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1974 iz daily editor-in- bill SCO ' jerry r, super, $ kaytia assistan 1 stanle; marlor photogr; 25 feati 107 lime! 121 slue 163 spe: 219 pro!, 257 mil 285 hon, 1974 cactus liz daily editor-in-chief bill scott associate editor jerry r. thompson supervisor kay hardcastle assistant supervisor Stanley farrar marlon taylor photography supervisors 1 Texas Student Publications, August. 1974 contents 25 features 107 limelight 121 student government 163 special interest 219 professionals 257 military 285 honoraries 313 greeks 409 athletics 473 administration 547 classes 638 index published by Texas Student Publications The University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Volume 81 To see life; to see the world; to eyewitness great events; to watch the faces of the poor and the gestures of the proud; to see strange things - machines, armies, multitudes, shadows in the jungle and on the moon; to see man ' s work his paintings, towers and discoveries; to see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to; the women that men love and many children; to see and take pleasure in seeing; to see and be amazed; to see and be instructed. " from Henry R. Luce ' s prospectus for LIFE Magazine 1936 2 prospectus . ITT V - m taytor to see life 3 4 io see the world e kelly to eyewitness great events 5 a. sharp 6 to watch the laces of the poor n. goldfarb s. farrar and the gestures of the proud 7 s. farrar 8 to see strange things machines armies, multitudes 9 1 shadows in the jungle and on the moon 1 1 12 to see man ' s work his paintings m. tayfor 4 and discoveries to see things thousands of miles away 1 5 M m 1 6 things hidden behind walls and within rooms 1 7 1 8 things dangerous to come !o ; ' ' 1 ' v f ' I 20 the women that men love f. inglis and many children 21 22 to see and lake pleasure in seeing - 24 to see and be instructed features limelight features limelight edited by lyndie blevins and gary lacy CD fl) C CD features -25 AD HOC Sometimes it seems that for every world problem there is a committee working on its solution. Students, in reac- tion to their first exposure to bureauc- racy, join these committees to fight the Board of Regents, city hall or the legisla- ture. These unorthodox ad hoc commit- tees prov ide students the chance at offi- cial combat for their own beliefs. AMUSEMENTS " Smile, and together we will force the sun out! Smile, you peo- ple, " comes screaming from the drag on a dreary day. And soon everyone is smil- ing. Little amusements fill the day as stu- dents make the scramble from Bellmont Hall to the Biology Building in ten min- utes. Maybe it ' s a puppet show at lunch or a one-and-a-half ring circus during a break in classes. Or maybe it is dropping a few quarters in a pinball parlor over a goldfarb glass of beer, or the first girl scout cookie of the year. It could be a break for a weekend trip to San Marcos for chili, New Braunfels for beer or San Antonio for food and culture. It is Monday ' s Peanuts comic strip or that perfect frisbee catch. In essence it is that which brings content- ment to otherwise chaotic lives. ART When a Picasso sketch disap- peared from the University Michener col- 26 ad hoc The Ballet Repertory Theatre t scout coote a bran for a -.-;- ' , , ' , a ' ,s Peanuts lection this summer, the world became aware of an Austin art community. Peo- ple began to discover the unique places in which various art forms have found homes ... a ballet troupe in a bar, visit- ing and permanent collections shown in obscure galleries and the active local folk art of murals, drawings and jewelry on the Drag. Students at the Academic Cen- ter looking for a study break wander among the different collections, ranging from native Texas murals on the first level to a lonely statue on the fourth. Local sculptor Charles Umlauf ' s " The Torch Bearers " guards the entrance to the AC, symbolizing the passing of knowledge. Art exists in the cornices of buildings, empty fountains and darkened hallways. Unconsciously, it becomes a part of the student ' s university experience. ATTENDANCE There are three ways to explain class attendance. 1. A cut: the student believes he has more valuable things to do with his time than attend class. 2. A walk: the professor decides that he has more valuable things to do than conduct class. And 3. Test days: everyone decides to show up for class. (See COURSES, EXAMS). attendance 27 THE FIRST EIGHT ARE FOR. ALL PEOPLE AC The Academic Center on the West Mall houses the busiest of the 31 branches of the University Library Sys- tem. Its varied services make the AC a convenient place to relax, do research or study for exams. On the first floor a weary student may rest and read the latest New Yorker while engaging in people-watching. For serious minds, there are study rooms equipped with coin-operated typewriters on the second and third levels. The second floor also has conference rooms for blind stu- dents and houses the University ' s " Y " collection of children ' s literature. In the third-floor audio library a student can listen to everything from Shake- speare to Bach to the Beatles while under the pretense of studying. The various study areas and special collections on the fourth floor are interesting and relax- ing places to take a study break. Although energy cutbacks have required shorter operating hours and the West Mall construction has blocked the entrance at times, the AC remains a place to escape the stereo next door or just get out of the dorm. 30 ac ADAPTABILITY Attitudes shape lives. In the past, student activities have been watched closely and often described in terms of activism or apathy. Yet, in 1 974, in the midst of social confusion and mis- placed priorities, a new method of deal- ing with society arose. Both students and the public began the process of adapting to the inconsistencies of tapes, West Malls and lower room temperatures. These attitudes changed the campus as well. The adaptations are often routine or mechanical, like access ramps for the handicapped. Others require more than concrete and pipes, like a successful minority recruitment program. Learning to adapt to the environment, whether social or physical, is a necessary out- growth of maturity. adaptability 31 ANIMALS Frolicking squirrels, playing tag from tree to tree, break the zombie- like trance of a student between classes, and add a smile to a somber day. Feath- ered choristers constantly serenade the collegiate audience below them. The canine corps romp, breaking the sterile stillness of a classroom and keeping the fire hydrants growing. Whether furred or feathered, the animals ' carefree attitudes bring temporary relief from the pressures of academic life. 32 animals p. huber animals 33 34 baggies, bow ties, and backpacks BAGGIES, BOWTIES, AND BACKPACKS College graduates from the ' 30 ' s visiting the University today would see fashions similar to those of their era as baggy pants and bowties again returned to fashion. University men and women also sported sweater vests and platform shoes to complete the nostalgic look. Another addition to campus lifestyles was the widespread use of backpacks. These canvas catch-alls were convenient for bike riders and pedestrians alike. Some enjoyed being dressed in the lat- est styles, and the Drag was lined with stores bulging with almost any size or color desired. For others, a simple pair of jeans was enough. (See JEANS) BLOOD DRIVES " Brother, can you spare a pint? " was a question often directed at students. Surprisingly, they responded to campus and Greek blood drives in impressive numbers. Blood reserves, a vital resource, were replen- ished to help friends, aid hemophiliacs or simply to quiet a nagging roommate. BOMB SCARES High school fire drill practice came in handy for many Univer- sity students when they were confronted with repeated bomb scares. Dobie resi- dents were probably the most physically fit on campus, thanks to incessant flights down the stairs triggered by a single caller. More than an occasional student was sent into shock by the ring of an ele- vator PAX phone with a report of a bomb in the building. Until now, there have been a lot of scares but no scars, power- ful words, but luckily no explosions. BLIND DATES If a University man or woman didn ' t have a blind date before college, he or she is sure to have at least one before graduating. Blind dates are a big part of University life. With 40,000 other people, they are a way of meeting members of the preferred sex. Whether they are arranged by friends, fellow greeks, or even comput- ers, they are definitely a game of chance. Wind dales 35 COMMUTE i ANTHONY NEWMAN BEGGAR ' S OPERA COMPANY CHRISTOPHER PARKINSON CONTEMPORARY CHAMBER ENSEMBLE JACQUES LOUSSIER TRIO ALEX WEISSENBERG JAZZ FESTIVAL LEONTYNE PRICE MARCEL MARCEAU NICOLAI DANCE THEATRE NATHAN MILSTEIN NOVELLA NELSON JONI MITCHELL 4 Joni Mitchell Cultural Entertainment Committee The Texas Union This year, UJCTC giving you more than lust the same old song and dance. designed tor cec by dirk wronk UNIVERSITY CO-OP CO-OP As the " student store, " the Co- Op ' s merchandise ranges from tooth- paste to books to stereo equipment. For the new student, it seems a flea market of clothing, souvenirs and services such as check cashing, bill paying, etc. From September to June students and faculty hoard those " golden rod " receipts for the meager rebates they promise. The magic of the store quickly wears off, however, as the student is faced with long lines for textbooks at the beginning of the semester and for course schedules in the middle of the term. With fluctuating rebate percentages, overcrowding, and mid-term book short- ages, the experienced student may doubt the Co-Op ' s ability to supply all the stu- dent needs. The price may not be the best, but the convenience is hard to beat. COURSES A University student ' s early campus life is a fight to survive his required courses. After a narrow squeeze through English, history, government, science and classics, a student finally begins in-depth study in his major. For students who need courses to sat- isfy elective hours, the selection may seem unlimited. The University now offers courses on women ' s rights, native plants, vampires, Roman private life and begin- ning piano for non-music majors. A gen- eral studies course offers students three hours credit for volunteer work in the Austin community. The course offerings enable each stu- dent to fulfill his degree requirements, and perhaps, explore a field of interest unrelated to his major. 38 co-op Eastern European folk dancing on the union patio CULTURE One of the opportunities available to a student attending a large university is that chance to be exposed to a variety of cultures (even without exten- sive minority recruitment). As students meet and exchange ideas with people from other parts of the state, country or world, values often change. Few students leave the University untouched by the varied cultures to which they have been exposed. As in all other aspects of his education, the choice is left to the student as to how much he absorbs and assimilates from other people and their lifestyles. culture 39 CRISIS There is a moment when an issue explodes into reality and suddenly becomes a crisis. Watergate set the mood for the year and initiated the critical confrontations of 1 974. II- 1 . Ul ' iSlM ! if ' ' %? iiniipnuii MlAk. p huber Charles Alan Wright Arab students listen for war bulletins. 42 crisis . CRISIS The riot-torn sixties seemed to spawn a generation of " pacifists " until the presidential election of 72 and the ensuing Watergate scandal brought a renewed interest in the politics and intri- cacies of American government. The investigation of this scandal revealed too much to save the career of Vice President Spiro T. Agnew who resigned his office before being con- victed of a 1 967 tax evasion suit. The Watergate investigation brought national attention to University law pro- fessor Charles Alan Wright. Wright, an expert on constitutional interpretation, served on Nixon ' s staff as an advisor on the subpoenaed Watergate tapes. Headlines turned temporarily from Watergate to the Middle East crisis as fighting broke out along the Suez Canal in October. The Israelis and Arabs fought on several fronts before agreeing to a pullback compromise negotiated by U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. The effect of the Mideast war on cam- pus was as varied as the people involved. p huber Jewish fraternities and sororities donated money to the Israeli cause. Some Jewish- American students volunteered for the Israeli army and a few foreign students had to return home when they were drafted. Students from both sides of the conflict distributed leaflets on campus to inform others of the causes of the war and the progress being made. The cam- pus tensed itself for a disturbance, but emotions seemed to wane as hostilities decreased. crisis 43 TOTAL SALE ONLY GALLONS ACCURATE DCLrvCMY AT ANY LEGAL ' LOW AND ' NESSUftC PRICE PER GALLON TAX INCLUDED CRISIS A confrontation did occur when George Brown of Brown and Root Con- struction Company was honored at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library as a Uni- versity Outstanding Alumnus. Several hundred students gathered to protest the ceremony honoring the presi- dent of the corporation that allegedly built tiger cages for South Vietnamese political prisoners. A few students were arrested following a scuffle with police. A confrontation of a different sort took place beginning in the fall semester between car owners and gasoline prices. The Mid-East War created an oil embargo for American suppliers and the energy crisis was intensified. Gas prices skyrock- eted; gas rationing was debated, and Nixon asked for a Sunday shutdown of service stations. Some students found it hard to go home for weekend visits when no gas was available and the newly imposed 55 mph speed limit made long rides home even longer. bated, and -::: ' : ' tne newly Regent Allan Shivers chastises demonstrators outside the LBJ Library. d. newman If " c " P WITH crisis 45 Alison Smith, Texan editor candidate, distributes copies of disputed letters Constitutional Convention delegates take a break during a tull-day session. 46 crisis ' (tV- Buck Harvey, 1975 Texan editor. CRISIS A new fad hit colleges across the nation as spring fever struck in a new form " streaking. " Students bared more than the facts as cross-campus-cop-dodgers, dressed only in sneakers, made the news. The light-hearted fun was temporarily halted when campus police retaliated with mace and billy clubs and the crowd of about 3,000 reacted with the bottles and curses evocative of the 60 ' s. Like all fads, streaking was short-lived, but spirits were high for those few weeks in the spring. Another streak that never left the ground was the much-lauded Comet Kohoutek, predicted to be the brightest comet ever. Unfortunately, it was not the greatest show on earth and disappointed people had to cancel their comet-watching parlies. Growing rumors of impeachment abounded in Washington as Nixon rico- cheted from accusations of income tax fraud to conspiring to obstruct justice. He became the most investigated man of the year as Congressional committees and federal agencies looked him over. c. Kaufman Leon Jaworski, prominent Texas lawyer, replaced Archibald Cox as Special Watergate Prosecutor. j. miller crisis 47 CRISIS The first political kidnapping in U.S. history received national attention when Patricia Hearst, daughter of pub- lisher Randolph Hearst, was kidnapped by an obscure group known as the Sym- bionese Liberation Army (SLA). The mili- tants demanded a ransom in the form of a free food giveaway program amounting to $2 million. However, when Hearst complied, his move was rejected as insufficient. After more than two months of captivity, Patricia sent a tape saying she had joined the SLA. Twelve days later, on April 15, she was allegedly involved in an SLA-engineered bank rob- bery. The heiress remained at-large after the May 1 7 Los Angeles shoot-out which killed five members of the group. Politics dominated the scene on cam- pus as some election results were ques- tioned because of illegal campaign pro- cedures. After a second round of Daily Texan editor elections, Buck Harvey was chosen. Following a controversy of several weeks over the validity of the election, Frank Fleming took office as Student Government President. An unexpected move by the University Board of Regents on March 15th brought about the optional funding of The Daily Texan and Student Government. A cam- pus rally held on the Main Mall, which culminated in a march on the Capitol, attracted several thousand students and brought back a ghost of the spirit many people thought had passed with the 60 ' s. Accusations of illegal maneuvers by the regents came from the Travis County Legislative delegation and support increased for the student ' s viewpoint. However, by mid-summer the regents had not reversed their decision. The continuing rise in gasoline prices caused more problems for money-con- scious students. Sunday embargos were lifted and more gas became available, but the money to pay for it was not. 48 crisis I University Regent Frank Erwin relaxes after i discontinue guaranteed funding of The Daily Texan and Student Government. j milter EGEW CRISIS It was a year filled with tumultu- ous political disappointments, but there were a few bright spots as liberation came to several oppressed groups during ' 74. Gay Liberation finally received administrative recognition as a campus organization just before a four-year law suit reached the courts, t Billie Jean King beat Super Male Chau- vinist Bobby Riggs in a nationally-tele- vised September tennis match and won a round for Women ' s Lib. For the first time, a Chicano was elected to the House of Representatives from Travis County. Gonzalo Barrientos defeated incumbent Wilson Foreman in the June 1 , Democratic Primary. crisis 49 50 destruction STOKES CntSTRUCnOHCO DESTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION University students live with scaffolds and boardwalks as easily as they do with riv- eting guns and cement mixers con- struction is a way of life. Many students began, however, to perceive construction more as destruction in disguise after see- ing old buildings and greenery torn down. The trade-off of trees for sterile bricks and mortar was unacceptable to many segments of the University community. This year ' s increase in the building use fee from a flat $50 per semester to a slid- ing scale of $6 per semester hour brought the problems of construction closer to the student. The tidal wave of recent construction that added the infa- mous white wall and the " beautified " West Mall gave hints of regental priorities. Models and proposals for new projects are being accepted constantly. Yet, there is something redeeming about the con- struction of the University; the physical changes made during 1 974 created a campus unique to this year. destruction 51 department of drama and opera theatre poster graphics by s. barton THE SEA GULL NOV. 29 - Dec. 10 Theatre Room A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum October 8-13 Hogg Auditorium THE PRINCE,THE WOLF AND THE FIREBIRD Dec. 1,2,8 Hogg Auditorium 52 drama REYNARD THE FOX Feb. 15, 16, 17, 22,23 Theatre Room VERDI ' S FALSTAFF March 9, 12,14,16 Hogg Auditorium THE IMAGINARY INVALID April 14 -20 v Hogg Auditorium DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! April 17-20.22-27 v Theatre Room drama 53 THE SEA GULL m.f.a. workshop productions THE PHYSICISTS October 1 - 5 A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE October 1 7 - 20 BALLAD OF THE SAD CAFE November 13-16 THE ENTERTAINER November 1 8 - December 2 A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE DAD ' S DAY The morning of November 1 brought the last few minutes of hou- sekeeping as students prepared for their parent ' s arrival. The annual meeting of the Dad ' s Association gave parents a uni- que excuse to visit Austin. Over refreshments at the LBJ Library families were serenaded by University choruses and the Longhorn Band. Vari- ous residence halls and the Greek com- munity prepared special lunches to enter- tain the visitors. Four outstanding stu- dents were also recognized during half- time of the UT-Baylor football game. The day was concluded by listening to Charlie Rich at Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo. 56 ing ' s fira open, stud OTWW There ; Drag. The ' ois ; , name i, THE DRAG With the arrival of the morn- ing ' s first shuttle bus comes the start of the day ' s carnival, as stores begin to open, students start classes and vendors arrive with their wares. There are many landmarks on the Drag. These include 2Js (home of the famous sweet rolls), the Co-Op (the " you name it, we have it " store), carts of Salva- tion Sandwiches, the ice cream wagon, the one man jug band, Hare Krishnas with incense and booklets, an occasional cop walking his beat and a girl scout dur- ing the cookie season. The Drag is a street (Guadalupe), a meeting place, an open air market and a way of life. With its stores, movies, restau- rants, bright colors and variety of people, the Drag is a campus symbol and a land- mark to its many cultures. the drag 57 r V r I X ll IAD;; ! ' a va r resting; To oh hytake I X " T DEAD WEEK Dead Week may sound like a time for a post-plague body count, but is, in fact, the pre-finals reading period after classes have formally ended. Students at the University use the time in a variety of ways. Some consider it a resting period, a brief interlude before becoming engulfed in the gathering gloom of finals and last-minute papers. To others Dead Week becomes alive as they take a three day " study break " and attempt to forget instructors, studies and all school responsibilities. Others feverishly try to gather a semes- ter ' s worth of notes in only three days. When finals do arrive, hopes of A ' s or B ' s dwindle into hopes of merely passing. DIETS Stuffing themselves with Mrs. Johnson ' s birthday cake and Pinocchio pizza, students of all sizes lament their weight problems and exchange the latest diet news. Dr. Atkins, the water diet or simple starvation are debated as the quickest route to a slender body. Talk cannot replace action, however, and somehow those most vocal about reduc- ing are also those who need it most. This tendency is further aggravated by skin- nies who bemoan an extra pound or two. Nor are the starchy meals served at most University dorms helpful to the dieter as the willpower melts in the face of hot rolls and butter. The final blow is the ultimate realiza tion that the fat get fatter while the skinny keep eating. The diet fanatic gives up temporarily, deciding to remain fat, but happy. diet 59 ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS " The failure of an elevator naturally causes inconvenience to passengers confined within elevator cars. No one has ever been injured in an elevator accident at The University of Texas. Please remain calm ... " EXORCISM Exorcism is a timely topic of conversation and the campus is no exception. When The Movie finally arrived in Austin, throngs rushed to the theatre, curious to see if it could be as terrifying as everyone said. Few were dis- appointed and its financial success prompted an influx of lectures, movies, and sermons presenting the Devil as a force with which to be reckoned. 60 Mvators Chemistry professor Dr. Barrie Kitto discusses cancer research with interested students. EXAMS " After cramming many day ' s worth of study into one night, the bleary- eyed student stumbles to his exam armed with blue book or number 2 pencil to search for a seat in a surprisingly full classroom. He is then faced with either a computerized test form on which he blacks in spaces or essay questions for which he scribbles pages of information, all within the allotted time period. Sometime, maybe weeks later, he finds posted on some obscure bulletin board the results of a quiz that is a major deter- minant of his semester grade. EX-STUDENT When " The Eyes of Texas " is played, the orange and white- clad person standing with horns raised is undoubtedly a Texas-Ex. They possess orange and white golf balls, ash trays and Cadillacs, ad nausem. But, our Exes are among the richest and best organized in the world. So, when the obnoxious drunk in the next seat spills his drink during the OU game, remember, he may be paying for a friend ' s education. FACULTY Students generally consider themselves the most important aspect of the University. Yet the University ' s repu- tation rests on its faculty members. Under pressure from the administration, the fac- ulty is expected to produce periodic research, yet teach 12 hours each semester. Professors, like students, can either be concerned or indifferent about the subject matter. And that, perhaps, is the key to their teaching effectiveness. FIRESIDES Over beer and potato chips, professors and students drop their formal roles for more personal relationships. Swapping stories in the relaxed atmos- phere of the instructor ' s home, the stu- dent gains important insights into the pro- fessor ' s character which hopefully leads to a greater understanding of him as an individual. firesides 61 PEANUTS WE ' KE Nl MBER ONE. ' tt-8 IN THIS CORNER OF THE) SACK YARP,THAT1S.. e United Features Syndicate. Inc., 1970 62 lire up! FIRE UP! After the initial excitement over the September Sports Illustrated cover which ranked Texas number one, and the initial disappointment of the loss to Miami, it became just another football season. Longhorn fans, spoiled by years of supremacy, found it difficult at times to fire up about anything. " Fire up " was not linked only to foot- ball fever. Students could fire up for finals, for weekends or for nothing at all. The desire to " psych " themselves into a more positive frame of mind made " fire up " the common cry of students from the Bucket to Memorial Stadium. (See OU). lire up! 63 FRESHMEN It ' s the end of August, and the eager freshman drags his parents and his belongings to Austin to begin his long-awaited college career. After mom and dad have helped unload all those orange and white graduation presents, books, pens and few tokens of childhood not too long lost, they leave him, perhaps for the first time, on his own. Anxious to get away from that protec- tive environment of home and armed with knowledge gained from orientation, the freshman plunges into the week of pre- class activities. He quickly discovers that being independent means paying bills, standing in lines, meeting people, and worst of all, making those choices that come with rush and adds and drops. Home is learning to live with strangers. Dorm life provides the student with expo- sure to new ideas that lead to an evalua- tion of his lifestyle. Because of these growing experiences, the freshman develops new attitudes which determine the outlook he takes. FLASH CARDS Part of any Texas home game is the half-time student flash card section, situated between the 30- and 50- yard lines. Fortunate students who drew these tickets had excellent seats and some fun at half-time. However, not all the student fans enjoyed the privilege be cause, during the Texas Tech football game, the card section was almost thrown away at a loss of half the cards and $600 to the athletic department. For the sake of spectator safety and finances, campus officials and University service groups revamped the ticket draw- ing procedure. Now students sit in the card section by choice, not by chance. 64 freshmen Mfei " - GRAFFITTI A perpetual part of the Uni- versity is the graffitti found on desks, walls and bathroom doors. The scribbles range from the ageless constants of Greek letters, loves lost and the regents, to timely political comments on candi- dates, war and just how nasty the energy crisis might become. Drawings in the AC listening lab are so elaborate that the art- ists must have worked on them for years. Neither sandblasting nor painting seems to discourage or obliterate the graffitti of generations of Univ ersity students. GRADE REPORTS With infallible regu- larity, grade reports are sent out at the end of each semester. How strange to see the fruits of an entire term summa- rized on a sheet of yellow paper. But there they are those sleepless nights, the suffering over a paper, the apathy or excitement over this or that course all abbreviated to " Gr. Pt. Avg. " and " Hours Undertaken Excl. Cr. " It seems to remind students that somewhere in a computer program, a personal record swells with a few more letters and numbers that repre- sent " education. " (See EXAMS). NAME OF STUDENT 016947 HRS T Point liT StKi.-, i - 4 6UC-LL HAVUR bti HIS 372M PKOSLMINAR HIS WRITING t D1T 2 12 OS Ul X J 321 PKOJLCTS IN PROFtSSIGNAL EXP 48315 02 3 A 12 GUV 370L THE PUL 1TICS OF PRES tLfcCT!UNS20515 04 v.uv 35a INTRO TO PUBLIC AOMINI STRA T 1 UN2 0495 0: 3 b 09 iUC 322 PKlNCiPLtS OF SuClULOGY 2 720 Oe 3 C Ob HOURS TRANSFERRED 000 HOURS 1 UNDERTAKEN MOUM UNOfKAMN (iCt ci 3. PASS 4. FAIL i Gl . PTS. 6. G. PT. AVG. COLUMN 6 EQUALS COLUMN 5 DIVIDED BY COLUMN 2. OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR PREVIOUS U T WORK " XT 110 107 110 26 5 2.477 CURRENT SEMESTER X 15 15 , 2 7 l.bOO CUMULATIVE U T WORK 125 125 122 US :9 i 2.393 125 TOTAL HOURS UNDERTAKEN INCLUDING TRANSFERRED WORK grade report 65 66 grass GRASS 1) A member of the family Gramineae, grass grew in abundance on vast sections of the University until recently. That grass which is not replaced by water fountains (flower beds) is tram- pled to death by students. 2) A slang term for the hemp plant marijuana, the dried leaves and flowers are smoked to induce euphoria. Grass is enjoyed in abundance around the University com- munity. (See ROACHES) GROUNDS Marigolds accompany foot- ball and fall, while masses of azaleas bloom with springtime, adding to the color of University grounds. Throughout the year seventy-six work- ers care for the campus greenery. Unfor- tunately, it would be necessary to double the workload of the crew to erase the effects of the footsteps that continually trample the grass. grounds 67 HOUSING One of the decisions facing University students is where to live. Dormitory living is the most restricted but has the advantages of prepared meals, maid service, and on-campus location. Advisors and dorm activities help the freshman adjust to University life. Recognizing the rights of 18-year- olds, regulations concerning curfew and drinking privileges were relaxed in all Uni- versity housing. Individuality was pro- moted as residents were allowed to paint and decorate their rooms as they wished. In contrast to dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses, co-ops, apartments and houses provided more independ- ence and privacy. Apartment complexes abounded north and west of campus and on Town Lake. Houses were hard to find as most were passed from friend to friend. Students living in apartments or houses were more self-disciplined because they faced the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and getting up in time to catch the shuttle to class. Each of the forms of housing was a unique experience. And each spring the student had to decide the type of experi- ence he wanted for the next year. oar 68 housing I housing 69 p calapa 70 holidays HOLIDAYS Five-day school weeks seem to stretch into eternity. Tempers flare, despair abounds and classes are cut more and more often as the days wear on. But relief from tension comes with the holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break or just those you declare for yourself. Time to pack up and head for the lakes or the beaches or home anywhere away from the reminder that there are books to read and papers to be written and no more holi- days for a very long time. m. taylor s. larrar holidays 7t 72 health center X Riest needed physician advance ctonces i sewess " ' acyarei HUM and an q Deration %Hos HEALTH CENTER The University Health Center is probably most students ' first contact with socialized medicine. Unlike having a private doctor, a stu- dent pays a fee of $4 per semester which entitles him to medical care as often as liS needed. Appointments with particular physicians must be made several days in advance or a student may take his chances with the doctor on duty. Other services such as the laboratory and phar- macy are available at reduced costs. The center has a 50-bed hospital unit and an operating suite. However, most operations are transferred to Bracken- ridge Hospital, including abortions, which are not performed due to their " non- emergency " nature. While medical services at the center are provided at a nominal cost, the imper- sonality of the system often causes many to doubt the Center ' s competence. HOME Although Thomas Wolfe said you can ' t go there again, home plays a vital part in a student ' s life as a center of security, money and influence. The stu- dent ' s concept of home changes as the focus of his life moves to Austin. He moves about in a different circle from high school and frequently his values are altered for a life-time. Nevertheless, hom- esickness is a crucial part of the fresh- man experience. Students can and do return home, but find it is never quite the same. HASSLES (See RED TAPE) hassles 73 ICE CREAM When the munchies strike, be it ten in the morning or 1 1 in the eve- ning, have we got a flavor for you. There ' s Paris Parfait, Hawaiian Pineapple and Tahitian Treat for those with a foreign flair, Christmas Candy and Bewitched for those special occasions and Champagne Grape Ice, Daquiri Ice and Rum Raisin for the alcoholics on the wagon. All these are guaranteed to tantalize even the most delicate of palates. (See DIETS). I.D. ' S " You ' re given a plastic-coated card at the start, and without it you can lose your identity (it can be replaced for a five dollar fee, however). Without it library books avoid you, checks frown upon you, games reject you. Treasure that glamorous picture . . . everyone else does. (See TICKETS). INTERVIEWS Your college career begins with an interview, as high school advisors prescribe schools and tests for the graduate-to-be. After pregraduation interviews come interviews during orien- tation, interviews with deans, interviews for University committees. College gradu- ation usually means the all-important job interview perhaps all the past inter- views make the big one somewhat easier. 74 ice cream -- . . s. tarrar JOGGING Nothing like a moon-lit, star- studded evening for a brisk invigorating lap around Memorial Stadium track. See them jogging, panting, sweating tall ones, short ones, fat ones (heavy on the fat ones), skinny ones, muscle-bound ones, weak ones. Doctors endorse it it ' s good for your heart, good for your legs, good for your health, but bad for the uphill climb the morning after. JACK ' S PARTY PICTURES " Candid " couples see blue dots between dances as Jack captures their talented poses. Jack is any man who hops from party to party snapping pictures of couples linked arm- in-arm with the standard inebriated grin and beer in hand. Coeds spend their allowance for dozens of Jack ' s photos. No occasion is complete without its Jack (or Fred or John or Bill or Jerry). JEANS As the essential element of any wardrobe, jeans are not only the most practical, but the most economical as well. After all, they don ' t get older, they just get better. (See BAGGIES). JUNIORS Between 60 and 90 hours, a student finds himself on an irrevocable course through the University. Suddenly with a degree check his life is planned, and for the first time the reality of gradua- tion looms ahead. Being a junior also means finally having those smaller upper- division classes available. Courses in his major become more specialized and departmental professors seem more familiar. By the third year or the 60th hour (whichever comes first,) most students have become an integral part of the Uni- versity, perhaps not mastering it, but at least being able to cope with its prob- lems. juniors 75 KIDS Kids are seen on campus running naked on the Union patio or playing in the grass. For University students who live in an almost entirely 18- to 22-year-old environment, kids are a reminder of the real world, parents and all the carefree innocence of being a child. LUNCH Lunch is an essential moment of rest in any student ' s day. It not only offers refreshment, but also is often the student ' s first opportunity to relax and read The Texan. It can be a chance to catch up with an old friend or to rendez- vous with a new love. And the varieties of lunch are as numerous as the types of companions. Whether it be a Salvation Sandwich, a hamburger by Gourmet or a tempting half of a Schlotzsky ' s, lunch is something to look forward to all morning and reflect on all afternoon. I MAILlS ngforst named t 76 kids RULIHG CLASS UCKY MAN! ALCOLM MCDOWE NO MIDNITE SHOWS MAIL Students race to mailboxes look- ing for some bit of correspondence. But invariably the letter or magazine is addressed to a roommate or a previous resident. The lack of mail could be blamed on increasing postal rates, but the fact remains that " in order to get let- ters, you have to write letters. " There are few University student who will admit they are too lazy to take the initiative. However, there are some mailboxes that receive a letter every day from a sweetheart or folding money from home. Unfortunately, the average student receives nothing more than the phone bill and army recruitment information. MONEY Just as the monthly bills are paid, and the student checking account has a chance to balance itself with a little extra left over, a statement comes in the mail for semester ' s worth of library fines or a professor announces four extra books to buy. Suddenly, the balance dips and the student receives a stack of checks stamped " insufficient funds. " Money shortages are not always so drastic. The end of the month usually brings shoppers running short of cash. Dates become walks to the capital or eve- nings of television at home. Dining out becomes less extravagant or nonexistent. But, somehow the student manages on pennies until the first of the month when the cycle starts all over again. MOVIES The University becomes a veri- table Broadway each night as the local " picture shows " open their doors. Class- rooms by day and theatres by night, cam- pus auditoriums fill with students looking for relaxation or simply an excuse not to study. Various campus film committees offer classic and first-run films to students at nominal prices. While learning who " Rosebud " is, campus film-goers also have a convenient, relatively inexpensive means of relaxing. movies 77 MEDIA The opening of the new Com- munication Complex at 26th and Whitis was a media milestone for the University. Controversy over the aesthetic appear- ance of the television production building raged in letters to The Texan. The complex also created a permanent base for homeless communication majors whose classes had been previ- ously scattered all over campus. The facility provides studio space for the pro- gramming needs of KLRN-TV and KUT- FM. Now centralized in the largest commu- nication center in Texas, the University print and electronic media combine to form an extensive network of communi- cations for thousands of University stu- dents and Central Texas residents. 78 media THE DAILY TEXAN TEI, Union To Avert media 79 MARRIED STUDENTS Some people believe that two can live as cheaply as one. Thus, they leave their single careers to tackle the institution of marriage as well as the University. Married Student housing provides them with cheap rent while the couple studies or works or both. As husband and wife, they are suppos- edly ideal roommates, providing each other with moral support and compas- sion. MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Cries of " pass the pitcher " were common as the Monday night football habit hit campus. Armchair quarterbacks huddled around television sets in bars, dorms, fraternity houses and apartments to catch a glimpse of their NFL favorites in action. MUSIC Rumored to be the new Nash- ville, Austin may be coming of age in the music industry. Local musicians Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Murphy and Ken- neth Threadgill are using Austin as a recording center. Willie Nelson ' s Fourth of July Birthday Party in Dripping Springs drew national attention. The growing number of folk-rock clubs is making Aus- tin a center of " blue grass " music. Between entertainment promoters Rod Kennedy Presents and the Texas Union Cultural Entertainment Committee, there are regular performances by local and touring musicians. In addition to concerts, music enthusi- asts have a variety of sources such as stereo equipment and records in which to invest their time and money. On campus, music flows from the cello student in Music Building East to folk concerts on the Union Patio. Melodies bounce off the walls and stairwells of the Texas Union as pianists plunk out familiar favorites. Students are surrounded by music. I miller Jerry Jeff Walker 80 married students NO SMOKING As in the past, no smok- ing signs were in every building on cam- pus and even on shuttle buses. Medical reports continued to be published illus- trating the dangers of smoking. And, as before, smokers continued to smoke. One difference, however, was that non- smokers became increasingly concerned with smokers fouling the air they shared. In early spring, University Texans United for Rights of Nonsmokers (UTURN) was formed on campus and succeeded in convincing the Texas Union to set aside smoking areas. An opposing group, the Organization for Committing Suicide in a Socially Acceptable Manner (OCSSAM) agreed with UTURN that smokers should be courteous to others in crowded, closed places. However, the group recognized that smokers had certain rights also. With the confrontation between UTURN and OCSSAM, the issue of smok- ing became not only one of health, but also one of individual rights. NO. 2 PENCILS Like your ID and social security number, a No. 2 pencil is an essential ingredient for any campus survi- val kit. (See RED TAPE). OU The rain which drenched the Cot- ton Bowl prior to the Texas-OU clash turned into sunshine for the game, but Longhorn fans left with dampened spirits after the Sooners won 52-1 3. Nevertheless, fans found the Texas State Fair, surrounding the Cotton Bowl, to be a " quick picker upper " as they rode carnival rides, played games of skill and chance and tried to forget the game. p, calapa and j. miller 82 ou " After the game, we ' ll meet you at Big Tex ou 83 ORIENTATION They come in carloads, future freshmen scouting the campus for the first time. Stomach tied in knots, sur- rounded by unfamiliar people and things, the collegian-to-be registers, gets his agenda and is assigned a room. Climbing those steps to a cold, blank room for the first time, the University seems big enough to swallow anyone. Suddenly, a sheltered high school graduate is thrust into a world of survival of the fittest. The incoming freshman is showered with placement tests, advice from older students and University administrators, IBM cards and new ideas. Orientation is an introduction to dorm food, waiting in lines, University red tape and legends of the Forty Acres. It is a time to meet new faces, to make new friends. It is time to establish a new home, to grow up. Orientation is a freshman ' s look at a new world, the University. (See FRESHMEN). 84 orientation PLANTS The atmosphere of a dorm room can be transformed into a home with the addition of a few green plants. As the hobby of the year, plants have appeared in abundance in offices and dorm windows. They add a sense of per- manence to a temporary lifestyle. And the retailing business is blooming. Nurseries offer free plants to lure custom- ers to buy their more exotic ones. Drag vendors add little clay pots with baby sprouts to their imports from Mexico. There is no end to the way a student can spend his extra cash buying sprays and soils and food and books and atomizers and fertilizers . - buying Mote and PARKING The mad scramble for the week ' s parking begins early Monday morning, as University faculty, staff and students face the problems of finding a parking space. In frustration, many resort to yellow curbs or loading zones. After weeks of searching, the permit holder thinks he has discovered a lot known only to himself. But he soon finds it fenced off as the site of a new library. For those illegal parkers who ignore the pink tickets that gather on their windshields, the day comes when a bill arrives for $90 worth of traffic violations. These hazards are just some of the problems that occur when cars out-num- ber spaces. The combination of gas shortages and parking hassles are caus- ing more commuters to ride shuttle buses or carpool to campus. (See TICKETS). POPCORN A must for University sur- vival is the ever-present graduation gift of the popcorn popper. The popper is multi- purpose whether it be for popping corn or for heating a can of chili when dorm food can no longer be tolerated. (See AMUSEMENT). popcorn 87 QUIET MINUTES At a time of day when the sunlight sits on the trees, the leaves look like all the green lights you ever missed beckoning you on and on to find a quiet place and stay awhile. The quiet creeps into your spirit and settles in your soul as the shadows gather all around and entice you to lin- ger. The quiet minutes take over and for a little while in your corner of the campus, you are content and all the hassles that are the University are forgotten. s. german Archeology students pause during a dig. faculty a however RED TAPE From an objective point of view, the University of Texas seems an efficient package containing students, faculty and administrators. A student, however, is a subjective beast who loathes computer cards, registration forms, fee receipts and number 2 pencils. This package, which some administrators boast about and some students bitch about, is conveniently tied together with lots of red tape. This red tape is a bother but it seems to be the only way a campus with 40,000 students can function smoothly. (See HASSLES) RESEARCH When the dinner dishes are finally cleared away, the student must face at last that pile of library books and stack of old Newsweeks, from which he must write a research paper. Research is one of the fundamental aspects separating a university from a college. Research, generally, is described in terms of cures for diseases or splitting atoms, although it is an essen- tial part of any University student ' s curric- ulum, regardless of discipline. Who can forget those long hours spent over that first term paper, with trips to the library, indecipherable notecards and innumerable rough drafts. The prospect of compiling notes and rewrites into a presentable paper complete with foot- notes and a bibliography has occasion- ally driven students to purchase pages of prepared " quality " research. For some students, research serves as just another obstacle to graduation, while for others it may be the beginning of a career. (See A.C.) ROACHES 1) The most primitive of winged insects, roaches are everywhere. They ' re in apartments, dorms and water fountains. No matter what may be done to get rid of them, they always seem to come back. 2) The butt-end of a mari- juana cigarette. Since joints don ' t come with filter tips, a clip is used so fingers won ' t get burned. (See GRASS) RELAXA make no Classes n s. (arrar 90 relaxalion RELAXATION Fountains turned off make no summer music, and the noise of other people continually increases. When classes never seem to end and assign- ments leave you farther and farther behind, it ' s time to get away and relax time to go to a place where you don ' t have to compete for your square yard of grass or your piece of the sky. Take to the lakes, look to the clouds, try almost any- thing to get away from the traffic of 40,000 people on 40 acres of land. p. calapa p calapa relaxation 91 SPEAKERS College campuses serve as a forum for speakers and lecturers, pro- viding a youfhful audience eager to listen. Politicans recognize this fact, and avidly seek the publicity from their campus appearances. Both students and speak- ers may profit from resulting cross-fire debates that stimulate new ideas in the best academic tradition. Stokley Carmichael Ira Pad Sen. Ralph Yarborough David Halberstam Elliot Richardson 92 speakers Tennessee Williams Vance Packard Jane Fonda Rep. Sarah Weddington John Henry Faulk speakers 93 SENIOR After four years of classes, the senior has usually mastered the art of maximizing learning while minimizing effort. After graduation, he often finds himself in a peculiar predicament. Life- directing decisions that have been shrouded by the certainties of University life, must now be made concerning careers. Thoughts of the real world and independence, once childhood fantasies, take on new and threatening proportions. Somewhere between a battery of tests and interviews for graduate school or a job, the senior finds at least a partial answer to his problems. As his new future begins to take shape, he can find relief from the thought of no more quizzes, deans or preregistration. SHUTTLE BUSES The abbreviations of the names of University shuttle bus routes may easily confuse the uninitiated. Boarding the wrong bus may mean end- ing up in East Austin or West Avenue rather than West Lynn. Austin ' s network of shuttle bus routes, mastered by a dar- ing group of drivers, converges upon the University campus. Because of an ineffi- cient Austin mass transit system, the shuttles provide an economic and energy-saving alternative for students. SOPHOMORE The freshman year is one of discovery, but a somewhat more confident sophomore returns to school and enters the first stage of decision- making which may affect the rest of his life. I They may pro " soptm evolve fn school (x fthse tie most START " Space lounges, " StaiTrj yaoun They; tee to! i miller 94 senior , ' The pressures of deciding what to do may produce what is commonly called " sophomore slump. " The " slump " may evolve from visions of two more years of school or being alone with the decision of which sequence of courses will lead to the most satisfying life. Decision-making is a common problem facing students perhaps felt hardest during the sophomore year. STAR TREK AND SOAP OPERAS " Space ... the final frontier " calls stu- dents from the carrels of the AC to the TV lounges of the Union to view yet another " Star Trek " rerun. Avid fans halt all activ- ity (even the circulation of their " Bring Back Star Trek " petitions) as the Starship Enterprise is daily launched on its five- year outer space mission. They are matched in devotion only by those followers of daytime soap operas. Sacrificing lunch for " All My Children " and 2 p.m. classes for " General Hospital, " they immerse themselves in fictional problems to escape their own. Soap opera fanatics ignore those who consider soaps a waste of time; they real- ize that " Like sands through the hour- glass, so are the days of our lives. " STREAKING February ' s prematurely warm weather was the starting cue for University streakers. The first few brave souls who darted down hallways snow- balled into crowds gathering on malls for afternoon streaks. Encouraged by stu- dents ' spring fever, streaks occured in unexpected places, such as classrooms and dorm lobbies. Group streaking, or at least watching, reached a climax when large crowds gathered between Jester and Moore-Hill Dorms for three consecutive nights in March to watch all forms and fashions of the streaking art. These streaks proved to be a photographer ' s delight, for both policemen and students. Crowds were entertained by tricks on bikes and various other high jinks. Spectator ' s enthusiasm was so great that University officials dis- persed the crowds with mace and arrested several of the midnight streak- ers. Although Texas set no streaking records, the University ' s claim to fame in the annals of streaking was achieved as a would-be streaker almost destroyed the composure of CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite during a campus speech. Enthusiasm with the craze disappeared as rapidly as the warm weather. Upcom- ing midterms and the threat of arrest also contributed to the growing lack of inter- est. Perhaps the main reason for the streaking decline was boredom with the whole thing. After all, when you ' ve seen one, you ' ve seen ' em all. (See CRISIS). SUMMER SCHOOL Many students think of summer school as easy living. After adjusting to the routine of morning classes every day, students branch out in search of afternoons in the sun, followed by quiet sunsets at Chappel Hill and eve- nings on the town. Classes are more relaxed in their requirements as teachers try to squeeze four months of knowledge into six weeks. It ' s a great time for catch- ing up on re-runs and extra reading. summer school 95 STUDENT SERVICES On August 27, 1 973, the University lost its legal duty of in loco parentis toward the student. How- ever, meeting the physical and mental needs of the student remained an impor- tant function of the University. The responsibility of meeting these needs is delegated to the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, which sponsors a variety of programs scattered throughout the campus appropriately titled " student services. " Whether it is psychological counseling, a $75 emer- gency loan, job placement or the location of some obscure campus building, stu- dents can usually find some assistance for their problems. But the prospect for coming years, without mandatory student funding for these projects, looks bleak. Crystal City high school students learn about the University through Project Info. 96 student services 7 TOWER As a symbol of the University, the Tower is a reminder of college life, whether it is the orange glow of victory or the scene of too many tragic leaps. The Tower clock ' s face, dimly lit due to the energy crisis, remains one of the focal points of the campus. Even when the Tower itself is not visible, the chimes at each quarter hour tell the time. Since 1967, Thomas Anderson, direc- tor of foreign student admissions, has played ten minutes of Tower chime music at 1 2:50 p.m. In the short concert, Ander- son elaborates on the day ' s mood or resorts to favorite tunes. Unlike so many computerized aspects of the University, human hands are responsible for the music. Thomas Anderson. lower 97 TAPPING A sudden hush falls over the noisy dining room as costumed groups search for the select few. A gentle tap on a surprised shoulder, a rose or a hand- shake greet the newest member. TELEPHONES Despite rising utility rates, no shortages of phones seemed to develop in the University community. The " travel by long distance " song enticed students to make calls that proved devastating to their checkbooks. Private dorms initiated a new system of plug-in phones in conjunction with Southwestern Bell. Students could pick up and install their own phones after pay- ing a $3 deposit. Apartment and house dwellers still had to rely on getting their phones installed at the company ' s con- venience. Days often mounted into : ' -. " v . ' lie await Friday " classes z 98 lapping weeks before students received their phones. Despite the costs and occasional lack of services, Ma Bell seems indispensable to most University students. T.G.I.F. Thank God It ' s Friday and time to bury the books. It ' s time to celebrate the end of another week and announce the arrival of a hell-raising week-end. Friday marks the beginning and the end of many things. For many it ' s the end of a five-day work week and the start of a three-day party. It ' s the end of days of classes and the beginning of days of lei- sure. Friday is a time to forget that Mon- day is ultimately just around the corner. (See WEEK-ENDS). TICKETS " A paper slip or card indicat- ing that the holder has paid for or is enti- tled to a specific service. " All forms and fashions of the above definition are essential in order to attend any University function. Everything from placement tests to athletic and cultural events require some form of ticket. Like everything else at the University, tickets are always drawn by standing in a long line. Of course, a blanket tax is a ticket in itself. It enables a student to attend home football games and most University-spon- sored events free of charge. Students who park on campus are familiar with other kinds of tickets. That pink slip tucked neatly behind a windshield wiper is the price many stu- dents pay the University for borrowing a loading zone or an " A " parking slot. TRANSPORTATION The frustration of waiting endlessly for the arrival of a packed shuttle bus is equaled only to cir- cling a ' C ' lot for a vacant parking space. A bicycle may seem best for getting from place to place, though empty bike racks become harder to find as the number of bicycles multiplies. Walking remains the most common way to get from class to class, though a student may suffer occa- sional bruises from falls and collisions. Busy moments between classes bring congestion and confusion, heated words and apologies, as students employ all modes of transportation in their rush to get from place to place. transportation 99 UMBRELLAS It ' s a belief that only two things are needed to survive a year at the University nerves of iron and an umbrella. Black tops mushroom along with the showers and become a bumping sea of clumsiness. They turn and mock you by mid-afternoon as the sun comes out and the morning ' s protection becomes the afternoon ' s burden. Naturally, you can never beat the odds. Leaving your umbrella behind in a cloud- heavy day is an open invitation for thun- derstorms and lightening. UFOS Long a subject of controversy, UFOs recently became news again after reports from across the country claimed everything from landings to abductions. Texans in various cities reported spider crafts, flying " astrodomes " and silent pancakes. In the hills outside Austin the Association for the Understanding of Man instituted a project called " Project Star- light International " for the purpose of attracting and studying UFOs. Reports of UFOs were termed by vari- ous news figures as " crazy, " flights of fancy, mis-perceptions of physical phe- nomena and downright lies. One sug- gested cause of the increase in sightings was that they were a result of " a need by Americans for diversion from scandals at home and wars abroad. " In spite of the unreliable sources of much information, man continues to be intrigued with the idea of " little green men " from outer space and will probably continue to gaze at the stars. UNION Providing a stopping place between classes, the Union is the " some- thing-for-everyone " spot on campus. A free phone, a homemade muffin and stimulating conversation make the Union the campus " living room. " m taylor 100 umbrellas VENDING MACHINES The frustrations of poor selection and faulty equipment associated with a finicky vending machine may be enough to drive a stu- dent to four-letter words or violence to an inanimate object. His anger may be diminished by the promptness with which Campus Services, Inc., returns the quar- ter consumed by their machine. VOLUNTEERS The idealism of many colleg ' e students may be fulfilled in part by volunteer work. By giving to others, a student may help change the world, or at least make it a nicer place to live. Inter-Service Council volunteers beautify the Waller Creek area volunteers 101 WEATHER After an uneventful winter, disappointed coeds returned their new winter coats to the moth balls after only one or two outings. With the nation ' s low energy stockpiles, perhaps the undra- matic winter was a lucky break. With the early reinstatement of Daylight Savings Time in January, students often left home in the dark concerning the day ' s weather conditions. February ' s record high temperatures encouraged early tans and streakers. Spring Break and the coast were highlighted by sum- mer-like weather all over Texas. WEEKENDS Weekends usually start on Friday afternoons and last until Sunday evening, though for some students the semester is an eternal weekend. These weekly holidays are times to cel- ebrate, hours to catch up on the studies, opportunities to travel or chances for the inevitable three-day drunk. Whether the activities are planned or impromptu, the weekend is a two-day respite from classes. Weekends are what weeks are for. c. j. Simmons 102 weather XENOPHOBIA The word can be roughly defined as a fear of strange or unfamiliar people and or places. It seems to be a relatively widespread affliction at the University and may be most evident among freshmen and transfer students. The size of the school and the bewilder- ing diversity of people and lifestyles con- tribute heavily to the perpetration of a mild form of this phobia. XEROX copier It is hard to imagine how students ever survived before the invention of copy machines. For only a nickel or two, students are able to have copies made of notes, papers, transcripts or even fee receipts. YESTERDAY A vague consciousness of things left undone draws the mind back to yesterday and the regrets or memories of time vanished. Forced by the demands of college and society to live in a world of tomorrow, the rebellious mind may wander and return to the echos of yesterday. ZILKER PARK When the heat from the cement and the dust from the construc- tion begins to overpower the senses, it ' s time to head to Zilker where trees cast shade on weary spirits. More than just a park, Zilker has become a mecca for sun worshippers, soccer players, kite flyers, swimmers and people planning garden weddings. V ? w zilker park 1 05 FEATURES CONCLUSION The story behind 1974 for 40,000 University stu- dents is not simple enough to tell in twenty or thirty events. The uniqueness of the year is that every student has lived his own story. Thus, the focus of this year ' s features section has not been so much on the " events " but on the con- cepts behind the events. It is an ency- clopedic reference, a maze of words and pictures that the reader can assimilate and color as his own features. i 06 conclusion i] edited by bill scott t been so limelight- 107 -. BELOW: A member of the 1972 Texas Intercolle- giate Debate championship team, LARRY A. CAMPAGNA also served on the President ' s Ad Hoc Committee on Job Placement. Chairperson of the Student Committee on Orientation Proce- dures (SCOOP), he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the Friars Society. ABOVE: Vice President of Orange Jackets and a member of Mortar Board, KATHY FREELAND also edited the Greek Section of the 1 973 CAC- TUS. A December graduate in special education, she served as 1 st Vice President of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and was active in Spooks. RIGHT: 1973-74 Student Government President SANDY KRESS was also the chairperson of both University Common Cause and the Cultural Entertainment Committee of the Texas Union. A law student from Dallas, he served as Vice Chair- person of the Texas Union Board of Directors and was a member of the Travis County Advisory Committee to the Texas Constitutional Revision Commission. Woo Art ?CfrC 1 08 outstanding students . LARRY A. outstanding students LEFT: An original organizer of TexPIRG and a Lit- tlefield Dormitory advisor, MARION RUTH BENT- LEY served on the Texas Union Ideas and Issues Committee. The senior government major was also a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and Mortar Board. A 1 974 Phi Beta Kappa member, LANE C. DeCAMP also served as President of the Capitol Bicycle Racing Association. The senior Plan II major was a member of Phi Kappa Phi, a Junior Fellow in 1 973-74, and a member of the XIII Inter- national Congress of Genetics held at Berkeley, California, in August, 1973. A junior Plan II major, LAURA FLY chaired the Texas Union Arts and Theatre Committee and was Scholar- ship Co-Chairperson of Pi Beta Phi sorority. A member of Orange Jackets and Mortar Board, she was honored as a Junior Fellow, receiving a grant for the study of modern dance. outstanding students 1 09 RIGHT: Student Government Vice President GAPPY McGARR also served as 1 972-73 Presi- dent of Kappa Alpha fraternity. A member of the Friars Society and the Texas Union Board of Directors, he was active on the Ex-Students ' Association Executive Council. r ABOVE: Named as a Dad ' s Association Outstand- ing Student in October, 1973, GREG BLACKLEY was active in The Blacks and Project Info. A mem- ber of Alpha Phi Omega, he served as a delegate to the 5th annual National Black Science Students Organization convention. RIGHT: President of Mortar Board and a two-year Resident Assistant at Dobie, DONNA L. CEGEL- SKI served on the Texas Exes Student Advisory Board. A University Orientation Advisor in 1973, she was also a member of Kappa Delta Pi. outstanding students LEFT: Secretary of Tejas Club and Vice President of Eta Sigma Phi, CAL CHANEY also chaired the special programs committee of the Humanities Council. The junior English major was active in Phi Kappa Phi and served in the Student Senate. BELOW LEFT: A Student Senator from the Gradu- ate School, DAVID B. MEAD also served as Presi- dent of Royal Order of the UT in 1972-73. A three year Orientation Advisor, he was active in Omi- cron Delta Kappa and the Student Committee on Orientation Procedures (SCOOP). BELOW: A member of Orange Jackets and Mortar Board, senior German major SHIRL WORCESTER was also Vice President of Cordettes. A member of the Humanities Council, she worked as a Resi- dent Assistant at Corothers. outstanding students outstanding students 111 RIGHT: Chairperson of the Student Government Election Committee in 1 973-74 and a member of the University Bicentennial Committee, ALAN BEYCHOK also served on the Texas Union Aca- demic Affairs Committee. A senior mechanical engineering student, he did volunteer work for the Texas Department of Public Welfare and was undergraduate representative to the UT Center for Teaching Effectiveness. BELOW: A 1974 Rhodes Scholar nominee, MICHAEL JOSEPH SHEARN served on the Texas Union Ideas and Issues Committee for two years. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, he was active in Tejas Club and participated in the UT-Peru Exchange Program in 1 972. BELOW RIGHT: Spring 1974 Managing Editor of the Daily Texan JOHN YEMMA served on the Communication Council and was active in Sigma Delta Chi. A three-year staffer with The Texan, he worked as copy editor, wire editor, legislative reporter and news assistant. IUSG dertottt served as 2 112 outstanding students BELOW: Recipient of the Outstanding Engineer- ing Leadership Award in 1973 and a former CAC- TUS Goodfellow, PHILIP CHARLES GROUSE was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. Vice Presi- dent of the Student Engineering Council, he also served as a Student Senator. outstanding students ABOVE: A former CACTUS Goodfellow, ANDREA SI DOR was also a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Mortar Board. A psychology and education major, she worked with the Student Committee on Orientation Procedures (SCOOP) and was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. LEFT: Senior goverment major JERRY ARCH BELL served as a delegate to the 1 974 Assembly of American Colleges Symposium on " Choosing the President. " A member of Phi Eta Sigma and Pi Sigma Alpha, he served as an intramural team manager and was active on the Texas Union Speaker ' s Committee. outstanding students 113 Former Outstanding Students Still in School Catherine Elaine Alleman Emily Fields Anderson Henry Clifton Avery Saba Jack Balagia William Dixon Benson Murray Lee Cohen William Dan Driscoll Ronald Glenn Franklin Zia Ann Gipson Mark Gideon Goode Virginia Christine Guess Martha Ann Hill William McKee Kazmann Pamela Diane Mayo Richard W. Meyer David Meyer Mincberg Robert E. Pennington Gary Michael Polland David Leslie Powell Thomas Wayne Rioux Theodore Jerome Sift James Burleson Smith Jerome Ernest Sneed Ardell Taylor Ronnie Ray Volkening John Tulles Wells Gwendolyn Faye Wilson Susan Leigh Winterringer 1974 ABOVE RIGHT: A member of the Board of Advo- cates and recipient of the Consul Award, law stu- dent BRADLEY ARTHUR JACKSON was a mem- ber of the Student Court. A teaching quizmaster, he served as a class officer. ABOVE: A three-year Dean ' s List honoree and member of Omicron Delta Kappa, PATRICIO GONZALEZ was also Service Vice President for Alpha Phi Omega. A member of the Texas Union Academic Affairs Committee, he was active in Phi Kappa Phi. f Recipient of a scholarship from the Texas Soci- ety of Architects and a 1974-75 Student Senator, ROBERT G. IKEL also served on the Architecture Student Council. A teaching assistant for three faculty members in the School of Architecture, he received the Lola Wright scholarship. M4 outstanding students 1974goodfellows xasSoci- SenaB, Jane Alice Anderson Orange Jackets, president Pi Beta Phi, president Ideas and Issues Committee Pat Owen Macken APO, president Blood Drive Vice-Co- ordinator Election Commission, president Susie Stoler The CACTUS, section editor The Daily Texan, news assistant . Mortar Board Deborah Bonita Stephens Gary Joe Wolff Tau Beta Pi Student Engineering Council Resident Assistant, Jester Lou Elizabeth Coffey Mortar Board Phi Beta Kappa Women ' s Residence Halls Government, president Spooks Orange Jackets Delta Sigma Theta Becky Hurley Lyndie Blevms Alpha Delta Pi Orange Jackets 1 974 Orientation Advisor Nelda Wilson GDE The CACTUS, section editor Upperclass Advisor Cordettes 1 973 Orientation Advisor Orange Jackets 1974goodtellows 115 1974 goodfellows Janet Larson Education Council Gamma Phi Beta Student Senator Lee Grace Sigma Delta Chi TSP Board Pi Kappa Alpha Maurice C. Holden Phi Eta Sigma Social Behavioral Council Student-Faculty Parking and Traffic Panel Linda Weiner Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta United Jewish Appeal Ray M. Bruyere TexPIRG Board of Directors Social Behavioral Council, vice president Government Honors Program Enos Roger Stewart Phi Beta Kappa Navy ROTC, executive officer Alpha Kappa Psi, treasurer David F. Gloyna Eta Kappa Nu Student Senator Student Engineering Council Robin Richardson Pi Beta Phi 1 974 Outstanding Business Student Ideas and Issues Committee 116 1974 goodtellows Nancy Suggs Mortar Board Alpha Xi Delta Panhellenic Council Brad Lollar Sigma Chi Student Senator Ideas and Issues Committee Claire Charlton The CACTUS, section editor Alpha Delta Pi Cordettes Martha Kinard The Daily Texan, city editor Constitutional Convention intern Student Government Education Committee 1974 CACTUS, editor-in- chief Orange Jackets Women in Communication Janie Strauss 1 974-75 Texas Union Program Council, coordinator Phi Beta Kappa Orange Jackets Bill Scott 1974 CACTUS, associate editor Ideas and Issues Committee UT Ski Club Linda Crocker Kappa Kappa Gamma Student Senator Social Behavioral Council 1974goodfellows 117 1974goodfellows Terree Bowers Alpha Phi Omega Wrestling Club Student Living Accommodations Committee James Reinhart Alpha Phi Omega Inter-Service Council, chairperson Orientation Advisor Melanie Mauser Spooks Orange Jackets 1 974 CACTUS, section editor Jan Boynton Orientation Advisor Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Board, secretary Louis Stool Posse Texas Cowboys Zeta Beta Tau Joe Bloom Student Senator 1 974 Orientation Advisor Alpha Phi Omega Deborah Stanton Alpha Kappa Alpha Afro-American Culture Committee, chairperson Orientation Advisor John K. Boyce University Council Phi Beta Kappa Texas Constitutional Convention, intern 118 1974 goodlellows Former! IfcMAl := ai ' . ' : i. -K;:- - -; : --- :- -..-. :-:. Joanne L. Duerr Junior Fellow article published in Behavioral Research Journal Lesa Raschke Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice President Mortar Board French Club Bruce Wolbrette Delta Sigma Pi CBA Council Outstanding Business Student Charles Reeder Beta Alpha Psi Tejas Club Student-Faculty Library Committee Alfonso Soliz Tau Beta Pi Army ROTC Drill Team, commander Engineering Fellow Dana Bess Davis Tau Beta Pi Alpha Phi Panhellenic Council Former Goodfellows Still in School " N Michael Preston Adams Marilyn Janet Dreiseszun Virginia Christine Guess Karen Deborah Nichols Deborah Jo Smith John August Adkins Robert Wilson Drewry Scott Ingersoll Harmon Carl Stephen Parker James Burleson Smith Saba Jack Balagia Richard E. Ewing Michael Don Hutchison Carolyn Vaughn Perkins Samuel Eugene Stubbs Mary Jo Beeson Artie Ann Fielder William McKee Kazmann Charles Ray Porter Charles E. Vinson Leslie Ann Benitez Margaret Mary Flanagan Christopher An-Tung Lin David Leslie Powell Ronnie Ray Volkening Gregory Don Blackley Frank Crawford Fleming Barbara Ann Linch William James Quails Angelica Silvia Volterra Margaret L. Blair Deirdre Zoe Fotescu James William Little Max Otto Reinbach Stephen Craig Walls Martha Jowell Blanchette Paul Joseph Franzetti Bonnie Cummins Lucas Juan Isidro Reyes Robert Daniel Watkins Therese G. Brendler Kathy Freeland Vicki Lee Mahaffey Patsy Rubio William George West William Alexander Brock Jose Antonio Garcia Sarah Sherman Martin Frank Barlow Rynd Marsha Lynne Westfall Robert Luther Collins Mark Gideon Goode Pamela Diane Mayo Michael Joseph Shearn Stanley Raymon Wiedeman David Mark Cordell Thomas William Gormick Nancy Marion McClellan Andrea Maria Sidor Nancy Ann Woodward Philip Charles Grouse Diane Elaine Gorzycki Richard Wayne Meyer Trudy Kier Skiff Klaylea Kay Zwiebel w_ J 1974goodfelk ws 119 university sweetheart Barb Bailey, finalist t X Becky Butler, finalist LAP Foster, University Sweetheart Janie Strauss, finalist Lezlie Weber, finalist 1 20 university sweetheart student government special interest organizations professional organizations military honorary organizations greeks V ' student government special interest organizations professional organizations military honorary organizations greeks edited by randy edwards a 3 (Q O (D student government - 121 student government sandy kress president cappy mcgarr vice-president This year our primary effort has been to get Stu- dent Government on its feet as a strong advocate of student interests both in the University and in the Austin community. Our major challenge this term has been to shape Student Government so that we could do more than take sides on the vital issues. By broadening student participation, we sought to place an effective student stamp on every deci- sion that had some critical bearing on the affairs that concerned students. Student Government offered many new, valua- ble student services. We brought about consider- ation of academic reforms and made progress on proposals concerning women ' s affairs and minor- ity recruitment. We lobbied diligently for student interests in the City Council, State Legislature, and Congress. We worked to protect the environ- ment, consumer interests and increased student input at every level of University decision-making. There is much that can be done to make this University and this community truly excellent. If we have by our work and by the organization that we have established made it easier to reach the lofty goals we share, I am content with our work. Yet, in every real sense, the task lies ahead. ' 1 22 student government I feel confident that in some small way I was able to effect a degree of change that would pro- vide a permanent legacy for those who would fol- low in Student Government. The establishment of a University Day Care Center was certainly a step in the right direction. Even more significant, perhaps, was the student input on the West Mall construction controversy. It would seem that after too many years of cam- pus unrest, students and administrators may once again work together in an atmosphere of reason and understanding. If we are able to leave behind us a small degree of tolerance and understanding I feel we have certainly accomplished more than others. As I began my campaign for office almost a year ago, my campaign literature clearly outlined my perspective of student government. " Student Government should, in essence, be a service organization that is a viable entity to each and every student. I will concern myself with the immediate University community, dealing primar- ily in services and problems which affect the aver- age student as he walks the campus and moves about the Austin community. " ... A year later, my concept of student gov- ernment remains only partially intact. We did accomplish much: we should have accomplished more. administrative assistants larry rubenstein cathy brannon sandy shtofman financial director student government 1 23 student government committees The Foreign Studies Referral Center advised students of education opportunities abroad. euuuauon Rebecca Hurley Margaret Ann Kassen political resolutions Wayne W. Johnson Gail Margaret Lampert Alan Micheal Beychock chairperson Loyce Lee Bates Barbara Kay Belcher Joseph Marvin Bloom Julie Anne Booty Donna Patsy Brockie Laura Marie Bufano Melinda Lou Cutchin David G. Edmondson Alfredo Esteban Alan Sanford Gerger Marguerite Gilles Steven Harris Gold Alan Wayne Goldsberry Marilyn Lou Grooms Edmond Keith Gullick Beverly E. Hammond Margaret Ellen Hamner Deborah Jo Haskovec Bruce Read Hotze Janet Kay Hunter Martha Elaine Kinard William Austin Ligon Barbara Ann Linen Charisse Locke Sheila Nancy Marcks Sarah Barton Moore Dale Nelson Elizabeth Ann Nolan Randall Scott Nunnelly Janelle Mikal Odom Carolyn Dianne Ragsdale Susan Beth Reed Robin Rene Richter Howard Walder Rosenblum Suzanne Abbey Shapiro Allyn Jo Silver Duane Garrett Simmons Stephanie A. Steffler Martha Mary Sweeney Ann Harriet Swiren Christine D. Taylor John Standridge White Eshel Bar-Adon chairperson Juan Francisco Aguilera Donald Bruce Baillio Franklin S. Blalock Dwight H. Bloomquist Randy Lee Brock Randy Clay Burgess Kerry Noble Cammack Robert Paul Dees Marilou DeleCriox John Scott Denko Robert Wilson Drewry Janet Marie Garza Avis Geer Paul Kamsler Gordon David Mauldin Gullick Toby Lynn Hafkin Ferrell Stephen Hall Knox Brown Hughes Derek Byron Jeffers Michael W. Lattimore Charley Jacob Levine Maurice Noel Levy Royal Andrew Masset Blair Howard Portnoy Catherine L. Pressler Barry E. Putterman Guy Russell Roberts Mark Darrell Roberts Judy Ann Rosenblum Marshall W. Thrailkill Robert Paul Selden Joseph Randall Trybus Harold A. Tynan Gary Alan Udashen John Martin Vernon Paul C. Waller Craig Alan Wilkins Carla Beth Willson ; " ' ' =? AnneC. Whittington Reid Carroll Wilson Pamela Kay Wotipka ' 24 student government committees organized student services A resource library provided information at the Women ' s Conference. Rep. Sarah Weddington, Jane Mickey, TWPC president, and Atty. Jane Wells spoke at the conference. university policies Edward Stanley Knight chairperson Charles Allen Bashour Richard Vincent Breidenbach Randy Lee Brock Leon Olander Butner Claire E Charlton Jules Mayer Delaunne Thomas Folios Drakos Mary Margaret Flynn Edward Freeman Frank Billy Neal Graham Elinor Virginia Hart Pamela Anne Holt Mark Langdale Jean Page Lenzner James E. McCann George Micheal Mealy Mary Murtaugh Bobby Doyle Penton John Howard Peper Joe A. Pitzinger Wade T. Proctor Lee Robert Sandolski Frank Schiffel Duane Garrett Simmons Kathleen Dee Teal Craig Alan Wilkins minority affairs Juan Francisco Aguilera chairperson Richard Ante Burke P. Armstrong Gregory Don Blackley William H. Breeze Jaime Coronado Christine Fuentes Ridge Alan Hammons Madeline D. Hartwell Hal W. Hemstreet Ray Hymel Lyn Johnson Delila Ann Martinez Jose Alfonso Mendez William Jay Munter Katherine Collette Owen Manuel Ramirez Racquel Reyes Jon Kirk Rice Evangeline Resales Jesus Ramiro Rubio Marc David Sanders Brenda Joyce Sers Micheal Bland Smith Osborne W. Strickland communications Mark William Miller chairperson Jane Alice Anderson Leslie Anne Benitez Balon Buchanan Bradley Karen A. Burman Laura Bustamente Jeff Dean Case Cheryl Lynn Chasteen Nancy Elizabeth Cheal Helen Sharon Ellis Shelley Anne Friend Cheryl Lynne Gresser John Michael Harrison Martha Ann Hill Margaret L. Johnston Phyllis Lee Levin Patricia Ann Loven Vidal Gregory Martinez Nancy Joy McCann Carl H. Moerer Melinda Montemayor Jana Dee Myrick Robert Louis Panzarella Kristine E. Peterson Charles Edward Ray Jill J.Stephens William Ray Titus David Ray Villasana John Bailey Wheat student government 1 25 involvement on the issues Students voted against nuclear power in November elections. Ralph Nadar was a vocal opponent ot the ' ' nuke. finance Stella Maria Narisi chairperson Jane Louise Baum Robert Wilson Drewry Paul C. Feinberg Joseph Paul Freeman Linda G. Greene Robert Davis Hemphill Julia Lynn Johnston George Leon Kennedy John Michael Ledbetter Hollis Drake Leddy Mark Preston McMahon Burton Edd Meador WadeT Proctor Luke Paul Provenzano Larry Arthur Schroeder Richard Lawrence Spencer Dell Charles Toedt Sara Gail Vine Stephen Boyd Williams consumer and environmental protection Jarilyn C. DuPont chairperson Raymond M. Bruyere Melissa Elaine Cooke Warner Gordon Derr Steven C. Elbein David Carroll Hollar Joy Kay Howell James Harold Hughes P atricia Ann Kutka Maurice Noel Levy John Dudley Noell Elizabeth A. Page June Elizabeth Parr Ruth Ellen Payne Jo A. White Rhonda Lynn Wilson state lobby Marshall Lynn Cauley chairperson Joseph Cullen Aderhold Rama Bar-Adon John Wortley Batty Randy Clay Burgess Edward Church Bush Christopher E. Childs Charley Albert Davidson Scott Donegan Vicki Lee Dorries Christopher W. Duncan Cleland E. Early Mary Kathleen Eichner Beverly Elaine Hammond Gary Edward Johnson Dennis Patman Jones Lee Landa Kaplan Richard C. Koonce Debra Gail Kress Jim Mahoney Eduardo V. Martinez Nancy Joy McCann Bobby Dean Mims Richard David O ' Connor Lisa Carol Osborn Mary Melissa Pratka James Andrew Rea Donald Gary Rez Stephen Douglas Roth Phyllis Kay Sauer Peter Craig Selig James P. Sharp Brian Roger Sullivan Sandra Lynne Swan Nancy Gail Teinert Mary Kathryn Terry Marshall W. Thrailkill Kathi Elaine Turner John Bailey Wheat William Casey Wren 1 26 student government ' " - - % V- T : ! greater student input was the goal The structure of the Student Senate changed this year with the passage of the Senate Reorga- nization Act which created 1 1 standing commit- tees to work in specific areas of concern to Uni- versity students. Many were instrumental in help- ing establish much-needed student services. A foreign study referral center and a women ' s referral center were both opened in the Student Government offices, and Student Government Tours told students how and where they could get the most for their travel dollar. The committees also sponsored a series of seminars, conferences and investigations on top- ics including women ' s affairs, housing policies, minority affairs and athletics. Student Government also helped coordinate plans for a University day care center slated to open in September, 1 974. " Participation, " a Student Government news- letter, kept the campus informed of activities, pro- grams and lobby efforts. West Mall " renovation " dragged on for almost ten months. women ' s affairs Barbara Lynn Cohen chairperson Carol Ann Crabtree chairperson Julie Ann Booty Sara Lynn Chapman Cynthia E. Cobb Jayne R. Crandell Jannell Davis Dwight Eads Christi J. Evans Shelley Anne Friend Gloria Jean Goldblatt Patricia Ann Griffith Barbara K. Herbich Bruce Herbert Hill Donna Avery Hilton Phyllis Lee Levin Maurice Noel Levy Summer Gale Milton Janet E. Mortenson Susan Louise Nelson Diana Lynn Priebe Mary F. Santamaria Mary Jo Shackelford Catherine Uptain Sims Christine D. Taylor Jean Zabczuk city lobby William Craig Muessig chairperson James Brice Crow Jeff Timothy Deason Robert Paul Dees Irene Francis Jackson Patricia Ann Martin Bruce Thomas Morrison Robert Dale Napier William M. Parrish Fred David Raschke Stefani Cohen Roth Donald F. Sullivan Sandra Lynn Swan Alan James Thiemann Raymond Russell Thomas Peter D. Wagner Neile Picket! Wolfe expansion and utilization Christopher Johnston chairperson Lawrence E. Bartosek Harris H. Bass Margaret Mary Denena Thomas Fotios Drakos Paul Milton Goldfarb Raymond Edwards Hapes Maurice C. Holden Bradley Keith Lollar David Landel Nichols Robert William Otterman Sarana Marie Savage Patti Gay Schrank Michael Allen Shtofman housing Terree Allan Bowers chairperson Pamela Lee Ellison Linda A. Engelland Randall Jay Fein Gwendolyn Gober Madeline D. Hartwell Gregory Powers Jones Linda Kay Kelley Jeanmarie Klimt Jennifer A. Landgraf Patricia C. Magel Jacqueline D. Morgan Eve Gwendolyn Norton George Howard Pazdral Martha Scott Pruter Charles Morrow Reid Donald Preston Wiley Frederick J. Woerner student senate elections 1974 Sandy Kress Student Government President Cappy Ray McGarr Student Government Vice- President Juan Francisco Aguilera Social and Behavorial Sciences Rama Bar-Adon Humanities Joy Leslie Berger Education Randy Lee Brock Business Marshall Lynn Cauley At-Large Sara Lynn Chapman General and Comparative Studies Carol Ann Crabtree Humanities Robert Wilson Drewry Business Charlie Vin Gamblin Business David Fred Gloyna Natural Sciences Ridge Alan Hammons Fine Arts Derek Byron Jeffers Social and Behavorial Sciences Christopher Johnston Architecture Patrick Daniel Kelly At-Large Edward Stanley Knight At-Large James Krause Communications John Michael Ledbetter Natural Sciences Harold Herbert Levine Graduate Bradley Keith Lollar Social and Behavorial Sciences John Savage Mahon Business David Bolton Mead Graduate Mark William Miller Communications Michael W. Morrison Education Stella Maria Narisi Law David Landel Nichols Natural Sciences Robert Louis Panzarella Natural Sciences Anne Louise Schwartz Graduate Brenda Joyce Sers Fine Arts Pamela J. Silverblatt Nursing Duane Garrett Simmons Education Carol Ellen Smith At-Large Bonnie I. Stanley Graduate Osborne W. Strickland At-Large Robert C. Talamantez Pharmacy Marshall W. Thrailkill Social and Behavorial Sciences Craig Alan Wilkins Natural Sciences John Thomas Steen Parliamentarian Frank Fleming PRESIDENT k. student government 1974 Bill Parrish - ' an Fleming Bill Ware More than 7,000 students voted in the March 6, Student Goverment elections which threw the top candidates into a runoff. In the highest voter turn- out since 1969, Frank Fleming defeated Lee Rohn for president and Bill Parrish defeated Bill Ware for the vice presidential position. A week later, however, the validity of the presidential election was in question while a battle raged in the Student Court over alleged campaign violations. Four days later, seven University students filed complaints with the Election Commission which included charges of administration interference in the election process. The major complaint was based on a written statement by CACTUS Editor Liz Daily which said that a Kinsolving head resident had offered her " guaranteed or assured " acceptance into the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs if Ms. Daily would suport Fleming. In a marathon nine-hour meeting, the five mem- ber Election Commission found Fleming innocent of all charges because of a lack of evidence. Although the commission found Ms. Daily ' s testi- mony " uncontroverted, " it " acknowledged and condemned the involvement of some members of the administration. " Two weeks later, the Student Court heard an appeal of the Election Commission decision and upheld that decision. They also issued a state- ment at that time reprimanding the University offi- cial responsible for the bribe. Fleming took office April 9, faced with the prob- lems of re-establishing his credibility and getting on with the business of Student Government. record voter turnout for a contested election student government 1 29 Created four years ago, the Students ' Attorney offers legal advice and legal representation for individual students and University groups. The office is funded totally through the student activity fee collected at registration. Of the 250 cases the attorneys handle each month, the majority concern consumer problems with the remainder primarily landlord-tenant dis- putes. Other problems include employee rights, taxation and insurance. Frank Ivy, a graduate of the University Law School, has been with the office since 1 972. Additional funds allowed a second attorney, Ann Bower, to be added in 1973. Also a University Law School graduate, she has helped meet the increasing demands on the office. Her only prob- lem, she said, was " time not enough of it. " students ' attorney 1 30 students ' attorneys frank ivy ann bower ( The number of students who sought University Ombudsman Jim Osborn ' s help with University- related problems greatly increased this year. The Ombudsman, who attributed the increase to spe- cial publicity, spoke to orientation groups throughout the summer encouraging more stu- dents to use the office. Osborn, a law student who also holds a master ' s degree in public administration, charac- terized his office as a " student-administration hybrid, " because he is both a student and an administrator. Therefore, he is in a position to see both sides of situations which ranged from Uni- versity housing problems to tuition billing errors to questions of academic policy. Requirements for the office, Osborn empha- sized, were that the person holding it be " even- handed " and not take up " causes and crusades. " Success, he believed, had come from winning many small battles. ombudsman jim osborn ombudsman 131 ' iixV texas union board of directors 1 . Barnetl A. Kress 2. David Mark Cordell chairman 3. Lee Jeannette Rohn 4. Frank Crawford Flemming 5. Dr. Donald Wayne Zacharias 6. Shirley Bird Perry 7. Dr. June Marie Gallessich 8. Dr. Charles T. Clark 9. Cappy Ray McGarr 1 0. Juan Francisco Aguilera Shirley Bird Perry, director Cora Hagler, executive assistant; Ron Mancuso, dining services; Susan Clagett, program director. 132 lexas union - ' - ' Policy for the Texas Union is formulated by the Texas Union Board of Directors, a body of nine voting members, six students and three faculty; and two ex-officio members, the Dean of Students and the Director of the Texas Union. During the 1973-1974 year, the Board focused on the Union ' s immediate concerns and sought to develop a long-range plan for the future. Early in the year, the Board faced controversy when it voted to discontinue the Union ' s subscrip- tions to Time, Inc. publications to protest Time ' s alleged destruction of the East Texas Big Thicket for making paper pulp. The proposal was rejected by University President Steve Spurr after review- ing the minutes of the Board meeting. The most pressing problem faced by the Board, however, was the financial problems encountered by the Union Dining Service. Extensive research showed that the Union is valued by members of the community but that major changes would be needed. Plans for changes in the food areas were incorporated in the long-range program. The Board considered the role of the Union and the development of a Texas Union system that would serve the entire University community. The long range program, approved by the Board of Regents in February, included five major proposals: (1) The renovation and remodeling of the present Union Building; (2) The construction of a Union East in the northeast section of cam- pus; (3) The feasibility of a Union facility in the southeast portion of campus; (4) The provision of a lakeside wilderness site; and (5) Clearance to serve alcholic beverages in the Texas Union. The Board of Regents at the same time approved a $6 million appropriation, half of which was for remodeling the present Union and the other half for construction of Union East. In June 1974, the Board voted to close the building for approximately 18-24 months, begin- ning in September, so that rennovation can begin. Administrative offices and student services including Student Government, the Ombudsman and Students ' Attorney will be moved to the old R- T-F Building on Speedway. The Union Board also approved several spe- cific recommendations designed to further serve student needs. The creation of a copy center, the opening of a Union General Store, the relocation of the Main Information Desk and the provision of a " Forty Acres Room " for meetings and confer- ences were among the specific changes. Continuous concern with the Union ' s financial structure, space allocation, and support for a div- erse program were regular agenda items. Union Director Shirley Bird Perry celebrated the opening of the Union General Store in January. texas union 1 33 1. Harold L. Weiner Program Advisor 2. Linda Isabel Leuchter Ideas and Issues 3. Deborah Ann Stanton Afro-American Culture 4. Sallie Reynolds Low Building Use Advisory 5. Teresa Palomo Acosta Mexican-American Culture 6. Gerald D. Kotecki Musical Events 7. Arthur Kevin Reinhart Cultural Entertainment Committee 8. David Mark Cordell Program Council Coordinator 9. Jean E. Keeling Recreation 10. Laura Neal Fly Arts and Theatre 1 1 . Jane Elizabeth Strauss UT Interaction 1 2. James Randolph Edwards Union Communications 13. CoraHagler Program Advisor 14. Cathy Dean Brannon Academic Affairs 1 5. Karen Louise Todar Program Advisor 16. Susan Wagnon Clagett Program Advisor texas union program council 1 34 lexas union The Doak Sneed Band performed on the Union Patio. i I Changed in structure but not in direction, the Texas Union Program Council, composed of the chairpersons of all Union committees, planned a broad series of activities and events for 1 973-74. With emphasis on the outdoors, the Recreation Committee sponsored rock climbs, trail rides, canoe trips, bike hikes and car rallies. The Cultural Entertainment Committee brought quality entertainment to Austin including mime Marcel Marceau, the American Ballet Repertory Company, the rock band War and the Jacques Loussier Trio. The Musical Events Committee sought local talent to perform both in the West Side Second Story Coffeehouse and at weekly patio dinners. The two committees also co-spon- sored songwriter John Prine in October. Cabaret, Up the Sandbox and The Last Picture Show highlighted the Arts and Theatre Commit- tee ' s Weekend Film Series. The group also began a series of Thursday night " classics " and contin- ued the Saturday Morning Fun Club. They also selected exhibits for the Texas Union Gallery. John Kenneth Galbraith, David Halberstam and Tennessee Williams were among the speakers presented by the Ideas and Issues Committee. The group also sponsored a number of sandwich seminars, with topics ranging from minority recruitment to obscenity laws. The Communications Committee tried to increase campus input to the Program Council and acted as a publicity and public relations channel for the programming area of the Union. The Mexican-American Culture Committee presented programs dealing with all aspects of chicano culture. Included were the Mexican poet Alurista and the Ballet Folklorico de San Antonio. Maintaining the Texas Cultures Room as well as attempting to increase awareness of black stu- dents on campus were two functions of the Afro- American Culture Committee. The group also presented Stokley Carmichael in October. Two new committees, the Building Use Advi- sory Committee and the Dining Service Advisory Committee, were created to increase student input into building operation and food service. The UT Interaction Committee sought to improve campus communication through a series of President ' s Programs and retreats with campus leaders and University administrators. The Academic Affairs Committee sponsored programs with an intellectual orientation including symposia on the roles of women in society and the uses and abuses of political power. (See page 1 39 for committee memberships lists). texas union 1 35 texas union Democratic National Chairman Robert Strauss Paper airplanes, tree flicks and bubble gum were familiar items at the Saturday Morning Fun Club. 136 lexas union Little monsters enjoyed a Halloween party. Outdoor recreation featured a hulahoop contest. texas union 137 Increasing emphasis on recreation and a swing to nostalgia Bowling was a popular activity in the Games Area. Daddy Doowah and the Wadells turned back the clock tor a 50 ' s dance in the Union Main Ballroom. 1 38 texas union 1 " " musical events HHf HMHMK HI recreation HHI HHHM MVi ideas and issues EMBOBHH B HHM cultural entertainment committee i Henry A. Anawaty Jan Ellise Barnhill John August Adkins . M ] Nannette Avant Joseph William Bell Leslie Joan Brown Stephen Lewis Coleman Mary Theresa Crist Susan Dee Fernbach Esparci Mary Garcia James Howard Gillis Marshal D. Goldberg Linda Carol Hebert Karen Kay Hink Ellen Jan Jacobs Mary Kay Kelley Charles R. Kirkley John Edward Law Richard Allen Layton David Marshall Levin Paula Suzette Garner John Matthew Gaynor Phyllis M. Kaufman Denis Craig Landin Margaret Jean Otto James W. Pennington Milam Randolph Pharo Robert Alan Postma Diana Lynn Priebe Ronald E. Robertson Ann Rudolph Lynn E. Schmidt Steven Philip Spain Ann Coke Spillman Jennifer M. Staub Shelley Lynn Stein Deborah M. Tolson Linda Jane Turner Gail Ann Vander Stoep Jane Alice Anderson Paul T. Boston Kathy Ellen Bouton William Calvin Chaney Christopher C. Child Linda Ann Crocker Pansy Helane Dodson Nevin A. Dolcefino Carolyn Lee Dover Molly Clare Duson Alan Jay Eisenman Randall Jay Fein Mark Joel Gipson Sally Jane Grimes Robert S. Harrell Knox Brown Hughes Karen Sue Kraft Paul Andre Leche Bradley Keith Lollar David Harold Baker Margaret Louise Blair Charles W. Bowen Aline P. Butler Ann Tracy Drummond Randall Dodge Erickson Margaret J. Farmer Sharon L. Friedland Edmond Keith Gum Bradley A. Jackson Shirley Ann Kirshbaum Nancy Wells Mize Pamela Morgan Carolyn Dianne Ragsdale Langhorne Reid Ray Earl Spears Nancy Gail Teinert Michael Wayne Tolson III Anne E. Mcllheran Marsha Elaine Wheeler Nancy Elizabeth McGinley Phillip C. Morphis John Windsor Mullins Katherine M. Ruisinger Guy Dodson Smith Kathy Lee Wichman Ann Marie Yelich Bernard W. Zum Mullen Dean Michael Ornish Elizabeth C. Pannill Lindley Ellain Robinson Frank Barlow Rynd Patti Gay Sch rank 1 Jean Patrice Stiba William Buerk Scott L ValetaTautenhahn Deborah Ann Scott Thomas Nelson Taylor Michael L. Wilkinson James C. Witherell 1 union communcations ut interaction arts and theatre academic affairs in. John K. Boyce Jamie Elizabeth Black Michael Wayne Barker Susan Gale Anderson Karrie Lynn Capello Margaret L. Cordell Steven Frank Bodzin Sarah Lee Armstrong Mary Leslie Craven Alan Wayne Goldsberry Deborah Glyn Brock Jolie Sherill Brams John Grimes Genge Marcia Sue Gottesman Malcolm Perry Duncan Claire E. Charlton Cynthia Dianne Hays Joy Kay Howell Leslie Edith Dyess Elizabeth A. Darling Rebecca Hurley Sherry Maxine Israel Jerald Lynn Head Jules Mayer Delaune Laurel Laurentz Curtis Wynne Leister Laurence Jones Karilyn Eve Kober Rebecca Jean Kemper John Ransom Lynch Kathy Lynn Frey PatricioC. Gonzalez Susan Diane Levin Lisa Lea Stephen S. Mann Pamela Anne Holt Margaret Lynn Liddle Martha A. Peak Markeeta L. McNatt Bruce Read Hotze Mary Ann McConnell Terrell Lynn Potts Mimi Ormand Miller Margaret Anne Kassen Jeffrey Richard McCrehan Mary Lucille McElroy Kerry Ann Mezzetti Lesa Janine Raschke Peter Craig Selig Patricia Lynn Tatum Bart William Morrison Nancy Katherine Mown Bernard Neil Mullen Janice Susan Luskey William Frank Monroe Judy Ann Rosenblum Allyn Jo Silver Jean Ellen Tipton Charlotte L. Neitzel Jerry R. Rosson Kathy Standage Angelica S. Volterra Lisa Elaine Smith Randolph Winsler Rountree Lisa Kay Straiton Martha V. Upchurch Sherri Lynn 2illigitt Kathleen Whitby Richard Carlson Wyman Pauline E. Steinberger Virginia L. Volterra Paula Nancy Rubin Nancy Chandler Rush Laura Jeanne Schwartz Susan Carolyn Sharpe Sally Lee White Donald Preston Wiley Shirley Ann Worcester mexican-american afro-american culture | dining service advisory Saba Jack Balagia Wanell Cogdell Jane Letitia Lambdin Donna Lee Ratterree Paula Ann Reymann Edith F. Woollett culture Maria Esther Angel Norma A. Benavides Christine Fuentes Reynaldo Lujan Gaytan Christina Gutierrez Viola Robles David Rolando Rodriguez David Roy Rodriguez Roberto G. Soto Virginia S. Soto Eudelia A. Talamantes Rhonda Lynette Bailey Debra Fay Franklin Albert Hawkins Demetra James Kennedy William James Quails Brenda Joyce Sers Barbara L. Spears Sharon Lynn Stewart Irelene Doris Swain Voncile L. Walker Ronnie Ryan Williams Deborah Jean Witcher building use advisory Joann Brender Laura Ann Del Papa Thomas Folios Drakos Barbara Ann Linch 1 Elevlerio Vasquez lexas union 139 1 The annual Christmas bazaar turned the Main Ballroom into a shopping arcade. 1 40 texas union Kung Fu was taught as an informal class. RIGHT: A relaxing moment. a place to be Campus posters were printed for a small fee. Students created gifts in the Arts and Crafts Center. The Union patio provided a place to talk, eat or read between classes. texas union } 1974 cactus A long-awaited move to offices in the new Texas Student Publications Building highlighted the 1974 CACTUS year. The 1,200 square foot quarters, which included enlarged work space for staffers, a section editors ' workroom and private offices for the editor-in-chief, associate editor and supervisor, were finally completed in November, 1 973, after more than three months of the inevita- ble construction delays. The 1974 book, expanded to 672 pages because of increased organizational sales, fea- tured larger pictures displayed in a magazine for- mat. The emphasis on design simplicity was car- ried further by the use of a smooth, rather than a textured, paper stock, and by a new custom- mixed ink (UT Warm Brown). The theme was taken from Henry R. Luce ' s 1936 prospectus for Life magazine: " To see life, to see the world ... to see and to take pleasure in seeing. . . to see and be amazed. " Bill Scott, associate editor f Liz Daily, editor-in-chief 142 cactus assistant supervisor; Jerry Thompson, supervisor Martha Kinard, copy editor; Herb Holland, sports copy writer cactus 1 43 1 . Gary James Lacy Features 2. Melanie Mauser Sports 3. Robert Leslie Gribble Special Interest 4. Susan Joanne Staler Academics 5. Steven Eugene Thompson Professionals 6. Vickie Lee Blaylock Military 7. Claire Eleise Charlton Greeks 8. John Grimes Genge Greeks 9. Lynda Lois Blevins Features 10. Jeffrey Richard McCrehan Classes 1 1 . Martha Anne Root Honararies 1 2. James Randolph Edwards Student Government cactus section editors cactus staff 1. Carol Clark Beatty 2. Valerie Laura Scudday 3. Mary Leah Robinson 4. Barbara Ann Linen 5. Kathryn Nell Jenkins 6. Gail Ann Crownover 7. Melanie Kim Scudday 8. Carol Ann Meyer 9. Cheryl Ann Zaremba 10. Roland H.Adams 1 1 . Patrick C. McGinnis 12. JaneE. Hartley 1 3. Rebecca Hurley 14. Martha Lynn Buchanan 15. Deborah C. Broyhill 1 6. Mary Louise Mauk 1 7. Susan Jeanne Hubbard 18. Leslie Ann Spinks 1 9. Carole Adrienne Bond 20. Kelly Ann Hall 21. Sara Gail Vine 22. Susan Nanette Whaley 23. Jon Michael Olson 24. Terri Lynn Matthew 25. Stephen Craig Beasley 26. Charlotte E. Plemmons 27. Lora Mere Mueller 28. Lisa Majette Clarke 29. Susan E. Johnson 30. Donald Ellis Nielson 31 . Lisa Lynne Haggard 32. Sandra Sue Reeves 33. Margaret Ann Wysong 34. Shari Kay Manning 35. Gerald Wade Stanley 36. Milan Ross Hugnston 37. Peggy Jo Elliot 38. Laura Jane Dettman 39. Sylvia Jean Espinosa 40. Cindy Lou Randle 41 . Keith Joseph Crawford 42. Anita Aleman 43. Carol AlleneWilkins 44. Karen Lynne Taylor 45. Lee Elkins 46. Betty Anne Jackson 47. Karen Emily Tumulty 48. Margaret Aileen Lamm 49. Marcia Lynn Harris 50. Colby Leigh Parkhouse 51. Lynne Anne Baggett 52. Donna Lyn Hartley 53. Janice Gail Oswald 54. Pamela R. Millikan 55. Marilyn Jean McKenzie 56. Patricia Ann Loven 57. Kathy Ellen Minor 58. Cathy Beth Matusoff 59. Linda Evelyn Forrest 60. Laura Elizabeth Dirks 61. Catherine Ann McGonigle 62. Robert Grisham Martin 63. Stanley Keith Graham 64. Patricia Ann Sessom 65. Clifford F. Butler 66. Suzan Valrie Osborne 67. Richard Wayne Brown 68. Margaret E. Gregory 69 Kathleen Logan cactus 145 the daily texan 1 . Vivian Gayle Reaves 2. Betsy Hall 3. John Edward Yemma spring managing editor 4. Steve Renfrew fall managing editor 5. Philip John Huber 6. Jeanne Barbara Janes 7. Robert B. Harvey 8. Kenneth Wayne McHam 9. Michael G. Eakin editor 10. Suzanne Schwartz Michael G. Eakin, 1 973-74 Daily Texan editor. 1 46 the daily lexan The excitement of new facilities was oversha- dowed by a major confrontation between The Daily Texan and the University Board of Regents. The issue was whether a mandatory fee would continue to support The Texan. At their March meeting, the Regents voted unanimously to reduce the student services fees which would ulti- mately undercut The Texan ' s financial base. The controversy continued into the summer. In September, the move from the Journalism Building to the Communication Complex two blocks away marked a substantial change for The Daily Texan not only in terms of new facilities, but in production and format as well. The switch to offset production and photocom- position allowed a cleaner, neater, more versatile Texan makeup to complement expanded news coverage. The new $125,000 offset press dou- bled The Texan ' s capacity to 32 pages and pro- vided excellent four-color reproduction. Michael Eakin was elected editor in the spring, 1973, TSP elections. Steve Renfrew, selected by the TSP Board as summer and fall, 1 973, manag- ing editor, supervised the conversion from letter- press to offset production. John Yemma was appointed managing editor for spring, 1 974. The Texan established a beat reporting system to cover the City Council, the University, the Con- stitutional Convention and political affairs. The beat reporters provided in-depth and investigative stories on important issues and allowed expanded coverage of campus news. The Texan also subscribed to the wire services of United Press International to supplement its Associated Press national news coverage. Also this year, The Texan exercised a new right to endorse political candidates. Among those supported were progressive candidates in the May 4th Democratic Primary. The Texan was rated All-American by the Asso- ciated Collegiate Press, and, for the fourth straight year, won Sweepstakes of the Southwest- ern Journalism Congress. The Texan took four first place, four second place, and five third place awards in categories that included sports writing, feature writing and photography. V 1 the daily texan 147 pearl magazine In less than two years of existence, Pearl has changed from an 1 8-page, nameless quarterfold insert, into a magazine with its own personality. This year, cases of Pearl beer were awarded to 25 lucky random Pearl readers, a photo contest garnered 150 entries and fairy tales were given their rightful campus-wide recognition. The con- cept of Bluebonnet Belles was laid to rest with Pearl ' s salute to the Bar Belles, five persons of exquisite " poise, appearance and campus aware- ness " who just happen to be male. Two Hearst Competition entries were taken from the pages of Pearl, and the magazine was honored to have noted journalism educator DeWitt C. Reddick as its consultant. Pearl Magazine, the Texan ' s monthly supple- ment, also was named the best general reader- ship campus magazine by the Southwest Journal- ism Congress for the second year in a row. tip Ix move 1 March 15 1 reject seve Handboc TneacW o tor its . po r n e don ' t o Barbara D. Longeway, fall editor Sally Jenkins, spring editor students t danger; Thecu formerly pa LEFT TO RIGHT: DeWitt C. Reddick, David Charles Peterson, Sheldon Ike Lipp- man, Dan Richard Jones, Barbara D. Longeway, Donald Lee Parrish, James Robert Gouldy, Carrie E. Schweitzer, Sally Annette Jenkins, Darryl Glen Farrow 148 pearl magazine tsp board of operating trustees A year that began with the anticipation of a move into new quarters ended with an all-out attack on Texas Student Publications (TSP) by the University Board of Regents. Appropriately enough, on the Ides of March, in a bitter and emotion-filled meeting on Friday, March 15, the Regents voted 6-0 to cut off the mandatory funding of The Daily Texan and to reject several proposed changes in the TSP Handbook. The action, which put The Texan on an optional fee basis, culminated a three-year personal ven- detta by Regent Frank Erwin to " get " The Texan for its attacks on University administrators and policies. The Regents who, " don ' t fund anything we don ' t control, " also turned down proposed handbook changes which would have moved the date of the Texan editor election to coincide with Student Government elections, allowed graduate students to serve as board members and changed the makeup of the board. The cutting of the $1 .65 mandatory Texan fee, formerly paid by all students at registration, raised doubts as to the continued financial stability of the publisher of The Daily Texan, the CACTUS year- book and Pearl magazine. Following a series of meetings in the spring with Systems officials, administrators and regents con- cerning possible negotiations on the decision, the board appointed a task force to study the possibil- ity of taking legal action against the regents and the University System. The board approved funds to retain legal counsel for the proceedings, but as of July 1 , 1 974, no action had been taken. A fall move to larger offices was completed in November. The TSP Building houses general bus- iness and advertising offices as well as the edito- rial offices of The Daily Texan, Pearl magazine and the CACTUS yearbook. The building contains a 32-page offset press and increased darkroom space for TSP photographers. The board also made recommendations on issues ranging from the disputed Daily Texas edi- tor election in February to the purchase of addi- tional printing and folding equipment. Sarah Lee Armstrong H. Clifton Avery William Bellamy Elizabeth Daily Michael G. Eakin Lester Loyd Edmonds A. Richard Elam Ronald Glenn Franklin Luther Lee Grace J. C. Gresham Robert Edwin Hilburn Sandy Kress Barbara D. Longeway Pamela Diane Mayo David H. McClintock Michael L. Moore Steven L. Renfrew S. Griffin Singer Alison Leigh Smith John Edward Yemma tsp board 149 1 . John Kirkpatrick Boyce III 2. Martha Mary Sweeney 3. Michael Titus Swenson 4. Thomas Jay Thornhill 5. Michael J. Upchurch 6. Nancy Elizabeth McGinley 7. Nikolai Kerpchar 8. William Alexander Brock chairman 9. John Dudley Noell 10. Tucker Bishop 11. Floyd Pat Schiewitz 1 2. Catherine Louise Pressler s J 1 n. kerpchar The Nursing Council aided in a blood pressure drive. 150 sentof cabinet Dean George Kozmetsky chatted with students during a CBA Week brunch. senior cabinet Composed of the presidents of 15 college councils, the Senior Cabinet is responsible for coordinating an information flow between the councils and the University administration. Included as a Cabinet project was the selection of Who ' s Who representatives from the University. The Senior Cabinet discussed each council ' s activities and problems and tried to promote com- munication between the groups. It also controlled the allotment of funds for each council ' s activities by budget approval power. To insure a stronger representation for council activities, two Cabinet members held voting pow- ers on the University Council. Walter Cronkite received a special award during Communication Week. p. calapa senkx cabinet 151 To encourage rapport between students, organizations and faculty, the College of Business Administration Council held firesides and main- tained an information booth in the Business-Eco- nomics Building (BEB). Other service projects included publication of 14 Days, a bi-weekly newsletter and a locker rental service in the BEB. The group coordinated individual student research on business-oriented subjects. Topics this year included discrimination of women in business and business curriculum evaluation. In conjunction with the Graduate Business Council, the CBA Council sponsored a trip to Mexico in December. This trip was the first of its kind undertaken by the college. Other recrea- tional outings were planned for the spring. CBA Week in March offered a wide range of activities including Women ' s Day, featuring an address by State Rep. Sarah Weddington, and a day devoted to industry. Throughout the week 60 representatives from various businesses con- ducted panel discussions. Teaching excellence and outstanding students awards were presented at a concluding banquet. Dr. Karl Cohen of General Electric gave the CBA Week keynote speech. Rep. Sarah Weddington spoke with students at a CBA Week reception. 152 cba council cba council Fireside programs encouraged student-faculty interaction. H 1 . Robert Wilson Drewry 2. Frances Annette Dorough 3. Mark Preston McMahon 4. Robert Lynn Auten 5. Randy Lee Brock 6. William Alexander Brock president 7. Charlie Vin Gamblin 8. Bruce Allen Cauley 9. Tamra Shae Oatman 1 0. Paul Cooperman Feinberg vice-president 11. Cynthia Anne Berry 12. Paula Jo Simpson 13. Michael J. Upchurch 14. Janice Sue Jochec 15. Vidal Gregory Martinez 1 6. John Burkhead Knox treasurer 1 7. Craig Martin Kercho 18. Braxton Bragg Comer 19. Michael Cohen 20. Jan Michael Dittmar 21. Michael Keith O ' Kelley 22. Jon Kenneth Shockley 23. Don Robert Schalk secretary 24. George Granger McDonald 25. George Leon Kennedy 26. James Thomas Mines 27. Andrew Alexander Reid 28. Stephen Scurlock 29. Thomas Quirk 30. David Weisman Hirsch cba council 1 53 1 . Martha Campbell 2. Richard Jefferson vice-president 3. Paul Christopher Watler 4. Martha Elaine Kinard 5. Susan Winterringer 6. John Edward Yemma 7. Thomas Jay Thornhill president 8. Dean Wayne A. Danielson 9. Stephen Frank Billiot 1 0. Kristine E. Peterson 11. Elizabeth Lori ne Foley 1 2. Nancy Katherine Mowry To promote unity among the separate depart- ments in the college and to encourage dialogue between students and faculty, the Communica- tion Council scheduled fireside chats with profes- sors throughout the year. The council also pub- lished a monthly newsletter for communication students relaying information concerning work- shops, seminars and awards. In November the council moved into new offices in the Communication Building where plans for a student handbook and Communica- tion Week were finalized. The handbook con- tained diagrams of the new building, add and drop procedures, telephone numbers and inform- ation about organizations. Communication Week, March 11-15, was high- lighted by an address by CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite. Events ranged from a series of promi- nent guest lecturers to a " Parents ' Day " where parents of communication students toured the new complex and met with the school ' s faculty. A May picnic concluded the council ' s activities. communication council 1 54 communication council 1. Kathy Sharon Kahn vice-president 2. Marilyn Janet Dreiseszun 3. Linda Susan Cox 4. Allyn Jo Silver 5. Joy Leslie Berger 6. Michael Morrison 7. Martha Mary Sweeney 8. Laura Anne Sundstrom 9. Duane Garrett Simmons 10. Robert Luther Collins president 1 1 . Karen Sutherland treasurer 1 2. Dr. John O. Rodgers advisor education council A communication link between students, fac- ulty and administration, The Education Council concentrated on two projects this year. Council members selected four outstanding student teachers one from the elementary education field, one from the secondary education field and two from outside the College of Education. The council also coordinated a program which granted scholarships to education students on the basis of financial need. The council set up areas for preregistration advising during both semesters. Other activities included a monthly newsletter and sandwich sem- inars and speaker programs in the Texas Union in the spring. education council 1 55 engineering council In addition to serving as the coordinating body for 1 professional and seven honorary organiza- tions, the Engineering Council tried to initiate aca- demic improvements in the college as well. The council, which was composed of repre- sentatives from each engineering organization, published The Vector, a newsletter which pro- vided information for the organizations within the council. The group also maintained the T-Room as a lounge for faculty and students. For the second year the council sponsored the Student Tutoring Program. This project was aimed at helping undergraduates who were hav- ing difficulty with engineering courses. In October the group held a student-faculty beer bust which gave students an opportunity to meet and discuss problems on an informal basis. To continue this interaction between instructors and students, the council scheduled a series of faculty firesides in February. Engineering Week, Feb. 18-22, highlighted council activities. Events included a banquet, the announcement of outstanding engineering students and faculty and Alec ' s Birthday Party. At this party the council displayed a statue named Alexander Frederick Claire, the whimsical patron saint of engineering. rv r " fc Nancy Ellen Weidt, engineering sweetheart. Max Otto Rein bach Larry Lee Lehman 1 56 engineering council 1 . David Fred Gloyna 2. Paul Frederic Anderson 3. Edgar John Schumacher 4. Gabriel Ruiz 5. Randall W. Williams 6. Rex Dewayne Massey 7. Patrick Daniel Kelly 8. Hoi Ming Kwok 9. Calvin Lee Epps 10. KruseGribble 1 1 . Douglas Dobson 1 2. Michael Hadley Skelton 13. Joseph William Bolduc 14. Manuel PenaRios 15. Patricia de Lourdes McKay 16. Klaylea Kay Zwiebel vice-president 17. Alison Garber Buffington 18. Michael Titus Swenson president 19. Dennis Kyle Smith 20. Robert Josephus Johnson 21 . Dale Allen Emanuel 22. Stanley Hubert Stancil secretary 23. Scott William Reid 24. Jerry Swanson 25. Claude Edward Pichot 26. George Michael Mealy 27. Doug Osterhus 28. Gary Joe Wolff 1 outstanding engineering students Richard Guenther Dargatz David Fred Gloyna Patrick Daniel Kelly engineering council 1 57 Internal restructuring of the Humanities Council created four standing committees in 1 973-74. The group, which initiated proposals and sup- ported events benefiting the student academi- cally, was subdivided into areas which included council coordination, continuing programs, spe- cial programs and teaching effectiveness. The council sponsored a Phantom Writers Pro- ject which provided promising writers and poets a chance to present their works in public and receive criticism or suggestions. A Bacchanalia picnic and fireside chats with professors gave students informal opportunities to become better acquainted. Other activities included a monthly newsletter, " the Brain Bowl " which encouraged academic " competition " between University students, and the selection of the outstanding Professor in the College of Humanities. The group also conducted a survey during spring registration to determine the problems that were encountered by students in the college. A literary magazine containing works by humanities ' students was published in the spring. humanities council V 1 . Shirley Ann Worcester 2. Jean Ann McCray 3. Deirdre Zoe Fotescu secretary-treasurer 4. Jeannette P. Beard president 5. Edward M. Simpson 6. Elizabeth Bailey 7. Bradley M. Bingham 8. Lou Elizabeth Coffey 1 58 humanities council 1 . Amanda Moore 2. Robert Lee Frachtman 3. Lisa Kerry Jacobson 4. Catherine Louise Pressler president 5. Nancy Jo Ethridge vice-president 6. William Barney Carswell 7. Mary Elizabeth Oldfield 8. Diana Sue Mason recording secretary- treasurer 9. Melinda Lou Patterson 1 0. Bryan Mance Ha le 1 1 . Ann Marie Nicholas 1 2. Bart William Morrison 1 3. David Landel Nichols corresponding secretary 1 4. Charles Lee Edwards natural sciences council Improving rapport between the students, fac- ulty and administration was the goal of the Natural Sciences Council. The group assisted in the improvement of academic standards through the investigation of problems in curriculum, teaching excellence and administration. To exchange ideas on academic issues, the council met with the Natural Science department chairmen. The members worked with the depart- ments in the college to help set up pre-advising times and places during preregistration. Monthly newsletters informed students of degree requirement changes, new policies and lab updating problems. The council also tried to establish a procedure to record lectures. Council members were also voting members in the college faculty committees. The council rep- resented the departments of biology, chemistry, geology, home economics, mathematics, micro- biology and zoology. Representatives were selected by students at the end of spring for the following long term. natural sciences council 1 59 1 . Nancie Gail Irwin secretary 2. Lisa Jo Neidert 3. Anna Clare Buie 4. Linda Ann Crocker 5. Catherine Jan Acriche 6. Janet Sue Williams 7. Melissa Ann Utter 8. Ann Coke Spillman 9. Shari Brenner 10. Gary Eugene Ellison 1 1 . Shalom Reifer 12. Julie Ann Brennan 13. Maurice Clavelle Holden 14. Raymond Milton Bruyere vice-president 1 5. John Kirkpatrick Boyce president 16. Bradley Keith Lollar mental A mertiJS dents, The 1 Iromeacnf jSG ' ssp andCasnc mock gat vintage- dollar cove 1 wthallprc Memorials ne: : ' - ' - The facility reside " : I assistant : heimeraric To expand its program the Social and Beha- vioral Sciences Council joined with the Texas Union Ideas and Issues Committee to present John Kenneth Galbraith in April. Other projects of the council provided a forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions between students and faculty. By requesting course information from professors for registration, council members formed the Course Description Project, which helped prevent students from sign- ing up for inappropriate classes. Council members advised undergraduates dur- ing preregistration periods, and sent congratula- tory letters to students on the Dean ' s list. Working under the statewide College Loyalty and Service Program (CLASP), members solicited contributions from alumni. These funds were dis- tributed to each college council to help defray operating expenses. The SBS council also pub- lished a monthly newsletter to inform students of council and college related activities. Members were selected in the fall through an interview process to serve for one year. social and behavioral sciences council 1 60 social and behavioral sciences council Creating programs to increase student involve- ment at Jester Center, Jester Student Govern- ment (JSG) entered its fifth year of service to resi- dents. The group of 60 representatives, is elected from each floor in September. JSG ' s spring project was the annual " Cabaret and Casino Royale, " which featured a complete mock gambling hall in the Jester basement, plus vintage films, a talent show and prizes. Each one dollar cover charge bought $1 ,000 in play money with all proceeds going to the Angeline Palmer Memorial Scholarship Fund. The group also assisted in the planning of a new game room in the west basement of Jester. The facility included color TV, foosball, air hockey and an expanded snack bar. JSG also offered residents free movies and speakers including assistant government professor Joe Oppen- heimer and atheist Madalyn Murray O ' Hair. jester student government 1 . Brian Roger Sullivan president 2. Randall Jay Fein treasurer 3. Fred Martin 4. Elizabeth Denny 5. Sharon Lynn Stewart 6. Terree Allan Bowers 7. Beth Elaine Streeter 8. Kim Brown 9. John Collier 10. Mark Meyer parliamentarian 1 1 . Joan Elizabeth Ruby 12. Lisa Nell Jordan secretary 13. Joel A. Richardson 14. Frank W. Schilling 1 5. Randolph L. Streng 16. John Alan Blair 1 7. William E. Wilcoxson 18. Ellen Ross Williamson 19. Timothy Hester Carter 20. Michael Wayne McCoy 21 . Russell Allen Hooper 22. James Pierce -i : jester student government 16) 1. Karen Ann Weber 2. Beverly Lynn Tisdale 3. Susan Gail Braden 4. Cynthia Robin Connell vice president 5. Lynda Lois Blevins recording secretary 6. LeeElkins 7. Linda A. Engelland president 8. Alys Jones Bodoin sponsor 9. Jacqueline Diann Morgan 10. Kathleen M. Cunningham 1 1 . Patricia C. Magel 12. Phalby Beehn Norris 1 3. Eugenia Canice Lewis upper class advisors Finding solutions to the conflicts of everyday dorm living is the first priority of Upper Class Advi- sors (UCA), a group of 1 60 advisors from five Uni- versity and two private women ' s dorms. Advisors were selected by residents of the respective dormitories. A spring " tapping " dinner in each residence hall highlighted the selection of advisors for the following year. To promote more effective leadership, UCA organized an " In-Service Awareness " program to discuss the problems facing all advisors. The group also sponsored a China and Silver Show in the fall to raise money for scholarships through the Dean of Students ' Office. The Advisor Advocate, a UCA newsletter, kept members informed of current events around cam- pus and in each residence hall. Upper Class Advisors Executive Council 162 upper class advisors edited by bob gribble CD o 5 CD CD special interest organizations- 163 areas of activity included service, spirit, religion Groups, such as Baha ' i, presented programs to introduce others to their organization Through activities like the APO basketball marathon, clubs raised money for charity. Various groups heard guest lecturers at their meetings. special interest 165 c. Kaufman Cowboy Minstrels presented the Doobie Brothers in Gregory Gym, March 1 9. 1 66 special interest The MOB (Mighty Owl Band) presented Vincent DiNino with a drumstick for Big Bertha. diversified groups had varied purposes Ski Club members took to the slopes d uring vacations. b gribble special interest 167 charitable projects took varied forms , = The Silver Spurs sponsored Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo. 1 68 special interest n I special interest 169 Any finished product is the sum of its parts. The organizations featured are the products of the interests and imaginations of many different mem- bers. People join because they have a talent they want to develop. Organizations provide not only a good atmosphere for fellowship, but also a certain amount of prestige and recognition. Special interest organizations range from Chamber Singers to the Ski Club with projects as varied as their purposes. Projects range from sell- ing a directory for 40,000 students, to reminiscing over a trip to Ozona, to marching before a national television audience at the Super Bowl game. These organizations reflect the nature of stu- dent interests and the University. The University is more than an " institution of higher learning with teaching and research facilities. " It is a learning center where ideas, plans and knowledge are exchanged. The student environment is a kaleido- scope continually turning and mixing ideas and making new patterns and designs. The many interests of students, inside or outside of class, are an important part of this ever changing scene. imagination and interests 1 70 special interest TO $ Walter C. Britt A V i V r - c f Stewart Jay Clark Gorden Howard Lamb choral directors Robert Kearney Wheeler Dehl Wolfers Albert E. Clark Georgia Gilliam Parmelee choral directors 171 ., acappellachoir Organized in 1 940, the A Cappella Choir is one of the oldest choirs at the University. Its repertoire consists of selections from all periods of history. In February, the group sang for the State Con- vention of the Texas Music Educators Associa- tion. The spring tour to Mexico City included per- formances for the Association of Performing Fine Arts, the National University of Mexico and the Institute of Cultural Relations. Members are selected by the conductor, Gor- don Howard Lamb, through auditions at the beginning of the fall semester and occasionally throughout the year. Officers were Harvey Morris Stevens, president; Roger Douglas Lind, vice-president; Betty Lou Thomas, secretary; and Nancy Carol Thompson, treasurer. FRONT ROW: Marilyn Sue Stephens, Helen Ann Fox, Sarah Carroll McBurnett, Pamela Ann Taylor, Laurie Jan Reece, Kerri Dameron Aiken, Connie Ruth Gastle r, Claudia Marie Sittko, Deborah Carter, Kathleen D. Jenkins, Joan McElhannon, Phyllis Fay Farmer, Vivian Sue McCallum, Ruth Ann Fankhauser, Paula Stephens. SECOND ROW: Margaret Lynn Moreland, Maida Diane Papanek, Molly Virginia Ryan, Nancy Ann Hermanson, Andra Lea Mitchell, Karen S. Simmons, Debra Anne Burns, Gloria Jeane Evans, Rosemary Morton, Kathy Kanewske, Mary Kay Laughlin, Meredith B. Fischer, Nancy Carol Thompson, Betty Lou Thomas, Linda L. Forsyth Graham. THIRD ROW: Michael Henry Rasco, Randol Alan Bass, Gary Wayne Pyle, John Wallace Die- rlam, Andrew McLeod Taylor, Stephen Douglas Hart, William Curtis Vaughan, John Charles Ament, Mark Douglas Dixon, Mark Stephen Craven, James Robert Paul, Donald Preston Wiley, Jimmy Wayne Madsen. FOURTH ROW: John Maurice Kidd, Dennis Jeffrey Hoover, Charles K. Castle, Michael T. Edwards, James Bernard Proft, Robert Wayne Proft, Roger Douglas Lind, James Edgar Sheppard, Kevin Jay Dunn, Jaan Ray Goad, Harvey Morris Stevens, Russell C. Nelson, Ben Paul Brinkley, William Lloyd Darwin. 1 72 a cappella choir V ' " ' ' Varsity Singers, backed by their own band, per- formed folk, rock and blues music. Their reper- toire also included rock and roll hits of the 50 ' s. In the fall, the group performed during the Dad ' s Day Concert, for the Austin Area Credit Union Association and at the Union Christmas bazaar. The Varsity Singers also toured the North Texas-Oklahoma area, Houston and San Antonio. Chris Childs served as president. varsity singers 1 . Louis Raymond Harless 2. Lucy Alice Amen 3. Kim M.Kelly 4. Michael L. Kaufman 5. Linda Kay Wood 6. Kristina Darleen Clark 7. Christopher E. Childs 8. Sherilyn Mayton 9. Robert Byron Melton 10. Edith Diane Dochen 11. Gregory M. Bustin 12. Karen Sherrill Pippin 13. Paul Wayne Beutel 14. John Edward Henry varsity singers 1 73 1. Diane Whitworth 2. Joel Maurice Graham 3. Gloria Jeane Evans 4. Jimmy Wade Guthrie 5. David Lynn Jones 6. Beverly Ruth Doiron 7. James Robert Starkey 8. Robert Kearney Wheeler 9. Margaret E. Kemp 1 0. Georgia Ann Parmelee 1 1 . Roger Douglas Lind 1 2. Jerry Michael Stephens 13. Don John McMinn 1 4. Vivian Sue McCallum 1 5. Donald Lee Edens 16. J. Douglas Hubert 17. Robert Eugene Ritschel 18. Claudia Marie Sittko 1 9. Andrew Kormany 20. Margaret Lynn Moreland chamber singers A small and highly select group, the Chamber Singers perform a repertoire ranging from early secular Renaissance compositions to modern pieces by American and English composers. Appearances at state, regional and national music conventions have given the group wide exposure and recognition. During the fall, the Singers presented The Pied Piper by Jean Berger. The annual Christmas Con- cert, which was broadcast live over Channel 36 television, was performed at the St. Stevens School of Tarrytown Methodist Church. Members are selected at the beginning of each semester through auditions. Both music and non- music majors are encouraged to participate. 174 chamber singers s A February performance with the Austin Sym- phony Orchestra of Guiseppe Verdi ' s master- piece, " The Requiem, " highlighted the year for the 1 25-member Choral Union. The majority of students in the group, which also performed throughout the state with other symphony orchestras, are non-music majors. Singers from the Austin community are also accepted for membership. The group is under the direction of music Pro- fessor Morris Beachy. choral union choral union 1 75 longhorn singers groups ! a r cv :-a a;::- " at the IB. Dallas I semester!? I music maic INSTRUMENTALISTS: Renee Viktoria McCright, William Woodward, Byron Frederick LUly, Andrew B. Stanford. SECOND ROW: Joan McElhannon, Vickie Diane Stern, Deborah Lynn Wroth, Kim M. Kelly, Laura Anne Hoch, Kevyn Colleen Jones, Helen Kathy Johnson, Betty Holmes, Mary Kay Laughlin, Susan Jan Soward, Rosemary E. Hines, Michele D. Fallwell, Deborah Jo Sittel Lane, Siri Diane Lundstedt, Patri- cia Ellen Ragle. THIRD ROW: Dale A. Wolfer, Director, Paul Edwin Donop, R. Sul Ross, Kimberely Ann Sherrill, Linda Lou Jennings, Jen- nie Linda Brusilow, Paulette S. Wallendorf, Carol L. Christen, Sallie Reynolds Low, Valerie Jean Mahaffey, Stefany R. Anderson, Karen Lee Schmidt, Michele Barr, Sherrie Paula Smith, Barbara Dochoda. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Eaelene Jones, Richard M. Ridley, James Allen Luther, Kelley Francis Whalen, Barry Wood Adkins, John H. Ingram, Lyn Taylor Breeland, Paul T. Boston, Kirkland Lee Busby, Clifford W. Sellers, Kenneth James Piercy, Bernard Siben, Stanley Raymon Wie- deman, William R. Reinke, Robert Byron Melton. FIFTH ROW: Benja- min Frank Wear, James Robert Reinhart, Richard Lea Robertson, Arthur Paul Rose, Jay Ira Steinfeld, Reese A. Mathieu, Jerry Walter Malcolm, Ted L. Bellmont, Richard David O ' Connor, John B. Ross, Douglas Burt Fraser, Leslie N. Williams, Randolph Winsler Rountree. 176 longhorn singers A Christmas trip to London and appearances on British television highlighted the year for the Longhorn Singers, a 70-voice, mixed choir which provides fast-moving entertainment through a repertoire of show tunes and pop numbers. The group is also backed by an instrumental combo and reinforced with choreography. A fall concert in San Antonio for the Texas May- or ' s convention started off the year. In November the group sang in Houston at the Galleria, the Petroleum Club and at several hospitals. They also performed for the annual Dad ' s Day activities at the LBJ library. Other activities included appearances at various schools in Temple and Dallas. Members are selected at the beginning of each semester through auditions. Both music and non- music majors are encouraged to participate. Officers were Richard Lea Robertson, presi- dent; John H. Ingram, vice-president; Benjamin Franklin Wear, treasurer; and Joan McElhannon, secretary. tonghorn singers 177 southern singers The Southern Singers put together an enter- taining show of light music. Their program cen- tered around the theme " I Believe in Music " and varied from small group and individual perform- ances to routines by the group of 60 women. The group performed for the Texas Chemical Association, the Texas Press Association and at Dad ' s Day gathering. During spring break they gave concerts at Texas military bases. Officers were Dianne Marie Foreman, presi- dent; Nancy Gwynn Carter, secretary; Carol Ann Crabtree, treasurer; Rita Ann Blocher, publicity; Ellen Merritt Simpson, social chairman; Vicki Ann Morgan, historian; Pamela Ann Josephson and Mary M. Markantonis, librarians and Marsha Lynn Walls, wardrobe. FRONT ROW: Nancy Gwynn Carter, Trevoris Lynn Morgan, Ellen Mer- ritt Simpson, Karen Lee Kreitzer, Carol Paula Bruneman, Sylvia Lula Goodwin. SECOND ROW: Nelda Louise Munguia, Lauren Lyn Becker, DeAnn Lechtenberger, Dianne Marie Foreman, Walter W. Kellogg, Judith Rae Ney, Pamela J. Silverblatt, Kathryn Ruth Leopard, Marsha Lynn Walls, Stephanie Ann Hughes, Mary M. Markantonis, Elaine Han- over Tivers. THIRD ROW: Carol Ann Crabtree, Mary Katherine Morgan, Cheryl Y. Carlisle, Carol Louise Alston, Pamela Ann Josephson, Den- ise Marie Amiot, Linda Joan Lodge. FOURTH ROW: Suzanne Abbey Shapiro, Shiryl L. Thompson, Linda Jean Buice, Elinor Virginia Hart, Bethany Joyce Dagen, Stephanie J. Olson, Annette L. Romero, Caran Ann Galloway. FIFTH ROW: Carrie B. Federici, Vanessa Jane Foster, Celia E. Gross, Cindy Bonnie Kahn, Jana Carol Rexroat, Melissa Lyn Randolph, Mary Main, Linda Louise Morris, Vicki Ann Morgan, Karen Louise Cranberry, Rita Ann Blocher, Kay Ellen Underbrink, Mary Therese Gormley. 1 78 southern singers FRONT ROW: Ross Alan Ensley, Elden Douglas Traster, James R. Scheffield, Joe Rayford Thornton, Michael Bruce Lauten, Russell Romoser. SECOND ROW: Kirk Barefield, Joseph Jacob Ernst, John William McGovern, Wilford Allen Tate, Michael W. Lattimore. THIRD ROW: John G. Blakeley, Leon Olander Butner, Gene Berglund Wig- gins, Leslie Gene Tull, Randall Alan White, Eric William Leibrock. FOURTH ROW: Jay Bruce Nickel, James Douglas Hurd, Carl Robert Johnston, Thomas Gifton Davis, Melvin Curtis Odom. Formed in 1892, the Texas Troubadours is the oldest singing organization on campus. Each year the group prepares a repertoire of popular show tunes, folk music, school and frater- nity songs, spirituals and traditional favorites. The group sang for Dad ' s Day in November, the Air Force Aid Association in spring and at " sere- nades " on campus throughout the year. Officers were Joe Rayford Thornton, president; Russell Romoser, vice-president; Melvin James Rogge, treasurer; Michael Bruce Lauten, secre- tary; Kirk Barefield, librarian; and Joseph Jacob Ernst, wardrobe chairman. texas troubadours laxas troubadours 1 79 FRONT ROW: Robert Kearney Wheeler, Rebecca Ann Garza, Elizabeth Kay Tynan, Sandra Marilyn Miller, Penny Jean Rogers, Denise Joellen Fox, Carol Marie Jackson. SECOND ROW: Karen Kay Dunski, Susan Dianne Graham, Kathleen Jeanette Jarvis, Melinda Faye Trice, Cather- ine R. Shoenfelt, Meredith Jane Cowan, Alanna M. Silverstein, Susan Gail Loney. THIRD ROW: Malcolm Edwin Lofley, Linda Williams Dar- nell, Laurel Laurentz, Laurie Zann Shellorne, Dolores Elaine Eicher, Stephanie L. Parsutt, Sammie Lu Harrison, Rebecca Ann Ness, Julie Patrice Wall, Sheryl Foster. FOURTH ROW: Herbert Holl, Marilynn E. Evans, Margaret L. Schmid, Nancy Gallery, Susanna Parker, Andrea Gayle Worthy, Kathy Ann Pulliam, Cathy Lynn Zeien, Nancy Joanne Reber, Jason Jen Wong. FIFTH ROW: Gregory Lynn Meyer, William P. Curvin, Michael Roy Martin, Gary Wrenn White, Craig M. Topham, Danny Alex Prochnow, Nathan A. Massey, Mitchell A. Watkins, Gary Randall Horn, Federico Frias. librarians university chorus The University Chorus, under the direction of Robert K. Wheeler, provides an opportunity for people with little background in choral singing, to enjoy the fellowship of singing in a group. The chorus places special emphasis on sacred music for presentation in churches in the central Texas area, (either at the worship service or for full-length programs. The 60 members are cho- sen through auditions at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, the fall and spring semesters. The group sang in various churches and syna- gogues throughout the year. They also performed at The Rebecca Baines Johnson Center and at Jester Center. Gray W. White served as president. 1 80 university chorus Organized in 1969, Women ' s Concert Choir has gained stature through the performance of challenging music by traditional and contempo- rary composers. Their repertoire included selec- tions of sacred music which they presented for Austin area churches. The choir was often accompanied by instrumental groups. Members are selected through auditions open to both music and non-music majors. Patricia M. Nelson served as president; Billie Woods Dorsey, vice-president; Virginia A. McGovern, secretary. Patricia M. Nelson, Billie Woods Dorsey, Kathleen Anne Huston and Lynn Marie Kennedy were librarians. women ' s concert choir FRONT ROW: Laura Kaye Brown, Judith Rae Ney, Lynn Marie Ken- nedy, Mary Joy Davison, Roberta L. Mitchell, Ann Thomas Barrow, Cynthia Louise Fadely, Sharon Ann Nordmeyer, Susan Jan Soward, Terri K. Branda, Linda Caye Clearman. SECOND ROW: Patricia M. Nelson, Cheryl Lynn Rader, Andrea Jane Smith, Mary Marshall Davie, Ok Nan Cho Prikryl, Glenda Sue Frazior, Eileen Hale, Maragaret R. McGrew, Tara Elgin Hurst, Darlene Ann Doak, Yamilet M. Arciniega, Laura C. Lewis Morgan, Shirley Ann Kirshbaum, Diana Lea Weynand, Kathleen Ann Butler, Mary W. Pearson. THIRD ROW: Cecilia D. Dicker- son, Elizabeth K. Alspach, Rebecca L. R. Krueger, Karen Ann Lund- quist, Aida Marie Kennedy, Joan Carolyn Berman, Julia Ann Kilgore, Kathleen Ann Huston, Marsha Joan Wukasch, Pamela Kay Parker, Myra Ann Tenenbown, Kathy Ann Pulliam, Robin Claire Marmon. FOURTH ROW: Karen Lee Schmidt, Sally Phillips, Alberta S. Clark, Carol Christen, Ann Carol Stembridge, Morna Simon, Mary K Gol- dapp, Martha Lea Erwin, Virginia A. McGovern, Susan Steed Brady, Barbara R. Schwietzer, Patsy E. Lewis Hoover, Virginia Gay Wright. women ' s concert choir 181 longhorn band A Super Bowl appearance in January, 1974, highlighted a busy year for the Longhorn Band. The 300-member group also performed at football games, pep rallies and in several parades. Scott Ingersoll Harmon, drum major, led the band, which included " Big Bertha, " the world ' s largest drum, marching flag bearers and twirlers Adana Teresa Willman and Nancy Gail Crosby. Vincent R. DiNino, director, and James G. Hegl, assistant director, have gained National recogni- tion through their ability to build a powerful band. Freshman Advisors direct a six-week orienta- tion program in the fall. Wearing orange and white beanies, freshmen learn the history, traditions and techniques of the band. The session is cli- maxed with the initiation of new members who perform for the " old men " in Memorial Stadium. In the spring the musicians divided into two jazz bands and three concert bands. These groups performed at sports events and special activities, including the University Ex-Students Association Banquets, the Fiesta Flambeau parade in San Antonio and spring commencement. The entire band performed in the spring Band-O-Rama. Throughout the year the band held several bar- becues, picnics and parties. Old and new officers and oustanding students were honored at the annual spring awards banquet in May. The band also coordinated the selection of Var- sity Cheerleaders in an effort to promote continu- ing spirit for University athletics. Spring auditions for the Longhorn Band are open to any University student. James G. Hejl, assistant director Vincent R. DiNino, director 1 82 longhorn band SECTION LEADERS: FRONT ROW: Charles Andrew Sebek, Andrew Hugo Edburg, Gary Don Morgan, J. Lane Littrell, Scott Ingersoll Harmon, John H. Richardson, Glen Alan Clark. SECOND ROW: Jay L. Silberberg, William G. Wright, Graham D. Avery, Benjamin A. Brooks, Nancy Alice Turner, Deirdre Zoe Fotescu, Roger E. Sowell, Katherine M. Kroeger, William Erwin Brent, Randolph W. Rountree. THIRD ROW: Kenneth W. Whitson, Roger Drake Barker, Irvin D. Peterson, John D. Boggs, James Edwin Turpin, John R. Thomason, Michael Gene Figer, Larry Don Kitten, Rex Wayne Tillerson, David L. Peterson. FOURTH ROW: Lamonte Scott McAngus, Kyle Evans, Eric S. Hagstette, Steve Mason King, William C. Pederson, Andrew C. Graham, James Harold Spencer, Jerry Joe Hawes. Scott Ingersoll Harmond, drum major Nancy Gail Crosby, feature twirler Adana Teresa Willman, feature twirler tonghorn band 183 -. Dennis Carl Ahrens Guy Franklin Aldrich Jerry Dell Allamon John Charles Ament Deborah Lee Ashford Graham Douglas Avery Wayne B. Bachman Herbert H. Baker Nannette Ball Paul Collins Baria Roger Drake Barker Linda Kay Bergsten Jerry Michael Bierschen Kitzi Jane Blitch John Dalgus Boggs Caryn Denise Bothwell William Erwin Brent Reese Junior Brentzel Benjamin August Brooks JackW. Browne Craig Alan Buchele Debra Colleen Burkett Betty Burks Dennis Ray Burnham Claudio Luis Cardenas Ronald Allen Carlson Raul Salvador Casso Richard Scott Chapman Eric Kernan Christensen Richard Mark Church Glen Alan Clark Roberta Lynn Cleland Roxanne Louise Cleland Cameron Iliff Coldwell James Louis Collier Rickie Charlene Cooper Kimberly Sue Corder Lee Shudde Grain William Kennedy Crone Alfredo Cruz David Nelson Currey Daniel Bryan Davidson Kendall Craig Davis James William Deal Donna Kaye DeCuir Lucy Vaile Domask Mary Susan Domask Barbara Ann Dorf Agustin Dovalina Debra Diane Duensing Harley Albert Eckhart Andrew Hugo Edburg Peggy Jo Elliott Fred Holmes Ellis Kyle Evans Artie Ann Fielder Bonnie Gail Figer Michael Gene Figer Kenneth Dolson Fisher Thomas Alan Foreman David Larry Forney Deirdre Zoe Fotescu Gary Lee Funderburk David Lee Gandin Kennon Marshall Garrett Joel R. Glende Sandra K. Goles Diane Elaine Gorzycki Arthur Frederick Graf Andrew Clark Graham David Hadley Grittman Donna Jean Gruesen Carolyn Ruth Gustafson Richard F. Gutierrez Margaret Lynn Haardt Eric Stewart Hagstette Steve Ray Hamblin Keith Lee Hamilton Michael Ross Hamilton Sherry Joretta Hansen Keith Hanna Harmon Emmett Elbert Harrison Mark Charles Hastings Jan Ellen Helm Dallas Belle Henderson James Stephen Henderson Doyle Wayne Henke Jamie L. Henry Linda Eileen Hickok Nancy Elizabeth Hickok fM B r Jrl W 1 84 longhorn band " " i T XT T Will R. High Philip Joel Miller Case Allen Hollub James Charles Holt Deborah Ann Hoose Steven Ray Huedepohl Milan Ross Hughston Gary William Husmann Mary Elizabeth James Leslie Desmond Jennings Mary Evelyn Johnson Scott Emil Johnson David Ketan Jones Shari Dianne Jordan Christopher James Jurgens Kathleen Anne Kadell Steven Marcus Kiger Steve Mason King Larry Don Kitten Leah Beth Klein Steven Cummings Kline Cynthia Burnell Knox Christine Lesley Koch David Randall Krauskopt Lee Devereaux Lacy Debra Elaine Lentz Diana Lynn Lewis J. Lane Littrell Richard L. Longley Paul Michael Lorimer John Bruce Lowe Joe David Lozano Margaret Frances Ludl Karl Thomas Maher Douglas Edward Mann Dianne Lynn Mares Mary Martha Maurer Robert Marion McCommon Debra Ann McDonald Michael Allen McFarland Charles Steven McFarling Robert Lynn McGaughey Daniel Earl McGookey Stuart Carpenter McKennon Michael Dalton Meyer Stephen Herman Miller Robert Flay Mohle Gregory Bruce Molyneaux Paul Stephen Moore Ronald Keith Moore Mario Espinoza Morales Gary Don Morgan David Scott Mothersole Chris Doyle Munson 185 Michael M. Nassour Lynn Barbara Nawrocki Diane Berenice Nelson Patricia Marice Nelson Donald Ellis Nielsen Mark Steven Northdurft Gary Wayne Palafox Glenn Leon Rape Vicente Paredes Robert Louis Pavlock William Christopher Pederson Terry Allen Pence Stephen Clark Peters Edward Martin Peterson In in Darnell Peterson Raney Dale Petty Dan S. Pfeil William Bryan Phillips John Lynn Pinkston David George Prager Ronald Timothy Prater Scott Keith Ramsey Francis Ann Reed Nathan Benno Rheinlander James Ralph Rich John Harry Richardson Steven Ray Richter Terry Robert Richter Robert Shawn Riley Claire Louise Rollwage Randolph Winsler Rountree George Ruiz William Oliver Rutherford Rosendo Sanchez James Eldon Savage Charles Andrew Sebek Daniel Marshall Sebek Donnie Gene Sharon Meira Bess Slaughter Adrian Lloyd Sorrell Roger E. Sowell James Harold Spencer Mary Kathryn Sponberg Pamela Kay Steed Robert F. Steele Mark Allen Stinson Se linda Susan Stockton Glenn Howard Strauss Beverly Diane Teller Paul A. Terrell Kathleen Thomas John Robert Thomason Rae Ann Tillerson Rex Wayne Tillerson Janice Allyne Tomasulo David Michael Tucker Billy Carl Tune Nancy Alice Turner Patricia A. Turner James Edwin Turpin James David Underwood Frank Ides Van Dyck William Paul Waits Robert Stuart Wallace Connie Elaine Waxier Kim Wendler Marie Louis Werkenthin Sandra Kay Wesch Karin Nanette Westlund Jay Fredric Wheless Gregory Ray Whitson Kenneth Wesley Whitson Harold Alvin Wilbanks Dorothy Cecile Williams Peggy Jane Williams Roderick Bland Williams James Mark Wilson Barbara Ann Wood Pamela Rae Wood David Edward Wright Virginia Gay Wright William Graham Wright Karl Ernest Yelderman Rose Marie Irene Yorio 186 long rxxn band T tfifc H i i T BAND COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Donna Kaye DeCuir, Diane Berenice Nelson, Rose I Marie Irene Yorio. SECOND ROW: Kendall Craig Davis, Randolph Winsler Rountree, Michael Gene Figer, J. Lane Litlrell. tonghdffl band 187 alpha phi omega Student directory sales were coordinated by APO members. Striving to develop leadership and friendship through service to the students and faculty of the University is the goal of Alpha Phi Omega. Pledges are chosen each semester based on their participation in campus and community projects. Throughout the year, the APO ' s serve the Uni- versity in many different ways. Service projects included selling student directories in October, sponsoring the University blood drive and man- ning the polls for TSP and Student Government elections. Members also spent time aiding with preregis- tration and registration procedures, collecting money for the Heart Fund, pushing wheelchairs for disabled students, ushering at LBJ symposia and helping in the Dean of Students Office. In addition, APO ' s are responsible for carrying the Texas flag at Longhorn football games. Serving as officers were Pat Owen Macken, president; Robert Chalmers Burke, administrative vice-president; Wilfred M. Krenek, service vice- president; John S. Lorigian, membership vice- president; Drew Walters, treasurer. 188 apo FRONT ROW: John Michael Childs, Laura Ann D ' Alisera, Milton Drew Walters, Deborah Lynn Aime, Wilfred Michael Krenek, Rena Carol Andrus, Patricio C. Gonzalez, Deborah Butler Low, Paul Matthew Low, Shirl A. Worcester, Michael David Krumlauf, Lawrence Eugene Lank- ford. SECOND ROW: Lawson P. Roberts, Larry James McGee, David Matlock, Joseph Marvin Bloom, John T. Stokes, James Ansle Smith, Morris Emanuel Pentecost, Robert Charles Amerman, Toby Glenn Reed, Robert Louis Panzarella, Marion M. Pendleton, Robert Pratt Thacker, Terree Allan Bowers, Andrew Glenn DeYoung, Clifford Fur- long Butler. THIRD ROW: Henry Bruce Longino, Mark Rice Laussade, Edwin John Seilheimer, Juan Gonzalez, James G. Switser, Gregory Don Blackley, Karl Michael Schmitt, Louis Reveley, Jack N. Fuerst, Ronald Charles Roeder, William Reed Lang, Gustavo Chapa, James Holden, Minor L. Morgan. FOURTH ROW: Robert Irl Crowe, Scott Emil Johnson, Kenneth Iva Lenard, Kenneth Wayne Griffin, Douglas James Thompson, Keith Alan Olander, Philip David McAlister, Steven Ross Poole, Arturo Perez, David E. Salguero, Patrick Owen Macken, Steven L. Anderson, Thomas Aiken Kirwan, John Stephen Torigian. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Alan Goranson, Thomas Michael Trissel, Melvin Curtis Odom, Kirk Barefield, Ralph F. Cook, Charles David Ward, Joe Guer- rero, Michael Kenneth Harris, Kim Ian McGraw, Eric Contreras, William Franklin Carleton, James Robert Teinhart, Gerhardt E. Wissler, Samuel Thomas Wisialowski, Richard Stephen Arvedson. SIXTH ROW: Ste- phen Clark Silverthorn, Louis Munoz, Alan Wayne Goldsberry, Robert Michael Baskin, John Vickers, Michael W. McCoy, Scott Maurice Hall, David Sam Guarino, Randell C. Roberts, Robert N. Wilson, Robert Douglas Benning, Michael Fernand Croes, Bart A. Pelton, Leslie Eugene Hosmer, William Edmond Nolte, William Paul Waits, Robert Andrew Lanius. SEVENTH ROW: Eddie William Hand, Phillip Alan Eis- ner, Jay B. Nickel, Jerome A. Styrsky, Hector Luis Colon, Hyman M. Penn, Raul Rios, Preston Charles Krueger, Richard Kellog Morton, John Phillips Clewlow, Mark Stephen Cochran, Joseph Willard Cenac, Craig Peterson, James Vise, Kenneth R. Rathbun, Ramon Gonzales. VOmtn nd fnendstiip tally of the Phi Omega. JMtfOltH ity projects. vetheUni- [vice projects ; ' JCIOT R ;-- ran- ; ,vte hairs jj symposia Office. e for carrying pres. ?: . apo 189 FRONT ROW: Judith Rae Ney, Rebecca Frances Coel, Stephanie A. Curtis, Marie E. Trevarro, Susan Melene Lesikar, Sylvia Lula Goodwin, Esta Lynn Kronberg, Tommie Sue Boyce, Karen H. Weiller, Natalie Ruth Golden, Phyllis Lee Levin. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Ann Lawrence, Shelly Irene Smith, Lezlie Lee Luke, Connie Lynn Zoch, Marilyn Marie Wise, Carolyn Denise Crowther, Diana Elva Ramirez, Debra llene Blatt, Anna Bernice Flores. THIRD ROW: Suzette Mayrie Haile, Edith Eliza- beth Brown, Susan Clark, Mary Louise Breen, Judith Anne Singer, Patricia Ann Loven, Donna Lynn Stolbun, Anna Marie Gomez, Marga- ret B. Reeder, Deborah Sue Shepherd, Lynda Lois Blevins. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Beth Smyth, Peggy Jo Elliott, Margaret Michelli Mont- gomery, Linda Diane Lippiatt, Therese G. Brendler, Meredith Ann McAtee, Katherine E. McAbee, Camille R. Broillet, Joan Elizabeth Ruby, Karla Katheryn Gatlin. FIFTH ROW: Kathryn E. Crim, Diane Joyce Hebner, Mary Susan Barnes, Sarah Ann Oliver, Ann Elizabeth Kitchen, Shirley Ann Kahler, Rena Carol Andrews. I " .:- esses tort In tie fa " Urban Ate Texas- Ba, sored a sf Jaw ' dents; ft gde Working in campus elections, sending holiday greetings to Health Center patients, selling books for the City-Wide Committee for Human Rights and battling impatient students at adds and drops and registration were only a few of the services performed by GDE this year. On Halloween night, the women ' s service organization joined the Sil- ver Spurs in taking underprivileged children trick- or-treating. In preparation for Christmas, the group sold UNICEF cards. GDEs also acted as hostesses for Dad ' s Day, built booths for the Scout-O-Rama, helped spon- sor the University Blood Drive and worked with the Austin State School and several nursing homes. In addition, members also aided the American Cancer Society and sold student direc- tories. The group held banquets, parties and picnics during the year. Any University woman may join the organization and membership drives are held each semester. Officers were Karen H. Weiller, president; Tom- mie Sue Boyce, service vice-president; Esta Lynn Kronberg, membership vice-president; Mary Susan Barnes, administrative vice-president; Shelly Irene Smith, treasurer; Elaine King, secre- tary; Patricia Gay Eltzroth, reporter and Lynda Lois Blevins, historian. 190 gde Chosen each semester on the basis of their scholarship, leadership and contribution to the community, Orange Jackets act as official host- esses for the University. In the fall, OJs hosted the LBJ Symposium on Urban Affairs and ushered on Dad ' s Day at the Texas- Baylor football game. They also spon- sored a symposium in the spring on college towns and held their annual brunch for mothers and alums. Jane Alice Anderson served as president; Bar- bara Ann Linch and Kathy Freeland, vice-presi- dents; Vicki Gale Hall, treasurer and Loyce Lee Bates, secretary and tappee trainer. orange jackets FRONT ROW: Mary Jo Beeson, Susan Lynne Stanberry, Leslie Ann Benitez, Janna Kay Russell, Diane Elaine Gorzycki, Shirley Ann Wor- cester, Barbara Ann Linch, Melissa Winer, Lucy Doggett Crow. SEC- OND ROW: Kathy Freeland, Dana Bess Davis, Toni Ann White, Nelda Wilson, Amy Lynn Clarke, Marlene Elaine Kortage, Celita Beth Brock, Melanie Mauser, Patricia Bell Shea, Deirdre Zoe Fotescu. THIRD ROW: Laura Neal Fly, Loyce Lee Bates, Rita Ann Burgess, Judy Ann Rosen- blum, Lynne Claire Collier, Jane Alice Anderson, Lewise Ann Wilson, Rebecca Hurley, Elizabeth Jane Daily, Anna Clare Buie, Ruth Ann Fos- ter, Karen Deborah Nichols, Pamela Lea McMichael, Lourdoes Mar- garita Montesino, Susan Leigh Winterringer, Lois Evans Rayner. orange jackets 191 forms of s Thegrc Otters trip to the from the busloads; inActxxi Ne: H mer ami pointw Officers Bryan Lei banter a-; FRONT ROW: Beverly Gray Weitzel, Martin Bruce Feldman, Martha Virginia Upchurch, Caren Cay Copus, Steven Martin Lipscomb, Claudia Ramsey Clinton, Melinda Lou Fugitt, John Michael Landon. SECOND ROW: Gary Douglas Pickens, Patricia Gail Frye, Suzanne Merritt, Suzanne Daniel Pence, Ralph William Woodward, Jo Lynn Corley, Gary James Lacy, Richard Michael Ridley. THIRD ROW: Thomas Bart McCarthy, Robert Martin O ' Neal, Jean Elizabeth Peters, Linda Sue Lloyd, Martha Elizabeth Gunn, Ronald Gaylord Williams, Chad Cable. FOURTH ROW: Bryan Lee Harding, Leslie Carter Klein, Vickie Lynn Knight, Patricia Woods Finley, Patricia Anne Smith, Mary Ellen Ford, Melinda Lou McCloud, Robert Fuller Black. FIFTH ROW: John Royden Biddle, Ann Wisdom, Barbara Lee Stevens, Robert Owen Crow, Alison Blanchard, Richard Gillespie Eastland, Winton Lee Coleman, Charles Mitchel Nettles. " " 1 92 posse Supporting the University community in all forms of spirit and service is the goal of Posse. The freshman and sophomore spirit organization decorates windows of the Drag merchants before football games and gives annual Christmas par- ties for underprivileged children in Austin. The group conducts freshman cheerleader elections each fall and participates in all pep ral- lies. Other service activities include sponsoring a trip to the Dad ' s Day football game for children from the Austin State School and taking several busloads of Austin children to the annual Athletes in Action football game in the spring. New members are tapped once a year. Fresh- men and sophomores must have a 2.2 grade point average to be eligible for membership. Officers were Charles Mitchel Nettles, marshall; Bryan Lee Harding, sheriff; Linda Sue Lloyd, banker and Claudia Ramsey Clinton, justice of the peace. posse Posse members painted windows on the Drag to help fans " Fire up! ' posse 193 Silver Spurs, a men ' s honorary organization serving the University and the Austin community, are the guardians of Bevo, the University mascot. Rowelles, or pledges, are selected each semester on the basis of individual character, leadership qualities and academic achievement. Two major service projects are conducted by the Spurs each year. In the fall, Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo is held with the proceeds going to the Tra- vis State School. Charlie Rich, chosen as Country and Western Male Vocalist of the Year, performed at the November event. The spring project, the Silver Spur Dance Mara- thon, is held during Round-Up. Participating cou- ples are sponsored by businesses and Greek organizations. Money raised from this project is presented to the March of Dimes. Other Spur-sponsored activities included the player of the week award during the football sea- son and the presentation of the Silver Spur Out- standing Service award to the woman who has given distinctive service to the University. The gourp is also involved in the " Shamrocks for Dys- trophy Drive, " the Texas Special Olympics, annual Easter egg hunts and Halloween trick-or- treating with underprivileged children in the Aus- tin community. Coordinating Spur activities were Craig Alan Johnson, president; Weldon M. Yates, vice-presi- dent; Richard Hugh Bundy, treasurer; and Bobby Dale Giles, secretary. ! - Jfca ' % ' s .4 m c ll 1 9 silver spurs silver spurs FRONT RC Weldon Mi Da Rose " :--. :- - : : " : purs FRONT ROW: Michael Bernard Gregory, John William Lander, John Randall Brlansky, James King Holtzman, Weldon Marshall Yates, Robert Lee Manning, Michael David Rosen, Henry Douglas Bogart, Leslie Irwin Ballin, Bobby Dale Giles, Mary Kay Harvey, William Lee Rudd, Peter Clyde Barbour, Gary Brent Pugh. SECOND ROW: Alfred Gene Holcomb, Daniel Ray Renner, Randy A. Mar- tin, Charles E. Bearden, Robert Eiland Crawley, William George West, Richard Anderson Renaudin, John Carroll Perry, Myron Geer Blalock, Thomas Scott Currie, Richard Dan Maxson, Peter Michael Hardage. THIRD ROW: James Brock Johanning, Thomas Neil Cockburn, Allen Marcus Feltman, Harry Michael Hochman, William Walter Reeves, Stephen Martin Lipscomb, Bryan Prichard Ratliff, John Alexander Jarvis, John Coleman Horton, Thomas Hunter Nelson, Manuel John Mehos. FOURTH ROW: Robert Dan- iel Smith, George Dennis Pattillo, Alan Michael Hirsh, Rob- ert Richard Rachner, Edwin Wayne Brown, Robert Lee Myers, Richard Kelty Stoneburner, Craig Alan Johnson, James William Little, Lewis Eldridge Brown, Richard Hugh Bundy, Robert Bruce Turner. FIFTH ROW: Craig Alan Brooks, Charles Edward Plumhoff, Murray Paul Mangum, John Bates Eidman, Francis Scott Yeager, David Earl Butts, George Kirk Prendergast, Winton Lee Coleman, James Edward Strode, Frank Bridges Haughton, William Patterson Denton, Leslie Carter Klein, Martin Bruce Feld- man, Richard Wade Flowers, John David Rape, David Quentin Bates, Harris Hutcheson Bass, Jackson Charles Hooper, Clint Allen LaRue, Kristin LaRue Perryman. srtvw spurs 195 Twee a i Spooks. man and si based on s Spooks de games, pa? slogans or even:?-:. FRONT ROW: Kathleen Crawford Mayne, Cathy Garrett, Patti Gay Schrank, Susan Jean Norton, Margaret Mary Denena, Lynne Claire Collier, Joan Marie Shepherd, Marlene E. Kortage, Karen Lee Kreitzer, Celita Beth Brock, Sarah Linn Rainey, Anne Arronowitz, Toni Ann White, Melanie Mauser, Jennifer Stansbury. SECOND ROW: Carol Sue Gilmore, Sara Lynn Nathan, Hannah L. Haegelin, Lynn Schweig, Nancy Lynne Gracey, Linda Ann Crocker, Nannette Avant, Helene Reich, Patricia Ann McKee, Kathy D. Richardson, Patricia Gormley, Honey Jill Burns, Mary Margaret Flynn, Shelby Robinson, Becky K. Herber. THIRD ROW: Sue Dale Gibson, Mary Alexa McFarland, Margie Annette Harris, Kelly. Jayne Freeland, Mary Dodd Abbot, Carolyn E. Harris, Cynthia Nell Pogue, Deborah Ann Stevens, Terry Zlotnick, Mary M. Covington, Paula Fairchild, Sherry Heleen Harwood, Beverly J. Hannah, Mary C. Huffman, Cora Lynn Basse. FOURTH ROW: Gerry Ann Means, Elizabeth Ann Nolan, Eileen Beth Martell, Deborah Sue Shepard, Patti A. Timberlake, Patti K. Haardt, Nancy Little, Jacqueline Suzanne Holmes, Jana Lynn Standefer, Catherine Ann Watson, Karen Henk, Lillian A. Johnson, Lynne Ann Culter, Marcia Dean Harelik. FIFTH ROW: Mary Jane Allison, Cynthia Lee Beach, Pricilla Copora, Pepper Ann Pierson, Dara Whitney Frank, Phyllis C. Schwartz, Phalby Beehn Norris, Andrea Edith Avery, Madeline D. Hartwell, Frances Louise Dale, Betty Ann Lusk, Yamilet M. Arcieniega, Kelly Warren, Tex Ann Horvath, Patti Rose Rilday. SIXTH ROW: Shari Lynn Johnson, Cindy Lou Gearner, Donna Faye Whitehurst, Kathy Lee Hall, Jim Ann Carter, Diana Sue Helms, Sally Ruth Simmons, Lourdes M. Montesino, Debbie Faye Ernst, Terri Matthew. SEVENTH ROW: Cathy E. Carlisle, Karen Burris, Jan Denise Lindemann, Mary Frances Agnello, Lois Evans Rayner, Janet Ellen Youngman, Hilma Ann Rabel, Cindy E. Cobb, Terry Lynne Bunyan. try.. 196 spooks spooks Twice a year, new members are tapped into Spooks, the spirit organization open only to fresh- man and sophomore women. Membership is based on spirit and service to the University. Before initiation, twenty hours of service must be completed and the hidden mascot found. As boosters for University athletic teams, Spooks decorate locker rooms before home games, participate in pep rallies and paint spirit slogans on windows of Drag merchants. Annual events include a Spook reunion in the fall and the presentation the Outstanding International Stu- dent during Round-Up. Other projects included aiding the campus- wide blood drive, working at the General Informa- tion booth in the Main Building and manning elec- tion polls for campus elections. Leading the group were Joan Shepherd, head haunt; Marlene Kortage, vice-haunt; Lynne Col- lier, royal spirit haunt; Toni White, banker haunt; and Anne Aronowitz, scribe haunt. B.Jacque e I -a into -, E CariiS Spooks formed spirit line at the Arkansas football game. spooks 197 Traditionally distinguished by their chaps and black hats, the Texas Cowboys are the oldest men ' s honorary service organization at the Uni- versity. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, integrity and honesty Annual service projects are directed toward rais- ing funds for the Austin Association for Retarded Children (AARC). During the fall, the Cowboys brought retarded and handicapped children from all over central Texas to Austin to see Longhorn football games. Spring service projects included a benefit con- cert by the Doobie Brothers in March, the annual Round-Up Barbecue and an Easter egg hunt in Pease Park. The group also sponsored a team in the Special Olympics for retarded children. John Jay Fosdick served as Cowboy foreman in the fall. Other officers included Jeffrey James Doumany, straw boss; Zack Thomason Burkett, shotgun; Kevin Howard Hodges, horse wrangler; and Ray V. Mayfield, camp cook. Cowboy Sweet- heart was Alice Masan. texa :=.:-- -: " --. ' .t . -: " :: - lewGoman 1 98 texas cowboys texas cowboys FRONT ROW: Louis Allan Stool, Arnold Lipp, Ray Ver- non Mayfield, Joseph Robert Imber, Paris Ray Schin- dler, Mark Eden Monroe, Harry Earl Coussou, Kevin Howard Hodges, John W. Newton. SECOND ROW: Stephens Collins Owen, James Arnold Tipton, Todd McLean Hunt, Steven Daniel Hahn, Michael Edwin Hanson, Steele Wright, Kenneth E. Goldberg, Benjamin James Lemmons, Charles Randolph Biddle, Thomas Leon Goman, Thomas Charles Ray, Gregory Steven Allen, John H. Richardson. THIRD ROW: John Scott Talbot, Christopher L. Chambers, John Underwood Clarke, Barksdale Hortenstine, Stephen Moe Pearce, Bruce Allen Sifford, Jeffery James Doumany, John Jay Fosdick, Thomas Henry Ball, Douglas Henson Barnes, Michael T. Hatch, Phillip R. Strickland, Don Rhoads Holloway, Jeftery Paul Meador, Mark K. Allen, Steven W. Smith, Jay Lock Arnold. FOURTH ROW: Timothy Mark Dodson, Daniel Warren Nelson, David Daniel Crockett, James Leavell Bayless, Max Otto Reinbach. texas cowboys 1 99 1 . Bryan Ray Gilbert 2. Ronald Douglas Crawford 3. James Hampton 4. Leslie Jacob Schaffner 5. Joe Earl Byars 6. Peter Helmut Froehlich 7. Timothy Lee Hayden 8. William Davis Barren 9. Robert Milton Hatch 1 0. Edward Warren Fidler 1 1 . Malcom W. Barrett 1 2. Theodore Earl Neible 13. James Patrick Voss 1 4. Robert Fredrick Morse 1 5. Joseph Anthony Molinari 1 6. Keenan Dirk Henry 17. Christopher Charles Kelley 18. Danile Thomas Puleio 1 9. William Foster Rogers 20. William Smith 21. David Rex Vaughn 22. Thomas Hall Whitney 23. Mark Culve Evans 24. Johnny J. Lauterbuch 25. Paul Moody Summit! 26. Paul Armand Thoman 27. Joseph Clement Koen 28. John Richard Carrillo 29. Patrick James Behnke 200 crow ' s nest A crow ' s nest Something original in the way of housing, the Crow ' s Nest has been fondly labeled a " fun slum " by one of its residents. Since 1948, the doors have been open to any University Navy ROTC student desiring a place to eat and sleep and a corner in which to study. Requirements include paying bills and participating in Wednes- day Night Field Day, the " clean up " period launched at 6 p.m. and lasting until the work is done. Residents are involved in activities scheduled through the Navy ROTC including intramurals, service projects and a formal dance in December. Coordinating the operations were James Voss, president; Leslie Schaffner, vice-president; Ron- ald Crawford, treasurer; Dean Nobles, work man- ager; Carl Beveridge, food buyer. crow ' s nest 201 tejas club Established in 1925, the Tejas Club has selected members for their friendliness and dis- tinction as individuals for nearly half a century. The club provides an atmosphere that encour- ages individual growth through the development of scholarship, leadership and fellowship. Because a great deal of emphasis is placed on campus involvement, the Tejas Club is repre- sented in such organizations as the Texas Cow- boys, Silver Spurs, Longhorn Band, Texas Union, student publications, college councils, APO, Jun- ior Fellows and various honorary organizations. Continuing projects of Tejas include parties for underprivil eged children at Christmas and a club blood fund at the Travis County Blood Bank. To honor the outstanding member of Tejas, the J. O. Garrett Awards Banquet is held each spring. Membership is open to male University stu- dents who receive the unanimous vote of the chapter for two consecutive weeks. Prospective members must also exhibit scholarship, leader- ship and activity in University organizations. Officers were Otis Edmund Elmore, president; Milam Randolph Pharo, vice-president; William Calvin Chaney, secretary and Charles Christo- pher Reeder, business manager. University System Chancellor Dr. Charles LeMaistre spoke with members at a weekly meeting. 202 tejas I FRONT ROW: Charles Christopher Reeder, William Calvin Chaney, Reagan William Simpson, James Lane Littrell, Michael Joseph Shearn, David Bob Matlock, Rale Sterling Gideon. SECOND ROW: James Ran- dolph Edwards, Curtis Wynne Leister, Edwin Barrett Turner, Stephen Scott Huntsberger, Otis Edmund Elmore, Michael Gene Figer, Max Otto Reinbach. THIRD ROW: David William Gayle, Roger Edward Coy- ner, Michael Allen Baker, Harley Albert Eckhart, Rex Wayne Tillerson, Christopher L. Chambers, Joe David Word, John Harry Richardson. FOURTH ROW: John Edward Lively, Emmett Elbert Harrison, Thomas William Marshall, David Wright Hawes, Milam Randolph Pharo, Ken- neth Joseph Ferguson, Steve Mason King, David Paul Graf, Kendall Craig Davis. lejas 203 1 . Carolyn Ann Mannas 2. Po Ching Vanda Choi 3. Marilyn J. Schwausch 4. Maria Luisa Rodriguez 5. Carol Elaine Wauters 6. Mary Jane Mills 7. Roseanna Lisa Rico 8. Elizabeth A. Page 9. William H. Breeze 1 0. Bette Nan Costales 1 1 . Marilyn Marie Mathe 12. Teresa Ann Atiee theadorne co-op Theadorne Co-op, a University-owned house, provides inexpensive living accomodations for interested women. Each member has a vote on activities and rules concerning the co-op. Forty people, including family and friends of residents, attended a Thanksgiving dinner at the house. Other activities included a Halloween cos- tume party and a traditional Christmas party. Coordinator Marilyn Mathe kept the books and planned activities. Carolyn Mannas, foodbuyer, supervised purchasing of food for all meals. 204 theadorne co-op Bahai planned for future events and meetings to spread the word of their faith. Working to expose the University community to their faith, the Bahai Association presents their message " that mankind is one and all religions come from the same God. " They believe God sends messengers periodically to give guidance. Activities hosted by the association included pot luck dinners with other organizations, a book table on the West Mall, an October discussion with Dr. Oran Young, on the role of the United Nations in the Middle East crisis and a proclama- tion week in the spring. Officers were Hulen Edward Clifton, president; Donald T. Gordon, treasurer; Sara Elizabeth Weeks, recording secretary; Leslie Antoine, cor- responding secretary; Candice Holding, board member. baha ' i association ' Fellowship is a part of worship 205 chi alpha William Alan Barbour, John Ronald Carey, Pamela Harrison, Helen Diane Thompson, Bobby Glen Thompson Encouraging fellowship with God, making friends in worship, prayer and service are the pri- mary aims of Chi Alpha. Membership is open to University students of any denomination. Activities included manning a book table on the West Mall and sponsoring films on the return of Christ. The group also held a retreat in January. Officers were Bobby Glen Thompson, presi- dent; William Alan Barbour, vice-president; Helen Diane Thompson, treasurer; Jeannette Brewster, secretary. 206 chi alpha Formed by Jewish University students, the Chabad House Lubavitch provided housing for its members and weekly religious educational groups led by Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff . Members offered their house as a meeting place for all Jewish worshippers to observe the Sabbath and other holiday celebrations. Officers were Marvin G. Traxler, president; C. Michael Beren, vice-president; Z. Jonathan Beren, treasurer and Andrea Chappell, secretary. chabad-lubavitch Rabbi Lazaroff of Houston led weekly religious discussion groups at the Chabad House. chabad-lubawtch 207 Students listened to a lecture sponsored by " Org. " Christian Science and its eftect on life was discussed at testimonial meetings. ?08 Christian science college organization Devoted to the growth of the individual, the Christian Science College Organization spon- sored weekly testimonial meetings and lectures for both members and the campus community. Officers were William Olaf Kolberg, president; William Sidney Hopper, vice-president; Elizabeth A. Pritchard, secretary; Deborah Lou Paine, trea- surer and Dennis Byron Conley, member-at- large. Christian science college organization Christian science college organization 209 bevo ' s babes Organized to provide assistance to the Univer- sity varsity swim team, Bevo ' s Babes took over many jobs that had fallen on coaches and manag- ers such as running messages, tallying scores and keeping time during meets. The Babes also traveled with the team to South- west Conference Championships and AAU regional meets. In addition to working directly with the team, they served as official hostesses and cheerleaders and helped recruit outstanding high school swimmers. Officers were Janet Howard Usher, president; Nancy Louisa Robertson, vice-president; Linda Jane Turner, treasurer; Sandra Sue Reaves, sec- retary; Stephen Craig Beasley and Patricia L. Gaskin, executive advisors. i LEFT TO RIGHT: Cathy Lenora Lischka, Sandra Sue Reaves, Jennifer Alice Landgraf, Kim Carvel Webb, Terri Lynn Everett, Janet Howard Usher, Donna Lynn Duke, Cindy Ann Denton, Deborah Ruth Templin, Nancy Louisa Robertson, Kimberly Ann Michels, Janet Lee McNeill, Joan Marie Naughton, Cindy Lee Thomas, Vicki Jean Witkowski, Mar- sha Lea Beasley, Katherine Lorene Elizabeth Kew, Jo Beverly Burns, M. Carol Cuenod, Linda Jane Turner. 210 bevo ' s babes A unifying force for the activities of black stu- dents on campus and in the Austin community, The Blacks strive for increased communication and black awareness at the University. Activities of the group included fund raising dances held the first weekend of each month, conferences on higher education for black high school students and participation in the Big Buddy Volunteer Program. Officers were William James Quails, president; Gregory Don Blackley, vice-president; and Made- line D. Hartwell, secretary. 1 . Paul Rene Franklin 2. Pamela Miller 3. Garfield Anthony Britton 4. Rhonda Lynette Bailey 5. Frederick Douglass Todd 6. Gregory Don Blackley 7. Madeline D. Hartwell 8. Janice Eileen Carter 9. Billy Wayne Wilson 1 0. Dorothy Faye Mosley 11. Garfield Fisher the blacks me blacks 211 circle k SITTING: Ricardo A. Rodriguez. STANDING: David F. Ste- phenson, Sara Vance Gibson, Thomas J. Gibson, Baxter Frank Womack. 212 circle k Both male and female students are eligible to join Circle K, a University group which empha- sizes service to the campus and the community. Working with area Kiwanis and Key Clubs, Cir- cle K helped sponsor the University Area Kiwanis pancake suppers in November and February. The club joined others to provide a Halloween carnival for students of the Travis State School. The group also hosted a Fall Training Confer- ence for the Texas-Oklahoma district at which club officers were given leadership training. Officers were David Stephenson, president and Ricardo Rodriguez, secretary-treasurer. Advisors were Dr. Baxter Womack, John Frannea and Thomas Gibson of the University Area Kiwanis. Members helped at pancake suppers. circle k 213 campus girl scouts Organized to link the Austin Girl Scout Council and the University, Campus Girl Scouts provide experienced women to aid area Girl Scouts. The group helped troops collect cans, paper and cardboard to raise money for a trip to Our Cabafta in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Members also sponsored canoe trips for Senior and Cadette scouts on the Guadalupe River in the fall and pro- vided camping services on the weekends for troops without qualified leaders. Officers were Jean E. Keeling, president; Lynn E. Schmidt, vice-president; Gail A. Vander Stoep, secretary; Linda S. Lindsay, treasurer, and Jeanne K. Katsuro, council liaison. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean A. Keeling, Lynn E. Schmidt, Gail A. Vander Stoep. 214 campus girl scouts LEFT TO RIGHT: David Gaytan Ramirez, Paul Leslie Price, Deleyne White, Heinz Schultze, Janet Kennedy, Linda Marie Mills, Stuart Laxson Marble, Michael Dismukes, Susan Jean Speir. " Our organization was formed for the pursuit of life and its many possibilities. " The Ozona Survivors are a group of University students who seek out life and fun where and when they can. Their usual roster of activities included weekend trips to Bastrop and Windy Point. The group was named after a summer trip through Ozona, Texas. William Joseph Kennedy served as president. ozona survivors ozona survtvore 215 EXECUTIVE COMMITEE: SEATED: Erik Neil Birk, Burke P. Armstrong. STANDING: Duane Allen Davis, Vickie Lynn Knight, Albert F. Dupree, Paul Lewis Scofield. " Ski Texas? Well, how about Colorado? " The University of Texas Ski Club provided two trips to Colorado for over 500 University students. Organized this year to bring snow skiing closer to Texas, they co-sponsored trips to Aspen and Breckenridge over Christmas and a spring break trip to Taos, New Mexico, with Student Govern- ment and the Student Ski Association. Besides providing inexpensive student trips, the group also sponsored many activities in central Texas. Friday and Saturday jaunts to ski on the artificial snow at Sandyland were held by the group to aid members in polishing their techni- ques before hitting the slopes. ut ski club 216 ut ski club .-. " Black students were offered continuous orien- tation into the University ' s black community by United Niggers Integrating Texas (U.N.I.T.). Social events included bowling and basketball tournaments. A car wash and bake sale were held to raise money for the group. Regularly schedule meetings were highlighted by guest speaker s, including Dr. Geneva Gay, for- mer director of ethnic studies and William James Quails, chairman of the Blacks organization. Officers were Andrew Tommy Young, chairper- son; Stephanie Griffin, co-chairperson; and Jan- ice Elden Carter, secretary-treasurer. u.n.i.t. club r RONT ROW: Paul Rene Franklin, Rhonda Lynette Bailey, Garfield Anthony Britton, Dorothy Faye Mosley, Billy Wayne Wilson Debra ay Franklin. SECOND ROW: Exton Nelson Maddox, Janice Eileen barter, Andrew Tommy Young. unit 217 ut sailing club Instruction in sailing techniques and practical experience on Lake Travis were offered to mem- bers of the University Sailing Club. The group also sponsored " day " sailing events and participated in intercollegiate competition. The club ' s boats were stored at a private marina until hurricane winds last year caused $10,000 worth of damage to hulls and sail rigs. Through salvage and use of member ' s boats, the club was able to compete locally. OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Vicki Appleman, secretary; Lisa Ann Moore, comptroller; Margaret A. McCord, third rear commodore. SECOND ROW: William E. McSparren, team representative; Frank D. Creamer, second rear commodore; John Lloyd Laakso, first rear commodore; Charles Emmett Moore, commodore. 218 ut sailing club edited by Steven thompson o CD 0) 3 fl) 0) professional organizations - 2 19 professional projects Each year at University Showcase, members of organizations display projects representative of their profession. A biplane hang glider was one of the many projects sponsored and constructed by professional groups on the University campus. In an attempt to encourage creative thought among engineering students, the American Soci- ety of Mechanical Engineers sponsored a Rat Race. Contestants were required to design and assemble an amphibious vehicle to transport a rat over a 1 5-foot course with maximum safety. On the more practical side, a group of engi- neering students completed a detailed study of the feasibility of powering the fountains at the LBJ Library with electricity generated by wind power. Due to high costs and an unstable wind supply, the fountains, which had been shut down at the onset of the energy crisis, remained off. The energy crisis commanded top priority on the list of projects for the year, as groups of engi- neers participated in an energy evaluation pro- ject. During field trips to petroleum production units, members of American Institute of Metalurgi- cal Engineers observed and evaluated current production methods in attempts to design more efficient petroleum procurement machinery. These professionals, their problems and their solutions, are featured on the following pages. 220 professionals professionals 221 energy crisis 222 professionals professionals 223 student research AIME members inspected a wellhead " Christmas tree. " 224 professionals The controversial " morning-after " pill Students worked in bio-chem labs to isolate proteins professionals 225 alpha kappa psi Linking the BBA curriculum with both service and social activities, Alpha Kappa Psi, profes- sional business fraternity, gives members experi- ence in public relations, administration and other areas valuable to their future careers. Members are selected from business students posessing a minimum grade point average of 2.0. A formal initiation ceremony signifies the end of the ten-week pledge program. Service projects included a blood drive and a Christmas benefit with the Salvation Army. Retreats, a Sweetheart Dance and parties dur- ing Round-Up completed the list of social events. Meetings featured s peakers such as State Sen. Lloyd Doggett and Dr. George Kozmetsky, Dean of the College of Business Administration. Richard Gordon Alletag Gregory Edward Bogdan Steven Ray Branson Michael Lee Carlson Michael Alfred Cerullo Wilton Foster Chalker Frank William Corbett Jerrel Lee Cross Chris Gerald Crouch Allen Dean Farris Frank Leslie Felcman Benny M. Gutierrez Senator Lloyd Doggett 226 AK Ernest Larry Ham James Thomas Mines Thomas Ingle Jackson Michael Lynn Jones Karl Wayne Kacir Gary David Kahn Oliver Kam Kneisley Ronald James Kunschik Larry Leon Linenschmidt Randall K. Lowry Donald Ray McNeal Jeffrey Lynn Meyer Gary Lee Miller Woodrow Wilson Miller James Bernard Mzyk William Pullen Norwood Dennis Karl Obenhaus Charles M. Ogle Walter J. Pieper Motilal John Pinto Nick Peter Postolos Mark Stephen Poulos Stanley Earnest Pyndus Richard Price Schissler Joseph Schuchardt David Ernest Sipple Phillip S. Slater Jeffrey Alvin Smith Enos Roger Stewart Robert Walter Swanson Erwin Gaston Thompson Mark Alan Trieb Reese M. Turner Lester Van Pelt Randal Walter Winn 227 The Beta Kappa chapter of Delta Sigma Pi busi- ness fraternity seeks to encourage professional- ism, social interaction and community service. Members entertained a group of orphans from the Texas Baptist Youth Home at a University football game, sponsored fall and spring formals and traveled to Dallas on a field trip. Pledges from the College of Business are cho- sen each semester at rush smokers. Stephen Nicholas Arra Claude James Atkins Nelson Keith Barre Carlos Jose Castillo Bruce Allen Cauley Michael Jay Cohen Braxton Bragg Comer Philip Charles Grouse Billy Dee Davis Richard Franklin Davis David King Denton John William Derichsweiler Jan Michael Dittmar Norbert Daniel Dittrich James Edwin Dixon Gary Michael Dorsey Gregory John Doutel Ricky Ray Ealey Richard Lance Flowers Edmund Paul Frank service. xingfomals delta sigma pi Gary Wayne Glenewinkel Michael B. Goertz Randy Eugene Jennings Ronald Dwain Jennings Ted Neal Johnston Kenneth V. Kelley Keith Harold Lehtinen Mark Preston McMahon Danny Ray Moore Michael Keith O ' Kelley Robert Wilson Pratt Dennis Eugene Rainosek Donald James Reese Louis Theodore Romer Gary James Ruley Jon Kenneth Shockley Michael Gary Skarke Michael J. Upchurch Philip Casey Wagnon Bruce Eli Wolbrette Ain 229 student landmen ' s association With money pouring into the oil industry, the Student Landmen ' s Association is one of the tew organizations profiting from the energy crisis. Striving to upgrade petroleum landwork as a pro- fession, the group offers social and educational benefits for petroleum land management majors. Monthly meetings featured speakers from major oil companies and other petroleum-related industries. The organization also provides mem- bers contact with future employers. The MI University, T ' group, ttx Socali FRONT ROW: Chester V. Dickson, William David McCarver, Michael M. Carnes, Nick Polk Woodward, Tommy Lane Dodds, Kenneth R. Berry, John Mark Strawn. SECOND ROW: Larry Wayne Brown, Richard G. Alletag, Stephen Paul Hanger, James Robert Smith, Byron Willard Fields, Jerry Lynn Calvert, Stephen Wayne Aikers, Richard Joseph Ganem, Fred Bozman Schmidt, Sam Bryan Burk, Jet Carney Gill, William James Nutto. THIRD ROW: Richard Alan Haynie, Thomas Dwayne Taylor, Roy A. Musselman, Jonathon Zal- man Beren, Russell Wayne Jackson, Rocky Lee Arrel. 230 student landmen ' s association The newest professional organization at the University, Phi Beta Chi strives to promote the rights of women in business. As an organized group, these women seek to gain recognition in their professional fields. Monthly meetings fea- tured speakers including Mrs. Maurice Angly. Social events included parties, a student-fac- ulty dinner and a field trip to Dallas. phi beta chi FRONT ROW: Martha Louise Staine, Elena Guajardo, Marsha Ann Smith, Catherine Jonette Paxton, Linda Germaine Greene, Jane Louise Baum, Susan Kay Snavely, Carol Ann Meyer, Ellen Gail Kan- ter, Beth Marie Beisman, Minalee Ethel Gardner, Dinah Louise Mon- ger. SECOND ROW: Patricia Dale McCaleb, Frances Annette Dorough, Elizabeth Geraldine Caperton, Margaret Ruth Whatley, Margaret Ann Davis, Terryl Ann Blaylock, Cynthia Anne Berry, Jan- ice Sue Jochec, Barbara Jean Woytek, Paula Jo Simpson. THIRD ROW: Wilfred H. Watson, Vicki Lynn Poe, Patricia Lynn Coffelt, Lorita Lynn Jones, Linda Rae Rodriguez, Lorna Linell Stivison, Betty Ann Nemes, Holly Elizabeth McCall, Deborah Lynn Walker, Shirley Joan Kiesling, Susan Kay Birchfield, Pamela Dawn Tolliver, Janis Lee Nixon, Mary Jane West. 6X 231 real estate society Existing as a link between real estate profes- sionals and the campus, the Real Estate Society is open to all interested University students. In an effort to acquaint members with land and resort developers, the group sponsored field trips to both Dallas and Houston. Career Day in the spring served to inform mem- bers of career opportunities in real estate. Speak- ers from various firms conducted afternoon job interviews. The group also awarded more than $2,000 in scholarships. These grants were pro- vided by industrial associations to encourage graduate education in land development. FRONT ROW: Bruce Scott Wilson, Wayne Steven Curtis, Pamela Kay McDowell, William Calvert Flood, Lucy Crow Hancock, Dr. Ste- phen A. Pyhrr, Val Wilcox, Steven Kerry Topletz, Laura Kay Schons. SECOND ROW: Philip Stephen Smith, William Snelson, John Adrian Burns, Susan Davis, Michael Simon Blum, Patrick Dirk Hudspeth, Lecia Lea Leben, Eric John Weissgarber, George Allen McCanse. 232 real estate society aaae Promoting professionalism while adding practi- cal input into the engineering learning experience was the goal of the American Association of Architectural Engineers. Guest speakers during the year lectured on current conditions in fields of industrial interests. Topics included discussions on structural build- ing design and environmental acoustics. Social events added relief from the regular course of study. fcCanse FRONT ROW: John Avila, Claud Victor Winter, Randall W. Williams, David Quintanilla, Brennon Philip Hatley, Rex Dewayne Massey, John David Borcherding. SECOND ROW: William Michael Burk, Garry Randall Turner, Liquat Y. Jangda, John Ronald Smith, Paul D. Denosowicz, Gabriel Ruiz. THIRD ROW: Stephen Michael Schilder, M. C. Brackendorff, Colby Leigh Parkhouse, Roy Webb Fuller, Thomas John Rowe, Andrew Meidell Knysh. FOURTH ROW: Charles Lee Ervin, Robert William Lecroix, George Broun Stacy, Steven Michael Lubbering, Hojat Hematianboroojeni, David Jus- tin Himenway, Sue Hudson. aaae 233 aiaa 1 . Larry Lee Lehman 2. Robert Michael Stephens 3. Jerry Louis McDowell 4. Roberto Rodriguez 5. Robert Wayne Proft 6. William Richard Nelson 7. Alfonso Soliz 8. Kenneth Arthur Robinson 9. William Edmond Nolle 1 0. Ralph Dean Olander 1 1 . Charles E. Hickox 12. David Milton Scott 1 3. David Edward Salguero 14. Donald Sidney Pye 1 5. Jeff Thomas Burke 16. Gary Wayne Palafox Open to all aerospace engineering students, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astro- nautics seeks to promote fellowship, form a link with professionals and keep members informed of recent advances in both hydronautics and aeros- pace sciences. The group also sent members to an annual regional student conference. Professionally oriented projects included the construction of the ICARUS II, an ultra-light hang glider, to be displayed by the University Aviation History Collection, and coordination of boomer- ang design programs for freshman aerospace students. 234 aiaa aime For the first time in its 38-year history the roll of the American Institute of Metallurgical Engineers passed the 1 00 mark, with 1 33 of the 1 56 petro- leum engineering students active in the group. The organization sponsored a full calendar of meetings with members of the petroleum industry. These and other activities, including field trips to offshore drilling rigs, enhanced the classroom experience with exposure to the outside world while allowing students of similar interests to meet in a common environment. Social activities sponsored throughout the year were also well attended. 1 . Dr. Thomas Nelson 2. Dr. William Warford Dingle 3. Dr. Augusto L. Podio 4. David Michael Adams 5. Jack Riegel 6. Keith Wayne Mills 7. James Mark Connally 8. Randal M. Bayne 9. Nguyen B. Ngoc 10. Larry Michael Reuter 11. Nick A Nichols 12. Rene Santos 1 3. Myron Herbert Dorfman 1 4. William McKee Kazmann 15. Dr. Charles Roy Knapp 16. Fereidoon Sharifi 17. GaryS. Childress 18. Gus B Sanders 19. Russell Romoser 20. Douglas G. Heitmiller 21. Benjamin Frank Wear 22. Joe Richard Zamora 23. Michael Dan Haas 24. Mehoi Kamalipour 25. Ali Azizi Malekabadi 26. Alexis Mount Cranberg 27. Weldon B. Hatcher 28. Lloyd Erwin Martin 29. William Earl Dozier 30. Thomas Hewes Milstead 31 . Ross Clifford Ford 32. James R. Teague 33. SaeedAfghahi 34. Enoobong Matthew Ekiko 35. Tommy James Drescher 36. Melvin James Rogge 37. Dalton F. Polasek 38. Gary Lee Walthall 39. Paul Michael Bommer 40. Lon R. Stewart 41 . Joe Medina 42. Robert Steven Brashier 43. Scott D. Sheffield 44. Terrence Mark Duffey 45. David W. Phillips 46. Robert John Rielly 47. Richard Bascom Buron 48. Keith R. Fangmeier 49. David Henry Hopkins 50. James Matthew Reid 51. James N. Bostic 52. Jeffrey Lam 53. Leon Olander Butner 54. Horace Pat Seale 55. Paul Lane 56. Brian Roger Sullivan 49-5 Cl: aime 235 FRONT ROW: Edgar John Schumacher, Robert E. Lanser, Patrick D. Kelley, Edward Vincent Chambers, Philipp G. Dieter, John Harry Richardson, Thomas Paul Tausend, Alfred Rodriguez, Daniel Rob- ert Smith, Ian Sidney Rostant, Wallace Martin Alaniz, James E. Biggs. SECOND ROW: Douglas C. Blacklock, Kamran Eshaghi, Roger Lee Thomas, Roger Marcus Frelich, William M. Isenhower, Warner Gordon Derr, Emede O. Garcia, John Norman Furlong, Vol- ney F. Pearsall, Benjamin A. Brooks, Joe John Simecek, John Hoeng-Kay The, Jatin Ambalal Desai, Robert Frank Carmichael, David Layne Lott. THIRD ROW: Andrew Frank Wilde, Kieth Evan Young, Salvador A. Mercado, Mark McKenna Lucas, Donald Joseph Sansom, Timothy L. Hess, Gary Joe Wolff, Gary Lee Smith, Ronald Steven Epstein, Thomas Edwin Word, Max Otto Reinbach, Mark Gideon Goode, Gregory Duane Franz, Jack Palmer Randall, Larry Lee Tait, Rale Sterling Gideon, Franklin Lee Fischer. IK AMI (ASME) cioseftie: engineer including a attorney ar asce The student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is devoted to promoting interest in the field of civil engineering as well as providing social functions for its members. Guest speakers from throughout the country highlighted monthly meetings. Special tours were conducted each semester giving members a first- hand look at engineering in practice. In the spring, the group sponsored the Model Span Contest during University Showcase. Partic- ipants constructed a model bridge from a kit con- taining only balsa wood. The student whose structure could withstand the greatest amount of weight was declared the winner. ASCE members also served as tutors in the Department of Civil Engineering. 236- Open to all mechanical engineering students, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), highlighted its year with social as well as educational activities. With a goal of forming closer ties between student and professional engineers, the group hosted quest speakers including a spokesman from Exxon, Inc., a patent attorney and a calculator salesman. asme 1. Kirk Lanier Wiggins 2. Thomas Gerard Sultenfuss 3. Anthony Drew Kennard 4. John Marion Casstevens 5. Jeffery Dalton Broulletle 6. James Fuhr Branch 7. Manuel Pena Rios 8. Michael Francis Stolle 9. Kruse Gribble 1 0. Miss Courtney Rails 11. Scott William Reid 12. Paul Frederic Anderson 13. Denis Steve Kopecki 1 4. Robert Thronton Raper 1 5. Jeffrey Paul Kunz 16. David Milton Scott 1 7. Jimmy Lee Quock 18. John Robert Herald 1 9. Douglas Randall Dobson 20. Claude Edward Pichot 21 . William Russell Murray 22. Troy Lee Masse y 23. John Stephen Hopson 24. James Ingram Graver 25. Paul Douglas Ginnings 26. Dr. Kenneth M. Rails 27. Thomas Henry Olle 28. Ivan Charles Whirl 29. Altom A. Miller 30. Michael Luis Mendias 31. Stanley Key Bond 32. John Albert Guidry 33. Robert J. Davidson 34. Michael Wayne Swensen 35. Thomas Jack Temple 36. John David Kean 37. Richard A. Kean 38. Joseph Charles Bowman 39. Glenn Richard Taylor 40. Percy John Bush 41. Seymour Oscar Broomwat 42. Usama A. Tartir 43. Joseph Huling Sherwood 44. James R. Greer 45. Rick Forehand 46. John Henry Breuer asme 237 With 275 members, the University chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engi- neers (IEEE) is the second largest in the world. The organization, which is concerned with the professional development of electrical engineer- ing students, sponsored tours to local enginee r- ing firms and hosted guest lecturers speaking on topics including instrumentation, oceanography, leee bio-engineering and space exploration. IEEE also elected representatives to attend meetings of the Student Engineering Council, the political outlet of all engineering students. The group also worked toward changing course cur- riculum, departmental policies and making the faculty aware of student needs. l ks FRONT ROW: Herbert Horace Woodson, Otto Martin Friedrich, Leo- poldo M. Mayoral, Thomas B. Ward, Sue Ellen Cash, Vivienne Lee McKitrick, Douglas Culver Yates, Ramon Hector Perez, John W. Lamont, Edward William Thompson, William H. Hartwig. SECOND ROW: Parviz Ghandforoush, Charles R. Lang, Ernest Lee Miller, Harold Neal Davis, Lawrence Paul Chew, Obie Joe Hasty, Kent B. Mickelson, William Lee Terrell, John Robert Strohm, Nicholas Louis Flores, Robert D. Whittington, Edward John Wagner, Jake K. Aggarwal, William Charles Duesterhoeft. THIRD ROW: Zainalabedin Navabi, Ali Heydarian, James Price Bishop, Marc Alan Mangrum, Reinhard Fred Brueckner, Stephen Curtis Darling, Donald Jack Smith, Thomas Glenn Whiteside, William Gary Kulpa, James H. Bai- ley, Eric Lee Krause, Armen Stephanian, Terry A. Welch, David B. VanHulsteyn. FOURTH ROW: Ricardo Victor Dominguez, Elevterio Vasquez, David Ross Kleeman, Brian David Boles, David Harold Orr, Daniel Alvin Barclay, Larry Oscar Anderson, Donald Ray Fran- cis, Arwin Adelbert Dougal, Ali Aziz Tajdin, Jerry Walter Malcolm, Carlos Tomas McDermott, Leo Phillip Anderson, Curtis Emil Hoi- brook, John Michael Hovenga, Andrew Clark Graham, Jerrell Mark Gedaly, Dudley C. Piland, Richard Oswald Duda. 238 ieee Membership in the Beta Theta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma is open to students majoring in chem- istry, chemical engineering and related fields. Along with maintaining a house for members, the organization extends free tutoring services to freshman chemistry students. The group also presented a slide show on lab safety. Social activities included a treasure hunt and the annual Casino Night in December. FRONT ROW: Katherine Ann Gaus, Nancy Ann Coventry, Therese Georgiana Brendler, Phyllis Marie Wilson, Regina Ann Johnson, Janis Susan Johnson. SECOND ROW: John Michael Busch, William Louis Jackson, John Edward Coel, Gene Weldon Bachman, Michael Ray Goebel, Michael Lee Cunningham, Kennon Marshall Garrett, William O. Roderick. THIRD ROW: Richard G. Dargatz, Mark Howard Griffin, Jerald Knoll Gooch, Douglas E. Osterhus, Darryl Wayne Kern, Donald Gene Middleton, Thomas Lee Pesek, John David Bugay. FOURTH ROW: Cleveland Johnson, Robert Charles Kelahan, Stanley Gene Trekell, Stephen Mark Matteson, William Joseph Peer, John Windsor Mullins, Joseph Stephen Long, Randy Scott McClendon, Joe David Moss. alpha chi sigma AXI 239 prssa Membership in The Alan Scott Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is open to all University students with an interest in public relations. The organization tries to increase student understanding of current the- ories and procedures in the field. Representatives attended the national Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, in November. At that conven- tion, Dr. Alan Scott was chosen as the Most Dis- tinguished Educator in Public Relations for 1973- 74. Guest speakers included Mike Cooper from the governor ' s office, Bill Biglow, staff director of Sheraton Pacific and Dr. Carl Hawver, national president of PRSA. lil FRONT ROW: Ronald Dwight Smith, Deborah Lynn Aime, Judith Ann Ueckert, Leslie Diane Smith, Jennie Lou Wein, Eric Martin Lar- son, Carol Chris Garrett, Dr. Alan Scott. SECOND ROW: Laura Ann D ' Alisera, Karen Sue Aboussie, Robert Adrian Burk, Junella Lee Porter, Barbara Susan Hyman. THIRD ROW: Thomas Charles Petty, Lisa Kay Straiton, Gordon T. Hill, Jean A. Hochleutner. 240 prssa society of professional journalists, SDX National convention delegates in November changed the name of Sigma Delta Chi to the Soci- ety of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi. The 64-year-old fraternity is the largest, oldest and most select professional organization serving the field of journalism. The campus chapter met with the Austin pro- fessional chapter of SPJ SDX in December to honor Dr. Dewitt C. Reddick, University professor of journalism. Reddick received the 1973 Distin- guished Teacher of Journalism Award at the national convention in November. Members assisted at the Interscholastic League Press Conference in March. An exhibit of early publications, part of the Humanities Research Collection, was sponsored by the group during Communication Week. 1 . Cynthia Lea Horn 2. Gwendolyn N. Byles 3. Cheryl Ann Jones 4. Patricia Ann Ryall 5. Janice E. Tomlin 6. Diana Eve Kerr 7. Sally Annette Jenkins 8. Sheldon Ike Lippman 9. Shari Michelle Fryer 10. Laurel Laurentz 1 1 . Marianne Davis 1 2. Debbie Lynn Brock 13. Martha J. P. McQuade 1 4. Diana Ragan Adams 15. Betsy Hall 1 6. Martha Elaine Kinard 1 7. John Edward Yemma 18. Jeff Kimball Samfield 19. David Paul Hendricks 20. Luther Lee Grace 21. Leslie Ann Spinks 22. Charles Oster Kaufman 23. Diana Lenore Hill 24. Richard Harper Fly 25. Roemer F. Traugott 26. Sarah Rebecca Dozier 27. Claude M. Simpson 28. John Richard Morris 29. Bryant Boutwell A 241 women in communication, inc. The University Chapter of Women in Communi- cation Inc., strives to further the career selection of members and maintains high professional standards. Membership is open to all second semester sophomores, juniors and seniors with a 3.0 communication grade point average. The group hosted a reception for CBS news anchorman Walter Cronkite on Parents Day dur- ing Communication Week in March. As a fund raising project, members coordinated a creative literary contest for Austin high school students. FRONT ROW: Sally Annette Jenkins, Helen Claire Vollmer, Lorraine Ann Clements, Sylvia Moreno, Diana Ragan Adams, Patricia Joan Newman, Virginia Elizabeth Timmons, Sarah Rebecca Dozier. SEC- OND ROW: Lisa Elaine Smith, Carrie E. Schweitzer, Siri Diane Lundstedt, Deborah Lynn Aime, Patricia Gay Eltzroth, Phyllis Lee Levin, Diana Eve Kerr, Brenda Jo Hefner, Judy Henrietta Huching- son, Kristina Ann Paledes. THIRD ROW: Judi Lynne Stallings, Laura Ann DAIiserea, Susan Marie Curry, Karen Black Alexander, Liza- beth Lee Sweet, Trudy Gayle Thompson. 1 . Patrice Diane Huguenin 2. Thomas Roland Kraege 3. Edward Lee Posvar 4. Alan B. Combs 5. Marvin Keith Lorang 6. Wesley Morgan Hardin 7. Mary Katherine Boepple 8. Joe Abney Alcorn 9. Sherry Jean Alcorn 10. H. Boyce Funderburk 1 1 . Millard Alan Nance 12. FayLunWoo 13. Jerry Yakatan 1 4. Alan Ray Rosenthal 15. Phillip Elmo Lietz 16. Adrian Gilbert Ortega 17. Linda Kay Bohnenblust 1 8. Jaime Hector Vivanco 19. Bruce Gregory Jackson 20. James J. Pokorny 21 . Patricia Lynn Galjour 22. Jack Kelly Jones 23. James Russell Kegans 24. Charles Robert Haire 25. James N. Erdelt 26. George Marion Durand 27. William David Middleton 28. Josef E.Cruz 29. Carroll Kim Janicke 30. Bodie Rastus Weaver 31. Jerry Stanley Smolik 32. Paula Elaine Fithian 33. Harold J. Longenette 34. John Norman Williams 35. Victor A. Yanchick 36. Jay Nematollahi 37. Robert Donald Boatright M . : In contrast to other pharmaceutical organiza- tions, Lambda Omega Chi attempted to provide members with a less-structured atmosphere and a chance to meet informally with professors. On sunny Friday afternoons, Eastwoods Park was the site of weekly TGIFs. The lack of serious orientation combined with a relaxed social atmos- phere explained the expanding membership rolls. lambda omega chi AQX 243 longhorn pharmaceutical association As the official student affiliate of the American Pharmaceutical Association, the Longhorn Phar- maceutical Association (LPhA) provided students practical professional experience through various service-oriented programs. The group participated in a Diabetes Detection Drive by distributing detection kits to the public and sent University delegates to the Region IV Student American Pharmaceutical Association convention in October. Members also hosted an address by Hazel Pipkin, president of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association. Other activities included social functions, book exchanges for pharmacy students and seminars. 244 ipha " 1 . Steven Lee Farren 2. Jack Kelly Jones 3. David Robert Brown 4. Patricia Lynn Galjour 5. Mark Thomas Williams 6. Gerald Joseph Yakatan 7. James Russell Kegans 8. Larry Bryant Cowan 9. Dr. Dale Maness 10. Guy Hubert Foster 11. Pamela Sue Wortham 12. Larry Glenn Schrank 13. James Richard Archer 1 4. Maria Dominguez Chavez 1 5. Ronnie Anthony Gurley 1 6. Daniel Raynaldo Flores 17. H. Boyce Funderburk 18. Nadina Leah Cherry 19. Gail Fultz King 20. Betty Ann Vance 21 . John Richard Spencer 22. Jimmie Tom Johnston Ipha 245 The Lambda chapter of Phi Delta Chi contrib- uted time and effort in service projects for the Austin community. These included a Diabetes Detection Drive and Drug Abuse Seminars in the fall. The group also conducted a citywide Poison Prevention Program in the spring and presented window displays with a professional theme in the pharmacy school. A spring Round-Up Party concluded formal activities. Members also participated in intramurals. FRONT ROW: Alfonso Ramon Sosa, Churk Seto, Terry Kubenka, Kenneth Paul Wong, Clay Bradley Mayo, Mario Rey Garcia, George Marion Durand. SECOND ROW: John Matthew Barker, Steve Lau, Ben Woo, Josef E. Gruz, Roy Glenn Ware. THIRD ROW: Emilio Tru- jillo, James N. Erdelt, Edward Lee Posvar, Steven Nance Crump, Jack Roy Vizuete, Roberto Bosquez, Guy Foster. FOURTH ROW: Dr. William J. Sheffield, Jerry Wayne Taylor, James Beitel, John Michael Miles, Jack Emil Ayoub, Marvin Keith Lorang. FIFTH ROW: Ruben G. Valdez, Dr. Alan B. Combs. 546 AX Kemerobe.c, C. L s f-s Q energy o p erx o Q o 300 a) ' ' l k nels 4-he too em phi delta chi Labeling was the final step in preparing a prescription. AX 247 Within the scope of professional pharmacy, the Gamma Gamma chapter of Kappa Psi strives for strong fraternal spirit. Members must be enrolled in the College of Pharmacy and must maintain a 2.0 overall grade point average. The group participated in a series of lectures and discussion sections explaining the dangers of drug abuse to local high school students. Other service projects included a blood drive promotion with the Travis County Blood Bank and the Publi- cation of Austin Medical Dictionaries. Christmas and Round-Up parties, and Casino Night highlighted social activities. Horatio Guadalupe Alaniz Stephen Dale Basore Larry Bryant Cowan Richard J. Daniel William David Draper David Pat Dunkle Kenneth Charles Edwards Frederick Marshall Evans Steven Lee Farren John Edmond Fuchs H. Boyce Funderburk Gary Fred Geldmeier Ronald Anthony Gurley Carl L. Hall Darrell Lee Hirt David Robert Humphries Jack Kelly Jones John Mark Jones Michael Paul Kasper James Russel Kegans Larry K. Lefevre Phillip Elmo Lietz Walter Everett McRee Eudoxcio Morin Michael David Muecke Charles W. Murphy Eddie Carl Oelkers Don Martin Ogle Adrian Gilbert Ortega Jerry Lee Price H ' 248 K kappa psi Leopoldo Ruiz Jesus Alberto Saenz Larry Glenn Schrank Charles Wesley Scott Ronald Wayne Smith Richard Alan Staggs Lee Ricks Taylor Jose Humberto Villarreal Gary Wrenn White Carl Lee Whitley Onis Corwin Wiemers John Frederick Wilhelm Mark Thomas Williams Daniel Nelson Wood KU 249 250 KE Women enrolled in the College of Pharmacy are eligble for membership in Kappa Epsilon. The group seeks to stimulate high scholarship and to promote professional consciousness. Service projects included the distribution of poison prevention material at local pharmacies kappa epsilon during Poison Prevention Week. Members also assisted the College of Pharmacy ' s Diabetes Detection Drive in the fall. The group sponsored a get-acquainted party for all women pharmacy students. Georgelyn S. Arrick Linda Kay Bohnenblust Johnette Cuba Carlson Doris Ming-See Chen Gail Francis King Carolyn Faye McGinnis Julie Ann Nelson Melinda Wilson Karen Francis Winslow Nancy Alene Young -: =, : .Tr 1 m - tariymer " . := E: Activities Members of Kappa Epsilon aided in the Diabetes Detection Drive in the fall. silon FRONT ROW: Carl Michael Moehle, Barbara Ann Frank, George Russell McLeod. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Karen Windham, Paulette B. Peterson, Mary Elizabeth Bybee. -; Encouraging fellowship among students and faculty members through participation in a well- rounded intramural program is the goal of the Physical Education Majors Club. Activities included a spring banquet honoring new officers and outstanding students. Members also attended the Texas Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation convention held in Dallas in November. p. e. majors n 251 After three years of intermittent studies, the Undergraduate Research Foundation has finally come of age in the University commu- nity. Membership rolls have increased from 19 to 97 undergraduates. For their first project of 1973-74 the founda- tion prepared and distributed a brief memoran- dum on the new state open meetings law. The group ' s second major effort was an evaluation of the various drinking establish- ments frequented by University students. A field trip to Mexican border towns was under- taken in order to expand the perimeter of the study. Local bars were evaluated on the basis of atmosphere, entertainment and prices. The result were distributed as public service. rest four 252 undergraduate research foundation toy Craig $ Carte;- Sober! flog :, ' , - i SECOND - ' " r ' : -: Efc undergraduate research foundation FOUNTAIN SERVICE MARTINS KUMBAK PLACE FRONT ROW: Francis Marion Jackson, Melissa Claire Owens, Jef- frey Craig Siegel, George Steven Chandler, Bill Rodger Hinc ' kley, Candace Ann Clark, Phillip Clay Bankhead, Carol Murph, William Robert Ross, Siri Diane Lundstedt, Claire Eleise Charlton, Knox Brown Hughes, Patrick Thomas Tibbetts, Wellwood N. Tausend. SECOND ROW: Grady Edwin Schleier, Connie Rosemary Keck, Ronald Edward Robertson, Howard Wayne Key, Gregory Lance Win born. undergraduate research foundation 253 student american institute of interior design All sophomores, juniors and seniors studying interior design are eligible for membership in the Student American Institute of Interior Design. Activities included a tour of the renovated state Capitol Building and instruction on stage planning by Dr. John Rothgeb of the University Department of Drama. The group sponsored a get-acquainted dinner for designers throughout the Austin area in May. 1 . Patti Parrish 2. SynthiaAnneWattinger 3. Pamela Sue Hager 4. Jeanne Ann Anderson 5. Marsha Sue Waters 6. David Eugene Old 7. Capitol Aide 8. Vicki Lynn Knight 9. Betsy Gabb 10. Sharon Gail Mixon 1 1 . J. Neil Gabb 12. Susan Scher 13. Renee D. Weathers Carberry 14. Jack Lackey 1 5. Vicki Jean Zeto 1 6. Patricia Moore 1 7. Anita Carol Pollard 18. Leonard James Curvan 19. Kay Linderbrink 254 said mary e. gearing home economics club Ufa Hosting a Get Acquainted Barbecue in Septem- ber to boost membership began the activities of the Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club. Membership is open to all University students majoring in home economics; initiation is held during both the fall and spring semesters. In November the group sent a delegation to the Texas Home Economics Student Section Conven- tion held in Fort Worth. Featured speakers at the event included prominent nutrition experts in a discussion-oriented workshop atmosphere. In addition to providing a coffee room in the Home Economics Building, members were addressed by State Rep. Sarah Weddington, Dr. Ernest Carl Hall of the University Department of Home Economics and Ms. Billie Chapman from the Vocational Homemaking Teachers Associa- tion of Texas. FRONT ROW: Suzanne Mabry, Deborah Jean Morris, Patricia Ellen Johnson, Janna Kay Russell, Kathleen E. Farley. SECOND ROW: Betty Jean Partin, Chanda Lynn Farnsworth, Sally Lorraine Debord, Karen Sue Behrens Sikes. THIRD ROW: Alice Grey Lynch, Linda Lenrmann Thaler, Vicki Hall, Dolores Jean Patton, Rosemary Ray Wieland, Glenda Burleson Harrison. m.g home econoi.Cs club 255 student nutrition organization Preparation of nutritionally balanced Christmas and Easter meals for the needy was a major pro- ject of the Student Nutrition Organization. In addition to providing information about the professional aspects of a nutritionist ' s career, the organization gives members a chance to work with professional dietitians. Membership is open to all interested Home Economics students. The group participated in the Texas Dietetic Association Convention in November. The Christ- mas supper and a job placement session for grad- uating seniors rounded out the year. FRONT ROW: Barbara Jeanette Allen, Lou Ann Green Clements, Suzanne Elaine Drace, Marlene Kay Wunderlich, Jane Ellen Hejl. SECOND ROW: Janice Louise Godfrey, Joanne Carol Green, Irma Guadalupe Gutierrez, Cynthia Gayle Peterson, Tracee Ann Che- noweth, Karen Pannell, Elizabeth A. Burkart. THIRD ROW: Nancy Jean Wischmeier, Nelda Alma Garcfa, Debra Elaine Selig, Deborah DeGaugh Haedge, Sandra Gail Smithwick, Wanda Ava Morgan. 256 student nutrition organization edited by vickie blaylock military -257 It takes jstedmM mentaiytx AsoHS University doors to men and ! drill once a andrece has not ca aclnevem to Force. I women in tl Sex disc it.And t body, " app :that " acer canswm 258 military " It takes a certain kind of woman to be inter- ested in ROTC. " That statement, whether compli- mentary or derogatory, is really the only way to describe what motivates some University coeds to don olive drabs or blues once a week as members of the Reserve Officers Training Corps. As of 1973, all three military branches in the University ' s ROTC program had opened their doors to women. Total equality exists both men and women attend a rigorous summer camp, drill once a week, take the same training classes and receive the same benefits. Although the ROTC ' s equal-opportunity plan has not caused large-scale interest among Uni- versity women for a military career, those who participate in the program enjoy it. They feel nei- ther discrimination nor open hostility in this tradi- tionally male activity and value ROTC for its advancement opportunities, discipline and achievement incentives. Despite the small percentage of women cur- rently enrolled in ROTC, several hold offices in the Air Force. For the past two years the head of the promotion board has been a woman, and two women in the Arnold Air Society are officers. Sex discrimination? Not if the military can help it. And while it ' s true that " ROTC isn ' t for every- body, " apparently the past few years have proven that " a certain kind of woman, " whoever she is, can succeed in the program. women invade rote military 259 Army cadet Brian McGee Shivers feels that an ROTC student differs very little from the typical University student who holds a part-time job. Yet he finds that students ' attitudes toward ROTC are " a misunderstanding about the program. Most students see a person on campus in a uniform and they think he ' s a Boy Scout. " Actual participation in the ROTC program is less time consuming than a part-time job. Since most cadets spend less than six hours a week on ROTC-related functions, including three hours of classes and an hour on drill, they have time for intramural sports, extracurricular activities and the social events that other students enjoy. Most feel that the program is worthwhile because of the benefits the military offers. ROTC scholarships are among the most extensive at the University. Many ROTC students do not enter the program M)M with a life-time career in mind, but with an attitude that the scholarship and leadership benefits will be advantageous in any field they choose. With the absence of the uniform, Navy ROTC classes appeared much the same as any other class. rote more than a uniform ' - 260 military m Pease Park offered a place for conversation. Social functions relaxed military formalities. Friday afternoon beer calls gave Army cadets a chance to escape the military atmosphere. military 261 DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STU- DENTS: FRONT ROW: William Ellis Albaugh, Ruben Morin, George G. San Miguel, James Andrew Hales, Michael Edgar Goodroe, Wesley Warren Staf- ford. SECOND ROW: Phillip L. Sladek, Harold Edward Selke, George Blake Speer, Brian McGee Shivers. Col. George E. Dexter, Professor of Military Science. ARMY STAFF: FRONT ROW: Margarete Ellen O ' Neal, Lieu- tenant Colonel Wayne Manning Stevens, Colonel George Ellis Dexter, Janet Lynn Wilson, Shirley J. Hayden. SECOND ROW: Sergeant Major Benny Dukawoskie, Staff Sergeant Ronald Aaron, Sergeant First Class Columbus Jennings, Ser- geant First Class Harold James Magee, Major Nicholas Sar- antakes, Captain Paul Edmond McCarthy, Lieutenant Colonel Jesse Don Lyles, Captain Donald George Van Matre, Major William Jared Rowe, Staff Sergeant Douglas L. Walker, Foster N. Armstrong. 262 army rote COLORS, : - - BATTALION STAFF: FRONT ROW: James Andrew Hales, Frances Katharine McEvoy, Harold Edward Selke, George G. San Miguel. SECOND ROW: Phillip L. Sladek, Michael Edgar Goodroe, William Ellis Albaugh, Ruben Morin, Larry Joe Wigginton, George Blake Speer, Wesley Warren Stafford. The belief that a college education should be combined with leadership ability, confidence and discipline was the force behind the establishment of Army ROTC on university campuses. Congress passed the National Defense Act to prepare students for roles as future military lead- ers while receiving their college degrees. Presently in its 27th year at the University, the ROTC program consists of basic and advanced courses which provide instruction in the funda- mentals of leadership and management, develop the student ' s creative thinking and teach the the- ory and dynamics of the military perspective. Upon graduation a cadet is commissioned a sec- ond lieutenant in the United States Army. In social areas, cadets participated in annual dining-in ceremonies and attended branch beer calls and parties with the Cordettes. Other activi- ties included participation on intramural football teams and University Showcase. army rote COLOR GUARD: Paul Arthur Suhler, Alfonso Soliz, Billy Wayne Wilson, Kenneth Lee Snyder, John Wallace Breed. army rote 263 1. David Crockett Teller 2. Antonio Bonilla 3. Charles M. Hornberger 4. George G. Sanmiguel 5. Michael E. Frachtman 6. Reginald Floyd Foster 7. Wesley Warren Stafford 8. Ken Bradshaw 9. George Blake Speer 1 0. Randall Jay Rutledge 1 1 . Lawrence E. Bartosek 1 2. Ronald Rease Johnson 1 3. Carol Jean Luce 14. Ronald David Sprott 15. Harold Lee Hatton 1 6. Bruce Richard Hinkle 17. Louise A. Campodonico 1 8. Peter Andrew Nolan 19. James Harrison Itz 20. Rubin Morin 21 . Francis V. Ebbecke 22. William T. Watson air defense artillery 264 army rote army rote Outstanding cadets were recognized at the awards ceremony. 21 1 . Charles Anthony Clause 2. Paul Arthur Suhler 3. Lester David Marschall 4. Gerald Freytag 5. Toni Ann White 6. Alfonso Soliz Jr. 7. Richard Mark Reedy 8. Larry Joe Wigginton 9. Noe Mario Lozano 10. Toshio Matsumoto 1 1 . Anthony F. Leal 12. EmilioJaso 1 3. Bruce Roger Jocz 14. John Wallace Breed II 15. Michael J. Balough 1 6. Jesse Frank Munoz 17. Jeffrey Lee Pintenich 18. Samuel Ramirez 19. William E. Caras 20. William S. Brister 21 . Jaan Ray Goad 22. James Robert Kirbey corps of engineers army rote 265 1 . John Anthony Helms 2. Phillip L. Sladek 3. William Gregory Beck 4. Billy Wayne Wilson 5. Joe Mack Breeland 6. Nicholas Palmer 7. Thomas Watson Moore 8. Rocky Reed Miracle 9. Michael Paul Caldwell 10. Allen Mark Davidson 1 1 . Roberto E. Garza 1 2. Donald James Reese 1 3. Morris E. Pentecost 14. John Mack Jackson 15. LonnieD. Rhodes 16. William Ellis Albaugh 1 7. Donald James Kennedy 18. Christine Burlingame Army ROTC offered cadets a flight program. transportation corps 266 army role infantry corps Cadets drilled every Thursday at noon 1. Eugene M. Ott 2. Harold Edward Selke 3. Patrick Melvin Holder 4. Keith Conrad Selfridge 5. Robert L. Dittman 6. Margaret Ellen Lane 7. Brian McGee Shivers 8. Charles F. Reed 9. Charles Patrick Busbey 10. Larry Anthony Johnson 11. Phillip Carl Umphres 1 2. Robert C. Marsett 1 3. David Perez 14. William Francis King 1 5. Kenneth Lee Snyder 1 6. Dan Kagan 17. Jarvis Johnson 18. Glenn Ellis Pinkham 1 9. James Andrew Hales 20. Michael Edgar Goodroe 21 . David Bruce Lear 22. Richard Dennis Pumphrey army rote army rote 267 army rote FLIGHT PROGRAM George G. San Miguel Keith Conrad Selfridge Ruben Morin Michael Edgar Goodroe The Ranger and flight programs are among the professional activities offered by Army ROTC. Cadets in the Ranger program attend sessions at Ft. Hood and Camp Mabry to learn land naviga- tion, battle drill and ambush tactics. Rangers are also offered instruction in counter insurgency operations on a volunteer basis. The flight program is usually completed after four months of instruction and upon approval of the Federal Aviation Agency, the Department of the Army and the University. Each cadet receives 35 hours of ground training and 36 ' 2 hours in flight. Students who successfully complete this program may qualify to take the FAA examination for a private pilot ' s license. RANGERS: FRONT ROW: Brian McGee Shivers, Richard Dennis Pumphry. SECOND ROW: Paul Arthur Suhler, Charles F. Reed, Richard Mark Reedy, Michael Edgar Goodroe. THIRD ROW: Charles Patrick Busbey, Michael E. Frachtman, Alfonso Soliz, Harold Edward Selke, James Andrew Hales. 268 army rote Wfc. " ' T JiCB C V3 1 ' - V I- t ' M - 4Li - ' Cadets learned rappelling skills at summer camp. summer camp During the summer, army cadets who have com- pleted their third year of the ROTC program attend a leadership camp at Ft. Riley, Kansas. Training includes rappelling, air mobility exercises and bat- tle tactics. Men also learn mountaineering, water training, hand-to-hand combat and survival tactics. Cadets are given tactical problems to solve within a fifteen-minute period and are rated as to their expertise. Awards are presented during final ceremonies at the end of the six-week session. Weapons training increased efficiency and confidence during platoon field exercises. army rote 269 1 . Frances Katherine McEvoy 2. Vicki Gale Hall 3. Shirley Ann Worcester 4. Nelda Wilson 5. Vicki Lynn Watson 6. Mikki Jane Whitley 7. Beverly Grace Coffey 8. Christine Burlingame 9. Elizabeth Anne Darling 1 0. Deborah Ann Brown 1 1 . Carol Jean Luce 1 2. Margaret Ellen Lane 1 3. Debra Louise Read 1 4. Helen Marshall Day 1 5. Eve Gwendolyn Norton 1 6. Susan Gale Anderson 17. Celita Beth Brock 18. Rita Ann Burgess 1 9. Lauren Lyn Becker 20. Celia Ann Rose 21. Melissa Claire Owens 22. Lynne Claire Collier 23. Claire Eleise Charlton 24. Margaret Miller 25. Paula Copenhaver 26. Jean Olivette Littleton 27. Brenda Ann Lockett 28. Nancy Ellen Weidt 29. Helen E. Donahue 30. Toni " Ann White 31. Karen Sue Coller 32. Amy Lyn Clarke 33. Emilie Dee Peavy 34. Brian McGee Shivers 35. William Gregory Beck navy a 35 cordettes army auxiliary Members of Cordettes, a women ' s honorary service auxiliary, serve as official hostesses for Army ROTC cadets. Requirements for member- ship include a minimum course load of 1 2 semes- ter hours, completion of one semester at the Uni- versity and a 2.4 GPA. Selection is based upon interest in Cordettes and Army ROTC. The two-year old big sister-little brother pro- gram was highlighted by a wine and cheese party. Other social events included branch beer calls, a fall barbecue and the Battalion Picnic. Cordettes also participated in the cleanup of Waller Creek, a campus blood drive and a bingo party for the residents of the Cullen Rest Home. Fall officers were Frances Katharine McEvoy, commander; Vicki Gale Hall, executive officer; Shirley Ann Worcester, pledge trainer; Vicki Lynn Watson, comptroller; Anne Notley, adjutant; Nelda Wilson, information and Martha Melissa Heap, supplies officer. Cordette advisor was Major Nicholas Sarantakes. 270 cordettes anchorettes navy auxiliary In an attempt to promote Navy ROTC, former Navy Sweethearts and interested University women combined to form Anchorettes. A board of review of sweethearts and midship- men selected women on the basis of attendance at a series of rush activities. Requirements are a 3.2 GPA and enrollment at the University. Service projects included hosting an Officers ' Wives ' Tea, ushering at officer commissioning and selling ads for navy publications. Members also attended beer calls and the annual formal. Fall officers were Catherine E. Tolbert, presi- dent; Rebecca Lee Grover, treasurer; and Bar- bara C. Parker, secretary. Anchorette advisor was Lieutenant Jack Willhoit Rowe. 16 19 1. Helen Dale Nelson 2. Marsha Renee Greene 3. MargareUane Stanbery 4. Sharla Denise Stiles 5. Pamela Ann Hakes 6. Susan Syrisse Parker 7. Pamela Ann Worsham 8. Nan Needham 9. Aida Marie Kennedy 10. Kathleen McCarty 11. Deborah Jean Walls 1 2. Kathleen Rose White 13. Karen Jane Anderson 14. Nancy Nell Kidd 15. Lisa Kay Emery 1 6. Mary Ann Aldridge 1 7. Janice Ann Caussey 18. Evlyn Marie Ligon 1 9. Gladys Kay Schellhase 20. Janette Leslie Jones 21 . Virginia M. Grothues 22. Rebecca Lee Grover 23. Barbara C. Parker 24. Catherine E. Tolberl 25. Terryl Ann Blaylock 26. Nancy Carol Graham 27. Cynthia J. Shannon anchorettes 271 navy rote The formation of a new two-year program brought women into the ranks of the Navy ROTC for the first time. The females joined cadets in classes and weekly drills in preparation for careers as commissioned officers. Midshipmen, who are required to take naval science courses along with their regular studies, also attend summer training sessions. ROTC social activities included an Octoberfest get-together, several beer calls and a December Ball at Bergstrom Air Force Base. The midship- men also participated in campus intramural sports and interscholastic drill meets. Captain Ralph Albert Hilson a i BUCCANEERS: FRONT ROW: James Eldon Lindsey, Wil- liam L. Smith, Nathaniel Turk McCleskey, Robert Emmett Morse. SECOND ROW: Thomas Hall Whitney, Ronald David Rivard, David Rex Vaughn, James Kent Gruentzner, Malcolm W. Barrett, Ted Mitchell, James Lowell Hampton. THIRD ROW: Michael Lee Kelly, Johnny J. Lauterbach, Edward W. Fidler, Joseph A. Molinari, Billy Frank Woods, Robert J. Wiseman, Patrick James Behnke. FOURTH ROW: Mark Culve Evans, Geoffrey C. Torrance, Peter H. Froehlich, Stan D. Sawyer, Jerome M. Pajares, William Foster Rogers, Timothy Lee Hayden. 272 navy rote BATTALION STAFF AND COLOR GUARD: FRONT ROW: Gilbert Earl Crowell. SEC- OND ROW: Leslie J. Schaffner, Spencer H. Smith, Enos Roger Stewart, John Michael Ledbetter. THIRD ROW: David Rowen Poage, Forrest Hall Brooks, Robert W. Pratt, Thomas H. Littlepage. FOURTH ROW: David Brian Hulsey, Michael F. For- rester, Bryan Ray Gilbert, Ronald Keith Oswalt, Curtis Gene Raetz. STAFF: FRONT ROW: Lieutenant Com- mander Luke Horrell Miller, Beverly J. Rob- erts, Ellen Sue Estes, Captain Ralph Albert Hilson, Lieutenant Colonel Walter Aubrey Jupp, Major Joseph Francis Molineaux. SECOND ROW: Lieutenant Douglas Terrell Lowe, Chief Yeoman Antonio Babauta Fejarang. THIRD ROW: Senior Chiet Sto- rekeeper John William Jackson, Yeoman First Class Charles Matthew Montgomery. FOURTH ROW: Chief Quarter Master Larry Allen Van Meter, Gunnery Sergeant Klaus Peter Hitchins. FIFTH ROW: Lieutenant William Ross Fullerton, Second Lieutenant Robert Keith Tucker. SIXTH ROW: Lieuten- ant Jack Willhoit Roe. navy rote 273 ALPHA I: FRONT ROW: Fred Purcell Brinkman, How- ard Gray Smith, Robert Alan Uhl, Bruce Eli Wolbrett, Thomas D. Bryce. SECOND ROW: Donna Alene Gan- zer, Randy V. Marburger, Dwight D. Hart, Jose Jesus Rivas, Donald Eugene Britt, Robert L. Toellner, Alberto E. Vasquez. THIRD ROW: Anthony A. Ambrosetti, Sam- uel T. Wisialowski, James Kent Smith, Steven Mark White, Vicki Lee Dorries, David Dwain Underwood. FOURTH ROW: Charles Harris Darby, Dennis Dean Ferguson, Leslie Eugene Hosmer, William D. Schwarz- er, Mark Charles Hastings, O. Zeller Robertson. BATTALION ml a ALPHA II: FRONT ROW: Kimberly Ann Grubbs, Gaston Paul Jennett, Terrence Poulos, Gary Davis Moore, Joe Earl Byars, James J. Springer, Dell Charles Toedt, Ste- ven F. Findley. SECOND ROW: Robert Roy Whittle, James Michael Bushee, Paul Moody Summitt, Phillip King, Dirk Henry. THIRD ROW: Dennis Keller Dobbs, Stephen Cook, James Francis Reilly, Paul Eugene Cra- ven, Andrew Vincent Alder, Jerry Wayne Dalton. 274 navy role BATTALION SEMINAR: Andrew John Aicklen, Francis J. Schmitz, Gary Hugh Bradley, Robert R. Gannaway, Gary Edwin Murphy Edwin T. Cook, Eddie W. Hand. navy rote BRAVO I: FRONT ROW: John Henry Cole, Douglas Crawford, Joseph Henry Clement, Edwin W. Mergele. SECOND ROW: Susie Kay Jones, Wayne D. Slaughter, Robert W. Ruggiero, James Harold Spencer, Courtney Craig Smith, James Allen Kelley. THIRD ROW: Christian E.Wolfe, Clay Simmons Sayers, Harold Glen Hatch, Douglas Randall Dobson, Alexander D. Nelson. FOURTH ROW: David Spinney Borden, Michael Ste- ven Bussey, David Wayne Dodson, William J. Chapman, Theodore Earl Neible. f navy rote : =- . . - ' --- Midshipmen and Anchorettes attended the fall formal. 276 navy rote 11 Chapman Research supplemented the naval science curriculum. BRAVO II: FRONT ROW: David F. Barron, Holly Hazlett, Bruce Allen Cauley, Michael Allen Baker, Christopher C. Kelley, Glen Edwin Stamnitz, David D. Schoeneman, Robert G. Dillow. SEC- OND ROW: Micahel S. Verseckes, Bruce Acton Sowers, George 0gg E. Ruggiero, Hector Luis Colon, Michael Dale Kierum, Robert Alan Hare, James D. Wurzel, John W. Perlich. THIRD ROW: Wayne Richard Van Doren, Edgar A. Michaelson, Jeffrey W. Pol- son, Antonio C. Budet, Michael S. Gonzalez, Bruce Lloyd Barnes. navy role 277 air force rote GROUP STAFF FRONT ROW: Karen Lynne Clapp Richard Paxton Laughlin Anthony James Adamcik Donald Marvin Jackson David Garlyn Hoffman James Alan Ruth Richard Mark Jensen Dave Lee Yuncker SECOND ROW: David Stephen Yastishock Joseph Allan Stembridge Lawrence E. Owen James Nelson Howard Malcolm David Williams Paul Dion Penaloza Merlin David Freeman Michael Wayne Hail THIRD ROW: Charles Stanley Glaubach Thomas William Dicker Steve Alan Thogersen William Douglas Patterson Thomas Dee Liles Bron Arnold Burke FOURTH ROW: Doyle Raymond Addington Bradford Douglas Mercer Gary Arlen Rostamo K fl 278 air force role An integral part of the Air University Command, Air Force ROTC enables its cadets to complete the program with the ability to meet challenges and become successful leaders. Two different programs are available to students. The curriculum consists of courses normally taken as part of a student ' s electives. One pro- gram offers the General Military Course for fresh- men and sophomores in the four-year sequence. Cadets in the two-year program make up the work of the first course in six weeks of field train- ing before enrolling in the Professional Officer Course. Flight instruction is optional for individu- als in either sequence. v t i i SQUADRON 1 FRONT ROW: Patrick John Parma Jeannie Rae Spangler Russell Kent Strawn Marilyn Ruth Manfull Michael Ray Glaspy Sharon Kay Boyd Antonio Esteban Gomez Gregory John Doutel SECOND ROW: James Eugene Rogers Jackie Faye Spruill Eduardo Vidal Martinez Barbara Jean Woznak Mara Lynn Wells Harvey Gordon Robertson Brian Scott Laurence THIRD ROW: Patrick Victor Adamcik Thomas Wayne Ellis Bobby Joe Davis Robert Alan Straw Edward Thomas Whitely Henry Bruce Longino Peter Thomas Demakes FOURTH ROW: William Charles Rogers Samuel Joe Lucas William Joe O ' Brien William Howard Perkins Kevin Dean Johnson John Frank Luper James Clive Holland SQUADRON 2 FRONT ROW: James Douglas Cantwell Sheryl Ann Koschak Lucile Catherine Boland Thomas B. Ward Anna Clare Buie Michael Glen Hazenfield Deborah Lou Morgan Bruce Austin Matthews SECOND ROW: Kathy Sue Wilson Kristen Gabrielle Gholson Jessie Ellen Houston Patricia Bertha Gott Vicki Lynn Fletcher THIRD ROW: Alfred Joseph McLaugnlin Robert Jack Feldman Peter David Mauch Gregory Ross McGee Bruce Edward Davis Stuart Edward Dudley Steven Russell Reed FOURTH ROW: Steven Mark Zwernemann Fayne Arthur McDowell IsaiasG. Arriaga Jon Lynn Thomas Michael D. Guidry John D. Rogers FIFTH ROW: Mark Howard Rose Samuel Brent Hartman Gregory Joe Hirsh Clifford Bain Baker John Alan Phaneuf Charles Richard Carleton SIXTH ROW: Lynn Bailey Wheeless Forrest Raymond Bostelman Clyde Eugene Hepworth Vern Lewis Hulbert air force role 279 FRONT ROW: James Eugene Rogers, Patricia Bertha Gott, Kris- ten G. Gholsen, Mara Lynn Wells, William Charles Rogers, Bobby Joe Davis. SECOND ROW: Lawrence C. Owen, Anthony James Adamcik, Vern Lewis Hulbert, Gregory John Doutel, Thomas William Dicker, James Douglas Cantwell, Robert Jack Feldman, Bradford D. Mercer, Stuart Edward Dudley, Richard P. Laughlin, Russell Kent Strawn. arnold air society air force honorary Activities of the John H. Payne Squadron of the Arnold Air Society included a picnic in October and a beer call every Friday. The group, which supports the development both of the community and of the individual as an officer for the Air Force, also worked during a campus blood drive and assisted in the Texas Relays in April. Requirements for membership include a 3.0 GPA in military science and one year in Air Force ROTC. Cadets go through a pledge program and are initiated in a formal ceremony. Officers were Thomas William Dicker, com- mander; Russell Kent Strawn, deputy com- mander; Samuel Joe Lucas, special opera- tions; Kristen G. Gholson, administration officer; Mara Lynn Wells, information; James Rogers, comptroller and William Rogers, special projects. Capt. Hiroche Jose Date served as advisor. 280 arnold air society to | Members of Angel Flight, a women ' s honorary service organization, lend support to the Air Force ROTC and the Arnold Air Society. Selection is based on personality, appearance, scholarship and interest. Requirements include a 2.3 GPA and completion of one semester at the University. In addition to Friday afternoon beer calls, drill, and social events with the cadets, members par- ticipated in many service projects, including a pic- nic for children at Merridell Achievement School, a cerebral palsy drive and a bicycle safety roundup at Bergstrom Air Force Base. The group served refreshments to the cadets at Tuesday drills and presented a USO show for Arnold Air Society members. Other activities included a bingo party and a fall rummage sale. Officers were Loyce Lee Bates, commander; Cilla-Faye Pratt, executive officer; Sally Jo Eades, comptroller and Janet M. Onion, administrative officer and Capt. Hiroche Jose Date, advisor. angel flight air force auxiliary 1 . Martha V. Upchurch 2. Kathleen Whitby 3. Starla Rae Neitzke 4. Jeannie Rae Spangler 5. Lucile Catherine Boland 6. Sharon Kay Boyd 7. Jan Kathryn Boynton 8. Alison Blanchard 9. Loyce Lee Bates 10. Cilla-Faye Pratt 1 1 . Claudia R. Clinton 12. Marilyn Ruth Manfull 13. Jane Ann Grissom 14. Susan Elaine Vingoe 15. Janet M. Onion 16. Sheryl Ann Koshack 1 7. Deborah Jo Haskovec 18. Deborah Ann Humphries 1 9. Fanchen Young Eubanks 20. Anna Clare Buie 21 . Julie Gaye Langdon 22. Sharon Rie Hurst 23. Vicki Jane Miller angel flight 281 praetorian guard Praetorian Guard furthers the development of individuals in the ROTC through practical experi- ence in military leadership, academic training and social activities. Upon recommendation for mem- bership by ROTC instructors, cadets and midship- men went through a pledge program which culmi- nated with a formal initiation ceremony. Social events included casino parties and gath- ering in Dallas for OU weekend. Members worked at the Central Texas Invitational Rifle Match and with the Run for Your Life program. Officers included Jerry Wayne Dalton, com- mander; James Nolan Bostic, executive officer; Paul Arthur Suhler, finance officer; Robert R. Gannaway, service and social officer; Edgar Allen Michaelson, personnel and recruiting officer; Leroy David Thompson, executive adjutant and CTI coordinator. Lieutenant Colonel Jesse Don Lyles served as advisor. FRONT ROW: Paul Arthur Suhler, Robert R. Ganna- way, Jerry Wayne Dalton, Mary Martha Markantonis, James Nolan Bostic, Bruce Acton Sowers. SECOND ROW: Jesse Frank Munoz, John Anthony Helms, Wil- liam David Schwarzer, Hector Luis Colon, Alexander Duncan Nelson, Christopher Charles Kelley. 282 praetorian guard 4 ' scabbard and blade Scabbard and Blade, an honorary service organization, stresses inter-service cooperation and co mmunity relations. Members are selected from junior and senior cadets in the Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC. Candidates must be in the top half of their military science class. Guest speakers from the military were featured at bi-monthly meetings. In addition to social events such as pledge smokers, beer calls and initiation, members participated in service projects, includ- ing the Settlement Home Charity Horse Show and the Southwest Area Drill Competition. Officers were George G. San Miguel, president; Michael Edgar Goodroe, vice president; Harold E. Selke, treasurer; Edwin W. Mergele, secretary. Capt. Donald Van Matre served as advisor. FRONT ROW: Christian Edward Wolfe, Antonio Bonilla, George San Miguel, John Michael Ledbetter. SECOND ROW: Robert Alan Uhl, James Andrew Hales, Harold Edward Selke. THIRD ROW: Edwin Walter Mergele, Leslie Jacob Schaffner, Keith Conrad Selfridge, William Davis Barren, Michael Edgar Goodroe, O. Zeller Rob- ertson, Enos Roger Stewart, Thomas Davis Byrce, James Douglas Wurzel, Randy Vance Marburger, Michael Bernard Brands, Gary Edwin Murphy. Mnv w - edited by martha root o o fl) (D honorary organizations - 285 MEMBERS Mary Dodd Abbett Cindy Ellen Adcox Betty Sue Albers Mary Ann Aldridge Elizabeth K.AIspach Jane Melinda Anderson Susan Gale Anderson Aurora F. Arnold Laura EllesAshby Margaret Abbey Ashman Deborah Ann Ausmus Joyce Ann Bader Becky Ann Badgett Cathey Lynn Ball Donna Gayle Barnes Brenda Gail Barnett Marguerite Pearl Barnett Michele Barr Kathleen Mary Bates Rebecca Ann Bays Mary Kathryn Beadle Cynthia Kay Binion Anne Elise Bishop Lele Bishop Robin Kay Bjoraas Mary Jean Blasingame Cathy Jean Blumenthal Christina Marie Bondy Julie Anne Booty Elizabeth A. Borrett Elizabeth Boyea Elisabeth E. Braden Nancy Jane Bradley Beth Lea Bronstein Debra Lyn Bruce Barbara Ellen Buck Marilyn Alice Buck Kathleen S. Bujnoch Robin Burke Suzanne Burns Deborah Lynn Campbell Lisa Rae Cannop Patricia Anne Card Janet Roberta Carlson Carmen Sue Carter Deborah Carter Sue Ellen Cash Diane Chamberlin Alexandra A. Caselli Kim Chnun Susan Kay Cinque Karen Lynne Clapp Cynthia E. Cobb Kerrin Heidelinde Cohen Maria Constantatos Cynthia Ann Corliss Barbara J. Cram Janet Gayle Cramer Joan E. Crandall Carol Ann Crockard Linda Ann Crooker Carolyn D. Crowther Pamela Jean Cryer Blanca Rosa Cuellar Stephanie A. Curtis Sharon Joy Davidson Dana Bess Davis Janna Denice Davis Jennifer Roe Davis Deborah Kay Dean Donna Kaye DeCuir June Marie Deissinger Teresa Susan Denney Mary Esther Diaz Kathryn Virginia Dick Deadra Dean Diers Colleen Dodge Mary Susan Domask Mary E. Edgerton Suzanne E. Ellison Maralyn Epstein Christy Dian Esmond Joan Marie Everett Mona Lynn Ezell Cynthia Louise Fadely Jeanne U. Faires Maria Farb Susan Mary Feeney Carol Sue Feinberg Deborah Louise Fine Sally Gaye Fisher Elsa Flores Amy Lee Flowers Eva Marie Fowler Dara Whitney Frank Linda Sue Freedman Sharon L. Friedland Anne Mary Froehlich Anna Marie Fuentes Dora Elisa Garza Julie Anna Gathman Juanna Inez Gee Georgiana Gibson Elizabeth K. Gilliland Kerry Lynn Golemon Mary Therese Gormley Nancy Ann Gray Katherine L. Green Dana Marie Greenberg Cheryl Lynne Gresser Phyllis Merle Grozier Maria G. Gutierrez Cornelia Gertrud Gutz Milanne Hahn Mauri Kay Hall Michelle Marie Hansen Vicki Ruth Harding Cynthia Jane Harper Mariann Harrington Dorothy Janiece Harrison Sammilu Harrison Nancy Love Hart Carol J. Harvey Dorothy Gail Harwood Kathy Lynn Hawkins Dana Kathleen Hazel Holly Hazlett Betty Lynn Hoffmann Janet Lynn Holste Jane Brandon Holt Rebecca Hurley Susan E. Hutchinson Lea Anne Isgur Elena Patricia Islas Barbara B. Jeffords Dana Jo Jernigan Gaylynn Joiner Lorita Lynn Jones Wendy Bay Kang Margaret Ann Kassen Carolyn Frost Keenan Aida Marie Kennedy Rhonda Kay Keys Laura Ellen Kislin Leah Beth Klein Jan Claire Knape Laurie Elise Koch Pamela G. Kostas Joanne Robin Kraft Barbara Mary Krause Elisa LaMonaca Jane Letitia Lambdin Kathi Suzanne Lambert Gail Margaret Lampert Margaret E. Lander Elayne L. Lansford Patricia Ann LaRue llene Laufman Amy Susan Lauterbach Cynthia Jeanne Lee Joyce Lee Linda Louise Lee Marcia Claire Leva Vicki Jean Liebe Marian E. Livingston Constance S. Loomis Kathleen Elrod Lutz Lori Jill Mack Mary Jane Major Debra Newby Marie Linda J. Marinick Natalie Martinez Nancy Joy McCann Jane Melissa McClain Linda Sue McDonald Anne E. Mcllheran Elizabeth Mclver Marilyn Jean McKenzie Catherine F. McMahon Janis Lynne McMaster Cynthia Lynn McMorris Melanie Ann Messina Charlotte Miller Judy Ann Modrzejewski Lourdes M. Montesino Angelique A. Montgomery Harriet Anne Monsell Susan Shelley Moores Dorothy Dee Morewitz Catherine Anne Morris Janet Kay Morris Joan Margaret Morris Janet E. Mortenson Barbara Carol Mudd Deborah Lynne Nass Ann Susan Nord Lynn Aileen Northway Stephanie J. Olson Lauren Claire O ' Neal Mireya M. Orozco Deborah Lou Paine Anna Louisa Palmer Susanna Parker Rebecca E. Parrish Betty Jean Partin Sharolyn S. Perricone Marianne Pesek Linda Beth Filler Luan Helen Player Nancy Sue Pryzant Barbara Jane Ramirez Lesa Janine Raschke Karen E. Raye Pamela Kay Rehfeld Pamela M. Reeser Teri N. Reine Rosemarie M. Reiser Nancy Ellette Ricards Sharon Elaine Riddell Pamela Ann Riley Rebecca Risen Lindley Ellain Robinson Susan Marie Rodney Raquel Rodriguez Claire L. Rollwage Sherry Ann Rosene Susan B. Rosenfield Rose Ann Rossman Melinda Beth Roye JaneNaidaSaginaw Mary K. Scepansky Susan E. Schaffner Diane Kay Scheffe Patricia Ann Schnell Vicki Lynn Schubert Sara Ann Schutze Sandra Jane Seaman Lory Lyn Sedberry Ramona F. Seeligson Kimberly Ann Sherrill Margaret Tek Sherrod Rene Caryn Shields Nancy Shulak Beverly Jean Smith Jo Ann Smith Laura Rebecca Smith Sandra Beth Smyth Judith Diana Soils Stacey Jean Somppi Teresa Ann Special Irene Flugel Speranza Nancy Stark Debra Lynn Stephens Ida Gwendora Stewart Susan Jane Stone Muriel Elise Strand Jane Elizabeth Strauss Margaret F. Suttles Marcella Lee Sykora Sandra Lynn Sykora Elizabeth Ann Taylor Janice Lynn Taylor Elizabeth E. Theilig Karen Susan Tiemann Rae Ann Tillerson Jean Ellen Tipton Alice Pickens Torbert Mia Tredici Debbie D. Turnbough Dale Linden Turner Emma Venegas Norma Lynn Vodicka Angelica S. Volterra Susan Ing-Jen Wang Nelda Jean Ward Lydia Jo Washam Karen Ann Watkins Reen Canada Weaver Nancy Sue Weiss Trudy Eileen Welk Cynthia A. Wellmerling Kim Wendler Robin Gay Whatley Wendy Susan Wheeler Cheryl Jo White Nancy Kaye Whited Susan Ann Wicheta Sally Sue Wiginton Wanda R. Williams Jan Marie Wilson Linda Grace Wilson Phyllis Marie Wilson Janet Claire Wolf Lucy Wright Nan Elaine Wucher Paula Jean Wyman Linda Elizabeth Yezak Vicki Jill Zelios Freshman women with a 3.5 overall GPA com- prise the membership of Alpha Lambda Delta. Officers were Marilyn Buck, president; Lesa Raschke, vice president; Margaret Lander, secre- tary; Jody Kraft, treasurer and Linda Lee, historian. SPRING INITIATES Stephanie Carol Abbot I Beth Lynn Anderson Shirley Lynn Ayers Jams Clare Babel Claire Denise Barker Karen Marie Barnett Susan Elaine Barnett Ann Thomas Barrow Sylvia Ruth Beerman Jane Katherine Bell Debra llene Blatt ] Kitzi Jane Blitch Pamela Ann Blum Patricia Brockie Nina Bujosa Debra Colleen Burkett I Linda Susan Bussey Elaine Ruth Bythewood Frederika K Campbell Elaine Rose Caplan Cynthia Carlson Sara Jane Carpenter Claire Pennison Carter Nelda Gay Carter Tamara Kay Chambless Teresa Jan Chapman Joy Vee-Wei Chen Sharon Jean Cheng Susan April Clare Laura Lea Clark Pamela Susan Clayton Julia Joyce Clegg ! Catherine Jean Clinton Rebecca Frances Coel Helene Susan Cohen I Myra Dawn Cole Sally Eileen Coleman Mary Anita Conroy Paula Kay Coronis Karen Cortell Linda Lee Crecelius Cathie Clair Crowson Linda Cunningham Gloria Gail Cutrell Laurel Ann Dalrymple Nan Daniel Donna Lynn Debus Barbette Marie DeCelles Karen Gisela DeMarco Elizabeth Foster Denny Mariana Christine Dieste Jeanne Ann Doud Nancy Marie Drake Sherlene Annette Dreyer Elizabeth Anne Eason Jo Elizabeth Edwards Jeanne Mari Ekeroth Gail Frances Ellish Janet Lee Ellzey Diane Fiorelli Valerie Brae Fisher Katherine E. Fonken Nancy Katherine Forbis Rita Lynn Franks Frances Dolores Fredrickson Kathy Lynne Freeman Kathy JoGallman Janet L. Gelphman Mary Kathryn Gesell Janice Grace Glass Carolyn Yvonne Glenn Gayle Denise Gordon Patricia Ellen Gormley Kathryn Ann Grady Jane Ellen Graves Donellen Marie Gready Elena Rachel Greenberg Kimberly Jean Greene Lisa lleene Grimes Brenda Kay Grosse Keri RaeGuten Debbie Gail Hagens Lisa Lynne Haggard Kelly Ann Hall Terry Elizabeth Hall Beverly Elaine Hammond Dorothy Annette Harrison Connie Lynn Haugen Lee Anne Hebner Elizabeth Ann Henke Barbara K. Herbich Linda Eileen Hickok Jan Alice Hill Shiree C. Hmojosa Patricia Ann Holler Jacqueline Suzanne Holmes Sandra Marie Holub Sally Anne Hotchkiss Debra Nell Houston Nancy Ann Hudson Karen Anne Huebner Barbara Lee Hunt Carol Ann Hussey Edith Lynn Isaacks Kleta Louise Janczys Cathy Eugenia Jaster Sharon Kay Jayson Lisa Jensen Susan Rose Johnson Dorothy Nell Jones Connie Jean Kadrovach Jo Ellyn Keaton Ruth Kimberly Keeland Karen Jean Kennedy Marilyn Jo Kessler Virginia Diane King Kathleen Marie Kirby Lura Frances Klecka Sylvia Ann Klinksiek Karilyn Eve Kober Judith Ann Kostura Ellen Louise Krahl Clair Elizabeth Krizov Mira Pearl Krumholz Pearlynn Krumholz Susan Lynn Lauber Kathy Diane Lawler Barbara Leach Nancy Ellen LeFeber Linda Lynn Lehmusuirta Ellen Jane Levy Felice Norene Lewis Janiece Ellen Lipsky Nuria Elena Lopez Patricia Ann Loven Catherine Marie Major Marianna Mansfield Debra Newby Marie Sara Alicia Martinez Berna L. Massingill Hollis Anne Mathews Sheryl Ann Mathys Mary Louise Mauk Patricia Ann May Lura Melinda Mayhew Karen Lynn McCarty Cynthia Lee McCraine Cheryl Lane McCullough Diana Mills McDade Cynthia Faye McGregor Karen Elizabeth McLane Markeeta Lamberth McNatt Lynda Joyce Meyer Kimberly Ann Michels Carol Ann Miller Marsha Miller Kathy Ellen Minor Mary Rebecca Mitchell Helen Toevs Mohrmann Nancy Alleyn Moore Theresa Agnes Moore Judith Ann Morrison Lynn Barbara Nawrocki Lily Neumann Judith Rae Ney Rena Golda Nirenberg Margaret Jean O ' Bannion Manbeth Olander Sarah Ann Oliver Blance Estela Ornelas Margaret Jean Otto Catherine Cleary Paciotti Mary Tudor Pannill Amy Elizabeth Paris Karen Lynne Parker Mary Elizabeth Parker Elizabeth Marie Patton Kay Marie Peterson Martha Louise Piana Suzanna Picket! Paula Ann Platt Kimberlee Marie Ploch Mary Lou Popiden Mary Melissa Pratka Terry Lee Price Diana Elva Ramirez Linda Ogawa Ramirez Melissa Lyn Randolph Regina Coleen Rawson Jennifer Teresa Ray Karen Sue Reichstein Debra Sue Reingold Melissa Lynn Rice Dorothy Jean Roach Sheree Lynne Resell Lori Le Rowlett Nancy Chandler Rush Leslie Virginia Sagar Brenda Sue Sanders Linda Sue Sanderson Sheree Scarborough Beverly Lou Schaeter Susan C. Schoenvogel Valerie Ann Schutze Laura Jeanne Schwartz Suzanne Howland Shanks Sarah Margaret Shields Kathleen Sarah Short Susan Shotner Teresa Gail Sipes Dorothy Stevenson Slator Barbara Jean Smith Jen Ann Smith Nancy Ann Smith Margaret A. Sowada Susan Jan Soward Karen Elaine Stancil Judy Kay Stanton Ellen Lynn Stephens Sally A. Stewart Carol Brooke Stollenwerck Jana Lee Strauss Beth Elaine Streeter Marguerite Sullivan Karen Lynne Taylor Pamela Ann Taylor Emily Ruth Terwey Cecilia Troegel Karen Emily Tumulty Cynthia Tunstall Vicki Louise Turek Kathryn Lee Turpin Lynnell Mae Vance Sedelta Darlene Verble Vickie Lynn Wagner Helen Veronica Ware Robin Kaye Watson Denise Gayle Waugh Charlene Ann Wefler Sandra Marie Weinberger Darla FayeWendt Susan Nanette Whaley Wendy Susan Wheeler Lesa Carol White Sharon Lynn White Rebecca M. Williams Ruth Williams Adana Teresa Willman Vicki Lynn Wimberly Sara Margaret Winston Judith L- Winterkamp Pamela Rae Wood Margaret Ann Wysong Mary Teresa Yemma Cheryl Ann Zaremba Doreen Claire Zeh Shonda Gay Ziegel FALL INITIATES Susana Imelda Aleman Pamela Karol Bettis Anne Courtland Black Helen Audrey Chawkin Carol Anne Cocek Kateva H. Cope Susan Cecelia Davis Julia Regina de Wette Kern Jean Dorman Joan Elizabeth Eads Linda Ann Edwards Dorla Coleman Evans Jeannette Garrett Michele Ann Garson Candace Elaine Goodman Donna Avery Hilton TrudaL. Kester Linda Rebecca King Betty Kucera Susan Melene Lesikar Mercedes Maria Martinez Mary Ann Mason Linda Kay Mesloh Stephanie Jean Parker Susan Elizabeth Plume Teresa Ann Richardson Margaret M. Roberson Patricia Fortson Rockhill Renee Michelle Shapiro Alison Leigh Smith Michelle A. Steigerwalt Abigail Elaine Stewart Sandra M. Tauben Dale Mane Ventimiglia Patricia A. Villarreal Mary Elizabeth Walsh Celia Annette Watson alpha lambda delta women ' s freshman honorary society AAA 287 MEMBERS Joseph Cullen Aderhold Barry Wood Adkins Errol Claude Anderson Dennis Dale Arnie Charles William Arnold David Edwin Arnold Kenneth Wayne Askins Paul Stephen Atlas Harold Brent Austin Robert Michael Bacon Austin Glenn Bailey Richard Henry Ballinger Paul Collins Baria Darrell Wayne Barker William Gambrell Barnett Robert Lee Bassett Fernando Bazan Joseph Paul Belle James Leslie Berk Michael Ray Berry Kenneth Alan Betts Styles Leslie Bertrand James Anthony Black Paul Bruce Blankenmeister Ira Yates Blanton Marvin Elliott Blum Warren Stuart Blum Barry Evans Boesch Craig William Borchardt Paul Talmage Boston Ben David Buchholtz Randy Jay Buckspan Alan Wade Buller Jerry Lynn Cade Harvey Devilloe Campbell Steve Chaim Caplan Rodney Lynn Carry Philip Buenzh Carson James Michael Caskey Walter Thomas Caven Christopher Neil Cecil Joseph Willard Cenac Raymond Moon-Tong Chan Melvin Ray Clearman Sydney Reese Coleman Dennis Byron Conley George Kenneth Copeland Michael John Cosentino David Wayne Cotton Ray Edward Couch Alan Bruce Crawford Ben Allan Culpepper Warren Dale Culwell Stephen Sandoz Curran Christopher Ross Davey Francisco Javier Diaz Wallace James Dominey Gordon Owen Dorsey Robert Bruce Dunbar George H. Dunn Michael Stephen Dykes Bruce Allen Eaton David Goodwin Edmondson Timothy David Ellington Stephen Jasper Elliott Glenn Douglas Emshoff John Randolph Ewing Paul C. Feinberg Richard Ira Feldman Stuart Douglas Ferrell Richard Emil Fischer Larry Edward Fitchhorn Daniel Flores John Walter Freeman Raymond Paul Friesenhahn Carl Stephen Galloway Robert K. Garrett Cecil Floyd George Richard Andrew Getz Robert Lloyd Glover Marshal D. Goldberg Richard Raymond Gonzales Jack Streety Gorman Gary Scott Gossen Andrew Clark Graham Stanley Keith Graham Daniel David Grant Alfredo Claudio Gueter Thomas Dwayne Guidry Richard F. Gutierrez Curtis Eugene Haase Joe H. Hamilton Vuong Due Hao Charles Edward Harrell John Robert Harris Harold Glen Hatch Craig Wilson Hathway Hans Peter Haydon Charles Lawson Hegton Alfred Walter Heinsohn James Michael Heit Stephen Earl Hendrick Barry Edward Herbert Stanley Alan Herring Albert Irby Hightower Steven Cameron Hodges Warren Alan Hoffman David James Hofheinz Michael Ward Hogue Donald Holcomb Maurice Clavelle Holden John Edward Holder Lany Gary Holmstrom John David Hooper Donald Gregory Hopkins James Curtis Hull Jeff Michael Hull Richard Milam Hutcheson Tarn Huynh John Herbert Ingram Steve Allen Isaacs Russell Wayne Jackson Billy Dean James Jay Lee Jameson Gregory Gerard Kaderli Craig Kent King James Michael Kirby David Edwin Kirkendall David Sam Kirsch Robert Edward Knight John Clinton Koch David Conrad Kroll Walter Brice Kuhl Jeffrey Scott Kuhn Mark Lawrence Kutler Robert Kent Kuykendall Lifford Lee Lancaster Joel Parker Laughlin Richard G. Lavercombe Douglas Edward Ledli Larry Stephen Leshin John Thomas Leverette Fred Earl Lewis Charles Damion Lievrouw Terry Nelson Little James Loyd Livingston Michael Craig Locke Thomas Goodson Long Leonardo Luis Lopez Dennis Patrick Macha Edward Miikon Macomber Pierre Maurice Malek Roger Joel Manne Lawrence Steven Margolis Michael Dean Martin Paul Jerome Martin Paige Bruce Massey Laurence Leigh McCabe Patrick Joseph McClellan James Thomas McCracken Kevin Joseph McGee John Robert McGinley Stuart Carpenter McKennon William Thomas McPherson Joseph Anthony McQuade Robert Marc Mendell Neil Douglas Meyer Frederick Joseph Miscoe John Allan Morris Brian Joseph Mulvaney John Sinclair Murray Ross Wayne Nager David Lester Neal John Mitchell Nevms Ross Corby Nicholson George D. O ' Brien Thomas Wayne Oncken Lloyd James Onstott Manuel A. Ossa-Esquivel Bruce Thomas Parker William Trent Peckham William Leonard Pegler Robert Paul Pendergraft Hyman Marvin Penn Michael John Peterson Gregory Charles Phillips David Frederick Pohl Steven Ross Poole Richard Bradley Porter Byron Edward Pratt Michael Carl Quinn SivaV. K. Rao William Russell Read Donald James Reese Vernon Earl Rew Frank James Rilling Howard James Ritts Richard Gordon Roach Michael David Robbins Kenneth Lee Robinowitz Charles Kent Robinson William W. Robison James Allen Royall Jesus Arturo Ruiz-Esparza George Fredric Safi Steven Michel Sanders Thomas Schares Eric J.Schell Robert Milton Schmidt John Louis Schanse Horace Patrick Seale David Lee Seals Edwin John Seilheimer Richard Cleon Shanks John Raymond Sherburne Michael Allen Shtofman David M. Silberman Paul Kerry Simpson Robert Kenneth Skaggs Randall William Smart Killough Kent Smith Larry Wayne Smith Michael Charles Smith Murry Steve Smith Wade Kent Smith Mark Terry Sokolow Jose Angel Soils Mitchell Benjamin Solomon Roger E. Sowell Howard Lyman Speight Steven S. Speranza Frederick George Sperry Michael Todd Stafford Thomas Wayne Starnes Alan Karg Stoltz Richard Kelty Stoneburner Paul Subrt Paul Arthur Suhler Stephan Robert Summa John Steven Swinnea Charles P. Taylor Lee Alan Taylor Lee Morris Taylor Weldon Eugene Taylor James William Thomas Joseph Morisan Thomas Marshall Richard Thomas Gorman Murph Thorp Jon Edward Throckmorton John Cutler Tiffany Timothy Kenneth Tong David Eric Torkelson Henry Freeman Urick David Jay Vanderwal Gregory Chandler Vaughn Troy Lee Voelker Gary Steven Wagman John James Walsh Keith Chapman Weaver Gordon Langston Wells James Bradley Whitenton Charles Melvin Whites David Edward Wight Donald Preston Wiley Curt Alan Williams Franks Scott Williams Gary Allen Williams Stephen Eugene Wilson Joseph Allan Wisnoski James Albert Wolf David Edward Wright William Earle Wyatt Thomas Burton Wynne James Lowell Yates Lansing Wayne Yee Dale Arnold Young William David Young Lynn Dana Zadow Daniel Lee Ziegler FALL INITIATES Zachary Alexander Aills Wayne Preston Allen David Girard Ballard Michael Wayne Barker Wilfred Wayne Baumann Robert Kim Brown Stuart Bryson Collins Harry Fenner Corbett Thomas Drury Cordell Gary David Douglas David Alan Dwyer Bong Ling Foo Joseph Salvadore Francisco Fred David Griffin Jed Marcus Hamilton Frank George Hejtmanek Tracy G. Helms John Cameron Hinte Kim Carlson Hutchins Thomas Earl Jarnagin Christopher Alan Kloeris Charles Troy Marshall Hugh Hardy McConnell Charles F. Meyer Bruce Reagan Miller Gary William Miller Guillermo Enrique Moran James William Pennington Jeffrey Lee Porter Terry Charles Quist Gary Royce Raileanu Kenneth Wayne Reese Leslie Bee Ricks Alan Herbert Roth Peter Dennis Scholl Ali Shapoori Eddie Ray Skidmore Craig Michael Sloan John Robert Strohm Benjamin Ancil Sweat David Wayne Thomas Stephen Thomas Traweek Paul Michael Werchan Patrick Alan Wheeler John Michael Wilson Karl Ernst Yelderman phi eta sigma freshmen men ' s honorary society Officers were Michael Shtofman, president; Mau- rice Holden, vice-president; Frederick Miscoe, trea- surer; Timothy Tong, secretary and John Ingram, historian. . 288 HZ SPRING INITIATES Claire Denise Barker Cindy Lynn Bass Catherine P. Bauer Carol Clark Beatty Nancy E. Beaver Debra llene Blatt Cheryl Ann Bowman Lisa Brady Deborah Gail Brinkley Melinda Kay Brown Debra Colleen Burkett Bridget) Elaine Byrd Marcia Annette Capp Sara Jane Carpenter Claire Pennison Carter Rebecca Frances Coel Jody Corley Jan Crawford Karen Ann Crow Kathleen M. Cunningham Linda Cunningham Gloria Gail Cutrell Elizabeth A. Darling Margaret Ann Davis Helen Marshall Day Barbette M. DeCelles Debra Ann Dosser Nancy Marie Di ike Susan Eberspacher Anne Carol Epstein Melody Eyres Jo Anne Faerber Mollie Ann Fitzgerald Cheryl Beth Flieller Pamela Gail Fonda Jill Fos Mary Margaret Freitag Linda Ruth Gary Avis Geer Carolyn Yvonne Glenn Shelley Goldberg Nancy Lynne Gracey Delia Anne Gravel Jane Ellen Graves Lisa lleene Grimes Brenda Kay Grosse Lisa Lynne Haggard Janet Sue Hale Terry Elizabeth Hall Beverly E. Hammond Lee Anne Hebner Patricia Marie Hehn Susan Hendricks Katherine M. Hoffman Jacqueline S. Holmes Debra Nell Houston Mary C. Huffman Edith Lynn Isaacks Judith Anne Jackson Nancy Hope James Cathy Eugenia Jaster Sharon Kay Jayson Patricia Ann Jekel Elizabeth K. Johnson Sandra Earlene Jones Julie Ann Jordon Connie Jean Kadrovach Ruth Kimberly Keeland Patricia L. Kelly Karen Jean Kennedy Patricia Rose Kilday Sylvia Ann Klinksiek Claire Elizabeth Krizov Treila L. Krueger Mira Pearl Krumholz Kathi Suzanne Lamb ert Deborah Lane Susan Lynn Lauber Susan Melene Lesikar Joan Lipton Mary Louise Mapes Deirdre L. Maroldo Patricia Ann May Karen Lynn McCarty Diana Mills McDade Anne Miller Kathy Ellen Minor Ann Marie Moffatt Judith Ann Morrison Deborah Ann Murphy Marianne Neece Mary Jane Newlin Judith Rae Ney Kathleen Ann Nichols Patricia Ann Nixon Susan Jean Norton Margaret J. O ' Bannion Maribeth Olander Sarah Ann Oliver Catherine Paciotti Mary Monroe Parker Kay Marie Peterson Suzanne Phillips Suzanna Picket! Kimberlee Marie Ploch Carol Jean Pope Jane Frances Pratka Mary Melissa Pratka Kathy Ann Pulliam Melissa Lyn Randolph Valerie Kay Rawlings Yvonne C. Rech Nancy Rush Linda Sue Sanderson Jeanette Ann Schaeffer Susan Rae Schaeffer Valerie Ann Schutze Laura Jeanne Schwartz Robin Lynn Scott Melanie Kim Scudday Suzanne H. Shanks Susan Mary Shofner Jeri Ann Smith Laura Louisa Smith Margaret A. Sowada Susan Jan Soward Sharron A. Startzman Melissa Susan Stewart Mary Margaret Sullenberger Christine Diane Taylor Pamela Ann Taylor Emily Ruth Terwey Roberta J. Tholen Cynthia Tunstall Kathryn Lee Turpin Kimble M. Varner Susan Elaine Vingoe Barbara Vinklarek Vicki Lynn Wagner Karen H. Weiller Darla Faye Wendt Susan Nanette Whaley Lesa Carol White Tracey Whitley Zo Lynn Wickson Ruth Williams Stephanie K. Williams Pamela Rae Wood Margaret Ann Wysong phi beta kinsolving women ' s scholastic society The promotion of excellence in scholarship within Kinsolving Dormitory is the purpose of Phi Beta Kin- solving. In order to qualify for membership, a woman must have at least a 3.5 GPA. Members are selected in the spring, based on grades from the previous spring or fall semester. Officers were Jane Lambdin, president; Bari Wal- ters, vice president; Sarah Caughran, treasurer and Trudy Welk, secretary. MEMBERS Betty Sue Albers Marilyn Ann Albers Susan Gale Anderson Margaret Abbey Ashman Mary Susan Barnes Beth Marie Beisman Cynthia Kay Binion Julie Anne Booty Elizabeth Anne Borrett Tommie Sue Boyce Delane Gail Caesar Sarah Ann Caughran Nina Kay Chamness Anne Haggerty Collins Nancy Jo Cox Joan Elizabeth Crandall Carolyn Denise Crowther Randell Elizabeth Empric Christy Dian Esmond Deborah Anne Estes Mona Lynn Ezell Karen Rae Ford Jennifer L. Fortin Eva Marie Fowler Dara Whitney Frank Christene Jeanette Garretf Barbara Ann Gordon Cheryl Lynne Gresser Cornelia Gertrud Gutz Jennifer Lee Hall Mauri Kay Hall Lorita Lynn Jones Kay Kristine Koons Esta Lynn Kronberg Jane Letitia Lambdin Amy Susan Laulerbach Marian Elizabeth Livingston Nancy Lucille Mara Debra Gale McKinney Melisa Kathleen Murphy Eve Gwendolyn Norton Stephanie Jean Olson Luan Helen Player Nancy Sue Pryzant Claire Louise Rollwage Susan Gail Rosenbaum Janna Kay Russell Kimberly Ann Sherrill Jill Kathleen Simms Sandra Beth Smyth Jean Ellen Tipton Paulette Kay Toellner Christine Marie Traynor Mia Tredici Lana Svetlana Vayslep Norma L ynne Vodicka Sharon Ann Walenta Bari Ann Walters Vicki Elaine Walther Trudy Eileen Welk Janet Claire Wolf phi beta kinsolving 289 FALL INITIATES Barbara Ann Abate Jerry Leroy Adams Phyllis Ann Adcock Sam Seunghae Ahn Carol Ann Albers Anita Allen Arthur Ray Almquist Emily Fields Anderson Iris Lee Arbisser Pamela Jean Arden Jeffrey Blake Arnoult Wendy Lynne Aronson Maurice E. Arregui Nancy Ann Ayers Vickie Ann Bachus Karen Dillon Baker Clyde Barry Balthrop Thomas Vincent Barker Michael Gene Barrow Vickie Sue Baselski Mary Caples Beauvais Sharon Rose Bell Bryan Collier Birkeland Richard Lee Black Michael Gerard Blanche!! Dulce Ann Block Brian Eric Bormann Jimmie Lorelei Brewer Carol Ann Bryant Donald Curtis Buck Margare! Anne Burdick Deborah Jane Burgess George Leonard Burns Dennis Emerson Bu!ler Linda Cangelosi Alton Kirby Cavin Archibald Alexander Chaney Shirley Diane Cochrane Lou Elizabeth Coffey Roberta Vance Coleman Linda Sue Collins Randolph Philip Conner Jack Dean Craft Darrell Wayne Craig Glenna Williams Dean John Andrus DePasse William Hugo Dillin Susan Jane Dittmar Marian Dyer Chris Cathy Edmondson Rex Mark Edwards Bill John Ellis Deborah Ann Eisner John Albert Elton Anna Wharton Ely Robert Paul Engman William Stuart Epstein Douglas Allen Erwin Kathleen Louise Evans Steven Wendell Evans Michael Lee Farah Laine Farley Thomas Dale Farris Martha Moore Fears Steven Harry Fehrenkamp Nancy Susan Fountain Richard Julian Frachtman Ronald Glenn Franklin Claude Carroll Freeman David Lee Friend David Edward Fruchter Pete Garcia Mary Elizabeth Garza Stephen Ross Gaspar Carcn Rae Gertner James William Gibson Barbara Ann Gordon Kathleen Frances Graham John Thomas Granaghan Joseph Harmon Grant Jo Ellen Green Stewart David Greenlee Wayne Alan Gregory Wilma Bugh Griffith Gaylen Lee Grace Kerry Alan Grombacher Rodolfo Valentin Gutierrez Richard Dale Havel Mark Hamilton Hebert John David Hengst David C. Hickey James Archie Hime Ernest Edward Hodge Robert Michael Horton Thomas Cecil Hyde James Lemoyne Isbell Craig Steven Iscoe Dotty S. Jacobus Joan Elizabeth Jenkins David Christian Jensen Suzanne Frances Johns Mark Edward Johnson Michael A. Jungman Cari Beth Kahn Martha Frances Katz Ricky Brent Keis Charles Ray Kennedy James Allen Kilpatrick Bart Ames Kornblatt Ann Elise Kovich Fred Donald Krusemark Alison Marie Kyser Joseph Shelby Langford Julie Elizabeth LaRoche Susan Lynette Latham George Ross Laughead Ernest Clinton Lawrence Patrick Nicholas Lawrence Edward Sibley Lewis Edward C. Liu John Michael Long Cynthia Anna Lopez Robert Joseph Magner Charlotte Kay Magness Julian King Mardock Gary Lee Marks James Francis Maroney John Alan McClelland Janelle Via McDown Kathryn Ann McDonald Martha Catherine McNeely Kenneth Lee Mellina Sherlayn Matusoff Merfish James Charles Mikus Mary Rosinski Milloy William Michael Mills Emily Elizabeth Mizell William Frank Monroe Jennifer Alice Moody William Stephen Moore Kyle Alan Morrow Storrow Amelia Moss Christopher John Mullen James Robert Mullins Anne Webb Nelson Amy Ng Frederick A. Niemann Jan Aloysius Notzon Gerald Vincent O ' Gorman Karen A. Olander Dana Bruce Ott Douglas John Palandech Virgil Thomas Parker George Howard Pazdral Mary Winifred Pearson Jay Irwin Peters Michael David Peck Martha Jane Phillips Susan Jay Piller Deborah Merle Pizzitola Carmen Rita Plomin Thomas Eugene Priem Robert Lee Quock Susan Ann Raleigh Claudia Diane Rappaport Gabriella Simone Rappaport Vivian Gayle Reaves Zeb Vance Reinhardt William Steven Rholes Lee Howard Ridenour Robert Michael Rogan Mark Lee Rooke Randall Scott Rosenberger Arnold Stephen Rosenthal William Emmet Ryan Frank Barlow Rynd Rena Susan Sabrsula Gregory Don Schmidt Hartmut Paul Schnell Janey Levy St. George Suzanne Lee Schooler Cheryl Ellen Schraub Eric William Schulze Nora Shea Scott Steve Sel by Jean Ree Setzer Elizabeth Bonner Sewell Marcy Beth Shapiro William Paul Sharp Barry Lynn Shulkin Richard Lee Simpson Banks McLain Smith Barbara Heath Smith Karen Faith Stallman George Randall Stalnaker Durward Prentice Starkey Victoria Laura Stiba Jerry Claydon Stiles Patricia Angona Terranella Luan Hardy Terrill Hilda Suzanne Thomas Steven David Thorpe George Washington Tipton Dennis Raye Tobleman Claudia Jo Upchurch Van Alan Valenta John Lee Verner Nancy Jean Verner Eric Stefan Vogel Angelica Silvia Volterra Steven Milton Walther Debra Rae Weiner Bonnie Renee Weise Christopher Mark Wellman Thomas Lee Whatley Jenny Allane White Stephen Emmett Whittaker Diane Susan Wiener Patricia Ann Wiessenberg Benjamin James Williams Deborah Ann Williams Charles Porter Wilson Rosemary Kane Wohlsen Gary Newman Yee Marvin Larry Yuspeh Kristin Sorenson Zapalac -BK Upper division students in the Colleges of Human- ities, Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sci- ences and the Division ot General and Comparative Studies who possess distinguished scholastic records are eligible for admission to Phi Beta Kappa. Elections are held in the fall and the spring semes- ters of each academic year. Officers were Keith E. Morrison, president; Doro- thy Tate Lay, vice president and James A. Hitt, sec- retary-treasurer. phi beta kappa national arts and sciences honor society SPRING INITIATES John August Adkins Larry Pearlmen Alexander Judy Gale Arthus Debra Ann Bacharach David James Backer Sandra Margaret Barber Barbara Jeanne Beard Bradley Irwin Beckman Luis Manuel Benavides Lesley Doris Beresford David Don Berry Arno Robert Berthold Linda Suzanne Bloch Ann Sharon Boggs Pierre Gunnar Bonnevier Silverio Carlos Bosch John Kirkpatrick Boyce Larry Edward Brand Barbara Denise Brasel Therese Georgiana Brendler Dona Suzanne Buchter John Charles Burnside Larry Alan Campagna Sarah Jeanne Campbell Walter Thomas Caven Barbara Jean Cayton Patricia Alice Chitwood Andrew Nelson Clancy Matthew William Clarke Harry Christopher Clear Craig Edward Clifford Hulen Edward Clifton Kerrin Heidelinde Cohen Michael Frank Czarnecki David Grant Daniel Mary Margaret D ' Anton George Edwin Davis Lane Conely DeCamp William Dennis DeJulio Jules Mayer Delaune Susan Deborah Dirks Jeanne Wilde Disney Susann Viola Doenges Christine Ann Edwards Otis Edward Elmore David William Elmquist Wesley Roy Embry Sam Michael Faubion Jan Marie Fay Susan Ann Feller Kenneth Joseph Ferguson Ronald Alan Finke Andrew Joseph Forsythe Paul Joseph Franzetti Jay Lambert Gallia Elizabeth Kathrin Gann Glenna Beth Gartman Catherine Elizabeth Garvey Mary Etta Gerhardt Shameen Katherine Ghauri Paul Nicholas Gold Karen Lynn Goldenthal Paul Milton Goldfarb Richard Alan Goldfarb Michael Edgar Goodroe Mark Jesse Gottesman Richard Bert Greene William Briley Greif Bruce Dwight Haefner James Andrew Hales Larry Milton Hall Peggy Chessor Hamilton Ellen Louise Hansen Stephen Walter Hardeman Vicki Ruth Harding Henry Franklin Harren Jeffery Lee Hart Steuart Lawrence Heaton Dallas Belle Henderson Cathy Hildebrand Jo Ann Hill Randi Richardson Hines Victor Louis Hinterlang Ernest Edward Hodge Douglas Wood Hollan Tom D. Hollingsworth Michael Sterling Holloway Gary Randall Horn John David Hughes Jay G.Hull Laurie Meyer Hulse David Ray Humphrey Paul Windham Hurd Joan Topham Igo Corinne Irwin Stephen John Jabbour Patricia Marie Jackson Philip Joseph Jacobs Mary Kathryn James Roy Alan Jameson Jennifer An-Ming Lin Jansing Madeline Johnson Thomas Wayne Jurik Susan Rankin Kansteiner John Steven Kennedy Tina Joy Killion Chester Henry Klunick Beverly Ann Lebowitz Ying Lau Lee Steven David Lerner Lisa Carol Little James Alan Loyd James Everson Loyd James Louis Lukefahr Charles Baker Mallett Linda Ann Marchesseau Gabrielle Franchette Martin Sarah Sherman Martin Reese Alfred Mathieu Richard Samuel Mauer Mary LeBeau McClelland Colleen McClellen Nancy Jane McCormack Jerry Henderson McDonald David Charles McFarland Nancy Elizabeth McGinley Karen Elizabeth McLinden Charles Michael Medlinger Charlotte Miller Kevin Wesley Miller John Russell Mills Karlyn Louise Mitchell Mark Toler Mitchell Ruth Hopkins Mooney Alethia Ellen Morgan John Miller Morris Lisa Jo Neidert Gary Randell Newsom Kimmey Kay Norris Eve Gwendolyn Norton Floyd Emmett Norton Mary Fay O ' Brien Sharon Patricia O ' Connor David Lynn Mossman Kevin Thomas O ' Hanlon EliseArlineOlsen Glenn Leon Pape Margaret Ann Pasko Robert Milton Patterson George Andrew Perdue Jon Lee Peterson Joseph Theodore Phillips Susan Gail Plettman Sondra Gail Powers Timothy Allen Ouaite Arthur Kevin Reinhart Ann Margaret Repp Nancy Hamilton Reyes Larry Glenn Reynolds Lucille Robinson Glen Paul Rogers Mark Lee Rooke Robert Jay Rubin Cynthia Diane Schatte Robert F. Schenkkan Karon Schrank James Paul Seale Sharon Michaela Sepulveda Charles Thomas Sewell William Robert Sheldon Cynthia Marie Sigler Jay Lawrence Silberberg Alanna Marcia Silverstein John Charles Simons Edward Merritt Simpson Dorothy S. Sloan Jerry Robert Sloss Fairleigh David Small Connie Sherwood Smith Katharine Hutton Smith Pamela Deanne Smith Sarah Ann Snell Gary Lynn Snowden Raymond Lee Sommer Anne Rose Souby Merle Darlene Spencer Roxanne Spencer Thomas Wheeler Stark Marjorie Ruth Stewart John Allan Stranford Jane Elizabeth Strauss Gary Bennett Strong Wayne Marvin Sullender Helen Louisa Taborsky Rodney Scott Takacs George Donald Tarrant Ardell Taylor Wallace Edmondson Taylor Michele Dieu Thief Robert Nathan Udashen Joseph Daniel Urey Jessee Randall Walker Barbara Ann Walstad Steven Kelly Ward Linda Rose Weiner Robert Edward Wells Lysbeth Carol Wheelus Timothy Michael Wold Edwin Earle Wright Beverly Lynne Yoakum Mary Elizabeth Young Rowena Mire Young Michael Davis Youngblood Mark Walter Zibilich WK 291 phi kappa phi interdisciplinary honor society FALL INITIATES GRADUATES Joseph Bryan Adair Phyllis Ann Adkins Stephen Peter Anderson Donald Byron Arthur Kenneth Ray Bain Thomas Lloyd Bauer Michael Don Biggs Harley M. Bjornson Edward Joseph Blocher John Allan Booth Jonathan Charles Brown Lawrence Albert Brownstein Sandra Smith Bull Samuel Turner Byrd James David Campbell Peter Charles Carpino Jorge Carrasco Archibald A. Chaney Shen Chu Roger Chen HacibT. C. Chow Catherine Ann Christner Stewart J. Clark Emily Perry Clarke Carl Joe Cochran Anthony M. Coelho Barry M. Cohen Dennis Conway Nancy Illback Cook Jean Claude Paul Courbon David Edwin Daniel Richard Allen Day Helen Antonia Edwards Gary Wayne Eiland Claire R. Farrer Robert John Fleming Paul William Funkhouser Christine Nemetz Garner Barbara G. Gates Gerald Robert Givens Mark Gideon Goode Jane Sentilles Greig Gregory Charles Gridley Terry B. Gutkin Rebecca Lucille Hegar Janet E. Hildebrand Elizabeth Spotswood Hill Shelby Ross Hillis John Harter Himes Kenneth Harry Hinkle Morris Lee Hite Rebecca Huff Holman Michal Ann Hubbard Harold Bryan Jennings Patricia Plauche Johnson Jerry J. Johnston John Keith Justice Susan Jane Kalcik Ruth Harris Keenan Thomas Eric Kelly Thomas J. Kirwin Marvin C. Kissinger Teddy Lynn Langford Kiyong Lee George Patrick Lellis Edward John Liebgott Richard Brant Mallett John Paul Marcum Charles H. Mauldin Neil Douglas McFeeley Rodney Allen McKee Jeffrey Lee Meikle Jacqueline B. Meyrieux Mark James Miller Catherine Lee Morris Steven Parks Nichols Sandra Burns Nicholson JoAnn Evelyn Niehaus Kenneth Ray Nowotny Mary Ellen Nudd George Thomas O ' Brien Judy Briley Osborn Su Moon Park Thomas R. Patrick Lloyd Austin Patterson Nancy Laura Pearce John Morgan Penrose Jolie Bain Pillsbury Jacqueline Kay Pinsker Randolph B. Pipes Paul Hinshaw Powell Dorothy Young Prestwood Willard Byron Ransom Jennifer Susan Rice Rodney Michael Richardson Dolores Bissell Rodi Paula Calhoun Roman Anita Catalina Rosario Lawrence Sullivan V. Ross Jana Marie Rudolph Henry Grady Rylander Jonathan Thomas Salmon Marilyn P, Schreiber Donna Sue Scott Barbara Beane Serota Banks McLain Smith Gregory F. Smith Nicholas John Sobin Jonathan Michael Spector Beverly June Stoeltje John David Stone Maxine Tubbs Strauser Jocelyn Marie Tandy Charlotte Anne Tate Margaret Anne Thigpin David Daniel Thomas John G. Thornell Robert Lee Tipton Robert Edward Trevino Steven Scott Vogt Mary Ella Walker Bonnie Higgins Watkins Warren Leigh White James Clinton Worth John S. Wozniak Lun-ShuRayYeh Anthony Noe Zavaleta James Houston Zike UNDERGRADUATES Ruth Joyce Abboud Keith Alan Alter James Mack Appelt Sezanne Arlitt William George Bailey Mary Van Eaton Baker Marlene Beth Bakst Sandra Margaret Barber Thomas V. Barker Marguerite Pearl Barnett William Sidney Louis Barnett Julianna Miriam Beecherl Lesley Doris Beresford Anne Berk Lyman Emerson Bilhartz Peggy Phelan Bird James Price Bishop Janet Richardson Black Mary Kathleen Blazek Linda Suzanne Bloch Ann Sharon Boggs Pamela D. Bouchard Lisbeth Bowen Lynn C. Bowen James Fuhr Branch Ronald Victor Bravenec Ben Paul Brinkley Peter Harlan Broberg Debra Frances Brown David Vernon Bruce Ben David Buchholtz Jared Adrian Carlin Susan Castanza Walter Thomas Caven Matthew William Clarke Hulen Edward Clifton Lou Elizabeth Coffey Steven Douglas Cohen James Richard Connell Donald Lloyd Covey Howard W. Crenshaw Cynthia A. Croslin Hans Henry Dahl David Grant Daniel Cheryl Marlene Davis Lane Conely De Camp Paul Dodson David Mendel Eisenbaum Clifford Ronald Eisenberg David William Elmquist Randell Elizabeth Empric Joseph Jacob Ernst Marilynn Elizabeth Evans Barbara Ann Feldman Nancy Susan Fountain Paul Joseph Franzetti Russell Alien Friemel David E. Fruchter Janet Fuller Minalee Ethel Gardner Lorenzo Garibay Shameem Katherine Ghauri Carol Susan Goerner Michael Alan Grossman Judith Anne Guenther Peggy Chesson Hamilton Vicki Ruth Harding Linda Hollis Hefter Betty Genice Helton Dallas Belle Henderson Cathy Hildebrand James Putnam Hill Janet Lois Hindsman Randi R. Hines Victor L. Hinterlang Elizabeth Newlin Huddleston Joseph H. Huffman Nancy Jean Janicek Kathleen Jeannette Jarvis Turid Sverre Johnston Cheryl Ann Jones Daniel Richard Jones Ellen Gail Kanter Jan Elizabeth Kaulfus Darryl Lois Kelinske Anthony Drew Kennard Karen Kay Kothman Marvin Rus Kuipers Joseph Shelby Langford Julie Elizabeth LaRoche Janet Lynne Lawrence Beverly Ann Lebowitz Richard Lee Leshin Roger Lynn Levy Lisa Carol Little Linda Ann Littman Rolando Rene Longoria Mark Anthony Luna Mary Alice Mair Polly Ann Marchbanks David Taylor Marshall Gabrielle Franchette Martin Ruben Gill Martinez Cecil Scott Massey Linda Kay McCall Thomas Bramlette McClelland Renee Viktoria McCright Jerry Louis McDowell Nancy Elizabeth McGinley George Michael Mealy Mary Jolene Meuret Karlyn Louise Mitchell John Miller Morris Robin Gail Muhlbauer Robert Steven Mullinax Scott Marshall Murray Jamshid Navabi Karen M. Neeley Lisa Jo Neidert Anne Webb Nelson Kimmey Kay Norris Alkan Oral Carolyn Konz Panak Sarah Jane Pearce Stephen Clark Peters Martha J. Phillips Martha Kime Piper Deborah M. Pizzitola Lindyl Louise Price Karl Russell Quebe Caroly Dianne Ragsdale Diana Pickett Rathjen Janie Danhof Read Frederick A. Rhodes Katheryn Marie Roach Leslie Susan Robertson Randolph Winsler Rountree Anthony I. Rylander Barbara R. Rylander Rene Santos Robert F. Schenkkan Sara Ann Schutze Elizabeth H. Sears James Leon Siegrist Thomas M. Simmons Reagan William Simpson Melissa Rickman Sisk Martha Strickland Smith Anne Rose Souby Ricky Brandon Sparkman Sharon Ruth Spinner Victoria Laura Stiba Darlene Joann Sugarek Michael Wayne Swensen Helen Louisa Taborsky Rodney Scott Takacs Byron Tate Cynthia Tate Martha Lynn Thomas Paula Louise Thomas Daniel Bartlett Thune Dennis Raye Tobleman Susan Marie Turcotte Franklin Lewis Tuttle Teresa M. Van De Walle George K. VanNess Harriet Wald Barbara Ann Walstad Cynthia McWilliams Walthall Bonnie Renee Weise Philip Earl Welle Thomas Lee Whatley Aubrey Roe Williams Raymond Dale Wilson Douglas Cairns Wise Scott Wilson Wise Mark Frederick Wolter Rowena Mira Young Sara Beth Young Michael D. Youngblood FACULTY Levette Joe Berry Robert D. Brooks Norman Donald Brown Edward William Cundiff Norris G. Davis Frederik Willem de Wette James T. Doluisio Stanley T. Donner Mary Ellen Durrett Albert Richard Elam Walter Irving Firey Elizabeth Glenadine Gibb David Carter Glass Lewis Ludlow Gould Thomas D. Horn Robert Campbell Jeffrey Peter W. M.John Eugene Walter Nelson Melvin E. L. Oakes Jack Willhoit Roe A. R. Schrank Albert Donald Sellstrom Ernest Alonzo Sharpe Allen E. Smith Harlan J. Smith James Edward Slice Edward Joseph Taborsky Wilfred H. Watson K. Carter Wheelock 292 K SPRING INITIATES GRADUATES Paul Douglas Adams Patricia Powers Armes Walter Van Arnold Anna Samuelson Ashby Stephen B. Barlau Roy Elmer Barth Fred Dayton Behringer Delia Domoneck Bell NasirA. Billawala Bruce Cain Borret George Warren Botbyl Earl Brewer Boyanton Elizabeth Sievert Boyce Jorge Luis Cervera William Dennis Clark Richard Lee Coleman John Saunders Corbm Ralph Gordon Cotton John Howard Crutchtield James Grant Denham Lloyd Albert Denton Frances Findley Dicks Michael Owen Dillon Douglas Loel Dowd KathrynG. Dueck Trisha Robin Dvorak Karen C. Elsen Donald David Engle Edward Martin Emmett Bret Edgar Evans Sandra Newton Eveland Katherine Jones Fagan Herbert Thomas Faria Geraldine M. Farman Robert Bernard Flautt Ross Paul Goldsmith Baldemar Gonzalez Marian Briley Greif Wilma Pitts Griffin Charles Earl Grob Carolyn Messenger Grubb Carol Ann Hale Marion Lee Halford Linda P. Hankinson Janet Pittman Henley John Christian Hinkle Eduardo M. Hinojosa Charles H. Hulick Graham Chambers Hunter Susan W. Hunter Biruta Celmins Kearl Peter Charles Keller Coyle Collingwood Kelly Russell Samuel Kempner Karen Kaase Kennedy Johnny Hoi-Ming Kwok Bobby Wayne LaBouve Pat Chew LaFitte Robert LaMont Raymond J. Lemoine Wilfred Shelly Litzier Henry Marshall Lowden John Alexander Lowther Enrique Mac Nancy Sheppeard Manning Jonathan Louis Markley Adel Rasheed Marouf Susan E. McGlone Robert Kent Middleton Helen E. Miller Jean Maillet Mitchell Joanne M. Moldenhauer John Vincent Nichols Marius Raymond Perron Prajya Phinyawat Robert D. Pillsbury Mary Lee Plumb Daniel Ricardo Ramirez Michael C. Rasmussen Joel A. Richardson Charles T. Rombough Gordon Victor Ross Mary Margaret Rydesky Betty Riddle Sanders Chandra Mohan Singh John Arthur Smallshaw Larry Lee Smarr John Robert Smith Kenneth Duane Smith Jane Spellmann Robert George Stein Charles Michael Stone Joseph Philip Sugg Robert Herrington Sweat Elaine F. Tankard Ronald Ditz Taylor Carol M. Thurston William Austin Tolbert Twyla Lynn Tranfaglia Roy Ray Van Cleve Judy Perkin Wheelus David Harlen Williams Errol Ray Williams Randolph J. Williford Kenny Wong Willy Rene Wouters Christopher Stephen Young R. S. Young John Paul Zaniewski UNDERGRADUATES H. Van Adams Janis Ruth Adams Irene Aldrich Russell F. Anderson Brett Ian Applebaum Harold Brent Austin Diana Lee Bachus David James Backer Robert Michael Bacon Kathryn Anne Baker David Alan Barish Christine E. Batchelor Lisa Avril Bennett Beverly Joy Bixler Franklin S. Blalack Marvin Elliot Blum John Kirkpatrick Boyce Gary Mahoney Bratt Charles Michael Brinkley Beth Lea Bronstein Paul Clarence Buchanan Dona Suzanne Buchter Christine Burlingame George Leonard Burns Bette Barler Calk Dennis Miles Campbell Harvey D. Campbell Sarah Ann Caughran Kenny Kam-Hung Chan William Calvin Chaney Kathy Smith Chapman Gary Lee Coleman Eleanor Scott Collins Barbara Ellen Cook Carol Colleen Cook Karen Macko Cortes Michael Frank Czarnecki Richard Guenther Dargatz Sarah Ellen Davenport Dana Bess Davis Jennifer Roe Davis Kim Taylor Dawson Owen Timothy Delahaye William Hugo Dillin Wallace James Dominey Janis Walker Douglas Donnie Lou Dudgeon Joanne L. Duerr Richard Jarrard Eanes William Vance Esler Anne Swimme Faulk Nancy Marie Ferguson George J. Feuerstahler Richard Emil Fischer Pamela N. Fong Barbara Alice Foyl Elaine Brenda Freedman Linda Sue Freedman Julia Kay Froelich Nancy Hamilton Fuller Alexander Ka Wong Fung Clark Dale Gaddy Vernon David Gambrell Dona Louise Gathman Dee Ann Gearhart Avis Geer Preston Murdoch Geren Cole A. Giller Leslie Ann Goetting Paul Nicholas Gold Rebecca A. Gonzalez Gary Paul Goodfried John Randall Goodwin Barbara Ann Gordon Andrew Clark Graham Stuart Malcolm Graham Richard Bert Greene Steven Lowell Halls Cynthia Marie Hamilton Henry Franklin Harren Constance Helen Harris John Robert Harris Marilee Porter Hill Warren Alan Hoffman Lawrence Ivor Holcomb Lana Jean Holman Robert W. Hughes David Ray Humphrey Robert Eugene Jackson Philip Joseph Jacobs Robert Keyirce Johnson Susan Annette Jones Thomas Martin Keel Richard Donald Kern Christine Anderson Kindschi Gail Frances King Michael Anthony Kolda Don William Kothmann Tanya Kowalsky Lynette L. Krienke Jane Letitia Lambdin Patricia Ann LaRue Betty Leach Steven David Lerner Milton Eilert Lorenz Frank W. Lowery Mary Ann Marshall James Stacy McCasland Hugh Lawson McClung Danna Lynn McDonald Patrice Suzanne McGraw Leslie Schubert McMillen Helen Nora Mitchell William Frank Monroe Susan Eloise Morrey Barbara Carol Mudd Anna Newmann Eve Gwendolyn Norton Mary Fay O ' Brien Kenneth Wayne Otto Phyllis Joan Owens Christopher B. Parsons Martha Annabelle Peak William Trent Peckham William Matthews Penny Sharolyn Suzanne Perricone Gregory Charles Phillips Susan Gail Plettman Scott Allan Powell Nancy Sue Pryzant Michael Lee Pugh Josette Hensley Rabun James Norwood Rader Charles Christopher Reeder Francis Edward Reese Donald Gary Rez Lindsay Elizabeth Rentfro Colleen Mullen Rice Gayle Annette Richey Randall E. Roberts Henry James Rohlich Danny Eugene Rorie Joseph Clinton Ross Carolyn Ann Rosser Margaret Louise Rowe Betty Grace Rylander William C.Schmidt Anthony Richard Schmitt Peter Dennis Scholl Karon Schrank Barbara Jo Schricker Jane Schwartz Stephen T. Scott Matthew Rowland Selmon Beverly Kay Sewell Richard Cleon Shanks William Robert Sheldon Lisa Short Richard Gano Sims Jean Ruth Sladek Allen Sparkman Carol Sue Stanbery Susan Joanne Stoler Jane Elizabeth Strauss Bonnie Snead Stump William R. Stump Lynda Ann Suhor Lana Jeanette Tangum Lee Alan Taylor Leslie Diane Thorpe Kathy Ellen Tomlinson Brenda Lee Towell Christine M. Traynor Jeannie M. Trent Mark Alan Trieb Ricky Donald Triplett Jennifer Kay Trestle Kay Therese Tschoepe Robert Nathan Udashen David Nets Ugland James Arthur Vaught Hans Michael Wagner Ann Clark Wallentine Martha Sandlin Walton Donna Jo Ware Gary Wayne Warren AlvinXavier Waters Susan Ann Weaver Shirley Webster Roderick Evans Wetsel John Bailey Wheat Mark Gaines Whiteman Randolph Peck Whitford Stephen Dale Whitton Cheryl Lynn Wier Cynthia Kay Williams Patricia Ann Williams Patricia Lee Wilson Darrell Roy Windham Gerhardt Eugene Wissler Laura Lee Works James Albert Wolf Edwin E. Wright Robert Kelly Wright William David Young Susan G. Zweighaft FACULTY Folkert Brons Franklin Beaumont Johnson Stefan M. Kostka William George Lesso K 293 SPRING INITIATES Janis Ruth Adams Charity C.Anozie Anna Clare Buie Lynne Claire Collier Linda Ann Crocker Dana Bess Davis Kim Taylor Dawson Barbara M. Di Ferrante Margaret J. Farmer Laura Neal Fly Ruth Ann Foster Sharon L. Friedland Diane Elaine Gorzycki Deborah Jo Haskovec Judith H. Huchingson Kevyn Colleen Jones Kim M. Kelly Sheryl Ann Kelly Marlene E. Kortage Barbara Ann Linch Charlotte L. Neitzel Stephanie M. O ' Neill Carolyn V. Perkins Laura Anderson Popper Lesa Janine Raschke Patsy Rubio Marilyn Lee Smothers Margaret Susan Stanberry Susan Joanne Staler Jane Elizabeth Strauss Nancy Louise Vine Marsha Elaine Wheeler Lewise Ann Wilson Shirley Ann Worcester Rowena Mira Young Outstanding senior women who have made signif- icant contributions to the University in the areas of leadership, scholarship and service are eligible for membership in Mortar Board. Speakers including Mrs. Lyndon Johnson and Dr. Samuel Gould, president of the Institute of Educa- tional Development of New York, were featured at dinners held in the homes of alumnae. Officers were Donna Cegelski, president; Jane Garner, vice president; Nancy Suggs, treasurer; Jan Boynton, secretary and Lucy Love, historian-editor. mortar board women ' s honor society MEMBERS Emily Fields Anderson Marian Ruth Bently Jan Kathryn Boynton Therese G, Brendler Marcia Ann Cain Donna L. Cegelski Lou Elizabeth Coffey Sarah Ellen Davenport Molly Clare Duson Margaret Mary Flanagan K athy Freeland Jane Ellen Garner Cathy Hildebrand Jeannine Rose Hoppe Kathleen D. Jenkins Lucy Carole Love Vicki Lee Mahatfey Sarah Sherman Martin Kathryn Ann McDonald Nancy Elizabeth McGinley Alethia Ellen Morgan Anne Webb Nelson Kay Nester Elizabeth Bonner Sewell Andrea Maria Sidor Claudia Helene Siegel Linda Elizabeth Smith Nancy Ann Stover Nancy Elizabeth Suggs Ardell Taylor Gail Ann Vanderstoep Esther Rene Vincent Angelica S. Volterra Jeanne Margot Wilde Susan L. Winterringer Susan De Wipperman Janice Zimmerman nortar board STUDENT MEMBERS Saba Jack Balagia Joseph W. Bell Dan Stewart Boyd William A. Brock Larry Alan Campagna Edgar Allen Christy Mark M. Connally William Dan Driscoll James Harvey Edler Stephen Ray Fontaine Ronald Glenn Franklin David Shuler Gamble Michael Lowery Gillette MarkG. Goode Frank Leroy Grossman James O. Guleke Scott Allen Henderson Robert Leo Kaminski William McKee Kazmann Nikolai Kerpchar Jerry M. Keys Robert David Kilpatrick James William Little Daniel Warren Nelson Charles Ray Oliver Joseph Newton Riggs Thomas Wayne Rioux Robert F. Schenkkan Clyde W. Smith Steven G. Termaath John Carroll Thomas Robert L. Thompson Stephen L. Van Paul Joseph Van Osselaer Ronnie Ray Volkening Stephen Craig Walls Charles Edward Watkins Robert Daniel Watkins John Tullos Wells Charles Monroe Wilson Charles P. Zlatkovich FACULTY MEMBERS Stanley A. Arbingast James Bernard Ayres William Thomas Belt Harold Charles Bold Francis X. Bostick Vernon M. Briggs Charles T.Clark Roy Rochester Craig William A. Cunningham Vincent R. DiNino James Paul Duncan J. Frank Elsass Gerhard J. Fonken Earnest Frederick Gloyna William T. Guy D. B. Jack Holland Wayne H. Holtzman W. Page Keeton Lorrin G. Kennamer George Kozmetsky Donald A. Larson WilliamS. Livingston Jack Russell Maguire John J. McKetta Edward Lee Nail Eugene W. Nelson Arno Nowotny Kenneth William Olm DeWitt Carter Reddick James R. Roach Walt Whitman Rostow Darrel K. Royal Clyde W. Smith Raynard M. Sommerfeld J. Neils Thompson Charles Alan Wright HONORARY MEMBERS John B. Connally Robert R. Dorsey Charles M. LeMaistre Harry Huntt Ransom Allan Shivers FALL INITIATES STUDENTS John August Adkins Murray Lee Cohen Philip Charles Grouse Peter Thomas Demakes John Jay Fosdick David Fred Gloyna Scott Ingersol Harmon Gary Martin Jacobs Gappy Ray McGarr David Bolton Mead Max Otto Reinbach James E. Richards Larry Lee Smarr Walter Myles Standish Donald Charles Wahrmund FACULTY Samuel P. Ellison Lymon C. Reese Paul C. Trickett Representing men ' s leadership in all areas of Uni- versity life, Omicron Delta Kappa honors members of the student body, the faculty and the community. A student must rank in the top 35 percent of his class and show exceptional leadership. Faculty and hon- orary nominees must have also demonstrated lead- ership in their respective fields. Officers were Thomas Rioux, president; David Gamble, vice-president; Larry Campagna, secretar y and Mark Connally, treasurer. SPRING INITIATES STUDENTS James Leavell Bayless Silverio Carlos Bosch ZackThomason Burkett Richard Buinther Dargatz Paul C. Feinberg James E. Feuge Patricio C. Gonzalez Rene Abelardo Gonzalez Christopher McCutcheon Harte Kevin Howard Hodges Craig Alan Johnson Barnett Alexander Kress Harry Ray Larrabee Larry Lee Lehman James Lane Littrell William Frank Monroe Leopoldo M. Mayoral James Arthur Nicholson Patrick John Parma Robert Francis Primeaux James Robert Reinhart Michael J. Upchurch Rodney Fernell Witcher Edwin E. Wright FACULTY John Breen Ronald M. Brown Ned H. Burns Archie W. Straiten HONORARY Walter Cronkite Dewitt C. Greer James A. Mitchener Cyrus Rowell Smith omicron delta kappa men ' s honor society OAK 295 friar society MEMBERS Catherine E. Alleman Dan Stewart Boyd Ronald Glenn Franklin Michael L. Gillette James O. Guleke Scott Ingersoll Harmon Scott Allen Henderson Robert D. Kilpatrick David Meyer Mincberg Gary Michael Polland Theodore Jerome Sift Diane Wood Van Stephen L. Van John Tullos Wells Significant contribution to University life and sec- ond semester junior standing are qualifications for membership in the Friar Society, the oldest honorary organization on the University campus. New mem- bers are selected each semester on the basis of their scholarship, leadership, service, character, integrity, sincerity and unselfishness. Initiates were announced at the Baylor-Texas foot- ball game in November and inducted into the society at the Fall Alumni Breakfast. Officers were Steve Van, abbot; Scott Henderson, scrivener and Ted Siff , almoner. FALL INITIATES Virginia Christine Guess Patrick Michael Kelly Barnett Alexander Kress Steven E. McNichols Pieter Meade Schenkkan Alison Leigh Smith Susan L. Winterringer SPRING INITIATES Linda Lee Aaker Larry Alan Campagna Christopher M. Harte Gappy Ray McGarr Nick Perez Linda Sue Perine James E. Richards Cynthia Lee Taylor Julius E. Whittier 296 friar society MEMBERS Randy Lee Brock William A. Brock Ronald Lyle Brown Philip Charles Grouse John Jay Fosdick David Shuler Gamble Mark Gideon Goode Craig Allan Johnson Robert Leo Kaminski Nikolai Kerpchar John Richard Knox James William Little Cappy Ray McGarr Mark Preston McMahon JohnT. Muegge Thomas Wayne Rioux William Birt Simpson Michael Titus Swenson Stephen L. Van Stephen Craig Walls John Tullos Wells james Stephen hogg society Proven leadership in campus or community affairs and scholastic ability are the basis for membership in the James Stephen Hogg Society. Membership is limited, as initiates are taken only when a vacancy is created by graduation. Contemporary topics of con- cern to the University and Austin community are dis- cussed in this honorary debating society. Speakers included representatives from the University admin- istration and state and local government. Officers were Thomas Rioux, speaker; Nikolai Kerpchar, chief clerk; William Brock, parliamentarian and Cappy McGarr, reading clerk. james Stephen hogg 297 SPRING INITIATES Mark Donnell Akin Wallace Martin Alaniz John M. Alexander All Asghar Azizi Richard Dale Atkins John Avila Daniel Alvin Barclay Paul Collins Baria Robert S. Barnum Douglas C. Blacklock James N. Bostic Michael B. Brands Michael Brennan William Greg Brock Deryl Kelley Brown Gary Donald Brown Keith David Brown Paul Bryan Bump Leslie E. Cadwallader John Wayne Calvert William Frank Carleton William C. Clifford Edward John Coel Founded in 1885, Tau Beta Pi is a national honor- ary organization open to all engineering students. Exemplary character and standing in the upper 20 percent of the senior class or the upper ten per- cent of the junior class are criteria for selection. Members are chosen once each semester. Activities included participation in service projects, initiation and a banquet. Officers were Richard Dargatz, president; Shane Alexander, vice president; Charles Wolcott, trea- surer; James Barbee, corresponding secretary; Jimmy Quock, recording secretary and Roger Osborn, cataloguer. tau beta pi engineering honor society MEMBERS Shane C. Alexander Leo Phillip Anderson James Philip Barbee Douglas W. Bartholemew James Price Bishop Gary M. Blythe James Fuhr Branch Ronald Victor Bravenec Frank Cofer Brogan Robert F. Campbell Chi Wing Chan GaryS. Childress Raymond Shu Kuen Chiu Richard Guenther Dargatz Stephen C. Darling Peter Thomas Demakes Brian Dinsmoor Thomas Hudson Dozier Richard Jarrard Eanes Barry J. Fairbanks Alan Dale Gant Robert R. George Keith Hanna Harmon Gary George Hewer Thomas Chung-Bun Hung Darrell Gene Jacob Robert Josephus Johnson Kenneth C. Jurgens Patrick Daniel Kelly Anthony Drew Kennard Thomas Paul Kidwell Joe David Kuebler Chung Yiu Lam Janet Lynne Lawrence Freddy Weldon Leslie KinLo Kennedy K. McElroy George Michael Mealy Dennis Woodrow Moore Roger Cook Osborn James Patrick Owen E. Strode Pennebaker Claude Edward Pichot Michael Ernest Poehl Stephen J. Proctor Jimmy Lee Quock John H. Richardson Roy Michael Riley Floyd Edgar Scales Karl M. Schmidt Randy Sherman Che-Kwan Shum John Ronald Smith Martin Lewis Stone Layne Woods Summers Kenny Teoh William Lee Terrell Roger Lee Thomas James R. Thompson George K. Van Ness Wendell R. Vines Robert D. Watkins Robert Arthur Webster James Sawyer Weller Bruce Lane Wiland Robert Lee Wilkins Jerome L. Windlinger Charles William Wolcott Kwok-Wai Wu Johnson Kuen Van f 1 as Ten Dennis Byron Conley Samuel H. Davidson Harold Louis Davis Tommy James Drescher Sonia Braunstein Eliezer Calvin Lee Epps Ronald S. Epstein John Berterant Falcon Keith R. Fangmeier Franklin Lee Fischer Jerrell Mark Gedaly Jerald Knoll Gooch Samuel E. Hammer Steven Dale Havemann John Robert Herold Andrew Chun Tim Ho Kam To Ho Sammy Wing-Sum Ho Curtis Emil Holbrook Thomas Wilson Home Robert W. Hughes Gary Thomas Hunt Keith Ickelberry David Tatwai Ip John Thomas James Cleveland M. Johnson Edward Lee King Andrew Meidell Knysh Wilfred Shelly Litzler Mark McKenna Lucas Jerry Walter Malcolm Stephen Mark Matteson Leopoldo M. Mayoral Randy S. McClendon John R. McLaughlin Arnulfo Mendoza Lee Merrell Michael Gary Miller Douglas M. Mitchell William John Moltz Jose D. Montemayor Brad David Moore Stewart J. Mosso Zainalabedin Navabi George D. O ' Brien David Harold Orr Roger Everett Prior William Dean Raman William W. Reeves Jimmy Wayne Rhodes Roland G. Reidesel Carl F. Riemann Thomas John Rowe Robert Wayne Ruth Rene Santos Dennis A. Schmidt Daniel Robert Smith Leonard Lane Smith Howard Lyman Speight Paul Arthur Suhler Lee Scott Tapper Mohammad Tavassol Thomas Jack Temple Harry L. Tredennick Thomas B. Ward Mark Davis Winston Gary Joe Wolff Jonathan Earl Wukasch Gary Lee Wylie Kwok-Shun Yam Gregory R. Zwernemann FALL INITIATES Eric Neil Angevine Kenneth William Ayers Lyman Emerson Bilhartz Brian David Boles Gary Mahoney Bratt James Russell Campbell Jimmy Ray Carroll James Richard Connell James Philip Goose Joe Allen Coquat Lonnie Edmond Crawford Cecil C. Daniel Dana Bess Davis Timothy Eckert Ross Clifford Ford Gregory Vance Gabbart Gary Paul Goodfried Andrew Clark Graham John Albert Guidry Robert John Haskin Jarvis Wade Kuhlmann Johnny Hoi-Ming Kwok Charles R. Lang Larry Lee Lehman Robert T. Lemmons Phillip M. Ligrani David Layne Lott Bruce Henry Mailey Kevin C. McAllister Roy Bradley McCammon Jerry Louis McDowell Michael E. Mcllheren Arnulfo Mendoza Ernest Lee Miller Russell H. Narramore Murphy Lee Pickard Fernando E. Pla-Barby Martin Lee Porter Francis Edward Reese Scott William Reid Dale Stewart Russell Anthony I. Rylander David Edward Salguero Bailey James Salmon Gerald Wayne Scott KinToShum Alfonzo Soliz Patrick Lee Sullivan Michael Wayne Swenson Wallace E. Taylor Oscar Oo Loke Teoh William Charles Thomas Andrew J. Triplet! Albert T. Watson Mark Gaines Whiteman Tommy Glenn Whiteside Gerhardt Eugene Wissler John Wesley Woollen Ten 299 chi epsilon honorary civil engineering fraternity SPRING INITIATES James Edward Biggs Victoria Lillian Blaschke Robert Franklin Carmichael Michael Weldon Cooper Burkley Joseph Hendrix Patrick Stephen Hogan Andrew Meidell Knysh Wayne Howard Lott Richard D. Potter William Walter Reeves Thomas Alan Voskamp MEMBERS Mark Donnell Akin Walter G. Barfield Allan James Baysek Tommy Gene Benson William Rolland Catlett Robert L. Cooper David Thurman Ford Mark Gideon Goode John Tolar Hull Thomas Kam Cheong Yin Kong David Layne Lott Patrick Lee Meyer Guy Charles Naeve Stephen Duane Nease Max Otto Reinbach John Harry Richardson Thomas Wayne Rioux Walter E. Skipwith John Ronald Smith Mark Alan Thompson Wendell R. Vines Jimmy Don Wiethorn Gary Joe Wolff Michael David Watkins Norman E, Wright Recognizing those who have excelled in the areas ot civil and architectural engineering is the function of Chi Epsilon, honorary civil engineering fraternity. Selection of members is made at the beginning of each semester. Candidates are judged on the basis of character, scholarship, and sociability. In spring, the group sponsors a banquet honoring a practicing engineer who has excelled in his field. Officers were Max Reinbach, president; Mark Akin, vice-president; Patrick Meyer, treasurer and David Lott, secretary. FALL INITIATES Eric Neil Angevine Charles W. Beere Gary Mahoney Bratt Frank Cofer Brogan Larry J. Buttler David Engle Ronald S. Epstein Ramon K. Gomez Herman William Hoffman Thomas Wilson Home Yung Lo Prajya Phinyawat Jack Palmer Randall Thomas John Rowe Somsak Suddee Joe Philip Sugg Roger Lee Thomas Grant Ray Thompson Andrew J. Triplett Sammy Alan White Joe David Word L iion 336 Q J pi tau sigma mechanical engineering society MEMBERS Shane Conrad Alexander Roy Elmer Barth Joseph Jefferson Beaman Bernard Galin Brady James Fuhr Branch Johnny Roy Brezina Robert Lee Bullock John Saunders Corbin Timothy Eckert Thomas Ray Guy Anthony Drew Kennard Denis Steve Kopecki Richard Steven Langdon Phillip Meredith Ligrani Wilfrido J. Lopez Buenano Warren Neal Massey George Michael Mealy James David Miertschin Steven Parks Nichols Ramon Marte Nunez-Doval E. Strode Pennebaker Claude Edward Pichot Jimmy Lee Quock Scott William Reid Anthony Wayne Rod Dale Randolph Sherman Barry Howard Standley Robert H. Sweat Stephen Craig Walls J Junior and senior mechanical engineering stu- dents who present a strong academic foundation in their field are eligible for membership in Pi Tau Sigma. Initiation into this national honors fraternity is made on the basis of a minimum grade-point aver- age and character references from mechanical engi- neering faculty and students. Social events included a picnic at which pledges met faculty and active members and an initiation banquet and ceremony. Officers were Tony Kennard, president; James Branch, vice-president; Denis Kopecki, treasurer; Randy Sherman, recording secretary and Scott Reid, corresponding secretary. FALL INITIATES Stanley Key Bond James Robert Greer Pak-Yue Paddy Kan Yuk Fai Lawrence Liu Kennedy King McElroy William Dean Raman Bailey James Salmon Gerald Wayne Scott Michael Wayne Swensen Thomas Jack Temple SPRING INITIATES John M. Alexander Michael B. Brands Michael Brennan Charles J. Cotton Richard L. Forehand John Robert Herald Paul L. Horton Patrick L. Sullivan Gary Lee Wylie Kwok-Shun Yam mr 301 beta alpha psi accounting honor society Outstanding achievement in the field of account- ing is recognized by Beta Alpha Psi. Membership is limited to junior and senior students maintaining a 3.0 GPA with a minimum 3.0 average in all account- ing courses. In addition to selecting Austin business- men William L. Raby and John C. Burton honorary members, the club held an income tax workshop. Officers were Walter Standish, president; Patricia Smith, vice president; Thomas Jackson, treasurer and Karen Sekula, secretary. MEMBERS Javier Aguilar James Philip Barber Gerald Irvin Bendele Gregory Edward Bogdan Rayburn Keith Chapman Gilbert Earl Crowell Garrett Lovell Davis Sandra Lynn Elkins Richard S. Gobroski Jeffrey Lee Greenblum Donald Eugene Hale John David Harness Ronald Frank Hartman Thomas Ingle Jackson Margaret Ann Jones Patrick Michael Kelly William Lee Kreston FALL INITIATES Carol Ann Albers James Franklin Alkek James J. Allbright Keith Alan Alter Rodney King Anderson Sezanne Arlitt Natalie Suzanne Arvin Bruce Edward Bernstien Duane K. Boyd Luis Arthur Bravo James Edward Browder Richard F. Coker Mark Allen Collop Linda Gay Cottingham Edwin Robert Cummer Jeffrey Dale Dawson Norbert D. Dittrich Ronnie Lynn Doerr Byron Neil Elsas Malcolm Douglas Ferguson Sammy Fleschler Peter Owen Gallagher Vernon David Gambrell Minalee Ethel Gardner Lawrence H. Gerhard Mary Metzger Gorse James Erwin Hay " nes Alice Anne Hinds Conswaglo Hunter Saul David Kushner Michael F. Lovett Patricia Karen Lowe Cecil Scott Massey Gary Lee Miller Walter T. Milliner James E. Mullen Kenneth Lee Owens Robert Lee Powell Kenneth Albert Poynor Mark Lawrence Roth Wayne Alan Seals Karen Albrecht Sekula Richard Henry Shafer Mark Douglas Simpson Patricia Sue Smith William Joel Smith Ira Solomon Walter Myles Standish Edward R. Tinsley Larry John Waisanen Robert Wasson Timothy James Weaver Candace F. Wilkinson Ray Anthony Zvonek Terrance L. Hutchens Charles P. Inman Claude C. Jennings Ronald Dwain Jennings Luther Donald Johnson Sally Rust Knight Tanya Kowalsky George Charles Krueger Larry Lee Latham Denise Lee Lindgren Louis Price Manford Marsha J. McCarroll Donald Gene McCartney Douglas J. McDonald Samuel McKinney Peter Mezei John Stuart Mitchell Orlando C. Montesino Paul Louis Moore James Bernard Mzyk Jam ' s Marlene Nixon William Eugene Nugent Jane Leigh Osborn Robert Carroll Pate Richard David Pesek Billy Ray Pitcher Charles Van Raimond Dennis Eugene Rainosek Sheila S. Randolph Leslie S. Robertson Danny Eugene Rorie Tom Wayne Sarytchoff Stanley Don Sewell Phillips. Slater Glenda Jane Smith Linda Elizabeth Smith Toni Diane Smoker Kathleen I. Sorrells Beverly A. Spikes Enos Roger Stewart Randall Hayes Stitts William Miller Thomas Paul Bauml Tschoepe William Thomas VanKleef Hans Michael Wagner Gary Lynn Webb James Clinton Worth William Harold Zesch Susan G. Zweighaft SPRING INITIATES William Wesley Adams Charmaine Batla Jane Louise Baum William Kyle Bennett Marvin Elliott Blum Robert Nicholas Brantley Ronald Nathan Brewer Jon Earl Burnett Susan Castanza Lin Lin Lo Chock Thomas Neil Cockburn Patricia Lynn Coffelt Barbara Ellen Cook Frank William Corbett Donald Lloyd Covey Robert Ellison Daniel Woody Paul Endsley Robert Dodd Fry Deborah Jill Gardner Carol Jean Gor Charles Earl Grob Patricia Lillian Hagy Edgerton Roswell Haskin Marilee Porter Hill Dona Kim Hopkins Alison Hubbard Horton Andrew P. Jennings Hassan Ahmed Khushaibi William Morley Lemon Richard Lee Leshin Rose Lim Milton Eilert Lorenz Henry William Maples Robert Peter Mingoia Joe Ray Munsch Joseph A. Pitzinger Patrick O ' Dell Rayes Charles C. Reeder David Wayne Renshaw Carlton Smith Richard Suzanne Lee Schooler Dana Gerald Seamans Richard Gano Sims Peter R. Takemoto John Randall Taylor Joe Rayford Thornton Kathy Ellen Tomlinson Franklin Lewis Tuttle Teresa Margaret VanDeWalle Lester Van Pelt Susan R. Whisnant Robert Eugene Wilson 302 MEMBERS Michael Vearle Addy Karen E. Albrecht Sam Zachry Albright Stephen Smith Autry Brent W. Baldwin Dalton Dale Bandy Clifton William Barkley Bobby Harold Benton Gary Young Bicknell James R. Boatsman Mark Lee Boon Gerald Leigh Bracht Frank Vincent Broil James Edward Browder Robert Bruce Brown Leland Marshal Bryant Ruth Harper Bullard Dan Roy Byrne Lucia Sun Chang Douglas Charles Chiles Thomas Allen Collins Louis William Conradt Thomas Murray Cook Joseph Baker Cordill Betty Jane Cornelison Garry Lynn Covington Larry Ben Cox Theodore Franklin Crow Rex Cruse Sally Jean Curtis Jerry Saunders Davidson Garrett Lovell Davis Paul David Dodson John Dombroski Clifford R. Eisenberg Isaac Emmanuel Elizondo William David Freund Judy Fritsche Frieling Richard Carl Frost Paula Janette Gage Raymond Frazier Gaston Sidney Kenneth Gerber Robert Edward Golden Harry Louis Goldsmith Wade Sperry Goodrich Dolores Patricia Graf Terry Linton Green Alan Dale Greenwood Waylon Donald Griffin Edward Fred Halamicek Michael Owen Hanson John White Hardy Robert Luther Hearn William John Hippie Gary Alan Hoffman Helen Eleanor Holcomb Julia Faye Holcomb Winfred Nolen Horn Edward Lee Howard Akira Ishikawa Don Stephen Jackson Dalton Brittain Jones Larry Gene Jones Sewell Lee Keeter Robert David Kilpatrick Adrian Wilcox Kirkland Alphonse Frank Klam Theodore Klastorin Robert Alvin Kouts George C. Krueger Jeffrey Herman Larkin Milton Dale Lawler Wilton Gale Lawler Lewis Titus Le Claire Charles Andrew Lee Francis Kwong-Tai Lee William Shelton Lee William C. Letzkus Marcia Susan Levis Mark Charles Licata Daniel Lichtenstein Robert Arthur Marcotfe John Patrick Marren Gary Joe Martin Warren Spencer Martin Ralph Hain Mengel Anne Miner Mortimer James Edward Myers Freddie Lee Myrick Stella Maria Narisi Daniel Warren Nelson Stephen Eugene Neukom Gyles Richard Norwood Fredrick Steven Orleans Steven Lee Parrick Stephen Douglas Powell Richard Martin Reese Thomas Wendel Reiser Stephen Gene Rising John Leslie Roades Kathleen Sue Robertson Henry Moak Rollins William Edward Rosenthal Jack Benjamin Rubin Robert Alan Russell Joseph San Miguel John Keller Saunders Angela Marie Schenck Floyd Patterson Schiewitz Jillian Hurst Seymour Mark Douglas Simpson Stephen William Sorensen James Findley Sturdivant Debra A. Tabak Melanie Johnson Thomas Richard L. Townsend James Edward Turner Van Alan Valenta Glen K. Van Shellenback Susan Abel Voskamp John Richard Whisenhunt Richard Byron Whitaker Dennis Clyde White Wesley R. Williams Kenneth E. Willmann Larry Brant Wilson Jenny HaneyWinn Larry Arnold Wise Rita Nagy Worrall Carol Slepr Zeppa beta gamma sigma honorary business fraternity Graduating seniors ranking in the upper one-tenth of their class are eligible for membership in the busi- ness honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma. A limited number of junior business administration majors of outstanding scholastic ability are also accepted. Officers were Robert E, Witt, president; Charles H. Smith, vice-president and David G. Fulcher, secre- tary-treasurer. Bfl 303 FALL INITIATES SPRING INITIATES Billie Anne Akers Nina Schmitt Aldridge Kim Applegate Baker Terrie Lynne Barnes Elizabeth Renee Barrett Cathy Jean Biggs Sarah Louise Bush Debra Anne Caeser Catherine Marie Calhoun Patricia Black Carey Christina Lee Casey Donna L. Cegelski Susan Gail Churney Catherine C. Collins Kimberly Sue Corder Mona Marie Counts Kathy Evelyn Dahlberg Kathryn R. Dion Joan Alyce Dover Elizabeth Ann Drake Marilyn Janet Dreiseszun Lee Elkins Mary Virginia Feehan Mary Rita Flugel Patricia Ruth Freeman George Henry Glaeser Rebecca Gloria Susan Catherine Godbold Peggy Anne Goethe Natalie Ruth Golden Robbie Ann Goldstein Lynette Dolores Gonzalez Barbara Ann Gordon Marleen Greif Janet Louise Hackney kappa delta pi education honor society Education majors possessing a 3.0 overall GPA are elegible for membership in Kappa Delta Pi hon- orary education society. Pledges must be of junior standing and be recommended by a professor. Initi- ation is held at the end of each semester. Officers were Kathryn Dueck, president; Mary Taylor, vice president and Charles R. Whaley, secre- tary-treasurer. Linda Haynes Haggard Susan Elizabeth Head Lloyd F. Herrick Janet Lynne Hodges Sharon Rae Hoggins Barbara Belle Horan Ann Elizabeth Huff Jean Marie Huff Faye Sommervell Inglis Beverly Jan Jackson Alice Covert Jennings Elizabeth Kathryn Johnson Kathy Sharon Kahn Kathryn Jane Kilgore Rozanne Krumholz Marylyn Claire Lane Kellie JoLatimer Millye Ann Maddux Christina Ann Malins Janet Lee Mansfield Dianne Lynn Mares Robin Susann Martin Kathi Ann Marcher Marilyn Maxson Katherine Eilene McAbee Elizabeth A. Mendel Lydia Louise Miller Irene Ann Moody Kathy Moore Roy Lee Murrell Mary Jane Newlin Paula Elaine Pagel Bonnie Lou Paterson Lorraine Pierce Elaine Fran Pozin Debra Janice Ranka Lynn Ida Rector Debra Joyce Roufa Patrick W. Rutledge Helane Samet Diane Daphne Seidler Genette Shelton Teresa Ruth Silverman Suzanne Sobel Mario A. Soils Mary Kathryn Sponberg Julie Ann Stack Patricia Lorene Stevens Cheryl Lyn Strelsky Susan H. Sperry Nancy E. Suggs Lacy Lane Thomas Linda Jean Thompson Nancy Kaye Voight Martha Sandlin Walton Barbara Lee Weed Karen L. Werkenthin Kathryn Ann Wesley Mary Ann Whitfield Cynthia Sue Wilson Peggy Ann Wolf David Leon Youngblood Frankie Ann Adkins Susan Kay Anderson Yvonne I. Bailey Nancy Rhea Bowles Randall S. Braddock Wayne Gladstone Bragg Jessica P. Broughton Maria A. Cardenas Olivia Serna Cervera Cheryl Dawn Cramer Cynthia A. Croslin Patti Lynn Daniel Janice Ann Dobrey Patricia Lee Hoover James Edgar Feuge Robin Louise Gerner Cynthia R. Gilchrist Debra Ann Goldstein Dalton Ray Gregory Maria Teresa Guerrero Karyn Rose Hacker Debra Sholtess Hanson Stephanie J. Harvey Bonnie Lynge Hughes Sally Anne Johnson Amanda Moore Jones Dona Margaret Kagan Debra Kay King William G. Lamb Sally Lesh Carol Ann Levy Ruth Laurel Liebes Lynda Kay Locke Helen Marie Loyd Marilyn Ruth Manfull Lynda Reeves Markham Marilyn Margaret Mason Marcia S. McCormick Mary Kay McCullough Pamela Kay McDowell Lynn V. Meierhoffer Sylvia Ann Mondragon Margaret Morey Patricia B. Morgan Monya Charlene Neal Darlene Raquel Oliver Louanna Favell Pardue Trudie lla Plotsky Nancy Jean Powell Susan Lane Raffkind Victoria E. Robertson Charles A. Roeckle Linda A. Scrinopskie Lois Smith Shull Andrea Marie Sidor Aurelia Davila Silva Marlyss Sue Skipwith Jennifer Ann Slack Janet Lynn Smith Lauralyn Phillips Smith Cynthia Ann South Vickie Diane Stern Laura Anne Sundstrom Carol Louise Swanson Martha Mary Sweeney Carolyn J. Thorp Jill Carol Thrift Barbara Jane Trapp Pamela Jane Trout Patricia Turner Ulrich Carole Goss Urzua Catherine L. Westerfer Janet Lynn Whaley Judy Marie Wolf Sara Slrother Young SPRING INITIATES Delia Domoneck Bell Ronelle Bester Martha Jo Bivin Andrea Lyn Clark Emily Cornell Cynthia Croslin Linda Williams Darnell Nancy Dawson Dittmar Janice Ann Dobrey Kathryn Wells Downes Donnie Lou Dudgeon Susan Ann Duncan Barbara Ann Frasher Catherine E. Garvey Robbie Ann Goldstein Carmela Hernandez Barbara Hubbard Horan Bettie B. Lewis Delia Longsworth Magee Janet Lee Mansfield Mary Davis Minter Barbara Ellen Morgan Sandra Ann Morrison Lorraine V. Pierce Karen Jean Prager Janalyn Rice Andrea Maria Sidor Linda Rose Weiner Wanda Gail Wells Carol Ann Werchan Barbara Ann Young J FALL INITIATES Kathy Lou Barnes Terry Wayne Black Peggy Anne Coldwell Deborah S. Ernsberger Jan Marie Fay Jane Knox Funkhouser Sue Cooper Garcia Leslie Lee Heller Betty Genice Helton Corinne Irwin Christine L. Johnson Maxine Joseph Lain Cathy Learn Deborah Kathleen Lee Sylvia Hawkins Little Lynda Reeves Markham Nell J. R. Martin Elsie Louise Matths Margaret Lu McKmley Lynn Vaulx Meierhoffer Nicki Ann Nichols Yvonne Reppeto Ratliff Kathleen S. Richter Anita C. Rosario Nova Coleman Smith Mary Kay Snell Victoria Laura Stiba Jackie J. S. Tarter Charlotte Anne Tate Debra Lou Thompson Irene Louise Topor Susan Marie Turcotte Jeanette W.Walker Elfriede Wenzelburger Cheryl Lynn Wier Linda C. Williamson The women ' s education society, Pi Lambda Theta, honors University women planning a career in education who have shown scholastic excellence. A 3.5 grade point average and endorsement by both an active member and a faculty sponsor are required for membership. Officers were Leslie Heller, president; Jane Funk- houser, vice president; Kathy Barnes, treasurer and Peggy Coldwell, secretary. pi lambda theta women ' s education honorary - 305 FALL INITIATES kappa kappa psi honorary band fraternity Jerry Joe Hawes Larry Don Kitten Rosendo Graci Sanchez SPRING INITIATES Paul Collins Baria Benjamin August Brooks Jack Wyman Browne Craig Alan Buchele Andrew Clark Graham Eric Stewart Hagstette Richard Lowell Longley John Bruce Lowe Lamonte Scott McAngus David Lawrence Peterson James Eldon Savage David Michael Tucker Jay Fredric Wheless William Graham Wright Male Longhorn Band members who have lettered two semesters and illustrate qualities of character are eligible to join Kappa Kappa Psi. In the fall, the group organized a chartered bus trip to Wurstfest for band members and sponsored several get-togethers after football games. Members also hauled equipment to and from each rehearsal, loaded and unloaded buses for band trips and served barbecue to both the University and visiting bands on football game days. Officers were Steven Kiger, president; John Boggs, vice president; Chris Munson, treasurer; Ste- phen Miller, secretary and Billy Tune, historian-par- liamentarian. MEMBERS Graham Douglas Avery Herbert Harry Baker Roger Drake Barker John Dalgus Boggs Robert Andrew Chisolm Glen Alan Clark Stanley Earl Cox LeeShuddeCrain Andrew Hugo Edburg Michael Gene Figer Steve Ray Hamblin Michael Ross Hamilton Keith Hanna Harmon Theodore Haynes Will Roy High James Charles Holt Steven Marcus Kiger Stephen Herman Miller Gregory Bruce Molyneaux Chris Doyle Munson Gary Wayne Palafox Randolph Winsler Roundtree Jay Lawrence Silberberg Billy Carl Tune Kenneth Wesley Whitson tail SPRING INITIATES Linda Kay Bergsten Donna Kaye DeCuir Bonnie Gail Figer Donna Jean Gruesen Deborah Ann Hoose Cynthia B. Knox Francis Ann Reed KimWendler Sandra Kay Wesch A national music organization dedicated to serv- ing college and university bands throughout the country, Tau Beta Sigma is open to women in the Longhorn Band who have lettered for two semes- ters. The Beta Gamma chapter of this honorary serv- ice sorority was responsible for the repair and upkeep of band uniforms, selling band records at home football games and making sack lunches for out-of-town games. Officers were Marie Werkenthin, president; Nancy Turner, vice president; Roxanne Cleland, corre- sponding secretary; Margaret Haardt, recording sec- retary; Artie Fielder, treasurer and Mary Kepper, par- liamentarian. Artie Ann Fielder Beverly Kay Green Margaret Lynn Haardt Dallas Belle Henderson Nancy E. Hickok Mary Elizabeth James Shari Dianne Jordan Mary Elizabeth Kepper Margaret Frances Ludl Debra Ann McDonald Diane Berenice Nelson Mary Kathryn Sponberg Beverly Diane Teller Nancy Alice Turner Marie L. Werkenthin Roberta Lynn Cleland Roxanne L. Cleland Rickie C. Cooper Kimberly Sue Corder Lucy Vaile Domask Debra Diane Duensing tau beta sigma women ' s honorary band society m J MEMBERS Gary Clifton Aven Frank Powell Banning Kirk Ray Bohls James Phillip Boyle Jamie Kathryn Carter Marilyn Carroll Cartwright Carolyn Adele Comeaux Susan Cozette Coney David Rodney Cook Joe Dacy Martha Larsh Doran Shelly Diane Ely Richard A. Finegan Kirstie Johnson Gillen Nancy Ellen Goldfarb Jerry F. Graham Martha Ann Hill Jean Louise Jenkins Karen Lynne Justice Thomas J. Kirwin Ann M. Levy Charles Henry Martin Bette O. Matlage Howard Burke Miller Roger Allen Mulder Suzanne Marie O ' Malley Thomas Pasqua Robert E. Rayfield Vivian Gayle Reaves Suzanne Schwartz David Allen Solomon Marcia Jane Staff Judith LeeZaffirini kappa tau alpha journalism honorary SPRING INITIATES Marlene Beth Bakst Mary Susan Barnes Ann Bowden Albert Houston Carter Carol Ann Crockard Sarah Rebecca Dozier James Hudson Dunlap Roy L. Flukinger Jeff Reeid Franks Shari Michelle Fryer Larry Paul Fuller Vijaya K. Ganju William K. Garland James Barrow Greene Betsy Hall Joseph M. Harper James Putnam Hill Bruce Holbrook Cheryl Ann Jones Jay Robert Jorden John Day Keeler Arlene Sue Kessler Martha Elaine Kinard Laura Ellen Kislin Deborah Klausner Linda Lee Kleinberg Frank John Krompak Curtis Wynne Leister Francis Joseph Loftus Renee Viktoria McCright Joette Moffett Maureen E. Pantusa Wynne Alison Pauly Suzanne Peterman Janie Danhof Read Daniel Meyer Robbins Patricia Ann Ryall Stuart W. Showalter Jean Ruth Sladek Larry Wayne Smith Susan Joanne Stoler William Jesse Stone Sarah Fuller Tankard Donald Kenneth Tooker Helen Claire Vollmer Jon Paullin Wardrip r The top ten percent of junior and senior journal- ism students are selected for membership to Kappa Tau Alpha. An overall GPA of 3.0 and a 3.5 in all communication courses is required. The group, which serves to recognize scholarship in the field of journalism, was headed by David Cook, president. r FALL INITIATES Vicki Ann Bachus Mary Laurel Bass James Robert Bedwell John F. Brecheisen Jimmie Brewer Patli Bruce George Leonard Burns Robert Bussey Bette Barler Calk Andrew Nelson Clancey Nancy Dawson Dittmar Susan Jane Dittmar Wallace James Dominey Paul Roscoe Ellis Thomas Edward Ellis William Vance Ester William Wade Fowler Molly Jane Gardner David O. Gillory Pamela R. Goodstein Robert M. Goodwin Elizabeth G. Graham Gary Walton Greif William Briley Greif Michael David Hayes Merrill C. Hiscock Pamela Ann Jordy Linda Donnell Nauert Robert Joseph Neff Deborah Sue Nesloney Amy Ng Kimmey Kay Norris Bruce Jack Pace Steven G. Paulsgrove Leonard A. Peterson Marsha Ruth Peterson Sondra Gail Powers Gabriella S. Rappaport Robert M. Robinson Margaret Louise Rowe Sally Patricia Shea John Scott Simpson Richard Lee Simpson Celia Anne Skrivanek Sarah Ann Snell Steven Eugene Thompson Michael Dan Walker Steve V. Ward Sandra L. Welch Ann Hanna Werner Karen Elaine White Marc Conen Wood Paul Stephen Worrell Katherine Lea Yturri SPRING INITIATES Jolie Sherill Brams Anna Clare Buie Richard L. Glazer Garland E. Greenawalt Alfredo Claudio Gueler Thomas Hill Hooks JayG. Hull Sheryl Ann Kelly Eric Collins Kuntz Lynne Rae Levit Pierre Maurice Malek Paul Alan Marcus Kenneth James McQuade Mary Fay O ' Brien George W. Pulliam Stephen Schneberger Mary Theresa Seger Robert Mark Seidel Genie Shyu Melissa L, Stallones Henry T. Steely Lance Elliot Wilcox Psychology undergraduates who exhibit high scholastic achievement are eligible for admission to Psi Chi. Members must have a 3.0 GPA, with a 3.5 average in all psychology courses. In an effort to promote better understanding between students, faculty and the professional com- munity, the organization sponsored seminars and panel discussions dealing with contemporary psy- chological issues. The group published the first edi- tion of a course reference book. Officers were Sol Reifer, president and David Gil- lory, vice president. psi chi honorary psychology society 309 omicron nu home economics honor society FALL INITIATES Cathy Ruth Ashbrook Diana Lee Bachus Janet Richardson Black Jennifer L. Burrows Lou Ann Green Clements Carol Kelly Coleman Donnie Lou Dudgeon Elizabeth Ann Edgar Kathleen E. Farley Susan E. Folk Deborah Kay Forrest Esther Elaine Foy Betty Genice Helton Jane Ellen Hitt Suzanna Shelton Hoyler Melanie Lynn Johnson Patsy Ruth Jones Colleen Marie Lowery Khedhoudj Megateli Stephanie V. Mory Jacqueline B. Myers Wynne Alison Pauly Cynthia Gayle Peterson Kathleen S. Richter Nancy Jane Richter Joan Elynn Sheldon Pamela Anne Sibley Martha S. Smith Sandra Sawyer Smithwick Kristy Kay St. Pierre Marsha Sue Waters MEMBERS Susan C. Arnoldy Janet Louise Chapman Nancy Jean Cleaveland Suzanne E. Drace Karen Louise Farabee Karen Rains Hardison Sharon Lee Hill Linda Louise Lehrmann Cherly D. Lingamfelter Mary DuBois McKay Sandra Kay Mills Catherine L. Pressler Susan Ratcliff Janie King Sieberg Nancy Jane Slacke Peggy Mueller Tarlton Debra Lynne Thompson Jane Marie Watz Terry H. Williams Kay Ann Wyatt r SPRING INITIATES Barbara J. Allen Diane Louise Allred Jo Ann Anderson Pamela Winston Bodzy Sandra Lee Bunge Leisa Fearing Bunton Lana Sue Cain Cynthia Lachelle Carlson Jane K. Carter Tracee Ann Chenoweth Kathleen T. Cloudt Janna Denice Davis Sherilee D. Davis Leslie N. C. Farnsworth Nancy Lynne Fuller Vicki Gale Hall Cheryl Dedear Harrison Burgess Coleen Heslep Claudia Cole Hirst Donna Bonita Hodges Kathryn Sue Huebner Susan Benke Kaiser Karen K. Kennedy Ann Kilby Paula Ruth Krizov Jane Letitia Lambdin Rosemary Iliya Loftin Alice Grey Lynch Barbara Lynn McGinney Deborah Jean Morris Tommie S. Pendleton Josette H. Rabun Gayle Annette Richey Linda Karen Rogers Janna Kay Russell Barbara R. Rylander Deborah Jean Sandidge JaneSpellman Nancy Carol Stanley Verna Jean Sykes Patricia Kay Truax Marlene K. Wunderlich Judy Yeary Outstanding scholastic achievement in the field of home economics is a qualification for membership in Omicron Nu. Members are required to have a 3.2 grade point average and must be voted into the organization by current members. Initiation takes place each spring and fall semester. The organization tries to promote graduate study and research in the area of home economics. Officers were Debra Thompson, president; Jean Tarlton, vice president; Susan Arnoldy, treasurer; Sharon Hill, secretary and Terry Williams, editor. ON SPRING INITIATES Marianne Albert Elizabeth K. Alspach Susan Anne Bunn Madelene C. Capelle Anna Comer Sandra Fran Cornell Elizabeth Crowley Cecilia D. Dickerson Beverly Ruth Doiron Gloria Jeane Evans Marilynn E. Evans Martha Elaine Fears Deirdre Zoe Fotescu Florence Fay Gassier Susan Dianne Graham Nancy Elizabeth Guenzel Karolynn Kadera Jeanette Edith Krai Celinda Hallbauer Messer Judith Rae Ney Karen Deborah Nichols Maida Diane Papanek Luisa Clare Reed Penny Jean Rogers Catherine R. Shoenfelt Mary McCord Sullivan Denise Lanell Turmel Elizabeth Kaye Tynan Paulette S. Wallendorf Elizabeth Nan Windham MEMBERS Nannette Avant Caryn Denise Bothwell Alana Brisbin Patricia Ann Casserly Carolyn Lee Cherry Bernice Cortez Artie Ann Fielder Diane Gorzycki Deborah Dale Graham Jean Howell Mary Elizabeth James Lynn Marie Kennedy Ann Angela Kostas Sarah Carroll McBurnett Linda Kay McCall Cynthia Gail McDowell Marilyn Anne McMahon Patti Charmayne Moody Katherine J. Parker Laura Anderson Popper Lindsay E. Rentfro Judith Ann Schlechte Cheryl Spohnheimer Margaret Ann Sprinkle Deborah K. Strain Kathleen Childers Thomas Nancy Carol Thompson Faculty recommendation and excellence in schol- arship and musical ability are necessary for mem- bership in Sigma Alpha lota, an honorary organiza- tion for students working towards a degree in music. Service projects included copying music for the par- tially sighted and helping with music therapy at the Austin State School. Officers were Patricia Ann Casserly, president; Laura Popper, vice president; Kathy Parker, chap- lain; Judith Schlechte, treasurer; Carolyn Cherry, recording secretary and Debbi Strain, correspond- ing secretary. sigma alpha iota women ' s music honorary society IAI 311 alpha epsilon delta pre-med honor society Manning a campus Cancermobile and aiding in the University Blood Drive were only two of the activ- ities of Alpha Epsilon Delta. Speakers from a variety of medical fields were presented each month, along with a seminar on health related fields. Membership is limited to pre-med and pre-dental students who have completed a minimum of 45 hourswithaS.OGPA. Officers were Murray Cohen, president; Chris But- schek, vice president; Peter Skarbovick, treasurer; Alanna Silverstein, secretary and Lee Taylor, histo- rian. FALL INITIATES Evelyn C. Altinger Steven Chaim Caplan Matthew W. Clarke James Eeds Crazier John Andrus DePasse John Randall Goodwin Roberts. Hamilton Donald Holcomb Wendy Bay Kang Chester Henry Klunich Esta Lynn Kronberg Gerald Louis Mancebo Darrell James Moore Lawrence William Price Leslie B. Ricks Gayle Anne Rothenberg John Scott Simpson Douglas J. Thompson SPRING INITIATES Austin Glenn Bailey Timmie Baird Charles Allen Bashour Styles Leslie Bertrand Bonnie Esther Bobo David Ford Butler Harvey D, Campbell Joseph W. Cenac Richard Chi-Wing Chan Don John Crow Cham Edwards Dallas William Vance Esler Clark Dale Gaddy Mark Joel Gipson Beverly Elaine Hammond James Philip Hutton David Alan Kleiman Littord Lee Lancaster James Ronald Landers Grover Milton Lawlis George Frederick Leatherman Cynthia Jeanne Lee Charles J. Lohrmann Cathy Rae Lowder Michael Dirksen Lumpkin Deidre Diane Lyons Linda Gale Martin Connie Jean Nicholson John Forrest Oliver Robert Louis Panzarella Irving David Prengler Lesa Janine Raschke Daniel B. Robertson William W. Robison Michael J. Romanko Harry Eugene Sarles Michael Charles Smith Wade Kent Smith James William Thomas Richard Lee Wallner John Michael Zimburean MEMBERS Gregory Mark Abrams Larry P. Alexander Brad Eugene Alpert James Elwood Baker Rex Gavin Baker Greydon Gordon Baldwin Louis Edrington Barnett Stephen Craig Beasley Bradley Irwin Beckman Donald F. Benton William Trickey Biel David Russell Brear Charles C. Brookshire Laura Frances Bunn John Charles Burnside Chris Matthew Butschek Frank William Byerley William B. Carswell Julie Ann Chapman Gary Stephen Chudleigh Charles Thomas Clayton Rosemary E. Coffman Christina Friar Cohen Murray Lee Cohen Sydney Reese Coleman Robert Franklin Cowgill Michael Albert Crist W. A. Crow Mark Edward Daniels Deborah Kay Denney Robert Michael Domke Mary Elizabeth Edgerton Steven Roland Epstein Keith William Fairchild Dan Fertel George R. Fournier Robert L. Frachtman Kathryn Louise Frazier Michael L. Friedberg Elizabeth M. Garcia Jonas Garcia Kennon Marshall Garrett Glenna Beth Gartman Shameem K. Ghauri James Board Giles Richard Alan Goldfarb Anna Maria Gomez Mark Jesse Gottesman David Paul Graf Paul Albert Graf Imelda Celine Guerra Lynn Katheryn Hammond Milford Douglas Harris Kala Janette Harvey Michael David Hayes Steuart Lawrence Heaton Alan E. Heilman Harvey James Heller Gregory E. Herbeck Jo Ann Hill Stephen Thorsheim Hougen Mark Steven Jacobs Daniel Joseph James Patrick Earl Johnson David Ray Jones Michael Craig Jones James Stephen Keyser Steven Marcus Kiger Eric Collins Kuntz Lome Sheldon Label Mark Rice Laussade Steven Young Lee Philip Lloyd Leggett Jay Ellis Levy Edward C. Liu Robert D. Londeree Roy John Lott Lucy Carole Love James Alan Loyd James Louis Lukefahr Donald Phillip Luna Daniel James Martinez Colleen McClellen Debra Ann McDonald Stanley Joe McNeme Melinda Lou Mingus James Paul Montgomery Barbara Carol Mudd Charles William Murphy Gail Josephine Naymola D. Beth Nelson David Landei Nichols John David Norman Charles Richard O ' Bannon Elise ArlineOlsen Joseph S. Orlando Fitzhugh Curler Pannill George Howard Pazdral Jon Lee Peterson Bruce Allen Phillips Joseph Theodore Phillips Brian Randolph Picket! William Marshall Ramsdell Arthur Edward Reinhardt Charles Patrick Reynolds Stephen Michael Roberts Randy Layne Rosett Robert Jay Rubin Marion Sam Scamardo Harry Edward Schilling John Allen Schmidt Stephen Schneberger Peter Dennis Scholl Paul Schumann Robert Mark Seidel Charles Thomas Sewell Alanna Marcia Silverstein Peter Jens Skarbovick Ellen Albright Smith Jo Ann Smith Raymond Lee Sommer Wesley Warren Stafford Charles Edward Stewart Louis Alan Stool John Allan Stranford Josephine Stripling Gary Bennett Strong Susan L. Sumners Daniel Kent Townsley Rudolf Tschoerner Lee Alan Taylor Brenda Lee Towell Milton Drew Walters Susan Patrice Weiner Vanessa Lynn Werlla David Lee Whitt John Carl Womble Margie Eva Zalesak AFFILIATES George Nathan Bauer Cynthia Kay Binion Charles H. Fischer Michael E. Frachtman Joel Parker Laughlin Mary Anna Payne Teresa Gladys Walsh edited by claire charlton and John genge CQ CD greeKs-313 greeks a community of individuals The stereotyped image of the " model " Greek from the ' 50 ' s is no longer applicable. Basically, the fraternity-sorority system creates the frame- work in which individuals can work with each other. Common interests which draw diversified students together to create the Greek system makes categorizing impossible. After a round of formal and informal parties, a rushee decides which fraternity or sorority to join. As he becomes a full-fledged member, the initiate assumes the responsibility of defending the sys- tem and upholding its traditions. The many faces of Greek life Derby Day events in November included a sorority tug of war. 314 greeks These traditions included Derby Day, an event held each fall which pitted sorority women against each other in contests of skill which ranged from climbing a greased pole in a mud pit to the tradi- tional tug of war. Round-Up, a week of drinking and partying in the name of charity, also served as one of the focal points of the Greek year. The city ' s plan to turn Rio Grande and Nueces into major one way traffic arteries and the threat- ened destruction of many of the historic older homes in the west University neighborhood also became an issue of Greek concern. The plan, which would destroy many fraternity and sorority houses, was finally stopped through the effo rts of the Save University Neighborhoods group (SUN). Greeks, as well as other area residents, contrib- uted both time and effort to insure that the identity of the neighborhood would be preserved. In another area of community involvement, Greek organizations, both independently and in cooperation with other groups, actively supported projects such as blood drives, March of Dimes " hold-ups " and other philanthropic activities. Greeks also made their voices heard on the campus political scene through the election of Frank Fleming and Bill Parrish as President and Vice President of Student Government for 1 974- 75. The election marked the first time since 1966 that Greeks had held both of the top spots. The campus atmosphere of the seventies has created an environment where people are becoming less concerned with labels and more concerned with individuals. Though it retains many of the exterior trappings of past years, the Greek system has changed with the times and can claim a place in the University community. One of the first streakers of the season livened up the Theta Kite Flight. greeks 315 it ' s not all beer and pizza Blood drives united both Greeks and independents in a common cause. 316 greeks Fraternal congratulations express the joy of winning. The old Kappa Sigma house fell to progress. greeks 317 Round-Up has been defined by some as simply a legacy of Greek rule af the University, while to others it is a reflection of many diversified inter- ests. Whatever the attitude, Round-Up provides an opportunity for dancing, drinking and having a good time with friends. The event replaced the Varsity Circus in 1931 but a decline in interest brought festivities to a halt in 1959. After several attempts at rejuvenation, Round-Up again became a tradition in 1 972 as an Interfraternity Council-sponsored spring event. Highlights of the 1974 Round-Up week included street parlies, a Saturday parade down Congress Ave., a charity carnival and the Texas Cowboy barbecue. The 33-hour Silver Spur Dance Marathon raised $28,000 for the March of Dimes. The event included the announcement of LAP Foster as the 1 974 University Sweetheart. To those outside of the Greek culture at the University, Round-Up probably went unnoticed. However, to those who participated, it served as an opportunity to painlessly contribute to a worth- while charity or at least, an excuse to raise hell. round-up 318 greeks Tri-Delts and Betas captured first place in the traditional Round-Up parade. greeks 319 " Sure the Greeks have a better campus image, but they ' ve worked for it. The Greek system has changed with the times. Whereas in the forties men had to try to sell themselves to the fraternity, now it is the other way around. Fraternities have to convince freshmen that Greek life is worth- while. As a result, pledgeship has been shortened and hazing is definitely on the decline. " IFC has also changed. In the past it acted as a watchdog over the individual fraternities, but now our function is to conduct rush and produce Round-Up. We ran into a lot of trouble with Round-Up last year when the University said we could not use the West Mall for our carnival site. On short notice and with our own $800 budget, we ran Round-Up independently of the University. " One irony of the situation was that many peo- ple hold the concept of Greeks as a cliquish group who would rather be segregated from the rest of the University, but in this case the Univer- sity isolated us from campus. " Some changes, however, have not been for the best. With the decriminalization of marijuana its use in fraternities has probably increased. IFC has an agreement with Panhellenic that pot is prohibited at match parties, but aside from that, the houses are not under our jurisdiction. " Another problem is the lack of minority partici- pation in the Greek system. There are black fra- ternities, but they really don ' t take part in IFC functions. I ' m afraid that they still feel pretty much left out. Admitting minority members into estab- lished white fraternities, is still a long way off, for no other reason, than that of alum dissent. " Within the framework of change there is a constant in the Greek system. As long as the need for group identity and a family away from home exists, fraternities will continue to prosper. " President, IFC Ben Albritton, KA Tony Ambrosetli, 01 Doug Bogart. IX Chad Cable. K Paul Clark. ZAE Wayne Curtis. IE Joel Denbo, TA Mike Doherty, KZ Bruce Florsheim. ZAM Neil Goldberg, ZBT Lee Grace. PIKA Ban Green, ZN Mike Hanson. ATA Wayne Henington, 01 Bill Hicks, ZE Kevin Hodges. KA Clark Hoffman. AY Ronnie Holman, B0n Jackson Hooper, 5 rA Bob Johnston. AZO Rob Kerr, A0 Justin Kesler, ZK Ed Knight. ACACIA Trey Lander, ATO Richard Leshin, AEn Kevin McConn, KZ Rob McKinley, ATO Art Mowad, AZ Bill Parrish, KA Denny Pattillo, ZN David Pohl, ZAE Danny Renner, ATA MikeRoosth. TA Bill Ross, ZBT Fritz Shudde, rA Donny Smith, B0H Dick Stoneburner, ZX Jim Suggs. ACACIA James Teaver, (PKU Ronnie Turboff. ZBT Bob Turner, ZBT James Weiss, AEn Bill West. ZN Ben Woodward, HKA Bobby Wright. AY interfraternity council 320 ilc panhellenic Susan Arnoldy, AAn Kalhryn Bandy, KKF Jan Boynton, AXQ Becky Brickman AE Shirley Buchanan, Ar Karen Burris, FB Louise Campedonico, AIA Mary Catherine Cook, KKF Cathy Cruce, A t Dana Davis. A$ Sharon Ellis. KAG Ruth Foster, AAn Jeane Furgason. ZTA Mary Golder, AZ Carol Hobbs. AZ Deborah Jackson. AKA Candy Kerr, flB Cassandra Lee. AZ0 Carol Mathis. AAA Cathy Matusoft. AE Ethelene McCullough. AKA Mary McElroy, FIB Francine Nussenblatt, IAT Janet Onion, Ar Kristi Palm. KAG Debbie Preston, AXQ Phyllis Roddie. AAA Paula Schwartz. ZAT Sue Stanberry. ZTA Nancy Suggs. AIA Betty Thomas. FOB Shirley Wells. AZ0 Joy Willelord. XQ " Several years ago interest in sorority member- ship at the University was on the decline, but for the last two years we have shown an increase. The people who have anti-sorority feelings seem to be less vocal today. A girl may come to college with her mind made up not to join a sorority. How- ever, after she is on the campus awhile and sees that the average sorority girl does not fit the image created by the critics of the Greeks, she becomes interested in membership. " One change I ' ve noticed since I first pledged is that you don ' t have to be afraid of admitting you ' re a Greek. I wouldn ' t even tell a professor I was in a sorority my freshman year, but feelings now have changed. Greeks don ' t have a set image; individuality is coming back. More Greeks are taking an active hand in campus activities. We aren ' t afraid of speaking out any more. " One political cause many Greeks have taken up is the Save University Neighborhoods (SUN). They don ' t want a major traffic thoroughfare run- ning through the West University community. Many fraternities and sororities stand to lose some of their property to the city. " One issue which doesn ' t seem to be making much headway with sororities is the racial reli- gious issue. We still have all black, all white, and all Jewish sororities, and the sororities seem to want to keep it this way. Membership recruitment is left to each individual sorority. I think it will be a while yet before we see any changes in this area. " Sororities are more than non-Greeks might imagine. Through individual and group efforts, they are working to better relations in the commu- nity through philanthropic projects and commu- nity service. The University is so big that each person needs a place to go or belong. The Greek system fills this need. " President, Panhellenic Council panhellenic 321 acacia Brad Adams Bill Allen Donny Allen Ken Allen David Balderach Bill Bales Steve Beasley George Berry Stuart Bradford Rick Breidenbach Lance Bruun Steve Burke Armin Cantini Bill Carroll George Castillon Gary Close Frank Cole John Cole Bert Conly Rich Cope Tom Drobyski David Dunlap David Dwyer Wayne Ekstrom Sam French Trey Gainer Rodney Gamble Greg Gardiner Rene Garza Chuck Giffin Tommy Goodrich David Groos Brad Hall Greg Hanson John Hart Steve Hart Jim Heit Jim Holloway Jamie Holtzman Kelley Howard Bryan Kirbo Ed Knight Lee Lancaster Buddy Langholz Terry Lesch George Markus Randy Martin Larry May Fall Chip Mealy President . Jim Suggs JVJce President Gary Close Pledge Train Jamie Holtzman Rush Captaii Rick Ray Treasurer Spring Jim Suggs Armin Cantini Mike Nabors Steve Young . Brian Stoker 122 acacia Chip Mealy Bob Meroney George Montague Mike Nabors Henri Oliver Bill Peper John Peper John Plummer Louis Posgate David Prude n Pal Quinn Rick Ray John Reicherl Rick Rhodes Frank Russo Joe Russo Jim Ryan Revere St. John Steve Sawyer Franklyn Schaefer Mike Shapiro Chris Smith T. Frank Smith Steve Sockler Jerry Stanley Glenn Slayer Brian Stoker Kevin Stuckey Jim Suggs Greg Trimarchi Dennis Villarreal Jay Waddell Paul Wiegand Bobby Williams Dan Williams Ronnie Williams Mark Williamson Steve Young acacia 323 alpha chi omega Christy Achor Lu Akin Kim Arnone Marsha Ashley Molly Ashman Fran Averill Nancy Baer Jackie Barnett Jan Baucum Alison Beach Marsha Beasley Debbie Beckett Penny Blake Jackie Boorman Jan Boynton Patsy Box Nina Brainin Deborah Brinkley Zan Brookshire Cindy Bullock Diane Burke Missy Carr Janice Caussey 324 AXO Gayle Cervenka Cricket Clark Beverly Col fey Betsy Cook Louise Crapitto Cindy Croslin Carolyn Curran Debbie Daniel Jenny Del Papa Jana Denman Deborah DeStefano Marsha Doud Becky DuOin Susan Elliot Janice Evans Terri Fane Mary Ford Martha Gaddis Jane Garner Susie Goodman Nancy Gracey Amy Greaves Karen Greer Patti Gregory Fall Libbye Larson . . Debbie Landrum Cathy Loden Chris Wiseman Amy Greaves TIL . Vice President . . . Treasurer Pledge Trainer . Spring . .Amy Greaves Judy Hale . Marsha Ashley . Jackie Barnett . Jan Watson Judy Hale Ann Haunschild Leslie Heller Sally Hite Tex Ann Horvath Carolyn Hubner Nedra Hutchinson Susie Jenkins Susan Jistel Pam Josephson Janet Kelly Kim Kelly Debi Knapp Kathy Knowles Debbie Landrum Terry Landry Jamie Langley Rees Langston Libbye Larson Linda Lee Betsy Lemond Nora Ling Cathy Lischka Sue Lister Kathy Loden Lynn Lucas Cheri McCullough Cynthia McCullough Mary Alice McLean Claire Mezzetti Julie Miller Mary Mitchell Leanne Moore Nancy Moore Mary Murtaugh Charlotte Neitzel Man ana Newberry Lea Ann Niblett Kerry O ' Donnell Beverly Paine Linda Parker Kay Pavlic Joan Paxson Trudy Pearce Terrie Pierce Pam Pierre Dianne Pike Anita Pollard Debbie Preston Lesa Raschke Carol Reynolds Lisa Robb Debby Ross D ' Ann Ruhmann Susan San ders Vicki Schnitzius Debbie Schroeder Lorie Skopmski Jennifer Slack Kay Smith Toni Smith Marilyn Smothers Nancy Stouffer Cindy Taylor Lisa Taylor Ginny Temple Mary Jayne Turbeville Janet Usher Angy Volterra Vicki Wagner Jan Watson Joy Watson Peggy Wehmeyer Shelley White Marti Whiteside Kristan Wiegand Cheryl Wiley Chris Wiseman Betsy Womble Jazen Wood Marilyn Worley AXQ 325 Regie Anderson Susan Arnoldy DeeDee Blankenbaker Beth Ann Boatright Susan Bowden Marcia Bruder Dawn Bruner Liz Burke Linda Burnside Sandy Byrne Calhy Carlton Penny Carter Gina Chancellor Claire Charlton Barbara Cheal Betsy Childs Susan Christian Elizabeth Combs Karen Crow Dianne Cumbie Debbie Curry Kathy Dahlburg Ebby Davis Kathie Dick Diana Dobbins Cheryl Dodd Beth Ebby Elaine Ellison Shayne Farnsworth Barbara Foster Jane Foster Ruth Foster Jeannene Fox Kathy Freeland Kelly Freeland Debbie Fritsche Lane Gallagher Susan Garvey Mary Sue Gehring Georganna Hall Martha Hamill Jane Hartley Janie Head Gail Hearn Shelley Henington Ruthie Henna Cathy Hildebrand Carolyn Hill Janice Hill Laura Hill Sharon Hill Terry Holditch Julie Holloman Sue Hubbard Becky Hurley Linda Johns Kathy Johnson Beth Jordan Jan Knape Diane Knebel Karilyn Kober Ellen Koester Jamie Kovich Clair Krizov Paula Krizov Jane Lambdin Alicia Lancaster Sharon Lancaster Margaret Lane Mary Langford Sarajane Lohmann I f L.ff rv 326 AAH I fe Fall Jane Foster . . . Kathy Freeland Cheryl Dodd . . Kathy Terwey . Peggy Wolf . . . Sin Lundstedt Nancy Marler Nancy Martin Susan Mayer Wendy Mayfield Susan McCulley Frank McEvoy Linda Merlz Jerie Messer Pam Millikan Becky Moore Connie Moore Diane Moore Kalhy Morgan Cindy Morrow Leslee Murray Nan Needham Karla Norton Mary Ann Oakley Jane Oliver Lisa Olsen Jayne Osborn Lisa Oyen Beth Pace Prissy Polchmski Peggy Poling Mary K Pratt Melinda Pratt Mary Ann Pritchard Beth Rademacher Lyn Ramsey Terry Reeder Rebecca Reynolds Annette Richey Marilyn Rickman Pam Roche Margaret Salter Karon Schrank Sarah Scott Rebecca Shumate Cindy Slankard Susan Smallwood Kim Smith Susan Soward Debbie Spangler Lynn Stanley Marilyn Stanley Holly Stewart Sharla Stiles Denise Stowell Janice Stuckerl Nancy Teinert Patti Terry Emily Terwey Kathryn Terwey Beth Thompson Beverly Thompson Bobbie Thompson Mary Vance Tolson Pam Trout Karen Utesch Nancy Vance Caroline Wall Ceci Wallace Lezlie Weber Mimi Whaley Susan Whaley Cathy White Denise White Karla White Sally White Toni White Vicki White Bobbye Williams Carolee Winans Peggy Wolf Terri Woomer Cherry Woolen Paula Wyman Jan Yarbrough Sandy Zimmerman Spring Beverly Thompson Vice President Toni White . Pledge Trainer Alicia Lancaster . Rush Captain Peggy Poling Peggy Wolf alpha delta P " 327 alpha epsilon phi Nancy Alter Vickie Bachus Lauren Becker Joy Berger Melinda Berger Sheryl Berger Hindi Bergmann Ann Biderman Eileen Bisno Sue Bornstein Sondra Breit Shari Brenner Becky Brickman Elaine Caplan Phyllis Charles Helen Chawkm Susan Churney Lori Cobbel Fonda Davis Dee Dee Docnen Carolyn Dover Cynthia Edelman Maralyn Epstein Toni Feiger Carol Femberg Bebe Ford Linda Forrest Adrienne Fox Amy Gamsburgh Pamela Goldfarb Marcia Gottesman Joan Gottlieb Elena Greenberg Judith Greenberg Shelly Greenman Abby Hechtman Judy Hersh Wendy Hoffer Alyce Hoffman Nancy Hudson Anne Hurst Janet Intrater Jill Jacobson Julia Joseph Shern Kamen Janna Kamins Shelly Kanter Marilyn Kessler Joyce Klein Laurie Koch Laurie Kriger Pearlynne Krumholz Lecia Leben Susan Levey Susan Levin Leslie Levine Fall Susie Churney Sherri Kamen . Cheryl Toubin . Melissa Weiner Leslie Sussan . , . Vice President . . Pledge Trainer . Rush Captain Treasurer . Spring Melissa Weiner Sondra Breit Randa Lipman Fondra Davis Wendy Hoffer 328 AE Sondra Lipkin Randa LJpman Jeniece Lipsky Barbara Marcus Cathy Matusoff Cathy Mehl Gloria Miller Pearl Mincberg Sara Nathan Naomi Nedetl Leslye Oksner Laurie Pink Amy Raphael Vicky Raynold Helaine Reader Patricia Ribnik Mindy Roberts Mindy Robinson Andrea Rosen Debra Rosenberg Joanie Rubin Cathy Schechter Shelly Schnurr Phyllis Schwartz Debbie Shushan Linda Smith Debbie Steinberg Judith Sud Leslie Sussan Myra Tobolowsky Cherly Toubin Yvonne Ulert Sara Vine Sandra Weinberger Linda Weiner Melissa Weiner Shelly Wemgarten Helaine Wise Julie Wolf Terry Zlotnik AE 329 Fall Donny Greenspan . Rick Leshin Willy Spizman .... Jim Weiss MikeZnilek . . . President 3 PrK?ir1t=tnt Spring Willy Spizman . Vice President Mike Znilek . Pledge Trainer Steve Cohen . Rush Capt8 B? Jim Weiss . Treasurer. ... . .Jeff Schiller Marshall Argovitz Joel Berry Michael Blotner Michael Blum Joseph Cukier Steven Denn Richard Eisner Dan Fertel Mark Finkelstem David Fisher Marc Freedman Mitchell Gidseg Chuck Green Donald Greenspan Red Goldstein Joel Hertz Myron Hoftman Paul Hottman Michael Hopkovitz Richard Leshin Mark Kogut Steven Kogut Mickey Radoft Thomas Rice Alan Rosenthal Aaron Rubin Bill Rubinsky Larry Rutt Jellrey Schiller Richard Shampain ' alpha epsilon pi 330 AEH Simon Wider Robert Wizig Michael Znilek Lawrence Srlverman Willy Spizman Herbert Weiss James Weiss AEH 331 Fall Linda Rutherford Melody Kelly Jacquelyn Edwards Sherilyn Haller Ethelene McCullough Vice President Pledge Trainer Rush Captain . Spring Melody Kelly Shelia Renfro Jacquelyn Edwards Sherilyn Haller thelene McCullough 332 AKA alpha kappa alpha Bobbie Fowler Ercetl Holmes Pat Johnson Sandra Johnson Melody Kelly Ethelene McCullough Laverie McDonald Deborah McNeal Pamela Miller Shelia Renfro Linda Rutherford Audrey Spears AKA 333 Lynne Anne Baggett Betty Bailey Nancy Balser Teresa Bond Denise Bothwell Linda Burt Debbie Bussey Susan Butler Penny Campbell Cathey Chapman Cheri Chapman Kathy Cloudt Katie Cowser Carol Crockard Cathy Cruce Olivia Daigh Dana Davis Pamela Dempsey Robin Douglas Diane Drury Donna Duke Donna Dunlop Sally Eads Kathy Eardley Karen Evans Jeannine Farmer Jane Fekete Lisa Frantz Cathy Garvey Helen Marie Garvey Denise Gieryn Cassie Goyne Lisa Haggard Margie Harris Marie Hendrix Lynne Hicks Alice Hinds Mari Hinds Ann Holloway Lora Hunt Karen Hurst Elizabeth Hutchins Debbie Jameson Gayle Johnson Sue Johnston alpha phi J jj r- %. ? Amanda Jones Ann Junkin Rebecca Knight Cheryl Lester Candy Lewis Nancy Maclin Anne Maddox Robbie Magliolo Marian McDowell Patti McGee Melissa Mealer Candace Mitchell Debbie Montgomery Mary Kay Morgan Ruth Moser Jo Ann Muir Carol Neil I Tricia Nelson Nancy Newell Carla Noack Nancy Noack Sharon O ' Connor Diane Onak Patrea Pabst Becky Pettus Patrice Pitrucha Luan Player Charlotte Plemmons Scott Pruter Sarah Ramey Mona Raley Lindsay Rentfro Elizabeth Riggs Shelby Robinson Linda Royall Lisa Sawyer Jean Schaff Saundra Schnitman Becky Stell Sharon Stone Suzie Swanson Janice Taylor Jeanette Thomas Laura Thomas Caren Troutman Susan Vingoe Melinda Wall Mary Washburn Cocinne Watkins Paula Watson Becky Werkenthin Catherine Wersterfer Jenny White Jo White Janet Wier Beth Willard ' A Fall Cathy Garvey Cathy Cruce .1? Vice President. lyl Becky Pettus Pledge Trains Jeannine Farmer Rush Captain . . . .VTi. Treasurer . . Linda Royall Spring . .Candi Mitchell . . . Linda Royall . . . . JoAnn Muir . . Margie Harris . . . . Olivia Daigh A 335 336 t Fall Albert Hawkins Don McNeil Robert Haller Spring Albert Hawkins Don McNeil Robert Haller Ronald Brown John Daniels Michael Glaspie Jake Green Albert Hawkins Clemis Jackson Terry Jackson Felix Malone Donald McNeal Woodrow Miller Ray Spears Kenneth Strickland Kenneth Williams Walter Winston Rodney Witcher alpha phi alpha AA 337 Fall Tom Ball Trey Lander . . Randy Brlansky Bubba Coussou Will Williams Spring . . . President Tom Ball . Vice President Trey Lander . Pledge Trainer Randy Brlansky . Rush Captain Bubba Coussou .Will Williams V Mike Alexander Charlie Atchison Thomas Atwell Richard Baggett Brownie Baker Rex Baker Tom Ball Todd Ballantyne Jim Blake Myron Blalock Darrell Bock Allen Borden Chris Brand! David Brandl Randy Brlansky Scott Broughton Ted Brown Larry Carolla L. G. Clinton Fielding Cocke Mel Cody Michael Cole Mike Connelly Harry Coussou Gene Cunningham Scott Currie Stephen Decker Trey Denman Mark Dinges Robert Donnell Doug Dwyer Monte English Blake Erwin Clay Esmond JackFinkelstein Joseph Franz Jerry Frey Tony Gatti Jim Gideon James Gill Brent Haggard Tolar Hamblen Bill Hamilton Chris Harness Alan Heilman Kevin Henry David Hermonat Trey Hoffman Ronny Home Pete Hudgins Hap Hunnicutt Tom Hunt Robert Imber Jim Janke Raymond Janss Chris Jones Blake Kuhlman John Kuhlman Trey Lander Michael Leonard Richard Lucas John McCutchen Rob McKinley V I 333 _ ATO alpha tau omega Thomas Meador George Morris Guy Northington David Owen Michael Owsley Gary Pearce Tom Peckinpaugh Robert Peerman John Perry Kirk Pfeffer Ted Pound Mike Puccio Rick Renaudin Vernon Rew Don Sample Paris Schindler Andy Schlenker John Suman Mark Sweeney Casey Taub Paul Vita Mac Wade Keith Weaver Will Williams ATO 339 y r P Cherry Arlitt Cindy Arlitt Beth Armstrong Martlu Barnes Jan Barnhill Michele Barr Cheryl Bartnett Kathleen Bartnett Carol Beatty Carolyn Bergin Karen Biggs Terry Blaylock Chris Bowen Suzie Brown Debby Broyhill Carol Bruneman Sharon Burba Lee Ann Burk Louise Campodonico Nora Cashin Sandy Casner Amy Clarke Cathy Clifton Becky Coel Karen Coller Anne Cox Susan Cox Vicki Danford Margaret Davis Cecilia Dickerson Mary Dickerson Lucy Domask Susan Domask Blair Dudley Carol Fiorillo Jennifer Fleming DeirdreFotescu Caran Galloway Debbie Gardner Florence Gassier Carol Gilmore Olivia Goodwin Kim Greene Lynn Hackedorn Mary Haddad Ellen Hansen Robin Hartman Brenda Hefner Susan Huddle Debbie Hughes 340 AIA alpha xi delta Laura-Hill Hughes Linda Isaacks Lyssa Jenkens Jill Johnson Jan Jones Kevyn Jones Lorila Jones Susie Kelly Aida Kennedy Marlene Kortage Treila Krueger Debra Lamb Edie Lamer Louann Laughlin Mary Kay Laughlin Evelyn Ligon Barbara Lindsey Linda Lotl Mary Lou Mauk Mary Helen McFarlane Pam McMichael Leah McNair Melinda Meredith Carol Meyer Louisa Miller Lourdes Montesino Debbie Nichols Elsie Noback Margaret O ' Bannion Janice Oswald Cathy Paape Synsse Parker Patty Pecena Sheree Pillans Merilee Pinter Charlone Plueckhahn Robbie Pomeroy Andrea Purdom Sharon Rainbolt Sue Ann Ray Zelma Rodgers Robin Ross Cathy Schneider Sara Schutze Ann Sebring Susan Shofner Kathy Short Jill Sitterle Jeannie Spangler Kathy Sponberg Margaret Sprinkle Julie Stack Carol Stapper Nancy Stark Nancy Suggs Ann Sweeney Ginny Tarkington Anne Taylor Jenny Tippelt Kathryn Van Sice Debbie Walls Jackie Wanta Elizabeth Watson Mikki Whitley Chen Wier Cindy Williams Cynthia Williams Pat Williams Rachel Winf ree Carol Wyatt Kathy Wylie Cheryl Zaremba Fall Debbie Nichols Pat Williams Mikki Whitley Julie Stack . . Terry Blaylock . Pledge Trainer . . Rush Captain Spring Debbie Nichols Pat Williams . Mikki Whitley Marilu Barnes . Terry Blaylock 341 Jay Baker Mark Barcklow Bill Barnard Charlie Barnard Martin Bernard Jim Bush Miles Buttery Ray Carroll Sam Chase Rick Crosson Bill Crowe Steve Corbin Craig Damuth Stewart Damulh beta theta pi 342 sen John Davis Cooper Dibrell Gabe Folse Page Foshee Richard Freeman Marvin Grant Bill Guild Franklin Hall Bill Helmbrecht Jeff Hill Jim Hokr Ronnie Holman Steve Lipscomb Tom London Bruce Mailey David Marshall Derek Massey Robert McCaflety Rick McGinnis Mitch Mitchell John Morris Mike Newman Bobby Neyland Manny Ortiz David Oxford Fred Phillips Jack Richards Scott Ritchie Malcolm Robertson Mark Roman Ted Sealey Donny Smith David Stanley Mitchell Swope Carl Taylor Bill Transier Johnny Triesch Merrill Wade Burch Waldron Ronald White Fall Cooper Dibrell Preside Stewart Damuth Vice President Ronnie Holman Pledge Trainer Carl Taylor Rush Captain Mitch Mitchell . reasurer . Spring Carl Taylor . Stewart Damuth . Ronnie Holman .Steve Lipscomb . . Mitch Mitchell sen 343 Gait Aitken Susan Alder Mary Jane Allison Dawn Alliston Kathy Ashley Sylvia Sue Bacon Melmda Bailey Blair Baldwin Ann Bates Kim Bennett Anne Boatman Debbie Bogar Barbara Bohman Prissy Bordeaux Betsy Bostick Anne Bowles Eloise Bradley Lisa Brady Nan Brogdon Jennie Brusilow Camille Burlison Cyndy Burney Linda Bussey Bridget! Byrd Carole Campise Catherine Chambers Melody Chapman Barbara Click Judy Coffin Sissy Coffin Caren Copus Peggy Cordell Jodie Corley Sidney Cozby Amanda Dareos Diane Dashiell Lynn Davis Helen Donahue Sue Duncan Laura Epps Wendy Erikson Vicky Estrada Terri Everett Laura Fatter Kim Field Brooks Fitzpalrick Helen Flournoy Lisa Fowler Jan Freitag Sandra Garbade Suzanne Gardemal Carol Garret! Patricia Gates Sue Gibson Deborah Gilpin LorameGipe Betsy Goodman Deborah Goodman Arden Grimes Tina Guerriero Sandra Hall Nancy Ham Kit Hardy Kay Harvey Susan Harwell Deborah Haskovec Patty Hayes Tootie Holt Kristin Holler Linda Beth Huddleston Laura Hutchins Claudia Hutchinson fl $ Lf V Fall Barbara Bohman . Debbie Gilpin .... Suzanne Gardemal Linda Scott Nancy Tribble .... Spring Jennifer Tune Chris Garrett . . Pledge TrainW.rff. Jill Winn . . Push Captain Julie Dryden Karen Hutchinson 4 XQ ni a ! -t t 8 Nora Van den Bosch Vicki Whaley Anne Wheeler Joy Willeford Jill Winn Ann Wisdom chi omega Claudia Jackson Jennifer Jarrell Jamte Jenkins Shan Johnson Nan Jones Rande Jones Mary Catherine Jung Debbie Lawrence Ann Lindsay Lutie Little Lindsey Long Tera Mansker Laura McDonough Mary McGill Peggy McLeland Cathy McLeod Sharon Meyer Laura Miller Ann Moftatt Sherry Morris Laura Nokes Karen Orler Robin Palmer Marion Park Vicki Paul DeePeavy Cindy Powell Taffy Powell Lynell Pyle Corky Quilliam Nancy Ricards Gigi Schaeffer Susie Schaeffer Susie Schram Diane Seidler Pam Shorter Leslie Smith Linda Smith Sheryl Smith Sherry Spivy Sondra Stalcup Mary Stewart Jean Tipton Nancy Tribble Jennifer Tune XO 345 Karen Acker Charlene Alexander Krisline Anderson Susan Anderson Sandy Anthony Sezanne Arlitl Karen Ballard Carol Barnes Ellen Beale Sandra Beck Gayle Bengtson Susan Bigby Punkie Boehme Molly Borden Sally Boss Scarlette Boyktn Becky Braswell Leslie Braun Debbe Brown Jenelle Brown Lezli Brownf ield M ' liss Brownfield Aline Butler Rhonda Campbell Sherri Campbell Shirley Campbell Leanne Carr Lynda Cherry Dardee Chumlea Candy Clark Carol Clayton Carol Clements Laura Clemmons Mary Cook Suzann Cooley Jill Coursey Patt Courtney Candi Cowden Janice Crawford Catherine Crier Linda Cunningham Bunny Dees Missy Donnell Dana Dorbondt Nancy Drake Melissa Eikner Susan Elkins Emilie Erwin Debbie Evans Laura Ewing Mona Ezell Sande Ferguson Ann Finnell Jan Fisher Janet Gaston Ellen Giles Jan Givens Ann Glass Jennifer Hall Libby Hammond Mary Hammond Deborah Hardee Marynn Hardin Candice Hare Maria Harris Tis Harrison Lacey Hassell Chene Haynes Tishy Hays Elizabeth Hearn Cynthia Henneberger Gene Herrin Paige Hichens Lynann Hightower Sue Hines Sandra Holub Joy Howell Pat Jackson Sandy Jeffus Gayla Jennings Linda Jennings v f f-v Ml delta delta delta Fall Martha Mahon T A President . Cynthia Henneberger Vice President Gene Ann Herrin Pledge Trainer Jan Fisher Rush Captain Irene Moody Spring . Nancylee Whitfield Susan Elkins .... Missy Watson . .Shirley Campbell Meg Morris 346 AAA Julia Johnson Connie Keck Kathryn Kilgore Chrissy Knight Brenda Kostohryz Pam Kuhl Cindy Lambert Chrysanthe Lambros Karen Lancaster Julie LaRoche Janet Loe Martha Longwell Martha Mahon Diane Marsh Ann Martin Marilyn Mason Carol Mathis Shen McAlister Paula McMillian Mary Mehos Mary Meletio Kris Mercer Lesa Mitchell Nancy Mitchell Irene Moody Gail Moore Meg Morris Dyann Mullen Diane Nelson Gale Newman Susan Noblitt Kim Nowacek Melissa Owens Joan Parnell Terri Peterson Pamela Poole Bronwyn Purdy Cathy Rain Debra Read Susan Read Becky Reiman Nancy Reithner Kathy Richardson Cindy Roberts Phyllis Roddie Gay Sanders Beverly Seals Candy Segal I Donna Self Susan Senter Debbie Shape Dana Sheets Shelley Shugart Mary Sinclair Carol Smith Pat Smith Jan Spalding Karran Sprain Jana Standefer Lisa Stieren Georgeann Strong Sandra Swan Roseanne Taylor Lisa Temerlin Margaret Thaxton Kathy Trammell Kathi Turner Jill Watson Missy Watson Sue Watson Candy Wells Angie West Nancylee Whitfield Lilea Williams Carolyn Wilson Jerilyn Wilson Susan Wilson Manalice Winters Susan Winters Jill Zapalac ' B j ' - - j ja c a a . ,. l w r U ' ' ' -? ' T Sarah Allison Vicki Appleman Marty Arnold Cheryl Bailey Beverly Barker Loyce Bates Jan Beken Barbara Belcher Carol Bennie Jamie Black Cynthia Borneman Betty Borrett Patricia Briles Christie Brown Susan Brown Carol Bryans Shirley Buchanan Suzanne Bullock Joni Cabaniss Tracee Chenoweth Terri Childers Karen Clapp Jana Collier Becky Con way Sharon Cook Judy Coon Casey Cox Melanie Coyle Debbie Davis Judi Davis Mary Dawson Sarah Decker Kim Diamond Karen Dittman Susan Eaves Ann Eddleman Lisa Emery Kathy Fallon Patty Findley Janis Fortner Susan Fuller Pam Furlow Cathy Gall Julie Gibson Cindy Gilchrist Jeane Gohl Karen Goldsmith Linda Gordon Deborah Graham Martha Gunn Cheryl Hampton Dysle Havens Debra Heil Sue Hildebrant Diane Hoerster I 8 delta gamma 348 ar ttf t Marilyn Holdridge Janet Hunter Linda Ingram Rebecca James Laura Jobe Susie Jones Lee Kaminski Lynn Kaminski Debra Kelly Carol King Kathi Lambert Jennifer Landgraf Susan Lauber Suzan Lauten Jane Lewis Carol Luce Liz Luedemann Deidre Lyons Mary MacKinnon Marilyn Manfull Linda Mayer Donna McCalmont Phyllis McCarty Suzanne McClaskey Molly McDonald Mary McGaha Mindy McGregor Susan McGulfey Pat McKee Suzanne McKee Jan Miller Connie Mills Cheryl Morris Cynthia Morns Glenna Mott Nancy Murray Ann Noland Janet Onion Susan Pohl Patricia Pope Kathy Porterfield Patricia Pratt Nancy Pugsley Donna Ratterree Becky Risch Cindy Robertson Susan Robnett Beth Roessler Sharon Sadler Kay Lee Schieffer Cindy Schubert Betty Schumann Pam Sibley Sharon Sims DeDe Slaydon Cindy Smith Debbie Smith Kimberly Sparks Judy Strader Amanda Swope Patricia Tatum Brenda Taylor Kay Terry Cindy Thomas Judy Thomas Marie Timberlake Patty Timberlake Anne Transou Nancy Voight Vicki Volotko Diane Warren Kim Watkins Vicki Watson Cindy Wehmeyer Nancy Weidt Sharon Wheless Kathleen Whitby Mary Jane Wiley Stephne Willkens Julie Wilson Nelda Wilson Fall Cindy Gilchrist . . . A " N Spring Loyce Bates Judy Coon Vice President Carol Bennie Vicki Watson Pledge Trainer Cindy Robertson Cindy Schubert Rush Captain Kathleen Whitby Laura Jobe Treasurer Jan Hunter jS ' 1 r f ' {DKfK J - Fall James Allbright Bill Acker Rogelio Villarreal Cliff Atwood Keifh Havins Spring P. President . LM James Allbright . . . Vice President Bill Acker . . . Pledge Trainer David Dolan . . Jiush Captain .Jjr? John Hasty . . 7reasurer J,B. Keith Havins Bill Acker Jim Allbright Cliff Atwood Ed Blizzard Jim Branch Jack Brennan Don Chandler David Dolan Randy Fisher Pete Frednksen Russell Hall Wayne Hamilton John Hasty Keith Havins Mike Hayworth Morris Heintschel Larry Jaggars Phill Johnson Rick Johnson Bob Johnston Stan Knox Glenn Leisey Don Long Tom Martin delta sigma phi 35C A Orlando Montesino Art Mowad Bob Norton Dan Ralf Don Robins David Scheihagen John Scrogin Wade Shelton Steve Sumrow Erik Tosh Rogelio Villarreal Mark Whileman AI 351 delta sigma theta Fall Cassandra Lee Glenn Daniels Iva Harris ...... ..... ,. vji-i-T,,- V ,- ' ' Spring Cassandra Lee Glenda Daniels Iva Harris 352 axe letai Gwenlyn Alcorn Karen Brown Karen B union Glenda Daniels Vicki Davis Rosa Earls LaFaye Ellison Edwina Gauntt Grace Golden Iva Harris Lynda Hunt Cassandra Lee Corliss Overlon Debra Patterson Deborah Perkins Brenda Sers Brenda Sibley Deborah Stephens Lois Watson Shirley Wells 353 Fall Spring Zack Burkett FTZ-Presidenl . " 1 Danny Renner Robert Crawley Vice Presided Pat Cook Randy Martin flft. . Pledge Traitor M Robert Johnson Mike Hanson I . jtusri Captaif . I Scott Ingraham Gee Parker l. 4 Treasurer . . J Cleve Clinton Val Aldred Butch Alexander Greg Atlen Mark Allen Don Babel Chris Bean Charlie Bearden Cliff Braly Kevin Brands John Brodnax John Brougher Jimmy Brown Zack Burkett Danny Butler Richard Capps Clive Clinton Pat Cook Robert Crawley C. J- Danna Rocky Delano Hank Dentler Craig Dubow John Ewing Steve Fausset Kevin Forbes Tim Fox Max Garrett Tommy Gamez Jim G leaves Guy Goodwin Chuck Guinn Mark Haltmann Thomas Hamilton Mike Hanson Bryan Harding John Hardin Carlos Hatch Mike Hatch David Hawkins Tom Hendrick Chris Hill Boxy Hornberger William Hyden Scott Ingraham Greg Jensen Robert Johnson Jeff Jones Steve Kanaly Joseph Karol Pat Kelly Rick Kercheval Jack Lala Mike Landon Phil Lehmberg Mark Letsos Andy Macaluso m i: I delta tau delta 354 ATA Kenny Macaluso Mickey Macaluso Mark Majors Kelly McColm Alan McNally James M cNeil Clay McPhail Mack Mercer Mark Metteauer Pal Miles Charles Mitchell Mark Morgan Charlie Nettles Greg O ' Brien Gary Olander Cee Parker John Pearce Guide Piggott John Procter Matt Ramsey Rob Reeb Drew Reid Danny Renner Kirk Shryoc Clark Smith Frank Smith Scott Smith Steven Smith Stephen Storey Randy Strahan Robert Strait Chris Tabor Ed Tinsley Robby Tompkins Bill Wallace Tom Wallace Fred Westmoreland Rick Williams Neal Worley Randy Yeager ATA 355 Leslie Ad kins Marly Akins Tommy Archer Bob Avent Pete Ayo Bruce Beddow Matthew Blair Terree Bowers Richey Boyd Randy Brock Warren Brown Randy Bryant Bill Burtord Pat Casey Rick Clark Richard Cornelius Bill Dalton Dale Daniel Whitey Elder Scott Farmer Andy Fish Bill Goldman Andy Griffin Frank Grossman Duncan Hall John Harris Mike Harris Clark Hotlman Bill Howard Jerry Hugnes Jim Isbell delta upsilon b ' A Mark Jacks Koerlh Karasek Ken Kerr Jim Kirkpatnck Dean Knott Bruce Loggie George Matcek George McCanse Mark McCullough Git McGloin Chris McJunkin Allen McReynolds Charlie Miller John Mills Terry Mitchell Ross Nager Jimmy Niemann Bill Morris Robed Parsons Tom Prentice Ben Riggs Robby Robinson Bob Rowling Ed Sauer David Schoeneman Gene Sellers Mike Skinner Mike Swenson Don Taylor David Ugland Don Vollmer Richard Wallace Brian Walls Steve Walls Lee Waters Jack Welge John Whitehill Craig Wilkins Steve Williams Tony Williams Sam Wisialowski Bobby Wright Fall John Mills ):.._., p Bill Burtord $ Vice President . . . Ken Kerr Pledge Trainer . Ken Kerr Rush Captain . Bill Dalton f$|Nv " Treasurer . Spring Bill Burford . .Craig Wilkins . . . Mark Jacks Robert Parsons . . Bill Dalton AY 357 delta zeta Lissa Alspach Claudia Archer Rhoni Atkinson Debi Baker Connie Bacon Susan Beaver Pam Bornemann Shelley Bowdoin Celita Brock Leslie Brown Sarah Ann Carlisle Edy Carlton Sharon Cashion Shelley Cashion Joanne Clark Linda Cobb Jane Doyle Denise Engels Melinda Evans Margaret Fairleigh Peggy Freeland Susan Gardner Mary Golder Christy Gorin Diane Gorzycki Janet Gregg Debbie Gruss Ann Gustafson Debbie Hahn Kelly Hall Donna Hartley Melony Hempflins Rosemary Hines Carol Hobbs Stephanie Hughes Jamie Javurek Katherine Jordan Cheryl Kail Kay Keils Donna Kemp Vickie Knight Allyson Knoebel Candy Lassere Lynda Lighthouse Kathleen Lutz Susan Markley Chris Marshall Tern Matthew Kerry Mezzetti Karen Miller Sharon Mixon Anna Montemayor Becky Moore Elizabeth Morrison Anne Nolan Glenda Olte Suzan Osborne Susy Priest Laura Ramsey Peigi Schwartz Lory Sed berry Suzanne Shelf el Judy Sisk Debbie Smith Jennifer Stallones Melissa Stallones Sharron Startzman Ann Stembridge Roxanne Trott Joanne Vacek Karen Wahlsten Susan Walker Terry Ware Connie Wendell Marie Werkenthin Patrice Whisenant Vicki Wilson Fall Judy Sisk Peggy Freeland Ann Gustafson Peggy Freeland Debi Baker . Spring Carol Hobbs . Nancy Wareing Melissa Stallones Nancy Wareing Cheryl Kail AZ 359 gamma phi beta Carol Almgren Karen Anderson Linda Anderson Kathleen Bell Margaret Blair Jan Blurton Lucile Boland Laura Brown Debbie Bryan Kathy Burrell Karen Burris Marti Campbell Karrie Capello Nancie Chafin Becky Clarke Paula Copenhaver Chris Dardenne Pat DeFazio Michele Dore Jo Anne Dragon Beverly Dunlap Robin Early Joanna Elkins Lisa Estep Terry Gallagher Dee Ann Gearhart Linda Gladden Janice Graham Marsha Greene Lise Hart Debby Hays Deedee Hays 360 T -fl ' 1 Fall Melinda Milstead Debbie Ingram Jonna Elkins . Paula Copenhaver Virginia Williams Spring . Karrie Capello Lise Hart Maryann McConnell Betty Pruitt Claire Weekley Preside Vice Preside Pledge Trainer Rush Captain . Treasurer Susan Heaps Karen Henk Debbie Ingram Cathy Jax Elaine Johnson Nancy Jordan Juli Keeney Jan Lackey Carol Lamb Janet Larson Melinda Lindsey Olivette Littleton Brenda Lockett Becky Lowry Lorraine Mahaffey Diane Mann Kathleen McClaugherty Regan McClellan Maryann McConnell Markeela McNatt Dana Mechler Patricia Miksovsky Melinda Milstead Becky Mitchell Leah Montgomery Lisa Moore Mary Ann Mulhern Linda Muncey Melinda Myers Courtland Olivet Candy Ord Lisa Osborn Linda Parrott Becky Phillips Page Price Betty Pruitt Edna Ramon Debbie Randerson Barbara Reichert Debbie Reichert Paula Reymann Bernadette Rossi Cathy Rossi Melinda Roye Diane Russell Suzanne Sims Bryant Smith Betty Thomas Carolyn Thomas Mary Ellen Uriegas Melissa Utter Marsha Vanek Jeanette Waltz Catherine Watson Claire Weekley Jan Weekley Cindy Wesch Marsha Wheeler Virginia Williams Denise Wilson Susan Woods Katny Woodward Edie Wootett rB 361 Jim Adams Ben Albritton Roger Baldwin Jim Bayless Robert Bell Slarrett Berry Steve Bird Charles Black Bill Blakely Neil Blakely Lew Brown Ken Burgess Doug Burke Eddy Butler George Carameros Harmon Carswell Jack Cleaveland Biff Coker Ralph Crancer Cash Cunningham Chuck Davis Lance Davis Tommy Delatour Bill Denton Terry Dezonia Danny Dillon Dan Dowdy Trey Dowdy Barney Dreiling John Duban David Ferrell Steve Findley Bill Ford Craig Frednckson Alan Friedman Cardon Gerner Kevin Gill Tom Goman Jack Gorman Jimmy Goudge Billy Grammer Randy Grimes Steve Grimes Karl Hagemeier Steven Hahn Ken Hanks Bill Haynes Hans Helland Kevin Hodges Brian Hoffman Eric Hoffman Jay Holland Hike Jackson John James Bob Jewell Craig Johnson Buzz Jopling Bob Kaminski Pat Kelly Kelly Kinard Rick Kinsey Jim Kirby Les Klein kappa alpha Jt ft I Fall Kevin Hodges . Craig Johnson Eric Hoffman, Bob Jewell, . Jim Strode Steve Hahn . . . Jack Cleaveland Vice President Spring Tom Goman Lew Brown Nick Paul, Jim Lowrey, Luke Madole Ben Albritton Bob O ' Neal 362 KA I . Mark Thomas Rod Thomas Randy Thompson Steve Wiener Trey Wyatl Rick Yerkes Bryan Lewis John Lisenby James Little Logan Loomis Jim Lowrey Luke Madole John Massoth Conway McDonald Moore Murray Mike Neely Nickey Oates Bob O ' Neal Scott Palmer Bill Parnsh Nicky Paul Mack Phillips Gary Pickens Robert Rhea Gerald Richardson Charles Robinson Byron Russell Jim Scarft Tim Selly Bob Shaw Forrest Smith Kent Smith Scott Spears Ted Spears Chad Stephens Michael Steward Stephen Steward Bronson Stocker Blair Stoufter Jim Strode Rpnny Strode Leigh Taliaferro Fall Cynthia Johnson Debra Ploch . . . Adele Taylor . . . Barbara Frank . . Martha Schutts Spring _,. Pam Wilchar ice President Sharon Hurst . Pledge Trainer Chris Holley . Rush Captain Jeanne Ward Kristi Peterson Elaine Adamson Jill Amis Kathryn Anderson Janis Babel Amanda Bariield Kyle Barnhouse Melmda Bartlett Leslie Benitez Anne Black Helen Bogicevic Nancy Broaddus Cindy Broussard Lucy Brownlee Brenda Buaas Alison Butlington Honey Burns Suzanne Burns Barbara Carrington Lisa Clarke Claudia Clinton Kathy Cochran Camille Crews Keni Cunningham Kellene Cutrer Carol Davis Elizabeth Day Helen Day Janie Drought Sharon Ellis Debby Embry Elise Eriksson Janie Feuille Georga Finley Lai Foster Beth Fowler Melmda Fugitt Jeanie Fulton Carol Furr Sally Garrett Linda Goodson Nancy Grace Pam Granot Mandy Hackney Mimi Hackney Ginger Hamblen Marianna Hawley Terry Hennersdorf Nell Herri Kathy Hotlman Kris Holberg Chris Holley Patsy Holotik Catherine Howard Jennifer Huff Sharon Hurst Corinne Irwin Tina Janse Cynthia Johnson Jean Johnson Beth Johnston Sally Kerbow Betsy Kerr Carol Kimmel Martha Lane Julie Langdon Maryanne Leeper Tinker Lenzner Gay Lewis Susan Lewis Laurie Liebes Linda Lloyd Lanie Loiselle Laurie Lupton Andy McClung Diane McClung Mary McFarland Elaine McHard Julie McMullen Sarah McMullen Cami McNealy Marty Mealy Nancy Mize Helen Mohrman Susan Morgan Kay Murphy Martha Neale 364 KA6 Dale Nelson Mary Pat Nelson Nancy Nelson Nancy Nicholson Beth Nitschke Kitty Novak Janie Otto Margaret Otto Kristi Palm Wynne Pauly Jane Perry Kristi Peterson Debra Ploch Kim Ploch Suzanne Redwine Susan Reid Beth Roberts Susan Robertson Susan Robinson Lanie Sauder Martha Shuns Debbie Scott Betty Sellmgsloh Julie Siebel Melinda Smith Melissa Smith Vivian Streit Ann Stuart Susie Tresch Carolyn Tuckey Lesli Underwood Julie Wagner Nancy Wallace Jeanne Ward Jill Watkins Beth Ann Wheat Julia Wheat Pam Wilchar Stephanie Williams Sue Wilshusen Shannon Wilson Linda Wood Jeanne Wootters LynnWysocki Mary Zelsman kappa alpha theta KA0 365 kappa kappa gamma Karis Adam Carol Akers Tweety Albritton Melinda Archer Nan Avant Barb Bailey Lucy Baker Kathryn Bandy Susanne Bartlelt Mimi Bass Bettie Bernhardl Cathy Bertron Melinda Biel Louise Bivins Joan Blatter Kathy Block Martha Block Susan Block Angela Brown Caroline Brown Debby Brown Katharine Brown Suzan Brown Beverly Burns Becky Butler Anne Caesar Margaret Campbell Carol Cline Caroline Cobb Mary Catherine Cook Audrey Craig Linda Crocker Carol Cue nod Beverly Cunningham Mary Cunningham Nancy Cunningham Patty Cunningham Karen Davenport Leslie Davis Katherine Edwards Tricia Ellis Marianne Farnsworth Lynn Fawcett Donna Ferguson Graham Frank Nancy Freeman Gail Frye Becky Gerlach Lisa Germany Robin Gerner Margot Gidel Debra Gillespie Leslie Gose Louise Gose 366 KKF Ginger Grace Holly Greaves Carole Gregory Clayton Gruy Shelia Gunn Mern Hallahan Susie Hamilton Janet Harrell Jenny Harris ima Fall Sharon Watts Kat Larson, Bonner Sewel Joan Winter Barb Wasko . Anne Caesar . Presiden Ice Presid edge Trainer . Spring Sally Tusa . Janie Strauss, Janie Smith Lyn Straus Karol Kirk Becky Butler % 4 m r " Betsy Wroe Mary Helen Yarbrough Beth Young Sissy Zimmerman Tina Henderson Paula Holmes Jennifer Jenkins Kathy Johnson Becky Kemper Birdie Kennedy KK Kerr Ann Kmgswell-Smith Karol Kirk Susan Knotts Ann K i riser Gay Limmer Ann Lovett Nancy Lynch Jean Ann MacGregor Donna Magill Maggie Martin Marti McClain Melmda McCloud Laurie McCrimmon Mary Kay McCullough Joan McMahon Lynn McMahon Chrissy Miclette Sheralyn Miller Mary Jane Moody Meredith Moore Theresa Moore Rachel Mosten Gayle Mulberry Lynn Mulberry Nancy Netherton Gay Northington Lynn Northway Shelly Nowlin Hessie Owen Martha Peak Mary Claire Peterson Mary Pmcoffs Holly Powell Melissa Pratka Jenny Prothro Jane Quenian Susan Rose Rebecca Russell Cyndie Sansmg Bonner Sewell Heidi Sheesley Anne Slack Dorothy Slator Julie Sleeper Harriet Smith Linda Smith Lyn Smith Marion Smith Barbara Steen Susan Stephens Catherine Stewart Gretchen Stewart Lyn Straus Janie Strauss Leslie Taylor Ann Thompson Josie Thompson Martha Upchurch Barb Wasko Sharon Watts Kim Webb Liz Wells Carolyn Williams Joan Winter Susan Wipperman KKF 367 Robert Anderson Joe Bailey Jim Bedsole John Boyce Spencer Brown Steve Chilton Jerome Davis E. J Oevine Bob Doherty Mike Doherty Pat Doherty John Eidman Byron Fields Chuck Fleming John Fosdick Stan Fox Greg Genitempo Greg Guarino Mark Hablinski Robert Holley kappa sigma Fall John Fosdick President . . Jim Tipton Vice President Stan Fox Pledge. Trains Bill Tuck Kevin McConn Spring . . . JimPritchett Joe Mike Piazza Harris Woolen Jay Piper Kevin McConn 368 KI b Steve Horn Bob Kelsey Clint LaRue Tom McCarthy Kevin McConn Walter Mischer Jougla Jett Paul Joe Mike Piazza Jay Piper Jim Pritchett Charles Stoddard James Tipton Bill Tuck Tim Tunks Harris Woolen Hank Wylie Bill Zweiner KI 369 lambda chi alpha WELC RODEO E John Adkins Brady Allen Tim Allen Coalter Baker Phillip Bankhead Bob Bauer Billy Boyd Greg Brock Charles Brown Troy Caperton Bill Caveness Steve Clark Clay Clarkson Paul Cozby Bob Crow Scott Curtis James Curvan Rick Daniels Jules DeLaune fctifefi Fall Rick Daniels Robert Truelson Vice President Jim McCann Pledge Trainer George Pendergast Rush Captain Jules Delaune . Spring Pal Bierschwale Carl Hagelman Bill Arnold Richard Koonce . . Jim McCann Paul Dunning Dan Ehlinger Pat Farrell Charles Galloway John Goff Mark Goldsmith Chuck Gremrllion Carl Hagelman Jay Hamby Harvey Hardee John Harris Larry Heggie Brent Helms Bill Hinckley Mike Hogue Pat Hudspeth Knox Hughes Mike Hyden Kent Johnson Bob Kauftman Bill Kazmann Howard Key Richard Koonce Jay Krmg Mark Laird Bubba Leonard Jim McCann Mark McClure Robert McMillen Jeft Montag Russ Mullins John Myers Charlie Naylor Brad Partridge Bob Peck Stephen Pendergrass Rick Potter Marshall Ray Wesley Reed Bob Reese Mike Richardson Fred Rhodes Ron Robertson William Ross Wes Schaeler Grady Schleier Bruce Scott Steve Scurlock Jeff Siegel Mark Sprague Paul Stolnacke Mike Timmons Steve Trea dwell Robert Truelson Will Tucker Owayne Tyner Don Wall Bill Wheeler Clark Wicker Stan Wiedeman Hank Williams Scott Winston James Worth Dan Bailey Seth Fowler Rudolph Griffith John Lee Warren Lee Michael Manor Thomas Sibley John Taylor Stephen Taylor omega psi phi 372 C Fall Warren Lee Dewey Taylor Dan Bailey Stephen Taylor . Vice Presiden . . Hush Captain Treasurer . Spring . . Warren Lee . Dewey Taylor Dan Bailey Stephen Taylor 373 phi delta theta Jeff Baker David Bates Philip Bell David Brolher Mark Connell Leo Corngan Reagan Davis Waters Davis Logan Dickinson James Dingier Donald Duncan William Erwin Bruce Faulkner Wendell Faulkner Greg Frazier Warren Frazier William Gibson George Goode John Gould Michael Hartwig John Morton Todd Hunt Borden Jenkins David Kee Burdette Keeland Rob Kerr Steve Kirklin Jay Kolb Jack Koshkin Ben Krueger Wales Madden Ray McCloskey Tom McDaniel John McDowell Randy Merritt Sterling Morns Craig Neill Hunter Nelson Pat Oles KenOtt Fall Spring Claude Thorp J presidenf David Bates David Bates " Vfce PresidM F Rob Kerr Chip Wells Pledge Trainer Chris Ferryman John Morton Rush Captain Jack Vaughn Hunter Nelson . Treasurer Hunter Nelson ft ' ft- ? Allen Parks Kris Ferryman Mike Peterson Robert Pollard Henry Rose John Sletter Mark Strange Jet) Strawmyer Claude Thorp Jack Vaughan Clinton Wells Matthew Wilkin Timm Woolen Barry Zeluft Roland Zuber A0 375 Fall Jim Giles Mark Monroe . MarkConnally . Billy Rudd . . . Skipper Nelson Spring ' resident Doug Barnes . Vice President John Peloubet Pledge Trainer Jon Levy Rush Captain Jackson Hooper Chuck Plummer Dog Barnes Bob Black Claude Campbell Robert Canon Stanley Caskey Tom Cordell Kenny Creighton Daniel Dexter V. D. Duncan Dwight Dunlap Thud Eidman Porter Farrell Richard Forcht Willy Fowler Chops Frymire Harold Gernsbacher Jim Giles Gregory Goodman Flash Gordon Jimmy Gordon Spook Gordon Peter Gunn Billy Halden Burl Haughton Bruce Hill Jackson Hooper Brucie Hotze David Kalish William Kinney David Lawson Leroy Lubke David Lumpkins Gillespie Lundquist Hands Martin Puddin McGaughy Blake Middleton No No Monroe Doyle Moore Drake Moore Guy Mortimer Jack Nash John Jeff Skippie Nelson Curtis Page Campbell Patton Narcissus Patton Steven Pearce David Peloubet Pooboo Peloubet Bill Penny Chuck Plummer Charles Porter K. C. Pruitt Bryan Ratlilf Happy Rogers Michael Sawtelle Frank Seibert Bobbie Shaetler Scott Shaelter Christopher Sharp Fritz Shudde Stephen Simonsen Clayton Smith Louis Smith Steven Taylor Mark Thornton Timothy Timmins Jay Turner Chester Upham Wade Wise Jack Womack phi gamma delta 377 phi kappa psi ; , John Allison George Amery Richard Armbruster David Barr Michael Boswell Fred Brmkman Berry Brown William Buchanan Chad Cable _ ' psi Byron Cain John Casey Flint Chancellor Joe Clement Lance Cooper Mark Downs Walter Dueease Billy Dufl Donald Evans Tony Fernandez Paul Fisher Roland Flick Albert Foster James Griffith Mark Grove Frank Holaday Donald Kemp Thomas Lester Craig Lewis Joseph Longino Steve Moller Steven Nowell Lee Rogers Keith Rusk Alan Schoolcraft David Sippel Glenn Sparks James Teaver Richard Weaver Dan Wilkerson Fall Berry Brown Jody Longino . Tony Fernandez David Barr Alan Schoolcraft Spring ______ David Barr Vice Pres df? rtf J Keith Rusk Pledge Trainer Chad Cable . Rush Captain Keith Rusk . Fred Brinkman KUJ 379 phi sigma kappa Keith Arnngton Tim Aler Bruce Barton Tommy Belt Andy Collins Bob Crawford George Dougherty John Drolla David Fox Justin Fox Richard Fnedrich Joe Fuenles Rick Gordon John Kamp Gii Kamp Butch Keene Fall Spring Rick Wyman sT. President . . . . . Rick Wyman Bob Crawford Vice President Justin Kesler Gil Kamp Rush Captain Gil Kamp Rick Shaw fiush Captain . . VJ7 . Rick Shaw John Kamp .V; Treasurer . . . . . . Ans V Collins ft Justin Kesler Bill Lamb David McKamie Pat Mills John Payne Wes Paynor Patrick Pntchett Jimmy Reynolds Rick Shaw Howard Townsend Mike Trahan Richard Wiggans Thomas Wright Rick Wyman Mike Yelter OIK 381 Mollie Allen Mimi Anderson Jane Anderson Sarita Armstrong Anne Arnold Betty Baker Becky Baskin Sally Baumgardner Peggy Becker Patsy Ann Bell Ann Black Sarah Gaye Blades Alison Blanchard Kimberly Braden Shannon Braden Becky Bradfield Lindy Bradfield Ann Bragg Stacy Broun Jane Brown Clare Buie Evelyn Bumstead Sue Ann Campbell Carrie Caspary Caroline Caven Betsy Clarke Cindy Cobb Louise Cooley Sally Coulter Carolyn Craig Lucy Crow Carolyn Cullinan Anne Davis Debbie Davis Laura Del Papa Mariana Dieste Caroline Dennard Leslie Dyess Ann Ennen Sally Ferguson Molly Fitzgerald Laura Fly Karol Gandy Meredith George Kathy Gesell Jalene Gibson Gay Greer Beth Grimes Chita Haas Cassie Hager Nancy Hager Cynthia Hamby Ann Harris Connie Harris Margaret Harris Laura Hazelhurst Anne Herndon Martha Hill Susan Hinshaw Mary Catherine Hogan Betty Holmes Laura Holmes Becky Hopson - " % f-| 1 ti 4 TT I I V I P " beta phi ne Fall Martha Hill Patsy Read, Jeanne Donnell Susan Winterringer Clare Buie Sally Baumgardner Kathryn McDonald . A . President . . V- ' SAV I 1ge Trainer . Rush Captain Treasure Spring Jane Anderson Anne Arnold, Clare Buie, Candy Kerr . . Carol Lubke . . Terrell Potts Sally Swanson F I Irby Williams Susan Winternnger Shern Zillgitl Julie Hull Dorothy Jones Jennifer Kane Carolyn Keenan Bonnie Keeton Robbie Keeton Candy Kerr Liz Kline Nora Knowles Jayne Kunkel Barbara Leath Sallie Low Carol Lubke Barbara Mathews Susie Matthews Patty May Melinda Mayhew Kathryne McDonald Mary McElroy Julie McKie Janie McMahan Tina Moore Cindy Morrison Sara Morrow Tom Naugle Julie Nelson Susan Nelson Kathy Newton Sally Painter Suzanne Park Anne Peddie Suzanne Pence Susan Penn Pepper Peirson Barbara Pitzer Liz Potts Terry Price Patsy Read Suzy Repetti Robin Richardson Beth Robinson Nancy Robertson Janie Rutledge Kerry Sayers Mary Kay Scepansky Leigh Schoenvogel Susan Schoenvogel Valerie Schutze Judi Scott Betsy Sengelmann Celia Shambaugh Kate Sharp Ann Smith Julie Steves Connie Strader Cindy Stringer Mary Sullivan Frazer Suttles Adriane Swenson Deborah Thome Barbie Timanus Liz Tucker Lynn Vance Linda Weichsel Lauren Wells Marilyn White Peggy Wittington Sally Whittington Diane Wilkin Laurie Wilkin Lynne Wilkin Kathryn Williams Richard Adln Barry Adkins John Barclay Charles Beckham Paul Bell Bruce Bennett James Bentley Jack Biddle Randy Biddle Balon Bradley Craig Brooks Grover Campbell Harry Campbell Bo Carrick David Cordell Barry Crook Warren Culwell Darrell David Richard Dickey David Dies David Douglas Dan Driver Steve Dunn Rick Elliott Richard Ellis Bill Estrada Tom Felkel Frank Fleming Pat Gallagher John Genge David Gillory Lee Grace pik. Fall Frank Fleming . . Ben Woodward Randy Biddle . Jim McCormick Barry Adkins . . . -.; ' -; ' Spring resident Ben Woodward .... Vice President Greg Perrin Pledge Trainer Jack Biddle Rush Captain Gary May . V- . Treasurer Barry Adkins ' ' ' ? ' J V X i- ' ' Bill Gump Robert Harris Wes Johnson Chris Jones Doug Jones John Jones Will Jones Harry Jung Mike Locke Gary May Jim McCormick Jeff Meador John Murray Jack Oren Philip Oviatt Milch Owen Frank Parrott Tom Peel Greg Perrin Greg Powers Don Price Randy Randolph Daniel Rentfro Charles Rider Toby Stolhandske Hoppy Strickland Gary Strong Kirk Tate Mark Tate Mac Tichenor Robert Tinstman Steve Velasco Richard Vigness Bob Willis Ben Woodward pi kappa alpha riKA 385 pi lambda phi Antonio Gomez David Hartman Don Hartman Trip Jacks Steven Matowik Chuck Yarling 387 Mark Andrews Tim Ashley Sam Austin Kish Baker Jimmy Balagia Terry Balagia Gene Barron Clyde Beaty Burl Brookshire Wayne Brown Edmund Buckley Roy Buckley Brad Camp Bob Cauthen Billy Cavender Bob Cavender Paul Clark Wayne Clawater Steve Curran Larry Dale Mike Denny Kirk Dmkins Tom Doell John Duncan Dick Eastland Deane Eisemann Randy Erwm Bruce Ficke Michael Fisher Knox Fitzpatnck Charles Fox Richard Geren Robert Gmsburg Chad Hanna Roy Hendnx Dusly Hensley Lon Houseman Chuck Hudson Michael Hunsaker Kim Hutchins Greg James Hud Johnson I sigr 1 XAE Fall Paul Clark . Bill McClung Hatch Smith Gary Newman Edmund Buckley ice Preside Pledge Trainer Rush Captai Spring Edmund Buckley . Bobby Manning .... Hatch Smith David Pohl .Wayne Christian kit fir. sigma alpha epsilon Paul Jornayvaz David Kimbell Kenneth Koger Jody Lane Jack Lewis Tom Lowder Larry Maddox Bert Magill Bobby Manning Charlie McCluer Bill McClung Bill Metcalf Fred Meyer David Miller Gary Morrison Whil Moses Bobby Myers Layne Newman Lynn Newman Stacy Owen Clay Peeples David Pohl Kelly Powell Ty Pucketl John Rape Larry Richardson Frank Rilling Mitch Rogers Jay Shands David Stocker Bill Stone Ted Swinney Charles Thomas Chris Thompson Brad Thornton Peter Tippen Philip Tippen Tanny Toomey Roberl Turnbull Hate Umslattd Tim Weaver Jim West Bill Wine Charles Wolcott Craig Wolcotl Harry Wolfl Rodd Womble Bud Wright Michael Wunderhck ZAE 389 sign Fall Keith Alter Robert Chicotsky Howard Katz . . . Bernard Cohen Steve Nepomnick Spring . . . President M . I Kenny Goldberg . . Randy Goldman . Pledge Trainer Jim Roseman . Bernard Cohen . Steve Nepomnick Keith Alter Brain Antweil Kenny Baum Jim Berk Bruce Bernstien Howard Bernstien Allen Bodzy Mark Chicotsky Robert Chicotsky Bernard Cohen Steven Cohen Kenneth Davis Aurom Denn Brian Denn Michael Edwards Ronald Epstein Randall Fein Eddie Feld Allen Feltman Yogi Florsheim Jeffrey Fox Richard Glazer Kenny Goldberg Randy Goldman David Goldstein Larry Karren Howard Katz Mark Kutler Michael Luskey Buddy Moses I J90 -IAM sigma alpha mu Jerry Nagid Steve Nepomnick Barry Putterman Leonard Raphael Jellrey Robinson Jim Roseman Joel Rovmsky Louis Shopard Barry Shulkin Randy Smith Alan Wittenberg Leonard Wormser Danny Zeligson Bobby Zlotnik IAM 391 I Richard Anderson Jamie Baird Jim Bibo Bill Biegel Doug Bogart Mike Borowiak Greg Bowers Bill Branch Jim Brooks Jay Brown Mark Bukaty Bryan Burk James Burnitt Bryan Calvert Don Games R ichard Chapman Ted Clegg John Copeland Ed Cross Steve Dunnagan Richard Edelman David Ellis Vick Engh Ed Eubanks Lanny Frazier David Ganng Harry Gibbs - MB K 392 IX Fall Carl Moerer Ed Eubanks .... DickStoneburner Doug Bogart . . . Gary Watts Spring . . . President Bill Marshall . Vice President Bill Moffitt . Pledge Trainer Kurt Miller . Rush Captain Rick Spencer asurer Gary Watts Barry Gidden Jim Goodloe Mike Gregory Jim Hicks Mickey Holden Mark Howard Terry Howard John Hull John Jarvis Tim Jarvis George Jochetz Ray Johnson Chris Johnston Dennis Johnston Larry Kingsbury Hank Kremers Rick Kruger Steve Li evens Brad Lollar Bill Marshall David Mathis Mac McConnell Otto Mejlaender Kurt Miller Clifford Mixon Carl Moerer Bill Moffitt David Mucha Rick Muhleman Jeff Murdock Bob Otterman Dave Patterson Rick Porter Grant Rice Jim Rink Dirk Robertson Bit Rogan Rick Spencer Joe Stockdale Dick Stoneburner Mike Sturdfvanl Steve Sucher Philip Sumners Mike Thomas Skeeter Thomas Tom Wade Bob Watson Gary Watts sigma chi IX 393 sigma delta tau Sally Abowitz Karen Altshuler Lisa Aron Tina Borschaw Babette Berns Cindy Bernstein Jolie Brams Linda Britton Nancy Byers Leigh Caplan Maxine Clark Barbara Cook Diane Cooper Karen Cortell Ehsa Dubois Gail Etlish Nancy Ellish Mindy Flax Glenda Freedman Roslyn Freedman Rebecca Garber Elaine Gardner Celane Goldladen Phyllis Goldstein --ZAT tail I 1 kl P Susan Gremm Sherry Harwood Shen Hellman Naomi Hershman Monica Horn Cheryl lola Debbie Jacobs Sharon Jayson Diane Karbank Sharon Kboudi Palncia Keller Mira Krumholz Susan Krute Marilyn Landsberg Leslie Lewin Eileen Marten Chen Meyerson Debra Muntz Francine Nussenblatt Helene Reich Karen Reichstein Judy Romm Celia Rose Melissa Rosen Betty Rosenberg Cindy Rothenberg Jennifer Rudolph Julie Schartf Janet Schreibman Paula Schwartz Robin Segal Michele Seligman Barbara Shapiro Suzan Shapiro Donna Shelby Sue Staller Debra Stein Debbie Stern Gail Tapick Sandra Toppel Marci Wittels Rebecca Wolfson Fall Sally Abowitz JJjjfPresident Barbara Cook Vice President Vonne Rudolph Ijfmp ecfeie Trainer. Leslie Lewin Rush Captain Phyllis Goldstein Treasurer Spring .... Terri Kboudi Gail Tapick . . . . Mackie Clark . Betty Rosenberg . . . Sally Abowitz ZAT 395 Bill Adams Randy Bergfield Mike Bmtl iff Terry Black Eddy Blanton Jack Blanton Wayne Boies Joe Breeland Lyn Breeland Chip Briscoe Ed Brown Russell Butz Scott Campbell Jim Conrad Rick Cowling Bill Dean Dave Dodson Mark Dodson Wayne Donnelly Harvey Dunn Richard Egan Steve Ellis Easy Ezell Pat Fain Ban Green Mike Grimm Mike Kay Greg Krupps Mike Lankford Mike Linney Paul Mangum Jim Martin IVER-BOAT COMMODORE 396 ZN Fall Jay Palmer Bill West Mike Wilson Bill Woodward Mike Pearson dent . Vice Presiden Pledge Trainer Rush Captain Spring Mike Pearson Bill West Chip Briscoe Milton West Paul Mangum .1 I Reid Wilson Dan Winn Bill Woodward Dave Worley Curtis Wunderlich Dal Martinez Larry Massey Pat Matocha Ronnie Mayo Mike McWilliams Mark Miller Jim Minahan Don Mottett Mark Nering Jay Palmer Denny Pallillo Mike Pearson Charlie Plumhoff Jim Rea Kelly Reardon Bobby Reynolds Bill Rhea Canton Richard Rick Ridley Steve Robinson Steve Robirds Bruce Rogers Bill Simmons Pat Simmons Scott Talbot Lewis Thorne John Tipton Clayton Walker Steve Walker Milton West Bill West Mike Wilson sigma nu IN 397 sigr Dan Adams Mark Adams Cullen Aderhold Al Alexander Rick Alexander Jim Barr Greg Barrett Pete Boyd Bo Brakendortf Brad Britt Bob Cain Sammy Chapman Reggie Clark Bryan Cloyes Mickey Cooper Morgan Copeland Jim Covey David Crockett Mike Crowell Wayne Curtis Ed Davis Doug Duncan Richard Flowers Ray Flume Glenn Frank Mike Freeman Mike Geary Bobby Giles Mike Gresham Will Hardy Bill Hicks Rodney Hobbs Bill Hoffman Pat Hogan Jim Holotik Stephen Holstead James Huie Stephen Hundley Kim Janicke Jim Johanning Bobby Jones Paul Kearns Doug Kelting Steve Kirby Dale Knight Neal Laird Les Lewis Mitch Lewis Tres Lorton Bill Mahrer Rick Martin Bobby McConnell Dusty Miller Bill Nalle Fall Bruce Sifford Richard Flowers .... Bob Cain Greg Barrett, Jim Barr Jack Savage Spring . President Rick Alexander . Vice President Glenn Frank . Pledge Trainer Jim Barr . Rush Captain Bob Cain, Rick Alexander Treasurer Dusty Miller 398 sigma phi epsilon Randy Nelson Jim Noble Jeff Otto Steve Pearson Randy Potts Richard Rankin Steve Reinert Dennis Renfro Fred Rhodes Ron Riggs Jim Ritts Craig Robertson Fran Rolon Jack Savage Andy Sayers Stuart Sharrock Bruce Sifford Steve Simmons Danny Smith Van Smith George Sparkman Scott Stephenson John Summers Marc Tausend Bobby Taylor Jorge Toledo Rick Walsh Edward White Steve Wh it worth Bob Woerner Dave Wood Mike Wooldndge IE 399 pre Fall Arthur Rose Presidet Joel Denbo Vice President Ricky Leaman Pledge Trainer Jay Steinfeld Rush Captain Leland Dushkin Treasurer. . Spring . . . .Arthur Rose .... Joel Denbo . . Ricky Leaman ... Jay Steinfeld . Leland Dushkin Barry Bankler Doug Bender Jeffrey Bern Steven Byers Richard Caplan Mike Charles Gary Cohen Marc Davis Joel Denbo Leland Dushkin George Forbes Robert Frederick Gerald Freed Jack Freed Marshal Goldberg Kenneth Goldstein Gary Gossen Steven Gossen Harry Grenader Michael Hartman Roger Hochman John Horner Alan Jordan Irwm Kaufman Steven Lerner Mark Mayer Michael Roosth Arthur Rose Stephen Rose Russel Schnitzer 400 TA tau delta phi Robert Sertner Steven Spain Ricnard Stein Jay Steinfeld Mark Werbner David Wolff COLDBL TA 401 theta xi 402 01 axi Tony Ambrosetti Irai Amirkabirian Jay Bailey Paul Beutel Carl Beveridge Ed Buck Mike Bussey Stuarl Collins James Eddins Robert Freeman Mike Gibson Wayne Henington Craig Hilburn Scott Holler William Hopkins Nels Johnson Hal Jones David Lord Bob Mellon Fred Miscoe Randy Scofield Walter Stone Tom Trew Wayne VanDoren Dan Wranischar Fall Mike Gibson Wayne Henington Scott Holter Craig Hilburn Randy Scofield Vice Presi Pledge Trainer Rush Captain Spring Craig Hilburn David Lord Robert Freeman Tony Ambrosetti Randy Scofield 61 403 zetc Barry Antweil Don Argovitz Sandy Aron Leslie Ballin JeH Berler Joe Bloom Richard Brown Scott Burford Joe Chesnick Mike Cohen Murray Cohen Ronnie Coleman John Conwell Randy Ekman Brian Eltis Robert Epstein Scott Ernstein Jeff Evensky John Falik Brad Feldman Bruce Feldman Nason Feldman Donald Fielding Barnet Fishbein Randy Fishman Marc Freedman Steve Freedman Maury Frumkin Eddie Gertner Ricky Given Gary Glazer Howard Glick t Neil Goldberg Ben Goldfarb Gary Goldsobel Rick Golman Abe Goren Larry Mauser Tom Helfand 404 ZBT zeta beta tau III 1 David Hirsch Marshall HoHman Mark Kaman Brad Kayser George Kennedy Kenny Kopf Mike Krakower Bobby Krause Jimmy Krause Mike Krost Steve Leshin Alan Levy Arnold Lipp Gary Miller Tom Moscoe Kerry Myers Bobby Orkin Dee Pack Randy Padawer Lonnie Pollock Irv Prengler Mike Rosen Wally Rosenblum Bill Ross Stan Rothschild Alan Rubin Alan Schwartz Pele Selig Mike Shtolman Mark Singer David Spolane Ronald Spolane Barry Steinberg Mark Stoller Louis Stool Robert Tracht Ronnie Turboll Bob Turner Mike Urbach Randy Waldman Bert Wolf Elias Zinn Fall Mike Rosen . . . Jimmy Krause . Brian Eltis Bruce Feldman Irv Prengler . . . . . President Vice President Pledge Trainer Rush Capta . : Treasurer Spring .Irv Prengler Abe Goren Bert Wolf . Randy Fishman . Ken Kopf ZBT 405 Fall Beth Bybee Tammy Oatman Barby Glaze Beth Vowan . Pat Swanson Vice President Pledge Trainer Rush Captain Spring Sue Stanbery Anne Motley Kim Wendland . Melissa Heap Treasurer 1 (1 Cindy Presley zetc Mary Adams Alice Babock Grace Bainter Darla Ballem Oeanne Barnard Patti Barnell Cindy Beach Ellen Beach Jodie Beeson Becky Belew Kathleen Btazek Susan Blazek Sharon Brooks Teresa Brown Lynn Buchanan Joy Burleson Chris Burlingame Beth Bybee Lisa Campbell Debbie Cantrell Carol Carson Caye Clearman Catherine Clegg Julia Clegg Mary Clegg Deborah Cooper Kit Cope Cindy Cremin Nancy Cummins Nan Daniel Liz Darling Mallonee Davis Mary Lou DellaCroce Betty Sue Diebel Karen Dillon Jackie Etheridge Sara Lu Eubanks Merce Fernandez Margaret Ftynn Patty Forney Jeane Furgason Pam Gary Nancy Glass Barby Glaze Donellen Gready Kathy Griffin Menanne Griffin Becki Hall Sally Hamilton Charlotte Han Cindy Harris Susan Harris Elinor Hart Dee Hawkins Linda Hayden Julie Haynes Karen Hays Suzy Heitzeburg Linda Higgms Alane Holmes Lu Ann Hood Kay Howard Mary Hunt Patti Ivey Nancy James Jan Jones Jan King Karen King Lundy Knox Sheryl Koschak Jody LaBarba Janet Little Patti Martin Holly McCall Tata McNutt Suzy Merritt Mary Milam Karen Mitchell Paula Muecke Starla Neitzke Sharon Newberry zeta tau alpha Linda Niemann Anne Motley Tammy Oatman Carol Pappas Roseanne Paul Beth Pearson Pattie Peebles Elizabeth Phillips Jeannie Pitts Janet Pope Linda Pope DeDe Pratt Cindy Presley Linda Reilly Joanne Richstatter Connie Roberts Charlyn Rosenbaum Kay Ruwwe Barbara Sanderson Toni Schmid Anne Shearer Genette Shelton Betty Smith Cathy Smith Anne Solsbery Carol Solsbery Anne Spellmann Jane Stanbery Sue Stanbery Maryellen Steiner Barbie Stevens Carolyn Slokely Pat Swanson Anne Szablowskr Pam Taylor Martha Thompson Dianne Thomson Nancy Tipton Beth Vowan Martha Vowan Nan Watkins Susie Watkins Jane Watson Mmdy Watts Reen Weaver Kim Wendland Kathryn West Lisa West Nancy White Shelley Williams Dianne Woodley Lisa Wright Jan Youngman Vicki Zeto free to be individuals n goldfarb 408 greeks . intercollegiate sports intramural sports I te intercollegiate sports intramural sports (0 edited by melanie hauser o sports - 409 V 410 athletics " People have their preconceived ideas of an athlete ... I wish people would treat me as an individual and not stereotype me as a ' Jock ' . " Tommy Delatour, basketball athletics 411 VARSITY 15 Texas Miami 20 28 Texas Texas Tech 12 41 Texas Wake Forest 13 Texas Oklahoma 52 . . . Texas Arkansas 6 Texas Rice 13 Texas SMU 14 Texas Baylor 6 Texas TCU 7 ...Texas Texas A M . .13 34 55 42 42 52 42 3 Texas Nebraska 19 JUNIOR VARSITY 7 Texas Baylor 7 14 Texas SMU 3 21 Texas TCU 8 17 Texas Houston 21 16 Texas Rice . . 7 VARSITY X 75 .......... Texas Mississippi .......... 79 82 ........ Texas Mississippi State ........ 87 63 .......... Texas Kansas State .......... 71 72 ............ Texas Drake ............ 80 73 ........ Texas Oklahoma State ........ 83 82 ......... Texas Memphis State ......... 90 94 ........... Texas Centenary ........... 97 66 ............ Texas Oregon ............ 78 79 .......... Texas West Virginia .......... 80 77 ............. Texas Army ............. 65 76 ........... Texas Missouri ........... 86 76 ........... Texas Oklahoma ........... 80 1 04 ............. Texas TCU ............. 53 87 ............. Texas SMU ............. 82 82 ............. Texas Rice ......... ____ 71 81 .......... Texas Texas Tech .......... 85 98 .......... Texas Texas A M .......... 90 96 ........... Texas Arkansas ........... 81 93 ............ Texas Baylor ............ 79 72 ............. Texas SMU ............. 74 71 ............. Texas TCU ............. 72 85 ............. Texas Rice ............. 76 75 .......... Texas Texas Tech .......... 74 88 .......... Texas Texas A M .......... 81 99 ........... Texas Arkansas ........... 82 95 ............ Texas Baylor ............ 84 61 ........... Texas Creighton ........... 77 JUNIOR VARSITY 71 ... .Texas San Antonio Junior College ... .68 81 ....... Texas Blinn Junior College ....... 68 75 ..... Texas Wharton Junior College ..... 47 68 ....... Texas Blinn Junior College ....... 75 86 ...... Texas Temple Junior College ...... 80 79 ..... Texas Richland Junior College ..... 95 110 ... .Texas St. Phillips Junior College ... .104 77 ..Texas McClennen Community College ..79 80 ............ Texas Baylor ............ 78 02 ..... Texas Wharton Junior College ..... 80 78 ............ Texas Baylor ............ 87 football Sports Illustrated said the ' Horns would start the season like a house on fire, and picked Texas as Number One. Unfortunately, by the time the ' Horns got to Miami the house had already burned down, and Miami won, 20-15. The game was marred by poor playing conditions and miscues which contributed to seven ' Horn fumbles. Roosevelt Leaks, the Longhorn ' s super sophomore of 1 972, opened his junior year impressively, gaining 1 53 yards on the wet Orange Bowl Polyturf . But it wasn ' t enough. " It ' s a bitter pill to take, " said Royal after the ' Horns ' disas- trous opener. " But our goal is to win the Southwest Confer- ence. " The next weekend, the team took the biggest step to realizing that goal, as they defeated Texas Tech, 28-12. But the game was closer than the score indicated. The ' Horns had to change their backfield alignment to turn back the Red Raiders, their greatest competition for the SWC title in 1973. Instead of the traditional Texas Wishbone-T offense, the ' Horns ' attack took the form of the Wingbone-T, splitting the right halfback behind the tight end. The game was decided by the ' Horn specialty team when Jay Arnold recovered Mike Dean ' s bouncing onside kick in the end zone for a Texas score. Arnold ' s defensive plays helped win the game for Texas and gave Arnold SWC defen- sive player of the week honors. Texas got its first big win against Wake Forest, 41-0, and piled up 440 total yards. The first team left the game with the Longhorns ahead 21-0 after Arnold returned an interception for the third score of the game. The reserves finished the game, scoring three times in the last quarter. For blood thirsty Longhorn fans, the victory was sweet indeed, but it proved to be poor training for the next game, as the ' Horns met Oklahoma in Dallas and were crushed, 52-1 3. It was Texas ' third consecutive loss to the Sooners. Ironically, O.U. had nothing to gain but prestige. The Sooners got all the prestige they needed from a weak Texas defense, as they scored on three passes in the first half. Oklahoma also ran up 283 yards around confused Texas linebackers, while the Sooner defense intercepted three pas- ses from quarterbacks Marty Akins and Mike Presley. However, next week conference play resumed and things improved for the Longhorns. In Fayetteville, the " Arkansas Shootout " resembled a " Cookout " as Texas defeated the Razorbacks, 34-6. Leaks had his first 200-yard game of the season. He scored three times for 209 total yards behind the blocking of All-American center Bill Wyman, who was nominated for the Outland and Lombardi Trophies in 1973. Wide receiver Jim Moore added a 79-yard punt return and freshman Raymond Clayborn executed a spectacular 85-yard run to secure the Texas victory and leave the ' Horns 2-0 in conference play. Next weekend, Rice players almost boycotted the Texas game due to Rice Head Coach Al Conover ' s dismissal of star wide receiver Edwin Collins. The Owls showed up, however, and surprised the ' Horns by scoring first and looking tough on both offense and defense. But once the second half got underway, Texas scored four touchdowns, two by Leaks and two on receptions by junior tight end Parker Alford. The next weekend was the big one for Texas and Leaks, as the Longhorns went back to Dallas to play SMU. Rosey broke the SWC record for the most yards in a single game 342, as Texas defeated the Mustangs, 42-14. Once again, Leaks ' performance would not have been as convincing if not for Wyman and the rest of the offensive line. Although Texas walked all over SMU, the Mustangs led at the half. But Leaks wasn ' t to be denied that day. He set up four of Texas ' six scores and scored the last touchdown on a 53-yard run, vaulting him into the national rushing lead. The week after that, Clayborn rushed for 1 1 1 yards in the ' Horns ' 42-6 drubbing of Baylor. Texas didn ' t even have to work up a sweat for that victory, as the Baptists gave up four fumbles, quarterback Neal Jeffrey allowed three intercep- tions, and the Bear defense gave the ' Horns another fine day on the ground with 408 yards. The Longhorns scored with almost every possession the next week, destroying TCU, 52-7. Leaks again rewrote the SWC record, as his 1 05 yards broke the mark of 1 ,302 yards set in 1950. His effort brought the total to 1,328 yards and tied the school touchdown mark, with 14 for the season. Leaks never broke that touchdown record, because in the final week of the season against A M, an overexcited A M defender popped Rosey and injured his knee. Before he was hurt though, Leaks upped his record 1 ,41 5 yards for the sea- son, and people were talking about " Rosey for the Heisman. " Leaks finished third in the Heisman balloting and along with Wyman was a concensus All-American. The Longhorns easily won against A M, as the Aggies fumbled away the first play of the game. The ' Horns capital- ized on the fumble and soundly beat the hapless Aggies, 42- 13. The ' Horns didn ' t throw a single pass and finished the season with a respectable 8-2 mark and their sixth consecu- tive trip to the Cotton Bowl. But in Dallas, Nebraska proved stiffer competition than any SWC foe, as the Huskers cut off Leaks, pinned Wyman, and crushed the Longhorns, 1 9-3. 414 football JT " Ok 111 " I ' m proud to be associated with a group of guys who worked as hard as they did. After Miami we had a lot to prove, especially to ourselves. You can ' t win every game, it ' s one of those things. I don ' t have any regrets. We all gave our best. " Bobby Giles, Offensive Guard FRONT ROW: R. M. Patterson, Darrell Royal, David McWilliams, Bill Ell- ington, Fred Akers, William Dykes, Leon Manley, Tim Doerr, Alvin Mat- thews, Willie Zapalac, Ken Dabbs, Glen Swenson. SECOND ROW: Roosevelt Leaks, Joe Bob Bizell, Billy Schott, Lionell Johnson, Steve Becker, Rob Riviere, Bill Wyman, Glen Gaspard, Terry Melancon, Greg Dahlberg, Mickey Macaluso, Adrian Ford. THIRD ROW: Gary Yeoman, Larry Miller, Mike Presley, David Bartek, Mike Featherston, Mike Dean, Malcolm Minnick, Jim Moore, Pat Kelly, Fred Sarchet, Mark Halfman. FOURTH ROW: Charlie Wilcox, Jay Arnold, John Thompson, Gary Reissig, Bob Lenz, Mike Cromeens, Steve Newmon, Tommy Willaims, Wade Johnston, Doug Geldert, Tommy Isbell, Joey Aboussie. FIFTH ROW: Dan Kline, John Boecker, Darrell Gray, Pat Padgett, Jim Milliard, Rick Sheldon, David Mercado, Coy Featherston, Paul Jette, Bill Hamil- ton, Rene Amaya. SIXTH ROW: Doug Brice, Randy Stilley, David Milan, Tighe Huber, Pat Hogan, Bobby Giles, Bill Crowe, Bruce Mailey, Doug English, RickThurman, Mike Hardage, Tommy Ingram. SEVENTH ROW: Chris Lemberg, Bo Carrick, David Nelson, Joe Samford, Robert Rickman, Paul Walker, Raymond Clayborn, Bob Simmons, Billy Gor- don, Rick Fenlaw, Tommy Keel, Stan Bomar, Fred Olm. EIGHTH ROW: Bobby Rowan, Billy Bob Barron, Bill Glascock, Toby Stolhandske, Dan Adams, Bill Ward, Bruce Cannon, Rick Burleson, Will Wilcox, Manuel Mehos, Bob Tresch, Bob Richey. NINTH ROW: Louis Hart, Keith Moreland, Lonnie Bennett, Sammie Mason, Cornell Reese, Pat Kennedy, Bruce Hebert, Parker Alford, Walter Rowan, Alan Lowry, Bubba Simpson, Spanky Stephens, Frank Medina. TENTH ROW: Rick Davis, Ronnie Workman, Steve Cumley, Bill Rutherford, Don Crosslin, Tommy Landry, Marty Akins, Bill Walker, Juan Conde, Bill Allison, Dan Wheat, Butch Krueger. ELEVENTH ROW: Larry Sedlacek, Woffie Den- ius, Bobby Kay, Bucky Couch, Larry Bristow, Gene Parker, James Erdelt, Duane Simmons, Dan Trew. 416 tootball " Losing to Oklahoma gave us something to prove ... We got together this week and thought a lot about it. The coaches and team worked together and we came through. " Doug English, Defensive Tackle . i X (ootball 419 " Miami couldn ' t stop us. We stopped ourselves. But it ' s kind of good to get that national championship stuff out of our heads ... I think we probably realize the situation better now, and we can get down to winning the SWC. That is what we want to do. " Mike Presley, Quarterback s farrar 420 football town to j. miller s farrar football 421 cotton bowl " When you can ' t score more than three points, you can ' t win, not against a team like Nebraska. " Marty Akins, Quarterback " We just fell apart I guess. I really don ' t know. . Wade Johnston Defensive Player of the game " We lost. How can it be a satisfying year? " Roosevelt Leaks, Fullback cotton bowl 423 freshman football Although many of the top freshmen were claimed by the Longhorn varsity team, Coach Bill Ellington ' s Yearlings still managed to finish the 1973 season with a respectable 3-1-1 record. The year opened with a 7-7 tie with the Baylor Cubs. In that game, Yearling fans and varsity coaches got their first eyeful of 6-1 , 168-pound halfback Ivey Suber, whose outside speed (4.4 in the 40) made him the prime offensive weapon. The Yearlings came back to beat the SUM Colts, 14-3 and TCU Wogs, 21 -8 before losing to University of Houston ' s jun- ior varsity Kittens, 21-17 before 6,500 fans in Memorial Sta- dium. In that game, Suber and quarterback Paul Jette led the Yearlings to an early lead, only to have the Kittens strike back with long touchdown passes to win the game. Jette completed his longest pass of the season, a 39 yarder, and Suber gained over 100 yards rushing. But these offensive efforts weren ' t enough and the team suffered their first Memorial Stadium loss in 1 years. This loss was avenged in the season ' s finale in Houston, as the Yearlings defeated Rice ' s Owlets, 16-7 in Rice Sta- dium. The victory capped a year that insured future stardom for many freshman football players, Suber in particular. He finished the season with 396 yards on 81 carries for a 4.9 yard-per-carry average. His longest run of the season came against TCU, where he picked up 68 yards on a pitchout from Jette. Suber also led the team in scoring with 32 points on five touchdowns and a two point conversion. Jette didn ' t do so badly either as he was called up to the varsity directly after the end of the freshman season to add depth to the ' Horns defensive secondary. As a quarterback, Jette completed eight of 35 passes for 1 63 yards. M FRONT ROW: Danny Baker, Steve Gilliam, Mike Hartinger, Brad Gil- bert, Marty Vick, George Becknell, Leonard Messina, Roger Stienke, Randy Miksch, Tommy Campbell, Wally Scott, Paul Jette, Larry Bristow, Mike Rowan. SECOND ROW: Coach Ken Dabbs, Coach Glen Swenson, John Chappell, Morgan Copeland, Eddie Starkes, Kerry Pierson, Vic Houston, Rucker Lewis, Jimmy Walker, Kevin McHale, Mark Guy, Mike Dwyer, Ivey Suber, Jim Hess, Coach s larrar Bill Ellington, Steve Fleming. THIRD ROW: Charlie Wilcox, Tommy Swenson, Mark Hughes, David Nelson, Stan Freeman, James Roller, James Hussey, Ken Thurman, Andy Wuench, Bob Gibbons, Mike Holder, Jeff Croizer, Mike Dabbs. FOURTH ROW: Mike Circi, John Hargis, Gary Faber, Randy Gerdes, Kevin Henry, Mike Cros- swhite, Alan Lenz. Richard Ojeda, Cal Axtel, Tommy Williams, Ron- nie Rogers, Forrest Smith, Bob Read, Jim Gresham, Gary Pearson. 424 freshman football : : Houston, teSta- " 3 ' S ' or (or a 4.9 on came pitchout 2 points jptoflie ' ; a:c lerback. James ike Giro. ike os- - " ' d. woo freshman football 425 cheerleaders George Carameros and Marilyn Smothers Charles Robinson and Terry Culley Mike McNeal and Jenna Hays 426 cheerleaders It " At Texas it ' s not a rah-rah type of sup- port for the team, it ' s more of a sophis- ticated type of enthusiastic response. Sometimes it gets you down, that is, not having the crowd respond all the time, but I wouldn ' t trade cheering here for any other college in the nation. " Jeff Newman, Head Cheerleader FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: FRONT: Patricia Sue Munir, Mark Mabry Howard, Lynne Ann Culter, Kathleen P. Powell, Kenneth Iva Lenard. BACK: James Lee Tucker, James L. Gordon, Cynthia Ann Mitchell. Jim Hotze and Scarlette Boykin Steve Clark and Loyce Bates Jeff Newman and LAF Foster cheerleaders 427 basketball Coach Leon Black ' s Longhorn basketball team came into the 1973-74 season with two problems: 1) the ' Horns had perhaps the shortest team in major college ranks and 2) Larry Robinson, the ' Horns ' senior forward, had just had knee surgery and was in questionable condition. With seven new players on the roster, things were rather difficult for the Longhorns in the early going. Inexperience hurt as they lost the first nine games of the season. Texas finally won its first game in the consolation round of the Far West Classic by defeating Army, 77-65. They ended the non-conference schedule with a feeble 1-1 1 record and were picked to finish last in the Southwest Conference race. But things didn ' t turn out that way at all, as Texas began the 1974 SWC campaign with a 105-53 victory over TCU, a game which opened a few eyes around the conference. In the next game, against pre-season favorite SMU, the ' Horns came back, after being down at halftime, to defeat the Mus- tangs in Dallas, 87-82. At that point, people began taking the team seriously and commended Black for his utilization of personnel and the ' Horns ' surprising bench depth. Texas lost its first conference game against Texas Tech in Gregory Gym, 85-91, after beating Rice the previous Tues- day. The Red Raiders had to stave off a last minute rally by the ' Horns to claim the win and grab first place in the SWC. Robinson, by this time, left no doubt as to his ability to come back from his injury. Against Tech, the 6 ' 7 " forward scored a career high of 38 points and pulled 13 rebounds away from Tech center Rick Bullock. The loss to Tech could not hold back the building enthusi- asm among the Longhorns as they bounced back to beat Texas A M, 98-90, Arkansas, 96-81 , and Baylor, 93-79, using the running game, Black ' s favorite style of play. " We like to play the running game, " Black said. " And to do that, you ' ve got to have all your players ready to go all the time. " This philosophy paid off through the first half of the SWC schedule, as the ' Horns tied for first place with Tech. At this point, Robinson and Larrabee had firmly estab- lished themselves as AII-SWC candidates. But the surprise came from sophomore Dan Krueger, whose outside shooting kept the ' Horns in many games when Larrabee ' s aim was off. Krueger finished the season with a 10.8 scoring average including 1 4.5 points per SWC game. Robinson said the team would not be satisfied with win- ning unless it won the SWC. " When you get satisified you get complacent, " he said. " And when you get complacent, you ' ll never win a lot of games. " Sure enough, Robinson ' s philosophy ran true to form, as the ' Horns lost their next two games, losing at home to SMU, 74-72, and to TCU, at Fort Worth, 72-71 in overtime. Ironi- cally, Texas had beaten the Horned Frogs by a 51 point mar- gin in their first meeting of the season. All the while, Tech remained undefeated and SMU came back from a bad first half to close the gap in the standings, leaving the SWC race in somewhat of a knot. Texas had to beat Rice to stay in contention. And even though they played their worst game of the season, they beat the Owls, 85-76. As luck would have it, Tech lost to A M, narrowing the gap between the Red Raiders and the second- place Longhorns to a mere one game. So the rematch against Tech in Lubbock was for all the marbles. . . or at least a share of them. Robinson came through with 30 points against Tech and the ' Horn front line of Robinson, Tyrone Johnson, and Tommy Weilert held Tech ' s Bullock to nine points and four rebounds, tying the SWC standings and setting up the possi- bility of a playoff game to determine the championship. However, that playoff game was not necessary, as the Raiders lost to SMU on the last day of the season. Texas beat A M, Arkansas, and Baylor to finish the SWC season with a highly respectable 1 1 -3 record. The next week in Denton, Texas lost to Creighton College in the first round of NCAA playoffs. Robinson scored with 1 8 points and Larrabee had 16 in the finale of their Texas bas- ketball careers. The Longhorns played well in the first half and hustled to a 35-35 tie at halftime. They outplayed the tal- ler Creighton team, and seemed to be very much in the game. The contest remained close until the last five minutes, when the ' Horns began to tire and were outplayed by the Jays. The final score was Texas 61 Creighton 77. Overall, the Longhorns had a 1 2-1 5 season record, quite a turnaround from the first 1 2 games of the year. Robinson was named SWC Most Valuable Player for the second time in his career, ending the season with a 22.5 sea- son average and a 27.9 SWC average. Robinson and Larra- bee were also named to AII-SWC first team, Krueger received honorable mention, and Ed Johnson was named Newcomer of the Year. And Black, the man who was almost out of a job in December, was named SWC Coach of the Year. Not bad at all for a 1 2-1 5 team. 428 basketball . 3d you get " tat. And even U4 ionwla I 33 d, quite a " We were 0-9 this year and we still had a big crowd. I wouldn ' t have blamed them if only 500 had shown up ... At first I didn ' t like this place. Now I ' d rather play here than anywhere. " Larry Robinson, Forward p huber p huber 430 basketball p. huber basketball 431 " I know it doesn ' t make any sense for us to beat Tech, but this team doesn ' t make any sense . . . We lose two conference games at home and only one on the road. We beat TCU by 51 points and then lose to them by one ... I don ' t know what it means. I quit trying to guess. ' Harry Larrabee, guard FRONT ROW: Harry Ray Larrabee, Daniel Thomas Krueger, James Martial Lapeyre Jr., Henry Fred Bauer- schlag Jr. SECOND ROW: Bruce Wilbur Baker, Phillip Lee Davis, Thomas H. Weilert, Edward Lynden John- son, Richard D. Parson. THIRD ROW: Edgar Allan Day, David Sidney Fisher, James Douglas Price, Larry Rob- inson, Tyrpne Allen Johnson, Christopher Joseph Voe- gele, Bradley Branson Ward. 432 basketball p huber p. huber basketball 433 ' ' V ; - JX1 Basketball - 435 jv basketball The Junior Varsity basketball team, coached by Mike Dukes, finished the 1973-74 season with a 7-4 record. The team got off to a fast start, win- ning their first three games, before losing to Blinn Junior College at Brenham, 68-75. The JV had beaten Blinn earlier in Austin, 81-68, with guard Pat McClellan scoring 30 points. At the beginning of the second semester, the JV lost starters Kevin Ragsdale and David Tyler. Ragsdale quit the team, and Tyler was declared scholastically ineligible for four games. In addi- tion, the team was hampered by an injury to McClellan. Because of these problems, players were forced to adjust to new positions and Dukes had to implement a completely new offense. The new attack saw its first action the day after the return from Christmas break, when the ' Horns played Richland Junior College and lost 79-95. As the season progressed and the players became accustomed to their new positions, the team began counting heavily on the scoring and rebounding of McClellan, Gary Boydstun and Tommy Delatour. All three had changed positions Boydstun from forward to post and McClellan and Delatour from guard to forward. The game against St. Phillips Junior College was one of the best the team played, as they defeated St. Phillips, 1 1 0-1 04. Delatour scored 29 points and pulled in 1 8 rebounds, while McClellan added 1 8 points and 1 4 rebounds. The JV then lost their next game to McClennan Community College, 77-79, and went on to defeat the Baylor JV, 80-78. The ' Horns ' also lost to Wharton Junior College, 80-1 02. In an earlier meeting Texas had won, 75-47, but the second encounter saw the top scorers, McClellan, Boyds- tun and Delatour on the bench for 15 minutes because of foul trouble. The offensive changes paid off as Boydstun fin- ished the season with a 1 9.2 point per game aver- age, Delatour with a 17.3 average and McClellan with a 17.1 average. At the end of the season, these three standouts plus David Tyler were ele- vated to the varsity ranks to add bench depth. FRONT ROW: Gary Donald Boydstun, David Ronald Tyler, Norbore Anthony Giblin Jr., James Cecil Teel. SECOND ROW: David Bruce Bryan, Richard Bickley Brown, Patrick Joseph McClellan, Thomas Russell Delatour, David Ray Kirkham, Roy White Wheeler, Michael Lee Dukes, Brian James Lawrence. 436 |v basketball . J stun and ' College as they cored29 Webi 3 tost to nearlier mnutes tetun tin- Tie aver- teClelan season, sreele- " It ' s harder to get up for a JV game; there ' s not near as much mental preparation for our games. It ' s not that you want it that way, it ' s just that there ' s less emphasis on our games. " Pat McClellan, guard p calapa jv basketball 437 r BASEBALL 11 ...Texas St. Mary ' s .. .3 11 ... Texas St. Mary ' s ... 8 9 Texas Trinity 1 13 Texas Trinity 5 8 . . Texas Sam Houston . . 1 9 . . Texas Sam Houston . . 1 1 . . Texas Sam Houston . . 15.. Texas Sam Houston . . 2 7 Texas Trinity 4 6 Texas Trinity 1 1 7 . Texas Texas Lutheran . 2 1 . Texas Texas Lutheran . 3 8 .... Texas Houston . . Texas Houston . . Texas Houston . .Texas St. Mary ' s .Texas St. Mary ' s 4 Texas Rice . . 3 Texas Rice 2 4 Texas Rice 1 3 . Texas Texas Lutheran . . 13 .Texas Texas Lutheran .1 3 ... Texas Texas Tech ... 5 5 ... Texas Texas Tech . . . 16... Texas Texas Tech ... 1 18 6 22 7 5 19 3 5 .4 .3 .4 .2 .8 .3 .3 6 20 12 1 . .Texas SMU 3 . . Texas SMU 5 . . Texas SMU 5 Texas Minnesota Texas Minnesota . Texas Arkansas . Texas Arkansas . Texas Arkansas 15 Texas Baylor . . 12 Texas Baylor. . 6 Texas Baylor 5 9 Texas USL 3 24 Texas USL 8 5 Texas USL 1 4 Texas USL 3 5 Texas Lamar 4 8 Texas Lamar 1 5 Texas TCU 2 10 Texas TCU 4 8 Texas TCU 2 5 . . Texas Texas A M ..11 7 ... Texas Texas A M . . . 3 ... Texas Texas A M ... 2 5 . .Texas Southwestern . .4 10.. Texas Southwestern . . 2 TENNIS Place 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 Match . Pan American .St. Edward ' s .Trinity . Central Texas . Hardin Simmons . Pan American . Schreiner . Corpus Christi Invitational 2 Trinity 2 St. Edward ' s 2 SMU 2 LSU 2 Tennessee 1 TCU 1 Baylor 1 Texas Tech 2 Houston 3 Texas Relays Tournament 1 Rice 1 Texas A M 3 SWC SWIMMING 71 Texas Texas Tech 37 Texas Tennessee . 72 Texas Houston . . 39 Texas UTA . . . 40 Texas Oregon . . 76 Texas Texas A M 48 . . .Texas SMU . .42 .76 .41 .78 .73 .39 .65 59 Texas TCU 11 56 Texas TCU 14 37 Texas UTA 76 9 9 Texas Midwestern 17 2nd place SWC Meet Place GOLF Meet 2 Atoscacita 8 Pan American 8 Border Olympics 5 Cowboy Invitational 1 Morris Williams 1 Longhorn Classic 1 Bevo Classic 10 All America 1 . . . SWC Meet TRACK Place Meet 3 UTSFF Indoor 1 SWC Indoor 1 Border Olympics 2 Baylor, TCU, North Texas 1 1 2 1 1 1 . Houston, Lamar, Rice . Kansas State .Dallas Invitational .SMU, TCU .Texas A M, TCU, Rice .SWC . J . lit ' n track The Texas track team utilized well-balanced personnel to have one of its best seasons ever in 1 974. The balance came in the form of recruits and transfers especially in field events, where Texas became known as a national power for the first time in recent history. In 1973, the ' Horns ' successes came in the running events. It was a shade different in 1974 though, as the ' Horns ' didn ' t have as fantastic a year in the sprints as they did in ' 73. But, all things taken into consideration, Texas took a giant step toward achieving national prominence. In the field events, Texas firmly established national acclaim, thanks to newcomers and improved veterans. As a matter of fact, all school records in the field, with two exceptions, fell in 1 974. In the weight events, Dana LeDuc and Jim McGoldrick wasted no time in rewriting the University record book. LeDuc, a 6-3, 285-pound shotputter from UT-EI Paso, shattered the school shot mark by nearly two feet in the Texas Relays to win Texas ' only first place in the meet. LeDuc ' s throw of 64-8% broke teammate Bishop Dolegiew- icz ' s record 62-1 1 set last year. Dolegiewicz, one of several Canadian members of the team, also upped his lifetime best in 1 974 and set a new Can- adian national record. His record throw was 63-71 2. McGoldrick, also from UTEP, broke the school discus record in the year ' s second meet with a heave of 1 90-1 feet. The next week, McGoldrick came back to again better the record with a toss of 1 91 -9. Long jumper John Berry, a senior, spent 1974 steadily improving. He won most of the meets in which he was entered. After being the only Southwest Conference long jumper to better the 25-foot mark, he set a new school record at 25-6 1 4, eclipsing a record by Bill Elliott in 1 969. In the pole vault, sophomore David Shepherd entered the year with a lifetime best of 15-6. He met that height through the entire season and got 16 feet early in the year. After experimenting with a heavier pole, the Houston Lamar grad- uate easily set a new school record at 16-8 feet. Shepherd ' s assault on the 1 7-foot barrier took him the rest of the season. In the decathlon, the most grueling of all track and field events, senior Greg Hackney topped a remarkable year by beating the school decathlon record at the Texas Relays, fin- ishing third. Hackney ' s 7,352 points ranked him nationally among the top five in that event. Although 1974 wasn ' t exactly a year for sprinters, new- comers Nate Robinson, Overton Spence and Marvin Nash equalled school records in 1 974. Robinson, a transfer from Miami-Dade Junior College, ran a 13.6 to tie the school record in the 120-yard high hurdles. He also tied the school record in the 1 00-yard dash. Spence, from Jamaica, and Nash, a Canadian, also tied that 100-yard dash mark, both running 9.4 in the same race as Robinson. Nash equalled his feat in the Texas Relays. Although the mile relay team, an All American team in 1973, could beat Baylor only once in 1974, Texas runners led the SWC in most departments after the season was over. Texas runners led in the mile (Paul Craig), three-mile (Paul Craig), 120-yard high hurdles (Robinson), 440-yard dash (Don Sturgall) and 880-yard run (Rudolph Griffith). The mile relay team ' s best time, a 3:06.9 at the Texas Relays, was only good for third-place in that race, but it was also the nation ' s third fastest time in 1 974, behind North Car- olina Central (3:94.9) and Baylor (3:96.6). J school jj ! season. toys, fin- fs, new- in tell ege.ran hurdles. rerace IUIBS smer. lefPaul Texas tit was ItiCar- c. kaufman 442 Irack c kaufman track 443 f s. farrar FRONT ROW: Marvin Ecole Nash, Gary Dean Carter, Brian Hugh Lyerly, Donald Louis Corbelt, James David Colley, John Labon Berry, Timothy Patton, Jesse Angel Maldonado, Kerry Regan Smith, Timothy Crayton Harrington. SECOND ROW: Terry Nelson Little, John Henry Craig, Robert Bruce Workman, Donald Joe Sturgal, Silverio Carlos Bosch, Rudolph Dennis Griffith, John Steven Stack, George Wesley Dennis, Paul Frederick Craig, Randall Lee Lightfoot, Lamar Pitcher Collie. THIRD ROW: David Duane Ray, William Brice Wilborn, Craig Alan Brooks, Leonard C. Randolph, Edwin E. Wright, Glenn Sterling Goss, Nathan Robinson, Billy Gene Jackson, Overton Spence, David Powell Shephard, Ernest Reed Fischer. FOURTH ROW: Coach Cle- burne Price, Coach James Blackwood, Mark Cresap Klonower, Dana Louis LeDuc, James Dean McGoldrick, Zbigniew Bishop Dolegiewicz, Robert Francis Primeaux, Sigurdur Fridrik Busha, Martell Lewis Peter- man, James Dewitt Roberts, Manuel Garza. 444 Irack cross country FRONT: Mark Cresap Klonower, Ernest Reed Fischer, Robert Lloyd Stephenson, John Henry Craig. BACK: Coach Cleburne Price, Don Louis Corbett, Curtis Lamar Everett, Paul Frederick Craig, Coach James Blackwood. cross country 445 golf Ben was gone. How could the Texas golf team ever hope to win without him and his deadly-accurate clubs? That was the question as Longhorn golfers began their 1974 Southwest Conference season. Ben Crenshaw, per- haps the greatest collegiate golfer of all time had foregone his senior year of eligibility to join the Professional Golf Asso- ciation and the pro tour. For Coach George Hannon and the rest of the Texas team, the loss of Crenshaw left a huge gap in the ' Horns lineup especially with the way SWC rival Houston was shaping up. That gap was felt throughout the season. The ' Horns placed second in their first tournament, the Atoscacita Inter- collegiate, but fell to eighth in the Pan American and finally to ninth at the Border Olympics. At the Border Olympics, the Longhorns finished behind such schools as Houston Baptist and Texas Wesleyan not exactly something to light towers about. In fact, it took the ' Horns until late March to win a tourna- ment the Morris Williams Invitational, Texas ' own tourney. Texas won by 20 strokes over second place Oklahoma State. " They ' ve finally played up to their capacity, " Hannon said. At Morris Williams, Longhorn letterman Tony Pfaff and Jim Mason tied for top honors, each shooting 21 2. The ' Horns didn ' t do as well the next week in Houston, placing 10th in the competition. But Texas spent the rest of the week in Houston, practicing for the SWC Tournament which was played at Bear Creek Golf World. An extra week of practice for the SWC Tournament payed off, as Texas zoomed into the lead after the first round of play. However, the Cougars rallied and took a one stroke lead going into the final hole of the 54-hole tourney. Then, something extraordinary happened. With Houston leading by one stroke, Mason sunk a 50-foot putt on the 1 8th green and the talentless Longhorns earned a hard-fought tie with Houston for the SWC Championship. " Half a championship is better than no championship, " Hannon said. The tie gave Texas its third consecutive SWC golf championship. FRONT ROW: John Paul Scott, Timothy Todd Wilson, Gary David Kahn, Tony Earl Pfaff, Randall Mark Simmons, Raymond L. Waro- bick, Tony T. Saunders. SECOND ROW: Robert S. Harwell, Stewart Schockley, David Scott Narveson, Charles K. Kirkpatrick, Johnny Lloyd Dill, Scott Tolbert Haynie, James Terry Mason. THIRD ROW: Coach George Hannon, Robert Harrison Mase, Michael Davis Ball, Max Edwin Garrett, Derek J. Fulkerson, Eugene W. Aune, David K. Ferrell, Michael Burch Watson, Jaime Seaman, Stephen Michael Novak. 446 goll =:=: ' goll 447 swimming The Texas swimming team suffered the slings and arrows of administrative indifference in 1974 to finish second in the Southwest Conference behind perennial champion SMU. The administrative indifference became apparent in Janu- ary, when Coach Pat Patterson didn ' t accompany the ' Horns to Eugene, Oregon, the team ' s only road trip of the season. Patterson stayed behind to confront the University Athletic Council over a salary for Diving Coach Bob Clotworthy and additional swimming scholarships. The affair, blown out of proportion by both the media and the Council, did little to affect the outcome of the season. After an up and down year, the team went to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the Southwest Conference championships, favored to finish second in the meet. Last year, the ' Horns finished second to SMU but had more first places than any other team in the conference. At Fayetteville, the ' Horns only had one first place, All-America breaststroker Bob Rachner, who won the 200 meter event in 2:12.17 six seconds behind his record time set in 1973. In fact, the ' Horns had to stave off a hard-charging Texas A M team to capture second place. Texas had 289 points to 269 for the Aggies. SMU had 725 points. But it was all to no avail for Texas. Throughout the season, Patterson empha- sized the NCAA national meet as " The Meet " for the ' Horns and de-emphasized the SWC meet. " Our goal is to break the top 1 5, " Patterson said. " We can do anything we want at the conference meet and it won ' t mean a thing if we don ' t do well at the Nationals. " Following that line of thinking, Texas qualified seven swim- mers and one diver for the NCAA meet in Long Beach, Cali- fornia; freshmen Tim Carter, Ralph Watson, Ron Tyre and diver Bill Hobbs; sophomores Fred LeMaistre and Jamie Baird and juniors Dick Worrel and Rachner. Unfortunately, Texas did not score a point at Long Beach, but with a youthful, talented team and a better understanding with the Athletic Council, Patterson and the ' Horns may once again look ahead to next season and SMU ... a little more realistically. i 448 - swimming event in in 1973. ing Texas Spomtsto is all to no ]. ' t;can rtitwn ' t i Tyre and indJame i ray once IHemore 1. Douglas Adwell McPherson 2. Ren6Ruiz 3. Thomas Elder 4. Robert John Londrigan 5. William Austin Baker 6. David Leon Youngblood 7. Charles Herberton Machell 8. Milam Randolph Pharo 9. Stephen Herman Miller 10. John Michael Busch 1 1 . John Richard Worrel 1 2. Robert Richard Rachner 13. Charles Frederick LeMaistre 14. Brent Barker 15. William Standerfer 16. John Patrick Coulson 17. Elliot Cheney 18. Harold Marshall 1 9. William Waller Reeves 20. Douglas Edwin Nibouar 21. William Hobbs 22. John Kevin Fortin 23. Ralph Warren Watson 24. Steven Lynn Wix 25. Leroy Paul Brunner 26. Richard Ainsworth Goodall 27. Donald Graham 28. Robert Owen Morgan 29. William Rachner 30. Brian Arthur Vance 31 . Niven James Baird 32. Jean McPherson 33. Johnathan Poling 34. Mark Denson 35. Andrew Fish 36. David Alexander Arnold swimming 449 tennis In 1974, the SWC race revolved around third place. Houston, who had first place in the bag before a match was played, was just too strong. SMU, another traditionally strong SWC tennis power, was the likely choice for second-place honors since the only team that could beat the Mustangs was Houston. Third place was up for grabs between Texas, Texas A M and Rice. For Coach Dave Snyder, the SWC opener against SMU was " the biggest match of the year " for it was in that match that the pre-season SWC prophesy would be tested. True to form, SMU beat Texas, 5-2, and the ' Horns, last year ' s No. 11 team in the national ranking, began the fight for third. Texas came back to blank TCU, 7-0, earning the praise of TCU coach Tut Bartzen. " Texas is in a league with SMU and Houston, " he said. After TCU, the ' Horns had the dubious honor of acting as prey for Houston. The Cougars won, 6- 1 , leaving Texas with a 21 -1 4 SWC record. The next match with Rice all but gave the ' Horns their third place finish, as Texas won, 5-2. Senior Captain Dan Nelson, who played his last match at Penick Courts, edged Rice ' s top-seed, Emilio Montano in a tie breaker, to finish a suc- cessful career at Texas. Nelson was named all-SWC and ranked 10th nationally while at the University. " What a way to go out, " Nelson said. " It means a lot to win your last match. " Texas players Stewart Keller and Gonzalo Nunez, a member of the Mexican Jr. Davis Cup team also won their matches against Rice. Whaling and Nelson, Texas ' No. 1 doubles team, also helped Texas upset the Owls and bring Texas third place in the SWC. After Rice, the ' Horns ' only threat was Texas A M in College Station. Texas won easily, ending the year in strong fashion. And even though Nelson is graduating, Texas can look ahead to even better future successes as Snyder is building a top-flight tennis program at Texas a football school. 450 tennis ! FRONT: Gonzalo Francisco Nunez, James Thomas Roberts, Wil- ren Nelson, Jim Bayless, Paul Bertrand Wiegand, Daniel Merritt liam Edward Fisher, Richard Graham Whaling, Bradley Claude Byfield. Nabers. BACK: Coach Dave Snyder, Stewart Keller, Daniel War- tennis 451 baseball With the third out of the Texas-A M baseball game, April 7, 1 974, Longhorn baseball fans shed a few tears. Tears came for two reasons first, the ' Horns had sur- vived a massive hitting attack by the Aggies to win the SWC title and second, a grand tradition had ended. The year 1974 was the last year in which baseball players would scale centerfield mountains to catch fly balls. Next year, the ' Horns will play in the new Disch-Falk Field and Clark Field, that old friend for many baseball enthusiasts, will become an extension of the art school. The new baseball stadium, located east of campus and IH 35, will be level, will have lights and will be carpeted with Astroturf a drastic change from Clark Field. Throughout the 1 974 season, excavation of the new Disch-Falk Field was underway. However, the construction and the end of the Clark Field era didn ' t hamper another long tradition Texas ' domina- tion of Southwest Conference baseball. The ' Horns finished the season with a record of 44-4 and won the SWC with a record of 20-4. However, Texas trailed the Aggies through most of the SWC schedule, losing games to Rice, Texas Tech, Arkansas and A M along the way. And the final series against A M was for all the marbles or so it was thought before the weekend. Something happened to the Aggies before that all-impor- tant showdown and they lost four of six games, dropping two games behind Texas before the last weekend of play. The Aggies had to sweep the ' Horns to win the SWC and the way things looked after the first game of the series, an A M sweep wasn ' t totally out of the realm of possibility. In the first game of the three-game series, the Aggies pounded Texas pitching for 1 5 hits and won the game 1 1 -5. But the ' Horns, needing only one game to clinch the title, won the first game of the next day ' s doubleheader, 8-0. The strong right arm of sophomore Jim Gideon was all the ' Horns needed as the Houstonian won a record 11 SWC games, completing seven of them, also a SWC record. For the ' Horns, 1974 was a good year. The team hit for a hefty .320 team batting average and yielded the fewest runs in the conference, 86. Even though A M won the conference team batting title with .340 average, the ' Horns led the SWC in runs, 21 5, total bases, 411, triples, 11, home runs, 31, walks received, 153 and runs batted in, 1 98. Catcher-first baseman Rick Bradley led the ' Horns in hit- ting, finishing third in the SWC at .414. First baseman Mickey Reichenbach was the only freshman in the SWC to end up in the Top 1 in hitting, batting .386 for the season. Last year ' s All-American third baseman Keith Moreland dropped off a little in 1 974, hitting .374. In pitching, Texas had one of its finest years. Besides lead- ing the conference in fewest runs yielded the Texas pitching staff allowed fewer walks than any other SWC team, 90. Gideon also led the SWC in control, yielding only 1.94 walks per game. Richard Wortham, last year ' s pitching sen- sation (10-0) didn ' t win as many games, (3-2), but averaged 1 0.26 strikeouts per game to finish second among all confer- ence pitchers. Slugging pitcher Rick Burley, finished his career strong, hitting .318 with five homers and 26 RBI ' s. He also won five games without a loss in SWC play, second only to Gideon in that department. 452 baseball Aggies ill-5. hit fora stfuns ing tile ! 5, total at 153 sin hit- tae, jreland itching g sen- strong, or five jew in " The key is unity. There have been many great individuals in the past and this year ' s team is no exception. Atter our losses to Tech and Arkansas we realized that we had to come together as a team to win the conference. We just had to get it together and we did. " Terry Pyka, outfielder G i p. huber 4 S4 baseball ' -: ' baseball 455 at ' 1 ' MSSeS FRONT ROW: Steven Earl Day, Robert Cuellar, Joseph Anthony Ayers, Garry Edward Pyka, Charles Frederick Proske, Marcus Ray Griffin, Michael Dean Anderson. SECOND ROW: Russell David Pounds, Thomas Patrick Cusick, Richard Cooper Wortham, Blair Todd Stouffer, James Richard Bradley, Thomas Henry Ball, Terry Joseph Pyka. THIRD ROW: Bobby Keith Moreland, Repaid Lee Jacobs, Doyle R. Moore, Martin Farfan Flores, Douglas Emmett Duncan, James Ray Brown, Howard Herrera, Coach Bill Bethea. FOURTH ROW: Coach Cliff Gustafson, Spanky Stephens, Michael Neal Reichenbach, Gary Wendell Hibbett, James David Reeves, James Leslie Gideon, Charles F. Burley, Curtis Michael Cavanaugh, Jerry Daniel Wheat. 456 baseball baseball 457 G953-1973 " ) TO RWE AfdHTRnTA D15QUI5ED HERSELF AUD PLACED AN ENTIRE FOOTBALL GAME VITHOUT BEING DISCOVERED. FOUND IN LOCKER. OF FRUSTRATED TAK 5 LEATU BALLS TO PLAY AND A MAi$UMAU-OW MGK Si I r r Vxt-z ji i_- - i ' -.- " i. i_ Si i i i . , TOBEQ OHTWE STREET CORNER. TO GOTO t EET BECAUSE TUEL EM? 1 RE OF UT FOOY5MJ- WOU LDM T Q| E TMEH AH Y ' TIED-UP, IT TOOK OFFICIALS EE " ROURS TO CO PLETBLY ONlANQ TVS 0 WRESTLERS ONLy TO RNO OOT TV THEY WHRE SIAMESE TWINS JOINED AT TtAE ON THE " COURT FIVE I FINGERS ' U (flfl )OOT SUPER- UFT JOCK WAS ABU5 TO BREAK V0qhT LIFT1MQ R.ECOR.D.BOT EVEH MORE REM RKAB LE HIS SPEEDY RECOVERY A GAME PLAYED WH ' -A NET, A BALLT WO RACKETS AND TWO OR POOR SWEATY BODIES, BUT ITS = THAT ONLY MEN CAN PLAY WOMEN ONLY women ' s athletics " Sure we ' d like to lump everything together wrestling, soccer, handball, women, " University Athletic Director Dar- rell Royal said in June, 1 973. " But where are we going to get all the money we need? " Money was the main hangup and the meeting room of the University Athletic Council was the battlefield as concerned students united in an effort to end sex discrimination in inter- collegiate athletics at the University. The problem stemmed from lack of money and interest and a concern for the legitimacy of the women ' s athletic teams that have been on campus for seven years. The teams operate on a total annual budget of $2,400, all of which comes from the intramural program. As a result of the meager funding, the 100-plus women athletes have had to pay for their own equipment, training, travel and all other expenses required. Women ' s coaches were also unpaid for their services. In June, 1973, no one on the Athletics Council was aware of the injustice and discrimination that was being tolerated. " But I don ' t foresee any ready allocated funds for wom- en ' s athletics, " Council Chairman J. Neils Thompson said. The group ' s did set up an ad hoc committee to study the feasibility of an expanded program of intercollegiate athletics for women. In November, the committee submitted its report and the council refused to act on it. The council ' s refusal to act brought concerned student and faculty groups together. A petition was circulated by the Daily Texan and Student Government calling for an end to sex discrimination in intercollegiate athletics. A Daily Texan sports writer, Herb Holland, was sent to Dal- las for the Southwest Conference winter meeting to present the petition to faculty representatives from the SWC ' s nine member schools. Following the presentation, the group voted to recognize women ' s participation in varsity athletics. Further results of the student campaign were seen when the Texas women ' s varsity basketball team played the first women ' s basketball game ever in Gregory Gym, against Southwest Texas State University. In March, 1974, the council finally announced a proposal for a separate program of intercollegiate athletics for women. Provisions of the council ' s proposal included: a) a separate athletic council for women; b) a starting budget of $50,000; c) use of the Gregory Gym offices for the women ' s program; d) a separate student blanket tax for women ' s athletics, which would provide financing for the program and e) a director of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women. Some advocates of women ' s athletics felt the council ' s move was more of a cop-out than a solution. " Instead of taking women ' s athletics, the council declared themselves the intercollegiate athletic council for men, " said council member Richard Goodman. Women ' s intramural director Betty Thompson submitted an alternative proposal to University President Stephen Spurr calling for a combined program of men ' s and women ' s inter- collegiate athletics to be funded as one group with an associ- ate athletic director for women. The University System Board of Regents, however, passed a proposal for a separate nega- tive check-off option for women ' s athletics, paving the way for the Athletic Council ' s original proposal. And the battle rages on ... 460 utsa utsa 461 utsa TENNIS TEAM: FRONT: Jo Ann Kutz, Rebecca Ann Bryant, Paula Jane Phillips, Nancy Bernice Macken, Rebecca Walker, Debbie Ann Brownstein. BACK: Patrica Ann Nixon, Teresa Marie Murphy, Marylinda Govaars, Mary Elizabeth Tredennick, Amy Kay Wil- kins, Candice Beth Cowden, Coach Betty Hagerman. BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT: Rita Jean Egger, Cynthia Anne Hill, Cathy Eugenia Jaster, Treva Kay Trice, Jo Ann Holmes. BACK: Bar- bara Lynn Harmon, Paula Jean Muecke, Deborah Denice Turnbough, Coach Rodney Page, Jody Thorne, Lorene Elizabeth McClellan, Gilda Y. Garcia. 462 ulsa BADMINTON TEAM: FRONT: Cynthia Dawun Lutz, Laurence Carter Lambert, Jesus Antonio Del Bos- que, Sylvia Yolanda Barron. BACK: Eddie Vidal Mar- tinez, Patricia Carolyn Wilson, Richard Lee Parker, Deborah Jean Darr, Francisco Javier Cepeda. FENCING TEAM: FRONT: James Carroll Smith, Nguyen Bao Ngoc, Carl Dale Pritchett, John Esten Keller, Kermit W. Meister, Denise Bruce E. Aldridge, Donna Lynn VanDewalli, Charles Curtis Parrish, McLemore, Susan Elaine Rogers. David Byron Kazar, Joan Chastain. BACK: Janet Elizabeth Turner, utsa 463 1 . Carolyn Frost Keenan 2. Cynthia Dawnn Lutz 3. Coach Jo Spearman 4. Tracy Ellen Doescher 5. Vicki Griffith 6. Dorothy Ann Brooks 7. Barbara Elaine Harkins 8. Peggy Lorraine Kubena 9. Josie Kay Nix 10. Julie Gayle Clark 1 1 . Sandra Carolyn Svalberg 12. Annette Louise Romero 13. Diana Jeannene Fox 14. Mary Francis Santo Maria 1 5. Erlinda Rose Dearborn 16. Cheryl Ann Bowman utsa SOCCER TEAM: FRONT: David Conrad Bruton, Hamo Halcopiar, Charles F. McCluer, Aubrey Leon Carter, Luis Tempe, Richard Lee Wallner, William L. Pegler, Elio Edvardo King, Christopher G. Jor- dan. BACK: Robert P. Higley, Christopher T. Mendell, Khadiv Shafii Sabet, William Gonzales, Fereydoun Ohadi, Esmael Ghadessy, Pablo Camus Taboada, Gregory Scott Leiser, Graig Thomas Litton, Paul Kreuzer, Alfred Erler. 464 utsa BOWLING TEAM: SEATED: Thomas Lee Alan Robles, David Michael Hayworlh, Kern. STANDING: William Reymond Frank Edward Freeman. Flocks, Ernest Edward Hodge, Michael SWIMMING TEAM: FRONT ROW: Micaela Elizabeth Brown, Janet Howard Usher, Deborah K. Bevil, Carolyn Suzanne Jackson, Joel Hodges, Nancy Louisa Robert- son, Kelly Jayne Freeland. SECOND ROW: Jessica Lynn Elfenbein, Katherine Louise Welch, Leslie Moshell Levine, Maura Jean Dorgan, Beery B. Boggs, Mariana Brunner, Debra Ann Reinbach. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Logan, Mary Elizabeth Thornhill. utsa 465 WRESTLING TEAM: FRONT ROW: William Howard Tanker, James Weston Wheeler, David Dearborn. BACK ROW: Charles T. Gould, William Richard McCormick, Alan DeCoster, David N. Schram. -: ' GYMNASTICS TEAM: FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Larkin McDonald, LuAnne Scott, Deborah Lee Pearson, Patricia Karen Bettis, Teresa Ann Adams, Coac h Sharon Koepke. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Amanda Gibbons, Rebecca Denise Wilson, Susan Jeanne Reilly, Margaret Ellen Broules. THIRD ROW: Debra Ann Reinbach, Carey Briscoe Congdon, Catherine Patricia Bauer, Marilyn Irene Kolly. WEIGHTLIFTING TEAM: FRONT ROW: Timothy Kenneth Tong, Bruce Ralph Bach- mann, Daniel David Gavito. BACK ROW: Alex Delacerda, Charles Roy Cook. GOLF TEAM: FRONT ROW: Debbie Jo Norton, Margaret J. Blacklock. BACK ROW: Carolyn Nichols Fran- ces Lee Collins, Pamela Sue Marcum. utsa 467 intramurais 468 intramurais rais mtramurals 469 p. calapa 470 intramurals mtramurals 471 472 intramurals administration classes .Of administration classes I If fi) Q. 3 3 edited by susie stoler M o administration-473 a bad year Things could have gone better for University administrators in 1 974. Aside from general threats such as a federal suit over minority representation on campus, specific events plagued officials throughout the year. In November, 55-year-old University President Stephen Spurr was hospital- ized in Dallas for a " minor cardiac condition. " Spurr was forced to delegate official duties to James Colvin, vice president for business affairs, for several weeks. In early June, however, Spurr underwent a coronary bypass operation in Hous- ton. The surgery, performed by Dr. Denton Coo- ley, was intended to alleviate the problem. More disturbing than Spurr ' s absence from 474 administration office was the December arrest of Edward Car- penter, less than a week after he had resigned as director of the Student Financial Aids office. Car- penter, picked up in Pennsylvania, was charged with embezzling $24,505 in student awards and falsifying processes used to grant student aids. A complete audit of the office was ordered and con- tinued into the summer. Another official, Vice President Lorene Rogers, announced her resignation in January. Dr. Rog- ers became chairman of the Graduate Record Examination Board August 31 , 1 974. As the University System Board of Regents made headlines during the year, President Spurr was attacked continually for not intervening in regental action on behalf of students. These criti- cisms came to a head in March when funds for The Daily Texan and Student Government were made optional checkoff items instead of manda- tory fees by a 6 to 3 vote. At least one event was anticipated by many fac- ulty and administrators the opening of the Fac- ulty Center in the old Forty Acres Club. After repeated delays, the center was scheduled for completion in September, 1 974, promising to pro- vide dining, meeting and drinking areas for fac- ulty, staff and their guests. Edward Carpenter a man with questionable funds. President Spurr faced health and campus problems in 1 974. administration 475 the academic experience creating 4 76 administration f listening il absorbing administration 477 s farrar 478 school of architecture Historical and environmental preservation were the keynotes to the School of Architecture this year. Students and faculty became actively involved in local efforts to save historical buildings such as Hunnicutt House and century-old struc- tures on East Sixth Street. Several students worked with an area elementary school in provid- ing playground equipment and with Student Gov- ernment in creating a consulting group for improvement of campus buildings. Other cooper- ative programs included a project with the city of Austin to study goals of city planning, bicenten- nial projects and Austin creeks. Charles H. Burnette, new dean of the school, came to the University from Philadelphia where he founded the innovative Center for Planning, Design and Construction. Another addition to the faculty was Richard Lillie, director of city planning for Austin, who taught a course in the graduate community and regional planning program. Viewpoints and ideas from outside the Univer- sity were brought to the school through a year- long lecture series and visiting professor pro- gram. Among the guest architects, engineers and critics who taught classes and lectured were Rob- ert Venturi, Vincent Scully, Louis Sauer, Michael Graves and August Komendant. Several commu- nity figures including City Councilman Bob Binder and state Rep. Sarah Weddington addressed classes on current environmental issues. school of architecture Dean Charles H. Burnette City Councilman Bob Binder addressed a landscape architecture class. school of architecture 479 college of humanities For several hundred years a college education consisted solely of courses in the classics, foreign languages, literature and philosophy. Although higher education has broadened considerably since that time, University students are offered the opportunity to study in the classical areas by the curriculum of the College of Humanities. From the basic freshman English class to the struggling first semester language course, most students find themselves enrolled in humanities courses at one time or another during their col- lege days. Course selection, however does not stop with basic levels of interest. Students can opt Dean Stanley Werbow for courses in Aristophanes or American humor, mysticism in modern India, intermediate Czech and many others. In addition to formal classes, the various departments offer films, poetry and music pro- grams in an effort to present a multifaceted view of a country ' s culture. Opportunities for sharpen- ing verbal skills in languages are available in departmental language laboratories. The college ' s various departments include Ori- ental and African languages, Spanish and Portu- guese, French and Italian, Germanic and Slavic languages, English, linguistics, classics and phi- losophy. 480 college of Humanities The wisdom of Virgil continues to enlighten at a classics department reading. college of humanities 481 Albert Sellstrom, French and Italian K. Carter Wheelock, Spanish and Portuguese Jan Perkowski, Slavic languages 46? college ot humanities A. Leslie Willson, Germanic languages department chairmen Batts Hall tape center provides language students with the materials to develop further skills. college ol humanities 483 William Keast, English department chairmen r - The German department presented several plays during the year. 484 college ol humanities Edgar Polome, Oriental and African languages and literature G. Douglas Browning, philosophy John Peradotto, classics college ol humanities 485 Comet KohouteK ' s heralded visit was followed closely by the astronomy department. ut astronomy department college of natural sciences 486 college of natural sciences Dean A. R. Schrank A multitude of disciplines ranging from the ancient science of astronomy to the modern mira- cle of the computer, make up the College of Natu- ral Sciences. In addition to 1 1 academic depart- ments, there are 13 organized research areas. Two new degrees were awarded this year; the bachelor of arts in computer sciences and the bachelor of science in mathematics. After a year of occupation, the new building housing physics, math and astronomy depart- ments was named in honor of Robert Lee Moore, professor emeritus of mathematics. In another dedication ceremony, the old physics building was renamed after the late Theophilus S. Painter, professor of zoology. Future building expansion includes a $15 million addition to the chemistry building, approved by the regents in February. -.w iences college of natural sciences 487 Frederik De Wette, physics Leonard Gillman, mathematics Levette Joe Berry, microbiology 438 cotlege of natural sciences Nutrition students conducted experiments with rats. department chairmen Mary Durrett, home economics Rowland Petit, chemistry college ol natural sciences 489 :: ' -- ' f ' .- Elaborate equipment requires constant monitoring by biology students. Harlan Smith, astronomy t ; f ' Harry Eldon Button, zoology 490 college o! natural sciences ! James Browne, computer sciences : : :c, " f r ' i department chairmen Robert Boyer, geology Tom Mabry, botany college of natural sciences 491 college of social and behavioral sciences Experimental psychology students analyze the rat ' s behavior with elaborate equipment. " The proper study of mankind is Man. " Alexander Pope Students and faculty members in the eight departments of the College of Social and Be- havioral Sciences are formally engaged in the " proper " study mentioned by the essayist. One of the four successors of the old College of Arts and Sciences, the college emphasizes research methods as a learning device. The Pop- ulation Research Center is operated by all depart- ments. Projections of state populations for the next four decades were released this year by the Center. A series of articles on the trends of Texas county populations was also published. More undergraduates are enrolled as majors in the Department of Psychology than any other dis- cipline on campus. Other departments in the school are anthropology, economics, geography, government, history, linguistics and sociology. " " ' 92 social and behavioral sciences Cartography, the art of map drawing, is taught in geography labs. Dean James McKie social and behavioral sciences 493 David Glass, psychology department chairmen Charles Bonjean, sociology Malcolm MacDonald, government 494 social and behavioral sciences Jeremiah Epstein, anthropology Anthropology students gained experience through field work s. german social and behavioral sciences 495 department chairmen Robert T. Harms, linguistics Linguistics students use a special laboratory to test learning abilities. 96 social and behavioral sciences Clarence Lasby, history Stephen McDonald, economics Robert Holtz, geography social and behavioral sciences 497 AREAS OF STUDY American studies Archeological studies Asian Studies Biblical studies Comparative studies Ethnic studies European studies General studies Folklore center Independent studies International studies Latin American studies Middle Eastern studies Museum studies Plan II Air Force science Military science Naval science Social welfare studies Marine studies Transportation studies Independent studies classes offer credit for projects of an individual ' s own choosing. division of general and comparative studies .--- .... - - 498 general and comparative studies Future armed services officers enroll in military science classes. A vast grouping of courses and study areas are supervised by the Division of General and Com- parative Studies, a fourth academic splinter of the old College of Arts and Sciences. Such varied offerings as Sports in America and the History of Africa can be found in the division ' s catalogue. Each year, additional courses are offered in response to new areas of student interest. In addition to coordinating almost 20 academic departments, the division supervises counseling for students planning on careers in medicine, dentistry and other health professions. To help students prepare for professional schools ' entrance exams, the division offers special pro- grams throughout the year. Dean James Roach general and comparative studies 499 Graduating seniors note appointments for job interviews posted outside the BEB placement office. Is 500 college ol business administration Dean George Kozmetsky college of business administration Since the first bachelor of business administra- tion degree was authorized in 1916, the College of Business Administration has continued its steady growth. During the year, the din of con- struction on the $6 million Graduate School of Business adjoining the present building may have been distracting, but upon completion the new facility will furnish badly-needed space. Another development for graduate business students was the approval in September of a $100,000 loan fund for master ' s and doctoral candidates. This was the first time the college ear- marked loans specifically for graduate students. Between crucial interviews for jobs, business students heard various speakers, including econ- omist Gardner Ackley, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Johnson. Ackley spoke in January on the limits of growth in American economy. In February, Insurance Day was observed with a program to promote better communication between insurance industry leaders and faculty and students. Joe Christi, chairman of the State Board of Insurance, spoke on insurance careers. CBA week in March also brought business executives from a cross-section of industries to speak in classrooms and at panel discussions. Keynote speaker for the week was Dr. Karl Cohen from the General Electric Nuclear Research Cen- ter in San Diego, California. college ol business administration 501 --,.. Business majors kept the college computer busy solving, or perhaps creating, problems. i Robert Witt, marketing I Gay lord Jentz, general business 502 college of business administration Elizabeth Lanham, management K. D. Larson, accounting L. L. Crum, finance department chairmen college of business administration 503 p catapa Newsman Walter Cronkite answered students ' questions at a news conference during Communication Week. school of communication When the School of Communication moved into its new $9 million home in the spring, contro- versy flared over the buildings in the complex. One, affectionately known as the " rusty bucket, " houses the studios for the radio-televi- sion-film department and KLRN public television station. Complaints about the aesthetics of the rust-colored, weathered steel building were com- mon-place when it was under construction. How- ever, it remained for students and faculty to dis- cover the hidden riches of the building, such as stairways that sound like wind tunnels and win- dows with a life expectancy of two months. The new complex was not all that happened to the largest communication school in the nation, which enrolled over 2,000 students. After 27 years of ex istence as a mere sequence in journal- ism, advertising was elevated to full departmental status with a faculty of five full-time professors. The Department of Speech Communication sponsored a summer camp for deaf children with the Texas Education Agency. Journalism Profes- sor DeWitt C. Reddick was named outstanding journalism educator in the nation by Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalism society. CBS news anchorman Walter Cronkite head- lined the list of media personalities present in March for Communications Week. Other guests included syndicated columnist David Broder of The Washington Post and social critic Vance Packard. 504 school of communication : More than $1 million worth of equipment went into the new television studios. i mlller Dean Wayne A. Danielson school ol communication 505 ;, r :: m Griff Singer advises a student in news reporting class Rodney W. Whitaker, radio-television-film 506 school of communication William A. Mindak, advertising department chairmen Norris G. Davis, journalism Robert C. Jeffrey, speech communication school o( communication 507 As 1 974 ended, the College of Fine Arts looked ahead to 1 976 and the completion of the first por- tion of the new Performing Arts Center. The cen- ter, part of the east campus expansion program, will consist of a complex of buildings including additions to existing art and drama structures and a 3,000 seat auditorium. University President Stephen Spurr approved the auditorium seating capacity in September, ending eight months of controversy surrounding the center, whose original cost estimates of $20 million continued to rise. POther new developments included the cre- ation of the first endowed professorship, named in honor of Leslie Waggener, son of the first Uni- versity president. In addition, two new degree plans were approved. A doctor of philosophy in art history will be offered through the Department of Art and the Graduate School, and the master of fine arts degree program, with a concentration in fine arts administration, will begin in 1 974. Dean Peter Garvie Live models are the focus of attention and study in life drawing courses. 508 college ol fine arts college of fine arts Drama students strike a theatrical set college ol tine arts 509 An empty auditorium is the stage of an organ concert as a solitary music student practices department chairmen Ralph White, art I college of line arts . ' Webster Smalley, drama MlMtt Robert Bays, music ; An art student applies a pattern to paper using an embossing technique. college of fine arts 511 Recess is a learning experience at Wooldridge Hall Nursery School. 51 2 colleg of education Dean Lorrin Kennamer Growing national demands for increased minority participation in all areas of life were answered by the College of Education this year through two programs involving minority educa- tion. A bilingual education program, the first of its kind to be approved in the state, prepares stu- dents for teaching in the primary grade class- rooms with an English-Spanish setting. In cooperation with Pan American University in Edinburg, the college also maintains a special project aimed at recruiting and training junior col- lege teachers from minority groups, including blacks, chicanos and women. Future junior col- lege instructors are trained to aid minority stu- dents in personal, as well as academic areas. Bellmont Hall became the home for the restruc- tured health, physical education and recreation college of education department. Physical instruction classes, required of most undergraduate students, were placed under this department ' s supervision. Although the health, physical education and rec- reation department will remain in its present facil- ity permanently, the rest of the college will move into a new education building in the fall of 1975. When the new structure is occupied, the various departments and offices of the college will be in the same building for the first time. In addition to classroom training programs, the college ' s graduate programs offer training for school psychologists, administrators, counselors and school superintendents. The Austin Inde- pendent School District also cooperates with the college in sponsoring a teacher center which aids teachers through workshops and programs. college ol education 513 Michael P. Thomas, educational administration Jackson Reid, educational psychology department chairmen William Bennie, curriculum and instruction . 514 cottage of education John Martin Rich, cultural toundations of education Waneen Wyrick Spirduso, health, physical education and recreation r DIVISION OFFICE OF THE DEAN John D. King, special education Education majors preregister for classes. college of education 515 Energy was one of public problems transcend- ing political lines in 1 974, and the College of Engi- neering was actively involved in studying and suggesting remedies to the situation. The opin- ions of faculty and students were solicited during the fall debate over Austin ' s involvement in a South Texas nuclear power plant. Another local concern, minority recruitment, was answered with the Equal Opportunity in Engi- neering Program. Funded by Texas industries and foundations, the program awards scholar- ships to minority engineering students yearly. Although student enrollment in engineering lev- eled off during the year, the increasingly heavy administrative work loads caused the appoint- ment of assistant department chairmen for all six engineering departments. The annual Engineering Week was observed in February. Featured speaker was Dr. Alfred J. Eggers from the National Science Foundation. Nancy Weidt was named engineering sweetheart during the week-long activities. Students use load cells to test stress on materials. Dean Earnest Gloyna 516 college ot engineering Electrical engineering students study fourier transforms in laboratory. college of engineering college of engineering 517 Kenneth Gray, petroleum engineering I;.: department chairmen B. D. Tarpley, aerospace engineering . ' ? Jamie P. Lamb, mechanical engineering 518 college ol engineering David Himmelblau, chemical engineering - ; ' " Herbert Woodson, electrical engineering Hudson Matlock, civil engineering college of engineering 519 nursing school v Dean Billye J. Brown SCHOOLS-NURSING. On October 17, 1973, no cries of preservation were raised when a World War II barracks met with final defeat in the jaws of a steam shovel. For the School of Nursing the razing meant the end of 12 years of existence in C.P. Hall, the last of the wartime structures on campus to be razed. A new era began for the school which moved into a modern structure at 1 700 Red River. The new location is within walking distance of both the Uni- versity and Brackenridge Hospital. Closed-circuit television, hospital beds and an audio-visual library were among the new equip- ment available to students in the new facility. However, even a new building could not solve one problem of the past. Some nursing majors continued to have to wait a semester before gain- ing admission to the clinical training program of the nursing school system. Overcrowding caused the waiting time which was characteristic of all campuses in the University nursing system. Although no solution to the delay for admission was reached, system administrators researched possible changes in admission policies such as requiring higher grade point averages. During the fall, students from the Austin cam- pus conducted a blood pressure screening drive at Highland Mall shopping center. In cooperation with the American Heart Association, the Ameri- can Red Cross and the Travis County Medical Society, students helped test more than 1 ,500 persons for high blood pressure. nursing school 521 college of pharmacy A new doctor of pharmacy degree plan was approved this year, making the College of Phar- macy the first school in the Southwest to offer such a program. The new professional plan is slated to begin in the fall of 1 974. Another addition to the class schedule was a nontechnical course on drugs in society open to all students except pharmacy majors. A continuing program for pharmacists in Texas was conducted throughout the year with semi- nars and conferences. Professionals in the field were kept up to date by the program on new fed- eral guidelines and other important concepts. Dean James T. Doluisio : 22 college of pharmacy ,0 The Student Health Center pharmacy provided practical experience for students. College of pharmacy 523 Watergate and the state constitutional conven- tion filled 1973-74 with many legal problems and questions of interest to the School of Law. Charles Alan Wright, University law professor and scholar of constitutional law, received national recognition when President Richard Nixon appointed him special legal consultant dur- ing the White House tapes controversy of the Senate Watergate committee hearings. During his consultation period, Wright spent half of each week teaching classes before flying to Washing- ton to argue the President ' s case in court. Dean Page Keeton was among the delegates to the state Constitutional Revision Commission. That body presented a preliminary draft for a new state constitution to the legislature meeting as the Constitutional Revision Convention in January. school of law Academically, the law school continued to rank as one of the top in the nation. In addition to the socratic classrooms, unique to law schools, stu- dents benefited from practical experience on law publications an d in organizations. Second-year students were eligible for a limited number of summer internships in criminal justice agencies. Community legal service programs allowed law students to represent clients in court with the aid of a practicing attorney. The Legal Research Board allowed attorneys to have access to the specialized law library in Townes Hall. The Continuing Legal Education Program sponsored conferences throughout the year for Texas attorneys. Among the topics discussed were the state penal code, social security prac- tices and mortgage lending procedures. _ .- Page Keeton, retiring dean school ol law ed to rank ton to the tote, slu- ice on la cmi-yeat inter d gendes ed a: i the aid Research ssstothe ;unty pfac- Law students put in many hours studying in the Townes Hall library. school ol law 525 Seminars are an integral part of the curriculum. lyndon baines Johnson school of public affairs Acting Dean Alexander Clark S26 loj school A $250,000 Ford Foundation grant was awarded to the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs this year as a supplement to curric- ulum funding and minority recruitment. One of the few institutions of its kind, the school offers a two-year graduate program focusing on four areas of public policy-making: research, administration, management and politics. A large part of a student ' s time is concerned with policy research projects. This year, in coop- eration with various state boards and committees, the graduate students researched energy require- ments for Texas, no-fault auto insurance and post-secondary education in the state. Alexander Clark was appointed acting dean during Dean John Gronouski ' s leave of absence. Clark traveled throughout the country in conjunc- tion with the minority recruitment program. Constitutional Convention interns got a close look at the world of public affairs. Ibj school 527 graduate school Community and regional planning, environ- mental health engineering and musical arts are examples of the diverse fields of study open to University graduate students. Degree offerings are divided into areas broader than undergradu- ate divisions, often involving work in several dif- ferent academic departments. The Graduate School, an association of profes- sors and scholars, is responsible for conferring all graduate degrees except those in law and nurs- ing. Each academic department with a graduate program has an advisor and committee on gradu- ate studies engaged in counseling students on graduate programs. Supervising committees have responsibility for advanced students. Independent study comprises an important part of the graduate program. Opportunities for field work and internships offer additional training as do various research, teaching and academic assistantships. Main Library carrels provide quiet nooks for graduate students. 528 graduate school A new library provided excellent research facilities for library science students. Students graduating from the School of Library Science are qualified to work in varied areas including research corporations, law and medical libraries and computer research. In addition to the master ' s and PhD programs, the school offers a program of advanced study for experienced librarians desiring more exact train- ing in a specialized concentration. The Learning Research Center, which opened in October, provides audio-visual equipment for students and faculty. Slide and photographic equipment plus video-tape units were available for student use through the center. Another service, a placement program, was established to aid graduates in writing resumes, locating jobs and arranging interviews. graduate school of library science Dean Glenn Sparks graduate school of library science 529 Dean Otis conducts seminar class. graduate school of social work The mid-sixties surge of student interest in careers involving social change, activism and per- sonal contact proves to be of continuing benefit to the Graduate School of Social Work. Since its inception in 1 950, applications to the school have increased 10-fold, from 30 to 300. Only three other schools in Texas offer a similar graduate program emphasizing social planning and research. A new doctorate program was approved in November with implementation scheduled for the fall of 1974. During the year the school was selected by the federal government to conduct studies on welfare for a six-state region in con- junction with federal and state agencies. A con- tract was maintained in cooperation with the Uni- versity of Texas School of Medicine in San Anto- nio for research into health services for the poor. Classroom and office facilities were expanded when the School of Communication, which for- merly shared space with the School of Social Work, moved into its new complex. TheE ' te- ' 3uea.. ::: ' ntfeb Austin Arnei ' good.a-: " - Pnfci - ere: : . 530 graduate school of social work In addition to conducting evening classes for 3,000 students, the Division of Extention offers many community programs and services. The Extention Teaching and Field Service Bureau sponsors college-level courses for those unable to attend regular class sessions. This year, the bureau began a new program, Courses by Newspaper, which made it possible to earn col- lege credit by studying printed lectures in the Austin American-Statesman. Response was good, and the bureau is considering expansion of the newspaper study program. Practical noncredit courses and seminars are offered by the Industrial and Business Training Bureau. This agency provides vocational exten- tion courses to help citizens keep abreast of new developments in different industries. For the past two years, the Instructional Mate- rial Service has conducted research on the devel- opment of instructional material for illiterate adults. This research is the only program of its kind funded by the Department of Health, Educa- tion and Welfare. By allowing the illiterate adult to work independently, the program builds basic reading and computational skills. From a start of only 1 1 9 persons, the research has expanded to include 8,000 people from five states all working to combat illiteracy. Dean William Barren division of extension division of extension 531 1. Stephen Schreiber Coordinator of Orientation 2. James P. Duncan Dean of Students 3. Lawrence T. Franks Associate Dean of Students 4. David H. McClintock Assistant to the Dean of Students 5. Almetris Duren Student Development Specialist 6. Margaret J. Barr Assistant Dean of Students 7. Rodolfo Arevalo Assistant Dean of Students 8. Edward L. Nail Coordinator of Ethnic Student Services 9. Ann Smith Administrative Assistant 10. Homero Lopez Student Development Specialist 1 1 . Dorothy Dean Student Development Specialist 12. Linda Godley Assistant Coordinator of Orientation 13. Edwin B. Price Assistant Dean of Students 14. Reuben McDaniel Consultant 15. William A. Bryan Associate Dean of Students dean of students Surrounded by students half her age, Marion, 45, worries about fitting into the youth-oriented environment of the University where she ' s work- ing on her bachelor ' s degree. Marion is returning to college after an unexciting career. With luck, a diploma will add to her yearly income. Sitting next to Marion in government class is James. He had second thoughts about going to a a " honky, white kid ' s school, " as his friends called the University. However, now that he ' s in Austin James wants to find his niche in the predo- minately white mass of 40,000 students. A few rows down from Marion and James, Kathy wonders how she ' ll be able to beat the other 200 people out the door so she can be on time to her next class in HRC 4.254, wherever that is. As a freshman Kathy was excited about going to her parents ' alma mater, but a year later she just feels caught up in the crowd, another social security number on the computer printout. Marion, James and Kathy are individuals with separate problems, but they share a need for security at the University. The Dean of Students office tries to recognize and help fulfill students needs through a variety of services. The office concentrates on answering questions and trying to make a student ' s existence as enjoyable an experience as possible. n of students :: | --: DEAN OF STUDEN dean of students 533 Project Info staffer briefs Crystal City high school students on the University. Among the programs sponsored by the Dean of Students office is the General Information and Referral Service, which maintains two permanent information booths and supplies temporary coun- seling centers during registration periods. The needs of returning students who are older than average are considered by Continuing Edu- cation for Women and Men. This educational guidance service provides assistance in reviewing past education and job experiences, and aca- demic planning in view of future career alterna- tives. Students Older Than Average, a social organization, aids older students in adjusting to the changing social aspects of the University. The orientation program provides new students with information concerning academic proce- dures, financial aid, student services and cultural events at the University. Aimed at easing the transition from high school or from another col- lege, orientation sessions are conducted during the summer and before both semesters. Ethnic Student Services designs programs aimed at assistin g blacks and chicanos. Such ser- vices include financial counseling and referral, tutorial assistance and career guidance. Student interest in community work is also sup- ported and encouraged by the Dean of Students office. Working with social welfare agencies, the Voluntary Action Center connects available vol- unteers with existing needs in areas of tutoring, teaching and counseling. Questions find answers at the information booths. c .34 dean oi stuOenis Art takes on a greater meaning for a little girl through the efforts of a Voluntary Action Center participant. dean ol students 535 Stephen H. Spurr, president university administration Lorene Rogers, vice-president James H. Colvin, vice-president for business affairs 536 administration Ronald M. Brown, vice-president for student affairs Stanley Ross, provost and vice-president Margaret Berry, developmental programs director administration 537 Alys J. Bodoin, director of women ' s residence halls Joseph F. Pinnelli, assistant for shuttle bus operations Robert P. Cooke, director of housing and food service 538 administration Richard H. Strait, director of Jester center and men ' s residence halls David Hershey, registrar and director of admissions JLJU Dr. Paul C. Trickett, director of student health center university administration T ' Odon Charles Leshikar, bursar administration 539 William W. Newcombe, director of Texas memorial museum Donald R. Cannon, chief of university police university administration - : !l or Charles F. Folmer, university librarian 5 0 administration George R. Blitch, director of office research management Thomas Crosson, purchasing agent H. Paul Kelley, director of measurement and evaluation center admrnistralion 541 Joseph H. Culver, director of university development board Joe W. Neal, director of international office Bobby G. Cook, business manager university administration 54 1 administration Norman Minter, director of personnel - J. C. Werchan, director of accounting Shirley Bird Perry, director of the Texas union administration 543 Robert E. Simpson, director ot Data Processing William M. Wilcox, director of physical plant Ira Iscoe, director of counseling-psychological services university administration 544 administration Staff and interested students helped in the We Care sack lunch program. ex-students ' association The Ex-Students ' Association offers more than meets the eyes of most students. Besides sporting the typical football fan image, the association sponsors scholarships and a career counseling service for current students. The central office in Austin matches funds from local alumni groups to provide scholarships each year. To aid graduating seniors in adjusting to the working world, the Helping Hand program brings students and alumni together on a one-to-one basis to discuss opportunities and personal con- tacts in a specific job field or career area. In the fall, the association caught the unfavora- ble attention of many students with the selection of George Rufus Brown as one of five outstanding alumni. Approximately 400 demonstrators gath- ered outside the East Campus Library Auditorium to protest giving the award to Brown, chairman of the board of Brown and Root, the construction firm responsible for building the tiger cages used to hold political prisoners in Vietnam. Other programs conducted by the association included the sports banquet honoring Longhorn football players, the Golden Anniversary weekend for graduates of 1 924 and the Christmas parly for international students. ex-students ' association 545 edited by jeff me crehan o fi) CO CO CD CO ciasses-547 graduate students ALBERS. MARILYN ANN, Corpus Christ! Mathematics. K t . BK. AAA AMIRKABIRIAN. IRAJ. Tabriz. Iran Aerospace Engineering. 01 AYOUB. JACK EMIL, San Benito Pharmacy. AX. LPha BALDWIN, JOSEPH LAMAR, Lincoln, NB Journalism, ZAX, KTA. Teaching Assistant BARLER. HELEN ANN, Rosenberg Anthropology BAUER, NANCY SHELTON, Houston Community and Regional Planning, A P, 4 BK. K . AAA. Southern Singers BEUTEL, PAUL WAYNE, Houston Radio-Television-Film, 61, Varsity Singers, DAILY TEXAN BRIDGE. ROBERT FAROUHAR, Houston Computer Science BROWN, MARK R.. Fort Worth Law BUCKLEY, PATRICK JOE, Austin Civil Engineering, XE BURTON, DOUGLAS GRAY. Dallas Journalism, Eulenspiegelverein, DAILY TEXAN BUSBY. KENNETH OWEN, Billings, MT Physics CARPENTER. NELDA JEAN. Nederland Social Work CAUDILL, WILLIAM HOWARD, Blytheville, AR Accounting CORDELL. DAVID MARK, Richardson Plan II, DKA, Chairman, Union Board of Directors COTNER. THOMAS EWING III. Falls Church, VA English CROUSE. PHILIP CHARLES. Odessa Business Administration. AIH, F1ET. HZ, Student Senator, University Council, Student Engineering Council DAY. MICHAEL STEPHEN, Dallas Chemistry, AXA, Eulenspiegelverein DICKSON, JAMES EDWARD JR.. Kilgore Architecture DJUNAIDI. AHMAD, Jakarta, Indonesia Foreign Language Education DUNN, THOMAS BRIAN, Austin Marketing-Psychology FERNANDEZ. JESUS G., Devine Architecture FINKELSTEIN, ELLIOT, Metairie. LA Sociology-Behaviorial Science, Hillel FOX, JUSTIN GREGORY, Port Richey, FL Law, ZK GLAESER. GEORGE HENRY. San Angelo Speech. HKA GRAFF, STANLEY VICTOR, Dallas Business Administration HAHN. DEWAYNE EDMON. San Angelo Architectural Engineering. AXA. TBH. AAAE HALBROOK, MICHAEL ELDON, Odessa Biochemistry. Teaching Assistant HAMILTON, JEFFREY LANE. Dallas Physics. HZ. ZnZ 548 graduate student class graduate students graduate sludents 549 graduate students HARRIS. IVA MAE. Texas City Mathematics, AZ0 HAZLEWOOD, BARBARA KAY. Victoria English Education, HZ HEBERT. ELSIE MAE. Baton Rouge. LA Journalism, 6I, AAI JACKSON. THOMAS INGLE. San Antonio Accounting, AKU JELEN, CHRISTIE. Beaumont Advertising, President, Women in Communications JOHNSON, GARY WAYNE, Grand Prairie Aerospace Engineering, TBD, IfT, AIAA JONES, NANCY ELLEN. Wichita Falls Curriculum and Instruction. KKI JONES, WILLIAM ALONZO III. Northampton. PA Management KEYS, KAY ELAINE. Wall English KNIGHT. EDWARD STANLEY. Houston Law. Acacia, Intertraternity Council, Student Senator. Chairman University Policy Committee KRIEKHOFF, VALERINE J. L,, Jakarta. Indonesia Anthropology LATTIMORE. MICHAEL WAYNE, Fort Worth Government. AA, Texas Troubadors LISENBY, MICHAEL JAMES. Brent. AL Biomedical Engineering LOVE. MARY ALICE. Austin Home Economics, Little Sisters ol the Seven Stars MacRAE. JOHN ROLLIN. San Antonio Zoology MANOR, MICHAEL PERRY, Austin Social Work, QU McNEAL. DONALD RAY Dallas Architecture. AA, AO, AKOi MEEKER. ARNE WILLIAM, Miami. FL Business Administration, HI, College ot Business Outstanding Student, Teaching Assistant. Jesse Jones Foundation Scholar, Texas Lite Insurance Convention Scholar, Varsity Track and Cross-Country Teams MEIERHOFFER. LYNNVAULX. Kansas City, MO Foreign Language Education MUNGUIA, RUDOLPH IK, Corpus Christi Education Administration MURPHY, ZONA ZEE. San Angelo Accounting MUZNY, ROBERT THOMAS. Lake Jackson Geography, Eulenspiegelverein. Geological Society. Teaching Assistant NAOVARATBHONG. SRISAK. Bangkok, Thailand Statistics NELEIGH. DAVID WRIGHT, LasCruces. NM Environmental Health-Engineering NGOC. NGUYEN BAO. Saigon, Viet Nam Petroleum Engineering. AIME, UT Fencing Alliance OSBORN. JAMES THOMAS. Fort Worth Law, niA. University Ombudsman. National Political Honor Society PATTERSON, CONNIE CLAIRE. Austin Special Education. XQ. AAA. Psychology Honorary Club 550 graduate student class graduate students PINTO, MOTILAL A.. Secunderabad. India Business. AK PRIDDY. HERVEY AMSLER. Austin Business Administration PUCKETT, WILLIAM NOTLEY. Fort Stockton Law RICE, THOMAS NAFFE. Austin Finance. AEFI, KKUj, Longhorn Band, Senior Cabinet, Arts and Sciences Council RIOUX. THOMAS WAYNE. El Campo Civil Engineering, KZ, OAK, KH , TBfl, XE.KZ, James Stephen Hogg Society Outstanding Engineering Student, CACTUS Outstanding Student " RODRIGUEZ-MONTERO. DINA, Lima. Peru Education RUSKA, JAMES. Monterrey, Mexico Computer Science, ACM RUSSELL, PEGGY MARTIN. Dallas Pre-Med SCHULZ. PEGGY ANNE, Pecos Latin American Studies SCOTT, DONNA SUE. Houston Social Work SMITH, WILLIAM DONALD, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering, ZFT. PITT, TBFI SO, PETER CHAN-MING, Hong Kong Business, HKN. TBH, Chinese Student Association SPEARS. RAY EARL. Texarkana Law, AA, AQ, CEC, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society STODDARD. ROSS WHITE III. Denison Law, AXA, AFROTC. Resident Assistant SULLIVAN. JAMES DAVID. Mesquite Computer Science. KO, BK THOMAS, PATRICIA ANN, Shreveport. LA Mathematics, AZ THOMSON. MARIA N.. Borrego Springs. CA Actuarial Science THREADGILL. DELMER RAY. Kilgore Accounting TOLES, CYNTHIA ANN, Happy Government, PIZA TORRES-MENDO2A. ABRAHAM, Mexico City, Mexico Latin American Studies WAGNER. WILLIAM MICHAEL, Dixon. IL Mathematics. Teaching Assistant. Bowling Team WEIN. JENNIE LOU. Enid, OK Journalism, PRSSA WHITE, PATRICIA ANN. Austin Law WOLTMAN. ARTHUR WILLIAM. Marlin Astronomy, K, ZPIZ WORTH. JAMES CLINTON San Antonio Accounting, AXA, BA . BrZ, HZ, CACTUS Staff WU, PUI EN, Hong Kong Music YAMAGA. KAZUO, Chiba, Japan Business Administration graduate student class 551 n. goldtarb 552 graduating senior class graduating seniors d woo graduating senior class 553 graduating seniors ABERNATHY. SHARON ANN, Beeville Anthropology ACHILLES, MARK HENRY. Austin Psychology ACOSTA, MARY HELEN, San Antonio Psychology ADAMS, DIANA RAGAN. Houston Journalism ADAMS, H. VAN, Arlington Zoology ADAMS. SAMMY JACK JR.. Richardson Science Education ADAMS. WILLIAM WESLEY. Conroe Accounting. HZ ADIN. RICHARD LOUIS. Dallas Finance. FIKA ADKINS JOHN AUGUST, Houston Plan II, AXA, BK, TSP Board, CACTUS Section Editoi Ideas and Issues Committee, Student Government ADKINS, SUSAN DENEL, Austin Elementary Education, XO ADLER. MARK C , Evansville. IN Finance AIKEN, LARRY ROBERT, Dallas English. HI, Jazz Ensemble, Twelfth Night class AIRHART, DIXON ANN, Anna Zoology, Up per-Class Advisor. SCOPE. Dean ' s List AKERS. BILLIE ANNE. Texas City Elementary Education ALBRIGHT. JAMES ALEXANDER JR., Austin Accounting ALDRED, VAL ANTHONY, Houston Accounting, ATA, CACTUS Statl, T-Association ALEXANDER LARRY PEARLMAN, Houston Biology, AEA, OHI. BK ALEXANDER. SHANE CONRAD, Kerrville Mechanical Engineering, KA, TBt " l. PITZ, HI. ASME ALLBRIGHT. JAMES JACOB III. Austin Accounting, Ain. BAU , UT Sailing Club ALLEMAN, CATHERINE ELAINE, Orange Elementary and Secondary Education, Friars Orange Jackets, TexPRIG, Upper-Class Advisor ALLETAG, RICHARD GORDON. Rockville, MD Petroleum Land Management, AK . student Landman ' s Association. UT Ski Club ALMOGABAR. ESTHER L, Austin Biology ALMOUIST, ARTHUR RAY, Austin Plan II HI ALPERT, EMILY JOYCE, Houston Psychology ALTENBURGER, SUSAN JEAN. Little Rock. AR Home Economics ALVARADO, DIANA DELIA, Laredo English AMANTE, DIANE, Houston Psychology AMINPOUR, FARHAD. Tehran. Iran Electrical Engineering. IEEE ANDERSON. JOHN HARRIET JR.. Victoria Microbiology-Medical Technology. AQ ANDERSON. PAUL FREDERIC, Devme Mechanical Engineering, ASME ANDREWS. GEORGE NICHOLAS, Abilene Marketing ANDREWS, JAMES FOSTER, Fort Worth Government AQUINO, NICOLAS, Concepcion. Paraguay Architecture ARCHER. THOMAS J III. Austin Government AY fllA HZ Pre-Law Association, Young Republicans ARLITT. SEZANNE. San Antonio Accounting-Pre-Law, BAUA AAA. AAA Angel Flight. Phi Beta Kinsolving ARMSTRONG, BURKE P., Austin Advertising ARRA. STEPHEN NICHOLAS, San Antonio Marketing. AID ARRICK. GEORGELYN S., Big Spring Pharmacy, KE, PX ASHFORD, JAMES L., San Antonio Advertising ATHERTON. BARBARA ANN. Dallas Marketing, GDE, American Marketing Association. Resident Assistant ATWOOD, CLIFFORD M III. Pearland Zoology. AI. AO. University Underwater Society AUSTEIN. ROBERT KEITH. Dallas Government graduating senior class niors class of 1974 4 Jit I AUSTRIA, GEORGE CRUZ. San Anionio Architecture AVIS. GLADYS WINKELMANN. Brenham Special Education AVREA. DARREN DEE. Dallas Advertising. Golf Team AYARZAGOITIA. ALBERTO JR . San Antonio Radio- Television-Film AYRES. DONNA BETH. Houston English-Communications BABB, CHARLES PATRICK. Amarillo Finance BACHARACH. DEBRA ANN. Oklahoma City, OK Psychology-Social Welfare, BK. K BACHUS. DIANA LEE. Wichita, KS Nutrition, Kfl . SNO BACHUS. VICKIE ANN, Wichita, KS Psychology. AE. AAA, K. X, Orientation Advisor BAGGE. STEFFAN EGON. Caracas. Venezuela Management BAHAR. MORTEZA. Meshed. Iran Electrical Engineering r BAILEY. JAMES HOWARD JR., Grand Prairie Electrical Engineering, 91, IEEE BAILEY, LYNN ELLEN. Denison English- Journalism. IAX, DAILY TEXAN Staff BAILEY. MARY LEE. Brownwood Journalism. DAILY TEXAN Staff BAILEY. NANCY YVONNE. Austin Education BAINTER, GRACE. Creve Coeur, MO Advertising. ZTA BAKER, BETH MARY, Houston Business, BX. Spooks. Dorm Advisor BAKER. CATHY ANN. Clearwater. FL Radio- Television-Film BAKER. DEBORAH LEIGH. Portland Applied Voice. Opera Workshop BAKER. DEBORAH LYNN. Pasadena Mathematics-Government. AZ BAKER. KIM APPLEGATE. Austin Elementary Education, ASEI BAKER, REX GAVIN III. Sugarland Economics. ATQ, AEA, Undergraduate Research Foundation BALFOORT. JEFFREY N.. Houston Mechanical Engineering. Acacia, ASME BALKO. DAVID MICHAEL. Rockdale Pharmacy BALL. MARGARET E.. Houston Nursing BALL, NANETTE. Austin Secondary Education. AAA, KAP. K. nA0, Longhorn Band BALLANTYNE. TODD JAMIESON. Minot. ND Finance. ATQ BALLEM. DARLA JO. Fort Worth Elementary Education, ZTA BALLIN. LESLIE IRWIN. Memphis. TN Management, ZBT, Silver Spurs, Community Affairs Committee University Economic Impact Committee BALTZER, ANN SUSAN. Austin Pharmacy, KE, LPhA BANISTER, PATRICIA ANN. Bryan Journalism. XAX. rB, PRSSA. Dorm Advisor, DAILY TEXAN Staff BANKLER, BARRY, San Antonio Business Administration, TA4 BARBEE. CHRISTOPHER FREDERICK. El Campo Journalism, ZAX BARBEE. JAMES PHILIP. San Antonio Chemical Engineering. OXE. TBR, A . AICHE BARBER. SANDRA MARGARET, Amarillo Mathematics. OBK BARCLAY. DANIEL ALVIN. Silsbee Electrical Engineering, IEEE BARCLAY, KATHRYN M. BADGER. Silsbee Chemistry BARCLAY, PEGGY ANN. Corpus Christi Education BARNEBEY. MALCOLM EDWARD. Lima. Peru Government, Young Democrats BARNES. BARBARA ANN, San Antonio Speech BARNES, TERRI LYNNE. La Marque Special Education BARNETT. KENNETH C.. Dallas Radio-Television-Film graduating senior class 555 graduating seniors I class BARRERA, ANNABEL, Roma English BARRON, SANDRA GAIL. Dallas Journalism BARTHOLOMEW. DOUGLAS WARD. Houston Chemical Engineering. OHZ, AY, K, TBI I. AlChE, Engineering Fellow BARTON. BRUCE EDWARD. Austin Government. IK BARTOSKEWITZ, DENNIS WAYNE. San Antonio Accounting BASS. MARY LAUREL. San Antonio Psychology. mx BAUER. AUSTIN PERRY JR., Houston Biology BAUMGARDNER, ROBERT WELCOME JR., Brownlield Zoology BAUMGARTEN, PAUL JENNINGS. San Antonio History BAYLESS. JAMES LEAVELL JR.. Houston Accounting. KA, HZ. Texas Cowboys, Executive Council, T-Association, Varsity Tennis Team BAYLOR, JOAN ELIZABETH, Yorktown English BAYSEK. ALLAN JAMES, Longview Architectural Engineering, XE. AAAE BEAN, JACK CHRIST AL JR.. Wichita Falls Radio-Television-Film. ATA BEAN. ROBERT MAXWELL, Menard Accounting Ain. American Finance Association BEASLEY, STEPHEN CRAIG. Houston Biology-Pre-Med. AE A. Acacia, Varsity Swimming Team. Varsity Water Polo Team. T-Association CACTUS Staff BEAUREGARD. MAX L.. Amarillo Architecture, Resident Advisor BECK. HAL ZANE. Ballinger Accounting, Ain, American Finance Association BECK. SUSAN ELIZABETH, Austin Interior Design. AID BECKER. MARY KATHERINE, Marshall Zoology BECKMAN, HUGH MICHAEL, Kemah English BEDNARSKI, STEVEN JOHN. Houston History BEESON. MARY JO, Houston General Business, ZTA, Panhellenic Council, Orange Jackets. Cordettes, Goodlellow, Dean ' s List. Bored Martyrs BEHRENDS. TERRY MICHAEL. Fredericksburg Marketing, American Marketing Association BEILAND. LINDA LOU. Dallas Education, XQ. Cordettes BELASCO, PHYLLIS ANITA. Houston Russian. AAA. Ideas and Issues Committee BELL, TERYL ANN. Conroe Home Economics BENAVIDES. GUILLERMO JR.. Laredo Accounting, Intramurals BENAVIDES, ROLANDO B.. Robstown Biology BENNETT, MARCUS JESSE. Austin Psychology BENTLEY. MARIAN RUTH, Burkburnett Government. AAA, TexPIRG, Mortar Board, Upperclass Advisor, Student Faculty Committee. Ideas and Issues Committee. Outstanding Student BEREN. JONATHAN ZALMAN. Denver. CO Petroleum Land Management, Hillel BERGER, EDGAR JOE JR.. Killeen Business Administration-Management BERGER. JOY LESLIE, St. Louis, MO Secondary Education-History-Government, AE, Student Senator, Education Council, Acacia Order of Delfi BERNDT, DONNA RUTH. Caldwell Education BERNSTEIN, HOWARD L., Fort Worth Management-Accounting. IAM, Dean ' s List. American Marketing Association BERNSTIEN. BRUCE EDWARD, Omaha, NB Accounting, ZAM, BAUJ. Business Honors Program BERNTSEN. ELLEN ANN, Longview Home Economics Education. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club, Inter- Collegiate Swim Team BERRY. CYNTHIA ANNE. Richardson Business Administration. BX, Cordettes, American Marketing Association. CBA Council, Round-Up Committee BEZANT. ROBERT BRYCE. Austin Geology. AKALA, Texas Exes BILLIOT. STEPHEN FRANK, Aransas Pass Radio-Television-Film BILLMEIER. SALLY ANN. San Antonio Psychology-Physical Therapy. XO. Women ' s Inter-Collegiate Swim Team BING. SARAH. Katy Plan Il-Spanish 556 graduating senior class class of 1 974 BLACK. BETSY JANE, Austin Clothing-Textiles-Design, AHEA, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor BLACK, VERA DONNA, Corpus Christi Secondary Education-Enghsh-Government BLACKWELL, JAMES M.. Altus. OK Psychology. X BLAIR. JUDITH ELAINE, Dallas Business Administration BLAIR, MARGARET LOUISE. Fort Worth Nursing. rB. Ten Most Beautiful, Cordettes. Posse Goodtellow. CEC, Student Senate BLAKE, DENISE GAYLE, El Campo Journalism BLANKENBAKER. SHARON LEA. Mission Nursing. AAn BLAYLOCK. STEPHEN GLEN, Irving Mechanical Engineering. Young Americans tor Freedom BLAZEK. MARY KATHLEEN, Houston Elementary and Kindergarten Education. ZTA, UCA, Phi Beta Kinsolving. Dean ' s List. Little Sister ot the Star and Crescent BLEVINS, LYNDA LOIS. Duncanville Government, GDE. Interservice Council. CACTUS Section Editor Upperclass Advisor BLUM. MICHAEL SIMON. Houston Business Administration. AEfl, Real Estate Society. Intramurals BOATRIGHT, DEBORAH ELAINE. Port Arthur Deal Education BOBADILLA, CHRISTINE ELIZABETH. Dallas Art Education BOGART, HENRY DOUGLAS. Houston Accounting, IX. Inter-Fraternity Council. Silver Spurs. TexPIRG BOGDAN, GREG EDWARD, El Paso Accounting, AKUi, BA BOGGS. JOHN DALGUS III, Dallas . Plan II, Longhorn Band, KKU . Tejas Club BOHMAN, BARBARA HELEN. Cuero Journalism. XQ BOHNENBLUST. LINDA KAY, Dallas Pharmacy, KE BOICE. NANCY, Waco Anthropology BOLAND. LUCILE CATHERINE, Houston Economics, f B, Angel Flight BOLES. BRIAN DAVID. Houston Electrical Engineering, HKN. TBfl IEEE BOND. CAROLE ADRIENNE. Dallas German, CACTUS Statf, Eulenspiegelverein BOONE, TERRY LEE, San Antonio Physics BOOTWALA. IOBAL ABBAS, Poona. India Petroleum Engineering, AIME BORMANN. SYLVANNE M., Bandera Special Education BOTTS. CHARLES WAYNE. Houston Mathematics. HZ BOUNDS. RICHARD CRAIG, Cleveland General Business and Management BOWDOIN, ROCHELLE, Austin Elementary Education, AZ, Little Sisters of the Signet BOWEN, DONALD ADRIAN. Atlanta Pharmacy. PX, LPhA BOYD, SHARON KAY, Denison Pharmacy. KE, Angel Flight. LPhA BRACKEN. RICHARD LON, Irving Management BRADFORD, STUART MICHAEL. Austin History, Acacia BRAGG, KENNETH DONALD. San Antonio Accounting BRANCH. JAMES FUHR. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, AZ , TBfl, DTI, HZ. ASME, Engineering Fellows BRANTLEY, WILLIAM HARRISON III, Irving Management BRENDLER, THERESE GEORGIANA, Lake Charles. LA Chemistry, K, AXE. AAA, AY. BK. Mortar Board, Goodfellow, GDE BRENNAN, JOHN CHARLES. Dallas Journalism, AZ, HI, DAILY TEXAN Statf BRENT. WILLIAM ERWIN, Bonham Music. 0MA, Longhorn Band BRESK, MICHAEL SCOTT. Houston Finance BREUER. JOHN HENRY. Riverside. NJ Mechanical Engineering, ASME BREWER, OLIVIA CAMILLE. Houston Drama BRIDGES, DEREK LOUIS San Antonio Electrical Engineering. HZ. IEEE graduating senior class 557 graduating seniors BRIGGS. BARBARA. Houston English Literature BRINKMAN. TERESA JOAN. Houston Communications. PRSSA BRITTON. DAVID NORMAN, San Antonio Sociology-Psychology BROCK. RANDY LEE. Houston Business AY Student Senator. James Stephen Hogg Society BRODNAX, JOHN WHITAKER JR.. Dallas Accounting, ATA BROUGHER, SANDRA LEE. Houston Art History BROWDER, JAMES EDWARD, Fort Worth Accounting, $K$ BROWDER, LINDA CAROL, Fort Worth Government-Pre-Law BROWN, CHRISTINE RAE, San Antonio English-Geography. A. Cordettes. Young Republicans BROWN. GENE ANN, Houston Elementary Education, Spooks. Upper-Class Advisor BROWN, HERBERT RALPH, Dayton History BROWN. JAMES RAY, Austin Biology. ATA. Varsity Baseball class i BROWN, JOHN EDNEY. Kerrville Petroleum Land Management. IX. Student Landman ' s Association BROWN. LINDA SUE. Baytown Psychology BROWN. MICHAEL DANA. Oklahoma City, OK Mathematics BROWN. MITCHELL SWIFT. Dallas Marketing BROWN, RONALD KAYE. San Antonio Engineering, A t A. ASCE BRUCE. JAMES MICHAEL. Dallas Biology BRUMLEY. DEBORAH ANN. San Antonio Accounting BRUYERE. RAYMOND MILTON. Dallas Government. HI. Social and Behavioral Sciences Council, TexPIRG. Student Faculty Discipline Committee. Consumer and Environmental Protection Committee. Goodlellow BRYANS. CAROL ANN, Paris Interior Design, AF, AID Arts and Theatre Committee BUCHTER. JEANNE MARIE, Dallas Journalism. Women in Communications Dean ' s List BUCKLEY, EDMUND LANGFORD III. Houston Accounting, ZAE BULL, GEORGE WESLEY JR.. Texarkana Aerospace Engineering BUNN. LAURA FRANCES. Pasadena Zoology, AEA BUNTON. KAREN JOSETTE, Austin Sociology, AI. Project INFO. The Blacks BURKE. BRON ARNOLD, San Antonio Management, KA. Air Force ROTC. Arnold Air Society BURKE, ELIZABETH CAROL, Eagle Lake Art. AAH BURKE. ROBERT C. JR.. Midland Government, A O. Student Christian Fellowship, Election Commission BURKETT. ZACK THOMASON III. Graham Civil Engineering. ATA, Texas Cowboys BURLESON. JOY. Temple Elementary Education, ZTA. Bored Martyrs, Little Sigmas BURLINGAME. CHRISTINE. Corpus Christi Secondary Education. ZTA, K, Cordettes BURNETT, LOLA TONI, Brenham Biology BURSON. ROBERT WAYNE. Dallas Marketing. Longhorn Band, American Marketing Association BURT, LYNN RANDALL, Longview Government BUSCH. JOHN MICHAEL. Midland Chemical Engineering. AXZ. AlChE, Varsity Swimming Team BUSH. PERCY JOHN, Kingston. NY Mechanical Engineering. TKE. ASME, Newman Club. Jester Student Government BUTLER. JOHN DALE. Texas City Chemistry BYBEE. MARY ELIZABETH. Houston Physical Education-History. ZTA. Posse. PEM Club BYERS, JOHN EDWARD, Austin Journalism, DAILY TEXAN Staff CACERES. CYNTHIA ANN. San Antonio Journalism CAIN. LANA SUE. Taylor Interior Design. AID 558 graduating senior class iiors class of 1 974 CAMPBELL. CRAIG HAMPTON. Fort Worth Biology CAMPBELL. DENNIS MILES. Houston Economics. BK. OAK. K. Academic Affairs Committee CAMPBELL. FRANKLIN LEE. Burleson Biology CAMPOS. MARTHA. Austin Philosophy-Spanish CANALES. GUADALUPE. Laredo Journalism, DAILY TEXAN Staff CANALES. OLIVERO EFRAIN. Hebbronville Education CANFIELD, E JANE NOWLIN, Austin Nursing CANNON. NANCY KATHLEEN. Corpus Christi Advertising. Tom Corbet Space Cadets CANO, MARIA TERESA, Chihuahua. Mexico Psychology CAPERTON. ELIZABETH GERALDINE, Stockdale Marketing BX, American Marketing Association CARAWAY, KAREN SUE, Victoria Music Education CARD, HORACE WILLIAM III. Harlingen Public Relations, PRSSA CARLISLE. SARAH ANN. Austin German. AZ CARLSON. DAVID WAYNE, Taylor Architectural Engineering CARLSON. JANICE MARIE. Austin Home Economics-Nutrition. SNO. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club CARMONA. EDWARD MANUEL, McAllen Government CARR. ROYCE PRESTON, Mesquite Sociology CARRASCO. ALBINO JOSOE III. Brownsville Business Administration CARRITHERS. MARY SUZANNE. Brady Interior Design, XO, AID CARROLL. MARJO E. H., Austin Applied Voice, IAI CARSON. BRADLEY ALBERT. Houston Government-Pre-Law. fllA, Pre-Law Society CARTER ALBERT HOUSTON Houston Journalsim. DAILY TEXAN CASEY, CHRISTINA LEE. Texarkana Kindergarten-Elementary Education, Little Sisters of the Seven Stars. Dorm Advisor, Campus Crusade lor Christ CASSEB. JOSEPH S., San Antonio Government CASSERLY. PATRICIA ANN. Pasadena, CA Music Education. ZAI. Choral Union CASTILLO, CARLOS JOSE, Guatemala City, Guatemala Management. Ain CASWELL. JANICE GAYLE. Cypress Elementary Education-Kindergarten, r AE. Order of the Blue Iris CATALANO. KATHLEEN MARIE, Buffalo, NY Special Education CATALANO, RUSSELL. Buffalo. NY Chemistry CATALENA. MARY ANN. Stafford Biology GATES, CLAUDIA ANN, Austin Advertising, UT Ad Club, Research Assistant CAVAZOS. JOHN R., Austin Engineering, HZ. IEEE CEGELSKI. DONNA L. Dallas Education, AXQ. Mortar Board. Orange Jackets, Outstanding Student. Orientation Advisor, Texas Exes. Student Faculty Committee CHALKER. COLLEEN McCLAUGHERTY. San Antonio Government CHALKER. WILTON FOSTER, Houston Business, AKUA Dean ' s List, Intramurals CHAMORRO. EDGAR JOSE. Granada, Nicaragua Management CHAMRAD, JULIA ANN, Victoria English, Women ' s Concert Choir. Choral Union CHAN, CHING WOO. Hong Kong Electrical Engineering. HKN. TBn. K. HI. IEEE. Chinese Student Association CHAN, DANIEL MOON-SHING. Hong Kong Electrical Engineering. TBn. HKN CHAN, PAUL SHIU-KAI. Irving Chemical Engineering, OXE CHAN. STANLEY PAK-SHING, Hong Kong Chemical Engineering CHAPMAN, CATHEY LOUISE. Dallas Journalism. A, Campfire Girls graduating senior class 559 graduating seniors class CHAPMAN, DEBRA DAY, Nocona Marketing, BX. American Marketing Association CHAPMAN. KATHY SMITH, Austin Psychology CHAPMAN, RAYBURN KEITH, Carthage Accounting, BAH CHARNEY. MOLLIE SUSAN, Houston English CHASE, STEPHEN WALTER, Nutley, NJ Architecture CHEEK. DAVID LAWRENCE, El Paso Transportation, Transportation Club CHEN, DORIS MING-SEE. Abernathy Pharmacy, KE. Chinese Student Organization, LPhA CHENEY, THOMAS JEFFREY, Houston Finance CHENOWETH. TRACES ANN. Tyler Plan Il-Nutrition-Dietetics, Al " . ON. CACTUS Section Editor, SNO. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club CHERRY, NADINA LEAH, Fort Worth Pharmacy CHESNICK, HILFORD JOSEPH JR . Houston Management, ZBT CHEUNG, PAK-KWAN PETER. Hong Kong Mechanical Engineering CHILDERS. PAMELA KAY, Kyle Speech Pathology CHILDS. BETSY, Fort Worth Marketing, AAfl CHILDS, MICHAEL KING. Austin Economics. AO CHITWOOD, PATRICIA ALICE. Tyler Economics CHIU, EDWARD HANG, Hong Kong Chemical Engineering CHIU, RAYMOND SHU-KUEN. Hong Kong Electrical Engineering, TBfl CHOW, WILLIAM KWOK-FAI, Hong Kong Mathematics CHRISTEN. CAROL LYNN. Austin Mathematics, Women ' s Concert Choir, Longhorn Singers, Ritle Team. Air Force ROTC CHRISTENSEN. DEBORAH JOYCE, Arlington Heights, IL Physics, ini. Natural Sciences Council CHUNG. DAVID JOE. Midland Pharmacy. AX, LPhA CHURNEY. SUSAN GAIL, Louisville. KY Elementary Education. AE P , Little Sisters of the Sands CICCONI, JAMES WILLIAM. Westwood, NJ Government. Resident Assistant. Ideas and Issues Committee. Refrigeration Rental Co-op. Housing Board Project, Communications Committee CLANCY, ANDREW NELSON, Austin Psychology, X CLARK, JAMES BENJAMIN, Austin Architecture CLARK, RICHARD LEE. Austin Physical Education CLARK. TOMMY GLENN. Baytown Accounting CLAYTON, CHARLES THOMAS. El Paso Mathematics, AEA, UT Chess Club CLEAVELAND. NANCY JEAN, Luling Home Economics. ON. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club CLEGG. STEVEN RANDALL. Houston Biology CLIFFORD. WILLIAM CRAIG, Houston Electrical Engineering, IEEE CLIFTON. HULEN EDWARD III, Corpus Chnsti English, Baha ' i Association COERVER, MARGERY ELAINE, Dallas History-Government COFFEY. WILLIAM JOSEPH, Houston Microbiology, AQ, CACTUS Staff. American Society of Microbiology COFFMAN, CYNTHIA KAY, Houston English COHEN, GARY, Dallas Accounting, TA COHEN. MURRAY LEE. Fort Worth Biology. ZBT. AEA, HZ. Health Center Advisory Board. Student Services Committee COLE. GREGORY, Sugarland Economics . COLLINS. ALFRED LEE. Austin Accounting COLLINS. ANNE HAGGERTY, Austin Secondary Education COLLINS. ROBERT L.. Houston Speech-Government. Senior Cabinet, Education Council. Resident Assistant, Goodfellow 560 graduating senior class class of 1974 CONNELLY. PATRICK O ' NEIL. Gonic, NH History. TA, HZ, A6. History Honors Program CONNOR. RONALD WAYNE. San Antonio Computer Science, Gymnastic Team, Student Lobby UT Ski Club CONRAD, JAMES EDWIN. Clifton Pharmacy. IN, PX, AQX CONRADT. PATRICIA ANN. Terrell Secondary Education-History CONST ANTATOS. CALIOPI. Austin Education CONTRERAS. JOE ANTHONY. McAllen Psychology COOK. EDWARD MORGAN. Fort Worth Plan II, Orientation Advisor COONEY, BRYAN TIMOTHY. Lake Jackson Music COOPER. DEBBIE WIND. El Campo Nursing CORBETT. FRANK WILLIAM, Austin Accounting. AK CORDES. PHILIP KEITH, Houston Business Administration-Marketing COSSEY. ALFRED GLEN, Hantord, CA General Business COUSINEAU, JIMMIE DON. Browntield Pharmacy COUSSOU. HARRY EARL, Beaumont Finance, ATO, Texas Cowboys COVENTRY, ANNA MARIE. Austin Accounting COVINGTON, DIANNE KATHRYN, Houston Secondary Education, Dorm Advisor. Spooks COWSER. KATIE BOB, New Orleans, LA Elementary Education, A COX. KENNETH IRVINE. Houston Biology, Intramurals Manager COX, MILTON LAWRENCE JR.. La Grange Social Science COX. WANDA JEAN. Houston Marketing. American Marketing Association COZBY, SIDNEY ANN. Fort Worth Special Education, XQ, SEA CRAIG. DARRELL WAYNE. Hamlin Biology-Pre-Med, HZ CRAWFORD. LONNIE EDMOND, Austin Electrical Engineering. IEEE CRIST. MARILYN CONSTANCE. Baytown Education, AAA. AZ Little Sister, Phi Beta Kinsolving CRIST, MICHAEL ALBERT, Odessa Biology, AEA CROUCH. CHRISTOPHER GERARD. San Antonio Business-Management. AKUJ, Intramura ls CROW, W. A. Ill Albany Biology-Pre-Med, BK, AEA. K, HZ CUCCIA. NICK ANTHONY. Houston Classics CULVER, CLAUDIA ENRIQUETA. Austin Philosophy. AE I . Young Democrats CUNNINGHAM. JACK C. JR.. Houston Biology CUNNINGHAM. JUDY ANN, Dallas Accounting, Little Sisters ol the Shield and Diamond CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL LEE, Dallas Sociology. AXZ. Strike and Spare Bowling League. Inter-Collegiate Bowiinq CURRY. SUSAN MARIE, Waco Government CURTIS, WAYNE STEVEN, Tyler General Business. ZE, Inter-Fraternity Council. Real Estate Society CUSHMAN, REGINAHOPE. Fort Worth Elementary Education CUTHBERTSON, BRIAN DEAN, Houston Physics CYPHERS, LINDA JEAN. Victoria Elementary Education DAILY. ELIZABETH JANE. Houston Journalism, CACTUS Editor. TSP Board. Orange Jackets. Women in Communication CACTUS Goodlellow DANIEL. DEBORAH JANE, Gladewater Home Economics, AXQ. Mary E Gearing Home Economics Club DANIEL, PATTI LYNN, San Antonio Special Education. KAD, SCEC, Big Buddy Association. Little Sisters of the Seven Stars DANIEL. RICHARD JAY, Pecos Pharmacy. KU , LPhA DANIELS. MARK EDWARD. Houston Biology-Pre-Dental. AEA. Golf Team. Intramurals graduating senior class 561 graduating seniors D ' ANTON. MARY MARGARET, Houston Microbiology. Dorm Advisor DARGATZ RICHARD GUENTHER. Glen Ellyn, IL Chemical Engineering, AXZ. TBH, C3XE. HE. AlChE PARLEY, BRIAN HADLEY. Houston Electrical Engineering DARLING, STEPHEN CURTIS, Abilene Electrical Engineering, TBIt. IEEE DARVIN, DAVID MICHAEL, Richardson Management. Student Government, Intramural Tennis DAVIDSON. MARK DENNIS. Houston Political Science. Pre-Law Society DAVIS, BILLY BRYAN, Fort Worth Biology, Acacia DAVIS. CHARLES THOMAS JR., Dallas Marketing, KA, Dean ' s List DAVIS CHERYL REVAE, Birmingham. AL Journalism. DAILY TEXAN Stall DAVIS. CODY ALLEN. Tyler Marketing. UT Judo Team DAVIS, GARY WAYNE, Ingleside Accounting DAVIS. JEROME KELLY. Odessa Pharmacy, KZ DAVIS. JOHN KIMSEY. Houston Engineering, ASCE DAVIS, MICHAEL WAYNE, Dallas Advertising DAVIS. PATRICIA GAIL. Beeville Accounting DAVIS. REBECCA LYNN , Dallas French DAVIS, RICHARD CARL JR., Jacksonville, FL Marketing. Varsity Football, Football Council DAVIS, VICKI L.. Austin Sociology. AI0 DEAN, ANN ELIZABETH, Midland Psychology DeFAZIO. PATRICIA ELAINE. Dallas Speech-Secondary Education. f B, University Day Care Center DEISLER. JANICE EILEEN. Kingsville Business Administration DELAUNE, JULES MAYER. Longview Biology. AXA, HI. AEA. Academic AHairs Committee. Student Government. University Policy Committee DeLAUNE. SUZANNE, Baytown Sociology DENISE. DONNA DIANNE. Dallas Advertising DENN. STEVEN H , Bay City Business Administration. AEfl. Hillel DENSON. DIANNE, Bellaire Special Education DERDAK. STEPHEN. Elmont. NY Biology-Pre-Med, Freshman and Varsity Football, Dean ' s List, Magna Cum Laude, YMCA Tutor DERR. JOHN PAUL, Arlington History. AO DERR, WARNER GORDON. Arlington Civil Engineering, ASCE, ITE DeSTEFANO, DEBORAH KAY, Hearne Education. AXO DIAZ, GRACIELA. Laredo Sociology DIAZ-DELEON, VICTOR OCTAVIO. Kingsville Pharmacy DICKENSON. CARMEY CALVIN. Big Spring Management DIEBEL. BETTY SUE. Beeville Home Economics, ZTA DIETZ, WILLIAM THEODORE. Lutkin Finance DILLON. KAREN SUE. Temple Secondary Education-English-History. ZTA DISNEY, RICHARD KEYS, Midland Government, K4 DITTMAR, JAN MICHAEL, Houston Accounting. AZn DITTO. W PAUL JR.. Dallas Accounting KUJ DITTRICH, NORBERT DANIEL. Schulenburg Accounting, AIFI. BAUj, Business Administration Honors Plan DODDS, TOMMY LANE, Arlington Petroleum Land Management, Student Landman ' s Association DONEGAN, CRAIG, Seguin History 562 graduating senior class class of 1 974 DORCHESTER. ROBERT JAY, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering. ASME DORMAN, NANCY LYNN. Fort Worth Biology DORN. JILL BIGGER, Austin Special Education DOROUGH. FRANCES ANNETTE, Bishop Accounting. BX DORSEY. DENNIS RAY. Austin Accounting DOTY. CAROL ANNE. Houston Biology DOUGLAS, BRIDGET DIANNE. San Antonio Marketing. The Blacks DOUTEL, GREGORY JOHN, Harlingen Business Honors Program-Accounting. AXfl, Air Force ROTC. Arnold Air Society DREISESZUN, MARILYN JANET, Philadelphia, PA Government-Speech, Goodfellow, Resident Assistant. Education Council. Communications Committee, Student Government DREWRY, ROBERT WILSON. Fort Worth Marketing. AK . CBA Outstanding Student. Goodfellow. Student Senator. CBA Council. TexPIRG DREYER. GARY EDWARD. Shiner Chemical Engineering, HI, AlChE DUENSING. DEBRA DIANE. Rising Star Secondary Education, AAA, TBZ, Longhorn Band DUFF. WILLIAM B . Odessa Management. Intramurals DUNLAP, JOAN S , Houston Accounting. AXO, BX, Acacia Order of Delphi, Dean ' s List DYKES. DONALD EUGENE, Fort Worth Management EASTERLING. CHARLES DAVID. Houston Government EATON. MISSEY MARIE, Houston Mathematics EBY, ELISABETH ANN, Richardson English, AAfl EDDLEMAN. LINDA RUTH. Houston Government EDGERTON, MARTHA JANE, Austin Pharmacy EDMONDS. LAURA SUE, Austin Special Education EDMONDSON. CHRIS CATHY, Austin Computer Science, AAA. ACM EDWARDS. CAROL ANN, Garland Elementary Education EGGER. CLAUDE BILLY. Mesquite Government-Economics EHRET, ELIZABETH ANN, Wyanet. IL Elementary Education. KAfl EKSTROM. WAYNE BAKER. Houston Finance. Acacia ELDERS. GARY DON. Weathertord English ELDREDGE, FRANK INMAN. Silsbee Business Administration, Aln ELIEZER, SONIA BRAUNSTEIN, Haifa. Israel Mechanical Engineering ELLIOTT. ROBERT FRANK, Beaumont Accounting ELLISH. NANCY ELIZABETH. Dallas Advertising. IAT ELMORE, OTIS E. JR.. Abilene Plan Il-Economics. BK, K . Junior Fellows, Tejas Club ELSTNER. MARY JOY, Hallettsville Elementary Education ELTIS. BRIAN MUROV, Tyler Business Administration, 2BT, CBA Council ENDER, CAROLYN JEAN, Ingram History ENGLAND. CYNTHIA GAIL. San Antonio Microbiology. Medical Technology ENGLAND, EARL BYRON. Odessa Mechanical Engineering ASME EPSTEIN. RONALD STEVEN, Omaha. NB Civil Engineering. IAM, ASCE ERNST. ELOISE ELAINE. Irving Communication ESCHNER, STEVEN ROBERT. Lima. OH Russian-Government ESHAGHI, KAMRAN. Tehran. Iran Civil Engineering ESMOND, CONLEY CLAY. Odessa Biology, ATQ, AEA graduating senior class 563 graduating seniors ESPARZA. ROBERTO TOMAS. Eagle Pass Biology ESTERAK, EUGENE STEPHEN. Pasadena Pharmacy, PX. LPhA ESTRADA. DOLORES, Corpus Christ! Sociology. GDE. Dorm Advisor. Scope. Social Welfare Studies Association, Social and Behavioral Sciences Council ESTRADA. JERRY JAVIER, San Antonio Pharmacy ESTRADA, VICKI MARIE, Houston History, XD, Cordettes EUBANKS, EDWIN ALLEN, Santa Rosa History-Pre-Law, EX, Pre-Law Association EVANS. JAMES NEWTON. Columbus Finance EVANS. STANLEY PAUL, Nederland Architectural Engineering, AAAE. Army ROTC, SAME EYRES. MELODY. Thornton Italian FABER. AUBURN VICTORIA, Houston Journalism FAHEY, KATHLEEN ANN, Houston English-Spanish FAMBRO. PAUL EDD. Breckenridge Radio-Television-Film class FANKHAUSER, RUTH ANN, Edinburg Music. A Capella Choir FARAKLAS. MARTHA EVA. San Antonio French FARNSWORTH, CHANDA LYNN. Houston Home Economics, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club FARRIS, ALLEN DEAN. Burkburnett Accounting. AK FAULKNER. MICHELE. Beeville Art, ZTA. Posse. Angel Flight FEEHAN, MARY VIRGINIA, Houston Elementary Education, XQ. AAA FEHER, LEAH THERESA, Corpus Christ! Government. KKF. Round-Up Committee, Bored Martyrs FELD. EDGAR MYERS. Fort Worth Public Relations. IAM PRSSA FELLER. SUSAN ANN, Fredericksburg German, AAA. AA, CACTUS Staff Dean ' s List FERNANDEZ. ADOLFO LOPEZ, San Antonio Accounting FERRIS, CLAYTON WAYNE. Clarendon Studio Art FERRIS, LINDA JEAN, Houston Elementary Education FICKETT. ROBERT BRADFORD. Kaufman Marketing FICKMAN. BRUCE ALAN. Midland Management FIELDS. BYRON WILLARD, Corpus Christi Petroleum Land Management. KZ FIGOSKI. JOHN WILLIAM. Austin Mathematics FIGOSKI. MARY ROSE, Austin Nursing FILIDEI. MARCIA KAY, Texas City Special Education, Dorm Advisor, SCEC FINCH, GARY EDWARD, Rosenberg Mechanical Engineering TBFI FISCHER, BRENDA SUSAN, Corpus Christi Medical Technology FISCHER, KENNETH LYLE. San Antonio Marketing, American Marketing Association FISCHINGER. BONNIE GAE. San Antonio Management FISK, KATHLEEN DEIDRE. San Antonio Elementary Education FITZGIBBONS. ROSE MARY, Fort Worth Secondary Education-English, Natural Sciences Council FLEMING, FRANK CRAWFORD, Dallas Government. HKA. Posse, Unio n Board ot Directors, Student Senate. Texas Today and Tomorrow. Communications Committee FLORES. ARNOLD CAMPOS. Corpus Christi Government FLORES. DANIEL REYNALDO, San Antonio Pharmacy, LPhA FLOWERS. RICHARD WADE, San Antonio Business Administration. Z E, Silver Spurs Real Estate Society FLUME. RAYMOND LAWRENCE. San Antonio Government, BK. ZE. PIZA, HI. Young Democrats, Pre-Law Association FOLEY. ELIZABETH LORINE. Houston Radio- Television-Film. RTF Student Council, Austin Community Television 56-4 graduating senior class liors class of 1 974 FOLK. MARY ISABEL. Houston Plan l-Medica! Illustration FOLK. SUSAN ETHEL. Houston Textiles and Clothing, AAA, Spooks. Resident Assistant. The Fashion Group, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club FOLSE. PAMELA CATHERINE. New Orleans. LA Deaf Education FONG. ALBERT TAK. Hong Kong Mechanical Engineering FORAND, DENISE ANNE. Fort Lauderdale. FL English FORTSON. NINA KATHRYN. Atlanta, GA English-History FOSDICK. JOHN JAY, Houston Finance. KZ. Texas Cowboys, Big Buddy Association FOULK. MICHAEL FRANK. Houston Economics Intramurals FOWLER, EVA ELIZABETH. Austin Advertising, KA0, Ideas and Issues Committee, Communication Council. UT Advertising Club FOWLER. PAULA K.. Alice Education-Earth Science-Geography FOWLER, SETH ORLANDO. Austin Physical-Health Education, nu . Project Into. The Blacks. Football, Basketball FOWLER. WILLIAM LAIRD. Austin Geology. University Student Geological Society FOX, JEFFERY ALAN. Omaha NB Speech, ZAM FRACHTMAN. ROBERT LEE. Houston Biology-Pre-Med, BK. K. AEA. HZ. UT Blood Drive University Underwater Society. Natural Sciences Council FRANK. EDMUND PAUL. Austin Finance. AZfl. American Finance Association. University Chorus, Orientation Advisor FRANKO. BRIDGET ANN, Fort Worth Speech Pathology. AAA. AXQ. Dean ' s List FRANKS. MARVIN WAYNE, Navasota Advertising, UT Advertising Club FRANZETTI. PAUL JOSEPH, Austin Economics. Student Senator, TexPIRG. Newman Club. Goodtellow FREELAND. KATHY, McAllen Special Education, AAH. Orange Jackets. Spooks. CACTUS Section Editor. Mortar Board, Goodfellow Outstanding Student FREEMAN, CHARLES EDWARD, Austin Architecture FRELICH, ROGER MARCUS, Houston Civil Engineering, ASCE, Baptist Student Union, Intramurals FUENTES, CHRISTINE. Aurora, IL Sociology, Mexican-American Cultural Committee. Minority Affairs Committee. Project Info FULBRIGHT. KATHERINE ANNE. Waco Special Education FUNDERBURK, GARY LEE. Arlington History, Longhorn Band FUNDERBURK, H. BOYCE III Houston Pharmacy. K . LPhA FUNG. KO BONG. Hong Kong Electrical Engineering. TBtl, HKN. HZ FURLONG. JOHN NORMAN. Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE FURR. CAROL LEE, Lubbock Journalism. KA0 GABELE. PETER DILLON. Carlsbad. CA Biology GALLAGHER. PETEriOWEN. Corpus Christ! Accounting. BAUJ GANDER, RITA MARIE. Austin Biology GANT. DEBORAH LYNN. Piano Psychology GARCIA. ESPARCI MARY, San Antonio Sociology GARCIA. EVA LETICIA, San Antonio Management GARCIA, HENRY GARIBAY. San Antonio Accounting GARCIA. THOMAS JOSEPH. San Antonio Government, Pre-Law Association GARNER. KATHARINE. Houston Elementary Education. Dorm Advisor, Spooks, Intramurals GARRETT. KENNON MARSHALL. Conroe Chemistry, AEA. AXZ. Longhorn Band GARRETT. WILLIAM R., San Antonio Accounting GARTIG. WILLIAM GEORGE. Houston Planll,HZ GARTMAN. DEBORAH LYNN, San Antonio Education GARZA. CORINA RUTH, McAllen Secondary Education graduating senior class 565 graduating seniors class GASTINGER. CAROL ELIZABETH, Austin Psychology GATES. THOMAS CLAUDE. Texarkana Marketing GEARHART, DEE ANN, Fort Worth Psychology, I B. AAA. X GEORGE, ROBERT RALPH. Dallas Electrical Engineering, TBH. Engineering Fellows GERNER, ROBIN LOUISE. Houston Education KKf Diving Team, Tennis Team GIBSON. ROSCOE MIKE, Lulkin Architecture. 01 GIDEON, RALE STERLING, Dale Civil Engineering. Tejas Club. ASCE GIERYN, DENISE ANN. Orchard Lake. Ml Business Administration, A t , Women ' s Swimming Team, Intramurals GILBERT, GIB CARL, Harlingen Pharmacy GILES, ELLEN ELIZABETH, Houston Biology, AAA GILES. JAMES BOARD, Houston Biology, t l A, AEA. Intramural Council. Volleyball Team GILL. RACHEL. Raymondville Sociology. Project Info, Social Welfare Studies Association GILLEN. PAMELA KAY. Blooming Grove Management GILLESPIE. JOHN MICHAEL. Austin Business Administration. Transportation Club GILPIN. JAMES RUSSELL JR., Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Association GIST, KATHY ANN, Austin Nursing GLADSTONE. RICHARD ALAN, Dallas Government TA P GLAZE, BARBARA ANN, Dallas Elementary Education, ZTA GLEAVES, JAMES LESLIE. Richardson General Business. ATA, HI GLOYNA. DAVID F . Austin Electrical Engineering, Student Senator. Engineering Council, IEEE, Environmental and Consumer Protection Committee GOBER. GWENDOLYN. Baytown Journalism, Intramurals Student Government PRSSA GOEBEL, VICKI JO, Sealy Clothing-Textiles, AHEA, The Fashion Group GOERNER. CAROL SUSAN, Houston Elementary and Deaf Education. AAA, Phi Beta Kmsolving GOGGIN, JOHNR JR.,Roswell. NM Mathematics-Computer Science, ACM GOHL, JEANE MARIE. Richardson Biology, Af AAA, K GOLDBERG. MEYER ALLAN. Houston Secondary Education GOLDEN, JAMES M. JR., Vernon Interior Design, AID GOLDEN, NATALIE RUTH, Youngstown. OH Special Education. GDE, Hillel, SCEC GOLDEN, PAULA p., Vernon Elementary Education GOLDFADEN. CELANE, Dallas Biology. ZAT GOLDFARB. NANCY ELLEN. St Louis, MO Photojournalism, AAA, KTA, IAX, Women in Communications. TSP Photographer. CACTUS Staff GOLDFARB. PAUL MILTON JR., Mobile. AL Anthropology-Pre-Med. K. BK, Expansion and Utilization Committee GOLDSTEIN, ROBBIE ANN, Houston Elementary Education AAA PK J GONZALEZ. ARTURO JR . San Antonio Pharmacy LPhA GONZALEZ, PATRICIO C., Edinburg Government. A t Q. t BK, F1ZA. K D, Academic Affairs Committee, Outstanding Student GONZALEZ, ROBERTO RAMON. McAllen Government, A O. Young Democrats GOODBINDER, ROBERT LYNN. Omaha. NB Marketing, American Marketing Association, UT Ski Club TexPIRG. Pre-Law Association GOODLETT. JOHN CHARLES. Spicewood Marketing GOODROE, MICHAEL EDGAR, Atlanta Latin-History, HI, BK, Scabbard and Blade Society, Army ROTC. ROTC Rangers GOODWIN, CAROL LYNN. Austin Marketing GORDON. RICHARD EDWARD. Houston Business Administration, ZK GORNICK. THOMAS WILLIAM, Dallas American Studies, A Q, Resident Assistant, Orientation Advisor. Goodfellow, ALChE 566 graduating senior class nors class of 1 974 i , GOSS, DEBRA ANN. Conroe History. AOF1 GOSSEN. STEVEN ANDREW, Austin Business Administration, TA t GOULD. JACOUELYN ROSE. Midland Elementary Education GRAMMER. WILLIAM ALLAN. Fort Worth Marketing. KA. BK, Dean ' s List CRANBERRY. GUYLENE. Austin Home Economics Education. AHEA. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club GRASS, MARY VICTORIA, Houston Secondary Education GRAY. GIB WAYNE. Caldwell Marketing GRAY, LINDA, Houston Plan II GRAYSON, GLENN EDWARD, Calgary, Alberta Civil Engineering GREENBLUM, JEFFREY LEE. Laredo Accounting, BAU , TA J , Inter-Fraternity Council, CBA Council GREGORY. BOBBY EDWARD. San Angelo International Business GREGORY, DALTON RAY, Denton Education. KAfl, Resident Assistant GREGORY, JEAN WHEAT, Van Horn Studio Art GRIBBLE, KRUSE. Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME GRIFFIN, PATRICK JONES, Austin Accounting GRIFFIN. RANDY RAY, Austin Management, Dean ' s List GRIGIS, SUZANNE ELIZABETH, Dallas Advertising, UT Advertising Club GRIMES. STEPHEN CLARK, Houston Marketing, KA, American Marketing Association GUEL, MARIO HUMBERTO, McAllen Biology, K0 GUERRA, IMELDA CELINE. Edinburg Biology, AEA, AAA GUERRA. RALPH E ., Del Rio Chemistry GUERRO. JANIS KAY, Austin Secondary Education GUERRERO. MARIA TERESA, Rio Grande City Elementary Education GUETTLER. CINDY ANN, Smithville Special Education GULATT. MARY LOU. Austin Interior Design. Christian Science Organization GUNN. CAROL. Mesquite Elementary Education GUTIERREZ, CRISTINA, Austin Bilingual Education. MAYO. Project Into GUTIERREZ. IRMAGUADALUPE. Laredo Nutrition, SNO, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club GWYNN, RICHARD PAUL. Wimberley Accounting HAARDT, MARGARET LYNN, La Marque Biology, TBZ, Longhorn Band HAAS, MICHAEL DAN. Corpus Christ! Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Intramurals HAGGARD, LINDA HAYNES. Waco Elementary Education HAIL, MICHAEL WAYNE, Water Valley Physical Education, Air Force ROTC HAIRE, CHARLES ROBERT, Tyler Business Administration, Z E HALL. BETSY. Fairfax, VA Journalism, ZAX, Women in Communication, Communication Council. DAILY TEXAN Stall HALL. BLAINE R JR , San Antonio Management. KA HALL. EMIL BERNARD, Austin Management HALL. JULIA ANN, Austin Finance HAMILTON, THOMAS YERXA. Houston Management-Finance. ATA. Undergraduate Research Foundation. Dean ' s List, Entertainment Committee, Round-Up Committee HAMILTON, WILLIAM DAVID. Austin Accounting, ATQ HAND. EDDIE WILLIAM JR.. Birmingham, AL Transportation. A Q Navy ROTC HANKS. JACKSON RAYBURN. Austin Finance. PI A, Intramural Sports Council. Intramural Sports Committee graduating senior class 567 graduating seniors class HANKS. WHITTINGTON HANCOCK, Austin Plan II HANNA, MARK MONROE. Breckenridge Radio-Television-Film HANSARD. DEBRAH MARIE, Austin Elementary Education HANZ. VERNON HARRY, Austin Accounting HARDEN. MARGARET KATE, San Antonio Spanish HARDER. TERESA ANN, Houston Art History HARDIN, PATRICIA JEAN. Pasadena Secondary Education HARDIN. WESLEY MORGAN. Odessa Pharmacy HARGIS. REX WILSON. Dallas Advertising. AAZ. UT Advertising Club. American Marketing Association HARMON, KEITH HANNA, Dallas Engineering Science, KK . TBFI, HZ, Longhorn Band HARMON. SCOTT INGERSOLL, Dallas Engineering Science. KKvf, Friars. Tejas Club, Longhorn Band Drum Major HARRIS, BILLY JOE. Rockdale Management HARRIS. DONNA MARGARET, Houston Home Economics, AAA HART. LOUIS ERNEST III. Castroville Physical Education. Varsity Football HART, RICHARD EARL, Baytown Geology HARTMAN, RONALD FRANK. Fort Worth Accounting, BAU HARVEY, KALA JANETTE. Hobbs. NM Biology, AEA HARVEY, STEPHANIE JANINE, Dallas Education, Southern Singers, Traffic and Salety Committee. Dean ' s List HARWOOD, HOLLY JANE. Houston Sociology. AE, CACTUS Statl. Dean ' s List HASENAUER. MICHAEL RAYMOND, Fairport. NY Anthropology. AKALA HASTY. OBIE JOE. Houston Electrical Engineering. IEEE HATHORN. CAROL FA YE. Houston Secondary Education HATLEY, LARRY DALE. Grand Prairie Economics, J K J HAWES. DAVID WRIGHT. Mineral Wells Government, Teias Club HAWKINS, SHERRY LANELL. DeKalb Speech Pathology HAYES, JAMES MICHAEL. LaPorte Management HAYES. MICHAEL DAVID, Fort Worth Psychology HAYNES, DAVID RUDOLPH, Houston Journalism-Public Relations. PRSSA HAYNES, JAMES ERWIN, El Paso Accounting BA1 HEAD, LAWRENCE HENRY JR . Texarkana Anthropology HEAD, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Dallas Elementary Education HEARTY, PAMELA JEAN. Gary, IL History HECKMAN, MARK ROBERT, Austin Journalism, IAX, DAILY TEXAN Stall HEDBERG. DUANE CURTIS, Fort Worth Advertising HEFNER, MAX RANDALL, Lubbock Finance HEINZ. PAULA STEL. Corpus Christi Microbiology HEITZEBERG. MARY SUE. Corpus Christi Elementary Education. ZTA HELLER. LESLIE LEE. Houston Elementary Education. AXD. FIA0. KAfl, K, AAA HELVENSTON, GLORIA KAY, Longview English HEMPHILL. JOHN CHARLES, Seattle, WA Government-Pre-Law Halcyon Coop HENCKELL. MARCIA JAN, Fort Worth Sociology HENNA. CAROL RUTH. Round Rock Child Development. AAfl 568 graduating senior class class of 1974 HENNEBERGER. CYNTHIA LEA, Austin Textiles-Fashion. AAA Spooks. Daughters of the Diamond HENNIG, PHILLIP WAYNE. Round Rock Economics HENNINGTON. DORIS ANN. Fort Worth Office Administration HENRY. JAMIE L.. Huntsville Office Administration, Longhorn Band HENRY. NANCY DENISE. Austin Secondary Education HENRY. VICKIE LYNN, Austin Journalism, Baptist Student Union. Women in Communication. DAILY TEXAN Stafl HENSEN. JACK ROBERT, Houston General Business, Pre-Law Society HENSKE. TERRY ERVIN. Bellville Management. American Marketing Association HERBECK. GREGORY EUGENE. Dallas Biology. AEA HERRIN. GENE ANN. Anton Special Education, AAA (! . KAD. White Star Sweetheart. SCEC HERRINGTON, ANN, Palestine Physical Education, PEM Club. UTSA Basketball HESS, TIMOTHY L., San Antonio Civil Engineering. ASCE HESTER. REBECCA FAY, Brady Science Education HEWETT. DONALD STEPHEN. Houston Accounting. AZn. American Finance Association HEYDARIAN. ALI. Tehran. Iran Electrical Engineering. IEEE HICKEY. BRENDA MARIE. Dallas Business Administration HICKOK. NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston Nursing TBZ AAA, UTNSA. Longhorn Band HICKS. HELEN WESTBROOK. San Antonio Psychology HICKS, LOUIS CHARLES. Austin Psychology HIGGI GINS. PATRICIA JOAN, Dallas Anthropology HILBIG. STEVEN CHARLES. San Antonio American Studies HILL. CAROLYN SUE. Dallas Education, AAH, ACE. Agnel Flight. CACTUS Staff. Intramurals HILL, MARTHA ANN, Houston Journalism. DB . Friars, Mortar Board. Orange Jackets. Dad ' s Day Outstanding Woman, Outstanding Student HILL. RANDY LYNN. Wharton Business Adminstration HILL. TOMMY JIM. amarillo Mathematics HINES. JAMES THOMAS. Austin Accounting, AKU . CBA Council HINES. MARK ROBERT. Fort Worth Education HINES. ROSEMARY ELIZABETH, Burkeville Business Administration, AZ, Little Sisters of the Laurel, Longhorn Singers. Southern Singers, Resident Assistant HINTON. MARILYN. Dallas Psychology HIRST. CLAUDIA COLE, Pasadena Home Economics HO. SIMON HON-KEE. Hong Kong Electrical Engineering. K HOBBS. MELVIN XERXES. Houston History HODGES. KEVIN HOWARD, Houston Marketing. KA. Texas Cowboys. Inter-Fraternity Council HOFFMAN, ERIC GEORGE. San Antonio Marketing. KA. Dean ' s List HOFFMANN. MARY BETH. Tyler Textiles HOGAN. PATRICK STEVEN, Dallas Civil Engineering. I E. Intercollegiate Football, ASCE HOIPKEMEIER. STEVE F.. Austin Government. Navy ROTC. Crow ' s Nest. Expansion and Utilization Committee HOLLINGSHEAD. JOHN E.. Austin Finance HOLLOMAN. JULIE ANN. Dallas Mathematics. AAn. Sisters ol the Signet HOLLOWAY. RANDY CARSON. Houston Finance HOLMAN. LANA JEAN. Dallas French HOLTER. MARTIN SCOTT. Austin Biology. 61 graduating senior class 569 graduating seniors class HOOVER, SALLY JEANNE, Dallas Art HOPE. DAVID ANDREW, Houston Accounting HOPSON. KATHY ANNETTE. Garland Social Science HORN. CYNTHIA LEA. Baytown Journalism HORNER. JOHN ELLIS, Corpus Christi Biology. TA HORNER. THOMAS ROY. Corpus Christi Mechanical Engineering, ASME, UT Sailing Club HOWARD. KAY AILEEN, Temple Elementary Education, ZTA HOWARD. MARY ANN. Austin Pharmacy. KZ. PX. LPhA HOWELL. JUDY KAY, Corsicana Government-Journalism, Navy Sweetheart. Upper-Class Advisor, PRSSA. Buccaneer Sweethearts HUBBARD, HARRIET LINDSEY, Anoka. MN Journalism, ZAX. AAA, DAILY TEXAN Staff. Women in Communication, International Committee HUBLEY, JAMES GREGORY. Tyler Philosophy HUEBINGER, FRANCES MARIE, Marion Advertising. Women in Communication, UT Advertising Club HUGHES. BONNIE LYNGE, Metairie, LA Elementary Education HUGHES. KNOX BROWN. Houston Government. AXA. Speaker ' s Committee, Undergraduate Research Foundation. Ideas and Issues Committee. Dean ' s Discipline Panel HUGHES, LEYCESTER PATRICK, San Anfonio History HULLUM, DAVID WAYNE, Austin Mathematics HUMPHRIES, DAVID ROBERT. Dublin Pharmacy. KUi. PX. LPhA, Pharmacy Council HURST, WILLIAM STEVE. Tyler Government HUTCHINS, ELIZABETH T.. Houston Biology, A , Spooks HUTZLER. SYLVIA ROSE. San Antonio History IGO, JOAN LANETTE, Alta Loma French. BK IIMURA. SHINICHI JOE, Utsunomiya City. Japan Civil Engineering INGRAM, DEBORAH LYNN. Montgomery. AL Mathematics, f B INGRAM. JOHN PRESTON, Dallas Accounting IP. YUK HIM, Hong Kong Mechanical Engineering IRION. JACK BAIRO. Dallas Classical Archaeology. UT Underwater Society, UT Anthropological Society, Council for General and Comparativ e Studies, UT Fencing Alliance IRWIN, CORINNE, Bushland Mathematics. KA0 K, t BK ISAAC, CARLOS R San Antonio Electrical Engineering ISAACKS, LINDA LAWREAN. Houston Secondary Education, AA ISAACS. DONALD MIDDLETON, Austin Architecture JACKS, HORACE GRAHAM III, Waco Radio- Television-Film, TA . Austin Community Television JACKSON. BEVERLY JAN. Houston Education. GDE. Resident Assistant. CACTUS Staff. Upper-Class Advisor, Blood Drive Committee JACKSON, DANIEL W. III. Houston History. Resident Assistant, FATE, Orientation Advisor. Italian Club JACKSON. DONALD MARVIN. Austin Management. Air Force ROTC JACKSON, JAMES REGINALD. San Antonio English JACOBS, SCOTT THOMAS, Houston Education JACOBSON. MILTON DAN, Austin Architecture JAFFE. MATTITIAHU. Haifa, Israel Electrical Engineering, Israeli Student Organization JAMES. MARY ELIZABETH, Austin Music Education. TBI. ZAI, Longhorn Band. UT Wind Ensemble Dean ' s List JANGDA. MOHAMMED R.. Pakistan Chemical Engineering. AO, Pakistan Students Association. UT Cricket Club AlChE JANICEK. DARYL JOSEPH DAVID, Premont Pharmacy JANSSEN. MICHAEL LYNN. Yorktown Accounting 570 graduating senior class niors class of 1 974 JEKEL. PATRICIA ANN. Kingsville Pharmacy. LPhA JENNINGS, ALICE COVERT, Harlingen Elementary-Kindergarten Education. A. Kan, Navy ROTC Sweetheart JENNINGS, RONALD DWAIN. Austin Accounting, AID, BAU JENNINGS, STEVEN KEITH. Fort Worth Chemical Engineering JEWASKO. JOAN MARIE, San Antonio Nursing JIMENEZ, GLORIA, Mirando Biology JOCHEC. JANICE SUE. New Braunfels Accounting-Finance. BX, CBA Council, American Finance Association JOHN, MARY LOUISE. Fort Worth Journalism JOHNSON. CRAIG ALAN. Fort Worth Business Administration, KA. Silver Spurs President JOHNSON. CYNTHIA ELIZABETH, Houston Elementary Education. KA0. Sisters ol the Star and Crescent JOHNSON. ELIZABETH KATHRYN, porpus Christ! Elementary Education JOHNSON. LINA LUCILLE, Austin Home Economics - I i I JOHNSON, MICHAEL BRUCE. Plainview Bio-Medical Engineering. ASME JOHNSON. PATSY ELLEN. Marshall Clothing-Textiles. Resident Assistant. Resident Advisor. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club. Ex-Student Association Committee, Student City Council JOHNSON. RAYBORN CLEMENT JR., Baytown Insurance. IX JOHNSON. ROBERT WESLEY. Houston Biology. riKA JOHNSON. SANDRA ELAINE. San Antonio English AKA JOHNSON. STEPHEN EDWARD, Houston Biology. AO JOHNSTON, TURIDSVERRE, Oslo. Norway German, AA. K JONES. AMANDA MOORE. Mentzon Physical Education, A, PEM Club, Dean ' s List JONES. BARBARA ANNE, San Antonio Government JONES, CHERYL ANN, Houston Journalism, DAILY TEXAN Staff JONES, CHRISTI MARIE, Houston Education, Orientation Advisor, SCOOP, Dorm Advisor. Project Info. Orange Jackets JONES, DAVID KETAN, Austin Electrical Engineering. MA Sinfonia. IEEE, Longhorn Band JONES, DENISE MARIAN. Austin Home Economics JONES, JACK KELLY, Paris Pharmacy, K J , AQX. Student Senator, LPhA, Student Activities Council JONES. LARRY DON, San Antonio Microbiology, A PO JONES. MARGARET ANN. Houston Accounting BAMJ JONES. MARK RODNEY, Lampasas Management. Project Info JONES. STANETTA CORRINE. Dallas Advertising JOOST. KENNETH WAYNE, Moulton Finance JORDAN. NANCY ANN, Garland Special Education. I B JORDAN, SANDRA ALICE, Quito Ecuador Journalism. Upper-Class Advisor, CEC. DAILY TEXAN Staff JORDAN. SHARI DIANNE, Killeen Elementary Education. TB2, Longhorn Band JUNG. RONNIE GENE. Fredericksburg Accounting JURICA, HAROLD WAYNE. Victoria Electrical Engineering JURIK, THOMAS WAYNE. Beaumont Plan II. HI, BK. Czech Club. Longhorn Archery Club, UT Fencing Alliance, Intramurals KAHANEK, WILLIAM BENNO. Austin Architectural Engineering KAHN. KATHY SHARON. Houston Special Education. Student-Faculty Education Council KANA. JAMES ALLAN. Weimar Art History KANTER. ELLEN GAIL, Birmingham. AL Marketing. BX. K. Dean ' s List KANTER. RAY DAVID. San Antonio Finance. Real Estate Society graduating senior class 571 . graduating seniors class i KATSURO. JEANNE KEIKO. Houston Biology. Chinese Students Association. Campus Girl Scouts KAUFMAN, IRWIN CALDWELL. Dallas Accounting, TA KEGANS. JAMES RUSSELL, Akron. OH Pharmacy. K . AOX. LPhA. Student Activities Committee KEHRHAHN, CARMEN ELENA, Caracas. Venezuela Mathematics KEHRHAHN. EDMUNDO HENIRQUE, Caracas, Venezuela Natural Sciences KELINSKE. DARRYL LOIS, Corpus Christi Accounting KELLEY, DAVID KENT. Amarillo Actuarial Science, Actuarial Club KELLY, EMMA S , Austin Journalism, PEARL Magazine Statt KELLY. PATRICK DANIEL. Wichita, KS Engineering. TBD. Student Senator. VECTOR Editor, Student Engineering Council KELLY. SHARON ANN, Corpus Christi Speech, Chamber Theatre, Italian Club KENNARD, ANTHONY DREW JR.. Mission Mechanical Engineering. FITS. TBfl. K, ASME KENNEDY. LYNN MARIE. Houston Music. AAA. IAI KENT. REBECCA SUSAN. Houston Home Economics. AHEA. Mary E Gearing Home Economics Club. The Fashion Group KERR. DIANA EVE, Metairie. LA Journalism, AAA, ZAX, Women in Communication KERR. KENNETH FORBES, San Diego. CA Marketing, AY KESSEL. DIANE. Dallas Sociology KESSLER. ARLENE SUE, Beaumont Advertising, DAILY TEXAN Stall, UT Advertising Club KIDD. BETSY JANE, Piano Elementary Education KIDDER. KAREN ARLENE, Victoria Biology KIESLING. SHIRLEY JOAN. San Angelo Accounting. BX KIGER. STEVEN MARCUS, Austin Electrical Engineering, KK . HZ. KT, AEA, Longhorn Band, Intramurals Manager, AKALA, IEEE Manager, AKALA. IEEE KILLINGSWORTH, JOE MICHAEL. Longview Finance, Dean ' s List KILLION, TINA JOY. Palestine Sociology, BK, AKA KING, BEN BOWEN. Austin Journalism. DAILY TEXAN Staff, PEARL Magazine Staff KING. CHRISTINE LOUISE. Fullerton. CA Accounting KING, DEBRA KAY. Texas City Special Education, KAn. SCEC KING, GAIL FRANCES, Dilley Pharmacy. KE. PX, Dean ' s List KING, STEVE MASON, Graham Government. KKUJ, niA. Tejas Club, Longhorn Band KIPP. JAMES MARSHALL. Austin Finance KIRKSEY. LINDA DIANE. Austin Classical Civilization KIRSHBAUM, SHIRLEY ANN, Tyler Piano, Dean ' s List. CEC, Women ' s Concert Choir KLAUSNER, DEBBIE. Dallas Advertising. AAA KLEIN, ALVIN WAYNE, Gonzales Marketing. CACTUS Start. American Marketing Association KLEIN, DEBORAH McCALL, Harlingen Physical Education, PEM Club, Physical Education Excellence Award, Education Council. Intramurals KNIGHT, DOUGLAS DALE, Dallas Advertising, ZOE KNIGHT, REBECCA MANGUS, San Antonio Interior Design, A " J , AID, Dorm Advisor KNOX, BONNIE LEE, Lockhart English KOCUREK, KAROL ELIZABETH. Houston Fashion Design KOEN. JOSEPH CLEMENT, Houston Sociology, Navy ROTC. Scabbard and Blade KOGUT. MARK HIRSH. Austin Psychology. AEfl KOLODZEY. PAMELA KAY. Corpus Christi Transportation KOPF. JAMES KENNETH JR . Austin Government, 2BT. HZ 572 graduating senior class niors class of 1 974 KORN. LOUIS ALAN. San Antonio General Business KOTERAS. CHARLOTTE ANN, Houston Pharmacy KOTHMAN. KAREN KAY. San Antonio Marketing. AAA. BX KRAUSE, JAMES. Dallas Advertising, ZBT. Student Senator, Community Affairs Committee. Film Committee. Communication Council KRAUSS. LYNN. Dallas Finance, AEFI KRIBBS, DIANE YVONNE, Dallas Elementary Education KUHL, PAME1_AE , Fort Worth Home Economics. AAA AHEA. Daughters of the Diamond KUHLMAN, JOHN LOUIS JR.. Beaumont Accounting. ATO. Texas Cowboys KUSHNER, SAUL DAVID. New Orleans, LA Accounting. BAOJ KWOK, JOHNNY HOI-MING. Hong Kong Aerospace Engineering LA, NGUYET-MY. Saigon. Viet Nam Accounting LACHICO, DEBRA LORRAINE. Brownsville Sociology-Social Wellare, Newman Club. Social Worker Club LAM. CHUNG-YIU. Hong Kong Electrical Engineering. TBn. HKN LAMAR. CHRISTINE LAURA, Austin Secondary Education LAMB, CAROL JEAN. Houston Home Economics. f B LAMBROS. CHRYSANTHE ANASTASIA Government. AAA Young Republicans. Pre-Law Association LaMOTTA. JAMES FRANCIS. Houston Business Administration LANCASTER, KAREN MAY, Weslaco Fashion Merchandising, AAA AHEA, The Fashion Group, Young Democrats LANCLOS. RAYMOND JOSEPH JR.. Killeen Sociology LANDERS, GLENN BERRY. Lampasas Civil Engineering. ASCE UT Sailing Club LANGFORD. MARY ELIZABETH. Denison Psychology-Social Wellare Studies, AAPI. Spooks, Upper-Class Advisor, Social Welfare Studies Association LANGSTON. JANA LEA. Arlington German LANIUS. ROBERT ANDREW, Dallas Computer Science, A tO LANKFORD. LAWRENCE EUGENE, Dallas Biology-Pre-Med, AQ LANKFORD. LYNNETTE. Irving Radio-Television-Film. Ain Litlle Sister, Italian Club. RANGER Associate Editor LARGE. DEBORAH SUSAN, San Antonio English. AAA. Spanish Club LARSON. ELISABETH STEPHENS. Houston Secondary Education, AXQ LARSON. JANET LEE. Bellaire Psychology-Special Education. rB, Student Senator. Policies and Procedures Committee. Communications Committee. CACTUS Goodfellow LARUE. CLINT ALLEN. Dallas Business Administration. KZ. Silver Spurs LATKOVICH. PAMELA RAE. Kansas City. MO Psychology LAUGHLIN. RICHARD PAXTON. Austin Personnel Management. Arnold Air Society LAUSSADE. MARK RICE. Houston Pre-Med-Amencan Studies. AEA AO OH! LAW. MARY ALICE. Belton Education LAWLESS. LEE KATHARINE. Houston English LAYTON. RICHARD ALLEN. Houston Radio- Television-Film. Musical Events Committee LAZOR. RICHARD HARVEY. San Antonio Chemistry, BK. HI LEBEN, LECIA LEA. Wichita, KS Business-Marketing, AE. Panhellenic Council. American Marketing Society LEBOWITZ, AMELIA KAY. Austin French. BK. Pre-Law Association. Little Sisters of the Lion. French Club LEDBETTER. JOHN MICHAEL. Austin Physics, Iff!, Undergraduate Affairs Committee. Student Senator. Navy ROTC Scholarship. Jesse H Jones Scholarship LEE, DEBORAH KATHLEEN. Austin Education LEE. LENA OY OUAN. Houston Advertising. UT Advertising Club, Dorm Advisor LEE. STEPHEN RANDALL. Fort Worth Public Relations. AY, PRSSA graduating senior class 573 graduating seniors class LEE, TOMMY COLSON. Austin Management, Transportation Club LEE, YING LAD, Hong Kong Physics. BK LEIGHTON, AUDREY DEAN. Hemphill Accounting LEMCKE. WOODROW HENRY JR., La Marque Psychology LEMMONS, ROBERT TODD JR.. Pampa Electrical Engineering. HKN. HI, Engineering Fellows LENZNER, JEAN PAGE, Alexandria, VA Journalism, KA0, Orange Jackets LEOS. FAUSTINO JR.. Mesquite Art History LESLIE, FREDDY WELDON. Irving Engineering Science, TBn, UT Parachute Team LESTER. CHERYL ANN, Boerne Secondary Education, A. Cordettes. Little Sisters of the Seven Stars LEUNG. FRANK SIK WING. Hollywood, CA Accounting LEUNG, YUKCHAN, Hong Kong Music Education LEVENS, ALAN D WE. Corpus Christ! Business Administration ' LEVIN. MICHELE LYNN, Texas City Secondary Education-English-Speech LEVY, ROGER LYNN. Corpus Christ! Accounting LEW, TIMOTHY BENJAMIN. San Antonio Accounting LIEBER, JOHANNA RUTH, Rio Grande City German, A A, German Play LIEBES. RUTH LAUREL. Dallas Special Education, KAO, SCEC LIECK. SAMUEL LOUIS, San Antonio Electrical Engineering LIESMAN. RANDY KEITH. Cuero Marketing LIGON. STEPHEN PEYTON, Weslaco Management LIM. ROSE. Houston Accounting, Special Programs Committee LINDLEY, JOHN ROBERT, Russellville, AR Music LIPPMAN, SHELDON IKE, Schulenburg Journalism. IAX. CACTUS Section Editor. CACTUS Associate Editor. PEARL Magazine Art Director LITTLEPAGE, THOMAS HENDRA JR.. Dallas Engineering Route to Business, A O, Navy ROTC LITTLETON. RICHARDS FISK. San Antonio Business Administration LITTRELL, JAMES LANE. Houston Transportation, KKU i, Longhorn Band President, Section Leader. Dean ' s List, TejasClub LIVELY, JOHN EDWARD, Dallas History, Tejas Club LIVELY, SHERRY ANN, Iraan Special Education LOCHTE. ERWIN RICHARD III. San Antonio Chemistry LOLLAR. BRADLEY KEITH, Houston Government, JX, RIA, Student Senator, Social and Behavioral Sciences Council. Ideas and Issues Committee. CACTUS Goodlellow LONG. ELIZABETH ANN, Houston Microbiology, TexPIRG LOOCKE, JACK EMERY, Pasadena Geology LOOPER, DONALD RAY, Azle Accounting LOTT, LINDA ELLEN. Killeen Education, AIA, TSEA LOVE, LUCY CAROLE. Bellaire Mathematics-Pre-Med, AEA. Mortar Board. Posse. CEC. UT Gymnastics Team LOVELACE, ROBERT THURSTON. San Antonio Education LOVELESS, STEPHEN JEB, Waco Physics LOVERN, LLOYD DALE. Austin Geography LOW. SALLIE REYNOLDS. Houston Speech-Radio-Television-Film, FIB . Program Council, Longhorn Singers, PRSSA, Young Republicans LOWERY, COLLEEN MARIE. Dallas Home Economics- Interior Design. Newman Club, Strike and Spare Bowling League. AID LOWRY. RANDALL K., Weston. CT Management, AK LUDWIG, LAURA LYNN, San Antonio Radio-Television-Film. Women in Communications 574 graduating senior class class of 1 974 LUKEFAHR, JAMES LOUIS. Brownsville Plan II Pre-Med, HI, AEA, BK LUNA, MARK ANTHONY, San Antonio Mathematics LUPIBA. GEORGE ANTHONY, San Antonio Marketing LUTZ. CHRISTOPHER PAUL. San Antonio Engineering. IEEE LUTZ, ELLEN OSGOOD. Amarillo Art LYNCH, CHARLES BRADFORD, Houston Management LYNCH. JOHN RANSOM, San Antonio Business Administration. Arts and Theatre Committee, Young Americans for Freedom LYON, LYNN ELIZABETH. Houston Education-Physical Education and Biology MACK. TIMOTHY ALEC, Dallas Sociology. AKA. Sociology Honors Program. Social Welfare Studies Association MADDEN, JACQUELINE KAY. Killeen Special Education MADDUX. MILL YE ANN. Palestine Special Education MAGILL. PATRICK KEVIN. Arlington Architecture. Architecture Student Council MEB 1 1 Jl 5 ' .t: m f MAGUIRE. KEVIN, Austin Journalism, PRSSA MAHMOOD. ASIF, Karachi. Pakistan Architecture MALM, JEFFREY GEORGE. Waukegan, IL Sociology, AKA. UT Pre-Law Association MALMSTROM, ROYD EDSEL, Melvin Pharmacy, KI. LPnA MALONE. FELIX JR., Jacksonville. FL Radio-Television-Film. AA. A Q, Distinguished Military Student. The Blacks MANFREDO. MICHAEL JOSEPH. Endicott, NY Aerospace Engineering MANSON. CHRISTINE LAFAVE. Austin Sociology-Social Welfare Studies, Social Welfare Studies Association MARES. DIANNE LYNN, Dickinson Mathematics-History, A0, Longhorn Band MARKANTONIS. MARY MARTHA, Houston Mathematics. Southern Singers, Dorm Student Government MARKS, MICHAEL CLINTON. Satellite Beach. FL Biology MARTER. MARILYN ANN. Houston Physical Education. PEMClub, Intramurals MARTIN, CYNTHIA LYNN, San Antonio Government, Spanish Club, International Affairs Committee MARTIN, EUVONNE CAROL. Austin Secondary Education-History MARTIN. ROBIN S- Z.. Austin Elementary Education, A MARTIN, THOMAS ALLEN III. Dallas Biology. AI MARTINEZ, ELIZABETH, San Antonio Psychology MARTINEZ. EMILIO, Laredo Government MARTINEZ. OSCAR P.. Corpus Christi Accounting, Pre-Law Association MARTINEZ. YOLANDA. Laredo Government MASON, DIANA SUE, Dallas Zoology, Natural Sciences Council MASON. MARILYN MARGARET, Houston Education. AAA Southern Belles MASON. MOLLY. Longview Home Economics MASSENGILL, JOE ROSS JR.. Ennis Finance MASSEY. CECIL SCOTT. Center Accounting. BAU MATHIEU, REESE ALFRED III, Houston Mathematics-Pre-Med, HI, K, BK. Longhorn Singers MATTHEWS. RALPH WAYNE. Saluday. SC Education MAXEY, MARY CARLOTTA. Houston History MAYER. MARK STEVEN. Mobile. AL Pharmacy. TA MAYO. RONALD LEE, Moody Secondary Education, IN McCAFFETY. SHELLY WYNAN. Pasadena Public Relations, rB, Posse, PRSSA. UT Advertising Club graduating senior class 575 graduating seniors class McCALEB. PATRICIA DALE. Dallas General Business, J BX McCALL. HOLLY ELIZABETH. Nocona Office Administration. ZTA. BX, non. Dean ' s List McCALLUM, HERMAN WAYNE. Rowlett Electrical Engineering, IEEE McCLUNG. ANDREA LOUISE, Fort Worth Journalism. KA0 McCOY, DWYLENE. Sweetwater Marketing McCULLER. HEBBY LYNN. Del Rio Office Administration, BX. nan. Dean ' s List McDANIEL, BRIAN ALAN. Corsicana Civil Engineering. ASCE McDANIEL, MICHAEL CLAIR, Austin Economics McDANIEL. REBECCA S. WALKER. Austin Psychology MCDONALD. OEBRA ANN, Houston Zoology. TBZ. AEA, Longhorn Band MCDONALD. KATHRYN ANN. Austin Mathematics, FIB , B, Mortar Board MCDONALD RAE LYNN, Temple Government, Pro-Law Association, Young Democrats MCDONALD, REBECCA SUE, corpus christi French. Inter-Cooperative Council. Wakonda Co-op, FATE Advisor McELHANNON, JOAN, Baytown Music Education-Voice, A Capella Choir, Longhorn Singers McEVOY. FRANCES KATHARINE, Hempslead Home Economics. AAH, Cordettes, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club McFARLAND, BILL THOMAS. Palestine Petroleum Land Management. Circle K. Petroleum Landman ' s Association. Insurance Society. Real Estate Society McGINNIS. CAROLYN FA YE, Port Lavaca Pharmacy. KE. PX McGINNIS. KATHLEEN JUNE, Houston Sociology MCGREGOR. MELINDA SUE, waco Marketing, Af. BX, Southern Sngers, CACTUS Staff. American Marketing Association MclNTYRE. JOHN FORSMAN. Bryan Physics, Nuclear Research Group McKAY, MARY SUZAN, San Antonio Child Development, ON McKELVEY. WILLIAM ELLIS, San Antonio Advertising, UT Advertising Club McMAHON, MARILYN ANNE, San Antonio Music Education. ZAI. UT Orchestra McMAHON, MARK PRESTON, Henderson Finance. AIH, Student Senator. CBA Council, American Finance Association MCMILLAN, MICKI G.. Midland English McMULLEN, SARAH JANE, Houston Secondary Education, KA6 McNEME. STANLEY JOE. Odessa Chemistry, AEA McNUTT. RITA ANN. El Paso Radio- Television-Film. ZTA McREE, WALTER EVERETT III. Port Arthur Pharmacy. K . AOX. LPhA MEDINA. JOSEPH AMBROSE. Galveston Geology, Resident Assistant MEGATELI. KHEDHOUD J., Algiers. Algeria Home Economics, Friendship Club MEHAN. RUTH LOUISE, Dallas Classical Archeology, HI , University Chorus MEHL. CATHY ANN. Fort Worth Psychology. AE, AAA, CACTUS Staff. Round-Up Committee MELLER. SUSAN JEAN. Acton. MA Zoology MELTON. ROBERT BYRON. Houston Radio-Television-Film, I. Longhorn Singers, Varsity Singers. Resident Assistant MERRITT, HARRY MICHAEL. Red Oak Chemical Engineering, Sailing Club, AlChE MESSER, JOHN BURTON, Belton Government METCALFE, GARY WAYNE, Fort Worth Government, Young Republicans. PRSSA, Pre-Law Association MEYER, JEFFREY LYNN. Merced. CA Management. AKU . Intramurals MEYERSON, CHERL R.. San Antonio Psychology, XAT, Hillel, UT Sailing Club MICKELSON. SONJA KATHLEEN, Houston Mathematics. ACM MIDDLETON. RONALD PAUL. Dallas Business Administration 576 graduating senior class uors class of 1 974 MIGUEZ. RAMON FRANK, Panama. Canal Zone Civil Engineering MIKSOVSKY. PATRICIA SUE. Angleton Home Economics Education. I " B. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club MILLER, FINLEY ISAAC. Austin Accounting MILLER. GARY LEE. Austin Accounting. AKUJ BA4J MILLER, JAY MARK. Pasadena Communications-Government, IN, Student Senator, Communications Committee, Communications Council, Intramurals MILLER. STEPHEN HERMAN, Dallas Plan II. KK . Longhorn Band. UT Swim Team MILLER, WOODROW WILSON. Waco Finance. AOA, AKO MILSTEAD, MELINDA KAY. Kermit Government, I I B MILTON. SUMMER GALE. Houston Journalism. Women ' s Affairs Committee, UT Sports Car Club. International Club MIMS, BOBBY DEAN. Jacksonville Pre-Law, Pre-Law Association MINAHAN. JOSEPH JAMES JR. . Houston Architectural Engineering, ZN. AAAE MINNICK, BARBARA JEAN, Houston Communications-Journalism MISCHER. WALTER MAX JR.. Houston Finance. KI, Texas Cowboys MITCHELL, HELEN NORA. Houston Mathematics MITCHELL, MARK GREGORY, Temple Radio- Television-Film MOCK, MARGARET ANN. Austin Education MODE. ANTHONY BRUCE. San Antonio Management. AXn MOFFETT. JOHNNY WAYNE. Corpus Christi Biology MOFFETT. LINDA NANCE, Corpus Christi English MONAGHAN. VICKIE LEE. Granbury Special Education, HAe.SCEC, Community Affairs Committee. Big Buddy Association MONDRAGON. SYLVIA ANN, Corpus Christi Social Studies MONEY, DAVID RAY. Beaumont Government-Pre-Law. Dorm Government. Housing Committee MONROE. MARK McLAIN. Austin Government, OCA. Posse, Intramurals, Texas Cowboys MONROE. WILLIAM FRANK, Houston English, A9G, Academic Attairs Committee, Intramurals, Coffee House Committee MOODY. IRENE ANN, Philadelphia. PA Elementary Education-Mathematics. AAA Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross. Intramurals MOORE. ANITA SUE. Houston Education, AAA MOORE. BECKY ANN. Austin Studio Art. AAH MOORE, BRAD DAVID, Argyle Electrical Engineering. IEEE, Amateur Radio Club MOORE, DAVID WAYNE, Fort Worth Architecture, AXA MOORE. JOAN ELIZABETH. Corsicana Secondary Education-English-History MOORE. KAREN R., Wahiawa, HA Government, AAA. 0K. Science Fiction and Fantasy Society MOORE, REBECCA EMILY. Baytown Education, AZ. Dorm Advisor, Education Council MOORE. ROBERT GARY. Irving Management, Pre-Law Association, Transportation Club MOORE, WILLIAM EDWARD. Kingsville Business Management MOOTZ. MICHAEL C., Arlington, VA Finance, American Finance Association MORALES. ALEJANDRO RUIZ, Pearsall Finance, AXA MORALES, CAMILO GARZA. San Antonio Architecture MORENO. MARIA EVELIA. Austin Spanish MORENO, PHILLIP JAMES. Beeville Pharmacy, AX. LPhA MORETTI, JOHN MICHAEL. San Antonio Journalism MORGAN. MARY RUANNE, Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Association MORRIS, DEBORAH JEAN. Fort Worth Home Economics, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club graduating senior class 577 graduating seniors class MORRIS. JOE McGLASSON. Amarillo Accounting MORRISON, BART WILLIAM, Beaumont Mathematics, HZ, Arts and Theater Committee, Natural Sciences Council Academic Affairs Committee, Parking and Traffic Committee MORSE, CHARLES EDWIN. Odessa Sociology MOSER. KAREN FLORENCE. Paris Sociology-Social Work MUCHA, DAVID, San Antonio Engineering Route to Business, IX MUELLER, JEFFREY L. San Antonio Finance. AID, American Finance Association MULKEY. KATHLEEN TERESA, San Antonio Radio- Televsion-Film, Newman Club, Sailing Club, Dorm Advisor MUNDY. CECILIA OLIVE. San Antonio Biology MUNIR, SHAHID. Karachi. Pakistan Chemical Engineering. AlChE MUNOZ, GEORGE, Brownsville Accounting, HZ, AKOv, Young Democrats, Business Honors Program MURPHY, GARY EDWIN. San Angelo Geology MURPHY. SUSAN LYNN, Arlington Foreign Languages MURRAY. CYNTHIA COOKE. Houston Elementary Education, AXO MURRELL, ROY LEE. Gilmer English and History MYERS, MELINDA DALE, Pearland Clothing and Textiles, I B, The Fashion Group MYLIUS, DEBORAH DIANE, Houston Interior Design NABOSHEK. MARK GERALD. Richardson Advertising, AEP NAGLE, GARY JAMES. Houston Public Relations. Pre-Law Association NASH, KATHRYN. Corpus Christi Education NAYMOLA. GAIL JOSEPHINE. Houston Microbiology. AFA. AAA. AE. Spooks. Dean ' s List NAZZARO. VINCENT PETER JR.. Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association NEELY, SUSAN KEARNS, Amarillo Chemistry. AXZ. 0AY NEFFENDORF. KEITH. Fredricksburg Accounting NEILL, CAROL ELIZABETH. Houston Elementary Education, A l NEITZEL, DAVID WAYNE. San Antonio Government NELSON. DANIEL WARREN. Austin General Business. OAK, K, Tennis Team. Texas Cowboys NELSON, DONALD SKIPPER. Corpus Christi Finance. FA NELSON, NANCY ANN, Wichita Falls Special Education, KA0, AAA. KAFI NEMES. BETTY ANN. Deer Park Office Administration, BX NERICCIO. MARY ANNE, Laredo Speech Pathology and Audiology NESTER, KAY. Canyon Deaf Education. AZ, Mortar Board NEUMANN. KARL FINLEY. San Antonio Psychology, Intramurals NEWBERRY. MARYANA. Abilene Education, AXO Young Democrats NEWLIN, MARY JANE, Arcadia Kindergarten-Elementary Education NEWMON. STEVEN RAY. Wichita Falls Marketing. Varsity Football NG. FREDERIC MAN-CHUEN, Pasadena Marketing NICHOLS, KAREN DEBORAH. Houston Music Education, AIA, Orange Jackets. Longhorn Singers. Goodfellow. Cordettes NIKDEL, SEYED ALL Austin Political Science NIXON, JANIS LEE. Austin Accounting, BAUJ BX, Dean ' s List NOLAN. THOMAS M.. JR.. Beaumont Marketing NORRIS, HARRY ELDRIDGE, Garland Finance NORTHCUTT. MICHAEL FRANKLIN. Longview Finance 578 graduating senior class niors class of 1 974 NYHOUS. BEVERLY JEAN. Abilene French NUNNELLY, RANDALL SCOTT. Bakersfield. CA Accounting. ZAE OATMAN. TAMRA SHAE, Sweetwater Management. ZTA. CBA Council, Commencement Committee O ' BANNON, CHARLES RICHARD. Seabrook Psychology-Pre-Med. AEA O ' BRIEN. PATRICIA KATHERINE. Southlake Drama O ' CON. CYNTHIA E.. San Antonio Psychology O ' CONNELL. BARBARA DIANE. Austin Elementary Education O ' CONNELL. PATRICK JOSEPH. Austin Biology. UT Handball Team O ' CONNOR. PATRICIA JANE. Fort Worth Psychology O ' CONNOR, SHARON PATRICIA. Dallas Mathematics-Computer Science. A . BK ODDO. ANGELA LEAH Dallas English O ' DONNELL, PATRICK HOSEA III. Austin Architecture OGLE, CHARLES MELSON II. Austin Transportation Management. AK . Transportation Club OGIER. DANIELLE KAREN. Houston Accounting OLANDER. GARY MILTON. Houston Finance, ATA OLIVER. DARLENE RAOUEL. Alvin Special Education. AAA. SCEC OLLE, GLENDA KAY. Austin Insurance. AZ OLSEN, ELISE ARLINE, Houston Biology. AAFI. AEA. AAA, BK, Phi Beta Kinsolving. Spooks OLSEN. MARY ANNE. Houston Education. AAA. Spooks O ' NEILL. STEPHANIE MICHAEL, Enid, OK English, Humanities Council ORTEGA. ADRIAN GILBERT. San Antonio Pharmacy KU LPhA ORTIZ. ROSITA. Baytown English OSBORN. ROGER COOK JR.. Austin Electrical Engineering. TBPI. HKN, K. Longhorn Band OSBORNE. JOHN CARROLL. Midland Finance OTTO. GLEN EDWARD. Houston Management OUSLEY. DAVID HAROLD. Austin Psychology OWEN, FREDDY DON, Fort Worth Government. Newman Club OWEN. KATHERINE COLLETTE. Dallas Sociology. Minority Affairs Committee, Musical Events Committe Social Welfare. Studies Association OXFORD, CATHLEEN ANN. Austin Art Education, KAH OZMUN, JOSEPH MICHAEL. Austin Art OZMUN. KATHERINE JEANNE. Austin Special Education OZUNA. JESUS, Uvalde Accounting PAGEL. PAULA ELAINE, Temple Secondary Education PALEOLOGO. FRED PETER. Houston Microbiology PAPAVASSILIOU. RUTH M., Houston Business Administration RAPE. GLENN LEON. Seguin Mathematics. HZ, AA, K, BK, Longhorn Band PARKER. LINDA CATHERINA. Weimar Radio-Television-Film PARKER, ROBERT EARL, Dallas Psychology, Pre-Law Association. UT Ski Club. UT Sailing Club PARMA. PATRICK JOHN. San Antonio Statistics, Air Force ROTC. Arnold Air Society PARMA. STEPHEN JOHN. San Antonio Marketing. American Marketing Association PARTRIDGE. EMMETT BRADFORD, Munday Radio-Television-Film AXA PAULY. WYNNE ALISON. Dallas Public Relations. KAG. PRSSA. Fine Arts Committee graduating senior class 579 graduating seniors PAXTON. CATHERINE JONETTE, Lake Jackson Accounting. BX. Phi Beta Kinsolving PAZDRAL, GEORGE HOWARD, Somerville Biology. AEA, K. HZ. Orientation Advisor, Natural Sciences Council PEARCE. CAROLYN JEAN, Dallas Biology PEARCE, SARAH JANE. Austin Nursing PEAVY. ROBERT DALE, Crosby General Business PEDRO, MARCEEN ANN. Austin Elementary Education PEEL, MARK CHARLES, Dallas Journalism, DAILY TEXAN Staft, UT Sports Car Club PEER. BARBARA JEAN, Austin Education PEGUES. CHRISTOPHER CHARLES, Crystal City History-Government PENA. JUAN LUIS, Corpus Christi Accounting PENALOZA. PAUL DION, San Antonio Management, Air Force ROTC PENNEBAKER E, STRODE III. Corpus Christi Mechanical Engineering, TBR, HIT. ASME, UT Sailing Club PFNNINGTON, JAMES RICHARD II. Crockett Finance PEREZ. MACLOVIO JR.. McAllen Journalism. IAX PERRIN. CHRISTOPHER DOUGLAS. Crockett Biology PERRIN. HENRY KEITH. Hutto General Business PETERS, ANNE ESTHER. Cleveland, OH Journalism, Women in Communication PETERSON, CYNTHIA GAYLE, Austin Nutrition, Southern Singers. SNO PETERSON, JON LEE. Houston Biology. Pre-Med. AEA, BK, Student Health Center Advisory Board. Student Services Committee PETERSON, NINA LYN, Kingsville Psychology, ZTA, Communications Committee, AID PETERSON, TERRI LEE, Baytown Secondary Education, AAA PETRASH. JACKIE RAY. Schulenburg Food Systems Management PETTUS. REBECCA GALE, Houston Biology, A PETTY. THOMAS CHARLES, Houston Public Relations-Advertising. Student Assembly, Air Force ROTC, DAILY TEXAN Statl. UT Advertising Club, PRSSA PFEIL. DANIEL STEVEN. San Antonio Business Administration, Longhorn Band PFEIL. KARLA ANN, Pleasanton Biology PHARO, MILAM RANDOLPH. Dallas Biology. Tejas Club. UT Swim Team Manager. Recreation Committee PHILLIPS. ELIZABETH ANN. Austin Business Administration. ZTA. Real Estate Society PHILLIPS, GERALD CLEVELAND. Houston Biology PHILLIPS, JOSEPH THEODORE JR.. Galveston Chemistry. AY, K. HZ, AEA. BK, Junior Fellows PICHOT. CLAUDE EDWARD. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering. nTZ, TBFI. Student Engineering Council, ASME PILAND. DUDLEY CRATON JR.. Austin Electrical Engineering, IEEE PILLER. SUSAN JAY, Houston History, AAA, K PITTS, SUSAN DIANE, Piggott. AR Elementary Education, Student Government PIZZITOLA. DEBORAH MERLE, Piano Government. AAA PLOCH. DEBRA ANN, Dallas English. KA6 PLUMHOFF. CHARLES EDWARD. Houston General Business, IN. Silver Spurs PLYER. ANN ELIZABETH. Tyler English POE. STEPHEN WILLIAM. Manstield Radio- Television-Film POLCHINSKI, PRISCILLA, Houston Marketing, AAH. American Marketing Association, CACTUS Start POLLARD. BRIAN RAY, Waco Government POOLE. PAMELA LEE. Houston Mathematics. AAA 580 graduating senior class iors class of 1 974 POPE, LINDA SUSAN, San Antonio Advertising, ZTA PORTER, CHARLES RAY JR., Austin Finance. rA. OAK, Inter-Fraternity Council, Goodtellow. Round-Up PORTER. JUNELLA LEE. Grand Junction. CO Journalism, PRSSA. Communications Council, Women in Communication PORTER. PEGGY ANN, Uvalde Mathematics PORTH, DEBORAH ANN. Crockett Accounting POSPISIL, EARNEST LOUIS. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering POTTS. GARY EDWARD. Austin Engineering Route to Business POULOS. MARK STEPHEN. Austin Marketing-Hebrew, AKU , International Affairs Committee, Student Faculty Committee, Student Government, American Marketing Association POUZAR. FRANK A.. Dallas English Fencing Alliance POWELL. BRUCE McLEAN. Tyler Journalism. DAILY TEXAN Staff POWELL. ROBERT LEE. Jourdanton Accounting, BAU POWER. DAVID RICHARD. Dallas Psychology POYNOR. KENNETH ALBERT. Ranger Accounting, BA U POYNOR. WESLEY JIM. Jacksboro Pharmacy-Chemistry. ZK. PX. LPhA POYNER. WILLIAM SMYRL. Austin Electrical Engineering, IEEE PRATT. PATRICIA ANN. Houston English. Af, CACTUS Staff PRATT. ROBERT WILSON II, Corpus Christi Finance, AID, Navy ROTC PRENTICE, THOMAS ARCHER, Richardson Public Relations, AY. Young Democrats. PRSSA PRESSLER. CATHERINE LOUISE. Galveston Interior Design, ON, Natural Sciences Council, Senior Council. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club PRICE JERRY LEE. Big Spring Pharmacy. K K PX. LPhA PRIMOMO. JOHN WILLIAM, San Antonio Government PRINGLE. JAMES ALBERT. Irving Pharmacy PRINTZ. ELI. Natania, Israel Communication PRITCHARD. KENNETH F.. San Antonio Architecture PRITCHETT. JAMES PATRICK Midland Pharmacy. OIK. PX PROFT. ROBERT WAYNE, Port Arthur Aerospace Engineering, ZfT, AIAA. A Cappella Choir PRYOR. LINDA M., Austin Physical Education-Mathematics. PEM Club. Intramurals. Intercollegiate Volleyball PRYOR. MARY ELLEN, Missoula. MT Linguistics PUCCIO. PATRICA JO, Houston Art History, Resident Advisor PUGLIESE, TIMOTHY M., Dallas Radio-Television-Film. UT Sports Car Club PULEIO. DANIEL THOMAS. Elmont. NY Psychology. Crow ' s Nest. Navy ROTC PURCELL, KIRK BOYNTON. Anarene Economics PURDOM. LAWRENCE EDWARD. Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME PURGASON. RAYMON T.. Austin Zoology PUTNAM. KATHERINE V.. Orange Elementary Education PYLE. CARLA JAN. Tyler Psychology. Young Republicans, University Chorus, Women ' s Intercollegiate Swim Team PYNDUS. STANLEY EARNEST. Houston Accounting. AKUJ QUOCK. JIMMY LEE. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering. TBn, DTI. ASME RABON, LANA JOY. Eden Elementary-Kindergarten Education, Dorm Advisor. Southern Singers. Tennis Team RAINOSEK. DENNIS EUGENE. La Grange Accounting. AZF! BAUJ RAINWATER. MARY CATHERINE. Corpus Christi English RAJALA, KATHLEEN JOAN. Waukegan, IL Office Administration graduating senior class 581 graduating seniors class ( RANDAZZO, GARY WAYNE, Corpus Christ! Marketing. American Marketing Association RANEY. KENNETH CARTER JR.. Longview Public Relations. PRSSA RATCLIFF. ROBERT RUSSELL, Waco Accounting RAY. DAVID DUANE. Austin Physical Education, PEM Club. Varsity Track Team Manager READER. HELAINE. SUSAN. Houston Speech, AE, Angel Flight. Little Sisters ol the Sands REDO, GEORGE LENARD. Garland Chemistry REEVE. CHARLES GARY. Austin Biology REGIS, DAVID ALLEN. Mechanicville. NY Management REIFER. ELIEZER. Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Association, Dean ' s List REIFER, SHALOM, Dallas Psychology-Pre-Law, ZAM, U X, Freshman Encounter, Dean ' s List, Social and Behavioral Sciences Council, Pre-Law Association REILLY, LINDA JANE, San Antonio Elementary Education, ZTA REINBACH, MAX OTTO JR . Kerrville Civil Engineering. XE. Longhorn Band, Tejas Club, Texas Cowboys, Goodfellow REKKOFF, CAROLINE LIA, Galveston Public Relations RESENDEZ. RODOLFO JR., Rio Grande City Journalism RESSMANN. ARTHUR C. JR., San Antonio Biology REYES, JUAN ISIDRO. Manor English. MAYO, Orientation Advisor, Goodfellow, SCOOP. Raza Unida REYES. OLGA LEONORA. San Antonio Physical Education. XA, PEM Club. UT Speleological Society REYNOLDS, REBECCA TALLY, Houston Journalism. AAfl, PRSSA REYNOLDS. THOMAS ALLAN, San Antonio Music Education, MA Symphoma REYNOLDS. WANDA FAYE. San Antonio Zoology RHODES. FREDERICK A III, Houston Business Honors Program. AXA, HZ. Undergraduate Research Foundation RHODES. GEORGE FREDERICK JR., Port Lavaca Radio- Television-Film, I4E. TexPIRG, International Affairs Committee RHODES. RICHARD CRAIG. Sweetwater Business, Acacia, Posse. Inter-Fraternity Council RHYNE, CRAIG DESMOND. Lubbock Plan II RICHARD. CARLTON SMITH. Houston Business Administration, IN, BA . OHI RICHARDSON, JOHN HARRY, Homewood. IL Civil Engineering, HZ. TBPI. XE, KK . Longhorn Band, Tejas Club, Texas Cowboys. ASCE RICHARDSON. ROBIN HATHAWAY, Houston Business, flB, CBA Council. Ideas and Issues Committee, Undergraduate Research Foundation, CACTUS Goodfellow RICHARME, AMY CARSTENSEN, Austin Biology RICHTER. HENRI-ANN. San Antonio Business Administration RIDENOUR. LEE HOWARD, Evansville, IN Biology, HZ. K RIELLY, ROBERT JOHN, Houston Petroleum Engineering, AIME RIIS-DUE, CARTER WILLIAM, Austin History RILEY, PHYLLIS LAVERNE. San Antonio Sociology. Baptist Student Union RINDERKNECHT, SUSAN LYNN. Taylor Clothing and Textiles. The Fashion Group ROACH, CAROL LYNN, San Antonio Latin American Studies-Government ROBERTS, PHILIP HOWARD. Tyler Government, Pre-Law Association ROBERTS. RICHARD EUGENE II, San Angelo Zoology, riKA ROBERTS. ROBIN HELENE, McAllen Studio Art, AXO ROBERTSON, DONNA MARIE, Austin Elementary Education ROBINSON, RICHARD THOMAS. Lawrence. MA Physical Education. PEM Club, Intramurals ROCHE, RANDAL CALVERLEY, Killeen General Business ROD, ANTHONY WAYNE. El Campo Mechanical Engineering, nil. ASME 582 graduating senior class class of 1 974 RODRIGUEZ. CARLOS CASTILLO. Asherton Pharmacy RODRIGUEZ. RICARDO, Brownsville Spanish, Circle K ROE. JERRE. Corsicana English ROGAN. WILLIAM PATRICK. Houston Business Administration, IX ROGERS, BRUCE WILSON, Dickinson Pharmacy, IN, Dean ' s List. LPhA. Communications Committee ROGERS, DEBRA SUSAN, Arlington History. AAA ROGERS. GERALD ALAN, Weslaco General Business ROGERS. MARK JEFFREY. Austin Business Administration ROGER. WILLIAM CHARLES, Dallas Statistics, Air Force ROTC ROMER. LOUIS THEODORE JR.. Houston General Business, Ain RONAGHAN, JAMES THOMAS JR.. Austin Government ROOKE, MARK LEE. Lake Jackson Mathematics, BK ROOSTAEYAN, MAJID. Tehran, Iran Civil Engineering ROOTH. RICHARD CARL, Dallas Biology ROSALES EVANGELINE. San Antonio Sociology, Minority Affairs Committee, Social Welfare Studies Association, Women ' s Law Caucus, Newman Club, MAYO F.OSEMAN, BARRY DEAN. Birmingham. AL Psychology ROSEMAN, JAMES MICHAEL. Omaha. NB Marketing, IAM ROSENBAUM, SUSAN GAIL, Baytown Mathematics, AAA, Phi Beta Kinsolving, Resident Assistant, Hillel ROSENBLUM, JUDY ANN, Bogalusa, LA Government, AE$. Academic Affairs Committee, Education Committee. Orange Jackets. Posse ROSENTHAL, ALAN RAY. Dallas Pharmacy. AEF1 ROSENTHAL. BARBARA GAIL, Dallas Secondary Education, CACTUS Staff. Teaching Assistant ROSS. WILLIAM GEORGE. Waco Government. ZBT, Inter-Fraternity Council. Round-Up Committee ROSSER. CAROLYN ANN, DeKalb Elementary Education, K ROSSETT. MANUEL BANDA, Victoria Finance, American Finance Association ROSTANT, IAN SIDNEY, Trinidad Civil Engineering, International Club, ASCE ROWE, MELENE JEAN. Uvalde Sociology, AKA ROWELL. SANDRA GAIL, Dallas Education RUBIN. ROBERT JAY, Houston Mathematics-Pre-Med, HZ, K. AEA. BK RUBINSKY. SIMON WILLIAM. Brownsville Government-Pre-Law, AEfl RUBIO. JESUS RAMIRO. Eagle Pass International Business, International Affairs Committee, Mexican-American Cultural Committee. Communications Committee. Special Programs Committee RUIZ, FRANCISCO XAVIER, Laredo Government RUIZ, GABRIEL, San Antonio Architectural Engineering, Student Engineering Council, AAAE RUIZ, LEOPOLDO III, Laredo Pharmacy, Ktl RUPLE. AUBREY VAUGHAN JR., Amarillo Geography RUSSELL, REBECCA LEE. Santa Barbara. CA Secondary Education. KKF, Big Buddy Program RUSSO, JOSEPH FRANCIS, Galveston Finance, Acacia RUTH, JAMES ALAN. Homewood. IL Engineering Management RUTHERFORD. LINDA JEANETTE. Lubbock Biology-English. AKA. Panhellenic Council. The Blacks RUTUELO, JOHN JAMES JR.. Long Island. NY Drama. Fine Arts Council ST. CLAIR, CONNIE. McAllen Education SALINAS. ELMA TERESA. Laredo Accounting, Resident Assistant SALMON, BAILEY JAMES. Longview Mechanical Engineering, TBD. FITT. ASME graduating senior class 583 graduating seniors class c SANTOS. JOSE ANTONIO. Tampico. Mexico Mechanical Engineering, A O Dorm Government. ASME. MIGHT. UT Soccer Team SARTOR. RICHARD A , San Antonio Accounting SATCHER. PAMELA J. KYLE, Paris Secondary Education SAUER, CAROL SAUNDERS. Houston Biology. Little Sisters of the Seven Stars, Dean ' s List SAUER. EDWARD HUGH. Houston Biology. AY SAWYER. LAURA CAMILLE. Corpus Christi Elementary Education SAWYER, LISA RAE, Dallas Education, A SCALES, FLOYD EDGAR, Gonzales Electrical Engineering, TBD, HKN SCHAFER. DENNIS DEAN. Austin Accounting SCHAFFNER, LESLIE JACOB, Arlington, VA Geography. Crow ' s Nest, Navy ROTC. Scabbard and Blade SCHISSLER, RICHARD PRICE III. Houston Real Estate-Finance AKUJ, Pre-Law Society. Real Estate Society SCHLEIER. GRADY EDWIN, Denver. CO Management, AXA. Intramurals, Undergraduate Research Foundation SCHMIDT, DAVID GORDON. Houston Accounting SCHNEIDER, DENNIS RAY. Odem Microbiology SCHREIBMAN, JANET BETH, Austin Advertising, IAT SCHROEDER. GALEN GILLIS. Thorndale Architectural Engineering. AAAE SCHUCHARDT. JOSEPH III. Sweeney Management. AKU , Football SCHUETZ, CHARLES STUART. San Antonio Anthropology SCHULT2. ROGER MARK, Houston History Young Republicans, Pre-Law Association SCHWARTZ. GAIL MARIE. Beaumont Special Education SCHWEGMANN. JAMES RICHARD, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering SCOTT, DEBORAH ANN. Austin Government, KA0. Ideas and Issues Committee. Acacia Order ot Delphi SCOTT, WILLIAM BUERK JR., Dallas Marketing. CACTUS Associate Editor. Ideas and Issues Committee CACTUS Goodlellow SEGALL, JANICE SUSAN, Austin Special Education SEIDLER, DIANE DAPHNE, Richardson Secondary Education, XQ, Phi Beta Kmsolving, Dean ' s List SEIFFERT, OTILIA B., Belem-Para. Brazil Social and Behavorial Sciences SELIG. PETER CRAIG. Seguin Government, ZBT, Student Senator. Communications Council. Student Services Committee, Student-Faculty Committee SELKE, HAROLD EDWARD JR. Houston Accounting. Scabbard and Blade, Army ROTC SELLERS. CLIFFORD WYNNE, Corpus Christi Finance. Longhorn Singers, Real Estate Society, Finance Association. Dorm Government SELLERS, LENN GENE JR . Austin Plan II. AY SENTER. SUSAN, Forney General Business. AA AAA, Real Estate Society. Golden Hearts SEPULVEDA. SHARON MICHAELA. Oklahoma City, OK History, AAA. BK SETO, CHURK MING. Hong Kong Pharmacy, AX,LPhA SEWELL, CHARLES THOMAS, Pasadena Biology, AEA. HZ, BK SHACKELFORD. SUZANNE VESTA. Lincoln. NB Journalism, AOn. Spooks SHAMOUN. JULIE MARIE, Corpus Christi Government SHANNON. KAYLIN MARIE, Wichita Falls Psychology and Sociology SHAW. RICHARD EARL JR.. Austin Marketing. $ZK, American Marketing Association SHAW. ROBERT THORNTON. Conroe Accounting SHEA, SALLY PATRICIA, Levelland Psychology, CX SHEARN. MICHAEL JOSEPH, Houston Plan II. BK, Peru Exchange Program. Ideas and Issues Committee. Tejas Club. Rodney. Earl Donaldson Award. Outstanding Student SHELTON. GENETTE. Dallas Elementary Education. ZTA. Southern Singers I I 584 graduating senior class niors class of 1 974 SHEPPARD, MARGARET. Port Arthur Mathematics, Dorm Advisor SHEPPARD. MARY CLARE, Longview Speech Pathology. XQ, Communication Council SHERARD, SKIPPER LYNN, Dallas Education SHETH. SATISHCHANDRA H . India Chemical Engineering SHIFLET. RONNIE EARL, Tyler Physical Education, PEM Club SHRADER, GREGORY LYNN. Pasadena Advertising SHTAWI. ABEDELRAZAK MOHAMMEL. Nazareth-Elit. Isreal Chemical Engineering, AlChE SHULKIN, BARRY LYNN. Dallas Mathematics. IAM. K SHYU, GENIE JEN-LI. Taiwan Psychology. X SIBLEY. BRENDASUE. Nacogdoches Psychology, AZ0 SIGLER, CYNTHIA MARIE, Wichita Falls Psychology, BK SIKES, KAREN SUE. Beasley Home Economics, Education, AID Little Sister. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club SILVERBLATT. KEITH ALAN. Houston Linguistics SIMKINS, SHARON LOUISE. Houston Physical Education SIMMONS. DUANE GARRETT. Houston Education, Varsity Football Manager, Student Senator. Education Council SIMPSON. LYNN OWEN, Livingston Business. Intramurals SIPPEL, DAVID ERNST, Cibolo Business Administration. KiV, AK SIOUEIRA. VERA HELENA, Sao Paulo, Brazil Psychology SKARKE. MICHAEL GARY. Texas City Management. Ain SLACK. JENNIFER ANN Lutkin Special Education, AXO, CEC SLIGER, JANICE BERTINE. Midland Business Education, non SMALL, TERRELL JACKSON III. Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering. KA, ASME. Underwater Society. Dean ' s List SMITH. DIANE ELIZABETH, Wichita Falls Drama Education SMITH, JACK MICHAEL. Amarillo Advertising. UT Advertising Club, Young Republicans SMITH, JAMES WESTON. Chatham, NJ Architecture SMITH. JEFFERY ALVIN, Austin Marketing. AKU SMITH, KAREN SUE. Bellaire Biology SMITH. KENNETH STEPHENS, Austin Finance SMITH. LESLIE DIANE, New Orleans. LA Journalism. Spooks. PRSSA SMITH. MARION ALLEN. Livingston Management, Dean ' s List SMITH. PHILIP STEPHEN. Dallas Finance, Real Estate Society SMITH, RONALD DWIGHT. Duncanville Journalism. PRSSA. UT Advertising Club SMITH. STEVEN WADE, Amarillo Finance, ATA, Texas Cowboys SMITH, VIRGINIA SUE, Borger Office Administration SMITHWICK, SANDRA GAIL. Temple Nutrition, ON, SNO SMOKER, TONI DIANE, Amarillo Accounting. BAU SNAVELY. SUSAN KAY, Tyler General Business. BX SO. PAUL KWONG, Hong Kong Management. Chinese Students Association SOLOMON, PHILLIP WAYNE, Big Lake Government SONGERGAARD, ANN CANDACE. San Antonio English SORELLE. DONALD PATRICK. Waco Personnel Management. Freshman Encounter. Intramurals SORSBY. BARBARA ELAINE, Kerrville Special Education, SCEC graduating senior class 585 graduating seniors class ( SOURS. ROBERT JOHN JR., Austin Pharmacy, ATA, Silver Spurs SOUSARES. LYNN SCOTT. Austin Finance, American Finance Association SOWERS, FREDERICK W , Austin Sociology SPARGER. MOLLY SUE, San Antonio Home Economics-Textiles SPARKS, REBECCA MICHELE. Austin Nursing SPAULDING, BRENDA KAY, Fort Hood Science Education SPEARS. AUDREY VON, Texarkana Sociology, AKA SPEARS. BARBARA LAVERNE. Austin Accounting, AKA, Atro-American Cultural Committee SPENCE. REBECCA SUE, Houston Elementary Education SPENCER, JOHN RICHARD, Gilmer Pharmacy. PX. LPhA SPENCER. ROXANNE. Austin Zoology. OBK SPICER, PHILLIP REESE JR , San Antonio Government, Czech Club SPINNER. SHARON RUTH. Houston Psychology, ZAT, AAA SPONBERG, MARY KATHRYN. Austin Elementary Education, AIA, TBZ, Longhorn Band, Newman Club SPRAGGINS, DEBORAH, Jacksonville Marketing. American Marketing Association SPRINKLE. MARGARET ANN. Corsicana Music Education. AIA, ZAI, Order ot the Blue Iris, Longhorn Singers, Choral Union STAATS, EMILY HAZEL, San Antonio Physical Education, KAn, PEM Club STACK, JULIE ANN. Waukesha, Wl Special Education, AIA, Dorm Advisor, SCEC. TEA STARK, THOMAS WHEELER. Corpus Christi Biology, HZ, 8K, Intramurals STEARNS, SUZANNE MANNING, Dallas Elementary Education STEHLING, PATRICK RALPH, Fredericksburg Finance STEIN. RICHARD HOWARD. Houston Accounting. TA4 , HZ STEINHEBEL. TERRANCE LEROY. San Antonio Marketing. ROTC. American Marketing Association, Scabbard and Blade STEPHENS. MARILYN SUE. Richardson Music Education. A Cappella Choir STEPHENS. SUSAN LOCKE. Wichita Falls Art History. KKF STEPHENS. SUSAN LYNNE. Corpus Christi Nursing STEPHENS. THOMAS EARL. Sabinal Biology. Longhorn Rodeo Association. UT Speleological Society STERN. VICKIE DIANE, Hutto Special Education, SCEC. Longhorn Singers STEVENS. PATRICIA LORENE. Denison Special Education STEWART. ENDS ROGER JR . Richmond Economics and Accounting BK BAU $K J AKU Navy ROTC. CACTUS Goodfellow STILSON, DENYSE EVONNE. Houston Elementary-Kindergarten Education STINSON. MARK WOODROW, San Antonio Studio Art. CACTUS Artist, DAILY TEXAN Artist STIVISON. LORNA LINELL, Houston Marketing. BX STONE, KATHLEEN LOUISE, Decatur Anthropology, University Anthropological Society STRANE, JO LYNNE, Edna Interior Design, AID STRELSKY. CHERYL LYN La Marque Special Education, SCEC STRICKLAND. NANCY JOY. Kenedy Drama Education-English STRONG. GARY BENNETT Dallas Biology. riKA. BK, HZ. AEA, Freshman Advisor STUDDARD, JANIS BETH, Beaumont Mathematics, BK. K J , AAA, Zero Population Growth STUTZMAN. NANCY MARGARETHA La Porte English SUGGS, NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston Special Education. AIA, HAG, Panhellenic Council. Mortar Board. SCEC. CACTUS Goodfellow SULLIVAN. JANIS CAROL. Houston Public Relations 586 graduating senior class class of 1 974 SULLIVAN, WILLIAM PATRICK, Fort Worth Journalism, Longhorn Band SULTANIK, HARVEY MICHAEL, Austin Business Administration-Management, German Exchange Student Program, Honor Roll SWAIM. RACHEL ANN, San Antonio Home Economics-Clothing-Textiles SWANSON, PATRICIA E.. Harlmgen Business Administration, ZTA HOn SWANSON, ROBERT WALTER. Austin General Business-Management, AK Honor Program SWEENEY, MARTHA MARY. San Antonio Education, SCEC. Education Council, Education Committee SWENSON, ANNE EVELYN. San Antonio History, Upper-Class Advisor ODE SWITZER. CHARLOTTE BESS. Longview Deal Education SYKES. VERNA JEAN, Burkburnett Home Economics, The Fashion Group, Mary E Gearing Home Economics Club SYLVESTER. TILLMAN ROBERT III. Baytown Zoology SYNATSCHK. MARTIN EARNEST. Midland Special Education TALK. PATRICIA ROSE. Floresville Home Economics, Food Systems Management ' Ik TALREJA. GOPAL S . Bombay. India Accounting TAMBURELLO. NANCY MELINDA, Houston Aerospace Engineering, AIAA, Hillel, International Folk Dancers TARKINGTON. VIRGINIA LEE. San Antonio Statistics, AIA, Resident Assistant Dean ' s List TARLTON. JOHN YERBY. Austin Biology, KK JJ. AKALA. Longhorn Band TARLTON, PEGGY JEAN. Austin Home Economics-Child Development, ZTA, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club. Longhorn Band, Intramurals Dean ' s List TARRANT, GEORGE DONALD. Fort Worth Psychology. HZ, BK, Dean ' s List TAYLOR, GAYE MARIE. Houston Nursing, Intramurals TAYLOR, SUSAN ELIZABETH. Grand Prairie Elementary Education TAYLOR, THOMAS EDWARD, Fort Worth Public Relations TEAL. KATHLEEN DEE, San Antonio Government, fllA, Policy Committee TENISON, EDWARD HUGH III, Dallas Psychology TENNANT. REBECCA LYNN, Houston Sociology TEOH, KENNY, Rangoon. Burma Electrical Engineering. d HZ HKN TBFI IEEE TEOH. MARGARET BEEWEE. Austin Mathematics, Spooks. UT Actuarial Club TERRELL. WILLIAM LEE. Greenville Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBfl, IEEE Longhorn Band TERRY, DAVID RANKIN, Loraine Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBFI, Longhorn Band, IEEE TERWEY, KATHRYN GRACE, San Antonio Government, AAD THOMAS, CAROLYN SUE, Marshall Elementary Education-Kindergarten Education, f J B THOMAS. JOHN LEWIS, Beaumont History Education THOMAS, LAURA ELIZABETH. San Antonio Child Development, A THOMAS, RODERIC CONRAD, Dallas Marketing. KA, Texas Cowboys THOMAS. WILLIAM MILLER. Center Accounting. BAUJ (PHI THOMASSON, TONI MARIE. Port Lavaca Architecture THOMPSON. DEBRA LYNNE, Rosenberg Home Economics, ON, FIA0, AHEA, Scope THOMPSON, ERWIN GASTON. Houston Finance AKU THOMPSON. FRED GEORGE. Miami. FL International Business THOMPSON. JAMES RICHARD. Rosenberg Chemical Engineering. TBH, DXE AY AlChE THOMPSON, KATHERINE OTELIA, Houston Home Economics, AIA. AHEA, Canter Club THOMPSON, LINDA JEAN, Dallas Speech-Education THOMPS ON, STEVEN EUGENE. Austin Psychology. X. Psychology Honors Program. CACTUS Section Editor graduating senior class 587 graduating seniors classt THORNTON. JOE RAYFORD, Houston Accounting. Texas Troubadours TIEMANN, NELSON EVERETT, Yorktown Accounting TIMMONS. ELIZABETH ANN, Fort Worth Elementary Education. ACE, TSEA. Southern Singers. CACTUS Staff TINDLE. CATHERINE MELE, Houston English TIPPETT. JENNY MARIE, Abilene Microbiology-Medical Technology, AIA TJANDRA. YOE, Bandung. Indonesia Electrical Engineering TOBIN, ANTONIO W. JR.. Brownsville Biology TOLBERT. CATHERINE ELIZABETH, Copperas Cove Child Development, Anchorettes TONG. NICOLETTE AMELIA. Houston Zoology. Chinese Students Association TORIAN. GARY LAMAR. Houston Biology TORRES. CONSUELO V,, San Antonio English-Secondary Education. Newman Club, MAYO TOUZET, CAROLE CLAUDE, Nice, France English TREIMAN, MAURICE HOWARD, Houston History. Asian Music Club. Dean ' s List TRIBBLE, NANCY JEAN. Houston Elementary Education, XQ TRIESCH, JOHNNY TRACY. San Antonio Marketing. BOH TRIGG. NANCY DORSEY. Houston Spanish TRUELSON. ROBERT BROWNE II. Fort Worth Accounting. AXA TSCHOERNER. RUDOLF III. Austin Biology. AEA. tBK, Intramurals TUCKER. DEBORAH DENISE. Laughlin Secondary Education TUCKER, WILLIAM L III, Florissant. MO Insurance. AXA. Insurance Society. Undergraduate Research Foundation TURPIN, JAMES EDWIN, Bryan Actuarial Science, Longhorn Band TURET. THOMAS ROBERT, Dallas Accounting, IN TYER. M C JR . Houston Government UECKERT, JUDITH ANN. Dallas Journalism, PRSSA UHL, ROBERT ALAN. Houston German, Scabbard and Blade, Navy ROTC ULRICH, JOHN MASIL HEINZ. Bloomtield Hills. Ml Radio-Television-Film, Freshman Football, Varsity Football ULRICH. PATRICIA ANN. Dallas Elementary Education URBANOVSKY, PAMELA JANE. Mesquite Biology-Medical Technology UPCHURCH. MICHAEL J . Houston Finance. AID. CBA Council. Senior Cabinet American Finance Association VACEK. JOANNE ELIZABETH. Houston Accounting. AZ. AO. Freshman Orientation Advisor. University Encounter. Newman Club, Southern Singers VALDESPINO. JESSICA HENRIETTA. San Antonio Drama VALDEZ, OLIVIA. San Antonio Physical Education. PEM Club VAN KLEEF, WILLIAM THOMAS, George West Accounting. BAUJ VANN, JOAN ANDERSON. San Antonio Mathematics VAN NORDEN, LELIA ANN. Marshall Marketing. Spooks. American Marketing Association VAN TREESE. BARBARA JEAN, Harrison. OH German VASQUEZ. ELEVTERIO. San Antonio Electrical Engineering, Din. Project INFO. Young Republicans, IEEE. Mexican-American Culture Committee VEGA. JORGE A . San Jose, Costa Rica Architecture VENSO. NORMA JO, Fort Worth Government VERA. OSCAR LUIS. Brownsville Biology VERTREES. ALAN DAVID. Austin Psychology Radio-Television-Film VICHITKASEMKIT. PACHAREE. Bangkok. Thailand Accounting i 588 graduating senior class niors class of 1 974 VILIM. KATHLEEN ANN. San Anlonio Advertising, UT Advertising Club VILLAMIZAR, RODRIGO I . Brownwood Economics VILLASENOR. STEVE J., Houston History VITEK. JANICE MARIE, Belton Education VOIGT. NANCY KAYE. San Antonio Secondary Education-Biology and Health, AP VORNSAND. KURT THEUER, Schulenburg Education, Intramurals VORNSAND, LILLI JANE, Houston Psychology VOWAN, MARY ELIZABETH, Dallas Elementary Education, ZTA. Bored Martyrs. Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross WAGNER. MARGARET ANN. Victoria Psychology WAI. WU KWOK. Hong Kong Electrical Engineering, HZ. TBPI. HKN. IEEE, Engineering Fellow, Honor Roll WALENTA. SHARON ANN. Lake Jackson Mathematics, Phi Beta Kinsolving Dean ' s List WALKER, DEBORAH LYNN. Pasadena Business Administration, PIOPI. BX, Spooks WALKER. JOHN PAUL, San Antonio Business Administration, American Marketing Association WALKER. RUTH MARIE. Houston German. A A WALL. DONALD LEE, Temple Finance, AXA, American Finance Association. Real Estate Society. Dean ' s List WALL. ROSALYN. Houston Government WALLACE, JAMES RICHARD. Amarillo Biology. AY WALLIN. WILLIAM RANDALL. Austin Computer Science WALLIS. DIANE MARY. Houston Mathematics WALLS. ALTA LEE, Houston Secondary Education WALTERS. MILTON DREW. Houston Biology. AQ, AEA WARD. CRYSTAL ANN. San Antonio Radio-Tetevision-Film. UT Advertising Club, Women in Communication WASHBURN. GLORIA J.. Austin Linguistics WASHBURN. JAMES JAY. Austin Hebrew WATERS. MARSHA SUE. Austin Home Economics-Interior Design AID WATSON. GARY LEE, Garland Accounting WATSON. JAMES ROBERT, Dallas Advertising, XX. UT Advertising Club. Orientation Advisor. Freshman Encounter, Round-Up Committee WATSON, PAULA ANN. Bay City Business Administration, A . Southern Singers WATSON, SUE ELLEN. Houston Fashion Design AAA WATTS. KAREN LYNN. Arlington Medical Technology WATZ. JANE MARIE. Holston Nutrition, ON, SNO. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club WEAVER. CARNES WESLEY JR., Houston International Business WEAVER. JAMES ROBERT. San Antonio Speech Communication WEAVER. MARY ELIZABETH. San Antonio Sociology WEBB, STEVEN IRA. Texas City Plan II WEBER. KAREN ANN. Blanco Accounting. Dorm Advisor WEBER, ROBERT JOSEPH. Scotch Plains, NJ Psychology WEED. BARBARA LEE, Harlingen Elementary Education WEIDNER. CHESTER PAUL JR.. Houston History. Intramurals WEISE. BONNIE RENEE, Taylor Geology, AAA, UT Geological Society WELGE. JACK HERMAN JR., Austin Psychology. AY. Royal Order of UT WELLER. JAMES SAWYER, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, TBfl. HKN. IEEE graduating senior class 589 graduating seniors class o WELLS, DONNA ELAINE, San Antonio Secondary Education. KAH. nA0, Dean ' s List. CEC WERKENTHIN, MARIE LOUISE, Austin Elementary Education, AZ, TBI. Longhorn Band WESLEY, KATHRYN ANN, Houston Health Education WESSON. GARY FRANKLIN. Corpus Christi General Business WESTBROOK. CHRISTINA SEMRAD. Austin Elementary Education. rt B WESTBROOK. DAN ALLEN. Austin Chemical Engineering. OHZ, Engineering Fellows WESTCOTT, PAMELA JEAN. Hill AFB, UT Elementary Education WETHERBY, LINDA JEAN, Fort Worth Music UT Orchestra WHALEY, VICKI LYNN. Dallas Secondary Education-Speech-Journalism, XQ WHEELER. DONALD RAY, Duncanville Marketing WHEELER, WILLIAM KAI, Houston Finance, AXA WHITAKER. MARILYN TAYLOR, Austin Anthropology WHITAKER, TOM EDWARD, Austin Biology WHITCRAFT. VIRGINIA CAROL, Austin Anthropology WHITE. JENNY ALLANS, Houston English, A WHITE, KYLE DAVID, Stowell Business Administration WHITE. NANCY CHRISTINE. Houston Elementary Education WHITE. VICKI GAYLE. Austin Deaf Education, AAfl, Angel Flight, Crescents WHITEHILL. JOHN MAYS, Austin Biology-Pre-Med, AY WHITEHORNE. DARCY ANN, Scotch Plains. NJ Journalism, Women in Communication, Upperclass Advisor WHITEHURST. TERRI ANN. Longview Elementary and Kindergarten Education WHITLEY. MIKKI JANE. Austin Education, AIA. AX Little Sisters. Cordettes. SEA WHITSON. CECILIA ANITA. Corpus Christi Sociology WHITSON. KENNETH WESLEY. Dallas Electrical Engineering, KKF, HZ, Longhorn Band WIEDEMAN, STANLEY RAYMON. Joplin. MO Engineering Sciences. AXA, Goodtellow. Longhorn Singers WIELAND. ROSEMARY RAY. Ptlugerville Home Economics, ON. AHEA WIENTJES, MARK STEPHEN. San Antonio Business Administration, ROTC WIGLEY, WALTER PRESTON JR.. Jasper Accounting, UT Judo Club WILAND, BRUCE LANE, Dallas Engineering, TBD WILDE. JEANNE MARGOT, Overland Park. KS Government, AAA. Kt, Scope, Mortar Board WILHELM. JOHN FREDERICK, Austin Pharmacy, KU . cj HI WILKINSON, LINDA ANNE, San Antonio Art WILLIAMS. BARBARA GAIL, Houston Mathematics-Spanish WILLIAMS, BOBBYE RUTH. Abilene Speech Pathology, AAn WILLIAMS. CAROL LAVERE, Dallas German. Intramural Manager WILLIAMS, GARY RICHARD. Huntsville Biology. ATA WILLIAMS. HANK. San Antonio Accounting, AXA, Intramurals. Student Government WILLIAMS. JANET SUE. Fort Worth Government WILLIAMS. JOE LAHAY III. Freeport Accounting, Dean ' s List WILLIAMS. KATHRYN, Beaumont Journalism. FIB . PRSSA. UT Advertising Club WILLIAMS. PATRICIA KAY. Houston Mathematics, AIA, ACM WILLIAMS, VIRGINIA GALE, Austin Physical Education, rB, PEM Club A 590 graduating senior class niors class of 1 974 WILSON, ELIZABETH DIANE, Weslaco Business Administration WILSON. JAMES MARK, Midland Music, MA, HZ. Longhorn Band WILSON, RICHARD NEAL, Cross Plains Management WINN. RANDAL WALTER. San Antonio Business Honors. AKU WINSLOW. KAREN FRANCES, Dallas Pharmacy. KE, Pharmacy Council. LPhA WINSTON. WALTER JR.. Palestine Biology. AA WINTERRINGER. SUSAN LEIGH. Fort Worth Journalism. HB0, Communication Council. Women in Communication Orange Jackets, Mortar Board WIPPERMAN, SUSAN DE, Houston Medical Technology-Biology, KKI " , Mortar Board. Society ot Southern Belles WISDOM. ROBERT PERRY. Austin History WISE, ZELMA ALICIA, Laredo Elementary Education WITHERELL. JAMES CLAUDE. Lufkin Government, Musical Events Committee WOLBRETTE, BRUCE ELI, Midwest City. OK Accounting. Navy ROTC. CBA Council. CACTUS Goodfellow WONG. CHRISTINA KAY. Ponca City. OK Special Education, KAfl WONG, THOMAS KAM YUEN. Austin Pharmacy. PX. LPhA WOOD. MARC CONAN. Austin Psychology WOODS, RIGDON MORRISON, Universal City Marketing, UT Advertising Club, American Marketing Association WOOTEN. WILLIAM HARRIS. Houston Accounting, KZ WOOTTEN. JANENE MARIE. Houston Mathematics. Little Sisters of the Shield and Diamond WORLEY. JOHN BRENT. Big Spring Philosophy, BK. 0K0. HZ WOYTEK, BARBARA JEAN. Deer Park Marketing. d BX, Resident Advisor WRIGHT. JILL ELAINE. Spring Sociology, AAA WRIGHT. JOSEPH MARTIE, Texarkana Finance WUNDERLICH. MARLENE KAY. Houston Nutrition. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Club. SNO WYLIE. ANITA SUE. Midland Business Administration WYLIE. ELIZABETH CLAIRE, Richardson Music. UT Symphony WYMAN. RICHARD CARLSON. Dallas Accounting. ZK. Inter-Fraternity Council, Insurance Society, Interaction Committee YAM. KWOK-SHUN BRYAN. Hong Kong Mechanical Engineering YARBOUGH. MARY HELEN. Temple Drama. KKf. Texas Union. Southern Singers, TexPIRG YARBROUGH, RICHARD ALVIN. Waco Business Administration. Student Christian Fellowship, Resident Assistant. Texas Cowboys YARLING, CHARLES BYRON. Austin Electrical Engineering. RAO. MA. IEEE. Longhorn Band YEMMA. JOHN EDWARD. Austin Journalism. IAX, Communications Council. DAILY TEXAN Managing Editor, Outstanding Student YONACK. MIMI RUTH. Dallas Education YOAKUM. BEVERLY LYNNE. Rockdale English. K. BK YORIO, ROSE MARIE IRENE. Houston Psychology. Longhorn Band YOUNG, LEE ANN. Corpus Christ! Biology YOUNG, JEANNE CORBIN, Houston Journalism YOUNG, MARY ELIZABETH, Corpus Christi English. KKI " . AAA. BK, Little Sisters ol the Maltese Cross YOUNG. NANCY ALENE, Texarkana Pharmacy. KE YOUNGER. GARY KEITH. San Antonio Government. UT Sailing Club ZAMORA. JOE RICHARD. Corpus Christi Petroleum Engineering, nin. Intramurals AIME UT Baseball Team 2ARATE. DIANA, Brownsville Speech Therapy ZIMMERMAN. IVA LYNN. Corpus Christi Accounting, Badminton Team ZIMMERMAN, MARVIN LOUIS, Corpus Christi Accounting graduating senior class 591 I i senn I " 592 senior class seniors senior class 593 seniors senior ADAMS. JANIS RUTH. Houston ALLEN. BARBARA JEANETTE, Austin ALLMOND. STEVEN ROY. Odessa ALMAND. ROBERT H., San Antonio ALTHAUS. VOY ERNEST JR., Houston ALVARADO, PATRICIA ANN, Beeville APPELT, JAMES MACK, Three Rivers ASHFORD, DEBORAH LEE, Houston AUSTIN. KATHLEEN DAWN, San Antonio BAKER, DENNIS MARVIN Humble BAKER, HERBERT HARRY, League City BASORE STEVEN DALE Alvin BEHNKE, BONNIE GAIL, Dallas BER, JAMIE MICHELE, New Orleans, LA BERRY, DAVID DON, West Columbia BIDA. MELINDA KAY, Arlington BILLMEIER, SUSAN LOUISE, San Antonio BOEPPLE, MARY KATHERINE. Bay City BORDEN, ALLEN GAIL, Corpus Christ! BOSL, ERNEST ANDREW, Schulenburg BOTTS. JON EARL, Houston BOYDSTON, BEVERLY JOY, Burleson BRANDS, MICHAEL BERNARD, Amarillo BRANTLEY, SHERYL LYNN. Houston BROWN. BYRON ANDREW, Fort Worth BROWN, RANDOLPH WEIR Garland BUMP, PAUL BRYAN. San Antonio CALHOON, THOMAS FRANKLIN IV, Liberty FA CAMPION. DOROTHY CELESTE. San Antonio CARLSON. JOHNETTE CUBA Taylor CARROLL, MICHAEL LINDSEY. Garland CHADDICK, JOHN WRIGHT, Omaha CHALOUPKA, DOROTHY ANN. San Antonio CHAMBERS, CHRISTOPHER LANE San Antonio CHAN, RICHARD CHI WING, Hong Kong CHAN. KENNY KAM-HUNG Hong Kong CHARNEY. FINLEY ALLAN, Houston CHU, PATTY, Hong Kong CHURCHILL, SANDRA THERESA, Fort Worth CLAYTON, OLLIS MILTON, Houston CLELAND, ROBERTA LYNN, Richardson CLELAND, ROXANNE LOUISE Richardson COBB, CAROLINE, Dallas COLEMAN. NANCY LOIS Houston COMER, BRAXTON BRAGG II, Pittsview, AL COOLEY, ROY BYRON Gladewater COOPER. CHARLES EDWARD, Harlingen COOPER, RICKIE CHARLENE Woodview COVENTRY, NANCY ANN. Austin 594 senior class liors A 6 ' V o ] seniors COWAN. LARRY BRYANT, Glen Rose CRAVEN. MELVIN LAWRENCE Austin CURREY, DAVID NELSON. Lafayette. LA CURVAN, LEONARD JAMES Dallas DALTON. JERRY WAYNE Tampa FL DAVIS. LOIS ELAINE, Austin DAVIS, MARGARET ANN, Houston DAVIS. ROBERT EARLE. Yoakum DAWSON. MARY LOUISE Midland DEAGE. RONALD JAMES. San Antonio DEBORD. SALLY L.. Austin DECUIR. KAY FRANCES. Dallas DELIA, LUCIA MARIAN Chicago IL DIXON, JAMES EDWIN. Austin DOMINGUEZ. RICARDO VICTOR. Hondo DONNELL, WILLIAM ROBERT. Midland DOZIER. WILLIAM EARL, Gainesville DRISCOLL, WILLIAM MICHAEL Odessa DUGGER. GARY DON, Browntield DUNCAN. VANCE CAMERON Eagle Lake DURAND. GEORGE M.. Buna ECHOLS. VICTORIA E. HUBER. Austin EDWARDS, KENNETH CHARLES Midlothian EICHNER. MARY KATHLEEN, Greenville ELKINS. JONNA KAY. Graham ELKINS. LEE, Missouri City ELSNER. PHILLIP ALAN, Odessa EMANUEL. DALE ALLEN Midland EMERY. DAVID ERNEST, Euless ETHERIDGE, JACQUELINE LOUISE. Corpus Christi EVANS, JACK BLAIR. Nederland FARLEY, DALE ELLEN. St Louis. MO PATH, BETSY. Austin FIELDER. ARTIE ANN, San Antonio FIGER. MICHAEL GENE. Austin FINDLEY, STEVEN F., Alice FINKELSTEIN. JACK JR.. Houston FOTESCU, DEIRDRE ZOE. Houston FREDRIKSEN. PETER SYLVESTER III. Galveston GAINES, DONNA LYNN, Blooming Grove GAITAN ROZ ANN. San Antonio GALLMAN, JAMES SCOTT. Pampa GARDNER. DEBORAH GAIL. Arlington GARRETT. MAX EDWIN Austin GARVEY. SUSAN LYNN. Longview GATEWOOD. DONNA RUTHEA, Garland GELDERT. DOUGLAS VANCE. Dallas GELDMEIER. GARY FRED. McKenzie GERNENTZ. JAMES DOW. Groves senior class 595 seniors seniof GIFFIN. CHARLES GRADY JR., Corpus Christi GOMEZ. ANTONIO ESTEBAN. Laredo GOODEN, DIANE ELIZABETH. Longview GOSNELL, SHELLIE MARIE. Fort Worth GRACE, LUTHER LEE JR.. Wichita Falls GRAHAM. EDWARD DUANE. Brownfield GRAHAM, JANICE LEE, San Antonio GRAHAM. LINDA FORSYTH. Midland GRIGSBY ROBERT ANTHONY, San Antonio GUTIERREZ, CONRADO, Ingleside HAGSTETTE. ERIC STEWARD, Houston HALL, CARL L., Dublin HAM, ERNEST LARRY. Del Valle HANEY, VICKIE ANN. Bowie HANSON, CYNTHIA LOUISE SILLS. Bryan HARNESS, CHRISTOPHER C.. Houston HARRELL, JACK EDWARD, Dallas HARRIS. LELAND A., Cisco HAUSMAN, PAUL JOSEPH, San Antonio HILL, DARYL JOSEPH, Bernardo HILL, DEANNIE MANN. Amarillo HILLIARD. CLAUDIA MARGARET, Memphis. TN HILLIARD, MARK EDWARD, Memphis, TN HIRT, DARRELL LEE, Rockdale HORAN, BARBARA BELLE HUBBARD. Austin HORAN. GARY BRUCE, Austin HOSEK. DEBORAH LYNN, Rockdale HUFFMAN, GAY, Crystal City HULL, MICHAEL JAN M , Austin HULSEY, GAYLA LEIGH. Tyler HUNT, LYNDA JOYCE, Houston HUNTER. CYNTHIA ANN. Odessa HUNTER, GARY FRANKLIN Longview IKEL, ROBERT GARTH. Dallas IMMEL. KAREN MARIE, San Antonio JACKSON, BETTY ANNE. Houston JACKSON, CLEMISL., LaMarque JACOB, DARRELL GENE. Rockdale JASPER. GLENN MARTIN.CIeveland JOHNSON, REGINA ANN. Freeport JOHNSTON. TED NEAL, Tia Juana, Venezuela KAMAS, NADINE MARIE, Texas City KELLEY. KENNETH VERNE. Odessa KERN. DARRYL WAYNE, Victoria KERN, TOMMY LEE, Riverside. CA KIDD, NANCY NELL. Mason KIEKE. JANICE KAY, Austin KILBY. ANN, Dallas KISSELL, BRUCE WARREN, Houston 596 senior class niors seniors U I KOSCHAK. SETH RAMSEY. San Angelo LANIER. LINDA ANN, Houston LAUTEN, MICHAEL BRUCE, Dallas LAWSON, BILLY MICHAEL. Austin LEHMAN, LARRY LEE, Vernon LEWALLEN. RUSSELL DAVID. Austin LEWIS, BRUCE ANDERSON, Cuero LEWIS. DONA LOU, Amarillo LEWIS, SUSAN JANE, Houston LIETZ. PHILLIP ELMO, Orange LIEVENS. SHARON ANN. La Feria LINCH. BARABARA ANN, Miami, FL LOTMAN, GAYLE SUSAN. Lincoln. NB LUBKE, STEPHEN LEROY. Eden LUDL. MARGARET FRANCES. Austin LUTZ, GEORGE LORENZ. Amarillo MacEWAN, EDWIN DONALD. Sugar Hill. NH MALCOLM, JERRY WALTER Wichita Falls MANSKE. MARK JOSEPH, San Antonio MARTIN PATRICIA ANN Austin MARTINEZ, ALFREDO GONZALES. Poteet MASSEY, KAREN SUE, Seabrook MASTEN, EDMOND ARNOLD. La Marque MATLOCK. DAVID BOB. Fort Worth MAYSE. WILLIAM REXFORD, Uhland McCAFFETY, ROBERT WALLER. Pasadena McCOLLUM, WINSTON LANE, Allen McKITRICK. VIVIENNE LEE, Memphis, TN McMAHAN. JOHN PATRICK, Lometa McNAB. CECILIA LOUISE, New Orelans, LA McWHORTER, CAROL, Austin MEARS. HILARY, Houston MERGELE. EDWIN WALTER. Boerne MERRYMAN. LINDA JEAN. Corpus Christi MIDDLETON. DONALD GENE, Hughes Springs MIDDLETON, JOHN CARNES JR.. Houston MILLER, KATHERINE LAVERN, Houston MILLER, KURT DOUGLAS. Midland, Ml MOFFETT JAMES N., San Antonio MOLYNEAUX, GREGORY BRUCE. Austin MONTESINO, ORLANDO C.. Austin MOORE, JOHN PIERCE, Dickinson MOORE, SALLY MEIER, Houston MORPHIS. PHILLIP CLIFTON. Fort Worth MYERS. DEBRA LEA. San Antonio NAYLOR, GLEN CHARLES, San Antonio NELSON, KAREN DIANE. Houston NELSON, PATRICIA ANNE, Sugarland NEWMAN, MICHAEL EUGENE, Fort Worth senior class 597 seniors seniof NICHOLSON. MARY PRISCILLA. Belton NICKLAUS. DEBRA JEAN, Austin NUTTER. ROYCE LAYTON. Big Lake NWOKEJI. DONATUS ALABUIKE. Akuma-Orlu. Nigeria PALAFOX. GARY WAYNE. San Antonio PALONE. MAE BETH, Sweetwater PARRISH, PATTI. Austin PAUL. JAMES ROBERT. Wichita Falls PAYNE. ROBERT THOMAS. Houston PERLEY. WILLIAM L. Ill, Dallas PERLIS. DEBORAH WOOLLEY, Temple PERRY. PATRICIA LEE, Houston PILOT VALERIE KAY Richardson PRIOR, ROGER EVERETT. Dallas PRUDEN. BRENT LEE. Brownsville PRYOR, RANDAL POWERS, Austin RAHIEMYELAHI NOROLLAH Teheran Iran RAMIREZ. CYNTHIA ANN. Corpus Christ! RANDOLPH. LEONARD CARLOS Wichita Falls REED. LINDA CAROLYN, Austin RIPPERGER, EMILY ALICE, Austin ROBBINS. JOEL HARLAN. Freeport ROBERTS, ANDREA GAIL. Austin RODRIGUEZ. ALFRED, San Antonio RODRIGUEZ, DAVID ROY, San Antonio ROMOSER, RUSSELL WAYNE, Houston ROSS. REBECCA SUE, Kerrville RULEY. GARY JAMES, New Braunlels SAENZ. JESUS ALBERTO. Rio Grande SANDIDGE, DEBORAH JEAN, Rockdale SCHIFFER. WILLIAM JOHN JR., Austin SCHINDLER. PARIS RAY, Houston SCHLEE. CYNTHIA LOIS, Zephyr SCHLUETER, WANDA KAY. Sweetwater SCHRANK, LARRY GLENN, Hamilton SCHROETER. ANDREW GORDON III Port Arthur SEBEK, CHARLES ANDREW. League City SHERIDAN. DEBORAH NANCY Fort Leonard Wood, MO SILVER, ALLYN JO, Waco SIMONS. JACK MAYNARD Austin SIMPSON. SHEILA GAIL, Corpus Christi SMALLWOOD. SUSAN ELAINE Millsap SMESNY. DOLORES FAY. Dayton SMITH, RONALD SCOTT, Orange SORRELLS, KATHLEEN INEZ Houston SPRINGER. RANDY McNIEL. Winters STANDLEY. EVELYN. Goldthwaite STARTZMAN. SHARRON ANNE Houston STEPHENS. RAY HANNON. Waco w i 598 senior class seniors STRAWN. JOHN MARK. Monahans SULLENBERGER, MARY MARGARET Denison SWINDALL, KERMIT LEE, Gaiesville TAYLOR. LEE RICKS. Eden TIOWELL. RUSSELL DESS. Del Rio TILLERSON. REX WAYNE Houston TIPTON, JAMES A. JR., Nacogdoches TOLLIVER. PAMELA DAWN. Killeen TRAMMEL. GARY LEE, San Antonio TREYBIG. DUANE STEPHEN. El Campo TSCHOEPE, PAUL B.. San Antonio TURNER, NANCY ALICE. Fort Worth VACULA, DENNIS JAMES. West Point VANDERSTOEP, GAIL ANN, Houston VILLARREAL. DANIEL R., San Antonio VILLARREAL. JOSE HUMBERTO. San Bentto WAGNON, PHILIP CASEY, Austin WALDHELM. JERI LYNN. Portland WALLS. BRIAN LEE. Pampa WALTERS, BAR! ANN, Hempstead WATSON, PEGGY ANN Troy WATTINGER. SYNTHIA ANNE. Austin WEEMS. CRAIG CURRIE. Austin WELCH. KATHERINE LOUISE, Lake Charles. LA WELLE. PHILIP EARL. Houston WESSON. MARILYN McOUEEN, Temple WESTMORELAND, FRED EARL. Lubbock WHITE. GARY WRENN, Rockdale ( V- ! i i WORTHAM. PAMELA SUE, Houston WUNDERLICH. CURTIS EDMUND. Fredericksburg WYLIE, GARY LEE. Cleburne WILKINSON, JAMES SCOTT. Houston WILLBERN. ARTHUR DENNIS III, Bishop WILLIAMS. BEVERLY JEAN. Killeen WILLIAMS. JACK SPENCER, Gilmer WILLIAMS. MARK THOMAS. LaPorte WILLIAMS. RANE SHARLON. Houston WILLIAMS, ROGER. Springfield. IL WILLIAMSON. DANIEL BRUCE. San Angelo WILSON, CYNTHIA SUE, Baytown WILSON, MELINDA. Luling WILSON. MICHAEL LEE. Humble WOLCOTT, CHARLES WILLIAM, Houston WOOD, DANIEL NELSON. Abilene WOOD. LARRY ALDEN. San Antonio senior class 599 juniors ABLES, THOMAS JOSEPH. Texarkana ABOWITZ, SALLY. McGehee. AR ADAIR. MARSHALL REED. Houston ADAMCIK, ANTHONY JAMES. Weimar ADAMS. ROLAND H. JR., Garland AFFLERBACH, CHARLES STEPHEN, Austin ALEMAN. ANITA. San Antonio ALEMAN. SUSANA IMELDA. Fallurrias ALLEN, DONALD LEE. Sweetwater ALLEN. FRANK LINN. Edna ALLEN MARK KIRKPATRICK, Perryton AMARO. HILARIO. Austin AMEN. LUCY ALICE. San Antonio ANDERSON, JANE ALICE. Austin ANDERSON, KATHRYN SUE, San Antonio ANDERSON, MICHELE. San Marcos ANDERSON PATRICIA ISABELLE. Asherton ARABGHANI. HASSAN, Shiraz. Iran ARMSTRONG, SARITA STOREY, Armstrong ARNDT. BILLY KEITH, Marlin ARNO JOSE ETANISLAO. Caracas, Venezuela ARON, LISA ADELE. Houston ARNOWITZ. ANNE. Fort Worth ARRA. DENIS DURAN. San Antonio ASKEW, JOHN KEITH. Highlands ATER. JOHN TIMOTHY, Burnet ATKINS. CLAUDE JAMES JR.. Van ATKINS RICHARD DALE, Austin AVILA, SAMUEL JAIME. Crystal City BAADE. PATRICIA JO, San Antonio BACK. LESLIE KAREN. McLean BACON. CONNIE ANN. Killeen BAILEY, DONNA MARIE. Baytown BAILEY. ELIZABETH. Woodland Hills. CA BAILEY, JOHN RICHARD, Hartford CN BAINES. JACK CLIFFORD, Jackson. MS BAKER, CLIFFORD BAINE. Kenedy BAKER, RHONDA SUZANNE. Longview BALLARD. BRUCE THOMAS. Tyler BALLEW. HENRY BERNARD JR . Cleburn BANDY. OTIS E. JR , Cleburne BARKLEY. JULIA JO. Austin BARNES, MARILU SELENE, San Antonio BARR. JAMES ALAN. Abilene BARRETT GREGORY A Dallas BARTA. CAROLYN FAYE, San Angelo BARTLETT, CONNIE SUZANNE. Vernon BARTOS, LEONARD WAYNE. Weimar BATES. ANN ROBINSON. Houston BATES. LOYCE LEE. San Antonio BAUMGARDNER, SALLY ANNE, Houston BEARD. REBECCA LU. Guy BECKLEY. ROBERT ALFRED JR.. Austin BELL, PAUL GERVAIS. Houston BELLMONT. TED L. JR.. Houston BELT, RICKIE CARL. Austin BENAVIDES. BALTAZAR A.. Corpus Christ! BENITEZ, LESLIE ANNE, San Antonio BENNETT, WILLIAM KYLE Marshall BENSON, ELIZABETH ANN. Houston BENSON, JAMES R., Houston BERGER, SHERYL LYNN. New Orleans. LA BERNARD. MARTIN WESLEY. Fort Worth BERRY, DON TRAVIS. San Antonio BERRY. SELMA MARIE. Austin BIGELOW. JACQUELINE LAURE. Austin BLACKLEY, GREGORY DON, Victoria BLALOCK, JEANIE BETH. Cuero BLAYLOCK, TERRYL ANN. Marlin BLIZZARD. EDWARD FRANCIS, Piano BLOCHER, RITA ANN. Houston BLUM. MARVIN ELLIOTT. Fort Worth 8ODEMULLER, SUSAN ALICE. Nederland BOHLS. RANDALL ARTHUR Taylor BOLFING. MICHAEL ANN. Waco BOND. EVELYN LEE, Austin BOREL. JACOUE MILTON. Port Arthur BOSCH. EDUARDO. Laredo BOSQUEZ. ROBERTO II, Corpus Christi BOWMAN. CHERYL ANN. Midland BOYNTON. JAN KATHRYN San Antonio BRADLEY, BALON BUCHANAN. Austin BRANCH. WILLIAM C . Austin BRANDT. JANET FAYE. Houston BRANSON. STEVEN RAY, Orange BRAVENEC. RONALD VICTOR. Temple BRAY, NANCY PAIGE, Dallas BREHME. DENNIS. Mexico City, Mexico 600 |ur ior class niors juniors junior class 601 juniors classt BREIDENBACH. RICHARD VINCENT Houston BRENT. KAREN RENEE. Houston BREWSTER. JAENNETTE. Tyler BROOKS, BENJAMIN AUGUST JR. , San Antonio BROUGHTON, ARNOLD SCOTT, Lufkin BROU SSARD, CYNTHIA ANNE Winnie BROWN, DEBRA ANN, Galveston BROWN, DEBRA FRANCES. El Paso BROWN, JAMES DONLIN Houston BROWN, RHONDA SUZANNE. Rockville. MD BRUTON, JANICE LOUISE. Dallas BRYAN, JOE PAUL, Garland BUCHTER. DONA SUZANNE. Dallas BUNDY. LEAH DIANNE. Austin BURCH, KAREN ELIZABETH. St. Dickinson BURDINE, CHARLES MORRIS JR.. Magnolia. AR BURFORD. WILLIAM BENTON, Mount Pleasant BURGESS, RITA ANN, Richardson BURK, SAM BRYAN III. Los Angeles, CA BURT. LINDA KAY, Brenham BURTON, ROBERT C., Houston BUSH. EDWARD CHURCH, Lytle BUSSEY, MICHAEL STEVEN. Bonita, CA BUTLER, ALINE PATRICIA, Dallas BUTLER. DEBORAH JOAN. San Antonio BUTLER. DENNIS MACK. Sinton BUTLER, JANIS DIANE, Houston BUTLER, KAREN JO ENGLE, San Angelo BYNUM. CHRISTNA MARIE, Kaufman CABANISS, JONI MARIE, Midland CAMPBELL. HARVEY D. III. Gretna, LA CAMPBELL, PENNY RENAE, Garland CANNADAY, LINDA SUE. Texarkana CANNON. DAVID ALLEN. Baytown CANTU, VINA LOUISE, Edinburg CARBERRY, RENEE WEATHERS, Temple CARLIN, SANDRA SUE. Austin CARLSON, CHESTER EUGENE JR., Waco CARLSON, JOHN HARALSON Baytown CARPINTEYRO. ROSE MARIE. Dilley CARSWELL. WILLIAM BARNEY Beaumont CARTER, LYNDON EDMUND. Arlington CARVER. BRAD LEE, Amarrllo CASHION. SHELLEY JEAN. College Station CASKEY. STANLEY HUBERT Austin CASTILLO. LUIS HUMBERTO. Houston CAUGHRAN. SARAH ANN. Terrell CAULEY, BRUCE ALLEN, Alice CAUSSEY, JANICE ANN, Midland CELAYA, PABLO FLORES. San Antonio CHAMBERS, NANCY MARIE Dallas CHAMNESS, NINA KAY. Lake Jackson CHANEY, WILLIAM CALVIN. Abilene CHARLTON, CLAIRE ELEISE, Rosenburg CHASE. IRENE, Fort Worth CHASE. SAMUEL LOUIS, Midland v CHEEK. DIANNE DUKE. El Paso CHELKOWSKI, JOHN DEL, San Antonio CHERRY, CAROLYN LEE. Houston CHEW, LAWRENCE PAUL, Dallas CHILDRESS, CAROL MARGUERITTE, San Antonio CHILTON, STEPHEN HOWARD, Grand Forks NO CHIPMAN, RANDY LAMAR San Antonio CHISHOLM, JANICE KAY. Austin CLAPP. KAREN LYNNE, Dallas CLARK. CATHERINE ANN Tigard OR CLARKE. GENEVIEVE. Amarillo CLARKSON. DEBRA JEANNE. Oak Park, IL CLAY. JAMES HENRY, Houston CLAYTON. JACKIE LEROY. Kilgore CLEAVELAND. JACK McRAE JR Dallas CLINTON. CLEVELAND GUY, Burnet CLOYES. BRIAN MORGAN. Houston COCHRAN. THOMAS WILBURN Commerce COHEN. LARRY DAVID Houston COHEN. MICHAEL JAY, Corsicana COHEN. STEVEN DOUGLAS, Fort Worth COLE. BYRON HARRISON. San Antonio COLEMAN, GARY LEE, Pasadena COLEMAN. JANET INEZ Victoria COLLIER. LYNNE CLAIRE Beaumont COMEAUX, WILLIAM DENIS, Baytown CONNER, JAMES PATRICK Tyler COOK, BARBARA ELLEN, Brownsville COOPER. DEBRA RHODES Houston COOPER. STEVEN PAUL, Fort Stockton CORCORAN. JOAN MARIE Tyler COVEY, JAMES PATRICK, Brownsville 602 |umor class class of 1975 COVEY, PAMELA M.. McAllen COWPER, ROSCOE BENNETT GRAY JR. Big Spring COX. NANCY JO. Beaumont CRADDOCK, ANNECECILE, Houston CRAVEN, MARK STEPHEN. Angleton CRAVEN. MARY LESLIE. Elkhart, IN CRAWFORD. MAUREEN ANN, Austin CROSBY, NANCY GAIL. Jacksonville CROSS. JAMES LYNN, Brownwood CROWE. ROBERT IRL, Houston CROWTHER. CAROLYN DENISE. San Antonio CRUMP. STEVEN NANCE Longview CUMMINGS, DOUGLAS CHASE Canyon CURTIS. SCOTT B.. Corpus Christi CUTCHIN. MELINDA LOU Dallas DAHL. PHILIP ORRIN. Houston DALISERA. LAURA ANN. Houston DALTON. RICHARD EUGENE, Andrews DANFORD. VICKI RUTH. San Antonio DAVIDSON, GARY CLIFFORD. Bartlesville, OK DAVIS, BEN MARION JR., Dallas DAVIS, BILLY DEE JR., Henderson DAVIS, CAROL JEAN. Borger DAVIS. ELEANOR BARBARA. Houston DAVIS. JANNA DENICE, Fort Worth DAVIS, RICHARD FRANKLIN JR., Woodville DAWSON, KIM TAYLOR. Dallas DEAN, WILLIAM ASHBY. Houston DECKER, STEPHEN MARKWELL Dickinson DEES. BUNNY GAY, Texarkana De GARZA. YVONNE BEATRICE. San Antonio De La GARZA, CARMEN E.. McAllen De LUNA. JUAN ROSENDO. Carrizo Springs DENISON. ELEANOR SUZANNE Pleasanton DENYS. FRANCES PATRICIA San Antonio DERICHSWEILER, JOHN WILLIAM Denison DETTMAN. LAURA JANE Stockdale DEVINE. SHAUN ELLEN. Houston De WOLF. STEVEN KELLEY, Papillion NB DIAMOND, MARILYN PEARL Houston DICK. DAVID MICHAEL. Houston DICKERSON. MARY PATRICE. Fort Worth DISMUKES. MARY LETTYE Liberty DOCHODA. BARBARA, Houston DODDS. WILLIAM STEPHEN Houston DOMASK. LUCY VAILE. Houston DONAHUE. SHARON MARLENE, Houston DONNELLY. WAYNE EDWARD Texas City DOOLIN, COLLEEN JANE, Montalba DORSEY. GARY MICHAEL. Henderson DRIVER. DANIEL RICHARD El Paso DUAY, KAREN SUE. Houston DUDGEON. DONNIE LOU. Tahoka DUFF. WILLIAM B., Odessa DUNKIN, MELANIE ROSE Houston DUNN. GERRY LYNN, San Antonio DUNN, JANET ELIZABETH. San Antonio DVORAK, LINDA DIANE. Thrall DZILSKY. MARY AMANDA, Baytown EADS, SALLY JO, Austin EALEY, RICKY RAY, Longview EARLY. CLELAND EDWARD JR., San Antonio ECKHART. HARLEY ALBERT Hondo EDELMAN. CYNTHIA ANN. Tyler EDGERTON. JOHN HEDLEY. Rio Grande City EDGERTON. MARY ELIZABETH, Rio Grande City EDWARDS, CHARLES LEE. Texas City EDWARDS, JAMES RANDOLPH. San Angelo EDWARDS. KATHERINE ANN. Wichita Falls ELKINS. SUSAN KATHERINE, Shreveport, LA ELLIOTT, STEVE ALLEN, Euless ELLIS, HELEN SHARON. Houston ELTZROTH, PATRICIA GAY. Cleburne EMERSON, MARCIA ELLEN Houston ERDELT. JAMES NATHANIEL. Edna ERMIS. ROBERT MALCOLM Woodsboro ESMOND, CHRISTY DIAN. Lake Jackson EWING. MARGARET LYNN, Austin FADAL. JANICE LYNN. Waco FAERBER, CHARLES VINCENT. Houston FAIN, DOUGLAS WILLIAM, Houston FARMER, MARGARET JEANNINE, Galveston FARNSWORTH, BILLIE SHAYNE, Houston FARRELL. JOHN PATRICK JR.. Austin FEINBERG. PAUL C.. El Paso FELCMAN. FRANK LESLIE JR . Houston FERGUSON. LARRY WAYNE, Terrell FERNANDEZ. CYNTHIA LEE, Corpus Christi junior class 603 junors FERRELL. DAVID KEITH, Mobile, AL FERTEL, DAN. New Orleans. LA FIEGE. ARTHUR BROCK. Cisco FILLINGIM. STEVEN JOSEPH. Austin FINKELSTEIN, SHERYL LYN. Dallas FIORILLO, CAROL ANN, Austin FLAXMAN, MARGARET, Dallas FLEMING. CHARLES M., Austin FLEMING. SHIRLEY ANN, Dallas FOERSTER. GARY WAYNE. Burton FONDA, PAMELA GAIL, Lake Jackson FORCHT. RICHARD DAVID. Arlington FOSTER, LAURA ANN, Richardson FOSTER. RUTH ANN. Austin FOWLER, VICKI LYNN, San Antonio FOX, CHARLES WILLIAM. Denver. CO FOX. DIANA JEANNENE. Midland FOYT. DAVID ALBIN. Houston FRADENBURG. CONSTANCE SUSAN, Auburn. AL FRANCISCO. CLAUDIA ANN. Houston FRANK. RICHARD JACK. San Antonio FRANZ. GREGORY DUANE. San Antonio FREELAND. REBECCA ZOETTE. Burleson FRIEDMAN, KAREN SUE. Dallas FUENTES. LINDA DIANE, San Antonio FULBRIGHT. LINDA ANNE, Waco FULLER. JANET, La Marque FULLER, ROY WEBB. Ahoskie. NC GABRIEL. LARRY CHRIS. Dallas GAENSLEN. JOANN MARIE. Houston GANDY, CHERYL DIANE, Baytown GARBER. REBECCA JUNE. Dallas GARCIA, JONAS, Houston GARCIA, MARGIE, San Antonio GARCIA, RAYMOND. Galveston GARDNER. SUSAN KAY, Austin GARIBAY, LORENZO JR.. Brownsville GARING, DAVID BENNETT, Ingleside GARRETT. CAROL CHRIS. Fort Worth GARZA. DAHLIA. Corpus Christ! GARZA, LAURO NOEL. Edinburg GAYLE, DAVID WILLIAM, Abilene GEER, AVIS. Anna GEORGE. MARY FRANCES, Dallas GIDDEN. BARRY PAUL. Temple GIDLEY. MICHAEL ANDREW, Austin GILES, JEANIE LEE, Austin GILLIS. JOEL LYNN, Corpus Christ! GIVEN, RICHARD B.. El Paso GLENEWINKEL, GARY WAYNE, Austin GOBLE. LYDIA LUCILLE. Houston GOERTZ, MICHAEL B., Austin GOLDEN. GRACE EVELYN. Austin GOMEZ, ANNA MARIA. San Antonio GOMEZ, MARY ALICE. Brownsville GONZALEZ. JUAN JR.. Edinburg 9LUI-1 5 V GONZALEZ. MONA LUISA. Brownsville GOREN. ABE SILVERMAN. Houston GORIN. CHRISTY ANN Austin GORZYCKI, DIANE ELAINE. Austin GRAHAM. ANDREW CLARK, Houston GRANT. PHYLLIS LORRAINE, Grand Prairie GRAY, JO ELAINE. Jacksonville GREEN, KATHERINE LOUISE, Dallas GREEN, ROBERT DALE, Orange GREENBERG, TERRY ANN, Dallas GREENE. BARBARA BRAXTON, Kerrville GREGG, JANET ANITA Austin GRESHAM, MICHAEL J.. Austin GRIGSBY. DOROTHEA ANNE San Antonio GUADIANO. MARIA GUADALUPE. San Antonio GUEST. DIANA GAIL, Wichita Falls GUTIERREZ. JOSE MARIO III. San Antonio GUTZ, CORNELIA GERTRUD Richardson GUY, GREG ALAN, Austin GUYER. MICHAEL WEEMS, Waco HAGEMEIER, CHARLES BROWN, New Orleans, LA HAHN. STEVEN DANIEL, Dallas HALE. JUDY. Greenville HALL. DAVID L., Springtown HALL. JOHN ALLEN. Lockhart HALL. MARK LEWIS. Houston HALTER. RICHARD VOLPOE, Texarkana HAMILTON. ROBERT STUART Dallas HAMLIN, HERBERT SCOTT, San Benito HAMMOND. MARY MARIA. Graham HANSEN, SHERRY JORETTA. Austin HANSON. MICHAEL EDWIN. Houston ytff 604 junior class Jniors class of 1975 HANSON. STEVEN ALFRED, Bryan HARDY. JANET, Abilene HARLEY. STANLEY CHARLES, Arlington HARREL. MELISSA, Little Rock AR HARREL. NCKOLAS, MURPHYJII, Kingsville HARRINGTON, MARK GARLAND. San Antonio HARRIS. CONSTANCE HELEN. Dayton HARRIS. GAIL CYNTHIA, Dallas HARRIS. JOHN ROBERT. Austin HARRIS. ROBERT DELLIS, Dallas HARRISON, KAREN SUE, Baytown HART MARI LISE Houston HASKOVEC, DEBORAH JO. Dickinson HASSELL, RALPH EUGENE, Dallas HATFIELD, BRUCE PATRICK. Brecksvilte OH HAUSER. MELANIE. Houston HAWTHORNE, BOBBY FRANK. White Oak HAWTHORNE. LOU ANN. Lufkin HAYATAKA, HOLLY AIKO, Irving HAYS. KAREN LEIGH, Tyler HECKMANN. DON CARL. Tyler HEFTON. MARLA KAY. Sherman HEJTMANEK. RONALD LEE. Palacios HELLMAN. DAVID MICHAEL, El Paso HELM. JAN ELLEN. Houston HENCKEL. MONICA MARY. San Antonio HENINGTON, WAYNE MORROW, Wolfe City HERNDON.ANNE Dallas HESTER, SANDRA LYNOTE. Tyler HESTER, SARA JEAN Pittsburgh PA HETMER, MARY JEANETTE. Kaufman HICKERSON. GARY JAMES. Corpus Christ! HIGGINS. LINDA CAROL. Houston HIGHTOWER. KATHERINE A., Marshall HILL. BRUCE HERBERT. Miami Beach FL HILL. MIKE G.. Crystal City HOBBS. RICKI JOANNE, Austin HODDE. JAMES AUBREY. Brenham HOFFMAN, GENE LEWIS. Naples HOFFMAN, KARL RICHARD. Houston HOFFMAN, PATRICIA KAY Austin HOFFMAN, WALDENE MARIE. El Campo HODGES, JOHN ATWOOD. Bishop HODGKINS. VALERIE ELIZABETH. Austin HOGAN, JOHN THOMAS. San Antonio HOLASEK. KARLA RAE. West HOLBROOK. CURTIS EMIL, San Benito HOLLEY. CHRIS LYNN. Fort Worth HOLLOWAY. JAMES PORTER JR. , Dallas HOLMES, ERCELL RENEE. Texas City HOLMES, PAULA ANN. Houston HOLT. JAMES CHARLES JR.. Fort Worth HOLT. RICHARD O ' NEIL, Houston HOOD. CHARLES MICHAEL. Alice HOOPER, CHARLES JACKSON. Houston HOPSON, SUSAN MARIE. Amarillo HORN, MONICA ADELA, Brownsville HORNSBY. MARY JANE. Baytown HORTON, DANIEL JACK JR Brownsboro HOUY. LUCILLE GAIL. Fredericksburg HOWARD. JOHN KELLEY, Midland HOWDESHELL. KATHY LEE. Dallas HUDSPETH, PATRICK DIRK. Austin HUFF. JENNIFER JEAN. Wichita Falls HUFFINGTON, CHARLES RUSS, San Antonio HUGHES. BARBARA JULIE. Atlanta HUGHES. LAURA-HILL, Houston HUNSAKER. MICHAEL DAVID. Wichita Falls HUNT. REX HARRIS, Austin HUNT. TODD McLEAN. Dallas HUNTER. JANET KAY. Austin HURST. SHARON RIE. Austin HUSMANN, GARY WILLIAM Houston HUTCHINSON. NEDRA ANN. Andrews ISCOE, CRAIG STEVEN, Austin JACKSON. JAN. San Angelo JACOBSON. LAURA ELLEN. Houston JAMES GREGORY FRANK. Wichita Falls JANECKA, ALAN CHARLES. Fort Worth JEMELKA. JACQUELINE MARIE. Houston JENKINS. KATHRYN NELL. Austin JENNINGS. DENNIS EUGENE. Austin JENNINGS. LINDA LOU. Graham JENSEN. KIM KRISTIN. Houston JOHNSON. ANN FRANCES. Hamilton JOHNSON, GARY EDWARD, Austin JOHNSON. JAMIE BELLE. San Antonio JOHNSON. KENT ANDERS. Lake Jackson junior class 605 unors class c JOHNSTON. ROBERT ARTHUR. Houston JONES, DENNIS PATMAN. Linden JONES. JUDY JUANITA. Kerrville JONES. KEVYN COLLEEN, Richardson JONES MARK Austin JONES, MARY FRANCES, Austin JONES. MICHAEL DEE, Houston JONES. PAMELA LaFOLLETTE, San Antonio JORDAN, CYNTHIA DEANN, Fort Worth JORDAN, GREGORY LYNN, Naples JORDAN MICHAEL ALEXANDER, Ben Wheeler JORDAN, PATRICIA JEAN, San Angelo JUNGMAN. MARY ELIZABETH, Rio Medina KAMEN, SHERRI LYNN, Wichita. KS KANALY, STEVE PATRICK. Houston KEILS, SHARI KAY. Teague KELEMEN. VICTOR PAUL JR., Galveston KELLEY, LINDA KAY. Graham KELLEY, PATRICIA FAYE, Houston KELLY, SHERYL ANN. Austin KELVER, MAE ELLEN MEITZEN. Beeville KENNON. ALAN GIDDENS, Cleburne KIDD, JONATHAN WAYNE. Harlingen KILLIAN. SANDRA GWYN, Houston KING. CAROL ANN. San Antonio KING, JANET LYNN. Houston KING. ROBERT CHARLES. Corsicana KINGSBURY. LARRY JOE, Austin KINSEY. RICHARD ED. San Angelo KNIGHT, FLORENCE CHRISTINE, Wichita Falls KNIPPA, GARY ALTON. Austin KNOEBEL, JOHN EDWARD. San Antonio KOCH, LAURIE ELISE. San Marcos KOEPCKE, RICHARD BRUCE. Austin KOONCE. RICHARD CHARLES, Bowie KORTAGE, MARLENE ELAINE. Dallas KRENEK. WILFRED MICHAEL, Rosenberg KRIDNER. LEVY KIRK, Houston KRING, JAY SHEPARD. Corpus Christ! KRONBERG, ESTALYNN, Houston KVITEK. CHARLES KEVIN, Corpus Christ! LAMM, MARGARET AILEEN, San Antonio LANE, BOBBY DEAN, Austin LANG, WILLIAM REED III, Rio Hondo LANKFORD, MICHAEL GLENN. Rockdale LAPHAM. DOUGLAS DARWIN. San Angelo LASSERE. CANDACE MARY. Houston LATTIMORE. DAVID LAUER. Port Arthur LEDFORD, GALER LEE JR.. Hubbard LEE. CASSANDRA GAYLE. Austin LEE. LINDA LOUISE. San Antonio LEHTINEN. KEITH HAROLD. Phoenix. AZ LEIGON. CHARLES RUSSELL. Austin LEISEY. GLENN ALAN. Dickinson LEISTER, CURTIS WYNNE, Orange LENT. EDWARD ORVILLE III, Great Falls. MT LESHIN, RICHARD LEE Robstown LEWALLEN. RODNEY STEPHEN. Austin LEWIS, NATHAN ROMUALD. Washington, DC LINDSEY, DONNA KAY. Texarkana LINDSEY, JAMES ELDON, Canyon LINDSEY. MARGARET ELAINE. Fentress LINDSEY, MELINDA JANE, Pearsall LINENSCHMIDT. LARRY LEON, Greenville LITTLE JANET ANN Gatesville LITTLEPAGE, MARSHA HUNTER. Beaumont LOCHHEAD. LARRY RODGER Irving LOK, SUSANNA PUI CHI, Hong Kong LONDON. THOMAS LESLIE. Corpus Christ! LORD, WILLIAM DAVID Austin LOUIS. SARAH ELIZABETH, Dallas LOW, PAUL MATTHEW, Dallas LOWDERMILK, JAMES SAMUEL. Porter LOWRY, MICHAEL EUGENE Dallas LUNDOUIST. GILLESPIE ARTHUR, Corpus Christ! LUSTY. PEGGY A.. Fort Worth LYNCH, DAN STEVEN. Fairfax. VA LYON. JENNIFER SUSAN. Spring LYONS. DEIDRE DIANE Houston MACALUSO. MICHAEL A., Austin MACHINA. MARK STEPHEN Duncanville MADERE. TESSA MARIE. San Antonio MAEDA. SUSAN KEIKO. Hilo. HI MALY. DAVID WILLIAM. Texarkana MANGRUM MARC ALAN Lubbock MANTELL. PATRICIA ANNE San Antonio MANUEL, MICHAEL DOYLE Garland MAPES, MARY LOUISE. Austin 606 junior class I0iors class of 1975 MAREK. RAYMOND JOE JR.; Dallas MARIE. DEBRA LYNN NEWBY, Corpus Christ! MARKEL. RONALD CLAYTON. Dallas MARTIN. CAREN RUTH. San Antonio MARTIN. DONALD GLEN. Baytown MARTIN. LARRY PAUL, Texas City MARTIN. RANDY L.. San Antonio MARTIN. RICHARD STEVENS. Amarillo MARTINEZ. CARLOS ALFONSO, Harlingen MARTINEZ. GEORGE. San Benito MASON. SUZANNE, Dallas MASSEY. REX DEWAYNE. Dallas MATSUMOTO. TOSHIO. Killeen MATTESON. STEPHEN MARK. La Marque MATTOX. JERRY STEPHEN. Dallas MAY, MARION. Harlingen MAYES. ROY ALLEN. Austin MAYFIELD, NANCY SUE, Austin McABEE. KATHERINE E.. Fort Worth McANINCH, LARRY RAY. Texas City McBRIDE MARTHA ELLEN, Richardson McCANN. JAMES EDMUND JR. . Austin McCARDELL. MICHAEL SHANE. Whitehouse McCLELLAN. REGAN ANNE, Houston McCLURE, MARK ALAN. Lake Jackson McCONN. TIMOTHY KEVIN, Houston McCONNELL, MARYANN. Houston McCULLOUGH, ANN GRAHAM. Tupelo. MS McCULLOUGH, ETHELENE. Fort Worth McCUTHCHEN. MICHELE COLLEEN. Houston MCDONALD, LaRUE, San Angelo MCDONNELL. ELIZABETH ANNE. Texas City McDOUGALL, CHARLENE. Austin McKEE. SUZANNE. Fort Worth McKINNEY, DEBRA GALE, Marble Falls McLANE, JANET LYNN, Cuero McLEOD. WILLIAM C., Houston McNAIR, MONTY LYNN. Dripping Springs McNALLY. ALAN EDWARD. Memphis McNEILL. CAROL ANN, Corpus Christi McPHAIL. JOSEPH CLAY, Tyler MEDINA JOHNNY ANGEL. Galveston MEDINA-AOUILAR. VICTOR JAVIER. Toluca. Mexico MENDOZA. STANLEY RODRIGUEZ. New Braunfels MENGERS. SHELLEY CELESTE, Austin MESSER. CELINDA HALLBAUER. Belton MESSERA, CLAUDIA LYNN. Dallas METTSCHER. ELIZABETH LOIS. Hutchinson, KS MEYER. CAROL ANN. Baytown MICHALKA. CARROLL WAYNE, Cameron MIDDLETON. BLAKE HARRISON. San Antonio MILES, JOHN MICHAEL. Amarillo MILLER. JANET LEE, Greeley. CO MILLER, KEVIN WESLEY, Conroe MILLER MIMI ORMAND. Pampa MILLER, VICKI JANE, Austin MILLIGAN. ALFRED LESTER JR.. Longview MILLIKAN, PAMELA REA. Houston MILLS KEITH WAYNE. Childress MINGOIA, ROBERT PETER, Staten Island. NY MIRACLE ROCKY REED. Wills Point MITCHELL. KAREN JEAN. Fort Worth MITCHELL. LESA CLAIRE. Dallas MIZE. NANCY WELLS. Richardson MOFFETT. JOETTE, Pasadena MONIER JOHN RUDOLPH III. San Antonio MONTGOMERY. MONTE JAMES, San Angelo MOODY, CHARLES SHEDRICK, Downry. CA MOORE. COLLEEN ANN. Corpus Christi MOORE, DANIEL RAY. Mesquite MOORE DOYLE RANDALL. Austin MOORE, MARTHA GAIL, Corpus Christi MOORE. MERRY LAUREEN, Fort Worth MOORE. NANCY ARLENE. Dallas MORADINIA. IRAJ. Austin MORBY. STEVEN KING. Tyler MORENO. SYLVIA. Brownsville MORGAN. BARBARA ELLEN. Pasadena MORGAN DEBORAH LOU. Cranbury. NJ MORGAN. GEORGE MICHAEL. Houston MORRIS. JOHN RICHARD. Austin MORRIS RICKEY LYNN. Dallas MORRISON. SANDRA ANN, Houston MUECKE PAULA JEAN. Three Rivers MUELLER. LORA MERE. Arlington MULLINS, RUSSELL NEAL. Gladewater MUNOZ. CONSUELO. Brownsville MURPHY. CHARLES WILLIAM. San Antonio junior class 607 MURPHY, VIRGINIA KAY, Houston MUSTARD, REX MICHAEL, Dallas MZYK, JAMES BERNARD, Falls City NASH, JOHN HARVEY III, Austin NAU, JOHN SUGG. San Antonio NEIDERT, LISA JO, Houston NELMS, DOUGLAS BALLARD, Fort Worth NELSON. DIANE BERENICE, Austin NELSON. MITZI HELENE. Dallas NELSON, SUSAN JO, Kerrville NELSON, TRUDY ELLEN, Harlingen NEVINS, JOHN MITCHELL. Houston NEWMAN MICHAEL ALFRED, Galveston NICHOLS, DONALD EUGENE. Corpus Christi NICHOLSON, CONNIE JEAN. Cumberland. MD NOLTE, WILLIAM EDMOND, New Braunlels NORTON, DEBRA JO, Euless NORWOOD, WILLIAM PULLEN. Austin NOTLEY, ANNE. Fort Worth NOWLIN, ETHEL RUTH. Harlingen NUSSENBLATT. FRANCINE LYNN. Galveston OAKERSON, EARL MARION JR., Mt. Pleasant OAKES, LYNN RUSLING. Houston OBENHAUS. DENNIS KARL, Vernon ODOM MARGARETTED. W..Corsicana ODOM, MELVIN CURTIS, Electra O ' KELLEY, MICHAEL KEITH, Houston OLIVER, FREDLAMAR JR.. Dallas OLIVET. COURTLAND ANN. Texarkana ORENTLICHER. JOAN ANNE. Atlanta, GA ORNISH, DEAN MICHAEL, Dallas ORTIZ, ANGELINA R.. Eagle Pass ORTIZ. ESTHER. Brownsville OSBORN. JANE LEIGH, Lake Jackson OSTERHUS, DOUGLAS E., Baytown OTT, HARRY LEON, Austin OTTO, JANE MARIE. Dallas OWENS. MELISSA CLAIRE, Austin OYEN.LISE ANN, Victoria PACE. ELIZABETH GEORGIANNA. Fort Worth PALACIOS, ADELFINO, Corpus Christi PANNELL, KAREN. Hollywood PANZARELLA. ROBERT LOUIS, Humble PAPPAS, CAROL LYNN. Houston PARKER. BARBARA CARROLE. Fairfax, VA PARKER, CURTIS LYNN, Texarkana PARR. JUNE ELIZABETH, Paris PARRISH, WILLIAM M.. Houston PARSONS, CHRISTOPHER BURNS, Gilmer PAULL, ADRIENNE, Hammonton, NJ PEARSON. MICHAEL PARIS, Houston PECENA, PATRICIA DIANE. Rockwall PEflA. BECKY. Austin PENALOZA, JULIA ANN. San Antonio PENTECOST. JOANNE. Humble PETERMAN, SUZANNE. Texas City PETERSON, KRISTINE ELISE. Richardson PETRIE. SUSAN CAROL. San Antonio PETTY, MARTHA ELIZABETH. Austin PHARR. GARY DALTON, Waco PHILLIPS, GWENDOLYN, Lewisville PHUC. TRAN THI, Saigon Vietnam PIGGOTT. GUIDO M. III. Houston PLAYER. LUAN HELEN, Longview PLUMMER, CHARLES STOCKLY JR., San Antonio POLLOCK, PENNE ELLEN, Dallas POMEROY, ROBBIE PATRICIA, Galveston POOLE, JOCELYN. Miami. FL POPE. CAROL JEAN. San Antonio POPP. JAMES EDWIN. Lone Rock Wl POWELL, CYNTHIA JEAN, Dallas POWELL. MAGGIE MARSHA, Galveston POWER PATRICIA ANN Brownsville POWERS, GREGORY MICHAEL. Harlingen POWERS. JOHN RALPH. Houston PRATER. RONALD TIMOTHY, Garland PRATT. LAURA ANN, Baytown PRESLEY. CYNTHIA ANN, Mount Pleasant PRITCHETT. ELISE COMPTON. Atlanta, GA PROPER. STEVE RAY, Houston PRUETT, BRENDAKAYE. Dallas PUIG, YVONNE KAREN, San Antonio PULLIAM, DEBRA DENISE. Bridge City PYE. DONALD SIDNEY, Roanoke RACHEL, KAREN CAMILLE, Houston RACHNER, ROBERT RICHARD, Arlington. VA RAILEY. MELINDA ALLISON. Austin RAINE, PARTICIA ANN. Corpus Christi 608 junior class Jniors class of 1975 RAINEY, SARAH LINN. Houston RAMON, EDNA ISABEL, Rio Grande City RAMSEY, LAURA ANN, Caracas, Venezuela HANDLE, CINDY LOU Paris RASKIN. DENISE BETH. Dallas RATNER. NATHAN, San Antonio RAWLINGS. VALERIE KAY. Corpus Christ! READ, DEBRA LOUISE, Houston REAVES, SANDRA SUE. Fort Worth REED, JANICE LEE, Tyler REED, WILLIAM WESLEY, Brownsville REEDER, MARGARET BRANDON, Houston REESING, STEPHEN WAYNE, Waco REICH, KAREN MARIE, San Antonio REICHERT. BARBARA ANN, Corpus Christi REID. RANDAL RAY, Lake Jackson RENDALL. ROBERT VAN Midland RENFRO, SHELIAANN. Mineral Wells RENNER, DANIEL RAY Lamesa RENTERIA, VICTOR M , San Antonio RENTFRO. LINDSAY ELIZABETH. Brownsville REXROAT. JANA CAROL. Eastland RHEA. JOHN WILLIAM IV. Midland RHODES, DEBORAH ANN, Lake Jackson RICHARDS, JACK CARLIN. Houston RICHARDS, JOY ANN, Dallas RICHARDS, ROBERT MICHAEL, Dallas RICHARDSON, PRISCILLA, Nederland RICHEY, GAYLE ANNETTE. Tyler RIEMANN, CARL FRIEDRICH Guayaquil Ecuador RIGGS, JAMES FRANKLIN. Dallas RIPPER, PAMELA SUE, Weimar RITER. JAMES ALAN Austin ROBERTS, CONSTANCE G., Corpus Christi ROBERTS. RHONDA LYNNE, Dallas ROBERTSON, BEVERLY KAY, Markham ROBERTSON, RICHARD LEA, Austin ROBINSON, PATRICK EUGENE. Corpus Christi ROBINSON, RANDALL JENKINS. Whitehouse ROD. DOUGLAS PAUL. El Campo RODGERS, KEITH KAY JR. , San Antonio RODRIGUEZ, ARNOLD, San Antonio RODRIGUEZ. LINDA RAE San Antonio ROGERS. DONNA GAYLE. Orange ROGERS, LINDA KAREN, Austin ROGERS, RHONDA MAE. Paris ROGERS. SHARON JEANETTE Bedtord ROHLAND, PAMELA ANN. Portland ROLF, DEBORAH ANN, Houston ROSAS, VIRGINIA Laredo ROSE, HENRY JOHN JR.. Dallas ROSINBAUM, DEBORAH KAY. Baytown ROSS, ANNETTE KAREN Orange ROSS. DEBRA ANNE, Dallas ROUNTREE. RANDOLPH WINSLER. San Angelo ROUTZON, JOHN FREDERICK. Houston RUDOLPH, JENNIFER YVONNE Houston RUSK. KEITH EDWARD. Garland RUSSO. PAMELA CHERIE, Austin RUTLEDGE, DEBRA ANN. Edinburg SAEZ. DANIEL DENNIS, Piano SALYER. REBECCA JANE, Georgetown SAMFIELD, JEFF KIMBALL. Houston SANCHEZ, REBECCA ALANIS, Beeville SAYERS. ANDY T., Dallas SCHAEFER. LAURA, Dickinson SCHELLHASE. GLADYS KAY, Gonzales SCHIFFER, BRENT S San Antonio SCHLECTE, JOSEPH BRANDT. Austin SCHNEIDAU. KAREN PATRICIA. Houston SCHOLL, PETER DENNIS, Houston SCHRANK, KARON, Austin SCHROEDER. DEBRA JO, Brenham SCHULTZ, KAREN ANN, Austin SCHUTZE, SARA ANN. Baytown SCHWARTZ. CHARLES WALTER Brenham SCHWARTZ, DEBORAH PRICE. Brownsville SCHWARTZ, PEIGI M.. Tyler SCOTT, GERALD WAYNE Spring SCOTT. LYNDA KAY. Azle SCROGGINS, CHARLOTTE ROTHWELL, Austin SCUDDAY. MELANIE KIM. Spring SEGALL. CANDACE LOUISE, Houston SEIFERT. MARY MARGARET Austin SELIG. DEBRA ELAINE. Galveston SELIGMAN, MICHELE A.. Houston SERS. BRENDA JOYCE, Houston SEWELL. BRAD WILLIAM. Fort Worth junior class 609 juniors class ( SHAEFFER, SCOTT EDWARD, Midland SHAFER. STEPHEN DWAIN. Pasadena SHAPIRO. BARBARA LYNN. Houston SHAW. SUSAN KAY, Houston SHEA, IRL VICTOR. Levelland SHEA. PATRICIA BELL, Houston SHEESLEY, HEIDI ANN, Houston SHENG, EMILY LI-WEI. Taipei, Taiwan SHEPARD, RALPH LOUIS. New Orleans. LA SHIELD, JAMES LOWELL, Dallas SHIRAZI. ALI, Tehran, Iran SHOBE. DEBRA JANET, San Juan SHOCKLEE, MARTHA LOYCE, Houston SHOCKLEY. JON KENNETH. Marshalltown. IA SHTOFMAN, MICHAEL ALLEN, Tyler SIBLEY. PAMELA ANNE, Dallas SIDES. SANDRA LEE. Amarillo SIMMONS, JOHN WESLEY II. Midland SIMON. STANAKAY, Nederland SIMS, THOMAS EDWARD. San Antonio SKINNER. KENT EUGENE. San Antonio SLADEK. JEAN RUTH, Taylor SLANKARD. LUCINDA JOANN, Beaumont SLATER. PHILLIPS.. Sherman SMITH, DONNA FRANCES, Houston SMITH. JAMES ANSLE JR.. Jetlerson SMITH. JO ANN. Groves SMITH, LAURA LOUISA, Beaumont SMITH, LISA ELAINE, Dallas SMITH, MARGARET ANN. Irving SMITH, MARLA ELAINE Pasadena SMITH. RHONNIE DOYLE. Stephenville SMITH, ROBERT DWIGHT, Burton SMITH. SUSAN JO. Mesquite SMOLIK, SAMUEL LYNN, Newgull SMOTHERS. MARILYN LEE. Garland SOLIZ, ALFONSO JR., New Braunfels SPARKMAN, GEORGE THURMAN JR. Dallas SPENCER, MARGARET ABBOTT. San Antonio STANBERY, SUSAN LYNNE, Houston fife 3 STANLEY. GERALD WADE. Midland STANSBURY, JENNIFER, Newton STARNES. PATTY GAY, Katy STARNES, SUSAN KAY, Renton. WA STEINLE. DONALD WILLIAM Jourdanton STELL. REBECCA LEE. Bay City STEMBRIDGE. JOSEPH ALLEN. Gilmer STEPHANIAN, ARMEN, Houston STEPHENS. GAYLE ANN. Amarillo STEVENS. GENEVIEVE DEE. Houston STEWARD. DONNA KAY, Denton STOCKTON, VIKI, Honolulu HI STOKELY. CAROLYN EMILY, Midland STOLER, SUSAN JOANNE. Dallas STONE, ROBERT MICHAEL, Dallas STONE. SYLVIA MARIE. San Benito STORY, MARY CAMILLE, Austin STRADER, CONNIE MARIE, Houston STRADER, JUDY FRANCES, Houston STRENG, RANDOLPH LEWIN. Dallas STRYKER, MICHAEL MAURICE, Woodville STUDT, BRADLEY WINTON. Longview SUHOR, LYNDA ANN. San Antonio SULLIVAN. SHERI. Amarillo SUTHERLAND. KAREN, Houston SWINNEY, DANIEL LEE, Beeville TAMON, HEIDI SARA, San Antonio TASBY. KATHERINE KAY. Dallas TAYLOR, DONALD FRANK, Garland TAYLOR. JOHN EDMOND, Austin TEMPLE. KAREN, LaMarque THARP, BRIAN KIMBELL. Brenham THOMAS. BECKY, Dallas THOMAS, RICK GEORGE. San Antonio THOMPSON, IDA DAWN, Austin THOMPSON, JANET LEE Austin THORNTON. SUZANNE, Austin TICE. JOSEPH HYE. Abilene TIMMONS. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH Baytown TODD. FREDERICK DOUGLASS II. Dallas TOLIVER. MARY ANN. San Antonio TOMLIN, JANICE ELIZABETH. Dallas TONN, WILLIAM HARMON Houston TORIAN, ROCI GAY, Pasadena TORIGIAN. JOHN STEPHEN Austin TOUBIN, CHERYL HELENE, San Antonio TOWNSEND. HOWARD WILLIAM. Austin TRICE. MELINDA FAYE, Fort Worth 610 junior class niors class of 1975 TRICE. TREVA KAY Lorena TROUTMAN. CAREN SUE. Austin TRUTNA. THOMAS ANTHONY Pasadena TUBES. BETTY JEAN. Tyler TUCKEY. CAROLYN. Groves TURKELSON. MARK EDWARD. Worthington, OH TURNER, LINDA JANE. Dallas TURNER. ROBERT BRUCE. Austin TUTTLE. FRANKLIN LEWIS. Austin ULERT. YVONNE KAREN. Houston ULVERT, CHARLES R . Managua. Nicaragua UPCHURCH. SUSAN SCHNEIER. Austin VALLEJO, LUIS. McAllen VANCE, NANCY SUE. Edna VANDERWILT, RANDY ALAN, Pasadena VANDIVER. JOAN MARIE, Houston VANPELT. LESTER III. Midland VEAZEY MICHAEL WALTER Killeen VERHEYDEN. JOHN PHILIP, Jacksonville VERNON, JOHN MARTIN Dallas VERNOR. LEE GURVIS JR.. Del Rio VICKERS. JOHN RAYMOND. Corpus Christi VILLAREAL, JUANA VIRGINIA. Beeville VINE, NANCY LOUISE, Austin VOLLMER, DONALD F.. San Antonio VOLTERRA. VIRGINIA LUISA. Austin WADDELL. JAY ROSS. Austin WAGNER. NANCY LYNN, Houston WALL. MELINDA ANNE. Dallas WALLACE. SHARON DALE, Premont WALLENDORF. PAULETTESUE. Fredericksburg WALLER. BEN THOMAS JR., Longview WATERS, DIANE PATRICIA Houston WATKINS. KIM SUZANNE. Amarillo WATSON. JOSEPH STEVEN. Corpus Christi WATSON. MELISSA TAYLOR. Stamlord WEEKS, CLAUDIA GAYLE, Dallas WEEKS, DONALD FREDERICK, Dallas WEIDEL. WILLIAM RICHARD, Big Spring WEILLER. KAREN HENRIETTA. Houston WEINER. LINDA ROSE. Houston WELCH, VICTORIA LEE, San Angelo WENDLAND. KIMBERLYGAIL Fort Worth WENDLANDT. VICKI ARLEAN. Austin WEST, ANGELA, Wichita Falls WERSTERFER. CATHERINE LOUISE, New Braunlels WETSEL. RODERICK EVANS. Sweetwater WHATLEY, THOMAS LEE. Baytown WHEELER, STEPHEN RAND Abilene WHITE. DIANNE ELIZABETH. San Antonio WHITE EDWARD H. Ill Houston WICHMAN, KATHY LEE, Houston WIEGAND. PAUL BERTRAND. Austin WILCOX, WADE MICHAEL, Borger WILEY. DAN WADE. Davilla WILFORD, LYNN CRISLER. Potamac MD WILKINS. KENNETH T., Arlington WILLIAMS. CYNTHIA KAY. Abilene WILLIAMS PATRICIA ANN, Fort Worth WILLIAMS. STEPHEN BOYD. Dallas WILLIAMS. ANTHONY LUIS. Dallas WILLIS. ROBERT CAMPBELL, Livingston WILSON BRIAN LANCE, Amarillo WILSON. MICHAEL JOSEPH, Houston WILSON, NANCY ELIZABETH. Temple WINN. TIMOTHY JAY. Coahoma WINSTON. SCOTT MYERS. Dallas WIRTH. SUSAN ANN. Bay City WISE. MARILYN MARIE Midland Ml WISWELL. DOROTHY ELAINE. Austin WITCHER. RODNEY FERNELL Tyler WOLFE. CHRISTIAN EDWARD. Harlingen WOLFF. GARY JOE. Bellaire WOMACK. MARLENE CAROL Fargo ND WOMACK. ROBERT JEFFRY Houston WORCESTER. SHIRLEY ANN Baytown WORD, JOE DAVID. George West WORKMAN, ROBERT BRUCE. New Orleans LA WORSHAM. PAMELA ANN Willis WRANISCHAR. JACK DANIEL Houston WRIGHT. MARYATTE STEELE III. Nacogdoches WRIGHT. NANCY CLAIRE. Dallas YARBROUGH. FRANK HENRY Austin YEE. PAMELA ALICE. Houston YERKES. RICHARD PATRICK, Houston YU. WING-HONG RANDY, Hong Kong ZAJICKE. LARRY E . Columbus ZANIEWSKI. THERESA ANN Scott AFB. IL ZANT, SANDRA LEE. Fort Worth ZOCH, CONNIE LYNN. Houston ZWEIGHAFT. SUSAN GAIL. Beaumont junior class 611 ABBEY, JEFFREY NEIL, Saugus. CA ADAMS. PATRICIA ALICE. Dallas ADKINS, BARRY WOOD, Bellaire ADKINS, LESLIE CARL. Mineola AKINS MARTIN RAY Portland ALBERS. RICKEY MELVIN, Houston ALBRECHT JAMES WILLIAM JR . Corsicana ALBRITTON. BENJAMIN J . Dallas ALBRITTON. WILLETTA. Houston ALDRICH. JOANNE, Tewksbury, MA ALDRIDGE, MARY ANN, Austin ALLEN THOMAS DAVID Longview AMBROSETTI, ANTHONY A., Baltimore. MD ANDERSON KAREN JANE, Bartlesville, OK ANDERSON, STEVEN LEE, Houston ANDERSON, SUSAN GALE. Austin ANDRUS. RENA CAROL, Port Arthur ANTHONY, SUZANNE, Venus APPLEGATE DAVID RANDOLPH, Bowie APPLEWHITE. JESSE EDWARD III, Laredo ARMSTRONG, ROBERT BARRY, Big Spring ARNT, NANCY SUE, Angleton ASHORN, DEBORAH LYNN, Columbus AUSTIN HAROLD BRENT, Houston AVENT, ROBERT STEPHEN PAGE. Longview BADEN. GARY WAYNE. Salado BAHME. HARRIET ELLEN, Houston BAILEY MELINDA ANN. Fort Worth BAIRD. NIVEN JAMES JR., Carlisle Barracks. PA BAKER. TONI BETH, Deer Park BAKER WILLIAM AUSTIN Fort Worth BALDWIN. GREYDON GORDON JR.. Orange BALL. ELIZABETH. Orange BANKS. NANCY JEAN. Atlanta BARBEE DAVID RICHARD, El Campo BARCKLOW. MARK ALAN, Corpus Christ! BARIA, PAUL COLLINS, Corpus Christi BARKER, JERRY DON, Vanderbilt BARKER, ROBERT DEAN JR , Austin BARNARD CHARLES MURRAY. Wichita Falls BARNARD. DEANNE GAY, Corpus Christi BARNER, WILEY BLOUNT, Groves BARNES DONNA GAYLE, LaMarque BARNETT, BRENDAGAIL, Dallas BARNETT, SUSAN GAYLE, Houston BARNETT. WILLIAM GAMBRELL, Houston BARNUM, ROBERT SHEPPARD, Seabrook BARR. MICHELE, Dallas BARRE, NELSON KEITH. Fulton BARRY SUSAN PATRICE San Antonio BARTOSEK, LAWRENCE EDWARD. Rockledge. FL BASKIN ROBERT MICHAEL Strattord BASSE, CORA LYNN, Albert BAUCUM, SARA JAN, Dallas BAYSEK JANEL EILEEN, Longview BEAGLE, PAMELA JOAN. Aransas Pass BEAUCHAMP, STEPHEN DALE, Killeen BEAVER, SUSAN CHRISTINE, Florissant, MO BECKER, LAUREN LYN, Cedar Rapids. IA BEDSOLE, JAMES LYNN, Pittsburg BEISMAN, BETH MARIE, Richardson BELCHER JAMES FREDRICK, Chicago IL BELEW, SARAH REBECCA, Vernon BELINOSKI, THOMAS J., Houston BELL ROBERT MITCHELL Fort Worth BEMIS, SUSAN CECILIA. Texarkana BENNETT, JAMES BRUCE, Crockett BENTON, SUSAN MARIE. Houston BERGFIELD, RANDALL ALAN, Houston BERGIN, CAROLYN, Sulphur Springs BERMAN RICHARD MARK Fort Worth BERRY, JOEL NEAL, New Orleans, LA BERRY, MICHAEL DENNIS, Fort Worth BERRY, MICHAEL RAY, Overton BIDDLE, JOHN ROYDEN, Dallas BIDERMAN, ANN FLORA, Dallas BINION, CYNTHIA KAY, Hurst BISHOP, LELE, Orange BJORUM. JAMES HOLLISTER Austin BLACK. ANNE COURT LAND. Seabrook BLACK, JAMES ANTHONY. Sudan BLACK, ROBERT FULLER, Port Arthur BLACKARD, MARY LILLIAN, Mathis BLACKSHER, SHARON LYNN, Houston BLADES. SARAH GAYE. Houston BLALOCK. CAROL ANDERSON, Dallas BLAYLOCK. VICKI LEE, Marlin BLEVINS BELINDA LORRAINE McCamey BLOHM, JEFFREY ALAN. APO. N.Y BLUM. WARREN STUART. Dallas BODZY ALLEN NEIL Fort Worth BOLIEU, ANTHONY LEON, Austin BOND CAROLYN LUCILLE, Corpus Christi BOONE. MICHAEL JEFFERSON. Lagos. Nigeria BOOTHS, ALICE MARIE, Fort Worth BOOTHE TERRIANNE Seguin BOOTY, JULIE ANNE, Dallas BORRETT, ELIZABETH ANNE, El Paso BOSSE, KATHERINE AILEEN, San Antonio 612 sophomore class sophomores = sophomores ' . ' .- w - - v m sophomore class 613 sophomores class t BOTHWELL, CARYN DENISE, El Paso BOWERS, TERREE ALLAN, El Paso BOWLES, VICTORIA RUTH, Lewisville BOX, PATRICIA LOUISE, Fairhope, AL BRACKMEYER, MELISSA, Harlingen BRANDES, JEN SUE, Temple BRANNEN. DAVID GLENN, Austin BRASCH. KATHLENE ANN, Marshall BRAUN, LESLIE CAROL. Richardson 8RELAND, KATHRYN ANNETTE Houston BREMNER, NICOLE JOANNE, Fort Worth BRENT, SUSIE ELAINE, Dallas BRISTOW, LARRY GEORGE. Henderson BROGDON. JUDY LYNN. Houston BROGDON, NAN ELIZABETH. Weathertord BRONSTEIN. BETH LEA, Galveston BROOMAS, JAMES MICHAEL, Baytown BROUILLETTE. JEFFREY DALTON, Texarkana BROUSSARD. CINDY SUE. Groves BROWN, CHARLES THOMAS. Lufkin BROWN DEBORAH ANN Houston BROWN. EDWARD VINCENT. Fredericksburg BROWN HARRY LEE DeKalb BROWN. LESLIE JOAN, Dallas BROWN. NANCY LYNNE Bellaire BROWN. RICHARD WAYNE, Houston BROWN. TERESA JANE Austin BROWN. WARREN FREDERICK. Kerrville BROWNE. JACK WYMAN JR., Euless BRUNEMAN, CAROL PAULA Dallas BRYAN. BETTY JEAN, Houston BUCHANAN, PAMELA ANN Houston BUCHELE. CRAIG ALAN, San Augustine BUCK. BARBARA ELLEN, Houston BUCKLES. GREGORY LEE. Abilene BUCKLEY. ROY RICHARDSON, Houston BURBA. SHARON LOUISE Austin BURFORD, CHARLES SCOTT. Dallas BURGOWER. WENDY SUSAN Houston BURKE, JANIS LYNN, Carthage BURMAN, KAREN A. Frisco BURNHAM. DENNIS RAY, Houston BURNS, BARBARA LEE San Antonio BURRIS, KAREN LOUISE, Houston BUTLER. EDWARD SHOWERS. Austin BYFIELD. DANIEL MERRITT Austin BYNES, ROBERT HENRY JR. Austin BYRNE. SANDRA KATHLEEN San Antonio CABLE. CHAD, Sulphur Springs CALDWELL. LARRY L. Austin CAMERON, JACK CRAIG. Fort Worth CAMP. RICHARD FIELD III Richardson CAMPBELL. DEBORAH LYNN. Leavenworth KS CAMPBELL. MARY JO, Knox City CANTRELL, DEBORAH ELAINE. Richardson CAPPS. RICHARD LEROY Houston CARAMEROS. GEORGE O Houston CARLILE. ROBERT LEE JR Big Spring CARLISLE. CATHERINE ELIZABETH Canal Zone CARLTON. EDYTHE SUE El Paso CARMICHAEL, JAMES ERWIN, Brady CARNES. DONALD FAIRCHILD, San Antonio CARRICK, WILLIAM F.. El Paso CARRILLO, CYNTHIA ANN San Antonio CARROLL, FRANCES MARIE, Wichita Falls CARTER, GARY DEAN Houston CARTER, MARGARET ANN. Houston CASAS, LINDA SUE. San Benito CASEY, GEORGE PATRICK. Pampa CASH, SUE ELLEN. Arlington CASKEY, JAMES MICHAEL, Beaumont CASNER. SANDRA LOUISE. Dallas CASSELBERRY. RUSSELL WAYNE, Coleman CATHEY. REBECCA ANN. Corpus Christi CAVAZOS, MARY E.. San Antonio CAYUSO. EMILY ANN San Antonio CENAC, JOSEPH W JR New Orleans LA CHAHIN. JULIAN J , Eagle Pass CHAMBERS. DEBORAH LYNN Fort Worth CHAPMAN. RICHARD THOMAS. New Orleans LA CHERRY. LYNDA SUSAN, Midland CHICOTSKY, MARK STEVEN, Fort Worth CHILDS. JOHN MICHAEL Bellaire CHURCHWELL. RICHARD SHANE Corpus Christi CLARK, JEFFREY SCOTT. Fort Worth CLARKE. AMY LYNN Austin CLICK. BARBARA ANNE. Houston CLIFTON, SHARON LEE Houston CLINTON, CLAUDIA RAMSEY, Burnet CLOUD, CANDANCE ANN, Garland CLOUTIER. JACOUELYN ANNE, Shiner COCEK. CAROL ANNE. Houston COCKRELL. ROGER ALLEN. San Antonio COFFEY. BEVERLY GRACE. Houston COHEN. BERNARD HAROLD Amarillo COLLEY. DOROTHY ANN. Palestine COLLIER. JANA KAY. Dallas COLLINS. STUART BRYSON, Houston CONDIT, RANDALL ARTHUR Dickinson ophomore class lores class of 1976 CONNER, MICHAEL ELMER. Houston CONNORS, SEAN CHRISTOPHER, Bethes da. MD COOK. CHARLES ROY, Anglelon COPE, KATEVA HUTCHINSON. Fort Worth COPUS. CAREN CAY, Austin CORBETT. CAROLYN ANNE. Texarkana CORBIN. SUSAN RUTH McAllen CORLISS. CYNTHIA ANN, Dallas CORRIGAN, LEO FRANCIS III, Dallas COSELLI. PETER CLYDE, Houston COX. MARIANNE. Beaumont COX. RAYMOND EMERY Corpus Christi CRABTREE, CAROL ANN, Dallas GRAIN BARBARA JUNE San Antonio CRAMER, JANET GAYLE. San Antonio CRANCER, RALPH EDWARD III. St. Louis, MO CRAWFORD. RICHARD P.. Kilgore CROES. MICHAEL FERNAND. Houston CULPEPPER, BEN ALLAN, San Antonio CUNNINGHAM. DUANE. Lewisville CUNNINGHAM. STANLEY CASH, Goliad CURRAN THOMAS STEPHEN III, Dallas CURRIE, THOMAS FORREST, San Antonio DABNEY CYNTHIA JANE Austin DALE. FRANCES LOUISE. Houston DANIEL, DALE SPENCE. Falls Church, VA DANIELS, JOHN THOMAS II, San Antonio DARDEN AMY JILL. Midland DAUGHERTY. SCOTT RILEY, Bishop DAVID. DARRELL STEELE New Braunfels DAVIDSON, SHARON JOY, Portland DAVIES NEIL SPENCER. Dallas DAVIS. JAY SCOTT. Austin DAVIS LESLIE ANN, Austin DAVIS, NANCY GAIL. Austin DAY, HELEN MARSHALL. Austin DEAL, SUZANNE. Stafford DEAN. DEBORAH KAY. Galveston DEEN. LYNN KEITH. Houston DEIBERT. DIANNE LEE. Texarkana DELATOUR. THOMAS RUSSELL JR., Dallas DENSMORE CYNTHIA ANN. Sweetwater DENTON. WILLIAM PATTERSON. San Angelo DEVOS. MARTIN LOUIS, Houston DEZO, GEORGE STEVE III, Alvin DIAZ MARY ESTHER. Austin DICK. KATHRYN VIRGINIA. Houston DIERS. DEADRA DEAN. San Antonio DIES, DAVID, Austin DIETER, JAMES MONROE, Corpus Christi DINGRANDO, PATRICK MICHAEL. Marlin DITTMAN KAREN ELLEN Houston DOBBINS. DIANA LEE. Austin DOBBS. JESS CHRIS. Grandview DODGE. COLLEEN. Streetman DOMASK, MARY SUSAN. Houston DONAHUE. HELEN E.. Austin DOSSER. DEBRA ANN, Corsicana DOSSETT, DENNIS LEE. Dallas DOUGLASS, PAULA, Houston DREW THOMAS ALTON III. Baytown DREYER. D ' ARDI RUTH. San Benito DRUMMOND, ROBERT PAUL, Conroe DUFF. WILLIAM B , Odessa DUFFEY. TERRENCE MARK, Richardson DUKE. DONNA LYNN. Texas City DUNCAN, MICHAEL STEWART. San Angelo DUNN STEVEN ROBERT Richardson DUNNING. PAUL MOORE, Lubbock DYESS. LESLIE EDITH, Fort Worth EARDLEY. KATHLEEN MARY, Houston EAVES. SUSAN ELIZABETH. Austin EBERS JENAMAXINE Austin EBE RSPACHER. SUSAN. Richardson EDGINGTON SHERRY CAROLYN Houston EGAN, RICHARD SCOTT JR . Big Spring EIKNER. MELISSA KATHRYN Dallas EISINGER. JOAN DENISE, Dallas ELLIOTT, NEVA KATHRYN Baytown ELLIOTT, PEGGY JO. Pleasanton ELMORE. DEBORAH JOYCE. Abilene ENG. JERRY YING. San Antonio ENGLISH. EDWIN MADISON Memphis. TN ENSLEY. ROSS ALAN, San Antonio EPPS. LAURA ANN. Houston ERNSTEIN. SCOTT BARRY. Kansas City. MO ERWIN. EMILIE, Houston ESKOWITZ. SHERYL PAULINE, Houston ESPARZA. RUTH ELIZABETH Eagle Pass ESSLINGER. RICHARD GARY. Dallas ETHEREDGE. CHERYL LYNN. Pasadena EUBANK. LINDA SUE. Austin EVANS. SHERRI LYNN. Dallas FAIRCHILD, JAN ELLEN. Center FALIK JONATHAN LOUIS. Houston FARB, MARLA. Houston FARRELL MICHAEL JAY. Fort Worth FEIGER. TONI FRANCES. Dallas FEINBERG CAROL SUE. Miami. FL sophomore class 6 1 !i - sophomores class c FELDMAN, MARTIN BRUCE, Dallas FICKE BRUCE WILLIAM, Dallas FINDLEY, PATRICIA WOODS, Alice FINKELSTEIN, OEVIE, Metairie. LA FISH. DEBORAH ANN, Pearland FISHER, DAVID SIDNEY, Houston FLEMISTER, BROOKS LEE, Longview FLIELLER, CHERYL BETH. Austin FLING. JOE CLEMENT, Garwood FLINN BETH ANN, Sinton FLORES. DANIEL JR., San Antonio FLORES, ROBERT REYES. San Antonio FLOWERS. RICHARD LANCE. Houston FLYNN, MARY MARGARET, Denison FORBES. RANDALL KEVIN, Corpus Christ! FORREST, LINDA E . Baton Rouge. LA FOX. JILL. Houston FOX. DOUGLAS STANDIFER. Corpus Christ! FRANK, JANET VICTORIA. Austin FRANK. JOHN ABEL. Bellaire FRANKS. CARLA DEAN. Fort Worth FRANKS. MICHAEL CARL. Navasota FREEMAN, ROBERT HUGH, Comlort FRIEDMAN. ALAN DOUGLAS, Fort Worth FRYE GAIL PATRICIA. Dallas FUGITT, MELINDA LOU. Fort Worth FURGASON. LUCIA JEANE. Houston GADDY. SUSAN, Dallas GAINER JOHNW III Austin GALINDO. ANTHONY. San Antonio GALJOUR. MARY KATHERINE, Aransas Pass GALLAGHER, THERESA JANE, Fort Worth GARCIA, DEBRA LAURA, Laredo GARCIA, FELIX HENRY, Austin GARY LINDA RUTH, Lake Jackson GASTLER, CONNIE RUTH, Austin GEARNER, CINDY LOU, Wmnsboro GEE, JUANNA INEZ. Houston GENGE. JOHN GRIMES, Houston GEORGE, SARA ANN, Dallas GERTNER. EDWARD DAVID. Houston GIBLIN, NORBORNE ANTHONY, Austin GIBSON. WILLIAM CHARLES. Calvert GILLASPIA. LAWRENCE TROY, Galveston GINSBURG, ROBERT L. Fort Worth GIRARD, DENISE MARIE. Austin GIVENS, JANICE DIANE. San Angelo GLEASON DONNA MARY Beaumont GLEBUS. KATHY LEE. Dallas GOLDBERG. MARSHAL DAVID, El Paso GOLDBERG. SHELLEY. Houston GOLDEN, VICKI LYNN, Fort Worth GOLDER. MARY NOEL, Austin GOLEMON. LARRY WILSON, Marshall GOLMAN RICHARD TOD Dallas GONZALEZ. RAIMUNDO. Galveston GOOD, MELISSA LEIGH. Tyler GOOD, SCOTT BRADLEY. Dallas GOODNIGHT. GARY DON, Salado GORMAN, JACK STREETY, Snyder GORMLEY, MARY THERESE, Mississauga. Ontario GOYNE, MARY KATHERINE. Lockhart GRAHAM. DONALD GOODNOW III. Edmonds. WA GRAHAM, ROBIN ELAINE Texas City GRAHAM, STANLEY KEITH, Enterprise, MS GRAY, NANCY ANN Caldwell GREEN, BAN DRAPER. Eden GREEN. VICKI JO, Houston GREGG. DAVID JOSEPH, Shreveport. LA GREMILLION, CHARLES A. III. Houston GRENADER. HARRY BORIS Houston GRIBBLE, ROBERT LESLIE. Houston GRIFFIN, JOSEPH ANDREW JR., Dallas GRIFFIN, MARY JEANETTE Dallas GRIMES. SALLY JANE, Dallas GROZIER. PHYLLIS MERLE. Austin GRUBB. SUSAN LESLIE. Orange GUINN. CHARLES WOOD. Sugarland GUNN. MARTHA ELIZABETH. Weimar GUSTAFSON. ROBERT PAUL, Austin GUTHRIE. AMY GAYLE, Houston GUTIERREZ. JOSE HECTOR, Harlingen GUTIERREZ RICHARD F Austin HAASE. CURTIS EUGENE, Moulton HACKER. DIEDRE ELIZABETH. Corpus Christi HAILE. SUZETTE MAYRIE Lubbock HALL, CHERYL LEA. Marshall HALL. MAURI KAY. Arlington HAMBLEN, TOLAR NUMA III. Houston HAMBY, JAY PERSON. Houston HANNAH. BEVERLY JOYCE. San Antonio HANOVER WALTER DAVID Lutkin HARDEE, HARVEY HAMILTON. Brownsville HARDING. BRYAN LEE Houston HARKINS. BARBARA ELAINE, Dallas HARLOW, MICHELLE DIANE Austin HARRELL. CHARLES EDWARD, San Antonio HARRIS, GARY DON, Katy HARRIS. MARGIE ANNETTE, Houston 6t6 sophomoreclass nores class of 1 976 ril HARRIS. SUSAN KAY, Dallas HART. STEPHEN ANTHONY Eastland HARTLEY. DONNA LYN. Austin HASSELL. LACEY ANN, Palestine HATCHER, DUANE SCOTT. Fort Worth HATHAWAY. BRUCE ALAN Bedford HAYDEN. LINDA CLAIRE, Dallas HAYNES. CHERIE WONNE. Abilene HAYS. JENNA MARGARET, West Columbia HEAD, KATHY MARIE, Warren HEATH, JAN LORRAINE. Angleton HENDERSON. DEBRA JEAN Marta HENDRIX. ELOISE MARIE, El Paso HENINGTON, SHELLEY WolteCity HENRY. KATHLEEN MARIE. Lubbock HENRY. MARVIN CHET Austin HERBER. REBECCA KATHLEEN, Round Rock HERBERT. BARRY EDWARD. Dallas HERMANSON. NANCY ANN Austin HERNDON, MARSHA SERENA. Corpus Chnsti HIATT, DAVID MICHAEL Kerrville HICKMAN. SUSAN DIANE. Dickinson HICKS, JAMES JOE. Houston HICKS. ROBERT GAYLORD. Houston HIGGINS. CLAUDIA RUTH Alvin HILL. CARLA ANN. Cedar Creek HILL. DEBORAH MARIE Copperas Cove HILL. SUSAN LORRAINE, Poteet HILL. VIRGINIA RUTH Alice HILLERY, MARK VINCENT, Findlay OH HILLIARD. KATHLEEN JEAN. Dallas HIRSCHBERG. ROY JULE Dallas HOBBS, MARK HODDE. Houston HOGAN. PATRICE ANNE Houston HOGAN. VICKYE ELAINE, Newton HOKR. JAMES RAY. Fort Worth HOLDEN, MAURICE C.. San Antonio HOLDERMAN. TERRY LEE Garland HOLLEY. ROBERT JAMES JR. Houston HOLLY. ARTHUR CHARLES Austin HOLMANS. DEBORAH ANN. Austin HOOKS. KATHERINE ELAINE Tomball HOPSON. REBECCA LYNN. Houston HOWARD. SUSAN GEORGETTE Conroe HOWARD. TERRY WILLIAM. Midland HOWARD. VIRGINIA HORTON. Austin HOWELL. MATTHEW CHARLES Fort Worth HUDLER. CYNTHIA ANNE. McAllen HUEBNER. KAREN ANNE Houston HUETER. KENT STEPHEN. Houston HUFF. MONICA ANNE Riviera HUFFMAN, MARY CATHERINE, Houston HUGHES. DEBORAH JEAN, Houston HUGHES. MARY LYNN, Dallas HUGHSTON, MILAN ROSS Clarksville HULL, JEFF MICHAEL, Pasadena HUNDLEY, CATHERINE MARIE Seabrook HUNT. LORAGALE. Dallas HUNT. MARY VILLAREAL Dallas HURLEY, REBECCA. Shreveport. LA HUSTON. KATHLEEN ANNE. Austin HUTCHINGS. VERNA CAROL Houston HUTTENHAUER. KATHLEEN RUTH. San Antonio INGRAM. JOHN HERBERT III, Richardson INGRAM, LINDA KAY. Marlin IRBY. LEONARD RAY JR . Bellaire IVEY. PATRICIA LYNN. Robert Lee JACKSON. CAROLYN SUZANNE. Fort Worth JACKSON. MARY JEANNE Austin JACKSON. TERRY LEE. Dallas JACOBSON. JILL. Dallas JACOBSON. MARY ELLEN. Angleton JAEGLI. PAMELA DIANE, Uvalde JAHN. MARTIN EDWARD. Galveston JAMES. BILLY DEAN JR.. Iowa Park JAX. CATHLEEN ANN. Houston JEALOUSE. CONNIE MARIE. Cedar Hill JELONEK. MARSHA ELLEN. Houston JENKINS. TERESA ANN. Rocky Mount. NC JESSE. MARY ANN. Ouanah JETTUN, MARY KATHERINE. Fort Worth JIMENEZ, NORBERTO ENCINAS. Victoria JOHNSON. DAVID CARL. Houston JOHNSON, JOHN R Dallas JOHNSON. LYN. Fort Worth JOHNSON, PATRICIA LOUISE, Dallas JOHNSON. RAY VERNON, San Antonio JOHNSTON. ELIZABETH CLINTON. Longview JONES. DAVID CHRISTMAN Tyler JONES. LARRY THOMAS. Houston JONES. LESLE CHARLES. Houston JOSIN. SHERRY RUTH. Omaha, NB JURIK, PATRICIA GAYLE, Beaumont JUSTUS, LISA ANN, Houston KALER. MARY KATHLEEN. Corpus Christ! KAMAN. MARK JOEL, Dallas KASMIROSKI. GEORGIA KAREN, Waco KARREN. LAWRENCE MICHAEL, Corpus Christi KAUFFMAN. ROBERT PORTER, Midland sophomore class 617 sophomores class ( KAWAMOTO. SUSAN YUKIE. Mission KEENAN. CAROLYN FROST. Houston KELLEY. BARBARA JEAN, Houston KELLEY. RAY ALAN. Lockhart KELLY. JAMES PATRICK, Refugio KELLY, JANET ELLEN. Dallas KELLY, SUSAN KERR, Dallas KEMP, CYNTHIA MAYSEL, Houston KENNEDY, AIDA MARIE, Houston KESLER, JUSTIN OTIS, Tulia KEY HOWARD WAYNE. Lubbock KEYS, RHONDA KAY. Everman KIBLER, LISA ANN. Houston KIELMAN, DEBORAH LEAH, Wharton KILGORE. JULIA ANN. League City KILLIAN, DONNA CELESTE. Houston KING, CRAIG KENT. Fort Worth KING, KAREN ELIZABETH, Fort Worth KINNEY WILLIAM GEORGE III. Houston KINSEY. JEAN MARIE, Baytown KIRBO, BRYAN WILLIAM. Gladewater KIRWAN. THOMAS A. Ill, Dallas KISSLING. LAURIE ANN. San Antonio KISSLING MARY ANN. San Antonio KLARFIELD, MARY KAY. Houston KLEIN. BETSY ANNE. Nederland KLEIN. LEAH BETH. Beaumont KLEINECKE KAREN NANETTE. Galveston KLIGMAN, PAULA, Houston KLIMT, JEANMARIE. Nassau Bay KLUMP. JACK DEE. Corpus Christi KLUTTS. VANITA JOY. Smithville KNAPE. JAN CLAIRE. Austin KNIGHT, VICKIE LYNN. Dallas KNOBLE GAIL ANN, Somerville, NJ KNOEBEL. ALLYSON DEBRA. Houston KNOX. LUNDY ANN, Tyler KOCH. MICHAEL EDWARD, DeSoto KOHUTEK. CAROL ANN, Odem KOLB. NANCY L. Cypress KONCEWICZ. BARBARA ANN. Dallas KORNEGAY. KERRILL KAY. Palestine KOSCHAK. SHERYL ANN, San Angelo KOSTROUN, AUGUST VINCE, Austin KOTRABA. DEBRA MARIE, Longview KRAKOWER. MICHAEL HOWARD, Houston KRAUSKOPF. DAVID RANDALL. Raymondville KRONE. MARK L.. Dallas KRUEGER. TREILA LATRELLE. Hutto KRUG. FREDERICK ROBERT, Austin KUEBLER. JOHN ADAM. Pasadena KUNKEL. REBECCA JAYNE, Olney KURTZEMANN. MARY BETH. Houston KUYKENDALL, ROBERT KENT, Fort Worth KWAS. EILEEN SUSAN, Houston LACY. GARY JAMES, Corpus Christi LAMBDIN JANELETITIA Houston LAMBERT, CAROLYN JEAN. Austin LAMBERT, CYNTHIA ANN, Decatur LAMBERT, KATHI SUZANNE. Houston LAMMERT. REBECCA ANNE, Katy LANCASTER, LIFFORD LEE, Beaumont LANDERS. JAMES RONALD. Lampasas LANDON, JOHN MICHAEL, Llano LANDRY. TERRY LYNN. Weston, CT LANDSBERG, MARILYN SUE, Dallas LANE, MARTHA ANNE, Austin LANGDON, JULIE GAYE, Austin LANGSTON, LYNN ANNE. Midland LANZ. TIMOTHY PAUL. Austin LASIK, MARSHA. Houston LECHTENBERGER. DeANN, Houston LEE. ANNIE YUNFOON. Houston LEE, CYNTHIA JEANNE, Austin LEE. JOYCE, San Antonio LEE, RANDALL SCOTT, Aledo LEFTWICH, STEVE BROWN. Austin LENTZ. DEBRA ELAINE Austin LEOPARD. KATHRYN RUTH, San Antonio LERMA, THERESA DOLORES, San Antonio LESTER, THOMAS HOWARD JR., Garland LEVIN. SUSAN DIANE. Dallas LEVY. STEVEN ROBERT. Laredo LEWALLEN, BEVERLY JOY, Hewitt LEWIS, EUGENIA CANICE. Beaumont LEWIS. RICKY LEE, Lampasas LIDDLE. MARGARET LYNN. Abilene LIGON. EVLYN MARIE. Houston LILLY. PATRICIA, Houston LIM. HELEN FAYE, Houston LIPMAN. ALAN LEE. Houston LISKA CAROLYN ANN. La Grange LITTLE. LEWETTE ANN, Austin LITTLE. LINDA. Houston LITTLE. PAUL DAVID. Houston LITTLE, TERRY NELSON, McCamey LIVINGSTON. JANICE LYNN. Corpus Christi LLOYD, LINDA SUE, Dallas LOCHBAUM. PATRICIA ANN. San Antonio ' 1 R I 618 sophomore class noresfl class of 1976 LOCK. TIMOTHY HARVE, Houston LOCKARD, DANIEL TAYLOR. Dickinson LOCKE. JANE ANN, Baytown LOE. JANET ANN, Arlington LOFTIS, KATHLEEN ANN. Austin LONGLEY. RICHARD L . Andrews LOPEZ, GLORIA LISA. San Antonio LOVELESS. RICHARD BROOKS. Waco LOWE. JOHN BRUCE, Austin LOWELL. TERI ILENE, Houston LUERSEN. ROXANA KAY, Austin LUKE LEZLIE LEE. Forth Worth LUPTON. SUSAN ANNE. Port Arthur LUTHER. LESLIE ANN, Dallas LYTLE. MARY TERESA, Arlington MAHLER, KOBYE JAN, Olney MAHONEY. MICHAEL JAMES, El Campo MAIN, MARY CLAIRE. Corpus Christi MALONE, JAMES MARK. Fort Worth MANN KAREN LEE, Beaumont MANSKER. TERA IRENE. Fort Worth MARCKS. SHEILA NANCY. Houston MARCUS. BARBARA ANN. New Orleans, LA MARSHALL. CHARLES TROY. Eastland MARTH CHARLES DONALD JR., Garland MARTIN, NANCY ELIZABETH. Austin MARTIN. RANDY LIVINGSTON. Midland MARTINEZ, DELILA ANN. Abilene MARTINEZ. OSCAR. San Benito MARTINEZ, SUSAN JANE. Austin MARTINEZ, VIDAL, El Paso MARTINI, CATHERINE MAUREEN, Houston MASON, MARY ANN, Bellville MAY. LARRY STEVEN, Sweetwater McCARLEY KATHLEEN ANNE. San Antonio McCLAIN, JANE MELISSA. Fort Worth McCLUNG. PATRICIA ANN. El Paso McCREHAN, JEFFREY RICHARD, Houston McCUTCHON. FRANCES E., Corpus Christi McDANIEL. DWIGHT THOMAS, Houston McDANIEL, NEIL BLAKE. Odessa McDANIEL, STEVEN LAURENCE. Austin MCDOWELL TONY EVERARD, Bay city MCELROY. BECKI GAY. Houston MCELROY. MARY LUCILLE, Marshall McFARLAND, MARY ALEXA, Denton McFARLANE. MARY HELEN. Brownwood McGINNIS. PATRICK CONRAD. Stanlord McGUIRE, ROSALIE ANN. Temple MCKAY, PATRICIA de LOURDES. Panama McKEE. ANNA LaVERNE, Corpus Christi McKEE, DAVID WAYNE. Dallas McKENNON STUART CARPENTER. Cleburne McKENZIE. MARILYN JEAN. Houston McKENZIE. WILLIAM PHILIP. Fort Worth McLELAND KENNETH CRAIG. Houston McLEOD, EMILY CATHERINE. Houston McMICHAEL. THOMAS GLENN. Houston McMILLEN. ROBERT LEE, Lockhart MCMILLAN, PAULA JANE. Midland MCNEIL PATRICIA CLAY. Houston McPHAIL. RAYMOND THOMAS. Baytown McRAE, PATRICK MICHAEL, Houston McWILLIAMS. MICHAEL E.. Austin MELASKY. FLORA ELAINE, Houston MERCADO, SALVADOR ARTURO. Laredo MERINO. MICHAEL JOHN. Dallas MESLOH LINDA KAY. Corpus Christi MEZZETTI. KERRY ANN. San Antonio MICHAUD. KATHRYN ROSE. Austin MICKELSON, KENT BURDELL. Houston MIKESKA. GREGORY WARD, Columbus MILLER, GAIL DIANE, Palestine MILLER. PAMELA EVE. Dallas MILLS. CONSTANCE COLLEEN, Tyler MINAHAN. PAULA ELLEN, Midland MISCOE, FREDERICK JOSEPH. Houston MITCHELL ALLAN THOMAS. Corpus Christi MITCHELL, CHARLES RAMSEY, San Augustine MITCHELL, MARY ALICE. Beaumont MITCHELL. STANLEY ROBERT. Odessa MOFFATT, ANN MARIE. Houston MOKRY SCOTT JOSEPH. Taylor MOLINE, ANN LOUISE. Dallas MOLLOY. BETTY LOU. Mesquite MONSELL. HARRIET ANNE, Austin MONTESINO. LOURDES MARGARITA. Austin MONTGOMERY LEAH RAE. Houston MONTGOMERY. MARGARET MICHELLE. Pleasanton MOORE. CONSTANCE ANN, Fremont MOORE DAND..Vernon MOORE. LISA ANN, Dallas MORRES SUSAN SHELLEY, Terrell MORALES. MARIO ESPINOZA, Del Rio MORE, KATHY LUANN, Dallas MORENO. REYNALDO PEREZ. Corpus Christi MORGAN. JACQUELINE D.. Cuero MORGAN TREVORIS LYNN. Houston MORRIS. JOAN MARGARET, Austin sophomore class 619 sophomores class c MORRIS JOE DAVID, Amanllo MORTON. MICHAEL JOE. Dallas MOSER RUTH CLAIRE. Beeville MOWAD. ARTHUR H.. El Paso MULBERRY. LYNN ELIZABETH, Dallas MULHERN. MARY ANN. Fort Worth MUNOZ. JESSE FRANK, San Antonio MURRAY, ROBERT MOORE, Galveston NABORS. MIKE NELSON. Austin NAGER. ROSS WAYNE. Houston NAJMAN. JIMMY III. Managua. Nicaragua NAUGHTON. JACK RUSSELL. Denton NEEDHAM. NAN. Llano NEEL, GARY TAYLOR. Tyler NELSON. KAREN DENISE. Corsicana NELSON, PATRICIA MARICE, Austin NESS. REBECCA ANN. Austin NEUMANN. ANNETTE LOUISE. Simi, CA NEWCOMB. DAVID RAY. Austin NEWELL NANCY ANNE. Houston NEWTON. DEBRA LYNN. Austin NICHOLS, KATHLEEN ANN. Little Rock, AR NIELSEN. DONALD ELLIS. Austin NIEMANN. JAMES C., Austin NIXON. ROGER BANE. Denver City NOACK, NANCY ANN. Austin NORD, ANN SUSAN. San Antonio NORRIS. WILLIAM FRANK. Austin NOTIAS. TACIA VENISE, Dallas NULL, MICHAEL GLENN, Waco OATES, NICKEY LOUIS. Palestine OBERG. JULIA ANN. Amarillo ODOM. MIKAL JANELLE. Arlington OLSON. JON MICHAEL, Houston ONAK, DIANE LOUISE, Houston ORD. CANDACE CAY, Dallas ORKIN. ROBERT BEN, Jackson. MS ORTIZ, ANNETTE MARIE. San Antonio OSBORNE, SUZAN VALRIE. Houston OTTERMANN. ROBERT WILLIAM, Chicago. IL OWSLEY. MICHAEL MANSFIELD. Houston PACE. DAVID FRANKLIN. Dallas PADAWER STEPHEN RANDALL Birmingham AL PAINE. BEVERLY ANNE, Richardson PARISH. STEVEN WAYNE. Poughkeepsie, NY PARKS. CINDY KAY. Comanche PARR. TERESA KAY PIERSON, Plainview PARTAIN VALERIE JEAN Austin PARTIN. BETTY JEAN. Cleveland PATE. PHYLLIS ELAINE. Fort Worth PATZKE, CAROL JEAN, Dallas PAUL, NICHOLAS LEE, Houston PAULOS. CHRISTINE C., Houston PEASE, KENNETH RAY, San Antonio PEEBLES. PATTIE GAY. Rockdale PENCE. SUZANNE DANIEL, Houston PENDLAND, JAMES ROBERT. Palestine PEPPARD, RICHARD MARK Austin PEREZ. HECTOR, Laredo PERKINS, WILLIAM HOWARD San Antonio PERKINS. WILLIAM STEVEN, Abilene PERLEY. MICHAEL WAYNE, Dallas PETERSEN, MARY ANN, Wharton PETERSON. IRVIN DARNELL. Bryan PETERSON, LEONARD FRANCIS, Austin PHILLIPS, THOMAS MACK. Dyess AFB PHIPPS. JAN ELAINE, Vernon PIANA, MICHAEL RAY. Pasadena PIAZZA. JOSEPH MICHAEL JR., Houston PICKENS, GARY DOUGLAS. Greenville PIERCE, TERRIE ANNE, Dallas PIERSON, LINDA ANN. Fort Worth PILLANS. SHEREE PATRICE. Houston PIMENTELL. EMILY MARILYN. Eagle Pass PINK, LAURIE JEAN. Wichita Falls PITRUCHA. PATRICE C,, Houston PITT. NINA CAROLYN, Dallas PITT JEANNIE Waco PLEMMONS, CHARLOTTE ELLEN Fort Worth POHL. DAVID FREDERICK. Austin POHL. SUSAN MELISSA. Austin POOLE. STEVEN ROSS. Avinger PORCHER. JAN KILLEEN, Fort Worth PORTER. JO DELL. Austin POWELL. DIANE ELIZABETH, Bellaire PRADE, CHARLYNNE, Austin PRESLEY, RICHARD ALLEN. Sealy PRICE, MYRA ERLENE. Austin PRIEBE. DIANA LYNN. Austin PRINGLE, DIANE CAROL. Austin PROFFITT. DIANE LOUISE, Austin PURCELL, JEFFREY WAYNE, Borger PURTLE. CARLA KAY. Austin PYLE. JANICE KAY, Bloomburg OUILLIAM, MARYCORINNE, Lubbock RABE, PATRICIA LEE. Edinburg RABEL HILMAANN Weimar RAKOWITZ, WILFRED IGNATZ. Pleasanton RANDERSON. DEBORAH JEANE. Midland - 620 sopnomore class class of 1 976 RASCHKE, LESA JANINE. Austin RATLIFF, BRYAN P.. Fort Worth RATTERREE. DONNA LEE, Houston RAWDIN, LAURIE EVAN, Houston RAY, MARSHALL RANSOME. Brownsville RAYNER, LOIS E.. Marshall RAYNOLD, VICKY SUZANNE. Cleveland. OH REED. FRANCIS ANN. Austin REESE. DONALD JAMES, LasCruces. NM REESE. ROBERT MARTIN Dallas REHM. BOBBY LEE. Dallas REICHERT. DEBORAH LEE Dallas REID. DAVID, Garland REID, SPENCER LLOYD. Lamesa REYNOLDS. CAROL ANN. Greenville RIBNIK, PATRICIA P. Houston RICARDS, NANCY ELLETTE, Memphis, TN RICHARDS. SUSAN K.. San Antonio RICHARDSON, GERALD FORREST JR., Beaumont RICHEY. ELIZABETH LEE. Fort Worth RICHSTATTER, JO ANNE San Antonio RICKMAN. MARILYN MARIE. Terrell RICKS. LESLIE BEE JR.. Galena Park RIGGS. BEN HAYES. Houston RITTS. HOWARD JAMES. Dallas RIVERS. BARBARA LYNN. Houston ROACH. MARSHA ANN. San Antonio ROACH. PHILIP DENNIS. Mount Pleasant ROBBERSON. SARAH KATHLEEN. San Antonio ROBERTS. CINDY. Edinburg ROBERTSON. KENNETH RICHARD II. Austin ROBERTSON. RICHARDSON III. Dallas ROBIE. DEBORAH ANN, Beeville ROBIN. JOAN ELIZABETH. Houston ROBINS, DONALD AKIN. Garland ROBINSON. CHARLES EDWIN. Houston ROCHE. PAMELA ANN, San Antonio RODGERS, SUSAN LEE. San Antonio RODGERS. ZELMA JOANNE, Dallas RODRIGUEZ, JESSE MICHAEL. San Antonio ROEHM. JOHN FRANCIS III. San Antonio ROGERS. DIANE LAVERNE. Houston ROGERS. JAMES EUGENE. San Antonio ROGERS. RANDI KAY. Dallas ROGERS. WALLACE III. San Antonio ROLLWAGE. CLAIRE LOUISE. Lake Jackson HOMINES. ROBERT JAMES. Smyrna. TN ROMO. ROBYN KAY, Herschel ROOT. MARTHA ANNE, Austin ROSE. CELIA ANN, Dallas ROSE. DAVID LOUIS. Abilene ROSE. PAMELA MAE. Fort Lewis. WA ROSEN. CYNTHIA ANN, Dallas ROSS. DAVID LYNN. Denison ROSS, ROBIN ANNE, La Marque ROTHSCHILD. STANLEY LEE. Dallas ROYE, MELINDA BETH. Graham RUSSELL. GERALD ALAN. Austin RUSSO, FRANK FRANCIS. Galveston SAENZ. ALEJANDRO ADAN. Fremont SAENZ. CLARA C.. Corpus Christi SALGE. STEVE ALLEN. Corpus Christi SALINAS. LUCILA MERCEDES, Roma SAMPLE. DON STEVEN. Longview SANDERS. GAY DENIESE. Dallas SCEPANSKY, MARY KAY. Austin SCHAFF. JEAN ANN. Houston SCHARES. THOMAS. Houston SCHEMENT. LINDA FRANCESCA, San Antonio SCHERZINGER. TERESAS.. Houston SCHINDLER, STEVEN ALAN. Dallas SCHLEIER, KAREN ALISON. Houston SCHNEIDAU, SANDRA MARY Houston SCHNEIDER. CATHERINE ANN. San Antonio SCHRAM. CHARLES ERNEST III Dallas SCHROEDER. CATHY ANN. Manchester. MO SCHROEDER, REX MARTIN. Lockhart SCHULTZ. BETH ANN. Waco SCHWAB. CAROL S . Houston SCHWARTZ. ALAN JAY. Austin SCHWARTZ. PAULA LYNN. Schulenburg SCOTT. PHILIP BRUCE. Conroe SEALE. HORACE PATRICK Karnes City SEAMAN. SANDRA JANE. Corpus Christi SEDBERRY. LORY LYN. Austin SEILHEIMER. EDWIN JOHN JR. . Fort Worth SELF. DONNA ELAINE. Fort Worth SENS. RONDA FA YE. Sealy SHAPE. DEBORAH GAY. Garland SHARP. KATE SANDFORD. Houston SHELTON. JAMES DOWLEN. Houston SHELTON. JERRY RUSSELL JR.. Tyler SHEHRILL. ANN KATHERINE. Beaumont SHERRIL. KIMBERLY ANN. San Angelo SHERROO. MARGARET TEK. Spring SIERRA. GEORGE WILLIAM. Fort Worth SILBERBERG, CELIA JAYNE. Austin SILVERMAN, LAWRENCE DAVID, Dallas SIMMONS. BILLY TOM. Thorndale sophomore class 621 sophomores class o SIMPSON MARTHA CAROLYN, Dallas SIMPSON, PAULA GAYLE. Cisco SIMS SHARON LEE, Houston SLAYDON, DIANNE LOUISE, Houston SLEDGE. MARVIN SCOTT. Austin SMITH BETTY MAE, Marshall SMITH. BEVERLY JEAN, Houston SMITH BRYANT KITTRELL. Houston SMITH, JOE ALLEN, Tyler SMITH. JOHN JULIAN. Gainesville SMITH. LESLIE ANNE, Beaumont SMITH SARA JANE, Elgin SMITH, SHELLY IRENE, Houston SOCKLER. STEVEN ALLAN. Beaumont SOECHTING. MARSHA FAYE, New Braunlels SOSA, PATRICIA LYNN. San Antonio SPARKS KIMBERLY KAYE. Dallas SPENCE. JAMES HUGH JR.. Houston SPENCER, JAMES HAROLD. Sweeny SPENCER, SUSAN LAVERNE, Houston SPILLMAN. ANN COKE. Dallas SPINKS, LESLIE ANN. Corpus Christi SPLETTER ROBERT ALAN. Dallas SPOLANE. RONALD STEPHEN. Houston SPRAGUE MARK BRUCE. Austin SPRINGER. GARY DOUGLAS, Dallas STACY, MARTHA JEAN, Fort Worth STALLONES, JENNIFER CATHERINE. Tomball STANDEFER, JANA LYNN, Fort Worth STANLEY, LYNN PATRICE. Austin STEEN BARBARA LYNN, Corpus Christi STEINFELD, JAY IRA, Dallas STEKIN, KATHY ANN, Houston STENZLER, KAREN E., Fort Worth STEVENER, MICHAEL JOHN, Dallas STEWARD, DON MICHAEL. Wichita Falls STEWARD. STEPHEN HALE, Wichita Falls STEWART, MARY ELLEN. Irving STEWART, SHARON. Edinburg STIEREN. LISA DOROTHY. San Antonio ST JOHN, ERNEST REVERE JR.. Beaumont STOLHANDSKE, THOMAS BELL. San Antonio STONE. REBECCA SUSAN. Conroe STOUFFER. BLAIR TODD. San Antonio STRONG, GEORGEANN ELIZABETH, Houston SUCHER STEVEN HARVEY. Houston SUHL, CARYN ELAINE. Houston SUHOR. MARY MARGARET. San Antonio SUMMERS. JOHN MORRIS. Cuero SUSSDORF. MARJORIE KAY, Palestine SVOBODA. LINDA FAYE, Smithville SWINNEA. JOHN STEVEN, Marlin TABER. DAN ALLEN. College Station TAIT. LARRY LEE, Victoria TALBOT. CYNTHIA GAY. Kettering, OH TAMAYO, CAROLE MARIE. Lockhart TAPICK, GAIL SUSAN. Houston TARPEY. JUDITH ANN. Houston TAYLOR. ANNE ELIZABETH. Dallas TAYLOR. CHARLES P. JR., Richardson TAYLOR. CHRISTINE DIANE. Arlington TAYLOR. ELMER LAWRENCE JR.. Austin TAYLOR. JEFFERSON LYNN, Bowie TAYLOR, KAREN. Austin TEMPLIN, DEBORAH RUTH, Humble TERRELL, PAUL ALTON. Greenville TERRELL. SUSAN LEA, Kenedy THACKER. ROBERT PRATT, Corpus Christi THEURER. MARILYN RUTH. San Antonio THIBODEAU. JACK T., Corpus Christi THOMAS. DAVID WAYNE, Hereford THOMAS. JAMES GREGORY. San Angelo THOMAS, MARK PHILIP Fort Worth THOMASON, JOHN ROBERT JR., Houston THOMPSON, KATHRYN ANN. Austin THOMPSON, KENNETH FRANKLIN, Bloomington THORNE. JODY, Grand Prairie TIDMORE, GUY LOUIS. Richardson TILLERSON. RAE ANN, Houston TILLMAN, JOHN DOUGLAS. Albany TIMMONS. MICHAEL DEWAYNE. Pern ton TIPTON, NANCY CAROL. Nacogdoches TORRANCE. CINDY LOU. Houston TRANSIER. WILLIAM LEE. Corpus Christi TREADAWAY. ARTHUR WARD. Tyler TREADWAY, DEBRA LYNN, Del Rio TREJO, RAOUEL, Corpus Christi TREVINO. DAVID SAMUEL. San Antonio TREW. DAN THOMPSON. Canyon TROUSDALE. JAMES ARNOLD. Smithville TROUT. ROBERT LEE JR , Mesquite TUCKER. IVYKATHERINE. Kilgore TUREK, DAVID C.Dallas TURNER. DALE LINDEN. Dallas TYSON, JERRI LOU, Corpus Christi UNDERBRINK, KAY ELLEN. Corpus Christi VACEK. SAMUEL SIDNEY, Houston VALIGURA MICHAEL DAVID, Caldwell VENN, LUCINDA MARIE, Lake Jackson 622 sophomore class noresl class of 1 976 VERMOILEN. RITA FAYE. Seabrook VERNER. DOUGLAS DARRELL, Bethesda, MD VIESCA. GLORIA JEAN. San Antonio VILLEGAS, NOEL EDUARDO. Bolivar. Venezuela VINE, SARA GAIL. Louisville. KY VINGOE. SUSAN ELAINE. Houston VISE. JAMES MICHAEL. Wheeler VITA, PAUL ANTHONY, Houston VOIGT, SHIRLEY DENISE. Bastrop WAGNER. LUCY MARGARET, Corpus Christi WAGNON, DEBORAH LEE. Fort Worth WAHLSTEN, KAREN ANNE. Port Lavaca WALKER, STEPHEN LYNDOL. Richardson WALLACE, CECILIA ANN, San Antonio WALLNER, RICHARD LEE, Houston WALLS, DEBORAH JEAN. Houston WALTON. TONY RAY. Texas City WARD. CYNTHIA LOU, Baytown WARDELL, RONALD B. J. JR., Houston WARE. MICHAEL LOGAN. Fort Worth WARE TERRY LYNN. Austin WARREN. KELLY. Bellaire WASHAM. SUE ELAINE, Kenedy WASHBURN. MARY ELIZABETH. San Antonio IV I WATKINS, SUSAN LEIGH. Dallas WATLER, PAUL CHRISTOPHER. Beaumont WATSON, JAMES FRANCIS, Tulia WATSON, JANE LESLIE. Argyle WAXLER. CONNIE ELAINE. Blanco WEAVER. KEITH CHAPMAN. Houston WEAVER. REEN CANADA. Nacogdoches WEEBER. SANDRA FAYE. Caldwell WEEKLEY. JAN FRANCES. San Benito WEHMEYER. CYNTHIA JEANNE. Austin WEIL, JUDY ANN. Houston WELK. TRUDY EILEEN. Fort Worth WELLMERLING. CYNTHIA ANN. Columbus. OH WELLS. CANDACE LOU. Austin WENDELL, CONSTANCE BALDWIN. Lubbock WESCH. SANDRA KAY. Austin WEST, MARY JANE. Friendswood WHALEN. KELLEY FRANCIS. Baytown WHALEY. MIMI ANNE, Houston WHELESS, JAY FREDRIC. Corpus Christi WHITE, CHERYL JO. Houston WHITE DEL BRADFORD. Rock Springs WHITE. LINDA DIANE, Houston WHITEHURST, DELORES KAY. Austin WHITLEY. CYNTHIA JUNE, Lometa WHITTLE, ROBERT ROY, Corpus Christi WHITTON. JAMES MORTON. Fort Worth WHITWORTH, STEPHEN T., Houston WICHETA, SUSAN ANN, Austin WICKSON. ZOLYNN. Seminole WILEY. DONALD PRESTON. Dallas WILEY. MARY JANE. Gladewater WILKINS. CRAIG ALAN. St. Louis. MO WILKINS. MARY LYNN. Austin WILLIAMS, CURT ALAN, Dallas WILLIAMS, JUDY LYNN, Kerrville WILLIAMS, KENNETH ROBERT, Richardson WILLIAMSON. ELLEN ROSS. Orange WILSON, JAN MARIE. Austin WILSON. PATRICIA CAROLYN Seabrook WILSON. TERESA ANN. Marietta. GA WISDOM, ANN, Austin WISIALOWSKI. SAMUEL THOMAS. Fort Worth WITKOWSKI. VICKI JEAN. Fort Worth WOLF. JANET CLAIRE, Longview WOLF. JULIE SUSAN, Harlingen WOLFF. GARY MICHAEL, Homewood, IL WOLFSON, GEORGE ROBERT, Dallas WOOD, LINDA KAY, Ardmore. OK WOODLEY, DIANNE LOUISE. San Antonio WOODRING CRAIG SCOTT. Marshall WOOTTERS, JEANNE CAROL. Houston WORLEY. THOMAS NEAL. Austin WRIGHT. CLAUDELLA MARIE. Azle WRIGHT. MARY TAYLOR. Nacogdoches WRIGHT. WILLIAM GRAHAM. Austin WROTH. DEBORAH LYNN. Lake Jackson WURZBACH. LINDA SUE, San Antonio WYMAN. KATHRYN ELIZABETH. Beaumont YORK. ROBERT GARNER, Baytown YOUNG. STEVEN ELGIN. Austin YOUNGBLOOD, MICHAEL THOMAS. Richardson ZAPATA, LAURA ANN, Sinton ZELIGSON. DANIEL HENRY, Tulsa. OK ZELIOS. VICKI JILL. Dallas ZGANICH. LORRAINE MARIE. Alia Loma ZIKES. ZANA ANN. Bryan ZILLGITT. SHERRI LYNN. Kilgore ZIMMERMANN. SANDRA KAY. San Antonio ZINN. ELIAS PAUL. Houston ZISKIND. ELLEN, Memphis. TN ZWERNEMANN, STEVEN MARK, Austin - freshmen ABBOTT. STEPHANIE CAROL. Houston ACHOR, CHRISTY. Dallas ACRICHE. CATHERINE JAN, San Antonio ADAMS. JANET LE. Houston ADAMS, JEANETTE. Houston ADCOCK. DEBORAH ANN, Seguin AITKEN, GAIL, Houston AJELLO, JULIE ANN, Houston ALBERS. PATSY CHARLENE, Houston ALDRICH. GUY FRANKLIN III. Austin ALEXANDER. CHARLENE GALE. Fort Worth ALEXANDER, ROBIN JEAN. Eastland ALLEMAN. THOMAS BRADEN, Orange ALLEN, MARY JANE, Austin ALLEN. SHARON LYNN. Corpus Christ! ALLISON. JOHN THOMAS. Dallas ALMGREN, CAROL JEAN, Dallas ALSTON. CAROL LOUISE. Austin ALSTON, LISA ELAINE, Magnolia ALSTON NORMAN RAY Garland ANAWATY. ROBERT BOONE, Bellaire ANDERSON, BETH LYNN Bellaire ANDERSON, PAULA JAN, Fort Worth ANDERSON, STEVEN ROYAL, Victoria ANTHONY, RUSSELL DeWITT. Garland ANTWEIL, BRIAN FREDERICK. Fort Worth APPLEBY, JANE D., Conroe APPLEGATH. THOMAS WILLIAM. Texas City APPLETON, CAROLYN MAE Houston ARBUCKLE. RANDAL PHILIP, Houston ARCINIEGA. YAMILET M . San Antonio ARMBRUSTER. RICHARD WAYNE, Houston ARMITAGE, ANGELA JANE, San Antonio ARRIAGA ISAIASG JR Columbus OH ASHLEY. TIMOTHY HOWARD. Houston ATTAWAY, SUE ELLEN. Aransas Pass AYERS. JAMES EDGAR JR Harlingen BABCOCK, LAUREN DIANNE. Richardson BACON, SYLVIA SUE. Newton BAGGETT, LYNNE ANNE, Fort Worth BAILEY, DEBBIE LEE, San Antonio BAILEY. RHONDA LYNETTE, San Antonio BAILEY. SHAREN ANN, League City BAISH. THERESE IRENE, Corpus Christi BAKKE. OLIVER MATHIAS III, Houston BALCH, EMMET HEZEKIAH. Fort Worth BALDWIN, ROGER LYN, Dallas BANFIELD, CHERIE ANNETTE. Whitesboro BARAJAS. LAURA URSULA, Baytown BARCKLOW, BEVERLY ANN, Corpus Christi BARFIELD JAN MARIE Sugarland BARKER, CLAIRE DENISE, Corpus Christi BARMORE, WILLIAM ROBERT, Pasadena BARNES, GARRY DULANE. Eastland BARNETT, BRENDA KAY Corpus Christi BARRERA, ORLANDO. Del Rio BARRETT, MALCOLM W.JR Orange CA BARRON. EUGENE EARL JR.. Tyler BARRON. EVA LYNN. Irving BARROW, ANN THOMAS Killeen BASH. BEVERLY KAY, Houston BASKIN, JAMES CARROLL, Austin BAUER, CATHY PATRICIA. Houston BEATTY. CAROL CLARK, Richardson BECK. SANDRA LEA, Corpus Christi BELL. KATHLEEN MARIE, Houston BELL. PATSY ANN Dallas BELT. WILLIAM THOMAS, Austin BENARDINO, BRETT ANDREW Conroe BENDER. DOUGLAS ALAN, Port Arthur BENGTSON, SHARON GAYLE. Austin BENNETT. KIM. Austin BERLER, JEFFREY HOWARD. San Antonio BERN. JEFFREY MICHAEL, Montgomery, AL BERNSTEIN, CINDY SUE Houston BERRY, JOHN FREDRICK, Longview BIERMAN. MARY ELIZABETH. San Antonio BIGBY, SUSAN KAY. Fort Worth BIRD, STEVEN RICHARD, Childress BIRTCHET. FRANCES MARY Belton BLACK, SALLY ANN, Austin BLACK, TERRY WAYNE. Lockhart BLACKMON, JOHN PAUL. Friendswood BLAIR. THOMAS GARY Austin BLAKE. KAREN SUZANNE. Houston BLATT, DEBRA ILENE, Dallas BLAZEK. SUSAN MARIE Houston BLITCH. KITZI JANE. Fort Worth BLOTNER. MICHAEL BRUCE. New Orleans, LA BLUESTEIN, LENA KAY. Port Arthur BLUMENTHAL, PAMELA J., Dallas BOMAR. CONSTANCE ANN. Austin BOMMARITO, MARLA THERESA. Austin BOND. TERESA ELIZABETH. Palos Verdes CA BOOKER. ANNETTE LAVERNE Houston BOOKOUT. MENDY C , Austin SOOTHE, KATHLEEN ANN Fort Worth BOREN, HALLIE ANNA. Fort Worth BOSTICK. BETTY BOND. San Antonio BOWDEN. SUSAN TURNER. Austin BOWEN. CHRISTINE RENEE. Dallas BOWLES. CATHERINE ANNE, Dallas BOYD. JOELLEN. Humble BRANNON. CHERYL LYN. Fort Worth BRAWLEY, BRENT ALAN. Garland BREADY, DOUGLAS GERALD. Orange BRINK. EDWIN EMERSON. Coleman BRISCO, REGENELD JON, Sheridan 624 freshman class freshmen freshman class 625 BRISTOW. DENISE JHO, Henderson BROGDON. WILLIAM MARTIN JR.. Weatherford BRONSTEIN, ROCHELLE ANN. Galveslon BROOKS. SUZANNE MARIE, Austin BROOKSHIRE. BURT LYNN, Lutkin BROWN, CANDICE ANN. Dallas BROWN. CHERYL DIANE, Houston BROWN. MICAELA ELIZABETH, El Paso BROWN. NANCY SUE, Austin BROWN. ROBERT EUGENE JR., Houston BROWN, SPENCER NEVILLE JR., Waco BROWN, SUZAN CAMILLE. Austin BROYHILL. DEBORAH CLAIRE, Dallas BRUNO, ROY, Port Arthur BRUSILOW, JENNIE LINDA, Dallas BRUTON, DEBORAH JANE. Tulsa, OK BRYAN, DEBRA ANN, Pecos BUAAS, BRENDA FEROL, Austin BUCHANAN KAREN JEAN, Lewisville BUCHANAN. MARTHA LYNN, Liberty BUCK, EDWARD GUY JR.. Indianapolis. IN BUFFINGTON ALISON GARBER. Houston BULL, STEVEN WAYNE, Texarkana BULLOCK, CINDY LOU. Canyon BUNYAN TERRY LYNNE, Granada Hills, CA BURDETTE. BARBARA. Dallas BURGER. ANTHONY JOSEPH II. Cleburne BURNS, PATRICIA KAYE, Dallas BURRELL, KATHY OLENE. Houston BURTON. CARL LEE. San Antonio BUTHCER. ANNA CATHERINE. Houston BUTLER. CLIFFORD FURLONG. Austin BUTLER. SUSAN ELAINE. Houston BUZBEE. JAMES B.. Mineral Wells BYERLEY. DEBRA LYNN. Lutkin CABANISS. CATHRYN DIANE. Robstown CALDWELL. JAMES WILEY JR.. Houston CALDWELL, MARLENE. Houston CAMPBELL MICHAEL WAYNE, Burleson CANALES. ANTONIO MARIO, McAllen CANALES, EDMUNDO CANTU, San Juan CANNON, KAREN SUE, Carlisle, PA CANTWELL JOHN RICHARD, Fort Worth CAPERTON, TROY ROSS, Stockdale CAPLAN. RICHARD EDWARD, Houston CARDENAS. ANDREW BERNARDO. Cjrpus Christi CARDENAS, CLAUDIO LUIS, Uvalde CARLETON, CHARLES RICHARD. Austin CARLISLE, CHERYL YVETTE, Fort Sheridan, IL CARLSON. RONALD ALLEN. Pasadena CARR CAY CLAIRE. Terrell CARR. EDDY COLBERT JR.. Universal City CARR, MARGARET M., Alexandria, VA CARROLL. LUCIE CLAIRE. San Antonio CARROLL, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Austin CARSON. CAROL ANN, Decatur CARTER. CHARLES MARSHALL. Austin CARTER, JANICE EILEEN. Houston CARTER. JIM ANN. Houston CASART. MARY PATRICIA. El Paso CASEY. TERRI JAY. Hamlin CASSO. RAUL SALVADOR, Laredo CASTLEBERRY. CHARLOTTE ANNE, Dallas CAVE, THOMAS WINSTON Austin CENTENIO. MARY ELIZABETH. Galveston CHAFIN. NANCIE LEIGH Austin CHAJKOWSKI, PEGGY LYNN. Houston CHAMBLESS. SUSAN LYNNE Austin CHAMBLESS. TAMARA KAY, Pampa CHANG. WARREN GORDON. Houston CHAPMAN, CHERI LANELL Dallas CHAPMAN, HAL BRIAN. Uvalde CHAPMAN, SAMMY RAY, Tyler CHASTEEN, CHERYL LYNN. Houston CHAVARRIA. ERNEST M. JR., Corpus Christi CHEEK. ROBERT CLAY, Dallas CHESNEY, JOE KENNETH. Houston CHESTER, MARILYN KAY, Richardson CHILDERS, TERRI ANN. Tyler CHRISTOPHER. MARTHA JO. Houston CLARK. JOANNE ALVA. Cheltenham. PA CLARK. MAXINE ESTHER Galveston CLARK, THOMAS GOIN III, Austin CLAYTON, PAMELA SUSAN. Baytown CLEGG, CATHERINE ANNE. Houston CLEGG. JULIA JOYCE. Houston CLINE. CAROL JANE. Dallas CLINTON, CATHERINE JEAN, Grand Prairie COATS, FRANK RICHARD. Pasadena COBB, DAVID MARK. Pasadena COCKE FIELDING LEWIS. Houston COEL, REBECCA FRANCES, El Paso COKER WILLIAM DONALD. Pittsburg COLEMAN, ANNE WORCESTER. El Paso COLEMAN, MICHAEL ROBERT. Fort Worth COLEMAN STEPHEN LEWIS. San Antonio COLLIER. CAROL ANN, Houston COMPTON. JAMES EDWARD. McCamey CONN. KATHY LYNN. Del Rio CONNELLY, CAROLYN LOUISE. Eden CONRAD, JANIE LOUISE, Clifton CONRADO, ALAN MICHAEL. Austin CONTI RICHARD EUGENE, Arlington COOLEY, MARY SUZANN, Austin COOPER CAROLYN MARIE. Fort Worth COOPER, DEBORAH ANN. Odessa COOPER DONALD LEE JR.. Houston COPE. RICHARD ELLISON, Fort Worth 626 freshman class freshmen class of 1 977 CORDELL MARGARET L Richardson CORNELIUS. ROBERT LEE. Houston COSELLI. MICHAEL POOL. Houston COSPER, JAMES WILLIAM JR., Fort Worth COTNER. DEBORAH MARIE Taylor COULTER. CYNTHIA ANN. Dallas COVINGTON. FRANK WILLIAM Austin COVINGTON. TERRIE LYNN. Houston COWAN. WILLIAM TROY JR.. League City COX, ANNE LYNN, Houston COX. MICHAEL RAY. Laredo COX. NANCY GAIL Austin COY. KENDRA JOANN. Houston CRADDOCK. DANIEL KILBOURNE. Houston CRADDOCK. JOHN WALTON JR Houston CRAIG. AUDREY ELLEN. Midland CRAIG. CAROLYN LYLE. Beaumont CRAIG. JOHN MILO. Houston CRANDELL, JAYNE ROCHELLE, Omaha NB CRAPITTO. LOUISE MARIE. Houston CRAVENS. GEORGE F.. Fort Worth CRAWFORD. CHARLES G . Lake Jackson CRAWFORD. JANET SUSAN Alvin CRAWFORD, JOHN HAYDEN. Corsicana CRAWFORD. KEITH JOSEPH Austin CREIGHTON. JANNA LYNN, Conroe CRIM. KATHRYN ELIZABETH. Beaumont CRISWELL, CAROL LEIGH. Houston CRONE. WILLIAM KENNEDY. Belton CROOKS, BELINDA GAIL. Austin CROWNOVER. GAIL ANN, Dallas CROWSON. PEGGY KAY Denton CROZIER, JEFFREY LEE. Austin CRUTCHFIELD. SALLY DALZELL. McAllen CUELLAR. HOPE FERNANDEZ, Hondo CUNNINGHAM. LINDA. Fort Worth CUNNINGHAM. PATRICIA WYNN, Houston CURTIS. ROBERT WEBSTER. Corpus Christi DAGEN. BETHANY JOYCE. Laredo DANIEL. JAMES DONALD. Houston DARBY. DARLYN. Mount Pleasant DARVIN, KAREN LYNN. Richardson DAVIDSON, DANIEL BRYAN, Marshall DAVIDSON. DONEL LEE. Dallas DAVILA. NYRA DANIELLE. Austin DAVIS. LANCE HARRISON. Houston DAVIS, LESLIE JEAN, Corpus Christi DAVIS. LISA MARIE, San Antonio DAVIS. ROBERT ALAN. Ardmore, OK DAWKINS. MARY ELLEN. Houston DAY, ELIZABETH ANN. Austin DEAN, VICKI LYNN, San Antonio DEBUS. DONNA LYNN. Taylor DeCELLES. BARBETTE MARIE. San Antonio DECKARD. LARRY ARTHUR Dallas DEETJEN. ALAN CHARLES, Nassau Bay DeFRATUS, GEORGE DOUGLAS. Sealy DeLaGARZA, LUIS ALBERTO. Eagle Pass DELANO, ROCKY DEAN, Corpus Christi DeMOSS, TIMOTHY WAYNE. Waxahachie DEMPSEY. PAMELA. Angleton DENISON. JOHN THOMAS. Orange DENN. BRIAN ALAN. Bay City DENNIS, ROBIN ROSEMARY. Austin DENNY, ELIZABETH FOSTER, Houston DETTY. JAMES WILLIAM. Houston DEZONIA TERRY ALAN Dallas DIAMOND, KIMBERLEYSUE. Conroe DIESTE, MARIANA CHRISTINE Marshall DILLON. DAN MICHAEL, Temple DINEEN, ERIC JORDAN. Dallas DINGES. MARK GAYLAND. Houston DINGLER, JAMES ROBERT. Longview DIRKS, LAURA ELIZABETH. Tuleta DOBBINS, DEBORAH ANNE. Corpus Christi DOBSON, DOUGLAS RANDALL, Corpus Christi DOCHEN. EDITH DIANE. Austin DOMINGUEZ. ERNESTO JESUS. Hondo DONAHUE. TOMMY LEE, Wharton DONALDSON. RENEE GAY, Austin DOORES. STEVEN ALLEN. Irving DORGAN. MAURA JEAN Princeton NJ DOUBLEDAY. CHARLES WILLIAM. Houston DOUGLAS. BERYL ANNETTE, San Antonio DOUGLAS. DAVID LYNN. Abilene DOUTHIT. DeANN. Houston DOVER. CAROLYN LEE. Beaumont DOWDY. DANIEL ANDREW. Dallas DOWNER. TERESA JEANNE Austin DOWNEY. VANESSA FRANCES. San Antonio DRAKE, NANCY MARIE. Fort Worth DREYER. SHERLENE ANNETTE, Shiner DRUEPPLE. DEBRA LEE. San Antonio DRUMMOND. ANN TRACY. Houston DUBE, NANCY JANE Rosenberg DUBOIS, ELISA HILDEE. Houston DUECKER, SIRI LYNN. Austin DUFF, WILLIAM B.. Odessa DUNCAN. HOLLIS LEE, San Antonio DUNCAN, JOHN HOUSE JR.. Houston DUNN. RANDALL CLIFFORD. Austin DUNNAGAN. STEVEN ALAN. Amarillo DURAN, BOBBI JANE. Alvin EAKIN. DAVID LANCE, Fort Worth EARNGEY MARTHA ANN Fort Worth EASTERLING. DANNY KARL. Houston ECHOLS. BRUCE ALAN, Kilgore EDELMAN. RICHARD HENRY. Baton Rouge. LA treshman class 627 freshmen EDWARDS. CHERYL L. T ., Dickinson EDWARDS. JO ELIZABETH, Dallas ENRICH, LISAMICHELE. Clacksdale. MS EICHLER. EDWARD ARMAND JR.. Houston ELIZALDE, THELMA, Elsa ELLEDGE, RICHARD M., Fort Worth ELLIOTT, BRETT LINDSAY, Houston ELLIS, DELLENE, Houston ELSTON, CYNTHIA DIANE, Houston ENG. PHILIP. Houston ENGELS, DENISE ANN. Corpus Christ! ENGLISH, MONTGOMERY JACK, Corpus Cnristi EPPERSON. DAVID KENT Alvin EPSTEIN. ROBERT ANDREW, Bay City ERICKSON. WENDY LEE, San Antonio ERSKINE, WILLIAM ANDREW, Alvin ERWIN. HENRY BLAKE. Houston ESCOBAR. RUBY E , Fort Stockton ESPINOSA. SYLVIA JEAN. San Antonio ESSARY, BETH ANN. St Louis. MO EVANS. CYNTHIA DAWN. Houston EVANS, JOANNA. Silsbee EVENSKY JEFFREY MARTIN, Memphis. TN FAERBER. JO ANNE. Houston FARB SUSAN RENEE. Houston FAULKNER. BRUCE CAMPBfcLL. Pecos FEDERICI. CARRIE B., Chillicothe. OH FEEMSTER. WILLIAM CARLTON, Corpus Chnsti FELCMAN, LEAH MARIE. Houston FELDMAN BRADLEY MILES Dallas FELDMAN. SAM RICHARD, Harlmgen FENNER LIZBETH SUSAN. Houston FERGUSON. DONNA CHRISTINE, Abilene FERNANDEZ RAMON JR, Harlmgen FERNBACH. SUSAN DEE. Houston FEUILLE, JANE LEE, El Paso FILIP, GLENN ALLISON, Houston FINNEGAN. MARTHA SCOTT, Houston FIORELLI, DIANE, Dallas FISHER GLORIA ANN, Marshall FLECK. WARREN CHRISTOPHER. Houston FLIPPIN BENJAMIN DUANE Dallas FLOODBERG. JOANNE ELIZABETH. El Paso FLOURNOY, HELEN RUTH, Alice FLY, STERLING HARPER III. Uvalde FOLK. DAVID SHELL. Houston FOLSE PAUL GABRIEL, Austin FOOTE. JAMES ROBERT, Gatesville FORD, BEBE CAROLYN, Houston FOREMAN, THOMAS ALAN, Houston FORSYTH. LEAH ANNE, Dickinson FOSTER, VANESSA JANE, Houston FOWLER, LISA JAYN. Childress FOX. DAVID ALBERT, Dallas FRANCIS. ROBERT NEAL, Fort Worth FRANKS, RITA LYNN, Pasadena FRANZ STEPHANIE JO Austin FRANZEL, ROBIN ELLIS. Austin FREE. GALE LaVERNE. Austin FREEDMAN. STEVEN JAY. Dallas FREELAND, KELLY JAYNE McAllen FREEMAN. GAIL CAROL, Fort Worth FREEMAN, KATHY LYNNE, Temple FREEMAN. MARGARET LYNN, Houston FRENCH. SAMUEL CARLTON, Austin FRIEDRICH, RICHARD LOGAN. Austin FRIEND. SHELLEY ANNE, Liberty FRUMKIN. MORRIS DAVID. Houston FUENTES. JOSE REYES. Corpus Christi FULKERSON, DEREK JOSEPH. Birmingham. Ml FULLER, SUSAN RAE. Rockledge FULTON, ROBERT DOUGLAS, Dallas GAINSBURGH AMY BETH New Orleans LA GALL, CATHERINE, Dallas GALLMAN KATHY JO Pampa GAMEZ, THOMAS, Fort Worth GANGLUFF, LAURA ANN, Baytown GANZER, DONNA ALENE. Houston GARCIA SANDRA Austin GARCIA, SERGIO. McAllen GARDNER, CARL SCOTT. Houston GARDNER ELAINE Waco GARDNER. GARY RALPH. Bryan GARRETT. ANN MILSTREY, Houston GARRISON PAMELA JO Hereford GARROTT. SUSAN KATHLEEN. Darren, CT GARVEY HELEN MARIE Houston GARZA, JOSE, Alamo CASPAR ALEXANDER JACOB McCamey GATLIN, BARBARA JEAN, Liberty GELFO, DEBORAH LYNN. Houston GENITEMPO. JOSEPH GREGORY, Houston GENTRY GENE GHOLSON. Devine GESELL MARYKATHRYN Midland GIBBS, HARRY FELTON, Dallas GIBSON, SUE DALE. Houston GILL, KEVIN, Abilene CILLER RACHEL ANN, Dallas GILLESPIE. KATHY LYN. Port Arthur GILLESPIE. RAY COOKE. Temple GILMORE. CAROL SUE. San Antonio GILMORE MARILYN JANE Silsbee GLADDEN. LINDA SUE. Victoria GLASS CAROL ANN, San Antonio GLAZER. GARY MARTIN. Anderson, IN GLAZER, RICHARD LOUIS Fort Worth GOERTZ, ROLAND ADOLPH, Rosanky GOFF, JOHN COLLINS, Lake Jackson 628 freshman class class of 1 977 $$ If JIM GOLDBERG. ALAN MYER Dallas GOLDFARB, BEN ALLEN, Dallas GOMILLION. DOUGLAS MAIER. San Antonio GONZALEZ, ROBERT WILLIAM. Galveston GOODE. GEORGE IRWIN, San Antonio GOODFRIEND, PATRICIA, Dallas GOODHEART. MARK CHARLES Houston GOODMAN. ROBERT GREGORY, Houston GOODWIN, CHARLES GUY III. Wichita Falls GOODWIN, SYLVIA LULA, Houston GORDON. PAUL KAMSLER, Houston GORE. LOUIS CALVIN. Waco GOTTESMAN. MARCIA SUE, New Orleans LA GOULD, JOHN ALBERT. Austin GRADY. KATHRYN ANN, Fort Worth GRAF. ARTHUR FREDERICK III, San Antonio GRAHAM. ANNA MARIE. Houston GRAHAM. CECILIA LOUISE. Houston GRAHAM. LISA ANN, Richardson GRAHAM RENEE AUDREY Texas City GRANOFF. SUSAN DENISE. Austin GRANT. PETER HARRISON, Houston GRAY, STEPHEN LEWIS. Tatum GREEN. DONNA FRANCES. Houston GREEN, KEITH WAYNE, Brownsville GREEN, MIRASUE, Austin GREENBERG. ELENA RACHEL. Houston GREENMAN. SHELLEY LYNN. Houston GREER, CAROL ANNE. Bellaire GRIFFIN. BARBARA LOUISE, Harlingen GRIFFIN JAMES MICHAEL San Antonio GRIFFIN, KENNETH WAYNE Iowa Park GRIFFITH, JAMES WILLIAM JR.. Dallas GRIGASSY, JOAN MARTHA Houston GRIMES. JAMES RANDALL. Houston GRIMES. LISA ILEENE, Austin GRIMM, MICHAEL KENNETH Meridian GROSS. DAVID BRYAN. Conroe GRUBE. KARL THEODORE Plainville MA GUARINO. DAVID SAM, Austin GUDINAS, CHERI JO. Austin GUERRERO. JOE III. Corpus Christi GUSTAFSON. CAROLYN RUTH. Austin GUY. MARK GREGORY. Dallas HAGAN. PAMELA BRIDGET. Austin HAGENS. DEBRAGAIL. Yoakum HAGGARD, LISALYNNE. Fort Worth HAHN, DEBORAH ELIZABETH. Freer HAKES. PAMELA ANN. El Paso HALE. STEVEN DUNCAN. Floydada HALEY. GREGORY KEITH. Johnson City HALL, KATHYLEE, Houston HALL. KELLY ANN, West Columbia HALL. SCOTT MAURICE. Dickinson HALLEMANN LYNN DENISE Alice HALOW. RENEE E., El Paso HAM. NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston HAMILL. MARTHA DIANE Houston HAMILTON. KEITH LEE. Houston HAMILTON, SALLY ANN Harlingen HAMILTON, SUSAN GAY. San Antonio HAMMOND, BEVERLY E . Houston HAMMOND. ELEANOR ELIZABETH, Graham HAMPTON. CHERYL KAY, Houston HANKS. HOPE CAMERON Austin HANKS. TERRY LEE. Houston HANSON. GREGORY WAYNE. San Antonio HANSON, SYLVIA ANN. Kemah HARDIN. JOHN BROWN III Vernon HARGRAVES. DIANNE, Beaumont HARGROVE. WILLIAM VIRGIL Palo Alto CA HARPER. STEPHEN CARROLL. Dallas HARRINGTON. KATHLEEN HANRY. Houston HARRIS, DAVID REEVES Dallas HARRIS. EDWARD CLAY JR.. Denison HARRIS JOHN HEISIG Houston HARRIS. LEE ANN. Leander HARRIS MARCIA LYNN San Antonio HARRIS, SUSAN AILEEN, Dallas HARRISON. JOHN DAVID. Longview HARRISON, JOHN MICHAEL. Amarillo HARRISON. PATRICIA SUE. Temple HART. DWIGHT DAVID. Davenport. IA HART, ELINOR VIRGINIA Marshall HARTMAN, DAVID JAMES, Midland HARTMAN ROBIN ANNE San Antonio HARVILL. PATRICK MARSHALL. Conroe HARWOOD. SHERRY HELEEN, Houston HATMAN. CURTIS LEE. Portland HAUFT, SHERRIE MARIE. Corpus Christi HAUK, MARILYN KAYE. Cameron HAUSER, LAWRENCE ALLAN, Houston HAUSER. SUSAN. Houston HAVENS. MARY DYSLE. Houston HAVERKORN. GARY WAYNE, Houston HAYS, DARYL ALAN. Austin HEARIN, LARRY GENE. Liberty HECHTMAN. ABBY PHIL. Dallas HELLEY, DONN W.. El Paso HELLMAN BARBARA ANN Dallas HELMBRECHT. WILLIAM CHRISTIAN. Dallas HELMS. BRENT ALAN Oklahoma City OK HEMPFLING. MELONY GAY, Austin HENDERSON, TRACY TAYLOR. Humble HENGST. ROBERT ATLAN, Austin HENRICKS. SUSAN, Irving HENRY. JOHN EDWARD. Houston HENRY, KEENAN DIRK. Lampasas freshman class 629 freshmen class HENSEN. CHARLES CLAUDE. Houston HERBICH. BARBARA KATHLEEN Bryan HERMONAT, DAVID PAUL, Dallas HERNANDEZ, SYLVIAONTIVEROS. McNeil HICHENS. LORRAINE EILEEN, Houston HICKOK, LINDA EILEEN, Houston HIGDON, RODNEY BURT Austin HIGHTOWER, LYNANN MARIE. Houston HIGHTOWER. RANDALL SCOT, Conroe HILL. CYNTHIA ANNE. Poteet HILL, JAN ALICE, Austin HILLNER, JOSEPH JOHN III, San Antonio HILSHER. JEFFREY WAYNE, Hondo HINCKLEY, WILLIAM RODGER, Houston HINGER. CHARLES FREDERICK, San Antonio HINK, KAREN KAY Houston HOFFMAN, KATHERINE MARIE, Dallas HOFFMAN, MYRON DAVID. Navasota HOFFMAN, WILLIAM KLETTUS III, Houston HOGAN. MARY CATHERINE. Houston HOGUE. MICHAEL E . Austin HOLCOMB SUSAN LYNN. Tyler HOLDITCH, TERRY LYNN. Paris HOLLINGSWORTH, WILLIAM EDWARD. Austin HOLMES. ANNE. Kerrville HOLMES, LOU ANN, Lulkin HOLT. MARY ELLEN. Fort Worth HOLUB. SANDRA MARIE. Bay City HOOD, KAREN ANN, San Antonio HOOD. LU ANN. Odessa HOOPER. RUSSELL ALLEN, Pasadena HOOVER. CLYDE WILLIAM JR.. Battle Creek, Ml HOPPER, LINDA SUE. Houston HORNBERGER, CHARLES M . Laredo HORNE. RONALD DEE, Fort Worth HOUCK, JOAN MARIE. Houston HOUSTON, CHARLES VICTOR, Dallas HOUSTON. DEBRA NELL, Clute HOWARD. BENJAMIN RYDER, Warner Robins, GA HOWARD, MARK MABRY. Midland HOWLAND. WILLIAM CHARLES III. Austin HUDDLE, SUSAN JOY. Austin HUDDLESTON, LINDA BETH. Houston HUDGINS. LISA KAY. Fort Worth HUDSON. JOHN OTIS. Orange HUDSON. NANCY, New Orleans. LA HUEBNER, GARY WAYNE. Harlingen HUFFMAN. AMY DOWNEY. Conroe HUNTINGTON. GEORGIE N,. Rosenberg HUSSEY. JAMES JOSEPH III. Houston HUTCHINSON, CLAUDIA LENORA Fort Worth INGERSOLL. CHRISTIE LEE, Dallas INTRATER, JANET IRIS Shawnee Mission KS JACKSON. CLYDE JAMES III, Corpus Christ! JACKSON, JAMES ALLEN. Port Arthur JACKSON, RICHARD CAMPBELL. Dallas JACKSON, RICHARD HIRAM. San Antonio JACKSON WILLIAM RODNEY Brady JAMES. NANCY HOPE. Fort Worth JAMESON, DEBORAH JANE. Houston JANSE, HELEN BERNICE, Houston JANSEN. YVONNE CAROL. Taylor JARAMILLO. DIANA D,, Corpus Christi JARZOM8EK. STANLEY JOE JR., Mission JASTER, CATHY EUGENIA Giddings JENKINS. SUSAN DAYTON. Houston JENNINGS. GAYLA Graham JENNINGS. JUNE. Fort Worth JENNINGS. RANDY EUGENE Austin JETT. SABRINA E., Portland JIMENEZ, ROLANDO, Eagle Pass JINKS, LARRY ALAN, Grand Prairie JOHNS. JOHN WHEELER, Pittsburg JOHNSON, DEBORAH GRACE, Dallas JOHNSON, DEBRA RUE Austin JOHNSON, GEORGE SCOTT, Winchester VA JOHNSON, JULIA, Wichita Falls JOHNSON, KAREN SUE. Galveston JOHNSON, KATHLEEN ANN Houston JOHNSON. NELS BENT. Dallas JOHNSON. SAMMY JOE. Austin JOHNSON. SCOn EMIL, Houston JOHNSON. SUSAN ELAINE. Corpus Christi JOHNSTON. JULIA LYNN. Houston JOHNSTON, MARGARET LOUISE, Fort Worth JONES. BRYAN LEE. Hico JONES. JAMES CHRISTOPHER. Houston JONES. JAMES FREDERICK JR., Atlanta, GA JONES, ROBERT FRED JR. Norman OK JONES. SUSIE KAY, Llano JONES, VICKI VAUGHN. San Antonio JORDAN. KATHERINE ANNE Tyler JORDAN, LISA NELL. Glen Ellyn, IL JOURNEAY. NANCY CATHERINE. Austin JULIAN. GARY DON Austin JUNG. JAMES KEITH. Lake Jackson JURCZYN, BARBARA JO San Antonio KADELL, KATHLEEN ANNE. Houston KADROVACH, CONNIE JEAN. Houston KALIN, DEBRA ANN. Kansas City MO KANE. LAURIE DONNA. Dallas KANTER, SHELLY SUE. Austin KASEMSAWAT PONGTIP Bangkok Thailand KASPAR. MICHAEL JOSEPH. Taylor KAUFMAN. PHYLLIS MICHELLE Houston KAYSER. BRADLEY BASCH. Mobile. AL KEENAN. DANIEL BENNETT Houston KEETON. ROBERTA JEAN, Houston 630 freshman class class of 1977 1 1 m r KELLEY. JULIA ANN. Graham KELTING. PAUL DOUGLAS. Houston KEMP. DONNA EVELYN. Austin KENDRICK. SUE ANN, Waco KENNEDY. GEORGE LEON, Texarkana KENNEDY. KAREN JEAN. Houston KENNEDY. RICHARD THOMAS. Pasadena KERBOW, SALLY ANN. Houston KERSHNER, DENISE, Austin KESSLER. TRAVIS NEAL. Del Rio KINARD. KELLY GRAHAM. Abilene KING JANET CORNELIA. Austin KINNEY. BARBARA SUZANNE. Conroe KIPP CYNTHIA GAIL, Austin KIRBY. DANA ANN. Lometa KIRBY KATHLEEN MARIE, Houston KIRKLIN. WILLIAM STEPHEN. Austin KIRKPATRICK. JAMES ROBERT. LaMarque KIRKPATRICK. JEB ROGER. Dallas KIRKSEY, LOCKIE SUE, Austin KITOWSKI, GAIL MARIE, Houston KLEYPAS, GERALYN KAY. Dickinson KLIGMAN RHONDA HELENE, Houston KLINGINSMITH. GREGORY ELLIS. San Antonio KLINKSIEK, SYLVIA ANN. Fredericksburg KNEUPPER. CHRISTIAN DAVID. Wetmore KNUE. MERRY LUSCAINE. Austin KOBER. KARILYN EVE. Waterloo. IA KOCH. RHONDA DENISE. Arlington KOKAS. ROSE KATHERINE. Houston KONCEWICZ, ANNA HELEN, Dallas KONVICKA. LINDA MARIE. Austin KRAHL. ELLEN LOUISE. Houston KRAL. JEANETTE EDITH. Corsicana KREMPEL. MARIVIV, San Antonio KRIVCHER. RICHARD R . Memphis. TN KRIZOV. CLAIR ELIZABETH. Austin KROST. MICHAEL DAVID. Houst on KRUEGER, BEN ROBERDS. Lubbock KRUEGER. ELIZABETH SARAH, Pasadena KRUMHOLZ. PEARL YNNE, Bay City KRUTE. SUSAN DIANE. Houston KUBALA. STEPHANIE JEAN, Austin KUDELA. JULIA JOANNE. Austin KUHLMAN. BLAKE ALLAN. Beaumont KURTZ. DAVID MARCUS. Dallas KURZAWA FRANK THOMAS Arlington KUSENBERGER. ANNETTE GAIL. Fredericksburg KYLE. DEBORAH LEE. Huntsvilte LAFOSSE. GAIL ANN. Baytown LAGRONE. MICHELE. Austin LANCASTER DEBORAH JANE. San Antonio LANDE. MARLA ALENE, Birmingham. AL LANE. BARRY KENT. Dallas LANE. ROBERT ROY. Dallas LANGHOLZ, GILBERT C. JR.. San Antonio LASOF. LEE CHARLES. Bellaire LAUBER SUSAN LYNN. Richardson LAUTEN, SUZAN KAY. Dallas LAWRENCE. BRIAN JAMES. Austin LAWSON. CYNTHIA FA YE, Austin LAY MARY CATHERINE Houston LEA. STEVEN GERARD, Houston LEE. DONALD WEI. Houston LEE TIMOTHY DE. Kansas City, MO LEECH, PATRICIA JANE. Austin LEHMUSUIRTA. LINDA LYNN. Dallas LEMON, DEBORAH L ORD. Houston LENZ ALAN STEPHEN, San Antonio LEONARD. MICHAEL MARTIN, Harlingen LEOS. EUNICE. San Antonio LeROUX. PHILLIP EDMOND. Argyle LESHIKAR MICHAEL JAMES. Taylor LESLIE. LANCE LAMAR. Garland LEVELL EDWARD FRANK. Dallas LEVEY, SUSAN CAROL, Richmond LEVINE LESLIE MOSHELL. Harlingen LEVINE. ROBERT LLOYD, Corpus Christi LEWIS, BARBARA JANE. Houston LEWIS CLARENCE WAYNE. Dallas LEWIS. DIANA LYNN. Tomball LEWIS. FELICE NORENE. Houston LEWIS. KATHRYN JOYCE, Waterville. ME LEWIS. LESLIE DAVID. Dallas LICHERELLI. GARY JOHN. Weslaco LINEBACK. CAROL ANN. Austin LINN. JAMES PAUL II, Oklahoma City. OK LIPKIN. SONDRA ANN. Dallas LIPSCOMB. BARBARA JANE. Pasadena LIPSKY, JENIECE ELLEN. Shawnee Mission. KS LISKA PAMELA KATHERINE, Karnes City LITTLE. NANCY, Kenner. LA LIVELY JAMES KEETON. Dallas LIVINGSTON. JACK EDWARD JR.. Austin LOCKETT HUDSON COLEMAN III. Dallas LODOWSKI, JOHN WILLIAM. Dallas LOGHRY SUSAN LYNNE Rockport LOHR. BETH CHRISTINE. Garland LONG. DONALD CHARLES. Brownvrood LONG. GERALD LEE II. Frankturt. Germany LONG. LINDSEY PATRICIA. Fort Worth LONG. SUSANNE. Decatur LONGINO. GREGORY LLOYD. Corsicana LONGMIRE. TEREASA EARLEEN. Conroe LOPEZ JULIAN TREVINO, Uvalde LOPEZ RUDY. Houston LOVELL. JESSALU GARNA. Dallas LOVEN. PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio treshman class 631 freshmen class 1 LOVETTE, VICTORIA PAL, Bowie LOZANO, PATRICIAS Fallurrias LOZANO, YOLANDA DEE, San Antonio LUCAS, RICHARD MARTIN, Berclair LUDWIG. JANIS KAY, San Antonio LUEDECKE. NEWTON ARTHUR JR., Austin LUNDGREN, CARL WARREN Manor LUNDOUIST, CHERI DAWN, Garwood LUTZ, CYNTHIA DAWNN, Midland LYON, VICKI JO, Dallas MACK, GREGORY ROBERT, Austin MACKIE, JOAN CAROL San Antonio MACOW, JOANNE CHRISTINE, Houston MacRAE, MARY CHRISTINE San Antonio MAGILL, ALBERT EVERETT, Houston MAGLIOLO, JOSEPH III, Houston MAHAFFEY LORRAINE Houston MAHER. KARL THOMAS, Texarkana MAHON, LEANNE Jacksonville MAHRER, WILLIAM L, Greenville MAINES. LOUIS BROOKS, Rosenberg MAJORS SUZANNE FRANCES San Antonio MALDONADO, ALMA LETICIA, San Antonio MALLINI, CHARLES JOSEPH, Galveston MALONE, JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH, Dallas MANCHACA. BEVERLY EILEEN. Sour Lake MANN, CHARLES TIMOTHY, Fort Worth MANN, DOUGLAS EDWARD, Houston MANNING, SHARI KAY, Fort Worth MAPES, MICHAEL CADETT, Houston MARKOW, MARSHA LYNN, Rockport MARKWARD, CHARLES EDWARD, Dallas MARSH, DON WESLEY, Burleson MARTELL. EILEEN BETH, Yonkers, NY MARTER. NANCY LOU. Houston MARTIN, DIANE SUE, Dallas MARTIN, JAMES ALAN, Wichita Falls MARTIN, ROBERT G Angleton MARTINEZ. SARA ALICIA, Laredo MASON SHEREELYNN Nanuet NY MASSEY, MARYKAY, Fort Worth MATCEK, GEORGE WILSON, Houston MATTHEWS, GREGORY DALE, Baytown MAUCH PETER DAVID Houston MAUK, MARY LOUISE, Dallas MAURER, LINDA MARIE, Austin MAURY, CAROL AUGUSTA, Houston MAXWELL. NANCY, Corsicana MAY PATRICIA ANN Fort Worth MAYER, STEVEN ALLEN. Austin MAYFIELD. WENDY LYNN. Dallas MAYS, PAUL FRANCIS, Dallas McATEE, MEREDITH ANN, San Antonio McBRIDE, MARILYNN, Dickinson McCAMMON, CATHERINE ANN, Marble Falls MCCARTY DIANA JEANNE Irving McCAULEY, KATHLEEN ANN, Houston McCAULEY. ROBIN Houston McCLASKEY, EVITA SUZANNE, Goliad McCLAUGHERTY, KATHLEEN, San Antonio McCLENDON, TRAVIS CARL, Austin McCLINTOCK. MELINDA KAY, Beeville McCORMACK, DANIEL W.. Houston McCOY, MICHAEL WAYNE. Port Arthur McCULLOH, BEN ALBERT Brady McCULLOUGH, CHERYL LANE, Gonzales McCULLOUGH, JAMES HOWARD Ridge McCULLOUGH, SHERRY R.. Irving MCDONALD, ELIZABETH LARKIN Austin MCDONALD, MOLLY B., corpus christi McFADDEN, DEBORAH LYNN. Fort Worth McFARLAND. DAVID PHILIP, Belton McFARLAND. MICHAEL ALLEN Pleasanton McGAUGH, SUSAN CAROL, Houston McGINLEY. LINDSEY JO, Hurst McGONIGLE, CATHERINE ANN, Houston McGOUGH, RICHARD LEE, Emmet, AR McGOVERN, JOHN WILLIAM, Houston MclLHANY. JULIANA, San Antonio McKEE, PATRICIA ANN Fort Worth McKELVEY, DONNA LYNN, San Antonio McKIE, JULIA KATHRYN, Austin McKINLEY, MELANIE LORA, Pearsall McLANDON. DEBERAH LYNN, Texas City MCLAUGHLIN. ALFRED JOSEPH, Austin McLELLAN, LOUIS DANIEL. New Braunfels McLELLAN. THOMAS JACK, Arlington McLEMORE, DENISE, Irving McMAHAN, ELIZABETH J.. Lometa McMICHAEL, JAMES WAYNE, Austin McMILLON, STEVEN LEE, DeKalb McMULLEN, JULIE ANN, Houston McNAIR. LEAH. Corpus Christi McNEALY KATHERINE C, El Paso MEANS, GERRY ANN, Denison MECHLER. DIANA KATHERINE. Houston MEEK. PAULA MARIE, Big Spring MEISLER. PAUL STEVEN. Houston MELANSON. RACHEL LYNN, Bellaire MERCER, KRISTIN. Nocona MEYER. DIANA RACHEL, New Orleans, LA MEYER. GREGORY LYNN, Skellytown MEYER MARK EDWARD Schulenburg MEYER, SHARON ANN, Hondo MEYERSON MICHAEL HARRIS San Antonio MEZNARICH, DAVID EDWARD, San Antonio MEZZETTI, CLAIRE LOUISE, San Antonio MICHELETTI. ROBERT PAUL, Galveston 632 treshman class class of 1 977 MICHELS. KIMBERLY ANN. Pleasanton MILLER. JULIE, Houston MILLER, MARSHA, Houston MILLER, NICKY JAMES. Dallas MILLER. SOPHIA LOUISA, Austin MILLER SHERALYN O ' HARA. Dallas MILLIKIN. JAMES RICHARD JR.. Beeville MILLS. NANCY GAIL. Fort Worth MINNIS, LINDA KAY, Richardson MINOR. KATHY ELLEN. Austin MISNER, MICHAEL RICHARD. San Antonio MITCHELL, MARY REBECCA. Dallas MITCHELL. TERRY EUGENE, Fort Stockton MITCHELL. WILLIAM CLARK, Dallas MOELLER, DONNA LOU. Austin MONAHAN. JAMES PATRICK. Fort Worth MOODY, LINDA GEAN. Lamesa MOORE, ANN ELIZABETH. Longview MOORE. DANA SUSAN. Amarillo MOORE. NANCI ALLEYN, San Antonio MOORE. PAUL STEPHEN. Austin MOORE, THERESA AGNES, Houston MORENO. SANDRA RUTH, Brownsville MORGAN. CHARLES LEWALLING III. Midland MORGAN. MARK LLOYD. Andrews MORGAN, MARY KATHERINE. Austin MORGAN. SUSAN ANDREWS. Fort Worth MORRIS. AMY LOUISE. Rockdale MORRIS, KATHRYN ELAINE, Alice MORRIS. LINDA LOUISE. Dallas MORRISON, CYNTHIA LEE, Corpus Christi MORRISON GARY ALAN, Abilene MORTON. RICHARD KELLOGG, Conroe MOSS MARION JANE, Houston MOSSBERG. VIRGINIA MARIE. Austin MOSSMAN, TIMOTHY RALPH. Leander MOTT, GLENNA GAY. Houston MUHLEMAN, RICHARD CRAIG. Houston MULCIHY. CASEY THOMAS. Freeport MULLINS BARRY RAY. Fort Worth MUNCEY, THOMAS ALLEN. Houston MUNCY. BRENDA ANNE. Garland MUNIR, PATRICIA SUE, Euless MUNTZ. DEBRA KAY. Tyler MURDOCH, MARIE ANN. Fort Hood MURDOCK. GREGORY STEPHEN. Houston MURPHY. JANICE CAROL. Houston MURRAY, NANCY JEANNE, Greenville MYERS, JOHN HARRY, Dallas MYERS, RALPH GENE, Grand Prairie MYRICK JANA DEE, McCamey NAKFOOR. KAREN MARIE. Houston NAUGHTON. JOAN MARIE, Houston NAWROCKI. LYNN BARBARA. Houston NEAL. DEBORAH LYNN, Waco NEITSCH, CYNTHIA DIANA, Austin NELSON, ALEXANDER D. III. Comfort NELSON, VICKI LYNN, Greenville NEY, JUDITH RAE, Beaumont NICHOLSON. WILLIAM HENRY. Cumberland, MD NIEMANN. LINDA LEE Austin NOACK. CARLA LOUISE, Austin NOBLES. SHERRIE JEAN, Houston NOLAND, MARY ANN. San Antonio NOWELL. STEVEN HUNTER, Fort Worth NUNEZ, GONZALO FRANCISCO. Rockaway. NJ O ' BANNION. MARGARET JEAN. Houston O ' BRIEN. WILLIAM JOSEPH. Nassau Bay ODENSKY. MICHAEL WAYNE. Houston OJEDA. RICHARD PAUL. San Antonio OKSNER. LESLYE RAE, Dallas OLANDER, MARIBETH, Houston OLES CHARLES PATRICK, Amarillo OLIVEIRA, RENE ORLANDO. Brownsville OLIVER. JANE MARIE. Dallas OLIVER. SARAH ANN. Groesbeck OLIVER. WILLIAM RICHARD, Junction ORLER, KAREN GRATIA, Houston ORSAG, CYNTHIA SUZANNE, Giddings OSBORN. LISA CAROL. Houston OSSA, LUIS ENRIQUE. San Jose. Costa Rica OSWALD. JANICE GAIL, Houston OTT, KENNETH TATE. Houston OWEN, DAVID MICHAEL, Houston OWEN. EARL RICHEY JR.. Rockwall OWEN. STEVEN ALAN. Fort Worth OWENS. ROBERT LEE. Corpus Christi PAAPE. CATHERINE ANN, Houston PACIOTTI. CATHERINEC., Corpus Christi PACK, CATHERINE ANN. Pasadena PACK. LOUIS DOUGLAS. Prairie Village, KS PADGETT. PAMELA CHANN. Alexandria. VA PALMER. DEBORAH LYNNE. San Antonio PALMER, SHARON ANNETTE. San Antonio PARKER. JANE LYNN. Port Arthur PARKER, RUSSELL BRUCE. Comanche PARKER. SUSAN SYRISSE. Missouri City PARMA. MICHAEL JOSEPH, San Antonio PARNELL. JOAN WADE. Houston PARSLEY. SHARON STRAKE. Houston PARSONS. BETTY SUSAN. Georgetown PATTERSON. ELLEN JEAN. Houston PATTON. ELIZABETH MARIE. Baytown PAULL. ANDREA. Hammonton, NJ PEARSON GARY PINKNEY, Houston PECHAL. CONSTANCE ANN. LaGrange PECORE RICHARD BRUCE. Spring PEEBLES, STEPHEN WAYNE. Pasadena freshman class 633 freshmen class i PEIFFER, MICHAEL STEVEN, Houston PELOUBET, DAVID GARY, Fort Worth PENCE, TERRY ALLEN Austin PENNINGTON, PAUL LEE, Houston PENNOCK. DIANA GALE, Edinburg PENTECOST. MORRIS EMANUEL, JeHerson PEREZ, DANIEL ANTHONY. Houston PERKINS. PATRICIA KAY Pasadena PETERSON, ELAYNE MARIE, Austin PETERSON, GLENN HAROLD, Dallas PETRUZZI. JOHN MICHAEL, Houston PETTY, RANEY DALE. Victoria PHARR, KENNETH ALBERT, Houston PHILLIPS. ANNE CATHERINE Galveston PHILLIPS, REBECCA LOU, San Antonio PHILLIPS. SUZANNE. Lewisville PIAZZA, MARY DONNA Houston PIERSON. KERRY BRUCE. Richardson PIKE. DIANNE. San Antonio PINSON. ELIZABETH LIEWELLYN Houston PITCAIRN. CHRISTOPHER STUART, Corpus Christi PITTMAN. SHARON ANN. Victoria PITTS. DONNA RUTH. Dallas PLATT. PAULA ANNE. Conroe PLISZKA. STEVEN RAY, Houston PLUMMER, LILLY ARNESE, Richmond PLYLER. JOHN FRANKLIN. Tyler POLLARD. ROBERT STEPHEN, Lubbock POSEY. GREGORY EWING II, Houston POTTER. RICHARD D. II. Amarillo POWELL. KATHLEEN P., Dallas POWER, JOHN MICHAEL, Brownsville POWERS. MICHAEL NEIL, Hurst PRATKA. JANE FRANCES, Houston PRATOR. MARJORIE DIANE Houston PRICE. SYLVIA, Bellaire PRIESTLY. ROBERT BYRON. Hearne PRITCHARD. MARY ANN. Tyler PROPST, DOROTHY M., Seguin PRUDEN. DAVID BERNARD. Fort Worth PRUITT. EDDIE CLAY, Vernon PUCCIO, CHARLES MICHAEL, Houston PUTTERMAN, BARRY EDWARD. Houston OUINN, FRANK DAY. Laredo RABORN, POLLY ESTELLE, Houston RADEMACHER. ELIZABETH ANN, Austin RAIN. CATHY ANN, Houston RAMOS, JOYCE ANN. San Antonio RAMSEY, LOIS LYN, San Antonio RAMSEY, MATTHEW STEWARD. Andrews RANDOLPH, MELISSA LYN Humble RANLY, LARRY JAMES. Corpus Christi RASCHKE. FRED DAVID. Lubbock RASCO. MARSHA ELIZABETH, Austin RAWSON. REGINACOLEEN. Austin RAY. CHARLES EDWARD, Austin RAY. SUE ANN, Marshall READ. MERRYLYN SHERESE, Galveston READ, SUSAN CAROL, Houston REARDON. PATRICK KELLY, Houston REDWINE, SUZANNE JANE. Austin REECE. BARBARA LEE Dallas REGAS, LE ANN. Dallas REICH. HELENE RACHELLE. San Antonio REICHSTEIN. KAREN SUE, Galveston REIMAN. REBECCA ANN, Austin REITER. ROBERT COLE Midland RENTFRO. DANIEL LINDSAY, Brownsville REYMANN. PAULA ANN McQueeney REYNOLDS, JAMES FRED, Van Horn RHODES, LONNIE DALE JR., Elizabethtown. KY RHONE, ROLINDA KAY, Northbrook. IL RICHARDSON, JOEL ANDREW, Magnolia RICHARDSON, KATHY, Fort Worth RICHESON, PAMELA SUE, Port Neches RIDOUT. WILLIAM DAVID, Garland RIGGS, ELIZABETH ANN Houston RIGGS, MARI ANN, Willis RIOS. RAUL, Hondo RIOS. ROSA PENA. Seguin RIVAS. MARY MAGDALENE. Devine RIZER. JOHN CHARLES, Port Arthur ROBERTS. ELIZABETH ANN. Dallas ROBERTS. JANA LYNN Midland ROBERTS. MINDY RACHEL, Houston ROBERTS. RANDELL C., Tyler ROBERTSON. NANCY LOUISA. Burnet ROBINSON. MARY LEAH. Missouri City ROBINSON, XANNA LEE Dallas ROBIRDS, STEPHEN DALE. Houston ROBLES. KAREN DARLENE Seguin ROCKETT, PEARSON L JR.. Dallas RODE. EUNICE HELENA Doss ROESSLER. LENNIS ELIZABETH. Houston ROESSLER. NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston ROGERS. RONALD DENTON, Sabinal ROLAND, KATHLEEN MARIE Houston ROLAND, SUSAN. LaFeria ROLLS, SUSAN KIM. Nocona ROMERO. ANNETTE LOUISE, Houston ROOT. CAROLYN ANN Austin ROSALES. GLENN MARTIN, Austin ROSE. DAVID EDGAR Dallas ROSELL. SHEREE LYNNE, Austin ROSEN. ANDREA SUE Wichita KS ROSENBLUM, HOWARD WALDER, Bogalusa, LA ROSENBLUM. RICHARD HILTON Hammond LA ROSSI. CATHERINE ANN. Pasadena 634 freshman class class of 1 977 ROTH GLYNIS JAN, Fort Worth RUBIN, ALAN JAY. Dallas RUBY, JOAN ELIZABETH. Dallas RUCKER, KENNETH WAYNE, Baslrop RUDE, KAREN BETH, Dallas RUGAARD. MARBETH MARIE, Houston RUNYAN. VALERIE LYNN. Dallas RUSHEFSKY, LAURA ETTA. Houston RUSSELL, BYRON CHARLES. Santa Barbara. CA RUSSELL. JONELL. Corpus Christ! RYAN TIMOTHY WAYNE. Odem SAATHOFF. DOUGLAS RAY. San Antonio SAIED VICTOR CAMAL, Wichita Falls SALAS, VINCENT JOEL. El Paso SALINAS RICHARD, Austin SAMPSON, DEBBIE LEE. Dallas SAMULIN MICHAEL HOWARD. San Antonio SANDERS. BRENDASUE. Austin SANDERS KARLAGAYLE, Humble SAUDER. JOHN WAGGONER. Wichita Falls SAVAGE, SARANA MARIE, Midland SCALLORN. CATHERINE LEE. Dallas SCARBOROUGH. COLEEN SUE. Houston SCHAEFER CYNTHIA ANNE, Dallas SCHAEFER. STEPHEN LANGTON. Houston SCHAEFFER, JEANETTE ANN, Fort Worth SCHERER. JANE ANN. Richmond SCHERER, JOHN EDWIN. Midland SCHERO. ROBERT JOE JR . San Antonio SCHIFFE L FRANK. Tokyo, Japan SCHIFFER. MARY SEAN, Austin SCHLEYER. JOANNA LEE, Richardson SCHMIDT. DEBBIE LYNN. Austin SCHOELLMANN JAMES CARL, Garwood SCHOLL. BONNY JEAN. McKeesport. PA SCHULZ. CARY BURTON. Houston SCHWARTZ. LAURA JEANNE, Austin SCHWARZER, WILLIAM DAVID III. Austin SCOTT. DAVID MILTON. Houston SCOTT JENNIFER YVONNE. Houston SCUDDAY. VALERIE LAURA. Houston SEARS, LAURA LEA. Dallas SEBEK. DANIEL MARSHALL. League City SEBRING ANN MARTHA. Corpus Christi SEDLAK. JOHN NEIL. Houston SEEDS STEPHEN BURKE. San Antonio SEGAL. ELYSE SHARON. Houston SEILER SUSAN DIANE, Duncanville SELLY. TIMOTHY PATRICK, Dallas SENGELMANN. ELIZABETH WARD. Houston SEPULVEDA. MAUREEN CECILIA. El Paso SHAEFFER, ROBERT KEITH. Midland SHANNON REBEKAH LYNNE. Dallas SHARON. DONNIE GENE. Houston SHAUB. MICHAEL KENNETH. Houston SHAW. RUSSELL CRAIG. Midland SHEFFIELD. DEBRA LYNNE. San Antonio SHEFFIELD, SHARON KAY, Conroe SHERMAN CHARLES PATRICK. Corsicana SHIELDS, SARAH MARGARET. Abilene SHOCKLEY JENNIFER ANN, Dallas SHOFNER. SUSAN MARY, Houston SHOPTAW. DEBRA LYNN. Houston SHRIVER. ROBERT WESLEY. Austin SHRULL. ROBERT KEITH. El Paso SIBLEY CARRIE JEANETTE, Marshall SIMMS. JANICE ANN. Austin SIMON MARY ELIZABETH. Fort Worth SIMPSON. MARK K., Houston SIMPSON. SHIRLEY LOUISE, Dallas SIMS, DIANA ROSE. San Antonio SIMS. JOSEPH MARK, Fort Worth SINGER, JUDITH ANNE, Beaumont SINGLETARY. DAVID GEORGE. Austin SITTERLE. JILLANA CELESTE. Houston SKELTON, SUSAN ANN. Arlington SKINNER, MICHAEL DOUGLAS. Houston SLATOR. DOROTHY STEVENSON. Houston SLAUGHTER. JANET RUTH. Dallas SLAUGHTER. MEIRA BESS. Euless SLOAN. CATHERINE. Houston SLUSSER. KIMBERLY LYNN. Fort Worth SMITH, ADELAIDE FRANCES BEEE. Austin SMITH. BARRY ASHER. Corpus Christi SMITH. CARLTON DEAN. Round Mountain SMITH. CATHERINE LEONA. Austin SMITH CYNTHIA ELAINE Fort Worth SMITH. EILEEN MARIE. Houston SMITH. FORREST MOSELEY III. San Antonio SMITH. KIMBERLEY ANN. Fort Worth SMITH, KIMBERLY JEAN. Houston SMITH. LINDA SUSAN, Abilene SMITH, LUCY CRAGIN. Houston SMITH, MARION LOUISE, Houston SMITH. MARK KEVIN. Austin SMITH. SHERYL LYNN. Dallas SOLIS CAROL ANN, Brownsville SOLSBERY. ANNE LOUISE. Dallas SOLSBERY, CAROL SUE, Dallas SONLEITNER. KAREN MARIE. Houston SORRELL ADRIAN LLOYD. Hondo SOUSARES, JUDY KATHRYN. Austin SOUTAR JAMES SCOTT. Richmond SOWADA, MARGARET AILEEN. Corpus Chrisli SOWARD SUSAN JAN. Houston SP ANGLER. DEBRA RUTH, Austin SPARKS, GLENN CALVIN, Texas City SPEIGHTS. LOIS ELIZABETH, Houston treshman class 635 SPRING, ESTHER, Lufkin SPURLOCK. LINDA GAY, Bedford STALLER. SUE, El Campo STANBERY MARGARET JANE Houston ST ANTON, JUDY KAY. Austin STARK PETER MARK, Garland STARK, SANDRA KAY, Houston STAVINOHA, MARI LISA. Houston STEFFLER, STEPHANIE ANN, Baytown STEIN. DEBRA KAY. Houston STEINBERG. DEBRA GAIL. Dallas STEMBRIDGE. ANN CAROL. Gilmer STEPHENS. CHARLES LEON III, Fort Worth STEPHENS. KING SOLOMON JR.. Galveston STERN PAUL ALBERT, San Antonio STEWARD. SHERRY LYNN. Florissant. MO STEWART, CATHERINE MARIA, Houston STEWART, CHERYL DIANE. Houston STEWART. NANCY GAIL. Dallas STIBA. JEAN PATRICE, San Antonio STINEBAUGH. KAREN ANN, Dallas STOCKER. BRONSON JACOWAY, Fort Worth STOLLE MAUREEN CARMEN San Antonio STOLNACKE, PAUL NORMAN. Houston STONE. AULBERT PRESTON. Sulphur Springs STORY, DAVID BRUCE, Folsom, LA STOUFFER, NANCY JEAN. San Antonio STRAIT. ROBERT CLINTON. Austin STRAUSS JANA. Abilene STRAWMYER. JEFF FIELD. Houston STREIT. VIVIAN AUDREY. Houston STURDIVANT, CLARENCE MICHAEL. Amarillo SUENRAM, PATRICIA LYNN, Oklahoma City. OK SUGAREK. SUSAN KAY, Skidmore SULLIVAN. DARLENE FAY. Austin SULLIVAN. MARGUERITE. Houston SURDI. LINDA ANN. Houston BUTTON. BARBARA JANE, Bartlesville. OK SWANSON. EDITH SUZANNE, Houston SWEETEN, BARBARA ANNE. San Antonio SWENSEN, CHERYL JEAN, Pearland SWOPE, AMANDA CLAIRE, Graham SWOPE, JAY MITCHELL, Taylor SYLVESTER, MARTHA GAYLE, Highlands SZABLOWSKI. ANNE ADELE, Fort Worth TATUM, CARL DAVID, Wichita Falls TAYLOR. BRENDA KAYE. Fort Worth TAYLOR, KAREN LYNNE, Arlington TAYLOR, LISA ELAINE. Dallas TAYLOR. PAMELA ANN. Garland TEACHOUT. JOHN SCOT. Houston TEAGUE. SHERRY ANNETTE, Spring TELLER. DAVID CROCKETT. Gamboa, Canal Zone TEMERLIN. LISA BABETTE, Dallas TEMPLE, MARY VIRGINIA. Lufkin TERAN. ROGER, Managua, Nicaragua TERRY. KATHLEEN ANNE. Bedford TERWEY, EMILY RUTH. San Antonio THACKER, ANN LEIGH. San Antonio THAXTON. MARGARET ELAINE. Dallas THOMAS, CINDY LEE. Houston THOMAS. GREGORY JAMES. Richardson THOMAS. LARRY LEON. Garland THOMAS, TOMMY NAIFF. Marshall THOMPSON. BARTT GREGORY. Fort Worth THOMSEN. RICHARD LANE, Austin THORNE, LEWIS SAMUEL. San Antonio TIPTON. JOHN DAVID, Houston TOBOLOWSKY. MYRA, Dallas TOLBERT, JULIE ELIZABETH, Austin TORI AN. LYDIA ANN, Seabrook TORRES, ROSA LENE. Taylor TOSH. ERIK, Houston TRAHAN. MICHAEL WAYNE. Austin TRAMPE, KIMBERLYANN Bay City TREADWELL. STEPHEN COLLINS. Austin TREDE, KAREN NORENE, Austin TRIGG. PATTI GAYLE. Bastrop TRIMARCHI. GREGORY C , Galveston TUCKER. JAMES LEE, Odessa TUMULTY, KAREN EMILY, Austin TURBEVILLE. MARY JAYNE. Dallas TUREK. VICKI LOUISE Austin TURNER. PATRICIA A . Fort Worth TURPIN. KATHRYN LEE, Corpus Christ! TYNAN. ELIZABETH KAYE. San Antonio UMPHRES. PHILLIP CARL, Amarillo UNDERWOOD, LESLI ANN, El Paso URBACH. MICHAEL GARY, Tyler UTESCH. KAREN MARIE. Brenham UTTER. MELISSA ANN. Corpus Christi VADEN, FLOYD LEONARD. Corpus Christi VAN DYCK. FRANK IDES. Temple VANEK. ZOE ELLEN. Austin VARNER, KIMBLE MICHELLE, San Antonio VEGA SANDRA O Brownsville VELA. MICHAEL PAUL. Houston VELASCO. RALPH STEVEN. San Antonio VENTIMIGLIA. DALE MARIE. Fort Worth VERBLE. SEDELTA DARLENE. Burkburnett VERNON. DEBORAH ANN. Houston VERTREES. MARIANNE, Austin VICKERS, LYNN. Houston VIGNESS, RICHARD M, Lubbock VILLARREAL MARIA G,, McAllen VILLASANA. DAVID RAY. Richardson VOLLERS, JAMES MICHAEL. Austin VYVJALA, DAVID CHARLES. Smithville 636 freshman class freshmen class of 1977 WAGNER. MARIAN JOHNSON. Corpus Christ! WAGNER. VICKI LYNN. Houston WALKER, SUSAN RENE. Austin WALLACE. JANE MARIE. Austin WALLNER, JACK DEVEREUX JR.. Houston WAND. STEVEN MICHAEL, Piano WANTA. JACQUELINE MARY Houston WARE. HELEN VERONICA. Austin WARNER. NANCY KAY. Dallas WARREN, DIANE KAY Houston WARWICK, GREG L . Longview WATKINS, CORINNE ELIZABETH, Austin WEBB. CHARLOTTE PARMELEE. Dallas WEBB. KIM CARVEL. Houston WEBBER. KAREN LOUISE, Conroe WEFLER, CHARLENE ANN. Houston WEHMEYER, MARGARET ANNE. Magnolia WEINGARTEN. SHELLEY, Houston WELLE BARBARA ANN Houston WELLS, LAWRENCE HAROLD. Bryan WELLS, LYNDON STANLEY, Dallas WERKENTHIN, REBECCA LEIGH, Austin WERNER, JAMES ROBERT, Houston WESCH. CYNTHIA ANN, Austin WHEAT. ELIZABETH ANN. Woodville WHITE. RAYMOND EDWARD El Paso WHITE, SONJA KAY. Austin WHITED. THOMAS FRANCIS, Austin WHITEHEAD, D ' ANN. Houston WHITSON, GREGORY RAY Dallas WIGGANS. RICHARD MASON. Dallas WILKERSON. CYNTHIA KAY, Austin WILKIN. LYNNE, Dallas WILKINS. ALICE ANN. Fort Worth WILKINS. AMY KAY. Houston WILKINS. CAROL ALLENE, Arlington WILL, CLARK BRADFORD. San Antonio WILLARD. MARY BETH. Henderson WILLIAMS. ANN GERTRUDE. Garwood WILLIAMS, BARBARA JANN Austin WILLIAMS. CYTNHIA ANNE. Baytown WILLIAMS LARRY MAURICE Hurst WILLIAMS, PEGGY JANE. Buna WILLIAMS. RUTH, Houston WILLIAMS. STEPHANIE KETHLEY. Austin WILLIS, KYLE BODDIE, Houston WILLIS. PAGE SHEPPARD, Houston WILLMAN, ADANA TERESA. Austin WILLMANN. DANA STEVEN. Waco WILSON. BARBARA DENISE, Austin WILSON. BILLY WAYNE. Houston WILSON, JULIE MARGARET. Dallas WILSON, KATHRYN MARY. Dallas WILSON, PAMELA KAY. Decatur WILSON, ROBERT MARLAR. Garland WIPPERMAN. SCOTT WARREN, Houston WISEMAN, ROBERT J., Cocoa Beach. FL WIZIG. JANET ELLEN, Waco WOMACK. JACK WINFIELD, Houston WOMBLE, NADA ELIZABETH. Caldwell WOMMACK. JOHN ROBERT. Austin WONG. JASON JEN. San Antonio WOOD. BARBARA ANN. Austin WOODS. PATRICIA ANNE Austin WOOLLETT, EDITH FRESTON. Houston WOOMER. TERRI LYNN. Longview WORDEN. ELIZABETH ANN, Alice WORKMAN, WALLY. Arlington WORMSER. LEONARD VANCE, Lafayette, LA WUNSTRAU. PATRICIA ANN Austin WYATT. ROY LOWREY III. Austin WYLIE. KATHLEEN LOUISE. El Paso WYMAN, PAUL THOMAS Beaumont WYSONG. MARGARET ANN. Melissa YARBROUGH. STEPHEN JAMES Houston YEAGER. RANDALL KEITH. Vernon YELDERMAN. KARL ERNST El Paso YOUNG. SARAH RUTH. Houston YOUNG. SHARON. Dallas YOUNG. STEPHEN CLAUDE, New Boston ZAIKE, CAROL MAUREEN. Carswell AFB ZANIEWSKI. JEFFREY EDWARD Scnertz ZAREMBA, CHERYL ANN, Austin ZEH, DOREEN CLAIRE. Houston ZEIHER. LAURA CLAIRE. Dallas ZELSMAN, MARY CATTERON. Austin ZIENTEK. MICHAEL LESLIE. Bellaire ZIMMERHANZEL. LAWRENCE DANIEL, Paige ZINN. JANET HELENE. Prairie Village ZLOTNIK. TERRY. El Campo treshman class 637 Name a AAAE Page 233 1 W? 1 Name Alexander, John M Alexander, Karen S Black - . . Alexander, Larry Pearlman . . . Alexander. Michael L Alexander, Richard L Alexander, Robin Jean Alexander, Shane Conrad Altord, Parker A Alkek, James Franklin Allamon, Jerry Dell AHbnght. James Jacob, III Alleman. Catherine Elaine . . Alieman. Thomas Braden T VSVAVS Page .298.301 . 242 291.312.554 338 398 624 298,301,554 414,416 .302 184 302.350.554 114.296.554 624 two n t ji Name Appelt, James Mack Applebaum. Brett Ian Appleby. Jane D Applegate, David Randolph Aooiegath, Thomas W Appleman, Vicki Appleton, Carolyn Mae ... ' .... Applewhite, Jesse E., Ill V-rX Page 292.594 293 .624 612 624 218.348 624 . . .612 554 Wame Baade. Patricia Jo Babb. Charles Patrick Babcock. Alice Lee Babcock. Lauren Dianne Babel, Donald Craig Babel, Jams Clare Bacharach. Debra Ann Page 600 555 406 - - -, - - - -- - ' - - " :.. ; ... : ' ' ' -. - : " ' - -.- -: - ' -. =i " : -. - - : - ;_ : : - : iKJIWUr ; -, " : " : - - : - : - ' : ; = - ' jv- ; : ' - ,-. r- : - : : " ' ' - : : - : : : :- " . ; : - ! ; 11 624 354 287.364 . . .291.555 Aaron. Ronald Abate, Barbara Ann Abbett, Mary Dodd Abbey. Jeffrey Neil Abbott. Stephanie Carol Abboud. Ruth Joyce Abernathy. Sharon Ann 262 290 ... .196.286 612 . . 287,624 292 554 600 Bachman. GeneWeidon Bachman. Wayne Bradley Bachmann. Bruce Ralph Bachus. Diana Lee 239 184 467 293.310,555 290. 328. 555 600 291.293 358, 600 288, 293 344. 624 612 286 286 324 . . 555 145 334. 624 339 205 600 295 290 Arbuckle. Randal P 624 . .358 Back, Leslie Karen Backer. David James Bacon. Connie Ann Bacon, Robert Michael Bacon, Sylvia Sue Baden, Gary Wayne Bader, Joyce Ann Badgett. Becky Ann Baer, Nancy Elizabeth Bagge.SteflanEgonV Baggett, James Carroll Baggett, Lynne Anne Baggett, Richard Shands Allen, Barbara J Allen. Bill Dwayne . .256,310.594 322 370 Archer. James Richard Archer. Meiinda Jane Archer Thomas J III 245 366 356. 554 . 181.196.624 290 532 404 Aboussie, Joseph A 416 .394,600 312 322,323 172 ..554 ....324,624 350 346 554 134 . . . .160.624 292 Allen, Donald Lee 322,600 Arciniega, Yamilet M Arden. Pamela Jean Arevalo. Rodolpho Argovitz. Donald Ray Abrams. Gregory Mark Acacia Allen. Frank Linn Allen, Gregory Steven 600 ... 1 99. 354 322 Achilles. Mark Henry Achor. Christy Acker, Bill M Acker, Karen Louise Acosta, Mary Helen 199.354.600 Argovitz. Marshall Lewis Arlitt, Cheryl Jean Arlitt, Cynthia Ann Arlitt, Sezanne Armbruster, Richard W Armes, Patricia Powers Armitage, Angela Jane Armstrong. Burke P ! Armstrong, Foster N Armstrong, Mary Beth Armstrong, Robed Barry Armstrong, Santa Storey Armstrong, Sarah Lee Army ROTC Arndt Billy Keith 330 ..340 340 292. 302, 346. 554 378.624 293 624 125.216.554 262 340 612 382,600 139.149 262-269 624 382 Allen, Sharon Lynn Allen, Thomas David Allen. Wayne Preston 624 .. . .370.612 288 Bahar. Morfeza Bahme. Harriet Ellen 555 612 288 312 Acriche, Catherine Jan Adair. Jos Bryan Alletag, Richard Gordon 226.230.554 378 624 Allison. Mary Jane . 196,344 Bailey. Barbara Anne Bailey. Cheryl E Bailey, Dan, III Bailey. Debra Lee Bailey. Donna Marie 120,366 348 372 624 600 366 Allison, Sarah Allison WilliamS 348 416 Adamcik, Anthony James Adamcik, Patrick Victor Adams, Dan Phillips Adams, David Michael Adams, Diana Ragan Adams, H, Van Adams. James Wesley, Jr Adams. Janef Le Adams, Janis Ruth Adams, Jeanette 278. 280, 600 279 398.416 . ..235 241.242.554 ... 293. 554 362 624 293. 294. 594 624 290 Alliston, GeraldineD 344 594 Allred, Diane Louise 310 594 600 Bailey. James H.. Jr. . Bailey, John Richard Bailey. Lynn Ellen Bailey, Mary Lee Bailey, Meiinda Ann Bailey, Nancy Yvonne Bailey. Norman Joseph Bailey. Rhonda Lynette Bailey. Sharen Ann Bailey, William George Baillio, Donald Bruce Bain. Kenneth Ray Barnes, Jack Clifford Bamter. Grace Baird, Niven James, Jr Baird, Timmie Baish, Therese Irene Baker. Andrew Kish Baker. Beth Mary Baker, Betty Knight Baker. Bruce Wilber Baker, Cathy Ann 238. 403. 555 600 555 555 344.612 555 368 . 139.211,217,624 624 292 1 24 292 600 406.555 . .392.448.449,612 312 624 388 555 382 432 555 279 600 Almgren, Carol Jean 624 554 Arnie. Dennis Dale Arno-Ortega. Jose Etanislao . . Arnold Air Society . Arnold, Aurora F , Mrs Arnold, Charles W., Jr Arnold, David A , Jr Arnold, David Edwin , Arnold. Georgia Anne Arnold. Jay Lock Arnold, Martha Anne Arnold. Walter Van Arnoldy. Susan C Arnone, Kimberlee M Arnoull, Jeffrey Blake Arnt, Nancy Sue Aron, Lisa Adele Aronowitz, Anne Aronson, Wendy Lynne Arra. Denis Duran Arra, Stephen Nicholas Arregui, Maurice E Arrell, Rocky Lee Arnaga. IsaiasG., Jr Arnck, Georgelyn S., Mrs Arthur, Donald Byron Arthus. Judy Gale Arvedson. Richard Stephen . . Arvm. Natalie Suzanne ASCE Ashbrook Cathy Ruth . 288 600 280 286 288 449 288 382 . .199.414.416 348 293 310.326 324 290 . .612 394. 600 .196. 197.600 . . . 290 600 228, 554 290 Almquist. Arthur Ray Alpert, Brad Eugene 290. 554 312 554 Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Sigma . . 324, 325 239 398 406 Alpha Delta Pi 326. 327 312 Adams. Michael Preston 119 . ..612 293 145,600 554 Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Kappa Alpha 328.329 332. 333 226.227 Adams. Paul Douglas Adams. Roland H., Jr Alpha Lambda Delta 286. 287 334 335 Adams. Steven B 322 466 Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Xi Delta Alspach, Elizabeth K 336,337 188. 189 338.339 340,341 .181.286,311,358 178 624 Adams. William Hoskins Adams. William W 396 ... .302.554 364 624 290 286 278 303 126.288.398 384. 554 288.384,612 295. 370. 554 . . ..356,612 292 554 554 600 235 238 196 302 125, 128.132 290 184 Adcock. Deborah Ann Adcock. Phyllis Ann Adcox, Cindy Ellen Addington, Doyle R . Jr Addy, Michael Vearle Aderhold, Joseph Cullen Adin, Richard Louis Adkins. Barry Wood 176 Adkins. John August 119.139.291 Adkins. Leslie Carl Adkins, Phyllis Ann Adkins. Susan Oenel Adler. MarkC Aftlerbach. Charles Stephen Afghahi. Saeed Aggarwal, J K Agnello, Mary Frances Aguilar. Javier Aguilera. Juan Francisco 1 24 Ahn. Sam Seunghae Ahrens, Dennis Carl Alston. Lisa Elaine Alston. Norman Ray Altenburger, Susan Jean .... Alter. Keith Alan Alter. Nancy Ellen Althaus. Voy Ernest, Jr .624 624 554 292. 302. 390 328 594 312 230 279,624 250, 554 292 291 . .189 302 236 ..310 Baker, Danny Wallace Baker, Deborah Leigh 424 555 358 555 594 184 306 594 Altshuler, Karen Myles Alvarado, Diana Delia Alvarado. Patricia Ann Amante. Diane Amaro. Hilario Amaya. Rene Luis Ambrosetti, Anthony A Amen, Lucy Alice Ament, John Charles Amerman. Robert Charles Amery, George B.. Jr Ammpour. Farhad 394 Baker. James B .342 312 554 594 554 600 416 274.403.612 1 73, 600 172 184 Ashby, Anna Lou Ashby, Laura Elles Ashford, Deborah Lee Ashford. James L Ashley, Kathy Lynn Ashley, Marsha Claire Ashley. Timothy H Ashman, Margaret Abbey ....... Ashorn, Deborah Lynn Askew, John Keith Askins. Kenneth Wayne ASME Atchison, Charles S Ater. John Timothy Atherton, Barbara Ann 293 286 1 84, 594 .554 344 324 388.624 286. 289. 324 612 600 288 237 . . . 338 380, 600 554 204 Baker. John Coalter Baker. Karen Susan D . Mrs. Baker. Kathryn Anne, Mrs Baker, Kim L Applegate Baker, Lucy Baker. Mary D Van Eaton Baker. Michael Allen 370 290 295 555 366 292 203.277 312 338 555 189 378 554 178 Baker, Rhonda Suzanne . . Baker, Tom Beth Baker, Walter B , III Baker, William Austin Bakke, Oliver M. Ill Bakst. Marlene Beth Balagia. George T Balagia, James Koury Balagia. Saba Jack Balch, Emmet H, III Balderach, David L, III 600 612 338 449,612 624 292. 308 388 388 .114,119.139,295 624 322 303 403.548 MM 234 Amis. Janie Pearce 364 139 Aikers. Stephen Wayne Aikin, Kern Dameron, Mrs Aills. Robin Zachary A AIME Aime, Deborah Lynn Air Force ROTC Airhart. Dixon Ann Aitken, Gail 230 172 288 235 189,240,242 . 278.279 554 344. 624 624 Anawaty. Robert Boone Anchorettes Anderson, Beth Lynn Anderson. Emily Fields ...... Anderson, Errol Claude Anderson. Jane Alice .115, Anderson, Jane Meiinda .... Anderson, Jeanne Ann Anderson, Jo Ann Polk Anderson, John Harriet. Jr. Anderson. Karen Jane Anderson, Kathryn Sue . Anderson, KristmeA Anderson, Larry Oscar Anderson, Leo Phillip Anderson, Linda Ann Anderson, Michael Dean Anderson, Michele Specian . . Anderson. Patricia Isabell . . Anderson. Paul Frederic Anderson, Paula Jan Anderson, Richard John . Anderson, Robert G , Jr Anderson, Rodney King Andersoo, Russell F 624 271 287,624 . . .114,290.294.382 288 125. 139. 191,382.600 286 254 310 . . ..554 27 1,360,612 364.600 346 238 238.298 360 456 600 600 157.237,554 624 392 368 302 . . . J 295 176 326 228. 600 Atkins. Richard Dale Atkinson. Rhonda Yvonne . Alias. Paul Stephen Attaway, Sue Ellen Atwell. Thomas Luther Atwood, Clifford M, III Ausmus. Deborah Ann Austem, Robert Keith Austin, Harold Brent Austin. Kathleen Dawn Austin. Samuel Weed 298, 600 358 288 624 338 350.554 .286 554 288.293.612 .594 388 555 Baldwin, Elizabeth B Baldwin. Greydon Gordon. Jr. 344 312,612 Akers, Billie Anne Akers. Carol Lorraine Akin. Lu Akin, Mark Donnell Akins. Martin Ray 356. 414 Alaniz, Horacio G Alaniz, Wallace Martin Albaugh. William Ellis Albers, Betty Sue 554 . 366 324 .298, 300 416,422,612 248 . 236. 298 262. 263. 266 .. . .286.289 . ...290.302 . - 289. 548 624 Baldwin. Joseph Lamar Baldwin. Roger Lyn Bales. William Fanmn . Salfoort, Jeffrey N Balko. David Michael Ball. Cathey Lynn Ball, Elizabeth Ball. Margaret Ellen Ball. Nanette Ball. Thomas Henry. Ml Ballantyne. Todd J Ballard. Bruce Thomas Ballard, David Girard Ballard, Karen Sue 548 362, 624 322 555 555 286 612 555 . 184.555 199.338.456 338. 555 600 288 346 406 555 153 Autry, Stephen Smith Avant. Nannette . Aven, Gary Clifton Avent, Robert Stephen Page Averill, Frances Avery. Andrea Edith Avery. Graham Douglas Avery, Henry Clifton, III 303 139. 196.311,366 308 356,612 324 .196 . 183.184,302 114,149 233,298 Albers. Marilyn Ann 612 311 612 303 554 303 362.612 . ..366.612 353 243 Albert. Marianne Albrecht, James W . Jr Albrecht. Karen E Albright. James Alexander. Jr Albright. Sam Zachry Albntton. Benjamin J Albntton Willetta Ballew, Henry Bernard, Jr Ballin. Leslie Irwin Balhnger, Richard. Ill Balough. Michael J Balser. Nancy Adele Balthrop. Clyde Barry Baltzer. Ann Susan 600 195.404.555 288 . 265 334 290 555 303 Anderson. Stephen P Anderson, Steven Lee Anderson, Steven Royal Anderson. Susan Gale 139 Andrews, George Nicholas Andrews. James Foster. Jr. . . Andrews, Mark Thomas Andrus. Rena Carol Angel, Maria Esther Angel Flight . Angevine, Eric Neil Anozie. Charity C Ante. Richard, Jr . . . Anthony, Russell D 292 612 624 554 554 388 189, 190.612 1 39 281 299.300 294 Avila, Samuel Jaime Avis, Gladys W Avrea, Darren Dee Axtell, Albert Calvin, Jr Ayarzagoitia. A. D., Jr Ayers. James Edgar, Jr Ayers, Joseph Anthony Ayers. Kenneth William Ayers. Nancy Ann 600 555 555 424 555 624 .456 299 290 287 Alcorn, Joe Abney Bandy, Kathryn Lois Bandy. Otis Earl. Jr Banfield. Chene A Banister. Patricia Ann Bankhead, Phillip Clay Bankler, Barry Banks, Nancy Jean 366 Alder. Susan Carole Aldred. Val Anthony Aldrich. Guy Franklin, III Aldnch. Irene, Mrs Aldrich. Joanne Aldndge. Bruce E..Jr Aldndge. Mary Ann . 344 . . .354.554 . . . .184.624 293 612 463 271,286.612 .. 145,600 287,600 . . .346,624 354 398 600 624 555 253. 370 .400. 555 612 308 Ayo, Peter William . . . Ayoub. Jack Emil Ayres. Donna Beth Ayres, James Bernard AZIZI, Ah Asghar b 356 246. 548 555 295 298 125 624 346 Bar-Adon, Rama Baradon. Eshel Barajas, Laura Ursula Barbee, Christopher F Barbee, David Richard 126.128 124 624 555 612 Aleman, Susana Imelda Alexander. Charlene G Alexander. George Gambrell Alexander. James Alan Anthony, Suzanne Antone, Leslie Ann Antweil. Barry Lee Antweil, Brian F 612 205 404 390.624 Barbee. James Philip Barber, James Philip Barber. Sandra M. Barbour. Peler Clyde Barbour. William Alan Barcklow. Beverly Ann Barcklow, Mark Alan Barclay. Daniel Alvin Barclay. John A.. Ill Barclay. Kathryn M Badger Barclay, Peggy Ann Barefield, Kirk Barfield, Amanda Barlield. Jan Marie Barlield, Walter G Sana. Paul Collins . . , Barish, David Alan , Barker. Beverly June Barker, Brent Alan Barker. Claire Denise Barker, Darrell Wayne Barker, Jerry Don Barker, John Matthew Barker. Michael Wayne . Barker, Robert Dean. Jr Barker, Roger Drake Barker, ThomasV Barkley. Chiton William Barkley, Julia Jo Barlau. Stephens Barler, Helen Ann Barmore, William R Barnard, Charles Murray Barnard. Deanne Gay Barnard. William Roger Barnebey. Malcolm Edward Barner. Wiley Blount Barnes. Barbara Ann Barnes. Bruce Lloyd Barnes, Caroline Susan Barnes, Donna Gayle Barnes. Douglas Henson Barnes. Garry Dulane Barnes. Marilu Selene Barnes. Mary Susan Barnes. Terri Lynne Barnett, Brenda Gail Barnett. Brenda Kay Barnett. Jacqueline R Barnett. Karen Marie Barnett. Kenneth C Barnett. Louis E Barnett. Marguerite P Barnett, Patricia P Barnett, Susan Elaine Barnett, Susan Gayle Barnett. William Gambrell Barnett. William S L. Barnhill. Jan Ellise Barnhouse. Kyle Reuel Barnum. Robert Sheppard Barr, David Newell Barr, James Alan Barr, Michele Barre. Nelson Keith Barrera. Annabel Barrera. Orlando Barrett. Gregory A. . . Barrett. Malcolm W.. Jr. . Barron, David F Barren, Eugene Earl. Jr. ... Barron. Eva Lynn Barron. Sandra Gail Barron. Sylvia Yolanda Barron. William Davis Barron. William Edward Barron. William Robert Barrow. Ann Thomas . . Barrow. Michael Gene Barry, Susan Patrice Barta, Carolyn Faye Bartek, David Clitl Barth, Roy Elmer Bartholomew, Douglas Ward Bartlett. Connie Suzanne Bartlett, Mary Melinda Bartnett. Cheryl Leigh Bartnett. Kathleen L Barton. Bruce Edward Bartos. Leonard Wayne Bartosek. Lawrence Edward Bartoskewitz. Dennis Wayne Baselski. Vickie Sue Bash. Beverly Kay Bashour. Charles Allen , Baskin. Becky Joan Baskm, James Carroll Baskin. Robert Michael Basore. Steven Dale Bass. Cindy Lynn Bass. Harris H, Jr Bass, Mary Edythe Bass, Mary Laurel Bass, Randol Alan Basse. Cora Lynn Bassett. Robert Lee Bates, Ann Robinson Bates, David Ouentm Bates, Kathleen Mary Bates. Loyce Lee Batla. Charmaine . . . Batty, John Wortley . ... Baucum. Sara Jan Bauer, Austin Perry. Jr. Bauer. Catherine Patricia Bauer. George Nathan Bauer. Nancy Shelton. Mrs B auer, Robert Harrison Bauer. Thomas Lloyd Bauerschlag. Henry F. Jr Baum, Jane Louise Baum, Kenneth E. Baumann. Willred Wayne Baumgardner. Robert Welcome. Jr Baumgardner. Sally Anne Baumgarten. Paul Jennings Bayless. James Leavell. Jr Baylor. Joan Elizabeth Bayne, Randal M Bays. Rebecca Ann ...... Bays, Robert E Baysek, Allan James Page 298.555 302 291 , 292. 555 195 206 624 342.612 238. 298. 555 384 555 555 1 79. 1 89 364 624 300 t84.288. 298. 306.612 293 348 449 287.289.624 288 612 246 139,288 612 183. 184,306 290. 292 303 600 293 548 624 342.612 406.612 342 555 612 555 277 346 286,612 199.376 624 340.600 190.289.308 555 286.612 624 324 287 555 312 286. 292 406 287 612 288.612 292 139.340 364 298.612 378 398.600 . , .176.286,340.612 228.612 556 624 398.600 272.200.624 277 388.624 624 556 463 200.283 531 416 181.287,624 290 612 600 416 293, 301 298,556 366.600 364 340 340 380.556 600 127.264.612 556 290 624 125.312 382 624 189.612 248. 594 289 127,195 366 556 172 196.612 288 344.600 195,374 286 302 126 324.612 556 289.466.624 312 548 370 292 432 ,126.231.302 390 288 Page Name Page Name 556 382.600 556 199,295.362.451.556 556 235 286 511 300. 556 Baysek, Jane) Eileen Bazan, Fernando Beach, Alison Marie Beach. Cynthia Lee Beach. Ellen Adele Beachy. Morns Jay Beadle. Mary Kathryn ... Beagle. Pamela Joan Beale, Ellen Seaman, Joseph Jefferson Bean, jack Christal, Jr ... Bean. Robert Maxwell Beard, Barbara J Beard. Jeannette P Beard, Rebecca Lu Bearden, Charles Edwin . Beasley, Marsha Lea Beasley, Stephen Craig . . Beatty, Carol Clark Beaty, Clyde Bowden Beauchamp. Stephen Dale Beauregard. Max L Beauvais, Mary G Caples Beaver. Nancy E Beaver. Susan Christine Beck. Hal Zane Beck, Sandra Lea Beck, Susan Elizabeth Beck, William Gregory Becker. Lauren Lyn Becker, Mary Katherine Becker, Peggy Lee Becker. Stephen Howard Beckett, Deborah K Beckham, Charles A Beckley, Robert Alfred, Jr Beckman. Bradley Irwin Beckman. Hugh Michael Becknell, George P., Ill Beddow, Bruce Ryde 612 288 324 196,406 406 171. 175 286 612 346 301 354. 556 ' . 556 291 158 600 195.354 210.324 .145.210.312,322,556 145,289,340.624 388 612 556 290 289 358.612 556 346. 624 556 266.270 178,270,328,612 556 382 416 324 384 600 291.312 556 424 356 Bednarski. Steven John Bedsole. James Lynn . Beecherl. Julianna M Beere. Charles W Beerman. Sylvia Ruth Beeson, Mary " Jo Behnke. Bonnie Gail Behnke, Patrick James . Behrends. Terry Michael Behringer. Fred D Beiland, Linda Lou Beisman. Beth Marie . . . Beitel, James Stewart Beken. Jan Helen Belasco. Phyllis Anita Belcher. Barbara Kay Belcher, James Fredrick Belew, Sarah Rebecca Belinoski. Thomas J Bell, Delia P Domoneck Bell, Jane Katherine Bell. Jerry Arch Bell. Joseph William, Jr Bell. Kathleen Marie ... Bell. Patricia Ann Bell, Paul Gervais Bell. Philip Nash Bell. Robert Mitchell Bell. Sharon Rose Bell. Teryl Ann Bellamy, William Belle. Joseph Paul Bellmont, Ted t Ir Belt, Rickie Carl Belt, William Thomas Belt. William Thomas. Jr. Bemts, Susan Cecilia Benardino. Brett A Benavides. Baltazar A. Benavides. Guillermo, Jr 556 368,612 292 300 287 119.191.406.556 594 200.272 556 293 556 . . .231.289.612 246 348 556 124,348 612 406.612 612 293 287 113 139.295 360,624 382.624 .384.600 374 362.612 290 556 149 288 176.600 600 295 380. 624 . 612 624 600 556 Benavides, Luis Manuel Benavides, Norma A. Benavides, Rolando B Bendele, Gerald Irvin . Bender. Douglas Alan Bengtson, Sharon Gayle Benitez. Leslie Anne Bennett. James Bruce Bennett, Kim Bennett. Lisa Avril Bennett, Lonnie Lashae Bennett. Marcus Jesse Bennett. William Kyle Bennie, Carol Ann Bennie, William Andrew Benning. Robert Douglas Benson, Elizabeth Ann Benson. James Ray . . Benson. Tommy Gene Benson. William Dixon Bentley. James Vernon Bentley, Marian Ruth Benton. Bobby Harold Benton. Donald F Benton. Susan Marie Ber. Jamie Michele Beren. Carl Michael Beren. Jonathan Zalman . Beresford, Lesley D- , Berger, Edgar Joe, Jr. ... Berger. Joy Leslie Berger. Melinda F Berger. Sheryl Lynn Bergfield, Randall Alan . Bergin, Carolyn Bergmann. Hindi Lee Bergsten. Linda Kay Berk, Anne Berk, James Leslie Berler. Jeffrey Howard Page 291 139 556 302 400,624 346. 624 ,119.125. 191.364.600 384.612 344. 624 293 416 556 302. 600 348 . . .514 600 600 300 114 384 .. 109.294.556 303 312 612 594 207 207.230.556 291,292 556 128. 155.328.556 328 328,600 396,612 340.612 328 1 84. 307 292 288. 390 . 404. 624 index 639 Page Page Name Berman, Joan Carolyn . ..181 . ..612 Blasingame. Mary Jean . . 286 . . .190.287,289.624 Bowen. Christine R. Bowen, Donald Adrian 340, 624 557 Britt. Donald Eugene Brill, Walter C 274 171 Bern. Jeffrey Michael Bernard. Martin Wesley . ... Berndt, Donna Ruth Bernhardt. Bettie K 400, 624 . 342, 600 556 366 394 Blaylock, Stephen Glen Blaylock, Terry! Ann Blaylock, Vicki Lee Blazek, Mary Kathleen 557 231.271.340,600 . . .144.612 292.406.557 406, 624 Bowen. Linda Carol, Mrs Bowen, Lizbeth Bower, Ann Bowers, Gregory Lee Bowers, Terree Allan. ... 118, 127, 161, 292 292 130 392 189,356,614 Britton. David Norman Britton, Gartield A Britton, Linda Helen Brlansky, John R Broaddus, Nancy Marian 558 211,217 394 195,338 364 Bernstein, Cindy Sue Bernstein, Howard L Bernstien, Bruce Edward Berntsen, Ellen Ann Berry. Cynthia Anne Berry, David Don 394.624 390,556 . 302, 390, 556 556 153,231,556 291 , 594 600 Blevins. Belinda Lorraine Blevins. Lynda Lois , Blitch, Kitzi Jane Blizzard, Edward Francis Bloch. Linda Suzanne Blocher. Edward Joseph . . . 612 115 144, 162, 190,557 184.287.624 350.600 291,292 292 1 78. 600 Bowles, Catherine Anne Bowles, Victoria Ruth Bowman, Cheryl Ann Bowman, Joseph Charles Box, Patricia Louise Boyanton, Earl B., Jr Boyce Elizabeth Sievert . 344. 624 614 289, 465. 600 237 . .324.614 293 293 Broberg, Peter Harlan Brock, Celita Beth Brock, Debbie Lynne Brock, Deborah Glyn Brock, Randy Lee 124. 125. Brock, William A., Jr Brock, William Greg 292 . , 191.196,270,358 241 139 128, 153,297,356.558 119, 150. 153,295,297 298,370 ... 322 290 Boyce, John K.. III. .118, 139, 150,160, 291 , 293. 368 Brockie, Donna Patricia . 124,287 Berry. Joel Neal Berry, John Fredrick Berry, John Labon, III Berry, John Starrett Berry. Kenneth R.. Jr Berry, Levette Joe 330.612 624 440. 444 362 230 292,488 Block, Martha Terry Block, Mary Kathleen Block, Susan Kearney Blohm. Jeffrey Alan Bloom. Joseph Marvin Bloomquist. Dwight H 366 366 366 612 , 118.124,189,404 124 330 624 Boyce, Tommie Sue Boyd, Ben Richard Boyd, Billy Carl Boyd, Dan Stewart Boyd, Duane K . Jr Boyd, Joellen . . . .190,289 356 370 295, 296 302 624 398 Broder, David Brodnax. John W.. Jr Brogan, Frank Gofer Brogdon, Judy Lynn Brogdon, Nan Elizabeth Brogdon, William M, Jr 404 354.558 298, 300 614 344,614 626 190 612 624 279,281.557 Broil Frank Vincent 303 .288.612 288. 293. 302, 600 Boydston, Beverly Joy 594 Brollier, David Sydnor 374 Berry, Selma Mane 600 291 Blum, Michael Simon 232.330.557 . 287 Boydstun, Gary Don 436 286 Brons, Folkerl Bronstem. Beth Lea 293 286.293 614 Bertrand. Styles Leslie Bertron. Catherine C . 288.312 366 302 Blum, Warren Stuart Blumenthal, Cathy Jean 288,612 286 . ... 624 Boyer, Robert Ernst Boykin. Scarlette Lynn . .491 .... 346, 427 308 Bronstein. Rochelle A Brooks, Benjamin August. Jr. . . 626 183. 184.236,306,602 1 95. 384 444 Beta Tau Sigma 303 342 343 Blurton, Melissa Jan 360 298 Boynton, Jan Kathryn 1 1 8, 281 . 294, 324, 600 303 Brooks, Dorothy Ann Brooks, Forrest Hall 464 273 . .456 344 Bracken. Richard Lon 557 Brooks, James M., Ill 392 287 326 . 233. 398 Brooks, Robert D 292 .466 Boatnght, Deborah Elaine 557 . .614 Brooks. Sharon Lynn 406 Belts. Kenneth Alan Beutel. Paul Wayne Bevendge, Carl Robert Bevil, Deborah Kay Bevo ' s Babes Beychok, Alan Michael 288 .173,403,548 . . 201 . 403 465 210 112 556 Boatnght, Robert Donald . . Boatsman, James R Bobadilla. Christine Elizabeth Bobo, Bonnie Esther Bock, Darrell Lane Bodemuller, Susan Alice . 243 303 557 312 338 600 162,538 Braden, Elisabeth E Braden, Kimberly Braden, Shannon Braden. Susan Gail Bradfield.MelindaN Bradfield. Rebecca R Bradford, Stuart Michael 286 382 382 162 382 382 322,557 Brooks. Suzanne Marie Brookshtre, Alexandria A. Brookshire, Burt Lynn Brookshire, Charles C Broomas, James Michael Broomwat. Seymour Oscar . . Brougher, John R, III 626 324 388.626 312 614 237 354 Bibo, James Stuart 392 303 Bodzin. Steven Frank 139 390 612 Bradley. Balon Buchanan 125,384.600 344 Brougher, Sandra Lee Broughton. Arnold Scott 558 338, 602 Bida, MelindaKay .594 199 384 Bodzy, Pamela F. Winston . . 310 416 Bradley, Gary Hugh 275 41 1 452 456 Brouillette, Jeffrey D 237,614 466 Biddie John Royden Biderman, Ann Flora Biegel. William Herman Biel.Melinda Biel. William T., Jr Bierman, Mary E Bigby, Susan Kay Bigelow, Jacqueline Laure Biggs, James E., Ill Biggs, Karen Ann Biggs. Michael Don Bilnartz. Lyman E Biilawala, Nasir-Ud-Din A. Billiot. Stephen Frank Billmeier. Sally Ann Billmeier, Susan L 192.384.612 328,612 392 366 312 . 624 346,624 600 236,300 340 292 292.299 293 154.556 556 594 556 Boehme, Margaret D Boepple. Mary K Boesch, Barry Evans Bogar. Deborah Joan Bogart, Henry Douglas . Bogoan, Gregory Edward . Boggs, Ann Sharon ...... Boggs, Beery B Boggs, John Daigus, III Bogicevic, Helen Mae .... Bohls. Kirk Ray Bohls, Randall Arthur Bohman, Barbara Helen Bohnenblust, Linda Kay . . Boice. Nancy Boland. Lucile Catherine ... 346 243.594 288 344 195,392.557 226.302,557 291 , 292 465 183,184,306,557 .364 308 600 344,557 . 243. 250, 557 557 279,281.360,557 Bradley. Nancy Jane Bradshaw, Ken , Brady, Bernard Galin Brady, Lisa Brady. Susan Steed, Mrs Bragg. Ann Ralston Bragg. Kenneth Donald Brainin, Nina Lee Braly, Clifford Brams, Jolie Sherill Branch, James Fuhr . . . .237,292,298 Branch. William C Brand, Larry Edward Branda, Terri K Brandes. Jen Sue Brands. Kevin Randall 286 264 301 . .289,344 181 382 557 .. .324 354 139.394 301.350,557 600 291 181 614 354 298 301 594 Broun, Edwin Conway Broun, Stacy Nell Broussard, Cindy Sue Broussard, Cynthia Anne Browder. James Edward Browder. Linda Carol Brown, Angela Burnett Brown. Billye Jean Brown, Byron Andrew Brown, Candice Ann Brown, Caroline Jane Brown. Charles Edward . Brown, Charles Thomas Brown, Cheryl Diane Brown. Christie Lou Brown. Christine R Harris . 338 382 614 364, 602 302, 303, 558 558 366 521 594 626 366 370 614 626 348 558 254 Bingham, Bradley M Binion. Cynthia Kay Bintlifl. Richard M Birchfield. Susan Kaye Bird, Peggy Phelan Bird, Steven Richard Birk. Erik Neil 158 . 286.289,312,612 396 231 292 362,624 216 290 Bolduc, Joseph William . . Boles. Brian David Boles, Wayne Burton Bolting. Michael Ann Bolieu. Anthony Leon Bomar, Constance Ann Bomar, Stan . . . 157 238,299.557 396 600 612 624 416 624 Brandt. Janet Faye Brandt, Paul C Brandt, William David Brantiey. William Harrison, III Brannen, David Glenn Brannon, Cathy Dean Brannon, Cheryl Lyn ... 600 338 338 557 . .614 134 . ..624 226 600 Brown, Deborah Ann Brown. Debra Ann Brown. Debra Frances Brown, Debra Frances Brown. Deryl Kelley Brown, Edith Elizabeth Brown, Edward Vincent 270,366,614 602 292. 346 - .602 298 190 396.614 195,388 Birtchet, Frances Mary Bishop, AnnElise Bishop. James Price Bishop, Jetfry Tucker . . Bishop, Lele Bisno, Eileen Bivms. Louise Durham Bixler, Beverly Joy 624 286 238, 292. 298 150 286,612 328 366 293 416 Bommer, Paul Michael . . Bond, Carole Adrienne. . . Bond, Carolyn Lucille Bond, Evelyn Lee Bond. Stanley Key Bond, Teresa Elizabeth Bondy. Christina Marie . . . . Bonilla. Antonio 235 145,557 612 600 237,301 334.624 286 264,283 494 Brantiey. Robert N Brantiey. Sheryl Lynn Brasch, Kathlene Ann Brasel. Barbara D Brashier. Robert S Braswell, Rebecca Bratt. Gary Mahoney Braun, Leslie Carol 302 594 614 . ..291 235 346 293, 299. 300 346,614 292 298 600 Brown, Gary Donald Brown. Gene Ann Brown. Greenberry B Brown. Harry Lee Brown. Herbert Ralph ftrown. James Donlin Brown, James Ray Brown, Jane 298 558 378 614 558 602 354. 456, 558 382 346 286 302 392 558 Bjornson, Harley M Bjorum. James Holhster 292 612 382 Booker. Annette L Bookout, Mendy C 624 624 Brawley, Brent Alan Bray, Nancy Paige 624 600 624 Brown, Jonathan C Brown. Karen Yvonne 292 353 366 Black, AnneCourtland Black. Betsy Jane Biack. Charles Lee Black, James Anthony . . Black, Jamie Elizabeth Black. Janet Richardson Black, Meredith Leon . . . . Black, Richard Lee Black. Robert Fuller Black, Sally Ann Black. Terry Wayne Black, Vera Donna Blackard. Mary Lillian Blackley, Gregory Don . .110, Blacklock, Douglas C Blacklock, Margaret J Blackmon, John Paul Blacksher, Sharon Lynn The Blacks Blackwetl. James M Blackwood. James Len Blades. Sarah Gaye Blaffer. Joan Kaleta Blair.JohnAlan.lll 287,364.612 557 362 288.612 139.348 292,310 428 .... 290 192,376.612 624 396,624 557 612 119, 125. 189.211.211. 600 236,298 467 624 612 211 557 444,445 382,612 366 161 557 Boone, Michael Jefferson Boone. Terry Lee Boorman, Jackie Ann Booth, John Allan Soothe. Alice Marie Boothe. Kathleen Ann Soothe, TerriAnne Bootwala. lobal Abbas Booty, Julie Anne Borchardt. Craig W Borcherdmg, John David Bordeaux, Nanette Borden, Allen Gail . . Borden, David Spinney Borden, Molly Borel, Jacque Milton Boren, HallieAnna Bormann, Bryan Eric Bormann, Sylvanne M . Mrs. Borneman, Cynthia Ann . . . Bornemann, Pamela Sue Bornstem, Sue Scher Borowiak, Michael R Borrett, Bruce Cain Borrett, Elizabeth Anne 612 557 .324 292 612 624 612 557 124. 127.286.289,612 288 232 344 338,594 276 346 600 624 290 557 348 358 328 392 293 286.289,348,612 600 Brear, David Russell Breed, John Wallace. II Breeland, Joe Mack Breeland. Lyn Taylor Breen, John Edward Breeze, William H..Jr Brehme, Dennis Breidenbach, Richard Vincent Breit. Mollie Sondra Breland, Kathryn Annette Bremner, Nicole Joanne Brender, Joann Brendler, Therese Georgiana 119,1 90, Brennan, John Charles Brennan, Julie Anne Brennan, Michael Brennan, Patrick Howard Brenner, Shari Brent, Susie Elaine Brent, William Erwin Brentzel, Reese. Jr Bresk. Michael Scott Breuer, John Henry Brewer. Jimmie Lorelei 312 263,265 226,396 176,190,396 295 125,204 600 125,322,602 328 614 614 139 239,291.294, 557 . . . . 350. 557 160 301 298 160,328 602 183.184,557 184 . . .557 237, 557 290 557 Brown, Keith David Brown, Kim Brown. Larry Wayne Brown. Laura Kaye Brown. Leslie Joan Brown, Lewis Eldndge Brown, Linda Sue Brown, Mark Randall Brown, Melinda Kay ...... Brown, Micaela Elizabeth Brown, Michael Dana Brown. Mitchell Swift Brown, Nancy Lynne Brown, Nancy Sue Brown. Norman D Brown, Randolph Weir Brown, Rhonda Suzanne Brown, Richard Bickley Brown, Richard Edward Brown. Richard Wayne . ... Brown, Robert Bruce Brown, Robert E., Jr Brown, Robert Kim Brown. Ronald Kaye Brown. Ronald Lyle 298 161 . .230 181,360 139,358.614 195,362 558 548 289 465,626 558 558 614 626 . 292 594 340.602 . .432 404 145,614 303 . 626 288 337.558 297 295, 537 Blair. Margaret Louise Blair. Matthew Curtis .... Blair. Thomas Gary Blake. Denise Gayle Blake, James Francis Blake, Karen Suzanne Blake. Penny Carolyn Blakeley, John G Blakely. Bill Allen Blakely. Neil Arthur Blalack. Franklin S Blalock. Carol Anderson ... 119.139.360.557 356 624 557 338 624 324 179 362 362 . 1 24. 293 612 600 Bosch, SHverio Carlos .. . Bosl. Ernest Andrew Bosquez. Robert, II Boss, Sarah Bishop Bosse, Kathenne Aileen Bostelman. Forrest R Bostic, JamesN., Ill . . . . Bostick, Betty Bond Bostick, Francis X.. Jr Boston, PaulT . Jr Boswell. Michael Dale ... Botbyl, George Warren 291,295,444 594 246. 600 346 612 279 235, 282, 298 344,624 295 139, 176.288 378 293 184 311 334 614 Brewer, Ronald Nathan Brewster, Jeannette Brezina. Johnny Roy Bnce. Douglas Moffett Brickman, Rebecca Bridge, Robert Farquar Bridges. Derek Louis Bnggs, Barbara Briggs, Vernon R Bnles, Patricia Irene Brink, Edwin Emerson Brinkley, Ben Paul 302 205.602 301 416 328 548 ... 557 558 295 348 624 . . . .172.292 293 Brown. Spencer Neville, Jr Brown. Susan Anne Brown, Suzan Camilla Brown, Teresa Jane Brown. Warren Frederick Browne. Jack Wyman, Jr. ... Browne. James Clayton ... Brownfield, Lezli Brownfield. Mliss Browning. Grayson Douglas Brownlee. Lucy Parke Brownstem, Debbie Ann 368,626 348 . 366. 626 406.614 356,614 . . .184,306.614 491 346 346 . . ..485 364 462 292 Blalock, Myron Geer .195,338 Bolts, Charles Wayne 557 Bnnkley, Deborah Gail 289. 324 Broyhill. Deborah C 145,340,626 292 Blanched. Michael G Blanchette, Martha J Blankenbaker, Sharon Lea Blankenmeister. Paul B . . Bianton, Eddy Scurlock . Blanton, Ira Yates Bianton, Jack S . Jr. Blaschke Victoria L ' .290 119 326.557 288 396 288 396 .300 Bouchard, Pamela D. Bounds, Richard Craig Bouton, Kathy Ellen Boutwell. William B Bowden, Ann Bowden, Susan Turner . . Bowdoin, Rochelle .292 557 139 241 308 326, 624 358.557 IMS Bnnkman. Teresa Joan Brisbm. Alana _. . Bnsco. Regeneld Jon Briscoe, Dolph, III . Brister. William S., Jr Bnstow. Denise Jho Bristow. Larry George . . . . 558 311 624 396 265 626 416,424,614 398 Bruce, Debra Lyn Bruce, James Michael Bruder. Marcia Jane Brueckner, Remhard F Brumley, Deborah A Bruneman. Carol Paula Bruner, Dawn Elaine Brunner. Lerov Paul. Jr. 286 558 326 238 558 . 178.340,614 326 449 640 index Page Name Page 1 1 Brunner. Mariana 465 Burke. Riley Stephen 322 :;! 1 Bruno. Roy 626 Burke. Robert C Jr 188.558 Brusilow Jennie Ltnda 176.344 626 Burke. Robin 286 Bruton. David Conrad 464 Burketl, Debra Colleen 184.287.289 1 Bruton, Deborah Jane 626 Burkett. Zack T , III 198.295.354.558 1 Bruton, Janice Louise 602 Burleson. James R 416 Bruun. Lance Kay 322 Burleson. Joy 406 558 Bruyere. Raymond Mihon 116.126. 160.558 Burleson, Richard Lynn 452 I Bryan. Belty Jean 614 Burley Charles F . Jr 456 1 Bryan. David Bruce 432 Burhngame, Christine 226. 270. 293. 406. 558 Bryan. Debra Ann 360 626 Burman. Karen A 125.340.614 : 1 Bryan. Joe Paul 602 Burnett. Jon Earl 302 Brayan. William A 532 Burnett. Lola Tom 558 Bryans. Carol Ann 348. 558 Burnette. Charles Hamilton 479 Bryant, Carol Anne 290 Burney. Cynthia Jean 344 : . Bryant Leland Marshal 303 Burnham, Dennis Ray 184.614 - Bryant. Randolph W 356 Burnitt. James Lynn 392 .. ; Bryant. Rebecca Ann 462 Burns Barbara Lee 614 :: Bryce. Thomas D 274. 283 Burns. Beverly Jo 210.366 .:- Buaas Brenda Ferol 364. 626 Burns. Debra Anne 172 -,:. Buchanan. Karen Jean 626 Burns. George Leonard 290. 293 fC Buchanan. Martha Lynn 145.406.626 Burns. Honey Jill 196.364 - Buchanan. Pamela Ann 614 Burns. John Adrian 232 .-... Buchanan. Paul Clarence 293 Burns. Ned H 295 Buchanan. Shirley Jean 348 Burns. Patricia Kaye 626 -: Buchele. Craig Alan 184.306.614 Burns. Suzanne 286. 364 : Buchholtz. Ben David 288.292 Burnside, John Charles 312 - ' Buchter, Dona Suzanne 291 . 293. 602 Burnside. Lynda Dianne 291 . 326 IBuchter, Jeanne Mane 558 Buron, Richard Bascom 235 " Buck. Barbara Ellen 286.614 Burrell. Kathy 360. 626 : Buck. Donald Curtis 290 Burns. Karen Louise 196.360.614 Buck. Edward Guy. Jr 403. 626 Burrows. Jennifer L 310 Buck. Marilyn Alice 286 Burson Robert Wayne .558 Buckles. Gregory Lee 614 Bun. Linda Kay 334. 602 - ' Buckley. Edmund L. Ill 388.558 Burl. Lynn Randall 558 Buckley Patrick Joe 548 Burton. Carl Lee 626 X Buckley. Roy Richardson . . . 388.614 Burton. Douglas Gray 548 Buckspan. Randy Jay 288 Burton, Robert C 602 Budet. Antonio C 277 Busbey. Charles P B 267. 268 : Butano. Laura Marie 124 Busby, Kenneth Owen 548 Buftington. Alison G 364. 626 Busby. Kirkland Lee 176 Buttington. Cynthia K 157 Busch. John Michael 239. 449. 558 Bugay. John David 239 Bush. Edward Church 126.602 Buice, Linda Jean 178 Bush. James Francis 342 Buie. Anna Clare 160.191 Bush. Percy John 237. 558 Bujnoch. Kathleen S ....... 286 Busha. Sigurdur F 444 Bujosa. Leopomdina A 287 Bushee, James Michael 274 : Bukaty Mark Arnold 392 Bussey. Deborah Lynn 334 - Bull. George Wesley. Jr 558 Bussey. Linda Susan 287. 344 Bull. Sandra Lee S.Mrs 292 Bussey. Michael Steven . 276. 403. 602 Bull. Steven Wayne 626 Bustamante. LauroA. 125 Bullard. Ruth Harper 303 Bustin. Gregory M 173 : Buller. Alan Wade 288 Butcher. Anna Catherine 626 - . Bullock. Cindy Lou 324. 626 Butler. Aline Patricia . ... 139.346,602 Bullock. Robert Lee 301 Butler, Becky Ann 120.366 Bullock. Suzanne . 348 Butler. Clifford Furlong 145. 189.626 . Bump, Paul Bryan 298. 594 Butler, Danny Bryan 354 Bumstead. Evelyn W 382 Butler David Ford . . 312 .. Bundy, Leah Dianne 602 Butler. Deborah Joan 602 - Bundy. Richard Hugh 194.195 Butler Dennis Emerson 290 Bunge, Sandra Lee 310 Butler Dennis Mack 602 Bunn, Laura Frances 558 Butler. Edward Showers 362.614 Bunn. Susan Anne 311.312 Butler. Janis Diane 602 Bunion, Karen Josette 353. 558 Butler. John Dale 558 Bunion, Leisa Sue Fearing 310 Butler. Karen Engle 602 Bunyan, Terry Lynne 196.626 Butler, Kathleen Ann 181 Burba, Sharon Louise 340.614 Buller. Susan Elaine 334. 626 S3 Burch. Karen Elizabeth 602 Butner. Leon Olander 125.179.235 - Burdette. Barbara 626 Butschek, Chris Matthew . .312 Burdick Margaret Anne 290 Buttery. Miles Elliott 342 Burdine Charles Morris. Jr 602 Buttler. Larry J 300 Burtord. Charles Scott 404.614 Butts. David Earl 195 Burford William Benton 356. 602 Butz. Russell Bryce 396 . Burger Anthony J . II 626 Buzbee James B 626 - Burgess. Deborah Jane 290 Byars. Joe Earl 200. 274 - Burgess. Kenneth H 362 Bybee Mary Elizabeth 251.406.558 . Burgess Randy Clay 124. 126 Byerley. Debra Lynn 626 . Burgess, Rita Ann 191.270.602 Byerley. Frank William 312 Burgower. Wendy Susan 614 Byers. Harold Steven 400 Burk. Lee Ann 340 Byers. John Edward 558 Burk, Robert Adrian 240 Byers. Nancy Jane ........ 394 Burk. Sam Bryan. Ill 230.392.602 Byfield. Daniel Merntt 451.614 Burk, William Michael 233 Byles. Gwendolyn N 241 Burkart. Elizabeth A 256 Bynes. Robert Henry. Jr 614 Burke. Bron Arnold 278. 558 Bynum. Christina Mane 602 Burke. Diane Leigh Burke. Douglas Roger 324 362 Byrd. Bndgetl Elaine Byrd. Samuel Turner 289. 344 292 Burke. Elizabeth Carol 326. 558 Byrne. Dan Roy 303 Burke. Jams Lynn 614 Byrne. Sandra Kathleen 326.614 Burke. Jefferson T . Jr 234 Bythewood. Elaine Ruth 287 Page Name Page Cathryn D Cabaniss. Joni Mane Cable. Chad Caceres. Cynthia Ann The Cactus yearbook Cade, Jerry Lynn Cadwallader. Leslie E Caesar. Debra Anne Caesar. Delane Gail Gam. Byron W . Jr Cam, Lana Sue Cam. Maroa Ann Cam. Robert Ryan Caidweii. James W. Jr. Caldwell. Larry Lee Caldweli. Marlene Caldwell. Michael Paul Calhoon. Thomas F . IV Calk BetleB Barler Gallery. Nancy Calverl. Bryan Thorn Calvert. Jerry Lynn Caivert. John Wayne Cameron, Jack Craig Cammack. Kerry Noble Camp. John Bradford Camp. Richard Field. Ill Campagna. Larry Alan Campbell. Craig H Campbell, Deborah Lynn Campbell, Dennis Miles Campbell. Franklin Lee Campbell. Fnedenka K Campbell, Grover S Campbell. Harry G..Jr Campbell, Harvey D . Ill Campbell, James David Campbell. James R Campbell. Lisa Neiie Campbell. Margaret Womack Campbell. Martha F Campbell, Mary Jo Campbell. Michael W Campbell, Penny Renae Campbell, Rhonda Sue Campbell, Robert F Campbell, Robert Jesse Campbell. Sarah Jeanne Campbell. Scott AS Campbell. Shern Susan Campbell. Shirley H Campbell, Sue Ann Campbell, Tommy Jo Campion. Dorothy C Campise. Carole Lynn Campodonico, Louise A Campos. Martha Campus Girl Scouts Canales Antonio Mario Canales. Edmundo Cantu Canales. Guadaiupe Canales, Oiivero E Canfieid. Elizabeth J.N Cangelosi. Linda Cannaday. Linda Sue Cannon, Bruce White Cannon. David Allen Cannon. Donald R Cannon, Karen Sue Cannon. Nancy Kathleen Cannop. Lisa Rae Cano, Maria Teresa Canon, Robert Otis Cantmi. Armmio M Cantrell. Deborah Elaine Cantu. Vina Louise Cantweil. James D Cantwell. John Richard CapeNe. Madeiene Carole CapellO. Karne Lynn Caperton. Elizabeth G Caperton. Troy Ross Caplan. Elaine Rose Caplan. Leigh Sharon Caplan. Richard Edward Caplan. Steven Chaim 288.312 Capp, Marcia Annette 289 Capps. Richard Leroy 354.614 Carameros. George D . Ill 426.614 Carameros. Gregory D 362 626 Caras. William E 265 348. 602 Caraway. Karen Sue 559 192.378.614 Carberry. Renee D W 254. 602 558 Card Horace W . Ill 559 142-145 Card. Patricia Anne 286 288 Cardenas. Andrew B 626 298 Cardenas. ClaudioL 184.626 366 Carey. John Ronald 206 289 Carleton. Charles R 279. 626 379 Carleton. William Frank. Jr 189.298 310.558 Carlile. Robert Lee. Jr 614 294 Carlin. Jared Adrian 292 398 Carl.n. Sandra Sue 602 626 Carlisle. Catherine Elizabeth 196.614 614 Carlisle. Cheryl Y 1 78, 626 626 Carlisle, Sarah Ann 358. 559 266 Carlson. Chester Eugene. Jr 602 594 Carlson. Cynthia Lachelle 310 293 Carlson. Cynthia Sue 287 180 Carlson. David Wayne 559 392 Carlson. Janet Roberta 286 230 Carlson. Janice Marie 559 298 Carlson. John Haralson 602 614 Carlson, JohnetteL Cuba 250. 594 124 Carlson. Michael Lee 226 388 Carlson. Ronald Allen 184.626 614 Carlton. CalhleenE 326 Carlton EdytheSue 358.614 559 Carmichaei. James Erwm 614 286 614 Carmchael. Robert F 236. 300 293. 559 Carmona. Edward M 559 559 Games. Donald Fairchild 392.614 287 Games Michael M 230 384 Carolla. Larry Paul 338 384 Carpenter. Edward Lee 474.475 288.293.312.602 Carpenter Nelda F . Mrs 548 292 Carpenter, Sara Jane 287. 289 299 Carpmo. Peter Charles 292 406 Carpmteyro. Rose Mane 602 366 Carr Cay Claire 626 154.360 Carr Eddy Colbert. Jr 626 614 Carr. Leanne 346 626 Carr. Margaret M 324. 626 334. 602 Carr. Royce Preston 559 346 Carrasco. Albino J . Ill 559 298 Carrasco. Jorge 292 376 Carnck. William F 384.416 614 291 Carnllo Cynthia Ann 614 396 Carnllo. John R 200 346 Carnngton, Barbara A 364 346 Carnthers. Mary S 559 382 Carroll Frances Mane 614 424 Carroll. Jimmy Ray 299 594 Carroll. Lucie Claire 626 344 Carroll. Mar|0 E H . Mrs 559 264. 340 Carroll. Michael L 594 559 Carroll. Raymond V . Jr 342 214 Carroll. William J 322. 626 626 Carry. Rodney Lynn 288 626 Carson. Bradley A 559 559 Carson. Carol Ann 406. 626 559 Carson. Philip B 288 .559 Carswell. Harmon Ray 312.362 290 Carswell. William Barney 159.602 602 Carter. Albert Houston 308. 559 .416 Carter. Aubrey Leon 464 604 Carter. Carmen Sue 286 540 Carter. Charles M 626 626 Carter. Claire Pennison 287. 289. 326 559 Carter. Deborah 1 72. 286 286 Carter. Gary Dean 444 614 559 Carter. Jamie Kathryn 308 376 Carter Jane K 310 322 Carter. Janice Eileen 211.217.626 406.614 Carter. Jim Ann 196,626 602 Carter. Lyndon Edmund 602 279. 280 Carter. Margaret Ann 614 626 Carter. Nancy Gwynn 178 311 Carter. Nelda Gay 287 1 39. 360 Carter. Timothy Hester 161.448 231,559 Cartwnght, Marilyn Carroll 308 370. 626 Carver. Brad Lee 602 287. 328 Casart. Mary Patricia 626 394 Casas Linda Sue 614 400. 626 Case Jeff Dean 125 index 641 Page Page Page Casey, Christ ina Lee . 559 226 Chappell, Andrea C 207 356,614 . . .324 Chappell. Johnny Mack . 424 Casey. John Stephen Casey, Terri Jay Cash, Sue Ellen 379 626 238.286.614 340 Cervera. Jorge Luis Chabad-Lubavilch Chaddick, John Wright 293 207 . 594 360 626 Charles. Phyllis Diane . Charlton. Claire Eleise 117. 328 125.134,139.253.270. 326. 602 594 Cashion. Sharon Lynn Cashion, Shelley Jean Caskey, James Michael 358 358.602 288,614 376 602 Chahin, Julian J Chajkowski, Peggy Lynn . .. Chalker, Colleen M 614 626 559 226 559 Charney, Mollie Susan W. Chase. Irene Chase, Samuel Louis 560 602 342.602 340 614 594 Caspary, Carrie Gerard . Casseb. Joseph S. Y 382 559 Chamberhn, Diane .286 174 Chasteen. Chen I Lynn . . . . 125.626 Casselberry, Russell Wayne . . . 614 311 559 Chambers, Catherine A ... 344 199 203 594 Chavez, Maria G Dommguez 245 184 626 614 Casstevens. John Marion 237 . . . 236 Cheal. Nancy Elizabeth 125 292 302 602 Castillo. Carlos Jose 228,559 602 Chambless, Susan L 626 287 626 Cheek. Dianne Duke, Mrs. . . .602 Castillon, George W Castle, Charles K Castleberry. Charlotte A 322 ...172 626 Chamness, Nina Kay Chamorro. Edgar 289.602 559 559 Chelkowski, John Del Chen. Dons Ming-See Chen JoyVeeWei 602 250. 560 Caswell, Janice Gayle 559 559 Chen. Shen Chu 292 Catalano. Kathleen M., Mrs. . . 559 559 Cheney Elliott Ward Catalano, Russell 559 559 Chan, Kenny Kam Hung 293.594 559 Cheney, Thomas Jeffrey . . 560 559 559 Cathey. Rebecca Ann 614 288 Catlett. William Holland 300 298,312 594 Caudill William Howard 548 559 289.293.602 326 Cauley. Bruce Allen . . . 126 128 Chancellor. Marion F. 379 350 Chesnick, Hiltord Joseph, Jr. 404. 560 Caussey. Janice Ann Cauthen. Robert C 271.324.602 388 Chandler. George Steven 253 290. 292 Cheung. Pak Kwan Peter 560 238 602 456 139 202 203 293 602 Cavazos. John Robert Cavazos, Mary E 559 614 Chang. Lucia Sun Chang, Warren Gordon 303 626 Chi Alpha Chi Epsilon 206 300 Cave, Thomas Winston 626 189 Chi Omega 344 345 Caven. Caroline 382 334,559 Chicotsky. Mark Steven 390 614 Caven. Walter T., Jr Cavender. Robert M Cavender. William Byrd 288,291.292 388 388 Chapman. Chen Lanell Chapman, Debra Day 334,626 560 626 Chicotsky. Robert H Child, Christopher C . 390 139 Caveness, William B 370 310 Childers, T6rn Ann 348 626 290 291 unap an, juieA ess. j aro | r jer ! Cayuso, Emily Ann CBA Council . . .614 1 52 1 53 Chapman, Melody Sue 344 302 560 Childress. Gary S. 235 Cecil, Christopher N. . . 288 Chapman. Richard Scott . 184 Childs Christopher E 126 173 110 294 559 Celaya. Pablo Flores Cenac, Joseph Willard. Jr Centenio. Mary E. 602 . 189,288,312,614 ... 626 Chapman, Sammy Ray Chapman. Sara Lynn 398, 626 127,128 287 Childs. Michael King Chilton. Stephen Howard . 560 368,602 Name Chisholm. Janice Kay Chisholm. Robert Andrew Chitwood. Palncra Alice Chiu, Edward Hang Chiu. Raymond Shu Kuen Chock, Lin Lin Lo Choi. Poching Vanda Choral Organizations Choral Union Chow. HacibTC Chow. William Kwok Fai Christen. Carol Lynn Christensen, Deborah Joyce . . Christensen, Eric K Christian Science Organization Christian, Susan M Christner. Catherine A Christopher. Martha Jo Christy. Edgar Allen Chu, Patty . . . . ' Chudleigh. Gary S Chumlea, Alice Anne Chung, David Joe Church, Richard Mark, Jr Churchill. Sandra T Churchwell, Richard Shane , , . Churney. Susan Gail Cicconi. James William Cinque, Susan Kay Circi. Mike Circle K Clasett, Susan Wagnon Clancy. Andrew Nelson Clapp, Karen Lynne Clare, Susan April Clark, Albert E,, Jr Clark, Alberta S Clark. Alexander L Clark. ArvilleP.,111 ClarV. Candace Ann Clark. Catherine Ann Clark. Chariest Clark. Glen Alan Clark, James Benjamin Clark, Jetlrey Scott Clark. Joanne Alva Clark. Julie Gayle Clark, Krista Darlene Clark, Laura Lea Clark, Maxme Esther Clark. Reggie Lee Clark, Richard H Clark, Richard Lee Clark, Stephen B Clark. Stewart Jay Page 602 306 291 , 560 560 298. 560 302 204 172-181 175 292 560 176.181.560 560 184 208. 209 326 292 626 295 594 312 346 560 184 594 614 328, 560 560 286 424 212.213 132,134 291 . 560 278. 286, 348, 602 287 171 181 526. 527 388 253,346 602 132.295 183. 184.306 560 614 358. 626 324,464 1 73 287 394, 626 398 356 560 370,427 171,292 642 index Name Clark, Susan Clark. Thomas Coin. Ill Clark, Tommy Glenn Clark, William Dennis Clarke. Amy Lynn Clarke. Elisabeth A Clarke. Emily Perry, Mrs Clarke. Genevteve Clarke, John Underwood Clarke. Lisa Majette Clarke. Matthew W Clarke, Rebecca Ann Clarkson, Clay King Clarkson, Debra Jeanne Clause. Charles A Clawater. David W Clay. James Henry Clayborn. Raymond D Clayton. Carol Clayton, Charles Thomas . Clayton. Jack Leroy Clayton. Ollis Milton Clayton. Pamela Susan Clear, Harry C Clearman. Linda Caye Clearman, Melvm Ray Cleaveland, Jack McRae. Jr. . Cleaveland, Nancy Jean Clegg. Catherine Anne Clegg. Julia Joyce Clegg. Mary Virginia Clegg. Steven Randall Clegg. Theodore N., Jr Cleland. Robert Lynn Cleland, Roxanne L Clement, Joe Dean Clement. Joseph Henry Clements. Carol B Clements. Lorraine Ann Clements. Lou Ann Green Clemmons. Laura Land Ciewlow, John Phillips Click. Barbara Anne Clifford. Craig Edward Clifford. William Craig Clifton. Catherine Lea Clifton. Hulen Edward. Ill Clifton. Sharon Lee Clme. Carol Jane Clinton. Catherine Jean Clinton. Claudia Ramsey ... Clinton. Cleveland Guy Clinton. Georgia Ann Close. Gary Homer ClOtworthy, Robert Lynn Cloud. Candace Ann Cloudt. Kathleen! Cloutier, Jacquelyn Anne . Cloyes, Brian Morgan Coats, Frank Richard Cobb. Caroline Cobb. Cynthia E Cobb, David Mark Cobb, Linda Cobbei.LonRacheile Cocek, Carol Anne Cochran, Carl Joe Cochran, Mark Stephen Cochran, Mosette Kathenne . Cochran. Thomas Wilburn Cochrane, Shirley Diane Cockburn, Thomas Neil Cocke. Fielding L Cockrell, Roger Allen Cody. Melville L. Jr Coei. Edward John, III Coel. Rebecca Frances Coelho. Anthony M.. Jr Coerver. Margery Elaine Coffelt, Patricia Lynn Coffey. Beverly Grace Coffey. Lou Elizabeth Coffey, William Joseph Coffin. Eugenia Coffin. Judy Sue Coffman. Cynthia Kay Coffman, Rosemary E Cogdell, Wanell Cohen, Barbara Lynn Cohen. Barry M Cohen. Bernard Harold Cohen. Christina Friar Cohen, Gary Cohen, Helene Susan Cohen, Kernn Heidelmde . Cohen. Larry David Cohen, Michael Cohen. Michael Ben Cohen. Michael Jay Cohen. Murray Lee . . . Cohen, Steven Douglas Coker, Richard F Coker. William Donald Coidwell, Cameron I Cole. Byron Harrison Cole, Clyde Francis Cole. Gregory Cole. John Henry Cole. John Lottin Cole. Michael S Cole. Myra Dawn Coleman. Anne Worcester Coieman, Carol Kelly. Mrs Coleman, Gary Lee Coleman, Janet Inez Coleman, Michael R Coleman. Nancy Lois Coleman. Richard Lee Coleman. Roberta Vance Coleman. Ronald Mayer Coleman, Sally Eileen Coleman, Stephen Lewis Coleman. Sydney Reese Coleman, Winton Lee, Jr . Coller, Karen Sue Colley, Dorothy Ann CoHey, James David . Collie. LamarP., Ill Collier. Carol Ann Collier. James Louis Collier. Jana Kay Collier. John Thomas Collier, Lynne Claire 191. Page Name Page Name Page Page 190 626 560 293 . .191.270.340.614 .382 292 602 199 145.364 291.292,312 360 370 602 265 388 602 414,416 346 312.560 602 594 287. 626 291 181.406 288 362.602 310.560 406.626 287,406.626 406 560 392 . 184.307.594 184.307.594 379 276 346 242 256.310 346 189 344.614 ... 291 298, 560 340 . 205, 291 . 292. 560 614 366. 626 287,626 . . . .193,281.364,614 354.602 192 322 448 614 310.334 614 398. 602 626 366.594 626 358 328 287.614 292 364 602 . 290 195.302 338. 626 614 338 239, 298 190.287,289,340,626 292 560 231,302 270,324.614 560 344 344 560 312 139 127 292 390.614 ...312 400,560 287 286.291 602 153 404 228. 602 295.312.404.560 292. 390. 602 302 362. 626 184 602 322 560 ... 276 322 338 .287 626 310 293. 602 602 626 594 293 290 404 .287 139,626 288,312 192,195 270. 340 614 444 444 626 . 184 348.614 161 196, 197.270,294,602 Collins. Alfred Lee Collins. Andrew David Collins. Anne Haggert Collins. Eleanor G. Scott Collins, Frances Lee Collms, Lmda Sue Collins. Robert Luther Collins, Stuart Bryson Collins, Thomas Allen Coliop. Mark Allen Colon. Hector Luis Colvm. James H Combs, Alan B. Combs. Elizabeth Mane Comeaux. Carolyn Adel Comeaux, William Denis Comer. Braxton B., II Comer. Mary Anna Fay Communication Council Compton, James Edwj Condit. Randall Arthur Coney, Susan Cozette Congdon. Carey Bnsc Conley, Dennis Byron Conly. Albert Shannon Conn, Kathy Lynn Connally, J. B. . . . Connally, James Mark Connally. Mark M Connell, Cynthia Robin Connell, James Richard Connell, Mark William Connelly. Carolyn L. Connelly, Michael W. Connelly, Patrick Conner, James P Conner, Michael Elmer Conner, Randolph Philip Connor, Ronald Wayne Connors. Sean C Conrad, James Edwin Conrad. Janie L Conrado, Alan N Conradt. Patricia Ann Conroy, Mary Anita Constantatos, Caliopi Constantatos. Maria . Conli. Richard E Contreras. Eric E Contreras, Joe Anthony Conway. Dennis Conway. Rebecca Ann Conweli, John W.. IV Cook, Bobby G. Cook. Barbara Ellen Cook. Betsy Ann Cook, Carol Colleen . Cook. Charles Roy Cook. David Rodney Cook. Edwin T Cook. Edward Morgan Cook. Mary Catherine Cook. Mary Helen Cook, Nancy Illbac Cook, Patrick Joseph Cook, Ralph Frederick Cook. Sharon Jean Cook, Stephen D Cook, Thomas Mi Cooke. Melissa Elaine Cooke. Robert P Cooley, Louise G Cooley. Mary Suzann Cooley. Roy Byron Coon. Judith Elizabeth Cooney, Bryan Timothy Cooper. Carolyn Mane Cooper, Charles Edward Cooper, Debbie Lou V Cooper, Deborah Ann Cooper. Debra Rhodes Cooper. Diane Cooper. Donald Lee, Jr Cooper, Douglas M Cooper. Lance Kimberly Cooper. Michael Weldon Cooper, RickieC. Cooper, Robert L Cooper, Steven Paul Goose. James Philip Cope, Kateva H Cope, Richard Ellison Copeland, George K Copeland. John William Copeland, Morgan I Copenhaver, Paula Copora, Pncilla Copus, Caren Cay Coquat. Joe Allen Corbett. Carolyn A Corbett, Donald Louis . Corbett. Frank William Corbett. Harry Fenner Corbin. John Saunder Corbin, Steven William Corbin. Susan Ruth Corcoran, Joan Mane Cordell. David Mark Cordell. Margaret L Cordell, Thomas Drury Corder. Kimberly Sue Cordes. Philip Keith Cordettes Corley. Jo Lynn Corliss. Cynthia Ann Cornelison, Betty Jane Cornelius. Richard L Cornelius. Robert Lee Cornett. Sandra Fran Coronado. Jaime Coronis Paula Kay Corngan. Leo Francis Cortell. Karen Cortes, Karen Anr Cortez, Bernice Coselli, Michael P Coselh. Peter Clyde Cosentmo. Michael J Cosper. James W.Jr Cossey, Alfred Glen Costaies. Bette Nan Cotner, Deborah Marie Cotner, Thomas Ewing. Ill s lavid igerty. Mrs. i. Scon . . .ee ither tson Ulen 1 s Marie 560 380 289. 560 293 467 290 119.155.560 288.403.614 303 302 189,277.282 536 . . 243.246 326 Cottingham, Linda Gay Cotton. Charles J 302 301 Crow ' s Nest Crowson, Cathie Clair Crowson. Peggy Kay Crowther. Carolyn Denise Crozier, James Eeds, Jr Crozier, Jeffrey Lee Cruce. Cathy 200,201 287 627 190,286.289.603 312 424,627 334 503 Cotton. David W Cotton, Ralph Gordon 288 293 416 Couch. Ray Edward. Jr . . 288 449 Coulter, Cynthia Ann . ... 627 382 Crump. Steven Nance Cruse. Rex Crutchfield, John Howard 246. 603 303 Courbon, Jean Claude Paul Coursey. Jill 292 346 293 Courtney, Patricia N 346 561 Crutchfield. Sally D 627 Coussou, Harry Earl. Jr .199.338,561 561 . . 239. 594 292,302 398 602 243. 246 n Adele . i Denis 1.. II a Fay . . 308 602 153 228 594 Coventry. Nancy Ann Covey, Donald Lloyd Covey. James Matthew Cuccia, Nick A. 561 Cuellar, Blanca Rosa Cuellar. Hope F Cuellar, Robert Cuenod, Martha Carol 286 627 456 311 Council Edward rthur zette . 3nscoe r-ron nnon iterk . 1 54 626 603 614 Covington. Dianne Kathryn 561 627 330 308 Culley. Terry Ann Cullinan. Carolyn Edith 426 382 466 209.288.299 322 626 Covington. Mary M Covington. Terne Lynn 196 627 245.248.595 1 80 627 Culpepper, Ben Allan Culter, Lynne Ann Culver. Claudia E 288.615 196.427 561 542 288.384 326 Cowan, Mendrth Jane 295 235 Cowden, Candice Beth Cowgill, Robert F Cowper, Roscoe B. G , Jr 346, 462 312 603 Culwell. Warren D. Jr 295 =tobin . . 162 292 299 Cumley. Stephen Daniet Cummer, Edwin Robert Cummmgs. Douglas C Cummins, Nancy Ann Cundifl. Edward William Cunningham. Asa E., Jr Cunningham. Beverly C Cowser. Katie Bob Cox. Anne Lynn Cox. Karen Sue Cox, Kenneth Irvine . 334. 561 340.627 348 561 302 liam I L W O ' Neil .... Elmer 374 626 406 292 338 366 338 561 Cox. Larry Ben 303 155 602 615 627 Cunningham. Jack C.. Jr Cunningham, Judy Ann . Cunningham. Kathleen M Cunningham. Kennedy A Cunningham, Linda Cunningham. Mary Lynn 561 561 162.289 364 287, 289. 346. 627 366 ayne .... 561 Cox Milton L., Jr 561 627 Jwin . 396. 561 .... 289. 603 615 =hael . . Ann : 626 561 Cox. Stanley Earl Cox, Susan Camille 306 340 239 561 la iopi 287 561 Cox. Wanda J Tyras .561 627 Cunningham, Nancy E 366 627 ria luardo ithony ... 286 626 348 Cunningham. Stanley C 203 295 189 561 370 344.561 128, 178.615 603 627 Curran, Carolyn Ann 324 288 Cozby. Sidney Ann Crabtree. Carol Ann 127 Craddock, Anne Cecile Craddock Daniel K 292 Durran, Thomas S III 388 615 348 Currey. David Nelson 184.595 ,1V 9n en 1 .404 542 293.302.394.602 324 293 467.615 308 Craddock. John W.. Jr 627 195 338 290 Curry. Debra Ann Curry, Susan Marie 326 . 242. 561 627 Craig, Audrey Ellen Craig, Carolyn Lyle Craig. Darrell Wayne 366. 627 382.627 290. 561 444. 445 627 440 444 445 295 286.615 Curtis. Robert W Curtis Sally Jean 303 370,603 1 90. 286 232.398,561 254. 370. 595 180 Craig. John Henry Craig. John Milo Curtis, Scott B Curtis, Stephanie A Curtis. Wayne Steven Curvan. Leonard James 275 561 (fine 366 Craig, Roy Rochester Cram, Barbara J 346 ck. Mrs. . aph srick 292 354 189 Grain, Lee Shudde Cramer. Janet Gayle 184.306 .286.615 .235 362 615 Cushman. Regina Hope 561 456 Cutchin. Melinda Lou Cuthbertson. Brian D Cutrell. Gloria Gail 124,603 348 Crancer Ralph Edward III 274 Crandaii, Joan Elizabeth 286. 289 127 627 287, 289 364 561 irray aine inn 1 beth . nothy darie award 3uWmd Ann odes )e. Jr A nberly . Jeldo ' n lUl lip . son K 126 Crapitto, Louise Mane 324,627 172 603 Cyphers. Lmda Jean 382 346. 626 594 1 39. 603 595 274 627 237 d Dabbs. Kenneth Dean Dabbs, Michael Dabney. Cynthia Jane Dacy Joe. II 416.424 424 615 308 Craven. Melvin L 348 561 626 594 Cravens, George F 288 Crawford, Charles G Crawford, Janet Susan 627 627 . . 561 406.626 602 394 626 398 Crawford, Janice Anne Crawford. John Hayden Crawford, Keith Joseph . . . 289, 346 627 . . . .145.627 .299. 561 603 Dagen. Bethany Joyce Dahl, Hans Henry . . " " . Dahl. Philip Orrm 178.627 292 603 Crawford. Maureen Ann Dahlberg, Gregory Wayne .... Dahlberg, Kathy Evelyn Daigh. Margaret Olivia Daily, Elizabeth Jane 117 The Daily Texan Dale. Frances Louise Dale, Lawrence Becker Dalisera. Laura Ann Dallas. Cham Edwards Dalrymple, Laurel Ann Dalton. Jerry Wayne Dalton. Richard Eugene 416 379 300 184.307.594 300 602 299 287.406.615 322. 626 288 Crawford. Richard P Crawford, Robert F Crawford. Ronald Douglas 615 380 ... 200. 201 195 354 334 146. 147 196.615 388 312 287 274,282.595 603 Creamer. Frank D 218 287 Creighton, Janna Lynn 627 376 Crenshaw. Howard W.. Jr Crews, Camille Lynn 292 364 346 . 190.627 ' illiam 3 92 9 270.360 Cnm, Kathryn E Damuth. Keith Stewart . . ' 356 342 192.344.615 299 Crist, Mary Theresa Crist. Michael Albert 139 . .312.561 627 286. 308. 334 .199.398 Damuth. Steven Craig Danford. Vicki Ruth 343 .340.603 uis 615 444. 445 Cnsweii, Carol Leigh Crockard, Carol Ann Daniel. Dale Spence . 356.615 lam .... mer Klers, Jr liam h ane k fury iue h 226.302.561 288 293.301 342 . 615 Crockett, David Daniel Daniel. David Grant Daniel. Deborah Jane Daniel. James Donald 291.292 Cromeens. George M Crone. William Kennedy Cronkite, Walter Crook. Robert Barry Crooker. Linda Ann, Crooks. Belinda Gail Crosby. Nancy Gail Croslin. Cynthia A 416 . 184.627 295. 404. 672 384 286. 294. 366 627 182.183.603 292. 324 324.561 627 287,406 561 Daniel. PattiLynn 139,344,627 288,376 184,307 561 270 Daniel, Richard Jay Daniel. Robert Ellison 248.561 302 Daniels. Glenda L Bowden 353 Daniels. John Thomas. II 337 615 Daniels. Mark Edward 372.561 Cross. James Lynn . . Cross. Jerrel Lee 603 226 370 in lane . L _ee an cis . . M..Mrs. l B . ll J Jr n n lane wng. Ill . .-192.289.344 286.615 303 356 627 311 125 287 374 615 Uanielson. ayne A 354 291.562 Crosslin, Donald Wayne 416 342 Danton. Mary Margaret Crosson. Harriet M Crosswhite, Charles M Crouch. Christopher G Grouse, Philip Charles 113.119, 228. Crow, Don John. Jr 541 424 .... 226. 561 295. 297. 548 312 127 Darby, Darlyn Darden. Amy Jill Dardenne, Christine A 627 615 360 344 293, 295. 298. 562 562 238. 298. 562 180 463 562 Dareos. Amanda Jean Dargatz. Richard G 157. 239. Darley. Brian Hadley Darling. Elizabeth A Darling. Stephen C Darnell. Lmda Williams Darr. Deborah Jean Darvm, David Michael . . . 287. 394 293 311 Crow. Karen Ann Crow. Lucy Doggett Crow. Robert Owen Crow. Theodore Franklin Crow. W. A Crowe. Robert Irl Crowe, William Richard . . . .289.326 .. . .191.382 ....192.370 303 ... .312,561 . . .189.603 342.416 ... .273.302 . . 398 31 1 145.627 627 615 288 627 561 204 627 548 Darvm, Karen Lynn 627 172 Darwin. William Lloyd Croweii, Michael Wachlin Crowley. Elizabeth Crownover, Gail Ann Dashieii. Diane Date. Hiroche Jose 344 280 281 Daugherty, Scott Riley 615 Davenport. Karen Beth 366 index 643 Page Page Davey, Christopher R. ... 288 Dellacroce, Mary L 406 324 266 228-229 126 . .346-347 Da dson DanelBr 348-349 Davidson, Donel Lee 627 603 Delta Sigma Phi 350-351 352-353 Davidson, Jerry Saunders Davidson, Mark Dennis . . . . 303 562 237 Delta Tau Delta De a Upsilon . . 354-355 356-357 358-359 Davidson. Samuel H Davidson, Sharon Joy 299 286.615 181 DeLuna. Juan Rosendo Demakes, Peter Thomas 603 279.295.298 287 Davies, Neil Spencer Davila, Nyra Danielle 615 627 382 DeMoss, Timothy Wayne Dempsey, Pamela Denbo. Joel Byron 627 334.627 400 Davis, Ben Marion. Jr Davis, Billy Bryan Davis. Billy Dee. Jr Davis. Bobby Joe Davis, Carol Evans Davis. Carol Jean Davis, Charles T , Jr 603 562 228,603 279.280 364 603 . 362, 562 Denena, Margaret Mary Denham. James Grant Denise, Donna Dianne Denison. Eleanor S Denison. John Thomas Denius, Frank Wofford Denko. John Scott 127,196 293 562 603 627 416 124 324 562 338 Davis, Cody Allen Davis, Dana Bess ..119.191, 562 286.293,294.299.334 382 Denn, Aurom J Denn. Brian Alan 390 390,627 330, 562 Davis, Deborah Dee 348 216 Dennard. Caroline R Denney Deborah Kay 382 312 398 Denney. Teresa Susan 286 326, 603 Dennis, George W.. Jr 444 Davis. Fonda Faye 328 302 303 Dennis. Robin Rosemary . . 627 161,287,627 Davis. Gary Wayne 562 291 Denny, Michael Bruce 388 233 Da s Harold Louis 615 Davis, Harold Neal, Jr . . . . 238 286 310 603 Denson, Dianne 562 449 Davis. Jannell 127 615 Dentler, George Henry Denton, Cynthia Ann 354 210 Davis. Jennifer Roe Davis, Jerome Kelly Davis, John Kimsey Davis, John Lawson Davis. Judy Elizabeth Davis. Kendall Craig Davis, Kenneth Harrel Davis, Lance Harrison Davis. Leslie Ann Davis, Leslie Jean Davis. Lisa Marie 286. 293 368,562 562 343 348 184,187,203 390 362, 627 366,615 627 627 595 Denton, David King Denton, Lloyd Albert, Jr Denton, William P Denys, Frances P DePasse, John Andrus Derdak, Stephen Denchsweiler. John W Derr, John Paul Derr, Warner Gordon Desai, Jatin Ambalal Dettman. Laura Jane Deity James William 228 293 195.362,615 603 290.312 562 228,603 562 126.236.562 236 145.603 627 344 368 Davis, Mallonee Davis, Marc Stephen 406 ,400 . . . .231,289,340.595 Devine, Shaun Ellen Devos, Martin Louis DeWette, Frederick W 603 615 292 488 Davis, Marianne Davis. Michael Wayne Davis, Nancy Gail Davis. NorrisG Davis, Patricia Gail Davis, Phillip Lee Davis, Reagan Hunter Davis. Rebecca Lynn Davis, Richard Carl, Jr David. Richard F . Jr Davis. Robert Alan Davis, Robert Earle Davis, Shernlee D., Mrs Davis, Susan Davis. Susan Cecelia Davis, Thomas C Davis, Vicki Lynn Davis, Waters S. ,1V Davison. Mary Joy Dawkins, Mary Ellen Dawson, Jeffrey Dale 241 562 61 5 292.507 562 432 374 562 416,562 228, 603 627 595 310 232 287 179 353,562 374 181 627 302 293 294 603 DeWette, Julia Regina DeWotf, Steven Kelley Dexter, Daniel Stephen Dexter, George Ellis DeYoung, Andrew Glenn Dezo, George Steve Dezonia. Terry Alan Diamond. KimberleySue Diamond. Marilyn Pearl Diaz. Francisco Javier Diaz, Graciela . Diaz, Mary Esther Diazdeleon, V. O..Jr DiBrell, Cooper Graham Dick. David Michael Dick, Kathryn Virginia Dickenson. Carmey C,, Jr Dicker, Thomas William Dickerson, Cecilia D Dickerson. Mary Patrice Dickey. Richard D 287 603 376 262 189 615 362.627 348.627 603 288 562 286.615 562 343 603 286,326,615 562 278,280 181.311,340 340.603 384 374 Dawson, Mary L Day, Edgar Allan Day, Elizabeth Ann Day, Helen Marshall Day, Michael Stephen Day, Richard Allen Day. Steven Earl De La Cerda, Alejandro E. . . De Stefano. Deborah K Deage. Ronald James . Deal, James WiNiam Deal, Suzanne Dean, Ann Elizabeth Dean, Deborah Kay Dean, Dorothy W Dean. Glenna Williams Dean, Michael Wayne Dean, Vicki Lynn Dean, William Ashby Dearborn, David S. P Dearborn. Erlinda R. C., Mrs. . Deason, Jeff Timothy Debord, Sally Lorraine Debus, Donna Lynn DeCamp. Lane Conely Decelles. Barbette Mane . Deckard, Larry Arthur Decker, Sarah Ann Decker. Stephen Markwell . . DeCoster, Alan Victor DeCuir, Donna Kaye .... DeCuir. Kay Frances Deen. Lynn Keith Dees, Bunny Gay Dees, Robert Paul . . Deetjen, Alan Charles . DeFazio, Patricia Elaine DeFratus. George D DeGarza. Yvonne Beatrice Deibert. Diane Lee Deisler, Janice E Deissinger, June Marie .... DeJulio, William D Del Papa. Laura Ann . . . DeLaGarza, Carmen DeLaGarza, Luis A DeLahaye, Owen Timothy DeLano, Rocky Dean DeLatour, Thomas R., Jr, .. DeLaune, Jules Mayer . DeLaune, Suzanne Delbosque. Jesus A Delecroix. Marilou 348.595 432 . . . .364.627 . . .270.289.364,615 548 292 456 467 324,562 595 184 615 562 286,615 532 290 414,416 627 396,603 466 464 127 225.595 287,627 109,291,292 287.289.627 627 348 338, 603 466 . . . .184,187,286,307 595 615 346,603 124,127 .627 . 360. 562 627 603 615 562 286 291 1 39, 382 603 627 293 354,627 362,411.436.615 .125.139,291.370.562 562 463 124 Dicks. Frances Fmdley, Mrs. , . Dickson, ChesterV., Jr Dickson. James Edward, Jr. Diebel, Betty Sue Dierlam, John Wallace Diers. Deadra Dean Dies. David Dieste. Mariana Christine Dieter, James Monroe Dieter, PhilippG., HI Dietz, William T DiFerrante, Barbara M Dillm. William Hugo Dillon, Dan Michael Dillon. Karen Sue Dillon. Katharine A, S Dillon, Michael Owen Dillow, Robert G Dineen, Eric Jordan Dinges, Mark Gayland Dingle. William Warlord Dingier. James Robert Dingrando. Patrick M Dinino. Vincent R Dinkins, Kirk Edgar Dmsmoor, Brian Dirks, Laura Elizabeth Dirks, Susan Deborah Dismukes, Mary Lettye Dismukes, Michael G Disney. Jeanne M. Wilde .. Disney. Richard Keys Ditlman, Karen Ellen Dittman, Robert L Dittmar, Jan Michael Diltmar, Susan Jane Ditto, W. Paul, Jr Dittnch.NorbertD Dixon, James Edwin Dixon. Mark Douglas Dixon, Thomas Nelson D|unaidi. Ahmad Doak. Darlene Ann Dobbins, Deborah Anne Dobbins. Diana Lee Dobbs, Dennis Keller Dobbs. Jess Chris Dobson, Douglas Randall Dochen, Edith Diane Dochoda, Barbara Dodd, Cheryl Rae Dodds, Tommy Lane Dodds, William Stephen 293 230 548 406.562 172 286,615 384,615 287.382,627 615 236 562 294 290, 293 362. 627 562 406 293 277 627 338, 627 235 374.627 61 5 182.295 388 298 . . .145,627 291 603 215 291 562 348,615 267 153.228.562 290 562 228.302,562 228, 595 172 235 548 181 627 326,615 274 615 157,237,276.627 173,328,627 1 76, 603 326 230. 562 603 Name Dodge, Colleen Dodson, David Wayne Dodson. Mark Handle Dodson. Pansy Helane Dodson, Paul Dodson, Paul David Oodson, Timothy M, Doell. Thomas Charles Doenges, Michael G Doerr, Ronnie Lynn Doerr, Timothy M Doescher, Tracy Ellen Doherty, Michael T Doherty. Robert F Doiron, Beverly Ruth Dolan, David Francis Dolcetmo, Nevin A Dolegiewicz, Zbigniew Doluisio, James T Domask, Lucy Vaile Domask. Mary Susan Dornbroski. John Henry Dominey. Wallace James . . . Dommguez, Ernesto J Dominguez, RicardoV Domke, Robert Michael Donahue, Helen E Donahue, Sharon M Donahue, Tommy Lee Donaldson, ReneeGay Donegan, Craig Donegan, Scott Donnelt, Ellis Anne Donnell, William Robert, IV ... Donnelly, Wayne E Donner, Stanley T Donop, Paul Edwin Doolin. Colleen Jane Doores, Steven Allen Doran, Marsha Larsh Dorbandt, Dana Dorchester, Robert Jay Dore. Michete Dorf, Barbara Ann Dorfman, Myorn Herbert .... Dorgan, Maura Jean Dorman, Kern Jean Dorman, Nancy Lynn Dorn, Jill Bigger. Mrs Dorough, Frances A Domes, Vicki Lee Dorsey, Billie Woods. Mrs. . . , Dorsey. Dennis Ray Dorsey. Gary Michael Dorsey. Gordon Owen Dorsey. Robert Dosser, Debra Ann Dossett, Dennis Lee Doty, Carol Anne Doubleday. Charles W Doud, Jeanne Ann Doud, Marsha Lynn Dougal. Arwin Adelbert Dougherty, George C , Jr. ... Douglas, Beryl Annette Douglas, Bridget D Douglas, David Lynn Douglas, Gary David Douglas, Jams Kay Walker , . Douglas. Robin Melissa Douglass. Paula Doumany, Jeffrey James Doutel. Gregory John Douthit. Deann Dovalina. Agustin, Ml Dover, Carolyn Lee Dowd. Douglas Loel Dowdy, Daniel Andrew Dowdy, William C., Ill Downer. Teresa Jeanne Downey. Vanessa F Downs, MarkO Doyle, Jane Colleen Dozier. Sarah Rebecca Dozier. Thomas Hudson, II ... Dozier. William Earl Drace. Suzanne E Dragon. Jo Anne Drake. Nancy Marie Drakos, Thomas Folios Draper, William D.. Jr Dreihng, Omer A. , II Drerseszun. Marilyn Janet . . Drescher, Tommy James . Drew, Thomas A., Ill Drewry, Robert Wilson ..119, Dreyer, D ' Ardi Ruth Dreyer, Gary Edward Dreyer, Sherlene Annette Dnscoll. William Dan Driscoll, William M Driver, Daniel Richard Drobyski, Thomas Joseph Drought. Jane Travis Druepple. Debra Lee Drummond, Ann Tracy Drummond. Robert Paul .... Drury, Diane Duay, Karen Sue Duban. John Anthony Dube. Nancy Jane Dubois. Ehsa Hildee Dubow. Craig Alan Duda, Richard Oswald Dudgeon, Donnie Lou Dudley, Blair Ina Dudley, Stuart Edward Dueck, Kathryn Willms. Mrs. Duecker, SiriLynn Duensmg. Debra Diane . . . . Duerr, Joanne Lee Duff, William B Duffey, Terrence Mark Duffin. Rebecca Ann Dugger. Gary Don . Dukawoskie, Benny Duke. Donna Lynn Dukes, Michael Lee Dunbar, Robert Bruce Duncan, Christopher W. . . . Duncan, Donald C., Jr Duncan, Douglas Emmett Duncan, Holhs Lee Page . . .286.615 276.396 396 139 292 303 199 388 291 302 416 464 368 368 174,311 350 139 440,444 292,522 . , . .184.307,340,603 . . . .184,286.340,615 303 288, 293 627 238, 595 312 270.344,615 603 627 627 562 126 346 338.595 396.603 292 1 76 603 627 308 346 563 360 1 84 235 465.627 287 563 563 153,231.563 126,274 181 563 228,603 288 295 289,615 615 563 627 287 ... 324 238 380 627 563 384, 627 288 293 334 615 198.199 . . .228,279,280,563 627 184 139,328,627 293 362,627 362 627 627 379 358 241.242,308 298 235.595 256.310 . 360 287,289.346,627 125,127,139 . . 248 362 119, 155,563 235,299 615 124. 126, 128. 153.563 .. ,615 563 287. 627 114,295 595 384,603 322 364 627 ... 1 39, 627 615 334 603 362 627 394.627 ... 354 238 293.310.603 340 279,280 293 627 184.307,563 119,293 379.563,603,615.627 .235.615 324 595 262 210,334.615 436 , 288 126 374 398, 456 627 Name Page Duncan, James Paul 295, 532 Duncan, John House, Jr 388, 627 Duncan. Malcolm Perry 139 Duncan, Michael Stewart 615 Duncan, Susan Ann 344 Duncan. Vance Cameron 376, 595 Dunkle, David Pat 248 Dunlap. Beverly Jane 360 Dunlap, David Graydon 322 Dunlap, Dwight L 376 Dunlap, James Hudson, Jr 308 Dunlap, Joan M. Simpson 563 Dunlop, Donna Jean 334 Dunn, George H., Ill 288 Dunn. Gerry Lynn 396, 603 Dunn, Janet Elizabeth 603 Dunn. Kevin Jay 1 72 Dunn, Randall C 627 Dunn, Steven Robert 384,615 Dunn. Thomas Brian 548 Dunnagan. Sleven Alan 392, 627 Dunning. Paul Moore 371, 615 Dunski, Karen Kay 180 DuPont. Jarilyn C 126 Dupree. Albert F 216 Duran. Bobbi Jane 627 Durand, George Marion 243, 246, 595 Duren, Almetns Marsh 532 Durrett, Mary Ellen 292. 489 Dushkin, Leland J 400 Duson, Molly Clare 1 39. 294 Dvorak, Linda Diane 603 Dvorak, Tnsha Robin 293 Dwyer, David Alan 288, 322 Dwyer. Douglas Joseph 338 Dwyer, Michael Steven 424 Dyer, Marian 290 Dyess, Leslie Edith 139,382,615 Dykes, Donald Eugene 563 Dykes. Michael Stephen 288 Dykes, William T 416 Dzilsky, Mary Amanda 603 Eads. Dwight Eads. Joan Elizabeth Eads. Sally Jo Eakm. David Lance Eakm, Michael G. Ealey, Ricky Ray Eanes, Richard Jarrard .... Eardley, Kathleen M Eardley, Stephen C Earls, Rosa Marie Early, Cleland E., Jr Early, Robin Mary Earngey, Martha Ann Eason, Elizabeth Anne Easterltng. Charles D Easterling. Danny Karl Eastland, Richard G. . , Eaton. Bruce Allen Eaton, Missey Marie Eaves, Susan E Ebbecke, Francis V Ebers, Jena Maxine Eberspacher, Susan Eby. Elisabeth Ann Echols, Bruce Alan Echols. Victoria E,, Mrs Eckert, Timothy Eckhart. Harley Albert . . Edburg, Andrew Hugo Eddleman. AnnC bddieman, Linda Ruth Edelman, Cynthia Ann Edelman. Richard Henry . . Edens. Donald Lee Edgar. Elizabeth Ann . . Edgerton, John Medley . Edgerton. Martha Jane .. . Edgerton. Mary E Edgmgton. Sherry C Edmonds, Laura Sue Edmonds, Lester Loyd Edmondson. Chris Cathy . Edmondson. David G Education Council Edwards, Carol Ann Edwards, Charles Lee Edwards, Cheryl L. T Edwards, Christine Ann . . Edwards, Helen Antonia . . . Edwards, James Randolph . Edwards, Jo Elizabeth Edwards, KathenneAnn Edwards, Kenneth C Edwards, Linda Ann Edwards, Michael G Edwards, Michael T Edwards. Rex Mark Egan. Richard Scott, Jr Egger, Claude Billy Egger. Rita Jean Ehlmger, Dan Henry Ehret, Elizabeth A Olds Ehnch, Lisa Michele .... Eicher, Dolores Elaine . . . Eichler, Edward A., Jr Eichner, Mary Kathleen Eidman. John Bates . Eidman. Thad Gregory Eikner. Melissa K Eiland, Gary Wayne Etsemann, Roger Dean . . Eisenbaum, David M. Eisenberg. Clifford Ronald . Eisenman. Alan Jay Eisinger, Joan Denise ..... Eisner. Richard Alan . . Ekeroth, Jeanne Mari Ekiko. Ekaette Enoobong Ekman. Randall James . . . Ekstrom. Wayne Baker . Elam. Albert Richard Elbem, Steven C Elder, James Harvey, III . Elder, Tommy Dorris . . Elders, Gary Don Eldredge. Frank I 127 287 281.334,603 627 146. 147, 149 228,603 293. 298 615 334 353 126,603 360 627 287 563 627 192.388 288 563 348.615 264 615 289,615 326.563 627 595 299.301 . . .184,203,603 183,306 348 . . . , D63 328, 603 392. 627 174 310 603 563 , . , 286.312,603 615 .563 149 290, 563 124,288 155 563 . ,159,603 ' 628 ,291 292 134. 139, 144,203,603 .287,628 366, 603 248, 595 287 390 ... 1 72 290 396,615 563 462 371 563 628 180 628 126.595 . .195,368 .376 346.615 292 388 292 292.303 .-. 139 . .,615 330 287 ... 235 404 322, 563 149,292 126 295, 356 449 563 563 644 _ index Name Eliezer. Sonia Braunstein Elizalde. Thelma Elizondo, Isaac Emmanuel Elkins. Jonna Kay Elkms. Lee Elkins. Sandra Lynn. Mrs. Elkins. Susan K Elledge. Richard M Ellington, Billy Morns Ellington, Timothy D Elliott. Brett Lindsay Elliott, NevaK Elliott, Peggy Jo Elliott, Rick Delee Elliott, Robert Frank Elliott. Stephen J Elliott. Steve Allen Elliott, Susan Jane Ellis. Bill John. Jr Ellis, David Towson Ellis. Dellene Ellis. Fred Holmes Ellis. Helen Sharon Ellis. John Richard Ellis. Patricia Lynn Ellis. Stephen Hext Ellis. Thomas Wayne Ellish. Gail Frances Ellish. Nancy E Ellison. Elaine Laurie Ellison. Gary Eugene Ellison. Pamela Lee Ellison, Suzanne E Ellison. Samuel P Ellzey, Janet Lee Elmore. Deborah J Elmore. OtisE . Jr Elmquist. David William Elsas. Byron Neil Elsass. J Frank Elsen. Karen C. H Eisner. Deborah Ann Eisner. Phillip Alan Elstner. Mary Joy Elston, Cynthia Diane Eltis. Brian Murov Elton. John Albert Eltzroth. Patricia Gay Ely. Anna Wharlon. Mrs. Ely, Shelly Diane Emanuel. Dale Allen Embry. Debra Mary Embry. Wesley Roy Emerson, Marcia Ellen Emery. David Ernest Emery, Lisa Kay Emmett, Edward Martin . . Empric. Randell Elizabeth Emshott. Glenn Douglas Ender. Carolyn Jean Endsley. Woody Paul Eng. Jerry Ying Eng. Philip Engelland.LindaA Engels. Denise Ann Engh. Harold Viking Engineering Council England, Cynthia Gail . . . . England. Earl Byron Engle. Donald David. Jr. English. Edwin Madison English. Lowell D English. Montgomery Jack Engman, Robert Paul Ennen. Ann Elizabeth Ensley, Ross Alan Page 299,563 628 303 360.595 . .145.162.595 302 346. 603 628 416.424 288 628 615 145.184. 190.615 384 .563 288 603 324 . . 290 392 628 184 125.364.603 384 366 396 279 287.394 394.563 326 . ..160 127 286 295 . .287 615 .202,203.291.563 291 . 292 302 295 293 290 1 89. 595 563 .628 404.563 290 190.242,603 290 308 . . 157.595 364 291 603 595 271.348 293 289.292 288 563 302 615 628 127.162 358.628 392 156.157 563 563 293, 300 615 416.419 338. 628 290 382 179.615 Name Epperson, David Kent Epps. Calvin Lee Epps. Laura Ann Epstein. Anne Carol Epstein. Jeremiah Fain Epstein. Maralyn Epstein. Robert Andrew Epstein. Ronald Steven Epstein, Steven R Epstein, William Stuart Erdelt, James N Erickson. Randall Dodge Enckson. Wendy Lee Eriksson. Evalyn Elise Erler. Alfred Ermis. Robert Malcolm Ernst. Debra Faye Ernest, Eloise Elaine Ernst. Joseph Jacob Ernstein, Scott Barry Erskine. William Andrew Ervin. Charles Lee Erwin. David Randolph Erwin. Douglas Allen Erwin. Emilie Erwin, Henry Blake Erwin. Martha Lea Erwin, William Craig Eschner, Steven Robert . Escobar, Ruby Eshaghi. Kamran Eskowitz. Sheryl P Esler. William Vance Esmond, Christy Dian Esmond. Conley Clay Esparza, Roberto Tomas Esparza. RuthE Espmosa. Sylvia Jean Essary. Beth Ann Esslinger, Richard G Esteban, Allredo Estep, Lisa Kaye Esterak. Eugene S Estes, Deborah Anne . Estes. Mark Duane Estrada, Dolores Estrada. Jerry Javier Estrada. Vicki Mane Estrada. William J Etheredge. Cheryl Lynn Ethendge. Jacqueline Ethndge. Nancy Jo Eubank. Linda Sue Eubanks, Edwin Allen . . Eubanks. Fanchen Young Eubanks, Sara Lucille Evans. Bret Edgar Evans. Christi J Evans. Cynthia Dawn Evans, Deborah Sue Evans, Donald Ray Evans. Dorla Ann Coleman Evans. Frederick Marshall Evans, Gloria Jeane Evans, Jack Blair Evans, James Newton Evans, Janice Sue Evans. Joanna Evans, Karen Colette Evans, Kathleen Louise Evans. Manlynn E Evans. Mark Culve Evans, Rudlord Kyle Evans, Sherri Lynn Evans. Stanley Paul Evans, Steven Wendell 286.; Page 628 157.299 344.615 289 495 286. 328 404. 628 236. 299. 300. 390. 563 312 290 . . . .243.246.416.603 139 344.628 364 464 603 196 563 1 79. 292 615 628 233 388 290 346.615 338.628 181 374 563 628 236.563 615 293.312 289, 603 338,563 564 . . . 615 145,628 628 .. . .615 ....124 .360 . . .564 289 . . . .273 564 564 344, 564 384 . 615 406. 595 ... .159 .615 392.564 . .281 .406 293 127 628 . .346 .379 . ...287 . .248 174,311 .595 . 564 . .324 628 ... 334 290 292.311 200, 272 .. .183 . .. 615 . .564 .290 Name Eveland. Sandra Anne, Mrs Evensky, Jeffrey M Everett. Curtis Lamar Everett. Joan Marie Everett. Terri Lynn . Page Name 293 404.628 445 286 210.344 Ewing. John Randolph 288. 354 Ewing. Laura Susan 346 Ewing, Margaret V.. Mrs 603 Ewing. Richard E 119 Ex Students Association 546 Eyres. Melody 289. 564 Ezell. Herschel F . Ill 396 Ezell. Mona Lynn 286. 289. 346 f .172,1 Faber, Auburn 564 Faber. Gary Fred 424 Fadal. Janice Lyn 603 Fadely. Cynthia Louise 181.286 Faerber Charles V 603 Faerber. Jo Anne 289. 628 Fagan. Kathenne M. Jones . . 293 Fahey. Kathleen Ann 564 Fain. Douglas William 603 Fain. Pat Owens 396 Fairbanks. Barry James 298 Fairchild. Jan Ellen 615 Fairchild. Keith W 312 Fairchild. Paula 196 Faires. Jeanne U , Mrs 286 Fairleigh. Margaret A 358 Falcon. John Berterant 299 Falik, Jonathan Louis 404.615 Fallen, Kathleen Mary 348 Fallwell.MicheleD . . . : .-176 Fambro. Paul Edd .564 Fanelli Theresa Ann 324 Fangmeier. Keith R 235. 299 Fankhauser. Ruth Ann 172.564 Farabee. Karen Louise -.310 Farah. Michael Lee 290 Faraklas. Martha E 564 Farb Maria 286.615 Farb. Susan Renee 628 Faria, Herbert T , Jr 293 Farley, Dale Ellen 595 Farley. Kathleen E 225.310 Farley. Lame 290 Farman, Geraldine M 293 Farmer Margaret J 139.294,334.603 Farmer. Phyllis Fay 172 Farmer. Scott Monroe 356 Farnsworth. Billie S 326.603 Farnsworth. Chanda L 225.564 Farnsworth, Donna Lee 366 Farnsworth, Leslie N. C 310 Farrell John P. Jr. . . . . 371.603 Farrell, Michael Jay 615 Farrell. Porter. II 376 Farren. Steven Lee 245.248 Farrer, Claire A R., Mrs 292 Farris. Allen Dean 226,564 Farris, Thomas Dale 290 Farrow. Darryl Glenn 148 Path. Betsy 595 Fatter, Laura Elaine 344 Faubion. Sam Michael 291 Faulk Anna Lea Swimme Mrs 293 Faulkner, Bruce C 374,628 Faulkner, Michele 564 Faulkner, Wendell 0.. Jr 374 Fausset, Guy Stephen 354 Fawcett. Lynn Allen 366 192. 195. Fay. Jan Marie Fears. Martha Elaine Fears. Martha K Moore Featherston. Coy Joe Featherston. Mikiet R Features Federici, Carrie B Feehan, Mary Virginia Feemster. William C Feeney. Susan Mary Feher. Leah Theresa Fehrenkamp. Steven Harry Feiger, Tom Frances Fein. Randall Jay 127, 139 Feinberg. Carol Sue 286 Feinberg. Paul C 126, 153. 288 Fetarang, Antonio Babauta Fekete. Jane Carol Felcman. Frank L.. Jr Felcman, Leah Marie Feld. Edgar Myers Feldman. Barbara Ann Feldman. Bradley Miles Feldman. Martin Bruce Feldman. Nason Mark Feldman. Richard Ira Feldman. Robert Jack . Feldman. Sam Richard Felkel, Ryland Thomas Feller. Susan Ann Feltman. Allen Marcus Fenlaw. Rick Hillard Fenner, Lizbeth Susan Ferguson. Dennis Dean Ferguson. Donna C Ferguson. Kenneth Joseph Ferguson. Larry Wayne Ferguson. Malcolm Douglas Ferguson. Nancy Mane Ferguson, Sande Lynne Ferguson, Sara E Fernandez, Adolto L Fernandez, Charles A. . Fernandez. Cynthia Lee Fernandez, Jesus G Fernandez. Mercedes C. Fernandez. Ramon. Jr Fernbach. Susan Dee . Ferrell. David K..Jr Ferrell. Stuart Douglas . Ferris. Clayton Wayne . . . Ferris, Linda Jean Fertel. Dan Feuerstahler, G J., Ill Feuge. James Edgar Feuille, Jane Lee Ficke. Bruce William Fickett. Robert Bradford Fickman. Bruce Alan Fidler. Edward W.. Ill Fiege, Arthur Brock Field. Kim Fielder. Artie Ann Fielding. B Donald Fields. Byron Willafd Figer. Bonnie Gail Figer. Michael Gene .312, . . ..119,184.307, . ' .. ' . ' : ' . ' . ' . ' ... .230. 183.184. 187.203. Figoski. John William Figoski, Mary Rose Deeken Filidei. Marcia Kay Fihp. Glenn Allison Fillingim. Steven J Finch, Gary Edward Fmdley. Patricia Woods 192. Fmdley. Steven F 274. Fine. Deborah Louise 291 ....311 290 . . 416 . . ..416 26-106 1 78. 628 564 628 286 ..564 . .. .290 328,615 161,390 328.615 295.603 . .273 .334 226.603 628 390.564 292 404. 628 404.616 .404 288 279. 280 ....628 . . . .384 291,564 195,390 .416 628 ....274 366.628 203.291 603 302 293 346 382 564 . . . .379 ...603 548 406 628 139,628 362.604 288 .564 ....564 330.604 . .293 . ...295 364. 628 388.616 . .564 ..564 200. 272 .. .604 .. .344 311.595 . .404 368,564 184.307 306. 595 . .564 . .564 564 628 . .604 .564 348.616 362. 595 . . 286 index 645 Name Finegan, Richard A , Jr Finke. Ronald Alan Finkelslein. Devie Finkelstem. Elliol Finkelslein. Jack. Jr Finkelstem. Mark Alan Finkelstem. Sheryl L Finley. Georga Lew Fmnegan. Martha Scott Finnell. Emily Ann Fiorelli. Diane Fionllo. Carol Ann Ftrey, Walter Irving Fischer. BrendaS Fischer. Charles H Fischer. Ernest Reed Fischer. Franklin Lee Fischer. Kenneth Lyle Fischer, Meredith B Fischer. Michael C Fischer. Richard Emil Fischmger. Bonnie Gae Fish. Andrew Kaapke Fish. Deborah Ann . Fishbein, Barnet Fisher. David Sidney Fisher. Gartield. Jr Fisher, Gloria Ann Fisher. Kenneth Dolson Fisher. Nola Jan Fisher, Paul James Fisher, Randall D Fisher, Sally Gaye Fisher, Valerie Brae Fisher, William Edward Fishman, Randalljay Fisk, Kathy Deidre Fitchhorn, Larry Edward Fithian, Paula Elaine Fitzgerald. Mollie Ann Fitzgibbons, Rose M Fitzpatnck, James K B Fitzpatrick. Sally B Flanagan. Margaret Mary Flautt. Robert Bernard Flax, Mmdy Ellen Flaxman. Margaret Fleck. Warren C Fleming, Charles M Fleming. Frank Crawford Fleming. Margaret R Fleming. Robert John Fleming. Shirley Ann Fleming. Stephen Grady Flemister. Brooks Lee Fleschler. Sammy Fletcher. Vicki Lynn Flick, Roland North Fheller. Cheryl Beth Fling. Joe Clement Flmn. Beth Ann Flippin. Benjamin D Flood. William C . Jr Floodberg, Joanne E Flores, Anna Bernice . Flores. Arnold Campos Flores. Daniel, Jr . Flores. Daniel R Flores. Elsa Flores. Martin Fartan , Flor es. Nicholas Louis Flores. Robert Reyes. Jr. Florsheim. Sylvan B. Flournoy. Helen Ruth Flowers. Amy Lee Flowers. Richard Lance Flowers. Richard Wade Flukmger Roy L Flume, Raymond L Fly Laura Neal Fly Richard Harper Fly. Sterling H., Ill Flynn. Mary Margaret Foerster. Gary Wayne Foley. Elizabeth torine Folk. David Shell Folk, Mary Isabel Folk, Susan E Folmer, Charles Fred Folse, Pamela C Folse Paul Gabriel Fonda. Pamela Gail Fong, Albert Tak Fong, Pamela N Fonken, Gerald J Fonken, Katherine E. Fontaine, Stephen Ray Foo, Bong Ling Foote, James Robert Forand, DeniseAnne Forbes, George Ellis Forbes. Randall Kevin Forbis, Nancy Katherine Forcht, Richard David Ford. Adrian Ford. Bebe Carolyn Ford. Bill Alan Ford David Thurman . . Ford. Karen Rae Ford, Mary Ellen . Ford, Ross Clifford. Jr Forehand, Richard L , Jr Foreman. Dianne Marie Foreman. Thomas Alan Forney, Patricia Lee Forrest, Deborah Kay Forrest. Linda Evelyn Forrester. Michael F. Forsyth, Leah Anne Forsythe, Andrew Joseph Fortm. Jennifer L Fortin. John Kevin Former. Jams Kay Fortson, Nina K Fos. Jill Fosdick. John jay 1 Foshee. Page Smith Foster. Albert Harold Foster, Barbara Jeanne Foster, Guy H , Jr Foster, Jane Ellen Foster, Laura Ann Foster, Reginald Floyd Page 308 291 616 . . 548 338. 595 . 330 604 364 ,628 .346 287. 628 . 340. 604 .292 564 312 444 445 236, 299 564 172 388 288. 293 564 356. 449 616 .404 330.432,616 211 628 184 346 379 350 286 287 451 404 .564 288 ,243 289. 382 564 388 . ,344 119,294 , ,293 394 ... .604 628 368. 604 119. 128. 132,384.564 340 292 604 424 . 616 302 279 . .379 289.616 616 616 628 232 628 190 . 564 288,616 245, 564 286 456 238 616 , 390 344,628 286 228.616 1 95. 398. 564 308 398. 564 109, 134. 191.294,382 241 .628 125. 196 406 616 604 154.564 628 565 310.565 540 565 343. 628 289. 604 565 293 295 287 295 288 628 565 400 354.616 287 376.604 416 328. 628 362 300 . .289 192.324 235. 299 . ,237.301 178 184.628 406 . . 310 145.328.616 273 628 291 289 449 348 565 289,616 I, 199.295,297.368,565 343 379 326 245, 246 326 120.318.364.427,604 264 Page Name Foster. Ruth Ann 191.294.326,604 Foster. Sheryl 180 Foster. Vanessa Jane 178.628 Fotescu. DeirdreZoe 119, 158, 183. 184, 191.311. 340. 595 Foulk, Michael Frank 565 Fountain, Nancy Susan 290. 292 Fournier. George R. Jr . 312 Fowler. Bobbie J Adams . 333 Fowler, Eva Elizabeth 364. 565 Fowler, Eva Mane 286. 289 Fowler, Lisa Jayn 344. 628 Fowler. Paula K Memholdt 565 Fowler. Seth Orlando 372. 565 Fowler, Vicki Lynn 604 Fowler, William Dudley . .376 Fowler, William Laird 565 Fox. Adrienne Louise 328 Fox. Charles William 388. 604 Fox. David Albert 380. 628 Fox, Denise Joellen . . . .180 Fox, Diana Jeannene 326. 464. 604 Fox, Douglas Standifer 616 Fox, Helen Ann 172 Fox Jetlrey Alan 390. 565 Fox, Justin Gregory 380. 548 Fox, Timothy Joe 354 Fox. Esther Elaine 310 Foyl, Barbara Alice . .293 Foyt. David Albm 604 Frachtman, Michael E 264,268,312 Frachtman, Richard Julian 290 Frachtman, Robert Lee , , 159.312,565 Fradenburg, C S 604 Francis Donald R Jr 238 Francis. Robert Neal 628 Francisco, Claudia A 604 Francisco, Joseph Salvadore 288 Frank, Barbara Ann .251 Frank, Dara Whitney 196.286.289 Frank, Edmund Paul 228.565 Frank, Edward Freman 125 Frank, Glenn Gregory 398 Frank, Graham .366 Frank Janet Victoria 616 Frank. John Abel .616 Frank Richard Jack 604 Franklin. Debra Fay 139 217 Franklin. Paul Rene 211.217 Franklin, Ronald Glenn 114, 149.290.295,296 Franko, Bridget Ann , 565 Franks. Carla Dean 616 Franks, Jetf Reeid 308 Franks, Lawrence Turner 532 Franks. Marvin Wayne 565 Franks, Michael Carl 616 Franks, Rita Lynn 287. 628 Frannea, John 213 Frantz, Lisa Boswell .334 Franz, Gregory Duane 236. 604 Franz, Joseph Robert 338 Franz. Stephanie Jo 628 Franzel, Robin Ellis 628 Franzetti, Paul Joseph 119,291.292.565 Fraser, Douglas Burt 1 76 Frazier, Gregory Robert 374 Frazier, Kathryn L 312 Frazier. Silas L .III 392 Frazier. Warren Wayne 374 Frazior, Glenda Sue 181 Frederick. Robert Alan 400 Frednckson, Craig Earle 362 Frednckson. Frances Dolores 287 Fredriksen. Peter Sylvester. Ill 350. 595 Free. Gale Laverne 628 Freed. Gerald Mark 400 Freedman, Elaine Brenda 293 Freedman. Glenda Jean . . . 394 Freedman, Lmda Sue 286. 293 Freedman, Marc Stephen S30 404 Freedman, Roslyn 394 Freedman, Steven Jay 404, 628 Freeland. Kathy 108. 119. 191,294.326,565 Freeland. Kelly Jayne 196.326.465.628 Freeland. Peggy S 358 Freeland, Rebecca Z 604 Freeman, Charles E. 565 Freeman, Claude Carol 290 Freeman, Frank Edward 465 Freeman, Gail Carol 628 Freeman, John Walter . 288 Freeman, Joseph Paul, Jr. ...128 Freeman, Kathy Lynne 287. 628 Freeman, Margaret L 628 Freeman. Merlin David 278 Freeman. Michael Dane 398 Freeman. Nancy Burke 366 Freeman. Richard Scott .343 Freeman, Robert Hugh 403.616 Freeman, Stanley Mark . . 424 Freitag, Jan Kathryn 344 Freitag, Mary Margaret 289 Frelich, Roger Marcus 236, 565 French, Samuel Carlton . 322.628 Freund, William David 303 Frey. Jerry McBnde .338 Frey. Kathy Lynn 139 Freytag. Gerald 265 Fnar Society 296 Fnas. Fedenco 180 Fnedberg. Michael L 312 Fnedland, Sharon L 139.286.294 Friedman. Alan Douglas 362.616 Friedman, Karen Sue 604 Fnedrich, Otto Martin 238 Fnedrich. Richard L .... 380, 628 Fnemel, Russell A 292 Friend, David Lee 290 Friend, Shelley Anne 125.127.628 Fnesenhahn. Raymond P. 288 Fntsche, Debra Ann 326 Froehlich. Anne Mary 286 Name Froehhch. Peter H Froelich. Julia Kay Frost. Richard Carl Fruchter, David E Frunkin. Morris David Fry. Robert Dodd Frye. Gail Patricia Fryer. Shan Michelle Fuchs. John Edmund, Jr. . . Fuentes. Anna Marie Fuentes. Christine Fuentes Jose Reyes, III Fuentes, Linda Diane Fuerst, Jack Nicholas Fugitt. MehndaLou Fulbnght, Katherine A. Fulbnght, Linda Anne . . Fulcher. David Glen Fulkerson. Derek J Fuller, Janet Fuller, Larry Paul Fuller. Nancy Lynne H . Mrs. Fuller, Roy Webb Fuller. Susan Rae Fullerton. William Ross Fulton. Jeanie Quinn Fulton. Robert D Funderburk, Gary Lee Funderburk, H B . Ill Fung. A Ka Wong Fung, Ko Bong Funkhouser, PaulW Furgason, Lucia Jeane Furlong, John Norman Furlow, Pamela Gayle Furr. Carol Lee g Gabb. Betsy Sholstall Gabb, J Neil Gabbart. Gregory Vance Gabele, Peter Dillon Gabriel, Larry Chris Gaddis. Martha Frances Gaddy. Clark Dale Gaddy. Susan Gaenslen Joann Mane Gage, Paula Janette Gainer John W . Ill Games, Donna Lynn Gamsburgh. Amy Beth Gailan, Rozann Galindo, Anthony Galjour. Mary K Galiour, Patricia Lynn Gall, Catherine Gallagher. Lane Gallagher. Patrick T. Page 200. 272 293 303 290.292 404.628 302 192,366,616 241.308 248 286 . .125,139.565 380,628 604 189 192,364.616 565 604 303 628 292. 604 308 293.310 233, 604 348, 628 273 364 628 184,565 243. 245. 248, 565 293 565 292 406 236, 565 348 364, 565 254 254 299 565 604 324 293.312 616 604 303 322.616 595 328, 628 595 616 616 243, 254 348, 628 326 384 ' 646 index Page Page Name 1 - . - 1 m. a 1 Gallagher. Peter Owen Gallagher. Theresa J Gallessich. June Mane Gallia Jay Lambert 302, 565 360.616 . ..132 . .291 595 287. 628 1 78. 340 288 371 295, 297 322 128, 153 293. 302 354, 628 360. 361 565 184 604 . 382 230 628 308 .291 275, 282 . 298 565 274, 628 344 394,604 616 .312 236 139.565 . 565 616 565 312.604 119 . 604 246 256 604 628 628 565 344 322 628 340. 595 302 394. 628 628 292. 302 358.604 292. 604 392, 604 308 .292 294. 324 . 565 139 628 344. 604 196 289 . . . 287 312.565 354, 595 288 .365 565 628 .628 . 287 ,565 565 291.312 291.334 334.628 326, 595 508 289. 61 6 , 406 ,565 604 286 ... .124 628 444 604 290 , 290 , .180 322 ,266 210 628 290 . -416 311.340 , 566 172,616 346 303 292 344 566 595 293 .286 628 190 338 353 239 467 217 203, 604 139 139 190 360. 566 255 196.616 398 238. 299 286.616 293. 604 326 461.595 248. 595 628 287 Genge. John Grimes Genitempo, Joseph G Gentry. Gene G George, Cecil Floyd. Jr George. Mary Frances George, Meredith Kay . . George, Robert R George, Sara Ann Gerber. Sidney Kenneth Gerdes. Randy John Geren, Preston Murdoch Geren, Richard Gene .... Gerger. Alan Sanford Gerhard. Lawrence H. Jr. .. Gerhardt, Mary Etta Gerlach, Rebecca Lea Germany, Lisa Gernentz, James Dow . . . .139.144,384.616 368,628 628 288 604 Gold. Paul Nicholas Gold. Steven Harris Goldapp. Mary K Goldberg. Alan Myer Goldberg. Kenneth E Goldberg, Marshal David 291.293 124 181 .629 199.390 139.288.400.616 Grace, Virginia E Gracey. Nancy Lynne Grady, Kathryn Ann Gral, Arthur F . Ill , 366 196.289.324 287, 629 184.629 Gallman. Kathy Jo . . 382 298. 566 616 303 Graf, Dolores Patricia Graf. Paul Albert Graff. Stanley Victor Graham. Andrew Clark .183 Graham. Anna Mane Graham. Billy Neal Graham, Cecilia Louise Graham, Deborah Dale Graham. Donald Goodrow. Ill Graham, Edward Duane Graham. Janice Lee Graham. Jerry F Graham. Joel Maurice Graham. Kathleen Frances Graham, Linda L Forsyth Graham, Lisa Ann ,303 312 548 184,238.288,293,299. 306, 604 629 125 629 311,348 449,616 Galloway. Carl S Goldberg. Neil Allen 404 289 616 Gamble, David Shuler 424 127 Golden. Grace Evelyn Golden. James M . Jr Golden. Natalie Ruth Golden. Paula D Raines Golden, Robert Edward Golden, Vicki Lynn Goldenthal, Karen Lynn Colder, Mary Noel Goldfaden. Celane Goldlarb. Ben Allen Goldfarb. Nancy Ellen Goldlarb. Pamela Dee Goldfarb. Paul Milton. Jr Goldfarb, Richard Alan Goldman Randy Frank Goldman. William Stuart Goldsberry. Alan Wayne Goldsmith. Harry Louis Goldsmith. Karan Jane Goldsmith. Mark David Goldsmith, Ross Paul Goldsobel. Gary Jay Goldstein, Daniel Jay Goldstein, David Neal Goldstein. Kenneth I Goldstein. Phyllis C Goldstein. Robbie Ann Golemon. Kerry Lynn Golemon Larry Wilson Goles Sandra Kay Golman Richard Tod Goman, Thomas Leon Gomez, Anna Maria Gomez, Antonio Esteban Gomez. Mary Alice Gomez. Ramon K Gomillion. Douglas M Gonzales. Ramon Gonzales, Richard R . Jr Gonzalez, Arturo, Jr Gonzalez, Baldemar Gonzalez, Juan. Jr Gonzalez. Michael S. Gonzalez, Mona Luisa Gonzalez, Patricio C 114 353.604 566 190.566 566 303 .616 291 . 358.616 394. 566 404,629 308, 566 328 127.291.566 291,312 390 356 124.139,189 303 348 371 293 404 330 390 400 394 566 286 616 186 404.616 199.362 190,312.604 279. 387. 596 604 300 629 189 288 566 293 189.604 277 604 139. 189.295,566 616 Gamblin. Charlie Vin 388 124 302 Gamez, Thomas Gander, Rita Mane, Mrs Gandin, David Lee Gandy. Cheryl Diane Gandy. Karol Ann Ganem. Richard Joseph Gangluff . Laura Ann Ganju. Vijaya K Gann. Elizabeth Kathnn Gannaway Robert R . Jr Gant. Alan Dale Gant Deborah Lynn Ganzer. Donna Alene Garbade, Sandra L Garber Rebecca June Garcia, Debra Laura Garcia, Elizabeth M Garcia. Emede Garcia. Esparci Mary Garcia. Eva Leticia Garcia. Felix Henry Garcia. Henry G Garcia Jonas Garcia. Jose Antonio Garcia. Margie Garcia. Mano Altredo Garcia. Nelda Alma Garcia, Raymond Garcia. Sandra 366 366 595 366 566 360.596 308 174 290 172.596 629 271 362 376 Gertner Caren R 290 Gertner. Edward David Gesell. Mary Kathryn Getz, Richard Andrew Ghadessy, Esmael Ghandtoroush, Parviz Ghaun. Shameem Kathenne Gholson. Kristen G Gibb, Elizabeth Glenadine Gibbms, Robert L . IV Gibbons. Cynthia Amanda Gibbs. Harry Felton Giblin Norborne Anthony . Gibson, Georgiana Gibson, Jalene Gibson. James William Gibson. Julia Sue Gibson. Roscoe Mike Gibson. Sara Vance 404.616 287,382.628 288 464 238 291.292,312 279. 280 292 424 466 392. 628 436,616 286 382 290 348 403. 566 212 196 344 628 629 Graham, Robin Elaine Graham, Stanley Keith Graham, Stuart Malcolm Graham. Susan Dtanne Grammer. William Allan Granaghan. John Thomas Granberry. Guylene E . Mrs. Granberry, Karen L, Granoft. Susan Denise Granot, Pamela Anne Grant, Daniel Mclnlosh ' Grant. Joseph Harmon Grant. Marvin R A . Jr Grant. Peter Harrison Grant. Phyllis L Grass. Mary V Gravel. Delia Anne Graves. Jane Ellen Gray. Edwin Darren Gray. Gib Wayne Gray Jo Elaine Gray. Kenneth Eugene Gray. Linda Gray. Nancy Ann Gray. Stephen Lewis Grayson. Glenn Edward Gready. Donellen Marie Greaves. Amy Grace Greaves. Holly Bruce Green. Ban Draper Green. Beverly Kay Green, Charles Howard Green. Donna Frances Green, Jacob .616 145.288.616 293 180.311 362, 567 . . . . 290 567 178 629 365 288 290 343 629 604 567 289 287. 289 416 567 604 518 567 286,616 629 567 287.406 324 366 396,616 ' 307 330 629 337 290 Gibson. Thomas J Gibson. William Charles Gidden, Barry Paul Gidel. Margot Jo Gideon, James Leslie Gideon, Rale Sterling Gidley, Michael Andrew Gidseg. Mitchell E Gieryn, Denise Ann . . Giltm, Charles Grady, Jr Gilbert, Bradtord A. . Gilbert, Bryan Ray . Gilbert, Gib Carl Gilchnst, Cynthia R Giles, Bobby Dale Giles Ellen Elizabeth Giles, James Board Giles, Jeanie Lee Gill. James Edwin Gill, Jet Carney Gill. Kevin Gill. Rachel Gillman, Leonard Gillaspia. Lawrence Troy Gillen. Kirstie Johnson Gillen, Pamela Kay Giller, Cole A Giller, Rachel Ann Gilles Marguerite W Gillespie. Debra Lynn Gillespie. John M Gillespie. Kathy Lyn Gillespie. Ray Cooke Gillette. Michael L Gilliam, Steven Ray Gilliland. Elizabeth K Gillis, James Howard Gillis. Joel Lynn Gillory, David O , III Gilmore, Carol Sue Gilmore. Marilyn J Gilpin, Deborah Jo Gilpin. James Russell, Jr Gmnings. Paul Douglas Ginsburg. Robert L Gipe, Loraine D Gipson. Mark Joel Gipson, Zia Ann ... Girard. Denise Marie Gist. Kathy Ann Given. Richard B Givens. Gerald R Givens. Janice Diane Gladden, Linda Sue Gladstone. Richard A Glaeser George Henry Glascock. Billy Jack Glaspie Michael D Glaspy. Michael Ray Glass Carol Ann Glass David Carter Glass. Janice Grace Glass. Nancy Marie Glaubach, Charles S Glaze. Barbara Ann Glazer, Gary Martin Glazer. Richard L Gleason, Donna Mary Cleaves. James Leslie Glebus. Kathy Lee Glende. Joel Russell Gtenewinkel. Gary W Glenn. Carolyn Yvonne Glick. Howard Craig Glover Robert Lloyd Gloyna. David Fred Gloyna. Earnest Frederick Goad, Jaan Ray Gober Gwendolyn Goble.LydiaL 212.213 374.616 392.604 366 338.452.456 203, 236. 566 604 330 334. 566 322, 596 424 200,273 566 348 194. 195.398.416 346. 566 312,376,566 604 338 230 362, 628 588 488 ...... 616 308 566 293 628 ...124 366 566 628 628 295, 296 424 286 139 604 309.384 1 96. 340, 628 628 344 566 237 388,616 344 139,312 114 616 566 404. 604 , 292 346,616 360, 628 566 548 . 416 337 279 346. 628 292 287 406 278 406,566 404,628 390.628 616 354. 566 616 . 184 229, 604 287, 289 404 288 116.128.157,295.566 295.516 1 72, 265 127,566 604 302 Garcia. Thomas J Gardemal Suzanne Gardiner. Greg Lion Gardner, Carl S Gardner Deborah Gail Gardner, Deborah Jill Gardner. Elaine Gardner. Gary Ralph Gardner. Mmalee Ethel 231 Gardner. Susan Kay Ganbay. Lorenzo, Jr Ganng. David Garland. William K Garner. Christine Nemetz Garner. Jane Ellen Garner Katharine Marie Garner. Paula Suzette Garret! AnnM Garretl. Carol Chris 240 Garrett, Cathy Garrett, Christene Jeanette Garrett, Jeannette Garrett, Kennon M 184,239 Garrett, Max Edwin Garretl, Robert K Garrett, Sally Anne Garretl. William R Garrison. Pamela Jo Garrott, Susan K. Garson. Michele Ann Gartig, William G Gartman. Deborah Lynn Gartman. Glenna Beth Garvey. Catherine Elizabeth Garvey. Helen Marie Garvey. Susan Lynn Garvie. Peter M Gary. Linda Ruth Gary. Pamela Susan Garza. Corma Ruth Garza Dahlia Garza, Dora Elisa Garza, Janet Mane Garza. Jose Garza. Juan Manuel Garza. Lauro Noel Garza. Mary Elizabeth Garza. Pete Roque Garza, Rebecca Ann G Garza ReneAllonso Garza. Roberto E Gaskin, Patrice Lea Caspar. Alexander J Caspar. Stephen Ross Gaspard. Robert Glen Gassier, Florence Fay Gastmger, Carol E Gastler, Connie Ruth Gaston. Janet Mane Gaston, Raymond Frazier Gates, Barbara G Gates Patricia R Gates. Thomas Claude Gatewood. Donna Ruthea Gathman. Dona Louise Gathman. Julie Anna Gatlin Barbara Jean Gatlm Karla Katheryn Gatti. Anthony Micheal Gauntt. Edwma Delores Gaus. Kathenne Ann Gavito, Daniel David Gay, Geneva Ga le David William Gaynor. John Matthew Gaytan. Reynaldo Luian ode Gearhart. Dee Ann 293. Gearing. Mary E . Home Economics Society Gearner Cindy Lou Geary, Michael Patrick Gedaly. Jerrell Mark Gee, Juanna Inez Geer. Avis 124 289. Gehnng. Mary Sue Geldert, Douglas Vance Geldmeier. Gary Fred Gelfo. Deborah Lynn Gelphman Janet L 1 293 629 Gonzalez. Roberto R 566 239,299 616 616 449 566 374 629 236. 292, 295, 297, 300 596 114-119 293, 299 629 629 566 393 344 287 324 344 460 376, 629 616 322 303 566 365 .566 354,629 293.312 340 .178. 190.629 302 189 289. 290. 293 376 205 287 376 376. 427 348 124.629 380, 566 416 629 404. 604 358. 604 288.362.616 178.286.616 196.287 119.566 302 191.294,311.358, 604 366 366 596 567 444 288, 400 400. 567 279. 280 139 328,629 291.312 328 . 362 466 567 374. 629 292 148 334.616 149,241 384.596 365 Good. Melissa Leigh Good. Scott Bradley Goodall. Richard A Goodbinder. Robert L Goode. George Irwin 114.119. Gooden. Diane E Goodlellows Goodfned, Gary Paul Goodfriend. Patricia Goodheart.MarkC, Goodlelt, John Charles Goodloe. James Clay Goodman, Betsy Shearer Goodman. Candace Elaine Goodman, Carolyn Sue Goodman, Deborah Dawn Goodman, Richard L Goodman, Robert G Goodnight, Gary Don Goodrich, Thomas Eldon . Goodrich, Wade Sperry Goodroe, Michael Edgar 262. 263. Goodson. Linda Kay Goodwin. Carol Lynn Goodwin. Charles G .III Goodwin. John Randall Goodwin. Olivia C Goodwin. Sylvia Lula Gor. Carol Jean Goranson. Bruce Alan Gordon. Barbara Ann Gordon. Charles William Gordon, Donald Thomas Gordon. Gayle Denise Gordon. Harold John Gordon. James L Gordon. Linda Marlene Gordon. Paul Kamsler Gordon. Richard Edward Gordon, William Patrick Gore Louis Calvin Goren.AbeS Gorin, Christy Ann Gorman. Jack Streety Gormley. Mary Therese Gormley. Patricia Ellen Gornick. Thomas W Gorse, Mary Lee Metzger Gorzycki, Diane Elaine 119,184, Gose, Leslie Margaret Gose, Louise Melissa Gosnell. Shellie Marie Goss, Debra Ann Goss, Glenn Sterling Gossen. Gary Scott Gossen. Steven Andrew Gott, Patricia Bertha Gottesman Marcia Sue Gottesman Mark Jesse Gottlieb, Joan Kay Goudge. James Donald Gould. Charles Thomas Gould. Jacquelyn Rose Gould. John Albert Gould. Lewis Ludlow Gouldy James Robert Goyne, Mary Kathenne Grace, Luther L . Jr 116 ' Jancy Chandler 286 604 629 629 Green Robert Dale Green Vicki Jo 604 616 Greenberg, Dana Mane Greenberg, Elenanne R L Greenberg, Judith L Greenberg, Terry Ann Greenblum, Jeffrey L Greene, Barbara B Greene, James Barrow, Jr Greene. Kimberly Jean Greene, Linda G Greene Marsha Renee Greene, Richard Bert Greenlee. Stewart D Greenman, Shelley Lynn . Greenspan. Donald Ray Greenwood, Alan Dale Greer. Carol Anne Greer. Christine Gay Greer. Dewitl C Greer. James R . Jr 286 287 328 629 328 604 302,567 604 308 287. 340 126.231 271.360 291.293 290 328.629 330 303 629 382 295 237.301 324 Gregg, David Joseph 616 358 604 Gregory. Bobby Edward 567 366 Gregory. Dalton Ray Gregory. E Jean Wheat, Mrs Gregory, Margaret E Gregory. Michael B Gregory. Patricia A Gregory, Wayne Alan Greif Marian Bnley. Mrs Greil, William Briley Greig, JaneS , Mrs Gremilhon. Charles A., Ill Gremm, Susan Joy . Grenader. Harry Boris Gresham, James C.. Jr Gresham. Michael J Gresser, Cheryl Lynne Gnbble. Kruse Gribble, Robert Leslie Gridley, Gregory Charles Griffin. Barbara L Griffin. Fred David Griffin, James Michael Gritfin, Joseph Andrew. Jr Griffin. Kathenne M Griffm Kenneth Wayne Griffin. Marcus Ray Griffin, Mark Howard Griffin, Mary Jeanette Griffin, Menanne Griffin, Patrick Jones Griffin, Randy Ray Griffin, Stephanie Ann Griffin. Wilma Pitts. Mrs 567 567 145 195.393 324 290 293 291 292 371.616 395 400.616 1 49. 424 398. 604 125.286.289 157.237.567 144 616 292 629 288 629 356. 61 6 406 189.629 456 239 616 406 567 567 217 293 379 629 Godfrey. Janice L Godley. Linda Goebel Michael Ray Goebel. Vicki Jo Goerner, Carol Susan Goertz, Michael B Goertz. Roland Adolph Goelting, Leslie Ann God, John Collins Goggin. John R , Jr Gohl Jeane Marie 256 532 . .... 239 566 292. 566 229. 604 , 628 293 371,628 566 348. 566 Griffith. Patricia Ann Griffith. Rudolph D Griffith. Victoria R Griffith, Wilma Bugh. Mrs Grigassy. Joan Martha Gngis. Suzanne E Gngsby, Dorothea A Grigsby, Robert A Grimes. Elizabeth A Grimes. James Randall Grimes Leigh Arden 127 372. 440. 444 464 290 629 567 604 596 382 362 629 344 Page Page Name Page Grimes, Lisa lleene Grimes. Sally Jane . 287.289,629 139,616 Hale. Bryan Mance Hale, Carol Ann Hale, Donald Eugene Hale, Eileen Hale. Janet Sue Hale, Judy Hale. Steven Duncan Hales, James Andrew .262 Haley. Gregory Keith Halfmann. Mark Edward Halford, Marion L., Jr Hall, Becki Laree Hall. Betsy Hall, Blame R.Jr 159 293 302 181 289 325. 604 629 263. 267, 268. 283, 291 .629 354.416 293 406 146,241.308.567 567 322 Harmon, Scott Ingersoll . Harms, Robert Thomas Harness, Christopher C . Harness, John David. II Harper. Cynthia Jane Harper. Joseph M. , Harper, Stephen C Harrel. Melissa Harrel. Nicholas Murphy Harrell, Charles Edward Harrell. Jack Edward .... Harrell, Janet E Harrell. Roberts Harren, Henry Franklin . . . Harrington. Kathleen H. Harrington. Manann Harrington. Mark G Harrington. Timothy C Harris. Ann Marie Harris. Billy Joe Harris, Carolyn E Hams, Constance Helen . Harris, Cynthia Ruth . . Harris. David Reeves Harris, Donna Margaret Harris, Edward C.. Jr. . . Harris, Gail Cynthia Harris, Gary Don Hams, Iva Mae Harris, Jennifer,568 496 338.596 302 Hawley. Mananna H 365 Grimes. Stephen Clark Gnmm, Michael Kenneth 362.567 396. 629 281 Hawthorne, Lou Ann Hayataka, Holly Aiko 605 286 308 629 Hayden, Linda Claire 406.617 Grittman, David Hadley . .184 Grob. Charles E Groce. Gaylen Lee 293.302 290 Hayden, Timothy Lee 200 272 Grombacher, Kerry Alan 290 605 Hayes. James Michael 568 527 288,616 596 124 Hayes. Patty Anne Haynes, Chene Yvonne Haynes, David R Haynes, Don Theodore Haynes. James Erwin Haynes. Julie Cale Haynes, William Comer Hayme. Richard Alan 344 346,617 568 306 302, 568 406 362 230 322 Gross Celia E 178 .. ..139 291.293 , 629 286 629 287 289 Grossman, Frank Leroy Grossman, Michael Alan Grothues, Virginia M 295.356 292 271 379 Hall. Carl L.. Ill 248. 596 616 605 444 382 !I!!!! " !!!!!!!!!i9e 293.382,605 406 629 Hall, David Laneal 604 356 Hays, Cynthia Dianne Hays. Daryl Alan Hayes, Deborah Ann Hays, Deidre Lynn Hays, Jenna Margaret Hays, Karen Leigh Hays, Patricia Lynn Hayworth. David Michael Hazel. Dana Kathleen Hazeihurst, Laura T. Hazenfield. Michael G Hazlett, Holly Grover. Rebecca Lee Grozier, Phyllis Merle Grubb, Carolyn M Grubb, Susan Leslie Grubbs. KimberlyAnn Grube. Karl Theodore Gruesen, Donna Jean Gruetzner, James Kent Gruss. Deborah Carol 271 286,616 293 616 274 629 .. .184,307 272 358 366 567 629 360 360 426.617 406, 605 346 350.465 286 Hall, Ferrell Stephen 124 343 326 Hall. Jennifer Lee 289. 346 604 346, 568 629 Hall. Juha Ann Pike Hall, Kathy Lee Hall, Kelly Ann Hall. Larry Milton Hall, Mark Lewis Hall, Maun Kay 567 196,629 . . . .145.287,359,629 . .291 604 286.289.616 616 382 279 277,286 353,550 366 Guadiano, Maria G Guajardo. Elena Guanno, David Sam 604 231 189.629 368 Hall Russell Alan 350 Harris, John R., Jr Harris, John Robert Harris, Lee Ann Harris. Leland Aldwyn Harris. Marcia Lynn Harris, Margaret E Harris, Margie Annette Harris, Michael Blake .... Hams, Michael Kenneth Harris. MilfordD.. Ill Harris, Robert Dellis Harris. Susan A .... Harris. Susan Kay Harrison. Cheryl A Dedear Harrison. Dorothy Annette Harrison, Dorothy J Harrison, Emmett Elbert . Harrison, Glenda Burleson .356 Head. Janie Lane . 326 Hall, Sandra Jeanne Hall, Scotl Maurice Hall, Terry Elizabeth Hall, Vicki Gale Hallahan, Mern E Haltemann. Lynn D Halls. Steven Lowell 344 189.629 287.289 . 366 629 Gudinas. Cher 1 Jo Guel. Mario Humberto 629 567 629 596 145.629 382 196.334.616 356 189 312 385.605 406.629 617 310 287 286 184.203 Head. Kathy Mane 617 Gueler. Alfredo C 288 292 Head, Susan Elizabeth Heap, Martha Melissa Heaps, Susan Margaret Heann. Larry Gene Hearn. Elizabeth Dene. Mrs. . . . Hearn, Patricia Gail Hearn. Robert L.. Jr Hearty. Pamela Jean Heath, Jan Lorraine Heaton. Steuart Lawrence Hebert. Bruce Edward Hebert,ElsieMaeS..Mrs . Hebert, Linda Carol Hebert, Mark Hamilton Hebner, Diane Joyce Hebner. Lee Anne 568 270 361 629 346 326 303 568 617 291,312 416 311 Guerra, Imelda Celine 312,567 567 293 Halow, Renee E Halter, Richard Volpoe. Jr. . - . Ham, Ernest Larry 629 604 227,596 567 Guerrero, Joe, III 189,629 567 Guemero. Tina E Guess. Virginia Christine Guest. Diana Gail Guettler, Cynthia Ann Guidry, John Albert . .344 . . . 114.119,296 604 567 237 299 Hamblen. Tolar Numa. Ill 338 616 Hamblen. Virginia H Hamblin, Steve Ray Hamby. Cynthia Caye Hamby, Jay Pierson Hamiil, Martha Diane 365 184.306 382 371,616 129.326 293 550 139 290 190 287, 289 328 629 Guidry, Michael D 279 Guidry, Thomas Dwayne 288 Guild. William Frederick 343 288 Harrison. John Michael 125.629 Gumn. Chartes Wood 354.616 Hamilton, Jeffrey Lane Hamilton. JoeH., Jr ,_. Hamilton, Keith Lee Hamilton, Michael Ross Hamilton, Peggy Ann C.. Mrs. Hamilton, Robert Stewart . Hamilton, Sally Ann Hamilton. Susan Gay Hamilton. Thomas Yerxa . . Hamilton, Wayne Harris Hamilton, William David Hamilton, William P Hamlin. Herbert Scon Hammer, Samuel E.. II Hammond, Beverly Elaine . - . Hammond. Eleanor E Hammond, Lynn K Hammond Mary Maria 548 288 184.629 184.306 291 , 292 312,604 406. 629 366,629 354. 567 350 338, 567 416 604 299 124,, 629 346, 629 312 346, 604 295,296 Harrison, Pamela Sue Harrison. Patricia Sue 206 346, 629 Gullatt. Mary Lou Gullick. David Mauldm Gulhck. Edmond Keith 567 124 124 Heckmann, Mark Robert 568 568 Hart. Dwight D Hart. Elinor Virginia Hart. JeMery Lee 274, 629 125,178,406.629 291 Gum, Edmond Keith 139 385 Hefner, Brenda Jo Hetner, Max Randall Hefter. Linda Hollis 242,340 568 292 Gunn. Carol . . Gunn, Martha Elizabeth Gunn, Sheila M Gunn, Stephen Russell Gurley. Ronnie Anthony Gustafson, Carolyn R Gustalson, Clifford L 567 .192.348.616 366 376 245 184.629 456 Hart, Louis. Ill Hart. Mari Use Hart, Nancy Love Hart. Richard Earl Hart, Stephen Anthony Hart, Stephen Douglas Harte, Christopher M Hartinger, Michael L Hartley. Donna Lyn . Hartley. Jane E Hartman. David F Hartman. David James Hartman. Don Edward . Hartman. Michael Harvey Hartman. Robin Anne Hartman, Ronald Frank Hartman. Samuel Brent Hartwell. Madeline D Hartwig, Michael David . . Hartwig, William H Harvey, Carol J Harvey. Kala Janette Harvey, Mary Kay Harvey. Robert B 416.568 Hef ton. Maria Kay Hegar. Rebecca Lucille 605 292 286 Heggie. Larry Scon Hegton, Charles Lawson 371 288 322. 61 7 1 72 Hehn, Patricia Mane Heil, Debra Lynn Heilman. Alan E Hemsohn. Alfred W Hemtschel. Barney Morris . Heinz, Paula Stel 289 348 Gustafson, Robert Paul 616 295, 296 424 145.359.617 145,326 312,338 Guten. Ken Rae 287 616 350 568 288 322 Guthrie. Jimmy Wade Gutierrez, Benny M 174 226 Hammons, Ridge Alan 125.128 124 629 387 Gutierrez, Conrado Gutierrez, Cnstina Gutierrez, irmaG Gutierrez, Jose Hector Gutierrez, Jose M., Ill Gutierrez. Maria G Gutierrez. Richard F Gutierrez. RodolfoV 596 139,567 256,567 616 604 286 .. 184,288.616 290 292 286.289,604 604 ..424.629 301 295 Heitzeberg, Mary Sue Hejl. James George Hejl. Jane Ellen Hitt 568 182 Hampton, Cheryl Kay Hampton, James Lowell Han, Charlotte Adele 348,629 200. 272 406 . 340,629 302.568 279,211 374 238 286 312.568 195,344 47.146 256 Hejtmanek, Frank George . ... Hancock, Lucy D Crow Hand. Eddie William, Jr Haney. Vickie Ann 232 189.275.567 596 230 605 . . . . 404 Helfman, Shen Gale 395 Gutkin, Terry B Gutz. Cornelia Gertrud Guy. Greg Alan Guy, Mark Gregory Guy. Thomas Ray Guy William T., Jr. . Hankmson. Linda P Hanks. Hope Cameron Hanks, Jackson R 293 629 567 362 Heller. Harvey James Heller Leslie Lee 312 325 568 Helley, Donn W Heilman, Barbara Ann 629 629 605 Hanks, Wellington H Hanna, Chad Tolbert Hanna. Mark Monroe 568 388 568 196 616 Harvill, Patrick M Harwell. Susan Elaine Harwood, Dorothy Gail Harwood. Holly Jane Harwood. Sherry Heleen Hasenauer. Michael R Haskm. Edgerton R . Jr . . Haskm. Robert John . . Haskovec, Deborah Jo Hassell, Lacey Ann Hassell, Ralph Eugene Hastings. Mark Charles Hasty. John Allen Hasty, Obie Joe Hatch. Carlos Gregg 629 .344 286 Helm, Jan Ellen Helmbrecht, William C Helms. Brent Alan Helms. Diana Sue Helms. John Anthony Helms, Tracy G Helton, Betty Genice, Mrs Helvenston. Gloria K Hematianboroojeni, H. Hempfling, Melony G Hemphill, John Charles Hemphill, Robert Davis 184.605 343.629 371.629 196 266, 282 288 292,310 568 233 359, 629 568 126 Guyer. Michael Weems Gwynn, Richard Paul h Haardt, Margaret Lynn Haardt Patricia Kay 604 567 . . ..184.307.567 196 568 196.395.629 568 302 299 124,281,294,344,605 346,617 605 184,274 350 238.568 616 Hansard. Debrah Mane Hansen. Ellen Louise Hansen, Michelle Mane Hansen. Sherry Joretta Hanson. Cynthia L Sills 568 291.340 286 184.604 596 322 629 Haas, Maria Cecilia 382 288 616 Hanson, Michael Edwin .... Hanson. Michael Owen Hanson. Steven Alfred . 199.354.604 303 Hemstreet, H W.. Ill 125 605 Hackedorn. Lynn Hacker Diedre Elizabeth 340 616 605 Hanson, Sylvia Ann Hanz. VernonH 629 568 Henckell, Marcia Jan Henderson, Christina M Henderson. Dallas Belle Henderson, Debra Jean Henderson. James S Henderson, Scott Allen . ,.568 367 . 184.291,292,307 617 184 295, 296 629 Hackney, Amanda Lee Hackney, Greg Lee 365 288 Hatch, Michael T Hatch, Robert Milton . . . 199,354 200 617 Hapes. Raymond Edwards Hardage. Peter Michael . Hardcastle. Kay Hardee. Deborah Jo 127 Haddad. Mary E Haedge, Deborah Degaugh 340 195,416 143 346 256 Hatcher. Weldon B . . ..235 Haefner, Bruce Dwight Haegelm. Hannah L. 291 196 Hardee. Harvey Hamilton . . . Hardeman. Stephen Walter Harden. Margaret Kate Harder, Teresa Ann Hardin, John Brown, III .... Hardin, Linda Marynn , Hardin. Patricia Jean Hardin, Wesley Morgan .... Hardmg, Byran Lee Hardi ng. Vicki Ruth Hardison, Karen Rains Hardy. Janet Hardy, John White Hardy. Kit Renee Hardy, William Joseph Hare. Candice Lynne Hare. Robert Alan Harelik, Marcia Dean Hargis, John A 371.616 291 Hathaway. Bruce Alan Hathorn. Carol Faye . . . . ..617 Hendnck, Stephen Earl Hendncks. David Paul 288 . . .. , 241 Hagan. Pamela B 629 568 568 288 Hendncks. Susan D Hendrix.BurkleyJ 289 Hatley. Brennon Philip . Hatiey. Larry Dale Hatman, Curtis Lee Hatton, Harold Lee Hault, Sherne Mane Haugen. Connie Lynn 233 568 629 264 629 287 195 376 300 334 617 354,629 346 568 243, 568 192, 193.354,616 286,291,292 310 605 303 Hagemeier, Karl F , HI . . 362 Hendnx, Roy Wallace Hengst, John David Hengst, Robert Allan Henington. Shelley Hemngton. Wayne M Henk. Karen Henke, Doyle Wayne 388 290 629 326,617 403, 605 1%. 361 184 Hagens, Debra Gail 287 629 Hager. Cassie 382 Hager. Nancy Jewel 382 Hager, Pamela Sue Hagerman. Betty Sue Haggard, Carieton Brent Haggard, Linda Haynes, Mrs Haggard, Lisa Lynne 145. Hagier, Cora Hagstetle. EricS Hagy. Patricia L Hahn. Deborah E 254 462 338 567 287,289,334.629 132, 134 183. 184.306,596 302 ... 359 629 Hauk. Marilyn Kaye Haunschild. Ann E Hauser. Lawrence A Hauser, Melanie Hauser, Susan . . , Hausman, Paul Joseph Havel, Richard Dale Havemann, Steven Dale Havens. Mary D Haverkorn. Gary Wayne Havins. William Keith Hawes. David Wright Hawes. Jerry Joe, Jr Hawkins, Albert. Ill 629 325 .404,629 118. 144,191, 196.605 629 596 290 287 344 398 346 Henley. Janet Pittman, Mrs , Henna. Carol Ruth Henneberger. Cynthia L Hennersdorf, Terry Gay Hennig, Phillip Wayne . . .. Hennington. Dons Ann Henry. Jamie Lee 293 326.568 346. 569 365 569 569 184.569 173 629 277 196 424 299 Hahn. Dewayrte Edmon Hahn. Milanne Hahn. Steven Daniel Hail. Michael Wayne 548 286 . . . 199,362.604 278 567 348. 629 629 350 203,306,568 183 139.337 Hargis. Rex Wilson ...... Hargraves. Dianne Hargrove, William V Harkms, Barbara Elaine . . . 568 629 629 464.616 173 Henry, Kathleen Mane 617 200 274 629 Haile, Suzette Mayrw Haire, Charles Robert Hakes, Pamela Ann Halamicek. Edward Fred Halbrook. Michael EWon Halden. William J.jr 190.616 243.567 271.629 303 548 376 Henry, Kevin V. G Henry. Marvin Chet Henry, Nancy Denise Henry, Vickie Lynn Hensen. Charles Claude 338.424 617 569 569 630 Harley, Stanley C 605 Harlow, Michelle Diane ... Harmon. Barbara Lynn Harmon, Keith Hanna .... 616 462 184,298,306.568 Hawkins, DeloresAnn . . . . Hawkins. Kathy Lynn Hawkins, Sherry Lanell 406 286 568 648 index - - - - - - - :; . ' : : ' :,; - " . % -. ; : :_; ----- --- " 1 i. - - i - : -: : ' i Name Hensen. Jack Robert Henske. Terry Ervin Hepworth. Clyde Eugene Herbeck. Gregory E Herber. Rebecca Kathleen Herbert. Barry Edward Herbich. Barbara K Herd. Cornelia Dumas Hermanson, Nancy Ann Hermonat, David Paul Page 569 569 279 312.569 196.617 288.617.630 127.287 365 172.617 Name Hill. Cynthia Ann Page 462. 630 596 Name Page Name Holdndge. Marilyn A. . . Page 349 Holl. Herbert . ..180 Hill. Deannie Mann 596 617 Hobbs. Mark Hodde Hobbs. Melvin Xerxes. Ill Hobbs. Ricki Joanne Hobbs. Rodney Wayne Hobbs. William Charles . Hoch. Laura Anne 617 Hotlan, Douglas Wood 291 Holland. D B Jack 295 Hill. Diana Lenore Hill Elizabeth S 241 292 605 Holland, Herbert Holland. James Ctive Hollar, David Carroll Holler, Patricia Ann 143. 460 279 126 287 365, 605 Hill. Gordon Treadwell Hill. James Putnam Hill. Jan Alice 240 292 308 448, 449 287.630 326 338. 630 630 Hochman. Harry Michael Hochman, Roger Stuart Hodde. James Aubrey . . Hodge. Ernest Edward . . . Hodges. Donna Bonita . . Hodges. Joel Hodges, John Atwood . . . Hodges. Kevin Howard Modges. Steven Cameron Hodgkms. Valerie E Holley, Robert James. Jr Hollingshead, John E 368.617 569 Hernandez. Sylvia O Herndon. Anne Herndon, Marsha Serena ... Herold. John Robert Herrera. Howard Hernn, Gene Ann Herring. Stanley Alan Hernngton, Ann Hersh, Judith Inez Hersey. David Eugene Hershman, Naomi Ruth 400 605 290, 291 . 465 310 465 605 288 605 382. 605 617 237,299,301 456 346 569 Hill, Jo Ann Hill, Laura Shannon Hill, Manlee Porter Hill. Martha Ann Hill. MikeG 291.312 326 293,302 114. 125.308.382,569 605 569 291 Hollmgsworth, William E, Holloman. Julie Ann Holloway. Don Rhoads Holloway, Emily Ann Hoiloway, James P.. Jr Holloway. Michael Sterling . . . , . . .630 326.569 . . 199 334 322. 605 291 288 569 328 539 310 326 Hill Sharon McRae 310 Holloway. Randy C Hollub. Case Allen Holly. Arthur Charles Holman. Lana Jean Holman. Rebecca Mae Hull Holman. Ronald Owen 569 185 . . .617 293. 569 292 343 617 395 Holfer. Wendy Lynn 328 328 Hertz. Joel Jay Heslep. Burgess Coleen 330 310 Hill Virginia Ruth 617 Miller. Philip Joel Hoflman. Brian Jourdin 362 Hess. James Craig Hess, Timothy L Hester, Rebecca Fay 424 236. 569 617 Milliard, Claudia M Milliard, Kathleen Jean Milliard, Mark Edward Milliard, Robert James Hilhs. Shelby Ross Hillner Joseph J, Ill . . . 596 Holmans. Deborah Ann Holmes. Anne Holmes. Betty 617 . , .630 176.382 333 605 569 Hoffman, Eric George 362,569 Hester. Sandra Lynette Hester, Sara Jean Hetmer. Mary Jeanette 605 . 596 . ..416 605 605 Hoffman. Herman Wm . Jr. Hodman. Karl Richard . . . 300 605 289 365 630 Holmes. Jacqueline Suzanne Holmes. Jo Ann Holmes. Laura ,196. 287, 289 462 382 Hewer. Gary George Heweti DonaldS 298 569 630 Hilsher. JeMrey Wayne Hilson. Ralph Albert Hilton, Donna Avery. Mrs Hime. James Archie Himenway. David Justin Jimes, John Harter Himmelblau. David Mautner Hinckley William R 630 272.273 127,287 290 233 292 519 253 371 630 Hoffman. Myron David Hotfman. Patricia Kay Hoffman. Paul Alan Hoffman. Robert Clark 330,630 605 330 356 Hiatt. David Michael Hibbett. Gary Wendell Hichens, Lorraine E Hichens. Paige Adair Hickerson. Gary James Hickey. Brenda Maria Mickey. David C Hickman. Susan Diane Hickok. Linda Eileen Hickok. Nancy E Hickox. Charles E..Jr 617 456 630 ...346 605 569 290 617 184.287.630 184.307,569 234 Holmes. Paula Ann 367. 605 288 398 Hoffman. Warren AJan 288,293 Holotik. Patricia M Holste. Janet Lynn 365 286 Hoffman. William K . Ill .338.630 Holstead. Stephen D Holt. James Charles. Jr . . .185,306.605 Hinds, Alice Anne Hinds. Mari Helen Hindsman, Janet Lois Hmes. James Thomas 302. 334 334 Hoffman. Mary Beth Hofheinz. David James Hogan. John Thomas Hogan. Mary Catherine Hogan. Patrice Anne .... Hogan, Patrick Steven Hogan. Vickye Elaine .... Hogg Society Hogue. Michael Eugene 569 288 605 382, 630 617 300.398,416.569 617 297 371.630 288 Holt. Jane Brandon Holt. Mary Ellen Holt, Pamela Anne Holt Richard O ' Neil 286 344.630 125.139 605 292 153.227.569 Hicks. Helen W Hicks, James Joe Hicks, Louis Charles Hicks, Lynne Hicks. Robert Gaylord Hicks, William R Higdon. Rodney Burt Higgins. Claudia Ruth Higgins. Linda Carol Higgins. Patricia Joan High. Will R..Jr Hightower, Albert I..Jr Hightower. Kathenne A Highlower, Lynann M Hightower. Randall S Higley. Robert P Hiibig. Steven Charles Hilburn, Craig A Hilburn. Robert Edwin Hiidebrand. Cathy Hiidebrand, Janet E Hiidebrant. Sue Ann Hill, Bruce Hardy C Hill, Bruce Herbert Hill. Carla Ann 569 Mines. Randi Richardson Mines. Rosemary E 291,292 176.359,569 344 393.617 ..569 334 617 398 630 61 7 406,605 569 Holler. Martin Scott Holtz. Robert 569 497 Hmger. Charles F 630 Holtzman, James King Holtzman. Wayne H 195.322 295 Hinkle. Bruce Richard 264 Hdub. Sandra Mane Hood. Charles Michael 287. 346. 630 605 Hoipkemeier. Steven F. 569 343,617 Hinkle, Kenneth Harry Hinojosa, EduardoM Hinoiosa. Shiree C Hmshaw, Susan Anne Hmte. John Cameron 292 293 Hood. Karen Ann Hood. Lu Ann Hooks, Kathenne Elaine Hooper. Charles Jackson Hooper, John David Hooper, Russell Allen 630 406. 630 617 .195.605 288 161.630 Holaday. Frank Lewis . . . Holasek. Karla Rae . 379 605 287 382 288 288 605 346. 630 630 464 569 403 149 . 292 348 376 127.605 617 Holberg. Knstine Holbrook. Bruce 365 308 Hinterlang. Victor L . . 291 . 292 569 Holcomb. Alfred Gene Holcomb. Donald . Holcomb. Julia Faye . Holcomb. Lawrence Ivor Holcomb. Susan Lynn . . Holden. James Holden. Maurice Clarke. Jr Holder. James Michael . Holder. John E. Jr Holder. Patrick Melvin Holderman. Terry Lee Holding. Candice 195 288.312 303 Hoose. Deborah Ann Hoover. Clyde W..Jr Hoover. Dennis Jeffrey Hoover, Patsy E Lewis Hoover, Sally Jeanne 185.307 630 172 181 .570 Hippie. William John 303 Hirsch. David Weisman Hirschberg. Roy Jule . 153.405 617 293 630 189 116, 617 424 288 267 617 205 37fi Rln Hirsh Alan Michael 195 Hirsh, Gregory Joe. . Hirst. Claudia Cole Hirt. Darrell Lee Hitchins, Klaus Peter Mite, Morns Lee. Jr 279 . .310.569 248.596 273 .292 Hope, David Andrew 570 235 302 288 Hopkins, William Paul 403 33O Mitt. Jane Ellen Ho. Andrew Chun Tim . 310 299 ?qq 294 Hill. Carolyn Sue Hill. Christopher C. 326. 569 354 630 HoDDer. William Sidney. Jr. , . 209 index 649 Page Name Page Hopson. John Stephen Hopson, Kathy Annette Hopson, Rebecca Lynn Hopson. Susan Mane 237 570 382,617 605 596 Hotze. Bruce Read Houck, Joan Marie Hougen, Stephen Thorsheim Houseman. Lon Marion Houston Charles V 124, 139,376 630 312 389 424 630 Horan, Gary Bruce Horn. Cynthia Lea Horn, Gary Randall Horn, Monica Adela Horn, Stephen Campbell .. Horn, Thomas D Hornberger, Charles M Home. Ronald Dee Home, Thomas Wilson 596 241.570 180.291 395.605 369 292 264. 354. 630 338.630 299, 300 400 570 Houston, Debra Nell Houston. Jessie Ellen Houy, Lucille Gail Hovenga, John Michael ........ Howard, Beniamm Ryder Howard, Catherine Ann Howard, James Nelson, Jr Howard. John Kelley Howard, KayAileen . . .287.289,630 279 605 238 630 365 278 322.605 406.570 427 630 Homer, Thomas Roy Hornsby. Mary Jane ...... Hortenstme. Barksdale , , Horton, Alison Hubbard 570 . .605 199 302 605 Howard, Mary Ann Howard, Susan Georgette Howard, Terry William Howard. Virginia Horton 393,570 617 393.617 617 356 Horton.JohnColeman.lll . 195,374 301 Howdeshell. Kathy Lee 605 311 290 126 139 Horton, Rosemary Horvath, Tex Ann Hosek. Deborah Lynn Hosmer. Leslie Eugene Hotchkiss, Sally Anne 172 196.325 596 1 89. 274 287 Howell. Judy Kay . Howell. Matthew Charles Howell. Olive Joy Howland, William C., Ill Hoyler, Suzanna Shelton 570 617 346 630 . .310 Name Hubbard, Harriet L Hubbard, Michal Ann C Hubbard, Susan Jeanne Huber, Philip John Huber, Tighe Alan Hubert, J Douglas Hubley. James Gregory Hubner, Carolyn Ann Huchingson, Judith Henrietta Huddle. Susan Joy Huddleston, Linda Beth Huddleston. Elizabeth, Mrs , Hudgins, Lisa Kay Hudgins. Peter Lee Hudler, Cynthia Anne Hudson, Charles D Hudson, John Otis Hudson, Nancy Hudson, Sue Hudspeth, Patrick Dirk Huebinger. Frances M Huebner, Gary Wayne Huebner, Karen Anne Huebner, Kathryn Sue Huedepohl, Steven Ray Hueter, Kent Stephen Huff, Jennifer Jean Huff. Monica Anne . Page 570 292 ,145,326 146 . .416 .174 570 325 294 340, 630 344. 630 292 630 338 617 389 630 ,287,328,630 233 232.371.605 570 630 287,617 310 . , 185 617 . . . . . 365. 605 . . .617 Huffington, Charles R. Huffman, Amy Downey - 605 630 Huffman, Gay Huffman. Joseph H 596 292 Huffman. Mary Catherine 196.289,617 Hughes, Barbara Julie 605 Hughes. Bonnie Lynge 570 Hughes. Deborah Jean . 617 Hughes. Deborah Jeanne . , 340 Hughes. James Harold 126 Hughes. Jerry Adam 356 Hughes. John David 291 Hughes. Knox Brown 124, 139,253,371.570 . Hughes. Laura Hill Hughes, Leycester P , , . .341.605 570 , Hughes. Mary Lynn . 617 ' . Hughes, Melville M. Ill . 424 Hughes Robert W 293 299 Hughes, Stephanie Ann 178.359 , ' ' : ' . Hughston, Milan Ross Huguenin Patrice D 145, 185,617 243 - Huie. James Norman 398 279.280 : Hulick, Charles F 293 Hull. James Curtis ... 288 Hull JayG 291 _ Hull. Jell Michael 288.617 . ' . Hull. JohnTolar 300.393 -. ,. Hull. Julie Hatch 382 Hull. Michele Jan M .Mrs, Hullum, David Wayne 596 570 Hulse. Laurie Beth Meyer 291 ;:. Hulsey, David Brian 273 Hulsey, Gayta Leigh 596 -. Humanities Council 1 58 ' Humphrey. David Ray 291.293 . . Humphries, David R Humphries, Deborah Ann 248. 570 281 ' :,- Hundley, Catherine Marie 617 Hundley, Stephen James 398 . - . - Hung. Thomas Chung-Bun 298 . Hunnicutt, Julian P.. Ill 338 Hunsaker, Michael David 388. 605 Hunt, Barbara Lee G. S 287 - - Hunt, Gary Thomas 299 .: ' . Hunt, Lora Gale 334,617 Hunt. Lynda Joyce 353, 596 - i . Hunt. Mary Villareal 406.617 . Hunt. Rex Harris 605 - - Hunt, Thomas Lev 338 - - Hunt. Todd McLean 199,374,605 ' ; Hunter, Conswaglo, Mrs 302 Hunter, Cynthia Ann 596 ; ' ; Hunter, Gary Franklin 596 ' Hunter. Graham C 293 ' Hunter, Janet Kay 124,349.605 ;. . Hunter, Susan W , Mrs . 293 Huntington, Georgie N 630 ' . ' ..: Huntsberger, Stephen S Hurd, James Douglas, Jr 203 179 .. ' - " Hurd, Paul Windham 291 . . " Hurley. Rebecca 115, 1 24 139, 145. 191.286,326. . Hurst. Anne Roselle 617 328 - - Hurst. Karen E 334 ..--- - Hurst. Sharon Rie 281.365.605 . ' - " ' . Hurst, Tara Elgin 181 Hurst, William Steve 570 JweKr.oac Husmann, Gary William .... 185.605 .: ' - Hussey. Carol Ann 287 .---. Hussey. James J, III 424,630 ' - Huston, Kathleen Anne ... . .181.617 Hutchens. TerranceL , : 302 - Hutcheson. Richard M 288 ! jnecr la i Hutchmgs, Verna Carol 617 ' - Hutchins, Elizabeth T 334.570 Hutchins, Kim Carlson 288. 389 Hutchins, Laura Sue 344 .--. Hutchmson, Claudia L. , .344.630 : ' - ' Hutchmson. Nedra Ann ... 325.605 .- - Hutchmson, Susan E 286 - ' -- - Hutchison. Michael Don 119 JncM Croij Huttenhauer, Kathleen Ruth 617 .: - Hutton. James Philip 312 ' ' Hutzler. Sylvia Rose 570 Huynh. Tarn 288 -= Hyde, Thomas Cecil 290 -: Hyden, William Wood 354 -- - ' Hyman, Barbara Susan ... 240 ' ' ' " Hymel. Ray, Jr 125 Jtfnagri 1 cn e ; Ickelberry. Keith IEEE Igo, Joan Lanette Topham limura, Shimchi Ikel. Robert Garth Imber, Joseph Robert Immel. Karen Marie Ingersoll. Christie L Ingraham, Scott Shane Ingram, Deborah Lynn , Ingram. John Herbert, III Ingram. John Preston Ingram, Linda Kay Ingram, Tommy Edward Inman, Charles P . Jr Inter-Fraternity Council Intrater, Janet Iris Intramurals lola. Cheryl Rae Ip. David Tatwai Ip. YukHim Irby, Leonard Ray. Jr Irion. JackBaird Irwin, Connne Irwm, Nancie Gail Isaac. Carlos R Isaacks. Edith Lynn Isaacks. Linda Lawrean Isaacs. Donald M Isaacs. Linda Jean Isaacs, Steve Allen Isbell, James Lemoyne R Isbell, James Nathan Isbell. Tommy Ross Iscoe. Craig Steven Iscoe. Ira Isenhower, William M Isgur Lea Anne Ishikawa. Akira 299 238 291,570 570 114,596 199,338 596 630 . 354 361.570 176, 177,288,617 570 349.617 416 302 320 328. 630 466-471 395 299 570 . 617 570 291 , 365. 570 160 570 287.289 . . . 570 570 341 ...... 288 290 356 416 290, 605 544 236 286 303 650 index Page Name Page Name Page 139 Itz. James Harrison Ivey. Patricia Lynn Jabbour. Stephen John . . Jacks. Horace Graham .264 406.617 291 . 387,570 .... 357 Jackson. Betty Anne Jackson. Beverly Jan 145.596 570 .444 - Jackson. Bradley A Jackson, Bruce Gregory Jackson, Carol Mane Jackson. Carolyn Suzanne . 114.139 243 . .180 . 465.617 345 . . 337. 596 630 570 = mi Jackson. Don Stephen Jackson. Donald Marvin Jackson. Francis Marion, Jr. Jackson. Irene Frances 303 278.570 253 127 630 Jackson, James R 1 Jackson, Jan 570 605 266 .273 .. Jackson. Judith Anne Jackson. Mary Jeanne Jackson. Patricia Lee Jackson. Patricia Marie . . 289 617 . 346 291 630 Jackson. Richard Hiram 362.630 293 a f. - :: Jackson. Russell Wayne Jackson. Terry Lee Jackson. Thomas Ingle Jackson. William Louis Jacob. Darren Gene Jacobs. Debra Lynn Jacobs, Ellen Jane Jacobs, Gary Martin Jacobs. Mark Steven Jacobs. Philip Joseph Jacobs. Ronald Lee Jacobs, Scott Thomas Jacobs. William Robert Jacobson. Jill Jacobson. Laura Ellen . 230.288 337.617 227.302.550 . . 239 298.596 . .395 139 295 312 291.293 456 570 630 328.617 605 159 :: Jacobson. Mary Ellen 617 570 .290 617 : : " Jaffe. Mattitiahu Jaggars Larry Lee Jahn. Martin Edward James. Billy Dean. Jr James, Daniel Joseph James. Gregory Frank James. John Andrew James, John Thomas James, Mary Elizabeth James. Mary Kathryn James. Nancy Hope James. Rebecca Lee Jameson, Deborah Jane Jameson, Jay Lee Jameson. Roy Alan Janczys. Kleta Louise Janecka. Alan Chales Janes. Jeanne Barbara Jangda. Liaquat Y 570 350 617 288.617 312 389. 605 362 299 185.307.311.570 291 289. 406. 630 . .349 . . 334.630 288 291 287 605 146 233 570 - 570 .. - P ill SKI ?l Janicek, Nancy Jean Janicke. Carroll Kim Janke. James Jen Janse. Helen Bernice Jansen. Yvonne Carol Jansmg. Jennifer A Lin Janss, Raymond Ketterer Janssen. Michael Lynn Jaramillo. Diana Davila Jarnagin. Thomas Earl Jarrell. Jennifer C Jarvis. John Alexander Jarvis. Kathleen J Jarzombek, Stanley J. Jr Jaso. Emilio. Jr Jasper. Glenn Martin Jaster, Cathy Eugenia Javurek. Jamene F 1 Jax. Cathleen Ann Jayson. Sharon Kay Jealouse, Connie Marie Jeffers. Derek Byron Jefferson, Richard N Jeffords, Barbara B Jeffrey, Robert Campbell . Jeffus, Sandra Linn Jekel, Patricia Ann Jelen. Christie Jelonek. Marsha Ellen Jemelka. Jacqueline M Jenkens. Lyssa Ann Jenkins, Borden Edward Jenkins. Jamie Jenkins. Jean Louise Jenkins. Jennifer Jenkins. Joan E Jenkins. Kathleen D Jenkins. Kathryn Nell ! Jenkins. Sally Annette i Jenkins, Susan Dayton . . Jenkins. Teresa Ann Jennett. Gaston Paul Jennings. Alice Covert 1 Jennings. Andrew P Jennings. Columbus Jennings. Claude C . Jr Jennings. Dennis E I Jennings. Gayla I Jennings. Harold Bryan Jennings. June 1 Jennings, Leslie D 1 Jennings. Linda Lou Jennings. Randy Eugene Jennings. Ronald Dwain . 292 243. 398 338 365. 630 630 291 338 570 630 288 344 195.393 180.292 630 265 596 287. 289. 462. 630 359 361.617 287. 289. 395 . .617 124.128 154 286 292,507 346 289.571 550 .. .617 605 341 374 345 308 367 290 172.294 145.605 . 148.241.242 325. 630 617 274 571 302 262 302 605 346.630 292 630 . 185 176.346.605 229. 630 ..229.302.571 Jennings. Sleven K Jensen. David Christian Jensen. Gregory D. . . Jensen. Kim Kristin Jensen, Lisa Jensen, Richard Mark Jentz. Gaylord Adair Jermgan, Dana Jo Jesse, Mary Ann Jester Center Student Jett. Sabnna E Jette. Paul Eldndge. IV Jettun. Mary Kathenne Jewasko, Joan Mane Jewell, Robert Vance Jimenez, Gloria Jimenez, Norberto Encinas Jimenez. Rolando Jinks. Larry Alan Jistel, Susan Gayle Jobe. Laura Sue Jochec. Janice Sue Jochetz, George E ,.i Jocz. Bruce Roger Johanning. James Brock John. Mary Louise John, Peter William Meredith Johns. John Wheeler Johns. Linda Susan Johns. Suzanne Frances Johnson. Ann Frances Johnson, Cleveland M Johnson, Craig A Johnson, Craig Alan Johnson, Cynthia E. Johnson, David Carl Johnson, Deborah Grace Johnson, Debra Rue Johnson. Edward Lynden Johnson. Elizabeth K Johnson. Franklin Beaumont Johnson, Frederick Ch; Johnson, Gary Edward Johnson. Gary Wayne Johnson. Gayle E. Johnson, George Scott Johnson, Helen Kathy Johnson, Janie Belle Johnson, Jams Susan Johnson. Jarvis Johnson. Jean K Johnson, Jill Mynelle Johnson. John R. Johnson, Julia Johnson, Karen Sue Johnson, Kathleen Ann, Mrs Johnson, Kathy Eileen Johnson, Kent Anders Johnson, Kevin Dean Johnson. Larry Anthony Johnson, Lillian A. Johnson. Lina Lucille Johnson. Lionell Johnsop, Luther Donald Johnson, Lyn Johnson. Madeline Johnson. Mark Edward Johnson. Mary Evelyn Johnson. Melanie Lynn Johnson, Michael B Johnson. Nels Bent Johnson, Patricia Elaine Johnson, Patricia Louise Johnson, Patricia P , Mrs Johnson. Patrick Earl Johnson. Patsy Ellen Johnson, Philip Alan Johnson, Rayborn C . Jr Johnson, Ray Vernon Johnson, Regina Ann Johnson. Robert Ellis Johnson, Robert Jose Johnson, Robert Keyirce Johnson. Robert Wesley Johnson. Ronald Rease Johnson. RossH., Ill Johnson. Sammy Joe Johnson. Sandra E Johnson, Sandra Lynn. Mrs Johnson, Scott Emil Johnson, Shan Lynn Johnson. Stephen E. Johnson. Susan Elaine Johnson. Susan Rose Johnson. Tyrone Allen Johnson, Wayne W. Ill Johnston, Carl Robert Johnston. Christopher Johnston. Dennis N Johnston. Elizabeth Clinton Johnston. Jerry J Johnston. Jimmie Tom Johnston, Julia Lynn Johnston, Margaret L Johnston. Robert A Johnston. Susan Jean Johnston. Ted Neal Johnston, Tund Sverre Johnston, Wade Lee Joiner. Gaylynn Jones, Amanda Moore Jones, Barbara Anne Jones, Bryan Lee Jones. Cheryl Ann Jones. Christi Marie Jones. Dalton Bnttain Jones. Dan Richard Jones. David Christman Jones, David Ketan Jones. David Lynn Jones, David Ray Jones. Denise Marian Jones. Dennis Patman Jones. Dorothy Nell Jones. Douglas Lloyd Jones, Ellmda Nan Jones. Gregory Powers Jones. Hal Karper Jones. Jack Kelly Jones, James Christopher Jones, James Frederick. Jr Jones, Jan Jones, Janette Leslie . 571 290 Jones, Jeffrey B 354 Kassen. Margaret Ann Katsuro. Jeanne Keiko Katz, Howard Samuel Katz, Martha Frances Kauttman. Robert Porter Kaufman, Charles Oster Kaufman, Irwin C Kaufman. Michael L Kaufman. Phyllis M Kaulfus. Jan Elizabeth Kawamoto. Susan Yukie Kay. Michael Alan Kay. Robert Lawrence Kayser. Bradley Basch Kazar. David Byron Kazmann. William McKee Kboudi. Sharon Joy Kean. John David Kean, Richard Andrew Kearl. Biruta Celmins, Mrs Kearns. Paul Martin 124.139.286 214.572 .390 385 354 Jones, John Mark Jones. Judy Juanita Jones. Kevyn Colleen Jones. Larry Don Jones, Larry Gene . Jones. Larry Thomas Jones. Lawrence Jerome Jones. Leslie Charles Jones, Lorita Lynn Jones. Margaret Ann Jones. Mark Jones. Mark Rodney Jones. Mary Frances Jones, Michael Craig Jones. Michael Dee Jones. Michael Lynn 248 606 176.294.341.606 571 303 617 139 617 302.571 .. 606 571 606 .312 606 . .227 550 605 287 290 371.617 241 400,572 . . 173 278 502 286 . .617 139,630 292 [ Government .. 161 630 416 424 618 396 e 617 571 416 . . 405, 630 ..463 .114. 237 . ..362 571 617 630 630 325 237 293 398 484 Jones. Pamela L 606 310 ..349 153.231.571 393 265 Jones. Rande Leigh . . .345 398 Keaton. joEllyn Keck. Constance Rosemary Kee. David Vernon Keel. Thomas Martin. Jr Keeland. B. W. Ill Keeland, Ruth Kimberly Keeler. John Day Keeling. Jean E Keenan. Carolyn Frost Keenan, Daniel Bennett Keenan. Ruth Harris. Mrs 287 253.347 Jones. Robert Fred. Jr Jones. Sandra Earlene 630 xk . . 195.398 571 . . . .176.289 . . .374 293.416 eredilh . 292 630 Jones. Susan Annette Jones. Susie Kay 293 276. 349, 630 630 374 287.289 . 326 308 134.214 286.383.464.618 630 292 380 290 550 605 385 .571 K ace 239,299 195.362 365,571 617 630 630 400 464 606 326 Jordan. Christopher G Keeney. Juliane Keeter, SewellLee 361 Jordan. Elizabeth M . ..303 606 289 .... 359. 630 161 630 383 Jordan, Julie Ann Jordan. KatherineA Jordan. Lisa Nell Jordan. Michael Alexander Keeton. Roberta Jean 385.630 iden . . aumont . :harles rd .428.432 289, 571 293 350 126.605 550 Keeton. W Page Kegans, James Russell Kehrhahn. Carmen E Kehrhahn, Edmundo H Keils. Shari Kay 295.524 . ...243,245.248,572 572 572 359.606 290 606 361 571 Jordan, Patricia Jean Jordan, Sandra Alice Jordan, Shari Dianne Jorden. Jay Robert 606 . ..571 185.307.571 308 334 630 Kelahan. Robert C Kelemen, Victor P.. Jr 239 606 l . 176 605 239 389 Kelmske. Darryl Lois Keller. John Esten Keller. Patricia Ann Keller. Peter Charles Keller Stewart 292.572 .463 395 Joseph. Julia Ann 328 178 325 267 Josin. Sherry Ruth 617 293 .. .451 365 341 Julian. Gary Don 630 Kelley. Barbara Jean Kelley. Christopher C Kelley. David Kent Kelley. H Paul Kelley. James Allen Kelley. Julia Ann Kelley. Kenneth Verne Kelley. Linda Kay 618 200.277,282 572 . . .541 276 617 346 630 385 Jung. James Keith . 630 345 nn, Mrs n s xiy 630 367. 630 326 371.605 279 . 267 196 571 . .416 Jung, Ronnie Gene 571 606 631 . . 229.596 Jungman, Michael A 290 . .335 127.606 139 Jupp. wa ie UD ey 630 Kelley. Patricia Faye 606 Jurgens. Christopher J 185 298 618 Kellogg. Walter W. 178 293 aid 302 . . 125.617 . ..291 290 Jurica. Harold Wayne 571 617 Kelly. Debra Kay 349 .572 Junk, Thomas Wayne 291.571 292 Kelly, James Patrick ....... Kelly. Janet Ellen Kelly. Kim M Kelly, Melody Yvonne Kelly. Michael Lee Kelly. Patricia Lucille ... Kelly. Patrick Daniel Kelly. Patrick Michael Kelly. Sharon Ann Kelly. Sheryl Ann Kelly. Susan Kerr Kelly. Thomas Eric Kelsey. Robert Wier Kelting, Paul Douglas Kelver, Maeellen Meitzen Kemp. Cynthia Maysel 362,618 325.618 173.176,294,325 333 272 289 . 296,302.354.416 572 294.606 341.618 n nn ine uise Mrs 185 310 571 403. 630 225 333.617 292 312 571 308 Justus. Lisa Ann k 617 .227 350 Kadell. Kathleen Anne Kadera, Karolynn Kaderli. Gregory G Kadrovach, Connie Jean Kagan, Dan . . Kahanek. William Benno 185.630 311 288 287. 289. 630 267 571 Jr 393 571 292 369 1 . . .. l . .617 239. 596 398.631 606 ephus ' irce sley ise 9 in. Mrs ie e jn Ill rt Bf Clinton n in re re n nan n an d . r ers opher rick. Jr. 3 157,298 293 385.571 264 389 630 571 . .333 185. 189.630 196.345 571 145.361.630 287 428. 432 . .124 179 127. 128,393 393 365.612 292 ..245 126,630 125.630 350. 606 334 229. 596 292,571 . 416.422 286 335.571 . ..571 630 241.292,308.571 571 . 303 148.292 385.617 185.571 . . 174 . . . .312 571 1 26. 606 287. 383 385 345 .127 403 243, 245. 248. 571 338. 630 630 406 271.341 618 379 190 Kahn Can Beth 290 Kemp. Donna Evelyn 359.631 .174 Kahn, Cindy Bonnie Kahn Gary David 178 227 Kemper. Rebecca Jean Kempner. Russell Samuel Kendnck. Sue Ann Kennamer. Lorrin Kennard. Anthony Drew, Jr Kennedy. Aida Mane Kennedy. Charles R.. Jr. Kennedy. Demetra James Kennedy. Donald James Kennedy, George Leon Kennedy. Janet 139.367 293 Kahn. Kathy Sharon 155.571 359 631 310 295,513 237. 292. 298. 301 , 572 290 139 266 126.153.405.631 215 291 292 Kaler. Mary Kathleen 617 630 Kalish. David Daniel 376 300 235 Kaman. Mark Joel 405.617 596 Kamen. Sherri Lynn Kamtns. Janna Marlene 328 606 Kennedy. Karen Jean Kennedy Karen M. K Kennedy. Lynn Mane 287.289.631 293 310 328 349 181.311.572 349 416 Kammski. Robert Leo Kamp. John David Kamp, Michael S 295. 297. 362 380 380 301 631 Kennedy, Roberta B Kennedy William J Jr. 367 . . .215 606 Kana. James Allan Kanaly. Steven Patrick Kane. Jennifer 571 354,606 383 630 Kent. Rebecca Susan Kepper. Mary Elizabeth Kerbow. Sally Ann Kercheval. Richard T Kercho. Craig Martin 572 307 365.631 354 172 .153 Kang. Wendy Bay Kanstemer, Susan MR Kanter. Ellen Gail Kanter, Ray David Kanter Shelly Sue 286.312 291 231.292.571 571 328 630 239 596 293 Kern. Thomas Lee . .465.596 . . 150.295.297 Kerr. Diana Eve 241.242.572 365 Kaplan, Lee Landa 126 362 363 Kerr. James Robinson . 374 367 364 365 Kappa Delta Pi 304 250 Kerr. Kenneth Forbes Kerr. Sarah Frances . 357. 572 383 631 Kappa Kappa Gamma 366.367 306 Kesler. Justin Otis 380.618 572 248 249 Kappa Sigma 368.369 308 Kessler, ArleneSue Kessler. Marilyn Jo . . . 308.572 287 328 357 631 395 287 Karol. Joseph Charles Karren. Lawrence Michael Kasemsawat. Pongtip Kasmiroski. Georgia Karen . . Kaspar, Michael J Kasper, Michael Paul . . .354 390 617 Kew. Katharine Key. Howard Wayne 210 253.371.618 295 630 617 630 248 Keys. Kay Elaine Keys. Rhonda Kay Keyser . James Stephen 550 286.618 312 index 651 Page Page Name Page Khusfiaibi, Hasan Ahmed Kibler. Lisa Ann Kidd. Betsy Jane Kidd. Johnny Maurice Kidd, Jonathan Wayne Kidd. Nancy Nell Kidder. Karen Arlene Kidwell. Thomas Paul Kieke. Janice Kay Kielman, Deborah Leah Kierum. Michael Dale Kiesltng. Shirley Joan Kiger. Steven Marcus . Kilby. Ann Kilday. Patricia Rose Kilgore. Julia Ann Kilgore. Kathryn Jane Kilhan, Donna Celeste Killian. Sandra Gwyn Killmgsworth. Joe M Killion. Tina Joy Kilpatrick. James Allen Kilpatrick. Robert David Kimbell. David Alan Kimmel, Carol E Kinard. Kelly G Kmard. Martha Elaine 117 Kindschi. Christine Anderson. King. Benjamin Bowen. Jr . King. Carol Ann 302 618 572 172 Knowles. KathenneA Knowles, Nora Suzanne Knox. Bonnie Lee Peebles Knox. Cynthia B 325 383 572 237 631 Laurentz, Laurel . Laussade, Mark Rice Lauten, Michael Bruce Lauten, Suzan Kay Lauterbach, Amy Susan Lauterbach, Johnny J Lavercombe, Richard G Law, John Edward Law, Mary Alice Lawler. Kathy Diane . . . Lawler, Wilton Gale Lawless, Lee Katharine Lawlis. Grover Milton . Lawrence, Brian James . . . .139. 180,241 189.312.573 1 79. 597 349.631 286.289 200.272 288 139 573 287 Kurtzemann. Mary Beth Kurzawa. Frank Thomas Kusenberger. Annette G Kushner. Saul David Kutka. Patricia Ann Kutler. Mark Lawrence Kutz, Jo Ann Kuykendall. Robert Kent Kvilek, Charles Kevin 618 . ,631 631 . . . .302.573 1 26 286.390 462 288.618 606 618 185,307 153 606 271.596 572 298 Knox. John Richard Knox, Lundy Ann Knox, Stanley Cart .... Knue. Merry Luscaine Knysh. Andrew Meidell Kobayashi, Matumi Kober. Karilyn Eve Koch, Christine L Koch, John Clinton Koch, Laurie Elise . . .297 406.618 . 350 631 596 618 277 231.572 185.306.312.572 310,596 289 181.618 . . 347 618 606 572 233. 300 299 139,287,326,631 185 288 286.328.606 618 Kwok, Hoi Ming Kyle, Deborah Lee Kyle Jacquelyn P C . Mrs 1 LaMont. Robert . .157.293.573 631 290 293 573 573 .312 436,631 Koch. Rhonda Denise Kocurek. Karol E Koen. Joseph Clement . .631 572 200, 572 345 290 Lawrence. Janet Lynne Lawrence, Patrick N . . Lawson, Billy Michael . . . . Lawson. Cynthia Faye . . , Lawson. William David Lay. Mary Catherine Layton, Richard Allen Lazor, Richard Harvey Lea, Ltsa Lea. Steven Gerard Leach. Barbara Leach. Betty Leaks. Roosevelt Leal. Anthony F Lear. David Bruce 292.298 290 597 631 376 631 1 39. 573 573 139 631 287 293 414.416.422 265 267 383 291 , 572 . . 290 296. 303 389 365 362.631 ,124,143, 154,241,308 Mrs 293 572 349, 606 572 466 Koester, Ellen Louise 326 389 218 406 330,572 Label, Lome Sheldon Labouve, Bobby Wayne Lachico, Debra L Lackey, JanelleE Lackey, Robert Jay 312 293 573 361 254 Kogut, Steven Bernard Kohutek, Carol Ann Kokas, Rose Kathenne Kolb, Jay Thomas Kolb, Nancy Louise Kolberg, William Olat 330 618 631 374 618 209 144,192,618 185 Lacy. Lee Devereaux 293 King. Craig Kent 288,618 Kolly, Marilyn Irene Kolodzey, Pamela Kay Koncewicz. Anna Helen 466 572 631 618 631 King. Debra Kay King. Edward Lee King. Elaine 572 . .299 190 464 LaGrone, Michele Laird, Marcus Neely 631 371 Leatherman. George F Leben. Lecia Lea . Lebowitz, Amelia Kay 312 Kong, Cheong Yin Konvicka, Linda Mane Koonce, Richard C Koons, Kay Knstine Kopecki. Denis Steve Kopt. James Kenneth. Jr. . 300 631 126.371.606 289 Lala. Jack. Ill Lam, Chung-Yiu 354 298.573 250,293,572 573 King. Gail Fultz , 245 King. Janet Cornelia King, Janet Lynn King. John D King, Karen Elizabeth King, Linda Rebecca King. Phillip King, Robert Charles King. Steve Mason King. Virginia Diane 631 406. 606 ..515 406,618 287 . 274 606 287 267 Lamar, Christine Laura . . Lamb, Carol Jean Lamb. Debra Louise Lamb, Gordon Howard . Lamb. Jamie Parker Lamb. William Jack Lambda Chi Alpha 573 361.573 341 171, 172 518 380 370 371 Leche, Paul Andre Lechtenberger, Deann .... LeClair, Lewis Titus LeCroix, Robert W Ledbetter. John Michael Leddy, Hollis Drake Ledtord, GalerLee, Jr. Ledhe. Douglas Edward 1 39 178.618 303 233 126. 128.273,283.573 126 606 288 440 444 237.301 .405,572 174 Korn. Louis Alan Kornblatt, Bart Ames Kornegay, Kernll Kay Kortage, Marlene E 191, Koschak, Seth Ramsey Koschak, Sheryl Ann Koshkm. Jack Lamar Kostas. Ann Angela Kostas, Pamela G Kostka, Stetan M 573 290 618 196, 197,294,341.606 597 279,281,406,618 374 . 311 286 293 Lambda Omega Chi Lambdin. Jane Letitia 139, 286. Lambert, Carolyn Jean Lambed, Cynthia Ann " Lambert, Kathi Suzanne Lambert, Laurence C Lambros, ChrysantheA Lamm. Margaret Aileen Lammert, Rebecca Anne .243 289.293.310,326. 618 618 347.618 286,289,349,618 463 347. 573 145.606 618 286 Lee, Cassandra Gayle Lee. Annie Yuntoon Lee. Charles Andrew Lee, Cynthia Jeanne Lee, Deborah Kathleen, Mrs Lee, Donald Wei Lee. Francis Kwong Tai 606 618 303 286.312.618 573 631 303 372 Kingsbury. Larry Joe . 393. 606 367 Kinney. Barbara S Kinney. William George. Ill 631 376.618 .618 Kinsey. Richard Ed Kipp, Cynthia Gail . 362, 606 631 Kostroun. August Vince Kostura. Judith Ann . ,618 287 134 Kipp, James Marshall Kirbo. Bryan William Kirby. Dana Ann Kirby. James Edward Kirby, James M Kirby. James Robert. Jr Kirby. Kathleen Marie Kirby. Stephen Dean Kirk. Karot Kirkendall. David E Kirkham, David Ray 572 322.618 631 362 288 265 287,631 398 367 288 436 Lee, Joyce Lee, Kiyong Lee, LenaOy Quan Lee, Linda Louise Lee, Randall Scott 286.618 292 573 286. 325, 606 618 573 Koteras, Charlotte Ann Kothman. Karen Kay Kothmann. Don William Kotraba, Debra Marie Kovich. Ann Elise Kovich. Jamie Jean Kowalsky, Tanya Kozmelsky, George Kraege. Thomas Roland Kratt. Joanne Robin Kralt, Karen Sue Krahl. Ellen Louise Krakower, Michael Howard Krai. Jeanette Edith Krause. Barbara Mary Krause. Erie Lee Krause. James Krause, Robert Howard Krauskopt. David Randall Krauss, Lynn Kreitzer. Karen Lee Kremers, John Henry Krempel, Mariviv Krenek. Wilfred Michael . Kress. Barnett A 1 08. Kress. Debra Gail Kreston. William Lee Kreuzer, Paul Knbbs, Diane Yvonne . Kndner. Levy Kirk Knekhott, ValenneJ Kriger. Laurie Sue Kring, Jay Shepard Kirtser. Ann Elizabeth Knvcher, Richard R Krizov, Clair Elizabeth Knzov, Paula Ruth Kroeger. Kathenne M Kroll. David Conrad Krompak, Frank John Kronberg, Esta Lynn Krone. Mark L. Krost. Michael David Krueger. Rebecca L R Krueger. Ben Roberts Krueger, Daniel Tho mas Krueger, Elizabeths Krueger. George Charles Krueger. Preston Charles, Jr Krueger. Robert Leon Krueger. Treila Latrelle Krug, Frederick Robert Kruger, Glynn Richard Krumholz. Mira Pearl Krumholz. Pearlynne Krumlaut. Michael David Krupps, Gregory Alan Krusemark. Fred Donald Krute. Susan Diane Kubala. Stephanie J Kubena. Peggy Lorraine Kubenka. Terry Eugene Kucera. Betty Kudela. Julia Joanne Kuebler, Joe David Kuebler, John Adam Kuhl Pamela E 573 292.573 293 618 290 326 293. 302 . . . 243 286 139 287,631 405.618 311,631 286 238 128.405,573 405 185.618 573 178.196 393 631 189,188.606 128.132. 149.295.296 ,126 302 464 573 606 550 Lamont. John W Lamotta, James Francis Lamped. Gail Margaret Lancaster, Alicia Ruth Lancaster, Karen May Lancaster, Liftord Lee Lancaster, Sharon L Lanclos. Raymond J.Jr 238 573 124,286 326 . . .347.573 288,312,322,618 326 573 Lee. Steven Young 312 631 Lee, Tommy Colson . Lee. William Shelton Lee. Ying Lau , , , Leech. Patricia Jane 574 303 Lander. John William 195,338 291.574 631 365 Kirkland. Adrian Wilcox Kirkley. Charles R.Jr Kirklin. Williams Kirkpatnck. James R Kirkpatnck. Jeb Roger . Kirksey. Linda Diane Kirksey. Lockie Sue Kirsch, David Sam Kirshbaum, Shirley Ann .... Kirwan. Thomas Aiken. Ill . Kirwin. Thomas J .III Kislin. Laura Ellen 303 139 Landers. Glenn Berry Landers. James Ronald Landgraf , Jennifer A Landm. Denis Craig Landon, John Michael Landrum, Deborah Kay Landry, Terry Lynn . . 573 312.618 127.210.349 139 . .192.354.618 325 325 618 374,631 357.631 Lefeber, Nancy Ellen Lefevre, Larry K Leftwich, Steven Brown Leggett. Philip Lloyd Lehman , Larry Lee Lehmberg. Philip R. . . . Lehmusuirta, Linda Lynn Lehrmann, Linda Louise Lehtmen. Keith Harold Leibrock Eric William 287 248 631 572 631 289 139.181,572 189.618 292.308 286. 308 596 618 312 354 287,631 310 229. 606 Landry, Thomas Wayne Landsberg, Marilyn Sue Lane, Bobby Dean Lane, Deborah Lane, Deborah Jo Sittel Lane. Jody Dennis 416 395.618 606 289 176 389 267 270 326 365 179 Leighion. Audrey Dean Leigon, Charles R. Leiser. Gregory Scotl Leisey, Glenn Alan Leister. Curtis Wynne Leliis. George Patrick LeMaistre, Charles A LeMaistre, Charles F Lemberg. Chrislopher T Lemcke. Woodrow H . Jr. . . , Lemmons, Benjamin J Lemmons. Robert T.. Jr Lemoine, Raymond J Lemon. Deborah Lord .... Lemon. William M Lemond. Elizabeth Ann Lenard. Kenneth Iva . . Lent, Edward O.. Ill Lentz. Debra Elaine Lenz. Alan Stephen Lenz, Robert S Lenzner. Jean Page Leonard, David Michael Leonard, Joseph F., Ill , . Leonard, Michael M Leopard, Kathryn Ruth Leos. Eunice Leos. Faustmo, Jr Lerma. Theresa Dolores . Lerner, Steven David 574 606 464 350.606 139.203,308.606 292 202 448.449 424 574 199 299.574 293 631 302 .. .325 189,424 606 185.618 424,631 416 125 365 574 Kissinger, Marvin C Kisslmg. Laurie Ann 292 618 618 Lane, Martha Anne 618 631 238. 299 189,606 125 281,365.618 301 290.292 326,573 . 292 322 631 Kitchen, Ann Elizabeth Kitowski, Gail Mane 190 . .631 183 185 306 Lang. Charles R , Jr Lang.WilliamReed.lll Langdale. Mark Langdon, Juhe Gaye Langdon. Richard Steven Langlord, Joseph S,, Jr Langford, Mary E Langford, Teddy Lynn, Mrs Langholz, Gilbert C., Jr Langley, Jamie Jo Langston. Jana Lea Langston, Lissa Rees Klam. Alphonse Frank Klartield, Mary Kay 303 618 303 328 371.606 367 631 . ..287,289,326.631 310,326 183 288 308 190,289.312,606 618 405.631 181 374.631 428, 432 631 302, 303 189 . .416 289,341.618 618 393 287.289.395 287,328,631 189 396 290 395,631 631 464 246 287 631 298 618 347 573 Klausner, Deborah Klecka. Lura Frances Kleeman, David Ross Kleiman, David Alan Klein, Alvin Wayne Klein, Betsy Anne Klein, Deborah K McCall Klein, Joyce Marilyn Klein Leah Beth 308. 572 287 238 312 572 618 572 328 185 286 618 325 573 325 Langston. Lynn Anne Lanham, Elizabeth Lamer, Edith Maxwell Lamer, Linda Ann Lamus. Robert Andrew Lanktord. Lawrence Eugene Lankiord, Lynnette . 618 503 341 597 189.573 189.573 573 396 606 Klein, Leslie Carter Kleinberg. Linda Lee Klemecke, Karen Nanette Kleypas, Geralyn Kay Kligman, Paula Kligman. Rhonda Helene Khmt. Jeanmarie Kline, Daniel Hobbs Kline, Elizabeth G Kline, Steven C. Klinginsmith. Gregory E . Klinksiek, Sylvia Ann Kloens. Christopher Alan Klonower. Mark Cresap Klump, Jack Dee Klunick. Chester H . Jr Klurts, Vanita Joy Knape, Jan Claire Knapp. Charles B Knapp, Deborah Joann Knebel, Diane Lea Kneisley. Oliver K Kneupper, Christian D Knight, Douglas Dale Knight, Edward Stanley Knight. Florence C Knight, Rebecca M Knight, Robert Edward Knight, Sally Rust Knight. Vickie Lynn Knippa. Gary Alton Knoble, Gail Ann Knoebel. Allyson Debra Knoebel. John E Knott. Aubrey Dean Knotts. Mary Susan 192,195.362 308 618 631 338 371 631 178.618 631 574 818 291.293.400 631 618 631 127.618 416 383 185 631 287.289,631 288 444.445 618 291.312 618 286.326.618 235 325 Lanser. Robert E. , . . Lansford, Elayne L Lanz. Timothy Paul Lapeyre, James M.. Jr Lapham. Douglas D , 236 286 . .618 432 606 573 Laroche. Julie E Larrabee. Harry Ray Larson, Elisabeth Stephens Larson. Eric Martin Larson, Janet Lee , 290.292,347 295.432 325.573 .240 116.361,573 , , 503 195 369 573 Lesch. Terry Alan . 322 637 Leshikar, T ' Odon Leshin, Larry Steven " Leshm, Richard Lee Lesikar. Susan Metene Leslie Freddy Weldon . 539 288. 405 . . . 292. 302. 330, 606 190,287,289 298.574 LaRue. Clint Allen LaRue. Patricia Ann 286. 293 Leslie. Lance Lamar Lesso, William G Lester. Cheryl Ann Lester. Thomas Howard. Jr. Letsos, Mark Steven Letzkus, William C Leuchter, Linda Isabel Leung, Frank Sik Wing Leung, Yuk Chan Leva, Marcia Claire ...,., Leveil. Edward F Levens. Alan Dave Leverette, John Thomas, HI Levey. Susan Carol Levin, David Marshall Levin. Michele Lynn Levin. Phyllis Lee 631 293 335.574 326 227 631 398,572 125. 128,322.550 347,606 335.572 228 302 606 618 359,618 606 357 367 Lasik, Marsha 618 Lasof, Lee Charles 631 359 606 , 379.618 354 303 134 574 574 286 631 574 288 . 328.631 139 574 125. 127. 190.242 Latham, Larry Lee 302 Latham, Susan Lynetle Lalkovich, Pamela Rae Laltimore, David Lauer Lattimore, Michael W Lau, Steve Hung Van Lauber. Susan Lynn Lautman, llene Laughead, George Ross 290 573 606 ... .124. 179,550 . , 246 287.289.349,631 , .- 286 290 288 312 Kuhl, Walter Brice 288 338 631 Kuhlman, John Louis. Jr Kuhlmann. JarvisWade Kuhn. Jeffrey Scott Kuipers. Marvin Rus Kulpa. William Gary Kunkel. Rebecca Jayne Kunschik, Ronald J Kuntz. Eric Collins 338. 573 299 288 292 238 .383.618 227 312 Laughlm. Louann Laughhn. Mary Kay Laughlm. Richard P . . 341 .172.176.341 278. 280. 573 Page Name Page Page Name 1 S! : ' ' " 1 ' :. 3t wi KM S maa a laaail ' : : -. 3 ! . i a S ! ' ij : " ss a . j M P 9 3863 ;;i Levin, Susan Diane 139.328.618 124 Lochhead, Lawrence Rodger 606 Lundquist. Cynthia K H Lundquist. Gillespie A Lundstedt. Siri Diane Luper. John Frank Lupiba. George Anthony Lupton. Laura Lupton, Susan Anne Lusk. Betty Ann ... 376 606 176,242.253.327 279 ... 574 365 .619 Manning, Nancy S 293 .195. 389 Levine, Charley Jacob 619 Manning, Shah Kay .145,632 Levine. Leslie Moshell . 328.465.631 631 Lockard, Daniel T 619 124 Manor. Michael Perry Mansfield, Marianna Manske. Mark Joseph Mansker, Tera Irene Manson, Christine Lalave Mantel), Patricia Anne Manuel, Michael Doyle Mapes. Mary Louise Mapes Michael Cadett . 372. 550 ... 287 597 345.619 575 Levis, Marcia Susan Levy. Alan Lawrence Levy, Ann Mathilde Levy. Ellen Jane 303 405 308 Locke, Jane Ann Locke, Michael Craig Lockett. Brenda Ann Lockett, Hudson C.. Ill Loden, Kathy Renee 619 . 288. 385 . . .270.361 631 325 1 78 196 139 606 .606 . . 289. 606 ... 632 Luskey. Michael Allen 390 Levy. Maurice Noel. Ill Levy. Roger Lynn Levy. Steven Robert Lew Timothy Benjamin Lewallen. Beverly Joy 124.126.127 . . 292, 574 .618 574 618 .606 Looge. LI oajoa Luther. James Allen ... 1 76 . . .619 LOOOWS 347.619 . . . 180 310 619 Maples, Henry William Mara, Nancy Lucille Marble. Stuart Laxson Marburger, Randy V 302 289 215 . . 274. 283 Lofley, Malcolm Edwin Lottin, Rosemary Iliya Lutz. Christopher Paul Lutz, Cynthia Dawnn Lutz, Ellen Osgood ... 574 .463.464,632 574 Lewallen. Russell David Lewin. Leslie Jane 597 395 389 Loftus. Francis Joseph Logan. Kathleen Loggie. Bruce Pegues Loghry. Susan Lynne 308 145.465 357 631 326 Lutz, George Lorenz Lutz. Kathleen Elrod Lyerly. Brian Hugh 597 . . 286. 359 444 Marchbanks. Polly Ann Marchesseau. Linda A Marcks. Sheila Nancy Marcum. John Paul. Jr Marcum, Pamela Sue Marcus. Barbara Ann Mardock, Julian King Marek. Raymond Joe, Jr .292 291 .. 124.619 292 467 329.619 290 607 Lewis, Barbara Jane Lewis. Bruce Anderson Lewis, Clarence W . Jr Lewis. Craig Harbert .631 597 631 ... 379 . 185.631 Lynch. Charles B 574 606 631 Lohrmann. Charles J Loiselle, Elaine M 312 .365 606 117. 127. 128. 160.393.574 312 343. 606 449 180 Lynch. John Ransom Lynch, Nancy Andrea .139,574 367 Lewis. Dona Lou Lewis. Edward Sibley Lewis. Eugenia Canice Lewis. Felice Norene Lewis, Fred Earl Lewis. Gay Suzanne Lewis, Jane Chiles Lewis. Kathryn Joyce Lewis, Leslie David 597 290 162.335.618 287.631 288 365 . . .349 631 398.631 Lok, Susanna Pui Chi Lollar Bradley Keith 139 Londeree, Robert D.. Ill London. Thomas Leslie Londngan, Robert John Loney. Susan Gail Lyon, Jennifer Sus an 574 .... 288 Lyon, Vicki Jo Lyons. Deidre Diane Lytle, Mary Teresa m Mabry, Suzanne Mabry. Tom J Mac, Enrique Macaluso, Anthony A., Jr Macaluso. Kenneth C .632 .312.349.606 , ..619 225 .491 293 . 354 355 Mane. Debra Lynn Newby 286. 287. 607 286 Markantonis. Mary M . 178.282.575 . . .607 Markley, Jonathan L 293 359 Long, Elizabeth Ann 574 Markow, Marsha Lynn 632 290 Lewis. Mitchell 1.. Jr Lewis, Nathan Romuald Lewis, Richard Bryan Lewis. Ricky Lee Lewis. Steven Rucker Lewis, Susan Jane .398 606 363 . .618 424 .365. 597 Long, JohnM Long, Joseph Stephen Long. Lindsey Patricia , Long, Susanne Long. Thomas Goodson 290 239 . . .345.631 631 288 243 .148. 149 . . . .182-187 .. 244.245 ... .176. 177 .. .631 . . . .189,279 379 185.306,619 .631 292 Marks. Michael C Markus. George Michael . 575 322 632 Marmon. Robin Claire Maroldo. Deirdre L Maroney. James F.. Ill ...181 289 290 Lichrelli, Gary John Lichtenstein. Daniel Liddle. Margaret Lynn Liebe. Vicki Jean Lieber, Johanna 631 303 .. .139.618 Longeway. Barbara D Longhorn Band Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association Longhorn Singers Longino, Gregory Lloyd Longino. Henry Bruce Longino. Joseph B Longley, Richard L Longmire, Tereasa E Macaluso, Michael A MacDonald, George Granger MacDonaid. H. Malcolm . .355.416.606 153 ' 494 Marout. Adel Rasheed Marren John Patrick Marschall. Lester D 293 303 265 . . 286 ... 574 365 574 MacDown, Janelle Via MacEwan, Edwin Donald 290 597 Marsh. Don Wesley Marsh, Vivian Diane ..632 347 Leibgoti, Edward John, Jr Lieck, Samuel Louis Liesman. Randy Keith . 292 574 ... 574 MacGregor, Jean Ann 367 288 Marshall. Charles Troy . . .359 Machell. Charles H Machma, Mark Stephen . 449 606 Marshall, David Taylor Marshall. Harold F. . . ... Marshall, Henry W.Jr Marshall. Mary Ann 292 343 449 393 293 Lievens, Sharon Ann 597 393 Longwell. Martha Ellen ... Loocke, Jack Emery 347 . ..574 632 Mack Lori Jill 286 Lievrouw, Charles Damion Lightfoot, Randall Lee Lighthouse. Lynda Gay Ligon. Evlyn Mane Ligon. Stephen Peyton 288 444 ... 359 . . .271.341.618 574 Loomis. Constances Loomis, Logan Lee 286 363 .574 301 290 Mack. Timothy Alec Macken. Nancy B Macken, Patrick Owen Mackie. Joan Carol MacKinnon. Mary Helen . .575 462 115. 188, 189 ..632 349 Marshall Thomas W Marten, Eileen Beth Marter, Marilyn Ann Marter, Nancy Lou Marth, Charles D.. Jr. . . 196.395.632 575 327 632 Lopez Buenano. Wiltrido J Lopez, Cynthia Anna . .619 347 Ligon. William Austin Ligrani. Phillip M Liles, Thomas Dee Lilly. Byron Frederick . . .299,301 278 ... 1 76 Lopez. Homero Lopez. Julian Trevino Lopez. Leonardo Luis .532 .631 288 Macomber. Edward M Macow. Joanne C MacRae John Rollin 288 632 550 Martin. Caren Ruth Martin. Charles W Martin. Cynthia Lynn 607 308 575 Lilly, Patricia Lim. Helen Faye Lim. Rose Limmer, Allynn Gay Lin. Christopher An-Tung . . - Linch. Barbara Ann Lind. Roger Douglas Lindemann. Jan Denise 618 618 . . .302.574 367 . . . .119 . .119.124. 139. . .172, 174 196 ' 302 Lopez, Nuna Elena Lopez. Rudy Lorang, Marvin Keith . 631 243. 246 403 606 Madden. Jacqueline Kay Madden. Wales H., Ill Maddox. Anne Mane 575 374 . . .335 217 Martin. Donald Glen Martin, Euvonne Carol Martin, FredD . 607 ..575 ...161 291.292 Lorenz, Milton Eilert . ...293.302 Maddox. Lawrence E .389 575 Martin, Gary Joe Martin, James Alan 303 Lorton. Arthur F 398 597 236. 299. 300 341.574 312 300 606 294.312.574 550 632 396 Madere, Tessa Mane Madoie. LucianP Madsen Jimmy Wayne .... 606 Lett, David Layne Lott. Linda Ellen 363 ... 1 72 Martin. Larry Paul Martin, Linda Gale 607 312 Lmdley. John Robert Lindsay. Linda Sue Lindsay. Patricia Ann 574 . 214 345 Lott, Roy John Lott, Wayne Howard Louis. Sarah Elizabeth Love. Lucy Carole Maeda. Susan Keiko Magee. Harold James Magel, Patricia C 606 ... 262 127.162 Martin. Lloyd Erwin Martin, Marjorie Martin, Michael Dean 367 288 Lmdsey, Barbara Jane Lindsey. Donna Kay Lmdsey. James Eldon Lindsey. Margaret Elaine Lindsey. Melinda Jane . ..341 606 272.606 367 Martin, Nancy E Martin. Patricia Ann . . 327.619 . ..406 Lovelace, Robert T 574 Magiii, Patrick Kevin 575 606 .361.606 Loveless, Richard B Loveless. Stephen Jeb Lovell. Jessalu G Loven. Patricia Ann 1 25. 145 Lovern. Lloyd Dale Lovett, Ann 619 ...574 631 .190,287.631 574 367 Magiiolo. Joseph. Ill Magliolo. Roberta Ann 335 Martin, Paul Jerome 288 322 619 Lmdzey. Gardner Lmeback. Carol Ann Linenschmidt. Larry L Ling. Nora Mae 528 ..631 Magness. Charlotte Kay 290 Martin. Richard Stevens Martin. Richard Wright Martin. Robert Gnsham . . . .607 398 145,632 376 227.606 325 Maguire, Kevin 575 Lingamfelter. Cheryl D. , . Linn, James Paul. II Lmney. Michael Bowman Lipkin, Sondra Ann Lipman. Alan Lee Lipman. Randa Susan 310 . ..631 396 Lovette, Victoria Pal Low. Deborah J. Butler Low. Paul Matthew Low, Saiiie Reynolds 134 Lowden, Henry Marshall. Jr Lowder, Cathy Rae 632 189 189.606 ,176.383.574 293 312 . 389 176 Martin. Robin S. Zaremba Martin, Sarah Sherman Martin Thomas A., Ill Martin, Warren Spencer . Martinez. Alfredo G Martinez. Carlos Alfonso Martinez, Daniel J Martinez, DelilaAnn 575 119,291.294 ..350.575 Mahaffey, Vicki Lee .119.294 185.632 . 618 329 619 303 597 607 312 125.619 Mahmood, Asit Mahon. John Savage ... .575 128 Lippiatt. Linda Diane Lippman. Sheldon Ike Lipscomb, Barbara Jane Lipscomb. Stephen Martin Lipsky. Jeniece Ellen Lipton. Joan Ava 190 . .148.241.574 631 192,195.343 287,329.631 289 210,325 Mahon. Leanne 632 347 273 185 306 619 Mahoney, Leonard James . . .126 619 Martinez. EduardoV Martinez, Elizabeth Martinez. Emilio Martinez, George Martinez. Mercedes Maria Martinez, Natalie Martinez. Oscar 126.279.463 575 575 607 Lowe, Patricia Karen . . 302 619 Mahrer. William L 398,632 299.343.416 . 178.619 632 292 Lowery, Colleen Mane Lowery. Frank Warren Lowrey. Ernest J.. Jr 310.574 293 363 Mam, Mary Claire Mames, Louis Brooks Mair. Mary Alice 287 286 619 Lisenby, John David 363 550 LISI. Julius Liska. Carolyn Ann Liska. Pamela K Lister. Sue Ann Little. James William Little, Janet Ann Little. Lewette Ann 308 618 631 325 406. 606 .345.618 Lowry. Alan Dale Lowry. Becky Elaine 416 361 606 227.574 .293 291.312 . . 291 . . ..185 265 Major. Catherine Marie Major. Mary Jane Majors, Mark B Majors, Suzanne Frances . . . Malcolm. Jerry Walter Maidonado, Alma Leticia Maldonado. Jesse Angel . .287 286 355 632 ..176.238.299,597 632 444 Martinez. Ruben Gill Martinez, Sara Alicia Martinez, Susan Jane Martinez. Vidal G 292 287.632 619 ....125.153,397.619 575 Lowry. Randall K . Jr Lowther, John Alexander. Jr Loyd. James Alan Loyd, James Emerson Lozano, Joe David Lozano, Noe Mario. Jr Martini. Catherine M 619 Little, Linda Little. Lisa Carol Little. Nancy Little, Paul David Little. Terry Nelson Littlepage, Marsha Hunter . . . 618 291.292 196.631 618 Malek. Pierre Maurice Maiekabadt, Ah Azizi Mallett, Charles B.. Ill Mallett, Richard Brant Mallmi, Charles Joseph Malm. Jeffrey George Maimstrom, Royd Edsel Malone. Felix, Jr 235 291 . . 292 632 575 Mason, Diana Sue Mason. Marilyn Margaret .... Mason. Mary Ann . . 159.575 347.575 Lozano, Yolanda Dee 632 .287.619 575 288.444.618 606 Lubbermg. Steven M Lubke, Carol Ann 383 Mason, SammieLee 416 Littlepage, Thomas H,, Jr. Littleton. Jean O 273. 574 270,361 Lubke, Stephen Leroy Lucas. Bonnie Cummins Lucas. Lynn Ruth 119 325 236 299 . . .337,575 619 Mason. Suzanne Massengiil, Joe R . Jr Masset Royal Andrew 607 575 124 Littleton, Richards is Malone. Josephine Elizabeth . 632 Litton. Craig Thomas Littrell. James Lane ... 183 Litzler, Wilfred Shelly Liu. Edward C 464 185.187,203.295,574 . . 293, 299 290.312 Lucas. Richard Martin. Jr Lucas, Samuel Joe. Jr Luce, Carol Jean Ludl, Margaret Frances 338, 632 279.280 264. 270. 349 185.307.597 632 . . 574 606 Massey, Cecil Scott 292. 302. 575 . 343 Mancebo. Gerald Louis 312 397 Mancuso, Ronald M Maness, Dale Dwayne Mantord, Louis Price . .132 245 302 575 279.281.349 632 Massey, Nathan A Massey. Paige Bruce Massey. Rex Dewayne Massey. Troy Lee 180 288 157.233.607 237 Lively. James Keeton 631 Luedecke. Newton A., Jr Luedemann, Elizabeth A 632 . 349 Lively. Sherry Ann 574 Manfull, Marilyn Ruth Livingston. Jack E , Jr 631 Luersen. Roxana Kay Luke, Lezlie Lee Luketahr. James Louis 619 190.619 .291.312.574 Mangrum. Marc Alan Mangum, Murray Paul Manley, Willie Leon ...... . 238. 606 195.396 . 416 287 Livingston, Janice Lynn Livingston, Manan Elizabeth Livingston, WilhamS Lloyd. Lmda Sue Lo. Kin Lo, Yung 618 . 286. 289 295 192.193.365.618 298 300 618 Massoth. John Anthony 363 597 Lumpkins, David B D 376 Mann. Douglas Edward Mann. Karen Lee . .185.632 Matcek. George Wilson 357.632 204 619 139 Luna. Mark Anthony . 292, 574 632 632 Mathews. Barbara Jean 383 287 204 Lundquist. Chen Dawn Manne Roaer Joel .288 Mathieu, Reese A.. Ill .176.291.575 index 653 Name Malhis. Carol Anne Mathis. David Spencef Manage. BetteO Mattock, David Bob Mallock. Hudson Matocha. Patrick Lee Matowik, Steven Matsumoto. Toshio Matteson. Stephen Mark Matthew. Tern Lynn Matthews. Alvm Matthews. Bruce Austin Matthews. Gregory Dale Matthews. Ralph Wayne Matthews. Susan Matthys. SherylAnn Mattox. Jerry Stephen Matusott, Cathy Beth Mauch. Peter David Mauk. Mary Louise Mauldm, Charles H Maurer, Linda Mane Maurer, Mary Martha Maurer, Richard Samuel Maury Carol Augusta Maxey. Mary Carlotta Maxson. Richard Dan. Jr Maxwell. Nancy May. Gary Stephen May. Larry Steven May. Marion May. Patricia Ann Mayer. Linda Carol Mayer. Mark Steven Mayer. Steven Allen Mayer, Susan Lynne Mayes. Roy Allen Mayfield. Nancy Sue Maylield. Ray Vernon. Ill Maytield. Wendy Lynn Mayhew. Lura Melmda Mayne, Kathleen Crawford Mayo. Clay Bradley Mayo. Pamela Diane Mayo, Ronald Lee Mayoral Leopoldo M Mays, Paul Francis Mayse, William Rexlord Mayton. Shenlyn McAbee. Katherme E McAlister. Philip David McAlister. Shen M McAllister. Kevin C McAngus. Lamonte Scott McAnmch. Larry Ray McAtee. Meredith Ann McBnde. Manlynn McBnde. Martha Ellen McBurnett, Sarah Carroll McCabe. Laurence Leigh McCaffety. Robert Waller McCaftety. Shelley W McCaleb, Patricia Dale McCall. Holly E McCall. Linda Kay McCallum. Herman Wayne McCallum. Vivian Sue McCalmont, Donna M McCammon, Catherine Ann McCammon, Roy Bradley McCann. James E . Jr McCann. Nancy Joy McCanse, George Allen McCardell. Michael S McCariey. Kathleen A McCarroN. Marsha J M . Mrs McCarthy, Paul Edmond McCarthy, Thomas Bart McCartney. Donald Gene McCarty. Diana Jeanne McCarty. Karen Lynn McCarty, Kathleen McCarty, Phyllis L McCarver. William D McCasland, James Stacy McCauley, Kathleen Ann McCauley, Hobm McCiatn. Jane Melissa McClain. Mafti Leigh McClaskey, Evita Suzanne McClaugherty. Kathleen McClellan. Lorene E McCleilan. Margaret Colleen McClellan, Nancy M McClellan, Patrick J McClellan, Regan Anne McClelland. John Alan McClelland. Mary Lebeau McClelland, Thomas B . Jr McClellen, Colleen McClendon. Randy S McClendon. Travis Carl McCleskey. Nathaniel T McChntock. David Haskell McChntock. Melmda Kay McCloud. Melmda Lou McCluer.C F A .III McClung, Andrea Louise McClung. Cynthia Diane McClung. Hugh Lawson McClung. Patncia Ann McClung. William Byron McClure. Mark Alan McCollum, Winston Lane McColm. John Kelly McCommon, Rober! M , Jr McConn. Timothy Kevin McConnell, Hugh Hardy McConnelf, Maryann McConnell, Robert P McCord, Margaret A McCormack. Daniel W McCormack, Nancy Jane McCormick. James W . Ill McCoy. Dwylene McCoy, Michael Wayne McCracken, James T McCraine Cynthia Lee McCray, Jean Ann McCrehan. Jeffrey R McCnght, Renee Viktona McCnmmon, Laune R McCulier.HebbvLvnn Page 34 393 308 189,203.597 519 397 387 265, 607 239.299.607 145. 196,359 416 279 632 575 383 287 607 145,329 279, 632 145,287.341.632 292 632 185 291 632 575 195 632 .385 322.619 607 287 289,383,632 349 400, 575 632 327 607 607 1 98. 1 99 327. 632 287. 383 196 246 114 1 19. 149 397. 575 238, 295. 299 623 597 173 190,607 189 347 299 183.306 607 190.632 632 607 172,311 288 343. 597 575 231,576 231.406.576 292,311 576 172. 174 349 632 299 125.371.607 125, 126,286 232, 357 607 619 302 262 369. 1 92 302 632 287. 289 271 349 230 293 632 632 286,619 367 349, 632 361,632 462 312 119 288, 436. 437 361,607 290 291 292 291 239, 299 632 272 149,532 632 192.367 389. 464 364.576 364 293 619 389 371.607 597 355 185 369. 607 288. 393 139.361.607 398 218 632 291 385 576 161. 189,632 288 287 158 139 144.619 176,292,308 367 576 fVame McCulley, Susan Lynn McCulloch. Mark Reynolds McCulloh. Ben Albert McCullough. Ann Graham McCullough. Cheryl Lane McCullough, Cynthia A McCullough, Ethelene McCullough, James Howard McCullough, Mary Kay McCullough, Sherry R McCutchen, John Jolley. II McCutchen, Michele Colleen McCutchon, Frances E McDade. Diana Mills McDanald. Conway L McDaniel, Brian Alan McDaniel. Dwight Thomas McDaniel. Michael Clair McDaniel. Neil Blake McDaniel, RebeccaS W McDaniel. Ruben Roosevelt McDantel. Steven L McDermott. Carlos Tomas. J McDonald. Danna Lynn McDonald, Debra Ann McDonald. Douglas J McDonald, Elizabeth Larkm McDonald, Jerry H . Mrs McDonald. Kathryn Ann McDonald, Larue McDonald. Laverie Jean McDonald, Linda Sue McDonald, Molly B McDonald, Rae Lynn McDonald, Rebecca Sue McDonnell. Elizabeth A McDonough, Laura D McDougall. Charlene McDowell, Cynthia Gail McDowell, Fayne Arthur McDowell, Jerry Louis McDowell, Marian E McDowell, Pamela Kay McDowell. Tony Everard McElhannon, Joan McElroy. Becki Gay McElroy, Kennedy K , Jr McElroy, Mary Lucille McEvoy. Frances Katharine McFadden. Deborah Lynn McFarland. Bill Thomas McFarland, David C McFarland, David Philip McFarland. Mary Alexa McFarland, Michael Allen McFarlane. Mary Helen McFarlmg, Charles S McFeeley. Neil Douglas McGaha, Mary Helen McGarr. Cappy Ray McGaugh, Susan Carol McGaughey, Robert Lynn McGaughy. Thomas Elkm. Jr McGee. Gregory Ross McGee. Kevin Joseph McGee. Larry James McGee. Patti Lou McGill, Mary N McGmley, John R , III McGmley. Lmdsey Jo McGmley. Nancy Elizabeth McGmney. Barbara Lynn H McGinnis, Carolyn F P . Mrs McGinms. Kathleen J McGinnis. Patrick Conrad McGlom. Gilbert J , Ml McGlone. Susan Ellen, Mrs McGoldnck, James Dean McGonigle. Catherine Ann McGookey. Daniel Earl McGough. Richard Lee McGovern, John William McGovern. Virginia A McGraw. Kimtan McGraw. Patrice Suzanne McGregor. Cynthia Faye McGregor. Melmda Sue McGrew. Margaret R McGuftey. Susan E McGuire, Rosalie Ann McHale, Kevin O ' Donnell McHam, Kenneth Wayne McHard. Elaine Michaux Mcllhany, Juliana Mcllheran. Anne E Mcllheran, Michael E Mclntyre, John Forsman Mclver, Elizabeth McJunkm, Chris E McKamie, David Edgar McKay. Mary Suzan Dubois McKay. Patricia DeLourdes McKee, Anna Laverne McKee. Davtd Wayne McKee, Patricia Ann McKee. Rodney Allen McKee Suzanne McKelvey. Donna Lynn McKeivey. William Ellis McKennon. Stuart C McKenzie. Marilyn Jean McKenzie. William P McKetta. John J , Jr McKie, James W McKie, Julia Kathryn McKmley, Melanie Lora McKrnley. Robert Ernest. Jr McK.nney. Debra Gale McKmney. Samuel McKitnck. Vivienne Lee McLandon. Deberah Lynn McLane, Janet Lynn McLane. Karen Elizabeth McLaughim, Alfred Joseph McLaughlm, John R McLean. Mary Alice McLeland, Kenneth C McLeland, Peggy Lynn McLellan, Louis Daniel McLellan, Thomas Jack McLemore, Denise McLeod. Emily C McLeod. George Russell Page Page Name Page 327 McLeod, William C 607 Meyer, Sharon Ann 345, 632 357 McLinden, Karen E 291 Meyerson. Cheryl R 395 632 McMahan Elizabeth J 383, 632 Meyerson. Michael Harris 632 607 McMahan, John P 597 Meyneux Jacqueline B 292 287, 326. 632 325 333, 607 McMahon, Catherine F McMahon, Joan E McMahon, Leah Lynn 286 367 367 Mezei Peter Meznanch. David Edward Mezzetti, Claire Louise 302 632 325. 632 rl 632 McMahon, Marilyn Anne 311,576 Mezzetti. Kerry Ann 139. 359. 619 367 McMahon. Mark Preston 126. Michaelson. Edgar A Jr 277 282 632 McMaster, Jams Lynne 286 Michalka. Carroll W 607 fc- 338 McMichael. James Wayne 632 Michaud, Kathryn Rose 619 r w n 607 McMichael. Pamela Lea 191,341 Micheletli Robert Paul 632 619 McMichael, Thomas G 619 Michels, Kimberly Ann 210.287.633 287. 289 McMillan. Micki 576 Mickelson, Kent B 238 619 363 McMillen. Leslie Schubert 293 Mickelson, Sonja K 576 576 McMillen, Robert Lee 371,619 Miclette, Christine A 367 374,619 McMillian, Paula Jane 347,619 Middleton, Blake H 376,607 576 McMillon, Steven Lee 632 Middleton, Donald Gene 239. 597 619 McMinn, Don John 174 Middleton John Games. Jr 597 576 McMorns, Cynthia Lynn 286 Middleton, Robert Kent 293 1 . . . 532 McMullen, Julie Ann 364, 632 Middleton, Ronald Paul 576 619 McMullen, Sarah Jane 364, 576 Middleton, William David 243 Jr 238 McNab, Cecilia Louise 597 Mienschin, James David 301 1 293 McNair. Leah 341.632 Miguez Ramon Frank 577 185.307,312.576 McNair. Monty Lynn 607 Mikeska Gregory Ward 619 302 McNally, Alan Edward 355, 607 Miksch Randall Lee 424 466, 632 McNatl, Markeela Lamberth 139 287.361 Miksovsky, Patricia S 361.577 291 McNeal Deborah D Jackson 333 Mikus. James Charles 290 294, 383, 576 McNeal, Donald Ray 227, 337, 550 Milam, Mary Cameron 406 607 McNeal, Michael 426 Milan. David Michael 416 V 333 McNealy Katherme C 364, 632 Miles, John Michael 246. 607 286 McNeely, Martha Catherine 290 Miles, Patrick Carl 355 349, 632 McNeil. James Robert 355 Miller, Alton A , Jr 237.398 576 McNeil. Patricia Clay 619 Miller Anne 289 576 McNeil!, Carol Ann 607 Miller, Bruce Reagan 288 607 McNeill, Janet Lee 210 Miller, Carol Ann 287 345 McNeme, Stanley Joe 312.576 Miller, Charles Randan 357 607 McNichois. Steven E 296 Miller, Charlotte 291 286 311 McNult, Rita Ann 406, 576 Miller David Henry 389 279 McPhail Joseph Clay 355. 607 Miller Ernest Lee 238. 299 234, 292, 299 McPhail, Raymond T 619 Miller, Finley Isaac 577 335 McPherson, Douglas A 449 Miller. Gail Diane 619 232 McPherson. Jean Lea 449 Miller, Gary Lee 227,302,577 619 McPherson William T 288 Miller. Gary William 288. 405 172. 176.177.576 McQuade. Joseph A 288 Miller. Gloria Gene 329 619 McOuade, Martha J P . Mrs 241 Miller. Helen E 293 298. 301 McRae, Patrick Michael 619 Miller. Howard Burke 308 139.383.619 McRee, Walter E ,111 248, 576 Miller, Janet Lee 349, 607 263, 270, 327. 576 McReynolds, Allen Dale 357 Miller Jay Mark 397.577 632 McSparran. William E , III 218 Miller, Julie 325, 606 576 McWhorter, Carol 597 Miller, Katherme L 597 291 McWilliams, David Lee 416 Miller, Kay Karen 359 632 McWilliams. Michael E 397.619 Miller, Kevin Wesley 291 196.364.619 Mead David Bolton 1 1 1 . 1 28. 295 Miller, Kurt Douglas 393, 597 185,632 Meador Burton Edd. Jr 126 Miller Larry Paul 416 341,619 Meador. Jettrey Paul 199.385 Miller, Laura May 345 Vfl 185 Meador, Thomas Paul 338 Miller Luke Horrell . 273 T 292 Mealy, George Michael 1 25 157.292,298,301,323. Miller Margaret . . . . . 270 349 335 Miller, Mark James 292 110 128, 132,295,296 Mealy, Martha Jean 364 Miller Mark William 125, 128 632 Means Gerry Ann 196.632 Miller Marsha 287. 606 185 Mears, Hilary 597 Miller, Michael Gary 299 Jr 376 Mechler, Diana Kalherme 361,632 Miller. Mimi Ormand 139.607 . 279 Medina, Frank Edwin 416 Miller, Nicky James .633 288 Medina, Johnny Angel 607 Miller Pamela Ann 211 189 Medina Joseph A 235. 576 Miller Pamela Eve 333.619 335 Medlmger, Charles M 291 Miller. Sandra Marilyn 180 , 345 Meek. Paula Marie 632 Miller. SheralynO 367.633 288 Meeker, Arne William 550 Miller, Sophia Louisa 341.633 632 Megateli, Khedaoudj 310.576 Miller, Stephen Herman 185.306.449.577 139, 150.291.292,294 Mehan Ruth Louise 576 Miller Vicki Jane 281.607 310 Mehl. Cathy Ann 329.576 Miller. Woodrow Wilson 227,337,577 s 250, 576 Mehos. Manuel John 195,416 Milhgan. Alfred L . Jr 607 , 576 Mehos, Mary 347 Milhkan, Pamela R 145,327,607 145.343,619 Meierholfer, LynnV 550 Millikm, James R , Jr 633 357 Meikle. Jettrey Lee 292 Milliner Walter T , Jr 302 293 Meisler Paul Steven 632 Milloy Mary Rosmski 290 , 440 444 Meister, Kermit W 463 Mills, Constance C 349,619 145,632 Me|laender. George O III 393 Mills, John Alton 357 185 Melancon Terry Jay 416 Mills. John Russell 291 632 Melanson. Rachel Lynn 632 Mills Keith Wayne 235.607 1 79. 632 Melasky, Flora Elaine 619 Mills. Linda Mane 215 181 Meletio. Mary Ann 347 Mills. Mary Jane 204 189 Meller, Susan Jean 576 Mills, Nancy Gail 633 293 Mellma. Kenneth Lee 290 Mills, Sandra Kay 310 i 287 Melton. Robert Byron 173. 176,403.576 Mills, William Michael 290 349, 576 Mendell. Christopher T 464 Milstead, Melmda Kay 361.577 , 181 Mendell, Robert Marc 288 Milstead, Thomas Hewes 235 i 349 Mendez, Jose Alfonso 125 Milton Summer Gale 127.577 ,, 619 Mendias, Michael Luis 237 Mims, Bobby Dean 126.577 , 424 Mendoza, Arnulfo 299 rvtmahan. Joseph J , Jr 397,577 , 146 Mendoza. Stanley R 607 Mmahan, Paula Ellen 619 364 Mengel, Ralph Ham 303 Mincberg, David Meyer 114,296 ,, 632 Mengers, Shelley C 607 Mmcberg, Pearl Sophie 329 ' 139.286 Mercado, David M 416 Mmgoia, Robert Peter 302. 607 , 299 Mercado. Salvador A 236.619 Mmgus, Melinda Lou 312 576 Mercef. Bradford D 278, 280 Mmnick Barbara Jean 576 286 Mercer Kristin 347, 632 Mmnick, Malcolm Robin 416 357 Mercer Mack Edwin 355 Mmnis. Linda Kay 633 381 Meredtth, Melmda Ann 341 Mindak, William Anthony 507 5 310,576 Merfish, Sherlayn Matusotl 290 Minor, Kathy Ellen 145 287 289,633 157.619 Mergele, Edwin W ,111 276, 283. 597 Mmter, Norman Wesley 543 619 Merino Michael John 619 Miracle. Rocky Reed 266. 607 619 Meroney, Robert Allen 322 Mischer. Walter Max, Jr 369.577 196.349,632 Merrell, Lee 299 Miscoe, Frederick J 288,403.619 292 Merritt. Harry Michael 576 Misner Michael R 633 349, 607 Merritt. Randall C 374 Mitchell, Allan Thomas 619 632 Merritt Suzanne 406 Mitchell, Andra Lea 172 576 Mertyman, Linda Jean 597 Mitchell, Candace D 335 185.288,619 Mertz, Linda Sue 327 Mitchell. Charles R 355,619 W 145.286,619 Mesloh, Linda Kay 287,619 Mitchell, Cynthia Ann 427 Ch,r B 619 Messer, Celmda Hallbauer 311,607 Mitchell Douglas M 299 m n 295 Messer Jerie Claire 327 Mitchell Helen Nora 293. 577 493 Messer John Burton 576 Mitchell. Jean Maillet 293 2 ' " " ' 383 632 Messera, Claudia Lynn 607 Mitchell, John Stuart 302 uS " 632 Messina. Leonard 424 Mitchell, Karen Jean 406, 607 |Sy : 338 289, 607 302 Messina. Melanie Ann Metcalf, William, Jr Metcalte, Gary Wayne 286 389 576 Mitchell. Karlyn Louise Mitchell. LawtonC . Ill Mitchell. Lesa Claire 291 , 292 343 347,607 238, 597 Metteauer, William M 355 Mitchell. Mark Gregory 577 . 632 Mettscher, Elizabeth L 607 Mitchell. Mark Toler 291 607 Meurot Mary Jolene 292 Mitchell, Mary Alice 325.619 287 Meyer. Carol Ann 145,231,341.607 Mitchell Mary Rebecca 287 361 , 633 279. 632 Meyer. Charles F 288. 389 Mitchell, Nancy Blaker 347 299 Meyer, Diana Rachel 632 Mitchell. Roberta Lynn 181 325 619 345 Meyer, Gregory Lynn Meyer. Jeffrey Lynn Meyer Lynda Joyce 180,632 227,576 287 Mitchell. Stanley R Mitchell. Terry E Mitchell. William C 619 357. 633 633 632 Meyer Mark Edward 161,632 Mixon. Clifford A 393 632 Meyer Michael Dalton 185 Mixon. Sharon Gail 254, 359 463, 632 Meyer Neil Douglas 288 Mize. Nancy Wells 139,364,607 345,619 Meyer, Patrick Lee 300 Mizell Emily Elizabeth 290 251 Meyer Richard Wayne 114 119 Mock Margaret Ann Mrs 577 1 654 mdex Mode Anthony Bruce Modrzejewski. Judy Ann Moehle. Carl Michael Moeller. Donna Lou Moerer, Carl H . Jr Mollatl, Ann Mane Moffett Donald G Mollell James Newel! Mollelt, Joelle Motletl. Johnny Wayne Mollell. Linda Nance Mollill. William Perry Mohle, Robert Flay Mohrmann. Helen Toevs Mokry. Scott Joseph Moldenhauer. Joanne M . Mrs Molinar Joseph A Moline, Ann Louise Moimeaux Joseph Francis Moller, Stephen F Molloy. Betty ' Lou Moltz. William John Molyneaux. Gregory Bruce Monaghan. Vickie Lee Monahan. James Patrick Mondragon. Sylvia Ann Money. David Ray Monger. Dinah Louise Monier. John R . Ill Monroe. Mark Eden Monroe. Mark McLam Monroe. William Frank 139. Monsell. Harriet Anne Montag, Jeffrey M Montague. George Bacon Montemayor. Anna Mane Montemayor. Jose D Montemayor. Melinda Y Montesino, Lourdes M 191 Montesino, Orlando C Montgomery. A A Montgomery. Charles Matthew Montgomery. DebraS Montgomery. James Paul Montgomery. Leah Rae Montgomery Margaret M Montgomery Monte J Moody. Charles S Moody. Irene Ann Moody. Jennifer Alice Moody. Linda Gean Moody Mary Jane Moody. Patti C Mooney Ruth A Hopkins Moor Amanda Moore. AnitaS Turner Moore. Ann Elizabeth Moore. Becky Ann Moore. Brad David Moore. Charles Emmett Moore. Christinas Moore. Colleen Ann Moore. Connie Lynn Moore, Constance Ann Moore Dan D Moore Dana Susan Moore. Daniel Ray Moore, Darrell James Moore, David Wayne Moore Dennis Woodrow Page 577 286 251 633 125.393 289.345.619 397 597 308. 607 577 577 393 185 287. 364 619 293 200. 272 619 273 379 619 299 185.306,597 577 . . 633 577 577 231 607 199 . 376. 577 290. 293. 295. 577 286.619 371 323 359 299 . 125 196.286.341.619 302 350. 597 286 273 335 312 361.619 190.619 607 607 347 577 290 633 367 311 291 159 577 633 327,577 299.577 218 383 607 327 619 619 633 229. 607 312 577 298 Page Page Moore Diane Moore. Doyle Randall Moore. Gail Ann Moore, Gary Davis Moore James Ray Moore. Joan Elizabeth Moore. John Pierce Moore. Karen Roberta Moore. Laura Meredith Moore. Lawrence Drake Moore, Leanne Moore, Lisa Ann . . Moore, Martha Gail Moore Merry Laureen Moore. Michael L Moore. Nancy Alleyn Moore. Nancy Arlene Moore. Nancy Gail Moore Patricia Adele Moore, Paul Louis Moore. Paul Stephen Moore. Rebecca Emily Moore. Robert Gary Moore. Ronald Keith Moore. Sally Meier Moore. Sarah Barton Moore. Theresa Agnes Moore. Thomas Watson Moore, William Edward Moore. William Stephen Moores. Susan Shelley Mootz, Michael C Moradmia. Iraj Morales. AleiandroR Morales. Camilo G Morales. Mario E Moran, Guillermo Enrique Morby. Steven King More, Kathy Luann Moreland. Bobby Keith Moreland, Margaret Lynn Moreno. Maria E Morales Moreno. Phillip James Moreno. Reynaldo P Moreno. Sandra Ruth Moreno. Sylvia Moretti. John Michael Morewitz, Dorothy Dee Morgan. Alethia Ellen Morgan Barbara Ellen Morgan. Charles L. Ill Morgan. Deborah Lou Morgan, Gary Don Morgan, George M Morgan Jacqueline D Morgan, Kathenne A Morgan, Laura C Lewis, Mrs Morgan. Mark Lloyd Morgan. Mary Kathenne Morgan. Mary Ruanne Morgan. Minor L , Jr Morgan, Pamela Morgan, Robert Owen Morgan. Susan Andrews Morgan. Trevons Lynn Morgan. Vicki Ann Morgan. Wanda Ava Monn. Eudoxcio Monn Ruben Morphis. Phillip C Page 327 Morrey, Susan Eioise 293 Muir. Jo Ann 335 376.456.607 Morris. Amy Louise 633 Mulberry. Gayle Ann 367 .347 Morris, Catherine Anne 286 Mulberry. Lynn E 367, 620 274 Morris, Catherine Lee 292 Mulcihy. Casey Thomas 633 .414.416 Morris. Cheryl Minon 349 Mulder. Roger Allen 308 . . .577 Morris. Cynthia Lynn 349 Mulhern Mary Ann 361.620 597 Morris. Deborah Jean 310 Mulkey, Kathleen T . . .578 577 Morns Deborah Jean 577 Mullen Bernard Neil 139 367 Morns, George Cooper 339 Mullen. Christopher John 290 376 Morns ' Janet Kay 286 Mullen James E III 302 . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .325 Morns. Joan Margaret 286.347.619 Mullen Ray Dyann 347 218.361.619 Morris. Joe David 620 Mullmax. Roberts 292 . 607 Morris. Joe McGlasson 578 Mullins. Barry Ray 633 607 Morris. John Allan 288 Mullins. James Robert 290 149 Morris. John Miller. Jr 291 , 292 Mullins John Windsor 139.239 . .287.633 Morris. John Richard 241.343.607 Mullins. Russell Neal 371.607 607 Morris Kathryn Elaine 633 Mulvaney Brian J 288 325 Morris. Linda Louise 178 633 Muncey. Linda Jeanne 361 254 Morris. Rickey Lynn 607 Muncey, Thomas Allen .. .. 633 302 345 Muncy Brenda Anne 633 185.633 Morris. Sterling M ' . 374 Mundy. Cecilia Olive 578 359 577 Morrison Bart William 1 39 1 59 578 Munguia Rudolph H 550 .577 Morrison Bruce Thomas ... 127 Munir Patricia Sue 427 633 185 Morrison, Cynthia Lee 383, 633 Munir Shahid 578 597 Morrison. Elizabeth A 359 Munoz Consuelo 607 124 Morrison. Gary Alan 389. 633 Munoz George 578 287. 367. 633 Morrison. Judith Ann 287. 289 Munoz. Jesse Frank 265. 282. 620 266 Morrison Michael W 1 28 1 55 Munsch Joe Ray 302 . ' 577 Morrison, Sandra Ann 607 Munson, Chris Doyle 185.306 290 327 Munter William Jay 125 286 619 Morrow Kyle Alan 290 Muntz Debra Kay 395. 633 ' 577 Morrow, Sara Lee ' . 383 Murdoch. Mane Ann 633 607 Morse, Charles Edwin 578 Murdock. Gregorys 633 577 Morse. Frederick R 200 Murdock. Jeffrey H 393 577 Morse. Robert Emmett. Ill . 272 Murph. Carol 253 185.619 Mortar Board 294 Murphy. Charles W 248.312.607 288 Mortenson. Janet E 127.286 Murphy. Deborah Ann 289 607 Mortimer. Anne Miner 303 Murphy. Gary Edwin 275. 283. 578 619 Mortimer. Glenn G 376 Murphy. Janice Carol 633 416.452.456 Morton. Michael Joe 620 Murphy, Melisa K 289 172.174 Morton. Richard Kellogg 189.633 Murphy, Susan Lynn 578 577 Mory, Stephanie V 310 Murphy. Teresa Marie 462 577 Moscoe. Thomas David 405 Murphy. Virginia Kay 364 608 619 Moser. Karen Florence 578 Murphy. Zona Zee Argo 550 633 Moser. Ruth Claire 335. 620 Murray Cynthia Cooke 578 242. 607 Moses. Bernard S 390 Murray. John Edward 385 577 Moses. Whitney Stone 389 Murray. John S 288 286 Mosley Dorothy Faye 211.217 Murray Leslee Kay 327 291.294 Moss, Joe David 239 Murray. Nancy Jeanne 349. 633 607 Moss, Marion Jane 633 Murray Robert Moore 363. 620 633 Moss, Storrow Amelia 290 Murray, Scott Marshall 292 279. 607 Mossberg, Virginia M 633 Murray. William R 237 183.185 Mossman. David Lynn 291 Murrell Roy Lee 578 607 Mossman. Timothy R 633 Murtaugh. Mary 125.325 127.162.619 Mosso. Stewart J . Ill 299 Musselman. Roy A 230 327 Mostert. Rachel Lee 367 Mustard, Rex Michael 608 181 Molhersole. David S 185 Muzny Robert Thomas 550 355. 633 Molt Glenna Gay 349. 633 Myers. Debra Lynne 597 1 78 335 633 Mowad Arthur H 351 620 Myers Jacqueline B Mrs 310 ' 577 Mowry, Nancy Kathenne 139! 154 Myers. James Edward 303 189 Mucha. David 393. 578 Myers. John Harry 371.633 139 Mudd. Barbara Carol 286.293.312 Myers Kerry Alan 405 449 Muecke. Michael David 248 Myers. Melinda Dale 361,578 364.633 Muecke. Paula Jean 406. 462. 607 Myers Ralph Gene 633 178.619 Muegge, John T 297 Myers. Robert Lee 195 178 Mueller. Jeffrey Lewis 578 Mylius. Deborah D 578 256 Mueller Lora Mere 145 607 Mynck. Freddie Lee 303 248 Muessig. William Craig ' 127 Myrick. Jana Dee 125 633 262. 263. 264. 268 Muhlbauer. Robin Gail 292 Mzyk. James Bernard 227, 302, 608 139,597 Muhleman, Richard C 393. 633 Page Page Page Nichols. Karen Deborah 1 1 9, 191 311 341.578 Oliver Charles Ray, Jr 295 Nichols Kathleen Ann 289. 620 Oliver Darlene Raquel 579 Nichols Nick A. Jr 235 Oliver Fred Lamar, Jr 608 Nichols, Steven Parks 292.301 Oliver Jane Mane 327. 633 Nabers. Bradford C 451 Nicholson Connie Jean 312.608 Oliver John Forrest 312 Nabors. Mike Nelson 323,620 Nicholson, James Arthur 295 Oliver Sarah Ann 190.287.289,633 Naboshek. Mark Gerald 578 Nicholson, Mary P 598 Oliver William Richard 633 Naeve. Guy Charles 300 Nicholson, Nancy Lynn 365 Olivet Courtland Ann 361.608 Nager Ross Wayne 288. 357. 620 Nicholson. Ross Corby 288 Olivier, Henri G 323 Nagid, Jerry Lynn 391 Nichotson. Sandra K B . Mrs 292 One. Glenda Kay 349. 579 Nag le. Gary James 578 Nicholson. William H 633 Olle. Thomas Henry 237 Naiman, Jimmy 620 Nickel, Jay Bruce 179.189 Olm. James Fred 416 Nakfoor, Karen Marie 633 Nicklaus. Debra Jean Lovelady 598 Olm. Kenneth William 295 Nail. Edward Lee 295, 532 Niehaus, Jo Ann Evelyn 292 Olsen EliseArlme 291.312.579 Nalle. William Byrd 398 Nielsen, Donald EN ' S . 145.186,620 Olsen Mary Anne 579 Nance. Millard A 243 Nieman, Frederick A. . 290 Olson Jon Michael 145.620 Naovaratbhong. Snsak . . 550 Niemann, James C 357,620 Olson. Stephanie J 1 78. 286, 289 Napier. Robert Dale 127 Niemann. Lmda Lee 407,633 O Malley Suzanne Mane 308 Nansi, Stella Mana . 126, 128.303 Nikdel. Seyed Ah .578 Omega Psi Phi 372.373 Narramore. Russell H 299 Nirenberg, Rena Golda 287 Omichi Yoshitsugu 295 Nash, John Harvey. Ill 608 Nitschke. Elizabeth A 365 Omicron Delia Kappa 295 Nash. Kathryn 578 Nix. Josie Kay 464 Omicron Nu 310 Nash. Marvin Ecole A 440,444 Nixon Janis Scoggms, Mrs 231.302.578 Onak Diane Louise 335. 620 Nass. Deborah Lynne . 286 Nixcn. Patricia Ann 289. 462 Oncken. Thomas Wayne 288 Nassour. Michael M 186 Nixon, Roger Bane 620 O Neal Lauren Claire 286 Nathan Sara Lynn 196 329 335 633 O ' Neal Margaret Ellen 262 Natural Sciences Council 159 Noack. Nancy Ann 335! 620 O Neal Robert Martin 192.363 Nau, John Sugg 608 Noback. Elsie Helene 341 O Neill Stephanie M 294. 579 Naughton, Jack Russell 620 Noble, James Wilson 399 Onion Janel M M 281.349 Naughton, Joan Mane 210.633 Nobles Dean Warren 201 Onstotl. Lloyd James 288 Naugle. Toni Lynn 383 Nobles, Sherne Jean 633 Opening Pages 3-24 Navabi. Zamalabedin 238, 299 Noblitt, Mary Susan 347 Oral Alkan 292 Navabi. Jamshid 292 Noell. John Dudley 126.150 Orange Jackets 191 Navy ROTC 272-277 Nokes. Laura Margaret 345 Ord. Candace Cay 361.620 Nawrocki. Lynn Barbara 186.287.633 Nolan Elizabeth A 124.196.349 Oren. Jack David 385 Naylor Glen Charles 371.577 Nolan. Peter Andrew 264 Orentlicher. Joan Anne 608 Naymola. Gail J 312.578 Nolan, Thomas M . Jr 578 Orkin. Robert Ben 405. 620 Nazzaro Vincent P . Jr 578 Noland, Mary Ann 349. 633 Orlando. Joseph S 312 Meal. David Lester 288 Nolle William Edmond 189.234.608 Orleans. Fredrick Steven 303 Neal. Deborah Lynn 633 Nord. Ann Susan 286. 620 Oner. Karen Gratia 345. 633 Neal. Joe West 542 Nordmeyer. Sharon Ann 181 Ornelas. Blance Estela 287 Neale Martha Ruth 364 Norman. John David 312 Ornish. Dean Michael 139,608 Nease. Stephen Duane 300 Norns, Harry E 578 Orozco Mireya M 286 Nedell. Naomi 329 Norns, Kimmey Kay 291 . 292 Orr David Harold 238, 299 Neece, Marianne 289 Norns, Phalby Beehn 162. 196 Orsag. Cynthia Suzanne 633 Needham. Nan 271.327.620 Norns. William Frank 357. 620 Ortega. Adrian Gilbert 243. 248. 579 Neei. Gary Taylor 620 Northcutt. Michael F 578 Ortiz, Angelina R 608 Neeley, Karen Sue M . Mrs 292 Northdurft. Mark Steven 186 Ortiz, Annette Mane 620 Neely Michael Lee 063 Northmgton. Frances G 367 Ortiz. Esther 608 Neely. Susan Kearns 578 Norlhington, Guy George 339 Ortiz. Manuel Paul 343 Net). John Earie 376 Northway, Lynn Aileen 286. 367 Ortiz. Rosita 579 NeMendorf. Keith 578 Norlon. Debra Jo 467. 608 Osborn James Thomas 131 550 Neible. Theodore Earl 200, 276 Norton, Eve Gwendolyn 1 27, 270.289,291.293 Osborn Jane Leigh 302. 327. 608 Neidert. Lisa Jo 160,291,292,608 Norton. Floyd Emmett , 291 Osborn Judy Bnley, Mrs 292 NeiH. Carol Elizabeth 335, 578 Norton. Karla Ann . .327 Osborn. Lisa Carol 126,361.633 Neill. Craig Evans . 374 Norton. Robert Alan 351 Osborn. Roger Cook 298 579 Neitsch, Cynthia D 633 Norton, Susan 196 Osborne, John Carroll 579 Neitzel. Charlotte L 139.294,325 Norton, Susan Jean 289 Osborne, Suzan Valrie 145,359,620 Neitzel. David Wayne 578 Norwood, Gyles Richard 303 Ossa, Luis Enrique 633 Neitzke. Starla Rae 281,406 Norwo od, William P 227, 608 Ossaesquivel, Manuel A 288 Neleigh. David Wright 550 Notias, Tacia Venise 620 Osterhus. Douglas E 1 57, 239, 608 Nelms Douglas Ballard 608 Notley. Anne 270. 406. 608 Oswald. Janice Gail 145,341,633 Nelson. Alexander D 276. 282. 633 Notzon, Jan Aloysius 290 Oswalt Ronald Keith 273 Nelson, Anne Webb 290.292.294 Novak Katharine E 365 Otis. Jack 530 ' Nelson, Daniel Warren 199.295,303.451.578 Nowacek. Kim Ann 347 Ott. Dana Bruce 290 Nelson. David John 416 424 Noweii. Steven Hunter 379. 633 Ott. Eugene M . Jr 267 Nelson. Diane Berenice 186.187.307.608 Nowhn. AnnShelton 367 Ott. Harry Leon 608 Nelson, D Beth 312 Nowlm. Ethel Ruth 608 Ott. Kenneth Tale 374.633 Nelson. Donald Skipper 376. 578 Nowotny. Arno 295 Ottermann Robert W 127.393.620 Ne lson, Eugene W 292, 295 Nowotny. Kenneth Ray 292 Otlo Glen Edward 579 Nelson. Helen Dale 124.271.365 Nudd, Mary Ellen 292 Otto. Jane Mane 365, 608 Nelson. Julie Ann 250. 383 Nugent, William Eugene 302 Otto. Jeffrey Douglas 399 Nelson Karen Denise 620 Null. Michael Glenn 620 Otto. Kenneth Wayne. Jr 293 Nelson. Karen Diane 347. 597 Nunez-Doval, Ramon Marie 301 Otto. Margaret Jean 139.287.365 Nelson. Mary Patricia 181.365 Nunez. Gonzalo Francisco 451 Ousley David Harold 579 Nelson. Mitzi Helene 608 Nunnelly. Randall Scott 124.579 Outstanding Students 108-113 Nelson. Nancy Ann 365. 578 Nussenblatt, Francme L 395. 608 Owen David Michael 339. 633 Nelson Patricia Anne 335. 597 Nuller, Royce Layton 598 Owen Earl Richey. Jr 633 Nelson. Patricia Mance 1 86, 620 Nutto, William James 230 Owen Freddy Don 579 Nelson Randy Allan 399 Nwokeii. DonatusAiabutke 598 Owen, George Mitchell 385 Nelson. Russell C 172 Nyhous. Beverly Jean 579 Owen Hessie Reese 367 Nelson. Susan Jo 383. 608 Owen, James Patrick 298 Nelson. Susan Louise 127 Owen Kathenne Collette 125.579 Nelson, Thomas Hunter Nelson. Trudy Ellen 195.374 608 o Owen, Lawrence C . Jr Owen. Stacy Long 278. 280 389 Nelson. Vicki Lynn 633 Owen Stephen Collins 199 Nelson, William R 234 O ' Kelley. Michael Keilh 153.229.608 Owen Steven Alan 633 Nematollahi. Jay 243 Oakerson. Earl M . Jr 608 Owens Kenneth Lee 302 Nemes Betty Ann 231.578 Oakes. Lynn Rusling 608 Owens, Melissa Claire 253 270, 347 608 Nepomnick. Steven N 391 Oakes, Melvin E L 292 Owens. Phyllis Joan. Mrs 293 Nenccio. Mary Anne 578 Oakley. Mary Ann 327 Owens Robert Lee 633 Nenng. Mark Kane 397 Oales, Nickey Louis 363. 620 Owsley. Michael Mansfield 339. 620 Ness, Rebecca Ann 180.620 Oatman. Tamra Shae 153,406.579 Oxford, Cathleen A B.Mrs 579 Nester, Kay 294, 578 O ' Bannion. Margareljean 287,289,341,633 Oxford, David Covey 343 Netherton, Nancy K .367 O ' Bannon, Charles R 312,579 Oyen, Lise Ann 327.608 Nettles. Charles M 192, 193.355 O ' Benhaus. Dennis Karl 227. 608 Ozmun, Joseph Michael 579 Neukom. Stephen Eugene 303 O ' Berg. Julia Ann 620 Ozmun, Kathenne J .579 Neumann. Anna 293 O ' Bnen. George D . Jr 288. 299 Ozona Survivors .215 Neumann. Annette L 620 O ' Brien. George T . Jr 292 Ozuna, Jesus 579 Neumann. Karl Fmley 578 O ' Brien. Gregory Edward 355 Neumann, Lily Nevms. John M .287 288, 608 O ' Brien Mary Fay O Brien, Patricia K 291 . 293 . . 579 D Newberry, Maryana 325, 578 O ' Brien. William J , III 633 r Newberry, Sharon Lynn 406 O ' Con. Cynthia E , 579 Newcomb. David Ray 620 OConnell Barbara D B 579 Paape, Catherine Ann 341. 633 Newcomb. William W . Jr 540 O Connor. Patricia Jane 579 Pabst, Patrea Linda 335 NeweN. Nancy Anne 335, 620 O Connor. Richard David 126, 176 Pace. Elizabeth G 327.608 Newlm Mary Jane 289. 578 O Connor, Sharon P 291.335,579 Paciotti. Catherine Cleary 287, 289, 633 Newman. Gale Elizabeth 347 Oddo. Angela Leah 579 Pack. Catherine Ann 633 Newman. Jeffrey W 427 O Densky Michael Wayne 633 Pack Louis Douglas 405. 633 Newman. Larry Lynn 389 Odom Margaret Delons 608 Padawer. Stephen R 405. 620 Newman. LayneCarlton 389 Odom. Melvin Curtis 179. 189.608 Padgett. Pamela Chann 633 Newman. Michael Alfred 608 Odom Mikal Janelle 124.620 Padgett, Patrick M 416 Newman. Michael Eugene 343. 597 O Donnell. Kerry Ann 325 Page Curtis Withers 376 Newman. Patncta Joan 242 O Donnell. Patrick H . Ill 579 Page Elizabeth A 1 26. 204 Newmon. Steven Ray 416,578 Oelkers, Eddie Carl 248 Page. Rodney A 462 Newsom, Gary Randell 291 Ogier Danielle Karen 579 Pagel Paula Elaine 579 Newton Debra Lynn 620 Ogle Charles Melson 227. 579 Paine. Beverly Anne 325. 620! 199 Ogle Don Martin 248 Paine. Deborah Lou 209. 286 Newton. Kathenne 383 O Gorman. Gerald V 290 Painter. Sarah H 383 Ney. Judith Rae 178. 181. 190 Ohadi. Fereydoun 464 Pajares Jerome Michael 272 287.289.311.633 O Hanlon. Kevin Thomas 291 Palacios. Adelfino 608 Neyland. Robert Reece 343 Ojeda. Richard Paul 424, 633 Palafo Gary Wayne 186.234.306.598 Ng. Amy 290 Oksner. Leslye Rae 329. 633 Palandech, Douglas John 290 Ng. Frederic Man-Chuen 578 Olander, Gary Millon 355. 579 Paledes Kristtna Ann 242 Ngoc Nguyen Bao 235,463,550 Olander. Karen A 290 Paleologo. Fred Peter 579 Niblett.LeaAnn 325 Olander. Keith Alan 189 Palm Knsty Lynn 365 Nibouar, Douglas Edwin 449 Olander. Maribeth 287. 289. 633 Palmer. Anna Louisa 286 Nicholas. Ann Mane 159 Olander. Ralph Dean 234 Palmer Deborah Lynne 633 Nichols, Carolyn 467 Old. David Eugene 254 Palmer Nicholas 266 Nichols. David Landei 127. 128. 159,312 Oldfield Mary E 159 Palmer Robert Scott 363 Nichols. Donald Eugene 608 Oles, Charles Patrick 374.633 Palmer, Robin Carol 345 Nichols, John Vincent 293 Otiveira. Rene Orlando 633 Palmer. Sharon Annette 633 Name Palone. Mae Beth Panak. Carolyn Konz. Mrs Panhellenic Council Panned. Karen Pannill, Elizabeth C Pannill. F C . Ill Pannill. Mary Tudor Pantusa. Maureen E Panzarella, Robert Louis Papanek, Maida Diane Papavassilido. Ruin M Pape. Glenn Leon Pappas. Carol Lynn Paredes. Vicente Pans. Amy Elizabeth Parish, Sleven Wayne Park. Marion Schuyfer . . . Park. Su Moon Park. Suzanne Parker. Barbara C Parker. Bruce Thomas Parker, Carl Stephen Parker. Curtis Lynn Parker. Ernest C.. Ill Parker, Gene Owen. Jr Parker, Jane Lynn Parker. Karen Lynne Parker, Kathenne J Parker. Linda C Parker, Linda Kay Parker. Mary Elizabeth Parker. Mary Monroe Parker. Pamela Kay Parker. Richard Lee Parker. Robert Earl Parker, Russell Bruce Parker, Stephanie Jean Parker, Susan Synsse Parker. Susanna Parker, Virgil Thomas Parkhouse, Colby Leigh Parks, Cindy Kay Parks, William A . Jr Parma, Michael Joseph Parma. Patrick John Parma. Stephen John Parmelee. Georgia Gilliam Parnell. Joan Wade Parr June Elizabeth Pair, Teresa Kay Pierson Parnck. Steven Lee Parnsh, Charles C Parnsh, Donald Lee Parnsh. Patti Parnsh. Rebecca E. . Parnsh. William M Parrott. Frank Harman Parrott. Linda Lee Parsley. Sharon Slrake Parson, Richard Dennis Parsons, Betty Susan Parsons. Christopher B Parsons. Robert Spencer Parsutt. Stephanie L. . Partam. Valerie J Partm, Betty Jean Partridge, Emmetl B Pasko, Margaret Ann Pasqua, Thomas M. . Pate, Phyllis Elaine Pate, Robert Carroll Patrick. Thomas R. Patterson. Connie C Patterson. David A Patterson. Debra June Patterson. Ellen Jean . Patterson. Lloyd Austin Patterson. Melinda Lou Patterson. Melvm Ray Patterson. Paula L. Patterson. Richard M Patterson. Robert M Patterson. William D Pattillo, George D Patton, Campbell A Ration. Dolores Jean E Patton, Elizabeth Mane Ration. John Fitch Patton. Timothy . . . Patzke. CarolJean Paul, James Robert Paul, Jeffrey R Paul, Nicholas Lee Paul. Vicki Estelle Paull Adnenne Paull, Andrea Paulos. Christine C Pauly, Wynne Alison . Pavlic, Virginia Kay Pavlock, Robert Louis Paxson, Joan Ellen Paxton, Catherine Jonette Payne, John C. Payne. Mary Anna Payne. Robert Thomas Payne. Ruth Ellen Pazdral. George Howard Peak, Martha Annabelle Pearce. Carolyn Jean Pearce. Gary Blame Pearce. John Charles Pearce. Nancy Laura Pearce. Sarah jane Pearce. Stephen Moe Pearce. Trudy Reyna Pearl Magazine Pearsall, Volney F Pearson. Beth Pearson, Deborah Lee Pearson. Gary Pmkney Pearson, Mary W Pearson, Michael Pans Pearson, Steven C Pease. Kenneth Ray Peavy Emihe D Peavy. Robert Dale Pecena, Patricia Diane Pechai, Constance Ann Peck Michael David Peckham. William Trent Peckmpaugh. William Thomas Pecore, Richard Bruce Peddie, Anne Marion Page 598 292 321 256. 608 139 312 287 308 125 128. 189.312.608 . ... 172.311 579 - 186 291 579 406. 608 186 " 287 -; 620 345 .292 383 ' 271.608 ' 288 119 608 355 416 633 287 1 311 579 ' - 325 : 287 289 181 463 579 633 287 - 271 341 633 ' 180.286 290 145.233 r 620 375 " 633 ' 279. 295. 579 579 - 171.174 347. 633 : 1 26. 608 . 620 - 303 ; 463 - 148 254. 598 : 286 - ' 127.129.363.608 " 385 - 361 633 432 633 P 293. 608 357 : 180 - 620 I 255. 286. 620 371.579 291 - 308 - 620 302 292 - 550 - 393 . 353 : 633 292 - 159 - 448 - 308 - 416 291 278 195,397 376 255 287.633 376 444 620 1 72. 598 369 ' 363. 620 345 608 633 620 308,310.365.579 325 , 1 86 325 231.580 381 312 598 126 127.290,312.580 139.293.367 580 339 355 292 292, 580 199,376 325 148 236 407 466 424. 633 181.290 397. 608 399 620 270. 345 580 341.608 633 290 288. 293 nas 339 633 383 BB B Page Page Page Pedro. Marceen Ann 580 620 Phillips. Joseph Theodore, Jr Phillips Martha Jane . 291.312.580 290 292 Posse Postma, Robert Alan Postolos, Nicholas P 192 193 Purtle, Carla Kay Putnam. Katherine V 620 581 139 Peebles, Stephen Wayne 633 580 Phillips. Paula Jane 462 361 634 227 Posvar. Edward Lee Potter, Richard D., II 243.246 300.371 634 Pye. Donald Sidney Peel, Thomas B 385 369 Phillips Sally 289 634 Potts, Gary Edward Potts. Mary Elizabeth 581 383 Pyka. Terry Joseph 411.452.456 Peer. Barbara Jean O.. Mrs 580 Phillips, Thomas Mack 363.620 Potts. Randall Neal ... 399 Pyle. Gary Wayne Pyle, Janice Kay Pyle, Lynell Pyndus, Stanley Earnest Pyhrr, Stephen A. . q Quaite. Timothy Allen Quails, William James Quebe, Karl Russell Quentan. Jane Marie 172 620 Peerman. Robert Ellis. Jr Pegier. William L 339 288.464 Phmyawat, Prajya Phipps. Jan Elaine Phuc, Tran Thi 293,300 Potts. Terrell Lynn 139 620 608 Poulos. Terrence Paul Pound. Theodore F Pounds. Russell David Pouzar. Frank A 274 345 227.581 232 291 292 367 Peiffer. Michael Steven Peloubet. David Gary Peloubet. John Raymond 634 339 377,634 377 Piana. Michael Ray 620 456 581 Piazza. Mary Donna Pi Beta Phi Pichot, Claude Edward Pickard. Murphy Lee Pickens, Gary Douglas .634 382.383 157,237.298.301.580 299 192,363,620 312 Powell, Bruce McLean Powell. Cynthia Jean 581 Pern Club 251 . 345, 608 114 119 Pena. Becky Pena. Juan Luis 608 580 608 Powell. Diane E Powell, Kathleen P Powell. Maggie Marsha . Powell. Mavis H Powell. Paul Hinshaw. Powell. Robert Lee Powell, Scott Allan 620 345 427 634 Penaloza, Paul Dion Pence, Suzanne Daniel Pence. Terry Allen . . . Pendergraft. Robert Paul Pendergrass, Stephen J Pendland. James Robert Pendleton, Marion M., Jr 278.580 .. ..192.383.620 186.634 288 . ' 371 620 189 310 608 Pickett. Suzanna Pieper, Walter J.. Ill 287,289 227 292 Quilliam, Mary Cormne Quinn, Frank Day Quinn. James Patrick Quinn. Mary Patricia 345.620 Pierce. James Ray 161 325 620 293 323 288 Piercy, Kenneth James Pierre. Pamela Ann Pierson, Kerry Bruce 176 325 424.634 Power. David Richard 581 Quintanilla. David Quirk, Thomas Edward Quist, Terry Charles Quock, Jimmy Lee Quock. Robert Lee r Rabe. Patricia Lee Rabel. Hdma Ann 233 153 288 237.298.301.581 290 620 196.620 581 Power, John Michael 634 608 Penn, Hyman Marvin Penn, Susan Elaine Pennebaker, E. Strode, III Pennington, James Richard. II . . . Pennington. James William 189,288 383 298,301,580 580 139.288 634 196 383 Powers, Gregory M Powers, John Ralph Powers, Michael Neil ... .385.608 608 Pi Kappa Alpha 384.385 634 Powers, Sondra Gail 291 Pi Lambda Phi . Pi Lambda Theta 386,387 305 Poyner, William Smyrl ... 581 114 Poynor. Kenneth Albert Poynor. Wesley Jim Prade. Charlynne 302 581 Pennock. Diana Gale . 634 293 377 Piland. Dudley Craton, Jr. . 238. 580 341 620 .... 581 620 292 Piller, Linda Beth 286 Praetorian Guard ... . 282 Pentecost. Joanne 608 189 266 634 186 Pillsbury. Jolie Bain. Mrs. Pillsbury. Robert D, Jr 292 293 Prater. Ronald Timothy Pratka. Jane Frances Pratka. Mary Melissa Prator. Marjorie Diane Pratt, Byron Edward Pratt, Cilla-Faye 186.608 289.634 634 Rabun. Josette Hensley Rachel. Karen Camille Rachner. Robert Richard Rachner. William John Rademacher, Elizabeth Ann ... Rader. Cheryl Lynn 293,310 608 195.448.449.608 449 327.634 Penton. Bobby Doyle ...126 125 323 Peper. William Arthur Peppard, Richard Mark 323 620 Pincoffs. Mary E Pink. Laurie Jean 329.620 288 281 407 Peradotto John Joseph 485 291 Pinkston, John Lynn Pratt. Laura Ann Pratt. Mary Kathleen Pratt. Melinda 608 327 293 Peres. Michal 308 189 Radoff. MichaelS. . Raetz, Curtis Gene Pmsker. Jacqueline Kay Pinson, Elizabeth Llewellyn . Pintemch. Jeffrey Lee 292 634 265 341 327 273 634 Pratt. Patricia Ann Pratt. Prendergast. George K Prengler. Irving David Prentice, Thomas Archer Presley. Cynthia A Presley. Michael A Presley. Richard Allen Pressler, Catherine Louise Preston, Deborah Jeane Prestwood. Dorothy Y.. Mrs. Price. James Douglas 349 581 Raff. Daniel E Ragle, Patricia Ellen Ragsdale. Carolyn Dianne Ragsdale. Patrick K 351 176 124,139.292 436 598 288 Perez David 267 229.273.581 195 312.405 357.581 407,608 414,416.420 620 124.150. 159,310.581 325 292 432 Perez. Hector 620 580 Pinto, Motilal John A. Piper. Jay Anthony Piper. Martha Kime. Mrs Pipes. Randolph B Pippin. Karen Sherrill Pi Tau Sigma Pitcairn, Christopher Stuart Perez. Nicolas J. . . 296 369 292 292 1 73 301 634 302 Rahiemyetahi, N 238 Penne. Linda Sue 296 119 294 Railey. Melinda A. . 608 Perkins Carolyn V 302 Perkins, Patricia Kay 634 Rain. Cathy Ann Rainbolt. Sharon K ...347.634 341 Perkins. William Howard Perkins, WilliamS 279,620 620 Raine, Patricia Ann Rainey. Sarah Linn Rainosek. Dennis Eugene Rainwater. Mary Catherine Rajala. Kathleen Joan Rakowitz, Wilfred 1 Raleigh, Susan Ann Raiey. Ramona C Rails. Kenneth Michael Raman, William Dean 608 196.335.609 229,302.581 581 581 620 290 335 237 Perkowski. Jan 482 620 Pitrucha, Patrice C Price, Cleburne. Jr Price, Don Herbert Price. Edwin Booth 444 445 Perley. William L.. Ill Perlich John William 598 277 Pitt. Nina Carolyn 620 385 532 Pittman. Sharon Ann 634 634 Perlis, Deborah L. W Perncone. Sharolyn Suzanne Pernn. Christopher Douglas Pernn. Gregory Jon Pernn. Henry Keith Perron. Manus R., Ill Perry, Hugh Carroll. II Perry. Jane Elizabeth Perry, John Carroll Perry. Shirley Bird Perryman. Kristin Larue 598 286. 293 580 385 580 293 Price, Jerry Lee Price. Lawrence William Price, Lindyl Louise Price. Myra Erlene Price, Page Harriet Price. Paul Leslie 248.581 312 Pitts, Jeannie Pitts. Susan Diane Pitzer, Barbara Pitzmger. J A., Ill Pizzitola. Deborah Merle PlaBarby, Fernando E. Platt. Paula Anne Player. Luan Helen 407 580 292 620 361 215 383 125 302 299 301 290.292,580 299 287, 634 . 286, 289. 335, 608 145 335 620 Ramirez, Barbara Jane Ramirez. Cynthia Ann 339 365 195 . .132.133.543 195.375 286 Price. Sylvia Price. Terry Lee Pnddy, Hervey AmsJer Pnebe, Diana Lynn Pnem, Thomas Eugene 634 287.383 551 598 Ramirez, Daniel R 293 215 127.139.620 290 359 Ramirez. Diana Elva Ramirez. Linda Ogawa Ramirez. Manuel Ramirez. Samuel 190 287 Ptettman, Susan Gail 291.293 287 125 265 361.609 634 Pesek. Richard David 302 239 Ploch, Debra Ann Ploch. Kimberlee Marie ... Plomm. Carmeg Rita, Mrs. . . . Plueckhahn, Charlotte Ann .. Plumb, Mary Lee 365, 580 Priestly. Robert B. . Prikryl Ok Nan Cho 634 181 Ramon. Edna Isabel Ramos, Joyce Ann Peterman. Suzanne Petermann Martell L 308.608 290 Primeaux. Robert Francis 295.444 581 Peters. Anne Esther Peters. Jay Irwin Peters. Jean Elizabeth Peters. Stephen Clark Petersen. Mary Ann Peterson. Cynthia Gayle Peterson. David Charles 580 290 192 186,292 620 256,310.580 146 .293 87 Pringle. Diane Carol 620 359.609 327 634 Pringle, James Albert 581 Plumhoff, Charles Edward . . 195.397.580 377 608 Printz. Eh 581 Ramsey, Matthew S Ramsey Scott Keith 355.634 186 Prior. Roger Everett Pritchard. Elizabeth A 299 598 Plummer, John Benjamin 323 634 209 Pritchard. Kenneth F Pritchard. Mary Ann 581 327 634 582 Plyler. Ann Elizabeth Randerson. Deborah J 361,620 Peterson. Davtd L Peterson. Edward M Peterson. Elayne Mane Peterson. Glenn Harold Peterson, IrvinD Peterson, Jon Lee Peterson. Kay Marie Peterson. Kristine E Peterson, Leonard F Peterson. Mary Clare Peterson, Michael J.. Ill 183 306 Pntchett. Carl Dale 463 186 634 634 .183.186.620 . .291.312.580 287.289 125.154.364.608 620 367 288 375 Poage. David Rowen 273 235 Pntchett. Elise C 608 Randolph. Leonard C.. Jr Randolph. Melissa Lyn Randolph. Sheila S Raney. Kenneth Carter, Jr Rankin. Richard S Ranly. Larry James ... 385, 444. 598 302 582 399 634 295 Pntchett. James Patrick Pritchett. James W Prochnow. Danny Atex Procter, John Douglas 381 581 Poe, Stephen William 580 369 180 231 Poehl. Michael Ernest .298 355 Proctor. Stephen J. . 298 Pohl. David Frederick Pohl, Susan Melissa 288, 389, 620 349 620 Proctor, Wade T.. II 125 126 Proffitt, Diane Louise Proft. James Bernard Proft, Robert Wayne Proper, Steve Ray Propst, Dorothy M 620 172 172.234.581 608 634 Ransom. Willard Byron Rao. Siva V. K.. Rape, John David Raper, Robert Thornton Raphael. Amy Beth Raphael. Sidney L 292 . .. ' . ' .. ' . ' .. .. ' ..288 195.389 237 Pokorny, James J 243 Peterson. Nina Lyn Peterson, PauletteB. 580 251 Polchmski. Pnscilla Polmg. John Randall 327 580 449 Peterson. Terri Lee Petrash. Jackie Ray Petne, Susan Carol Petruzzi. John Michael Pettit, Rowland 347.580 580 608 634 Proske. Charles F Prothro. Jennifer Anne . . 456 391 367 Rappaport, Claudia Diane Rappaport, Gabnella Simone . Raschke, Fred David Raschke, Lesa Jamne 1 1 9. 1 39, Rasco. Marsha E 290 290 127.634 286.294.312.325. 621 634 Pollard. Anita Carol Pollard. Brian Ray Pollard, Robert Stephen Pollock. Lawrence S.. Ill . Pollock. Penne Ellen 254,325 580 375.634 405 608 485 Provenzano. Luke Paul PRSSA 126 489 Pruden. Brent Lee 598 Pettus, Rebecca Gale Petty. Martha E Petty. Raney Dale. . . 335. 580 608 186 634 323 634 Pruett.BrendaKay 608 Pruitt. Eddie Clay Pruitt. Elizabeth K Pruitt, Kenneth C Pruter. Martha Scott Pryor, Linda E Marek Pryor. Mary Ellen 634 361 172 Petty. Thomas Charles Pfaff. Tony Earl Pleffer, Kirk Matthew Pled. Daniel Steven Pfed. Karla Ann Phaneuf. John Alan Pharo, Milam Randolph 139 Pharr, Gary Dalton Pharr, Kenneth Albert Jr 240, 580 446 Poison, Jeffrey W 277 341 608 Raskin, Demse Beth 609 377 127 335 293 339 186,580 580 279 202. 203. 449. 580 608 634 Poole. Jocelyn Poole. Pamela Lee 608 347 580 Ratcliff Robert Russell 582 581 581 598 Ratcliff. Susan Rathbun Kenneth R 310 Poole. Steven Ross 189.288.620 189 Pryor. Randal P. Pope, Janet 407 Pryzant, Nancy Sue . Psi Chi Puccio. Charles Michael Puccio. Patricia Jo Puckett. William N 286. 289. 293 309 Ratliff. Bryan P 195 377 621 Ratner. Nathan Ratterree. Donna Lee Rawdm. Laurie Evan Rawlings. Valerie Kay 609 139.349.621 621 289. 609 Pope. Patricia Eloise Popiden. Mary Lou Popp, James Edwin Popper. Laura Anderson Porcher. Jan Killeen 349 287 Ph, Beta Chi Phi Beta Kappa 231 290 291 581 551 608 294.311 620 Phi Beta Kinsolvmg 289 Puckett. William T 389 Phi Delta Chi Phi Delta Theta 246. 247 374 375 Pugh. Gary Brent ... . 195 Ray Charles Edward Jr 125.634 444.582 Porter, Charles Ray 119.377.581 Pugh. Michael Lee 293 Ray. David Duane Phi Eta Sigma Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Psi 288 376.377 292.293 378.379 Pughese. Timothy Pugsley. Nancy Jane 581 Porter Jo Dell 620 349 Ray. Marshall R 371,621 Puig. Yvonne Karen Puleio, Daniel Thomas Pullram. Debra Demse Puiliam, KathyAnn Pumphrey. Richard Dennis Purcell, Jeffrey Wayne Purcell. Kirk Boynton Purdom. Andrea Faith Purdom, Lawrence Edward Purdy. Bronwyn Lee 608 Porter, Martin Lee 299 200.581 608 180. 181.289 267.268 620 581 341 581 347 Ray. Sue Ann Ray. Thomas Chartes Raye, Karen E. 341.634 199 286 Phi Sigma Kappa . . 380 381 Porter. Peggy Ann Farris Porter. Richard B Phillips. Anne Catherine Phillips. Bruce Allen . . . 634 312 288 Porter, Richard W Porterfield Reta K 393 Phillips. David W 235 Rayfield. Robert E Rayner. Lois Evans Raynold, Vicki S 308 191.196.621 329.621 126 397 Phillips. Elizabeth Ann .407 580 Porth. Deborah Ann Portnoy. Blair Howard Posey. Gregory E. J Posgate, Louis Ridout 581 124 . . 634 323 Phillips. Frederick S.Jr Phillips. Gerald Cleveland R. . . Phillips. Gregory Charles 343 580 . . 288, 293 Rea. James Andrew Read. Debra Lourse 270, 347, 609 index 657 Name Page Page Name 634 383 . . .347,634 288. 424 . .292,308 329. 582 232 .397,634 . .210,609 146.290,308 180 289 . . 582 148,241.295.404.672 365. 634 355 . . 634 172 .-..., 267,268 186,307,621 609 598 . . ..311 279 124 189 371,609 119,202.203,293,302 190,609 327 265,268 .416 . ... 293. 299 288 295 303 371,621 286 609 582 456 145 195,299,300,449 634 . 582 286 621 196,395,634 609 452,456 361 . 609 361,621 323 .287.395,634 153 127 .. .621 355 514 235 139 609 . . 621 365 582 . 160.309.582 274 407.582 466 347.634 465. 466 Rembach. Max Otto, Jr 119. 156. 199.203,236.295. Read. Merrylyn Sherese Read, Patsy Latfd Read, Susan Carol Read, William R , Jr Read. Janie M Danhol, Mrs Reader, Helame Susan Real Estate Society Reardon, Patrick Kelly . . Reaves. Sandra Sue . . Reaves, Vivian Gayle Reber. Nancy Joanne Rech, Yvonne C Redd, George lenard Reddick. DeWitt Carter . ... Redwme. Suzanne Jane Reeb, Robert Joseph, Jr Reece, Barbara Lee Reece, Laurie Jan Reed. Charles F Reed, Francis Ann Reed, Janice Lee Reed, Linda Carolyn Reed. Luisa Clare Reed, Steven Russell Reed. Susan Beth Reed, Toby Glenn Reed. William Wesley Reeder. Charles Christopher Reeder. Margaret Brandon Reeder, Terry Sue Reedy. Richard Mark Reese. Cornell Reese. Donald James Reese, Francis Edward Reese, Kenneth Wayne Reese. Lymon Clinton Reese, Richard Martin Reese, Robert Martin Reeser, Pamela M. Reesing, Stephen Wayne Reeve, Charles Gary Reeves, James David Reeves, Sandra Sue Reeves, William W Regas, Le Ann . Regis. David Allen Rehtield. Pamela Kay Rehm, Bobby Lee Reich. HeleneR Reich. Karen Marie Reichenbach. Michael N Reicherl, Barbara Ann Reichert, Deborah L Reichert, John E . Jr Reichstem. Karen Sue Reid, Andrew Alexander Reid. Charles Morrow . Reid. David Reid. Drew Reid, Jackson Brock Reid, James Matthew Reid. Langhorne, III Reid, Randal Ray Reid. Scotl William . . Reid, Spencer Lloyd Reid, Susan Collins Fteifer. Eliezer Retter. Shalom Reilly, James Francis. II Reilly, Linda Jane Reilly. Susan Webb Reiman, Rebecca Ann Reinbach. Debra Ann Reine, Ten N Reinert. Stephen A Remgold, Debra Sue , . Reinhardt. Arthur E ,111 Reinhardt, Zeb Vance Remhart, Arthur K Reinharl, James Robert Reinke, William R Reiser. Rosemane M Reiser. Thomas Wendel . Reissig. Gary James Reiter. Robert Cole Reithner. Nancy Ann Rekoft. Caroline Lia Renaudin, Richard Anderson Rendall. Robert Van, Jr Renfro, Dennis Lee Renfro, Shelia Ann Renfrew. S La Doyle Renner. Daniel Ray Renshaw, David Wayne Rentena, Victor M Renttro. Daniel L . Jr Renttro. Lindsay Elizabeth Repetti, Susan Rita Repp. Ann Margaret Resendez. Rodolto. Jr Ressmann. Arthur C , Jr Reuter. Larry Michael Reveley, Louis Ramon Rew. Vernon Earl, Jr Rexroat, Jana Carol Reyes. Juan Isidro Reyes. Nancy Rhodes H Reyes, Olga Leonora . Reyes. Racquel Reymann. Paula Ann Reynolds, Bobby Ray. Reynolds, Carol Ann Reynolds. Charles P Reynolds, James Fred Reynolds, Larry Glenn Reynolds, Rebecca Tally Reynolds, Thomas Allan Reynolds. Wanda Faye Rez, Donald Gary Rhea. John William. IV Rhea. Robert Milton Rhemlander, Nathan B. Rhodes. Deborah Ann Rhodes. FredenckA., Ill Rhodes. George Frederick, Jr Rhodes. Jerry Wayne Rhodes. Lonnie D , Jr. Rhodes. Richard Craig Rholes, William Steven Rhone. Rolinda Kay Rhyne, Craig Desmond Ribnik, Patricia P Ricards, Nancy Ellette Rice. Colleen Mullen Rice. Grant F Rice. Jennifer Susan Rice, Jon Kirk Rice, Melissa Lynn Rice, Thomas Naffe Rich. James Ralph Rich. John Martin Richard. Canton Smith Richards, Jack Carlm Richards, James E , Jr Richards, Joy Ann Richards, Robert Michael 300, 582 286 399 287 312 290 134,291 118, 176,295 176 286 303 416 . . .634 347 582 195.339 609 399 333,609 146, 147. 149 195,355,609 302 609 634 293.311,335,609 383 291 582 582 235 189 288,339 1 78, 609 119.582 291 582 125 139.361,634 .397 325,621 312 381,634 291 327,582 582 582 126.293 397,609 363 186 609 292,371,582 399. 582 299 266. 634 323. 582 290 634 582 329.621 286.345,621 293 393 292 125 287 330,551 186 515 302, 397. 582 343.609 295. 296 609 609 Richards, Susan K Richardson, Gerald F.. Jr. . Richardson. Joel A Richardson. Joel A Richardson. John Harry 183. Richardson. Kathenne Dee Richardson, Larry Alan Richardson, Michael K Richardson. Pnscilla Richardson. Robin Hathaway Richardson. Rodney M Richardson. Teresa Ann Richarme. Amy Carstensen Rtcheson, Pamela Sue Richey. Elizabeth L Richey. Gayle Annette Richey. Robert C Richstatter. Jo Anne Richter. Henri-Ann Richter, Kathleen S. Mrs Richter, Nancy Jayne Richter, RobynRene Richter, Steven Ray Richter. Terry Robert Rickman, Marilyn M. Rickman. Robert Eugene Ricks. Leslie Bee, Jr Rico, Roseanna Lisa Riddell, Sharon Elaine, Mrs Ridenour, Lee Howard Rider. Charles Robert Ridley. Richard M Ridout, William David Riedesel. Roland G, Jr. . Riegel. John Paull Rielly. Robert John Riemann, Carl Frederick Riggs. Ben Hayes Riggs, Elizabeth Ann Riggs. James Franklin Riggs. Joseph Newton, III Riggs. Man Ann Riggs. Ronald S Riis-Due, Carter William Riley. Pamela Ann Riley. Phyllis Laverne Riley. Robert Shawn Riley, Roy Michael Rilling. Frank James, Jr Rmderknecht. Susan Lynn S Rink, James Wilson Rinn. Gary Steven Rios. Manuel Pena Rios. Raul Rios. Rosa Pena Rioux. Thomas Wayne Ripper. Pamela Sue Ripperger. Emily A Risch. Rebecca Rising. Stephen Gene Ritchie, Murray Scott Riter, James Alan Ritschel. Robert Eugene Ritts, Howard James Rivard, Ronald David Rivas, Jose Jesus . . Rivas. Mary Magdalen Rivers. Barbara Lynn Riviere. Robert Lee Rizer, John Charles Roach, Carol Lynn Roach. Dorothy Jean Roach. James R Page 621 363,621 293 . 161,634 186 199.203,236,298. 300. 582 196.347,634 389 371 609 116.383,582 292 287 .582 634 621 . . .293.310.327,609 . . ..416 407.621 582 . .310 310 .124 186 186 327,621 . . 416 288,312.621 . 204 286 290,582 385 :.. .176.192.397 .634 .299 235 235. 582 299.609 357,621 335,634 609 . . 295 634 399 582 286 582 186 298 288. 389 582 393 385 157.237 189.634 634 114.295.297,300,551 609 598 286, 349 303 343 609 174 288.399.621 272 ... 274 634 621 416 634 .582 287 295, 499 Name Roach, Katheryn Scott. Mrs Roach. Marsha Ann Roach. Philip Dennis Roach. Richard Gordon Roades, John Leslie Robb. Lisa Carol Robberson. Sarah K Robbins, Daniel Meyer Robbins, Joel Harlan Robbins. Michael David Roberson. Margaret M Roberts, Andrea Gail Roberts. Cindy Roberts. Constance G Roberts. Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Guy Russell Roberts. James DeWitt Roberts. James Thomas Roberts, Jana Lynn Roberts, Lawson P Roberts, Mark Darren Roberts, Mmdy Rachel Roberts, Philip Howard Roberts, Randall E Roberts, RandellC Roberts, Rhonda Lynne Roberts. Richard Eugene. II Roberts. Robin Helene Roberts, Stephen M Robertson, Beverly Kay Robertson. Craig Bryan Robertson. Cynthia L Robertson, Daniel B Robertson, Dirk B Robertson. Donna Marie F . Mrs Robertson, Harvey G Robertson. John Malcolm Robertson. Kathleen Sue Robertson. Kenneth R.. II Robertson. Leslie Susan Robertson. Linda Susan Robertson, Nancy Louisa Robertson, O 2.. Ill Robertson. Richard Lea Robertson. Richardson. Ill Robertson. Ronald Edward Robie. Deborah Ann Robin. Joan E Robinowitz. Kenneth L Robins. Donald Akin Robinson. Beth Gardner Robinson. Charles E Robinson. Charles E , Jr Robinson. Charles Kent Robinson. Jeffrey Eli Robinson. Kenneth A Robinson. Larry Robinson, Lindley Eltain Robinson. Lucille Robinson. Mary Leah Robinson. Mindy Ann Robinson, Nathan, Jr Robinson. Patrick Eugene Robinson, Randall Jenkins Robinson. Richard Thomas Robinson, Robert M Robinson, Shelby Robinson, Steve M Robinson, Susan Elaine Robinson, Xanna Lee Robirds, Stephen Dale Robison. William W, III Robles, Karen Darlene Robles. Michael Alan Page 292 621 621 288 303 325 621 308 598 288 287 598 347.621 407.609 . .365.634 124 444 451 634 189 124 329.634 582 293 189.634 609 582 582 312 609 399 349 312 393 582 279 .343 303 621 .292,302 365 210,383.465.634 274,283 176.177,609 621 . 139.253.371 621 621 288 351.621 383 621 363.426 288 391 234 428. 430. 432 139.286 291 145.634 329 440. 444 609 609 582 357 196,335 397 365 634 397. 634 288.312 634 465 658 index ffjm - KfM 1 ? Name Robles. Viola Robnett. Susan K Roche. Pamela Ann Roche. Randal Caiverley Rockett, Pearson L . Jr Rockhill. Patricia Fortson, Mrs Rod. Anthony Wayne Rod. Douglas Paul Roddie. Phyllis M ...... Rode, Eunice Helena Roderick. William O Rodgers, John Ormand Rodgers. Keith Kay, Jr Rodgers. Susan Lee Rodgers. Zeima Joanne Rodi, Dolores Sue Bissell Rodney. Susan Mane Rodnguez-Montero. Dina Rodriguez. Alfred Rodriguez. Arnold Rodriguez. Carlos Castillo. Jr Rodriguez, David Rolando Rodriguez, David Roy Rodriguez. Jesse Michael Rodriguez, Linda Rae Rodriguez. Mana Luisa Rodriguez. Raquel Rodriguez. Ricardo Rodriguez. Roberto Roe. JackWillhoit. Jr Roe. Jerre Roeder. Ronald Charles Roehm. John F , III Roessler, Lenms E Roessler. Nancy E Rogan. Robert Michael Rogan. William Patrick Rogers, Bruce Wilson Rogers. Debra Susan Rogers. Diane Laverne Rogers. Donna Gayle Rogers. Gerald Alan Rogers. Glen Paul Rogers. James Eugene Rogers. John Deiwood. Jr Rogers. Lee Davis Rogers. Linda Karen Rogers, Lorene Lane Rogers. Mark Jeffrey Rogers Mitchell West Rogers, Penny Jean M Rogers. Randi K ay Rogers. Rhonda Mae flogers. Ronald Denton Rogers. Ronnie Lee Rogers. Sharon Jeanette Rogers. Susan Elaine Rogers. Wallace, III Rogers. William Charles Rogers. William Foster Rogge. Melvin James Rohland. Pamela Ann Rohlich, Henry James Rohn Lee Jeannetle Roland. Kathleen Mane Roland. Susan Rolf, Deborah Ann Roller. James Vernon Rollins. Henry Moak Rolls. Susan Kim Rollwage. Claire Louise Rolon. Francis Arnaldo Roman. Mark Evan Roman, Paula Calhoun. Mrs Romanko. Michael J Rombough, Charles T Romer. Louis Theodore, Jr Romero. Annette Louise Homines. Robert James Romm. Judy Lynn Romo. Robyn Kay . Romoser. Russell Ronaghan. James Thomas. Jr Rooke. Mark Lee Roostaeyan, Majid Roosth, Michael Barry Root, Carolyn Root, Martha Anne Rooth. Richard Carl Rone. Danny Eugene Resales, Evangelme Resales Glenn Martm Rosano, Anita C Rosas, Virginia Rose, Arthur Paul Rose. Celia Ann Rose. David Edgar Rose. David Louis Rose Henry John. Jr Rose, Mark Howard Rose. Pamela Mae Rose. Stephen Rose. Susan Lea Resell. Sheree Lynne Roseman Barry Dean Roseman, James Michael Rosen. Andrea Sue Rosen Cynthia Ann Rosen. Melissa Eileen Rosen. Michael David Rosenbaum. CharlynG Rosenbaum. Susan Gail Rosenberg. Betty Gail Rosenberg. Debra Lynn Rosenberger, Randal Scott Rosenblum, Howard Walder Rosenblum. Judy Ann Rosenblum. Richard H Rosene. Sherry Ann Rosendeld. Susan B Rosenthal. Alan Ray Rosenthal, Arnold Stephen Rosenthal, Barbara Gail Rosenthal, William Edward Rosett, RAndy Layne Rosmbaum, Deborah Kay Ross. Annette Karen Ross. David Lynn Ross. Debra Anne Ross, Gordon Victor Ross. John Terrence Ross. Joseph Clinton Ross, LawrenceS V Page Name Page Page 139 349 Ross. R Sul 176 598 Salinas. Lucila M 621 Schneider. Dennis Ray 584 286 290 327 621 341.621 335 582 634 Ross. Stanley R 537 405.583 Salmon. Jonathan T. 292 Schnitzer. Russell S 400 325 i. . 287 301 582 Ross, William Robert 253, 371 293,583 Saiyer. Rebecca Jane 609 Schnurr. Michele Janet 329 635 609 583 277 357 361 amnl Don Stp 383 634 Rossi. Catherine Ann ... 361 . 634 286 Sampson. Debbie Lee 635 Schoenvogei, Susan C. 287. 383 635 155 139 Sanchez Rebecca Alanis 288 293 312 609 609 278 232 621 . . . 236 583 379 341,621 292 Rostow, Walt Whitman 295 288 Sanders, Brenda Sue 287. 635 347 621 Schooler. Suzanne Lee Schott Willoughby B . 290.302 416 286 635 621 551 302 466 236 598 127 345 609 126 292 487 395 139 1 39. 598 621 Rothenberg, Gayle Ann Rothgeb. John Reese Rothschild, Stanley Lee 312 254 405.621 Sanderson. Barbara Ann Sanderson. Linda Sue .407 287. 289 Schrank, Larry Glenn Schrank, Patti Gay 245. 249. 598 127. 139. 196 290 231,609 204 286 Rountree. Randolph Wmsler 139. 292. 306. 609 609 Sandoloski. Lee Robert Sanmiguel. George G 125 262. 263. 264. 268. 283 Schreiber, Birdena Schreiber, Marilyn P 532 292 395 584 212 213 583 391 293 234 . . .416 621 273 292 416 325 609 583 Rowan William Michael 424 584 189 Rowe JackWillhoit 271 235 292 299 . .126 621 293 621 349 634 583 416 598 634 233 299 300 349 290 262 584 286 393 583 , . . , 583 227 584 397 583 287 584 583 . .357 621 621 609 Royal. Darren K 295,414.416.460 288 Sauder. John Waggoner 635 Schultz. Karen Ann . 609 584 583 291 Royall. Linda Jean 335 286 361.621 Sauer, Edward Hugh 357. 584 Schulz. Gary Burton .... 635 551 279.280.621 Rubin. Aaron Lee 330 303 Schulze. Eric William 290 279 405.635 215 379 303 157 230 310,609 536 Rubin. Joan llene Rubin, Paula Nancy 329 . .139 Savage, Sarana Mane Sawtelle Michael E 1 27. 635 377 Schumann, Betty Elaine Schutts. Martha Lewis 349 365 583 291 312 583 286 292 341 609 389 Rubmsky Simon William 330. 583 335 584 Schutze. Valerie Ann . 287.289.383 180,311 621 Rubio. Jesus Jose, Jr. Rubio. Jesus Ramiro 125 583 Sawyer. Stan D 272 323 Schwab. Carol Sue . 621 405.621 609 634 Rubio. Patsy 119.294 161 190 635 Savers. Andy T ........ 399. 609 Schwartz, Anne Louise 128 609 424 609 Rucker. Kenneth Wayne Rudd William Lee, 111 635 195 Sayers. Kerry Louise . 383 Schwartz. Deborah Price 609 584 463 377 621 Rude, Karen Beth 635 139 Scales. Floyd Edgar 298. 584 Schwartz, Jane 293 279. 280. 583 200 272 Rudolph. Jana Mane 292 395.609 Scamardo, Marion S . Jr 312 Schwartz, Paula Lynn 395.621 349 609 179.235 609 Rugaard, Marbeth Mane 635 . , 277 Scarborough. Sheree 287 Schwartz. Phyllis C .196.329 146 308 293 128 132 Ruggiero, Robert W 276 325 Schaeler. Beverly Lou. Mrs . 287 Schwarzer, William D . Ill . . 274,282.635 204 634 139 Schaeter Laura 584 634 288 196 609 583 181 424 Ruiz, Gabriel . . .157.233,583 Schaeter. Wilson E 371 Schweitzer. Came E . .148.242 303 186 216 634 186 286 289 621 Ruiz. Leopold, III 249, 583 449 Schaefter. Susan Rae 289. 345 Scofield. William R. 403 249 399 343 292 312 . 293 Ruley. Gary James Runyan. Valerie Lynn Ruple. Aubrey Vaughan. Jr. Rush. Nancy Chandler Rushefsky. Laura Etta 229. 598 635 583 139.287,289 635 Schall. Jean Ann Schalfner. Leslie Jacob, Jr Schaffner. Susan E Schalk. Donme Robert 335.621 286 . 153 288 Scott. David Milton Scott. Deborah Ann Scott. Donna Sue Scott. Gerald Wayne 234.237.635 139.365.584 292.551 299. 301 . 609 635 229. 583 Rusk, Keith Edward 379.609 383 178.464.634 Ruska. James 551 Scott LuAnneP 466 621 Russell Byron Charles 363. 635 609 395 Russell. Dale Stewart 299 290 621 Russell. Gerald Alan 621 Schetle. Diane Kay 286 Scott, Philip Bruce 371.621 235, 598 Russell. Janna Kay 191,255.289.310 289 ir 583 Russell. Jonell 635 Schell. Eric J 288 Scott. Sarah Ann 327 290.291.583 583 Russell. Peggy J M. Mrs Russell, Rebecca Lee 551 367, 583 Schelthase. Gladys Kay 271.609 621 Scott. Stephen T Scott. Wallace H..IH . . 293 . 424 400 634 144.621 583 Russell, Roben Alan Russo, Frank Francis Russo, Joseph Francis .303 323,621 323. 583 609 Schenck, Angela Mane Schenkkan. Pieter Meade Schenkkan. Robert F.. Jr. 303 296 291.292.295 Scotl. William Buerk.Jr Scroggms. Charlotte Rothweil Scrogin, JohnM.. Ill 117.139,142,584 609 351 145 289 609 293. 302 278 583 145 635 125.583 634 Ruth, Robert Wayne Rutherford George W 299 416 Scherer, John Edwin . 635 Scurlock. Stephen Y . 153.371 235 288 621 292 Rutherford. Linda Jeanette 333.583 291 609 1 76. 400 270.395,621 Rutherford, William Oliver Rutledge. DebraAnn Rutledge, Emily Jane 186 609 383 Schietfer. Kay Lee Schiewitz. Floyd Patterson 349 150.303 Sealey. Edward L. Jr . Seals. Beverly Lu 343 347 288 634 Rutledge, Randall Jay 264 Schiffer. BrentS 609 Seals Wayne Alan 302 621 RutI Larry Michael 330 Schifter Mary Sean 635 Seaman Sandra Jane 286. 621 375. 609 Rutueio. John. jr. 583 Schiffer. William J.. Jr 598 Seamans, Dana Gerald 302 279 Ruwwe, Kay Amelia 407 Schilder. Stephen Michael 233 Sears. Elizabeth H 292 621 400 Ryall. Patricia Ann Ryan. James E , III 241.308 323 Schiller. Jeffrey A 330 Sears, Laura Lea 635 183 186 598 . 367 Ryan. Molly Virginia . 172 Sebek Daniel Marshall 635 287. 634 Ryan, Timothy Wayne 635 199 339 598 Sebnng Ann Martha 341 635 583 Ryan. William Emmet 290 286 359 621 391 , 583 Rydesky. Mary Margaret 293 227 584 416 329. 634 621 395 195.405 407 289. 583 395 329 290 Rylander, Anthony 1 Rylander. Barbara R . Mrs Rylander. Betty Grace Rylander. Henry Grady. Ill Rynd. Frank Barlow s 292. 299 292.310 293 . 292 119. 139.290 Schlechte. Judith Ann Schlecte. Joseph Brandt Schlee. Cynthia Lois Schleier. Grady Edwin Schleler, Karen Alison Schleyer. Joanna Lee Schiueter. Wanda Kay Schmid, Margaret L 311 609 598 253,371.584 621 635 598 1 80 Sedlak. John Neil Seeds. Stephen Burke Seeligson, Ramona F Segal. Elyse Sharon Segal. RobmKay Segall. Candace Louise Segall. Janice Susan Seibert. Frank C Seidel Robert Mark 635 635 286 ........ 635 395 347. 609 584 377 312 124.405.634 Seller Diane Daphne 345,584 124.139, 191,583 Saathofi. Douglas Ray 635 609 634 286 286 243. 330, 583 290 583 303 312 Sabet. KhadrvShafn Sabrsula. Rena Susan Sadler, Sharon Kay Saenz. Alejandro A Saenz, Clara Saenz, Jesus Alberto Saez, Daniel Dennis 465 290 349 621 621 249. 598 609 288 Schmidt. Dennis A Schmidt. Fred Bozman Schmidt. Gregory Don Schmidt, John Allen Schmidt. Karen Lee Schmidt. Karl M Schmidt. LynnE . 299 230 290 312 176.181 298 139.214 Seittert. OtiiiaB Seller. Susan Diane Seiiheimer, Edwin John. Jr Sekuia. Karen E AJbrecht Selby. Steven Seiden, Robert Paul Self. Donna Elaine 584 635 189.288.621 302 290 124 347.621 609 609 621 325. 609 293 176 293 292 Sagar. Leslie Virginia Sagmaw, Jane Naida Saied, Victor Carnal Sailing Club Salas. Vincent Joel Saige Steve Allen Salguero. David Edward Salinas, Elma Teresa 287 286 635 218 635 621 . 189,234,299 583 Schmidt. William C . Jr Schmitt. Anthony Richard Schmitt, Karl Michael Schmitz, Francis J Schneberger, Stephen Schneidau. Karen Patricia Schneidau. Sandra Mary Schneider. Catherine Ann 293 293 189 275 312 609 621 341.621 SeNg, Debra Elaine Selig. Peter Craig Seiigman. Michele A Sdke. Harold Edward, Jr. Sellers. Clifford Wynne Sellers Lenn Gene, Jr Sellmgsloh. Elizabeth Ann 256. 609 126. 139,405.584 395. 609 262.263.267. 268. 283. 584 176.584 357.584 365 index 659 660 irdex Name Sellslrom, Albert Donald Selly. Timothy Patrick Page 292. 482 Name Shyu. Genie Siben, Bernard Sibley. Brenda Sue G. Mrs. . Sibley. Carrie J Sibley, Pamela Anne Page .585 1 76 353,585 635 310,349,610 610 Name Smart, Randall William Smesny, Dolores Faye Smith. Adelaide F. B Smith. Alison Leigh Smith. Allen E Smith. Annalyn Garrett . . . Smith, Andrea Jane Smith. Ann Reeves Smith. Banks McLain Smith. Barbara Heath Smith. Barbara Jean Smith, Barry Asher Page 288 598 Name Snyder, Kenneth Lee So, Paul Kwong So, Peter Chan M Sobm, Nicholas John Social and Behavioral Science Council Sockler, Steven Allan Soechting, Marsha Faye Page 263.267 585 551 292 160 . . . .323.622 622 288 9 S S s Si S k s s s - S S SI si 5 SI 293 635,308 292 532 181 383 . 290. 292 290 287 .635 407 622 Sengelmann, Elizabeth W Senior Cabinet Sens. Ronda Faye Senler, Susan Sepulveda. Sharon Michaela Sepuiveda. Maureen Cecilia Serota. Barbara Jo B , Mrs Sers. Brenda Joyce Sertner. Robert Mark Sessom, Patricia Ann 383. 635 . .. 150.151 . ..621 347,584 291 , 584 635 292 125. 128. 139.353,609 . . .401 145 246 584 113. 119.294 388. 389 311 . . . . 635 Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi 390,391 392,393 241 Solis, Jose Angel, Jr Soliz. Alfonso, Jr 1 19, 234, 263, 265, Solomon, David Allen Solomon, Ira Solomon, Mitchell B Solomon, Phillip Wayne Soisbery, Anne Louise Solsbery. Carol Sue Sommer. Raymond Lee Sommerfeld, Raynard Somppi, Stacey Jean Sondergaard, Ann Candace 288 268.299,610 308 302 288 585 407,635 407, 635 ... .221,312 295 286 585 635 585 303 . . 186.635 302. 598 585 246 622 139 139 291 . 292 586 Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Nu . ..394,395 396.397 Smith, Beverly Jean Smith, Bryant Kittrell Smith, Carlton Dean . . . Smith, Carol Ellen Smith, Catherine Ann . Smith, Catherine Leona . . Smith, Charles Hugh Smith, Christopher W Smith, Clark Cummmgs . Smith. Clav Myers Smith Clyde Willard Jr 286. 622 361,622 635 1 28, 347 407 .635 303 323 Setzer, Jean Ree Sewell. Beverly Kay Sewell. Brad William Sewell, Charles Thomas Sewell. Elizabeth Bonner . Sewell. Stanley Don Seymour. Jillian Hurst ShacKelford. Mary Jo Shackelford, Suzanne Vesta Shaetler, Robert Keith . . . ShaeMer, Scott Edward Shafer, Richard Henry Shater, Stephen Dwain . Shambaugh. Celia A Shamoun. Julie Mane Shampain. Richard H 290 . . . 293 609 291.312.584 290.294.367 302 303 .. .127 . 584 . .377.635 377.610 . . 302 . ,610 383 584 330 389 Sigma Phi Epsilon Siebel. Julie Anne 398.399 .365 ., .310 Siegel. Claudia Helene 294 253,371 292 Sierra, George William Siff, Theodore Jerome 621 114.296 ... .199,399 355 377 Sorelle, Donald P Sorensen, Stephen William Sorrell. Adrian Lloyd Sorrells. Kathleen 1 Sorsby, Barbara Elaine Sosa. Alfonso Ramon Sosa. Patricia Lynn Solo. Roberto G Soto, Virginia S Souby. Anne Rose Sigler. Cynthia Marie Sikes. Karen Sue Behrens Silberberg, Celia J Silberberg, Jay L Silberman. David M Silver. Allyn Jo Silverblatt, Keith Alan Silverblatt, Pamela J Silverman. Lawrence D Silver Spurs Silverstem. Alanna M Silverthorne. Stephen Clark . Simecek, Joe John, Jr 291.585 255,585 621 183.291.306 288 . .124.139. 155.598 585 128, 178 331.621 194. 195 180.291.312 189 236 585 295 Smith. Connie S Smith, Courtney Craig Smith Cynthia Elaine 291 .276 349, 635 . Smith. Cyrus Rowell 295 236 299 119 359 Smith. Deborah Miller Smith Dennis Kyle 349 157 Shanks, Richard Cleon Shanks, Suzanne Howland 288 293 287. 289 271 Smith, Diane Elizabeth Smith, Donald Jack, Jr Smith, Donald Martin 585 238 Sousares, Judy Kathryn Sousares. Lynn Scott Soutar. James Scott Southern Singers Sowada, Margaret A Soward. Susan Jan 1 76. 1 81 , 287 Sowell, Roger E Sowers, Bruce Acton Sowers, Frederick W. . 635 586 635 178 287.289.635 289. 327, 635 183. 186.288 ... .277.282 586 139.401 347 . .327,635 279. 281 . 341 586 293 . 399,610 292. 308 529 . . . . 379, 635 349, 622 586 586 464 . .333.586 139,333.586 363 139,337.551 363 286 292 262. 263, 264 288, 299 635 215 407 293,310 622 . . . . 440. 444 586 186.276.622 . 245. 586 610 291 126,393 . 291 . 586 622 286 Shannon. Kaylin Marie Shannon. Rebekah Lynne .584 635 347 343 610 635 Shapiro. Barbara Lynn Shapiro. Marcy Beth Shapiro, Michael Shapiro. Renee Michelle . Shapiro, Suzanne Abbey Shapoori. Ah 395.610 290 323 287 124. 178.395 288 235 397.621 Smith, Ellen Albright Smith Forrest M III 312 363 424 635 Simmons. Duane Garret! Simmons. John Wesley 124,125,128. 155.416.585 610 172 Smith Frank Joe. Ill 355 236 Smith. Glenda Jane 302 292 Simmons, Patrick Henry 397 ...416 139 Spaldmg. Nancy Jan 186 635 Simmons, Sally Ruth Simmons. Steven Craig 196 399 292 292 490 Sharp. Christopher G Sharp, James P , Jr 377 . .126 383 621 Smith Howard Gray, Jr 274 Spangler. Jeannie Rae Sparger. Molly S. H Sparkman, Allen . Sparkman. George T . Jr Smith, Jack Michael .585 189 610 Simms, Janice Ann Simms Jill K 635 289 Sharp, William Paul Sharpe. Ernest Alonso Sharpe. Susan Carolyn . . . . Sharrock, Stuart Glen Shaub, Michael Kenneth Shaw. Richard Earl. Jr 290 292 Smith, James Burleson, Jr 114 119 Simon. Mary Elizabeth Simon. Morna 635 181 610 463 139 399 . . 274 Sparks, Claud Glenn Sparks, Glenn C Sparks. Kimberly Kaye Sparks, Rebecca M. Spauldmg, Brenda Kay Spearman, Jo Edna Spears, Audrey Von Spears. Barbara L 230 635 381.584 363 598 Smith, James Scott 355 585 Simons. John Charles. Ill Simonsen. Stephen A Simpson, Claude M Simpson. Edward M Simpson, Ellen Merritt Simpson. Harold V Simpson. John Scott Simpson. Leslie Anne 291 377 241 158,291 178 416 312 241 585 367 Shaw. Robert Thornton .... 584 635 Smith, Jeffery Alvin . ... Smith. Jeffrey A Smith, Jeri Ann Smith. Jo Ann Smith. Joe Allen 585 227 287,289 286,312,610 622 622 Shaw. Susan Kay Shea, Irl Victor Shea, Patricia Bell Shea, Sally Patricia Shearer, Anne Hoi bed Shearn, Michael Joseph Sheesley. Heidi Ann Sheets. Deanna Rhea . . . Sheflel, Suzanne K Sheffield, Debra Lynne.-. . - Sheflield, James R., Jr Sheffield, Scott D 610 610 191.610 584 407 . . .112, 119,203,584 367.610 . . .347 359 635 179 235 635 Spears. Ray Earl Spears, Teddie D Special. Teresa Ann Spector. Jonathan M Speer, George Blake Speight. Howard Lyman Smith. John Robert 293 233 298 300 Simpson. Mark Douglas . ... Simpson. MarkK 302, 303 635 622 Smith. Karen Sue Smith, Katharine H 585 . 291 325 Simpson. Paul Kerry Simpson. Paula Gayle Simpson, Paula Jo 288 622 153,231 203 292 Smith, Kenneth Duane Smith. Kenneths Smith. Kerry Regan 293 585 444 288 363 Speir, Susan Jean Spellmann, Anne Spellmann. Jane . . Simpson, Richard Lee 290 544 Sheflield, William Johnson . Shelby. Donna Beth . ... Sheldon, Joan Elynn Sheldon. Richard King Sheldon, William Robert, Jr Sheiiorne. Laurie Zann Shelton. Genette Shelton. James Dowlen 246 395 Smith. Kimberley Ann Smith, Kimberly Jean 327,635 635 Spence. Overton Roy Spence, Rebecca Sue Spencer. James Harold 183 Spencer. John Richard Spencer, Margaret A Spencer. Merle Darlene Spencer. Richard L Spencer, Roxanne Spencer, Susan L Simpson. Sheila Gail 598 635 .416 291,293 180 407. 584 621 621 297 Smith. Laura Louisa 610 286 289 Sims. Catherine M Uptain . . . 127 635 Smith. Leonard Lane 299 Sims. Joseph Mark 635 293. 302 345 622 Smith, Leslie Diane Smith, Linda Elizabeth Smith. Linda Nan Smith, Linda Susan 240, 585 294.302,345 329 367. 635 139 242 610 Sims. Sharon Lee Sims. Suzanne Frances Sims, Thomas Edward 349. 622 361 610 347 Shelton, Wade Bryant . Sheng. Emily Li Wei Shepard. Ralph Louis Shephard. Deborah Sue Shepherd, David Powell Shepherd. Edward Steven Sheppard. James Edgar 351 610 391 610 288 Sperry, Frederick George 288 586 302 139,160,622 145.241.622 292. 586 .... 345 331 622 311 405 405. 622 307.341.586 . 196.197 586 ...371.622 190.196 440.444 197 Singer, Judith Anne 190.635 405 Smith, Lucy Cragin 635 610 Spikes. Beverly A B.. Mrs Spillman, Ann Coke Spmks. Leslie Ann Spinner. Sharon Ruth Spivy, Sherry Lynn Spizman. Irving Willy Spletter, Robert Alan Spohnheimer. Cheryl A Spolane, David Allan Spolane, Ronald S Sponberg, Mary Kathryn 186 Spooks Spraggms. Deborah . . . 149,506 Smith. Marion Allen 585 172 585 293 367 635 Singletary, David G 635 287 Smith. Mark Kevin 635 Sheppard. Mary Clare 585 585 610 Sippel. David Ernst Siqueira, Vera Helena F Sisk, Judith Ann Sisk, Melissa Rickman Sitterle. Jillana C Sittko Claudia Mane 227.379.585 585 359 292 341.635 172,174 Smith. Marsha Ann Smith. Martha Strickland 231 Sherburne, John R Sheridan, Deborah N Sherman. Charles P Sherman, Dale Randolph . 288 598 . . ..310 365 635 Smith, Melissa Ann 365 125 301 298 Smith. Michael Charles 288,312 288 Shernll. AnnK Shernll, Kimberly Ann . Sherrod, Margaret Tek Sherwood. Joseph H.. Ill . . Sheth, Salishchandrah Shield, James Lowell Shields, ReneCaryn Shields, Sarah Margaret Shiflet, Ronnie Earl Shirazi. Ah Shivers, Brian McGee Shlenker. Andrew Tillman . Shobe. Debra Janet Shocklee, Martha Loyce Shockley. Jennifer Ann Shockley, Jon Kenneth . . . Shoenfelt, Catherine R Shofner. Susan Mary Shoptaw. Debra Lynn Short. Kathleen Sarah . Short. Lisa Shorter. Susan Diane Shorter, Pamela Sue Showalter. Stuart W Shrader. Gregory Lynn Shnver. Robert W Shrull. Robert Keith . . Shryoc, Kelly Kirk Shtawi. Abedelrazak M Shtofman. Michael Allen Shudde. Neal Wilson ... . Shugart, Michelle Shulak. Nancy Shulkm. Barry Lynn . Shulkin. Craig Steven Shum. Che-Kwan Shum. Km To Shumate, Rebecca Lynne Shushan, Debbie Lea HflHK .621 . ... 176.286,289,621 286.621 237 585 610 286 287, 635 585 610 260. 262, 267, 268, 270 339 610 610 635 153.229.610 180,311 289.341,635 635 287.341 293 Skaggs. Robert Kenneth ... 288 312 Smith. Nancy Ann 287 Skarke, Michael Gary Skelton, Michael Hadley 229.585 157 635 Smith, Patricia Anne .192,347 Sprain, Karran Kay Spring. Esther Springer, Gary Douglas Springer, James J Springer, Randy McNiel Sprinkle. Margaret Ann Sprott, Ronald David Spruill, Jackie Faye Spurlock. Linda Gay Spurr, Steven H St Pierre, Kristy Kay, Mrs . 347 636 622 274 598 311,341,586 264 279 636 . .474,475 310 290 586 444 340.586 233 622 308 288 263,264.312 249 231 345 395. 636 242 290 359. 622 359 302 Ski Club Skidmore. Eddie Ray Skiff, Trudy Kier Skinner. Kent Eugene Skinner. Michael D Skipwith, Walter E Skopmski, Lorrain E Slack. Charlotte Anne 216 288 119 610 357.635 300 325 367 325.585 Smith. Philip Stephen .... Smith. Randall Dane . Smith. RhonnieD Smith. Robert Daniel Smith, Robert Dwight 232, 585 391 ...610 195.399 610 240 585 Smith. Ronald Scott Smith. Ronald Wayne 598 249 622 Slacke, Nancy Jane Sladek. Jean Ruth Siadek. Phillip L Slankard. Luanda J Slater. Phillips Slator, Dorothy Stevenson Slaughter, Janet Ruth 310 293,308,610 262,263.266 327.610 227,302.610 287,367.635 635 186 635 Smith. Shelly Irene 190.622 176 Staats, Emily Hazel Stack. John Charles Stack, Julie Ann Stacy, George Broun Stacy, Martha Jean Staff. Marcia Jane Stafford Michael T B Stafford. Wesley W 262 Staggs, Richard Alan Stame, Martha Louise Staicup, Sondra Jo Staller.Sue Stalhngs. Judy Lynn Stallman. Karen Faith Stallones. Jennifer C Smith. Sheryl Lynn Smith, Spencer H Smith. Steven Wade Smith, Susan Jo Smith. Thomas Frank, IV Smith. Van Lynn 345, 635 273 199,355.585 610 323 ... 399 585 287 345 276 308 .585 . . .635 635 355 585 127.288.405.610 377 . .347 286 290.391 585 298 299 327 . .329 WBMfl 349 622 288 312 622 Smith. William Donald Smith. William Joel Smith, William L Smithwick. Sandra Sawyer Smoker, Tom Diane Srnolik, Jerry Stanley Smolik. Samuel Lynn Smothers, Marilyn Lee Smyth, Sandra Beth Snavely. Susan Kay .551 302 362 Sliger. Janice Bertme Sloan, Catherine Sloan. Craig Michael Sloan. Dorothy S. Mrs Sioss, Jerry Robert Slusser. Kimberlv Lynn Small, Fairleigh David Small. Terrell J.. Ill Smailey, Webster 585 272 256,310.585 302. 585 .243 610 294.325,426.610 . 190.286.289 231 . 585 114 635 288 291 291 635 291 585 511 Stalnaker, Georqe Randall 290 277 Stanberry. Margret S W . Mrs. Stanbery, Carol Sue . Stanbery, Margaret J Stanbery. Susan Lynne Stancil, Karen Elaine Stancil. Stanley Hubert 294 293 271.407.636 191,407.610 287 157 KB Smallshaw. John Arthur 293 Snell. Sarah Ann Snelson. L W , III Snowden, Gary Lynn Snyder. David W 291 Smallwood. Susan E Smaiiwood, Susan Kay Smarr. Larry Lee 598 327 293, 295 H 232 291 451 B.--S Page Page si 1 " IB ; -- II X || 82 || a | ii a:a " z ttwi X - X a a 1 1 s I I sis i SffiS | i i a s K!S aa e . B :: ... 1 1 - 1 it 1 3 ' S ka s ! me V a - : ... Name Standage. Kathy Standeter. Fred William Standefer. Jana Lynn Standish, Walter Myles Standiey. Barry Howard Standley. Evelyn Page ...139 . . . 449 ., .196,347,622 295. 302 ... 301 598 Vame Stoler. Susan Joanne . .115.144. Stolhandske. Thomas B Jtoiie. Maureen Carmen Stolle. Michael F Stollenwerck. Carol Brooke Stolnacke. Paul Norman Stoltz, AlanKarg Stone. AulbertP..Jr 293 294,308.610 385.416.622 636 237 287 371.636 288 Swanson, Patricia E Swanson. Robert Walter Sweat, Benjamin Ancil Sweat. Robert H . Jr Sweeney, Ann Mane Sweeney. Mark Webster Sweeney. Martha Mary Sweet. Lizabeth Lee Sweeten. Barbara Anne Swensen, Cheryl Jean Swensen, Michael Wayne Swenson, Adnane . Swenson, Anne Evelyn .... Swenson, Glen T.. Jr. . . Swenson, Michael Titus Swmdall, Kermit Lee Swmnea. John Steven . . . 407. 587 227. 587 288 325, 636 Temple. Thomas Jack . 237. 299, 301 210,622 . . .293,301 340 339 242 636 ...:.... 636 . 292.299.301 383 587 . .416.424 .599 288, 622 Tenenbown. Myra Ann Tenison, Edward H.. HI Tennant, Rebecca Lynn .... Teoh. Kenny 181 587 587 298.587 Stanford. Andrew B 128 . 636 Teoh, Oscar OoLoke 299 Stanley, David Kent Stanley. Gerald Wade Stanley. Lynn P. 343 145.323,610 327.622 327 Stone. John David .292 586 Teran, Roger Francisco Termaath. Stephen G. 295 290 Stone. Martin Lewis 298 290 Stanley ' Nancy Carol Stansbury. Jennifer Stanton. Deborah Ann Stanton. Judy Kay Stapper, Carol Anne ..310 196.610 . . .118.134,333 .287,636 340 Stone. Rebecca Susan 610 Terrell, Paul Alton 186,622 Stone, Sharon Lea ' . . . - . 335 286 238. 298. 587 587 636 126.349 287.289.636 587 198.199 149 . ..179 132-139 636 189 622 Stone Sylvia Marie . .610 Terry. Kathleen Anne Terry. Mary Kathryn Terwey, Emily Ruth Terwey. Kathryn Grace Texas Cowboys Texas Student Publications Board Texas Troubadours Texas Union Thacker. Ann Leigh 286.340 Stone. Walter Benjamin Stone. William E.. Ill Stone. William Jesse, Jr Stoneburner, Richard K Stool. Louis Allan Storey, Stephen Kelley 403 389 308 195.288.393 118 199.312.405 355 636 389 ctu p t r Mark 636 Swiren, Ann Harriet 124 Stark. Sandra Kay ..636 ... 291 . 586 189 bwiiser, ja ROC 587 .424 Swope. Amanda Claire Swope, Jay Mitchell Sykes. Verna Jean Sykora. Marcella Lee Sykora. Sandra Lynn Sylvester. Martha G Synatschk. Martin Earnest Szablowski. Anne Adele t Tabak, Debra A Taber, Dan Allen Taboada, Pablo Camus Tabor, Christopher C Taborsky, Edward Taborsky, Helen Louisa Tail. Larry Lee Takacs. Rodney Scott Takemoto. Peter R Talamantes. EudeliaA. ... Talamantez, Robert C . . 349. 636 . . 343. 636 310.587 286 286 636 .587 407. 636 Starkey, Durward P Starkey. James Robert 290 610 Starnes. Susan K Starnes. Thomas Wayne Slartzman. Sharron A Staub, Jennifer M Stavmoha. Man Lisa 610 . 288 289.359,598 139 636 323 Stoutfer. Blair Todd 363. 456. 622 325. 636 Thaler. Linda L. Lehrmann Tharp. Brian Kimbell Thaxton, Margaret E. 255 610 347.636 236 Stover, Nancy Ann Stowell. Denise Marie Strader. Connie Mane Strader. Judy Frances Strahan, Wesley R.. Jr. Strain, Deborah K Strait, Robert C 294 327 . . 383.610 349.610 355 311 355. 636 Th fxlorneCooo 204 583 Theilig. Elizabeth E 286 402.403 bt. uiair, oonsiance u 586 Steed Pamela Kay 186 Theurer. Marilyn R Thibodeau. JackT 622 Steele. Robert Forrest Steen. Barbara Lynn 1 86 . . 367. 622 ... 1 28 Straiton. Lisa Kay Strand. Muriel Elise . 139.240 286 586 622 127 464 355 292 Thiet. Michele Dieu 291 292 Stetfier. Stephanie A Stehling. Patrick R Steigerwatt. MicheleA Stein. Debra Kay Stein Richard Howard . . .124.636 586 287 395.636 401.586 291 312 Thogersen, Steve Alan . Tholen. Roberta J 278 Strange. John Mark Straus, JocelynE Strauser. A. MaxineT., Mrs. . Strauss, Glenn Howard Strauss. Jana Lee Strauss, Jane Elizabeth 117.120 Straw, Robert Alan .375 ... 291 . 292 . .367 292 .186 287,636 134.286.291,293. 294. 367 279 236,622 200 291.292 Thomas. Becky 610 Stein, Robert George Stem. Shelley Lynn 293 . . ..139 . . 139 128 Thomas. Betty Lou . . Thomas. Carolyn Sue 361.587 389 Steinberg. Debra Gail 329.636 .139 Talbot, Cynthia Gay Tatbot. John Scott Taliaferro. John Leigh Talk. Pairici Rose Ehlers Taireja. Gopal S Tamayo. Carole Marie . . .622 199.397 Thomas, Cindy Lee Thomas. David Daniel Thomas. David Wayne Thomas. Gregory James Thomas. Hilda Suzanne Thomas, James Gregory Thomas. James William . 210.348.636 292 288. 622 636 Stemer, Mary Ellen Steinfeld. Jay Ira Stemhebel. TerranceL Stemle. Donald W Stekin, Kathy Ann Stell. Rebecca Lee Stembndge. Ann Carol . Stembndge, Joseph A. Stenzler. Karen E Stephaman. Armen Stephens, CharlesL.. Ill Stephens, Deborah B. . Stephens. Debra Lynn Stephens. Ellen Lynn Stephens. Gayle Ann . . Stephens, Jerry Michael Stephens. Jill J Stephens. King S. Stephens. Marilyn Sue Stephens, Michael Kay Stephens, Paula A. Baker Stephens, Ray Hannon Stephens. Robert M Stephens. Susan Locke Stephens. Susan Lynne Stephens, Thomas Earl ... . .407 , 176.401.622 586 . .610 .622 335,610 181.359.636 278,610 622 238.610 363, 636 1 1 5. 353 286 287 Strawmyer, Jeffrey F Strawn. John Mark Strawn, Russell Kent Streeter. Beth Elaine . . 230.599 279. 280 161.287 365 636 587 587 . 622 622 288,312 335 587 586 610 161.610 Tandy. Jocelyn Marie. Mrs Tangum, Lana Jeanette, Mrs. Tankard, Sara E. Fuller Tanker, William Howard Tapick, Gail Susan Tapper, Lee Scott Tarkmgton. Virginia L Tarlton. John Yerby Tarlton. Peggy J Mueller Tarpey. Judith Ann Tarpley. B. D Tarrant. George Donald Tartir. Usama A M Tasby. Kathenne Kay Tate. Byron Tate. Charlotte Anne 292 293 293. 308 .466 395, 622 . . .299 . 340. 587 587 . 310,587 . .622 295 337 587 Strickland, Nancy Joy H Strickland. OsborneW Strickland. Phillip R 586 125, 128 . 199.385 383 Thomas, Jon Lynn Thomas. Joseph M., Jr Thomas. Judith Ann . .279 288 349 186 Stripling, Josephine 312 195.363 Thomas. Kathleen Childers Thomas. Larry Leon .311 . 636 335, 587 610 ... 1 74 125 636 172 586 Strohm, John Robert Strong. Gary Bennett Strong, Georgeann E. Stryker, Michael M Stuart, Leigh Ann . . 238.288 291.312.385,586 . .347.622 610 365 ...119 Thomas, Mark Philip Thomas, Marshall R. Thomas. Martha Lynn 363.622 288 292 .303 518 291.587 237 610 416 . .172 598 234 . 367.586 586 586 . .212,213 i nomas, l j ri 514 .327 292 292 Thomas. Michael Stuart 393 551 Stuckey. Kevin M 323 586 . .292 Student Government Student Landman ' s Association Student Nutrition Organization . Studt. Bradley Wmton Stump, Bonnie Snead Stump. William R Sturdivant. Clarence M Sturdivant, James Fmdley Sturgal, Donald Joe . Stulzman. Nancy M 122-129 230 256 Tate. Kirk Hall 385 385 Thomas. Rick George Thomas, Robert Charles Thomas. Rodenc Conrad Thomas. Roger Lee 610 393 363,587 236. 298. 300 Tate. Wilford Allen Tatum, Carl David Tatum. Patricia Lynn ... 179 636 139,349 610 . 293 293 . 393.636 303 440. 444 586 Stephenson, Robert L Stephenson, Scott A Stern, Paul Albert Stern, Vickie Diane Stetter. John Arthur 445 . ... 309 636 .176.586 ... 375 339 287 Thomas. William Charles Thomas. William Miller Thomason, John R ., Jr Thomasson. Toni Marie . Thompson. Ann Tucker Thompson. Bartt G Thompson. Betty 299 Tau Beta Pi Tau Sera Sigma 298, 299 307 , . . 400, 401 183.186.622 587 . .367 636 460 189 Tausend. Marc David Tausend, Thomas Paul Tausend, Wellwood N . . Tautenhahn. Valeta Tavassol. Mohammad 399 236 253 Stevens. Deborah Ann . . . 196 .. .610 Suber, ivey Lee. Jr Subrt, Paul 424 288 393.622 329 Stevens. Harvey Morris ..172 299 Thompson. Bobby Glen . Thompson, Debra Lou 206 310 Stevens. Wayne Manning . . 262 Suddee. Somsak 300 172 . . .636 Taylor, Anne Elizabeth . 340. 622 Steward, Don Michael Steward, Donna Kay Steward. Sherry Lynn Steward. Stephen Hale Sugarek. Darlene Joann 292 . . .114,291.294 Thompson. Edward William . . . 238 . 610 636 363,622 287 636 Taylor, Brenda Kaye Taylor. Carl Jay Taylor, Charles P , Jr Taylor. Christine D Taylor, Cynthia Lee Taylor. Donald Frank . . Taylor, Elizabeth Ann. Mrs 349.636 343 288, 622 . . .296. 325 357,610 Sugg. Joseph Philip 293, 300 Suggs James Robert 323 Suggs, Nancy Elizabeth 117. 294. 340. 586 Suhl, Caryn Elaine 622 Suhler Paul Arthur .. . 263. 265, 268. 282, 288. 299 Suhor. Lynda Ann 293.610 Suhor Mary Margaret 622 Sullenberger, Mary Margaret 289. 599 Sullender. Wayne M Thompson. Fred G.. Jr . .587 . . 300 Helen Diane 206 Stewart. Catherine M Stewart. Charles E Stewart. Cheryl Diane Stewart. Enos Roger. Jr. . 1 16 Stewart, Gretchen E Stewart. Holly P. Colwell Stewart. Ida Gwendora Stewart. Lon R Stewart, Marjone Ruth Stewart. Mary Ellen Stewart. Melissa Susan Stewart. Nancy Gail Stewart, Sally A Stewart. Sharon Lynn Stiba, Jean Patrice Stiba. Victoria Laura Slice, James Edward 367.636 312 636 227. 273. 283. 302. 586 367 327 Thompson Ida Dawn 333.610 Thompson, James R Thompson. Janet Lee 298.587 610 .286 622 Taylor. Gaye Marie Taylor. Glenn Richard . . 587 237 Thompson, Jerry Ray 295. 460 389 ... 286 235 Sullivan, Brian Roger Sullivan, Darlene Fay 636 Taylor. Janice Lynn Taylor. Jefferson L . Jr. . 622 Thompson. John Scott 416 . . .367 291 345, 622 289 636 287 139. 161.622 Sullivan. Donald F 127 . .551 Taylor, Jerry Wayne Taylor John Edmond . . . . .372.610 Thompson. KathenneO 587 622 586 302 Thompson. Kathryn Ann 287.636 Taylor. Karen 622 . . .145.287.636 282 Sullivan. Mary McCord Sullivan, Patrick Le . . 311.383 299. 301 Taylor. Lee Alan . . 288.293,312 Thompson, Mark Alan 300 290. 292 292 Sullivan, William Patrick Sultanik, Harvey Michael 587 Taylor. Lee Ricks Taylor, Leslie Fulton Taylor, Lisa Elaine Taylor, Pamela Ann Taylor. Robert Phillip Taylor. Ronald Ditz Taylor, Roseanne . .249.599 367 325.636 172,287.289.407.636 399 293 347 Thompson, Martha Jane 172 311 . . . 587 Thompson. Randall M 363 Stienke, Roger Russell 347. 622 Suman. John McLean Summa. Stephan Robert Summers, John Morris Summers. Layne Woods .339 288 399. 622 298 Thompson. Robert L .178 Stiles, Jerry Claydon Stiles. Sharla Denise Stilley Randall D 290 271.327 416 Thompson. Steven Eugene Thompson, Trudy Gayte Thomsen. Richard Lane . . 144. 587 242 636 Stilson. Denyse Evonne Stmebaugh, Karen Ann Stinson. Mark Allen Stinson. Mark Woodrow ... Stilts. Randal Hayes Stivison. Lorna Linell St. John, Ernest Revere. Jr. 586 636 ... 1 86 143.586 302 231 , 586 . . 323. 622 393 Summit!, Paul Moody Sumners. Philip M . 393 312 Taylor, Stephen L Taylor. Susan E 587 230 Thomson. Diana K Thomson, Maria N Thorne. Deborah Dee Thorne. Jody . . 407 551 Sumrow. Steven Clois Sundstrom, Laura Anne Surdi. Linda Ann Sussan. Leslie Kay . Sussdort. Marjone Kay 351 Taylor. Thomas Edward 587 462.622 155 636 . .139 Taylor. Wallace E. Jr . . . Taylor, Weldon Eugene Teachout. John Scot 291 299 Thornell. John G.. Jr Thornhill, Mary Elizabeth Thornhill, Thomas Jay Thornton. Brad Mark Thornton, Joe Rayford Thornton, Mark Lee Thornton. Suzanne 292 465 150.154 389 179.302.588 . 377 610 329 622 288 636 Stocker, Bronson J Stocker. David Burton Stockton, Seimda Susan Stockton. Viki Stoddard, Charles A Stoddard, Ross W. Ill StoeHje. Beverly S Stokely, Carolyn E Stoker, Brian Terry Stokes, John Truitt .363. 636 389 186 .610 369 551 292 407.610 323 189 ion Suth erland, Karen Suttles, Margaret F Sutton. Barbara Jane . . .155.610 , 286. 383 . 636 . . .490 Teague, James R.. Jr . 235 636 Teal. Kathleen Dee 125 587 379 464 Teei. James C . Jr 436 622 Teinert. Nancy Gail re as Teller. Beverly Diane .... Teller. David Crockett Temerim. Lisa Babette Temple Karen 126.139 202.203 186.307 264. 636 Thorp. Gorman Murph Thorpe. Leslie Diane Thorpe. Steven David Thrailkill. Marshall W Throckmorton. Jon E 288 Swaim. Rachel Ann Swam. Ireiene Dons 587 139 126. 127,347 293 . . .290 124.126,128 288 335 636 347.636 610 157 index 661 Page Page Name Page Thurman. Kenneth Vern 424 416 Truax, Patricia Kay Truelson. Robert B., II 310 371 . 588 246 611 Vanek. Martha Ann Vanek. Zoe Ellen Vann. Joan Anderson Vanness. George K Vantreese Barbara J Varner. Kimble Michelle Varsity Singers Vasquez, Alberto E.. Jr Vasquez. Elevteno Vaughan. William C . Jr Vaughn. David Rex Vaughn. Gregory Chandler Vaughn, Jack Calvin. Jr Vaught, James Arthur Vayslep. Lana Svetlana Veazey. Michael Walter Vega Gamier. Jorge A Vega. Sandra D Vela. Michael Paul Velasco. Ralph S Venegas. Emma Venn, Lucinda Marie Venso. Norma Jo Ventimiglia. Dale Marie Vera. Oscar Luis Verble Sedelta Darlene Verheyden. John P Vermoilen, Rita Faye Verner, Douglas D Verner. John Lee Ver ner Nancy J Wilson Vernon. Deborah Ann Vernon. John Martin Vernor Lee Gurvis. Jr Verseckes. Michael S Vertrees. Alan David Vertrees. Marianne Vichitkasemkit, P Vick. Marty Glen Vickers. John Raymond Vickers. Lynn Viesca. Gloria Jean Vigness Richard M Vilim, Kathleen Ann Villamizar. Rodngol . Villareal Juana Virginia Villarreal. Daniel R Villarreal. Dennis G Villarreal. Jose Humberto Villarreal. Maria G Villarreal. Patricia A Villarreal. Rogelio Villasana. David Ray Villasana Marianne Villasenor. Steve J Villegas. Noel Eduardo Vincent. Esther Rene Vine. Nancy Louise Vine. Sara Gail Vines. Wendell R Vingoe, Susan Elaine Vinklarek. Barbara Vmson Charles E Vise. James Michael Vita, Paul Anthony Vilek. Janice Mane Vivanco Jaime Hector Vizuete. Jack Roy Vodicka, Norma Lynne Voegele. Christopher J Voelker. Troy Lee Vogel, Eric Stefan Vogt. Steven Scott Voigt, Nancy Kaye Voigt. Shirley Denise Volkening. Ronnie Ray Vollers, James Michael Vollmer, Donald F Vollmer, Helen Claire Volotko, Vicki Lynn Volterra. Angelica S 1 1 9. 1 39 Volterra. Virginia L Vornsand. Kurt Theuer Vornsand. Lilli J George Voskamp, Susan E Abel Voskamp, Thomas Alan Voss. James Patrick Vowan. Martha Ann Vowan. Mary Elizabeth Vyvjala. David Charles W Waddell. Jay Ross Wade. Freeman McMillan Wade. John Merrill Wade. Thomas Malcolm Wagman. Gary Steven Wagner. Edward John Wagner. Hans Michael Wagner, Julia Melton Wagner. Lucy Margaret Wagner. Margaret Ann Wagner. Marian Johnson Wagner. Nancy Lynn Wagner. Peter D Wagner. Vicki Lynn Wagner, William M Wagnon. Deborah Lee Wagnon. Philip Casey Wahlsten, Karen Anne Wahrmund. Donald C Wai. Wu Kwok Waisanen. Larry John Waits. William Paul Wald, Harriett Waldhelm. Jen Lynn Waldman. Randall Jay Waldron. Arthur Burch Walenta. Sharon Ann Walker, Clayton C Walker. Deborah Lynn Walker Douglas L Walker. James Ralph Walker. Jessee Randall Walker, John Paul Walker, Kenneth Paul Walker, Mary Ella Walker, Rebecca 361 636 588 292, 298 588 289. 636 173 274 139.238.588 ...172 200, 272 288 .375 293 289 611 588 636 636 385. 636 286 622 588 . 287. 636 588 287. 636 611 .623 623 290 290 636 124.611 611 .277 588 636 588 424 189.611 636 623 385. 636 589 589 611 599 323 249. 599 636 287 351 125 636 589 623 294 294,611 126, 145,329,623 298, 300 281.289,335.623 289 119 189,623 339. 623 589 243 246 286. 289 432 288 290 292 349. 589 623 114. 119.295 636 357.611 242. 308 349 286. 290. 294. 325 139.611 589 589 303 300 200. 201 . .407 407 636 323.611 339 343 393 288 238 293. 302 365 623 589 637 611 127 287.289.325.637 551 623 229. 599 359. 623 295 589 302 186 189 292 599 405 343 289. 589 397 231.589 262 424 291 589 .416 292 462 Walker. Stephen Lyndol Walker. Steven Marc Walker. Susan Rene Walker. VoncileL Walker. William L Wall. Donald Lee Wall. Julie Patrice Wall, Melinda Ann Wall. Rosalyn Wallace. Cecilia Ann Wallace. James Richard Wallace. Jane Marie Wallace. Joe Thomas. Jr Wallace. Nancy Wallace. R Stuart Wallace. Sharon Dale Wallace, William M Wallendort. PauletleS Wallentine. Ann Clark Waller. Ben Thomas. Jr Wallm. William Randall Wallis. Diane Mary Wanner. Jack Devereux. Jr Wanner. Richard Lee Walls, Alia Lee Walls, Brian Lee Walls. Deborah Jean Walls, Marsha Lynn Walls, Stephen Craig Walsh, John James Walsh, Mary Elizabeth Walsh. Richard Lee Walsh. Teresa Gladys Walstad. Barbara Ann Walters. Ban Ann Walters. Milton Drew Walthall. Cynthia M . Mrs Walthall. Gary Lee Walther, Steven M. Walther, Vickie E Walton. Martha Sandlin, Mrs Walton. Tony Ray Waltz, JeanetteSue Wand. Steven Michael Wang, Susan Ing Jeh Wanta. Jacqueline Mary Ward, Bradley Branson Ward. Charles David Ward. Crystal Ann W ard. Cynthia Lou Ward. Jeanne Ann Ward. Nelda Jean Ward. Steven Kelly Ward. Thomas B Ward, William Seaton Warden, Ronald BJ.Jr Wardnp. Jon Paulhn Ware, Donna Jo Ware, Helen Veronica Ware, Michael Logan Ware, Roy Glenn Ware, Terry Lynn Ware, William Wesely Warner. Nancy Kay Warren. Diane Kay Warren. Gary Wayne Warren. Kelly Warwick, Greg L Washam, Sue Elaine Washburn, Gloria J Warren Washburn. James J Washburn, Mary E Wasko, Barbara Duff Wasson. Robert F , Jr Waters. Alvin Xavier. Jr Waters. Diane P Waters. Leland Wyatt Waters. Marsha Sue Watkins. Bonnie J Higgms Watkms. Charles Edward Watkins, Connne Elizabeth Watkins. Jill Ann Watkins. Karen Ann Watkins. Kim Suzanne Watkins. Mary Nan Watkins. Michael David Watkins, Mitchell A Watkins, Robert D Watkins. Susan Leigh Waller. Paul Christopher Watson Albert T Watson, Catherine Ann Watson. Celia Annette Watson. Elizabeth Watson. Gary Lee Watson. James Francis Watson, James Robert Watson, Jane Leslie Watson, Janet Ann Walson. Jill Pale Watson. Joseph Steven Watson, joy Janelle Watson. Melissa Taylor Watson. Paula Ann Watson, Peggy Ann Watson, Ralph Warren Watson Robin Kaye Watson Sue Ellen Walson. Vicki Lynn Watson. Wilfred H Watson. William T . Ill Wattinger. SynthiaA Watts, Gary Mitchell Watts, Karen Lynn Walls, Meimda Susun Watts. Sharon Sue Watz, Jane Marie Waugh. Denise Gayle Wauters. Carol Elaine Waxier. Connie Elaine Wear. Beniamm Frank Weaver. Bodie Rastus Weaver. Carnes Wesley. Jr Weaver. James Robert Weaver. Keith Chapman Weaver Mary Elizabeth Weaver. Reen Canada Weaver. Richard Lee Weaver, Susan Ann Weaver. Timothy Lee . Weaver. William T Webb, Charlotte Parmelee 623 397 359. 637 1 39 416 371,589 1 80 335.611 589 623 357. 589 637 355 365 186 611 355 176.311,611 293 611 589 589 637 312.464.623 . 589 357. 599 271.340.623 178 119.295,297.301.357 288 287 399 312 291.292 289. 599 188. 189.312.589 292 235 290 289 293 623 361 637 286 340, 637 416,432 189 589 623 365 286 291 238,279.299 416 623 308 293 287.637 623 246 359. 623 129 637 349, 637 293 1 96, 623 637 623 589 589 335. 623 367 302 293 611 357 254.310.589 . . . . 292 295 335.637 365 286 349.611 407 300 . .... 180 119.295.298 407.623 124. 154,623 299 196,361 287 340 589 623 393, 589 407.623 325 347 611 325 347.611 335. 589 599 448 449 287 347. 589 270. 349 231.292 264 254. 599 393 589 407 . 367 310.589 287 204 186.623 176. 177,235 243 589 589 288 339. 623 589 286,407.623 379 293 302 389 637 Thurston. Carol M 293 253 610 124 Tichenor. McHenry T Tidmore, Guy Louis Tidwell. Russell Dess Tiemann. Karen Susan 385 622 599 286 588 293 302. 599 312.588 611 186,306 588 . 383 622 427, 636 273 371.588 365,611 1 79 145.287.636 186.306 345 Tschoepe. Paul Baumi Tschoerner, Rudolf. Ill Tucker, David Michael Tucker. Deborah Denise Tiltany John Culler 288 Tiilerson. Rae Ann Tillerson, Rex Wayne Tiliman. John Douglas Ttmanus. Barbara H Timberlake. Mane Timberlake. Patricia A Timmms. Oliver H . Ill Timmons. Elizabeth Ann Timmons. Michael D Timmons, Virginia Elizabeth Tmdle. Catherine Mele Tinsley, Edward R . lit 186,286,622 186,203,599 . 622 383 349 1 96, 349 . 377 588 371.622 242 610 588 302. 355 385 Tucker, James Lee Tucker, Robert Keith Tucker, William L , II Tuckey. Carolyn TuN. Leslie Gene Tumulty, Karen Emily Tunks, Timothy T Tunstall. Cynthia Turbeville. Mary Jayne Turboff. Ronald Turcotte, Susan Mane Turek. David C 369 287. 289 325. 636 404 . 292 622 287. 636 588 611 311 286, 462 389 286, 622 203 233 303 .463 377 126.347 139.210.611 186.307,599 186.636 .227 195.405.611 183 186.588 287. 289. 636 292, 302. 61 1 588 436 180.311.636 124 Tippen. Forrest W . Jr Tippen. James Philip Tippett, Jenny Mane Tipton. George Washington Tipton. James A . Jr Tipton. Jean Ellen Tipton. John David Tipton. Nancy Carol 389 389 340, 588 290 , . .199.369,599 139,286.289.345 397,636 407, 622 292 Turet, Thomas Robert Turkelson, Mark E. Turmel. Denise Lanell Turnbough. Debbie D Turnbull. Robert T Turner, Dale Linden Turner, Edwin Barrett Turner Garry Randall Turner James Edward Turner, Janet E Turner, John K Turner. Katht Elaine Turner, Linda Jane Turner, Nancy Alice 183, Turner. Patricia Ann Turner. Reese M , Jr 162 Titus. William Ray Tivers. Elame Hanover Tjandra. Yoe Tobm. Antonio W . Jr Tobleman. Dennis Raye Tobolowsky. Myra . Todar. Karen Louise Todd, Frederick D . II Toedt. Dell Charles, IN Toellner. Pauiette Kay 125 1 78 588 588 .... 290. 292 329. 636 . 134 . . . .211.610 ... .126,274 . 289 274 Tolbert. Catherine E. Tolbert Julie E 271,588 636 Turpm, James Edwin Toibert William A 293 Tuttle. Franklin Lewis Tyer M C Jr 399 551 Tyler, David Ronald Tynan, Elizabeth Kaye 610 Tolliver. Pamela Dawn Tolson, Deborah M Tolson, Michael Wayne Tomasulo. Janice A Tomlm, Janice E Tomlmson. Kathy Ellen Tompkins. Robert Lee 231 . 599 . 139 139 371 448 .186 241 610 622 u Udashen. Gary Alan Udashen, Robert Nathan Ueckert. Judith Ann Ugland, David Nels Uhl, Robert Alan Ulert. Yvonne Karen Ulrich. John Masil H Ulnch. Patricia Turner Ulverl-B, Charles Robert Umphres. Phillip Carl Umstattd. Hale Bremond Underbrmk. Kay Ellen Undergraduate Research Foundation Underwood, David Dwain Underwood, James David Underwood. Lesli Ann UNIT University Chorus Upchurch, Claudia Jo Upchurch. Martha V 139 Upchurch, Michael J 1 50. 1 53 Upchurch, Susan Schneider Upham. Chester R, III Upperclass Advisors Urbach, Michael Gary Urbanovsky. Pamela J Urey. Joseph Daniel Unck. Henry F..Jr Unegas, Mary Ellen Usher, Janet Howard Utesch, Karen Mane UTSA Utter. Melissa Ann . V Vacek. Joanne E Vacek. SamuelS Vacula. Dennis James Vaden. Floyd Leonard, III Valdespino. Jessica Henrietta Valdez, Olivia Valdez. Ruben G , Jr Valenta. Van Alan Valigura, Michael David Valleio. Luis Van. Dianne Wood Van. Stephen L Van De Wane. Teresa. Mrs Van Den Bosch. Nora Van Hulsleyn, David B Van Kleef. William Thomas Van Malre. Donald George Van Meier. Larry Allen Van Norden. Lelia Ann Van Osselaer, Paul Joseph Van Pelt. Lester. Ill Van Shellenback. Glen K Van Sice. Kathryn M Van. Stephen L Vance. Betty Ann Vance. Brian Arthur Vance. Lynnell Mae Vance. Nancy Sue Vancleve. Roy Ray Vanderstoep. Gail Ann 1 39, Vanderwal, David Jay Vanderwilt, Randy A Vandewalh. Donna Lynn Vandiver. Joan Marie Vandoren. Wayne Richard 124 291.293 240. 588 293. 357 274. 283, 588 329. 61 1 588 588 611 267, 636 389 178,254,622 252. 253 . 274 . 186 365. 636 217 180 290 192.281,367 229. 295. 588 611 377 162 405. 636 588 291 288 361 210.325.465 636 460-465 160.361.636 359, 588 622 599 636 588 588 246 290. 303 622 611 296 297, 561 292. 302 345 238 302. 588 262. 283 273 588 295 227.302.611 303 340 295 245 449 287, 383 611 293 214.294,599 ... 288 611 463 611 277 293,302 355 588 Tong. Timothy Kenneth Tonn, William Harmon. Ill 288 467 610 308 Toomey. Tanny Charles 389 180 Topletz. Steven Kerry Toppel. Sandra Teresa Torbert. Alice Pickens Tonan. Gary Lamar Tonan. Lydia Ann Tonan, Roci G Graham, Mrs . 232 395 286 588 636 610 189 610 288 Torrance. Geoffrey C. .. 272 622 Torres-Mendoza. Abraham Torres. ConsueloV .551 588 Torres. Rosa Lene Tosh. Erik Toubm, Cheryl Helene Touzet, Carole Claude Towell. Brenda Lee Townsend, Howard W Townsend. Richard L Townsley. Daniel Kent Tracht. Robert David Trahan, Michael Wayne Trammel. Gary Lee Trammell. Kathryn L Trampe. Kimberly Ann Tranfaglia. Twyla Lynn Transier. William Lee Transou. Ann Lynette Traster, Elden Douglas Traugott. Roemer F Traweek. Stephen Thomas Traxler. Marvin Gary Traynor. Christine M Treadaway. Arthur W Treadway. Debra Lynn Treadwell. Stephen Collins Trede. Karen Norene Tredennick. Harry L., Ill , Tredennick. Mary E Tredtci. Mia Treiman, Maurice H Trejo. Raquel Trekeli. Stanley Gene Trent. Jeannie M Tresch. Robert E . Jr Tresch. Susan Thatcher Trevarrow, Mane E Trevmo, David S Trevmo. Robert Edward Trew. Dan Thompson Treybig, Duane Stephen Tnbble. Nancy Jean Trice. Mehnda Faye Trice. Treva Kay Tncketl. Paul Carey Tr.eb, Mark Alan Tnesch, Johnny Tracy Trigg, Nancy Dorsey Tngg, Patti Gayle Tnmarchi. Gregory C Triplet! Andrew J Triplet!. Ricky Donald Tnssel, Thomas Michael Troegel. Cecilia Trostle. Jennifer Kay Trot!. Roxanne Alice Trousdale, James A Trout. Robert Lee. Jr 636 351.636 329,610 588 293.312 381.610 303 312 405 381.636 599 347 636 293 343, 622 ... 349 179 241 288 207 289. 293 622 622 371,636 636 299 462 286.289 588 622 239 293 416 ... 365 190 622 292 402.416.622 599 345. 588 180.610 462, 61 1 295. 539 227. 293 543. 588 588 636 323, 636 299. 300 293 189 287 293 359 622 .622 66? index Name Webb. Gary Lynn Webb. Kim Carvel Webb. Steven Ira Webber, Karen Louise Weber. Karen Ann Weber. Lezlie An n Weber. Robert Joseph Webster, Robert Arthur, Jr Websler, Shirley Weeber. Sandra Faye Weed. Barbara Lee Weekley. Claire M Weekley. Jan Frances Weeks, Claudia Gayte . Weeks. Donald F Weeks, Sara Elizabeth . . . Weems, Craig Currie . Weder. CharleneAnn Wehmeyer. Cynthia Jeanne Wehmeyer. Margaret Anne Weichsel. Alice Linda Weidel. William Richard Weidner. Chester Paul. Jr Weidt. Nancy Ellen Weil. Judy Ann Weilert. Thomas Harold Weilier. Karen H Wein. Jennie Lou Weinberger, Sandra Marie Wemer, Debra Rose Weiner. Harold L Weiner. Linda Rose Weiner, Melissa Weiner. Susan Patrice Weingarten. Shelley Weise. Bonnie Renee Weiss. Herbert Paul Weiss. James Alan Weiss. Nancy Sue Weissgarber. Eric John . . Weitzel, Beverly Gray Welch. Katherme Louise Welch. Terry A Welch. Victoria Lee Welge, Jack Herman. Jr Welk, Trudy Eileen Welle, Barbara Ann Welle. Philip Earl Page Name Page Page Name Page 302 210.367.637 589 637 162.589 120 589 298 293 623 589 361 361,623 611 611 205 599 287.637 349, 623 637 383 611 589 .156.270.349.516 623 432 . ...190.289,611 240.551 287.329 290 134 116.291,329,611 191.329 312 . .329,637 290, 292. 589 .. .331 331 286 232 192 465.599 238 611 357. 589 286. 289. 623 637 . 292. 599 Weller, James Sawyer Wellman, Christopher M Wellmerling, Cynthia A Wells. Candace Lou Wells, Clinton E. Jr. Wells, Donna Elaine Wells, Elizabeth p. Wells, Gordon L. Wells. John Tullos Wells. Lauren Wells, Lawrence Harold . Wells. Lyndon Stanley Wells. Mara Lynn Wells. Robert E . Wells, Shirley Ann Wendell. Constance B. Wendland. Kimberly Gail Wendlandl. Vicki Arlean Wendler, Kim .... Wendt. Darla Faye Werbner. Mark Steven Werbow, Stanley Newman Werchan. James Conway Werchan. Paul Michael Werkenthin. M Werkenthin. Rebecca Leigh Werlla. Vanessa Lynn . Werner, James Robert C Wersterter, Catherine L Wesch, Cynthia Anr Wesch. Sandra Kay Wesley. Kathryn Ann Wesson, Gary Franklin Wesson. Marilyn M.. M ' S West, Angela West, Elisa Eleanor West. James Herchel West. Kathryn Anne West. Mary Jane West. Milton Horace, III West. William G. Jr Westbrook, Christin Westbrook. Dan Allen Westcott, Pamela Jean Westtall, Marsha Lynne Westlund. Karm Nanette Westmoreland, Fred Earl Wetherby. Linda Jean r rM 298. 589 . .290 Wetsel. Roderick Evans 293.611 .. .181 White. Jenny Allane White, Jo A 290. 335. 590 126 A 286, 623 347 623 Whalen. Kelley Francis 1 76. 623 623 White. John Standridge White. Kathleen Rose 124 271 375 145,287,289 White. Kyle David 590 345 590 White, Lesa Carol 287 289 367 451 White. Linda Diane 623 .288 231 White. Marilyn Ann . 114 295 296 297 286 White. Nancy Christine 590 .383 .290,292.611 White. Nancy Cole 407 637 .365.637 White. Patricia Ann . . 551 637 416,456 White. Ralph 510 279 280 126.293 White. Randall Alan . .179 291 125.365 White. Raymond Edward 637 .... 353 . 345 White. Robert L 343 B. . . . . . . 359, 623 407 611 Wheeler, Donald Ray 590 466 White. Sally Lee White. Sammy Alan . 139 500 Whee er. ars a 139 294 361 287 288 White Shelley Mane 325 287 289 171,174. 180 White. Sonja Lentz 637 401 436 White. Steven Mark . . . . 274 .480 ...611 White. Toni Ann .191. 196. 197.265.270 543 287 White. Vicki Gayle 590 Ml uise . a Leigh . 288 186.307,359.590 335.637 312 Wheeler. Wendy Susan Wheeler, William Kai Wheeless. Lynn Bailey . 286 371,590 279 292. 482 White. Warren Leigh Whiled. Nancy Kaye Whited. Thomas Francis Whitehead. D ' Ann 292 286 637 637 irtC . . . 637 335 61 1 Wheelus. Judy Perkin. Mrs . . 293 291 Whitehill. John Mays Whitehorne, Darcy Ann 357.590 590 361 , 637 Wheless, Jay Fredric .186.306.623 349 Whitehurst, Delores K 623 196 ... 590 Whisenant. Mary Patrice 359 303 Whitehurst. Tern Ann Whiteley, Edward T 590 279 M f s 599 302 Whiteman. Mark Games 293.299.351 590 Whitenton, James B. . . 288 407 Whitaker. Richard Byron . . . .303 506 Whites. Charles M., Jr Whiteside Marti S 288 325 407 590 Whiteside, Tommy Glenn 299 231,623 397 Whitby. Kathleen 139.281.349 590 Whitlield. Nancylee Whitford, Randolph Peck 347 293 i Semrad . .119. 195,397 590 590 White, Cheryl Jo White, Del Bradford 286,335.623 . 623 . .215 Whitley, Carl Lee Whitley, Cynthia June Whitley Mikki Jane 249 623 270 340 590 an .590 119 White. Dennis Clyde .303 . 611 Whitney. Thomas Hall Whitson. Cecilia Anita 200.272 590 iette ...186 . . ..611 Whitson. Gregory Ray 186.637 355 599 399 Whitson. Kenneth Wesley 183 186 306 590 590 180.249.599 Whitt. David Lee 312 Name Page Name Page Name Page Name Page Whitt. Ivan Charles 237 Williams. Virginia Gale 361,590 Woltl, Gary Joe 115,,611 Wysong, Margaret Ann Whitlaker. Stephen Emmett 290 Williams. Wanda R 286 Wolll, Gary Michael 623 Whitlier. Julius E 296 Williams. Wesley R 303 Woltson, George Robert 623 Whitlington AnneC 124 Williams, Willie C . Jr 339 Woltson. Rebecca Ella 395 v Whitlington. M L 383 Williamson. Daniel Bruce 599 Wolter, Mark Frederick 292 J Whittmgton. Robert D 238 Williamson, Ellen Ross 161.623 Woltman. Arthur W .551 Yakatan. Gerald Joseph 243. 245 Whitlington. Sally B 383 Wilhtord. Randolph J 293 Womack. Baxter Frank 212.213 299 301 591 Whittle. Robert Roy 274 623 Willis. Kyle Boddie 637 Womack. Jack Wmtield 377.637 Yam, Kwok-bhun Whilton. James Morton 623 Willis, Page Sheppard 637 Womack. Marlene C 611 I h K Y 551 298 Whitton. Stephen Dale . . ' . 293 Willis. Robert C 385.611 Womack. Roberl Jellry 611 Yan, jonnso r.ue Whitworth. Diane 174 Willkens. Stephne K . 349 Womble, John Carl 312 243 61 1 Whitworth. Stephen T Wicheta, Susan Ann 399. 623 286. 623 Willman, Adana Teresa Willman, Dana Steven . .637 Womble. Nada Elizabeth Women ' s Concert Choir 637 181 Yarbrough, Mary Helen Yarbrough Richard A 367,591 591 Wichman, Kathy Lee Wicker. John Clark 139.611 371 Willmann Kenneth E 303 Women in Communications Wommack. John Robert 242 637 Yarbrough. Stephen J Yarling. Charles Byron 637 387, 591 Willms, John Norman .243 Wickson. Zo Lynn 289. 623 Willson. Carla Beth ...124 Wong. Christina Kay .591 Yastishock. David S. 278 Wider. Simon Joseph 331 Wilshusen, Sue 365 Wong. Jason Jen 180.637 Yates Douglas Culver 238 Wiedeman. Slanley Raymon .119. 176.371.590 Wilson. A Leslie 583 Wong, Kenneth Paul .246 Yates, James Lowell 288 Wiegand. Kristan M 325 Wilson. Barbara Denise 361 , 637 Wong, Kenny 293 Yales, Weldon M . HI 194 195 Wiegand, Paul Bertrand 323.451.611 Wilson, Billy Wayne,637 Wong, Thomas Kam Yuen 591 Yeager, Francis S , Jr 195 Wieland, Rosemary Ray 255. 590 Wilson, Brian Lance 611 Woo, Ben Mon 246 Yeager. Randall Keith 355.637 Wiemers. Onis Corwin 249 Wilson, Bruce Scott 232 Woo, Fay Lun . .243 Yeary, Judy 310 Wiener, Diane Susan 290 Wilson, Carolyn Fern 347 Wood, Barbara Ann 1 86 Yee, Gary Newman 290 Wienties, Mark Stephen 590 Wilson, Charles Monroe 295 Wood, Barry Charles 637 Yee, Lansing Wayne 288 Wier. Cheryl Lynn 293. 340 Wilson, Charles Porter 290 Wood, Daniel Nelson 249, 599 Yee, Pamela Alice 611 Wier. Janet Blair 335 Wilson, Cynthia Sue 599 Wood, David Lowell 399 Yeh, Lun Shu 292 Wiessenberg. Patricia Ann 290 Wilson, Elizabeth Diane 591 Wood, Jazen . 325 Yelderman, Karl Ernst . 186,288,637 Wiethorn, Jimmy Don 300 Wilson, Gwendolyn Faye 114 Wood. Larry Alden 599 Yelich, Ann Mane 139 Wiggans. Richard Mason 381,637 Wilson, James Mark 186,591 Wood. Leslie Elam Heard 365 Yemma, John Edward 112,146 . 147, 149. 154,241, Wiggins. Gene Berglund 179 Wilson, Jan Mane 286, 623 Wood. Linda Kay 173,623 591 Wiggins. Kirk L . .237 Wilson, Janet Lynn 262 Wood. Marc Conan . .591 Yemma, Mary Teresa 287 Wigginton. Larry Joe 263. 265 Wilson, Jerilyn . 347 Wood. Pamela Rae 186.287,289 Yeoman. Gary Layne 416 Wight. David Edward 288 Wilson, John Michael 288 Woodley, Dianne Louise 407,623 Yerkes, Richard P 363. 61 1 Wigmton. Sally Sue 286 Wilson, Julie M 349, 637 Woodrmg, Craig Scott 623 Yetter Jon Michael 381 Wigley, Walter Preston. Jr 590 Wilson, Kathryn Mary 637 Woods, Billy Frank 272 Yezak. Linda Elizabeth 286 Wiland, Bruce Lane 298. 590 Wilson, Kathy Sue 279 Woods, Patricia Anne 637 Yoakum, Beverly Lynne 291 591 Wilbanks, Harold Alvm 186 Wilson, Larry Brant 303 Woods. Rigdon Morrison 591 Yonack. Mimi Ruth 591 Wilborn. William Brice 444 Wilson, LewiseAnn 191,294 Woods. Susan Elizabeth 361 Yono. Rose Marie I 186. 187, 591 Wilchar. Pamela Jane 365 Wilson, Linda Grace 286 Woodson, Herbert Horace 238.519 York. Robert Garner 623 Wilcox. Charles Walter 416 424 Wilson, Melinda 250 599 Woodward. Garland B 385 21 7 Wilcox. Cornelia V 232 Wilson. Michael Joseph 611 Woodward. Kathryn Lou 361 Young, Christopher S 293 Wilcox. Wade Michael 611 Wilson. Michael Lee 397, 599 Woodward. Nancy Ann 119 Young, Dale Arnold 288 Wilcox, William M Wilson. Nancy Elizabeth 611 Woodward. Nick Polk 230 591 Wilcox. William Wayne .416 Wilson. Nelda 115. 191.270.349 Woodward. Ralph W 192,397 Young. Keith Evan 236 Wilcoxson William E 161 Wilson. Pamela Kay 637 Woodward. William R 176 591 Wilde. Andrew Frank 236 Wilson. Patricia C 463. 623 Wooldndge, Michael E 399 Young, Mary Elizabeth 291.367,591 Wilde. Jeanne Margot 294. 590 Wilson. Patricia Lee 293 Woollen. John Wesley 299 250 591 Wiley Cheryl Kaye 325 Wilson. Phyllis Marie 239. 286 Woollen. Edith F 139.361.637 Young, R S , Jr 293 Wiley, Dan Wade 611 Wilson. Raymond Dale 292 Woomer. Tern Lynn 637 Young. Rowena Mira 291,292.294 Wiley. Donald Preston 127, Wilson. Rebecca Denise 466 Woolen, Timm 375 Young, Sara Strother Mrs 292 Wiley. Mary Jane 349. 623 Wilson. Reid Carroll 124.397 Woolen, William Harris 369.591 Young Sarah Ruth 637 Wiltord. Lynn Crisler 611 Wi son. Rhonda Lynn 126 Woollen. Janene Marie 591 Young. Sharon 637 Wilhelm, John Frederick 249. 590 Wilson. Richard Neal 591 Wootters, Jeanne Carol 365. 623 Young Stephen Claude 637 Wilkerson. Cynthia Kay 637 Wilson. Robert E . Jr 302 Worcester. Shirley Ann 111. 139. Young, Steven Elgin 323, 623 Wilkm Diane 383 Wilson. Robert Martar 637 294.611 Young William David 288 293 Wilkin. Laurie 383 Wilson. Roberl Norwood 189 Word. Joe David 203. 300, 61 1 Youngblood. David Leon 449 Wilkm. Lynne 383. 637 Wilson, Shannon E 365 Word. Thomas Edwin. Jr 236 Youngblood. Michael D 291, 292 Wilkm. Matthew C . Jr 375 Wilson. Stephen Eugene 288 Worden. Elizabeth Ann 637 Youngblood. Michael T 623 Wilkms. Alice Ann 637 Wilson. Susan Marie 347 Workman, Robert Bruce . 444.611 Younger, Gary Keith 591 Wilkms. Amy Kay 462.637 Wilson. Teresa Ann . 623 Workman, Ronald Lynn .416 Youngman, Janet Ellen 196 407 Wilkms. Carol Allene 145,637 Wilson. Vicki Lee 359 Workman, Wally 637 Yu. Wing-Hong Randy 611 Wilkms. Craig Alan 124, 125,128,357.623 Wimberley. Vicki Lynn 287 Works, Laura Lee 293 Yuncker. Dave Lee 278 Wilkms. Kenneth T 611 Wmborn. Gregory Lance 253 Worley, David S , III 397 Yuspeh. Marvin Larry 290 Wilkms. Mary Lynn 623 Wmdham, Darrel Roy . 293 Worley, John Brent 591 Wilkms. Robert Lee 298 Wmdham, Elizabeth Karen 251.311 Worley Marilyn Kay 325 Wilkinson. Candace F . Mrs 302 Windlmger Jerome, Jr 298 Worley, Thomas Neal 355. 623 Wilkinson, James Scott 599 Wine, William Fryer 389 Wormser, Leonard Vance 391,637 Wilkinson Lmda Anne 590 Wmlree. Rachel V .340 Worrall. Rita Agnes Nagy 303 Wilkinson, Michael L 139 Winn, Jenny Haney 303 Worrel. John Richard 448. 449 Zabczuk. Jean 127 Wilkirson, Dan McGurk 379 Wmn Jill 345 Worsham, Pamela Ann 271.611 Zadow, Lynn Dana 288 Will, Clark Bradtord 637 Wmn Randal Walter 227.591 Worth James Clinton 292.302.371.551 Zaffinni. Judith Lee 308 Willard Mary Beth 335. 637 Wmn Robert Daniel. Jr 397 Wortham. Pamela Sue 245. 599 Zaike, Carol Maureen 637 Willbern, Arthur D Ml 599 Winn. Timothy Jay 611 Wortham Richard C 452. 456 Zajicek, Larry Edward 611 Willelord, Joy Hale 345 Wmslow Karen Frances 250,591 Worthy. Andrea Gayle 180 Zalesak, Margie Eva 312 Williams, Ann Gertrude 637 Winston Mark Davis 299 Wotipka, Pamela Kay 124 Zamora. Joe Richard 235, 591 Williams, Anthony Luis 61 1 Winston, Sara Margaret 287 Wouters. Willy Rene E 293 Zaniewski, Jeffrey E. 637 Williams Aubrey Roe 292.308 Winston Scott Myers 371.611 Woytek, Barbara Jean 231.591 Zaniewski, John Paul 293 Williams Barbara Gail 590 Winston Walter, Jr 337,591 Woznak. Barbara Jean 279 Zaniewski, Theresa Ann 61 1 Williams, Barbara Jann 637 Winter, Claud Victor 233 Wozniak. John S 292 Zant. Sandra Lee 611 Williams, Beniamm J 290 Winter Joan Susan 367 Wranischar. Jack D 403,611 Zapalac, Jill 347 Williams Beverly J 599 Wmterkamp, Judith L 287 Wren. William Casey 126 Zapalac, Kristin Sorensen 290 Williams, Bobbye Ruth 590 Wmterringer. Susan Leigh 114. 154.191,294,296, Wright, Charles Alan 42,295,524 Zapalac. Willie Frank 416 Williams, Carol Lavere 590 383, 591 Wright, Claudella M 623 Zapata, Laura Ann 623 Williams Carolyn 367 Winters, ManaliceJ 347 Wright, David Edward 186,288 Zarate, Diana 591 Williams, Cindy J 340 Winters. Susan Kathryn 347 Wright Edwin E 291.293.295,444 Zaremba, Cheryl Ann 145.287,340.637 Williams. Curt Alan 288. 623 Wipperman. Scolt W 637 Wright, Jill Elaine . 591 Zavaleta, Anthony Noe 292 Williams, Cynthia Anne 340.637 Wipperman. Susan De 294. 367, 591 Wright. Joseph Martie 591 Zeh. Doreen Claire 287.637 Williams, Cynthia Kay 293.611 Wirth. Susan Ann 611 Wright, Lisa 407 Zeien, Cathy Lynn 180 Williams, Dan C 323 Wischmeier. Nancy Jean 256 Wright, Lucy 286 Zeigel, ShondaGay 287 Williams. David Harlen 293 Wisdom. Ann 192.345.623 Wright, Mary Taylor 623 Zeiher. Laura Claire 637 Williams. Deborah Ann 290 Wisdom. Robert Perry 591 Wright, MaryalteS , III 389,611 Zeligson, Daniel Henry 391. 623 Williams. Dorothy C 186 Wise, Douglas Cairns 292 Wright, Nancy Claire 611 Zehos, Vicki Jill 286, 623 Williams, Errol Ray 293 Wise, Helame Gail 329 Wright, Norman E , Jr 300 Zelsman. Mary C 365, 637 Williams, Frank Scott 288 Wise, Larry Arnold 303 Wright, Robert Kelly 293 Zeluff. Barry James 375 Williams. Gary Allen 288 Wise. Marilyn Marie 190 611 Wright, Robert S . Jr 357 Zeppa, Carol Slepr 303 Williams. Gary Richard 355.590 Wise. Scotl Wilson 292 Wright. Steele 199 Zesch, William Harold 302 Williams. Hank 371.590 Wise. William Wade 377 Wright. Virginia Gay 181. 186 Zeia Beta Tau 404, 405 Williams. Irby 383 Wise. Zelma Alicia 591 Wright. William G 183, 186.623 Zeta Tau Alpha 406, 407 Williams. Jack Spencer 599 Wiseman. ChrislmeD 325 Wroe. Elizabeth D 306. 367 Zeto. Vicki Jean 254,407 Williams. Janet Sue 160,590 Wiseman. Robert J 272. 637 Wroth. Deborah Lynn 1 76 623 Zganich, Lorraine M 623 Williams. Joe Lahay. Ill .590 Wisialowski. Samuel T 189.274.357.62: Wu, Kwok Wai 298 Zibilich. Mark Walter 291 Williams. Judy Lynn 623 Wisnoski, Joseph Allan 28E Wu. Pui En 551 Ziegler, Daniel L 288 Williams. Kathryn 383. 590 Wissler. Gerhard! Eugene 189. 293, 29 Wucher, Nan Elaine 286 Zientek, Michael L 637 Williams, Kenneth OeWayne 337 Wiswell. Dorothy E 611 Wuensch. Jon Andrew 424 Zike. James H 292 Williams, Kenneth Robert 623 Witcher. Deborah Jean 139 Wukasch. Jonathan Earl 299 Zikes. Zana Ann 623 Williams. Larry Maurice 637 Witcher. Rodney Ferneli 295.337.611 Wakusch. Marsha Joan 181 Zillgitt. Shern Lynn 139.383,623 Williams, Leslie W 176 Wilherell. James Claude 139.591 Wunderlich. Curtis E 397.599 Zimburean. John M 312 Williams Lilea 347 Wilkowski. Vicki Jean 210,62: Wunderhch Marlene Kay 256.310,591 Zimmerhanzel, Lawrence 637 Williams, Malcolm D 278 Witt, Roberl Ernest 303, 502 Wunderlick. Michael B 389 Zimmerman, Iva L. Sanders 591 Williams. Mark Lee 323 Wittels, Marcia Jaye 39 Wurzbach. Linda Sue 623 Zimmerman. Janice Lane 294 Williams. Mark Thomas 249. 254. 599 Wittenberg. Alan L 391 Wurzel. James Douglas 277, 283 Zimmerman, Marvin Louis 591 Williams. Patricia Ann 293 61 1 Wix. Steven Lynn 449 Wustrau. Patricia Ann 637 Zimmerman, Rosalind S 367 Williams. Patricia Kay 340. 590 Wizig, Janet Ellen 637 Wyatt. Carol Lynn 340 Zimmermann. Sandra Kay 623 Williams. Peggy Jane 186.637 Wizig, Robert Mark 331 Wyatt, Kay Ann 310 Zinn. EliasPaul 405, 623 Williams. Randall W 157.233 Woerner. Frederick J 127 Wyatt. Roy Lowrey, III 363. 637 Zinn. Janet Helene 637 Williams. Rane Sharlon 599 Woerner. Robert Troy 399 Wyatt. William Earle 288 Ziskind. Ellen 623 Williams. Rebecca M 287 Wohlsen. Rosemary Kane 290 Wylie. Anita Sue 591 Zlatkovich. Charles P 295 Williams, Roberl D 323 Wolbrette, Bruce Eli 119,229.274.591 Wylie. Elizabeth C . 591 Zlotnik, Roberts 391 Williams, Roderick B 186 Wolcott. Charles William 298. 389, 599 Wylie. Gary Lee 299.301.599 Zlotnik, Terry 196. 329, 637 Williams, Roger Williams, Ronald G 599 1 92, 323 Wolcott, Craig S Wold. Timothy Michael 389 291 Wylie. Harry Michael Wyhe. Kathleen Louise 369 341.637 Znilek. Michael S Zoch, Connie Lynn 331 190,611 Williams, Ronnie Ryan 139 Woll. Albert. Ml 405 Wyman. Kathryn E 623 Zuber, Roland Thomas 375 Williams, Ruth 287, 289, 637 Wolt, James Albert. Jr 288. 293 Wyman Paul Thomas 637 Zummallen. Bernard W. 139 Williams, Shelley E Williams, Stephanie Kethley 407 289. 365. 637 Woll. Janet Claire Woll, Julie Susan 286, 289. 623 329. 623 Wyman, Paula Jean Wyman, Richard C 286 139.381,591 Zvonek, Ray Anthony Zweighaft, Susan G 302 293.302.611 Williams, Stephen Boyd 126.357.611 Wolle Christian E 276,283,611 Wyman, William H , Jr 414,416 Zwernemann, Gregory R 299 Williams, Terry H Williams. Tommy Earl Williams Tony 310 416.424 357 Wolle, Neile Picket! Wollers, Dehl Robert Woltl David Marcus 127 171 401 Wynne Thomas B . Jr Wynck. Waneen Wysocki. Lynn Ann 288 515 365 Zwernemann. Steven M Zwiebel, Klaylea Kay Zwiener. William F 279, 623 119,157 369. 637 664 index in memoriam ,.; STUDENTS Robert Martin Adams Jr. Timothy H. Castleberry Claude M. Crosby Cheryl Darby Cherylee T. Enright Ali Abdulla Farsi Joseph K. Grant Thomas Mark Hamilton Carl R. Johnson James Clark Loftin David Lee McFarland Christopher T. Mendell Lawrence Harold Miller Warren L. Ogburn Jr. LanderS. Philips Thomas George Richmond Barbara Annette Ryan Richard Mark Schnurr James Patrick Vaneman Cynthia Dale Walker FACULTY Dr. Joseph F. Doherty Dr. Maurice Ewing Dr. John T. Ferguson Dr. Carl M. Rosenquist Dr. Carl Albin Swanson Dr . Enrico G. Volterra Ms. Anne Wilkens STAFF Rose Anderson Frances C. Bernal Bennie Lee Davis Willie Doyel James Rudolph Gephart Laura Hodge Geza Knipfer Peter Martindale James Hilery Mavropoulis Paul Ramos Eric Rogers Henry E. Stoppelbein in memoriam 665 1974 cactus photographers Chip Kaufman Jay Miller Phil Huber David Newman 666 1 974 CACTUS photographers . . . and members of the University photojournalism classes. Stanley Farrar and Marlon Taylor; photography supervisors David Woo Paul Calapa Andy Sieverman 1974 CACTUS photographers 667 668 prospectus To see life; to see the world; to eyewitness great events; to watch the faces of the poor and the gestures of the proud; to see strange things machines, armies, multitudes, shadows in the jungle and on the moon; to see man ' s work his paintings, towers and discoveries; to see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to; the women that men love and many children; to see and take pleasure in seeing; to see and be amazed; to see and be instructed. " from Henry R. Luce ' s prospectus for LIFE Magazine 1936 prospectus 669 in closing . . . I hope that as you have perused the 1 974 CACTUS, you have seen life as it was at the University; I hope that you have seen and been amazed, for it has been an amazing year; I hope you have seen and been instructed as to the different kinds of experiences on this campus, but, most of all, I hope you have seen and taken pleasure in seeing. This page is reserved for the editor ' s closing remarks, the highlights of the CACTUS year, the words of gratitude and the specifications for the book. I shall try to summarize these thoughts. From the workshops to the move to the new building, to spring deadlines, I found myself in wonder at the high level of cohesion and productivity of my staff and co-workers. Throughout the year we faced problems and solved them so that the CACTUS was produced under the most stream- lined conditions. We met every deadline, in spite of the infa- mous reputation of the third mailing. We had every picture we needed for the first time in years. The CACTUS must be handled one day at a time, for in its entirety it is too much to handle. I am still amazed that we did manage it one day at a time, and in fact, handled it well. It is a credit to the staff and management of the book. Many people deserve thanks for their part in the prod- uction of the 1974 CACTUS. First and most heartfelt thanks must go to my Associate Editor, Bill Scott. We have laughed together, cried together, agreed and held screaming matches in the office, but the CACTUS never would have come together without your tireless devotion and love for the book. I have often said that we were complements for each other and I found in you the kind of refreshing truthfulness that only a caring, honest person can possess. I thank you and I love you, Dynamite. Running neck and neck with Bill, is the CACTUS Supervi- sor, rather the Supervisor of Yearbooks, Jerry Thompson. If ever a super was a guiding force, father confessor and friend, he is Jerry. The long hours at night, over weekends and Spring Break that you gave to the CACTUS made the book as it appears today. Thank you, Jerry, and take care of yourself! I don ' t know how I ' ll manage without you to bum cigarettes from. The CACTUS staff deserves 10 zillion brownie points for their dedication and excellent performance under fire, usu- ally mine. To Vicki, Lyndie, Claire, Randy, John, Bob, Mela- nie, Gary, Jeff, Martharoot, Susie, Steven and the staff, my thanks and praise. Ya ' ll did a tremendous job and did it better than I ever could have expected. To Mark Stinson, the artist, and Herb Holland, sports copy writer, I say thank you for your hours of concern for the 1974 CACTUS. The book is only as good as the people who work on it and this year ' s is better for the efforts you exerted. Martha Kinard was my copy editor, neighbor and confi- dante. You were the sounding board for many of my ideas, both journalistic and personal in addition to being a first rate copy editor. Thank you. Other TSP people deserve multitudes of thanks. Kay Hard- castle came out of retirement to help us out and I love her for it. I hope the baby comes on the 26th. Loyd Edmonds, Gen- eral Manager, my sometimes adversary, my all the time friend, I found your door always open, and although we sometimes disagreed, I think we had the best of working rela- tionships. I thank you for your advice, your time and most of all, for caring. TSP has weathered many storms under your guidance, and I know that regardless of what the coming year will bring, your concern and money management (fiscal responsibility?) will pull us through. I am thankful for the experience of working with you. For the hours that Thelma and Dolores put into the CACTUS, listened to me bitch and never let me down, I thank them. The rest of the Business Office must also be thanked for the annual distribution of the CACTUS and their efforts on this year ' s book. The CACTUS is a picture book, and the people responsi- ble for the pictures are the life blood of the publication. All the photographers worked above and beyond to please us and the book reflects this effort in the quality of photographs. I must especially thank Stanley Farrar and Marlon Taylor for their unending efforts to produce a first rate picture book. On all phases of production, your work is superb. We are indeed lucky to have you on our team. More than photography, the rapport we developed by discussing the basic graphic plan and the specific techniques resulted in the high quality of the . 1 974 CACTUS. Graphic wizards, you are. There are a few more people who must be thanked, for without them, the editor might not have survived to write this closing statement. 670 closing I have many close friends on sister publications, but Cliff Avery, Texan ME, Fall 72, must rank on the top. From the moment you convinced me to apply for editor, through your term on the board, until this day, I have considered you the closest kind of friend, big brother, il padrino for the CACTUS and its editor. I have depended on you always and you have never let me down. I love you for that, Cliff, and I wish you only happiness always. Remember, I get the autographed copy of your first pulitzer. Joe Pinnelli should be named special assistant in charge of hysterical editors. Through all my crises you have been there, in command, never flaking. I thank you, Joe and the CACTUS thanks you. Many others have my thanks for being friends of the CAC- TUS and its editor; Bill Mintz, Peck Young, A. Richard Elam, Vi Griffith, Sandy Shtofman and Vicki Hall. The 1 974 CACTUS was printed by Taylor Publishing Com- pany, Dallas, Texas. The book contains 672 pages of 70 Javelin paper stock, with 100 main division pages. The ink used was specially made for the CACTUS, UT Warm Brown. All copy was set in Helvetica type face, 1 pt. body copy and 24 and 30 pt. headlines. Special thanks to Doug Altom, Mac Upshaw and Fred Koger at Taylor. I expected perfection from you and you gave me the best possible service. The studio portraits were taken by Stevens Studios, Ban- gor, Maine. Thanks to Margit and Jurgen for doing your usual tremendous job. My special thanks go to Time, Inc., for permission to reprint a portion of Henry R. Luce ' s prospectus for LIFE Mag- azine. Alan Levi taught me well and I hope he is proud of his suc- cessor and her book. I wish Randy and Claire all good luck and hope ya ' ll work together as well as Bill and I did. I ' m sure the ' 75 book will be the best yet; have fun with it and don ' t get discouraged, ev- erything will work out fine, and remember, you ' re part of TBT. I promised myself these remarks would be brief, and already I have gone on much too long. I hope that you, the participant in the world of the University, have seen life here and been amazed and instructed, but most of all, I hope that you have seen and taken pleasure in seeing. liz daily 30 y3 . p. huber closing 671 672 and that ' s the way it is . . . N . jjjiijlmixi mm H ;.;-;: SKR :-;,: ' , . a mm ' - _

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