN. DONNA JEAN. Austin CHANEY. CAROL ELAINE. Dallas CHAPIN, DAVID EMMETT. Houston CHAPMAN. PATTON CHASTAIN. Dallas CHAPMAN. THADDEUS BOSWELL. Fort Worth CHARLES. JANET ILEAN. San Antonio CHATAS. KATHERINE LUCIA. Houston CHAVARRIA. CRUZ T.. Dallas CHESTER. TRACY ANN, McAllen CHEW. STEPHEN LINN. Dallas CHIMENE. JULIUS BAUM. Houston CHISM. SHARITTA GALE. Dallas CHRISENBERRY. STEVEN ERNEST. Houston CHRISTMAN. GEOFFREY LEE. Universal City CLAPSADDLE. CATHERINE SCHARFF. San Antonio CLARK, MADELINE N . Beaumont CLARK. MARK ADRIAN. New Braunfels CLARK. NORMA JEAN. Galveston CLAWSON. MARK ROBERT. Houston CLAY. ROBIN LYNN. El Paso 564 Sophomores ft ' " V ' V " CLAYTON, WILLIAM DAVID. El Paso CLEARMAN. LYNETTE LEA, Hereford CLEMENTS. LYDIA BELLE. Allen CLINE. CAROLYN RUTH. Garland CLOUSE. DONNA JEAN, Boerne COFFEY. MICHAEL ANDERSON, Houston COHEN. DEBORAH LOU. Jackson MS COKER. TINA GLYN. Baytown COLES. JAMES ERNEST. Dallas COLLIE, CAROL SUSAN. Beaumont COLLINS, DENISE JEAN. Fort Worth CONE, BRENDA RAYE. Fort Worth CONKLING. RUSSELL CLARENCE. Tomball CONLEY. KAREN SUE. Fort Worth CONNER. LOIS ANN, Silsbee CONTRERAS. JEANNETTE DORIS. Austin CONWELL. MARVILYN KAY. Dallas COOK. CONNIE GAIL. Texas City COOK. JOHN CARLTON, Beaumont COOK, NINA JO. Dallas COONER. MICHAEL WARREN, Vernon COOPER. THOMAS MOSELEY. Groves COPE. CARL EDWARD, Wallis COPELAND, MARTHA E., Houston CORNETT, DAVID WAYNE, Amarillo CORRIGAN. MARY KIMBERLY. San Antonio COVERT. GARYBETH. Austin COVINGTON. MARGARET ANNE. Port Arthur COWLING. LUTHER FOREST JR.. Houston COWLING. REBECCA ANN, Kermit CRAFT. SHERYL BERNICE. Austin CRAIN. STEPHEN LAWRENCE, Austin CRAVENS, VALERIE ANN. Taylor CRAWFORD. BARRY HILL. Dallas CRAWFORD. CATHRYN LACY. Galveston CRAWFORD. DEBORAH JOYCE. San Antonio CRAWFORD. KIMBERLY ANN. Kermit CREEDEN. CAROLINE HERRISE. San Antonio CRIER. JACK RURICK. Austin CROSBY, DOUGLAS RAY. Richardson CROSSON. DOUGLAS ROBERT. Houston CROW, JUDSON ANTHONY, Dallas CROWELL. BENSON MCLANE. Houston CROWLEY, CLAUDIA E., Fort Worth CRUZ. AGUSTIN. La Feria CUENOD. DIANE MARIE. Houston CULP. CATHERINE SIGNE, Midland CUMBIE. MARY CAROLINE. Beaumont CUNNINGHAM, DAVID P., Universal City CURINGTON, EVE CATHERINE. Portland CURLIN. LOREZ BARBARA. El Paso CURRAN, COLLEEN GEORGIANNA, Baytown CURRAN. MICHAEL JAMES. Dallas CURTIS, CYNTHIA ANNE. Houston ORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES DACY. DAVID WAYNE. Austin DANIEL. JAMES ROBERT. Brownsville DANIEL. RAUL DAVID, Pharr DANIELS, KENNETH ESTES JR.. Austin DANZ. CYNTHIA GAIL. Austin DARBY. DIANE ELIZABETH. Lake Jackson DARDEN, JUANITA HARTENCE. Houston DARLING. ANN DAREE. Mobile AL DARR, KATHLEEN ANNE, Houston DAVENPORT, BECKY LYNN. Midland DAVID, ALLEN DEMARET. New Braunfels DAVISON. NANCY ANN. Austin DAVIES. TIMOTHY KEVIN. Conroe DAVIS. BETH RENEE, Austin DAVIS. CARRIE LYNN. Alice DAVIS. MARK WILLIAM. San Antonio DAVIS. PAMELA LYNN, Austin DAVIS. STEVEN DWAINE. Kirbyville DAVIS. WILLIAM GREGORY. Houston DAWSON. CAROL DIANE, Dallas DAWSON. MARK WAYNE. Odessa DECOUX. JAN. Houston DEERING. CHERI LYNN. Richardson DELGADO, NOEMI DOLORES. Corpus Christi DELGADO. CELYNA DONNA. Austin DE LA GARZA, JAVIER E.. Donna DELMORE, MARTHA JANE. Houston DEPEW. JOHN HENRY JR.. Dallas OESANTO. SUSAN ELLEN. Houston DICKARD, PAUL DAVID. Houston DICKERSON. DAVID EDWARD, Dallas DIIORIO. SUZANNE. Hempstead DILLARD. CATHY. Houston DIRIK. JOSEPH PAUL. Garland DIVINE. JOHN DOUGLAS, Austin DONDLINGER. MELINDA J., Mission DONNELL, ANNE GAYLE. Austin DORSEY. ELLEN, Ligonier PA DRAKE, MARY VIRGINIA. Fabens DRAYDEN. KENNETH LAMAR. Universal City DROEMER. CARROLL EILENE. Giddings DUBOIS. ROBERT FLOYD III. Beaumont DUFF. DENNIS ANDREW, Austin DUKE. JEANNE MARIE. San Antonio DUNCAN. LUCILE FLEMMING. San Antonio Sophomores 565 DUNLAP, LINDA GAIL. Anna DURRETT ALLEN TEEL. Amanllo DUTOIT. LEANNE PATRICE. Fort Worth DWYER. PETER ANTHONY Austin DYE. RANDALL ANTHONY. San Antonio DYER. KELLY CAPPS Springfield VA DYER. WILLIAM JACK. Lamesa DYESS. RICHARD WALKER Fort Worth DUNMON. CHERYL ANN. Greenville DUNN, NANCY RUTH. Richardson DUNN WILLIAM RATLIFFE Grapevine EASLEY. JEFFERY CLAYTON. Dallas EASLEY PAUL GREGORY. Vernon EARLES. RONALD GENE. Houston EDGERLY. LYNETTE JEAN. Port Arthur EDMONSON GEORGIA ANITA. Houston EGGERT. CHARLES WILLIAM JR.. Houston EHLERS. NANCY LEA. Austin EINKAUF OSCAR ERNEST III. Houston EISENKRAFT, ANDREA E., Dallas ELKINS. ALIENE ANN. Missouri City ELLIOTT. AMANDA. Houston ELLIOTT. THOMAS GARY. Bishop ELLIS. KAREN JEAN. Grand Saline ELLISON. JOSEPH WARREN. McDade ELZNER. DANIEL RAY. Corpus Christ! EMBRY. TERRY PATRICK. Corpus Christ. EMMOTT. MARION VICTORIA. Houston ENCINO. ERNEST GONZALEZ. Austin ENGLISH. ROBERT ANTHONY. Relugio EPSTEIN. DAVID MARK. Seabrook EPSTEIN. GARY DAVID. Omaha NE ETHERIDGE HOWARD CLARK Dallas EVANS. BETTY ANN. Brownwood EVANS. KIMBERLY ELAINE. San Antonio EVANS. KRISTI KIRKE. Sequin EVANS. TERI LYNN, Fabens EVANS. WALTER LAMAR. Bay City FABER. MARY ANNE. Houston FADAL. DANA EDWARD. Waco FAIN. MICKEY ALLEN Duncanville FAIRCHILD. ELIZABETH ANN. Arlington FAKE. DANIEL JEFFERY, Rockport FARRIS. ROBERT RAIMOND Harhngen FAWN. DONALD RAY. Austin FEINSTEIN. MICHAEL FARLEY. Houston FERCHILL. CARY DAVID. Longview FERGUSON. AMY GRACE. Dallas FEWELL. JENNIFER EILEEN. La Marque FILER. VICKI LYNN, Houston FILIP, GLENN ALLISON Houston FINDLAY. MAURIE BETH. Austin FINK. HELAINF DFRRA Houston FINNEGAN, WILLIAM NICHOLAS IV Houston SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES $OPI FIORILLO. KATHLEEN MARIE. Austin FISCHER. ROBERT WILLIAM Houston FISCHER. VICTORIA ELIZABETH. Dallas FISCHL. JAN MILLICENT. Dallas FLATT. DAVID WALLACE. Austin FLECKLIN. ANTON FRIPOLIN II. San Antonio FLETCHER, KENNETH A.. Austin FLORES, LEO MARCOS, El Paso FLORES. LISA ESTELLE. Austin FLORES. MARIA ISABEL. Zapata FLORES. NORMA SYLVIA. Laredo FLORES. RICHARD ARNOLD Benavides FLORES. RUBEN M.. Mexico FLORES. SILVIA PAULINE. Corpus Christi FOARD. LORENA LYNN. Dallas FONSECA. ROBERT ANTHONY Austin FONTANA. CAMELA ANN. Port Arthur FOREHAND. JANE LAU REE. Texarkana FOREMAN. LLOYD ALLEN. Angleton FORESTER, JOANNE HARRIS. Henderson FOSCO. KIM MARIE, Houston FOSTER. KATHLEEN SUSAN, Houston FOWLER. MARY STAHL. McAllen FOX. LINDA DIANNE Fort Worth FOY. STEVEN REX. Austin FORSTER. PERSIS ANN. Arlington FRANZ. STEPHANIE JO. Austin FRAZIER. HERBERT TIMOTHY. San Antonio FREED. HOWARD JAY. Dallas FREEMAN, EDDIE BAKER. Austin FREITAG. CATHERINE LOUISE Houston FRIETSCH. WALT P.. Shiner FRISBY, ROBIN MELINDA. Austin FRITHIOF, RICHARD KEITH, Austin FRITTS. NANCY LEIGH. Houston FRYMAN, LISA LYNN. Austin FULBRIGHT. ROBERT KENT.Denver City FULLER. JANET LEA. Austin GADBOIS. SHIREE GAYLE. Houston GAINES. JOHN SHARPE. Houston GALAZNIK. JOHN RAY. Houston GALLOWAY. CARRIE ANN. Wilmington DE GALVAN. EUGENE MARTIN Houston GARCIA. MARY AROCHA. San Antonio GARCIA. MICHAEL EDWARD. Houston 566 Sophomores GARDNER. BEVERLE CAROL, Spring GARDNER. DANIS WAYNE. Austin GARDNER. JANET LYNN. Fort Worth GARRETT, CURTIS GENE. Dallas GARVEY. TINA MARIE. Longview GARZA. DAVID LOUIS. Benavides GARZA. DAVID LYNN. Edinburg GARZA. ROBERT LEE. Bishop GAULDING, VICKY LYNN. Austin GEE, SUSAN DENISE. Houston GEE. YENNY PAUL, Houston GEMMELL. GILLIAN ANN. Galveston GEORGE, RICHARD EDWARD. San Francisco CA GERMER. LOU ANN. Maxwell GERNSBACHER, SUSAN, San Antonio GERST. SHELLEY RUTH. Austin GETZ, MICHAEL DAVID. Port Arthur GIBSON. LATRALA, Lubbock GIBSON. TERESA IRENE. Austin GIDEL, MARY KAY. Amarillo GIDEON. ROBERT STEPHEN. Sulphur Springs GIEB. JANET LEE. Midland GILES. HOLLYCE CHARENN. Houston GILL. JENNIFER LYN. Dallas GILLIARD. MARYELLEN. ELIZABETH. Houston GILMER, WILLIAM SOMERVILLE. Houston GLASSON, THOMAS CROCKETT. Coleman GLAZE. ROBERT STONE. Dallas GLAZER. NANCY LEE. Fort Worth GLAZNER, CECELIA BEATRICE. Mineral Wells GLENN KIMBERLY KAY. Corpus Christi GLIEBER, LYNNE CASKIE, Dallas GOFF, KAREN DIANE. New Braunfels GOLD. CYNTHIA TALA, Houston GOLDHIRSH. JOEL B.. San Antonio GONZALEZ. EVA ENRIGUETA. Eagle Pass GOODRICH. KAYLA JEAN. Fort Worth GOODROW, RAY MCKINZIE. Palestine GOOLSBY. WILLIAM DAVID. Midland GONZALES, ADRIAN. Knox City GONZALES. LARRY JOE. San Antonio GORME. SHERRI ANN. Houston GOSSETT, KERRY JON. Odessa GOTHARD. PATRICIA ANN. Fort Worth GRADER. BARBARA JEAN. Dallas GRAHAM. GAIL SUSAN. Houston GRAHAM. KIRBY WAYNE. Port Lavaca GRANT. MARGARET SUSAN. Corpus Christi GRANT. WAYNE EDWARD Kenedy GRANT. WINSTON DUMONT, Fort Worth GRAVES, PAUL RICHARD. Houston GREEN. BARRY KEITH. Dalhart GREEN. LAUREN SUE. Houston GREEN, LOIS MARIE. Abilene IORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES GREEN. ROBERT JOSEPH, Dallas GREENBERG. DAVID. Gretna LA GREENBERG. JILL LESLIE. Dallas GRIFFIN, KERRI LANE, Pasadena GRIMES. JANET ELAINE. Houston GRIMM, ROBERT RANDOLPH. Fort Worth GRISSOM. SALLY ELIZABETH. Texas City GRITTMAN. DONNA LYNN, Houston GROSS, BARBARA DIANE, San Antonio GRUNNET, JOYCE LYNN. Joliet IL GUAJARDO. RONALD RUBEN. Austin GUERRA. CATHERINE LOUISE. El Paso GUERRA, DONNA MARIE, Dallas GUERRA, STEPHEN, Brownsville GUTIERREZ. CYNTHIA GARZA. Hebbronville GUTIERREZ. NORMA ANN. San Antonio GUY. MARC DUANE. Canyon HAAS. STUART WEBER. Austin HAFEY. KEVIN ANNE. Kingsville HAIGHT. CAROLINE FRANCES. San Antonio HALE. STEVEN MARK, Dallas HALL. JAMES EDWARD. Comfort HALL. JODY KARLETA. Snyder HALL. WILLIAM WENDELL, San Antonio HAMBY, JACQUELYNN DENISE. Brownsville HAMILTON. DEBRA ANN. San Antonio HAMM. LISA DIANNE. Fort Worth HAMM. WILLIAM FREDERICK, Midland HAMNER. ROSENELLA. Brownsville HAMPTON, DAVID LEE. Austin HANEMAN. JON ALBERT. El Paso HANSEN. MARK ALAN. Houston HAPPY. CHERYL LYNN. Dallas HARALSON. MELISSA KATHERINE. Houston HARDY. LINDA JO. Dallas HARDY. WILLIAM DAVID, Richardson HARLAN. LARRY LANGSTON, Houston HARPER, JERRY DWAYNE. Austin HARPER, PAMELA SUE. Austin HARRINGTON. MARY DELL. Fort Worth HARRIS. CHRISTINE LYNN. Baytown HARRIS. SUZANNE HEFLIN. Houston HARRISON. THOMAS CHARLES. Houston HARRISON. TWINK ELIZABETH. Wharton HART, LIANNE DARLENE. Houston Sophomores 567 HAVRAN. JOHN MARK. Grapevine HAVENS, JOHN EVANS. Galveston HAYNES. ANN ELIZABETH, El Paso HAZARD. JILL MARIE, Austin HEASLEY. JOHN MARK. El Paso HEEP, ZOE ANN, Pflugerville HEFFLEY, CURT LEWIS. Euless HEIDRICK, CHRIS HILMAN. Austin HEJL, PAMELA KAY. Fort Worth HELM. MARLA SUE. Houston HELM. SHELLI LYNN. Prairie Village KS HEMPLING. ROBIN ANN. Richardson HENDRICKS, SARAH ANNETTE. Dallas HENLEY. STEVEN BEDFORD. Dallas HENRION. LYNNE ANN. Houston HENRY. GEORGE FRANKLIN. Caldwell HENRY. SUSAN ELIZABETH. Fort Worth HERNS. HARRIET TICA. Lake Jackson HERRING. MELINDA KAY. Dallas HERSEY, DANA RICHARD. Austin HICKLE. RANDALL SCOTT. Weatherford HICKS. KAY ANN. Dallas HIGLEY. ELIZABETH ANN. Austin HILL. DANNA LYNN. Austin HILL. DOLLY JESUSITA. Austin HILL. KIMBERLEY LYNN. Garland HILL. LAURIE KAY. San Antonio HILLAKER. HARRY JAMES JR Fort Worth HILTON. URSULA RHEA. Houston HIRSCH. CATHY. Midland HIVNER. CYNTHIA LOU. Austin HIX, RANDALL EDWIN, San Antonio HODGE. DOUGLAS R. II. Mount Pleasant HODGES. STEVEN LYNN, Fort Worth HOELSCHER. SHARON SUE. Houston HOLLEY. CHARLES MURPHY. Fort Worth HOLLIDAY. GARY RAY Austin HOLSTER. TERRI LYN. Midland HOLT. MARIANNA. Abilene HOLTON. LESLIE PAIGE, Port Arthur HOLTZMAN, SCOTT EVANS Austin HOLYFIELD. KEVIN DUANE. Houston HORLOCK. NANCY JAN. Houston HORTON. CLAIRE. Port Arthur HORTON. JAMES GLENN. Hico HOTZE. ERNEST MARK Houston HOUSE. LEISA CAROL, Houston HOUSTON, JULIA LEE. Dallas HOWARD. JOAN. San Antonio HOWARD. TINA MARIE. Corpus Christi HOWELL, KIMBERLY SUSAN, Abilene HOWERY. DAVID RANDY. Houston HOWLAND. MARY ANN. Indianapolis IN HUBER. DEBORAH LYNNE. Seguin SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPI HUDGENS. JOHN DANIEL. Mount Pleasant HUDSON. MARCIA DENISE. Houston HUDSON, RICKY LYNN. Marshall HUEY. DOYLE WADE. Port Lavaca HULSEY. LANCE JOE, Houston HUNT, MARTA LYNN. Dallas HUNTER. JENNIFER LUISE. Brownfield HURST. DIANE LORETTE. Beaumont HUSMANN. ROBERT STEVEN. Houston HYDE. RICHARD ROSS. Fort Worth HYMAN, MELISSA ANN San Antonio IBARRA. JOSELUIS. E., Brownsville IMHOFF. WILLARD EARL III Houston INGRAHAM. RICHARD RAY. Austin INKS. JEANNA SUE. Austin ISBELL. ANITA BETH. Brownsville JACK. JANET Y.. Austin JACKSON. RICHARD MORRIS. Fort Worth JACOBS. CYNTHIA DARA. Baytown JACOBSON. DANIEL MARK. Grand Rapids Ml JAGGERS, PATRICIA LOU. Ouanah JAYSON, HAL TERRY. Dallas JEMELKA. CAROLYN ANN. Houston JENKINS. WILLIAM GORDON, Brownwood JENSEN. JANICE. Houston JERWICK, JEFFREY PAUL. Prairie Village KS JETT. JOHN WESLEY. Tyler JOHNSON. ALBERT DEAN. Waco JOHNSON. DEBORAH LYNN Austin JOHNSON. VICKI ANN. Angleton JOHNSON. HUEY LEE, Houston JOHNSON. JULIE ANNE. Vernon JOHNSON. LAUREN KAY, Joliet IL JOHNSON, NANCY RUTH. DeLeon JOHNSON. NEAL DOUGLAS. San Antonio JOHNSON. RANDALL LORNE. Clyde JOHNSTON. RICHARD ALAN. Seabrook JOLLY. MARSHA KAY, Midland JONES. CAROL ANN. Abilene JONES. CURTIS. WILLARD, Austin JONES. GAY LYNN. El Campo JONES. JOHN WESLEY. San Antonio JONES. LINDA SUSAN. Mount Laurel NJ JONES SHEILA LYNN. Dallas JONES. STEPHEN ERIC, Richardson c . " n 568 Sophomores JOURNEAY. NANCY CATHERINE. Austin JOYCE. PAMELA SUE. Austin KAMEN. KATHY ANN Wichita KS KAMP. NANCY JO Houston KAPLAN. SUSAN LEIGH. Houston KAYE. DEBORAH FRANCES. Dallas KEATING. SHARON ANN Dallas KEENEY. RANDY VENNARD, Houston KEIFFER. EDWIN PAUL. Dallas KELLER. WILLIAM VICTOR. Dallas KELLY. JACK ALBERT. Dallas KELLY KLETIA CEIL. Austin KELLEY. TERRI MARGARET, San Antonio KENDALL. THOMAS NEWMAN. Houston KENNEDY. JOHN LLOYD. Austin KENT. JOHN RANDOLPH. Fort Worth KERR. THOMAS PATRICK. Marshall KERR. TRUMAN DEAN II. Austin KESSLER. THOMAS ELLIOTT, Dallas KIDD. KATHRYN LOUSIE. Houston KIEKE. CHERYL LYNNE, Austin KILE. JOHN DAVID. Dallas KILLINGSWORTH. ROBIN. Austin KING, JOHN WALKER. Austin KING. KATHLEEN BUCK, Houston KLANDER. SHARON KAY. Houston KLECKA. DIANE MARIE. Dallas KLINE. LINDA ARLENE. San Antonio KLINKSIEK. MYRA LEE. Fredericksburg KLIPPLE. BARBARA ANNE. San Marcos KNAPP, FRANK RUDOLPH. Copperas Cove KNOX. DAVID LUKE. Brownfield KNOX. LAURIE ANN. Austin KNOX. NANCY LYNN, Austin KOENIG. MARTIN, Houston KOHOUT. MELISSA, Stamford KOILE KIM, Austin KOLODNY. JAMIE BETH, Dallas KONCEWICZ. JOHN STANISLAW. Dallas KOOMEY. CANDELLA. Houston KOTHMANN. CAROL ELIZABETH ANNE. Uvalde KRAMER. KATHLEEN GRACE. San Antonio KRAUSE. MICHAEL GENE. New Braunfels KRISTYNIK. MARIANNE. Houston KROHN. JAMES EDMUND. El Paso KRUGER, MARY CARROLL, Houston KUHL, ANN MARIE. La Marque KUNKEL. JANE LYNN, Texarkana KUSNERIK, DAVID EUGENE. Galveston KVINTA. CHARLES JAMES JR.. Yoakum LABOUFF. JEANETTE MARIE. Midland LAFITTE. DARRELL GREGG. Dallas LAGUARTA. JULIO LANSFORD, Houston LAMBERT. JARRETT CHANCEY, Decatur IORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES LANEY, BILLY LAWSON. Victoria LAPTHISOPHON. STEPHEN MICHAEL. Bellaire LAROSE. ELLEN LOUISE. Houston LARUE. CAMILLE. Dallas LATIMER. LESLIE ANN. Victoria LATTIMORE, KATHRYN LOUISE, Port Arthur LASKIN. BARBARA KAY. Duluth MN LAVIS. DANIEL IRA. El Paso LAWLOR. JOHN MICHAEL. San Antonio LAWRENCE. MALLORY ST. CLAIRE. Houston LAWSON. BRONWYN. Austin LAZA, APRIL ELYN. Richardson LECHTENBERGER. WILLIAM DOUGLAS. Houston LEE. HOWARD SEN. Houston LEISHMAN. MARY REGINA. Houston LEVERTON. LYNNE JANET. Friendswood LEVICK. JOLENE, Amanllo LEVY. RONALD JOEL. Laredo LEWIS. MARK WILLIAM. San Angelo LEWIS, SYLVIA ANN, El Paso LEYENDECKER. DOUGLAS ALAN. Austin LIEBES, JENNIFER JOAN, Dallas LINSTRUM. TODD ELTON. McKinney LITTLETON. CLAUDE EDWARD. Houston LITTLEJOHN. SANDRA KAY. Houston LIVINGSTON. CHARLES A.. Fort Worth LIVINGSTON. THOMAS SHIELDS. Dallas LODEN. SANDRA KAY. Dallas LONG. JEAN ANN. Richardson LOGAN, NANCY CAROL, Houston LONERGAN. MARY ANN. Dallas LONG, GLEN ERWIN, Austin LOPEZ. DAVID. Laredo LOPEZ. ELMO STEWART. Laredo LOPEZ. RICARDO ALFONSO, Rio Grande City LORD. JESSE ROBERT. Austin LUBKE. NANCY JO. Dallas LUEDKE. LARRY DAN, Marlm LUM. BARBARA. Levittown NY LUND BARBARA ANN. El Paso LUNDGREN, PAULA ANN. Austin LUPTON. STEPHEN RAY. San Angelo LUSKEY. SHARON MELISSA. Dallas LUTHER. ROBERT BRUCE. Corpus Christi LYDAY. RUSSELL WARREN. Port Arthur Sophomores 569 LYLES. CAROL LYNNE. Wichita Falls LYON, FRANK BONNER. Grand Prairie LYON. ROBIN BRUCE. Spring LYONS. KIRK DAVID. Austin MABRY. TERRI LYNN. San Antonio MACATEE. GEORGE PETTIT IV. Dallas MACLAREN. BRUCE ARTHUR. Austin MACQUEEN. ELISA MARIE. Fort Worth MADDUX. MARI ANN. San Antonio MADRIGAL. DULCE MARIA. San Benito MAGNER. JOHN CRUSE JR.. Houston MAGNESS. JANE ANN Midland MAGOWN. MICHAEL JAMES. Houston MAHAFFEY. JAMES MICHAEL. Richardson MAINES. DONALD E., Rosenberg MALOWITZ. MARCY WYN. Houston MANLOVE. JILL ROCHELLE.Austin MALNOVE, NANCY GAY. Omaha NB MANLY. WILLIAM D.: Austin MANROE. MATTHEW PENN. Austin MARGOLIS. JACQUELINE CHARISSE. El Paso MARTIN. MARIANNE. Abilene MARTINEZ. JIMMY OCHOA. Fort Worth MASQUELETTE, PAMELA ANNE. Houston MATTHEWS. CATHY. Dallas MAXEY ROBERT DAVIS. Houston MAYNOR. DEBBIE LOUISE. Killeen MAYO. ERIC WINSTON. Fort Stockton MAYS JAMES WILLIAM. Dallas MAZY. MAX LEE. Paris MCAFEE. MARK TERRY Austin MCANELLY. CAROL JEAN, Austin MCCALEB. CHARLES BEN. Sa i Antonio MCCALPIN. MARY PATRICIA Richardson MCCANN. MICHAEL PAUL. Houston MCCLANAHAN. SHAREE ANNETTE. Garland MCCLELLAND. ALBERT KIRK San Antonio MCCOY. LESLIE ANN. San Antonio MCCURLEY. SUZANNE CLAIRE Austin MCDERMOTT. JOSEPH ALBERT. Houston MCDONALD. LAURA ELLEN Houston MCELROY. ALLISON MAUREEN. Bellaire MCELROY. THOMAS G.. Abilene MCGEE, SHIRLEY LYNN. Austin MCGINNIS. WILLIAM JAMES. Houston MCGOWEN. GAYLE ELAINE Houston MCKEE. ELIZABETH ANN. Wichita Falls MCKENNEY. MAXINE MARGARET Houston MCKNIGHT. BYRON MORRIS. Dallas MCGOWAN. JOE MARK. Richardson MCLEOD. SALLY ANNE Houston MCMEANS. DONNA LYNN. Katy MCNEEL. SYNOTT LANCE. Galveston MCNEIL. KENTON EUGENE. Garland SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES $OPI MCPHEE. PAMELA SUE. Houston MCTYRE. DENISE. Dallas MCWHERTER. JANE ANN. Austin MEEKER. RUTH ELLEN. Port Arthur MELLIN. CYNTHIA JEAN. San Antonio MELTON. STEVEN WAYNE. Houston MELTZER. DONALD MARK. New Orleans LA MEIER. RHONDA LOU. Hye MERGELE. JANIS LYNN. Abilene MERTZ. JAMES LOUIS. Dallas MESECKE. SUSAN MARIE. Temple MEYER. PATRICIA ANN. Corpus Christi MEYER. TERRI LYNN. Battle Creek Ml MICHALKE. DANA LEE. Bethel Park PA MICHAUD. BARBARA ELLEN, San Antonio MIHOVIL. MARION MARC. Galveston MILLER. DIANA KAYE, San Antonio MILLER. SUSAN GAY. Port Lavaca MILLIGAN. DONNA LEIGH. Dickinson MINIFEE. PAUL KIM. Hempstead MITCHELL. LINANN. Austin MOFFATT. JEFFERSON SCOTT Houston MONTALBANO. JOSEPH MICHAEL. Houston MONTGOMERY. LEE C.. Dallas MONTALVO. ROJELIO. San Antonio MONTES. CAROLINE LEE. Laredo MOONEY. MICHAEL KEVIN. Fort Worth MOORE. JANET GAYLE. Midland MOORE. MARTHA ANN. Houston MOORE. MARTHA JEAN. Premont MOORE. MARY MARGARET. Pecos MORALES. ANTHONY ROY. Taylor MORELAND. HOLLY L . Texas City MORELANO. THEODORE VOORHIS. Richardson MORENO. DIANA. Corpus Christi MORGAN, JAMES PARKER JR.. Austin MORGAN. PATRICIA ANN. Houston MORGAN. SUSAN LEAH. Houston MORRIS. MARITZA AIOA. Beaumont MOSS. SHARON KAY. Houston MOURSUND. MARY MOORE. Round Mountain MOYNIHAN. DAVID TIMOTHY. Wayne PA MUECKE, BRYAN PATRICK. Texas City MUELLER. CHARLES WILLIAM. Houston MULLEN. KEITH HOWARD. Dallas 570 Sophomores MULLER. JEAN MARIA, Houston MULLIGAN. COLLEEN, Corpus Christ! MURPHY. KAREN LYNN, Piano MURPHY. MARY MARGARET. San Antonio MURPHY. SUSAN MARIE. San Antonio MURRAY. ALICE FLORENCE. Houston MURRAY. GAIL LYNN, Houston MUSICK. VIRGINIA RUTH, El Paso MUTH. ROBERT LINDSAY. Dallas MUZNY. CYNTHIA MARIE, Houston MYERS. GARRY LEWIS. Austin NAGLE, LUCILLE LEGRAND, Houston NASH, JEFFREY LEE. Austin NASH. MARLENE GAYLE. Omaha NB NASH. PEGGY ANNE. San Antonio NASH. RICHARD ARDELL, Schertz NAYLOR. TERRY LYNN. Houston NEAL. MARK HARRELL. Angleton NEPOMNICK. RICK ALAN. Houston NETARDUS. ALYCE JAN. Midland NEVILE. JOHN F . Richardson NEWMAN. GARY LYNN. San Antonio NEWTON, CAROL ANNE. Kaufman NEYLAND. SYNTHIA J.. Houston NICHOLS. SHARI LYNN. Temple NICHOLS. VIRGINIA ANN. Corpus Christi NICHOLSON, SAMIE FONVILLE. Austin NICKELS. CAROL ANN, Garland NICOSIA. RALPH Dallas NIELSEN, BARBARA LEE. Houston NIGHT, ALLAN. Beaumont NILAND, ROBERT WILLIAM, El Paso NIX. PATRICIA LEE. Houston NOTIAS, NIKKI LYNN. Dallas NOVICK. CHERYL ANN. Austin NOVORR. KEITH ALAN, Leawood KS NOVY. BRIAN MATTHEW. Austin NURENBERG. PAM. Dallas OAKE. ROBERT GLENN. Richardson OEHLER. JOY LYNN. Fredericksburg OEHLER. JUDITH GAY. Fredericksburg OESCH. MARCI JANE. Houston OGDEN, KYLE WALLACE, Dallas O ' MALLEY. CAROL D ' ANN. Fort Worth ORR. CAROLYN JOAN, Mesquite ORTOLON. KENNETH LEE. Columbus OSBORNE. CONNIE GAY. Vernon OSBORN. LON MCVEY. Houston OSHMAN. NORMAN BALFOUR. Wharton OSTRANDER. GAYLE ANN. Houston OVIATT. SUSIE MACLEAN. Dallas OTTO. PAULA KAY, Shiner OYEN. JOHN F.. Victoria PADAWER. JEFFREY JAY. Mountain Brook AL SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES PADILLA. JUAN JR.. La f eria PALZA, JAVIER ENRIQUE. Bolivia PAPPAS. JAMES MARCUS. Laredo PAREDEZ. BEATRICE SYLVIA. San Saba PARKER. SARA ELLEN. Dallas PARRAMORE. JANICE KAY. Dallas PARRAMORE. SUZANNE RENE. Houston PARSLEY, NANCY ANN. Palacios PATRICK. JAMIN LEE. Houston PATTON. CHRIS AARON. San Antonio PATTON. ROBIN KEIGHLEY. Austin PAUL KATHRYN, Houston PAULETTE. GARY MARK, Odessa PAULSON ADRIENNE EVE. Palatine IL PAYNE. CHERYL ANN. Fort Worth PEARCE. LAWRENCE RAY. Dallas PEAVY. MARK ALAN. Dallas PEDERSEN. RICHARD SAMUEL. Richardson PELLEGRINI. EDWARD FRANCIS. Irving PENSHORN RICHARD J. San Antonio PENNOCK. RAMONA LYNN. Texas City PEPPER LYNNE Denver CO PEREZ, LAURA TERESA, Austin PETERSON, REBECCA JANE. Galveston PETERSON. MARGARET SUSAN. Houston PETERSON. STANLEY ROSS. Port Lavaca PFEIFFER. MARILYN KAY. San Antonio PHILLIPS. MELAINE SUE. Spring PHILLIPS. OTIS DAVID. Dallas PINK. CANDACE SUE. Wichita Falls PINKSTON. SCOTT PHILIP. Dallas PIPER. JEFFREY LYNN. Houston PLOST. RANDALL BRUCE. Tulsa OK POINDEXTER HALLY BETH Houston PONTELLO. SUSAN LOUISE. Houston POOL. MAURINE MARY. Henderson PORTER. TERRY LEE. Austin PRATER MARY MARGARET Bowie PRESSLEY. HELEN JANE. Kirbyville PREWITT PAM ANN Grapevine PRICE. MARY KATHLEEN. Houston PRITCHARD MARK A.. Seabrook PRUDHOMME. NINA ELAINE. Houston PRUDY. JERYL LEE. Paris PYLE. WILLIAM BRUCE. Fort Worth Sophomores 571 QUEZERGUE. PETER ARTHUR. New Orleans LA QUINTON. ELLEN RUTH. San Antonio RAFF MICHELLE BEA. Fort Worth RAKES. ANDREA ELAINE. Hurst RAMIREZ. TOMAS JR . Donna RAMIREZ. XAVIER. El Paso RAMSEY. JANET LYNN. Dallas RAMSEY. JOHN PAUL. Austin RANDLE. ROBERT WOODSON, Houston RAY PHYLLIS SUZANNE. Dallas REARDON. VIRGINIA ANN. Houston RECH. KEVIN KAISER. Fredencksburg REED. MICHAEL JOHN. Beaumont REED RICHARD EDWARD. Austin REED. THOMAS ANSELIN. Eagle Lake REICHERT ARTHUR THOMPSON. Houston REIMERS. TERRI LYNN. Houston REMKES. WILLIAM RAY. Houston REZABEK PEGGY ANN. Houston RHODES. KATHLEEN FRANCES. Port Lavaca RICE DAVID OWENS. San Antonio RICHARDS. JOE ALLEN JR . Corpus Christi RICHARDS. MARY EUGENIA. Austin RIDINGS JENNIFER LYNN. Austin HIGGLE. PATRICIA ROSALIND. Beeville RIOJAS JUAN ANTONIO. Laredo RISKIND. DAVID ARTHUR. Austin RIVERA. JOSE ALBERTO. Mexico ROBERTS GEORGA ISADORA. Sugar Land ROBERTSON. MICHAEL RAY. Fort Worth ROBINSON. RICHARD MARK. Sweeny ROBINSON. SARAH ANN. Wayne PA ROBLES BILLIE MARIE. Austin ROBLES PETER RONALD. Dallas RODRIGUEZ. DANIEL. San Antmio RODRIGUEZ. DIANA MARIE. Austin RODRIGUEZ. LINDA MARIE. Corpus Christi RODRIGUEZ. SUZANNE CAROL. Baytown ROGAN. LINDA LOU. Houston ROGERS. ROBERT WESLEY. Fort Worth ROGERS WILLIAM DALE. Bedford ROSEN. LORRAINE DORENE. El Paso ROSENTHAL. SHARON LYNN. Houston ROSS. JEFFREY DAVID. Houston ROSS. RALPH LEE. Dallas ROWE MARY FRANCES. Tyler ROWLETT. LOUIS ALBERT. Austin ROWLETT. MAE FRANCES. DAIIas ROYALL. FRANCES. Palestine ROZELL. RONNY RAY. Rockdale RUBIN PAUL ALAN. Houston RUDBERG. CARY ELIOT. Dallas RUDY. MELISSA FRAME. Austin RUNKLE. PATRICIA ANN. Fort Worth SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOP RUSKIN. CATHY ESTHER. New Orleans LA RUSSELL. CATHERINE LEIGH. Wichita Falls RUSSO. ANTHONY ROSS. Galveston RUTZ. DANA E.. Midland RYAN. GEORGE MICHAEL. San Antonio RYAN. MARTHA ELAINE. Fort Worth RYLANDER. MARTHA JANE. Austin SAENZ. JAVIER PINO. Rio Grande City SALAS. YVETTE MARIE. Austin SALINAS. ELSA M.. Benavides SAMANO RITA IRENE. Dallas SAMUELS. ROBIN. Corsicana SATARINO PAUL STEPHEN. Dallas SAXON. BRENDA GAIL. Amarillo SAYERS. BRIAN SAM. Brownwood SCALORA. CHERYL WORKMAN. Houston SCHAUB. ELAINE JUDITH. Missouri City SCHEIBAL. MARY ELLEN. Grand Prairie SCHEROTTER. JAY LEWIS. El Paso SCHMIDT. CAROL VINCENT. Houston SCHMIDT. CAROLYN. Fredericksburg SCHNEIDER. SCOTT GREGORY. San Antonio SCHOTT. KEITH EDGAR. Castroville SCHORLEMER. MARY ANN. Segum SCHROETER. SUE ANN. Port Arthur SCHUCK. JAMES DWIGHT. Houston SCHUETTE. SUSAN DENISE. Richardson SCHUHSLER. CATHRYN DIANE. Houston SCHWARTZKOPF. JULIET JOAN, El Campo SCOFIELD. JOHN MAYER. Austin SCOTT. JUDY LOUISE. Houston SCOTT. KIMBERLY ANN San Antonio SCOTT SUSAN DORTHEA. Houston SCRUGGS. SALLY . Garland SCURLOCK. SUSAN LYNN. Tyler SEALE. KIMBERLY NEAL. Dallas SEBEK. KENNETH LEIGH. League City SEELIG LINDA DIANE. Metairie LA SEIDERS.CELIA ANN, Austin SELDON. LINDSEY, Dallas SELIG, JEFFREY HUGH. Seguin SHACKELFORD. JAMES HAROLD. Austin SHAH. MUKESH. HASMUKH. Dallas SHAW. ERIN. San Antonio SHAW. JOHN STEPHENS. Richardson 572 Sophomores SHAW, VAN LANE. Dallas SHEARER. KATHY LYNN. Houston SHEFFIELD. LISA JEAN. Austin SHELDON. JOHN ANTHONY. Corpus Christi SHELTON, HAL DAVID. Austin SHERMAN. MATTHEW JOHN. Rockdale SHIERLOW. CAROLYN KAY. Austin SHIPPER. RONALD NEIL. Dallas SHOWS. BARBARA ALINE. Seabrook SHRIER. LEWIS BRENT. Richardson SIDEREAS. LORI ANN. San Antonio SIEWERT. ROBIN NOELLE. El Paso SILBERBERG. HARRIET ELAINE. Austin SIMMONS. JACE HARRISON. Austin SIMON. MARK PHILIP, Dallas SINGER. CATHERINE ELAINE Austin SISK. JAMES JOSEPH III. Costa Rica SIZEMORE. LUBETH, Dallas SKAGGS. JOHN BARNABY. Harlingen SKARKE. DAVID WAYNE. Texas City SMART. LINDA SUE. Boerne SMITH. CHARLES MICHAEL. Austin SMITH, DEBORAH FAY. Austin SMITH. DEBRA MICHELLE. Houston SMITH. FRANCENE GLENELL. Waco SMITH. JOHN WILLIAM Texarkana SMITH. MARY ANN. Del Rio SMITH. MELODY ANNE. Houston SMITH. ROBERT EDMOND. Fort Worth SMITH, TERRY LEE Austin SMITH. WHITLEY ROBERT III. Dallas SNAKENBERG. HELEN DELANA. Houston SNODGRASS. BECKY SHARMAGENE Brady SOAPE. ROGER ALAN. Cypress SOBOTIK. MARK. Taylor SOLOMON. ANDREA J.. Lubbock SOPER. STACEY KIM. Dallas SORELLE. SARA ANN. Waco SOUTHERN, MICHAEL PROCTOR Dallas SOWELL. MIKE STEPHEN. Houston SPALTEN. ROBERT G JR.. San Antonio SPARKS. CHARLOTTE JANE. San Antonio SPEARS. GAIL SUSAN. Longview SPENCER. ROBIN LEE. Shreveport LA SPENCER. SUZANNE MARIE Benavides SPENCER. WAYNE ALLEN. Roswell GA SPINKS. KAREN JOY. Houston SPONBERG. CHARLES W. Ill Austin SPORKIN. RICHARD BRIAN, Houston SPRADLEY. CHARLES DONELSON. Dallas SPROULL. KEITH. Fort Worth STAHLHUT. KAREN ELAINE. Austin STANSBURY. ANN BLAIR. Port Arthur STARNES. WALLACE SCOTT Lewisville IORE; SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES S1ARIZMAN. BRIAN MCLANE. Houston STEED JANE ANN. Dallas STEPHENS. CLAUDIA. Odessa STEWART. CAROL JANE. Austin STEWART. KIM STEPHEN. Lufkin STIEBER. JACK A.. Dallas STITT. ERASER. San Antonio STOCK. CLARICE ANN. Alice STOCKTON. ELIZA CATHERINE. Freeport STOLLER. CINDY JANICE. Dallas STOTSER. DELYNN DEBRA. Fort Hood STOVALL. AMY MARIE. Houston STRANE TERRY KAY Uvalde STRICKLAND. JAMES A JR . Uvalde STRICKLAND. SANDRA LEBLANE. Austin STRICKLER. SHERYL ANN. Baytown STRONG JEFFREY WILLIAM Houston STRYKER. GRETCHEN. Woodville STUDEBAKER. JAMES ROBERT. Raymondville STUECKLER. LAURA GAY. Midland STUHRENBERG. TERESA ANN. Palacios STURDIVANT. SUSAN ANN. Amarillo STURGEON SANDRA KAY Austin SULLIVAN. DUANE KINGSLEY. Colorado Springs CO SULLIVAN. GEORGE DANIEL III. Omaha NE SULLIVAN. PHYLLIS ANN. Wellington SUNDBERG. KAREN JOY. Fort Worth SUSAT. GEORGE CARL GUSTAVE JR.. Irving SUSSKIND. SUSAN CAROLE. Austin SWEAT. ISABEL LEE. Longview SWEAZEA. DONNA LEE. Austin SWEENEY. ANITA MARIE. Galveston SWEENEY DAVID MCCANN Wharton SWETNAM. JOEL GARDNER. Galveston TAMLYN JAMES RUSSELL. Bellaire TAYLOR. CHARLES MARCUS. Abilene TAYLOR. J. ELAINE. Waco TAYLOR. JAMES LEE. Brownsville TAYLOR. MARGIE RENEE. San Antonio TAYLOR MARK ALAN Cedar Park TELLES. MARY VICTORIA. Houston TEMPLETON. LAURA LOUISE. Dallas TERGERSON. CARLA DENISE. Midland TERRELL. RICHARD CLARK. Corpus Christi TERRY. MARIANNE. McAllen Sophomores 573 TESTA. JILL. El Campo TEVIS. SHARON LEA, Houston THIEL. LOUIS JOSEPH. Galveston THOMAS. CLYDE ERWIN. Big Spring THOMAS. JON YEATTS. Universal City THOMAS LINDA GAIL Piano THOMAS. PETE B . Dallas THOMAS. TERESA ANNE Dallas THOMPSON. BRUCE ALLEN. Austin THOMPSON, JILL. Houston TIBILETTI. CLAIRE. Victoria TILLERY. SALLY HARRIET. Baytown TITTLE DENZIAL RAY Houston TOBIN. PATRICK BROOKS. Bandera TOBOR ANNIE FAYE Houston TODD. SHELLEY E.. Austin TOMPKINS. CAROLYN E . Dallas TOOLE. TRACEY ANN. Dallas TOPPER. MADELEINE LUCETTE. Houston TOWNSEND. REBECCA RHEA. Dallas TRAXLER. TRACY ANN. Austin TRIGG. SALLY DAY. Las Vegas NM TRIGGS. REBECCA ANNE. Llano TRODLIER. JONELL GAY. San Antonio TUCKER. BERT NEEL JR.. Austin TUCKER. CHARLES RAY. Marlm TUGGLE. LISA LARAINE. Richardson TULLIS. ELIZABETH KAYE. Longview TUNE. J. STEVE. Dallas TUNG. YOLANDA SHAW-CHYUAN. Dallas TURNER. BARBARA E . Houston TYSOR. SUSAN JOANNE. Houston ULRICH. RICHARD KEVIN Burnet UPCHURCH. MOLLY DUVAL. Midland VANCE JOHN THOMAS Edna VANECK. MARGARET ELIZABETH. Austin VAN OSSELAER. TOM LEON. Houston VARA GILBERT JR San Antonio VASEK. BERNARD CHARLES. Austin VASEY. PATRICIA ANNE. Dallas VAUGHN. SANDRA JEAN. San Antonio VELA. DANIEL DAVID. McAllen VIDAURRI. CYNTHIA LEE. Robstown VILLARET. GREGORY OLIVER. El Paso VORPAHL. GERI ANNE. San Antonio WADE. NANCY LOUISE. Houston WAHLEN. MARIAN MARGARET. Houston WALKER. FRANK STEPHENS JR.. Austin WALKER. WILLIAM ALLEN. Amanllo WALLER, JULIA DIANE. Austin WALLS. ELIZABETH ANN. Houston WALSH. CAROLE ANN. Houston WALTERS. BRYAN KEITH. Fort Worth WALTON. MARTHA CAROLYN. Houston SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES! S OP) WARD ELIZABETH ELLEN, Dallas WARE. DAVID LOCHRIDGE. Dallas WARREN. LYNNE ANN. Dallas WATERS. LESLIE DIANE. Dallas WATSON. LISA LYNN. Humble WATTINGER. VERNON RAY III. Austin WATTS. CLEAL THOMAS III. Dallas WEATHERLY. CARROLL LEA. Houston WEBER. CATHY LEIGH. Lake Jackson WEEKLEY. LORAH L.. Arlington WEINER. SUSAN LYNN. Houston WELTGE. INGRID ANN. Waco WENTWORTH. KARIN. Houston WERTHEIMER. JANE IRIS. Rosenberg WETTLING. JOHN RICHARD. Houston WHITE. MARTHA ANN. Austin WHITE. WALTER MARTIN. Houston WHITEHURST. JO LENE. Houston WHITTEN. SANDRA JENISE San Antonio WICHETA. WILLIAM E.. Austin WIER. SUSAN RENEE. Houston WILHELM. ELLEN ANN. Houston WILIE. JAMES PATRICK. Austin WILKINSON. JEAN ADELE. Houston WILKINSON. SARAH ELIZABETH Houston WILKIRSON. MARY BRAY, Grandview WILLETTS. LARRY LOUIS. Austin WILLEY. MELINDA LYNN. Houston WILLIAMS. CAROL PRESTON. Dallas WILLIAMS. FRED LECKIE JR ., Dallas WILLIAMS. JERRY DALE. Eagle Lake WILLIAMS. MICHAEL VON. Galena Park WILLIAMS. SHERRIE LEE. San Antonio WILLIAMSON. BONNIE L . Beaumont WILLIAMSON. GEORGE DOUGLAS. Marshall WILLINGHAM. JANET GAIL. St. Petersburg FL WILLIS. JUDY LYN. Dallas WILLIS. ROBERT HIRAM. Houston WILLIS. SHANNON KAY. Pittsburg WILLOUGHBY. HERMAN TAYLOR. Denison WILSON. NINA ROBIN Arlington WILSON. VICKY SUE. Corpus Christi WINANS. NANETTE. Brownsville WINCHELL. JULIE ANNE. Garland WININGER. ANN, Longview 574 Sophomores WINSTON. GREGORY MARK. Anthony WISHNOW, CYNTHIA LYNN. Houston WITCHER. BOBBY DWAYNE. Henderson WOLFF. JEFF ALAN. San Antonio WOODS. BYRON DAVID. Beeville WOODUM, HARRY LEE. Houston WOOLDRIDGE. PAMELA KAY. Garland WORDEN, MARY CAROLYN. Alice WORTHINGTON, ROBIN. Austin WREN. REBECCA. Houston WRIGHT. EMRE LOLA. Austin WYATT. WENDELL DEAN. Wichita Falls WYNNE. DIANE LOUISE. Dallas WYSOCKi; MICHAEL JAMES, Dallas YBARRA. YOLANDA. San Antonio YEAKEL. BARBARA KATHERINE, Austin YEOMAN. KATHY ANN. Sugar Land YOUNGOUIST SUZANNA KATHERINE. Austin ZALE, BARRY A.. Dallas ZAMORANO. JOSE ROLAND. Wichita Falls ZAPATA. OSCAR GARCIA. Sinton ZIMMERMAN. MONA JEAN. Roundrock ZIMMERMAN. VICKI LYNN. Segum ZIMMERMANN. DAVID CHARLES. San Antonio MORE! SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Sophomores 575 ABBATE MARY ELLEN. Austin ABERNATHY. LLOYD BELMONT. Richardson ADAMS ALICE ELIZABETH, Alice ADAMS. KATHLEEN ANN. DeSoto ADAMS. MARJORIE ELIZABETH. San Antonio ADAMS NORMAN DEGRAAF III, Houston ADCOCK. DARLA ANN. Midland AKINS DEBORAH JANE. Fort Worth ALBERT. LINDA GAYLE. McCoy ALDRICH. GWYN DELAINE. Austin ALLDAY. REBECCA LOUISE. Houston ALLEN. DEBRA JANE. Houston ALLEN. KATHRYN PATRICIA. Houston ALLRED. ANDREA LEIGH. Houston ALMQUIST. KAREN LYNN. San Antonio ALTHAUS. ELLEN RUTH, Houston AMADOR CATARINA, Jourdanton AMBROSE, DONALD JAMES. Dallas ANDERSON, EUGENIA. Houston ANDERSON, LORI GAYLE. Fort Worth ANDERSON. MARY SUZANNE. Harlingen ANDERSON. ROBERT FORD JR.. Austin ANDERSON. STEVEN EVERETT. El Paso ANGEVINE. NANCY GENE, Midland ANETT, DEBRA Plainview ANTHONY, KAREN DIANE. Quitman ANTONOFF, JAYSON, San Antonio ANTWEIL. FELISE BETH. Fort Worth APODACA. LAWRENCE HENRY. El Paso ARD. ELISA. Abilene ARMS, STEPHEN RANDALL. Mineral Wells ARMSTRONG. LARRY WILLIAM. DeSoto ARON HOWARD IRWIN Houston ARRIOLA. SYLVIA. Alice ARTHUR. ELIZABETH LYNN. Comanche ASHCRAFT. SUSAN DORIS. Humble ATKINS. MARGARET ELIZABETH. Rowlett AUSTIN MARTHA SUE. Houston AVERITT. CYNTHIA RUTH. Dallas AVILA. GERARDO GARZA. Robstown AYESH. KEVIN BRADLEY. Wichita KS AYOUB. MARY ANN, San Benito BABER, STEPHEN DOUGLAS, Abilene BABINEAUX. SUSAN KAYE. Beaumont BAIER. JOYCE ANN. Dallas BAILEY. ROBERT DOUGLAS. El Paso BAILEY STUART KENT. Houston BAKER. BYRON WAYNE. Burnet BAKER. DANA LYNNE. Canton BAKER. MARY EDNA. Houston BAKER. PATRICIA ANN. San Antonio BAKER WILLIAM EDWIN. Beeville BALETTE. PATRICIA LUCIA. Houston BANDY. KERRY L.. Austin BARDWELL. SHERRY ELIZABETH. San Angelo BARNES, LAURA SUE, Dallas BARNHILL. CLINT FRANK. Houston BARNUM. JAMES MIKELL. Seabrook BARON, ERIC STEVEN. Houston BARR WILLIAM WARREN. Houston BARRE. JUDY JOY, Yoakum BARRERA, ALFELIO V. JR.. Robstown BARRERA. ENRIQUE V., West Orange FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN BARRON, DEBORAH. Houston BARRON SUSAN KAY. Brady BARRON. WILLIAM COOK, El Paso BARTHOLOMEW. JOHN DAVID, Housto n BARTON, JULIA ELIZABETH. Houston BARTON. LECIA ELLEN. Monahans BARTON LINDA ANN, Monahans BASHARA. BRENDA BETH. Irving BASQUETTE. RONN. Abilene BASS. CARLA JO. Corpus Christi BATEMAN. SUSAN LYNN. Dallas BAUMSTIMLER, KARMA JO, Odessa BEAM ROGER WADE. Vernon BEASLEY. KAREN DENISE. San Antonio BECKHAM. JOHN BROCK. San Antonio BELL. SAMMY SUE. Houston BELL, VICTORIA LYNNE. Austin BENARDINO. NANCY BETH. Conroe BENGAL, SHARON RENEE, Friendswood BENITEZ. DEBORAH JOAN. Houston BENITO. JOHN. San Antonio BENJAMIN ANDREW LEE Dallas BENNETT, BRENDA ANN. Point Comfort BERK RICHARD S.. Dallas BERKMAN. DEBORAH ANN. Simonton BERNSTEIN. ANDREW A.. Houston BETTISON. DENNY, LaMarque BIBLE PHILIP LAFAYETTE. Austin BICKFORD. JANICE MARY. Houston BICKHAM. CHERYL LYNN. Corpus Christi BIDDLE, BEVERLY DIANE. Wartburg TN BIEL BARBARA. Corpus Christi BIERMAN. MICHAEL THOMAS, San Antonio BIGBY. SANDRA JEAN. Fort Worth BISSETT. CAROLYN ANNETTE. Corpus Christi BIXBY, NANCY RUTH, Houston BLACK, DEBORAH LYNN. Harlingen BLACKBURN. ALAN JEFFREY. Houston BLACKBURN, LARRY WAYNE. Mount Pleasant BLAIR. AUDITH LYNN. Richardson BLA IR SHERYL ANN. Austin BLOCHER. GAIL SNYDER. Houston BLOCK. SHARON ANN. San Antonio BLOXSOM. ALLAN PENNY. Houston BLUE CYNTHIA GAYE. Houston Freshmen 577 BOBODILLA. MARTHA ELENA, Dallas BOGAR, MARIAN MARGARET. Houston BOGGS, BARBARA ELAINE, Webster BOHALL, LAURENE MICHELLE. Dallas BONNER, MELANIE MALINDA. Hico BONSALL. CYNTHIA MARIE, Port Arthur BOWLES. LYNETTE MARGARET. San Antonio BOWMAN. SUSAN KAY. Beeville BOZEMAN CATHERINE DELL. Dallas BRADFORD. BRIDGETT ANN, Angleton BRADFORD. ROBERT HEARTSILL, Austin BRADLEY, BETTY. Houston BRADLEY, CARRIE KAY. Dallas BRADSHAW. LINDA SUE, Austin BRADY. GEORGEANN. Dallas BRAUN. ELIZABETH STARR. Chesterfield MO BREEDLOVE. WILLIAM OTWAY. Austin BRIDGES. DEBORAH LYNN. Dallas BROCK, JOE K., Beaumont BROCK, SHARON LEA, Lufkin BROCKMAN, CHRIS CARL. Corpus Chnsti BROLIN. TARA COLLEEN. Fairborn OH BROOKS. CATHY LINDA, Dallas BROWER. MARLA LYNN. Houston BROWN. FORREST LEE JR.. Abilene BROWN. HENRY DALE. Marble Falls BROWN. MARGARET CURTIS. Waco BROWN. ONELLA LAVERNE. Henderson BROWN. RAYMOND ALFRED. Mineral Wells BROWN, RICK BARRY, Dallas BROWN. ROBERT LOUIS. Lufkin BROWN. SHIRLEY EDITH. Houston BROWN. TRUDY ANN, Irving BROWN VELMA JEAN. Dallas BRUSENHAN, SUSAN, San Antonio BRUSTEIN. RONALD JAY. Dallas BRYANT. TARA DENISE. Beaumont BRYSON. JOAN. Corpus Christi BUCKLEY, HUGH JOHN. Houston BUCKNER. BETSY CANNON. Houston BULLOCK. D ' ANN SUE, Cypress BULLOCK. KERRY JANE, Austin BURDICK. PAUL JOSEPH, Houston BURGHER, BALLARD M., Houston BURKE. KEVIN OREN, Houston BURKE. MARY IELENE. Houston BURLINGAME. LORETA ANN. Bay City BURNETT. CINDY ADELIA. Austin BURNETT MARY KATHERINE. Rockwall BURRELL. KAREN DENISE. Houston BURT. STEVEN BRIAN, Austin BURTON SYDNEY DIANA. Fort Worth BUSH. SHELLEY ANNE. Houston BUTLER. JAMES KEITH. Houston BUZBEE. LELYNN KAY. Mineral Wells CABRERA, RICHARD HENRY, San Antonio CAIN. ALLISON DIXON. Houston CALDAROLA. JEAN MARIE. San Antonio CAMPBELL. CHARLES BRICE. Fort Worth CAMPBELL. JULIA ANNE, Austin CAMPBELL, MARC LAFRAN2. New Orleans LA CAMPBELL, PATRICIA ELLEN, Houston CAMPBELL, REBEKAH LYNN, Waco FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN! FREi CANALES, RICHARD RAY, San Antonio CANNAN. DARROLD ALEXANDER III. Wichita Falls CANTU. GLORIA-GRACE. Corpus Christi CANTU. HECTOR JAVIER. San Juan CAPPER, KERIN ANN. Fort Worth CAPPS. NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston CARGILE. PATRICIA POPE. San Angelo CARLISLE. ALLEN RAY. Pasadena CARMONA. ELSA. Hondo CARPENTER. GARY LEE, Quanah CARR. JOSEPH, Fort Worth CARRIER. RANDY JAMES, China CARSEY. JOHN CHARLES, Houston CARTER. BARBARA LEE. Dallas CARTER. ELIZABETH DIANE. Austin CARTER. KELLY LEE. Austin CASH. ROBERT RICHARD. Austin CASSTEVENS, MARY LEIGH, Corpus Christi CASTILLO, SAMUEL JR.. Waco GATES. PAMELA ANN, Longview CATSINAS. KATHRYN ANN. Houston CATTONI. MARTIN VICTOR. Houston CAULEY. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH. Austin CHANDLER. LEIGH ALLISON. Houston CHANEY, TIMOTHY HILL. Austin CHAPLIN. HELEN LAURA. Irving CHEATHAM. SHEILA LARUTH. Dallas CHRISTIANSEN, MARY SUSAN. Dallas CHRISTMAN, SHEILA, Houston CHUMNEY. INDIA BREWER. San Antonio CISNE. MARIA ELENA. Nicaragua CISNEROS. DIANA. Austin CLARK, MARTIN LANE. Houston CLARK. MARTIN THOMAS. Paris CLARK. MICHELE PATRICIA, San Antonio CLARKE. LAWRENCE ROSS. Bryan CLAYTON. OLETA CAROL. Tyler CLOWE. AMY LEE. Houston COBB. CAROL MIMS. Dallas COCHRAN. MARY ELIZABETH, New Braunfels COCHRAN. SARA ANNE. Wharton COCHRAN. TAMARA LOU ISE. Portland COFFEY. REBECCA RHEA. San Antonio COGHLIN. LESLIE ALLEN. Dallas COHEN. FREDERICK IRA, Dallas 578 Freshmen COHEN. GARY JAY. OaUas COLEMAN. CAROL ANN. San Antonio COLEMAN. PATRICIA JENEE JONES. Fort Worth COLEN. KIMBERLY ANN. Dallas COLLINS. GREGORY KENT. Austin COLLUM. ERIC VAUGHN JR.. Houston COLLUM. RONDA KERYN. Corpus Christi COLMERY. CHERYL ANN. Dallas COLVIN. REBECCA ROSE. Austin COMBS. REBECCA SUE. Houston CONLEY, RICHARD GLENN, Houston CONROY, TIMOTHY RICHARD. Humble COOGLER. TRACY LYNN. Houston COOK. VICKI LYNN, Texas City COOKE, CYNTHIA. Houston COOPER. MILTON HARRIS JR., Houston CORBELL, DEBORAH HELEN. Houston CORPORA. BERNADETTE, Hearne CORVO. THOMAS ROD, Brookline MA COVENS. SHARI ANNETTE. Houston CRANNELL. WILLIAM OWEN. Dallas CRAVEN. ERIC FRANCIS, Elkhart IN CREECH, JAMES WILLIAM. Mesquite CROCKER. JOHN DOW. Dallas CROSBY. THERESA LYNN. McAllen CROSTON, DIANE VIRGINIA, Austin CROW. LEIGH ANN. Austin CROWDER. TERRI LEE. Buda CROWELL. DIANA KAY, Fort Worth CRUSE, KRISTINA SUZANNE, Houston CRUZ. ORLANDO, Falfurrias CRUZ. RAQUEL REGINA. San Antonio CUELLAR, GILBERT ORLANDO. San Antonio CUELLAR, MARGARET ANN. Pleasanton CULL. MARY CATHERINE. Stafford CULWELL. MICHAEL WENDELL, Dallas CUNNINGHAM. CYNTHIA ROSE. San Antonio CURLISS. MARY CYL. Dallas CURREY. LAURA DIANE. Lafayetta LA CURRIN. MARY ELIZABETH. Richardson CUSHMAN. REYNOLDS MARTIN. Plantersville CUTRER. CYNTHIA COURTNEY. Houston CYR. CYNTHIA AILEEN. Houston DAHL. CHRISTIANE LEE. DeSoto DALTHORP. JAMES ARTHUR JR.. Houston DALTON. ANN LORETTA, San Antonio DANFORD, JANET LYNN. San Antonio DANIS. MICHAEL RICHARD. New York NY DAREOS. GEORGE MATTHEW. San Antonio DAUDE. EDWARD MICHAEL, Killeen DAVENPORT, CAROL ANN, San Antonio DAVEY, ALICE LYNNETTE, Dallas DAVID. DEBBIE LYN, Terrell DAVIDSON. MICHELE ANNISE. Dallas DAVILA. JESUS GERARDO, Houston DAVIS, ANN LOUISE, Austin DAVIS. BRITT KEY, Houston DAVIS. DEBORAH ANN. Longview DAVIS, DONNA LYNN, Bloomington DAVIS, JEFFREY BRUCE. Corpus Christi DAVIS, JOHN STUART. Dallas DAVIS. JOHN WILLIAM JR.. Dallas DAVIS. JULIE KAY, Port Arthur FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN DAVIS. LESLIE JEAN. Austin DAVIS. LINDA CARYL, Houston DAVIS. LISA ANN, Austin DAVIS. THOMAS TOWNSEND. Austin DAWSON. THOMAS BRITTON. Houston DAY, ANGELA LYNNE, Spring DAY. ELAINE ADAMS. Wilmington DE DAY. KATHLEEN EVANS. Wilmington DE DEAN. HELEN KAY, Houston DECELL. HARRIET CAUSEY, Yazoo City MS DEERING, DEBORAH SUE. Dallas DELAFOSSE. CAROL ANDREWS. San Antonio DEVINE. ERIN MARGARET, Houston DICKERSON, ELIZABETH LOUISE. Austin DICKERSON ROBERT HENRY, Dallas DICKSON. KANDICE RAE, Sandia DIERS. ROBERT DEAN. San Antonio DIETERT. DALE MARTIN, New Braunfels DIETSCHWEILER. KAREN LYNN. El Paso DIFIORE. CHERYL DIANE. Dallas DITTMAR, KATHLEEN ANNE, Corpus Christi DIVINO, LOUIS DANIEL, Austin DOBBINS. DEBRA JANE. Houston DOBBINS. TIMOTHY DALE, Austin DOEDYNS. PEGGY LYNN. Bishop DOELL. SUSANNE ROBINSON. Austin DOGGETT. WILLIAM LESLIE, Houston DOMINGUEZ, EVELIA, Hondo DONAHUE, SHAWNE ELLEN. Jonestown DONALDSON. MICHAEL GREGORY, Houston DONATHAN. DEBBIE MARGUERITA. Dallas DOODY, LEONORE MARA-ANN. Houston DOOLEY, THOMAS JAMES. Fredericksburg DORSEY, LILLIAN DIANE. Houston DOSS. DALE SIDNEY, Mount Pleasant DOUMA, ERICA HARTZELL. Houston DOWNS, CURTIS CHADWICK, Dallas DOYLE. THEODORE WILSON. Albuquerque NM DRAPER. GEORGE CHESTER, Alice DRENNAN, KATHY MICHELE. Midland DREWS. CARL FREDERICK. Houston DROEMER, JUNE MARIE. Giddings DUDLEY. DELL SHERRI. Texas City DUNCAN, MICHAEL GLEN, Austin DUNN, DIANE MARIE, Houston Freshmen 579 DUNN, RICHARD CLEMENT, Abilene DURANT, RUSSELL LYNN. Dallas DURIO, DANAE LISA, Austin DURSO, ELIZABETH ANNE, Port Arthur DYER. MELINDA SUE, Athens DYKES, RUSSELL STUART. Austin EARLY, ANN ELIZABETH. Pasadena EARLY, JEFFREY THOMAS. Houston EATON. KIM ELYNNE, Dallas ECHOLS. BELINDA ANN Austin EDGE. TERI LYNN. Houston EDMONDS, PATTI MARIE, Anahuac EDWARDS, JOE BRIAN. Dallas EHRLICH, ROBERT MAXWELL, Austin EIDOM. TANYA LYNN. Port Arthur EISENBERG. DAVID HOWARD, Duluth MN EISENBERG. WENDY LEE. Dallas EISENSTEIN, SHARON ADELE. Dallas ELAM. FRANCIS EDWARD JR.. Dallas ELIZALDE, JAIME OSCAR, Elsa ELLINOR, DANYA STEELE, Dallas ELLIOTT, MICHAEL BERGEN. Houston ELSNER, SUSAN CAROL. Odessa ENG, AMY ROSEANN. San Antonio ENGLISH, JAMES DOYLE. Beaumont ENLOE. JILL. Allen ENNIS. LINDSAY ANN. Corpus Christ! EPSTEIN. CYNTHIA E.. Omaha NB ERBS. JAMES EDWARD, Houston ERMIS, JULIUS CHARLES. Woodsboro ERWIN, ELIZABETH ANN, Houston ERWIN, HELEN LUCILE. Aransas Pass ESPINOSA. DAVID. Corpus Christi ESPINOSA, ESTELLA INEZ, Thorndale ESPINOZA, RAMIRO, Orange Grove ESSARY. KAREN KATHLEEN. Richardson EVANS. AMY ANNE. Sweeney EVANS. GREGORY NOBLE. Houston EVANS. MARCILYN KAY. Houston FAIG. STEVEN JOHN. Houston FAIN, MINA MARIA, Houston FAIRCHILD. JOY LOUISE, Austin FARMER, DORMAN NEAL JR.. Abilene FARMER, GARY STEPHEN. West Columbia FAULKNER, PAUL DEREK. Tatum FAY. ROBERTA KATHERINE Seabrook FAY. STEVEN RUSSELL. Lake Jackson FEHRENBACHER, ROBERT JOSEPH. Huntington WV FENSKE. MARY EILEEN. Houston FERGUSON. TERESE ELAINE. Houston FERRELL. JOHN STEVEN. Universal City FERRIS, CHRISTOPHER ALLEN, Harlingen FICKMAN, ROBERT JAMES Houston FIELDS, AMY. Dallas FIELDS. MARK ALAN, Houston FINCH. JAYNE ANN. Houston FISHER. LOIS ELLEN, Houston FITZGERALD. JULIE BETH. Dallas FITZPATRICK, MICHAEL TANKERSLEY, Austin FLANNAGAN, LAURIE LEIGH, Jacksonville AR FLEMING. HARLEN RIEGER. Houston FLORES. MARIA TERESA. San Antonio FLORES. PATRICIA THELMA, McAllen FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRE! FLOREZ. JACQUELINE ANN, San Antonio FLOURNOY, SCOTT MICHAEL, Lake Jackson FOJTIK, KIMBERLY ANN. Galveston FONBERG. MITCHELL IRWIN, Dallas FORD. CYNTHIA. Austin FORD. JOHN STANLEY. Palestine FORD. STUART WIER. Houston FOSTER. ROBERT KIMBERLIN. Austin FOWLER. CHRISTI SUE, Houston FOWLER. NICK BRANTON. Austin FRANKFURT. BARBARA LYNN. Dallas FRANKLIN, MARLA ROBERTA. Lake City TN FRANTZ. REBECCA LYNN. Conroe FRAZIEK KIMBERLY ANN. Seabrook FRERKING. ELIZABETH MOORE. Karnes City FREUND, MARTHA A.. Austin FRIEDEN. STACY LYNN. San Antonio FUGITT. CHARLES MARION JR.. Fort Worth FULBRIGHT, JAN MCKEAN. Beaumont FULLER. JOHNNY MAC. Longview FUQUAY. CAROLYN MARGARET. Longview FURLEY. DIANE. Texas City FYFE. TONYA KAY. Amarillo GAENSLEN, MARIAN ELAINE, Houston CALLER. ELISE JOY, Hutchinson KS GARCIA, BENJAMIN FRANCIS. San Antonio GARCIA. JESUS, Laredo GARCIA, JULIE CAROL. Corpus Christi GARCIA. MARC DAVID. Falfurrias GARCIA. NAOMI. Houston GARCIA. RAQUEL R . San Diego GARCIA. RONALD JAMES. San Antonio GARDINER. PETER MERRILL, Houston GARDNER. STANLEY DWAIN, Hamilton GARNER. ROBIN LYNNE. El Paso CARVER. DEBORAH RAE. San Antonio GARZA. GABRIEL ANN. Bridge City GARZA. JOHN MARKOU. Houston GARZA. OMAR JAIME. Edmburg GARZA. VELMA SUE. ALamo GARZA. VERONICA. Laredo GASKILL. SUSAN CURBY. Houston GAUDIN. VICKIE LEE. Austin GEE. SHARI LYN. Houston GEIL. PAMELA LOUISE. Austin 580 Freshmen Life 1i GENDRON. NORMAN ANDREW, San Antonio GENTRY, SUZANNE. Baytown GEORGE, PHILIP MICHAEL, San Angelo GERALD. SANDRA. Beaumont GILCHRIST, TERRI LYNN. Dallas GILES. ANNE CATLETT. Houston GILES, MARK DAN. Dallas GILLIAM. THAD ETHAN. Houston GILLIANS. JAMIE ANN. Houston GILMORE, CHERYL KAY, Houston GINSBURG. ANNE IVY, Waco GITTINGS. GAIL LYNN, Graham GLASGOW. LAWRENCE ERVIN, Tyler GLASS. DEAN BURK, San Antonio GLEASON JENNIFER DIANE, Houston GLOVER, RENEE ELIZABETH. Austin GLOVER, RITA JANE, Austin GOLYNA. CAROL JOANN, Seabrook GOERNER, NANCY JEAN, Houston GOGGANS, JAMES W.. Abilene GOLDSTEIN. ADELE MARIE, Houston GOLDSTEIN. MARK. Irving GONGORA. ALFONSO JR.. Robstown GONZALES. JOSEPH ALEXANDER. Houston GONZALEZ. EDWARD PAUL. San Juan GONZALEZ, FREDDIE. Robstown GOOLSBY. BARBARA ANN. Midland GOOLSBY, MARIAN KAY. Temple GORANSON. STEVE H., Garland GORDON. KENT HOWARD. Houston GORENCE. JANET KAY. Midland GORIN. DEBRA ANN. Austin GORIN. STEPHEN SCOTT. Austin GORZYCKI, DONNA LANELLE. Austin GOSSEN, MINDY ANN. San Antonio GOULDIE. MARIE LOUISE, Austin GRAFF. RHONDA SUE. Hondo GRATTON. FRANK JAMES. Austin GRAVES. ELIZABETH ANNE. San Antonio GRAY MARTA. Dallas GREEN JAYNE ELIZABETH, Texas City GREENBERG. SHERRI RACHELLE, Oklahoma City OK GREENE. KAREN JANE, Dallas GREENE. RANDY MILLER. Mineral Wells GREENSPAN. DAWN RENEE. Beaumont GREENWELL. ANNE. Houston GREER. JOHN MARCUS. JR.. Houston GREER. MICHAEL CURTIS. Texas City GRIFFIN. CARRIE EVELYN. Fort Worth GRIFFIN JOHN HOWARD, Fort Worth GRIFFIN. JOJOYCE. Mineral Wells GRIMES. LAURA ANN. Leonard GRIMES. LISA GAIL. Houston GRODNICK. JAMES MARK. Maplewood NJ GROSSMAN. ILENE MAE, Houston GRUBE, KAREN KAY, Dallas GUERRA. MARTHA MARIA, Robstown GUMP. HARRY ALLEN. Dallas GUNTER. BARTON FREEZE, San Angelo GUTJAHR, MARGARETTE. PRISCILLA. California Mo GWINN. WILLIAM REX. Houston HAAS, SUZANNE MARTHA. Dallas HAEHNEL. WILLIAM OTTO. Austin FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN IP ' T l. fts ' V H HAGY. LARRY SCOTT. San Antonio HAIRGROVE. CYNTHIA GAY. Austin HAIRSTON.- ' JOHN FRANK III. Houston HALE. JERRI LOUISE. Austin HALET, MARY KATHLEEN, San Antonio HALL. LISA ANNE. Corpus Christi HALL, ROBERT GORDON, Houston HALL. TRACEY TICHENOR. Austin HAM. SUSAN LEE. Houston HAMILTON, JOHN BROCK. Riverside CT HAMMETT. SAM III. Lampasas HANKINSON. ROBERT LEROY JR., Dallas HANNA. JON ROBERT. Abilene HANNEMAN. SARAH ANN. Dallas HANSEN. HANSITA. Houston HARBOUR, ROBERT EUGENE. Anchorage AK HARDIN. DAWN CECILE. Temple HARDIN. PAMELA. Vernon HARDWICK. CAROL LEE. Dallas HARDY, KAREN ELISE. Dallas HARDY, TAMARA LYNN, Liberty HARGIS. VANESSA. Dallas HARRELL. DEBORAH GAIL. Abilene HARRINGTON, DIANE. Houston HARRIS, DAVID ALAN. Houston HARRIS, JACK DALE JR.. Houston HARRIS. KEITH RAY. Arlington HARRIS, MARK STEPHEN. Dallas HARRIS. SANDRA LEE. Waco HARRISON, ALBERT WILSON, Beaumont HART. CAROLINE SEATON, Marshall HART, LUCY SWEET. Houston HASENPFLUG. JAMES MICHAEL. Houston HAUG. DAVID LLOYD. Fort Worth HAVESON. CELIA HANNAH, Houston HAVIS. DONALD PAUL, San Francisco CA HAWKINS, CHARLES FRANCIS. San Antonio HAWS. ROY NANCE. Fort Worth HAWTHORNE. SUSAN GAYLE, Lutkin HAYATAKA. TODD HIROSHI. Irving HAYES. PAMELA SUE, Houston HAYNES. MARY MELINDA, Abilene HAYNIE, DAVID POWELL. Houston HAYS. SHARYL LYNN. Austin HAZZARD. RONALD WELDON. Texas City Freshmen 581 HEARNE. KATHY ELISE, Lufkin HEATH, CAROL ANN. Angleton HEATH. MELINDA ANN, Houston HEATH. VICKI LYNN. Canada HEBERT. FORREST PIERRE, Texas City HECKMAN, MARY ANNE, Houston HEFNER, STEVEN HOWARD, Dallas HELD. JULIE ANN, Birmingham AL HELFMAN, ALAN. BRENT. Houston HELLER. WAYNE ALAN. Houston HENDERSON. WILLIAM GLENN. Palestine HENNES, MONICA CLARE. Richardson HENRY. JANE KATHRYN. Dallas HERMAN. DEBRA ANN. Baytown HERNANDEZ. SONIA. San Antonio HERRERA. RONALD JAMES. Portland HERRING. RUTH ANNE, Dallas HERRINGTON, RANDI LOU, Austin HERRINGTON. SARAH ADEL. Austin HERSH, DEBORAH SUSAN Waco HERZLICH. LAWRENCE. Waco HESS. MURRAY ALAN. San Antonio HICKEY. GREGORY SCOTT. Spring HICKSON. ELIZABETH JUNE. Austin HIGDON. GREGORY SCOTT, Austin HILBERT, SAMUEL TIMOTHY, Seguin HILDEBRANT. MARIETA LORRAINE. Driftwood HILL. JON LEE. Dallas HILL. KAREN ANNE. Baytown HOBART, DEAN RICHARD. Weslaco HODGES. REBECCA LYNN. Abilene HOGAN. AMME MYRA, Irving HOGAN, THERESA MARIE. Abilene HOLLAND, BARBARA JEANNE, Refugio HOLLENBERG, DONNA JEAN. Houston HOLLEY, TERRY LEE. .Universal City HOLLOWAY, BRENT RENARD. Houston HOLLOWAY. ELIZABETH ANN, Edna HOLMAN, HELEN CHERRY, Dallas HOLMES, JENNIFER, Lufkin HONEYCUTT, JAMES MICHAEL. Richardson HOPSON. CYNTHIA ANN, Houston HORN. NANCY ANN. Plainview HORNE. CURTIS DIXON. Fort Worth MORTON. DWIGHT DAVID, Dallas HOTZE. DAVID NEILL. Houston HOUGHTON. JAMES KENNETH, Houston HOUSER, JAMIE ISABELL, San Antonio HOUSTON, BARBARA JEAN, Fort Worth HOUSTON, DEBRA EILEEN, Dallas HOWELL, DARYL JAMES. Houston HOWELL. ROBERT PAGE. Texarkana HUBER. HILDA JANE. Dallas HUBER, JAMES BRIAN. Darien CT HUCKABY. JACQUALYN ILVANA. Dallas HUDSON. STEPHEN HUBBARD Dallas HUDSPETH. LAURIE BEA, Houston HUMPHRIES, KIMBERLY KAY. Schertz HUMPHRIES, MARK STEVEN. Fort Worth HUNNICUTT. JENNETTE MARY. Houston HUNT. MARY LOUISE. San Antonio HUNTER. BENNETT HASKIN JR.. Fort Worth HURD. DIANE FRANCES, Seabrook FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRES HURLBURT. CLAUDIA BLANCHE, Houston HURST. BRADLEY SHAWN. Fort Worth HURT. CATHERINE, Dallas HURT, JOHN CLINT, Midland HUSSEY. LINDA JEAN. Houston HYSICK. ROBERT GERALD. Austin INTLEHOUSE. KATHLEEN. Fruitvale ISOLINE. JULIE ANN. Fort Worth IVY. DANNY PRICE, Texas City JACKSON. ALLEN RODNEY, Austin JACKSON. MIKE EDWARD. Austin JACOB. MARY ELAINE. Rockdale JACOBS. ALAN BRENT, Kansas City MO JAMES. ANTOINETTE LOUISE. Nederland JARNAGAN. TOMMY JOE, Corpus Christi JARVIS. DAVID KEITH. Kerrville JASPER, SUZANNE MARIE. Alvin JAYNE. LEISA. San Antonio JENKINS. JANET ELLEN, Burnet JENNINGS. LAURA ANN. Graham JESCHKE. CAROL JANE. Miles JEWELL. WILLIAM MARSH. Houston JOCHEC. JAYNE ELIZABETH. New Braunfels JOHNSON. CELESTE EILEEN, Houston JOHNSON. KIRK SCOTT. Burnet JOHNSON. LINDA SUE. Houston JOHNSON. MELESSA ANN. Missouri City JOHNSON. RANDALL TOLBERT, Houston JOHNSTON. STUART BROOKS. Houston JONES. DARRELL LAWRENCE. Austin JONES. JEANINE. Houston JONE S. JOY MARIE. El Campo JONES. JULIE DONNELLE. Dallas JONES. LAURA ELIZABETH. San Antonio JONES. LESLIE, Lubbock JONES. ROBIN JEAN. Austin JONSSON. SUZANNE ELIZABETH. Midland JORDAN. JAMES REED. Houston JORDAN. JULIE HUNT. Houston JORDEN. PHILIP TAYLOR. Houston JOSEPH. BERNADINE. Tyler JUDICE, KEVIN LEO. Port Arthur JULIUS, MARK NORMAN. Dallas JURASIN, GREG ANDREW. Houston JURCAK. OTELIA. San Antonio 582 Freshmen JUST. CAROLINE LYDIA, Kllleen KAEMMERLING. MARCIA MARIE. Lufkin KANE, ESTHER BARBARA. Corpus Christ! KANE. MARGARET MARY. Richardson KAPLAN. CARLOS. El Paso KARGES, CURTIS DUANE. New York NY KATZEN, KENNETH WILLIAM. Houston KEARNEY. CARROLL LEE JR., Sweetwater KEELING. STEVEN CLIFFORD, Austin KEETER, MONA SUE. Plainview KEIDER. SUSAN KATHLEEN, Lake Forest IL KELLEY. TYM DALE. Lafayette LA KELLOGG, MARY CATHERINE. Houston KELLY. CYNTHIA LYNN. Fort Worth KELTING. MARK STEVEN. Houston KEMBLE. KARY DON, Georgetown KENNEDY. MATTHEW JAMES IV, Houston KERRIGAN, MARY ANN. Austin KERSTEN. MICKELLA ANN. Austin KEY. CHARLES ELLIS. Lubbock KIBBE. ELIZABETH ANN, Bridge City KIDD. KELLY JATNE, Austin KILGORE. JAMES PATRICK, Dallas KIMBROUGH. JANET LEE. San Antonio KING. LYDIA ANN. Vernon KING. NANCY KAY. Marshall KINGSBURY. LISA LYNN. Houston KIRBY, HARRY SAMUEL JR.. Austin KIRWAN. DAVID FORBES. Dallas KITE. PHILLIP CLED. Fort Worth KLEIN. MARK FLEMING. Dallas KNIGHT. MARY ALICE. Houston KOHLEFFEL. DINA MARIE, Eagle Lake KOPPLIN, JOHN DAVID, Ames IA KOUGHAN, ELAINE LOUISE. Austin KOZLOWSKI. JANICE LEE. Austin KRAMER, ELLEN MEREDITH, Atlanta GA KRENMUELLER. DEBBIE LYNNE, Hondo KRIEGSMAN. KAREN BETH, Tulsa OK KRUGER, PHILIP EDWARD. Fort Worth KUNKEL. SUSAN KARLA. Olney KUYKENDALL, ROBERT GILDEN, Austin LANCASTER. JAMES GLEN, San Antonio LANGFORD, JOHN MICHAEL, New Braunfels LANGILLE. VALERIE JEANNE. Houston LANIER, LORETTA SUE. Jasper LARSON. CARLOYN JEAN. Piano LAWRENCE. ROSITA DELOIS. Bon Wier LAWSON, SHERIAL LENIAL, Dayton LAYCOCK. STEPHEN KEITH, Canyon LAYNE, CHARLES SHANNON. Lake Jackson LEA. CONSTANCE BETH. Fredericksburg LEAKEY, BARBARA JEAN, Dallas LEATH. DEBRA KAY. Austin LEATH. JOSEPH MASTERS. Houston LEE. LISA JEANNE. El Paso LEE. STEWART DEWITT. Dallas LEE. SUSAN KATHERINE. Dallas LEE, WARREN EMMETT. Huffman LEEK. LAUREN LEA. Midland LEISS. KAREN CHRISTINE, Houston LERMAN, PAULA FRAN. Wharton LERNER. ROBERT DORNE. La Marque FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN LETZ. KATHY LU. Fort Worth LEVENSON. STEVEN HOWELL. El Paso LEVI. JALAANE. MARIE. Fort Worth LEVINE. ALAN BRIAN. Harlingen LEVINE. ROBIN LYNNE, Fort Worth LEWINS, RICHARD AARON. Dallas LEWIS. LISA JAN. Houston LEWIS. REBECCA ANN. Austin LEWIS. RICHARD RICKER. Austin LEWIS. SUSAN ELIZABETH. Houston LIERMAN. WILLIAM PHILIP, Houston LIEVENS. MARY JANETTE. LaFeria LIGON, JUDY LYNN, Houston LINDER. CAROLYN SUE, Austin LINDSAY. LYNN JANELLE, Austin LINEBERRY. STEVEN PATRICK. Houston LINENSCHMIDT. LANA LOUISE. Greenville LINNEBUR. RUSSELL ALAN. San Antonio LINNSTAEDTER. JANET SUSAN. Big Sandy LINS. MARY WINIFRED. Houston LIVINGSTON, DANA SHERYL. Garland LOCHER. MERRILL LINDEN. Houston LOFTIS. DENNIS LEE. Austin LOGAN. JUDY. Houston LOHMAN. JOHN DOYLE. Wichita Falls LONG, JOHN ROBERT. Austin LORING, RICHARD PETER. San Antonio LOVETT MARTHA NAN, Tomball LUCAS. WILLIAM RANDALL, Dallas LUEDECKE DAVID MATTHEW. Austin LUEDECKE. KAREN DIANE. San Antonio LUNDQUIST ELLEN ELIZABETH. Austin LUNDSTEDT, CHRISTY SUE. Houston LYON ROBIN KIMBERLY. Denton MACK. NANCY KATHERINE, Austin MADALIN. DIANE CAROL. Corpus Christi MAJOR. MARCIA. Houston MALM. KATHERINE ANN. Abilene MALONE, CLARA KATHLEEN. El Paso MAR. NANCY. Fort Worth MARKS. LINDA BETH, Houston MARQUEZ. STEPHEN ALAN. Austin MARSHALL. CYNTHIA ELLEN. El Paso MARSHALL, JOHN DEE, Eastland MARTIN. DEBRA HELENE. Carrollton I Freshmen 583 MARTIN, DOREN CHARLES. Gary NC MARTINEZ. MARIA DELALUZ. San Antonio MARTINEZ, NORMA. San Benito MASON, DEBRA JANE, Longview MASSARI. KAREN ANN. San Antonio MASSEY, CELIA, Dallas MASSEY. ROSE MICHELE. Dilley MASTERSON, HOLLY ANN. Houston MATHENY, KAREN JEAN. Bedford MATHEWS. GERALD KENNEDY II, Harlingen MATHIS. SARAH FRANCES. Eagle Lake MAUER, TOMMY LEE, Sinton MAUND. MARK LINDSEY. Austin MAYFIELD. RANDOLPH ALAN. Corpus Chnsti MCADAMS. JUDITH FRANCES. Stratford MCALISTER. VICKI LOUISE. Dallas MCBRIDE. STEPHEN WYMER, Kerrville MCBROOM, JOHN PATRICK, Wichita Falls MCBRYDE, MARY ALICE. Goliad MCCALLA, KEVIN, Georgetown MCCANN. SHANNON ELIZABETH. Bishop MCCARTHY, MARGARET ANN, San Antonio MCCLABB, JILL. Houston MCCLENDON. CARL CRAIG. Pasadena MCCLENDON. JANET CLARA. Weatherford MCCLOUD, SHARON LYNN, Eastland MCCLURE. MARTHA LEWIS. Bellaire MCCONN, MELINDA ANN, Houston MCCORMICK. KATHLEEN ANN, Dallas MCCOY. MICHAEL WILLIAM. Austin MCCREIGHT. JAMES BRUCE Midland MCDANIEL. MICKEY GENE. Texas City MCDONALD. LAURA KAY. Austin MCDONALD. MELINDA KAREN Houston MCDONNOLD. MEGAN ANN, Midland MCEACHERN. NANCY LYNN. Houston MCGEE. SALLY LYNN. Dallas MCGINNIS, SHEILA ELIZABETH, Austin MCGOVERN. TERESA LOUISE. Houston MCGREW, DEBRA ANN. Laredo MCGUIRE. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH. Spring MCINERNY. JAMES PATRICK Dedham MA MCINTIRE. THOMAS ROBERT, Richardson MCINTYRE. SANDRA HEATHER, Falfurrias MCKENNON, CRAIG ALAN, Cleburne MCKINLEY, MALCOM LEE Uvalde MCKINNEY. MARK DOUGLAS Pecos MCKINNEY. VIRGINIA BETH. Marble Falls MCKITRICK, RICHARD SCOTT, Memphis TN MCKNEELY. FRANCES SUSAN. Lake Jackson MCLENDON. ELIZABETH KAY. Center MCMILLEN. KATHRYN CARLENE Lockhart MCMILLION. ROBERTA ANN. LaGrange MCNEIL. JANICE. Fort Worth MEADOWS. REBECCA SUE. Port Arthur MEGNA, STEPHANIE LEE. Houston MEINEN. EDWARD BURK. Fort Worth MENDELOFF, JAN DEE. El Paso MEROLA, WENDY MARA. Austin MERRILL. ROGER. LOREN Houston MERRYMAN. JAMES DAVID, Dallas MEYER. BRENDA KATHERINE. Corpus Christi MEYER. LESLIE KELLY. Dallas 3 Mi .) u ff FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRE MIKESKA, KENNETH WILSON, Austin MILBURN. WILLIAM BUCKNER. Odessa MILLER, GREGORY LLOYD, Austin MILLER. WALTON SANSOM JR., Dallas MILLICAN. CATHY ZANETTE. Dickinson MILLIS. CATHERINE RUTH Dallas MILLS, CATHLEEN ADAIR, Richardson MILTON, LAN LYNN Wolfe City MITCHELL. ERIN ELIZABETH. Austin MITCHELL, NANCY BENSON. Dallas MOHLE. MELODY ANN. Austin MOLISH. CAROL ANNE. Houston MONTGOMERY, APRIL CAMILLE, San Angelo MONTGOMERY. BRIAN DARRELL, Houston MONTGOMERY, ROBERT SCOTT. Grapevine MOORE, MARY MARGARET. Premont MOORE. ROBIN MALLORY. Austin MORALES. EUSEBIO ANTONIO. Panama MORENO. ANTHONY JOSEPH. Austin MORENO. MICHAEL ANTHONY, San Benito MORGAN, MARILYN LEE. Houston MORIN, ANNA PATRICIA. San Diego MORRIS. CHARLES SIDNEY. Houston MORRIS. DEBORAH LYNN. Killeen MORRIS. JENNIE RENE. Galveston MORROW. GLORIA JEAN. Austin MUDD. DAVID LINDON. Houston MUECKE. LISA ANN. Three Rivers MUNIZ. DIERRO EMITERIO, Mineral Wells MUNN. RONALD KEITH. Austin MUSGROVE. KARI LYNN Houston MYERS. ROYCE RAY, Austin NANNEY. PAMELA JILL. Austin NAPPA. ANNE NAMETTE. Norman OK NARUM. CYNTHIA INEZ. Houston NASH. TIMOTHY SLATER. Houston NASTRI. MARK LOUIS. Dallas NAYLOR. DIANA JANE Refugio NEIL. MARJORIE, Dallas NEILL. CYNTHIA ELAINE. Houston NELSON. NANCY ANN. Little Rock AR NEUROHR. GLENN KARL, Lake Kiowa NEW. GAIL ELIZABETH. Houston NEWBERRY. WILLIAM BOHNING JR.. Midland NEWLIN. SHEILA KAY. Dallas 584 Freshmen NEWMAN. APRIL DAWN. San Antonio NEWMAN. JOHN WESTON Waco NEWMAN. MARC PAUL. Houston NEYLAND. RUTHIE CAROLYN Austin NICHOLS. GLENN ERNST. San Antonio NICHOLS. SALLY ANN Richardson NICOUD. ROBERT MACAULAY JR.. Dallas NIGO. ELOA IDA Dallas NORED. CAROLYN. Burnet NORMAN NATHANIEL SCOTT. Springfield VA NORRED. PATRICIA ANNE. Sweetwater NORTH NANCY SUSAN Victoria NORTHINGTON. ROBERT CHARLES. Midland NORWOOD. DAVID LLOYD. Houston NOVAK. HENRY JAMES. Flatonia NOWLIN. JANIE ELIZABETH. Harhngen NOWLING. LARRY SCOTT. Piano NULL. MARGARET NELL. Corpus Chnsti NULL. MARY ELIZABETH. Corpus Chnsti NUTTER JEFFREY STUART, Pasadena O ' BRIEN. RANDA SUZANNE. Richardson O ' CONNELL. KATHLEEN HARLAN. Dallas ODELL. WILLIS WADE. Austin OETTER. SUSAN ANN. Houston OGLE. ROBERT JOSEPH. Dallas O ' HARA. SIRI ANNETTE. Dallas OLIVE. KRISTIN ANN. Dunwoody GA OLIVEIRA DENISE DANEEL. Corpus Chnsti OLSEN. CYNTHIA DIANE. Midland OLSON. RONALD CRAIG. Austin OLSON. RUTH ANNE. Manor O NEILL. KATHLEEN MARY. Seabrook ORR. ROBERT COLLINS JR . Houston OWEN. DAVID MARC. Fort Worth OWEN. LEE WYNDLE. Dallas OZUNA GEORGE FLORES. San Antonio PACE. HATTI BEATRICE. Houston PACE. ROBERT CHARLES III. Metaine LA PAIVA. JULIE LAVERNE. Grapevine PALACIOS. HECTOR XAVIER. Pharr PARDUE MELINDA GAYE Houston PARDUE. MICHAEL DAVID. Dallas PARKER. ANN ELIZABETH. Dallas PARKER. CARLA SUE. Abilene PARKER. DEBBIE ANN. Tulsa OK PARKER. JAMES AYRES. Houston PARKER PAMELA ANN Houston PARKER. PEGGY ANNE. Austin PARKER ROGER WILLIAM Ingleside PARKER. TERESA MARIA. Austin PARSLEY SANDRA STRAKE. Houston PARTIDA. JOE ALBERTO. Austin PASCHAL. JAMES STEELE JR . San Antonio PASSMORE. DON LAWRENCE. Houston PATCHEN. HEIDI LYNN. Richardson PATILLO. CHARLES TACQUARD. Dallas PATTEN. ALICE CASSANDRA. Houston PATTERSON. JANET LOUISE. Houston PATTILLO. STEVEN CHASE. Houston PATTILLO. STUART CHASE Houston PATTON. KIMBERLY GAYE. Garland PAUST ANDREA JANE Austin PAVLICEK. BRENDA CAROL. Edna iHME FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN PAXTON. CAROLYN LOUISE. Lake Jackson PEARSON. AMY JO. Evansville IN PEARSON JAMES HARALSON. Houston PEARSON. JOHN HENRY IV. Webster Groves MO PEEL. RENEE LISA. Conroe PEEPLES. EUGENE MURRELL IV. Corpus Chnsti PENA ROMUALDA CATARINA. Alice PENN MARILYN GAY. Austin PENNAL. EDYTHE ELIZABETH. Amanllo PENNYBACKER. MARY ERVIN. Austin PENSHORN. RITA ANN. San Antonio PEPE. MICHAEL VINCENT. El Paso PEREZ. DALIA ESTHER. San Antonio PERKINS. PAMELA MARGARET. Austin PERKINS. PRISCILLA JANE. Dickinson PERKINS. STEVE DOUGLAS. San Antonio PERNICK. ILENE NANCI Fort Worth PERROUX. BRETT LOUIS. Texarkana PETERSEN. MICHAEL GRON. Dallas PETERSON MARIE ANN Austin PETERSON. NINA MARIE. Mesquite PETERSON. SUSAN LYNN. Austin PETTY. BRENDA JO. Austin PEVELER. JAN LEE. Fort Worth PEVSNER. JOSEPH STUART, Dallas PHILLIPS. LYNN ATHERTON. Austin PICKETT. HOLLY PATRICE. Houston PICKETT. LAURIE ANNE. Corpus Chnsti PIERCE. CHRIS WILLIAM. Albuquerque NM PIERSON, LINDA SUE. Corpus Chnsti PIPER. BEVERLY GAYLE. Austin PISTOR. CHUCK HERMAN Dallas PITLUK. BARRY LOUIS. San Antonio PITMAN. MELISSA ANN. Port Arthur PITT. MARCIA JEAN Dallas PLESS. DEBORAH ELAINE. Houston PLOTSKY. LAWRENCE E Austin PLUMMER. LORI SEIFRIZ. San Antonio POAGE. GATREL SUSAN. Austin POLK. SHIRLEY ANN Austin POLLOCK. CYNTHIA MARIE Austin POLUNSKY. RICHARD ALAN. San Angelo POTTS. NANCY DARL San Antonio PRESCOTT. VICTORIA FAY. Fort Worth PRESTWOOD. DALE. Houston Freshmen 585 PRICE. VICKI KAY. Austin PRIDEAUX. JESS BRANNIN. Dallas PRINCE. EDWARD. RUDOLPH. Houston PRISCO. MARY MARGARET, Dickinson PRITCHETT. RONALD ALAN. Dallas PROVOST. JERI JAYNE. Universal City PRUITT, JAMES MICHAEL Huffman PRUITT. RUSSELL CODY. Vernon PUFFER. MICHAEL DOUGLAS. Dickinson QUICK. JERRY JONATHAN. Dallas RAMIREZ. MARIA ANTONIETA San Antonio RAMLOW. REED CHARLES. San Antonio RAMSEY. MICHAEL LEE. Floydada RAMSEY. ROBERTA BO. Goliad RANDLE BERT McAllen RASMUSEN. OUIJAN, Fort Worth RATCLIFFE. DENNIS O ' BRYAN. Houston RAY. CHRISTI ANN. Fort Worth RE. ANN AVERYL. Houston REA. JAY FRANK. Houston REBER. RALFE. DAVID JR . Wichita KS REED. DAVID MITCHELL. Brownsville REED. LYNN MARIE. Austin REED. ROXANNE. Sugar Land REED. WILLIAM CURTIN. Houston REEVES. RICHARD GILL. Houston REEVES. WILLIAM WYATT. Texas City REHN, DEBRA DEEANN. Austin REMMEL. KAREN DENISE Taylor RENCURREL. DEBORAH ANN. Arlington RENTFRO. WILLIAM LEWIS. Brownsville REYES. YOLANDA. San Benito REYNOLDS. MARGARET ANN. Corpus Christi RICE. RUSSELL THOMAS. Austin RIDDLE. PAUL WAYNE. Dallas RIGGS. PAUL BRYAN. Dallas RIOS. PATRICIA ANN Austin RIOS. ROBERTO. Hondo RIPPEY. MARY PAIGE. Dallas RIVERA. DAVID. Mission RIVERS. KAREN MYRTLE. Port Arthur RIZLEY. MAX DEVONE JR Houston ROAN. DARRELL RAND. Midland ROBBINS. MARY LUCINDA. Houston ROBERTS, LARRY JAMES. San Antonio ROBERTS. LINDA. Dallas ROBERTS. SUZANNE RUTH. Houston ROBERTSON. BRADLEY DOWNING. Midland ROBERTSON. MICHAEL LOUIS. Austin ROBINS. KAY. Garland ROBINSON. CASWELL OWEN JR.. Dallas ROBINSON. JOHN LAWRENCE. Fort Worth ROBINSON. ROBERT HAYNES Mesquite RODNITE. LUCILLE MARY. Austin ROEHM. MONICA CLAIRE. Houston ROGERS. BENITA MICHELLE. Beaumont ROGERS. KAREN MILDRED. Fort Worth ROGERS. SANDRA LEE. Hondo RONSTADT. TIMOTHY MARK Lafayette LA ROSELL. ROBIN LEILANI. Austin ROSEN. ROBIN SUE. Miami Beach FL ROSENBERG. SUSAN DIANE. San Antonio ROSENFELD. JO ANN. Waco FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRE ROSENTHAL. SARA JAN. Houston ROSTMEYER. KAREN LEE. Houston ROTH. OLIVIA HELENS. Dallas ROWLING. CAROL CHRISTINE Corpus Christi RUBIN. RENEE DANA. Houston RUBY. NANCY CAROLYN. Austin RUDY. ELIZABETH SLOAN. Austin RUPE. LAUREL ELIZABETH. Austin RUSHING. BENDEL SEVEIL JR.. Pearland RUSSELL. ANGELA GALE. Stafford VA RUSSO. MICHAEL ANGELO. Galveston RYAN. PATRICK WILLIAM. Houston SAENZ. FRED. Austin SALAS. SANDRA LEE. San Antonio SALAZAR. HIGINIO GONZALES III. Robstown SALVING. JOANNE. Dallas SAMUELS. WILLIAM MAURICE. Houston SAMUELSON. DIANE RENEE. Fort Worth SANCHEZ. ROSA LINDA. Corpus Christi SANCHEZ. SHIRLEY JOYCE. Austin SANDERS. CAROL COLBERT. Houston SANDERS. TERI LYNN. Maxwell AFB AL SANDS. RODNEY EUGENE. Houston SANSING. RICHARD CHALLES. Austin SAUNDERS. DAVID WESLEY. Houston SAVAGE. JAMES ALEXANDER. Dallas SAWTELLE. WILLIAM CHARLES. San Antonio SCHADLER MARY ANNE. Hamilton SCHEIN. NEIL JEROME. Austin SCHEUMACK. SARAH LEE. Houston SCHMIDT. CHARLES ROBERT. Amanllo SCHMIDT. SUSAN JANE. Fort Worth SCHNEIDER. CONNIE LYNNE, New Braunfels SCHNEIDER. LAURA KATHRYN. Giddings SCHOLL. SUSAN CAROL. Houston SCHORLEMER. JANIS CAROL. San Antonio SCHRAMM. JULIE MARIE. Abilene SCHROEDER. VIVIAN ANN. Stafford SCHUBERT. ANTONY ZANE. Houston SCHUBERT. SANDRA KAY. Kyle SCHULTE. KAY LYNN. Hondo SCHULTZ. KYLE MURRAY. Baytown SCHULTZ. SALLY LOU. Waco SCHWARTZ. JEANETTE HELENS. Dallas SCOTT. DONNA JEAN. Austin 586 Freshmen SCOTT. STEPHEN ANTHONY. Falfurnas SCRUGGS. JAMES STEPHEN. Dallas SCUDDAY. BEVERLY GAIL. Spring SEALE. POLLY JANETTE. Karnes City SEARS. KATHERINE LAURI. Ingram SEAY, LUCY JANE. Dallas SEAY. SHERRY LYNNE. Houston SEGLER. LLOYD LORAINE. Dallas SELFRIDGE. DENISE JAN. Austin SELL. JAMES WAYNE. Dallas SEMLER. JEFFREY HOWARD San Antonio SERRANO. EMMETT JEFF Houston SETTLE. KAREN MARIE. Brownsville SEWARD. CRAIG LEON. Marble Falls SHANNON. ELIZABETH HAYNIE. Houston SHATTUCK, KAREN ELAINE. Tyler SHAW. JOHN KEVIN. Brady SHAW. MANER BUNDY. Midland SHAWELL. RANDA ANN. Houston SHEA. DAVID DANIEL. Richardson SHEARER. ANN. San Antonio SHELTON. SALLY KAY. Houston SHERMAN. KATHIE LYNN Dallas SHERWOOD. KAREN ANNE. Houston SHIEKH. SHIRIN FIRDOSH. Houston SIBLEY. SUSAN GAE. Dallas SIEGEL, VICKI LYNN. Beaumont SIGLER. LINDA LEE. Houston SILVER. KERRY ELLEN. Dallas SILVER. NANCI GEORGINNE. Houston SILVERBLATT. CINDY LOUISE Houston SILVERTHORN. CAROLYN S.. Houston SIME. WILLIAM DAVID. Dallas SIMLER. JAMES TAGGART. San Antonio SIMMONS. JULIA ANN. Irving SIMMONS. LEE MAURICE. Richardson SIMMONS MARIANNE Brownsville SIMMONS. SUZANNE. Houston SIMON. MAURICE IRWIN, Houston SIMPKINS. DONNA ROSE. Houston SINGLETON. MARK EDWARD. Houston SKELTON. SANDRA KAYE. Bedford SLAGLE. JOHNNY AL White Deer SLAUGHTER. MARY ANN. Euless SLOAN. KAREN JILL. Richardson SMAJSTRLA. JEAN ELIZABETH. Victoria SMALL. MARK RAY Killeen SMALL. STEPHEN RICHARD. Fort Worth SMITH. AVA RAE San Antonio SMITH. BROOK MCNEIL. Dallas SMITH, ELIZABETH ANN. Houston SMITH. JAMES LEN. Houston SMITH. JANICE KAY. Houston SMITH. MADISON ANDREW. San Antonio SMITH. MARY DIANE Midland SMITH. MARY THERESA. Houston SMITH. SHONNA RUTH. New Braunfels SMITH. THOMAS EDGAR. Houston SMOLEN. STEVEN FRANCIS. San Antonio SNIDER. WALTER CALVIN Garrison SNODGRASS. SHARON ANN. Fort Worth SOBEL. STEVEN MURRAY Houston SOCKLER. ALLISON DORAN. Beaumont FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN SOMERFORD. JAMES ROBERT. Marshall SOMERVILLE. BEA LEA. Midland SORELLE. SUSAN ELIZABETH. Waco SOWELL. JOSEPH THOMAS. Houston SPEIER. SARAH MARGARET. San Antonio SPENCER. BRENDA JOY. Austin SPERANDIO. JOANN ANN. Houston SPILLAR. SHERRY LYNNE. Austin SQUIRES. LAURA MARIE. Conroe STANDIFER. MARY LEE. Fort Worth STARK. YVONNE RENEE. Belton STAVINOHA, JOHN LAMAR. Austin STEFANCIK, RUDY WALLIS. Deer Park STEIG. BARBARA ANNE. Richardson STEPHENS. JANICE SUE. Abilene STEPEHNS. TOM P. Wichita Falls STERBENZ. MARGARET ANNE. Houston STEWART. DAVID MARK. San Antonio STEWART. PATRICIA ANN. Corpus Christi STEWART. PATRICIA SUE. Austin STINSON. NANCY LYNN. Austin ST. JOHN. STEPHEN DEAN. Dallas STOCK. ANN CLARICE. Alice STOKES. JAMES H. JR.. Houston STOLPER. DANIEL VICTOR. Muskogee OK STORM. PAUL VICKERS. Premont STRANATHAN. JOYCE DIANE. Dallas STRICKLAND. PAUL EUGENE. Henrietta STRIEBER. KIMBERLY ANN. San Antonio STRONG. ROBIN LEE. Killeen STRONG. ROGER LYNN. Killeen STRYKER. JAMES LEE. Woodville STUDT. JAMES LEONARD. Longview SUAREZ. MARIA LUISA, Robstown SULLIVAN. CLARE ANNETTE, Houston SULLIVAN. KATHY ANN. Houston SUTTON. RICHARD HARVEY. La Marque SWEET. ALAN HOWARD. Dallas SWIFT. STANLEY HILL Waco SWINNEA. THOMAS CHARLES. Grand Prairie TAMAYO. MARK ANTHONY Austin TAMLYN. JOHN THOMAS. Bellaire TAPICK. SHARON LYNN, Houston TARLTON. TRACEY NOLYNE. Fort Worth TAUSEND. MARTHA JEAN. Pasadena Freshmen 587 TAYLOR, ROBIN ADELE. Houston TAYLOR. TERESA SUSAN. Dallas TAYLOR, WILMA JOYCE. Bowie TEFFT. CAROLE DIANE. Fort Worth TELKAMP. DONNA ELAINE. Dallas TENG. LELAND, Dallas TERRY. TOD WILSON. Houston THOMAS. CLIFTON ERWIN. Big Spring THOMAS. SHYLA. Hereford THOMPSON. CATHERINE RUTH. Houston THOMPSON, DIANE BOLTON. Dallas THOMPSON. HAROLD GENE. Canyon THOMPSON, TERENCE LYNN. Sulphur Springs THOMSON. MARY EVELYN Austin THOMSON. STEVEN LEWIS. Dallas THORPE. ANNE LOUISE. Houston THROCKMORTON. VICKI LOU. Midland TIDWELL. BURL WESLEY. Fort Worth TIEMANN. STEPHEN WARNER. Dallas TILLERSON. LESLIE ANN. Plainview TINSELY, TAMARA RAE. Fort Worth TISHLIAS. DORINDA KAY. Dallas TITUS. MARSHALL WADE. Hosuton TOBIN. JULIE. Mathis TODD. MARK ALLEN. Dallas TORRES. YOLANDA ORTIZ, Galveston TOWLES, JANE LOUISE. Edna TRAGUS. EUGENE THEODORE. Dallas TRAYLOR. JOHN PIERCE. Dallas TRENT. JANET MARIE. Houston TREVINO. CYNTHIA LAMAR, Houston TROCKMAN. LYNN CAROL Evansville IN TUDOR. DIANE BYRD. Lake Charles LA TURMEL. ELAINE ELIZABETH, Houston TURNER. DAVID LEE. Houston TURNER. TIMOTHY DEAN. Dallas TYLER. KATHARINE MARIE. Brooklyn Center MN TYLER. ROSALIND EVE. Houston UHL. ELISABETH GROOS. San Antonio UPHAM. RICHARD LEE, Mineral Wells UTT. KRISTI. Houston UZICK. CHERIE DIANE. Houston UZICK. MELISSA LYNN. Houston VALADEZ. MARIE THERESA. Weslaco VALLBONA. RIMA NURI. Houston VAN STRATEN. SUSAN BETH San Antonio VARGO. CATHY JEAN. Houston VAUGHAN, JANET MARGARET Midland VAUGHN. ELISE ELISABETH. Dallas VENECIA. ROSSANA. Alice VERA. CARLOS ALONZO. Brownsville VERA, DIANA RAMOS. San Antonio VICIC. BILLY JACK. Houston VICKREY. VICKI DIANE. San Antonio VINGOE. DOUGLAS NEWTON. Houston VISE. JANUARY ELIZABETH. Austin VITASEK. MELISSA JO. Fort Worth VITEK. MARILYN ANN. Houston VROTSOS. EVELYN ANN. Fort Worth WALKER. CATHERINE J.. Houston WALKER. NANCY J.. Dallas WALL. DEBORAH JEAN. Houston WALL. MURRAY SCOTT. Rockwell FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRE WALL. PATRICIA LEE. Bertram WALLACE. CHARLES ALAN. Richardson WALLACE. CYNTHIA LYNN. Bandera WALLACE. KIMBERLY ANNE. San Antonio WALLACE. PATRICIA LOU. Rockwall WALLACE. SUSAN ELAINE. Piano WALTERS. JOHN KERLIN III. San Antonio WALTERS. JOSEPH THOMAS. Austin WALTHALL. LEONA FAITH. Dallas WALTON. DAN THOMAS. Houston WANT. LAURA EILEEN. College Station WANTA. ANTHONY JOHN Houston WARD. JILL MARIE Pasadena WARE. PHILIP KENNETH. Houston WARREN. TERRI GAY Houston WATANABE. MICHAEL KEN Houston WATKINS. PAULA RUTH. Pasadena WATSON. ROBERT ROSS. Amanllo WATSON. WILLIAM PHILIP Houston WATTS.. KIMBERLY ELLEN. Houston WEAVER. JOHN DUDLEY. Montgomery WEBB. CINDY LOU. Midland WEGENHOFT. CYNTHIA ELAINE Eagle Lake WEIDMANN. KATHRYN CHRISTINA. Austin WEIL. MARY MELANIE. Houston WEINER. SHARLA FAYE. Houston WEISS. LINDA ANN. Houston WELCH. DEBRA ANN. Port Arthur WELLES. DEBRA JEANNE. Humble WELLS. BRUCE ALAN. Dallas WENGLEIN. TERI LYNN. San Antonio WEST. LESLIE WILSON. San Antonio WESTMORELAND. ELIZABETH LEE. Alice WETZEL. DONNA LEA. Dallas WHEELOCK. DAIVD CARTER. Austin WHELAN, ELIZABETH ANN. Houston WHELESS. NANCY RANDOLPH. Houston WHISLER. MARI LYN. Angleton WHITE, LOIS ELAINE. Houston WHITE. PAMELA RECHELLE. Dallas WHITEHILL. WILLIAM G.. Houston WHITEHURST. THOMAS EDWARD JR.. Corpus Christi WHITTENBURG. CATHERINE C.. Amarillo WHiniNGTON, KENT WAYNE. Houston WHITTY. DENISE DIANE, Houston 588 Freshmen WICKER. MARY WYNNE. Dallas WILEY. DEBORAH LOUISE. Austin WILFONG. KYLE GENE. Haskell WILLI. PAUL HE RMAN. Houston WILLIAMS. ANN MARGARET. Houston WILLIAMS, CANDACE ANN. El Paso WILLIAMS. CAREY CRAIG. Houston WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA HARVEY. Dallas WILLIAMS. LUCIA LEIGH, La Grange WILLIAMS. MARY JANE. McAllen WILLIAMS MARY VICTORIA. Houston WILLIAMS. MOLLY HELEN. Dallas WILLIAMS. VICKI ANN, Austin WILLIAMSON. SHERI LYNN. Houston WILLINGHAM. MARIAN NELL. Arlington WILSON. BRUCE JAMES. Houston WILSON. KAREN KAYE Marion WILSON. LORI KAY. Dallas WILSON. PAULA RUTH. Austin WINBORN. WENDY DIANE. Houston WININGER. LINDA JO. Longview WISHARD. DEBRA LEE. Premont WITHERS. MARK CARLTON. Humble WITHROW. MICHAEL LYNN. Dallas WOLSLEGEL. DIANE CAROL. Dallas WOLTER. ROBERT PATRICK. Corpus Christi WOMAC. ALLYSON LEIGH. Houston WOMACK. CATHERINE ANNE, Austin WOODS. JANE EVELYN. Helena AR WOODS. KARLA SUE. Dallas WOODSON. LESLIE RUTH. Brownwood WOOLSEY. JAN. Corpus Christi WRANISCHAR. JAY PAUL Houston WRIGHT. PAULA. Lubbock WUSTRAU, NANCY JANE Austin WYCKOFF. KAREN SUE, Dallas WYNNE, JOHN DOUGLAS Austin YEE. CATHERINE ELIZABETH. Houston YOST. CINDIE ROSE Dallas YOUNG. GREGORY. Dallas YOUNG. ROBERT ALAN. Austin ZAPATA. EDUARDO GARCIA Sinton ZAVALETTA. JOSEPH ALBERT JR.. Brownsville ZEITLER. KURT VERNON. Lake Jackson ZIMMERMANN. GALE LYNN. San Antonio ZINN. PHILIP DAVID. San Antonio ZINSMEYER, RENAE. Hondo ZOELLER. BARBARA. Austin ZSERDIN. MARY KATHERINE. Houston ZURIK. LYLE STUART. Houston FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN 1976 CACTUS Yearbook Index Page Name Page Name Page Name 202. Aanstoos. Alice Louise Abbate, Mary Ellen Abbott. Gary Martin Abbott. Pamela Casey Abbott. Stephanie C Abboud. Ruth Joyce Abdoveis. Abdolhamid Abel. Thomas Joe Abell. Phillip Michael Abercrombie. James A Abernathy. Lloyd Belmont Abies. James Aaron Abies. James Michael Aboussie, Joseph A Abraham. Leigh Ann . 174. 369. 413. Abramowitz, David R Abrams. Gregory Mark Abrego. Christine M Academics Acker. Diane Chandler Acker. William Berry Jr Ackerman. Daniel F Ackman. Steven Neal Acosta, D aniel Jr Acriche. Catherine Jan Adair. Dwight Rial Adair. Maureen Lenore Adam. Thomas Lorenzo Adamcik. Patrick Victor Adams. Alice Elizabeth Adams. Andrew Wynne Adams, Anne Marie Adams. Charles William Adams. Deborah Lynn Adams. Donna Elizabeth Adams. Donna Lynn Adams. Ellen Carol Adams, Frederick S. Jr Adams. John Gandy Jr Adams. John Richard Adams. Kathleen Ann Adams. Kathryn Jo Adams. Leo Jason Adams. Lisa Ann Adams. Margaret Lynn Adams. Marjorie Elizabeth Adams. Mary Elizabeth Adams. Nancy Kay Adams. Norman DeGraaf III Adams. Rebecca Jean ... Adams. Robert Sherman . Adams. Tani Marilena Aday. Amy Beth Aday. John Allen Adcock, Darla Ann . . . Addicks. Mark Wayne Addington. Susan Kari Adedimila. Adedare S. Aderhold. Joseph C. Aderhold. Robin Adelle Adkins. Barry Wood Adkins, John August . Adler. Barry Alan .... Agee, Bruce Edward Agnello. Leona Ann . . Agness, Leslie Lynn . . Agnew, Vanessa Ahlberg. Margaret E. Mrs Ahrens, Dennis Carl Aiguier. Sallie G Aiken, Robert Cody Aiken. Susan E Ainsworth. James Thomas Ainsworth. Laura Lee Air force ROTC Aitken. Gail Aiuvalasit. John W Ajello. Julie Ann Akers, Marsha Napier Akin, John Stewart Akins. Deborah Jane Akins. Martin Ray . 110. 114. 115. 448. Al Jundi. Sharoud AI-Khubaizi. Munira S Al-Saffar. Abdul-Kareem Alaniz, David Albano. Carol Sue Albers. Rickey Melvin Albert, James Yale Albert. Jeanine Marie Albert. Linda Gayle Alberts. William Howard Albertson. Jerri Ann Albrecht. James W Jr Albrecht. William S Albright. Teresa Lynn Albright. Thomas A Albright, William J Albritton. Benjamin J, . Albury. Carol Jeanne . Aldrich. Guy Franklin III Aldnch, Gwyn Delaine Aldridge. Mary Ann Alejandro. Justa 110 484 368 194 375 286 414 284 296 432 174. 175. 270 476 270, 371. 373 480 ..212.322 339 375 380 328 116. 501 176. 480, 454. ' 338, 4bS 364 418 404 338 577 387 538 209 376 501 294 563 482 577 338 549 114 563 377 377 501 215 438 114 381 296 296 384 381 377 381 399 577 377 291 354 380 563 549 474 563 541 412 577 290 345 177 369 577 501 322 577 501 541 380 541 501 577 486 474 498 488 418 501 278 563 401 375 549 174 501 340 440 563 501 353 380 400 436 563 549 418 563 577 373. 112 549 498 379 332 436 501 563 484 577 197 549 501 381 563 380 377 501 369 549 577 501 404 Aleman. Susana Imelda 498 Alexander. Barry P 501 Alexander. Charlene F 438, 549 Alexander. Hoover Herman . 175. 428 Alexander. Jeffrey C. 360 Alexander. John M 382 Alexander. Lelia B. H 380. 501 Alexander. Lisa A 438 Alexander. Michael L 430 Alexander. Richard Witte 373 Alexander. Shannon Lynn 549 Alexander, Susan I. G 380 Alexander, Timothy F 478 Allamon, Jerry Dell 501 Allard, Pamela Louise 369. 440 Allbright. Harry Lee III 206. 296. 541 Allbright, Kirk Paul 378 Allbright. Marcia Louise 549 Allbright, Terry Ann 376 Allbritton. Stephanie A 369. 375 Allday. James Melvin 541 Allday. Katherine Anne 458. 563 Allday. Rebecca Louise 577 Allen, Alfred Gerge 501 Allen. Alicia L 436 .. 114 501 291 Allen. Andrew Collins . . . Allen. Carolyn E Allen. David Gibson Allen, Debra Jane Allen, Henry Kiper Jr. Allen, Junius Davis Allen. Kathryn Patricia Allen. Linda Lou Austin . Allen. Melinda Lynnette Allen. Phyllis L. McCarty Allen. Robert Rowe Allen. Scott Hamlin Allen. Sharon Lynn Allen. Susan Jane 416. 577 378. 563 370. 498 577 498 474 293 381 378. 434. 563 .. 375, 501 369 Allen. Thomas David 462. 501 549 207, 549 454 . 436 305. 379 380 . . 430 501 378. 382 577 541 418, 577 369 176 .. 302 368 420 Allison. Brenda Day Allison, Deborah Sue Allison, Lester Louis Allison. Mary Jane Allison, Michael John Allison. Neil Kenneth Allison. Patrick Fleming Allison. Tana Denise Allman. James M Allred. Andrea Leigh Almaraz, Lauro Jr Almquist. Karen Lynn Alonso. Maria Del Socorro Alonzo, Roberto R Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsllon Phi Alpha Epsllon Pi 423 Alpha Kappa Alpha 424 Alpha Lambda Delta 369 Alpha Phi 426 Alpha Phi Alpha 429 Alpha Phi Omega 332 - ' - - 430 . . 432 501 549 378, 480. 481. 549 378 577 212. 372. 375. 541 386 212 .... 432. 563 176 . 289. 549 Alpha Tau Omega Alpha XI Delta Alston. Carol Louise Alston. Norman Ray Alter. Brian Reid . . . Alter. Rory Stephen Althaus. Ellen Ruth Althaus. Floy E Altobelli. Robert Anthony Altom. Teresa Ann . . Altwein. Sharon Ann Alvarez. Inocencia V. Alvey. Evelyn Ann Amador, Catarina 577 Ambrose, Donald James 577 Ambrosetti. Anthony A 386, 405. 501 Amend, Paul David 286 American Association of Architectural Engineers 303 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 304 American Institute Of Mechanical Engineers 305 American Marketing Association 284 American Society Of Civil Engineers 306 Amerman, Robert C. Ames, John Young Amirkabirian, Iraj Amsler. Robert Alfred Amsterdam. Gary Hal 332. 549 468. 563 498 381 378 Amundson, Debra Kay 501 404 . . . . 501 . ... 377 290. 549 498 . . . . 338 452. 549 327 474. 577 501 426. 563 ... 378 .. 549 .... 369 203 501 426 . _ . . 188 Anderson. Lori Gayle 577 Anderson. Mary Alice 288, 563 Anderson. Mary Ann 563 Anchorettes Anders. Patricia Ann Anderson. Alan Scott Anderson. Beth Lynn Anderson. Bronwyn Anne Anderson. Cynthia Lea . . . Anderson. Diana Sue Anderson. Dudley Jarvis . Anderson Eugenia Anderson. Frederick V. Anderson. Glenna Suzette Anderson. Gregg Arnold . . Anderson, Jerry Don Anderson, Judith Ann Anderson. Karen Anderson. Karen Jane . . , Anderson. Kathryn E. Anderson. Kelley E. Anderson. Mary K 494 Anderson. Mary Suzanne 577 Anderson. Michael Loyd 380 Anderson. Robert Ford Jr 577 Anderson. Rodney Wayne 501 Anderson. Stefany R 418 Anderson. Steven Everett 577 Anderson. Steven Lee 311 Anderson. Steven Royal 202. 285 Anderson. Susan Gale 501 Anderson. William Lynn 382. 501 Andrade, Antonio 308 Andreas, Karen Marie 339 Andrews. Betsy 549 Andrews. Carol Jean 563 Andrews, Darryl R. 414 Andrews. John Jeffrey 368 Andrews. Jonthy Elizabeth 563 Andrews. Mary Lou 494 Andrews, Regina Carol 563 Andrews, Susan Kaye 436 Andrus. Rena Carol 330. 501 Andry, Jo Ann 202. 290 Angevine, Eric Neil 370 Angevine. Nancy Gene 418. 577 Annett. Debra 577 Anthony. John Mark 377 Anthony. Karen Diane 577 Antonius, Elizabeth 369 Antonoff, Jayson 577 Antweil. Brian F 321 . 480. 549 Antweil. Felise Beth 410. 577 Apffel. Jeannie Marie 418 Apodaca, Lawrence Henry 577 Appelt. James Mack 364. 462. 498 Applegate. David R 501 Araya, Sonia Maria 541 Arbuthnot, John Adrian 381 Archer. Jeffrey Scott 376 Archer. John Frederick 286. 549 Archer, Linda Susan 436. 563 Archer. Mary Elizabeth 368 Archer. Richard Moore 478 Archery Assoiation 360 Architecture Council 200 Ard. Elisa 416. 577 Arend. N. Lynn Pugh Mrs 501 Arispe. Ricardo G 501 Arlitt. Janet Yvonne 369. 375 Armbruster. Richard W 470 Armijo. Louis Alfred 381 Armitage. Angela Jane 203 Arms. Stephen Randall 434. 577 Armstrong, Deanna Louise 369 Armstrong, James Marion 549 Armstrong, John Douglas 360 Armstrong, Joyce M 425. 563 Armstrong. Larry William 577 Armstrong. Linda Diane 501 Armstrong, Marcia Gale 293 Army ROTC 392-399 Arndt. Billy Keith 501 Arndt. Kathy Lins 549 Arneson. Ann Jetton 456 Arnett. Darwin Philip 478. 563 Arnett. Mary Christine 355 Arnett. Sharon Lee 549 Arnie. Dennis Dale 501 Arno Ortega. Jose E 501 Arnold. Alice Bintliff 456. 563 Arnold, Bruce Gregory 339. 381 Arnold. Charles W. Jr 304 Arnold, David Edwin 381 Arnold, Linda Jo 381 Arnold, Lisa Jeanne Mrs 372. 391. 399 Arnold. Patrick M 381 Arnold, Sophia 1 501 Arnold. Steve Richard 549 Arnold Air Society 402 Arnot, Robert Bates 478 Arnspiger. Allison 474 Aron. Howard Irwin 480. 577 Aronow. Jessie Judith 369. 375. 418 Arriaga. Isaias G. Jr 402. 549 Arrington. James Michel 380 Arriola. Sylvia 577 Arthur. Elizabeth Lynn 577 Arvedson. Marsha A. Multer 380 Aschbrenner. Renee Ann 389 Ashby. Anne Lee 494 Ashby. Randall Blair 501 Ashcraft, Jay Arden 501 Ashcraft. Susan Doris 432, 577 Ashley, James David 549 Ashley, Timothy H 478 Ashmore, Keith Charles 381 Ashmore, Richard W 389 Ashton, Patricia Ann 322. 563 Atchison. Charles S 430 Athletics 107 Atiee. Theresa Ann 501 Atkins. Claude J. Jr. Atkins, Margaret E. . Atkinson. Gary Don . Atkinson, Lacy Claire Atsinger, Terry Lynn Attaway. Sue Ellen 498 577 388 212, 563 563 549 Atteridg. Barbara Joan 452. 563 Audette. Michelle Mary 194 Aumann. Diane Lyn 330 Austein. Debra Gayle 484 Austin. Earl Bowen 414 Austin. Glenn Alan 501 Austin. Gregory W 324 Austin, Kathleen Dawn 501 Austin, Martha Sue 577 Austin. Rebecca Lynn 440 Avant. David Lee 549 Avant, Jim Forrest ' . ' . ' . 364, 462. 563 Avant, Nannette 458 Avant, Robert Franklin 339 Avant, Sara Sue ' ' . ' . 381. 416 ' , 563 Avary, James Finley 174 Avary Sarah Ann . . . 369 563 Avent Robert S P 448 502 Averhoff, Jon Robert 382 Averitt. Cynthia Ruth Avery Donna Kay Avila. Gerardo Garza Avis, Patricia Pearl ...... ' . ' . 440. 563 Axtell Albert Calvin Jr 114 Ayars, David Alan 389. 563 Aydam, Genevieve Marie . . 418. 563 Ayer, David Hugh 378 Ayers, James B 373 Ayers. James Stephen 563 Aers Susan Jane 375 Ayers. Tina Jeanette 355 Ayesh. Kevin Bradley 577 Ayoub, Andrew William .... 296 Avoub, Mary Ann 577 Babel. Janis Clare Baber. Stephen Douglas . Babineaux. Susan Kaye . . Bacchus. Rockney D Back. Leslie K Backhaus. Wilhelm Paul . . Bacon, Andre Edward Bacon. Philip G Bacon, Sylvia Sue Bacon, Thomas Garland . Baden. Gary Wayne Bader, Laura Jane Badger, William Edward Baek, Seung Ho Baggett. Leah P. Hargrove Baggett. Lynne Anne . . . Bagherzadeh. Nader Bagwell. John Todd Bahme, Barbara Gale Bahme, Harriet Allen Baier, Joyce Ann Bailes. Joseph Switz . . Bailey. Austin G. Jr. ... Bailey. Betsy Jo Bailey. Brian Allen Bailey, John Richard . . . Bailey, Melinda Ann .... Bailey. Norman Joseph Bailey. Rhonda Lynette Bailey. Robert Douglas 193, 195 368. 364. 378 462 Bailey, Stuart Kent Bailey. Wayne Paul Bailey. William E Bailiff. Rebecca Ann . . . Baird, Eric Robb Baird, Frank Philips Baird. Niven James Jr. Baish. Therese Irene . Baker, Betty Knight . . Baker. Bruce Wilber . . . Baker. Byron Wayne . . . Baker. Carol Sue Baker. Cathy Ann Baker. Dana Lynne Baker. Douglas William . Baker. Frances Delores Baker. Gerald Lee Baker, Harris McAshan Baker, James Edward . . Baker, Jeffrey Watts . . . Baker. Jerry Wayne Baker, Josh Brooks Baker, Lanny Gregg . . . Baker. Mary Edna Baker. Michael Allen . Baker, Patricia Ann Baker, Steven Roger , . . Baker, Thomas Bruce . . Baker, William Austin . Baker. William Edwin . . . Baker. William Ernest Balagia. George T Balagia. James Koury . . Balagia. Saba Jack Balboa. Rose E Batch. Dean Matthew Balch. Emmet H. Ill Baldauf. Elizabeth S. . . . Baldauf. Lawrence M Balderach. David L. Ill . Balderas, Daniel Jr Baldwin, Elizabeth B. Baldwin. George Weldon Baldwin. Marilyn Baldwin. Roger Lyn Bales. John Malcolm . . 327. 327. 380. 456 478. 577 494, 577 563 . . . .502 359 313 378 436. 549 488 176. 502 184. 207 . . . . 401 . . .381 549 549. 624 . . . 383 502 . . . . 369 541 416. 577 381. 549 368 438 463. 549 498 436 321 395. 396. 397, 399. 577 577 383 412. 563 563 378 454 504. 136 401. 402 474 541 .. 577 369. 563 381 .426. 577 . . . . 563 438, 549 502 . . . . 466 286 380. 592 381 377. 380 .502 577 382, 388 577 549 378 . . . . 377 577 380 412. 478 478. 541 272. 278 .563 563 446 384 378. 381 414.415 308. 563 436 468 563, . . 454 549 590 Index Name Page Nam Page Name Page Nam Page Balette. Patricia Lucia 368. 369. 450 Ball. Beth Ann Ball, Catherine Ann Ballantyne. Jane Michelle 474 Ballantyne. Kim Alan Ballard, Lynn Marie Ballard. Virginia Edith Ballanger. Dewey P. Ill Ballenger. Linda G. G 312 Ballesteros. Mary Diana Ballew. Henry B. Jr Ballinger. Richard III Balmas. Lawrence T Balsley. Ronald Dean Balusek, Edward R. Jr Bandy, Kerry Lee Bandy. Marcia Diane Bandy. Otis Earl Jr Bankhead, Kevin W 364 Bankhead, Phillip Clay 364 Bankhead. Stacy Renee .212. 322. 232. Bannan. Lynn Thomas Barajas. Laura Ursula Barbee. Karon, Grace Barcklow, Beverly Ann 452 Barcklow. Mark Alan 434 Barclay. John A. Ill 476 Bardwell. Sherry E Barfield. Amanda Barfield. Bourdon Ivy Barfield. Jan Marie Barge. Marlisa Reeves Barham. Gail Diane 380. 502 Sana. Paul Collins . 382. 338. 340, 343 Barker, Brent Alan Barker. Katherine Eve 322. 438 Barker, Michael Wayne 174 Barker, Rebecca Ann Bays Barker, Robert D. Jr 387 Barkley. Howard N. Ill Barlow. Joel W 577 369 290 . 502 430 440 369 502 502 369 502 380 294 498 502 577 375 502 502 462 432. 563 304 549 450 . 549 . 541 502 577 456 466 549 369 504 502 136 563 177 377 405 384 304 468. 502. 494, 369. 375, 418 Barmore. William R Barnard, Brian Duval 378, Barnard, Charles M 327. 434. Barnard. Deanne Gay Barnard. Shannon Barnard. William Roger 434, Barner. Wiley Blount Earner, Yolanda Kay Barnes, Bobbe Morse Barnes, Bruce Lloyd Barnes, Elizabeth Kaye Barnes, Laura Sue Barnes. Richard Gerald Barnett. Brenda Gail Barnett. Brenda Kay 210. 305. 375 Barnett. Jeffrey Scott Barnett. Margaret Ann Barnett, Patricia A Barnett. Sharie Hope Barnett. Shon Michael Barnett. Susan Gayle Barnett. William G Barnett. William S. L Barnette. Daniel Wayne Barney. Terrence E Barnhill, Frank Clint 476 Barnum. James Mikell 213 Barnum. Robert S 210, 304. 382 502. 379, 322, 482. Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar n. Eric Steven Margaret J Michele Sharon Dianne Thomas Brian William Warren agan, Michael Anthony 432, 332, e. Judy Joy e. Nelson Keith era. Alfelio Jr. era. Enrique V. 184. 202. 266. 395. 396, 397, 286 398. Barrientos. Adela Barrientos. Joseph J. Jr. Barren, Benjamin K. 388 549 563 435 502 436 435 541 401 380 386 426 577 286 549 382 349 369 563 541 549 502 502 498 383 563 577 577 502 577 250 502 563 563 577 488 577 502 577 577 502 563 478 Barron. Deborah Barron. Eugene Earl Jr. Barron, Robert Bruce Barron, Robert Stephen . Barron. Susan Kay Barron. Vicki Barron. William Cook Barren. William E Barron. William Robert . . . Barrow. Ann Thomas Barrow. Mary Kyle Barsness. George Paul . . . Barta. Carolyn Faye Bartee. Stephen Lloyd . . Bartek. Cynthia Gayle , . . Bartel. Tomothy J Bartholomew, Dennis C. . Bartholomew. John David Bartholomew. Samuel R. . Bartlett. Bryan L Bartnett. Kathleen L Barton. Francine C Barton. James Robert . . . Barton. Julia Elizabeth Barton. Lecia Ellen Barton. Linda Ann Barton, Mary Keith Bartos. Leonard Wayne Bartos. William Bruce Bartosek. Lawrence E. Barzegar, Leon Bash. Beverly Kay Bashara. Brenda Beth . . . Bashore. Henry Willis Bashour. Charles Allen . . . Baskerville. William E Baskin, Becky Joan Baskin, Robert M Basquine. Doris Ann Bass. Carla Jo Bass. Joseph Edward Bass. Martha Elizabeth . 369. 577 478. 541 388 245. 498 416. 577 375. 380. 502 305. 577 . 244 114 381 381 377. 381 502 502 339 383 502 577 502 380 432 549 541 369. 577 326. 577 577 502 502 305 398. 403. 541 370. 502 549 577 313. 502 368 466 175. 474. 475 174. 541 174. 345. 563 436. 577 382 . , 369. 474 338 212 Bass. Randol Alan Basse. Cora Lynn Basse. David Ryan Basse. Susan Hertha . . Bassett. Robert Lee Bateman. Susan Lynn Bates. Billy Bob Batey. Kevin Jay Batts. Stuart Hobart Baty. Karen Frances Baucum. Sara Jan Bauer. Anne Elizabeth Bauer. Christopher L Bauer. John Sigurd Bauerschlag. Henry F. Jr Baughman. Daniel Mumford . . 395. Baum. Kenneth E Bauman. Edwin R Baumgardner. James W. Baumgardner, John W. Jr. Baumgarten, David Michael Baumstimler. Daniel B Baumstimler, Karma Jo . , Bayer, Frieda Anna Mrs. . . Bayless. Louise Bayless. Ronald Reagan Bayoud, George S. Jr Bazan. Diana Yolanda Bazerghi, Edmund M Beach, James Lewis Beachy. Morris J Beadle, Charles F. Jr Beagle, Pamela Joan Beall, Nina Ruth Beam. Rober Wade Beamon. Carolyn Bean. Martha Louise Bearce. Maynard P Beard. Bonnie Marie Beard. Phillip Hubert Beasley. Karen Denise 343. 349 502 378 322. 563 380 416. 577 502 502 114 369 416. 502 440 383 549 124 396. 397. 398 327. 480 466 476 502 549 378 369, 577 380 458 174, 176 321,466 210 373 400 346 381 541 549 470. 577 440 381 382 494. 563 401 577 P. Lester Index 591 Page Page Page Page Beasley. Kevin Micheal Beatty. Carol Clark Beaver. Nancy E Beaver. Susan C Beavers. Charles R Beavers. Elizabeth K Beck. Alec Frank Beck. Carla Sue Beck. Lorelei Beck. Norman Keifer Beck. William Gregory Becker. Alvin G. Jr Becker. Arlen Ray Becker. Larry Dale Becker. Lauren Lyn Becker. Patricia Ann Becker. Stephen Howard Becker. William Edward Beckerdite. Steven K Beckett. Craig William Beckham. Charles A Beckham. John Brock Beckley. Robert A Jr Beckmann. Marvin M Beckworth. Elmer C- Jr Beddow. Bruce Ryde Bedillion. Theodore M Bedrick, Barbara Ann Bedsole, James Lynn Beecherl. Louis A. Ill Beene. Bradley Wilson Beer. Shelby Anne Beerbower. John David Beerman. Sylvia Ruth Beers. Gregory Edward . Beers. Philip Clark Beeson. Laurette H Begey. Joseph E. Jr Begien. Carolyn E Begley. Kathryn Elizabeth Behnke. Bonnie Gail Behnke, Patrick James Behrends. Rhonda S. Brown Behrends. Ronald Wayne . . . Behrendt. Rebecca Behrens. Andrea Joy Beisel. Norman Wayne Jr. ... Beisman. Beth Marie Beisman. Mary Zona Belaire. Steven K Belcher. Carl Olenthia Belchic. Joseph David Belew. David Mitchell Behnoski, Thomas Belisle. Joseph M Belk. Davy Mac Bell. Angela Elois Bell. Beverly Joan Bell. Elizabeth Ellen Bell. Elston Howard Bell. Gregory Don Bell. Jerry Arch Bell. Joseph Webster Bell. Kathleen Marie Bell. Kimberly Nancy Bell. Paul Gervais III Bell. Philip Nash Bell. Ronald Wayne Bell. Sammy Sue Bell. Susan M. Woodfin Bell. Victoria Lynne Bell. William W. Ill Bellatti, Laura Anne Belle. Joseph Paul Bellinger. Raye Lynn Belt. William Thomas Jr Belt, William Thomas Bemis. Claudia Claire Bemis. Susan Cecilia Benardino. Brett A Benardino. Nancy Beth Benavides. John Henry Benavidez. Eliodoro Q Bencal. Sharon Renee Bengtson. Lissa Gayle Bengtson, Sharon Gayle .... Benitez, Deborah Joan . 352. Benitez. Leslie Anne Benito, John Benjamin. Andrew Lee Bennett. Brenda Ann Bennett. Brenda Ann Bennett. Clyde Willis Bennett, Deborah L. Ashorn Bennett, Howard Tabb Bennett. James Brian Bennett. James Bruce Bennett. Regina Claire Bennett, Robert David Bennett. Shelley Bennett. Thomas E. II Bennett. William Kyle Bennett, Winfield S. Ill Bentley. Marian Ruth Bentsen. Elizabeth J Benz. William Peter Beran. Brian John Berenson. William K Berezovytch. Elizabeth Berg. Betty Jeanne Berg. Jeffrey Ian Berg. Susan N Bergel. Felix Berger. Elizabeth Louise Berger, Mark Benjamin Berger, Rickey Karl Berger, Steven Gaylord Bergfield. Jeffrey Lee Bergfield. Randall A Bergm. Carolyn Berglund, Eric Foster Bergman. Emily Anne 381. 403 324. 355 114. 468 373 476 486 3! 3. 380 286 313 368. 378 324. 494 " ' .Li 426 388. 405 343. 339 349 206. 294 ! ' . 375 378 . 382 . 424 272 466 339 383. 465 413 369. 375. 423 .. 321 272. 373 456 368 326 368 563 . 432 377 450 389 . 563 . 563 563 563 294 . 380 383 389 502 541 418 502 332 502 388 . 502 577 502 382 502 448 446 563 503 478 488 549 549 381 383 376 563 380 563 380 503 503 503 340 503 563 541 503 563 378 124 454 468 205 476 383 549 541 380 339 448 373 373 549 375 503 503 380 577 377 577 378 494 383 378 549 373 207 498 549 577 339 296 577 438 549 428. 577 278 577 577 577 418 368 503 549 549 503 503 376 375 503 498 381 376 563 503 541 503 284 503 480 440 563 426 378 549 503 486 486 432 378 355 Bergman, Martin Harris Bergolofsky. Elaine B Bergstrom, David Layne Bergstrom, Russell W. Berk. James Leslie Berk. Richard Stuart Berkeley. Barbara Beryl . . Berkman. Andrew Edward Berkman. Deborah Ann Berkowitz, Ronald V Berkowitz. Shelly Sue Berlinger, Eileen Marie Berman, Kim Berman, Layne Alan Berman, Richard Mark . Bern. Jeffrey Michael Bernal. Abelardo Perez . . Bernard, Cindy Lou Bernard, Donald M Bernstein, Andrew A Bernstein, Carol Jo Bernstein, Cindy Sue Bernstein, Hope Ellen Bernstein. Johanan Bernstien, Paula Helene . Berres. Lisa Ann Berrier. Helen V Berrones. Eva Lamar 549 420. 549 488 362. 563 356. 480 577 381 378 420. 577 503 484 353 349. 351. 375 480 284 368 176. 312. 549 438 412. 434 492. 577 563 484 549 420. 563 381 484 418 380 563 Berry. Betty Diann 355 Berry. Don Travis Berry. John Fredrick .... Berry. John Starrett .... Berry, Joseph Craig ... Berry, Margaret C Berry, Michael Dennis Berry, Robert Thomas Berry, Selma Marie Berry. Susan P Bertrand. Nicholas C. Bertrand. Styles Leslie Beseda. Doris Mae Mrs. Bess. Nancy Hardeman Best. Elizabeth Slater Beta Theta PI Betcher. Jonathan Robert Betchley. Faron Drew Betters. Bonita L Bettis. Mary Alice Bttison. Dennis Ray Settle, Jerome Ord Bevos Babes Bexten. Mary Elizabeth . . Beyer. Marjorie Jo Bharucha. Maneck Jeh angir Bible. Philip Lafayette Bible. Steven Scott Bickers, Thomas Eugene Jr. Bickford. Janice Mary Bickham. Cheryl Lynn . . . Biddle. Beverly Diane Biddle. John Royden Biderman. Susan Elaine . . . Biegel. Steven Russell Biel, Barbara Biel. Melinda Bierman. Michael Thomas Bierschenk, Betty Sue Bierschenk, Kenneth P. Biffle. Gerry K Bigby. Sandra Jean Bigby. Susan Kay Biggs. James Kenner III Biggs, James Kyle Bill. Augustm Z Billeaudeaux. Denise M. Billingsley. Daran Lament . Bills. Cynthia Binder. Shirley F Bing. Martha Bmgelis. Sandra Kay Bingham, Steve Mark Binns. Anna L. Howell Bird, Steven Richard Bires. Patricia Ann Bisbey. Blair Allan Bishkin. David Bruce Bishop. Brian Walter Bishop. James Harry . . . . . Bishop. John Edward Bishop. Theodore A. Ill Bishop, William David Biskamp. William T. Bisno. Edward Jay Bisno, Eileen Bissell. John Wilson Bissell. June Karen 361. 503 338. 549 454 503 248. 323. 372. 373 503 430 293 . . 420. 563 311 .... 174. 368. 377 503 426 .... 177. 456. 549 434 563 395. 396. 397. 399 250 .. 321. 438 577 563 326 436 563 503 577 . 414 338, 401 326. 577 577 577 321. 476. 541 563 . . 378. 446 458 577 458. 549 577 339. 369 338. 378 . . 541 438. 577 549 338 378 . 472. 549 . 452 440 494 . 249 563 369 .. 114 206 454. 549 503 376 304. 378. 492 478 176. 383 377 563 563 378. 563 202. 378. 492. 493. 563 i . . . . 420. 503 503 312 Bissett. Carolyn Annette 577 Bitter. James C 549 Bivms. Louise Durham 458 Bixby, Nancy Ruth 416. 577 Bizzell. Joe Bob 114 Bjorum. James H 503 Black, Anne Courtland 456. 541 Black. Charles Lee 381. 503 Black. Deborah Lynn 577 Black. Horace D. Jr 503 Black, James Anthony 503 Black. Leon 118. 122 Black. Leslie Louise 456. 549 Black. Robert Fuller 327. 468 Black. Sally Ann 339. 342. 549 Black, Susan Adele 369. 563 Black. Terry Wayne 486. 549 Black. Thomas E. Jr 378. 434. 563 Black Tom Alan 213 Black Business Association. The 285 Black Health Professions Organization 292 Blackard. Mary L 503 Blackmon, Kristi Anne K. Blackshear. Donna Maria Blacksher. Sharon Lynn Blackwood. Glenn Allen Blades. Robert Hamlet Blades. Sarah Gaye Blaha, Gary Arthur Blaine. Linda Sue Blair. Audith Lynn Blair. Deane Arlea Blair. Eleanor Ruth Davis Blair. Major Elliott Jr. Blair. Matthew Curtis Blair. Robert W Blair. Sheryl Ann Blake, Carson Curtis . . . Blakely. Christopher W. Blakey. Brenda J Blalock. Carl Eugene . Blalock. Carol Anderson Blalock. Myron Geer . Blanchard. Jeffrey P. . Blanchard, John Ben Blanchard. Marian Blanchett. Gregory P. . . Blankenmeister, Paul B. Blanton. Eddy Scurlock Blanton. James Paul Blanton. Lauren Blair . . Blaschke, Victoria L. 278. 309 212 377 Blackburn, Alan Jeffrey Blackburn, Larry Wayne Blackman, Blossom Blackman. Jerry Lynn . Blackmon. John Paul 448. 577 577 549 490. 491 549 Blatt, Betsy Anne Blatt. Debra llene Blaylock, Vicki Lee Blazek, Laurie Lynn Blazer. Emily Deering Bleeker. Vernon Alford . . Bleiweiss, Ira Jay Blevins. Belinda L Blevins. Thomas Craig . . Blevins. William Clark Jr. Blitch. Kitzi Jane Bliven. Nancy Anne Blizzard. Thomas Blocher, Gail Snyder .... Block, Karen Lea Block. Martha Terry ... Block. Sharon Ann Blocker. Ronald Ottis . Blohm. Jeffrey Alan Blohm, Keith William Blomdahl. Janet C Blonkvist, Timothy Brent Bloom Joseph Marvin . . Bloom. Marsha Anne . . . Bloom. Ronald Gene .... Bloomer. Carol Leigh . . . Blotner. Michael Bruce . Bloxsom, Allan Penny . . Blue, Cynthia Gaye Bluestein. Lena Kay Blum. Andrea C. Chappell Blum. Elizabeth Anne . Blum. Lynda Eileen Blum. Miriam Ann Blum. Pamela Ann Blum. Stuart Louis Blum. Warren Stuart .... Blumenthal. Pamela J. Blunt. I ynn B ' nai B ' rlth Hlllel Foundation Boatright. Patsy Ann Bobadilla. Martha Elena Bobb. F. Scott Boccella. Kathryn Jean Bode. Philip William III Bodzy, Allen Neil Bodzy, Leeann Boehme, Barbara E Boeker. Kenneth Wayne Boerner. Michael Wayne Boettcher, Charlene Marie Bogan, David Wofford Bogar, Deborah Joan Bogar, Marian Margaret Boar. Thomas Edward Bogard. Jesse D Boggs, Barbara Elaine Boggs. Caye Leyne Boggs. John D. Ill Boggs. Lynne Sandra Bohall. Laurene Michelle Bohannon. Virgil Griffin Jr. Bohenek, Stanley E Bohls. Daryl Dean Bobls. John M Bohn, Diedra Bolado, Lauro Jr Boland. Michael Grant Bold. Harold C Boldt, Robin Denise . 212. 310 Boles, Edward Brian Bolick. Margaret Ruth Bolton. Carolyn Dolores Bommer. Paul Michael . 305, Bommer. Peter Anthony Bonaparte. Rudolph Bond. William Richard Bondy. Christina Marie Bonham, James B Bonilla. Henry A Bonjour, Barbara A. Harvey . . Bonner. Melanie Malinda Bonner, Sandra L. Chambers . Bonnot. Michael Wooten Bonsall. Cynthia Marie Booe, Martha Anne Booher, Tami Lynn Boon. Robert Sterling Boone. Martha Louise Boone. Michael J Boorman. Jackie Ann 549 345 375. 503 114 454 474. 475. 503 . . 291, 563 549 .... 369. 577 . . 444. 563 381 448 448 503 .... 438. 577 395. 396. 399 .... 401. 402 .... 426. 563 . ... 177. 380 203, 458. 503 .... 327. 431 498 478 541 378 622 486 294 369 .370, 371.373. 382. 503 452 330. 381. 549 503 . 369 380 503 . 184 380. 384 378 194. 563 339. 549 330 442 352, 577 418 458 458, 577 401 400. 402. 541 387 375 468 278. 492. 493 420 503 198 381 386. 577 577 293, 330, 549 549 503 563 381 368 378 . 503 380. 384, 503 502. 458. 563 356 563 578 .. 196 196 300 480. 503 420 438. 503 380 503 401 . . 465, 549 436 436, 578 ... 284 370 578 . 550 343. 339. 340 369 . 578 206. 294 550 . 286 550 377 503 503 373 330. 375. 563 378 . 380 293 379. 382. 504. 550 378 370. 382 563 504 504 504 380 452. 578 . 300. 504 446 369. 578 324. 46 550 482 550 338. 550 416. 550 Booth. Tammy Anne Boothe, Jeffrey F Boothe, Kathleen Ann Booty. Julie Anne . . 177, 208. Borchardt. Craig Edward Borden. David Spinney Borden. Molly Borel. Jacque Milton Boren. Bryant Carroll Borger. Sharon Renee Borgeson, Monte Dean Bormaster. Scott Evan Born. Helen Kay Haskin 203 301. 206 368 323 372. 386 294 380 492 351 124 550 266. 504 504 504 438 504 541 484 490 563 I Borowicz, Susan P Borrego. Carolina Borrett, Elizabeth A Borschow. Sandra Jo Borschow. Tina Susan Bosch. Eduardo 372 440 369 563 541 484 484 498 Boskind. Paul Alan Bosler Elizabeth A 351 175 550 Bosquez, Roberto II Boss. Willard Irwin Jr Bosse. Katherine A Bostick. Betty Bond Bostick. Francis X. Jr Boston. Paul T. Jr 278 Boswell. Brad M Boswell, Martha Louise 267 436 373 541 466 504 550 373 376 466 375 382 Botello. Rebecca Toni Bothwell, Caryn D Bottoms. Sheryl Layne Botts, Jon E Bouchard. Denise L 339 426 563 541 504 498 563 339 1 1 41R v Boulanger. Margaret A 468 212 541 I 50.4 i Bowden, Nicky Dale Bowen. Charles W. Jr Bowen. Ted Childers Bowen. Wayne Maurice Bowerman. Rebecca E Bowers, Gregory Paul Bowers. Terree Allan 272, 332 Bowles, Catherine Anne Bowles. Lynette Margaret . . . Bowman, May Lynn 371 354 174 373. 504 436 504 504 446 380 504 488 448. 278 550 578 369 57R 1 Bowman, Taylor Rask Boyajian. Lorig Seda Boyce, Beaumont S ISO 564 369 460 Boyce. Clyde Alvin Boyce, John K. Ill Boyd, Cheyanne E Boyd. Elaine 488 278 338 550 373 373 342 ISO Boyd. Julia Elizabeth Boyd. Mary Jane 564 381 504 Boyd, Peter Mackerer Boyd, Ronald Wayne 327 488 564 5M 504 Boyer, Robert E Boyle Bruce William 373 151 504 Boyle, Kevin Joseph Bozeman. Catherine Dell Braasch. Steven Mark Bracewell, Keith F 369 436 504 578 504 306 1RO Brack Stephen Dennis 17H 170 Brackendorff. M. C. Jr Braddock. Susan Lynn Brademan, Gordon Sidney . . Bradfield. Jennifer Ann Bradfield Kristy Kay 375 488 440 322 489 564 305 474 118 Bradfield Melinda N 474 Bradford. Bridgett Ann 418 414 578 564 Bradford. Robert H Bradley, Betty Bradley, Carrie Kay 369 Bradley. Leslie Cara Bradshaw, Leslie Glenn Bradshaw, Linda Sue Bradshaw, Michael G Brady. Georgeann Brady. Howard Nelson Bragg. Deborah Kay 193. 301 Brainin, Nina Lee 375 378 323 438 418 381 564 416 578 578 578 440 564 578 504 578 383 624 504 44fi Brand. Debra Jean 330 1FU 504 Brandon. Darrel Wayne Brandt. Cynthia Madeline Brandt. Deanna Marie Brandt. Floyd S Brandt. Paul D 326 416 401 438 564 255 430 ?r 7 151 417 ins ssn 175 Bratt. Barbara Anne Braud. Kenneth Colton Jr. Braun, Eliese Braun. Elizabeth Starr . . 300, Brawley, Brent Alan Bray. Thomas Roy Brazell. Kelly Jayne Brazelton. Jane Bready, Douglas Gerald Breathed. Alyson Page Breeden. James Wynne 369 351 458. ' 378. 375. 369 460 504 578 550 486 353 564 541 438 486 592 Index Page Page Name Page Name Page ! Breeding. Jay Edward . Breeding, John Mark Breeding, Shelley Ann . . Breedlove. William Otway 3reeland. Lyn Taylor . 3reen, Dennis Patrick Breen. Edna Catherine . . . Breen. Kathryn J ........ Breidenbach. Richard V. Berit, Mollie Sondra , Bremner. Nicole Joanne . Bremond. Sally Myers Brennan, Debra Kay . Brennan, Joseph James Brennan. Judith Inez . Brenner, Henry Leon . . Brentzel, Reese Jr Brelauer. David Grahams Brewer, Charles Roland Brewer, Otis Virgil Jr. , Brian, Debra Kay Brice. Mack Nelson Bridgeman. Charles T. . . 332 378. 430 381 349, 578 183. 184 127 374 194, 330, 564 414 420 301. 504 474 494 381 504 492 343, 338, 340 622 339. 464. 564 291 550 362 338 Bridges. Deborah Lynn . , Bridges, Janet Lea Brien. Courtney Ross , Brieschke, Larry R Briggs, Leonard Solon Briggs, Vernon M. Jr, Briles. Patricia Irene . . . Briley. Steven Edward , . Brink. Edwin Emerson . . Brinkley, Deborah Gail Brinkman. Sandra Marie Bristor, Nancy Ellen Bristow, Denise Jho Britton. Garfield A Broaddus. Francis Brian Broaddus. Nancy Marian Broadnax, Robert Weber Broberg, Scott Alan Brochstein. Melanie M. . Brock. James Michael . . Brock. Lisa Ann Brock. Sharon Lea Brock. William A. Jr. 351, 474, 578 452 504 380 504 373 ., 440 382 541 274, 300, 416 380 381 550 428 466 456 454 377 420 564 564 578 382 416, 456, 278. 371. 373, Brocket!. Elizabeth J Brockie. Donna Patricia . Brockie. Jean Helen Brockman. Chris Carl Brockman. Kerry Joe Brodbeck, Vickie Lin Brodnax, Lisa Beth Brogdon. Judy Lynn Brogdon. William M. Jr. Brolin, Tara Colleen Brollier. Carol Jean Bronstein, Rochelle A. Brook. Howard Allen Brooks. Cathy Linda Brooks, Craig Alan Brooks. Cynthia Gay Brooks. Lucy Montez Mrs. Brooks, Mark Wayne Brooks. William E Brookshire, Daniel S Brookshire. Patti Lynn Brouillette. Jeffrey D Broun. Elizabeth Clare . . . 339. 375, 564 277, 322. 381 369 578 . 504 322. 269. 375 438 504 550 289. 578 474 .. 484 353 578 . . 476 . . 494. 564 504 490, 564 . . 564 498 339 550 474, 564 Broun, Stacy Nell 474 Broussard, Cindy Sue 456, 504 Brower, Maria Lynn 578 Brown. Alice Annette 369 Brown. Angela Burnett 458 Brown, Beverley Belle 474 Brown, Billye J 238. 239. 298 Brown. Candice Ann 550 Brown. Cary Lynn 290 Brown. Chaille E 474 Brown. Charles Elmo 504 Brown. Cynthia Karen 374 Brown. Deborah Ann 504 Brown. Debra Elaine 564 Brown. Denise Gail 324. 494 Brown. Edith Elizabeth 330 Brown. Elizabeth Ann 564 Brown. Fisher Wells III 564 Brown, Forrest Lee Jr 578 Brown, Gary Franklin 291 Brown, Henry Dale . . . ' 578 Brown, Jenelle Sue 438 Brown, Joann Priscilla 564 Brown. Julie Louise 474 Brown. Kathryn Dawson 474 Brown. Larry Steven 564 Brown. Leslie Joan 504 Brown. Lloyd D 378 Brown. Louise Craig 474 Brown. Margaret Curtis B 578 Brown. Mark W 120. 550 Brown. Melinda Kay 504 Brown. Micaela E 326, 555 Brown. Nancy Lynne 290. 504 Brown, Nancy Sue 426 Brown, Onella Laverne 345. 578 Brown, Pamela Wright 456 Brown, Phyllis Ann 550 Brown, Raymond Alfred 578 Brown, Rebecca Ann 332 Brown, Richard Wayne , . 193, 278. 504. 624 Brown. Rick Barry 578 Brown. Robert Earle 498 Brown. Robert Louis 578 Brown, Robert Scott 332 Brown, Roland Hayes, Jr 464 Brown, Ronald M 244. 256 Brown. S. Spencer N. Jr 412 Brown. Sarita E 369 Brown, Sharon Ann 432, 564 Brown. Shirley Edith 369. 578 Brown, Susan Marie 564 Brown. Teresa Jo 436, 564 Brown, Velma Jean 578 Brown, Warren F 504 Browne, Jack Wyman Jr. . 339. 340. 343. 504 Browne, James Edward 338 Browne, John Kevin 332 Brownlee, Lucy Parke 504 Broyhill, Deborah C 300. 432. 550 Broyles. Catherine E 312 Broyles. Rebecca Sue 368 Bruce. Leslie K 212. 564 Bruce, Susan Denise 374, 504 Bruneman, Carol Paula 351. 432. 504 Bruneman, Steven W 476. 564 Brunette, William Kent 274, 282 Bruno, Roy 550 Brusenhan, Kimble Wright 474 Brusenhan, Susan 438, 578 Brusilow, Jennie Linda 436 Brustein. Ronald Jay 351 , 480. 578 Bruton, Paul Randall 378 Bruton, Rex Wayne 504 Bruton. Susan Kay 353 Bryan. Daniel Arthur 541 Bryan, James Thomas Jr 357 Bryan. Ralph T 378 Bryan. Sandee Denise 403. 458 Bryan. William A 250 Bryant, Cynthia Jeanne 353 Bryant, Samuel M 378 Bryant, Tara Denise 578 Brymer, Michael Everett 338 Bryson. Joann 369, 578 Buaas, Brenda Ferol 456 Buaas, John Howard 446 Bubis, Barry Ray 423 Buchanan. Karen Jean 564 Buchanan. Pamela Ann 505 Buchanan. Paul C 505 Buchele. Craig Alan 343. 505 Buchholz. Brad Robert 378, 564 Buck. Barbara Ellen 505 Buck. Dean Winston 176 Buckles. David Staney 389 Buckley, George Rihl 478 Buckley, Hugh John 578 Buckley, Patrick C 564 Buckman, Pamela Ann 420 Buckner, Betsy Cannon 418. 578 Buckner, Carol Ann 505 Buckspan, Randy Jay 368. 377. 380 Budnek, Leslie Kay 402. 564 Buell. John Bruce 490 Buffalo. John Roger 464. 505 Buffaloe, Denie Dale 426 Buffinglon, Alison G 305, 456. 550 Bugay. John David 302 Buice. Sabrina 290 Buie. Anna Clare 498 Bullard. Donna Kay 550 Bullard. Thomas Lucas 564 Bullock. Cindy Lou 203. 413. 716 BuHock. D ' Ann Sue 452. 578 Bullock, Frank Nash 466 Bullock. Kerry Jane 578 Bump. Paul Bryan 382 Bump, Robin A 541 Bumstead. Evelyn W 474 Bumstead, Priscilla Alden 474 Bunch. Travis Alan 541 Bunstck, Barbara Sue 541 Index 593 Name Page Name Page Name Page Bunyan, Ann Sotherden Bunyan. Terry Lynne . . Burch, David Randall . . Burch, Joe Tom Burchard, Barbara Kay Burdette, Barbara Burdick. Paul Joseph Burford. Charles Scott Burford. William B Burger. Joanne Burgher, Ballard M Burgher. David W. Jr. . . Burgower. Wendy Susan Burk, Creighton A Burk. Dorothy S Burk, Lee Ann Burke, Douglas Roger . . Burke, James Patrick Burke, Kevin Oren Burke, Mary lelene .... Burke, Riley Stephen . . Burkeen, Daniel Lee . . Burkett. Debra Colleen Burkett, Elizabeth Reidy Burkett, Zack T. Ill Burkhalter, James A. . . Burkhardt, Jerald Lee . Burks. Debora Sue .... Burleson. Lori Anne Burleson, Richard Lynn Burlingame. Loreta Ann Burlison, Camille Burnett, Cindy Adelia . . Burnett, John Dexter . . . Burnett, Mary Katherine Burnett. Charles H Burney, Carolyn R Burnim, Wonda Elise Burnitt, James Lynn Burns, Beverly Jo Burns. Charles G. Jr. Burns. Gayle Elaine Burns, Honey Jill Burns, Margie Ellen Burns, Marylyn D Burns, Ned H Burns. Orris E. Ill Burns. Robert Andrew . . Burns. Tom Neil Buron, Richard Bascom Burrell, Karen Denise Burris, Gail Linda Burroughs, Charlene C. Burroughs, Wanda L. Burrows, Norman Lloyd Burrus. Constance Anne Burson. Jean Altyse Burt, Larry Steven 327. 293. . 346. 355 .... 550 .... 564 . 370 .... 550 .... 550 460. 578 492. 505 448 505 476. 578 324, 454 505 237 387 432 454 430 492, 578 418. 578 414 399 339. 342 418 373 430 505 369, 432 418 114 436, 578 436 432. 578 505 578 217 436 345 483 458. 505 490, 491 550 456 505 564 373 380. 389 541 305 305 578 196 564 444, 564 338, 340 564 339, 342, 369, 564 .. 505 Burt. Steven Brian Burtner. Keith Edward Burton. Sydney Diana Burton, William Scot Bus. Veronica Ann Busbey, Charles P. B. Busby, Kenneth Owen . . Busby. Kirkland Lee Busch, Alan Lawrence . . Buschang, Peter Heinz . . Bush, James Francis Bush, Lynda Marie Bush, Robert Stuart ' Bush. Shelley Anne Bushee, James Michael Buss, David M Buss, Michael Wayne Bussey. Linda Susan Buster, Jan Bustin, Gregory M Butler, Barbara Lynn . . . Butler, Bessie Lynn Butler, Charles R Butler, David Ford Butler, Edward Showers Butler. James Keith Butler, Jean Anne Butler. Milton C Butler. Richard Darrow . Butler. Robert Roy Butler. Susan Elaine .... Button, William Louis Butts, David Earl Butzberger, Paul Bybel, Peter Jonathan Byerley. Debra Lynn .... Byerly, John Shelton . . . Byers. Nancy Jane Bynes, Robert H. Jr Bynum. Patricia Kathleen Byrd. Ellen Lee Byrd. Margaret Elizabeth Byrne, Kenneth Robert . Byrom. Lucy Kaye 488. 578 388 369. 375. 578 381 564 392. 394. 405, 505 498 351. 486 378 377, 380 505 444 175, 373, 454, 505 369, 578 388 377, 380 294 436 436 488 550 345 378 368 505 486, 578 290 381 382 114 426. 550 550 278, 327 498 213 550 541 505 286 498 436 505 505 550 CBA Council Caballero-Perez. Hector J. 202 .564 Caballero, John Manuel . . . Cabaza. Diana Laura Cabrera, Richard Henry Cactui Yearbook Caffery, Thomas Girard . . . Cagle, Michael Wayne Cain, Allison Dixon Cain, Debra Ann Cain. Elizabeth Ann Cain, Robert Ryan Caldarola, Jean Marie Calderon, Arnold B Calderon, Fermin Jr Calderoni, Maria C Caldwell, Brent R Caldwell. David Lynn Caldwell. David Robert Caldwell. James Dudley .... Caldwell, James Laurence Caldwell, James W. Jr Caldwell, Larry Lee Caldwell, Marlene Caldwell. Patricia Ann Callaway, Keith William Calloway. Michael Curtis . . Calton. Venita Renee Calvert, Bryan Thorn Camacho, Luis E Cameron, James T Cameron, John Thomas Camp, Carolyn Gardner Camp, Deborah Yvonne .... Camp, Richard Field III Camp, Steven Scott Campagna, Larry Alan Campbell. Brett C Campbell. Charles Brice Campbell, Deborah Lynn Campbell. Dorothy Ann Campbell. Earl Christian Campbell. Elizabeth Campbell. Friederika K Campbell. Harvey D. Ill Campbell. Janice Ann Campbell. Julia Anne Campbell, Larry Don Campbell, Lisa Nelle Campbell. Margaret Womack Campbell, Michael M. Campbell. Patricia Ellen . Campbell. Penny Renae Campbell. Rebekah Lynn Campbell. Richard John Campbell. Robert E Campbell. Robert Fariss Campbell. Robert Jesse . 564 313 308. 578 192 498 468. 564 456. 578 541 380 321 578 378 398 498 . 338, 378, 564 380 505 381 381 377, 380, 505 541 375 381 446 345 444 550 305, 498 550 . 378. 476. 564 375. 438. 550 564 505 564 272. 371. 373 378. 564 454. 578 505 474 . 112. 114, 116 550 380, 399 368. 505 432 578 488 494, 505 377, 380, 458. 505 564 578 505 578 505 379 381 468 Campbell. Robert Scott . 174 Campbell. Sheila Burnette . . Campbell, Stephen Rob Campbell. Sue Ann Campbell. Terri Denise 184. 202. 364 J 412. 462. 550. 345 11411 474. 505 ' : 369 564 Campbell, Thomas Lee Campbell, Timothy Bob Campos. Sylvia Canada, Belinda Elizabeth . . Canada. Meredith L Canada, William R. Jr. . . 112. 114 I ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 550 213, 345. 564 377 505 ) Canales. Nelda Emma Canales. Richard Ray Candella, Linda Jade Candis, Reena 550 j :::::::::: toi: 452 550 Candler, Charles Ray 541 Cangelosi, Mary K Cannata, Jack C. Jr 375, 564 378 Cannon, William B. . Cantini, Arminio Michael . 286 Cantu, Gloria Grace Cantu. Hector Javier 235 412, 414, 415 12 Cantu, Jorge Luis 541 1 Cantu. Rose Diane Cantu, Vina Louise Cantwell, John Richard Canzoneri. Vincent C 212. 564 1 293, 505 442 ; 550 Capehart, Mary Ann 505 Capello, Karrie Lynn 175 278 Caplan, Jules Alan Caplan, Richard Edward 378 380 Capp, Marcia Annette Cappello. Thomas John Capper, Kerin Ann Capps. Nancy Elizabeth Capps, Richard Leroy 374. 541 490. 550 330, 578 369, 456. 578 446 505 Carapetyan, Ara Verne Cardenal, Bernardo Cardenas. Claudio L Cardenas. Gustavo A Cardenas, Orlando Cardenas, Reba Cinthia 348. 353 564 339 Cardenaz. Michael S Cardwell, James Me Curdy . . . Cargile. Patricia Pope 550 466 456 578 Cargile. Paula Ann Carle. Robin Lynn Carleston, Carol Jean Carleton, Carol Jean Carleton. Charles R. 426. 564 564 505 505 550 Carleton. William F. Jr Carlisle, Allen Ray . Carlisle. Cheryl Y Carlisle, James Acree Carlock, Nancye Marie Carlock, Susan E Carlson, Bruce Robert 307. 382. 505 578 . . . . 352. 404 430 564 550 294. 295. 541 594 Index Page Page Name Page Name Page , Carlson, John H Carlson, Richard Alan 376 378 Carlson. Ronald Allen 210,339 380. 382. 550 V Carman, Cynthia Kay Carmichael, Charles B 300 395. 399. 405 - Carmichael. James E 505 ! Carmichael, Lisa Anne 413. 432 ' Carmichael. Thomas Joseph 306 i Carminati. Diane 564 I Carmine, Benjamin C Carmona. Elsa 370 .... 578 Carmona. Michael Raye . 176, 564 Carmona. Vangie 550 Carpenter. Elizabeth K 234 Carpenter. Gary Lee Carpenter, James R Carpenter. Katherine G Carpenter. Sara Jane 578 505 458, 564 196. 301. 505 Carr. Cay Claire 550 Carr. Jo Ann 505 Carr. Joseph . 423, 578 Carr. Kathrine S 564 Carr, Leanne 438 Carr, Margaret M 416 Carr. Samuel Hunt 338 i Carrasco. Brenda 564 Carren. Lisa Margaret 505 Carrier, Eric Dale 564 i Carrier, Randy James .... 308. 578 " ,1 Carrillo. Alice Denise 564 llCarrington. Merry Kathryn . . . 494 ' Carroccio, James E 505 - Carroll. Frances Marie 505 ' Carroll. Joseph Patrick 354 Carroll. Lucie Claire . 550 -: i Carroll. Mary Louise 550 - i Carroll. Mary M 494 Carroll, Roger Greg 378. 564 , Carruth, Brady Farley 466 Carsey, John Charles 127. 486 Carson, Carol Ann 402. 494 Carson. James Edwin . . 176. 208 , Carson. Philip B Carstens, Irene Clemence Carter. Barbara Lee 377 498 . . 438. 578 . Carter. Ben Frank III 454 Carter, Brenda Earl 309 Carter. Carmen C 377, 380 Carter. Charles M 550 i Carter. Claire P 418 i Carter. Donna S 439 Carter. Elizabeth Diane 578 Carter. Gary Dean 506 Carter. Joseph C 231 Carter. Katherine Anne 458 J Carter, Kathlyn Cone 564 Carter. Kelly Lee 578 ' , Carter. Leslie G 428 Carter, Nenetta Brown . . . 458. 506 Carter. Ramona Carol 506 Carter. Richard Michael 506 ' Carter. Stephen Bennett 176 Carter. Stephen Bert . 414. 564 i Carter, Stephen Lee 506 Carter Timothy Hester 327. 550. 136 ' Carter. Walter Wilson 468 Carter, Yvonne . . 312. 506 Casal. Henry C. Jr 430 Casarez. Jean Casner 353 fl Casas. Linda Sue .. 312. 506 Cash. Jack Quentin Jr 296 Cash. Robert Richard II 578 J Cash. Sue Ellen 307. 382, 373 Cashion, Joyce E 450. 564 Casillas, Veronica . . . 299. 550 ) Caskey. Gordon Raymond . . | Caskey. Lizabeth Ann . . 454. 564 185. 330, 375 ' I Caso. Victor 506 1 1 ) Cason. Nelda Creed . 330. 564 1 ' Casseb. John Bertetti 462, 564 1 . if Casselberry. Russell W 506 )l ( Cassell. Cassandra Sue 369 ju ' Cassell. Terry Lynn 354 T Casso. Raul Salvador 338. 550 L - Casstevens, Mary Leigh 578 m 1 Castaneda. Dina Isabel 506 i Castaneda, Janie Cristina . . . . . . 360 . Castaneda. Patricia A 176, 312 i| Castille, Emily Ann . . 426, 564 j Castillo. Andres 353 t Castillo. Carlos E 550 Castillo. Samuel Jr 578 i Castillo, Victor 506 M Castillon, George W 550 a Cate. David Julian 506 H Gates. Cathy Lynnette 298 U Gates, Pamela Ann 578 il Cathey. Rebecca Ann 506 I Cathey. Tommy Earl 401 Catlin ' Richard ' Witten 471 Cato, Twyla Kyle 564 Catsinas. Kathryn Ann 416, 578 Catt. Marilyn 564 Cattoni. Martin Victor 578 Caudle. Brian Hall 383 Cauley. Charlotte E 369. 440. 578 Caussey. Nancy Jane 436, 550 Cavazos. Maria J 506 Cave, Thomas Winston 550 Caven, Caroline 474 Cavender. James Mark 478 Cavender, Robert M 478 Cavender. William Byrd 478 Caveness. William B 462 Ceballos. Maximo Michael 498 Cedars. Marcelle 1 339. 381 Cederberg. Judith Ann 436, 564 Centenio. Mary Elizabeth 290 Cermin, Joyce Anne 416. 550 Cerrillo, Juan Angel 506 Cervenka. Gayle Ann 416 Cervenka. Kenneth J 306. 550 Chacon, Raul 308 Chacon. Ysela Jacques 564 Chaffin. Donna Jean 440, 564 Chaffin. William A. Jr 370. 382 Chafin, Kimi Jan 349 Chahin. Julian J Chait. Martin Joseph 1 77. 37 Chamberland. Marcus Lee 213 Chambers. Catherine A 436 Chambers, William J 506 Chambless, Tamara Kay 374. 381. 550 Champagne. David C Chamrad. Diana Lynn 31 Chan. Chi-Wing Anthony 498 Chan. Marvin Charles G 401 Chan Stephen Ashon 37 Chance, Cheryl Ann 369 Chancellor. Gina 418. 506 Chandler, Donald Mason .... 412, 442, 443 Chandler. Gary Wayne 506 Chandler. Leigh Allison 578 Chaney. Carol Elaine 564 C haney. Timothy Hill 471. 578 Chaney, William Calvin . . 197. 272. 373. 376 Chang. Chiayeh 381 Chapa. Javier Noe Chapa. Ricardo Jose 472. 506 Chapin. David Emmett Chaplin. Helen Laura 578 Chapman. Cheri Lanell 426. 550 Chapman. Dale Lee 339. 343 Chapman. Laura Sue 357 Chapman. Linda Susan 290 Chapman, Patton C 430. 564 Chapman, Richard Scott 482. 506 Chapman. Richard T. Jr 506 Chapman, Sandra Kay 338. 340 Chapman. Teresa Jan 506 Chapman. Thaddeus B 378. 564 Chappell. Johnny Mack 114 Charles. Janet llean 484. 564 Charlton, Claire E 278. 506 Charo. Elva Chase. Milward Glenn 360 Chase. Samuel Louis 434 Chasnoff. Dena Allison Chassion. Cynthia M Chasteen. Cheryl Lynn 208. 332. 550 Chatas. Katherine L 205. 564 Chatfield. Ann Cecile 369 Chauret. Mark Gerard 401. 402 Chavarria. Cruz T Chavira. Manuel Cheatham. Sheila Laruth 345. 578 Cheek. Robert Clay Cheesman, Camille lone 494 Cheesman. Polly H 494 Cheesman. Sheyl Lynn 4_ Cheever, Suzanne Irene 438. 506 Chegani, Mohammad 506 Chegin, Catherine M 440 Chen. Judy Vee-Zee 369 Chesney. Kevin Dale 294. 541 Chesney. Thomas P 370. 382 Chester. Tracy Ann 212. 418. 564 Cheung. Emily Kit-Ching Cheung. Tit Chau 383 Chew. Lawrence Paul 307. 506 Chew. Stephen Linn 174, 378. 564 Chi Epsilon 270 Chi Omega 437 Chick. Linda Katherine 550 Chicotsky. Mark Steven 480. 506 Childers.Terri Ann 440. 550 Childs. John Michael 332. 506 Chiles. Carole Ann 369 Chimene, Julius Baum 564 Ching, Rosa 31 Chisholm. Janice Kay 506 Chism. Sharitta Gale 345. 564 Chisum, Rebecca Kay 550 Chiu. Kin Pong Eric 5 Chiu Raymond Shu Kuen 498 Chiu. Wing Lok 382 Chmores, Tommy Ray 37 Chod. Kathy Jean 420. 550 Chod. Ronald Jay 492 Choice. Zelda Anne 212. 289 Choral Organization 346-355 Chow, Clara Oi-Yee 506 Chow. Peter Kai-Mou 498 Chretien. Robert G. Jr 378 Chrisenberry. Steven E 564 Chriss, William John 184. 185, 378. 38 Christensen, Ray E 387 Christian. David Bruce 378 Christian. Elizabeth A 418 Christian. Susan M 418 Christian Science Organization 367 Christiansen. Mary Susan 578 Christman. Geoffrey L 564 Christman. Sheila 416. 369. 578 Christopher. Michael C 174. 308 Christopher. Mitchell C 174. 308 Chumney, India Brewer 458. 578 Church. Richard Mark Jr 339 Chute. Donald James 5C Ciarella. David Joseph 399 Cielinski, Audrey Ann 369 Cillo. Michael Patrick 486 Cimoch, Paul Joseph 338 Cinque. Susan Kay 377 Cirulli. Claudio R 176 Cirulli. Maria C 175. 207. 506 Cisne. Maria Elena 578 Cisneros. Diana 578 Clagett. Susan W 174 Clancy. Andrew Nelson 3 Clapsaddle. Catherine S 564 Clare. Susan April 381 Clark. Catherine Q 458 Clark. Charles T 173. 373 Clark. Donald Ray 550 Clark. Glen Alan 339. 343 Clark. James M 368 Clark. Jeffrey Scott 284 Clark, Madeline N 174, 176, 564 Clark. Mark Adrian 564 Clark. Martin Lane 578 Clark. Martin Thomas 578 Clark, Mary Lee 506 Clark. Michael Terry 294. 541 Clark. Michele Patricia 578 Clark. Norma Jean 484. 564 Clark. Stephen B 364. 462. 506 Clark, Stewart J 346. 348, 350 Clark. Thomas Ray 506 Clark, Timothy Lowell 506 Clarke, Amy Lynn 368, 432 Clarke. Lawrence Ross 353. 578 Clarke. Lisa Majette 456 Clarke. Lucille Morrow 458 Clarke. Michele 456. 550 Classes 497 Clawater. David M 321 Clawson. Mark Robert 378, 468, 564 Clay George William 476 Clay. Lareatha Honette 174. 285 Clay. Robin Lynn 432. 564 Clayburne, Stephanie A Clayton. Oleta Carol 369. 578 Clayton. Susan Lee 369 Clayton, William David 368. 378. 565 Clearman, Linda Caye 494. 506 Clearman. Lynette Lea 494. 565 Cleaveland. John Mark 454 Cleckler. Samuel Glen 114 Clegg Catherine Anne 494, 550 Clegg, Cathy Ellen 458 Clegg Julia Joyce 352, 494. 550 Clegg. Theodore N. Jr 482 Clemens, Vicki Lynn 506 Clements. Anna M 338. 550 Clements, Ellen A 541 Clements. Lydia Belle 565 Cleveland. Kenneth Ray 506 Click, Barbara Anne 436. 437 Clifton. Catherine E 384 Clifton. Sharon Lee 506 Cline, Carol Jane 458 Cline. Carolyn Ruth 322, 565 Cline, Douglas David 378 Cline, Scott Farrar 430 Cline. Theodore A 380 Clinton. Catherine J 380. 550 Clinton, Claudia R 273. 456. 506 Closing Comments 624 Clouse. Donna Jean 565 Cloutier. Jacquelyn A 506 Cloutier. Thomas Camille 370. 382 Clowe. Amy Lee 578 Clowe. Rebecca 550 Cloyes. Brian Morgan 488. 498 Coale. Mary Carol 418 Cobb, Carol Mims 456. 578 Cobb. Cynthia E 203. 474. 475. 506 Cobb. Lee Alan 486 Cobb. Linda 450 Cobb. Melissa Morris 474 Cobb Phyllis J. Chamlee 384 Cobbel, Lori Rachelle 420, 507 Coburn. Neil Lowell 550 Cocek. Carol Anne 507 Cocheres. Thomas M 378 Cochran, Anne Eloise 456 Cochran Mark Stephen 376 Cochran. Mary Elizabeth 578 Cochran. Sara Anne 578 Cochran, Tamara Louise 578 Cochran, Thomas Wilburn 400 Cocke. Fielding L 430 Cockelreas, Jean Marie 369 Cockerham, Donny Manfred 388 Coel. Rebecca Frances 381. 550 Cofer. Catherine C 377 Coffey. Beverly Grace 416 Coffey. Christine Adelle 426 Coffey Laura Kathleen 418 Coffey. Michael A 565 Coffey. Randall Craig 378 Coffey Rebecca Rhea 369, 375, 578 Coffield. Michael S 482. 550 Coffin, Eugenia 436 Coffman. Emily Jeanne 301 Cogburn. Brian 414 Coghlin. Leslie Allen 322. 578 Cohen Bernard Harold 480. 481, 507 Cohen. Deborah Lou 330, 484. 565 Cohen, Debra Dianne 484 Cohen. Frederick Ira 578 Cohen. Gail Iris 374. 507 Cohen. Gary Jay 423, 579 Cohen. Helene Susan 377. 507 Cohen. Marcy Ann 369. 484 Cohen Michael Alan 480. 481 Cohen. Michael Ben 377 Cohen. Patti Ann 31 Cohn, Leslie Ann 351 Coker, James David 486 Coker, Tina Glyn 403. 440. 565 Coker. William Donald 454 Colbert. Rhonda Lynn 507 Colchin, Gregory Lee 388 Coldwater, Cheryl Lynn 369 Coldwell, Cameron 1 338. 340 Cole, Byron Harrison 507 Cole. James Edward 383 Cole. Jeffrey Wayne 378 Cole. Michael S 430. 431 Coleman. Carol Ann 369. 579 Coleman, Charles Holm 196 Coleman, Dorothy J 550 Coleman, Ivy L 293. 507 Coleman, Michael R 448 Coleman. Patricia Jenee Coleman. Sharon Renee 346. 349. 352 Coleman, Stephen Lewis 550 Coleman, Winton Lee Jr 327 Colen Kimberly Ann 420, 579 Coles. James Ernest 364. 412. 462. 565 Coley. Susan Carolyn 416. 550 Colhoun, Robert Bruce 460 Coller. Patricia Ann 432 Collie, Carol Susan 456, 565 Collie. Julie Ann 474 Collier, James Louis 339. 507 Collier, Jana Kay 440, 507 Collier. Jesse Newton 430 Collier. John D 363 Collier, Stephen Ferguson 114 Collier. Susan Janiece Collins. Bernice Alba 176, 507 Collins. Colleen M 381 , 382 Collins. Deborah L 381 . 382 Collins. Denise Jean . 212. 322, 375, 426. 565 Collins, Douglas L 541 Collins. Gary Lee 37 Collins, Gregory Kent 468. 579 Collins. Larry Wayne 291 . 507 Collins. Mary Margaret 177 Collins Maurice Edwin II 507 Collins. Michael Perce 177 Collins. Robert W 507 Collins. Sherri Ann 494. 507 Collins, Susan D. Bryan 458 Collins. William Nelms 430 Collman, Todd Charles 507 Collum. Eric Vaughn Jr 579 Collum. Ronda Keryn 579 Colmenares, Jose Luis 507 Colmery, Cheryl Ann ... 326. 369. 440. 579 Colon, Hector Luis 358 Colquitt. Richard Paul 378, 454 Colson. Joyce Elaine 184. 18 Colunga. George - . Colvin, James H 256. 257 Colvin. Rebecca Rose Combs, Alan B 296 Combs, Courtney Ann 418 Combs, Rebecca Sue 450. 579 Communication Council 220 Compton. Elizabeth Lee 494 Compton. James Edward 550 Compton. Richard Brock 466 Comstock. Mary Caroline 438 Conant. Steven Eugene 541 Condit, Marsha Faye S. Mrs 507 Cone, Brenda Raye 322, 565 Conger. Lisa Wilson 551 Conkling, Russell C 476. 565 Conley. Dennis Byron 382. 565 Conley. Richard Glenn 579 Conly. Albert Shannon 327. 414 Conn, Kathy Lynn 507 Connell. Kathleen A 177 Connell Mark William 321. 466, 507 Connelly. Michael W 430 Conner. Lois Ann 565 Conner, Michael Elmer 507 Conner. Michael Haden 381 Conner. Patrick Travis 3 Conner, Thomas Lee Connerat, Lee Nora 551 Connolly. Kevin Joseph Conoley, Teresa Ann 330 Conrad, David Wayne 359, 507 Conrad. Janie L Conrado, Alan Michael 551 Conroy. Timothy Richard Constantatos. Maria 377 Constanzo. Ted Louis 112.114.115 Contreras. Jeannette 565 Contreras. Raul 45 Converset. Jeanne Marie 5 Conway. Rebecca Ann 413. 440 Conwell. Marvilyn Kay 438. 565 Coogan, Sandra Theresa 290, 551 Coogler, Tracy Lynn 369. 416. 579 Cook, Bobby G 172 Cook. Christopher A 378 Cook. Connie Gail 322. 565 Cook. Jeanne Marie 3 Cook. John Carlton Cook Karen Suzanne 384 Cook, Kathleen E 4, 184, 210 Cook, Nina Jo 194. 565 Cook Kenneth Steven 184. 210 Cook, Patrick Joseph 321. 377. 446 Cook. Ronald Earl Cook Sharon Lynn 369 Cook, Vicki Lynn 579 Cooke. Cynthia 194, 369. 375. 579 Cooke, Melissa Elaine 494. 551 Cooke. Robert D 249 Cookston. Elizabeth M 474 Cooley. Kathleen Marie 507 Cooley. Mark Charles 304 Cooley, Mary Suzann 4 Cooley. Maureen Ellen Coon, Everett - Cooper. Michael Warren Cooper, David John 37 Cooper. Donald Lee Jr 3 Cooper. Kyle Elaine 352 Cooper, Mary Ellen Cooper. Miles Hall 482. 483. 507 Cooper. Milton Harris Jr 579 Cooper, Neil Brent 378, 480 Cooper, Terry Beth Cooper, Thomas Mosely 565 Cope, Carl Edward 565 Cope. David Martin 551 Cope. Richard Ellison 414. 551 Copeland. Charlie R. Jr 210. 306 Copeland. George K 507 Copeland. John William 412, 482 Copeland. Martha E 565 Copeland. Morgan L. Jr 1 14. 32 Copus. Caren Cay 436 Corbell, Deborah Helen 579 Index 595 Name Page Name Page Name Page Name 278 202 .. 213 Corbett, Catherine .... Corbett. Christine Corbett. Harry F Corbin, Ellen Suzanne . . Cordell. David Mark . . . Cordell, Margaret L. ... Cordell, Thomas Drury . Cordettet Corley, Jo Lynn Corley. Martha Frances Cornett. David Wayne . Cornett. Rita C. Allison Cornish. Sandra Marie CornweN. Thomas E. ... Corpora, Bernadette . . . Corrigan. Mary Kimberly Corse, Ricky Charles . . Corson, Arlene Joan Cortell, Karen Cortner. Roberta Jeane Corvo, Rod Coselli, Peter Clyde .... Cosentino, Michael J. . . Cosner. Joanne Renee . Cotter, Mary Ann Couch. Travis Marc .... Coulter, Sally Darlene . . Coursey. Donald C. Jr. . Court, Vincent Anne . . . Courtney, Mary Eugenia Annette . Covert, Clark Anderson Covert, Gary Elizabeth Covey, James Matthew Covey. Mark Lynn .... Covill, Floyd E. Jr Covington. Frank W. ... Covington, Margaret A. Covington. Sheree Dawn Cowan, Charles Eller . . . Cowan, Derell Ryan .... Cowan, Kathryn Joyce . Cowden, Anne Burleson Cowling, David Edward . Cowling. Luther Forest . Cowling, Rebecca Ann . Cox, Anne Lynn Cox, Deborah Ann Cox, Franklin L Cox. Nancy Gail Cox, Patricia Ann Cox, Ronald Charles Cox, Shannon Douglass Cox, Shari Ann Cox, Susan E. Hutchinson Cox, Thomas Afton Coyle. Melanie Adelle Crabill, Michael Eugene Crabtree, Carol Ann . 172. 184. 185. 334. 371. 372. 294 212 212 Craddock. John W. Jr. Craft, Jean Anne Craft, Sheryl Bernice . Crago, John Carman . Craig. Audrey Ellen Craig, Carolyn Lyle . . . Craig, John Henry Craig, Paul Frederick . Craig. Roy R. Jr Grain, Lee Shudde Grain, Rene Arita Grain. Richard Patrick Grain, Stephen L Cramer, Janet Gayle Cranberg, Alexis Mount 269. 368, 462 324 377. 381 210, 272. 372 193 Crandall, Joan Elizabeth . Crane. Jerry Deane Crannell, William Owen . . . Cranshaw. David Ross . . . Craven. Eric Francis Dravens. Ben Baker Cravens, George Frederick Cravens, Paul Byron Cravens, Valerie Ann Crawford. Barry Hill Crawford. Cathryn Lacy . Crawford. David F. Ill ... Crawford. Deborah J Crawford, Janice Anne . . . Crawford. Keith Joseph . . Crawford, Kimberly A Craycroft. Peter Rambicur Craymer. Dale Kent Credeur. Kenneth R Creech. Dean Bradley Creech. James William Creeden. Caroline H Creel, James Melton Creighton. Caren Jo Creighton. Kenneth Roy 468 Creighton. Mark Gregory Crenwelge. Mark Jay Crews. Camille Lynn Crews. Cheryl Rae Crews. Jack Calvin Crews, Marina Kathryn Crier. Jack Rurick Crim. Kathryn E 330, Crisman. Elizabeth A Cnswell. Carol Leigh Criswell. John W Cnswell, Virginia Louann Crittendon, James Alan Croan, Donneita Kaye Crocker. John Dow Crocker. Michael David Crockett. Brian Anthony Crockett. John Instone IV Croes. Michael F Croker, Cynthia Leigh .... 418 .... 418 377. 384 .... 375 , 476, 498 436, 551 327. 468 403 436. 437 311 378. 565 507 292 286. 541 369. 579 375. 565 338. 486 375 175. 380 289 468. 579 507 377 484 381 114 474 507 293 374 579 468 474. 565 488. 551 114 286. 551 414. 551 375. 565 213 380 378 551 456 .. 373 464. 565 432. 565 432 369 373 288. 507 381 378 368 458 377 . 551 440. 507 401 271,278. 373. 541 372. 373. 463. 551 353 565 462. 542 551 551 133 132. 133 373 507 507 . . 454 434. 565 384, 507 305. 335. 379. 382 377, 507 381. 382 579 507 385. 579 478 207. 507 388 565 565 565 488 444. 565 507 551. 624 565 . . 462 378 551 358. 388 213, 579 339. 565 380 440. 551 469. 507 468 338 456. 507 375 507 284, 507 565 375, 551 352 551 507 288 378 508 430, 579 388 430 430 542 369 Crone. William Kennedy Crooker, Linda Ann . . . Crooker, Tara Leigh . Crosby. Alan Wayne . . Crosby, Anne Crosby, Douglas Ray . . Crosby, Mary Frances Crosby, Nancy Gail . . . Crosby, Theresa Lynn Cross. Edward A. II Cross. James Lynn Cross. Jerrel Lee Cross, Joffre James II Crossley, James Alan Crosson. Douglas R Crosson, Richard Lee Crosswhite. Charles M. Croston, Diane Virginia . . . Crouch, Katherine I Crouch, Michael Avaughn . Crouch, Michael John Crow, Judson Anthony Crow, Leigh Ann Crowder. Randolph Graham Crowder. Sharron Kay Crowder. Terri Lee Crowell. Benson M Crowell. Diana Kay ....... Crowell. Stephanie J. O. Crowley. Claudia E Crow ' s Nest Crowson. Peggy Kay Crozier. James Eeds Jr. Crozier. Jeffrey Lee Crum, Karen Ann Crumley, John Alfred Cruse, Kristina Suzanne . . . Crutchfield. Sally D Cruz, Agustin Cruz, Christopher S Cruz. Henry Thomas Cruz. Josefina Cruz. Orlando Cruz. Raquel Regina Cruz. Ronald Cuccia, Nick Anthony Cue. Jorge Ignacio Cuellar, Carmen Cuellar. Gilbert Orlando . . . Cuellar, Margaret Ann Cuellar, Nelda Gloria Cuenod, Diane Marie Cuenod, Donna Dean Cuenod, Martha Carol .... Culbertson. Paul Michael . . Cull, Mary Catherine Culler, Ralph E. Ill Culp. Catherine Signe Culter. Lynne Ann Culver, Claudia E Culwell, Michael Wendell . . Culwell, Warren D. Jr Cumbie, Mary Caroline . . . Cumbie, Nancy Dianne .... Cummings, Carolyn J Cummings, Meredith Cunningham, Beverly C. . . Cunningham, Cynthia Rose Cunningham, David Paul . . Cunningham, Duane Cunningham, George K. . . . Cunningham, Kennedy A Cunningham. Linda .... Cunningham. Mary Lynn Cunningham. Timothy W. Cunningham. William C. . . Cunningham. William H. . . Curington, Eve Curlin, Barbara Lorez Curliss. Mary Cyl Curran, Carolyn Ann Curran, Colleen G Curran. Michael James . . Currey, David Nelson .... Currey, Laura Diane Currin, Mary Elizabeth . . . Curry, Jacqueline Curtis. Ann Colleen Curtis, Cynthia Anne Curtis. Robert W Cusenbary, Kelley Jo .... Cushman. Reynolds Martin Cutbirth. Joe Hale Cutchen. Steven Scot . . . Cutrell, Gloria Gail Cutrer. Cathryn Kellene . . Cutrer. Cynthia Courtey . Cyr. Cynthia Aileen Cyr, Timothy Brian Czimskey, Jeana B. Hearn 339, 373, 458. 278. 364, 378, 337. 339, 462. 342. 294. 401. 378. 450, 377. 412. 369. 476. 416. 490. 308. 194, 418, 378. 369. 188. 324. 474, 369. 458. 322, 478. 476, 418, 418. 458, 377, 381. . . 338. 377, 381, 438, 340, 456, 416, 369, 339. 375. 438. 434. 450. 377. 456. 456. 397, 340 508 . 45 508 551 565 438 508 579 482 508 508 498 402 565 508 114 579 380 542 508 565 579 401 389 579 565 579 377 565 358 416 368 551 212 370 579 551 565 378 284 551 579 579 443 196 378 508 579 579 542 565 474 458 388 579 381 565 551 498 579 508 565 508 416 212 542 579 565 508 380 542 551 458 378 378 373 565 565 579 416 565 565 338 579 579 551 380 565 551 551 579 454 378 381 551 579 579 399 508 Dabbs, Robert Dean 335 Dabney. Cynthia Jane 508 Dabney. Dan Yarbrough 508 Dabney. Kevin Brennan 465 Dacy. David Wayne 488. 565 Dacy. Robert Louis 380 Daerr, Sharon Melissa 508 Oagar. Albert John 282 Dagel. Tomlinson J 434 Dagen, Bethany Joyce 375 Dahl, Christiane Lee 451 . 579 Dahse, Ronald Scott 446 Daigh, Robert Barrier 306. 370 Dailey. James E 210 Daily Texan, The 196 Dale. Emily 402 474 Dale. John Robert 454 Dalehite. Henry G. Ill 378 Daley, Randall Charles 185 Dalglish, James C 551 Dalthorp, James Arthur Jr 430, 579 Dalton, Ann Loretta 369, 579 Dalton, Steven M 414 Damanpour. Faramarz 380 Damewood, Douglas K 508 Danford, Janet Lynn 579 Daniel. Dale Spence 448 Daniel. James Donald 551 Daniel. James Robert . . . 302. 304. 378. 565 Daniel. Karen Ann 210. 322. 416 Daniel. Mark Gant 551 Daniel. Nan 494 Daniel. Raul D 565 Daniels. Kenneth Estes Jr 464. 565 Daniels, Kevin Marc 476 Daniels. Timothy John 508 Danielson. Wayne A 198. 220 Danis. Michael Richard 401. 579 Danysh. Donna Marie 359 Danz. Cynthia Gail 565 Darby. Diane E 418. 565 Darby. Gary Thomas 434, 551 Darden. Juanita Hartence 565 Dareos. George Matthew 579 Darling. Ann Daree 212, 565 Darnell, Cynthia Lee 364, 438 Darr, Kathleen Anne 565 Darrah. Anne Margaret 418 Darrouzet. Carol Lynn 381 Darwin. William Lloyd 196 Oaude, Edward Michael 579 Daugette. Forney R. Ill 460 Daugherty. Scott Riley 303, 370. 508 Daughtrey. Tana Jo 373 Davenport, Becky Lynn 310. 565 Davenport. Carol Ann 579 Davenport, Caroline V 381 Davenport, Michael A 508 Davey, Alice Lynnette 494. 579 Davey, Christopher R 304, 302. 542 David. Allen Demaret 565 David. Darrell Steele 542 David. Debbie Lyn 579 Davidoff. Mark Alan 492 Davids, Debra Kay 452. 508 Davidson. Daniel Bryan 338. 551 Davidson, Donel Lee 380 Davidson, Gary C 508 Davidson, Gilda Joyce 345 Davidson, Michele Annise ... 369, 375, 579 Davidson, Nancy Ann ... 304. 375. 418. 565 Davidson, Sharon Joy 377. 380. 508 Davie. Mary Marshall 349 Davies. Timothy Kevin 565 Davila. Jesus Gerardo 579 Davis. Ann Louise 361 . 579 Davis, Anne Davis, Beth Renee . Davis. Bobby Joe . . Davis. Britt Key . . . Davis. Bruce Mayo Davis. Carol Evans . Davis. Carolyn Jane Davis, Carrie lynn 380. 474 452. 565 400. 508 476. 579 434 456 292 565 Davis. Catherine Carol 351 Davis, Christopher 370 Davis, Dale Scott 378 Davis, Deann 494. 542 Davis, Deborah Ann 177. 275. 579 Davis, Debra Yvonne 306, 309, 542 Davis, Devlin Douglas 174, 508 Davis, Donald Richard 377, 508 Davis. Donna Lynn 579 Davis. Douglas Eugene Jr 345 Davis. Duane Allen 380 Davis. Edward Alvin III 488. 498 Davis, Fonda Faye 420 Davis, George 399 Davis, Harold Louis 508 Davis. Harrel L. Ill 382 Davis. James Stephen 376 Davis. Jeffrey Bruce 579 Davis. John Baxter 542 Davis, John Lawson 434 Davis, John Stuart 454, 579 Davis. John William Jr 414. 579 Davis, Julie Anne B 376 Davis. Julie Kay 579 Davis. Kathleen Elaine 369 Davis. Lance Harrison 454, 551 Davs. Lee Ellen 436 Davis. Leslie Brent 508. 551 Davis, Leslie Jean 579 Davis, Linda Caryl 579 Davis, Lisa Ann 474. 579 Davis. Lynn Marcia 436. 508 Davis. Mallonee 494 Davis, Marianne 551 Davis, Mark William 565 Davis. Nancy Gail 508 Davis, Nicki Sue 440 Davis. Norris G 220 Davis, Pamela Lynn 194. 338. 565 Davis. Patricia Linn Davis. Randel C Davis. Reagan Hunter . . . Davis. Richard Franklin Jr. Davis. Robert H. Jr Davis, Steven Dwain Davis, Thomas Townsend Davis, Waters S. IV Davis. Wi lliam Bryan Davis, William Gregory 542 508 466 202, 286, 508 378 .... 565 579 . .. 370. 381. 382. 466 380 309, 413, 194, 330. 369. 375. 378. Davison, Anne E Davison, James Lindsay . . . Davison, Jeffery Hal Dawkins. Thomas R Dawn, Larry Dennis Dawson, Anita Joan Dawson, Carol Diane Dawson. Clive Brandon . . . Dawson, Deborah Dawson. Judy Kay Dawson. Julia Marsalek . . . Dawson. Mark Wayne .... Dawson. Thomas Britton . . Day, Angela Lynne Day, Delica Kaywynne .... Day, Elaine Adams Day, Elizabeth Ann Day. Helen Marshall Day, Jack Vaughn Jonathan Day. Kathleen Evans 309. 375 Day. Michael Norman Day. Steven Earl De La Fuente. Patricia De La Garza. Louis E De Leon, Amador Deaguinaga. Joaquin Deal. ' Cynthia Lynn Deal. Theresa Lynn Dean. Helen Kay Dean. John Peter Dean. Vicki Lynn Deane. Rosanna Dearing, Harry Leonard Debate Team Decell. Harriet Causey Decker. Sarah Ann Decoux. Jan Decuir, Donna Kaye Decuir. Louis N. Ill Dedman, Patricia B Deen, Lynn Keith Deering, Cheryl Lynn .... Deering. Deborah Sue . . . Dees. Willam A. Jr Deetjen. Alan Charles .... Dehner, Mary Ellen Deitch. Michael Eric Dekoning, Diane Mary . . . Delafosse. Carl Andrews . Delagarza. Javier E Delagarza, Jorge Luis Delahoussaye. Peggy M. B Delange. Steve Edward . . Delano, Rocky Dean .... Delarosa. Benito G Delgado. Celyna Donna . . Delgado. Joaquin Arturo . Delgado. John Edward Delgado. Noemi Dolores . Delmore. Martha Jane Deloach, Linda Jane .... Delomel. Paul Martin .... Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma PI Delta Sigma Theta Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Delta Zeta Deluna, Doralinda Dement, Quentin Wayne . Demontreve. Marsha L. . . Dempsey, Diane Dempsey, Pamela Denbo, Joel Byron Denison, Eleanor S Denius, Charmaine Denkler. Keith Alan Dennard. Caroline Rupe Dennis, Elizabeth A Dennis, Robin Rosemary Denny, Anne Meriwether . Denny, Michael Bruce . . . Denson, John David Denson, Mark Dailey Denton, Deborah Jan Denton. William P. ... Depew, John Henry Jr. 37: :Jti; 378, ! 454. 579 579 301. 551 450, 579 .456 456, 508 .398 450, 579 383 363, 327. .193. 332. : 430, 565 Deputy, Leven Thomas III Derapeiian, Dorothy . Derichsweiler, John W. . . Derr, Warner Gordon . . . Derrick. Cynthia Lynn . . . Des Champs. Louie T. Ill Desanto. Susan Ellen . . . Desautell. Phillip A Detert, Robert Dupree . . Deurmyer. Lesley Ann Deusinger. William F. Devine. Edward Joseph . Devine. Erin Margaret . . . Devito, Peter Anthony . . Dewette. Julia Regina . . . Dewitt. Pamela Kay Dewitz. Pamela Jane . . . Dewitz. Scott David Dewolf. Steven Kelley . . . Deyoung. Andrew Glenn Dezo. George Steve Dezonia. Terry Alan Di Fiore, Dallas Lee Dial. Lysa Lee Diaz. Elena Diaz. Francisco Javier . . Diaz. Gricelda Maria Diaz, Karen Camille Diaz, Mary Esther Diaz. Patricia Dick Kathryn Virginia Dickard. Paul David . . 203. : 596 Index Page Page Page 369 Dickerson. David Edward Dickerson. Denise Dickerson. Donna Gene ! Dickerson, Elizabeth L. . . Dickerson, Gary Lamar . Dickerson, Lawrence R. , 1 Dickerson. Marcus John Dickerson. Robert Henry 1 Dickinson, Logan 1 Dickson, Charles C i Dickson. Kandice Rae . . . ' Didion. Mary Pamela : Diers. Deadra Dean j Diers, Robert Dean : Dieste. Mariana C 1 Dieter, James Monroe . . 1 Dietert, Date Martin 4 U3I ' Dietert. Margaret G. F. . | Dietert. Stephanie V. Mrs. Dietrich, Melanie Gae . . . Dietschweiler. Karen Lynn Dietz, John Karl Dietzel. Charlotte Mae Dieu. Tran Quang Difiore, Cheryl Diane Dilger. David Joseph Dilger. Mary Margaret Dillard. Arvin R. Ill Si 1 Dillard. Mary C Dillard. Sandra Diane Dillon, Dan Michael Dilworth, Beverly | Dimmitt. Dean 1 Dinges. Mark Gayland Dingier. James Robert ' Dingrando. Patrick M ; Dinino. Vincent R 1 Dtnkms, Kirk Edgar Dtpaolo. Marianna ' Dirik, Joseph Paul Dirks. Carol Anne i, Dirks. Laura Elizabeth , Dishner. Joe Early Dishongh, Gary Randall i Distefano. Mary Elizabeth Dittman. Karen Ellen Dittmar, Kathleen Anne J Divine. John Douglas 1 Divino. Louis Daniel Dixon. David R Dixon. James A Dixon. Sandra Margit Djuang. Jamin Dobbmg. William Robert Dobbins. Deborah Anne Dobbins. Debra Jane ' Dobbins, Timothy Dale Dobbs. Jess Chris Dobbs. Susan Gale Dobray. Debra t Dochen. Edith Diane , 203. 323, 354. Dodd. Kellye Kay Dodd, Richard Dennis .... Dodge. Colleen Dodge. Richard L. Jr Dodson, David Wayne ... Dodson. Dwain Alan ..... Dodson. Mark Anton Dodson. Paul Doedyns. Peggy Lynn .... Doell. Susanne Robinson. Doenges. Rudolf C Doerfler. Harley F Doering. Carolyn L Doggett, William Leslie . . Doherty. David Booty Doherty. John Patrick . . . Doherty. Michael T Dohoney. Kathleen Dolan, Sharon Eileen .... Dolive. Mark Shannon . . . Dollins. Richard Earl Dolph. Laura Marie Doluisio. James T Domas, Dirk Edward Domask. Mary Susan .... Dominguez. Ernesto J. ... Dominguez. Evelia Dominguez, Jose R Dominguez. Julio Arturo . Dominguez, Marjorie Joy . Dominguez, Raul [ Donahoo. Patsy Elaine . . Donahue. Helen E Donahue, Shawne Ellen I Donaldson. Cynthia J. ... Donaldson, Michael G. Donaldson. Sherill L Donaldson, Susan A Donathan. Debbie M Dondlinger. Melinda Jane Donley. Mary Alice Donnell, Anne Gayle Donop. Paul Edwin Donosky. Robert Wayne . Donovan. Thomas John . . Donovitz. Gary Steven , . . Doddy. Leonore Mara Ann Dooley. Thomas James . . Doores, Steven Allen .... Dorbandt. Dana Dorf. Barbara Ann Dorrell. Jeffrey Lee , Dorsey. Billie Woods Dorsey. Ellen Dorsey. Gary Michael .... Dorsey. Gordon Owen . . . Dorsey. Lillian Diane Doss. Dale Sidney Doss, John Yeary Doss. Stanley Kent 397 305. 565 293 381, 509 579 378 380 509 454. 579 466. 509 542 579 339 509 579 474. 475 509 579 381 293 313. 542 375, 579 371 339. 369 382 579 542 452 434 418 509 454, 551 345 378 327, 430 466 542 373 478 380 565 377. 380 551 177 378 351 441. 509 579 414. 565 488, 579 382 509 509 379 381. 509 551 579 .478. 579 509 369. 375 375 420,421, 551 426 346. 354 509 217 486 382 321. 486 376 579 579 285 509 509 430. 579 466 321. 460 460 351 349 338 468 . 456 206. 241 465 432. 509 472. 509 579 551 398 369 296 542 436 579 551 579 401 509 579 452. 565 205 441. 565 509 492 353 381 579 579 377. 381 438 339, 342 286 509 458. 565 286. 509 380. 386 579 399. 579 376 313. 509 Doss, Tracey Baird Dotson. Michael Glenn . . Doty. E. William Doud. Edward Leroy .... Doughman. Jan Douglas. Beryl Annette . Douglas. Jack Larheu Douglas, Judith Helen Douglas. Melody Y. Kelly Douglass. Clifton Ford . . Douglass. Heather H Douma. Erica Hartzell Dover. Carolyn Lee .... Dowdy. Daniel Andrews Downey, Vanessa F Downs. Curtis Chadwick . Downs. Gregory Marc Downum, Daniel Leroy . . . Doyle, Douglas Lamar . . . Doyle, Jane Colleen Doyle. Karen Patricia Doyle. Patricia Anne Doyte. Theodore Wilson . . Dozier, Don Bigler Dozier, Jane Rene Fuller. Dozier, Thomas Hudson, II Drake, Diane Drake, Edward Junius Drake, Mary Virginia Drake. William Randel Draper. Diane Marie Draper, George C. Ill Drayden. Kenneth Lamar Dreilinger. Evan A Drescher, Tommy James Drew. Christy Russanne . Drews, Carl Frederick 175, 323, " ' 174, 384, 305. 364, 378. 395 378. 369. Drews. Margaret Rachaelle Drews, Sandra Ann Dreyfus, John Buckman . . Dreyfuss, Jules H. Jr Driggers. William G Driscoll. Jeanne Anne .... Driscoll. Mary Maura Driscoll. William M Driver. Karen Ann Droemer. Carroll Eitene Droemer. June Marie Drought, Jane Travis Drumm. David Gary Drumm. Mary Christena . Drummer. Donald Glen Dryden. Patrick Duarte, Sarah Lencha . . . Dube. Carlyle Dube, Nancy Jane Dubois, Robert F. Ill Dubois, Thomas Victor . . . Dubose, Sidney Paul Jr. Dubow, Craig Alan Dudley. Dell Sherri Dudley, Jack Allen Dudley, Ray Donald Duecker. Siri Lynn Duff, Dennis Andrew .... Duff. William B Duffey. Terrence Mark . . . Dugan, Elizabeth Ann .... Dugan. Patrick William Dugas. Lori Denise Dugat. John Earl Duke. Benton Craig Duke, Donna Lynn Duke, Janice Elaine Duke, Jeanne M Duke. Mary Beth Dukes. William Robert . . . Dulaney. Louis Bruce .... Dullahan. Cathleen Anne Dunagan. William C Dunahoo, Kathryn Ann . . . Dunaway. Jack David . . . Dunbar. Richard Alan .... Dunbar. Robert Bruce . . . Duncan, Douglas Emmett Duncan, James P 173. 250, Duncan, Lucile F Duncan. Michael Glen Duncan. Stacy Patricia Dunkelberg. Jeffrey C Dunlap. Deborah Ann . Dunlap, Linda Gail .... Dunlap, Steven Micheal Dunmon. Cheryl Ann Dunn. Clio Marie Dunn, Cynthia Ann . . . Dunn. Diane Marie .... Dunn, George H. Ill ... Dunn, Gregory Thomas Dunn, Laurence Eugene Dunn. Nancy Ruth 212. 369. 375. Dunn. Ramona Cecile Dunn. Richard Clement Dunn. Steven Robert . Dunn, William Ratliffe Dunnagan, Steven Alan Dunnam, James Wayne Dunsky, Frederic Steven Dupree. Albert F Dupriest, Mark Thomas Duran. Bobbi Jane Durant. Russell Lynn . . Duren, Almetris M. ... Durham, Edith Sugden Durio, Danae Lisa Durrett, Allen Teel Durso, Elizabeth Anne Duskin. Laurie Anne . . . Dutoit, Leanne Patrice . Duval, Clinton E Duval, John Ardis Duvalt. Patricia Ann ... 338. 212, 304. 382. 188. 278, 456 174 226 332 290, 542 .. 444 509 377. 380 425 478 456 432. 579 420. 421 454 209. 551 579 339. 401 383 466 450 381. 509 .... 509 136, 579 509 .... 509 .. 400 402, 458 349, 462 .... 565 . 388 293 . 579 285. 565 551. 579 379. 382 380 462. 579 369 ... 456 . , . . 492 498 .... 380 .... 305 . . . . 369 ... 294 ... 438 .... 565 . 579 .... 456 381. 551 .375. 509 396, 398 377 . 509 . 370 290 468, 565 551 478 446. 551 579 213. 332 345 551 565 509 305. 379 436 376 509 303, 509 468 426, 509 551 565 426 430 401 375. 436 381. 383 458 389 340. 343 377 377. 380 261. 373 432. 565 579 .... 381 384 304 330. 566 311. 509 426, 566 381 309 579 486. 509 353 462 438. 566 509 580 476. 542 566 483 213 423 . . . . . 380 381 290, 551 580 250 . . .456 441. 580 476. 565 . 580 484 566 382 509 .. 542 Dvorak. Paul Richard . . Dwight. Janet Sue .... Dwyer, David Alan .... Dwyer, Peter Anthony . Dye. Randall Anthony . . Dye, Syl inda Dyer. Karen Ann Dyer. Melinda Sue Dyer, Richard Alan .... Dyer, William Jack Dyess. Richard Walker Dyke. Lester Maris III . . Dykes. Michael Stephen Dykes. Russell Stuart . . Dysart, Linda Sue Dzierlenga. Gary Wayne 414. 509 509 415. 509 566 378. 566 542 509 580 401 339. 566 454. 565 377. 380 377 580 290. 551 .. 378 Elliott. Thomas Gary Ellis, David Lee Ellis. Dellene Ellis. John Scott Ellis. Karen Jean . . Ellis, Patricia Lynn 566 308 551 510 404, 566 458 369. 177 Eardley, Kathleen M. . . Earl. Harry Seymour Jr. Earles. Ronald Gene . . . Earls. Rosa Marie Early, Ann Elizabeth . . . Early, Cleland Edward Jr. Early, Jeffrey Thomas . Earnest, Barbara A Earnest, Kenneth Roger Easley. Jeffery Clayton Easley. Karl Raymond . Easley. Paul Gregory . . . Eason, Elizabeth Anne . . Easter. William Graham II Eastland, Richard G Eaton, Kim Elynne Eaton. Laurie Catherine Ebbecke. Francis Vincent Eberspacher. Chris Eblen. Diana Gail Echevarria. Maria D. C Echols, Belinda Ann Echols. Bruce Alan Eck, Colleen Kay White Eckert. John C. Jr Eckert. Kim Hunter Edelman. Richard Henry Edenbaum, Barbara Helaine Edens, Donald Lee Jr Edgar, Thomas F Edge, Evalene Mutton Mrs Edge. Teri Lynn Edgerly. Lynette Jean Edgerton. Mary E 368. 372 Edie William Gordon Edkins. Carol Ann Edmiaston, Rhonda Sue Edmiston, Laurie Kay Edmonds. Lester L. Jr Edmonds, Patti Marie Edmondson. David G Edmonson, Georgia A Education Council Edwards, Charles Lee Edwards, Cheryl L. T Edwards, Deborah Cecil Edwards, James R Edwards, Joe Brian Edwards, Kenneth C Edwards, Mark Richard Edwards. Michael T Edwards. Randall Gene Egan. Richard Scott Jr Eger. Audrey Helen Eggert. Charles W. Jr. . Ehlers, Nancy Lea Ehlert. Paul Ashley .... Ehrenkranz. Heather G. Ehrlich. Dana Asaph . . . Ehrlich. Mary Elizabeth Ehrlich. Robert Maxwell Eichler. Edward A. Jr. . . Eidman, John Bates . . . Eidom. Tanya Lynn Einkauf, Oscar E. Ill Eisele, Thomas Martin Eisen, Jay Loeb Eisenberg, David Howard Eisenberg, Wendy Lee Eisenkraft, Andrea E Eisenstein, Sharon Adele Eisinger, Joan Denise Eisner, Richard Alan Elam, Francis Edward Jr Elam. Joyce Johnson Elbein, Steven C Eldredge, Christopher Lee Elger, Janet Elaine Elias. Hadieh John Elizalde. Jaime Oscar 401. Elizalde, Thelma Elizarde, Nancy Marie Elkins. Arliene Ann Elkins. James Craig Ellert. Mark Henry Ellinor. Danya Steele 375, Elliot, Carole Anne Elliott, Amanda Elliott. Elizabeth Gayle Elliott. Jane Cay Elliott, Jean Ann Elliott, Martha Jane Elliott, Michael Bergen Elliott, Peggy Jo 338. Elliott. Sandra Morrison 212, 327, 426. 509 381 566 .... 444 375. 580 196 580 203. 509 380 482. 566 510 378. 566 301 378 478 494, 580 441 398 378. 381 348 542 580 510 293 454 307. 383 327. 483 369 348 304 381 438. 580 566 377. 510 300 380 368 369 188, 624 580 377 566 222 207 418 381 278, 510 434. 580 510 468 349 434 486. 542 185 351. 566 418, 566 377 369 378 338 466. 580 368 460, 461 580 566 353 492 492, 580 369, 580 194, 566 580 510 307. 423 580 381 377 286 ... 369 383 465. 580 300. 510 176. 551 452. 566 284, 454 378, 551 494. 580 .... 498 450. 566 ... 542 352 212. 375 369 ... 580 362. 510 .. 510 Ellis. Roxan Anette 374. 542 Ellis. Stephen Hext 486 Ellis. Susan Lynn 176. 551 Ellis. Thomas Wayne 400 Ellish. Gail Frances 381, 484 Ellison. Elaine Laurie 418. 510 Ellison. James Richard 378. 383 Ellison. Joseph W 566 Ellison. Samuel P. Jr 373 Ellison, Suzanne E 377 Elliston. Jill Glennon 458 Ellsworth. Nancy Sandel 474 Ellzey. Janet Lee 363 Elmore. Allison Stephanie 369 Elrod. John Raymond 353 Elrod. Pamela Gail 348, 349 Elsik. Diane Elise 551 Eisner, Susan Carol 484. 580 Elzner, Daniel Ray Embry. Debra Mary . Embry, Terry Patrick Embry, Lisa Kay .... Emery. Paul Richard Emmott. Marion V. . Encino. Ernest G. ... Eng. Amy Roseann 566 456 566 440. 441 381. 383. 551 566 389, 566 580 Eng, Louise Elizabeth 288. 510 Eng, Susie Jane 542 Engel, Kristina 177 England. Gordon Bobby 291. 542 Engler. Lisa Kay 420 Engles, Denise Raye 451 English. Byron Dale 462 English. Edwin Madison 196. 465 English. James Doyle 580 English. Janice Sue 551 English, Kay Naoma 416 English. Lisa Kay 494 English. Montgomery J 430, 551 English, Robert Anthony 566 Enloe. Jill 580 Ennen, Ann Elizabeth 372, 474. 510 Ennis, Lindsay Ann 580 Epperly, Kathy Layne 381, 551 Epps. Laura Ann 436, 510 250 580 378, 388. 566 381 480 580 Erbs. Susan Marie 401 Erickson. Paul Arnold 382 Erickson, Peter Lawrence 510 Erickson, Wendy Lee 436 Ermis. Julius Charles Jr 580 Ernstein, Scott Barry 492. 510 Ertel. Charlene Mary 293 Erving, Claudia Ann 510 Erwin. Elizabeth Ann 458_ 58C Erwin. Emilie S42 Erwin. Harry Charles III 486. 580 Erwin. William Craig 466 Erxleben. Russell Allen 114 Eshenour. John Michael 378 Eskew. Blake Thomas 383 Eskowitz. Sheryl Pauline 510 Esparza, Armando 308 Esparza. Jaime Eloy 308 Esparza. Yolanda Inez 510 Espinosa. David 580 Espinosa. Estella Inez 580 Espinosa, James Anthony 308 Espinosa, Margarita 510 Espinoza. Ramiro 580 Esquenazi. Edith 484 Essary, Beth Ann 510 Essary, Karen Kathleen 580 Essenfeld, Andrea Lynn 420 Esslinger. Richard Gary 510 Estep. Suzanne Annette 498 Estill, Deborah Lee 416. 551 Estrada. Albert Jr 510 Epps, Sandra L. Epstein. Cynthia Eve Epstein. David Mark Epstein. Frances Fay Epstein, Gary David . Erbs. James Edward 510 542 468. 566 174. 428 510 498 369. 375. 580 383 566 441. 551 416 470. 471. 510 482. 580 330. 375 510 418. 566 566 580 386. 510 Evans. Mark Patrick 210. 272. 372. 373. 381. 383 Evans. Richard Allan 202 Evans. Rudford Kyle 340 Evans. Teri Lynn 566 Evans. Vicki Eve 184 Evans. Walter Lamar Jr 566 Everett. Edna M 293. 510 Everett. Terri Lynn 436. 551 Everett. Yvette Dornell 510 Ewing. John Randolph 446 Ewing. Thomas Buchanan 324. 446 Ezell. Mona Lynn 193. 195, 438, 510, 624 Ezell. William Grant 486 Estrada, Margaret Kondo Etheredge, Cheryl Lynn . . Etheridge, Howard Clark Etter, Elegy Leon Eubank. William David . . . Evancho, Claudia Louise S Evans, Amy Anne Evans, Barbara Janet Evans. Betty Ann Evans. Colleen Jean Evans. Cynthia Dawn Evans. Donald Ray Evans. Gregory Noble Evans, Joanna Evans, Karen Sue Evans, Kimberly Elaine Evans, Kristi Kirke Evans, Marcilyn Kay Evans, Mark Culver Index 597 Page Page Name Faber, Mary Ann Fadal. Dana Edward Fadety, Cynthia Louise . . Fadely, Rebecca Anne . . Faerber. Charles V Faerber. Jo Anne Faerman. Foster Larkin . Fagala. Karen Lynn Fagelman. Gary Stephen Faig, Steven John Failing, Harry Earl Fain, Mickey Allen Fain, Mina Maira Fairchild, Cathy Maxwell . Fairchild, Elizabeth Ann Fairchild, Joy Louise Fairchild. Keith William . . . Faith, Billy Dean Fake, Daniel Jeffery Falik, Cynthia Diane Falik, Jonathan Louis Falk, Lisa Beth Fallas. Ann Charisse Fallwell. Michele D Fanelli, Theresa Ann Fangmeier, Keith Richard Fant, Alfred Edward Jr. Fantozzi. Fabio Farabee, Russell L Faraklas, Maria Alga Farb. Alan Joel Farb, Gerilyn Farley. Ann Tawanah Farley. Norman Jose 381. 379. 566 566 349 353 376 403. 551 304. 378 184. 206 465 580 378 378. 566 580 381 352. 566 580 376 383, 510 ... 566 420 .... 510 369. 484 .... 356 ... 354 .... 416 382. 510 . . 510 363. 510 476 175. 510 378 510 510 358. 388 Farmayan, Salar W. F 383 Farmer, Dorman Neat Jr. . 580 Farmer, Gary Stephen ' . ' .. ' .. ' .. ' 213. 580 Farmer, Scott Monroe 510 Farr, Herbert Ray 510 Farr, Mark Randall 378 Farrar, Patricia Ann 551 Farrar, Stanley Wayne . 622. 624 Farrell. Porter II 468, 551 Farrington, Julie 369 Farris. Catherine S 361, 510 Farris. Paul Andrew 339 Farris. Robert R . . . 476. 566 Faseler, Amanda M 382 Faseler, Kerry Glen 378 Fasullo. Donna Lee 551 Fath, Betsy 354 Fato, Jeffrey Warren ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 368. 383 Faucheux, Terry Eileen 339 Faulk, Stuart Roland 381 Faulkner, Bruce Campbell . 466 Faulkner, James Caroll . 468 Faulkner. Paul Derek 580 Faust. Janet Lee 510 Fawcett. Elizabeth L 459 Fawn, Donald Ray Jr 566 Fay. Roberta Katherine 580 Fay. Rose Marie ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 369. 375 Fay, Steven Russell 580 Fayle. Marcia Kay 380 Faz, Maria Dolores 511 Fears, Martha Elaine 372 Featherston. Mikiel R. 114 Feature! . 17 Fee. Jay Gregory 511 Feemster. James Randall 127 Fehrenbacher, Robert J. 304, 580 Feiges, Holly Eden 420 Fein, David Charles " ' 378. 368 Fein, Randall Jay 175 Feinberg, Nancy Bohn . 369, 420 Feinberg, Paul C 278. 373 Feinstein, Michael F 378. 492, 566 Felcman, Leah Marie 551 Feld. Larry Allen Felder. Dan Kavanaugh 364, 462, Feldman, James Alan 338. Feldman, Martin Bruce 327. 492. Feldman, Nason Mark 368. 492. Feldman. Robert Jack 400. 402. Feldman, Ronald Lee Fellowship Of Christian Communicators . Feltch, Michael Henry Feltham, John Frederick 313, Fenlaw, Rick Hillard 112, Fenly, John Moore III Fenske. Mary Eileen Ferchill. Cary David Ferguson. Amy Grace 459. Ferguson, Andrea Leigh Ferguson, Donna C Ferguson. Larry Wayne Ferguson. Sande Lynne Ferguson. Sara E Ferguson. Terese Elaine 369. 375. Fermaglich, Jay Edward Fernandez, Amalia 176. Fernandez, Dora Elia 293, Fernandez, Miguel E 304, Fernbach, Susan Dee Ferrell, John Steven Ferris, Christopher Allen 476, Fessenden, Ford Feuille. Jane Lee 373, Fewell. Jennifer Eileen Fibich. Patricia Kay 438. Fick. Darrell Gilbert 134. Ficke. Bruce William 370. 478. Fickman. Robert James Fidler. Edward W. Ill Field, Charles Lee Fielder, Elizabeth Ann 208. 380. Field. Amy 420, Fields. Craig Beckham Fields. Kenneth W Fields. Mark Alan Fields. Thomas Robert Figer, Bonnie Gail Page 492 551 423 511 511 511 423 299 305 401 114 490 580 566 566 376 459 511 438 374 580 376 511 542 511 176 580 580 196 456 566 551 136 542 580 387 511 542 580 460 376 580 339 511 Figer, Donald Keith Figer, Michael Gene . Fike. Carl Lee Fikes, Donna Lynn . . . Filer, Vicki Lynn Filip. Glenn Allion Fillingim, Steven J. . . Finch, Jayne Ann Finch. Margaret Ann Fincher, James Ernest Findlay. Maurie Beth . Findley. Cheryl Ann Findley. Patricia W. Fine. Elizabeth C. . . Fink, Aaron Harlan . Fink, Helaine Debra Finkelstein. Devie . . Finkelstein. Mark S. Finklea. William L. . Finley. Deets Eugene - Finnegan, Martha Scott Finnegan, William N. IV Fiorelli. Diane Fiorillo, Kathleen Marie . . Firey, Paul Lewis Firouzabadi. Amir Mansour Fisch, Mark Edward Fischer, Franklin Lee Fischer, John David Fischer, Jon Robert Fischer, Leslie Ann Fischer, Martha Leigh . . . Fischer, Richard Emil Fischer, Robert W Fischer, Victoria E Fischer, William Schaefer Fischl, Jan Millicent Fishbeck. Charles Henry . Fisher, Barry Lynn Fisher, David Sidney Fisher. Gaither C. Ill Fisher. Garfield Jr Fisher. Grace Elten Fisher. Kathleen Kay . . . . 474 376 . . .566 457. 566 490 ' 484. 566 414 i . . . . 388 [ 423. 511 174. 345 428. 552 369 359. 511 Name Page Name Page Name Fisher. Lois Ellen 420. 580 ail i ' .- : 377 .... 213. 378 202. 373. 511 296 327. 492 381 . . 370. 382 401 _ t 196.197,552 Fitzgerald] Joe Dan ,311. 511 Fitzgerald. Julie Beth 369. 375. 474. 580 Fitzgerald. Kerrie M 542 Fitzgerald. Mollie Ann 474 Fitzpatrick. Martha A 432 Fitzpatrick, Michael T 478. 580 Fitzpatrick. Sally B 436 Fjetland. Constance Marie 369 Fisher. Sally Gaye Fisher. Steven J Fisher. William Edward Fisher. William Frederick Fishman, Randall Jay Fishman, Victor Alan Fitchhorn, Larry Edward Fitts. Gary Lee Fitzgerald, Carolyn 368 369. 580 566 395, 396, 397, 398 566 460. 542 . 172. 278. 371 . 353. 580 511 335. 552 552 418 436 566 436 400 304 Fheller, James Alfred 552 Fling. Joe Clement 511 Flinn. Beth Ann Flint. John Richard II Flippin, Benjamin D. Florence. John David Flores. Anna Bernice . . . Flores. Daniel Jr Flores, Javier Flores. Johnny Joe Flores. Jovita Olivia Flanagan. John Richard Flannagan. Laurie Leigh Flatt. David Wallace . Fleckenstein. John E. Flecklin. Anton F. Jr. Fleming, Charles M. ... Fleming, Frank Crawford Fleming. Harlen Rieger Fleming. Jeanette Anne Fleming. Timothy B. Fletcher, Carolyn Susan Fletcher. Donna Gail - . Fletcher, Juliet Fletcher. Kenneth A. . . . Fletcher. Stephanie ... Fletcher. Vicki Lynn Fletes-Lugo. Raul A. 511 339 . 414, 415. 552 476 .... 552 351. 511 542 308 511 Flores. Leo Marcos 177. 566 Flores. Lisa Estelle 368, 566 Flores, Maria Isabel 566 Flores. Maria Teresa 552 Flores. Maria Teresa 580 Flores. Norma Sylvia 566 Flores, Patricia Thelma 580 Flores, Richard A 566 Flores. Robert R. Jr 308. 51 1 Flores. Ruben M 378. 566 Flores. Silvia Pauline 566 Florez. Jacqueline Ann 580 Flournoy. Helen Ruth 364. 436. 552 Flournoy. Scott Michael 580 Flowers. Amy Lee 377. 384 Flowers. Mary Ann 416 Floyd. Brent Alan 47 1 Floyd. Mark Allen 286 Floyd. Walter Perry 294 Flusche. Gary Allen 384 Fly. Joe Wayne Jr 454. 542 Fly. Karen Elaine 298. 552 Fly. Suzanne 441 Flynn. Lawrence Patrick 486 Flynn. Mary Margaret 184. 279. 372, 494, 511 Foard, Lorena Lynn 375, 426, 566 Foerster, William Peter 498 Fogle. Marsha Lee 511 Fojtik. Kimberly Ann 580 Foley. Gregory Dean 376 Folse. Lauren 494 Fonberg. Mitchell Irwin 492. 580 Fonken, Gerhard J 373 Fonseca, Robert Anthony 566 Fontana. Camela Ann 566 Fontenot. Judith Kay 290 Foo. Stephen Hoc Chuen . ... 370. 383, 511 Forbes, Randall Kevin Forbis. Leslie Ann Ford. Adrian Ford. Cynthia Ford. David Thurman Ford, John Calvin . . . Ford, John Stanley IV Ford. Karen Lorraine 446. 511 374 .. 114 474. 580 370 552 332. 580 338 Ford! Stuart Wier 476. 580 Ford. Thomas W. Jr 378 Fore. Susan Gay Forehand, Jane Lauree Forehand, Richard L. Jr. Foreman. Lloyd A Foreman. Thomas Alan Forester. Joanne Harris Forester. Nan Holley Forney. Carolyn Love Forney, Muriel Gaile .... Forrest. Linda Evelyn . . . Forrester, Michael F. ... Forster. Larry Dale Forster. Persis Ann Fos. Jill Fosco. Kim Marie Foster. Bruce Evan Foster, Elizabeth Landry Foster. Glenna C Foster. Guy H. Jr Foster, Kathleen Susan Foster. Laura Foster. Mary Christine Foster. Robert Kimberlin Foster, Ruth Ann Fotescu. Deirdre Zoe Foulk. Susan Mary Fountain. Lisa Louise 402. 494 Fountain. Nancy Kathryn 494 Fourmy. James C. Jr 446, 552 Fournier. Frederick W 482 205 436. 566 511 566 339. 340. 380, 383 566 284 .... 494. 552 416 193. 420. 511. 624 362 .381 351, 353, 566 511 .. 441. 566 511 381 457 296. 51 1 322. 352, 566 278 . . 212 580 498 278. 371, 373, 511 452 Fournier, George R. Jr. Fowler. Bettina Ann . . Fowler. Christt Sue . . Fowler, Guy Hamner Fowler. Mary Stahl . . Fowler, Nick Branton Fowler. William Dudley Fox. Susan Elizabeth . Fox, Susan Marie Foy, Steven Rex Francis. James Jeffery Francis. Mary E Francis. Robert Neal . Francisco. Joseph S. 368 436 580 552 . . 566 580 468 339 212. 353 . 378. 460. 566 378 330. 331. 375, 511 552 368 Franey, Matthew 305 Frank, Beverly Ann Frank Janet Victoria 552 Franke. Gwen Elizabeth 348 Frankel. Douglas R 492 Frankel. Sherry Gwynne 484 Frankfurt. Alan Irwin 368. 380 Frankfurt. Barbara Lynn . 175, 369. 420. 580 Frankfurt. Beth Gwynn 420 Franki. Linda Julene 452, 552 Franklin. Laura Beth 552 Franklin. Maria Roberta 580 Franklin. Ray N. Ill 380. 383. 511 Franklin. Ronald Glenn 272, 371. 373 Franks. Lawrence T 250 Frantz. Lisa Boswell 426 Frantz, Mary Elizabeth 511 Frantz. Rebecca Lynn 580 Frantz. Richard Thomas 511 Frantzen, Curtis Lee 303. 542 Franz, Carolyn Jean Franz. Stephanie Jo 566 Franzetti. Paul Joseph Franzolino. Sylvia Gail 213 Frausto. Maria C 369 Frazer. Sally Patricia 436 Frazier. David Johnson 466 Frazier Gregory Robert 466 Frazier, Herbert T 339. 566 Frazier. Kimberly Anne 441. 580 Frazier. Silas L. Ill 327. 482 Frazier, Warren Wayne 467 Frederick. Leslie S 420 Free. Gale Laverne 552 Freed. Howard Jay 368. 378. 492, 566 Freed, Isadore David 542 Freedman, Glenda Jean 484 Freedman. Marc Phillip 492 Freedman. Michael 378 Freedman. Steven Jay 492, 552 Freeland. Kelly Jayne 323. 418. 552 Freeland. Loretta Lee 450 Freeman. Eddie Baker 308. 464, 566 Freeman, Eugene C 359. 380, 51 1 Freeman, Larry Donald 370 Freeman. Linda 212. 51 1 Freeman. Michael Dane 488 Freeman, Philip Bruce 434 Freeman. Richard Scott 434 Freeman. Shayla Marie 369 Freeman. Stanley Mark 114 Freeman. Susan D 552 Freeman, Todd Brian 354 Freestone, David Walter Freimann, Tina Marie 542 Freitag. Catherine L. . 194. 212. 330, 375, 566 Freitag, Jan Kathryn 436, 51 1 Frels. John Herbert 552 French. Betty L. Curington 542 French. Kenzie V 542 Frentrup. Mark Andrew 376, 51 1 Frerking. Elizabeth Moore 176. 194. 369. 580 Freund. Martha 459. 580 Frey. Jerry McBride 430 Freytag. Gerald 398 Friar Society 371 Friedel. Lynne Diane 381 . 484 Frieden. Stacy Lynn 322. 420. 580 Friedman, Alan D Friedman, Alan W Friedman, Linda Susan . . Friedman. Michael J. ... Friedrich. Diane Merle . . Frtedrich, Josephine .... Friedson. Laurie Ann .... Friend. Shelley Anne .... Frietsch. Walter Paul . . . Frink. William H Frisbie, George Scott . . . Frisby. Robin Melinda . . Fuller, Susan Rae Fullick. Donna Marie .... Fulton. Robert D Fultz. Jayne Ann Funderburk. Alisa M Fung. William Kwok Yeung Fuquay. Carolyn Margaret Furgiuele. Cindy Lou Furley. Diane Furlong Timothy P Furst. Richard Alfred .... Furstenberg. Joan F Fushille. Maria Isabel Fuson. David Lee Fyfe, Tonya Kay 454 .. 373 . . 484. 552 393 330. 369 511 . . 203. 420 185. 277. 552 .. 566 488 378 354. 375. 566 Frisch. Adam Joseph 380 Frithiof. Richard K 338. 566 Fritts. Hollis M. Jr 542 Fritts. Nancy Leigh 212, 566 Froelich. Julia Kay 376 Frucht. Sandra Diane 420 Frumkin, Morris David 552 459 299 212, 300. 494. 566 468 175. 378 498 332 552 476. 580 Fugitt, Melinda Lou 198, 203, 323. 372. 273. 457, 511 Fuhrman. David Wayne . 198. 199. 202, 286. 275 Fulbright. Jan McKean 457. 580 Fulbright. Robert Kent 566 Fulcher, Clay W. G 383 Fulk, David Neal 381 Fulk. Kirkland Alan 552 Fulkerson. Derek J 552 Fuller. Janet Lea 441 . 566 Fuller, Johnny Mac 476. 580 Fuller, Roy Webb 370 Frye. Gail Patricia Fryman. John E Fryman. Lisa tynn .... Frymire. George L. Ml . Fudemberg. Jay Steven Fuentes. Ernest R Fuentes. Sylvia Estela . Fuge. Rebecca Jens . . Fugitt. Charles Marion Jr. Page 441. 552 542 380 309 511 306 457. 580 418 580 373 176, 423. 511 381 381 542 . 459. 580 GDE Gabehart, Charles W. Jr. . Gable. Dempsey Lee Gabriel. Rita Diane Gadbois. Shiree Gayle . . Gaddis. Maurice P. Jr. Gaddy. Clark Dale Gaenslen. Marian Elaine . . Gaffey. Michael J Gage, Paul Charles Gahagan, Virginia Anne . . Gainer, Gale Lynn Gainer, John W. Ill Gaines, John Sharpe Gaines, Velma Joyce Gainsburgh. Amy Beth Gaitz. Ronald Steven Galanski. Stanley R Galaviz. Antonio Cerda . . . Galaznik, John Ray Gall, Catherine Gallagher, Susan M Gallagher. Theresa J Gallant, John Peter Gallenbach, Craig M Caller, Elise Joy Gallery, John A Gallessich. June M Galloway. Caran Ann Galloway. Carrie Ann Galloway, Joel Ray Galloway. Kaye Lynn Galvan. Eugene Martin Gamble. Janet Lynn Gamble. Rodney Allen . Gamez. Thomas Gamma Phi Beta Gammill, Patrick Dale . . . Gandin. David Lee Gandy. Woodrow Wayne Ganju, Vijaya K Gannaway. Gerre Barth Gannaway. John Michael Gannon. Mary Grace .... Ganz, Marcia Lynn Ganzer. Donna Alene . . . Gaona. Israel Garber. Rachel Miriam . . Garcia, Angela Marie .... Garcia. Benjamin Francis Garcia. Daniel G Garcia. Edmundo Oscar . Garcia. Elizabeth Maria . Garcia, Felix Henry Garcia. Gilda Yrazema . . Garcia. Hector Rene Garcia. Ismael Garcia, Jesus Garcia, Jose Eduardo Garcia, Julie Carol Garcia. Juliet V. Mrs. . . . Garcia. Marc David Garcia, Mario Alfredo . . . Garcia. Mario Rey Garcia, Mary Arocha Garcia. Michael Edward Garcia. Naomi Garcia, Nora Garcia. Peter Madrid Garcia, Raquel Garcia, Ronald James . . Garcia. Rosa Esther Garcia. Rudolph Garcia. San Juana Garcia, Terry Ann Gardiner. Peter Merrill . . Gardner. Beverle Carol Gardner. Danis Wayne . Gardner, David W Gardner. Edward M Gardner. Elaine Gardner. Janelle Gardner. Janet Lynn Gardner, Marilyn Rose Gardner, Stanley Dwain . Garibay. Lorenzo Jr Garner. Clay Anne Garner, Robin Lynne Garrett. Ann M Garrett. Christene J Garrett, Curtis Gene Garrett, Dianne Garrett. Diantha J Garrett. Sally Anne Garrett, Susan Diane . . . Garrett. Suzanne C 322.. 384, . 381. . 452, . 290, 212. : 330 349 499 377. 512 494, 566 305, 379 368. 376 418. 580 512 389 439. 512 .... 512 512 487. 566 .. 345 420. 552 542 378. 401 512 566 441, 552 381 453, 512 175, 185 378 484. 580 216 172 323. 432 566 378 441. 552 566 369. 375 414. 552 .. 446 452 381 338. 378 380 381 353 377 552 512 388. 552 512 380 552 580 542 381 359. 552 512 552 552 . 512 580 552 580 380 580 512 296. 512 369, 566 566 580 552 512 .. 580 339. 580 512 512 552 .... 512 487, 580 452. 567 567 552 499 484. 552 484 567 369 k 580. 624 499 512 322. 369. 457. 580 332. 512 .. 375, 377 567 381. 436 213 457 457. 552 .. 426 Page Garriott. Randall 368, 512 Garrison. James Roy 512 Garrod, Andrew Oakley 378 194. 322. 432. 552 580 .... 418. 567 226. 227 304 ... 359. 512 512 439 . 286. 567 567 212. 368. 512 580 .. 176. 552 580 512 580 353 512 Garza, Robert Lee 567 Garza, Robert Torres 512 Garza. Sandra L 176 Garza. Velda Nora 310. 542 Garrott. Susan K Garver. Deborah Rae Garvey. Tina Marie . Garvis. Peter M Garza. Adalberto . . . Garza. Ana M Garza. Carol Gene Garza. Cclinda Yvette Garza, David Louis . . Garza, David Lynn Garza. Dora Elisa . . Garza. Gabriel Ann . Garza. Irene Isabel Garza, John Markou Garza, Maria Olivia . Garza. Omar Jaime Garza. Rebeca Garza. Ricardo 369. 580 580 338 326. 418. 580 420 290, 512 348. 542 349. 378 381 512 Garza. Velma Sue Garza, Veronica .... Gasca. Joseph Isabel Gaskill, Susan Curby Caspar. Cathy Robin Gassiot. Vicki Ruth . Gastler. Connie Ruth Gastler. Gregory Leo Gates. Doris Marie . . Gates. Mary Elizabeth Gates, Patricia R 436 Gatti. Anthony Michael 430 Gatti, Phyllis Anne 474 Gaudin, Vickie Lee 322. 452. 580 Gaulding. Linda Von 512 Gaulding. Vicky Lynn 404. 416. 567 Gaus. Terrence Bernard 378 Gavenda. Lionel Leon 378 Gavlick. Gary Thomas 512 Gayle. David William 334 Gaynor. John Matthew 1 76 Gaynor, Mitchell Lee 378 Gaytan. Oscar 378 Geddie. William Fredrick 299 Gee, John C. G 543 Gee. Juanna Inez 512 Gee. Shari Lyn 416, 580 Gee. Susan Denise 194. 330. 331. 567 Gee. Yenny Paul 567 Geer, Jeanne Carol 426 Geffen. Martha Vyrl Ray 376 Gehring. Mary Sue 418 Geiger. Malcolm Conrad 335, 376 Geil, Pamela Louise 426. 580 Geisler, Gregory Ivan 380 Gemmell. Gillian Ann 567 Gendron, Norman Andrew 581 General And Comparative Studies Council . 204 .. 476 460 494, 581 368. 512 552 George. Juliet Ada 196. 197. 301 George, Philip Michael 401. 581 George, Richard Edward 567 George. Roy Edward 543 George, Sara Ann 543 Geppert. Daniel Joseph 380 Gerard, Sandra 345. 581 Gerber, Daniel Lee 552 Gerdes, Randy John 114 Germany. Lisa .... 175, 323. 372. 373, 375. 458. 459 Germer. Lou Ann 567 Gerner. William Cardon 327, 454. 455 Gernsbacher. Harold Jr 468 Gernsbacher. Susan 420. 567 Gerson, Annette 484 Gerson, Isadore Steven 383 Gerst. Shelley Ruth 324. 457, 567 Gerstmann, Gerald Mark 512 Gertner. Caren R 499 Gertner, Cindy Robin 420 Gertner, Edward David 512 Gesell. Mary K 372. 474. 552 Gesick. Cathryn Watts 380 Getz. Michael David 567 Getz. Richard Andrew 304 Genge. John Grimes Genitempo. Joseph G. Gentry. Suzanne George. Cecil Floyd Jr. George. Harriet Ann Ghormley. Susan Carol Gibbons. Elizabeth Ann Gibbs. Carol Gibson. Charles Henry Gibson. James Leslie Gibson, Latrala Gibson, Martin L Gibson. Sue Dale Gibson. Teresa I Gidel, Mary Kay Gideon, Robert Stephen Gidley. Michael Andrew Gieb. Janet Lee Gil. Kelli Susanne Gil. Richard Emmett . . Gilbert, Brenda Ruth . . . Gilbert. Kathryn M. ... Gilchrist. Charles W. 459 439 369 .... 305 .... 512 121. 567 188 . . . . 436 426. 567 459. 567 567 512 418. 567 552 300 512 355 381 Gilchrist, Terri Lynn 474. 581 Giles. Anne Catlett 1 74. 459. 581 Giles. Deborah Etta 345 Giles. 1 Hollyce C 212,323.567 Giles. Jeanie Lee 512 Giles. Mark Dan 462. 581 Gilius, Teresa Ann 3E Gilkerson. Pamela Yvonne 293 Gilkey. Jeffrey C 378. 383 Gill. L Paul 362 Index 599 Name Page Page Name Page Page Gill, Jennifer L Gill. John T Gill. Kevin Gillaspia. Lawrence T. . . . Gillespie. Hilary Gillcspie, Ray Cooke Gillette. Michael L Gilliam. Connie A. Bacon Gilliam, Edrea Lanelle . . . Gilliam, Thad Ethan Gillians. Jamie Ann Gilliard, Maryellen E Gillis. James Howard . . . Gillis. Joel Lyn n Gilmer, Daniel Ford Gilmer, William S Gilmore. Carol Sue Gilmore. Cheryl Kay Gindler, Phyllis Ann Ginsberg. Michael B Ginsburg. Anne Ivy Gipe. Loraine D Gipson. Glendine Girard. Denise Marie Gitlin. Maria Gittings. Gail Lynn Gittings. Mark Steven . . . Gittleman, Joyce Ann . . . Givens. Janice Diane Gladden. Linda Sue Glade, Anita Louise Gladstone, Cynthia Ann Glasebrook, Freddie J. D. Glasebrook, Richard W. Glasgow, Lawrence Ervin Glass, Carol Ann Glass, Dean Burk Glasson, Thomas C Glaze. Robert Stone Glazer. Gary Martin Glazer. Larry Joel Glazer. Nancy Lee Glazer. Richard L Glazner. Cecelia Beatrice Gleason. Jennifer Diane - Gleason. Joyce Leahy . . . Gleim. Gere Gleim. Gregory Paul Glenewinkel, Gary W. Glenn. Carolyn Yvonne . . Glenn. Kimberly Kay Click, Howard Craig Glieber. Lynne Caskie . . . Glover, Renee Elizabeth . Glover, Rita Jane Glover, Robert Lloyd Glowka, David Anthony . Gloyna. Carol Joann Gloyna. Earnest F Godfrey. Cameron Dean Goehrs. Linda Carol Goehrs. Wayne Henry . . Goerner, Nancy Jean . . . Goethe. Gary Arthur Goewey, Andrew Bell . . . Goff. John Collins Goff. Marsha Evelyn Gogelis. Cheryl Anne Goggans, James Walter Gold. Cynthia Tala Gold. Harold Benjamin . . Goldapp. Mary Katherine Goldberg, Bettie Marie . . Goldberg. Howard Goldberg, Marshal D. Goldberg, Neil Allen Golder, Wiliam Edward . . Goldfarb. Pamela Dee . . Goldfield. Howard S Goldfield, Stephanie H. . Goldhirsh. Joel B Golding. Steven Howard Goldman, Randy Frank Goldsberry. Lynne Goldsmith, llene Lynn . . . Goldstein. Adele Marie Goldstein. Alan Lyn Goldstein. David Neal . . Goldstein. Judy Kaye . . . Goldstein. Laurie Sue Goldstein. Mark Goles. Sandra Kay Golman. Richard Tod . . . Golman. Stanley J Gomez, Anne Elizabeth . Gomez. Dahlia Gomez. Frances Gomez, Josefina M Gomez, Mary Alice Gomillion. Douglas M. Gongora, Alfonso Gonzales. Adrian Gonzales. Angel Gonzales. Berta Linda . . Gonzales. Carmen Marie Gonzales. Edward S. Jr. . Gonzales. Joe Alexander Gonzales. Juan M Gonzales. Larry Joe Gonzales. Noemi Ruth . . . Gonzales. Nora G Gonzales, Robert Flores Gonzalez. Dalia R. ...... Gonzalez. Edward Paul . . Gonzalez. Encarnacion . Gonzalez. Eva E Gonzalez, Freddie Gonzalez. James Jesse Gonzalez. Leticia Gonzalez. Maria Gonzalez. Michael S Gonzalez. Raimundo Jr. . Gonzalez. Randolph V. 323. 203. 369. 438. 326. 403, 291. 369, 369, 377, 210. 304. 224. 359. 372. 321. 412, 351. 321. 412. 351. . ' . ' 21 ' . 472 176, 567 378. 467 454. 552 384. 512 459 177 373 512 512 581 581 567 176. 543 512 133 378, 567 432. 552 375. 581 .... 375 378 484. 581 .... 436 404 512 484 .... 581 ... 512 512 439. 513 452. 552 .... 426 .... 369 .... 513 400. 513 446. 581 . . 439 .... 581 .... 567 448. 567 492. 552 . . 492 484. 567 480. 543 .... 567 375. 581 .... 552 375, 459 380. 513 286 380 567 492. 513 .441. 567 581 581 382. 513 383 581 225. 373 380 432 513 452. 581 353 543 552 300 384, 513 313. 581 420. 567 381 310 484 480. 552 368, 513 492. 493 513 ... 420 ... 176 194 .... 567 383 .... 321 513 369. 484 369. 581 380 480 420. 552 .... 420 412. 581 368 492. 513 . 492 . 380 . ... 552 . . . . 330 312. 543 .... 513 .... 381 581 473. 567 398 293 349 552 313. 581 278 490. 567 513 375 443 305 308. 581 383 212. 567 581 306 513 312 386 543 398 Gonzalez, Rene A Gonzalez, Ricardo Noe . Gonzalez, Rosanna Lee Good, James Robert . . . Good. Jennifer Baur Mrs. Good. Scott Bradley . . Goodall, Jed Charles . . . Goode. Scott M Goode. William Robert Goodheart, Mark C. ... Goodloe. James Clay . . Goodman. Eric Spencer Goodman. Meridith E. . Goodman. Robert G. Goodman, Terry Allen Goodner, Gary Wayne . Goodrich, Kayla Jean Goodrow. Ray McKinzie Goodson, Jeffrey Wiley Goodson. Larry F Goodson. Linda Kay . . . Goodwin. Charles G. Ill Goodwin. Claudia J. ... Goodwin, Fred Allen Jr. Goodwin, Guy Clifford . Goodwin. Sylvia Lula . . . Goodwin. Tony Paulette Goodwin. William C. ... Goolsby. Barbara Ann . . Goolsby. Marian Kay . . . Goolsby. William David . Gor, Jeannie Shak Goranson, Steve H Gordon. Dianna Gordon. Gayle Denise . . Gordon. Hal Raymond . Gordon, James L Gordon, Kent Howard . Gordon, Lance Lee Gordon, Linda Marlene Gordon, Paul Kamsler . . Gordon, Wayne Houston Gordon. William Patrick Gorence, Janet Kay . . Gorgas, Eddie William . . Gorham. Randy E Gorin. Debra Ann Gorin. Stephen Scott . . Gorman, Jack Streety . Gorme. Sherri Ann Gormley, Mary Therese . Gormley, Patricia E Gorup. Jayne Yuri Gorzycki. Diane Elaine Gorzycki. Donna Lanelle Gose. Thomas H Gosnell, Paul Wayne . . . Gosnell, Shellie Marie . . Gossen. Mindy Ann Gossett. Kerry Jon Gossett. William Kent . Gothard, Patricia Ann . . Gott, Patricia Bertha . . Gottesman. Marcia Sue Gottlieb. Joan Kay Gottschalk. Donald E. . . Goudge, James Donald Gould, John Albert Gouldie, Marie Loui se . . Gouldy. David Charles . Goza. Loderick Mark . . . Grace. Kevin D Grace. Nancy Chandler Gracey. Nancy Lynne . . Grader. Barbara J Graf. Arthur F. Ill Graff. Judith Ann Graff. Rhonda Sue Graffeo, Joanne F Graham. Alan Lloyd ... Graham, Andrew C Graham, Billy Neal .... Graham, Cecilia Louise Graham, Danny Dale . . . Graham, Donald G. Ill Graham, Gail Susan . . . Graham, Laurie K. Ives Graham. Loyd Alton . . . Graham, Nancy Carol . . Graham, Randy Jay . . . Graham. William T Grajczyk. Douglas Philip Granberry. Donna Lee . Granof. Michael H. ... Grant, David Carroll . . . Grant. Gwendolyn Ann Grant. Margaret Susan Grant, Peter Alan Grant. Phyllis L Grant, Wayne Edward . . Grant. Winston Dumont Grantham, Donald J. Gratton, Frank James . Graugnard. Susan Gayle Graves. Betty Berwick . Graves. Edwin Patridge . Graves. Elizabeth Anne Graves, Jane Ellen Graves, Kim Graves, Paul Richard . . Graxiola, Michael D. ... Gray. Boyd Wayne Gray, Dana Jean Gray, Donald Kirby Gray, Karen Delana Gray. Kenneth Ray .... Gray, Marta Gray, Rebecca Jean , . Gray, Robert McDonnell Gray, William H Graybeal, John Martin . Grays. Charles Ervont . . . . 203 ' . ' . 339 121. .. 175, 202, 286 292 .202, 278, 342. 278. 375, ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 361, 321. 479, 339 339 373 Grayson. Glenn Edward . 513 Gready. Donellen Marie 513 Greaves. Holly Bruce ... 300 Greek. Carl Victor 377 Greeks 499 Greeley, Elizabeth R. ... 446 Green. Barry K 513 Green, Daniel Martin 552 Green, Janet L. Lawrence 552 Green. Jayne Elizabeth . 482 Green, Joanne Carol 377 Green, Jon Allen 513 Green, Laura Ellen 468. 552 Green, Lauren Sue 380 Green, Lois Marie 124 Green. Peggy Sue 441,567 Green, Phillip Dale 567 Green. Raleigh T. IV .... 377 Green. Robert Joseph . . 513 Green. Sheryl Anne 457 Green. Thomas Franklin . 321.552 Green, Wilbert Ray 352. 432 Green, William Paul 552 Greenberg, David 446 Greenberg, Elenanne R. L. 330, 552 Greenberg. Jill Leslie .... 543 Greenberg, Linda Faye . . . 377. 383 Greenberg, Maria Paige . 369. 581 Greenberg. Sherri R 581 Greene. Bruce Raymond . 567 Greene. Danette Elizabeth 543 Greene. Karen Jane 581 Greene. Marsha Renee . . 345 Greene, Randy Miller 513 Greenfield. Carolyn Ann .. 377 Greenman, Shelley Lynn . 327. 468 Greenspan, Dawn Renee 480. 581 Greenway, Bruce C 136 Greenwell, Anne 441 Greer, Carol Anne 313.552 Greer. James R. Jr 378. 399 Greer, John Marcus Jr. . . 114 Greer, Margaret S 441.581 Greer, Michael Curtis ... 513 Gregg. David Joseph 363. 552 Gregg. Judy Ruth 581 Gregg. Nancy Lee 581 Gregory. Donald C 454. 543 Gregory. Margaret E 420. 567 Gregory. Pamela S 372.513 Grella. Mark Allan 552 Gremillion, Charles A. Ill . 304 Grenader. Harry Boris . . . 339. 340, Gresham. James C. Jr. . . 373.513 Grider. Cynthia Jeanne .. 351. 581 Griffin. Carrie Evelyn 324. 468 Griffin. Fred David 380 Griffin. Jo Joyce 293. 513 Griffin. John A .420,581 Griffin. Joseph 567 Griffin. Kenneth W 446 Griffin. Kerri L 567 Griffin, Marcus Ray 400. 513 Griffin. William Robb .... 420. 552 Griffith. James W. Jr. ... 420. 552 Grigassy. Joan Martha . . 513 Griggs. Ike Zack 454. 455 Grimes, Glenn Wayman . . 467 Grimes. James Randall . . 305. 581 Grimes. Janet Elaine 380 Grimes. Laura Ann 399 Grimes. Lisa Gail 460 Grimm. Robert R 457 Grisham, Terrence Alan . . 372. 416 Grissom. Charles A. Jr. . . 452. 567 Grissom. Sally E 340, 552 Grittman. David Hadley . . 375, 552 Grittman. Donna Lynn . . . 369, 581 Grizzard. James McFarlane 418 Grodnick. James Mark .. 430 Groepper, Mary Dionne 382, 513 Grogan. Alan Lawrence 177, 188 Grooms, Marilyn Lou 368,375 Groos. David Joseph 294, 543 Gross. Barbara Diane 136 Gross. David Bryan 342. 567 Grossenbacher, Cynthia E. 380, 513 Grossman, llene Mae 378 Grosvenor. Robert D 513 Grothues. Cynthia Jane . . . 552 Grove. Richard Fraser 430 Grove. Taylor Vance 401 Grover. Leigh Anne 353 Grover. Thomas David 188 Grubbs, Janet Diane 381 Grube. Karen Kay 494 Gruetzner. James Kent . . . 567 Grunnet, Joyce Lynn 368 Grusendorf, Constance Kay 513 Guajardo, Norma A 567 Guajardo, Ronald R 471,567 Guarino, David Sam 348 Guarino. Gregory J 581 Guarino. Kathy Ann 375 Guarino. Theresa Ann 459 Gubin. Paul Lee 174 Guel. Miguel Angel 581 Guenther. Sheridan C. .185. 380 Guercio. Robert Anthony .. 494 Guerra. Catherine L 567 Guerra. Donna Marie 513 Guerra. Martha 114 Guerra. Robert L 552 Guerra. Stephen 286 Guerra. Victoria 330. 332 Guerrero. David Lopez , . . . 308 Guerrero. Joe III 494. 581 Guerrero. Juan Manuel . . . 369 Guerrero. Martin G 471 Guerrero. Mauricio 302 Guerrero. Omar Victor . . . . 378 Guerrero. Yolanda J 338 Guernero. Shelley C 370. ' . 378. ' . 467. 420 450 175. 378. 492 . 420, 177, 369, 484 420, 352. 436. 404 434, 420, 194. 382, 467, . . 212, 375. 177, 348. 369. 494. 376. 332. 452. 332. 471. 305. 426. 416. .360, 375. 432. 176. 492. 267. 372. 373 .. 414 284. 338. 290. 369. 360, 384. 378. 338. 206. 380. 293. 306 494 459 381 375 375 567 286 382 581 513 335 369 567 567 552 380 479 567 368 383 414 378 567 552 567 513 552 581 362 494 581 426 581 372 552 581 368 581 552 513 581 381 581 513 543 552 499 552 349 513 543 513 188 552 581 380 581 460 462 552 567 488 552 553 416 513 454 454 567 581 581 567 446 513 567 304 567 487 581 369 553 513 553 567 415 369 581 197 369 378 284 360 513 513 581 388 567 369 499 567 208 460 416 513 423 514 514 553 567 567 581 399 567 369 332 514 553 514 306 312 514 436 Guerriero, Tina E Guidry. Michael D Guidry. Theodore Guier. Michael Edward Guillory. Darlene Theresa Guillot. Gary Lynn Guimbarda. Ricardo Guinn, Charles Wood Gulbrandsen, Patricia Gullette. Rebecca L. ... Gully, John Houston Gully, Russell George . . . Gum, William S Gump. Harry Allen Gunn. Glenda Gaye .... Gunn. Martha Elizabeth Gunn. Stephen Russell . . Gunter. Barton Freeze Gunter. Marilyn M. Mrs. . Gustafson. Carolyn R. Gustafson, Robert Paul . . Guten, Keri Rae Guthrie, Jimmy Wade . . . Guthrie. Susan Beth Gutierrez. Armando Gutierrez, Cynthia G. V. . Gutierrez, Cynthia Garza Gutierrez, Dario Gutierrez. Jose Hector . . . Gutierrez. Juan Pablo . . . Gutierrez. Norma Ann Gutierrez, Richard F Gutierrez, Romeo R Gutjahr, Margarette P. Gutz, Cornelia Gertrud . . . Guy. Marc Duane Guy, William T. Jr Guzman. Delia Judith Guzman. Lorene Beatriz . Gwinn, William Rex 446 369 330. 514 382 380. 514 338 353. 476. 581 553 441. 514 468 454. 581 298. 380 450. 553 543 553 51 . 176. 185. 373 567 . 338. 340. 514 543 581 302. 514 462. 567 373 369. 375 369. 543 430. 581 Haas. Lawrence Woods 284 Haas. Stuart Weber 480. 567 Haas, Suzanne Martha . 581 Hablinski. Mark P 460. 514 Hacker, Diedre E 352. 514 Hackney. Mimi Davitte . 203. 457 Haedge, Janis Evelyn . . 553 Haegelin, Hannah L. ... 543 Haehnel, William Otto . . 339. 581 Haesemeyer, Joni L. ... 439 Hafernick. Karen Jo ... 433. 553 Hafertepe, Anita L. ... 553 Hafertepe. Donna M. . . 514 Hafey. Kevin Anne 567 Hagan. Pamela B 375 Hageman, Cathy Jean 441 Hagemeier. Charles B. 377. 400 Hagemeier. Ill Karl F. . 205 Hagens. Debra Gail 293. 553 Hagenson. Cheryl Ann . 402. 553 Haggard, Lisa Lynne . 426. 427. 553 Haghani. Torab 514 Hagler, John Maurice 553 Hagstette, Eric S. 338 340. 373. 376. 343. 337 Hagstette. Guy Lefevre 134. 136. 378 Hahn, Catherine Sue . . 310. 514 Hahn. Deborah E . 450. 553 Hahn, Mary Carol 439. 553 Haight, Caroline F 436. 567 Haile. Suzette Mayne . 330. 332. 543 Hailey, Sara Beth 436 Haines. Sharon Renee . 360 Hainey. Bryant W 379. 383. 553 Hainey, Mel Forrest . . . 442 Hairgrove. Cynthia Gay 581 Hairston, John Frank , . 488. 581 Hakim Afyouni. Akbar . . 514 Hakimi. Abdul Nairn .... 381. 383. 514 Halden, William J. Jr. . . 377. 380. 468. 514 Haldenwang. William G. . . 380 Hale. Anne Thopson 369, 375 Hale. Connie Merle .... 499 Hale. Jerri Louise 353. 450. 581 Hale. Sandra L 381 Hale. Steven Mark 567 Hale. Virginia B. Mrs. . . 312 Halet, Mary Kathleen . . . 418. 581 Haley. Gregory Keith 553 Hall. Becki Laree 495 Hall. Bradley Forrest . . 414 Hall. Dana Jill 514 Hall. David Wayne 306. 514 Hall. Eddie Jr 553 Hall. Elizabeth Veronica 345 Hall. Franklin Edward . . 434 Hall, Georganna 418. 514 Hall, James Edward . . . 567 Hall. Janis Ruth . . . 212 Hall. Jeffrey Allen . . . 304. 378 Hall. Jennifer Lee 439. 514 Hall. Jody Karleta 495. 567 Hall. Kathy Lee 553 Hall. Kelly Ann 380. 413. 450. 514 Hall. Laurie Lane 457 Hall. Lisa Anne 581 Hall, Peter Brucks ... 467 Hall, Robert Gordon II 414. 581 Hall. Sally Dorris .... 457 Hall. Scott Maurice . 383. 553 Hall. Terry Elizabeth 377. 380 600 Index Page Name Page Name Page Name Page Hall, Tracey Ticnenor Hall. William Wendell Hallcom. Kenneth R Haller, Sherilyn Joye .... 424 Halligan. John Patrick Halligan, Theresa Ann Hallmark. Janet Elai ne Halm. Jack Gary Halow. Renee E Halpin. Betsy Halpin, Robert E Halter. Richard V. Jr Ham, Nancy Elizabeth Ham. Susan Lee Hamann, Donna Gayle Hamblen, Tolar N. Ill Hamblen. Willa C Hamby, Jacquelynn Denise . . . Hamby. Marsha Lynn . . 210. Harnill. Martha Diane Hamilton. Debra Ann Hamilton. Jed Marcus Hamilton. Keith Lee 335. 339. Hamilton. Mark Joseph . . Hamilton, Peter Seth Hamilton, Sally Ann Hamilton. Sandra Jeanne Hamilton, Susan Gay Hamilton, William P Hamlin. Herbert Scott ... Hamm, Kathy Anne Hamm, Lisa Dianne Hamm. Raymond Earl ... Hamm. William Frederick Hammer, Samuel E. II .... Hammett, Charles H Hammett, Sam Hammock. Clyde Lee .... Hammond, Beverly E Hammond. Louis Scott . Hammond. William Douglas Hamner, Rosenella 495. 581 462, 567 514 425. 279. 543 401 401 452 338 553 459 377. 380, 514 514 436. 553 436. 581 381 321 206 567 306. 309. 370. 372. 375 375 567 . . 370. 383 340. 343. 349. 553 114 378 495. 553 375 413. 459 114 514 203 324. 439. 567 543 434. 567 382 349 581 514 368 349 488 . . 567 Hampton, Cheryl Kay Hampton, David Lee Hampton. Earl Stuart Hancock, George Richard Hancock, Karen Marie Handley, Bryan David Haneman. Jon Albert Haney. Mary H. . . Haney, Phillip C. . Haney, Rhonda C. Hankins, Laura Sue Hankinson, Robert L. Jr. Hanks, Hope Cameron Hanley. Fiske III Hanna, Barbara Lynn Hanna. Chad Tolbert Hanna. Frances Ann Hanna. Jon Robert Hanna, Marc Anthony Hannah. Beverly J. Hanneman. Sarah Ann Hanover, Walter David Hansen, Hanscita . . Hansen. Henry J. Ill Hansen. Mark Alan Hansen. Patrina Ann Hanson. Michael Edwin Hao, Nham Nhi Happy. Cheryl Lynn Haptonstall. Sheree M Haralson. Gary Milton Haralson, Melissa K. Haralson. Verlie Grant Harborth. Robert Harold Harbour, Robert Eugene Harbour, Sandra Lynn Hardeman, Edna C Hardesty, Danny Loyd Hardin. Dawn Cecile Hardin, John Brown III Hardin, Pamela Harding. Arthur J. Jr. Harding, Byran Lee . Hardison, Preston Dana y t 323. 372. 441. 553 567 368. 377. 514 Hardt. Nathan Edward Hardwick. Carol Lee Hardwick. Donna Ruth D. 514 581 384 :harc ie . d 383 514 202 Hardwick, Sheryl Lynn Hardy. Daniel Bruce . . . Hardy. Jan Elise 375. 433. 553 514 374 t 338 567 369 452 581 514 452 567 .jr. an . 553 543 426 454. 581 553 487 Hardy, Tamara Lynn . . . Hardy. William David . . . Hare. Rhonda Lynn .... Hare, Richard F. Jr. ... Hare. Robert Alan 322. 581 368. 378. 462. 567 338. 342 377 553 514 ) . . 452 327 479 Hargis. Mary Ida 212. 553 364 441 581 439 488 581 Hargrove, Kenneth L. . . 380 361 y 488 377 Harkins. Barbara E Harkins. Mary Lee 514 289 id ...514 581 Harley, Stanley C 514 410 286 389 (in 482. 567 433. 553 321 381. 383 567 Harmon. Scott Ingersoll . Harmony. William E Harper. David Crockett 278. 338. 340. 371. 373 . 499 382 384 383 M 543 Harper. Jerry D 567 B ... It 296 212. 375. 403. 567 296 Harper. Pamela Sue Harper, Stephen C Harrell. Claudie Mae 567 468 345 rold 401 Harrell. Deborah Gail 439 581 ene n 387. 581 553 Harrell. Janet E Harrell Robert S 372. 459 373 d .. ill . 377 377 581 327. 412. 446. 553 439. 581 359 514 Harrell. Thomas Walter . Harrill. Roberta Mane . . . Harrington. Charles H. . . Harrington. Clovis B Harrington. Diane 514 433 514 376 581 395 397 398 321 441 543 ma . 209 Harrington. Mary Dell 375. 457, 567 Harrington. Patrick 0. Harris. Amy Elizabeth Harris. Bruce Alan Harris. Carol Faith . Harris. Carolyn E. . Harris. Christine Lynn Harris, Dan Royce Harris. David Alan Harris. David Reeves Harris. Debra Ann . . . Harris. Dorothy Louise Harris. Gary Don . . Harris. Holly Smith Harris, Jack Dale Jr. Harris. Jeffery Scott Harris. John Cobb Harris. John Robert Jr. Harris. Keith Roy II Harris. Linnie Marie Harris. Marcia Lynn Harris. Margie Annette Harris. Mark Austin Harris. Mark Stephen Harris. Rebecca Sue Harris. Sandra Lee Harris. Stephen Eugene Harris. Suzanne Heflm Harris. William Jennings Harris. William M. Jr. Harris, William Stormont Harrison, Albert Wilson Harrison, Deborah Jeane Harrison, Dorothy Janiece Harrison, Emmtt Elbert Harrison. Frank Walls Harrison. Gail Harrison. George Clifton Harrison. John David Harrison, Pamela Diane Harrison, Terry Wayne Harrison. Thomas Charles Harrison, Twink Elizabeth Harrison, Vicki Jeanine 439 514 553 514 567 430 581 553 345 e ... 380 514 457 515 581 460 543 r 515 581 210. 306 309 553 e 323 426. 427, 515 324 462 332 581 284 515 581 ne ' , ' . ' . ' . ' . 286, 515 567 gs 515 338 ant ' . 401. 402 n 581 ane . . . . 369, 375 liece . . . 376, 515 rt 335. 339. 340. 343. 373 476 291 on . 553 184. 335. 274. 553 ie 310. 370. 373 5 305 arles 351. 378. 567 ieth . . . . 324. 452. 567 e 553 ' !! II 9 .! Ml I til 9 t S ft! I : (10 Index 601 Name Page Harriss. William Matthew 460 Harrop. Timothy J. J 387 Harry. Alan Wayne 515 Hart. Caroline Seaton 495. 581 Hart, Dwight D 388. 553 Hart. Elinor Virginia 495 Hart. Laurie Ellen 380. 499 Hart. Lianne Darlene 441, 567 Hart. Lucy 581 Hart. Tracy Anne 213 Harting. Albert L. Jr 377. 380 Hartinger. Michael L 114 Hartley. Donna Lyn 515 Hartley. Jane Elizabeth 413. 418. 515 Hartman. David Frank 382 Hartman, David James . 305. 381. 383. 553 Hartman. Diane Carol 495 Hartman. Neal A 211. 250 Hartman. Robin Anne 433 Hartman. Samuel Brent 401 Hartsell, Brent Dean 553 Hartwell. Madeline D 278. 444, 515 Hartwig. Michael David 327. 467 Harvey. Reginald Michael 302. 349 Harvill. Patrick Marshall 364. 462. 553 Harvin. Leslie Ann 515 Harwood, Russell Simpson 434 Harwood. Sherry Heleen 484 Hasenpflug. James Michael 581 Haskin. Robert John 304 Haskovec, Janis Lorraine 402 Haslund. Karen 368 Hassell, Lacey Ann 515 Hassell, Ralph Eugene 515 Hastings, George Allan 382. 515 Hastings. Mark Charles 338 Hasty. John Allen 443 Hatcher. David Ritch 286 Hatcher. Duane Scott 515 Hatcher, Weldon Brad 305, 383 Hathway, Craig Wilson 515 Hatman. Curtis Lee 543 Hauft, Sherrie Marie 553 Haug. David Lloyd 581 Haug, Leif Olaf 378 Haughton, Jane 459 Haunschild, Ann Elizabeth 416 Hauser, Donald Edwin 492 Hauser. Lawrence Allan 368 Hauser, Melanie 278. 515 Hauser. Sandra Merle W 175. 381. 384 Hausser. Jdoy Ruth 381 Hautanen. Dean Allan 400. 402 Havel. Patricia Lynn 290 Havemann. Steven Dale 307 Havens. John Evans 568 Havens, Mary Dysle 441 Haverkorn. Gary Wayne 515 Haveson. Ceclia Hannah 484. 581 Havins. William Keith Havis. Donald Paul . . . Havran. John Mark . . - Hawes, Carolyn Sue . . Hawes. Joan Grace . Hawk. Charles Silas . . Hawkins. Charles F Jr. Hawley. Marianna H. . . Hawn, Holly Lynn Haws. Barbara Claire 442. 443. 515 339. 581 568 212, 375 418, 553 490 434, 581 457. 515 375. 416 515 Haws. Roy Nance 454. 581 Hawthorn. Duncan James 136 Hawthorne. Susan Gayle 353. 581 Hayataka. Todd Hiroshi 581 Hayden. Linda Claire 495 Hayden. Shirley J 393 Hayes, Hollye Chandler 436 Hayes, Karen Delores 345 Hayes. Lynn 426 Hayes. Randall Weaver 284 Hayes. William Scone 467 Haynes. Ann Elizabeth 436. 568 Haynes. Barbara Kay 436. 515 Haynes. Cherie Yvonne 439. 515 Haynes. Diane Lynn 436 Haynes. Mary Melinda 581 Haynes. Norma Patricia 174. 543 Haynes. Russell Martin 479 Haynes. William Comer 377 Haynie. David Powell 581 Hays, Cynthia Dianne 174. 515 Hays. Sharyl Lynn 581 Hays. William 174, 428 Hayter, Ronald Gary 515 Hayward. Susan Kay 543 Hazard. Jill Marie 568 Hazard. Kevin William 482 Hazel. Dana Kathleen 575 Hazel. Jon Mark 553 Hazlett. Holly 386. 390 Hazzard. Ronald Weldon 581 Head. Kathy Marie Heald. Jeffrey Hayden Healey. Walter Richard . . . Heard, Deborah Carol . . . Hearin. Larry Gene Hearn. Ann Molley Mrs. . Hearn. Elizabeth Dene Mrs Hearne. Kathy Elise Hearron, Clyde Eugene . . Heasley. John Mark Heath. Carol Ann Heath, Jan Lorraine Heath. Melinda Ann Heath. Vicki Lynn Heaton, Sandra Claire Hebdon. Jack Caldwell Jr. Hebert. Bruce Edward . . . Hebert. Forrest Pierre . . . Hebert. Linda Carol Hebert, Simeon W. Ill Hebner, Diane Joyce Hecht. Phillip Joel Hechtman, Abby Phil 290 351 515 499 381. 383. 553 .. 515 439. 515 582 114 378 479. 568 369. 582 515 582 582 553 487 515 582 515 377 205. 330. 279. 515 420 553 to rim " TO Wren TOH " Win tanS torn tani M( I ES " -:-,-. " " HtIS.Hi S; 602 Index Name Page Page Name Page Name Heck, Linda Ann . . 362 . 499 582 286 Hogan. Amme Myra Hogan, Cynthia Lea Hogan. Mary Catherine . . . Hogan. Patrick Steven Hogan. Theresa Marie .... 582 426. 553 .. 413. 474. 553 370 Hester. Phillip Doyce Hewell. Jerry J. 383 516 Heckmann, Don Carl Hedeen, Ashley. Nancy . Hednck, Robert Lew Jr Heep. Zoe Ann Heffley. Curt Lewis Heflin. Robert Walling Hefner. Clifton Clay Hefner. Steven Howard Hefton, Kristopher Ktas Heid. Charlotte Ann Hedenheimer. Mark Edward Heider. Rebecca Ann Heidrick. Christopher H 488 381 376 441. 568 343, 339, 568 306 378. 477 582 515 515 423 553 460. 568 441, 553 454 553 543 . . 553 582 293 Hibbs. David Alan Hibbs. Mary Louise Hickerson. Gary James Hickey. Cynthia Andree . 177. Hickey, Gregory Scott Hickey. Margaret Michele Hickle, Randall Scott Hickman. Bradley Holt Hickman, Douglas R ..... ' . 378 369 516 372. 474. 553 582 474 . . . . 378. 568 479 380 568 Hokenson, Craig Richard Holaday. Frank Lewis .... Holcomb. Arthur Burnum . Holcomb, Donald Holcomb, John Stuart ... Holcomb. Susan Lynn Holden. Lisa Gaye Holden, Lorena Gay Holden, Lou Ann Holden, William W. Ill Holder. Cynthia Ann Holder. Kim Holderman. Barbara Jean . Holguin. Laura Marie Holifield Mark Quin 477 412. 470. 471 383. 543 368. 543 327 553 369. 375. 457 426. 516 369 Hicks. Linda Ann Koeppe Hicks. Lynne 516 426. 553 416 . 543 516 378 369 . 495 177. 418 369 Heimlich, Maralyn S Heimstead, Steven R Heinrich. Barbara Heintschel. Barney M Heitmiller. Douglas Gene Hejl. James David Hejl. Pamela Kay 250 487 368. 375 443 305 553 441. 568 369. 420. 582 492 582 Hicks. Mary Lynn Hicks. William Miller Hickson. Elizabeth June Higdon. Gregory Scott 582 582 553 553 369. 375. 582 291. 516 457 378 Holland, Barbara Jeanne . . Holland. James Clive Holland. Kathryn Leann . . . Holland. Kevin Mark 516 380 516 Higgins Dennis Barney Holland. Michelle D Holland. Richard C Hollars. Michael Grant . . . Hollenberg. Donna Jean . . 376 428. 429 383 . . 369, 375, 582 380 Helfnch, David M 358. 388 . 515 492 377. 516 High. Richard Owen Hight, Rosalind Renee .. 174, Hightower. Harold W. Jr Hightower. Katherine A Higley. Elizabeth Ann 516 Heller. Mark Louis 345, 424. 425 467 516 351. 568 381 Heller, Richard L Heller. Wayne Alan Helm, John Therylle 250 202. 492. 582 454 Holley. Charles M. Jr Holley. Robert J. Jr Holley. Susan Kay 454. 568 412, 460 369. 375 Helm. Shelli Lynn R Helmbrecht. William C Helmer, Helen Clare Helms. Brent Alan Helms. Thomas Parker 175, 384. 568 175. 434. 553 .. 357 553 381 . 370. 382 Hilbert, Samuel Timothy Hilbig. William P Hilburn. Robert E Hildebrand. Nancy L Hildebrandt. Marieta L Hill. Bruce Hardy C Hill Carla Ann Hill. Christopher C .. 582 516 188 . 353 582 321. 468. 469 . . 543 446 309. 568 568 Holley. Terry Lee Holliday. Gary Ray Hollinger, Carolyn Ann Hollingsworth. Michael N. Hollingsworth. Tom D. ... Hollingsworth. William E. Hollon. Lynette Kay Holloway. Brent Renard . . Holloway. Don Rhoads . . . Holloway. Elizabeth Ann . Holloway, Julie Carol ... Holly. Arthur C Holman, Helen Cherry . Holman, Ronald Owen . . Holmans. Deborah Ann Holmes, Cherry Lynn .... Holmes. Deborah Sue . . Holmes. Douglas Carl Holmes, Jacqueline S. ... Holmes. Jeffrey Kim Holmes. Jennifer Holmes. Jo Ann Holmes. Lou Ann 582 568 289 448 380. 499 377. 553 494. 516 582 488. 516 369. 582 416 383 . 369. 457, 582 . 412. 434. 516 516 433 433 399 323. 372. 553 357 369. 582 516 . . 404 Hemingway. Richard B. Jr. . Hempfling. Melony G Hemphill, Karen E Hemplmg. Robin Ann Henderson. James C 176. 515 450 175. 416 484. 568 460 515 516 Hill Janice Lorraine 369 Henderson, Robert E Henderson, William Glenn . 381 Hill Janice Sue .. 516 582 378 Hill. Jeffrey Paul Hill. Jon Lee 434 434. 582 369. 416. 582 553 213. 378. 553 568 339. 568 272. 371. 373 291. 516 378. 568 338 516 Hendricks. Sarah A Hendrickson. George Clint Hendrickson. Mary A Hendrix. Burkley J Hedrix, Eloise Marie Hendrix. Roy Wallace Hendrix. Virginia A. L. Mrs. . Henington. Shelley . 436, 568 434 515 370 426. 515 321. 478. 479 377 418, 543 Hill. Kathleen Sue Hill. Kenneth Carson Hill. Kimberley Lynn Hill. Laurie Kay Hill. Martha Ann Hill. Richard Stephen Hillaker, Harry James Jr Hiller. Philip Joel Henk. Karen Henke. Elizabeth Ann 452 381 441 Holmes. Wendy Gail Holmquist. Darrel V Holster. Terri Lyn 439 Hiilhouse Martha Lisa 516 370. 382 322. 450. 568 516 Henley. Steven Bedford 568 378 294 Holt. Betsy Helen Holt, James Charles Jr. . Holt. Marianna Holler. Kristin Holter, Martin Scott Holtkamp. Susan Holton, Leslie Paige Holtzman. Scott Evans . . . Holtzman. Wayne Holub. Sandra Marie . 323, Holubec. Deborah Marie Holy. Rosemary Holyfield. Kevin Duane . . Homeyer. Bruno Curt Homsany. Joseph Honea. William Keith Honerkamp. Russell Lee . Honeycutt. James Michael Honig, Philip Charles Honorarlx 439 343. 338. 516 568 436. 517 351 553 568 324. 414. 568 373 372. 402. 439. 553 368. 517 293, 553 568 378 . 543 338. 378 382. 517 582 368 367 Hills. William Alan Hilscher. Janice Anne Hilton. Ursula Rhea Himmelblau. Margaret A Hinckley. William R . 464 543 308. 345. 568 370 364. 463 355 176 378 332, 553 381 Hennersdorf, Terry Gay .... Hennes. John Robert Hennes. Monica Clare Hennessy. Tracey Lynn . Henrion. Lynne Ann Henry, George Franklin .... Henry. James Robert ..457. 515 482 582 369. 375 568 568 Hinds, Denise Jacqueline Mines, Larry Marvin Hinger, Charles F Hiniker. Alice Ann Htnnant, Harris O. Jr 401 . . . . 436. 582 Henry] Kathleen Marie Henry. Kevin V. G Henry. Marvin Chet .. 174. 515 114 543 553 378 516 369 enry. ene ay . . . . . . . 212 568 516 Hensen. Charles Claude 553 515 212 Hinshaw, Barbara Anne Hinson. Jeffrey Thomas Hinte. John Cameron Hinton. James Marshall .... Hirezi. Teresa H Hirsch. David Weisman Hirtzel. Robert L. Jr Hite, Tommy Wayne . . . 392 322 321. 476, 477 368 ,. 467 210. 309 .... 174. 492 Henstey. Joseph Allen Herbeck. Mark Francis Herber. Rebecca K .. 515 515 .. 311. 543 Herbert. Barry Edward Herbst. Leslie Alan 376, 384, 516 516 Hood. Alice Rebecca 381 Herrf, Cornelia Dumas Hering, Donna Gait 457 312, 516 326. 416. 582 403. 405. 516 204 Hood. Karen Ann Hood. Lorraine Hood. Lu Ann 444 345 494. 517 Herman, Debra Ann 568 Hermanson, Nancy Ann 348 Mix. Randall Edwin 568 426 Hooper. Charles Jackson 278 459 Hernandez, Delia Hernandez. Magdalena Hernandez, Mark A . 311. 543 184, 373 343, 339 369 516 332. 553 516 Hooper. Virginia Lee Hooten. Max Edward Hoover. Clyde W. Jr. Hope. John Edward Hopkins. Brudge Kyle . . . Hopkins. David Henry Jr. Hopkins. Helen Kate Hopkins. Susan Carol Hopkovitz, Michael Don . Hopper. Barbara Ann Hopper. Linda Sue Hopper. Marianne F Hopso n. Cynthia Ann . . . Hopson, Rebecca Lynn . Hopson. Robert Patrick Horany. David Lee Horbelt. Carlton V Horlock. Nancy Jan Horn. Nancy Ann Horn. Stephen Campbell Hornberger. Charles M. 457 294 553 383. 516 Hoar. Richard James ........ 370 177. 582 Hernandez, Rosa 338 488 582 352 ernanaez. 543 Hobbs Mark Hodde .. 516 . ... 305. 379. 517 495 339 423, 517 457 Herndon, Laura Belle Herndon. Mark Allen Herns. Harriet Tica Herrera. Araceli Herrera, Hermelinda Herrera. Ronald James . . . 369 Hobbs. William Charles Hoch, Debra Kay Nance ... Hockaday, Mark Steven Hocott. Richard Reed Hodge, David Calvin Hodge. Douglas R. II Hodges, Ann Marie 136 376 380 . 321. 495, 568 516 516 353, 582 369 487 468 . ... 291 488. 568 .... 359. 375 452 381 369. 375. 474. 582 .. 474. 517 517 304 380. 543 ... 234. 436. 568 441. 582 321, 460 398. 446 477. 582 Herriage. Robert M Herring, Melinda Kay 516 Hodges. Rebecca Lynn Hodges, Sarah Smither 369, 582 208. 553 568 568 433 582 Herrington, Janet Herrington, Randy Lou .... Herrington. Richard A. Herrington, Sarah Adel Herrmann, John Martin 516 369, 375. 582 359 426. 582 302 Hodges. Steven Lynn 378 543 Hoeinghaus, Michael J Hoelscher. Robert Jon Hoelscher, Sharon Sue 389 516 338. 568 516 420 582 Hoff, Edwin Frank III Hoffman, Brian Jourdin 388 Home. Ronald Dee Home. Thomas Wilson . Hornsby. Kathleen Ann Mr Horowitz. Gary Robert Horswell. Jeffrey Lee Horton. Claire Horton. Daniel Jack Jr. . Horton. Dwight David . . - Horton, James Glenn . . . Horton. John Coleman III Horton. Linda Kay 430. 553 Hershey, David E 249 384 553 370 306. 370 s 517 480 378 . . 375. 426. 568 517 454. 582 568 327.466.467. 517 426 517 543 457 370 Hoffman, Leslie Brian Hoffman, Myron David Hoffman. Paul Alan Hoffman, Richard Alan Hoffman, Richard J Hoffman, Tommy W. Jr Hoffman William K III 378 423. 553 381. 423 286 313 462. 516 . . . . 430. 553 582 468. 553 516 Hess, Murray Alan Hesselbein. Linda L Hessenius, William Monroe Hesson, Roger Allan 388. 390. 582 416 388 516 383 Morton. Steven Ray Horvath. Tex Ann Hosmer, Leslie Eugene Hotchkiss. Sally Anne Hotze. David Neill Hotze. Ernest Mark Houck. Joan Marie Hough. Brian Houghton. James Kenneth House. Letsa Carol House. Susan Patricia Houseman, Lon Marion . Houser. Jamie Isabell Houston, Barbara Jean . . Houston. Brenda Joyce Houston. Debra Eileen Houston, Debra Nell Houston, Gordon Lee ... Houston. Julia Lee Hovenga, Carol Gay Howard. Janis Louise . Howard. Jayne Denise Howard. Joan Howard. Kristi Ann Howard. Mark Mabry .... Howard, Stephen Paul Howard. Tina Marie Howard. William David . Howell. Cindy Lou Howell. Daryl James Howell. Joy Kay Howell, Kimberly Susan Howelt. Marilyn Jean Howell, Matthew C Howell. Robert Page Howery. David Randy .... Howland. Mary Ann Howland. William C. Ill Howze. Kent Lee Hoy. Mark Reed Huan. Pham Quoc Hubbard, Patricia Sue Hubbard. Susan Jeanne . Hubble, Myron T. Jr Hubbs. John Clark Huber. Deborah Lynne Huber. Heidi Ann Huber. Hilda Jane Huber. James Brian Huber. Minoy S Huckaby. Jacqualyn tlvana Huddleston. Linda Beth Huddleston, Patrick N. . . . Huddleston. Wayne C. ... Hudgens, John Daniel .... Hudgens, Louise Marie . . . Hudgins. Lisa Kay Hudson, Carl Wayne ... Hudson. Caroline Hudson, Charles Douglas Hudson. Cindy Sue Derby Hudson. James Michael . Hudson. Marcia Denise . . Hudson. Nancy Hudson. Ricky Lynn Hudson. Stephen Hubbard Hudson, Sue Hudson, William Parke Hudspeth. Laurie Bea Hueske. Allen Wayne ... Hueter. Kent Stephen Huey. Doyle Wade Huff. Helen Virginia Huff Walton Churchill . . Huff. William Kenneth . . . Huff. William Morgan ... Huffman. Brandon Scott Huffman. Glenn W. Jr. . Huffman, Mary C Hufford, Robbin Jan Huggins, Deborah Ann . . Hughes. Cheryleu Hughes. Genna Mane Hughes. Jerry Adam .... Hughes, Ronald Clark . Hughston. Milan Ross Hui. David Lap Tak Hulbert. Richard C. Jr Hulbert. Vern Lewis II Hulings. Mark John Hull. Benna Gay Hulme. Randall Houston . . . Hulsey. Joe Lance Hultz. John Wesley Humanities Student Council Humble. Dana Lea Hummel. David R. Jr Humphrey. Albert A. Jr Humphrey. David Lyne Humphrey. James Cecil Humphrey. Ronnie Kathel . Humphrey. Susan Marie . . . Humphries. Deborah Ann . Humphries. Kimberly Kay Humphries. Mark Steven . Hundley. Stephen James Hung. Pham Dinh Hunnicutt. Jeannette Mary Hunsicker. Sidney Kate Hunt. Barbara Ann Hunt. Jerry Don Hunt. John C Hunt. Lee Everett Hunt, Margarette Ann Hunt, Marta Lynn Hunt, Mary Louise Hunt. Mary Villareal Hunt. Rex Harris Hunt. Robert Anthony Hunt. Roy Lee Hunt. Thomas Ewell Hunt. Thomas Lev Hunt. William C. Ill Page .. 381. 517 413. 416 388. 405 420 582 460. 568 553 284.517 582 324. 441. 568 517 479 582 582 309 582 380 286 375. 433. 568 369 377 322. 375. 436 568 459 381. 482. 553 .. 543 568 381 459 582 .... 517 416. 568 348 517 582 568 568 553 296 278. 454 379 452 372. 418. 517 517 377 375. 568 439 439. 582 305. 582 439 345. 582 436 553 517 378. 568 517 517 474 517 479 554 378 568 420 362. 568 477. 582 370 517 369. 582 443. 517 517 378. 568 177. 474 487 294 304 488 284 .... 517 375 359. 554 418 543 . 448. 543 378 193, 282, 517. 624 517 377. 381 400. 517 377 .. 459 305. 379 568 381 205 309. 543 412. 490 517 517 465 284 517 402. 517 582 582 488 379 436, 582 457 372. 517 554 244 378 554 426. 568 450. 582 203. 517 517 338. 378 464. 543 376 430. 431 304. 383 Index 603 Page Page Name Page Hunter, Bennett Haskin Jr. . . Hunter. Charles M Hunter. Jennifer Luise Hunter. Robert B Huntington. John Scott Huntsberger. Stephen S Hurd, Diane Frances Hurd, James Douglas Jr Hurd, Stephen Charles Hurlburt. Claudia Blanche . . Hurley, Barbara Ann Hurley. Rebecca . 278. 269. Hurst. Bradley Shawn .... Hurst, Diane Lorette Hurst. Edward Palm Hurst. Terry Lee Hurt. Catherine Hurt. Gail Moore Mrs. . . . Hurt. John Clint Hurt. William Burl Hurwitz. Benjamin S Hurwitz. Karen Sara Husbands. Terry Anne . . . Husmann. Gregory Kurt Husmann. Robert Steven Hussey. Carol Ann Hussey. James J. Ill Hussey. Linda Jean Huston. Holly Huston. Kathleen Anne . . Hutchtns. Kim Carlson Hutchins. Laura Sue Hutchinson. Claudia L. Hutchinson. Cynthia J. G. Hutchinson. Marietta Hutchison. Dennis Brian Hutchison. Sharon Anne . Hutson, Mary Anna Mutton, James Philip . . Hyde. Richard Ross Hyman. Ann Margaret . . . Hyman. Melissa Ann Hysick. Robert Gerald Jr. Hyun. In Sul Ibarra. David Silva Ibarra. Joseluis Icke, Harold J Ickelberry. Keith Idomir. Pamela Louise . Ikel. Robert Garth Ikenberry. Daryl Scott . . Imhorf. Willard Earl III Ingraham. Richard Ray . Ingraham. Scott Shane . Ingram, John H. Ill Ingram. Judy Catherine . Ingram. Linda Kay Ingram, Ricky Gordon Ingram, San Claude Ingram. Shirley B Ingram, Thomas Sanders Ingram. Tommy Lee Inks. Jeanna Sue Inner-visions Of Blackness Institute Of Electrical And Engineers Interf rater nity Council Intlehouse. Kathleen lola. Cheryl Rae Irby. Leonard Ray Jr. Irby. Lisa Ireland. John Burton Irion. Jack Baird Irion, Karen S. Cannon Irish. Kathryn Anne Irons. Laura Elizabeth Irons. Susan Marie Irvm. Cecilia Anne Irvine. Marta Romaine Isaacks. Brady Allen Isaacks. Edith Lynn Isbell. Anita Beth Isbeil. James Nathan Iscoe. Ira . Isenhower. William M. Isgur. Lea Anne Isokrari. Ombo F Isoline. Julie Ann Israel, Shern Maxine Ivey, Jon David Ivy. Danny Price Ivy. Frank T. . . Izzard. Randolph John Jack. Janet Y Jacks. Mark Alan Jackson. Alfred Jackson. Allen Rodney . Jackson, Ann C B. Mrs. 582 Jackson, Austin Thomas 517 Jackson, Carol Marie 152 568 Jackson. Carolyn S 381 Jackson, Catharine W 293 114 Jackson. Cenia Gail 335 Jackson. Claudia Sue 436, 369. 582 Jackson, Clemis L 429 349 Jackson. Clyde Davis 377 380 Jackson. Donald George 582 Jackson, Elizabeth Lee 193. 554, 433 Jackson. Francis M. Jr 203. 323. 372. Jackson. Franklin R 373. 517 Jackson. Frieda Karen 582 Jackson. James Allen 474, 568 Jackson. Jeanine 378. 381. 446 Jackson. Jtmmie C 379 382 Jackson, Judith Anne 369. 457. 582 Jackson. Julie Ann 381 Jackson. Kathleen Ann 434. 582 Jackson, Melodye Darlene 210, 400. 402 Jackson, Richard Hiram 554 Jackson. Richard M 414, 369. 485 Jackson. Robert Byron 377, 369. 375 Jackson, Robert Evan 1 14 Jackson, Russell Wayne 568 Jackson. William R 384 Jacob. Mary Elaine 487. 554 Jacobs. Alan Brent 492, 582 Jacobs, Cynthia Dara 459 Jacobs, Debra Lynn 355 Jacobs, Gary Martin 32 1 . 479 Jacobs. Susan Dale 436. 543 Jacobson. Daniel Mark 378, 436 Jacobson, Grant David 374 Jacobson, Vickie Jean 375. 436 Jacobus. Mary Laura 338 Jacques. Hiram Joel 284. 517 Jaeckel. Karl Thomas 474 Jaggers. Patricia Lou 368, 377 Jamail. David George 479 568 James, Antoinette Louise 369 James. Billy Dean Jr. . 303, 332. 370. 380, 568 582 James. Camellia June 379 James, Carl Randall James. George Ellis James, Nancy Anne James. Roy Thomas James, Susan Rhea James. Tom Paul Jr Jameson. Deborah Jane Jameson. Philip Aaron Jameson, Robert D Jamieson, Georges Edward Jammal. Dwayne Gerard Janak, Kathleen Ann Janczys. Kleta L 296 Janecka. Alan Charles 568 Janeway. James A. Jr 400 Janis. Brian Gary 517 Janke. Cynthia Eunice 290 Janke. James Jeri 430. 431 517 Janse. Helen Bernice 457, 381 Jansen, Yvonne Carol 311 568 Jarnagan. Tommy Joe 568 Jarolik. Jeanette E 446 Jaroszewski. Denise 543 Jarreau, Carolyn Ann 517 Jarrett. Ann 5 1 7 Jarvis. Christopher W 3 1 1 Jarvis. David Keith 399 Jarvis. Hal Timothy 377 Jarvis. James Campbell 351 Jasek. Dennis Edward 349 Jasper. Michael Lee 568 Jasper. Suzanne Marie Jasso. Joe Dagoberto Jaster. Cathy Eugenia Javaid. Ather Jayne. Leisa 375 Jayson, Hal Terry 368. 378. 492 Jayson. Melinda Gayle 375 Jayson. Sharon Kay 175. 208, 301. 380. 273 Jealouse. Connie Marie Jefferson, Dwight Eugene Jefferson, Richard N. .,, 188. 208, 278 Jelonek. Marsha Ellen Jemelka. Carolyn Ann Jenkins. Allen Dale 284 Jenkins. Andrea Lynn Jenkins, David Mills 368. 377. 378 Jenkins, Janet Ellen Jenkins. Jennifer Jenkins, John Bartlett Jenkins. Karen Gay 369 Jenkins. Marjone A Jenkins. Sharon Kay 369 Jenkins, Shirley Ann Jenkins. Susan Dayton Jenkins. Teresa Ann Jenkins. William G Jennings. Gayla 310 Jennings. Laura Ann 439 Jennings. Leslie D 335. 338 Jennings, Randy Eugene Jennings, Theresa L Jensen, Janice 433 Jensen, Lisa Jensen, Richard F. Jr Jentz. Gaylord A Jepsen. John Scott Jergins. Michael Paul 339 Jernigan. Dana Jo 377 Jerwick. Jeffrey Paul 492 Jeschke, Carol Jane Jester Student Government Jeter. Valiant Kyle 425. 568 Jett. John Wesley 468 448 Jette, Donna L 212 114 Jette. Nanci L 582 Jette. Paul Eldridge IV 357. 518 Jewell. William Marsh 382 335. 272 114. 446 . 321 441 395. 396. 397 jncil en jr. ' . 307 413 582 484. 485 327. 486. 487 349 474 on . . . 378 499 inon e .... eth 377. 517 369. 439 474 474 518 aine 436 in . . . n 412. 487 322. 417, 554 212. 330. 404. 568 554 248 M. .. 306 374 379 369. 375. 582 420 554 335 582 ohn 187 114 133 Jho, Chang-Hyun 375 Jicha. Jennifer Marie 310 Jistel. Susan Gayle 353 Jobe. Cy Clark 554 Jochec. Jayne Elizabeth 437 Jochetz. Geroge E. Ill . 518 Jochum, Ann Margaret 518 Jocz. Bruce Roger 381 Jogerst. Allen Lloyd ... 624 John, Ann Meredith . . . 278 Johnk, Linn Dale 518 Johns. Carolyn Elizabeth 363 Johns, Jimmy Burrus 554 Johns. John Wheeler 377 Johns. Robert Allen Jr. 429 Johnson. Albert Dean . . 376 Johnson, Barbara Lyn 345 Johnson. Billy Earl 369 Johnson. Blake S 309 Johnson. Brian Patrick . 554 Johnson. Carl Hirschie . 568 Johnson. Celeste Eileen 381 Johnson, Cleveland M. . . 377 Johnson. Curt Douglas . 518 Johnson. David B 554 Johnson. David Carl . . . 582 Johnson. David George 582 Johnson. Deborah Lynn 568 Johnson. Edward Lynden 485 Johnson. George Scott 373 Johnson, Gregory Paul . 518 Johnson. Helen K 568 Johnson. Huey Lee 423 Johnson. James Louis . 452 Johnson. Janet Ann B. . . 518 Johnson. Janet Lynn . . 308 Johnson. Jay L 554 Johnson. Jill Ann 568 Johnson. Johnny Dean 448 Johnson, Julie Anne . . 582 Johnson. Karen Sue . . . 383. Johnson. Kathy Eileen . 518 Johnson, Kevin Dean . . 441 Johnson. Kirk Scott 518 Johnson, Lauren Kay . . 114 Johnson. Lee Sharon .. 426 Johnson. Linda Sue 351 Johnson. Lionel) 554 Johnson. Marion R. M. Mrs. 543 Johnson. Mark Douglas 426 Johnson, Mark Eugene 377 Johnson, Mark Lynn 380 Johnson. Mary Evelyn 207 Johnson. Melessa Ann 378 Johnson. Michelle M 554 Johnson. Nancy Ruth 554 Johnson, Nathan 518 Johnson. Neal Douglas 351 Johnson. Noble Earl 378 Johnson. Otis H 353 Johnson. Patricia L 518 Johnson, Patricia Lynn . . . 554 Johnson, Randall Lome . . . 554 Johnson, Randall Tolbert . 582 Johnson, Raymond For . . . 518 Johnson, Regina Ann 518 Johnson, Richard Oliver . . 518 Johnson, Roy Arthur 554 Johnson. Scott Emil 380 Johnson, Shan Lynn 582 Johnson. Stephen F 482 Johnson. Steven Westley 482 Johnson. Susan Joyce 543 Johnson. Susan Rose .... 401 Johnson, Tyrone Allen 582 Johnson, Vernon Ray 554 Johnson. Vicki 381 Johnson. William Ray 518 Johnston. Carl Robert .... 582 Johnston. Christopher 568 Johnston. David Lee 485 Johnston. Elizabeth C. 485. Johnston. Jennifer M. Mrs. 518 Johnston. Jimmie Tom . . . 518 Johnston. Julia Lynn 114 Johnston. Patricia L 490 Johnston. Richard A 380 Johnston. Stephan E 441 Johnston. Stuart Brooks 518 Johnston. Susan Khirallah 330 Jolly. Dana Jo 518 Jolly. Marsha Kay 582 Jolly, Sharon Sue 459 Jones. Albert P 554 Jones. Amanda Lea 417 Jones. Aubrey Lee Jr 518 Jones. Barbara Ann 417 Jones. Barbara Lynn 369 Jones. Barry Evan 417 Jones. Benjamin F .518 Jones. Brenda 568 Jones. Bruce Anthony 439 Jones, Carol Ann . 582 Jones. Creg Bradburn .... 340 Jones. Curtis W. Jr 286 Jones. Daniel Willis 376 Jones, Darrell Lawrence 568 Jones. Donald Wayne . . . . 374 Jones, Donna Cook Mrs. 414 Jones. Donny 373 Jones. Douglas Lloyd 378 Jones. Freddie Ray 554 Jones. Gay Lynn 380 Jones. Hal Karper 568 Jones. Jan 582 Jones. Janelle Elizabeth 213 Jones. Jeanine 286 Jones. Jelia Ann 568 Jones. Jene Aliceon 322 Jones, Jesse 322 Jones. John Wesley 114 Jones. Johnny Lee S82 Jones. Joy Marie 417. 399. 495. 382. 323. ' . . 468. 330. 250. 175. 324. 378. 488. 306. 380. 439. .... 368. 490. 351. 372. 375. .. 173, 177, 378. 495. 175. 302. 372. 468. 457, 330. 369. 75. 339. 177. 452. 176. 380. 304. 332. 338. 300. 436. 395. 353. 378. 457. 456. 378. 175. 205. 324. 417. ; : 378. 184. 202. 321. . 332. 359. 495. 175. 474. 322. 499 349 554 381 582 482 389 518 446 381 381 554 518 554 378 568 554 292 296 487 376 582 382 554 376 518 382 568 124 518 554 554 568 285 374 436 554 417 518 568 554 418 400 582 568 518 582 114 380 554 313 381 342 582 554 568 232 568 370 499 543 377 568 582 446 518 518 286 554 437 430 398 381 368 126 518 568 554 380 483 499 518 381 296 554 377 568 304 487 312 417 568 380 232 194 543 369 375 378 208 308 127 568 303 568 518 582 332 518 213 518 518 568 518 518 381 582 436 436 345 568 114 582 386. Jones. Judy Juanita Jones. Julie Donnelle Jones, Laura Elizabeth 369. Jones. Leslie Jones. Linda Susan Jones, Lisa Jones. Lorita Lynn Jones, Mark Jones. Mary Frances Jones. Michael Wayne Jones. Philip Eric Jones, Robert Dee Jones. Robin Jean 369. Jones, Sheila Lynn Jones, Stephen Eric Jones. Steven Dee Jones. Susan Beth Jones, Susie Kay Jones. Tracy Ann Jones, Vicki Vaughn Jones. William C. IV .... Jonsson. Suzanne E Jordahl, Karen C. Shaner Jordan. Donna K. Lindsey Jordan. Elizabeth Martha Jordan, Gregory Lynn Jordan, James Reed Jordan. Julie Hunt Jordan, Katherine A Jordan, Linda Marie Jordan, Lisa Nell 368. Jordan, Pamela Victoria Jordan, Richard David Jorden. Philip Taylor Jorgecarranza, Ramon O Joseph, Brondel A. Mrs Joseph. Deborah Kay Joseph. Marnie Bernadine Josey, Deborah Ann Josin. Sherry Ruth Joslin. Randy David Joslin. Robert Alan Journeay. Nancy C Joy. Stephen Edward Joyce. Pamela Sue Judice, Kevin Leo Judson. Robert P Juhl. Beth Mary Julius. Mark Norman Junkin, Ann Junkin, Jerry F Jurcak. Otelia Antoinette Jurczyn. Barbara Jo Jurek, Richard Stephen Just. Caoline Lydia Just. Michelle P 459 417 436 433 417 459 405 322 327 457 310. 374 483 450 377 369 332 488 284 369 203 480 338 352 518 582 582 582 568 381 518 370 543 388 377 518 582 568 568 388 375 518 495 554 370 582 383 518 312 518 582 582 451 369 380 375 554 582 499 288 519 426 519 519 519 554 569 380 569 582 519 369 582 372 340 582 554 378 583 519 Kachnik. Jeanmarte Kadell. Kathleen Anne Kaderka. David John Kaderh. John F Kadura, Marilyn Gayle Kaemmerling. Marcia Mane Kagali. Basavaraj A Kahhch. Kathy Jean Kahn. David Minter Kahn. Maria Jean Kaiser. David Keith Kalish. David Daniel Kalke. Patricia Ann Kalmbacher. Karen Mane Kalteyer. Charles R Kalteyer. Stephen F Kaman. Mark Joel Kamen, Kathy Ann Kamin. Allan Tucker Kamp, Nancy Jo Kampmann. George A. Jr. . . Kampschaefer. G. E. Ill Kan. Chong Keong Kanaly. Jeffrey Craig Kanchanawan. Nitaya Kane. Esther Barbara Kane. Jennifer Kane. Lida Kane. Margaret Mary Kang. Min Ho Kang. Wendy Bay Kanter. Deborah Lyn Kanter. Shelly Sue Kantor. Brian David Kaough. Charles W Kaplan. Carlos Kaplan. Lee Landa Kaplan. Randi J Kaplan. Ronald L Kaplan. Susan Leigh Kapp. Jeffrey Hunter Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Thta Kappa Epillon Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Pi Kappa Sigma Kappelman. Michael P. . Karges. Curtis Duane Kariel. Mark William Karisch. Charles John Karisch. Glenn M Kariel. Mark William Karisch. Charles John 468. 474. 290. 302 339. 342 383 338 554 583 381 . . 554 . 519 384 554 469. 519 519 369 202. 499 454. 554 492. 519 420. 569 519 569 378. 479 384 519 460 499 583 475. 519 369. 474 583 381 368. 377 485 420. 554 480 388 480. 583 371 485 . 443 420. 569 378 454 457 293 458 343 295 461 349 387 492 378 381. 554 492 378 604 Index : :; I 1 : ' -: . - ; . .. : . Head Squirrel Name Karisch. Glenn M Karol. Joseph Charles Karpf. Kathryn Gail Karpowicz, Martin Karstens, Phyllis L Kase. Mem Ellen Kasiske. Janis Marie Kaspar. Michael J ' . Kassen, Margaret Ann . Katzen. Kenneth William Kauffman. Houston, J. Jr Kauffman. Robert P. Kaufman, Michael L. ... Kaufman, Nancy Ann Kaufman, Perry Sims . . Kay, Michael Alan Kaye. Deborah Frances Kayser, Bradley Basch Kazee. Juliana Kean. James Campbell Kearney. Carroll Lee Jr. Kearns, Gary Fred Kearns. Paul Martin . . . Keating. Sharon Ann . . . Kee, David Vernon Kee, Terry Michael .... Keeble. Floyd Dodson Keel, Thomas Martin Jr. Keel. Thornton John . . . Keeland. Burdette W. Ill Keeland. Ruth Kimberly Page Name 381. 397, 327, 412 207 377 184. 462 369 368 291 ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 448, Keenan. Carolyn Frost 273. 372, 373. Keeling. Steven Clifford Keen, Teri Lynn Keeney, Randolph V. Keeney. Susan E Keeter. Mona Sue Keeton. Roberta Jean Keeton. Werdner P. Keffer, Nancy Kay Keider. Susan Kathleen Keiffer, Edwin P Keils, William Hubert . . . Keir, Barbara Lynn 479 441 554 Keisner. Kim Alan 446 Keith. Dori Anne 519 Keith. John Franklin . . 399 Keith. Reginald Hiram 375 Kelemen, Victor P. Jr. 485 Keliher, Lester J. N. 369 Kelinske. Karolyn Kay 554 Kellam. Frederick L. . 380 Kellam. Gary Wayne . . 583 Kellaway. David Peter 454 Kelleher. Randall Lewis 519 Keller. William Victor 519 Kelley. Christopher C. 420 Kelley. James Allen . . . 492 Kelley, Karen Lynne . . 487 Kelley, Kenneth Verne 569 Kelley. Kevin Brian 381 Kelley. Lee Michael . . . 353 Kelley. Terri M 378 Kelley. Tym Dale 583 Kellner. Arlene Naomi 332 Kellogg. Julia Pollard 488 Kellogg. Lea 569 Kellogg. Mary Catherine 519 Kells. John Faulconer . 376 Kelly. Alice Ramona . . 479 Kelly. Bradley Lynn 376 Kelly. Cynthia Lynn . . . 378 Kelly. Jack Albert 467 Kelly, Kletia Ceil 212. 381 Kelly, Patricia Lucille 583 Kelly. Patrick Michael 369 Kelly. Robert Harold 474, Kelly. Sarah Sue .... 519 Kelly. Susan Carol . 569 Kelly. Susan Kerr 474 Kelly. Susan Lee .... 583 Kelly. William T. Jr. . 554 Kelso. Charles R 373 Kelting. Mark Steven 426 Kemble. Cheslea .... 583 Kemble. Kary Don 569 Kemp. Cynthia Maysel 381 Kemp. Donald Gene Jr 381 Kemp. Donna Evelyn ..... 202. 377, 324. 495. .. 386. 457. 488. 375, 272. 371 298 203. 432. 433 . 418 488. 434. 471. 450. Page Name 378 Kemp, Jeanne Louise . . . . 332 Kendall. Thomas Newman . 468 Kendrick. David A . 370 Kendrick. Sue Ann 519 Kenfield. Patricia L 434 Kennamer. Lorrin G 554 Kennard. Anna Jones 544 Kennedy. Aida Marie 519 Kennedy. Alfonso 353 Kennedy. Brenda Picola . 353 Kennedy, George Leon . . 569 Kennedy. John Lloyd 387 Kennedy, Karen Jean 414 Kennedy, Lucinda Kathryn 355 Kennedy, Matthew James 286 Kennedy. Yardley B 377 Kennemer. Kelly Martin 479 Kennon, Alan Giddens 569 Kenoyer, Michael Lee 583 Kent. Carol Ann 420 Kent. John Randolph 519 Kerbow. Sally Ann 457 Kercheval. Lynn 583 Kercho. Craig Martin 175 Kerley. Neilla Janece .... 554 Kern. Gary Alan 519 Kernan. Michael Patrick . 583 Kerr. Allison Sorrells 569 Kerr. James Boyd 569 Kerr. Johnnie B 322 Kerr. Kevin Miller 373 Kerr. Thomas Patrick 543 Kerr. Truman Dean II 519 Kersten. Mickella Ann 212 Kesler. Jeannie Spangler 544 Kesler. Justin Otis 554 Kessler. Sheri Carol 339 Kessler. Susan A 244 Kessler. Thomas E 583 Kessler. Travis Neal 457 Ketabi. Hamid 583 Key. Charles Ellis 519 Key. Howard W 519 Key. Robert Merton Jr. 451 Keys. Kay Elaine 339. 372. 327. 348. ... . 483. 340. 342. 374. 381. 222. 223. 413. 432. 433. 412. 493 448 198. 201 194 468 457 278 399 459 467 364. 462 . . . 465 193 462 462. 463 490, Page 375 569 371 554 554 373 436 519 554 444 554 569 441 519 583 429 454 579 383 453 569 554 151 371 554 378 544 554 399 519 378 569 569 583 402 519 519 282 569 544 579 583 519 554 380 Name Keyser. Sandra L. Khoury, Pamela Lily Kibbe. Elizabeth Ann Kidd Amy Harriett Kidd. Kathryn L. Pae 554 544 583 381 569 Kidd. Kelly Jayne 436, 583 Kidd. Madelyn Ann 554 Kidd. Nancy Nell 519 Kidd. Rosemary Anne 381 Kieke. Cheryl Lynne 569 Kiel. Oliver B. Ill 468 Kierum. Michael Dale 383. 386. 519 Kieschnick, Marcus Dean 401 Kiesel. Stephanie M 433. 544 Kiester. Gale Ann 450, 554 Kiger. Philip Scott 378. 479 Kilby. Jan Elizabeth 381 Kilday. Patricia Rose 196 Kile. John David 488. 569 Kilgore. James Patrick 583 Kilgore. Mark Henry 380 Killen. Carol Ann 369 KiHian, Jenny Fontaine 369 Killingsworth. Robin A 569 Kilmain. Brian Robert 519 Kilman. Rebecca Ann 381 Kilpatrick. Robert D 371 . 373 Kimball. Kathleen T 554 Kimbell. David Alan 479 Kimberley, Kirby Kyle 519 Kimbrough. Catherine E 519 Kimbrough. Janet Lee 369. 583 Kinard. Dan Thomas 370 Kinard. Kelly G 454 Kmcheloe. Robert W 381. 554 Kinder. Jayne Ann 459 King. Charles Rogers 430 King. Cheryl Lynn Mrs 349 King. Claire Kaye 436 King. Craig Kent 377 King. Daniel Christopher 554 King. Gina Gayle 417 King. James G 378 King. Jeffry Thomas 381 King. John 312 Index 605 Name Page Page Page Name King. John Walker 335. 338. 343. 569 King. Karen E 495. 519 King. Katherine C 380, 457 King. Kathleen Buck 453. 569 King. Kathy Anne 369. 375 King. Leslie Harris 377 King. Lydia Ann 426. 583 King. Marc Robert 381 King. Michele Anne 417 King. Nancy Kay 330. 583 Kingry, Priscilla Rose 349 Kingsbury. Lisa Lynn 583 Kingswell-Smith. Ann 459 Kington. Karen Kay 98 Kinney. Julie Ann Kinney. Stephen Watts Kinser, Glen Byron Kinsey. Jean Marie Kinsey. Robert Elwee Kipp. Cynthia Gail Kipp. Marion Elizabeth Kirbo. Bryan W Kirby. Harry Samuel Jr Kirby. Kathleen M Kirby. Robert Franklin Kirk. Cheryl Ann Kirkley. Charles R. Jr Kirklin. William S. Kirkpatrick. James R. Kirkpatrick. Lois Marie Kirksey. Sharen Ann 377 468 ... 554 453. 544 519 554 380 414. 519 583 402. 519 368 345. 373 520 467 448. 554 457 426. 520 Kirkwood. Holly Lynn Kirkwood, Ronald Raymond Kirsch. David Sam Kirshenbaun. Caren Sue Kirwan. David Forbes Kirwan. Thomas A. Ill Kiser. David Colson . Kiser. Metta Anne Kitchen. Ann Elizabeth Kite. Phillip Cled ... Kitowski. Gail Marie Klander, Sharon Kay Klatt. Michael R. Kleb. Tevan B. Jr. Klecka. Diane Marie Klecka. Gary Michael Kleeman. David Ross Kleiman. Laurie ... Klein. Betsy Anne . . Klein. Cindy Lee .... Klein. Joyce Marilyn Klein. Leah Beth Klein. Leslie Carter Klein. Mark Fleming Klein. Michael Clarence Kleitz. Deborah Sue Kleypas. Geralyn Kay Kline. Linda Arlene Kling. Nathan Dale Khnksiek. Myra Lee Klinksiek. Sylvia Ann 330. 520 tmond 291, 381 383. b?0 ;ue 291. 484 583 b?0 ' . ' . 491. 554 . 450. 554 h 330. 372. 375 362. 583 322 554 569 554 S?0 375. 418. 569 377 307 485 177 177 520 338. 342. 520 327. 454. 520 454. 583 :e 377 554 332. 554 420. 569 381 339. 375. 569 554 Klipple. Barbara Anne . Kloeris. Steven P Kloesel. Sandra Kay Klump, Delbert Craig . . Klutts. Vanita Joy Knape. Ben Kenneth . . . Knape. Jan Claire Knapp, Deborah Joann Knapp. Frank Rudolph . Knebel. Diane Lea Kneupper. Christian D. . Knight. Carol Anne Knight, Mary Alice Knight. Randal Blake Knight. Robert Lewis . . Knippa. Gary Keith Knippa. Judith Lorraine Knisety. Philip Robert . . Knoble, Gail Ann Knoebel. Allyson D Knopf. George Bruce Knotts. Sharon Ann . . . . Knowles. Katherine A. Knowles. Nora Suzanne Knowles. Patricia Marie Knox, Cynthia B Knox, David Bradley Knox. David Luke Knox. Laurie Ann Knox. Nancy Lynn .... Knue. Merry Luscame . . 453. 569 380 284 383. 554 184. 300. 520 363 377. 381. 418. 520 175. 375. 417 569 418. 419. 520 304. 383 520 583 520 389 378 355 338 351. 404. 520 450. 451. 520 520 . 444 417 . 474 474 338. 340. 342 358. 388 378. 569 369. 569 404, 569 377. 380. 383. 520 Z Ryall Knysh. Andrew Meidell 370 Kober, Karilyn Eve 177. 268. 323, 377 380 418. 520 Kobernus. Carroll T. Mrs 381 Kobler, Laura Margaret 381 Koch. Michael Edward Koch. Patricia C. Kriegel ... Koederitz. Candice E. Koenig. Martin Koeninger. Larry Dan Koepcke. Richard Bruce .... Kofahl. Lloyd E. Jr. Koger, Susan Kay Kogut. Karen Sue . Kohleffel. Dina Marie Kohler. Raymond L. 449. 554 402, 474 485 583 338 Kohout. Melissa 362 569 Koile. Kimberle 323, 413. 495. 569 Kokas. Rose Katherine 554 Kolb. Nancy Louise 304 Kolda. Michael Anthony 377 Kollaja. Daniel Chris 202 Kolodny. Jamie Beth 569 Kolvoord. Larry Alan Koncewicz. Anna Helen Koncewicz. Barbara Ann 286. 520 Koncewicz. John Stanislaw 286. 569 Kong, Cheong Yin 370. 499 Konvicka. Linda Marie 554 Koomey. Candella 352. 569 Koonce. Richard C Kopin, Pamela Sue Kopplin. John David Korach. Alice Florence Korenman. Philip David Kormany. Andrew Korte. Karl Korthauer. Ken Mason 359. 381 Koslin. Louise Sue 485 Kosoris. Jeffrey Paul 378 Kostohryz. Brenda Gayle 439 Kosut. Gary Marial 3O6. 370. 380. 382 Kotara, John Lambert 520 Kothmann. Carol Elizabeth 569 Kotlen. Risa 520 Kouba. Carlene Gale 290 Koughan. Elaine Louise . 353. 369, 433, 583 Kovich, Jamie Jean 418. 554 Kozlowski. Janice Lee 583 Kozmetsky. George 219. 373 Kraege. Thomas Roland 520 Krakower. Michael Howard 520 Kralik. David Walter 294 Kramer. Ellen Meredith . 485 583 Kramer, Kathleen Grace 418. 569 Kramer. Linda Lynn 474 Kramer. Ronald Mark 493 Kramer. Thomas Edwin 520 Kranz. Richard W 378 Krasoff, Jay Harvey 493 Krause. Kimberly 520 Krause. Michael Gene 569 Krauskopf. David R 338, 520 Kreager, Cameron 488 Kreisle. Leonard! f 373 Kremers. John Henry Krenmueller. Deborah L. Kretsinger. Bruce Kevin Kreuz. Charles Paton Kriegsman. Karen Beth Kriger. Laurie Sue Krischke. Carolyn Ann . Kristynik. Marianne 4 5 ................ 338 ...... 369. 420. 583 174. 381 310 569 . ................... Krivacic. Kenneth John ................ 378 380 544 323. 372. 418. 554 376 569 493. 554 381 520 122, 124 284 375. 417. 569 483 312. 520 339. 583 485. 555 Krivcher. Richard R. Krivoniak. N. R. II Krizov. Clair E Kroeger. Katherine M. Krohn. James Edmund . . Krost. Michael David Kruczynski. Leonard R. . Krueger. Dan Krueger. Daniel Thomas Krueger. Treila La Trelle Kruger. Mary Carroll .... Kruger. Michael Edward . Kruger. Patricia A. Pullus Kruger. Philip Edward . . . Krumholz. Mira Pearl . . . Krumwiede. Jeffrey Lynn 136 Krute. Susan Diane 203 Kubala. Stephanie Jean 284. 290 Kubena. Lee Waine 184 Kubiak. Dennis James 555 Kubsch. Terry Allen 3 Kucera. Betty 377 Kuebler. John Adam 491 . 555 Kuhl. Ann Marie 569 Kuhlman. Blake Allan 430 Kuhn. Diane Elizabeth 351. 369. 426 Kuhn. Jeffrey Scott 477. 520 Kultgen. Elizabeth Burks 369, 375 Kunkel. Jane Lynn 569 Kunkel. Rebecca J 474. 520 Kunkel. Susan Karla 583 Kunschik. Ronald J 20 Kuntschik. David Rouse 5S Kunz. Julie Ann 35 Kuper. Stephen 493 Kurtz. David Marcus 493. 55 Kurtzer. Edward Ira 378 Kurzawa. Frank Thomas 13 Kurzawskt. Karen Ann 375 Kusnerik. David Eugene 194. 569 Kutler. Mark L 377. 386. 520 Kuykendall. Robert Gilden 583 Kvinta, Charles J. Jr 569 Kvitek. Charles Kevin 491. 520 Kwan. Louis 520 Kwong. Ser Yuen 33 Kyba. Feme C Newman 380 Kyle. Deborah Lee 474 Kyle. Dorothy Ann 555 606 Index Page Page Nam Page Name Pag Laakso, Pamela Susan 369 Labinski, John Arthur . . . 443 - Laborde, Alice Louisa Labouff. Jeanette M 380 212. 375, 569 Lacher. Rickie Alan 493 . Lacy. Debra Jill 377 Lacy. Leah Elizabeth Lacy. Lee Devereaux . . 475 338. 343 Ladin. Annette Marie 293 Ladusaw. William A Lafitte. Darrell Gregg Lagrone. Howard Alan . . . 380 454, 569 378. 383 ; Lagrone. Michele Lagrone. Susan Elaine Laguarta. Julio L Lahaie, Michael P 544 .... 520 . . . 430. 569 378 Lahouti. Mahmoud 520 Laird. Brant Ben 378 Laird. Richard K Lait Linda Sue 378 555 Lam. Kai Yee M 520 Lam. Yin-Tak Albert 520 Lamb. Debra Louise .... 288. 433 Lamb, Robert Allen 383, 520 Lambda Chi Alpha 462 Lambdin. Carol S 212. 426 Lambert, Jarrett C 569 Lambert, Kathi Suzanne 441. 520 Lamendola. Gayle Ann Lammert, Rebecca Anne . 453 300. 520 Lamont. William Brian 127 Lamotte. Gary Alan 378 Lamport. Karen Jane 520 Lampton. Robert D. Jr. Lancaster, Alicia Ruth . . . 388 .. 418, 521 Lancaster. Deborah J. 555 - Lancaster, Gary W 327 Lancaster, James Glen . . . 583 Lancaster, Kay Gene 439 Lancaster, Kris Ann 539 Lancaster. Lifford Lee Lancaster. Loren T 368, 414. 544 210. 383. 378 Lancaster, Sharon L. ... 418 - Lander, Vivian Holland 176 - Landers. Beverly J . Landers. Glenn Berry . . 174. 345 370. 499 . Landers. James Ronald 368. 521 Landh. An-Marie Elisabeth 369 Landon. Gene 174. 377, 380, 521 Landry. Terry Lynn .... 417 Lane. Martha Anne . 457. 521 Lane. Paul Stephen 394. 398. 405 Lane. Robert Roy 332. 555 Laney. Billy Lawson 569 Lang. Michelle ... 369 Langdon. Julie Gaye .... . 457. 544 Lange. Dale Richard . 401. 402 Langford. John Michael 471. 583 Langford. Mark M 447 ' Langholz. Gilbert C. Jr. . Langille. Valerie Jeanne 414 .... 369. 583 Langley. Billy Wayne 544 Langlotz. Kimberly Ann . Langston, Cynthia Ann . . 309 369. 375 Langston. Jana Lea 381 Langston. Lynn Anne . . . Lanier, Loretta Sue 544 . 369. 583 Lanier. Terrell M 521 Lankford. George Leslie 207 -r Lankford. Michael G 321 Lansford. Elayne L 377 Lanzisera. Jane Susan . . 353 Lapham. Douglas Darwin 286 . Lapthisophon, S. M 175. 569 ; : ' - Lara. Raquel 521 - Larocca. Patrick Joseph 213 Larocca. Robin Lynne . . 453 - Larose. Ellen Louise 330. 569 :- ; Larrabee. Robert C 389 Larry. Toni Marie 444 Larson. Carolyn Jean . . 583 . Larson. Nils Richard . . . 378 . Larue. Camille 351. 457. 569 Larue. James Keith .... .. 555 Laskin, Barbara Kay . . . 569 Latcham. F. C. Ill 555 .. Latham. Tina Lynne . . . 357 Latimer. Leslie Ann 375. 569 Lattimore. Kathryn L. . 569 Lauber. Susan Lynn . . . Laufman, Mark Steven . 413. 441 . 377. 521 I- Laughlin, Brad James . . 488 Laughlin, John Robert . 338 Launius, Elizabeth C. . 457 Lauten. Suzan Kay .... 441 Lauterbach. Amy Susan 521 Lavis. Daniel Ira 378, 569 Law. Simon Mong Lun . 383 ILawhead. Robert James . 521 . - Lawlor. John Michael 569 Lawrence. Cynthia June 352 Lawrence. Kimberly Len 380 Lawrence. Lannie John 174, 464. 521 -, ._ Lawrence. Lauralee .... 436 Lawrence. Mallory 175. 459. 569 .. Lawrence. Roger Cooper 291 . Lawrence. Rosita Delois 583 Lawson. Bronwyn 369. 441. 569 . Lawson, Cheri Lynne . . Lawson. Diana Hickman 381 521 Lawson. Sherial Lenial . 583 . Lay, Mary Catherine . . . 521 Laycock. Stephen Keith 583 Layden, James David 521 Layden. Joan Marie 521 Layne, Charles Shannon 127, 583 Laza, April Elyn 495, 569 Laza, Randall Joe Lea, Constance Beth 426, 583 Lea. Jerrold Payne 370. 38 Leach. Barbara Leachman. Thomas George 477 Leake. Warren T. Jr 199. 286 Leakey. Barbara Jean 583 Leal, Gloria Lear. David Bruce 286. 399 Leary. Daniel E Leary, Melanie Leath Joseph Masters 430. 583 Leath. Roxanne 375. 380. 544 Leath. Debra Kay Leatherman. George F 368. 376 Leavenworth, Geoffrey M. 188. 196. 197. 499 Leavenworth. Margaret Isabel 330. 36 Leben. David Gregory 521 Lechtenberger. Deann 352,521 Lechtenberger, W. D 569 Leclercq. Letty Lee Lecroix, Robert W 521 Ledford. Mark Areilius A Lee. Alford Huey III 1 14 Lee. Annie Yunfoon Lee. Deborah Anne 293 Lee, Dennis Kam Ching 521 Lee. Donald Wei 381. 555 Lee. Elisa Thompson 436 Lee, Elizabeth Cassie 418 Lee. Ernest Alonzo 114 Lee, Hoi 499 Lee, Howard Sen 569 Lee. Joyce 288. 521 Lee, Lisa Jeanne 583 Lee, Mark Lewis Lee Mary Susan 555 Lee. Nancy Yukyin 555 Lee. Richard Peter 383 Lee. Robert Carl 370. 382 Lee. Robert Dean 383, 521 Lee. Stewart Dewitt 454. 583 Lee, Susan Katherine Lee. Suzanne Lee Timothy De 380, 55 Lee. Vera Mae Lee Warren Emmett Lee. Wendy Harris 420 Lee. Wilson Chi-Yung Lee Yvonne 521 Leeds, David Wayne 202, 377. 493 Leehey, Kevin John Leek. Lauren Lea Leffall. Edwin Odell 284. 34 Lefkowitz. Marc 356. 368 Leftwich, Leila Hood 459 Leggett, Philip Lloyd 368. 376 Legrand. Cynthia Marie Lehman. Larry Lee Lehman. Tommy Paul 460. 544 Lehr. Douglas Julius 31 Lehtinen. Keith Harold 286 Leigon, Charles R Leiser. Gregory Scott : Leisey. Glenn Alan 443. 521 Leishman, Mary Regina 495, 569 Leiss. Karen Christine Leister. Curtis Wynne 377 Lemer. Deborah Gay Lemezis, James Martin Lemmons. Benjamin D 321, 52 Lemond. Elizabeth Ann 417 Lenard. Kenneth Iva 121. 521 Lenett. Howard Louis 377 Lenhart, Vernon Wade 284 Lent. Edward O. Ill 521 Lentz. Debra Elaine 351 . 544 Lenz, Alan Stephen 1 Leonard. Michael Martin 368 Leonard, Robert J 378 Lerman. Andre 377 Lerman. Paula Fran 420. 583 Lerner, Robert Dome 480, 583 Lerner. Seth Paul 493 Leroux. Phillip E 555 Leshin. Larry Steven 380. 493. 521 Lesikar. Susan Melene 374. 380, 521 Lesiker. Joy Lanell Leslie, David Alec = Leslie. Steven W 2 Lesso. William G 373 Lesso, William G. Jr Lester. Anne E. Macphee 377 Lester, Paul Martin Levy. Judy Carol 289 Levy. Julia Ruth Levy. Randy Scott 493 Levy. Ronald Joel Levy, Sally Jane Levy, Steven Robert Lewallen. Beverly J.M 521 Lewallen. Rodney S 521 Lewandowski, James John Lewins. Richard Aaron 493. 58 Lewis. Andrew Jackson III Lewis. Barbara Jane 209. 384. 459. 544 Lewis, David Wynn Lewis, Debra Mae 521 Lewis. Donald James Lewis. Eugenia Canice 426. 427. 521 Lewis. Fred Earl 521 Lewis. Gay Suzanne 457, b55 Lewis. Jane Chiles 441, 52 Lewis. John Taylor 378. 305 Lewis. Leslie David Lewis. Lisa Jan 420. 583 Lewis. Mark William 569 Lewis. Nathan Romuald Lewis, Phyllis Susan Lewis, Rebecca Ann 426, 457. 583 Lewis. Richard Ricker Lewis. Sonia 212. 375 Lewis. Sue Ann Lewis. Susan Elizabeth 450. 583 Lewis. Sylvia Ann Lewis. William Thompson Leyendecker. Douglas A Leyva. Mary Alice Lhotka. Sidney Lee Lichty. Linda Marie . .. 555 Letsos. Mark Steven Letz. Kathy Lu Leuchter. Linda Isabel Levell. Edward F Levenson. Steven Howell Leventhal. Randa Lee Leverich, Wesley J. Leverton. Janet Lynne Levey. Lori Sharon Levey. Susan Carol Levi, Jalaane Marie Levick. Jolene Levin. Jennifer Lee .... Levin. Susan Diane Levine. Alan Brian Levine. Harry Jay Levine. Leslie Moshell Levine, Paul David Levine. Robert Lloyd Levine. Robin Lynne Levine, Susan Kay Levinson. Richard B. Levy, Bruce Miller Levy. Ellen Jane Locke. Jennifer Inez 203. 439. 522 Lockett. Brenda Ann 453. 522 Locklear. Wayne George Loden. Sandra Kay 426. 569 Lodowski. John William Loe. David Gregory Loftis, Dennis Lee 583 Loftis, Kathleen Ann 544 Logan. Judy 322. 583 Logan. Nancy Carol Logan. Timothy Millard Loghry. Susan Lynne 555 Logsdon, Gary Alden Lohman, John Doyle 434. 583 Lohmann. Sarajane 418 Liddle. Margaret Lynn Lieb. Irwin C Lieban. Katherine Ruth Liebes. Jennifer Joan Liebowitz. Harold A. . Liedtke. Cadell Smith Lien. Michael Pierson Lierman, William Philip Liesman, Bruce David Lievens. Mary Janette Ligon, Evlyn Marie Limmer, Karen Ree Lin, Andrew An-Hsin Lin. Hong-Chen ... Linares, Ruben ... Linch, Barbara Ann Linden. Jan Carol Linder. Carolyn Sue Lindgren, Susan Lu Lindley. Janet Marie Lindley. John Robert Lindley, Robert Davis Lindner, Allen Robert Lindner. Carol Ann . Lindsay. Faye Pearl Lindsay, Lynn Janelle Lindsay. Patricia Ann 622 447 459. 583 172. 173. 272. 371. 373 555 . 480. 583 521 380 . . 450. 569 420 420 583 420, 569 177. 521 420. 521 480. 583 521 420 368. 378. 423 449. 555 420. 583 369. 453 384 493 420. 421 Livingston ' . Zo L. Wickson 380 Llano. Felipe Llewellyn. Laura See Lloyd. Linda Sue Lo. Kin Lochbaum, Patricia A. Locher. Merrill Linden Lochridge. Frances P. Lohr. Beth Christine Lomax. Jan Elizabeth Lombardi. Gina Rose London. Thomas Leslie Londrigan, Laurie Anne Lonergan. Mary Ann Long. Debra Selby . . Long, Glen Erwin .... Long. Helen Francis Long. James Howard Long. Jean Ann Long, Jean Ann 173. 175. 521 245. 258 369 324. 459, 569 230. 231 430. 555 :. 124 583 353. 555 583 ;... 544 Ligon! Judy Lynn 436. 583 LiFes. David Ross 286. 522 Lillick. Timothy W ' . Lilliedahl. Dale Lynn 370 Lim. Eugene C : 522 Lim. Sing Oy Bobby Limelight 265 Limmer. Allynn Gay 459. 555 !! 491 379 133 197. 272. 373, 376, 278 522 441, 583 369 . 212. 375.417 338. 499 447 544 355 359 433. 583 436 Lindsey! JameVEIdon 388. 522 Lindsey. Milton E. Jr 338 Line. Michael Scott 522 Lineback. Carol Ann .... 290. 351. 375. 555 Lineberry, Steven Parick 488. 583 Linehan. Warner James Linenschmidt. Lana Louise 583 Linn. William Donald 294 Linnebur. Russell Alan 583 Linnstaedter, Janet Susan 583 Lins. Mary Winifred 583 Linstrum. Todd Elton 378. 338. 569 Linville. Jerry Wayne 522 Lipkin, Sondra Ann 420. 555 Lipman, Alan Lee Lipman, Caren Joy 369 Lipman. Randa Susan 420 Lippke. Rhonda Sue Mrs 380 Lipscomb. Barbara Jane 555 Lipsky. Jeniece Ellen 384. 420. 544 Lisenby John David 321. 454 Liska. Pamela Katherine .202. 290. 433. 555 Litman. Alana Lynne 420 Little. Carol Lynne 375. 439, 555 Little, Cathrine Helen 375 Little. Daniel Paul 477 Little. Lewette Ann 436. 544 Little. Lewis Norman Jr 467 Little. Terry Nelson Little. Tracy Lynn 339. 377 Littlefield. Suzanne M. B 555 Littlejohn, Sandra Kay 569 Littleton. Claude 569 Littleton. Debra Jean 439 Litwornia. Barbara L 31O Liu, Wei-Quo Livingston. Charles A. Livingston. Dana Sheryl Livingston. James L. Livingston. Janice L. Livingston. Marian E. Livingston. Michael S. Livingston, Robert Ewing Livingston, Thomas Shields 379 569 ... 583 376. 380 377, 522 439. 522 300 462 368. 477. 569 555 499 369 174. 434. 435. 522 326 569 203 569 522 306. 370. 382 375. 418 __ o 197.569 Long, John Robert 583 Long. Katherine C Long. Lindsey Patricia Long, Louis Gene 306 Long Randall Collier 499 Long. Robert E. Jr 479 Long. Stephen Ray Long. Walter Cromer 522 Longhorn Band 336-344 Longino. Gregory Lloyd 313. 380. 555 Longino. Henry Bruce Longmire, Tereasa E Longoria. Cesar Augusto Longoria, Michael I 378 Looger. Lindell L 305. 379. 383 Look. David B 454 Loomans, Kim Adair 426, 555 Loomis, Constance S 377 Loper, Alice Elaine 293. 381 Lopez. Angelina S Lopez. David 569 Lopez. Elmo Stewart 339. 569 Lopez. James Anthony 522 Lopez. Melva G 544 Lopez. Michael 395. 598 Lopez. Olivia Harriette 390. 522 Lopez, Ricardo A Lopez. Sylvia 544 Lord, Jesse Robert Lorenz. Laurie Kay . Lorimer. Paul Michael Lorton, Arthur F. ... Lott. David Layne Lou. Dorothy Ann . . Louie. Rudy Sun 378. 569 326. 369 304. 332. 555. 583 488. 489. 522 370 207, 330 522 Love. Janelle Margaret 377 Love. Robert Lee Lovejoy. Mary L. Spolyar Loveless. Richard B. ... Loven. John Paul Loven. Patricia Ann Loventhal. Patricia Ann Lovett. Ann Lovett. Martha Nan Lowder. Cathy Rae Lowder. Tom Charles Lowe. Douglas Terrell Lowe, James Farrar Lowe, John Bruce 381 ..... . 544 ..... 332 279. 301. 330. 555 ........ 439 322. 375. 459. 555 ............. 583 368 479. 522 387 .......... 522 335. 338. 340. 343. 544 Lowe. Marcia Mendick Mrs 522 Lowe. Sandra Elaine Lowell, Teri llene Lowry, Alaire H 346. 353 Lowry, Edward Brian 3 Lowry. Michael Eugene 294. 295 Loyd. Diana Lynn Lozano. Alma Rosa - ; Lozano, Joe David 338. 343 Lozano, Patricia 522 Lozano. Yolanda Dee 555 Lubke Carol Ann 203. 475. 522 Lubke. Kim William 208. 522 Lubke. Nancy Jo 212. 375. 569 Lucas. Bonnie Cummins 278 Lucas. Jay Richard 477 Lucas Julie Louise 369. 457 Lucas Richard Martin Jr 321. 430. 555 Lucas. Sharon Kay 403. 441 Lucas. William Randall 454. 583 Luce, Daniel Edward 522 Lucio. Patricia Ann Luck. Kathryn Lynn 326 Luckett. Karen Ann Crow Luckett, Robert Doyle 5 306 433 457. 522 370 522 436. 583 457 Luden, Jonathan Pauly Ludl. Elizabeth Jean Luecke, Eleanor Anne .... Luecke, Laura Elizabeth Luedecke. David Matthew Luedecke. Karen Diane Luedecke. Newton A. Jr. Luedke. Larry Dan Luersen, Roxana Kay Luethcke. David Ross Lugo. Bob Louis Lukas. Daniel Wayne Luke, Byron Brennan Luke, Lezlie Lee Luke, Norman John Jr. . . Luker, Julie Bredeth Lum. Barbara Lumb. Karen Kay Lumpkins, David B. D. Lumpkins. Sonna Neyland Lund, Barbara Ann Lundberg, James C 381 . 522 322. 441 349. 351 583 453. 583 . . . . 555 378. 569 522 388 544 296 . ... 522 522 544 338. 369 569 417. 555 321. 468 522 569 . 383 Index 607 Name Page Name Page Name Page Page Lundelius, Jennifer 369 Lundgren. Frances D. F. Mrs. 381 Lundgren. Paula Ann 569 Lundquist. Ellen E 583 Lundstedt. Christy Sue . 352, 369. 375. 583 Lunin. Nona Beth 290. 522 Lupton, Laura 4B7 Lupton. Stephen Ray 454. 378. 569 Lurker. Laurel Lizette 453 Lusk, Betty Ann 290 Lusk, Samuel Gary 378 Luskey. Debra Sue 499 Luskey. Sharon Melissa 369. 569 Luther. Robert B 488. 569 Luthy. Laura Elaine 544 Luttmer. Joseph David 380 Luttrell. Bruce A 378 Luttrell David A 286 Lutz. Cynthia Dawnn 555 Lutz. Kathleen Elrod ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 450. 522 Lutz. Matthew Charles Jr 544 Luzzatto. Marc L ! 493. 499 Lyday. Russell Warren 569 Lyerly. Brian Hugh 522 Lyles. Carol Lynne ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 403. 570 Lynch, Charles L 387 Lynch. Elinor Martha ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 453! 555 Lynch Nancy Andrea 380 Lynn. Rebecca Anne .. 212. 375 Lyon. Frank Bonner 377. 487. 570 Lyon, Mary Helen 375 Lyon, Robin Bruce ' . ' . ' ' .. ' 378. 570 Lyon, Robin Kimberly 583 Lyon, Sharon Ann 353 Lyon Vicki Jo 352 433 555 Lyons. Kirk David 378. 570 Lyons, Paula Marie 368 Lyons Richard Dee 483 Lyssy. Jill Arlene 544 Lytle. Mary Teresa ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 375. 522 Lvzwanski. Michal M. . 378 Mabry. Terri Lynn 417 Macaluso. Kenneth C .. 447 Macatee. George Pettit IV 479. 570 Mace. Carl Robert 378. 454 MacGregor. Jean Ann . 459 Machell. Charles H 377 Machell. Fredrick W. ... 136 Machina. Mark Stephen 522 Machlan. Amanda Susan 363 Mack. Deborah Sue 293 Mack. Nancy Katherine 369. 375. 583 Macken. Patrick Owen 278 Mackey, Audrey L 380 Mackie. Edwin J. Jr 323 MacKinnon. Mary Helen .. 290. 441. 522 MacLaren. Bruce Arthur 570 MacLin, Samuel Todd 468 MacMillan. Laurie Jean . 523 Macomber. Edward M. Jr. 386 Macow. Joanne C . 322, 375 MacQueen. Elisa Mane 570 Madalin. Diane Carol . . . 583 Madden. Wales H. Ill 412. 467 Maddux. Mari Ann 570 Madeley. Mark Albert . 306 Madrigal. Dulce Maria 570 Madrigal. Gerald James 177 Madro, Martin Michael 114 Maeckle. Montka 369 Maese, Jose H . . 555 Magallanes. Olivia J 523 Magee. Charles Scott . 383 Magel. Patricia C 300 Magill. Albert Everett 479 Magliolo. Joseph III 332. 383 Magner. John Cruse Jr 570 Magness. Charlotte Kay 381 Magness. Jane Ann . 403. 570 Magown. Michael J 570 Maguire. Jack R 251. 273. 282 Maguire. Pat H 251 Mahaffey. James Michael 570 Mahaffey, Lorraine 453. 555 Mahan. Milo J. Jr 491 Maharas. Marian E 381 Maher. Dennis Patrick 377, 523 Maher, Karl Thomas 338 Maher. Robert Jerome . 389 Mahlmann. Bruce Lee .... 523 Mahon. Eldon Bradley 324. 378, 477 Mahoney. Leonard James 523 Mahoney. Michael James . . 454 Mahrer. William L 488. 555 Maier. William Eugene 380 Maines. Donald E 570 Major. Catherine Marie 380 Major. Marcia 453. 583 Major. Robert Allen 276 Majors. Frances Suzanne 175. 313. 555 Mak. Pnscilla 544 Makm. Patricia Louise 381. 523 Malcolm. Jerry Walter 382 Maldonado. Alma L 544 Maldonado. Jesse Angel Malek-Asiani. Shirine S . . 133 174. 369 Malek. Pierre Maurice 368 Malekabadi. Ah Azizi 523 Malma. Lee Ann 417 Malins. Chester J 382. 389 Mallin. Barbara Ruth 355. 349. 544 Malloy. Martha 369. 485. 381 309 583 570 583 544 544 555 398 338 368 495 570 523 555 523 175 485 299 381 286 388 453 523 544 441 570 570 524 555 369 523 375 444 369 430 464 570 370 555 378 523 345 381 555 583 202 523 376 523 523 523 353 570 377 369 378 369 420 583 368 544 555 483 583 441 555 523 439 369 523 583 555 523 583 444 544 477 555 555 293 353 418 433 378 583 523 584 384 377 377 555 .353 384 309 544 523 379 57C 48C 377 624 469 485 360 555 377 499 381 523 523 544 380 555 555 570 378 584 379 584 296 236 523 310 378 584 430 441 381 570 584 401 544 555 584 434 523 523 584 544 379 376 544 584 176 555 544 523 555 555 584 475 584 555 400 523 584 377 555 351 555 378 439 523 380 213 555 .418 381 420 402 584 433 286 370 584 375 342 555 453 523 570 401 453 351 414 .479 377. ,523 475 479 286 441 418 439 384 544 475 475 523 584 418 475 322 570 296 570 345 570 544 388 570 584 584 523 584 584 584 584 584 584 403 441 584 459 570 584 434 373 584 584 584 387 584 584 339 355 584 285 570 584 584 584 584 Malm, Katherine Ann Malnove. Nancy Gay Malone, Clara Kathleen Malone, Danny Frank Mason. Debra Jane Mason. Gary Allan Mason. Mary Page 436. 374. 426. 436. 487, Masquelette, Pamela Anne Massari. Karen Ann Massaro. Kevin Craig Massengale. Jennifer E Massey. Barbara Lynn Massey. Celia Massey. Derek Paul Massey. Larry W. Jr 403, Malone, Josephine E Malone. K. Harold III Malone. Mark Thomas Malone. Monna Frances 420, 433. 311. 290. Manahan. Patricia Ann Massey. Rose Michelle Massingill. Berna L 376, Mancill. Dana Maria Mandel, Cynthia Fay Master. Geofrey L Mandt, Nicole Ann Manful), James Daniel Manganello. James Michael Mangelsdorf, Elizabeth Masterson. Holly Ann Mata. Arnaldo Mata. Frances Mata, Mario Alberto 311. 311. 449. Mangrum. Marc Alan Matcek. George Wilson Matheny, Craig Lawrence Manlove. Jill Rochelle Manly. William D Mann. Bonney Jean Mann, Douglas Edward 293. 332. 369. Mathews. Barbara Jean Mathews Phillip D Mathews. Robert James Manning, Janine Ann 462. 460! 436. Matlock. John Sidney Matteson. James Paul Manor. Virgil Arthur Manroe. Matthew P Mansell. James Quinton Mansell. Robert Dudley . 327. Mansfield. Robert B 370! Matthew. Terri Lynn Matthews. Gregory Dale Matthews Mary C 300. Matthews. Philip C Maple, Donald Paul 436. Matthys. Sheryl Ann Matula. Mark C Marchbanks. Gregory S Matusoff. Cathy Beth Mauch. Peter David 400. Marek, David Lyn Marek Helen L Bilhartz Mauldin Butler K Jr Marek Michael P Mauldin, Charles R Maund. Mark Lindsey 434. 420. Margolis. Jacqueline C Margolis. Lawrence S Maurer. Mary Martha Maury. Carol Augusta Mauzy. Karan Renee Maxey. Carolyn Ruth Maxey. Robert Davis Maxfield. George F. Jr 339. 290. 375. Markowitz. Judith Sara Marks. Frances Alyce Marks. Linda Beth Markus. George Michael Markwordt. Janet Elaine Marlatt. Rocky Lawson Marler. James Everett 420. 339. 434. May. Marsha K. Scale . . 355. May. Patricia Ann May . Thomas Kirk 359. 372. 380 380. Marrs, Melissa Lee Marsh. Raymond E. Ill Marshal Judith Rae Mayer. Larry Phillip Marshall. Charles Troy Marshall. Cynthia Ellen Marshall. Gary Neal Marshall. Harold F Marshall. John Dee 377, 369. 381. 418. 377. Mayes. Candice Lynn Mayfield, Anne Elise Mayfield. Calvin Mayfield. Laura Bethea Mayfield. Melisa Lyn 177. 345, Marshall. Marilyn Kaye Marshall. Sally Ann Marshburn. Thomas M. Jr. Martell. Eileen Beth 323. Marter. Nancy Lou 326. Martin, Barbara Jean Martin. Bruce Mackenzie 330, 418, 439. 485. 419. Mayfield. Randolph Alan Mayfield Wendy L 345. Mayne, Kathleen C Maynor, Debbie Louise Mayo. Clay Bradley Mayo, Eric Winston .... 177, 279 332. Martin, David Roy Martin, Debra Helene Martin. Donald Glen Martin. Doren Charles Martin. Edward Hate Jr Martin. Elizabeth Anne Martin. Eric Russell Martin. James Alan Martin. James Delayne Martin. Karen Elaine Martin Kathy Ann 388. 188. 471. 276. 380. Mays. James William Jr Mayse. Sandra Laruth Maza Michael Slade 378, Mazy, Max Lee McAdams, Judith Francis McAlister. Vicki Louise McBride, Margaret Ann McBride, Stephen Wymer McBroom. John Patrick McBryde, Mary Alice 369 447, 417, 479. Martin. Kathy Karen 433. 305. 439. McCalla. Kevin McCann, Shannon E McCarthy, Margaret Ann McCarthy, Paul E 369 434. 441. 352. 393. Martin. Paul Jerome Martin. Robert Grisham Martin. Robert Guy Martin. Robin Lori Martin. Ronald Keith Martin. Rose Ann Rener Martin, Stephen D .192. 555. 468. 369. McClabb. Jill 441. 250. 457. 417. McClelland. Albert Kirk McClendon. Janet Clara McCleskey. Randall C McClintock. David H McClure. Martha Lewis McConn. Melinda Ann McCormick. Kathleen Ann McCoy. James G McCoy. Michael William 188 369 369 313. 404. Martinez. Andrea H Martinez. David R Martinez. Eugene A Martinez. Gilbert Martinez. Irma Lydia 293. McCullough Gary David McDade. Peggy Elaine McDaniel. Mickey Gene M Ma Dp 1 a Lu? McDaniel. Reuben R. Jr McDermott. Joseph Albert . . McDonald, Laura Kay McDonald. Melinda Karen . 461. 426. Martinez. San Juanita McDonnold. Megan Ann McEachern. Nancy Lynn 322. Martini. Catherine M. McGaughy, Virginia C. McGee. Claire Marguerite McGee. Sally Lynn McGinnis. Sheila E McGlasson, Robert Lee McGovern, Teresa Louise McGowan. Joe Mark McGregor, Beth . . . McGuire, Debra Lyn McGuire. Kathleen E Mclnerny, James Patrick Mclntire. Thomas Robert Mclntosh, Linda Denise Mclntyre, Sandra Heather McKay. Mary Elizabeth McKellar. Pamela . . . McKennon. Craig Alan McKetta. John J. Jr. McKie. James W. McKinley, Robert E. Jr. McKmney Mark Douglas McKmney. Virginia Beth McKitrick. Richard Scott McKneely. Frances Susan McKnight, Thomas Rufus McLendon. Elizabeth Kay McMillion. Roberta Ann McMullen. Mary Margaret McNaughton, Lauren McNeely. Elizabeth R McNeil. Janice McNeil. Joe McNeil. Kenton Eugene McNiel. Andrea McAbee. Katherine E. McAfee, Lawrance W. McAfee. Mark Terry McAlister. Philip David McAlister. Sheri M. McAllister. David A. McAnelly. Carol Jean McAngus. Lamonte Scott McAnulty, John A. Jr. McAtee. Meredith Ann McAulay, Leon Schmidt McAuley. Andrya Faith McAuliffe. Patricia K. McAvoy. Mary Kay . McBirney. Samuel P. McBride, Marilynn McCaleb, Charles B. McCaleb, Joseph Lee McCalpin. Mary P. . . McCann, Michael Paul McCanse. George Allen McCarthy. Thomas Bart McCarty, Charlotte Ann McCasland, James Stacy McCauley. Kathleen Ann McCelvey, Donald P. McClain, Jane Melissa McClanahan. Sharee A. McClaskey. Evita S McClaugherty. Kathleen McClellan. Lorene E. McClellan. Patrick J. McClendon, Robin N McCloud, Melinda Lou McCloud, Sharon Lynn McCluer. C.F.A. Ill . McClung. Patricia Ann McClure. David Lawson McClure. Stephanie Ann McColm, Michal Shaun McCombs, Susan Lynn McConnell. Dale C. . . McConnell. Robert Earl McCord. Barbara Sue McCoy. Joel S McCoy. Leslie Ann . . McCoy. Mary Neill . . McCoy. Michael W. McCracken, James T. McCraine. Cynthia Lee McCright. Renee Viktoria McCrimmon, Laurie R. McCulley. Susan Lynn McCulloch. Albert K. McCulloch, Laura Ann McCull och. Mark Howard McCulloch. Mark R McCullough. Barbara Jo McCullough. Cheryl L. McCullough. Ethelene McCullough. James H McCullough. Joe Glen McCune. Murray Davis McCurley. Suzanne C. McCutchen. Michele C. McDade. Peggy Ruth McDaniel. Christopher L McDaniel. Dwight Thomas McDaniel. Larry Jay . . McDonald. Danny John McDonald. Elizabeth L. McDonald. Evan E. Jr. McDonald. Helen McDonald, Laura Ellen McDonald, Lynn Tracy McDonald. Samuel C. McDonald. Shannon McDonnell. Elizabeth A. McDowell. Tony Everard McEachern. Randall L. McElroy. Allison M. McElroy. Thomas G. Jr. McEnelly. James M. . . McFadden. Deborah Lynn McFall. Pamela Ann McFarland. Dill M. McFarland. Mary Alexa McFarland. Michael A. ;rite . . se uise 369. 475 1 369 H 584 m 495. 584 1 339 m 584 1 570 m 441 m rick sert . . . . se ther . . . :::::::::: 369 1 584 ; t 584 ; t 462. 584 M 345 m 584 : tH h 475 It: 369 338 584 tSi r jlas th ott 373 243 412. 431 584 353. 584 584 jsan 584 jfus Kay 197 369 584 tn 369. 584 aret . . . . 369 369 352, 369 436, 584 345 483 570 j 326 339, 342, 499 468 ' 570 300 439 . . 323 :ott . ... i . dt T 468 375, 426. 570 340. 343. 321 338 555 381 453 555 .. 375. 418 555 460 306. 555 468 570 380 1 . n 418. 570 570 291 art nn 460 441 377 nn 555 383 A 523 570 555 en .... j n 453. 555 523 368. 454. 523 322. 474. 475 458. 459 375. 459. 584 479 523 523 nn 495 447 523 rl 291 489 . 381 127 e oria ( 403. 417. 570 439, 555 275. 323. 523 368. 377 368 377 . 322. 459 418 377 ard . . . Jo . . ' . . .. 417 448. 449 555 459 417. 380. 523 . 425 380 523 s 435. 556 570 C 523 . 450 r L mas . . . tn L 114 466. 467 523 377 176. 426. 556 556 499 570 369. 384 A. ard .... ..457. til 499 294. 544 114 570 Jr 454. 570 338 556 290. 523 380 ca 335. 457 339. 340. 343. 556 608 Index Njme Page Nam Page Name Page Page - Kl .i ' " ' -I I | M! ' S W! I It : : I a McFarland. Sharon R. Mrs. McFarland. William Reel McFarlane. Mary Helen . . McGalliard, Arloiene H. McGarr. Cappy Ray McGarry. Margaret Mary McGarvey, Patricia A McGaughy. Thomas Elkin Jr. McGee. Dorothy L McGee. Erwin Smith McGee. Janel Cynthia McGee. Larry James McGee. Patti Lou McGee. Shirley Lynn McGehee, Jerilyn Ree Wise McGhee. Cornell T McGill. David Brian McGill. Mary N McGinns. Patrick C McGinms, William J McGonigle. Catherine A. 381 524 352. 433. 524 380 172, 272. 371, 373 556 377 327. 468 323. 324. 459 371 . 524 332 . . 426. 556 570 ... 355. 524 345 401 436 ... 435. 524 570 375 McGookey. Daniel Earl ....... 338. 339. 343 . McGovern. John William McGovern. Virginia A. ... McGowen. Gayle Elaine . McGrath, Michael James McGrew, Debra Ann .... McHale. Kevin O ' Donnell McHard. Elaine Michaux Mcllhany. Juliana ....... Mclngvale. Julia E ....... Mclntosh. David Guy .... Mclntyre. Cynthia R ..... McKay. Patricia Delourdes 286 524 570 381 375. 584 327. 435 457 556 301 . 380. 544 444 278, 184. 210. 309. 372. 373. 524 McKay, Zo Ann 459, 524 McKee, Darwin Layne 191 . 232 McKee. David Paul 524 McKee. David Wayne 524 McKee. Dayne Michele 524 McKee. Elizabeth A 212, 375. 570 McKee. Marion Perry 293 McKellar. Harper A 380 McKelvey. Judy J. F 380 McKenney. Maxine M 570 McKennon. Stuart C. . . . 338. 377, 380. 524 McKenzie. Cecil L 381 McKenzie. Marilyn Jean 372 McKie. Julia Kathryn McKinley, Melanie Lora McKinley. Theresa L McKitrick Vivienne Lee McKnight. Byron M. II McKnight. Catherine Marie 175, 209. 475 556 556 307. 308. 309. 524 378. 468. 570 439. 556 McKown. Rebecca Jean 368 McLane. Karen Elizabeth 372 McLaughlin, Joseph K 378, 383 McLaughlin. Sheryl L 291 McLean. Linda Kay 203. 403. 417 McLean. Mary Alice 205. 372, 417 McLean, Milton Edmund 524 McLeland. Kenneth C 544 McLemore. Denise 556 McLemore. Jerry W 389 McLeod. David Greigh 114 McLeod. Emily C 436 McLeod. Sally Anne 436. 570 McLeroy. Kathleen 556 McMahon. Jonathan J 136 McManus. Jimmy Wayne 335 McMeans. Donna Lynn 570 McMichael. James W 556 McMichael. Pamela Lea 323. 433 McMichael. Thomas G 412. 449 McMillen. Kathryn Carlene 450. 584 McMillen. Mary Catherine 353 McMillen, Robert Lee 524 McMillian, Paula Jane 439. 524 McMillon, Steven Lee . 335, 338, 340. 556 McMullen. Edward D. I McMullen. Wade Hampton McMullin. Albert J McMurray. Mona Gail McNair, Alexander C McNair, Leah McNair, Monty Lynn .... McNatt. Markeeta L McNealy. Katherine C. ... McNeel. Synott L. Jr. ... McNeil. James Robert . . McNeil, Patricia Clay .... McNeili. Mary Margaret . McNutt. Peggy E McPhail. Margaret Sue McPhail. Raymond T. McPhaul. Michael John . . McPhee. Pamela Sue 377. 383 327, 435, 556 332 426 378 286. 432. 433 524 301. 453. 524 457 414. 570 447 544 524 524 418 524 377. 378 338. 570 McPherson. John Cook 556 McPherson. Roger King 307 McOuade, Joseph A 381 McQueen. Stephen M McRae, Margaret Ann McRee, Patricia Kate McTyre. Denise McWherter, Jane Ann McWhirter. Kathleen McWhorter. David Lee McWilliams. Michael E Meacham, Randall Browning Meador. Thomas Paul Meadows, Rebecca Sue Mealer. Melissa Ann 401 290. 380. 495. 556 304 212. 286. 322. 570 570 524 449 487 353 431 584 . 426. 556 Means. Gerry Ann 556 Mears. Hilary 524 Mechler, Diana K 453. 556 MeCom. Araceli Guerra 524 Medina, Anna Josephine 308 Medina. Joe Jr 524 Medina. Johnny Angel 524 Meed. Michael Vincent 388 Meek. Kelly Marie 369 Meek, Paula Marie 459 Meeker. Ruth Ellen 570 Meerzo. Albert K Megarity. Dylan Keith Megna. Stephanie Lee Mehos. Manuel John Meier. Rhonda Lou Meinen, Edward Burk Melasky. Flora Elaine Melendez, Osvaldo M Melinger, Harriet Sue Mellin, Cynthia J Melton, Steven Wayne . . . Meltzer. Donald Mark Meltzer. Fara Sue Menager. Darryl Wayne . . . Menchaca. Cesar Menchaca, Lydia Mendel. Barton L Mendell. Robert Marc Mendelotf. Jan Dee Mendez, Larry Wayne Mendez, Luis Eduardo .... Mendez. Maria Del C Mendez, Mark Charles Mendolia, Lawrence Albert Mendoza. Michael Rene . . . Mendoza. Ruben Menendez, Dalia Menendez. Josefina M. Menut. Sandra Kay Menzel, Robert W. Jr Mercado, Salvador A Mercer, Edward Manly Mercer, Kenneth Broderick Mercer. Mack Edwin Meredith. James Wayne . . Mergele, Bruce John Mergele, Janis Lynn Meridith. Patsy Smith Merjanian. Ara Mihran Merlo. Charles Gerard .... Merola. Wendy Mara Meroney, Robert Allen Merrifield. Margaret A Merrill. Richard S L. Kolvoord 249 435 369. 584 114 570 435. 584 524 393 421. 524 570 570 175, 493. 570 421 524 524 556 378 368 421. 584 338 308 433 388 524 378 304. 332. 556 524 450. 556 524 383 308. 524 431 332 . . 447 378 387 417. 570 193. 624 360 400. 524 369. 584 414 290, 524 286 Merrill. Roger Loren 454. 584 Merriman, Pamela Jo 304 Merritt, Elaine 450 Merritt. Nancy Amanda 194, 457 Merritt. Thomas Keoun 467 Merryman, James David 584 Merryman. James Ray 206 Merles, Brian Eamon 378 Mertz, James Louis Jr . . Mertz, John Franklin .... Mertz. Leonard Powell . Mertz, Linda Sue Mertz. Marilyn Katherine . Merz, John Herbert Mesecke. Susan Marie Mesrahi, Mahmoud .... Messamore, Andrew K. Messenger. Kay Lyn .... Messer, Jerie Claire .... Messina, Lynne Ann .... Messina. Melanie Ann . . . Metzger. Karen E Metzger. Philip Allen . . . Metzler. Sally C Meyer. Brenda Katherine Meyer. Clarence C. Jr. . Meyer, Cynthia Lynn . . . Meyer, Janelle Meyer. Kent Wyatt Meyer, Leslie Kelly 584 Meyer. Mark Edward 381 Meyer, Michael Dalton 339 Meyer. Neil Douglas 377. 380 Meyer. Patricia Ann 570 Meyer, Patrick Lee 370 Meyer, Ralph Fredrick 479 Meyer, Sharon Ann 436, 556 Meyer, Terri Lynn 570 Meyers, Charles Edward 378 Meyerson. Michael H 177, 556 Meyerson, Robert Yale 177 Mezzetti. Claire Louise 288. 417. 524 Mezzetti. Kerry Ann 450. 524 Michael. Catherine Lisle 381 477. 570 332 380, 454 418. 524 209, 372. 459, 556 339 339, 570 305, 499 368. 378 212 418 176 377 556 380 426 584 382 421. 556 .... 288. 433. 556 414 Michaels, John Edson 338 Michaels, Robert Kalle 338 Michalka, Lisa Ann 436 Michalke. Dana Lee 570 Michalski, Sandra Kay 375 Michaud, Barbara E 570 Michaud. Kathryn Rose 524 Micheletti. Wayne C 383 Michie. Donna Jean 288 Michie. Robert Bruce 377 Mickelson. Kent B 210. 383 Micks, Marjorie Ellen 368, 375 Micocci. Paul Angelo 556 Middlebrook. Randall D 544 Middlebrooks. Phillip S 114 Miegel. Elizabeth Marie 524 Miers, Billy Michael 447 Mihalik. Richard P 401 Mihalsky, Diane L 380 Mihleder, Brian John 339 Mihovil Marino Mario 414, 570 Mikeska. Kenneth Wilson 484 Miksch. Randall Lee 114 Miksch. Ronald James 114 Milam, Mary Cameron 495 Milam, Richard Jr 384 Milan. David Michael 524 Milburn. William Buckner 584 Miles. Floyd II 353 Miles, John Michael 296 Miles. Patrick Carl 447 Military 385 Millan. Javier 524 Miller. Ann Iris 384 Miller, Anna Catherine 380 Miller, Connie Marcel 369. 375 Miller. Dennis Lynn 556 Miller. Diana Kaye 495. 570 Miller, Donald Eugene 455 Miller, Gregory Lloyd 584 Miller, Gregory Paul 455 Miller, Guy H 209 Miller, Janet 421 Miller, Janet Kay 213 Miller, Jeff Wayne 378 Miller. Kay Karen 450 Miller, Kurt Douglas 483 Miller, Larry Paul 114 Miller, Laura May 436 Miller, Leah Margaret 369 Miller. Linda Louise 436 Miller, Mary Louise 375 Miller, Mavis Ann 377, 380 Miller. Mimi Ormand 177.545 Miller. Nancy Lee 545 Miller, Patricia 369 Miller, Randal William 524 Miller, Rip P 447 Miller, Robert Bruce 380 Miller, Robert Michael 176 Miller, Roger Edward 399 Miller. Ronald Jeffery 401 Miller. Russell Gordon 300 Miller, Scott Dee 401 Miller. Sheralyn 375. 459. 556 Miller, Stephen Bruce 363 Miller. Stephen Herman 343. 339 Miller. Susan Gail 524 Miller. Susan Gay 570 Miller, Walton Sansom Jr 455. 584 Millican. Cathy Zanette 584 Milligan, Donna Leigh 570 Millis. Catherine Ruth 459, 584 Mills, Cathleen Adair 441, 584 Mills, Constance C 364, 440, 441, 525 Mills, Keith Wayne 379. 382. 525 Mills. Melinda Sue 332. 525 Milton. Lan Lynn 435. 584 Mims. Christa Bess 525 Mims. Robert W 380 Mmnun, Marilyn Marcelle 421 Minassian. Georgic 378 Minifee. Paul Kim 292, 378. 570 Minnis. Linda Kay 495 Minoonamedani. Dariush 381, 383 Minor, Elaine Louise 203 Minor. Eugenia Lynn 369 Minor, Kathy Ellen 14 Minor, Pamela Ann 5A5 Minor, Robert Erwin Jr 3 18 Minter, Jean Rene 525 Minton. Jay Ray 430 Mirelez, John Raul 294 Miri, Seyed Jalal 306. 525 Mitchell, Charles R 447. 525 Mitchell. Erin Elizabeth 369. 584 Mitchell. Linann 453. 570 Mitchell. Nancy Benson 436. 584 Mitchell. Robert J 202. 286 Mitchell, Seth H. Ill 378 Mitchon. August James 338 Mixon. Jeanne Elisabeth 369 Mobley. Steven Mark 414 Modrzejewski, Judy Ann 372. 377 Moe. Roderick D. Jr 381 Moeller. Vernon Harold 353 Moffatt. Ann Marie 436. 525 Moffatt. Jefferson S 570 Moffitt. Don Leland 378 Moffitt. William Perry 483 Moglovkin. Kenneth Joel 480 Mohammadioun, Mostfa 525 Moheet. Jawed Akhtar 306 Mohle, Melody Ann 450. 584 Mohle, Robert Flay 343. 339 Mohn. Robert Norman 499 Mohrmann. Helen T 175, 372 Moi, Lynn Diane 556 Mok, Wendy Kay 309 Mokry. Vicky L 393. 556 Molina. Sam G . 525 Molinari. Joseph A 387, 405 Moline. Ann Louise 212. 525 Index 609 Name Page Molish, Carol Anne 369, Moller. Stephen F 470. Molohon, Richard Atan Monashkin. Eric L Monroe, Dutfie Wayne Monroe, William Frank Monsell, Harriet Anne Montague. Diana Lee Montalbano. Joseph M 462, Montalvo, Ernesto 313. Montalvo. Rojelio Monteith. Dorrance W Montemayor. Jose J Montemayor. Thomas J Montes. Caroline Lee Montesino. Lourdes M 323. 433. Montgomery, April Camille Montgomery, Brian D Montgomery, Jo Bet h 375, Montgomery, John Paul 368. 377. Montgomery. Keith H Montgomery. Leah Rae 207. Montgomery. Lee C Montgomery. Margaret M Montgomery. Robert Scott Monti. Stephen A Montoya, Jose David Montz, Kathleen Isaac Mrs Moody, Charles E 294, Moody. Charles S Moody, David Eldon Moody. Deborah Leigh Moody, Mary Jane 459, Mooney, Michael Kevin 447, Moor, Leslie Millard Moore. Andrew Sellers 304, Moore, Ann Elizabeth Moore, Anne Parks Moore. Brad David Moore, Clarence F. Jr Moore, Constance Ann 418. Moore. Cynthia Anne Moore. Darrell James Moore, David Guy Moore. Diane Moore. Eva Sue Eakin Moore. Gail Ann 439. Moore. Gary Davis Moore. Gary Wade Moore, Glynda Cae Moore, Gregory C Moore, Henry Lewis Moore, Janet Gayle Moore, Lawrence Drake Moore. Lisa Ann 453. Moore, Margaret Mary Moore, Marjorie Dolores 188. Moore. Martha Ann Moore. Martha Jean 418. Moore. Mary Margaret Moore. Mary Margaret 437, Moore. Mary Markle 352. Moore. Nancy Gail 175, Moore, Paige Ellen Moore, Patsy Glenavee Moore, Paul Stephen 338. 465. Moore. Robert Charles Moore. Robin Mallory 468. Moore, Ted Lee 332. Moore, Thomas Goerge Moore, Victor Alan Moorehead. Deborah D 495. Moquin. Bertrand Paul Moquin. Margarita Mrs Morales. Anthony R 308, Morales, Deborah Ann 441. Morales. Eusebio Antonio Morales. Maria Teresa Morales. Salvador A. Jr Moran. Deborah M Moran, Guillermo E 304. Moran, Nancy Ann 377, Morehouse. W. D. Jr Moreland. Holly L 322. 450. 451. Moreland. Lance A Morell. Martin Thomas Moreno. Anthony Joseph 339. Moreno. Diana Moreno. Michael Anthony Morgan. Don Shuford Morgan. Elizabeth Ann Morgan. Gary Charles 335. Morgan. Isaac R 202. Morgan, Jacqueline D Morgan. James P. Jr Morgan. Katherine A Morgan, Laynie Morgan, Linda Kay Morgan, Marilyn Lee Morgan. Mark Lloyd 447. Morgan. Mary Katherine 426. Morgan. Patricia Ann 418. Morgan. Robert Lewis Morgan. Robyn Jill Morgan. Ronald Arthur Morgan. Sarah June Morgan. Scott Anthony Morgan, Susan Jane Morgan. Susan L 426. Morin. Angel Noe Morin, Anna Patricia 369. Morris. Anne E Morris. Burke Wesley Morris. Charles Sidney Morris. Cynthia Lynn Morris, Deborah Lynn Morris, George Cooper 313, 412, Morris. Jennie Rene 495. Morris. Joan Margaret . 328. 364. 438. Morris, Kathryn Suzanne Morris. Linda Louise 375 Morris, Maritza Aida 403 Morris. Richard Earl 339 610 Index S - t. , i V.. . - ji . . Name Page Name Page Name Page Name Page Morris. Sherry Lynn 437 Morris. Sterling M 327. 467 Morrison. Gary Alan Morrison. Jeffrey Lynn Morrison. Judith Ann Morriss. Bruce Weldon Morriss. Terry Lynn 479 .... 525 381. 556 286 .... 426 Morrow. Cynthia ' Sue 418 Morrow. Gloria Jean 584 Morse. Carolyn Oertli 381 Morse. Terry A 453 Mortir Board 372 Mortensen. Richard K 176 Mortimer. Glenn Goerge 468. 469 Morton. Cathy 556 Morton. Michael Joe 380. 525 Morton. Richard K 332 Moscoe. Thomas David 412. 493. 321 Moseley. Gerard F 237 Moseley. James Bruce Jr 431 Moseley. Ronald Wayne 285 Moses. Bernard S 480 Moses. Whitney Stone 479 Mosher. Richard Milton 489 Moskop. John Charles 381 Moss. Saretta Lynne 213. 352 570 525 485 210. 339. 343. 380. 383. 275 Mott. Devin Alaine Mott. Glenna Gay Mott. Richard Louis . . . Mottley. Jacqueline D. Mourey. Karen Lee ... Moursund. Mary Moore Mowry. Nancy Katherine Moss. Sharon Kay Mosty, Francis R. Moszkowicz, Frida . Mothersole. David S. Moxley. David Anthony Moy. Robert Kanada Moynihan. David T. Mudd. David Lindon Mudd. Deborah Lynn Mudd. Pamela Ann 437 441 383 285. 525 212. 322. 375, 417 570 173. 174. 278 471 556 570 584 338 525 Muecke. Bryan P 471. 570 Muecke. Lisa Ann 495. 584 Mueller, Charles W 351. 570 Muessig. Kristine Mary 402. 525 Muhlbauer. Michael Scott 378. 381 Muhlberg. Bruce Robert 525 Mulberry. Lynn E 459. 525 Mulcihy. Casey Thomas 556 Mulhern, Mary Ann 453 Mullen, Kathleen Ruth Str 380 Mullen. Keith Howard 378, 570 Muller. Jean Maria 368. 375. 571 Mulligan. Colleen 574 Mullins. Charles B 525 Mulvaney. Patricia A 380 Muncey, Thomas Allen 305, 487, 556 Munguia. Rudolph H 364 Munir. Patricia Sue 114. 441. 556 Muniz. Dierro Emiterio 176. 584 Munn. Karl Michael Munn, Ronald Keith Munneke, Gary A Munns. Wesley Clark Munoz. Jesse Frank Munoz. Ramon Richardo Muntz, Debra Kay Murdock. Pat Estes Murdock, Roger P Murphy, Charles M. 296 584 282 384 392. 405 525 525 305 387 381 Murphy, Deborah Ann 525 Murphy, John J. Jr. Murphy, John Kevin . Murphy. Karen Lynn . Murphy, Larry James Murphy, Mary Margaret 370 383. 545 375. 450, 457, 571 389 212. 571 Murphy. Michael Joe 124 Murphy. Susan Marie Murphy. Susan Wills . Murphy. Teresa Marie Murray, Alice F Murray, Gail Lynn . . . Murray, Jamie Andrew 571 525 311. 525 437. 571 349. 441. 571 304 Murray, Lucy Aileen 556 Murray. Nancy Jeanne . . . 457, 556 Murray. Robert Moore . 198. 455, 208, 273 Murry. Dulse Lakaye 556 Musgrove, Kari Lynn 426, 584 Musick, Virginia Ruth 571 Mussell, Sue Ann 369 Muth, Robert Lindsay 479. 571 Muzny, Cynthia Marie 375 Myers. Garry Lewis 338. 571 Myers. Lawrence R 556 My ers, Marleen 525 Myers. Patricia Anne 421 Myers, Royce Ray 584 Myers. Samuel A 378 Myrick, Jana Dee 375. 556 Nabors. Mike Nelson 327, 414 Naert, Sharon Sue 205 Nager. Ross Wayne 449, 525 Nagle, Lucile L ..453.571 Nail. Lindalyne Gay 377. 525 Najar. Nina 176 Nakamura. Yukohiro A 359 Nail. Holly Anne 441 Nalty. Dennis Francis 380 Naman. Arthur Maurice Nanney. Pamela Jill . . . Nappa. Anne Namette . Naranjo, Mary S. F Narum. Cynthia Inez . . Narvaez. Henry Z Naseef. Bakeer All Nash. Jeffery Lee Nash. Marlene Gayle . . . Nash. Peggy Anne ... Nash. Peter James .... Nash. Richard Ardell . Nash. Timothy Slater . . Nassour. Michael M. . . Nastri, Mark Louis Nathan. Sara Lynn .... Natural Science Council Naughton. Catherine A. Naugle. Toni Lynn Navarro. Samuel E Navy ROTC Nawrocki. Lynn Barbara Naylor. Diana Jane Naylor. Glen Charles Naylor, Terry Lynn Neal, David Lester Neal, Deborah Lynn Neal. Donna Renee Neal. Joe W Neal. Mark Harrell Neal. Sherie Ann Nease. Stephen Duane Ntdell. Naomi Needham. Nan Neel. Gary Taylor Neff. John Earle Negron, Elizabeth Neil. Marjorie Neill. Cheryl Ann Neill. Craig Evans Neill. Cynthia Elaine Neitzel. Charlotte L Nellor. Donald Scott Nelson. Alice Carroll Nelson, Carol Anne Nelson. Daniel Warren .... Nelson. Diane Berenice . . . Nelson, Eugene W Nelson, Forrest David II ... Nelson, Helen Dale Nelson, John Delane Nelson, John R Nelson, Karen Denise Nelson, Kerry Lyn Nelson, M. Lynette Nelson. Nancy Ann Nelson. Patricia M Nelson. Robert Grant .... Nelson. Robert Jack Nelson. Vicki Lynn Nemir, David Charles Nemky. Carol Jean Nemzin, Marcia Lynn Nenstiel. Joe Don Nepomnick, Rick Alan Netardus, Alyce Janette . . Netherton. H. W. Ill Netherton, Nancy K Nettles. Charles M Neumann. Annette L Neumann, Lily Neurohr, Glenn Karl Neville. Angela Neville. John F Nevins. Richard William New. Gail Elizabeth Newberry. Jose Luis Newberry. Melissa Newberry, Ruth I Newberry. William Bohning Newell, Wynne Deborh Newhouse. Kathryn L. Ayers Newland. Richard Lynn . . . Newlm. Sheila Kay Newlin, Stephen Thomas . . Newman. Andre Newman. April Dawn Newman. Gary Strong .... Newman. David Alan Newman. Druanna Lee .... Newman. Frank Arthur .... Newman. Gary Lynn Newman. John Weston . . . Newman. Larry Newman. Marc Paul Newton. Carol Anne Newton. Richard Craig Neyland. Ruthie Carolyn . . Neyland. Synthia J Ng. John Sai-Keung Ng. Kwok-On Hermann Ng. Manshan Derek Niblett. Lea Ann Nichols, Anthony Alan .... Nichols. David Allen Nichols. Glenn Ernst Nichols. Kathleen Ann . . Nichols. Renee Lynn .... Nichols, Sally Ann Nichols. Shari Lynn Nichols. Sheila Darlene . Nichols. Stuart Arthur . . Nichols. Tom Sheppard Nichols. Virginia Ann Nicholson. Holly Ann .... Nicholson. James A Nicholson. Samie F Nicholson. Sheila L Nicholson. William H Nickels, Carol Ann Nicholas. Sandra Rose . . Nicosia, Ralph Nicoud. Robert Macaulay 368. 375. 303. 338. 368. . 213. 293. 339. 480. 375. 402. 380 437. 584 369. 584 499 433. 584 525 306. 545 571 571 433. 571 380. 383 571 351, 584 339 431. 584 421, 526 236 526 475 306, 370 386-389 342. 556 369. 584 364 290. 571 526 556 369 249 378. 571 417 . . 370 421 323. 545 368, 545 468 556 441. 584 404. 417 467 437. 584 373. 376 210 457 338 371. 373 342. 499 373 327 457. 556 339 468 375 212 338 495. 584 355, 526 383 286. 545 330. 556 383 556 174 .... 376 481. 571 570 468 459. 556 447 450. 526 .... 556 .... 584 196, 377 213. 571 .... 127 .. 584 400 417 .... 459 461. 584 288 .... 526 . . 414 417. 584 .... 339 .429 418. 585 .... 479 .... 455 437 .... 378 401. 571 461. 585 .... 174 585 450. 571 ... 381 441. 585 212. 571 ... 307 381 .... 526 .... 417 .. 556 . . 368 ... 585 526 426. 556 585 213. 571 .339 . . 380 127 571 457 . . . . 373 571 .... 212 368. 556 338, 571 369 .... 571 585 Niebla, Armando Albert Niedelman. Dorothy M. Mrs Nielsen. Barbara Lee Niemann, Frederick A. Jr Niemann, James C Niemann, Linda Lee .... 375. 402. Niemann, Steven Wayne Niesner, Helen M. Srubar Night, Allan S Nigo, Elda Ida Nila, Patricia Niland. Robert William Nipper. Diana Lynn Nipper. Paul Thomas Nirenberg. Rena Golda Nitschke, Elizabeth A 203, Nixon, Jeffrey Jay Nixon, Roger Bane Nixon. William Campbell Noack, Carla Louise Noack, Nancy Ann Noell, Mary Camille Story Nogg, Lawrence Randall Nolan, Elizabeth A Noland. James Lester Noland. Mary Ann Nolley, Stephen Ray Nordloh, Katrin Ede Nordmeyer. Debra Lynn Nored. Carolyn Norman. John Randolph Norman. Nathaniel Sqctt Normand, Donna Marie Norred. Patricia Anne . . Norris. Debra Lynn .... Norris. Dorothy Sue Norris. John R. Ill North. Nancy Susan . . . Northcutt. Annice Northern, Scott Davis . Northington, Diana L. . . Northington, Robert C. Norton, Debra Jo .... Norton, Paul Darwin Norvell. Margaret V. ... Norwood. David Lloyd . Nosier, Jennifer Jacob Notestine, Alice Jennings Notias, Nikki L Noton, Elaine Novak, Henry James . . Never, Mark Nathan Novick. Cheryl A Novorr, Keith Alan Novy, Bernard Ivan .... Novy. Brian Matthew . . Nowell, Donna Jean . . . Nowlin. Janie Elizabeth Nowling, Larry Scott . . . Noyes, W. Albert Jr. ... Null, Margaret Nell Null. Mary Elizabeth . . . Null, Michael Glenn Null. Nancy Darlene Nunez, Gonzalo Francisco Nungesser, Lisa Gail 375. Nunn, Barbara Nunnelee. Melissa Gaines Nurenberg. Pamela . 368, 375, 402. Nurius. John Michael Nurius, Paula S. Garner Nursing Student Association Nutter, Jeffrey Stuart Nutter. Royce Layton 380, 338. 175. 369. 296. 526 377 571 373 449. 526 495. 556 487. 526 . 556 571 585 308 571 418. 556 .... 378 174. 380 457. 526 381 526 467 426 426. 545 374 . . ' . . . 480 450, 526 545 441. 556 338 426 453 585 526 471. 585 369 .450. 585 526 401 479. 526 369. 585 381 468 475. 556 468. 585 311 339 369 585 377 457 330, 571 426, 556 585 526 571 493, 571 380 480, 571 526 585 585 373 439. 585 439. 585 380. 526 .... 212 .... 556 381. 556 .. 339 . . 369 433. 571 .... 526 .... 526 298 .... 585 .. 545 O ' Brien, Randa Sue 441 O ' Connell, Kathleen H 369. 459. 585 O ' Donnell. Cynthia Louise 369 O ' Hara, Siri Annette 585 O ' Kelley, Michael Keith 199. 286. 526 O ' Neil, Danny Thomas 388 O ' Neill. Kathleen Mary 426. 585 Oake. Robert Glenn Jr 435. 571 Oakes, Cynthia Ann 369 Dates, Nickey Louis 455. 526 Oatman, David Clark 556 O ' Bannion. Margaret J 380, 433. 526 O ' Benhaus. Dennis Karl 373. 377 O ' Berg. Julia Ann 453. 526 O ' Berwetter. James M 378 O ' Berwortmann, Anne E 450. 556 O ' Bitts. Denise Diane Mrs 386. 526 O ' Brien. George D. Jr 382 O ' Brien. Joan 369 O ' Brien, William J. Ill 401. 402 O ' Connell. Patrick John 556 O ' Connor. Richard David 351 O ' Dahara. Nobuko 526 O ' Dell, Michael Alan 332 O ' Dell. Milton B. Jr 377 O ' Dell. Willis Wade 585 O ' Den. David Keith 378 O ' Dom. Charles Hermon 461. 526 O ' Dom. George Henry 545 O ' Dom. Mikal Janelle 526 O ' Donnell. Deborah Jean 338, 545 O ' Ehler, Joy Lynn 212, 571 O ' Ehler, Judith Carolyn 571 O ' Ehler, Judith Gay 338. 342 O ' Etter. Susan Ann 585 Officer. Karen Suzanne 426 Ogden. Kyle W 571 Ogg. Sheri Denise 526 Ogier. Charles Edward Jr 389 Ogier, Richard G 382 Ogle. Robert Joseph 585 O ' Halloran. Karen Ann 526 O ' Hara. Richard Michael 556 Ohle, Louis D 190 Ohls, Mark Stephan 471 Ohman, Nils Bonesteel 381 Oksner. Leslye Rae 421. 556 Olafson. Steven M 526 Dies. Charles P 466.321 Oles. David William 467 Oliphant. Lee Lewis 386 Olivarez, Carolyn Sue 313 Olive. Kristin Ann . Oliveira, David George Oliveira. Denise Daneel Oliveira, Ronnel Hector Oliveira, Victor Louis . . Oliver. Jane Marie Oliver. Sarah Ann Oliver. Steven Riley Oliver. William R Olivier. Henri G Olivo. Edna Alicia 369. 375. 585 556 585 545 545 418. 556 457. 322. 556 338 556 414 526 Olle. Thomas Henry 383 Olm. Kenneth W 373 Olmstead. Timothy A 526 Olsen. Cynthia Diane 585 Olsen. John Stuart 380 Olsen. Susan Kay 545 Olson, Edward Clinton 526 Olson. Gerald Anders 378 Olson, Jon Michael 193. 284. 526. 624 Olson. Larry Duane 306. 378 Olson. Lorraine Marie 369 Olson. Nancy Jane 388 Olson. Ronald Craig 401, 585 Olson, Ruth Anne 585 Olum. Paul 236 O ' Malley. Mary Pat 381 O ' Man. Teena Beth 324 Omega Pl Phi 464 Omicron Delta Kappa 373 Omicron Nu 374 Oncken, Sharise 369 Ondrusek. Richard D 378 Ondrey. Joseph C 284 O ' Neal. Dawn Alice 175 O ' Neal. Robert Martin 321, 455. 526 Orange Jackets 323 Orientation Advisors 211 Drier. Karen Gratia 437. 556 Orlowski. Debra Faith 377 Ormachea Pacheco. Carlos 380 Ornish. Steven Andrew 1 75 Orozco. Irma Stella 176. 556 Orr. Carolyn J 330. 375. 571 Orr. Hugh David 332 Orr, Joseph 368 Orr. Robert Collins Jr 468. 585 Ortega, Evelina 526 Ortiz. Maria Guadalupe 176 Ortolon, Kenneth L 571 Osborn. Lon McVey 461, 571 Osborne. Connie Gay 402. 426. 571 Osborne. John Carroll 373 Osborne. Maura Ellen 437 Osborne. Robin Ahrendt 313. 526 Osborne, Suzan Valrie 194. 298 Osburn. Susan Holt 439 Oshman. Norman Balfour 324. 480. 571 Oskay. Mehmet Melih 379. 383 Ostrander, Gayle Ann 571 Oswald, Janice Gail 433. 556 Otis. Jack 247 Ottermann. Robert W 526 Ottmann. Jeffry D 447. 557 Otto, Jeffrey Douglas 489 Otto. Maribeth Anne 375 Otto. Paula Kay 571 Outenreath, Robert L 499 Overall. Catherine Lee 369. 375 Overbey. Daniel Leon 381 Overbey. Gail Ann 381 Overcash. Carl Norvin 526 Overfield, Stuart A 526 Overstreet. Peggy A 359. 527 Overstreet, Walter C 286 Overton, Mary Maud 437 Oviatt, Susan MacLean 457. 571 Owen, Cecelia May 330 Owen. David Marc 349. 585 Owen, George Mitchell 327 Owen, Hessie Reese 459. 527 Owen, Lee Wyndle 455. 585 Owen, Martha Powell 177 Owens. David Griffith 401 Owens. Tracy Lynn 453. 545 Owsley. Steven Alvin 127 Oxford, Thomas E 378 Oyen. John F 304. 571 Oyen. Use Ann 418. 527 Ozar, Donna Rae 374. 380. 527 Ozuna. George Flores 585 Paape, Catherine Ann . . Pace. Charles E Pace. David Franklin . . . Pace, Hattie Beatrice Pace, Robert Charles III 557 .174. 179 527 585 . 585 Index 611 Name Page Page Page Name Page Pacharzina. Nancy Ann Pacheco, Hector Rafael 296. Paciotti, Catherine C. Pack. Catherine Ann . Padawer. Jeffrey Jay i R. 380. 382. 493. 493. Padawer. Stephen Padgett. Arthur Roy Padilla, Joe Javier Padilla. Juan Jr Page. Curtis Withers Page. Derek Layne Page, Gary Robert Page, Marshall C Pagetclarke, Jane Paine, Beverly Anne 417. Paine, Deborah Lou 355, Paiva, Julie Laverne 369, 450. Pajares. Jerome Michael Pakowsky. Jo Susan Palacios. Hector Xavier Palmer, Caroline Alida 322, Palmer. Deborah Lynne Palmer. Jamie Deniese Palmer. Leslie Allan Palmer, Melanie Ann Palmer, Robert Scott Palmer. Robin Carol Palmer, Scott Brewer Pafza, Javier E Pang. Harry Fook Pang. Hwi Woong Panned. Vernelle Panzarella. Robert L 332. Pappas. James Marcus 388. Paradoski, Connie Jane Pardue, Dana Jo Pardue. George Preston Pardue. Janice Elaine 369. Pardue. Marie Annette Pardue, Melinda Gaye 459. Paredes, Vicente 338. Paredez. Beatrice S Park, Marion Schuyler Park. Michael David Park, Randy Lynn Parker, Ann Elizabeth 417. Parker, Carla Sue 459. Parker, Debra Ann Parker, James Ayres Parker, Jane Lynn Parker, Julie Lynne Parker, Lawrence H Parker, Mary Elizabeth Parker, Pamela Ann Parker, Peggy Anne 177. 457. Parker, Robert Oran Jr 386, Parker, Roger William 397. 398. Parker. Sara Ellen Parker, Stephen Lee Parker, Susan Syrisse 433. Parker. Susanna Parker, Teresa Maria Parker, Terri Kay Parker. Timothy Joe 358. Parkhouse. Colby Leigh Parkhurst, Jennifer A Parks, Sandra Leigh Parks. William Allen Jr 467. 304. Parma, Michael Joseph 381, Parnell. Joan Wade 439. Parr. June Elizabeth 453, Parr. Mark Barrett 412. 465. Parr, Vanna Lee Parramore. Janice Kay Parramore, Suzanne Rene 311. Parrish. William M 272. 371. Parsley. Sandra Strake 459. 585. Parsley, Sharon Strake 459, Parson. Richard Dennis Parsons, Betty Susan Parsons, George T. Ill Parsons. Robert S 412. Partain. Valerie Jean 312, Partegas, Maria Sharon Partida. Joe Alberto Partin. Betty Jean 310. 374, 380. Paschal. James Steele Jr Pasenhofer. Jan Ellen Passmore. Don Lawrence Patchen. Heidi Lynn Pate. Gina Louise . Pate. Phyllis Elaine Patillo. Charles Tacquard 414, Patrick, Jamin Lee Patrick, Thomas Edwin Patrylak. Daniel J Patten. Alice Cassandra 292. Patterson. Ellen Jean Patterson, Janet Louise Patterson, Marsha Gayle Patterson. Mary C Patterson, Mary M. Patterson, Penny Kathryn Pattillo. Steven Chase . . . 455. 414. Patton, Chris Aaron Patton. Edward Berry Patton, Elizabeth M Patton, Kimberly Gaye Patton, Robin Keighley 418. Paul. Donald R Paul. Jeffrey R Paul. John Frederick Paul. Kathryn 437, Paulette. Gary Mark 302. Paull. Andrea Paul), Barbara Ellen Paulson. Adrienne Eve 369. Paust. Andrea Jane 404. Paveglio. Howard A Pavletich. Marsha Ann 120. Pavlicek. Brenda Carol Paxton, Carolyn Louise 369. 375. Paxton. Patti Jean 353. 412. 491. . ' 286. 176 Payne. Cheryl Ann 330. 545 Payne. Doreen Kay 557 Payne. Herbert H 557 Payne. Loren 212.375. 571 Payne. Mary Anna 545 Payne, Rebecca Lynn 381 . 383 Payne, Ruth Ellen 527 Payton. Sandra E 57 1 Peak. Margaret Jane 468 Pearce, John Charles 368, 114 Pearce. Lawrence Ray 449. 387 Pearce, Trudy Reyna 177 Pearl Magazine 557 Pearson, Amy Jo 545 Pearson. Eugene Leroy 381 Pearson, Gary Pinkney 449, 585 Pearson. James Haralson 387 Pearson. John Henry IV 136. 330 Pearson. Kenneth Wayne 585 Pearson. Michael Paris 426 Pearson, Ronald Gene . 557 Pearson, Steven C 381 Pearson. Susan Nadine 401 Pease, Arthur Flagg . 418 Pease, Debra Kay 321 Pease, Kenneth Ray 437 Peavey, Donald Ralph 455 Peavy. Mark Alan .... 571 Peck. Christopher R 380 Pecore. Richard Bruce 379 Peden. Thomas Botts 527 Pedersen. Richard S 368. Pedroza, Bertha Anna 571 Peebles. Ann Hardin 557 Peebles, Sam Parker 527 Peek. Linda 363 Peel. Charlotte Ann 375 Peel, Renee Lisa 475. 384 Peel. Thomas B 476. 585 Peeples. Clayton K 479, 343 Peeples. Eugene M. IV 479. 571 Peer. William Joseph 437 Peerman, Gregory Harris 585 Peerman, Robert E Jr 383 Peet. Gary John 585 Peitfer, Michael S 585 Pellegrini. Edward F 489. 439 Pelletier. John Henry 585 Peloquin, Allen Victor 384 Pelton. Bart Allen 369 Pern Club 527 Pemberton. Michelle C 196. 381 Pena. Diana 585 Pena. Frank Anthon