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T inT " " ' -« i Brrnn— Hill iiiiiiiiiiMiiiii ' Hiii fij- ' .-y ij r.iJ r f ' l ' -. i;■ ■A " ■l■; ii n m i n i J ufwm . v-;;vinmvwm hvaR immyA iiim I I I I ; «.•- ■ i r ;i- r 1 f .It • " ' 1 v..,;r v c i . ' 4: , ' ' ;■ ;. ' .■ ! ■ • 1 •: ' ■ • ■V. Ik -.t A- r . ' : Sfa e Capitol dome over Slhoal Creek ' MPCi: i .M W C- 1 r %j ••- .,.. s»-»«- . .-».% . . • u „a« «e es ' ' " : -- - MBaAvMaiXJaHMMpc ' ' - IS ■ ' mm • • I - - ; :.v, : : . . ■• » », The controversial American Bank tower at sunset D M AU A »w. vv. ■L- f ' fr -J r Tm; K - V V vV t A 1 »5« V K ki!.: X I ■ ■■ --r BC " i ■[ • - - — . " knSu Kvv VkLii ilR. • i nil- " WBpP ' fll Br _. % Spring azaleas blooming on the West Mall .-jT ' eat! V (• -rf • ' i ai - . ' -rim 1 . IR " ., ' - tj- ' :;. ' . v ; ' j- :. ■ ' ■ ,i .-rfrC- ' ' Al y ■.:: t « j3t0iuary%litUefield fountain ' ? i r — - ' tSl sr Noontime crowd kx ■ ' A " 1 ■ 41 1 ■ f H 1 ▼ RANDY EDWARDS Editor-in-Chief CLAIRE CHARLTON Associate Editor SUSIE STOLER Copy Editor JERRY R. THOMPSON Supervisor PATSY S. MERIDITH Assistant Supervisor STANLEY FARRAR MARLON TAYLOR Photography Supervisors Opening and closing section photography by STANLEY FARRAR SECTION EDITORS LYNNE BAGGETT. Classes KEITH CRAWFORD, Classes BOB GRIBBLE, Student Leadership MELANIE HAUSER, Athletics MILAN HUGHSTON, Honoraries BECKY HURLEY, Features BARBARA LINCH, Military, Limelight PATSY LOVEN, Special Interests ROB MARTIN, Academics LORA MUELLER, Professionals MARTHA ROOT, Features JERRY STANLEY, Greeks JACKIE WANTA, Greeks I CONTRIBUTING WRITERS RICHARD JUSTICE Sports Copy Writer JOY HOWELL DANIEL D. SAEZ LYNDIE BLEVINS PHOTOGRAPHERS JAY GODWIN ZACH RYALL ANDY SIEVERMAN CAROL JEAN SIMMONS MIKE SMITH DAVID WOO and NANCY GOLDFARB Published by Texas Student Publications The University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas 78712 Volume 82 © Texas Student Publications 1975 14 •■11 ■UMBga CACTUS THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN 1975 15 CONTENTS THE YEAR 1975 Features Student Leadership Athletics Academics Limelight THE PEOPLE 1975 Special Interest Professionals Honoraries Military Greeks Classes Index Closing 543 642 680 i f THE YEAR 1 N- — il 1975 r I ' I 3 C :? 5-- :: ;=? r ■ ! IP 9fi of Gas I 3 P CO E re ; Q mm .. c ce -. i l 1 O H oc E 00 CA H H o c V o -5 - bo re c C Z 3 i n cu t u E a S °c n, o E :c-c a o = 3 a 5?s: H CL CO c c rz 9P r J ij -4 II Rli r J I I i J a _ 5 fiii i ( I ( I ' ■A I . H 1 9fS ra u CE DC C a uo ffi O H tfi . ro :i UO c y; ra -t: a. UJ 8 IP L I 1 •:: ' ■ tit ji: H: 1- !1 Sir: z: jii- « = « 1 III H 1 c o si H W 00 c J2 -a p SI 10 5» xasV cede 1 1861 QJ CO f c .S 0(5 t n H r flD . H Valentine ' s Day Susie St oler ' s Birthday H b J 2 UT has 90-days t. Remedy HEW Discrim- ination Decision u « H 20 Richard Obenshain Address Robert Penn Warren Address in i s w r H w 1 ff s 0 P o X H ' c 1 o 1 H 9 C CO WO " Pippin ' ham Line day Mueller ' iday ent Gove lion Filin iline v -gc u 2£ 2 -S S .:= CO U XI • 1 0-- z;.2J 0) P4 H e u tn 1 joa cnwa 1 A f ni H » Ic III ■■v 0) CO H 6 H si Hi jJZ H!:: o c DO c S 1 Ic M C 1 H o f OS c .2 U obc eC c S 0) i; - (8 CO q; 2 g Q o -a o c Q.ScS ; — ll f e c 1 H Drama: " Damn Yc kees " Drama: " House of Bernarba Alba " Co-Op Elections 1 Disch-Falk Field Opens H ' « . ) 0 " . 1 . " c3 H HogD ubeck oiler S y istory egins ■ffl c bu o pun " r Xca 1 o a Sa i5ig 1 P DO t? IS.S Gro Dav cert =).S OD 1 Drai brid Mar o CO CO aacn _ r w i i h-4 x M H M - a: x: Features Student Leadership Athletics Academics Limelight FEATURES Becky Hurley Martha Root 11 I M. Taylor 18 — Summer Recreation • iW Summer in Austin Relax While You Work Students gathered at Armadillo World Headquar- ters ' air conditioned outdoor beer garden for beer, nachos and conversation. Greezy Wheels and Plum Nelly packed audiences into the old armory for a taste of Austin music as Armadillo celebrated its fourth summer. The many available diversions of Zilker Park offered a convenient and pleasant way to spend a summer afternoon. The cares and worries of summer school were tossed aside as easily as an orange in a three-way juggling act. Summer Recrf iition — - 19 m Orientation: Orange Indoctrination A new student ' s first encounter with the Univer- sity of Texas is confusing and hectic at best. Summer Orientation helps newcomers make a smooth trans- ition from high school or another college to the Uni- versity; to cope effectively with the first chaotic days of classes; and to more fully understand themselves in relation to their new academic environment. ' The Orientation Office in tlie lobby of Kinsolving, affection- ately known as the " Fishbowl, " was swimming with scores of advisors frantically running in and out, trying to get their work done. ' Sponsored by the Dean of Students Office, Orien- tation sessions are held once a week for eight weeks during the summer. Advisors are University students selected and trained to work with new students on both personal and academic levels. They live in Kin- solving Dorm with the orientees, provide academic counseling and answer the numerous, assorted ques- tions a newcomer might have. ' Each advisor we passed handed out more materials, then pointed us in the direction of our rooms. ' Orientation encompasses two types of program- ming: academic and nonacademic. The academic programs — college meetings, departmental open houses, advanced placement testing and pre-advising — help him decide on a major, a general degree plan and a schedule of courses for the coming semester. These activities culminate in a special, small-scale registration for orientees at the end of each session. ' After registration was all over, advisors tried to comfort those students who didn ' t get what they needed by reminding them that they could go through adds and drops in September. ' Nonacademic programs fill the remaining hours of Orientation week to provide a sampling of the many diversions that prevail in Austin and at the Univer- sity. Faculty firesides, multi-media presentations, campus tours and Midnight Munchies introduce the new student to various aspects of the University. Orientation is a simulated reality, and attempts to acquaint the incoming student with the campus, its operation and people. The real understanding comes later, as the orientee actually attends class and involves himself with campus society. ' That last morning there were many good-byes and promises to get together again in September. Once again the lobby was filled with people and their suitcases, but now we were students. ' 20 — Orientation I m4 kr-. Orientation — 21 TOP LEFT: The West Mall opened to students in June after months of dis- puted construction. TOP RIGHT: The Drag is no place for car trouble during hot August rush hour traffic. BOTTOM LEFT: The cooling tower for the Uni- versity Physical Plant was hit by fire July 10, necessitating the purchase of lifty percent of the school ' s power from the City of Austin. Flames 30 feet high sent black smoke and ashes over the University area for almost an hour, until nine Austin Fire Department com- panies contained the blaze. BOTTOM RIGHT: Bicycles jammed the already crowded bike racks. t ihmi r ' i M. Taylor 22 — Summer 1974 S. Farrar Summer Days Parch the University Summer 1974 — 23 . Returning Students Greeted by Rainy Weather «iwa o) p. Huber -i r. TOP: After making their way through extensive construction on IH 35, students knew they were nearly home upon seeing this sign. LEFT; River- side Drive could be called " UT at South Austin. " Ten thousand students called this broad expanse of apartments home. An additional shuttle bus run was added this year, bringing to three the number of routes serving this portion of " campus. " ABOVE AND RIGHT: Moving in is always a hassle, especially in the rain. Precipitation was recorded on 14 days in September, depositing 1.58 inches of moisture on the city. Only eight days in the month were clear. Nine were partly cloudy and 13 were cloudy. ( [SinuBODs Coming Home — 25 Rain Registration and the Runaround RIGHT: A fee receipt stamped " paid " enabled a student to get an ID, cash checks and attend classes. BELOW: Rain-slicked Guadalupe was crowded with returning students scurrying to buy books and supplies. OPPOSITE PAGE: Fall 1974 enrollment totalled 41,848 according to official records. Approximately 14,000 students went through the centralized add and drop procedure held at Bellmont Hall in the fall. i ' 26 — Registration lA 27 sr] KAj ;-rn ; s- ■ -. " ■.■ : ' il • . ' myz 28 I And Frisnds Tirst Annual Tc as Size Hompin ' , Gtompin ' Barn Dance and Earbsque - Gsptember 1, 1974 By Daniel D. Saez The ZZ Top And Friends First Annual Texas Size Rom- pin ' Stompin ' Barn Dance and Barbeque was indeed, as Student Government President Frank Fleming said later, " the largest one-day musical event in Texas history. " For some of the 80,000 crammed into Memorial Stadium the Sunday before Labor Day, the excitement included seeing and hearing Joe Cocker, Santana, Bad Company and ZZ Top and the thrill of smoking grass where Rosie Leaks had once carried a football. But for nearly everyone else, the ZZ Top concert was a claustrophobic, overheated cornucopia of thirst, hunger and sunstroke. " There was no barn, " said Texan writer Bryan Brumley in an editorial the following Tuesday, " but there was a considerable amount of dancing around the crowded bathrooms, water fountains and concessions stands. " Barbeque was there, but the food (before the limited supply ran out) cost $2.50 a plate in addition to the $8 admission fee. And though Student Government stood accused of many things following its sponsorship of the concert, it could never be accused of one thing — thinking small. The much discussed subject of a money-raising rock concert became a reality early in August, when Student Government announced a major concert would be held September 1 in Memorial Stadium. Promoted by the biggest names in the concert business, and advertised from Texas to Tennessee to Mexico, every- one knew the ZZ Top concert would be big. Nobody was prepared for what actually ensued. The first indication of trouble concerned an ambiguity in the advertising leaflets. Ads run in The Daily Texan the week before the concert clearly stated that the admission price would not cover the cost of the barbeque. However, leaflets and posters mailed to a five-state region by the Dallas-based public relations agency which handled advertising made no such statement. " We didn ' t realize the advertising problem until a week before the concert, " Fleming said. " I don ' t think our advertising was deceptive. It wasn ' t meant to be. " The state Consumer Protection Division, after a lengthy investigation, reached the same conclusion. Instead of serving a law-suit for damages in cases of misleading advertising, the division decided that the promoters had sought to make amends through revised press releases and only asked them to sign an agreement designed to stop certain such advertising practices in the future. The barbeque issue became moot however, when the gates to the stadium opened at noon Sunday. Instead of the Student Government estimate of 60,000, attendance swelled to an unbelievable 80,000. ZZ Top — 29 The food ran out at 1:30 p.m., and the concessionaires were forced to close their stands after their remaining stockpiles of ice, barbeque and soft drinks were plucked by the out-of-control crowd and forays for additional sup- plies proved to be unsuccessful. Backstage, Barry Fey, the concert ' s promoter, vented his disgust at the entire situation. " It ' s just an incredible amount of unprofessionalism on the part of the concessionaires, " said Fey. " If you invite people into your home you should be able to feed them. " " Hell, " retorted concession manager Steve Smith after he had supervised the closing of the last of his stands. " We would have been equipped to feed 100,000 people, but we didn ' t have any advance notice that this many would show up. The last ticket estimation I got from Student Government was 27,000. Thursday I got word of 47,000. Eighty thousand showed up. We did the best we could. " While Fey and co-promoter Don Fox drank beer back- stage, concert-goers were swearing at God, the promoters, the concessionaires and each other. Without food or drink available, heat prostration became the day ' s affliction as approximately 30 emergency ambulance cases were taken to Brackenridge Hospital. Sixty volunteers from Austin-Houston drug crisis cen- ters worked overtime to reach heat and drug overdose victims slumped on the stadium ' s field. " People who really needed something to drink just blew it off on account of the long lines, " said Mike Cushner from Middle Earth drug crisis center. The first aid station under the sta- dium estimated treating 30 persons or more per hour. Aides in the two yellow and white first aid tents on the north end of the field lost count of the dispensed salt tab- lets and cold compresses. In addition to trucking in ice and soft drinks for heat victims, Student Government res- cinded its order prohibiting concert-goers from bringing their own refreshments into Memorial Stadium. Soon darkness fell and the temperature dropped to a more reasonable level. Carlos Santana and company helped soothe the mental ordeal of the masses in the sta- dium with an uplifting selection of their hits. In the hour before ZZ Top came on, the crowd resem- bled a moving shag carpet under the glare of the stadium lights. Human pyramids and blanket tosses relieved their boredom. And then the lights went out. To the tune of " The Eyes of Texas " rendered banjo- style. The ZZ Top emblem was hoisted skyward behind the scoreboard, and the crowd howled its pent-up joy. The stage lit up, the band came on, and the Top launched into " Thunderbird. " After a rocking performance that included four encores, it was all over. After the last of the music finished echoing among the stands and the clean-up crew began to file into the sta- dium, the post mortem statistics began to trickle in. Stu- dent Government ' s share at the gate was $25,000, with $10,000 going for expenses and $15,000 being clear profit, not much considering total gate receipts were over $680,000. Vandalism to concession stands reportedly amounted to approximately $1,000. A hole in the shape of the state of Texas was cut into the Astroturf playing field, and a num- ber of those who attended spent the early morning hours of Monday being processed by Austin police officers for alcohol and drug violations. University Police Captain Harry Eastman seemed satis- fied with the concert and its operation. " We were amazed, " he said. " It went much more smoothly than we had anticipated. We experienced no major problems. " Through full-page ads in the Austin American-States- man and The Daily Texan, concert promoters thanked the University for making the concert a success. However, the tired words spoken by two campus policemen as they sur- veyed the amount of debris in the stadium seemed to sum up the whole experience best. " It could have gone a whole lot worse, " one said as he wearily tipped his hat back on his head, " but you know for sure it could have gone a whole lot better. " i I or 1 30 — ZZ Top «18 dear profit, ' P ' s were over •of Ike state o[ fid. and a ■ " Wing hours ' ice officers (or =1 seemed satis- on. " We were loottilythanwe niaican-States- tos thanked the ss.Howe ' er,the SMastlieysiir- BJKined Memorial Stadium resembled a concrete f ishbowl A. Sievermaii A. Sieverman ZZTop — 31 ' What happened to the good old days when a band could just get up and play? ' — Barry Fey 32 — ZZTop ' ' old days Pandplay -Barrj ' Ftv ZZTop — 33 CEC 74-75 The Cultural Entertaiument Committee of the Texas Union ASNOMMCtiS THE SEASOIV Return To Forever Pippin Featuring Chick Corea Wednesday, February 12 Thursday, September 25 Original Broadway musical Jazz ensemble comedy Soviet Georgian Dancers The River Niger and Tbilisi Polyphonic Choir Thursday, March 6 Tuesday, October 15 Tony Award-winner for the best Company of 80 Russian folk dancers play, 1973-74 Leipzig Gewandhaus Alvin Alley Orchestra City Center Dance Theater Monday, November 4 Sunday, March 9 and Monday, World ' s oldest symphony orchestra March 10 Modern dance presenting heritag Paul Taylor Dance Company of the American Negro Monday, November 11 and Tuesday, November 12 The New Shakespeare Modern dance with unique Company choreography As You Like It Monday, March 17 Todd Rundgren Friday, November 15 Lynyrd Skynyrd Rock musician Monday, April 7 Rock musicians Leo Kottke Sunday, November 24 Kris Kristofferson and Folk-rock musician Rita Coolidge Saturday, April 26 Loggins and Messina Country-rock musicians Sunday, December 1 Folk-rock musicians The Beach Boys Thursday, May 1 Rock musicians 34 — CEC ? Kns Kn- li)lli isim .iiul Kil.i ( (jijIkI EnTERTninmenT n K H p ' p iJPI v4i 1 " " iM w } ts Ph J 1 lli. Loudon Wiiinvvright III A ' rcmiitiitum AniK! MuiiMy AmcMiimv Todd RundLiicn nppinu E! Reprinted by permission from TIME, The Weekly Newsmagazine; Copyright Time, Inc. Back in the good old days in Austin, Texas, say 1970, a guy could risk trou- ble for deriding country-and-western music, or merely hollering the words " rock- ' n ' -roll. " This was, after all, the ancestral home of Texas swing, where the Light Crust Doughboys had helped elect flour salesman, W. Lee O ' Daniel, Governor in 1938. Even such talented native Texans as Singers Janis Joplin and Johnny Winter, blues rockers both, had been forced to head as far away from Austin as possible to make the big time. Rock is no longer a dirty word in Austin. Indeed, by embracing rock ' s big beat, Austin ' s musicians have evolved a brand-new style of country rock, and have made the city the fastest-growing country-m.usic center in the U.S. Nash- ville, still the capital of country, may provide more regular work. Bakers- field, Calif., may offer the inspirational presences of Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. But from the point of view of new sounds, freedom and plain musical fun, Austin now definitely ranks as No. 1. Within the past two years, following the lead of such veterans as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Jerry Jeff Walker, more than 200 musicians, vocalists and songwriters have moved to the Texas capital. Since last spring, three new country-music clubs have been built, and this month a converted movie palace will open as the Austin Ritz, a 700-seat theater devoted to coun- try rock. The city now has 65 resident bands; they all work regularly, since Austin ' s 28 clubs and bars often hire as many as three bands a weekend. Says Townsend Miller, country-music col- umnist of the Austin American-States- man: " Austin is country gone berserk. " The music is country picking and basic blue grass, leavened with rock and lightly glazed with acid. At 24, B. W. ( " Buckwheat " ) Steven- son is the most commercially successful of the young Austin musicians. He writes a lot about women, with emotion as honest as Merle Haggard ' s but a bit more realistic. Austin men are not sui- cidal; when a woman leaves, they sur- vive. Michael Murphey is the most articulate lyricist. His new album con- tains a tune called Holy Roller, a tongue-in-cheek paean to Bible Belt religion that obliquely speaks to the question of loss of faith. Without doubt, the quintessential country rocker is Jerry Jeff Walker. His songs tend to be unpretentious autobiographical cele- brations. For Jerry Jeff, life is " running naked in that high-hill country rain, " and his spontaneity is the antithesis of the calculated Nashville sound. If the Austin sound has a common trait, it is the lack, onstage, of show bus- iness antics or, in the recording studio, of slick electronic techniques. Leading musicians concertize and make records the way they drink — quickly, while everybody is looking, with few rehears- als and fewer regrets. The more natural, unlaundered, even raunchy the result. the better. As Michael Murphey puts it in his Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir album: Lone Star sippin ' and skinny dippin ' ' n ' steel guitars ' n ' stars Are just as good as Hollywood And them boogie woogie bars. Why a renaissance in Austin? Says Country M. C. Jim Franklin: " This has always been an anticommercial scene. " Besides the sippin ' and the stars, Austin happens to have one of the lowest costs of living of any metropolitan area in the nation, a benefice not lost on University of Texas graduates. Many stay on to drive cabs and show up during the day- time, when the musicians gather on street corners to trade hot licks and cool, mutual admiration. What the Fillmores East and West were to the rock era, the Armadillo World Headquarters is to Austin ' s country-rock set. A cavernous old armory decorated with surrealistic murals of the burrowing, bony-plated mammal that now ranks second only to the longhorn in Texas esteem, the Armadillo is filled each night with a curious amalgam of teen-agers, aging hippie women in gingham, braless coeds, and booted goat ropers swigging Pearl beer and swinging stetsons in time to the music. Doug Sahm, a 32- year-old fugitive of San Francisco psychedelia who sings there regularly, says that " leaving Austin now is like climbing off a spaceship from a magic place. " As he puts it in a song, the whole town is a groover ' s paradise. 38 — Austin Music ••JMiirpheypiitsit ' VScuveiiiralbiiiii: ' " nlAiuivdippij ' ■« is Austin ' S=, I Franklin: ' 11115:. ■taBBHcial scene. " ' ad lie stars. AustiD ■Hflhe lowest costs Unpofitanareaintlie Ml liil on University a May stay on to wap during the day- luicians gather on tnde hot licks and liliiiL Dies East and West era. the .■ rniadillo rters is to Austin ' s t. A cavernous old i with surrealistic mwjiig, bony-plated mb second only to Texas esteem, the I each night wth a of leen-agers. aging 1 gingham, braless goat ropers swigging »-ingin? stetsons in ;. Doug Sahm, a 32- ol San Francisco a(j there regularly, I AiBti " now is Ite (8l from a magic Its it in a song, the 50, 5 paradise. Austin Music — 39 N. Goldfarb Jerry Jeff Walker N. Goldfarb Michael Murphey p. Huber B. W. Stevenson 40 — Austin Music Michael Murphey " And the Perdernales flow out to the sea, And the sea waters rise up to Heaven, And rain down on the alleys of Austin, " " Alleys of Austin " Words and Music by Michael Murphey. ® 1973 Mystery Music. Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved. j Willis Alan Ramsey N. Goldfarb I J Stevenson Austin Music — 41 After 20 months of drought, Univer- sity fountains bubbled back to Ufe Sep- tember 20. The fountains had been turned off as an energy conservation measure since January 10, 1973, along with the Tower lights. The decision to turn on the water and lights was prompted by a decrease in overall energy consumption. William Wilcox, Physical Plant director, esti- mated that the Tower lights cost only 50 cents an hour to operate. Should energy be in short supply in the future, how- ever, the fountains and Tower lights will again be shut off. Students greeted the change in differ- ent ways — some with refreshing frolic, others with reflective awe. j. Godwin 42 — Fountains [GodHt inr- r III Ml ' II lit 1 . I n ♦AiVac: ■ ' . ' -M- Come on in, the Water ' s Fine p. Hubi 43 President Shakedown at the Top: THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN OFFICE OF THB PRESIDENT AUSTIN, TEXAS 787x3 September 2h , 197U Cha rles A. LeMalstre, M.D. Chancellor The University of Texas System Dear Dr. LeMaistre: After considerable reflection following our discussions yesterday, I must inform you that I an unable to comply with your request that I submit my resignation as President of The University of Texas at Austin. I do not feel that my resignation at this time would be in the best Interest of The University and I must ask for a full opportunity for a review of my stewardship as President. May I, therefore, be provided in writing with a complete list of those various reasons given to me yesterday on which you Indicated you had based your decision. I shall be glad to respond to these and all other questions about my administration within the context of whatever review mechanism is provided me under the due process to which I am entitled. I have already taken steps to constitute a special ad hoc committee on campus to evaluate my Presidency fn all respects. Monbers have been assured of complete access to all materials and documents available at The University of Texas at Austin. The conmlttee consists of Dean James W. McKle, Dean Wayne A. Danlelson, Dean Lorrin Kannamer, Professor Charles A. Wright, Professor William S. Livingston, Professor Edwin B. Allaire and three others holding faculty appointment who will be chosen by the committee itself. These actions have been taken in an attempt to provide you and each member of the Board of Regents with the most complete infomatlon upon which your respective evaluations of my Presidency can and should be based. May I further ask that you immediately provide a copy of this letter to each member of the Board of Regents. Sincerely yours , i ttrdl reipooj AUtlB. uite LSISch ieieril ad tin clwl) CO OH lirei; SiloU tUlB Irtqui iiuiei £(tii] utoti tlieiffi indiffl BDtbl, lueoopn og bii I thnufk OWou: of the tolent action [oiMoi ncojil: of the I fiUitc of thee ofBiell bin 00 taof SHS:gp Stephen H. Spurr 44 — Spurr 2. Who Runs the University? IS THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM Office of the Chancellor Assistant to the Chancellor: Mike Quinn 601 Colorado Street, Austin, Texas 78701 Area Code 512 • 471-1820 I have found it necessary today (September 2k, 197 ' t) to relieve Dr. Stephen H. Spurr from his administrative responsibilities as President of The University of Texas at Austin. This action in no way alters Dr. Spurr ' s academic status as a tenured professor in the Department of Botany and the LBJ School of Public Affairs. The Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents in describing the duties and responsibilities of both the Chancellor and the Chief Administrative Officer of the c omponents state clearly that the " chief administrative officer of each of the component institutions serves under and reports to the Chancellor, is responsible to the Chancellor and has access to the Board of Regents only through the Chancellor. " My action is based upon this unquestioned authority. As indicated in Dr. Spurr ' s letter to me of this date, I requested his resignation in an effort to resolve this matter in a manner least disniptive of The University of Texas at Austin. He has refused, and my action is in consonance with my best Judgment as to the proper course of action. My confidence in the ability of Dr. Spurr to administer the affairs of The University of Texas at Austin in an effective and efficient manner has been severely eroded over the past few months. This erosion has been accelerated by a generally uncooperative attitude on the part of Dr. Spurr, and an effort on his part to discredit the Chancellor juid System Administration through direct contact with members of the Board of Regents. Obviously this utter disregard for the duties «uid responsibilities of the Chancellor as mandated by the Board of Regents cannot be tolerated and , in my view , I took the only appropriate management action in view of Dr. Spurr ' s refusal to resign his administrative position. Further evidence of Dr. Spurr ' s disregard for the recognized administrative process is indicated by his appointment of the ad hoc committee to evaluate his presidency. This action fails to recognize that this evaluation is the direct responsibility of the Chancellor subject only to review by the Board of Regents. This course of action is regretable, but the best interests of The University of Texas at Austin cannot be ignored. I will have no further comment on this matter pending my report to the Board of Regents . September 2U , 197lt Contact : Mr. J. Mike Quinn 512 UT1-1820 Note: Another article on Dr. Spurr ' s firing appears on pages 266-267. Spurr — 45 Chilympiad 1974 46 — Chilympiad Nothin ' s Quite as Hot as Somethin ' From the Pot Chilympiad — 47 Celebrate Autumn! N. Goldfarb THIS PAGE: The Ben Hur Shrine Circus made a five-day Austin appearance in September. OPPO- SITE PAGE TOP: The Southern Governors ' Confer- ence held at Lakeway Inn brought politicians from all over the south to the Austin area. University stu- dents served as hosts and hostesses at the meeting. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: The Austin chapter of tjie Slippery Rock Fan Club, organized by Wally Pryor, met for a fun-raising party at Scholz Garten. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: The Donna Reed Fan Club sponsored the Maynard G. Krebbs Memorial Sock Hop September 22. 48 — Autumn lltll iiir:. ' S. Farrar Autumn — 49 Ninth Suicide Closes Tower Deck On October 28. a 25-y(Uir-old Undergraduate Library clerical assistant fell from the University Tower observation (l(;ck. Lenard Bruce Kreuz Jr. was the ninth person to die from such a fall and the sev- (!nth suicide in the building ' s history. The deck was closed immediately after the incident pending review by th(! Board of Reg( nts. Proposals d(!signed to prevent future incidents ranged from iron netting to plexiglas shields to metal bars around the observation deck. None of these pre- cautionary measures proved to be satisfactory to the regents. Upon a motion presented by Dr. Lorene Rog- ers. th ;y voted January 111 to permanently close the Tovv(;r viewing deck. D{!si)ite protests from students, the obser ' ation deck remained closed. Halloween — Or Just Another Thursday? Halloween is the perfect opportunity for a celebration, and students found many ways to get into the spirit of things. Halloween hi-jinks relieved the everyday tensions of the semester for both the prankster and the observer. Costumes ranging from the traditional to the outlandish were an important part of Halloween and appeared every- where from a shuttle bus to a party for underprivileged children. i 52 — Halloween N.Goldtarb J i!JN ' k....J M C. Kaufman Halloween — 53 ABOVE: Campaign posters appeared everywhere as Gonzalo Barrientos made a second bid for the Statehouse. RIGHT: Sherry Smith, Socialist Workers candidate for governor. OPPOSITE PAGE: Newly-elected and reelected State Senators take the oath of office as the 64th Legislature convenes in the Capitol ' s House Chamber. 54 — Elections Encore Performance by Demos n Less than 40 percent of the registered voters turned out and again gave the Democratic Party the edge in the general elections November 5, 1974. In statewide races, Democrats Dolph Briscoe, John Hill, Bill Hobby, Bob Bullock, Jesse James and Jim Langdon retained their executive positions as gover- nor, attorney general, lieutenant governor, comptrol- ler, treasurer, and railroad commissioner for four more years instead of previous two year terms. Austin area incumbent representatives Sarah Weddington and Ronnie Earle mounted landslide victories. State Senator Lloyd Doggett was victorious in his reelection bid, while newcomers Wilhelmina Delco and Gonzalo Barrientos won seats in the House of Representatives. In Travis County, only 37.57% of the registered vot- ers cast ballots. Attendance in University precincts was down 7% from the last general election. Despite her defeat to Gov. Briscoe in a controver- sial race, Frances Farenthold termed the 1974 elec- tions as the " year of breakthrough for women. " Con- necticut elected its first woman governor. New York put a woman in the position of lieutenant governor. In the United States House of Representatives, 12 women won reelection, and five more offices were turned over to women. In Texas, seven women were elected to the House of Representatives, two of them from Travis County. Elections — 55 n vvivn . ' X.vfimHinv.iin ' .Sfinf ' ijggm!!W3Lvmmuimmmsmamm»mi ' -mmmi»w» mSiaMMmemsmi " ,gm-2 If It ' s Saturday This Must Be Football M ' t viT- ft Bir W. i 56— Foolbiill At miiny looltiall iiiiics then; vviis ;is much nclion in Ihc; stands as on the; firld. ( oUl wcatlK-r and monotonous play promotiul conviM ' sal ion and c;amarad(;ri( ' amonu ians. At OIJ. iiopcorn and cold drink vendors havvk(;d thiMr vvar(!S coni inuousiy. and out; addtui a f( sliv(; nolc; to th(! f amc! with colorful costuuK! and props. ( ' raj (! at A M and Arkansas ins|)ir(;d humorous sij ns hcar- inj mcssaj cs home;, vvhilt; the; Hash card sfjclion. or ani cnl hy the Tojas Club, sent f rcuMin s across the field to th()S(! sittinj in the upper deck. Above; it all. Ih(; blimi) floated on. Up in the Stands — Another View of Texas Football Longhorn fans are a unique aspect of University foot- ball. There are as many different ways to flaunt orange blood as there are seats in Memorial Stadium, and each game becomes a display of Texas sweaters, pennants, bal- loons and hats. Although Texas ' dominance on the grid- iron has declined somewhat in recent years, it still pro- vides entertainment for 80,000 people in Memorial sta- dium and millions more on national television. 58 — Football Football — 59 iP - T 1 ' f-- ' . •.■; C fy» Ai -i Lj i 52J tjif,-- .- «•»• - ».: ;.;i. fc- :-■• • ' ' . ■I : ' ' % %- •■ « »■» ' ' sr . ' 1 tf ' r j .■ J-. " . ' ' :- . - :v ' •l, ' ' ' mj « v ' i - a ' tw.,- i m - % fit- » J " .- ♦♦ 5 ' ■ ' ■ c ' ■• ' ■ a.K?l ■ ' i ' J ' v ' V . ■ ! •i ? t V3«- W .39 fe- ' ;t ! ►» ■ V •» % I :;: . rDbcloux 1 Sunday, 0( Tickets $2 — $5 at ' a(fev--.«, j ? ' ' -;e ' I»?r8= ' Municip Gol(ilhrones,( liieioglyphicsai Municipal Audili " ' Fine Arts pro( irtifacts [ound n menledbylaijea fcso Opera Asso Ttispresentatii frstofferingoftlii m: ' ML F ? : biv w iA .W %. n ;%4 l fS . - ' fesources of j f ' wTlieater.U; nations, Varsity 1 •■ " ' ' 1 depart! Tliefour-aciop ' ' " nbyDrWalter f«» ' Professo, 7»Depart,e„ T Grand Opera Comes to Texas 1} I r ' A Gold thrones, ostrich-plumed fans, swords covered with hieroglyphics and elephant tusks transformed Austin ' s Municipal Auditorium into ancient Egypt for the College of Fine Arts production of " ' Aida. " The props, based on artifacts found in the tomb of King Tut, were supple- mented by large and elaborate sets borrowed from the San Diego Opera Association. This presentation of Verdi ' s well-known opera was the first offering of the 33rd Fine Arts Festival held October 18 through November 2. Fittingly, " Aida " drew on most of the resources of the College of Fine Arts, including the Opera Theater, University Symphony, all Choral Organi- zations, Varsity Band, dance programs and the music and drama departments. The four-act opera was sung in English from a transla- tion by Dr. Walter Ducloux, who also conducted the prod- uction. Professor Igor Youskevitch of the University Drama Department arranged the choreography. More than 450 performers appeared when " Aida " was staged on October 18 and 20. Singers from University Cho- ral Organizations composed the 250-member chorus. Fifty male and female dancers, drawn from the University dance and gymnastic teams, the Austin Ballet Theater and the Austin Civic Ballet, took part in the extravaganza. Hundreds of exotic costumes clothed the cast. Some of these were on loan to the University from the Seattle Opera Association; others were made by students enrolled in the Music Department ' s Opera Workshop Program. Ticket sales to the two performances netted $23,515 for a performance scholarship fund in the College of Fine Arts available to students planning careers as professional musicians, singers, dancers, actors and technicians. " Aida " was well-received by the Austin community which filled the auditorium to capacity on both nights. The University Board of Regents later commended the College of Fine Arts, the Department of Music and all participants in the production for excellence which " reflects credit on the entire University of Texas. " ur ' ' ' ' ' • ' ' •I ■ Aida — 61 62 — Aida WISTEDALE Culture iu the Couutry ■ ■» . ' " ' i J " " .»- .-♦, ' .: . ». :■: -t ' i: j.vai ' . " ■».: , ■■■ ' • ' -• • " kJLi. PhotosbyM. Taylor Located only 85 miles from Austin is a portion of the University less familiar to most students than landmarks around the Austin campus. Winedale Inn Properties is the home of numerous concerts, lec- tures, exhibits, films and the University ' s summer Shakespearean Workshop Program. Constructed in Round Top, Texas, in 1834, Wine- dale Inn was purchased and restored in 1960 by Miss Ima Hogg. The University became trustee of the property in 1967. Despite its administration by the University, Winedale receives no state funds and must rely solely on its own financing. Theatrical productions are presented in a reno- vated old hay barn, built in 1894. In this rustic atmos- phere, public Shakespearean performances are staged by University English classes in the special study program. The 1974 production, " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream, " played August 9, 10, 23 and 24. Winedale — 63 I An Experience in Living and Learning Together Shakespeare at Winedale began in the fall of 1970 as an experimental study of the play in its logical, proper context — performance. From that beginning as an English course, the study evolved into an extensive six-week summer program conducted at the restored Winedale Inn Properties near Round Top. This program is the only one in higher edu- cation which uses performance to study the play, the only program to employ the " en- semble " approach of study, the only program to use the theater as classroom, workshop and home and certainly the only program in which the participants live, work, learn and play together for an intense six weeks. Everything Shakespearean players did in practicing the art and craft of playmaking is done at Winedale. Students experience stage building, tumbling, singing, fencing, costum- ing and lighting. And, like Shakespeare ' s Globe, the Theatre Barn provides only the bare essentials of Elizabethan theater. The barn ' s empty space demands the most of each student and the creative resources available to him. Students learn through a non-directional group method to develop a group concept of the play. This consensus becomes the inter- pretation guiding both rehearsal and per- formance. The players find that the abilities to create setting, tone and atmosphere lie within themselves. A formal public performance marks the end of the study session. For the students, the final presentation is both a conclusion to a summer ' s work and an expression to one another and the audience of what has been learned at Winedale. Through that process, the play becomes a means of under- standing rather than an end in itself. OF 64 — Winedale Winedale — 65 THE iiwvasnr w nus AT «wiw DUUW DOAUMENT IXK£CT£D Br UTHAN SANFOKt) WKCAmTonm. feb. lo is. dPM RESERVATIONS :4TI-I444 AWilSS10»(:ll»SrUDEKr !2S9 OTHERS Perf I ' niversityt hW — - " Performing Arts University of Texas Department of Drama King John Drama — 67 A Man ' s A Man — Bertolt Brec ht ' s Grotesque Comedy r= r " King John Drama — 6B 70 — Drama TTrr A Premiere Production of a New Musical Revue for Children Written byAurand Harris and Directed by Coleman Jennings ChildreflW Production House of Bernarda Alba 72 — Drama 4 J ' ' = " ««fC,„ , ilVSBk Master of Fine Arts Thesis Productions The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds Drama — 7? ■ Man or Wednesday, September 4 was the last day that Salvation Sandwiches were legally sold on the University campus. That day, James Colvin, vice-president for business affairs, announced that sandwich vendors would thereafter be required to hold a permit from the University presi- dent. Apparently the vendors had been in violation of a University sohcita- tion rule which forbids selling on campus without a presidential per- mit, except during football games. This policy helps support the Ex- Students ' Association, which funds student scholarships and organiza- tions through the profits from all campus vending machines. " Profits made by other vendors only help themselves, " Colvin said. The next day, campus police issued cease and desist orders to Sal- vation Sandwich vendors at the Art and Robert L. Moore buildings. When the vendors moved off the curb of 26th Street, and thus off the campus, Austin patrolmen informed them that they were violating a city ordinance by selling in the street. Because only registered campus organizations can receive food vend- ing permits, several campus groups offered to file in behalf of Salvation Sandwiches. One such request by the Libertarian Information Bureau was denied, and University officials were doubtful of the success of fur- ther requests on their behalf. ,• Vi ' --i(- - ■ • 3W . ■ " - ' ' »■■ ' i = -;. ' ' -4 ' 74 — Salvation Sandwiches 4an or l aiil)B4wasthe " tiofl Sandwclies on Ike University iJ ' lames Colviii, fkusiness affairs, ' " liwich vendors required to liold t University presi- ' WwloB had been University soEcita- forbids selling on a presidential per- i football games, ps support the Ex- im. which funds lips and organiza- e profits from all maduiies. " Profits eidors only help is said. [, campus police ksst orders to Sal- Tcndots at the Art Moore buildings, ors moved off the d. aid thus off the itidm informed im violating a city ill ii the street. registered campus 1 receive food vend- snl campus groups behalf of Salvation je such request by Iniofination Bureau .University officials {the success of fur- Mi Machine? Between August, 1974, and Janu- ary, 1975, the price of the soft drinks sold in the 700 campus vending machines increased by a nickel — twice. Because of the rise in sugar prices, the wholesale cost per case of can- ned drinks rose considerably, and this increase was passed on to the purchaser here and elsewhere. In inflationary times, one pays more and gets less. But at the Univer- sity, one often pays more and gets nothing at all. Vending machine failures were common to most students. Those ever-present envelopes from Cam- pus Services, Inc., refunded an aver- age monthly total of $1,000 to $2,000 to the unlucky persons who lost coins in the machines. However, there were no envelopes available with which to register feed- back about the products sold in the machines. Students showed their dissatisfaction with the quality of the food offered by campus vending machines in letters to the Texan. Campus vending machines are operated by Campus Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ex- Students ' Association. The vendors who own the machines pay a com- mission to Campus Services. This, along with vending machine profits, is turned over to the University and used to finance such programs as scholarships, recruitment programs, special projects and food for Bevo. HO Pu. OLD FOOD Vending Machines — 75 Food on the Drag 76 — Drag Food An inexpensive, quick, and appetiz- ing meal was a valuable commodity around the University area. Students searched daily for the ultimate meal that would fill the stomach with a mini- mum loss of time and money. Restau- rants and fast food chains capitalized on the need for food service in this area — there were more than 30 places to eat on Guadalupe in the ten blocks between 19th and 29th Streets. The lat- est of the se were the Drag food vendors, whose brightly-colored carts and tempting aromas added to the carnival atmosphere of the Drag. Their wares ranged from eggrolls to chili dogs. But whatever the product, it was an alternative to both commer- cially-prepared food and the closed Union Cafeterias across the street. Drag Food — n r. .» i ' Christmas Lights, Winter Snow Illuminate Austin P, Hubw 7H — Winter Winit ' !— 7 " ' ' tVl l ' MlMUH Rain Turns to Snow as Semesters Change Snow is snow, even if it ' s only an inch. Students ' last holiday before the spring semester was also the coldest day of winter, with temperatures dipping into the teens. The white powder clung to trees, grass, windshields and anyone unlucky enough to inter- cept a well-aimed snowball. Snow — 81 Winter in Austin — One Cold Front and a Few Flakes ABOVE LEFT: Some University students were dis- placed from their homes as a result of a fire at the River Hills V apartments in January. ABOVE RIGHT: Distribution of spring preregistration bills brought even more traffic than usual to the Academic Center foyer. RIGHT: Winter ' s fickle temperatures left stu- dents out in the cold. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: The arrival of Daylight Savings Time on February 23 caused many students to stumble to 8:00 classes in darkness. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Many students ' travel plans were disrupted by a Texas International strike, which left only two air- lines servicing Austin. The strike, lasting from December 1, 1974, to April 4, 1975, was the fourth longest strike in the history of U.S. airlines. p. Huber iSiEvemiiii 82 — Winter C. I. Simmons Winter — 83 Construction on campus went into full swing as the old RTF building was demolished to make way for a second addition to the Chemistry Building. Two blocks south, the new $21 million Social Sci- ence and Humanities Library was only a hole in the ground in late spring. Clark Field became a temporary parking lot until funds could be secured to complete a pro- posed Fine Arts Center. Meanwhile, blasting con- tinued at the swimming stadium site and acres of land were cleared for a 17,000-seat basketball coli- seum south of 19th Street. Of course, construction does eventually end. A nine-story System office building was completed in downtown Austin under protest after the his- toric Littlefield Building doors were removed from display in the Academic Center for use in the new office tower. On campus, work finally ended on the replace- ment of the LBJ Library limestone exterior which began to fall off in late 1973. As the College of Education and Graduate School of Business buildings neared completion, the College of Engineering moved into Cockrell Hall and the Communications Complex was dedi- cated. At the same time, the first baseball was thrown in the new Disch-Falk field located across IH35. It was quite a season. 84 — Construction Construction — 8 ■ F Valentine ' s Day, 1975 86 — Valentine ' s Day ' Unless you love someone, nothing else makes sense ' ■e. e. cummings I LOVE m Valentine ' s Day — 87 Co-Op Endures a Year of Controversy Once upon a time, students who patronized the Univer- sity Co-Op could expect a 10 percent rebate check in the fall to boost a sagging bank account. When these greatly- anticipated checks came in 1974, University students were left disappointed — the Co-Op ' s rebates amounted to only 3 percent. The Co-Op earned more money during the 1973-74 fiscal year than in the previous year, but increased operating expenses reduced the amount available for dividends. John Newman, Co-Op student board member, believed that the state of the economy accentuated the Co-Op ' s problems. " The security blanket of cash has been stripped away because of the economy. We ' ve been operating under favorable conditions when the economy was in good shape and sales were strong. Only when we ' re hit by rising costs have we had to come to grips with the prob- lems of operation that have been here all along. " Some of these problems of operation may have been caused by the corporate techniques of Sterling Swift, for- mer vice-president of operations. Swift ' s management practices, such as enforced corporate principles and strict working environment, were criticized for causing poor employee relations. Swift turned in his resignation, effec- tive February 28, to " draw attention to the problems between the (Co-Op) board . . . and management. " One of the weak points of the Co-Op seemed to be its lack of defined goals. James Thompson, faculty board member, stated, " We ' re trying to be a co-op as best we can, but we can ' t be a normal co-op because there are no specific goals uniting the members except the University of Texas. " Indeed, many students seemed to see the Co-Op more as a " Joske ' s on the Drag " than a student-owned store operated in their own interest. Actual control of the Co-Op was a source of conflict among board members, employes and management. Vot- ing members of the Co-Op board included four faculty members, four elected student members and an elected chairman. Two Co-Op employes served as advisors. This year, for the first time, the Co-Op student board member elections were held in the Co-Op itself. Formerly they had been held on campus in conjunction with the Student Government elections in March. Between 1,100 and 1,200 students cast ballots in this election, a turnout that was encouraging to Co-Op officials. Until May, when the Co-Op board approved a 1 percent rebate for the 1974-75 fiscal year, the decision to save those little green slips was based more on habit than mon- etary incentive. 88 — Co-Op sk Co-Op — 89 Speakers The University sponsored many speak- ers through various campus groups. Union and Student Government committees, political and special interest organizations and academic departments brought lec- turers to entertain, educate and enlighten listeners. Some of this year ' s speakers were national figures who expounded on the Watergate scandal, the economic slump and environmental issues. Others were involved closely with the University and addressed campus issues. Coretta King 90 — Speakers Robert Penn Warren CoretlaW Senator Sam Ervin Speakers — 91 Speakers John Silber introduced by Frank Erwin A Ronnie Dugger 92 — Speakers % James MacGregor Burns Political History Writer Dr. Carl N. Degler Lago del Vasto French Philosopher Ronnie Dugger Publisher, Texas Monthly Former U.S. Sen. Sam Ervin Senate Watergate Committee Chairman George Gallup National Polster Jim Cranberry Former GOP Candidate for Governor Former U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel Democrat — Alaska John Hill Texas Atty. Gen. Leon Jaworski White House Special Prosecutor Coretta King Widow of Martin Luther King Jr. Jeb Magruder Watergate Conspirator Russell Means Leader — American Indian Movement Willie Morris Publisher, Atlantic Monthly Madalyn Murray O ' Hair Noted Atheist Anthony Quayle Actor Gene Rodenberry Creator and Producer of Star Trek Dean Rusk Former Secretary of State John Silber President, Boston University William Styron Pulitzer Prize Winning Author U.S. Sen. John Towner Republican — Texas Nicholas von Hoffman Washington Post Columnist Robert Penn Warren Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Dr. Andrew Weil Authority on Hallucinations Speakers — 93 ,€W i ' . ■ •, _%v ▼ ■w m M V m " ' Stiddenli) Spring -» i : Spring — 9P 96 — Rally ■■ ' iYABASTA! For years, rallies have been held on the Main Mall to voice students ' opinions. This year, however, the Mall was relatively quiet. Only two subjects brought students out in protest — the firing of University President Stephen Spurr and alleged racist policies of the University. On March 13, between 200 and 400 members of the United Students Against Racism at Texas (USARAT), a coalition of student minority groups, gathered in front of the Main Building. The rally was held to protest reported discriminatory University practices revealed in a report of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Unrelated to the demonstration, 10 students occupied the office of President Ad Interim Lorene Rogers for eight hours while she was at home ill. Food was sent up periodi- cally to the protesters in a cardboard box tied to a rope. A set of 13 demands presented to the administration by the protesters included affirmative changes in alleged dis- criminatory policies, more scholarships, grants and fel- lowships for minorities and creation of a full-time minor- ity recruitment program. Only ten members of USARAT were admitted to the regents ' meeting the following day. Their demands drew reaction, but no promises. The regents " will not tolerate physical seizure of University property, " Chairman Allan Shivers announced to the group, adding " The board is ready to listen at all times and hear complaints. " I.tindwin I.dodwin Rally — 97 M. Smith WWWWWfj W ' -0 i iPACE HiifniioD of Ike Wale before tie tetliaal,(n)[» " liuniicrowiiiiii " veryoneada ' « M in Man Pi ' liiiej|sofAii rtConrniuiu ™Weiisiooj| Hew,! OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: A resolution to rescind the 1972 Texas ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment came under bitter debate before the Constitutional Revision Committee in April. More than 1,000 persons from across the state attended the hear- ings, and crowds in the House gallery were rotated periodically to give everyone a chance to hear. ABOVE: Rep. Sarah Weddington, a strong advocate of the ERA, speaks to crowds at a rally outside the capitol building. LEFT: The official dedication of the $11.8 mil- lion Communication Complex March 14 climaxed Communica- tion Week in March. The three building complex houses the departments of Advertising, Journalism, Radio-Television-Film, Speech Communication, the Center for Communication Research, KLRN Television and KUT-FM. Fred W. Friendly, former presi- dent of CBS news, gave the dedication address. Demonstrations and Dedications Marked March and April Demonstrations and Dedications — 99 f ' TheP baveti Four years ago, there was only one liberal voice on the Austin City Council. He is now mayor. On April 5, a record 72,623 Austinites went to the polls to give Jeff Friedman a victory over Dr. Bud Dryden in the race for mayor. Friedman established an early lead as the first returns came in, finishing with 54.5 percent of the vote. Friedman, age 30, became the youngest mayor in Austin ' s history and one of the youngest mayors in the United States. He received 90 percent of the vote in some student precincts and termed his student support " fantastic. " An estimated 15,001) students, or 35.6 percent of those reg- istered, voted in the election. Official citywide totals showed that 30.6 percent of the voters participated. The Coalition for a Progressive Austin (CPA), a group formed to support liberal council candidates, had 600 volun- teers working in student precincts. These volunteers can- vassed every student precinct twice on Saturday. Student political organizations had contributed to the cause with advertisements and posters around the campus area. David Butts, student precinct chairman of the CPA, said, " These are the best vote totals I ' ve seen since the May, 1972, primaries when the students were first registered. " The 1975 council race was wide open, with only one incumbent, Lowell Lebermann, seeking re-election. Council- man Bob Binder and Mayor Roy Butler decided for personal reasons not to run again while Jeff Friedman and Dr. Bud Dryden vacated their seats to square off in the mayoral race. Two councilmen relinquished their posts in January — Berl Handcox resigned to accept a gubernatorial appointment as director of the state Office of Equal Opportunity, and Dan Love ' s resignation followed an investigation regarding his alleged illegal involvement with Southwestern Bell. I 100 — City Council A special ek olttetworesi Ml with an tieins re-electe The other spec iatereceivec " led between] fiayofthereg incliidediwos cial runoff elet traces and w« races wer ■ yandMa i Sateday. to Ik cause witli iqHsaita. ioftlieCPA,sai(i, ince lie May, 1972, jsteed. " eiwithonlyone Council- 1 [or personal aDil Dr. Bud iulanuari-Be " „j1 appointment as portunity atioD his ' The People of Austin have taken the city. ' — Jeff Friedman A special election was called for March 8 to fill the places of the two resigning councilmen. Jimmy Snell captured one seat with an outright victory and served for 30 days before being re-elected for an entire term in the regular election. The other special election race was not so simple as no can- didate received a majority of the votes. A runoff was sched- uled between Dr. Emma Lou Linn and Tommy Lawless the day of the regular election. As a result, the April 5 ballot included two separate pages for the race — one for the spe- cial runoff election and one for the regular seat. Dr. Linn won both races and took office for a full term. In the other council races, Betty Himmelblau and Lowell Lebermann won seats with more than 50 percent of the vote. Two races were thrown into runoffs. John Trevino beat Bob Grey and Margret Hoffmann outpolled Jay Johnson in the runoff election held on May 3. City Council — 101 .aS 102 — Eeyore ' s Birthday Dance to the Music of the Universe Mm N Eeyore ' s friend Lloyd W. Birdwell Jr. was enjoying a hummy sort of day in the spring of 1964 by relaxing at the Delta Tau Delta house when his friend John Hughes said, " Do you know what today is? " And Lloyd answered without thinking at all, just as Christopher Robin had done, " It ' s Eeyore ' s birthday party. " That is the true story of how Eeyore the Great Grey Donkey got to have a birthday party. Lloyd ' s first party was May 8, 1964, in Eastwoods Park . The founders each put up $10 for tl e beer and decorations. Lloyd, being the best fiiend of Eeyore, put up the rest of the cost. The guests donated a dollar for the beer. You may have noticed that the date of Eeyore ' s changes every year, but he doesn ' t mind as long as he gets a party. You wouldn ' t mind either if you got a party like that. Anyone who goes to the Party in the Other Part of the For- est must wear a costume. There are maypoles to play with and a cake to eat, but the guests are the main attraction. Eeyore likes it that way. The founders conceived the Event as a time for people of all different types to come together in a completely unpretentious, totally open and relaxed situation. No one is a teacher or student or businessman. They are all friends of Eeyore ' s. The whole point is to return to the guileless, ingenuous point of view of children, when everyone is just who he is and nobody is anything else. The Party brings all of Eeyore ' s friends — potentially all of us — together in a communion of open friendship and simple, uncomplicated fun. We who live on the Edge of the Wood should be grateful for such a time to share, even if it is to please a grumpy grey donkey. — Byron Cain, PEARL Magazine. March 1975 Eeyore ' s Birthday and Round-Up — 103 Round-Up, 45 years old this spring, was not the celebration it was in 1930. Instead of the ' alumni homecoming as was its be- ginning, Round-Up 1975 was just for fun and just for students. Increased campuswide participation in the Round-Up parade and carnival characterized this year ' s event and pleased Frank Jackson, Round-Up chairman. The Interfraternity Council, which assumed responsibility for Round-Up in 1972, encour- aged participation by non-Greek organizations to dispel its for- mer " Greek only " image. To support this effort, Student Gov- ernment contributed $500 to this year ' s Round-Up budget. Traditional events such as the Texas Cowboy barbeque dom- inated the week, although newer ones like a beard-growing con- test were added. One annual event. Showcase, was noticeably absent this year due to Union remodeling. The presentation of Claudia Clinton, 1975 UT Sweetheart, highlighted the Western Dance midway through the week. These multiple events and spring weather transformed Round-Up into another mid-semester fling, while the band at the Silver Spur Dance Marathon played on. 104 — Round-Up Round- up: Just for Fun ■$A di 4 -c ' X Spring Fever Strikes but the Issues Linger 106 — Spring Fever OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: A mechanical engineering student prepares to launch an " Aggie Cooler " water balloon from a catapult made for a class project. The event took place on March 8 on the East Mall. OPPO- SITE PAGE TOP: Bronze bodies adorn the courtyard of Carothers Dorm in search of the perfect tan. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: " Right to Life " advocates gathered at the Capitol for a memorial service on the first anniversary of the Supreme Court ' s decision on abortion. TOP: Construction for the controversial rerouting of Red River Street began in April. Fifty-eight trees were cut down and hundreds of students were displaced from apartment complexes to give right-of-way to the new boulevard. ABOVE: School of Architecture students won the prize for the largest kite at the Zilker Kite Flying Contest on March 16. Spring Fever — 107 For Some, It Was One Last Round of Finals and Then . . . The Re 108 — Dead Days Graduation wa posed moment o world, The day ilays. There Iwa: Pf alectui spsakAndsom I ' tlie semester ni was theone that, A new world,, " if options were The Real World Was Waiting Graduation was the horizon of my life, that sup- posed moment of greatness that would unlock the world. The day in itself was like other University days. There I was, hustling between meetings, fight- ing crowds of people, reassuring doubting parents, hearing a lecture disguised as a commencement speech. And somewhere in those last minute details of the semester my graduation was lost. Or, perhaps I was the one that was lost. A new world was unlocked, but it was not the one I had imagined. It was a world without definitioo. All the options were open, and for me that was the hard- est environment in which to react. The confronta- tions with those interviewers whose seeming pur- pose was to destroy the graduate only made it worse. But at this point in my reverie, I always recall my first walk across campus as a high school senior. Fas- cinated by the University, standing on the Main Mall, I knew that from here I could master the world. Then I remember that the four years had been a good time. Lyndie Blevins Class of 1974 1974 CACTUS Features Editor Graduation — 109 ' • uaimcaaiBVBSiammwmiatssiaxi ' jaxsEmi9£«BBi r yJU; -V wi r- " — «- .ir- . - f ' • ■ ' • • •• «i - ' « : r.. |- - ilr.mBK M ?v».; aK ;-5SJW ja no — The Year Photo: N. Coldfarb -■ ■ iRirr nrrRi Bi— riJLi,i " i ILffi fiiiTJi A M 1 n 3 ■ ■ " aFW - ' -1 v The Daily Texan Classified Ads PHONE aTi-Beaa mon. thru fri. atoo-Bioo SERVICES MOVING-HAULING. Fast, friendly, freaky service. Low rates. 258-3678 anytime. 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Steve, 451-6832. 112 — Classified Ads STUDENT LEADERSHIP Bob Gribble TEXAS ' N ON ABOVE: Architect ' s rendering of the proposed Union West patio adjacent to the Academic Cen- ter. The multi-milhon dollar renovation project was started in October 1974 and is expected to take between 18 months and two years to complete. OPPOSITE PAGE: Workmen removed the Spanish tile floor from the main corridor on the first floor during the reconstruction. Onion West, i 114 — Texas Union The Texas Union Board of Directors, the Texas Union staff and over two hundred stu- dents involved in planning and implementing Union Programs worked toward both specific objectives for the year and long-range plans for the Union ' s future. This long range plan, approved by the Board of Regents in February of 1974, formed a road map for the coming dec- ades for the Union. Plans included the renova- tion of the original Union, Union West; con- struction of Union East; service of alcoholic beverages in Union facilities; and the explora- tion of possible Union sites in the southeast sec- tion of campus and a retreat lakeside setting. The year ' s agenda included continu- ous concern for both the Union ' s imme- diate and eventual impact on the total campus environment. Interaction sessions were held with students to introduce architectural plans, anticipated services and programs of the renovated build- ing, and to discuss specific needs. The original Union building, dedicated in 1933, closed in October, 1974, for the 18 months to two years required for renovation. Despite the closing, facilities were available in a porta- ble structure. Union South, located behind Gregory Gym. Students had access to the offices of Student Government, Union commit- tees. Student Activities, APO and GDE, but a major problem with Union South was space. Only three meeting rooms and one television lounge were available. The recreation area was moved to Bellmont Hall, and the ombudsman, who no longer had an office, was relocated in the Speech building. Space was rented for the Culture Rooms and an experimental arts and crafts center operated in the married students housing complex. Besides policy making, the eleven member student-faculty board, was charged with the Union ' s budget. With the games area closed at Union West, substantial income was cut from the budget and increased fees covered only bonds for construction, rather than program- ming. However, tight money seemed to harm the Union little, as programs continued and innovative projects were begun. An historical and significant event occurred on January 12, 1975: The Texas Tavern opened, the first facility to serve alcoholic beverages on any state uni- versity campus in Texas. The Tavern ' s program was diverse and included music, drama, poetry reading, exhibits, discussions, debates, trivia contests, table games and speakers. Limited food services provided enough variety so students could grab a quick lunch. Though the Tavern was received success- fully, the most controversial issue before the Board was Union East. Preliminary plans for the new building, anticipated for 20 years, were approved by the Board of Regents in Janu- ary 1975. However final drawings were delayed pending the results of an opinion sampling to determine campus response to the proposed facility. In an earlier referendum during the spring Student Government elections, students turned down original plans by a margin of 3 to 1. Other surveys were conducted and in May the Union board voted to go ahead with plans and present the issue to the Legislature for approval of an increased fee. Although the unusual year required many adjustments, the Union continued to provide a complete program for the campus community. Such programs reaffirmed to the campus that despite changes, the Union remains both a building and a program. Texas Union — 115 Texas Union Board of Directors I Shirley Bird Perry, Director of the Texas Union. FRONT ROW: Shirley Bird Perry, June M. Gallessich, Beverly A. Tucker, Jane Elizabeth Strauss, Gappy Ray McGarr, Linda Isabel Leuchter. BACK ROW: Huey Lee Johnson, Frank Crawford Fleming, Jerry Arch Bell, Charles T. Clark, Donald Wayne Zacharias. I ' M 116 — Texas Union -c.exjj Texas Union — 117 Controversy, Progress Highlight the Union Year ABOVE: Union East was intended to serve students on the east side of campus and provide facilities not found in Union West. In a referendum vote, the proposed $6.5 milhon structure was defeated 3 to 1. However, the idea of a Union East was not dropped despite the overwhelming vote. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: The Union was noted not just for its controversy this year but also for its innovations. When students returned from Christmas break they were treated to the opening of the Texas Tavern, the first pub of its kind at a Texas state university. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: As part of opening week festivities in the Tavern, Frank Erwin, talks with students about his career as regent. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: Students now enjoy their favorite mixed drinks, beer, wine, appetizer and other refreshments on campus till midnight — and happy hour prices are available between four and seven in the evening. 118 — Texas Union THE TEXAS TAVSHN itketvM ' Texas Union — 119 Texas 1 AltliougMbeT „anynewchalle an interesting an With the closin lion in October. I were left withoi lore parts of llif eld daily on the Mryiartexhibi andaH ::aceonthepatic Ine Union Film Pi jester and Batts ; [rom the theater u ers also used vam ' } FRONT ROW: Pauline E. Steinberger, Fine Arts Chairwoman, Sharon Lynne Friedland, Cultural Entertainment Chairwoman, Karen Louise Todar, Cultural Entertainment Advisor, Elizabeth A. Grimes, UT Interaction Chairwoman, James W. Pennington, Recreation Chairman, Teresa Palomo Acosta, Staff Advisor, Stephen Lewis Coleman, Musical Events Chairman. BACK ROW: Susan Wagnon Clagett, Program Director, Nancy Katherine MoviTey, Theater Chairwoman, Harold L. Weiner, Program Advisor, Charles E. Pace, Program Advisor, Jane Elizabeth Strauss, TUPC Student Coordinator, Paul Talmage Boston Jr., Ideas and Issues Chairman, Orine S. Robinson, Afro-Ameri- can Culture Chairwoman, Juan Pablo Gutierrez, Mexican-American Culture Chairman. 120 — Texas Union Texas Union Program Council Although the Texas Union Program Council faced many new challenges in the 1974-75, the result was an interesting and innovative year. With the closing of Texas Union West for renova- tion in October, the nine Union committee chairmen were left without a convenient program facility. However, this dilemma only brought the Union to more parts of the campus. Sandwich seminars were held daily on the fourth floor of the Undergraduate Library; art exhibits enhanced the AC foyer. Student interaction programs were held on the east side of campus, and a Halloween Masquerade Ball took place on the patio of the Communication Complex. The Union Film Program continued uninterrupted in Jester and Batts Auditoriums after being uprooted from the theater in Texas Union West. Major speak- ers also used various locations from the LBJ Audito- rium to the new Texas Tavern. Other new facilities provided by the Union included rented space in the Methodist Student Cen- ter to continue the Texas Culture Rooms. The Cul- tural Entertainment Committee, under a new fund- ing structure, presented a complete and varied sea- son bringing classical and folk music, drama, dance and musical comedy to Austin. Texas Tavern events ranged from guest speakers such as Frank Erwin and Nicholas Von Hoffman, to musical entertainment by both student and profes- sional entertainers, to a dramatic production by the Theater Committee ' s Student Repertory Theater. Through experimentation and a lot of hard work, the Program Council attempted, under the unusual circumstances, to provide a balanced and exciting program to the University community. j i ,V: SllSlll Harolil L :CSHilenl ■-..taeri- Summer rain sprinkles the last Patio Dinner. This popular event was discontinued when the Union closed in the fall. Texas Union — 121 Committees Provide Work and Amusement RIGHT: Many Texas Union committees con- tribute to programming at the Tavern. Speak- ers, musical groups, tournaments and belly dancing entertained crowds at the University ' s new " watering hole. " OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: More students took advantage of pro- grams offered by the Cultural entertainment Committee (CEC) than any other Union pro- ject. Several acts came to central Texas including the award winning musical " Pippin. " OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: The Recreation Committee sponsored backpack- ing at Big Bend National Park, canoe trips on the Guadalupe River and a mutt show at East- wood Park. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Stu- dents float kayaks on Barton Creek. 122 — Texas Union Texas Union — 123 ■iV ' r " ■:JfyMmmmm■,ix ii;!m Informal Classes — No Credit But Lots of Fun Th(! Tcxiis Union is (:()nsi(l(T{Hi ii national I(M(1(m- in ils infoinial class program which offiirs more! Ihan 75 coursers (Mch scmcsler. No acadcmiic cnuiil is r( ' cciv(ul. LEFT: Many slu(l( " nls tuin i d lo us(!ful courses such as croch(!linfi lo l(Min crafls Ihal can h( lp save money. BELOW: The mon; bi .aiTC proj rams Ihal intrigue the imagination inclu(i(![l vis- its to historic central Texas c(!meteries with Mary Earler. program advisor, lo make rubbings of old gravi ' mark(M s. OPPOSITE PAGE: A four hour training session pri!C(!d(!s a 2,H()()-fool jump for those daring enough lo enroll in sky div- ing. Other courses included batik, breadmaking, car repair, chess, income tax. Kung-Fu. photography and (looking. i -T — ! M i«ira - " T(!Xiis Union — : EISlkiiMKu ' . Student Government In a Carry-Over Year, a Lot Was Accomplished Hundreds of students took off from other activities to devote time to politics through Student Govern- ment. Frank Fleming and Bill Parrish, student body president and vice-president saw through the contin- uation and expansion of many projects that were started in the previous administration. The year began with controversy over Fleming ' s alleged campaign misdeeds. He was said to have offered to use his influence with University adminis- trators to get a student admitted to a graduate pro- gram in exchange for support in his election. A ques- tionable grade change that allowed him to be quali- fied to run also blotted his campaign. He took office in April and almost immediately the Union took top priority on Fleming ' s list of activities. Many students felt he was too active with the Union and should have focused more on Student Govern- ment. When asked about his term of office, Fleming said, " I never got to the point where I felt really com- fortable with the job I did. " Parrish ' s objective this year was to create a better attitude among students. While his main concern was a special investigating committee on the Spurr firing, he also testified at legislative committee hear- ings on the University ' s regental appointments. 126 — Student Government This year. Sit income by hostin beque, whict rat addedinconif ' S [und such projeci Graduate Minonti of Student Goven ityaf(airs,StudeD MtelyS OOintot newspaper on cat 10 black students, administered S2.0I atship fund, hall the remaining to lerandTexPlRG lively [or continu. In addition to 1 Government succ Ihree students ti increased student Student Govemn: administration fo the Gateway Mar ernment tours sp ball games, a Chr edo, and a Spring charges only for expenses. The c( Presbyterian Cht The Educatii Jescriplion guid Teaching Excelli profe Academic Centei S ' ty Expansion, a trial e: Tbe Communi lor local c Earth, a wliicli offered frt onl f This year, Student Government increased its income by hosting the ZZ Top Barn Dance and Bar- beque, which raised $20,000 for students. With the added income. Student Government was able to fund such projects as the newly created Office of Graduate Minority Recruitment, which operated out of Student Government offices. In the area of minor- ity affairs. Student Government channeled approxi- mately $700 into the first two issues of Blackprint, a newspaper on campus dealing with issues of interest to black students. The Minority Affairs Committee administered $2,000 to the emergency minority schol- arship fund, half of which went to scholarships and the remaining to generate funds. The Day Care Cen- ter and TexPIRG received $1,500 and $1,000 respec- tively for continuation of their programs. In addition to funding various programs. Student Government successfully initiated a proposal to add three students to the University Council, which increased student representation to nine members. Student Government also lobbied successfully with administration for a $250,000 improvement fund for the Gateway Married Student Housing. Student Gov- ernment tours sponsored trips to out-of-town foot- ball games, a Christmas shopping trip to Nuevo Lar- edo, and a Spring Break trip to Padre Island. In September, 1974 the Day Care Center offered inexpensive and convenient quality child care serv- ice for children of students, faculty and staff for the first time. The center is a nonprofit corporation, and charges only for employee salaries and operating expenses. The center was located in the University Presbyterian Church basement. The Education Committee created a course description guide of over 750 courses and began a Teaching Excellence Award for tenured professors, untenured professors and teaching assistants. The Academic Center hours were studied by the Univer- sity Expansion and Utilization Committee which obtained a trial extension of library hours. The Community Affairs Committee helped raise funds for local charities, with special emphasis on Middle Earth, a drug crisis center, the Free Clinic, which offered free medical aid to those in need and Meals on Wheels, a program which provided three OPPOSITE TOP: Frank Fleming (standing) and Bill Parrish served as 1974-75 Student Government President and Vice-President. OPPOSITE BOTTOM: Student Government uses the committee system as a vehicle to approach problems facing students. In a move to increase student voice in selecting new Regents, a com- mittee solicits signatures for a petition to send to the legislature. meals a week to those who could not leave home. On University and city levels, the Environmental Protec- tion and Improvement Committee sponsored peti- tions on Big Thicket legislation, antinuclear power and fair electric rates. The committee loaned money to help start a metal recycling center in Jester and sponsored a stripmining expert. The committee also sponsored Earth Day which included such speakers as U.S. Senator Mike Gravel, State Senator Lloyd Doggett and former U.S. Senator Ralph Yarbrough. The major activities of the Housing Committee were optional board contracts for University dorms, temporary housing for students and improved cam- pus lighting despite an energy shortage. They also worked for cable TV and liquor in public areas of University dormitories and for a game room in Jester. During the legislative session, the Women ' s Affair Committee lobbied for reform of Texas rape laws, a state committee on the Status of Women and the Equal Rights Amendment. On campus, the commit- tee worked to expand women ' s athletics and improve gynecological services at the University Health Center. They also hosted a Women ' s Health Education Week with speakers from the Health Cen- ter, films on pregnancy and first aid seminars. The Rape Crisis Center continued to help victims and near-victims through counseling and legal advice. The International Student Committee investigated educational travel for students emphasizing health and automobile insurance. With the State Lobby Committee, they organized opposition to a proposed tuition increase for international students. The com- mittee also organized international students ' partici- pation in Round Up. The Financial Committee invested Student Government funds and surveyed banking costs in Austin. The State Lobby Committee researched issues and coordinated efforts with other Student Government committees and various organizations on possible legislation to meet common needs. Th ey promoted bills before the 64th Legislature to expand the Board of Regents and to set a ceiling on student building use fees. The City Lobby Committee took stands on issues before City Council members and department heads directly affecting students. In January the committee studied bicycle facilities in Austin and referred findings to the Austin Transportation Study. Campus, city and state issues kept Student Gov- ernment busy in 1974-75. The year was not entirely innovative. Many programs were carry-overs from previous years ' projects, which is perhaps why so many were successful — they had a year to incubate. Student Government — i; ABOVE: In February Student Government opened the Office of Graduate Minority Students. RIGHT: Doris Helge, Bill Parrish and Linda Luechter from Student Government are represented on the Advi- sory Committee for selecting a new University presi- dent. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Student Govern- ment fought hard to give Women ' s Athletics more recognition and funds. A slight raise was granted but the fee will be merged with the Men ' s Sports on the blanket tax. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Student Government initiated a quality Day Care Center for children of faculty, staff and students. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: The women ' s affairs committee sponsored a rape seminar to inform women of actions to take if they are faced with rape or attempted rape. Hundreds Participate 128 — Student Government Student Government — 129 1 UT Student Senate EJiiiiifirtUs UICoiiisD FIRST ROW: George Leon Kennedy, William M. Parrish, Frank Crawford Fleming, Linda Ann Crocker. SECOND ROW: Carol Ann Crabtree, Janet Kay Hunter, Shelley Anne Friend, Jerald Lynn Head, Stephen Boyd Wil- liams, Cynthia Jean Powell, Paula Jo Simpson, David Landel Nichols, Pamela G. Kostas. THIRD ROW: James Douglas Korp, Joseph Lamar Bald- win, Jacques Brandon Lewis, Robert Garth Ikel, Gregory Michael Powers, Randall Eugene Roberts, Melinda Yanez Montemayor, Marilyn Lou Grooms. FOURTH ROW: Ray Allen Loghry, Craig Steven Iscoe, Lyn Taylor Breeland, Janice Kay Wilkinson, John Williams Derichsweiler, William Calvin Cha- ney, William Wesley Ware, Sue Ann Doty, Brennon Philip Hatley. I I 130 — Student Government J Senat( Of course! AProjecl ot I -T. Student Government. Olfice of Dean oJSiudents and Texas Student r ' uhiicationii fr A Supplement to Thf Dai UT Course Descripti LEFT: In the spring the Education Committee instituted two innova- tive projects; to assist students with preregistration, the council pub- lished a course description guide as a supplement to The Daily Texan in April. BELOW: The committee also awarded Teaching Excellence Awards to John R. Trimble, James Vick, John L. Vrooman and Ber- nard Bentley. Gov. Shivers presided during the presentation at the LBJ Library. The recipients of the award, designed to draw more stu- dent input into recognition of teaching excellence, were chosen from 100 nominations made by students. , Groom ■3reelaiii .:v!nCha- Student Government — 131 Student Government Elections: The Annual Circus OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: 1975 Student Government elections were not without problems. A Student Court election appeals hearing, held to review charges of ineligibility brought against Cindy Powell, ruled that she was qualified to run for Senator from the School of Communication. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Despite occasional inclement weather, more than 7000 students voted in the spring elections, " a very high turnout " according to Ken McElroy, head ofthe APO election commission. ABOVE LEFT: Student response to multitudes of leaflets on the main mall is sometimes less than cordial. Many student organizations proposed that leafletting be banned, but no final decision was made. BELOW LEFT: Mike Cohen was one of 140 candidates run- ning for the 42 available places in the Senate race. Student Government Elections — 133 ' tyv ' i: Ann Bower and Frank Ivy provide free legal service for students and student groups. For five years the office of the Students ' Attorney has provided legal advice, representation and refer- ral to University students and student groups. The size and capabilities of the office have expanded since its creation by the Student Senate in 1969, mak- ing free legal services available to more students. This year the two attorneys, Frank Ivy and Ann Bower, both University Law School graduates, and 22 part-time law clerks handled an average of 380 cases a month. Most cases involved accident insur- ance and landlord-tenant problems, but other cases included employee rights, taxation, consumer pro- tection and property damage. Many problems were eliminated before they became legal cases through what Ann Bower calls " preventative law. " When a student is advised of his legal rights, his problems can be handled before they become serious legal problems. Presently, approximately 10 percent of the student body uses the legal services each year. The Students ' Attorney ' s office handled an average increase of 130 cases a month more than last year. Because of increased demand on the office, in December Frank Ivy requested an increase in mandatory funding to add an attorney and several law clerks to the staff. The joint student-faculty committee advising the president on student fees, however, decided that the office had served its purpose. The committee sug- gested that the mandatory fee of $1.50 a year be dis- continued and that the Students ' Attorney be replaced by students ' legal services on a fee basis or optional funding of a law school clinic. President Ad Interim Rogers, however, decided the issue required more study before taking any action and suggested continued mandatory funding of the student legal services for at least another year. Students ' Attorney 134 — Students ' Attorney Jim Osborn served as mediator between students and the University, nloflhe student IT. The Students ' e increase ot 130 ' .ii. Because ol December Frank jtor ' [unding to ks to tk staff, tee advising tte deaded that the 50 a year be dis- s ' Attorney be on a fee basis or jc p-er, decided the jking any action y funding of the iiheryear. ornef University Ombudsman In his second and last year as ombudsman, Jim Osborn served as a mediator between the student and the University. The office of ombudsman was established to provide the student a source of assist- ance independent of the regular departmental struc- ture of the University. Seeing between three and eight students a day, Osborn handled problems ranging from attempts to establish Texas residency to questions of academic policy. After determining the validity of a student ' s problem or complaint, the ombudsman recom- mended a fair solution to the appropriate adminis- trative personnel on behalf of the student. His powers are those of an arbitrator; he cannot enforce his recommendations; he can only advise and persuade. The role of an arbitrator, however, is meaningless if both parties involved do not agree to abide by his decisions or recommendations. This fall Osborn faced administrative curtailment of his office ' s jurisdiction after he spoke out for a woman staff member who alleged she was a victim of discrimination. Under the charter that created the ombudsman ' s office he can represent faculty and staff. However, Dr. Ronald Brown, vice-president of student affairs, stated that the ombudsman was not to get involved in specific faculty and staff cases, as they have other avenues to voice their grievances. After the Union closed for renovation, his office was moved to the basement of the Speech Building in the fall where for several months there was no telephone. Although orientation sessions are an effective means of informing new students of the office, Osborn was denied permission by the orienta- tion committee to participate in the 1974 program. Jim Osborn graduated from law school in May, and will not return as ombudsman next year. He made suggestions to the Advisory Council on Stu- dent Affairs for improvement of the ombudsman ' s office. Although problems threatened the effective- ness of the ombudsman, Osborn felt that the office was essential to the protection of human rights. Ombudsman — 135 A Rough Year for the TSP Board 136 — Texas Student Publications A It was a long and exasperating year. Although the Texas Student Publications Board faced many con- troversial issues, the more important questions of legal status and funding remained unresolved to the board ' s satisfaction throughout the year. In the spring, the board endured marathon meet- ings to decide what to do with an ever fluctuating field of Daily Texan editorial candidates and in the end, took action it had labored four months to avoid — it appointed a Texan editor following a campus- wide preferential poll. But the year began on an optimistic note. Over 71% of the students had purchased The Daily Texan on optional status during spring pre-registration after the Board of Regents voted to remove it from the mandatory student services fee. LEGAL STATUS AND FUNDING Because of the regents ' actions, the legal commit- tee of the TSP Board began to seek an Attorney Gen- eral ' s ruling on the potentially critical question of whether or not TSP was a legal entity. The trust agreement between TSP and the Board of Regents made in September 1971 was interpreted differently by the two parties. The question followed a memorandum from the system legal office to Chancellor LeMaistre concern- ing a requested budget change by TSP to provide $15,000 for legal counsel. The memorandum said TSP " . . . has no existence as a legal entity separate and apart from the University of Texas at Austin and does not have the standing to sue or be sued in its own name. " It was not until April however, that Sen. Oscar Mauzy, chairman of the Senate Education Commit- tee, submitted the question to the Attorney General on behalf of the TSP Board, asking " Is Texas Student Publications a legal entity and may it employ legal counsel to represent its interests? " Although for- mally acknowledged by the Attorney General ' s office, the year ended with the question still unan- swered. By September, the Board had submitted a requested five year funding proposal to the Student Affairs office, based on a refundable mandatory fee of 75(1; per student per semester. Other options such as mail delivery and controlled circulation were dropped as either too complicated or too expensive, in favor of the mass distribution system to which stu- dents had become accustomed. The five year proposal was set aside until January, when the board received a copy of a letter written by president Rogers to the Special Committee on Stu- dent Fees, which had made recommendations based on the TSP proposal. The committee believed " the Texan should become a self-supporting newspaper. The political character of much of the editorial pol- icy is compatible only with an independently financed publication and . . . such a financial struc- ture would provide realistic experience for journal- ism students vis-a-vis private enterprise newspaper operations. " In her letter, Rogers said she, like the committee, would recommend to the Chancellor the continua- tion of the present optional funding system " vdth the understanding that special committees will be appointed expressly to study . . . special funding needs. " Like the question of legal status, the board closed the year with the question of future funding also unresolved. EDITOR ROULETTE The Daily Texan editor elections consumed almost all the board ' s time in the spring. Three original applicants were not certified as having met all the TSP Handbook requirements and the filing deadline was extended one week. Four new applicants filed and were certified. After a close run-off and a debated APO Election Commission ruling. Bill Gar- land was declared the winner by the commission. Immediately after the election, however, he dropped a required journalism course that made him offi- cially unqualified. The board called for a new elec- tion, but after President Rogers said it would be con- trary to the Declaration of Trust, the board declared a vacancy in the editor position and called for a pref- erential poll to assist it in an appointment. Scott Tagliarino led the poll and was appointed editor at an April meeting of the board. OTHER MATTERS During this time, the board was debating for weeks the printing contract for the 1976 CACTUS. Taylor Publishing Co., who had printed the CACTUS for 14 years, was substantially underbid by American Year- book Company after the current contract with Tay- lor expired. Staff objections to the quality of Ameri- can ' s work were countered with promises that the book would be of high technical quality, and the con- tract went to the low bidder for a one-year trial basis. The purchase of new equipment, the Communica- tions Complex dedication in March, questions on the process for withholding potentially libelous material from The Daily Texan and other matters also kept the board active. In analysis, the board did all it could be expected to do under the circumstances. While it was able to decide fairly and reasonably on the more routine issues it faced throughout the year, it was prevented by administrative red tape from taking concrete action on the two issues that were most important. The question of TSP ' s legal status still rested wath the Attorney General. Meanwhile, the uncertainty of funding forced TSP to budget a $30,000 deficit for 1975-76, to be offset by reserve funds built up in pre- vious years. Texas Student Publications — 137 ' %A!1i £¥ Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees FRONT ROW: John Richard Morris, Sylvia Moreno, Billy Neal Graham, MIDDLE ROW: Michael Joseph Wilson, Luther L. Grace Jr., President, Rob- ert E. Hilburn, Lester L. Edmonds Jr., General Manager, Sidney G. Singer Michael H. Granof, David H. McClintock. BACK ROW: John Steven Bender, J. C. Gresham, Marjorie D. Moore, Secretary, Sarah Ann Schattman, Martm L. Gibson, Debbie Lynne Brock, James R. Edwards, Robert B. Harvey. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Some students held their own alternate poll to support candidates not certified by the TSP Board as eligible to run in the spring editor ' s race. TOP RIGHT: Scott Tagliarino listens to debate on the disputed election before being appoint ed The Daily Texan editor by the board. BOTTOM: The Texan, Pearl and other publications are printed on the new Goss Urbanite web offset press. Capable of printing 32 broadsheet or 64 tabloid pages, it can produce 40,000 copies per hour at top speed. I 138 — Texas Student Publications T55 - " r : ' ' - r- . ' " -F .R,J Texas Student Publications — 139 The Daily Texan expanded from three to four issues weekly during the summer session. In the fall, circulation climbed to 37,300 issues daily while advertising linage was up 10% from the previous year. The paper averaged 17 pages per issue, the amount of student photography almost doubled and an increasing amount of four-color photography, spot color and photo essays complemented the paper ' s graphic design. Disappointingly, the Texan missed an Ail-Ameri- can rating from the Associated Collegiate Press, and won only second place sweepstakes in the Southwest Journalism Congress. Single first place awards were won for best single issue and best spot news story. A recycling program, begun in the summer and jointly sponsored by student government, was only moderately successful and finally discontinued in October after mills stopped taking paper. The Daily Texan composing room acquired a new Optical Character Reader in mid-year that allowed copy to be sent directly from the typewriter to the main computer for storage and later retrieval. Three additional Video Display Terminals were added, allowing The Texan and Pearl Magazine to make the final transition to a totally electronic newsroom operation and complete photocomposition. The CACTUS yearbook received its fourth consec- utive AU-American rating in 1974, with marks of dis- tinction for photography, display, coverage and con- cept. The 1975 CACTUS expanded to 708 pages, with new emphasis placed on copy, color photography and typography. This year also marked the end of a 14 year associa- tion with Taylor Publishing Company, the result of a lower bid on a new contract by American Yearbook Company. After a two year absence, the law school yearbook, the Peregrinus, resumed publication in 1975. With a total of 144 pages, the Peregrinus paid tribute to retired Law School Dean W. Page Keeton. Law stu- dents elected Bruce Patrick as editor for the publica- tion that was delivered in April. In its third year of publication, Pearl Magazine, the monthly magazine supplement to the Daily Texan, has established its name in the field of collegiate journalism. The Southwest Journalism Congress awarded Pearl first place for best general readership campus magazine, and staff members took second and third places for feature writing. This year, the Pearl staff formed a softball team which played their literary colleagues, the Texan staff. As one Pearl staff member explained, " This was an attempt to give dignity back to the Texan by trying to let them win the game. " 140 — Texas Student Publications Student Publications A FuU-Time Job OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Almost 9,000 students went through the CAC- TUS studio in the fall. Stevens Studios of Bangor, Maine, took the indi- vidual pictures appearing in the Classes and Greeks sections. OPPOSITE PAGE MIDDLE AND BOTTOM: CACTUS copy, photography, identifi- cation and layouts all undergo dozens of checks before this final " Quad- Pac " can be drawn and sent to the publisher. Page proofs, brovvmlines, press proofs and color proofs follow. LEFT: Marlon Taylor, assistant photography supervisor, takes a break in The Texan offices. BELOW: In addition to AP and UPI wire service. Daily Texan staffers keep informed through local and network news programs. Texas Student Publications — 141 X r X 1, , ' . ' a ' , ' , ' , ' FCARL PEARL FALL STAFF: FRONT ROW: Carrie E. Schweitzer, Associate Editor, Sheldon Ike Lippman, Editor, Leslie Ann Spinks. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Arthur Milz, Ray Lamont Wood, Christopher C. Child. BACK ROW: Dan Richard Jones, Nicholas J. Patoski, Samuel Todd Katz. PEARL SPRING STAFF: FRONT ROW: Christopher C. Child, Co-managing Alan Gribben, Robert W. Vernon, Nicholas J. Patoski, Ray Lamont Wood, Editor, Geoffrey M. Leavenworth, Associate Editor, Hounder, Dan Richard Darryl Glenn Farrow, Alex Lowry Durand, Michael Wayne Tolson, Michael Jones, Editor, Stuff, Leslie Ann Spinks, Co-managing Editor. BACK ROW: Younger Pitts, Cleland E. Early, Jr. 142 — Texas Student Publications f Ci ' li . ' , ' .■■ V» FRONT ROW: Harris Eastham Kerr, Steven Gary Jackson, Bruce D. Patrick, Editor. BACK ROW: Mary Kathryn Davis, Deborah Ann Smith, Stella Maria Narisi. Peregrinus The Daily Texan Sfudenf Newspaper at Thm University of Taxas of Austin K,A«icialeEiili| ; ROW: Robert Air fi r ilWoml V. PERMANENT STAFF: 1. Claude M. Simpson Spring Assistant Managing Editor 2. Eddie Ross Fisher Spring Assistant Managing Editor 3. William C. Trott, Jr. Associate Sports Editor 4. Richard Earl Justice Spring Sports Editor 5. Debbie Lynne Brock Fall Assistant Managing Editor Spring Managing Editor 6. Mary Kathleen Kelly Spring News Editor 7. Herbert Holland Fall Sports Editor 8. Sylvia Moreno Fall Managing Editor 9. David A. Hendricks Spring Capitol Bureau Chief 10. Robert B. Harvey Editor-in-Chief 11. Janice E. Tomlin Spring Features Editor 12. Victoria Ruth Bovkrles Spring Amusements Editor 13. Paul Wayne Beutel Fall Amusements Editor Texas Student Publications — 143 Senior Cabinet Composed of presidents from the 14 college coun- cils, the Senior Cabinet ' s major responsibility is coordinating college council activities and programs. The cabinet and individual councils organized academic and career programs including Communi- cation Week, Engineering Week, College o Business Administration Week and the Distinguished Speak- ers Series of the Graduate Business Council. The organization also provided a campus-wide forum for discussion of common problems. The cabinet exercised its budget approval power to control the allotment of funds for each council ' s activities. The councils publishing newsletters were aided by a workshop on journalism and editing sponsored by the Senior Cabinet. Among their other duties, cabinet members received nominations and selected Who ' s Who representatives from the Uni- versity. The councils are represented by two voting Cabinet members on the University council. Officers of the Senior Cabinet were Craig Martin Kercho, Chairman; Martha Mary Sweeney, Vice- Chairwoman; and Linda Ann Crooker, Secretary. Several individual councils sponsor faculty teas, often with the help of the Senior Cabinet. 144 — Senior Cabinet Member Councils Architecture Student Government College of Business Administration Council Education Student Council Fine Arts Student Council General and Comparative Studies Student Council Graduate Business Council Graduate Engineering Council Graduate Student Council Humanities Student Council Natural Sciences Student Council Pharmacy Student Council School of Communication Council Social and Behavioral Sciences Council Student Engineering Council Walter Durham, a financial consultant, speaks at a CBA Week career program. Councils were responsible for a variety of duties, and priorities were discussed at a Student Engineering Council meeting. Senior Cabinet — 145 Architecture Student Government Acting as a liaison between faculty and students, the Architecture Council concentrated its efforts on two projects this year. Minority recruitment got its first boost when the council wrote new guidelines for minorities for enrollment advisors to consider. To achieve a racial blend in the School of Archi- tecture, the council proposed the institution of a spe- cial remedial program. The program would enable students who meet the requirements of the Univer- sity but not those of the Architecture School to enroll in a special summer section of introductory architec- ture courses. Students who pass the courses with a B average would then be able to continue in courses in the School of Architecture. The council also proposed an advisory program in which each student in the school would be assigned an advisor to assist the student during his stay at the University. Special advisors would be designated to meet particular needs of minority students. The council also revived a lost tradition in the School of Architecture — the Beaux Arts Ball — an end of school costume cocktail party and dance. A weekly lecture series sponsored by the council continued. Well-respected architects such as Michael Graves from Princeton, Joyce Whitler from Ohio and Hugh Hardy from New York City met with students each Wednesday afternoon. Lunches were sponsored by members for faculty and students to meet and talk informally, and a weekly newsletter, started last year, was again published by the council. The council, composed of 40 members, elected from each of the 40 design studios in the college, revised course evaluation forms and presented them to the faculty for approval. Efforts were made to make the results available to students. 146 — Architecture Council ' " CBA Council Interaction between business students and their professors was facilitated by programs sponsored by the CBA Council. The council served student aca- demic interests November 6 and 7 by bringing corpo- rate executives from major cities in Texas to lecture in classrooms during a Career Development Pro- gram. Through its bi-weekly publication, 14 Days, and a well-located Visual Information display, the students were informed of college activities. CBA Week, February 17-21, gave students the opportunity to attend guest lectures, seminars and workshops conducted by visiting business profes- sionals. Among the distinguished business leaders were Frank A. Weil of Paine, Webber, Jackson, and Curtis; Walter Durham, president of the MESBIC Financial Corporation; and Belton Kleberg Johnson of the King Ranch. In the spring, outstanding stu- dents, teachers and alumni received awards at the annual Dean ' s Honor ' s Banquet. Business majors sponsor a businessmen ' s lunch during CBA Week. r FIRST ROW: Rhonda M. Rogers, Pamela Katherine Liska, Victor Manuel Renteria, Paula Jo Simpson, Secretary, Claude James Atkins, Melinda Lou Cutchin, David Greenberg, David W. Fuhrman. SECOND ROW: Larry Leon Linenschmidt, Jamie Elizabeth Black, Gerry Ann Means, Steven Lee McMillon, Charles Wright Robertson, Lester Van Pelt 111, Marshall Winfield Walker, Editor, Alan Wayne Goldsberry, John William Derichsweiler. THIRD ROW: Gary Michael Dorsey, Henry Michael Kessler. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Verne Kelley, Gregory S. Marchbanks, Donald James Reese, Vidal Gregory Martinez, Vice-President, Howard Williams Crenshaw, Michael Jay Cohen, Executive Vice-President, Craig Martin Kercho, Presi- dent, Jon Kenneth Shockley. CBA Council — 147 Communication Student Council The Communication Council worked on projects throughout the year to elevate student awareness concerning their college and to unify the separate departments — journalism, advertising, radio-televi- sion-film and speech. Minority recruitment received a large portion of the council ' s attention, and a pam- phlet was sent to all Texas high schools outlining degree programs and the college ' s minority program. Course evaluations were rewritten to apply to the more technical communications courses and were presented to the faculty committee for study. The council has been working with the faculty to make the evaluations mandatory and to publish them for student use at registration. Council members also worked to establish a review committee of profes- sionals to examine degree sequences for content and relevancy to the job market. Communication Week, March 8-14, was high- lighted by the dedication of the new Communication Complex and the annual presentation of the DeWitt C. Reddick award to nationally known journalist, Bill Moyers, former chief advisor to President Johnson. Featured speakers during the week included former CBS president Fred Friendly; film director Frank Cooper; Bud Yorkin, one of the creators of CBS ' s " All in the Family " show; Tommy Thompson, for- merly of Life magazine; and Paramount Pictures President Charles O. Glenn. To promote dialogue between the faculty, students and professionals, the council sponsored numerous faculty-student gatherings, held receptions for distin- guished persons including CBS newsman Roger Mudd, and began a weekly sandwich program to bring local and state professionals to the campus to meet with students. Student academic pre-advising was a function of the council, and through council efforts, the first stu- dent was appointed to the Dean ' s Student Appeals Committee to review scholastic appeals. Members to the college council are elected in the spring with three members selected from each of the departments. A representative from each student organization in the school serves membership, as well as the Student Government senators elected from the School of Communication. CBS newsman Roger Mudd speaks with students at a council symposium. Educal eepingsluii ' iraedislbe .The con ijjstodenlsmtli mtkCoiegeofl Council memb council merabf degree programi 8 ' :Cel FRONT ROW: Nancy Katiierine Mowry, Secretary, Phyllis Carol Schwartz, Richard Norman Jefferson, President, Janice Elizabeth Tomlin. BACK ROW: William Gregory Beck, Robert Moore Murray, John Raymond Vickers, Karen Delana Gray, Laura Ann D ' Alisera, Vice-President. 148 — Communication Council Education Student Council Keeping students of the College of Education informed is the main purpose of the Education Council. The council published a newsletter provid- ing students with information on new developments in the College of Education and the education field. Council members also assisted education students through counseling services. The junior and senior council members advised students on courses, degree programs and opportunities available in the educational field. By sponsoring a teaching seminar this fall, the council enabled past student teachers to share their experiences with future student teachers. Problems and suggestions from the students are also handled by the Education Council in its efforts to promote cordial student-faculty relations. Council members assisted Dean Lorrin Kennamer in award- ing scholarships from the Cathryn and.John O. Rodg- ers Endowed Scholarship Fund to deserving educa- tion students. The council also raised money to sup- plement the funds of the scholarship. ;V « FRONT ROW: Celita Beth Brock, Carol Ann Bennie, Sherry Ruth Josin, Edith Diane Dochen, Linda Susan Cox, Secretary, De-Ann Lechtenberger. MIDDLE ROW: Martha Mary Sweeney, President, Cindy Lou Bullock, Jamie Jo Langley, Nancy Lynne Gracey, Melinda Lou Fugitt, Cynthia Elizabeth Cobb, Sarah Gaye Blades, Leslie Jane Lewin, Treasurer, Gail Frances Ellish. BACK ROW: Esperanza del Carmen Echevarria, Janet Kay Hunter, Mary Elizabeth Haddad, Donna Rae Russell, Kathleen Ann Boothe, Rebecca Hur- ley, Roger C. Williams, Adviser, Allyn J. Silver, Vice-Preside nt. Education Council —149 Outstanding Engineering Students Project assignments were discussed at a bi-weekly meeting led by Gary Wolff, president. Victoria Lillian Blaschke Sue Ellen Cash Brennon Philip Hatley Kennedy King McElroy Randall W. Williams Gary Joe Wolf 150 — Student Engineering Council Representatives of all professional organizations of the College of Engineering comprise the Student Engineering Council. The council informed students of organizational activities in its bi-weekly publica- tion, The Vector. Undergraduate students profited from a year long Student Tutoring Program. Another project was maintenance of the student-faculty T- Room lounge in the basement of Taylor Hall. A series of faculty firesides enabled students to meet professors outside the classroom. College-wide activities included fall and spring beer busts and a 1 picnic held March 15 to recognize Engineering Lead- ! ership Service Award recipients. Student Engineering Council aaonPiipHatley Gaoi ' FIRST ROW: Gary Joe Wolff, President, James Richard Connell, Robert M. Stephens, Vivienne Lee McKitrick, Roberto Rodriguez. SECOND ROW: Tommy James Drescher, Robert Rankin Stockton, Edgar John Schumacher, Secretary, Roel Briones, Claud Victor Winter, Charlie Reagan Copeland. THIRD ROW: John Earl Dugat, Keith Richard Fangmeier, Charles William Wolcott, Leon Olander Butner, Joe David Word, Treasurer, Marilynn McBride. FOURTH ROW: Victoria Lillian Blaschke, Vice-President, Randall W. Williams, Billy Dean James, Alexander Frederick Claire, Patron Saint, Thomas Jack Temple, Gerhardt Eugene Wissler, James E. Dailey. FIFTH ROW: Brennon Philip Hatley, Glenn Edward Grayson, Warner Gordon Derr, Donald Joseph Sansom, Manuel Pena Rios, Ray Lee Shull. Student Engineering Council — 151 BELOW: Rita Jo Hodge, Lawrence Joseph Brown, President, Susan L. Kristoferson, Secretary, John Ramond Hiller, Editor, Sara Jean Hester, Vice-President, Michael H. Meyerson, Kim M. Kelly. Human As an organiz Jilferentdepartn iheHomanitiesC as a liaison t« ' ' liresides which F .jemtoraeelou " The council als jeiiiic quality. As jiittee, council me aprofessor ' steact BELOW: The Fine Arts Council helps sponsor AC art exhibits. The Fine Art Student Council is an elected body of 15 students comprised of five members from each college area — music, art and drama. Elections are held each spring for service the following fall. The council brings the three disciplines closer together to produce a more cohesive and informal student body in the College of Fine Arts. A Hallow- een party and a spring social function are held each year. Sandwich seminars and speakers from various branches of art, drama and music were sponsored by the council. Also, both semesters the council helped advise freshmen and sophomores at preregistration. Fine Arts Student Council 152 — Fine Arts Student Council " » Alice Mckffl Humanities Student Council As an organization of students representing the different departments of the College of Humanities, the Humanities Council serves a dual purpose. It acts as a liaison between faculty and students, arranging firesides which provide an informal atmosphere for them to meet outside the classroom. The council also works to insure the college ' s aca- demic quality. As part of a joint student-faculty com- mittee, council members established criteria to judge a professor ' s teaching effectiveness. The council also worked with the Student Task Force in its unsuccess- ful attempt to extend the reading period before finals from one to two days. In order to provide a means of student expression, the council sponsored a literary magazine, Analecta, which published original works by students of the College of Humanities. The Phantom Writers sack- lunch meetings enabled student authors and poets to read their works and receive criticism from fellow students. 41 FRONT ROW: Nancy Louise Vine, Vice-President, Joan Irudy Schenk. Pres- ident, Thomas R. Peterson, Secretary-Treasurer, Shirly Ann Worcester, Mary Alice McLean, Lesa Carol White. BACK ROW: John Miller Morris, Nancy Lois Culeman, Tliuinas BeiinuslM. Eii .aljeUi Baiicy. VViliunn C .iivin Chaney, Linda Sue Freedman, Michael D. Youngblood, Sarah Margaret Shields, Karen Lee Redman. Humanities Council — 153 Social and Behavioral Sciences Council The Social and Behavioral Sciences Council provides an opportunity for students to meet informally with faculty. Establishing communications among the students, faculty and administration is a major goal of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Council. Working with Mortar Board and the campus Career Center, the council held a career symposium in March for students of the college. On separate days students met with professors, alumni and representatives from state and federal agencies. Guest speakers also lectured on the job-finding process. The council continued efforts from last year to obtain course descriptions and evaluations. Each instructor was asked to write a description of requirements for his course and the council posted them near department offices. SBS council members continued publication of the monthly newsletter Chanticleer to acquaint students with council and college related activities and programs. For the first time, council members established a student grievance committee to hear student com- plaints and requests. Members also served as advi- sors to undergraduates during preregistration. Members are selected in the spring through inter- views. Representatives are chosen from each depart- ment and serve for one year. 154 — Social 3nd Behavioral Sciences Council Orientation Advisors Jrientation advisor recommends courses to entering freshman Orientation advisors are often the first human con- tact students have with the University. The Dean of Students office sponsors an orientation program designed to help incoming freshmen and transfer stu- dents with campus activities, programs, facilities and the administration. (See pages 20 and 21). This program, composed of 90 student orientation advisors, continued throughout the year giving assistance on UT Day in the spring, when high school students came to tour the campus, summer and Janu- ary orientations and counselor workshops. The group also sought information from students on the kinds of programs they need in orientation to make it as effective and relevant as possible. Advisors are selected by a two step application and interview process in the fall. After selection, they take a spring orientation course to learn techni- ques for academic pre-advisors and floor counselors during summer orientation. . pOsitL illily newsletter «th council aBii ns. ers established a ' s stodent coni ' 3sen ' edasadvi- ion. ram P, Smolen Orientation Advisors — 155 FIRST ROW; Eileen Marie Smith, Carolyn Yvonne Glenn, Suzanne Phillips, Vice-President, Vickie Lynn Wagner, Susan Lynne Loghry, Patricia Carole Magel, President, Deborah Claire Broyhill. Katharine Elizabeth Fonken. Kimberly Jo Walker, Lisa Kay Hudgins. SECOND ROW: Kathryn Lee Tur- pin, Teresa Gail Sipes, Gail Marie Kitowski, Debra Lynn Shoptaw, Julie Ann Ajello, Jillana Celeste Sitterle, Cecilia Louise Graham, Lisa Germany, Sharon Gayle Bengtson, Lillian Alisan Johnson, Beverly Joyce Hannah. THIRD ROW: Margaret Ann Wysong, Debra Lynn Treadway, Sharon Lynn Allen, Kathleen Marie Bell, Laura Jeanne Schwartz, Shiryl Louise Thomp- son, Debra Ann Kalin, Carolyn Louise Doering, Karen Lee Redman, Amy Elizabeth Harris, Rhonda Denise Koch. FOURTH ROW: Susan Hauser, Patricia Lucille Kelly, Susan Turner Bowden, Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Marian Johnson Wagner, Karla Katheryn Gatlin, Angela Jane Armitage, Kathleen Ann Boothe, JoEUen Boyd, Pamela Sue Ripper, Claudia Ann Erv- ing. FIFTH ROW: Patti Rose Kilday, Kathleen Ann Cicconi, Mary Teresa Lytle, Clair Elizabeth Krizov, Susan Lee Pheeney, Janet Lee Wright, Ellen Louise Krahl, Sandra Ann Charles. Coordinating activities between the student gov- ernments in Andrews, Blanton, Carothers, Littlefield, Kinsolving and Scottish Rite dormitories, the Upper Class Advisors meet to exchange ideas on better dor- mitory living. Members elected each spring are announced at a formal dinner. A spring retreat is planned for new and old officers and members. Other activities involved dormitory participation in a money-raising project for a scholarship program established by the group. Money raised went to women living in the respective dorms. Also, an annual china show was held with money going to the advisor fund. In October and November a service awareness session with the Psychology and Counsel- ing Center aided students in dealing with dormitory problems. Also, an Advisor Colloquium in August and September acquainted advisors with student service facilities and campus organizations. 156 — Upper Class Advisors Upper Class Advisors imlltGlmer ' " ' ' hk An.;, si Jester Student Assembly In its 866,692 square feet, Jester Center has the capacity to house 3,000 students. Along with the large number of residents, Jester has a capacity for numerous problems and numerous achievements. Jester Student Assembly is the representative body which serves as the voice of residents in all aspects of dormitory life. Every September representatives are elected from the residents on each wing. In the fall members dealt with petitions for 24- hour guest visitation rights. Amid rumors of rent strikes by the residents, the assembly also presented requests to the director of housing for extended guest hours, improved lounge and study conditions and for permission to consume alcohol in the lounge areas. While no final decision was made by the Housing Committee on extended guest hours, the requests for improvements in the study areas and permission to consume alcohol in the lounge areas were approved. In the fall, the assembly sponsored such special events as a Barn Dance and Barbeque, free films, speakers and a Talent Show. The spring semester saw the return of the annual Casino Royale Party. During this profitable and popular party, the halls of Jester Center were transformed into a gambling casino, but the ill-gotten gains went to a good cause — the Angeline Palmer Memorial Scholarship Fund. ; raised went lo • ' .!so, ai -.3 to the . senice 3gj ' and Counsel- ;mlh dormitory iuiam in Aiijiist Dfs Willi student zations. dvisors FIRST ROW: Randall Jay Fein. President, Diantha Jean Garrett. Secretary, Richard Ardell Nash, Robert Sheppard Barnum, Stephen Lane Jukes, Aliene Ann Elkins, Katherine L. Chatas. Stephanie M. Chatas, Steve B. Albright. SECOND ROW: Linden Frances Huntoon. Ralph Ernest Day. Blossom Blackman, Jan Carreen Smith, Linda Carol Flory, Douglas Wayne Wiersig, Candace Lynn Smith, Patricia Ann O ' Neal, Karen Sue Evans, William Som- erville Gilmer. THIRD ROW: Hal Mark Agler, Donny Jones, Treasurer, Henry Wayne Soza, John Neil Sedlak, John F. Neville, Karen Ann Hewlett, Frank Schiffel, Deborah Selma Eidson, Sandra Jean Pruneda. FOURTH ROW: Joseph Michael Laplante, Parliamentarian. Bryan Patrick Muecke, Russell Allen Hooper. Mark Reeves Smalling, Richard Stevens Martin, Mark Flynn Ware, Joseph Anthony Porto, Arthur Joseph Harding Jr., Jess Adam Doherty. Jester Student Assembly — 157 158 — Student Government ATHLETICS TiY- r ' yur , « ' ,, " ' ■ ( i,- ■, W Melanie Hauser Athletics — 159 A Year of Change 1975 was a year of change for athletics at Texas. In years past, Texas ' men ' s athletics dominated the Southwest Conference. The mark of a good year for the Longhorns was the number of orange towers they could make, but this year they made few, winning only one SWC title in baseball. Also in the past, women had not been considered athletes but this year, Texas women had their own intercollegiate athletics departme nt. With a budget of only $57,000, they were able to compete and con- sistently win in basketball, swimming, tennis, golf and volleyball. With expected increases in their budget for next year, women ' s athletics had nowhere to go but up. Although football continued to be the primary sport at the University, it was not as strong as before. Attendance dropped at games, while intramural and recreational participation was up among students. Intramurals provided participation sports for the non-athlete and part-time jock. Another less noticeable change was that people began to question athletics council decisions and the need for $37 million worth of new athletics facilities. Texas fell far short indeed of SWC domination this year, placing second in football, fourth in basketball, second in track and second in tennis. But, some things never change. Texas ' baseball team enjoyed a 23-1 SWC record and went to the College World Series for the 10th straight year. Tennis came close to winning the SWC, but not close enough. SMU won that title by a one match margin near the end of the season. The swimming team, on the verge of becoming a national power, had its best season to date. It placed second to SMU in the conference race, but also placed 15th in national competition. Soccer fought for NCAA status, but never made the agenda at Athletic Council meetings. Swimming made the agenda, however, only to be turned down on its request for two additional schol- arships. All other NCAA sports at Texas had the maximum number of scholarships allowed, but swimming was still five under its limit. It is ironic that with construction of a new pool underway, recruitment potential for the 1976 team was still cut by a lack of scholarships. I . r 160 — Athletics Athletics— 161 The recreational sports department tried to get more students involved in its programs. Intramurals were expanded to include more co-ed sports and activities, canoe trips were sponsored and more facilities at Bellmont Hall and Gregory Gym were opened for student use on a regular basis. Sports remained a basic part of life at the Univer- sity and students were involved as both spectators and participants. Athletics for the individual became more impor- tant this year. Sports provided a release from the academic pressures of the University and students took advantage of both University and Austin com- munity facilities for tennis, Softball, football, volley- ball and swimming. Athletics at the University were no longer just for the elite few. The scene was changing. Football was still number 1, but other sports were being recog- nized. Women began to have a place in athletics and so did individuals. Athletics were also changing nationwide, and per- haps Texas has begun to acknowledge that change by graduatlly opening and expanding its programs. G. Craig 162 C.Cnii I 1 Athletics — 163 Construction Controversy By Richard Justice and Randy Edwards In a year when University president ad interim Lorene Rogers proposed a budget cutback for the College of Human- ities, and student interest in intercollegiate athletics appeared to be low, construction of $37 million worth of new athletic facilities continued at a slow but very steady pace. Many considered the construction to reflect a somewhat outdated emphasis on athletics at the University. But for its $37 million, Texas will have the world ' s finest swimming facility, one of the nation ' s best college basketball arenas and perhaps the best college baseball stadium. Although the materialism was considered a disaster by environmentalists, the new construction exhilarated many others. Sports writers, athletes and coaches were excited, but it was a troubled excitement comparable to a child eating candy knowing his teeth will decay. Budget cutbacks in the Univer- sity Intercollegiate Athletics Department have already severely affected two sports — swimming and soccer. Soccer was unable to gain its eagerly sought NCAA sta- tus, and the Athletics Council ref- used a swimming team request for the NCAA maximum number of 19 scholarships. Texas swimming had only 16 scholarships to help recruitment in 1974. The paradox of loss of partici- pation and material gain stirred little debate outside of sports cir- cles, however. The $6.5 million swimming pool at 19th and San Jacinto Streets is scheduled for completion in mid-1976 and will make the University a showcase for competitive swimming. The facility will include two pools, one for diving (both spring board and platform) and the other for swimming. The main pool will have movable bulkheads making it adaptable for water polo, free swimming or competitive swimming. The swimming complex and baseball field will be open to students as Memorial Stadium and Gregory Gym are now. While the pool will be closer to campus, the Special Events Center for basketball and the new Disch-Falk Field are a dis- couraging walking distance away. For students with cars, the Special Events Center will have access to state parking lots at night, and Disch-Falk Field has parking for 600 cars. But the times when a student could spend a leisurely spring afternoon watching a baseball game and enjoying the sun without leaving the main campus are gone. In place of Clark Field, there is a parking lot and a $2.5 million edifice of iron, concrete and artificial grass located east of IH 35 has assumed its duties. Disch-Falk has everything going for it except proximity to campus. Lights, AstroTurf, modern dressing rooms and a capacity for 5,000 spectators on aluminum seats are just a few of its features. The new home for the basketball team will be the Special Events Center, between IH 35 and Red River Streets north of 15th Street. The completion date of mid-1977 for the 17,000 seat building appears optimistic, but when finished, it will also be adaptable for concerts and other activities. To field a competitive major basketball team, the Center is a necessity. But like the baseball stadium, a Daily Texan editorial asked if a winning basketball team that played no closer than 4 blocks south of campus was worth the $28 million price tag. The expense did not stop with buildings, either. Intercollegiate Athletics at the University was a program which in 1974 spent $110,000 on recruiting, $35,000 on publicity, $2,500 on cheerleaders and $43,286 to send the band and cheerleaders to the Gator Bowl. At the same time, the budding Wom- en ' s Athletics program operated on a skeletal budget of less than $58,000, none of which came from the men ' s department, and soccer remained unrecognized. It is ironic that the questions seemed to rise in the 50th anniversary year of Memorial Stadium, a venerated athletic facility fairly dripping with tradition. The Waller Creek con- troversy of 1970, when the stadium was expanded and Bell- mont Hall added, foreshadowed the doubts that were to rise again this past year. Yet who can predict the future.. As was the case of Bell- mont Hall, the completion of the new sports facilities will bring a measure of acceptance and the controversy in 1974- 75 could be forgotten. For the problems of budgets, funding, scholarships, recruiting and equality of women ' s athletics, the answers may not be as easy. ur 164 — Construction and Controversy .scholarstiipi Texas Football 1974 The last time we left the Texas football team, Dar- rell Royal had coached the Longhorns, for better or worse, to six consecutive Southwest Conference championships. The Horns were a consensus choice to make it seven in 1974. That pretty much describes Texas ' 8-4 season — The Longhorns got worse, and the SWC got better. Royal would have coached the Longhorns to another SWC championship, nonetheless, if he could have found a remedy to a problem which plagued Texas all season long — the forward pass. Texas fans, not familiar with this new and surpris- ing tactic, have probably seen it executed on televi- sion. An opposing player runs down the field, and his teammate backs up and throws the ball to him. Occasionally, Texas teams do this. The difference is that the opposing man (the receiver) quite often catches the ball. Against Texas Tech and Baylor, for instance, these receivers were quick (like Tech ' s Larry Williams and Baylor ' s Alcy Jackson) and Texas defensive backs weren ' t. Result: Texas Tech 26, Texas 3 and Baylor 34, Texas 24. Texas opened its season in a typical Longhorn fashion September 14 in Boston against Boston Col- lege. The Longhorns threw and completed two half- End of S WC Domin a tion M. Taylor 166 — Football M. Taylur I lOlC ' «lKS,i[lleM| iwliiclipl W ' M back passes and ran a double reverse kickoff play, winning easily, 42-19. Fullback Earl Campbell and halfback Gralyn Wyatt, both freshmen, arid reserve quarterback Mike Presley starred for Texas as the Longhorns rushed for 347 yards in that game. The Longhorns ' second game of 1974 brought some old faces back to the lineup. Quarterback Marty Akins, who was knocked unconscious early in the Boston College game, and fullback Roosevelt Leaks, out since a spring knee injury, both returned and helped the Horns rout Wyoming, 34-7. Texas rushed for 339 yards. Texas played its first important game of the season September 28 against Texas Tech. Royal found out some things he didn ' t want to know after Williams ' three touchdown receptions from Tommy Duniven and the Horns paltry 291 yards offense. Washington scored on three passing plays (one thrown by Texas ' Akins) the next week, but it was not enough as the Longhorns beat the Huskies 35-21 to set up the annual game with Oklahoma, the team destined to be the national champion. And the Horns almost ended the Sooners ' champi- onship hopes, leading through three quarters, 10-7. Oklahoma, already owning statistical dominance in the game (395 yards to 209 yards) scored a touch- down and a field goal in the fourth quarter for a final 16-13 victory in Dallas. The next weekend, Texas overpowered Arkansas on national television, 38-7. Texas rushed for 385 yards (109 by Campbell). Against Rice, Akins rushed for 185 yards as the Longhorns won in Rice Stadium. SMU came into Memorial Stadium, but little else. Texas gained 423 total yards and defeated the Mus- tangs, 35-15 on November 2. Texas had reserved seats for the November 11 Neal Jeffrey-Alcy Jackson show, and the Longhorns weren ' t too happy about it, especially after leading 24-7 at half-time. Baylor passed for a SWC record 351 yards, as the Horns were eliminated from the confer- ence race, 34-24 in a turn-around second half. Texas made up for its Baylor performance on the scoreboard next weekend, with an 81-16 romp over TCU. The conference standings, however, didn ' t change as a result of that game. Thanks to Texas A M fumbles, Texas took a 14-0 lead after 53 seconds and went on to whip the Aggies, 32-3. The victory put Texas in the Gator Bowl, Baylor in the Cotton Bowl and Texas A M in the stay-at-home-and-wonder-why-we-choked bowl. Football — 167 168 — Football Football — 169 PASSING, not featured in the Texas wishbone, became its nemesis this year. The Horns completed few offensive passes; the defensive secondary allowed opponents too many receptions. 170 J i m ' Football — 171 AFTER AN UNANNOUNCED player-position change was reported by the press, Darrell Royal closed practice October 10 to insure secrecy. !•.» . ' ■• A M. Intercollegiate Athletics } L FIRST ROW: Frank Meidina, Spike Dykes, R. M. Patterson, Willie Zapalac, Fred Akers, Bill Ellington, Darrell Royal, David McWilliams, Bill Lyons, Tim Doerr, Prenis Williams. SECOND ROW: Ken Dabbs, Leon Manly, Mike Campbell, Glen Swenson. THIRD ROW: Bruce Hebert, David Bartek, Mike Presley, Sammie Mason, Terry Melancon, Joey Aboussie, Roosevelt Leaks, Wade Johnston, Bob Tresch, Doug English, Sherman Lee, Mike Dean, Billy Schott, Don Burrisk. FOURTH ROW: Pat Padgett, Tighe Huber, Paul Walker, Adrian Ford, Fred Sarchet, Mark Halfmann, John Thompson, Marty Akins, Rick Thurman, Bob Simmons, Pat Kennedy, David Milan, Jim Hilli- ard, Bruce Mailey, Randy McEachern. FIFTH ROW: Rick Burleson, Bobby Rou ' an, Bob Richey, Rusty Allen, Will Wilcox, David McLeod, Toby Stol- handske, Robert Rickman, Billy Gordon, Mike Hartinger, Walter Rowan, Manuel Mehos, Cal Axtel, Joe Samford, Tommy Ingram, Rick Ingraham, Fred Olm. SIXTH ROW: Ronnie Miksch, Paul Jette, Charlie Wilcox, Tommy Swenson, Vic Houston, Alan Lenz, Randy Miksch, Bill Ward, Rucker Lewis, Brad Gilbert, Randy Stilley, Steve Collier, Marty Vick, Mark Covey, Jimmy Walker, Brad Shearer, Allen Rickman, Earl Campbell. SEVENTH ROW: Morgan Copeland, Bill Hamilton, David Nelson, Jim Gresham, Jim Hussey, James Holder, Dan Kline, Billy Bob Barron, Bo Carrick, Mike Featherston, George James, Stan Freeman, Mike Crosswhite, Ivey Suber, Raymond Clay- born, Lionell Johnson, Kevin Scott, Louis Rowlett, Jim Wyman, Jim Yarbor- ough. EIGHTH ROW: Leonard Messina, Mark Hamilton, Mike Vogel, Randy Gerdes, Kevin Henry, Sam Cleckler, Landy Minor, James Roller, Scott Mid- dlebrooks, Mark Guy, Alfred Jackson, Larry Wilson, James Yates, Travis Couch, David Studdard, Sammy Steinmark, Gralyn Wyatt. NINTH ROW: Juan Conde, Bubba Simpson, Larry Bristow, Bucky Couch, Gene Parker, Mike Powers, Jim Hess, Jeff Crozier, Gary Pearson, Allen Riskind, Dan Trew, David Foreman, Larry Salacek, Allen David. TENTH ROW: Claude Tice, Richie Boyd, Mike Celli, Bob Purl, Dan Wheat, Randy Stipes, Spanky Stephens. 172 — Football I Parker, ,:;, Dan Claude jank) ' .. ■■■- " G •■ V , v " • V, ' L ■■ ■ i 1 W ym i .„_ . - - Football — 173 i_ Gator Bowl 1974: Auburn 27-Texas 3 The Longhorn Band made an impressive appear- ance in the Gator Bowl. The band was about all that was impressive in the 30th annual event in Jackson- ville, Florida, December 30, 1974. Texas lost four fumbles, but the game stayed close (Auburn led 16-3 at the half) because Auburn fum- bled four times. Texas also had three passes inter- cepted in the fourth quarter. " I ' m not looking for alibis, " Texas Coach Darrell Royal said. " They just outhit us and outplayed us. I said before that we ' d have to play from memory and it looks like we didn ' t remember very well. " Texas had not had physical contact on a football field since its November 29th game against Texas A M in Austin ' s Memorial Stadium. " I ' ll have to second guess myself on that part, " Royal said. " If we ever get in a bowl game again, we ' ll have to sacrifice Christmas. With the way our exams were set up, there just wasn ' t enough time to prepare. I ' ll take the kids off the hook and say I made the wrong decision. " Auburn got possession on the Texas 20-, 19-, 44-, 28-, and 44-yard lines. The War Eagles scored on their first possession, burning the Longhorns in the secondary. Quarterback Phil Gargis passed to Ed Butler, who had badly beaten Texas ' Sammie Mason, for the winning touchdown. Texas ' only score came on a 59-yard drive that was highlighted by a 35-yard Billy Schott field goal. As Marty Akins said, " We just screwed up. " »l,Ti r M. Taylor iTlylj 174 — Gator Bowl 1974 exasS on that part, " ■ ' ?anie agaij, Ik the way out •n»ii?titinieio " " 1 say 1 made fe scored on " Sliomsiiitlie lirivethatwi was Gator Bowl — 175 Cheerleaders Marilyn Smothers, Dan Ehlingher Loyce Bates, Dan Ehlingher, Steve Clark, Marilyn Smothers, LAP Foster, Jt;ll Newman 176 — Cheerleaders rv ' j Carol MacDonald, Ken McLeland, LAF Foster, Beverly Weitzel, Ken Lenard u Jenna Hays Jeff Newman, LAF Foster Cheerleaders — 177 S. Farrar S. Farrar 178 — Basketball Siii» Texas Basketball 1975: A Trial and Error Year forLonghorns Texas Basketball Coach Leon Black said before the 1974-75 season began that he was expecting " a trial and error year. " And he was right. Unfortunately for the Longhorns, there seemed to be more error than anything else. The defending Southwest Conference Champion Longhorns finished the season a dismal 10-15 (6-8 in SWC play) and after Texas lost to Texas A M in the SWC finale, 74-63, the Aggies ' Barry Davis put the UT season in perspective: " They played a good game for a team that had nothing to win and nothing to look forward to next year, " he said. Texas does, however, have a little to look forward to in the 1975-76 season, like the excellent guard play of junior Dan Krueger and the potential of forwards like freshman Mike Murphy and sophomore Ed Johnson. Texas lost only one active player from its 1975 team, senior forward Tyrone Johnson. Johnson was Texas ' only offensive threat through the last part of the ' 75 season. In his last five games he scored 12, 12, 14, 15 and 21 points. " We probably looked at records less than any other team during the season, " Black said. " We hoped we could get better each time and with a young club that possibility always existed, even though it didn ' t always come true. " " You can leave winning alone if you compete hard enough — winning would take care of itself. " But it was losing, and not winning, which took care of Texas this season. The Longhorns began their sea- son in Provo, Utah, against a young Brigham Young team and lost 80-72, in a game which was not as close as the score indicated. Texas hit only 35 percent of its field shots — a chilling indicator of things to come. The Longhorns lost their first six non-conference games to BYU, Murray State, Centenary, Mississippi, Drake and Oklahoma State. The first Texas victory didn ' t come until Dec. 23 and it was over — of all teams — Northwestern, 63-59. Texas won the Senior Bowl Classic in Mobile, Ala., by virtue of victories over Louisiana Tech and South Alabama, but lost a Saturday televised game to Mis- souri to finish off its non-conference season. The Longhorns, because of a misunderstanding between Black and the SWC office, had to wait two weeks until Jan. 21 to begin SWC play in Dallas against SMU. Texas lost to SMU 74-59, and Black pointed to the long layoff all season long. " We ' re just beginning to find some consistency and then the layoff blows everything, " he said. " You can scrimmage all you want, but if you don ' t play under game-like conditions something is missing. And it showed up. " Texas lost its first five SWC games, then won six straight before losing its last three. Against the SWC contenders, Texas A M, Texas Tech and Arkansas, the Longhorns never even came close. " We played 12 players most of this season and we knew we couldn ' t win doing it, " Black said. " No team in the history of basketball has ever won using that many players. But we were in the situation which everyone was just equal and we had to give everyone a chance. " " We ' ll find out next fall who worked during the off season and who didn ' t. Those who worked will be our players next year. If some don ' t surface above the rest, then we ' ve made a terrible mistake playing 12 players this year. But we won ' t have a repeat of what happened this season. " Basketball — 179 m TEXAS had a mediocre season in 1975. The Longhorns were 6-8 in SWC play and 10-15 for the season. ti ' 180 — Basketball DWo« " SWCpley " " e season, D. Woo Basketball — 181 1 182 — Basketball DAN KRUEGER had clutch performances in three of Texas ' one-point wins this season. He hit both ends of one-and- one situations in the final minutes of each game to put Texas ahead. [sa i lEUt y • FRONT ROW: James Martial Lapeyre Jr., Patrick Joseph McClellan, Daniel Thomas Krueger, Thomas Rusell Delatour, Henry Fred Bauerschlag. MIDDLE ROW: Michael Pierson Lien, Bruce Wilbur Baker, Michael Joe Murphy, Jeffrey F. Boothe. BACK ROW: David Sidney Fisher, Richard D. Parson, Edward Lynden Johnson, Tom Sheppard Nichols, Gary Wayne Goodner, Tyrone Allen Johnson,. David Bruce Bryan. NOT PICTURED: Thomas H. Weilert. 184 — Basketball i ..jco.DaniiB™ THE 1975 TEAM played only one senior actively. Coach Leon Black hoped that using 12 players regularly would give his young team experience for next year. Only time will tell. Basketball — 185 J.V. Basketball The Texas junior varsity basketball team had a poor season, finishing with a 1-10 season record. Harry Larrabee coached the team that had only one scholarship player. The remainder of the team consisted of walk-ons. Texas lost its first 20 games in a row, winning only its final game against Texas State Technical Institute, 72-33. Tom Nichols was the leading scorer for the team, averaging 24.7 points per game. FRONT ROW: Calvin Mayfield, Kenneth Fisher, Richard Bickley Brown, Mark James Bailey. BACK ROW: Brian James Lawrence, Claude Franklin Tice, Frank Lewis Adams, Tom Sheppard Nichols, Daniel Everett Brown, David Allison Vaughan, Coach Harry Larrabee. Not pictured: Charles Zimmerman, Douglas Lel- chenburger. 186 — JV Basketball JV Basketball — 187 Texas Baseball 1975: Some Things Never Change 188 — Baseball II Cliff Gustafson ' s eighth season as Texas ' head baseball coach proved a different experience. The Longhorns, playing in new Disch-Falk Field, were a different team, relying more on speed, defense and pitching than in the Clark Field glory days. But some things never change. For Texas baseball, winning has not changed. Gustafson ' s Longhorns breezed through Southwest Conference competition by six games over second place Texas A M. The Longhorns were an incredible 23-1 in SWC play and 56-6 in overall regular season action. And more important, they clinched their first National Champi- onship in 25 years at the College World Series. Gustafson was named SWC Coach of the Year. Ail-American pitcher Jim Gideon was named SWC Player of the Year, and Keith Moreland, Ricky Brad- ley, Garry Pyka, Mickey Reichenbach and Martin Flores were named to the All-SWC team. Gustafson may find an encore difficult in 1976. In 1975 he improved his Texas record to 342-65 and 125- 24 in SWC play. It made little difference in 1975 that the Longhorns once again had superb hitters like third baseman Moreland, catcher Bradley, first baseman Reichen- bach and outfielder Mike Anderson. Pitchers Gideon, Flores and Richard Wortham simply stole the show. Gideon ' s regular season 12-0 record, combined with his 19-2 1974 record made the Houston junior one of the top winning pitchers in SWC history. The No. 2 Texas pitcher was another junior, left- hander Richard Wortham. Wortham, with three sea- sons of 11-0, 10-4 and 11-0, is also destined for the Longhorn Hall of Honor. The third Texas pitcher was senior lefthander Martin Flores, who never seemed to attract the head- lines as much as Gideon or Wortham, but was still valuable to the Texas team. Texas relied on little relief pitching, but freshmen Terry Ray and Donald Kainer were usually effective. " It ' s impossible to compare this team with my past teams, " Gustafson said. " We have a lot of new peo- ple this year and the move to the new field made things different. " We weren ' t real consistent in the areas that make a great team. We hit real well, and then we don ' t get pitching. We hit and pitch well and then we don ' t field well. A great team would put all these things together to attain greatness. " Gideon thought the new park was a definite advantage. " The team learned controlled hitting, " he said, " They ' ve learned to have more control and not go for the homerun. When you face better pitching, you ' re not going to hit it out. I think our offense was better because they knew they couldn ' t get a homerun on every swing. " With pitchers like Gideon, Wortham and Flores, there really was no need to go for homeruns. The Longhorns completed College World Series play with a 4-1 record in the double elimination tour- nament. June 6, the Longhorns defeated Oklahoma 4- 2, only to loose to highly regarded Arizona State on their next outing. Wortham issued eight walks in his seven innings of pitching in that game. But after beating a determined Seton Hall club, Texas took unbeaten South Carolina for a 17-6 rout that put them in contention for the championship game. South Carolina put away Arizona State to again meet Texas for that final game. Wortham pitched a four hitter and the Longhorns captured their first NCAA College Baseball National Championship since 1950 with a 5-1 win. Baseball — 189 THE NEWEST THING for Texas baseball this year was Disch-Falk Field, a facility that compares with major league parks. FIRST ROW; Bobby Keith Moreland, Marcus Ray Griffin, Johnny M. Olvera, Christopher Lee Raper, Charles Frederick Poske, Garry Edward Pyka, Dan Oren Dinges, Steven Day, John Mark Chelette, Howard Herrera. SECOND ROW: Martin Farfan Flores, Howard Bushong, Douglas Emmett Duncan, Blair Todd Stouffer, Scott Soden, Ronald Lee Jacobs, Terry Ray, Gerry Stan- dridge, Russell David Pounds, William Robert Stramp, James Richard Brad- ley. THIRD ROW: Coach Clifford Gustafson, Spanky Stephens. ]am(!s Leslie Gideon, Gary Wendell Hibbett, Michael Neal Reichenbach, Anthony J. Briz- zolara, Robert Shaeffer, Doyle R. Moore, Donald Wayne Kainer, Martin Zol- koski, Michael Dean Anderson, Richard Cooper Wortham, Jerry Daniel Wheat, Coach William Bethea. 190 — Baseball Baseball — 191 «. D. Woo 192 — Baseball ii STRONG PITCHING and big bats carried Texas to the College World Series in Omaha. Baseball — 193 A 5-1 WIN over South Carolina gave Texas baseball its first National Championship 194 — Baseball W »i Baseball — 195 Texas Swimming 1975: The End of the Beginning The Texas swim team likely will remember 1975 as the end of the beginning. The Longhorns ended Coach Pat Patterson ' s four- year plan at the University with a better than ever 15th place finish at the NCAA meet in Cleveland, Ohio. They hope that it is a b eginning. Texas ended SMU ' s 19-year dual meet win streak with a 63-50 upset of the Mustangs January 17 in Gregory Gym pool. They hope that is a beginning. The Longhorns broke 12 of 13 existing school records. And they certainly hope that is a beginning. Texas set records in the 100-yard freestyle (All- America Dick Worrel ' s 0:45.9), the 200-yard freestyle (Worrel ' s 1:40.0), the 1,650-yard freestyle (freshman Jeff Krumwiede ' s 16:01), the 100-yard backstroke (junior All-America Jamie Baird ' s 0:52.7), the 200- yard backstroke (Baird ' s 1:53.7), the 100-yard breast- stroke (All-America Bob Rachner ' s 0:56.9), the 200- yard breaststroke (Rachner ' s 2:04.2), the 200-yard butterfly (sophomore Ron Tyre ' s 1:52.4), the 200-yard individual medley (sophomore Tim Carter ' s 1:55.5), the 400-yard individual medley (sophomore Ralph Watson ' s 4:10.5), the medley relay (All America freshman Guy Hagstette, Rachner, Baird and Worrel in 3:26.5) and the 800-yard free relay (Worrel, Hag- stette, Carter and Krumwiede in 6:54.0). " Thet • _ : 1 ■m Mi ' - ' ■.•. ' ■ ' ■ .■ ■ " ■• " . ' ' ■■■• • ■•■ • • • .. ■ ' ..: ' ' ■■ ■ H 1 MP- A- M -r ■ " •alier 1975a la ' oeelin ■I »eet Win streak " " ' Sting scbool tiuiisa ' filfreeslyle " •■yafd backstroke 5 0317), them " « MO-yard breast- » ' «(Ita9),tlie2» «-2Ulie200-yar(l lii4),tliemyar(l run Carter ' s 1:55.5), imi iDore Ralpli «lay (All America relay (Worrel, Hag- cM.0). " The highlight of the season would of course be the SMU meet, " Patterson said. " The national meet and doing well there, was more important overall, but beating SMU was more rewarding to the boys. " But before Patterson can bask in the glory of his NCAA victories, he has two problems to consider: " The difference is now the kids say ' well, if 1 don ' t go to USC or Alabama, I ' ll go to Texas. ' It used to be — ' you ' re going to Texas? Why? ' " the graduation of the majority of his national scoring power in All-Americas Rachner and Worrell, and the University Athletics Council ' s refusal to allow Pat- terson the NCAA maximum number of scholarships — 19. He now has 14. " I look at guys like Jamie and Tim Carter and I know that we ' re going to have scoring power for the next couple of years. " Patterson said. " With another year, Krumwiede will be right there. I promise you it ' s not over yet. " And Pat was never one to promise a rose garden. Patterson began his recruiting season under new and different circumstances. Instead of competing for the swimmers left over after the national powers had recruited as he has in the past, Patterson is in direct competition with those powers. " The people we find we are recruiting against now are the big schools, " he said. " The difference is now the kids say, ' well, if I don ' t go to USC or Alabama, I ' ll go to Texas. ' It used to be — ' you ' re going to Texas? Why? ' " In the SWC Swimming and Diving Champion- ships, the Mustangs ' tremendous depth powered them past the Longhorns by a sizeable margin. How- ever, with a probable limit on the number of partici- pants at the SWC meet to 19, that too may end. At the NCAA meet, the Mustangs also beat the ' Horns, but only by two points, and finished 14th. " We went into the meet and we thought we could outscore them, " Rachner said. " We looked back after the meet and saw we could have done better here or there and we would have caught them. All I needed in the 200-yard breast was 1 10 of a second (he fin- ished fourth). " With the opening of one of the world ' s finest swimming facilities only a year away, Patterson is sure to be a winner. But he also finds himself with more pleasure than before. The beginning is over. OPPOSITE PAGE: Bob Rachner. LEFT: Coach Pat Patterson. ABOVE: Ron Tyre. Swimming — 197 Longhorn ' Psyche ' Breaks SMU ' s Hold on Conference FRONT ROW: Nathan Edward Schnitman, Richard Wayne Thayer, Brent Alan Barker, Jeffrey Lynn Krumwiede, Leroy Paul Brunner Jr., John Randall Poling, Carl Josef Schiele, Wendell Neal Smith. MIDDLE ROW: Doyle Den- ton Sherman, William Walter Reeves, Robert Owen Morgan, Robert Richard Rachner, Mark Dailey Denson, Timothy Hester Carter, John Patrick Coul- son, John Richard Worrel, Stephen Philip Mjos, David Alexander Arnold Jr., Guy Lefevre Hagstette. BACK ROW: William Charles Hobbs, Fredrick W. Machell, Robert Scott Robertson, Gregory Clark Swartz, Ralph Warren Wat- son, Ronald Tyre Jr., William John Rachner, David Leon Youngblood, James Keith Jung, Niven James Baird Jr., Robert John Londrigan, Douglas Aldwell McPherson, Don Goodnow Graham III. ? 198 — Swimming " Breaks, nference ( ii fi Swimming — 199 Texas Tennis 1975: Close, but Not Close Enough 4 FRONT ROW: William Edward Fisher, Paul Bertrand Wiegand, Daniel M. Byfield, Jose M. Valdes, Stewart Keller, Coach Dave Woods. BACK ROW: Clifford Ray Jones, Brian McLane Startzman, Richard Graham Whaling, Gary Dean Plock, James Thomas Roberts, Francisco Gonzalo Nunez, Eddy Scurlock Blanton, Bradley Claude Nabers, Coach Dave Snyder. i«Bii 200 — Tennis They came close, but the Texas Longhorns were nosed out at the wire by SMU for the Southwest Conference tennis championship in 1975 — the year Texas played a schedule Coach Dave Snyder termed " our strongest ever. " In 10 matches, Texas faced top ten teams on its way to a 21-6 record. Miami, Alabama, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and second ranked USC all visited Penick Courts, in addition to Texas ' usual rivalries with Trinity, SMU and Houston. The Longhorns began the season on a rampage, compiling a 25-1 individual match record in their first three outings. Their winning start set the stage for one of the highlights of the Texas season. The ' Horns finished third in the national Collegiate Indoor Tennis cham- pionships at Madison, Wisconsin, upsetting USC, 5-4 in the process. They lost to Michigan in the semifi- nals, but came back to overpower Georgia, 8-1 for the third place. During the season, Texas suffered two lopsided losses to Trinity, who went on to beat every team in the state. But the ' Horns routed a few opponents themselves in the course of the season. Texas treated Alabama, Oklahoma, Miami and Oklahoma State to losses, each by the same 6-3 score, in addition to an 8-1 taming of Tennessee. But even a winning season was not enough to con- sole the Longhorns. " It just isn ' t the same, " Snyder said. " It ' s a disappointment when you don ' t win the conference. " For the Longhorns, a one match finish behind SMU only increased their disappointment. Texas, needing to defeat only the Mustangs for the SWC title, instead lost 6-3. But the Longhorns ' hopes were still alive. SMU had one remaining match against TCU, and three match wins by the Frogs would hand the SWC championship to Texas. SMU won, 8-1. SMU finished SWC play with a 51-12 record. Texas was close at 50-13, but not close enough. As Snyder remarked, at the end of the season, " I guess you can always second guess yourself. " Z. Kjrtli Tennis — 201 Texas Golf 1975: Overall, An Average Season The Texas golf team didn ' t have the athletes with the ability of former superstars Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite, but still present was a team effort and a good overall season. Texas finished 11th at the All-American Intercolle- giate Invitational Tournament in Houston and won two other major tournaments — the Pan American Intercollegiate in Monterrey, Mexico, and the Morris Williams Intercollegiate on its home course. Aside from those major finishes, Texas also had an outstanding record at home against not-so-tough competition, winning all its home tournaments. The Longhorns were a team of the future. Texas Coach George Hannon sent at least two freshmen to each of Texas ' 1975 tournaments. Freshmen Mark Bedillion, Lance TenBroeck and Dale Blackburn all contributed to a successful Texas season. Juniors Randy Simmons, Jim Mason, Bob Mase, John Paul Scott and Tim Wilson also played well for the Longhorns. Bedillion and Simmons were the most consistent players on the team, taking turns being low individ- ual scorer for Texas in most of the tournaments. 202 — Golf FRONT ROW: Max Edwin Garrett, Derek J. Fulkerson, Gerald Ashton Anderson, Theodore Mark Bedillion, Michael Davis Ball, John M. Beaman, Jon Robert Chaffee, Coach George Hannon. BACK ROW: James Terry Mason, Timothy Todd Wildon, Robert Harrison Mase, Randal Mark Sim- mons, Lance Mark TenBroeck, Dale Lloyd Blackburn, Eugene W. Aune, John Paul Scott. Golf — 203 204 — Track ■i Texas Track l ki 1975: Injured ' Horns Learned to Lose i The Texas Track team discovered a new and unflattering way of life in 1975. The injury-plagued Longhorns not only failed to run past most of its meet competition in ' 75, but the ' Horns learned how to lose — it was forced upon them. At one point in the season, Texas lost on succes- sive weekends to both Baylor and Rice. As Coach Cleburne Price found out, that can be a staggering experience for any team. Right from the season ' s beginning, at the South- west Conference Indoor Meet, it was evident the Longhorns would have problems. Texas, in fact, edged Baylor by only two points to win the SWC Indoor Championships. Distance runners Tim Patton, Reed Fischer and Paul Craig sustained leg injuries in the days after that meet and as the season wore on, more runners and field performers were sidelined. At one point, 15 Longhorns were injured and Price admitted, " We don ' t have much of a team right now. " The highlight of the Texas season came in the annual Texas Relays with a school-record victory in the 440-yard relay. The winning team of John Lee, Billy Jackson, Overton Spence and Marvin Nash fin- ished in 0:39.78. The victory came on Saturday after the ' Horns suffered a bitter disqualification Friday in the 880-yard relay event. " This makes it all worthwhile, " Price said. " The 880 was great disappointment. I was frustrated; I thought we could get close to a world record. " No other Texas individual or team placed in the Relays ' top three in track events. Longhorn Dana LeDuc won the shot put competi- tion in the Texas, Kansas and Drake Relays. His best throw of 66-8 led the nation and was a school record. The other half of the powerful Texas field team was supplied in discus competition by Jim McGoldrick. The Orofino, Idaho, junior led the SWC with his school record throw of 202-3 — the nation ' s longest throw in NCAA Outdoor competition. LeDuc was the SWC ' s No. 2 discus thrower. What would have been the strongest field-event team in the nation was hurt when javelin thrower Siggi Busha was dismissed from the squad. Busha was one of six Longhorns dropped from the team during the year. But junior Marty Petermann increased his per- sonal best to 224-0 and even scratched on several 234-foot throws to place him second in the SWC. Last year ' s No. 3 man, Walter Knigynynzky, also capable of attaining the 224-foot range, was sidelined most of the ' 75 season. For the 1975 Texas Track team, Knigynynzky ' s story told the story for the entire team. Price and the Longhorns learned, with disturbing regularity, that, yes, it could happen to us. Track — 205 THE TRACK TEAM slipped in the SWC this year. Injuries weakened the powerful team, as did six player dismissals. »n, FIRST ROW: Terry Nelson Little, Phillip Arnette, Brian Hugli Lyerly, David McKee, Martell Lewis Peterman, Ted H. Heaton, Theodore V. Moreland, Les Williams, Terry Evert Davenport, Reynaldo P. Moreno. SECOND ROW: Arthur J. Gregorcyk, Paul Frederick Craig, Don Lee, James Alan Watts, Paul Subrt, Kerry Regan Smith, Jimmy Joe Matthews, Walter Kniginyzky, Michael Newman, Jesse Maldonado, John Milo Craig, Craig Alan Brooks, Darrell Glenn Jarnigin. THIRD ROW: Coach Cleburne Price, Coach William Miller, Gralyn Wyatt, James W. Blessing, Jimmy Lee Strong, James McGoldrick, David P. Shepherd, Michael V. Williams, Billy Gene Jackson, Robert L. Primeaux, John Lee Jr., Overton Spence, Marvin Nash, Dana LeDuc, Coach James Blackwood. 206 — Track KW iNasli.D« Track — 207 Iftf ' " ' r . 1? ? aM CONTROVERSY surrounding track coach Cleburn Price scarred an already troubled year for Texas thinclads. 208 — Track Track — 209 iVU Sk jik ' ' ' I 210 — Cross Country I v " 10: Us y . . Ai Ln , H(V ; ■ T ' - , 5 ' f VivvV ' l " FRONT ROW: Mark Cresap Klonower, Paul Subrt, Timothy Patton. BACK ROW: Ernest Reed Fischer, Jesse Angel Maldonado, Theo- dore V. Moreland, Coach James Blackwood. Cross Country Cross Country — 211 Scores BASKETBALL 72 UT — Brigham Young 80 69 UT — Murray State 79 71 UT — Centenary 96 74 UT — Mississippi 82 98 UT — Drake 103 63 UT — Oklahoma State 73 63 UT — Northwestern 59 78 UT — Louisiana State 63 62 UT — Missouri 66 81 UT — Louisiana Tech 68 80 UT — Southern Alabama 75 59 UT — SMU 74 57 UT — Texas Tech 59 72 UT — TCU 74 74 UT — Texas A M 80 52 UT — Arkansas 56 63 UT — Baylor 62 60 UT — Rice 59 70 UT — Baylor 69 68 UT — Rice 62 70 UT — SMU 62 63 UT — TCU 62 51 UT — Texas Tech 78 68 UT — Arkansas 56 74 UT — Texas A M 63 FOOTBALL SWIMMING 42. 34 3 35 13. 38 27. 35 24. 81 32 3 . . UT — Boston College 19 . . . UT — Wyoming 7 . .UT — Texas Tech 26 . . UT — Washington 21 . . . UT — Oklahoma 16 . . . UT — Arkansas 7 UT — Rice 6 UT — SMU 15 .. . .UT — Baylor 34 UT — TCU 16 . . UT — Texas A M 3 .... UT — Auburn 27 63 76 90 87 77 82 87 44 29 35 2nd place 15th place . ...UT — SMU 50 ..UT — Houston 37 . .UT — Arlington 23 .UT — Texas A M 26 . . . .UT — Rice 38 .UT — Texas Tech 31 . ...UT — TCU 21 , . UT — Auburn 69 . . UT — Alabama 84 . UT — Tennessee 78 SWC Meet NCAA Meet Place f«- V :V =ff ;. • V t - i ' . v % .. n-v . -¥■ .... ■fev ' 5 :■■ .U :. ' .•; ' . ' 1: W n 212 — Scores m Ml Wot im Sa... iTcd OJ,., bn. TENNIS Place SWCMeei NCAAMeel Match St. Edward ' s . . . . Central Texas . ..NCAA Indoor . Hardin Simmons ... Central Texas Trinity . . Corpus Christi St. Edward ' s Alabama Trinity TCU Oklahoma . . . .Oklahoma State . Southern California Texas Tech Rice Texas Relays Houston Baylor 2 SMU 1 Miami i ' - ' tfe ' ' ' ...■ Place Meet 3 SWC Match Play 4 Ohio State Classic 2 LSU Invitational 1 Harvey Penick Tournament 2 Tascosita 1 Pan American 2 Four-States 3 Sooner 1 Longhorn Classic 1 Morris Williams 1 TLC Tournament 1 Bevo Classic 10 All American « . .kK: j4 f BASEBALL 4 UT — St. Mary ' s 11 UT — St. Mary ' s 1 UT — SamHouston 9 UT — Sam Houston 5 UT — Sam Houston 3 4 UT — Sam Houston 7 12 UT — Texas Lutheran 3 8 UT — Texas Lutheran 3 8 UT — Houston 7 9 UT — Houston 2 17 UT — Houston 4 8 UT — Lubbock Christian 3 17 UT — Lubbock Christian 2 9 UT — Lubbock Christian 2 12 UT — Lubbock Christian 3 9 UT — Rice 1 3 UT — Rice 9 UT — Rice 1 7 UT — Texas Tech 1 7 UT — Texas Tech 1 14 UT — Texas Tech 1 5 UT — Lamar 7 3 UT — Lamar 6 UT — SMU 6 UT — SMU 4 5 UT — SMU 2 UT — Minnesota 4 9 UT — Minnesota 3 6 UT — Minnesota 1 6 UT — Minnesota 5 6 UT — Arkansas 1 5 UT — Arkansas 1 3 UT — Arkansas 2 18 UT — Baylor 6 9 UT — Baylor 17 UT — Baylor 4 22 UT — Trinity 4 10 UT — USL 6 UT — USL 2 3 UT — USL 6 UT — TCU 5 18 UT — TCU 3 14 UT — TCU 15 UT — Texas A M 4 11 UT — Texas A M 1 8 UT — Texas A M 9 r 5 f 1 Scores — 213 a DDllLniDDI]© by Richard Justice By the adftiission of players and coaches alike, the first year of intercollegiate athletics for women at the University was a very good one. And, they ' ll quickly point out, 1975-76 will be even better. The women, for the first time, had travel money. The women ' s basketball team used Gregory Gym for both practices and games, but continued to attract dismal crowds. Each team had the equivalent of one full scholarship to divide among four athletes, pro- viding only tuition and required fees. The women ' s track team didn ' t have the use of Memorial Stadium facilities until three days before its season began. The women ' s tennis team was con- fined to practice at the intramural courts, while the men worked out at Penick Courts. The women ' s swim team split the time of men ' s coach Pat Patter- son and placed two athletes in national competition. The women ' s golf team became a national power. All for only $57,590. The proposed 1975-76 budget is over $100,000. A, learning,; Linda Dvorak at team ivith the lea Texas GoliCc UingaMtioi talent a !- erably easier. " We-: ' women ' s golf te, essandltjiuj Win ;.,•.. oienssvvm,. 214 — Women ' s Athletics ' «; For Basketball Coach Rodney Page it was a year of learning. For both Page and his athletes. " Basketball is a game of repetition, " Page said. " To be a good shooter you have to shoot thousands and thousands of times. You have to make a mistake thousands and thousands of times before you can acquire some good habits. That ' s where our girls were behind. " Page ' s most experienced player was Tyler Junior College transfer Cathy Self, who along with seniors Linda Dvorak and Treva Trice, provided the Texas team with the leadership. Texas Golf Coach Pat Weis is in the process of building a national power, and with such excellent talent as seniors Nancy Hager, Jan Rapp and Debbie Norton and junior Carla Spenkock, her job is consid- erably easier. " We rank behind such national powers as Arizona State and Florida because they are known for their women ' s golf teams, " Weis said. " Success breeds success and I think the trend is swinging our way. " With sophomore Beery Boggs and freshman Audrey Supple providing the scoring, the Texas women ' s swim team finished 23rd nationally. Boggs won the consolation finals in the 50-yard breast- stroke with a 0:32.2 and finished sixth in the 100-yard breast with a 1:09.2. Supple placed 13th in the 100- yard individual medley and 14th in the 400-yard freestyle. The Texas women ' s tennis team won consistently this year and returns all of its top players next year, but they must depend on the inadequate intramural facilities for practices and matches. The women are allowed the use of Penick Courts only when the men ' s team is not practicing or playing. Cheerleader-gymnast Marilyn Smothers competed nationally for the women ' s gymnastics team and just missed placing. The women ' s program revenue comes from a grant from the University President and from blanket tax monies. The women have little when compared to the $1.8 million the men ' s teams use annually, but it ' s a beginning. And progress at the University always seems slow when changes must be made. " I don ' t want the powers that are behind women ' s athletics to rest, " said Tennis Coach Betty Hager man. " We need to keep moving forward. " Everyone is confident it will. Women ' s Athletics — 215 ' m (n)um]m[n] m p) r(n)(g} rm m} ' . ddmd mmm mM tO) tmwc ]mWm mi 216 — Women ' s Athletics f f I Women ' s Alhii wasforii ' leal,. men ' s pre women ' s pr aS57,0(B pknSpurraiiil ' . new ice cream m Erierpresenlei lat 510,000 to whale- budget calf WBICD p , councipoi Ian for another! D.Woo 218 — Men ' s Minor Sports : 1 r wy.!f ' v m men ' s minor sports Soccer Fights for NCAA Status, Other Sports Just for Recognition By Richard Justice Before Texas ' volunteer soccer coach Alfred Erler begins planning his salary, or uniforms and a travel budget for his team next season, he might consider the plight of the last group which tried to start a new program in the University Athletics Department — intercollegiate athletics for women. In 1973, prompted by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare guidelines, the University was forced to adopt a program of women ' s intercol- legiate athletics on a more equal basis with men. The men ' s program contributed nothing. The ini- tial women ' s program operated during 1974-1975 with a $57,000 grant from University President Ste- phen Spurr and women ' s blanket tax revenue. The University Athletics Council did not cut new spending completely, however. A close examination of the budget revealed authorization of $2,500 for a new ice cream machine in the athletic dining hall. Erler presented a flexible soccer team proposal to the council in late spring. The cost would range from $10,000 to whatever the council felt it could support. The budget called for $4,000 for travel and $500 for equipment, with the remainder for tuition, required fee scholarships and part-time coach. Erler ' s proposal was expected to encounter more difficulty than the ice cream machine appropriation which passed the council easily. Sure enough the council postponed a decision long enough to kill the plan for another year. continued awffl Men ' s Minor Sports — 21 What the Athletic Council could do to make the season unsuccessful would not be much worse than what the Houston Cougars ' team did to the Long- horns in the Texas Collegiate Soccer Championships in December at North Texas State University. Houston beat Texas 9-7 on penalty kicks and went on to beat the home team, Mean Green, for the cham- pionship. The loss ended a successful Texas season that included victories over NCAA-sponsored teams at UT-Arlington and SMU. The Texas season was extended into the spring when three Southwest Conference schools made strong efforts to impress their athletics directors by hosting tournaments. The Longhorns competed in Houston ' s tournament in February, beating Rice and Houston to avenge ear- lier losses. Texas lost the championship to North Texas. In Texas ' own tournament, the ' Horns, hampered by the loss of goalie Aubrey Carter, out with a bro- ken leg. finished last behind North Texas, Houston and America College of Mexico City. Coach Alfred Erler had been told in February by Texas Assistant Athletic Director Bill Ellington that if he could find a soccer player who could kick a football, Ellington might be able to help him " with his NCAA recognition thing. " Erler couldn ' t. The Texas gymnastics team suffered a blow when Coach Bill Stern left the University in October for a coaching job in New York. Stern said that building a Texas program was too frustrating and would take too long to accomplish. The University lacrosse, handball and weightlift- ing teams had success, but continued to receive little recognition. Only lacrosse received sizeable cover- age from the Austin media and that was in the form of a feature page in The Daily Texan. iSf ) — Men ' s Minor Sports Men ' s Minor Sports — 22 Intra Recr 999 IntramiiralQ II Intramurals and Recreation: Athletics for Students Not for full-time Jocks I Intramurals — 223 224 — Intraniura)s » FOR $3.75 IN REQUIRED FEES, UT students can use the most complete athletic facilities in the state. They have the choice of Gregory Gym, Anna Hiss Gym, Bellmont Hall or the intramural fields for their recreational use. I Intramurals — 225 OVERCROWDED tennis, basketball and handball courts are evidence of the importance of the facilities and the student need for a break from the academic realm of college life. h k 226 — Intriimurals Intramurals — 227 «aT ua, ri.T.r- 228 — Athlrlics mimmr mi .,w. ' fi: .jiiy ■,(»ir " «i- ' " v ' v ' t- ' mm ACADEMICS Rob Martin The Academic Year: Students With the student activist movement of the late 1960s behind them and the unemployment rate reaching recessionary levels, University students for- got about demonstrating and placed more emphasis on studying and the all-important GPA. Job competition was stiff in 1974-1975, and aca- demic rank became a major concern for many stu- dents. Campuses across the nation indicated a trend toward concentration on problems within the cam- pus rather than on those in the outside world. The 1974-1975 year had no single unifying element — University administrators were experiencing a vast transformation and even Student Government escaped notice. Students, however, had at least one common bond — academics affected them all. your H i ' f«S|5S av Ls . CONSIDER I 230 — Students i ta i simm -yjiiam School of Architecture The School of Architecture was revised, remod- eled and reaccredited all this year. " We ' ve been in a dynamic state of change both physically and in terms of curriculum, " Dean Charles Burnette said. " The most important thing to happen to the school was going through the accreditation procedure. We are the first school in the country to go through the newly revised accreditation process and so, as a con- sequence, we ' re in a leadership position, " he added. Usually only one of three students who apply are accepted into the School of Architecture, but the school is able to provide a more modern and fuller curriculum for its limited enrollment. To raise the level of practical architectural study, the school offered a program of resident and visiting critics. The list of nationally known practitioners included such names as Alexander Caragonne, O ' Neil Ford, Jerry Goldberg, Konrad Wachsmann, Chartier Newton and Martin Price. Bringing new ideas and perspectives from around the country, visiting lecturers spoke weekly to the students. John Wade, Michael Graves, Deborah Suss- man, Charles Gwathmey, Ralph Knowles and James Marston Fitch were among those who presented their styles of architectural design. The school was assured of future finances for new furniture and added space. This year they were able to accommodate everyone except freshman students with desks. Previously, even upperclassmen were forced to work at home because of the shortage of equipment and facilities. A technical information center was established through the support of alumni. The center was manned by two students on the work-study program. This slide study was updated to meet the increasing interest in architectural photography. For work in energy-related fields the school oper- ates the Lab for Maximum Potential Building Sys- tems at the Balcones Research Center. " It has been described as the best work of its sort in the country by various authorities, " Burnette said. Approximately 20 students attended a November convention of the Texas Society of Architects to demonstrate the best work of the School of Architec- ture in areas of technology, historic preservation, energy work design and drawing. 232 — Architecture ■ OPPOSITE PAGE and ABOVE: Architecture students experi- ence long hours of concentration and frustration. LEFT: The Lab for Maximum Potential Building Systems at the Balcones Research Center provides research facilities for energy-rel- ated study. Architecture — 233 College of Business Administration Students use new teletype terminals in the BEB statistics lab. Undergraduate enrollment rose 11.4 percent in the College of Business Administration in 1974. Both the number of applications and number of admissions to the master ' s program in the Graduate School of Busi- ness also continued to increase. " In view of the rapid and continuing increases in business enrollment at the University, we have to consider additional acceptable standards for admis- sion and continuance of our student body, " Dean George Kozmetsky said. " When we have limited resources for teaching and research, then we must get maximum return — intellectual and teaching return. A continuing effort is necessary to diminish the separation between theory and reality. " Kozmetsky stressed creativity and initiative in the school ' s curriculum to help with solutions to real world problems. Accounting students, with the assistance of Window reveals a class in the BEB auditorium. departmental faculty members, offered free assist- ance to persons inexperienced in completing their income tax returns. Approximately 60 students who had at least one semester of tax accounting partici- pated in the project. Aimed primarily at the econom- ically disadvantaged, the program provided service to about 150 persons. Helping with a variety of business problems from accounting to inventory, the Community Business Advisory Service provided management advice to 31 small businesses this year in the Austin area. Started in 1969 to assist minority businesses, the CBAS expanded to include any small business operation. The service utilized the talents of senior and gradu- ate students from both the College of Business Administration and the Graduate School of Business. In its work, nearly 150 students of the CBAS con- tributed over 1,500 hours in widely diverse areas. minalsii 234 — Business Administration Calculators became increasingly important to business students, but controversy arose over their use in the classroom. 1,100 major appliances in an apartment complex, set up a bookkeeping system for a food store, worked up a cost-benefit analysis for a furniture manufac- turer, helped a record shop improve its sales and solved a marketing problem for a flour tortillas prod- ucer, among other projects. Work also began in 1974 on new facilities for the Graduate School of Business. Located adjacent to the present facility, the building will contain 150,000 square feet of teaching-learning space and four floors of classrooms, study lounges, laboratories, reading rooms, knowledge areas and seminar rooms. The structure was designed to promote informal interaction among students and faculty. Flexible media capabilities will be available as provisions have been made for using computer ter- minals in most classrooms and seminar meeting rooms. Completion is scheduled for late 1975. BEB lounges remained crowded throughout the day. Business Administration — 235 School of Communication The 16-month-old Communication Complex was dedicated in ceremonies on the complex patio March 14 as part of the annual Communication Week. The center, which houses the journalism, radio-televi- sion-film, advertising and speech departments, pro- duction studios and Texas Student Publications, was placed into full use for the first time in spring, 1975. The new building ' s strength and design was also tested in 1974-1975. While little damage was done to the rest of campus when torrential rains hit Austin in November, the Communication Building auditorium suffered heavy flooding and damage to electronic equipment. Another recurring problem with the complex was the tendency for windows on the sev- enth level to crack. The Communication Complex was designed for 1,500 students, but since it was planned, the enroll- ment has more than doubled. Overcrowding in the new center was the school ' s most critical problem. " Like all journalism departments throughout the country, the University ' s journalism department has suffered a severe population explosion, " Dean Wayne Danielson said. Extra measures were consid- ered to raise requirements for freshmen and transfer students entering the school. The advertising department, in its second year as a separate department, worked to improve its graduate program by offering a master ' s degree in advertising for the first time. It also concentrated on technology improvement through the addition of computer ter- minals and other new equipment. The speech department made curriculum changes by adding faculty members Larry Coleman, who spe- cialized in interpersonal communication, and Larry Browning, who helped change the forensic program to include community participation. The radio-television-film department of the school became one of the 10 major public television centers in the United States while KUT radio was second only to National Public Radio in tape distribution. DeWitt C. Reddick, former dean and journalism professor of 40 years, retired in May. In an address to Austin ' s Rotary Club in the fall, Reddick seemed to sum up the school ' s purpose: " Formerly, the media reported events, but now the public needs to under- stand the processes which cause the events. The news media and the public need to work together to improve the lines of communication. " NigWWsv, Technician works on lighting for KLRN ' s " Carrascolendas, " a bi-lingual children ' s program. 236 — Communication Night finds students still working in the CMA. BELOW: Televisions were added to the building ' s lobby. Speech communication student works with a child in the audio lab. Communication — 237 I l ANIjIS I , I ' . ' i " ' i ' ! X Tz: I QM.g 1 3C 1,1 1 x:;?!; ffi c:; 3i, OVER THE i EARf I ' VE LEARNED A FEW THIN6 f 1 I , I i igrri irri S mo. I ,.;•;,! 5 1974 United Feature Syndicate, Inc. TOP: Education students receive instruction in an elementary school classroom. RIGHT and OPPOSITE PAGE: Student teachers at Brooke Elementary School in East Austin learn to establish a one-to-one relation- ship with their students. 238 — Education College of Education The College of Education looked forward to its move in August, 1975, to a new building located at the corner of 19th Street and Speedway. The new facility brought faculty, students and all components of the college together for the first time, introducing modern audio-visual equipment. Al-Kiva, the name given to the multi-media equipped lecture audito- rium, presented the possibility of more student-pro- fessor interaction during lecture sessions. The new building was the first on campus com- pletely carpeted and more space was made available to provide services for the community. For example, more attention can be directed to children with learning disabilities. Training facilities are also avail- able for both graduate and undergraduate students, and an observation room provides a better facility for students to learn child teaching techniques. Students may receive more than one teaching cer- tificate, and there was greater emphasis on speciali- zation in addition to the teaching degree. A student may graduate with a specialization in kindergarten education, bilingual education or special education in the areas of blind, deaf, mentally retarded or phys- ically handicapped education. Although enrollment in the college leveled off, more courses were offered this year due to this spe- cialization in specific areas. The college worked with the Austin Independent School District, the community and the teaching pro- fession to improve the teaching program, and a grad- uate reading program to certify students as reading specialists was begun. Prospective elementary and secondary teachers were given junior level field experience in the classroom before student teaching. ■ ' oiSiitv. ' mtmxasgaz. •tifi!S)skjie.k Education — 239 College of Engineering UNIS The College of Engineering ' s expansion was apparent since the fall dedication of the new ten- story Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Hall. " The completion of Cockrell Hall enables the engi- neering program to take a major step forward, " Dean Earnest Gloyna said. " It represents one of the finest technical teaching facilities in the country. " The college has further plans to push for the com- pletion of more buildings similar to Cockrell Hall and to renovate the labs throughout the college. " Some of the labs we are using were built in 1923 and they need to be changed, " Gloyna said. Coinciding with the expansion, the college contin- ued its drive towards excellence in teaching and national eminence in developing engineering leader- ship. The engineering faculty has more members of the National Academy of Engineers than all South- western and possibly Southern schools combined. The college also strived to develop teaching labs, demonstration facilities and modern teaching aids vital for advanced instruction. A liaison between faculty and students was the project of the dean ' s office. Each week, Gloyna met with the student leadership class to exchange ideas relevant to the teaching program. Recruitment efforts to bring quality students into the college were accelerated. A dramatic increase in women applicants was unique for the year. Dedicated October 18, Cockrell Hall features eye-catching graphics. " ' ■ UNIS Mechanical Engineering students race egg-carrying vehicles. 240 — Engineering ,at.- s-arnnn? ABOVE: Art students use live models in sculpture classes. RIGHT: Drama students put the finishing touches on the sets for " Yankee Doodle. " OPPOSITE PAGE: Even the stairwells of the Music Building are used for instrument storage. 242 — Fine Arts College of Fine Arts Construction began on the art and drama elements of the proposed Performing Arts Center for the Col- lege of Fine Arts during 1974-1975. Additions to the existing buildings scheduled for earliest completion will include instructional space as well as a 500-seat proscenium arch theater. Projected date of comple- tion for the theater is late 1976 and the department hopes to stage a production there in January, 1977. The center will eventually include administrative space for the college, expanded space for the art and drama departments, a new building for the music department, a 3,000-seat concert hall opera house and several smaller theaters. The College of Fine Arts also received a grant of $150,000 from the Ford Foundation, contingent upon fulfilling two requirements. The money was desig- nated for use in the studio area only (scholarships, faculty leaves and visiting artists); and the college must raise matching funds. Students in the fall of 1975 will have the chance to earn a Master of Fine Arts in arts administration. This graduate degree is unique in Texas. Another 1974-1975 innovation was a 39-week radio series on the fine arts at the University, co-sponsored by the School of Communication. The broadcasts were initially aired on KUT-FM and then distributed on an extensive network of FM stations. Principal speakers included Morris Beachy and Vincent DiNino, professors of music; Bill Francis and Kelly Fearing, professors of art; and Jack Brokaw and Paul Reinhardt, associate professors of drama. Fine Arts— 243 Division of General and Comparative Studies Highlighting the 1974-1975 academic year for the Division of General and Comparative Studies was a conference entitled " World Order; The Politics of Allegiance. " The event, held April 10-12, examined how interdisciplinary study lends itself to greater cooperation between nations. The division sponsored a number of symposia, exhibitions and lecture series, in addition to such unusual course offerings as Melancholy and Society, the Vampire in Eastern Europe, Occult in America and Topics in Museum Studies. The departments of Afro-American and Mexican-American studies were particularly active. In the fall, Heman Sweatt gave a lecture on " Black Americans in Texas History. " Sweatt, in 1950, was the first black to be admitted to the University Law School. In March, the University was the site of the first annual meeting of the national African Literature Association, an event coinciding with the symposium on contemporary South African literature and Black History Week. Another national literary organization met on campus in the spring — the Festival Floricanto II, a conference on Chicano literature which attempted to involve the East Austin community in its activities. The poets Carlotta Dwyer and Aluriste attended and read from their works. Other presentations included short stories, poetry, literary criticism and plays. In March, the Mexican-American Collection opened in Sid Richardson Hall, and the National Chicano Social Studies Association met. X ' " IS».ia 244 — General and Comparative Studies General Itudies ' lie University «elingoItiie ition. an event Mnleniporaty storj ' Weeii. zstionmeton floncanto 11 a ii Jiits, :ei ' lions included and plays, sn Collection 1 the National et. UNIS it OPPOSITE PAGE: Dr. John Warfield, director of the African and Afro-American Studies and Research Center, speaks to stu- dents at the Methodist Student Center. ABOVE: Heman Sweatt, the first black to be admitted to the University law school, meets with Dr. Warfield and Dr. Ste- phen Spurr in the president ' s office. Sweatt returned to the University campus September 24 for the first time since he attended law school. LEFT: Regent Frank Erwin speaks to the " Self and the Campus Soci- ety " class. Paul Smolen General and Comparative Studies — 245 1975-1976 (or Ihe College c President A Onivetsity ( ffloUment figu ' affected. B over tlie past ye3 letaptolOp Stanley 1 ABOVE: Having been stored and exhibited throughout the years in such places as the Garrison Hall attic, the Little Campus and the Main Building, 50 plaster casts of Greek statues were in need of a home once again. The statues, valued at $50,000, were purchased by the classics depart- ment just after the turn of the century. They were moved out of storage at the Balcones Research Center due to a lack of space. RIGHT: English classes were cancelled by Department Chair- man Roger Abrahams Septem- ber 25 in protest of the firing of University President Stephen Spurr. OPPOSITE PAGE: Lan- guage labs in Batts Hall enable students to gain further experi- ence in aural comprehension. 246 — Humanities II College of Humanities The 1975-1976 budget became an important issue for the College of Humanities this year. As Univer- sity President Ad Interim Lorene Rogers met with University deans to readjust budgets according to enrollment figures, humanities w as the most seri- ously affected. Because of a sizeable enrollment drop over the past years, it was asked to cut its 1975-1976 budget up to 10 percent. Dean Stanley Werbow and Dr. Rogers worked to insure no budget cuts affecting instruction quality would be implemented. However, department chairmen worried about the quality and rating of their programs and about the effect the cut would have on upper division course offerings and on the Plan II program. The chairmen argued the University administration failed to con- sider the 30 percent enrollment of nonhumanities majors in humanities courses. The College of Humanities also worked to expand its courses away from the traditional departmental subjects to contemporary and more useful topics. Two contemporary courses offered were Medical Ethics and Women in Literature. Some of the more useful courses presently offered are foreign language sophomore level courses oriented to the medical pro- fessions. Offerings included experimental courses designed to make degree requirements in humanities more relevant. Professors in the Spanish department wrote papers and presented lectures on bilingualism and bilingual education in a multicultural community. They also researched bilingual education with respect to mental health and early childhood. By offering courses more closely related to a stu- dent ' s practical needs, the college tried to help stu- dents maximize their gain from degree requirements. Humanities — 247 College of Natural Sciences ABOVE: Geology student works on a detailed geologic survey map of Texas. RIGHT: Judo is one of the more vigor- ous ways of satisfying the physical instruction requirement. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Interior design is offered in the Department of Home Economics. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: Chemis- try labs provide the facilities for exten- sive experimentation. 248 — Natural Sciences In August, Dr. Paul Olum became the dean of the College of Natural Sciences. Before coming to the University, he was a professor of mathematics at Cornell University. Another change in the college this year was the transfer of the marine studies teaching programs in Port Aransas and Galveston to the direction of the College of Natural Sciences. In Port Aransas, the pro- gram deals with marine biological work. In Galves- ton, emphasis is placed on geophysics, analytical studies of the moon and marine geological studies. The college used both laboratory and classroom teaching methods, and dealt with graduate research as well as undergraduate education. One of the main inflation-caused problems facing the college was keeping the labs well equipped. Space, equipment and supplies were all necessary to both renovate and improve undergraduate teaching facilities. Underclassman lecture classes were large due to the number of students enrolled in these lower divi- sion courses. Class size indicated a trend toward stu- dent interest in biological science for pre-med study. The college strives to build the quality of the insti- tution, professors and students. " Our job is teaching the sciences as well as we can, " Olum said. Natural Sciences — 249 n College of Pharmacy Pharmacy education is changing to meet the demands of members of the profession, the public and students. Using a clinical or patient-oriented approach, rather than a product-oriented approach, the College of Pharmacy took the lead in training the professional pharmacist. " We ' re interested in training the pharmacist for a role that is based on drug utilization knowledge and how drugs work in patients, " Dean James T. Doluisio said. A revised curriculum started in fall, 1974, empha- sized extensive professional experience. The fifth year of the program is designed for participation in community and hospital pharmacy practice. The college began a new PhD degree program in July. Initiated at the Health Science Center in San Antonio, the program prepares students on a profes- sional level as practitioners. Twelve doctoral candi- dates served in the project in 1974-1975. The College of Pharmacy is the largest in the Unit ed States. Last year, for the first time, enrollment had to be limited to 40 percent of the applicants. Pharmacy students formed the Longhorn Pharma- ceutical Association. Through the organization, the professional white lab coat was sold to the students, to use as a means of professional identification. Associate Dean William Sheffield explored the source of the pharmacy students ' motivation. " Are they coming into pharmacy because they want to be pharmacists, or have they been told, ' pharmacy is a good deal, a good salary, get into it ' ? " " Pharmacy today is proving to be a good deal and for many reasons, students want to get into it. " 4 250 — Pharmacy OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Lab work is an integral part of the pharmacy curriculum. OPPO- SITE PAGE BOTTOM; Phar- macy students work with anesthetized mice in their expe- riments. ABOVE: A pharmacy student concentrates on his experiment with rare plants. BELOW: Future pharmacists gain experience through intern- ships at Brackenridge Hospital. Pharmacy — 251 College of Social and Behavioral Sciences The government department added computers to its Burdine office. PsvcholonileJiill Dr. and Mrs. Walter W. Rostow conduct a course in U.S. foreign policy that was broadcast live to five regional colleges. He 252 — Social and Behavioral Sciences Psychology department research includes experiments with student volunteers, Further development of interdisciplinary course study was one of the major goals of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences in 1974-1975. In each course, an attempt was made to bring insights from different departments into focus. Energy, a topic involving political, economic, environmental and social aspects, permeated many courses. The college handled about 20 percent of University teaching this year because of the courses required for noncollege majors included in the curriculum. There were eight departments — anthropology, economics, geology, government, history, linguistics, psychology and sociology — and 5,114 student majors. Personal counseling and advising services were offered on an individual advisor-student basis. Each college department adapted its curriculum to student interests. Dean James W. McKie felt that while making the courses as relevant as possible, the college should also strive to preserve the necessary intellectual basics of the courses. II The masses learn one opinion about Mezes Hall from an anonymous source. Social and Behavioral Sciences — 25.3 School of Law In his first year as dean of the University ' s School of Law, Ernest E. Smith emphasized a restructuring of the curriculum. " We are caught up in the changing nature of legal education, " Smith said. This change took two new directions — one toward the clinical format and the other toward individually-supervised research. The law school aided these changes by supporting student involvement in actual legal work and by let- ting students specialize in chosen legal fields. This transition in curriculum was the main goal for 1974-1975, " but we can ' t make these changes over- night, " Smith added. Smith stressed the need for a new building, saying there is no way enrollment can increase with present facilities. The enrollment of 1,680 students repre- sented only a slight increase from 1973-1974. The dean ' s plans for the school also included fac- ulty improvement. " We ' ve attempted to get more variety in our faculty than in the past, " he said. The school employed two women professors in 1974-1975, and worked to recruit other prospective faculty from different backgrounds and different parts of the country. One problem law students faced was unemploy- ment. " The job situation is the tightest it ' s been in a long time, " Smith said. " There are still a number of good students from our January, 1975, graduation who have not found jobs. " Law students furthered their forensic abilities by participating in moot court competitions. Students argued both real and hypothetical cases and were rated by a panel of judges. Competition began in the fall for returning law students and continued with the final rounds in the spring. First-year students could also enter spring competitions. The Board of Advocates, a law student organiza- tion, selected participants for State Bar, international law and patent law moot court competition. In November, the school sponsored the second annual Tom Sealy Law and Free Society Lecture. Fred P. Graham, CBS News legal correspondent, was the featured speaker. Vrf, y LawdooleiiH Law students study anytime and anyplace they get a chance. ' « nesHj:; 254 — School of Law Law school enrollment rose to 1,680 students in 1974-1975. Some students were packed into standing-room-only classes. The Townes Hall library provides a quiet place to study CBS legal correspondent Fred Graham spoke in November. School of Law — 255 Lyndon B. Johnson School of Pubhc Affairs Distinguished speakers highlighted the year for the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. Speak- ers included former Sen. Sam Ervin, D-N.C; Dean Rusk, former Secretary of State; Harry McPherson, former White House aide; Rep. Martha Griffiths, D- Mich.; Sen. Gale McGee, D-Wyo.; Joseph Califano, former White House aide; and Russell Train, Envi- ronmental Protection Agency administrator. William B. Cannon, University of Chicago vice- president, was appointed dean of the school, which sponsored numerous special lectures in conjunction with its interdisciplinary graduate program for stu- dents interested in public service careers. Students in the LBJ school focused on relevant public programs and issues, conducting research for federal, state and local government agencies, legisla- 1 tors and executive officials. First-year students took courses in research and management skills, policy process and political econ- omy. They also worked with faculty members on policy research projects, producing analytic reports on public policy for government agencies. Second-year students studied special topical semi- nar courses and independent policy project courses in addition to completing another policy research project toward their degree. A required summer internship with a public agency between the first and second years helped LBJ school students gain experience and meet pro- spective employers. Most students were able to obtain public service oriented positions with govern- mental agencies upon graduation. Sid Richardson Hall, adjacent to the LBJ Library, houses offices and seminar rooms for the LBJ School of Public Affairs. SeiJin; 256 — LBJ School of Public Affairs Seminars focusing on relevant public programs and issues form a large part of the LB] School curriculum. LBJ School of Public Affairs — 257 25H School of Nursing Initiation of a PhD in nursing and a reduction of the long waiting list for admittance were two major accomplishments for the University School of Nurs- ing at Austin in 1974-1975. As the largest of the six-campus University System School of Nursing, the school continued its program for curriculum improvement. In May, 1974, the first class graduated under a revised curriculum. Since then, further revisions have been made. " Our revised curriculum is providing graduates with the necessary preparation to function as begin- ning practitioners immediately upon graduation, " Dean Billye Brown said. The bachelor of science in nursing degree program produces self-directed, general nurse practitioners who work in planning, providing and evaluating both individual and group nursing care. The graduate program works to prepare nurses in bedside care and attendant responsibilities. The new doctoral program was designed to educate nurses in the areas of education, research, administration, con- sultation or community planning, with a principal focus on nursing practice. Student nurses received clinical training through assignments to Austin ' s major general hospitals, phy- sicians ' offices, schools and activity centers. The school also sponsored a Continuing Education Program for graduates open to any registered nurse in the Austin area. The school ' s largest increase in enrollment in 1974- 1975 was in the graduate program, with about 10 per- cent more students than in the previous year. The enrollment in the doctoral program was almost twice its expected total. Dean Brown reported no problems with placement in 1974-1975. " All our graduates have found jobs where they want, " she said. " I think that ' s why nurs- ing is so attractive to students now. " ;y ' ' c must be control A . OPPOSITE PAGE: Student nurses examine children and counsel mothers as part of the Women, Infants and Children program. ABOVE: Nurses check blood pressure at Northcross Mall. Nursing — 259 Gradua The Graduate (orker.Nol»n« jeedyfamiliesin Increased govf heroleoftbesw " InourprofN ' ryingtoprodiitt vers wilh regard socielalills. " D«» ' The newly aca an increase of 40 leytiadnoprob! Ihe job marte IH Many graduate students work at the Balcones Research Center. With enrollment doubling over the past 10 years, the Graduate School had more students than any other school or college on campus — over 6,600. Each student was launched on an individualized, specialized program for study in one of 70 different areas. Doctoral degrees in biomedical engineering, materials science and engineering and social work were new to the 1974-1975 year, as was a master ' s degree in child development. The years since 1971 have shown a trend toward less federally-financed fellowship support for gradu- ate students. As a result, many worked directly with their professors as teaching or research assistants. Graduate School Teaching assistants often prepare, issue and grade exams. ■ EasAis 260 — Graduate School «£ ReseariCenler. Graduate School of Social Work The Graduate School of Social Work worked through its students to change the image of the social worker. No longer is he a volunteer working with needy families in the backward areas of society. Increased governmental aid at all levels has shifted the role of the social worker to that of administrator. " In our professional education program we are not trying to produce specialists, but rather problem-sol- vers with regard to a broad range of human and societal ills, " Dean Jack Otis said. The newly accredited undergraduate program had an increase of 40 percent in its enrollment. Otis said they had no problem placing their graduates because the job market is remaining steady. The first entrance class of seven for the doctoral program was approved by the College Coordinating Board. A $50,000 grant from the Moody Foundation ena- bled the school to establish a Social Work Research Center where students utilize field studies to become familiar with services provided in the community. Both undergraduates and master ' s students worked with social planning organizations in setting goals. The students conducted interviews with administrative sources and counseled individuals. The school provided a continuing education in management and executive studies for students in a five-state region. Work with East Austin school children provides social work graduate students with practical experience. Graduate School of Social Work — 261 Graduate School of Library Science Gone are the days of the librarian whose only interest was in books and fines. Today ' s librarian is trained in the use of audio-visual materials, comput- ers and non-print materials and how to provide tools in a useful form to groups and individuals. The Graduate School of Library Science, now in its 26th year, had an enrollment of over 285, a three- fold increase since 1968. The school offered pro- grams of study leading to the master of library sci- ence degree and the PhD in library and information science. It also offered post-master ' s study and pro- grams for the certification of school librarians. " The librarian of the future must be able to design, manage and evaluate all kinds of information, " Dean Glenn Sparks said. " In brief, he will be able to study the information needs of society and design ways of solving them. " Campus libraries give students on-the-job training. Student librarians are trained to use audio-visual material. 262 — Library Science i ABOVE: Some of the extension buildings fall to progress. BELOW: The division offers self-paced electronic typing. Division 1 of Extension T t i» The Division of Extension is much more than just a night school extension of the University. This single aspect accounts for only a small fraction of those whose everyday lives are affected by courses, pro- grams and projects offered through the division. " Continuing Education " v as the theme of the divi- sion, with main work done off-campus rather than on-campus. Programs reached " off-campus " con- sumers throughout the city, state, nation and world. The division sponsors the University Interscholas- tic League, reaching elementary, junior-high and high school students through competition in athlet- ics, music, drama and literary events. Research in multi-ethnic group teaching trained over 8,000 peo- ple in staff development work with illiterates. Short courses and seminars in engineering, man- agement, pharmacy, petroleum and correspondence studies are also offered. The division is responsible for the operation of the Joe C. Thompson Conference Center, one of the few buildings in the country designed expressly for use in continuing education. " An individual never stops learning — it ' s a con- tinuing process that we hope to promote with our various courses and programs, " Dr. William Barron, dean, said. Division of Extension — 263 The Academic Year: Administration The most significant event affecting the University in 1974-1975 was the sudden and unexpected firing of University President Stephen Spurr by Chancellor Charles LeMaistre September 24. Spurr said he had no premonition of what was to happen until the morning of September 23, when he was called to LeMaistre ' s office to discuss the opera- tion of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Cen- ter. It was then Spurr was asked to resign; he refused and was later fired. Spurr ' s firing continued as an important issue throughout the year, as did the HRC matter. After Harry Ransom resigned as director of HRC special collections in August, controversy arose over its funding and administration. Spurr said University Regent Jenkins Garrett was dissatisfied with his han- dling of the HRC and possibly influenced LeMaistre in his decision to fire Spurr. In January, University employes received a 13 per- cent pay raise in a $93 million emergency bill passed with near-unanimous legislative support. Confusion over the Texas Open Records Act was also cleared up in January. Texas Attorney General John Hill ruled that all faculty file information obtained after June 14, 1973, must be made available if any faculty member requests it. Frank C. Erwin, now a University System lobbyist at the state legislature, ended his controversial career as a regent January 13. Gov. Dolph Briscoe appointed Walter G. Sterling and Thomas H. Law to replace Erwin and Jenkins Garrett. Dan C. Williams was reappointed for another term. After several fall delays, the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare released its report February 21 from an investigation of unfair employ- ment and recruiting practices at the University. HEW found the University to be discriminatory in areas of equal opportunity policy, recruitment, stu- dent financial aid, student employment, placement, Greek social sororities and housing. The adminis- tration was given 90 days to correct these practices. 264 — Administration t, Administration — 265 Spurr ' s Presidency Terminated ' I do not feel that under the circumstances I have enough facts to approve and sanction the chancellor ' s action. I could not do so in good conscience. No great educational institution can sustain its greatness with the sudden firing of its presidents and deans. Such actions have a serious and traumatic effect on the administration, the faculty and the student body. ' — Lady Bird Johnson 266 — Spurr Firing by Susie Stoler The Texas Student Publications board room was sched- uled for a group interview by The Daily Texan staff with Dr. Stephen Spurr, the relatively noncontroversial Univer- sity president. Spurr ' s quiet image did not help reporters line up questions for the Tuesday, September 24th session. The Texan ' s advance preparations were unnecessary however, as Spurr ' s name was to be the subject of another board room discussion two days later — this time by the University System Board of Regents to confirm his firing by Chancellor Charles LeMaistre. Monday before the scheduled Texan interview, Spurr was considering perhaps the most important answer of his career — how to respond to LeMaistre ' s request for his resignation. Spurr ' s earlier remark made three years ago that he " never particularly wanted to be a university presi- dent, " may have haunted him. The president had some visitors in his office Monday to " aid " his decision. The visitors. Regent Frank Erwin and Deputy Chancellor E. D. Walker, offered him gifts amounting to a year ' s leave with pay, a $6,000 housing allowance, $10,000 in travel and research funds and more. Totalled, the difference between resigning and being fired was $50,000. Earlier Monday morning, LeMaistre had pre- sented Spurr with the " contract " to the gift package — a formal letter of resignation awaiting his signature. The president told an investigating committee later that he declined the offer but had tentatively agreed to resign. Just outside Spurr ' s office a call was going to the Texan. " I ' m sorry, Dr. Spurr has to be out of town Tuesday to attend a forestry conference and will not be able to keep his interview appointment, " his secretary said. The announcement would have been plausible had not a Texan staffer checked that same morning, just hours ear- lier, and confirmed the appointment. Monday night, the president checked with several regents to confirm LeMaistre ' s claim that they would sup- port his action to either fire Spurr or accept a peaceful res- ignation. Spurr found he had more support than the Chan- cellor had indicated. After meeting with University administrators at his home, he decided to fight a martyr ' s cause. The next day, Tuesday, LeMaistre learned of Spurr ' s change of mind and announced at 1:47 p.m., " It is necessary today to relieve Dr. Stephen Spurr from his administrative responsibilities as president. " Speculators put two and two together and got nothing; page-one news coverage spread state wide. Why would LeMaistre fire him? Out of town news media bombarded the Texan Office for the inside story which no one knew except the non- talking participants of the drama. And why the big interest? As one 20-year veteran Dallas journalist said, " It is a matter of academic freedom. " Rea- sons filtered out alluding to a power conflict between the chancellor and the president. The regent ' s emergency meeting to confirm the firing, the appointment of Dr. Lor- ene Rogers as ad interim president, Spurr ' s Faculty Senate address and a news conference supported evidence of administrative friction. r Regent Frank Erwin ' s name first entered the open dis- cussion of Spurr ' s dismissal during a press conference called two days after the firing. After references to regen- tal interference in academic affairs, Spurr was asked point blank, " Are you referring to Mr. Erwin? " Hesitating, almost nervously, Spurr replied, " Mr. Erwin was a major factor in this. " A debate surfaced when Spurr released the list of rea- sons given by LeMaistre for his dismissal, with Erwin a major figure. " If I were to identify the single point when Mr. Erwin turned against me, it was when Dean Page Keeton refused to admit a friend of Mr. Erwin ' s to law school and I sup- ported the action, " Spurr told a faculty investigating com- mittee. The law school incident, although raising ethical ques- tions, was believable in contrast to a more frivolous charge of downgrading pre-football game receptions. Spurr told the Faculty Senate he was asked to cut expenses for the receptions, " which are extravagant shin- digs, " he said. The president cut the invitation list, was later accused of being " politically insensitive, " and relieved of his duty of overseeing the affairs. Spurr ' s image improved more with faculty and students in the three days after his firing than perhaps during all his time in office. As the University community rallied behind him, Stephen Spurr found himself in a position of regard with which he was unacquainted. All the administrative rhetoric was not producing sub- stantive reasons for the firing. The formal charges were just " red herrings " Spurr said, and the real issue was the academic governance of the University. At the special regent ' s meeting Wednesday, Mrs. Lyn- don B. Johnson was the only regent to decline confirma- tion of Spurr ' s firing by an abstaining vote. She was the first official besides Spurr to cite a lack of specifics. After the regents did the " irretrievable " as Chairman A. G. McNeese said, another building complex in Austin rumbled in discontent as state legislators and Gov. Dolph Briscoe demanded an explanation. Although House Speaker Price Daniel Jr. decided against a legislative investigation, Briscoe asserted his authority by quoting article and section of the Texas Constitution to demand LeMaistre ' s public explanation. In a matter of hours after the governor ' s ultimatum, LeMaistre announced he was preparing " a comprehensive public statement. " The chancellor ' s eagerly-anticipated report finally came in November but listed only chronological events of the actual firing without mentioning the incidents that led to the chancellor ' s loss of confidence in Spurr. The governor was placated though, and focus returned to the chancel- lor ' s office, with the threat of a possible lawsuit by Spurr. Erwin and the chancellor mentioned the possibility of legal action as reason for their unwillingness to be more open about the affair. Among the reasons for the dismissal listed by the inves- tigating faculty committee were Spurr ' s opposition to building projects supported by the regents. Spurr ' s refusal to relieve a top administrator from his post, funding squabbles over the Humanities Research Center and the president ' s opposition to a new regental policy on campus speakers were also cited as friction points. These and other matters, when added right, explained the firing. Further explanations were deemed unnecessary by some officials, especially Board Chairman A. G. McNeese. " Who in the taxpaying public would appreciate the partic- ular incidents that led to that firing? " he asked. His com- ments drew retorts. Newspaper editorials demanded explanations, not of the Chancellor ' s prerogative to fire Spurr, but of the sud- den nature of the action. Spurr admitted he knew he would be forced out by refusing to resign. LeMaistre had made up his mind and his only flexibility was extending the deadline. For all the outcry for explanations in the fall, mention of the firing had dwindled by the end of the year to an occa- sional reference in articles about the selection of a new president and appointment of committees. The selection process, assumed by an official committee and an advi- sory panel, went quietly and unnoticed. A new president seemed unlikely to surface before fall, 1975. Meanwhile, Stephen H. Spurr settled comfortably into a professor ' s office in Sid Richardson Hall and a corre- sponding slower pace. He had stuck to an earlier word that " my particular field is a very live and active one in the country today, that of ecology, and I would have no hesitation to go back and teach. " As the year ended, the events of September raised seri- ous questions about the role a University president must play. Is he merely a figurehead, lacking any powers of his own, or is he an administrative officer serving as an alert force to whom students and faculty may approach with problems? Stephen Spurr found that the president ' s office apparently could not be both. or Spurr Firing — 267 FRANK ERWIN By Joy Howell The setting was a vacant lot behind the house of then- student body president Frank Fleming. Several students were huddling close to a meager campfire for warmth. Everyone was laughing and singing, eating tamales and drinking beer. Off to the side stood a rather dignified gray- headed man, pensively watching the flames curl and lick the branches. Occasionally he would leave the fire only to return a few moments later laden with more dead branches. Although he didn ' t have much to say to anyone, he seemed to respond to the group spontaneity by making sure the fire burned cheery and warm. The man was Frank C. Erwin Jr., University lobbyist, former member of the Board of Regents and one of the hottest controversial figures in University history. After serving what he termed " a labor of love " for 12 years on the board, including five as chairman, Erwin announced publicly November 7, 1974 that he would not accept reap- pointment if offered by Gov. Dolph Briscoe. Such a reap- pointment was deemed highly unlikely. Austin State Sen. Lloyd Doggett had already said he would invoke the privi- lege of senatorial courtesy to block Erwin ' s confirmation in the Senate. And Erwin, appointed to the board both times by former Gov. John Connally, was not a close friend of Briscoe. Typically, Erwin took the initiative and stepped down from a fight he knew he couldn ' t win. In 1963, Erwin entered University affairs without dis- pute. He all but discontinued his law practice to devote full time to University concerns. Unlike other regents, Erwin did his homework and did it well. Fellow trustees rarely questioned his judgement. Others did however. Criticism trickled in during the first years of his term and later swelled during the famous Waller Creek showdown in 1969. Eventually that incident culminated in the futile demand by three student groups and the General Faculty for Erwin ' s resignation. The controversy stemmed from student outcry at the removal of trees hindering the expansion of Memorial Sta- dium. In protest, students climbed into the trees to prevent the destruction. Twenty-seven were plucked from the tree limbs and arrested. Erwin earned the enmity of many when he personally directed the bulldozing effort while telling the police, " Arrest all the people you have to. Once these trees are down, there won ' t be anything to protest. " Another issue was the firing of Arts and Sciences Dean After 12 years on the Board of Regents, Frank Erwin stepped down in 1975 to become a Univer- sity lobbyist at the token salary of $10 a year. His term was an era of controversy marked by his complex and influential personality. John Silber, now president of Boston College, in July of 1970. When nationally renowned professors resigned in protest, Erwin censured them publicly, causing turmoil among faculty ranks. Erwin responded to the outcry and demands for a return to faculty governance on academic issues with: " There is no such thing as faculty autonomy at a state university. All power comes from the top. " Erwin ' s influence allegedly stretched even into student p olitics. During the 1974 Student Government elections, charges were indirectly made that Erwin may have used his influence on behalf of Frank Fleming. The evidence was held to be inconclusive by the Student Court, but con- tinued to shadow Fleming ' s term as president. The two " Franks " were to be linked later by deposed President Stephen Spurr who hinted again at system administrative interference. After the elections, anti-Erwin sentiment flamed when The Daily Texan and Student Government were deleted from mandatory funding in March, 1974. More than 3,000 angry students rallied and marched to the Capitol. Erwin ' s previous comment of " We don ' t fund anything we don ' t control, " was unearthed and fanned the flames of student indignation higher. When Chancellor Charles LeMaistre fired President Ste- phen Spurr in September, parallels were drawn to Erwin ' s role in the Silber firing. Spurr alleged Erwin was a factor in his dismissal partly due to Spurr ' s refusal to get a friend of Erwin ' s into the law school. Erwin denied the charges. Spurr also said, " I hear about many decisions that are made by the president of the student body and one influ- ential member of the Board of Regents, " in reference to Fleming and Erwin. " I read about these decisions after they come out in the paper. " Erwin ' s driving force behind massive amounts of cam- pus construction during his terms unleashed floods of crit- icism although enrollment increased by 15,000 in those 12 years, before it finally stabilized. Faculty pay scales mean- while plummeted to the bottom third nationally. Further- more, a lack of vigorous minority recruitment jeopardized the University ' s federal revenue, raising questions about justifying the expense of bricks and mortar. The $6.5 mil- lion swimming pool, $1 million Bauer House for the chan- cellor and the West Mall redevelopment in cement received the most heated criticism. One architecture pro- fessor referred to the West Mall, with its concrete vistas and boxed planters, as the " Frank C. Erwin Jr. Memorial Highway. " There was, however, another side to Erwin ' s interest in construction. Money for many other University projects came from a sometimes chinchy source, the State Legisla- ture, whose ins and outs Erwin had been familiar with since his first lobbying attempt in 1965. Part of Erwin ' s power with the other regents was his reputation for suc- cessfully raising appropriations money for the System. Even that facet of Erwin ' s power saw a strange turn in April. Ten years after his first University lobbying efforts, the House Higher Education Committee voted to cut $19 million from the University system budget. Erwin, whose impressive figure could be seen talking with members of the committee weeks before the axed budget, had some- how let a fast one slip by. As Erwin ' s work shifted from the halls of the System buildings to the Capitol, his wish to " get off the front page and off the air, " came true for the most part. Speculation held that Erwin ' s absence from the regents table, in addi- tion to Spurr ' s ousting, gave LeMaistre a more complete hold on directing University affairs. However, Erwin ' s influence can not be judged too slightly. In the end, the man will be remembered as a controver- sial, yet extremely valuable figure in the University ' s his- tory. His achievements in fund raising and legislative mat- ters will always be shadowed by his questionable han- dling of academic affairs. John Silber, who felt the strong arm of Erwin, under- stood Erwin ' s complexities as well as his powerful influ- ence with the Board of Regents and the University system. " We need eight other regents like Frank Erwin, " said the man who admitted he left at " the special request " of Erwin and LeMaistre. " Having Erwin on the present board is like hitching a horse to a bunch of jackrabbits — it doesn ' t produce a team. " or Frank Erwin — 269 Chancellor Emeritus Associate Deputy Chancellor for Operations Director of Personnel Associate Deputy Chancellor for Investments. Lands. Trusts Director of Law Office Director of Facilities. Planning. Construction Director of Police Auditor for Oil and Gas — West Texas Lands Director of Budget Director of Accounting Comptroller Areas shaded in orange denote those offices and officers covered in detail in this publication. Please see follow- ing pages. Flow Chart is abbreviated due to space fimita- tions. Chart accurate as of September 1, 1974. Medical Branch at Galvesto ■i _J School of Biomedical Sciences Medical School _ School of Allied Health Sciences _ Marine Biomedical Institute — University Hospitals Health Center at Houston Medical School Dental Branch —J School of Biomedical Sciences — School of Allied Health Sciences - S chool of Public Health Speech and Hearing Institute Health Science Center at San Antonio — Medical School at San Antonio Dental School School of Biomedical Sciences -4 School of Allied Health Sciences -c University System Cancer Center Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute — I Environmental Science Park at Smithville — I University System School of Nursing School of Nursing at El Paso 4 School of Nursing at Fort Worth _ School of Nursing at Galveston School of Nursing at Houston J School of Nursing at San Antonio 270 — University of Texas System rEnierj itus The University of Texas System UT Arlington Urban Studies Institute UT Permian Basin UTSan Antonio Texan Cultures Institute mSSBEaSSBL ICompara u H ii m i m 1 Jn n (raCTTfn B jHsintL a ' fVliilHHilllill University of Texas System — 271 System Administration A Year of Press Releases Left Unanswered Questions One thing the University System Board of Regents and Chancellor did not have to concern themselves with this year was lack of publicity. From the Sep- tember dismissal of Stephen Spurr through May, the year was one big press release, trying to explain seemingly unexplainable events. System Chancellor Charles LeMaistre ' s sudden dismissal of University President Stephen Spurr Sep- tember 24 was followed with a quick regental approval. Many observers, on and off campus, were critical of the power play. The General Faculty met October 1 to discuss the matter and expressed a lack of confidence in LeMaistre. LeMaistre was further chastised by stu- dents, faculty, press and state officials for " evasive " answers about the Spurr firing in an address to the General Faculty November 20. In January, after the firing had faded, controversy arose again when University instructor Dr. Martha Geutzel charged that she had received pressure from LeMaistre to issue his son. Bill, a special make-up final exam in a microbiology class. Geutzel resigned because of the incident; LeMaistre called the whole episode " a misunderstanding. " Gov. Dolph Briscoe appointed new regents Walter G. Sterling and Thomas H. Law to fill vacancies of Frank C. Erwin and Jenkins Garrett. Dan C. Williams was reappointed to a second six-year term. It became publicized before the Senate Education Committee in March, however, that Sterling had for- mer ties with the John Birch Society, the Houston Committee for Sound American Education and the Association of Christian Schools, all right-wing organizations. The 73-year-old nominee was also accused of falling asleep during regents ' meetings. In spite of these findings, the committee voted 6-0 to recommend to the full Senate all three appointees. Sterling received severe negative testimony, includ- ing charges of a 10-year lack of contact with stu- dents. Williams also received unfavorable testimony, but no opposition was voiced against Law. The three regents were approved 22-6 March 20, almost two months after taking seats on the board. Spending on construction — such as the approved $16,500,000 for an addition to Welch Hall and $4,600,000 for a Printing and Press Building — became another primary issue affecting the Board. The House Higher Education Committee ' s sug- gested revision of the University budget for the next two years included a rerouting of $19 million of the Available Fund for utilities. Previously, the fund has been used only for construction and land acquisition at the discretion of the regents. Chairman Allan Shiv- ers said the effect of this rerouting would be " disas- trous. " The House Appropriations Committee rejected the proposal April 16. Another spring measure proposed giving the Col- lege Coordinating Board authority over the regents to review and make recommendations on all campus construction statewide. On March 14, four faculty recommendations regarding building priorities and the use of the Avail- able Fund were approved in principle by the regents. These included suggestions that more money be directed toward academic purposes instead of con- struction and that the Faculty Building Advisory Committee be allowed more input in all stages of the planning of major construction. In other 1974-1975 action, the regents passed guide- lines for campus guest speakers which would insure electronic media ' s access to campus events; approved a $3 per student increase in the Union fee because of a $2,200,000 cost overrun in the Texas Union West remodeling project; accepted a $50,000 anonymous gift from an alumnus for the casting of a larger-than-life-size statue of Bevo to be placed on campus; and voted January 31 to close permanently the observation deck of the Tower to the public. Regent Thomas Law met informally with about 75 students and faculty after his first board meeting Jan- uary 31 and expressed his willingness to listen to stu- dents. " I would like to see some method of getting input that ' s better than what we ' ve had in the past, perhaps in an advisory capacity, " he said. Law ' s openness may be the key to a new attitude on the part of the regents, yet at the year ' s end, press and campus onlookers still remained dependent on the news releases for System information. ChirlesAUMun 272 — Sy.stem Administration Charles A. LeMaistre, chancellor THE BOARD OF REGENTS: FRONT ROW: Allan Shivers, Dan C. Williams. A. G. McNeese Jr.. Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, Edward Clark. BACK ROW: Joe T. Nelson, Frank C. Erwin Jr., James E. Bauerle, Jenkins Garrett. System Administration — 273 Office of the President The HEW report on discrimination at the Univer- sity, released in February, was one of the issues involving the Office of the President this year. Presi- dent Ad Interim Lorene Rogers called attention to the fact that it was a report of a study made in spring, 1974. She said the majority of the report was accurate with respect to the situation at that time, but that a number of changes had been made since then. Dr. Rogers cited the Achievement Scholarship pro- gram as a prominent example of minority recruit- ment. Campus representatives went into high schools and selected 177 students for the program who had demonstrated leadership qualities. On March 13, a coalition of members from The Mexican-American Youth Organization, the Radical Student Union and The Blacks staged a take-over of the president ' s office. The group occupied the area for eight hours and called for an immediate reform of the University ' s alleged racist policies. Dr. Rogers stated her opinion of that day ' s events: " I was distressed because I had worked so hard to obtain scholarship money in order to increase minor- ity enrollment. This kind of behavior makes it much more difficult for me to do anything for them; they ' re working to their own disadvantage and that is what distresses me most. " In her year as the first woman president of a major American coeducational university. Dr. Rogers sought to make the learning environment as effective as possible for students and faculty. She observed that the nation is in a period when higher education is no longer popular in the eyes of the public, and that this makes the task more difficult. " What I am trying to do with the help of the students, faculty and staff is restore the confidence of the citizens in the University. They need to believe again that what we are doing here is worthwhile. " Dr. Rogers feels that much disillusionment came during the student disturbances of the 1960s. Many people felt they could not support those who were attempting to tear down a system " that they had worked very hard all of their lives to build up. " She said the sit-in in her office had this kind of effect. " The academic standing of the institution is what makes the difference. Part of the reason that students are attracted to the University is its high quality. The degree means more once it has been awarded. It ' s important to students and faculty for it to be kept that way, and my job is to do all that I can to keep it that way. " Lorene L. Rogers, president ad interim Donald W. Zacharias, assistant to the president 5: ' »««,, 274 — Pr(!.sident Floyd S. Brandt, assistant to the president Stephen A. Monti, assistant to the presidijnl Joseph H. Culver, director, University Development Board Peggy Kruger, director. Affirmative Action Program William F. Lasher, director, Office of Institutional Studies Amy Jo Long, director. University News and Information Service President — 275 Office of the Vice-President and Provost The voice of students can still be heard in aspects of University administration. In spring, 1974, over 900 students petitioned for a bachelor ' s degree pro- gram in computer science. In fall, 1974, that option was offered for the first time. Evaluating such a degree waiver and making a rec- ommendation to the president is one of the concerns of Dr. Stanley Ross and the Office of the Vice-Presi- dent and Provost. This office includes the Measure- ment and Evaluation Center, the Center for Teaching Effectiveness, the General Library and the 16 aca- demic schools and colleges of the University. Ross ' office handles faculty appointments, admin- isters and monitors the faculty workload and formu- lates teaching assistant guidelines. It keeps tight-lip- ped about its academic complaint investigations of the faculty, however. The office also sponsors stu- dent evaluations of the faculty each semester. " For the past several years, we have been seeking the means of improving the quality of the faculty, " Ross said. " We take advantage of recruiting the very best young people and make sure they have opportu- nities for advancement. " The Measurement and Evaluation Center has worked to improve its data processing capabilities by combining them with the University ' s overall com- puter system, Director H. Paul Kelley reported. " We ' ve also been concentrating on credit by exam- ination programs — trying out new tests and adding local ones, " he said. Since its opening, the Center for Teaching Effec- tiveness has concentrated on " helping the professor do his job better, " Director James Stice said. " How to Improve Lectures " and " Testing Theory and Design of Tests " were two workshops the center sponsored in 1974. It also conducted a survey of room conditions and classroom equipment, setting minimum standards for academic facilities. In 1974, the regents made initial allocation for upgrading undergraduate teaching and classroom facilities. Ross hopes this process will continue. 276 — Vice-President and Provost lick »is, dean. Cnd Stanley R. Ross, vice-president and provost I 1. Paul Kelley, die ames E. Stice, director, Center for Teaching Effectiveness ChitJesF f ' folniKi Jack Otis, dean, Graduate School of Social Work 1 H. Paul Kelley, director, Measurement and Evaluation Center The Measurement and Evaluation Center Charles F. Folmer, University librarian Earnest F. Gloyna, dean. College of Engineering Vice-President and Provost — 277 T % Paul Olum, dean, College of Natural Sciences William E. Barron, dean, Division of Extension James W. McKie, dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences StuiieiilswaiUllli! Ernest E. Smith, dean, School of Law Lorrinfanamer,! C. Glenn Sparks, dean, Graduate School of Library Science 278 — Vice-President and Provost 1 ' % y Sk -Zl g... f ig ' UX.T " ' fi viora! Sciences ;l Students wait at the front desk of the Main Library while pages retrieve their reading selections from the Tower stacks. Elspeth D. Rostow, acting dean, Division of General and Comparative Studies Office of the Vice-President and Provost George Kozmetsky, dean, College of Business Administration Vice-President and Provost — 279 James T. Doluisio, dean, College of Pharmacy Wayne A. Danielson, dean, School of Communication Stanley N. Werbow, dean, College of Humanities ABOVE: William B. Cannon, dean, LBJ School of Public Affairs, RIGHT: The Measurement and Evaluation Center: a myriad of records. :.: ; 3: CliarlesH,Buni«le. 280 — Vice-President and Provost Peter M. Garvie, dean, College of Fine Arts Billye J. Brown, dean. School of Nursing Office of the Vice-President and Provost Vice-President and Provost — 281 Office of the Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies The Graduate School and eleven University research units comprise the Office of the Vice-Presi- dent and Dean of Graduate Studies, headed by Dr. Gardner Lindzey. Dr. Lindzey coordinates all the University ' s research activities, both internally and externally funded, in 42 centers, bureaus, labs and institutes. " A graduate school tries to provide an education which will inaugurate a lifetime of research, instruc- tion or application, " he said. The research centers provide funds and facilities for faculty and graduate students to carry out exten- sive research programs in their individual fields. The McDonald Observatory, staffed by the astron- omy department, houses the fourth largest telescope in the world atop Mt. Locke in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. Over the past year, a radio astronomy group at the observatory organized the world ' s first set of several thousand precise radio-source posi- tions in the sky. An Animal Resources Center building was approved and funded in the fall by the regents. To be located at Speedway and San Jacinto, the building will centralize the research and care of laboratory animals now housed in 15 different campus loca- tions. Construction began in summer, 1975. The Animal Resources Center coordinates disease research through the use of animals. Among recent revisions at the center was the organization of a com- mittee to insure the research animals ' welfare. The office also coordinates a University Research Institute which allocates faculty research assign- ments, summer research awards and research grants. Federal agencies fund the majority of these research programs. " The support given by federal agencies reflects their expectation that University - research will contribute to solutions to many national problems, " Lindzey said. I TkeTexasMemoral Gardner Lindzey, vice-president and dean of graduate studies NFinej,iiireclo(, William W. Newcomb, director, Texas Memorial Museum iHd o 282 — Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies The Texas Memorial Museum features exhibits of local interest such as the Onion Creek mosasaur in the main entrance. it graduile studies -4 Jerry Fineg, director, Animal Resources Center Philip D. Jones, director, University of Texas Press Alvin . Dusek, director, Office of Sponsored Projects Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies — 283 Office of the Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies Harlan J. Smith, director, McDonald Observatory Thousands of tapes store information at the Computation Center. Francis W. Roberts, director, Humanities Research Center David S. Price, coordinator. University Publications 284 — Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies R. Keith Arnold, director, Division of Natural Resources and Environment H. Eldon Sutton, director, University Research Institute Charles H. Warlick, director, Computation Center Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies — 285 Office of the Vice-President for Business Affairs James Colvin, vice-president for business affairs, was made official keeper of both faculty and student records for the first time in 1974 as the result of a new ruling by the Texas attorney general. In October, Attorney General John Hill decided that faculty personnel files must be made available to faculty members in accordance with the Texas Open Records Act. Colvin now interprets the attor- ney general ' s opinion concerning that law. The Office of the Business Manager, the Physical Plant, the University Personnel Office, the University Police Department and the Data Processing Division are also under Colvin ' s direction. Colvin has general responsibility for the Universi- ty ' s budget and fiscal operations. He relates to and works with other University vice-presidents on fiscal matters within their respective fields. The University Police Department, in addition to protective services, is responsible for lost and found articles and the issuance of campus traffic tickets. Chief Donald Cannon estimated that an average of 53,700 tickets are issued each year, 52,300 of which are for parking violations. " Our primary purpose is to protect and benefit the students, faculty and staff, " Cannon said. " This also encompasses the protection of personal and campus property. " The Data Processing Division, under the direction of Robert Simpson, is responsible for a diversity of operations. In addition to its numerous administra- tive services, the division schedules and monitors student exams and scores tests for the faculty. ' :liiaiii«.Wrai.ii James H. Colvin, vice-president for business affairs Tr T " -TTr Norman W. Minter, director, University Personnel Office «VE:D. 286 — Vice-President for Business Affairs Bobby G. Cook, business manager tjPeisonM ABOVE: Donald R. Cannon, chief. University Police Department RIGHT: Physical Plant employe prepares for assignment. Office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs Dr. Ronald M. Brown, vice-president for student affairs, works to develop campus programs of stu- dent interest, exemplified by the opening of the Texas Tavern. Acting as mediator with the higher administration, he considers requests and amend- ments to University policy and regulations. Dr. Brown said he spent considerable time won- dering why there was less confrontation in the quiet 1974 fall term. " I can ' t believe 42,000 students are happy and contented, " he said. He suggested that with employment difficulties, students do not want to hamper their chances by " carrying placards. " The Admissions and Records office noted that the number of returning students is increasing. Dr. Doug- las McConkey, assistant director, said the office has expanded and the larger staff is able to reach more high schools and junior colleges for recruitment. Dr. Joe W. Neal, director of the International Office, believes that the petro-dollars accumulating overseas are being used to finance more educational ventures by international students. " With the decline of U.S. exports, foreign aid, and the balance of payment, the most acceptable service the U.S. can render is higher education, " he said. A utilized service available to University students is the Student Financial Aid office. Director Shirley Binder estimates $8.5 million is being administered in long-term loans, scholarships and the work-study programs. This year the office had 36,000 student contacts apply for jobs with over 9,000 placements. Approximately 180,000 visits were made to the Student Health Center, and Director Paul Trickett reported an excess of 350 major operations were per- formed. Unique to the 1974-75 budget year, the accredited medical center kept its doors open between semesters. Previously, the clinic closed after final exams for the holidays. The Texas Union is also a part of the vice-presi- dent for student affairs ' office. (See pages 116-127). 288 — Vice-President for Student Affairs Ronald M. Brown, vice-president for student affairs James P. Duncan, dean of students ! f.Mcai • I( 1 ■ oiiairs i i Albert K. Meerzo, registrar David H. McClintock, assistant dean of students Paul C. Trickett, director, Student Health Center Ira Iscoe, director, Counseling-Psychological Services Center The Office of Admissions and Records answers questions concerning transfer credit. Vice-President for Student Affairs — 289 , ' Vjgf.ilF X. kc i Health Center employes assist students in making appointments through the walk-in clinic and by telephone. DiviiiE,Her!hf) ' ,ii Joe W. Neal, director, International Office Shirley F. Binder, director. Student Financial Aids " «« " «tC.B«j, 290 — Vice-President for Student Affairs i« David E. Hershey, director, Admissions and Records Betty A. Thompson, director, Recreational Sports Robert P. Cooke, director. Housing and Food Service Office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs Margaret C. Berry, director, Developmental Programs i iii Vice-President for Student Affairs — 291 " Our greatest challenge is how to humanize an institution of this size, " Dr. James P. Duncan, dean of students, said. In an attempt to humanize the University, the Office of the Dean of Students coordinates the orien- tation program. During the summer, eight five-day programs are planned for entering students. This program helps the students become familiar with the campus and the facilities available to students. Another aspect of the orientation program is advis- ing centers during fall and spring preregistration. In academic areas, the office is responsible for all disciplinary action and the maintenance of students ' records. The office also maintains a program designed to help low-income and minority students. " We are basically an academic support unit, but we realize that academic learning does not all come from the classroom, " Duncan said. • With this realization in mind, the office works with students ' organizations to implement University guidelines. They provide organizations a banking service and handle the scheduling of space for stu- dent groups. The office also provides vetera ns ' information, women ' s programs, child care informa- tion and a program for students older than average. V 1. Frances Plotsky, coordinator, services for returning students 2. Homero Lopez, assistant coordinator, ethnic student services 3. Linda Wilson, assistant coordinator, ethnic student services 4. Linda Godley, assistant coordinator, orientation 5. David H. McQintock, assistant dean of students 6. Beverly Tucker, assistant to the dean of students 7. Tom Lee, veterans representative 8. Almetris Duren. student development specialist 9. Rodolfo Arevalo, assistant dean of students 10. Bonita Betters, assistant coordinator, orientation 11. Margaret J. Barr, assistant dean of students 12. William A. Bryan, associate dean of students 13. Lavkfrence T. Franks, associate dean of students 14. Stephen Schreiber, coordinator, orientation 15. Maralyn Heimlich, coordinator, general information and referral service and student volunteer services 16. James P. Duncan, dean of students 17. Ann Smith, administrative assistant 18. Baltazar Acevedo, coordinator, ethnic student services 19. Billy Johnson, coordinator, special services idvisingcentenn }VKI« , u I I I L ' tl llUSil 292 — Dean of Students Dean of Students — 293 Balcones Research Center At the Balcones Research Center, the sun and old car radiators have something in common. Both have the potential for sustaining human life in an experi- ment conducted by University graduate students. The Laboratory for Maximum Potential Building Systems at the center is concerned with creating a habitable environment with basic elements of nature — sun, earth, and sulfur — and recyclable materials, such as aluminum beer cans and old car radiators. Students in architecture and community-regional planning have worked since the program began in fall, 1972, to utilize natural forces and resources gen- erally available in the environment. The beer cans absorb heat from the sun and store it in old radiator parts. Temperatures up to 240 degrees have been reached. An experimental green- house grows enough food to support human life, and a wind generator provides electricity for the two small shelters. Researchers planned to reside in the experimental site soon upon completion. This experiment is one of many the Balcones Research Center pursued in 1974-1975. J. Neils Thompson, director of the center, explained that " most research projects are brought to the center from departments on the main campus either because of inadequate facilities or because of the need for larger areas of work. " Research also includes projects in archeology, aer- odynamics, mineral studies, civil engineering and anthropology. " We are looking forward to developments in earth science and petroleum-geology, additional grants in civil engineering and fusion research development, " Thompson said. . iimisponso;K Worker at the Maximum Potential Building Systems lab examines a heating system made from old beer cans. 294 — Balcones Research Center ! Buetegivo enter r ' or tie two ' reside in tie a " •eBalcones •975. 1. Neils Plainedlhat to ttie center impus either ecauseofthe uer- ? " ieeringand Mnts in earth Mai grants in Wopment, " i Alumni sponsored a Christmas party for international students. Plans are being made for energy experts from around the world to meet at the University in April, 1976, to discuss problems and solutions to the energy crisis. The Ex-Students ' Association, an organization of former students and friends of the University, is helping to organize the project. In April, the group sponsored its first association assembly. This gathering was arranged to bring together alumni who are involved in ex-students ' business at the city, district, regional and state levels to exchange ideas and information. An internship program provides interested Univer- sity students with information necessary to apply for summer employment in the Washington, D.C. area. The association supplies the job information, but the students must apply on their own. The Helping Hand program orients studejJs in communities where they plan to live throughout the United States. The program also helps with job orientation in each city by putting the student in touch with alumni in a specific field. The Ex-Students ' Association offers scholarships, career counseling and alumni center facilities to Uni- versity students and groups. Students presently attending the University assist the Association by speaking at programs for Texas Exes ' Clubs in vari- ous cities and by representing students on associa- tion committees. Ex-Students ' Association Students were given a voice in alumni business through several committees. Ex-Students ' Association — 295 LIMELIGHT Barbara I Jnc;h CACTUS Outstanding Students ABOVE: Social and Behavioral Sciences Council secretary Anna Clare Buie was elected Mortar Board president and Orange Jackets program chairwoman. The senior psychology major was vice-president of Pi Beta Phi sorority and was selected a Day ' s Day Outstanding Student in the fall. ABOVE RIGHT: Student Senator Linda Ann Crooker was active as Social and Behavioral Sci- ences Council president and Mortar Board member. The senior government major was a University Council student representative and was appointed a member of the Faculty Senate Special Investigating Committee into the Stephen Spurr firing. RIGHT: Dirk Briscoe Robertson served as chairman of the Programs Committee of the Health Professions Office and was appointed to the Faculty Committee of the Heahh Professions Office. The senior biology major was a Junior Fellow and held memberships in Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Chi fraternity. 298 — Outstanding Students LEFT: Architecture Student Government president Everett Lowell Fly was a student representative to the School of Architecture Dean ' s Council. Repre- sented on the Dean ' s List and in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, the senior architecture major was awarded the Ameri- can Institute of Architects Ford National Minority Architecture Scholarship. BELOW LEFT: Mortar Board member Angelica S. Volterra served on the Texas Union UT Interaction Committee and was active in Alpha Chi Omega sorority. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, the senior language major was selected as a 1973 CACTUS Goodfellow. BELOW: Active in both Longhorn and Varsity Sing- ers, senior drama major Kim M. Kelly was elected to Mortar Board and the Fine Arts Student Council. She was vice-president of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Outstanding Students — 299 Outstanding Students ii ABOVE: Alpha Phi Omega vice-president Terree Allan Bowers was a member of the University Wres- tling Club and Delta Upsilon fraternity. A two year orientation advisor, the junior Plan II major served on the University Election Commission. ABOVE RIGHT: Charles Christopher Reeder served as Inter-Service Council chairman and was a mem- ber of the University Library Committee. Serving as Tejas Club vice-president, the senior accounting major was selected to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges and was active in Beta Alpha Psi. RIGHT: Plan II major and member of Phi Kappa Phi, senior Nancy Louise Vine served as vice-president of the Humanities Council. Active as editor for Mortar Board and honored as a Junior Fellow, she received a French Government Scholarship for study in France. 300 — Outstanding Students H 1 M ■ M L HI ■ IJ 1 i VP I 1 y 1 m Jl 1 H 1 . mK £ ' Ig ll HVT " ' " i H m im Mii i E " J Pl ' .« B ■ I H Nf- M Hg - " 1 Pj ' 1 1 ■h i 1 ABOVE LEFT: Elected treasurer of Tau Beta Pi. sen- ior aero-space engineering major Alfonso Soliz also served as Sigma Gamma Tau president. Selected a 1974 CACTUS Goodfellow, he was Army ROTC Commander of Cadets and received the Distin- guished Military Student Award. ABOVE: Elected vice-president of both Orange Jack- ets and Mortar Board, senior history major Barbara Ann Linch also served as Cordettes president. She edited the Military and Limelight sections of the 1975 CACTUS and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. LEFT: Vice-president of Kappa Kappa Gamma soror- ity, senior French major Jane Elizabeth Strauss was the recipient of both the Texas Cowboy Arno Nowotny Award and the Silver Spur Outstanding Woman Award. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, she chaired the Texas Union Board of Directors and was coordinator of the Union Program Council. Outstanding Students — 301 Outstanding Students RIGHT: A member of Mortar Board and Orange Jackets, senior chemical engineering major Dana Bess Davis held memberships in Tau Beta Pi and Alpha Phi sorority. She also served as Panhellenic secretary. BELOW: Honored as a Dad ' s Day Outstanding Stu- dent, William Morrison Parrish was Student Gov- ernment vice-president and an orientation advisor. The senior Plan II major was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Kappa Alpha fraternity. NOT PICTURED: Former varsity football player Pat- rick Michael Kelly was honored with the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame Scholar-Ath- lete award. A first year law student and member of the Friar Society, he was a Beta Alpha Psi member and received a NCAA Scholarship Award. 302 — Outstanding Students LEFT: President of both Phi Eta Sigma and Pi Sigma Alpha, senior government major Gary Eugene Elli- son was a member of Tejas Club. He also served as vice-president of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Council and was a delegate to the Student Confer- ence on U.S. Affairs in West Point, New York. ABOVE: Environmental Health Engineer PhD candi- date, Jerald Lee Schnoor was the Texas representa- tive to the E.P.A. Youth Advisory Board for Region VI. A representative to the Graduate School Council, he was president of the Graduate Engineering Coun- cil and a member of the Senior Cabinet. Schnoor also received a Texas American Society of Civil Engi- neers Fellowship. LEFT: Managing Editor of the Texas Law Review, midlaw student Linda Isabel Leuchter served on the Presidential Selection Advisory Committee and the Law School Faculty Recruitment, Tenure and Budget Committee. She was a member of the Texas Union Board of Directors and chairwoman of Eeyore ' s Birthday Party. Outstanding Students — 303 CACl Outstanding Students RIGHT: Co-founder and current chairman for the Board of Directors of the University Student Day Care Center, Randall E. Roberts was a delegate to the Texas Student Association Convention. He served as an administrative assistant for Student Government and was a representative on the Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Governance and a member of Phi Kappa Phi. BELOW RIGHT: Senior accounting major Charity C. Anozie served as secretary of the Nigerian Students Association. Awarded a Dean of Students Scholar- ship, she was active in Phi Beta Chi and was elected treasurer of Mortar Board. Former Outstanding Students Still in School Catherine Elaine Alleman Saba JackBalagia Jerry Arch Bell Marian Ruth Bentley Larry Alan Campagna William Calvin Chaney Philip Charles Crouse William Dan Driscoll Laura Neal Fly Ronald Glenn Franklin Martha Ann Hill Robert Garth Ike! William McKee Kazmann Barneft Alexander Kress Cappy Ray McGarr David Meyer Mincberg Robert E. Pennington III Gary Michael Polland Thomas Wayne Rioux Michael Joseph Shearn James Burleson Smith Jr. Gwendolyn Faye Wilson Shirley Ann Worcester :i()4 — Oulsl.iiulin ! Sludcnls CACTUS Goodfellows Steven Robert Dunn Pi Kappa Alpha Texas Union Communication Committee, chairman Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees Nancy Katherine Mowry School of Communication Council, secretary Texas Union Theatre Committee, chairwoman Texas Union Program Council Richard Norman Jefferson DeWitt C. Reddick Award Selection Board, chairman School of Communication Council, vice-president The Daily Texan, Issue Editor Juan M. Gonzales Alpha Phi Omega, service vice- president Election Coordinator Phi Eta Sigma Melissa Len Stallones Delta Zeta, historian UT Interaction Committee Social and Behavioral Sciences College Council Wilfred M. Krenek Alpha Phi Omega Campus Blood Drive, coordinator Texas Relays Committee Goodfellows — 305 Francis Marion Jackson Lambda Chi Alpha, president Round-Up Committee, chairman University Co-Op Board of Directors Charles Jackson Hooper Phi Gamma Delta Posse Silver Spurs Orine S. Robinson Delta Sigma Theta Dobie Resident Advisor Afro-American Culture Committee, chairwoman Goodfellows Sherri Lynn Zillgitt Natural Science Council Pi Beta Phi UT Interaction Committee Paul Talmage Boston Texas Union Ideas and Issues Committee, chairman Texas Union Program Council Phi Beta Kappa Esta Lynn Kronberg GDE, president Interservice Council, chairwoman Election Commission 306 — Goodfellows ,1 i H H H ' H u 1 HfA hi H 1 K IB ' ' ' H « v ■jp L l ' H |b • i l Hi fi. ™ HHB 9 . hIbS h Lewise Ann Wilson SCOOP Orange Jackets Mortar Board Sheryl Ann Kelly Mortar Board Phi Beta Kappa Student Health Committee Goodfellows Lynne Claire Collier Spooks, spirit officer Mortar Board Orange Jackets, president Victoria Lillian Blaschke Friar Society Society of Women Engineers Student Engineering Council William Reed Lang III Alpha Phi Omega, president Jester Resident Assistant College of Engineering Honor Roll Carol Ann Crabtree Southern Singers, treasurer Student Senator Women ' s Athletic Council Goodfellows — 307 i Robert Bruce Turner Silver Spurs, Dance Marathon director Zeta Beta Tau Interfraternity Council, treasurer John Martin Vernon Jester Senior Resident Assistant Sigma Alpha Epsilon NAFAC Conference on Foreign Affairs, delegate Kim Taylor Dawson Jester Senior Resident Phi Beta Kappa Mortar Board Goodfellows Marilyn Lee Smothers Mortar Board Alpha Chi Omega Varsity Cheerleader Cynthia Jean Powell Chi Omega School of Communication Council Student Senator Elizabeth Annette Grimes Pi Beta Phi Orange Jackets UT Interaction Committee, chairwoman ■ 308 — Goodfellows Paul Arthur Suhler Eta Kappa Nu, vice-president Praetorian Guard, commander Khyber Rifles Drill Team, commander Richard L. Spencer Texas Relays Committee Sigma Chi, rush captain Student Senate Finance Committee Laura Ann Foster Varsity Cheerleader Kappa Alpha Theta, activities chairwoman University Sw eetheart Karrie Lynn Capello Gamma Phi Beta, president Student Government Committee on Women ' s Affairs Texas Union Ideas and Issues Committee Goodfellows Eshel Bar-Aden Student Senator Student Government Political Resolutions Committee, chairman Israeli Students Organization Jamie Elizabeth Black Delta Gamma, Philanthropy officer College of Business Administration Council Student Government Financial Director Goodfellows — 309 Randolph Winsler Rountree Phi Kappa Phi Longhorn Band, president Phi Eta Sigma, president Sha ron Lynne Friedland Mortar Board Cultural Entertainment Committee, chairwoman Phi Beta Kappa NOT PICTURED: Craig Steven Iscoe Phi Beta Kappa Junior Fellows Student Senator Goodfellows Madeline D. Hartwell Orientation Advisor Texas Relays Queen Outstanding Spook Paul C. Feinberg College of Business Administration Council Texas Union Ideas and Issues Committee Omicron Delta Kappa Mary Susan Barnes GDE, president Alpha Phi Omega Little Sister School of Communications Council Ramon K. Gomez Alpha Phi Omega, elections coordinator Pi Sigma Pi, president American Society of Engineers 310 — Goodfellows Former Goodfellows Still In School John August Adkins Jane Alice Anderson Saba Jack Balagia Leslie Anne Benitez Joseph Marvin Bloom Terree Allan Bowers John K. Boyce III William Alexander Brock Jr. Claire Eleise Charlton David Mark Cordell Linda Ann Crooker Philip Charles Crouse Dana Bess Davis Robert Wilson Drewry Joanne LeeDuerr Artie Ann Fielder Frank Crawford Fleming Deirdre Zoe Fotescu Paul Joseph Franzetti Diane Elaine Gorzycki Luther Lee Grace Jr. Scott Ingersoll Harmon Melanie Hauser Maurice C. Holden Rebecca Hurley Michael Don Hutchison William McKee Kazmann Martha Elaine Kinard Barbara Ann Linch James William Little Bonnie Cummins Lucas Patrick Owen Macken Vicki Lee Mahaffey Karen Deborah Nichols Carolyn Vaughn Perkins Lesa Janine Raschke Charles Christopher Reader James Craig Reinhardt Juan Isidro Reyes Robin G. Richardson Patsy Rubio Frank Barlow Rynd William Buerk Scott Jr. Michael Joseph Shearn James Burleson Smith Jr. Alfonso Soliz Jr. Deborah Ann Stanton Deborah Bonita Stephens Susan Joanne Stoler Louis Allan Stool Jane Elizabeth Strauss Angelica Silvia Volterra Stephen Craig Walls Robert Daniel Watkins Linda Rose Weiner Marsha Lynne Westfall Nelda Wilson Gary Joe Wolff ■ Goodfellows Craig Martin Kercho College of Business Administration Council, president University Senior Cabinet, chairman University Council James Randolph Edwards Tejas Club, historian 1975 CACTUS Yearbook, editor-in-chief Texas Union Program Council Sara Jean Hester Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Fine Arts Student Council, vice-president Drama Student Organization, president Goodfellows — 311 Dads ' Day Outstanding Students Anna Clare Buie and William Morrison Parrish were chosen Outstanding Students by the UT Dads ' Association during the annual Dads ' Day on SMU weekend. Chosen on the basis of scholastic achieve- ment and participation in campus and community activities, Outstanding Students were selected from campus-wide nominations. Active in many campus organizations, Clare served as president of Mortar Board and Program chairwoman of Orange Jackets. She served as vice- president of Angel Flight and on the student advisory committee of the Ex-Students ' Association. Helping with UT ' s Rape Crisis Center, she also worked as a volunteer at the State School for the Blind. Elected vice-president of the student body. Bill was involved in numerous campus activities. The senior Plan 11 major served as co-chairman of Save University Neighborhoods and as a delegate for Pro- ject Info, a minority recruitment program. He also served as a student representative on the search com- mittee for a new dean of the Division of General and Comparative Studies, and a student representative of the Faculty Senate committee investigating the dis- missal of former UT president Dr. Stephen Spurr. 312 — Dads ' Day Outstanding Students lents ( i. ' . ,1 i} l t worked as a y. i ent body, Bill I actinties. Tk irman of Save legate lot Pro- pitt He also lie search com- oi General and presentativeof gating the tl ' s- ihen Spurt. : I Special Interest Professionals Honoraries Military Greeks Classes SPECIAL INTEREST Palsy Loven Sphere of Activities Surrounds Students OPPOSITE: Scouting projects are an impor- tant aspect of Alpha Phi Omega service frater- nity. At Lost Pines Boy Scout ranch near Bas- trop APO ' s dig post holes for a future build- ing. ABOVE: The Longhorn Band executes the famous Script Texas before the OU game. LEFT: The Longhorn Singers found Stone- henge an unusual place to rehearse folkdanc- ing. The group toured England in the summer. Special Interest — 315 pp ppswi : ' . A ' .HttU r-d f ABOVE: Longhorn Band is demanding, but sections like Soci- ety of Baritones add laughter to the work. SOB ' s John McAnulty, Gary Funderburk and John Sokolewicz join the band on the field at rehearsal. RIGHT: At Hillel ' s Chanukah party a visitor pauses after lighting a Menorah. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Running the world ' s largest Texas flag at football games is one of the duties of Alpha Phi Omega. After the flag run APO ' s carry it back to its trailer. OPPOSITE PAGE BOT- TOM: Members of Orange Jackets discuss issues with 1975 Stu- dent Government presidential candidates. Groups Reflect Personal Concerns 316 — Special Interest Special Interest — 317 Longhorn Band After 20 years with the Longhorn Band, Vincent R. DiNino retired from active directing to serve as director of University Bands. In the 1975 season Assistant Director James G. Hejl w ill assume full responsibilities for the marching band. DiNino, bet- ter knov n as " Mr. D., " built the band from 75 mem- bers in 1955 to its present 300 bandsmen and flag- bearers. Under his leadership the band gained national and international prominence. DiNino recalled Texas ' numerous bowl game appearances, the inaugurations of Presidents Kennedy and John- son and the trip to Lima, Peru, in January, 1972, as his most memorable experiences with the band. In rec- ognition of DiNino ' s outstanding service, the band and supporters presented him with a 1975 orange and white Chrysler at the Texas-Texas A M football game November 29. Fierce competition for positions during freshman week, August 26-30, kicked off the band season. Wearing orange and white beanies for six weeks, the freshmen learned the band history and traditions. At the formal initiation on October 5 the band added 101 " Old Men " as the freshmen officially received their hats and coats for the first time. Four television appearances, including a trip to the Gator Bowl, December 30, highlighted the football season. The band traveled to the Texas Tech, OU and Rice games. Aided by funds from the University President ' s office the bandsmen went to the Baylor and TCU games. At the October 5 Washington game the band shared the field with the alumni band for a halftime performance. In addition to supporting all athletic events, the group performed at various other functions. They furnished music at Gov. Dolph Briscoe ' s inaugura- tion, the United Way Fund Victory dinner, the dedi- cation of the new engineering building Cockrell Hall, the Dad ' s Day dinner, the Distinguished Alumni Awards ceremony and the athletic department ' s Hall of Honor banquet. Spring brought specialization as members divided into brass, concert and jazz bands. In April the massed bands performed in the Band-O-Rama and led the Fiesta Flambeau parade in San Antonio. Spring auditions for membership are open to any University student. s ABOVE: Vincent R. DiNino. BELOW; janies G. Hejl. EricSlewar ' H 318 — Longhorn Band . 4 1 1 I .m § ! Eric Stewart Hagstette, Drum Major Nancy Gail Crosby, Feature Twirler Adana Teresa Willman, Feature Twirler Longhorn Band — 319 Showband of FIRST ROW: John Howard Reed Hilton J. Deutser John David Sniffen Deirdre Zoe Fotescu Glen Earl Wilkes Susan Elizabeth Fox Katherine M. Kroeger Debra Colleen Burkett Selinda Susan Stockton Lee Devereaux Lacy Sherry Joretta Hansen Rae AnnTillerson Scott IngersoU Harmon Philip Robert Knisely Irma Salinas Adana Teresa Willman Karl Ernst Yelderman Hilda Louise Prado Pamela Sue McPhee James Ralph Rich Ronald Timothy Prater Rolla Ryan Colburn Guy Franklin Aldrich III SECOND ROW: David B. Wilkerson Michael Joseph Wilson Russell Bruce Parker Daniel Bryan Davidson Linda Eileen Hickok Sandra McDavitt Todd Elton Linstrum Cynthia Burnell Knox Susan Marie Mesecke Rhonda Lynn Hare Sally Ann Black Sandra Kay Chapman Marjorie Lynnette Nelson Beverly Diane Teller Karen S. Bouchard Carol Ann Nickels Lisa Ellen Swanson Holly Beth Brydson Gloria Alice Hunt Pamela Rae Wood Deborah Lee Ashford Donna Kaye DeCuir Gail Susan Graham THIRD ROW: Michael Paul Jergins Dennis Ray Burnham Elaine Boyd Francisco Javier Diaz John Harry Richardson Jerry F. Junkin Lawrence Irwin Zinn Daniel Robert Smith Thomas Alan Foreman Leah Beth Klein Peggy Jo Elliot Barbara Ann Wood Cynthia Gayle Bartek Lynn Barbara Nawrocki Kitzi Jane Blitch Mary Anna Edmiston Mary Susan Domask Roger E. Sowell FOURTH ROW: Dennis Wayne Zbranek Mark Charles Hastings Denise Lanell Turmel Marcelle I. Cedars Karen Joy Spinks Cynthia Lea Anderson Anna M. Clements Kenneth P. Bierschenk Ross Melvin Thurman Kenneth Vincent Dunn Samuel C. McDonald Rodney Gene Huedepohl Ronald Wayne Behrends Stuart Carpenter McKennon Wayne Bradley Bachman Raul Salvador Casso Elmo Stewart Lopez Carol Ann Nelson FIFTH ROW: Stanley Earl Cox Edward Martin Peterson Diane Elaine Gorzycki Mary Martha Maurer Susan L. Sheldon Karen Marie Andreas Martha Elaine Fears Bonnie Gail Figer Dorothy Cecile Williams Carol Jean Brown Terry Robert Richter Joel Russell Glende Richard F. Gutierrez Douglas F. Wunneburger Leslie Desmond Jennings Steven Ray Richter Cameron Iliff Coldwell Buford Barry Wilson SIXTH ROW: George Ruiz Paul Collins Baria Barbara Ann Dorf Kenneth Leigh Sebek Curt Lewis Heffley Jerry Dell Allamon David Larry Forney Keith Lee Hamilton Philip Joseph Porter David L. Peterson Tracy Lynn Little Douglas Edward Mann William Graham Wright David Hadley Grittman Eric Kernan Christiansen Joe David Lozano SEVENTH ROW: Charles T. Bridgeman James Charles Holt Jr. Steven Ray Huedepohl William Dale Rogers Edwin Glenn Spinks Randol Alan Bass Craig Alan Buchele Edward Charles Stein Gary Lee Funderburk John A. McAnulty Charles Steven McFarling William Grant Fergeson John Floyd Sokolewicz Norman Lloyd Burrows James Stephen Henderson Steven Riley Oliver John Bruce Lowe EIGHTH ROW: Gregory Ray Whitson Ronald Allen Carlson Richard L. Longley Donnie Gene Sharon Eric Laurence Monashkin Judith Gay Oehler William Stephen Gum John Dalgus Boggs Curtis Jay Royer Andrew Hugo Edburg Milton E. Lindsey David Lee Gandin • Daniel Marshall Sebek James Harold Spencer Mark Raymond Ayers Glenn Thomas Davis Harley Albert Eckhart fie Sou ViceBliPs ' khardEatMorm. l,ieigliTo»D. itArnoldSpjn aisAlenian ancvGail Crosby LeslieAnnMalone PalnciaMabeileT LacyVaJeDoMi bilieriiieE.McAK( Diane Berenice Ne fteilaDarleneNiclw Cari ' D Denise »w PemlaneWill LeeAnn.taoM SiieAnnfadiici KarinN ' aietleWew SECOND BOW; SaidrafeyWeri Linda Kay Donna jean Gnisen ElizabetklaneBrod loAnneTamayo KalUeenAiuieye! Laurie Kay Hill Vincent HDiNino Direclor lames G.Hejl AssislsntOiredoi TomCRkodej 320 — Longhorn Band the Southwest FIRST ROW: Richard Alan Dunbar Vicente Paredes John Walker King Richard Earl Morris Pamela Leigh Towry Arthur Arnold Spanjer George Luis Aleman Nancy Gail Crosby Leslie Ann Malone Dallas Belle Henderson Karen L. Westbrook Patricia Anabelle Turner Lucy Vaile Domask Katherine E. McAbee Diane Berenice Nelson Sheila Darlene Nichols Caryn Denise Bothwell Peggy Jane Williams Lee Ann Arnold Sue Ann Kendrick Karin Nanette Westlund SECOND ROW: Sandra Kay Wesch Christine L. Koch Kim Wendler Linda Kay Bergsten Deborah Ann Hoose Donna Jean Grusen Elizabeth Jane Brocket! Jo Anne Tamayo Kathleen Anne Kadell Kathleen Thomas Laurie Kay Hill Vincent R. DiNino Director James G. Hejl Assistant Director Tom C. Rhodes Assistant to the Director Eric Stewart Hagstette James Edwin Turpin Assistant to the Director Adrian Lloyd Sorrell Frank Ides Van Dyck Allan D. Stephens THIRD ROW: Randolph Winsler Rountree Gregory C. Moore Rudford Kyle Evans Michael Gene Figer John Edward Hope Jerry Joe Hawes Jr. Gary William Husmann Terry Allen Pence John Fredrick Berry Irvin Darnell Peterson Charles Roland Brewer Richard Beadle Leslie Craig Hearn Arthur F. Graf III Becky S. Snodgrass Jan Ellen Helm William C. Woodard Daniel Charles Baca FOURTH ROW: Edward James Sparks John F. Kaderli Graham Douglas Avery Rosendo G. Sanchez William Paul Waits Philip Joel Hiller Robert Forrest Steele Stanley Carl Haddock Elston Howard Bell William Kennedy Crone Raney Dale Petty Francis Ann Reed Sharra Joy Mattingly Karen Lorraine Ford William Keith Honea Jean AUyse Burson Scott Keith Ramsey Dale Lee Chapman FIFTH ROW: Steven W. Phillipus Ronald Keith Moore Garry Lewis Myers Nathan Benno Rheinlander Robert Flay Mohle Lamonte Scott McAngus Scott W. Mcintosh Larry Wayne Mendez Richard Mark Robinson Frank S. Walker Jr. Robert Franklin Avant William Bryan Phillips Benjamin A. Brooks Gregory Louis Kahn Mario E. Morales John Robert Laughlin David Clay Reese Kenneth B. Davidson SIXTH ROW: Louis N. DeCuir John Edson Michaels William T.Kelly Jr. Ricky Charles Corse Claudio L. Cardenas Herbert Harry Baker Charles Andrew Sebek Karl Thomas Maher Keith Robert Rowden Dennis Carl Ahrens Jack Wyman Browne Jr. James Alan Feldman Mary Evelyn Johnson Barbara Nunn Deborah Jean O ' Donnell Christopher J. Jurgens Larry Dan Koeninger Reese Brentzel Jr. SEVENTH ROW: Jay Fredric Wheless Michael Allen McFarland Harold Alvin Wilbanks Timothy Wayne Cunningham David Nelson Currey Donald Ellis Nielson Mark A. Hernandez Lee Shudde Grain Andrew Clarke Graham Chris Doyle Munson Samuel Hunt Carr Daniel Earl McGookey David Gary Drumm Warren Marvin Farrell Jon Richard Flint Scott Emil Johnson David S. Mothersole James Louis Collier EIGHTH ROW: Richard K. Frithiof Deral Richard Judy Paul Stephen Moore Jose Luis Hernandez Stephen Charles Cowey Mark Allen Stinson Richard Mark Church Herbert Timothy Frazier Steven Lee McMillon Emmett Elbert Harrison Lee Otis Taylor Bruce Gregory Arnold Randall M. Allamon Michael Dalton Meyer David Michael Tucker David Randall Krauskopf William C. Goodwin Robert Louis Pavlock Robert Anthony Hunt Longhorn Band — 321 xA j Longhorn Band f i. ■t ■■■, 2 ; h Longhorn Band strikes up " Texas Fight " to fire up the swim team for a victory over SMU. 1 r ( BAND COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Jan Ellen Helm, Hilda Louise Prado, John Bruce Lowe. BACK ROW: Graham Douglas Avery, James Eldon Savage, Randolph Winsler Rountree, President, Lamonte Scott McAngus. Tkeiantlrf:.- r e " s,|em ' in? " " » ' ' lSptttl 322 — Longhorn Band ' I.UBonieScoll The band rehearses three times a week (iuriiif football season M. McFarland The result is an enthusiastic eight minute show. SECTION LEADERS: FIRST ROW: Paul Collins Baria, Dennis Carl Ahrens, Jerry Joe Hawes Jr., James Edwin Turpin, Scott Ingersoll Har- mon, Richard Ear l Morris, James Eldon Savage-, Roger Evans Sowell, James Harold Spencer. SECOND ROW: Richard Alan Dunbar, Charles Andrew Sebek, Diane Elaine Gorzycki, Jan Ellen Helm, Rae Ann Tillerson, Katherine Margaret Kroeger, William Graham Wright, John Bruce Lowe, Thomas Alan Foreman, Rudford Kyle Evans. THIRD ROW: Benjamin August Brooks Jr., Keith Lee Hamilton, Den- nis Ray Burnham, Eric Laurence Monashkin, John Dalgus Boggs III, Raney Dale Petty, John Harry Richardson, Richard Fransisco Gutier- rez, Graham Douglas Avery, Deirdre Zoe Fotescu, Rosendo Sanchez. FOURTH ROW: Lamonte Scott McAngus, Emmett Elbert Harrison, Michael Gene Figer, Andrew Clark Graham, Michael Joseph Wilson, Michael Dalton Meyer, Jay Fredric Wheless, Eric Stewart Hagstette, Cameron Iliff Coldwell, Leslie Desmond Jennings, David Michael Tucker, Randolph Winsler Rountree. Longhorn Band — 323 UT Drum Wranglers Working with the Longhorn Band, the Drum Wranglers planned " Big Bertha ' s " routes for the pre- game and halftime game shows. Adding to the fan- fare of the Showband of the Southwest, they were responsible for running the drum across the field and leading the band into the Stadium. " Big Bertha, " boasted as the world ' s largest drum, was presented to the University in 1955 by Colonel Harold D. Byrd who had purchased it from the Uni- versity of Chicago. She weighs 500 pounds and meas- ures 8 feet in diameter. Since her University affilia- tion, the drum has traveled to the OU games in Dal- las, the Cotton Bowl, the 1974 Super Bowl in Houston and the Fiesta Flambeau parade in San Antonio. The head drum wrangler is the only official mem- ber of the band. The other Wranglers are chosen by him with the approval of the band directors. Drum Wranglers for 1974-1975 were Hilton J. Deutser, Rus- sell Bruce Parker, John Howard Reed, John David Sniffen, David B. Wilkerson and Michael Joseph Wil- son, head drum wrangler. 324 — Drum Wranglers ' Wilerbiirk.Prj, ' ■aarlesStev™ Society of Baritones Comprised of baritone and euphonium players in Longhorn Band, the Society of Baritones is a nonpro- fit, antisocial organization. First organized in 1974 to recognize baritonists, the club bases its membership on low requirements in basic intelligence and height, as well as a desire to retire after graduation. This year S.O.B. members attended the 14th annual nose swallowing competition in Jacksonville, Florida, where they took gold and bronze medals in both the individual and doubles categories. Organizational adviser was James G. " Sparky " Hejl, assistant band director. James Stephen Henderson, Steven Riley Oliver, William Dale Rogers, Edwin Glenn Spinks, Gary Lee Funderburk, President, John A. McAnulty Jr., Vice-President, John Floyd Sokolev ficz, Trea- surer, Charles Steve McFarling. Society of Baritones — 325 FIRST ROW: Andrew Clarke Graham, Reese Brentzel Jr., Graham Douglas Avery, Craig Alan Buchele, Paul Collins Baria, Rosendo Graci Sanchez Jr., Lee Devereaux Lacy, Raney Dale Petty, Joe David Lozano. SECOND ROW: Jose Luis Hernandez, Scott Keith Ramsey, Vicente Paredes, Stanley Earl Cox, President, John Bruce Lowe, Richard Lowell Longley, Ronald Wayne Behrends, Christopher James Jurgens. THIRD ROW: Arthur E. Graf III, Les- lie Desmond Jennings, Lee Shudde Grain, Irvin Darnell Peterson, Adrian Lloyd Sorfell, David L. Peterson, Jack Wyman Browne Jr., Keith Lee Hamil- ton. FOURTH ROW: David Michael Tucker, Jerry Joe Hawes Jr., Eric Stew- art Hagstette, Jay Fredric Wheless, Michael Allen McFarland, Chris Doyle Munson. Tau Beta Sign KKY member attaches the Texas banner to the band bus. Operating for the service of the Longhorn Band, Kappa Kappa Psi encouraged spirit and fellowship throughout the band. Membership in the honorary fraternity is open to any male who has lettered at least two semesters in the band and demonstrates high qualities of character. Pledges are chosen each semester by present members. Members were responsible for hauling equipment to and from rehearsals and loading instruments on buses or planes for out-of-town trips. The group also served a barbeque dinner for bandsmen and their guests at Clark Field before home football games. In November KKY chartered buses for band mem- bers to attend Wurstfest in New Braunfels. KKY joined with Tau Beta Sigma November 22 for a party and hayride. Football offered a good chance for get- togethers as KKY challenged their alumni. Kappa Kappa Psi 326 — Kappa Kappa Psi performances an quick repairs am jctivities include toOT trips and se afterhoDie games For social ac DiNino, director! party in the bar baked cakes for l,er24TBSinrit theme party in t the spring memb Membership ii MFiied a " T " lei Band. Member semester on the ershipandenthu tWsoi Tau Beta Sigma, the band ' s honorary sorority, worked to promote the existence and welfare of col- lege bands. TBS members repaired uniforms after performances and carried sewing kits at games for quick repairs and other emergencies. Other service activities included decorating band buses for out of town trips and selling Longhorn Band record albums after home games. For social activities, TBS surprised Vincent DiNino, director of University bands, with a birthday party in the band hall October 25. Members also baked cakes for bandsmen ' s birthdays. On Novem- ber 24 TBS invited bandswomen to a Thanksgiving theme party in the Music Building ' s Byrd room. In the spring members organized a progressive dinner. Membership in TBS is open to women who have earned a " T " letter for two semesters in Longhorn Band. Members are selected at the end of each semester on the basis of musical achievement, lead- ership and enthusiasm towards band activities. Tau Beta Sigma FRONT ROW: Donna Kaye UeCuir, Deborah Lee Ashford, Cynthia Burnell Knox, President, Bonnie Gail Figer, Vice-President, Sandra Kay Wesch, Cor- responding Secretary. MIDDLE ROW: Francis Ann Reed, Treasurer, Diane Berenice Nelson. BACK ROW: Dallas Belle Henderson, Rae Ann Tillerson, Dorothy Cecile Williams, Debra Colleen Burkett, Lucy Vaile Domask, Mary Evelyn Johnson, Lynn Barbara Nawrocki, Linda Kay Bergsten, Recording Secretary, Sherry Joretta Hansen, Deborah Ann Hoose, Parliamentarian. Tau Beta Sigma — 327 FIRST ROW: Vivian Audrey Streit, Lorraine Mahaffey, Carol Jane Cline. Jane Marie Oliver, Caroline Caven, Roberta Jean Keeton, Robin Carol Palmer, Secretary, Sheri Lee Hertel, Anne Adele Szablowski, Carolyn Lee Dover, Susan Kay Bigby, Linda Cunningham, Susan Elaine Johnson. SEC- OND ROW: Gina Chancellor, Eleanor Elizabeth Hammond, Catherine M. Stewart, Allynn Gay Limmer, Nancy Lynn Nicholson, Elizabeth A. Pearson, Stephanie K. Williams, Sheryl Lynn Smith, John David Lisenby, Marshall, Timothy Jarvis, Lisa Kay Emery, Cheryl Kay Hampton. Patrick Kelly Rear- don, Sheriff. THIRD ROW: George Cooper Morris, John Brown Hardin III, Charles Guy Goodwin III, Kirk Matthew Pfeffer, William Donald Coker, James Andrew Rea, Craig Harbert Lewis, Jeffrey Thomas Hinson, John Heimee Murray, John Heisig Harris, John Ed Reichert Jr., Banker, Michael E. Sawtelle, Roger Lyn Baldw in, Constable, Thomas Drury Cordell, Lawrence Drake Moore. FOURTH ROW: Steven Hunter Nowell, William Lawrence Mahrer, Howard Craig Click, Lawrence S. Pollock III, Michael Kenneth Grimm, Jeffrey Douglas Otto, Albert Shannon Conly, Constable, John Harry Myers. Posse Helping to promote spirit throughout the Univer- sity, Posse provided the Austin community with manpower for service projects. The group raised $500 in November for the Visual Research Foundation at a benefit concert. Members also took 20 boys from Bigs Brothers of Austin to the Texas-SMU football game. As major spirit projects they sponsored a hog-call- ing contest during the Arkansas pep rally. For the tel- evised Texas-Arkansas game, they joined the Texas cheerleaders in selling orange and white balloons. With Spooks they painted Drag merchants ' windows and decorated the athletes ' cafeteria. New Posse members are inducted only in the spring of their freshman year. The only standing requirement is a 2.2 grade point average. Current members choose students from independent and Greek communities for membership. 328 — Posse •JjWeiiM 1 1 Silver Spurs Two annual events highlighted the Silver Spurs ' year. Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo, held November 2, fea- tured country entertainer Ray Price and a variety of rodeo events. Competition included novice and ama- teur bull and bronc riding, a girls ' pig chase and a calf scramble. Proceeds from the project were given to the Travis State School for the mentally retarded. In April the Silver Spur Dance Marathon kicked off Round-Up Week. With a theme of " Dance for Those Who Can ' t, " the dance raised $14,000 for the March of Dimes campaign. Included in the year ' s service projects were the Texas Special Olympics for the handicapped, Hal- loween trick or treating and an Easter egg hunt for underprivileged children of Austin. The Silver Spurs is an honorary spirit organization of University men chosen on the basis of individual character, leadership and academic achievement. Pledges are chosen each semester. Janie Strauss received the 1975 Silver Spur Award. i ; FIRST ROW: Harry Walter Wolfe, Robert Eiland Crawley, Lewis Eldridge Brown, Gary Douglas Pickens, Allen Marcus Feltman, Harry Michael Hoch- man, James William Little, President, Bobby Dale Giles, Vice-President, Robert Daniel Smith, Charles Stuart Atchison, Jeffrey Eli Robinson, James Brock Johanning, Robert Lee Manning Jr., Gregory Robert Frazier, David Quentin Bates, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Edward Joseph Devine, Hatch C. Smith, Cheryl Kaye Wiley, Edwin Wayne Brown, George Mitchell Owen, Leslie Carter Klein, William Patterson Denton, Richard Wade Flowers, Trea- surer, Myron Geer Blalock, Alan Michael Hirsh, Francis Scott Yeager Jr., Dudley Jarvis Anderson, John Coleman Horton III, Ban Draper Green. THIRD ROW: Charles Murray Barnard, Stephen Martin Lipscomb, Frank Bridges Haughton Jr., Randall Jay Fishman, Martin Bruce Feldman, Thoams Hunter Nelson, Bryan Prichard Ratliff, David Earl Butts, David Vincent Shrum, Whitney Campbell, George Dennis Pattillo, Richard Kelty Stonebur- ner, Silas L. Frazier III, Robert Lee Myers, William Walter Reeves II, Thomas Neil Cockburn. FOURTH ROW: Niven James Baird Jr., Robert Ellis Johnson, Manuel John Mehos, Gary Brent Pugh, Murray Paul Mangum, Rob- ert Fuller Black, Charles Jackson Hooper, Peter Michael Hardage, Daniel Rau Renner, John Bates Eidman, Richard Anderson Renaudin, Peter Clyde Barbour. FIFTH ROW: John Randall Brlansky, John William Lander, John David Rape, Kristin LaRue Perryman, Craig Alan Brooks, David Lowell Wood, Mike Nelson Nabors, Robert Richard Rachner. Silver Spurs — 329 This bronc rider hopes to make it to the finals at Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo. A couple swings at the dance marathon. Couples use the break from dancing for a quick nap or some refreshments. " " M ' bo ani 330 — Silver Spurs The horse seems more eager than the participant at the rodeo ' s preliminaries. Silver Spurs I Terri Mabry and Larry Bristow dance to Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids. Silver Spurs — 331 Patti Kilday helps " fire up " students as she paints a Drag merchant ' s windo Oriented toward spirit and service, Spooks kept busy with several projects throughout the year. In the summer they sponsored an underprivileged child to attend a University Physical Education camp. In the fall Spooks generated spirit as they painted Drag merchants ' windows, decorated the athletes ' locker rooms and cafeteria and traveled to the Texas-Texas Tech football game September 28. With other service organizations Spooks worked campus elections and the annual campus blood drive. Other annual events included a fall reunion for ex-Spooks, a spring apple polishing party for pro- fessors and the presentation of the Outstanding International Student during Round-Up week. Freshman and sophomore women are inducted each semester on the basis of spirit and service char- acteristics. New members, called Spooklets, must complete 20 hours of service and find the group ' s hidden mascot before initiation. Spooks I 1 IRS ROW;Aly,|,H " " »,fejHaardSi " ' Ly»MaC Spooks work on posters before decorating the athletes ' cafeteria. 332 — Spooks itkafinjndw. ' Carolyn Harris and Ann McGonigle tape posters in the athletes ' cafeteria for the Baylor game. FIRST ROW: Alys J. Bodoin, Beverly Joyce Hannah, Service Haunt, Patricia Ann Timberlake, Historian Haunt, Elizabeth Anne Nolan, Hannah Louise Haegelin, Lynn Ellen Schweig, Nancy Lynne Gracey, Cora Lynn Basse, Kathleen Crawford Mayne, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Edith Lynn Isaacks, Patricia Rose Kilday, Ann Lovett, Carolyn Elizabeth Harris, Banker Haunt, Patricia Kay Haardt, Sara Lynn Nathan, Lourdes Margarita Montesino, Vice- Haunt, Lois Evans Rayner, Chief Haunt, Janet Ellen Youngman, Royal Spirit Haunt, Kathy Lee Hall. THIRD ROW: Susan Kathleen Garrott, Donna Patri- cia Brockie, Gail Marie Kitowski, Marguerite Janet Ackermann, Nancy Lit- tle, Karin Wentworth, Caroline Alida Palmer, Patricia Lucille Kelly, Terry Zlotnik, Jacqueline Suzanne Holmes. FOURTH ROW: Lynne Ann Culter, Terri Lynn Matthew, Laurie R. McCrimmon, Tammie Jo Jackson, Mary Gail Hamby, Eileen Beth Martell, Linda Diane Seelig, Mary Catherine Lay, Kelly Jayne Freeland, Yolanda Kay Barner, FIFTH ROW: Sue Ann Ray, Lillian Ali- san Johnson, Jan Marie Riefstahl, Catherine Signe Gulp, Susan Hertha Basse, Deborah Anne Wilkinson, Kathryn Ann Grady, Margaret Jane Stanbery, Terry Lynne Bunyan, Sarah Ann Oliver. SIXTH ROW: Jelia Ann Jones, Leona Ann Agnello, Kathleen Ann Cicconi, Theresa Kay Velten, Karen Jean Kennedy, Sharon Lynn Cashion, Nancy Lynn Knox, Elizabeth Marie Patten, Betty Ann Lusk. SEVENTH ROW: Eileen J. Wongvalle, Laurie Ann Knox, Denise Jean Collins, Melanie Sue Phillips, Nancy Lou Marter, Kristy Kay Bradfield, Carol Sue Gilmore, Joanne Christine Macow, Kathleen Logan, Mary Belk. Spooks— 333 Texas Cowboys Craig Womble fires Smokey as the Longhorns score. FIRST ROW: Paul Fred Barnhart, Craig Morgan Womble. SECOND ROW: Maryatte Steele Wright III, Camp Cook, Douglas Henson Barnes, Kenneth C. Pruitt, Arthur F. Lor- ton, Robert Ernest McKinley, Don Rhoads Holloway, Ken- neth Edward Goldberg, Alton A. Miller, Timm Wooten, David Wayne Clawater, Charles Randolph Diddle, Straw Boss, Mark Randle Dodson, John W. Newton III, Michael Edwin Hanson, Horse Wrangler, Arnold Lipp. THIRD ROW: Thomas Leon Goman, Thomas Bart McCarthy, Mark K. Allen, Scott Shane Ingraham, Bryan Lee Harding, Randy Frank Goldman, Thomas Henry Ball, Ray Vernon Mayfield III, Foreman, Carole Lynn Campise, Neil Allen Goldberg, Benjamin David Lemmons, Todd McLean Hunt, John Underwood Clarke, Douglas Lloyd Jones, James Arnold Tipton, Robert Scott Palmer, Harry Earl Coussou Jr. FOURTH ROW: Patrick Joseph Cook, Mark William Con- nell, Roderic Conrad Thomas, Tolar Numa Hamblen, Gary Steven Rinn, Garland Benton Woodward, Robert Ryan Cain, Michael Glenn Lankford, Richard Tod Golman, James Jeri Janke, Chester Robert Upham III, James Donald Goudge, Daniel Henry Zeligson, Stephen Moe Pearce, Ste- phen Campbell Horn, Michael Timothy Doherty, Robert Martin O ' Neal, Steven Daniel Hahn, David Frederick Pohl. FIFTH ROW: John Harry Richardson, Thomas William Marshall, Louis Allan Stool. The Texas Coi k funds tor thi Citizens(AARC) ' n September Advocacy Week I 23r(i annual Texa Later in Novemi Otter service p fw Austin deaf, and the Special c Cowboys were a! «J ' ' ' fcdalpep , ' » the spring tb ' JStheannuaU ' " f niversity. P ' " konorarv r ' oyschoseii ' ' P ' SchoJarebjp 334 — Texas Cowboys ' = f J - ' :»iw. t ' » m 4 ■-r ' - " .- : .lJL .... M. The Texas Cowboys kept their calendar full rais- ing funds for the Austin Association for Retarded Citizens (AARC) throughout the year. In September the Cowboys sponsored a Citizens Advocacy Week to recruit volunteers for AARC pro- grams. November 6 the Temptations headlined the 23rd annual Texas Cowboys Minstrel Show and the proceeds, totaling $5000, were donated to AARC. Later in November the group sold 150 cases of beer to aid the AARC at the " Beat the Aggies " bonfire. Other service projects included a Christmas party for Austin deaf children, the Round-Up barbeque and the Special Olympics for the handicapped. The Cowboys were also in charge of the cannon " Smo- key, " fired at pep rallies and football games. In the spring the Cowboys presented Frank Flem- ing the annual Arno Nowotny award for service to the University. As an honorary men ' s service organization, Texas Cowboys chose their members on the basis of leader- ship, scholarship, character and service. Texas Cowboys — 335 Bevo ' s Babes i FRONTROW:Ba ■ VickiLynnM« Taking advantage of Texas ' first victory over SMU in 19 years, Bevo ' s Babes sponsored a recruiting party for high school outstanding athletes in January. Bevo ' s Babes also aided the varsity swim team in various activities. The girls served as timekeepers, message runners and judges at meets. The group traveled with the team to Houston for the Southwest Conference meet. Each member was responsible for a " little brother " on the swim team and decorated his locker before all home meets. Interviews for membership are open to any Uni- versity woman and members are chosen by the swim team in the fall. 4 FRONT ROW: Kathryn Jo Tabb, Peggy Kay Crowson, Susan C. Susskind, Dana Jo Jolly, Susan N. Berg, Karin Wentworth, Katherine Elizabeth Kerr, Vice-President, Maureen Carmen Stolle, Donna Lynn Duke, Corinne Eliza- beth Walkins, Mary Ann Pritchard. BACK ROW: Emilie Erwin, Carol Ann Jones, Nancy Louisa Robertson, President, Audrey Anne Supple, Renee Haley, Nancy Lou Marter, Janet Howard Usher, Vice-President. Mary Ann Meletio, Deadra Dean Diers, Deborah Ruth Templin, Susan Lynn Weiner. - nnv Serving as offi Orange Jack ets hi Cmmunication I ushered at Honor t n April 19 an ■ asenicepn C ubloolibopln ' " " leTexas-WasI Social events in members met oi - ' I ' islmas party ai ' ly Universit wwanmayliein ■ rsarechoi Iradersbipanddei 336— Bevo ' s Babes eswim FRONT ROW: Barbara Ann Linch, Susan Webb Reilly, Shirley Ann Wor- cester, Karilyn Eve Kober, Celita Beth Brock. Kelly Jayne Freeland, Janna Kay Russell, Susan Jan Soward, Susan Lynne Stanbery, Mary Melissa Pratka, Margaret Miller, Margaret Jane Stanbery, Margie Annette Harris, Vicki Lynn Wagner, Lynne Claire Collier, President. BACK ROW: Ruth Ann Foster, Vice-President, Clair Elizabeth Krizov, Lois Evans Rayner, Rebecca Hurley, Nan Needham, Patricia Bell Shea, Marlene Elaine Kortage, Caran Ann Galloway, Toni Ann White, Carol Sue Gilmore, Lourdes Margarita Montesino, Laura Neal Fly, Elizabeth Annette Grimes, Jane Alice Anderson, Carolyn Lee Dover. Dana Bess Davis, Edith Diane Dochen, Lewise Ann Wil- son, Cheryl Kay Hampton, Anna Clare Buie, Melanie Mauser. tfi i ' Serving as official hostesses for the University, Orange Jackets helped at the dedication of the new Communication Complex March 14. Members also ushered at Honors Day and Alpha Lambda Delta ini- tiation April 19 and Dad ' s Day in November. As a service project Orange Jackets and the Tejas Club took boys from the Austin Big Brother program to the Texas-Washington football game October 5. Social events included a tapping party where new members met old ones. Other activities were a Christmas party and an all-day retreat in February. Any University sophomore, junior or senior woman may be inducted into the organization. New members are chosen according to their scholarship, leadership and desire to serve the community. Orange Jackets Orange Jackets — 337 Alpha Phi Omega FIRST ROW: Robert Norwood Wilson, Treasurer, Samuel Thomas Wisia- lowski. Administrative Vice-President, Elmer T. Zilch, Mascot, John Ste- phen Torigian, President, Seg D. Elp, Pledge Mascot, Terree Allan Bowers, Service Vice-President, Robert Pratt Thacker, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Lawson Phillip Roberts, Deborah J. Butler Low, Susan Marie Benton, Camille R. Broillet, Edwin J. Mackie Jr., Wilfred Michael Krenek, Laura Ann D ' Alisera, Robert Louis Panzarella, Deborah Ann Nystrom, Mary Susan Barnes, Rena Carol Andrus. THIRD ROW: Milton Drew Walters, Julius Baum Chimene, Larry James McGee, Stephen Leo Poizner, Kenneth Iva Lenard, William Robb Griffin, Robert H. Davis Jr., Mark Allen Moses, Rich- ard Matthew Frye, Robert Bruce LeGros, John Howard Jack Douglas, Robert Charles Amerman, Steven L. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: William Reed Lang III, Michael David Lesem, Thomas Aiken Kirwan III, Reporter, Luis Alberto DeLaGarza, Paul Michael Lorimer, Mark C. Goodheart, John Jay Lane III, Grayson D. Gwyn III, Kenneth Wayne Griffin, Patrick Owen Macken. Michael G. Sienkiewicz, David Robert Loeffler, John Neil Sedlak. FIFTH ROW: John Michael Childs, Kirk Barefield, Robert Brown, Jose Garza, John Henry Depew Jr., Eric Winston Mayo, Andrew Glenn DeYoung, John Wheeler Johns, Michael Wayne McCoy, Edwin John Seilheimer Jr., Edward V. Chambers III, Brian James Lawrence, Arturo Perez Jr. SIXTH ROW: Scott Maurice Hall, Dana Edward Fadal, David Bob Matlock, James Robert C. Werner, Rogelio S. Huizar, Bruce Lee Mahlmann, Robert Roy Lane, Gary Charles Morgan, Michael Harris. SEVENTH ROW: Mark Stephen Cochran, Joseph Magliolo III, Paul Matthew Low, Arthur Fred Renfro Jr., Harry Dan- iel Hanen, Bart Allen Pelton, Donald Martin Sloan, Leslie Eugene Hosmer, Raul Rios, Leslie B. Ricks Jr., Harry E. Steffen Jr., Scott Emil Johnson, Wil- liam Paul Waits. EIGHTH ROW: Billy Dean James Jr., Stephen Clark Silvert- horne, Alan Wayne Harry, Andrew Ridgely Taylor, Douglas Edward Mann, Richard Kellog Morton, Jay Bruce Nickel, Gerhardt Wissler, Russell Allen Hooper, John Phillips Clewlow, Michael Proctor Southern, Richard Galen Kemp, Dale Alan Kunkel, Phillip Alan Eisner. lohnSedlaltBobFix w DougM- lanjii;. 338 — Alpha Phi Omega ... John Sedlak, Bob Foote and Fred Renf ro carry a mock bed around campus to collect Heart Fund donations. Carrying out their program of service, leadership and friendship, Alpha Phi Omega was involved in a variety of campus and community projects. In the fall and spring APO ' s coordinated the Uni- versity Blood Drive, the largest campus drive in Texas. In November APO ' s sponsored a bed-pull and a basketball dribble marathon in February to raise over $1,000 for the Heart Fund. APO ' s conducted campus tours, worked registra- tion, sold student directories, manned TSP and Stu- dent Government election polls and ushered at Cul- tural Entertainment events. Members of this national service fraternity attended the national convention in December at St. Louis, Missouri, and the sectional convention at Texas A M in April. Social activities for the chapter included a semi- formal and awards banquet each semester. APO also expanded their little sister program. Membership is open to any University man inter- ested in service and brotherhood. Pledges are inducted each semester. Doug Mann interviews a blood donor about her medical history Alpha Phi Omega — 339 FIRST ROW: Wendy Ellen Walters, Andrea E. Eisen- kraft, Martha Jane Delmore, Catherine Louise Frei- tag, Lena Kay Bluestein, Susan Melene Lesikar. SEC- OND ROW: Wenonah Elizabeth Wollitz, Teresa Lynne Hardeman, Rena Carol Andrus, Marianna Touchstone, DeLinda Nanette Fuqua, Alma Leticia Maldonado. THIRD ROW: Anne Elizabeth Verhey- den, Andrea Elaine Rakes, Kathleen Susan Foster, Nancy Anne Bliven, Sharlann Marie Roe, Sylvia Lula Goodwin. FOURTH ROW: Martha Rowland Brown, Karen Delana Gray, Marsha Lynn Hamby, Barbara Lynn Weinberg, Deborah Lynn McFadden, Eliza Catherine Stockton. FIFTH ROW: Shelly Jane War- dell, Nancy Carol Pollard, Janet Thompson, Connie Sue Outlaw, Linda Kay Montgomery, Lizabeth Ann Caskey. SIXTH ROW: Shannon Kay Willis, Holly Lynn Kirkwood, Peggy Jo Elliott, Margaret Michelle Montgomery, Debra Sharon Walters, Ellen Ruth Quinton. SEVENTH ROW: Karen Elaine Stancil, Brenda Marie Richter, Joan Elizabeth Ruby, Lucy Margaret Wagner, Gail Ann Knoble, Mary Margaret Murphy. The largest women ' s service organization on cam- pus, GDE provided service to the Austin community and the University. GDE ' s registered people to vote, held a party for senior citizens at the Governor ' s Retirement Center in Austin and sold UNICEF cards before Christmas. Working with the Texas Cowboys, Silver Spurs and Alpha Phi Omega, GDE ' s projects included the Special Olympics, roller skating with underprivi- leged children and taking boys from the Big Brother program to Lost Pines Boy Scout ranch in Bastrop. GDE ' s also helped man TSP and Student Govern- ment election polls and coordinate the University Blood Drive. Throughout the year individual projects such as tutoring elementary school children, reading for blind students and working in the Main Building ' s Information Booth occupied members ' time. As a part of GDE ' s goals of service, leadership and friendship, retreats and an awards banquet were held each semester. In March GDE held its first semi- for mal dance at the Fiesta Gardens. Membership is open to any University woman. Co- members, or members in training, are initiated each semester. Sylvia Fuentes sells UNICEF cards. 340 — GDE FIRST ROW: Ana Lam, Susan Clark, Co-Member Trainer, Diane Joyce Hebner, Reporter, Linda Diane Lippiatt, Mary Susan Barnes, President, Esta Lynn Kronberg, Administrative Vice-President, Marilyn Marie Wise, Treasurer, Shelly Irene Smith, Member- ship Vice-President, Edith Elizabeth Brown, Ann Elizabeth Kitchen, Service Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Jean Maria Muller, Carol Sue Baker, Linda Gail Dunlap, Lezlie Lee Luke, D ' Ardi Ruth Dreyer, Pattie Anne Stephens, Natalie Ruth Golden, Teresa Ann Conoley. THIRD ROW: Judith Anne Singer, Maritza Aida Morris, Carolyn Denise Crowther, Debra Ilene Blatt, Martha Jane Rylander, Karen Hen- rietta Weiller. FOURTH ROW: Deborah Lou Cohen, Jo Susan Pakowsky, Sherri Lynn Firestone, Debra Jean Brand, Catherine Lillian Murphy, Dora Elisa Garza. FIFTH ROW: Lindsey Seldon, Harriet M. Engstrom, Deborah Lynn Bowlden, Mary Elizabeth Francis, Leta Epps, Ellen Jean Patterson. SIXTH ROW: Sylvia Estela Fuentes, Thelma Tun Thein, Barbara Ann Buckmaster, Synthia Jeanette Neyland, Tommie Sue Boyce, Elizabeth Kaye Tynan. SEV- ENTH ROW: Debra Beth Reinberg, Rose Marie Car- pinteyro, Vicki Lynn Nelson, Sandra Mae Schuler, Susan Ann Wicheta, Stacy Renee Bankhead. EIGHTH ROW: Sherry Darlene Huie, Suzette May- rie Haile, Diana Gale Pennock, Patricia Ann Loven, Marjorie Jo Beyer, Barbara Ellen Paull. NINTH ROW: Catherine Elaine Broyles, Janice Elaine Miller, Karen Lee Winston, Susan Kessel, Kathryn Elizabeth Grim, Lynette Finkelstein. J a Linda Lippiatt, Shelly Smith and Susie Baker work during the University Blood Drive. GDE — 341 The Tejas Club provided service to the University and the Austin community. Club members are selected throughout the year by present members and are formally initiated twice a year. Qualifica- tions for membership include scholarship, leader- ship and service characteristics. Annual service projects included a Christmas party for underprivileged children, working with the Big Brothers of Austin and maintaining a blood fund at Travis County Blood Bank. This year the Tejas house was also used as a collection point for supplies donated to victims of a February fire at the River Hills apartment complex in south Austin. Distinguished guest speakers including Ronnie Dugger, Madelyn Murray O ' Hare and Dr. and Mrs. Walter Rostow met with club members. Football par- ties, a Christmas dinner and a traditional debate between the Southern Colonels and the Lilly Whiters over liquor in the Christmas egg nog comprised social activities during the fall. Spring events included a Valentine dinner, a spring party and the J. O. Garrett dinner, slated in April, which honored the most outstanding member. Tejas «■ Steve Huntsberger sets up flash cards for a halftime show. •i ' . ' HRSTROW:Ch- M-PresidenCaa- " •Manager, lama " fl ' ' ™«,|aiwliiii | " Sievenleek ™ " - David Wtighi titkardsonAlexiiiii Ronnie Dugger, author of " Our Invaded Universities, " discusses aspects of his book with members. 342 — Tejas Club ae Tejas Club )tal»lkesliow. FIRST ROW: Christopher Lane Chambers, William Calvin Chaney, Vice-President, Charles Christopher Reeder, Michael Gene Figer, Bus- iness Manager, James Lane Littrell, David Bob Matlock, Edwin John Seilheimer, James Randolph Edwards. SECOND ROW: Edwin Barrett Turner, Steven Lee McMillon, Gary Eugene Ellison, Curtis Wynn Leister, David Wright Hawes, Ralph Warren Watson, John Harry Richardson, Alexis Mount Cranberg. THIRD ROW: Jeffrey Howard SsK- a pSw tie Williams, Harley Albert Eckhart, Eric Stewart Hagstette, Emmett Elbert Harrison, Joe David Word, David WiUiam Gayle, Secretary, Michael Joseph Wilson, William Walter Reeves II, Roger Edward Coyner, Stephen Scott Huntsberger. FOURTH ROW: Michael Joseph Jones, Lamonte Scott McAngus, James Eldon Savage, Kendall Craig Davis, President, Rex Wayne Tillerson, Thomas William Marshall, Malcolm George Nelson. Tejas Club — 343 The Undergraduate Research Foundation probed several controversial issues surrounding the Univer- sity campus this year. Spurred by Travis County Sheriff Raymond Frank ' s recent criticism of the county jail facilities, several members formed ad hoc committees to shed light on the sheriff ' s office ' s dealings with UT stu- dents. The results were placed on file at the Travis County Criminal Records. Other members worked on the task force to lengthen the number of fall dead days. The task force ' s efforts resulted in the University Council ' s addition of a dead day which was subsequently vetoed by President Ad Interim Lorene Rogers. After the ninth suicide from the Tower observa- tion deck in October, the foundation submitted its private findings of suicide preventative services to the University Board of Regents. The Regents later voted to close the Tower permanently. Due to the August controversy in Texas over the pari-mutuel betting vote, members sought first-hand knowledge of the issue with a trip to the newly opened Louisiana Downs in Bossier City, Louisiana. Undergraduate Research Foundation Phillip Bankhead and Connie Keck examine the sheriff ' s records. The Foundation ' s executive council enjoy a drink as they take a break from the regular agenda. 344 — Undergraduate Research Foundation ation f ' .i M%L ZS ; records. r 1. Susan Senter 2. Nancy Ellen Weidt 3. Melanie Adelle Coyle 4. Constance Keck Vice-President 5. Sharon Ruth Wheless 6. Mary Elizabeth Burkett 7. Dan Henry Ehlinger 8. Judy Frances Strader 9. Kimberly Sue Diamond 10. John David Startz 11. Kathryn Virginia Dick 12. William Rodger Hinckley 13. Candace Ann Clark 14. William Robert Ross Treasurer 15. Ricky David Watts 16. Louise Thelma Bayless 17. Jeffrey Craig Siegel 18. Patricia Sue Harrison 19. Phillip Clay Bankhead President 20. Brady Lee Allen 21. Kevin Webster Bankhead 22. Jennifer Alice Landgraf 23. Constance Colleen Mills 24. William Blair Caveness 25. Nancy Elena Wilson 26. Brian Allen Bailey 27. Kimberly Susan Howell 28. Ellinda Nan Jones 29. Hank Williams 30. Robert Harrison Bauer 31. Gregory Lance Winborn 32. Cedric Scott Wood 33. Richard C. Koonce 34. John Bill Pope III 35. Scott Myers Winston 36. Porter Farrell II 37. John Fitch Patton 38. Rusty N. Bannerman 39. GrovelyBarch 40. Pal W. Bierschwale i 38 39 40 ? ;:e0arai Undergraduate Research Foundation — 345 I University Flying Club Look out for falling flour bags — the University Flying Club was at it again. Club members competed for accuracy as they dropped flour bags on targets from a plane. This was one way that the Flying Club promoted campus interest in aviation and provided University affiliated persons an inexpensive way to fly throughout the year. During the year the club furnished instructional films and ground school aviation training for its members. This preparation was then used as mem- bers took turns flying a Cessna 150. Interest remained high among members with vari- ous barbeques and parties. In the spring a three keg party was held at Birds Nest Airport in Austin. K ' ■- MidCo::;,.- II I An Adv WR i(S club i FRONT ROW: Rick Don Skinner Sylvia Edge President Richard Craid Brimer Laura Dissman Vice-President Charles Beightler Truman K. Pennell Jr. Sponsor Vicki Lynn Colthurst Timothy Paul Reardon John A. Burns Mary Sue Gehring Mary Harding Jackie J. S. Tarter Raymond Harding Jerry Dean Tarter MIDDLE ROW: BACK ROW: Nancy Roper Robert Grimm Secretary James Burns ane Lourdes Woolfe Charles S. Walters Kenneth Lee Robinowitz Rodolfo Martinez Treasurer «WROW:Sj,| 346 — University Flying Club t ani " istnictional ' filing for its l fswilivapi. ifl?alhreekej I Austin. Rifle Team Evolved from yesteryear ' s ROTC rifle teams, the Rifle Longhorns are now almost exclus ively a civil- ian organization composed of both men and women. The challenge of intercollegiate riflery demanded as much as 15 hours of practice a week to keep in shape. A good number of the matches fired this year were won by the team, whose members were selected during try-outs at the beginning of each semester. Get-togethers were held after matches dur- ing the year to promote team camaraderie. The Rifle Team boasted that its entire first team achieved the highest collegiate ranking attainable — National Rifle Association Distinguished Expert. Mark Guntack and Roy Johnson concentrate on firing for a match. FRONT ROW: Sgt. Richard Gibson, Coach, David Landel Nichols, Captain, Dale Owen Hardy, Pamela Ann Prewitt, Eduardo M. Fraifeld, O. Zeller Rob- ertson III, Jane Ann Sherrow. BACK ROW: Edward James Burke, Roy Arthur Johnson, Mark Stanley Guntack, Lawrence Francis Schroeder, Mark Edward Pitzke. Rifle Team— 347 i ' UT Rodeo Association Persons interested in becoming outstanding com- petitive rodeo riders found a home in the University Rodeo Association for the first time this year. The club operated under the auspices of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) and competed with other Texas schools for prizes throughout the year. Membership qualifications for the NIRA were that the member carried 12 class hours per semester, maintained a 2.0 grade point average and be in good standing with the NIRA. A member who met these qualifications was eligible to ride in any college rodeo. The club worked out each weekend at Tommy Steiner ' s X Bar S ranch and was sponsored by the University with club sport status, providing the group with funds for statewide competition. UTSi Providing saili to advanced of the Sailing t University in rac The Sailing C education for th for boys and girl novice instructi tares on sailing ( Bob Crow takes a spill at the X Bar S ranch during a practice. 348 — UT Rodeo Association q «. UT Sailing Club Providing sailors of all levels with the opportunity to advance their sailing techniques was the purpose of the Sailing Club. The club also represented the University in racing competitions. The Sailing Club did volunteer work in sailing education for the Red Cross and at summer camps for boys and girls. During the year the club provided novice instructional classes. Classes included lec- tures on sailing theory and practical experience at Lake Travis. Other service programs included organ- ized day sailing, campouts and big boat training at the Austin Yacht Club. Social events for the club included the Commo- dore ' s Ball, a formal party in December to welcome the new commodore into office and bid farewell to the old one. The Spring Fair Weather Fete was held in March to commemorate spring ' s arrival and the accompanying good weather. OFFICERS: Phillip C. Morphis, First Rear Commodore, Mary Therese Gormley, Secretary, Frank D. Creamer, Commodore, Cynthia Faye McGregor, Treasurer, Kevin K. Selfridge, Vice-Commodore, Diana Sue Helms, Third Rear Commodore. UT Sailing Club — 349 Hillel Hillel, the oldest Jewish student organization on campus, sponsored a wide range of activities. Sabbath services, as well as programs for the Jew- ish holidays, were continuing events at Hillel. Rabbi James Kessler taught many of the classes sponsored by Hillel and offered for University credit. Counseling services for students, special meals for the holidays and the sponsoring of a number of com- munity organizations and charities were among Hil- lel ' s service projects for the year. Major events included an ongoing seminar on " Women ' s Role in Judaism " in the fall and a spring speaker series, " Theology 75. " Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys climaxed the year, with a special performance at Hillel in March. Students perform Israeli folkdances at Hillel ' s Chanukah party. I FRONT ROW: Cathy R. Schecter. MIDDLE ROW: Lewis Jay Scherotter, Beth Lea Bronstein, Katherine D. Schneidler, Stuart L. Dattner, Pamela Roshel Granoff, Nancy Sue Pryzant, President, James Leslie Berk, Vice-President, Marsha Lee Stolbun, Ann Charisse Fallas, Marsha Galvan. BACK ROW: Karen Suzanne Utay, Blair Howard Portnoy, Edward Mitchell Gardner, Daryl Leo Goldstucker, Deborah Lou Cohen. AnyUniversit)- ofthe Czecli Ian " • ro[tlieQ ■n April tte d T« Czech stad ' ' " lies, open lo at H included a Wattbeconle -over Texas. 0 " ier events f s, a Czech ' " Siage cooler Houston The clu " Mal Czech St] P« ' y in their spo, « lybusine ' ' sathenngsai " ersconvprc j ' 350 — Hillel Czech Club ilea Any University student interested in preservation of the Czech language and culture may become a member of the Czech Club. In April the club sponsored the second annual Texas Czech student conference in Taylor. The fes- tivities, open to any high school or college Czech stu- dent, included a barbeque dinner and dance. Fea- tured at the conference were Czech professors from all over Texas. Other events for members were trips to Czech dances, a Czech museum in Temple and a foreign language conference at St. Thomas University in Houston. The club also celebrated Christmas in tra- ditional Czech style with music, food and dance at a party in their sponsor ' s home. Weekly business meetings alternated with infor- mal gatherings at Scholz ' s Beer Garten where mem- bers conversed in Czech. FRONT ROW: Lanny Wayne Kosut Michael J. Kaspar Robert Malcolm Ermis MIDDLE ROW: Dagmar Subrt James W. Mendl Jr. Public Affairs Manager Paul Subrt Thadious T. Polasek Dennis James Vacula Mary Ann Hlavac Secretary-Treasurer Jeanette Elizabeth Jarolik Patricia Gayle Jurik BACK ROW: Mark Joseph Lovas Craig Stephen Lundquist President Jeanie Ann Kocurek Karla Trnka Terry Lee Smith Connie S. Smith Lawrence J. Pad Svatava P. Jakobson Adviser Eugene M. Ott Jr. Czech Club — 351 Chris CoUe Susan Starnes, Gloria Harrison, Tom Starnes, David Weisiner, John Henneberger and Pierce Kolberg sing at a meeting. Meeting bi-monthly Christian Science College Organization members shared the spiritual truths of Christian Science and their healing effects with the University and Austin community. In March members traveled to San Antonio for the South Central Texas Healing Goals conference. Members participated in panel discussions and attended lectures and films. The group sponsored a table on the West Mall for students interested in the organization. The " Org " also had guest speakers and testimonial meetings. Any student who is a member of the First Church of Christ Scientist or who shows an active interest in the organization is welcome to join. Members lake, iinoiii! Charles Ferris speaks on " What Is Your Lifestyle? " 352 — Christian Science College Organization Christian Science College Organization Members take a moment to visit in the Union South before the meeting and serious discussion begin. jrUiesiyl ' ' " Christian Science College Organization — 353 Innervisions of Blackness Innervisions of Blackness, a choir composed of 63 black men and women, represented the black experi- ence through music. The scope of the group ' s pro- gram consisted of religious and soul music. Performances included a Christmas program and concerts in memory of Martin Luther King Jr. ' s birth, January 15, and assassination, April 4. Also, two per- formances were given during Black History Week in February in addition to a benefit concert in March to aid East Austin residents in renovating a cemetery. The newly-formed choir began with the special help of the sponsor, Almetrius Duren. Because audi- tions were not necessary, members were volunteers and the majority were Jester Center residents. MomslajBeachy FRONT ROW: Kentoinette Lavonne Wright, Ursula Rhea Hilton, Doris Ann Basquine, Meredith Lynette Canada, Rosalind Renee Might, Vice-President, Cynthia Lorraine Elevens, Helen Sandra Mays, Evelyn Jeanette Edwards, Sharitta Gale Chism, Lynette Marie Keener, Demetrius Dian Roy. MIDDLE ROW: Eric Dale Carrier, Treasurer, Georgia Anita Edmondson, Regina Carol Andrews, Lorraine Hood, Beverly Jeannette Landers, Cheryle Lynn Todd, Sharon Ann Knotts, Debra Michelle Smith, Claudie Mae Harrell, DeMetris Aquilla Sampson, President, Helen Dorothy Stewart, Vanessa Agnew, Corinda Joanne Walker, Sheri Renee Kyser, Sheryl Bernice Craft, Mallinee Tris Portia Smith, Jelletta Karen Turner, Historian, Karl Edward Cooks. BACK ROW: Jesse Jones Jr., James Edward McKnight Jr., William Alan Hills, Lynda Marie Bush, Yardley Bartholemew Kennedy, Leslie Gene Carter, Donnell David Price Jr.. Lee Milton Powers Jr., Kenneth Anthony Jackson, Ray Donald Dudley, Jimmie Carrington Jackson. AlberlEClaik 354 — Innervisions of Blackness J !SS Morris Jay Beachy Albert E. Clark Robert Kearney Wheeler Charles K. Smith Choral Directors Ann S. Bunyan Choral Directors — 355 FRONT ROW: Robert Kearney Wheeler, Sharon Ann Nordmeyer, Jerry Michael Stephens, Pablo Flores Pedraza, Vivian Sue McCallum, Beverly Ruth Doiron, Timothy Joel Cormier, Gloria Jeane Evans, Michael Thomas Edwards, Margaret Lynn Moreland. BACK ROW: Irene Karen Smith, Andrew Kormany, Kathryn Sue Van Hemert, Diane Kay Moellenhoff, Wil- liam H. Smiley III, Nancy Carol Thompson, Richard Stanley Colvin, Mere- dith Blackwell Fischer, Roger Douglas Lind, Cheryl Ann Weatherly, James Paul Moellenhoff. Chamber Singers The Chamber Singers became the first college ensemble to receive an invitation to record with Decca Records, Inc, The 21-member group traveled to England in May on a two-and-half-week concert tour through several English cities. In England the Singers recorded two records with Decca in conjunction with the United States Bicentennial celebrations. Directed by Dr. Morris J. Beachy, the group per- formed pieces ranging from Renaissance to contem- porary compositions. Many of the contemporary works were composed by music professor Karl Korte. In February Korte ' s " Aspects of Love " was recorded by the singers on the Golden Crest label. The nationally recognized ensemble appeared in concert at the University Fine Arts Festival in November, the Women ' s Symphony League in December and the Texas Federation of Music Clubs in March, Other spring performances were at the fourth annual Madrigal Festival in San Antonio and Odessa Junior College. 356 — Chamber Singers Concert Chorale Concert Chorale provided University students an opportunity for serious musical expression and a stimulating environment for a progressive musical learning experience. Their program consisted of clas- sical, Renaissance and 20th Century selections. Activities included participation in the November Fine Arts Festival, Dad ' s Day performance and several concerts throughout the Austin area. In Feb- ruary the group conducted a musical clinic for Dallas area high schools and a week long spring tour through South Texas was planned in April. The group also sponsored a commissioning project in which a well-known composer writes a compos- ition especially for the Chorale to perform. This year ' s composer was Karl Korte, professor of com- position at the University. • -: ■ . E iLl f ll i i ' i: - W m fim, 4t b M- li ' ' 1 _M TO u% % »rrti I tI Jlfj if i « mi L ih§t lit lis 1 1 I J il •I i» n FIRST ROW: Gail Lynn Murray, Cynthia Louise Fadely, Connie Ruth Gast- ler, Laurie Jan Reece, Molly Virginia Ryan, Susan Jane Powers, Linda L. For- syth Graham, Lesa Carol White, Cheryl Lynn King, Susan Jan Soward, Diana Lea Weynand, Norma Jean Villarreal. SECOND ROW: Eugene Greg Tschoepe, Michael Henry Rasco, Richard Dean Poole, James Douglas Hurd Jr., Donald Preston Wiley, President, Evan E. McDonald Jr., Ben Paul Brink- ley, Michael P. Kappelman, Tommy Lee Ingram, Harvey Morris Stevens, Gregory Leo Gastler, Edward Junius Drake, Dr. Charles K. Smith, Director. THIRD ROW: Carla Vonmerz, Rebecca Behrendt, Laura Beth Franklin, Pamela Gail Elrod, Stephanie H. Prewitt, Laura Lou Petermann, Pamela S. Gregory, Priscilla Rose Kingry, Dottie Lynne Weynand, Maida Diane Papa- nek, Phyllis Fay Farmer. FOURTH ROW: Richard Edward Hill, Charles Hank Hammett, Walter Dean Thomas, Gary Wayne Pyle, Joel Maurice Gra- ham, Steven A. McLaughlin, Michael Lee Raillard, Mark Stephen Craven, Mark Curtis Walker, James Robert Paul, Ricky Charles Corse, Richard Mal- colm Walsh. Concert Chorale — 357 Choral Union The Choral Union, a University and community choral group, performed under the direction of inter- nationally recognized conductor Dr. Morris J. Beachy. On October 18 and 20 the 150-member group served as the chorus in the University ' s production of the opera " Aida. " December 7 the group joined the University Symphony Orchestra in a concert featur- ing seasonal music. The performance included the complex pieces, " Prayers of Kierkegaard " by Barber and Zador ' s " A Christmas Overture. " The Choral Union was selected by the American Choral Directors ' Association (ACDA) to perform at its national convention in St. Louis March 7. The Choral Union was the first group with both Univer- sity and community members to be invited to per- form at an ACDA convention. The group presented many great choral master- works in Austin for the first time. The spring reper- toire with the Austin Symphony included Hinde- mith ' s " Apparebit Repentina Dies, " Persichetti ' s " Celebrations " and Beethoven ' s " Missa Solemnis. " Auditions for membership are open to any student or community resident. I TkebiMpraviiiej fe lerril r c, 358 — Choral Union Varsity Singers The Singers provide an enjoyable show for Texas Tavern audiences Varsity Singers, a select ensemble of 12 students and a nine member instrumental back-up, enter- tained the campus as well as international audiences. Their repertoire, accentuated by choreographed numbers and accompanied by a rhythm and brass band, included top rock hits by such performers as Chicago, Carole King and Stevie Wonder. Their busy schedule included performances for Dad ' s Day, the Austin Kiwanis Club, the Austin Credit Union, Texas College and University Busi- nessmen and the College Coordinating Board. The group also planned a short concert tour during spring break in Mexico. Members were auditioned during the fall and most were nonmusic majors. FIRST ROW: Sandra Earlene Jones, Edith Diane Dnchen. i ' lcsidcnt, Linda Kay Wood, Renee Viktoria McCright, Vicki Ann Morgan, Kletia Ceil Kelly, Karen Sherrill Pippin, Denise Lanell Turmel. SECOND ROW: Michael Law- rence Kaufman, Business Manager, Todd Brian Freeman, David August Sen- tei, John Ktnl buiether, Stewart J. Clark, Director. THIRD ROW: John Edward Henry, Richard Wyatt Roberts, Leslie Keith Nicholas, Fernando Bazan, Robert William Ottermann. FOURTH ROW: Buford Barry Wilson, Gregory Marlowe Bustin, Timothy Wayne Cunningham. Varsity Singers — 359 Longhorn Singers r FIRST ROW: Carol Lynn Shaffer Mary Katherine Goldapp Susan Jan Soward Secretary Helen Kathleen Johnson Sandra Fran Cornett Kimberly Ann Sherrill Nancy Maxwell Jennie Linda Brusilow Kim M. Kelly Catherine Anne Bowles Gail Ann Knoble Byron Frederick Lilly SECOND ROW: Mary Patricia Northern Catherine Carol Davis Jill Ann Kitzmiller Mary Kay Laughlin Marybelle Perez Karen Lee Schmidt Michele Barr Kathryn Suzanne Kelly Ann lone Perrine Virginia Gay Wright Cheryl Ann Weatherly Andrew Ridgely Taylor THIRD ROW: Jeffrey Hayden Heald Barry Wood Adkins Wendell Dean Wyatt Marshal David Goldberg Wayne Clifford Huddleston Mark William Almond John Michael Ryan Benjamin Frank Wear James Robert Reinhart FOURTH ROW: Arthur Paul Rose Douglas Edward Burtchaell Richard Lea Robertson President Richard David O ' Connor Paul Wayne Beutel Randolph Winsler Rountree Denny Ray Scott Jerry Walter Malcolm Vice-President John Bernard Ross The Singers entertain at the Westwood Country Club. Melissa LvnRaiiMll ElizabelhAnnHiglt KimBcraian S ' v i? . : J ' •-.•■k« - ' 360 FIRST ROW: Stewart J. Clark Director Renee Viktoria McCright Kelly Warren Linda Lou Jennings Sherrie Paula Smith Karen Desires Lewis Chrisann Wolfer Susan jane Lewis Adrienne Louise Fox Michele Denise Fallwell Kevyn Colleen Jones SECOND ROW: Pamela Jill Robertson Bethany Joyce Dagen Melissa Lyn Randolph Elizabeth Ann Higley Kim Berman Jane Brazelton Deborah Lynn Wroth Mary Elizabeth Martin Tom Charles Harrison Kelley Francis Whalen THIRD ROW: Jay Ira Steinfeld Charles William Mueller Bernard L. Siben John Herbert Ingram III Michael Lynn Roberts Thomas Sanders Ingram Daniel Richard Flores Jimmy Wayne Osteen Kirkland Lee Busby FOURTH ROW: Ted L. Bellmont Jr. Treasurer Aubrey Dean Knott Daniel Joseph James Richard Michael Ridley Mark Wayne Addicks William R. Reinke Leslie W. Williams Roy Thomas James Charles William Eggert " N A trip to London, England, to perform for the Lon- don Lion ' s Club and an impromptu concert in an Amsterdam airport kicked off the season for the 80- voiced Longhorn Singers last summer. Backed by an instrumental combo and reinforced with choreography, the group sang popular rock, folk, patriotic and show tune music. Among the numbers performed were " Diamond Girl, " " Color My World " and " I Believe in Music. " New Director Stewart J. Clark initiated a program allowing individuals to sing solo and small group material of their own choice. In November the Longhorn Singers performed in the Dad ' s Day program in LBJ Auditorium. The group also gave spring concerts at the Texas Tavern, for the Retail Merchants Association in Austin and the Northwest Optimists ' Club. 361 Southern Singers Southern Singers entertained audiences with their program centered around themes of several movies. In their repertoire were included themes from " Bri- an ' s Song, " " Cabaret " and " Shaft. " Performances throughout the year were held at the Dad ' s Day activities, dormitories and several air force bases in Texas. The group also participated in money making pro- jects that included helping with inventories at Scar- borough ' s and sponsoring a fund-raising walk to Highland Mall in April. The money was used to finance a Caribbean cruise after finals. Auditions for membership were held under the direction of Stewart J. Clark. Texas Climaxing sevf Troubadours par " Ai(ia:astliech( In November !l other choral orgi lioninLBIAudiK Under the new Members swing to a Creedence Clearwater number at Kinsolving. C. Pace PW ROW; Mich Malcolm Ah ™«li.Vb.p»g|j. FIRST ROW: Karen Lee Kreitzer, President, Marsha Lynn Walls, Historian, Pamela Jean Silverblatt, Carol Paula Bruneman, Vice-President, Cynthia Ann Hagan, Mary Ellen Scheibal, Debra Kay Stein, Karen Cortell. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Lula Goodwin, Carol Ann Crabtree, Janice Carol Murphy, Treasurer, Joyce Ann Fekete, Elaine Hanover Tivers, Linda Joan Lodge, Mary Belk, Elinor Virginia Hart, Cindy Bonnie Kahn. THIRD ROW: Cheri Ann Stalcup, Mary Gail Bauch, Linda Louise Morris, Robin Melinda Frisby, Denise Marie Amiot, Secretary, Tana Denise Allison, Carol Louise Alston, Shelley J. Schwegman. FOURTH ROW: Susan Janiece Collier, Dolores Elaine Eicher, Judith Klausner, Patricia L. Stephenson, DeAnn Lechtenber- ger, Suzanne Abbey Shapiro, Catherine Jeanne Murphy, Cheryl Yvette Car- lisle. FIFTH ROW: Robin Williamson, Kerri Lane Griffin, Lisa Anne Stoloff, Elizabeth Anne Thomas, Elizabeth Anne Crisman, Karren Nori Cockelreas, Kathy Ann Renshaw, Jana Carol Rexroat. SIXTH ROW: Linda Lynn Lehmu- suirta, Kyle Elaine Cooper, Celia E. Gross, Catherine N. Wilson, Patricia L. Kiedinger, Kathleen L. Rohmer, Blossom Blackman, Shiryl Louise Thomp- son, Linda Jean Buice, 362 — Southern Singers Texas Troubadours Climaxing several weeks of rehearsal, the Texas Troubadours participated in the University ' s opera, " Aida, " as the chorus of priests October 18 and 20. In November the men ' s group performed with the other choral organizations at the Dad ' s Day recep- tion in LBJ Auditorium. Under the new direction of Dr. Charles Smith, the Troubadours widened their repertoire to include Renaissance, folk, and popular show tunes in addi- tion to traditional glee club music. In April the group joined Women ' s Concert Choir for a campus concert in the Music Building ' s recital hall. Members also served in the chorus of a Univer- sity opera workshop production. ' ■2 ' isoivi?.; «f Jfeg FRONT ROW: Michael Bruce Lauten, President, Jeffrey Hayiien Heald, James Malcolm Allman, Kenneth Eugene Gee Williams, Michael Anthony Miesch, Vice-President, John Edward Henry, John Kent Solether. MIDDLE ROW: Stanley Eugene Bohenek, Louis Cannon Acker lU, Stanley Robert Galanski, Russell Wayne Romoser, Treasurer, James Russell Sheffield Jr., Michael W. Lacewell, Charles William Mueller. BACK ROW: William David Goolsby, Charles Allan Tompkins, Stephen Paul Stellenwerf, Walter C. Britt, Andrew Ridgely Taylor, Harry Daniel Hanen, Stephen Ashon Chan. VvelteCjr- .-..leStoW ' ' .;alihiM- - pstiiaaL ,:ieTlioiiip- Texas Troubadours — 363 Women ' s Concert Choir Director Robert will Sharing experiences in developing choral techni- ques and styles was an integral factor in the Women ' s Concert Choir program. The group acquainted nonmusic and music majors with literature from the Renaissance to the contem- porary period through performances at University and Austin churches during the year. Under the direction of Ann Bunyan, the 40-mem- ber choir worked with other music department groups. The choir augmented the University Brass Choir and the University Percussion and Mallet Ensembles in joint concerts in November. Throughout the year members planned various get-togethers and choral parties. FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Kaye Tynan Melissa Kay Haralson Laurie Ann Friedson Treasurer Judith RaeNey Vice-President Lauren Leigh Wood Carol Lynn Shaffer Barbara Ann Debner SECOND ROW: Tcrri Kay Tyner Janice Arlene Seides Patricia Rosalind Riggle Christy Lynn Miller Debra Teresa Hoover Laura Gay Stueckler Ann Mary Downey Patricia Linn Davis Nancy Kay Needles Sarah Kathleen Robberson THIRD ROW: Beverly Elaine Currey Gattis Elizabeth Knox Beavers Diane Elizabeth Gooden Sonja Maria Hedgepeth Margaret Kay Stevenson Jenise Ann Jones President Georgia Lee Blizzard Candice Elaine Perkins Marjorie Anne Hochberg FOURTH ROW: Rebecca Anne Fadely Secretary Robin Renee Lambert Kathleen Anne Huston Marli Ann Sawyer Miriam Ann Kahn Marsha Joan Wukasch Margaret Russel McGrew Ann Sotherden Bunyan Director ' «ST«0»Ba:ba ; e. Cmiiv S- 364 — Women ' s Concert Choir Choi ir University Chorus The University Chorus opened the way for stu- dents with little choral background to experience group singing. The 55-member group performed in several Austin churches and synagogues. Participating in the wor- ship services, the chorus sang such sacred pieces as " Cantate Domino " by Sweelinck and " Jubilate Deo " written by Britten. In December they performed at the Rebekah Baines Johnson Retirement Center in Austin and enjoyed a Christmas party before semester break. Auditions are held before each semester and are open to any student. Director Robert Wheeler leads the group in a Christmas hymn. iiGattii Kie) 38 d FIRST ROW: Barbara Janice Evans, Kay Frances Nunn, Denise JoEUen Fox, Judy Kathryn Sousares, Carol Marie Jackson, Adele Delaine Gunnarson, Karen Kay Dunski, President, Susan Dianne Graham, Jerilyn Ree Wise McGehee, Cindy Sue Sampler. SECOND ROW: Juliana Kazee, Secretary, Joni Michelle Parker, Catherine Ruth Shoenfelt, Julie Peterkin, Malcolm Edwin Lofley, Jeremy John Haladyna, Gerre Barth Gannaway, Laurel Lau- rentz, Celinda Hallbauer Messer, Nancy Eli zabeth White, Jeanette Marie LaBouff, Margaret Anne Boulanger, Jennifer Marie Jicha, Librarian. THIRD ROW: Cathy Lynn Zeien, Verla Mary Felts, Paula Maria Simpson, Vice-Pres- ident, Kathryn Lee Kirkland, Charles Edward Ray Jr., Frank Michael Svajda, Nancy Louise Hildebrand, Kathrin Karleen Hejl, Linda Dillahunty Parker, Carol Louise Karcher. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Franklin Royal Jr., Richard Daniel Costley Jr., Jeffrey Benjamin Linder, Craig Marshall Topham, How- ard Allen Brook, Mark Lloyd Krone, Dory Paul Levy, Mark Donald Welch, Carl Robert Johnston, Russell Allan Bethel. University Chorus — 365 366 — Special Interest PROFESSIONALS i Lora Mueller «,fll9 PriiffssionyJs R; " 57fS!!l?r ' ' " ' ' ? W1 W ' ? s : ' ii — Henry A ard Wallace . . Unemployed labor means human want (I in the midst of plenty. ' 368 — Professionals njuHiK«nii ' Mni«Bru ««niinuiBvwt u»M(.x«.vi.»KiDnHtt Prospects Bleak A ' • NcMther a shnlf full of catalogues nor securing interviews with visiting firms offered graduates much hoi)(! for securing a job. The year found the national unemployment rate at 8.7%. a 34-year high, with (!conomists predicting a continued recession. The transition from academic to " real " world has habitually been one of uncertainty, anxiety and deci- sion making. 1975 was no different. To help lessen the i)ain of a career choice, students were offered a variety of information sources. Located in Jester Center, the College and Career Information Center provided counseling, interest tests, resume writing techniques and interviews with visiting firms. Robert C. Murff. director of the Career Center, coordinated and advised four career symposia, jointly sponsored by the career center and college councils. Thousands of interviews with recruiters of leading firms from all over Texas and the United States took place on the campus. In addition to the Career Cen- ter, the colleges of Business Administration, Commu- nication, Engineering, Education and Fine Arts pro- vided a placement office for their graduates. Stu- dents jostled for interview times with hopes of sell- ing themselves to the firm of their choice, often to be greeted with the realities of the recruiters dismal job opportunities. Many companies cut back anticipated hiring due to continued economic conditions. For the young, eager anxious graduate, with dreams of setting the world afire, the job market became an array of closed doors and depressed hopes. The lucky found jobs without the enigma of job hunting. But for thousands of graduates, 1975 was not the year to thrust their talents and knowledge on the world, but a time to wait. I U S 1 M f S S ■ A D M tM I 5 T R A T 1 President Larry Linenschmidt receives the Outstanding Active Avi ard. 370 — Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi n ■irmi ■IiIM ; . iC h UlC s Austin professional speakers and out of town trips to observe banking activities were tw o major activi- ties of Alpha Kappa Psi. Speakers included Jeff Friedman, city councilman, and Dr. Joseph Grant, president of Capital National Bank who spoke to the group about Austin business. Members also traveled to Houston and Dallas where they toured Texas East- ern Bank and Republic National Bank. Sponsoring a blood drive in November and partici- pating in Heart Fund Sunday in February were some of their service activities. Retreats to area parks for football, beer and fun were a few of the group ' s social activities. of two student representatives from all the chapters of Alpha Kappa Psi to attend the National Associa- tion of Manufacturers 79th Congress of American Industry. The meeting was held at the Waldorf-Asto- ria Hotel in New York City in early December. Z ' V. FRONT ROW: Ronald J. Kunschik Robert W. Bell Jerry D. Sloane Russell D. Lewallen Brett C. Clapsaddle John D. Chelkowski Stephen F. Kalteyer Robert A. Rinehart Mary P. Brawley Delica K. Day Anne Herdon Robert Arthur Schott Paul Drummond Jerrel L. Cross Karl W. Kacir Recording Secretary James R. Moore MIDDLE ROW: Charles William Allen Gregory S. Marchbanks David Richard Barbee Jerry Lee McFarland Larry D. Schuler Steven King Morby Glenn Alan Austin Lawerence Francis Schroeder Mark Munro Minto Lester Van Peh IH Corresponding Secretary Frank Leslie Felcman Vice-President Benny M. Gutierrez Treasurer August Vince Kostroun William P. Norwood Richard T. Long Larry L. Linenschmidt President BACK ROW: Ja mes Patrick Conner Anthony Gerard Richard II Mark Alan Trieb George Thurman Sparkman Jr. David Allen Cannon Charles Wright Robertson Dennis Karl Obenhaus Richard Allan Evans Raymond Mirelez Greg Alan Guy John Adam Kuebler Gary David Kahn Clifford L. Braxton Rodney Albert Lange Richard Lee Childers Speaker Patrick Nugent waits to address the group. Alpha Kappa Psi — 371 r FIRST ROW: Bill M. Acker Paul C. Feinberg Ben Allan Culpepper Robert J. Hoover Weldon Lee Itz Tom L. Lambert Jr. Jimmy Leon Gotcher SECOND ROW: Sandra Lynette Hester Janet Diane Grubbs Martha Morton Bland Carol Ann Mathieu Judith Ann Wallace Lloyd William Gaddis Vice-President Bettye Sussan Nelson Laurie Elise Koch Jana Kay Collier Victor Manuel Renteria President THIRD ROW: William Wesley Reed III David D. Schoeneman Robert Allen Rinehart Frederick J. Woerner Treasurer Stephanie Jean Kubala Kay Lynn Adams James Scott Murphy Susan Jane Guillaume Carol Ann Kohutek Helen Louise VanWie Lyn Johnson FOURTH ROW: Robert Steven Ringle Steve Ray Proper Robert T. Green Beth Ann Essary Curtis Lamar Everett John Allan Schuelke Benjamin F. Holub III Kathleen McCarty Franceen M. Shocklee Linda Gayle Fletcher Nancy Lee Foster FIFTH ROW: David Allen Cannon Robert Michael Stone Robert James Stephenson Secretary Charles Shedrick Moody Gerald Anders Olson Leonard Franklyn Schaefer Kenneth Richard Wilbur Deborah Leah Kielman Robert Torres Garza Larry Frederick Goodson Eli Peace Cox Faculty Advisor Amer Mark ' Following a meeting, members relax with beer and friends to discuss the lecture. Lawyer )oe Duel 372 — American Marketing Association mmtm American Marketing Association Jsstlielecliire. Meeting bimonthly at Scholz ' Garten, the Univer- sity of Texas chapter of the American Marketing Association planned field trips to the Lone Star Brewery in San Antonio, held beer and barbecue parties at Zilker Park and keg parties. Activities also included volunteer work for the new Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon and a faculty picnic. Such speakers as Ben Kapp, the promotions man- ager for Gulf Oil Corporation, and Louis Temberlake of Decisions Dynamic were hosted to inform the members about the importance of marketing in dif- ferent areas of business. Membership in the association is open to both bus- iness and marketing majors. Lawyer Joe Duckworth speaks to AMA at Scholz Garten. American Market ine Association — 373 Delta Sigma Pi This year the Beta Kappa chapter of Delta Sigma Pi at the University became the largest chapter of the international fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi with the initiation of the fall pledge class. The group ' s social program included six match parties, a fall and spring formal and beer floats in New Braunfels. Among guest speakers were Austin Mayor Roy Butler and Allan Shivers, University regents chairman and former governor. The actives and pledges participated in service projects including work with children at Texas School for the Deaf and Texas School for the Blind. Delta Sigma Pi is open to all male business stu- dents. Members are selected twice a year at the beginning of each semester. Cotton Eye Joe was a finale to many parties. Mayor Roy Butler addresses members at a smoker. 374 — Delta Sigma Pi i!ii f=. ' ' % yA ' k -f %. M ' t : K ' M ' - ' - ' :. § i «• Air; 1 k,«. e 7 ' ' lij i- s N : =-i«SS= VjJ I it Vr.1 V -Tssssr- irife FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Anne Crawford Michael Elmer Conner David Wayne Fuhrman Billy Dee Davis Jr. Keith Harold Lehtinen Jr. Vice-President Christy Ann Gorin Philip Casey Wagnon John William Derichsweiler Craig Martin Kercho Ronald Dwain Jennings Fred David Raschke David Fletcher Hester David Starling Jones Roy Arthur Johnson Butler Kimball Mauldin Jr. Thomas James Davis James Lynn Bedsole Brad Robert McCumber Robert Mario Zamora Armando B. Cardenas Jr. Javier Noe Chapa Daniel Martin Green John Frederick Archer Kenneth Verne Kelley Paul Kamsler Gordon SECOND ROW: Randall Kerry Bursk Travis Carl McClendon James Edward Baker Victor Manuel Renteria Ben Andrew Vinson Neil Smolik Randy Eugene Jennings Gregg Allen Bennett Gary Michael Dorsey Douglas Darwin Lapham David Anthony Luttrell Peggy Sue Green Richard Alan Hoffman Charles A. Turner James Daniel Manfull Don Kirby Gray Sharla Denise Stiles Bryan D. Handley Philip Dennis Roach Paul Wynn Chandler III Nelson Keith Barre THIRD ROW: Robert Henry Bynes Jr. Warren T. Leakes William Bruce Pyle Thomas Landon Miller Wayne Alien Spencer Ricky Ray Ealey Sharon Ann Faught Richard S. Merrill Michael Gary Skarke Celita Beth Brock FOURTH ROW: John Michael Mode James Russell Tamlyn Alan Keith Reed Gregory E. Appel David Bruce Lear Richard Earl Booker Michael V. Shurtleff Mark Sobotik Bruce Allen Cauley Treasurer Barbara Ann Koncewicz Stephen Lyndol Walker Ronald James Lochte Kenneth Vincent Dunn Marshall W. Walker David Ross Liles Floyd Eugene Covill Jr. Walter L. Paulissen Steven Paul Valerius Steve Anthony Marinick FIFTH ROW: Christopher Lee Eldredge Greg Harry Mayben Laird James Markland Harry Edwin Steffen Jr. Stephen Pettigrew Rhea David Ritch Hatcher Thomas Edward Cornwell Richard Bruce Pecore Terry Allen Pence Jerry Patrick Bonney Frank Day Quinn Gordon Lee Houston Stephen Anthony Reinert Sr. Vice-President Leah McNair Michael Keith O ' Kelley Daryl Dean Bohls Robert Milton Taber Rene David Ruiz Richard Eugene Saffa Richard Gerald Barnes tefsi ' " " illokH ' Delta Sigma Pi — 375 TomWillsofM Promoting professional competency and achieve- ment for women business majors is the goal of Phi Beta Chi. Social mixers with other business organi- zations and a faculty banquet were activities in which members participated. Service projects included collecting for the Heart Fund. Members are selected at the beginning of each semester. Phi Beta Chi r V. FIRST ROW: Melinda Lou Cutchin Marsha Lee Stolbun Susan Kay Suavely President Pam Katherine Liska SECOND ROW: La Verne Maxine Langston Maureen Carmen Stolle Mary Elizabeth Centenio Jane Louise Baum THIRD ROW: Donna Lynn Stolbun Barbara Burdette Debra Lynn Sabrsula Mitzi Jane Schmidt FOURTH ROW: Jacqueline Marie Jemelka Margaret Ruth Whatley Treasurer Margaret Ann Davis Recording Secretary Vicki Lee Blaylock Bobbi Jane Duran Patricia Craymer FIFTH ROW: Bettye Sussan Nelson Carol Ann Meyer Hilary Mears Kristine Kay Schultz Terryl Ann Blaylock Deborah Ann Rolf Ruth Williams Elizabeth Lee Richey Mary Ellen Dawkins Sarah Elizabeth Pearce SIXTH ROW: Nancy Jean Banks Debra Kay Farvkfell Linda Rae Rodriguez Sharon Lee Cormack Pamela Dawn Tolliver Wilfred H. Watson Jan Doughman Susan Kaye Birchfield Corresponding Secretary Mary Elizabeth Frantz Margaret A. Merrifield Jo Ann Andry -N 376 — Phi Beta Chi Real Estate Society Field trips throughout the year to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio provided an opportunity for mem- bers of the Real Estate Society to meet real estate firms ' representatives, such as Henry S. Miller and Century Property. A job placement service was made available through Career Day on March 14. Various scholarships were offered through the joint efforts of the group and the Department of Finance. Interested undergraduates and graduates are welcomed to affiliate with the group. Tom Watts of Nash Phillips-Copus explains land development in Austin. FRONT ROW; John Mark Jackson, Eric John Weissgarber, Chairman, Sheryl L. McLaughlin, Deborah Ann S. Taboada. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Kay Ingram, Gail Harri- son, William C. Flood Jr., Rickey Melvin Albers, Douglas Oran Bates. BACK ROW: James Clive Holland, Dennis Mack Butler, Robert Alan Jones. Real Estate Society — ,377 Student Landman ' s Association Exposure to careers in petroleum land manage- ment was available to the Student Landman ' s Asso- ciation through contacts with professionals in the field. Monthly meetings provided forums for petro- leum industry representatives to discuss develop- ments in the business with association members. Semi-annual barbeques were held at Babcock ranch south of Austin. An executive from the petroleum industry speaks to the Association. I JrkS- Student Landma n ' s members enjoy tennis, beer and sun at their semi-annual barbeque held at Babcock Ranch. 378 — Student Landman ' s Assn. PUrWf-™ President Mark Strawn (second from left) greets members at poolside as host Frank Babcock (second from right) watches reception. Student Landman ' s Assn. — 379 mil youR CHtCKtD Kappa Psi Each semester, Kappa Psi pharmaceutical frater- nity participates in a variety of service projects and social events. Kappa Psi distributed the Medical Ser- vices Directory, a compilation of area health service professionals, to the Austin medical community and sponsored drug education seminars in Austin ele- mentary schools. Members participated in the Austin City Football League and supported the Diabetes Detection Drive. The chapter was active on campus, sponsoring the Hypertension Detection Drive and the sale of pharmaceutical weights to pharmacy stu- dents. In addition. Kappa Psi was involved in all intramural spo rts and won the College of Pharmacy football championship in the fall. Besides its service-oriented programs, the chapter sponsored social activities during the year including rush smokers, football beer blasts and a semester for- mal. Daniel Wood checks blood pressures during the Hypertension Drive. Dr. James T. Doluisio, dean of the College of Pharmacy, accepts a clock donated to the student lounge by Kappa Psi. 380 — Kappa Psi 2. Michael aMickael aUtRicfc ' ■MAllI ?5S John Ray Wills Michael Eugene Lowry Tony Everard McDowell Kenneth C. Edwards James Lynn Cross Gary Fred Geldmeier Darrell Lee Hirt James Richard Witt Michael Van Hooper Manuel Morin Charles W. Murphy Kirby Tate Hardy Jr. William M. Driscoll William James Steele Jr. Luis Gonzales John Edmund Fuchs Jr. Historian Danny Dale Graham Gary Wrenn White Parliamentarian Michael David Muecke Lee Ricks Taylor Juan Antonio Villarreal Mark Howard Braun Gary Lynn Sonnenburg 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. David Amadeo Garza Steven Dale Basore Phillip Elmo Lietz Vice-Regent Jacque Milton Borel Larry Bryant Cowan Secretary Bradley Leon Wylie RhonnieD. Smith Virgil G. Bohannon Jr. Jose H. Villareal Regent Ronald Rene Woody Gary Vernon Currier Treasurer Larry Glenn Schrank Eudoxcio Morin Mark Thomas Williams Jesus Alberto Saenz Rex Martin Schroeder Carl L. Hall III Kappa Psi — 381 Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, a student affiliate of the American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion, promotes student involvement in the profes- sional and organizational aspects of pharmacy. Speakers and activities focused on the group ' s interest in current health problems. Members aided the Capital Area Pharmaceutical Association in dis- tribut ing more than 35,000 Diabetes Detection Drive test packets. Members also distributed Physician Desk References to students, sponsored an alcohol- ism education drive and participated in poison pre- vention education in local schools. Speakers included Ken Tiemann, president-elect of the American Pharmaceutical Association. LPhA w orked with other student pharmaceutical organizations on a national level. Representatives were sent to the National Student Pharmaceutical Association meetings during the summer and fall. In April, representatives traveled to San Francisco on University shuttle busses for the student pharmaceu- tical association meeting. The year ' s social activities included beer blasts, a spring party, a Halloween party, senior banquet and the Christmas formal. LPUneniberjlill John Downs, pharmacist at Brackenridge Hospital, fields questions from LPhA members. 382 — Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association iatioii i tesident-eleci ' Ptesentativei ' Miaceutical E ' and fall. In f rancisco on terblasis,; banquet ani! r FRONT ROW: Carolyn Janette Adams Diane Marie Draper Dayne Michele McKee Jack Jacob Gian George Marion Durand SECOND ROW: Mario Rey Garcia Charles W. Murphy Vice-President Richard V. Halter Jr. Phyllis L. McCarty Barbara Jean Martin Yolanda Judith Guerrero Juan A. Villarreal THIRD ROW: Gary Fred Geldmeier Phillip Elmo Lietz Rhonnie D. Smith Nan Needham Nicholas Murphy Harrel FOURTH ROW: Bradley Leon Wylie James Lynn Cross Pamela S. Wortham James Richard Archer Jack Edward Keepers FIFTH ROW: Rex Martin Schroeder William D. Jobe Gerald J. Yakatan Guy H. Foster Jr. President Allan Walter Knowlden Treasurer SIXTH ROW: Virgil Griffin Bohannon Steven Nance Crump Victor A. Yanchick James T. Doluisio Dale D. Maness, Advisor Kirby Tate Hardy Jr. LPhA members help with Diabetes Detection Drive. ■ «i-.:bi! 3S„« «( - I ir Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association — 383 Phi Delta Chi As a professional pharmacy association, Phi Delta Chi strives to advance the science of pharmacy while fostering a fraternal spirit among members. The group sponsored activities such as a Christmas party for children at Brackenridge hospital, drug education programs at Austin junior high schools and help vi ith a Diabetes Detection Drive in November. Phi Delta Chi is one of the few professional groups which offers living facilities for its members. Their fraternity house is located on Castle Hill and was the site for many social events, which included a Hal- loween and rush party. 1. Anthony Garcia Ponce 2. Terry Eugene Kubenka 3. Armando A. Niebla 4. Larry Wayne Yanta 5. Ricardo Martinez 6. John Matthew Barker 7. Joe Paul Bryan 8. Eliodoro Q. Benavidez 9. George Marion Durand 10. William F. Fisher 11. Clay Bradley Mayo 12. Hector Rafael Pacheco 13. Bruce Allen Jacobson 14. Andrew William Ayoub 15. Richard D. Aves 16. Ricardo Trevino 17. John Michael Miles 18. Kenneth A. Williamson 19. Mario Rey Garcia 20. Gustavo Ramon Ortega 21. Verlie Grant Haralson 22. Andrew Henry Smith 23. James Stewart Beitel 24. Frederick L. Romero 25. Edward Lee Posvar 26. Robert Sherman Adams 27. Emilio Trujillo Jr. 28. Timothy D. Weathers 29. Alan B. Combs 30. Guy H. Foster Jr. 31. Michael John Mattern FROlffRO ' fern Bee Catol)Ti|ei EdiaMin CatoljuDg Partiamenti C)Titkiabi TrenaWeid ' . ' ' .s.:rt Diane Msw VinaLomse Carolyn lai 384 — Phi Delta Chi Kappa Epsilon 101 Ortega HatalsoD O ' Sniitli rtBeitel ' osvai saj Adams loir. Ifeallers )S r J FRONT ROW: Noreen Bee Mui Teoh Rebecca Sue Zatopek Debra Dale Turner Carolyn Jean Wilson Edna M. Everett Carolyn Denise Schkade Parliamentarian Yolanda Judith Guerrero President Cynthia Lois Schlee Trena Weidmann Treasurer Deborah Sittel Lane MIDDLE ROW: Diane Marie Draper Vina Louise Cantu Carolyn Janette Adams Shellie Marie Gosnell Lucila Mercedes Salinas Patricia Lynette Boyd Vice-President Catherine Denise Ross Marcia Gale Armstrong BACK ROW: Claire Louise Rollwage Pamela Sue Wortham Charlene Mary Ertel Sally Darlene Coulter Barbara Jean Martin Peggy Ann Watson Carolyn Faye Barta Rozann Gaitan Corresponding Secretary Robin Alice Bump A Volunteering time and raising money for the South Austin Community Clinic was the principal project of Kappa Epsilon, the women ' s fraternity in pharma- ceutical studies. Members are chosen in the fall and are required to serve one semester of pledgeship. During the city wide Diabetes Detection Drive in November, personal diabetes test packets were dis- tributed by members and then sent to the pharmacy for analysis. In October, Kappa Epsilon sponsored a Get Acquainted Party for all women in the pharmacy schook In November, the Vice-President Collegiate National Officer visited the chapter. i Kappa Epsilon — 385 Open to students and professors in chemistry, pharmacy and chemical engineering, the members of Alpha Chi Sigma are selected each semester and are formally initiated at the end of the semester. Activities included casino parties and guest speak- ers, such as Dr. Alan H. Comley, professor of chemis- try and chemical engineering. Alpha Chi Sigma also tutored freshman chemistry students. FRONT ROW: Nancy Ann Coventry William Louis Jackson President Lu Ann Hood Ann Elizabeth Adams MIDDLE ROW: Charles W. Wolcott Gene Weldon Bachman Leah Beth Klein Darryl Wayne Kern Douglas E. Osterhus Donald Gene Middleton Vice-President Auther F. Monzingo II William Oliver Roderick William C. Hunt III BACK ROW: William Paul Waits Edward John Coel III Cornelia Gertrud Gutz Secretary Cleveland M. Johnson Jimmy Wolf Treasurer Barbara Ann Wood Stephen Mark Matteson Susan Elaine Hoppe Robert John Haskin John Douglas Sutter v Alpha Chi Sigma 386 — Alpha Chi Sigma AAAE On January 27 the Ail-American Redheads, a pro- fessional women ' s basketball team, beat the Texas- Exes 68 to 66 in overtime in a game sponsored by the American Association of Architectural Engineers. One-half of the earnings from the game went to sup- port University women ' s athletics. Dr. Ned Burns, architectural engineering professor, and Tom Taylor, consultant engineer from Dallas, were two speakers at AAAE ' s bimonthly meetings. A show of model houses and parks made by the mem- bers was first exhibited in Austin before beginning a United States tour. Redhead deceives Texas-Ex lames Street at the basketball benefit. FIRST ROW: Brennon Philip Hatley, Stephen Michael Schilder, Thomas John Rowe, President, Claud Victor Winter, John David Borcherding. SEC- OND ROW: Rex Dewayne Massey, Secretary, Randy Lamar Chipman, Monty Lynn McNair, John Avila Jr., Vice-President, Ziad Omar Diab, Ben Villarreal Jr. THIRD ROW: Scott Riley Daugherty, Francis H. Speed Jr., Treasurer, Richard Brian Lawler, Steven M. Lubbering, Andrew Meidell Knysh. FOURTH ROW: Billy Dean James Jr., David R. Pinkerd, Curtis Lee Frantzen, John Earl Dugat, Randall W. Williams, Gary Lee Theiss. AAAE— 387 AIChE FRONT ROW: Olusegun Matthews David Earl Turner Mark Stephen Adams Robert Haskin Larry Rhea Short Charles R. Leigon George H. Dunn III Robert W. Menzel Jr. Iraj Moradinia MIDDLE ROW: Douglas E. Osterhus President Samuel Lynn Smolik Vice-President Cleveland M. Johnson Bradley Winton Studt Gary L. Ligon Treasurer Edward John Coel III Regina Ann Johnson Secretary Lu Ann Hood Jonathan Earl Wukasch Dr. Thomas F. Edgar Darrell Gene Jacob BACK ROW: Keith Kay Rodgers Jr. Layne Woods Summers Russell Honerkamp Lynn Donald Westfall Dennis William Vavra John B. Cornwell Stephen Mark Matteson Francis Edward Reese Mark Charles Cooley Darryl Wayne Kern Charles W. Wolcott The American Institute of Chemical Engineers promoted interaction between chemical engineering students and faculty with meetings, informal discus- sions and service and social activities. Students and faculty talked informally after each meeting, and attended the group ' s Christmas party and spring pic- nic, given by new officers to honor outgoing officers. In addition, the organization acquainted students with persons in the professional field. Monthly meet- ings featured speakers discussing current topics in chemical engineering. AIChE also sponsored a yearly field trip to a chemical plant. Service projects included the Chemical Engineer- ing Tutorial Program in which members volunteered to assist chemical engineering students. The organi- zation also developed a department booth for Show- case during Round-up and offered reduced rates to members on textbooks and supplies. 388 — AIChE ChE lEnj: ineers ■ " 131 discus- ' udentsand ' «% and i spring pic. officers. :ed studenis " ittilymest- " ' topics in ' wd a yearly 3l Engineer- ' TTie organ!- ' li for Show- iced rates to AIME A field trip to Texaco ' s Pierce field to tour field production equipment was the fall activity of the American Institute of Metallurgical Engineers- AIME held monthly meetings with speakers such as Lejuene Wilson, vice-president for SEDCO Corpora- tion and Gene Pennebaker of Exxon Company. In March, the group sponsored a trip for freshman and sophomore petroleum engineering majors to visit the Amoco Oil facilities in Hastings, Texas. The group ' s social activities included Christmas and Valentine ' s parties and a party before the Texas- Wyoming football game. Active in intramural sports, AIME finished second in the club division. Members observe AMOCO oil production facilities at Hastings, Texas, m — ■ — i mt 1- «-» - FIRST ROW: John Edley Hamlin, Randal Martin Bayne, Frank Bonner Lyon, Barry Edward Chovanetz, Lloyd Erwin Martin, Terrence Mark Duffey. Brian Roger Sullivan, Vice-President, Weldon Bradley Hatcher, Alison Garber Buffington, Russell Wayne Romoser, Scott Douglas Sheffield, Mohsen Shoar, SECOND ROW: A, L. Podio, Luis E. Camacho, Mana A. Al-Mehairi, Mehmet Melih Oskay, Mark Patrick Evans, Craig M. Tellinghuisen, Michael E. Hanegan, David Michael Adams, Tracy Don Tenison, Mahmoud Mesrahi, Teresa Helaine Hirezi, Pablo Proano. THIRD ROW: George Sterling Gray, Tommy James Drescher, Thomas Martin Andreen, Steve DeBord III, James Alan Crittendon, David W. Phillips, Robert F. Allen, Leon Olander Butner, Charles Roland Brewer. Stephen Ashon Chan, Francisco Gomes de laTorre, Rene Santos. FOURTH ROW: David Henry Hopkins, Lon Richardson Stew- art, Kevin Burns Harwi. Benjamin Frank Wear, John R. Johnson, Maurice P, Caddis, Melvin James Rogge, Treasurer, Dalton Fred Polasek, Keith Richard Fangmeier, President, Jose Arturo Gonzalez, Gerald H. Graham, Myron H. Dorfman, Ahmad Saberian. FIFTH ROW: Roy M. Knapp, W. W. Dingle, Keith W. Mills. Masseud Afsahi, Thomas Hewes Milstead, Robert F. Camp- bell III, Stephen Mamerow Jr. AIME — 389 ASME An extensive year-long speaker program was pro- vided for mechanical engineering majors by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The year started with Dr. Carl W. Morgan, director of the Uni- versity Engineering and Science Career Assistance Center who spoke on career opportunities. Other speakers included Dr. John J. Allan, University pro- fessor of mechanical engineering. ASME also held social events throughout the year to introduce members to faculty including picnics and beer busts. They also took part in intramurals. Membership is open to all mechanical students in good scholastic standing. r V. 1. Leslie Alan Herbst 15. 2. William G. Lesso Jr. 16. 3. Stephen A. Moyik 17. 4. Matthew Wai-Fan Ip 18. 5. Peter L. Erickson 6. Mark Crompton Tate 19. 7. Charles D. Kopplin 20. 8. Samuel Louis Chase 21. 9. Thomas Michael Delk 22. 10. Robert Lee Srubar 23. 11. Jack Alan Grosskopf 24. 12. Steven Clois Sumrow 25. 13. Samuel Anthony 26. McClellan 27. 14. Thomas Braden Alleman 28. 29. Michael Luis Mendias Gregory Alan Brazell George Allan Hastings Patricia deLourdes McKay Stephen Boyd Cook Manuel A. Ossa-Esquivel Manuel Pena Rios Ricardo J. Santos Burney Fritz Stinson Douglas Paul Rod Glenn Sterling Goss John Robert Herold Gerald Wayne Scott James R. Greer Jr. William Reed Lang III 1, Tbomas 2, Miles Hi 3, David Bi ilohnPal 5, DariiiLi aSeyedla 7. Edward 8. Charlie f 9. ClinsE.1 10, Donald! Presiden 11, Douglas ' 12, Abdullal alaciiDav H, Charles I 15, Mark All 16, Brian Lai 17, Ronald ► r Males arrived Sgktli Nation; sored by the Ai " H ' wsitycliap ' nai effort! ' fssional awa speakers thatii " «-president( ' Inc. o! Da 390 — ASME r N 1. Thomas Wilson Home 2. Miles Hunter Watkins Jr. 3. David Beldon Peters 4. John Patrick Machado 5. David Lewis 6. Seyed Jalal Miri 7. Edward V. Chambers III 8. Charlie R. Copeland Jr. 9. Chris E. Doepke 10. Donald Joseph Sansom President 11. Douglas C. Blacklock 12. Abdullah AliZamel 13. Jack David Oren 14. Charles Michael Walton 15. Mark Alan Towner 16. Brian Lawrence Padden 17. Ronald M. Duff 18. Victoria Lillian Blaschke 19. Warner Gordon Derr 20. John Richard Hemenway 21. Patrick Roland Via 22. Thomas Paul Tausend 23. Rex Wayne Tillerson Treasurer 24. John Harry Richardson 25. Bruce Lane Wiland 26. John Alfred Crumley 27. John W.Whitaker III 28. Robert Walling Heflin 29. Thomas Frederick Ellison 30. Mark Albert Madeley 31. Keith Evan Young 32. Mark Thomas Wood 33. Daniel Robert Smith 34. Roger Henry Hoh 35. Benjamin A. Brooks Jr. 36. Andrew Frank Wilde David Wayne Hall Gary Joe Wolff Kenneth Carl Aicklen Lee Morris Taylor Edward Alan Feith 42. Joe David Word 43. Patrick Steven Hogan 44. Julian Ybarra 45. Bruce Edmond Hicks Donald Ray Jones Robert Barrier Daigh Joe John Simecek Jr. Larry Lee Tait Secretary 50. George Wilson Pearce J 51. Javier J. Andrade 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 46. 47. 48. 49. ASCE ■A colt :»jiii Balsa wood bridge spans from all over the United States arrived on campus for participation in the Eighth National ASCE Model Span contest spon- sored by the American Society of Civil Engineering ' s university chapter. In an effort to improve faculty relations and pro- fessional awareness, ASCE hosted a variety of speakers that included Robert E. Hogan, executive vice-president of Hennington, Durham and Richard- son, Inc. of Dallas. They also sponsored a faculty panel discussion to answer questions concerning the civil engineering department. The group took part in the Student Engineering Council activities and attended the annual picnic in March where they took first place in sports. In April, ASCE sponsored the Texas Section Meet- ing in San Antonio. The group organized the first annual concrete canoe race on the San Antonio River during the Convention. In the spring, the society presented to Dr. John Breen, professor of civil engineering, the Ervin S. Perry Award. This award is given to the professor who the society judges best meets the ideals of " an excellent teacher and friend. " ASCE — 391 il Debbie Through their own referral and information cen- ter, the Society of Women Engineers presented new aspects of engineering careers. In October, represent- atives from Sun Oil in Houston spoke to the society about potential careers as did other companies at monthly meetings. The group sponsored visitation to Austin high schools to interest area students in engineering and participated in student Engineering Council activi- ties including faculty firesides. Teresa Sipes was pre- sented the Outstanding Woman Engineering Award at the annual spring banquet. All women planning an engineering career are eligible to join. Men engineers interested in assisting are eligible for the auxiliary. r FIRST ROW: Folkert Brons Warner Gordon Derr John Earl Dugat Randall W. Williams SECOND ROW: Deborah Lynn Collins Vivienne Lee McKitrick Vice-President Colleen MariEllen Collins Teresa Gail Sipes Secretary-Treasurer Ann Marie Patterson Jo Ann Aldredge THIRD ROW: Janis Susan Johnson Victoria Lillian Blaschke Patricia DeLourdes McKay President Marsha Lynn Hamby Diana Yolanda Bazan An Maria Brons Gail Ann Miller Helen Laurene Kibbe FOURTH ROW: Teresa Helaine Hirezi Marilynn McBride Kathy Ann Martin Robin Noelle Siewert Sue Ellen Cash Jayne Ann Fultz Linnie Marie Harris Society of Women Engineers 392 — Society of Women Engineers ' Linda CamU (SS PRSSA Promotion on the University campus of Tequila Sauza, Mexico ' s largest selling tequila, was a cam- paign handled by the Public Relations Student Soci- ety of America. Organized to further the members ' public relations techniques, PRSSA also heard monthly from prominent speakers such as Samuel D. Keeper, president of Ruder and Finn of Texas and Carol Shaffer of the Houston Sports Association. In November, delegates attended the convention of the National Public Relations Society in Miami. Membership is open to all University students interested in public relations with a 3.0 average. President Debbie Amie presides over a PRSSA meeting. FIRST ROW: Donald K. Wright, Paul Wayne Gosnell. Patricia Jo an New- man, Linda Carol Higgins, Kathy Lynn Frey. Barbara Elaine Boyter. SEC- OND ROW: Pamela Myers, Hindi Lee Bergman, Carol Chris Garrett, Patricia Ann Kalke, Laura Ann D ' Alisera, Secretary, Deborah Lynn Aime, President, Guy Stephen Fausset, Treasurer. THIRD ROW: Alan Scott, Carol Ann Pitts, Jennifer Lynn Tune, Markeeta Lamberth McNatt, Janet Lynn McLane. FOURTH ROW: Sheila Briones, Patricia A. Thomas, Sandra Jeanne Hall, Cynthia Leigh Robertson, Susan Diane Schram, Mary Catherine Jung, Cindy Lou Randle, Cynthia Jean Powell, William Richard Bonner. Douglas Vas- sallo, Linda Susan LeFan, Laurie Jean Pink, Linda Lee Kleinberg, Charlotte Ellen Plemmons, Randall Lee Lightfoot, Sharlann Marie Roe. FIFTH ROW: Daniel Dennis Saez, Donald Glen Martin, Lisa Lanier Shepherd, Randy David Joslin, Mary Corinne Quilliam, Rolando Garza. PRSSA — 393 Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi FIRST ROW: Leah Anne Lievrouw Sara Jane Carpenter Laura Ann D ' Alisera Markeeta Lam ' berth McNatt FOURTH ROW: Marianne Davis Philip Andrew Ringman Rosalind Young Edwin B. Sargent Roberta Lynn Cleland Julie Anne Booty Anne Marie Kilday Cherly Lynne Gresser Diane Dashiell FIFTH ROW: SECOND ROW: Mary Emily Clark Mary Keith Barton James Farrar Lowe Ron Douglas O ' Neal Jay Robert Jorden Richard N. Jefferson Vice-President Jeanie Beth Blalock Leslie Ann Spinks THIRD ROW: Richard H. F y Patricia Ann Lochbaum •heUTAdi nling house s while all identAdTi social activitii an indepth loi held for Fred 1 dent, in Novel on " Comniuni ' a keg party wj Mindak, chain: Monthly mei lectures from V tession. In Mar witbUniversit! e secrets of i jb was a par ideration ' sf processed and I Journalism students with intentions of continuing in the news writing field comprise Society of Profes- sional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi. Members held monthly meetings to discuss the problems and solu- tions of the newspaper and broadcast media. Numerous meetings presented a variety of speak- ers including Carolyn Bobo, reporter for The Austin American-Statesman and Michael R. Levy, publisher of Texas Monthly magazine. SPJ 2AX co-sponsored a book sale with Women in Communication Inc., held a Christmas party for journalism faculy and a Year ' s End party in May with the local professional chapter of SPJ SAX. Delegates attended the National Convention at Phoenix, Arizona, in November and also went to El Paso for the Regional Convention held in May. Members are chosen by application each semester. Junior journalism majors with intent to pursue their career following graduation and good academic standing are eligible. 394 — SPJ SAX I The UT Advertising Club spent three days visiting printing houses, media centers and advertising agen- cies while attending the Alfonso Johnson Annual Student Ad Tour in Dallas. Speakers, field trips and social activities provided advertising students with an indepth look at the profession. A reception was held for Fred Korge, former Houston Ad Club Presi- dent, in November following his slide presentation on " Communication in Advertising. " Each semester a keg party was held at the home of Dr. William A. Mindak, chairman of the Advertising department. Monthly meetings provided a varied number of lectures from various aspects of the advertising pro- fession. In March, the club sponsored a job seminar with University advertising graduates who spoke on the secrets of job success. In addition, this year the club was a participant in the American Advertising Federation ' s National Job Clearing House which processed and distributed the students ' resumes to the House member agencies, companies and media. UT Advertising Club v. FRONT ROW: Mark Errol Cohen Allen Neil Bodzy Melissa Claire Owens Anne Elizabeth Kutac Mary K. Garland Sheri Denise Ogg Jon Walter Sparks MIDDLE ROW: Robert Mitchell Bell John Layton Wheelock Julia Jo Berkley Debra Louise Read Ruth Louise Seeker Lea S. Stephens Rogelio S. Huizar Marcia Dean Harelik David Alan Bray Arnold M. Gurley III John Raymond Vickers President Sarah Marie Smith BACK ROW: Michael H. Marshall Michael Joseph Wilson Beverly Anne Paine Vicki Lynn Clemens Howard James Ritts Ad Club — 395 Women in Communication Women in Communication Inc., a national society for professional women, furnished and decorated the Lady Bird Johnson Room, located on the sixth floor of the Communication complex. Organized to acquaint women with career oppor- tunities, Women in Communication Inc. is open to sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students with a 3.0 average in communication courses. President Lisa E. Smith represented the chapter at the national convention held in Philadelphia. In the spring, members worked on a public relations semi- nar for campus organizations. Other activities included a fund-raising booksale and various speakers, such as Richard Goodman of television station KVUE and School of Communica- tion Dean Wayne A. Danielson. Stude 1. Sarah Jane Carpenter 2. Nancy Gail Teinert 3. Julia Elizabeth Mclngvale 4. Patricia Ann Lochbaum 5. Kathy Lynn Frey Vice-President 6. Kathy Richardson 7. Joyce Kilmer 8. Suzanne Brown 9. Lisa Elaine Smith President 10. Cheryl Lynne Gresser 11. Anita Aleman 12. Patricia Newman 13. Markeeta McNatt 14. Laura Ann D ' Alisera 15. Julie Anne Booty 16. Deborah Kay Bragg 17. Juliet Ada George 18. Claireen Fellers 19. Delica Day 20. Susan Gale Anderson 21. Susan Patrice Barry 22. Mimi Bruner 23. David Eldon Moody 24. Sidney Griffin Singer Advisor ril 396 student Chapter of ASID ASID members indulge in Christmas delights. Portfolio and resume preparation and dormitory design were just two of the many topics presented by guest speakers to the Student Chapter of the Ameri- can Society of Interior Designers. Tours of com- pleted design projects, including Franklin Savings in Austin, and presentations by active designers, such as Arlest Ede of Dallas, were offered. Field trips to Winedale, Houston and Henckle Square of Roundrock encouraged interaction with the outside professional world of design this year. An invitation to join the chapter is extended to all interior design majors after one year of study. Advisor Buie Harwood receives a plant from Lisa Bunton. ASID— 397 y Secrelaiy Belly Pi : •- ' :,, ?e T«.i, . ' .„«a»5» .v r FRONT ROW: Margaret Miller President Betty Jean Partin Secretary-Treasurer Roxan Anette Ellis Gerry Lynn Dunn Wendy Jean Werts David James Ginople " N BACK ROW: Beth Ann Thompson Laura Anne Zapata Susan Kay Shaw Carol Sue Feinberg Gloria Ann Clark Vice-President Catherine A. Chambers Fashion Group ofUT As a career oriented group, the Fashion Group of UT welcomes any student with an interest in textiles and clothing and other fashion related fields. Eddie Seidel, manager of Synders-Chenards, was one of the guests who spoke to the students on retail, buying, manufacturing and fashion design. One of the mem- bers, Beth Thompson, was elected to the Butterick National College Board. Fashion Field Days provided an opportunity for the members to meet with fashion experts. In Hous- ton the group met in October with Jennifer Carlson, Butterick representative. In November in Dallas the group visited Neiman-Marcus, Facho ' s and Richard Brook ' s Fabrics. Rita Perne, National Fashion Coor- dinator and vice-president of Montgomery Wards, was one of the many speakers the Fashion Group of UT heard at the Dallas Apparel Mart in March. 398 — Fashion Group of UT I I »tEb Carol? - • 1 ms k Ik i f jUyj A — - a » Mi Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club Named for the first chairman of the Department of Home Economics at the University, the Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club was open to all home economics majors. The club sponsored a fashion show and a seminar on job preparation and profes- sional appearance, and hosted guest speakers such as State Rep. Sarah Weddington of Austin on topics including family legislation, food and nutrition, inte- rior design and family life. Social activities included a beer bust mixer held with engineering students in November and the annual Christmas party. Secretary Betty Partin serves punch to members at a Christmas party. FKUN T ROW: Ora Sue Singleton, Historian, Deborah Sue Rhodes, Presi- dent, Elise Carol Zan, Secretary. MIDDLE ROW: Pamela Diane Harrison, Grace Evelyn Golden, Katherine Abney Hightower, Patricia D. Kelton, Melisa Kathleen Murphy, Kay Karen Miller, Gloria Valka Whiteley, Jan Ellise Barnhill. BACK ROW: Patricia Adams Walthall, E. Carl Hall, Patricia Lynn Kenfield, Carolyn Suzanne Jackson, Mildred H. Scheel, Jill Zapalac, Margaret Olivia Daigh, Catherine Sue Hahn, Cynthia Joanne Clary. Mary E. Gearing — 399 w Student Nutrition Organization 6 ' ' fk If r Information on nutrition internships, co-ordinated programs and graduate study is available to inter- ested students through the Student Nutrition Organi- zation. Meetings throughout the year included a fac- ulty get-acquainted party and a presentation by Abrey E. Skinner of the Chemical library who dis- cussed effective library research. At the last meeting of each semester, members had a potluck supper. In November, the group attended the first Texas Student Dietetic Association meeting in Waco where they helped draft the new associa- tion ' s constitution. FRONT RO W: Karen Pannell President Leslie N. C. Farnsworth Vice-President lulianne Goode Black Publicity Barbara J. Allen Secretary-Treasurer SECOND ROW; Diana Gayle Weston Mary Louise Miller Barbara Lynn Saunders Cecilia Troegel Kathleen Marco Kathleen Marie Ross Barbara R. Rylander Paula Ruth Krizov Sharon Lee Sims Sunnee A. Rakowitz Martha F. Smith Jane Wray THIRD ROW: Joe Ellen Hobbs Shirley N. Hutchison Barbara L. Taylor Carol Ann Burgess Rowlinda Ann Stone Judith G. Rogers FOURTH ROW: Sherry Lynn Morris Mary L. Blackard Margaret E. Briley % i — ! Welcoming! Notswitha ruction, Ihf W)participat( faculty mei W a modern lemberDr.LjTii ' li educatio f re plans in PEMC 400 — SNO Welcoming physical and elementary education majors with a professional interest in physical instruction, the Physical Education Majors (PEM) Club participated in intramurals and hosted a picnic with faculty members. A spring awards banquet fea- tured a modern and folk dancing exhibition. In Sep- tember Dr. Lynn W. McCraw, professor of physical health education, spoke at the PEM convocation. Future plans include a reference booth to answer questions during registration. r K FRONT ROW: Nicholas Curry Bertrand John Edward Delgado Vice-President MIDDLE ROW: Daniel Thomas Krueger Beverley Ann Tidwell Frank Jesse Ibarra Grayson Dewalt Gwyn III BACK ROW: Paula Jean Mueke Terry Allen Kubsch Elisa Lee Hardy Patricia L. Lankford Barbara Apn Frank President Mary Frances Santamaria Regina Coleen Rawson I PEM Club PEM — 401 Pi Sigma Pi Recruitment of minority students into the College of engineering is a major project of Pi Sigma Pi. In the fall, the members sponsored " The World of Engineering, " a program to interest area high school students in the engineering curriculum at the Univer- sity. Several speakers addressing the meetings brought ideas on job opportunities and the industrial world. Pi Sigma Pi also enjoyed an informal barbe- que at Zilker Park in the fall and a formal banquet in the spring. Anyone in engineering may join. Faculty member shows remote control toy to high school students. m,l ' FRONT ROW: Salvador Arturo Mercado, ' Treasurer, Ben Villarreal Jr., Agustin Cruz, George Allan Wirsching, Albert V. San Miguel, John Arthur Rivera, Philip S. Schmidt, Advisor, Michael Luis Mendias, Estevan G. DeLeon, Ramon K. Gomez, President, Roel Briones. MIDDLE ROW: Joseph Salvadore Francisco, Benito G. De La Rosa, Manuel P. Rios, Ronald V. De La Garza, Jose L. Zapico, Rogelio Cisneros, Roberto Rodrigues, Guadalupe Ger- ardo Trevino, Ricardo V. Dominguez, Vice-President, Alfred Rodriguez, Apolonio F. Santos, David Lee Ellis, Rodolfo Javier Rivera, Israel Hernan- dez. BACK ROW: Rodney Wayne Turner, Robert Reyes Flores, Richard Philip Taylor, Manuel Alfonso Soils, Arnaldo Mata, Rufus D. McMillan, Antonio Andrade, Apolonio Borrego Jr., Hector R. Perez, Jose Luis Porras, Steve A. Bellesen, Thomas Edgar, Advisor. i 402 — Pi Sigma Pi Nanette Avi Bemice Colli CarobLeei Lindsay ERi liiisaClireJ Carj n Denis Maida Diane EliiabelliCn SECOSDRO UaDParl PalriciaMai Elfflbetki;.] ElizabelkKa; Debra Elaine ' MartkaHaiii Sigma Alpha Iota Israel ftrnai; oseLiiisPo ' ' V FIRST ROW: Nanette Avant Bernice Cortez Carolyn Lee Cherry Lindsay E. Rentfro Recording Secretary Luisa Clare Reed Caryn Denise Bothwell Maida Diane Papanek Elizabeth Crowley SECOND ROW: Linda D. Parker Patricia Marice Nelson Elizabeth K. Alspach Elizabeth Kaye Tynan Debra Elaine Lentz Martha Elaine Fears Judith Ann Schlechte Treasurer Deborah Miller President THIRD ROW: Diane Elaine Gorzycki Judith Rae Ney Susan Dianne Graham Elyse Sharon Segal Virginia Diane King Cynthia Gail McDowell Cheryl A. Sponheimer Kathy Diane Lawler Ann Brown Province President FOURTH ROW: Karolynn Kadera Nancy Carol Thompson Laura A. Popper Jeanette Edith Krai Rhonda Lewis Rainey Nancy G. Hill Paulette S. Wallendorf Carol Louise Karcher Sigma Alpha Iota honors women whose intelli- gence and talent singles them out as leaders in the field of music. Student composers are offered cash prizes by the University of Texas chapter to encour- age outside music abilities and interests. Members of Sigma Alpha Iota performed for patients at several nursing homes and Travis State School as service to the community. A week was dedicated to a music therapy workshop for the entire campus in the fall. Sigma Alpha Iota also presented a recital to which the public was invited. Sigma Alpha Iota — 403 UT Nursing Students ' Association V. FRONT ROW: Bruce Michael Cravey President BACK ROW: Jan Taylor Fox Joanne Helen Reinhart Vice-President Bonita Thomas Roberta Gaye Davis Karen Elizabeth Hair Vice-President Debra Ann Hohmann Secretary Jacklyn D. Washburn ■ i Hypertension screening in cooperation with the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross is an ongoing project of the U.T. Nursing Stu- dents ' Association. Screening clinics were held at Southwood Mall, Safeway ' s IH 35 store and East Austin ' s Grant Chapel in November. The screening was done in observance of Texas Blood Pressure Month and the nursing association checked 2600 per- sons. Similar clinics were held in the spring. A reception was held in September to introduce new students to Dean Billye J. Brown, faculty advi- sors and club officers. The nursing association is comprised of all pre- nursing and nursing students attending the Univer- sity. Throughout the year, speakers such as State Rep. Sarah Weddington of Austin and Red Cross representatives spoke to the group. Avis Cm Secrttaij ' WianCI Presiienl Gi:!«l!ii Vice-Prtai ' :::.m Stephen Ha Slepliiiie N ' lckP.Woi ladRiuiil CeoijeT.Pi EvinLPia DanielW.T BillieMane Septa Cli lJnda|jqui Dr.N ■ Nursing students check blood pressure at Northcross Mall. Ui.NidWo 404 — UT Nursing Students ' Association ion with the imericajReii Nursing Sta- were held at ore and East rhe screening ied 2600 per- rag. ■ to introdnci faculty advi- Hiolalpre- theUnivet- such as State id Red Cross r FRONT ROW: Avis Geer Secretary William C. McLeod President Charles Ron Kalteyer Vice-President MIDDLE ROW: Donald James Reese Stephen Henry Shipp Stephanie A. Steffler Nick P. Woodward BACK ROW: Jack Randall Collins George T. Parsons III Evan E. Pierce-Jones Daniel W. Talbott Billie Marie Robles Stephen Clay Cox Linda Jacquot Dr. Nick Woodward Aimed toward undergraduate students intending a law career, the University Pre-Law Association pre- pares its members for law school admission and vari- ous facets of the legal Profession. Regular meetings are held twice a month with pro- gram topics that included discussions of corporate law and procedures for law school admissions. Dr. Nick Woodward, lecturer from the College of Busi- ness, spoke on " The Principles Clauses and Provi- sions of Oil and Gas Leases " at one of the monthly Fireside Chats. Other speakers included Associate Dean T. }. Gibson of the University Law School. Once each semester the members took a field trip to visit law firms, downtown offices and the munici- pal courts in Dallas and Austin. UT Pre-Law Association UT Pre-Law Association — 405 We would like to express our most sincere appreciation for your time and Interest In our company. We regret we are unable to make you an offer at this time. Selecting appli- cants who are most fitted for the pos- itions we have open Is always a diffi- cult task, especially when we have such a fine group from which to choose. Again we thank you for your time, and should you be Interested, you will find attached a copy of the Blrkman Method computer print-out relating to what It Interpreted to be your life style and Interest. Congratulations on completing your degree and best of luck In your career. •-w R C5- v x l-V • -VN V Twa.Miana o: 406 HONORARIES ' •;.;■ A. i: ' ir t ' ; ' y ' : ' -y;ijha! l ; ' V Milan Hughston M ' Alpha EpsilonDelta SPRING INITIATES Randy ny Buckspan Elaine; Rosn Caplan Tnr(;sa |an Chapman )am(!s MonlHomory Clark John Walton Craddock Nason Mark Foldman Joseph S. Francisc o Randall Ovvon GarriotI Cecil Flovd G(!orHc Ir. Marshal D. GoldbnrH ■ Sheryl Anne Green Hlarl Sluart Hampton Kar(m Haslund Lawrence Allen HausiT John Cam(!ron Hinte Philip Charles Honi Lisa Nell Jordan Marc L(;fkovvil- . Pierre Maurice Malek Lawrence Slevim Marj olis Cynthia Lee McCraini; Donald Goodwin Moffett Lynn Barbara Navvrocki James William Pennington Bruce Dee Roach Lonnie R. Schwirtlich Lory Lyn Sedb !rry Michael John Stevener HughMcArthurTadlock William Murphy Talley Angelica Silvia Volterra William M, Wallers Denise Gayle Waugh Dan Hulon Weissling Wayne Burleson Wilson AFFILIATE MEMBERS Janet Ilean Charles Betsy Lynn Ross Robert Lee Taylor Sharon Kay Williams Londa VaUmcia Wilson MEMBERS Gregory Mark Abrams AuslinG. Bailey Jr. Timmie Baird James Elwood Baker Jr. Rex Gavin Baker III Louis Edrington Harnett Charles Allen Bashour Sti phen Craig Beasley Styles Leslie Berlrand Bonnie Esther Bobo Charh sC. Brookshin; David Ford Butler Harvey D.Campbell III Steven Chaim Caplan William B. Carswell Joseph W. Cenac Jr. Julie Ann Chapman James Montgomery Clark Jr. Amy Lynn Clarke Don John Crow Jr. James Eeds Crozier Jr. Cham Edwards Dallas Jun(! Marie Deissinger Robert Michael Domke Keith William Fairchild Jim Edwin Fenner Dan Pert el George R. Fournier Jr. Kathryn Louise Frazier John Walter Freeman Clark Dale Gaddy Jonas Gari;ia Dora Elisa Garza Shameen K. Ghauri Mark Joel Gipson Ruth Elizabeth Gold Sandra Kay Coles Anna Maria Gomez Paul Albert Graf Alfredo C audio Gueler Robert Sluart Hamilton Beverly Elaini; Hammtmd Lynn Katheryn Hammond Milford Douglas Harris III Charles L. Heaton Alan E. Heilman Donald Holcomb Jami!s Philip Hutton Stephen Ji ffrey Jackson Daniel Jtjsiiph James David Mills J(mkins Michael Craig Jones Wendy Bay Kang James Stephen Keyser Marilyn Irene Kolly Esta Lynn Kronberg Eric Collins Kuniz Lifford Lee Lancaster James Ronald Landers George F. Leatherman Steven Young Lee Philip Lloyd Leggett Jay Ellis L(!vy Charles J. Lohrmann (;athy Rae Lowder Michael Dirkson Lumpkin Gerald Louis Mancebo Michael Dean Martin James Thomas McCracken Douglas N. McMullen Rob(;rt Marc Mendell James Paul Montgomery John Paul Montgomery Darr(!ll James Moore The goal of Alpha Epsilon Delta is to encour- age and recognize excellence in pre-medical scholarship and to bring together interested stu- dents and educators. Service programs included participation in the University Blood Drive and service projects at Brackenridge Hos- pital. Initiation is held each fall and spring semes- ter with membership limited to pre-med stu- dents who have completed a minimum of 45 hours with a 3.0 GPA. Officers were Mary Anna Payne, president; Harry Schilling, vice-president; Irving Prengler, treasurer and Wendy Kang. secretary. Barbara Carol Mudd Charles William Murphy David Landel Nichols Connie Jean Nicholson William Henry Nicholson John David Norman Robert Louis Panzan lla Mary Anna Payne Bruc;e Allen Phillips Donald Spencer Piland Irving David Prenghir William Marshall Ramsdell Lesa Janine Raschke Charles Patrick Reynolds Leslie Bee Ricks Jr. ' Dorothy Ji a n Roach Daniel B. Robi rtson William W.Robison 111 Michael J. Romanko Randy Layne Rosett Gayle Ann Rothenberg James AlliMi Royall Harry E. Sarles Jr. Jay M. Scherr Harry Edward Schilling Stephen Schneberger David L(m; Seals Robert Mark Seid(!l Mary Ruth Seiders Matthew Rowland Selmon John Scott Simpson Jo Ann Smith Wade Kent Smith Louis Alan Stool Lee Alan Taylor James William Thomas Douglas James Thompson Timothy Kenneth Tong Brenda Lee Towi ll David Nets Ugland Richard Lee Wallner Milton Drc w Walters Susan Patrice W(!in(!r Van(;ssa Lynn Wiirlla Margie f va Zalesak John M. Zimbunian FALL INITIATES John Jeffrey Andrews Brian John Beran Pamela Ann Blum Rebecca Sue Broyles Jelry Lynn Cad(! Ann-Gayle Cannon Michael Lindsay Carroll Don John Crow Jr. Scott David Dewitz Rhonda Sui; Edmiaston John Richard Flanagan Deborah Mari(! Holubec: Deidre Diane Lyons Winston L(;roy Mascarimhas Patrick Joseph McClellan David Guy Moore Gary Taylor Nim I Joseph Orr Stephen Moe Pearci; Gary John Peet Hyman Marvin Penn Kalhy Ann Pulliam Gary Brent Reid Pamela Saundius Mary K. Scepansky Richard Eugene Seward John Raymond Sherhurnt! Michael Charles Smith Mariann(! Verlrees H(;len Veronica Wan; Deborah Kay Webb Pro-Mod Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma MEMBERS Kfiith Alan Alter James Mack Appelt Sezanne Arlitt Harold Brent Austin John Richard Bailey William S. L Barnett Horacio Luis Barrera Jane Louise Baum Marvin Elliott Blum Gregory Edward Bogdan Mary Beth Broz Sarah Ann Caughran Steven Douglas Cohen Gary Lee Coleman Barbara Ellen Cook Mary Helen Cook Howard W. Crenshaw Jr. Peter Black Dahlberg Margaret Ann Davis Owen Timothy Delahaye Minalee Ethel Gardner Benny M. Gutierrez Steven Lowell Halls Holly AikoHayataka Lynette Louise Heflin James Stephen Henderson Warren Alan Hoffman James Edward Jenkins Karl Wayne Kacir Christine L. King Sai Yeung Lee Richard Lee Leshin Donald Ray Looper Henry William Maples Thomas B. McClelland Ir. Hilary Mears Jane Leigh Osborn William M. Penny Jr. Frederick H. Rhodes III Kevin Michael Ryan Sara Ann Schutze Richard Cleon Shanks Thomas M. Simmons Richard Gano Sims Larry Dean Smith Toni Diane Smoker Susan E. Soutter Michael D. Thompson Nelson E. Tiemann Franklin Lewis Tuttle Teresa Van De Walk- Susan E. Abel Voskamp Gary W. Warren Frederick J. Woerner James Clinton Worth Susan G. Zweighaft Juniors and seniors in the top 10 percent of their class in the College of Business are quali- fied for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, an honorary business scholarship fraternity. Mem- bers are selected each spring semester. Officers were Robert E. Witt, president; Charles H. Smith, vice-president and David G. Fulcher, treasurer. Honorary Business Fraternity Beta Gamm ' a §j " WM MUmimihxiAM tAiet . Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta offers a lifetime mem- bership to all first and second semester women with a minimum 3.5 GPA. The sole purpose is to recognize outstanding scholastic achieve- ment of women in their first year of college. Officers were Vickie Wagner, president; Sally Hotchkiss, vice-president; Jeanne Eker- oth, treasurer and Elizabeth Denny, secretary. MEMBERS Stephanie Carol Abbott Beth Lynn Anderson Janis Clare Babel Claire Denise Barker Karen Marie Barnett Susan Elaine Barnett Ann Thomas Barrow Sylvia Ruth Beerman Jane Katherine Bell Debra Ilene Blatt Kitzi Jane Blitch Pamela Ann Blum Donna Patricia Brockie Leopoldina Bujosa Debra Colleen Burkett Linda Susan Bussey Elaine Ruth Bythewood Friederika K. Campbell Elaine Rose Caplan Cynthia Sue Carlson Sara Jane Carpenter Claire Pennison Carter Nelda Gay Carter Tamara Kay Chambless Teresa Jan Chapman Joy Vee-Wei Chen Sharon Jean Cheng Susan April Clare Laura Lea Clark Pamela Susan Clayton Julia Joyce Clegg " Catherine Jean Clinton Rebecca Frances Coel Helene Susan Cohen Myra Dawn Cole Sally Eileen Coleman Mary Anita Conroy Paula Kay Coronis Karen Cortell Linda Lee Crecelius Cathie Clair Crowson Linda Cunningham Gloria Gail Cutrell Laurel Ann Dalrymple Nan Daniel Donna Debus Barbette Marie DeCelles Karen Gisela DeMarco Elizabeth Foster Denny Mariana Christine Dieste Jeanne Ann Doud Nancy Marie Drake Sherlene Annette Dreyer Elizabeth Anne Eason Jo Elizabeth Edwards Jeanne Mari Ekeroth Gail Frances Ellish Janet Lee Ellzey Diane Fiorelli Valerie Brae Fisher Katherine E. Fonken Nancy Katherine Forbis Rita Lynn Franks Frances Dolores Fredrickson Kathy Lynne Freeman Kathy Jo Gallman Janet L. Gelphman Mary Kathryn Gesell Janice Grace Glass Carolyn Yvonne Glenn Gayle Denise Gordon Patricia Ellen Gormley Kathryn Ann Grady Jane Ellen Graves Donellen Marie Gready Elena Rachel Greenberg Kimberly Jean Greene Lisa Ileene Grimes Brenda Kay Grosse Keri Rae Guten Debra Gail Hagens Lisa Lynne Haggard Kelly Ann Hall Beverly Elaine Hammond Dorothy Annette Harrison Connie Lynn Haugen Lee Anne Hebner Elizabeth Ann Henke Barbara K. Herbich . Linda Eileen Hickok Jan Alice Hill Shiree C. Hinojosa Patricia Ann Holler Jacqueline Suzanne Holmes Sandra Marie Holub Sally Anne Hotchkiss Debra Nell Houston Nancy Ann Hudson Karen Anne Huebner Barbara Lee Hunt Carol Ann Hussey Edith Lynn Isaacks Kleta Louise Janczys Cathy Eugenia Jaster Sharon Kay Jayson Lisa E. Jensen Susan Rose Johnson Dorothy Nell Jones Connie Jean Kadrovach Jo Ellyn Keaton Ruth Kimberly Keeland Karen Jean Kennedy Marilyn Jo Kessler Virginia Diane King Kathleen Marie Kirby Lura Frances Klecka Sylvia Ann Klinksiek Karilyn Eve Kober Judith Ann Kostura Ellen Louise Krahl Clair Elizabeth Krizov Mira Pearl Krumholz Pearlynne Krumholz Susan Lynn Lauber Kathy Diane Lawler Barbara Leach Nancy Ellen LeFeber Linda Lynn Lohmusuirta Ellen Jane Levy Felice Norene Lewis Jeniece Elian Lipsky Nuria Elena Lopez Patricia Ann Loven Catherine Marie Major Marianna D. Mansfield Debra Lynn Newby Marie Sara Alicia Martinez Berna L. Massingill Hollis Anne Mathews Sheryl Ann Mathys Mary Louise Mauk Patricia Ann May Lura Melinda Mayhew Karen Lynn McCarty Cynthia Lee McCraine Cheryl Lane McCullough Diana Mills McDade Cynthia Faye McGregor Karen Elizabeth McLane Markeeta Lamberth McNatt Lynda Joyce Meyer Kimberly Ann Michels Carol Ann Miller Marsha Miller Kathy Ellen Minor Mary Rebecca Mitchell Helen Toevs Mohrmann Nancy Alleyn Moore Theresa Agnes Moore Judith Ann Morrison Lynn Barbara Nawrocki Lily Neumann Judith Rae Ney Rena Golda Nirenberg Margaret Jean O ' Bannion Maribeth Olander Sarah Ann Oliver Blance Estela Ornelas Margaret Jean Otto Catherine Cleary Paciotti Mary Tudor Pannill Amy Elizabeth Paris Karen Lynne Parker Mary Elizabeth Parker Elizabeth Marie Patton Kay Marie Peterson Martha Louise Plana Suzanne Pickett Paula Anne Piatt Kimht!rlee Marie Ploch Mary Lou Popiden Mary Melissa Pratka Terry Lee Price Diana Elva Ramirez Linda Ogawa Ramirez Melissa Lyn Randolph Regina Coleen Rawson Jennifer Teresa Ray Karen Sue Reichstein Debra Sue Reingold Melissa Lynn Rice Dorothy Jean Roach Sheree Lynne Rosell Lori Le Rowlett Nancy Chandler Rush Leslie Virginia Sagar Brenda Sue Sanders Linda Sue Sanderson Sheree Scarborough Beverly Lou Schaefer Susan C. Schoenvogel Valerie Ann Schutze Laura Jeanne Schwartz Suzanne Howland Shanks Sarah Margaret Shields Kathleen Sarah Short Susan Shotner Teresa Gail Sipes Dorothy Stevenson Slator Barbara Jean Smith Jeri Ann Smith Nancy Ann Smith Margaret A. Sowada Susan Jan Soward Karen Elaine Standi Judy Kay Stanton Ellen Lynn Stephens Sally A. Stewart Carol Brooke StoUenwerck Jana Lee Strauss Beth Elaine Streeter Marguerite Sullivan Karen Lynne Taylor Pamela Ann Taylor Emily Ruth Terwey Cecilia Troegel Karen Emily Tumulty Cynthia Tunstall Vicki Ixjuise Turek Kathryn Lee Turpin Lynnell Mae Vance Sedelta Darlene Verble Vicki Lynn Wagner Helen Veronica Ware Robin Kaye Watson Denise Gayle Waugh Charlene Ann Wefler Sandra Marie Weinberger Darla Faye Wendt Susan Nanette Whaley Wendy Susan Wheeler Lesa Carol White Sharon Lynn White Rebecca M. Williams Ruth Williams Adana Teresa Willman Vicki Lynn Wimberly Sara Margaret Winston Judith L. Winterkamp Pamela Rae Wood Margaret Ann Wysong Mary Yemma Cheryl Ann Zaremba Doreen Claire Zeh Shonda Gay Zeigel FALL INITIATES Marilou Baker Sheryl Diane Barnes Betty Nell Beken Lissa Gayle Bengtson Alexandria A. Brookshire Kar(!n Leslie Brune Theresa Marie Bus Nancy Jane Caus.sey Karen Suzanne Cook Lisa Marion Davis M. Candy DesRosiers Karin L. Dietz Siri Lynn Duecker Elizabeth Ann Fielder Maurie Beth Findlay Leslie Ann Forbis Rachel Miriam Garber Cecilia Louise Graham Ashley Nancy Hedeen Patricia Lorraine Holtman Nancy Hope James Susan Gayle Jistel Lizanne B. Ledbetter Jolene Levick Pamela Kathryn Liska Karen Elaine Martin Linda Gale Martin Mary Kimbrough McCall Molly B. McDonald Mary Ellen McLaughlin Beverly Carol Miles Jana Dee Myrick Anne Catherine Phillips Lilly Arnese Plummer Deborah Lee Pomonis Kathy Ann Pulliam Martha Jane Rylander Yvonne Helen Scharfe Rebecca Ann Schalz Diana L. Schurger Carol Ann Solis Tamako Tamura Susan Rose Thacker Lucretia Jean Tipps Helen C. Waddington Loretta WanLschek Sharon Lynn Wechter Linda Jane Weisser D ' Ann Whitehead Margarite S. Winer Candace Anne Wolhart SPRING INITIATES Donna Elizabeth Adams Robin Adelle Aderhold Leona Ann Agnello Salli(! Gold Aiguier Laura Lee Ain.sworth Justa Alejandro Julie Ann Altman Teresa Ann Altom Mary Alice Anderson Lee Ann Arnold Sara Kay Atamian Sara Sue Avant Julie Baldree Nancy Lou Ball Karen Frances Balzer Marcia Diane Bandy Kathy Jean Bankhead Rosa Maria G. Barron Margaret Helen Bass Claudia Elizabeth Baxter Martha Louise Bean Sue Ann Beard Linda Beth Bearman Chriiitine Ann Becker Patricia Ann Becker Women ' s Freshman Honor Society 410 — Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Laurclte H. Beeson Kalhcrine Lynn Bell Kimbcrly Nancy Bell Shelly Sue Berkowllz Beth Anne Bernstein Nancy Hardeman Bess Rebecca Jean Black Paula Prentiss Blaha Lynn Blunt Margaret Anne Boulanger Elaine Boyd Ann Marguerite Brandner Lauren Gail Breihan Eve Michele Bresler Melanie Brochstein Carol Jean Brown JoAnn Priscilla Brown Sandee Denise Bryan Margaret Ann Burns Nina Daly Burtchaell Leslie Jo Burton Veronica Ann Bus Laura Catherine Caldwell Carolyn Gardner Camp Paula Ann Cargile Sally Ann Carter Maria Christina Carvajal Lizabeth Ann Caskey Terry Lynn Cassell Marcia Lynne Cassidy Marilyn Catt Mary Louise Cecil Joyce Anne Cermin Donna Jean Chaffin Sandra Kay Chapman Janet Ilean Charles Katherine Lucia Chatas Camille lone Cheesman Deborah Louise Cochran Susan Janiece Collier Colleen MariEllen Collins Deborah Lynn Collins Lois Ann Conner Marvilyn Kay Conwell Elizabeth Mitchell Cookston Ellen Suzanne Corbin Joan Gauthier Corley Arlene Joan Corson Dariela Cortes Jan Robin Coslello Jennifer Ann Cotton Margaret Anne Covington Claudia Crowley Kerry Kathleen Dansby Kathleen Anne Darr Anne Margaret Darrah Beth Renee Davis Charla Sue Deckert Celyna Donna Delgado Linda Jane DeLoach Nancy Anne Dennis Elena Diaz Debra Dobray Amy Elizabeth Donaldson AnneCayleDonnell Christina Driscoll Ruth Kathryn Drotning Anne Dunkelberg Amanda Louise Durrett Jan Zimmerman Dymond Mary Beth Edinburgh Karen Jane Ekblad Patricia Elliot Karen Sue Eubank . Rebecca Anne Fadely Sandra Lynn Fails Elizabeth Paris Arlene B. Feigenbaum Helene Marie Fischer Jan Millicent FischI Martha Ann Fitzpatrick Linda Carol Flory Lorena Lynn Foard Susan Gay Fore Cynthia Lee Fowler Sheryl Anne Fox Loretta Lee Freeland Catherine Louise Freitag Lynne Diane Friedel Robin Melinda Frisby Margaret E. Froehlich Joan Frances FUTstenberg Amy Beth Gainsburgh Susan M. Gallagher Pamela Kay Gallick Delia Anne Garcia Dianne Garrett Anne Patricia Garvey Jeanne Carol Geer Glenda L. Geisendorff Marty Ann Geisler Susan Carol Ghormley Kathryn Margaret Gilbert Hollyce Charenn Giles Jennifer L. Gill Margaret Elizabeth Goeken Carol Jean Goldschmidl Nora G. Gonzales Barbara Ann Goot Jane Terry Gordon Kathy Jean Gordon Judith Ann Graff Gail Susan Graham Elizabeth R. Greeley Jill Leslie Greenberg Julie Ann Grinke Donna Lynn Grittman Sheri Ann Grout Cynthia Suzanne Grubbs Cynthia Kaye Hall Marsha Lynn Hamby Virginia B. Hamilton Betty Sue Hammett Priscilla Anne Hancock Melissa Katherine Haralson Pamela Sue Harper Janet Joy Harrington Mary Dell Harrington Linnie Marie Harris Karen Haslund Karen Patricia Hastings Karri Anne Hawkins Jill Marie Hazard Teresa Anne Heidner Barbara Heinrich Eve Sevier Hiatt Gayla E. Hildebrand Dolly Jesusita Hill Laurie Kay Hill Susan Denene Hinely Beatriz A. Hinojosa Teresa Helaine Hirezi Sheryl Diane Hirsh Kelly Sue Hollis Margaret Jo Hornquist Karen Rae Houpt Betty Jean Hoyle Deborah Lynne Huber Melissa Ann Hyman Janet Yvette Jack Melinda Gayle Jayson Carol Anne Jensen Janice Lynn Johnson Ann Marie Johnston Janelle Elizabeth Jones Lavonia l ouanne Jones Phyllis Luise Karstens Susan E. Keeney Laura Katherine Keith Mary Hi len Kelly Brenda Lynn Kennerly Helen Laurene Kibbe Judith Klausner Diane Marie Klecka Kristin Elizabeth Klemt Myra Lee Klinksiek Barbara Anne Klipple Judith Robin Knie Kimberle Koile Carlene Gale Kouba Mary Carroll Kruger Janet Elizabeth Kuehm Marcia Ellen Kurtz Jeanettc Marie La Bouff Rhonda Christine Lackey Kay Gene Lancaster Barbara Kay Laskin Leslie Ann Latimer Kathryn Ann Layton Margaret Isabel Leavenworth Lai W. Lee Eve Marie Lethco Gail Dianne Lewis Sonia Lewis Sylvia Ann Lewis Sally Jane Levy Sharon Anne Levy Maude Lieber Janet Marie Lindley Patricia Lipstate Marta Marie Little Lisa Nan Logan Jean Ann Long Mary Helen Lyon Melissa Jane Macdougall Patricia Ann Machalec Sheryl Joyce Malick Joanne Jessie Malina Marcy Wyn Malowitz Nicole Ann Mandt Kathy Ann Martin Karen Renee Mauzy Mary Lou Mayer Kay Lyn Messenger Carol Jean McAnelly Patricia Kim McAuliffe Jeanne Helen McCarthy Sharee Annette McClanahan Debra Annette McCrary Dorothy Lynne McGee Kay Roxanne McKee Jean Rebecca McLain Mary Kathleen McShea Jane Ann McWherter Lisa Ann Minhalka Marjorie Ellen Micks Sandra Rene Montague Glynda Cae Moore Vanesa Lynn Moore Deborah M. Moran Susan Leah Morgan Liana Laura Mount Karen Lee Mourey Nora Ellen Mullarkey Jean Maria Muller Caria E. Murphy Colleen Rae Murphy Danita Jean Murphy Karen Lynn Murphy Cynthia Marie Muzny Patricia Anne Myers Melinda Sue Mynard Peggy Anne Nash Joy Lynn Neal Cheryl Ann Neill Carol Ann Nelson M. Lynette Nelson Virginia Leigh Newell Renee Lynn Nichols Carol Ann Nickels Nori Lynn Nodurft Jane Ann Norton Evelyn Nosovsky Lisa Gail Nungesser Pamela Nurenberg Carolyn Ann Dates Anne Elizabeth Oberwortmann Michelle Eileen O ' Leary Susan Jane Olive Carol D ' Ann O ' Malley Carolyn Joan Orr Gayle Ann Ostrander Paula Kay Otto Karen Ann Paleschic Lynne Georgeanne Pappas Kimberly Anne Parks Ann Michelle Parrish Laura Lou Petermann Sally Margaret Peters Dian Olivia Petty Lisa Ann Phillips Linda Diane Pool Ellen Katherine Presz Mary Kathleen Price Lissa Fay Prilop Mary Quock Deborah Dale Railsback Mary Kathryn Ramseur Phyllis Suzanne Ray Virginia Catherine Redmon Amy Lou Reinhardt Amy Lyon Renard Amy Elizabeth Renner Diana L. Resnick Rosaria Revilla Robin Renee Ricci Martha June Rickard Jennifer Lynn Ridings Sharon M. Riemann Patricia Rosalind Riggle Carolyn Patricia Riordan Rachel West Robillard Mary Ruth Robinson Lorene L. Rogers Betsy Lynn Ross Robin Samuels Mary Ellen Scheibal Marybeth Schick Jeanette M. Schindler Karen Louise Schlueter Vicki Lynne Schultz Judy Louise Scott I Ic ' lann! Manon Seity.i-n;ui Ciuoline Shurtnoii Mayola Ehniisc Shaw Kathy Lynn Shearer jo Ann(! Sheehan Lisa Jean Sheffield Lisa K. Sherblom Susan Kathleen Sheri ft Judith Ann Shifrin Ellen Rachel Siegel Susan Elizabeth Sivley Barbara Cummings Smith Mary Elizabeth Smith Andrea J. Solomon Sara Ann Sorellc Carletta C. Stacy Kar en Elaine Stahlhut Cheri Ann Stalcup Margaret Jane Stanbery Kathryn Starnes Carol Ann Stewart Helen D. Stewart Laurie Ann Stewart Marsha Lee Stolbun Mary Lise Store Sheryl Ann Strichler Laura Gay Slueckler Lisa Ellen Swanson Patty H. Tallant Deborah Anne Tapler Carol Jeanne Tate Ileana Rosa Tellechea Carla Marie Thompson Debra Kay Thompson Paula Jean Thompson Shiryl Louise Thompson Charlotte Mae Thornton Ann Thorpe Claire Tibiletti Melissa Ann Tillotson Yiu Fan Amy Ting Sarah Lynn Todd Sharmin Labob Toles Sandy Yuk Hing Tsang Sandra Hiroko IJechi Rita Carol Vallet Ann Marie Vandivier Mary Hill Vansteenbergh Sharyl Van Winkle Karen Lea Vavra Nina Leah Verheyden Gloria Von Rossum Melissa Kay Waggoner Amber Dawn Walker Susan Elaine Wallace Gay Wesley Warren Margaret Warren Lisa Loraine Weaver Susan Lynn Weiner Cynthia Ann Wenglar Susan Renee Wier Susan Claire Williams Shannon Kay Willis Cheri Lea Witter Karen L. Wojciechowski Gelinda Ann Wolter Lauren Leigh Wood Susan Kay Woolley Mary Carolyn Worden Ilene Worthington Emre Lola Wright Judy Mae Yep Kristie JoAnn Young Suzan Ruth Zaner Karia Ruth Zwiers Women ' s Freshman Honor Society ■ M ' Alpha Lambda Del ChiEpsilon MEMBERS Eric Neil Angevine Walter G.Barfield Charles W. Beere James Kyle Biggs Victoria L. Blaschke Robert Frank Carmichael William RollandCatlett Michael Weldon Cooper Robert L. Cooper David Thurman Ford Ramon K. Gomez Burkley Joseph Hendrix Herman Wil iam Hoffman Jr. Patrick Steven Hogan Thomas Wilson Home John Tolar Hull Andrew Meidell Knysh Cheong Yin Kong ■ ■ Kin Lo David Layne Lett TPrr y Patrick Lee Meyer iii iiTi Tmniipf afteKfeSse John Dudley Noell Prajya Phinyawat Byron William Porter William Walter Reeves John Harry Richardson Thomas Wayne Rioux Thomas John Rowe Walter E. Skipwith John Ronald Smith Somsak Suddee Roger Lee Thomas Grant Ray Thompson Mark Alan Thompson Wendell R. Vines Michael David Watkins Sammy Alan White Gary Joe Wolff Joe David Word John Paul Zaniewski Chi Epsllon honors civil and architectural engineering students who have shown distin- guished scholarship, character, sociability and practicality. First semester juniors in the upper third of their class are eligible. Officers were Robert Carmichael, president; Patrick Hogan, vice-president; Thomas Home, treasurer and Victoria Blaschke, secretary. FALL INITIATES John Avila Jr. Jesse D. Bogard Jonathan W. Braswell Benjamin August Brooks Jr. William A. Chaffin Jr. Thomas P. Chesney Thomas Camille Cloutier Calvin Eugene Cowher Waters S. Davis IV Leven Thomas Deputy III Warner Gordon Derr John Berterant Falcon James Steven Farr Edward Alan Feith Larry Edward Fitchhorn Gregory Duane Franz Roy Webb Fuller Glen Edward Grayson Jed Marcus Hamilton Michael William Hoblel Darrel V. Holmquist Sue Hudson Mark Jones Glenn Berry Landers David Bruce Law James Howard Long David Arnold Malish Charles R. Mauldin Tim Charles Newton Teera Ngarmcroh Joe Neil Niedermayer Paul Arthur Pabor Robert W. Purdom III David Quintanilla Stephen Allan Ram,sey Kerrie Glenn Standlee Pieter J. Lee Morris Taylor Thaksin Thepchatri Rivero F. Vallejo Ronald Paul Webster David Neil Willis Thomas Robert Winkley Pili Yimprasert James D. Zimmermann Jr. SPRING INITIATES Junius Davis Allen Leon Barzegar Russell Wyatt Barr Marvin M. Beckmann Rudolph Bonaparte Joe Tom Burch Tommy Ray Chmores Christopher Davis William A. Davis Jr. Anita Joan Dawson Chris Edward Doepke Gary Eugene Elkins Franklin Lee Fischer Stephen Hoo Chuen Foo Donald Hollis Gehring Henry Jas Hervol Margaret A. Himmelblau Richard James Hoar Billy Dean James Jr. David Johnson Reginald Hiram Keith Dan Thomas Kinard Jerrold Payne Lea Robert Carl Lee Jim Lindsey Robert Lee Moore Jr. Samuel E. Navarro Thomas R. Patrick Kay Marie Peterson Layne Leroy Puis Bill Quiros Vivek Shankar Savur Brent Dale Schkade Francis H. Speed Jr. Paul A. Stegerjr. Mark Thomas Wood Kyle Andrew Woodward Wah-Kiu Yan Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity -Chi Epsilon Friar Society MEMBERS Catherine E. Alleman Dan Stewart Boyd Larry Alan Campagna ohn Karl Dietz Donald Glenn Franklin Michael Lowery Gillette Scott Ingersol Harmon Martha Ann Hill Patrick Michael Kelly Robert David Kilpatrick Barnett Alexander Kress Gappy Ray McGarr Steven E. McNichols David Meyer Mincberg Nicolas J. Perez Linda Sue Perine Gary Michael Polland James E. Richards Jr. Pieter Meade Schenkkan Alison Leigh Smith Cynthia Taylor Stephen L. Van John Jerome Watkins Diane Pamela Wood FALL INITIATES Victoria L. Blaschke William A. Brock Jr. Dierdre Zee Fotescu Roosevelt Leaks Kenneth Wayne McHam William M. Parrish Paul Joseph Van Osselaer Steven Alan Wisch SPRING INITIATES Scott Jerome Atlas Carol Ann Crabtree Traci Bliss Harte Erwin Smith McGee Robert F. Schenkkan Jr. Jane Elizabeth Strauss Members of the Friar Society are chosen each semester on the basis of significant contrib- utions to the University through leadership, service, character and scholarship. To be eligi- ble for the oldest honor society at the Univer- sity a student must be a second semester junior. Initiates were announced at the Texas-SMU football game in November and during Round Up w eek in April. Officers were David Mincberg, abbot; Julius Whittier, almoner and Bob Kilpatrick, scri- University Honor Society ' nv mmmmmmm. .-.•i-M ttifti ' wiimA Kappa Tau Alpha MEMBERS Marlene Both Bakst Mary Susan Barnes Ann Bowden Albert Houston Carter Carol Ann Crockard Sarah Rebecca Dozier James Hudson Dunlap Roy L. Flukinger Jeff Reeid Franks Larry Paul Fuller Vijaya K. Ganju William K. Garland James R. Green Jr. Betsy C. Hall Joseph M. Harper Elsie Mao Hobert Junior and senior journalism majors in the top ten percent of their class are eligible for Kappa Tau Alpha, organized to recognize and encourage scholarship in journalism. Scholastic requirements are a 3.0 GPA overall plus a 3.5 GPA in all college communication courses. Members are selected each spring. Officers were Joe Harper, president; Mary Barnes, vice-president and Bill Garland, secre- tary-treasurer. James P. Hill Cheryl Ann Jones Jay Robert Jorden John D. Keeler Arlene Sue Kessler Martha E. Kinard Laura Ellen Kislin Deborah Klausner Linda Lee Kleinberg Frank John Krompak Curtis Wayne Leister Francis J. Loftus Renee Viktoria McCright Joette Moffett Maureen E. Pantusa Wynne Alison Pauly Suzanne Petorman Silas B. Ragsdale Janie Danhof Read Daniel M. Robbins Patricia Ann Ryall Stuart W. Showalter Jean Ruth Sladek Alison Leigh Smith Larry Wayne Smith- Sharie Fryer Stoinochor Susan Joanne Stoler William Jesse Stone Elaine Fuller Tankard Donald Kenneth Tooker Helen Claire VoUmor Jon Paullin Wardrip SPRING INITIATES Roland H. Adams Jr. Susan Gale Anderson oseph Lamar Baldwin Jrenda Gail Barnett David F. Barron Otis Wayne Baskin James Anthony Black Roger Edward Bennett Barry Evans Boesch Richard Andrew Bonner Julie Anne Booty Nancy Elizabeth Call Richard Field Camp III Sara Jane Carpenter Kwang Yung Choo Mary Emily Clark Nick A. Cuccia William Lloyd Darwin Elizabeth G. Echols Robert Hays Etnyre Jr. Guy Stephen Fausset Kathy Lynn Frey Carol Chris Garrett Susan R. German Peter Anton Goubert Cheryl Lynne Grosser Anita Miller Guinn Milan Ross Hughston Eui Bun Lee Cheryl Olkos Markeota L. McNalt Joseph A. McQuade Patricia oan Newman Mark Adrian Oswald Janie Lee Paleschic Susan Margaret Ridgway Zacheus Wheeler Ryall Edwin Brown Sargent June Brownlee Scogin Linda Marie Seaman Michael Sewell Carol Jean Simmons Jethro Michael Sims Barbara Jean Sprague Gloria Ann Stackpole Judy Elizabeth Steele Marcella Lee Sykora Carol M. Thurston Thomas L. Tipton 111 Janice E. Tomlin Roemer F. Traugolt Michael Lee Ullman Henry F. Urick Jr. ohn C. Walmsley ' atsyAnn Watkins Journalism Honor Society 414 — Kappa Tau Alpha i Mortar Board Outstanding junior and senior women who have made significant contributions to the Uni- versity in the areas of leadership, scholarship and service are eligible for membership in Mor- tar Board. Faculty and organizations nominate women who are selected by members. Dinners were held at homes of Mortar Board alumnae, and speakers included University President Ad Interim Lorene Rogers and former governor and Regents Chairman Allan Shivers. ' Officers were Clare Buie, president; Barbara Linch, vice-president; Charity Anozie, trea- surer; Susan Stanberry, secretary; Shirl Wor- cester, historian and Nancy Vine, editor. MEMBERS Jani.s Ruth Adams Charity Chiimyi; Anozie Anna Clan; Buie Lynn e Claire Collier Linda Ann Crooker Dana Boss Davis Kim Taylor Dawson Margaret |eannine Farmer Ruth Ann FosIit Sharon Lynne Friedland Diane Elaini! Gory cki Deborah Jo Haskover Judy Henri(!tta Hu(;hings(m Kevyn Colleen Jones Kim Kelly Sheryl Ann Kelly Marlene Elaine l ortage Barbara Ann Linch Charlotte Neit .el Stephanie Michael O ' Neill Carolyn V. Perkins Laura Anderson Popper Lesa Janini! Raschke Patsy Rul)io Marilyn Lee Smothers Sue Lynne Stanberry Susan Joanne Stoler Jane Elizabeth Strauss Nancy Louise Vine Marsha Elaine Wheeler Levvise Ann Wilson Shirley Ann Worcester Rowena Mira Young SPRING INITIATES Julie Anne Booty Elizabeth A. Borrett Carol Ann Crabtree Mary Elizabeth Edgerton Ann Elizabeth Ennen Mary Margaret Flynn Melinda Lou FugitI Cheryl Anne Gogelis Mary Thorese Gormley Nancy Lynne Gracey Elizabeth A. Grimes Marilyn Lou Grooms Susan Jeanne Hubbard Barbara Ann Hunt R( b{!cca Hurley Ann Junkin Carolyn Frost Keenan Marsha K. Seale May Patricia Delourdes McKay Marilyn Jean McKenzie Kar(!n Elizabeth McLane Mary Alice McLean Judy Ann Modrzejewski Mary Pratka Pamela Jill Mary K. Scepansky Leila Rosamaya Sh(!llon Kimberly Ann Sherrill Ann Coke Spillman Martha Virginia Upchurch Denise Gayle Waugh Chi ryl Jo White Janet Ellen Youngman Elise Carol Zan Sherri Lynn Ziilgilt Womun ' s Honor Society Omicron Delta Kappa STUDENT MEMBERS lohn August Adkins Saba Jack Balagia Jr. Joseph Webster Bell Ir. Siverio Carlos Bosch Dan Stewart Boyd William A. Brock Jr. Zack Thomason Burkott III Larry Alan Campagna Edgar Allen Christy Murry Lee Cohen Mark M. Connally Philip Charles Grouse Richard Guenther Dargatz Peter Thomas Demakes William Dan Driscoll Paul C. Feinberg James Edgar Feuge Stephen Ray Fontaine John Jay Fosdick Ronald Glenn Franklin David Shuler Gamble Michael Lowery Gillette David Fred Gloyna Daryl Leo Goldstucker Rene Abelardo Gonzalez Mark G. Goode III Frank Leroy Grossman . James O.Guleke II Scott Ingersoll Harmon Scott Allen Henderson Gary Martin Jacobs Craig Johnson Robert Leo Kaminski William McKee Kazmann Nikolai Kerpchar • Jerry M. Keys Robert David Kilpatrick Barnett Alexander Kress Harry Ray Larrabee Larry Lee Lehman James William Little James Lane Littrell Omicron Delta Kappa, a national leadership ociety honoring members of the student body, acuity and the community, for the first time extended membership to women. To be eligible a student must rank in the top 35 percent of his class and show exceptional service and leader- ship at the University. Faculty and honorary nominees must have a]so shown exceptional leadership and achievement in their fields. Officers were David Gamble, president; Larry Campagna, vice-president; Dan Nelson, treasurer and Murray Cohen, secretary. Leopoldo M. Mayoral Gappy Ray McGarr William Frank Monroe Daniel Warren Nelson James Arthur Nicholson Gary Michael Polland Charles Ray Porter Jr. Robert Francis Primeaux Max Otto Reinbach Jr. James Robert Reinhart James E. Richards Jr. Joseph Newton Riggs III Thomas Wayne Rioux Dirk M. Schenkkan Larry Lee Smarr Waller MylesStandish Stephen G. Termaath John Carroll Thomas Robert L. Thompson Michael J. Upchurch Stephen L. Van Paul Joseph Van Osselaer Ronnie Ray Volkening Donald Charles Wahrmund Stephen Craig Walls Charles Edward Watkins Robert Daniel Watkins John Tullos Wells Charles Monroe Wilson III Rodney Fernell Witcher Edwin E. Wright Charles P. Zlatkovich FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS Stanley A, Arbingast James Bernard Ayres William Thomas Belt Harold Charles Bold Francis X. Bostick Jr. Vernon M. Briggs Ned H. Burns Charles T.Clark Roy Rochcsti r Craig William H. Cunningham Vincent Rairden Dinino James Paul Duncan Samuel P. Ellison Jr. Elsass J. Frank Gerhard J. Fonkon Earnest FrediM-ick Gloyna William T. Guy D. B. Jack Holland Wayne H. Holtzman W. Page Keeton Lorrin G. Kennamer Georg(! Kozm(!tsky Donald A. Larson William Livingston Jack Russell Maguire David Haskell McClinlock John J. McKetta Jr. Edward Lee Nail Eugene W. Nelson Arno Nowotny Kenneth William Olm Dewitt Carter Roddick Lymon Clifton Reese James R. Roach Walt Whitman Rostow Darrell K. Royal Clyde W, Smith Raynard M. Sommerfeld Archie Waugh Straiton J. Neils Thompson Paul Carey Trickett Charles Alan Wright HONORARY MEMBERS John B. Connally Jr. Bob R. Dorsey Dewitt C. Greer ■Dr. Charles M. LeMaisIre Harry Hunt Ransom Alan Shivers SPRING INITIATES STUDENTS Catherine E. Alleman John Timothy Arnoult William Gregory Beck Jerry Arch Bell Marian Ruth Bentley Victoria Lillian Bla.schke John K.Boyce III Cheyanne Elizabeth Boyd Ronald V. Bravenec Anna Claire Buie Barry Frank Cannaday Mark James Cannan Sue Ellen Cash Lynne Claire Collier Thomas Lee Collier Carol Ann Crabtree Linda Ann Crooker Dana B(!ks Davis Laura Ann Foster Deirdre Zoe Fotescu Diane Elaine Gorzycki Eric Stewart Hagstetle Magdalena Hernandez Martha Ann Hill Patrick Michael Kelly Cheryl Ann Kirk William Reed Lang III Kennedy K. McElroy Jr. Patricia Delourdes McKay David Meyer Mincberg Charlotte L. Neitzel Dennis Karl Obenhaus Dean Michael Ornish William M. Parrish Howard A. Paveglio Nicolas J. Perez Linda Sue Perine William Walter Reeves John Harry Richardson Mary Magdalene Rivas Randolph Winsler Rountree Peter Craig Selig Michael Joseph Shearn Alison Leigh Smith Jane Elizabeth Strauss Russell Kent Strawn Cynthia Taylor Gary Joe Wolff FACULTY Lanier Cox Alan Friedman Leonardt F. Kreish; Homero Lopez W. Albert W. Noyes Jr. Lorene Rogers Elspeth Rostow HONORARY Charles Umlauf National Leadership Society 416 — Omicron Delta Kappa niy(awiiitt«Hi ,¥,v SPRING INITIATES MHrilyn Louise Adams Aurora F. Arnold Mary D. Van Ealon Baker Michele Barr Marcia Annette Capp Kathryn Virginia Dick Sara Ann George Holly Bruce Greaves Martha Elizabeth Gunn Linda )ean Hann Cynthia Ruth Harris Mary Dudley Hickman Hilarie AnnHoting Carolyn S. Jackson Jane Eileen Kurzawa Susan Melene Lesikar Fay Lynn Leverett Linda Ann Lightburn Patricia A. Kelley Mason Karmen Paley Betty lean Parlin Patricia F. Rockhill Deborah Kay Roemer Nina E. Rossi Schenck Mary Ruth Seiders Deborah Kay Shourd Jill Anne Staewen Elizabeth Ann Taylor Vivian Ellen Voltz Audrey Cheryl Weiner Julia Alice Wilson Janet Claire Wolf The purpose of Omicron Nu is to promote research and scholarship in the area of home economics. Members are chosen by a minimum GPA requirement and are voted into the organi- zation by current members and faculty. Officers were Barbara Rylander, president; Jane Lambdin, vice-president; Leslie Farns- worth. treasurer and Paula Krizov, secretary. MEMBERS Barbara J. Allen Diane Louise AUred Emily Oliver Anderson Pamela Winston Bodzy Leisa Fearing Bunton Cynthia Lachelle Carlson Jane Katherine Carter Kathleen T. Cloudt Janna Denice Davis Cathy Ruth Elder Leslie N. C. Farnsworth Cheryl Dedear Harrison Jane Hitt Hejl Donna Bonita Hodges Kathryn Sue Huebner Susan Benke Kaiser Ann Kilby Paula Ruth Krizov Jane Letitia Lambdin Rosemary Iliya Loftin Gayle Annette Richey Linda Karen Rogers Janna Kay Russell Barbara Russell Rylander Deborah Jean Sandidge Pamela Anne Sibley Nancy Carol Stanley Patricia Kay Truax FALL INITIATES Jane Ellen Bateman Julianne Goode Black Lyn Hornung Brown Janet Roberta Carlson Maxine Esther Clark Mary Esther Diaz Mary Lou Dykstra Margaret V. Ewing Joanne Carol Green Marian Briley Greif Susan Lorraine Hill Janet Lynne Miles Jessie Loretia O ' Brien Karen Pannell Karen Jean Saadeh Deborah Naumann Sahm Susan Wiley Stinnett Patricia M. A. Terranella Sue Elaine Washam Dorothy Elaine Wiswell Jane Wray Marty Jo Zinkgraf Omicron Nu — 417 FALL INITIATES Carol Lynn Anderson Brett Ian Appieliaum Kenneth Wayne Askins Harold Brent Austin Janette Dyer Bannan Betfe Beatrice Barler Marsuerite Pearl Barnetl Kerri Ann Bartletl Mary Laurel Bass Joan Carolyn Bernian Cheryl Kay Bolin Julie Anne Booty Cheyannc Elizabeth Boyd David Wayne Brewster Ben Paul Brinkley Peter Harlan Broberg Debra Frances Brown Edith Elizabeth Brown Ben David Buchholtz John Ellis Bush Paul Butzberger Jonizo Cain Harvey D. Campbell III Patricia A. Campbell Vicky Reavis Campbell David James Carter Robert Lindsey Cash Jr. Patricia Ann Chandler Peter Chang Kathleen Marie Chase Tracee Ann Chenoweth Eleanor Gail Collins Alfred Jesse Correira Emile Joseph Courreqes III Nancy Jo Cox Marilyn Djenadi Mills CuUen Kim Taylor Dawson Paul Pyron Drake Joanne Lee Duerr Rene DuHot Molly Clare Duson Mary Elizabeth Eberle Chester Erwin Ehret Steven Roland Epstein William Vance Esler Laurel Ann Estelein Charles David Everett Nancy Marie Ferguson George Joseph Feuerstahler Anne Barry Filzpatrick Laura Brooks Flawn David William Foiiken Linda Sue Freedman Sharon Lynne Friedland Elaine Goldberg Fruchter Karl, Joseph F " ryxell Lorenzo Garibay Jr. fjoiia Louise Gathman Dee Ann Cearhart Coli ' A. Giller Randall Dean Goodwin Gary Scott Gossen Stuart Malcolm Graham Kale Elizabeth Groesbeck Alfredo Claudio Guehir Alpheus Hendrix Hall Melissa Rose Hallman Brenda Tramel Hardesty Gail Cynthia Harris John Robert Harris Joanne Duflot I larwood Joan Marie Henson Gregory Eugene; Herbeck Sharon Ann Stewart Hobbs Donald Gregory Hopkins Pamela Sue Horn Linda Cheryl Howard Ernest Cameron Huff Valerie Hunter John Patrick Huston Ian Barton Inglis Lisa Kerry Jacobson Danil Joseph James Rebecca Jasso Rolland Walter Jenkins James Albert Jennings Robert Keyirce Johnson Dan Richard Jones Daniel Lane Katz Richard FJonald Kern Don William Kothman Priscilla To Kung Dan Allen Lambeth Bonnie Gail Landrum Patricia Ann La Rue Leugh Ann Latham Betty Leach William Cleveland Lockett Robert Dewey Londere(! Ill Lucy Carole Love Mark Anthony Luna Suzanne E. Lundberg Donald James MacAIIister Timothy Alec Mack Pierr(! Maurice Malek Marian J(!an Malone Sarah Jane Manly Mary Katherine Martin Michael Dee Martin Linda Carol May Christoph(!r Lei! McCarty Jean Ann McCray Jan Leigh McEnlire Kenneth James McQuade Andrea Sidor Mead Dennis Dwight Messeng(!r Robin Beth Meyer Sean Peter Moori Barbara Ann Morgan Michael Scott Morgan Stephen Leslie Morgan B. U. Mullen II Colleen Mary Mullen William Sti wart Nantz Robert Frank Neal Nancy Kay Needles Karen Sue M. Neely Robert Joseph Neff Sharlene Neibauer Debra Garner Nesbitt Nita Mary McKinley Nevill John Mitchell Nevins Adrian M. Overstreet Jr. Carrie Lynn Parker William Morrison Parrish Louie Avis Payne Martha Annabelle Peak Stephen Moe Pearce John Howard Peper Sharolyn Suzanne Perricone Marsha Ruth Peterson Gregory Charles Phillips James Edwin Popp James Edward Porliir III Mary Jane K. Nancy Sue Pryzant David Alan Puntch James Norwood Rader William Marshall Ramsd(!ll Lesa Janine Raschke Lillian Ruth Rhodes David Ward Risher Carolyn Virginia Rivers Dirk Bri.scoe Robertson Susan Gail Rosenbauni Karen Ruth Rosenthal Zade A. Rosenthal III Joseph Clinton Ross Robert Knox Ross Margaret Louise Rowe Linda Jean Royall Alison Mari Rule Betty Grace Rylander Milton Kenneth Scharff William CharUw Schmidt Jr. HliassShahvar James Leon Siegrist Keith AlanSilverblalt Reagan William Simp.son Julie Gayle Skarbovick Melinda Louise Snell Virginia San Miguel Soto Roy Robert Stallnian Jr. Bonnie Snead Stump Stephen Eric Sturdivant Su.san Lavonne Sumners Turid Sverre Lana Jeanette Tangum Patricia Wilcox Taylor Joanne Beth Templeton Paula Louise Thomas William Mark Thompson Brenda Lee Towell Daniel Kent Towsley Emma Venegas Charles Randall Vickerv Ann Clark Wallentine Alvin Xavier Waters Jr. Susan Aim W(-aver Shirley Webster Victor Walter We(!dn Ann H. Werner Roderick Evans Wetsel Gary Wayne Williamson Cynthia Diane Wilson Walter Harold Wood 11 David Michael Woodward John Paul Wright Mitchell Alan Young Jeffrey Howard Yusim Upper-division students in the College of Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social and Beha- vioral Sciences and the Division of General and Comparative Studies who have distinguished scholastic records are eligible for admission to Phi Beta Kappa. Elections are held in the fall and spring semesters. Officers were Albert Donald Sellstrom, presi- dent; Zorita Koprivnik, vice-president and James A. Hitt, secretary-treasurer. National Arts and Sciences Honor Society 418 — Phi Beta Kappa msM fmvs !n? mi,}KBfiossmimKaii Phi Beta Kappa SPRING INITIATES Rulhloyci! Abboud Tori Ann Allbri hl Brady Uh; Allim Ii ' lTrcy Sc:()ll Archer Bonnio lean AusI Joyce; Ann Bader lames Elwood Baker Jr. Robert WarriMi Bauman [r. Philip Clark Beers St(;phen Morris Bi ll Robert David Bimnetl Marian Ruth B(Mitli!y Blair Allan Bisbey Catherine Ann Blaha Suzanne Elizabeth Blanchard Leslie Dyess Blanlon Paul Talmage Boston )r. Ann Ralston Brnga jolie Sherill Brams Deborah (ilyn Brock Jerry Lynn Cade Steven ChaimCaplan John Haralson Carlson Nancy Eileen Carmichael Michael Lindsey Carroll William Calvin Chaney Julie Ann Chapman Robert Hochen Cheng David William Clement Joseph Henry Clement Carol LaVere Clowi; Mark Stiwen Cochnin Nancy Lois Coleman Bette Nan Costales Slephim Thomas Crews Katherine Estelle Cromack Anna Carolyn loan Cutler Albert Ernest Da vies 111 lames Stephen Davis juli Anne Davis Ralph Ernest Day Deborah Kay Dtrnn William Joseph Doan Paul Helano Dodsim Wallace |ames Domini y John Yeary Doss Patrick William Dugan Gregory Martin Dziem Joe David Edgmon Phoebe Ellis Catherine Sue Emerson Joseph |acob Ernst David Randolph Ervvin Charles Vincent Faerber Keith William Fairchild Elizabeth Ann Farris Andrea Leigh Ferguson Jay Edward Fermaglich Linda Gale I ' erszt Kenneth William Fields Richard Eniil Fischer Gregory Dean Foley Beverly Ann Foidham Kathryn Louise Fra .ier Mark Andrew Frentrup Julia Kay Froelich Clark Dale Gaddy Joseph Charli!S Gagen Patrii;ia, Garcia Lopez William Gi orge Gartig Martha Vyrl Geffen Malcolm Conrad fieigeir Thomas Alan Ginn James Henry (loblf! jr. R{Mie Abelardo Gonzalez Christopher |ohn Gorman Edith Suzanne Gott Fred David Oit ' fin Jr. Julia Ann Griffin William Charles Grigsby Eric Stewart Hagstette Pamela Sue Hargrove Clovis Bennett Harrington )r. Dorothy Janiece Harrison Robert Lew Hedrick Jr. Barry Edward Herbert Jeffrey Lee Hobbs Debra Kay Nance Hoch Michelle Diane Holland John Victor Hollrah Laura Holm(;s Rob(!rt Scott Hughes Thomas Ewell Hunt 111 Paul Loch Hunter Judith Anne Jackson Thomas Earl Jamagin Theresa Lynn J(mnings Carl Hirschie Johnson David Bintliff Johnson Michael Eric Johnson Michael Craig Jones Terry Michael Kee Thomas Martin Keel Jr. Sheryl Ann Kelly John William Kepner David Alan Kleiman James Kenneth Kopf Jr. Katherine Margan t Kroeger Kit Sang Lam Gail Margaret Lampert George Frederick Leatherman Kevin John Leehey Lorraine Leftwich Philip Lloyd Leggelt WinfriKl P. L(!hmann Barbara Ann Linch Ronnie Dan Lipschutz Janet Ann Little James Loyd Livingston Jr. Percy Edgar Luecke 111 Michael Dirksen Lumpkin David Wayne Mann Nancy Lucille Mara Ruth Anne Mardock Debra Newby Mari(! Maureim Adele Martin Pamfila Ann Mason Thomas Glenn Mason Berna Linda Massingill Geofrey Leigh Master Judith Ann Malaya James Lyon Mayer Joyce Yamanda Milh r GiseleMoeller John Kimberly Morgan Bart William Morrison Barbara Carol Mudd C(!cilia Olive Mindy John Sinclair Murray Scott Marshall Murray Gary Morse Neely Charlotte LouLsi; Neilzel Joe Don Nenstiel Anna Neumann Jackie Lee Nixon Patricia Louise Nommensen Dean Michael Ornish Elizabeth A. Page Helen Orit Pankowsky Mary Pamela Pearson Michael Paris Pearsim Patricia Lee Perry Stephen Clark Peters Mary Elizabeth Peterson Risa Kam Pippin Stephen Roy Pitts Michael David Pool Linda Kay Powell Robert Francis Primeaux Melissa Ann Proll Thomas Joseph Purgason Carolyn Dianne Ragsdale Jami Fonda Ray Robert Randolph Ray Robert Glenn Reedy Charles George Reitor John Robert Riddle Gregory Albert Roberson Odes Bailey Robertson Sarah Winn Robinson Gail Irene Johnson Rogers Rachel Rosen G{!orge Frederic Sa f i ; David Gene Sanders Mt lanie Einion Sanderson Harry Eugene Sarles Jr. Ronald Harrison Saylor Edward Jo.seph Schmitt Jane Schwartz Beverly Lu Seals Linda Marie Seaman Elizabeth Hooper Sears Mary Jo Seeman Leim Gene Sellers Jr. Matthew Rowland Selmon Av I. Silverman John Scott Simpson Steve Glenn Slade Judith Lynn Sloan Rodney Bayron Slone Murry Steve Smith Susan Jo Smith Annette Katrin Stachowitz Jack Ross Stern Jeffrey Charles Sutlle Charles Price Taylor Jr. Lee Alan Taylor Karen Sue Thomas Nancy Jean Thomas La(!titia Louise Thompson Alice Pickens Torbert Pamela Bledsoe Toth Ricky Donald Tripletl Jennifer Kay Trostle David Nels Ugland Peter S.Vilbig Nancy Louise Vine Charles Thomas Volk Virginia Luisa Volterra George Alexander Waldhelm Arlene Suzanne Walker Helen Veronica Ware Carole Laraine Warwick Mark Steven Werbner John Bailey Wheal Nancy Kaye Whiled James Brandley Whitenton Gary Richard Williams Lewise Ann Wilson Nelda Wilson Patricia Lee Wilson Susan De Wipperman Steven Alan Wisch Joseph Allan Wisnoski James Albert Wolf Jr. Shirl Ann Worcester John Richard Worrel David Edward Wright Robert Kelly Wright John Lee Yates National Arts and Sciences Honor Society Phi Beta K ilMMIIiilWM ' iiiririiiini ' iniii n Phi Beta Kinsolvin Phi Beta Kinsolving exists to encourage aca- demic achievement among the residents of Kin- solving Dormitory. Residents with a 3.5 GPA are eUgible for membership. Services offered include professor evaluation files and inter- dorm tutoring. Officers were Cynthia Binion, president; Laura Schwartz, vice-president; Ruth Williams, treasurer and Kathy Minor, secretary. MEMBERS Betty Suf! Albers Mary Susan Barnes Eindy Lynn Bass Catherine P. Bauer Cynthia Kay Binion Debra llene Blatt Melinda Kay Brown Debra Colleen Burkett Marcia Annette Capp Nina Kay Chamness Rebecca Frances Coel Nancy Jo Cox Gloria Gail Cutrell Debra Ann Dosser Anne Carol Epstein Jo Anne Faerber Pamela Gail Fonda Dara Whitney Frank Linda Ruth Gary Carolyn Yvonne Glenn Jane Ellen Graves Cornelia Gertrud Gutz Lisa Lynne Haggard Lee Anne Hebner Katherine Marie Hoffman Jacqueline Suzanne Holmes Edith Lynn Isaacks Nancy Hope James Cathy Eugenia Jaster Sandra Earlene Jones Julie Ann Jordan Patricia Lucille Kelly Patricia Rose Kildav Clair Elizabeth Krizov Mira Pearl Krumholz Diana Mills McDade Kathy Ellen Minor Judith Ann Morrison Judith Rae Ney Margaret Jean O ' Bannion Maribeth Olander Sarah Ann Oliver Catherine Cleary Paciotti Suzanne Phillips Kimberlee Marie Ploch Mary Melissa Pratka Kathy Ann Pulliam Melissa Lyn Randolph Claire Louise Rollwage Linda Sue Sanderson Valerie Ann Schutze Laura Jeanne Schwartz Susan Mary Shofner Margaret Aileen Sowada Susan Jan Soward Pamela Ann Taylor Roberta JeanineTholen Mia Tredici Kathryn Lee Turpin Kimble Michelle Varner Vicki Lynn Wagner Bari Ann Walters Karen Henrietta Weiller Lisa Kay White Ruth Williams Stephanie Keathley Williams Margaret Ann Wysong SPRING INITIATES Donna Elizabeth Adams Leona Ann Agnello Sallie G. Aiguier Floy E. Althaus Teresa Ann Allom Marilou Baker Brenda Kay Barnett Vicki Barron Elizabeth Ann Bennett Nancy Hardeman Bess Sharon Lynn Blacksher Marlene Caldwell Carolyn Gardner Camp Friedericka K. Campbell Lizabeth Ann Caskey Donna Jiian Chaffin Lynne Claire Collier Susan [aniece Collier Ellen Suzanne Corbin Arlene Joan Corson Margaret Ann Covington Cheryl Rae Crews Kathryn Elizabeth Grim Sheryl Rene Dodds Joanna Evans Lorena Lynn Foard Mary Elizabeth Francis Catherine L. Freilag Robin Melinda Frisby Diana Maria Garza Cindy Lou Gearner Hollyce C. Giles Margaret E. Goeken Nora G. Gonzales Judith Ann Graff Cecilia Louise Graham Susan Gayle Graugnard Elizabeth R. Gret ley Margaret S. Greer Pamela B. Hagan Marsha Lynn Hamby Martha Diane Hamill Melissa Kay Haralson Sheryl Lynn Hardwick Mary Dell Harrington Pamela D. Harrison Holly Lynn Hawn Waldene Marie Hoffman Julia Lee Houston Deborah Lynne Huber Carol Marie Jackson Melinda Gayle Jay.son Kathy Eileen Johnson Phyllis L. Karstens Ann Elizabeth Kitchen Diane Marie Klecka Myra Lee Klinksiek Deborah Joann Knapp Mary Carroll Kruger Jeanette Marie Labouff Leslie Ann Latimer Roxanne Lealh Sonia Lewis Martha Warren Lillie Janet Marie Lindley Carol Ann Lineback Catherine Helen Little Jean Ann Long Ann Lovett Mary Teresa Lytic Joanne Christine Macow Carol Jean McAnelly Patricia Kim McAuliffe Mary Kimbrough McGall Sylvia G. Mergeler Marjorie Ellen Micks Sheralyn O. Miller Linda Louise Morris Kar(!n Lee Mourey Jean Maria Muller Karen Lynn Murphy Cynthia Marie Muzny Jana Dee Myrick Peggy Anne Nash Karen Denisi; Nelson Renee L. Nichols Linda Lee Niemann Pamela E. Nurenberg Lisa Gail Nungesser Carol Dann O ' Malley Carolyn J. Orr Dian Olivia Petty GandiceT. Poland Mary Kathleen Price Lissa Fay Prilop Virginia C. Redmon Rebecca Ann Reinian Amy Lou Reinhardt Amy Lyon Renard Katherine D(!e Richard.son Patricia Rosalind Riggh; Elizabeth Ann Roberts Xanna Lee Robinson Cindy Sue Sampler Mary Ellen Schiebal Karen Lee Schmidt Jennifer Yvonne Scott Laura Lea Sears Susan K. Sheriff Susan Silvey Janet Ruth Slaughter Kaye Lynn Smallwood Barbara C. Smith Andrea Joan Solomon Sara Ann Sorellc Mary Lynn Spolyar Margaret Jane Stanbery Laurie Ann Stewart Sharon Ann Stewart Sheryl Ann St rickler Lisa Ellen Swanson Karen Lynn Tabak Patty H. Tallant Debra Kay Thompson Paula Jean Thompson Shiryl Louise Thompson Debra Lynn Treadway Janet Trusty Karen Emily Tumulty Mary H. Vansteenbergh Sharyl C. Vanwinkle Marianne Vertrees Marian Johnson Wagner Loretta Wantschek Carol Ann Weston Susan Renee Wier Andrea Ruth Williams Mary Louise Williams Susan Kay Woolley Karen Wotciechowski Women ' s Scholastic Society 420 — Phi Beta Kinsolving .IHMWBVijnMV MEMBERS William Steve Albrechl lames C. Anderson Michael Hal Anderson Steven Lee Anderson Thomas William Applegath Patrick McLennan Arnold Jefferson Rogers Baker Josh Brooks Baker Stanton Neal Ballard Dennis Cordell Banks Bennie Adolph Baring Jr. Eugene Earl Barron Jr. Davy Mac Belk William Thomas Belt Jr. John Fredrick Berry Michael Bruce Blotner William Guest Bollinger Stephen Robert Bondy John Stuart Bosholm Timothy Lee Boyd Ercel Gene Brashcar Michael Timothy Breen Roy Bruno Presley Boyd Bunnell Michael L. Butcher Thomas Martin Byrd James Turner Cameron Michael Wayne Campbell William Ralph Canada Jr. Edmundo Cantu Canales Richard E. Caplan James Erwin Carmichael Ronald Allen Carlson Stephen P. Carrigan Jeff Dean Case Richard Kai-Tzung Chang Clarence Chung-Sun Chow Stephen Lewis Coleman Shannon Douglass Cox Daniel Kilbourne Craddock John Walton Craddock George F. Cravens Robert Louis Dacy Allen Mark Eiavidson Michael Norman Day Michael Eric Deitch Keith Alan Denkler Scott David Dewitz Gary Steven Donovilz Steven Allen Doores Charles William Doubleday David Lynn Douglas Robert Richard Downes Donald Joe Dudley William Claiborne Dunagan Jeffrey Christian Dunkelberg Mark Thomas Dupriest Clinton Edward Duval Lester Maris Dyke Phi Eta Sigma Officers were Randell Roberts, president; Howard Seitzman, vice-president; John Crad- dock, treasurer and Tom McLellan, secretary. David Lance Eakin Francis Vincent Ebbecke Paul Ashley Ehert Michael James Emerson Mark Patrick Evans William Carlton Feemster Douglas Wells Ferguson Luis Fernandez Jr. Dunbar Allen Fisher Jr. Thomas Alan Foreman John Herbert Frels Timothy Warren Galle Daniel G. Garcia Mark Vance Gardner Geoffrey West Garrett Randall Owen Garriot David Michael Gershater Kevin Gill Ray Cooke Gillespie Gregory Scott Girolami Joel Russell Glende David Anthony Glowka Cameron Dean Godfrey Steven Harris Gold Richard Birk Goldgar Steven Howard Golding Allan David Goldstein Douglas Maier Gomillion Raimundo Gonzalez Jr. Roberto Jose Gonzalez Mark Ray Goudeau Billy Neal Graham Bruce Charles Greenway ArthurJ. Gregorcykjr. Harry Boris Grenader David Sam Guarino Michael S, Guarino Bryant Wilson Hainey Scott Maurice Hall Robert Edward Halpin Donald Earl Hamilton John Carl Hamilton Keith Lee Hamilton Earl Stuart Hampton Curtis Allen Harder David James Hartman Lawrence Allan Hau,ser James Ray Hawker Jr. Mark Andrew Haynes Larry Gene Hearin John J. Henneberger Jr. Keenan Dirk Henry Donald Steve Hensley Jon Michael Hilbert Dan Hall Hinds Jr. James Elmer Hixson Sam Webb Holcomb Joel Alan Holiner William Edward Hollingsworth Michael Don Hopkovitz Carlton Vincent Horbelt Ronald Dee Home William C. Howland III John Otis Hudson James Miller Hull Jeffrey Melaas Hull William Clifton Hunt III David Glenn Isaacs Clyde James Jackson III Ronald Scott Jacobs Leslie Desmond Jennings Cy Clark Jobe David George Johnson Gregory Paul Johnson Richard Louis Johnson Michael Wayne Johnston Bryan Lee Jones Richard Kent June Harry Harper Jung III Michael Lawrence Kaufman Bradley Basch Kayser Kent Stephen Kennon Joseph Await Kieke Jeffry Thomas King Michael Garn Kleckner Steven P. Kloeris Donald William Koran Richard R. Krivcher David Marcus Kurtz James Keith LaRue Dan A. Lawless Kimberly Len Lawrence Donald Wei Lee Robert Dean Lee Eric Matheson Leifer Stephen Longmire Douglas Edward Mann Neal Stuart Manne Harold Franklin Marshall Robert Grisham Martin Eugene Abraham Martinez John Sidney Matlock Lawrence Wiley McAfee Donald Patrick McCelvey Michael Wayne McCoy Dill Mitchell McFarland Charles Steven McFarling Timothy Edwin McGhee David Guy Mcintosh Thomas Jack McLellan John Wallace McNeely Daniel Evan Mercer Mark Edward Meyer Brian Jeffery Miklos David Wesley Milholland William Clark Mitchell Ronald John Moczygemba Roderick Donald Moe Jr. Andrew Sellers Moore Odell Mitchell Moore II Michael Patrick Morris David Scott Mothersole Christopher John Mussett David Cox Needham Craig Donald Nelson Scott Allen Niblack Richard Gregory Ogier James Watson Ogletree Michael Joseph Parma John Frederick Paul Brian Bert Peacock John Charles Pearce Bart Allen Pelton Mark David Pierce Michael Craig Pirrung Michael Lee Poer Robert Stephen Pollard John Michael Power David George Prager Ross Fred Prochnow Joe Hudley Rankin Peter Lewis Reid Robert Cole Reiter Carlton Smith Richard Harold Austen Riggs Robert Shawn Riley Raul Rios George Clark Rippel Robert Michael Roach Jr. Mark Darrell Roberts Randell C. Roberts William Bryan Rollins David Edgar Rose Edward Rock Ross Alan Jay Rubin Victor Camal Saied Lee Robert Sandoloski Jay M. Scherr David Richard Schmidt Louis Noah Seitchik Howard Steven Seitzman Michael Emil Selig Michael Kenneth Shaub Wade Bryant Shelton Ray Lee Shull Tom Seiders Simms John Charles Stack David Cavanaugh Stansbury Peter Mark Stark William Arling Stone Robert Stephen Tausend Andrew McLeod Taylor Walker Collier Taylor Kirk Dale Thomas Mark Thompson Robert Ladd Thompson Michael Wayne Trahan Edwin Barrett Turner Phillip Carl Umphres Russell Alan Vardeil Michael Paul Vela James Michael Vollers Michael Waidhofer R. Stuart Wallace Thomas Jones Walthall Jr. William Joseph Waters James Francis Watson Ralph Warren Watson Gregg Scott Weber Dale Eric Weisman Paul Michael West Philip Benjamin White Raymond Edward White Richard Mas( Clark Bradford Will William Stuart Willcockson Thomas Richard Wolf Geoffrey Lee Wright Michael Gordon Wyatt Ahmad Zahedi Michael Leslie Zientek FALL INITIATES Mark Wayne Addicks Jim Forrest Avant John Malcolm Bales Alan Robert Bell Frederick Charles Bibus Kimball Wayne Bookman James Francis Bush Robert Jesse Campbell Bruce Mark Dailey William Gerald Driggers Richard Henry Edelman Gary David Ferchill Gregory Dean Foley Guy Hamner Fowler Eduardo M. Fraifeld Eric Mayfield Friar William Cardon Gerner Daniel Anthony Goertz David Neal Goldstein Juan Manuel Guerrero Mark Barnef Headley Kevin Patrick Hegarfy Brent Clifton Howard John William Kimbrough Anthony Brian Knape Phillip Leo Lenihan Clifford Neal Lockhart Charles Wakefield Martin Stephen D. Martin Nelson Vallado Mascarenhas Charles Edward Mayer Gary Davis Moore Paul Stephen Moore Ted L ee Moore Robin Dell Morris Timothy Allen Nicolaou Paul Mayer Osher Walter L. Paulissen Barry Edward Putterman Byron Charles Russell Jeffrey A. Schiller PhamThuongTai Walter Dean Thomas Fred Elmo Thompson Jr. Gordon Glenn Uretsky Daniel F. Valencia James Christopher Vogel Mark Ford Westling William David White Randy Neal Willis David Dean Wilson Reid Carroll Wilson Freshman Men ' s Honor Society Phi Eta Sigma — 421. ; " m mmmnff mmmnm ltli mmmmKrmiimamimmiammktes ' Phi Kappa Phi FALL INITIATES GRADUATES Javier Aguilar James S. Ainsworth IV Rebecca Jones Alsup Thomas Harley Arnold Craig Ellis Aronoff Gene Weldon Bachman Joseph Lamar Baldwin Bernard P. E. Benlley Charles Eldon Berg Helen Hazuda Bernal Ronelle Olivier Bester Randolph G. Bias Marian Ellen Binder David Block III Ronald Roscoe Bush Arnold William Bulls Jr. Gerald Keith Campbell Charles E. Capshew Samuel Carlisle Mary Ann Carroll Marlene Carvell Louisa Filomarino Cauvin Dorothy Ann Chesley Martin Paul Cohen Diane Davis Cole Patricia R. Cole Claudia Sanders Conner Eric Jon Cooley James Thomas Cox Jr. Walter L. Cox III Jane Ann Crum John T.Curtis David Michael Daly Elizabeth Joan Daverman Brian Richard Davis Albert Delafuente Susan Jane Dicker Beverly Mae Dodge Kirsten Atkinson Dodge Glen Harold Doran Jerry Rick Dornhoefer Rose Mary Edwards Dreussi Susan Marie Driver Adam Thomas Drobol Noel Dunivant Jr. Georgia Lee Ehlers Robert C. Ehrhart Wayne Thomas Enders Marcia Gornick Epner Robert Hays Etnvre Jr. Edward E. Fairchild Jr. Faith Milling Fielder Randi Givercer Frank Marie Stewart Frankson Patricia H. Franzolino Clay Bruce Frederick David Blancas Garcia Sulaksh R. Gautam Sushen R. Guatam Samuel Gerson Mitchell E. Gidseg Linda Lavina Giles Harold Milton Goff Mary Lee Metzger Gorse Anihony G. Gracely Kalhryn Lee Green jo.seph M. Harper Adrian Monroe Harrell Edgerton R. Haskin Jr. Roger Ray Heath Briici! Holbrook Anne Elizabeth I lollingsworth ( iiirv Randall Horn Janice Rebecca Hullum Juck Ryoon Hwang Woo Sik Jung Gregory James Jurkovic Bo Hyun Kang Ray Karp Janet Pauline Kelly Gail Tidd Kendrick Daryl Shelton Kirkham William B. Knippa Raymond Paul Koegel Barbara Diane Cantella Konz James Kenneth Kopf Jr. Rebecca Ann Lane Maurice Campbell Lealherbury Blaine Nelson Lee Jr. William Morley Lemon William A. Leonard IV Alfredo Livas Cecilia Anne Loflin Edward J. Lorentzen Addio Mae Lett Carol Mae Loveless Leland Jack Lumbley Margaret Collins Maguire Patricia A. Malin Gerald Jack Marshall Paul Thain Marston Jerry Neil Martin Roger D. Mason Marsha M. McCarroll Scot Lyle McCormick Charles B.McDaniel William C. Meixner Margaret Leal Meyer Jennifer Anne Montgomery Richard F. Moorlon Jr. Holmes S. Morrison Jr. Benjamin Barnett Moss Jr. Carolie R. Mullan Joseph Richard Murphy Freddie Alfred Nut! Anne deRossette Orrison Richard Sidney Orton Sandra Kay Peters George Douglas Powell Jr. VilasA. Prabhu Karen Jean Prager Hervey Amsler Priddy Marv Janice Puckett Calhleen Pulford Stephen Edward Rada Edwin Clair Rhinehart Patricia Arnold Robinson Edgar Hugo Rodriguez Alan Lewis Seitel Michael Sewell Donald Allan Shahan Donna Sue Simonds Corinne Sue Slemenda Linda Kay Smith David Preston Somers LaRita Dayle Spence Christopher H. Spicer David Ray Steinman David Bisel Stephens Susan A. Wiley Stinnett Barbara Anne Aszman Stone Wiley R.Swartz III Mark David Szuchman Larry Lance Thomasson Barry Steed Thompson Bruce Erwin Turner Robert Gerald Turner Donald Edward Wein(;r Wanda GaiUVaugh Wells Susan Joan Wicker Candace Forkel Wilkinson Stephen J. Wilkinson Glenna J.Williams — Dean Curtis Leroy Williams Guthrie David Wilson Martha Joe Wofford Fay Lun-Woo Mona L. Wren Pennae Lynn Younker UNDER- GRADUATES Kristen Ruth Aaker Andrew Wynne Adams Fatemeh Aghilikermani Susana Imelda Aleman John Marshall Alexander Teri Ann Allbright Brady Lee Allen Marta Lynn Warf Allen Elizabeth K. Alspach Alan Scott Anderson Carol Lynn Anderson Errol Claude Anderson John Jeffrey Andrews John Mark Anthony Joel Land Armstrong Richard Paul Atkins Robert Stephen Page Avent John Richard Bailey Sally Dorothy Bailey Sandra Kay Bailey William Austin Baker Jan(!tte Dyer Bannan Lanny Carroll Barbee Paul Collins Baria Robert Sheppard Barnum DaraBatki Charmaine Batla Robert Ellis Bean Ted L. Bellmont jr. Styles Leslie Bert rand Kenneth Deane Bigger James Marvin Blackwell Terryl Ann Blaylock Frances Lynne Blumentritt Julie Anne Booty Cheyanne E. Boyd Barbara Ann Bruce Jerry Lynn Cade Alan Donald Cain Catherine Alice Campbell James Russell Campbell Patricia A. Campbell Lisa Rae Cannop William F. Carlton Jr. Jimmy Rav Carroll Michael L. Carroll John Marshall Casi-y Julie Ann Chapman Sara Lynn Chapman Helen Audrey Chawkin Joseph Henry Clement Linda Carol Cline Susan Kay Clinque Mark Stephen Cochran Dennis Byron Conley Melville D. Connet III Margo Cook Harry Fenner Corbet t BetleNanCostales Joan Elizabeth Crandall Stephen Thomas Crews Carol Ann Crocka rd Pamela Jean Cryer John R. Cunningham Melinda l,ou Cutchin Anna Carolyn Joan Cutler William Lloyd Darwin Harold Louis Davis Terry Davis Ralph Ernest Day Deborah Kay Dean Steven Ru.ssell Deen Mary Ann Dickie Mary Susan Domask Robert Bruce Dunbar David Alan Dwyer Mary Lou Dyksira Mary Elizabeth Edgerton Cathy Ruth Elder Phoebe Ellis Douglas Allen Erwin Dorla Ann Coleman Evans Robert F. Felker Jr. Linda Gale Ferszt Gloria Ann Perez Flores Laura Neal Fly Pamela Gail Fonda Bong Ling Foo Beverly Ann Fordham Robert Lewis Fountain Jeff Reeid Franks Mark Andrew Frenlrup Sharon Lynn Fri(!dlan(l Karl Joseph Fryxi;ll Thomas Zork Given Lynn Alyce Goldsum Gary Scott Gossen James R. Greer Jr. Johnnie L. Greer Elizabeth Annette Grimes Kat(! E. Groesbeck Marilyn L,ou Grooms John Albert Guidry Patricia Lillian Hagy Michelle Marie Hanscin Shi ry Jore ' lta Han,S( n Ginger Carol Hart David Frank Hart man Barry E. Herbert Wyck Herbert Stanley Alan Herring Philip Charles Honig Donald Gregory Hopkins Pamela Ho-n Thomas Wilson Home John Clark Hubbs Paul Loch Hunter Barbara Susan Hyman Robert Garth Ikel Craig Steven Iscoe Lea Anne Isgur John Mark Jackson DanieJ Joseph James Jay Lee Jameson Philip Aaron Jame.son David Buitliff Johnson Mark Edward Johnson Steven Erik Johnston Thomas Morrill Jones Karl Wayne Kacir Wendy Bay Kang Terry Michael Kee Mary Linda Keller Kevin Brian Kelly Sheryl Ann Kelly Suzanne Kelly Jam(!s Crawford Kcirr Laura Ellen Kislin Anthony Brian Knap(? Laurie Elise Koch Pamela J(!an Kruger Jeffrey Scott Kuhn Peter Evans Kullgen Karen Lynn Kunz Stephanie Lynn Kuller Gail Margaret Lampcrt Bonnie Gail Landriun Rebecca Ann Lane Marvin Lamar Lansden George Fnjderick Leatherman William A. Leonard IV Jane Lynn Lepley Leland Andrew Lester David Lezak SingOy Bobby Lim Donnie Dan Lipschufz Alfredo Livas Marilyn E. Stanley Long Linda Lou Proehl Longman Edward J. Lorentzen Janelle Margaret Love Leland Jack Lumbley Chester Jo.seph Malins Sarah Jane Manly David Wayne Mann Nancy Lucille Mara Harold Franklin Marshall William Edward May Jr. Danny John McDonald Marilyn Jean McKenzie Douglas Nelson McMullen Markeela Lamberth McNatt Melanie Ann Mi ssina Robert Bruce Michie Alison Faye Miller Robert Peter Mingoia Ann Marie Moffatt John Paul Montgomery Patricia Ellen Moore Sean Peter Moore Donna Patter.son Moran Nancy Ann Moran Dorothy Dee Morewitz Phyliss Jo Munroe John Suielair Murray William Howard Murto Ross Wayne Nager Sandra Jean Nail Charlotte Louise NiMtzel Joe Don Nenstiel Holly MinetteOldfield Curtis Lynn Parkier Donald Lee Parrish Louie Avis Payne Stephen Moe Pearce Michael Paris P(!arson Sandra Diane Pelrov Brian Francis Place Steven Ross Poolt! Richard Bradley Portiir William Randall Poleet Melissa Ann Proll Rhonda Lewis Rain( ' y L(!sa Janine Raschke Jane Glass Ray Robert Glenn R(;(!dy Barbara Ann R(!ichert Karen Sue Reichstein Janet Byers Reinhart Interdisciplinary Honor Society 422 — Phi Kappa Phi mm «4i«nRvw;a«s5BHHBB«t«B.W)B . •tJiJTS. ; 1 Phi Kappa Phi Valela Sue Renoe John Robert Riddle Carol Elaine Roark Gra ory A. Robertson Mary Guyton Robertson William W. Robison 111 Sharon Kay Sadler Harry Eugene Sarles Jr. Ronald Harrison Saylor Mary Katherine Scepansky Deborah K. Schaffer Robert Milton Schmidt Barbara F. Schulman Nonya Sue Schwartz Gerald Wayne Scott David Lee Seals Linda Marie Seaman Ralph Louis Shepard Sarah Maria Simmons John Scott Simpson Paul Kerry Simpson Karen Anne Sitterle Rodney Bayron Slone Brian Roy Smith Holly Smith Murry Steve Smith Wade Kent Smith Gary Lynn Snowden Dale Edward Solomon Debra Lynn Stephens Douglas Echols Stewart Lisa Mary Stirman James Curtis Stolpa Paul Subrt Paul Arthur Suhler Mary Margaret Sullenberger Layne Woods Summers Marcella Lee Sykora John Randall Taylor KathyDianne Taylor Roger Lee Thomas Laetitia Louise Thompson Khai Con Truong Solveig Astrid Turpin Fred William Ulrich Peter Whitney Vanhoy Jean Alice Vannest William C. Vaughan Jr. Errima Venegas Nancy Louise Vine Kathleen D. Walker Cynthia Harper Walraven James Tai-Shiang Wang Barbara Mary Wehrle Nina Kay Weideman Gordon Langston Wells Cheryl Jo While Nancy Kaye Whited James B. Whitenton Leon David Wilkinson Gary Allen Williams Lewise Ann Wilson Frederick John Woernnr David Michael Woodward Paula Gaye Woyton David Edward Wright William AldisWurts Marit Varnik Young Linda Mitchell Zarakas Daniel LeoZiegler FACULTY Drury Blakely Alexander Dorothy M. Blume Francis X. Bostick Betsy Linn Bowman Osmond P. Breiand Lawrence L. Criim Isabella C. M. Cunningham Mitzi I. Nuhn Dreher Paul Ward English Joyce J. Hoover Lennart Lauri Kopra John R. Stokes Hugh A. Walls SPRING INITIATES GRADUATES Rilda Louise Baker Hector Pablo Barreyro Joseph Hefferson Beaman Sheila M. Bentley Craig Bierman Bickerton Richard Wallace Blood Helen Haskin Born Ann Bowden Patricia Kammerer Breiand Edward SedleyBres III John Roy Brezina Brian Earl Bulla John E. Bumgardner Robert Ewing Campbell Frank J. Castaldi William Howard Caudill Garvin Duan Chastain HI Ung So Choi Robert Lindberg Cooper Calvin Eugene Cowher Vernon Dale Cox Amelia Lee Cunningham Michael A. Davis Anthony J. Deering Garry O.Dent Luis E. Rendon Diazmiron Pieter Geer Dykema Kenneth Wayne Egan John Thomas Fawcett Roy L. Flukinger Earl Robert Fries Chi-Tseh Fu Peter Anton Goube!rt Glenn Edward Grayson Richard Nathaniel Greene Thomas Walter Grimshaw Michael Edward Guier Eileen E. Handler Gerard B. Hasselwander Josefina Haza Roger Healey Jr. Stuarl Harry Hersh George Clifton Hitt Carl Walter Hix Darrel Vernon Holmquist Sandra Pinkerton Hutchinson lue-hua Grace Jeng Brant Montgomery Johnson MikePenmu Kao Lalita S. Karte Sandy Lee Kessler M. Aslam Khan Khalil Byung-Taik Kim Nancy L. H. La Rowe Mark Richard Lee Timothy Tien-Sheng Lin Whei Mei Lin Liang-Peng Mai Barbara Etelka McClure Patrick Lee Meyer Michael L. Miller Peter Gardner Moore James Robert Mullins Taha R. Nassar Nazim Safarali Nathoo Julianna Overland Todd Wesley Pearson Timothy Lou Pittman Douglas Starks Porter Jr. Susan Plagens Prather Nan R. Presser Cecil Hugh Ramage Gilberto Ramirez Carlos A. Cruz Ramos Bette Faye Redman James Banda Rossett Patricia Kennedy Seitz Shin-Min Shin Pieter J. Strauss Terry D. Sullivan Bette Lou Talvacchia Mark Alan Thompson Frank Joseph Trogus Marijke L Velzeboer Marcus John Voltin Jr. Merritt James Wallick Hugh Jackson Williamson Bitlie Murray York Jr. UNDER- GRADUATES David R. Abramowitz Barry Wood Adkins Kelly Akins Mary Ann Aldridge Wayne Preston Allen James Martin Allman Jr. Floy Elizabeth Althaus Susan Gale Anderson Dennis Dale Arnie Dennis Dale Arnie Marilyn Jane Arnold Ann Lynnette Autry Christie Mitchell Ballantyne James Culley Barragan Jr. Harald Alexander Becker Anne Berk Ann Elise Bishop Robert Donald Blaicher Janet Ellen Blefeld Larry Eugene Boerder Rudolph Bonaparte Scott Alan Broberg Arlen Marie Brophy Barbara Ellen Buck Laura Marie Bufano Steven Chaim Caplan Philip Burnett Carson Nancy Marie Chambers Carol Anne Cocek Helene Susan Cohen Michael John Consentino Alexis Mount Cranberg Stephanie J. Crowell Laurel Ann Dalrymple Deborah Ann Davis Mary Elizabeth Deen Betsy Dennis Steven Kelley DeWolf Kerri Jean Dorman Gary David Douglas Clinton Edward Duval Renate Christel Dyke Michael Stephen Dykes Harry Earl Failing Elizabeth Ann Farris Amanda M. Faseler Andrea Leigh Ferguson Franklin Lee Fischer Sally Gaye Fisher Nancy Katherine Forbis John Michael Gannaway Jeannette Garrett Connie Ruth Gastler Isadore Steve Gerson Deborah Joy Gieger Nancy Sue Goodman Cheryl Lynne Gresser Anita Miller Guinn Jane Quentan Gump Jeremy John Haladyna Gary Mark Hannemann Edna Christine Hardeman Joel Alan Holiner Janet Lynn Holste David Bruce Holtkamp Kathleen Ann Hornsby Roberta Carol Houghton Caroline Hudson Rebecca Hurley Gary William Husmann Sherri Maxine Israel Edwin Kerry Jackson Theresa Lynne Jennings Debra Adams Johnson Patricia L. Johnston Ann Junkin Mae Ellen Meitzen Kelver Rhonda Kay Keys David Sam Kirsch Katherine Margaret Kroeger Margaret Moncrief Krol Peter Wood-Pang Lam Charles R. LaMar Charles Steven Laufman Amy S i«-;n Lauterbach Shuit Mui Leung Timothy William Lillick Barbara Ann Linch Donald Kent Lowrey Percy Edgar Luecke III Norman John Luke Jr. Kathleen Elrod Lutz Amy Alsup Macari Dennis Patrick Maher Pierre Maurice Malek John Stewart Mangione Debra Newby Marie Jennifer L. Fortin Marshall Karl Randolph Martin Stephen D. Martin Sherry Lynn Mason Paige Bruce Massey Berna L. Massingill Karen Lynn McCarty Albert Kent McCulloch Diana Mills McDade Patricia Alicia McGarvey John McPhaul Linda Kay Mesloh Clarence F. Moore Jr. Martha J. Mosher John Roger Mote Angela Neville John Mitchell Nevins Mary Lynne Newell Richard G. Ogier Debra Faith Orlowski Ut.-iiii fviiciiaci ( .irmsh Barbarii St-llars Pahlka Thomas Bolts Redcn Karl Perkins Nelwyn Marek Pi:rsk;v Michael John Peterson !H Marcia Lynn Pfluyi i Mary Kay Pharis Susan Lee Pheeney Joanne Elizabeth Poolci Gerry Eliz abeth Pratt Daniel Thomas Puckelt Michael A. Ratcliff Donald James Reese Pamela M. Reeser Rosemarie Magdalene Agnes Reiser Dirk Briscoe Robertson James S. Rogers Jr. Barbara Jean Rose August Jacob Rothe Melanie Binion Sanderson Diane Novosad Sandlin Catherine Florence Schieve Brent Dale Schkade James Paul Seale Brad William Sewell Kenny Sui-Cheong Sham Renee Michelle Shapiro Reta Foote Sher Jennifer Ann Shockley Ray Lee Shull Jethro Michael Sims Ernest Dale Smith Sherrie Paula Smith Allison Jan Snyder Jose Angel Solis Jr. Stacey Jean Somppi Suzanne Spencer Deborah Ann Stevens Kim Stolier Donna Lynn Stolbun John Douglas Sutter Lee Morris Taylor David Wayne Thomas Barbara Jeanne Tulley Debbie DeniceTurnbough Marilyn Veronica Varchetto Ronald Glenn Wachtman Patricia Cheryl Walker Thomas J. Walton Jr. Michael Logan Ware John Willard Watson Julia Lynn Welch Cynthia Ann Wellmerling Mark Steven Werbner Patrick Wheeler Kathy Lee Wichman Curt Alan Williams Robert A. Williams Brian Lance Wilson Jan Marie Wilson George Robert Wolfson Katherine Yee-Man Wong Glenn Gordon Wood Jonathan Earl Wukasch Fu-Hing Yu Clarence Bun Hoi Yuk ,, Mary Catterton Zelsman FACULTY Floyd S. Brandt Beverly J. Leonard Chester M. McKinney Paul J. Szaniszlo Interdisciplinary Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi • mitmmfmm Pi Lambda Theta University juniors and seniors planning a career in education who have shown scholastic excellence are eligible for membership in Pi Lambda Theta. Nominees must have a 3.5 GPA and endorsement of both an active member and a faculty sponsor. Officers were Cheri Wier, president; Linda Weiner, vice-president; Kathy Barnes, treasurer and Peggy Coldwell, secretary. MEMBERS Ronelle Bester Andrea Clark Emily Frances Cornett Linda Williams Darnell Nancy Dawson Dittmar Susan Ann Duncan Barbara Ann Frasher Carmela Hernandez . Barbara B. Hubbard Horan Christine L. Johnson Maxine Joseph Lain Cathy Leary Lynda Reeves Markham Mary Davis Minter Barbara Ellen Morgan Nicki Ann Nichols Karen Jean Prager Yvonne Reppeto Ralliff Janalyn Rice Anita C. Rosario Jackie J. S. Tarter Charlotte Anne Tate Debra Lou Thompson Jeanette W. Walker Linda Rose Weiner Carol Ann Werchan Cheryl Lynn Wier FALL INITIATES Heather Anne Becker Frances A. M. Bigger Eleanor Blair Betsy Eells Bowman Laura Marie Bufano Penny Renae Campbell Catherine A. Christner Linda Carol Cline Mona Marie Counts Nancy Gail Crosby Carolyn D. Crowther Jacalyn Miller Dc Lange Mary Elizabeth Deen Linda Kay Doiron Janet Fuller Wilma Pitts Griffin Sherry Joretta Hansen Rita Maldonado Hanson Janet Lynn Holste Rebecca Hurley Susan Annette Jones Janet Pauline Kelly Amy Susan Lauterbach Deborah Lynn Mattila Dorothy Dee Morewitz Marcia Lynn Pfluger Dorothy Prestwood Susan Gail Rosenbaum Sharon Kay Sadler Anna K. Schmidt Sally Ruth Simmons Anne Spurlin Turid Sverre Donna von Merz Bari Ann Walters Sue Elaine Washam Ethel Wcrnberker Kathy Lee Wichman Frenesi Pierce Wil.son Pennae Lynn Younker SPRING INITIATES Marta Lynn Warf Allen Betty Marie Allred Lisa Auril Bennett Irmgard Beinhoff Berry Vickee Lee Lock wood Blair Janet Alice Brady Gerald Thomas Brouder Niramol Changwalchai Kathryn Nell Cherry Dorothy Ann Chesley Linda Fenderbosch Child Patricia Ann Cox Maureen Ann OJrawford Kennedy A. Cunningham Sharon Jill Donaldson Susan E. Engelking Alfred F. T. Fingerhut Lia Renata Angelini Giacaglia Shelley Goldberg Maria del Rosario Gonzalez Janet L. Green Sharon Y. Guajardo Lou Ann Hawthorne Barbara Nell Henthorn Janet E. Hildebrand Ermine Hill Sharron S. Humenick Patricia C. Keiegel Koch Johanna Ruth Lieber Linda Mae Long Amy Macari Ruben Gill Martinez Laurie M. Matejowsky Leon Schmidt McAulay Patricia C. Miller Martha Jane Morgan Jacqueline B. Myers Anna Neumann Susan Virginia Ohm Susan Lee Pheeney Cynthia A. Presley Mary Guyton Robertson Betty Grace Rylander Maxine Vesta Sabol Maria Jose Sa-Correia Robin Elaine Smith Jane Theresa Sulak Elizabeth A. Sunderman Mary Lou Sutherland Ann Barnett Tansey HerlindaC.Vela Rita Pauline Walden Marlene Helen Weitzel Shirley Ann Worcester Margaret A, B. Wright Shirley Melat Ziegler -Pi Lambda Theta Pi Tau Sigma is an honorary society for mechanical engineering students. Senior mem- bers must be in the top 10 percent of their class while junior members must have a minimum GPA set by the national chapter. Faculty refer- ences are also required for membership. Officers were James Greer, president; Chase Cotton, vice-president; Michael Brands, trea- surer and Gary Wylie, secretary. MEMBERS lohii M. Alexander j;imes I ' lihr Firiinch MichiK ' i B. FJiiinds MichiK;! Hrcnriiin Richiird 1.. Forehand )r. Jame.s Roborl Greor |r. |()hn Robert Herold Paul L. Horton Pak-Yue Paddy Kan Denis Steve Kopecki Yuk-Fai Lawrence Liu Kennedy King McElroy Jr. lames David Miertschin Steven Parks Nichols William Dean Raman Anthony Wayne Rod Bailey James Salmon Gerald Wayne Scot! Patrick Lee Sullivan Michael Wayne Swensen Thomas Jack Temple Gary Lee Wylie FALL INITIATES David Paul Daimwood Joseph George Fenwick George Allan Hastings Ralph Louis Shepard Leonard Lane Smith SPRING INITIATES Ronald Alan Carlson Peter L. Erickson Robert Wade Hughes William Reed Lang III Charles Edvi ' ard Meyer Catherine C.Paciotti Joseph H. Sherwood III Robert B. Uselton Stuart Lee Wallace Ronald Douglas Wessels Curtis Leroy Williams ' fH mfrnm mji mmmmii ' Tau Beta Pi Founded in 1885, Tau Beta Pi is open to all engineering students. Members are chosen from the upper 20 percent of the senior class and the upper 10 percent of the junior class each semes- ter. In addition to a pledge picnic and initiation banquet, Tau Beta Pi visited the Austin State School. Officers were Cleveland Johnson, president; Gerald Scott, vice-president; Alfonso Soliz Jr., treasurer; Gary Brown, corresponding secre- tary; Gerhardt Wissler, recording secretary and Bill Brock, cataloguer. MEMBERS Wallace Martin Alaniz Richard Dain Alkin.s John Avila )r. Paul Collins Baria Robert S. Barinini DouHlas W. Bartholcnievv jamcs Price Bishop Douglas C. Blackiock Michael B. Brands Ronald V. Brav(Mi(!c Michael Brennan William CrcK Brock Gary Donald Brown Keith David Brown Paul Bryan Bump Leslie f-i. Cadwallader William Frank Carleton limmy Ray Carroll Edward I.Coel III D(!nnis Byron ConUiy James Richard Connoll Samuel H. Davidson Dana Bess Davis Harold I.ouis Davis Tommy lames Drescher John Bt!rlerant Falcon Keith R. Fan uKMer Franklin Lee Fischi r Jerald Knoll Gooch Gary Paul Goodfriend Andrew Clarke Graham John Albert Cuidry Samuel R. Hammer II Robert John Haskin Steven Dale Hav(!mann John Robert Herold Kam To Ho Curtis Rmil Holbrook Thomas Wilson Home Gary Thomas Hunt Keith Ickelberry David Tatwailpps Darnell Gene Jacob Cleveland M. Johnson Edward Lee King Andrew Meidc ll Knysh Jarvis Wade Kuhlmann Chung Yiu Lam JancM Lynnf! Lavvrenc;e i.arry Lee Lehman Mark McKenna Lucas Bruce Henry Mailey Jerry Waltc ' r Malcolm Stephen Mark Matleson Kevin C. McAllister Randv S. McC ' lendon KennedyK. McKh-oy |r. John R. McLaughlin Le(! M(MTell Ernest Lee Milh ' r Michai l Gary Miller Douglas M. Mitchell Stewart j. Mosso III Russell H. Narramorc; George D. C) Brien Martin Lee Porter Roger Everett Prior William Dean Raman Francis Edward Ri ' cse William Walter Reeves Rtiland G. Riedesel |r. Carl F. Riemann Thomas John Rowe Bailey James Salmon Rene Santos Paul A. Schler Dennis A. Schmidt Gerald Wayne Scott Daniel Rob( rt Smith Leonaril Lane Smith Alfonso Soli . Jr. Howard Lyman Sp( ' ight Patrick Lee Sullivan Layn(! Woods Summers Michael Wayne Swensen Lee Scott Tapper Wallace E.Taylor Jr. Oscar ()o LokeTeoh Rog(!r Li!(! Thomas Harry L. Tnidf nnick III Albert I " . Watson Ronald Paul Wcibster Mark Gaines Whil(!nian Tommy c;ienn Whiteside Mark Davis Winston Gerhardt E. Wissli r Charles W.Wolcott C;ary Joe Wolff Jonathan Ivirl Wuk.isch Gary Lee Wylie Gregory R. Zwernemaiui Engineering Honor Society 426 — Tau Beta Pi nMi!vnasm{mMsmmi Tau Beta Pi FALL INITIATES )ohn Marshiill Al(!xandor Michael Allen Baker RobiTt Ellis Boan Victoria Lillian Blaschke Michael Lynn Canlrell Thomas P. Chesney Stephen Chu Charles I.Cotton Calvin liugene Cowher David Paul Daimu ' ood Christopher R. Davey James Lindsay Davison Ge()rf4(! Harvey Dunn 111 Pi;t(!r L. Erickson Edward Alan Feith Joseph G. Fenwick James R. Greer |r. Johnnie L. Greer David F. Harlman George Allan Hastings Darrel V. Holmquist Russell Lee Honerkamp John Tolar Hull Sherry Jacob Hurwitz Michael T. I.ansston Robert Marvin Lutidtke Keith Wayne Mills Jeffrey Wayne Nutt Paul Arthur Pabor John Daniel Polstra Robert " Wayne Ruth Horaci! Patrick Scale James Jos(!ph Seward Ralph Louis Shepard Samuel Lynn Smolik Wayne Leo Speetzen Stanley H. Bradley WintonSludt William R. Stump Lee Morris Taylor ThaskinThepchaIri William J. Tiffany David Edward Wight SPRING INITIATES CharlesW. Arnold Jr. Brenda Kay Barnelt Maynard P. B(!arce Rudolph Bonaparte Jonathan W. Braswell James R. Campbell Ronald A. Carlson Sue Ellen Cash Thomas Camille Cloutier Tran Quang Dieu Clinton E. Duval Amanda M. Fa.seler Larry Edward Filchhorn Robert Lloyd Glover David Hadley Gritlman John Houston Gully William E. Harmony John Richard Hemenway Terry Lee Hurst Jimmy Burrus Johns David George john.son Gary Marial Kosut Charles Robert Lamar Yuk-Kven Lau Robert Carl Lee Robert Dean Lee James Howard Long Chester J. Malins Clarence C. Meyer Jr. Homaion Nazeran-Esfahani Richard G. Ogier Catherine C. Paciotli Richard Karl Pautz Alan Larry Petersen Michael Ray Piana George T. Santamaria Ray Lee Shull Ernest Dale Smith Paul A. Steger Jr. Brian Roger Sullivan John Steven Swinnea John Cutler Tiffany KhaiTroung Stuart Lee Wallace Ronald Douglas Wessels Thomas Robert Winkley Wah Kiu Yan David L. Zimmerman Engineering Honor Society HIMWIWIVmH«MHMik ' Psi Chi Members of Psi Chi are selected from under- graduate psychology students with a 3.0 GPA and a 3.5 average in all psychology courses. Psi Chi is also organized to help bridge the gap between students, faculty and professionals by sponsoring seminars and discussions dealing with contemporary psychological issues. Officers were Robie Herskowitz, president; August Rothe, vice-president and Linda Don- nell-Nauert, secretary-treasurer. FALL INITIATES Joyce Ann Bader Stacy Noll Brown Anna Clare Buie Richard N. Burdine Laurence Burshtyn Bette B. Calk Harvey D. Campbell III Mona S. Carlyle Garvin Chastain III Catherine Clifton Catherine C. Cofer Sandra Jean Costin Frank Joseph Courts Wallace James Dominey Yvonne A. Dossman Katheyn P. Dreyfus J. D. Edgmon Barbara N. Edmiston Ann Elizabeth Ennen Rex Fredrick Evans Tiki Farris Amy Lee Flowers Cynthia Kay Foster Caren Rae Gertner Sharlene E. Gilman Richard L. Glazer Pamela R. Goodstein William M. Gracey William Howard Guild Debra A. Guyton Linda L. Hargrove Rick Harrington Robin Sheri Herskowitz Jacob S. Heydemann Stephen Lee Holliday Tom D. Hollingsworth Thomas Hill Hooks Stephenie Ann Hughes Craig Steven Iscoe Wee Ken Joe Mary E. Johnstone Laurel Kagan George E. Kampschaefer III Pamela G. Kostas Gail Margaret Lampert Robert Laquey Melanie Leary Margaret Little Randall D. Luckey Dennis Patrick Maher John Stewart Mangione Pamela Sue Marcum Deirdre Leslie Maroldo Anne Elise Mayfield Albert K. McCulloch Danny John McDonald John Patrick McGraw Suan Hane Mclntyre Wesley Clark Munns Linda Donnell-Nauert Osvaldo Ocjel Nava Susan Louise Nelson Helen Orit Pankowsky Pamela Kaye Pearson Carla Penny Sharolyn S. Perricone Mary Elizabeth Pershing Evan E. Pierce-Jones Paul William Proud Yvonne Karen Puig Elliot Roy Ralin Sarah Winn Robinson Jam es S. Rogers Jr. William Scott Rogers Lindsay Zweig Rosin August Jacob Rothe Lynn Barentine Russell WilliamC. Schmidt Jr. Gail Sue Shatz Mitchell B. Solomon Karen Lea Soltes Faith Marie Stanford Sandra Lynn Sykora Laetitia L. Thompson David Jay Vanderwal Arthur Burch Waldron Wanda R. Williams Christy Ann Winston Honorary Psychology Society MILITARY Barbara Linch Til . K With unemployment increasing rapidly, many are turning to the military in hopes of finding work as enlisted servicemen. However, the ROTC program is more sophisticated and demanding in its effort to turn out quality officers. Recruiting literature emphasizes a future career in the military, yet not all participants plan to continue after graduation. For Army cadet Charles M. Hornberger, ROTC will not provide him financial benefits until his third year in the program. He is not on scholarship and does not plan to make the Army a career. However, he sees the ROTC program as a means to achieve a personal desire of involvement in the military and service to the country. Hornberger is a second year ROTC student and after graduation plans to serve three months active duty and six years in the reserves while pursuing a law career. Russell Kent Strawn, a fourth year cadet in Air Force ROTC, plans a military career in flying. Strawn prefers the ROTC program to the military academy environment because it " gives a more bal- anced education. Air Force ROTC provides a con- servative education while the University offers a more liberal one. " Strawn feels that this balanced education has produced the finest officers that the Air Force has ever had. Presently ROTC programs provide 2 3 of all Air Force officers. Strawn sees the Air Force as a worldwide business corporation where " some fly planes and some push paper. " In this light, he feels that ROTC has as valid a position on campus as any other department to train and edu- cate students for jobs. As a Latin American studies major, Rudy F. Gon- zales is undecided about making the Navy a career. If the Navy is able to provide an advantageous job in the diplomatic field, which Gonzales plans to pursue, he would become a career Naval officer. Gonzales participated in ROTC in high school and received the opportunity for a Naval Academy appointment. However, he does not feel that the ROTC curriculum at the University is inferior to that of the academy. The total ROTC experience is directly applicable to a civilian career as well. It develops a working knowledge of personnel management, acceptance of accountability, and general practice and know-how. Former military officers often have a much vnder frontier than graduates without that experience. Officers have seen more, done more, been more through their military experience. And to a prospec- tive employer, they are often worth more. 430— ROTC We re looking for certain majors I to become Lieutenants. I . Put it all together in Air Force ROTC. )TC progtamsl trawnsees ; corporation ish pat .RudyF.Gon- Na 7 a career, ntageousjob )!aiistoprasiie, ficer. GorEalesj ndreceiV ' )TC curriculum he academy, ' ctlyappli lops a workiD! (.acceptance ,nd know-to ' e a much lalexi :kM ad to a lore. ROTC — 431 Arm inloAraiyRO ' oitlelformeii Ike draft. The drafted, 11 wai allowed tliec During llie lal itached as his jram fell tout militari-aii the I iteincre Col. George E. Dexter, professor of military science. Lisa Jeanne Arnold was honored as Outstanding , . .., :x )TC Cadet. ARMY STAFF: FRONT ROW: Margarete Ellen O ' Neal, Lieutenant Colonel Wayne Manning Stevens, Colonel George Ellis Dexter, Shirley J. Hayden. BACK ROW: Major Donald George Van Matre, Major William Jared Rowe, Captain Walter S. Tullock, Captain Paul Edmond McCarthy, Sergeant Major Benny Dukawoskie, Staff Sergeant Douglas L. Walker, Master Sergeant Columbus Jennings, Foster N. Armstrong. 432 — Army ROTC ■l gAUONsTAf, ■NlericU Army ROTC The decline of the Vietnam conflict and the end of the draft have brought a different type of student into Army ROTC. Previously, the program offered an outlet for men with low lottery numbers who faced the draft. There was a feeling that if one had to be drafted, it was better to go in as an officer. It also allowed the completion of the college education. During the late sixties, enrollment in Army ROTC reached as high as 450 cadets, but by 1975 the pro- gram fell to under 80. However, most of these cadets indicated they joined because of a genuine interest in the military and not to avoid the draft. Within the last two years Army ROTC has had a definite increase in veterans and ethnic minority groups. The program allows veterans to draw money on the GI bill while receiving scholarship benefits. After being in the regular Army, veterans reportedly found ROTC a more liberal atmosphere. Another change that has taken place is the recruit- ment of women. Although two years ago there were no women in Army ROTC, Cadet Lisa Jeanne Arnold was honored as the Outstanding Cadet of the fall semester. She was nominated by her cadet company and selected from other candidates by Army battal- ion staff members. Although not required to carry weapons and participate in combat training, women in Army ROTC are otherwise treated the same as male cadets in the classroom and on the field. |3Ji| BATTALION STAFF: FRONT ROW: John Mark Jackson, Charles Frederick Reed, Alfonso Soliz Jr., Richard Dennis Pumphrey. 1 BACK ROW: Ken Bradshaw, Michael Paul Caldwell, Eugene Mat- thew Ott Jr., Harold Lee Hatton, Jaan Ray Goad. Army ROTC — 433 Army ROTC Air Defense Artillery FRONT ROW: Gerald Rand Gallon Gharles Matias Hornberger Phillip John Newman Fermin Galderon Jr. Timothy Brian Cyr Loderick Mark Goza Janet Joy Harrington Harold Lee Hatton BAGK ROW: Paul Stepen Lane Lawrence Edward Bartosek Francis Vincent Ebbecke Donny G. Gallon John Elmer Fleckenstein Ken Bradshaw Cadets are on hand to help Cordettes, a women ' s auxiliary, tap members. I 434 — Army ROTG " H.] pna :lia;yjipnieni!)eis.l FRONT ROW: Jaan Ray Goad Alfonso Soliz Jr. Kenneth Lloyd Wilkerson Jr. Charlene Catherine Burroughs Toshio Matsumoto Billie Shayne Farnsworth Paul Arthur Suhler MIDDLE ROW: Jesse Frank Munoz John Wallace Breed II William Howard Taylor Richard Mark Reedy Anthony Ferdinand Leal Charles Carmichael Peter Scott Jordan BACK ROW: Lester David Marschall Jeffrey Lawrence Trower Gerald Freytag Patrick Victor Adamcik Corps of Engineers COLOR GUARD: Paul Arthur Suhler, John Elmer Fleckenstein, David Russell Rupp, Richard Mark Reedy, John Wallace Breed II. Army ROTC — 435 Infantry Corps FRONT ROW: David Joseph Ciarella Emilio Jaso Jr. Karen Jean Kennedy David Perez Lewis James Fadale Jr. Kenneth Lee Snyder Charles Patrick Bruce Busbey Eugene Matthew Ott Jr. BACK ROW: Steven Craig Jackson David Russell Rupp David Bruce Lear Larry Anthony Johnson Glenn Ellis Pinkham Charles Lee Smith Charles Frederick Reed In lieu of drill, cadets and Cordettes participate in organized sports. • ■ ' ' •■ U.- 436 — Army ROTC ■d Jnfifrf ' ii . I Transportation Corps m FRONT ROW: Cheryl Jo White Lisa Jeanne Arnold Dale Owen Hardy Kendal Kuiper Lonnie Dale Rhodes Jr. Billy Wayne Wilson Tommy Wayne Hite Michael Paul Caldwell BACK ROW: Wayne Houston Gordon James Michael Hargett John Francis Unger Bruce Roger Jocz Kenneth William Olm Jr. John Anthony Helms Army ROTC DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS: Jaan Ray Goad, Harold Lee Hatton, Charles Freder- ick Reed, Richard Dennis Pumphrey, Alfonso Soliz Jr. Army ROTC — 437 Army ROTC Beyond the Classroom mm m0i mm ' m.m FLIGHT PROGRAM: Harold Lee Hatton, Alfonso Soliz. Cadets demonstrate rappelling skills at Memorial Stadium. Ift ' is Navigation, map reading, survival techniques and ballistics training are intregal parts of the Ranger Program instruction. 438 — Army ROTC I For the adventurous cadet, Army ROTC provided extracurricular programs that went beyond the rou- tine of the classroom and drill field. The ROTC Rangers, an organization open to all cadets, provided field-oriented training through a rig- orous program. Weekend sessions at Fort Hood, Camp Mabry and Camp Swift allowed the Rangers to gain expertise in areas of map reading, cross-coun- try navigation, survival techniques and rappelling, a mountaineering technique used in descent. Army ROTC also offered cadets an opportunity to receive a private pilot ' s license through a special flight program. Thirty-five hours of ground training and 36% hours of fixed-wing flight instruction are required to complete the program. Upon approval by the Federal Aviation Agency and the Department of the Army, selected graduates are eligible for active duty aviation tours. I V - " , w::=s mc::: vlg ?- ' , ' i ' ' ' rfl •i J Vs RANGER PROGRAM: FIRST ROW: Jesse Flores Cisneros Peter Scott Jordan SECOND ROW: Lewis James Fadale Jr. James Michael Hargett David Russell Rupp Richard Mark Reedy Jeffrey Lawrence Trower Lawrence Edward Bartosek THIRD ROW: William Howard Taylor Phillip Carl Umphres Richard Dennis Pumphrey FOURTH ROW: Steven Craig Jackson Timothy Brian Cyr Jaan Ray Goad Charlene Burroughs Janet Joy Harrington FIFTH ROW: Evelyn J. Reynolds Thaddeus Dean Wilson Lillie Mae Taylor John Elmer Fleckenstein Charles Frederick Reed Army ROTC — 439 Navy ROTC A wide opportunity to travel is one factor that has made Navy ROTC the largest ROTC organization on campus. Each summer midshipmen spend six weeks aboard ships that travel throughout the world. Last summer over thirty percent of Navy ROTC visited Australia while learning the responsibilities of Naval officers. Midshipmen also had the opportunity to work on nuclear submarines for summer training. In an effort to promote good relations with foreign countries, the United States Navy participates in a ROTC foreign exchange program, which is available to the top-ranked midshipman. Summer assignments in the program have included Great Britain and New Zealand. In return, the University opens its program to foreign students. Navy ROTC also sponsors the Buccaneer drill team, which is the oldest of its kind in the nation. The Bucs practice each week preparing for drill com- petitions. It serves as a school for superior military bearing, sharpness and courtesy. Battalion officers are honored at formal ceremonies each semester. BATTALION SEMINAR: FRONT ROW: James Kent Smith, David D. Schoeneman, Michael Steven Bussey, Rudy F. Gonzales Jr., Alberto E. Vas- quez Jr. BACK ROW: Wayne Richard Van Doren, Nathaniel Turk McCleskey, Bruce Acton Sovirers, Leroy David Thompson, Robert Scott Kingsbery. Nlki " " •asSoiai 440 — Navy ROTC Kv lf f. :, seacbsemesit: M.llobeftS«« ' ' UNIT STAFF: FRONT ROW: Lieutenant James G. McCoy Yeoman First Class Charles M. Montgomery Captain Thomas V. Solan Beverly J. Roberts Sandra H. Glenn Gunnery Sergeant Klaus P. Hitchens BACK ROW: Lieutenant Douglas T. Lowe Commander Max R. Rumelhart Lieutenant William R. Fullerton Chief Quarter Master Larry A. Van Meter Senior Chief Storekeeper John W. Jackson Major Charles L. Lynch Capt. Thomas Solan, professor of naval science. Navy ROTC — 441 rs gp ' Navy ROTC 442 — Navy ROTC « ' ' ■r FIRST ROW: Cathorine Anne Jones Malcolm W. Barrett Jr. Jerome Michael Pajares Thomas Hall Whitney SECOND ROW: Stan D. Sawyer Billy Frank Woods Robert J. Wiseman Geoffrey C. Torrance Cyril W. Minett Jr. Richard Hernandez Fernando Ramirez Peter H. Froehlich THIRD ROW: William Keven Gruver David M. Helfrich Roger P. Murdock Timothy J. Harrop Michael Wayne Jones John H. Spencer Ronald Keith Oswalt FOURTH ROW: Keith Arnold Townsend Christopher Charles Kelley Joseph Anthony Molinari Dan Robert Miller James Michael Bushee William Harry McRaven Michael F. Forrester Buccaneers Navy ROTC — 443 Navy ROTC Alpha Company FIRST ROW: Anthony A. Ambrosetti Gaston Paul Jennett Robert Anthony AltobelU Norman Jose Farley Elizabeth Gayle Harris Joseph Jesse Barrientos Jr. Michael Dale Kierum Holly Hazlett David Rowen Poage SECOND ROW: Antonio Carlos Budet Harman Fred Ramsey James Arnold Kelley Jr. Gary Davis Moore Donna Alene Ganzer Charles Patrick Reynolds Ronald David Rivard THIRD ROW: Jerry Wayne Dalton Michael S. Gonzalez Wade Anthony Tyler Michael David Stone Charles W. Kaough David Spinney Borden FOURTH ROW: James Eldon Lindsey James Kent Gruetzner Steven Mark White Robert Bruce Barron Jose Jesus Rivas Albert Joseph Stahl FIFTH ROW: Theodore Earl Neible John Allan Mossbarger Michael Anderson Coffey Mark Charles Hastings Stephan Robert Summa Gift giving and holiday spirit are a part of the Navy formal. 444 _ Navy ROTC FIRST ROW: Edwin W. Mergele III Robert Roy Whittle SECOND ROW: Robert W. Ruggiero Susie Kay Jones George E. Ruggiero Edward M. Macomber Robert Alan Hare Curtis Gene Raetz Nancy Jane Olson John William Perlich Dwight D. Hart Christian E. Wolfe Mark Culve Evans Fred Purcell Brinkman Alexander D. Nelson THIRD ROW: Bruce Lloyd Barnes John Michael Eshenour Andre Newman Edward W.Fidler III Leslie Eugene Hosmer Judith KayeWilley David Mark Epstein Patrick James Behnke Russell Strawn Smith FOURTH ROW: Hector Luis Colon William Aubrey Dees J Jeffrey W. Poison David Ross Luethcke Robert D. Lampton Jr. Gordon Owen Dorsey Paul Byron Cravens James Martin Lemezis James Marcus Pappas Bravo Company A holiday bird was awarded to winners of the Turkey Shoot I Navy ROTC — 445 FIRST ROW: Cecilia Ann Wallace Elizabeth Ann Bennett Corinne Elizabeth Watkins Deborah Lou Morgan Catherine Ann Rossi Kathleen Marie Kirby Lynn Elizabeth Mulberry Wendy Lynn Mayfield Catherine Dee Richardson Cheryl Ann Hagenson Ann Elizabeth Moore Deborah Ann Humphries Michael Glen Hazenfield SECOND ROW: Patricia Bertha Gott Kristen Gabrielle Gholson Jackie Faye Spruill Brian Scott Laurence Mara Lynn Wells Ruben Hernando Vargas Barbara Jean Woznak Russell Kent Strawn THIRD ROW: David Arthur Hawn Robert Jack Feldman George William Green Jr. Stuart Edward Dudley Edward Thomas Whitely Anthony James Adamcik James Douglas Cantwell David Stephan Yastishock FOURTH ROW: Richard William Glasebrook Charles Gerard Merlo Samuel Brent Hartman Gregory Ross McGee John Frank Luper Thomas Dee Liles William Charles Rucker FIFTH ROW: Samuel Joe Lucas Jr. William Douglas Patterson Forrest Raymond Bostelman Kevin Dean Johnson Steve Alan Thogerson William Charles Rogers Joseph Allen Stembridge Dean Allan Hautanen Boasting such graduates as Apollo program astro- naut Captain Joe H. Engle, Air Force ROTC provides an opportunity for a career in flying. Captain Engle, an Air Force ROTC graduate from the University of Kansas became the youngest pilot to receive pilot astronaut wings in the mid-sixties. At the University, Air Force ROTC stresses student responsibility while developing essential leadership qualities. Classroom instruction is complemented by field trips to Air Force bases and similar installa- tions. This career-oriented program gives cadets an opportunity to see the Air Force at work. Away from the academic environment. Air Force cadets pursued a social life much the same as any other student. Beer calls and skating parties with Angel Flight members promoted friendship within the corps. 446 — Air Force ROTC Air Force ROTC FIRST ROW: Dale Richard Lange Ronald Bruce Duncan Eduardo Vidal Martinez Susan Marie Erbs Yolanda Kay Barner Ellen Patricia Rayfield Vicki Lynn Fletcher Linda Jane Deloach Martin David Miller Samuel Joseph Wilson Antonio Esteban Gomez SECOND ROW: William Stormont Harris Mark Howard Rose Gregory Olive Villaret Neal Gene Schoeneberg John Robert Strohm Byron David Woods Steven Mark Zwernemann THIRD ROW: Peter David Mauch William Howard Perkins Stephen Michael McQueen Charles Brown Hagemeier Phillip Hubert Beard John Edward Breakfield David Brian McGill Bobby Joe Davis FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Michael Vecker Gregory Clayton Morris Scott Bradley Tolar Thomas Wilburn Cochran William Elliot Jennings Robert Alan Straw John Thomas Rife Charles Frederick Parks Don Bigler Dozier John Alan Phaneuf FIFTH ROW: Henry Bruce Longino Robert Edward Torn Dean Clark Vandehey Josep h Anthony Wilson Thomas Wayne Ellis Vern Lewis Hulbert SIXTH ROW: Michael Dennis Guidry William Burl Hurt John Patrick Halligan Mark William Reeves James Clive Holland SEVENTH ROW: Isaias G. Arriaga Jr. Ralph Dale Caraway David John Tweddell William Joseph O ' Brien Clifford Bain Baker lilar inslalli- res cadets at ,„t, Air Force same as aoy parties with idstiipwitto AirPorce ROTC — 447 The beer call, a regularly occurring event in the military environment, is a social get-together for beer drinking and fun. Anchorettes, a women ' s auxiliary to Navy ROTC, varied from this tradition to develop the " cookie call, " which they frequently held for the midshipmen. The group also supported Navy ROTC by co-spon- soring a Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot and an Okto- berfest. In addition, Anchorettes attended the Christ- Anchorettes mas formal and sold ads for annual publication of the Longhorn Log. Members emphasized social events in rush activi- ties to acquaint University women with Navy ROTC in an enjoyable manner. Cookie calls, a morning breakfast and a box lunch auction were among rush activities. Anchorette membership is open to Univer- sity women with a 3.2 GPA. n vj FRONT ROW: Anita Beth Isbell Aida Marie Kennedy Anita Aleman Nancy Nell Kidd Terryl Ann Blaylock Treasurer Pamela Ann Worsham Beverly H. Bensinger Annette L. Romero MIDDLE ROW; Kathryn Joyce Lewis Lucy Aileen Murray Irma Lydia Martinez Cheryl L. McCullough Cheryl Y. Carlisle Cynthia J. Shannon Vice-President Margaret Aileen Lamm Secretary BACK ROW: Nan Needham President Margaret Jane Stanbery Sunnee A. Rakowitz Nina Elaine Prudhomme Mary Ann Aldridge Marsha Renee Greene Deborah Kay Coleman Lory Lyn Sedberry AnjelFlighl Honduraaliu Skating pai twoftlieso witli Air Fore Sram enablet Members ak ' efebents Angi 448 — Anchorettes H t Pooling their talents, members of Angel Flight pro- duced a USO show for cadets in Air Force ROTC. Singing and dancing, the Angels performed at the annual dining-out ceremony at Bergstrom AFB. During the fall semester, members made stuffed animals for the Austin State School, participated in a tutoring program and made recordings for the blind. Angel Flight also collected canned goods for the Honduran hurrican relief program. Skating parties and horseback riding outings were two of the social events which Angel Flight enjoyed with Air Force ROTC. A successful little brother pro- gram enabled the group to meet Air Force cadets. Members also decorated Air Force offices and served refreshments at Tuesday drill. FRONT ROW: Lynn Patrice Stanley Linda Kay Kirby Comptroller Martha Virginia Upchurch Wendy Lynn Mayfield Lynn Elizabeth Mulberry Catherine Ann Rossi Katherine Dee Richardson MIDDLE ROW: Cheryl Ann Hagenson Claire Pennison Carter Ann Elizabeth Moore Deborah Ann Humphries Corinne Elizabeth Watkins Lisa Ann Moore Theresa Ann Zaniewski Executive Officer BACK ROW: Susan Elaine Vingoe Administrative Officer Lynne Hicks Ruth Ann Foster Susan D. Hickman Anne Adele Szablowski Cecilia Ann Wallace Deborah Lou Morgan Commander j Angel Flight Angel Flight— 449 Cordettes Although Cordettes wear uniforms and work closely with Army ROTC, most of the members have given little thought to joining the Army. Interest in the ROTC program, and a willingness to promote it are required for membership in the women ' s honorary service organization. In addition to acting as official hostesses and administrative aids for Army ROTC, Cordettes supported the cadets through intramural sports activities and as sponsors for the Army branches. For the community, the group collected canned goods to be distributed to underprivileged families by the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Austin. Social activities enabled Cordettes to lend sup- port through friendships with Army cadets. A big sister-little brother program was successful in helping Cordettes meet students in the ROTC pro- gram. Among activities was a card and ice cream party for little brothers in the ROTC corps. The excitement of Cordette tapping overwhelms Clair E. Krizov. tt FRONT ROW: Billie Shayne Famsworth, Karen Jean Kennedy, Lauren Lyn Becker, adjutant, Margaret Miller, pledge trainer, Louise A. Campodonico, executive officer, Rita Ann Burgess, commander, Claire Eleise Charlton, comptroller, Celita Beth Brock. MIDDLE ROW: Amy Lynn Clarke, Cheryl Kay H.iinpton, Linda Sue Gladden, Rebecca Ann Reiman, Ann E. Haunschild, Margaret M. Carr, Jacqueline Suzanne Holmes, Joanne Christine Macow, Lisa Germany. BACK ROW: Brenda Ann Lockett, Cheryl Jo White, Clair E. Krizov, Lynell Pyle, Mallonee Davis, Donna Lynn Duke. 450 — Cordettes Praetorian Guard Historically, the Praetorian Guard was the military unit formed in 27 BC by Caesar Augustus to serve as the emperor ' s bodyguard. It wielded both political and military power in the Roman Empire until deac- tivated by Constantine I in 312 AD. At the University, the Praetorian Guard is a tri- service ROTC social and service fraternity named after the Roman military unit. Formerly Company P, 7th Regiment of the Pershing Rifles, Praetorian Guard was formed in 1963 when members decided to separate from the national organization. The Guard conducted several service projects dur- ing the year, including raising the school pennants around Memorial Stadium and sponsoring the Cen- tral Texas Invitational Rifle Match. Currently in its eleventh year, the match drew 128 marksmen from over twenty schools and universities. Pledges are accepted into Praetorian Guard each semester upon recommendation of ROTC instructors or active members. They undergo a semester-long training program to improve their military skills. FIRST ROW; Jerry Wayne Dalton Commander Leroy David Thompson Executive Adjutant Paul Arthur Suhler Executive Officer SECOND ROW: Bruce Acton Sowers Christopher Charles Kelley THIRD ROW: Lewis James Fadale Jr. Timothy Brian Cyr Timothy Joseph Harrop FOURTH ROW: Steven Craig Jackson David Mehring Helfrich David Russell Rupp FIFTH ROW: Susan Marie Erbs William Howard Taylor Wade Anthony Tyler SIXTH ROW: John Anthony Helms Alexander Duncan Nelson Hector Luis Colon S-4 Officer Praetorian Guard — 451 Arnold Air Society An aluminum can roundup highlighted a year of community service for the John H. Payne Squadron of the Arnold Air Society, an honorary service organization. Proceeds went to the Darrell Royal Workshop, a mental retardation special services cen- ter. Members also worked with the Red Cross and the Honduran hurricane relief program. Arnold Air Society is open to any member of Air Force ROTC who has sophomore standing and at least a 3.0 GPA. The group worked closely with Angel Flight, the women ' s auxiliary to Air Force ROTC, through vari- ous social and service events. Initiation for both groups was held at dining-out ceremonies in the fall. r FRONT ROW: Isaias G. Arriaga Jr. William Howard Perkins William Joseph O ' Brien MIDDLE ROW: Russell Kent Strawn Commander Steven Mark Zwerneman Peter David Mauch Anthony James Adamcik Robert Jack Feldman BACK ROW: Kristen Gabrielle Gholson John Frank Luper Comptroller Thomas Wilburn Cochran Deputy Commander Mara Lynn Wells Administrative Officer William Burl Hurt Vern Lewis Hulbert II Dean Allan Hautanen 452 — Arnold Air Society ' aS l|! 11 pi H ps t N f «r »m N Scabbard and Blade Each year Scabbard and Blade, an honorary service org zation, provides manpower for the Austin Settlement Home Horse Shov . Members help assemble equipment and are on hand to guard horses. Comprised of outstanding students from all three ROTC branches, members are selected each semester from ROTC advisors ' recommendations. Interservice cooperation is a main feature of the organization and is implemented through social activities as well as service projects. In addition to a pledge smoker, the group helped with an initiation party and attended a formal dining-in ceremony. FRONT ROW: Lieutenant James G. McCoy, advisor, Paul Arthur Suhler Chris- tian F Wolfe Robert W. Ruggiero, treasurer, Charles Patrick Bruce B)- ' - " Ma " or- Donald G Van Matre ' advisor. MIDDLE ROW: Holly Haelett, Douglas Wurzel. Randy V. Marburger. Richard Dennis Pumphrey. seci BACK ROW: Edwin W. Mergele IH. president Michael B Brands, vice presi- dent, Michael Paul Caldwell, Anthony A. Arnbrosett, O. Zeller Robertson HI Richard Wayne Van Doren, Clay S. Sayers H, Paul Stephen Lane, John Mark Jackson, Charles P. Reynolds, Thomas D. Bryce, Harold Lee Hatton. if " Qri i rl v-to, :r. © ' : • ' 1 H Ji . w ; 454 — Military w »Fr»!: - ' ' .rjt. ' iP,:l A — alpha N — nu B — beta r — yamma () — omicron Z — zota H — Ota tlinta T — upsil(jn I — iota M — mil O — phi A — iamhchi V — psi omc a Jackie Wanta Jerry Stanley Adams. John Alhritlon. Ben Balagia. Terry Brown. Spencer Bussey, Mike Cable. Chad Collins. Bob Connell.Mark Copeland. Johnny Frazier. Bob Freeman. Mike Goldberg. Neal Grace, Luther Lee Green. Ban D. Hanson, Mike Harding, Bryan Hicks. Bill Hoffman. Clark Holaday. Frank Holley, Robert Holman. Ronnie Hooper. Jackson Jackson, Frank Johnson. Greg Kesler, Justin Lipscomb. Steve Mascarenhas. Noel McKinley.Rob Mitchell. Terry Morris. George Mowad. Art Patillo. Denny Reichart. John Rust. John Shudde. Neal Smith. Randy Stoneburner. Dick Suggs. Jim Turner. Bob Walker. Steve Weiss. Jim Wider. Simon Woodward. Ben Wright, Bud Chad Cable . . . Jackson Hooper Denny Patillo . Bob Turner . . . , President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer m mFl ' irft I V . lerD ' Zlolnil BeckyCon f Interfraternity Council 456 — IFC Mary Golder Terry Zlotnik Cheryl Zaremba Becky Conway . L L JHI BWM 1 . 1 ia 4 |aJ M Bandy. Kathryn Campodonico. Louise Conway. Becky Davis, Dana Day. Helen Ellis. Sharon FerHason, Jeane Foster. Ruth Garvey. Helen Marie Golder. Mary Hall. Kelly Hamilton. Susie Hartley. ]ane Hof an. Mary Catherine Horwath.Tex Ann Matusoff. Cathy Mclngvale. Julie Painter, Sally Randerson. Debbie Reichstein. Karen Roddie, Phyllis Staller. Sue Stanbery, Jane Slandefer. Jana Weekly. Jan Wiley. Cheryl Willeford. Joy Zaremba. Cheryl Zlotnik. Terry Panhellenic Council f Panhellenic — 457 Allen. Bill Allen. Donnie Allen. Ken Andrews. Darryl Balderach. David Berry. George Bible. Steve Bradford. Eugene Breidenbach. Ricky Brown. Ed Brown. Rob Burke. Steve Cantini. Armin Carroll. Bill Cogburn. Brian Cole. Frank Conly. Bert Conly. Gary Cope. Rich Covington. Frank Dalton, Steve Acacia 458 — Acacia Divine. Doug Dwyer. David Flippin. Duane Gainer. Trey Garza, Rene Giffin. Chuck Giffin. John Goodrich, Tommy Groos. David Hall. Brad Hanson. Greg Heit.Jim Holloway, Jim Holtzman, Scott Howard, Kelley fackson, Richard King. Chris Kirbo, Bryan Knight. Ed Lancaster, Lee Langholz. Buddy Lawless, Dan Martin. Randy Maxwell, Nyle May. Larry Meroney. Bob Mihovil. Mark Olivier, Henri Osborne. Lanny Paper. Bill Peper. John Plummer, John Posgate, Lou Quinn. Pat Ray, Rick Reed. Richard Reichert. John Russo. Frank Ryan, Jim Ryan. Mike Saye rs. Brian Sockler, Steve Stanley. Jerry Stayer. Glenn Stoker, Brian Suggs, Jim Taylor, Joe Teel. Jim Trimarchi. Greg Williams. Ronnie Williamson. John Young. Steve Acacia Acacia — 459 Aderhold. Robin Aknrs. Marsha Alexander. Martha Allen. Amanda Apffnl, jeannie Bfckor. Pattie Block. Karen Bovvden. Susan Bradfield. Kristy Bruce, Laurel Bruder. Marcia Burleson. Lori Byrne, Sandi Carter, Penny Chancellor, Gina Charlton. Claire Cheal. Barbara Chester. Tracy Christian. Elizabeth Christian. Susan Coale. Carol Coffey. Laura Combs. Courtney C()rbett. Catherine Corbett. Christine Crow. Karen Cumbie. Mary Carol Cumbie. Dianne Darby. Diane Darrah. Pesgy Davidson, Nancy Davis, Ebby Dick. Kathie Dillard. Cathy Edwards. Cheryl Ehlers, Nancy Ellison. Elaine Evans. Kim Farnsworth. Shayne Fletcher, Donna Foster. Barbara Foster, Ruth Fox. Jeannene Freeland. Kelly Fritsche. Debbie Garvey. Tina Gehring, Mary Sue Gieb. Janet Goolsby. Pamela Craffeo, Joanne Hall, Georganna Hartley, Jane Henington. Shelley Hill, Laura Hirsch. Cathy Holditch. Terry Holly. Debbie Hopson. Missy Hubbard. Sue Hurley. Becky Johnson. Kathy Kelly. Susan Knape. Jan Knebel. Diane Kober, Karilyn Koester. Ellen Kovich, Jamie Krizov. Clair Krizov. Paula Lambdin. Jane Lancaster, Alicia Lancaster. Sharon Lane. Margaret Lohmann. Sarajane Lundstedt, Siri Marter. Nancy Malula. Carol Mayer, Susan Mayfield. Wendv McAuliffe. Kim McCulley, Susan McNeill. Janet McPhail. Megg Mertz, Linda Messer. Jerie Millikan. Pam Moore. Becky Moore. Connie Moore. Diane Morgan. Kathy Morgan. Patricia Morgan. Susan Morrow. Cynthia Murray. Leslee Oakley, MaryAnn Oliver. Jane Osborn. Jayne Oyen. Lise Pace. Beth t r ; ] $ SP i $ .% .% $ § J. AAn 460 — AAH PUSH Palmer. Meianie Patlon. Robin Peterson. Becky Pipkin, Leslie Poling. Peggy Pratt. Mary K. Price, Leslie Pritchard. Mary Ann Rademacher, Beth Ramsey, Jan Ramsey, Lyn Richey. Annette Roche. Pam RusseU, Susie Ruiz, Dana Salter. Maggie Schrank. Karon Schultz, Kristine Scott, Sarah Seiders, Celia Shumate, Rebecca Simson. Carol Sizemore. LuBeth Slankard. Cindy Soward. Susan Spangler, Debbie Stanley, Lynn Stiles, Sharia Stowell. Denise Tergerson, Carla Terry. Patty Terwey. Emily Thompson. Beth Thompson, Beverly Thompson. Bobbie Tolson, Mary Vance Trampe. Kim Utesch. Karen Wall. Caroline Wallace. Cecl Weber. Lezlie Whaley, Mimi Whaley, Susan While. Cathy White. Karia White. Sally White, Toni Wilhelm, Ellen Windham, Mandy Winans. Carolee Winans, Nanette Woomer. Terri Wyman. Paula Zimmerman. Sandy k Alpha Delta Pi AAIl— 461 Auerbach. Jim Axelrad. Randy Bodzin. Mark Bubis. Barry Eisner. Richard Fertel. Dan Finkelstoin, Mark Fisher, David Gardner. Robert Greenspan, Donald Hertz, Kevin Hoffman, Myron Hoffman. Paul Hop kovitz. Michael Kase. Jeff Leshin. Richard Levine. Paul Panzer. Marc Radoff. Perry Rubin. Aaron Rutt, Larry Sallzman. Steve Schiller. |eff Shampain, Richard Silverman. Larry Steinfeld. Bobby Tobolowsky. Ted Weiss, Herbert Weiss, Jim Wider. Simon Wizig, Robert Zniiek, Michael fc ! AEn 462 — AEn M A 1 . 1 i;i Alpha Epsilon Pi AEn — 463 Aronowitz. Milzi B(M:ker, Lauren BerjitTiimn. Hindi Bersolofsky. Elaine Borry. Susan Bisno, Eileen Bloom, ilene Breil. Molli« Brickman. Rebecca Brochstein, Melanie Buckman. Pamela Chawkin. Helen Chernoff. Michelle Cobbel. Lori Davis, Fonda Davis. JoAnne Denn. Belinda Dochen. Edith Dover. Carolyn Dreyfus. Kathryn Ehrtmkranz, Heather Elkon. Elizabeth En Ier, Lisa Epstein. Maralyn Falik. Cynthia FtMHes. Holly Forrest. Linda Fox, Adrienne Frederick, Leslie Furcht, Sandra Gainsburgh. Amy Gernsbacher. Susan Gertner, Cindy Gold, Cynthia Goidfarb. Pamela Corme. Sherri Gottesman. Marcia Gottlieb. Joan Green. Lauren Greenberg, Elenanne Greenberg, Judith Greenman. Shelley Hechtman. Abby Hoffer. Wendy Hotchkiss. Sally Inkles, Lorrie Intrater, Janet Israel. Sherri Joseph. Julia Kamen. Kalhy Kamen. Sherri Kanter. Shelly Kaufman. Nancy Kessler, Marilyn Kline, Linda Krumholz. Pearlynne Lee. Wendy Leff, Pamela Levey, Susan Levick. Jolene Levin. Susan Levine, Leslie Levy, Ellen Lipkin, Sondra Lipman. Randa Lipsky. leniece Malowitz, Marcy Marcus, Barbara Marks. Fran Matusoff. Cathy Melinger. Susie Meyer, Cynthia Miller. Gloria Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan. Layne Myers, Patti Nathan, Sara Nedell. Naomi Oksner. Leslye Piitz. Susan Pink. Candace Pink, Laurie Raiffie. Carol Raphael. Amy Raynold. Vicky Ribnik. Patricia Rtiberls. Mindy Ros(;n. Andrea Rosen. Lecey Rosenberg, Cindy Rosenthal, Sharon Ross. Betsy SamueLs. Robin Saripkin, Etise Schechter, Cathy Schnurr, Michele Schultz. Linda Schultz. Wendy Schwartzman. Susan Silberberg, Harriet $ f Fonda Da Wendy H BamsieM $ I f . •$ ' % AE D 464 — AE Steinbcrf " , Debra Stttinfeld. Su.san Stern. Karrn Sussan. Andrea Sussan, Leslie Tobolowsky. Myr;i Toledano. Su .elle Toubin. Ch(;ryi Vine. Sara « 1 1 m 4 , IF f Alpha Epsilon Phi AEO_465 Sherilyn Haller PreByiBnl-- • elody Douglas I I Vic(!-Prcsidenl Jack Plec ards Deborah Washington Rush (;aptain Ju y ' Itfcelcne McCulloti g Tri asurer Ida Dawn Thomps on Social Chairman Carter. )anice Douglds. Melody Griffin. Stephanie 466 — AK A McCulIough, Elhelene McDonald. LaVerie Molett. Sylvia Reed, Linda dStki Sampson, DeMetris Stanton, Deborah Thompson. Ida Washington, Deborah Alpha Kappa Alpha AKA — 467 Allut ' in. Shiirnn AHill, Cherry Armstrong, Beth Barnes. Marilu Biirnhill, |an Biirr, Michele Barlnett. Kathy Beatty. Carol Berlin. Carolyn Blaylock. Terry Brasch. Kathy Brown. Sharon Broyhill, Debby Bruneman, Carol Burk. Lee Ann Campodonico. Louise Carbone, Francie Carmichaei, Lisa Casner. Sandy Clarke. Amy Clifton. Cathy CoeL Becky Coller. Karen Collor. Patti Collier. Becky Cooper. Mary Cox, Anne Danford. Vicki Domask, Lucy Domask, Susan Draper, Diane Duncan. Lucy Findley. Cherie Fiorlllo. Carol Galloway. Caren Garrott. Susan Gilmore. Carol Goehrs, Linda Goodwin, Claudia Goodwin. Olivia Greene, Kim Gritlman. Donna Hackedorn. Lynn Haddad, Mary Hartman. Robin Hilliard. Claudia Houston. lulia Hughes, Laura-Hill lenkens, Lyssa Jensen, jan Jones. Kevyn Jones, Linda Jonos. Lorita Kelly, Susie Kennedy. Aida Keisel, Stephanie Kortage. Marlene Krueger. Treila Lamb, Debra Lattimore, Louise Laughlin, Louann Laughlin. Mary Kay Liska. Pam Lyon. Vicki Martin. Cathy Martin, Kathy Mauk. Mary Lou McFarlane. Mary Helen McMichael, Pam McNair. Leah Mendez, Maria Meyer. Carol M ;y(;r. Janelle Montesino. Lourdes Nash. Peggy Nurenberg. Pam O ' Bannion. Margaret Oswald. Janice Paape. Cathy Pannell. Betsy Parker, Syrisse Pillans. Sheree Pinter. Merilee Plueckhahn. Charlotte Powell, Diane Prudhomme, Elaine Ray. Sue Ann Renard. Amy Richardson. Sally Ri(;hardson. Sherry AHA 468 — AZA Mnrlene Korlage . . )(;annie Spangler . . " - ' Lynne Hackedorn . . . . Marilu Barnes .... Kalhy Short Terry Blaylock .... President Vice-President ■j Pledge Trainer Rush Captain Treasurer . . .Social Chairman t e Roberts. Liz Romtiro. AnnelU; Rdss, Robin Schneid( r. Calhy Schuize, Sara Semke. |anip Shofner, Susan Short. Kathy Singer. Judy Sittcrle.lill Soper. Stacey Spangler, jeannit Stapp, Sharlene Steward, Sherry Svalbifrs. Sandy Sweeney. Annie Taylor. Anne Taylor. Nancy Tumulty. Kanrn Van Sice. Kathy Walls. Betsy Walls. D.;bbi.- Wanta. Jackie Watson. Wier. Cheri Williams. Sharon Wyatl. Carol Wylie. Kathy Zaremha. Cheryl Zeiher. Laura Alpha Xi Delta AiA — 469 Atchison. Charlie Alwdl. Thomas Ball. Tom Ballantyne. Christie Barnhart. Paul Bferry. Bobby Blake. lim Blalock, Myron Brandt. Chris Breelin . Mark Briansky, Randy BrouHhton, Scott Brown. Ted Burkhalter. Jimmy Carolla. Larry Casal. Tres Chapmnn. Patton Cline. Scott Cocke. Fielding Cody. Mel Cole. Mike Collier. Jess Connelly. Mike Cunningham. Gene Desmond. Bo DiFiore. Dallas Din es. Mark Donnell. Robert Dukes. Bill English. Monte Ervvin. Blake Feher, Tony Finkelstein. Jim Franklin. Robert Frey. Jerry Gatti.Tony Gerharl. Greg Gideon. Jim Heitman. Alan Henry. Kevin Hermonal. David Hoffman. Trey Home. Ronnie Hunt. Tom Janke. James Janss. Raymond Johnson. Stephen Jones. Chris Keats. Geoff King. Charles Kleuser. Larry Kuhlman. Blake Laguarta. Julio Lander. Trey Lucas. Richard McConn. Luke McKinley. Rob Meador. Thomas Mercer. Edward Morris. George Owen, David Owsley. Michael Peckinpaugh. Tom Peerman. Robert Pfeffer. Kirk Plumlee. Daniel Pound. Ted Presley. Jeff Puccio, Mike Renaudin. Rick Rew. Randall Rew. Vernon fifUS? ' tummMAm i TmPec liinlmlii QiAl um AlHeilm War Hi m ¥ AT12 470 — ATS2 i Tom PiJckinpaush President )im ];inke ■ -t ■ ■ Vice-President Charlie Atchinson C 3yp Pledge Trainer Rob M(;Kinley, Myron Blalock . .H . Rush Captains Al Heilman W ' € Treasurer Tolar Hamblen li i O Social Chairman Ki n. P.iliick Saniplr, Don Sniilh. Michih ' l Siiman. |nhn Swiiciiry. Mat. Thnmiis, Griff Tuni ' . SIrvi ' n V,isii;i ' k.Kiil)in Vila. Paul WisivcT. Ki-ilh Wflili ' . WalhT Wilt ' y. Frelon Williams. Frf d Williams. Wiilouj hby Alpha Tau Omega Xni — 471 Alliin. Botsy Anderson. Ghmna Biiih y. Elizabeth Balsiir. Nancy Bey i en. Carolyn Bess, Nancy Bliikey. Jamie Bolhwell. Caryn Brown, Nancy Burnetl. Karey Burt. Linda Butler. Susan Campbell, Penny Cargile, Paula Castille. Emily Cloudt. Kathleen Collins. Denise Crockard. Carol Daiyh. Margaret Davis. Dana DoCoux. Jan Dcmpsey. Pamela Doujjias. Robin Duke. Dtmna Dunlop. Donna Eads. Sally Eardley. Kathleen Farmer, jeannine Foard, Lorena Frant . Lisa Garrett, Suzanne Garvey. Helen Geer. Jeanne Gibson. Terri Goyne. Cassie Grimes. lanet Haggard. Lisa Harris. Margie Hay(?s. Lynn Henderson. Mayrene Hendrix. Marie Herndon. Marsha Hicks. Lynne Hixson. Nancy Holden. Laury Holloway. Ann Norton. Claire Hurst. Karen lames. Nancy Jameson. Deborah )oni!s. Amanda Junkin. Ann Kuf;hm, Janet Lambdin. Carol Li!U ' is. Candy Loomans. Kim Mass(!y. Barbara McAnelly. Carol Jean McCarty. Denise Mc;Donald. Elizabeth McDowell. Marian McGee. Patti Lou McKenna, Kathy McMurray. Mona McWherter. Jane Ann Mealer. Melissa Mitchell, Candace Morgan, Mary Kay Mosf ' r, Ruth Muir. Jo Ann Nelson. Patricia Ann(; Noack. Caria Noack. Nancy Noton. Elaine Null. Nani:y Officer. Karen Palmer. Caroline Parkhurst. J ?nnifer Ann Paull. Andrea Pilrucha. Patrice PU mmons. Charlotte Plummer. Jimie Marie Ponti;Ilo. Susan Prewill. Pam PruliT. Scoll Rainey. Sarah Raley. Mona Reilly. Susan Rig s, Elizabelh Royall, Linda AO 472 — A » r f Ryan. Miirlha SdwytT. Marii Ann Schaff. )ean Ann Seiders. Mary Simonds. Nancy Smyth. Sandra Beth Stcll. Becky Stephens, Claudia Sullivan. Phyllis Swanscm. Suzie Tabak. Karen Taylor. Janice Troutman. Caren Sue VanKck. Marjjaret Vingof " . Susan Washhurn. Mary Elizabeth Watkins. Corinne Weller. Helen Werkenlhin. B(;c;ky Werslerfer. Catherine White. Cheryl Jo Wilkirsun. Mary Willard. Beth Williams. Kim 3 Alpha Phi A t — 473 President ; Ronnie WilliailpS ce-Presidet Alexander. Lucius Britton. Garfield Brown. Daniel Donahue. Tommy Ellis, Thomas Fisher. Garfield Franklin. Paul Claspie, Michael Greenwood, James Hawkins, Albert AOA 474 — A A Holland, Richard [ackson. Terry Maddox. Exion Newman. Larry Pinkard. Donald Robinsqn. Clyde Simmons. Wade Todd. Frederick Williams. Ronnie Wilson. Billy Wilcher. Rodney Young, Andrew Alpha Phi Alpha A I)A — 475 Achor. Christy Akin, Lu Arnold. Karen Ashley. Marsha Av(!rill, Fran Barnett. Jackie Baucum, Jan Beasley. Marsha Becketl. Debbie Boorman, Jackie Box. Patsy Brainin. Nina Brandt, Deanna Brinkley. Deborah Bristow. Denise Brookshire, Alexandra Bullock. Cindy Carr, Lindsay Carr, Missy Cervenka. Gayle Coffey. Beverly Conrad, Janie Cook, Betsy Cummings, Carolyn Curran, Carolyn Curran. Colleen Denman. Jana Duffin, Becky Elliott. Susan English. Kay Eslill. Debbie Evans. Cindy Fanelli, Terri Filer. Vicki Ford. Mary Garrett, Carol Gaulding. Vicky Cracey, Nancy Greaves, Amy Grigassy. Joan Hale. Judy Harris. Mary Haunschild, Ann Hawn. Holly Heare. Grace Hemphill. Karen Hesselbein. Linda Hickman. Susan Hicks, Lynn Hite. Sally Holloway. Julie Horvath. Tex Ann Howell. Kim Isaacks. Lynn Jenkins. Susie jistel. Susan Johnson. Jill Jolly. Dana Jones. Carol Josephson, Pam Kelly. Kim King, Gina King. Michele Knapp. Debi Knowles, Kathy Kruger. Carroll Landry. Terry Langley, Jamie Led ere q. Lee LeMond, Betsy LindJey, Janet Ling, Nora Mabry, Terri Malina. Lee Ann McCoy. Leslie McCulloch. Laura McCullough. Cheryl McCullough. Cynthia McLean. Linda McLean. Mary Alice Meredith. Anne Mezzetti. Claire Miller. Julie Moore. Leanne Moore. Nancy Murtaugh. Mary Neill, Cheryl Ncitzel. Charlotte Newberry. Melissa Niblett. Lea Ann Pearce. Trudy Pierce. Terrie Pierre. Pam Pike. Dianne Power. Mindy Raschke. Lesa Reardon. Ginny Reynolds. Carol Ross. Debby AmyGre ibieBf f . f f f , |}| } H WBM AX12 476 — AXn I $ ' f imM Schnitzius, Vicki Smith, Terri Smothers. Marilyn Sobocinski, Deborah Spring. Esther Sullivan. Patti Susskind, Susan Taylor, Cindy Taylor. Lisa Temple, Ginny Terry, Marianne Turbeville. Mary Jayne Tyler, Traci Volterra, Angy Wagner. Vickie Watson. Joy Weber, Denise Wehmeyer. Peggy Weitzel, Beverley West. Jana White. Shelley Whiteaker, Judy Whiteside. Marti Wiegand. Kristan Wiley. Cheryl Williams. Sherrie Wilson, Mary Jean Wood. Jazen Word, Pamela Worley. Marilyn Alpha Chi Omega AXn — 477 Bitri;klc)w. Mark Barnard, Bill Barnard. Charlie Bernard. 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Andrya McClaugherty. Kathy McCnnnell. Maryann McNatt. Markeeta Mechler. Diana Montgomery. JoBeth Montgomery, Leah Moore. Glynda Moore. Lisa Mulhern. Mary Ann Muncey. Linda Nagle. Lucy Oberg. Julia Olivet, Courtland Owens. Tracy Parr. June Parrott. Linda Phillips. Becky Ramon. Edna Randerson. Debbie Redmond. Susan Reichert. Barbara Reichert. Debbie Ro.ssi. Bernadette Ro.ssi, Cathy Scheibal. Eilen Scudday, Valerie Siefken. Kim Sims, Suzanne Sousares. ludy Steakley. Barbara Sweeney, Anita Taylor, Beverly Uriegas. Mary Ellen Utter. Melissa Waltz, leanette Walsim. Catherine Weekley. Claire Weekley, Jan Wheeler. Marsha Wilson, Denise Woollett. Edie roB 480— r j B .K Kerri(: Qipello Presidiint Susan Heaps Vicd=fe mtent . Maryann McConnell Pli ' dRc TraiiKjjr M(!liiKia Lindi Rush Captain Claiir Weekly rrB4spwr !.inciy uustafsD Social Chairman i ■ 1 mEBP ' .;j 1 Gamma Phi Beta r I B — 481 Ar Aigiiit-r. Sallif! Allison, Sarah Arnold. Marty Austin, Rebecca Avis, Patricia Bailey. Cheryl Bailey. 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Suzan Lively. Kim Luedemann. Eyzabeth Lucas. Sharon Luce, Carol Ludl. Jean Lyons, Deidre MacKinnon. Mary Helen Maniatis, Dimi Marrs. Melissa Mayer, Linda McCarty. Charlotte McCarty. Phyllis McCla.skey. Suzanne McDonald. Molly Mills, Connie Morales, Debi Morris, Cheryl Mott,Glenna Murray. Gail Noland. Mary Ann Payne. Loren Pohl, Susan Pope, Eloise Pope, Elaine Pugsley, Nancy Ratterree, Donna Richards, Vicki Risch. Becky Robertson. Cindy Roessler. Beth Rogers. Eileen Sadler. Sharon Schumann. Betty Shirley, Anne Sibiey. Pam Sims, Sharon §.% ' $$ M loyce Ba itolBei idj ' Ro Kilkleea IfflHinli cvW 482 — Ar Slaydon, Diiinnt; Smith. Cynthiii Smith, Deborah Sparks. Kim Stradiir. Judy Thomus. Cindy Thomas. Judy Thompson. Sheryn TimhiTlake. Patricia Ann TinklcTeri Tomson. Jeanne Transou. Anne Valtmla. VeAnn Warrctn. Diane Warren. Marj arel Watkins. Kim Wehmeyer, Cindy Weidt. Nancy Weissler. Nancy Wheless. Sharon Whitby. Kathleen Wiley, Mary Jane Wilson, Angela Wilson. Danna Wilson. 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Carol Hoslter. Terri Hujjhes. Stephanie Jordan. Kathy Keils. Shari Kemp. Donna Kiester. Gale Kiser. Metta Klein, Lori Knobel, Allyson Leverton. Lynne Lynda Lutz. Kathleen Majors. Suzanne Manning. Shari Markley. Susan Marshall. Chris McSpadd(;n. Ann Merritt. Elaine Mezzetli. Kerry Miller. Karen Mixon. Sharon Monlemayor. Anna Moreland. Holly Morrison. Elizabeth Murphy. Karen Nt;umann. Anntftte Nolan. Anne Oberwortmann. Anne Osborne. Suzan Parramore. Sue Ramsey. Laura Russell. Catherine Schwartz, Peigi Sedberry. Lory Singer. Cathy Special. Teresa Stallones. Melissa Stembridge. Ann Toops. Prim Valdez. Dawn Wahlslen. Karen Walker. Susan Ward. Betsy Wari!. Terry Wareing. Nancy Weiss. Nancy Wilson. Sheri Woods. Pamela Delta Zeta AZ — 487 Clark. Gloria Clarkson. Debra Daniels. Glenda Douglas. Beryl Earls. Rosa Ellison. LaFaye Golden, Grace Hartwell. Madeline Hicks. Cynthia Lee, Cassandra Lewis, Valencia Manners, Laurie A20 I 488— A20 Marshall, Marilyn Patlon. Mary Robinson. 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Robert Loggie. Bruce Matcek. George McCuIloch. Mark Mcjunkin. Dane McMichael. Glenn McReynolds, Alien McWhorter. David Miller. Charlie Mills. John Mitc:hel!. Terry Nag(;r. Ross Niemann, Jim Norris. Bill Parsons. Robert Pearson, Gary Pearci?. Ray Phillips. Bob Riggs. Ben Rowling. Bob Schoeneman, David Schwarzer, Bill Skinner. Mike 494 _ AT Smilh. Robbio SlreiM.Sli vH Swenson. Mike Tiiylor. Don Upland. David Vullmcr, Don Wallace, David Willis. Brian Wallers. LcH! Wilkins. Kwlh Wisialowski. Sam Wolf. Sliive T « - mm 1 " II Bill Biirford Terry Mitchell John Mills John Mills Ross NiiHiT Bob Avent if) Prnsidenl Vice-President Pledge Trainer Rush Captain Treasurer Social Chairman k Delta Upsilon AT — 495 Ari)n. S;imiy Biirirnbliil, Bruce Biirrajian. Jim BiMidrr. DouhIhs Bishkin. Bruct; Bisno. Edward Bloom, Joseph Bonndst(!r. Scott Brown. David Brown. Richard Burford. St;ott Cohifn. Michael Coleman. Ronald Ern.slein. Scott Evensky. Jeffrey Falik, Jonathan Feinstein. 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Vice-President . . . Pledge Trainer . . . .Rush Captain . Social Chairman Bussey, Michael Freeman, Robert Hernandez, Robert Sa 500— e; Johnson. Nels Jones, Hal Lindsey. Samuel Scofield, William Trew. Dan Theta Xi es:— 501 Adiims. lim Aiken. Bob Akin. John Albritton.Ben Alexandcir. Archie Allison. Les Baird, Frank Baldwin. Roger Bnrry. Sfarrett Bird. Steve Black. Charlie Brown. Lew Burj ess, Ken Burgher. David Burke. Doug Butler. Ed Carameros. George Carrisan, Steve Carris. Bob Carter. Ben Cleaveiand, lack Cleaveland, Mark Coker. Biff Colquitt. Richard Cunningham. Cash Cutbirth. Joe Dale. John 502— K A 1 Pipkin. Ric Prince, Jim Rambie, David Randle. Bob Rhea. Andy Rhea. Robert Richardson. Gerald Robinson. Charles Russell. Byron Kappa Alpha KA — 503 Amis. Jill Bi(h(!l. Janis Barfield. Amanda Bv. k. Mary Bentsen. Belly Black. Anne Blair, Debbie Boyicevic. Helen Booe. Martha Broaddus. Nancy Broussard. Cindy Brown. Pamela Brtiwnlee. Lucy Buaas. Brenda Buffington, Alison Burkett. Mary Burns. Honey Carrington, Barbara Clarke. Lisa Clinton. Claudia Cochran. Kathy Cowden, Anne Crews. Camilla Crews. Claire Cunningham. Keni Curlin. Lorez Culrer, Kellene Day, Helen Drews. Sandy Drought. Janie Dukes. Becky Ellis. Sharon Emhry. Debby Eriksson, Elise Feuille, Jane Finley. Georga Fischer. Leslie Fischer, Vicki Foster, Glenna Foster. LAF Fugitt. Melinda Garrett, Sally Garrett. Susan Ceist, Shelley Goodson, Linda Grace, Nancy Hackney. Mimi Hall, Laurie Hamilton. Sarah Hankins. Karen Harrington. Mary Dell Harris. Holly Hart. Susan Hawley, Marianna Hennersdorf. Terry Herff. Neil Hoffman. Kathy Holland. Kathy Holley. Chris Huff. Jennifer Hurst. Sharon Janse. Tina Jewell. Kathy Johnston. Barbara Johnston. Beth Jones. Janelle Jonsson. Petie Junker. Rita Kerbow, Sally Keys. Shawn Kimmel, Carol King, Katherine Lane, Martha Langdon. Julie LaRue. Camille Launius. Lisa LeMieux, Michelle Lewis. Becky Lewis, Suzanne Lloyd, Linda Loiselle, Elaine Love. Jan McClung. Diane McDonald, Shannon McFarland. Mary McHard. Elaine McMullen. Julie McNealy. Cami Mealy. Marty Merrell. Diane Merrill, Amanda Mize. Nancy Moll. Marji Mor ehouse. Wende Murphy, Karen Murray, Nancy Neale. Martha Nelson. Helen Nicholson. Nancy PS Bfi PamWili Sharon f Chris Ho Icanniet KrisliPe( BellvSdl CI KA0 504— KA0 Pam Wilchar Sharon Hurst Chris Holley Jeannie Ward Kristi Peterson S BI, Betty Sellingsloh . . President Vice-President .Pledge Trainer .Rush Captain .Treasurer Social Chairman ,9 i WM Nils(:hk( Both Olivrr. Sarjih Otto. unn: Otio, Marsarnt Oviatt. Susie Peterson. Kristi Piernt;. Stephanie Ploch, Kim Pranke. Carol Gray Redfearn. Kalhy Redwine. Suzanne Roberts. Beth Roberts. Patty Robertson. Susan Robinson. Susan Roosevelt, Edie Runbeek. Cheri Sauder, Lanie Schmidt. Ewin Sellingsloh. Betty Shade. lulie Shellon. Elise Siebel. |ulie Sinclair. Lei h Smith. Melissa Streit. Vivian Stuart. Ann Talley. Lora Taylor. Alexis Tilley. Cwtm Tillotson. Melissa Tresch. Susie Wajinf r. )ulia Walkins. lili Wheat. Beth Wheat, [ulia Wilchar, Pam Wildenradl. Sandra Williams. Stephanie Wilson, Shannon Wood. Linda Kay Wysocki. Lynn Zelsman. Mary Kappa Alpha Theta I KAB — 505 Adam. Karis Akers. Carol Albritton. Tweety Allday. Kathy Avant. Nan Bailey, Barbara Bandy, Kathryn Bartlett. Suzanne Bayless. Louise Bean. Melissa Bertron, Cathy Biel. Melinda Bivins, Louise Blalock. Carol Block. Martha Blunt. Lynn Brewer. Val Brown, Angela Brown. Betsy Brown. Caroline Brown. Debbie Brown, Suzan Bryan, Sendee Burns. Beverly Butler. Becky Butler. Kay Campbell. Marjjaret Carpenter, Kay Carter. Katherine Chapman. Carrie Cheesman, Sheryl Clark. Kathy Clarke. Lulu Clesg. Cathy Cline. Carol Crooker. Linda Cuenod. Carol Cunningham, Mary Cunningham, Nancy Davis, Leslie Davis, Paige Denius. Charmaine Dorsey, Ellen Doughty. Day Edwards. Katherine Ellis, Tricia Ferguson. Amy Ferguson. Donna KKr 506— KKr p™ Frank. Grahiim Frof man. Nancy Frye. Gail Gauss. Karla Gerlach, Becky Gerlach. Nancy Germany. Lisa Ghormley. Susan Gillespie. Debra Gose. Loui.sf Graves. Betly Greaves, Holly Gregory. Carol Gruy, Clayton Gunn, Sheila Hallahan, Merri Halpin, Betsy Hamilton. Susie Hamm. Anne Harrell. Janet Haughton. Jane Henderson, Tina Howard. Kristi Hooper. Mary Hull. Benna Hull. Janet Jenkins. Jennifer Johnson. Kathy Jones, Sheila Kemper, Becky Kingswell-Smith, Ann Kirk. Karol Knotts. Susan Krilser, Ann Leftwich. Leila Lewis, Barbara Liebes, Jenny Limmer, Gay Lovett, Ann MacGregor. Jean Ann McCloud. Melinda McCrimmon, Laurie McCullough, Barby McGee. Lynne McMahon. Joanie Magill. Donna Meek, Paula Miller. Laurie Miller. Sheralyn Moody. Mary Jane Moore, Meredith Moore, Theresa Mostert. Rachel Mulberry. Gayle Mulberry. Lynn Netherton, Nancy Neuhaus. Nancy Newberry. Ruthie Northington. Gay Northway. Lynn Nowlin. Shelly Orman. Laura Owen. Hessie Peterson, Mary Clare Potts. Allison Pratka. Melissa Prolhro. Jenny Razzeto. Lynn Richards. Mary Roberts. Cindi Rochelle. Laura Ross. Melissa Rowe. Mary Sansing, Cyndy Sheesley. Heidi Slack, Anne Slator, Dorothy Sleeper, Julie Smith, Janie Smith. Linda Smith. Sarah Steen. Barbara Stevens. Gaye Stewart. Catherine Stewart. Gretchen Straus. Lyn Straus, Susan Strauss. Janie Taylor. Leslie Thompson, Ann Thompson. Josie Tusa. Nancy Tusa. Sally Upchurch. Martha Upchurch. Molly Walker. Cynthia Weaver, Lisa Webb. Kim Wells. Liz Williams. Carolyn Williams, Kelvie Winter. Joan Wood. Susan Worrell. Missy Wright, Mary Wroe. Callie Zimmerman, Sissy Zimmerman, Susu Kappa Kappa Gamma KKr — 507 Anderson, Bucky Bailey, Joe Bayoud. Brad Boyce, Beaumont Boyce. John Brown. Spencer Clifton. Jay Cobb, Calvin Cockburn, Thomas Daugette, Rush Devine, E. J. Doherty, Mike Doherty, Pat Gidman, John Fields. Craig Finnegan, Bill Fleming, Chuck Fox, Stan Genitempo. Greg Glauser, Robert Grace. Kevin K2 wl 508 — K2 John Eidman ■_ - ■_ . -j - ■ ■ President Bucky Anderson«MiMHaManBiMaiiJtice-President Bucky Anderson . , Kelly Stoddard. . . Jay Piper Mark Hablanski . . ledge Trainer .Rush Captain . . . .Treasurer Sljcial Chairman i r i Guarino. Grt n Hablinski. Mark Harris. Jeff Henderson. James Hightower. Richard Holland. Ned HoUey. Robert Horn. Sieve Hotze. Mark Jones. Brad Kelsey, Bob Lewoczko, Wayne Manselt, Robert McBirney. Samuel McCarthy. Tom McConn. Kevin Page. Harry Paul. Jeff Piper, lay Piper. Jeff Porter. Terry Pritchett.Jim Richardson. Terry Russell. Bubba Sanders, John Scherer. John Schoenvogel. Walt Seal. Brad Stoddard. Tuna Tuck. Chuck Tunks. Tim Turner. John Walters, Bryan Wright, Loyd Wylie, Hank Zwiener, Bill Kappa Sigma K2 — 509 Allen. Brady Alien. Tim Appell, Jimmy Avant. Jim Bailey, Brian Bankhead, Kevin Bankhead. Phillip Bauer. Boh Biorsrhwale, Pat Bryan. Larry Campbell. Bob Caperton, Troy Caveness, Bill Clarkson.Clay Cozby. Paul Craddock. John Crow, Bob Ehlinger, Dan Engbsh. Dale Farrell. Pat Griffin. Darrell Hagelman, Carl Hamby. Jay Harris. John Harris, Mark Hinckley. Bi Hoffman. Tommy Jackson, Frank AXA 510 — AXA i g iit ■ m, Mascarenhas, Lee Mascarenhas. Noel Monlalbano. Joe Myers, John Naylor. Charlie Pendergrass. Steven Perkins, Marc Potter. Rick Ray, Marshall Richardson, Mike Ross. Ralph Ross. Willy Scotl. Bruce Scurlock, Steve Shelton. Hal Siegel.Jeff Sprague, Mark Startz, John Stolnacke. Paul Timmons. Mike Truelson, John Truelson, Robert Wall, Dean Watts. Rick Wicker. Clark Williams, Hank Winborn, Greg Winn, David Winston, Scott Worth, Jim cy — Carl Hagelman rjPledgn Trainei W Bill Hinckley Rush Captain Steve Scurlock Treasurer n Lambda Chi Alpha AXA — 511 Achinis. Elhm AlliMi. Miilinda Andtrrson. Jant; Antlntws. Betsy Arnold. Annt! Arnspim ' r, Allison Biikrr. B);lly Ri)lli)ntyn , iinv Baskiii. B(M;ky BiuimHiirdner. Sally BfM;k(T. Pesgy Bell. Marv Bell. Palsv Blades, Sarah Blanchard. Alison Bond. Susan Bondurant. Linda Bradf n. Shannon Bradfif ' Bradfield. I.indy Bra ji. Ann Bremond. Sally Broun. Slacy Brown. |anc! Brown. |uli»! Brown. Louise Brusenhan. Kim Buie. Clare Bumstead. Evelyn Byrd.Kalhy Campbell. Sue Caven, Caroline Cobh. Cindy Collie, lulie Cookston. Liz Cooley. Florence (Soulier. Sally Crai«. Carolyn Cuenod, Diane DaU;. Emily Davis. Anne Davis. Debbie Dedman. Palty Dennard. Caroline Dennard, Gretchen HRI H 1 Ki lV ' H _ l J m ' " hIv- " I 4g. H A i JP -.- Carol Lubke, Irby Williams . . . Terrell Potts Sally Swanson Cassie Hager Social Chairman HBO 512 — nB Dipste. Miiriiind Ennen. Ann Ferguson. Sally Fitzgerald. Molly Fly. LauFii Candy. Karol Gatli. Phyllis Gesell. Kathy Gel7.endanor. Liz Grimes. Beth Guthrii;. Linda Hager. Cassii; Harri.s. Ann Harris. Margaret Hazelhur-st, Laura Herndon. Anne Hickey, Cynthia Hinshaw. Susan Hogan. Mary Holmes. Laura Hopson. Becky Hudson. Callie Hunt. Barbara Hurst. Diane Hutson. Ann Irby. Lisa Irons. Susan Jarvis. Linda [ones. Dorothy Kane. Jennifer Kane. Lida Keenan. Carolyn Keeney. Susan Keeton. Robbie Kerr. Candy Kline. Elizabeth Knowles. Nora Koger. Susan Kramer. Linda Kunkel. Jayne Kyle. Debbie Lacy. Leah Lubke. Carol Lubke. Nancy Massoud. Denise Malhews. Barbara May. Patty Mayfield. Laura Mayhew. Melinda McClendon. Robin McElroy. Mary McKie, lulie Miller, Margaret Moore. Tina Moore. Paige Morgan. Deborah Morrison. Cindy Naugte. Toni Nelson, Susan Northington. Diana Page. O ' Brien Painter. Sally Park, Suzanne Passel. Martha Pence. Suzanne Penn. Susan Pierson. Pepper Pitzer. Barbara Potts. Liz Pressly. Lisa Price. Terry Roberts, [ill Robertson. Nancy Rudd. Kathryn Rutledge, Janie Bayers. Kerry Scepansky. Mary Schoenvogel, Leigh Schoenvogel. Susan Schutze, Debbie Schutze. Valerie Scott, fudi Seeligson. iulie Sengelmann, Belsy Shambaugh. Cay Shannon. Caroline Steves, lulie Stollenwerck, Brooke Stringer. Cindy Sullivan. Mary Suttles. Fraser Swenson. Adriane Taylor. Jennifer Tillelt, Missy Timanus. Barbie Tucker. Liz Vance. Lynn Vandivier. Ann Ward. Clare Warren, Gay Weichsel. Linda Wells. Lauren White. Marilyn Whitlington. Peggy Whitlington. Sally Wilkin. Laurie Wilkin, Lynne Williams. Carol Zillgitt.Sherri Pi Beta Phi HB — 513 Adkins. Barry Barclay, John Barnard, John Barnett. Robert Beckham, CharJes Bell. Paul Bennett. James Bentley. James Biddle, Charles Biddle. John Bonner. William Brooks. Craig Browning, Hal Bruneman. Steven Carrick, William Clay. George Coker. David Cordell. David Crow. Judson Culwell. Warren Daniels. Kevin Dies. David Dunn. Steven Elliott, Rick Ellis. Richard Farabee, Rusty Felkel, Tom Fleming, Frank Florence. John Foster, Jim Genge, John Harris. Robert Harrison, Frank Hefner, Clifton Hinson, Jeffrey Hokenson, Craig Johnson, Jimmy Jones, Douglas Jones, Will Jung. Harry R ' 2?!5 • Vi H ■■■ ■B ■■m H S mw ' l K HKA I 514 — OKA Randy Biddle President Bruce Bennett Vice-President John Murray Ben Woodward Pledge Trainers Kevin Daniel Rush Captain Will Jones Treasurer Gary Rinn Social Chairman ' PIP PP Koch, John Kuhn. Jeffrey Little. Daniel Livingston. Tom Locke, Michael Mahon. Brad Marshburn, Tommy May. Gary McCormick. fames Mertz. Jimmy Murray. John Oviatt. Phihp Owen. Mitch Peel. Thomas Powell. Robert Powers. Greg Price. Don Pridham. William Rider. Chuck Rinn. Gary Savage. John Schmidt. Timothy Scofield. John Seager. Scolt Selig, Jeff Skaggs. John Smith. Roger Stair, Brad Stewart, Kim Stolhandske, Toby Strickland, Jeff Strickland, Phillip Sullivan. Shaun Tate, Kirk Tate. Mark Tichenor. Mac Tinstman. Robert Vigness, Richard Willis. Robert Woodward, Garland Pi Kappa Alpha IIKA — 515 Alhrittnn. Frank Ah ' Xiintler. Tim Andr(!vvs. Mark Arnelt. Philip Ashhjy, Tim Bailey. Bill Bata ia, ]im BalaKia, Terry BarniMl. Mike Barron. Ben Barron. Gene B(!(H:her!. Louis ■Bishop. Brian Blachard. John Brookshire. Burt Brown. Steve Brown. W.iyne Burns. Mike Carclweli. John Cavciul(;r. Boh 2AE 516 — SAE i T. i Cavcnder. Bill Christidn. Wayne Clarkt . David Clawuter. Bill Clawat«r. Wayne Curlin. Bruce Curran. Steve Denny. Mike Dinkins. Kirk Doeli. Tom Duffield. Corky Duncan. )ohn Duncan. Scott Eastland. Dick Ficke. Bruce Fischer. Mike Forman. Rick Garner. Bill Gibson, Fletcher Ginsburjj. Bob Green. Raleigh Hanna. Chad Hendrix. Roy Houseman. Lon Hudson. Chuck Hutchins. Kim Hyde, Ross Johnson. Hud Jornayvaz. Paul Kampmann. George Keeble. Floyd Keeney. Randy Ketley. Lee Kiger. Philip Koger, Ken Lewis, Jack Lowder. Tom Macatee. George Maddox, Larry Maddox. Scott Magill. Bert Manning. Bob May. T. Kirk McCluer. Charlie Meyer. Fred Miller. David Monteith, Dorrance Montgomery. Keith Morrison, Gary Moses. Whit Myers. Bobby Newman. Gary Newman. Layne Norris, John Omstattd. Hale Owen. Stacy Peeples. Clay Pinkston, Scott Puckett.Ty Ridout, John Rilling. David Rogers, Mitcheli Rowen. Ed Sellingsloh. Bobby Shands. Jay Shaw. Kelly Shaw. Ro Smith. Hatch Spalten, Bob Stocker. David Stocker. Dean Strain. Steve Swinney. Ted Taylor, Charlie Thannisch. Mark Thomas. Charlie Tippen. Peter Tippen. Philip Tips. Dick Van Deventer. Jim Weaver, Tim West. Jim Wine. Bill Wolcott. Charles Wolcolt. Crai g Wolff. Harry Woodward, Mark Wright. Doug Wright. Bud Sigma Alpha Epsilon SAE — 517 518 — 2AM Goldbnrs. Howard Goldb( ' rg. Kenneth Goldmiin. Randy Goldstein. David Haas. Stuart Hirsh. Alan Michael Horowitz. Gary Isaacson, Lee Karren. Larry Kutler, Mark Lipshutz. David Luskey. Mike Moses. Bernard Neptimnick. Rick Nepomnick. Steve Night, Allan Novy, Brian Oshman. Norman Plost, Randall Putterman. Barry Raphael. Leonard Rivin. Randy Robinson. Jeffrey Shepard. Louis Smith. Randy Stern, Paul Weiner, Jeffrey Weiss. Michael Wormser. Leonard Zeligson. Dan Zeplain, Alan ZIotnik. Bobby Sigma Alpha Mu 2AM — 519 2AT Abowit .. Sally Ahnihum. Leigh Ann B(;arman. Linda Berkowitz. Shelly Bernstein. Cindy Borger. Sharon Borschow. Tina Brunstein, Rochelle Byers, Nancy Charles, Janet Clark. Norma |ean Coff. Tina Collar, Terry Dubois, Elisa Dushkin. Laurie Anne Ellish, Call Fischl, Ian Flax. Mindy Frank. Pam Frauman. Susan Freedman, Glenda Friedel. Lynne Garber, Rachel Gardner. Elaine Gitlin. Maria Giazer, Nancy Goldstein. Phyllis Greenberg. Maria Harwood, Sherry Hempling, Robin Hengst, Sandra Horn, Monica lola. Cheryl Jayson. Melinda Jayson, Sharon Kaplan, Randi Katz, Brenda Kboudi. Sharon Kirschenbaum, Caren Knie, Judith Kopin, Pamela Koslin, Louise Krumholz, Mira Kurlz, Marcia Lewin. Leslie Malhove. Nancy Martell. Eileen Mendel. Judy Pepper, Lynne Raff. Michelle Ray. Phyllis Reichslein. Karen Roberts. Georga Rohan. Audrey Rose, Celia Ann Rosen. Melissa 520 — SAT Rosen. Micheic RosenbfTK. Betty Rosenbloom. |udy Schectman. Laura Schonwald, Randee Schwartz. Paula I Sigma Delta Tau SAT — 521 Addirks. Miirk Arnold. Miirk B( ' r«fitHd. Riindv Bintliff.Mikc Black, T.-rry Bliintnn. Eddy Blanlon. ]iu:k Boles. Wayne Bray. T(im Briscoe. Chip Coontiy. Ron Cowling. Rii;k Dean. Bill Drason. Brad DeWolf. Steve Dodson. UiU ' ey Dodson. Mark Donnelly. Wayne Dunn. Harvey E jan. Richard Ellis. Steve Green. Ban Grimm. Mike Hehdon. jack Heimstiiad. Steve Hussey. Jim Isaacks. Brady Johnson. Brian Kay. Mike Linney. Mike Manjjum. Paul Martin. )im McWilliams. Mikt? Minahan. )ini Moffelt. Donny Motley. David Muncey. Tom Mustachio, Mike Niemann. Steve Pattillo. Denny P(!ars()n. Mike Rea. iim Reardon. Kelly Reicherl. Tom Reynolds. Bobbv Rhea. Bill Ridley. Rick Rohirds. Steve Rothvvell. Mike Simmons. Bill Simmons. Pat Start ' .man. Brian Thome. Lewis Tucker. Kevin Walker. Clayton Walker. Steve West. Milton Weylandt. Steve Will. Clark Wilson. Lee Wilson. Reid Winn. Dan Worley. David Wunderlich. Curtis 3 MikePeai MikeU ikRid MikeGrii Paul Man MarkDw 2N 522 — SN ill J Sigma Nu 2N — 523 J Adfirhold.Cullen Andersen. Kevon Barr. (ymes Barrett. Greg Bohls. Daryl Bowers, Greg Boyd. Peter Bra(;kendorff. Bo Buchanan. Paul Buron, Richard Bustin. Gregg Cain. Boh 2 E 524 — i: !-: Cloyes, Brian Covey. James Crawford, David Davis, Ed Duncan. Doug Freeman. Mike Frink, Bill Garrod. Andy Geary. Mike Griffin. Mark Crubbs. Stan Hardy. William Harlan. Larry Hatcher. Brad Hicks. Bill Hodge. Dou« Holotik. Jim Holslead. Stephen Hundley. Stephen Kearns. Paul Kelly. Jack Kirby. Steve Kreager. Cameron Lewis. Les Lewis. Mitch Lorton. Tres Luther. Bob McConnell. Bob McGrejior, Stewart Mahrer. William Martin. Don Nelson, Randy Osmond. Alex Olto, Jeff Pearson, Steve Potts. Randy Proske. Charlie Rankin, Richard Reese, Robert Reinerl. Stephen Riggs, Ron Robertson, Craig Rolon, Francis Roman. Mike Scott, John Sharrock, Stuart Simmons, Steven Smith, Danny Smith. Robert Soape, Roger Stephenson. Scott Summers. John Swa.i. Greg Taylor, Bobby Taylor. John Thompson, David Toledo, Jorge Weber. Craig White, Edward Willis. Michael Woerner. Bob Wood, David Wyland. Tony Zamorano. Roland Sigma Phi Epsilon I 2 E — 525 Aborcrombie. Tony Anderson. Richard Austin, Gre Biiird, lamie Bf ll. Devvayne Bfmson. John Borowiak. Mike Brooks. Jim 526 — 2X Stockdale. Joe Stoneburner, Dick Taylor, Richard Thomas, Mike Trulove, Herb VanderPloeg. Bob Wei I ling, Jack Sigma Chi 2X — 527 Brown, Rick Buell. Bruce Burkholder. Thomas Burns, Charles Cox, Gary Fournier. George Freeman. John Hummel. Dave Johnson. Greg Kanipes. Keith TKE 528 — TKE Kvitek, Charle! Lin, Andy Lockard. Dan Mahan. Milo Peavy, Mark Perdue. Brad Peterson. Bob Pulliam, Dave Rust. John Stanphill. Sam Thomason, John Thomason, Ron Van Osselaer. Tom Verducci, Thomas Tau Kappa Epsilon TKE — 529 Amns. John Bail. Mike Barnard. Brian Barnes, Douglas Bishop. Bill Black. Bob Bouldin. Wolf Campbell. Robert Canon, Robert Carter. Will Caskey. Stan Cordell, Tom Corvo. Rod Creighton, Kenny Dexter. Danny Dillon. John Dollins. Rick Du Bois, Robert Duke, Craig Duncan. Vance Dunlap. Dwight Edwards. Mark Eidman. Thad Farrell. Porter Finklea. Bill Forcht. Richard Fowler, Bill Frymire. Larry Gernsbacher, Harold Goodman, Greg Gordon, Flash Gordon. Jimmy Gordon. Spook Gose. Tom Gunn. Steve Halden. Billy Haughton. F rank Hill. Bruce Hocott. Richard Hooper. Jackson Jackson, Jeff Kalish, David Kent. John Kiel. Trey Kinney. Bill Kinney, Steve Lawson. David Luhke. Steve Lumpkins. David Lundquist. Gil Maclin. Todd Martin. Bob McAfee, Larry McAllister. David McCaleb. Ben McGaughy, Tom McKnight. Byron Middleton, Blake Monroe. Mark Moore. Drake Moore, Frosty Mortimer, Glenn Nash. Jack Neff. John Nelson. Rick Nelson, Skipper Netherton, Bill Newton. John Page. Curtis Parsons. Kevin Patton. Campbell Patton. John Pearce. Stephen Peloubet, John Penny. Bill Plummer, Charles Pruitt, Kenneth Ratliff. Bryan Redwine. Ras Rickabaugh, Marvin Robinson, David Rogers, Happy Sasser. Trebes Saunders. John Sawtelle. Mike Schlatter. Dean Schram, Chuck Seal. Jeff Seiberl. Frank Shaeffer, Robert E« orA 530 — i rA 1 f , ' Doug Barnes j. President KenCreighton fJ3L. . Pledge Trainer Jackson Hooper, Steven Pearce, Doug art g j j Rush Captains Charlie Plummer $ Treasurer )ohn Gordon fe - Social Chairman Shacffor, Si:i)ll Sharp. Chris Shudde. Neal Smilh.Ciay Smilh. Wally Sullim. Mark Tellkanip. ScotI Thornlun. Mark Thurman. RussnII Timmins. Tim Turner. lay Upham. Robert Vanc;e. John Wise. Wade Womaok. jack Phi Gamma Delta l rA — 531 Anthtrson. David Bilker. Jeffrey Bitrfield. Bourdon Bales. David Bauman. Ed Bavoud. GcoFfje Beil, Philip Boss. Willard t OA0 532 — 4 Ae Boswcll. Brnd Brollier. David Bullock. Frank Connell. Mark Davis. R !af{an Davis, Waters Dickinson. Lo ' in Dingier, James Doherly, David Doyle, Douglas Erwin, Bill Erwin. Frank Faulkner. Bruce Ford. Thomas Foster. Alan Frazier. Gregory Gill. John Green. Barry Hartwig. Michael Hightower. Harold Hinton. James Horton. John Hunt. Todd Jones. John Keeland.Burdelle Kerr, Rob Kerr, Tommy Kirklin. Steve Kolb. Jay Lee. Greer Lindgren. Roger Maddfm. Wales McCloskey. Ray Merrill. Randall Merrill. Tommy Morehouse. Billy Morris. Kenny Neuhaus. Ed Oles, Pat Olt. Kenneth Parks. Allen Patlon. Ed Ragland. Scoll Reed. Mike Rose-. Henry Shilslone. Max ShindliT. James Sinclair. Robert Solari. Jack Sletler. John Strawmyer, Jeff Vaughn, Jack Vaughn. Robert West, Mark Wooten, Timm Zimmerman, Charli -1 Phi Delta Theta l)Ae — 533 Adams. John Allison, )ohn 534 — t K McKee, David Moller. Steve Moxley, David Nowell. Steve Ohls, Mark Rhody, Mike Robinett, Bruce Rusk. Keith Salge, Steve Sul. Mark Temple. David Teaver, Jim Weatherall, Richard Wiggins. Kerry Wilkirson, Dan Wommack, Dale Phi Kappa Psi K — 535 i Arrington. Keith Barton. Bruce Bogan. David Collins, Andrew Collins. Robert Crawford. Jay Crawford. Robert English. Edwin Fox, David Friedrich, Richard Gordon. Richard Hay, lames Humphrey. Jimmy Kamp. Michael Kesler. [ustin Lamb. William Lewis, Randy Lock. Ben McGough. Richard McKamie. David Parr, Mark Payne. John Poynor. Wes Reynolds. James Townsend. Howard Watson, James Wiggans. Richard Wyman. Rick 02K 536 — 1 2:K Phi Sigma Kappa t):i:K — 537 Jennifer Tune President Karen Hutchinsdri ■ Tren surer Sandy Hall Social Chairman Ailken. Gail Albiiiio. Carol Aider. Susan Allim. Aiiciii Allison. Miiry lann Allislon. Dawn Andr(!ws. Susan An;hf!r. Linda Bacon. Sylvia Bailey. Melinda Baldwin. Elizaberh Barnard. Shannon Bates. Ann Bonnetl. Kim Bexinn. Beth Bo ar. Debbie Bo.stick. Betsy Bowles. Catherine Brady, Lisa Bradley, Eloise Brown. Teresa Brusilow. )ennie Burlison, Camille Burnelte, Shif la Burney, Carolyn Burney, Cyndy Buji.sey. Linda BusltT. Ian Byrd. Ellen Campist!. Caroh? Caussey. Nancy Chambers. Catherine Click. Barbara Coffin. Sissy Colwell. |an Copus. Caren Cordell. Pegjjy Corley, Jodie Courtney. Debbie Darftos. Amanda Dashiell. Diane Df ane. Rosanna Donahue. Helen Dryden. |ulie Duncan. Sue Qppnsn xu 538 — Xil I Epps. Laura Erickson. Wt ntiy Everett. T(!rri Field. Kim Fletcher. Stephanie Flournoy. Heh;n Forehand. Jane Fowler. Lisa Fowler, Tina Frazer. Sally Freita . jan Garbade. Sandra Garrett. Chris Garrett. Dianne Gibson. Sue Gipe. Loraine Grimes. Arden Guerriero. Shelley Guerriero. Tina Haight. Caroline Hailey. Sara Hall. Sandra Ham. Nancy Harwell. Susan Haskovec. Deborah Haynes. Barbara Hendricks. Annette Holier. Kristin Horlock. Nancy Huddleston. Linda Hulchins. Laura Hutchinson. Claudia Hutchinson. Karen Irvine. Maria Jackson, Claudia Jarrell. Jennifer Jenkins. Jamie Johnson. Cynthia- Johnson. Shari Jones. Nan Jones, Jelia Jung. Cathy Kennard. Anna King. Claire Langhamer. Diane Lawrence. Deborah Lawrence. Lauralee Lee. Elisa Lightfoot. Barbara Lindsay. Patricia Little. Lewette Mansker, Tera McGill, Mary Mclngvale. Julia McLeod. Cathy McLeod, Sally Meyer, Sharon Miller. Laura Moffatl. Ann Moore, Mary Morris. Deborah Morris. Sherry Mott. Devin Murray. AJice Newman. Druanna Nokes. Laura Osborne. Maura Palmer. Robin Park. Marion Paul. Kathryn Paveletich. Marsha Payton. Mary Payton, Sandra Peavy. Emilie Phillips, Melanie Poindexler, Hally Potter, Nancy Powell, Cynthia Powell. Taffy Pyle, Lynell Quiliiam, Gorki Ricards, Nancy Sample, Susan Schaeffer. Jeanelte Schaeffer. Susan Schram. Susan Scurlock. Susan Shaw, Julie Shorter, Pamela Smith. Leslie Smith, Sheryl Stalcup. Cheri Stalcup. Sondra Stavinoha. Mari Stewart. Mary Stover, Catherine Thompson, Jill Todd, Shelley Tribble, Patricia Tune. Jennifer Van den Bosch. Nora Vaughn. Jean Watkins, Emily Watson, Kathryn Wheeler, Anne Wilkinson, Debby Willeford, Joy Winn, Jill Wisdom, Ann Chi Omega I XH — 539 Daniels, Kenneth Fowler, Seth Hunt, Roy Johnson, Lionell r 12 $ 540 — S2 I IK Lawrence. Lannie Manor, Mike Stephens, King Omega Psi Phi I fi — 541 THE DOORS of a Greek house open to present a varied atmosphere for residents. A Greek house is a home for many, offer- ing close and abiding friendships and the security of a place of one ' s own. All too often a Greek house is built of impenetra- ble walls; the doors close, transforming the unity of brotherhood into what many see as an intolerable minority separate from the rest of campus. The security of a Greek house at times is confining, where individuality yields to conformity. Fre- quently, appearances and ideals are deter- mined by the Greek system. The doors of the Greek house swing outward and inward; outward to those who have found they do not belong and inward to those who have found the warmth and happiness of a home. The handshakes, the smiles, the endless chat- ter at the doorway is inviting to some and revolting to others. Some have entered and stayed, while far too many refuse to approach the door at all. Everyone seeks an inviting threshold; to some of these the Greek house is home. 542 — Greeks CLASSES Lynne Baggett Keith Crawford Graduate Students AL-RAHIM, SALAH MAHMOOD. Austin Cultural Foundations of Education, lournal of Educational Studies Associate Editor ALVAREZ. JOHN, Austin Education, 4 AK. Judo Club ANDERSON, WILLIAM J. JR., Killeen Business Administration APPELT, JAMES MACK. Three Rivers Law, AXA ARTHUR. DONALD BYRON, Austin Russian, $K$ BAILEY, [AMES H. ]R.. Grand Prairie Electrical Engineering, 0Z. IEEE BALDWIN, (OSEPH LAMAR. Lincoln NB Communication, SAX, K1 . Student Senate BALSLEY, RONALD DEAN, Austin Business Administration BARNEBEY, MALCOLM EDWARD, San Antonio Latin American Studies, Young Democrats, Institute of Latin American Studies Student Association BARNETT, MARGUERITE PEARL, San Antonio Pre-Med. r4 A President, AAA, tK l , Junior Fellows, ideas and Issues Committee BEUTEL, PAUL WAYNE, Houston Radio-Television-Film, BZ. DAILY TEXAN Staff, PEARL Staff. Longhorn Singers BLODGETT, SARAH EXUM, Breckenridge Speech Communication BROWN, ROBERT EARLE, San Antonio Meteorology BURCH, JOE TOM, Donna Architectural Engineering, Sailing Club BUSBY, KENNETH OWEN. Billings MT Physics CARTWRIGHT, STEVEN RAY. Dallas Accounting-Finance. SAE. B. »( ' CEARLEY, CYNTHIA ANN, Houston History CERVERA, OLIVIA SERNA, Austin Bilingual Elementary Education, KAII CHOVANETZ, BARRY E., Halleltsville Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Sailing Club, Newman Club CHOW, WILLIAM KWOK FAI, China Computer Science, Chinese Student Association. IEEE COCKRELL. DEBORAH JEAN, Pittsburgh PA Speech Pathology CONNER, CLAUDIA SANDERS, Austin Education, Longhorn Alumni Band CONTRERAS, HELI FRANCISCO. Venezuela Electrical Engineering. IEEE CORDELL. DAVID MARK, Austin Business Administration,nKA, Union Board Chairman. Union Program Council President, Student Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics COX, LINDA SUSAN. Houston Library Science. Education Council Secretary DENSON. MARSHALL W.. Cuero Education DOSS. HENRY ALLEN. Houston Education Administration DUNLAP, JOHN KIRKBY, St. Clair MI Business Administration, AT EL-KADI, MOHAMMED MAHMOUD. Lebanon Computer Science. HKN, IEEE FRY. THOMAS WAYNE. Austin Electrical Engineering FUNDERBURK. GARY LEE, Arlington Government, Longhorn Band GAMEZ, RANDOLPH MARTIN, Corpus Christi Pre-Med GERTNER, CAREN RAE, Houston Educational Psychology-Counseling, AE , t BK, AAA, itK , X GIBSON, FLETCHER WADE III, Lindale Business Administration, 2AE GOLDFARB, NANCY ELLEN. St. Louis MO Photojournalism, SPJ 2AX, Women in Communications Graduate Students — 545 GUIER, MICHAEL EDWARD, Albuquerque NM Government, Orientation Advisor HALL, JOETTA MARLENE, San Antonio Journalism HALLIKAINEN, MARTTl TAPANL Finland Electrical Engineering HAMILTON, JEFFREY LANE, Dallas Physics. ♦H2, 2112 HARMON. SCOTT INGERSOLL. Dallas Materials Science, OiK, ASME. Longhorn Band. Tejas Club HECK, LINDA ANN, West Chester PA Library Science, Special Libraries Association HEFNER, MAX RANDALL, Lubbock Finance HELLAND. HANS RICHARD. San Antonio Business Administration, KA, Intercollegiate Football HEMATl. IRAJ, Austin Business Administration HEMATIANBOROOJENI HOJATOLLAH, Iran Architectural Engineering, AAAE HERNANDEZ, JOE LUIS. Corpus Christi Music Education. KK . Longhorn Band, UT Wind Ensemble JARAMILLO, ANTONIO RODRIGO, Ecuador Petroleum Engineering. AIME. Society of Professional Well Log Analysis Graduate Students JOHNSON. GARY WAYNE. Grand Prairie Engineering. TBH. IFT. AIAA KHAN. MUHAMMAD BAHADUR. Pakistan Education KILLION. TINA JOY, Palestine Sociology KIRK, KENNETH KEITH, Dallas Law KOLEILAT, MAHER M., Lebanon Architecture LIEBER, JOHANNA RUTH, Rio Grande City Education, A frA, Teacher Corps LOOPER, DONALD RAY, Azle Accounting. Br2. Texas Sacred Singers MANOR, MICHAEL PERRY, Austin Social Work Studies, Q i , Blacks, Alumni Association MASCARENHAS, WINSTON LEE, Austin Biology, AXA, AEA MURRELL, ROY LEE, Gilmer Education, KAFI, Student Education Association, Dean ' s List NARANJO, MARY STELLA, Lufkin Psychology, AOn, BK, -t-X Secretary, KAFI, Mortar Board NELSON, DONALD SKIPPER, Corpus Christi Finance-Marketing. " tFA. American Finance Association. American Marketing Association NUERNBERG. SALLY GRACE. Front Royal VA Drama. Graduate Student Council OWENS, THOMAS JEFFERSON, Austin Social Work Studies PANG, HARRY F., Coahoma MS Chemistry PERRIN, CHRISTOPHER DOUGLAS, Cameron Business Administration POWERS. SALLY LOUISE. Wichita Falls Speech Pathology. nB t POYNOR. WESLEY JIM, Austin Pharmacy, 2K, PX PUCKETT, WILLIAM NOTLEY, Fort Stockton Law, A© I , Student Bar Election Commission RENOULT, DANIEL CLAUDE, France Petroleum Engineering 546 — Graduate Students RICHARDSON, JOHN HARRY, Homewood IL Environmental Health Engineering, TBII, XE, KEi ' . 4HI. Tejas Club RIOUX, THOMAS WAYNE, El Campo Civil Engineering, K£, XE, TBH, K , OAK RODRIGUEZ. PLACIDO JOHN JR., Galveston Statistics ROE, jERRE, Corsicana Library Science ROST, RANDALL JOHN, Dallas Finance SANCHEZ, MARGARITA, Temple Education SCHULZ, PEGGY ANNE, Pecos Anthropology SENALUG, GOBPORN, Thailand Aero-Space Engineering, SIT SEWELL, MICHAEL, Austin Journalism SHARIF-POUYA, HAMID, Iran Architectural Engineering, AAAE SIMS, ALVIS JEROME, Groesbeck Library Science SMITH, IRENE KAREN, San Antonio Choral Direction, Chamber Singers, Choral Union SO, PETER CHAN M., China Business Administration, HEN, TBII, Chinese Student Association, IEEE STODDARD, ROSS WHITE III, Denison Law, AXA President, The Bachelors of Law Chairman SULLIVAN, JAMES DAVID, Mesquite Computer Science SUTHERLAND, MARY LOU, Austin Early Childhood Education TABOR, CHRISTOPHER CHARLES, Fort Worth Accounting, 4T4. BA THOMASSON, LARRY LANCE, Richardson Finance-Marketing TURPIN, JAMES EDWIN, Bryan Actuarial Science, Longhorn Band UPCHURCH, MICHAEL JAMES, Houston Business Administration, ADO, 04E, CBA Council. American Finance Association UZRI, TAHER YOUSIF. Iraq Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Diving Club WAGAMON, CHARLES HOLLAND JR., Austin Physical Therapy WEINER. LINDA ROSE, Houston History, AE , AAA, BE, HAS Vice-President, Cordettes WERCHAN, CAROL ANN, Austin Special Education, KAII, n 9 WEST, ROBERT ALLEN, Austin Business Administration, AZIl, A M2 WESTFALL, GARY DUANE, Austin Physics WHITENER, ROBERT GENE, Austin Business Administration WOLTMAN, ARTHUR WILLIAM, Marlin Electrical Engineering, iK , 2112, IEEE, American Institute of Physics WORTH, JAMES CLINTON, San Antonio Taxation, AXA, BPS, BA+, K WYMAN. RICHARD CARLSON. Austin Business Administration, fr2K YAN, WAl CHI, China Business Administration YU, KAR-HONG, China Mechanical Engineering, $T2 Graduate Students — 547 ' M0M 1fkUn»ti, %t " A-N-v i- y -- t ' j - " iV " ? ' jnwf " ' ■ ' - ' ■jtsm» I r ' ? 1 Graduating Seniors r)4H — (JnidiiiiliiiH S( ni()r.s ABOWITZ, SALLY, McGehee AR Accounting, SAT President and Treasurer, CACTUS Staff ABRAMOWITZ, SHIRI, Houston Biology ABRAMS. TRAVIS GRANT, San Antonio Chemical Engineering. AIChE ACKER. BILL M., Garland Marketing, AS I , American Marketing Association ADAIR. CHERYL EILEEN. Austin Home Economics ADAMCIK. LYNDA S. PETTY, Ft. Huachuca AZ History-Asian Studies ADAMS. lANIS RUTH. Houston Special Education, Mortar Board ADAMS. ROLAND H. |R., Garland Journalism AGHILIKERMANI, FATEMEH. Iran Actuarial Science AIDE, MATHILDA BARBARA, Augusta GA Mathematics AIWASEFAR, ASHUR A., Austin Architectural Engineering AJAYEBI, SEYD HOSSEIN. Iran Electrical Engineering AKERS. STEPHEN WAYNE. Vanderbilt Business Administration. Petroleum Landman ' s Association AKIN. JAMES RICHARD, Leander Plan II AKROYD, GEORGE STEPHENSON, Austin Psychology AL-JUNDl, ASSEF, San Antonio Electrical Engineering ALAMSAHEBPOUR, MAHMOOD, Iran Electrical Engineering ALEMAN, ANITA, San Antonio Journalism, Anchorettes. Women in Communication ALEMAN, SUSANA IMELDA, Falfurrias Secondary Education. AAA. r I A. Upper Class Advisors. Student Education Association. Project Info ALEXANDER, MARK HENRY, Dallas International Business ALLEN, AMANDA RADFORD, Seabrook Marketing, AATI, Sisters of the Star and Crescent ALLEN, BARBARA JEANETTE, Austin Nutrition, ON. Student Nutrition Organization ALLEN, DONALD LEE, Sweetwater Accounting, Acacia ALLEN, MARK K., Perryton Psychology, ATA, Posse. Cowboys ALLEN. MARTHA ELIZABETH. Tyler Special Education ALLEN, PHILIP CAMPBELL, El Paso Pharmacy. LPhA, ASHP ALLMOND, STEVEN ROY. Odessa Electrical Engineering ALTHAUS. VOY ERNEST JR., Houston Chemical Engineering, AXA, AlChE ALTINGER, EVELYN CLAUDIA, Houston Biology, AEA, Sailing Club, Ski Club AMEN, LUCY ALICE, San Antonio Music Education, M4 E, Choral Union AMIOT, DENISE MARIE, Houston Secondary Education, AAA, Southern Singers ANAWATY, HENRY A. III. Dallas Anthropology. Ecology Action, Musical Events Committee ANDERSON. DOUGLAS DELWYN. Duncanville Radio-Television-Film. Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship ANDERSON. JANE ALICE, Austin Business Administration, nB I , Orange Jackets, Posse, Angel Flight, Ideas and Issues Committee ANDERSON, MICHELE SPECIAN, San Marcos Business Administration-Computer Science ANDERSON, RUSSELL F., Corpus Christi Accounting, " tHS:, BA+, I K ANDREWS, JOHN JEFFREY, Temple Microbiology. AEA ANGEL. MARIA ESTHER, Corpus Christi Bilingual Education ANOZIE, CHARITY C. Nigeria Accounting, Mortar Board, Outstanding Student ANTHONY, BETTY JANE. Lubbock History ANTHONY. ROLAND CRETE JR., Austin Transportation ARABGHANI. HASSAN, Austin Chemical Engineering, AIChE ARCHER, JAMES RICHARD. La Palma CA Pharmacy. LPhA. ASHP AREVALO, MARY HELEN, San Antonio Secondary Education ARMSTRONG, KENNETH LEE, Panhandle Biology ARONOWITZ, ANNE, Fort Worth Elementary Education, ACEI, Spooks, Upper Gass Advisors, PEM Club ARRA, DENIS DURAN, Austin International Business ASHBY, DENNIS BROCK. Eagle Lake Finance Graduati ng Seniors — 549 ASHFORD. DEBORAH LEE. Houston Interior Design. TBS. Longhorn Band ATAROD. ELSA CUIN, Peru Engineerins. AAAE. SWE ATKINS. CLAUDE JAMES JR.. Van Finance, SXU, American Finance Association. CBA Council AUSTIN, HAROLD BRENT. Houston Economics. TKE Treasurer. 1 HX. I K4 . BTS. American Finance Association AUSTIN. MICHAEL RAY. Graham Psychology BAADE. PATRICIA |0, San Antonio Advertising BAILEY. CLARK DILLON. Houston Mechanical Engineering. S.- E. ASME BAILEY. CLAUDIA WEEKS. Dallas Education BAILEY. ELIZABETH. Dallas Spanish-History. A , Humanities Council BAILEY, |0 ANN. Universal City Home Economics BAILEY. JOHN RICHARD. West Hartford CT Management. BPS BAILEY. KENNETH LAMAR. Stephenville Pharmacy BAKER. CLIFFORD BAiN. Kenedy Finance, Air Force ROTC BAKER. RHONDA SUZANNE, Kenedy Elementary Education BALLARD, BRUCE THOMAS. Tyler Accounting, ASIl. American Finance Association BALLARD. |0 ANN. San Antonio Nursing BALMA-ALFARO, LUIS. Costa Rica Marketing. American Marketing Association BALOUGH, VIRGINIA ANN, Austin Business Administration, Transportation Club BALSER, MARY REBECCA, Falls City Elementary Education BALSER. MELISSA | ANE. Falls City Education BALSER, NANCY ADELE. Lockharl Biology-Medical Technology. . I Social Chairman. Recreation Committee. Women Swim Team BANKHEAD. PHILLIP CLAY. Carthage Biology, . . .- , Undergraduate Research Foundation BARBEE, DAVID RICHARD, El Campo Marketing, . K ' I ' , American Marketing Association, Intramural Sports BARCLAY, MARY BETH, Austin English EWll BARKER, lAMES STEPHEN, Austin Architecture BARKER, ROGER DRAKE, San Antonio Biology, KK , Longhorn Band, Intramural Sports BARKLEY, JULIA 10, Austin Advertising, Advertising Club BARNES, CAROLINE SUSAN, Corpus Christi Journalism, AAA, SAX. Little Sigmas, DAILY TEXAN Staff. Women in Communications BARNES. CYNTHIA LOIS, Round Rock History BARNES. MARILU SELENE. San Antonio Elementary Education. .- r.A BARNES. MARY SUSAN. Houston Journalism-History. KTA. SAX. A t fi Little Sisters. GDE. DAILY TEXAN Staff. CACTUS Goodfellow BARNHILL. JAN ELLISE. Houston Home Economics-Education, MA. Recreation Committee. Baptist Student Union. Mary E, Gearing Home Economics Club BARR, JAMES ALAN, Abilene Marketing, S(I E, American Marketing Association BARRETT, GREGORY A.. Dallas Marketing. S E. American Marketing Association BARRIOS. ALBERTO MARTIN. Nicaragua Microbiology BARTLETT. DENISE, Austin Elementary Education BASORE, STEVEN DALE. Alvin Pharmacy. K+, AXfi. LPhA BASS. CINDY LYNN. Orange Elementary Education BATES. ANN ROBINSON. Houston Finance, Xit. WX. Crescents, Dean ' s List BATES. DAVID QUENTIN. Houston History, t AB. Silver Spurs BATEY. LARISA LEE. Dallas Elementary Education BATTLES. LINDA LEA, Abilene Art History BATTREAL. RICHARD L„ Copperas Cove Marketing. American Marketing Association BAUM. JANE LOUISE, Fort Worth Accounting. EPS. BA . BX BAZAN. FERNANDO. San Antonio Biology. t»HS, Varsity Singers BEALE, ELLEN. Houston Elementary FMucation. AAA BEALL. JAMES LEBER. Grand Saline Biology. Archery Club. Ski Club BEATHARD. GARY CLYDE. Houston Management 550 — Graduating Seniors Graduating Seniors BEDILLION. TERI ANNE, Austin Government BELL. CHARLES MICHAEL, Bedford Political Science BELL, HENRY MARSH III, Tyler Finance BELLINDER. LANA CATHERINE, Chatsworth CA Nursing, TSNA, ASNA. Newman Club, Intramural Sports BELT, RICKIE CARL, Austin Finance BENAVIDES, BALTAZAR A., Corpus Christi Biology-Pre-Med BENAVIDES, NORMA ALICIA, Laredo Special Education, Mexican-American Youth Organization BENDER, PAUL D.. Bakersfield CA Accounting BENEKE, MARJORIE KAYE, Richardson Communication, Resident Assistant BENNETT. GREGG ALLEN. Dallas Management. -iSFI BENSON. ELIZABETH ANN. Houston Journalism. A. ' A, Women in Communication, SPJ SAX BENSON, SUZANNE LOUISE. Dallas Art History BERESFORD, LESLEY DORIS. Austin Spanish, t BK, K 1 , AAA, Newman Club BERRY. lOHN LABON III. Dallas Radio-Television-Film. Track. T Association BERTERO, JANET LEE, Rockport Nursing, AAA, t K t BERTRAM. RUBY IRENE. Austin Secondar ' Education BIDELMAN. BARBARA JO. Austin Elementary Education BIENCOURT, PATRICIA LYNN, San Antonio Elementary Education BIGGS, KAREN ANN, Midland Pharmacy, AiA, LPhA. ASHP BIGHAM, MARY HELEN, Killeen Management BILLMEIER, SUSAN LOUISE, San Antonio Child Development, XQ, Women Swim Team BIRCHFIELD, SUSAN KAYE, Port Lavaca A ccounting, BA , BX BIXLER, BEVERLY JOY, El Paso Linguistics BLACKMAN, JULIA ELAINE. Houston Sociology BLAKE. DENISE GAYLE. El Campo Journalism. SPJ 24X BLAKEMORE. RONALD A.. Lexington KY Biology BIANCHARD. JEFFREY PAUL. Austin Finance BLANTON. JACK SAWTELLE JR.. Houston Business Administration. 2N BLANTON. LESLIE DYESS. Houston Plan II. nS BLAYLOCK, TERYL ANN. Marlin Accounting. " tBX. AAA. Ai A Treasurer. Anchorettes Treasurer BLODGETT. BILL ARTHUR. Austin Nutrition BLUM, MARVIN ELLIOTT. Fort Worth Accounting, BA+. BLS, K BOCANEGRA, BLANCA ESTELLA. Port Isabel English BOLEN, WENDY ANNE, San Antonio Secondary Education. nS)n, " tEX. Business Education Association BOLES. WAYNE BURTON, Houston Business Administration, SN. Finance Club BOLFING, MICHAEL ANN, Waco Psychology-Social Work Studies BOMAR. HENRY HARRISON III, Dallas Biology BONHAM, WILLIAM ROBERT. Huntington Beach CA Computer Science BONILLA, ANTONIO. Killeen Physical Education, PEM Club Chairman BONTE, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Dallas Biology BOOTHE, TERRI ANNE, Seguin Home Economics BOSCH. EDUARDO. Laredo Meteorology. I H2. XEH. American Meteorological Society. Dean s List BOSTON. PAULTALMAGEJR., Westport CT Economics, Ideas and Issues Committee Chairman, Union Program Council, Longhorn Singers. CACTUS Goodfellow BOSWELL. MICHAEL DALE. Texas City Accounting, SK BOTTS, JON EARL. Houston Microbiology-Pre-Med. AEA. Track. Intramural Sports, Dean ' s List BOVTOLE. BONNIE LYNN. Wichita Falls Speech BOWERS. BARBARA ANN. Austin Medical Technology BOWLES. VICTORIA RUTH. Lewisville English. DAILY TEXAN Staff. Jester Student Government Graduating Seniors — 551 HOWMAN, CI IKRYl. ANN. Midland Hlsliiry, |)H Kinsolvms, inl(-n;iilli!(iidli ' Vollinhjll ;ind Hiiskclball. Inlr,rmur;il Sports. Council HOYCK.TOMMIESUE, l)imn,i .Malh.imiilic;s. GDE HOYU. Cl.AHDETTE ELAINE. Au.slin Biiiliiiiv BRADLEY! BALON BUCHANAN. Auslin Hislc)r.v. IIK. . t . H, Lcmjjhorn Sinscrs. Ciimmuniciilinns Ciimmilti BRADLEY, CAROL ANN. Au.slin Nursin IWAGC. ANN RALSTON. Kiirl Mvits KL Eri ' nc.h. IIH DKANDS. MICHAEL BERNARD. Amarilld Mcchiinicii EnginciTinK. I ITi), THIl. .Scdili.ird ,in(l Bl.ii BRANDT. JANET FA YE. Hmi.slon English-Sii.inish, . . . |iti. , Rr.sidcnl A.s,sisl.inl BRASVVELL. REBECCA. C.irpus Chrisli ArL AAJl BRAVENEC, RONALD VICTOR. Tempi. ' Eli ' Ensincprins. lli:. TBIl. 1 K 1IK BR AXMEIER. CAROL LEE. PcTry lA NursuiK. TSNA. Ncivniiin Cl ' uh. Anchori ' lli ' s. Intrdiniir, BRAY, NANCY PAKJE, Kri-nch (i.ivi ' rnnicnt. Eri ' iich Club V I ' ri ' .sidiml SiHirls BKEEDLOVE. MONA BETH. Hiirlinijcn Edu(..ili{)n BRENNER. SHARl, HiKhliind Park IL i; ' nl-Soc:iiil Wiirk Sluilics, Council of Sni:iiil .nul Bchavior.i Si.irni.i ' .s Social (;hairni.m. Musical E ' cnls Conmiiticc BRii.KY. lANINE BECK. Odessa Ci ' nnan HRINKI.EY. BEN PACL. Bou ii- II. t Kit). EiMicins. A Cappclla Choir BRINKMAN. FRED PURCELL. Houston Electrical Enjjineerins. K+. avv ROTC BROCK, CIT.ITA BETH. Austin Secondary Education. AZ. Ai:il Little Sisters. Spooks. Cordette.s. Orail«c ' laikels ' Kdilcalion Council BROCK. I.YNNE. Kinfisville lournalism. DAILY TEXAN Manaiiinj! Editor SPL ' A, BROCK. RANDY LEE, Houston Bu.siness Administration. AT. CBA Council Vice-President. Student Senator, j.iines S, Hojiy Society BROCK, WILLIAM CREC. Fori Worth Electrical Eiiijineering, THIl BROOKS, HENIAMIN ALCLST |R,, San Anlnnii. Civil EiiKuieerint;. KK . K. I.onnhorn Band. ASCK BROOKS. CRAIG ALAN. Lubbock l-jliication. I|K, , Silver Spurs, Track BROWN. BONNIE MAY. Dallas History. History Honors Pronram BROWN. DAVID OWEN. Austin Engineering; BROWN. DEBRA FRANCES. El Paso CnmiHiter Science. . . A. fPK J BROWN l-niTH ELIZABETH. Oklahoma Citv OK 1 lislor . , . A. " tK . T. 0B Kinsolvini;. C.DK HKOV . 1 AMES DONLIN. Houst.m Ai 1 oimlinK. HA . Pre-L.iu Association HK( )WN. lOHN MARION |R . Houston Edui.iliim BROWN. STEPHEN NKAL, San Antonio Hnjjineenng BRCNETTE, WILLIAM KENT, He.irne Gnveriiment, Youns Democrats, LT Bi« Biolhers BRUTON. REX WAYNE. l.unKVieu .•Xccoiinlin BRYCE, THOMAS DAVIS, Ch.irleslim SC Hiolocv, ,u V ROTC, Sc.ibbard and Bl.ide, C.impus Crus.ide for Chnsl.H.iplist Student I ' liion HI ClITKK DONA SLV.ANNE. Dallas Zoi.loj;y, ! ltK, K , A A. Resident Assistant BLCKLHV, BRENDA ANN, Hnuslon Hislnr , S.iilinKCIub. ,- rcliaeoloy|cal Sotaelv BITE, CLARE, Houston Psy,,hol«Ky-Social Welf.ire Studies, lilt . +X. Alltel Flight. Mortar Hoard, Or.inue l.ickets, OulstanduiK Student BITE. ROBERT MICHAEL. Houston Government. Inter-Varsilv Christian Fi ' llowshiii BINTONLEISA FEARING, Austin Inleruir Desij-n, D.N, Institute of Interior Design Hresident s LIsI HIRFt)RD. WILLIAM BENTON, D|.| Rio tieolo);y. AT. Inleraclloii (.onuiiittee BCRGER, I.ELANDL.Euless C ' Overnment Bl -RGESS. RITA ANN. Rich.irdsoii Interior Design. Amerii;.in Institute of Inti ' rior Desien Cordeltes Or.ln e l.ickets m ' RKHOI.DKR. TOMMY LEE. San Antonio A. rountintj. TKK BIRNS, NANCY SfSAN,H.uislon Nursing: Bl SSEV, MICHAEL STEVEN. B.mila CA ui . ' ' " . ; ' " ' s, ' ' ,A ' ' " iinis ' r ' iti " " . H Social Chairman. Navv ROTC HI Tl.ER. ALINE PATRKT A. Dallas Spanish. AAA. Knlert.iinmenl Commit Women s -MLiirs Committi ' e Bl ' TI.ER.IANlS DIANE. Houston S|ie( i.ii Education. Big Bmldj Assccialuin. Student Coimi il for f.Mepl, dial Children, De.ins List BL n.KR. KAREN ENGI.K. Austin (io ernmenl HLTNER. LEON OLANDKR, Tey.irk.ina Petroleum Engl m, , AIME, Troubadours De.ins I ist iMlyineering Cauim il S52 — Gradiidlitij) Sfiiitirs Graduating Seniors HYI ' .KS sri;Vi; MK.MAKI., (..ilincICA I ' Hy.iu, iK . liili.imur.ilS K CADDKI.l. SHIKl.l ' .V ANN. Timpir Vl,-,lii.,ilTi ' .,hn,,l..i; CADK KARKN I.Kl ' : Kilui.,iliuii (,A(:11 ' S SI, iff. Assisl.inl. I)( CADWAl.l.ADI-.K I.IAI.IK i:AKi. AuMiij CimI l-iiain.-niiK.THII.Di-.iiisi.isI (.Al.lH.KUNl. M mA(:i,Al;l)IA. Hrn-.MisMllr , ll HlsIiiix CAI.HOON.IlKlM.XSFKANKi.lN W rU Ph. II m.K CAI.I., AN(A U.IZAHKIH. i.l u | " urn,iliMli-S.i. inl,,- DAII.V ' If.XANSI.ifl H.ip IXri llhviCculi. !l CAMI ' BI-;!.!., DAVID (;l.l: Mpm.i si ShHJcnl I nmii ( .AMiniKl.l,. l.( )l ISK lANiCI-:. K!i-mcnliu Kilut .ilimi (.AMI ' HKI.I.. MARIA F.NRIQI ' KTA. Inlirinr Di-sion. liishluli ' i.f Inlrii CAMIM )S. FRANK i;S(JI iVKl. Anslin F ' .li ' nirnl i! luiin .ili Mi Mi ii .iii- A[niTit.,ni Yiiuth ( )ry.ii CAMPOS. II.AN.Auslin luurll.ilism. DAILY TF;XAN Si. i!! Drsijin CANNADAY. LINDA SLI-;. Irx.ii k, Inuin.iliMii. DAILYIKXAN Sl.dl (ANNON DAMD Al.LKN. H.iMhuti SLiiItIhi . K ' f ' . Aniirii .111 M.irkiliiisi Assm i.ihriii (.ANIL i:KSAR I:MI1,L .S,iii Amnnin Hinlnj; . Chii-in " fir.illh ( )ra.nii .ilinn I ' ri-suli ' CANl ' L F:NR1QLF ARNOLDO. BrnunsMllr IMi.irni.ii (.AVri . ROSAI KA. S,in Allium. i Frt-ni.h. Frrm.ii (;luh. Spimish (Jul) CANTVVHI.L. LAMKS DOI iCLAS. I ' l.iiiifii-I.i N| SLin.iHi ' niriil . ii F..iirK()T(.. Aiiinlil An S,,, irlv CARD. I ' ATRICLA ANNK. H.ii!mi ' j. ii R.i.iKi-Ti-liMMun-Filiii A CARDKNAS. SLARIA ANTONIK ' l A. S.m Anlonin Hilninii.ill-:.iii. .ilHiii, KAIi CARLlSI,i;,1H()NLAS I,AWKF:N(,L. All. r Hi,; . AKD. LT iiiu Hr.ilhiTs CARLSON. |()HN HARALSON. H.ivluun (.iiMTnmiiil. ' WIi:. l CARLSON. lOliNKTTK LYNN. T.u 1.11 l ' li,irm,ii. . KL CAKNKAL. CAROLYN SLK. (.ARl ' l-NTKR RL ' ili Kl.l.KN i;i.nii ' iil,ii Kiln. , 111. Ml C ARI ' 1NI ' HYR( ). R( ISK M ARIL. Dilliv ( AKRANCO. HKNRY Rl HLN. , Anl.inii An hili ' i.liir. ' (;ARR1LI.0. XAML.R T s.m Am. .111.1 Hl.ll.lRV (.ARROLL. MICILALI. LINDSFY ( ..irl I HiiiLim. KA CAKSWF.LL. WILLIAM HARNKY H.Mum.,« . KA. CluL Viii-l ' ri-sid CARTKR DAMDIAMKS (..ihi ' sliin Hi..l.i«v CASi;R ' rA. .MiCHAl-I.LOLiS. Dii.kiliMm F!lt ' i:lr!i. ii Liiyiiii ' iTii! CASH. LA.MES RICHARD. .A..i.(nmlinfi CASHION. SHF.LLKY |1:AN (:..;!.-.■ Sl,,li..ii A.Ki-rlisiiis;, A. A , ' i :- ..s.ii..: S.nilfiiTn SiiisJiTs. Sliiili ' iil ( i(. iTimit ' ii ' CASTILLO. LLIS IICMBERTO. (;.. rrnmriil. I ' ri--L iu Assi.i CAI CHRAN. SARAH ANN. Tirr.ll Fiii.ini.i ' . K ' l). nil. A (,ALLKY.HRLCK ALLKN All... ' Fiii.ini.sAlll, N,iv ROTC CAI ' SSLY. lANK.K ANN. Hi. .!..« . X ' -J Am ' ll. ' s. B.iplist I ni.iii (|n (.11 Christ. Sliiili ' iil (..iv. ' iniiiriil CA VI " IION.C. ROLYN ANN F..rl W..rlh CHAMHLRS. CHRISTOPHER LANK. AnI.ini..;i.T. ' i.isC;iib C,,-a ii.,-,s. ASCE (.HA.MHI;RS. DEBORAH LYNN f..! ' ..r!h M.irkilint; CI i A.MBERS. SI lERRY LEE. ( ).l. ' ss,, Business E.liii .iliim. ll ' .. ' ll CHAN. VINC1-;NI KWOKAW!..i-lln NY Business CHAN YIL-LA LChin,i I lf. Ini .il Eiii- ' intrriii (HANKY. WILLIAM (.Al.VIN. . !iii,.n. ' linuhsh. ' tlli. Hi: K.| f. i.isClul. Suul.-nl Sen.ile CI L N(;, PETER. Hi ' ll.uri- Pl,irill-Pri-Mi-tl CHAPA. r,l ' STA (). H,i.liiii.,n Business .Ailnmiislr.tti.m fM. ' . e S... ii-l ( HASK. SAMLEl.l.OITS M.-. hrfiu. ,i: Enmneeriiw I ' .HII Pi.snlenl ASME (hiulu.itiny Sinuirs — ■ 55:! CHEADLE. DAVID CHRISTOPHER, Monldair N] Radio-Television-Film CHERRY. CAROLYN LEE. Stafford Music, .AAA, SAI, Wind Ensemble. Symphony Orchestra CHIU. ANTHONY MAN-CHONG. China Mechanical Engineering. ASME CHIU. WING FUNG, China Electrical Engineering CHOFFEL, SUSAN MARIE, San Antonio Elementary Education CHOW. CHUNG-SUN, Chicago IL Electrical Engineering CHU. GORETTI KIN HAH, China Psychology CHUMLEA, ALICE-ANNE. Fort Worth Marketing. iAi. BK. American Marketing Association CLAPP. KAREN LYNNE. Dallas Spanish. AF. AAA, Angel Flight CLAPSADDLE. BRETT CHARLES. San Antonio Accounting, AK ! ' CLARK. CANDACE ANN. Schulenburg Interior Design. AAA, Ski Club CLARK. CATHERINE ANN. Tigard OR Nursing CLARK, GLORIA ANN. Austin Home Economics, AS9. Fashion Group Vice-President CLARKE. GENEVIEVE. Amarillo Office Administration CLARKE. REBECCA ANN. Potomac MD Special Education, r B, Student Council for Exceptional Children CLARKSON, DEBRA JEANNE, Oak Park IL Special Education, M». The Blacks, UNIT. Projecl Info CLEAVELAND. JACK MCRAE. Dallas Accounting. KA CLEGG, MARY VIRGINIA. Houston Journalism, ZTA. Dean ' s List CLELAND, ROBERTA LYNN. Cripple Creek CO Journalism. SPJ 2AX. TBS Secretary, Longhorn Alumni Band CLELAND. ROXANNE L. Austin Education. TBS. Longhorn Band CLEMENT. JOSEPH HENRY. Spring Biology CLEWLOW. JOHN PHILLIPS. Carrollton Physics, APO CLINE, LINDA CAROL, Austin Elementary Education CLOUDT, KATHLEEN THERESA. Houston Nutrition. A . O.N. Student Nutrition Organization COCHRAN. MICHAEL BRIAN. Houston Anthropology COCHRAN. THOMAS WILBURN. Commerce Psychology. Air Force ROTC COE. DAVID WALTER. Bellaire Business Administration COFFMAN. CHARLES RICHARD. San Antonio Management. Army ROTC COHEN, MICHAEL J., Corsicana Accounting. ASLI. CBA Council Executive Vice-President. Student Senate. Senior Cabinet COLE. CLYDE FRANCIS, Dallas Geology. Acacia COLE, JOHN HENRY, Litchfield Park AZ Transportation. Navy ROTC COLEMAN. GARY LEE. Pasadena Accounting, BA+, BVZ. " tiK COLEMAN. JANET INEZ. Victoria French COLEMAN. NANCY LOIS. Houston French-Spanish. FIA . .AAA. r l A. Humanities Council. Upper Class Advisors COLLIER. LYNNE CLAIRE. Beaumont Accounting. BA . ASFI Little Sisters. Spooks. Orange Jackets. Cordettes. CACTUS Goodfellow COLLINS. ANDREW DAVID. Austin Mechanical Engineering. 1 SK. ASME, Union Recreation Committee COLLINS, STUART BRYSON. Austin Government. I H2. A ' t ' A. 0Z. Pre-Law Association, Young Democrats COLLINSWORTH. CARL SCOTT. Sherman Marketing CONGDON. CAREY BRISCOE. Houston Physical Education, PEM Club, Gymnastics Team CONNET, MELVILLE DWIGHT III. Austin Accounting-Finance. -AK . BA+ COOK. BARBARA ELLEN. Brownsville Accounting. BA+. BFS. K S , AAA. BK COOK. JEFFREY ALAN. Houston Biology, Rugby Club COOK. ROYCE GENE JR.. Crystal City Pharmacy. PX. LPhA. TSHP COPE. KATEVA HUTCHINSON, Fort Worth Accounting, ZTA, AAA, Business Honors Program, Dean ' s List COPENHAVER, PAULA, Houston Elementary Education, r l B, Panhellenic Council, Cordettes CORMACK, SHARON LEE, Dallas Accounting. BX, BA+ CORN. ROBERT MICHAEL. El Paso Government. Pre-Law Association CORNETT. SANDRA FRAN. Austin Music Education. SAL Baptist Student Union. Music Educator ' s National Conference 554 — Graduating Seniors Graduating Seniors CORNWELL. JOHN B„ Houston Chemical Engineering. iJ HE, JiXE. AIChE COUCH, BYRON DAVID. Austin Accounting, Football Mgr. COVENTRY, NANCY ANN, Austin Chemistry, AX2. AIChE COVEY, lAMES PATRICK, McAllen Radio-Television-Film COVEY, PAMELA M.. Aberdeen WA Botany COWAN. LARRY BRYANT, Glen Rose Pharmacy, K . ASl.X, LPhA COX, STEPHEN CLAY, Richardson History-Pre-Law, Pre-Law Association, Jazz Ensemble GRAIN, BARBARA JUNE, San Antonio Mathematics, AAA CRAVEN, MARK STEPHEN, Angleton Music Education. A Capella Choir GRAVER. MARY MYRTLE. Austin Geography CRIER. CATHERINE JEAN. Piano Government-Pre-Law. AAA CROOKER, LINDA ANN. Houston Government, KKF, AAA. Spooks, Student Senate, CACTUS Goodfellow. Outstanding Student CROPPER, MICHAEL EDWARD. Houston Journalism CROW. WILLIAM RAYMOND JR., Lyile History, Pre-Law Association. Young Democrats. Student Government. Union Fine Arts Committee, Challenge CROWNOVER, DICK RANDOLPH, San Antonio Economics-English CROWTHER, CAROLYN DENISE. San Antonio Education, AAA, I B Kinsolving. GDE CUELLAR. SYLVIA ELIZABETH. Weslaco Elementary Education CULPEPPER. BEN ALLAN. San Antonio Marketing. 1 H2. American Marketing Association. Pre-Law Association, Resident Assistant CUNNINGHAM, JACK C. JR., Houston Biology-Chemistry CUNNINGHAM. LARRY RANDOLPH, Austin Management CURREY. DAVID NELSON. LaFayette LA Music Education. I MA. Longhorn Band CURRY. RONALD ELMO, San Angelo English CURVAN, LEONARD JAMES. Dallas Architecture. AX A, American Institute of Architects, Parachute Team CUTCHIN, MELINDA LOU. Dallas Marketing. BX. CBA Council DABDOUB, RICHARD. Laredo Political Science D ' ALISERA. LAURA ANN, Houston Journalism, A tS2 Little Sisters. Women in Communications, PRSSA Communication Council DALLAS. CHAM EDWARDS. Dallas Biology. AEA. Longhorn Band, Dean ' s List DALTON, RICHARD EUGENE. Andrews Microbiology, Texas Society of Electron Microscopists DANFORD, VICKI RUTH. San Antonio Nursing, AZA DANGOOR. DAVID E.. Austin Petroleum Engineering DANIEL. BURL BRIAN, Fort Worth Finance, Insurance Society, Golf DANIELS, GLENDA LYNN, Austin Nursing, A2B D ' AREZZO. ALFRED JOHN JR.. Austin Botany DAUSSIN, RORY DENNIS. Houston Chemistry. itAT DAVIDSON. GARY CLIFFORD. Barllesville OK Biology-Pre-Dental DAVIDSON. ROBERT JOSEPH, Victoria Engineering, ASME DA VILA, INOCENCIO A.. San Antonio Zoology DAVILA, YOLANDA ANN, San Antonio Biology DAVIS, BILLY DEE JR.. Henderson Accounting, A5in DAVIS, EDWARD ALVIN III, Dallas Accounting, 2 I E DAVIS. ELEANOR BARBARA, Houston Elementary Education-Geology, AAn, Golden Hearts DAVIS, JANNA DENICE, Fort Worth Interior Design. ON, AAA, Upper Class Advisors, American Institute of Interior Design DAVIS. PHILLIP CHARLES. Austin Accounting DAVIS. ROBERT EARLE. Yoakum Journalism DAWSON. KIM TAYLOR. Dallas Psychology, itA , AAA, Mortar Board. Resident Assistant. CACTUS Goodfellow DE AGUINAGA. JOAQUIN. Mexico Advertising DEAM, JUDITH ANN, Austin Art History DEBORD. SALLY LORRAINE. Austin Home Economics. ON, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club Secretary Graduating Seniors — 555 DEES. ROBERT PAUL, Austin Government. International Programs and Studies Committee DELEON. ESTEVAN GALDEANO, Austin Aerospace Engineering. WZU, AIAA DELI A. LUCIA MARIAN, Chicago IL Audiology, Communication Council. Dean ' s List DELK. THOMAS MICHAEL. Austin Mechanical Engineering DENENA. MARGARET MARY, Hearne Journalism. Spooks, PRSSA, Union Building Use and Construction Committee DENNEY. RICHARD LEE. Austin Computer Science Graduating Seniors DENSMORE. CYNTHIA ANN. Sweetwater Finance, American Finance Association DETTMAN. LAURA JANE. Stockdale Finance-Marketing, (bBX DEVINE. SHAUN ELLEN, Houston Accounting DEWOLF. STEVEN KELLEY, Edinburg History, 2N, Resident Assistant DIBRELL, COOPER GRAHAM, Seguin History, Ben DOBBS, KATHRYN MARIE, Corpus Christi English, Km DODDS, WILLIAM STEPHEN, Houston Advertising, Advertising Club DODGE, DENNY THOMAS, Cheney WA Civil Engineering DOMASK, LUCY VAILE, Houston Nursing, MA. TB2, 28?, Longhorn Band DOMINEY, WALLACE [AMES, Pasadena Psychology, 4 ' X, 1 K I , I H2, Junior Fellow. Psychology Honors Program DONEGAN, |ANE, Seguin Sociology DONNELLY, WAYNE EDWARD, Texas City Business Administration, 2N DOOLIN, COLLEEN JANE, Montalba Journalism, SPJ 2iX, Women in Communication DORMAN, MAUREEN LEE. Austin Nursing. 297, UTNSA DOWDS, KATHLEEN JOYCE, Fr edonia NY Psychology DREWRY, ROBERT WILSON, Fort Worth Marketing, . K , CBA Council Executive Vice-President, Student Senator, TexPIRG DREYER, PEGGY JEAN. Victoria Elementary Education DUFF, RONALD MICHAEL, Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE DUNCAN, SUSAN ANN, Dallas Elementary Education, XS2, AAA. DAS, Golden Hearts, Dean ' s List DUNCAN. VANCE CAMERON, Eagle Lake Business Administration, l rA DUNLAP, BEVERLY JANE, Lockhart Elementary Education, FOB DUNN, GERRY LYNN, San Francisco CA Home Economics, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club, Fashion Group DUNN, JANET ELIZABETH, San Francisco CA Secondary Education DURHAM, DAVID JOE, La Feria International Business. American Marketing Association, Real Estate Society DVORAK. LINDA DIANE, Thrall Physical Education. PEM Club. Intercollegiate Basketball EASON, MARION ELIZABETH. Houston Psychology EATON. MISSEY MARIE. Houston Photojournalism ECHEVARRIA. ESPERANZA DEL CARMEN, Laredo Elementary Education, Education Council EDDINS, RICKIE CHARLENE, Austin Business Administration. TBS. Longhorn Band EDGMON. jOE DAVID. Austin Psychology, X, Psychology Honors Program EDWARDS, JAMES RANDOLPH, San Angelo Government-Journalism, Tejas Club, CACTUS Editor-in-Chief. TSP Board of Operating Trustees. Union Program Council. CACTUS Goodfellow EDWARDS, KATHERINE ANN, Wichita Falls Journalism, KKF, Spooks EDWARDS, KENNETH CHARLES, Midlothian Pharmacy, K , LPhA EGGEMEYER, ROBERT DALE, Austin Electrical Engineering EIKNER, MELISSA KATHRYN, Dallas American Studies, AAA ELAM, MICHAELA LARA, Austin Accounting. BA ' ELKINS. SUSAN KATHERINE, Shreveport LA Marketing, AAA, I»BX, American Marketing Association ELLIOTT, FRANCIS DANIEL. Beaumont Management ELLIOTT, RICK DELEE, Temple Business Administration, IlKA ELLIOTT. SUSAN JANE. Grand Prairie Elementary Education. A.XB ELLIS. HELEN SHARON. Houston Adverlising, KAS. Panhellenic Council ELLIS, PATTI SUSAN, Austin Special Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children, TSEA diiL r § ciTir mM 556 — Graduating Seniors Graduating Seniors ELLISON, GARY EUGENE, Tyler Government, OSA, Social and Behavioral Science Council Vice- President, Tejas Club, Outstanding Student ELSNER, PHILLIP ALAN, Odessa Zoology, APO, Inter-Service Council ELTZROTH, PATRICIA GAY. Cleburne Radio-Television-Film, GDE EMERSON, MARCIA ELLEN, Houston Psychology EMERY, DAVID ERNEST, Euless Nursing ENGELS, FRANK GEORGE 111. Austin Psychology Graduating Seniors — 557 EOFF. ROBIN LYNNE. Dallas Radio-Television-Film ERMIS, ROBERT MALCOLM, Woodsboro Economics, Czech Club ERWIN, SIDNEY ANN. Houston Art ESMOND, CHRISTY DIAN, Lake Jackson Biology-Pre-Med, AFA ESPINOZA. ROBERT HERNANDEZ, San Antonio Architecture EUBANKS, NANCY LYNN READ, Houston Special Education, AAA, HAe, K 1 EVANS, CYNTHIA ANN. Fort Worth Psychology, Swim Team EVANS, RALPH ANTHONY, San Antonio Biology, Ecology Action, University Big Thicket Association, Student Government Consumer and Environmental Protection Committee EVERETT. CHALROTTE FAYE. San Antonio Elementary Education EVERETT. CURTIS LAMAR. Houston Marketing. American Marketing Association. Cross Country, Track Team EZELL, HERSCHEL FRANCIS III, Big Spring Radio-Television-Film, 2N FAERBER, CHARLES VINCENT, Houston Mathematics, Intramural Sports FAGAN, ANITA CLARE, Corpus Christ! Education FAIN, DOUGLAS WILLIAM, Houston Zoology FARLEY, JOHN [OSEPH, Cypress Journalism FARMER, MARGARET JEANNINE. Galveston English-History, A , Mortar Board. Student Government. Cultural Entertainment Committee FARNSWORTH, BILLIE SHAYNE. Houston Elementary Education. AAfl, CACTUS Staff, Cordettes FARRELL. JOHN PARTICK JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, AXA, ASME. Undergraduate Research Foundation. American Marketing Association, Student Government FAULK, DONNA JEAN, Port Arthur History, Senior Resident Assistant, Dean ' s List FAULK, JAMES MICHAEL, Austin Architecture, S KT FEINBERG, PAUL C, El Paso International Business, H2, OAK, American Marketing Association, CBA Council Vice-President. Dean ' s List. CACTUS Goodfellow FELCMAN, FRANK LESLIE JR., Houston Accounting. AK . Business Honors Program FELTMAN, ALLEN MARCUS. Dallas Marketing. 2AM, Silver Spurs FENNER, JIM EDWIN, College Station Biology, KA,AEA FENWICK, JOSEPH GEORGE, Richardson Mechanical Engineering, ASME FERNANDEZ, CYNTHIA LEE, Corpus Christi Elementary Education FERRILL, DI ANNA KAY, Fort Worth Elementary Education FERTEL, DAN, New Orleans LA Mathematics, AEIl, H5;, AE4 FIEGE, ARTHUR BROCK, Cisco Management FIELD. PAMELA LORETTE, Lake Jackson English FIGER, MICHAEL GENE, Austin Accounting, 1 MA. KK . Tejas Club, Longhorn Band. UT Bis Brothers FIORILLO. CAROL ANN. Austin Secondary Education, ATA FISCHER. FRANKLIN LEE, Bartlett Civil Engineering. TBO, ASCE FISHER, PAUL JAMES. Houston Biology, itK FITE. LINDA DIANE. San Antonio Accounting FLEMING. FRANK CRAWFORD, Dallas Government. FIKA, Posse, Student Body President, Texas Union Board of Directors, CACTUS Goodfellow FLEMING, SHIRLEY ANN. Dallas History. tAQ FLEYZOR, MICHAEL JOHN, Austin Accounting FLOOD, WILLIAM CALVERT JR., Austin Finance, UT Big Brothers President. Real Estate Society. Christian Science Organization FLORES, ELSA, Del Rio Latin American Studies FLORES, JOSE LUIS, Laredo Economics FLORES, LINDA FAY, San Antonio Psychology FLY. LAURA NEAL, Victoria Plan II. riB Activities Chairman. Orange Jackets. Mortar Board. Junior Fellow FOESSET. ROBERT EDWARD. Austin Finance FOLEY, GREGORY DEAN, San Antonio Mathematics, Hi:, Intramural Sports FONDA. PAMELA GAIL. Lake Jackson Mathematics. 4 B Kinsolving FOREMAN. DEBORAH GAIL. Brownsville Accounting FORSYTHE, MERRILL BURT, Austin Psychology 558 — Graduating Seniors FORTE, BEVERLY KAY, Auslin Psychology FOSTER. LAURA ANN, Richardson Elemenlary Education. KAS, Varsity Cheerleader. CACTUS Goodfellow FOSTER, RUTH ANN, Austin Spanish, Adll, AAA, Posse, Orange |ackets. Morlar Board FOWLER. SETH ORLANDO. Austin Physical Education. C+ , PEM Club, Project Info, The Blacks FOX, DIANA lEANNENE, Midland Accounting. AAtl. Pre-Law Association, Intercollegiate Volleyball FOX, ROBERT BRUCE. Columbus Business Administration, Longhorn Band FOYT. DAVID ALBIN, Houston Accounting FRANZ. CARYL MELANIE, Houston Nursing FRANZ. GREGORY DUANE. Auslin Civil Engineering. ASCE FREDERICK. BARBARA JO. Houston Elementary Education. Student Education Association FREEDMAN. LINDA SUE, Houston Hebrew, t K4 , AAA. Humanities Council FRIEDLAND. MELISSA. Larchmont NY American Studies. Ideas and Issues Committee FRIEDLAND. SHARON LYNNE. Fort Worth Plan II, A. A. Cultural Entertainment Committee Chairperson. Union Program Council. Mortar Board, CACTUS Goodfellow FRIEDMAN. KAREN SUE, Dallas Psychology, SAT, AAA FRIEDMAN, SHARON LYNN. Fort Lauderdale FL Mathematics. Dean ' s List FRIESENHAHN. RAYMOND PAUL. New Braunfels Physics. H5:, Underwater Society President, Physics Club FRISBY, ROBERT JOHN, San Antonio Music FROSSARD. JOHN HERBERT. Madlsonville Electrical Engineering FUENTES. LINDA DIANE, San Antonio Sociology, AKA. 4 BX. Social and Behavioral Sciences Council FULBRIGHT, LINDA ANNE, Waco Government FULKERSON, ROBERT PAUL, Austin Journalism, DAILY TEXAN Staff FULMER, NANCY CAROL, Auslin Psychologv FURLEY, NANCY LYNN, Texas City Psychology, Choral Union FURR, LORY LYNN, Austin Marketing GABRIEL, LARRY CHRIS, Dallas Advertising, AS t , Advertising Club, UT Marketing Association GAINES, DONNA LYNN. Blooming Grove Pharmacy. LPhA GALLMAN. GARY LYNN. Dallas Marketing. American Marketing Association. Intramural Sports GALNOR, DAVID KENT, Taylor Pharmacy, ASHP GAMBRELL. VERNON DAVID. Mineral Wells Accounting. BA . BFS. " SK CANDY. CHERYL DIANE. Baylown Accounting GARBER. REBECCA JUNE, Dallas Home Economics-Education. SAT GARCIA, JONAS, Houston Biology. t H5:, AEA GARCIA, NELDA ALMA, Corpus Christi Home Economics-Nutrition. Student Nutrition Organization GARCIA. ORLANDO LUIS. San Diego Government GARDNER. DEBORAH JILL, Abilene Accounting, BA ! ' GARDNER, EDWARD MITCHELL. Houston Accounting. B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation Executive Board GARDNER. SUSAN KAY, Austin Art Education-Art History, AZ. Spooks GARIBAY, LORfiNZO JR., Brownsville Economics, t K»I , Intramural Sports. Dean ' s List CARING. DAVID BENNETT, Ingleside Accounting. SX GARLAND. WILLIAM KEITH. Perryton Journalism. SPJ SAX. KTA GARY. LINDA RUTH. Lake Jackson History. I B Kinsolving. Dean ' s List GARY, PAMELA SUSAN. Uvalde Government. ZTA. AAA. International Student Affairs Committee. Student Government GARZA. DAHLIA, Corpus Christi Management GARZA, EDWARD FREDRICK, Corpus Christi Government, Chicano Pre-Law Association GARZA. LAURO NOEL, Edinburg_ Architectural Engineering, 1 K0 GARZA, RENE ALFONSO, Galveston Finance, Acacia GARZA, ROLANDO, Brownsville Public Relations, PRSSA, Minorities in Multi-Media GAYLE, DAVID WILLIAM, Abilene English, Tejas Club Graduating Seniors — 559 GEER, AVIS, Anna Government. I K I , I B Kinsolving, Pre-Law Association Secretary. Student Government GELDMEIER, GARY FRED, Waco Pharmacy, K , PX, LPhA, ASHP GENTRY, SAMYE LEE, Austin English GERNENTZ, JAMES DOW, Groves Chemical Engineering, AlChE GERST, LAWRENCE EDWARD. Brooklyn NY Radio-Teievision-Film GHANDFOROUSH, PARVIZ, Iran Electrical Engineering, IEEE GHASSEMI, MODJTABA, Iran Electrical Engineering GHOLSON, KRISTEN GABRIELLE, Austin Spanish, UT Republicans, Air Force ROTC. Arnold Air Society GIBBONS, CYNTHIA AMANDA, San Antonio Physical Education, Gymnastics Team, PEM Club GIBBS, BARBARA F. E., Austin Plan II GIBSON. PRISCILLA ANGELIQUE, Austin Journalism GIDDEN, BARRY PAUL, Temple Finance, 2X GIL, LOUIS TURNER JR., San Antonio Government GILLAND, LARRY JOSEPH, Strawn Pharmacy GILLIAM. STEVEN RAY. Teague Physical Education GIVEN, RICKY B.. El Paso Business Administration-English, ZBT, CBA Council, Student-Faculty Health Advisory Board. Student Services Committee CLICK. HOWARD CRAIG, Texarkana Management, ZBT, Posse GOBLE, LYDIA LUCILLE, Houston Drama. OB Kinsolving GOLDBERG, KENNETH EDWARD. Dallas Finance. 2AM. Cowboys GOLDEN, ELYSE MARIE. Austin Nursing, UTNSA GOLDEN, GRACE EVELYN, Austin Home Economics, AS0. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club, The Blacks COLDER, MARY NOEL, Austin Accounting. AZ. Panhellenic Council. Ski Club GOLDSTEIN. PHYLLIS CEILE, Austin Deaf Education. SAT GOLDSTUCKER, DARYL L,. Lubbock Advertising, I HS, OAK, Advertising Club, Interaction Committee GOMEZ, ANNA MARIA, San Antonio Biology, AAA, ABA, GDE GOMEZ, ANTONIO ESTEBAN, Laredo Economics, Air Force ROTC GOMEZ. TOMAS JORGE. Brownsville Psychology-Social Work Studies GONZALES, REBECCA ANN, Corpus Christi Elementary Education, Association for Childhood Education International GONZALEZ, ALMA ANGELICA. Corpus Christi Bilingual Education GONZALEZ, DAVID MOSES, San Antonio Biology, AEA GONZALEZ, JORGE ALBERTO, Columbia Business Administration GONZALEZ. MARIO B., San Antonio Marketing GONZALEZ, ROBERTO, Laredo Architecture GOODSON, JOHN FRANKLIN, Dallas Marketing GOODSTEIN, PAMELA RENEE. Dallas Psychology, X President, Psychology Faculty-Student Committee GOODWIN, OLIVIA CATHERINE, Houston Mathematics, AiA I ip p ' P ' P Graduating Seniors GOREN. ABE SILVERMAN, Houston Accounting, ZBT GORIN, CHRISTY ANN, Austin Deaf Education, iZ, ASn Little Sisters, Ski Club, National Student Speech and Hearing Association, Dean ' s List GOSSEN. GARY SCOTT, San Antonio Pre-Med, TA GOTCHER, JIMMY LEON, Fort Worth Marketing, American Marketing Association GOULETTE, WILLIAM DENNIS, Freeport Management GOYNE, MARY KATHERINE, Lockhart Government, A t , Pre-Law Association, Social and Behavioral Sciences Council GRACE, LUTHER LEE JR., Wichita Falls lournalism, IlK A, SPJ 2AX, TSP Board of Operating Trustees President, DAILY TEXAN Staff. Interfraternity Council GRAHAM, EDWARD DUANE, Brownfield Accounting, Dean ' s List GRAHAM, LINDA L., Midland Music Education. XK, AAA, A Cappela Choir GRAHAM, MARIAN ELIZABETH, San Antonio Speech Pathology-Speech Education GRANT. LYMAN WINSTEAD JR.. Temple Education. 2X GRAY. JO ELAINE. Jacksonville Elementary Education GREEN. GEORGE WILLIAM JR., Balch Springs Sociology GREEN. NORMAN LEWIS JR.. Austin Biology GREENBERG, TERRY ANN. Dallas Elementary Education. AE GREENE. BARBARA BRAXTON. Kerrville Secondary Education. Young Democrats GREENSPAN. DONALD RAY. Dallas Accounting. AEIL Dean ' s List GREGORY. DONNA K. STEWARD. Denton Elementary Education GREGORY, MARY JANE, Corpus Christi Secondary Education GREGORY, ROYCE EUGENE JR.. Pasadena English GRESHAM, JOE M. JR., Austin Business Administration GRIEB, ROZANNE RILEY, Austin Home Economics, American Home Economics Association GRIFFIN, KATHERINE McFARLAND, Fort Worth History. ZTA GROESBECK, KATE ELIZABETH, Austin Plan II GROMATZKY, STEVEN CRAIG, Dallas Civil Engineering, ASCE GROPP, STEPHEN TIMOTHY, Houston Botany GROSSMAN, DOROTHY SUE. Corpus Christi Business Administration GUADIANO. MARIA G.. San Antonio Sociology GUARNERO. ALFONSO CABRERA. San Antonio Architecture. Minority Coalition Chairman GUDERIAN. JANET DIANE, Round Rock Advertising, Communication Council, Women in Communication GUEST, DIANA GAIL. Wichita Falls Art History GULLETTE. REBECCA LAYTON. Carthage Education. GDE GUSTAFSON. CYNTHIA ANN. Austin Art. r I B Social Chairman. Crescents GUTIERREZ. DAHLIA MARIE. Seguin English GUY, GREG ALAN, Austin Business Honors, AK ' I ' GWINN, MORRIS LEE, San Antonio Marketing, American Marketing Association HADDAD, MARY ELIZABETH, Austin Elementary Education. AiA. Education Council HADJI-YAKHCHALI. REZA. Austin Electrical Engineering HADLEY. EMERSON EUGENE. Holdenville OK Transportation HAGAN, SARAH ELLEN. Fredonia NY Psychology HAGAN. SHARON MARIE, Houston Business Administration HAGEMEIER, CHARLES BROWN. Austin History. AM, Air Force ROTC. Union Academic Affairs Committee. Orientation Advisor HAGSTETTE, ERIC STEWART, Houston Plan II-Government-History, KK , Tejas Club, Longhorn Band HAHN, KATHLEEN SUE, San Antonio Advertising, Advertising Club HAHN, STEVEN DANIEL, Dallas Accounting, K A, Posse. Cowboys. Dean ' s List HALBOUTY. JAMES ROBERT, Houston Business Administration HALE, JAN HARRIS, Austin Music Education, Choral Union HALE, JUDY, Greenville Office Administration, AXS2 Graduating Seniors — 561 HALL, CARL L.. Ill, Dublin Pharmacy, K , AS!5, LPhA HALL, )OHN ALLEN, Lockhart Secondary Education HALL, RUSSELL ALAN, Dickinson Chemical Engineering, ASO, AIChE HALL, SANDRA JEANNE, Fori Worth Public Relations, Xfi, Posse, Freshman Cheerleader, PRSSA, Women in Communication HALLAHAN, MERRI ELIZABETH, Wichita Falls Elementary-Kindergarten Education, KKP, Southern Belles HAMEL, HOWARD GARY, Dallas Government HAMILTON, CYNTHIA MARIE, Houston Speech Pathology HAMILTON, PEGGY ANN, Austin Art History HAMILTON. ROBERT STUART, Dallas Biology, AEA HAMLIN, JOHN EDLEY. Austin Petroleum Engineering, AIME HAMMOND, MARY MARIA, Graham Sociology-Social Work Studies, AAA HAN, CHARLOTTE ADELE, Austin Speech Pathology, ZTA HANEY, VICKIE ANN, Bowie Home Economics-Child Development HANNA, BILLY MARK, Kemp Accounting HANNA, WILLIAM JEFFREY, Dallas Marketing HANNAH, BEVERLY JOYCE, San Antonio Sociology, Spooks HANSEN, SHERRY JORETTA, Austin Education, AAA, TBS, Longhorn Band HANSON, MICHAEL EDWIN, Houston Petroleum Land Management, ATA, Cowboys HARDEE, DEBORAH JO, Athens Nursing, AAA, Young Democrats HARDWICK, MICHAEL STUART, Houston Accounting, Sailing Team, Sailing Club HARDY, KIRBY TATE JR„ Mabanic Pharmacy, K HARDY, MICHAEL ALAN, Houston Management HARKRIDER, STEVEN ALAN, Houston Chemical Engineering, AlChE HARRELL, JACK EDWARD, Austin Architecture, Architecture Student Council HARRIS, RICHARD CARL, Sinlon Accounting HARRISON, DANDRIDGE LLOYD, Houston Radio-Television-Film HART, MARI LISE, Houston Mathematics, fitB HASKIN, ROBERT JOHN, Austin Chemical Engineering, I AT, OXE, TBIl, AXS, AIChE HATFIELD, BRUCE PATRICK, Belton Pharmacy, ASHP HATLEY, BRENNON PHILIP, Dallas Architectural Engineering, A !!, AAAE President, Student Engineering Council, Student Senate HAUSER, MELANIE. Houston History, Spooks, Orange Jackets, CACTUS Section Editor, Young Life, CACTUS Coodfellow HAVELKA. GREGORY LOUIS, Houston Accounting HAWES, JERRY JOE JR., Rockport Music Education, KK ' I ' , I»MA, Longhorn Band HAWKINS, ALBERT III, Fort Worth Government, A . , Black Student Union HAWTHORNE, DUDLEY DELBERT JR.. Houston Accounting HAWTHORNE, LOU ANN, Lufkin Special Education, Baptist Student Union, Student Council for Exceptional Children Graduating Seniors HAY, GORDON RODGERS, San Angelo Radio-Television-Film HAYNES, LAURIE LEE, Houston English HAYS, KAREN LEIGH, Corpus Christi Public Relations, ZTA Scholastic Chairman, PRSSA HAYWORTH, DAVID MICHAEL, Houston Accounting, AS , Bowling Team HAZENFIELD, MICHAEL GLEN, Ozark AL Finance-Real Estate, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society HEANEY, JOHN P. JR., San Antonio Accounting HEARN. ARTHUR KEITH, Malakoff Business Administration HEILMAN, ALAN EDWARD, Dekald IL Biochemistry, ATSi, AEA HEITMANN, SUSAN GAYLE, Rosenberg American Studies HEJTMANEK, BEVERLY ROBERTSON, Markham Marketing HEJTMANEK, RONALD LEE, Palacios Marketing HELLER, AARON ALLAN, Inez Accounting 562 — Graduating Seniors HELLMAN. MICHAEL RAY. Wichita Falls Business Administration-English HEMPHILL, SHERRY LEIGH. Austin Elementary-Kindergarten Education HENDRICK, STEPHEN EARL, Dallas Marketing, I H2. American Marketing Association HENDRICKS. SUSAN SMITH. Dallas Speech Pathology. National Student Speech and Hearing Association HENICKE. RAY BEN. George West Pharmacy, PX HENINGTON, WAYNE MORROW, Greenville Management-Finance. ASFl HENK. MELODY ANN. Victoria History HENKE. DOYLE WAYNE. Fredericksburg Electrical Engineering. HKN HENNEK. JUDITH MARIE. Austin Nutrition HENNESSEY, MICHAEL [OSEPH. Victoria Zoology HERNANDEZ. GLORIA C. Eagle Pass History HERNDON. ANNE. Dallas Business Administration. nB . Little Sisters of the Shield and Diamond. Transportation Club. Student Government Communication Committee. Dean ' s List HEROLD. JOHN ROBERT. Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering. OTS. TBO. ASME HERRERA. ANNA MARIE. Austin Secondar ' Education HERSCHBACH. PATRICIA JOYCE. Corpus Chrisli History. V ' PA HESTER. SANDRA LYNETTE. Tyler Marketing. American Marketing Association HESTER. SARA JEAN. Pittsburgh PA Drama. AAA. Fine Arts Student Council Vice-President, Dean ' s List. CACTUS Goodtellow HETMER. MARY JEANETTE. Kaufman Special Education. Student Council For Exceptional Children HIGGINS. LINDA CAROL. Houston Public Relations. PRSSA HIGHSMITH. JOHN, Greenville NC Marketing. American Marketing Association HILDEBRANT. SUE ANN. Austin Elementary Education. AP HILL. BRUCE HERBERT. Miami Beach FL Radio-Tetevision-Fiim HILL, DEBORAH ANNE, Dallas Inferior Design HILL. ZACKARY DECKER JR.. Midland Finance. Pre-Law Association HILLIARD. CLAUDIA MARGARET, Memphis TN Radio-Television-Film. AiA. Communication Council HILLIN. JOHN BRUCE. Henderson Zoology HINZE. MICHAEL MARVIN. San Antonio Business Administration. 20. ASfl. Finance Club. Ski Club. Interfraternity Council HIRT. DARRELL LEE. Rockdale Pharmacy. K . 4 H1, PX. LPhA HIX. DONA KAY. Austin Elementary Education. Association for Childhood Education HO. KAM-TO. China Electrical Engineering. TBIl HOBBS. CAROL LYNN. Austin Accounting. AZ HOBBS. JOE ELLEN. Houston Nutrition. Student Nutrition Organization HODGES. JOHN ATWOOD. Bishop Accounting HODGES. ROY ARTHUR. Fort Worth Radio-Television-Film HOFFMAN. WALDENE MARIE, El Campo Special Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children. Resident HOLASEK. KARLA RAE. West Psychology HOLBROOK. CURTIS EMIL. San Benito Electrical Engineering. TBn. IEEE HOLDEN. JAMES THOMAS. Houston Biology-Pre-Med. A I fl HOLLEY. CHRIS LYNN. Fort Worth Education. KA0 HOLLOWAY. JAMES PETER JR.. Dallas Business Administration. Acacia HOLMES. ERCELL RENEE. Texas City Mathematics. AKA. AAA. Project Info. The Blacks, UNIT HOLMES. LAURA, Houston English, riB HOOPER, CHARLES JACKSON, Houston Communication, 4 rA, Interfraternity Council Vice-President. Silver Spurs. CACTUS Goodfellow HOOPER. MICHAEL VAN. Fort Worth Pharmacy. K-f . LPhA HOPSON. SUSAN MARIE. Amarillo Psychology. AAH HORAN. BARBARA HUBBARD. Austin Education. AAA, lUe, KAO, 1 B Kinsolving HORAN, GARY BRUCE. Austin Economics HORN. MONICA ADELA. BrownsvUle Speech Pathology. 2AT Graduating Seniors — 563 HORNADAY, REBECCA BLUE, Snow Camp NC Psychology. X HORNE, THOMAS WILSON, Clovis NM Civil Engineering, Hi:, TBO, XE, ASCE, Institute of Traffic Engineers HORNSBY, MARY JANE, Baytown Biology HOSEK. DEBORAH LYNN, Rockdale Elementary Education, Southern Singers HOVENGA, JOHN MICHAEL, Austin Electrical Engineering, IEEE HOWARD, JOHN KELLEY, Midland Accounting, Acacia HOWARD, VIRGINIA MORTON, Austin Anthropology HSU, MICHAEL MAW-TSANG, Dallas Economics HUFF, lENNlFER JEAN, Wichita Falls Marketing, KA0, American Marketing Association HUFFINGTON, CHARLES RUSS, Austin Psychology, Pre-Law Association HUFFMAN, DIANE DEE, Tyler Middle Eastern Studies HUGHES, CRAIG MOORE, Houston Architecture, Photo Union, Student Council, Faculty Building Advisory Committee Graduating Seniors HUGHES. LAURA-HILL, Houston Psychology, AiA, Undergraduate Research Foundation HUGHES, STEPHANIE ANN, Houston Psychology, AZ HUIE, SHERRY DARLENE, Dallas Psychology, GDE HUMPHREY, CATHERINE SUE, Dallas Nursing HUMPHREYS, MARY E., San Antonio Home Economics, AXfi, American Home Economics Association, Fashion Group HUNT, GARY THOMAS. Piano Electrical Engineering, I H2, TBIl HUNT, THOMAS EWELL III, Paris History, ftA©, K " I , Pre-Law Association, Big Buddy Association HUNT, TODD McLEAN, Dallas Business Administration, 1 A0, Cowboys HUNTER, JANET KAY, Austin Education, AT, I A0, Education Council, Student Senate HUSMANN. GARY WILLIAM, Houston Accounting, BA , Longhorn Band HUTCHINSON, GORDON EARL, Lake Worth FL Photojournalism HYMAN, BARBARA SUSAN, Seabrook Journalism, PRSSA, Women in Communication INGRAM, JERRY LYNN. Burleson Mathematics, Prather Hall Residents Council IPPS, DAVID TATWAI. Austin Civil Engineering, TBn, ASCE IRWIN, WILLIAM KEITH JR., Bushland Accounting ISCOE, CRAIG, Austin Plan II. BK. -l-X, Junior Fellow, Student Senate, Student-Faculty Education Committee, CACTUS Goodfellow ITZ, WELDON LEE, Fredericksburg Marketing, American Marketing Association, Intramural Sports JACKSON, BUNNIE DARNELL, Austin Fine Arts JACKSON. FRANK MARION JR.. Austin Public Relations. AXA. Interfraternity Council. University Co-op Board of Directors JACKSON. JAN. San Angelo Art JACOB, DARRELL GENE, Rockdale Chemical Engineering, $AT, TBn, SiXE, AIChE JACOBS, JERRY MARK, Daingerfield Psychology, Campus Crusade for Christ, Longhorn Band JARVIS, LINDA SUE, Abilene Education, LIB JEFFERIES, ELIZABETH GAYE, Corpus Christl Elementary Education JEMELKA, JACQUELINE MARIE, Houston Business Administration. I BX. Dean ' s List JENNINGS. BOBBY GLENN. Midland History JENSEN. KIM KRISTEN. Houston History JETTE. DEBRA MCKINNEY, Marble Falls Secondary Education JOBE, MELODY ANN, Fort Worth Art History JOHN, CHARLES A.. San Antonio Architecture. Architecture School Newsletter, Student Council. Student Advisor JOHNSON. BARBARA SUE, Mt. Pleasant History JOHNSON. DAVID LEE. Oklahoma City OK Civil Engineering JOHNSON. GAIL ANNE. Willimantic CT Education. Student Council for Exceptional Children JOHNSON. PAMELA SUE. Everman Elementary Education. Upperclass Advisors JOHNSON. ROBERT ARNI. San Antonio Accounting JOHNSTON, KAREN ANN, Houston Special Education 564 — Graduating Seniors JOHNSTON. TED NEAL, Valley Mills Marketing, t KT. ASfl, Bowling Team [ONES, AMANDA MOORE. Mertzon Physical Education. A . KAH, PEM Club. Dean ' s List JONES. DAVID STARLING. Austin Accounting, iSO. tHX. BA+ JONES, DENNIS PATMAN, Linden Government JONES, JUDY JUANITA, Kerrville Psychology JONES, KEVYN COLLEEN, Richardson Drama, A5A, Longhorn Singers, Mortar Board JONES, MICHAEL DEE. Houston Business Administration. 1»U2 JONES, PAMELA LAFOLLETTE, San Antonio Journalism, ZTA, Little Sisters of the Seven Stars President JONES. ROBERT ALAN. Dallas Finance JORDAN, MICHAEL ALEXANDER, Ben Wheeler Management JOSLIN, JAMES GENGHIS, Atlanta Biology-Pre-Dental, Young Republicans JULIANO, SAMUEL PETER, Smithville Electrical Engineering Graduating Seniors Graduating Seniors — 565 KALER. MARY KATHLEEN. Corpus Christi Education KALISZ, DAVID. Laredo Management KAMEL. ABDUL KARiM. Austin Microbiology KARCHER. CAROL LOUISE. Austin Music Education. 2AI KEiLS. SHARI KAY. Tcague English. AZ KELEMEN. VICTOR PAUL JR.. Galveston Psychology KELLER. GERALD WILLIAM JR.. Dallas Public Relations. Communication Council, PRSSA. Intramural Sports KELLEY, JAMES ROGER. Hountze Biology KELLEY. LINDA KAY. Graham Office Administration-Business Administration KELLY. DEBRA ANN. Abilene Psychology KELLY. KATHRYN SUZANNE. Austin Drama. Longhorn Singers KELLY. SHERYL ANN. Austin Plan Il-Psychology. X. r .A. Inter-Service Council. Academic Affairs Committee. Mortar Board. CACTUS Goodfellow KELLY, WILLIAM RUSSELL, El Paso History KELVER. MAEELLEN MEITZEN. Beeville Plan Il-Zoology KEMP. SUSAN ELLEN. San Antonio Education KENNARD. ELLEN A.. McAllen Spanish-French KENNEDY, lAMES KENT. Van Physical Education. Baptist Student Union. PEM Club KENNEDY. ROBERT KRUGER. Pittsford NJ Biology KEPNER. JOHN WILLIAM. Houston Plan II. I HJ;. Orientation Advisor. Judo Club KERMANl.JAMSHID.Iran Electrical Engineering. HKN, IEEE KERN. DARRYL WAYNE. Victoria Chemical Engineering. AXS. AIChE KERN. RICHARD DONALD. El Paso Psychology. I H2. " tK KERN. TOMMY LEE, Austin Computer Science. Bowling Team KERR. JAMES CRAWFORD. El Paso Accounting. KA KERR, SARAH FRANCES, Dallas Finance, IIB Social Vice-President, Spooks, Panhellenic Council KEY. LEIGHTON DOUGLAS, Dallas Accounting KEYS. JOHN DENNIS. Dallas Finance- Accounting KIDD, JONATHAN WAYNE, Harlingen Plan II KIEKE, JANICE KAY, Austin Pharmacy KIHNEMAN, BARRY STEVEN. Wichita Falls Finance Graduating Seniors KILE. DOUGLAS LYNN. St. Marys OH Secondary Education. Intramural Sports KILLIAN. SANDRA GWYN. Houston Elementary Education KING. JACK EDWARD, Austin Journalism, DAILY TEXAN Staff, PEARL Staff. SPJ £iX KING. JANET LYNN. Houston English. ZTA KING. ROBERT CHARLES, Corsicana Transportation, Transportation Club Secretary KINSEY, RICHARD ED, San Angelo Business Administration, KA KIRBY, DAVID WILLIAM, El Paso Radio-Television-Film KIRK, KAROL Wichita Falls Elementary Education, KKF KIRKLAND, KATHRYN LEE, Venezuela Psychology, University Chorus KISER, SUE ELLEN, Austin English, GDE KITTEN, LARRY DON, Austin Management, Longhorn Band KLEIFGEN, CYNTHIA MARGARET, Houston Special Education, Dean ' s List KLEIN, SUSAN RENE , Beaumont Special Education KLINKSIEK, DEBRA KAY, Fredericksburg Computer Science, Dean ' s List KNIGHT, FLORENCE CHRISTINE, Wichita Falls Elementary Education, AAii. Sisters of the Star and Crescent KNIGHT. SHARA DENISE, San Antonio English. Resident Assistant. Sailing Club KNOEBEL, JOHN EDWARD. San Antonio Electrical Engineering KNOFF. DANNY LEE. Houston Finance. Real Estate Society 566 — Graduating Seniors 1 " Graduating Seniors KNOTT. AUBREY DEAN, Paris TN Architecture, iT. Longhorn Singers KOCH, LAURIE ELISE, San Marcos International Business, AS4 , X Cordeltes, American Marketing Association, Dean ' s List KOCUREK, ELAINE THERESA, Houston Biology KOESTER, ' ELLEN LOUISE. Austin Biology-Medical Technology, AMI ROGER, KENNETH EARL. Fort Worth Finance, 2AE KOHANBASH, KAVOOS, Iran Electrical Engineering KOHUTEK. PATRICIA ANN, Austin International Business KOONTZ. KRISTINE. Austin Mathematics KOPF. lAMES KENNETH. Austin Government, ZBT, HS, Young Democrats KORTAGE, MARLENE ELAINE, Dallas English, AZA, Spooks, Orange Jackets. Big Buddy Associat ion, Mortar Board KOSTAS, ANN ANGELA, Houston Music, SAI, K , IlKA, AAA, A Cappella Choir KOSUB, SHERRILL KAY. San Antonio Nursing KREITZER. KAREN LEE. Houston History. Orange Jackets, Southern Singers. Spooks KRENEK, WILFRED MICHAEL. Rosenberg Accounting. A Si. CACTUS Goodfellow KRIDNER. LEVY KIRK, Houston Government. Underwater Society KRING, JAY SHEPARD, Corpus Christi Accounting, AX. KRITSER. ANN ELIZABETH, Amarillo Elementary Education, KKF KRIVOY, ALISON CLEONE, Reston VA Anthropology KRIZOV, PAULA RUTH. Austin Nutrition, AMI, ON. Student Nutrition Organization. Dean ' s List KRONBERG, ESTA LYNN. Houston Biology, AEA, GDE, Inter-Service Council, CACTUS Goodfellow KUNZ, |OHN THOMAS, Houston English, Young Democrats KUNZ, KAREN LYNN, Houston Education, Community Project Board KURZBAN, LINDA, Dallas English LABAI, MARK LEE, Austin Aerospace Engineering, I H2, i FT, Arnold Air Society, Rodeo Club LABUS, LYDIA MARIE. Austin Pharmacy, LPhA, TSHP lACY, GARY I AMES, Corpus Christi Journalism, Posse, CACTUS Section Editor, PRSSA LAFAVE, TERENCE LEE, Austin Management LAKE, LINDA KURSTIE, San Antonio Marketing LAKE, PATRICIA MARIE, Dallas Education LAMBDIN, JANE LETITIA. Houston Nutrition, AAII, A. A, ' PK . ) B Kin.solving President, ON Vice-President LAMBERT, TOM L. JR., Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association. UT Veterans Club LAMM, MARGARET AILEEN, San Anionio lournalism, English, Women in Communication. Anchorettes LANDER, JOHN WILLIAM. Houston Finance. ATih Silver Spurs LANE, BOBBY DEAN, Austin Transportation. Transportation Club LANE. DEBORAH. Rosenberg Secondary Education, ' PU Kinsolving. Ai il Little Sisters, Longhorn Singers LANE, NORA SUE. Dallas Special Education LANG. WILLIAM REED III. Rio Hondo Mechanical Engineering. A l £i, ASME, Resi .it Assistant, CACTUS Goodfellow LAU, ANDY WANG-IP. China Mechanical Engineering LAU, HOO-KWAN, China Electrical Engineering LAUGHLIN, LOUANN, Houston Geography. -A-A LAURENTZ, LAUREL, Houston Journalism, SPJ SAX President. DAILY TEXAN Staff, Women in Communication, Communication Count;il LAUTEN. MICHAEL BRUCE. Dallas Sociology. Texas Troubadours President. Sailing Club LAUTERBACH. STEVEN H,. El Paso Accounting. Intramural Sports. Dean ' s List LAWLER. RICHARD BRIAN. Irving Architectural Engineering LAWRENCE. CHERYL ANN. Houston Education. GDE LEAL. RAFAELA LEOS. Austin Nursing-Sociology LEDBETTER. JOHN MICHAEL. Austin Physics. Navy ROTC. Student Senate. Dean ' s List LEE. LINDA LOUISE. San Antonio Accounting. .AXSi. , , A. American Marketing Assotaation. Pre- Law Association. Ideas and Lssues Committee Graduating Seniors — .W? LEE, STEVEN YOUNG, Austin Biology, XEA, LaCrosscTeam LEE, WAN-CHL New York NY Electrical Engineering LEFAN, LINDA SUSAN, Fort Worth lournalism. PRSSA LEGGETT, PHILIP LLOYD, Houston Biology, AEA LEHMAN, LARRY LEE, Vernon Aerospace Engineering, TBn, OAK, SFT, 1 HX, AIAA LEHTINEN, KEITH HAROLD, Phoenix AZ Management. ASFI LEISTER, CURTIS WYNNE, Orange Journalism-Government, DAILY TEXAN Staff. Tejas Club LENZ, ROBERT STEPHEN, Austin Accounting LEONARD, lOHN RALEIGH, Lindale Management LESHIN, RICHARD LEE, Robslown Accounting, .VEn, i K t , HS, B. +, EFS LEVA, LARRY, Austin Art LEVERETTE, JOHN THOMAS III, Austin Accounting, I iI2 LEVY, JAY ELLIS, Port Arthur Biology LEW. TIMOTHY JON. San Antonio Pharmacy, ASHP LEWALLEN, RUSSELL DAVID, Orange Business Administration, AK ' } ' LEWELLEN, BRENDA GALE, Childress Public Relations, PRSSA LEWIS. JACQUES BRANDON. Junction Pharmacy, Orientation Advisor, Project Info, Student Senate LEWIS. RANDY WILLIAM. Houston Accounting LIETZ, PHILLIP ELMO, Orange Pharmacy, K+, AfiX, LPhA, Student Activities Committee LIGHTFOOT, JEFFERY LYNN, Copperas Cove Accounting, Intramural Sports LIGHTHOUSE, LYNDA GAY, San Marcos Special Education, AZ. Daughters of the Diamond LILLJEDAHL, JOY CHARMAIGNE, Brownsville Microbiology, GDE, Resident Assistant, SCOPE LINCH, BARBARA ANN, Miami FL History, ' 1 BK. Orange Jackets. CACTUS Section Editor. Social and Behavioral Sciences Council, Mortar Board, Outstanding Student LINDSEY, MARGARET ELAINE, Fentress journalism. Little Sigmas, PRSSA Graduating Seniors 568 — Graduating Seniors mmkmm Graduating Seniors i LINENSCHMIDT. LARRY LEON, Greenville Management. AK " President. CBA Council, American Marketing Association. American Finance Association. Dean ' s List LITTELL. EDWARD HAROLD. Austin Civil Engineering LITTLETON. |EAN OLIVETTE, Houston Education. r B LITTRELL, JAMES LANE, Houston Accounting. KK . OAK. Longhom Band. Tejas Club. Dean ' s List LIU. USING CHIEN. China Electrical Engineeiing LIU. JOHNNY CHIH-CHENG. New York NY Chemical Engineering. Formosan Club. AIChE LIU. LAWRENCE YUK FAI. China Mechanical Engineering. FITS LIVINGSTON. MARIAN ELIZABETH. Dallas Spanish, AAA, AAA LOCHHEAD, LARRY RODGER. Irving Business Administration LOFTUS. FRANCIS JOSEPH. Austin Journalism. KTA LOH. SUSANNA PUI-CHI, Austin Finance LONG, LINDA MAE. Austin Secondary Education LONG. RICHARD THOMAS. Austin Accounting. K LONG. ROBERT STERLING, Mt. Vernon History LONGCRIER. HENRY LESLIE III, Dallas Management, Soccer Team LOUIS, SARAH ELIZABETH, Dallas Home Economics. Fashion Group LOVE, JANELLE MARGARET, Houston English, KAe, AAA LOVE, JEFFRY D.. Austin Finance, American Finance Association, Real Estate Society LOVE, KATHY ANN, Holland Journalism LOW, DEBORAH J., Austin Office Administration, BX, A !J Little Sisters LOW, PAUL MATTHEW. Austin Mathematics, A Q. I HS, Orientation Advisor, Underwater Society, Natural Sciences Council LOWDERMILK, JAMES SAMUEL, Porter Management, Intramural Sports LOZANO, NOE MARIO, Falfurrias Computer Science, Army ROTC LUBKE, STEPHEN LEROY, Eden Pharmacy, ' tfA, LPhA LUCE, CAROL JEAN, Houston Management, AF, Cordettes, American Marketing Association LUDL, MARGARET FRANCES, Austin Elementary Education, TBS, Longhom Band LUDWICK, LARRY EUGENE, El Paso Mechanical Engineering, Intramural Sports LUKER, SUSAN LEWIS, Prairie Village KS Art History LUNSFORD, NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston Business Administration LUSCOMBE, NED STEVE, Austin Nursing, UTNSA LUSTY. PEGGY A„ Fort Worth Marketing, ZTA, AS Little Sisters, Orientation Advisor LUTZ, GEORGE LORENZ, Amarillo Biology LYONS, CHRISTOPHER DEAN, Dallas Studio Art LYONS, DEIDRE DIANE, Houston Biology, AF, AAA, AEA MA, MUK-PING, China Electrical Engineering MACDONALD, CAROL ANN, Corpus Christ! Geology MACEWAN, EDWIN DONALD, Sugar Hill NH Economics-Psychology, 3611, DAILY TEXAN Task Force MADDOX, LAWRENCE EDWARD. Houston Economics. 2AE MADERE, TESSA MARIE, San Antonio Management, " tBX, Cordettes, Intramural Sports MAEDA, SUSAN KEIKO, Hilo HI English MAINES, SANDRA ANN. Rosenberg Biology, Pharmacy Wives Club, Archery MAJORS, MARK B., Odessa Advertising, ATA MALCOLM, JERRY WALTER, Wichita Falls Electrical Engineering. TBn, HKN. IEEE, Longhorn Singers MALLET, GEORGE MARKHAM, Houston Marketing, KA MALLORY, CHARLES STEVEN, Lindale Management, ASfl, American Finance Association MANCEBO. GERALD LOUIS. Lake Park FL Biology. AEA. Ski Club MANTELL, PATRICIA ANNE. San Antonio Biology MANUEL, CASEY, Atlanta Government, AK Pledge Trainer, Longhorn Band, Intramural Sports I Graduating Seniors — 569 MARA. NANCY LUCILLE. Dallas Mathematics MAREK. SUSAN LYNN, Austin History MARKS. STEPHANIE GAY. Houston Home Economics MARSHALL. MARILYN KAYE. Austin (ournalism. 1 8. DAILY TEXAN Staff MARSHALL. THOMAS WILLIAM, Austin Advertisins. KK . Tcjas Club. Cowboys. Longhorn Band. Flash Card Section Chairman MARTER. MARLIYN ANN. Houston Physical Education. PEM Club, intramural Sports. Dean ' s List MARTIN. BARBARA JEAN. Frankston Pharmacy. KE. LPhA MARTIN. CAREN RUTH. San Antonio Business Administration. Student Finance Association MARTIN. lAMES RANDALL. San Antonio Radio-Telcvision-Film MARTIN, THOMAS ALLEN HI. Dallas Zoology. AS MARTINEZ. ALFREDO C. Poteet Pharmacy. LPhA MARTINEZ. JOHNNY, Galveston Finance MARTINEZ, RUBEN GILL, San Antonio Art Education, K MASON, SUZANNE. Dallas Journalism, XQ MASSEY. KARYN SUE, Seabrook Advertising. Advertising Club, Intramural Sports Council, Ski Club MASSEY. TROY LEE. San Marcos Mechanical Engineering. ASME MASTER. GEOFREY LEIGH. Seguin Economics-Government. t H2. Sailing Club MASTERS, DEBRA JAN, Houston Journalism f Graduating Seniors MATA, FERNANDO. Laredo Architecture MATLOCK. DAVID BOB. Fort Worth Biology. Tcjas Club. APO. SCOOP. Orientation Advisor MATTESON. STEPHEN MARK. Texas City Chemical Engineering. TBO. A,X2. S2.XE. AIChE MATTHEWS. NANCY KAY. Austin Business Administration MATTOX. JERRY STEPHEN. Dallas Finance MAY. LARRY STEVEN. Sweetwater Accounting. Acacia MAY. MARION, Harlingen Education, Posse MAYEN, CYNTHIA MARIE, San Antonio Speech Pathology-Audiology MAYER, FRANK JOSEPH II, Austin Pharmacy, LPhA MAYORGA, FRANCISCO M. JR.. Houston Government MCABEE. KATHERINE EILEEN. Fort Worth Education. TBS. KALI, Humanities Council, GDE, Longhorn Band MCCAFFETY, ROBERT WALLER, Pasadena Management, 3011 MCCARDELL, GEORGANNE. Jacksonville Office Administration MCCLELLAN. SAMUEL ANTHONY. Houston Mechanical Engineering. ASME. Intramural Sports MCCLELLAND. THOMAS BR AMLETTE JR.. Houston Management. l»K I . BFS MCCLESKE Y. NATHANIEL TURK. Charlottesville VA History. Navy ROTC. Buccaneer Drill Team, Orientation Advisor, Residf-nt Assistant MCCLURE, CHARLES MICHAEL. San Antonio Microbiology MCCOLLUM. WINSTON LANE. Allen Business Administration MCCONN. TIMOTHY KEVIN. Houston Finance. KS. Inlerfraternity Council MCCONNELL. MARYANN. Aiief Kindergarten Education, r t B MCCOY. JAMES MORGAN. Atlanta Finance, Intramural Sports, Dean ' s List MCCRIGHT, RENEE VIKTORIA, Austin Government, A. A. 1 K 1). KTA. PRSSA. Longhorn Singers MCCULLOCH. MARK HOWARD, Phoenix AR Covernmcnl. Resident Assistant. DAILY TEXAN Staff MCCULLOUGH. ETHELENE. Fort Worth Biology. AKA. AAA. Blacks. Project Info. Panhellenic Council MCCUMBER. BRAD ROBERT. Brownsville Public Relations. ASri MCDANIEL, MICHAEL RAY. Galveston Journalism MCDONALD. LARUE. San Angelo Elementary Education MCDONALD. LAVERIE JEAN. Texas City Elementary Education-Mathematics. AKA. UNIT. Blacks MCDONNELL, ELIZABETH ANNE, Texas City Education MCELROY. JOHN EDWIN JR.. San Antonio Biology. Young Democrats 570 — Graduating Seniors Graduating Seniors MCFARLAND, VICKI LYN. Austin History MCGEE. EDMUND WILLIAM. Austin Accounting. Longhorn Handball Association MCGUFFEY. JANETHRESA, Houston Elementary Education, V MCGUIGAN. JOAN MARIE. Houston Botany MCKAY, DAN BOIES |R.. Austin Radio-Television-Film, KA. Dean ' s List, Student Government MCKAY, DENNIS BRIAN, San Antonio Biology-Pre-Med MCKEE. MARION PERRY, Austin Pharmacy, KE, LPhA, Lo Chi, ASHP MCKINNEY. DIANNE, Houston Marketing, American Marketing Association MCKITRICK. VIVIENNE LEE. Memphis TN Electrical Engineering, 0211, AOn. IEEE. Student Engineering Council. Society of Women Engineers MCLANE. lANET LYNN. Cuero Public Relations. PRSSA MCLEOD, DONALD RAY, Odessa Accounting. Real Estate Society. Pre-Law Association MCLEOD. WILLIAM CARLISLE, Houston Business Administration, Pre-Law Association President, Real Estate Society MCMAHON, LAUREL ANN, Youngstown OH History MCMARTIN, NANCY JANE, Houston Nutrition, F A, Student Nutrition Organization, AHEA, Upper Class Advisors MCMILLAN, ROBERTA JEAN, Temple History MCNAB, CECILIA LOUISE, New Orleans Psychology MCNALLY, ALAN EDWARD, Memphis Finance, ATA MCNEILL, CAROL ANN, Corpus Christi Biology MCNUTT, LAURA GIESECKE, Austin History MCQUADE, MARTHA |P, San Antonio Journalism, DAILY TEXAN Staff, SPJ 2A.X, Communication Council, Student Living Accomodations Committee, Women ' s Affairs Committee MCREYNOLDS. ALLEN DALE. Longview International Business. AT. Student Government MEADOR. BURTON EDD JR.. Waco Finance. Young Democrats. Student Government Finance Committee MEALY, MARTHA JEAN, MaperviUe !L Business Administration, KA0, Order of Delphi MEDELLIN, GLORIA ANN, San Antonio Sociology-Social Welfare, Mexican-American Youth Organization MEDINA, CORINA CRUHM, Brownsville Government, Pre-Law Association, Young Democrats MELENCHUK, RICHARD SAMUEL, Indianapolis IN Accounting MELTZER, RUTH EMELIA, New Orleans LA Elementary Education MENDIAS, MICHAEL LUIS, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, 11211, ASME, Equal Opportunity in Engineering MENDOZA, RONALD EDWIN, San Antonio Government MENEGAZ, DENIS LAWRENCE, Houston Chemical Engineering MERGELE. EDWIN WALTER HI. Boerne Architecture. Navy ROTC. Scabbard and Blade MERRITT, KAREN LYNN, Houston Elementary Education, Student Christian Fellowship MERRYMAN, CYNTHIA ANN, Houston Nursing, UTNSA, Orientation Advisor MESLOH, LINDA KAY, Corpus Christi Speech Therapy. . 1 MESSER. CELINDA HALLBAUER. Belton Music Literature. 2AI, University Chorus MEYER, CAROL ANN, Baytown Accounting, AiA, 1 BX, CACTUS Staff MIDDLETON, BLAKE HARRISON, San Antonio Accounting, l rA, Golf MIDDLETON, DONALD GENE, Hughes Springs Chemistry. AX2 MIDDLETON. JOHN CARNES JR.. Houston Finance MILLER. ALISON FAYE, Temple Computer Science MILLER, KATHERINE LA ' VERN, Houston Textiles, Little Sisters of the Skull, Longhorn Band, AHEA, Fashion Group, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club MILLER. KURT DOUGLAS. Midland MI Geology. USGA. SPWLA MILLER. MICHAEL GARY. Houston Petroleum Engineering. TBll, AIME MILLER, MIMI ORMAND, Pampa Psychology-Pre-Med, A Capella Choir, Union Arts and Theatre Committee MILLER, PEGGY J.. Houston Home Economics, Orange Jackets, Cordettes, Fashion Group MILLIKAN, PAMELA REA, Houston Journalism, AAIl, CACTUS Staff MILSTEAD, THOMAS HEWES, Houston Petroleum Engineering, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Intramural Sports MINAHAN, JOSEPH JAMES JR., Houston Architectural Engineering. SN. AAAE Graduating Seniors — 571 MINH. NGUYEN NGOC, South Vietnam International Business MINOR. CARLA JANE, Austin MIRACLE, ROCKY REED, Wills Point Finance, Army ROTC, Intramural Sports MIRELEZ, RAYMOND, San Antonio Finance, AK ' . American Finance Association, Karate MIRMELSTEIN, JOEL LEE, Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Association MITCHELL, CANDACE DASKAM, Annandale VA Interior Design, A 1 MITCHELL, KAREN JEAN. Fort Worth English, ZTA MITCHELL, MARY ALICE, Beaumont Elementary Education, AXfi MITCHELL, MICHAEL DEWEY, Fullerton CA Government MITCHE LL, STANLEY ROBERT. Odessa Business Administration MIZE, NANCY WELLS, Richardson Accounting, KA0. t BX. Student Government MODE, JOHN MICHAEL. San Antonio Business Administration MOELLER, GISELLE, Houston French, AAA MOFFETT, JAMES NEWELL, San Antonio Accounting MOHAMMADI, JAHANGIR, Iran Mechanical Engineering MOHLER, DONALD FORREST, Austin Biology MOLLOY, MOLLY FRANCES, Park Forest IL History MONSIBAIS, OSCAR JR., San Antonio Marketing, American Marketing Association, Orientation Advisor MONTESINO, ORLANDO C, Austin Accounting, A2 I , BA MONTGOMERY, MONTE JAMES, San Angelo Business Administration MOODY, GREGORY BEN. Austin Sociology MOORE, BECKY ANN, Austin Studio Art, AAIT Recording Secretary MOORE, DOYLE RANDALL, Austin Biology. l rA. Intercollegiate Basketball. Intramural Sports, Scuba Diving MOORE, KATHARINE SUE, Carson City NV Nursing Graduating Seniors Graduating Seniors MOORE, MARTHA GAIL, Corpus Christi Journalism. Intramural Sports, Communications Committee MOORE, NANCY ARl.ENE. Dallas Special Education, . XA, Insurance Society, UT Veterans Club MORALES. ALEJANDRO RUIZ. Pearsall Business Administration MORBY. STEVEN KING. Tyler Accounting. AK ' l ' . Student Government MORENO. SYLVIA. Brownsville Journalism, A. i. DAILY TEXAN Managing Editor. Women in Communications Secretary. SJP dX, Resident Assistant MORGAN. BARBARA ELLEN. Pasadena Special Education. ll B. Student Council for Exceptional Children MORGAN. DEBORAH LOU. Gulf Breeze FL Government-Pre-Law. Angel Flight, Pre-Law Association. Intramural Sports MORGAN. WANDA AVA. Belton Nutrition MORIN. MANUEL. Edinburg Pharmacy. K . LPhA MORRIS. DARLENE ELIZABETH. Austin Business Administration. AAA. Business Honors Council Secretary MORRIS. JOHN RICHARD. Austin Journalism. Ben. SPJ 2AX, TSP Board of Operating Trustees, DAILY TEXAN Staff, Communication Council MORRISON, LAEL DENISE. Austin English-Spanish. AiA MORROW. SARA LEE. Houston Elementary Education. ilB MORSE. DONALD STEVEN. Austin Pharmacy. PX MOSHREF. SHAHIN. Iran Civil Engineering MOSTERT. RACHEL LEE. Bellaire Advertising. KKT Social Chairman MOTAL. KATHLYN SUE. El Campo Mathematics. Upper Class Advisor MOUJAHES. GEORGE. Lebanon Architecture MOUSELLI. LINDA SUSAN. Austin Nursing MUELLER. LORA MERE. Arlington Sociology, rfl ' A, CACTUS Section Editor, Eulenspiegelverein. Resident Assistant MUIRHEAD. JANIE ANN. Las Vegas NV Deaf Education MULLENS. PATRICK O.. Austin Civil Engineering. A2 ' l . ASCE MUNIR. SHAHID. Pakistan Chemical Engineering. AIChE MUNROE. PHYLLIS JO. Granada Hills CA Nursing MUNSCH. JOE RAY. Bandera Accounting. BA MURPHY. JAMES SCOTT. Houston Management. American Marketing Association. Intramural Sports MUSTARD. REX MICHAEL. Dallas Biology NASH. JOHN HARVEY. Austin Business Administration. " tFA NAVA. V. RICHARDO. Mexico Mechanical Engineering NAVABl. ZAINALABEDIN. Austin Electrical Engineering. HKN. TBFI NAVARRO. ERNESTO A.. Nicaragua Mechanical Engineering NEELY. DAVID PURVIS. Midland History NEIDERT. LISA JO. Houston Sociology. A. d. 1)K4 . 4 BK, AKA. Social and Behavioral Sciences Council NEITZEL. CHARLOTTE LOUISE. Dallas Plan II. AXS2. AAA. Orientation Advisor. Academic Affairs Committee, Mortar Board NEJATI, MOHAMMAD REZA, Houston Chemical Engineering NELSON, DONNA LOUISE, Corsicana Secondary Education NELSON, RANDY ALLAN, Greenville Government. 2 I E NELSON. SUSAN JO. Kerrville Pharmacy. JIB NENADAL. DONALD RICHARD. Warrensville Heights OH Secondar ' Education-Social Studies. TKE, Young Republicans NEUHAUS. EDWARD KESSLER. Houston Business Administration. 4 AB NEUMANN. ANNA. Brownsville English-History. 4 K 1 . English Honors Program, Dean ' s List NEVINS. JOHN MITCHELL. Houston Economics. 4 H2. Pre-Law Association. American Finance Association NEWMAN. PATRICIA JOAN. Houston Journalism, PRSSA. Women in Communications NEYLAND, ROBERT REECE. San Antonio Accounting NICHOLS, DAVID LANDEL, Austin Botany. 2X. AEA. Natural Sciences Council. Student Senate. Rifle Team NICHOLS. DONALD EUGENE. Corpus Christi Journalism NICHOLSON. CONNIE JEAN. Cumberland MD Biology. AEA. Young Democrats NICHOLSON. MARY PRISCILLA. Killeen Pharmacy. LPhA Graduating Seniors — 573 NG, lOHN SAl-KEUNG, Oakland CA Computer Science. IEEE, Computer Society NIENABER, KIMBERLEY ANN, Evergreen CO Government NOKES, LAURA MARGARET, Waco History, XS2 NOLTE, JANE ELLEN, Dallas Nursing NOLTE, WILLIAM EDMOND, New Braunfels Aerospace Engineering, APO, AlAA NORRIS, JOHN TAYLOR, Austin Management Graduating Seniors NORTH, MARY KATHERINE, Friendswood Business Administration NORWOOD, WILLIAM PULLEN. Houston Finance, AK NOTLEY, ANNE, Fort Worth Secondary Education, ZTA Vice-President, Cordettes NOVAK, ANDREA LEIGH, Austin Psychology OAKERSON, EARL M. Jr., Austin Advertising, Advertising Club OAKLEY, MARY ANN, Bellville Government, AAIl, Student Government Education Council O ' CONNELL, PATRICK JOSEPH, Austin Biology, Handball Team ODELL, MICHAEL ALAN, Austin Biology, Ski Club, CACTUS Staff, IEEE ODOM, MARGARET DELORIS, Austin Psychology O ' NEAL, RON DOUGLAS, Richardson Journalism O ' QUINN, JUNE SCHURMEN, Austin Land Use Planning ORLOWSKI, DEBRA FAITH, Euless Government OROZCO, ROBERTO LOUIS, Somerville Government. Student Council for Voter Registration ORR, LINDA ANNETTE, Killeen Education ORTIZ, ESTHER, Brownsville English OSBORN, JAYNE LEIGH, Lake Jackson Accounting, AAO. BA . BF2. Crescents Treasurer. Angel Flight OSSA-ESQUIVEL, MANUEL A., Panama Mechanical Engineering. I B2. ASME, International Student Organization OSTERHUS, DOUGLAS E., Baytown Chemical Engineering, A-XE, AIChE President OTTO, JANE MARIE, Dallas Sociology, KA0 OUTENREATH, ROBERT LYNN, Fort Worth Microbiology OWEN, FREDDY DON, Fort Worth Government, Newman Club OWENS, MELISSA CLAIRE, Austin Advertising, AAA, Crescents, Advertising Club, Undergraduate Research Foundation OYLER, JERRY WAYNE, Seguin Accounting PABST, PATREA LINDA, Houston Plan 11 PACE, ELIZABETH GEORGIANNA, Fort Worth Kindergarten-Elementary Education, AAIl PACE. PATRICIA LOUISE. Karnes City Journalism PALACIOS. ADELFINO. Corpus Christi Mathematics PALAFOX. GARY WAYNE. San Antonio Aerospace Engineering. KK ' I ' . Longhorn Band. AIAA PALONE. MAE BETH. Sweetwater Journalism PANNELL. KAREN. Austin Nutrition. Student Nutrition Organization PANZARELLA. ROBERT LOUIS. Humble Biology. AEA. APO. Judo Club. Italian Club. Student Senate PANZER. MARC BRIAN. San Antonio Accounting. AELI PAPANEK. MAIDA DIANE. Houston Music Education. 2AI. Longhorn Singers, Choral Union, A Cappella Choir, Concert Chorale PAPPAS, CAROL LYNN, Houston Marketing, ZTA PARKER, CATHY GAIL, Corpus Christi Speech PARKER, CURTIS LYNN, Austin Transportation, I K ' 1 , Transportation Club PARKER, LINDA KAY, Dallas Biology, AXI2, Southern Belles PARKS, JANET ELIZABETH, Pasadena Special Education, B5! J PARR, TOMORRA LEE, Amarillo Sociology, Student Senate, Recreation Committee, Consumer Affairs Committee PARSONS, CHRISTOPHER B., Gilmer Accounting, BA ' I ' , t»K ' t ' PASE, BARBARA KAY, Victoria Nursing PATTERSON, RODNEY M., Austin English 574 — Graduating Seniors PATTILLO. GEORGE DENNIS, Waco Business Administration. 2N. Silver Spurs, Interfraternity Council Secretary PAUL, lAMES ROBERT, Wichita Falls Radio-Teievision-Film. A Capella Choir PAULL, ADRIENNE, Hammonton NJ Marketing PAUSEWANG, BRENDA LOIS, Austin Mathematics PAYNE, EDWARD DOUGLAS. Arlington Marketing, Big Buddy A.ssociation PAYNE, ROBERT THOMAS, Houston Business Administration PEARCE, SARAH ELIZABETH, Houston Accounting, OB.X PEARCE, STEPHEN MOE, Austin Biology, ri, 1 ES, AEi, Cowboys PEARLSTEIN, RICHARD HAROLD. St. Louis MO Psychology PEARSALL, VOLNEY FRAZIER, El Paso Civil Engineering, ASCE, SOTA PECHAL, JENNIFER SUE, La Grange Special Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Resident Assistant, Dean ' s List PEGRAM. NORMAN RICHARD. Scarborough ME Marketing PENTECOST, JOANNE, Humble Elementary Education PERDUE. WILLIAM ESTON, Tyler Management PEREZ, CARLOS E.. Ecuador Electrical Engineering PEREZ. HECTOR. Harlingen Accounting PEREZ, HECTOR D., Laredo Linguistics PERKINS. HUBERT LEE. Franklin Pharmacy PERLIS. DEBORAH L.. Temple Nursing. UTNSA PERRY, PATRICIA LEE, Houston Zoology FERRYMAN, GRETCHEN MORRIS, Athens Spanish PERSKY, NELWYN MAREK, Bartlett Engineering PETERMAN. SUZANNE. Texas City Journalism, KT. PETERSON, KRISTINE ELISE, Richardson Advertising, K. 0, Communication Council, Student Government PETERSON. PAULETTE BELL. San Antonio Physical Education. PEM Club Social Chairman. Gymnastics Club PHARIS. MARY KAY, Marlin Elementary Education PHARR, GARY DALTON, Waco Accounting PHILLIPS, GREGORY CHARLES. Austin Mathematics, Campus Crusade for Christ PIERCE-JONES, EVAN EDWARD, Austin Psychology, X, Pre-Law Association, Student Government PIETZSCH. LEONARD O. JR.. Temple Finance PINA. WILLIAM MENCHACA, San Antonio Economics, UT Veterans Club PLACE. BRIAN FRANCIS. Austin Accounting. BA ' I ' PLUMMER. PAULA C, Port Arthur Zoology POE. LINDA SUSAN. Dallas Secondary Education, iiAA POOLE, JOCELYN, Miami FL Biology, Young Democrats, Intramural Sports POPE, CAROL JEAN, San Antonio Special Education. C B Kinsolving, Upper Class Advisor. Student Council for Exceptional Children, Resident Assistant POPE. DEBORAH RAE. Texas City Journalism POPPER. LAURA ANDERSON. Memphis TN Music. 2.M. . . A. University Symphony Orchestra, Mortar Board PORTELA, JUANITA ELOISE, San Antonio Sociology POULOS, TERRENCE PAUL, Austin Business Administration, Navy ROTC, Battalion Commander POVreLL. CYNTHIA JEAN. Dallas Public Relations-Pre-Med, XSi, Little Sisters of the Shield and Diamond. Posse. Student Government, CACTUS Goodfellow POWELL, JENNIFER LYON. Austin Journalism POWER, PATRICIA ANN, Brownsville Special Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children POWERS, GREGORY MICHAEL, Harlingen Finance, nK. , Student Government POZZA, DONALD LEE, San Antonio History PRATER, RONALD TIMOTHY, Garland Business Administration, Longhorn Band PRATT, LAURA ANN, Baytown Psychology, Social Work Club PRESLEY, CYNTHIA ANN, Mt. Pleasant Education, ZTA Treasurer Graduating Seniors — 575 PRESSLY, LISA. San Antonio Psychology. nB I . Social and Behavioral Sciences Council PRESTON. CAROLE ELIZABETH. Channelview Sociology PRIOR. ROGER EVERETT, Dallas Chemical Engineering. iiXE, TBIl. Longhorn Band. AlChE PROPER, STEVE RAY. Houston Marketing. American Marketing Association PRUETT. BRENDA KAYE. Dallas History PRYZANT. NANCY SUE. Houston English. B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation PUIG. YVONNE KAREN. San Antonio Psychology. X. Pre-Law Association, Interaction Student Government. Dean ' s List PURNELL. LU ANN. Dallas Home Economics QUINONEZ. ROBERT ALLEN. Victoria Government RACHEL. KAREN CAMILLE. Houston Marketing RADNEY. DOUGLAS VERNON 11, Indianapolis IN Chemical Engineering, AlChE RAFFERTY, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH, Houston Speech Pathology, Resident Assistant RAINE. PATRICIA ANN. Corpus Christ! American Studies RAINEY. SARAH LINN. Houston Spanish. . O. Spooks International Haunt. Intramural Sports Chairman RAMADAN. WALID AFIF. Lebanon Business Administration RAMIREZ. OLGA. Universal City Spanish-English RAMON. EDNA ISABEL. Rio Grande City Radio-Television-Film. r l ' B. Women in Communications RAMON, JAIME, McAllen Government RAMOS, ALVARO JR.. Kingsville Business Administration RAMOS. MARIA TERESA, Laredo Architecture RAMSDELL, WILLIAM MARSHALL, Houston Biology, AEA RAMSEY, LAURA ANN, Venezuela Elementary Education. AZ. AAA RANDLE. CINDY LOU. Paris Journalism. PRSSA RANSOM. JOAN ELLEN, Orlando FL Biology. AAA RAWLINGS. VALERIE KAY. Corpus Chrisli Speech Pathology. National Student Speech and Hearing Association RAY. BARBARA JEAN. Weatherford Accounting READ. DEBRA LOUISE. Houston Advertising, AAA, Cordettes, Advertising Club REAVES, SANDRA SUE, Fort Worth Nursing, XST, UTNSA, CACTUS Staff, Bevo ' s Babes RECH, MERRY LAUREEN, Austin Spanish-Eiementary-Secondary Education, AiA REED, LINDA SHARON, Austin Elementary Education. AKA Graduating Seniors REEDER. CHARLES CHRISTOPHER, Austin Accounting. K . I E2. BA . Tejas Club, Inter-Service Council. Outstanding Student REEDER, MARGARET BRANDON, Houston Psychology, AFA, FAE REESE, FRANCIS EDWARD, St. Louis MO Chemical Engineering, TBFI, ' t»K4 , AIChE, Intramural Sports REESING, STEPHEN WAYNE, Waco Accounting REICH, KAREN MARIE, Austin Psychologi ' REID, RANDAL RAY, Lake Jackson Biology, 1 H2, Italian Club KENDALL, ROBERT VAN JR., Austin Government RENFRO, SHELIA ANN. Mineral Wells Government RENTERIA. VICTOR MANUEL, San Antonio Marketing, ASIl, American Marketing Association President, Toastmasters, CBA Council, Intramural Sports RESENDEZ, RODOLFO JR., Rio Grande City Journalism, SPJ SAX, DAILY TEXAN Staff REXROAT, JANA CAROL, Eastland Mathematics, Southern Singers REYES, LILLIAN LUIS, San Antonio Home Economics-Child Development, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club REYES, MARY HELEN. San Antonio Secondary Education REYNOLDS, MICHELLE ELISE, Litchfield Park AZ Psychology REZ, DONALD GARY, Stephenville Government. K I , Dean ' s List RICHARDS. JACK CARLIN. Houston Petroleum Land Management, BSn, Petroleum Land Management Club RICHARDSON, JOHN RANDALL, Nederland Mathematics RICHARDSON, SALLY HEATHER, Dallas Spanish, AZA, Resident Assistant 576 — Graduating Seniors Graduating Seniors RICHEY, GAYLE ANNETTE, Tyler Child Development, AAFl, AAA, ON, l K t , Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club RIEMANN, CARL F., Ecuador Chemical Engineering. TBIl. QXE, AlChE RIGGS, LESLIE ANN, Odessa Spanish RINEHART, ROBERT ALLEN, Schertz Marketing, AK ! , American Marl eling Association RIOS-CASTELLON, LORENZO ALBERTO, Nicaragua Electrical Engineering RIOUX, SHERRELL DARLENE, Austin Fine Arts RIPPER, PAMELA SUE, Weimar Mathematics-Educalion, r$A, Resident Assistant RIPPY, TERRY WAYNE, Richardson Management RITCHEY, DEBBIE SUE, Fort Worth Drama RIVERS, CAROLYN VIRGINIA, Houston Mathematics, " K . AAA ROBB, LISA CAROL, Houston Advertising, AXfi, Advertising Club, Government Club, Dean ' s List ROBERTS, ANDREA GAIL, Austin Textiles, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club ROBERTS, CONSTANCE GAIL, Coijpus Christi Communications, ZTA, Dean ' s List ROBERTS, JAMES THOMAS, Fort Worth Sociology-History, Tennis Team ROBERTS, RHONDA LYNNE, Dallas Mathematics-Education, Student Christian Fellowship ROBERTSON, DIRK BRISCOE, Houston Biology, XX, lunior Fellows, Outstanding Student ROBERTSON, O. ZELLER, Midland MI Psychology, Scabbard and Blade Society, Inter-Service Council, Rifle Team ROBINSON, SARAH WINN, Longview Psychology. l Kit , ♦X, Italian Club ROBINSON, SUSAN DIANE, Dallas Speech ROBINSON, RANDALL JENKINS, Whitehouse Accounting ROBLES, VIOLA, Brownsville Secondary Education. Mexican-American Culture Committee ROCHA, ANGELA LAURA, San Antonio Bilingual Education RODRIGUEZ, ALFRED, San Antonio Civil Engineering, 020, ASCE RODRIGUEZ, GUILLERMO, Venezuela Mechanical Engineering RODRIGUEZ, HENRIQUE, Venezuela Mechanical Engineering RODRIQUEZ, RUBEN, Del Rio Mathematics ROGERS, STEPHEN WAYNE, Houston Radio-Television-Film, UT Big Brothers ROGCE, MELVIN JAMES, Houston Petroleum Engineering. AIME Treasurer, Texas Troubadours Treasurer, SPWLA ROLF, DEBORAH ANN, Houston Accounting. 4 BX ROMERO, FREDERICK LAWRENCE, Port Arthur Pharmacy. I AX ROMIG. RANDALL ROBERT. Amarillo Accounting ROMOSER. RUSSELL WAYNE. Houston Petroleum Engineering. AIME. SPWLA. Texas Troubadours RONAGHAN. DIANE MARIE. Austin Elementary Education ROOS. CANDACE M. LASSERE. San Antonio Special Education. AZ ROSALES. CAMILO, Nicaragua Architecture ROSE. HENRY JOHN JR.. Dallas Accounting. $AB ROSS. CATHERINE IRENE, Guatemala Nursing, TNSA ROSS, DEBRA ANNE, Dallas Journalism, kXU ROSS. DONALD WARREN JR.. Austin Biology ROSS. JOHN TERRENCE, Corsicana Accounting ROSS, WILLIAM ROBERT, Dallas Finance, AXA, Undergraduate Research Foundation ROTHE, JANE MARIE, D ' Hanis Elementary- Kindergarten Education ROTHE, MARTHA LOUISE, D ' Hanis Nursing ROUNTREE, RANDOLPH WINSLER, San Angelo Radio-Television-Film. KK . H2. Kil . Longhorn Band President. Longhorn Singers. CACTUS Goodfellow ROUTZON. JOHN F., Houston Accounting. Student Government ROWCROFT. MICHELE ROSEMARIE. San Antonio Psychology-Social Welfare Studies ROWE. THOMAS JOHN. Arlington Heights IL Architectural Engineering. TBO. XE. 4 E5:. AAAE President. Student ROY ALL. LINDA JEAN. Beaumont Zoology, A t . Longhorn Band Graduating Seniors — 577 ROZSYPAL, GINA LOUISE, Austin Pharmacy, LPhA, TSHP RUBIN, JOANIE ILENE, Fort Worth Psychology-Social Work Studies RUDY, STEPHEN RYLEN, Austin Management, Canterbury Association, UT Speleological Society RUPP, EMILY KATHRYN, San Antonio Education RUSK, KEITH EDWARD, Garland Government, K President, Intramural Sports RUSSELL, GERALD ALAN, Austin Management, intramural Sports RUSSELL, [ANNA KAY, Wichita Falls Interior Design, . . A, ON. Orange Jackets, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club, Resident .Assistant RUSSELL, MELVIN DAVID, Austin Biology-Pre-Med RUSSELL, ROBERT LAFAYETTE, Dallas Elementary Education RUSSO, PAMELA CHERIE, Austin Education, University Chorus, Choral Union, Order of Delphi RUTLEDGE, MARVIN D., Galveston Psychology RYLANDER, ANTHONY IRELANDER, Austin Electrical Engineering, ( KO RYLANDER, BARBARA RUSSELL, Austin Nutrition, ON President, tK , Student Nutrition Organization, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club RYLANDER, BETTY GRACE, Austin Biology, . . A, l K t SADIK, HELEN LOUISE, Baytovvn Geology, USGS, Speliological Society SAEGERT, ROBERT NOWELL, Paige Accounting SAENZ, lESUS ALBERTO, Rio Grande City Pharmacy, K+, LPhA SAENZ, PRESTON, San Antonio Biology SAEZ, DANIEL DENNIS, Piano Journalism, DAILY TEXAN Staff, PRSSA SAHM, DEBORAH KAY, Seguin Nutrition, Student Nutrition Organization, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club SALAS, STEVEN ISAAC, Carrollton Marketing SALDANA, JANET SUE, San Antonio Sociology, Social Welfare Club SALTER, MARY MARGARET, Bay City Physical Education, .Mil, PEM Club, Women ' s Intramural Council SANCHEZ, REBECCA ALANIZ, Beeville Public Relations, Mexican-American Youth Organization, PRSSA SANDERS, RICHARD CONRAD, Austin German SANFORD, DAVID LANSING, Longview Engineering, ASME SAN MARTIN, MARIA TERESA, Laredo Biology SANTOS, RENE, Ecuador Petroleum Engineering, TBI!, 4 K I SCHELLHASE, GLADYS KAY, Gonzales Engineering, Spooks, Anchorettes, Union Recreation Committee SCHLECHTE, JUDITH ANN, Dallas Music Education. .M, UT Symphony SCHLEE, CYNTHIA LOIS, Zephyr Pharmacy, KE, LPhA, ASHP, Lo Chi SCHLUETER, WANDA KAY. Sv eetwater Secondary Education SCHMIDT. RANDALL KENT. Austin Real Estate. .XA SCHMIDT. TIMOTHY JOHN. Houston Business Administration. IKA SCHMIDT. WILLIAM CHARLES JR., Beaumont Psychology. H5;. 1 K 1). t-X SCHNEIDAU. KAREN PATRICIA. Houston Elementary Education. Union Special Projects Committee SCHNOES, CHRISTINE PATRICIA, Dallas Nursing SCHOENEMAN, DAVID D., Austin Marketing. AT, Navy ROTC SCHOPPE. DELORES MARIE. Somerville Nursing. UTNSA SCHOTT, ROBERT ARTHUR. La Grange Management. AK ! ' SCHRANK. KARON. Austin Mathematics. AAII. AAA. iDK . BK SCHRANK, LARRY GLENN, Hamilton Pharmacy, K+, PX SCHREIBER, WILLIAM HENRY, Austin Psychology, Social Work Club. BSU SCHROEDER, DEBRA JO, Brenham Business Administration, A.XS2 SCHROEDER, LAWRENCE FRANCIS, Mission Finance, AK , American Finance Association, Rifle Team, Scuba Diving SCHROETER, ANDREW GORDON III, Port Arthur Accounting, Intramural Sports SCHULTZ, KRISTINE KAY, Wharton Accounting, AAFI. BA + . " tRX Historian, Intramural Sports, Dean ' s List SCHUMACHER, EDGAR JOHN, LibertyviUe IL Civil Engineering, ASCE, Student Engineering Council 578 — Graduating Seniors SCHWARTZ, CHARLES WALTER, Hr.mham Government SCHWARTZ, PEIGI MARSHALL, Tyler Psychologv. AZ SCOTT. WILLIAM BUERK |R., Dallas lournallsm, SPJ i:iX. DAILY TEXAN Slaff, PEARL Slafl SCOTT. SHARON MARIE, Beaumont Nursing, UTNSA SCROCGINS. CHARLOTTE ROTHWELL. Austin lournalism SCUDDAY. MELANIE KIM. Spring English. t B Kmsolving. CACTUS Staff, English Honors Program SEALE. lAMES PAUL. Baytown Plan II-Pre-Med. frBK, Junior Fellows. Inler-Varsily Christian Fellowship SEBEK. CHARLES ANDREW. League City Accounting. KK , Longhorn Band SEGER. BERNARD MANUEL. Victoria Zoology. Dean ' s List SELIG. DEBRA ELAINE, Galveston Nutrition. Student Nutrition Organization SERS. BRENDA JOYCE. Houston Drama. Ai-B. Blacks. Afro-American Culture Committee. Student Senate SEWARD. JAMES JOSEPH. Lmcoln AR Aerospace Engineering. NESEP Open Mess SEWARD. RICHARD EUGENE. Houston Biology-Pre-Med. .AEA SEWELL. BRAD WILLIAM. Fort Worth Physical Education SEWELL. STANLEY DON. Smilhfield Accounting, BA+ SHAFER. STEPHEN DWAIN. Pasadena Computer Science. «I H2 SHAHIAN, BAHRAM, Iran Electrical Engineering, HK.V. IEEE SHANKS. RICHARD CLEON, Houston Accounting. t Kil , hVZ. t Hi:. B, + SHARMA. GIRISH KUMAR. Au.stin international Business. Flying Club Vice-President SHARP. CHRISTOPHER GLENN. Dallas Finance. t rA SHAW. MARJORIE SUE. Pasadena Secondary Education SHAW. MICHAEL DWAIN, San Antonio Radio-Television-Film SHAW, SUSAN KAY, Houston Home Economics SHEA, IRL VICTOR, Levelland Spanish, Student Lobby Committee SHEA, PATRICIA BELL, Houston English, Orange Jackets SHEESLEY. HEIDI ANN, Houston Latin American Studies. KKi " SHEPHERD. JOAN MARIE. Galveston Special Education . Spooks. Resident Assistant. Upper-CIass Advisors SHIELD. JAMES LOWELL. Dallas Finance. Intercollegiate Football SHIN. CHULSOON. Korea Accounting SHOCKLEE. MARTHA LOYCE. Houston English-Journalism. White Star Sweethearts SHOCKLEY. JON KENNETH. Marshalltown lA Business Administration. it Ki;.Ai:i I. Inlerfralernity Council. CBA Council, Senior Cabinet SHOPE, JOAN MARIE, San Antonio Marketing, BX, American Marketing Association SHTOFMAN, MICHAEL ALLEN, Tyler Biology. ZBT. t Hi; President. Cultural Entertainment Committee SIBLEY. PAMELA ANNE. Dallas Home Economics, AI ' , O.N, Little Sisters of the Seven Stars President. Dean ' s List SIEGEL. JEFFREY CRAIG. Dallas Psychology. . .XA, Undergraduate Research Foundati(m SILVERMAN, AV I., Houston History. AEri, HS SIMECEK, JOE JOHN JR.. Austin Civil Engineering. ASCE Program Chairman. Sailing Club. Newman Club. Institute of Traffic Engineers SIMMONS. JOHN WESLEY. Midland English, English Honors Program SIMMONS, THOMAS MURPHEY, Houston Finance, S Kt . APi! SIMMONS. WADE JUNIOR. Dallas Business Administration. A t A. Blacks, Project Info SIMPSON, CLAUDE MICHAEL, San Antonio Journalism. SPJ SAX. DAILY TEXAN Staff SIMPSON. JOHN SCOTT, Houston Psychology-Pre-Med. 1 H2:. AEA. ♦X, I BK. Longhorn Band SIMPSON. RICHARD LEE, Beaumont Accounting, BA+.ifrBK SIMS. RICHARD GANO. Groesbeck Accounting. BA . BFS. " frK . Hi: SINGLETON, BENJAMIN ARTHUR, San Antonio Journalism SITTON, RANDY WARREN. Nacogdoches Civil Engineering SKARBOVICK, JULIE GAYLE, Longmeadow MA Sociology-Social Welfare Studies, AAA. Intercollegiate Volleyball, Social Welfare Association SKARBOVICK, PETER JENS JR., Humble Zoology, AEA, APO Graduating Seniors — 579 SLADEK. JEAN RUTH, Tavlcir lournalism. AAA. KTA. K t , PRSSA SLANKARD. LUCINDA |OANN. Beaumont Elementary-Kindergarten Education. .AAII SLAUGHTER. KAREN ELIZABETH. Austin Speech Pathology SLAUGHTER. STEVEN MEREDITH. Tyler Business Administration SLAYDON. DIANNE LOUISE. Houston Journalism. AF, Southern Singers. Pre-Law Association. Women in Communications SLOAN. MONICA ANN, Houston Piano-Special Education. Association for the Visually Handicapped SLOAN. RHONDA CAPRICE. Woodville Psvchology SLONE. RODNEY BAYRON. Roscoe Biology. 0H2 SLOUGH, WADE MANCHELL, Odessa Finance SMALLWOOD. )ERI KAI. Houston Special Education SMESNY, DOLORES FAYE. Dayton Psychology-Government SMITH. DANIEL ROBERT. Houston Civil Engineering. Hi:. TBFI. AFCE. Longhorn Band SMITH. FLORENCE HELEN. Austin Nursing SMITH. JO ANN. Groves Chemistry-Pre-Med. AAA. AEi. A.XS. ISII. t AT SMITH. LAURA LOUISA. Beaumont Elementary-Kindergarten Education. Order of the Blue Iris. Southern Singers. GDE. Resident Assistant SMITH, LISA ELAINE. Dallas Journalism, Women in Communications President. Union Arts and Theatre Committee. PEARL Staff. DAILY TEXAN Staff, Dean ' s List SMITH, LOUIS GORDON, Danburg Physical Education, PEM Club, BSU SMITH, SARAH MARIE, Houston Speech Pathology, Union Interaction Committee, Resident Assistant, Dean ' s List SMITH, SHERRIE PAULA, Dallas Education. A. A, Longhorn Singers SMITH. SUSAN JO. Mesquite Classics. Hi;4 SNAVELY. SUSAN KAY. Tyler Business Administration. I»BX President SNOWDEN. GARY LYNN. Alice Plan II. " HIS. BK. Campus Crusade for Christ SOLIZ. ALFONSO JR.. New Braunfels Aerospace Engineering. TBII. SFT. AIAA, Army ROTC Battalion Commander. Scabbard and Blade. Outstanding Student BOLLINGER. SANDRA LEE. Austin Geography SORRELLS, KATHLEEN INEZ. Houston Accounting, BA SPARKMAN, GEORGE THURMAN JR.. Marshall Accounting. 2 I E. AK SPEIZER. IRWIN, Miami Beach FL Journalism. SAX. DAILY TEXAN Staff SPENCER. MARGARET ABBOTT, San Antonio Chemistry. AFA SPENCER. RICHARD LAWRENCE, Amarillo Finance. SX, American Finance Association. Student Senate. CACTUS Goodfellow SPIKES. JOHNNIE KAY. Lubbock Economics STALLONES. MELISSA LEN, Tomball Psychology, AZ, X, UT Interaction, CACTUS Goodfellow STANBERY. SUSAN LYNNE, Houston Speech Pathology, ZT.A President, Mortar Board Secretary, Orange l9CK6lS STANFORD, ANDREW BAILEY, Fort Ritchie MD Psychology STANLEY, GERALD WADE, Midland History, Acacia, CACTUS Section Editor. Young Life STANLEY. JANET. Houston Elementary Education STARNES, PATTY GAY. Katy Special Education. Cultural Entertainment Committee STARNES. SUSAN KAY. Pleasant Hill CA Journalism, 2AX, Christian Science Organization STARTZMAN, SHARRON ANNE, Houston Elementary Education, 1 B Kinsolving. Intramural Sports, Young Republicans STEELE. JUDY ELIZABETH. Grand Saline lournalism. PRSSA STEELE. RUSSELL JAY. Scotch Plains NJ Statistics. Newman Club, Intramural Sports STELL, REBECCA LEE, Bay City Deaf Education, A i» STEPHENS, GAYLE ANN. Amarillo Psychology STEPHENSON, REBECCA JANE, Paint Rock Public Relations, AX!!. PRSSA STEPHENSON, ROBERT JAMES, Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association Secretary STEWART, DANIEL MORGAN, Corpus Christi Biology STEWART. MELISSA SUSAN, Inglewood CA Zoology, AAA, GDE STILO, CLAIRE VIRGINIA, Austin Radio-Television-Film ST. JEAN. RONALD NORMAN. Austin Business Administration 580 — Graduating Seniors Graduating Seniors STOCKTON, VIKI, Myrtle Beach SC Radio-Telovision-Film STOLER. SUSAN lOANNE. Dallas lournalism. KTA, DAILY TEXAN Staff. CACTUS Staff. Mortar Board. CACTUS Goodfellow STOLLE. MICHAEL FRANCIS. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering. ASME STONE. ROBERT MICHAEL. Dallas Business Management STONE, WESLEY LAWRENCE. San Antonio Biology-Pre-Dental STONE. WILLIAM EMERSON III. |acksonville Government. SAE STOOL, LOUIS ALLAN. Del Rio Psychology. ZBT. AEi. Cowboys. Posse. Student Government STOREY. CYNTHIA KALEEN. Duncanville History STRADER. CONNIE MARIE, Houston Public Relations. nB . PRSSA STRADER, lUDY FRANCES. Houston Elementary Education, if STRAWN, RUSSELL KENT. Garland Mathematics, Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, Handball Association SUHOR, LYNDA ANN, San Antonio Computer Science. 0K SULLENBERGER, MARY MARGARET, Denison Mathematics, 4)B Kinsolving SULLIVAN, LINDA KAY, Everman Prehistoric Archaeology, Anthrcjpology Society SULLIVAN, SHERI, Amarillo Kindergarten Education SUMAN, JOHN MCLEAN, Houston Finance, ATQ SUTHERLAND, KAREN, Houston Physical Education, Education Council. PEM Club. Upper Class Advisors. Intramural Sports SWEENEY. MARK WEBSTER. Wharton Biology. Intercollegiate Basketball SWEET. LIZABETH LEE. San Antonio Journalism. Women in Communications. Upper Class Advisors SWIFT. THOMAS E. III. Dallas Marketing SWINDALL. KERMIT LEE. Gatesville Accounting TAGLIARINO. SCOTT ALAN. Helotes lournalism. SPJ SiX. DAILY TEXAN Staff TAMAYO. ELIZABETH FAITH. Lockhart Pharmacy. LPhA TANKER. WILLIAM HOWARD. Morton Grove IL Finance. Pre-Law Association. Intramural Sports. Speleological Society TAUSEND. THOMAS PAUL. Pasadena Civil Engineering. ASCE TAYLOR. CHARLES P. JR.. Richardson Zoology. American Field Service Returnee Organization. Resident Assistant TAYLOR. DONALD FRANK. Garland Finance. AT. 1 H2 TAYLOR. FRANCES MARY. Corpus Christi Latin American Studies TAYLOR. JOHN RANDALL. Carthage Accounting. B.A TAYLOR, LEE RICKS, Edon Pharmacy, K , ASHP, LPhA TAYLOR, TOMMY WAYNE. Dallas Architecture TELGE. CHERYL DIANNE. Houston Biology. Eulenspiegelverein. Ski Club TEMPLE. KAREN. La Marque Education TEMPLE. ROBIN LEONORA. Austin Physical Education. Intercollegiate Rifle Team. PEM Club TEMPLE. THOMAS JACK. Texas City Mechanical Engineenng. t Hj:. OTS. TBFI, ASME TEOH. NOREEN. Burma Pharmacy. KE. Spooks. LPhA. ASHP TERR ASSON. DANIEL PAUL, Houston Biology TERRY, PATRICIA ALICE. Austin Spanish-French. -AAII TESTON. GLORIA LEE. San Antonio Management THOGERSEN. STEVE ALAN. Langley AFB VA Management THOMAS. BECKY. Dallas Clothing-Textiles. Fashion Group. Southern Singers. Resident Assistant THOMAS. JAMES WILLIAM. San Antonio Biology. AEA. (1 HS THOMAS. JOSEPH P. JR.. McAllen Management THOMAS, JUDY ANN. Dallas Psychology. AF THOMAS. NANCY JEAN, Frisco French-Spanish, .A. A, Intramural Sports THOMAS, PATRICIA ANN, Fredericksburg Public Relations, PRSSA. CACTUS Staff THOMAS, RAYMOND RUSSELL JR., Eagle City Biology THOMAS, ROSEMARY, Austin Biology Graduating Seniors — 581 THOMPSON, CYNTHIA SUE. Dallas Art Education THOMPSON, IDA DAWN, Austin Psychology, AKA, Afro-American Culture Committee THOMPSON, JANET LEE, Austin Advertising, Advertising Club, CACTUS Staff. Dean ' s List THOMPSON, SHARI BETH, San Antonio Government THORNTON, MARK ANDREW, Dallas Plan II, International Pentecostal Fellowship TICE, lOSEPH HYE, Englewood Co Plan II TILL, ELIZABETH ANN, San Antonio Nursing, UTNSA TILLERSON, REX WAYNE, Austin Civil Engineering, Tejas Club, ASCE TIMMINS, OLIVER H. III. San Antonio History-Classical Civilization, l rA TJERNAGEL, SCOTT LEWIS, Amarillo Government TION, ANNE-MARiE YUE-LEE, China Sociology, Chinese Student Association TODD, FREDERICK DOUGLASS II, Dallas Electrical Engineering-Pre-Med, A I A, A I fi, IEEE. Project Info. Blacks TODD. SHERRY DENISE. Fanwood N] Elementary Education. KA0 TODD. WILLIAM ARTHUR. Friendswood Sociology TOLEDO. lORGE )R., Mt. Pleasant Biology-Pre-Med. 2it E, AE4, Ski Club TOOLEY. ANDREA KAY. Austin History TORRES. ROBERT. Houston Accounting TOUBIN. CHERYL HELENE. San Antonio Sociology-Social Welfare Studies, AE I , Student Government, Union Special Programs Committee, B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation TRAFTON. GUYNELL BETH. San Antonio Pharmacy. LPhA TRAMMELL. GARY LEE. San Antonio Business Administration TRAN. GIA VINH. Vietnam Medical Technology TRASTER. ELDEN DOUGLAS. Eulcss Electrical Engineering TRAUGOTT. ROEMER FREDERICK. San Antonio lournalism, SPJ 2AX, DAILY TEXAN Staff TRENT, JEANNIE M., San Antonio Anthropology-Psychology, K TREYBIG, DUANE STEPHEN, El Campo Chemistry TRICE MELINDA FA YE. Fort Worth Elementary Education. SAfl. I B Kinsolving. Dean ' s List TRISSEL. THOMAS MICHAEL West Chester PA Radio-Television-Film, APO, Newman Club, Lacrosse Club TROSTLE, JENNIFER KAY, Simonton Sociology, K , AKA TRUAX, PATRICIA KAY. Corpus Christi Child Development. ON TRUSTY. SARA ELIZABETH. Lafayette CA Accounting TSAO. STEVEN PAK CHONG. Austin Mechanical Engineering TSCHOEPE. FERDINAND ALEXANDER II. Ingleside Government TSUNG. SAMUEL SHIH-KIN. China Electrical Engineering TUCKER. BARBARA ANN. Austin Music. M E. UT Wind Ensemble TUCKER. CYNTHIA BETH, Austin Education TUCKER, HUGH CARLTON )R., Graham Secondary Education TURKELSON, MARK EDWARD. Worthington OH History TURNER. JOHN ALAN. San Angelo Advertising. UT Big Brothers TURNER. NANCY ALICE. Fort Worth Architecture. AAA. TB2. Longhorn Band TURNER. ROBERT B„ Austin Business Administration, ZBT, Interfraternily Council. Treasurer. Silver Spurs. Student Government. CACTUS Goodfellow TURNER. SARAH MALONE. Austin Art Education TURNEY. REBECCA ANN. Dallas Elementary Education TUSA. SALLY MARIE. Houston French-Italian. KKF. Ideas and Issues Committee. Intramural Sports TUTTLE. FRANKLIN LEWIS. Austin Accounting. BA+. 1)K I . EPS. Hj:. Tejas Club TWEED. |AY MORGAN. Dallas Radio-Television-Film ULRICH, lOHN MASIL. Troy Ml Radio-Television-Film, UT Big Brothers, BSU. Intercollegiate Football ULVERT. CHARLES ROBERT. Nicaragua Engineering. ASME. International Student Association UNGER. STEPHEN WALTER. Odessa Art 582 — Graduating Seniors UPCHURCH, SUSAN SCHNEIDER. Houslon Microbiology URIBE. EDUARDO JAVIER. Austin Biolo v. J»Hi;. Sludent Governmenl VANDERWILT. RANDY ALAN. Pasadena Mathematics. Newman Club VANECEK. LARRY DAVID. Temple Studio Art VAN ORDER, PAUL FRANKLIN IR.. Austin Psychology VAN PELT. LESTER III. Midland Accounting. .AK . BA . Bl ' S. Young Republicans. CBA Council VAUGHN. GREGORY CHANDLER. Dallas English. iDHS. I BK VELA. DAVID WILLIAM. Laredo Accounting VERNON, lOHN MARTIN. Dallas Government-History. AE. Hi;. i l. . Resident Assistant. CACTUS Goodfellovv VICKERS. JOHN RAYMOND. Corpus Chrisli Advertising. .AOSi. Communications Council. Advertising Club President VIESCA, GLORIA lEAN, San Antonio Governmenl VILLARREAL, |OSE HUMBERTO, San Benito Pharmacy. K . MIX. LPhA President. Student-Faculty Safety Committee VILLARREAL. |UAN ANTONIO. McAllen Pharmacy. K . LPhA. ASHP. Armv ROTC VILLARREAL. |UANA VIRGINIA, Beeville History, Chicano Pre-Law Association. Project Info. Mexican- American Youth Organization VINE. NANCY LOUISE. Austin Plan II. A. A. I1A 1 . Humanities Council Vice-President. Mortar Board. French Club, Outstanding Student VINIKOFF, SHAIN EVAN, El Paso Finance VINKLAREK, BARBARA. Houston Special Education VINSON. BEN ANDREW. Henderson Finance, iilll VOLK. DANNA ROSE. Austin Speech Pathology VOLLMER. DONALD F., San Antonio Marketing. AT VOLTERRA. VIRGINIA LUISA. Austin History-French WAHRMUND. JANIS FISCHER. Houston Chemical Engineering. TBIl. S2XE. A, A. AIChE. SWE WALDMAN. RANDALL JAY. Liberty Accounting. ZKT WALENTA. DONALD RAY. Austin Chemical Engineering. AlChE WALKER. BENJAMIN LEONARD. Austin Civil Engineering. ASCE WALKER. BENIAMIN RICHARD IR.. Whitewright Advertising. Advertising Club WALKER. DANIEL BRECK. Fort Worth Business Administration WALKER. FLOYD WAYNE. Austin Finance WALKER. MARSHALL WINFIELD, Austin Finance. A H. CBA Council. Communications Committee WALKER. NOLAN EUGENE. Houston Engineering. American Nuclear Society WALKER. PATRICIA CHERYL. Austin Elementary Education WALLACE. SHARON DALE. Premont Secondary Education. Young Democrats. Student Council for Voter Registration WALLACE. SHARON KAY. Clarksville History. CACTUS Staff WALLINGFORD. CHERYL SUE. Austin nterior Design. American Institute of Interior Design WALLS. BRIAN LEE. Pampa Accounting. AT WALSH. KATHLEEN MARIE. Corpus Christi English. Newman Club WALSH.TERESAGLADYS. San Antonio ■ Biology. AAA. AEA WALTERS. BARI ANN. Hempstead Elementary Kindergarten-Education. KAIL II.NH, ) H Kin.solving. CDK. Upper Class Advisors WALTERS. KENNETH RICHARD |R„ Austin Accounting WAI.THERS, LEAH |AN. Houston Medical Technology WARD. BARBARA DIANNE. Dallas Interior Design. American Institute of Interior Design WARDLAW. MALCOLM PENROSE. Austin Mathematics WARDLAW. MARGARET. Austin Government WARDLOW, DIANA LYNN. Harlingen Accounting WARE. MARK FLYNN. Austin Psychology. Resident Assistant WATERS. ALVIN XAVIER |R,, Austin Economics. 4»K ' t» WATKINS. KIM SUZANNE. Amarillo Accounting. AT Intramural Manager WATSON. MELISSA TAYLOR. Stamford Engineering. AAA Pledge Trainer Graduating Seniors- — 583 WATSON. PEGGY ANN, Troy Phdrmacy, KE, PX, LPhA WEEKLEY, CLAIRE M,. San Bc.nilo Accounting. r l B, Sisters of the Star and Crescent WEEKS. DONALD FREDERICK, Dallas History. AH WEIDT. NANCY ELLEN. Newport News VA Deaf Education. AT. . . X Cordelles. Student Council for Exceptional Children WEILLER. KAREN HENRIETTA, Houston Elementary-Kindergarten Education. GDE WEINSTEIN. GARY. Dallas Education WEISSCARBER. ERIC |OHN, San Antonio Finance. I KS ' , Real Estate Society. Union Recreation Committee WEITZEL, BEVERLEY GRAY. San Antonio Account inj . . Xii, Freshman Cheerleader. Posse. Resident Assistant WELCH, TILLMIN GENE. Edinburs Radio-Television-Film, 02K. Rodeo Club WENDEL. MAUREEN ANNE. Baylown Elementary Education WENDLAND. KIMBERLY GAIL, Fort Worth Nursing. ZT. . Golden Hearts WENDLANDT. VICKI ARLEAN, Austin Mathematics WERBNER. MARK STEVEN. San Antonio Government, TA I . Pre-Law Association WESCH. SANDRA KAY. Austin Elem(;nlary Education. TBi!. Longhorn Band WESTLUND. KARIN NANETTE. Austin Zoology, Longhorn Band WESTON. DIANA GAYLE. Houston Nutrition. Student Nutrition Organization WHALEY. lAMES ALLEN. Austin Zoology WHEAT. |OHN BAILEY, McCamey Government WHELESS. SHARON RUTH. Austin Deaf Education, SI ' , Student Council for Exceptional Children WHITE. CAMPBELL GIDNEY JR.. Corpus Christi Management, Married Student Housing Council Chairperson WHITE, CATHY ANN. Midland Sociology. . M , Student Government WHITE. TQNI ANN. Pittsburg Biology. .Ail 1. Spooks. Cordettes. Orange jackets. CACTUS Staff WHITEAKER. KAREN E.. San Antonio Marketing. . Xa WHITEHURST. DELORES KAY. Austin English. Women ' s Affairs Committee WHITFIELD. NANCYLEE. Dallas Health Education, AAA WICHMAN, KATHY LEE. Houston Education. r t ; . II. B. Union Recreation Committee WIECHMANN. PATRICIA ANN. San Antonio History. M. Anthropology Club WIEGAND. PAUL B.. Austin Psychology. Intercollegiate Tennis WIER. CHERYL LYNN. Houston Spanish. . - . itiK . KS2B President WIER. SUZANNE. Austin Interior Design. American Institute of Interior Design Graduating Seniors WILCHAR. PAMELA lANE. Fort Worth Textiles-Clothing. K.AH WILCOX. WADE MICHAEL. Borger lourn.ilism. DAILY TEXAN Staff WILEY. CHERYL KAYE. Decatur Public Relations. AXS! WILEY. LEON EUGENE |R.. San Antonio Management WILEY. PAMELA SUE. Austin Public Relations WILKERSON. FRANCES LYNNE, Houston Plan II WILLIAMS. BEVERLY JEAN. Killeen So(;ioIogy-Social Welfare Studies, Minority Student Affairs Committee!. Project Info WILLIAMS. DAVID LEE. Portales NM Statistics WILLIAMS. JACK SPENCER. Gilmer Pharmacy. LPhA WILLIAMS. MARK THOMAS. LaPorte Pharmacy. K+. LPhA WILLIAMS. PATRICIA ANN. Fort Worth Finani;e WILLIAMS. RANDALL W.. Ingleside Architi ' dural Engineering. AAAE Secretary. ASCE. Student Senate Faculty-Student Building Committee WILLIAMS. ROBERT EUGENE. Austin History. University Veterans ' As.sociat)on WILLIAMS. ROBIN CRAIG. Richardson History WILLIAMS. SUZETTE. San Antonio Elt:menlary Education WILSON. CYNTHIA DIANE. Galveston Psychology WILSON. KEITH ALLEN. StegiT IL Manag(!ment WILSON. I.EWISE ANN. Friendswood Plan II. iI HK. SCOOP. Orange lackets. Mortar Board. CACTUS Goodfrllow 584 — Graduating Seniors WILSON, MARSHA LYNN. Midland Nursing, TNSA, Southern Singers WILSON, MELINDA. Luling Pharmacy, KE WILSON, MICHAEL lOSEPH, Houston Advertising, Tejas Club, Longhorn Band, Communications Council, Advertising Club, TSP Board of Operating Trustees WILSON. MICHAEL LEE, Humble Management-Marketing, 2N WILSON. NANCY ELIZABETH, Temple English WINDHAM, DARRELL ROY, Nederland Accounting, I»K , Pre-Law Association WINSETT, OWEN EWING, Amarillo Plan II. Union Recreation Committee WINTER. CLAUD VICTOR III, Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Student Engineering Council, Sailing Club WINTER, JOAN ELIZABETH. Houston Engineering-Communication. KKF. Pledge Trainer, Posse Secretary WIRTH, SUSAN ANN. Bay City Mathematics WISE. MARILYN MARIE. Midland MI Elementary Education. ODE Treasurer. Resident Assistant. Dean ' s List WISNOSKI. lOSEPH ALLAN. Dallas Philosophy. 0H2. Intramural Sports, Dean ' s List WITCHER, RODNEY FERNELL, Tyler Engineering Science, A . , nSH, OAK, Blacks, Project Info WITHERS, ROBERT DOW, Austin Mathematics. Naval Science Enlisted Scientific Education Program WITT, WENDY JANE, Lindale Marketing WOLCOTT, CHARLES WILLIAM. Houston Chemical Engineering. 2AE. TBII, AXS, fiXE, Student Engineering Council WOMACK, MARLENE CAROL. New York French WOMACK. ROBERT )EFFRY, Houston Music, MA, A Capella Choir WONG. PHILIP WING-FAl. China Electrical Engineering WONG, RAYMOND TAK-NAM. China Management WOOD, CEDRIC SCOTT, Weslaco Radio-Television-Film WOOD, LINDA KAY. Ardmore OK Radio-Television-Film. KA©. Varsity Singers. Public Relations Club WOODWARD, DAVID MICHAEL, Pearland Biology, 4»BK, Campus Crusade for Christ WOODWARD, NANCY lEAN, Houston Elementary Education, Association for Childhood Education international WORCESTER, SHIRLEY ANN, Baytown German, Outstanding Student, Mortar Board. Orange Jackets, Humanities Council, Cordettes WORSHAM. PAMELA ANN, Willis Latin American Studies, Anchoreltes WOZNAK, BARBARA JEAN. Nanty Glo PA Government. Air Force ROTC. Arnold Air Society WRANISCHAR, JACK DANIEL, Houston English, SZ. ideas and Issues Committee. Student Government WRIGHT. NANCY CLAIRE. Dallas Accounting WURTS. WILLIAM ALOIS. Houston Biology Graduating Seniors WURZEL, JAMES DOUGLAS, Canton OH Secondary Education, Navy ROTC, Scabbard and Blade WYLIE, GARY LEE, Cleburne Mechanical Engineering, TITS, TBn, ASME YARBROUGH, FRANK HENRY, Austin Business Administration YEE, PAMELA ALICE, Houston Pharmacy, LPhA, Chinese Students Association YOCKEY, DANNY SIDNEY, Corpus Christi Management YOCKEY, GAIL MARTHA. Corpus Christi Accounting YOUNG. BETTY ED. Burnet English. Italian Club YOUNG, WILLIAM DAVID, Austin Mathematics, K 1 , t H2 YOUNGBLOOD. DAVID LEON, Huntsville Physical Education, KALI, Swim Team YTURRIA, DOROTHY ELIZABETH. Brownsville Advertising ZAJICEK. MICHAEL DAVID. Cameron Finance ZAKHARIA. MADHAT RAMEZ. Lebanon Mathematics ZAMORA. ROBERT MARIO. Corpus Christi Accounting, ASfT. Pre-Law Association. Intramural Sports ZAVALA. ALICE. Fort Worth Spanish ZELTMANN. ANN MARIE. Los Alamos NM Advertising ZIMMERMAN. ROSALIND S., Houston Latin American Studies. KKF ZOCH, CONNIE LYNN, Houston Accounting, GDE ZWEIGHAFT, SUSAN GAIL. Beaumont Accounting. BA+, itK . AAA. BPS Graduating Seniors — 585 ■P W " " WIWWIW« ' fwmmmm US ' 5H() — Seniors ABRAMS, GREGORY MARK, Carrollton ADAMS. DAVID MICHAEL, Woodsboro AFFLERBACH, CHARLES STEPHEN, Austin AGUIRRE, PABLO R.. Nixon AMAYA. NORMA I., San Diego AMAYA, RENE LUIS. San Diego ANDERSON, LINDA ANN. Van Alslyne ANDERSON. PATRICIA ISABELLE. Asherton ARAMBULA. MICHAEL RAY. San Antonio ARNDT. BILLY KEITH, Marlin ARNO. lOSE ETANISLAO. Venezuela ATKINS, RICHARD DALE. Austin AUSTIN. KATHLEEN DAWN. San Antonio BACHMAN. WAYNE BRADLEY. Seguin BACK. LESLIE KAREN. McLean BAINES. JACK CLIFFORD. Austin BAKER. MICHAEL ALLEN. LeMoore CA BAKER. THURMAN DALE. Austin BARI A. JOSEPH MURRY JR.. Corpus Christi BARTA. CAROLYN FAYE. San Angelo BARTOS. LEONARD WAYNE. Weimar BAUMGARDNER. JOHN WALTER JR., Dallas BERRY. DON TRAVIS. San Antonio BLALOCK. lEANIE BETH. Cuero BLANKINSHIP. JAMES KEVIN. Paris BLASCHKE. VICTORIA LILLIAN. Corpus Christi BOREL. JACQUE MILTON. Part Arthur BOSWELL. RICKI JOANNE, Austin BOULDIN. LEONARD WOLF. Austin BOWEN. CHARLES WILLIAM. San Antonio BOYD. PATRICIA LYNETTE. San Antonio BOYDSTON. BEVERLY JOY, Burleson BRANCH. JAMES ARTHUR. Mexia BRIGGS. LEONARD SOLON JR.. San Antonio BRITE. DENISE RENE, Telegraph BURNS. BARBARA LEE. San Antonio BURT. LINDA KAY. Brenham BURTON. ROBERT C. Houston BUZEK. CYNTHIA GAYE. San Antonio BUZZO. PEGGY LORRAINE. McQueeney CALTON. DONNY G.. Fort Worth CANTU. VINA LOUISE. Edinburg CARLIN. SANDRA SUE. Houston CARTER, SUSAN FRANCES, Austin CASAS. LINDA SUE, San Benito CASKEY, STANLEY HUBERT. Austin CAUSEY, ANTHONY BERTRAM. Kirbyville CHANDLER. CHRISTOPHER PATRICK, Oklahoma City OK CHANDLER. GARY WAYNE. Corpus Christi CHARLTON. CLAIRE ELEISE. Rosenberg CHELKOWSKI, JOHN DEL. San Antonio CHEW. LAWRENCE PAUL. Dallas CHILDERS. RICHARD LEE. Tyler CHILDRESS. CAROL MARGUERITTE. San Antonio CHISHOLM. JANICE KAY. Austin CHOFFEL. BARBARA MARIE. San Antonio Seniors — 587 CHOFFEL, KENNETH LEO, San Antonio CLARK, MARY LEE, Dallas CLINTON. CLEVELAND GUY, Burnet CLIVER, DIANE BEVERLY, San Antonio COLE. BYRON HARRISON, San Antonio COOK, DELLANA MORRINE, Austin COOK, TRAVIS LYNN, Lampasas COWPER, ROSCOE B. G. JR., Big Spring CRABTREE, CAROL ANN, Dallas CROSBY. NANCY GAIL, lacksonville CROSS, JAMES LYNN, Brownwood CRUME. LINDA KAY. Austin CRUMP. STEVEN NANCE, Longview CURRAN, LETTIE, Austin CURRIE, THOMAS FORREST, San Antonio DAHL. PHILIP ORRIN. Houston DAVIS. DANA BESS, Austin DAVIS. RICHARD FRANKLIN JR.. Woodville DE LA GARZA. CARMEN. McAllen DELAO. JAIME HERBERT. Dallas DELGADO. JOHN EDWARD, San Antonio DE LOS SANTOS. RUDY. Austin DE LUNA. JUAN ROSENDO. Carrizo Springs DENISON. ELEANOR SUZANNE. Pleasanlon DENNY. JOHN BERNARD. San Antonio DENYS. FRANCES PATRICIA. San Antonio DEPEW, ROBERT GERALD. Austin DOMASK. MARY SUSAN. Houston DOMINQUEZ, RAUL, Laredo DORN, KENNETH PAUL, San Antonio DOUGLAS, JACK LARHEU, Fort Worth DOYLE, PETER FRANCIS JR., Groves DUAY, KAREN SUE. Houston DUFF. WILLIAM BELL. Odessa DUNLAP, STEVEN MICHAEL, Austin DUNN. MARGARET ANNE. Dallas ECKHART. HARLEY ALBERT. Hondo EDGERTON. MARY ELIZABETH. Rio Grande City ELLIOTT. STEPHEN JASPER. Austin ELLIOTT. WEETA BROWN. Austin EVERETT. YVETTE DORNELL. Houston FAZ, MARIA DOLORES, San Antonio FERGUSON, LARRY WAYNE, Terrell FIERO, CONSTANCE GAYLE. Quanah FILLINGIM, STEVEN JOSEPH. Sugarland FLETCHER, LINDA GAYLE, Dallas FOTESCU, DEIRDRE ZOE, Houston FRANK, RICHARD JACK. San Antonio FROST. BELINDA JEAN, Douglassville GAETJENS, SARA JEAN, Austin GARCIA, DEBORAH LYNN, San Antonio GARCIA, JUANITA, Del Rio GARLAND, SHERRITA GLYNN, El Paso GOMEZ. MARY ALICE. Brownsville GONZALEZ, MARIA AURORA, Laredo GOODRICH. THOMAS ELDON. Austin 588 — Seniors GORZYCKI. DIANE ELAINE, Austin GOSNELL, SHELLIE MARIE, Fort Worth GOSSETT, ANTOINETTE ELIZABETH, Austin GRABLE, JOHN JOSEPH, Texarkana GRANT. PHYLLIS LORRAINE, Grand Prairie GRIGSBY. DOROTHEA ANNE. San Antonio GUAJARDO, NORMA ALICIA, Laredo GUERRERO, YOLANDA JUDITH, Mission GUTIERREZ. JOSE MARIO III. San Antonio GUTZ. CORNELIA GERTRUD. Richardson HALTER, RICHARD VOLPOE, Texarkana HANEGAN, MICHAEL EUGENE, Houston HARDY, ELISA LEE, Tyler HARDY, JANET, Abilene HARLEY, STANLEY C. Austin HARVEY, KATHRYN MEREDITH, Wichita Falls HAY ATI, NASER, Iran HAYS, CARLA MARIE, San Antonio HAZELHURST, LAURA TAGGART, Kerrville HELM, JAN ELLEN, Houston HEMATl. KERMANSHAHI HOMAYOUN, Iran Seniors — 589 HILDERBRAN, JOSEPH A., Uvalde HOLDEN, LARENA GAY, San Antonio HOLT, ) AMES CHARLES JR., Fort Worth HOOKS, THOMAS HILL, Edinburg HORTON, DANIEL JACK JR., Brownsboro HOUSTON, DEBRA NELL, Clute IKEL, ROBERT GARTH, Dallas IRVIN, CECILIA ANNE, Brownsville IRVIN, LARRY WAYNE, Silsbee JACKSON, ROBERT EUGENE, San Antonio JAMES, JOHN ANDREW, Houston JANECKA, ALAN CHARLES, Fort Worth JAX, CATHLEEN ANN, Houston JOHNS, JIMMY BURRUS, Pittsburg JOHNSON, GARY EDWARD, Austin JOHNSON, REGINA ANN, Freeport JOHNSTON, WADE LEE, Agua Dulce JONES, MARK, Austin JONES, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Hondo KALTEYER, CHARLES RONALD, Midland KAMEN, SHERRl LYNN. Wichita KS KEE, TERRY MICHAEL, Dallas KEMP, DONALD GENE JR.. Dallas KIDD, NANCY NELL, Mason KING, CAROL ANN. San Antonio KIRKSEY, SHAREN ANN, Baytown KISSLING. LAURIE ANN, San Antonio KNITTA GARY ALTON, Austin KOEPCKE, RICHARD BRUCE, Austin KOSTROUN. AUGUST VINCE. Austin KVITEK. CHARLES KEVIN. Corpus Christi LAM. KIT SANG. China LAM. PETER WOOD-PANG. Austin LANGE. RODNEY ALBERT, Austin LANGHAMER, DIANE SUSAN, San Marcos 590 — Seniors LANGSTON, MARK VEY. Midland LATTIMORE, DAVID LAUER, Port Arthur LAWSON, WILLIAM JR.. Austin LAYDEN, JOAN MARIE. Dallas LE COMTE. MICHELLE ELIZABETH. San Antonio LEE. DAVID. Houston LEIGON. CHARLES RUSSELL. Arlington LEISEY. GLENN ALAN, Dickinson LENT. EDWARD ORVILLE III. San Antonio LEWIS. NATHAN ROMUALD. Austin LIEVROUW. LEAH ANNE. Fort Worth LISENBY. TAMAR TILL. Austin LIU. MARGARET YUK-BIG. Oakland CA LOCHBAUM. PARTICIA ANN. San Antonio LONDON. THOMAS LESLIE. Corpus Christi LUNDBERG. HENRY E., San Antonio MA. FRANCIS YU-CHOR. China MACKEN. NANCY BERNICE. Austin MAILEY. BRUCE HENRY. Midland MANCHA. DANIEL, San Antonio MANSON, ROBERT DENYS, Austin MANUEL, PATRICIA JO. Baytown MARTIN, DONALD GLEN. Baytown MARTIN, KARL RANDOLPH, Baytown MARTIN, MARY ELIZABETH, Ponca City OK MARTIN, RICHARD STEVENS, Amarillo MATHIEU, CAROL ANN, San Antonio MAXA, THERESA MARIE, Austin MAYFIELD, NANCY SUE, Austin MCBRIDE, MARTHA ANN, Hereford MCBRIDE, MARTHA ELLEN, Richardson MCCONN, lOANN MARIE, Houston MCCULLOUGH, ANN GRAHAM, Tupelo MS MCDANIEL, NEIL BLAKE, Austin MCGILL, SARAH JANE, Harlingen MCGOVERN, VIRGINIA ANNE, Houston MCINGVALE, JULIA ELIZABETH, Dallas MCWHIRTER. KATHLEEN, Alvarado MEARS, HILARY, Houston MEDINA, JOHNNY ANGEL, Galveston MENDOLIA, LAWRENCE ALBERT, Fort Worth MENGERS, SHELLEY CELESTE. Austin MICHEL. MARY CATHERINE. San Antonio MILLER. KEVIN WESLEY. Conroe MILLER, PAMELA EVE, Dallas MILLS, KEITH WAYNE, Childress MIRANDA, LAURA, Laredo MONIER, JOHN R. Ill, San Antonio MOODY, CHARLES SHEDRICK, Houston MOORE, KATHRYN JANE. Yoakum MOORE, MARCELLA JOY, Houston MORGAN, GEORGE MICHAEL, Houston MORGAN, VICKI ANN, Dallas MORRIS, GREGORY CLAYTON, Dallas MORRIS, MICHAEL SCOTT, Dallas MULLINS, RITA GAIL, Sinton Seniors — 591 MUNOZ, CONSUELO, Brownsville MURPHY, ROBERT DENNIS. Canyon MUSSON, ARTHUR IRVING, Austin MYERS. RANDALL PAUL. Austin NELSON. DIANE BERENICE, Austin NELSON, PATRICIA M., Austin NELSON, TRUDY ELLEN, Harlingen NESBY, JOHN STEPHEN, Austin NEWMAN, MICHAEL ALFRED, Galveston NEYLAND, NORM ERIC, Fort Worth OAKES. LYNN RUSLING, Austin OLIVET. COURTLAND ANN. Texarkana O ' QUINN. ARTHUR EARL. Austin OSWALT. GLEN ALAN, Dallas OUIEZDSKY. MARY BETH, Austin OVERTON, JAMES HENRY, Breckenridge OYEN, LISE ANN. Victoria PADDEN. BRIAN LAWRENCE. Falls Church VA PALMIE. ROSS KING. Austin PARR, lUNE ELIZABETH. Paris PATE, JOHN MEYERS. Wichita Falls PATTERSON. ANN MARIE. Austin PATTERSON. MICHAEL HOWARD, Tyler PENA, CRISTINA, Laredo PESL. MARY REBECCA, Austin PETERS. CECIL MORRIS. Austin PETERSON, DOUGLAS MILAM, Fort Worth PETRIE, SUSAN CAROL, San Antonio 592 — Seniors FILLER. HENRY DAVID. Dallas PLESS. MARY ALICE. Houston POOLE, STEVEN ROSS. Avinger PYE, DONALD SIDNEY. Roanoke REBER, NANCY JOANNE. Houston RECEK, JAMES ANTON. La Grange RECH. YVONNE CLAIRE. Fredericksburg REECE. LAURIE JAN. Austin REED. JANICE LEE. Tyler REED. JOHN HOWARD. Eagle Lake REICH. GRADY JAMES JR.. Winston-Salem NO RENNER. DANIEL RAY. Lamesa RENTFRO. LINDSAY ELIZABETH. Brownsville REYNA. RAMON. San Antonio RHODES. DEBORAH ANN. Lake Jackson RIBE. RICHARD LINDSEY. Lake Jackson RIDDLE. ROSA ELVIRA. Eagle Pass RIERA. YEPEZ ANSELMO. Venezuela ROBINSON. PAMELA KAY. Austin ROBLES. MICHAEL A.. Dallas ROCHE. PAMELA ANN. San Antonio Seniors- ROGERS. JIMMIE DOYLE, Slaton ROGERS, RHONDA MAE. Paris ROGERS, SHARON JEANETTE, Bedford ROOT, MARTHA ANNE, Austin ROWLAND, JAMES MELTON, Mesquite RUBIN, ELIZABETH ANN. Dallas SAENZ, ALEIANDRO ADAN, PremonI SARKORNRAT, VORASAK, Thailand SAUNDERS, CHARLES STEPHEN, Houston SCHAEFER, LAURA, Dickinson SCHULMAN, BABBARA FAYE, Houston SCHULTZ, KAREN ANN, Andrews AFB MD SCOTT, GERALD WAYNE, Spring SERRATO, JOHN TORRES, Sanger CA SHACKELFORD, SHARON LEE, Corpus Christi SHAPIRO, BARBARA LYNN, Houston SHAW, CAROL ANN, San Antonio SHAW, DAVID BENJAMIN, Austin SHAW, JAMES EDGAR, Austin SHEPARD, RALPH LOUIS. New Orleans LA SHOBE. DEBRA JANET. San Juan SHORT. LARRY RHEA, Wichita Falls SIBLEY, WILLIAM JACK, George West SIDES, SANDRA LEE, Amarillo SIMMONS, WILLIAM THOMAS, Thorndale SIMSON, CAROL DENTON, Dallas SMITH, MARGARET ANN, Irving SMITH, RHONNIE DOYLE, Austin SMITH, WADE KitNT, Texas City SMOLIK, SAMUEL LYNN, Newgulf SMOTHERS, MARILYN LEE, Garland SOIKOWSKl, DEBORAH JOAN. San Antonio SOLIS. JOSE ANGEL JR.. Laredo SOLIS. NORA LEE. Mission SONNENBURG. GARY LYNN. Brenham SPANGLER. JEANNIE RAE. Midland STAFFORD. STEVEN C. Austin STAYART. THOMAS IRVING. Dallas STUDT. BRADLEY WINTON. Longview TAIT. LARRY LEE. Austin TASBY. KATHERINE KAY. Dallas THE, HOENG KAY. China THEISS. GARY LEE. Bishop THOMAS. KATHLEEN. Woodville THOMPSON. NANCY CAROL. Fort Worth TODD. GARY LEE. Graham TONN. WILLIAM HARMON III. Houston TOUNGATE. ALICE MUNDINE. Austin TOWNSEND, HOWARD WILLIAM, Austin TREVINO, DAVID SAMUEL, San Antonio TREVINO. ELLEN LOUISE, Schertz TROUTMAN, CAREN SUE, Austin TRUTNA, THOMAS ANTHONY. Pasadena TSE, SHUN KWOK, China TUBBS, BETTY JEAN, Tyler VALDEZ, LINDA LAURA, Corpus Christi 594 — Seniors VAN AMBURGH, CRAIG LAMBERT, Houston VARDELL. RUSSELL ALAN, Rockwall VERDUCCI, THOMAS HENRY. Pasadena VILLANUEVA, MARIO F., San Antonio VOSS, lACQUELINE ANN, Seguin WAGNER. LUCY MARGARET, Corpus Christi WAITS. WILLIAM PAUL, Dallas WARD, CYNTHIA LYNN. San Antonio WARE. DONNA lO, Arlington WASHBURN, RICHARD ALLEN, Denison WATERS, DIANE PATRICIA, Houston WATSON, RALPH PHILLIP, Corpus Christi WEIDMANN, TRENA. Corsicana WELLE, PHILIP EARL, Houston WHEELER, STEPHEN RAND, Abilene WHITLEY, CYNTHIA JUNE, Lometa WILKINSON, JAMES SCOTT, Houston WILLIAMS, DAVID HARLEN, Cypress WILSON, BRIAN LANCE, Amarillo WILSON, JOHNNY DALE, Corpus Christi WILSON, REBECCA DENISE, Fredericksburg WISWELL, DOROTHY ELAINE, Austin WITT, JAMES RICHARD, Henderson WOERNER, ROBERT TROY, Dallas WOLFF, GARY JOE, Bellaire WORD. JOE DAVID. George West WRIGHT, MARYATTE STEELE III, Nacogdoches WRIGHT, VIRGINIA GAY, Houston YOUNG, KEITH EVAN, Austin YUK, CLARENCE BUN HOI, Austin ZAJICEK, LARRY EDWARD, Columbus ZAMEL, ABDULLAH ALL Austin ZANIEWSKI, THERESA ANN, Offutt AFB NB ZIMMERMAN, DAVID LEE, Boling ZNILEK, MICHAEL SOLOMON, San Antonio intiPRV " » " ™ww« 596 — luniors B H ABBOTT, MARILYN GETH. Plainview ABEL. THOMAS JOE. Longview ADAMS. ANNE MARIE. San Antonio ADAMS. JOHN CANDY JR.. Austin ADAMS. PATRICIA ALICE. Dallas ADKINS. BARRY WOOD. Bcllaire ALBERS. BETTY SUE, Corpus Chrisli ALBERS. RICKEY M., Houston ALBRECHT, JAMES W. JR., Corsicana ALDRIDGE. MARY ANN, Austin ALLDAY. JAMES MELVIN. Odessa ALLEN, CYNTHIA CAROL. Fort Worth ALLEN, THOMAS DAVID, Longview ALLISON, RITA CAROLYN. Amarillo ALLISON. TANA DENISE. Houston ALLRED. BETTY MARIE. Fort Worth ANDERSON. SUSAN GALE. Austin ANDREWS. MARK THOMAS. Austin ANDRUS. RENA CAROL. Port Arthur ANTENE. CAMILLE MARIE. Waco APPEL. GREGORY EVERETTE. Brenham ARISPE. RICARDO G.. San Antonio ARNT. NANCY SUE. Anglelon ARON. SANDY P.. Austin ASHCRAFT. JAY ARDEN. Harlingen ASHORN. DEBORAH LYNN. Columbus ASKINS. BETTY JEAN. Fort Worth AUSTIN. GLENN ALAN. Tyler AVANT. NANNETTE, Kenedy AVENT, ROBERT STEPHEN PAGE, Longview BACHSCHMID. BARRY ARNOLD. Hurst BAIRD, NIVEN JAMES JR.. Carlisle Barracks. PA BSB BAKER. WILLIAM AUSTIN. Fort Worth BALAGIA. JAMES KOURY. Austin BANKS. NANCY JEAN. Atlanta BARCKLOW. MARK ALAN. Corpus Christi BARIA. PAUL COLLINS. Corpus Christi BARKER. JERRY DON. Victoria BARNARD. CHARLES MURRAY. Wichita Falls BARNARD. DEANNE GAY. Corpus Christi BARNETT. SHARIE HOPE. Sherman BARNETT. SUSAN GAYLE. Houston BARNUM. ROBERT SHEPPARD. Seabrook BARR.MICHELE. Dallas BARRE. NELSON KEITH. Fulton BARRERA. FRANK. Harl ngen BARRON. EUGENE EARL JR.. Tyler BARTNETT. KATHLEEN LOUISE. Houston BARTON. JAMES ROBERT. San Antonio BARTOSEK. LAWRENCE EDWARD. Rockledge. FL BATES. BILLY BOB. San Antonio BATES. DOUGLAS EDWARD. Cleveland. OH BAUER. GEORGE NATHAN. Lancaster. CA BEAGLE. PAMELA JOAN. Aransas Pass BECKER. STEPHEN HOWARD, Follett BECKHAM. CHARLES ADDISON. Killeen BEDSOLE, JAMES LYNN. Pittsburg BEGEY. JOSEPH EDWARD JR.. Austin BELL. PAUL GERVAIS III. Houston BEMIS. SUSAN CECILIA. Texarkana BENCH. PHILLIP BRYAN. Fori Worth BENDER. GENE FERRIS. Richardson BENNETT. JAMES BRUCE. Crockett BENTON. SUSAN MARIE. Houston BERAN. BRIAN JOHN. Moulton BERG. BETTY JEANNE. Longview BERGIN. CAROLYN. Sulphur Springs BERKOWITZ. RONALD V.. Fort Worth BERNHARD. MARY ANNE. San Antonio BERRY. MICHAEL DENNIS. Fori Worth BERRY. ROYLE COLE. Austin BIDDLE. JOHN ROYDEN. Dallas BIFFLE. GERRY KEITH. Portland BIGBY. SUSAN KAY. Fort Worth BINION, CYNTHIA KAY. Hurst BJORUM. JAMES HOLLISTER. Austin BLACK. ANNE COURTLAND. Seabrook BLACK. HORACE DICKSON JR.. Teague BLACK. JAMES ANTHONY. Sudan BLACKSHER. SHARON LYNN. Houston BLALOCK. CAROL ANDERSON. Dallas BLANCHARD, MARIAN, Houston BLANKENSHIP, GARY CURTIS. Farmers Branch BLAYLOCK. VICKI LEE. Marlin BLOHM. JEFFREY ALAN. Denver, CO BODZY. ALLEN NEIL. Fort Worth BOMMER. PAUL MICHAEL. San Antonio BONHAM. JAMES B.. San Antonio Juniors — 597 BONNEY. lERRY PATRICK. San Antonio BOOD, ROBERT LEN, Waco BOOKOUT. MENDY C, Rockw:;!! BOONE. MICHAEL lEFFERSON, Houston BOOTHE. ALICE MARIE. Fort Worth BOOTY. lULIE ANNE. Dallas BORCHARDT. CRAIG WILLIAM. Austin BOREN. BRYANT CARROLL. Garland BORNEMANN. PAMELA SUE. Au.stin BORNSTEIN. MICHAEL PHILLIP. Hou.ston BORRETT. ELIZABETH ANNE. El Paso BOSSE. KATHERINE AILEEN. San Antonio BOTHWELL. CARYN DENISE. El Paso BOWERMAN. REBECCA ELAINE. Paris BOWERS. TERREE ALLAN. El Paso BOWLDEN. DEBORAH LYNN. Dallas BRACKMEYER. MELISSA. Austin BRANCH. RENEE SUZANNE WOOD. Teague BRASCH. KATHLENE ANN. Marshall BRIAN. DEBRA KAY. Mesquite BRIEN. COURTNEY ROSS, Del Rio BRISTOW. LARRY GEORGE. Henderson BRITTON. LINDA HELEN. San Antonio BROCKMAN, KERRY lOE. Nazareth BROGDON. lUDY LYNN. Houston BROGDON. NAN ELIZABETH. Weatherford BRONSTEIN. BETH LEA. Galveston BROUSSARD. CINDY SUE. Groves BROWN. CHARLES ELMO. Austin BROWN. HARRY LEE. Dc Kalb BROWN. LESLIE |OAN. Dallas BROWN. NANCY LOUISE. San Antonio BROWN. NANCY LYNNE. Bellaire BROWN. WARREN FREDERICK. Kerrville BROWNE. JACK WYMAN JR.. Euless BRUNEMAN. CAROL PAULA. Dallas BUCHANAN. PAUL M.. Dallas BUCK. BARBARA ELLEN. Houston BUCKNER. CAROL ANN. Irving BUDET. ANTONIO C. Brownsville BUMP. ROBIN ALICE. McKinney BUNCH. TRAVIS ALAN. Snyder BURFORD. CHARLES SCOTT. Dallas BURGER. JOANNE. Dallas BURNETTE. SHIELA KAY, Houston BURNHAM. DENNIS RAY. Austin BURNITT. JAMES LYNN. Friendswood BURT. KAREN IRENE. Chesterfield, MO BUSH. JAMES FRANCIS. Fort Worth BUTLER. EDWARD SHOWERS. Austin BYNES. ROBERT HENRY JR.. Austin BYRD. MARGARET ELIZABETH. Houston BYRNE. SANDRA KATHLEEN. San Antonio CAESAR, DELANE GAIL, Houston CALDWELL. LARRY LEE. Austin CALHOON. MARY JOANNA. Liberty CAMERON. JACK CRAIG. Fort Worth CAMP. RICHARD FIELD III, Richardson CAMPBELL. LISA NELLE. Fori Worth CANON, ROBERT OTIS, Fort Worth CANTU, GLORIA, Edinburg CAPPS, RICHARD LEROY. Houston CARDWELL. JOHN ANTHONY. Lockhart CARLESTON. CAROL JEAN. San Antonio CARLSON. CAROL ANN. Austin CARMICHAEL. JAMES ERWIN. Brady CARRICK. WILLIAM F.. EI Paso CARRILLO. CYNTHIA ANN. San Antonio CARROLL. FRANCES MARIE. Wichita Falls CARTER. GARY DEAN. Houston CARTER. MARGARET ANN. Houston CARTER, RAMONA CAROL. Longview CARTER. YVONNE, San Antonio CASAS. NORMA JEANNE. San Benito CASEY. GEORGE PATRICK. Pampa CASEY, STEPHEN DOYLE, Dallas CASNER, SANDRA LOUISE. Oakbrook Terrace. IL CASSELBERRY. RUSSELL WAYNE. Coleman CATHEY. LINDA LEE. San Antonio CAVAZOS, MARY ELIZABETH, San Antonio CAWILI. TERESITA MENDIOLA, Guam CHACON, ANTONIO LEONEL, Eagle Pass CHACON, EVERARDO, Eagle Pass CHAHIN. JULIAN JORGE, Eagle Pass CHAMBERS, WILLIAM JAMES, Canada CHAPA. JAVIER NOE. Corpus Christi CHAPA. RICARDO JOSE, Austin CHARO, ELVA. Cotulla 598 — Juniors i h j ' RsmbI r ' - . 1.1 UB «i$ 9 i «« 4 CHEEVER, SUZANNE IRENE. San Antonio CHICOTSKY, MARK STEVEN. Fort Worth CHILDS. lOHN MICHAEL, Bellaire CHIU. WING LOK. Hong Kong CHUTE, DONALD (AMES, Austin CLARKE, CARYL FRANCES. Houston CLARY. CYNTHIA JOANNE. San Antonio CLICK. BARBARA ANNE. Houston CLIFTON. SHARON LEE. Houston CLINTON. CLAUDIA RAMSEY. Burnet CLOUD. CANDACE ANN. Garland COCEK. CAROL ANNE. Houston COE. JON BRUCE, San Angelo COHEN. BERNARD HAROLD. Amarillo COLLIER. JAMES LOUIS. Fort Worth COLLIER. JANA KAY. Dallas COLLIER. REBECCA JANE. Brownwood COLLINS. DEBORAH RENEE. Sherman COLLINS. ROBERT WILLIAM, Bedford CONNELL, MARK WILLIAM. Dallas CONRAD. DAVID WAYNE. O ' Donnell CONREY, BARBARA YVONNE, San Antonio COOK, DENNIS, Austin CORBIN, SUSAN RUTH. McAllcn CORY. STEHPEN C.. Pampa COSELLI, PETER CLYDE, Houston COSENTINO. MICHAEL JOHN. Galveston COUGHLIN. CYNTHIA ANN. Springfield, VA COX. MARIANNE, Beaumont COX. PATRICIA ANN. Corpus Christi GRAIN. RENE ARITA. Palmer CROES. MICHAEL FERNAND. Houston CROSBY. ALAN WAYNE. Austin CUELLAR. NELDA GLORIA. San Antonio CULOTTA. RODNEY CHARLES. Chalmelte. LA CULWELL, WARREN DALE JR., Lufkin CUNNINGHAM. DUANE, Lewisville CUNNINGHAM, KENNEDY A., Tyler CURRAN. THOMAS STEPHEN, Dallas DANIEL. DALE SPENCE. Falls Church. VA DANNA. RICHARD CHARLES, Atlanta. GA DARR. ALLEN LEE. Austin DAUGHERTY. SCOTT RILEY, Bishop DAVEY. CHRISTOPHER ROSS, Houston DAVID. DARRELL STEELE. New Braunfels DAVIDS. DEBRA KAY. Texarkana DAVIDSON. SHARON JOY. Portland DAVIES. NEIL SPENCER. Dallas Juniors I M Pli ti Juniors — 599 DAVIS. BRUCE MAYO, Dallas DAVIS. LESLIE ANN, Austin DAVIS, LESLIE BRENT, Houston DAVIS, NANCY GAIL, Austin DAVIS, PATRICIA LINN, Gonzales DAWSON, JUDY KAY, Humble DAY, DOUGLAS JOHN. Tyler DAY. HELEN MARSHALL, Austin DEAL, CYNTHIA LYNN, San Antonio DE LA CRUZ. REGELIO, San Antonio DE LA GARZA, LOUIS EMMETT, San Antonio DELANO, ROCKY DEAN, Corpus Christi DE LA ROSA, BENITO G., Corpus Christi DELATOUR, THOMAS RUSSELL JR.. Dallas DEL PAPA, LOUANN, Dickinson DENBO, JOEL BYRON, Decatur. AL DENTON. DEBORAH JAN, Dallas DENTON, WILLIAM PATTERSON, San Angelo DICK, KATHRYN VIRGINIA, Houston DICKINSON. LOGAN. Dallas DICKSON. CHARLES CARTER. Kilgore DIERS. DEADRA DEAN. San Antonio DIES. DAVID. Beaumont DILLARD. DEBORAH IRENE, Dallas DINGRANDO, PATRICK MICHAEL. Marlin DITTMAN. KAREN ELLEN. Houston DODGE, COLLEEN, Streetman DOERFLER. HARLEY FRANCIS. Corpus Christi DOERING, CAROLYN LOUISE, Galveston DOMINGUEZ, ERNESTO JESUS, Hondo DONAHOO, PATSY ELAINE, Brownwood DOUGLAS, JOHN HOWARD JACK, Fort Worth DOWD, RODNEY B., Austin DOYLE, PATRICIA ANNE, Groves DRAGON, JOANNE. Pasadena DREYER. D ' ARDI RUTH. San Benito DRIESSLEIN, WILLIAM CHARLES, San Antonio DRUEPPLE, DEBRA LEE, Fort Hood DUGAS, LORI DENISE. Baytown DUKE, DONNA LYNN, Texas City DUNLAP, SUSAN LEE, Amarillo DUNN, GEORGE HARVEY III, Odessa DUNN, STEVEN ROBERT, Richardson DWIGHT, JANET SUE, Richardson DYE, SYLINDA, Houston ECHEVARRI A, MARIA DEL CARMEN. Laredo EDGINGTON, SHERRY C, Austin ECAN. RICHARD SCOTT JR.. Big Spring EHRENBERGER. JOSEPH LYNN. Dallas EISINGER. JOAN DENISE. Dallas ELIZALDE. THELMA, Elsa ELKON. ELIZABETH JO, Omaha. NB ELLIOTT. NEVA KATHRYN, Baytown ELLIOTT, PEGGY JO, Pleasanton ELLIS, ROXAN ANETTE, Dickinson ELLISON, SUZANNE ELIZABETH, Corpus Christi ENG, SUSIE JANE, San Antonio ENGLISH, EDWIN MADISON, Austin ENSLEY, ROSS ALAN, San Antonio EPPS, LAURA ANN, Houston EPPS, LETA, Center EPSTEIN. ROBERT ANDREW. Bay City ERVING. CLAUDIA ANN. Wetmore ERWIN. EMILIE. Houston ESCAMILLA. RAUL. Eagle Pass ESCOBAR. PATRICIA ANN, Edcouch ESKOWITZ, SHERYL P., Houston ESSLINCER. RICHARD GARY. Dallas EVALDO. HERTA FONTAINE. Longview EVANS. DONALD RAY. Garland EVANS, SHERRI LYNN, Dallas EWING, JOHNETTE, Dallas EZELL. MONA LYNN. Dallas FALIK. JONATHAN LOUIS. Houston FARAKLAS. MARIA OLGA. San Antonio FARRELL, MICHAEL JAY, Fort Worth FEARS. MARTHA ELAINE. Tyler FEATHERSTON. MIKIEL RAY. Corpus Christi FEIGER, TONI FRANCES, Dallas FEINBERG, CAROL SUE, Miami, FL FELDMAN, MARTIN BRUCE, Dallas FELDMAN, NASON MARK, Houston FERNANDEZ, AMALIA. Del Rio FERNANDEZ, FELECIA LINETH. Austin FIELDS. VICKI R. GASSIOT, Kingsland FINKELSTEIN. DEVIE, Mctairie. LA FISH. ANDREW KAAPKE, Austin FISHER. DAVID SIDNEY, Houston Sl i § PfOfl 600 — Juniors FISHER. KATHLEEN KAY. Houston FISHER. WfLLlAM EDWARD. Houslon FITZGERALD. JOE DAN. Winfield FLING. |OE CLEMENT. Garwood FLORES. ALBERTO lAVIER. San Antonio FLORES. DANIEL JR.. Austin FLORES. )OVITA OLIVIA. McAllen FLY. jOE WAYNE JR.. Dallas FLYNN. MARY MARGARET. Denison FORBES. RANDALL KEVIN. Corpus Christi FORREST. LINDA EVELYN. Baton Rouge. LA FOS.IILL Houslon FOSTER. BRYCE EVAN. Midland FRANCIS. MARY ELIZABETH. San Antonio FRANKLIN. LAURA BETH. Dallas FRANKLIN. RAY NATHANIEL III. Houston FRANKS, MICHAEL CARL, Navasola FREED. ISADORE DAVID. Galveston FREEMAN. EUGENE CARROLL Trinidad FREEMAN. LINDA. San Antonio FREEMAN. ROBERT HUGH. Comfort FRITTS. HOLLIS McNEILLJR.. McAllen FURGASON. LUCIA (EANE. Houston FUSON. DAVID LEE. Big Lake GAINER, JOHN W. III. Austin GALA VIZ, ANTONIO CERDA, San Antonio CALINDO, ANTHONY, San Antonio GALLAGHER, THERESA JANE. Fort Worth GARCIA. DANIEL XAVIER, San Benito GARCIA, FELIX HENRY, Austin GARCIA, PETER MADRID, San Antonio GARCIA, RUDOLPH. Austin Juniors GARRETT. MARTHA SUE. Van GARZA. ANA M.. Brownsville GARZA. DORA ELISA. Corpus Christi GARZA. JOSE. Alamo GARZA. OSBALDO ARTURO JR.. Corpus Christi GARZA. RICARDO, Austin GARZA. ROBERT TORRES. Austin GASKAMP. DONNA JEAN. Sealy GAULDING. LINDA VON. Corpus Christi GAUS, KATHERINE ANN. Yoakum GEARNER. CINDY LOU. Winnsboro GEE. JUANNA INEZ. Houston GENGE. JOHN GRIMES, Houston CERTNER. EDWARD DAVID. Houston GIDLEY. MICHAEL ANDREW. Austin GILBERT. REBECCA ANN. Laredo GILLASPIA. LAWRENCE TROY. Galveston GIRARD. DENISE MARIE. Austin GIVENS, JANICE DIANE, San Angelo GLEIM. GREGORY PAUL Richardson GLENN. KIMBERLEA ANN. Fort Worth GOFF. MARSHA EVELYN. Houslon GQGELIS. CHERYL ANNE. San Antonio COLDBLATT. GLORIA JEAN. Dallas GOLESTANEH. FARHAD, Iran GOLMAN, RICHARD TOD, Dallas GOMEZ, CARMEN MAUREEN, Hebbronville GONZALEZ, JAMES JESSE, Houston GONZALEZ, LETICIA, Corpus Christi GOOD. MELISSA LEIGH, Tyler GOOD. SCOTT BRADLEY. Dallas GOODSON. LARRY FREDERICK. Fort Worth GOODSON, LINDA KAY. Wichita Falls GOODWIN, TONY PAULETTE, Kempner GORMLEY, MARY THERESE, Canada GRAHAM. RENEE AUDREY. Texas City GRAHAM. ROBIN ELAINE. Texas City GRAUGNARD. SUSAN GAYLE. Houston GRAVES. JANE ELLEN. Houston GRAVES. MARCIA LYNN. Austin GRAY. ELIZABETH HOWREY, Thorndale GRAY, NANCY ANN, Caldwell GREMILLION, CHARLES A. Ill, Houston GRESSER. CHERYL LYNNE. Houston GRIBBLE. ROBERT LESLIE. Houslon GRIFFIN. JOSEPH ANDREW JR., Dallas GRIFFIN. MARY JEANETTE. Dallas GRISSOM. CHARLES AUSTIN JR.. Abilene GRITTMAN. DAVID HADLEY. Hou.ston GRUBBS. JANET DIANE. San Antonio GUERRERO. JUAN MANUEL. Brownsville GUESS. GEORGE THOMAS. Fort Worth GUILLOT. GARY LYNN. Texarkana GUINN. CHARLES WOOD. Sugar Land GULLY. RUSSELL GEORGE. San Angelo GUNDERSON, CHARLES LEROY, FPO, NY Juniors — 601 GUNN. MARTHA ELIZABETH. Weimar GUPTON, ANGIE KYLE. Baylown GUSTAFSON, ROBERT PAUL Austin GUTHRIE. LINDA GAYLE. Cape Elizabeth, ME GUTIERREZ. |OSE HECTOR. Harlingen GUTIERREZ. ROMEO RICARDO. Laredo HACKER. DIEDRE ELIZABETH. Corpus Christi HAEGELIN. HANNAH LOUISE. Corpus Chri.sti HAGOOD. lANE COURTNEY. Austin HAILE. RYAN KELLY. Dallas HAINES. CHERYL KAY. Grand Prairie HALL. BRADLEY FORREST. Houston HALL. JAMS RUTH, Lufkin HALLCOM. KENNETH RAYMOND. Houston HALPIN. ROBERT EDWARD. Houston HAMBLEN. WILLA CATHY. Edna HAMBRICK. JONELL Corsicana HAMM, KATHY ANNE, Fort Worth HANCOCK. FAIN, Fort Worth HANEY. RHONDA CATHERINE, Baytown HANOVER, WALTER DAVID, Lufkin HARDING, ARTHUR JOSEPH JR., East Rockaway, NY HARDING, BRYAN LEE, Houston HARDMAN, STEVEN RANDALL, Dallas HARKINS, BARBARA ELAINE, Dallas HARLOW, MICHELLE DIANE, Austin HAROT, NATHAN EDWARD, Grand Saline HARRELL, DIXIE JO, Brownwood HARRIS, CAROLYN ELIZABETH, La Marque HARRIS, GARY DON, Austin HARRIS, MARGIE ANNETTE. Houston HARRIS, STEPHEN E., Angleton HARRIS, SUSAN KAY, Dallas HARRY. ALAN WAYNE. Pasadena HARTLEY. DONNA LYN. Austin HARTWELL. MADELINE D.. Houston HARVEY. WAYNE TEMPILL. EI Campo HASSELL. LACEY ANN. Palestine HAYNES. BARBARA KAY. Dallas HAYNES, CHERIE YVONNE, Abilene HAYS, CYNTHIA DIANNE, Houston HAYS, RANDY REAGON, Beaumont HAYTER, RONALD GARY, San Angelo HAYWARD, SUSAN KAY, Irving, CA HEATH, JAN LORRAINE, Angleton HELM, JOHN THERYLLE, Dallas HELMS, DIANA SUE, La Marque HENDRIX, ELOISE MARIE, El Paso HENINGTON, SHELLEY, Greenville HENRY, KATHLEEN MARIE, Lubbock HENRY, MARVIN CHET, Austin HENSLEY, JOSEPH ALLEN, Texarkana HERBER. REBECCA KATHLEEN, Round Rock HERBERT, BARRY EDWARD, Dallas HERIDIA, JESSE JR., San Antonio HERNANDEZ, MARIA M., Victoria HERNDON, MARSHA SERENA, Corpus Christi HERRERA, HERMELINDA, Edinburg HERRINGTON, JANET. San Angelo HERTEL. CHERYL KAY. Corpus Christi HICKS, MARY LYNN, Houston HICKS, ROBERT GAYLORD, Houston HIGGINS, CLAUDIA RUTH, Alvin HILL, CARLA ANN, Cedar Creek HILL JANICE SUE, Moore, OK HILL, SUSAN LORRAINE, Poteet HILLER, PHILIP JOEL, Austin HILLERY, MARK VINCENT, Findlay, OH HILLIARD, KATHLEEN JEAN, Dallas HILSCHER, JANICE ANNE, Dallas HINOJOSA, ALMA ALICIA, Grulla HOBGOOD, LINDA GAIL, New Orleans, LA HODGES, TONI BAKER, Seabrook HOGAN, PATRICE ANNE, Houston HOGAN, VICKYE ELAINE, Newton HOLDEN, MAURICE CLAVELLE JR., San Antonio HOLINER, JOEL ALAN, Dallas HOLLIS, JAMES MACK JR„ Austin HOLMANS, DEBORAH ANN, Austin HOLMES, JO ANN. Pearland HOLSTEIN. PATRICIA LOUISE. Mexico HOOD. CHARLES MICHAEL Alice HOOD. LU ANN. Odes,sa HOPSON, REBECCA LYNN, Houston HORTON, KATHRYN LOUISE, Friona HORTON. STEVEN RAY. Longview HOWARD. STEPHEN PAUL. Dickinson HOWELL JOY KAY. Austin 602 — Juniors 5HfH » t HfSHi 4 f £ S - HOWELL. MATTHEW CHARLES. Fori Worth HUDLER. CYNTHIA ANNE. McAllen HUETER. KENT STEPHEN. Houston HUGHES. GLENNA MARIE. Seminole HUGHSTON. MILAN ROSS. Clarksville HUMBLE. DANA LEA. San Antonio HUMPHREY. SUSAN MARIE. Victoria HUNT. BARBARA ANN. Dallas HUNT. MARY VILLAREAL. Dallas HUNT. ROY LEE. Austin HURLEY. REBECCA. Shreveport. LA HUTCHINS, LAURA SUE, San Antonio HUTCHISON. SHARON ANNE. Midland INGRAHAM. SCOTT SHANE. Austin INGRAM. JOHN HERBERT III. Houston INGRAM. JUDY CATHERINE. Georgetown INGRAM. LINDA KAY. Marlin JAMES. BILLY DEAN |R.. Iowa Park JAMES. TOM PAUL. Odessa JAROLIK. (EANETTE ELIZABETH. Austin (ASEK. DENNIS EDWARD. Taylor JELONEK. MARSHA ELLEN. Houston JENKINS. TERESA ANN. Rocky Mount. NC JESSE. MARY ANN. Quanah JOHNSON. DAVID CARL. Houston JOHNSON. PATRICIA LOUISE. Dallas JOHNSON. ROBERT HALE. Dallas JOHNSTON. ELIZABETH CLINTON. Longview JONES. DOUGLAS LLOYD. Dallas JONES. MARY JO. Plum JONES. PHILIP ERIC. Tomball JONES. WILLIAM C. IV.. New Braunfels JOSEPH. DEBORAH KAY. Austin JOSIN. SHERRY RUTH. Austin JOSLIN. RANDY DAVID. Grand Saline JURIK. PATRICIA GAYLE. Austin KABLER. KARL WILLIAM. Dallas KALKE. PATRICIA ANN. Houston KAN. CHONG-KEONG. Malaysia KARREN. LAWRENCE MICHAEL. Corpus Christi KAUFFMAN. ROBERT PORTER. Midland KEE. DAVID VERNON. Austin KELLEY. RAY ALAN. Lockhart KELLOGG. JULIA POLLARD. Midland KELLY. BRADLEY LYNN. Houston KELLY. ROBERT HAROLD. Killeen KELLY. SUSAN KERR. Dallas KELTON. CAROL LEE. Austin Juniors ylUP I 9 .§ ® KEMP. CYNTHIA MAYSEL. Houston KENDALL. JOHN FENWICK. Houston KENNEDY. AIDA MARIE. Houston KERR. JOHNNIE BURCH. Austin KESLER. JUSTIN OTIS. Tulia KHIRALLAH. SUSAN MARIE. Tyler KHOURY. PAMELA LILY. Waco KIESEL. STEPHANIE M.. Victoria KILGORE. JULIA ANN. League City KILLIAN. DONNA CELESTE. Houston KIMBERLEY. KIRBY KYLE. Tyler KING. KAREN ELIZABETH. Fort Worth KINSEY. JEAN MARIE. Baytown KIRBO. BRYAN WILLIAM. Gladewater KIRK. RICKY VAN. El Campo KLARFIELD. MARY KATHRYN. Houston KLEIN. LEAH BETH. Beaumont KLEIN. LESLIE CARTER. Dallas KNICKERBOCKER. ANDREA. Midland KNIGHT. CAROL ANNE. Houston KNIGHT. RANDAL BLAKE. Austin KNOBLE. GAIL ANN. Somerville. NJ KNOEBEL. ALLYSON DEBRA. Houston KNOERNSCHILD. CAROLYN SUE. Lyndon. KB KNOPF. GEORGE BRUCE. San Antonio KNOX. LUNDY ANN. Tyler KOCH. JOHN CLINTON. Lufkin KOCUREK. JEANIE ANN. Corpus Christi KONCEWICZ. BARBARA ANN. Dallas KORNEGAY. KERRILL KAY. Palestine KOSCHAK. SHERYL ANN. San Angelo KRAKOWER, MICHAEL HOWARD. Houston KRAUSKOPF. DAVID RANDALL. Raymondville KRIVONIAK. NICKLAS RICHARD. Austin KURTZEMANN. MARY BETH. Houston LAGRONE. MICHELE. Austin LAMBERT. CYNTHIA ANN. Decatur LANIER. TERRELL MENDELL. Garwood LANKFORD. MICHAEL GLENN. Rockdale LANZ. TIMOTHY PAUL. Piano Juniors — 603 LAWRENCE, LANNIE JOHN, Houston LAWSON, DIANA HICKMAN, Austin LEACH. DONNA LYNNE, San Antonio LEACH, ELISKA ELLEN. Houston LEATH, ROXANNE, Tyler LECHTENBERGER, DEANN. Houston LEE. ANNIE YUNFOON, Houston LEE. JOYCE. San Antonio LENTZ. DEBRA ELAINE. Austin LEOPARD. KATHRYN RUTH. San Antonio LESIKAR. SUSAN MELENE. Houston LEVIN. SUSAN DIANE. Dallas LEVY. JULIA RUTH. Dallas LEVY. STEVEN ROBERT. Laredo LEWIS. EUGENIA CANICE. Beaumont LEWIS. RICKY LEE. Lampasas LIDDLE. MARGARET LYNN. Abilene LINDEN. JAMES EDWARD. Austin LINDNER. ALLEN ROBERT. San Antonio LINE. MICHAEL SCOTT. Snyder LINT. CAROL LEE. Tyler LIPMAN. ALAN LEE. Houston LIPMAN. RANDA SUSAN. Memphis. TN LITTLE, LEWETTE ANN. Austin LITTLE. TERRY NELSON. McCamey LIVINGSTON. JANICE LYNN. Corpus Christi LLOYD. LINDA SUE. Dallas LOCK. TIMOTHY HARVE. Houston LOCKARD. DANIEL TAYLOR. Dickinson LOCKETT. BRENDA ANN, Houston LOFTIS, KATHLEEN ANN. Austin LOGGIE. JEAN ANNE. Henrietta LONGLEY. RICHARD L.. Austin LONGMIRE, TEREASA EARLEEN. Conroe LOVELESS. RICHARD BROOKS. Waco LOWDER. TOM CHARLES. Wichita Falls LOWE. JAMES FARRAR. Austin LOWE. JOHN BRUCE. Austin LOZANO. PATRICIA S., Falfurrias LUDL. ELIZABETH JEAN, Austin l RB BSEf LUERSEN. ROXANA KAY, Austin LUKE, LEZLIE LEE, Fort Worth LUKE, NORMAN JOHN JR., Houston LUNIN. ILONA BETH. Houston LYSSY. JILL ARLENE. San Antonio LYTLE. MARY TERESA. Denison MacDONALD. GEORGE GRANGER JR.. Austin MAHANEY. MICAH MARC. Dallas MAHLMANN. BRUCE LEE. Richmond MAIN, MARY CLAIRE. Corpus Christi MALONE. JAMES MARK. Fort Worth MANN. KAREN LEE. Beaumont MANSKER. TERA IRENE. Fort Worth MANTHOS. LINDA MARIE. Houston MARBACH. ROBERT PAUL. San Antonio MARKLAND, LAIRD JAMES, San Antonio MARSHALL. CAROLINE, Arlington MARSHALL, CHARLES TROY, Eastland MARTIN, KATHY KAREN, Dallas MARTIN, RANDY LIVINGSTON, Midland MARTINEZ, DELILA ANN, Abilene MARTINI, CATHERINE MAUREEN, Houston MASSENGALE. ROBERT DENNIS. Austin MASSEY. LARRY WINSTON JR.. Houston MATHIS. JAY STANLEY. Texarkana MATTHEWS, MOORE III, La Feria MAYO, MICHELLE MARGARET, Houston McALISTER, PAULA MARIE, Dallas McCLAIN, JANE MELISSA, Fort Worth McCLELLAN, PATRICK JOSEPH, Houston McCLURE, HOLLY FRAN, Richardson McCOY, JUNELLA B.. Douglasville McCULLOUGH. ELIZABETH LYNN. Tupelo, MS McDonald, shannon. Fort Worth McDowell, tony EVERARD, Bay City McELROY, MARY LUCILLE, Marshall McFARLAND. MARY ALEXA. Denton McFARLANE. MARY HELEN, Brownwood McCEE, JANEL CYNTHIA. Fort Worth McGLYNN, HELEN KATHLEEN. Fort Worth McGUIRE, ROSALIE ANN, Temple McKAY, PATRICIA DE LOURDES, Panama McKEE, DAVID PAUL, Mesquite McKEE, DAVID WAYNE, Dallas McKENNON, STUART CARPENTER, Cleburne McLANE. KAREN ELIZABETH. Austin McLELAND. KENNETH CRAIG. Houston McMICHAEL. THOMAS GLENN. Houston 604- McMILLIAN, PAULA JANE. Midland McNATT. MARKEETA LAMBERTH, Dallas McPH AIL. RAYMOND THOMAS. Baylown McWHORTER. DAVID LEE. Lonsview MEDINA-AGUILAR. VICTOR lAVlER. Mexico MEDRANO. RONNIE MARCUS. Rolan MEISLER. PAUL STEVEN. Houston MELINGER. HARRIET SUE. Amarillo MERCADO. SALVADOR ARTURO. Laredo MERCER. WILLIAM RAY. Corpus Chrisli MERINO. MICHAEL JOHN. Dallas MERRIFIELD. MARAGRET A.. Nassau Bay MEZZETTl. KERRY ANN. San Antonio MICHAUD. KATHRYN ROSE. San Antonio MILLER. GAIL DIANE. Palestine MILLER. MARGARET TARRY. Austin MILLS. CONSTANCE C. Tyler MIMS. CHRISTA BESS. Dallas MINAHAN. PAULA ELLEN. Corpus Christi MINOR. PAMELA ANN, Fort Worth MITCHELL CHARLES RAMSEY. San Augustine MOKRY. SCOTT JOSEPH. Taylor MOLINA. SAM C.. San Antonio MONTALVO. ERNESTO. Eagle Pass MONTESINO. LOURDES MARGARITA. Austin MONTGOMERY. MARGARET MICHELLE. Pleasanto MOORE. JOHN DALE. Tyler MOORE. LISA ANN. Dallas MOORE. PATSY GLENAVEE. Gordonville MOORE. SHARON LOUISE. Bclton MORALES. MARIO ESPINOZA. Del Rio MORALES. ROSE ANNE. Alia Loma MOREWITZ. DOROTHY DEE. Houston MORGAN. JACQUELINE DIANN. Cuero MORRIS. JOAN MARGARET. Austin MORRISON. MEGAN. Austin MOSER. RUTH CLAIRE. Beeville MOWAD. ARTHUR H.. El Paso MULBERRY. LYNN ELIZABETH. Dallas MUNOZ. JESSE FRANK. San Antonio Juniors MURPHY, MELISA KATHLEEN. La Marque MURRAY, ROBERT MOORE, Galveslon NAGER, ROSS WAYNE, Hou.ston NAIL, LINDALYN GAY, Euless NASSOUR, MICHAEL M„ Au-slin NASTRI, STEVEN GARY, Dalla.s NATHAN, SARA LYNN, Chaltanoosa, TN NEAL, ANITA DIANE, Ml. Pleasant NEAL, DAVID LESTER, Anglelon NEEL, GARY TAYLOR, Tyler NELSON, ROBERT |ACK, Dallas NEVILLE, ANGELA, Henrietta NICHOLS, MINA LOUISE, Houston NIEMANN, JAMES C. Austin NIEMANN. STEVEN WAYNE. Houston NOACK. NANCY ANN. Austin NORRIS. DEBRA LYNN. Smithfield NORRIS. WILLIAM FRANK. Austin NULL, MICHAEL GLENN. Waco OATES. NICKEY LOUIS. Palestine OBERC. )ULIA ANN. Amarillo O ' BRIEN. GEORGE DATER JR., El Paso ODLE, BRENDA DEON. Denison ODOM, MIKAL JANELLE. Arlington OLIVO, EDNA ALICIA, Eagle Pass OLSON, JON MICHAEL, Houston ORKIN, ROBERT BEN, Houston ORTEGA, EVELINA, EI Paso OSBORNE, SUZAN VALRIE, Houston OTTERMANN, ROBERT WILLIAM, Chicago, IL OVIATT, PHILIP McGAR, Dallas OWENS, TRACY LYNN, Avinger PACE, DAVID FRANKLIN. Dallas PADAWER, S. RANDALL. Birmingham. AL PAGE. HARRY D.. Austin PAINE. BEVERLY ANNE. Richardson PANG. WILLIAM FOOK. Coahoma. MS PANNELL. NANCY. Austin PARHAM. STEVE LYNN. Lake Charles. LA PARKER. SUSAN SYRISSE. Missouri City PARR. MARK BARRETT. Irving PARR. TERESA PIERSON. Plainview PARTAIN, VALERIE JEAN. Austin PARTIN. BETTY JEAN. Cleveland PATE. PHYLLIS ELAINE. Fori Worth PATTERSON. MARY CATHRYN. Tyler PAVLETICH. MARSHA ANN. lack.sonville PEAVEY. DONALD RALPH, Orland, ME PEEBLES, BEVERLY JEANNE. Medfield, MA PEEL, CHARLOTTE ANN, Paris PENCE, SUZANNE DANIEL, Houston PETERSON, LEONARD FRANCIS, Austin PFEFFER, VERBEAN GALE, Bellville PHILLIPS, PHILIP DEAN, Fort Worth PIANA, MICHAEL R., Pasadena PICKENS, GARY DOUGLAS, Greenville BPIH WGi PIERSON, PEPPER ANN, Fort Worth PILLANS. SHEREE PATRICE. Houston PITRUCHA. PATRICE C. Houston PITTS. lEANNlE. Waco PLEMMONS. CHARLOTTE ELLEN. Fort Worth POHL. SUSAN M.. Austin POHLl. ANNE. Dallas POMONIS. BOBBIE JEAN. Houston POOLE, RICHARD DEAN, Seadrift PORCHER. JAN KILLEEN, Fort Worth PORRAS. EDNA. San Antonio PORTER. JO DELL. Auslin POWELL. DIANE ELIZABETH. Bcllaire PRATT. MARY KATHLEEN. Houston PRENGLER. IRVING DAVID. Dallas PRESTWOOD. PAUL DUANE JR.. Houston PRICE. MYRA ERLENE. Austin PRIEBE. DIANA LYNN, Austin PRINGLE. DIANE CAROL. Au.stin PRUNEDA. SANDRA JEAN. San Antonio PUGH. LONNIE I.OYD, Marshall PURDY. BRONWYN LEE, Paris QUINONEZ. BELINDA ANN, Victoria QUNITERO. BAUDEL WILLIAM. Gregory QUIROZ. MARY L.. Odessa RABE. PATRICIA LEE. Edinburg RABEL. HILMA. ANN. Weimar RAIFFIE. CAROL BETH. St. Louis. MO RASCHKE. LESA [ANINE. Austin RATLIFF. BRYAN P.. Fort Worth RATTERREE. DONNA LEE. Houston RAY. CHARLES EDWARD JR.. Austin WEflf 606 — Juniors RAY, MARSHALL RANSOME. Brownsville RAYNER. LOIS EVANS, Marshall READ, COURTNEY ANICE, Austin REDDING, LYNETTE RAMONA, Houston REDMAN, KAREN LEE, Fort Worth REDWINE, RAS V., Austin REED, FRANCIS ANN. Austin REES. lAMES EDWIN. Universal City REESE. DONALD JAMES. Las Cruces. NM REICHLE, SHEILA KAY, Corpus Christi REID, DAVID, Garland REID, GARY BRENT, Corpus Christi REITHNER, NANCY ANN, Palos Verdes, CA RENER, ROSEANN. Dallas REXROAT. RANDY ALAN. Eastland RHODE, MARCIA BETH. Copperas Cove RIBNIK, PATRICIA P.. Houston RICH, JAMES RALPH. San Antonio RICHARDSON. GERALD FORREST, Beaumont RICHEY. ELIZABETH LEE. Fori Worth RICHSTATTER, JO ANNE, San Antonio RICKS, LESLIE BEE. Galena Park RIGGS. BEN HAYES. Houston RICHTMER. JAN CAROL. Crowley RINGMAN, PHILIP ANDREW, Robins AFB, GA RINKER, SUSAN KAY, Snyder RINN, GARY STEVEN, Dallas ROACH, PHILIP DENNIS, Mt. Pleasant ROBBERSON, SARAH KATHLEEN. San Antonio ROBERTS. CINDY. Edinburs ROBERTS. RANDELL CECIL. Tyler ROBERTSON. PAMELA JILL. Houston ROBERTSON. REBECCA EILEEN. Dallas ROBIN. JOAN ELIZABETH, Houston ROBINOWITZ, KENNETH LEE. Richmond ROBINSON, CHARLES EDWIN DEMMON. Houston ROBINSON. VICKI ANN. Dallas ROBLES. YVONNE. Dilley RODRIGUEZ. CYNTHIA YVETTE. San Benito ROE, SHARLANN MARIE. Austin ROEHM. JOHN FRANCIS III. San Antonio ROGERS. WALLACE ill. San Antonio ROGILLIO. TERRY ANN. Pasadena ROHMER, KATHLEEN LOUISE. Muenster ROSE, BRUCE ALAN, Memphis ROSE, CELIA ANN, Dallas ROSE, DAVID LOUIS, Austin ROSE, DOUGLAS KEITH, Dallas ROSE, PAMELA MAE, Austin ROSEN. CYNTHIA ANN, Dallas ROSENBERG. BETTY GAIL. Dallas ROSENBERG. CINDY ANN, New Orleans, LA ROSS, ROBIN ANNE, La Marque ROTHE, AUGUST JACOB, D ' Hanis ROTHSCHILD, STANLEY LEE. Dallas RUSH, JAMES MARION. Odessa Juniors RYNE. CHERYL VAUGHN. Houston SAENZ, CLARA, Corpus Christi SALGE, STEVE ALLEN, Corpus Chrisli SALINAS, GILBERT RUBEN. San Benito SALINAS, LUCILA MERCEDES, Roma SALINAS. ROBERTO VALENTIN. San Benito SAMS, CHARLES GLENN, San Antonio SAUNDERS, MICHAEL DAVID, Smithville SAUNDERS. PAMELA. Houston SCEPANSKY. MARY KAY. Austin SCHAFF. ]EAN ANN. Hou,ston SCHARES. THOMAS, Houston SCHERZINGER, TERESA B., Houston SCHMIDT, MITZI JANE. Fort Worth SCHNEIDER. CATHY ANN. San Antonio SCHNEIDER. RICHARD CRAIG. Houston SCHOLL. VICKl LYNN. Corpus Christi SCHRAM. CHARLES ERNEST III. Dallas SCHROEDER. REX MARTIN. Austin SCHUCHARD. SUSAN ELIZABETH, San Antonio SCHUTZE. DEBORAH CAROL. Dallas SCHUTZE. SARA ANN. Baytown SCHWAB, CAROL SUE, Houston SCHWARTZ. ALAN |AY. Austin SCOTT. PHILIP BRUCE. Conroe SCOTT. STEVEN LAMAR, San Antonio SEAGRAVES. GARY NORMAN. Austin SEAMAN. SANDRA JANE, Corpus Christi SEDBERRY. LORY LYNN. Austin SEGOVIA. CESAR |AVIER. Edinburg SEILHEIMER. EDWIN JOHN JR.. Fort Worth SHAPE. DEBBIE GAY. Garland SHAW. DEBORAH LOUISE. Austin SHELTON. LEILA ROSAMAYA. Panama SHIELDS. RENE CARYN. Hempstead SHIELDS. WILLIAM KIRK, Kilgore SHIPP, STEVE H., Quinlan SHORT, KATHLEEN SARAH, Harker Heights SIGLER, CYNTHIA IRENE, San Antonio SILBERBERG, CELIA JAYNE, Austin til lUPPO Juniors 1 iJl SILVA, WILLIAM ARTHUR, Austin SIMMONS, DEBRA LYNN, Carrollton SIMONDS, NANCY COX, Houston SIMS, THOMAS EDWARD, San Antonio SLOANE, JERRY DERWIN, Sealy SMITH. BETTY MAE, Marshall SMITH, CONSTANCE JANE, Kerrville SMITH. DAVID C, Southbury, CT SMITH. DEBORAH LYNN. Austin SMITH, JOE ALLEN. Tyler SMITH. ROBERT MICHAEL. Austin SMITH. SARA JANE. Elgin SMOLIK. NEIL. Barker SNELL. MICHAEL HOLLIS. Vallejo. CA SOCKLER. STEVEN ALLAN. Beaumont SOMBERG. SANDRA JEANNE. Nacogdoches SOSA. PATRICIA LYNN. San Antonio SOWADA. MARGARET AILEEN. Corpus Christi SPARKS. KIMBERLY KAYE. Dallas SPEAKERMAN. CAROL JEAN. Victoria SPEARS. TEDDIE D.. Abilene SPENCE, JAMES HUGH. Houston SPENCER. JAMES HAROLD. Sweeny SPICER. LAURIE ELAINE. San Antonio SPILLER. NANCY JANE. Sherman SPILLMAN. ANN COKE, Dallas SPURGEON, JAMES MATTHEW, Austin STALMACH. DENNIS DALE, Grand Prairie STAMM, LOUIS McDONALD, Fort Worth STANDEFER, JANA LYNN, Fort Worth STANLEY, LYNN PATRICE, Austin STEELE, WILLIAM JAMES JR., Texarkana STEEN, BARBARA LYNN, Corpus Christi STEFFEN. HARRY EDWIN JR„ San Antonio STEPHENS, THOMAS EARL, Sabinal STEWART, MARY ELLEN, Irving STEWART, SHARON LYNN, Edinburg STIEREN, LISA DOROTHY, San Antonio ST. JOHN. DEBRA LYNN, Dallas ST. JOHN, ERNEST REVERE, Beaumont STOCKER, CHARLES WAYNE, Bryan STOKER, BRIAN TERRY. Canyon STOLHANDSKE. THOMAS B.. San Antonio STONE. REBECCA SUSAN. Conroe STOUFFER. BLAIR TODD. San Antonio STROEHER. JANINE GAIL, Fredericksburg STRONG. GEORGEANN ELIZABETH, Houston SUHOR. MARY M.. San Antonio [H apfES tdii 608 — Juniors SULLIVAN. CATHERINE L, Georjji-liiwn SULLIVAN, lOHN AUCUSTIN. Siin Antonio SUMMERS, lOHN MORRIS. Cuero SWANSON. lOHN BEDFORD, Midland SWARTZ, DOUGLAS ALLAN, San AhkrIo SWINNEA. JOHN STEVEN, Marlin SYKORA. MARCELLA LEE, Haski ' ll. OK TABAK, KAREN LYNN, San Anionio TAI.BOTT, DANIEL WILLIAM, Di ' nison TALLEY, MONROE ROBERTSON |R., Hou.slon TAMAYO, CAROLE MARIE, Lockharl TARPEY, JUDITH ANN, Houston TAYLOR, ANNE ELIZABETH, Dallas TAYLOR. CHRISTINE DIANE, Arlintjton TAYLOR, CHRISTOPHER JOHN, Brownsville TAYLOR. HAROLD LOUIS, Ro.:k Island TAYLOR, JEFFERSON LYNN, Bowin TAYLOR, JOE KENNETH, Garland TAYLOR, JOHN KENT. Dallas TAYLOR. KAREN. Au,slin TAYLOR, KATHY DIANNE, Carlhagr TAYLOR, ROSEANNE, Conroe TCHAMANZAR, MEHDY, Austin TEINERT, RANDALL JAY. Austin TEMPLE. DAVID JOHN. Dallas TEMPLIN, DEBORAH RUTH. Humble ten HAAF. ELIZABETH ANNE. La Marque TERRELL. PAUL ALTON. Greenville TERRELL, TAMARA KAYE, Austin THACKER, ROBERT PRATT, Corpus Christi THOMAS, DAVID WAYNE, Hereford THOMAS, JACOB GILLESPIE III, Fort Worth THOMAS, MARK PHILIP, Fort Worth THOMAS, ROBERT CHARLES, Houston THOMASON, JOHN ROBERT JR., Houston THOMPSON, KATHRYN ANN, Austin THOMPSON, KENNETH FRANKLIN, Bloominjjton THORNE, JODY, Grand Prairie TILLERSON. RAE ANN, Houston TILLMAN, JOHN DOUGLAS, Albany Juniors « TIMMONS, MICHAEL DEWAYNE, Perryton TIPS, ROBERT DIXON, San Antonio TOWNER, MARK ALAN, Kansas Citv, MO TRANSIER, WILLIAM LEE, Corpus Christi TREADAWAY, ARTHUR WARD. Tyler TREADWAY. DEBRA LYNN. Del Rio TREDICI, MIA, San Antonio TREVINO, ANNA MARIE. San Antonio TREVINO, GRACIELA PEREZ. San Benito TREVINO. VICTOR. San Benilo TREW. DAN THOMPSON. Canyon TRIEB. MICHELE PEGUES. Austin TROUSDALE. JAMES ARNOLD. Smithville TROUT. ROBERT LEE. Mesquile TRULY. VALERIE ANNE, Burleson TUCKER, MARILYN JO, Killeen TURNBOUCH. DEBBIE DENICE, Balmorhea TYSON. JERRI LOU. Oklahoma Citv. OK UNDERWOOD. CLAUDIA. San Anfjelo VALDEZ. ANITA DAWN. Eagle Pass VALIGURA. MICHAEL DAVID. Caldwell VASCOCU. JACQUELINE ANN. Longview VAVRICEK. BRENDA JEAN. Corpus Christi VERA. CARMELA VIRGINIA. Brown.sville VERNER. DOUGLAS DARRELL. Bethe.sda, MD VICK, JOSEPH JAMES, Waco VICKERS, PAMELA JEAN. San Angelo VICKERS. ROBERT LANEY. Austin VICKERY, ARDA LEE, Austin VILLARREAL, BEN JR„ San Anionio VILLARREAL, CYNTHIA ROSALIE, Brownsville VINGOE, SUSAN ELAINE. Houston VRBA. CHARLOTTE MARIE, Waco WAHLSTEN, KAREN ANNE, Port Lavaca WALK, WILLIAM ARTHUR, La Porte WALKER, RONNA JANICE, Baytown WALKER, STEPHEN LYNDOL, Richardson WALLACE, CECILIA ANN, San Antonio WALLS, DEBORAH JEAN, Houston WALTHALL, DAVID TERRY, Au.stin WALTHALL. PATRICIA ADAMS. Au.stin WARD, CYNTHIA LOU. Baytown WARD. LENEL. Dallas WARD. LESLIE K.,Au.slin WARDELL. RONALD BAKER JOHN JR.. Houston WARE. HELEN VERONICA. Austin WARREN. ANN CAROLINE. Baytown WARREN. KELLY. Bellaire Juniors — 609 WARRINGTON, CYNTHIA ANICE, Austin WARRINGTON. SYLVIA ELAINE, Austin WASHBURN, MARY ELIZABETH, San Antonio WATKINS. JOYCE COLLEEN, La Marque WATKINS. SUSAN LEIGH, Dallas WATLER, PAUL CHRISTOPHER, Beaumont WATSON. CELIA ANNETTE, Houston WATSON, EDWARD COURTNEY, Marquez WATSON, JAMES FRANCIS, Tulia WATSON, JOSEPH STEVEN, Corpus Chrisli WATTS, RICKY DAVID, Floydada WAUGH. DENISE GAYLE, Austin WAXLER, CONNIE ELAINE. Blanco WEATHERALL, RICHARD H.. Beaumont WEAVER, KEITH CHAPMAN. Houston WEEKLEY, JAN FRANCES, San Benito WEIR, JACKIE MAE, Houston WELK, TRUDY EILEEN. Fori Worth WE LLBORN, ELIZABETH G., Victoria WELLMERLINC ' CYNTHI A ANN, Worthington, OH WELLS, MARA LYNN, Wesllake Village. CA WENDLER, KIM. Austin WEST. MARY JANE, Friendswood WHALEN, KELLEY FRANCIS, Baytown Juniors WHALEY, MIMI ANNE. Houston WHATLEY. ROBIN GAY. Austin WHEAT, JULIA ELLEN, WoodviUe WHEELER. ANNE ELIZABETH, Texarkana WHEELER. JOHN EMERY 111. Dallas WHEELEY. NINA CAROL. White Deer WHELESS. JAY FREDRIC. Corpus Christi WHITE. CHERYL JO. Houston WHITE. LINDA GAIL SCHRIEFER. Austin WHITTLE. ROBERT ROY, Corpus Christi WHITTON, JAMES MORTON, Fort Worth WICHETA, SUSAN ANN, Austin WIERUSCHESKE, CAROLYN FA YE. Austin WILEY, DONALD PRESTON, Dallas WILEY, MARY JANE, Gladewater WILLIAMS, STEVEN MARK, Wichita Falls WILLRODT, JAMES C, Columbus WILSON, JAN MARIE, Austin WILSON, JULIA ALICE, Lake Oswego, OR WILSON, PATRICIA CAROLYN, Seabrook WILSON, ROBERT NORWOOD, Brookshire WILSON, SALLY ANN, San Antonio WILSON, WAYNE BURLESON, Tyler WIMBERLEY. CYNTHIA RUTH, Austin WIMBISH. CHERYL ELAINE, Corpus Christi WINDHAM, BENNIE FRANK. Leander WINSTON. SCOTT MYERS. Dallas WISIALOWSKI, SAMUEL THOMAS, Burleson WOFFORD, GREGORY JOHN. New Braunfels WOLCOTT. CRAIG STEPHEN. Houston WOLF. JULIE SUSAN. Harlingen WOLF. STEVEN THOMAS. Longview WOLFSON. GEORGE ROBERT. Dallas WOODLEY. DIANNE LOUISE. San Antonio WOODSON. VANESSA JO. Dallas WOODWARD. GARLAND BENTON. Lubbock !Pf!S 610 — Juniors WOOLEY. CHARLES LEE. Fort Worth WORKMAN, LYDA F. GUTHRIE. Austin WORLEY. THOMAS NEAL, Austin WREN, CURTIS ELTON. Lexington WRIGHT. LINDA HELEN. Austin WRIGHT. WILLIAM GRAHAM. Austin WROTH. DEBORAH LYNN, Lakn lackson WYATT, MELISSA ANN, HursI WYLANI), LOUIS |OSEPH, WYMAN, PAULA |EAN, Dallas WYNNE, THOMAS BURTON |R., Houston YELICH, ANN MARIE, Houston YOCK. SHARON LYNDEI.L, Amariilo YORK, ROBERT GARNER, Baylown YOUNG, STEVEN ELGIN, Austin ZAMARRIPA, DAVID, Harlinsen ZAPATA, LAURA ANN, Sjnlon ZELIGSON. DAN HENRY. Tulsa. OK ZELSMAN. MARY CATTERTON. Austin ZIKES. ZANA ANN. Bryan ZIMMERMAN, PRISCILLA, lohnstown, PA ZIMMERMANN, SANDRA KAY, San Antonio ZWERNEMANN, GREGORY RICHARD, Austin ZWERNEMANN, STEVEN MARK, Austin M. Smith Juniors — 611 Sophomores fil2 — Sophomon ' s J ABLES. lAMES MICHAEL, Texas Cily ACHOR, CHRISTY. Hallas ACRICHE. CATHERINE |AN. San Anionic) ADAMS, DONNA LYNN, Houston ADAMS, JANET LE. Houston AITKEN, GAIL, Houston AIELLO, JULIE ANN. Houston ALEXANDER. CHARLENE GALE. Fori Worth ALLEN. MARY JANE, Austin ALLISON, JOHN THOMAS, Dallas ALLISON, MARY JANE, Bay City ALSTON, CAROL LOUISE, Austin ALSTON, LISA ELAINE, Magnolia ALSTON, NORMAN RAY. Garland ALTHAUS, FLOY ELIZABETH. Houston ALVAREZ, IRMA, Victoria ANDERSON, BETH LYNN, Bellaire ANDERSON. LYDIA PAULA. Fort Worth ANDREWS, JAMES ANTHONY, Corsicana ANTWEIL, BRIAN F., Fort Worth ARNOLD, MARK LEE. San Antonio ARREDONDO, LUZ MARIA. Goliad ATTAWAY, SUE ELLEN, Aransas Pass AVANT, DAVID LEE. Austin BACON. SYLVIA SUE. Newton BAGGETT. LYNNE ANNE. Fort Worth BAILEY, BRIAN ALLEN, Austin BAKER. FRANCES DELORES, Weslaco BAKER. MARILOU, Garland BALCH, EMMET HEZEKIAH III, Fort Worlh BALDREE, JULIE, Houston BALDWIN. ROGER LYN, Dallas BALLARD, KENNETH GENE, Houston BANFIELD. CHERIE ANNETTE. Whitesboro BARCKLOW. BEVERLY ANN. Corpus Christi BARFIELD, JAN MARIE. Sugar Land BARKER. CLAIRE DENISE, Corpus Christi BARKER, VALERIE ANN, San Antonio BARMORE. WILLIAM ROBERT, Pasadena BARNETT, BRENDA KAY. Corpus Christi BARNETT, SUSAN JEAN. Houston BARRETT, MALCOLM WEBB JR., Orange, CA BARTEK. CYNTHIA GAYLE, Belton BASH. BEVERLY KAY. Houston BASKIN. JAMES CARROLL. Austin BAUER, CATHERINE P.. Houston BAUMBACH. KAREN LYNN, La Grange BECKER, DAN GENTRY. Follett BECKOFF. SUSAN FAITH, Dallas BEER, SHELBY ANNE, Boerne BELL, KATHLEEN MARIE, Houston BENCTSON, SHARON GAYLE, Austin BENNETT. KIM. Austin BENNETT. SHELLEY. Orange BENTHALL. MARKLE LEE. Houston BERGFIELD. RANDALL ALAN. Houston BERGOLOFSKY, ELAINE BETH. Wichita Falls BERNSTEIN. CINDY SUE. Houston BERRY. JOHN FREDRICK, Longview BERRY, PAMELA JEAN. San Antonio BERTRAND, PAULETTE DIANE. Austin BEST. JOSEPH ALEXANDER III, Wichita Falls BIEL, MELINDA, Corpus Christi BIERMAN, MARY ELIZABETH. San Antonio BILL. AUGUSTIN ZAMBRANO. Del Rio BIRD, STEVEN RICHARD, Childress BITTER, JAMES CLARENCE, Dallas BLACK, SALLY ANN, Austin BLACKMON. JOHN PAUL, Friendswood BLACKMON, KRISTI-ANNE KRAFT, Friendswood BLAKE, NAN, Lubbock BLATT, BETSY ANNE, New Orleans, LA BLATT, DEBRA ILENE, Dallas BLITCH, KITZI JANE. Forth Worth BLIVEN. NANCY ANNE. Dallas BLUESTEIN. LENA KAY. Port Arthur BOENKER. SUSAN DIANE. Brenham BOCAN. DAVID WOFFORD. Houston BOGAN. SUSAN RENEE. Houston BOHENEK, STANLEY EUGENE. Austin BOLAND. MICHAEL GRANT. Austin BOND. SUSAN LEE. Fort Worth BOND. TERESA ELIZABETH, Dallas BOORMAN, JACKIE ANN, Groves BOOTHE, KATHLEEN ANN, Fori Worth BORSCHOW. TINA SUSAN. El Paso BOSLER. ELIZABETH ANN, Dallas BOSS, WILLARD IRWIN JR., Houston BOSTICK, BETTY BOND, San Antonio BOWERS. MELANIE LYNN. Baytown BOWLES. CATHERINE ANNE. Dallas BOYD. JOELLEN. Humble BRADFIELD. MELINDA N.. Austin BRANNON. ALICE MARIE, Corpus Christi BRANNON. CHERYL LYN. Fort Worth BRIDGES. JANET LEA. Dallas BRINK. EDWIN EMERSON. Coleman BRISTOW. DENiSEJHO. Henderson BROOKS, SUZANNE MARIE, Austin Sophomores — 613 BROOKSHIRE. BURT LYNN. Lufkin BROWN. CANDICE ANN. Dallas BROWN. lANICE LARCENIA. Austin BROWN, MARK W.. Richardson BROWN. MICAELA ELIZABETH. El Paso BROWN. RICHARD BICKLEY. Corpus Christi BROWN. ROBERT ALLEN. Waco BROWN. ROBERT EUGENE JR.. Houston BROWN. ROBERT EVERETTE. Houston BROWN. TONIA LYN. Houston BROYHILL. DEBORAH CLAIRE. Dallas BRUTON. DEBORAH [ANE. Denver. CO BRYANT. GARY ALLEN. Austin BUELL. JOHN BRUCE. Pasadena BUFFINGTON. ALISON GARBER. Houston BULLOCK. CINDY LOU. Canyon BURDETTE. BARBARA. Dallas BURNS. CHARLES C. Dallas BURNS. GAYLE ELAINE. Tyler BURRELL. KATHY OLENE. Houston BURSON. MELONEY JILL. Georgetown BURTON. CARL LEE. San Antonio BUSTIN. GREGORY MARLOWE. Austin BUTLER. BARBARA LYNN. Dallas BUTLER. SUSAN ELAINE. Houston CABANISS. CATHRYN DIANE. Robstown CADENHEAD. ROBERT DAVID. Dallas CAMPBELL. ELIZABETH. Laredo CAMPBELL. ROBERT SCOTT. Dallas CANNON. HULDA KATHLEEN. Navasota CARDENAS. ANDRIANA B.. Corpus Christi CARDENAS. JUANITA. Laredo CARDENAZ. MICHAEL SIFUENTES. Austin CARLETON. CHARLES RICHARD. Austin CARLISLE. CHERYL YVETTE. Hurst CARLOCK. SUSAN ELIZABETH. Corsicana SfWPH i . %i 4 Sophomores CARLSON. RONALD ALLEN. Pasadena CARR. CAY CLAIRE. Terrell CARR. EDDY COLBERT JR.. Universal City CARR. MARGARET MELISSA. Alex. VA CARROLL. LUCIE CLAIRE. San Antonio CARROLL. WILLIAM JOSEPH. Austin CARTER. CHARLES MARSHALL. Austin CASART. MARY PATRICIA. El Paso CASBEER. GEORGE HAROLD. Lampasas CASSO. RAUL SALVADOR. Laredo CASTILLO, CARLOS. McAllen CASTILLON. GEORGE WILSON. Fort Worth CAVE. THOMAS WINSTON, Austin CHAFIN, NANCIE LEIGH. Austin CHAMBLESS. TAMARA KAY. Pampa CHAMRAD. DIANA LYNN. Victoria CHANG. WARREN GORDON. Houston CHAPMAN. TERESA JAN. Fort Worth CHASTEEN. CHERYL LYNN. Houston CHEEK. ROBERT CLAY. Austin CHENG. KANG TUO, Austin CHILDERS. TERRI ANN. Tyler CHRISTOPHER, MARTHA JO, Houston CLARK, JOANNE ALVA, Cheltenham. PA CLARK. THOMAS COIN III. Austin CLEGG. CATHERINE ANNE. Houston CLEGG. JULIA JOYCE. Houston CLEMENTS, ANNA MARGARET. Baytown CLOWE. REBECCA. Houston COBB. DAVID MARK. Pasadena COBURN. NEIL LOWELL. Baytown COEL. REBECCA FRANCES. El Paso COLEMAN. MICHAEL ROBERT. Fort Worth COLLIER. CAROL ANN. Houston COMPTON. JAMES EDWARD. McCamey CONOLEY. TERESA ANN. Hurst CONRADO. ALAN MICHAEL. Austin COOGAN. SANDRA T.. El Paso COOLEY. MARY SUZANN. Austin COPE. RICHARD ELLISON. Fort Worth CORDELL. MARGARET LYNN. Richardson CORNELIUS. ROBERT LEE. Houston CORTELL. KAREN. Dallas COSELLI. MICHAEL POOL. Houston COVILL. FLOYD EUGENE JR.. McCamey COVINGTON. FRANK WILLIAM. Austin COWAN. KATHRYN JOYCE. Great Falls, MT COX. NANCY GAIL. Austin COX. THOMAS AFTON. Tyler COY. KENDRA JOANN. Houston CRADDOCK. JOHN WALTON JR.. Houston CRANBERG. ALEXIS MOUNT. Austin CRAVENS. GEORGE F.. Fort Worth CRAWFORD. JOHN HAYDEN. Corsicana CRAWFORD. KEITH JOSEPH. Austin CREDEUR, KENNETH R., Orange CRIM, KATHRYN ELIZABETH, Beaumont CRISWELL, CAROL LEIGH, Houston CROCKER. PAUL RILEY. Dallas CROWNOVER. GAIL ANN. Dallas CULTER, LYNNE ANN, Richardson CUNNINGHAM, LINDA, Fort Worth DAGEN. BETHANY JOYCE, Laredo 614 — Sophomores Sophomores DAVIDSON. DANIEL BRYAN, Marshall DAVIS. JOHN BAXTER. Dallas DAVIS. LISA MARION. Fort Worth DAWKINS. MARY ELLEN, Jackson. MS DAY, DELICA KAYWYNNE, Fort Worth DEAN, VICKl LYNN, San Antonio DEANE, ROSANNE, Houston DEMPSEY. PAMELA. Anglelon DENN. BRIAN ALAN. Bay City DENNIS. ROBIN ROSEMARY. Austin DETCHEVERRY. JOSEPH MICHAEL. Austin DIESTE. MARIANA CHRISTINE, Marshall DILLON, DAN MICHAEL, Temple DINGLER, JAMES ROBERT, Longview DIRKS, LAURA ELIZABETH. Tuleta DOBBINS. DEBORAH ANNE. Corpus Christi DOCHEN. EDITH DIANE. Austin DOLAN. LINDA KATHLEEN. Orange DONALDSON. CYNTHIA JEANNE. Temple DORBANDT, DANA. Tyler DOUTHIT. DEANN. Houston DOWDING, CATHY LEIGH. Austin DOWDY, DANIEL ANDREW, Dallas DOWNER, TERESA JEANNE, Austin DRAKE, NANCY MARIE. Fort Worth DREILINGER. EVAN ARTHUR. Lawrence. NY DRUMMOND. ANN TRACY. Houston DUBE. NANCY JANE. Rosenberg DUBOIS, THOMAS VICTOR, Corpus Chrisli DUCKWORTH, ELLEN, EI Paso DUECKER, SIRI LYNN, Austin DUNNAGAN, STEVEN ALAN, Lubbock DURAN, BOBBI JANE, Alvin EAKIN, DAVID LANCE, Fort Worth EASLEY, JANE ELLEN. Baytown EASTERLING, DANNY KARL. Houston H Pi!!i!l fS ECHOLS, BRUCE ALAN. Kilgore ECKERT. JOHN CARLTON. Mason EDWARDS. EVELYN JEANETTE. Dallas EDWARDS. MICHAEL CORDON. Cleveland ELLEDGE. RICHARD M.. Fort Worth ELLIS. DELLENE, Houston ELLIOTT. JANE CAY. Houston ELLIOTT. JEAN ANN. Houston ELLIS, SUSAN LYNN, Fort Worth ELSIK, DIANE ELISE, Seguin EMERY, PAUL RICHARD, Amarillo ENGELS, DENISE ANN, Corpus Christi ENGLISH, JANICE SUE, Houston ERICKSON, WENDY LEE, San Antonio ESSARY. BETH ANN. Richardson ESTILL. DEBORAH LEE. Fort Worth EVANS. JOANNA. Silsbee FAERBER, JOANNE. Houston FAULKNER. BRUCE CAMPBELL. Pecos FEKETE, JOYCE ANN. Houston FELCMAN. LEAH MARIE. Houston FELDMAN. SAM RICHARD. Harlingen FENBERG. LARRY ALAN. Bellaire FIBICH. PATRICIA KAY. San Antonio FIELD. SUSAN ELIZABETH, McKlnney FILIP. GLENN ALLISON. Houston FINDLAY, MAURIE BETH, Austin FINSTAD, SUZANNE E., Austin FISCHER, JON ROBERT, Refugio FISHER. VALERIE BRAE. Austin FITZGERALD. RUBY JEAN. Austin FLETCHER. CAROLYN. Temple FLIPPIN. BENJAMIN DUANE. Dallas FLORES, ANNA BERNICE, Mission FLORES. JOHN. San Antonio FLOURNOY. HELEN RUTH. Alice FLY. STERLING HARPER III, Uvalde FORD, JOHN CALVIN, Fort Worth FORTIN, JOHN KEVIN, Midland FOURMY. JAMES C. Houston FOWLER. GUY HAMNER, Temple FOX, DAVID ALBERT, Mabank FRANK, JANET VICTORIA, Austin FRANKLIN, ROBERT RAY JR., Houston FRANTZ, MARY ELIZABETH, Conroe FREE, GALE LA VERNE, Austin FREEDMAN. GLENDA JEAN, Houston FREELAND. KELLY JAYNE. McAIIen FREYTAG. CYNTHIA ANN. Temple FRIEDRICH, RICHARD LOGAN. Austin FRIEND. SHELLEY ANNE. Liberty FRUMKIN, MORRIS DAVID, Houston FUENTES, SYLVIA ESTELA, McAllen FUHRMAN, DAVID WAYNE, Victoria FULK. KIRKLAND ALAN, Austin FULKERSON, DEREK JOSEPH, Birmingham, Ml GAINSBURGH, AMY BETH, New Orleans, LA GALL, CATHERINE, Dallas GALLIMORE, JOHN STEVEN, Austin GALLOWAY. KAYE LYNN, Houston GAMEZ, THOMAS, Fort Worth GARBER, RACHEL MIRIAM, Dallas GARCIA. GILDA Y.. Mission Sophomores — 615 GARCIA. HECTOR RENE. Weslaco GARCIA. PATRICIA ANN, Austin GARDNER. ELAINE. Waco GARDNER. GARY RALPH, Bryan GARRETT. ANN MILSTREY, Houslon GARROTT. SUSAN KATHLEEN. Darien. CT GARVEY. HELEN MARIE. Houslon GARZA. VELDA NORA, Benavides GATLIN. BARBARA JEAN, Liberty GATTI. ANTHONY MICHEAL. Corpus Chrisli GEHRING. MARY SUE. Houston GEORGE. HARRIET ANN. Houston GEORGE, MARGARET RUTH, Presidio, CA GEORGE, NORMAN CHARLES. San Antonio GERBER. DANIEL LEE. Dalla,s GERHART. GREG NORWIN. Houston GESELL. MARY KATHRYN, Midland GILLESPIE, RAY COOKE, Temple GILMORE, CAROL SUE, San Antonio GILMORE, MARILYN ]ANE, Silsbee GLASS, CAROL ANN, San Antonio GLAZER, GARY MARTIN. Anderson. IN GLEASON. NORMA ALLINE. Houston GOFF. lOHN COLLINS. Lake Jackson GOLDBERG. HOWARD. El Paso GOMILLION. DOUGLAS MAIER. San Antonio GONZALEZ. RICARDO, Laredo GONZALEZ. ROBERT WILLIAM. Galveston GOODHEART. MARK CHARLES. Houslon GOODMAN, ROBERT GREGORY. Houston GOODWIN. FRED ALLEN JR.. Dallas GOODWIN. SLYVIA LULA. Bellaire GOOLSBY. HAROLD THOMAS. Temple GORDON. LINDA MARLENE. San Antonio GORDON. PAUL KAMSLER. Houston GORHAM. RANDY ELIZABETH. Corpus Christi GOTTESMAN. MARCIA SUE. New Orleans, LA GOTTLIEB, JOAN KAY, Dallas GOVEA, PATRICE DARCEL, Austin GRADY, KATHRYN ANN, Fort Worth GRAFF, JUDITH ANN, Houston GRAHAM. ANNA MARIE. Houston GRAHAM. CECILIA LOUISE. Houslon GREEN, DONNA FRANCES, Houston GREENBERG, ELENANNE RACHEL, Houston DPJi EflJ S P HH M Sophomores GREENBERG, MARLA PAIGE, Dallas GREENE, JENNIFER. Corpus Christi GREENE, MARSHA RENEE, Corpus Christi GREENMAN. SHELLEY LYNN, Houslon GREER. CAROL ANNE. Bellaire GREGG, JUDY RUTH, Marble Falls GREGG. NANCY LEE, Fort Worth GREGORY, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Fort Worth GRIBBLE, JULIA JANE, Baytown GRIFFIN. BARBARA LOUISE. Harlingen GRIFFIN. KENNETH WAYNE. Stafford GRIFFIN. WILLIAM ROBB. McAllen GRIFFITH. JAMES WILLIAM. Dallas GROCE. JETTIE CHAROLYN, Austin GUFFEY, STEPHEN WASHINGTON, Belton GUNN, GLENDA GAYE, Houston GUSTAFSON, CAROLYN RUTH, Austin HAGAN, PAMELA BRIDGET, Austin HAGENS, DEBRA GAIL, Yoakum HACENSON. CHERYL ANN, San Antonio HAGGARD, LISA LYNNE, Fort Worth HAINEY, BRYANT WILSON, Austin HALE, STEVEN DUNCAN, Floydada HALEY, GREGORY KEITH, Johnson City HALL, KELLY ANN, West Columbia HALL, SCOTT MAURICE. Dickinson HALOW. RENEE E.. El Pa,so HAM, NANCY ELIZABETH, Houston HAMBY, JAY PIERSON, Houslon HAMILTON, KEITH LEE, Houston HAMILTON, ROBERT THOMAS. Texas City HANEY. PHILLIP C, Pasadena HANKINS, KAREN MICHELLE, Dallas HANSON, GREGORY WAYNE, San Antonio HAPPE, ANNE-MARIE, New York. NY HARE, ROBERT ALAN. Irving HARPER. STEPHEN CARROL, Dallas HARRINGTON, KATHLEEN HAURY, Houston HARRIS, AMY ELIZABETH, Corpus Christi HARRIS, DAVID REEVES, Dallas HARRIS, LEE ANN, Leander HARRISON. GEORGE CLIFTON. Tyler HARRISON. JOHN DAVID. Longview HART, DWIGHT DAVID. Davenport, lA HARTMAN, DAVID JAMES, Midland HARWELL, ROBERT BRUCE, Corsicana HASTY, JOHN ALLEN, Austin HAUFT, SHERRIE MARIE, Corpus Christi HAUK, MARILYN KAYE, Cameron HAUNSCHILD, ANN ELIZABETH, Orange HAUSER, SUSAN, Hou.slon HAWN. HOLLY LYNN. San Antonio HAZARD. KEVIN WILLIAM. Austin HEALD. CHARLES HENRY. Fort Worth 616 — Sophomores HEARIN. LARRY GENE. Liberty HEARN, RACHEL L MELANSON. Auslin HEATON, SANDRA CLAIRE, Houslon HECHTMAN. ABBY PHIL. Dallas HEIL. DEBRA LYNN. San Anionic HEIL. DON KEITH. Goliad HEJL. KATHRIN KARLEEN. Auslin HELMBRECHT. WILLIAM CHRISTIAN III. Dallas HENSEN. CHARLES CLAUDE. Houslon HERBICH. BARBARA KATHLEEN. Bryan HERNANDEZ. SYLVIA O., McNeil HESS. JAMES CRAIG. Pecos HICKEY. CYNTHIA ANDREE. Midland HICKOK. LINDA EILEEN. Houslon HICKS. PAUL SLOVER. Houslon HIGDON. RODNEY BURT. Austin HIGHTOWER. LYNANN MARIE. Houston HILL. CYNTHIA ANNE. Poteel HILL.JAN ALICE. Austin HILL. JOANN, Edinburg HINGER, CHARLES FREDERICK. San Antonio HINSON. lEFFREY THOMAS. Houston HIRSCH. DAVID WEISMAN. Marshall HOFFMAN. KATHERINE MARIE. Dallas HOFFMAN. MYRON DAVID. Navasola HOFFMAN. SALLY FERN. Dallas HOFFMAN. WILLIAM K. III. Houslon HOGAN. MARY CATHERINE. Houston HOLADAY. FRANK LEWIS. Garland HOLCOMB. SUSAN LYNN. Tyler HOLDITCH. TERRY LYNN. Paris HOLLINGSWORTH. WILLIAM EDWARD. Austin HOLMES. ANNE. Kerrville HOLT. SALLY JANE. Austin HOLUB. SANDRA MARIE. Bay City HOLUBEC. DEBORAH MARIE. San Antonio HOOPER. RUSSELL ALLEN. Pasadena HOOVER. CLYDE WILLIAM JR.. Auslin HOPPER. LINDA SUE. Houston HOPSON. DAVID CARLISLE. Midland HORNE. DAVID MURRAY. San Antonio HORNE. RONALD DEE. Fort Worth HOUSTON. CHARLES VICTOR. Dallas HOWARD. MINKA LEVERNE. Austin HOW LAND. WILLIAM C. III. Indianapolis, IN , i-ti ..• -ui Sophomores — 617 HUDSON, CHRIS ANN. Austin HUGHES. MELVILLE MARQUIS III, San Antonio HURWITZ, BENJAMIN S.. Houston HUSSEY. lAMES JOSEPH III, Houston HUTSON, MARY ANNA, Tyler HUTZLER, PAUL WEYLAND, Austin 1NCERSOLL, CHRISTIE LEE. Dallas INTRATER, JANET IRIS, Shawnee Mission, KA ISBELL, JAMES NATHAN, Brownsville ISRAEL. SHERRi MAXINE, Houston JACKSON, CAROL MARIE, Houston JACKSON. ELISABETH LEE. Garland JACKSON. RICHARD HIRAM. San Antonio JACOBSON, NATHAN JACK. Galveston JAECKEL. KARL THOMAS, El Paso JAMIESON, MARK STEWART. Irving lANSE. HELEN BERNICE. Houston JANSEN. YVONNE CAROL. Taylor jASTER. CATHY EUGENIA. Giddings JAYSON. SHARON KAY. Dallas JENNINGS, GAYLA. Graham JERNIGAN. JERRY ARLENE. Dallas JISTEL. SUSAN GAYLE. Houston JOHNSON. DAVID GEORGE. El Paso JOHNSON. DEBRA RUE. Austin JOHNSON. GEORGE SCOTT, Winchester, VA JOHNSON, GREGORY PAUL, Dallas JOHNSON, KAREN SUE, Galveston JOHNSON, KATHLEEN, Houston JOHNSON. MICHELLE MARIE. Dallas JOHNSON. SCOTT EMIL. Houston JOHNSON, SUSAN ROSE, El Paso JOHNSON, VALERIE JOYCE, Corpus Christi JOHNSTON, JULIA LYNN, Houston JONES, JAMES CHRISTOPHER, Houston JONES, ROBERT FRED JR., Arlington JONES, VICKI VAUGHN, San Antonio JORDAN. KATHERINE ANNE. Tyler JOURNEAY. NANCY CATHERINE. Austin JUNG. JAMES KEITH. Lake Jackson JUST, MICHELLE PATRICIA. Fort Hood KAISER, DAVID KEITH, Yoakum KALIN, DEBRA ANN, Kansas City. MO KALTEYER, STEPHEN F.. Midland KANTER. SHELLY SUE. Austin KASPAR. MICHAEL JOSEPH. Taylor KAUFMAN. MICHAEL LAWRENCE. Dallas KEATING. VIOLETA ELIZABETH. Houston KEENAN, DANIEL B., Charlotte, NC KEETON, ANDREA SUE, Austin KELLAM, FREDERICK LEONARD. Austin KELLEY. JULIA ANN. Graham KELLY. GARY CLAYTON. San Antonio KELLY. SUSAN LEE. Bay City KENDRICK. SUE ANN. Waco KENNEDY. ALFONSO JR., Austin KENNEDY, GEORGE LEON, Texarkana KENNEDY, KAREN JEAN, Houston KENNEDY. PATRICK ALAN. San Antonio KENNEDY. ROBERTA BASKERVILLE. Crockett KENT, MARY ELIZABETH. Houston KEY. KAREN ELIZABETH, Dallas KIDD, MADELYN ANN. Austin KIESTER. GALE ANN. Plainview KINCHELOE. ROBERT WELDON. Vernon KING. KATHERINE GAVIN. San Antonio KINZLER. NANCY GRIFFITH. Seabrook KIPP. CYNTHIA GAIL, Austin KIRKPATRICK, JAMES ROBERT. Houston KIRSHENBAUN. CAREN SUE. Dallas KISER. METTA ANNE. Houston KITOWSKI. GAIL MARIE, Houston •fc. i ' ll fit Sophomores KLATT. MICHAEL R., Waco KLEIN. LORI KATHLEEN. Tomball KLEYPAS. CERALYN KAY. Lake Jackson KLINGINSMITH. GREGORY ELLIS. San Antonio KLINKSIEK, SYLVIA ANN. Fredericksburg KLUMP. DELBERT CRAIG. Navasota KNUE. MERRY LUSCAINE. Austin KOBER. KARILYN EVE, Waterloo. lA KOCH. RHONDA DENISE, Arlington KOFAHL. LLOYD EDWARD JR.. Dallas KOKAS. ROSE KATHERINE. Bellaire KONCEWICZ. ANNA HELEN. Dallas KONVICKA, LINDA MARIE. Austin KORNDORFFER, WILLIAM E. III. Dickinson KOTZUR. JOHN JAMES. Karnes City KRAHL. ELLEN LOUISE. Houston KRAL. JEANETTE EDITH. Corsicana KRAMER. LINDA LYNN. Wichita Falls KREMPEL. MARIVIV. San Antonio KRIGER. LAURIE SUE. Memphis, TN KRIZOV, CLAIR ELIZABETH, Austin KROST, MICHAEL DAVID, Houston KRUEGER, ELIZABETH SARAH. Pasadena KRUMHOLZ. MIRA PEARL. Houston KRUMHOLZ. PEARLYNNE. Bay City KUBALA. STEPHANIE JEAN. Austin KUEBLER. JOHN ADAM. Pasadena HlHfH fill I i r v ■i $ 618 — Sophomores !■ .®.1.S.f KURTZ. DAVID MARCUS. Dallas KYLE. DEBORAH LEE. Hunlsvillo LACKEY. KATHY JANE. Dallas LAFOSSE. GAIL ANN. Baytown LANCASTER. DEBORAH JANE. San Anionio LANGSTON. LA VERNE MAXINE. Villajic Mills LARUE. JAMES KEITH. Baylown LATCHAM. FREDERICK CHARLES 111. BiM ' villi! LAUTEN. SUZAN KAY. Dallas LAWRENCE. BRIAN |AMES. Au.stin LEA. STEVEN C;ERARD, Houslon LEDERER. MARIORIE SUSAN. Houslon LEE. DONALD WEI. Hou,slon LEE. TIMOTHY DE. Kansas City. MO LEFKOWITZ. MARC. Houslon LEHMUSVIRTA. LINDA LYNN. Dallas LEMIEUX. MICHELLE ELIZABETH. Houslon LENARD. KENNETH IVA. Bcaumonl LEROUX. PHILLIP EDMOND. Argyln LESHIKAR. MICHAEL |AMES. Taylor LETSOS. MARK STEVEN. Houslon LEVELL. EDWARD FRANK. Dallas LEVINE. ROBERT LLOYD. Corpus Chrisli LEVY. ALFRED EDUARDO. Dallas LEVY. FRADA MIRA. Dallas LEWIS. BARBARA |ANE. Houslon LEWIS. CRAIG HARBERT. Dallas LEWIS. CAY SUZANNE. Austin LEWIS. RICKY RAY. Temple LINDSEY. SAMUEL LEWIS JR.. Austin LINEBACK. CAROL ANN. Austin LIPKIN. SONDRA ANN. Dallas LIPSCOMB. BARBARA JANE. Pa.sadena LIPSKY. JENIECE ELLEN. Prairie Villaije. KS LISKA. PAMELA KATHERINE. Karnes City LITTLE. CAROL LYNNE. Fori Worth LOCKHART. CLIFFORD NEAL. Austin LODOWSKI. JOHN WILLIAM. Dallas LOGHRY. SUSAN LYN NE. Rockport LOHR. BETH CHRISTINE. Garland LONGINO. GREGORY LLOYD. Corsieana LOPEZ. ANGELITA R.. San Anionio LOPEZ. JULIAN TREVINO. Uvalde LOPEZ. MELVA G.. Harlingen LOVEN. PATRICIA ANN. San Antonio LOVETT. ANN. San Anionio LOZANO. YOLANDA DEE. San Anionio LUDWIG. JANIS KAY. San Anionio LUHNING. JOHN DANIEL. Dickinson LUTZ. CYNTHIA DAWNN. Midland LYNCH. ROBERT ALEXANDER JR.. Houslon LYON. VICKl JO. Dallas MACK. GREGORY ROBERT. Austin MADDEN. WALES HENDRIX 111. Amarillo MADDOX. EXTON N.. Dallas MAHAFFEY. LORRAINE. Houston MAHRER. WILLIAM LAWRENCE. Greenville MAJORS. FRANCES SUZANNE. San Aptonio MALDONADO. ALMA LETICIA. San Antonio MALLINI. CHARLES JOSEPH. Galveston MANAHAN, PATRICIA ANN. Austin MARCHBANKS. GREGORY SCOTT. Houston MARES. MIROSLAVA MEDINA, Kintjsville MARKUS. GEORGE MICHAEL. Austin MARLING. NANCY JANE. Austin MARSH. DON WESLEY. Burleson MARSHALL. HAROLD FRANKLIN. Midland MARTELL. EILEEN BETH. Yonkers. NY MARTER. NANCY LOU. Houslon MARTIN. DIANE SUE. Dallas MARTIN. FRED D.. Anglelon Sophomores MARTIN. JAMES ALAN, Wichita Falls MARTIN. KAREN ELAINE. Houston MARTIN. ROBERT GRISHAM. Anglclon MARTINEZ. ELIZABETH ANN. San Antonio MARTINEZ. SARA ALICIA. Laredo MASSINGILL. BERNA LINDA. Fort Worth MATCEK. GEORGE WILSON. Houston MATTHEW. TERRI LYNN. Yoakum MAURY. CAROL AUGUSTA. Houston MAYER. SUSAN LYNNE. Aledo McAFEE. LAWRANCE WILEY, Houston McAULEY. ANDRYA FAITH. Corpus Christ! McBRIDE. MARILYNN. Dickinson McCAMMON. CATHERINE ANN. Marble Falls McCARTY. DENISE MAURTEAL. Victoria McCAULEY. KATHLEEN ANN. Houston McCLASKEY. EVITA SUZANNE. Goliad McCLAUCHERTY. KATHLEEN. San Antonio McCLENDON. TRAVIS CARL. Austin McCLINTOCK. MELINDA KAY. Beeville McCOY. PAMELA GAYE. San Antonio McCRAINE. CYNTHIA LEE. Dayton McCULLOCH. MARK REYNOLDS. Dallas McCULLOUGH. CHERYL LANE. Gonzales McDonald. EVAN EDWARD jr.. Portland McDowell. TERESSA ANNE. Copperas Cove McFADDEN. DEBORAH LYNN. Fort Worth McFALL, PAMELA ANN. Houston McFARLAND. MICHAEL ALLEN. Pleasanton McGARRY. MARGARET MARY. New Orleans. LA McGAUGH. SUSAN CAROL. Houston McGlNLEY. LINDSEY |0. Hurst McGONIGLE. CATHERINE ANN. Houston McGOUGH. RICHARD LEE. Emmet. AR MclLHANY. JULIANA. San Antonio McKINLEY.MELANIELORA.Pearsall McKlNLEY. THERESA LORENA. Uvalde McLaughlin. LINDA K., New Braunfels McLaughlin. MARY ELLEN. Houston McLELLAN. THOMAS JACK, Arlington McLEMORE. DENISE. Irving McLEROY. KATHLEEN, Gainesville McMILLON, STEVEN LEE. DeKalb McMULLEN. JULIE ANN. Houston McNEILL. JANET LEE. Houston Mcpherson. JOHN cook. Fort Worth McRAE. MARGARET ANN. Houston McROBERTS. DAVID. Houston MEALER, MELISSA ANN, Fort Worth MEANS. GERRY ANN. Denison MECHLER. DIANA KATHERINE. Houston MENENDEZ. JOSEFINA MARIA. Terrell MERCER. MACK EDWIN. Fort Worth MESSER. JERIE CLAIRE. Austin METZGER, KAREN ELIZABETH. Dallas MEYER. DIANA RACHEL. New Orleans. LA MEYER. JANELLE. Baytown MEYER. MARK DOUGLAS. Beeville MEYER. SHARON ANN. Austin MEYERSON. MICHAEL H.. San Antonio MEZZETTI. CLAIRE LOUISE. San Antonio MiCK. KATHERINE ANNETTE. Sinton MILLER, GREGORY PAUL. Houston MILLER, MARSHA, Bellaire MILLER, NANCY LEE, Arlington MILLER, RICHARD WARD, Crane MILLER, SHERALYN O ' HARA, Dallas MILLER, STEPHEN BRUCE, El Paso MINOR, KATHY ELLEN, Austin MISNER, MICHAEL RICHARD, San Antonio MITCHELL. TERRY EUGENE. Fort Stockton MOELLER. DONNA LOU. Austin MOFFETT. DONALD GOODWIN. San Antonio MOI. LYNN DIANE. Dallas MONAHAN. JAMES PATRICK. Fort Worth MONROE. DONNA, Terrell MONTEMAYOR, MELINDA YANEZ, Austin MOODY, LINDA GEAN, Lamesa MOORE, DAVID GLEN, Midland MOORE, DIANE, Austin MOORE, NANCY ALLEYN. San Antonio MOORE. PAUL STEPHEN. Austin MOORE. THERESA AGNES. Houston MORGAN, GARY CHARLES, San Antonio MORGAN. MARK LLOYD. Andrews MORGAN, MARY KATHERINE, Austin MORRIS. BARRY WILLIAM. Spring MORRIS. KATHRYN ELAINE. Alice MORRIS. LINDA LOUISE. Dallas MORRIS. STERLING McKINLEY. Amarillo MORTON. RICHARD KELLOGG. Conroe MOSSBERG. VIRGINIA MARIE. Austin MOTHERSOLE, DAVID SCOTT, Fort Worth MUDD, PAMELA ANN, Houston MULCIHY, CASEY THOMAS, Freeport MUNCEY, THOMAS ALLEN, Houston MUNCY. BRENDA ANNE. Garland MUNIR. PATRICIA SUE. Euless MUNTZ. DEBRA KAY. Tyler 620 — Sophomores i P ilHf GHf 00 MURDOCH, MARIE ANN. Fort Hood MURRAY. |OHN EDWARD. Dallas MURRAY. LUCY AILEEN. Houston MURRAY. NANCY JEANNE. Greenville MURRELL. JAMES EDWARD. Gilmer MUSGROVE. DANA DALE. Corpus Christi MUSTACHIO. MICHAEL JAMES. Houston MYERS. LAWRENCE RICHARD. Houston MYRICK. JANA DEE. McCamcy NAWROCKI. LYNN BARBARA. Pasadena NEAL. DEBORAH LYNN. Waco NELSON. ALEXANDER DUNCAN. Comfort NELSON. VICKI LYNN. Greenville NEMKY. CAROL JEAN. San Antonio NEUMAN. DENISE KAREN. Austin NEY. JUDITH RAE. Beaumont NICHOLS. ANTHONY ALAN, Arlington NICHOLS. RENEE LYNN. Scottsboro. AL NICHOLSON. WILLIAM HENRY. Cumberland, MD NIEMANN. LINDA LEE. Austin NOACK. CARLA LOUISE. Austin NOLAND, MARY ANN. San Antonio NORTHINGTON. DIANA LYNN. Midland NUNEZ. GONZALO FRANCISCO. Rockaway. NJ NUNN. BARBARA, Arlington O ' BRIEN, WILLIAM JOSEPH III, Nassau Bay ODONNELL, DEBORAH JEAN, Houston OHARA, RICHARD MICHAEL, Dallas OKSNER, LESLYE RAE, Dallas OLANDER, MARIBETH. Houston OLES. CHARLES PATRICK, Amarillo OLIVER, JANE MARIE, Dallas OLIVER, SARAH ANN, Groesbeck OLIVER, WILLIAM RICHARD, Junction OSBORNE, MAURA ELLEN, San Antonio OSWALD, JANICE GAIL, Houston Sophomores nssn f uraPBi sisniBi OTT, KENNETH TATE, Houston OTTMANN, JEFFRY DONALD, Midland OTTO, MARGARET JEAN, Dallas OWEN. DAVID MICHAEL. Houston PAAPE, CATHERINE ANN, Houston PACIOTTI, CATHERINE CLEARY, Corpus Christi PACK, CATHERINE ANN, Pasadena PAGET-CLARKE, JANE, Houston PALMER, DEBORAH LYNNE, Lawton, OK PALMER, SHARON ANNETTE, San Antonio PARKER, JANE LYNN, Port Arthur PARKER, MARY ELIZABETH, Grand Prairie PARKER, RUSSELL BRUCE, Comanche PARKS, SANDRA LEIGH, San Antonio PARMA, MICHAEL JOSEPH. San Antonio PARNELL, JOAN WADE, Houston PARSLEY, SHARON STRAKE, Houston PARSONS, BETTY SUSAN, Georgetown PARSONS, GEORGE THOMAS III, Houston PATTERSON, ELLEN JEAN, Houston PATTERSON, MARY MIGNETTE, Austin PATTON, ELIZABETH MARIE, Baytown PAULL, ANDREA, Hammonton, NJ PAYNE, REBECCA LYNN, Enid, OK PEARSON, GARY PINKNEY, Houston PECHAL, CONSTANCE ANN. La Grange PECORE. RICHARD BRUCE. Spring PELTON, BART ALLEN, Fort Worth PENCE, TERRY ALLEN, Austin PENNOCK, DIANA GALE, Edinburg PERDUE, CHARLES BRADLEY, Dallas PEREZ, CELESTE ANNE, San Diego PERKINS, PATRICIA KAY, Pasadena PESCHKE, KATHY ANN. Austin PETERS, CONRAD ADOLPH, Galveston PETTERSON, DAVID GLEN, Houston PETERSON, ELAYNE MARIE, Austin PETRUZZI, JOHN MICHAEL, Houston PETTY, RANEY DALE, Victoria PFEFFER, KIRK MATTHEW, Houston PHELAN, LISA CAROL, San Antonio PHILLIPS, ANNE CATHERINE, Galveston PHILLIPS, REBECCA LOU, San Antonio PHILLIPS, MARVIN STANLEY, Portland PHILLIPS, SUZANNE, Lewisville PIERSON, KERRY BRUCE, Richardson PIKE. DIANNE, San Antonio PITCAIRN, CHRISTOPHER S.. Corpus Christi PITCEL, BLANE NEIL, Dallas PITTS, DONNA RUTH, Dallas PLISZKA, STEVEN R., Houston POARCH, GREGORY ALAN, Richmond POLLOCK, LAWRENCE S. Ill, Dallas POSEY, GREGORY EWING J., Houston POTTER, JOHN RICHARD, Amarillo POWELL, DANA MICHAEL, Austin POWER, JOHN MICHAEL, Brovi ' nsville PRICE, DON HERBERT, Dallas PRIDDY, BARBARA R.. Midland PROPST. DOROTHY MARGARET. Seguin PRUETT. JANA KAROL. Kilgore PRUITT, EDDIE CLAY. Vernon QUINN, FRANK DAY, Uredo I Sophomores — 621 RABORN. POLLY ESTELLE. Houston RAIN, CATHY ANN. Houston RALSTON. PAUL C. Corsicana RAMIREZ. DIANA ELVA. Laredo RAMIREZ. SAMUEL. Pearsall RAMOS. lOYCE ANN. San Antonio RANDOLPH. MELISSA LYN, Humble RANKIN. |OE HUNDLEY. Fort Worth RANLY. LARRY JAMES. Cor[)us Christ! RASBURY. DONALD W.. Terrell RASCHKE. FRED DAVID. Lubbock RAY. SUE ANN. Marshall REED. EVA LAURIE. Au.slin REICHSTEIN. KAREN SUE. Galveston REILLY. SUSAN WEBB, McLean. VA REIMAN. REBECCA ANN. Austin RENFRO. ARTHUR FRED JR.. Decatur RENSHAW. KATHY ANN. Decatur RENTFRO. DANIEL LINDSAY. Brownsville REYNOLDS. JAMES FRED, Van Horn RICHARD. ANTHONY GERARD II. Austin . mms Sophomores RICHARDSON, JAMES PARMER. Dallas RIDDLE. MARGARET N.. Longview RIGGS. ELIZABETH ANN. Houslon RILLING. DAVID C.. San Anionic RIOS. RAUL. Hondo RIOS. YVONNE YOLANDA. San Diego ROACH, BRUCE DEE. Arlington ROBERTS. ELIZABETH ANN. Dallas ROBERTS, MINDY RACHEL, Houston ROBERTS, PATRICIA ALICE, Dallas ROBERTSON, CRAIG BRYAN. Las Vegas, NV ROBERTSON. NANCY LOUISA. Burnet ROBINSON. XANNA LEE. Dallas ROBIRDS. STEPHEN DALE. Houston ROBLES. KAREN DARLENE. Sequin ROCHELLE. LAURA ELIZABETH. Texarkana RODRIGUEZ. MARICELA. McAUen RODRIGUEZ. ROBERTO. Harlingen ROESSLER. LENNIS ELIZABETH. Houston ROESSLER. NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston ROLAND. SUSAN. U Feria ROOSEVELT. EDITH ADELE. Galveston ROSE. DAVID EDGAR. Dallas ROSEN. ANDREA SUE. Wichita. KS ROSEN. MELISSA EILEEN. Houston ROSENBLOOM. JUDY LEE. Houston ROSENBLUM. HOWARD WALDER. Bogalusa. LA Sophomores 11 !fPHi ROSENFELD. KATHY LYNN. Sugar Land ROSENTHAL. DENA HEIDI. Fort Worth ROSS. MELISSA MARIE. Tyler ROSSI. CATHERINE ANN. Pasadena RUBIN. ALAN JAY. Dallas RUBY. JOAN ELIZABETH. Austin RUDE. KAREN BETH. Dallas RUNZE, TERESA LOUISE. Sunnyvale. CA RUSHEFSKY, LAURA. Houston RUSSELL. BYRON CHARLES. Santa Barbara. CA RYAN. TIMOTHY WAYNE. Odem SABRSULA. DEBRA LYNN. Simonlon SAENZ. DANIEL C. Laredo SANDERS. BONNIE JEANNE. Houston SANDERS. KARLA GAYLE. Humble SALINAS. RICHARD. Austin SAMPSON. DEMETRIS AQUILLA. Center SANSING. TOM BOSTIC. Austin SARIPKIN. INA ELISE. Memphis. TN SCARBOROUGH. COLEEN SUE. Houston SCHERER. JOHN EDWIN. Midland SCHERO. ROBERT JOE JR.. San Antonio SCHERZINGER. AUDREY KARINNE. Houston SCHIFFEL. FRANK JR.. San Francisco, CA SCHMIDT, BETTY JEWEL, Austin SCHMIDT, EWING ELIZABETH, Amarillo SCHULTZ, CYNTHIA ANN. U Grange SCHWARTZ. LAURA JEANNE, Austin SCHWARTZ. PHYLLIS CAROL. Mobile. AL SCHWARZER, WILLIAM DAVID III, Austin SCROGIN, JOHN M. III. Midland SEARS. LAURA LEA. Dallas SEIDEL. KATHY JUNE. San Angelo SEIDULE. GERALYN ELAINE. Lake Jackson SEILER. SUSAN DIANE. Duncanville SEITZMAN. HOWARD STEVEN. San Antonio SELLY, TIMOTHY PATRICK. Dallas SEMKE. JANIE LOU, Richardson SHADROCK, JUDITH ANN, San Antonio SHANNON, REBEKAH LYNNE, Dallas SHARON. DONNIEGENE. Houston SHAUB. MICHAEL KENNETH. Houston SHAW. BRYAN ROBERT. Lubbock SHEFFIELD. DEBRA LYNNE. San Antonio SHELBY. DONNA BETH. Houston SHELTON. AUBREY JOHN JR.. Texas City SHERMAN. ELIZABETH ANN. Dallas SHIELDS. SARAH MARGARET. Abilene SHILSTONE. HERBERT MAX. Houston SHOCKLEY. lENNIFER ANN. Dallas SHOCKLEY, STEWART W,. Shawnee Mission. KS SIEGEL. MERRILL DREW. Dallas SIMMONS. SUSAN ANNETTE. Piano SIMPSON. MARTHA LOUISE. Sinlon SIMS, SUZANNE FRANCES, San Antonio SINGER. JUDITH ANNE. LaPlace. LA SINGER. MADELYN SUE. Fort Worth SINGLETARY. DAVID GEORGE. Austin SINGLETON. ORA SUE. Pasadena SINIARD, CYNTHIA ANN. Dallas SIPES. TERESA GAIL. Longview SITTERLE. JILLANA CELESTE. Houston SKINNER. MICHAEL DOUGLAS. Houslon SLATOR. DOROTHY STEVENSON. Houslon SLAUGHTER. JANET RUTH. Dallas SLAUGHTER. MEIRA BESS. Euless SMITH. ADELAIDE F. B.. Austin SMITH. BARBARA JEAN. Beaumont SMITH. CARLTON DEAN. Round Mountain SMITH. CYNTHIA ELAINE. Fort Worth SMITH. GEORGE CRAIG. Brielle, NJ SMITH, LINDA NAN, San Antonio f Sophomores — 623 SMITH. MARK KEVIN. Austin SMITH. SAMUEL CHRISTOPHER. San Antonio SMITH. SHERYL LYNN. Dallas SMITH. WALLY DAVID. Huuston SONLEITNER. KAREN MARIE. Houston SORRELL. ADRIAN LLOYD. Hondo SOUSARES. lUDY KATHRYN. Austin SOWARD, SUSAN |AN. Houston SPALDING, lUDITH M.. San Antonio SPANGLER. DEBRA RUTH. Austin SPARKS. DOUGLAS SAMUEL. Dallas SPARKS. GLENN CALVIN. Texas City SPEIGHTS. LOIS ELIZABETH. Houston SPENCER. STEPHEN WATSON, Amarillo SPILLER. MARY M., Austin SPRING, ESTHER, Lufkin STALLER, SUE, El Campo STANBERY, MARGARET |ANE, Houston STANLEY, AMY ELIZABETH, Houston STANTON. |UDY KAY, Austin STARK, PETER MARK, Garland STARTZ, JOHN DAVID, Groves STEEPLER, STEPHANIE ANN. Baytown STEIN. DEBRA KAY, Houston STEINBERG. DEBRA GAIL, Dallas STEMBRIDGE, ANN CAROL, Gilmer STEPHENS, KING S. JR.. Galveston STPEHENS, WALTER DAVID, Lufkin STERN, DEBORAH RUTH, Birmingham, AL STERN, PAUL ALBERT, San Antonio STEWARD, SHERRY LYNN, Florissant, MO STEWART, NANCY GAIL, Dallas ST. |OHN, DANA LOUISE, Fori Worth STOCKER, BRONSON |., Fort Worth STOLBUN, MARLENE, Houston STOLLE, MAUREEN CARMEN, San Antonio STOLLENWERCK, CAROL BROOKE, Dallas STOLNACKE, PAUL NORMAN, Houston STONE, AULBERT PRESTON [R.. Sulphur Springs STORY. DAVID BRUCE, Houston STRAWMYER, lEFFREY FIELD, Houston STREIT, VIVIAN AUDREY, Houston SUDDERTH, SANDI, Comanche SUFFREDINI, TERESA P., Corpus Christi SUGAREK, SUSAN KAY, Skidmore SUGGS, CAROLYN, Dallas SULLIVAN, DARLENE FAY, Austin SUMMERS, DIANA GAIL, San Angelo SWANSON, EDITH SUZANNE, Houston SWEETEN, BARBARA ANNE, San Antonio SWENSEN, CHERYL JEAN, Pearland SWOPE, JAY MITCHELL, Harlingen SWOPE. RANDALL LAMOYNE, Seguin SYPHERS, SUE ELLEN. Austin BfHSP f § I ' l IfSLf l Sophomores TATE, SARAH KAY, Houston TAYLOR, LISA ELAINE, Dallas TAYLOR, PAMELA ANN, Garland TAYLOR, TERRY JEAN, Marshall TEACHOUT, JOHN SCOT, Houston TEAGUE, SHERRY ANNETTE, Spring TEEL, JAMES CECIL JR.. Huntington Beach, CA TEEPLE, RHONDA GAIL, Lockney TEMPLE, MARY VIRGINIA, Lufkin TENNANT, ALLYN F. JR ,. Clearwater, FL THACKER, ANN LEIGH, San Antonio THAXTON, MARGARET ELAINE, Dallas THIBODEAU, JACK TRADER, Corpus Christi THOMAS, LARRY LEON. Garland THOMPSON, BARTT GREGORY, Fort Worth THOMPSON, JAMES MICHAEL. Austin THOMPSON, SHIRYL LOUISE, Fort Worth THORNE, LEWIS SAMUEL, San Antonio THREET, JOHN THOMAS, Fori Worth TIDWELL, BEVERLY ANN, Austin TIEBER, TRINA KAY, Dallas TILLEY. GWENDOLYN MERCY, Fort Worth TINDALL, JOHN SCOTT, Fort Worth TIPTON, JOHN DAVID, Houston TOBOLOWSKY, MYRA, Dallas TOBOLOWSK Y, TED NATHAN. Dallas TOLBERT, JULIE ELIZABETH, Austin TOLEDANO, SUZETTE DIANE, New Orleans, LA TORITTO, JOANNE MARIE, San Antonio TOVAR, JOE LUIS, Donna TRAMPE, KIMBERLY ANN, Louisville, KY TRAVIS, BARRY SANFORD, Austin TREVINO, GUADALUPE GERARDO. Harlingen TRIMARCHI, GREGORY C, Galveston TUCKER, ELIZABETH LOUISE. Corpus Christi TUCKER. SUZANNE, Baytown TUFFLY, LESLIE MARIE. Houston TUMULTY, KAREN EMILY, San Antonio TURBEVILLE, MARY JAYNE, Dallas TURMEL, DENISE LANELL. Houston TURNBOUGH, MELANIE BETH, Balmorhea TURNER, PATRICIA ANABELLE, Fort Worth TURPIN, KATHRYN LEE, Corpus Christi TUTTLE, TERRY LEE, Austin TYLER, TRAGI JO, Dallas 624 — Sophomores I pnon TYNAN. ELIZABETH KAYE. San Anionio UMPHRES, PHILLIP CARL Amarillo UTESCH, KAREN MARIE. Brenham VACULA. MARILYN FRANCES. West PoinI VADEN. FLOYD LEONARD III. Corpus Chrisli VANEK. MARTHA ANN. Piano VASSALLO. SHARMAN. Dallas VERBLE. SEDELTA D.. Burkburnell VERNON. DEBORAH ANN. Houston VERTREES. MARIANNE. Austin VESPER. MICHAEL DAVID. Port Arthur VEST. JANET MARIE. Houston VILLARREAL. SYLVIA. Corpus Chrisli VON BLON. MICHAEL P.. Houston VYVJALA. DAVID CHARLES. Smilhville WADLEY. LINDA KATHRYN. Dallas WAGNER. MARIAN JOHNSON. Corpus Christi WALLACE. R. STUART. Piano WALTON. KERRY WAYNE. Humble WALTRIP. B. A. JR.. Austin WAND. STEVEN MICHAEL. Piano WANT A. JACQUELINE MARY, Houston WASHINGTON, DEBORAH EARL, DiboU WATKINS. CORINNE ELIZABETH. Austin WATSON. KATHRYN ANN, Dallas WEBB, KIM CARVEL. Houston WEBSTER, GEORGIA KAYE. Lake Jackson WEINGARTEN. SHELLEY, Houston WEISSLER. NANCY MARIE, San Anionio WELLS, LYNDON STANLEY, Dallas WERCHAN, PAUL MICHAEL. Austin WERKENTHIN. REBECCA LEIGH. Austin WEST. lAYNE ELAINE, Austin WHEAT, ELIZABETH ANN. Woodville WHEELER. PATRICIA DIANE. Houston WHITE. LESA CAROL, Houston WHITE, MARILYN ANN, Lufkin WHITE. PHILIP BENJAMIN. Houston WHITE, SHARON LYNN, Van WHITED, THOMAS FRANCIS, Austin WHITLEY, TRACEY. Midland WHITNEY, ROBERT GENE. Corpus Christi WHITSON. GREGORY RAY. Dallas WIED. MELBA ANICE, Garwood WIENER. CYNTHIA JEAN. Austin WIGGANS, RICHARD MASON. Dallas WILBORN, WILLIAM BRICE, Houston WILKINS, AMY KAY, Houston WILKINSON. DEBORAH A.. Seabrook WILL, CLARK BRADFORD, San Antonio WILLARD. MARY BETH. Henderson WILLIAMS. ANDREA RUTH. San Antonio WILLIAMS. ANN GERTRUDE. Garwood WILLIAMS. BARBARA JANN. Austin Sophomores W f BSI iH RiUPB WILLIAMS. CYNTHIA ANNE. Baytown WILLIAMS. EDMUND P. IV, Corpus Christi WILLIAMS. GLENDA KAYE. Dallas WILLIAMS. MARILYN KAY, Tyler WILLIAMS, MARY PATRICIA, Victoria WILLIAMS, RUTH. Houston WILLIAMS, STEPHANIE KETHLEY, Austin WILLIAMSON. ROBIN. Austin WILLMAN. ADANA TERESA. Austin WILLMANN. DANA STEVEN. Lorena WILSON. BARBARA DENISE. Austin WILSON. BILLY WAYNE. Houston WILSON. GARY MARK. Austin WILSON, JEFF CHARLES. Galveston WILSON, KATHRYN MARY. Dallas WILSON, KATHY SUE, Alamo WINCHELL, LORI LOUISE, Garland WISRODT, LU ANNE, Galveston WITTSTRUCK. CLARKE K.. Waco WOLFE. STEVE ROBERT. Tyler WONG. GREG MING, Dallas WONG. JASON JEN. San Anionio WOOD, PAMELA RAE. Austin WOODS, PAMELA ANN. Fort Worth WOODWARD. LINDA ANN. Houston WOOMER. TERRI LYNN. Longview WORDEN, ELIZABETH ANN. Alice WORMSER, LEONARD VANCE, Lafayette, LA WRIGHT. GEOFFREY LEE, Amarillo WRIGHT, JANET LEE, Denton WUSTRAU, PATRICIA ANN, Austin WYLIE. BRADLEY LEON. Austin WYSONG. MARGARET ANN, Melissa YARBROUGH. STEPHEN JAMES. Houston YEAGER, RANDALL KEITH, Vernon YOUNG. MARGARET ANN. El Paso YOUNG. SHARON, Dallas YOUNG, STEPHEN CLAUDE. New Boston ZAREMBA. CHERYL ANN. Austin ZEGLIN, ROSANNE ELIZABETH, Baytown ZEIHER, LAURA CLAIRE, Dallas ZIENTEK, MICHAEL LESLIE, Bellaire ZION, MARK HAMILTON, Houston ZLOTNIK, TERRY. El Campo ZWIENER, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, Austin Sophomores — 625 (i2li — l- ' rcshmi ' ii innn ABRAHAM, LEIGH ANN. Baton Rouge. LA ACKERMANN. MARGUERITE JANET, Houston ADAMS. DONNA ELIZABETH. Houston ADAMS. FREDERICK SHIELDS JR.. Dallas ADDICKS. MARK WAYNE, Houston ADERHOLD, ROBIN ADELLE. Edinbuiij ADLER. BARRY ALAN, Tulsa, OK AGEE, BRUCE EDWARD. Hurst AGNELLO, LEONA ANN, Stafford AIKEN, ROBERT CODY, Houston AKIN, JOHN STEWART, Dallas ALLDAY, KATHERINE ANNE, Midland ALLEN, CHARLES ROBERT |R., Linden ALLEN, ELIZABETH SUSAN, Garland ALLEN, GWENDOLYN JOYCE, Brenham ALLEN, HENRY KIPER JR., Temple ALLEN, JOHN FRANKLIN JR„ Kaufman ALLEN, MARGIE ELIZABETH, Houston ALTER, BRIAN REID, Beaumont ALTWEIN, SHARON ANNE, Houston AMES, JOHN YOUNG, San Antonio ANAGNOS, PHYLLIS CATHY, Austin ANDERSON, CLENNA SUZETTE. Dallas ANDERSON, MARY ALICE, Austin ANDREWS, CAROL JEAN, Austin ANDREWS, MARY LOU, Houston ANDREWS, REGINA CAROL, Fort Worth ARCHER, LINDA SUSAN, Houston ARMISTEAD, HENRY HUNT. Fort Worth ARNETT, DARWIN PHILIP. Lufkin ARNOLD, MELVIN KRIS, Mt. Pleasant ASHTON, PATRICIA ANN, Fort Worth ATKINSON, LACY CLAIRE, Pasadena ATSINGER, TERRY LYNN, Houston ATTAL, DEBORAH ANN, Austin ATTERIDG, BARBARA JOAN, Houston AVANT, JIM FORREST, Dilley AVANT, ROBERT FRANKLIN, Austin AVANT, SARA SUE, Dallas AVIS, PATRICIA PEARL, Houston AXELRAD, STEWART RANDALL, Houston AYARS, DAVID ALAN, Austin AYERS, JAMES WILLIAM JR„ Austin AYERS. SUSAN JANE, Falfurrias BAILES, JOSEPH SWITZ, Jefferson BAILEY, WILLIAM EDWARD, Fort Worth BAIRD, ERIC ROBB, Fort Worth BAKER. CAROL SUE, McKinncy BAKER, DOUGLAS WILLIAM, Baytown BALBOA, ROSE ELIZABETH, Austin BALDERAS, DANIEL JR., San Antonio BALDWIN, MARILYN, Longview BANKHEAD, STACY RENEE, Carthage BARBEE, KARON GRACE. EI Campo BARENBLAT. BRUCE ALLEN. San Antonio BARGMANN. KRISTINA MARIE. Dallas BARKER. KATHERINE EVE. Fort Worth BARNARD. BRIAN DUVAL. Hobbs. NM BARNARD. JOHN ROBERT. Dallas BARNARD. SHANNON, Wichita Falls BARNER. YOLANDA KAY. Fort Worth BARNETT. PATRICIA A.. Bowie BARR. SHARON DIANNE. Austin BARR, THOMAS BRIAN, Houston BARRIENTOS, JOSEPH JESSE JR., Laredo BARTLETT, SANDRA LYNN, Lake Jackson BASQUINE, DORIS ANN, Beaumont BASSE. SUSAN HERTHA, Albert BATEY, CHARLES ROBERT, Lockhart BATTEN, DEBORAH LYNN, Sugar Land BAUMAN, EDWIN RUDOLPH II, Amarillo BAUMSTIMLER. DANIEL BERNARD, Odessa BAZALDUA, SELMA PATRICIA, Laredo BEAN, MELISSA ANNE, Houston BECKER, PATRICIA ANN, Waco BECKER, THOMAS SPENCER, Houston BEDRICK, BARBARA ANN, Kaufman BEERBOWER, JOHN DAVID, Houston BEESON, LAURETTE HARMON, Houston BEGIEN, CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Houston BEHRENS, ANDREA JOY, Pasadena BELL, KAREN ELIZABETH, Edison BELL, KATHERINE LYNN, Corpus Chrisli BENEKE, JAMES ROBERT, Richardson BERG, CAROL LOUISE, San Antonio BERG, GARY DONALD, Houston BERGSTROM, RUSSELL WARREN, El Campo BERNARD, CINDY LOU, Houston BERRY, ANDREW JEREMIAH. Dallas BETTLE, JEROME ORD, Austin SETTLE, JONATHAN EDWARD, Austin BEXTEN, MARY ELIZABETH, San Antonio BEYER, MARJORIE JO, Houston BILLINGSLEY, CALLAN MITCHELL, Lake Jackson BING, MARTHA, Katy BISHOP, THEODORE A. Ill, Texas City BISHOP, WILLIAM DAVID, Houston BISNO, EDWARD JAY, Memphis, TN BISSONNETTE, MARY KIM, Dallas BLACK, PATRICIA GLYN, Burnet BLACK, REBECCA JEAN, Houston BLACK, THOMAS EUGENE JR„ Wichita, KS BLACKBURN, MICHAEL E., Aust:n BLACKWELL, LINDA SUZANNE, Houston BLAHA, GARY ARTHUR, Houston BLAKE, REBECCA ANN, Houston BLOOM, ILENE JOY, Memphis, TN BLUM, LYNDA EILEEN, Dallas Freshmen — 627 BLUNT. LYNN, Houston BOATRIGHT. PATSY ANN, Fort Worth BODZIN, MARK BRIAN, Dallas BOHL, GEORGE THOMAS, Jourdanlon BOLDING, STUART BRENT, Stamford BOLDT, ROBIN DENISE, San Antonio BOOE, MARTHA ANNE, Dallas BORREGO, CAROLINA, Houston BOSWELL, BRAD MASON. Houston BOUTTE. DEBORAH ELAINE. Beaumont BOWEN. REBECCA JANE. Houston BOWERS. DEBORAH CHERYL. Houston BOWERS. GREGORY PAUL. Houston BOXDORFER. CYNTHIA SUSAN, Dallas BRADDOCK, SUSAN LYNN, Dallas BRADEN, KENNETH BRUCE, Columbus BRAGG, DEOBRAH KAY, Arlington BRANDLE, BARBARA ANNE, Houston BRAWLEY, MARY PATRICIA, Dallas BRAY, THOMAS ROY, Houston BRAZELTON, lANE, Austin BREEN, KATHRYN JOAN, Denton BREWER, CHARLES ROLAND. Austin BREWER. VALERIE EATON. Houston BROCHSTEIN. MELANIE M., Houston BROOKS. MARK WAYNE. Belton BROWN. DAVID SAMUEL. Dallas BROWN. ELIZABETH ANN. Corsicana BROWN. JOANN PRISCILLA. Austin BROWN. LLOYD DOUGLAS. Houston BROWN. LOUISE CRAIG. Houston BROWN, PAMELA WRIGHT, Pittsburg BROWN, PATRICIA ANN, Del Valle BROWN, RHONDA CAROLE, Austin BROWN, ROBERT SCOTT, Austin BROWN, SHARON ANN, Kingsville BROWN, STEVEN SCOTT, Austin BROWN. SUSAN MARIE. Irving BROWN, TERESA JO, Houston BRUCE, LESLIE KAREN, Corpus Christi BRUNEMAN, STEVEN WALTER, Dallas BUCHHOLZ, BRAD ROBERT, Houston BUDNEK, LESLIE KAY, Orange BUFFALOE, DENIE DALE, Houston BULLARD. THOMAS LUCAS, San Antonio BULLION, THOMAS MONROE. Taylor BURGHER. DAVID WILLIAMS. Dallas BURKE. RORY ALAN. West Columbia BURLESON. LORI ANNE. Dallas BURNIM. WONDA ELISE, Teague BURNS. MARYLYN DAUBETTE. La Marque BURRIS. BARRETT HOLLAND. Alice BURROUGHS. CHARLENE C. El Paso BURROUGHS. WANDA LYNELL. Dallas BURRUS. CONSTANCE ANNE. Dallas BUSCH. CRAIG ALLEN. Houston CALDWELL. LAURA C. Denton CALLAHAN. DAVID JAMES. San Antonio CAMP, CAROLYN GARDNER, Houston CAMPBELL. BRETT CARLTON. Dallas CAMPBELL. MARK K., Clifton CAMPBELL, MICHAEL MASON, Gretna, LA CAMPBELL, TERRI DENISE, Garland CAMPBELL, THOMAS LEE, Amarillo CAMPOS, SYLVIA T., San Antonio CANADA, MEREDITH LYNETTE, Woodville CANALES, NELDA EMMA, Hebbronville CANGELOSI, MARY KATHERINE, Stafford CANTRELL, MARY ELIZABETH, Houston CANTU, GEORGE, Raymondville CARBONE, FRANCES ANNE, Dallas CARDENAS, REBA CINTHIA, Brownsville CARGILE, PAULA ANN, Austin CARL, BONNIE LEE, San Antonio CARMINATl. DIANE, Montague CARMONA, MICHAEL RAYE, Galveston CARPENTER, KATHERINE GAIL, Dallas CARR, KATHRINE SHARLENE, Conroe CARR, SAMUEL HUNT. Houston CARRANZA, MARY JEAN, Houston CARRILLO, ALICE DENISE, San Antonio CARRIS, ROBERT CHARLES, Dallas CARROLL, ROGER GREG, Garland CASHION, JOYCE EVELYN, College Station CASKEY, LIZABETH ANN, Cleburne CASTANEDA, REGINA MARIE, Austin CASTANIAS, SCOTT ALAN, Friendswood CASTILLE, EMILY ANN, Houston CAUSEY, GARY KEITH, Garland CAUSSEY, NANCY JANE, Midland CAVAZOS. MARIA TERESA. Corpus Christi CEARLEY. NANCY JANE. Houston CENTILLl. MARY KATHRYN, Del Rio CERMIN, JOYCE ANNE, San Antonio CERVENKA, KENNETH JAMES, Waco CHAFFIN. DONNA JEAN. Austin CHAN. STEPHEN ASHON. Dallas CHAPIN, DAVID EMMETT, Houston CHAPMAN, PATTON CHASTAIN, Dallas CHAPMAN, THADDEUS BOSWELL, Fort Worth CHARLES, JANET ILEAN, San Antonio CHATAS. KATHERINE LUCIA, Houston CHERNOFF, MICHELLE JOYCE, Waco CHESTER, TRACY ANN, McAllen CHIMENE, JULIUS BAUM, Houston CHIONSINl. DUSKY LYNN. Austin CHISM. SHARITTA GALE, Dallas CHRISTESSON. JANET LYNN. Midland 628 — Freshmen CHRISTIAN. DAVID BRUCE, Texas Cily CHRISTMAN, GEOFFREY LEE. Universal City CISNEROS, NELDA S.. TafI CLARK. CLAUDIA RAE. Houslon CLAYTON, WILLIAM DAVID. EI Paso CLEGG. CATHY ELLEN. San Anlonio CLEVELAND. JAMES RANDALL. Dallas CLINE, CAROLYN RUTH, Garland CLOUSE. DONNA |EAN, Boerne COCHRAN, DEBORAH LOUISE, San AnlDnio COFFEY. MICHAEL ANDERSON. Houston COFFEY. RANDALL CRAIG, Fori Worth COGBURN, BRIAN, Houston COHEN, DEBORAH LOU, Jackson, MS COHEN, MARC BENNETT, Houslon COKER, TINA GLYN. Baytown COLGLAZIER. WILLIAM P., Houslon COLLIER. SUSAN JANIECE. HursI COLLINS. COLLEEN MARIELLEN, Austin COLLINS. DEBORAH LYNN. Austin COLLINS, DENISE JEAN, Fort Worth COLQUITT, RICHARD PAUL, Houslon CONE, BRENDA RAYE, Fort Worth CONLEY, KAREN SUE, Fort Worth CONNALLY, LESLIE WALTER. Dallas CONWELL. MARVILYN KAY. Dallas COOK. CONNIE GAIL. Texas City COOK. GARY ALLISON. Houston COOK. NINA JO. Dallas COONER. MICHAEL WARREN. Vernon COONEY, RONALD WILLIAM. Livinsston COOPER. GREGORY RAYMOND. Austin COOPER. KYLE ELAINE. Austin COOPER, THOMAS MOSELEY, Scarsdale. NY COPE, CARL EDWARD, Wallis CORBETT, DEAN CHARLES.. Taylor CORNELIUS. RICHARD E.. Houslon CORNETT. DAVID WAYNE. Amarillo CORNWELL. BILLY JOE JR.. Pasadena CORNWELL. KAY ELLEN. Des Moines. lA CORSE. RICKY CHARLES. Austin COSTELLO. MARY JANE. Houston COTLAR. TERRY JEAN. Houslon COTTON. MITZI ILENE. Birmingham. AL COUFAL. VICKI LYNN. Houslon COVINGTON. MARGARET ANNE. Port Arthur COWLING. REBECCA ANN. Kermit COX. KATHLEEN. Houslon CRAFT. SHERYL BERNICE. Fort Worth CRAVENS. VALERIE ANN. Taylor CRAWFORD. BARRY HILL. Dallas CRAWFORD. DEBORAH JOYCE. San Anlonio CRAWFORD. KIMBERLY ANN. Kermit CREEDEN. CAROLINE HERRISE. San Anlonio CRIER. JACK RURICK. Austin CROSBY. DOUGLAS RAY. Richardson CROWELL. BENSON McLANE. Houslon CROWLEY. CLAUDIA E.. Fort Worth CRUZ. AGUSTIN. La Feria CUENOD. DIANE MARIE. Houston GULP. CATHERINE SIGNE. Midland CUMMINGS. CAROLYN JOYCE. Houslon CUMMINGS, MEREDITH. Wichita Falls CURINGTON. EVE CATHERINE. Portland CURLIN. BARBARA LOREZ. EI Paso CURRAN. COLLEEN GEORGIANNA. Baytown CURRAN. MICHAEL JAMES. Dallas CURTIS. CYNTHIA ANNE. Houston DAGEL. TOMLINSON JOSEPH. Seguin DALE. JOHN ROBERT, Dallas DALLAS, STEPHEN DEWAYNE, Dallas DANCER, REECY LYNN. Dallas DANIEL. JAMES ROBERT. Brownsville DANIEL. KAREN ANN. Dallas DANTE. KAREN LYNN. Houslon DARBY. DIANE ELIZABETH. Lake Jackson DARDEN. JUANITA H.. Houston DARR. KATHLEEN ANNE. Houston DAUGETTE. FORNEY RUTLEDGE. Gadsden, AL DAVID. ALLEN DEMARET. New Braunfels DAVIDSON. GILDA JOYCE. Palestine DAVIDSON, NANCY ANN, Austin DAVIS, CARRIE LYNN. Alice DAVIS. GLENN THOMAS. Buda DAVIS. PAMELA LYNN. New Orleans. LA DAVIS. WILLIAM GREGORY. Houston DAWSON. MARK WAYNE. Odessa DAYE. JULIE. San Antonio DECOUX. JAN. Houslon DE LA GARZA. JAVIER ENRIQUE. Donna DELGADO. CELYNA DONNA. Austin DELGADO. NOEMI DOLORES. Corpus Christi DELMORE. MARTHA JANE. Houston DE LOACH. LINDA JANE. APO New York DEPEW. JOHN HENRY. Dallas DENN. BELINDA LEE. Bay City DESMOND. JAMES ALEXANDER. Houslon DEWEES. VERNON ROSS. Canyon DEWITZ. PAMELA JANE. Houslon DIAZ. ANNA MARIE. Mission DIAZ. ELENA. Kingsville DICKARD. PAUL DAVID. Houslon DICKERSON. SCOTT WELCH. Longview DILLARD. CATHY. Houston DIRIK. JOSEPH PAUL. Garland DISHMAN. WILLIAM ERNEST JR.. Garland DISHONGH. GARY RANDALL. Houston DIVINE, J. DOUGLAS. Austin Freshmen — 629 DOERING. ALLEN F., Galveston DONDLINGER, MELINDA JANE, Mission DONNELL, A. GAYLE, Austin DORSEY. ELLEN, Pittsburgh, PA DORSKY, DEBBY, Birmingham, AL DRAKE, MARY VIRGINIA, Fabens DRAYDEN, KENNETH LAMAR, Universal City DREBO, PATRICIA ANN, Dickinson DREWS, SANDY ANN, Houston DRISCOLL, CHRISTINA CLAIRE, Houston DROTNING, RUTH KATHRYN, San Antonio DRUMM, DAVID GARY, Richardson DUBOIS, ROBERT FLOYD III, Beaumont DUDLEY. RAY DONALD, Houston DUKE, JUDY CHARLOTTE, Pasadena DUKES, WILLIAM ROBERT, Houston DUNCAN, JOHN MICHAEL, Clute DUNCAN, LUCY FLEMMING, San Antonio DUNLAP. LINDA GAIL, Anna DUNMON. CHERYL ANN, Greenville DUNN, NANCY RUTH, Richardson DYE, RANDALL ANTHONY, San Antonio DYESS, RICHARD WALKER, Fort Worth EASLEY, ELLIS HOWELL JR., Fort Worth EDMONSON, GEORGIA A.. Houston EGGERT. CHARLES WILLIAM JR., Houston EHLERS, NANCY LEA, Austin EINKAUF, OSCAR ERNEST III, Houston EISENKRAFT. ANDREA E., Dallas ELKINS, ALIENE ANN, Missouri City ELLERT, MARK HENRY, Houston ELLIOTT, AMANDA, Houston E LLIS. KAREN JEAN. Grand Saline ELLIS. ROBERT KLEBERG. Englewood, CO ELLISON, JOSEPH WARREN, McDade EL7,NER, DANIEL RAY, Corpus Christi ENGLAND, AL ' AN N., Dallas ENGLISH. KAY NAOMA, Lufkin ENLOW. EUGENE CURTIS III, Dallas ERSKINE, GEORGIA EILEEN, Alvin ERVING. TERRI YVETTE, Dallas ESHENOUR. JOHN MICHAEL. Dallas ESTILL. JOE BILL, Smithfield EUBANKS. SAMUEL LINDSAY, Johnson City EVANS, BETTY ANN. Brownwood EVANS. KIMBERLY ELAINE. San Antonio EVANS. KRISTI KIRKE, Seguin EVANS. TERI LYNN. Fabens FABER. MARY ANNE. Houston FADAL. DANA EDWARD. Waco FAIN, RICKEY MAURICE, DuncanviUe FALLAS, ANN CHARISSE, Houston FARRIS, ROBERT RAIMOND, Harlingen FAWN, DONALD R, JR„ Austin Freshmen FEIGENBAUM, ARLENE BETH, Caldwell FEINSTEIN, MICHAEL FARLEY. Houston FELDMANN, CARRIE LYNN. San Antonio FERGUSON. AMY GRACE. Dallas FEWELL. JENNIFER EILEEN. La Marque FIELDING. BARBARA ANN. Dallas FILER. VICKI LYNN, Houston FINDLEY. CHERYL ANN, San Antonio FINEGAN, GINETTE LYNN. San Antonio FINKELSTEIN, LYNETTE. Houston FINKLEA, WILLIAM LAWRENCE, Sonora FINNEGAN, WILLIAM NICHOLAS IV, Houston FIRESTONE, SHERRI LYNN, Houston FISCHER, LESLIE ANN, Dallas FISCHER, VICTORIA ELIZABETH, Dallas FISCHL, JAN MILLICENT, Dallas FLETCHER, DONNA GAIL, Dallas FLETCHER, KENNETH ALBERT. Grapevine FLETCHER, STEPHANIE, Houston FLORENCE, JOHN DAVID, Houston FLORES, RICHARD ARNOLD, Benavides FLORES, RUBEN M., Mexico FLORES. SILVIA PAULINE. Corpus Christi FLO WE, MARK DOUGLAS, Missouji City FOARD, LORENA LYNN, Dallas FONTANA, CAMELA, Port Arthur FONTENOT. JUDITH KAY. Dallas FOREHAND, JANE LAUREE, Texarkana FOSCO, KIM MARIE, Houston FOSTER, ALAN TALMADGE, Dallas FOSTER, KATHLEEN SUSAN, Houston FOWLER. BETTINA ANN. Childress FOX. SHERYL ANNE. Austin FOX. SUSAN MARIE. Dallas FRANK. PAMELA DAWN, Dallas FREED, HOWARD JAY, Dallas FREEMAN. CHARLES CLIFFORD. Austin FREIDKIN. JULIE ANN, Houston FREITAG, CATHERINE LOUISE, Houston FRITHIOF, RICHARD KEITH, Austin FRYER. BECKY SUSAN. Mission FURSTENBERG. JOAN FRANCES. Houston GALAZNIK. JOHN RAY. Houston GALLIER. GREGORY ALLEN. Dallas GALLOWAY. CARRIE ANN. Beaumont GALLOWAY. EDWARD ARTHUR. Abilene GARCIA. DELIA ANNE. El Paso GARCIA. RICHARDO H., Alice GARDNER. BEVERLE CAROL. Spring GARDNER. JANET LYNN. Fort Worth GARNER. SHARON JEAN. Amarillo GARRETT. DIANNE. Fort Worth GARVEY. ANNE PATRICIA. Houston GARZA, ROBERT LEE, Bishop Vf» " fJ ' B iLaT-r c IHIi HIHHi B l HEHJii HHH 630 — Freshmen iiiSQ Freshmen GAULDING, VICKY LYNN. Auslin GEE. BEVERLY RUTH. La Porle GEE. SUSAN DENISE. Houston GEE. YENNY PAUL. Houslon GEER. JEANNE CAROL. Houslon GERNSBACHER. SUAN. San Antonio GERST. SHELLEY RUTH. Austin GETZ. MICHAEL DAVID. Port Arthur GHORMLEY. SUSAN CAROL Houston GIBSON. LATRALA. Lubbock GIBSON. TERESA IRENE. Austin GIFFORD. LARRY WAYNE. Midland GILES, HOLLYCECHARENN. Houslon GILKEY. JEFFREY CLYDE. El Paso GILL. DANNY LEON. Austin GILLES. STEPHEN |OSEPH. Midland GILLIARD, MARYELLEN ELIZABETH. Houston GITLIN. MARLA. Dallas GLASSON. THOMAS CROCKETT. Auslin GLAZE. ROBERT STONE. Dallas CLAZER. NANCY LEE, Fori Worth GLOVER. MARY ELIZABETH. Abilene GOLD. CYNTHIA TALA. Houston GOLDHIRSH, JOEL B., San Antonio GONZALES, DAVID, Houston GONZALES. NORA G., Falfurrias GONZALEZ, EVA ENRIQUETA. Eagle Pass GOODMAN, DAVID McGEE, Houston GOODROW, RAY McKlNZIE, Palestine GOODRUM. BEATRICE C Conroe GORDON. DIANNA. Houston GORME. SHERRI ANN. Houston GRACE. KEVIN DICKEY. Houston GRANT. WAYNE EDWARD. Kenedy GRANT. WINSTON DUMONT. Fort Worth GREELEY. ELIZABETH R.. Houston GREEN. BARRY KEITH. Dalhart GREEN. LAUREN SUE. Houslon GREEN, ROBERT JOSEPH, Dallas CREENHAW, WILLIAM RANDALL. Elgin GREGORY, G ALE T., San Antonio GRIFFIN, KERRl LANE. Pasadena GRIMES, lANET ELAINE, Houston GRIMM, ROBERT RANDOLPH, Fort Worth GROCE, THOMAS HAROLD, Fort Worth GROSS. PAMELA ALICE. South Padre Island GUERRA. CATHERINE LOUISE, Sierra Blanca GUERRA. STEPHEN. Brownsville GUERRERO. JUAN MANUEL. Hebbronville GUZMAN. LORENE BEATRIZ. Houston HAAS. STUART WEBER. Dallas HAESEMEYER. JONI LURENE. Argyle HAFEY. KEVIN ANNE. Colorado Springs. CO HAGER. KATHERINE HELEN. Alexandria. VA Freshmen — 631 HAIGHT. CAROLINE FRANCES. San Antonio HAIX, JAMES EDWARD, Comforl HAMBY, MARSHA LYNN. Hou.slon HAMILTON. DEBRA ANN. San Anionio HAMM. LISA DIANNE. Fori Worlh HAMM. WILLIAM ROBERT. Odessa HAMPTON. DAVID LEE. Austin HANEMAN. JON ALBERT. El Paso HANEN. HARVEY DANIEL Waco HARDY. LINDA JO. Dalla,s HARDY. PATRICIA ANN. Dallas HARLAN. LARRY LANGSTON. Houston HARPER. JERRY DWAYNE. Austin HARRINGTON. MARY DELL. Fort Worth HARRIS. JEFFERY SCOTT. Corpus Chrisli HARRIS. MARY KATHLEEN. Austin HARRISON. THOMAS CHARLES. Houston HARRISON. TWINK ELIZABETH. Wharton HARROP. TIMOTHY JOSEPH JAMES. Fairfax, VA HARTWELL THERESE. Houston HASKOVEC. JANIS LORRAINE. Dickinson HAUGHTON. JANE. Dallas HAWKINS. WILLARD ROYCE JR.. Houston HAWS. CHARLES EDWARD. Dallas HAYNES. SHERRl M.. Dallas HEAD. KEITH LYNN. Grand Prairie HEFFLEY. CURT LEWIS, Eulcss HELM, MARLA SUE. Houston HEMPLING. ROBIN ANN. Richardson HENDERSON, MAYRENE. Uvalde HENDLER. GWEN ANN. Houston HENDRICKS, PHIELIS LAVERN. Dallas HENDRICKS, SARAH ANNETTE, Dallas HENDRIX, TERRl LYNN, Houston HENGST, SANDRA SUE. Houston HENNEKE. ELIZABETH MARIE. San Antonio HENRY. GEORGE FRANKLIN. Caldwell HENRY. SUSAN ELIZABETH. Fort Worth HERNANDEZ. ROBERT C. Austin HERRING. MATTHEW MALLOY. Fort Worth HERRMAN. MARY TERESA. Athens HICKS. PHILIP ALLISON. Houston HIGHT. PATRICIA ANNE. Au,stin HIGHT, ROSALIND RENEE. Dallas HIGHTOWER, HAROLD WAYNE JR.. Houston HIGLEY. ELIZABETH ANN. Austin HILDEBRAND. GAYLA ELAINE. Austin HILL. DANNA LYNN. Kinji.sville HILL. LAURIE KAY. San Antonio HILLAKER. HARRY JAMES JR.. Fort Worth HILLS. WILLIAM ALAN. El Paso HILTON. URSULA RHEA. Houston HINES. TERESA MARIE. San Antonio HINNANT. HARRIS ODOM JR.. Houston HJNOJOSA. YVONNE B.. Corpus Christi HIREZI. TERESA HELAINE. Dallas HIRSCH. CATHY, Midland HISE, PAUL ANDREW, Austin HIVNER, CYNTHIA LOU, Austin HIX, RANDALL EDWIN, San Antonio HIXSON, NANCY LOUISE, Llano HOCOTT, RICHARD REED, San Anionio HODGES. STEVEN LYNN. Fort Worth mamm 9 iC 632 — Freshmen PfiPiS!!P|| HOELSCHER. SHARON SUE. Houston HOFFMAN. ROBERT MYERS, Dallas HOFMANN. ANNA ELIZABETH. Austin HOGG, CATHY ANNE. Houston HOKENSON. CRAIG RICHARD. Houston HOLIFIELD. MARK QUIN. Austin HOLLEY. CHARLES MURPHY JR., Fort Worth HOLLIDAY, GARY RAY. Austin MOLLIS. KELLY SUE. Midland HOLMAN. KARIN LEANN. Fort Worth HOLSTER. TERRI LYN. Midland HOLT, MARIANNA, Abilene HOLTON, LESLIE PAIGE. Port Arthur HOLTZMAN. SCOTT EVANS. Austin HOMME. KRISTIN GALE. San Antonio HONEA. WILLIAM KEITH. Rio Vista HOOD. LORRAINE. Taylor HOOPER. KEVIN KENDALL. Houston HORSWELL. JEFFREY LEE. Dallas HORTON. CLAIRE. Port Arthur HORTON. JAMES GLENN. Hico HOTZE. ERNEST MARK. Houston HOUSE. LEISA CAROL. Houston HOUSTON. JULIA LEE. Dallas HOWARD. ALEXIS KAY, Fort Worth HOWARD, JAYNE DENISE. Dallas HOWARD. SUSAN CLAIRE. Houston HOWELL. KIMBERLY SUSAN. Abilene HOWELL. RONALD STEVEN. Garland HOWERY. DAVID RANDALL, Houston HOWLAND, MARY ANN. Indianapolis. IN HUBER. DEBORAH LYNNE. Seguin HUDGENS. JOHN DANIEL. Mt. Pleasant HUDSON. JOHANNA MARIE. Yorktown HUDSON. MARCIA DENISE. Houston HUEDEPOHL. RODNEY GENE. San Antonio HUETT. CHARLES DEAN. Dallas HUGHES. JOSEPHINE ELLEN. Houston HUGHES. RONALD CLARK. Dallas HUMMEL. DAVID RAY JR., Dallas HUSMANN, ROBERT STEVEN, Houston HUSS, ALEX LYNN, Dallas HYDE, RICHARD ROSS, Fort Worth HYLAND, VALERIE ANN, Austin HYLIN, PAULA JAN, Lockhart HYMAN, MELISSA ANN, San Antonio IBARRA. DAVID SILVA. San Antonio INKS. JEANNA SUE. Austin ISAACSON. LEE IRWIN. New Orleans. LA ISBELL. ANITA BETH. Brownsville ISRAELOFF. IRA MORRIS. Austin JACK. JANET YVETTE. Austin JACKSON. JIMMIE C. Dallas JACKSON. KENNETH ANTHONY. Houston JACKSON. RICHARD MORRIS. Fort Worth JACKSON. SUSAN DEIDRA. Port Isabel JACOB. JOHN KARL. Houston JACOBS. CYNTHIA DARA. Baytown JAMES. NANCY ANNE. Austin JAMS. BRIAN GARY. Brownsville JASEK. ROSE MARIE. Moulton JASSO. JOE D.. Alice lAYSON. HAL TERRY. Dallas Freshmen JAYSON, MELINDA GAYLE. Dallas JAMELKA. CAROLYN ANN. Houston JENSEN, CAROL ANNE. Houston JENSEN. JANICE. Houston JERGINS. MICHAEL PAUL. Austin ilCHA. JENNIFER MARIE. Seabrook JOHNSON. CELESTE RAVAYE, New Caney JOHNSON, DEBBIE LYNN, Austin JOHNSON, DEBORAH LYNN, Austin JOHNSON, HUEY LEE. Houston JOHNSON. JAMES MERRITTE. Houston JOHNSON. JANET LYNN. Lubbock JOHNSON. JAY LAWRENCE. Austin JOHNSON. JONI GAYLE. Everman JOHNSON. JUDY STEVENS, Coleman JOHNSON. RUSSELL LEE. Stamford JOHNSON. WAYNE ALLEN. Houston JOHNSTON. AARON ANTHONY. BartlesviUe. OK JOLLY, MARSHA KAY. Midland JONES. CAROL ANN. Abilene JONES. JANELLE ELIZABETH. San Antonio JONES. JOHN WESLEY. San Antonio JONES. LINDA SUSAN. Mt. Laurel. NJ JONES. MARK CORDELL. Vernon JONES. MICHALYN JANELL, Zapata JONES, SAMUEL PAUL JR., Houston JONES. WILLIAM BRADLEY. Fort Worth JOSEPH. JOANN MARIE. Austin JOYCE. PAMELA SUE. Austin KAHAN. DENA BETH. Bryan KAMEN. KATHY ANN. Wichita. KS KANIPES. RAYMOND KEITH. San Antonio KAPLAN. SUSAN LEIGH. Houston KATZ. ARTHUR HABER. Memphis. TN KATZ, BRENDA LYNN. Dallas KAUFMAN. NANCY ANN. San Antonio KEATING. SHARON ANN, Dallas KEENER, LYNETTE MARIE, Liberty KEENEY. RANDOLPH VENNARD. Houston KEISNER. KIM ALAN. Harlingen KELLER. WILLIAM VICTOR. Dallas KELLEY. CHARLES EDWARD. Austin KELLY. KARLA JEAN. Houston KELLY. KLETIA CEIL. Austin KELLY. MARY HELEN. Fort Worth Freshmen — 633 KELLY, SHARON M., Houston KENNARD. ANNA JONES. McAllen KENNEDY. JOHN LLOYD. Richardson KENT. JOHN RANDOLPH. Fort Worth KERR. THOMAS PATRICK. Marshall KESSLER. HENRY MICHAEL. Dallas KESSLER. THOMAS ELLIOTT. Dallas KIDD. KATHRYN LOUISE. Houston KIEKE. CHERYL LYNNE. Austin KINCHELOE. JOE ALAN, Vernon KING, CHARLES ROGERS, Houston KING, CHRISTOPHER CAMPBELL, Dallas KING, GINA GAYLE, Greenville KING, JOHN WALKER, Austin KING, MICHELE ANNE, Houston KINNEY. STEPHEN WATTS. Houston KIPP. CAROL J., Austin KIRKER. SCOTT ECKEL. San Antonio KLAUSNER. JUDITH. Dallas KLECKA. DIANE MARIE. Dallas KLINE, LINDA ARLENE, San Antonio KLINKSIEK. MYRA LEE, Fredericksburg KLIPPLE. BARBARA ANNE, San Marcos KNIE, JUDITH ROBIN, Richardson KNIPPA, DOUGLAS MARK, Austin KNOX, LAURIE ANN. Austin KNOX. NANCY LYNN. Austin KOHLER, RAYMOND LLEWELLYN. Austin KOILE. KIMBERLE. Austin KOOMEY. CANDELLA. Houston KOSUT. LANNY WAYNE, Houston KOTCH, ARTHUR BRANTON, Houston KOUBA. CARLENE GALE. Austin KRAMER. KATHLEEN GRACE. San Antonio KRAUSE. MICHAEL GENE, New Braunfels KREIGHBAUM, JAY MICHAEL, Dallas ppgn Freshmen KRUGER. MARY CARROLL, Houston KUEHM, JANET ELIZABETH, Houston KUUSISTO, PAUL ALAN, Houston KVINTA, CHARLES JAMES JR., Yoakum KYSER. SHERl RENEE. Fort Worth LACKEY. MARY ELIZABETH. Piano LADD. DANIEL MARK. Burkburnett LAFITTE. DARRELL GREGG, Dallas LAFLEUR, LEAH MARIE, Austin LAIRD, BRANT BEN. Kilgore LAMB. THOMAS KELSEY. Beaumont LAMBERT. JARRETT CHANCEY. Decatur LAMOTTE, GARY ALAN, Houston LAROCCA, ROBIN LYNNE, Houston LARUE, CAMILLE, Dallas LASKIN, BARBARA KAY, Duluth, MN LATIMER, LESLIE ANN, Victoria LATTIMORE, KATHRYN LOUISE. Port Arthur LAUBLER. DANIAL RICHARD. Dallas LAWLER. EVA VICTORIA. Austin LAWLOR. JOHN MICHAEL, San Antonio LAWRENCE, KATHLEEN RAY, Harlingen LAWSON, MONICA ANN. Austin LAZA. APRIL ELYN. Richardson LECHTENBERGER. WILLIAM DOUGLAS. Houston LEE. HOWARD SEN. Houston LEE. MARY SUSAN. Austin LEISHMAN. MARY REGINA. Houston LEVERTON. JANET LYNNE, Friendswood LEVICK. JOLENE. Amarillo LEWIS. KAREN DESIREE. Corpus Christi LEWIS. SYLVIA ANN, El Paso LIEBLING, SHERYL ANN, Houston LIN, ANDREW AN-HSIN, Dallas LINDGREN, ROGER LEE, Austin LINDLEY, JANET MARIE. Houston LINSTRUM, TODD ELTON, McKinney LIPPMAN, MARILYN SUE. Schulenburg LITTLE. DEBRA INEZ. Houston LITTLE. MARTA MARIE. Tulsa. OK LITTLETON. CLAUDE EDWARD. Houston LIVINGSTON. CHARLES A.. Fort Worth LOGAN. NANCY CAROL. Houston LONG. GLEN ERWIN. Austin LOPEZ. ELMO. Laredo LOPEZ. MARIA GRACIELA, Corpus Christi LUBKE. NANCY JO, Dallas LUCAS, RICHARD POWERS, Houston LUEDKE. LARRY DAN, Marlin LUPTON, STEPHEN RAY, San Angelo LUTON, JOEL DAVID, Houston LYDA Y, RUSSELL WARREN, Port Arthur LYNN, REBECCA ANNE. Dallas LYON. FRANK BONNER. Grand Prairie LYONS. KIRK DAVID. Austin MABRY. TERRI LYNN. San Antonio MACATEE. GEORGE PETTIT. IV, Dallas MacDOUGALL. MELISSA JANE. Houston MACE. CARL ROBERT. Houston MacLAREN. BRUCE ARTHUR. Lubbock MADRIGAL. DULCE MARIA, San Benito MAGOWN. MICHAEL JAMES. Houston MAHAFFEY. JAMES MICHAEL. Richardson MAILLARD. JOHN CAMILO, Houston MALDONADO. JUAN ANTONIO, Houston MANDT, NICOLE ANN, Austin MANROE. MATTHEW PENN. Austin MARGOLIS. JACQUELINE CHARISSE. El Paso MAROHNIC. ROBIN RUTH. Houston MARTIN. ELIZABETH BRADFORD. San Antonio MARTINEZ. JOSE MANUEL, McAIlen MASSAR, JOHANNES BERNARDUS, Garland BiS B SPP 634 — Freshmen MASSEY, BARBARA LYNN. Houston MATHEWS, RICHARD BEVAN, San Anionio MATTHEWS. MARY C. Dallas MATTHEWS. WILLIAM BRYCE. Orange MATULA. CAROL THEA. San Antonio MAURER. MARY ALICE. Houston MAUZY. KARAN RENEE, Midland MAYFIELD, PAUL BENOIT. Beaumont MAYNOR. DEBBIE LOUISE. Killeen MAYO. ERIC W.. Fort Stockton MAYS. JAMES WILLIAM JR., Dallas MAZZAGATTI. LINDA MARIE. Bellaire McANELLY. CAROL JEAN. Austin McAULIFFE. PATRICIA K.. Houston McBATH. MICHAEL ANDREW, Corpus Christi McCALEB. CHARLES BENJAMIN. San Antonio McCAULEY, JIMMI CAROL, Sheridan McCLAIN. ANDREA JANICE, Greenville McCLAIN, MARLA ANN, Austin McCLANAHAN, SHAREE ANNETTE, Garland McCLUNG, LINDA K.. Dallas McCONN. JOHN LUKE. Houston McCORMICK, MICHAEL EDWARD, Missouri City McCOY, LESLIE ANN, San Antonio McCOY. THOMAS WESLEY, Austin McCULLOUGH, BARBARA JO, Midland McCURLEY. SUZANNE CLAIRE. Austin McDonald. LAURA ELLEN. Houston McELROY. ALLISON M., Bellaire Mcelroy. THOMAS G., Abilene McGEE. DOROTHY LYNNE. Houston McGINNlS. WILLIAM JAMES. Houston McGRUDER. JANICE ELAINE. Marlin McKEE, DEBRA SUE. Dallas McKEE. KAY ROXANNE. Austin McKINLEY. SHARON RUTH, Houston I PRPPB fm Mcknight, byron morris ii, Hobbs. nm McLEAN, LINDA KAY, Dallas McLEOD, SALLY ANNE, Houston McMEANS, DONNA LYNN, Katy McMillan, SUSAN ALYCE, Waukegan, IL McMULLIN, ALBERT J., Houston McMURRAY. MONA GAIL. Austin McNEIL. KENTON EUGENE. Garland McPHEE. PAM SUE. Houston McQUEEN. STEPHEN MICHAEL. Blylheville. AR McSPADDEN, ANN MARIE, Houston McTYRE, DENISE, Dallas McWHERTER, JANE- ANN, Austin MEIER, RHONDA LOU, Hye MELLIN, CYNTHIA JEAN, San Anionio MERRITT, NANCY AMANDA, Austin MERTZ, JAMES LOUIS JR., Dallas MESECKE, SUSAN MARIE, Temple MESHACK, ANGELA FAYE, Houston METZLER. SALLY COULSON. Tomball MEYER. CYNTHIA LYNN. Port Arthur MEYER, PATRICIA ANN, Corpus Christi MICHALKE, DANA LEE. Bethel Park. PA MICHALSKI. SANDRA KAY. San Antonio MICHAUD. BARBARA ELLEN. San Antonio MICKS. MARJORIE ELLEN. Galveston MILLER. DIANA KAYE. San Antonio MILLER, STEPHEN SCOTT, Victoria MINIFEE. PAUL KIM. Hempstead MITCHELL. LINANN. Austin MITCHELL. PAUL DORSEY. Fort Worth MOFFATT. JEFFERSON S.. Houston MONTALBANO, JOSEPH MICHAEL. Houston MONTGOMERY, CLINTON THOMAS, Graham MONTGOMERY, LEE C, Dallas MONTGOMERY. LINDA KAY. Pleasanton MOORE. MARTHA JEAN. PremonI MOORE. MARY MARGARET. Pecos MOORE, TERRY DARLENE. Austin MOORE, VANESA LYNN. Alto MORAN. DEBORAH MARILYN. Houston MORELAND. HOLLY LYNN. Texas City MORGAN. ELIZABETH ANN. Wichita Falls MORGAN. ISAAC RONALD. Houston MORGAN, PATRICIA ANN. Houston MORGAN. ROBYN JILL. Cuero MORIN. FELIZ GONZALES. San Antonio MORRIS. MARITZA AIDA. Beaumont MORROW. MARY JO. LaPorte MORROW. ROBERT MICHAEL JR.. Honolulu. HI MOSES. ROBERT MARTIN. New York. NY MOSS. SHARON KAY. Houston MOURSUND, MARY MOORE, Round Mountain MUELLER. CHARLES W.. Houston MULCIHY. DAVID DIXON. Freeport MULLEN. KEITH HOWARD, Dallas MULLER, JEAN MARIA, Houston MUNNERLYN, DONNA KAY, Hereford MUNOZ, ROY C. Port Lavaca MURPHY. CARLA ELIZABETH. Iowa Park MURPHY. DANITA JEAN. Pasadena MURPHY. KAREN JO, Houston MURPHY, KAREN LYNN, Piano MURPHY, MICHAEL JOE. Austin MURRAY. ALICE FLORENCE. Houston MURRAY. GAIL LYNN. Houston MUZNY. CYNTHIA MARIE. Houston MYERS. CATHERINE ANN. San Antonio MYERS. PATRICIA ANNE. Houston NAGLE. LUCILE LEGRAND. Houston NASH. JEFFREY LEE, Austin NASH, PEGGY ANNE, San Anionio Freshmen — 635 NAU. THOMAS WILLIAM, San Antonio NAVARRO. WILFRED III. Houston NAYLOR. TERRY LYNN. Houston NEAL. MARK H.. Anglelon NEILL. CHERYL ANN. Fort Worth NELSON. [OHN RICHARD. Corpus Christi NELSON. MARK ALLEN. Fort Worth NEPOMNICK, RICK ALAN. Houston NETARDUS. ALYCE JAN. Midland NEWMAN. FRANK ARTHUR. San Antonio NEYLAND. SYNTHIA JANETTE. Houston NG. SAMUEL WILLIAM. Houston NICHOLS. TOM SHEPPARD. Houston NICHOLS. VIRGINIA ANN. Corpus Christi NICKSON. LINDA LOUISE. Dallas NIGHT. ALLAN S.. Beaumont NOE. SHARON ANN. San Antonio NOTIAS. NIKKl LYNN. Dallas NOVICK. CHERYL ANN. Austin NOVORR. KEITH ALAN. Leawood, KS NOVY. BRIAN MATTHEW. Austin NUNGESSER. LISA GAIL. San Antonio NURENBERG. PAMELA. Dallas OBERWORTMANN. ANNE ELIZABETH, Danville, IL O ' CONNELL. MARY TERESE, Dallas OEHLER, lOY LYNN. Fredericksburg OEHLER. JUDITH GAY. Fredericksburg Freshmen OESCH. MARCI JANE. Houston OFFICER. KAREN SUZANNE. Dayton. OH OLIVE. SUSAN JANE, EI Paso OLSCHWANGER. KENNETH STUART, Dallas O ' QUINN, DEBBIE GALE, Magnolia ORMAN, LAURA ELIZABETH, Lufkin ORR, CAROLYN JOAN. Mesquite ORR. CHARLES DUNCAN. Houston ORTOLON. KENNETH LEE. Columbus OSBORNE. CONNIE GAY, Vernon OSBURN, SUSAN HOLT, Dallas OSHMAN, NORMAN BALFOUR, Wharton OSTRANDER, GAYLE ANN, Houston OTT, CAROLYN LOIS, Austin OTTO. PAULA KAY. Shiner OVERSTREET. WALTER CRAIG. Mansfield OVIATT. SUSAN MacLEAN. Dallas OWENS. DAVID EDWIN. Arlington PADILLA. JUAN JR.. La Feria PALMER. CAROLINE ALIDA, Bellaire PALMER, JANE ELISE, Houston PAMPELL, RUSSELL JAMES, Austin PANKAU, MICHAEL JUDE, West Africa PAREDEZ, BEATRICE SYLVIA, San Saba PARKS, KIMBERLY ANNE, EI Paso PARNELL, LINDA LOUISE, Bentonville, AR PARRAMORE, SUZANNE RENE, Houston PARRIS, TERE GAYLE, Fort Worth PARRISH, JAMES MICHAEL, Irving PARVEN, STEPHEN GIL, Austin PASKO, DAVID ARTHUR, Alvin PATRICK, JAMIN LEE, Houston PATTON. ROBIN KEIGHLEY. Fairport. NY PAULETTE. GARY MARK. Odessa PAWELEK. CANDICE ANN, Karnes City PAYNE, CHERYL ANN, Fort Worth PAYNE, LOREN, Dallas PEAVY, MARK ALAN, Dallas PEDERSEN, RICHARD SAMUEL, Richardson PENNER, TERRY DUANE, Alvin PENSHORN, RICHARD J., San Antonio PEPPER, LYNNE, Denver, CO PEREZ, LAURA TERESA, Austin PERRY, DIANNA KATHLEEN, Fort Worth PETERSON, SHERRY KAY, Australia PETTIT. MILDRED MARIE, Falfurrias PHILLIPS. MELANIE SUE. Spring PHILLIPS. TERESA KIMETRA. San Antonio PIERCE. STEPHANIE DIANE, Dallas PINKERTON, KATHRYN, Matagorda PINKSTON, SCOTT PHILIP, Dallas PLOST, RANDALL BRUCE, Tulsa, OK PLUMMER, JUNIE MARIE, Kerrville POE, MARY ELLEN, Houston POINDEXTER, HALLY BETH, Houston POLAND, CANDICE TRUE, Dallas POLLARD, KERRY ALAN, Houston POND, DYANA LYNN, Austin PONTELLO, SUSAN LOUISE, Houston POPE, JOHN MICHAEL, DeKalb PORTER, PHILIP JOSEPH, Austin POUNDS, JOHN LAWRENCE, Austin POWERS, LEE MILTON JR., Houston POWERS, RONALD WAYNE, Irving PRANKE, CAROL-GRAY, Houston PRATER, MARY MARGARET. Bowie PRESLEY, JEFFREY M,. Mt. Pleasant PRESSLEY, HELEN JANE, Kirbyville PRESTON, KAREN SUE, Austin PREWITT, PAMELA ANN, Grapevine PRICE, MARY KATHLEEN, Houston PRIDHAM, WILLIAM CLARK, Dallas PROCTOR, EVELYN KAY, Austin PRUDHOMME, NINA ELAINE, Houston PUGH, BETTE ANNE. Houston QUAN, RICHARD JINM. Houston QUOCK, MARY. San Antonio RADOFF. PERRY WILLIAM. Dallas RAKES. ANDREA ELAINE, Hurst RAMIREZ, JOE JOHN, Waelder RAMSEY. JANET LYNN. Dallas 636 — Freshmen RATLIFF, BARBARA LOUISE. Fort Worlh RATLIFF, ROBIN ANNE, Fort Worth REARDON, VIRGINIA ANN. Houston RECH, KEVIN KAISER. FredcricksburK REDMOND, SUZAN MICHELL. Richardson REED. RICHARD EDWARD, Austin REEVES, MARK WILLIAM, Lancaster REICHERT. ARTHUR THOMPSON. Houston REILLY. PATRICIA ANN. San Antonio REIMERS. TERRl LYNN. Houston REINHARDT. AMY LOU. Houston REISBERG. ANDY CHARLES. Dallas REISER. KENNETH ROBERT. Dallas REMALEY. PATRICIA ANN. Houston RENARD. AMY LYON. Richardson RETTGER. KARL JEFFERSON. Dallas REZABEK. PEGGY ANN. Houston RHODES. KATHLEEN FRANCES. Port Uvaca RICHARDS. JOE ALLEN |R.. Corpus Christi RICHARDS. VICKI RENE. Houston RICHARDSON. SHERRY LEA. Austin RIDINGS. JENNIFER LYNN. Austin RIOIAS. |UAN ANTONIO. Laredo RISKIND. DAVID ARTHUR. Dallas Freshmen RIVERA. JOSE ALBERTO. Mexico ROBBINS. GLENDA RAYE. San Antonio ROBERTS. CYNTHIA ANN. Dallas ROBERTS. GEORGA ISADORA. Sugar Land ROBERTS. JON CARL. League City ROBERTS. MICHAEL LYNN. Seabrook ROBERTS. REBECCA LYNN. Dallas ROBERTSON, MICHAEL RAY, Fort Worth ROBINSON, MARY RUTH, Raymondville ROBINSON, RICHARD MARK, Sweeny ROBINSON, SARAH ANN, Wayne. PA ROBLES. BILLIE MARIE, Woodville ROCKSTROH, MOURETTE SUE. San Antonio RODRIGUEZ. DIANA MARIE. Austin ROGAN. LINDA LOU. Houston ROGERS. WILLIAM DALE. Bedford ROCGE. MARK DOUGLAS, Houston ROLF, DWAYNE A.. Houston ROSS, RALPH LEE. Dallas ROWE. MARY FRANCES, Tyler ROWLETT, MAE FRANCES, Dallas ROY, DEMETRIUS DIAN, Tyler ROYALL, FRANCES, Palestine ROZELL, RONNY RAY, Rockdale RUDY, MELISSA FRAME, Austin RUNKLE, PATRICIA ANN, Fort Worth RUSSELL, CATHERINE LEIGH, Wichita Falls RUSSELL, DOROTHY ELLEN, Belton RUSSELL, MORRIS CRAIG, Austin RUSSO, ANTHONY ROSS, Galveston RUTHERFORD, RICHARD RANKIN, Dallas RUTZ, DANA ELAINE, Midland RYLANDER, MARTHA JANE, Austin SADLER. SHARON ELIZABETH, Groves SALDIVAR, lAVIER GODOY, Corpus Christi SAMUELS, ROBIN, Corsicana SANDERSON, ELIZABETH KAY, El Paso SAN MIGUEL, ALBERT V., San Angelo SARGOLOGOS, NICHOLAS JOHN, Austin SATARINO, PAUL STEPHEN, Dallas SAYERS, BRIAN SAM, Brownwood SCALORA, CHERYL GAY, Houston SCARFF, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Garland SCHARFF, EARLE U. Ill, Fort Worth SCHAUB, ELAINE JUDITH, Missouri City SCHECTMAN, LAURA CAROL, Fort Worth SCHEIBAL, MARY ELLEN, Grand Prairie SCHEPS, BRENT WILLIAM, Houston SCHMIDT, CARL VINCENT, Houston SCHMIDT, CAROLYN, Fredericksburg SCHNEIDER, DAVID V., College Station SCHNEIDER, GRETCHIN DIAN, Richardson .SCHROETER, SUE ANN, Port Arthur SCHUHSLER, CATHRYN DIANE, Houston SCHUMANN, SUSAN JEANNINE, New Braunfels SCHWARTZ, ERIC STUART, Dallas SCHWARTZ, MICKI JOE, Houston SCOFIELD, JOHN MAYER, Austin SCOTT, JOHN PATRICK, Beaumont SCOTT, JUDY LOUISE, Houston SCOTT, KIMBERLY ANN, San Antonio SCOTT, SUSAN DOROTHEA, Houston SCRUGGS, SALLY, Garland SCURLOCK, SUSAN LYNN, Tyler SEALE, KIMBERLY NEAL, Dallas SEARLES, CARL ANDERSON, Liberty SEBEK, KENNETH LEIGH, League City SEEDS, GLENDA LEE, Austin SEELIG, LINDA DIANE, Metairie, LA SEELY, D ' ANNE, Houston SELDON, LINDSEY, Dallas SELIG, JEFFREY HUGH, Seguin SELLINGSLOH, ROBERT DAYTON, Houston SHACKELFORD, JAMES HAROLD JR., Austin SHAFFER, WILLIAM LEE, Corpus Christi SHAMBAUGH, GAY ELLEN, Corpus Christi SHANNON, DANIEL PATRICK, Stafford SHANNON, RANDY LYNN, Austin SHARIFHOMAYOUN, AHMAN, Iran SHARP, GREGG LLOYD, El Paso SHAW, JOHN STEPHENS, Richardson SHAW, ROBERTA ANN, EI Paso SHEARER, KATHY LYNN, Houston SHEFFIELD, LISA JEAN, Austin SHELTON, HAL DAVID, Austin SHERIFF, SUSAN K., Houston SHIFFLETT, KAREN LOUISE. Richardson SHINDLER. ROBERT CONRAD JR.. Corpus Christi SHIRELY. ANNE CATHERINE, Houston SHOWS, BARBARA ALINE, Seabrook SHULTER, JOSEPH WILLIAM, San Antonio SHURR, LARRY ANDREW, Austin SIEWERT, ROBIN NOELLE, El Paso SILBER, BRENT S., San Antonio SILBERBERG, HARRIET ELAINE, Austin SILBERMAN, DWIGHT L., Corpus Christi SIMON, MARK PHILIP, Dallas SINGER, CATHERINE ELAINE, Austin SISK, JAMES JOSEPH III, Houston SIVLEY, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Houston SIZEMORE, LUBETH, Dallas SKAGGS, JOHN BARNABY, Harlingen SLOAN, DONALD MARTIN, Fort Worth SMART, LINDA SUE, Boerne SMITH, ANDREA HELAINE, St. Louis. MO SMITH, CHARLES MICHAEL, Austin SMITH, DEBORAH FAY, Austin SMITH, DEBRA MICHELLE, Houston SMITH, GAVIN JOHN, Austin SMITH, JOHN GREGORY, Austin SMITH, JOHN WILLIAM, Texarkana SMITH, LUCINDA LEA, Smithville SMITH, MARY ELIZABETH, Austin SMITH, MELANIE IRIS PORTIA, Houston SMITH, MICHAEL GERARD, Houston SMITH, SYBIL, Houston SMITH, TERRI DAWN, Austin SNAKENBERG, HELEN DELANA, Houston SNODGRASS, BECKY SHARMAGENE, Brady SNOW, TERESA, Midland SOAPE, ROGER ALAN, Cypress SOBOTIK, MARK, Taylor SOJOURNER, KENT STEED, Casper, WY SOLETHER, JOHN KENT, Weslaco SOLOMON, ANDREA JOAN, Lubbock SOPER, STAGEY KIM, Dallas 638 — Freshmen i SBP m SORELLE. SARA ANN. Waco SOUTHERN, MICHAEL PROCTOR, Dallas SPALTEN, ROBERT GEORGE, San Antonio SPARR, SHARON LEE, Dallas SPEARS, GAIL SUSAN, Longview SPECKELS, lANICE KAY, Pasadena SPENCER, ROBIN LEE. Shreveport, LA SPONBERG, CHARLES W,. Austin SPRADLEY. CHARLES DONELSON. Dallas STACY, CARLETTA CYNTHIA, Kerrville STAHLHUT, KAREN ELAINE, Austin STAIR. BRAD STEVEN. San Antonio STALCUP. CHERl ANN, Dallas STANICH, MELISSA MARIE, Houston STANSBURY, ANN BLAIR, Port Arthur STARNES, WALLACE SCOTT, Lewisville STARTZEL, RONALD NORMAN. Austin STARTZMAN. BRIAN McLANE. Houston STEAKLEY. BARBARA ELIZABETH. Houston STEER. DULANEY GORDON. Fort Worth STEIN. MARTY ALLEN. Dallas STEPHENS. CLAUDIA, Odessa STERN. KAREN ROSE. New Orleans. LA STEWART, DOUGLAS MICHAEL, San Antonio STEWART, KIM STEPHEN. Lufkin STEWART. SARA LEE. Uke Jackson STOCKTON. ELIZA CATHERINE. Freeport STOKES, CLARENCE STEPHEN, Houston STOLLE. SHAWN PHILIP. San Antonio STONE. MICHAEL DAVID. Garland STOVALL, AMY MARIE. Houston STRAIN. JAMES STEVEN. Abilene STRANGE, JOHNETTA LAUVETT, Houston STRICKEL, JAN LOUISE, San Antonio STRICKLAND. SANDRA LEBLANE. Austin STRICKLER. SHERYL ANN. Baytown STRUVE. GEORGE HOGAN. Hale Center STUART. DOUGLAS BRYAN. Corpus Christi STUECKLER. LAURA GAY. Midland STUHRENBERC. TERESA ANN, Palacios STURGEON, SANDRA KAY, Austin SUAREZ, PETER MARLIN JR., Bedford SULLIVAN, DUANE KINGSLEY, Colorado Springs, CO SULLIVAN, MICHAEL FARRELL, Austin SULLIVAN, PHYLLIS ANN, Wellington SULLIVAN, VICTORIA H.. Dallas SUMMERS. LAURA SUE, Houston SUSAT, GEORGE CARL JR.. Irving SUTPHEN. JIM RUSSELL. Austin SUTTON. MARK SHANLEY. Houston SWAN, LESTER GREGORY, Houston SW ANSON. LISA ELLEN. Woodcliff Lake. NJ SWEAT. ISABEL LEE. Longview SWEENEY. ANITA MARIE. Galveston Freshmen — 639 SZAMEIT. JULIE ANN, Austin TAPLER. DEBORAH ANNE, Dallas TAYLOR. |INA ELAINE. Waco TECGEMAN.TERRI LEE, Austin TELLKAMP, SCOTT NORRIS. Houston TEMPLE, SUSAN. La Marque TEMPLETON. LAURA LOUISE, Dallas TERRELL. RICHARD CLARK. Alice TESTA, JILL, El Campo THANNISCH, MARK EDWARD, Lufkin THOMAS. BRUCE PETERSON. Dallas THOMAS, KATHY L„ Houston THOMAS, LINDA GAIL, Piano THOMAS, WILLIAM REDMOND, Galveston THOMPSON, DEBRA KAY, Austin THOMPSON, JANET, Fort Lewis, WA THOMPSON, JILL, Houston THORNTON. CHARLOTTE MAE, Tulsa. OK TIBILETTI, CLAIRE, Vicloria TILLERY, SARAH HARRIET, Baytown TIPPIN, WALTER LEE. El Paso TITTLE. DENZIAL RAY. Houston TODD. NANCY COLLETTE. Arkadclphia, AR TOOPS, PRIMILLA LEE, Friendswood TOPPER, LUCETTE M., Houston TOY, ALISA, Houston TRAXLER. REGINA RUTH. Houston TRAXLER. TRACY ANN, Austin TREJO, JESUS JR., Laredo TREVINO, ROSALINDA, McAllen TREVINO, RUDY CORONADO, Pearsall TRICE, LETHA LEETTE. Lamesa TRICGS, REBECCA ANNE, Llano TRODLIER, JONELL GAY, San Antonio TROTTY. KAREN ANITA, Houston TSCHIRGI, CAROL SUE, Plainview TUCKER, BERT NEAL JR., Austin TUCKER, LAWRENCE EUGENE. Houston TUGGLE, LISA LARAINE, Richardson TULEY, NANCY EILEEN. Houston TUMLINSON. MINDY DIANNE. Goliad TUNE. JAMES STEVEN, Longview TURNER. BARBARA ELIZABETH. Houston TUTHILL, PAMELA SUE, Houston TYSOR. SUSAN JOANNE, Houston B WM I Freshmen UECHI, SANDRA HIROKO, San Antonio UPCHURCH, MOLLY DUVAL, Midland UPTON, NANCY JANE, Dallas VALRIE, DEBORAH ANN, Beaumont VANCE, JOHN THOMAS. Edna VAN ECK. MARGARET ELIZABETH. Austin VAN OSSELAER, THOMAS LEON. Houston VARA. GILBERT JR., San Antonio VASEK, BERNARD CHARLES JR., Austin VASEY, PATRICIA ANNE, Dallas VEATCH. SUSAN LYNN. Houston VERHEYDEN. ANNE ELIZABETH. Jacksonville VERHEYDEN. NINA LEAH. Jacksonville VERHEYDEN, PAUL JOSEPH, Jacksonville VILLANUEVA, STEPHEN PATRICK, Garland VINE, JACK BERNSTEIN, Louisville, KY VORPAHL, GERI ANNE, San Antonio WAITE. NANCY LEIGH. Comfort WALDMAN. STEVE, Beaumont WALKER, CHARLES EDGAR JR., Temple WALKER, CORINDA JOANNE. Austin WALLACE, DAVID WARREN, Sonora WALLER. JULIA DIANE. Austin WALLER. KAREN ANN, Huntsville WALLS, ELIZABETH ANN, Houston WALTER. ANNETTE BETH, San Antonio WALTERS, BRYAN KEITH. Fort Worth WALTON, MARTHA CAROLYN. Austin WARD. ELIZABETH ELLEN. Dallas WARREN, LYNNE ANN. Dallas WARREN, LYNNE ANN, Corpus Christi WATSON. LISA LYNN, Humble WEATHERLY. CARROLL LEA, Houston WEBER. CRAIG VINCENT. Dallas WEINBERG. ELLYN, Louisville. KY WEINER. SUSAN LYNN. Houston WEISINGER, DAVID REBER, Baytown WELLS. WILLIAM TYSON. Richardson WELTGE. INGRID ANN, Waco WENDL. BARBARA JEAN. Corpus Christi WENTWORTH. KARIN. Houston WERKMEISTER . PEGGY SUE. Bismarck. ND WESTON, CAROL ANN. Harlingen WETTLING. JOHN RICHARD. Houston WHITE. NANCY ELIZABETH. Humble WHITLOCK. PAMELA DEANE, Buda WICHETA, WILLIAM EDMOND. Austin WIERUSCHESKE. HOLLIS NORMAN. Austin WIETING. BECKIE LYNETTE, Portland WIK, SANDRA COLETTE. San Antonio WILHELM. ELLEN ANN. Houston WILIE. JAMES PATRICK, Austin WILKERSON. DAVID BLANTON, Comanche WILKERSON, JAMES LEROY, San Antonio WILKIE, REGINALD OVEREND III, San Antonio WILKINSON, JEAN ADELE, Houston WILKIRSON. MARY BRAY, Grandview WILLIAMS, CAROL PRESTON, Dallas WILLIAMS, DEBRA JENE, Morton WILLIAMS, FRED LECKIE, Dallas WILLIAMS. KENNETH EUGENE. Boeme WILLIAMS. KIM, Houston WILLIAMS, SHARON KAY, San Antonio 640 — Freshmen WILLIAMS, SHERRIE LEE. San Anionio WILLIAMS. STEVEN JAY. Austin WILLIAMS. STEVEN NEAL. Waxahachie WILLIAMSON. GEORGE DOUGLAS. Marshall WILLIAMSON. MERRIE LISA. Temple WILLIS. SHANDRA KAY, Dallas WILLIS. SHANNON KAY. Pittsburg WILLSON. JOHN NEWMAN. Floydada WILSON. ANGELA ANN. Dallas WILSON. ERIKA LEE. Friendswood WILSON. KATHARINE ANNE. Cedar Rapids. lA WILSON. LONDA VALENCIA. Houston WILSON. MARIGLEN RUSSELL. San Antonio WILSON. TERRI ANN. Hampton. VA WILSON. VICKY SUE. Corpus Chrisli WIMBERLEY. JOHN EDWARD. Dallas WINANS. NANETTE, Brownsville WISHNOW, CYNTHIA LYNN. Houston WITCHER. BOBBY DWAYNE. Henderson WOODARD. WILLIAM CALVIN. Dallas WOODS. BYRON DAVID. Beeville WOODS. CAROL LEIGH. Dallas WOODUM. HARRY LEE. Houston WOOLDRIDGE. PAMELA KAY, Garland WOOLSEY. JOSEPH RUSSELL. Colorado City WORDEN. MARY CAROLYN, Alice WRIGHT, CARRIE ALICE, Houston WRIGHT. RICKI ALLEN. Anson WURZBACH. LEE ANN, San Anionio WYATT. WENDELL DEAN. Wichita Falls WYBLE. PAUL JOSEPH, Houston WYNNE, DIANE LOUISE, Dallas WYSOCKl, MICHAEL JAMES, Dallas YNOSTROZA, DIANA, Corpus Christi YOUNG, CYNTHIA ELAINE, Houston YOUZVA, DAVID SCOTT, Richardson ZADOW, HELEN MARY, Houston ZAHNOW, MARGERY RAYE, Mexico ZAMORA, REYNALDO, McAllen ZAMORANO, JOSE ROLANDO, Wichita Falls ZARDENETA, GUSTAVO. Laredo ZIDELL, MICHAEL BEN, Dallas ZIMMERMANN, DAVID CHARLES, San Antonio ZIMMERMAN, MONA JEAN. Round Rock ZONANA, CHERYL ANN, Houston Freshmen — 641 I A Name Page AAAE 387 Aaker, Krislin Ruth 422 Abbott, MarUyn Geth 597 Abbott. Pamela Casey 484 Abbott. Stephanie C 410 Abboud. Ruth Joyce 418 Abel. Thomas foe . . « 597 Abercrombie. James A 526 Abernathy, Julianne 484 Abies. lames Michael 613 Aboussie.Joseph A 172 Abowitz. Sally 520, 549 Abraham. Leigh Ann 520. 627 Abrahams, Roger D 246 Abramowitz. David R 423 Abramowitz, Shiri 549 Abrams, Gregory Mark 408. 528, 587 Abrams, Travis Grant 549 Academic! 229-2% Acevedo, Baltazar A. Jr 292 ACACIA 458, 459 Achor, Christy 476, 613 Acker. Bill M 372. 490, 549 Acker. Karen Louise 484 Acker. Louis Cannon 363 Ackermann, Marguerite 1 333, 627 Acosta, Teresa P 120 Acriche, Catherine Ian 613 Adair, Cheryl Eileen 549 Adam, Karis 506 Adamcik. Anthony lames 446. 452 Adamcik. Lynda S. Petty 549 Adamcik, Patrick Victor 435 Adams, Andrew Wynne 422 Adams. Ann Elizabeth 386 Adams, Anne Marie 597 Adams, Carolyn Janette 383, 385 Adams, David Michael 389, 587 Adams. Donna Elizabeth 410. 420, 627 Adams, Donna Lynn 613 Adams, Ellen Carol 512 Adams, Frank Lewis 186 Adams, Frederick S, Jr 627 Adams, lames Wesley Jr 502 Adams, Janet Le 613 Adams, Janis Ruth 415. 549 Adams. John Gandy ]i 456. 534, 597 Adams, Kay Lynn 372 Adams, Marilyn Louise 417 Adams, Mark Stephen 388 Adams, Mary Alice 498 Adams. Patricia Alice 597 Adams. Robert Sherman 384 Adams, Roland H. Jr 414, 549 Addicks, Mark Wayne 361, 421, 522, 627 Ader. Jonathan Paul 419 Aderhold. Joseph C 524 Aderhold. Robin Adelle 410, 460, 627 Adkins, Barry Wood 360, 423, 514, 597 Adkins, John August 311. 416 Adler. Barry Alan 519, 627 Advertising Club 395 AfHerbach, Charles S 587 Afsahi, Massoud 389 Agee, Bruce Edward 627 Aghilikermani, Fatemeh 422, 549 Agler, Hal Mark 157 Agnello, Leona Ann 333, 410. 420, 627 Agnew. Vanessa 354 Aguilar. Javier 422 Aguirre. Pablo R 587 Anrens. Dennis Carl 321, 323 AIChE 388 Aicklen, Kenneth Carl 391 Aide. Mathilda Barbara 549 Aiguier, Sallie G 410, 420. 482 Aiken, Robert Cody 502, 627 AIME 389 Aime, Deborah Lynn 393 Ainsworth, lames S. IV 422 Ainsworth. Laura Lee 410 Air Force ROTO 446, 447 Aitken. Gail 538. 613 Aiwasefar, Ashur A 549 Ajayebi, Seyd Hossein 549 AjeUo, Julie Ann 156, 613 Aker , Carol Lorraine 506 Akers. Fred S 172 Akers, Marsha Napier 460 Akers, Stephen Wayne 549 Akin, James Richard 549 Akin, John Stewart 502, 627 Akin, Lu 476 Akins, Kelly 423 Akins. Martin Ray 167. 172. 174 Akroyd, George Stephenson 549 Al-Jundi, Assef 549 Alamsahebpour, Mahmood 549 Alaniz, Wallace Martin 426 Albano, Carol Sue 538 Albers, Betty Sue 420. 597 Albers, Rickey Melvin 393, 597 Albrecht, James W. Jr 597 Albrecht, William Steve 421 Albright, Steve B 157 Albritton, Benjamin 1 456. 502 Albrilton. Willetta 506 Alder. Susan Carole 538 Aldred. Val Anthony 492 Aldrich. Guy Franklin III 320 Aldridge. Mary Ann 423, 448, 597 Alejandro, Justa 41G Aleman. Anita 448, 396, 549 1975 CACTUS Index Name Page Aleman. George Luis 321 Aleman, Susana Imelda 422, 549 Alexander, Archibald A 502 Alexander. CharleneG 484,613 Alexander. Drury B 423 Alexander. John M 422. 425. 427 Alexander, Lisa A 484 Alexander. Lucius H 474 Alexander. Mark Henry 549 Alexander. Martha Lynn 460 Alexander, Timothy F 516 Alford. Parker A 673 AUamon, Jerry Dell 320 Allamon. Randall M 321 Allan. John 1 390 AUbright. Ten Ann 419, 422 Allday. James Melvin 597 AUday, Katherine Anne 506. 627 Alleman. Catherine E 304. 413, 416 Alleman, Thomas Braden 390 Allen. Alfred George 172 Allen. Alicia L 538 Allen. Amanda Radford 460, 549 Allen. Barbara J 400, 417. 549 Allen, Brady Lee 345. 419, 422, 510 Allen. Charles R. Jr 627 Allen. Charles William 371 Allen. Cynthia Carol 597 Allen. Donald Lee 458. 549 Allen. Elizabeth Susan 627 Allen, Gwendolyn Joyce 627 Allen. Henry Kiperjr 627 Allen. John F. Jr 627 Allen, Junius Davis 412 Allen. Kenneth Wayne 458 Allen. Margie E 472. 627 Allen. Mark K 334,492,549 Allen. Marta Lynn Warf 422, 424 Allen. Martha E 549 Allen. Maiyjane 613 Allen. Melinda Lynnette 512 Allen. Phillip Campbell 549 Allen. Robert F. Jr 389 Allen. Sharon Lynn 156 Allen, Thomas David 510. 597 Allen. Wayne Preston 423 Allen, WUliam P. Jr 458 Allison, John Thomas 534, 613 Allison, Lester Louis 502 Allison. Mary Jane 530, 613 Allison, Rita Carolyn 597 Allison. Sarah 482 Allison. Tana Denise 362. 480. 597 Alliston. Gerald ine D 538 Allman, James M 363 AUman. James Martin Jr 423 AUmond. Steven Roy 549 Allred. Betty Marie 424, 597 Allred. Diane Louise 417 Almehairi, Mana A. A 389 Almond. Mark William 360 Alpha Chi Omega 476, 477 Alpha Chi Sisma 386 Alpha Delta Pi 460, 461 Alpha EptUon Delta 406 Alpha EptUoD Phi 464, 465 Alpha Epailon Pi 462, 463 Alpha Kappa Alpha 466, 467 Alpha Kappa Pai 370. 371 Alpha Lambda Delta 410, 411 Alpha Phi 472, 473 Alpha Phi Alpha 474. 475 Alpha Phi Omega 338, 339 Alpha Tau Omega 470, 471 Alpha Xi DelU 468. 469 Alrahim. Salah M 545 Alspach, Elizabeth K 403.422 Alston. Carol Louise 362,613 Alston. Lisa Elaine 613 Alston. Norman Ray 613 Alsup. Rebecca Jones Mrs 422 Alter. Brian Reid 519, 627 Alter. Keith Alan 409. 519 Althaus. Floy E 420, 423, 613 Althaus. Voy Ernest Jr 549 Altinger. Evelyn C 549 Altman, Julie Ann 410 Altobelli, Robert Anthony 444 Altom. Teresa Ann 410, 420 Altwein. Sharon Anne 468,627.677 Alvarez, Irma 613 Alvarez. Juan M 545 Amaya. Norma I. Rios 587 Amaya. Rene Luis 587 Ambrosetti, Anthony A 444, 453 Amen. Lucy Alice 549 American Marketing Association 372, 373 Amerman, Robert Cnarles 338 Ames. John Young 530, 627 Amiot. Denise Marie 362. 549 Anagnos. Phyllis C 627 Anawaty. Henry A. Ill 549 Anchorettes 448 Andersen. Kevon Andrew 524 Anderson. Alan Scott 422 Anderson. Beth Lynn 410. 613 Anderson. Carol Lynn 418, 422 Anderson, Cynthia Lea 320 Anderson, David M 532 Anderson. Douglas D 549 Anderson, Dudley Jarvis 329 Anderson. Emilyj. Oliver 417 Anderson. Errof Claude 422 Anderson. Gerald Ashton 203 Anderson. Glenna S 472, 627 Anderson, lames David C 421 Anderson, Jane Alice 311, 337, 512, 549 Anderson, Karen Jane 480 Anderson. Linda Ann 480, 587 Anderson. Lydia P 613 Anderson. Mary Alice 410, 627 Name Page Anderson, Mary K 498 Anderson. Michael Dean 190 Anderson, Michael Hal 421 Anderson, Michele Specian 549 Anderson, Patricia 1 587 Anderson. Richard John 526 Anderson. Robert G. Jr 508 Anderson. Russell F 549 Anderson, Steven Lee 338. 421 Anderson. Susan Gale 396. 414. 423. 484. 597 Anderson, William J. Jr 545 Andrade. Antonio 402 Andrade. Javier J 391 Andreas. Karen Marie 320 Andreen. Thomas Martin 389 Andrews. Betsy 512 Andrews. Carol lean 627 Andrews. Darryl R 458 Andrews. James Anthony 613 Andrews. John Jeffrey 408. 422. 549 Andrews, Mark Thomas 516, 597 Andrews. Mary Lou 498, 627 Andrews. Regina Carol 354, 627 Andrews. Susan Kaye 538 Andrus. Rena Carol 338. 340. 597 Andry, Jo Ann 376 Angel, Maria Esther 549 Angel Flight 449 Angevine, Eric Neil 412 Anozie, Charity C 304, 417, 549 Antene. Camilfe Marie 597 Anthony, Betty Jane 549 Anthony, John Mark 422 Anthony, Roland C. Jr 549 Anton. Lowell Paul 519 Antweil. Brian F 519, 613 Apffel. Jeannie Marie 460 Appel. Gregory E 375, 597 Appelt. James Mack 409. 510. 545 Appiebaum. Brett Ian 418 Applegath. Thomas William 421 Arabghani. Hassan 549 Arambula. Michael Ray 587 Archer. James Richard 383, 549 Archer. Jeffrey Scott 419 Archer. John Fredrick 375 Archer. Linda Susan 538, 627 Architecture 232. 233 Architecture Student Council 146 Arevalo, Mary Helen 549 Arevalo, Rodolfo 292 Arispe, Ricardo G 597 Arlitt. Cheryl Jean 468 Arlitt. Sezanne 409 Armbruster. Richard W 534 Armistead. Henry Hunt 627 Armitage. Angela Jane 156 Armstrong. Joel Land 422 Armstrong. Kenneth Lee 549 Armstrong. Marcia Gale 385 Armstrong, Mary Beth 468 Army ROTC 432-439 Amdt. Billy Keith 587 Arnett. Darwin Philip 516, 627 Arnette. Phillip 206 Amie, Dennis Dale 423 Amo Ortega. Jose E 587 Arnold, Aurora F. Mrs 417 Arnold, Bruce Gregory 321 Arnold. Charles W. Jr 427 Arnold, David A. Jr 198 Arnold, Georgia Anne 512 Arnold, Karen Ann 476 Arnold. Lee Ann 321,410 Arnold. Lisa Jeanne Mrs 432, 433. 437 Arnold. Marilyn Jane Mrs 423 Arnold. Mark Lee 613 Arnold. Martha Anne 482 Arnold. Melvin Kris 627 Arnold. Patrick McLennon 421 Arnold. Richard K 285 Arnold, Thomas Harley 422 Arnold Air Society 451 Arnoult. John Timothy 416 Arnspiger. Allison 512 Arnt, Nancy Sue 597 Aron. Sandy P 597 Aronoff. Craig Ellis 422 Aronowitz. Anne 549 Aronowitz, Mitzi Gail 464 Arra, Denis Duran 549 Arredondo. Luz Maria 613 Arriaga, Isaias G. Jr 447, 452 Arrington, Keith T 536 Arthur, Donald Byron 545 ASCE 391 Ashby, Dennis Brock 549 Ashcraft. Jay Arden 597 Ashford. Deborah Lee 320, 327. 550 Ashley, Marsha Claire 476 Ashley. Timothy H 516 Ashom. Deborah Lynn 597 Ashton. Patricia Ann 627 ASID 397 Askins. Betty Jean 597 Askins. Kenneth Wayne 418 ASME 390 Atamian. Sara Kay 410 Atarod. Elsa Guin 550 Atchison. Charies S 329.470 Atkins. Claude J. Jr 147, 550 Atkins. Richard Dale 426, 588 Atkins. Richard Paul 422 Atkinson. Gerald Lee 627 Atlas. Scott Jerome 413 Atsinger, Terry Lynn 627 Attal. Deborah Ann 627 Attaway. Sue Ellen 613 Atteridg. Barbara Joan 480. 627 At well, Thomas Luther 470 Aune. Eugene W. Jr 203 Name Aust. Bonnie Jean Austin, Glenn Alan Austin. Harold Brent Austin. Kathleen Dawn . . Austin, Michael Ray Austin, Rebecca Lynn . . . . Autry. Ann Lynnette Avant. David Lee Avant. Jim Forrest Avant, Nannette Avant. Robert Franklin . . . Avant. Sara Sue Avent, Robert S.P Averill, Frances Avery, Graham D Aves. Richard Deochoa . . Avila. John Jr Avis. Patricia Pearl Await. J. C Axelrad. Stewart R Axtell. Albert Calvin Jr. , . Ayers, James B Ayers. Susan Jane Ayoub. Andrew William , Page 419 371.597 .409,418,526,550 587 ■ 550 482 423 613 421,510,627 403,506,597 321,627 410.627 422,494,597 476 .321,322,323,326 387,412.426 482.627 673 462.627 172 416 627 384 B Baade. Patricia Jo 550 Babel. Janis Clare 410 Baca. Daniel Charles 321 Bachman. Gene Weldon 386, 422 Bachman, Wayne Bradley 320, 587 Bachschmid, Barry A 597 Back, Leslie K 587 Bacon, Sylvia Sue 538, 613 Bader, Joyce Ann 419, 428 Baagelt, Lynne Anne 613, 676 Bailey, Austin G. Jr 408 Bailey, Barbara Anne 506 Bailey, Betsy Jo 484 Bailey, Brian Allen 345. 510, 613 Bailey, Cheryl E 482 Bailey, Clark Dillon 550 Bailey. Claudia G. Weeks 550 Bailey. Elizabeth 153. 472. 550 Bailey, James H. Jr 186. 500. 545 Bailey. Jo Ann 550 Bailey. John Richard 409. 422, 550 Bailey, Karen Georgia 482 Bailey, Kenneth Lamar 550 Bailey. Melinda Ann 538 Bailey. Norman Joseph 508 Bailey, Sally Dorothy 422 Bailey, Sandra Kay 422 Bailey, William E 516, 627 Baines, lack Clifford 587 Baird. Eric Robb 627 Baird, Frank Philips 502 Baird, Niven James Jr 196, 198, 329, 526, 597 Baird, Timmie 408 Baker, Betty Knight 512 Baker, Bruce Wilber 184 Baker, Carol Sue 341, 627 Baker, Clifford Bain 447, 550 Baker, Douglas William 627 Baker. Frances Delores 484. 613 Baker. Herbert Harry 321 Baker. lames Edward 375 Baker. James Elwood |r 408. 419 Baker. Jefferson Rogers 421 Baker. Jeffrey Watts 532 Baker. Josh Brooks 421 Baker. Marilou 410, 420, 613 Baker. Mary D. Van Eaton 417 Baker. Michael Allen 427. 587 Baker. Rex Gavin III 408 Baker, Rhonda Suzanne Mrs 550 Baker, Rilda Louise 423 Baker, Thurman Dale 587 Baker, William Austin 422, 597 Bakst. Marlene Beth ' 414 Balagia. George T 456, 516 Balagia, James Koury 516, 597 Balagia. Saba lack 304,311,416 Balboa, Rose E 627 Balch, Emmet H. Ill 613 Balcones Research Center 294 Balderach, David L. Ill 458 Balderas. Daniel Jr 627 Baldree. Julie 410. 613 Baldwin. Elizabeth B 538 Baldwin. Joseph Lamar 130, 414, 422. 545 Baldwin. Marilyn 627 Baldwin. Roger Lyn 328, 502, 613 Bales, John Malcolm 421 Ball. Michael Davis 203, 530 Ball, Nancy Lou 410 Ball, Thomas Henry III 334, 470 Ballantyne. Christie M 423, 470 Ballantyne, |ane M 512 Ballard, Bruce Thomas 550 Ballard, |o Ann 550 Ballard, Kenneth Gene 613 Ballard, Stanton Neal 421 Balma-AIfaro Luis .550 Balough, Virginia A. Hale 550 Balser, Mary Rebecca 550 Balser. Melissa |ane 550 Balser. Nancy Adele 472, 550 Balsley, Ronald Dean 545 Balzer. Karen Frances 410 Bandy. Kathryn Lois 457. 506 Bandy. Marcia Diane 410 Banfield. Cherie A 613 Bankhead. Kathy Jean 410 Bankhead. Kevin W 345.510 Bankhead. Phillip Clay 344. 345. 510. 550 5 I 642 — CACTUS Index Hi , Drill ■ilffieAflD i ' .| lii|o TOid,lr JJNiCiii ■ ' ■ ' ' ' ' IwiiiP ■ " «mS! f Name Page Bankhead. Stacy Renee 341. 627 Banks. Dennis Cordell 421 Banks. Nancy lean 376. 597 Bannan. Janetle Dyer 418. 422 Bannerman. Rusty N 345 Baradon. Eshel 309 Barbee. David Richard 371. 550 Barbee. Karon Grace 627 Barbee. Lanny Carroll 422 Barbour. Peter Clyde 329 Barch. Grovely 345 Barcklow. Beverly Ann 480. 613 Barcklow. Mark Alan 478. 597 Barclay. John A. Ill 514 Barclay. Mary Beth 550 Barefield. Kirk 338 Barenblal. Bruce Allen 496. 627 Barfield. Bourdon Ivy 532 Barfield. Jan Marie 613 Bargmann. Kristina M 627 Baria. Joseph Murry Jr 587 Baria. Paul Collins . 320. 323. 326. 422, 426, 597 Baring. Bennie A. Jr 421 Barker. Beverly June 482 Barker. Brent Alan 198 Barker. Claire Denise 410. 613 Name Page Barnett. Michael A 516 Barnett. Patricia A 627 Barnett. Patricia P 498 Barnett. Robert Hicks 514 Barnelt. Sharie Hope 597 Barnett. Susan E 410 Barnett. Susan Gayle 597 Barnett. Susan Jean 613 Barnett. William S. L 409 Barnhart. Paul Fred 334. 470 Barnhill. Jan EUise 399. 468. 550 Barnum. Robert S 157. 422. 426. 597 Barr. James Alan 524. 550 Barr. Margaret J 292 Barr. Michele 380, 417, 468, 597 Barr, Russell Wyatt 412 Barr, Sharon Dianne 627 Barr. Thomas Brian 627 Barragan, James C. Jr 423. 496 Barre. Nelson Keith 375. 597 Barrera. Frank 597 Barrera. Horacio Luis 409 Barrett. Gregory A 524. 550 Barrett. Malcolm W. Jr 443. 613 Barreyro. Hector Pablo 423 Barrientos. Joseph J. Jr 444. 627 S119 watif .A . a a ;si se mfi3 .% ,,«) ma (II jis 110 «i (10 I ■ ■■ ■ »M jjl ' jft Barker. James Stephen 550 Barker. Jerry Don 597 Barker. John Matthew 384 Barker. Katherine Eve 484. 627 Barker. Roger Drake 550 Barker. Valerie Ann 613 Barkley. Julia Jo 395. 550 Barler. Bette Beatrice 418 Barmore. William R 613 Barnard. Brian Duval 530. 627 Barnard. Charles M 329. 478. 597 Barnard. Deanne Gay 498. 597 Barnard. John Robert 514. 627 Barnard. Shannon 538. 627 Barnard. William Roger 478 Barnebey. Malcolm Edward 545 Barner. Yolanda Kay 333. 447. 627 Barnes. Bruce Lloyd 445 Barnes. Caroline Susan 484. 550 Barnes. Cynthia L. Vahalik 550 Barnes. Douglas Henson 334. 530 Barnes. Kathy Lou 424 Barnes. Marilu Selene 468. 550 Barnes. Marilyn Kay 420 Barnes. Mary Susan 310. 338, 341. 414. 550 Barnes. Richard Gerald 375 Barnes. SherylDiane 410 Barnett. Brenda Gail 414 Barnett. Brenda Kay 420, 427, 613 Barnett. Jacqueline R 476 Barnett. Karen Marie 410 Barnett. Louis E 408 Barnett. Marguerite P 418. 545 i Barrios. Alberto 550 Barron, Benjamin K 516 Barron. David F 414 Barron. Eugene Earl Jr 421, 516, 597 Barron, Robert Bruce 444 Barron, Rosa Maria G 410 Barron, Vicki 420 Barron, WilliamE 263, 278 Barron, William Robert 172 Barrow, Ann Thomas 410 Barry, Susan Patrice 396 Barsness, George Paul 421 Barta, Carolyn Faye 385, 587 Bartek. Cynthia Gayle 320. 613 Bartek. David Cliff 172 Bartholomew. Douglas W 426 Bartlelt. Connie S 506 Bartlelt. Denise 550 Bartnett. Kathleen L 468. 597 Barton. James Robert 597 Barton. Mary Keith 394 Bartos. Leonard Wayne 587 Bartosek. Lawrence E 434. 439. 597 Barzegar. Leon 412 Baaeball 188, 195 Bash, Beverly Kay 613 Bashour. Charles Allen 408 Bnkelball 178. 185 Baskin. Becky Joan 512 Baskin. James Carroll 492, 613 Baskin. Otis Wayne 414 Basore. Steven Dale 381. 550 Basquine. Doris Ann 354. 627 Name Page Bass. Cindy Lynn 420. 550 Bass. Margaret Helen 410 Bass. Randol Alan 320 Basse. Cora Lynn 333 Basse. Susan Hertha 333. 627 Bateman. Jane Ellen 417 Bates. Ann Robinson 538. 550 Bates. Billy Bob 597 Bates. David Quentin 329. 532, 550 Bates. Douglas Edward 597 Bates. Douglas Oran 377 Bates. Loyce Lee 176. 482 Batey. Charles R 627 Batey. Larisa Lee 550 Batki. Dara 422 Batla. Charmaine 422 Batten. Deborah Lynn 627 Battles. Linda Lea 550 Battreal. Richard L 550 Bauch. Mary Gail 362 Baucum. Sara Jan 476 Bauer. Catherine P 420. 613 Bauer. George Nathan 597 Bauer. Robert Harrison 345. 510 Bauerle. James E 273 Bauerschlag. Henry F. Jr 184 Baum. Jane Louise 376. 409. 550 Baum. Kenneth E 519 Bauman. Edwin R 532. 627 Bauman. Robert W. Jr 419 Baumbach. Karen Lynn 613 Baumgardner. John W. Jr 587 Baumgardner. Sally A 512 Baumstimler. Daniel B 627 Baxter. Claudia E 410 Bayless. Brenda Kaye 498 Bayless. Louise 345. 506 Bayne. Randal M 389 Bayoud. Bradley Wade 508 Bayoud. George S. Jr 532 Bazaldua. Selma P 627 Bazan. Diana Yolanda 392 Bazan. Fernando 359. 550 Beach. Cynthia Lee 498 Beachy. Morris J 243. 355. 356 Beadle. Richard Allen 321 Beagle. Pamela Joan 597 Beale. Ellen 484. 550 Beall. James Leber 550 Beaman. John M 203 Beaman. Joseph Jefferson 423 Bean. Martha Louise 410 Bean. Melissa Anne 506. 627 Bean. Robert Ellis 422.427 Bearce. Ma ynard P 427 Beard. Phillip Hubert 447 Beard. Sue Ann 410 Bearman. Linda Beth 410. 520 Beasley. Marsha Lea 476 Beasley. Stephen Craig 408 Beathard. Gary Clyde 550 Beatty. Carol (Ilark 468 Beaver. Susan C 486 Beavers. Elizabeth K 364. 498 Beck. Sandra Lea 484 Beck. William Gregory 148. 416 Becker. Christine Ann 410 Becker. Dan Gentry 613 Becker. Harald A 423 Becker. Heather Anne 424 Becker. Lauren Lyn 450. 464 Becker. Patricia Ann 410. 460. 627 Becker. Peggy Lee 512 Becker. Stephen Howard 597 Becker. Thomas Spencer 627 Beckett. Deborah K 476 Beckham. Charles A 514. 597 Beckmann. Marvin M 412 Beckoff. Susan Faith 613 Beddow. Bruce Ryde 494 Bediltion. Teri Anne 551 Bedillion. Theodore M 202. 203. 492 Bedrick. Barbara Ann 627 Bedsole. James Lynn 375. 597 Beecherl. Louis A. Ill 516 Beer. Shelby Anne 613 Beerbower. John David 627 Beerman. Sylvia Ruth 410 Beers. Philip Clark 419 Beeson. Laurette H 410, 498, 627 Begey, Joseph E. Jr 597 Begien. Carolyn E 472. 627 Bennke. Patrick James 445 Behrends. Ronald Wayne 320. 326 Behrendt. Rebecca 357 Behrens. Andrea Joy 627 Beightler. Charles S 346 Beitel. James Stewart 384 Beken. Betty Nell 410 Belcher. Barbara Kay 482 Belew. Sarah Rebecca 498 Belinoski. Thomas 153 Belk. Davy Mac 421 Belk. Mary 333. 362 Bell. Alan Robert 421 Bell. Charles Michael 551 Bell. Elston Howard 321 Bell. Heniy Marsh III 551 Bell. Jane Katherine 410 Bell. Jerry Arch 116. 304. 416 Bell. Joseph Webster 416 Bell. Karen Elizabeth 627 Bell. Katherine Lynn 410. 627 Bell. Kathleen Marie 156. 480. 613 Bell. Kimberly Nancy 410 Bell. Mary Catherine 512 Bell. Patricia Ann 512 Bell. Paul Gervais III 514. 597 Bell. Philip Nash 532 Bell. Robert Mitchell 395 Bell. Stephen Morris 419 Bellesen. Steve Allen 402 Bellinder. Lana C 551 Bellmont. Ted L. Jr 361. 422 Belt. Rickie Carl 551 Belt. WilUam Thomas Jr 421 Bemis. Susan Cecilia 597 Benavides. Baltazar A 551 Benavides. Norma A 551 Benavidez. Eliodoro Q 384 Name Page Bench. Phillip Bryan 597 Bender. Douglas Alan 496 Bender. Gene Ferris 597 Bender. John Steven 138 Bender. Paul Delmer 551 Beneke. James R 627 Beneke. Marjorie Kay 551 Bengtson. Lissa Gayle 410 Bengtson. Sharon Gayle 484, 613 Benitez. Leslie Anne 311 Bennett. Elizabeth Ann 156.420.446 Bennett. Gregg Allen 375. 551 Bennett. James Bruce 514. 597 Bennett. Kim 538. 613 Bennett. Lisa Avril 424 Bennett. Robert David 419 Bennett. Roger Edward 414 Bennett. Shelley 613 Bennie. Carol Ann 149, 462 Bensinger. Beverly H 448 Benson. Elizabeth Ann 551 Benson. John Lambert 526 Benson. Suzanne Louise 551 Benthall. Markle Lee 613 Bentley. Bernard P. E 131. 422 Bentley, James Vernon 514 Bentley, Marian Ruth 304,416,419 Bentley. Sheila M. Clarke 423 Benton. Susan Marie 338. 597 Beran. Brian John 408, 597 Beresford, Lesley D 551 Berg, Betty Jeanne 597 Berg. Carol Louise 627 Berg. Charles Eldon 422 Berg. Gary Donald 627 Berg. Susan N 336.482 Bergfield. Randall A 522.613 Bergin. Carolyn 468. 597 Bergmann. Hindi Lee 393. 464 Bergolofsky. Elaine B 464. 613 Berk. Anne 423 Berk. James Leslie 350, 519 Berkowitz, Ronald V 597 Berkowitz, Shelly Sue 410, 520 Berman, Kim 381 Bemal, Helen Hazuda Mrs 422 Bernard, Cindy Lou 484,627 Bernard, Donald M 478 Bernhard, Mary Anne 597 Bernstein, Beth Anne 410 Bernstein. Cindy Sue 520, 613 Berry, Andrew Jeremiah 627 Berry, Don Travis 587 Berry. George S 458 Berry. Irmgard Beinhoff 424 Berry. John Fredrick 321, 421, 613 Berry. John Labon 111 551 Berry. John Starrelt 502 Berry. Margaret C 291 Berry. Michael Dennis 597 Berry. Pamela Jean 613 Berry. Robert Thomas 470 Berry. Royle Cole 597 Berry. Susan P 464 Bertero. Janet Lee 551 Bertram. Ruby Irene 551 Bertrand. Nichoals C 401 Bertrand. Paulette D 613 Bertrand. Styles Leslie 408. 422 Bertron. Catnerine C 506 Bess. Nancy Hardeman 410. 420. 472 Best. Joseph A. Ill 613 Bester. Ronelle 422. 424 Beta Ganmu Sigma 409 Beta Theta Pi 478. 479 Bethea. William 190 Bethel. Russell Allan 365 Betters. Bonita L 292 Bettis. Mary Alice 484 Settle. Jerome Ord 627 Settle. Jonathan E 627 Beutel. Paul Wayne 143. 360. 545 Bevo ' s Babes 336 Bexten. Mary Elizabeth 538, 627 Beyer, Marjorie Jo 341, 627, 677 Bias. Randolph G 422 Bible. Steven Scott 458 Bibus. Frederick C 421 Bickerton. Craig Bierman 423 Biddle. Charles R 334, 514 Biddle, John Royden 514, 597 Bidelman, Barbara Jo 551 Biel, Melinda 566, 613 Biencourt, Patricia L. 551 Bierman, Mary E 613 Bierschenk, Kenneth P 320 Bierschwale. Pat W 345. 510 Biffle. Gerry K 597 Bigby. Susan Kay 328,484,597 Bigger, Frances A. M 424 Bigger. Kenneth Deane 422 Biggs. James Kyle 412 Biggs. Karen Arm 551 Bigham. Mary Helen 551 Bill. Augustin Z 613 Billingsley. Callan M 627 Billmeier. Susan L 551 Bills. Cynthia 498 Binder. Marian Ellen 422 Binder. Shirley F 288. 290 Bing. Martha 827 Binion. Cynthia Kay 420, 597 Bintliff. Richard M 522 Birchfield. Susan Kaye 376, 551 Bird, Steven Richard 502, 613 Birtchet, Frances Mary 484 Blsbey, Blair Allan 419 Bishkin. David Bruce 496 Bishop. Ann Elise 423 Bishop. Brian Waller 516 Bishop. James Price 426 Bishop. Theodore A. Ill 627 Bishop. William David 530,627 Bisno. Edward Jay 496. 627 Bisno. Eileen 464 Bissonnette. Mary Kim 627 Bitter. James C 613 Bivins. Louise Durham 506 Bixler. Beverly Joy 551 Bjorum. James H 597 CACTUS Index — 643 Name Page Black, Anne Courtland 597 Black, Charles Lee 502 Black, Horace D.Ir 597 Black, lames Anthony 414, 597 Black, Jamie Elizabeth 147. 309, 482 Black, lulianne Goode 400. 417 Black, Leon M 179. 185 Black, Patricia Glyn 627 Black, Rebecca Jean 410, 627 Black, Robert Fuller 329, 530 Black, Sally Ann 320. 613 Black, Terry Wayne 522 Black, Thomas E. Jr 478. 627 Blackard. Mary L 400 Blackburn. Dale Lloyd 202, 203 Blackburn. Michael E 492. 627 Blacklock, Douglas C 391. 426 Blackman, Blossom 157. 362 Blackman. Jerry Lynn 528 Blackman. Julia Elaine 551 Blackmon, John Paul 613 Blackmon, Kristi Anne K 613 Blacksher, Sharon Lynn 420, 597 Blackwell, James M 422 Blackwood. James 206. 213 Blades, Sarah Gaye 149, 512 Blaha , Catherine A. S 419 Blaha, Paula Prentiss 411 Blaicher. Robert Donald 423 Blair, Eleanor 424 Blair, Matthew Curtis 494 Blair, Vickee L. Lockwood 424 Blake, Denise Gayle 551 Blake, James Francis 470 Blake, Nan 480, 613 Blake, Rebecca Ann 627 Blake, Sharon 480 Blakemore. Ronald A 551 Blakey, Brenda J 472 Blalock, Carol Anderson 506, 597 Blalock. Jeanie Beth 394. 587 Blalock. Myron Geer 329. 470 Blanchard. Alison 512 Blanchard. Jeffrey P 551 Blanchard. John Ben 516 Blanchard. Marian 597 Blanchard. Suzanne E 419 Bland, Martha Morton 372 Blankenship, Gary C 597 Blankinship, James K 587 Blanton, Eddy Scurlock 200, 522 Blanton, Jack S. Jr 522, 551 Blanton, Leslie E. Dyess 419, 551 Blaschke, Victoria L. . . 150, 151. 307, 391, 392. 412. 413, 416. 427, 587 Blatt, Betsy Anne 480,613 Blatt, Debra Ilene 341. 410. 420, 613 Blaylock. Terryl Ann 376, 422, 448, 468 Blaylock. Vicki Lee 376, 597 Blefeld. Janet Ellen 423 Blessing. James W 206 Blevens. Cynthia L 354 Blitch. Kitzi Jane 320. 410. 613 Bliven, Nancy Anne 340. 613 Blizzard. Georgia Lee 364 Block, David III 422 Block, Karen Lea 460 Block, Martha Terry 506 Blodgett, Sarah E 545 Blodgett, William A 551 Blohm. Jeffrey Alan 597 Blood, Richard Wallace 423 Bloom, Ilene Joy 464, 627 Bloom, Josepti Marvin 311,496 Blotner, Michael Bruce 421 Blucstein, Lena Kay 340, 613 Blum. Lynda Eileen 627 Blum. Marvin Elliott 409. 551 Blum. Pamela Ann 408. 410 Blume. Dorothy M 423 Blumentritt, Frances L 422 Blunt, Lynn 411, 506, 628 Boatright, Patsy Ann 628 Bobo, Bonnie Esther 408 Bocanegra, Blanca E 551 Bockmon, Kimball W 421 Bodoin, Alys J 333 Bodzin, Mark Brian 462. 628 Bodzy, Allen Neil 395. 519, 597 Bodzy, Pamela F. Winston 417 Boehme. Barbara E 484 Boenker, Susan D 613 Boerder. Larry Eugene 423 Boesch . Barry Evans 414 Bogan. David Wofford 536. 613 Bogan, Susan Renee 613 Bogar, Deborah Joan 538 Bogard, Jesse D 412 Bogdan, Gregory Edward 409 Boggs, Beery B 215 Boggs, John D. Ill 320, 323 Bohannon, Virgil G. Jr 381, 383 Bohenek, Stanley E 363, 613 Bohl, George Thomas 628 Bohls, Daryl Dean 375. 524 Boland. Michael Grant 613 Bold. Harold C 416 Bolding. Stuart Brent 628 Boldt. Robin Denise 628 Bolen, Wendy Anne 551 Boles, Wayne Burton 522. 551 Bolfing, Michael Ann 551 Bollinger, William G 421 Bomar, Henry H. Ill 551 Bommer, Paul Michael 597 Bonaparte, Rudolph 412. 423. 427 Bond. Susan Lee 512. 613 Bond. Teresa Elizabeth 613 Bondurant. Linda B 512 Bondy. Stephen Robert 421 Bonham. James B 528. 597 Bonham. William R 551 Bonilla. Antonio 551 Bonner. Richard Andrew 414 Bonner. William N. Ill 514 Bonner, William Richard 393 Bonney, Jerry P 375, 598 Bonte, Frederick W 551 Bood. Robert Len 598 Booe. Martha Anne 628 Name Page Booker, Richard Earl 375 Bookout, Mendy C 598 Boone, Michael J 598 Boorman, Jackie Ann 476, 613 Boothc. Alice Marie 598 Boothe, Jeffrey F 184 Boothe, Kathleen Ann 149, 156, 613 Boothe. Terri Anne 551 Booty. Julie Anne . 394. 396, 414. 415. 418. 422. 598 Borchardt, Craig W 598 Borcherding. John David 387 Borden. David Spinney 444 Borel. Jacque Milton 381. 587 Boren, Biy ant Carroll 598 Borger. Sharon Renee 520 Borgeson. Monte Dean 528 Bormaster. Scott Evan 496 Born. Helen Kay Haskin 423 Bornemann. Pamela Sue 486, 598 Bernstein, Michael P 596 Borrego, Apolonio Jr 402 Borrego, Carolina 628 Borrett, Elizabeth A 415. 482. 598 Borschow, Tina Susan 520, 613 Bosch. Eduardo 551 Bosch. Silverio Carlos 416 Bosholm. John Stuart 421 Bosler, Elizabeth A 613 Boss, Willard Irwin Jr 532, 613 Bosse, Katherine A 598 Bostetman, Forrest R 446 Bostick, Betty Bond 538, 613 Bostick, Francis X. Jr 416, 423 Boston, Paul T. Jr 120, 306, 419. 551 Boswell, Brad M 533, 628 Boswell, Michael Dale 534, 551 Boswell, Ricki J. Hobbs 587 Bothwell, Caryn D 321. 403. 472. 598 Botts. Jon E 551 Bouchard. Karen S 320 Bouchard, Therese M 484 Boulanger. Margaret A 365. 411 Bouldin, Leonard Wolf 530. 587 Boutte. Deborah Blackwell 628 Bowden. Ann 414. 423 Bowden. Susan Turner 156. 460 Bowdle. Bonnie Lynn 551 Bowen. Charles W. Jr 587 Bowen. Rebecca Jane 498, 628 Bowen, Ted Childers 492 Bowerman, Rebecca E 598 Bowers, Barbara Ann 551 Bowers, Deborah Cheryl 628 Bowers, Gregory Paul 524. 628 Bowers, Melanie Lynn 613 Bowers, Terree Allan 300, 311. 338. 494. 598 Bowlden, Deborah Lynn 341, 598 Bowles, Catherine Anne 360, 538, 613 Bowles. Victoria Ruth 143, 551 Bowman, Betsy 423 Bowman. Betsy L. Eells 474 Bowman, Cheryl Ann 552 Box, Patricia Louise 476 Boxdorfer, Cynthia S 628 Boyce, Beaumont S 508 Boyce. John K. Ill 311. 416. 508 Boyce, Tommie Sue 341,552 Boyd, Ben Richard 172, 494 Boyd, Cheyanne E 416, 418. 422 Boyd, Dan Stewart 413, 416 Boyd. Elaine 320. 411 Boyd. JoEllen 156. 613 Boyd. Patricia Lynette 385. 587 Boyd, Peter Mackerer 524 Boyd, Timothy Lee 421 Boydston, Beverly Joy 587 Boykin, Scarlette Lynn 484 Boyter, Barbara Elaine 393 Brackendorff, M. C. Jr 524 Brackmeyer. Melissa 598 Braddock. Susan Lynn 482. 628 Braden, Kenneth Bruce 628 Braden. Shannon 512 Bradfield. Kristy Kay 333, 460 Bradfield, Melinda N 512, 613 Bradfield, Rebecca R 512 Bradford, Eugene W 458 Bradley, Baton B 552 Bradley, Carol Ann Mrs 552 Bradley, Eloise D 638 Bradley, James Richard 190 Bradley, Leslie Cara 482 Bradshaw, Ken 433, 434 Brady, Janet Alice 424 Brady. Lisa 538 Bragg, Ann Ralston 419, 512, 552 Bragg, Deborah Kay 396, 628, 677 Brainin, Nina Lee 476 Braly. Clifford 492 Braly, Locke Adams 492 Brams, Jolie Sherill 419 Branch. James Arthur 587 Branch. James Fuhr 425, 490 Branch, Renee S. Wood 598 Brand, Debra Jean 341 Brandle, Barbara A 628 Brandner. Ann M 411 Brands, Kevin Randall 492 Brands, Michael B 425. 426. 442. 453, 552 Brandt. Deanna Marie 476 Brandt. Floyd S 275, 423 Brandt, Janet Faye 552 Brandt, Paul C 470 Brannon, Alice Marie 613 Brannon, Cheryl Lyn 613 Brasch, Kathlene Ann 468, 598 Brashear. Ercel Gene 421 Braswell, Jonathan W 412, 427 Braswell, Rebecca 484, 552 Braun, Leslie Carol 484 Braun, Mark Howard 381 Bravenec, Ronald V 416, 426. 552 Brawley. Mary P 371. 628 Braxmeier, Carol Lee 552 Braxton, Clifford L 371 Bray, David Alan 395 Bray, Nancy Paige 552 Bray, Thomas Roy 522, 628 Brazell, Gregory Alan 390 Brazelton, Jane 361, 628 Breakfield, John E 447 Breathed, AJyson Page 484 Breed. John Wallace II 435 Breeding. John Mark 470 Breedlove. Mona Beth 552 Breeland. Lyn Taylor 130 Breen. Kathryn J 628 Breen. Michael Timothy 421 Breidenbach, Richard V 458 Breihan. Claire Mrs 411 Breit. Mollie Sondra 464 Breland. Osmond P 423 Breland. Patricia Ann K 423 Bremond, Sally Myers 512 Brennan. Michael 425. 426 Brenner. Shari 552 Brentzel, Reese Jr 321. 326 Bres. Edward Sedley III 423 Bresler. Eve Michele 411 Brewer. Charles Roland 321. 389. 628 Brewer. Valerie Eaton 506. 628 Brewster. David Wayne 418 Brezina, Johnny Roy 423 Brian, Debra Kay 598 Brickman, Rebecca 464 Bridgeman, Charles T 320 Bridges, Janet Lea 480. 613 Brien, Courtney Ross 598 Briggs. Leonard Solon 587 Briogs, Vernon M. Jr 416 Briles. Patricia Irene 482 Briley. Janine C. Beck 552 Briley, Margaret E 400 Brimer, Richard Craig 346 Brink, Edwin Emerson 613 Brinkley, Ben Paul 357, 418, 552 Brinkley. Deborah Gail 476 Brinkman, Fred Purcell 445, 534, 552 Briones, Roel 151, 402 Briones, Sheila 393 Briscoe, Dolph III 522 Bristow, Denise Jho 476, 613 Brislow, Larry George 172, 331, 492, 598 Brite, Denise Rene 587 Britt, WaherC 363 Britton, Garfield A 474 Britton, Linda Helen 598 Brizzolara, Anthony J 190 Brlansky,JohnR 329.470 Broberg. Peter Hartan 418 Broberg. Scott Alan 423 Brochstein. Melanie M 411.464.628 Brock. Celita Beth 149. 337. 375. 450. 486. 552 Brock, Debbie Lynne 138, 143, 552 Brock, Deborah Glyn 419 Brock, Randy Lee 494, 552 Brock, William A. Jr 311. 413. 416 Brock. William Greg 426. 552 Brocket!. Elizabeth! 321 Brockie. Donna Patricia 333. 410 Brockman. Kerry Joe 598 Brogdon, Judy Lynn 598 Brogdon. Nan Elizabeth 598 Broillel, Camille R 338 Brokaw, John W 243 Brollier, David Sydnor 533 Brons, Folkert N 392 Bronstein. Beth Lea 350, 598 Bronstein, Rochelle A 520 Brook, Howard Allen 365 Brooks, Benjamin A. Jr 321, 323, 391, 412. 552 Brooks. Craig Alan 206, 329. 514. 552 Brooks. Cynthia Gay 498 Brooks. James Mill 526 Brooks. Mark Wayne 628 Brooks, Sharon Lynn 498 Brooks, Suzanne Marie 613 Brookshire, Alexandria A 410, 476 Brookshire, Burt Lynn 516. 614 Brookshire. Charles C 408 Brophy. Arlene Marie 423 Brouder. Gerald Thomas 424 Brougher. John R. Ill 492 Broughton. Arnold S 470 Broun. Stacy Nell 512 Broussard. Cindy Sue 598 Brown. Angela Burnett 506 Brown. Ann Lenora 403 Brown, Billye J 259, 281. 404 Brown, Bonnie May 552 Brown, Candice Ann 614 Brown, Carol Jean 320,411 Brown, Caroline Jane 506 Brown. Charles Elmo 598 Brown. Christie Lou 482 Brown. Daniel Curtiss 474 ;,;,,. Sfflbelli AM j„iU.Te«ci|i«l« jomUoyilD; lr!.i,Sacjl «iw lam, Sim Lt ' " tottS ' i ' l ' S " ' ., IjK.PlMll " ' imiPilnciita 5,„,«i[WB BrohiRolwiiAllai buiiWEvmli ljm(ob!ilE|r !mIdI»iSc»ii iimSiirata ;i liiM.Spillc i!lmllt|l. a lmi.SlipbBNal .. l»M,SlmDSa« lM.SgiaDAw |pili.SlilllMine hn,SaCiiili lim,SuuiiDe liowijfnttio biJoD Lyn hKt.WaiRDF. hntlidWramli bn HvoIdl. lim UrTj ' D MlDelonliC hllttClteiillt )n.lliiyM k(.BvlMnAiui InctljunlAm }m. dtl Into. Mirai line lldE),Biy)nEil|i: ha.limleiit llMULCuDlPleJi InscmSlevaW hHtWiiiKnt Smtt.imj ' Pjgllt. hi,h) yn,laiu{ljnii .. I Dtlnnhjaw ■wMBnci IjuMnta liI«,|»P«il .SuoteDcDiH 1)11, Wfc, A. liiilCvyMti ¥nHiilljB(ib feBjmliiy Una Pill M, Wt(ii,Alii jmllBfflDind UtoklalUta UttDniSuuit U. Man Eta WHwiriClt W lreuiliAii. " WPintliAm « " .(irdAM hitoliBpici %«.A1toc tot Air " 644 — CACTUS Index mK 1i«i£b1 IS " ShlB,„ ..x a Si a m ill ■. mfi ■ Sllfil it Name Page Brown. Daniel Everret 186 Brown. David Owen 552 Brown. David Samuel 496. 628 Brown. Deborah Ann 506 Brown. Debra Frances 418. 522 Brown. Denise Gail 498 Brown. Edith Elizabeth 341. 418. 552 Brown. Edward B 458 Brown. Edwin Wayne 329. 516 Brown. Elizabeth Ann 506. 628 Brown. Gary Donald 426 Brown. Green berry B 534 Brown. Harry Lee 598 Brown, fames Donlin 552 Brown. Jane 512 Brown. Janice Larcenia Mrs 614 Brown, jenelle Sue 484 Brown, foann Priscilla 411. 628 Brown. John Marion Jr 552 Brown. Julie Louise 512 Brown. Keith David 426 Brown. Lawrence Joseph 152 Brown. Leslie Joan 486. 598 Brown. Lewis Eldridge 329. 502 Brown. Uoyd D 628 Brown. Louise Craig 512, 628 Brown. Lyn E. Hornung 417 Brown. Mark W 614 Brown. Martha Rowland 340 Brown. Melinda Kay 420 Brown. Micaela E 614 Brown. Nancy Louise 598 Brown. Nancy Lynne 598 Brown. Nancy Sue 472 Brown. Pamela Wright 628 Brown. Patricia Ann 628 Brown. Rhonda C 628 Brown. Richard Bickley 186, 528. 614 Brown. Richard Edward 496 Brown. Robern Allen 614 Brown. Robert Everett 490.614 Brown. Robert E. Jr 614 Brown. Robert Earle 545 Brown. Robert Scott 458. 628 Brown. Ronald M 288 Brown. Sharon Ann 468. 628 Brown. Spencer Neville Jr 456. 508 Brown. Stephen Neal 552 Brown. Steven Scott 518. 628 Brown. Susan Anne 482 Brown. Susan Marie 628 Brown. Suzan Camille 506 Brown. Suzanne 396 Brown. Teresa Jo 538.628 Brown. Tonja Lyn 614 Brown. Warren F 494. 598 Browne. Jack Wyman Jr 321. 326. 598 Browning. Harold J 514 Browning. Larry D 236 BroyhiU. Deborah C 156. 468. 614 Broyles. Catherine E 341 Broyles. Rebecca Sue 408 Broz. Mary Beth 409 Bruce. Barbara Ann 422 Bruce. Laurel Ann 460 Bruce. Leslie K 628 Bruder. Marcia Jane 460 Brumley. Bryan Edgar 29 Brune. Karen Leslie 410 Bruneman. Carol Paula 362. 468. 598 Bruneman. Steven W 514. 828 Brunette. William Kent 552 Brunner. Leroy Paul Jr 198 Bruno. Roy 421 Brusenhan. Kimble Wright 512 Brusilow. Jennie Linda 360. 538 Bruton. Deborah Jane 614 Bruton. Rex Wayne 552 Bryan. David Bruce 198 Bryan. Debra Ann 480 Bryan. Joe Paul 384 Bryan. Larry Zane 510 Bryan. Sandee Denise 411, 506 Bryan. William A 292 Bryant. Gary Allen 614 Bryce. Thomas D 442, 453. 552 Brydson. Holly Beth 320 Bubis. Barry Ray 462 Buchanan. Paul M 524. 598 Buchele. Craig Alan 320.326 Buchhollz. Ben David 418 Buchholz, Brad Robert 628 Buchler. Dona Suzanne 552 Buck. Barbara Ellen 423. 598 Buck. Edward Guy Jr 500 Buckley. Brenda Ann 552 Buckman. Pamela Ann 464 Buckmaster. Barbara A 341 Buckner. Carol Ann 598 Buckspan. Randy Jay 408 Budet. Antonio C 444. 598 Budnek. Leslie Kay 628 Buell. John Bruce 528.614 Bufano. Laura Marie 423.424 Buffaloe. Denie Dale 628. 677 Buffingtpn. Alison G 389. 614 Buice. Linda Jean 362 Buie. Anna Clare . 298, 312. 337. 416. 417, 428. 512. 552 Buie. Robert Michael 552 Buiosa. Leopoldina A 410 Bulla. Brian Earl 423 Bullard. Jean Ellen 480 Bullard. Thomas Lucas 494. 628 Bullion. Thomas Monroe 628 Bullock. Cindy Lou 149. 476. 614 Bullock, Frank Nash 533 Bumgardner. John E 423 Bump. Paul Bryan 426 Bump. Robin A 385. 598 Bumstead. Evelyn W 512 Bunch. Travis Alan 598 Bunnell. Presley Boyd 421 Bunion. Leisa Sue Fearing 397, 417, 552 Bunyan. Ann Sotherden 355. 364 Bunyan. Terry Lynne 333 Burch.JoeTom 412.545 Burch. Karen M 498 Burdette. Barbara 376. 614 Burdine. Richard Noble 428 Name Burford, Charles Scott . . . Burford, William B Burger, Joanne Burger, Leland L Burgess, Carol Ann Burgess, Kenneth H Burgess, Rita Ann Burgher, David W. Jr Burk. Lee Ann Burke. Douglas Roger .... Burke. Edward James .... Burke. Riley Stephen .... Burke. Rory Alan Burkett. Debra Colleen . . . Burkett. Mary E Burkett. ZackT. Ill Burkhalter, James A Burkholder. Thomas Lee . Burleson. Lori Anne Burleson. Richard Lynn . . Burlison. Camille Burnett. Karey Suzanne . . Burnette. Charles H Burnette. Shiela Kay Burney. Carolyn R Burney. Cynthia Jean .... Burnham. Dennis Ray .... Burnim. Wonda Elise .... Burnitt. James Lynn Burns. Barbara Lee Burns. Beverly Jo Burns. Charles G. Jr Burns. Gayle Elaine Burns. James Moeller .... Burns. Margaret Ann .... Burns. Marylyn D Burns. Nancy Susan Burns. Ned H Burns. Paul Michael Buron, Richard Bascom . . Burrell. Kalhy O Burris. Barrett H Burrisk. Donald Wayne . . Burroughs. Charlene C. . . Burroughs. Wanda L Burrows. Norman Lloyd . . Burrus. Constance Anne . Burshtyn, Laurence 1 Bursk, Randall Kerry Burson, Jean Allyse Burson, Meloney Jill Burt. Karen Irene Burt. Linda Kay Burtchaell. Douglas E. . . . Burtchaell. Nina Daly .... Burton. Carl Lee Burton. Leslie Jo Burton. Robert C Bus. Theresa Marie Bus. Veronica Ann Busbey. Charles P. B Busby. Kenneth Owen . . . Busby. Kirkland Lee Busch. Craig Allen Bush. James Francis Bush. Lynda Marie Bush. Ronald Roscoe . . . . Bushee. James Michael . . . Bushong. Howard F Butioesfl Bussey. Linda Susan Bussey. Michael Steven . . Buster. Jan Bustin. Gregory M Butcher. Michael L Butler. Aline P Butler. Barbara Lynn Butler. Becky Ann Butler. Catherine C Butler. Danny Bryan Butler. David Ford Butler. Dennis Mack Butler. Edward Showers . Butler, janis Diane Butler. Jean Anne Butler. Karen Engle Butler. Kathleen Ann . . . . Butler. Susan Elaine Butner. Leon Olander . . . . Buttery. Miles Elliott Butts. Arnold W. Jr Butts. David Earl Butzberger. Paul Buzek. Cynthia Gaye . . . . Buzzo. Peggy Lorraine . . . Byers. Nancy Jane Byers. Steven Michael . . . Byfield. Daniel M Bynes. Robert H. Jr Byrd. Barbara Ann Byrd. Ellen Lee Byrd. Katherine Lane . . . . Byrd. Margaret Elizabeth . Byrd. Thomas Martin . . . . Byrne. Sandra Kathleen . . Bythewood. Elaine Ruth . . Page 496.598 494.552 598 552 400 502 450,552 502,628 468 502 347 458 492.628 .320,327,410,420 345 416 470 528.552 460.628 172 538 472 232.281 538.598 538 538 320,323,598 628 526.598 587 506 528, 614 484,614 346 411 628 552 387,416 516 524 480,614 628 172 435,439,628 628 320 628 428 375 321 614 598 .472.587 360 411 614 411 587 410 411 436.453 545 361 628 421.598 354 422 443 190 234,235 410.538 .440,456.500.552 538 359.524.614 421 484,552 614 506 506 492 408 377 174,502,598 552 498 552 484 472,614 151,389,552 478 422 329 418 587 587 520 552 200 375.598 482 538 512 598 421 460.598 410 Cabaniss. Cathryn D. . . Ca ble. C had CACTUS Goodfellowa CACTUS Yearbook . Caddell. Shirley Ann. .. Cade. Jerry Lynn Cade. Karen Lee Cadenhead. Robert D. . . Cadwallader. Leslie E. . Caesar. Delane Gail . . . . Cain. Alan Donald Cain. Byron W. Jr Cain. Jonizo Cain. Robert Ryan . . . . . Calderon. Fermin Jr. . . . Calderoni. Maria C Caldwell. Larry Lee . . . . 614 456.534 305-311 .139.676.677 552 .408,419,422 552 614 426,552 598 422 534 418 334,524 434 552 598 Name Page Caldwell, Laura C 411, 628 Caldwell. Marlene 420 Caldwell. Michael Paul 433. 437. 453 Calhoon. Mary Joanna 598 552 Call. Nancy Elizabeth 414, 552 Callahan, David James 628 Calton. Donny G 434, 587 Camacho. Luis E 389 Cameron, Jack Craig 598 Cameron. James T 421 Camp. Carolyn Gardner 411. 420, 484, 628 Camp, Richard Field III 414, 598 Campagna, Larry Alan 304, 413. 416 Campbell. Brett C 628 Campbell. Catherine A 422 Campbell. David Glenn 552 Campbell. Earl Christian 167, 172 Campbell. Elizabeth 614 Campbell. Friederika K 410. 420 Campbell. Gerald Keith 422 Campbell. Harvey D. Ill 408. 418. 428 Campbell. James R 422. 427 Campbell. Lisa Nelle 498. 598 Campbell. Louise J 552 Campbell. Margaret Womack 506 Campbell. Maria E 552 Campbell. Mark K 628 Campbell. Michael M 628 Campbell. Michael W 421 Campbell. Patricia A 418, 422 Campbell, Penny Renae 424, 472 Campbell, Robert Ewing 423 Campbell, Robert F 389 Campbell. Robert Jesse 530, 421 Campbell, Robert Scott 510, 614 Campbell, Sue Ann 512 Campbell, Terri Denise 628 Campbell, Thomas Lee 628 Campbell, Vicky R 418 Campbell, W.I. Jr 329 Campbell. William M 172 Campise. Carole Lynn 334. 538 Campodonico. Louise A 450, 457, 468 Campos. Frank Esquivel 552 Campos. Juan 552 Campos. Sylvia 628 Canada. Meredith L 354, 628 Canada, William R. Jr 421 Canales, Edmundo Canlu 421 Canales, Nelda Emma 628 Cangelosi, Mary K 628 Cannaday, Barry F 416 Cannaday. Mark L 552 Cannan. Mark James 416 Cannon. Ann-Gayle 408 Cannon. David Allen 371, 372. 552 Cannon. Donald R 286. 287 Cannon. Hulda Kathleen 614 Cannon. William B 256. 280 Cannop. Lisa Rae 422 Canon. Robert Otis 530, 598 Cantini, Arminio M 458 Cantrell, Deborah E 498 Cantrell, Mary E 628 Cantrell, Michael Lynn 427 Cantu. Cesar Emilio 552 Cantu. Enrique Amoldo 552 Cantu. George 628 Cantu. Gloria 598 Cantu. Rosaura 552 Cantu. Vina Louise 385. 587 Cantwell. James D 446, 552 Capello. Karrie Lynn 309, 480 Caperton, Troy Ross 510 Caplan, Elaine Rose 408, 410 Caplan, Richard Edward 421 Caplan, Steven Chaim » 408, 419, 423 Capp. Marcia Annette 417, 420 Capps. Richard Leroy 492. 598 Capshew. Charles E 422 Carameros. G. D. Ill 502 Caraway. Ralph Dale 447 Carbone. Frances Anne 468, 628 Card. Patricia Anne 552 Cardenas. Adriana B 614 Cardenas. Armando B. Jr 375 Cardenas. Claudio L 321 Cardenas. Juanita 614 Cardenas. Maria A 552 Cardenas. Reba Cinthia 628 Cardenaz. Michael S 614 Cardwell. John Anthony 516. 598 Cargile. Paula Ann 411. 472. 628 Carl. Bonnie Lee 628 Carleston, Carol Jean 598 Carleton. Charles R 614 Carleton. William F. Jr 422. 426 Carlin. Sandra Sue 587 Carlisle. Cheryl Y 362. 448. 614 Carlisle. Thomas L 552 Carlock. Susan E 614 Carlson. Carol Ann 598 Carlson. Cynthia L 417 Carlson. Cynthia Sue 410 Carlson. Janet Roberta 417 Carlson. John H 445. 552 Carlson. Johnette L. Cuba 552 Carlson. Ronald Allen 320, 421, 427, 614 Carlyle. Mona Shoemake Mrs 428 Carmichael, James E 421. 598 Carmichael, Lisa Anne 468 Carmichael. Nancy E 445 Carmichael. Robert F 412 Carminati. Diane 628 Carmona. Michael Raye 628 Cameal, Carolyn Sue 552 CaroUa. Larry Paul 470 Carpenter. Katherine G 506. 628 Carpenter. Ruth Ellen 552 Carpenter. Sara Jane 394. 3%. 410, 414 Carpinteyro, Rose M 341, 552 Carr. Cay Claire 614 Carr. Eddy Colbert Jr 614 Carr. Kathrine S 628 Carr. Leanne 484 Carr. Lindsay Place 476 Carr. Margaret M 450. 476, 614 Carr. Samuel Hunt 321, 628 Carranco. Henry Ruben 552 Name Page Carranza. Mary Jean 628 Carrick. William F 172. 514. 598 Carrier. Eric Dale 354 Carrigan. Stephen P 421. 502 Carrillo. Alice Denise 628 Carrillo. Cynthia Ann 598 Carrillo. Xavier T 552 Carrington. Merry K 498 Carris. Robert Charles 502, 628 Carroll, Frances Marie 598 Carroll. Jimmy Ray 422, 426 Carroll, Lucie Claire 614 Carroll, Mary Ann 422 Carroll, Mary M 498 Carroll, Michael L 408, 422. 445. 552 Carroll. Roger Greg 628 Carroll. William J 458, 614 Carson. Carol Ann 498 Carson. Philip B 423 Carswell. William B 408. 552 Carter. Albert Houston 414 Carter. Aubrey Leon 220 Carter. Ben Frank III 502 Carter. Charles M 614 Carter. Claire P 410, 449, 460 Carter. David James 418. 552 Carter. Donna S 482 Carter. Gary Dean 598 Carter. Jane K 417 Carter. Janice E 466 Carter. Katherine Anne 506 Carter. Leslie G 354 Carter. Margaret Ann 598 Carter. Nelda Gay 410 Carter. Ramona Carol 598 Carter. Sally Ann 411 Carter. Susan Frances 587 Carter. Timothy Hester 196. 198 Carter. Waller Wilson 530 Carter. Yvonne 598 Cartwrishl. Steven Ray 545 Carvaial. Maria C 411 Carvell. Marlene Dale Mrs 422 Casal. Henry C. Jr 470 Casart. Mary Patricia 614 Casas. Linda Sue 587 Casas. Norma Jeanne 598 Casbeer. George Harold 614 Case. Jeff Dean 421 Caserta. Michael L 552 Casey. George Patrick 494. 598 Casey. John Marshall 422 Casey. John Stephen 534 Casey. Stephen Doyle 598 Cash. James Richard 552 Cash. Robert L Jr 418 Cash. Sue Ellen 150, 392, 416, 427 Cashion. Joyce E 486, 628 Cashion. Sharon Lynn 333. 486 Cashion. Shelley Jean 486, 552 Caskey. Lizabeth Ann 340, 411. 420, 628 Caskey, Stanley H 530 Casner. Sandra L 468.598 Casselberry. Russell W 598 Cassell. Terry Lynn 411 Cassidy. Marcia Lynne 411 Casso. Raul Salvador 320. 614 Caslaldi. Frank J. Jr 423 Caslaneda. Regina M 628 Castanias. Scott Alan 628 Castille. Emily Ann 472. 628 Castillo. Carios E 614 Castillo. Luis H 552 Castillon. George W 614 Cathey. Linda Lee 598 Calletl. William Rolland 412 Catt. Marilyn 411 Caudill. William H 423 Caughran. Sarah Ann 409. 552 Cauley. Bruce Allen 375, 442, 552 Causey, Anthony B 587 Causey. Gary Keith 628 Caussey. Janice Ann 552 Caussey. Nancy Jane 410, 538, 628. 677 Cauvin. Louisa Filomarino 422 Cavazos. Maria Teresa 628 Cavazos. Mary E 598 Cave. Thomas Winston 614 Caven. Caroline 328. 512 Cavender. Robert M 516 Cavender, William Byrd 517 Caveness. William B 345. 510 Cawili. Teresita M 598 Cawlhon. Carolyn Ann 552 CBA Council 147 Cearley. Cynthia Ann 545 Ceariey. Nancy J 628 Cecil. Mary Louise 411 Cedars. Marcelle 1 320 Celli. Michael 172 Cenac. Joseph WiUard Jr 408 Centenio. Mary Elizabeth 376 CentiUi. Mary Kalhryn 628 Cermin. Joyce Anne 411. 628 Cervenka. Gayle Ann 476 Cervenka, Kenneth J 628 Cervera. Olivia Sema 545 Chacon. Antonio Leonel 598 Chacon. Everardo 598 Chaffee. Jon Robert 203 Chaff in. Donna Jean 411, 420. 482. 628 Chaffin. WUliam A. Jr 412 Chafin, Nancie Leigh 480. 614 Chahin. Julian J 598 Chamber Singers 356 Chambers. Catherine A 398. 538 Chambers. Christopher L 343. 552 Chambers. Deborah L 552 Chambers. Edward V. Ill 338. 391 Chambers. Nancy Marie 423 Chambers. Sherry Lee 552 Chambers. William J 598 Chambless. Tamara Kay 410, 614 Chamness, Nina Kay 420 Chamrad, Diana Lynn 614 Chan, Stephen Ashon 363, 389. 628 Chan. Vincent Kwok-W 552 Chan. Yiu Lam 552 ChanceUot 273 Chancellor. Gina 328.460 CACTUS Index — 645 Name Page Chancellor. Marion F 534 Chandler, Christopher P 587 Chandler, Donald Mason 490 Chandler. Gary Wayne 587 Chandler. Patricia A 418 Chandler, Paul Wynn 375 Chancy. William Calvin . . 130, 153. 304, 343. 419. 552 Chang. Peter 418. 552 Chang. Richard Kai-Tzung 421 Chang, Warren Gordon 614 Changwatchai, Niramol 424 Chapa. Gustavo 552 Chapa. Javier Noe 375, 598 Chapa, Ricardo Jose 598 Chapin, David Emmett 628 Chapman, Carrie Green 506 Chapman, Dale Lee 321 Chapman, Julie Ann 408. 419. 422 Chapman, Palton C 470. 828 Chapman. Richard T. Jr 526 Chapman. Sandra Kay 320. 411 Chapman. Sara Lynn 422 Chapman. Teresa Jan 408, 410. 614 Chapman, Thaddeus B 628 Charles. Janet Hean 408, 411. 520. 628 Charles. Sandra Ann 156 Charlton, Clarie E 14. 311. 450. 460. 587. 676 Charo. Elva 598 Chase. Kathleen Marie 418 Chase. Nancy K. Montgomery 552 Chase. Samuel Louis 390, 478 Chastain. Garvin Dunn III 423,428 Chasteen. Cheryl Lynn 614 Chatas. Katherine L 157, 411, 628 Chatas. Stephanie M 157 Chawkin. Helen Audrey 422, 464 Cheadle. David C 554 Cheal, Barbara Evelyn 460 Cheek. Robert Clay 614 CheerleMlera 176, 177 Cheesman. Camille lone 411. 498 Cheesman. Polly H 498 Cheesman, Sheryl Lynn 506 Cheever. Suzanne Irene 484. 599 Chegin, Catherine M 482 Chelette. John Mark 190 Chelkowski, John D 371, 587 Chen, Joy Vee Wei 410 Cheng, KangTuo 614 Cheng. Robert Hochen 419 Cheng, Sharon Jean 410 Chenoweth. Tracee Ann 418 Chemoff, Michelle J 464, 628 Cherry. Carolyn Lee 403. 554 Cherry, Kathryn Nell 424 Chesley. Dorothy Ann W. Mrs 422, 424 Chesney. Thomas P 412, 427 Chester, Tracy Ann 460, 628 Chew. Lawrence Paul 587 Chi Epsilon 412 Chi Omega 538, 539 Chicotsky, Mark Steven 519. 599 Chicotsky. Robert H 519 Child. Christopher C 142 Child. Linda Fenderbosch 424 Childers. Richard Lee 371. 587 Childers. Terri Ann 482. 614 Childress. Carol M 587 Childs. John Michael 338, 599 Chimene. Julius Baum 338, 628 Chionsini, Dusky Lynn 628 Chipman, Randy Lamar 387 Chisholm. Janice Kay 587 Chism. Sharitta Gale 354, 628 Chiu. Anthony Man C 554 Chiu, Wing Fung 554 Chiu. Wing Lok 599 Chmores, Tommy Ray 412 Choffel. Barbara M. A 587 Choffel, Kenneth Leo 588 Choffel. Susan Marie 554 Choi. Ung So 423 Choo, Kwang Yung 414 Choral Union 358 Chovanetz. Barry E 389. 545 Chow. Chung Sun C 421,554 Chow. William Kwok Fai 545 Chrislensen. Eric K 320 Christesson, Janet L 628 Christian. David Bruce 629 Christian. Elizabeth A 460 Christian Science Organization 352, 353 Christian. Susan M 460 Christian. Wayne T 517 Christman. Geoffrey L 629 Christner. Catherine A 424 Christopher. Martha Jo 614 Chu. Goretti Kin Hah 554 Chu. Stephen 427 Chumlea. Alice Anne 484, 554 Church, Richard Mark Jr 321 Chute. Donald James 599 Ciarella. David Joseph 436 Cicconi. Kathleen Ann 156. 333 Cisneros. Nelda S 629 Cisneros. Rogelio 402 Civiletto, Cynthia Ann 498 Clagett. Susan W 120 Clapp, Karen Lynne 482, 554 Clapsaddle, Don R 554 Clare. Susan April 410 Clark. Albert E. Jr 355 Ctark, Andrea 424 Clark. Candace Ann 345, 484, 554 Clark. Catherine Ann 554 Clark, Charles T 116,416 Clark. Claudia Rae 480.629 Clark. Edward 273 Clark. Gloria Ann 398. 488. 554 Clark. James M 408 Clark, Joanne Alva 486. 614 Clark. Kalhy Jo 506 Clark. Laura Lea 410 Clark, Mary Emily 394. 414 Clark. Mary Lee 588 Clark, Maxine Esther 417 Clark. Norma Jean 520 Clark. Richard H 494 Clark. Stephen B 176 Name Page Clark. Stewart J 355. 359. 361, 362 Clark. Susan 341 Clark, Thomas Coin III 614 Clarke, Amy Lynn 408. 450. 468 Clarke. Caryl Frances 599 Clarke, David Cosby 517 Clarke, Genevieve 554 Clarke, John Underwood 334 Clarke, Lucille Morrow 506 Clarke. Rebecca Ann 480. 554 Clarkson, Clay King 510 Clarkson. Debra J 488. 554 Clary. Cynthia J 399. 599 Classes 543-641 Clawater III. Earl W 517 Clawater, David W 334. 517 Clay. George William 514 Clay, James Henry 494 Clayborn. Raymond D 172 Clayton. Carol 484 Clayton, Pamela Susan 410 Clayton, William David 629 Clearman, Linda Caye 498 Clearman. Lynette Lea 498 Name Page Cobb. David Mark 614 Cobb. Linda 486 Cobbel. Lori Rachelle 464 Coburn, Neil Lowell 614 Cocek. Carol Anne 423. 599 Cochran, Deborah L 411. 629 Cochran. Mark Stephen 338, 419, 422 Cochran. Michael Brian 554 Cochran. Thomas Wilburn 452. 554 Cockburn. Thomas Neil 329. 508 Cocke. Fielding L 470 Cockelreas, Karren N 362 Cockrell, Deborah J 545 Cody, Melville L. Jr 470 Coe, David Walter 554 Coe. Jon Bruce 599 Coel, Edward John III 386, 388.426 Coel, Rebecca Frances 410. 420. 468, 614 Coerver. Joe Frank 428 Cof f. Tina Lynn 520 Coffey, Beverly Grace 476 Coffey. Laura Kathleen 460 Coffey, Michael A 444, 629 Coffey. Randall Craig 629 215 MYCaLOGY C.J. A OULOS M Cleaveland, John Mark 502 Cleaveland. Jr. Jack M 502, 554 Cleckler. Samuel Glen 172 Clegg. Catherine Anne 614 Clegg. Cathy Ellen 506. 629 Clegg. Julia Joyce 410. 498, 614 Clegg, Mary Virginia 498, 554 Clegg, Theodore N. Jr 526 Cleland. Roberta Lynn 394. 554 Cleland. Roxanne L 554 Clement. David William 419 Clement, Joseph Henry 419, 422. 554 Clements. Anna M 320, 614 Cleveland. James R. Jr 492. 629 Clewlow. John Phillips 338. 554 Click. Barbara Anne 538, 599 Clifton. Catherine Lea 428, 468 Clifton, James V. Ill 508 Clifton. Sharon Lee 599 Cline, Carol Jane 328. 506 Cline, Carolyn Ruth 629 Cline. Linda Carol 422, 424, 554 Cline, Scott Farrar 470 Clinton. Catherine J 410 Clinton. Claudia R 104. 105. 599 Clinton, Cleveland G 492. 588 Cliver, Diane Beverly 588 Closing 680-688 Cloud. Candace Ann 599 Cloudt. Kathleen T 417. 472, 554 Clouse, Donna jean 629 Cloutier, Thomas Camille 412, 427 Clowe, Rebecca 614 Cloyes, Brian Morgan _ 525 Coale. Mary Carol 460 Cobb. Calvin Griffin 508 Cobb. Cynthia E 149. 512 ■ ' im i! iiJi ' i aiii ?« Coffin, Eugenia 53 8 Coffman, Charles Richard 554 Cocburn. Brian 458, 629 Cohen. Bernard Harold 519. 599 Cohen, Deborah Lou 341, 350. 629 Cohen. Helene Susan 410. 423 Cohen, Marc Bennett 519. 629 Cohen, Mark Errol 395 Cohen, Martin Paul 422 Cohen, Michael Alan 519 Cohen. Michael Ben 496 Cohen. Michael J 133.147.554 Cohen. Steven Douglas 409 Coker, David Michael 514 Coker, Tina Glyn 629 Coker. William Donald 328. 502 Colburn. Rolla Ryan 320 Coldwell. Cameron 1 320. 323 Cold well. Peggy Anne 424 Cole. Byron Harrison 588 Cole, Clyde Francis 453, 554 Cole. Diane Davis 422 Cole, lohn Henry 442, 554 Cole. Michael S 470 Cole. Myra Dawn 410 Cole. Patricia R 422 Coleman. Deborah Kay 448 Coleman. Gary Lee 409, 554 Coleman. lanet Inez 554 Coleman, Michael R 614 Coleman. Nancy Lois 153. 419. 554 Coleman. Ronald Mayer 496 Coleman. Stephen Lewis 120. 421 Colglazier. William P 629 Coller. Karen Sue 468 Coller, Patricia Ann 468 Collie. Julie Ann 512 Name PaflE Collier. Carol Ann 614 Collier. James Louis 321, 599 Collier. Jana Kay 372, 482. 599 Collier, Jesse Newton 470 Collier, Lynne Claire . .304, 337. 416. 417, 420. 554 Collier, Rebecca Jane 468, 599 Collier, Stephen Ferguson 172 Collier. Susan Janiece 362,411.420.629 Collier. Thomas Lee 415 Collins. Andrew David 536, 554 Collins. Colleen M 392,411.629 Collins. Deborah L 392.411.629 Collins, Deborah Renee 599 Collins, Denise Jean 333, 472, 628 Collins, Eleanor Gail 418 Collins, Jack Randall 405 Collins, Robert W 456,536,599 Collins, Sherri Ann 498 Collins. Stuart Bryson 554 Collinsworth, Carl S 554 Colon. Hector Luis 445, 451 Colauitt, Richard Paul 502. 629 Coltnurst. Vicki Lynn 34B Colvin. James H 74. 280 Colvin. Richard Stanley 356 Colwell. Jan Elizabeth 539 Combs. Alan B 38 Combs, Courtney Ann 460 Communication 236, 237 Communication Student Council 148 Compton, James Edward 614 Concert Chorale 357 Cone. Brenda Raye 629 Congdon, Carey Briscoe 554 Conley, Dennis Byron 422. 426 Conley. Karen Sue 629 Conly. Albert Shannon 328. 458 Conly. Gary Wayne 458 Connally. Leslie W 629 Connell. James Richard 151. 426 Connell. Mark William 334, 456, 533, 599 Connelly. Michael W 470 Conner, Claudia L. Sanders 422, 545 Conner. James P 371. Conner. Lois Ann 41t ' , Conner. Michael Elmer 378 ' Connet. Melville D. Ill 422,554 Conoley, Teresa Ann 341,614 Conrad. David Wayne 598 Conrad, Janie L 478 Conrado. Alan Michael 61f Conrey, Barbara Yvonne Sflii " - Conrey. Mary Anita 41| Consentino. Michael John 42$ Contreras. Heli F 54 ., Conway. Rebecca Ann 457,48ft ' Conwell. Marvilyn Kay 411. SZl i Coogan. Sandra T 614 " Cook. Barbara Ellen 409. 554 Cook. Betsy Ann 476 Cook. Bobby G 287 Cook. Connie Gail 628, Cook, Courtney Marie 48 Cook. Dellana M. London SSK Cook. Dennis 5 Cook. Gary Allison 629iT Cook, Jeffrey Alan 55fr Cook, Karen Suzanne 41w Cook, Margo 42 Cook, Mary Helen 40fiF? Cook, Nina Jo 629 Cook. Patrick Joseph 334. 492 Cook. Royce Gene Jr 554 Cook, Stephen Boyd 390 Cook. Travis Lynn 588 Cooke. Robert P 29t Cooks, Karl Edward 354 Cookston. Elizabeth M 411, 512 Cooley. Eric Jon 422 Cooley. Florence T 512 Cooley. Mark Charles 388 Cooley. Mary Suzann 484, 614 Cooner, Michael W 629 Cooney, Ronald William 522. 628 Cooper, Gregory R 629 ' Cooper. Kyle Elaine 362, 629 Cooper, Mary Ellen 468 Cooper. Michael Weldon 412 Cooper, Miles Hall 526 Cooper, Neil Brent 519 Cooper. Robert L 412, 428 Cooper. Thomas Moseley 629 Cope. Carl Edward 629 Cope, James Daniel 673 Cope, Kateva H 498. 554 I Cope, Richard Ellison 458, 614 I Copeland. Charlie R. Jr 151, 391 I Copeland. John William 456. 526 Copeland. Morgan L. Jr 172 Copenhaver. Paula 480. 554 Coppinger. Susan E 462 Copus. Caren Cay 538 Corbett. Catherine 460 Corbett. Christine 460 Corbett. Dean Charles 629 Corbett, Harry F 422 Corbin. Ellen Suzanne 411. 420 Corbin. Susan Ruth 599 Cordell. David Mark 311.514.545 Cordell. Margaret L 538, 614 Cordell. Thomas Drury 328, 530 Cordettes 450 Corley. Jo Lynn 538 Corley, loan Gauthier 411 CormacK, Sharon Lee 376. 554 Cormier, Timothy Joel 356 Corn, Robert Michael 554 Cornelius. Richard E 629 Cornelius. Richard L 494 Cornelius. Robert Lee 614 Cornett, David Wayne 629 Cornetl. Emily Frances 424 Cornett. Sanclra Fran 360. 554 Cornwell. Billy Joe Jr 629 Cornwell, John B 388, 555 Cornwell, Kay Ellen 482. 629 Cornwell. Thomas E 375 Coronis, Paula Kay 410 Correira. Alfred Jesse 418 Corse. Ricky Charles 321. 357, 629 646 — CACTUS Index S0 , ' ' ' S •• (Kk " ? " ■■.. ».lml» ' " ,-aiilal- ■••• ■.. ■ mi[bAm ■, -teiBoi ■■■■ -. -jiroDOinii — :■-;,:.: Hin) ' MI ■..■. .NincyAu - - ' imMMillli« : :n«llH. , " oydtlr •,.-Kiilijji|«yt ' ■ .jnjlljul ,.,i!!pleiCW« - . ' ' UiiiGfK - • Ainalu ;:.;!: IkmIC- I ' fcBiHll OnCuyWi CoiliMiItaMii ' ktaSin b.|jieei CotLuiet IkLiiiliSau CaSiDcyGiil t«fiiiicy|». hPiteiiAia CoiSliw Doi|bi hSiiiltyEiil CnSltilaaii hllaiiAllgi CnVnaDili Ctr.Kndnlouii [irli.)lilijwM U) ' .PiulWi(idi CnteCinlta tU [ntSMBnn Ia(C«ly l)li PiiIFnlnl Cimloillli Eai.l«Sbiililt [mbnAltnltM WllouE. CimMuiSlnla IlimPiiill)m W«il,l« H Wad. W Fill WortDdwiil WntiiitdA. Ji ' Wiooirr ; ' ! PlSiu «itfruiD, wku.Jairtl li«,Cin)kMH ™yl i«u«ij ™W.Ho.rtw CmliM f«M ■■■ E ' lw.KitWif ST " " I .J ' l ' .«Hi:t ■mil: I Sill Will I =1 ' -««l tK ;« •m ::rm m m :: " 9 il la «H b.. «1B ... .:: " -m M il ■ .. . m m 1 a ,1 ,1 j HI J J 1 J J tM (lU 1 J ■ , J . Ml ...1 sai J 3ttl „. ' Mti ] 1 411 ' hrtj ; .J M M lit ■■ t ISl .1 IIL ■) ,„S t ■ i ' ,111,M ■ ill! L as WI ,s le „..i c s rf 1 I } I G • ,„f (• 4 Mi »s M a M Name Page Corson, Arlene Joan 411. 420 Cortell. Karen 362. 410, 614 Cortes. Dariela 411 Cortez, Bemice 403 Corvo. Rod 530 Cory. Stephen G 599 Coselli. Michael Pool 614 Coselli. Peter Clyde 599 Cosentino. Michael 1 599 Costales. Bette Nan 419, 422 Costello. Ian Robin 411 Costello. Mary Jane 629 Costin. Sandra Jean 428 Costley, Richard D. Jr 365 Collar, Terry Jean 520. 629 Cotton. Charles J 425. 427 Cotton. Jennifer Ann 411 Cotton. Mitzi Uene 629 Couch. Byron David 172, 555 Couch. Travis Marc 172 Coufal. Vicki Lynn 629 Coughlin. Cynthia Anne 599 Coulson. John Patrick 198 Coulter. Sally Darlene 383. 512 Counts. Mona Marie 424 Courreges. Emile J. Ill 418 Courtney, Debra Lynn 538 Courts. Frank Joseph 428 Coussou. Harry E. Jr 334 Coventry. Nancy Ann 386. 555 Covey. James Matthew 525 Covey. James Patrick 555 Covey. Mark Lynn 172 Covey, Pamela M 555 Covin. Floyd E. Jr 375. 614 Covington. Frank W 614 Covington. Margaret A 411. 420. 629 Cowan. Kathryn Joyce 614 Cowan, Larry Bryant 381. 555 Cowey. Stephen Charles 321 Cowher. Calvin Eugene 412, 423. 427 Cowling. Rebecca Ann 629 Cowper. Roscoe B. G. Jr 588 Cox. Anne Lynn 468 Cox. Eli P. Ill 372 Cox. Gary Dale 528 Cox, James Thomas Jr 422 Cox, Karen Sue 482 Cox, Kathleen 629 Cox. Lanier 416 Cox. Linda Susan 149. 545 Cox, Marianne 599 Cox, Nancy Gail 614 Cox. Nancy Jo 418,420 Cox, Patricia Ann 424, 599 Cox, Shannon Douglass 421 Cox, Stanley Earl 320, 326 Cox, Stephen Clay 405, 555 Cox. Thomas Afton 614 Cox. Vernon Dale 423 Cox. Walter L. Ill 422 Coy. Kendra Joann 480, 614 Coyle. Melanie Adelle 345. 482 Cozby, Paul Woods 510 Crabtree, Carol Ann . . 130, 304, 362. 413. 415. 416. 588 Craddock. Daniel K 421 Craddock. John W. Jr 406. 421, 510. 614 Craft. Sheryl Bemice 354.629 Craig. Carolyn Lyle 512 Craig, John MUo 206 Craig, Paul Frederick 206 Craig. Roy R. Jr 416 Crain, Barbara J 555 Crain. Lee Shudde 321, 326 Crain, Rene Arita 599 Crain, Stephen L 478 Cranberg, Alexis Mount 343. 423. 614 CrandairjoanE 422 Craven. Mark Stephen 357. 555 Cravens. George F 421. 614 Cravens. Paul Byron 445 Cravens. Valerie Ann 629 Craver. Mary Myrtle 555 Cravey. Bruce Michael 404 Crawford, Barry Hill 629 Crawford, David F. HI 525 Crawford. Deborah J 629 Crawford, Elizabeth A 375 Crawford. Janice Anne 484 Crawford. Jay Clinton 536 Crawford. John Hayden 614 Crawford. Keith Joseph 14, 614. 676 Crawford, Kimberly A 629 Crawford, Maureen Ann 424 Crawford. Robert F 536 Crawley, Robert Eiland 329 Craymer. Patricia 376 Creamer. Frank D 349 Crecelius. Linda Lee 410 Credeur. Kenneth R 614 Creeden. Caroline H 629 Creighton, Kenneth Roy 530 Cremin, Julia Lucinda 498 Crenshaw. Howard W 147 Crews. Cheryl Rae 420 Crews. Stephen Thomas 419. 422 Crier. Catherine Jean .484, 555 Crier. Jack Rurick 629 Crim. Kathryn E 341, 420. 614 Crisman, Elizabeth A 362 Criswell. Carol Leigh 614 Crittendon. James Alan 389 Crockard. Carol Ann 414. 422. 472 Crocker. Paul Riley 614 Croes. Michael F 599 Crone. William Kennedy 321 Crooker. Linda Ann 130. 144. 298, 311. 416. 417. 506.555 Cropper. Michael E 555 Crosby. Alan Wayne 599 Crosby. Douglas Ray 629 Crosby, Nancy Gail 319, 321. 424. 588 Cross, Edward A. II 526 Cross, James Lynn 381, 383. 588 Cross. Jerrel Lee 371 Crosson. Richard Lee 478 Crosswhite. Charles M 172 Grouse. Philip Charies 304, 311. 416 Crow. Don John Jr 408 Name Crow. Judson Anthony Crow. Karen Ann Crow. Robert Owen Crow. William Raymond Jr. Crowell. Benson M Crowell. Stephanie J. O Crowley. Claudia E Crowley, Elizabeth Crownover. Dick R Crownover, Gail Ann Crowson, Cathie Clair Crowson, Peggy Kay Crowther, Carolyn D Crozier. James Eeds Jr Crozier. Jeffrey Lee Crum, Jane Ann Crum, Lawrence L Cnjme, Linda Kay Crumley. John Alfred . Crump. Steven Nance Cruz, Agustin Cryer, Pamela Jean Cuccia. Nick A Cuellar, Nelda Gloria Cuellar, Sylvia E Cuenod. Diane Marie Cuenod. Martha Carol Cullen. Marilyn D Culotta. Rodney C Culp. Catherine Signe Culpepper. Ben Allan Culter. Lynne Ann Culver. Joseph H Culwell. Warren D. Ir Cumbie. Mary Caroline Cumbie, Nancy Dianne Cummings, Carolyn J Cummings, Meredith Cunningham. Amelia Lee. . . . Cunningham. Asa E. Jr Cunningham, Duane Cunningham. Isabella C Cunningham. |ack C. Jr Cunningham. John R Cunningham. Kennedy A. . . . Cunningham. Larry R Cunningham. Linda Cunningham, Mary Lynn . . . . Cunningham. Nancy E Cunningham. Robert August . Cunningham, Stanley C Cunningham. Timothy W. . . . Cunningham. William H Curinglon. Eve Curlin. Barbara Lorez Curlin. Bruce Price Curran. Carolyn Ann Curran. Colleen G Curran. Lettie Curran. Michael James Curran. Thomas S. Ill Curre ' y. David Nelson Currie. Thomas Forrest Currier. Gary Vernon Curry. Ronald Elmo Curtis. Cynthia Anne Curtis. John Thompson Curtis. Robert W Curvan. Leonard James Cushner, Mike Craig Cutbirth. Joe Hale Cutchin. Melinda Lou Cutler. Anna Carolyn J Cutler. Lynne Ann Cutretl. Gloria Gail Cyr. Timothy Brian Czech Club Page 514 460 510 555 629 423 411,629 403 555 614 410 336 341.424,555 408 172 422 423 588 391 383, 588 402,629 422 414 599 555 512,629 506 418 599 333,629 372,555 333 275 514.599 460 460 476.629 629 423 470 599 423 555 422 424.599 555 .328,410,484.614 506 506 673 502 321.359 416 629 629 517 476 476.629 588 629 517.599 321.555 588 381 555 484.629 422 478 555 30 502 .147.376.422,555 419,422 614 410,420 434,439 .. 35 1 D Dabdoub. Richard Dacy. Robert Louis Dagel. Tomlinson J Dasen. Bethany Joyce Dahl. Philip Orrin Dahlberg, Peter Black Daigh, Margaret Olivia Daish. Robert Barrier Dailey. Bruce Mark Dailey. James E Daily Taxan Daimwood. David Paul Dale. Emily Dale. John Robert Dalisera. Laura Ann .148. 338. Dallas. Cham Edwards Dallas. Stephen D Dalrymple. Laurel Ann Dalton. Jerry Wayne Dalton. Richard Eugene Dalton. Steven M Dancer. Reecy Lynn Danford. Vicki Ruth Dangoor. David E Daniel. Burl Brian Daniel. Dale Spence Daniel. James Robert Daniel. Karen Ann Daniel, Nan Daniels. Glenda L. Bowden . . . Daniels. Kevin Marc Danielson. Wayne A Danna, Richard Charles Dante. Karen Lynn Darby. Diane E Darden. Juanita H Dardenne. Christine A Dareos. Amanda Jean Darezzo. Alfred J. Jr Darnell. Cynthia Lee Darnell. Linda Williams Darr. Allen Lee Darr. Kathleen Anne Darrah. Anne Margaret Darwin. William LJoyd Dashiell. Diane 555 421 478.629 361.614 588 409 399.472 391 421 151 143 427 512 502.629 393. 394. 396. 555 408.555 629 410,423 444,451 555 458 629 468.555 555 555 494.599 629 629 410.498 488.555 514 .. .236. 280. 396 599 629.677 460,629 629 480 538 555 484 424 599 .411,629 .411,460 .414,422 394. 538 Name Page Daugette. Forney R. Ill 508, 629 Daugherty, Scott Riley 387, 599 Daussin. Rory Dennis 555 Davenport, Terry Evert 206 Davey. Christopher R 427. 599 David. Allen Demaret 172. 629 David. Darreli Steele 599 Davids. Debra Kay 480. 599 Davidson. Allen Mark 421 Davidson. Daniel Bryan 320. 615 Davidson. Gary C. 555 Davidson. Gilda Joyce 629 Davidson. Kenneth B. Jr 321 Davidson. Nancy Ann 480. 629 Davidson, Robert J 555 Davidson, Samuel H 426 Davidson, Sharon Joy 599 Davies. Albert E. Ill 419 Davies. Neil Spencer 599 Davila. Inocencio A 555 Davila. Yolanda Ann 555 Davis. Anne 512 Davis. Beth Renee 411 Davis. Billy Dee Jr 375. 555 Davis. Bobby Joe 447 Davis. Brian Richard 422 Davis. Bruce Mayo 478, 600 Davis, Carrie Lynn 629 Davis, Catherine Carol 360 Davis, Christopher 412 Davis, Dana Bess 302, 311, 337. 416, 417, 426. 457. 472. 588 Davis. Deborah Ann 423. 512 Davis. Deborah Dee 482 Davis. Edward Alvin III 525. 555 Davis. Eleanor Barbara 460. 555 Davis. Fonda Faye 464 Davis. Glenn Thomas 320. 629 Davis. Harold Louis 422.426 Davis. James Stephen 419 Davis. Janna Denice 417. 555 Davis. Joanne 464 Davis. John Baxter 615 Davis. John Lawson 478 Davis. Julie Anne B. Mrs 419 Davis. Kendall Craig 343 Davis. Lance Harrison 502 Davis. Leslie Ann 506. 600 Davis. Leslie Brent 526. 600 Davis. Lisa Marion 410. 615 Davis. Mallonee 450. 498 Davis. Margaret Ann 376. 409 Davis. Margaret P 506 Davis. Marianne 394 Davis. Mary Kathryn 143 Davis. Michael A 423 Davis. Nancy Gail 600 Davis. Nicki Sue 482 Davis. Pamela Lynn 629 Davis. Patricia Linn 364. 600 Davis. Phillip Charles 555 Davis. Reagan Hunter 533 Davis. Richard F. [r 588 Davis. Robert Earle 555 Davis. Robert H. Jr 338 Davis. Roberta Gaye 404 Davis. Sally Dee 480 Davis. Terry 422 Davis. Thomas James 375 Davis. Waters S. IV 412. 533 Davis. William A. Jr 412 Davis. William Gregory 629 Davison. James Lindsay 427 Dawkins. Mary Ellen 376.615 Dawson, Anita Joan 412 Dawson, Judy Kay 600 Dawson. Kim Taylor 304. 417, 418, 555 Dawson. Mark Wayne 629 Day. Delica Kaywynne 371. 396. 615 Day. Douglas John 600 Day. Helen Marshall 457. 600 Day. Michael Norman 421 Day. Ralph Ernest 157. 419, 422 Day, Steven Earl 190 Daye, Julie 629 De Aguinaga. Joaquin 555 De La Garza. Louis E 600 De Lange. Tacalyn Miller 424 Deal. Cynthia Lynn 600 Deam. Judith Ann 555 Dean. Deborah Kay 419. 422 Dean. Michael Wayne 172 Dean. Vicki Lynn 615 Dean. WUliam Ashby 522 Dean of Students Office 292. 293 Deane. Rosanna 538. 615 Deason. Walter Bradley 522 Debner. Barbara Ann 364 Debord. Sally Lorraine 555 Debord. Steve III 389 Debus. Donna Lynn 410 Decelles. Barbette M 410 Decker. Sarah Ann 482 Deckert. Charla Sue 411 Decoux. Jan 472. 629 Decuir. Donna Kaye 320. 327 Decuir. Louis N. Ill 321 Dedman. Patricia B 512 Deen. Mary Elizabeth 423. 424 Deen. Steven Russell 422 Deering. Anthony J 423 Dees. Robert Paul 556 Dees. William A. Jr 445 Deissinger. June Marie 408 Deitch. Michael Eric 421 Delacruz. Rogelio 600 Delafuente. Albert 422 Delagarza. Javier E 629 Delagarza. Luis Alberto 338 Delagarza. Ronald V 402 Delahaye. Owen Timothy 409 Delano. Rocky Dean 492. 600 Delao. Jaime Herbert 588 Delarosa. Benito G 402. 600 Delatour. Thomas R. Jr 184. 502. 600 Deleon. Estevan G 402. 556 Delgado. Celyna Donna 486. 629 Delgado. John Edward 401. 588 Delgado. Noemi D 629 Delia. Lucia Marian 556 Name Page Delk. Thomas Michael 390. 556 Dellacroce. Mary L 498 Delmore. Martha Jane 340. 629 Deloach. Linda Jane 411.447.629 Delossantos, Rudy 588 Delpapa. Lou Ann 600 Delta Delta Delta 484. 485 Delta Gamma 482. 483 Delta Sigma Phi 490. 491 DelU Slffna PI 374. 375 Delta Sigma Thela 488. 489 DelU Tau Delta 492. 493 Delta Upailon 494. 495 Delta Zata 486. 487 Del una. Juan Rosendo 588 Demakes. Peter Thomas 416 Demarco. Karen Gisela 410 Dempsey. Pamela 472. 615 Denbo. Joel Byron 519. 600 Denena. Margaret Mary 556 Denison. Eleanor S 588 Denius. Charmaine 506 Denkler. Keith Alan 421 Denman. Jana 476 Denn. Belinda Lee 464. 629 Denn. Brian Alan 615 Dennard. Caroline R 512 Dennard. Gretchen D 512 Denney. Richard Lee 556 Dennis. Elizabeth A 423 Dennis. Nancy Anne 411 Dennis. Robin Rosemary 615 Denny. Elizabeth F 410 Denny. John Bernard 588 Denny. Michael Bruce 517 Densmore. Cynthia Ann 556 Denson. Mark Dailey 198 Denson. Marshall W. 545 Dent.GarryO 423 Dentler. George Henry 492 Denton. Deborah Jan 498, 600 Denton, William P 329, 502, 600 Denys, Frances P 568 Depew. John Henry Jr 338. 629. 677 Depew. Robert Gerald 588 Deputy. Leven Thomas III 412 Derichsweiler. John W 130. 147. 375 Derr. Warner Gordon 151. 391. 392. 412 Desmond. James A 470. 629 Desrosiers. Mary Candace 410 Detcheverry. Joseph M 615 Dettman. Laura Jane 556 Deutser. Hilton . Ill 320. 324 Devine. Edward Joseph 329. 508 Devine. Shaun Ellen 556 Dewees. Vernon Ross 629 Dewilz. Pamela Jane 486. 629 Dewitz. Scott David 408. 421 Dewolf. Steven Kelley 423. 522. 556 Dexter. Daniel Stephen 530 Dexter. George E 432 Deyoung. Andrew Glenn 338 Dezonia. Terry Alan 502 Di Fiore. Dallas Lee 470 Diab. Ziad Omar 387 Diamond. Kimberley Sue 345. 482 Diaz. Anna Marie 629 Diaz. Elena 411. 629 Diaz. Francisco Javier 320 Diaz. Mary Esther 417 Dibrell. Cooper Graham 479. 556 Dick. Kathryn Virginia 345. 417, 460, 600 Dickard. Paul David 534. 629 Dicker. Susan Jane 422 Dickerson. Scott Welch 502. 629 Dickie. Mary Ann 422 Dickinson. Logan 533, 600 Dickson. Charles C 600 Diers. Deadra Dean 336, 600 Dies. David 514. 600 Dieste. Mariana C 410. 513. 615 Dietz. John Karl 413 Dielz. Karin L 410 Dieu. Tran Quang 427 DUlard. Arvin R. Ill 479 Dillard. Deborah Irene 600 DUlard. Mary C 460 Dillon. Dan Michael 502. 615 Dillon. John Albert 530 Dinges. Dan Oren 190 Dinges. Mark Gayland 470 Dingier. James Robert 533. 615 Dingrando. Patrick M 600 Dinino. Vincent R 243, 318, 321, 416 Dinkins. Kirk Edgar 517 Dirik. Joseph Paul 629 Dirks. Laura Elizabeth 615 Dishman. William E. Jr 629 Dishongh. Gary Randall 629 Dishroon. Karen Kay 498 Dissman. Laura Lee 346 Dittman. Karen Ellen 482. 600 Dittmar. John A 673 Dittmar. Nancy Dawson Mrs 424 Divine. John Douglas 459.629 Dobbins. Deborah Anne 615 Dobbs. Kathryn Marie 556 Dobray. Debra 411 Dochen. Edith Diane 149, 337, 359, 464, 615 Dodds. Sheryl Rene 420 Dodds. William Stephen 556 Dodge. Beverly Mae 422 Dodge. Colleen 600 Dodge. Denny Thomas 556 Dodge. Kirsten A 422 Dodson. David Wayne 522 Dodson. Mark Randle 334. 522 Dodson. Paul 419 Doell. Thomas Charles 517 Doepke. Chris Edward 391,412 Doerfler. Harley F 600 Doering. Allen F 630 Doering. Carolyn L 158. 600 Doherty. David Booty 533 Doherty. Jess Adam 157 Doherty. John Patrick 508 Doherty. Michael T 334. 508 Doiron. Beverly Ruth 356 Doiron. Linda Kay 424 Dolan. Linda Kathleen 615 CACTUS Index — 647 Name Page Dollins. Richard Earl 530 Doluisio, James T 250, 280, 380. 382, 383 Domask, Lucy Vaile 321, 327, 468, 556 Domask, Mary Susan 320. 422, 468, 588 Dominey, Wallace James 428, 556 Dominguez. Ernesto J 600 Dominguez, Raul 588 Dominguez, Ricardo V 402 Domke, Robert Michael 408 Donahoo. Patsy Elaine 600 Donahue. Helen E 538 Donahue. Tommy Lee 474 Donaldson, Amy E 411 Donaldson. Cynthia J 615 Donaldson. Sharon Jill 424 Dondlinger. Melinda J 480. 630 Donegan, Jane 556 Donnell. Anne Gayle 411.482,630 Donnell. Ellis Anne 484 Donnell, William R. IV 470 Donnelly, Wayne E 522, 556 Donovan. Darienne Jean 482 Donovitz. Gary Steven 421 Doolin. Colleen Jane 556 Doores, Steven Allen 421 Doran. Glen Harold 422 Dorbandt, Dana 484. 615 Dorf . Barbara Ann 320 Dorfman. Myron Herbert 389 Dorman. Kerri Jean 423 Dorman. Maureen Lee 556 Dorn. Kenneth Paul 588 Dornhoefer. Jerry R 422 Dorsey. Ellen 506. 630 Dorsey. Gary Michael 147. 375 Dorsey. Gordon Owen 445 Dorsky, Debby 630 Doss. Henry Allen 545 Dosser. Debra Ann 420 Dossman, Yvonne A 428 Doty, Sue Ann 130 Doubleday. Charles W 421 Doughty. Flora Day 506 Douglas. Beryl Annette 488 Douglas. David Lynn 421 Douglas. Gary David 423 Douglas. Jack Larheu 588 Douglas. John Howard Jack 338. 600 Douglas. Robin Melissa 472 Douthit. Deann 615 Dover. Carolyn Lee 328. 337. 464 Dowding. Cathy Leigh 615 Dowds. Kathleen Joyce 556 Dowdy. Daniel Andrew 502. 615 Dowdy. William C. Ill 502 Downer. Teresa Jeanne 615 Downes. Robert Richard 421 Downey. Ann Mary 364 Doyle, Douglas Lamar 533 Doyle, lane Colleen 486 Doyle. Patricia Anne 600 Doyle. Peter Francis Jr 588 Dozier. Don Bigler 477 Dragon. Jo Anne 480. 606 Drake. Edward Junius 357 Drake. Mary Virginia 630 Drake. Nancy Marie 410. 484. 615 Drake. Paul Pyron 418 Draper. Diane Marie 383. 385. 468 Drayden. Kenneth Lamar 630 Drebo. Patricia Ann 630 Dreher, Mitzi 1 423 Dreiling. Omer A. II 502 Dreilinger, Evan A 615 Drescher, Tommy James 151. 389. 426 Dreussi. Rose Mary E. Mrs 422 Drewry. Robert Wilson 311.556 Drews. Sandra Ann 630 Dreyer. D ' Ardi Ruth 341. 600 Dreyer. Peggy Jean , 556 Dreyer. Sherlene A 410 Dreyfus. Kathryn P 428. 464 Driesslein. William C 600 Driggers, William G 421 DriscoU. Christina C 411. 630 Driscoll. William Dan 304. 416 Driscoll. William M 381 Driver. Susan Marie 422 Drobot. Adam Thomas 422 Drotning. Ruth Kathryn 411. 630 Drought. Theodora K 498 Drueppte, Debra Lee 600 Drum Wranglers 324 Drumm, David Gary 321, 630 Drummond, Ann Tracy 615 Drummond, Robert Paul 371 Dryden, Julie Jane 538 Duay. Karen Sue 588 Duban. John Anthony 502 Dube. Nancy Jane 615 Dubois. Elisa Hildee 520 Dubois. Robert F. Ill 530. 630 Dubois. Thomas Victor 615 Dubow. Craig Alan 492 Duckworth. Ellen 615 Ducloux. Walter E 61 Dudley. Donald Joe 421 Dudley. Ray Donald 354. 630 Dudley. Stuart Edward 446 Duecker. Siri Lynn 410. 615 Duerr. Joanne Lee 311. 418 Duff. Ronald M 391. 556 Duff. William B 534. 588 Duffey. Terrence Mark 389 Duf fin. Rebecca Ann 476 Duflot. Rene 418 Dugan. Patrick William 419 Dugas. Lori Denise 600 Dugat. John Earl 151.387.392 Duke. Benton Craig 530 Duke. Donna Lynn 336. 450. 472. 600 Duke. Judy Charlotte 630 Dukes. William Robert 470. 630 Dunagan. William C 421 Dunbar. Richard Alan 321.323 Dunbar. Robert Bruce 422 Duncan. Douglas Emmetl 190, 525 Duncan. James P 288. 292. 416 Duncan. John House Jr 517 Duncan. John Michael 630 Name Page Duncan. John Scott 517 Duncan. Lucile F 468. 630 Duncan. Ronald Bruce 447 Duncan. Susan Ann 424. 538. 556 Duncan. Vance Cameron 530. 556 Dunivanl. Noel Jr 422 Dunkelberg. Anne 411 Dunkelberg. Jeffrey C 421 Dunlap. Beverly Jane 480, 556 Dunlap. Dwight L 530 Dunlap. John Kirkby 494. 545 Dunlap. Linda Gail 341. 630 Dunlap. Steven Micheal 588 Dunlap. Susan Lee 600 Dunlop. Donna Jean 472 Dunmon. Cheryl Ann 630 Dunn. George H. Ill 388. 427. 522. 600 Dunn. Gerry Lynn 398. 556 Dunn. Janet Elizabeth 556 Dunn. Kenneth Vincent 320. 375 Dunn. Margaret Anne 588 Dunn. Nancy Ruth 484. 630 Dunn. Steven Robert 304. 514. 600 Dunnagan, Steven Alan 526. 615 Dunski, Karen Kay 365 Dupriest. Mark Thomas 421 Duran. Bobbi Jane 376. 615 Durand. Alex Lowry 142 Durand. George Marion 383. 384 Duren. Almetris M 292. 354 Durham. David Joe 556 Durrett. Amanda Louise 411 Dusek. Alvin J 283 Dushkin. Laurie Anne 520 Duson. Molly Clare 418 Duval. Clinton E 421. 423. 427 Dvorak, Linda Diane 215. 556 Dwight. Janet Sue 600 Dwyer. David Alan 422, 459 Dye, Randall Anthony 630 Dye. Sylinda 600 Dyess. Richard Walker 502. 630 Dyke. Lester Maris 111 421 Dyke. Renate Christel 423 Dykema. Pieter Geer 423 Dykes. Michael Stephen 423 Dykes. William T 172 Dykslra. Mary Lou Mrs 417. 422 Dymond. Jana C. Zimmerman 411 Dziem. Gregory Martin 419 Eads. Sally Jo Eakin. David Lance Ealey. Ricky Ray Eardley. Kathleen M Eargle. David Hansford . . . . Earler. Mary Earls. Rosa Marie Early. Cleland E. Jr Easley. Ellis H. Jr Easley. Jane Ellen Eason. Elizabeth Anne Eason. Marion E Easterling. Danny Karl Eastland. Richard G Eastman. Harry J Eaves. Susan E Ebbecke. Francis V Eberle. Mary Elizabeth Echevarria. Esperanza Echevarria. Maria D. C Echols. Bruce Alan Echols. Elizabeth C Eckert. John C. Jr Eckhart. Harley Albert Edburg. Andrew Hugo Eddins. Rickie C. Cooper . . Edelman. Richard Henry . . Edgar. Thomas F Edge. James Michael Edgerton. Mary E Edgington. Sherry C Edgmon. loe David Edinburgh. Mary Beth Edmiaston. Rhonda Sue ... Edmiston. Barbara N Edmiston. Mary Anna .... Edmonds. L. Loyd Jr Edmonson, Georgia A Education Education Student Council Edwards, Cheryl L. T Edwards. David V Edwards. Evelyn J Edwards. James R Edwards. Jo Elizabeth Edwards. Katherine Ann . . Edwards. Kenneth C Edwards. Mark Richard . . . Edwards. Michael G Edwards. Michael T Edwards. Randall Gene . . . Edwards. Sharon Louise . . Egan. Kenneth Wayne .... Egan. Richard Scott Jr Eggemeyer. Robert D Eggert. Charles W. Jr Enlers. Georgia Lee Ehlers. Nancy Lea Ehlert. Paul Ashley Ehlinger. Dan Henry Ehrenberger. Joseph L Ehrenkranz. Heather G. . . . Ehrel. Chester E Ehrhart. Robert C Eicher. Dolores Elaine .... Eidman. John Bates Eidman. Thad Gregory .... Eidson. Deborah Selma . . . Eikner. Melissa K Einkauf. Oscar E. Ill Eisenkraft. Andrea E Eisenman. Alan Jay 472 .421.615 375 472 494 124 488 142 630 615 410 556 615 517 30 482 421.434 418 149.556 600 615 414 502.615 320,343.588 320 556 421.526 402 5Q2 ' . ' . ' .. ' . ' . ' . 415. ' 422. 588 600 419.428.556 411 408 428 320 138 354.630 238.239 149 460 244 354.615 14.138,341,343.556 410 506.556 381 530 519.615 356 479 480 423 522.600 556 361.630 422 460.630 421 176.345.510 600 464 418 422 362 329.508 530 157 484.556 630 340.630.677 519 Name Page Eisinger. Joan Denise 600 Eisner. Richard Alan 462 Ekblad. Karen Jane 411 Ekeroth. Jeanne Mari 410 El-Kadi. Mohammed Mahmoud 545 Elam. Michaela Lara 558 Elder. Cathy Ruth 417. 422 Eldredge. C. L 375 Elizalde. Thelma 600 Elkins. Aliene Ann 157, 630 Elkins. Gary Eugene 412 Elkins. James Craig 502 Elkins. Susan K 484. 556 Elkon. Elizabeth Jo 464. 600 Elledge. Richard M 615 Ellert. Mark Henry 630 EUington. Billy M 172. 220 Elliott. Amanda 486. 630 Elliott. Francis D 556 Elliott. Jane Cay 615 Elliott. Jean Ann 615 Elliott. Neva K 600 Elliott. Patricia 411 Elliott. Peggy Jo 320, 340, 600 Elliott, Rick Delee 514, 556 Elliott, Stephen J 588 Elliott, Susan Jane 476, 556 Elliott, Weeta Brown Mrs 588 Ellis, David Lee 402 Ellis, David Towson 526 Ellis, Dellene 615 Ellis, Helen Sharon 556 Ellis. John Richard 514 Ellis. Karen Jean 630 Ellis. Patricia Lynn 506 Ellis. Patti S. Pietsch 556 Ellis. Phoebe 419. 422 Ellis. Robert Kleberg 630 Ellis. Roxan Anette 398. 600 Ellis. Sharon Lucille 457 Ellis. Stephen Hext 522 Ellis. Susan Lynn 615 Ellis. Thomas Wayne 447. 474 EUish. Gail Frances 149, 410. 520 Ellison. Samuel P. Jr 416 Ellison. Elaine Laurie 460 Ellison. Gary Eugene 303, 343, 557 Ellison, Joseph W 630 Ellison, Suzanne E 600 Ellison, Thomas Frederick 391 Ellzey, Janet Lee 410 Elrod, Pamela Gail 357 Elsik. Diane Elise 615 Eisner. Phillip Alan 338. 557 Eltzroth. Patricia Gay 557 Elzner. Daniel Ray 630 Emerson. C atherine Sue 419 Emerson. Marcia Ellen 557 Emerson. Michael J 421 Emery. David Ernest 557 Emery. Lisa Kay 328, 482 Emery. Margaret L 482 Emery. Paul Richard 615 Enders. Wayne Thomas 422 Eng. Susie Jane 600 Engelking, Susan E 424 Engels, Denise Ann 486, 615 Engels. Frank G. Ill 557 Engh. Harold Viking 526 El eering 240. 241 Et ineerijii Student Council 150. 151 England. AJ ' An N 486. 630 Engler. Lisa Kay 464 English. Byron Dale 510 English. Edwin Madison 536, 600 English, Janice Sue 615 English. Kay Naoma 476. 630 English. Lowell D 172 English. Montgomery J 470 English. Paul W 423 Engstrom, Harriet M 341 Enlow. Eugene C. HI 502. 630 Ennen. Ann Elizabeth 415, 428. 513 Ensley. Ross Alan 600 Eoff. Robin Lynne 558 Epner. Marcia Gornick 422 Epps. Laura Ann 539. 600 Epps. Leta 341,600 Epstein. Anne Carol 420 Epstein. David Mark 445 Epstein. Maralyn 464 Epstein. Robert Andrew 600 Epstein. Steven Roland 418 Erbs. Susan Marie 447 Erickson, Peter L 390. 427 Erickson. Wendy Lee 539. 615 Erier. Alfred 219 Ermis. Robert Malcolm 351. 558 Ernst. Joseph Jacob 419 Emstein. Scott Barry 496 Erskine. Georgia E 630 Ertel. Charlene Mary 385 Erving. Claudia Ann 156. 600 Erving. Terri Yvette 630 Erwin. David Randolph 419 Erwin. Douglas Allen 422 Erwin. Emilic 336. 484. 600 Erwin. Frank 121, 245, 264, 266. 267. 268. 269. 272. 273 Erwin. Frank Craig 111 533 Erwin. Henry Blake 470 Erwin. Sidney Ann 558 Erwin. William Craig 533 Escamilla. Raul 600 Escobar. Patricia Ann 600 Eshenour. John Michael 445. 630 Eskowitz. Sheryl P 600 Esler. William Vance 418 Esmond. Christy Dian 558 Espinoza. Robert H 558 Essary. Beth Ann 372. 615 Esslinger. Richard G 600 Estelein. Laiu ' el Ann 418 Estep. Li sa Kaye 480 Estill. Deborah Lee 476. 615 Estill. Joe Bill 630 Etnyre. Robert Hays Jr 414. 422 Eubank. Karen Sue 411 Eubanks. Nancy Lynn Read 558 Eubanks. Samuel L 630 Name Page Evaldo. Herta Fontaine 600 Evans. Barbara Janice 365 Evans. Betty Ann 630 Evans. Cynthia Ann 558 Evans. Cynthia Dawn 476 Evans. Donald Ray 534. 600 Evans. Gloria Jeane 356 Evans. Harley K 673 Evans. Joanna 420. 615 Evans. Karen Sue 157 Evans. Kimberly Elaine 460. 630 Evans. Kristi Kirke . . . . : 630 Evans. Mark Culver 445 Evans. Mark Patrick 391. 421 Evans. Melinda 486 Evans. Ralph Anthony 558 Evans. Rex Fredrick Jr 428 Evans. Richard Allan 371 Evans. Rudford Kyle 321. 323 Evans. Sherri Lynn 600 Evans. Teri Lynn 630 Evensky. Jeffrey M 496 Everett. Charlotte F 558 Everett. Curtis Lamar 372. 558 Everett. David 418 Everett. Edna M 385 Everett. Terri Lynn 539 Everett. Yvette D 588 Ewing. John Randolph 492 Ewing. Johnette 600 Ewing. Margaret V. Mrs 417 Ewing. Thomas Buchanan 492 Ex-Students Association 295 Extension Division 263 Ezell. Herschel F. Ill 558 Ezell. Mona Lynn 484. 600. 677 r ' " s ■ ' «Ki) ' iCilf — ' wGlill - ,., - " ' " t,Ml!i " ' " L ilimBrotl, riKadw will. ■■ » •». abdlAni - tathMila! - Bjrbi " ••■■■■ ri Becklnn liCiBiolMn. iiiaDceCiyi ' — meCal. BiOie — iL)ii« Dtllm. bieiMl Wnciitl mieLra« FnWl iudenlCouaci) Faber. Mary Ann 498. 630 Fadal. Dana Edward 338. 630 Fadale. Lewis James Jr 436. 439. 451 Fadely. Cynthia Louise 357 Fadely. Rebecca Anne 364. 411 Faerber. Jo Anne 420. 558. 615 Pagan. Anita Clare 558 Failing. Harry Eari 423 Fails. Sandra Lynn 411 Fain. Douglas William 558 Fain. Rickey Maurice 630 Fairchild. Edward E. Jr 422 Fairchild. Keith W 408. 419 Falcon. John Berterant 412. 426 Falik. Cynthia Diane 464 Falik. Jonathan Louis 496. 600 Fallas. Ann Charisse 350. 630 Fallwell. Michele D 361 Fanelli. Theresa Ann 476 Fangmeier. Keith R 151, 389. 426 Farabee, Russell L 514 Faraklas, Maria Olga Paris, Elizabeth 411 Farley, John Joseph 55 Farley, Norman Jose 444 Farmer, Margaret J 417. 472. 558 Farmer. Phyllis Fay 357 Farmer. Scott Monroe 494 Famsworth. Billie S 435, 450. 460. 558 Farnsworth. Leslie N. C 400. 417 Farr. James Steven 412 Farrar. Stanley 14 Farrell. John P. Jr 510. 558 Farrell. Porter 11 345. 530 Farrell. Warren Marvin 321 Farris. Elizabeth Ann 419, 423 Farris, Robert R 630 Farrow, Darryl G 142 Farwcll, Debra Kay 376 Faseler, Amanda M. Mrs 423. 427 Faught. Sharon Ann 375 Faulk. Donna Jean 558 Faulk. James Michael 558 Faulkner. Bruce C 533. 615 Fausset. Guy Stephen 393. 414. 492 Fawcett. John Thomas 423 Fawn. Donald Ray Jr 630 Faz. Maria Dolores 588 Fearing. William Kelly 243 Fears. Martha Elaine 320. 403. 600 Featherston. Mikiel R 172. 600 Features 17-112 Feemster, William C 421 Feher. Anthony L 470 Fcigenbaum. Arlene B 411.630 Feiger. Toni Frances 600 Feiges. Holly Eden 464 Fein. Randall Jay 157 Feinberg. Carol Sue 398, 600 Feinberg, Paul C 310, 372, 416. 558 Feinstein. Michael F 496. 630 Feith. Edward Alan 391.412 Feketc. Joyce Ann 362. 615 Felcman. Frank L. Jr 371. 558 Felcman. Leah Marie 615 Feld. Larry Allen 4% Feldman. Bradley Miles 496 Feldman. James Alan 321 Feldman. Martin Bruce 329. 496. 600 Feldman. Nason Mark 408. 496. 600 Feldman. Robert Jack 446. 452 Feldman. Sam Richard 615 Feldmann. Carrie Lynn 630 Felkel. Ryland Thomas 514 Felker. Robert F. Jr 422 Feltman. Allen Marcus 329. 519. 558 Felts. Verla Mary 365 Fenberg. Larry Alan 615 Fenner. Jim Edwin 408. 558 Fenwick. Joseph G 427. 558 FerchiU. Gary David 421 Fergeson. William G 320 Ferguson. Amy Grace 506, 630 Ferguson, Andrea Leigh 419, 423 Ferguson, Donna C 506 Ferguson, Douglas W 421 Ferguson, Larry Wayne 588 648 — CACTUS Index 4 I I 4 I I I Name Page Ferguson, Nancy Marie 418 Ferguson. Sande Lynne 484 Ferguson. Sara E 513 FermagUch. Jay Edward 419 Fernandez. Amatia 600 Fernandez, Cynthia Lee 558 Fernandez. Felicia L 600 Fernandez, Luis Jr 421 Ferrill, Dianna Kay 558 Ferszt, Linda Gale 419, 422 Fertel. Dan 40B. 462, 558 Feuerstahler. G. ]. Ill 418 Feuge. James Edgar 416 Fewell. Jennifer E 630 Fibich. Patricia Kay 484. 615 Ficke. Bruce William 517 Fidler. Edward W. Il l 445 Fiege. Arthur Brock 558 Field. Gloria Kindred 539 Field. Pamela L 558 Field. Susan E 615 Fielder. Artie Ann 311 Fielder. Elizabeth Ann 410 Fielder, Faith Milling 422 Fielding. Barbara Ann 630 Fields. Craig Beckham 508 Fields. Kenneth W 419 Fields. Vicki Gassiot Mrs 600 Fiero, Constance Gayle 588 Figer. Bonnie Gail 320. 327 Figer. Michael Gene 321. 323. 343. 558 Filer, Vicki Lynn 476. 630 Filip. Glenn Allison 615 Fillingim. Steven J 588 Findlay. Maurie Beth 410. 482. 615 Findley. Cheryl Ann 468, 630 Findley. Patricia W 482 Fine. Catherine Louise 419 Fine Arts 242. 243 Fine Arts Student Council 152 Fineg. Jerry 283 Finegan. Ginette Lynn 630 Fingerhut. Alfred F. T 424 Finkelstein. Devie 600 Finkelstein. Jim 470 Finkelstein. Lynette 341,630 Finkelstein, Mark Alan 462 Finklea. W-IIiam L 530. 630 Finnecan. William N. IV 508.630 Finneu. Emily Ann 484 Finstad. Suzanne E 615 Fiorelli. Diane 410 Fiorillb. Carol Ann 468. 558 Firestone. Sherri Lynn 341. 630 Fischer. Ernest Reed 213 Fischer. Franklin Lee 412. 423. 426. 558 Fischer, Helene Marie 411 Fischer. Jon Robert 615 Fischer, Leslie Ann 630 Fischer. Meredith B 356 Fischer. Michael C 517 Fischer. Richard Emil 419 Fischer. Victoria E 630 Fischl. Jan Millicent 411. 520. 630 Fish. Andrew Kaapke 494. 600 Fishbein. Barnet 496 Fisher, David Sidney 184, 462. 600 Fisher. Dunbar A. Jr 421 Fisher, Eddie Ross 143 Fisher, Garfield Jr 474 Fisher. Kathleen Kay 601 Fisher. Kenneth C 186 Fisher. Paul James 534. 558 Fisher, Randall D 490 Fisher, Sally Gaye 423 Fisher, Valerie Brae 410. 615 Fisher, William Edward 200.492.601 Name Page Fisher. William F 384 Fishman. Randall Jay 329. 496 Fisk. Fay Ellen 498 Fitchhorn. Larry Edward 412. 427 Fite. Linda Diane 558 Fitzgerald, Joe Dan 601 Fitzgerald, Mollie Ann 513 Fitzgerald, Ruby Jean 615 Fitzpatrick, Anne Barry 418 Fitzpatrick, Martha Ann 411 Flanagan, John Richard 408 Flawn, Laura Brooks 418 Flax. Mindy Ellen 520 Fleckenstein, John E 434. 435, 439 Fleming. Charles M 508 Fleming, Frank Crawford . .29. 116, 126. 127. 130. 268.269.311,514.558 Fleming. Shirley Ann 558 Fletcher. Carolyn Susan 498, 615 Fletcher. Donna GaiJ 460, 630 Fletcher. Kenneth A 630 Fletcher, Linda Gayle 372, 588 Fletcher, Stephanie 539, 630 Fletcher. Vicki Lynn 447 Fleyzor. Michael John 558 Flick. Roland North 534 Fling. Joe Clement 601 Flint. Ion Richard II 321 Flippin. Benjamin D 459. 615 Flood. William C. Jr 377. 558 Florence, John David 514, 630 Flores, Alberto J 601 Flores, Anna Bemice 615 Flores. Daniel Jr 601 Flores. Daniel Richard 361 Flores, Elsa 558 Flores, Gloria Ann Perez 422 Flores, John 615 Flores, Jose Luis 558 Flores, jovita Olivia 601 Flores, Linda Fay 558 Flores. Martin Farfan 190 Flores. Richard A 630 Flores. Robert R. Jr 402 Flores, Ruben M 630 Flores, Silvia Pauline 630 Flory, Linda Carol 157. 411 Flournoy. Helen Ruth 539, 615 Flowe. Mark Douglas 630 Flowers. Amy Lee 428 Flowers. Richard L. Jr 329 Floyd. Brent Alan 534 Flukinger. Roy L 414,423 Fly. Everett Lowell 299 Fly, Laura Neal , . 304. 337. 417. 419. 422. 502. 513, 558. 601 Fly. Richard Harper 394 Fly. Sterling H. HI 615 Flynn, Mary Margaret 415.498,601 Foard, Lorena Lynn 411,420, 472,630 Foessett, Robert E 558 Foley, Gregory Dean 419, 421, 558 Folmer, Charles F 277 Fonda, Pamela Gail 420. 422, 558 Fonken, David William 418 Fonken, Gerhard J 416 Fonken. Katherine E 156, 410 Fontaine. Stephen Ray 416 Fontana. Camela A 630 Fontenot, Judith Kay 630 Foo. Bong Ling 422 Foo, Stephen Hoc Chuen 412 Football 166-175 Foote. James Robert 339 Forbes, Randall Kevin 492. 601 Forbis, Leslie Ann 410 Forbis. Nancy K 410,423 Name Page Forcht, Richard David 530 Ford. Adrian 172 Ford, Bessie Mae 673 Ford, David Thurman 412 Ford, John Calvin 615 Ford, Karen Lorraine 321 Ford, Mary Ellen 476 Ford, Thomas W.Jr 533 Fordham, Beverly Ann 419, 422 Fore, Susan Gay 411 Forehand. Jane Lauree 539. 630 Forehand. Richard L. Jr 425 Foreman. David 172 Foreman, Deborah Gail 558 Foreman, Thomas Alan 320. 323. 421 Forney, David Larry 320 Forrest. Linda Evelyn 464, 601 , 677 Forrester. Michael F 443 Forsythe. Merrill Burt 558 Forte. Beverly Kay Mrs 559 Fortin. John Kevin 615 Fos, Jill 601 Fosco, Kim Marie 482, 630 Foshee, Page Smith 479 Foster, Alan Talmadge 533. 630 Foster. Barbara Jeanne 460 Foster. Bruce Evan 601 Foster, Cynthia Kay 428 Foster, Guy H. Jr 383, 384 Foster, fames R 514 Foster, Kathleen Susan 340, 630 Foster, Laura Ann 176. 177, 309. 416. 559 Foster. Nancy Lee 372 Foster. Ruth Ann 337. 417. 449. 457. 460, 559 Fotescu. Deirdre Zoe ,311. 320. 323, 413, 416. 588 Fountain, Lisa Louise 498 Fountain, Robert L 422 Fourmy, James C. Jr 492, 615 Fournier, George R. Jr 408. 528 Fowler. Bettina Ann 539, 630 Fowler. Cynthia Lee 411 Fowler. Guy Hamner 421, 615 Fowler. Lisa Jayn 539 Fowler. Seth Orlando 540. 559 Fowler. William Dudley 530 Fox. Adrienne Louise 361. 464 Fox, David Albert 536, 615 Fox. Denise Joellen 365 Fox. Diana Jeannene 460, 554 Fox. Douglas Standifer 508 Fox, Jan 404 Fox, Robert Bruce 559 Fox, Sheryl Anne 411, 630 Fox. Susan Elizabeth 320 Fox. Timothy Joe 492 Foyt. David Albin 559 Fraifeld, Eduardo M 347,421 Francis. Bill 243 Francis, Mary E 341, 420, 601 Francisco, Joseph S 402. 408 Frank. Barbara Ann 401 Frank, Dara Whitney 420 Frank. Graham 507 Frank, Janet Victoria .615 Frank. Pamela Dawn 520, 630 Frank. Randi Givercer Mrs 422 Frank, Richard Jack 588 Frankel. Douglas R 496 Franklin. Laura Beth 357. 601 Franklin. Paul Rene 474 Franklin, Robert R. Jr 470, 615 Franklin. Ronald Glenn 304. 413, 416 Franks, Jeff Reeid 414. 422 Franks. Lawrence T 292 Franks, Michael Carl 601 Frantz. Lisa Boswell 472 Frantz. Mary Elizabeth 376. 615 Name Page Frantzen, Curtis Lee 387 Franz. Caryl Melanie 559 Franz. Gregory Duane 412.559 Franzetti. Paul Joseph 311 Franzolino. Patricia H 422 Frasher. Barbara Ann 424 Frauman. Susan D 520 Frazer. Sally Patricia 539 Frazier. Gregory Robert 329. 456. 533 Frazier. Herbert T 321 Frazier, Kathryn L 408, 419 Frazier. Silas L. Ill 329. 526 Frederick. Barbara ]o 559 Frederick. Clay Bruce 422 Frederick. Leslie S 464 Fredrickson. Craig E 502 Free, Gale Laverne 615 Freed, Howard fay 496. 630 Freedman. Glenda Jean 520. 615 Freedman, Linda Sue 153, 418, 559 Freedman, Marc Phillip 496 Freedman. Steven Jay 496 Freeland. Kelly Jayne 333, 337. 460, 615 Freeland. Loretta Lee 411 Freeman, Charles C 630 Freeman. Eugene C 601 Freeman. John WaUer 408, 528 Freeman, Kathy Lynne 410 Freeman. Michael Dane 456, 525 Freeman, Nancy Burke 507 Freeman. Richard Scott 479 Freeman. Robert Hugh 500. 601 Freeman. Stanley Mark 172 Freeman. Todd Brian 359 Freidkin. Julie Ann 630 Freitag. Catherine L 340, 411, 420. 630 Frels. John Herbert 421 Frentrup. Mark Andrew 419, 422 Freshmen 626-641 Frey, Jerry McBride 470 Frey. Kathy Lynn ; 393, 396, 414 Freytag. Cynthia Ann 615 Freytag, Gerald 435 Friar. Eric M 421 Friars Society 413 Friedel, Lynne Diane 411,520 Friedland, Sharon L. . . 120, 310, 417. 418. 422, 559 Friedlander, Gary S 496 Friedman. Alan D 502 Friedman, Alan W 416 Friedman. Karen Sue 559 Friedman. Sharon Lynn 559 Friedrich, Richard L 536, 615 Friedson. Laurie Ann 364 Friend. Shelley Anne 130, 615 Fries. Earl Robert 423 Friesenhahn, Raymond P 559 Frink. William H 525 Frisby. Robert J 559 Frisby. Robin Melinda 362,411,420 Frithiof. Richard K 321. 630 Fritsche, Debra Ann 460 Fritts. Hollis M. Jr 601 Froehlich. Margaret E 411 Froehlich, Peter H 443 Frossard. John H. Jr 559 Frost. Belinda Jean 588 Frucht. Sandra Diane 464 Fruchter, Elaine Goldberg 418 Frumkin, Morris David 496. 615 Fry, Thomas Wayne 545 Frye. Gail Patricia 507 Frye. Richard Matthew 338 Fryer, Becky Susan 630 Fryman. Lisa Lynn 498 Frymire. George L. Ill 530 Fryxell. Karl Joseph 418, 422 Fu. Chitseh 423 Fuchs. John Edmund Jr 381 Fuentes. Linda Diane 559 Fuentes, Sylvia Estela 341, 615 Fugitt. Melinda Lou 149, 415 Fuhrman, David Wayne 147, 375, 615 Fulbright. Linda Anne 559 Fulcher, David G 409 Fulda.Carl 673 Fulk. Kirkland Alan 615 Fulkerson. Derek J 203. 615 Fulkerson. Robert Paul 559 Fuller. Frances F 673 Fuller. Janet 424 Fuller. Janet Lea 482 Fuller. Larry Paul 414 Fuller. Roy Webb 412 Fuller. Susan Rae 482 Fullerton. William R 441 Fullick. Donna Marie 498 Fulmer, Nancy Carol 559 FuKz. Jayne Ann 392 Funderburk. Gary Lee 316. 320. 325. 545 Fuqua. Delinda N 340 Furgason, Lucia Jeane 498. 601 Furley, Nancy Lynn 559 Furlow, Pamela Gayle 482 Furr. Lory Lynn 559 Furstenberg. JoanF 411.630 Fuson, David Lee 601 Gabriel, Larry Chris 490, 559 Gaddis. Lloyd William 372 Gaddis. Maurice P. Jr 389 Gaddy. Clark Dale 408, 419 Gaetjens, Sara Jean 588 Gahagan, Virginia Anne 484 Gainer, John W. Ill 459.601 Gaines. Donna Lynn 559 Gainsburgh. Amy Beth 411,464.615 Gaitan. Rozann 385 Galanski. Stanley R 363 Galaviz. Antonio Cerda 601 Galaznik. John Ray 630 Galindo. Anthony 601 Gall. Catherine 482, 615 Gallagher. Susan M 411 CACTUS Index — 649 Name Page Gallagher. Theresa J 480, 601 Galle. Timothy Warren 421 Gallessich, June M 116 Gallick, Pamela Kay 4ii Gallier, Gregory A 630 Gallimore. John Steven 615 Gallman. Gary Lynn 559 Gallman, Katny Jo 410 Galloway, Garan Ann 337, 468 Galloway. Carrie Ann 630 Galloway, Edward A 630 Galloway. Kaye Lynn 482,615 Galnor. David Kent 559 Gamble. David Shuler 416 Gambrell, Vemon David 559 Gamez, Randolph Martin 545 Gamez, Thomas 492, 615 Gamma Phi Beta 480. 481 Gandin, David Lee 320 Gandy, Cheryl Diane 559 Gandy, Karol Ann 513 Ganju. Vijaya K 414 Gannaway. Gerre Barth 365 Gannaway, John Michael 423 Ganzer. Donna Alene 445 Garbade, Sandra L 539 Garber. Rachel Miriam 410, 520, 615 Garber, Rebecca June 559 Garcia, Daniel G 421 Garcia. Daniel X 601 Garcia, David Blancas 422 Garcia, Deborah Lynn 588 Garcia, Delia Anne 630 Garcia, Felix Henry 601 Garcia. Gilda Yrazema 615 Garcia. Hector Rene 616 Garcia, Jonas 408, 559 Garcia, Juanita 588 Garcia. Mario Rey 383. 384 Garcia, Nelda Alma 559 Garcia, Orlando Luis 559 Garcia, Patricia Ann 616 Garcia, Peter Madrid 601 Garcia, Ricardo H 630 Garcia, Rudolph 601 Garcialopez. Patricia M 419 Gardner, Beverle Carol 630, 677 Gardner, Deborah Jill 559 Gardner. Edward M 350, 559 Gardner, Elaine 520, 616 Gardner, Gary Ralph 616 Gardner. Janet Lynn 630 Gardner, Mark Vance 421 Gardner. Minalee Ethel 409 Gardner, Robert E 462 Gardner, Susan Kay 486, 559 Gargis. Phil 174 Garibay, Lorenzo Jr 418. 559 Garing, David 526. 559 Garland. Mary K 395 Garland. Sherrita G 588 Garland. William K 414, 559 Garner, Sharon Jean 630 Garner. William C 517 Garrett. Ann M 616 Garrett, Carol Chris 393, 414. 539 Garrett. Carol Lynne 476 Garrett. Dianne 539, 630 Garrett, Diantha J 157 Garrett, Geoffrey West 421 Garrett, Jeannette 423 Garrett, Jenkins 264. 272, 273 Garrett, Mariha Sue 601 Garrett, Max Edwin 203 Garrett, Suzanne C 472 Garriott, Randall 408. 421 Garrod, Andrew Oakley 525 Garrolt, Susan K 333. 468. 616 Garvey. Anne Patricia 411,630 Garvey. Helen Marie 457. 472, 616 Garvey, Tina Marie 460 Garvie. Peter M 281 Gary. Linda Ruth 420. 559 Gary, Pamela Susan 559 Garza, Ana M 601 Garza, Celinda Yvette 484 Garza, Dahlia 559 Garza. David Amadeo 381 Garza. Diana Maria 420 Garza, Dora Elisa 341, 408. 601 Garza, Edward F 559 Garza, Jose 338, 601 Garza, Lauro Noel 559 Garza. Osbaldo A. Jr 601 Garza, Rene Alfonso 459, 559 Garza. Ricardo 601 Garza, Robert Lee 630 Garza. Robert Torres 372. 601 Garza. Rolando 393, 559 Garza. Velda Nora 616 Gaskamp, Donna Jean 601 Gastler, Connie Ruth 357. 423 Gastler, Gregory Leo 357 Gaston, Janet Marie 484 Gathman, Dona Louise 418 Gatlin. Barbara Jean 616 Gatlin. Karla Katheryn 156 Gatti. Anthony Micheal 470. 616 Gatti. Phyllis Anne 513 Gattis. Beverly E 364 Gaulding. Linda V 601 Gaulding, Vicky Lynn 476, 631 Gaus. Katherine Ann 601 Gauss, Karla Ann 507 Gautam. Sulaksh 422 Gautam, Sushen R 422 Gayle, David William 343, 559 GDE 340,341 Gearhari. Dee Ann 418 Geamer, Cindy Lou 420. 601 Geary, Michael Patrick 525 Gee, Beverly Ruth 631 Gee, Juanna Inez 601 Gee. Susan E)enise 631 Gee, Yenny Paul 631 Geer. Avis 405. 560 Geer. Jeanne Carol 411.472.631 Geffen, Martha Vyrl Ray 419 Gehring, Donald HoUis 412 Gehring. Mary Sue 346. 460, 616 Name Page Geiger. Malcolm Conrad 419 Geisendorff, Glenda L 411 Geisler. Marty Ann 411 Geldmeier. Gary Fred 381, 383. 560 Gelphman, Janet L 410 General and Comparative Studies 244, 245 Genge, John Grimes 514. 601 Genitempo. Joseph G 508 Gentry, Samye Lee 56O George, Cecil Floyd Jr 408 George. Harriet Ann 616 George. Juliet Ada 395 George, Margaret R 616 George. Norman Charles 616 George. Sara Ann 417 Gerber, Daniel Lee 616 Gerdes, Randy John 172 Gerhart. Greg Norwin 616 Gerlach. Nancy Louise 507 Gerlach, Rebecca Lea 507 German. Susan R 4 4 Germany, Lisa 156, 420, 450. 507 Gernentz, James Dow 560 Gerner. William Cardon 421, 502 Gernsbacher. Harold Jr 530 Gemsbacher. Susan 464, 631 Gershater, David Michael 421 Gerson. Isadore Steven 423 Gerson, Samuel 422 Gerst. Lawrence Edward 560 Gerst. Shelley Ruth 631 Gertner. Caren R 428, 545 Gertner. Cindy Robin 464 Gertner, Edward David 496, 601 Gesell. Mary K 410. 513, 616 Getz, Michael David 631 Getzendaner. E. L 513 Geutzel. Martha 272 Ghandforoush, Parviz 560 Ghassemi. Modjtaba 560 Ghauri, Shameem K 408 Gholson. Kristen G 446, 452, 560 Ghormley, Susan Carol 411. 507. 631 Giacaglia. Lia R. A 424 Gian, Jack Jacob 383 Gibbons. Elizabeth Ann 484 Gibbs. Barbara F. E. Mrs 560 Gibson, Fletcher Wade 517, 545 Gibson. Julia Sue 482 Gibson, Latrala 631 Gibson, Martin L 138 Gibson. Priscilla B. Mrs 560 Gibson. Sue Dale 539 Gibson. Teresa Irene 472. 631 Gibson, Thomas J. Ill 405 Gidden. Barry Paul 526. 560 Gideon, James Leslie 190. 470 Gidley, Michael Andrew 601 Gidseg, Mitchell E 422 Gieb. Janet Lee 460 Gieger. Deborah Joy 423 Giffin. Charles Grady Jr 459 Giffin, John David 459 Gifford, Larry Wayne 631 Gil, Louis Turner Jr 560 Gilbert. Bradford A 172 Gilbert, Kathryn Margaret 411 Gilbert. Rebecca Ann 601 Giles. Bobby Dale 329 Giles. HoUyce Gharenn 411, 420, 484, 631 Giles. Linda Lavina 422 Gilkey, Jeffrey C 631 Gill. Danny Leon 631 Gill. Jennifer L 411 Gill.JohnT 533 Gill. Kevin 421.502 Gilland, Larry Joseph 560 Gillaspia. Lawrence T 601 Ciller. Cole A 418 Gilles. Stephen Joseph 631 Gillespie, Debra Lynn 507 Gillespie, Ray Cooke 421, 616 Gillette, Michael L 413, 416 Gilliam. Steven Ray 560 Gilliard. Maryellen Elizabeth 631 Gilman. Sharlene E 428 Gilmer, William S 157 Gilmore, Carol Sue 333. 337. 468. 616 Gilmore. Marilyn J 616 Ginn. Thomas Alan 419 Ginople. David James 398 Ginsburg. Robert L 517 Gipe. Loraine D 539 Gipson, Mark Joel 406 Girard, Denise Marie 601 Girolami, Gregory S 421 Gitlin, Maria 520, 631 Given, Richard B 496, 560 Given. Thomas Zork 422 Givens. Janice Diane 484. 601 Gladden. Linda Sue 450 Glasebrook. Richard W 446 Glaspie. Michael D 474 Glass. Carol Ann 484, 616 Glass. Janice Grace 410 Glass. Nancy Marie 498 Glasson. Thomas Crockett 631 Glauser. Robert Vise 506 Glaze. Carl Emerson 631 Glaze, Robert Stone 494 Glazer, Gary Martin 496. 616 Glazer. Nancy Lee 520, 631 Glazer. Richard L 428, 519 Gleason, Norma Alline 616 Gleim. Gregory Paul 601 Glende, Joel Russell 320, 421 Glenn, Carolyn Yvonne 156, 410, 420 Glenn. Kimberlea Ann 601 Glenn, Sandra H 441 Click. Howard Craig 328, 496, 560 Glover. Mary Elizabeth 631 Glover, Robert Lloyd 427 Glowka. David Anthony 421 Gloyna. David Fred 416 Gloyna. Ernest F 240. 277. 416 Goad. Jaan Ray 433. 435. 437. 439 Goble, lames Henry Jr 419 Coble. Lydia L 560 Godfrey, Cameron Dean 421 Godly, Linda 1 292 Cjlll»b,BmAllffl Mdnatellfw - Colditeiy.AI " ' ; " i;,ldi(i»iili.Ciiol| u (ijltoiib,GjJjl« ColdiiinAto?; ColijIeilftviilNal Coliiiiclir.W ColetSutalil aoiaKbiuuil Gilf (annum BlWfl- Onii.nnal ' CwAmiMn Coil. Aim Eitbii EliijAto KiuL iMHloqlA Wios,DouiltiM CiiahDiM CouihIuiiM. Goiul«.UiiMonla EimletNonC C(Qu]e],RebeccjAna UaRibfUibii CiraliiRiil) ' F.|t GnutetAloi laiilitDivilUKi UaEnL Caula. noalat Gnuia oi AJbfllD CtmieiUtidJ Ccm LM)n]Atinn [ miaMiniBdll C«Dultz.Mlni)B. GotukMdnriS, (lDBUln.RilDUDdc|l CoDukRffleA ComlFiRiuTdQ jo laRobeto ' 3Ui:RotntgJoit 5«xt flildW I-MSwltBndlej ' i] JedChiits CMftDuneE [««ilieirt,M«C wJl«, lames Cla ' , t«lini.Diii(iH! C«dmin,NincyS« twinilHicWL tK nnllibolG " dTktjiiri ' i- Wnaihtra ' taiM, |5i, ?:,. ' , . !i ib(li ' |(i, ™illH,Plll(l,( GwdwD, 1 fed win -Olmt I ' liidilDai 2?!? Daw 650 — CACTUS Index r iHad] r ' ltodit " - t. iAoa i -Kfflii ] i ) ni ( 91 3 Name Page Godwin, James jay 14 Goehrs. Linda Carol 468 Coeken. Margaret Elizabeth 411, 420 Goertz, Daniel Anthony 421 Goff, Harold Milton 422 Goff, John Collins 616 Goff, Marsha Evelyn 601 Gogelis. Cheryl Anne 415. 601 Goggans. Melissa Ann 486 Gold, Cynthia Tala 464, 631 Gold, Ruth Dizabeth 408 Gold, Steven Harris 421 Goldapp, Mary K 380 Goldberg, Hovcard 519, 616 Goldberg, Kenneth E 334. 519, 560 Goldberg, Marshal D 408, 360 Goldberg, Neil Allen 334, 496, 456 Goldberg, Shelley 424 Goldblalt, Gloria Jean 601 i Golden, Elyse Marie 560 I Golden, Grace Evelyn 399, 488, 560 i Colder. Mary Noel 457, 486, 560 ■ Goldfarb. Ben Allen 496 Goldfarb, Nancy Ellen 14, 545 Goldfarb, Pamela Dee 464 Goldgar, Richard Birk 421 Goldhirsh, Joel B 631 Golding. Steven Howard 421 Goldman, Randy Frank 334, 519 Goldman, William S 494 Goldsberry, Alan Wayne 147 Goldschmidt, Carol Jean 411 Goldsmith, Gary Lee 4% Goldstein, Allan D 421 Goldstein, David Neal 421, 519 Goldstein, Phyllis C 520, 560 Goldstucker, Daryl Leo 350, 416, 580 Goldsum, Lynn Alyce 422 Coles, Sandra Kay 408 Golestaneh, Farhad 601 Golf 202, 203, 601 Golman, Richard Tod 334, 496, 601 Golman, Stanley 1 496 Goltermann, Kimoerly L 482 Goman, Thomas Leon 334, 502 Gomez De La Torre, Frank 389 Gomez, Anna Maria 408, 560 Gomez, Antonio Esteban 447, 560 Gomez, Carmen Maureen 601 , Gomez, Mary Alice 588 f Gomez, Ramon K 310, 402, 412 II Gomez, Tomas Jorge A 560 (, Gomillion, Douglas M 421, 616 I Gonzales, David 631 I Gonzales, JuanM 305 f Gonzales, Luis Morales 381 Gonzales, Nora G 411. 420. 631 ' . Gonzales, Rebecca Ann 560 Gonzales, Roberto Raul 490 Gonzales, Rudy F. Jr 430, 440 Gonzalez, Alma 560 . Gonzalez, David Moses 560 (; Gonzalez, Eva E 631 Gonzalez, James Jesse 601 Gonzalez, Jorge Alberto 560 Gonzalez, Jose Arturo 389 Gonzalez, Leticia 601 Gonzalez, Maria Aurora 588 Gonzalez, Maria Del R 424 Gonzalez, Mario B 560 Gonzalez, Michael S 444 Gonzalez, Raimundo Jr 421 . Gonzalez, Rene A 416, 419 ii Gonzalez, Ricardo 616 (. Gonzalez, Robert W 616 II Gonzalez, Roberto 560 i Gonzalez, Roberto lose 421 Gooch, Jerald Knoll 426 Good. Melissa Leigh 601 I Good. Scott Bradley 601 Goodall. Jed Charles 492 ■ Gooden. Diane E 364 Goodfriend. Gary Paul 426 Goodheart, Mark C 338. 616 Goodloe, James Clay 526 Goodman, David M 631 Goodman, Nancy Sue 423 Goodman, Richard L 396 Goodman, Robert F 4% Goodman, Robert G 530, 616 Goodner, Gary Wayne 184 Goodrich. Thomas Eldon 459, 588 Goodrow, Ray McKinzie 631 ' Goodrum, Beatrice C. 631 Goodrum, Patricia G. R. Mrs 480 Goodson, John Franklin 560 Goodson, Larry F 372, 601 Goodson, Linda Kay 601 Goodstein, Pamela R 428, 560 Goodwin, Charles G. Ill 328, 492 Goodwin, Claudia J 468 Goodwin, Fred Allen Jr 616 Goodwin, Olivia C 468, 560 Goodwin, Randall Dean 418 Goodwin, Sylvia Lula 340, 362, 616 Goodwin, Tony Paulette 601 Goodwin, William C 321 ■ Goolsby, Harold Thomas 526, 616 Goolsby, Pamela Gail 460 Goolsby. William David 363 Coot. Barbara Ann 411 Gordon. Charles William 530 Gordon. Dianna 631 Gordon. Gayle Denise 410 Gordon. Harold John 530 Gordon. James L 530 Gordon, Jane Terry 411 Cordon, Kathy Jean Mrs 411 Gordon, Linda Marlene 482, 616 Gordon, Paul Kamsler 375, 616 Gordon, Richard Edward 536 Gordon, Wayne Houston 437 Gordon, William Patrick 172 Coren,AbeS 4%, 561 Gorham, Randy E 616 Gorin, Christy Ann 375, 486, 561 Gorman, Christopher J 419 Gorman, lack Streety 502 Gorme, Sherri Ann 464. 631 Gormley. Mary Therese 349. 415. 601 Name Page Gormley. Patricia E 410 Corse, Mary Lee Metzger 422 Corzycki, Diane Elaine .311, 320, 323, 403, 416, 417, 486, 589 Cose, Louise Melissa 507 Cose, Thomas H 530 Cosnell, Paul Wayne 393 Cosnell, Shellie Marie 385, 589 Goss, Glenn Sterling 390 Cossen, Gary Scott 418,422,561 Gossett, Antoinette E 589 Gotcher. Jimmy Leon 372, 561 Gott, Edith Suzanne 419 GotI, Patricia Bertha 446 Gottesman, Marcia Sue 464, 616 Gottlieb, Joan Kay 464, 616 Goubert, Peter Anton 414, 423 Goudge, James Donald 334, 502 Goulelte, William D 561 Govea, Patrice D. Mrs 616 Goyne, Mary Katherine 472, 561 Goza, Lodehck Mark 434 Crable, John Joseph 589 Grace, Kevin D 508, 631 Grace, Luther L. Jr 138, 311, 456. 581 Gracely, Anthony G 422 Gracey, Nancy Lynne 149, 333, 415, 476 Gracey. William M 428 Graduate School 260 Graduate Studenta 544-547 Graduating Seniors 548-585 Grady, Kathryn Ann 333, 410, 616 Graf, Arthur F. Ill 321,326 Graf, Paul Albert 408 Graff, Judith Ann 411. 420, 616 Graffeo, Joanne F 460 Graham, Andrew C 321, 323, 326, 426, 616 Graham, Billy Neal 138, 421 Graham, Cecilia Louise 156, 408, 410, 420, 616 Graham, Danny Dale 381 Graham, Donald G. Ill 198 Graham, Edward Duane 561 Graham, Gail Susan 320, 411 Graham, Gerald H 389 Graham, Joel Maurice 357 Graham, Linda L. Forsyth 357, 561 Graham, Marian E 561 Graham, Renee Audrey 601 Graham, Robin Elaine 601 Graham, Stuart Malcolm 418 Graham, Susan Dianne 365, 403 Granof, Michael H 138 Granoff , Pamela Roshel 350 Grant, Gwendolyn Ann 498 Grant, Lyman Afinstead 561 Grant, Phyllis L 589 Grant, Wayne Edward 631 Grant, Winston Dumont 631 Graugnard, Susan Gayle 420, 601 Graves, Betty Berwick 507 Graves, Jane Ellen 410, 420, 601 Graves, Marcia Lynn 601 Gray, Donald Kirby 375 Gray, Elizabeth Howrey Mrs 601 Gray, George Sterling 389 Gray, Jo Elaine 561 Gray, Karen Delana 148, 340 Gray, Nancy Ann 601 Grayson, Glenn Edward 151, 412, 423 Gready, Donellen Marie 410, 498 Greaves, Amy Grace 476 Greaves, Holly Bruce 417, 507 Greek Orianizationt 455-542 Greeley, Elizabeth R 411, 420, 631 Green, Ban Draper 329. 456. 522 Green. Barry K 533. 631 Green. Daniel Martin 375 Green. Donna Frances 616 Green. George W. Jr 446, 561 Green. James R. Jr 414 Green. Janet L. Mrs 424 Green, Joanne Carol 417 Green, Kathryn Lee 422 Green, Lauren Sue 464, 631 Green, Lee Artur 673 Green, Norman L. Jr 561 Green, Peggy Sue 375, 486 Green, Raleigh T. IV 517 Green, Robert Joseph 631 Green, Robert T 372 Green, Sheryl Anne 408 Greenberg, David 147, 4% Greenberg, Elenanne R. L 410, 484, 616 Greenberg, Jill Leslie 411 Greenberg, Judith L 464 Greenberg, Maria Paige 520. 616 Greenberg. Terry Ann 561 Greene. Barbara B 561 Greene. Jennifer 616 Greene. Kimberly Jean 410. 468 Greene, Marsha Renee 448, 616 Greene, Richard N 423 Greenhaw, William R 631 Greenman, Shelley Lynn 464, 616 Greenspan, Donald Ray 462, 561 Greenway, Bruce C 421 Greenwood. James Ray 474 Greer. Carol Anne 816 Greer. James R. Jr 390. 422. 425, 427 Greer, Johnnie L 422, 427 Greer, Margaret S 420 Gregg, Judy Ruth 616 Gregg, Nancy Lee 616 Gregorcyk, Arthur J. Jr 206, 421 Gregory, Carol M 507 Gregory, Donna K. Steward 561 Gregory, Gale T 631 Gregory, Margaret E 616 Gregory, Mary !. Ferguson 561 Gregory, Pamela S 357 Gregory, Royce E. Jr 561 Greif. Marian Briley Mrs 417 Gremillion. Charles A. Ill 601 Grenader. Harry Boris 421 Gresham. J. C 138 Gresham. lames C. Jr 172 Gresham, Joe Mac Jr 561 Gresser, Cheryl Lynne 388, 396. 414. 423, 601 Gribben, Alan 142 Cribble, Julia Jane 616 Name Page Cribble, Robert Leslie 14, 601, 676 Grieb. Rozanne Riley 561 Griffin, Barbara L 616 Griffin. Fred David 419 Griffin. Joseph A. Jr 494. 601 Griffin. Joseph D. Y 510 Griffin. Julia Ann 419 Griffin. Katherine M 498, 561 Griffin, Kenneth Wayne 338, 616 Griffin, Kerri L 362,480,631 Griffin, Marcus Ray 190, 525 Griffin, Mary Jeanette 601 Griffin, Stephanie Ann 466 Griffin, William Robb 338, 616 Griffin, Wilma Pitts Mrs 424 Griffith, James W.Jr 534.616 Grigassy, Joan Martha 476 Grigsby. Dorothea A 589 Grimes. Elizabeth A. .120. 308, 337, 415, 422, 513 Grimes, Glenn Wayman 502 Grimes, James Randall 502 Grimes, Janet Elaine 472, 631 Grimes, Leigh Arden 539 Grimes, Stephen Clark 502 Grimm, Michael Kenneth 328, 522 Grimm, Robert R 346,631 Grimshaw, Thomas Walter 423 Grinke, Julie Ann 411 Grisham, Terrence Alan 492 Grissom, Charles A. Jr 601 Criltman, David Hadley 320, 427, 601 Gritt man, Donna Lynn 411,468 Groce, Gaylen Lee 479 Groce, Jettie Charolyn 616 Groce, Thomas Harold 631 Groesbeck, Kate E 418,422,561 Gromatzky, Steven G 561 Grooms, Marilyn Lou 130, 415, 422 Groos, I3avid Joseph 459 Gross, Celia E 362 Gross, Pamela Alice 631 Crosse, Brenda Kay 410 Grosskopf , Jack Alan 390 Grossman, Dorothy Sue 561 Grout, Sheri Ann 411 Grove, Mark Carlton 534 Grubbs, Cynthia S 411 Grubbs, Janet Diane 372, 601 Grubbs, Stanley C 525 Cruetzner, lames Kent 444 Gruver, William Keven 443 Gruy, Clayton Elaine 507 Cuadiano, Maria G 561 Cuajardo, Norma A 589 Guajardo, Sharon Y 424 Guarino, David Sam 421 Guarino. Gregory | 509 Guarino, Michael S 421 Guarnero, Alfonso C 561 Cuderian, Janet Diane 561 Gueler. Alfredo C 408,418 Cuerra, Catherine L 631 Guerra, Stephen 631 Guerrero, Juan Manuel 601 Guerrero, Juan Manuel 421, 631 Guerrero, Yolanda J 383, 589 Guerriero, Shelley C 539 Guerriero. Tina E 539 Guess, George Thomas 601 Guest, Diana Gad 561 Guffey, Stephen W 616 Guidry, John Albert 422,426 Guidry, Michael D 447 Cuier, Michael Edward 423, 546 Guild, William F 479 Guild, WUliam Howard 428 Guillaume, Susan Jane 372 Guillot, Gary Lynn 601 Guinn, Anita Gwynn Miller 414,423 Guinn, Charles Wood 492, 601 Gullette, Rebecca L 561 Gully, John Houston 427 Gully, Russell George 601 Gum, Williams 320 Gump, Jane M. Quentan 423 Gunaerson, Charles L 601 Gunn, Glenda Gaye 616 Gunn, Martha Elizabeth 417, 482, 602 Gunn, Sheila M 507 Gunn, Stephen Russell 530 Gunnarson, Adele D 365 Cuntack, Mark S 347 Gupton. Angle Kyle 602 Gurley, Arnold M. Ill 395 Gustafson, Carolyn R 486, 616 Gustafson, Clifford 190 Gustafson, Cynthia Ann 480, 561 Gustafson, Lenora Ann 486 Gustafson, Robert Paul 602 Guten, Ken Rae 410 Guthrie, Linda Gayle 513,602 Gutierrez, Benny M 371, 409 Gutierrez, Dahlia M 561 Gutierrez, Jose Hector 602 Gutierrez, Jose M. Ill 589 Gutierrez, Juan Pablo 120 Gutierrez, Richard F 320, 323 Gutierrez, Romeo R 602 Gutz, Cornelia Gertrud 386, 420, 589 Guy, Greg Alan 371, 561 Guy, Mark Gregory 172 Guy, William T. Jr 416 Guyton, Debra A 428 Guzman. Lorene Beatriz 631 Gwinn. Morris Lee 561 Gwyn. Grayson D. Ill 338. 371 H Haardt, Patricia Kay 333 Haas, Stuart Weber 519, 631 Hablinski, Mark P 509 Hackedorn, Lynn 468 Hacker, Diedre E 602 Haddad, Mary E 149, 468, 561 Haddock, Stanley C 321 Name Page Hadii-Yakhchali, G 561 Hadley, Emerson Eugene 561 Haegelin, Hannah Louise 333, 602 Haesemeyer, Joni L 484, 631 Hagan. Cynthia Ann 362 Hagan, Pamela B 420, 618 Hagan, Sarah Ellen 561 Hagan, Sharon Marie 561 Hage, Mitry Kleel 673 Hagelman, Cari F 510 Hageman, Cathy lean 482 Hagemeier, Charles B 447, 561 Hagens, Debra Gail 410. 616 Hagenson, Cheryl Ann 448, 449, 816 Hager. Cassie 513 Hager. Katherine H 486. 631 Hager. Nancy Jewel 215 Hagey. Kevin Anne 631 Haggard. Lisa Lynne 410, 420, 472, 616 Hagood, Jane Courtney 602 Hagstette, Eric S. . 319. 321. 323. 326, 343, 418, 419, 561 Hagstette, Guy L 196, 198 Hagy, Patricia L 422 Hahn, Catherine Sue 399 Hahn, Deborah E 486 Hahn, Kathleen Sue 561 Hahn, Steven Daniel 334, 502. 561 Haid. Jonathan Earo 496 Haighl. Caroline F 539. 632 Haile, Ryan Kelly 494.802 Haile. Suzette Mayrie 341 Hailey, Sara Beth 539 Haines, Cheryl Kay 602 Hainey, Bryant W 421, 616 Hainey. Mel Forrest 490 Hair, Karen Elizabeth 404 Haladyna, Jeremy John 365, 423 Halbouty, James Robert 561 Halden, William J. Jr 530 Hale, Edward Everett 673 Hale, Jan Harris 561 Hale, Judy 476. 561 Hale, Steven Duncan 816 Haley, Gregory Keith 616 Haley, Renee 336 Halfmann, Mark Edward 172 Hall, Becki Laree 498 Hall, Bradley Forrest 459, 602 Hall, Carl L, 111 381, 562 Hall, Cynthia Kaye 411 Hall, David Wayne 391 Hall, Duncan Wayne 494 Hall, Ernest C 399 Hall, Franklin Edward 479 Hall, Georganna 460 Hall, James Edward 632 Hall, Janis Ruth 602 Hall, Jennifer Lee 484 Hall, Joetta Marlene 546 Hall. John Allen 562 Hall. Kathy Lee 333 Hall. Kelly Ann 410,457,486,616 Hall. Russell Alan 490. 562 Hall. Sandra Jeanne 393. 539. 562 Hall. Scott Maurice 338. 421. 616 Hallahan. Merri E 507. 562 Hallcom. Kenneth R 602 Haller, Sherilyn Joye 466 Halligan. John Patrick 447 Hallikainen. Martti T 546 Hallman, Melissa Rose 418 Halls, Steven Lowell 409 Halow. Renee E 616 Halpi n. Betsy 507 Halpin. Robert E 421.602 Haller. Richard V. Jr 383. 589 Ham. Nancy E 539.616 Hamblen. Tolar N. Ill 334 Hamblen. Willa C 602 Hambleton. Patricia Brinn 673 Hambrick. Jonell 602 Hamby. Jay Pierson 510. 616 Hamby. Marsha Lynn 340. 392. 411. 420. 632 Hamby. Mary Gail 333 Hamef. Howard Gary 562 Hamill. Martha Diane 420 Hamilton. Cynthia M 562 Hamilton. Debra Ann 632 Hamilton. Jed Marcus 412 Hamilton. Jeffrey Lane 546 Hamilton. John Carl 421 Hamilton. Keith Lee 320. 323. 326. 421. 616 Hamilton, Mark Joseph 172 Hamilton, Peggy Ann 562 Hamilton, Robert S 408, 562 Hamilton, Robert T 616 Hamilton, Susan Gay 507 Hamilton, Virginia B 411 Hamilton, Wayne Harris 490 Hamilton, William P 172 Hamlin, John Edley 389, 562 Hamm, Kathy Anne 507, 602 Hamm, Lisa Dianne 484, 632 Hamm, William Robert 632 Hammer, Samuel E. II 426 Hammett, Betty Sue 411 Hammett, Charles H 357 Hammond, Beverly E 408, 410 Hammond, Eleanor E 328, 484 Hammond, Lynn K 408 Hammond, Mary Maria 484, 562 Hampton, Cheryl Kay 328, 337, 450. 482 Hampton. David Lee 632 Hampton. Earl Stuart 408. 421 Han. Chariotte Adele 498. 562 Hancock. Fain 602 Hancock. Priscilla A 411 Handler, Eileen E. P 423 Handley, Bryan David 375 Hanegan. Michael E 389, 589 Haneman, Jon Albert 632 Hanen. Harry Daniel 338, 363, 632 Haney, Phillip C 616 Haney, Rhonda C 602 Haney, Vickie Ann 562 Hankins, Karen M 616 Hanks, Kenneth Ray 502 Hann, Linda Jean 417 Hanna, Billy Mark 562 CACTUS Index — 651 Name Page Hanna. Chad Tolbert 517 Hanna, Frances Ann 484 Hanna. William )effrey 562 Hannah. Beverly J 156. 333. 562 Hannemann. Gary Mark 423 Hannon. George 202. 203 Hanover. Walter David 602 Hansen. Michelle Marie 422 Hansen. Sherry Joretta 320. 327, 422. 424. 562 Hanson. Gregory W 459. 616 Hanson. Michael Edwin 334. 492, 456. 562 Hanson. Rita L. Maldonado 424 Happe. Anne Marie 616 Haralson. Melissa K 364. 411. 420 Haralson. Verlie Grant 384 Hardage. Peter Michael 329 Hardee. Deborah ]o 484. 562 Hardeman. Edna C 423 Hardeman. Teresa Lynne 340 Harder. Curtis Allen 421 Hardin. John Brown 111 328, 492 Harding. Arthur Mr 157, 602 Harding. Byran Lee 334. 456. 492. 602 Hardman. Steven R 602 Hardwick. Michael S 562 Hardwick. Sheryl Lynn 420 Hardy. Dale Owen 347. 437 Hardy. Elisa Lee 371, 589 Hardy, Janet 589 Hardy, Kirby Tate |r 381, 383, 562 Hardy, Linda Jo 480, 632 Hardy, Michael Alan 562 Hardy, Patricia Ann 632 Hare, Rhonda Lynn 320 Hare, Robert Alan 445, 616 Harelik, Marcia Dean 395 Hargrove, Linda L 428 Hargrove, Pamela Sue 419 Harkins, Barbara E 602 Harkrider, Steven A 562 Harlan, Larry L 525,632 Harley, Stanley C 589 Harlow. Michelle Diane 602 Harmon. Scott Ingersoll ... 311. 320. 323. 413. 416. 518 Harmony. William E 427 Harot. Nathan Edward 602 Harper. Jerry D 632 Harper. Joseph M 414. 422 Harper. Pamela Sue 411 Harper. Stephen C 616 Harrel. Nicholas Murphy 383 Harrell. Adrian Monroe 422 Harrell. Claudia Mae 354 Harrell. Dixie Jo 602 Harrell. Jack Edward 562 Harrell. Janet E 507 Harrington. Clovis B 419 Harrington, Janet Joy 411,434.439 Harrington, Kathleen H 482, 816 Harrington, Mary Dell 411, 420, 632 Harrington, Rick 428 Harris. Amy Elizabeth 156. 484. 616 Harris. Ann Marie 513 Harris. Carolyn Elizabeth 333. 602 Harris. Cynthia Ruth 417. 498 Harris. David Reeves 616 Harris. Elizabeth G 444 Harris. Gail Cynthia 418 Harris. Gary Don 602 Harris. Jeff eiy Scott 509. 632 Harris. John H 328.510 Harris. John Robert 418 Harris. Linnie Marie 392. 411 Harris. Margaret E 513 Harris. Margie Annette 337. 472, 602 Harris, Mark Austin .510 Harris. Mary K 632 Harris. Mary Lee 476 Harris. Milford D. Ill 408 Harris. Richard Carl 562 Harris. Robert Dellis 514 Harris. Stephen E 602 Harris. Susan A 498 Harris. Susan Kay 602 Harris. William S 447 Harrison. Cheryl A. Dedear 417 Harrison. Dandridge L 562 Harrison. Dorothy A 410 Harrison. Dorothy J 419 Harrison. Emmett Elbert 321. 323, 343 Harrison. Frank W 514 Harrison, Gail 393 Harrison, George C 616 Harrison. John David 616 Harrison. Pamela D 399. 420 Harrison. Patricia Sue 345. 484 Harrison. Thomas C 361, 632 Harrison, Twink E 480, 632 Harrop, Timothy J. J 443, 451, 632 Harry. Alan Wayne 338. 602 Hart. Dwight D 445. 616 Hart. Elinor Virginia 362. 498 Hart. Ginger Carol 422 Hart. Mari Lise 480. 562 Harte. Tract Bliss Mrs 413 Hartinger. Michael L 172 Hartley. Donna Lyn 486. 602 Hartley. Jane E 457. 460 Hartman. David F 422. 427 Hartman. David James 421. 616 Hartman. Robin Anne 468 Hartman. Samuel Brent 446 Hart well. Madeline D 310. 488. 602 Hart well. Therese 480. 632 Hart wig. Michael David 533 Harvey. Kathryn Meredith 589 Harvey. Robert B 138. 143 Harvey. Wayne TempiU 602 Harwell. Robert Bruce 616 Harwell. Susan Elaine .539 Harwi. Kevin Burns 389 Harwood. Jeanne Duflot 418 Harwood. Mary B 397 Harwood. Sherry Heleen 520 Haskin. Edgerton R. Jr 422 Haskin. Robert John 386. 388. 426, 562 Haskovec, Deborah Jo 417, 539 Haskovec, Janis L 632 Haslund, Karen 408, 411 Name Page Hassell, Lacey Ann 484, 602 Hasselwander, Gerard B 423 Hastings. George Allan 390. 427 Hastings. Karen P 411 Hastings. Mark Charles 320, 444 Hasty, John Allen 490. 616 Hatcher. David Ritch 375 Hatcher. Weldon B 389. 525 Hatfield. Bruce P 562 Hatley. Brennon Philip 130. 150. 151. 387, 562 Hatton. Harold Lee 433, 434, 437, 438, 453 Hauft, Sherrie Marie 616 Haugen, Connie L 410 Haughton. Frank B. Jr 329. 530 Haughton. Jane 507. 632 Hauk. Marilyn Kaye 616 Haunschild. Ann E 450. 476. 616 Hauser. Lawrence A 408, 421, 496 Hauser, Melanie 14, 311. 337, 562, 676 Hauser. Susan 156. 616 Hautanen. Dean Allan 446, 452 Havelka, Gregory Louis 562 Havemann, Steven Dale 426 Havins, William Keith 490 Hawes, Jerry Joe )r 321, 323, 326, 562 Hawker, James R. Jr 421 Hawkins. Albert III 474. 562 Hawkins. Clarence D 492 Hawkins. Delores Ann 498 Hawkins. Karri Anne 411 Hawkins. Willard R. )r 632 Hawn. David Arthur 446 Hawn. Holly Lynn 420,476,616 Haws, Charles Edward 632 Hawthorne, Dudley D. Jr 562 Hawthorne. Lou Ann 424. 562 Hay. Gordon Rodgers 562 Hay. James Maurice 536 Hayalaka. Holly Aiko 409. 585 Hayden. Linda Claire 498 Hayden. Shirley J 432 Hayes. Lynn 472 Haynes. Barbara Kay 539. 602 Haynes. Julie Cale 498 Haynes. Laurie Lee 562 Haynes. Mark A 421 Haynes. Sherri M 632 Hays. Carla Marie 585 Hays. Cynthia Dianne 602 Hays. Deidre Lynn 480 Hays. Jenna Margaret 177 Hays. Karen Leigh 498. 562 Hays. Randy Reagan 602 Hayter. Ronald Gary 602 Hayward. Susan Kay 602 Hayworth. David M 490. 562 Haza. Josefina 423 Hazard. Jill Marie 411 Hazard. Kevin William 526, 616 Hazelhurst, Laura Taggart 589 Hazenfield, Michael GT 446, 562 Hazlett, Holly 444, 453 Head, Jerald Lynn 130 Head, Keith Lynn 632 Headley. Mark Barnet 421 Heald. Charies Henry 479. 616 Heald. Jeffrey Hayden 360. 363 Healey. Roger Jr 423 Heaney. John P. Jr 562 Heap. Martha Melissa 498 Heaps. Susan Margaret 480 Heare. Grace Ann 476 Hearin. Larry Gene 421. 617 Hearn. Arthur Keith 562 Hearn. Elizabeth Dene Mrs. 484 Hearn. Leslie C 321 Hearn. Rachel L. Melanson 617 Heath. Jan Lorraine 602 Heath. Roger Ray 422 Heaton. Charles L 408 Heaton. Sandra Claire 617 Heaton. Ted H 206 Hebdon. Jack C. Jr 522 Hebert. Bruce Edward 172 Hebert. Elsie Mae S. Mrs 414 Hebner. Diane Joyce 341 Hebner. Lee Anne 410. 420 Hechtman. Abby Phil 464. 617 Heck. Linda Ann 546 Hedeen. Ashley Nancy 410 Hedgepeth. Sonja M 364 Hedrick. Robert Lew Jr 419 Hedrick. Thomas F 492 Heffley. Curt Lewis 320. 632 Heflin. Lynette Louise 409 Heflin. Robert Walling 391 Hefner. Clifton Clay 514 Hefner. Max Randall 546 Hegarty. Kevin Patrick 421 Heidner. Teresa Anne 411 Heil. Debra Lynn 482. 617 Heil. Don Keith 502. 617 Heilman. Alan E 408. 470. 562 Heimstead. Steven R 522 Heinrich. Barbara 411 Heintschel. Barney M 490 Heit. James Michael 459 Heitmann, Susan Gayle 562 Hejl. James G 318.321 Hejl. Jane Ellen Hitt 417 Hejl. Kathrin Karieen 365. 617 Hejl. Pamela Kay 482 Hejtmanek. Beverly K. R 562 Heitmanek. Ronald Lee 562 Helfrich. David M 443. 451 Helge. Doris Isobel 128 Heller. Aaron Allan 562 Heilman. Michael Ray 563 Helm, [an Ellen 321. 322. 323. 589 Helm. John Therylle 502. 602 Helm. Maria Sue 632 Helmbrecht. William C 479. 617 Helms. Diana Sue 349. 602 Hemati. Iraj 546. 589 Hematianboroojeni, H 546 Hemenway. John Richard 389. 427 Hempfling. Melony G 486 Hemphill. Karen E 476 Hemphill. Sherry L 563 Hempling. Robin Ann 520. 632 Name Page Henckel. Monica M 589 Henderson. Christina M 507 Henderson. Dallas Belle 321. 327 Henderson. James C 509 Henderson. James Stephen 320. 325. 409 Henderson. Mayrene 472. 632 Hendler. Gwen Ann 632 Hendrick. Stephen Earl 563 Hendricks. David A 143. 589 Hendricks. Phielis L 632 Hendricks. Sarah A 539, 632 Hendricks, Susan Smith Mrs 563 Hendrix, Burkley J 412 Hendrix, Eloise Marie 472, 602 Hendrix, Roy Wallace 517 Hendrix, Terri Lynn 632 Hengst, Sandra Sue 520, 632 Henicke, Ray Ben 563 Henington, Shelley 460, 602 Henington, Wayne M 563 Henk, Karen 480 Henk, Melody Ann 563 Henke, Doyle Wayne 563 Henke. Elizabeth Ann 410 Henneberger. John J. Jr 352. 421 Hennek. Judith Marie 563 Henneke. Elizabeth M 632 Hennes. John Robert 526 Hennessey. Michael J 563 Henry. George Franklin 632 Henry. John Edward 359. 363 Henry. Kathleen Marie 602 Henry, Keenan Dirk 421 Henry, Kevin V. G 172. 470 Henry. Marvin Chet 602 Henry. Susan Elizabeth 632 Henry. Walter Alan 589 Hensen. Charles Claude 617 Hensley. Donald Steve 421 Hensley. Joseph Allen 602 Henthorn. Barbara Nell 424 Henze. Henry R 673 Herber. Rebecca K 602 Herbert. Barry Edward 419. 422. 602 Herbich. Barbara K 410. 617 Herbst. Leslie Alan 390 Heridia. Jesse Jr 602 Hermonat. David Paul 470 Hernandez. Carmela 424 Hernandez. Gloria 563 Hernandez. Israel 402 Hernandez. Joe Luis 546 Hernandez. Jose Luis 321. 326 Hernandez. Magdalena 416 Hernandez. Maria M 602 Hernandez. Mark A 321 Hernandez. Richard 443 Hernandez. Robert C 500. 632 Hernandez. Sylvia 617 Herndon. Anne 371, 513, 563 Herndon, Marsha S 472, 802 Herold, John Robert 390, 425, 426, 563 Herrera, Anna Marie 563 Herrera, Hermelinda 602 Herrera, Howard 190 Herriage. Robert M 589 Herring. Matthew M 502. 632 Herring. Stanley Alan 422 Herrington. Janet 602 Herrman. Mary Teresa 632 Herschbach. Patricia ] 563 Hersh. Stuart Harry 423 Hershman. Michael A 496 Herskowitz. Robin Sheri 428 Hertel. Cheryl Kay 602 Herlel. Sheri Lee 328 Hertz. Kevin Lawrence 462 Hervol, Henry Jas 412 Hess, Gail Lynn 484 Hess, lames Craig 172, 617 Hesselbein, Linda L 476 Hester, David Fletcher 375 Hester, Louis Randall 526 Hester. Sandra Lynette 372. 563 Hester. Sara Jean 152, 311, 563 Hetmer, Mary Jeanette 563 Hewell, William Marvin 589 Hewlett, Karen Ann 157 Heydemann, Jacob S 428 Hiatt, Eve Sevier 411 Hibbett, Gary Wendell 190 Hickerson, Gary James 589 Hickey, Cynthia Andree 513, 617 Hickman, Mary Dudley 417 Hickman, Susan D 449, 476 Hickok, Linda Eileen 320, 410, 617 Hicks, Bruce Edmond 391 Hicks, Lynne 449, 472 Hicks, Mary Lynn 476, 602 Hicks, Paul Slover 617 Hicks, Philip Allison 632 Hicks, Robert Gaylord 602 Hicks, William R 456, 525 Higdon, Rodney Burt 617 Higgins, Claudia Ruth 602 Higgins, Linda Carol 393, 563 Highsmith, John 563 Hight, Patricia Ann 632 Hight, Rosalind Renee 354. 632 Hightower. Harold W. Jr 533. 632 Hightower. Katherine A 399. 589 Hightower. Lynann M 484. 617 Hightower, Richard W 509 Higley, Elizabeth Ann 361, 632 Hilbert. Jon Michael 421 Hilburn. Robert E 138 Hildebrand. Gayla E 411. 632 Hildebrand. Janet E 424 Hildebrand. Nancy L 365 Hildebranl. Sue Ann 482. 563 Hilderbran. Joseph A 590 Hill. Bruce Hardy C 530 Hill. Bruce Herbert 563 Hill. Carta Ann 602 Hill. Christopher C 492 Hill. Cynthia Anne 617 Hill. Danna Lynn 632 Hill. Deborah Anne 563 Hill. Dolly Jesusita 411 Hill. Ermine 424 Name Page Hill, James Putnam 420 Hill, Jan Alice 410, 617 Hill, Janice Sue 602 Hill, to Ann 617 Hill, Laura Shannon 460 Hill. Laurie Kay 321. 411. 632 Hill. Martha Ann 304. 413. 416 Hill. Nancy E. Guenzel 403 Hill. Richard Edward 357 Hill. Susan Lorraine 417.602 Hill. Zachary Decker Jr 563 Hillaker. Harry James Jr 632 Hillel Foundation 350 Hiller. John Ramond 152 Hiller. Philip Joel 321. 602 Hillery, Mark Vincent 602 Hilliard. Claudia M 468. 563 Hilliard. Kathleen Jean 602 Hilliard, Robert James 172 Hillin, John Bruce 563 Hills. William Alan 354, 632 Hilton, Ursula Rhea 354, 632 Himmelblau, Margaret A 412 Hinckley, William R 345, 510 Hindman, Mary E 484 Hinds, Dan Hall Jr 421 Hinely, Susan Denene 411 Hines, Sue Lynn 484 Hines, Teresa Marie 632 Hinger, Charles F 617 Hinnant, Harris O. Jr 632 Hinojosa, Alma Alicia 602 Hinojosa. Beatriz A 411 Hinojosa. Shiree C 410 Hinojosa. Yvonne B 632 Hinshaw. Susan Anne 513 Hinson. Jeffrey Thomas 328. 514. 617 Hinte. John Cameron 408 Hinton. James Marshall 533 Hinze. Michael Marvin 563 Hirezi. Teresa H 389. 392. 411. 632 Hirsch, Cathy 460. 632 Hirsch. David Weisman 496. 617 Hirsh. Alan Michael 329. 519 Hirsh. Sheryl Diane .411 Hirt. Darrell Lee 381, 563 Hise, Paul Andrew 632 Kitchens, Klaus P 441 Hite, Sally Bowman 476 Hite, Tommy Wayne 437 Hitt, George Clifton 423 Hivner, Cynthia Lou 632 Hix,CariW 423 Hix, Dona Kay 563 Hix, Randall Edwin 632, 677 Hixson. James Elmer 421 Hixson. Nancy Louise 472. 632 Hlavac. Mary Ann 351 Ho. KamTo 426.563 Hoar. Richard James 412 Hobbs. Carol Lynn 486. 563 Hobbs. Jeffrey Lee 419 Hobbs. joe Ellen 400, 563 Hobbs, Sharon A. Stewart 418 Hobbs. William Charies 198 Hobgood, Linda Gail 602 : Hoblet. Michael William 4li ' Hoch. Debra Kay Nance 419 Hochberg. Marjorie A 364 Hochman. Harry Michael 329 Hocott. Richard Reed 530. 632 Hodge. Douglas R. II 525 Hodge. Rita Jo 152 Hodges. Donna Bonita 417 Hodges. John Atwood 563 Hodges. Roy Arthur 563 Hodges. Steven Lynn 632 Hodges. Toni B. Baker 602 Hoelscher. Sharon Sue 633 Hoffer. Wendy Lynn 464 Hoffman. Brian Jourdin 502 Hoffman. David M 496 Hoffman. Herman Wm. Jr 412 Hoffman. Katherine M 420. 617 Hoffman. Myron David 462. 617 Hoffman. Paul Alan 462 Hoffman. Paul Derrick 494 Hoffman. Richard Alan 375 Hoffman. Robert Clark 456, 494 Hoffman, Robert Meyers 633 Hoffman, Sally Fern 617 Hoffman, Tommy W. Jr 510 Hoffman. Waldene Marie 420, 563 Hoffman, Warren Alan 409 Hoffman, William K. Ill 470, 617 Hofmann, Anna E 633 Hogan, Mary Catherine 457, 513, 617 Hogan. Patrice Anne 602 Hogan. Patrick Steven 391, 412 Hogan, Vickye Elaine 602 Hogg. Cathy Anne 633 HohT Roger Henry 391 Hohmann. Debra Ann 404 Hokenson. Craig R 514. 633 Hokr. James Ray 479 Holaday. Frank Lewis 456. 534, 617 Holasek, Karla Rae 563 Holbrook. Bruce 422 Holbrook, Crutis Emil 426, 563 Holcomb, Donald 408 Holcomb, John Stuart 526 Holcomb, Sam Webb 421 Holcomb, Susan Lynn 617 Holden, James Thomas 563 Holden. Lorena Gay 472, 590 Holden, Maurice C. Jr 311, 602 Holder, James Michael 172 Holder, Kim 498 Holditch. Terry Lynn 460, 617 Holdridge, Marilyn A 482 Holifield, Mark Quin 633 Holiner, Joel Alan 421, 423, 602 Holland, Edward W. Jr 509 Holland. Frederick J 502 Holland. Herbert 143 Holland. James Clive 377. 447 Holland. Michelle D 419 Holland. Richard C 474 Holler. Patricia Ann 410 HoUey. Charles M. Jr 502, 633 ., « " loiiB.wr ' J ||i.,iut.teiei» Mlliiesaiilal ' HillUliU ' Il,!4iiip.[liv«i»« lUiini,Pilnciil. 652 — CACTUS Index i Name Page Holley. Chris Lynn 563 Holley, Robert ]. Ir 456. 509 Holliday, Gary Ray 633 Holliday. Stephen Lee 428 Hollingsworth. Tom D 428 HoUingsworth, William E 421. 617 Mollis. James Mack Ir 602 Mollis. Kelly Sue 411. 633 Mollon. Lynette Kay 498 Molloway. Don Rhoads 334 MoUoway. Emily Ann 472 Molloway. |ames P. Jr 459, 563 Molloway. Julie Carol 476 Mollrah, John Victor 419 Molly. Deborah Ann 460 Molman. Karin Leann 498, 633 Molman. Ronald Owen 456, 479 Molmans. Deborah Ann 602 Holmes. Anne 617 Holmes. Ercell Renee 466. 563 Holmes. Jacqueline S 333, 410, 420. 450 Holmes. Jo Ann 602 Holmes. Laura 419. 513. 563 Molmes. Mary Alane 498 Holmquist. Darrel V 412, 423, 427 Holotik. Jim Samuel 525 Holste. Janet Lynn 423, 424 Holstead. Stephen D 525 Holstcin. Patricia L 602 Holster. Terri Lyn 486. 633 Molt. Betsy Helen 484 Molt, James Charles Jr 320, 590 Molt. Marianna 633 Molt. Sally Jane 617 Hotter. Kristin 539 Moltkamp. David Bruce 423 Holtman. Patricia L 410 Name Page Helton. Leslie Paige 633 Holtzman. Scott Evans 459. 633 Hollzman. Wayne H 418 Holub. Benjamin F. Ill 372 Holub. Sandra Marie 410. 484, 617 Holubec. Deborah Marie 408, 617 Homme, Kristin Gale 633 Honea. William Keith 321.633 Honerkamp. Russell Lee 388. 427 Honig. Philip Charles 408. 422 Honoran Organizations 407-428 Hood. Charles Michael 602 Hood. Lorraine 354. 633 Hood. Lu Ann 386. 388, 498. 602 Hooks. Thomas Hill 428.590 Hooper. Charles Jackson . . 306. 329. 456. 530. 563 Hooper, Kevin Kendall 633 Hooper, Mary E 507 Hooper. Michael Van 381. 563 Hooper. Russell Allen 157. 338. 617 Hoose, Deborah Ann 321. 327 Hoover. Debra Teresa 364 Hoover. loyce 1 423 Hoover. Robert 1 372 Hope. John Edward 321 Hopkins. David Henry Jr 389 Hopkins. Donald G 418. 422 Hopkovitz. Michael Don 421, 462 Hoppe. Susan Elaine 386 Hopper. Linda Sue 480, 617 Hopson. David Carlisle 617 Hopson. Rebecca Lynn 513, 602 Hopson, Susan Marie 460, 563 Horan, Barbara B. Hubbard 424, 563 Horan, Gary Bruce 563 Horbelt. Carlton V 421 Horlock. Nancy Ian 539 Name Page Mom. Gary Randall 422 Mom. Kevin Patrick 479 Hom. Monica Adela 520, 563 Horn. Stephen Campbell 334. 509 Hornaday. Rebecca Blue 564 Hornberger. Charles M 430. 434. 492 Home. David Murray 617 Home. Ronald Dee 421. 470, 617 Home. Thomas Wilson .391. 412. 422, 426, 564 Homquist, Margaret lo 411 HomsDy. Kathleen Ann Mrs 423 Homsby. Mary Jane 564 Horowitz. Gary Robert 519 Horswell. Jeffrey Lee 633 Horton. Claire 472, 633 Horton. Daniel lack Jr 590 Horton. lames Glenn 633 Horton. John Coleman 111 329, 533 Horton, Kathryn L 602 Horton, Paul L 425 Horton, Steven Ray 602 Horvath. Tex Ann 457, 476 Hosek, Deborah Lynn 564 Hosmer. Leslie Eugene 338. 445 Hotchkiss. Sally Anne 410, 464 Hoting. Hilarie Ann 417 Hotze. Ernest Mark 509, 633 Houghton, Roberta C. Mrs 423 Houpt. Karen Rae 411 House. Leisa Carol 482. 633 Houseman. Lon Marion 517 Houston. Charles V 172. 617 Houston. Debra Nell 410. 590 Houston, Gordon Lee 375 Houston, Julia Lee 420. 468. 633 Hovenga. John Michael 564 Howard. Alexis Kay 633 sad t«i i) Ill Ik p m- mi V::::: mil a Ail ■ K • ,.ffl. 8 1 [ W.« » ■ » 1 SIJ.U Name Page Howard. Brent Clifton 421 Howard, layne Denise 633 Howard. Jonn Kelley 459. 564 Howard, Kristi Ann 507 Howard. Linda C. G. Mr« 418 Howard. Mark Mabry 526 Howard. Minka Leverne 617 Howard. Stephen Paul 602 Howard. Susan Claire 633 Howard. Virginia H 564 Howard. William M 494 Howell. Joy Kay 14. 602 Howell. Kimberly Susan 345, 476. 633 Howell. Matthew C 603 Howell. Ronald Steven 633 Howery. David Randy 633 Howtand. Mary Ann 633 Howland. Wilham C. Ill 421, 617 Hoyle, Betty lean 411 Mu, Michael Yan-Chi 564 Hubbard. Susan Jeanne 415,460 Hubbs. John Clark 422 Huber. Deborah Lynne 411, 420. 633 Huber. Heidi Ann 484 Huber. Tighe Alan 172 Huchingson. Judith H 417 Huddleston. Linda Beth 539 Huddleston. Wayne C 360 Hudgens.John Daniel 633 Hudgins. Lisa Kay 156 Hudler. Cynthia Anne 603 Hudson. Caroline 423, 513 Hudson, Charles D 517 Hudson, Chris Ann 480,618 Hudson, Johanna Marie 633 Hudson, John Otis 421 Hudson, Marcia Denise 633 Hudson, Nancy 410 Hudson. Sue 412 Muebner. Karen Anne 410 Huebner. Kathryn Sue 417 Huedepohl. Rodney Gene 320, 633 Muedepohl, Steven Ray 320 Mueter. Kent Stephen 603 Muetl. Charles Dean 633 Huff. Jennifer Jean 564 Huffington. Charles R 564 Huffman. Diane Dee 564 Hughes. Craig Moore 564 Hughes. Cynthia Ann 498 Hughes. Clenna Marie 603 Hughes. Jerry Adam 494 Hughes. Josephine E 633 Hughes. Laura-Hill 468. 564 Hughes. Melville M. Ill 618 Hughes. Robert Scott 419 Hughes. Ronald Clark 633 Hughes. Stephanie Ann 428. 486, 564 Hughslon, Milan Ross 14, 414, 603, 676 Huie, Sherry D 341. 564 Huizar. Rogelio S 338. 395 Mulbert. Vera Lewis II 447. 452 Hull. Benna Gay 507 Hull, James Miller 421 Hull, Janet Starr 507 Hull, effrev Melaas 421 HuU, John Tolar 412, 427 Hullum, Janice Rebecca 422 HumanlUea 246, 247 Humuiltiss Student Council 153 Humble, Dana Lea 603 Humenick, Sharron S 424 Hummel, David R. Jr 528. 633 Humphrey. Catherine S 564 Humphrey. James Cecil 536 Humphrey. Susan Marie 603 Humphreys. Mary E 564 Humphries. Deborah Ann 446. 449 Hundley. Stephen James 525 Hunt. Barbara Ann 415, 513, 603 Hunt, Barbara Lee G. S 410 Hunt. Gary Thomas 426, 564 Hunt, Gloria Alice 320 Hunt, Mary VUlareal 498, 603 Hunt, Robert Anthony 321 Hunt. Roy Lee 540, 541, 603 Hunt, Thomas Ewell 419, 564 Hunt, Thomas Lev 470 Hunt, Todd McLean 334, 533, 564 Hunt. William C. Ill 386. 421 Hunter. Janet Kay 130, 149, 482, 564 Hunte r, Paul Loch 419, 422 Hunter, Valerie 418 Huntoon, Linden F 157 Huntsberger. Stephen S 342, 343 Hurd. James Douglas Jr 357 Hurley. Rebecca . . 14, 149, 311. 337, 415. 423. 424. 460, 603, 676 Hurst, Debra Lynn 496 Hurst. Diane Lorette 513 Hurst. Karen E 472 Hurst. Terry Lee 427 Hurt. William Burl 447, 452 Hurwitz. Benjamin S 618 Hurwitz. Sherry Jacob Mrs 427 Husmann. Gary William 321, 423. 584 Husmann, Robert Steven 633 Huss, Alex Lynn 633 Mussey. Carol Ann 410 Mussey, James J. Ill 172, 522. 618 Huston, Kathleen Anne 364 Hutchins. Kim Carlson 517 Hutchins. Laura Sue 539. 603 Hutchinson. Claudia L 539 Hutchinson. Gordon E. 564 Hutchinson. Karen 539 Hutchinson. Sandra J. P. Mrs 423 Hutchison, Kyle Vance 479 Hutchison, Michael Don 311 Hutchison, Sharon Anne 603 Hutchison, Shirley N 400 Hutson. Mary Anna 513, 618 Hutton. James Philip 408 Hutzler. Paul Weyland 618 Hwang. Juck-Ryoon 422 Hyde. Richard Ross 517, 633 Hyland. Valerie Ann 633 Mylin. Paula Jan 633 Hyman. Barbara Susan 422, 564 Hyman, Melissa Ann 411.633 CACTUS Index — 653 MM ;pii»iiS« ' |«ill»lU I Name Page Name Page Name Page Name Ibarra. David Siiva Ibarra, Frank Jesse Ickelberry. Keith Ikel. Robert Garth IngersoU. Christie L Ingraham. Richard Ray . . Ingraham, Scott Shane . . . Ingram. Jerry Lynn Ingram. John H. Ill Ingram. Judy Catherine .. Ingram. Linda Kay Ingram. Thomas Sanders , Ingram. Tommy Edward . Ingram. Tommy Lee Inkles. Lorrie Marie Inks. Jeanna Sue Innervisions of Blackness Interf ratemity Council . Intramurals Intrater. Janet Iris In Memoriun lola. Cheryl Rae Ip. Matthew Wai-Fan .... Ipps. David Tatwai Irby. Lisa Irons. Susan Marie Ir ' in. Cecilia Anne Irvin. Larry Wayne Irvine. Marta Romaine . . . Irwin. William K. Jr Isaacks. Brady Allen Isaacks. Edith Lynn Isaacs. David Glen Isaacson. Lee Irwin Isbell. Anita Beth Isbell. James Nathan Iscoe. Craig Steven Iscoe. Ira Isgur. Lea Anne Israel. Sherri Maxine Israeloff. Ira Morris Itz. W ' eldon Lee Ivey. Patricia Lynn Page 633 371 426 130. 304, 422. 590 618 172 334.492,603 564 361.603 603 393, 482, 603 361 172 357 464 633 354 456 222-227 464,618 672,673 520 390 426,564 513 513 590 590 539 564 522 333,410,420,476 421 519,633 448,633 494,618 130, 310. 422, 428, 564 289 422 423,464,618 633 372,564 498 ' I ack. Janet Y 411. 633 acks. Mark Alan 494 ackson. Alfred 172 ackson. Billy Gene 206 ackson. Bunnie D 564 ackson. Carol Marie 365, 420. 618 ackson. Carolyn S 399.417 ackson, Claudia Sue 539 ackson. Clyde [.III 421 ackson. Euwin Kerry 423 ackson. Elisabeth L 618. 677 ackson. Francis M. Ir 306. 510. 564 ackson. Franklin R 104. 456 ackson. Jan 564 ackson. Jeffrey Mark 530 ackson. Jimmie C 354. 633 ackson. John Mark 377. 422, 433. 453 ackson. John W 441 ackson. Judith Anne 419 ackson, Kenneth A 354. 633 ackson. Richard Hiram 502,618 ackson. Richard M 459, 633 ackson. Robert Eugene 590 ackson. Stephen 1 408 ackson. Steven Craig 436. 439. 451 ackson. Steven Gary 143. 633 ackson. Tammie Jo 333 ackson. Terry Lee 474 ackson. William Louis 386 acob. Darrell Gene 388. 426. 564 acob. John Karl 633 acobs. Cynthia Dara 633 acobs. Gary Martin 416 acobs. Jerry Mark 564 acobs. Ronald Lee 190 acobs. Ronald Scott 421 acobson. Bruce Allen 384 acobson. Lisa Kerry 418 acobson. Nathan Jack 618 acobson. Vickie Jean 480 acquot. Linda 405 aeckel. Karl Thomas 618 akobson. Svatava P 351 ames. Billy Dean Jr 151. 338. 387. 412. 603 ames. Camellia June 482 ames. Daniel Joseph 361.408.418.422 ames. George Ellis 172 ames. John Andrew 502. 590 ames, Nancy Anne 472. 633 ames. Nancy Hope 410.420.498 ames. Rebecca Lee 482 ames. Roy Thomas 361 ames. Tom Paul Jr 603 ameson. Deborah Jane 472 ameson. Jay Lee 422 ameson. Philip Aaron 422 amieson, MarV Stewart 618 anczys. Kleta L 410 Janecka. Alan Chales 590 Janis. Brian Gary 633 Janke. James Jeri 334, 470 Janse. Helen Bernice 618 jansen. Yvonne Carol 618 Janss. Raymond K 470 Jaramillo. Antonio R 546 jarnagin. Darrell Glen 206 Jarnaein. Thomas Earl 419 Jarolik, JeanelteE 351.603 Jarrell. Jennifer C 539 Jarvis. Linda Sue 513. 564 Jasek. Dennis Edward 603 Jasek. Rose Marie 633 Jaso, Emilio Jr 436 Jaster. Cathy Eugenia 410, 420. 618 Jax. Cathleen Ann 590 Jayson. Hal Terry 633 ayson. Melinda Gayle 411, 420. 520. 633 ayson. Sharon Kay 410,520.618 fferies. Elizabeth G 564 efferson. Richard Norman 148. 305. 388 effus. Sandra Linn 484 elonek. Marsha Ellen 603 emelka. Carolyn Ann 482. 633 emelka. Jacqueline Marie 376. 564 eng. lue-Hua Grace 42 ' 1 enkens. Lyssa Ann 468 enkins. David Mills 408 enkins. James Edward 409 enkins. Jamie 539 enkins. Jennifer 507 enkins. Stephen Ray 502 enkins. Susan Dayton 476 enkins. Teresa Ann 603 ennett. Gaston Paul 446 ennings, Bobby Glenn 564 ennings. Gayla 484, 618 ennings. James Albert 41B ennings. Leslie D 320, 323. 326. 421 ennings. Linda Lou 361 ennings. Randy Eugene 375 ennings. Theresa L 419. 423 ennings. William E. Jr 447 ensen. Carol Anne 411. 633 ensen. Gregory- D 492 ensen, Janice 468. 633 ensen. Kim Kristin 564 ensen, Lisa 410 ergins. Michael Paul 320.633 emigan. Jerry Arlene 618 esse. Mary Ann 603 ester Student Government 157 " ette. Debra G. McKinney 564 ette. Paul Eldndge IV 172 eweil. Robert Vance 502 icha. Jennifer Marie 365. 633 istel. Susan Gayle 410.476.618 lobe. Bill 383, Jobe.Cy Clark Jobe. Melody Ann Jochetz. George E. Ill Jocz. Bruce Roger 437 Joe. Wee Ken 428 Johanning. James Brock 329 John. Charles A 564 Johns. Jimmy Burrus 427, 590 Johns. John Wheeler 33| Johnson. Barbara Sue Johnson, Brant Montgomery Johnson. Brian Patrick ohnson. Carl Hirschie ohnson. Celeste R 480. ohnson, Christine L 424i ohnson. Claudia Taylor 266. 267. 273 ohnson. Cleveland M 386,388,426 ohnson. Craic A 416 ohnson, Cyntnia Ann 539 ohnson. David Carl 603 ohnson. David George 421, 427.618 ohnson. David Lee 564 ohnson. Debbie L 63i. ohnson. Deborah Lynn 484, 633 ohnson. Debra Ann Adams 423- ohnson, Debra Rue 618 ohnson, Edward Lynden 179, 184j ohnson, Frederick C ohnson. Gail Anne ohnson. Gary Edward ohnson. Gary W ohnson. George Scott 6 0 ' ohnson. Gregory Paul . 421.456,528.618- ohnson. Helen K 36tt ohnson. Huey Lee 116, 633 " ohnson. James M. Jr 514, 633i ohnson. Janet Lynn 63! ohnson, Janice L ohnson, Janis Susan ohnson. Jay L ohnson, Jill Ann ■ ohnson. Joni Gayle ohnson. ludy S ohnson. Julia " ohnson. Julie Anne ohnson. Karen Sue ohnson, Kathleen ohnson. Kathy Eileen 420,41 ohnson. Kevin Dean 4 ohnson. Larry Anthony 41 ohnson. Lillian A 156, Z ' . " ohnson. Lionell 172, 540. ohnson. Lyn ohnson. Margaret E ohnson. Mark Edward ohnson. Mary Evelyn 321,31 ohnson, Michelle M 618.3 kQnilelJr QilioTdRir QuRicbd . DaridSurlmi EDeDuPilau DnildbT CNbN .KtlKuPff .lnDaOhitopke m ,|diiAflii ,|oiKAiiii ■!«... Wale) %CoB» .Mil ,[jidiS... .Lh L)iui .KcUCm KM Dm KdKJJlMA Ktliil}a!. UL... PiifD. . PipEiic tioliUa. .UtEiriai Ml Lynn ■.u:, flMtie iMtRd. .VictiVHib iJinBridiir .HiBtr hbAu ii K mU NkS.. llLhlllEl«tK DtbnbKn WiMllBl kHz i ' SLk. ' ' ' " " 1, 654 — CACTUS Index . iKltilin Name Page ohnson. Nels Bent 500 ohnson. Pamela Sue 564 ohnson, Patricia L 466. 603 ohnson, Resina Ann 388. 590 ohnson. Richard Louis 421 ohnson. Robert Arni 564 ohnson, Robert EUlis 329. 492 ohnson, Robert Hale 603 ohnson, Ross H. Ill 517 ohnson, Roy Arthur 347, 375 ohnson, Russell Lee 633 ohnson. Scott Emil 321, 338. 618 ohnson, Shari Lynn 539 ohnson. Stephen F 470 ohnson, Susan Elaine 328. 480 ohnson, Susan Rose 410, 618 ohnson, Tyrone Allen 179, 184 ohnson, Valerie Joyce 618 ohnson, Wayne A 633 ohnston, Aaron Anthony 633 ohnston, Ann Marie 411 ohnston. Carl Robert 365 ohnston. Christopher 526 ohnston, EUizabeth C 603 ohnston, Julia Lynn 618 ohnston. Karen Ann 564 ohnston. Michael Wayne 421 ohnston, Patricia L 423 ohnston, Robert A 491 ohnston. Stephan E 422 ohnston. Tea Neal 565 ohnston. Wade Lee 172. 590 ohnstone. Mary E 428 oily. Dana Jo 336. 476 oily, Marsha Kay 633 ones. Amanda Moore 472, 565 ones, Bryan Lee 421 ones. Carol Ann 336, 476. 633 ones, Catherine A 443 ones, Claude E. Jr 534 ones, Clifford Ray 200 ones, Dan Richard 142. 418 ones, David Starling 375.565 ones, Dennis Patman 565 ones. Donald Ray 391 ones. Donny 157 ones, Dorotny Nell 410. 513 ones, Douglas Lloyd 334, 514. 603 ones. Ellinda Nan 345. 539 ones. Hal Karper 500 ones. James Christopher 470, 618 ones. Janelle E 411. 633 ones. Jelia Ann 333. 539 ones, Jenise Ann 364 ones, Jesse 354 ones, John Clinton 533 ones. John Wesley 633 ones. Judy Juanita 565 ones. Kevyn Colleen 361, 417, 468, 565 ones. Lavonia L 411 ones. Linda S 468. 633 ones. Lorita Lynn 468 ones, Mark 412. 590 ones, Mary Jo 603 ones, Michael Craig 408. 419 ones. Michael Dee 565 ones. Michael Joseph 343. 590 ones, Michael Wayne 443 ones. Michalyn J 633 ones. Pamela L 498. 565 ones. Phillip D 283 ones. Philip Eric 603 ones. Robert Alan 377. 565 ones, Robert Fred Jr 618 ones, Samuel Paul Jr 633 ones, Sandra Earlene 359, 420 ones. Sheila Lynn 507 ones, Susan Annette 424 ones. Susie Kay 445 ones. Thomas Merrill 422 ones, Vicki Vaughn 618 ones. William Bradley 509. 633 ones. William C. IV 514. 603 ordan. Julie Ann 420 ordan. Katherine A 486. 618 ordan. Lisa Nell 408 ordan. Michael A 565 ordan. Peter S 435, 439 orden. Jay Robert 394, 414 omayvaz, Paul Eugene 517 osepn. Deborah Kay 603 oseph. Joann Marie 633 oseph, Julia Ann 464 osephson. Pamela Ann 476 osin. Sherry Ruth 149. 603 oslin. James Genghis 565 oslin. Randy David 393,603 oumeay. Nancy C 618 oyce. Pamela Sue 482, 633 udy, Deral Richard 321 ukes, Stephen Lane 157 uliano. Samuel Peter 565 une. Richard Kent 421 ung. Harry Harper 111 421, 514 ung. James Keitn 198. 618 ung. Mary Catherine 393, 539 ung, Woo Sik 422 uniors : . 596-611 unkin. Ann 415, 423, 472 unkin, Jerry F 320 urgens. Christopher J 321, 326 urik. Patricia Gayle 351, 603 urkovic. Gregory J 422 ust, Michelle P 618 ustice, Richard Earl 14, 143. 676 VBafkattMU 186.187 If K IS, " ' Ml ' Kable. John Ward 502 Kabler, Karl William 603 Kacir. Karl Wayne 371. 409. 422 Kadell. Kalhleen Anne 321 Kadera. Karolynn 403 Kaderli. John F 321 Kadrovach. Connie Jean 410 Name Page Kacan, Laurel 428 Kahan. Dena Beth 633 Kahn. Cindy Bonnie 362 Kahn. Gary David 371 Kahn. Miriam Ann 364 Kainer. Donald Wayne 190 Kaiser. David Keith 618 Kaiser. Susan Benke 417 Kaler. Mary Kathleen 566 Kalin. Debra Ann 156. 618 Kalish. David Daniel 530 Kalisz. David 566 Kalke. Patricia Ann 393. 603 Kalteyer. Charles R 405. 590 Kalteyer. Stephen F 371. 618 Kaman. Mark Joel 496 Kamel. Abdul Karim 566 Kamen. Kathy Ann 464. 633 Kamen. Sherri Lynn 464. 590 Kaminski. Mary Lee 482 Kamp. Michael S 536 Kampmann. George A. Jr 517 Kampschaefer. G. E. Ill 428 Kan. Chonfi Keong 603 Kan. Pak-Yue Paddy 425 Kane. Jennifer 513 Kane, Lida 513 Kang. Bo Hyun 422 Kang. Wendy Bay 408.422 Kanipes. Raymond Keith 528. 633 Kanter, Shelly Sue 464, 618 Kao, Mike Pen-Mu 423 Kaough, Charles W 444 Kaplan, Susan Leigh 633 Kappa Alpha 502.503 Kappa Alpha Tbeta 504. 505 Kappa Epailon 385 Kappa Kappa Gamma 506. 507 Kappa Kappa P i 326 Kappa Ptl 380. 381 Kappa Sigma 508, 509 Kappa Tau Alpha 414 Kappelman, Michael P 357 Karasek. Ted Koerth 494 Karcher. Carol L 365. 403. 566 Karol. Joseph Charles 492 Karp. Ray Joseph 422 Karren. Lawrence M 519.603 Karstens. Phyllis L 411. 420 Kase, Jeffrey Aaron 462 Kaspar, Michael J 351. 618 Katz. Arthur Haber 4%. 633 Katz, Brenda Lynn 520. 633 Katz, Daniel Lane 418 Katz, Samuel Todd 142 Kauf f man, Houston J. Jr 502 Kauff man, Robert P 510, 603 Kaufman, Michael L 359. 421. 618 Kaufman. Nancy Ann 464. 633 Kaufman. Perry Sims 496 Kaufman. Robert 1 496 Kay. Michael Alan 522 Kayser, Bradley Basch 421. 4% Kazee, Juliana 365 Kazmann, William McKee 304, 311, 416 Kboudi, Sharon Joy 520 Keams, Paul Martin 525 Keating. Sharon Ann 633 Keating. Violeta E 618 Keaton. Jo Ellyn 410 Keats. Geoffrey Alan 470 Keck. Constance R 344. 345. 484 Kee. David Vernon 603 Kee. Terry Michael 419. 422, 590 Keeble, Floyd D 517 Keel, Thomas Martin Jr 419 Keeland, B. W. Ill 533 Keeland, Ruth Kimberly 410 Keeler, John Day .414 Keenan, Carolyn Frost 415. 513 Keenan. Daniel Bennett 618 Keener. Lynette Marie 354. 633 Keeney. Randolph V 517. 633 Keeney. Susan E 411. 513 Keepers. Jack Edward 383 Keeton. Andrea Sue 618 Keeton. Roberta Jean 328. 513 Keeton. W. Page 267, 4J6 Keils. Shari Kay 486. 566 Keisner. Kim AJan 633 Keith. Laura Katherine 411 Keith. Reginald Hiram 412 Keliher. Lester J. N 479 Kellam. Frederick L 618 Keller. Gerald W. Jr 566 Keller. Mary Unda 422 Keller. Stewart 200. 492 Keller. William Victor 633 Kelley. Charles Edward 633 Kelley. Christopher Charles 443. 451 Kelley. Henry P 267. 277 Kelley. James Arnold Jr 444 Kelley. lames Roger 566 Kelley. Julia Ann 618 Kelley. Kenneth Verne 147, 375 Kelley, Lee Michael 517 Kelley, Linda Kay 566 Kelley, Ray Alan 603 Kellogg. Julia Pollard 603 KellyrBradley Lynn 603 Kelly. Debra Ann 566 Kelly. Gary Clayton 618 Kelly. Jack Albert 525 Kelly. Janet Pauline 422. 424 Kelly. Karla Jean 633 Kelly. Kathryn Suzanne 360. 566 Kelly. Kim M 152. 299. 360. 417. 476 Kelly. Kletia Ceil 359. 633 Kelly. Mary Helen 411, 633 Kelly. Mary Kathleen 143 Kelly. Patricia Lucille 156. 333. 420 Kelly. Patrick Michael 413. 416 Kelly. Rebecca Ann 302 Kelly. Robert Harold 603 Kelly. Sharon Marie 634 Kelly. Sheryl Ann 307. 417. 419. 422. 566 Kelly. Susan Kerr 468. 603 Kelly. Susan Lee 460. 618 Kelly. Suzanne 422 Kelly. WUliam Rusaell 566 Name Page Kelly. William T.Jr 321 Kelsey. Robert Wier 509 Kelton. Carol Lee 803 Kelton. Patricia D 399 Kelver. MaeEllen Meitzen 423. 566 Kemp. Cynthia Maysel 603 Kemp. Donald Gene Jr 590 Kemp. Donna Evelyn 486 Kemp. Richard Galen 338 Kemp. Susan Ellen 566 Kemper, Rebecca Jean 507 Kendall, John Fenwick 603 Kendrick. Gail Tidd Mrs 422 Kendrick. Sue Ann 321, 618 Kenfield, Patricia L 399 Kennamer. Lorrin 279. 416 Kennard. Anna Jones 539, 634 Kennard, Ellen Ashby 566 Kennedy, Aida Marie 448, 466, 603 Kennedy, Alfonso 618 Kennedy, George Leon 130, 496. 618 Kennedy, lames Kent 566 Kennedy. John Uoyd 494. 634 Kennedy. Karen Jean 333. 410. 436. 450. 482. 618 Kennedy. Patrick Alan 172. 618 Kennedy. Robert Kruger 566 Kennedy. Roberta B 618 Kennedy. Yardley B 354 Kennerly. Brenda Lynn 411 Kennon. Kent Stephen 421 Kent. John Randolph 530. 634 Kent. Mary Elizabeth 618 Kepner. John William 419. 566 Kercho. Craig Martin 144. 147. 311. 375 Kermani. Jamshid 566 Kern. Darryl Wayne 386, 388. 566 Kern. Richard Donald 418, 566 Kern, Tommy L 566 Kerpchar, Nilcolai 416 Kerr, Harris Eastham 143 Kerr, James Crawford 422, 502. 566 Kerr. James Robinson 533 Kerr. Johnnie B 603 Kerr. Katherine L 336 Kerr. Sarah Frances 513. 566 Kerr. Thomas Patrick 533, 634 Kesler, Justin Otis 456. 537. 603 Kessel. Susan 341 Kessler. Henijt Michael 147. 496. 634 Kessler. Marilyn Jo 410. 464 Kessler. Sandy Lee Mrs 423 Kessler. Thomas E 634 Key. Howard W 510 Key. Karen Elizabeth 618 Key. Leighton Douglas 566 Keys. Jerry M 416 Keys. John Dennis Jr 566 Keys. Rhonda Kay 423 Keyser. James Stephen 408 Khalil. M. Aslam Khan 423 Khan. Muhammad Bahadur 546 Khirallah. Susan Marie 603 Khoury. Pamela Lily 603 Kibbe. Helen Laurene 392, 411 Kidd, Jonathan Wayne 566 Kidd, Kathryn L 634 Kidd, Madelyn Ann 618 Kidd. Nancy Nell 448, 590 Kiedinger. Patricia L 362 Kieke. Cheryl Lynne 634 Kieke. Janice Kay 566 Kieke. Joseph Await 421 Kiel. Olivers. Ill 530 Kielman, Deborah Leah 372 Kierum. Michael Dale 444 Kiesel. Stephanie M 468. 603. 677 Kiester. Gale Ann 486, 618 Kiger, Philip Scott 517 Kinneman. Barry Steven 566 Kilby. Aim 417 Kilday. Anne Marie 394 Kilday, Patricia Rose 156, 332. 333. 420 Kile. Douglas Lynn 566 Kilgore. Julia Ann 603 Killian. Donna Celeste 603 Killian. Sandra Gwyn 566 Killion. Tina Joy 546 Kilpatrick, Robert David 413, 416 Kim. Byung Talk 423 Kimberiey. Kirby Kyle 603 Kimbrougb. John W 421 Kinard. Dan Thomas 412 Kinard. Kelly G 502 Kinard. Martha Elaine 311. 414 Kincheloe. Joe Alan 634 Kincheloe. Robert W 618 King. Carol Ann 482. 590 King. Charles Rogers 470, 634 King. Cheryl Lynn Mrs 357 King. Christine L 409 King. Christopher C 459, 634 King. Claire Kaye 539 King. Edward Lee 426 King. Gina Gayle 476. 634 King. Jack Edward 566 King. Janet Lynn 498, 566 King, jeffry Thomas 421 King. Karen E 498, 603 King, Katherine C 618 King, Kathleen Buck 480 King, Michele Anne 476, 634 King. Robert Charles 566 King. Virginia Diane 403. 410 Kingry. Priscilia Rose 357 Kingsbery. Robert S 440 KingsweU-Smith. Ann 507 Kinney. Barbara S 498 Kinney. Stephen Watts 530, 634 Kinney. William G 530 Kinsey. Jean Marie 480. 603 Kinsey. Richard Ed 502, 566 Kinzler, Nancy G 618 Kipp, Carol Jane 634 Kipp, Cynthia Gail 618 Kirbo, Bryan W 4S9, 603 Kirby. David WUliam 566 Kirby. James Edward 502 Kirby. Kathleen M 410,446 Kirby. Linda Kay 449 Kirby. Stephen Dean 525 Name Page Kirk. Cheryl Ann 416 Kirk. Karol 507, 566 Kirk. Kenneth Keith 546 Kirk. Ricky Van 603 Kirker. Scott E 634 Kirkham. Daryl S 422 Kirkland. Kathryn Lee 365, 566 Kirklin, William S 533 Kirkpatrick, Charles K 510 Kirkpatrick. James R 494.618 Kirkpatrick. Stephen D 494 Kirksey. Sharen Ann 590 Kirkwood. Holly Lynn 340 Kirsch. David Sam 423 Kirshenbaun, Caren Sue 520. 618 Kirwan. Thomas Aiken III 338 Kiser. Metta Anne 486. 618 Kiser. Sue Ellen 566 Kislin, Laura Ellen 414, 422 Kissling, Laurie Ann 590 Kitchen. Ann Elizabeth 341. 420 Kitowski. Gail Marie 156, 333, 618 Kitten, Larry Don 566 Kitzmiller, Jill Ann 360 Klarfield, Mary K 603 Klatt. Michael R 618 Klausner. Judith 362, 411, 634 Klecka, Diane Marie 411. 420, 634 Kleckner, Michael (j«m 421 Kleifgen, Cynthia M 566 Kleiman, David Alan 419 Klein, Leah Beth 320. 386. 603 Klein. Leslie Carter 329. 502. 603 Klein. Lori Kathleen 486. 618 Klein. Susan Rene 566 Kleinberg. Linda Lee 393, 414 Klemt. Kristin E 411 Kleuser. Lawrence J 470 Kleypas, Geralyn Kay .618 Kline. Daniel Hobbs 172 Kline. Elizabeth G. 513 Kline. Linda Arlene 464. 634 Klinginsmith. Gregory E 618 Klinksiek. Debra Kay 566 Klinksiek. Myra Lee 411.420.634 Klinksiek. Sylvia Ann 410. 618 Klipple. Barbara Anne 411, 480. 634 Kloeris. Steven P 421 Klonower. Mark Cresap 213 Klump. Delbert Craig 618 Knape. Anthony Brian 421. 422 Knape. Jan Claire 460 Knapp. Deborah Joann 420, 476 Knebel. Diane Lea 460 Knickerbocker. Andrea 603 Knie. Judith Robin 411. 520, 634 Knight. Carol Anne 603 Knight. Edward Stanley 459 Knight. Florence C 484, 566 Knight, Randal Blake 603 Knight, Shara Denise 566 Kniginyzky, Walter 206 Knippa. Gary Alton 590 Knippa. William B 422 Knisely. Philip Robert 320 Knoble. Gail Ann 340, 360, 603 Knoebel, Allyson D 486, 603 Knoebel, [ohn E 566 Knoernschild. C. S 603 Knof f . Danny Lee 566 Knopf. George Bruce 603 Knott. Aubrey Dean 361. 567 Knotts. Mary Susan 507 Knotts. Sharon Ann 354 Knowlden. Allan W 383 Knowles. Katherine A 476 Knowles, Nora Suzanne 513 Knox, Cynthia B 320, 327 Knox. Laurie Ann 333. 634 Knox. Lundy Ann 498.603 Knox. Nancy Lynn 333. 634 Knue. Merry Luscaine 618 Knysh. Andrew Meidell 387, 412. 426 Kober. Karilyn Eve 337. 410, 460. 618 Koch. Christine L 321 Koch. John Clinton 514. 603 Koch. Laurie Elise 372.422.567 Koch. Patricia C. Kriegel 424 Koch. Rhonda Denise 156. 618 Kocurek. Elaine Theresa 567 Kocurek. Jeanie Ann 351. 603 Koegel. Raymond Paul 422 Koepcke, Richard Bnice 590 Koester. Ellen Louise 460. 567 Kofahl. Lloyd EJr 618 Koger. Kenneth Earl 517. 567 Koger. Susan Kay 513 Konanbash. Kavoos 567 Kohler, Raymond L 634 Kohulek. Carol Ann 372 Kohutek. Patricia Ann 567 Koile. Kimberie 411. 498. 634 Kokas. Rose Katherine 618 Kolb. Jay Thomas 533 Kolberg. Pierce B 352 Koleilat. Maher M 546 KoUy. Marilyn Irene 408 Koncewicz, Anna Helen 616 Koncewicz. Barbara A 375. 603 Kong. Cheong Yin 412 Konvicka. Linda Marie 618 Koomey. Candella 634 Koonce. Richard C 345 Koontz. Kristine 567 Kopecki. Denis Steve 425 Kopf. James Kenneth Jr 419. 422. 567 Kopin. Pamela Sue 520 Kopplin. Charles D 390 Kopra. Lennart L 423 Koran. Donald William 421 Kormany. Andrew 356 Komdorffer. W. E. Ill 618 Korp. James Douglas 130 Kortage. Marlene E 337, 417, 468. 567 Korte. Karl 357 Koschak. Sheryl Ann 498. 603 Koslin. Louise Sue 520 Kostas. Ann Angela 567 Kostas. Pamela C 130. 428 Kostohryz, Brenda Gayle 484 CACTUS Index — 655 Name Page Kostroun, August Vince 371. 590 Koslura, Judith Ann 410 Kosub, SheiTill Kay 567 Kosut. Gary Marial 427 Kosut, Lanny Wayne 351.634 Kotch. Arthur B 634 Kothmann. Don William 418 Kotzur, John lames 618 Kouba, Carlene Gale 411. 634 Kovich. Jamie Jean 460 Kozmetsky. George 234. 279, 416 Krahl, Ellen Louise 156. 410, 618 Krakower, Michael Howard 496, 603 Krai. Jeanelte Edith 403. 618 Kramer. Kathleen Grace 634 Kramer, Linda Lynn 513, 618 Kramer, Ronald Mark 4% Krause, Michael Gene 634 Krauskopf. David R 321. 603 Kreager, Cameron 525 Kreighbaum, Jay M 634 Kreisle, Leonardt F 416 Kreitzer, Karen Lee 362, 567 Kremers, John Henry 526 Krempel, Mariviv 618 Krenek, Wilfred Michael 305. 338. 567 Kress, Bamett Alexander 304, 413, 416 Kridner, Levy Kirk 567 Kriger. Laurie Sue 618 Kring, lay Shepard 567 Kristofferson. Susan L 152 Kritser, Ann Elizabeth 507, 567 Krivcher, Richard R 421 Krivoniak. N. R. II 603 Krivoy, Alison Cleone 567 Krizov. Clair E. . 156. 337. 410, 420, 450, 480, 618, 677 Krizov, Paula Ruth 400. 417. 460. 567 Kroeger, Katherine M 320. 323. 419, 423 Krol, Margaret A. Moncrief 423 Kronberg, Esta Lynn 306, 341. 408. 567 Krone, Mark L 365 Krost. Michael David 496. 618 Krueger, Daniel Thomas 179. 183. 184, 401 Krueger, Elizabeth S 618 Krueger, Trelia L 468 Kreuz. Lenard B 51.673 Kruger, Mary Carroll 411. 420, 476. 634 Kruger, Peggy 275 Krumholz. Mira Pearl 410. 420. 520, 618 Krumholz, Pearlynne 410, 464, 618 Krumwiede. Jeffrey Lynn 1%. 198 Kubala. Stephanie J 372. 618 Kubenka. Terry Eugene 384 Kubsch, Terry Allen 401 Kuebler, John Adam 371, 618 Kuehm, Janet Elizabeth 411. 472. 634 Kuhl, Ann Marie 480 Kuhlman. Blake Allan 470 Kuhlmann. Jarvis Wade 426 Kuhn, Jeffrey Scott 422, 514 Kuiper, Kendal 437 Kultgen, Peter Evans :422 Kunkel, Dale Alan 338 Kunkel. Rebecca J 513 Kunschik. Ronald ] 371 Kunlz. Eric Collins 408 Kunz. John Thomas 567 Kunz. Karen Lynn 422. 567 Kurtz, David Marcus 421, 496. 619 Kurtz, Marcia Ellen 411. 520 Kurtzemann, Mary Beth 603 Kurzawa. Jane Eileen 417 Kurzban. Linda 566 Kutac, Anne Elizabeth 395 Kutler, Mark L 519 Kutler, Stephanie Lynn 422 Kuusisto, Paul Alan 634 Kvinta, Charles J. Jr 634 Kvitek. Charles Kevin 529. 590 Kyle. Deborah Ue 513. 619 Kyser, Sheri Renee 354 La Rowe, Nancy L. H. Mrs 423 Labaj, Mark Lee 567 Labarba. JoEllen 498 Labouff. Jeanette M 365. 411, 420 Labus, Lydia Marie 567 Lacewell, Michael W 363 Lackey. Kathy Jane 619 Lackey, Mary Elizabeth 634 Lackey, Rhonda C 411 Lacy. Gary James 567 Lacy, Leah Elizabeth 513 Lacy, Lee Devereaux 320, 328 Ladd, Daniel Mark 479, 634 Lafave, Terence Lee 567 Lafitte, Darrell Gregg 502. 634 Lafleur, Leah Marie 634 Lafosse, Gail Ann 619 Lagrone, Michele 603. 677 Laguarta, Julio L 470 Lain, Maxine Joseph Mrs 424 Laird, Brant Ben 634 Laird, Marcus Neely 510 Lake, Linda K 567 Lake. Patricia Marie 567 Lam. Ana 341 Lam. Chung Yiu 426 Lam. Kit Sang 419. 590 Lam. Peter Wood-Pang 423, 590 Lamar. Charles Robert 423. 427 Lamb, Debra Louise 468 Lamb, Thomas K 634 Lamb. William Jack 537 Lambda Chi Alpha 510, 511 Lambdin, Carols 472 Lambdin, JaneLetitia 417.460,567 Lambert, Cynthia Ann 603 Lambert. Jarrett C 634 Lambert. Kathi Suzanne 482 Lambert, Robin Renee 364 Lambert. Tom L. Jr 372, 567 656 — CACTUS Index Name Page Lambeth, Dan Allen 418 Lamendola. Gayle Ann 480 Lamm, Margaret Aileen 448, 567 Lamotte, Gary Alan 634 Lampert, Gail Margaret 419, 422. 428 Lampton. Robert D. Jr 445 Lancaster. Alicia Ruth 460 Lancaster, Deborah J 619 Lancaster, Kay Gene 411. 484 Lancaster, Kris Ann 484 Lancaster. Lifford Lee 408. 459 Lancaster. Sharon L 460 Under, John William 329, 470, 567 Landers, Beverly | 354 Landers, Glenn Berry 412 Landers, James Ronald 408 Landgraf. Jennifer A 345, 482 Landon, John Michael 492 Landrum, Bonnie Gail 418. 422 Landry, Terry Lynn 476 Lane, Bobby Dean 567 Lane, Deborah 567 Lane, Deborah Jo Sittel 385 Lane, John Jay III 338 Lane, Margaret Ellen 460 Lane. Nora Sue 567 Lane. Paul Stephen 434, 453 Lane, Rebecca Ann 422 Lane, Robert Roy 338 Lang, William Reed 111 . .307. 338, 390, 416, 567 Lange, Dale Richard 447 Lange, Rodney Albert 371. 590 Langford, Mark M 492 Langhamer, Diane Susan 539, 590 Langholz. Gilbert C. Jr 459 Langley, Jamie Jo 149. 476 Langston. Laverne Maxine 376. 619 Langston, Mark Vey 591 Langston, Michael T 427 Lanier. Terrell M 603 Unkford. Michael G 334. 603 Lankford. Patricia L 401 Lansden. Marvin L 422 Lanz, Timothy Paul 603 Lapeyre, James M. Jr 184 Lapham, Douglas D 375 Laplante, Joseph M 157 Laquey, Robert 428 Larocca. Robin Lynne 480. 634 Larrabee. Harry Ray 186. 416 Larue. Camille 634 Larue, James Keith 421, 619 Larue, Patricia Ann 418 Usher. WiUiam F 275 Uskin, Barbara Kay 411, 634 Latcham, F. C. Ill 619 Latimer, Uslie Ann 411, 420. 634 Uttimore, David Uuer 591 Lattimore. Kathryn L 468. 634 Lau, Andy Wang-lp 567 Uu.HooKwan 567 Uu, Yuk-Kuen 427 Lauber, Susan Lynn 410, 482 Uubler, Denial R 634 Laufman, Charles Steven 423 Uughlin, John Robert 321 Laughlin. Louann 468. 567 Uughlin. Mary Kay 360. 468 Uughton. Charles W 673 Laurence. Brian Scott 446 Laurentz, Uurel 385, 567 Lauten, Michael Bruce 363, 567 Lauten, Suzan Kay 482.619 Lauterbach. Amy Susan 423. 424 Lauterbach, Steven H 567 Uw, David Bruce 412 Law, Thomas H 264. 272 Lawler, Eva Victoria 634 Lawler, Kathy Diane 403. 410 Uwler, Richard Brian 387. 567 Uwless, Dan A 421, 459 Lawlor, John Michael 634 Uwrence. Brian lames 186, 338. 619 Uwrence, Cheryl Ann 567 Uwrence. Deborah Anne 539 Uwrence. Kathleen Ray 634 Uwrence. Kimberly Len 421 Uwrence. Unnie John 541, 604 Lawrence, Uuralee 539 Lawrence. Janet Lynne 426 Uw School 254, 255 Lawson, Diana Hickman 604 Lawson, Howard Ue 510 Uwson, Monica Ann 634 Uwson, William David 530 Uwson, William Jr 591 Uy. Mary Catherine 333 Layden, Joan Marie 591 Layton. Kathryn Ann 411 Laza, April Elyn 498. 634 Uzarov, Ronald Jay 496 LBJ School of Public Affair 256, 257 Lea, Jerrold Payne 412 Lea. Steven Gerard 619 Leach, Barbara 410 Uach, Donna Lynne 604 Leach. Eliska Ellen 604 Leake, Warren T 375 Leaks, Roosevelt 29, 167, 172. 413 Leal, Anthony F 435 Leal, Rafaela Leos 567 Lear, David Bruce 375,436 Leary, Cathy 424 Leary, Melanie 428 Leath, Roxanne 420, 604 Leatherman, George F 408. 419, 422 Leavenworth, Geoffrey M 142 Uavenworth. M. 1 411 Uchtenberger, Deann 149. 362, 604 Lechlenberger. WD 186. 634 Leclercq, Letty Ue 476 Ucomte, Michelle E 591 Udbetter, John Michael 567 Ledbetter, Lizanne B 410 Lederer. Marjorie S 619 Leduc, Dana Louis 206 Ue. Alvis Greer 533 Lee. Annie Yunfoon 604 Ue, Blaine Nelson 422 Lee, David 591 Name Page Lee, Don Allen 206 Lee, Donald Wei 421. 619 Lee, Elisa Thompson 539 Lee. Eui Bun 414 Ue. Howard Sen 634 Lee, John Jr 206 Lee, Joyce 604 Lee, Lai-Wah 411 Lee. Linda Louise 567 Lee, Mark Richard 423 Lee. Mary Susan 634 Lee. Robert Carl 412. 427 Lee. Robert Dean 421. 427 Lee, Sai Yeung 409 Ue. Sherman Beowulf 172 Lee, Steven Young 408, 568 Ue, Timothy De 619 Ue, Wan Chi 568 Lee. Warren Gamaliel 541 Lee, Wendy Harris 464 Leehey, Kevin John 419 Lefan. Linda Susan 393, 568 Lefeber, Nancy Ellen 410 Leff , Pamela Ann 464 Ufkowilz, Marc 408, 619 Leftwich. Uila Hood 507 Uftwich, Lorraine 419 Leggctt, Philip Lloyd 408. 419. 568 Legros. Robert Bruce 338 Lehman. Larry Lee 416. 426, 568 Lehmusuirta. Linda L 362, 410, 619 Lehtlnen, Keith Harold 375, 568 Uifer, Eric Matheson 421 Leigon. Charles R 388. 591 Leisey, Glenn Alan 491. 591 Leishman. Mary Regina 498, 634 Ulster. Curtis Wynne 343, 414, 568 Umaistre, Charles A. 264, 266. 267, 269, 272. 273 Umaislre. William S 272 Umezis, James Martin 4-5 Umieux, Michelle E 619 Ummons, Benjamin D 334 Umon, William M 422 Umond, Elizabeth Ann 476 Lenard, Kenneth Iva 177. 338, 619 Lenihan, Phillip Leo 421 Lent, Edward O. Ill 591 Lentz, Debra Elaine 403, 604 Lenz, Alan Stephen 172 Lenz, Robert S 568 Leonard. Beverly I 423 Leonard, John Raleigh 568 Leonard, William A. IV 422 Leopard, Kathryn Ruth 604 Lepley, Jane Lynn 422 Leroux. Phillip E 619 Lesem, Michael David 338 Leshikar, Michael J 619 Leshin. Larry Steven 496 Leshin. Richard Ue 409. 462. 568 Lesikar, Susan Melene 341, 417, 604 Lesikar, William Wayne 502 Usso, William G. Ir 390 Lester, Leland Andrew 422 Uthco. Eve Marie 411 Utsos, Mark Steven 492, 619 Leuchter, Linda Isabel 116. 303 Leung, Shuil Mui 423 Leva, Urry 568 Levell, Edward F 619 Leverett, Fay Lynn 417 Leveretle, John T. Ill 568 Leverton, Janet Lynne 486, 634 Uvey, Susan Carol 464 Uvick. Jolene 410. 464, 634 Levin, Susan Diane 464.604 Uvine. Uslie Moshell 464 Uvine. Paul David 462 Uvine. Robert Uoyd 494, 619 Uvy, Alfredo Eduardo 619 Uvy, Dory Paul 365 Uvy. Ellen Jane 410. 464 Levy, Frada Mira 619 Uvy. Jay Ellis 408. 568 Levy. Julia Ruth 604 Uvy, Sally Jane 411 Levy, Sharon Anne 411 Uvy, Steven Robert 604 Lew, Timothy Jon 568 Lewallen, Russell David 371. 568 Lewellen. Brenda Gale 568 Lewin, Leslie Jane 149. 520 Lewis, Andrew J. Ill 517 Lewis. Barbara jane 507. 619 Lewis. Craig Harbert 328. 534. 619 Lewis. David 389 Lewis, Eugenia Canice 472, 604 Lewis, Felice Norene 410 Lewis, Gail Dianne 411 Uwis, Gay Suzanne 619 Uwis. Jacques Brandon 130. 568 Lewis, jimmy Randolph 537 Uwis, Karen Desiree 361, 634 Lewis. Kathryn Joyce 448 Uwis. Leslie David 525 Lewis. Mitchell I. Jr 525 Lewis, Nathan Romuald 591 Lewis, Randy William 568 Uwis, Ricky Ue 604 Lewis, Ricky Ray 619 Lewis, Sonia 411, 420 Lewis. Steven Rucker 172 Lewis, Susan Jane 361 Lewis, Sylvia Ann 411. 634 Uwis, Valencia Nell 488 Lewoczko, Wayne Walter 509 Lezak, David 422 Library Science 262 Liddle. Margaret Lynn 604 Lieber, Johanna 424, 546 Lieber, Maude 411 Liebes, Jennifer Joan 507 Liebling. Sheryl Ann 634 Lien, Michael Pierson 184 Lietz. PhiUip Elmo 381. 383. 568 Lievens, Stephen Louis 526 Lievrouw, Leah Anne 388. 591 Lighlburn. Linda Ann 417 Lightfoot. Barbara 539 Lightlool. Jeffery L 568 eh I " ' bS HUM ' ■nil Hoi " " " Mini Grit UdieMieM iMUW i.Sjrff) ' ' Name Page Lightfoot, Randall Lee 393 Lighthouse, Lynda Gay 486, 568 Lison, Gary L Liles, David Ross 375 Liles. Thomas Dee 449j Lillick, Timothy W 4 Lillie. Martha Warren 4; Lilljedahl. Joy C Lilly, Byron Frederick 360 Lim. Sing Oy Bobby 422 Limelight 297-312 Limmer, Allynn Gay 328. 507 Lin, Andrew An-Hsin 529. 634 Lin, Timothy T 423 Lin, Whei Mei 423 Linch, Barbara Ann ... 14, 301. 311. 337. 417, 419, 423,568,678 Lind, Roger Douglas 356 Linden, James Edward 604 Linder. Jeffrey Benjamin 365 Lindgren, Roger Lee 533, 634 Lindley, Janet Marie 411, 420, 476, 634 Lindley, Robert Davis 492 Lindner, Allen Robert 604 Lindsay, Patricia Ann 539 Lindsey, James Eldon 412, 444 Lindsey, Margaret Elaine 568 Lindsey, Melinda Jane 480 Lindsey. Milton E. Jr 320 Lindsey. Samuel L. Jr 500, 619 Lindzey. Gardner 282 Lineback. Carol Ann 420, 619 Linenschmidt, Larry L 147. 370. 371. 569 Ling, Nora Mae 476 Linney, Michael Bowman 522 Linstrum, Todd Elton 320. 634 Lint, Carol Ue 604 Lipkin, Sondra Ann 464,619 Lipman, Alan Ue 604 Lipman, Randa Susan 464, 604 Lipp, Arnold 334 Lippiatt, Linda Diane 341 Lippman. Marilyn Sue 634 Lippman. Sheldon Ike 142 Lipschutz. Ronnie Dan 419, 422 Lipscomb, Barbara Jane 619 Lipscomb, Stephen M 329, 456, 479 Lipshutz, David Nathan 519 Lipsky, Jeniece Ellen 410, 464, 619 Lipstate, Patricia 411 Lisenby, John David 328, 502 Lisenby, Tamar Till Mrs 591 Liska, Pamela Katherine . . . 147, 376, 410, 468. 619 Littell, Edward H. Jr 569 Little, Carol Lynne 619 Little, Cathrine Helen 420 Little, Daniel Paul 514 Little, Debra Inez 634 Little. James William 311. 329. 416 Little. Janet Ann 419, 498 Little, Uwette Ann 539, 604 Little. Marta Marie 411. 634 Little. Nancy 333 Little. Terry Nelson 206. 604 Little. Tracy Lynn 320 Littleton. Claude E 634 Littleton, Jean 480, 569 Littrell. James Une 343, 416. 569 Liu, Hsing Chien Edwin 569 Liu, Johnny Chih-Cheng 569 Liu, Margaret Y 591 Liu, Yuk Fai Uwrence 425, 569 Livas. Alfredo 422 Lively, Kim Elizabeth 482 Livingston, Charles A 634 Livingston, James L. 419 Livingston, Janice L 604 Livingston, Marian E 484. 569 Livingston, Thomas S 514 Livingston, William S 416 Llewellyn. Gordon L 502 Lloyd. Linda Sue B04 Lo. Kin 412 Lochbaum. Patricia A 388. 396, 591 Lochhead, Uwrence R 569 Lochte. Ronald James 375 Lock, Timothy H 604 Lockard, Daniel T 529,604 Locke, Jennifer Inez 484 Locke, Michael Craig 514 Lockett, Brenda Ann 450. 480, 604 Lockhart. Clifford N 421. 619 Lodge, Linda Joan 382 ,... ,, Lodowski. John William 619! teles. RwiirdB Loe, David Gregory 9t, rei.FiteuAm Loefner, David Robert " " ' ■ Lofley. Malcolm Edwin — -. ....auii Loftin, Cecilia Anne 42« ,,|)rt,„i| ,„ iik».CmlM« Loftin, Rosemary Iliya 417 Loftis. Kathleen Ann 604 Loftus, Francis Joseph 414, 569 Logan, Kathleen 333- Logan, Lisa Nan 411, 419 n.DmliiT — i Logan, Nancy Carol 634 " f ™ Loggie. Bruce Pegues 494 Loggie, Jean Anne 480, 604 Loghry, Ray Allen 130 Loghry, Susan Lynne 156, 619 Loh, Susanna Pui Chi Lohmann, Sarajane --, Lohr, Beth Christine 6l9i Lohrmann, Charles ) 408 London, Thomas Leslie 479, 591 Londrigan. Robert John 198 Long, Amy J 27 H, ' v,,„i- Long. Glen Erwin 834«I:WI» , taoFimi ' ' ■mlut ' " l.DimliHai • " l.Emiij.i, ««» i..|«D,,7 " " .PiinoiS. Jii.Hi«liD„ INSleiejM .NmcjI, Loni, lames Howard 412, 427JEff ' " r ' ™l [ong. jean Ann « -«aK: » Long. Lmda Mae 424. 5i Long, Marilyn E. Stanley 4; Long. Richard Thomas 371. 589 Long. Robert Sterling 569 Longcrier. Henry L. Ill 5891 Longhom Band 318-323. 619 Longhom Pharmaceutical Association . . 382. 383 Longham Singers 360. 361 Longino, Henry Oruce 447 Longley, Richard L 320. 326. BM ' Longman. Linda Lou Proehl 422 Longmire, Stephen 421 .CltllyR« ;i «i |«i|t IS " ' ' ' te.Lajii ' I i c Si sa.1 « •I I ■«.»a) I lame Paije .ongmire, Tereasa E 604 ,ook. David B ' . 502 .oomans. Kim Adair 472 ,oomis. Logan Lee 502 aoper. Donald Ray 409. 546 Apez. Angelita 619 apez. Elmo Slewart 320. 634 .opez. Homero 292. 416 .opez. Julian Trevino 619 .opez. Maria Craciela 634 .opez. Melva G 619 .opez. Nuria Elena 410 .orentzen. Edward ) 422 .orimer. Paul Michael 338 .orton. Arthur F 334. 525 .oil. Addie Mae Powell 422 oll. David Layne 412 .ouis, Sarah Elizabeth 569 .ovas. Mark Joseph 351 ,ove. lanelle Margaret 422. 569 .ove. jeffryD 569 xive. Kathy Ann 569 Name Page Luedke. Larry Dan 634 Luedtke. Robert Marvin 427 Luersen, Roxana Kay 604 Luelhcke. David Ross 445 Luhnmg. John Daniel 619 Luke. LezlieLee 341.604 Luke. Norman |ohn |r 423. 604 Luker. Susan Lewis 569 Lumbley. Leland Jack 422 Lumpkm. Michael D 408. 419 Lumpkins. David B. D 530 Lundberg. Henry E 591 Lundquist. Craig S 351 Lundquist. Gillespie A 530 Lundstedt. Siri Diane 460 Lunin. llona Beth 604 Lunsford. Nancy E 569 Luper. John Frank 446. 452 Luplon. Stephen Ray 502. 634 Luscombe. Ned Steve 569 Lusk. Betty Ann 333 Lusty. Peggy A 498. 569 Name Page Mace. Carl Robert 634 Macewan. Edwin Donald 569 MacGregor. Jean Ann 507 Machado. John Patrick 391 Machalec, Patricia Ann 411 Machell. Fredrick W 198 Mack. Gregory Robert 619 Mack. Timothy Alec 418 Macken. Nancy B 591 Macken. Patrick Owen 311.338 Mackie. Edwin J. Jr 338 MacKmnon. Mary Helen 482 Maclaren. Bruce Arthur 634 Maclin. Samuel Todd 530 Macomber. Edward M. Jr 445 Macow. Joanne C. 333.420,450 Madden. Wales H. Ill 533.619 Maddox. Exton N 474.619 Maddox. Lawrence E 517. 569 Maddox. Scott Emory 517 Madeley. Mark Albert 391 Madere. Tessa Marie 569 Name Page Malins. Chester J 422.427 Malish. David Arnold 412 Mallet. George Markham 569 Mallini. Charles J 619 Mallory. Charles S 569 Malnove. Nancy Cay 520 Malone. James Mark 604 Malone. Leslie Ann 321 Malowilz. Marcy Wyn 411, 464 Mamerow. Bernard S, Jr 389 Manahan. Patricia Ann 619 Mancebo. Gerald Louis 406. 569 Mancha. Daniel 591 Mandl. Nicole Ann 411. 634 Maness. Dale D 383 Manfull. James Daniel 375 Mangione. John Stewart 423. 428 Mangum. Murray Paul 329. 522 Maniatis. Dimitra 482 Manly. Sarah Jane 418. 422 Mann. David Wayne 419. 422 Mann, Douglas Edward 320. 338. 339. 421 10 - ' |, DdWSDn Lo piess. Carol Mae 422 Loveless. Richard B 604 ■ Loven. Patricia Ann 14. 341. 410. 619. 676 Lovera. Johnny M 190 Lovetl. Ann 333. 420. 507. 619 ,ow. Deborah J. Butler 338. 569 I Low. Paul Matthew 338. 569 I Lowder. Cathy Rae 408 414.S Lowder. Tom Charles 517, 604 3 Lowdermilk. James S 569 (l],t Lowe. Douglas Terrell 441 Lowe. James Farrar 394. 604 Lowe. John Bruce 320.322,323,326,604 mil Lowrey. Donald Kent 423 Lowrev. Ernest Mr 502 Ii6,i1 Lowry, Becky Elaine 480 Lowrv. Michael Eugene 381 Lozano. Joe David 320,326 Lozano, Patricia S 604 Lozano. Yolanda Dee 619 aS Lubbering. Steven M 387 Lubke. Carol Ann 513 513,634 . 530. 569 311 426 634 446 482 482.569 428 482.604 ... 569 -569 Luther. Robert B 525 Luton. Joel David 634 Luttrell. David A 375 Lutz. Cynthia Dawnn 619 Lutz. George Lorenz 569 Lutz. Kathleen Elrod 423. 486 Lvday. Russell Warren 634 Lyerty. Brian Hugh 206 Lvnch. Charles L 441 Lynch. Robert A, Ir 619 Lynn. Rebecca Anne 634 Lyon. Frank Bonner 634 Lyon. Mary Helen 411 Lvon. Vicki ]o 468. 619 Lyons. Christopher D 569 Lyons, Deidre Diane 408. 482. 569 Lyons. Kirk David 634 Lyons. William Lincoln 172 Lvssy, Iill Arlene . 604 Lytle. Mary Teresa 156.420.604 Lubke. Nancy lo Lubke. Stephen Leroy Lucas. Bonnie Cummins Lucas. Mark McKenna Lucas, Richard Powers Lucas. Samuel )oe Ir. Lucas. Sharon Kay Luce. Carol lean Luckey. Randall D. Ludl. Elizabeth Jean Ludl, Margaret Frances Ludwick, Larry Eugene Ludwig. lanis Kay 619 Luechter. Unda 128 Luecke. Percy Edgar 111 419. 423 Luedemann. Elizabeth A 482 M Ma. Francis Yu-Chor 591 Ma. Muk-Ping 569 Mabrv.TerriLvnn 331.476.634 Macaluso. Antnonv B, 492 Macaluso. Kenneth C 492 Macari. Amy Eleanor Alsup 423. 424 Macatee. George Pettit 1 V 517. 634 MacDonald. Carol Ann 177. 569 MacDonald. George G. Jr 510. 604 MacDougall. Melissa J 41 1 . 634 Madrigal. Dulce Maria 634 Maeda. Susan Keiko 569 Magel. Patricia C 156 Magill. Albert Everett 517 Magill. Donna 507 Magliolo. Joseph 111 338 Magown. Michael J 634 Maguire. Jack Russell 416 Maouire. Margaret Collins 422 Manaffey. James M 634 Mahaffey. Lorraine 328. 480. 619 Mahaffey. Vicki Lee 311 Mahan. Milo J. Jr 529 Mahaney, Micah Marc 604 Maher, Dennis Patrick 423. 428 Maher. Karl Thomas 321 Mahlmann. Bruce Lee 338.604 Mahon. Eldon Bradley 514 Mahoney. Leonard James 492 Mahoney. Michael James 502 Mahrer. William L 328. 525. 619 Mai. Liang Peng 423 Mailey. Bruce Henry- 172. 426. 591 Maillard. John Camilo 634 Main. Mary Claire 604 Maines. Sandra Ann 569 Major. Catherine Marie 410 Majors. Frances Suzanne 486. 619 Majors. Mark B 492.569 Malcolm. Jerry Walter 360. 426. 589 Maldonado. Alma L 340. 619 Maldonado. Jesse Angel 206. 213 Maldonado. Juan A 634 Malek. Pierre Maurice 408. 418. 423 Malick. Shervl Joyce 411 Malin. Patricia A 422 Malina. Joanne Jessie 411 Malina. Lee Ann 476 Mann. Karen Lee 604 Manne. Neal Stuart 421 Manners. Laurie R 488 Manning. Robert Lee Jr 32B.M7 Manning. Shan Kay 486 Manor. Michael Perry 541.546 Manroe. Matthew P 810, 634 Mansell. Robert Dudley 509 Mansfield. Mananna 410 Mansker. Tera Irene 539,604 Manson. Robert Denys 591 Mantell. Patricia Anne 569 Manthos, Linda Marie 804 Manuel. Casey 569 Manuel. Patricia Jo 591 Maples. Henry William 409 Mara. Nancy Lucille 419.422.570 Marbach. Robert Paul 604 Marburger. Randy V 453 Marchbanks. Gregory S 147. 371. 619 Marco. Kathleen 400 Marcum. Pamela Sue 428 Marcus. Barbara Ann 464 Mardock. Ruth Anne 419 Marek. Susan L Tin 570 Mares. Miroslava M 819 Margolis. Jacqueline C 634 Margolis. LawTence S 408 Marie. Debra Lynn Newby 410. 419. 423 Marinick. Steve A 375 Marion. Robert L 274 Markham. Lynda Reeves Mrs 424 Markland. Uird James 375. 604 Markley. Susan Jane 486 Marks. Frances Alyce 464 Markus. George Michael 619 Marling. Nancy Jane 619 Marohnic. Robin Ruth 634 CACTUS Index — 657 Name Page Maroldo, Deirdre L 428 Maraney, lames F. Ill 502 Mam, Melissa Lee 482 Main, Stephanie Gay 570 Maiscliall. Lester 435 Marsh, Don Wesley 619 Marsh, Vivian Diane 464 Marshall, Caroline 604 Marshall, Charles Troy 604 Marshall, Christina 466 Marshall, Gerald Jack 422 Marshall Harold F 421, 422, 619 Marshall, Henry W. Jr 526 Marshall, Jeniffer L F. 423 Marshall, Marilyn Kaye 488, 570 Marshall Michael H 395 Marshall Thomas W 334, 343, 570 Marshbum, Thomas M. Jr 514 Marstoo, Paul Thain 422 Martell. Eileen Beth 333, 520, 619 Marter, Marilyn Ann 570 Marter. Nancy Lou 333, 336, 460, 619 M in, Ann Howard 484 Martin, Barbara Jean 383, 385, 570 Martin, Caren Ruth 570 Martin, Cathy Lynn 468 Martin, Charles W 421 Martin, Diane Sue 619 Martin, Donald Glen 393, 591 Martin, Donald Haden 525 Martin, Elizabeth B 634 Martin. Fred D 619 Martin, James Alan 620 Martin. James H. Jr 522 Martin. James Randall 570 Martin, Jerry Neil 422 Martin. Karen Elaine 410, 620 Martin. Karl Randolph 423. 591 Martin. Kathy Ann 392. 411 Martin. Kathy Karen 468, 604 Martin. Linda Gale 410 Martin. Lloyd Erwin 389 Martin, Mary Elizabeth 361, 591 Martin. Mary Katharine 418 Martin. Maureen Adele 419 Martin. Michael Dee 408. 418 Martin Randy Livingston 459, 604 Martin. Richard Stevens 157, 591 Martin. Robert Grisham 14. 421, 620, 676 Martin, Robert Guy 530 Martin. Stephen D 421, 423 Martin. Thomas A. Ill 570 Martindale. Barbara Lynn 480 Martinez, Alfredo G 570 Martinez, Delila Ann 604 Martinez. Eduardo V 447 Martinez, Elizabeth A 620 Martinez. Eugene A 421 Martinez. Irma Lydia 448 Martinez. Johnny 570 Martinez, Jose Manuel 634 Martinez, Ricardo 384 Martinez, Ruben Gill 424.570 Martinez, Sara Alicia 410, 620 Martinez, Vidal G 147 Martini. Catherine M 604 Maacarenhas. Nelson V 421, 511 Mascarenhas. Noel 456 Mascarenhas. Winston L 406, 511, 546 Maae. Robert Harrison 202. 203 Mason. James Terry 202. 203 Mason. Pamela Ann 419 Mason. Patricia A. Kelley 417 Mason. Sammie Lee 172, 174 Mason, Sherry Lynn 423 Mason, Suzanne 570 Mason. Thomas Glenn 419 Massar. Johajmus B 634 Massengale, Robert D 604 Massey, Barbara Lynn 472, 635 Massey, Derek Paul 479 Massey, Karen Sue 570 Massey. Larry W. Jr 604 Massey, Paige Bruce 423 Massey. Rex Dewayne 387 Massey. Troy Lee 570 Massinsill. Bema L 410, 419, 423, 620 Massotn, John Anthony 502 Massoud, Denise Lauree 513 Master, Geofrey L 419, 570 Masters, Debra Jan 570 Mata, Amaldo 402 Mata. Fernando 570 Mataya. Judith Ann 419 Matcek, George Wilson 494. 620 Matejowsky, Laurie M 424 Mathers. Stephanie 498 Mathews. Barbara Jean 513 Mathews. HoUis Anne 410 Mathews. Richard B 635 Mathieu. Carol Ann 372, 591 Mathis, Jay Stanley 604 Matlock. David Bob 338, 343, 570 Matlock. John Sidney 421 Matsumoto, Toshio 435 Mattem. Michael John 384 Matteson. Stephen Mark 386. 388, 426, 570 Matthew. Terri Lynn 333, 620 Matthews, Jimmy Joe 206 Matthews, Mary C 484, 635 Matthews, Moore III 604 Matthews, Nancy Kay 570 Matthews, Olusegun B 388 Matthews. William B 635 Mattita, Deborah Lynn 424 Mattingly. Sharra loy 321 Mattox. ferry Stepnen 570 Mattox. Karen Jane 484 Matula. Carol Thea 460. 635 Matusoff, Cathy Beth 457. 464 Mauch. Peter David 447. 452 Mauk. Mary Louise 410. 468 Mauldin. Butler K. Jr 375 Mauldin, Charles R 412 Maurer. Mary Alice 635 Maurer, Mary Martha 320 Maury. Carol Augusta 620 Mauzy. Karan Renee 411. 480. 635 Maxa, Theresa Marie 591 Maxwell. Nancy 360 Name Page Maxwell, Thomas N. Jr 459 May, Gary Stephen 514 May, Larry Ray 459 May. Lany Steven 570 May. Linda Carol 418 May. Marion 570 May. Marsha K. Seale 415 May. Patricia Aim 410, 513 May, Thomas Kirk 517 May, William Edward Jr 422 Mayben, Gregory H 375 Mayen, Cynthia Marie 570 Mayer, Charles Edward 421 Mayer, Frank J. II 570 Mayer, James Lyon 419 Mayer. Linda Carol 482 Mayer. Mary Lou 411 Mayer. Susan Lynne 460. 620 Mayes. Candice Lyim 484 Mayfield. Anne Elise 428 Mayfield. Calvin 186 Mayfield, Laura Bethea 513 Mayfield, Nancy Sue 591 Mayfield, Paul Benoit 635 Mayfield, Ray Vernon III 334 Mayfield. Wendy L 446, 460. 449 Mayhew, Lura Melinda 410. 513 Maynor. Debbie Louise 635 Mayne. Kathleen C 333 Mayo. Clay Bradley 384 Mayo. Eric Winston 338. 635 Mayo. Michelle M 604 Mayorga, Francisco M. Jr 570 Mays. Helen Sandra 354 Mays. James William Jr 635 Mazzagatti. Linda M 635 McAbee. Katherine E. 321. 570 McAfee. Lawrance W 421, 530. 620 McAlister. Paula Marie 604 McAlister. Sheri M 484 McAllister. David A 530 McAllister. Kevin C 426 McAnelly, Carol Jean 411. 420. 472. 635 McAngus. Lamonte Scott 321. 322, 323, 343 McAnulty, John A. Jr 316, 320. 325 McAulay. Leon Schmidt 424 McAuley. Andrya Faith 480. 620 McAuliffe. Patricia K 411, 420. 460, 635 McBath, Michael Andrew 635 McBimey. Samuel P 509 McBride. Marilynn 151, 392, 620 McBride, Martha Ann 591 McBride, Martha Ellen 591 McCaffety, Robert W 479. 570 McCaleb. Charles B 530. 635 McCall. Mary Kimbrough 410. 420 McCallum. Vivian S 356 McCammon. Catherine A 620 McCardell. Georganne 570 McCarroU, Marsha I. M. Mrs 422 McCarthy. Jeanne Helen 411 McCarthy. Paul E 432 McCarthy. Thomas Bart 334. 509 McCarty. Charlotte Ann 482 McCarty. Denise M 472, 620 McCarty, Karen Lynn 410. 423 McCarty, Kathleen 372 McCarty. Phyllis L. 383, 482 McCauley. Jimmi Carol 635 McCauley, Kathleen Ann 620 McCelvey, Donald P 421 McClain, Andrea lanice 635 McClain. Jane Melissa 604 McClain. Maria Ann 635 McClanahan, Sharee A 411, 635 McClaskey, Evita S 482. 620 McClaugherty. Kathleen 480. 620 McClellan. Patrick J 184. 408, 502, 604 McClellan, Samuel A 390, 570 McClelland, Thomas B. Jr 409, 570 McClendon, Randy S 426 McClendon. Robin N 513 McClendon, Travis Carl 375, 620 McCleskey, Nathaniel T 440, 570 McClintock, David H 138, 289. 292, 416 McClintock, Melinda K 620 McCloud, Melinda Lou 507 McCluer, C. F. A. Ill 517 McClung, Linda K 635 McClure, Charles M 570 McClure. Holly Fran 604 McCollum. Winston Lane 570 McColm, John Kelly 492 McColm, Michal Shsun 492 McConkey, Douglas F 288 McConn. Joann M. Gaenslen 591 McConn. John Luke ' 470. 635 McConn. Timothy Kevin 509, 570 McConnell, Hugh Hardy 526 McConnell, Maryann 480, 570 McConnell, Robert P 525 McCormick, James W. Ill 514 McCormick, Michael E 635 McCormick, Scot Lyle 422 McCoy, James Glenn 441, 453 McCoy, James Morgan 570 McCoy. Junella B 604 McCoy. Leslie Ann 476. 635 McCoy. Michael Wayne 338. 421 McCoy, Pamela Gaye 620 McCoy. Thomas W 635 McCracken, James T 408 McCraine, Cynthia Lee 408, 410, 620 McCrary, Debra Ajmette 411 McCraw, Lynn W 401 McCray, Jean Ann 418 McCright, Renee Viktoria 359, 361, 414, 570 McCrimmon, Laurie R 333, 507 McCulley, Susan Lynn 460 McCuUoch, Albert K 423, 428 McCuUoch, Laura Ann 476 McCuUoch, Mark Howard 570 McCulloch, Mark R 494, 620 McCullough, Ann Graham 591 McCullough. Barbara Jo 507, 635 McCullough, Cheryl L 410, 448, 476, 620 McCullough, Cynthia A 476 McCullough, E. L 604 McCullough, Ethelene 467, 570 McCumber, Brad Robert 375, 570 Name Page McCune, Murray Davis 479 McCurley, Suzanne C 635 McDade. Diana Mills 410, 420, 423 McDaniel. Charles B 422 McDaniel. Michael Ray 570 McDaniel, Neil Blake 591 McDavitt, Sandra 320 McDonald, Danny John 422, 428 McDonald, Elizabeth L. 472 McDonald, Evan E. Jr 357, 620 McDonald, Larue 570 McDonald, Laura Ellen 635 McDonald, Laverie Jean 467, 570 McDonald, Molly B 410, 482 McDonald, Samuel C 320 McDonald, Shaimon 604 McDonnell, Elizabeth A 570 McDowell, Cynthia Gail 403 McDowell, Jerry Louis 426 McDowell, Marian E 472 McDowell, Teressa Anne 620 McDowell, Tony Everard 381, 604 McEachem, Randall L. 172 McElroy. Allison M 635 McElroy. John Edwin Jr 570 McElroy. Kennedy K. Jr. 150, 416, 425, 426 McElroy, Mary Lucille 513, 604 McEkoy. Thomas G. Jr 502. 635 McEntire, Jan Leigh 418 McFadden, Deborah Lynn 340, 620 McFall, Pamela Ann 620 McFarland. David Lee 673 McFarland, Dill M 421 McFarland, Jerry Lee 371 McFarland, Mary Alexa 604 McFarland, Michael A 321, 326, 620 McFarland, Vicki Lyn 571 McFarlane, Mary Helen 468, 604 McFarling, Charles S 320, 325, 421 McGarr, Cappy Ray 116, 304, 413, 416 McGarry, Margaret Mary 620 McCarvey, Patricia A 423 McGaugh, Susan C 620 McGaughy, Thomas Elkin Jr 530 McGee, Dorothy L 411, 507, 635 McGee. Edmund William 571 McGee. Erwin Smith 413 McGee. Gregory Ross 446 McGee. Janel Cynthia 604 McGee, Larry James 338 McGee. Patti Lou 472 McGeheeJerilyn Ree Wise 365 McGhee, Timothy Edwin 421 McGill. David Brian 447 Name Page McGill, Mary N sag McCill, Sarah Jane 498. 591 McGinley, Lindaey Jo 820 McGinnis. Pat rick C 479 McGinnis, William J 635 McGlynn, Helen K 604 McColdrick, James Dean 206 McGonigle, Catherine Ann 333, 620 McGookey. Daniel Earl 321 McGough. Richard Lee 537, 620 McGovem, Virginia A 591 McGraw, John Patrick 438 McGregor, Cynthia Faye 349,410 McGregor, Robert S SIS McGrew, Margaret R, 38| McGnider. Janice E 88B McGuffey, Jane Thresa 571 McGuigan, Joan Marie 571 McGuire, Rosalie Ann 604 McHale, Kevin Odonnell 479 McHam, Kenneth Wayne 413 Mcllhany, Juliana 620 Mclngvale Julia E 396.457.539,591 Mcintosh. David Guy 421 Mcintosh, Scott W 321 Mclntyre, Susan Hane Mrs. 428 Mcjunkin, Dane Gave 494 Mckamie, David Eogar 537 McKay, Dan Boies Jr 571 McKay, Dennis Brian 571 McKay. Patricia Delourdes 392, 415, 416, 490. 604 McKee. David Paul 534, 604 McKee. David Wayne 206,604 McKee. Dayne Michele 383 McKee, Debra Sue 635 McKee. Kay Roxanne 411. 635 McKee, Marion Perry Mrs 571 McKeeta, John J. Jr 416 McKenna, Mary Kathryn 472 McKennon, Stuart C 320, 6041 McKenzie, Marilyn Jean 415, 422 ' McKeown, Christopher E 492 McKie, James W 253,278 McKie. Julia Kathryn 513 McKinley, Melanie Lora 620 i McKinley. Rob 456 McKinley. Sharon Ruth 635 McKinley. Theresa L 620 McKinney. Chester M 423 McKinney. Dianne 571 McKitrick, Vivienne Lee 151, 392. 571 , McKnight, Byron M. II 530. 635 McKnight, James E. Jr 354 j McLain, Rebecca J 411 feV,b,Wiili - .tVu.Uil , 658 — CACTUS Index ?:- •• ' :■■ ■•% ■4... i " •I... " " ...;■ r . 4 ::1 a Name Page McLane, Janet Lynn 393, 571 McLane, Karen Elizabeth 410, 415, 604 McLaughlin, John R 426 McLaughlin, Linda K 476. 620 McUughlin, Mary E 410, 620 McLaughlin. Sheryl L 377 McLaughlin. Steven A 357 McLean. Linda Kay 476. 635 McLean. Mary Alice 153,415,476 McLeland. Kenneth C 177, 604 McLellan, Thomas Jack 421, 620 McLemore, Denise 620 McLeod, David Greigh 172 McLeod, Donald Ray 571 McLeod. Emily C 539 McLeod. Sally Anne 539, 635 McLeod. William C 405, 571 McLeroy, Kathleen 620 McMahon, loan E 507 McMahon, Laurel Ann 571 McMartin, Nancy Jane 571 McMeans. Donna Lynn 635 McMichael. Pamela Lea 488 McMichael. Thomas G 494. 604 McMillan. Roberta J. Kirk 571 McMillan. Rufus Dwight 402 McMillan, Susan Alyce 635 McMilUan. Paula Jane 484. 605 McMillon. Steven Lee 147, 321, 343, 620 McMullen, Douglas N 408, 422 McMullen, Julie Ann 620 McMullin, Albert J 635 McMurray. Mona Gail 472, 635 McNab. Cecilia Louise 571 McNair. Leah 375, 468 McNair, Monty Lynn 387 McNally. Alan Edward 571 McNatt, Markeeta L. . .393, 394, 396, 410, 414, 422, 480 605 McNeely. John Wallace .421 McNeese, A. G 267. 273 McNeil. Kenton Eugene 526, 635 McNeUl. Carol Ann 571 McNeiU. Janet Lee 480. 620 McNichols. Steven E 413 McNutt, Laura V. Giesecke 571 McPhail. Joseph Clay 492 McPhail. Marsaret Sue 460 McPhail. Raymond T 605 McPhaul. Michael John 423 McPhee. Pamela Sue 320 McPherson. Douglas A 198 McPherson, John Cook 620 McQuade. Joseph A 414 Name Page McQuade, Kenneth J 418 McQuade, Martha J. P. Mrs 571 McQueen, Stephen M 447, 635 McRae, Margaret A 498, 620 McRaven, William Harry 443 McReynolds. Allen Dale 494. 571 McRoberts. David 620 McShea. Mary Kathleen 411 McSpadden. Ann Marie 486. 635 McTyre, Denise 635 McWherter. Jane Ann 411, 472, 635 McWhirter. Kathleen 591 McWhorter. David Lee 494, 605 McWilliams. David L 172 McWUliams. Michael E 522 Mead. Andrea Maria Sidor 418 Meador. Burton Edd Jr 571 Meador, Thomas Paul 470 Mealer. Melissa Ann 472, 620 Mealy. Martha Jean 571 Means, Gerry Ann 147, 620 Mears, Hilary 376, 409, 591 Mechler. Diana K 480, 620 Medellin. Gloria Ann 571 Medina- Aguilar. Victor J 605 Medina. Corina Cruhm 571 Medina. Johnny Angel 591 Medrano, Ronald M. Ill 605 Meek. Paula Marie 507 Meerzo. Albert K 289 MEGHaoMEcanamiciaub 399 Mehos. Manuel John 172. 329 Meier. Rhonda Lou 635 Meisler. Paul Steven 605 Meixner. William C 422 Melancon. Terry Jay 172 Melenchuk. Ricnard Samuel 571 Meletio. Mary Ann 336,484 Melinger, Harriet Sue 464, 605, 677 Mellin. Cynthia J 635 Meltzer. Donald Mark 496 Meltzer, Ruth Emelia 571 Mendell. Robert Marc 408 Mendez. Larry Wayne 321 Mendez. Maria Del C 468 Mendias. Michael Luis 390. 402. 571 Mendl. James W. Jr 351 Mendolia. Lawrence Albert 591 Mendoza. Ronald Edwin 571 Menegaz. Denis 571 Menendez, Josefina M 620 Mengers, Shelly C 591 MaA Minor Spmtt 218-221 Menzel, Robert W. Jr 388 Name Page Mercado, Salvador Arturo 402,605 Mercer, Daniel Evan 421 Mercer, Edward Manly 470 Mercer. Mack Edwin 492, 620 Mercer. William Ray 605 Meredith, Anne 476 Mergele. Edwin W. Ill 442, 445, 453, 571 Mergeler. Sylvia G. R 420 Meridith. Patsy Smith 14, 677 Merino. Michael John 605 Merlo, Charles Gerard 446 Meroney, Robert Allen 459 MerreU, Lee 426 Merrifield, Margaret A 376, 605 Merrill, Richard S 375 Merritt, Elaine 486 Merritt, Karen Lynn 571 Merritt. Nancy Amanda 635 Merritt. Randall C 533 Merritt. Suzanne 498 Merritt. Thomas Keoun 533 Merryman. Cynthia A. M 571 Mertz. James Louis Jr 514,635 Mertz. Leonard Powell 502 Mertz. Linda Sue 460 Mesecke, Susan Marie 320, 635 Meshack, Angela Faye 635 Mesloh, Linda Kay 423, 571 Mesrahi, Mahmoud 389 Messenger, Dennis D 418 Messenger, Kay Lyn 411 Meaaer, Celinda Hallbauer 365, 571 Messer, Jerie Claire 460, 620 Messina, Leonard 172 Messina, Melanie Ann 422 Metteauer, William M 492 Metzger, Karen E 620 Metzler. Sally C 635 Meyer, Carol Ann 376, 468, 571 Meyer. Charles F 517 Meyer. Clarence C. Jr 427 Meyer. Cynthia Lynn 464, 635 Meyer. Diana Rachel 620 Meyer. laneUe 468. 620 Meyer. Lynda Joyce 410 Meyer. Marsaret Leal 422 Meyer. Mark D 620 Meyer. Mark Edward 421 Meyer. Michael Dalton 321, 323 Meyer. Patricia Ann 635 Meyer. Patrick Lee 412, 423 Meyer, Robin Beth 418 Meyer. Sharon Ann 539. 620 Meyeraon, Michael H 152. 620 Name Page Mezzetti, Claire L. 476, 620 Mezzetti, Kerry Ann 486, 605 Michaels, John Edson 321 Michalka, Lisa Ann 411 Michalke. Dana Lee 635 Michalski. Sandra Kay 635 Michaud. Barbara E 635 Michaud. Kathryn Rose 605 Michel. Mary Catherine 591 Michels. Kimberly Ann 410 Michie, Robert Bruce 422 Mick, Katherine A. 620 Micks, Marjorie Ellen 411. 420, 635 Middlebrooks, Phillip S 172 Middleton. Blake H 530, 571 Middleton, Donald Gene 386, 571 Middleton, John Games Jr 571 Miers. Billy Michael 492 Miertschin. James David 425 Miesch. Michael A 363 Mihovil. Marino Mario 459 Miklos. Brian Jeffery 421 Miksch. Randall Lee 172 Miksch. Ronald James 172 Milan. David Michael 172 Miles. Beverly Carol 410 Miles, Janet Lynne 417 Miles, John Michael 384 Miles. Patrick Carl 492 Milholland. David W 421 MlUUiy 429-454 Miller, Alison Faye 422, 571 Miller. Alton A. Jr 334 Miller. Anne 498 Miller. Carol Ann 410 Miller. Charles R 494 Miller. Christy Lynn 364 Miller. Dan Robert 443 Miller. David Henry 517 Miller. Deborah K. Strain 403 Miller. Diana Kaye 635 Miller. Ernest Lee 426 Miller. Gail Diane 605 Miller. Gary William 496 Miller. Gloria Gene 484 Miller. Gregonj Paul 620 Miller. Janice Elaine 341 Miller. Joyce M. Y. M rs 419 Miller. Julie 476 Miller. Katherine L 571 Miller. Kay Karen 399, 486 Miller. Kevin Wesley 591 Miller. Kurt Douglas 526, 571 Miller. Laura Anne 507 Miller, Laura May 539 Miller, Margaret 337, 398. 450 Miller. Margaret Tarry 513, 605 Miller. Marsha 410. 620 Miller. Martin David 447 Miller. Mary Louise 400 Miller. Michael Gary 426. 571 Miller. Michael L. 423 Miller. Mimi Ormand 571 Miller. Nancy Lee 620 Miller. Pamela Eve 591 MUler. Patricia C 424 Miller. Peggy J 571 Miller. Richard Ward 620 Miller. Sheralyn 420. 507, 620 Miller, Stephen Bruce 620 Miller. Stephen S 635 Miller. Thomas Landon 375 Miller. WUham 206 Millikan. Pamela R 460. 571 Mills. Constance C 345. 482. 605 Mills. John Alton Jr 494 MiUs. Keith Wayne 389. 427. 591 Milstead. Thomas Hewes 389, 571 Milz, Robert Arthur 142 Mims. Christa Bess 605 Minahan. JosephJ. Jr 522. 571 Minahan. Paula Ellen 605 Mincberg. David Meyer 304, 413, 416 Mindak. William A 395 Minett, Cyril W. Jr 443 Mingoia, Robert Peter 422 Minn, Nguyen Ngoc 572 Minifee. Paul Kim 635 Minnis. Linda Kay 498 Minor. Carla Jane 572 Minor. Kathy Ellen 410. 420. 620 Minor. Landry Ray 172 Minor. Pamela Ann 605 Minter. Mary Davis 424 Minter. Norman W 286 Minto. Mark Munro 371 Miracle. Rocky Reed 572 Miranda. Laura 591 Mirelez. Raymond 371, 572 Miri. Seyed Jalal 391 Mirmelstein. Joel Lee 572 Misner. Michael R 620 Mitchell. Candace D 472. 572 MitcheU. Charles R 492. 605 Mitchell. Douglas M 426 Mitchell. Karen Jean 572. 498 Mitchell. Lawton C. Ill 479 MitcheU. Linann 635 Mitchell. Mary Alice 572 Mitchell. Mary R 410 Mitchell. Michael D 572 Mitchell. Nancy Blaker 484 Mitchell. Paul Dorsey 635 Mitchell. Stanley R 572 Mitchell. Terry E 456. 494, 620 MitcheU. William C 421 Mixon. Clifford A 526 Mixon. Sharon GaU 486 Mize. Nancy Wells 572 Mjos. Stephen Philip 198 Moczysemba. Ronald J 421 Mode. John Michael 375. 572 Modrzejewski. Judy Ann 415 Moe. Roderick D. Jr 421 MoeUenhoff. Diane K. Mrs 356 Moellenhoff. James P 356 Moeller. Donna Lou 620 Moeller. Giaele 419, 572 Moffatt, Ann Marie 422, 539 Moffatt, Jefferson S 635 CACTUS Index — 659 Name Page Moffett. Oonald G 408. 522. 620 Moffett. lames Newell 572 Moffett. Joette 414 Moffitt. William Peny 526 Mohammadi. Jahangir 572 Mohle. Robert Flay 321 Mohler. Donald Forrest 572 Mohrmann. Helen T 410 Moi. Lynn Diane 620 Mokry, Scott Joseph 605 Molett. Sylvia Ann 467 Molina, Sam G 605 Molinah. Joseph Anthony 443 Moller. Stephen F 534 Molloy. Molly Frances 572 Monahan, James Patrick 620 Monashkin. Eric L 320, 323 Monroe, Donna 620 Monroe. Mark McLain 530 Monroe. William Frank 416 Monsibais, Oscar Jr 572 Montague, Sandra Rene 411 Montalbano. Joseph M 511.635 Montalvo, Ernesto 605 Monteith. Dorrance W 517 Montemayor, Anna Marie 486 Montemayor. Melinda Y 130, 620 Montesino. Lourdes M 333, 337, 468, 605 Montesino. Oriando C 491, 572 Montgomery, Charles M 441 Montgomery, Clinton T 635 Montgomery, James Paul 408 Montgomery. Jennifer Anne 422 Montgomery. Jo Beth 480 Montgomery. John Paul 408, 422 Montgomery, Keith H 517 Montgomery, Leah Rae 480 Montgomery, Lee C 635 Montgomery, Linda Kay 340, 635 Montgomery. Margaret M 340, 605 Montgomery, Monte J 572 Monti. Stepnen A 275 Monzingo, Arthur Foster 386 Moody, Charles S 372, 591 Moody, David Eldon 396 Moody, Gregory Ben 572 Moody. Linda Gean 620 Moody, Mary Jane 507 Mooney. Michael Kevin 492 Moore. Andrew Sellers 421 Moore. Ann Elizabeth 446, 449 Moore. Becky Ann 460, 572 Moore. Christina S 513 Moore, Clarence F. Jr 423 Moore, Conatance Ann 460 Moore, DureUJames 406 Moore. Divid Glen 620 Moore. David Guy 408 Moore. Diane 460, 620 Moore. Doyle RandaU 190, 530. 572 Moore. Gail Ann 484 Moore. Gary Davis 444. 421 Moore. Glynda Cae 411. 480 Moore, Gregory C 321 Moore, James Robert 371 Moore. John Dale 805 Moore, Katharine Sue 572 Moore, Kathryn Jane 591 Moore, Laura Meredith 507 Moore. Lawrence Drake 328, 530 Moore. Leanne 476 Moore, Lisa Ann 449.480,605 Moore. Marcella Joy 591 Moore, Mariorie D 138 Moore. Martha Gail 573 Moore. Martha Jean 635 Moore, Mary Margaret 539 Moore. Melinda A 635 Moore. Nancy Alleyn 410, 620 Moore, Nancy Arlene 573 Moore. Nancy Gail 476 Moore. Odel Mitchell III 421 Moore. Paige Ellen 513 Moore, Patricia Ellen 422 Moore. Paul Stephen 321. 421. 620 Moore. Peter Gardner 423 Moore, Robert L 673 Moore. Robert Lee Jr 412 Moore. Ronald Keith 321 Moore, Sean Peter 418. 422 Moore, Sharon Louise 605 Moore, Ted Lee 421 Moore. Terry Darlene 635 Moore. Theresa Agnes 410. 507, 620 Moore, Vanesa L. 411, 635 Moorton. Richard F. Jr 422 Moradinia, Iraj 388 Morales. AJejandro R- 573 Morales, Deborah Ann 482 Morales. Mario E 321. 605 Morales, Rose Anne 605 Moran. Deborah M 411. 635 Moran. Donna Patterson Mrs 422 Moran, Nancy Ann 422 Morby, Steven King 371, 573 Morehouae, W. D.Jr 533 Moreland, Bobby Keith 190 Moreland, Holly L. 486,635 Moreland. Margaret L. 356 Moreland, Theodore V 206, 213 Moreno, Reynaldo P 206 Moreno. Sylvia 138, 143, 573 Morewitz, Dorothy Dee 422, 424, 605 Morgan. Barbara Ellen 424, 573 Morgan. Carl W 390 Morgan, Deborah Lou 446. 449, 573 Morgan, Deborah True 513 Morgan, Elizabeth Ann 464, 635 Morgan, Gary Charles 338.620 Morgan. Geotge M 591 Morgan. Isaac R. 635 Morgan, Jacqueiine D 605 Morgan. John Kimberiy 419 Morgan. Katherine A. 480 Morgan, Layne 464 Morgan. Mark Uoyd 492.620 Morgan. Martha Jane G. Mrs 424 Morgan. Maiy Katherine 472, 620 Morgan, Michael Scott 416 Morgan. Patricia Ann 460. 635 Name Page Morgan, Robert Owen 198 Morgan, Stephen George 673 Morgan, Stephen Leslie 418 Morgan, Susan Jane 460 Morgan, Susan L 411 Morgan, Vicki Ann 359, 591 Morgan, Wanda Ava 573 Morin, Eudoxcio 381 Morin, Feliz Gonzalez 635 Morin, Manuel 381. 573 Morphia, Phillip C 349 Morris, Barry William 620 Morris, Cheryl Minon 482 Morris. Dariene E. Garden 573 Morris, Deborah Jean 539 Morris. George Cooper 328, 456. 470 Morris, Gregory C 447, 591 Morris, Joan Margaret 484, 605 Morris. John Miller Jr 153 Morris, John Richard 138. 479. 573 Morris, Kathryn Elaine 620 Morris. Linda Louise 362. 420. 620 Morris. Maritza Aida 341. 635 Morris, Michael P 421 Morris, Michael Scott 591 Morris, Richard Earl 321, 323 Morris. Robin Dell 421 Morris, Sherry Lynn 400. 539 Name Page Mowad. Arthur H 456,491,605 Mowry. Nancy Katherine 120. 148, 305 N4oxley, David Anthony 534 Moyik, Stephen A 390 Mudd, Barbara Carol 408, 419 Mudd. Pamela Ann 620 Muecke, Bryan P 157 Muecke, Michael David 381 Muecke, Paula Jean 401, 498 MueUer. Charles W 361, 363, 635 Mueller. Lora Mere 14, 573. 676 Muir, Jo Ann 472 Muirhead, Jane Ann 573 Mulberry. Gayle Ann 507 Mulberry. Lynn E 446. 449. 507, 605 Mulcihy. Casey Thomas 620 Muldoon. Brian Patrick 635 Mulhem, Mary Ann 480 Mullan. Carolie Rose Mrs 422 Mullarkey. Nora Ellen 411 Mullen. Keith Howard 635 Mullen, Ray Dyann 484 Mullens, Patrick 573 MulJer, Jean Maria 341, 411. 420. 635 Mullins. James Robert 423 Mullins, Rita Gail 591 Muncey, Linda Jeanne 480 Muncey. Thomas Allen 522. 620 Name Page Musgrove. Dana Dale 621 Mussett. Christopher J 421 Musson. Arthur Irving 592 Mustachio. Michael J 522.621 Mustard. Rex Michael 573 Muzny. Cynthia Marie 411. 420, 635 Myers. Catherine Ann 635 Myers, Catherine Patricia 635 Myers, Garry Lewis 321 Myers. Jacqueline B. Mrs 424 Myers, John Harry 328, 511 Myers, Kerry Alan 496 Myers, Lawrence R 621 Myers, Pamela 393 Myers, Patricia Anne 411, 464 Myers, Randall Paul 592 Myers, Robert Lee 329 Mynard. Melinda Sue 411 Myrick. Jana Dee 410. 420, 621 Nabera. Bradford C 200 Morris. Sterlins M 533.620 Morrison. Cvntnia Lee 513 Morrison. Elizabeth A 486 Morrison, Gary- Alan 517 Morrison, Holmes S. Jr 422 Morrison, Judith Ann 410, 420 Morrison, Lael D. Moore 573 Morrison, Megan 605 Morrow, Cynthia Sue 460 Morrow, Mary lo 635 Morrow, Robert M. Jr 635 Morrow. Sara Lee 573 Morse. Donald Steven 573 Morse. Frederick R 442 Mortar Board 415 Mortimer, Glenn G 530 Morton, Richard Kellog 338, 620 Moscoe, Thomas David 496 Moaer, Ruth Oaire 472. 605 Mosei. Bernard S 519 Moaes. Mark Allen 338 Motes. Robert Martin 635 Moaes, Whitney Stone 517 Moaher. Martha I. Thoreaon 423 Mothref, Shahin 573 Moaa, Benjamin Bamett Jr 422 Moaa, Sharon Kay 635 Mottbaiger, John A 444 Moaaberg, Virginia M 620 Moaao, Stewart J. Ill 426 Moatert, Rachel Lee 507, 573 Motal, KathlynSue 573 Mote, John Roger 423 Mothersole, David S 321, 421, 620 Motley, John David 522 Mott. Devin Alaine .539 Mott. Glenna Gay 482 Moujahes. George 573 Mount. Liana Laura 411 Mourey. Karen Lee 411. 420 Moursund, Mary Moore 635 Mouaselli. Linda S. S 573 Muncy. Brenda Anne 620 Munir. Patricia Sue 620 Munir. Shahid 573 Munnerlyn. Donna K 635 Munns. Wesley Clark 428 M unoz. Consuelo 592 Munoz. Jesae Frank 435. 605 Munoz. Roy C 635 Mum-oe. Phyllis Jo 422. 573 Munsch. Joe Ray 573 Munson, Chris Doyle 321, 326 Muntz. Debra Kay 620 Murdoch, Marie Ann 621 Murdock, Jeffrey H 527 Murdock, Roger P 443 Murphy. Carla E 411, 635 Murphy, Catherine J 362 Murphy, Catherine L 341 Murphy, Charles W 381,383,408 Murphy. Colleen Rae 411 Murphy. Danita Jean 411. 635 Murphy, Murphy. (amea Scott 372. 573 ' anice Carol 362 Murphy, ohn Patrick 492 Murphy, oaeph Richard 422 Murphy, Karen Lynn 411. 420, 486, 635 Murphy, Mark Houston 492 Murphy, Mary Margaret 341 Murphy, Meliaa K. 399, 606 Murphy, Michael Joe 179, 184, 635 Murphy, Robert Dennis 592 Murray, Alice F 539, 635 Murray, Gail Lynn 357, 482, 635 Murray, John Edward 514, 621 Murray, John S 419, 422 Murray, Lealee Kay 460 Murray, Lucy Aileen 448, 621 Murray, Robert Moore 148, 502, 606 Murray, Scott Marahall 419 Muneu, Jamea Edward 621 Murrell, Roy Lee 546 Murtaugh, Mary 476 Nabors, Mike Nelson 329 Nager, Roaa Wayne 422, 494, 606 Nagle, Lucile L 480, 635 NaU, Lindalyn Gay 606 Nail, Sandra Jean 422 Naranjo. Mary S. F 546 Narisi. Stella Maria 143 Narramore, Russell H 426 Nash, Jeffery Lee 635 Nash, John Harvev 111 530, 573 Nash. Marvin Ecole A 206 Nash. Peggy Anne 411. 420. 468. 635 Nash. Richard Ardell 157 Nasaar, Taha R. 423 Naaacur. Michael M 606 Naatri. Steven Gary 606 Nathan. Sara Lynn 333, 464, 606 Nathoo, Nazim S 423 Natural Sciences 248, 249 Nau, Thomas William 638 Nauert, Linda M. Donnell 428 Naugle, Toni Lynn 513 Nava V, Ricanfo 573 Nava, Oavaldo 428 Navabi, Zainalabedin 573 Navarro, Ernesto A. 573 Navarro, Samuel E. 412 Navarro, Wilfred 111 636 Navy ROTC 440-445 Nawrocki, Lynn Barbara . . 320, 327, 408, 410, 621 Naylor, Terry Lynn 636 Nazeran Esfahani, Horoaion 427 Neal, Anita Diane 606 Neal. David Leater 606 Neal, Deborah Lynn 621 Neal, Joe W 288, 290 Neal, Joy Lynn 411 Neal, Mark HarreU 636 Neal, Robert Frank 418 Nease, Stephen Duane 412 Nedell, Naomi 464 Needham, David Cox 421 KUK NAllolKWlll InloiIouW ewon, Tm C:i:. i »| vtsuitiwiiiii ...,; V-JtlllB 680— CACTUS Index Sly™ — " tanladilaii, WntlliaiilEI, to, " ? ■ »» :: fi fr ■■■: ( 5 i at s ' 111 I s « I t i ■■■«4 h " " C, Ji . ' ■ ' ■ i.Z ...a e aaa i ■sii " ! ,„.o „„«• U: ,..,0 „„« ...ill ...SI ..0 ...51 ■■ ..SI .. ' »«. ■■■ ..« " ..0 ..til ■■ " ..» " ■■ .0 ■ ' " .. ■ " ..« ■ .ffl Name Page Needham, Nan 337.383.448 Needles. Nancy Kay 364. 418 Neel. Gary Taylor 408. 606 Neely. David Purvis 573 Neely. Michael Lee 502 Neff. John Earle 530 Neibauer. Sharlene 418 Neible. Theodore Earl 444 Neidert. Lisa Jo 573 Neill. Cheryl Ann 411. 476. 636 Neitzel. Charlotte L. 416. 419, 422. 476. 573 Neiati. Mohammad Reza 573 Nekouiesfahani. M 417 Nelson, Alexander D 445, 451, 621 Nelson, Bettye Sussan 376, 372 Nelson, Carol Ann 320, 411 Nelson, Crai Donald 421 Nelson, Daniel Warren 416 Nelson, David John 172 Nelson, Diane Berenice 321, 327, 592 Nelson, Donald Skipper 530, 546 Nelson, Donna Louise 573 Nelson, Eugene W 416 Nelson, Ira Irl 673 Nelson, JoeT 273 Nelson, John R. 530. 636 Nelson, Karen Denise 420 Nelson, Malcolm G 343 Nelson, Marjorie L 320 Nelson, Mark A 636 Nelson, Patricia Anne 472 Nelson. Patricia M 403. 592 Nelson, Randy Allan 525, 573 Nelson, Robert Jack 606 Nelson, Susan jo 513, 573 Nelson, Susan Louise 428 Nelson, Thomas Hunter 329 Nelson, Vicki Lynn 341, 621 Nemky, Carol Jean 621 Nenadal. Donald R 573 Nenstiel, Joe Don 419, 422 Nepomnick, Rick Alan 519, 636 Nepomnick, Steven N 519 Nesby, John Stephen 592 Netardus, Alyce 1 636 Netherton, H. W. Ill 530 Netherton, Nancy K 507 Nettles. Charles M 492 Neuhaus, Edward K 533, 573 Neuhaus, Nancy Park 507 Neuman, Denise Karen 621 Neumann, Anna 419, 424, 573 Neumann, Annette L 486 Neumann, Lily 410 NevUle, Angela 423, 606 NevUle, John F 157 Nevins, John M 418, 423, 573 Newberry, Melissa 476 Newberry, Ruth 1 507 Newcomb, William W. Jr 282 Newell, Mary Lynne 423 Newell, Virginia Leigh 411 Newman, Andre 445 Newman, Gary Strong 517 Newman, David Alan 502 Newman, Druanna Lee 539 Newman, Frank Arthur 636 Newman, Jeffrey W 176, 177 Newman, John Edward Jr 88 Newman, Larry 474 Newman, Layne Carlton 517 Newman, Michael Alfred 206, 592 Newman, Patricia Joan 393, 396, 414, 573 Newton, John W. Ill 334, 530 Newton, Tim Charles 412 Ney, Judith Rae 364, 403, 410, 420, 621 Neyland, Norman Eric 592 Neyland. Robert Reece 573 Neyland. Synthia J 341, 636 Ng, John Sai-Keung 574 Ng, Samuel Wilham 636 Ngarmcroh, Teera 412 Niblett, Lea Ann 476 Nicholas, Leslie Keith 359 Nichols, Antbony Alan 621 Nichols, David Undel 130, 347, 408. 573 Nichols. Donald Eugene 573 Nichols. Karen Deborah 311 Nichols. Mina Louise 606 Nichols. Nicki Ann 424 Nichols, Renee L 411, 420, 621 Nichols, Sheila Darlene 321 Nichols, Steven Parks 424 Nichols, Tom Sheppard 184, 186, 636 Nichols, Virginia Ann 636 Nicholson, Connie Jean 406, 573 Nicholson, James A 416 Nicholson, Mary P 573 Nicholson, Nancy Lynn 328 Nicholson, William H 408, 621 Nickel, Jay Bruce 338 Nickels, Carol Ann 320, 411 Nickson, Linda Louise 636 Nicolaou, Timothy A 421 Niebla, Armando A 384 Niedermayer, joe Neil 412 Nielsen, Donald Ellis 321 Niemann, James C 494,606 Niemann, Linda Lee 420, 498, 621 Niemann, Steven Wayne 522, 606 Nienaber, Kimberley A 574 Night, Allan S 519, 636 Nirenberg, Rena Golda 410 Nixon, Deborah Jane 484 Nixon, Jackie Lee 419 Noack, Carla Louise 472, 621 Noack, Nancy Ann 472, 606 Nodurft. Nori Lynn 411 Noe, Sharon Ann 636 NoeU, John Dudley 412 Nokes, Uura Margaret 539. 574 Nolan. Elizabeth A 333, 486 Noland, Mary Ann 482, 621 Nolle, jane Ellen 574 Nolle, William Edmond 574 Nomraensen, Patricia L. 419 Nordmeyer, Sharon Ann 356 Norman, John David 408 Norris, Debra Lynn 606 Nonris, John R. Ill 517 Name Page Norris, John Taylor 574 Norris, WiUiam Frank 494, 606 North, Mary Katherine 574 Northern, Mary P 360 Northington, Diana L 513, 621 Northington, Frances G 507 Northway, Lynn Aileen 507 Norton. Debra 215 Norton. Jane Ann 411 Norwood. WUliam P 371. 574 Nosovsky. Evelyn 411 NoUey. Anne 498. 574 Noton. Elaine 472 Novak. Andrea Leigh 574 Novick, Cheryl A 636 Novorr, Keith Alan 636 Novy, Brian Matthew 519, 636 Nowacek, Kim Ann 484 Nowell, Steven Hunter 328, 534 Nowlin, Ann Shelton 507 Noyes, W. Albert Jr 416 Nuernberg, Sally Grace 546 Null, Michael Glenn 606 Null, Nancy Darlene 472 Nunez, Gonzalo Francisco .200, 621 Nungesser, Lisa Gail 411, 420. 636 Nunn. Barbara 321. 621 Nunn. Kay Frances 365 Name Page Ohm. Susan Virginia 424 Oksner. Leslye Rae 464. 621 Olander, Maribeth 410, 420, 621 Oldfield. Holly M 422 Oleary, Michelle E 411 Oles. Charles P 533, 621 Olive, Susan Jane 411, 636 Oliver, Jane Marie 328, 460, 621 Oliver, Sarah Ann 333, 410, 420, 621 Oliver. Steven Riley 320. 325 Oliver. William R 621 Olivet. Courtland Ann 480, 592 Olivier, Henri G 459 Olivo, Edna Alicia 606 OIkea, Cheryl 414 Olm, James Fred 172 Olm, Kenneth W.Jr 416, 437 Olschwanger, K. S 496, 636 Olson, Gerald Anders 372 Olson, Ion Michael 606 Olson, Nancy Jane 445 Olum, Paul 249, 278 Omalley, Carol D ' Ann 411. 420 Ombudsman 135 Omega Psi Phi 540. 541 Omicmn Deha Kappa 416 Omicrao Nu 417 Oneal. Margaret E 432 Nurenbeig, Pamela 411, Naning School Nuniag Student Association Nutt, Freddie Alfred Nutt, Jeffrey Wayne Nystrom. Deborah Ann 420, 468, . . . .258, 259 404 422 427 338 o O ' Kelley, Michael Keith . . . Oakerson, Earl M. Jr Oakes. Lynn Rusling Oakley. Mary Ann Oates. Carolyn Ann Oates. Nickey Louis O ' Bannion. Margaret J Obenhaus. Dennis Karl . . . . Oberg. Julia Aim Oberwortmaim. Anne E. . . Obrien. George D. Jr Obrien. Gregory Edward . . Obrien. Jessie Loretta Mrs. . Obrien, William j. Ill Oconnell, Mary Terese . . . . Oconnell, Patrick J Oconnor, Richard David . . Odell, Michael Alan Odle, Brenda Deon Odom, Margaret Deloris . . Odom. Mikal Janelle Odonnell, Deborah Jean . . Oehler, Joy Lynn Oehler, Judith Gay Offlca of the PTSSidanl . . . Officer, Karen Suzanne . . Og , Sheri Denise Ogier, Richard G Ogletree, James Watson . . Obara, Rjchard Michael . . Ohls. Mark Stephan .460. 502. .410.420. 371, 480, .411,486, 426, .321, .574 .606 ,621 .636 1,636 ,275 .636 .395 .421,423,427 421 621 534 .320,1 .274, .472. ( Oneal, Patricia Ann 157 Oneal, Robert Martin 334, 502 Oneal, Ron Douglas 388, 574 Oneill, Stephanie M 417 Opening 1-15 Oquinn, Arthur Earl 592 Oquinn, Debbie Gale 636 Oquinn, June Schurment 574 Orange Jackets 337 Oren, Jack David 391 Orientation Advisors 155 Orkin, Robert Ben 496, 606 Oriowski, Debra Faith 423. 574 Orman. Laura Elizabeth 507. 636 Ornish. Dean Michael 416, 419, 423 Orozco, Robert Louis 574 Orr, Carolyn I. 411,420,636 Orr, Charles Duncan 636 Orr, Joseph 408 Orr, Linda Annette 574 Orrison, Anne D 422 Ortega, Evelina 606 Ortega, Gustavo Ramon 384 Ortiz, Esther 574 Ortolon, Kenneth L 636 Orton, Richard Sidney 422 Osbom, James T 135 Osbom, Jane Leigh 409, 480, 574 Osborne, Connie Gay 636 Osborne, Lance Elliot 459 Osborne, Maura Ellen 539, 621 Osborne, Suzan Valrie 486, 606, 677 Osbum. Susan Holt 484, 636 Osher, Paul Mayer 421 Oshman, Norman Balfour 519, 636 Oskay, Mehmet Melih 389 Osmond, Alexander W. Ill 525 Ossaesquivel, Manuel A 390, 574 Osteen, Jimmy Wayne 361 Osterhus, Douglas E 386, 388, 574 Ostrander, Gayle Ann Oswald, Janice Gail . . Oswald, Mark Adrian Oswalt, Glen Alan . . . ...411,636 .468,621 414 592 Name Page Oswalt, Ronald Keith 443 Otis,Jack 261, 277 Ott, Carolyn Lois 636 Ott, Eugene M. Jr 351, 433, 436 Ott, Kenneth Tale 533, 621 Ollermann, Robert W 359, 527, 806 Ottmann, Jeffry D 621 Otto, Jeffrey Douglas 328, 525 Otto, Margaret Jean 410, 821 Otto, Paula Kay 411, 636 Oujezdsky, Mary B. White 592 Outenreath, Robert L 574 Outatanding Students 298-304 Outlaw, Connie Sue 340 Overland, Julianna 423 Overstreet, A. M. Jr 418 Overstreet, Walter C 636 Overton, James Henry 592 Oviatt, Philip McGar 514,606 Oviatt, Susan Maclean 636 Owen, David Michael 470, 621 Owen, Freddy Don 574 Owen, George Mitchell 329, 514 Owen, Hessie Reese 507 Owen, Stacy Long 517 Owens, David Edwin 636 Owens, Melissa Claire 395, 484, 574 Owens, Thomas Jefferson 546 Owens, Tracy Lynn 480, 606 Owsley, Michael M 470 Oyen, Lise Ann 460, 592 Oyler, Jerry Wayne 574 Paape, Catherine Ann 468, 621 Pabor, Paul Arthur 412, 427 Pabst, Patrea Linda 574 Pace, Charles E 120 Pace, David Franklin 606 Pace, Elizabeth G .460, 574 Pace, Patricia Louise 574 Pacheco, Hector Rafael 384 Paciotti, Catherine C 410, 427, 621 Pack, Catherine Ann 420 Pad, Lawrence J 351 Padawer, Stephen R 496, 606 Padden, Brian Lawrence 391, 592 Padgett, Patrick M 172 PadUla, Juan Jr 636 Page, Curtis Withers 530 Page, Elizabeth A 419 Page, Erin Obrion 513 Page, Harry Debutts 509, 606 Page, Rodney 215 Pagetdarke, Jane 621 Pahlka, Barbara Sellars 423 Paine, Beverly Aime 395, 606 Painter, Sarah H 457, 513 Paiares, Jerome Michael 443 Pakowaky, Jo Susan 341 Palacios, Adelfino 574 Palaf ox, Gary Wayne 574 Paleschic, Janie Lee 414 Palescbic, Karen Ann 411 Paley, Karmen 417 Palmer, Caroline Alida 333. 472, 636 Palmer, Deborah Lynne 621 Palmer, Jane Elise 636 Palmer, Melanie Ann 461 Palmer, Robert Scott 334 Palmer, Robin Carol 328, 539 Palmer, Sharon A 621 Palmie, Ross King 592 Palone, Mae Beth 574 Pampell, Russell James 636 Pang. Harry Fook 546 Pang, William Fook 606 PanBellenic Council 457 Pankau, Michael J 636 Pankowsky. Helen Orit 428 Pannell, Elizabeth A 468 Pannell, Karen 400, 417, 574 Pannell, Nancy 606 Pannill, Mary Tudor 410 Panzarella, Robert L 338, 408, 574 Panzer, Marc Brian 462, 574 Papanek, Maida Diane 357, 403, 574 Pappas, Carol Lynn 498, 574 Pappas, James Marcua 445 Pappas, Lynne G 411 Paredes, Vicente 321, 326 Paredez, Beatrice S 636 Parham, Steve Lynn 606 Paris, Amy Elizaoeth 410 Park, Marion Schuyler 539 Park, Suzaime 513 Parker, Carrie Lynn 418 Parker, Cathy Gail 574 Parker, Curtis Lynn 422. 574 Parker. Ernest C. Ill 492 Parker. Gene Owen Jr 172 Parker. Jane Lynn 621 Parker. Joni Michelle 365 Parker. Karen Lynne 410 Parker. Linda DUlahunty 365, 403 Parker, Linda Kay 574 Parker, Mary Elizabeth 410,621 Parker, Russell Bruce 320, 324, 621 Parker, Susan Syrisae 468, 606 Parkhurst, Jeimifer A. 472 Parks, Charles F 447 Parks, Janet E 574 Parks, Kimberly Anne 411, 636 Parks, Sandra Leigh 621 Parks, William A. Jr 533 Parma, Michael Joseph 421, 621 Pamell. Joan Wade 484, 621 Pamell. Linda Louise 636 Parr. June Elizabeth 480. 592 Parr. Mark Barrett 537. 606 Parr. Teresa Kay Pierson 806 Parr, Tomorra L 574 Parramore, Suzanne R 486 Parraparra, Orlando 636 Parris, Tere Gayle 498, 636 CACTUS Index — 661 Name Paf e Parrish. Ann Michelle 411 Parrish. Donald Lee 422 Parrish. James Michael 636 Parrish. William M. . 126. 127. 128, 130. 302. 312. 403.416.418 Parrolt. Linda Lee 480 Parsley. Sharon Strake 621 Parson. Richard Dennis 184 Parsons. Betty Susan 621 Parsons, Christopher B 574 Parsons, George T. Ill .• 405,621 Parsons. Kevin J 530 Parsons. Robert S 494 Partain. Valerie J 606 Partin. Betty lean 398. 399. 417. 606 Parven, Stephen Gil 636 Pase, Barbara Kay 574 Pasko, David Arthur 636 Passel. Martha Louise 513 Pate. John Meyers 592 Pate. Phyllis Elaine 606 PatiUo. Denny 456 Patoski. Nicholas J 14. 142 Patrick. Bruce D 143 Patrick. Jamin Lee 636 Patrick. Thomas R 412 Patterson. Ann Marie 392. 592 Patterson. David A 527 Patterson, Ellen Jean 341, 621 Patterson. Mary C 606 Patterson. Mary M 621 Patterson. Melvin R 196. 197 Patterson. Michael H 592 Patterson. R. M 172 Patterson. Rodney M 574 Patterson. William D 446 Patlillo. Georoe D 329. 522. 575 Patton. Campbell A 530 Patton. Edward Berry 533 Patton. Elizabeth M 333, 410. 621 Patton. John Fitch 345. 530 Patton. Mary Carol 488 Patton. Robin Keighley 461. 636 Patton. Timothy 213 Paul. Elizabeth R 498 Paul, James Robert 357, 575 Paul, Jeffrey R 509 Paul, John Frederick 421 Paul, Kathryn 539 Paul, Nicholas Lee 502 Paulette, Gary Mark 636 Paulissen, Walter L 375. 421 Paull. Adrienne 575 Paull. Andrea 472. 621 Paull, Barbara Ellen 341 Pausewanc, Brenda Lois 575 Pautz, Richard Karl 427 Paveglio. Howard A 416 Pavletich, Marsha Ann 539, 606 Pavlock, Robert Louis 321 Pawelek, Candice Ann 636 Payne. Cheryl Ann 636 Payne. Edward Douglas 575 Payne. John C 537 Payne. Loren 482. 636 Payne, Louie Avis 418. 422 Payne, Mary Anna 408 Payne. Rebecca Lynn 621 Payne. Robert Thomas 575 Payton.MaryRene 539 Payton. Sandra E 539 Peace. John 673 Peacock. Brian Bert 421 Pearce. George Wilson Jr 391 Pearce. John Charles 421, 492 Pearce, Lawrence Ray 494 Pearce, Sarah Elizabeth 575 Pearce, Stephen Moe 334, 408, 418. 422. 530, 575 Pearce. Trudy Reyna 476 Pearl Maguine 142 Pearlstein. Richard H 575 Pearsall, Volney F 575 Pearson. Elizabeth A 328 Pearson. Gary Pinkney 172, 494, 621 Pearson, Mary Pamela 419 Pearson, Michael Paris 419. 422. 522 Pearson. Pamela Kaye 428 Pearson. Steven C 525 Pearson. Todd Wesley 423 Peavey. Donald Ralph 606 Peavy. Emilie D 539 Peavy, Mark Alan 529, 636 Pechal, Constance Ann 621 Pechal, Jennifer Sue 575 Pecore, Richard Bruce 375. 621 Peden. Thomas Botts 423 Pedersen. Richard S 636 Pedraza. Pablo Flores 356 Peebles. Beverly J 606 Peel. CharlotteAnn 606 Peel, Thomas B 514 Peeples, Clayton K 517 Peerman. Robert E. Jr 470 Peet. Gary John 408 Pearam. Norman Richard 575 Peloubet. John Raymond 530 Pelton. Bart Allen 338.421,621 PEMClub 401 Pena, Cristina 592 Pence, Suzanne Daniel 513, 606 Pence. Terry Allen 321. 375. 621 Pendergrass. Stephen J 511 Penn. Hyman Marvin 408 Penn. Susan Elaine 513 Pennell. Truman K. Jr 346 Penner. Terry Duane 636 Pennington. James W 120, 406 Pennington. Robert E. Ill 304 PennocK. Diana Gale 341,621 Penny. Carla 428 Penny. William M. |r 409. 530 Penshorn. Richard J 636 Pentecost. Joanne 575 Peper. John Howard 418. 459 Peper. William Arthur 459 Pepper. Lynn 520. 636 Perdue, Charles B 529, 621 Perdue, William Eston 575 Peregrinus Yearbook 143 Perez. Arturo Jr 338 Name Page Perez. Carlos 575 Perez. Celeste Anne 621 Perez. David 436 Perez, Hector 575 Perez, Hector 575 Perez, Hector R 402 Perez, Laura T 636 Perez, Marybelle 360 Perez, Nicolas J 413, 416 Perine, Linda Sue 413, 416 Perkins, Candice E 364 Perkins, Carolyn V 311, 417 Perkins, Hubert Lee 575 Perkins, Patricia Kay 621 Perkins. Tillman Marc 511 Perkins, William H 447, 452 Perkins, William Karl 423 Perlich. John William 445 Perils. Deborah L. W 575 Perricone. Sharolyn S 418. 428 Perrin. Christopher D 546 Perrine. Ann 1 360 Name Page Perry. Dianna K 636 Perry. Patricia Lee 419. 575 Perry. Shirley B 116 Perryman. Gretchen M 575 Ferryman, Kristin Larue 329 Pershing, Mary Elizabeth 428 Persky, Nelwyn Marek 423, 575 Peschke. Kathy Ann 621 Pesl. Mary Rebecca 592 Peterkin. Julie 365 Peterman. Marteil Lewis 206 Peterman. Suzanne 414, 575 Petermann, Laura Lou 357, 411 Peters, Cecil Morris 592 Peters, Conrad Adolph 621 Peters, David Beldon 391 Peters, Sally Margaret 411 Peters, Sandra Kay 422 Peters, Stephen Clark 419 Petersen, Alan Larry 427 Peterson, David Glen 621 Peterson. David L 320, 326 Name Page Peterson, Douglas M 592 Peterson, Edward M 320 Peterson, Irvin D 321.326 Peterson. Kay Marie 410. 412 Peterson. Kristine E 575 Peterson. Leonard F 606 Peterson. Marsha Ruth 418 Peterson. Mary Clare 507 Peterson. Michael J. Ill 423 Peterson. Paulette B 575 Peterson. Rebecca Jane 461 Peterson. Robert L 529 Peterson. Sherry Kay 636 Peterson. Thomas R 153 Petrie. Susan Carol 592 Petrov. Sandra Diane 422 Petruzzi. John Michael 621 Pettit. Kenneth Charles 492 Pettit. Mildred M 636 Petty. Dian Olivia 411. 420 Petty. Raney Dale 321. 323, 326, 621 Pfeffer. Kirk Matthew 328. 470. 621 662 — CACTUS Index r -M - »w A|j|UiKjpfli (tftHidi - Kixitinii ' - WHS " , i «2 ■■•■ ilsipttSimi " •■■■■ ftlpiFwIm " ' ' ' • :. liJaAu -. % imi jiH«!l«ail» — jHnRotelGlM ■ " JiJlSlll! JJfs.Ira ' l ' iiijiltaaMw Mipi .«.«! fta)iwil.PiiBi ST sat )B.tU»ll!l) i1biCii) ' Do«|Io kWIW r- wptoD. :■:■ ' .mfm -: PaoellAu ■s::tolTlit»[» ■ ' .. Ptppff Add j::do!i(.lll UMISincif NuSIriP. lk.HiiiyD. hSniLp yiCidictSue UIju»|eu fMDnililil MMl liialitKitliin UuCkiiiii MUSatPUip tKltoklte l ilAiTLnii VilaiiiAu WibtailU WiInSkBl IMbtn. NlUidCin .■adaltec ' iCmlAm ■KBiAn ■ ' -ViiFruicB ■■-u.ta. (llaU!. Cr Ms w V Name Page Pfeffer. Verbean Gale 806 Pfluger. Marcia Lynn 423, 424 Phaneuf. John Alan 447 Pharis. Mary Kay 423. 575 Pharmacy 250. 251 Pharr. Gary Dalton 575 Pheeney. Susan Lee 156. 423, 424 Phelan, Lisa Carol 621 Phi BeU Chi 376 Phi BeU Kappa 418. 419 Phi BeU Kinsolving 420 Phi Delta Chi 384 PhlDelUTheU 532,533 Phi EU Sigma 421 Phi Gamma DelU 530. 531 Phi Kappa Phi 422, 423 Phi Kappa P»i 534. 535 Phi Sl na Kappa 536, 537 Philippus, Steven W 321 Phillips, Anne C 410, 621 Phillips, Bruce Allen 408 Phillips, David W 389 Phillips, Frederick S. Jr 479 Phillips, Gregory C 575 Phillips, Gregory Charles 418 Phillips, Lisa Ann 411 Phillips, Marvin S 621 Phillips, Melanie Sue 333, 539, 636 Phillips, Rebecca Lou 480, 621 Phillips, Robert Glenn 494 Phillips, Sally 484 Phillips, Suzanne 156, 420. 621 Phillips. Teresa K 636 Phillips. Thomas Mack 502 Phillips. W. B. Ill 321 Phinyawat, Prajya 412 Photographers 674, 675 Pi BeU Phi 512,513 Pi Kappa Alpha 514, 515 Pi Lambda Theta 424 Pi Sigma Pi 402 Pi Tau Sigma 425 Plana, Martha Louise 410 Plana, Michael Ray 427, 606 Pickens. Gary Douglas 329. 502. 606 Pierce-Jones. Evan E 405, 428, 575 Pierce, Mark David 421 Pierce, Stephanie D 636 Pierce, Terrie Anne 476 Pierre, Pamela Ann 476 Pierson, Kerry Bruce 621 Pierson, Pepper Ann 513. 606 Pietzsch. Leonard O. Jr 575 Pisgott. Guido M. Ill 492 Pike, Dianne 476, 621 Piland, Donald Spencer 408 Pillans, Sheree P 468, 606 Piller, Henry D 593 Piltz, Susan Lynn 464 Pina. William M 575 Pink, Candace Sue 464 Pink, Laurie Jean 393, 464 Pinkard, Donald A 474 Pinkerd. David R 387 Pinkerton, Kathryn 636 Pinkham, Glenn Ellis 436 Pinkston, Scott Philip 517, 636 Pinter, Merilee Marie 468 Piper, jay Anthony 509 Piper, Jeffrey Lynn 509 Pipkin, Leslie Ann 461 Pipkin, Richard Kirk 503 Pippin, Karen Sherrill 359 Pippin, Risa Kam 419 Pirrung, Michael Craig 421 Pitcaim, Christophers 621 Pitcel, Blane Neil 621 Pitrucha, Patrice C 472, 606 Pittman, Timothy Lou 423 Pitts. Carol Ann 393 Pitts. Donna Ruth 621 Pitts. Jeannie .498. 606 Pitts. Michael Younger 142 Pitts. Stephen Roy 419 Pitzer. Barbara 513 Pitzke. Mark Edward 347 Place. Brian Francis 422, 575 Piatt. Paula Anne 410 Plemmons. Charlotte E 393, 472, 606 Pless. Mary Alice Mair 593 Pliszka. Steven Ray 621 Ploch. Kimberlee Marie 410, 420 Plock. Gary Dean 200 Plost. Randall B 519. 636 Plueckhahn. Charlotte Ann 468 Plumlee. Daniel L 470 Plummer. Charles S. Jr 530 Plummer. John Benjamin 459 Plummer. Junie Marie 472. 636 Plummer. Lilly Arnese 410 Plummer. Paula Coe 575 Poage. David Rowen 444 Poarch. Gregory Alan 621 Poe, Linda Susan 484. 575 Poe, Mary Ellen 498. 636 Poe, Stacy Anne 484 Poer, Michael Lee 421 Pohl, David Frederick 334 Pohl, Susan Melissa 482. 606 Pohh. Laura A 484. 606 Poindexter. Hally Beth 539. 636 Poizner. Stephen Leo 338 Poland. Candice T 420, 636 Polasek, Dalton F. Jr 389 Polasek, Thadious T 351 Poling. John Randall 198 Poling. Margaret Ruth 461 Polland, Gary Michael 304. 413. 416 Pollard. Kerry Alan 636 Pollard. Nancy Carol 340 Pollard. Robert S 421 Pollock. Lawrence S. Ill 328, 496. 621 Poison. Jeffrey W 445 Polstra. John Daniel 427 Pomonis. Bobbie Jean .606 Pomonis. Deboran Lee 410 Ponce. Anthony Garcia 384 Pond. Dyana Lynn 636 Pontello, Susan 472, 636 Pool, Linda Diane 411 Name Page Pool, Michael David 419 Poole, Jocelyn 575 Poole, Richard Dean 357, 606 Poole, Steven Ross 422, 593 Pooler, Joanne E 423 Pope, Carol Jean 575 Pope, Deborah Rae 575 Pope, John Bill 111 345 Pope, John M 636 Pope, Patricia Eloise 482 Pope, Susan Elaine 482 Popiden, Mary Lou 410 Popp, James bdwin 418 Popper. Laura Anderson 403, 417, 575 Porcher, Jan Kilieen 606 Porras, Edna 606 Porras, Jose Luis 402 Portela, Juanita E 575 Porter, Byron William 412 Porter, Douglas S. Jr 423 Porter. Jo Dell 606 Porter. Martin Lee 426 Porter. Philip Joseph 320. 636 Porter. Richard B 422 Porter. Terry Lee 509 Portnoy. Blair Howard 350 Porto. Joseph Anthony 157 Posey. Gregory E. J 621 Posgate. Louis Ridout 459 Poske. Charles Frederick 190 Posse 328 Posvar. Edward Lee 384 Poteet. William R 422 Potter. John Richard 511, 621 Potter, Nancy 539 Potts, Allison R 507 Potts, Mary Elizabeth 513 Potts, Randall Neal 525 Poulos, Terrence Paul 442, 575 Pound, Theodore F 470 ' Pounds, John Lawrence 636 Pounds, Russell David 190 Powell. Cynthia Jean . . 130, 133, 308, 393, 539, 575 Powell, Diane E 468, 606 Powell, George Doxiglas 422 Powell, Jennifer S. Lyon 575 Powell. Kathleen P 539 Powell. Linda Kay 419 Powell. Robert Lee III 514 Power. John Michael 421. 621 Power. Mindy Catherine 476 Power. Patricia Ann 575 Powers. Gregory M 130, 514, 575 Powers, Lee Milton J[r 354, 636 Powers, Michael Neil 172 Powers, Ronald Wayne 636 Powers, Sally Louise 546 Powers, Susan Jane 357 Poynor, Wesley Jim 537, 546 Pozza, Donald Lee 575 Prabhu, Vilas A 422 Prado, HUda Louise 320. 322 Pnetoiian Guard 452 Prager, David George 421 Prager, Karen Jean 422, 424 Pranke, Carol Gray 636 Prater. Mary Margaret 636 Prater. Ronald Timothy 320. 575 Pratka. Mary Melissa 337. 410. 415. 420. 506 Pratt. Gerry Elizabeth 423 Pratt. Laura Ann 575 Pratt. Mary Kathleen 461. 606 Pie-Law Aaaociation 405 Prengler. Irving David 408. 496. 606 Prescott. Stuart M 4% Presley. Cynthia A 424. 498. 575 Presley. Jeffrey M 470. 636 Presley. Michael A 167, 172 Pressley, Helen Jane 636 Pressly, Lisa 513, 576 Preston, Carole E 576 Preston, Karen Sue 636 Prestwood, Dorothy 424 Presz, Ellen Katherine 411 Prewitt, Pamela Ann 347,472, 636 Prewitt, Stephanie H 357 Price, David S 284 Price, Don Herbert 514, 621 Price, Donnell D. Jr 354 Price. Leslie 461 Price. Mary Kathleen 411. 420. 636 Price. Myra Erlene 606 Price. Richard Brooke. Jr 492 Price. Terry Lee 410. 513 Priddy. Barbara R 621 Pnddy. Hervey Amsler 422 Pridham. William C 514. 636 Priebe. Diana Lynn 606 Prilop. Lissa Fay 411. 420 Primeaux. Robert F 206, 416, 419 Prince, James McDade 503 Pringle, Diane Carol 606 Prior, Roger Everett 426, 576 Pritchard. Mary Ann 336, 461 Pritchett. James W 509 Proano, Pablo 389 Prochnow, Ross Fred 421 Proctor, Evelyn Kay 636 Profaaaioiial Organiiatloni 367-406 ProU, Melissa Aim 419, 422 Proper, Steve Ray 372, 576 Propst, Dorothy M 621 Proske, Charles F 525 Prothro, Jennifer Anne 507 Proud. Paul .William 428 Provost. Toni Ann 484 PRSSA 393 Prudhomme. Nina E 448. 468. 636 Pruett. Brenda Kaye 576 Pruett. Jana Karol 621 Pruitt. Eddie Clay 621 Pruitt. Kenneth C 334. 530 Pruneda. Sandra Jean 157. 606 Pruter. Martha Scott 472 Pryzant. Nancy Sue 350, 418. 576 Pal Chi 428 Puckett. Daniel T 423 Puckett. Mary J. Benedict 422 Puckett. William N 546 Puckett. William T 517 Name Page Pugh. Bette Anne 636 Pugh. Gary Brent 329 Pugh. Lonnie Loyd 606 Pugsley. Nancy Jane 482 Puig. Yvonne Karen 428, 576 Pulford, Calhleen H 422 Pulliam, David Lee Jr 529 PuUiam, Kathy Ann 408, 410, 420 Puis, Layne Leroy 412 Pumphrey, Richard D 433, 437, 439, 453 Puntch. David Alan 418 Purdom, Robert W. Ill 412 Purdy. Bronwyn Lee 484, 606 Purgason. Thomas J 419 Purl. Robert Edgar 172 Purnell. Lu Ann 576 Putterman. Barry E 421, 519 Pye, Donald Sidney 593 Pyka, Garry Edward 190 Pyle, Gary Wayne 357 Pyle. Lynell 450, 539 Pyle, William Bruce 375 Quan, Richard Jinm 636 Quilliam, Mary Corirme 393, 539 Quinn, Frank Day 375, 621 Quinn, James Patrick 459 Quinonez, Belinda Ann 606 Quinonez, Robert Allen 576 Quintanilla, David 412 Quintero, Baudel W 606 Quinton, Ellen Ruth 340 Quiroz, Mary Lou 606 Quock, Mary 411,636 r ] Rabe, Patricia Lee 606 Rabel, Hilma Ann 606 Rabin, Barry Alan 496 Rabom, PoUy Estelle 622 Rachel, Karen Camille 576 Rachner, Robert R. . . : 196. 197, 198, 329 Rachner, William John 198 Rada, Stephen Edward 422 Rademacner, Elizabeth Ann 461 Rader, James Norwood 418 Radney, Douglas V 576 Radoff, Perry W 462, 636 Raetz, Curtis Gene 445 Raff, Michelle Bea 520 Rafferty, Kathleen E 576 Ragland. William Scott 533 Ragsdale, Silas B 414 Raiffie, Carol Beth 464, 606 Raillard, Michael Lee 357 Railsback, Deborah D 411 Rain, Cathy Ann 484, 622 Raine, Patricia Ann 576 Rainey, Rhonda Lewis 403, 422 Rainey, Sarah Linn 472, 576 Rakes. Andrea Elaine 340. 636 Rakowitz. Sunnee A 400, 448 Raley. Ramona C 472 Ralin. Elliot Roy 428 Ralston. Paul C 622 Ramadan. Walid Afif 576 Ramage. Cecil H 423 Raman. William Dean 425, 426 Ramble, David Foster 503 Ramirez, Diana Elva 410, 622 Ramirez, Fernando 443 Ramirez, Gilberto Jr 423 Ramirez, Joe John 636 Ramirez, Linda 410 Ramirez, Olga 576 Ramirez, Samuel 622 Ramon, Edna Isabel 480, 576 Ramon, Jaime,. , 576 Ramos, Alvaro Jr 576 Ramos, Joyce Ann 622 Ramos, Maria Teresa 576 Ramsdell, William M 406. 418, 576 Ramseur, Mary K 411 Ramsey, Harman Fred 444 Ramsey, Janet Lynn 461, 636 Ramsey, Laura Ann 486, 576 Ramsey, Lois Lyn 461 Ramsey, Matthew S 492 Ramsey, Scott Keith 321, 326 Ramsey, Stephen Allan 412 Randenion, Deborah J 457, 480 Randle, Cindy Lou 393, 576 Randle, Robert W 503 Randolph, Melissa Lyn 361, 410, 420. 622 Rankin. Joe Hundley .421. 622 Rankin. Richard S 525 Ranly. Larry James 622 Ransom, Harry H. 264 Ransom. Joan Ellen 576 Rape. John David 329 Raper. Christopher Lee 190. 492 Raphael. Amy Beth 464 Raphael. Sidney L 519 Rapp. Janet Sue 215 Rasbury. Donald W 622 Raschke. Fred David 375.622 Raschke, Lesa Janine . 311, 408, 417, 418, 422, 476. 606 Rasco, Michael Henry 357 Ratclitf, Michael A 423 Ratliff, Barbara L 637 Ratliff. Bryan P 329, 530, 606 Ratliff, Robin Anne 637 Ratliff, Yvonne Reppeto 424 Ratterree, Donna Lee 482, 606 Rawlings, Valerie Kay 576 Rawson, Regina Coleen 401, 410 Ray, Barbara Jean 576 Name Page Ray. Charles Edward, Jr 365,606 Ray. Jami Fonda 419 Ray. Jennifer Teresa 410 Ray. Marshall R 511. 607 Ray. Phyllis Suzanne 411. 520 Ray. Richard Lynn 459 Ray. Robin Gail 498 Ray, Sue Ann 333, 468. 622 Ray. Terry Don 190 Rayfield. Ellen P 447 Rayner. Lois Evans 333, 337. 607 Raynold. Vicky S 464 Razzeto. Revill Lynn 507 Rea. James Andrew 328. 522 Read. Courtney Anice 607 Read. Debra Louise 484, 576, 395 Readjanie Danof 414 Reel EaUte Society 377 Reardon, Patrick Kelly 328, 522 Reardon, Timothy Paul 346 Reardon, Virginia Ann 476, 637 Reaves, Sandra Sue 576 Reber, Nancy Joanne 593 Recek, James Anton 593 Rech. Kevin Kaiser 637 Rech, M. Laureen Moore 576 Rech, Yvonne C 593 Reddick, Dewitt C 236, 416 Redding, Lynette R 607 Redman, Bette Faye 423 Redman, Karen Lee 153, 156, 607 Redmon, Virginia C 411, 420 Redmond, Suzan Miche ll 480, 637 Redwine, Has V 530, 607 Reeb, Robert Joseph Jr 492 Reece, Laurie Jan 357, 593 Reed, Alan Keith 375 Reed, Charles F 433, 436, 437, 439 Reed, Eva Laurie 622 Reed. Francis Ann 321. 327.607 Reed, Janice Lee 593 Reed, John Howard 320, 324, 593 Reed, Linda Sharon 467, 576 Reed. Luisa Clare 403 Reed. Michael John 533 Reed. Richard E 459. 637 Reed. Scott Randall 479 Reed. William Wesley 372 Reeder. Charles C 300, 311, 343, 576 Reeder. Margaret B 576 Reedy, Robert Glenn 419, 422 Rees, James Edwin 607 Reese, David Clay 321 Reese, Donald James 147, 405, 423, 607 Reese, Francis Edward 388, 426, 576 Reese, Lymon C 416 Reeser, Pamela M 423 Reesing, Stephen W 576 Reeves, Mark William 447, 637 Reeves, William W. . . . 198. 329. 343, 412, 416, 426 RegenU 272, 273 Reich, Grady James Jr 593 Reich, Karen Marie 576 Reichenbach. Michael N 190 Reichert, Arthur T 522, 637 Reichert, Barbara Ann 422, 480 Reichert, Deborah L 480 Reichert, John E. Jr 328, 459 Reichle, Sheila Kay 607 Reichstein, Karen Sue 410, 422, 457, 520, 622 Reid, David 607 Reid, Gary Brent 408, 607 Reid, Peter Lewis 421 Reid, Randal Ray 576 Reilly. Patricia Ann 498. 637 Reilly. Susan Webb 337. 472. 622 Reiman. Rebecca Ann 420. 450, 484, 622 Reimerfl. Terri Lynn 637 Reinberg, Debra Beth 341 Reinert, Stephen A 375, 525 Reingold, Debra Sue 410 Reinhardt, Amy Lou 411, 420, 637 Reinhardt, lames Craig 311 Reinhardt, Paul D 243 Reinhart, James Robert 360, 416 Reinhart, Janet Byers 422 Reinhart, Joanne Helen 4(M Reinke, William R 361 Reisberg, Andy Charles 637 Reiser. Kenneth R 637 Reiser. Rosemarie M 423 Reiter. Charles Geol 419 Reiter. Robert Cole 421 Reithner. Nancy Ann 484. 607 Remaley. Patricia Ann 637 Renard. Amy Lyon 411, 420, 468, 637 Renaudin, Richard A 329, 470 Rendall, Robert Van Jr 576 Renfro, Arthur Fred Jr 338, 339, 622 Renfro, Shelia Ann 576 Renner, Amy Elizabeth 411 Renner, Daniel Ray 329, 492, 593 Renoe. Valeta Sue 422 Renoult, Daniel Claude 546 Renshaw, Kathy Ann 382, 822 Renteria, Victor M 147, 372, 375, 576 Rentfro, Daniel L. Jr 421. 622 Rentfro. Lindsay E. 403. 593 Resendez. Rodolfo Jr 576 Resnick, Diana L 411 Rettger. Karl J 479. 637 RevUla. Rosario 411 Rew. Randall Kevin 470 Rew. Vernon Earl Jr 470 Rexroat. [ana Carol 362. 576 Rexroat. Randy Alan 607 Reyes, Juan Isidro 311 Reyes, Lillian Luis 576 Reyes. Mary Helen 576 Reyna. Ramon 593 Reynolds. Bobby Ray 522 Reynolds. Carol Ann 476 Reynolds. Charles P 408.444.453 Reynolds. James Fred 537. 622 Reynolds. Michele E 578 Rez. Donald Gary 576 Rezabek. Peggy Ann 637 Rhea. Andrew Hill 503 Rhea. John W. IV 522 Rhea. Robert Milton 503 CACTUS Index — 663 Name Page Rhea. Stephen P 375 Rheinlander, Nathan B 321 Rhinehart. Edwin Clair 422 Rhode. Marcia Beth 607 Rhodes. Deborah Ann 399. 593 Rhodes. Frederick A. Ill 409 Rhodes. Kathleen Frances 637 Rhodes. Lonnie D. |r 437 Rhodes. Tom C 321 Rhody. Donnell M - 535 Ribe. Richard Lindsey 593 Ribnik. Patricia P 464. 607 Ricards. Nancy Ellette 539 Ricci. Robin Renee 411 Rice, lanalyn .424 Rice. Melissa Lynn 410 Rich. James Ralph 320, 607 371.622 Richards. Jack Carlin 479. 576 Richards, lames E. ]r 413 Richards, joe .Mien Jr 637 Richards. Mary Eugenia 507 Richards. Vicki Rene 482. 637 Richardson. Gerald F. Jr 503. 607 Richardson. John H. 320. 323. 334. 343. 391, 412. 416. 547 Richardson. Katherine Dee 396. 420. 446. 449, 485 Richardson, Michael K 511 Richardson, Robin G 311 Richardson, Sally H 468, 576 Richardson, Sherry Lea 468. 637 Richardson, Terry Lee 509 Richey, Elizabeth L 376. 607 Richey. Gayle Annette 417.461.577 Richey. Robert C 172 Richstatter. Jo Anne 498. 607 Richter. Brenda Marie 340 Richter. Steven Ray 320 Richter. Terry R 320 Rickabaugh. Charles M 530 Rickard. Martha June 411 Rickman. Allen Mathew 172 Rickman. Robert Eugene 172 Ricks. Leslie B. Jr 338.408.607 Riddle. John Robert 419, 423 Riddle, Margaret N 498,623 Riddle. Rosa E 593 Rider. Charles Robert 514 Ridgway. Susan Margaret 414 Ridings. Jennifer L 411, 637 Ridley, Richard M 361, 522 Ridout, John Townes 517 Riedesel, Roland G. Jr 426 Riefstahl. Jan Marie 333 Riemann. Carl F 426. 577 Riemann. Sharon M. Mrs 411 Riera-Yepez. Anselmo 593 Rife. John T 447 Riggle. Patricia R 364.411.420 Riggs. Ben Hayes 494. 607 Riggs. Elizabeth Ann 472,623 Riggs. Harold Austen 421 Riggs. Joseph Newton 111 416 Riggs. Leslie Ann 577 Rigntmer. Jan Carol 607 Riley. Robert Shawn 421 Rilling. David Charles 517,623 Rineharl, Robert Allen 371, 372, 577 Ringle. Robert Steven 372 Ringman, Philip A 394, 607 Rinker, Susan Kay 607 Rinn, Gary Steven 334, 514, 607 Riojas, Juan Antonio 637 Riordan, Carolyn P 411 Rios Castellon, L. A 577 Rios. Manuel Pena 151. 390. 402 Rios. Raul 338. 421. 623 Rios. Yvonne Yolanda 623 Rioux. Thomas Wayne 304. 412. 416. 547. 577 Rippel. George Clark 421 Ripper. Pamela S 156. 577 Rippy. Terry Wayne 577 Risch. Rebecca 482 Risher. David Ward 418 Riskind. David A 172. 637 Ritchey. Debra Sue 577 Ritchie. Murray Scott 479 Ritts. Howard lames 395 Rivard. Ronald David 444 Rivas. Jose Jesus 444 Rivas. Mary Magdalene 416 Rivera-Rodriguez. Jose A 637 Rivera. John Arthur 402 Rivera. Rodolfo Javier 402 Rivers. Carolyn V 418. 577 Rivin. Randal Norman 519 Roach. Bruce Dee 408. 623 Roach. Dorothy Jean 408, 410 Roach. James R 416 Roach. Philip Dennis 375. 607 Roark. Carol Elaine 423 Robb. Lisa Carol 577 Robberson. Sarah K 364. 607 Robbins. Daniel Meyer 414 Robbins. Glenda Raye 637 Roberson. Gregory A 419 Roberts. Andrea Gail 577 Roberts. Beverly J 441 Roberts. Cindy 485.607 Roberts. Constance G 498. 577 Roberts. Cynthia Ann 507. 837 Roberts. Elizabeth Ann 420.623 Roberts. Francis W 284 Roberts. Georga 1 520. 637 Roberts. James Thomas 200. 577 Roberts. Jill Arnold 513 Roberts. Jon Carl 637 Roberts. Lawson P 338 Roberts. Mark Darrell 421 Roberts. Mary E 469 Roberts. Michael Lynn 361.637 Roberts. Mindy Rachel 464. 623 Roberts. Patricia A 623 Roberts. Randall E 130. 304 Roberts. Randell C 421.607 Roberts. Rebecca Lynn 637 Roberts. Rhonda Lynne 577 Roberts. Richard Wyatt 359 Robertson. Charles W. Jr 147. 371 Robertson. Craig Bryan 525. 623 Name Page Robertson. Cynthia L 393, 482 Robertson, Daniel B 408 Robertson, Dirk B 298, 418, 423, 527, 577 Robertson, John M 479 Robertson, Mary Guyton 423, 424 Robertson, Michael Ray 637 Robertson, Nancy L 336, 513, 623 Robertson, O. Z. HI 347. 442. 453. 577 Robertson. Odes B 419 Robertson. Pamela Jill 361. 415. 607 Robertson. Rebecca E 607 Robertson. Richard Lea 360 Robertson. Robert S 198 RobiUard. Rachel West 411 Robin. Joan E 607 Robinett. Richard B 535 Robinowitz. Kenneth L 346. 607 Robins. Donald Akin 491 Robinson. Charles E 503. 607 Robinson. David Paul 530 Robinson. Jeffrey Eli 329. 519 Robinson. Mary Ruth 411. 637 Robinson. Orine S 120. 306, 488 Robinson, Pamela Kay 593 Robinson, Patricia 1. A 422 Robinson. Patrick W 471 Robinson. Randall J 577 Robinson. Richard Mark 321. 637 Robinson. Sarah Ann 637 Robinson. Sarah Winn 419. 428. 577 Robinson. Susan Diane 577 Robinson. Vicki Ann 607 Robinson. Xanna Lee 420. 623 Robirds. Stephen Dale 522. 623 Robison. William W. Ill 408. 423 Robles. Billie Marie 405. 637 Robles. Karen Darlene 623 Robles. Michael A 593 Robles. Viola 577 Robles. Yvonne 607 Rocha. Angela Laura 577 Roche. Pamela Ann 461. 593 Rochelle. Laura E 507.623 Rockhill. Patricia F. Mrs 417 Rockstroh. Mourette S 637 Rod. Anthony Wayne 425 Rod. Douglas Paul 390.593 Roddie. Phyllis M 457. 485 Roderick. William 386 Rodgers. Keith Kay Jr 388. 593 Rodriguez. Alfred 402. 576 Rodriguez. Cynthia Y 607 Rodriguez. Diana Marie 637 Rodriguez. Edgar H 422 Rodriguez. George Luis 593 Rodriguez. Guillermo 577. 593 Rodriguez. Henrique 577 Rodriguez. Linda Rae 376. 593 Rodriguez. Maricela 623 Rodriguez. Placido J. Jr 547 Rodriguez. Roberto 151. 402. 623 Rodriguez. Ruben 577 Roe. Jerre 547 Roe. Sharlann Marie 340, 393. 607 Roehm. John F. Ill 607 Roemer. Deborah Kay 417 Roessler. Lennis E 482. 623 Roessler. Nancy E 623 Roessner. Roland G. Jr 593 Rogan. Linda L 637 Rogers. Eileen 1 482 Rogers. Gail Johnson Mrs 419 Rogers. James S. Jr 423. 428 Rogers. Jennifer Sue 593 Rogers. Jimmie Doyle 594 Rogers. Judith G 400 Rogers. Linda Karen 417 Rogers. Lorene L. . , 51. 97, 134, 247, 266, 274, 411. 415.416 Rogers. Mitchell West 517 Rogers. Rhonda Mae 147. 594 Rogers. Sharon J 594 Rogers. Steven Wayne 577 Rogers. Wallace III 530.607 Rogers. William C 446 Rogers. William Dale 320. 325. 637 Rogers. William S 428 Rogge. Melvin James 389, 577 Rogillio, Terry Ann 607 Rohan. Audrey Ann 520 Roland. Susan 623 Rolf. Deborah Ann 376. 577 Rolf, Dwayne Alton 637 Roller. James Vernon 172 Rollins. William Bryan 421 Rollwage. Claire L 385. 420 Rolon. Francis Arnaldo 525 Roman. Anthony Michael 525 Roman. Mark Evan 479 Romanko. Michael J 408 Romero. Annette L 469. 448 Romero. Frederick L 384. 577 Romig. Randall Robert 577 Romoser. Russell 363. 389. 577 Ronaghan. Diane Marie 577 Roney. Linda E 637 Roop. Brian L 637 Roos. Candace M. Lassere 577 Roosevelt. Edith A 623 Roosth. Mark Sanford 637 Root. Martha Anne 14. 594. 676 Rosales. Camilo 577 Rosario. Anita C 424 Rose. Arthur Paul 360 Rose. Barbara Jean 423 Rose. Bruce Alan 607 Rose. Celia Ann 520. 607 Rose. David Edgar 421. 623 Rose. David Louis 607 Rose. Douglas Keith 607 Rose. Henry John Jr 533. 577 Rose. Mark Howard 447 Rose. Pamela Mae 607 Rose. Yvonne Annette 637 Rosell. Sheree Lynne 410 Rosen. Andrea Sue 464. 623 Rosen. Cynthia Ann 607 Rosen. Lecey Gail 464. 637 Rosen. Melissa Eileen 520. 623 Rosen. Michele P 520 Name Page Rosen. Mindy Debra 637 Rosenbaum. Charlyn G 498 Rosenbaum. Susan Gail 418. 424 Rosenberg. Betty Gail 520. 607 Rosenberg. Cindy Ann 464. 607 Rosenbloom. Judy Lee 520. 623 Rosenblum. Howard W 496. 623 Rosenfeld. Kathy Lynn 498. 623 Rosenthal. Dena Heidi 623 Rosenthal. Karen Ruth 418 Rosenthal. Sharon Lynn 464. 637 Rosenthal. Zade A. Ill 418 Rosett. Randy Layne 408 Rosin. Lindsay Zweig 428 Rosmarin. Kenneth Glen 637 Ross. Betsy Lynn 408. 411. 464 Ross. Catharine Denise 385 Ross. Catherine Irene 577 Ross. Debra Anne 476. 577 Ross. Donald Warren Jr 577 Ross. Edward Rock 421 Ross. Jeffery David 496. 637 Ross. John Bernard 360 Ross. John Terrence 577 Ross. Joseph Clinton 418 Ross. Kathleen Marie 400 Ross. Melissa Marie 507. 623 Ross. Ralph Lee 511.638 Ross. Robin Anne 469. 607 Ross. Stanley R 276 Ross. William Robert 345, 511, 577 Rossett, James Banda 423 Rossi. Bemadelte M 480 Rossi. Catherine Ann 446. 449. 480. 623 Rost. Randall John 547 Rostow. Elspeth D 252. 279. 416 Rostow. Walt W 252.416 Rolhe. August Jacob 423. 428. 607 Rothe. Jane Marie 577 Rothe. Martha Louise 577 Rothenberg. Gayle Ann 408 Rothschild. Stanley Lee 496. 607 Rothwell. Michael E 522 Rountree. Randolph W. , 310. 321. 322. 323. 360. 416. 577 Routzon. John F 577 Rowan. Robert Caperton 172 Rowan. Thomas Edward 517 Rowan. Walter C. Jr 172 Rowcroft. Michele R 577 Rowden. Keith Robert 321 Rowe. Mary F 507. 638 Rowe. Thomas John 387, 412 , 426, 577 Rowell, Charles Patrick 432 Rowland, James Melton 594 Rowlett, Lori Le 410 Rowlett, Louis Albert Jr 172 Rowlett, Mae Frances 638 Rowling, Robert Brian 494 Roy, Demetrius Dian 354, 638 Royal, Darrell K 166,172,416 Royal, Thomas F.Jr 365 Royall, Frances 485, 638 Royall, James Allen 408 Royall. Linda Jean 418. 472, 577 Royer, Curtis Jay 320 Rozell, Ronny Ray 638 Rozsypal, Gina L. Garrison 578 Rubin. Aaron Lee 462 Rubin. Alan Jay 421.496,623 Rubin, Elizabeth Ann 594 Rubin, Joan llene 578 Rubio, Patsy 311,417 Ruby, Joan Elizabeth 340, 623 Rucker, William C 446 Rudd, Kathryn Jane 513 Rude, Karen Beth 623 Rudy, Melissa Frame 638 Rudy, Stephen Rylen 578 Ruggiero, George E 445 Ruggiero, Robert W 445, 453 Ruiz, George Jr 320 Ruiz, Rene David 375 Rule, Alison Mari 418 Rumelhart, Max R 441 Runkle, Patricia Ann 638, 877 Runnion, John Stewart 492 Runze, Teresa Louise 623 Rupp. David Russell 435. 436. 439. 451 Rupp. Emily Kathryn 578 Rush. James Marion 607 Rush. Nancy Chandler 410 Rushefsky. Laura Etta 623 Rusk. Keith Edward 535. 578 Russell. Byron Charles 421. 503. 623 Russell. Cat herine L 486. 638 Russell. Donna Rae 149 Russell. Dorothy Ellen 638 Russell. Gerald Alan 578 Russell. Janna Kay 337.417. 578 Russell. Lynn K. Barentine 428 Russell. Melvin David 578 Russell. Morris Craig 638 Russell. Robert L 578 Russell. Susan M 461 Russell. William F. Jr 509 Russo. Anthony Ross 638 Russo. Frank Francis 459 Russo. Pamela C. Vanzura 578 Rust. John Oliver 456. 529 Ruth. Robert Wayne 427 Rutherford. Richard R 638 Rutledge. Emily Jane 513 Rutledge. Marvin D. Jr 578 Rutt. Larry Michael 462 Rutz. Dana E 461. 638 Ruwwe. Kay Amelia 498 Ryall. Patricia Ann 414 Ryall. Zacheus Wheeler 14, 414 Ryan, George Michael 459 Ryan, James E, III 459 Ryan, John Michael 360 Ryan. Kevin Michael 409 Ryan. Martha Elaine 473 Ryan. Molly Virginia 357 Ryan. Timothy Wayne 623 Rylander. Anthony 1 578 Rylander. Barbara R. Mrs 400. 417. 578 Rylander. Betty Grace 418. 424. 578 Rylander. Martha Jane 341. 410. 638 Name Page Rynd. Frank Barlow 3ii Ryne. Cheryl Vaughn 608 J Saadeh, Karen Jean 4 7 Sabol. Maxine Vesta 424 Sabrsula, Debra Lynn 376, 623 Sacorreia. Maria Jose 424 Sadik, Helen Louise 578 Sadler, Sharon E 485.638 Sadler. Sharon Kay 423. 424. 482 Saegert, Robert N 578 Saenz, Alejandro A 594 Saenz. Clara 608 Saenz. Daniel C 623 Saenz. Jesus Alberto 381, 578 Saenz, Preston 578 Saez. Daniel Dennis 14, 393. 578 Saffa. Richard Eugene 375 Safi. George Fredric 419 Saca