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MM I Jam. 1973 CACTUS WITH A CAST CT THOUSANDS 1973 CACTUS ALAN H. LEVI EDITOR SHIMS I. I II I HAS ASSOCIATE EDITOR JERRY THOMPSON SUPERVISOR KAT HARDCASTLE ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR IKE EARLOH STANLEY EARRAR RHOTOORARHERS ... ..... I. Table of Contents I V The Year Features 25 Limelight 107 Student Life Greeks 137 Student Government 235 Special Interest Organizations 271 Honorary Organizations 316 Professional Organizations 341 Military 367 Sports Varsity and Intramural Athletics . . . 393 Academics Administration 449 Classes 497 Index 582 In Memoriam .612 Published by Texas Student Publications The University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Volume 80 I ;i " WM jflfl U W, IB i B|; ' . -W WISn B WI i The Spotlight ' s on You UT students are individuals. Though many have common groups or interests, each has a goal to attain while at the University of Texas a role to play to achieve that goal. The role may be that of the leading character or the supporting cast. Regardless, the 1973 CACTUS is intended to review the 1972-73 year from the perspective of producer, not critic. The staff and I have attempted to capture as many UT student roles as possible in print and picture, while at the same time covering the events of the year. The Spotlight ' s on you. Your performance depends on how well you play your role. . UT Students Are Individuals Performers in Their Roles Pfl Part-time Jobs Supplemented the UT Experience ice f S The Emerging Role of the Minority Student Greeks A Single Category of Diverse Persons . With Others or Alone 18 ORTION The Fair Sex Demands Fair Play 19 -wWeWKWWWfff You Are What You Want to Be 21 " For It ' s Texas That We Love Best " This Book Has Been Rated cw Recommended for Campus Wide Audiences 24 CC-SIACCING FEATURES AND LIMELIGHT CCMING DIRECTED BT JCHN ADKINS LIZ An individual ' s University experi- ence is whatever he wants it to be. His involvement can be one-to-one, in small groups or in mass participation. The features section has tried to tran- scend the usual function of recording the year by delving more deeply into the individuals who comprise the com- munity of 40,000. The first division of features deals with specific individuals, their lifestyles and their relationships with the Uni- versity. Part two concerns the unique experiences that similar individuals encountered during the year. The third and final division highlights the activi- ties in which the individual was a part of the mass participation. The features section was designed to provide insights into not only the year at the University, but also the individ- uals who played a role in that year. 26 " Who ever heard of cabbage rolls for dinner? " During the year things changed for Shirley, including her major. " It ' s not so important where you study, but that you DO study. " i 1 Shirley found it hard to look alive for her 8:00 a.m. class. 28 Shirley Campbell, Freshman In reviewing her first year at UT, Shirley Campbell found that budgeting her time was one of the first tasks she faced in adjusting to the freedoms and responsibilities of college life. " Classes were my first priority, but when it came to grades, it was difficult at first to under- stand what was expected of you. " Shirley added, however, that " everyone was eager to help me, especially at orientation. " The preregistration advisors also helped Shirley change her major from child development to elementary education. Shirley believed it best for the freshman to room with " someone you know and who has similar interests, but not a close friend. " She was happy with Kinsolving, her dormitory, but admitted she disliked the occasional noise and starchy foods. Shirley needed " respect for my privacy " so weekend open house was sufficient. Shirley ' s favorite place to " leave all the pres- sures behind " was Lake Travis, where she often went alone to " do nothing. " " There were times my first semester when I just wanted to leave for good, but I always found a friend at the dorm or at the sorority who gave me a reason to stay. " As a pledge, Shirley felt she had found a lot of new friends with similar interests. She spent a lot of time dating and was surprised to find that " after three or four dates, many boys here at the University take sex for granted. " Shirley was displeased with the way in which some people tended to prejudge at the Univer- sity. " When a few of my teachers found out I was in a sorority, they seemed to treat me as if I had nothing to contribute. This does not help build your confidence, which you really need a lot of as a freshman. " 29 Miles O ' Loughlin, Handicapped Student Miles O ' Loughlin, a graduate student in Eng- lish, faces UT with a different perspective than most students. Injured in a car accident while in high school, Miles has been confined to a wheel- chair since 1964. " You really don ' t have a choice about the thing, " he said. " Your choice is how you ' re going to approach life with your handicap. " Miles attended the University of Illinois as a James Scholar. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi and received his BA in English in 1970, summa cum laude. " One advan- tage of being in a wheelchair is that I make better grades because I can ' t ' cat around. ' " His wife and son help Miles straighten out his bookshelf. Miles discussed his grading system with one of his freshman English students. 30 ' You really don ' t have a choice about the thing. Hoping to receive his PhD in 1974, Miles now teaches freshman English at UT. His main interest is Victorian English literature and his thesis is on Charles Dickens. He chose English because " most majors are a means to an end. English is a study of culture and therefore an end in itself. " Miles likes Austin and jokingly refers to " Mother Austin " being the home of the twenty-year PhD because so many students decide to stay in Austin after they graduate. He said, " I think Texas has a good Eng- lish department, but the admissions requirements should be raised. The best undergraduates here are as good as the best undergraduates anywhere, but there are so many students who just aren ' t serious. " His advice to students at a large univer- sity is to " use the large university, don ' t let it use you. A large university has so much more to offer because of its size and money. " Miles married his wife, Nancy while they were students at the University of Illinois and they now have a two-year-old son, Dennis. Miles admits that adjusting to his handicap was difficult at first, but he now feels that he can do most anything he wants to do. " One thing that I never get used to is the way people feel that they have to pity you. Society demands that you have to like all people in a wheelchair just as you ' re sup- posed to like all blacks. " Miles performed some impromptu wheelchair gymnastics. 31 r fc I !EIO ' :T A music education major from Houston, Clo- teal Davis described herself as a " motivated per- son. " During the fall semester she held a job as a desk clerk at Dobie as well as coordinating the activities of Almetris Co-op. After graduating in December, she began teaching violin at O. Henry Junior High. Cloteal chose music as a career because, " I like music. I like what it does for people and what it does for me. " She also feels a great attraction for crowds and considers this a major factor in her decision to attend the University. Her reaction to the disclosure that only 450 black students attend the University was less favorable, " This University has never had the image that blacks are welcome. " As an under- graduate, Cloteal was an orientation advisor, a member of the Black Students Organization, and a member of the student steering committee for the first national congress of black students and administrators. She explained that the depend- ence on standardized tests for admissions, the lack of black social life and an image of the Uni- versity with which the black community cannot identify were causes of low black enrollment. As manager of her co-op dorm, she managed many interpersonal and interracial situations. " I feel that the co-op concept of living is the ulti- mate answer to rooming problems. The atmos- phere of living with people of many backgrounds and personalities gives the necessary insight to co-exist with others. " Cloteal Davis, Minority Student 32 7 like what music does for people and what it does for me. LEFT: Practice was a part of Cloteal ' s daily routine. BELOW: Co-op responsibilities included cooking. BELOW: Teaching violin enabled Cloteal to share her love for music. advisor, i zation, aid muiliee for ;odenls and lie depend- issions, the ofthet ' ni- uiy cannot aent : e managed luations. 1 is the ulli- He atmos- ackgrounds msidit W ident ' . . . our customers just aren ' t used to seeing us anywhere but on the Drag. Take one university senior, some art prints for sale and a spot on the Drag, and you ' ll find Phil Merrill. Phil carried 18 hours his last semester to graduate in December, 1972, with a degree in economics. He said that he was very disappointed with the educational system because, as he put it, " I don ' t think there ' s enough room for people to express their own ideas. " However, when comparing the Univer- sity of Texas to universities in his home state of New York, he said he thought the Univer- sity was better than average for a state school. In December, another disappointment con- fronted Phil when the Austin City Council passed an ordinance banning sales anywhere except designated market places. He began selling photographs of original paintings from New York and Europe on the Drag because he found Austin wages too low and most jobs not agreeable. When the ordinance passed, Phil closed up shop. continued N " " " III 1 1 Phil opened his shop on the drag. Objecting to the 23rd St. site, vendors left it almost vacaaJ T ; ( ., In November, Phil explained the feelings of the vendors to the Austin City Counc 34 V Phil Merrill, Street Vendor The Chuckwagon was Phil ' s favorite place to eat, drink and talk to people. " I don ' t feel the vendor business will be the same in a new market place (speaking of the pro- posed 23rd Street site) because our customers just aren ' t in the habit of seeing us anywhere but on the Drag. " Phil said he thought all the cards were stacked against the vendors from the begin- ning. " People just don ' t like our long hair. Ironi- cally, the people pressing the whole thing aren ' t even from the University community. " So having closed out his vendor business and graduated, Phil headed back to New York in search of a job as a managing consultant. 35 " I told my father in 1945 that the University was an ivory tower so I left without graduating. But in 1970 I couldn ' t stay away any longer. " Mrs. Pat McNeely is the mother of four chil- dren: David, who is in the business school, Tim- mothy Ann and Patty, who work for the Univer- sity and Gale, who attends Reagan High School. " They all think it ' s great that I ' ve come back to school, " Mrs. McNeely said. She not only works and goes to school, but in her spare time she writes. " I love poetry, and I ' ve been working on a book about the personalities and interactions of the men in the Alamo. I don ' t know if I ' ll ever submit it to a publisher, but it sure has been a lot of fun working on it. " " Not too much has changed here since the ' 40s. It just seems less formal. We used to think that the University was a place where the philos- ophers were hidden away from the rest of the world and did their great thinking, " she said. Currently classified as a special student, Mrs. McNeely has applied to graduate school and is waiting for acceptance. " The red tape of gradu- ate school infuriates me! When you are 49 years old, there is an experience in life that is difficult to measure on tests. " When Mrs. McNeely graduates she wants to open a sch ool for the physically impaired. " I want to work with children ranging from the slow learning to the gifted. " " One of the things I like best about going back to school is when younger classmates ask me how they can get their mothers to come back. I just tell them that first of all their mothers have to want to come back. Second, they should con- tact the office of continuing education. After that, the rest is up to the individual. " Pat On campus. Mrs. McNeely walked to class with her son, David, also a student. Pat McNeely participated in a parent counseling class. " I love the University it hasn ' t changed so much since the " 40s. " 36 - I Pat McNeely, Older student to s On her day off, Pat McNeely worked with children at the MHMR day care center . " I study when and where I can most of the time it ' s when I ' m in bed. " " I ' ve come back because I want to teach. She also worked for the Austin police department. 37 " We ' re looking forward to the future - - we want | to contribute to the - reconstruction of Vietnam. ' : iii Hien took advantage of University facilities while working in lab. EO ' :S The Vietnamese Student Organization gave Hien an opportunity to meet other students from his own country. 38 BELOW: Advisor Tom Anderson helped Hien adjust to University life. Nguyen Hien, International Student " I plan to go back to Vietnam to help my coun- try, " said Nguyen Hien, a 40-year-old graduate student in electrical engineering. Hien was a pro- fessor at the Vietnam Military Academy before he came to UT to continue his education. Hien found the University to be " larger than my hometown. " He was impressed with the kindness of people especially young people. " My profes- sors were always helpful, " said Hien. " They work extra time for their students. " Comparing the Uni- versity to Vietnamese universities, Hien said, " the major difference is that our schools are free. " During his two years at the University, Hien served as the spokesman for the Vietnamese Stu- dent Organization. He was pleased with the end of the war, saying, " I approved of the United States troops in Viet Nam, but at the same time I wanted them out. " Hien added that he thought the peace treaty was unfair at first glance, but he felt that if the U.S. maintained its position, and the other side showed good will, everything would work out for the best. " No one can say the Americans were dishonored, " Hien concluded. His stay in the U.S. taught Hien to appreciate American food and Western movies. " I ' m going to miss them both when I return home in August. " Hien said that his teaching would have to adjust to a postwar situation. " I support a reunited Viet- nam, but it will take time. " BELOW: Solitude offered Hien a chance to make his own kind of music. ' You have to try harder . . . the competition is unreal. The University of Texas is not " just another variation of a junior college, " according to soph- omore transfer Susan Nelson. " You are on your own here. You can ' t expect to get anything done unless you rely on yourself. " Susan immediately missed the small classes and personal attention that she enjoyed at Schreiner Junior College in her hometown of Kerrville. " I believe the majority of University professors are good, but they don ' t seem as con- cerned about the individual student. " Large lec- ture classes, especially those designed for fresh- men, also troubled Susan, who didn ' t like being " just another number in the computer. " " I also discovered that a transfer student is too old to join many campus organizations such as Posse or Spooks, " Susan said. Nevertheless, Susan involved herself in several outside activi- ties, including volunteer work at a day care cen- ter and affiliation with Pi Beta Phi sorority. She lives in a private dorm on Rio Grande St., four blocks from campus. " I enjoy the people there, but I disagree with the curfew policy. It should be left up to the individual. " In her junior year, Susan hopes to live in her sorority house. Reflecting on her first year at the University, Susan noted that there were many more aca- demic, social and political opportunities available in Austin than at home. " You have to try harder, however, because the competition is unreal. " wv ' Susan found dorm life enjoyable but somewhat restrictive. Studying with others helped Susan to meet classroom competition. Susan ' s involvement with politics included working at the Nixon headquarters. As a medical technology major, Susan spent long hours in lab. Susan Nelson, Transfer Student Shopping on the Drag was a new experience for the Kerrville native. 41 " Film is an outlet, a chance to be creative and to say something to people. ' Alan MacAdams, a second semester sophomore RTF major from Dallas says that he has always taken an interest in communications. He now aspires to be either a film director or a producer of new television programs. Alan said, " Film is an outlet, a chance to be creative and to say some- thing to people. " His appreciation of film as a medium led him to apply for a job at the Dobie Screen working several days a week. " It ' s an easy job and I don ' t make much money, but it ' s a good opportunity to find connections to help my film interests. " Alan can be seen almost any night studying in the sound booth while finishing up the last feature. To display his interest, he has papered his room at Dobie with old movie posters. Since he did not go to freshman orientation, (a fact he later regretted) Alan ' s first impression of the University came when he moved to Dobie Center, a 27-story private residence tower. About his dorm, Alan said, " I like it. Dobie is just like a country club. " He said that one disadvantage of a large dorm is, " People are so hard to meet, though everyone I ' ve met is nice. " Alan considers The Daily Texan one of the best features of the University. " We need something like it to counterbalance the conservative papers like the Austin Statesman. " Another facet of the University he likes is that in his classes he feels that his professors really care. " I ' ve learned more here in one semester than I did in three years of high school, " he added. Although the University has much to offer, he is considering transferring at the end of the semester because, " I like UT, but I just want to go to a smaller school. " After a long wait Alan and friends rode down to dinner via the Dobie elevator. 42 BELOW: He sits alone, finishing up the last feature at the Dobie Screen. IELOW: Alan checks sound levels for a group in the Dome coffee house , BELOW: Alan bangs out his troubles on the piano in his room. Alan MacAdams, Part-Time Worker 43 Sue Doty, Student-at-large . .- .- . v Bicycling on the Town Lake hike and bike trail was recreation for Sue. " We ' re the place where they are, " said Sue Doty, a 20-year-old psychology major, when talking about her job as a crisis intervention worker at Middle Earth. Middle Earth is a drug crisis and information-referral center sponsored by the University " Y. " Sue stressed the impor- tance of these workers as being experienced drug counselors not only familiar with the current drug scene but also with the effects of drug use. " Our main goal at Middle Earth is not to try to get users to swear off drugs, but to teach them to be responsible with their bodies, " Sue said. She and her co-workers at Middle Earth spent much time speaking to groups about the current drug problem. " We go to any place we ' re invited. For example, we recently gave a talk to the National Guard, " she added. Although Sue ' s main interests were Middle Earth and graduation, she was also a member of Alpha Phi sorority. " Alpha Phi is something I joined when my head was in another place, " Sue said. She added she continued to pay her dues, but was not active. " I admire sororities as organ- izations where a group of women can possibly establish friendships, but a lot of the functions just don ' t apply to anything in my life now. " Sue shopped at an organic foods store near her apartment. " A college student should be allowed and encouraged to decide for himself what he wants to do with his life. " Speaking for Middle Earth, Sue met with students at Burnet Junior High One of Sue ' s favorite activities is cooking. " I ' m writing a cookbook entitled Food Should Be Fun or Toys You Can Eat. " The idea behind her cookbook is that eating and cooking should be fun. " Things like eating jello with your hands, or licking egg salad off someone ' s fingers it ' s one of the most sensuous things in the world. " A transfer from Rice University, Sue said she loved the many different kinds of people at the University, but thought the administration played " mommy and daddy " to too many stu- dents. " I think by the time a student is in college, he should be allowed and encouraged to decide for himself what he wants to do with his life. " Only needing three hours to graduate, Sue was uncertain what her future would be. " I ' m think- ing of graduate school in community psychology - I don ' t know, but I ' m happy the way my life is now. " 45 : A student couldn ' t ask for a better job. ' In his mobile home, Officer Ham and his wife took time out for some rest and relaxation. Larry Ham, Campus Cop 4 (f I A major part of each day was spent handing out minor offense violations. 46 Si. 1 I - ' dr Officer Larry Ham, a 26-year-old junior trans- portation major, said of his morning-student, afternoon-cop routine, " It ' s an enjoyable way of getting through school. A student couldn ' t ask for a better job. " Officer Ham said, however, that his is not an easy job to give a ticket to the guy you once bor- rowed notes from, but he added, " I ' m in uniform and I ' m getting paid for keeping order. " On the other hand he said that he could be talked out of tickets. " There are always the fresh- man girls who cry, and then the various stories of speeding because of a sick friend or illegally parking because of a big and heavy load to carry. I ' ve heard so many original stories I ' m always game for one more. " About police in general, Officer Ham said that he thought most people still respect the police and the law. However, he added that not all of the University police deserve respect. Officer Ham, hoping to become a commercial airline pilot after graduation, said that the job of a policeman was one for a person who is mature, interested, and large enough to take care of him- self. " It ' s not a matter of age or previous experi- ence I think most University students could handle the job. " Officer Ham engaged in some slap-happy handball with Pete Tyson. Officer Ham became a plainclothes student as his thoughts traveled in class. N Eight ' s Out 5 R. Butler The combination of inclement weather and the cutting back of the natural gas supply led to the biggest power shortage in Austin ' s history. Begin- ning in late November, the Austin community was faced with a power curtailment which included the University area. The darkened tower epitomized i shortage while the darkened streets on campus fuel shortage while the darkened streets on campus made students aware of the severe cut- back. During the snows of December and January, more fuel than usual was consumed, and the city, with a 100% curtailment of natural gas. was func- tioning solely on fuel oil. The shortage grew to such proportions that Uni- versity administrators postponed for one week the opening of school for the spring semester. Offices, buildings and dormitories closed their doors while early-arriving students scrambled for places to stay and something to do during the interim. Adds and drops, spring break, exams and graduation were pushed back for one week, shortening the time between the long session and summer school. With the continued cutback of natural gas, Aus- tin faced a power shortage in the heat of summer as well as in the cold of winter. Cutbacks were the rule rather than the exception and the possibility of a nuclear power plant in Central Texas grew. h It ' s a revolution we live, Not that we die for " Ms. Gloria Steinem As the University began to realize its responsi- bilities toward providing equal opportunities for blacks and chicanos, another " minority " group arose to make itself heard. Women began to fight vocally for equality both on campus and across the nation. While some women were content to continue to allow men to dictate their lives, many more began to act as indi- viduals. Issues that concerned this " minority " included the right to abortions, equal job opportu- nities and the treatment of women as individuals rather than empty-headed sex objects. State Rep. Sarah Weddington of Austin took the Texas abortion laws to the U.S. Supreme Court in the fall of 1972. The statutes were declared uncon- stitutional and the state was faced with no abor- tion laws. Hospitals were forced to make their own decisions with only a few guidelines. The Student Health Center performed no abortions; Bracken- ridge Hospital required the consent qf parents or husbands before the surgery would be considered. In the spring, Janet Berry, assistant professor of art, protested the sexist policy of the School of Fine Arts. No women or students were allowed on the committee to select the school ' s new dean. Her husband, William Berry was released from the University following the controversy, and Ms. Berry consequently blamed his dismissal on her protests concerning school policy. With the events of 1972-73, the University real- ized that equal treatment had to be the attitude for the future. So, the " Jockocracy " (according to Gloria Steinem) began its at tempts of equalizing the rights of another minority women. Ms. Janet Berry brought the question of sexism at the University to public light. 54 ABORTION SYMPOSIUM featuring REP SARAH WEDDINGTON COUNCILMAN BUD DRTDCN AIIV GERALD NUGENT MS JUDY SMITH School of re allowed oj e dean. Her d from the fsy.andMs. lisaloaier KINSOLV1NG DINING ROOM IHURS., APRIL 19 600PM ivflstyreal- e attitude for CCOrdiflgto I State Rep. Sarah Weddington led the fight for abortions and spoke with students at abortion seminars equal Feminists Gloria Steinem and Margaret Sloan spoke of the women ' s revolution nationwide. Frances " Sissy " Farenthold, chairwoman of the National Women ' s Political Caucus, was a political leader of women ' s rights. 55 BELOW: UT student Elise Elkins was among the Young Voters for the President. RIGHT: A Democratic delegate from Texas displayed his support for Presidential nominee Gov. George C. Wallace. f ' Tltaas lp ju f r SEA D THEM MESS AGE BELOW: " Welcome to Flamingo Park, the people ' s liberated zone of living, organizing, and nonviolent direct action. ' - " : In 1972, student involvement in politics had serious meaning for the first time. Both national parties and local coalitions encouraged new vot- ers on campus to become politically active. Can- didates quickly adapted strategies to persuade impressionable independents to join their ranks. A handful of University of Texas students gave up summer jobs, classes and vacations to attend the national conventions in Miami Beach. While other students found themselves limited to media coverage, this small group actively partici- pated in the making of history. Suspense and diversity were the key words for the Democratic Convention. Young people played an important role in the struggles between factions and delegations. Sen. George McGovern was nominated and then the real uncertainty began. Vice-presidential candidate Tom Eagleton revealed his history of psychiatric treatments and, after a week of debate and embarrassment, McGovern replaced the Missouri Senator with R. Sargent Shriver. On the other hand, the Republican Convention tried to make up in enthusiasm what it lacked in surprises. Thirty University supporters of Presi- dent Richard Nixon were among the 3,000 Young Voters for the President at the Conven- tion, where incumbents Nixon and Spiro T. Agnew were renominated. A third variety of University political activists attended both conventions in Miami Beach. With memories of the 1968 Chicago convention, this group sought to focus the attention of the dele- gates and the nation on the Vietnam War. Pro- testors from Texas joined other antiwar groups in the Flamingo Park ca mpgrounds. ' r. Conventions ' 72: Focus on Youth Nonviolent protest against the Vietnam War contrasted with peaceful sightseeing. s Sissy Farenthold sought support for the Vice-Presidential bid. Shouts of " Four More Years! " greeted President Nixon. We can fulfill this nation ' s greatness if those we select to lead us restore the habit of truth to our government. 60 Eleanor McGovern talked with enthusiasts at Zilker Park. Socialist Workers ' Party presidential candidate Linda Jenness spoke in the Texas Union. ITfflta .. -_ Presidential Candidates Blazed Trails Into Texas UT students worked to re-elect the President " The people are not left, or right, or center. Rather, they seek a way out of the wilderness " Sometimes party loyalty demands too much. " . . . John B. Connally, chairman, Democrats for Nixon. 61 Politicians Hand Out Promises to Austin Voters s n vi v . President Nixon arrived in Texas with Sen. John Tower. Barefoot Sanders explained his senatorial platform in Eastwood Park. Texas Democrats welcomed Sen. McGovern to Austin. 62 Former CACTUS editor and newly-elected Governor Dolph Briscoe addressed newsmen at a capitol press conference Hank Grover narrowly missed election as the state ' s first Republican governor since Reconstruction. Ramsey Muniz greeted La Raza Unida supporters on the Union Patio. 63 64 Political Reform InYearOneA.S. " Reform " was the magic word for Texas politics in 1973. In the wake of the Sharpstown scandal, voters were promised many versions of a clean sweep. Just over half of the 150 members of the House were freshmen, while newcomers also filled the positions of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Speaker of the House. The legislature debated such issues as ethics for state officeholders, penalties for possession of mar- ijuana and full legal rights for eighteen-year-olds. Three bills on open meetings and campaigning for Speaker became law early in the session, but the traditional " calendar crunch " prevailed in last- minute consideration of additional reforms in financial disclosure, lobby regulation and public access to government records. The politics of reform also involved the usual competition between the top officeholders. House Speaker Price Daniel Jr. and Lt. Governor Bill Hobby were particularly outspoken in mutual crit- icism. Republicans in both chambers made their usual complaints against one-party politics. Edu- cators charged that the legislature was neglecting poorer school districts, while Governor Dolph Briscoe stuck to hi s promise of " no new taxes. " All in all, the 63rd legislature was significant for its discussion, if not accomplishment, of reform. At least it was interesting in its probable effect on the elections of 1974. c After Sharpstown Despite the coining spring break, some University students cast their ballots in absentee voting procedures at the Travis County Courthouse. " Don t widen our streets! " was a big issue of Save the University Neighborhoods. Spring Break Produced Heavy Absentee Voting for City Council Posts ABOVE: Former Student Government President Bob Binder talked about the City Council at a public debate. ABOVE RIGHT: Jeff Friedman visited with coeds at a candidate forum. Despite the simultaneous advent of University Spring Break and city elections, Austin had over 4,000 voters cast ballots for the largest absentee vote in the city ' s history with heavy participation from the University area precincts. University neighborhoods and drag vending vied for student interest. Save University Neigh- borhoods (SUN) was organized to stop the plan- ned enlargement of cross streets in the west Uni- versity area. After a public hearing the City Coun- cil granted SUN- the asked-for delay on all plans for streets in the area SUN stipulated. Drag ven- dors filed two petitions to get their ordinance on the ballot only to have it defeated in the election. Bob Binder was the only challenger to win. As a past president of Student Government, he had the support of many University students and faculty, which was instrumental in helping him defeat incumbent Councilman Dick Nichols. Although the election results did not seem dra- matic with the re-election of Mayor Butler and council members Dryden, Love, Lebermann, Friedman and Handcox, the Binder-Nichols runoff and the solid defeat of conservative chal- lenger Bob Gray by Jeff Friedman appeared to indicate that symptoms of change may be develop- ing in Austin. 67 Spring Elections Drew Diverse Opinions Co-op Board hopeful Jackie Byars vied for votes. A URC supporter took a break. Spring Student Government elections produced not only a change in leadership, but also chal- lenges to a campus election code which was termed " ridiculous " by many students. The code made itself felt in a number of ways. Provisions which prohibited the distribution of more than one type of handout per candidate, the limitation of each presidential and vice-presiden- tial candidate to one large West Mall sign and the prohibition of any form of media advertising were among the regulations in effect. The University Reform Coalition (URC), run- ning a slate of candidates headed by second-year law student Sandy Kress, complained of unneces- sary limitations on campaigns, while in another camp, opposition candidate Ronnie Franklin was restricted by the Election Commission in his dis- tribution of literature after a violation of the code. Kress, a former student government vice-presi- dent at Berkleley, was elected in a runoff against Franklin while Cappy McGarr, with support from the Greek community, defeated URC candidate Greg Frazer for the vice-presidential spot. Hi Ami; V-P candidate Cappy McGarr voiced his opinion Michael Fakin successfully campaigned for Texan editor. 68 In other races, Frank Jackson and John New- man were elected to fill student positions on the University Co-Op Board of Directors in the first direct election held for those positions. A separate election for Texas Student Publica- tions offices drew 4,000 students to the polls in February. The Daily Texan editor ' s chair was filled by dark horse candidate Michael Eakin. Young Socialist Alliance candidate Sally Arm- strong won the at-large slot on the TSP Board of Operating Trustees and journalism students elected Lee Grace and Cliff Avery as their repre- sentatives on the Board. A number of issues were approved in the cam- pus-wide referendum. Abortions in the Student Health Center, the Boycott of non-union (iceberg) lettuce in the Texas Union, self-determination of visitation regulations by dormitory residents, the decriminalization of marijuana, free use of Gua- dalupe by the Drag vendors, an end to U.S. mili- tary involvement in Southeast Asia and the re- structuring of the Student Senate along the lines of the highly successful Texas Union Committee sys- tem were all given the nod by student voters. The Armadillo Man provided an unusual diversion on the Main Mall. Greg Blackley, Senate at-Large candidate, campaigned on Election Day. 69 Happy 21st Birthday The advent of a twenty-first birthday is greeted with much anticipation by University students. In addition to merely surviving another year on this earth, the twenty-first birthday marks the beginning of a new period of social development for the person. On this birthday the State of Texas gives the best present of all. The state allows the lucky birthday person to imbibe alcoholic beverages legally for the first time. No longer is there the constant feeling of paranoia that the smiling men from the Alcoholic Bever- age Commission will meet him in his favorite drinking establishment. The night of this famous birthday is a memo- rable one. Drinking is the rule and carousing is not uncommon. A most enjoyable custom has grown up in recent years. Through the coopera- tion of local businessmen, free pitchers of beer are given to the birthday celebrant. An uncom- fortable situation arises when, upon presentation of a Texas driver ' s license, the student is met with the comment, " You ' re just now 21? We ' ve been serving you for years and now you expect a free pitcher? " Chuckles usually ensue and in time, the free pitcher is awarded. Eat your heart out, A.B.C. I 70 NOTE As of August 27, 1973, these pages have become obsolete. Happy 18th Birthday 71 C3I V_ t i " We Are One in the Spirit " Man has always sought a deity to answer the unexplainable. Only in times of expanded educa- tion has mankind begun to doubt the existence of a supernatural being. Now, with logic seen as the key to all answers, the number of agnostics and atheists seems to be growing -- especially among young people. However, a large group of people continue to feel there is a dimension other than logic. They recognize logic, but also the existence of a spirit- ual factor in the ir lives. Twenty religious organizations on campus rec- ognize this spiritual factor. Christianity and Judaism are the dominant faiths at the Univer- sity, while five other beliefs have established groups on campus. Baha ' ist, Buddhist, Krishnas, Moslems and meditation sects have become active in teaching new ideologies. They sponsor dinners, dances, on-campus meetings and buses to events and church. Though they differ in ideologies, they hold a common belief in the beauty of the spirit. Holy Communion for the peace in Viet Nam was held at St. Luke ' s Church. .Illinium The Well was a popular Christian coffeehouse for students and Austin residents. 74 Two people spread HIS love at an Austin tent revival Hillel offered a meeting place for informal discussions. Students learned folk dancing at the Jewish student center. 75 Prayer was offered at a Krishna feast. CHRIST IS THE ANSWER WELDON ILL. Baha ' ist set up a booth on the West Mall to advocate; " God is one, Man is one, Religion is one. " 76 Meditation: a means to find yourself The best religion is the most tolerant. Madame de Girardin Religion is the opium of the people. Karl Marx Religion is nothing else but the love of God and man. William Penn Trucking along with Jesus A Communiversity class taught Yoga. Wurstfest Another Excuse to Get Drunk 15 .r The D.P.S. was always around to keep things friendly. | Crowds flocked to the autumn celebration. 78 " May I see your identification please? " asks the man at the gate. " Sure, " you reply, hopefully thinking that the 50 people in line behind you would make a dif- ference whether or not the officer would really look at your driver ' s license. He does, and you get the green rather than the black stamp that would mean you were 2 1 or older. " Damn, I wish I ' d brought my fake ID. Some guys I know told me they didn ' t even check IDs here at Wurstfest. " " Sam, hey, how ' s it going? . . . good to see you here! " (It ' s especially good to see Sam since he is 21 and a VERY good friend.) " Sam, since you ' re already in line, how about buying me a pitcher of beer? " " Sure, I guess so. Say, it ' s such a rip-off, why don ' t we just split it? " " Let ' s go see if there ' s anybody we know dancing or listen to the polka band. I ' m tired of standing, and these lines are getting to me. " Sam ' s been here an hour, enjoying the sights and the happenings and noticing he ' s already spent five dollars and is still hungry, so ... " Why don ' t we go back to my place in Austin for dinner and have a few beers? " " Fine, but next year let ' s come back during the week when it ' s not so crowded. " " Wait ' til I see that guy who told me I wouldn ' t need a fake ID. " Wurst at its best. 79 There ' s Always Something to Do A college education would be narrow indeed, if not plain boring, if it were confined completely to books, libraries and laboratories. University students found countless opportuni- ties before, during and after class to " get away from it all " for a few moments. On campus, the Texas Union was a convenient location to meet friends, watch " All My Chil- dren " or " Star Trek " on TV or to r evert to childhood at the Saturday Morning Fun Club. For hours between classes, students could listen to Bach, the Beatles, or 3700 other stereo selec- tions in the Audio Library at the Academic Cen- ter. Memorial Stadium was open to joggers 24 hours a day while hike and bike trails connected the parks in the University area. Austin stores, restaurants and nightclubs aimed to capture their share of the money stu- dents spent to escape their daily grinds. Movies on and off campus were popular. Legislators at the state capitol provided another interesting div- ersion for University students. At any one time, there seemed to be at least several opportunities to " blow off " studying for a few hours. Perhaps the main problem at the Uni- versity was that there was just too much to do and not enough time to do it. V( S % An outdoor studio lured some students from studying. BEIO Chicks from A-B-C dorms caroused with Simkins cats at a ' 50s sock-hop. 80 LEFT: Bored Martyrs celebrated once a month at Scholz ' s. BELOW: Students and faculty met for lunch and conversation. BELOW: Saturday Morning Fun Club offered just plain fun to audiences at the Union Theater Shop to learn at the all-new, all-knowing UTV Thought Complex! Three Malls for your informa- tion! Browse in the shining Academic Shopping Center (open late every night)! Select your courses from our large menu! Exist in a lifelike environ- ment where you have climate control you choose the degree! Learn to earn in a marketplace of rea- sonable ideas! We ' re Channel One UTV Editors ' Note The Tomato Hubris Society for Wit and Wis- dom, publishers of the Salamander Weekly ( " only a penny " ), found sudden success and fleeting fame in 1973. The Salamander, a mimeographed alter- native to The Daily Texan, served as a spring- board for the group into the " dog-eat-dog " Big Time of UT campus politics. Running on a slogan of " Four for Texas, " the Tomato Hubis candidates provided a bit of whimsy to the normally dry bullshit of student government presidential elections. To distinguish themselves from conventional politicians, these four young men made themselves " perfectly clear " on crucial issues such as a request line for the tower chimes, tonsillectomies on demand at the Health Center and a proposal to flood the campus with four feet of warm salt water to create a " womblike " environment. None of the four made it into the runoff, but they achieved such notoriety that the 1973 CAC- TUS could not be complete without their contrib- ution. These two screens represent the creative genius of the group in full flower, without any help whatsoever from the CACTUS staff. 83 Different Strokes For Different Folks No matter what the UT student does or how he she does it, there is a place in Austin, on or off campus, where each student can find what he she needs to express his her individuality. Whether a University lifestyle included health foods, homosexuality, hard drugs, hard liquor, Hippie Hollow, or the Broken Spoke, an individ- ual in most cases could find other people with similar interests. Although these lifestyles may not be condoned by everyone, the individual could usually act without much opposition and perhaps with some acceptance. For some, the University was a look at another side a shift in values. But ultimately, the student was free to decide which way to go, and why and when, and with whom. The University community was not a microcosm of the outside world but was a place where almost 40,000 individuals lived and learned together. r i I . I vaw H The Rag offered a weekly alternative to other Austin newspapers. __ M _ BH __ M _ __ IIIM ._ _ MM ___ H ___.____ I _ i Twobkxl Exotic ingredients for vegetarian and other diets were available at local health food stores. 84 ; -pipes. Two blocks from campus, a " freak department store " catered to student needs One of the sun-worshipping skinny dippers enjoyed the view from Hippie Hollow. Gay activists held a fund-raising dance on the Union patio. Deposit Contraband 00 NOT RISK Pl5 Contraband in this (onlain ef r CtllUT) An ulii mailbox offered a place to deposit " extra " purchases. Money management was of primary concern. Mexican goodies proved irresistible to shoppers. Culinary delights rilled empty stomachs. beautiful Saturday morning in March found t fun-seeking University students on IH 35 South headed for Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. After driving four hours, nearly running out of gas, (there are very few gas stations in South Texas), they arrived safe and sound in that lovely border n on the Rio Grande. . ifter successfully walking across The Bridge, the first order of business was to eat. The Cadillac Bar provided its usual selection of epicurean delights, with appropriate beverages to quench their thirsts. With tummies full, they made their way to the mercado. Once inside the market, they purchased shirts, flowers and assorted souvenirs. As the sun grew warmer, throats grew drier, and they paused in a local establishment for some liq- uid refreshment. Considering the cost of each drink, (60C for most mixed drinks) they lingered to recuperate and gain strength for the second cross- After a harrowing experience through cus- , the weary group stumbled to their cars. The four hour drive back included numerous head- aches, cigarettes and strategic rest stops. The group, older and wiser from the experience, returned to Austin by ten and everyone was asleep by their respective bedtimes. Tired and parched, the group found a spot of respite. exico Offered Fun 3od and Frivolity Volunteers " Receiving While Giving " Big Buddies agreed to spend at least four hours each week with their little buddies. The program sponsored various activities including campouts. The other time spent was up to the buddies, such as an afternoon at Zilker Park. 88 Posse member helped a friend at the Athletes In Action Benefit Game. MUIHKI SUN 10- The charge that college students are socially unaware and disinterested in the world ' s problems is being met by an increasing number of university students. Students are showing concern for their fellow man by devoting time and effort to help those who need help most. Often students who are motivated are not aware of the various outlets available to express their desire to help those less fortunate than themselves. This year several organizations including the University Voluntary Action Center, the Big Buddy Program and the Big Brother Program enabled those who wanted to serve to find a cause or an individual in need of help. Volunteers helped blind students orient themselves to campus, pushed wheelchairs, worked with retarded children or simply provided companionship and encouragement. Programs for volunteer work were unlimited. TexPIRG, an organization devoted to bringing about changes to further the public interest, gained momentum in its drive to form a school-supported board to review issues and problems concerning the University student. Volunteers worked at the Austin and Travis State Schools aiding mentally retarded and disturbed children. Austin day care centers as well as area nursing homes were staffed by University student volunteers. Why these students volunteer is hard to ascer- tain. One participant in the Big Buddy Program commented, " Doing volunteer work is an escape unrelated to campus. It gives me a feeling of broadening not only my own horizons, but some- one else ' s It just makes me feel good. " Volunteers from Ecology Action collected and prepared cans to be recycled. 89 " I hope it can be said in a hundred years from now, that together we helped to make our country more just for all its people . . . I believe it will be said that we tried. " Lyndon Baines Johnson 1908-1973 The end to a clamorous, hurting 10-year war came with a quiet announcement by the President that a peace agreement had been signed in Vietnam. The United States had attained a " peace with honor, " he said. Conditions of the agreement were an immediate cease-fire, the withdrawal of all troops and the release of all prisoners of war within 60 days. The number of casualties in the war, which began in the Kennedy administration, were astounding. 45,933 Americans died in Vietnam, four students died at Kent State University in one of the many nationwide anti-war protests and 581 POWs awaited return to their families. However, figures failed to show other disquieting facets of the war thousands of shattered families, a generation of young adults who could not remember living in peace and returning war-scarred veterans unable to find work. Even the long-awaited end to the war was accepted with hesitations. There were no lists of men missing in action, the United States was still bombing Cambodia and stories were told of torture and collaboration with the enemy. Therefore, the United States viewed the " end " of the " war " quietly, with little fanfare or dancing in the streets and per- haps with only a vague sigh of relief. i . Entertainment As You Liked It San Francisco Mime Troupe Fresh from Heaven Harkness Ballet Fall Speakers RIGHT: George Bush, U.N. Ambassador " People have got to realize that the United Nations is a manifes- tation of the world as it really is and can ' t bring instant peace. " BELOW: Nikki Givovanni, Poetess " One thing most missing in the world is relationship. People don ' t really relate. " ABOVE: Allen Ginsberg, Poet " Poetry is an extension of the physiology of breathing. It is an articulation of consciousness through language. " RIGHT: Jack Anderson, Columnist " My job is to dig deeply, to go beyond one-sided press releases. Should I do it even though I might sometimes make a mistake? 1 should and I ' m going to go on taking chances because I ' ll never be a megaphone for the government. " 96 LEFT: Norman Mailer, Social Critic " Time has come to recognize that the white counter-culture has risen and fallen, but will rise again. " BELOW: Edward Albee, Playwright " A nation which won ' t demand truth from its creative people not only deserves what it gets, but it doesn ' t have enough wisdom or stamina to support free society for long. " ABOVE: Walt Rostow, Advisor to LBJ " Peace will depend on our ability and our determination to put as much effort into assuring that agreements are honored as we have done in bringing these agreements about. " LEFT: Augusta Hippie, ESP Counselor " Everyone has psy chic powers, but they are rarely developed ... I think we all have a resentment of being born, and one of our greatest romances is with death. " 97 . ' Afro-Amencan Players Steve Miller ' Dylan Thomas Growing Up " ii ' ilif Concerts and C u 1 1 u re ' Heartbreak House " It ' s a Beautiful Day fa I 1 1 " The Rivals " 100 Drama Productions Hobta " " Love for Three Oranges " 101 John Gardner, Founder of Common Cause " State legislatures have a long way to go; they are insulated from public opinion, operating like secret societies. " Spring Speakers Nicholas Johnson, FCC Commissioner " If you watch television, that ' s all right. But just take it as a clue that there is something wrong with your life. " Dick Gregory, Social Critic " Youth today have a big job to do and not much time. The biggest problem facing America today is the dumb, ignorant white folks who control the world ' s fate and destiny. " Sir Rudolph Bing, former General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera. " The style of performers determines the artistic level of the company. Great singers of the world cannot wear bluejeans. " Round-Up Parade Eeyore ' s Birthday 105 Commencement ' 73 Commencement is neither a beginning nor an end. It is instead a signpost placed part way along an uncertain path. We have come far to reach this point. Surely we have been tempted to stray, but we have held steadfast. We have maintained our spirit, and it has directed us to this curious post. Now we stop for sustenance and renewal and this marking reassurance of our commitment. Commencement is a celebration of the spirit that we have nurtured and shared and now hope to sustain. There is no exit now. We are now on the jour- ney, and we gratefully accept that course. To seek, to reason, to act sometimes to pre- serve, sometimes to alter a culture that will bind us as companions. That preservation or alteration is now our col- lective watchword. It will follow us for the rest of our days. This commencement was the 90th such celebra- tion of the University. . ' - 106 LIMELIGHT I Outstanding Students A graduate student in electrical engineering, GARY RAY RYLANDER served as president of Eta Kappa Nu and as recording secretary of Tau Beta Pi, engineering honorary society. He was selected for membership in Phi Kappa Phi, an all- University honorary organization. Gary also received the Outstanding Engineering Graduate Award of the December 1972 graduating class. Social chairman of Panhellenic and a member of Orange Jackets, EMILY FIELDS ANDER- SON was selected Outstanding Sophomore Pi Beta Phi sorority member in Texas and Louisiana in 1972. A member of Cordettes, she was active in Mortar Board and was a 1973 Bluebonnet Belle. A senior government major from Austin, JAMES MILTON CHRISTIANSON served as a member of the Texas Union Ideas and Issues Committee and the Student Committee on Orien- tation Procedures (SCOOP). An initiate of both Phi Eta Sigma, freshman men ' s honor society, and Pi Sigma Alpha, political science honorary society, he was an Orientation advisor for two years. PAMELA DIANE MAYO presided over the Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees in 1973 and worked with the Student Government City Council Lobby Committee. The journalism senior served as an orientation advisor for two years and was a 1972 CACTUS Goodf el- low and Bluebonnet Belle. She was Panhellenic Council rush chairperson and a member of Orange Jackets and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Ml bflshi ITB ton. 108 Student senator JAMES B. SMITH JR. was a University delegate to the 1971 Student Confer- ence on U.S. Affairs at West Point, New York. Corresponding secretary for Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, he was a Phi Beta Kappa key holder and a member of Silver Spurs and Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honorary society. English and history major RANDAL L GWEN- YTH JONES was active in Cordettes and Alpha Xi Delta sorority, serving as president of both organizations during the 1972-73 school year. A 1973 Bluebonnet Belle finalist and former CAC- TUS Goodfellow, she received the Panhellenic Outstanding Sorority Woman Award in 1972. over te Iperamg State ' we. Ik , advisor GoodM- ibeOoic (Orange MURRAY LEE COHEN, in addition to mem- bership on the Steering Committee for the 1972 UT Blood Drive also served as president of the Student Health Center Advisory Board. The senior biology major was editor of the Alpha Epsilon Delta Region IV premed newsletter, in addition to serving on the Zeta Beta Tau Board of Gover- nors. He was a former vice-president of Phi Eta Sigma, freshman men ' s honorary organization. Editor of the 1973 CACTUS, ALAN HAROLD LEVI was a spring initiate of Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honorary society and a member of the Texas Student Publications Oper- ating Board of Trustees. A senior accounting major in the Business Administration honors pro- gram, Alan was a 1972 CACTUS Goodfellow and a past secretary of Tau Delta Phi fraternity. 109 Co-captain of the Varsity swim team and Ail- American springboard diving champion, DON- NIE LYNN VICK was also Southwest conference champion in 1- and 3-meter diving competition. The bilology major from San Antonio was a mem- ber of Phi Eta Sigma, freshman men ' s honorary society and was selected for membership in Omi- cron Delta Kappa, national leadership fraternity. Student Assemblyperson from the College of Fine Arts, AMY JOAN BROWN was also presi- dent of Tau Beta Sigma, an honorary band soror- ity. A finalist for Cotton Bowl Queen in 1972 and a member of the Longhorn Band, she served as a member of the Fine Arts Student Council, serving as an officer for three years. She was a member of both Mortar Board and Orange Jackets. Commander of the Arnold Air Society in 1972- 73, GLENN ORRIN BURCHARD received the Robert E. Hayes Jr. Outstanding Arnold Air Soci- ety member award. Chapter president of the Air Force Association, he was a member of Sigma Iota Epsilon, an honorary management fraternity and was named to the Dean ' s Honor Roll in the Col- lege of Business Administration. no -. An orientation advisor for two years and a member of the Student Committee on Orientation Procedures (SCOOP), SABA JACK BALAGIA JR. was a CACTUS Goodfellow in 1972. Associ- ate amusement editor for the Summer Texan in 1971, he has also served as a member of the Texas Union Cultural Entertainment Committee. 1972-73 president of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and Orange Jackets member, DEBORAH ANN RALL worked as an orientation advisor for two years. The psychology-international studies major was also a former CACTUS Goodfellow and member of Mortar Board honory organization. Honored as both a CACTUS Goodfellow and a Bluebonnet Belle in 1972, SHERRITA DORIS LEE served as vice-president of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. She worked as a resident assistant at Jester Center Dormitory and was a member of the Texas Union Executive Committee. Outstanding Students Membership in Orange Jackets, Mortar Board and Angel Flight were among the activities of VIRGINIA CHRISTINE GUESS. The senior pharmacy major was a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, a former Goodfellow, 1972 Cotton Bowl Queen finalist and 1973 Bluebonnet Belle finalist. Phi Beta Kappa member LAWRENCE S. PIERCE was also assistant coach for the South Austin mental retardation football team. The pre- med student was Zeta Beta Tau rush captain and treasurer for Silver Spurs. He received the Zeta Beta Tau Kansas City Alumni Award for the Out- standing ZBT student in America in 1972. President of GDE, women ' s service organiza- tion, in 1972, REBECCA MARIE FERNANDEZ was also a member of Orange Jackets and the sec- retary of Kappa Delta Pi, an honorary education organization. She worked as advisor chairman at Carothers Dormitory and was a 1973 Bluebonnet Belle semi-finalist. 112 Outstanding Students President of the Student Bar Association and a member of the Friars Society, law student SAM- UEL T. BISCOE also chaired the Minority Recruitment Committee. A member of the Law School Admissions Committee, he is a past presi- dent of the Thurgood Marshall Legal Society. Advertising major MARY ELLEN ALEXAN- DER served as president of Women in Communi- cations and as a member of the Communication Council was instrumental in planning Communi- cation Week in March, 1973. The Lufkin senior was a 1973 Bluebonnet Belle semi-finalist and has been named to the Dean ' s List several times. She also worked with the Round-Up " Speakers and Lecturers " committee in 1970. Texas Union Communications Committee Chairperson SUSAN LEIGH WINTERRINGER was vice-president of Pi Beta Phi sorority and a member of Orange Jackets. The junior journalism major has been named to the School of Communi- cation Dean ' s List for three years and was an active member in Mortar Board and Cordettes. 113 Executive secretary of the Southwest Confer- ence Sportsmanship Committee, WILLIAM McKEE KAZMANN was also a member of the University Co-Op Board of Directors for two years. A past president of Lambda Chi Alpha fra- ternity, he was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honorary organization. President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME, he was a 1972 CACTUS Goodfellow. ' . Chosen as a member of Phi Beta Kappa as a junior, PATRICIA KAY BIGGERS served as Mortar Board president. One of the first female initiates of the Friars Society, the senior Plan II major served as an Orientation Advisor and was selected a CACTUS Goodfellow in 1972. In addition to membership in Mortar Board and the Education Student Council, Alpha Delta Pi president, ELIZABETH ANN REED worked with the Student Health Center Advisory Board in organizing student volunteer service. She also served as a Freshman Encounter advisor in 1970 and was a member of Orange Jackets. Outstanding Students 1U Air Force ROTC Corps Commander in the fall semester of 1972, RICHARD GREGORY PHA- NEUF also served as National Chaplain-Staff Coordinator and Area G-2 Vice Commander for the Arnold Air Society. He was chosen as AFROTC Outstanding Commander and received the AFROTC Commandant ' s Award and the Dis- tinguished AFROTC Cadet Award. Civil engineering graduate student MARK GIDEON GOODE III worked as a student mem- ber of the University Shuttle Bus Committee and as chairman of the Student Engineering Council. He was selected as an Outstanding Engineering Student by the College of Engineering in 1971 and was a member of Tau Beta Pi and Chi Epsilon pro- fessional engineering organizations. Orange Jackets vice-president CATHERINE ELAINE ALLEMAN was also active in Tex- PIRG, serving as chairman of the Board of Direc- tors and a member of the state TexPIRG Steering Committee. A member of the Student-Faculty Committee on Orientation Procedures, she has served as advisor chairman of Littlefield Dormitory. 115 Outstanding Students A three-year member of Castilian student gov- ernment, speech major MICHAEL RALPH BISESI has also been an Orientation Advisor as well as a member of the Student Committee on Orientation Procedures. Moderator of " Student Cavalcade " on KUT-FM in 1970, he was also selected for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honorary society. Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority treasurer GWEN- DOLYN FAY WILSON also performed with the Longhorn Singers. The history and Latin major from Texas City was a member of Orange Jackets, Mortar Board and was a 1973 Bluebonnet Belle. E $ ! ia : . : M M n : ' I " In addition to serving as managing editor of the Daily Texan during spring 1973, THOMAS W. KLEINWORTH was also a member of the Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees. He was selected Outstanding Texan staff member and received the Cabot Educational Grant in rec- ognition of his high grade point average in journal- ism. He was also a member of Kappa Tau Alpha, journalism honorary society. FORMER OUTSTANDING STUDENTS STILL IN SCHOOL 116 Henry Clifton Avery III Cathy Leigh Bonner William Dan Driscoll Ronald Glen Franklin Sanford Lee Gottesman Edward Seewald Guleke Samuel Douglas Haas Martha Ann Hill Cheryl Jo Jennings Larry Lester Long Gregory Eugene Lucia Richard Wayne Meyer David Meyer Mincberg M arcella Mitchell Macka Lee Murrah Julie Jean Newsom Robert E. Pennington Gary Michael Polland Thomas Wayne Rioux Byron Elliot Short Theodore Jerome Siff Esther Margaret Slipakoff Jerome Ernest Sneed John Robert Stratton Ardell Taylor James Wimberley Turner Stephen L. Van Ronnie Ray Volkening John Tullos Wells Steven Alan Wisch William Robert Young Active in Pi Lambda Theta education hon- orary and in Mortar Board, PHYLLIS MARIE JANECKA also participated in the Personalized Teacher Education Program at the University. A two-year recipient of the Austin Women ' s Club ' s Emilie Wheelock Howson Award, she also worked as a resi- dent assistant at Carothers Dormitory. Editor ' s Special Outstanding Student Awards A special award was given this year to three stu- dents who have contributed far more time and energy to the University than was asked of them. For various reasons, Dick Benson, Zia Gipson and David Powell were not included in the selection process for CAC- TUS Outstanding Students, and as a result were cho- sen by the ' 73 CACTUS Editor to receive separate special awards. President of the Texas Union Program Council as well as Chairwoman of the Texas Union Board of Directors, ZIA ANN GIPSON was active in the University Reform Coalition. A Freshman Encounter advisor, she also sang with the Women ' s Concert Choir and was voted the most valuable member of the Texas Union in 1972. 1972-73 Editor of The Daily Texan, DAVID LESLIE POWELL won sixth place in national newswriting competition sponsored by the Wil- liam Randolph Hearst Foundation. The senior journalism major and former CACTUS Goodf el- low served as press aide on the state staff of the Frances Farenthold for Governor campaign dur- ing the 1972 Democratic primaries and was a member of Sigma Delta Chi journalism society. Student Government President WILLIAM DIXON BENSON was also a member of Friars and Mensa. Founder of the Texas Student Lobby and the University Economic Community, Dick served on the Texas Union Board of Directors, the Board of Operating Trustees of Texas Student Publications and the University Council. 117 Special Awards Spook Award The 1973 recipient of the Spook Outstanding International Student Award, GUSTAVO LUIZ PEIEIRA de ARAUJO, has been president of the Portuguese-Brazilian Club since 1970. A native of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, he has been a teaching assistant in the Physics Depart- ment since 1969, a member of the American Phys- ics Society and regional representative for students in the Latin American Scholarship Program of American Universities (LASPAU). Gustavo organized a multi-media show about Brazil which has been presented to various com- munity organizations and has organized the Bra- zilian Carnival Ball for three consecutive years. 118 Arn o Nowotny Award For having shown unselfish service and devo- tion to the University, EDWARD SEEWALD GULEKE was named by the Texas Cowboys to receive the Arno Nowotny Award. Given annually in honor of Dean Arno Nowotny, the award rec- ognizes an outstanding student who has exempli- fied the qualities of fairness, honesty and integrity. Ed was engaged in the Junior Fellows program and was a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship. He participated in the doubles competition for the US Handball Association national championship and is a certified instructor of rock climbing. A Phi Beta Kappa keyholder and member of Friars and Omicron Delta Kappa, the 1972 CAC- TUS Outstanding student has been an orientation advisor for three years and a member of SCOOP. I Silver Spur Award Each year the Silver Spurs honor an outstanding University woman who has excelled in scholarship, service and campus activities. The 1973 recipient was JULIANNE BUAAS, a senior English and speech education major who was also named a 1973 Blue- bonnet Belle and CACTUS Goodfellow. The Austin native has maintained a 3.78 grade point average while serving as the president of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and Angel Flight pledge trainer. A member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi honorary groups, she was also named to the Campfire Board of Directors for her work with the program in east Austin. Special Awards 119 Dads ' Association Outstanding Student Awards Three University students were honored on Sat- urday, November 4, by the Dads ' Association of the University of Texas for scholastic achievement and energetic involvement in campus activities. Three-year orientation advisor EDWARD SEE- WALD GULEKE, right, was named to the honor roll every semester of his University career. A par- ticipant in the Junior Fellows program, he was a member of Friars, Phi Eta Sigma freshman men ' s honorary society and was a former CACTUS Out- standing Student. Pi Beta Phi president MARTHA ANN HILL, center, was active in both Mortar Board and Orange Jackets. Chairwoman of the University Communications Committee of the Texas Union, she was named as a 1973 Bluebonnet Belle and was also a former CACTUS Outstanding Student. A senior in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, CHERYL JO JENNINGS, left, was a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi and Pi Lambda Theta scholastic honoraries. A 1973 Bluebonnet Belle and 1972 CACTUS Out- standing Student, she served as an orientation advisor and was active in Orange Jackets, Mortar Board and Southern Singers. 120 1973 Goodfellows SEATED: JULIANNE BUAAS Angel Flight Kappa Alpha Theta President Mortar Board LEFT: RICHARD MILES KAPLAN Rally Advisory Committee Silver Spurs Zeta Beta Tau President RIGHT: DEBORAH JO SMITH Cordettes Orange Jackets Spooks To recognize their outstanding leadership and service to the University, 59 students were named 1973 GOODFELLOWS. Awarded annually by the CACTUS, the stu- dent-faculty selection committee followed guidelines outlined in the Texas Student Publications Handbook. Representing the UT community, these students showed particular awareness through involvement in campus activities. CENTER: ROBERT RAGAN BROYLES JR. Chi Epsilon ITE President Phi Kappa Phi LEFT: DEIRDRE ZOE FOTESCU Alpha Xi Delta Humanities Council Longhorn Band Section Leader RIGHT: KATHY FREELAND CACTUS Section Editor Mortar Board Spooks 121 LEFT: MARYJOBEESON Orange Jackets President Panhellenic Council Vice-President Zeta Tau Alpha RIGHT: LINDA ANN CALDWELL Cordettes Kappa Delta Pi Orange Jackets SEATED: KAREN DEBORAH NICHOLS Alpha Xi Delta President Cordettes Longhorn Singers LEFT: JANE LYNWOOD LOWREY Bluebonnet Belle Semi-finalist Chi Omega President Mortar Board RIGHT: VICKI LEE MAHAFFEY Mortar Board Orientation Advisor Phi Beta Kappa LEFT: WILLIAM GEORGE WEST JR. IFC Vice-President ROUND-UP ' 73 Chairman Silver Spurs RIGHT: PATSY RUBIO Orientation Advisor Project Info SCOOP 122 CENTER: PHILIP CHARLES GROUSE Student Engineering Council Student Senator University Council RIGHT: JOHN BARNES GORDON Engineering Council Engineering Leadership Service Award IEEE Chairman LEFT; DALE MICHAEL VANDEHEY Arnold Air Society Distinguished AFROTC Cadet Sigma Iota Epsilon LEFT: DAVID MARK CORDELL Ideas and Issues Committee Posse Speakers Committee RIGHT: MARGARET MARY FLANAGAN Jester Resident Assistant Mortar Board Orientation Advisor CENTER: SARAH SHERMAN MARTIN Orange Jackets Orientation Advisor Mortar Board 1973 Goodfellows 123 Goodfellows LEFT: FRANK CRAWFORD FLEMING Pi Kappa Alpha Student Senator Union Board of Directors RIGHT: MARILYN JANET DREISESZUN Education Council Jester Resident Assistant Communications Committee SEATED: DIANA E. MARSHALL Women ' s Law Caucus Director Law School Student Assistant to the Dean Student Bar Association Vice President RIGHT: MICHAEL PRESTON ADAMS Longhorn Singers Pre-Law Association Young Democrats CENTER: WILLIAM PAYNE BULLOCH College of Engineering VITA Co-ordinator Co-founder, Engineering Tutoring Program Phi Kappa Phi LEFT; CATHERINE LOUISE STRATEMEYER Co-ordinator, Texas-O.U. Muscular Dystrophy Marathon Kappa Kappa Gamma Cotton Bowl Queen Finalist LEFT: RIGHT: GREGORY DON BLACKLEY SCOTT INGERSOLL HARMON Kappa Kappa Psi Longhorn Band President Tejas Club SCOOP UT Showcase 124 RIGHT: MICHAEL DAVID CROCKETT Sigma Alpha Epsilon President Silver Spurs LEFT: SANDY GOTTESMAN Silver Spurs Student Body Vice-President Zeta Beta Tau CENTER: JAMES WILLIAM LITTLE Kappa Alpha Posse Silver Spurs Secretary ;RSOLL RIGHT: DIANE ELAINE GORZYCKI Jester Student Government President Longhorn Band Orientation Advisor CENTER: MICHAEL JOSEPH SHEARN Peru Exchange Program Phi Beta Kappa Tejas Club LEFT: BARBARA CAROL WRIGHT Littlefield Dormitory Advisor Longhorn Band Spooks 125 1973 Goodfellows CENTER: LESLIE ANNE BENITEZ Kappa Alpha Theta Project Info SCOOP LEFT: PAUL JOSEPH FRANZETTI Student Senator TexPIRG Board Voter Registration Volunteer RIGHT: JUAN ISIDRO REYES MAYO Orientation Advisor SCOOP LEFT: MAX OTTO REINBACH JR. Chi Epsilon Vice-President Tejas Club Texas Cowboys CENTER: STEVEN WILLIAM STRANGE Inter-Cooperative Council Board Outstanding Co-op Man Theleme Co-op President RIGHT: ANGELICA SILVIA VOLTERRA Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi 126 )WS r I LEFT: PATRICIA ANN DENNIS Alpha Omicron Pi President Mortar Board Orange Jackets RIGHT: BONNIE CUMMINS LUCAS Junior Fellows Mortar Board Natural Science Council SEATED: KLAYLEA KAY ZWIEBEL ASCE Student Engineering Council Union Leadership Board LEFT: ROBERT L. COLLINS Senior Cabinet Student Senate Education Council President LEFT: WILLIAM ALEXANDER BROCK JR. Delta Sigma Pi 14 DAYS Editor Shuttle Bus Committee Chairman SEATED: ARTIE ANN FIELDER Longhorn Band Sigma Alpha Iota Tau Beta Sigma RIGHT: GARY RAY PINNELL CBA Council President Delta Sigma Pi Senior Cabinet Chairman 127 CENTER: JOSE ANTONIO GARCIA MAYO Orientation Advisor Project Info Delegate RIGHT: CARLOS AMERICO MORENO MAYO National Chicano Health Organization Ideas and Issues Committee LEFT: RENEE ELENITA SOLIS Lambda Omega Chi LPhA President Kappa Epsilon . C :: : :: ' ' ' m t J . Ui ;v.- TZlJ LEFT: ROSALYNN ROSENFIELD FATE Co-Chairman Orange Jackets Orientation Advisor RIGHT: FRANK BARLOW RYND Orientation Advisor Special Programs Committee Chairman Tejas Club LEFT: WILLIAM JAMES QUALLS Project Info Board The Blacks U.N.I.T. Co-ordinator RIGHT: THERESE G. BRENDLER Alpha Chi Sigma GDE President Mortar Board 128 CENTER: MICHAEL DON HUTCHISON Delta Upsilon Student Senate Young Voters for the President Chairman LEFT: BARBARA ANN LINCH Cordettes Commander Orange Jackets Posse RIGHT: ROBERT DANIEL WATKINS ASME Award Omicron Delta Kappa Randolph Lovelace Memorial Award CENTER: MARTHA JOWELL BLANCHETTE Alpha Lambda Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma President Mortar Board LEFT: MARILYN CARROLL CARTWRIGHT Cordettes Mortar Board Pi Beta Phi Vice-President RIGHT: SAMUEL EUGENE STUBBS John E. McGary Award Teaching Assistant Sweetheart Selection Committee Former Goodfellows Still in School John August Adkins Amy Joan Brown Randall Gwenyth Jones Richard Wayne Meyer Frank W. Sheppard III Jane Diane Allard Jackie Louise Byars William McKee Kazmann Gary Arthur Munneke Trudy Kier Skiff Anne Wythe Andrews Armando B. Criel Carolyn Rogers Ken- Judith Ann Naughton James Burleson Smith James Harlan Arnold Robert Wilson Drewry Gary M. Kusin Carl Stephen Parker Linda Jane Stephenson S. Jack Balagia Jana Audrey Estes Joseph C. Kyle Sharon Adana Pearce David Alan Turner Elizabeth Irene Beasley Richard E. Ewing Sherrita Doris Lee Carolyn Vaughn Perkins Wilfred C. Vecker Patricia Kay Biggers John Norman Feather Alan Harold Levi Gary Michael Polland Charles E. Vinson Richard Brian Bills Mark Gideon Goode Christopher An-Tung Lin Charles Ray Porter Ronnie Ray Volkening Michael Ralph Bisesi Thomas William Gornick Gregory Eugene Lucia David Leslie Powell Stephen Craig Walls Margaret L. Blair Virginia Christine Guess Lynn Wade Malone Deborah Ann Rail Marsha Lynne Westfall Mary Elisabeth Blair Robert Larry Hopkins Pamela Diane Mayo Arthur Stephen Rode Stanley Raymon Wiedeman John Alexander Bricker Cheryl Jo Jennings Nancy Marion McClellan Andrea Maria Sidor Nancy Ann Woodward University Sweetheart Bin Mary Catherine Cook, finalist 4 Nancy Ann Stover, finalist Mary Helen Yarbrough, finalist Scarlette Lynn Boykin, University Sweetheart teart Bluebonnet Belles Bluebonnet Belle is an honor bestowed on five University of Texas women possessing the quali- ties of campus awareness, activities and personal- ity. A Belle is not an " Outstanding Student " or a " Ten Most Beautiful, " but she possesses many of the qualities of both. This honor is given to deserv- ing women from all areas of the campus. Other qualifications for the award are that the coed must have attended the University a total of two semesters and have a minimum of at least 30 semester hours, must have a minimum grade point average of 2.500 and cannot be on scholastic or disciplinary probation. EMILY FIELDS ANDERSON, a 1973 CAC- TUS Outstanding Student, has been an active member of Orange Jackets, the University Student Health Center Advisory Board and the Panhel- lenic Council. Mimi has served two years on the Pi Beta Phi sorority Executive Council, was a mem- ber of Alpha Lambda Delta freshman women ' s honorary society, Cordettes and the Kappa Alpha Society of Southern Belles. To Mimi, a senior Spanish major, the Bluebon- net Belle award had a special meaning; " I know each of the Bluebonnet Belle finalists this year. I know how hard they have worked and how much they have contributed to the University. I consider it a great honor to be associated with these out- standing young ladies. " Mimi Anderson - " 131 Cheryl Jennings Julie Buaas hr A 1972 Dad ' s Day Outstanding Woman and a 1972 CACTUS Outstanding Student, CHERYL JO JENNINGS has maintained a 3.8 grade point average while majoring in Government and Span- ish in the College of Education. Cheryl was also a 1971 CACTUS Goodfellow and has been active in Mortar Board, Orange Jackets and Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Cheryl has been president of Alpha Lambda Delta, secretary of Phi Beta Kin- solving and has performed with the Symphonic Band and Southern Sin gers. She was an Orienta- tion advisor and member of Pi Lambda Theta and Phi Kappa Phi honorary organizations. On being selected as Bluebonnet Belle, Cheryl said, " It must be human nature . . . when you ' re out, you long wistfully to be in; when you ' re in, you realize being was pretty challenging after all. " Senior English and speech major with a 3.78 grade point average, JULIANNE BUAAS was a 1973 CACTUS Goodfellow and president of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Julie began the Camp Fire program in East Austin and was named to the Camp Fire Board of Directors. A member of Alpha Lambda Delta freshman women ' s honorary society, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi honorary societies, Julie also served as Angel Flight pledge trainer. When named a Bluebonnet Belle, Julie said, " I believe that a Bluebonnet Belle is a woman who has demonstrated an awareness and a concern for the University community, as well as having the initiative to do something about the situation of which she is a part. I am tremendously flattered and honored to be considered such a person. " ' Martha Hill . Gwen Wilson " Being selected as a finalist for Bluebonnet Belle is a great honor for me, as it represents con- tributions to the campus plus congeniality. The award takes on more meaning as the emphasis moves more to service and away from just a pretty smile. " These were the sentiments of junior public relations major MARTHA ANN HILL. Martha was a 1972 Dad ' s Day Outstanding Woman, a 1972 CACTUS Outstanding Student and was president of Pi Beta Phi sorority. She served on the Texas Union Program Council while also serving as University Communication coordi- nator for the Union. Active in Mortar Board, Orange Jackets and Posse, Martha was a member )f PRSSA and the Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters of Shield and Diamond. " The Bluebonnet Belle award is a great honor for me because of the achievements the award stands for and for those who have been recipients in the past. To be chosen by others as an outstand- ing woman on a campus of this stature is truly an honor I will never forget, " said GWENDOLYN FA YE WILSON when informed she had been selected a 1973 Bluebonnet Belle. Also selected a 1973 CACTUS Outstanding Stu- dent, Gwen was a member of Orange Jackets, Mortar Board and Phi Beta Kinsolving. As an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, Gwen served as treasurer and representative on the Panhellenic Council. A senior history and Latin major, Gwen travelled with the Longhorn Singers to Rumania on a summer tour. Bluebonnet Belles Sharon Adana Pearce Kathy Freeland Semi-Finalists Mary Ellen Alexander Janie Lane Head Catherine Elaine Alleman Ann Henderson Jane Alice Anderson Christi Marie Jones Leslie Anne Benitez Karen Elizabeth Jones Amy Joan Brown Barbara Ann Linch Jackie Louise Byars Cynthia Anna Lopez Marcia Ann Cain Jane Lynwood Lowrey Sharon Ann Cooper Sarah Sherman Martin Joan Alyce Dover Maria Kay Munneke Rebecca Marie Fernandez Deborah Jo Smith Laura Ann Foster Catherine Louise Iris Michelle Freed Stratemeyer Aleta Goldstein Susan Leigh Winterringer Diane Elaine Gorzycki Klaylea Kay Zwiebel Vicki Gale Hall Elizabeth Jane Daily 134 Bluebonnet Belle Finalists 135 Ten Most Beautiful The 30th annual Ten Most Beautiful selection sponsored by Women in Communication, Inc., formerly Theta Sigma Phi, national professional society for women in journalism, was conducted during the fall semester, 1972. Three rounds of judging were held during which 130 nominess were interviewed, and 28 finalists selected on the basis of beauty and intelligence. Actor Al Pacino made the final selection of the 1973 Ten Most Beautiful from photogn phs. Approximately $600 from entrance fees went toward the Women in Communication fund to furnish a room in the new communications com- plex, dedicated to former First Lady and Theta Sigma Phi alumna, Lady Bird Johnson. - Deborah Jean Lyons Darla Ann Chapman l - Debra Ann Ploch Mollie Ann Loftis Menanne Griffin Carol Ross Petty Elizabeth Ann Wickersham ' . I SPCTLIGHTING STUDENT GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS MILITACT ' DIRECTED BY TCACCC CUCNCWCTH r,j _f X s s I a w tl S 6 . ill! -a g s s| T: - o _ 3 = U ffl O OQ ill i lcie I a; 138 o o U o I I a c lift sUS III! O Q I- -5 2 1 S " , 3 5 = 139 (N 60 a o 00 S 2 O y Q O St pG " - 11 c S e 00 14 co U l S ' Sa aj O S5 co 2 O V 3 511 S3 -y s 3 C C .B s 8 o _ S tiiiii 3 w e -a fe s? H .42 4 ! " O t_ C J) ta % 3 S " I ni n) 43 O a " S w C p two s O OO J3 C 15 il -S Z 2 i 2 u t - - S ji fc-- rt - T j ? T O (O o l- H " M u i " w rt o 8 P | S O. u r o 6 ' .a ' 2 a s " I -2 l il V 5 |a D o J T3 c. c 8 0) D. O s J a " J2 ex j o U 3 febj? 2 PS tS . J ' (M W O, C S C -, 00 6, .5 S a " 3 e p b g S 60 -S C " i _ = C J3 43 2 13 05 L_ IS [T C 3 O e ; u o j-52 53 N 1 6 r - 2 1 B ' 5 1 S a. i a- -S rs O S 05 U oo js a 3 3 w S O J Sai S3 p W O " ; r i i w S 00 S OB 3 6 c S !jUJ s " 2 3 3 N - O O " l - - o 1 1 a a! " 8. j s S w n 8D r f- a s S a fl ti " O v S io s l.rf 8 B S 3 ,- oo ;ts 9 e e 3 o. co 00 s s 5 S O 43 co 00 ' w S 43 ' 5 140 2 nt -D K 1 u ;T a f " o 1 -S ll 60 o g 05 1 SJ " S s a f o u u 5 4-l o - u efl 2S u !S to d . ii C u 5 ' S u -a .. f " 1 b " ' S u . S 03 4 II I " S rS ' S a j 2 g ca I I 1 Bffi 141 142 - Hill I rt -i- c Q ? 5 15 o J5 . S " 655 ,Z 5 z f jl J5 O 3 o: u co 2 I gill liijl JS = = r= " O oj O - XT N ,,h =iu f .a ' - o .2 J U Jl 9i Q. u O T3 u i: " 143 144 si! j| fe i 6= a- Si cj a o u OH 145 1 " 146 = .= ! = s = P 3 C M E 9 w c ? J2 9 - E c H 3 i LU 2 5 O O 3 g a -if ? s s 1 a c g g i 1 J113I ll S38I K A K U - Q - oj.Sw w.S w-a c to -j U 03 U U E tt Q UJ i O u Q S uj u ( if -==!= 1-a I liji g, i S aN ' U ' l il ' i " ! I i 8j ? ' Bgl JSS x -g S ? X |5 - g J IB t w u lifjijj u w be J Q u 147 I J I . 1 5 il Nil Z n in J S. a . -S -S .S S g u u ? B jii ' life " 2z . a 1 ' S 2 S = ' 111 " ill!. I I q : o | a: sd i ttfj E 5-g a 1 1 1 1 jr iltlxJ i 1LIJ- tlfil! S J-; c v ji ' O F-H i-H C 5 O W |Sg5 illiil Iflell si u V ou c liklii ' C LU K. c e |o J| g So So O I - C o " C -gSSIs ? u j M Sf oo 2? nil " g !I = Sz J3 150 111 PH 03 OH 5 u 2 o CQ CQ E S tl-5 . " C " 2 C Jsl II " E n - " 151 152 T 1 OJ Q o s 111 153 . ;-V , V. " - ' ' 154 1 3 ,, a. i p II! 03 03 fr 8- JiuD II 155 156 ! O ill Us III UZ w .11 I uu = B O O Oil It B Q U 09 157 .-- 158 =5 fr = J J; S _J " " sfi BB fllllj s C M) " rg 3 s c Q = Q O C Q W BE c e 159 160 OH 1 PH II 161 162 8 1 g| ill! o S n S H S. S JB " 3 J! 2 -g tfl 0. c S 5 Illl! a ctf s r a, a o o3 H 03 PH III 15 f .1. i | 5 11 a l fll E- 6 S X ff B E-33 163 164 ctf - 13 Q i ( X 03 . I s fSSs 8 L as 1 ,= j liiiEilililJllJIlSxliJi Si gE SaS-ffl-sjjS-SI 3 = s,S--=s-3o =7-S " E Ills- ' gS? lif l sUl Sill " ||li = |a2-i | M! llil3iiSitlitll!ll!iallll!arrflisiii = llf5lS " l|3|ss-g|a i 2SS|2| ' |-S-SS S .3= ' ' 6 S ' S |st|li|=cs-g|SS.i-ScS s|-3S- 165 166 S J! ' S = S-2 lll 2-8T 6 5 H o: S a. cjcS o-S- |s 8 5 Q S % Q. u. 8 = ml] oStK SlIII tt V -o - T 1 PH cj H PQ 167 168 , i 1 S . ] M oo g j- j, sr-t = 5 3l I S JJjH-3 ||| u | g 1 = J i S 5 5 7; u S t = ill- U O Q M S 3 S . 2 = I S = " S :zO. o = i -S.J5 E J- i -= - " S v S. 2 JjSlS. vi S S o Pi S S S -S S g S c " m J 11 _ 3 S 5 SJli J S H p P .. iff i II I = J!z Az S o u a fe I 9 2 = T S E . o o 5 c c w ct.2 ' C c ccc 4j ;2 t 5 ? E " H i-?-5Q!2zm D 5Sl I || | I 111 _l CB co U CD U irt C = 6 | __, _ V I ' ll III . g -8 1 i s i 7 1 j| oo IK s3 S : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 x u. | Jil J =s iiiiiii = : n w W Q M vlfi 169 170 E " s 8 | | a I SI ' S t 8 5 X -o = iOSOOwS SnizZio 0245uS wQ QSGO v 2 ij lllfll illl| : Q ;=,,,, .. C u s- 1 S g s iSsiS o = 1 = e -a c o Illlill s -s eJljJll Iiiiii! Is . c c E - . Mi I 171 172 Jllll I hi 1 f . I 1 311351 10 dSB JsMO iillll ts 03 o Q ppleman rnold Baker Barker ates Belcher It! ? Vicki Marly w C .i-. S V ' ' S S J 111 s, .H S. . ? S Safslt 173 i I I 174 PU El? Sx III Q a. III JsJ a = E S u u m 111 = 55 ill 175 176 Cj V 11 1 H U jl f 1 H c a Q ou I s 177 178 E _ i.j li Ifll.t 3 C K C - K i i 2 5 ,1 CQ ffi O " 2 [J U - u 2 so i u lull Q Q llseal 179 - , 180 S . Jf C M 5 o Q 5 i . O H -5 4 O lula os 5m a 1-S s S IfiSaS 2o5o| = =lils| m Q u. w Q 611114 USill OH Q 181 182 g C -D c -O CuQjQ Ill-fil c 5 2 o p = ll-s g _i X O Us- 1 1 u S C - I 9 -S a 1 = OSlOO l |ll|a |||1 f- l C 1 c o S a 183 __ 184 PQ PH oj oj O 3 X 3 ISii iiij Q Qj - vi I i itii iHIii 22 IHHl 221111 S S 3 5 S - C .. c . E -o 5 6 c = J2 S i- Q -3 u u M , Itfll! 185 186 If II if lx||J| Ililii C i_ 00 .5 J= ' S -3 t .S o j ,, 883 IS 1 8 1 1 o S -- JS I I fg- - 3 ; K c 2 S E = a I a 8 c S o J F ot 4 J lv, s s iS :| B.|gS | 6 o 2 s- Q o a a 2 -C O " Ujj OH 2cJse PH OH 3 := fe lliK 4B flE M W IB it = " C , o-l P J a-s = v S a n a S u Q sitJsfl O n 3t- m oa 3sl i io PI 187 188 o - c 3 S 8 !?fl e " - 9 ,11! -s St5t ;i 2 " " 5-= a " ,21 5 fli OL ' . H " ' i c " g c75 iiiiiii ilsiili iliiilf illilii iiiflll Cj C5S .3 c i a II -lr i.{ " 11 |(j jj 1 1 1 f f ||J|I Fa. | O II - I 11 If I j sii siiu i? 3 oO . E IIIal X S Illy Illllll 11 _ Hiii 3 C. O 2 189 190 Illllll a oj o ctf PH OH OH , = = elcw ernhardt ffer abck Blanchette ton I| H 3 til g hlil S -c S = = -s o J2 ms 5 o! j o g S -S c of ' 2 c t 1 UliJil s i iii s s u a g ii U I S 1 ? 6 a- 191 192 C 3 03 PH 193 194 ctf IISi -I S g o .= o C J a. a. I S o II 5 " c O a: oa lljii! 1 I I o - = J= riS 6 " i Il 5=if I 31 W C H g jrl J i f =0 = c .S S - - 195 196 I il - - PU PH CD U a o 197 198 sill 5 1 = ' " JS B c 5 2 0! S U. E g - lll C Q !3 Q I a: D c X " - B 4 6 3 o. c w g I = CO . n J o = O O IS 2 S. iiu 199 200 6 I .= 3 = s Q j5 o Q 2 i 311 o E i s - c i c C 1 .1 J . s-sS e-3 3 ,( oj 3 W _S W M iiiiii 3I f- 1 52 IT: 1 ctf Q a 03 o II II " II Q " iii Q 5 Q |S s . -S -3 -3 o 201 v 202 111 llfi Q m j o I. Ill 3ll llsl = 1 = I 311 I ?8 203 204 = 11 IP HI IIS OH 03 S GO ,1 II - ill 205 206 !_ 2 =: efjiQ . c 2 - o B-Sa.SSSeS ' Si ' EsSsHeSa.f!?. S3 PH PQ I llf S 3 2 t c S . -c : C5 slf oc_c So u s C .2 N e u n v t- 3 m s u 3 so g 2 999 S - s s b u a 9939x59 S SM m5aM[ SiMiS iSuu5uSCJiniUJSjOiIj5HJia OUiuc)!iSuQS5oOiU ii5uzu iS OO 207 t 208 S 8 o s QO II 2 3 g!= . UO tf! J! t PH s 2 la 1.x " i Si S S KB 3 o -a i j o s 2 al a a 3= a- Wl Oi 09 Ct t . IN5 8 u. go a 209 210 PH o3 73 I PH 211 m 212 ;zzz .-= 22 4I 8 _ t -C 4 CJS- 1 - 5J.SS5S l suo 5-.S j 3 =5 act IK mill iniis PH w Cj Cj 00 . a: m I -S SJ % y - K ooo | u3oo i HI I 213 214 S c - ? S 5 5 g Q I n 55 0 m a o - F c c v a o 00 crt o 215 216 UH IK J! 00 Ifill = 5 =i = bo a! O U 3 " C .c ' - xi ca SP Mjll lail il; u OS a i = s -a -a I a t- 4, .S I S j S -3 = O i a= Q c c -2 C S m " 1 IB fjlfl 217 218 II 111! 2 " -5 " c " ?, 5 c TJ w U ffl Z O g ' o a g c ' S P fllll J!5iS Hi!! cj H Q 03 a W) fH CO I g-jj S z JS e5 s 16 = ' S E ' S Hl |S|3 219 ; 220 03 a W) 00 Jl! tls Mil .2- .S = 6 111! IJffi .r i s s 3 5 o s a fin 1 fill! 221 $$ 222 15333 2 s-s .g 1 ! g-a niii u g o , u e -S " 2 Illil a " " is S v I 1 i 1 i , r c r c jltii oi " QS 223 224 11,1 -J " , -J - 6 5 S S TI 111 225 226 1. E " 2 H 0 . 8.S E O u I Sll 227 I 1 228 C-. r- C I 230 c ill 11 1 S .a S 5 5 g 3-g S-2-3 S : S. !1 S = Z c c u I 111 II if ill! ill - c- 2 E Ei S Si= 5. s FP 5 5 " ID S r e " " PH N 9 1114 co oa w M jg M " C | c c S O D D O i i w _ E l! g .E E 8 fff J CL S i Z E a J!S! o o x = S ' S _ i 231 t I Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Zeta Beta Tau each sponsored a team, with the Interfraternity Coun- cil insuring the players against injury. The boys played tackle football and wore regulation equip- ment and uniforms supplied by the participaling fraternites and outside citizens. Other fund-raising events included a marathon run to Dallas during Texas-OU weekend to collect money for Muscular Dystrophy. Sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma and Delta Upsilon, the endeavor was called " Run for Their Life. " Delta Gamma and the Texas Cowboys gave a Christmas party for the blind at the DG house, while other fraternities and sororities entertained o t-i u 1 3 d c O etf cd U 3 It " o B S oo 00 S C X IH 1 VH CA 00. u u |o co other philanthropic activities including helping with the blood drive and selling tickets to the Cowboy Minstrels. Social activities often associated with Greeks were a frequent occurrence again this year. In c 13 c ' - - u , O spring and fall, match parties enabled newcomers to the system to meet other Greeks. The year was II a C VH 1 C 2r O 1 c o s ' s (U O c | :s 111 1 u. 1) 6 a 1 .s i o CJ) t CO TJ CO U u. D C ' c 1 a i lives and aclivities. Life as a Greek, often misunderstood by non- Greeks, can be a rewarding experience for those persons who are involved in the system. The multi-faceted personality of the Greek sys- 5 (j n t) u OJ a oo u i ' a Q. O e IS 00 C ' 1 I OJ rt CO , fcj 3 TD pate in group activities. Such activities this year included social as well as charity experiences which gave Greeks opporlunilies to meet a wide variety of people and raise substantial funds to contribute to worthy causes. Various charity football games were held throughout the year. Sigma Nu met Sigma Phi Epsilon with proceeds going to the Darrell Royal Workshop. To collect money for the Heart Fund, Lambda Chi Alpha clashed with Delta Upsilon. Benefits from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Tau Omega game went to buy equipment for ihe Pan Ameri- can Football League, an organization to provide recreation for underprivileged boys from the East Austin area. Several fraternities joined together s S g o -C . OH 3j ! 00 c J3 U, I3J o a Q, 232 233 IFC-Sponsored Round-Up Highlighted Spring Events A blood drive was co-sponsored by Delta Delta Delta and Sigma Chi. The Round-Up parade drew spectators from the University and Austin communities. They could have danced all night . . . and they did at the Dance Maratr Greeks competed in a Chug and Peddle contest at the earn D 234 Dincti DENT GOVERNMENT CLAICf. CHACLTCN Dick Benson, Student Government President Summarizing this year in Student Government is a difficult task, but one important trend stands out to me and that is that our projects and activi- ties were oriented towards providing lasting struc- tures to deal with transient issues. Looking back over past student governments, it seemed to me that the greatest contributions were the enduring ones like the Students ' Attorney, the shuttle bus system and undergraduate research grants. This year we set out to provide some institutions which students could use for a long time to come. In October, 1972, we created the Texas Student Lobby a statewide organization of colleges and universities with a direct membership of about 300,000 students. The TSL lobbied in the legisla- ture this session and plans to protect student inter- ests at the Constitutional Convention. Secondly, we created the City Council Lobby Committee to lobby not only in the Council but also in the plan- ning and service departments of the city. Thirdly, we raised about $20,000 in unencum- bered money which was used for such diverse pur- poses as buying meals and paying for guides for several hundred minority students coming to visit the University and bringing an expert in commu- nity cable television from New York to Austin to tell students how to get a free-access station on the air. We also succeeded in gaining the first budget increase for Student Government in four years and the first real increase for the Students ' Attorney since the creation of that office. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we cre- ated the University Economic Community and began the process of pulling together the students ' financial power to use in their behalf. With the care and encouragement by future Student Gov- ernments, the UEC could mature into a students ' bank or credit union another lasting institution for students ' purposes. These are the types of issues which most inter- ested me this year. I only hope that at least the intent behind these actions is not forgotten the students are capable of dealing expertly and effi- ciently with their own lives and can with the right tools shape the community around them. 236 ; k s; conraii- ;! budget an ad ttoraey WOT- dents ' ttilie intGov- stiratiop jstinia- tan ' ,-fc andeffi- lieiigl " Sandy Gottesman, Vice-President Attending numerous meetings of the University Council, the Mayor ' s Advisory Committee on University Affairs, the Texas Student Lobby and the Legislative Advisory Committee kept Student Government Vice-President Sandy Gottesman on the go. Gottesman, a business student, was elected in fall, 1972, after the summer resignation of the previous vice-president, Anthony Sadberry, who resigned to attend the Georgetown University School of Law in Washington, D. C. The new vice-president worked on an economic impact survey in January and February which attempted to determine student spending power in the Austin community. Besides the traditional duties of the Number Two office, Gottesman was instrumental in arranging shuttle bus service during final exams. Gottesman and President Dick Benson, working together, attempted to create institutions which would allow students to shape their own lives and give them a voice in their own community. Union Building, Room 344, Office of Ombuds- man, Hector DeLeon. Early in October, 1971, DeLeon assumed this position and became the first Ombudsman to be appointed to a second term. Within his term, DeLeon handled almost twice the number of student complaints since the office was re-established in 1971. Responsibility to neither the administration or Student Government is the unique characteristic of the Office of Ombudsman. It basically tries to provide the student with appropriate procedures and requirements to University-related student complaints ranging from blanket tax difficulties, to University housing problems, to adds and drops. Handling a wide variety of grievances kept DeLeon both interested and effective. Hector DeLeon, Ombudsman 237 Frank C. Ivy, Students ' Attorney I According to Students ' Attorney Frank C. Ivy, the Students ' Attorney ' s Office tries to " represent students to the best of its ability. " Students who seek aid from this professional office may feel assured they are receiving skilled legal advice. One-third to one-half of the cases handled by the Students ' Attorney and his staff deal with landlord tenant problems. The office also lends a hand with difficulties concerning consumer pro- tection, employee rights, taxation and insurance. Staff members also advise students needing help with domestic problems, University problems, traffic tickets, auto accidents and criminal cases. Ivy, a 1970 graduate of the University Law School, became Students ' Attorney in 1972, after a two-year stay with El Paso Legal Services. 238 Regent John Pease voted against beer and wine sales for the Union. UFW pickets urged students to support the Union lettuce boycott Attempts to obtain beer and wine sales in the Texas Union met with failure at the hands of the Board of Regents on October 20, 1972. By a vote of five to three, the regents tabled a resolution which would have opened the door for the sale of spirits in the Chuck Wagon and Le Potpourri. Despite support for the resolution by University President Stephen Spurr and System Chancellor Charles LeMaistre, the regents refused to approve the measure, which would have allowed the Texas Union Board to obtain a sales permit from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Though alcoholic beverages are openly availa- ble at many other college unions, the idea of sell- ing them under official auspices of the University seemed to be distasteful to the regents. Regent Jenkins Garrett of Fort Worth, who led the opposition, said the Board of Regents " would not look with any favor on any further requests. " Union Issues A long-smouldering controversy concerning purchase of United Farmworker (UFW) versus non-union lettuce flared into a spring boycott of Texas Union dining facilities by UFW supporters. Led by student members of the UFW, 50 pickets set up lines in front of the Chuck Wagon, the Com- mons and the Patio J5nack Bar on March 1. The boycott, called in response to a letter by University President Stephen Spurr overriding an earlier Union Board decision to purchase UFW lettuce, was claimed to have cut the number of stu- dents patronizing Union dining facilities by 50 per cent, according to one UFW organizer. After one week of picketing, the boycott was ter- minated when UFW members claimed their demands had been met. The Union announced a policy of offering the students a choice as to the type of lettuce served in the Union. 239 Texas Union Administration RIGHT: Jack Steele, Director of the Texas Union. BELOW RIGHT: Ronald Mancuso, Director of Dining Services; Shirley Bird Perry, Program Director; Laurence K. Hannon, Executive Assistant of the Texas Union. Complementing the formal education of Uni- versity students, the Texas Union provided cul- tural, social and recreational programming as well as a place where students could eat, work, exchange ideas or just " kill time. " With the cooperation among boards and com- mittees which make up the Union, students gained experience in leadership, self-expression and man- agement of a complex institution. Union operation policies were established by the Union Board of Directors, composed of nine voting members six students and three faculty members. The Dean of Students was an ex-officio, non-voting member of the board. The board worked without success to obtain approval for the sale of alcoholic beverages in the Union. It also renewed Union interest in develop- ing recreation facilities on University-owned lake- front property on Lake Austin. 240 1 . Therese Ann Epperson 2. Zia Ann Gipson 3. June Marie Gallissich 4. Juan F. Aguilera 5. James R. Roach 6. Frank Crawford Fleming 7. JohnG. Steele 8. William Dixon Benson 9. Charles T. Clark 10. James Paul Duncan Texas Union Board of Directors 241 Texas Union Program Council Composed of eleven student committee chair- persons, four Program Advisors, Program Board Coordinator Zia Ann Gipson and Union Program Director Shirley Bird Perry, the Texas Union Pro- gram Council attempted to coordinate the activi- ties of all Union committees. The Council met weekly and was responsible for determining the general direction of Union pro- gramming, as carried out by the committees. The group established two ad hoc groups, one for the study of uses of the Union building and the other charged with suggesting improvements in Union food services to offset increasing operating losses. These groups were elevated to Union com- mittee status beginning in the 1973-1974 school year. I :..: 1. David Mark Cordell Ideas and Issues Chairman 2. Zia Ann Gipson Program Council Coordinator 3. Frank Barlow Rynd Arts and Theater Chairman 4. Jay Irwin Peters Arts and Theater Chairman 5. Susan Leigh Winterringer Union Communications Chairman 6. Martin Andrew Halseth University Musical Events 7. Frances Marie Herrera Mexican American Culture Chairman 8. Jean Ree Setzer Academic Affairs Chairman 242 A climbing school at Enchanted Rock was sponsored by the Recreation Committee. Union Committees CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT Barnetl (Sandy) Kress, Chairman Beverly L. Alexander Charles W. Bowen Jr. Susan Browning Marilyn Alice Buck Mary Carla Coldwell Sharon Ann Cooper Eddie Davis Mark Warner Eidman Patricia Lynn EUis Margaret Jeannine Farmer Edmond Keith Gum Bradley Arthur Jackson Dotty Sue Jacobus Sandra Alice Jordan Kerren Albert Kadel! Michelle E. LeComte Sherrita Doris Lee Robert Edmund Lilly Lucy Carole Love Vicki Lee Mahaffey Mary Ann Mengelkoch Gwendolyn B. Pappas Arthur K. Reinhart Rebecca T. Reynolds Ray Earl Spears Martha Jill Vogely John Craig Wallace Louise B. Vanderhoef Elesa Jo Weir Antonia A. Williams Rock artists Billy Preston and Fleetwood Mac, mime Marcel Marceau and the Julliard String Quartet headed the list of entertainment presented by the CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT COM- MITTEE for the University community. The committee, which is charged with booking artists of distinction from throughout the world of entertainment, showcased acts running the gamut from music to drama to dance. Other events included a triple- treat jazz bill fea- turing McCoy Tyner, Pharoah Sanders and Herbie Mann in February. The San Francisco rock band, It ' s a Beautiful Day, was presented in September. In addition, the Boston Symphony Chamber Players, the Harkness Ballet, the Chicago Sym- phony Orchestra and the touring off-Broadway hit " Godspell " appeared during the year. Responsible for the coordination of a wide range of entertainment and social activities, the RECREATION COMMITTEE attempted to fill the growing need for student-oriented recreation. The group presented a varied spectrum of enter- tainment ranging from frisbee flings to a technical rock climbing school conducted in October. Spring sailing instruction, University-wide chess and foosball tournaments, a canoe expedition to the Guadalupe River and various bike hikes rounded out the year. The committee also sponsored a retreat to the Big Thicket near Huntsville in April in conjunc- tion with the Special Programs committee. RECREATION Milan Randolph Pharo, Chairman Barry Wood Adkins Ronald J. Aronoff Nancy Adele Balser Walter Wayne Block Penny Renae Campbell Benjamin H.Collins Blanchard Leroy Foster Jr. Jean E. Keeling Edward H. Martin John Howard Peper Risa Kam Pippin Mary Kathleen Pratt CEC presented mime Marcel Marceau in the spring. 243 Union Committees Charged with providing an in-depth confronta- tion and dissemination of a wide range of issues and viewpoints, the IDEAS AND ISSUES COM- MITTEE expanded both its functions and domain during 1972-1973 at the university. The committee presented nationally known speakers in the fall including Larry McMurtry, Texas author of The Last Picture Show; syndicated political columnist Jack Anderson; author Nor- man Mailer; playwright Edward Albee; Nikki Giovanni, a black poetess; and United Nations Ambassador George Bush. Dick Gregory, black social cr itic; Federal Com- munications Commissioner Nicholas Johnson; feminist Gloria Steinem; and Sir Rudolph Bing, former director of the Metropolitan Opera spoke during the spring semester. In addition, the committee sponsored Sandwich Seminars, a series of smaller programs which ranged from political to social and aesthetic topics. Included in this series were programs on mar- keting in Austin, featuring local advertisers Oscar Snowden, Jack Polk and Willie Kocurek; the black experience, with faculty member Dr. Geneva Gray; and the Johnson Years, featuring Dr. Elspeth Rostow. Programs on Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the Common Cause lobby group, the image of women and the farmworkers struggle were also featured. Working with other Texas Union committees and non-Union groups, the SPECIAL PRO- GRAMS COMMITTEE presented a series of uni- que events throughout the year. Fall programs included a Halloween party for children of married students, a bus trip to New Braunfels for Wurstfest and a Christmas shopping excursion to Nuevo Laredo. A symposium on Fear, Death and Mysticism sponsored in conjunction with Jester Center, was held in February. Poetry readings, a Latin play and a program on Europe for the student traveler were also presented in the spring. SPECIAL PROGRAMS Frank Barlow Rynd, Chairman Gwendolyn N. Byles Debra Anne Caesar Donna Rose Chajkowski William Calvin Chancy Helen Rose Conley Elizabeth Jane Daily Elizabeth A. Darling Virginia Ann Green Kenneth Wayne Grimes David Laneal Hall James Benedict Hotze Daniel W. Jackson Sheryl Ann Kelly Dennis Craig Landin Rose Lim James R. McClamrock Connie C. Patterson James W. Pennington Diana Lynn Priebe Judy Ann Rosenblum Sharon Kay Sadler Karen P. Schneidau Jeannie Rae Spangler Ann Coke Spillman Cheryl Helene Toubin Marsha Elaine Wheeler Owen Ewing Winsett Mary Helen Yarbrough I . Ift ' .- : Chris Miller, contributing editor to the National Lampoon, spoke at a Sandwich Seminar. IDEAS AND ISSUES David Mark Cordell, Chairman John August Adkins Jane Alice Anderson Marian Ruth Bentley Cathy Dean Brannon Richard Vincent Breidenbach Barbara Evelyn Cheal James M. Christiansen Barbara Sue Coleman Lucy Doggett Crow KSC Molly Clare Duson Elaine M. Christ Alan Bruce Goldsobel Robert S. Harrell Knox Brown Hughes Paul Andre Leche Linda Isabel Leuchter Nancy E. McGinley Carlos Americo Moreno Michael Anthony Nahkunst Edwin Kiest Norton III Patrea Linda Pabst Mary E. Pincoffs Linda Ruth Radoff Robin H. Richardson Patti Gay Schrank William Buerk Scott Esther Ann Silber Norma Jo Venso James Clinton Worth 244 I UNIVERSITY COMMUNICATIONS Martha Ann Hill, Chairman William Randall Ackerman Barry Wood Adkins Catherine E. Alleman Alison Blanchard John Davis Bowen James William Cicconi Gary Leslie Corona Richard Keys Disney Marilyn J. Dreiseszun Steven Robert Dunn Linda A. Engelland David Paul Graf Frank C. Fleming Betty Holmes Craig Steven Iscoe William C. Jones IV Janet Lee Larson Pam Lea McMichael Kerry Ann Mezzetti Judith Ann Naughton Rosalynn Rosenfeld Jesus Ramiro Rubio Allyn Jo Silver Susan Kay Smallwood Shelter recording artist Willis Alan Ramsey performed at Le Potpourri coffeehouse. Patio Fantasies were a popular Thursday evening diversion. MUSICAL EVENTS ii B Martin Andrew Halseth. Chairman Debra Ann Adams Janis Ruth Adams Beth Anne Avery Vickie Ann Bachus Joseph W. Bell Jr. Leslie Joan Brown Linda Gay Cottmgham Joseph Robert Fleming Jane Ellen Garner David William Gavle James Board Giles Glenn Authur Gurgiolo Cheryl Lea Hall Toby Lee Hammet Michael James Hirl Clair Beth Jordan Gerald D. Kotecki Jr. John Edward Law David Marshall Levin Julian Ray Morales Phillip C. Morphis Lucreatia Ann Ramey Mark D. Richardson Howard James Ritts Elaine K. Scruggs Guy Dodson Smith Cassie Belle Stinson Tommy Joe Tucker Alice Pickens Torbert Serving as a liaison between the Texas Union and UT community, the UNIVERSITY COM- MUNICATIONS COMMITTEE distributed a questionaire concerning use of Union facilities by various student groups. The results were used by the Texas Union Program Council in determin- ing the direction and focus of future programming. The committee also sponsored forums with Uni- versity President Stephen H. Spurr and Vice-Presi- dent for Student Affairs Ronald M. Brown which dealt with ways to increase campus awareness. Input luncheons, attended by dormitory repre- sentatives and members of other student groups, were designed to stimulate discussion and exchange of ideas on topical issues. The Speakers Bureau, also sponsored by the committee, presented information on Union activ- ities to various campus groups. Utilizing talent and resources available in the University community and the central Texas area, the MUSICAL EVENTS COMMITTEE spon- sored a variety of low budget musical programs. Thursday night Union Patio Fantasies provided inexpensive food with entertainment by groups such as Kenneth Threadgill and the Velvet Cow- pastures, gospel-blues pianist Sandy Pinkard and the University Jazz trio. A " Far Out Burger Bust " and a " Lotta Spa- ghetti Supper " with ragtime piano music by Nick Lawrence were also presented. Le Potpourri Coffeehouse, another committee responsibility, presented a weekly folk music pro- gram primarily featuring local and University tal- ent. Willis Alan Ramsey, Charles John Quarto, Riley Osbourn and other performers from the national coffeehouse circuit also played the club. The committee also sponsored special concerts with performers such as Don Sanders and Jerry Walker. An outdoor concert, sponsored in con- junction with the Austin Musicians Union and featuring the rock bands Rat Creek, Vida and Whitefield, was held in May. 245 Union Committees ' - A synthesis of the former Student-Faculty Com- mittee and the Texas Union Leadership Board, the ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE spon- sored academic programs and activities. The committee began the year with an aware- ness symposium focusing on the East Texas Big Thicket area. Highlighted by several days of films and speakers, the symposium stressed the growing need for protective legislation for the area. Other projects during the semester included a women ' s symposium discussing traditional roles of women and sandwich seminars featuring Univer- sity administration officials. The committee also cooperated with Reading and Study Skills Labora- tory in sponsoring study programs. An interdisciplinary weekend retreat concerning academic reform highlighted the spring semester. Thirty-five students and 15 University officials and faculty attended the two day retreat held in Wimberley, Texas. Discussions were held on such topics as University structure, legislative control, teaching effectiveness and means of student input. The committee also sponsored an education symposium, a program on repression of foreign students, a seminar dealing with open marriage and a trip to the Big Thicket over spring break. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Jean Ree Setzer, Chairman Sarah Lee Armstrong Margaret H. Bell Alan Michael Beychok Karen Ann Biggs John K. Boyce III Celita Beth Brock Dennis Miles Campbell Linda Ann Crooker Emily Martin Fourmy Dana King Francis Jerry R. Rosson Steven Neil Fuchs Charles B. Hagemeier Robert William Harper Mary Ellen Humphrey Thomas Lee King Terry D. Langehenning Laura Barbara Latta Jean Page Lenzner George Allen McCanse Bart William Morrison Maria Kay Munneke William Wesley Ogden Dana Lee Rounsavill Richard Price Schissler III Rodney Duane Schmidt Frank D. Stovall IV Jane E. Strauss Alice M. Tomasello Rudolf Tschoerner III Esther Rene Vincent Student Repertory Theatre allowed non-drama majors to participate in stage productions. The newly-established MEXICAN-AMERI- CAN CULTURAL COMMITTEE (MACC) supervised programs in the interests of chicane culture in an effort to alert the University commu- nity to the role of Mexican-Americans in the social, philosophical and educational processes. Established on a trial basis in November, the committee participated in the Union Christmas Bazaar with displays of Mexican culture. A dance featuring Dave Gutierres y su Orques- tra and a speech by State Rep. Matt Garcia were also presented by MACC during the year. MEX ICAN-AM ERICAN CULTURE Frances Marie Herrera, Chairman Teresa Palomo Acosta Jose Luis Antu Maria T. Barrientos Jose C. Cerna Jr. Dolores Estrada Charles Stephen Luna Guillermo V. Moldanado Jesus Ramiro Ruhio Antonio Silva John Tejeda Luis Vasquez 246 tees slab- saws, officials at input lucaiioi UNION COMMUNICATIONS Susan L. Wintcrringcr, Chairman Michael Allen Baker Alison Marie Beach James D. Blaclcmore William Michael Burke Karen A. Burman Carol Ann Crockard James Randolph Edwards Robert Ray Faulk Catherine A. Gatchell Cheryl Lea Hall June Alison Kovac LeAnn Lakin Sallie Reynolds Low Mary Lucille McElroy Mark A. Oliveira William T. Paull Jr. Nina Lyn Peterson Douglas Wayne Poole Doris Joanne Ruhland Henry Jr. Sepulveda Jeanne Marie Smalling The newly-created UNION COMMUNICA- TIONS COMMITTEE worked in the area of pub- lic relations for the total Texas Union program- ming effort and strove to promote interaction between the various Union committees. The committee ' s public relations effort was spearheaded by the creation of the Union News Service, which distributed news releases to The Daily Texan, UT News and Information Service and various other Austin media. Union Reunions, often held in the form of out- door keg parties, were held at times throughout the year and brought students from all Union commit- tees together on an informal basis. The committee was also responsible for producing the biweekly " State of the Union " newsletter. In addition, another main project of the 21- member group was the sponsorship of Leadership Lab training sessions during the spring semester. Sharing their black heritage with the University community was the prime function of the AFRO- AMERICAN CULTURE COMMITTEE. The group attempted to provide a reflection of black culture through creative programming and was responsible for supervising the Texas Cultures Room (Black Room). In addition, they tried to present the wide-ranging viewpoints and philoso- phies of Afro- American culture. Included in the scope of activities were rap ses- sions with various prominent blacks including Austin City Councilman Berl Handcox and Larry Jackson, head of the free breakfast program. The group sponsored poetess Nikki Giovanni in conjunction with the Ideas and Issues Committee. Other activities included a September jazz con- cert featuring Bubba Thomas and the Lightmen, a film festival during Black History Week in Febru- ary and a reception for black state legislators. Former Senator Ralph Yarborough spoke at a forum on Texas ' Big Thicket. U i AFRO-AMERICAN CULTURE Lois Marie Watson, Chairman Sharon Ann Cooper Larry Wayne Irvin Melody Yvonne Kelly Charles Van Mason Yvonne E. McCracken Ethelene McCullough Brenda Joyce Sers Vonc.le L. Walker ARTS AND THEATRES Jay Irwin Peters, Chairman Carol Ann Bryans Patrick Lacy Cook Laura Neil Fly Bruce Lawrence Gardner Pamela George Jerald Lynn Head Virginia H. Howard Terry Wayne Kessler Melinda L. McDonald Randall Edgar McQuay Nancy Katherine Mowry Bernard Neil Mullen Karen Robyn Raforth Susan Ilene Rubin Berne Sheldon Smith Linda Rose Weiner Ruth A. Winterringer Frederick N. Wolk Photos from Vietnam, a kinetic art show and an exhibit of black art from Texas Southern Univer- sity were among gallery exhibits hung by the ARTS AND THEATRE COMMITTEE. The group is also responsible for booking films for the Union Theatre and for presenting the dra- matic productions of the Student Repertory Thea- tre. They also began the use of videotape machin- ery as a programming tool this year. Feature films including " Bananas, " " Candy, " " Little Big Man " and " The French Connection " were screened and festivals featuring Ingmar Berg- man, Marilyn Monroe and the animation of the Zagreb Studios of Yugoslavia were also presented. The gallery displays included the works of surre- alist Salvador Dali, Texas artist Dalhart Windberg plus the graphics of Goeffrey Graham. In addition, the committee funded the organized insanity of the Saturday Morning Fun Club. This once-a-week extravaganza featured cartoons, clas- sics and nostalgic movies. 247 Texas Union SANDWICH Something for Everyone The Texas Union as a physical structure is fairly noticeable. Its programs and services are also highly visible to the University student. But behind these noticeable elements, there stands a substructure, a backup system, which plays a key role in the overall function of the Union as a whole. The people behind the scenes, ranging from custodians to cooks to clerical work- ers, help to insure that a smooth flow of activity in both programming and services is maintained on a day-to-day basis. Without them, life around the Union would be difficult, if not impossible. Backstage at the Union A student crew ran the Union Theatre projection room Texas Union kitchens served thousands of meals every day. 250 Clerical tasks were essential for smooth operations Small jobs accompanied the responsibilities of student committee members Program Council advisors spent many long hours in planning sessions. 251 1973 CACTUS Production began for the 1973 CACTUS in June, 1972, when the editor, associate editor and supervisors began laying plans for the 80th volume of the University of Texas yearbook. The summer was spent deciding on general specifications and overall design and familiarizing the new supervi- sor, Jerry Thompson, with the procedures and operations of the publication. Involving as many individual students as possi- ble from all areas of the campus was the goal of the ' 73 CACTUS. Throughout the year, the editor and associate editor worked with the eleven section editors and 60 staff members in planning and producing the CACTUS with this goal in mind. In September, a two-day retreat for the editorial staff was held at John Adkin ' s farm in Brenham. Each section editor had an opportunity to discuss with the editor plans for his section. Photographers Ike Baruch and Stanley Farrar joined the group to point out and demonstrate various aspects of pho- tography to be used in the ' 73 CACTUS. Staff interviews were held in early October and the rest of the fall semester was spent contacting organizations and individuals, assigning pictures and collecting and writing copy. Before classes resumed in January, a two-day workshop on layout design and preparation was held in Dallas at the Taylor Publishing Company plant. Using this information and previous knowl- edge, the spring semester was spent compiling the pages of the 1973 edition. Taking advantage of a new contract with Taylor, the size of the book was increased to 616 pages, with over 10% in full-color. Long hours of constant activity filled the basement of the Journalism Building as deadlines came and passed. By the end of May, all 616 pages had been mailed to Dallas and Porky Pig proudly pro- claimed, " T-T-That ' s All Folks! " Alan Harold Levi, 1973 CACTUS Editor JmR. Sheldon Ike Lippman, 1973 CACTUS Associate Editor 252 Jerry R. Thompson, Supervisor; Kay Hardcastle, Assistant Supervisor Photography Staff Stanley W. Farrar Marlon Ray Taylor Ike Baruch Russell Clyde Banks Paul Joseph Calapa Michael Wayne Fluitt Nancy Ellen Goldfarb Philip John Huber Jay Mark Miller Karen Diane Wiles Mark Woodrow Stinson, 1973 CACTUS artist Steven La Doyle Renfrew, sports copy editor; Martha Elaine Kinard, copy editor 253 Ca 1. William Buerk Scott Professional Organizations 2. Lynda Lois Blevins Academics 3. Catherine Evelyn Greene Military 4. Claire Eleise Charlton Student Government 5. John August Adkins Features 6. Susan Joanne Stoler Honorary Organizations 7. Richard Dale Forrest Sports 8. Tracee Ann Chenoweth Greeks 9. Elizabeth Jane Daily Features 10. James Randolph Edwards Special Interest Organizations 11. Kathy Freeland Greeks Section Editors 254 Cactus Staff 1. Robert Leslie Gribble 2. John Grimes Genge 3. Robert Martin Reese 4. Steven Ray Thompson 5. Richard V. Breidenbach 6. Jeffrey R. McCrehan 7. Peggy Jo Elliott 8. Susan Ann Feller 9. Deborah Lee Essary 10. Frances Diane Mann 1 1 . Janice E. Tomlin 12. Susan Bayle Rosen field 13. Carolyn Sue Hill 14. Martha Anne Root 15. Junella Lee Porter 16. William Max Parker 17. Laura Ann D ' Alisera 18. Shelley Henington 19. Marie Timberlake 20. Constance B. Wendell 21. Beverly Jan Jackson 22. Barbara Gail Rosenthal 23. Siri Diane Lundstedt 24. James Clinton Worth 25. Betty Anne Jackson 26. Kathryn Nell Jenkins 27. David Bennett Carren 28. Susan Gaddy 29. Susan Lynn Garvey 30. Priscilla Polchinski 3 1 . Jan Elaine Phipps 32. Patrice C. Pitrucha 33. Leslie Charles Jones 34. Gregory Ward Mikeska 35. Melanie Hauser 36. Gary James Lacy 37. Candace Ann Clark Carrying on its tradition of excellence, The Daily Texan won All-American honors again in 1973 from the Associated Collegiate Press. The University ' s student newspaper also won the Sweepstakes Award of the Southwestern Journal- ism Congress for the third year in a row. Published five days a week, The Texan was manned by a paid staff of 70 students, with assist- ance of writers from reporting classes and volun- teers seeking experience in newspapers. The Texan continued to present the University community with local, state and national news, as well as sports, amusements and a forum for opinions. Editor David Powell was elected by the student body in the 1972 spring publications elections. Fall and spring managing editors Cliff Avery and Tom Kleinworth were appointed by the Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees. The Texan provided readers with in-depth cov- erage of the fall general elections by sending reporters across the state. Texan reporters also were sent outside the state to cover the Democratic and Republican nominees for the presidential bid during the November general elections. In the spring, The Daily Texan opened a bureau in the state capitol to report on the 63rd State Leg- islature. Lawmakers received complimentary sub- scriptions to The Daily Texan to keep in touch with the students ' perspective on events. The Daily Texan also faced a court fight in 1973, when a suit was filed in state district court seeking an injunction to prevent the newspaper from publishing editorials and news articles con- cerning the spring Austin City Council elections. Texas Att. Gen. John Hill personally defended The Daily Texan and the injunction was denied. As the year ended, The Texan prepared to move into offices in the Communications Complex, where the oldest college daily newspaper in the South will enjoy the latest technology of photo- composition and offset printing. David Leslie Powell, Editor Henry Clifton Avery III, Fall Managing Editor Thomas W. Kleinworth, Spring Managing Editor News staff furnished man power to publish The Daily Texan. a I The US Daily Texan ' . NOT STANDING: Karen Lynne Justice, Henry Clifton Avery III, David Leslie Powell, Thomas Wellington Kleinworth. NOT SEATED: Alan Dale Truex, Suzanne Schwartz, Quinten Snow Mathews Jr., Marcia Diane Aronson, Steven LaDoyle Renfrew, John Roland Tilly, Kirk Ray Bohls, Jane Marie Chesnutt, Virginia Cicely Wynne. Permanent Staff .. : ' ' .: ' , Robert Michael Patterson, Fall Editor Suzanne Marie O ' Malley, Spring Editor Pearl was born in 1972, cultured in the despair of conservative elitism to be the new voice of everything of interest to a campus of art, of sci- ence, of human interest. She weathered the diffi- culties of a young Magazine and responded beau- tifully: take a look inside La Grange, the place you have heard about for so long; meet Austin ' s superstars; travel when, where and how; and many more. In only a year Pearl has garnered quite a reputa- tion for herself. The magazine is carefully bundled together once each month during the long session by a small, highly dedicated staff ranging in majors from psychology through journalism to economics. Curiously noncliquish and always interested in anyone who really wants to work, Pearl has watched the number of submissions increase daily. Pearl welcomed submission from anyone and offered aid to confirmed " nonwriters " who sought help in airing good ideas. Pearl was awarded Best General Readership Campus Magazine in March by the Southwestern Journalism Congress. In the same ceremony Suzanne O ' Malley, spring Pearl editor, received first place for Best Magazine Article by a Student, while Michael Patterson, fall editor received third place in the same category. Pearl Magazine PEARL STAFF: Barbara D. Longeway, Darryl Glenn Farrow, Suzanne Marie O ' Malley, Jeanne Marie Buchter, D. Lynn Pulford. 258 NOT PICTURED: Gary Baldridge, Rigby Owen, Tom Kleinworth, Suzanne O ' Malley. Although the 1972-73 school year was the sec- ond year for Texas Student Publications to operate as an auxiliary enterprise of the University, the board that took office on June 1, 1972, was the first to govern under the trust agreement with the University Board of Regents. Consisting of six students, three faculty and two professional members, the new Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees was responsible for publishing The Daily Texan, The Summer Texan, the CACTUS yearbook, the Stu- dent Directory and Pearl Magazine. Pearl Magazine, a monthly tabloid supplement to The Daily Texan, was named in a contest in September and replaced three former publications, The Ranger, Texas Engineering and Science Mag- azine and Riata Magazine. The first order of business for the new board was the election of officers. Ronnie Franklin, Pam Mayo and John Adkins were elected as president, vice-president and secretary, respectively. One major task was the revision of the TSP Handbook. A committee was formed during the summer and, after meeting manv times through the fall semester, submitted to the board a revised version for approval. TSP was busy throughout the year making final preparations for moving into the new communica- tion complex and for converting to offset printing from the letter press process. A committee was also formed to recommend a new format for printing The Daily Texan on the new 32-page press which was installed in June, 1973. Various policy changes were made during the year. The Code of Advertising Acceptability was passed prohibiting advertising containing attacks of a personal, racial, sexist or religious nature. A policy was also instituted whereby board members were not allowed to serve in any regular paid posi- tion of any TSP publication. In February, Franklin resigned as president of the board to run for student government office. Pam Mayo assumed the chair with Jim Lewis being elected as the new vice-president. The remainder of the year was spent approving budgets, making appointments and considering the revised handbook provisions recommended by the revision committee. 259 Upper Class Advisors Comprised of advisors from many of the Univer- sity women ' s dormitories, Upper Class Advisors (UCA) tried to encourage communication and the inter-change of ideas among various living units. The. advisors, who are selected to serve with UCA by the women in their own dormitories, tried to encourage resident participation in service projects. These projects included preparing Christmas bas- kets for needy families and sponsoring parties for handicapped children at various state schools. UCA also published a bi-weekly newsletter and sponsored an advisor colloquium, which was designed to acquaint advisors with the campus facil- ities and resources available to dormitory residents. Two scholarships, funded from a china marketing show in April, were awarded by the group. _ - . Advisors held china market survey for scholarship fund. FRONT ROW: Eve Gwendolyn Norton, Carol Jean Pope, Lee Elkins, Rebecca Louise Cozby, Lou Elizabeth Coffey. BACK ROW: Joan Marie Shepherd, Linda A. Engelland, Pamela Lee Ellison, Patricia Smith Carr, Karen Sutherland, Ruth Smith, Lynda Lois Blevins. 260 Orientation Advisors The University of Texas sponsors an orientation program designed to help incoming freshmen familiarize themselves with campus activities, pro- grams, facilities and the administration. This pro- gram, composed of student orientation advisors, continues throughout the year giving assistance on UT Day, Fall and January orientations, high school visitation and counselor workshops and tutoring. In addition, the group seeks information from transfer and minority students on the kinds of programs they need in orientation to make it as effective and as relevant as possible. Advisors are selected during the spring semester by a two-step application and interview process. After they are chosen, the advisors attend an eight- week training program where they learn suggested techniques to serve as academic pre-advisors and floor counselors during summer orientation. 1. Geoff rey E. Grant 2. Christi Marie Jones 3. Leslie Ann Benitez 4. Patsy Rubio 5. Laine Farley 6. Michael Paul Moffeit 7. Marcella Mitchell 8. Patricia A. Campbell 9. James Ray Merryman 10. Cynthia Ann Mailloux 11. SabaJack Balagia 12. Shirley Ann Gamble 13. Michael Tpwnes Watson 14. Paul E. Montgomery 15. Patricia Smith Carr 16. Deborah Ann Stan ton 17. Daniel W. Jackson 18. Jacques Brandon Lewi 19. Jean Louise Manning 20. Lawrence H. Connolly 21. Margaret J. Barr 22. Edward Lee Nail 23. Paul Joseph Van Osselaer 24. James M. Christiansen 25. Susan A. McDaniel 26. Larry Alan Campagna 27. Sherrita Doris Lee 28. Kevin Joseph Boyle 29. David Bolton Mead JO. Gregory Don Blackley 31. Juan Isidro Reyes 32. Sarah Sherman Martin 33. Ann Marie Nicholas 34. Nathaniel T. McCleskey 26 1 Publication of 14 Days, a bi-weekly newsletter, and faculty firesides were among the activities of the College of Business Administration Council. The organization acts as a link between students and administration and as an undergraduate gov- ernmental unit, and also sponsored CBA Week in March. Keynote speaker Dr. John McKetta, a member of the United States Natural Resources Planning Commission, gave an address on the energy crisis at Convocation Day ceremonies. The Dean ' s Honor Luncheon, also held during CBA Week, was highlighted by the presentation of Distingushed Alumni, Outstanding Students and Excellence in Teaching Awards. The selection of Rachel Mostert as business school Sweetheart was also announced. Keynote speaker John McKetta received an award on Convocation Day. 262 CBA Council 22 CBA Sweetheart nominee Carol Akers was among the guests at the Dean ' s Honor Luncheon. 1. Gary Ray Pinnell 2. Robin Hathaway Richardson 3. Paul Cooperman Feinberg 4. Richard Berkman Given 5. William Alexander Brock Jr. 6. Deborah Helen Sollock 7. Leland Wyatt Waters 8. Tamra Shae Oatman 9. Charles Scott Burford 10. Philip Casey Wagnon 11. Mark Preston McMahon 12. Craig Martin Kercho 13. Robert Todd McDowell 14. Stephen Harold Pouns 15. Richard Price Schissler 16. Randy Lee Brock 17. Sanford L. Gottesman 18. John Kirkby Dunlap 19. Michael J. Upchurch 20. Charlie Vin Gamblin 2 1 . Marvin Charles Holcomb 22. Robert Wilson Drewry 23. Gary William Miller President Vice-President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Gary Ray Pinnell Robert Wilson Drewry Randy Lee Brock Charlie Vin Gamblin Tamra Shae Oatman 263 Communication Council 1. Thomas Jay Thornhill 2. Dean Wayne A. Danielson 3. Martha Marcella McKee 4. Barbara Ruth Berger 5. Kay Canter Sharp 6. Sheryl Marlise Levine 7. William Archer Bray 8. Mary Ellen Alexander 9. Gerald W. Keller Jr. 10. Betsey Hudson Hall 1 1 . Forrest Edwin Cockrell Put I:; Interaction between mass media and govern- ment served as the theme of the third annual " Communications Week " sponsored by the School of Communication Student Council, March 4-10. Speeches by Dr. Herbert Schiller, professor of communications at the University of California at San Diego, Col. Jerry Dalton, direc- tor of information headquarters at Randolph Air Force Base at San Antonio and Hal Bruno, chief political correspondent of Newsweek magazine highlighted the week. An advertising clinic and a festival of the 1972 CLEO award winning televi- sion commercials were also presented. The Council is comprised of representatives from the Departments of Journalism, Radio-Tele- vision-Film and Speech plus delegates from com- munications organizations. Members are elected each spring from their respective department and organization. The council also published a bro- chure on the School of Communication which was used to encourage minority recruitment. 264 President Mary Pamela Ray Vice-President Robert L. Collins Treasurer Karen Sutherland Secretary Kathy Sharon Kahn Serving as an official means of communication between faculty and students in the College of Education, the Education Council attempted to encourage more student involvement in the educa- tional processes and procedures. One of several projects undertaken by the group was a monthly newsletter sent to all College of Education students. Other projects included a Self-Paced Methods Seminar held in February and a Student Teaching Seminar in May to acquaint old and new student teachers and faculty. Council members are elected each spring by stu- dents in the College of Education during Student Government general elections. ft jnutives idio-Tele- roit com- it elected 1. Mary Pamela Ray 2. Georgene Worthington 3. Nancy Lynn Rosenberg 4. Elizabeth Ann Reed 5. Rebecca Emily Moore 6. Karen Sutherland 7. Gail Adrienne Simon 8. Laura Barbara Latta 9. Pamela Kay Hunter 10. Betty Home Priddy 11. Dr. John O. Rogers 12. Kathy Sharon Kahn 13. Marilyn Lee Smothers 14. Barbara J. Lauterbach Education Council 265 esident Vice-Presidenl Treasurer Secretary Kenneth E. Martin Philip C. Crouse Victoria L. Blaschke Klaylea Kay Zwiebel Functioning as the coordinating body among all societies within the College of Engineering, the Engineering Council serves as a liaison between students, faculty and administration of the college. Composed of representatives from each of the pro- fessional and honorary societies within the college, members serve for one year. Establishment of a student tutoring program to aid freshman and sophomore level engineering students was one project conducted by the council. They also maintained the Taylor T-Room as a gathering place for engineering students. The council sponsored a fall keg party and Alec ' s Birthday Party which was held in lieu of the annual Sweetheart Dance. Scarlett L. Boykin was named Engineering Sweetheart at this event. The council also coordinated activities for National Engineering Week. John Hume, past chairman of the University Engineering Founda- tions Advisory Council, was the honored speaker at the Engineering Council ' s award convocation on February 24. Receiving Engineering Leader- ship Service Awards at the convocation were Wil- liam McKee Kazmann, John Barnes Gordon, Kenneth E. Martin and Philip Charles Crouse. Ei The annual Engineering Awards Reception was held in February during Engineering Week. 266 Engineering Council 1. William Edwin Muston 2. Mark Gideon Goode III 3. Dennis Dean Ferguson 4. Forrest Tate Braun 5. Charles Ronald Felton 6. John Barnes Gordon 7. Janet Lynne Lawrence 8. Helen Kay Haskin 9. David Ray Smith 10. Jack Blair Evans 11. Claude H. Hamilton III 12. Stanley H. Stancil 13. Glenda Carol Cashiola 14. Michael Titus Swenson 15. Philip Charles Crouse 16. KlayleaKayZwiebel 17. Gary Wayne Palmer 18. Victoria L. Blaschke 19. Eugenia Marie Garms 20. Joe Ray Harris 21. William David Shea Jr. 22. Dr. Philip S. Schmidt 23. Dr. Joseph A. Yura 267 Humanities Council Serving as a liaison betwe en students and fac- ulty-administration in areas of academic concern, the Humanities Council worked for the innovation and renovation of the educational process. Members are selected by an interview process at the beginning of each semester. In addition, each Humanities departmental chairman is requested to appoint one student member to the Council. The 16-member group administered a survey during the fall pre-advising period dealing with student response to foreign language requirements, pass-fail options and pre-registration procedures. Members also published a newsletter and served on various policy-making boards including the Dean ' s Advisory Committee and the Provost ' s Foreign Language Requirement Committee. Spring activities were highlighted by the " Brain Bowl " in April. Sponsored in conjunction with the Texas Union Special Programs Committee and patterned after General Electric ' s College Bowl, it pitted a team of students from the College of Humanities against their counterparts from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Win- ners received Union film passes for their efforts. 1 . Deirdre Zoe Fotescu 2. James Harrison Walter 3. Melanie Margaret Waldhauser 4. Gary John Barlettano 5. Barbara Jean Cayton 6. Robert M. Hicks esidcnt Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Melanie Margaret Waldhauser Abigail Young Barbara Jean Cayton 268 Kil Pharmacy Council Chairman Jimmy Haskell Harelik Vice-Chairman Rodolfo R. Alamia Treasurer Charlene L. Calloway Designed as a means of student input to the fac- ulty, the Pharmacy Council served to coordinate student activities, promote better student-faculty relationships and represent students ' opinions. The council ' s main project was planning the develop- ment of a Pharmacy Honor Code. Council members were chosen from each of the major pharmacy organizations (fraternities and independents) on campus. Officers for the council are elected from within the council itself. 1. John Barham Langston 2. Turner M. Bratton 3. Jimmy Haskell Harelik 4. Rodolfo R. Alamia 5. Jeff Carl Pannell 6. David Robert Brown 7. Lewis Allen Hall Jr. 8. Victor Thomas Mikeska 9. David R. Humphries 10. Dr. William Johnson Sheffield 269 Presidents and chairmen of UT college councils comprise the membership of the Senior Cabinet. Responsible for coordinating, budgeting and advising all University Councils, the Senior Cabi- net was instrumental in efforts to pass academic legislation within the University. The Cabinet also worked towards lowering the requirements for fulfillment of the foreign lan- guage requirement in several degree programs. The cabinet was also effective in establishing student-initiated courses. With a faculty sponsor and approval of a yet-to-be-specified committee, a student will be able to create his own courses and perhaps see it established on campus. Senior Cabinet 1 . Forrest Edwin Cockrell 2. Lee Jeannette Rohn 3. John Benjamin Stokes 4. John K. Boyce III 5. Robert L. Collins 6. Ann N. Henderson 7. Geoffrey Charles Wright 8. Melanie Margaret Waldhauser 9. Gary Ray Pinnell Chairman Forrest Edwin Cockrell Vice-Chairman Geoffrey C. Wright Secretary Melanie Margaret Waldhauser 270 INTERES ' Service and Special Interest Organizations, Encourage Participation Diverse Campus Groups Sparked Involvement V Actively performing at University sports events, the " Showband of the Southwest " gener- ated student spirit at football, basketball and baseball games, as well as swimming and track meets. The band, combined with " Big Bertha, " flag bearers and feature twirlers Deborah Lee (Beba) Kirkham and Debra Jo Porter, added color and excitement to halftime shows each week of football season. The drum major for the 1972-73 year was Arthur Stephen Rode. The band also worked in close cooperation with the Texas cheerleaders to promote spirit. Since 1955 when he became director of the Longhorn Band, Vincent DiNino has become nationally noted through his affiliation with many bandmasters associations. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, DiNino played with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. James Hejl, assistant director of the Longhorn Band, graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Music and later received his masters " v-t O " n OT " T1 li 5 T1 C degree from the University of Michigan. He, too, O belong Showband of the Southwest belongs to numerous bandmasters associations, and has been assistant director for three years. continued 274 sports Jfflcr- land I tack eitha, " 4 Lee added seach forilie traiioj it. of the ate of rfwiti le.too, iations. MIS. James G. Hejl, Assistant Director Vincent R. DiNino, Director Debra Jo Porter, Feature Twirler Arthur Stephen Rode, Drum Major Deborah J ee Kirkham. Feature Twirler 275 Longhorn Band Freshmen in the band participated in a six- week orientation program in the fall directed by the freshman advisors. Wearing orange and white beanies, freshmen learned the history and tradi- tion of the Longhorn Band. After learning the necessary marching skills at freshman practices, the new members performed in Memorial Sta- dium. The orientation session was climaxed with the initiation of the new members. OFFICERS, FRONT ROW: Rex Wayne Tillerson, Diane Ber- enice Nelson, Barbara Carol Wright. SECOND ROW: James Lane Littrell, Kendall Craig Davis. THIRD ROW: William Erwin Brent, Scott Ingersoll Harmon. f Upon receiving their hats, freshmen became regular members. SECTION LEADERS, FRONT ROW: Daniel Michael Haik, Glen Alan Clark, Kenneth A. Williamson, Billy Carl Tune, Robert Andrew Chisholm, Malcolm Conrad Geiger, Steve Mason King, Michael Edward Austin. Michael Gene Figer, Gary Don Morgan. James Russell Dees. SECOND ROW: John Dalgus Boggs III, Don Theodore Haynes, Scott Ingersoll Harmon, Robert Bruce Fox, William Christopher Peterson, Randy W. Henderson. Roger Drake Barker, Larry Don Kitten, Byron Elliot Short, Rex Wayne Tillerson, Steve Ray Hamblin. THIRD ROW: Teresa Ruth DeVane, Michael Alton Haeker, Deir- dre Zoe Fotescu, Kenneth Wesley Whitson, James Lane Littrell, Charles A. Sebek, Eric Stewart Hagsette, John Harry Richardson, Fred Holmes Ellis, Ken- neth Ray Richardson, Gregory B. Molyneaux. 276 " Hsu- anal Sta- ante Section leaders made their mark on incoming freshmen. In addition to sports events, the Longhorn Band performed for dinners, receptions and other special activities at the University. This year, the band played at the Distinguished Alumni Awards Program, the Governor ' s Inau- guration and parade and performed at the LBJ Library following the death of President Lyndon Johnson. It greeted the initial run of the Amtrak train through Austin, marched in the Cotton Bowl parade, the Round-Up parade and led the Fiesta Flambeau parade in San Antonio during Fiesta week. The Showband was selected the first choice among all college bands in the nation to perform in the halftime show of the Super Bowl in Los Angeles in January, but was unable to attend due to lack of funds. During the spring, the Longhorn Band sepa- rated into two concerts bands and two jazz bands. These bands performed on tour and at concerts. All bands joined to perform in the Band-O-Rama spring concert. The band con- cluded the year by performing at Commence- ment Exercises on May 26. Throughout the year, barbecues before each home football game were sponsored by the band service fraternity. Several picnics and parties were held, including a fall picnic, a freshman party honoring the old members, and Christmas and Bavarian parties. A buffalo meat barbecue was given in the spring after a holiday hunting trip by Mr. DiNino. The spring banquet was held in May to present awards and letters. Membership in the Longhorn Band is open to any qualified University of Texas student who passes the musical audition. Auditions are held primarily in the spring. The band performed at the football awards banquet in February. 177 Dennis Carl Ahrens Jerry Dell Allamon Deborah Lee Ashford Jimmy Ray Atherton Michael Edward Austin Gerald Wade Baker Herbert Harry Baker Nanette Ball Janette Adele Bareiss Paul Collins Baria Roger Drake Barker Marilyn Faye Birdsong John Dalgus Boggs III Caryn Denise Bothwell William Erwin Brent Leonard Solon Briggs Jr. William Earl Bntcher III Benjamin August Brooks Jr. Amy Joan Brown Jack Wyman Browne Jr. Craig Alan Buchele John Bailey Buford Elizabeth Alma Burks William Allen Burress Michael Lynn Cantrell Raul Champion Tony Lynn Chauveaux Roberta Lynn Cleland Roxanne Louise Cleland James Louis Collier Rickie Charlene Cooper Kimberly Sue Corder e f fl, T a r Roger Edward Coyner Lee Shudde Grain David Nelson Currey Robert Alan Dalrymple Kendall Craig Davis Donna Kaye DeCuir James Russell Dees Louis Edward DeMoll Teresa Ruth DeVane Lucy Vaile Domask Debra Diane Duensing Harley Albert Eckhart Andrew Hugo Edburg Marilyn Yvonne Edwards Peggy Jo Elliott Fred Holmes Ellis George Marsh Ellison David Gregory Fake David Norwood Falconer Martha Elaine Fears Artie Ann Fielder Bonnie Gail Figer Michael Gene Figer David Larry Forney Deirdre Zoe Fotescu Robert Bruce Fox Isadore David Freed Gary Lee Funderburk Kennon Marshall Garrett Malcolm Conrad Geiger Patrissa Ann Giraudin Sandra Kay Goles Daniel Gonzales Diane Elaine Gorzycki Andrew Clark Graham Beverly Kay Green David Hadley Grittman Sherry Lynn Grona Donna Jean Gruesen Richard F. Gutierrez Peggy Lynn Haardt Michael Alton Haecker Eric Stewart Hagstette Steve Ray Hamblin Lynn Katheryn Hammond Sherry Joretta Hansen Keith Hanna Harmon Scott Ingersoll Harmon Emmett Elbert Harrison Don Theodore Haynes Jr. Jan Ellen Helm Dallas Belle Henderson Doyle Wayne Henke Jamie Lee Henry Joe Luis Hernandez Nancy Elizabeth Hickok Will R. High Jr. Philip Joel Miller Deborah Ann Hoose Katherinc Frances Houzvicka i 278 T r n K Steven Ray Huedepohl Gary William Hussman Jerry Mark Jacobs Mary Elizabeth James Kathleen Diane Jenkins Jimmy Burrus Johns David Ketan Jones Shari Dianne Jordan Christopher James Jurgens Kenneth C. Jurgens Jr. Steve Mason King Laura Janine Kirklen Larry Don Kitten Leah Beth Klein Steven Cummings Kline Christine Lesley Koch Larry Dan Koeninger Don William Kothmann David Randall Krauskopf Lee Devereaux Lacy Debra Elaine Lent Allen Robert Lindner James Lane Littrell Timothy H. Lock Richard Lowell Longley Luis Aurelio Lopez Margaret Frances Ludl Theresa Marie Magliolo Dianne Lynn Mares Debra Ann McDonald Stuart Carpenter McKennon Stanley Joe McNeme Michael Dalton Meyer Stephan Herman Miller Robert Terry Mitchell Robert Flay Mohle Mario Espinosa Morales Gary Don Morgan Chris Doyle Munson Brenda Louise Murphy William Alan Nash Diane Berenice Nelson Donald Ellis Nielsen Gary Wayne Palafox Glenn Leon Rape William Christopher Pederson Stephan Clark Peters Irvin Darnell Peterson John Lynn Pinkslon Ronald Timothy Prater Michael Anthony Rech James Ralph Rich John Harry Richardson Kenneth Ray Richardson Don Lee Richey Claire Louise Rollwage Randolph Winsler Rountree Linda Jean Royall Charles A. Sebeck Byron Elliott Short Jr. Jay Laurence Silberberg John Scott Simpson Daniel Robert Smith Gene Derek Smith Roger E. Sowell James Harold Spencer Edwin Glenn Spinks Mary Katheryn Sponberg Pamela Kay Steed Gary Lynn Stockton Beverly Diane Teller Paul Alton Terrell William Lee Terrell David Rankin Terry Rae Ann Tillerson Rex Wayne Tillerson James Correll Tisdale Stanley Gene Trekell David Michael Tucker Billy Carl Tune Nancy Alice Turner James Edwin Turpin Karen Ann Vickland William Paul Waits Connie Elaine Waxier Kim Wendler Marie Louise Werkenthin Sandra Kay Wesch Karin Nanette Westlund Jay Fredric Wheless Mary Patrice Whisenant Kenneth Wesley Whitson Dorothy Cecile Williams Roderick B. Williams Kenneth A. Williamson Barbara Carol Wright David Edward Wright Virginia Gay Wright William Graham Wright 279 Posse Spirit Organization As a spirit group, one of Posse ' s main activities was painting the drag merchant windows with spirit slogans each week during the football sea- son. At the LBJ Library, members welcomed dads at the Dad ' s Day Ceremonies. As a service group, it gave parties during the year for the underprivileged children and the handicapped. The club also sponsored a Hallow- een and roller skating party for students from the Travis State School and for Austin orphans. Every March new members are tapped by pre- ceding members. Membership in the club lasts only a year as the club is open only to freshmen. Membership terminates in the middle of the sophomore year. No formal ceremony was held for new members; a pledge program was initiated in the spring for new members. John Edward Parnell Jr. Mike Edwin Hanson Olan Alford Keeter Joan Elizabeth Winter President Vice-President Treasurer Secretan, Posse entertained underpriviledged children at the Athletes in Action benefit game. ' - 280 1. Lawton C. Mitchell III 2. Ruth Ann Foster 3. John Edward Parnell Jr. 4. Marilyn Lee Smothers 5. Sandra Jeanne Hall 6. Joan Elizabeth Winter 7. Laura Ann Foster 8. Marion D. May 9. Shelley Wynan McCaffety 10. Jeffrey P. Blanchard 11. Louis Allan Stool 12. Loyce Lee Bates 13. Richard Michael Hearn 14. Richard C. Koonce 15. Kirk Hall Tate 16. Robert Vance Jewell 17. Carl Wade Peters Jr. 18. Cynthia Jean Powell 19. Cilla-Faye Pratt 20. Kimberly Gail Wendland 21. Candace L. Segall 22. Jane Alice Anderson 23. Michael Edwin Hanson 24. Barry Lee Antweil 25. Jeffrey W. Newman 26. Steven Daniel Hahn 27. Mark K. Allen 28. Susan Thatcher Tresch 29. Murray Paul Mangum 30. Judy Ann Rosenblum 31. Mary Catherine Jung 32. Gregory Jon Perrin 33. Douglas Henson Barnes 34. Olan Alford Keeter 35. Thomas Luther Atwell 281 President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Silver Spurs Stephen Alan Waldman Julian Gayden Carter James William Little Lawerence Scott Pierce Bevo ' s escorts, the Silver Spurs, are known both for their spirit and for their service func- tions to the University and to the Austin com- munity. The members are chosen each semester on the basis of character, willingness, ability to lead and scholarship. The annual Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo held on November 4, raised $5,000 to purchase special playground equipment for children at the Travis State School. Many Spur-sponsored activities were held this year for underpriviledged children, including an Easter Egg Hunt and benefit football and rugby games. The Spurs also assisted in organ- izing and conducting the Special Olympics. The 1973 Silver Spur Dance Marathon entitled " They Stop Birth Defects, Don ' t They? " played an important role in this year ' s Round-Up activi- ties. Participating couples from all over the state were sponsored by various businesses and organ- izations. The proceeds of $18,344.50 were pre- sented to the March of Dimes. Both professionals and amateurs competed at Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo. Bevo received birthday greetings from City Councilman Bud Dryden. 282 FRONT ROW: Michael David Crockett, Thomas Neil Cockburn, Michael Bernard Gregory, Jack Finkelstein Jr., James William Little, Julian Gayden Carter, Stephen Alan Waldman, Jane Katherine Poage, Robert Warner Ratliff, Charles Schreiner IV, Larry Dale Taylor, Edward Kelly Clark, Samuel Reagan Seidenberger. SECOND ROW: Richard Hugh Bundy, Lloyd Robert French III, George Kirk Prender- gast, Blair Grey Mercer Jr., John William Lander III, John Emerson Russell, John Carroll Perry, Andrew Tillman Shlenker, Irwin Harold Blum, Billy Charles Helms, Steven Todd Hukill, Robert Lee Manning Jr., Harry Michael Hochman. THIRD ROW: Kristin LaRue Perryman, Olan Alford Keeter, Thomas Scott Currie, Ronald Lee White, Scott Wil- liam Carpenter, David Vincent Shrum, Frank Whitney Campbell, Wil- liam Lee Rudd III, Carl Stephen Parker, John David Rape, William George West Jr., Nick Whitney Goodrich, Kyle Frederick Fullick, Rich- ard Miles Kaplan, Warren Lann Maupin Jr., Michael Fred Stengle, Lewis Elderidge Brown, William Walter Reeves II, Leslie Irwin Ballin, James Finley Erwin, James King Holtzman, Michael David Rosen. FOURTH ROW: Sanford L. Gottesman, Robert Paul Teten Jr., Lawrence Scott Pierce, Stephen W. Bland, Gary Brent Pugh, Alfred Gene Holcomb, Charles Edward Plumhoff, Bobby Dale Giles, Craig Alan Johnson, Wil- liam Clarence Dowdy, Richard Sims Nabors, Joseph Newell Petet, Charles Jackson Hooper, Bruce White Cannon, Richard Wade Flowers. av Rodeo. State Representative Sarah Weddington pre- sented the Spurs with a joint resolution pro- claiming March 30 April 1 " Silver Spur Dance Marathon Weekend " while praising the organization ' s accomplishments and service. 283 mm m Spooks decorated the basketball locker room. Balloons were essential for colorful decorations - ' - . ' 284 Spooks Spirit and Service Organization Active on campus since 1941, Spooks is a spirit and service organization for freshman and soph- omore women. New members, called Spooklets, are " tapped-in " each semester and are elected from both Greek and independent women. Spooks were active all year decorating locker rooms for all varsity sports and attending many athletic events as a group. Their special trip for the year was to the Texas Tech football game at Lub- bock. Spooks helped paint windows on the Drag each week during the football season and took an active role in promoting campus spirit activities. Social events included a reunion of former Spooks, participation in the International Friend- ship Day and an apple polishing party for Univer- sity professors. As service projects, the group worked witn campus elections and helped with blood drives. They also assisted with correspondence at the LBJ Library and volunteered manpower for the general information desk in the Main Building and Dean of Students office. In the spring, Spooks joined with the Texas Cowboys to sponsor an Easter egg hunt for retarded children and worked with a benefit football game in March. 1. Kathy Freeland 2. Celita Beth Brock 3. Janet Jean Powell 4. Suzanne V. Shackleford 5. Noreen Bee Mui Teon 6. Gene Ann Brown 7. Jane Ann Horn 8. Janice Ann Dobrey 9. Sharon Suzette Fagg 10. Vivian Diane Hicks 11. Vicki Gale Hall 12. Deborah Ann Josey 13. Mary Catherine Cook 14. Deborah DeStefano 15. Georgiann G. Beckham 16. Elizabeth Jane Daily 17. Sherry Knod 18. Patti Gay Schrank 19. Parvin Khaliliaraghi 20. Margaret Mary Denena 21. Lynne Claire Collier 22. Jennifer Lee Hall 23. Julie Anne Siebel 24. Mary Dodd Abbot 25. Karen Sue McLean 26. Karen Lee Kreitzer 27. Janet Marie Onion 28. Janet Ann Wiatrowski 29. Jana Lynn Standefer 30. Nancy Lou Rutherford 31. Phyllis C. Goldstein 32. Jan Kathryn Boynton 33. Fonda Faye Davis 34. Andrea Edith Aveiy 35. Karen Renee Brent 36. Laura Kaye Brown 37. Debra Anne Ross 38. Beverly J. Hannah 39. Mary Alexa McFarland 40. Jennifer Stansbury 41. Barbara Anne Click 42. Lourdes Montesino 43. Suzanne Priestley 44. Sarah Linn Rainey 45. Anne Aronowitz 46. Katherine Jane Wilson 47. Patricia Kay Haardt 48. Nancy Jeannine Jones 49. Ehse Arline Olsen 50. Nelda Wilson 51. Patricia Louise Pace 52. Sheri Gale Hellman 53. Martha Ann Mackowski 54. Lois Evans Rayner 55. Gail Naymola 56. Julia Ellen Wheat 57. Donna Faye Whitehurst 58. Linda Little 59. Joan Marie Shepherd 60. Toni Ann White 61. Mary E. Langford 62. Melanie Hauser 63. Trudy Thompson 64. Katherine Ann Edwards 65. Mary Ann McConnell 66. Joyce Ann Gor 67. Susan Jean Norton 68. Deborah Dee Thome 69. Julie Margaret Hagan 70. Nancy Claire Wright 71. Judy Ann Stutts 72. Marlene E. Kortage 73. Susan E. Folk 74. Marcia Dean Harelik 75. Karrie Lynn Capello 76. Margie Annette Harris 77. Katharine Garner 78. Mary Margaret Flynn 79. Phyllis Diane Charles 80. Cynthia Lee Beach 81. Kelly Warren Chief Haunt Vice-Haunt Banker Haunt Recording Haunt Spirit Haunt Royal Spirit Haunt Service Hauni Internationa! Haunt Advisor Sharon Suzette Fagg Kathy Freeland Gene Ann Brown Georgiann G. Beckham Vicki Gale Hall Elizabeth Jane Daily Janet Jean Powell Noreen Bee Mui Teoh Kay Mayne 285 . 1. Stephen Cal Chalmers 2. Robert David Campbell 3. Mark Allen Kristen 4. Stephen P. Ballantyne 5. Stephen Collins Owen 6. Joseph Robert Imber 7. Kevin Howard Hodges 8. Bruce Allen Sifford 9. Joe Fenley Flack Jr. 10. Michael Jay Tobor 1 1 . James Doyle Berry 12. Mark Charles Thoman 13. Barksdale Hortenstine 14. John Scott Talbot 15. Steve Hutchison 16. Paul Fred Barnhart 17. Stacy Glen Hunt 18. Melvin Reynolds Todd 19. David Daniel Crockett 20. Jack Gregory Lee 21. Dixie Ann Presley 22. William M. Burney III 23. Gilbert Wesson Bailey II 24. ZackThomasonBurkettlll 25. Max Otto Reinbach 26. James Louis Randall 27. John Louis Kuhlman 28. George A. Raffkind 29. Robert Leo Kaminski 30. James Harvey Norman 31. George Rush Cox 32. Allen Sanders Kent 33. Thomas Charles Ray 34. James Mark Connally 35. Gregory Steven Allen 36. Craig F. Lieberman 37. Randall Jake Braband 38. Steven Wade Smith 39. Mark McLain Monroe 40. Howard Samuel Katz 41. Thomas Henry Ball III 42. Tom Healty Whiteside 43. Phillip R. Strickland 44. Michael T. Hatch 45. John Carroll Thomar 46. Jeffrey James Doumany 47. Robert G. Wheelus 48. Michael Andrew Ryan 49. Craig Morgan Womble 50. James Edward Myers 51. James L. Bayless Jr. 52. Scott Notley Morse 53. Roderic Conrad Thomas 54. Ray V. Mayfield 55. Douglas J. Thompson 56. Jeffrey Marlon Sabel 57. Robert Dodge Dransfield 58. Ronald Turboff 59. Robert Allen Wise 60. John Jay Fosdick 61. Stephen Thomas Krier Foreman Straw Boss Shotgun Horse Wrangler Camp Cook Jack Gregory Lee Steven Thomas Krier Robert Dodge Dransfield Mark Allen Kristen Frank A. Stroube ' 286 Texas Cowboys " Give the best you have to Texas and the best will come back to you. ' Traditionally distinguished by their chaps and black hats, the Texas Cowboys is the oldest men ' s honorary service and spirit organization on the University campus. Members are selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship and a willingness to work for the University and the Austin commu- nity. They are chosen once a semester and are ini- tiated in a traditional ceremony. In December, the Cowboy Minstrels presented Isaac Hayes in concert at the Austin Municipal Auditorium. The proceeds of this sellout event went to the Austin Association for Retarded Chil- dren. At the concert Cowboy Sweetheart Dixie Ann Presley presented roses to the new sweetheart, Alice Jean Maslan. Other activities included the Cowboy Barbecue during Round-Up and an Easter Egg Hunt given for underpriviledged children in the Austin area. In addition, they took these children to the Shrine Circus and to Texas-S.M.U. game. The " Freddie Steinmark Award was presented to the most spir- ited team at the annual Special Olympics. The Texas Cowboys maintain " Smokey, " the cannon, which they fire at pep rallies and football games. They also sponsor the Cowboy Spirit Award and the annual Cowboy Bonfire for the Texas-Texas A M football game. Cowboy Minstrels brought Isaac Hayes in December. ______ ___________ __l Texas Cowboys John Jay Fosdick, Robert Leo Kaminski and Barksdale Hortenstine entertained children at the A.A.R.C. 287 Alpha Phi Omega Men ' s Service Fraternity Working together in campus and community service, Alpha Phi Omega provided University men with opportunities to develop leadership and to promote friendship while serving others. Serv- ice projects for this year included ushering Cul- tural Entertainment Committee events, manning campus election booths, assisting with registra- tion and working with area Boy Scouts. APO also helped sponsor the Campus Blood Drive as well as conducted the University Economic Sur- vey. As official University Tour Guides, APO gave numerous tours to groups ranging from school children to official University visitors. Social activities for APO included chapter par- ties or picnics each month as well as a semi-for- mal dance and banquet at the end of each semester. APO is open to all University men interested in serving the campus and the commu- nity. Membership selection is made at the begin- ning of each semester. President Administrative Vice-President Service Vice-President Membership Vice-President Treasurer Reporter Historian James Bruce Flodine Bert Orison Shivers Patrick Owen Shivers Robert James Kleineck William Reed Lang HI Wilfred Krenek Paul Schumann The University Economic Survey was conducted by A.P.O. ' s in February. A.P.O. ' s ushered at most Cultural Entertainment events. 288 1. Mark Rice I.aussade 44 2. Wilfred Michael Krenek 45] 3. Charles L. Goudeau 46. 4. Robert James Kleineck 47, 5. Steve Johnson 48 6. Milton Drew Walters 49. 7. Jim Pendleton 50 8. .Thomas William Campbell 51 9. James Robert Reinhart 52. 10. Bert Carlson Shivers 53. 11. Joanne E. Vacek 54, 12. Patrick Owen Macken 55 13. James Girard Switser 55 14. John Stephen Torigian 57 15. David Edward Moore 53 16. Melvin Curtis Odom 59 17. William Reed Lang III 60! 18. Robert C. Burke Jr. fij. 19. Kennedy King McElroy Jr. 62. 20. David Edward Salguero 63. 21. Edward Vincent 64. 22. David Alan Dobyns 65. 23. Ramon K. Gomez 66. 24. William Robert Roddy 67. 25. Robert Louis Panzarella 68. 26. Joseph Marvin Bloom 69. 27. Frederick P. Buckingham 70. 28. John Truitt Stokes 71. 29. John H. Anderson Jr. 72. 30. Richard H. Polmanteer 73. 31. Steven L. McDaniel 74. 32. John Lester Chin 75. 33. Stephen Ross Poole 76. 34. Robert Michael Baskin 77. 35. Ramon Gonzales 78. 36. Richard Stephen Arvedson 79. 37. James Russell Barnes 80. 38. Robert Irl Crowe 81. 39. Robert Pratt Thacker g2. 40. James David Garcia 83. 41. Edwin J. Seilheimer Jr. 84. 42. Robert L. Toellner Jr. 85. 43. Thomas A. Kirwan III 86. Arthur D. Holder Paul Anthony Busch John Raymond Vickers Steven Joseph Sicking Patricio C. Gonzalez Raymond Earl Davis Bruce Alan Goranson David James Cleveland Robert V. West III John Michael Childs Martin Mooney Morales William Ashby Dean Dennis Carl Obenhaus Daniel Edward Sicking Donald Andrew Mines Eric Eduardo Contreras Norman Richard Pegram Roberto Gonzalez John Phillips Clewlow Paul Mathew Low John Manuel Gonzalez Robert Wilson John Mark Jackson William Frank Carleton Terree Allan Bowers James Thomas Holden David Rodriguez Gary Kenneth Anderson Donald R. Hartsell Gary Eugene Ellison William Thomas McPherson Craig W. Peterson Robert Andrew Lanius Michael Parker Ronald Charles Reeder John Michael Crowe Jack Nicholas Fuerst Lawson P. Roberts Alan Wayne Goldsberry Gary Robert Wolfe Lawrence Eugene Lankford Peter Jens Skarbovick David Woody Bissett 87. Arturo Perez Jr. 88. Edward Lamar Lentz 89. James Bruce Flodine 90. Richard Davis 91. Michael D. Krumlauf 92. Edward Rogers Stovall Jr. 93. Junious J. Arrant Jr. 94. Michael S. Martinez 95. Peter M. McCutcheon 96. Barry Howard Stanley 97. Thomas Folios Drakos 98. Alfred Edward Fant 99. Dan Howard Hampton 100. Craig Litton 101. Samuel T. Wisialowski 102. Lawrence Donald Jones 103. Edward W. Hand Jr. 104. James Michael Vise 105. Thomas W. Gornick 106. Abraham Frishman 107. Dale Rylander 108. Phillip Alan Eisner 289 Jean E. Keeling, Mara Lynn Wells, Gail Ann Vanderstoep, Jeanne Keiko Katsuro, Josephine Darline Mays, Laurie Scott Mahaffey, Gloria Aguilar. Click Interaa Campus Girl Scouts is an adult service organi- zation open to co-eds on campus who are inter- ested in helping younger girls through a scouting experience. Although not a requirement for membership, many members are former Girl Scouts who want to stay active in the organiza- tion. Leaders from the Austin Council office pro- vide career outlines of the duties and experiences of other Scouts in the job world today. The National Campus Girl Scout conference was held in Cuernavaca, Mexico, this year and was attended by officers of the University chap- ter. The conference aimed to promote interna- tional friendship through the exchange of songs, dances, games, crafts and round-table gatherings. " Leader Weekend " was held in the spring and gave leaders a free weekend to relax and share experiences of their troops with other leaders. The Campus Girl Scouts provide assistance to any troop requesting service with their meetings or camp activities. Campus Girl Scouts President Vice-President Secretary Josephine Darlcne Mays Jean E. Keeling Dana Lee Rounsavill Campus Girl Scouts attended a recent retreat. 290 Circle K International Service Organization Circle K is an international service organization based on the idea that emphasis should be given to the spiritual development of life. Membership is open to all university students. Raising money to combat multiple sclerosis, helping mentally retarded and handicapped young people and tutoring adults from East Austin were among the projects undertaken by Circle K mem- bers this year. In April, members took part in a picnic given by Austin Kiwanis and Key Club members. The district convention, which Circle K members attended in April, was held in Dallas this year. Part of their effort to raise money to combat multiple sclerosis involved their sponsoring the " Up With People " performance in March. President Secre tary -Treasu rer District Treasurer Lt. Governor, Div. VI Advisor Eduardo Garza Thomas Wiiburn Cochran William Bradly Elmore Ricardo Rodriguez Edward Strieber FRONT ROW: Eduardo Garza. SECOND ROW: Theresa Magliolo. Ricardo Rodri- guez. THIRD ROW: William Bradley Elmore, Thomas Wiiburn Cochran, Randall Paul Guillot. 291 GDE Women ' s Service Organizaton President Administrative Vice-President Service Vice-President Membership Vice-President Marie Fernandez Marsha Ann Smith Susan Ann Maguire Venua Dasch Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian Therese Georgiana Brendler Martha Jones Lynda Lois Blcvins Cynthia Simpson Working at the Health Center, ushering Cul- tural Entertainment Committee events, helping with campus elections and taking East Austin children trick-or-treating were some of the projects undertaken by GDE this year. Striving for community as well as campus involvement, GDE is open to all University women who have a desire to serve others. Membership selection is made at the beginning of each semester. GDEs worked at the University Information Center and in the Legal Aid Office. They also helped sponsor a campuswide blood drive which benefited the Texas Hemophilia Association. Other projects included acknowledging sympa- thy cards for former President Lyndon Johnson ' s family, working with the blind and tutoring at Austin ' s Deliquency Prevention Center. GDE worked with children from the Austin State School, the Criss Cole Rehabilitation Cen- ter, Girlstown and Marilee School, taking them on field trips to the bakery and the Shrine Cir- cus. GDE also sponsored parties and picnics for these groups throughout the year. 1. Elaine King 2. Tommie Sue Boyce 3. Tnias Nortap 4. Cheryl Lynn Pritchett 5. Lynnette Francis Landry 6. Sue Lynn Avinger 7. Peggy Anne Schulz 8. Beverly Jan Jackson 9. Rosa Maria Vega 10. Karen Henrietta Weiller 11. Molly Boyd Goodell 12. Esta Lynn Kronberg 13. Natalie Ruth Golden 14. D ' Ardi Ruth Dreyer 15. Mary Margaret Freitag 16. Shelly Irene Smith 17. Kay Marilyn Levinson 18. Marsha Ann Smith 19. Mary Jane Wiley 20. Janice Ga yle Caswell 21. Linda Susan Cox 22. Betty Anne Jackson 23. Katherine Elaine Pons 24. Phyllis Ann Adcock 25. Deborah Ann Hurt 26. Dolores Estrada 27. Mary Susan Barnes 28. Patricia M. Reittinger 29. Kathleen Louise Evans 30. Therese Georgiana Brendler 3 1 . Patricia Gayle Eltzroth 32. Rebecca Maria Fernandez 33. Linda Diane Lippiatt GDEs helped the LBJ family acknowledge sympathy cards. ' 292 SCul. FRONT ROW: Gwena Cearley Kennedy, Judy Ann Rosenblum, Ann Henderson, Barbara Carol Wright, Jane Alice Anderson, Martha Ann Hill, Randall Gwenyth Jones, Vicki Gale Hall. SECOND ROW: Sarah Sherman Martin, Sharon Adana Pearce, Margaret Mary Flanagan, Gwendolyn Faye Wilson, Deborah Jo Smith, Mary Jo Beeson, Barbara Ann Linch, Rosalynn Rosenfeld, Donna Loretta Cegelski. THIRD ROW: Pamela Diane Mayo, Laura Barbara Latta, Ardell Taylor, Susan Leigh Winterringer, Rebecca Marie Fernandez, Christi Marie Jones, Cheryl Jo Jennings. ob e incli :. raj at gib it Gu- nks lot Orange Jackets Mimi and Jane Anderson often helped at the Health Center. President Vice-president Treasurer Secretary Program Chairman Contact Officer MJIV . ' ( Beeson Catherine Elaine Alleman Deborah Jo Smith Randall Gwenyth Jones Sarah Sherman Martin Martha Ann Hill Composed of representative sophomore, junior and senior women, Orange Jackets is an honor- ary service organization on campus. Members are chosen by the organization once a year in the fall on the basis of leadership, scholarship and service to the University. Orange Jackets worked in campus voting booths this year and participated in volunteer work at the University Health Center walk-in clinic. They also served as hostesses for Univer- sity President Stephen Spurr ' s Faculty-Staff reception in September and for the Dads ' Day activities at the Texas-S.M.U. football game. Social events included a tapping party and a Christmas dinner. Orange Jackets Women ' s Honorary Service Organization 293 294 Crow ' s Nest 1. John F. Schleicher 2. John Richard Carrillo 3. Bryan Ray Gilbert 4. Paul Moody Summit! 5. Dallas Clifford Giddens 6. Ernesto J. Hernandez 7. William Fred Arnold 8. Franklin B. Wootten Jr. 9. Steven Derdak 10. Paul Armand Thoman 11. Fredrick Robert Morse 12. John J. Lauterback 13. Mark Charles Thoman 14. Mark Culver E.vans 15. Anthony Andrew Ambrosetti 16. Carl Robert Beveridge 17. Daniel Thomas Puleio 18. William Davis Barren 19. James Patrick Voss 20. John Kenneth Wood 21. Leslie Jacob Schaffner 22. Michael Alton Schaffner 23. Patrick James Behnke 24. Robert Milton Hatch 25. Kevin John Kelley 26. James Michael Bushee 27. Basil Earl Moncrief 28. Steven Ray Cook 29. Wayne Douglas Slaughter 30. Francis Alan Bogar 31. Gary Hugh Bradley 32. Joseph Clement Koen 33. Ronald Douglas Crawford 34. Michael Lee Kelley 35. Gilbert Wesson Bailey 36. Ronald David Rivard 37. Michael Anthony Tatone 38. Steven F. Hoipkemeier 39. Randall Paul Hammon 40. Lenn Martin Lanahan Providing inexpensive cooperative housing, Crow ' s Nest gave midshipmen of the Navy ROTC opportunities for leadership and partici- pation on intramural sports teams. Social high- lights included parties with Kinsolving, mixers with sororities and dorms, the Navy Fall and Spring Formal and frequent house parties. Resi- dents were active in the Buccaneer Drill Team, Scabbard and Blade Society, Semper Fidelis, University Goodfellows and the Texas Cowboys. President Vice- President Treasurer Work Manager Food Buyer Mark Charles Thoman Leslie Jacob Schaffner Wayne Edward Anderson John R. Carillo Daniel Thomas Puleio 295 President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary W. Cotter White Jr. yne Woods Summers Michael David Pool Franklin Eugene Taylor The Prather Resident ' s Council gave Univer- sity men the opportunity for growth: through personal activities, social interaction and a uni- que experience in group living. The spirit of fel- lowship and mutual respect transcended the dif- ferent personalities, interests and goals of the various residents. It was this comradery that dis- tinguished Prather from other housing units. Residents participated in intramural sports with individual and group activities, and constantly provided competition with other dorms. Members of the Resident ' s Council assisted the Austin State School and helped to support underprivileged Austin families. Prather Hall Men ' s Residence 1. Paul Owen Johnson 2. Daniel W. Fowler 3. Arthur William Daly 4. Peter Senghaas 5. Scott M. Goode 6. Michael Bruce Sterling 7. Ronald Elmo Curry 8. Robert Culton Singleton 9. Steven Lee Nelson 10. Scott James Hopkins 1 1 . James Michael Carothers 12. Richard Calvin Dodd 13. Lane Allen Fusilier 14. Jesse Randall Walker 15. Stephen Roy Pitts 16. Juan Rosendo DeLuna 17. Lynn Bailey Wheeless 18. Wayne Douglas Haglund 19. Charles William Murphy 20. Cecil Floyd George Jr. 2 1 . Patrick August Townsend Jr. 22. William Alton Hill 23. Richard Edward Jones 24. Howard Wayne Casner 25. Brian D. Cuthbertson 26. Robert C. Duffy 27. Richard Paul Chapman 28. David Lester Neal 29. Kent Edward Ward 30. John Lee Yates 31. Charles Shedrick Moody 32. Franklin Eugene Taylor 33. Kent Edward Ward 34. James Linton Colley 35. Bryan Allen Bernard 36. Charles Jeff Estes 37. Layne Woods Summers 38. Kelley Edward Anderson 39. Ruben Quintanilla 40. Richard Allen Wheelus 41. Michael Allen Ratcliff 42. Joe Don Nenstiel 43. Louis Charles Hicks 44. Lawrence Edward Bartosek 45. Lynn Wilson Kizer 46. James McCann Walne 47. John Raymond Vickers 48. Michael David Pool 49. Chris Rodney Anderson 50. Andrew Aguilar 51. HongYu 52. Michael Clinton Marks 53. Ray Lament Wood 54. Edward Villarreal 55. Jay Joseph Longley 56. John Phillips Clewlow 57. James Lowell Yates 296 Christian Science Organization ice- President Treasurer Secretary Member-at-Large Henneberger usan K. Starnes Gayle Flizabeih Young J Dell Elizabeth Field Claire Deriise Brooks Members socialized after a weekly meeting. T ' tabs da aw - W MB Id .: Ma id 5. BELOW: Gayle Young spoke with Lee Mitchell after his talk. Presenting lectures and receptions to further spiritualized thinking in the academic commu- nity, the Christian Science College Organization worked to promote orderly growth in the study and practice of Christian Science. Two lecture sessions were held in October and March which featured members of the board of Lectureship from the First Church of Christ, Sci- entist of Boston, Massachusetts. These speakers tour the world annually and give similar lectures. Members participated in two orientation receptions held in September and March. These receptions were open to everyone expressing an interest in Christian Science. Their purpose was to acquaint students with the basis of the club. Applicants for membership must have shown an interest in the organization and an active interest in the study and practice of Christian Science. No initiation was held, but applicants were interviewed by the organization ' s officers. Lee Mitchell, of the Publications Committee, spoke at a meeting. 297 While providing spiritual growth for each other, members of the Student Christian Fellowship also endeavored to share their belief in the value of reli- gion with the University campus. Membership is open to any interested student. This year members worked with children in the Shiloh East Austin program and directed worship services and religious discussions with inmates of the Travis County Jail. Social events included two weekend retreats at the H.E.B. Foundation in Lea- key, and weekly Sunday evening meals prepared for and sponsored by students at the Biblical Stud- ies Center. ' Student Christian Fellowship President Treasurer Secretary Advisor Cynthia Kay Turnhough Gary Randall Honr Richard Alvin Yarbrough Dr. Ashley James Welch 1. Tahna Koa Box 2. Jennifer L. Hunter 3. John David Mack 4. Jan Carter 5. Julia Regina deWette 6. Larry Bob Moore 7. Stephan Douglas Henninger 8. Robert Chalmers Burke Jr. 9. Thomas Reagan Grant 10. Anne lone Perrine 1 1. Donna Brance Odle 12. Jackie Ray Petrash 13. Twyla Lynn Tranfaglia 14. Dianna Kay Ferrill 15. John Bob Cody 16. Cynthia Kay Turnbough 17. Tommy Lewis Johns 18. Rita Sue Foust 19. Charles Lucian Foust 20. Franklin Douglas Martin 21. Clifford W. Welch 22. Michael Paul DeWoody 23. Billy Dean Chaney 24. Charles Ludwig Buck III 25. Fred Ernest Strietelmeier 26. Linda Carol Cummings 27. James Edward Davis 28. Herschel Thomas Knowles 29. Robert Neil Gaines 30. Virginia Page Boyce 31. William Roger Wilson 32. Nancy Susan Stevens 33. Larry Paul Fuller 34. David George Cobb 35. Tisha Gayle McDonald 36. Edward Duane McMullen II 37. Lonnie Lee Vickers 38. Gary Randall Horn 39. John David Porterfield 40. Jane Ellen Hitt 41. William Charles Hejl 42. Joyce Ann Denton 43. Roy Thomas Consford Jr. 44. David Richard Overton 45. Howard Burke Miller 46. Jonizo Cain 47. Braxton Dorset! Reid 48. Paul Watson Tipton 35 36 298 The University Parachute Team provided UT students the opportunity to practice safety and precision in parachuting. Team members com- peted in Southwest area competitions, taking seven trophies in precision and accuracy. The team is composed of men who have completed a minimum of ten jumps and have complied with the initiation free fall from 14,000 feet. The club ' s sweetheart was Vicki Lynn Watson. President Vice-President Secretar) Safety Officer Leonard Janie Curvan Fred Weldon Leslie Vaughn Ruple John Michael Ball FRONT: Fred Weldon Leslie, Vicki Lynn Watson, Leonard James Curvan. BACK: Aubrey Vaughn Ruple, John Michael Ball. UT Parachute Team 299 1. William Calvin Chancy 2. Charles C. Reeder 3. Edward Hale Martin Jr. 4. Kenneth Joseph Ferguson 5. Mrs. James W. Morgan 6. Mr. James W. Morgan 7. John Harry Richardson 8. Rale Sterling Gideon 9. Roger Edward Coyner 10. David Bob Matlock 1 1 . Rex Wayne Tillerson 12. Michael Joseph Shearn 13. Stephen Glenn Morrison 14. Blanchard LeRoy Foster Jr. 15. John Alexander Bricker Jr. 16. Thomas William Marshall 17. Max Otto Reinbach Jr. 18. Michael Allen Baker 19. Steve Mason King 20. Emmett Elbert Harrison 21. Elizabeth Harper 22. Frank Barlow Rynd 23. Otis Edmond Elmore Jr. 300 Ronald Glenn Franklin John Alexander Bricker Jr. Bruce Edward Puckett Thomas Joseph Williams President Vice-president Treasurer Secretary BELOW: Traditional " Sunday Lunch " brought all club members together. C Providing residence for outstanding men at the University, the Tejas Club chooses members on the basis of their friendliness, responsibility and distinction as individuals. New members are for- mally initiated at the beginning of each semester. The purpose of the club is to provide an atmosphere that encourages individual growth through the development of scholarship, leader- ship and fellowship. This year members held a Christmas party for underprivileged children and created a Tejas Club Blood Fund at the Travis County Blood Bank. Other events included spe- cial dinners at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and the J. O. Garrett Award Banquet in the spring to honor the club ' s outstanding member. Tejas Club 301 UTSaUingClub 1 iMM ' M Sponsored by the Intramural Department under the Dean of Students, ; he ;:University of ; Texas Sailing Club is open to ialj University; stu- dents. The club ' s purpose is to provide the opportunity for sailing activities to menjbefs of the University community. Membership is on a semester-to-semester basis, with no admittance requireittents; made other than the successful completion of a swimming test. In addition to day sailing, available to all Sail- ing Club members and guests, the club sponsored periodic camping cruises, parties and get- togethers. The Sailing Club held a Novice Instruction Series near the beginning of each semester, open to the public free of charge. For members, on-the-water instruction was provided. A major division of the club was the UT Sail- ing Team, composed of UTSC Skippers who excel in competitive racing. The team competed with Other schools in the Southeastern Intercolle- giate Sailing Association (SEISA), including Tulane, the University of Houston, Texas A M, Rice, TCU and Louisiana Southern University. The UT Sailing Team ranked 2nd in SEISA competition last year. Last year was the first year to participate in intercollegiate racing. The team ranked 15th in the nation. President Vice- President Treasurer Secretary Advisor Rear Commodore gene Strode Pennebaker Jetrell Israel Meyerson Michael Stuart Hardwick Deborah Daniel Barbara Lynn Hanson John Ronald Smith 1. Vickie Lynn Knight 2. Michael T. Merritt 3. Denise Marian Jones 4. John Paul Montgomery 5. Stephen T. Hougen 6. Deborah Daniel 7. Eugene Strode Pennebaker 8. Mary Helen Greenwood 9. Ann Marie Hammel 10. Lew Browder 11. Jane Emelia Morris 12. Sandra Lee Watson 13. Douglas Neil Toepperwein 14. John Philip Bollmeier 15. Michael Stuart Hardwick 16. Ruth Ann Gall man 17. John Ronald Smith II 18. Jerrell Israel Meyerson FRONT ROW: Danny Lee Eidson, Michael Thomas Uselton. SEC- OND ROW: Guy Louis Tidmore, Oscar Martinez, George Martinez, Keith Akell. THIRD ROW: Stephen E. Scanio, James Thomas Holden, Alberto J. Flores, Cynthia Kay Foster, Melissa Elaine Morrow, Gary Jordan, Chris E. McJunkin. FOURTH ROW: Mark Ralph Godfrey, Steve H. Levin, Dennis Patman Jones, Charles Terry Willhoite, Robert Laney Vickers, Janet Edmiston, Timothy Ward Dickey, George David Martinez, James M. Wong Jr. FIFTH ROW: Steven 3. BrigfUwel], Lawrence H. Connolly, Edward Clinton Olson, Carl Brett Reavis, Vin- cent Wayne Issaaks, Wilson Edward Schaefer, Don D. Brightwell, Wil- liam Wesley Reed, Steven Edgar Nolan, Charles Gary Reeve, Berta Idalia Cruz, Christopher M. Wellman, David Henry Binder, Frederick Allen. Waring. President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer George Martinez Guy Louis Tidmore Cynthia Kay Foster Taekwon Do, the art of Korean Karate, has been practiced in America since 1956 when it was introduced to these shores by Jhoon Rhee. Rhee established the University Taekwon Do Karate Club in September of 1959. Mike Uselton, a third degree black belt, has been directing Taekwon Do at the University since 1969. There were several demonstrations by the club this year, including one at Dobie Center and at the Texas Union Main Ballroom, welcoming Jhoon Rhee, who visited Austin in December. The campus Karate Club exists for the purpose of offering Korean style Taekwon Do to the Uni- versity students. Aside from self-defense, Taekwon Do is also a means of promoting confidence weight control, and physical fitness, as well as mental and physical discipline. University Taekwon Do Karate Club . Choral Directors Southern Singers entertained in the Jester courtyard in the spring. Mi Varsity Singers performed before their European tour. n Bach Connie Wendell was a soloist featured by the choral groups. From Mexico ' s largest shopping center to serv- ice bases in Texas, Louisiana, Hawaii, the A ores and Europe, University Choral Organizations toured and performed under the guidance of its seven directors. Highlighting a trip behind the Iron Curtain was a private performance given for the president of Romania. Choral groups from the University were included in a benefit for the blind sponsored by Bob Hope and memorial services for President Lyndon B. Johnson. Often joining the Austin and University Symphony Orchestras, the groups also performed for the Southwest Music Educators National Convention and for the Festival of Texas Composers. Giving administrative direction to all nine groups for his sixteenth year at the University was Dr. Morris Jay Beachy, who also conducted the Chamber Singers and the Choral Union. Assistant Prof. Gordon Lamb and the A Ca- pella Choir performed the second work of the A Capella ' s Commissioning Series, while the Texas Troubadours sponsored the second annual Glee Club Festival under Mr. Lamb ' s direction. Assistant instructor Loyd Hawthorne led the Longhorn Singers through another successful year and teaching assistant Richard Conant with his ninety-voice Southern Singers pressed the group ' s first recording. Joining the Choral Organizations for the first time were three new directors: teaching assistant Mrs. Georgia Parmel ee with the Women ' s Concert Choir; teaching assistant Stewart Clark with the Varsity Singers; and teaching assistant Bob Wheeler with the University Chorus. Choral Organizations The repertoire of a cappella choir consisted of choral art selections from all periods of musical history. The main activities included presentations of major fall and spring concerts in the recital hall and a week-long spring concert tour to the South- west Regional Convention of the Music Educators National Conference in Oklahoma. A Cappella Choir was featured in the University Christmas concert and participated in the Choral Organiza- tion ' s picnic and annual banquet. Members for the choral group were selected by the conductor, Gordon Howard Lamb, through auditions at the beginning of the fall semester and occasionally throughout the year. A Cappella Choir ' resident Vice- President Treasurer Secretary Harvey Morris Stevens Roger Douglas Lind Robert Wayne Prof t Ann Angela Kostas ihtMll LBJ Liter, to lie niosi English coop 10 Mexico ioi Chan FRONT ROW: Marilyn Sue Stephens, Joan McElhannon, Phillis Fay Farmer, Molly Virginia Ryan, Laurie Jan Reece, Clara Joy Aiken, Mere- dith B. Fischer, Ruth Ann Fankhauser, Nancy Carol Thompson, Patti Charmayne Moody, Susan Marie May, Betty Lou Thomas, Mary McKay Hall, Susan Frances Tobin, Penny Ann Hubert, Rosemary Horton, Joan Lenore Hamilton, Marilyn Jean Howell, Karen S. Simmons, Margaret Lynn Moreland, Maida Diane Papanek, Katherine Kenewski, Eloise Elaine Ernst, Cynthia Ann Couch, Ann Angela Kostas, Deborah Carter. BACK ROW: Jimmy Wayne Madsen, Harvey Morris Stevens, Donald Preston Wiley, Jimmy Wade Gutherie, James Robert Paul, Kevin Jay Dunn, Daniel M. Haik, Dennis Jeffrey Hoover, Robert Wayne Proft, James Bernard Proft, Roger Douglas Lind, Johnny M. Kidd, Charles K. Castle, George Lider Johnston, Mark Douglas Dixon, Mark Stephen Cra- ven, Gary Wayne Pyle, John Wallace Dierlam, Paul Schumann, John Charles Ament, Robert Jeffry Womack. 306 1. Loyd Furman Hawthorne 2. Christina Powers 3. Gloria Jeane Evans 4. Leslie S. Nitzberg 5. James Starkey 6. Karen Lois Jenke 7. Georgia Gilliam Parmelee 8. Penny Ann Hubert 9. John Clyde Winkler 10. Nancy McCann 1 1 . Richard Paul Conant 12. Donald Lee Evans Jr. 13. Robert Kearney Wheeler Musical preparation during the fall semester for the Chamber Singers was busier than usual since the annual tour was taken between semesters. The organization presented programs in the fall at Fredericksburg and Marble Falls. The Annual Christmas Concert, presented in the LBJ Library Auditorium was warmly received by a large audience. The 21 -member group ' s reper- toire ranged from the early Baroque compositions to the most modern settings by American and English composers. The Chamber Singers ' tour this year took them to Mexico for three performances in Mexico City and additional concerts in Vera Cruz, Pino Suarez, Plaza Satelite and Colegio La Salle. The tour marked the Chamber Singers ' first trip to Mexico. The group participated in the doctoral lecture program presented by Loyd Hawthorne, the mas- ter ' s thesis program directed by Georgia Parmelee and in the Annual Collegium Musicum Spring Concert given in Recital Hall in April under the direction of Professor Gilbert Blount. A number of the members also participated in the Choral Music Seminar Series presented by many of the outstand- ing choral leaders in the country. Chamber Singers 307 The 130 members of the Choral Union were active this year presenting concerts in Austin, San Antonio and Houston. The first concert was given in November as part of the Fine Arts Festival. A salute to the music of the twenties, the program was performed in conjunction with the University Symphony Orchestra and was one of a series of Benefit Scholarship Concerts to raise funds for members of the University orchestra and choral organizations. In December, the Choral Union presented a concert with the Austin Symphony Orchestra at Municipal Auditorium. During the fall semester, the Choral Union also received an invitation from the National Orches- Choral Union tral Association to perform the Verdi " Requiem " in Carnegie Hall in New York City on May 1. Unfortunately, the group was not able to partici- pate in this event due to lack of funds. Second semester, the Choral Union performed a work by resident composer Karl Korte of the Uni- versity music department. His work, " Pale is This Good Prince, " was scheduled for a performance at the University of Houston campus in February. Later in the spring, they combined with the Austin Symphony Orchestra to perform music from Alex- ander Borodin ' s " Polouetsian Suite. " The final concert was given in conjunction with the Univer- sity Symphonic Band. 308 ion May 1. partici- imeda he I ' m- is Is anceai :bniai) ' , : Austin m Ma- ke final Univer- I President Treasurer Secretary Cynthia G. Peterson Darein Lee Mclnnis Peggy Ann Kuhn Stressing the love for singing, Southern Singers, directed by Richard Paul Conant, proved their interest in popular music. An album was recorded this year for the first time of the Singers ' concert tour. Members sang primarily at armed forces bases throughout the United States and Texas and tours included several concerts at Lackland and Goodfellow Air Force Bases. Traveling from Austin to Ruidoso, New Mex- ico, Southern Singers entertained at military bases during a four-day spring tour. In the summer, the group traveled to Mexico City and Acapulco where they presented concerts for the public and military troops. Other activities included Choral Organizations ' parties and after-concert parties at members ' homes. Southern Singers presented a concert at Jester Center in March and a money-making con- cert at St. John ' s Methodist Church to help finance the group ' s summer tour to Mexico. Members also participated in intramural sports. To be considered for membership, singers are auditioned by Conant at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. 1. Patricia P. Blaha 2. Rebecca Lynn Head 3. Janie Lane Head 4. Carol Ann Crabtree 5. Constance B. Wendell 6. Laura Louisa Smith 7. Julia Ellen Wheat 8. Mary Elin McAfee 9. Linda Kay Wheeler 10. Elizabeth Ann Timmons 11. Pamela J. Silverblatt 12. Marie Timberlake 13. Karen Lee Kreitzer 14. Jayne Rebecca Kunkel 15. Vicki Diane Stern 16. Nancy Nell Kidd 17. Linda Kay Mesloh 18. Mary Kathleen Eichner 19. Ellen Merritt Simpson 20. Marsha Lynn Walls 21. Cindy Bonnie Kahn 22. Marsha Lynn Wilson 23. Melinda Lynn Wilson 24. Jean Charlotte Jelks 25. Susan K. Starnes 26. Vicki Ann Morgan 27. Denise Marie Amiot 28. Deborah N. Sheridan 29. Deborah G. Hosek 30. Paula Ann Watson 31. Cynthia L. Robertson 32. Carol P. Bruneman 33. Rita Ann Blocher 34. Karen Louis Cranberry 35. Mary Martha Markantonis 36. Verna Jean Sykes 37. Jeanne Shelley Evans 38. Pamela Jean Westcott 39. Linda Lou Jennings 40. Nancy Blaker Mitchell 41. Elizabeth Woods Gray 42. Patricia Linn Davis 43. Rana Rebecca Phillips 44. Orine S. Robinson 45. Sandra Beth Smyth 46. Margie Annette Harris 47. Cynthia G. Peterson Southern Singers Soloist Sherrita Lee entertained at Jester. 309 Participation in Bob Hope ' s Benefit for the Blind and a goodwill tour of Rumania were among the activities of the Longhorn Singers this year. Membership in the choral group is open to all stu- dents and provides an opportunity for non-music majors to sing popular music. In November, the Longhorn Singers were active during the annual Dad ' s Day activities. The group contributed to the Christmas music presented by choral organizations on the Main Mall. In Febru- ary, the group sang at the capitol in the tree plant- ing ceremony for returning POW ' s. Longhorn Singers took part in the Pops Concert as well as performing at northwest Texas high schools. FRONT ROW: Rodney Duane Schmidt, Robert Wayne Proft. Balon B. Bradley, Sheldon G. Gross, Randall Eric Baylor, Robert Ernest Jones, Lawrence William Price, Byron Frederick Lilly, Edgar B. Little- field, Robert Elmer Herod, John Edwin Van Zant, Kent Ashley Main, William R. Woodward, Kelly Francis Whalen. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Ann Whalen, Janine Clark, Michele Barr, Eloise 310 Longhorn Singers President Vice- President Treasurer Secretary Advisor Reese A. Mathieu Larry Dean Kille Jerry Walter Malcolm Cathy Lynn Barr Loyd Furman Hawthorne Elaine Ernst, Barbara Dochoda, Janet Lynn Whaley, Virginia Nell Hargon, Deborah Denese Davison, Margaret L. Moreland, Deborah Lynne Rindy, Gwendolyn Faye Wilson. THIRD ROW: Nicky Mar- shall Norton, Jerry Walter Malcolm, Christopher Bonwich, Lester Lansing Kothmann, Benjamin Frank Wear, Martin Scott Holler, Douglas Burt Fraser, William Taylor, Richard Lea Robertson, Scott Monroe Farmer, Osbaldo B. Aguilar, Paul Edwin Donop, Richard Bush Holmes, Robert Byron Melton, Robert William Hope, John H. Ingram III. FOURTH ROW: Janis Yarbrough, Paula Holmes, Sandra Eilene Jones, Deborah Lynn Wroth, Margaret Ann Sprinkle, Karen Deborah Nichols, Kevyn Colleen Jones, Kathy Van Hemert, Mary Patricia Northern, Deborah Lane. 311 Texas Troubadours The oldest singing organization on the Univer- sity campus, the Texas Troubadours specialized this year in presenting an exciting spectrum of folk, popular and serious music. Members were selected at the beginning of each semester by Gordon H. Lamb, Troubadour director, through auditions. The Troubadours sponsored the Second Annual Glee Club Festival in February at the East Campus Library Audito- rium which featured the Phi Mu Alpha Men ' s Chorus from East Texas State University. Con- certs in New Orleans highlighted the Troubad- ours ' spring tour through Texas and Louisiana. 1. Michael Roy Martin 2. James Byron Stone 3. Jerry Donald Barker 4. Lynn Scott Sousares 5. John Stephen Nesby 6. John A. Cooney 7. Russell Romoser HI 8. Michael W. Lattimore 9. Charles B. Hagemeier 10. Michael Bruce Lauten 11. David C. Reutinger 12. Kirk Barefield 13. David Grant Daniel 14. Joe Rayfora Thornton 15. Russell Irwin Buckner 16. Charles Nolan Bolding 17. Billy Bob Bates 18. Tommy Byrne 19. Joel Howard Smith Jr. 20. Kevin Allen Drake 21. Robert William Hope 22. Joseph Jacob Ernst 23. Larry Michael Reuter 24. Melvin James Rogge President Lynn Scott Sousares Vice-President Charles Nolan Bolding Treasurer Joe Rayford Thornton Secretary Michael W. Lattimore Director Gordon H. Lamb 312 I 1. Maria Azalia Cuellar 2. Sandra Marilyn Miller 3. Paul Talmage Boston 4. Ruth Louise Mehan 5. Alanna Marcia Silverstein 6. Malcolm Edwin Lofley 7. Barbara Ann Bratton 8. Karol Ann Badgett 9. Elizabeth Anne Persons 10. Theresa Marie Magliolo 11. Dorothy Jean Anderson 12. Kathleen Jeanette Jarvis 13. Cheryl Dianne Pyle 14. Robert Kearney Wheeler 15. Drusilla Bethea Ellis 16. Charlotte Susan Leach 17. Margaret Louise Schmid 18. Harold David Jarvis 19. Kerry Owen McArtor 20. Beverly Francis Beren 21. Stephanie Lynn Parsutt 22. Fiorenza Anna Bruni 23. Susan Gail Loney 24. Rebecca Ann Ness 25. Edmund Paul Frank 26. Karen Anne Wahlsten 27. Craig Marshall Topham 28. Meredith Jane Cowan 29. Sonja Maria Hedgepeth 30. Mary Pamela Pearson 31. Susan Eileen Grain 32. Marsha Joan Wukasch 33. Gary Wrenn White 34. Gail Ann Knoble 35. John Garland Blakeley 36. Nancy Inez Wharton 37. Debra Teresa Hoover President Vice-President Secretary- Advisor Alanna Marcia Silverstein Edmund Paul Frank Charlotte Susan Leach Dr. Morris Jay Beach Under the direction of Robert K. Wheeler, the University Chorus offered an opportunity for non-music majors to sing sacred music. Members were chosen through auditions at the beginning of both fall and spring semesters. Programs were presented by the fifty-member chorus in city churches. In December, the chorus performed in the joint Christmas concert on the main mall. In addition, members of University Chorus joined with the other choral organiza- tions in their annual spring picnic and traveled to Burnet, Texas for several performances. University Chorus 313 Varsity Singers A USO tour of Europe during the spring semester highlighted the Varsity Singers ' year. The 14-member group specializes in performing popular music, including Broadway hits and show tunes. The Varsity Singers ' display of color and music was presented to University students in a farewell performance at Jester Auditorium February 10. The group also performed at the Austin Country Club, the Capitol Press Dinner and the L.B.J. Library on Dad ' s Day. The Varsity Singers, chosen by audition at the beginning of each fall semester, performed under the direction of Stewart Jay Clark. Pcgg 1 aurcn Horwic, Vivan Sue McC ' allimi 13 FK GM ONDK Before their European tour, the Varsity Singers gave a farewell concert at Jester. 1. Peggy Lauren Horwits 2. Deborah Gay White 3. Ermine Michael 4. Vivan Sue McCallum 5. Kristina Kathleen Clark 6. Sherry Swenson 7. Kim M.Kelly 8. Stewart Jay Clark 9. Paul Garrett Pearcy 10. Stanley Raymon Wiedeman 11. Darrel Leon Brown 12. David August Senter 13. Paul Wayne Beutel 14. Albert William Morris Jr. 15. John Layton Wheelock I 314 FRONT ROW: Laura Kaye Brown, Sandra Lynn Sykora, Aida Marie Ken- nedy, Susan Ilene Pulman, Connie Ruth Gastler, Cathy Lynn McClure, Gwendolyn Mickel, Deborah Dale Graham, Linda Dillahunty Parker. SEC- OND ROW: Nannette Avant, Deborah Lee Merrell, Laurie Anne Windham, Donna Rose Chajkowski, Kimberly Ann Sherrill, Carol Anne Stapper, Eliza- beth D. Henderson, Lynn Marie Kennedy. THIRD ROW: Karla L. Pfennig, Molly A. Campbell, Marsha Kaye Scale, Linda Caye Clearman, Patricia Ann Mullins, Elizabeth Woods Gray, Patricia M. Nelson, Kathleen Anne Huston, Janette Leslie Jones. FOURTH ROW: Sarah K. Robberson, Audrey Darlene Fisher, Virginia A. McGovern, Robin Marmon, Mollie Brockman, Susan Steed Brady, Karolynn Kadera, Minka Leverne Howard. :: is:;: President Juliann e Abernathy Vice-President Nannette Avant Treasurer Carol Anne Stapper Secretary Linda Kay Parker Librarians Aida Marie Kennedy AnHrcv Harlpnc Fich r Specializing in music of a serious nature, the Women ' s Concert Choir performed works by Brahms, Randall Thompson and Korte. With the Christmas season came various activi- ties, including the annual Main Mall Christmas Concert with other Choral Organization groups, a program at St. Luke ' s Methodist Church and car- oling at Hancock Center. The choir also presented a Spring Program with the Chamber Singers. Members are selected in auditions open to music and non-music majors each semester by the director, Georgia Gilliam Parmalee. Women ' s Concert Choir 315 CC6ANIZ4TICNS DIRECTED SUSIE STC FRONT ROW: Sezanne Arlitt, treasurer; Elise Arline Olsen, president. SEC- OND ROW: Melinda Roberts, vice-president; Linda Rose Weiner, historian; Karon Schrank, secretary. Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Women ' s Honorary Society Freshman women are eligible for membership in the University Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta if they have maintained a 3.5 grade point average while carrying a full course load during either the first semester or first year in college. The society awarded four special $100 aca- demic scholarships to current members. Other activities included a reception for high school valedictorians in the fall co-sponsored with Phi Eta Sigma, the freshman men ' s honor society. A banquet with new members of Phi Eta Sigma was held in April after spring initiation. SPRING 1972 INITIATES Sallv Marie Aquirre Teri Ann Allbrigh! Caron Ann Allen Denise Marie Amiot Mary Christine Anderson Iris Lee Arbisser Sezanne Arlitt Bonnie Jean Aust Ann Lynnette Autry Ann Elizabeth Await Patricia Michelle Bacak Joy Jen Baker Marlcne Beth Baksl Anne Edmonds Ballard Jenny Lou Bankhead Mary Susan Barnes Mary Louise Baskins Christine E. Batchelor Jane Louise Baum Connie Lee Bell Pamela Jean Bell Leslie Anne Benitez Elizabeth Ann Benson Lesley Doris Beresford Terryl Ann Blaylock Linda S. Block Elizabeth Kay Bodin Sue Scher Bornstein Jan Kathryn Boynton Linda Branz Carol Ann Bratt Charlotte A. Bratton Therese G. Brendler Deborah Glyn Brock De bra Frances Brown Edith Elizabeth Brown Helen Anne Brown Mary Beth Broz Dona Suzanne Buchter Nancy Elizabeth Call Patricia Ann Campbell Dora Alicia Cantu Lucy EartheH Cargil! Sarah Ann Caughran Elisabeth S. Chaffe Donna Rose Chajkowski Phyllis Jean Chamlee Mary Colette Chandler Patricia A. Chandler Julie Ann Chapman Carolyn Lee Cherry Julie Gayle Clark Barbara Cohen Nancy Lois Coleman Barbara Ellen Cook Sandra Fran Cornell Linda Karen Crabtree Alison Jeanne Culling Janna Denice Davis Margaret Ann Davis Kim Taylor Dawson Susan Jane Dittmar Donnie Lou Dudgeon Joanne Lee Duerr Rene Duflot Susan Ann Duncan Janette Dyer Debra Ann Earls Jacquelyn Kaye Edwards Anne Middleton Ellzey Cynthia Ann Ervin Beverly Jane Eubank Robyn E. Evans Elizabeth Ann Farris Jan Marie Fay Cindy Lou Feaster Nancy Marie Ferguson Susan E. Folk Karen Rae Ford Ruth Ann Foster Karen Sue Friedman Debra Ann Fritsche Mary Ann Fritts Mary Corlyn Fuentes Janet Fuller Yvonne Debra Furrnan Debra Ann Gabitzsch Elizabeth Marie Garcia Minalec Ethel Gardner Ann Garrison Pamela Susan Gary Dona Louise Gathman Erma Willene Gee Shameem K. Ghauri Nevin Carol Giese Anna Maria Gomez Barbara Ann Gordon Susan Dianne Graham Julia Ann Griffin Sandra Ruth Grimes Evelynn Sharon Gurievsky Lora Ann Hager Pamela Sue Hargrove Gail Cynthia Harris Sharon Lee Harris Deborah Jo Haskovec Hofly Aiko Hayataka Deborah Genevieve Heilman Sarah Hean Hester Sandra Joyce Hill Janet Lois Hindsman Dona Kay Hix Ercell Renne Holmes Terri Gay Hook Dona Kim Hopkins Barbara Belle Hubbard Kathryn Sue Huebner Sharon Rie Hurst Karen Hutchinson Ellen Jane Jacobs Lisa Kerry Jacobson Linda Sue Jiles Laura Ann Johns Vickie Lynn Jones Patricia Diane Jump Can Beth Kahn Debra Faith Katz Patricia Ann Kiernan Marlene E. Kortage Ann Angela Kostas Karen Kay Kothman Tanya Kowlsky Deborah Susan Large Camille Larrey Janet Lynne Lawrence Jane Lynn Lepley Elizabeth J. Lockhart Cynthia Anna Lopez Jan Love Deidre Diane Lyons Anne Marie Maddux Marian T. Malone Linda A. Marchesseau Roberta Faye Marshall Linda Kay McCall Coleen McClellan Renee Viktoria McCright Ethelene McCullough Mary Leigh McDaniel Charlene McDougall Patrice Suzanne McGraw Karen E. McLinden Joan Elizabeth McMahan Belly Jo Millard Anita Gwynn Miller Melinda Lou Mingus Karlyn Louise Mitchell Lesa Claire Mitchell Deborah Ann Monro Kathy Moore Sylvia Moreno Alethia Ellen Morgan Robin Gail Muhlbauer Pamela Myers Gail Josephine Naymola Sharlene Neibauer Lisa JoNeidert Amy Ng Patricia L. Nommensen Nina Elizabeth Norris Barbara Ellen Norton Francine Lynn Nussenblatt Elise Arline Olsen Carol Jean Olson Linda Sue Olson Janis M. Oujezdsky Nancy Jo Ann Palmer Maureen E. Pantusa Carrie Lynn Parker Janice Cockrell Payne Louie Avis Payne Suzanne Peterman Marcia Lynn Pfluger Risa Kam Pippin Laura Anderson Popper Karen Jean Prager Gerry Elizabeth Pratt Page Harriet Price Susan Lee Priest Laura Ann Ramsey Susan Mayo Rankin Joan Ellen Ransom Jami Fonda Ray Lindsay Elizabeth Rentfro Melinda Roberts Lucille Robinson Debra Susan Rogers Susan Gail Rosenbaum Linda Jean Royall Connie Alice Rudel Janna Kay Russell Betty Grace Rylander Susan Joy Saibara Patricia E. Schneider Dianne L. Schoener Karon Schrank Gail Scott Berverly Lu Seals Sue Ellen Sherblom Mary K. Sherwood Rebecca Lynne Shumate Mary Dominic Sicola Alanna M. Silverstein Anastatia Sims Emma Jean Slack Jean Ruth Sladek Maria Elaine Smith Marilyn Lee Smothers Susan E. Soutter Donna Lee Spalding Marilyn E. Stanley Nancy Carol Stanley Jennifer Stansbury Susan Kay Starnes Susan Kay Steeg Susan Joanne Stoler Marie Cozette Stroud Janis Beth Studdard Jo Lyn Summer Cynthia LeeTatum Michele Dieu Thiet Hilda Suzanne Thomas Nancy Jean Thomas Linda Carol Thompson Nancy Carol Thompson Paulette Kay Toellner Christine Marie Traynor Charlotte Ramsey Unger Nancy Sue Vance Kathy Ann Vincent Nancy Louise Vine Virginia L. Volterra Leslie Wagner Teresa Gladys Walsh Melissa Ann Weaver Susan Ann Weaver Nancy Ellen Weidt Linda Rose Weiner Bonnie Renee Weise Lynn Dell Weldon Christine Rene Wells Kathy Lynn Wells Vanessa Lynn Werlla Patricia Ann Wheeler Barbara Gail Williams Linda Susan Williams Cynthia Diane Wilson Lewise Ann Wilson Patricia Lee Wilson Johanna Maxine Windisch Peggy Wingard Shirley Ann Worcester Rowena Mira Young Susan G. Zweighaft FALL 1972 INITIATES Sandra Kay Bailey Janet Lee Bertero Bonnie Dale Blaylock Barbara Ann Bruce Wanda Marie Buffaloe Anna Carolyn Cutler Phoebe Ellis Darlene E. Garden Elizabeth G. Graham Imelda Celine Guerra Sherry Joretta Hansen Ginger Carol Hart Janet M. Hearn Joan Ellen Hegarty Sylvia Herrera Cathy Hildebrand Clara G. Hoggman Susan Jones Pamela Ann Jordy Melinda Ann Koester Dianne Marie Kraft Amelia Kay Lebowitz Janel E. Leonard Susan Gay McCuilough Melinda Mallari Nancy Lucille Mara Anna Catherine Miller Debbie Myers Dcbra Kay Nance Mary Lynne Newell Alice Ann Olson Carolyn Osborn Susan Gail Plettman Marilee Porter Connie Lynn Reeves Gayle Annette Richey Mary Guyton Robertson Erica Rogalla Judith G. Rogers Karen Jean Saadeh Sharon Ruth Spinner Carol Anne Stapper Leticia Marie Volpc Ann Clark WalUntine Cynthia Kay Williams Lillian Ruth Williams 317 Friar Society For the first time in its 62-year-old history, the Friar Society extended membership to women in the oldest honorary society on the University cam- pus. The society felt that the exclusion in the past of the 40 percent female population on campus from membership was detrimental to the organiza- tion. Also, the changing role of women in society contributed to the decision. Second semester junior standing and a signifi- cant contribution to University life remained qual- ifications for membership. New members were announced at the Texas-Arkansas football game and during Round-Up Week in March. Student Friars and alumni from across the state attended social functions during the year at stu- dents ' houses. In May, Friars also met with Uni- versity Regents Dr. James Bauerle, Edward Clark and former Gov. Allan Shivers, to discuss Univer- sity related matters. Abbot Almoner Scrivener Gregory Eugene Lucia Dan Stewart Boyd Gary Arthur Munneke MEMBERS James Harlan Arnold Henry Clifton Avery III Bobby Lee Boldt Dan Stewart Boyd John Karl Dietz Edward Seewald Guleke Scott Allen Henderson John Graham Hill Gregory Eugene Lucia Richard Wayne Meyer Samuel Dewey Millsap David Meyer Mincberg Theodore Jerome Siff Stephen Lloyd Van Paul D. Velez John Tullos Wells Gary Stewart Wortley FALL INITIATES William Dixon Benson Samuel Thomas Biscoe Ronald Glenn Franklin Sanf ord Lee Gottesman James O. Guleke Gary Arthur Munneke Alan Jay Weil William Robert Young SPRING INITIATES Catherine Elaine Alleman Patricia Kay Biggers Michael L. Gillette Scott Ingersoll Harmon Martha Ann Hill Michael E. Hudson Diana E. Marshall Kenneth E. Martin Janette Patterson Gary Michael Polland Diane Wood Van 318 Members enjoyed a reception at the Chi Omega sorority house after spring initiation. Mortar Board Women ' s National Honor Society Outstanding junior and senior University women who have made significant contributions to the University and have maintained a 3.0 grade point average are eligible for membership in Mor- tar Board. Faculty and organizations nominate women for membership and members select initi- ates from the nominees each spring. State Representative Sarah Weddington of Aus- tin and Austin School Board member Carol Kee- ton McClellan spoke to Mortar Board members in the fall. Dinners were held at homes of Mortar Board alumnae during the year. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Norma Gonzalez Barrera Patricia Kay Biggers Martha J. Blanchette Amy Joan Brown Katherine S. Bruce Julianne Buaas Patricia Kay Biggers Jane Lynwood Lowrey Claudia Jo Upchurch Vicki Lee Mahaffey Jackie Louise Byars Marilyn Carroll Cartwright Janis Cathline Cocek Kathryn Ann Coffey Patricia Ann Dennis Karen Gay Gordon Virginia Christine Guess Martha Ann Hill Phyllis Marie Janecka Barbara Doris Lau Jane Lynwood Lowrey Bonnie Cummins Lucas Vicki Lee Mahaffey Susan Marie May Nancy M. McClellan Judith Ann Naugh ton Sharon Adana Pearce Julia Ann Peek Sylvia C. Pennywell Deborah Ann Rail Elizabeth Ann Reed Judith Roberts Nancy Sellmgsloh Ardell Taylor Claudia Jo Upchurch Gwendolyn Faye Wilson SPRING INITIATES Emily Fields Anderson Marian Ruth Bentley Jan Kathryn Boynton Therese G. Brendler Marcia Ann Cain Donna L. Cegelski Lou Elizabeth Coffey Sarah Ellen Davenport Molly Clare Duson Margaret Mary Flanagan Kathy Freeland Jane Ellen Garner Cathy Hildebrand Jeannine Rose Hoppe Kathleen D. Jenkins Lucy Carole Love Kathryn Ann McDonald Sarah Sherman Martin Nancy Elizabeth McGinley Alethia Ellen Morgan Anne Webb Nelson Kay Nester Elizabeth Bonnie Sewell Andrea Maria Sidor Claudia Helene Siegel Linda Elizabeth Smith Nancy Ann Stover Nancy Elizabeth Suggs Gail Van VanderStoep Esther Rene Vincent Angelica Silvia Volterra Jeanne Margot Wilde Susan Leigh Winterringer Susan De Wipperman Janice Lane Zimmerman 319 Founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee Uni- versity in Virginia, Omicron Delta Kappa is the nation ' s oldest honorary society which recognizes excellence in leadership and service. An initiation ceremony was held in April to induct new members consisting of students, fac- ulty, and honorary nominees. To be eligible, a stu- dent must scholastically rank in the top 35 percent of his class and have shown exceptional leadership and service to the University. A faculty or honor- ary nominee must have demonstrated exceptional leadership and achievement in his respective field. Omicron Delta Kappa Men ' s National Leadership Society President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Faculty Liaison MEMBERS Henry Franklin Alexander Michael Ralph Bisesi Dan Stewart Boyd William M. Burney III Mark M. Connally James Harvey Elder 111 Stephen Ray Fontaine Ronald Glenn Franklin David Shuler Gamble David C. Garza Kenneth S. George Michael L. Gillette Mark Gideon Goode III Bruce Alan Goranson Sanford L. Gottesman Edward Seewald Guleke James O. Guleke II Samuel Douglas Haas Scott Allen Henderson John Graham Hill William Kazmann II Jerry M. Keys Gary Virgil Lehmberg Richard Wayne Meyer Samuel Dewey Millsap Gary Arthur Munneke Gary Michael Polland Charles Ray Porter Thomas Wayne Rioux Jerome Ernest Sneed Miguel Solis John Robert Stratton Stephen L. Van Ronnie Ray Volkening Stephen Craig Walls Nolan F. Ward Charles Monroe Wilson William Robert Young Charles P. Zlatkovitch FACULTY MEMBERS Stanley A. Arbingast James Bernard Ayres William Thomas Belt Harold Charles Bold Francis X. Bostick Vernon M. Briggs Richard Burdick Byrne Charles T.Clark Roy Rochester Craig William Hughes Cunningham Vincent R. DiNino J. Frank Elsaas Gerhard J. Fonken Ernest Frederich Gloyna William T. Guy D. B. Jack Holland Wayne H. Holtzman W. Page Keeton Lorrin G. Kennamer George Kozmetzky Donald Alfred Larson William S. Livingston John J. McKetta Jack Russell Maguire Eugene W. Nelson Arno Nowotny Kenneth William Olm Dewitt Carter Reddick James R. Roach Albert A. Rooker Darrell K. Royal Raynard M. Sommerfeld Charles Alan Wright HONORARY MEMBERS John B. Connally Jr. Dr. Charles A. LeMaistre FALL INITIATES Bobby Lee Boldt Larry Alan Campagna Charles Cervantes Hector Rene DeLeon Dr. James P. Duncan Robert Leo Kaminski Gary M. Kusin John Robert Marietta Gary Ray Rylander James B. Smith Jr. John Carrol Thomas Donnie Lynn Vick Steven Alan Wisch John Robert Stratton John Tullos Wells Samuel D. Haas Paul J. Van Osselaer Gary A. Munneke PhiB SPRING INITIATES Saba Jack Balagia Jr. Michael Bayer Joseph William Bell William Alexander Brock Jr. John Barnes Gordon Frank Leroy Grossman Nikolai Kerpchar Alan Harold Levi James William Little Jack Allan Louis Daniel Warren Nelson Lawrence Scott Pierce Gary Ray Pinnell Charles Edward Watkins Robert Daniel Watkins Willie Frank Zapalac FACULTY John A. Grounouski Walt W. Rostow J. Neils Thompson HONORARY Bob R. Dorsey Harry Huntt Ransom Allan Shivers Jtori: kbloDv, Sara ,-: 320 Phi Beta Kappa President Keith E. Morrison Vice-President Dorothy Tate Lay Secretary-Treasurer James A. Hitt National Arts and Sciences Honorary Society Since 1904, Phi Beta Kappa has recognized dis- tinguished scholarship among junior and senior candidates for Bachelor of Art degrees and Bache- lor of Science degrees in chemistry, geology, and physics. New members are selected twice each aca- demic year and honored in April with an annual initiation banquet. Phi Beta Kappa also sponsored a visiting speaker and scholar, Professor Wheeler J. North on October 19 and 20. 1972 INITIATES James Terry Acuff Jr. James Alan Barham Gary John Barlettano Benjamin W. Grant Barnes Marv Margaret Bearden Tern H. Beat) Leo M Blancheu III Rosalind Patricia Bond Lauren Demse Boyd Charles William Britt Jr. Donald Eugene Britton Robert Edwin Broshears Erin Elizabeth Brown Peter Leonard Bruell Karen Elizabeth Calvert Charlotte Christine Carl Douglas Aaron Cawley Pamela Fowler Clement James Cyrus Coates Jr. Stephanie Sokolewicz Connell Michael Haden Conner Mary Fraley Cooley John Allen Coulter Jr. Gary Forrest Cox Kim David Cromack John Kms eyCusterlll Norman Alan Davenport William David Deaderick Penny Jelen Dear Johnnie Mae Denton Gail Mane Dickenson Sandra Jane DiQumzio John Hey Donegan Nelson Henry Donegan Timothy Cole Downing Suzanne Covinglon Draper Stephen Cause Driggers James Roland Dykes Jr. Patricia Jan Edwards Louise Polk Elliott Duane Frank Emmert Martha Ann Farmer Patricia Johnson Finley Robert Frank Focht Lucy Lockett Foreman Charles Ray Forman Salvador Rios Franco Jean Nelson Frazer John Scott Fry Donald Curtis Gatser Barbara S. Gardner Alan Bruce Goldsobe! Lynnc Marie Gomez Cheryl Ruth Goodman James Clark Gordon Nancy Bafus Graham Paul Donald Gray Carl Richeson Gregory Jane Hal! James Wilson Hammonds Patricia Brown Herd Emily Elizabeth Hilburn Ricardo H. Hinojosa Elizabeth Jean Holland Hotlis Lynn Horner Jan Alice Hughes Candace Elizabeth Hunter Cheryl Lmdeman Ikegami Jay Woodfin Jones John Joseph Kinney Virginia Mae Kinney Charlotte Kroll Stanley Abraham Kuczaj H Elvi Lou Leeper Nancy Jane Leff Philip Joseph Leonard Ann Elizabeth Lucas Brendan Thomas Lyo ns Jeanne Martin Lorraine Louise Matthiesen Danny Glenn McDaniel Patrick F. McGehearty Grizelda Medina Michael Paul Meier Richard Ellis Melhna John Curtis Metcalf Mary Sue Moody Sandra Lynn Morgen Robert Emmetl Morse II Alan Robert Moser Arthur Maurice Nathan Brenda Maria Ncel John Wendell Nelson Douglas Malcolm Neuse Peter Andrew Nolan Peggy E. Norwood Molly Lyn O ' Neal Constance Ann Palousek Patrice Jane Pargaman Cynthia Kay Peterson Charles Daniel Pulman Margaret Sipes Quinn Wilson Terry Rawlin Judith Gail Roberts Rowena Lisa Roberts Ralph Steven Rosenbaum Robert Frank Rutledge Roel Saenz Cynthia G. Saldana Alice Kucera Scharfe Russell Anthony Schoenbaechler Jeanette Scott Michael Henry Skelton Robert Barrett Skinner Jr. John William Smith Jov Eileen Smith Nancy Kegan Smith Karen Stanley Kurt EricStei ; James Thomas Sullivan Betty Goot Tapick Frederick Diz Thompson Mana N. Thomson Rebecca Sue Trusty Mary Elizabeth Valentine William Daniel Vaughn Robert Terrell Webb Linda Sue Whattey David Sterling White Lawrence Stanley Williams Leslie E. Williams Ronald Glenn Williams Elsa Christine Wirsching Branson LeHew Wood III Martha Elizabeth Yarbrough Sandra KaveZimmerer 1973 INITIATES Suzanne Insook Ahn Sieven Edward Alford Phoebe Jo Allender Frederick Gene Anderson Jeanne Field Ballinger Jeffrey Alan Barnes Kathy Lou Barnes Thomas Frank Barnett Carol Ann Batty Barbara Ann Bauer Stephen John Beck George Stephen Best Dennis George Blanchetl Gerald Wayne Bodzy Terry Dean Box Elizabeth Anne Brown James Thomas Bryan Jr. Don Richard Burkarth Elizabeth Alma Burks Peggy Melissa Butler Marcia Ann Cain Lynette Carpenter Dorothe Joan Can- Lawrence David Chail Janis Catherine Cocek Carolyn Lee Cochran Robert Lee Coker Peggy Anne Coldwell Carolyn Colias NinaCortell Arnold Cornelius Cuba Jr. Susan Catherine Curry Marun Thomas Cutrell III Irvm Abraham Davidson Nancy Jo Dawson Dittmar Eileen Heather Dolstra Rodney Earl Donaldson Sue Ann Doty- Kevin Patrick Dunne Linda Carolyn Elliott Laura Spoor Escamilla Marilyn Elizabeth Evans Deborah Taylor Everett Suzy Clarkson Feather Robert Lee Fine Randy Garnett Linda Ann Gilium Dan Lee Glover Arthur Wayne Gtowka Catherine E. Greene Larry Melvyn Greene Michael Barry Gruber Donna Gayle Hamann Robert Brinson Hiett Jeannine Rose Hoppe John David Hounse! Jr. Mary Ellen Humphrey Gary Martin Jacobs Kathleen Monica James Stephen Mark Katz William Remington Kent Karen Elizabeth Krog Lome Sheldon Label John Fritz Lanham Richard Frederick Ledet William Austin Ligon Jere Hudson Link Jack Alan Louis Charles Stephen Luna Ludwik Jervy Lyzwanski Kitty Marie Maker Worthy Neil Martin Anthony Jacques Maze Lee McGovern Marilyn Beth Micheletti Jeb Stuart Mters James Scot Milvenan CarlaCox Moore Carol Jean Moore Jack Hutchins Moore Lester Thaddeus Moore Scott Notley Morse Paulette Cecilia Moss Daniel Glenn Mossier Carol Boggs Norris Donald Sylvester O ' Neil Gail Lynn Palermo Norman Wilton Parrish Lawrence Scott Pierce Sharon Beth Poizner Karen Jean Prager Suzanne Mane Purvis William Gary Reed Robert Kenneth Rosen Adele Florence Rosenzweig Barbara Gerber Sanders Richard Neai Sanders Calista Anne Schneidau Margaret Shea Michael Joseph Shearn Janet Skaggs James B. Smith Jr. James Lacey Smith Janet Kaye Smith Craig Smyser Mary Kay Holmes Snelf Roy KimSnell Conrad Hoyle Sommers Rosemary Stein Dennis Keith Stone William Floyd Slims Samuel Shelton Sutherland III John David Thompson ill Mona Thomas Thompson Bruce Montgomery Thornton Robin Tillman Twyia Lynn Tranfaglia Daniel Tsevat Janice Gayle Ward Stephen Paul Wende Bradley Westmoreland Gary Warren White Thomas Martin White Carolyn WiNor Roland Tamplin Wolfe JUNIOR INITIATES Marilyn Ann Albers Michael Bayer Patricia Kay Diggers David Vernon Bruce Len Scott Buller Dennis Mies Campbell Jerry Lynn Cair Deborah Ann Clare Susan Elise Coffey Beth Ann Cohen Debra Ann Cohen Carl Alan Crow W. A. Crow Hans Henry Dahl Carolyn Estes Davis James David Doyle Laurel Ann Eckhardt Robert L. Frachtman Dennis Frank Kent Elmo Gay Floyd Wayne Glenn Edward Seewald Guleke Robert Stanford Harrell Gary Elliott Hogan Linda Marie Janousek Michael Eugene Jones John David Kamp Michael Lee Kenoyer Gary Michael Lawrence Richard Harvey Lazor Amelia Kay Lebowitz Valorie Ann Leite Robert Marvin Luedtke Vicki Lee Mahaffey Allan John Mandaville Mark Lee Mason Lujet Clements McCullough Lynn McPherson Robert Linecum Meadows Kenneth Jared Mendel Susan Eloise Morrey Lana Packer Norwood William Wesley Ogden Suzanne Marie O ' Malley Daniel Gregory Oshman Nicholas Charles Paget-Clarke Richard Luis R Fit hugh Carter Pannill III Stephen Royce Parish Patrick Joseph Pesek Michael Norman Pinkerton :: Dustin Polhamus Donna Ellen Reece Karen Ann Russell Enos Roger Stewart Jr. Jail ' s Beth Siuddard Sieven Clark Wagner William Waidhofcr Stephen Edwards Walraven John Brent Worley Susan Gamble Yerkes Robert Allen Youens Mallory Renee Young Janice Lane Zimmerman Phi Beta Kinsolving Organized in 1961 to recognize exceptional scholastic achievement among residents of Kin- solving Dormitory, Phi Beta Kinsolving initiates new members once a year. Residents who have maintained a 3.5 grade point average for either a semester or a full year are eligible for membership. A test file is kept by the honor society for the benefit of all dorm residents. Before mid-terms and finals, crowds around the file are common. A seated dinner in April honored spring initiates and ended the activities for the year. j 1 . Bonnie Renee Weise 2. Laura Ann Johns 3. Janet Fuller 4. Susan Gail Rosenbaum 5. Carolyn E. Washington 6. Bertha Lesvia Rangel 7. Gwendolyn Wilson 8. Eve Gwendolyn Norton 9. Nancy Ellen Weidt 10. Lindsay E. Rentfro 1 1 . Marlene Ann Plotkin 12. Janna Kay Russell 13. Janet Fay Friedman 14. Mrs. Kay Mayne 15. Mrs. Anne Collins 16. Elise Arline Olsen 17. Mary Ann Fritts 18. Sarah Ann Caughran 19. Jaylie I. Longbotham 20. Kathy Evans 21. Connie Lee Bell 22. Linda Karen Crabtree 23. Margaret Ann Davis 24. Barbara Belle Hubbard 25. Mary Patrice Dickerson 26. Nancy Carol Thompson 27. Cynthia Ann Ervin 28. Phylis Ann Adcock 29. Susan K. Starnes 30. Janet Lee Edwards 3 1 . Mary Susan Barnes 32. Edith Elizabeth Brown 33. Sharon Suzette Fagg 34. Shalia Kay Holloway MEMBERS Phyllis Ann Adcock Mary Susan Barnes Connie Lee Bell Tommie Sue Boyce Edith Elizabeth Brown Barbara Ann Bruce Sarah Ann Caughran Anne Collins Linda Karen Crabtree Eleanor Kay Daniel Janet Lee Edwards Cynthia Ann Ervin Carol Anne Evans Kathleen Louise Evans Sharon Suzette Fagg Karen Rae Ford Karen Sue Friedman Mary Ann Fritts Janet Fuller I Ion; net E Hamson Cathy Hildebrand Shalia Kay Holloway Barbara Belle Hubbard Eve Gwendolyn Norton Elise Arline Olsen Cathy Lynn Oprea Marlene Anne Plotkin Laura Anderson Popper Bertha Lesvia Rangel Lindsay E. Rentfro Susan Gail Rosenbaum Janna Kay Russelt Susan E. Soutter Jennifer Stansbury Susan K. Starnes Susan Joanne Stoler Marie Cozette Stroud Nancy Carol Thompson Paulette Kay Toellner Christine M.Traynor Kathy Ann Vincent Carolyn E. Washington Nancy Ellen Weidt Bonnie Renee Weise Nancylee Whitfield Gwendolyn Faye Wilson SPRING INITIATES Mary Dodd Abbett Mary Ada ir Betty Sue Albers Susan Anderson Margaret Abbey Ashman Elizabeth Susan Baldauf Beth Marie Beisman Cynthia Kay Binion Ellen M. Blanton Mary Kathleen Blazek Rita Ann Btocher Julie Anne Booty Elizabeth Anne Borrett Rebecca Ann Brown Marcia J. Bruder Marva Jeanne Buckert Christine Burlingame Delane Gail Caesar Deborah Lynn Campbell ' Nina Kay Chamness Karen Lynn Cole Jolynn Corley Linda Susan Cox Nancy J. Cox Joan Elizabeth Crandall Carolyn Denise Cowther Monica Louise Dale Linda Diane Dvorak Randell Elizabeth Empric Christy Dian Esmond Mona L. Ezell Jennifer L. Fortin Nancy Susan Fountain Eva Marie Fowler Diane Jeannene Fox Dara Frank Sharon Lynne Friedland Bette Ellen Friedman Anna Marie Fuentes Christene Jeannette Garrett Jeanie Lee Giles Lydia Lucille Goble Cheryl Lynne Gresser Cornelia Gertrud Gutz Jennifer Lee Hall Maun Kay Hall Vicki Ruth Harding Gail Cynthia Harris Susan Diane Hickman Laura Shannon Hill Emily Ann Holloway Sherida Louise Hughes Lorita Lynn Jones Kathy Sharon Kahn Kathy Kelly Julie Ann Kinney Kay Krisline Koons Paula Ruth Krizov Jane Letitia Lambdin Kathy Lambert 34 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Marlene Plotkin Kathy Evans Shalia Holloway Susan Gail Rosenbaum Amy Susan Lauterbach Marcia Claire Leva Marian Elizabeth Livingston Jaylie lome Longbotham Kathleen Elrod Lutz Nancy Lucille Mara Mary Ann Mason Linda Kay McCall Jane Melissa McClain Janet Lynn McGill Debra Gale McKinney Martha Jean Mealy Susan Shelley Moores Dorothy Dee Morewitz Catherine Ann Morris Melisa Kathleen Murphy Leslee Kay Murray Margaret Lou Murtha Stephanie Jean Olson Jane Leigh Osborn Cynthia Ann Ott Rebecca Estill Parrish Christine Carrie Paulos Linda Beth Piller Luan Player Susan Gail Plettman Cynthia Jean Powell Nancy Sue Pryzant Dahlia Conchita Ramirez Janalyn Rice Rebecca Risen Claire Louise Rollwage Melinda Beth Roye Deborah Jean Sandidge Mary Christine Sanger Sandra Jane Seaman Elizabeth Hooper Sears Diane Daphne Seidler Kimberly Ann Sherrill Jill Kathleen Simms Kristina Leigh Slover Sondra Jo Stalcup Nancy Melinda Tamburello Judith Ann Tarpey Karen Temple Karen Sue Thomas Karen Susan Tiemann Rae Ann Tillerson Jean Ellen Tipton Mia Tredici Melinda Faye Trice Dale Linden Turner Lana Vaslep Norma Lynne Vodicka Leticia Marie Volpe Sharon Ann Walenta Bari Ann Walters Vickie Elaine Walther Trudy Eileen Welk Carol Lynn Wexler Wanda Ruth Williams Janet Claire Wolf Ifcfl , Eta , fel . fatefe , D I - v, ' J -- " - s 322 FRONT ROW: Jonas Garcia, historian; Gary Ellison, president; Rodney Donaldson, senior advisor. BACK ROW: Robert Truel- son, treasurer; Joseph Gagen, junior advisor; Thomas Shires, vice- president. Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Men ' s Honorary Society The pamphlet " Hints on How to Study, " famil- iar to many freshmen from orientation, is one serv- ice offered to the University by Phi Eta Sigma. Members are selected from first-year men who have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average. Initia- tion is held twice a year in formal ceremonies. After spring initiation, a banquet was held with members of Alpha Lambda Delta, the freshman women ' s honor society. The speaker was Dr. Don- ald Weismann, University Professor in the Arts. Privileges extended to the members included stack permits to the graduate library. Ushering at the Honors Day program was among services of Phi Eta Sigma members. 1972 SPRING INITIATES Leonel Manuel Acevedo Anthony James Adamcik Andrew Wynne Adams Robert Charles Admire John M. Alexander Larry Pearlman Alexander N. Ken Alexander Brady Lee Allen Michael Hal Anderson Russell F. Anderson Brett Ian Applebaum Richard Dale Atkins Michael Allen Baker William Austin Baker Suleiman M. Barada David Thurston Ban- Bradley Irwin Beckman Stephen Morris Bell Paul Alan Bilodeau Richard Michael Bintliff John K. Boyce Ronald V. Bravenec John Frederick Brecheisen Ben Paul Brinkley Thomas James Brock Paul C. Buchanan Maurice Michael Burkom David M. Buss Frank William Byerley Michael Lynn Cantrell John H. Carlson Michael S. Carney George Donald Clark John Phillips Clewlow Edward John Coel III Steven Douglas Cohen Frederick Harold Connally Jr. John B. Cornwell Darrell Wayne Craig Lee Shudde Grain Stephen Thomas Crews Curtis Watson Cutrell Michael F. Czarnecki Charley Albert Davidson Lane Conely DeCamp Owen Timothy Delahaye Jules Mayer Delaune Lawrence R. Dickerson Paul Dodson Nevin A. Dolcefino Robert Michael Domke Thomas Hudson Dozier II Daniel Jay Eden Gary Eugene Ellison David Randolph Erwin Douglas Allen Erwin Rudford Kyle Evans Charles V. Faerber Dan Feriel Raymond L. Flume David William Fonken Charles C. Ford Scott A. Freeland David E. Fruchter Karl Joseph Fryxeli Jonas Garcia E. M.Gellenbeck James Henry Goble Paul Nicholas Gold Richard B. Goldschmidt Stuart Malcolm Graham Joseph Harmon Grant Richard Bert Greene Michael F. Guthrie Benny M. Gutierrez Greg Alan Guy Bruce Dwight Haefner Roberts. Hamilton Robert Joseph Hanley Stephen W. Hardeman Richard F. Hare David Lynn Harper Clovis B. Harrington Clarence Harris Jeffrey Lee Hart Don R. Hartsell John D. Hatcher Robert Lew Hedrick Daniel Clarke Hemdon David C.Hickey Darrell L. Hirt Stephen Lee Holliday Milton L. Hooper William Kenneth Huff Robert W.Hughes Gary Thomas Hunt Paul Loch Hunter Stephen John Jabbour John Mark Jackson Daniel Joseph James Don Alan Janssen Cleveland M. Johnson Patrick Earl Johnson Steven Erik Johnston David Starling Jones Michael Dee Jones John Hugh Juett Karl Wayne Kacir Thomas Martin Keel Jared Lee Kelley John William Kepner Richard Donald Kern James Crwford Kerr Joel Koenen Kimble Bryan R, Kitamura Art L. Klawitter GaryM.Klecka James Mikel Klein Steven C. Kline James Kenneth Kopf Don William Kothmann Gary Kring Joseph Karl Kulinski Gary Newton Lambert Wayne Neal Leister Richard Lee Leshin Jonathan Levin Michael Eugene Lowry Mark M. Lucas Paul Allen Liutrell Donald James MacAllister Michael A. Macaluso John Stewart Mangione Michael Doyle Manuel Edward Hale Martin Jr. Mark Layne Massie Michael Alton McClung William B, McGrane Michael W. McKinney John Robert McLaughh ' n Buck Wayne McNeil Kenneth J. McQuade John Dean Metier Stephen William Meyer Kevin Wesley Miller John Russell Mills Bernard Carl Mollberg David Gregg Moore John Monroe Morris Michael W. Morrison Stewart J. MossoIII Donald W.Muir Jr. Charles William Murphy William E. Murrel! Ill James Bernard Mzyk Charles Ray Newsom William Gavin Nichols Milton BerfordO ' Dell Steve Hartman Olso n John Carroll Osborne Paul Arthur Pabor Glenn Leon Pape Ernest C. Parker William M. Parrish Christopher B. Parsons Robert M. Patterson George Howard Pazdral Stephen Moe Pearce Michael David Pool Robert F. Primeaux KarlR ' ussellQuebe Vincent L. Quinlan III William M. Ramsdell Charles C Reeder Francis Edward Reese William Walter Reeves Lee Howard Ridenour Michael Gene Rikard Randall E. Roberts John William Root Arnold S. RosenUial Robert Knox Ross Thomas John Rowe Charles S. Saunders Ronald H.Saylor Milton K. Scharff Robert F. Schenkkan Jr. Gregory Don Schmidt John Allen Schmidt William C. Schmidt Robert A. Schneider William Randal Scofield John Howard Scott Matthew Roland Selmon Brad William Sewell Charles Thomas Sewell Stephen D. Shafer George Thomas Shires III Av I. Silverman John Scott Simpson Reagan W. Simpson Richard Lee Simpson Rodney Bayron Slone Daniel Robert Smith Larry Dean Smith Ronald Charles Smith Gary Lynn Snowden Alfonso Soliz Jr. Mark Anthony Sowell Thomas Wheeler Stark Richard Howard Stein Bradley Winton Studt Layne Woods Summers Donald Frank Taylor Thomas Jack Temple Larry Wayne Thompson Ricky Donald Triplet! Robert Browne Truelson II F.A. Tschoepe Rudolph Tschoerner III franklin I uis Tuttle Robert Nathan Udashen James Edwin Vidaurri Scott Warren Wagert Gary A. Walkow William Wesley Wallace James Sayre Weinblatt Robert E. Wells Lynn Donald Westfall Thomas Lee Whatley John Bailey Wheat John Layton Wheelock Mark Gaines Whiteman Lance Elliott Wikox Lane Garrison Wingo Rodney Fernell Witcher Gary Joe Wolff Jahn Carl Womble Charles Lautrell Wood David Kent Yates Louis Randall Yazbeck Ronald Ray Yen Dan Wiederhold York Michael D. Youngblood 1972 FALL SEMESTER Robert David Bennett Charles Wayne Botts Dennis Brehme Steven Edward Briley Patrick O. Connelly Melville E. Connet Alfred Jesse Correira Charles J. Cotton Edward Joseph Farow Khalily Ferzli David Louie Fowler Juan Gonzales Jr. John Randall Goodwin Danny Loyd Hardesty Jack Dallas Holford David T. Holt Tommy Wilson Home James Louis Lukefahr Charles Stephen Luna Geofrey L. Master Stephen Mark Matteson Byron L. McClellan John Kimberly Morgan Peter Eric Mueller Robert Grant Nelson Michael Carl Quinn Randall Ray Reid Odes B. Robertson Philip J. Rodriguez Lindsey Zweig Rosin Kevin Michael Ryan Anthony I. Rylander Richard Gano Sims Michael Lee Smith Manuel Ramon Suarez James C.Sullins Paul Watson Tipton Howard Lee Traxler David Nels Ugland Eduardo Javier Uribe John Roger Wise Dean Lee Wong Jonathan Earl Wukasch 323 A co-sponsored blood drive each semester was the main project of Alpha Epsilon Delta. Members presented a cancermobile concerning lung cancer on the West Mall in November. They also pre- sented medical and dental school representatives from Texas to UT premedical and predental stu- dents. In November members toured Southwest- ern Medical School in Dallas and attended the Texas-TCU football game in Fort Worth. Requirements for eligibility in AED include upstanding character and participation in a premedical and predental program. A member must also have 45 semester hours, 15 of which are from UT, with a 3.0 overall grade point average and a 3.0 grade point average in all science course work. Affiliate membership includes any college credit and a 3.25 GPA. Memberships are taken throughout the year after applications have been evaluated by officers of Alpha Epsilon Delta. ACTIVE MEMBERS Suzanne Insook Ann Brad Eugene Alpert Joet Amsel Jeffrey B. Arnoult Ronald J. Aronoff Frances Ava R. Avent James El wood Baker Jr. Rex Gavin Baker Jeffrey Alan Bames Stephen Craig Beasley Clyde Willis Bennett Donald R. Benton George Stephen Best William Trickey Biel Jr. Donna Marie Booth Patricia C. Bordner Terry Dean Box Lois Lester Bready David Russell Brear Charles C. Brookshire Katherine Suzanne Bruce Laura Frances Bunn John Charles Burnside Chris Matthew Butschek Helen Lee Butler Frank William Byerley Russell David Calvo Jr. Julie Ann Chapman William Chavez Jr. Gary Steven Chudleigh Charles Thomas Clayton Charles H. Cobb Rosemary E. Coffman Murray Lee Cohen Kyle Wayne Coker Robert David Cook Robert Franklin Cowgill W. A. Crow Herschel Byron Daily Edith Jeannette Davis Deborah Kay Denney Johnnie Mae Denton John Andrus DC Passe Patrick W. Diforio Robert Michael Domke Philip Loren Duniven Stephen Clay Dwyer Steven Roland Epstein Judi Evelyn Ervin Keith William Fairchild Raymond Alan Faires Dan Ferlel Jeffrey Forrest Fitch George C. Forghand Norman Gary Foster Jr. Richard J. Frachtman Robert L. Frachtman Kathryn Louise Frazier Michael L. Friedberg Bruce David Friedman Elizabeth M. Garcia Kennon Marshall Garrett Robert Warren Garrett Virginia C. Garrett Glenna Beth Gartman Allen Faye Gaw Shameem K. Ghauri James Board Giles Richard Alan Goldfarb Atan Bruce Goldsobel John Randall Goodwin Mark Jesse Gottesman David Paul Graf Paul Albert Graf Stuart Malcolm Graham John T. Granaghan Jr. Michael Barry Gruber Imelda Celine Guerra John Eric Guggedahl Albert Lee Guinn Jr. Judy Kay Hanna Milford Douglas Harris Steuart L. Heaton Mark Hamilton Hebr ' t Harvey James Heller Steven George Helm Grace Kathleen Henderson Gregory E. Herbeck Lester Earl Hickman Jo Ann Hill Ronald Israel Hoffman Stephen T. Hougen Carlos Daniel Hughes Daniel Joseph James Robert B. Jenkins Billy Don Jones David Ray Jones Stephen Mark Katz Allen Sanders Kent Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical and Predental Society William R. Kent Steven Marcus Kiger Robert Butler Kimmel Lome Sheldon Label Mark Rice Laussade Allen Jin Lee Gary Steven Leff Philip Lloyd Leggett Philip Joseph Leonard Jere Hudson Link Edward C. Liu Steven Alan Lobel Cynthia Anna Lopez Lucy C. Love James Louis Lukefahr Monica Louise Lyons Daniel James Martinez Ruben Davila Martinez James R. McClamroch Colleen McOellen Debra Ann McDonald Martha Karen McKce Darrell J. Moore Patricia J. Morrison David Landel Nichols Steve Edgar Nolan John David Norman Elise Arline Olsen Jose ph S. Orlando Daniel Gregory Oshman Richard Luis Pajares Fitzhugh Curler Pannill III George Howard Pazdral Julia Myrle Penn Katherine D. Perkins Jay Irwin Peters Jon Lee Peterson Bruce Allen Phillips Gregory Norman Picard Lawrence Scott Pierce Arthur Edward Reinhardt Richard Ray Riggs Stephen Michael Roberts Reynaldo Rodriguez Randall David Rogers Gayle Ann Rothenberg Robert Jay Rubin Gary Ray Ry lander Keith Gordon Saxon Marion Sam Scamardo Don Minchen Schaffer Marty Scheinberg Rodney D. Schmidt Paul Schumann Robert Mark Seidel Charles Thomas Sewell Barry Roger Shepard Walter D. Shepherd President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Reporter Historian Membership Chairman Social Chairman Service Projects Chairman Awards Chairman Russell David Calvo Jr. Robert David Cook Alan Bruce Goldsobel Debbie Zlatkis Mark Patrick Zabel Helen Lee Butler Murray Lee Cohen Robert L. Frachtman David Paul Graf David Russell Brear Atanna M. Silverstein Harold V. Simpson Peter Je ns Skarbovick Kevin H.Slade Richard Julian Smith Raymond Lee Sommer Wesley Warren Stafford Glenn Alan Stayer Allan Hugh Stephens Gary Bennett Strong Josephine Stripling Eileen F. Sullivan Michael S. Sweeney Daviel David Tamez Lee Alan Taylor Gary John Thomason Jess Luke Thompson Julie Dianne Thome George W. Tipton Rudolf Tschoerner Milton Drew Walters Susan Patrice Weiner Vanessa Lynn Werlla Robert V. West Kenneth K. Wheatley David Lee Whitt Robert L. Williams John Carl Womble Robert Allen Youens Michael Steven Young Mark Patrick Zabel Margie Eva Zalesak Debbie Zlatkis AFFILIATE MEMBERS Charles H. Fischer Michael E. Frachtman Durwood E. Neal Lynn Ellen Newkirk Mary Anna Payne Harry Edward Schilling Teresa Gladys Walsh 324 RhoChi Honorary Pharmacy Society Through recognition and encouragement of scholarship among Pharmacy majors, Rho Chi seeks to promote the advancement of pharmaceu- tical sciences. Upperclassmen with a 3.0 grade point average are selected for membership. Banquets in November and April honored new initiates of the Nu chapter. Members also pro- vided a seminar program with speakers for the College of Pharmacy once a month. President Vice- President Treasurer Secretary Historian MEMBERS Armando S. Aguilar Barbara Lynn Benton Turner M. Bratton Donald Ray Cameron Josef E. Cruz Mitchell Sam Horany James Carroll Janssen Barbara Jeu Lily Ng Joe Jimmy Dale Jones Patricia Ann Kammerer Kay Mary Kober Malvin Alvin Krueger John Barham Langston Danny O ' Brien McCarty Grady Fred Murphy William L. Nations Jeff Carl Pannell Sonia Delfina Ruano Juan Jorge Saenz Daniel Clayton Skaggs Ronald Leon Starr Karen Joyce Stewart Linda Kay Taliaferro Onis C. Weimers Patti Lynn Witti Omer Steven Young GRADUATE STUDENTS Loyd V. Allen Charles William Bode Mary E. Blair Haralson Michael Ray Moore Catherine Lee Morris Gustavo Ramon Ortega Benjamin Valfre Gustavo R. Ortega Barbara Benton Gerald J. Yakatan Sonia Delfina Ruano Catherine Lee Morris FACULTY Robert Graves Brown Henry Matthew Burlage Alan B. Combs John Emerson Davis Karl Folkers Ronald D. Garrett Gunnar Gjerstad Richard Holland Harris Dale Dwayne Maness Jay Nematollahi Frank R. Radzai Jean Scholler William Johnson Sheffield Arthur Charles Solomon Gerald Sullivan Lee Frank Worrell Billy Burben Wylie Gerald Joseph Yakatan Victor A. Yanchick SPRING INITIATES Deborah Ann Atkins Rose Mary Balmas James Edwin Conrad Sarah Ellen Davenport Jan Clayton Douglass Linda L. Hendrix Dvorak Kevin Dale Huchton Sudhakar Kasina Vicki Lu Landreth Larry K. Lefevre William L. Lehne Albert Stan ton Pennock William H. Rogers Randall H. Sanders John Thomas Slattery John W. Sorrels John Richard Spencer Francis Dean Stiles Jesse R. Swim Jerry Wayne Taylor Cynthia M. Walthall Judy Wroten 325 Kappa Kappa Psi Men ' s Honorary Band Society Moving tenants in and out of Hardin House, Hardin North and Contessa was one of the service projects of Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary society for bandsmen. Members also reserved parking for band members at home football games, loaded buses and planes for out-of-town trips and pro- vided refreshments for band members at all games. Kappa Kappa Psi sponsored after-game parties and one social function for all bandsmen. Outstanding bandsmen who have lettered at least two semesters in the band and have illus- trated character, leadership and past service are eligible. Pledges are initiated once each semester. President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Historian Parliamentarian Michael Alton Haecker Thomas William Marshall John Bailey Buford Steven Marcus Kiger Robert Alan Dalrymple John Harry Richardson ? 1. Harley Albert Eckhart 2. Lee Shudde Grain 3. Kennon Marshall Garrett 4. Glen Alan Clark 5. Steve Herman Miller 6. Rowell Seldon Rogers 7. John Bailey Burford 8. John Harry Richardson 9. Robert Alan Dalrymple 10. Steven Marcus Kiger 11. Michael Alton Haecker 12. Steve Mason King 13. Michael R. Hamilton 14. James Lane Littrell 15. James Russell Dees 16. Steve Ray Hamblin 17. Gary Wayne Palaf ox 18. Kenneth Ray Richardson 19. Gregory Bruce Molyneaux 20. John Dalgus Boggs III 21. Stanley Gene Trekell 22. Kenneth Wesley Whitson 23. Kenneth Charles Jurgens 24. Stanely Early Cox 25. Chuck A. Sebek 26. Chris Doyle Munson 27. John Carl Daywood 28. Stephen Glenn Morrison 29. Byron Elliott Short Jr. 30. William Alan Nash 3 1 . Andrew Hugo Edburg 32. Graham Douglas Avery 33. Keith Hanna Harmon 34. Daniel Michael Haik 35. Gene Derek Smith 36. Robert Andrew Chisolm 37. Don Theodore Haynes 38. Michael Gene Figer 39. Scott Ingersoll Harmon 40. Randolph Winsler Roundtree 41. Thomas William Marshall 42. Tony Lynn Chauveaux 43. Fred Homes Ellis III 44. Rex Wayne Tillerson 45. Kendall Craig Davis 46. Will Roy High Jr. 47. Malcom Conrad Geiger 48. Jay Lawrence Silberberg 326 tiered ai mis. raceare oesttr. tut President Amy Joan Brown Vice-President Marie Louise Werkenthin Treasurer Artie Ann Fielder Corresponding Secretary Laura J. Kirklen Recording Secretary Brenda Louise Murphy Historian Shari Diane Jordan II 5 Repairing band uniforms and sponsoring a float for the Round-up parade were on Tau Beta Sigma ' s calendar this year. The organization selects members from women who have lettered for two semesters in the Longhorn Band. Members made sack lunches for the Longhorn Band trip to Dallas for the OU game. They also maintained a " traveling music store, " stocked with necessary instrument supplies to handle emergen- cies at footba ll games. Prior to the A M game, Tau Beta Sigma sponsored a reception to honor seniors in the band. In the spring, the organization sponsored a retreat to Columbus, Texas. Spring initiates were Debra Diane Duensing, Mary Elizabeth James, Mary Kathryn Sponberg. HTo 1 1 A CtU Women ' s Band Marilyn Faye Birdsong Amy Joan Brown Roberta Lynn Cleland Roxanne L. Cleland Rickie C. Cooper Kimberly Sue Corder Lucy Vaile Domask Marilyn Y. Edwards Artie Ann Fielder Patrissa Ann Giraudin Beverly Kay Green Sherry Lynn Grona Shari Dianne Jordan Margaret Lynn Haardt Dallas Belle Henderson Nancy E. Hickok Laura Janine Kirklen Margaret Frances Ludl Theresa M. Magliolo Debra Ann McDonald Brenda Louise Murphy Diane Berenice Nelson Beverly Diane Teller Nancy Alice Turner Marie Louise Werkenthin Mary Patrice Whisenant Carol Ann Wright 327 Kappa Delta Pi Honorary Education Society Sponsoring a symposium on education was one of the activities this year of Kappa Delta Pi, wom- en ' s education honor society. The group brought to the University campus educators from Colum- bia University and Indiana State University. Prospective members are recommended by a professor for membership and must have junior hours with an overall 3.0 grade point average. Ini- tiation ceremonies are held once each semester and a banquet honoring all members is held in the spring. A January smoker helped student teachers get acquainted with faculty members. President Vice-President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Membership Chairman Gerald A. Ponder Rebecca Hawener Jeanne F. Nilsson Jan Denise Draper Rebecca M. Fernandez Kathryn Williams Dueck 1972 SPRING INITIATES Mary K. Allison Mark Howard Ammerman Sture A. Ansel Jr. Catherine Archer Judy Ann Ashby Rayona Blalock Carol Leigh Bloomer Rebecca J. Bolding Tahna Koa Box Susan Denise Busch Linda Ann Caldwell Tommy Jo Campbell Carolyn Louise Carpenter Ana Marie Castro Helen C. Chapman Rita Jean Cone Jo Ann Crow Mary Bird Dean Colleen Marie Dilworth Jan Denise Draper Kathleen Rutherford Dunlap Jana Audrey Estes Leigh Karen Evans Albino E. Fantini Rebecca Marie Fernandez Jil Carolyn Ford Michelle Lynette Franklin Jo Ann Abernathy Godfrey Vicenta Gomez Carolyn Ann Gore Rebecca M. Hewener Marilyn Kay Heiman Leslie Lee Heller Jose Angel Hernandez Sherri Louise Hill Patricia Holland Jane Elizabeth Hopkins Marsha Gail Hurwitz Julia E. Jones William N. Kirby Barry Leonard Klein Ann Siegel Levi Diane Jane Mazur Eileen Mary McEntee Maureen Lynn McGavern Lee McGovern Doris Mae Mendel Judith H. Morris Lesa Mortensen Avis Ann Mullern Sheila Ruth Nicholls Julia Grant Nunn Sylvia C. Pennywell Stanley David Pinder Valerie Jo Polunsky Virginia Reed Linda Kana Ritchey Cynthai Dee Samson Diane Shropshire Shirley Jeanne Sidoti Sharon Small Nancy Robison Sommer Sundra Salter Sparks Emily Hazel Staats Kathleen Deirdre Stewart A. Maxine Strauser Beverly J. Tanner Frances Claire Thomas Bruce Franklin Turner Sandra Lee Watson Barbara Ann Webb Carol Jan Whalen Judy Ruth Williamson Linda Carol Williamson Christina Kay Wong Cecil Yvonne Wright Gloria Lu Zamora Janet Frances Zoller 1972 FALL INITIATES Christine Ann Abbott Vickie Jeannine Anders Deborah Ann Barton Susan Gail Bazarsky Harriet Sharon Berlin Sheila Biedermann Janice Faye Boehnke Patricia Ann Bonham Darryl Avrett Borges Lynore Eileen Brown Cynthia Gay Callan Suzanne Gayle Cohen Sarah Ruth Collins Joyce Marie Conner Catherine Ann Cox Pamela Whitley Crew Suzanne Duffy Sherry Ellis Elms Joanna A. Fernisse Charles Bernard Florio Iris Michelle Freed Iris Ann Fudell Donna Jo Goode Marsha Ann Guess Kristy Ann Harris Jane Ellen Hembree Jeannie Stark Huddleston Billy Tom Jackson Phyllis Marie Janecka Cheryl Lynn Koenig Eleanor Makepeace Law Rona Susan Lazarus Deborah Kay Lewis Georgeanne Lind Cynthia Boyd Litterst Frances Diane Mann Janette Neldina Marek Gayle Cooper Massingill William Jefferson Mathis Carol E. McDermott Meredith Lynne NcNew Millicent Ann Moerbe Etoile Anne Murphy James Jerome Nabhan Robert E. Pennington Betty Home Priddy Marcello Joseph Rossano Nancy Janelle Sandberg Kathy Elaine Shafer Clifford Steve Shamburger Carolyn Gail Smith Jimmy Eugene Smith Solomon Herbert Smith Melinda L. Stamey Shirley Ann Stover Cynthia S. Talley Flora Dean Thielemann John G. Thornell Jr. Virginia P. Thurman Kelly Alvin Todd Shelley Beth Tucker Rosalind Joyce Turner Janet Sue Vandergriff Michael Rae Walthall Donna Elaine Wells Carol Ann Werchan Diane E. Womack Sharon Marie Woods Terry Anne Worhol Marian A. Zinnante Martha Ann Zorn i 328 MEMBERS: Jody Anderson Elissa Ann Aronstein Barbara Kay -Babcock Louise Bowman Susan Elizabeth Bing Lexine Trisha Bohls Janet Ruth Bohmann Mary Jane Boswell Elisabeth Haddon Bowden Alana Brisbin Julianne Buaas Ann C. Burgin Cathy Nell Burnett Rita Jean Cone Pamela Whitley Crew Marlin D. Cwach Flora Ballowe DeHart Susan Sage Dobbins Karen E. Drake Cecilia Ann Dyer Iris Ann Fudell Pamela George Danna Gayle Hamann Karolynn C. Hannah Jane Ellen Hembree Gayle F. Hendrix Patricia Dittmar Holland Shalia Kay Holloway Suzanna Shelton Hoyler Carol Ann Jacob Cheryl Jo Jennings Mary Jane Keck Peggy Ann Kruger Marsha Linette Kuhn Rona Susan Lazarus Georgeanne Lind Elizabeth Ann Looney Lee McGovern Marilyn Ann Mace Karen Ann Magdeburger Lana Carol Mangold Carol Ann Mann Helen Major Rowena Ellen Michalke Millicent Ann Moerbe Vicki Lee Monaghan Nancy Voigt Moore Monya Charlene Neal Sandra B. Nicholson Laurie Lynne Nipper Shirley L. O ' Bryant Constance A. Palousek Gail Marie Plain Marlene Anne Plotkin Mary Pamela Ray Elizabeth Ann Reed Janis Gaye Roberts Theresa S. Robertson Shirley Jeanne Sidoti Susan Harriet Sperry Shirley Ann Stover Nancy Elizabeth Suggs Irene Margareta Throelli Gail Ann Vanderstoep Claire Ellen Weinstein Gayland T. Williams SPRING INITIATES Ruth Marie Amen Nanette Ball Kathy Lou Barnes Donna Teresa Black Deborah Jane Burgess Peggy Anne Coldwell Ruth A. Freedenberg Jane Knox Funkhouser Nancy K. Hall Laurie Jean Harris Leslie Lee Heller Marsha Lynn Henson Magdalena Hernandez Jeannie Stark Huddlcston Barbara Marian Lund Marilyn Ann McGiveney Mayrelee F. Newman Nell Norwood Shelley G. Nussenblatt Kathleen S. Pfau Barbara J. Pritchard Suzanne Marie Purvis Marsha Permenter Rogers Mary Kay Holmes Snell Nancy Ellen Swiren Frances Ann Tomlin Donna Elaine Wells Linda Carol Williamson Paola G. Zinnecker University women planning a career in educa- tion and who have shown scholastic excellence may become members of Pi Lambda Theta. Undergraduate candidates must have maintained a 3.5 grade point average. One active member of the group and a faculty member must endorse pro- spective candidates for admission. The University chapter initiated an education newsletter which circulated through the College of Education. Activities this year included hosting guest speakers Dr. Patricia Kruppa and Rep. Sarah Weddington of Austin, members volunteer- ing for an Austin State School service project and holding two initiation ceremonies. Pi Lambda Theta Women ' s Honorary Education Society SEATED: Ara Lynn Earnest, treasurer. STANDING: Phyllis Marie Janecka, president; Nancy Kay Hudson, secretary; Mrs. Jewel Raschke, advisor. 329 Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honorary Society Bringing economically underprivileged students to the University in order to familiarize them with the accounting program was a major project of Beta Alpha Psi, accounting honorary society. Local accounting firms and faculty worked with the group in this minority recruitment project. The firms gave financial support and the faculty opened their homes to the students during their visit to the University. In October, outstanding students in the Depart- ment of Accounting were honored at an awards banquet. And in the Spring, members had an opportunity to get acquainted with professional accountants at a joint meeting with the Texas State Board of Accountancy. An accounting grade point average above 3.0 and an overall grade point average of 3.0 are requirements for membership in the society. Mem- bers are selected each semester and are welcomed into the group at a pledge smoker. MEMBERS Elliot Mark Abrams Javier Aguilar Donald Lewis Barley Edward Joseph Blocher Jack W. Callahan Jr. Donald Ray Daum Lloyd Albert Demon Jr. Doyle Daniel Epps Jr. Mary Sue Hennington Julia Faye Holcomb Stephen Neal Holland Randolph B. Huff Marshall Jay Karin Timothy Ross Kenny John H. Litzler Gregoria Merced William George Morgan Frederick Steve Orleans Jennifer Bell Polley Ronald Steven Ross Terry Frank Satterwhite John Lester Sharp Mark William Smith Michael David Smith Patricia Sue Smith Waller M. Standish John Calvin Sugg William LinderTeeling Victoria L. Walker Robert Womack FALL INITIATES Joseph W. Abbate Susan Elaine Abel Hilary Wheat Amalker Clifton W. Barkley Mark Lee Boon Mary Kay Borchers Nancy Wendt Carter Howard Lee Christal Jackie Neil Clark David Leroy Colon Elizabeth Ann Cook Tommie Lynn Cook Paul David Dodson Sandra Lynn Elkins Leslie Ann Finks Richard Dale Forrest Ernest Grey Frerking William David Freund Joy Lynn Fuchs Nicholas Barnet Gilliam Dolores Patricia Graf William C. Harshman II Jefferson D. Heard Jr. Donald Lee Hibbetts Gene E. Humphrey Harry William Isenesee Thomas Ingle Jackson Dean Alexander Johnson III Margaret Ann Jones James William Kellam Maurice Keith Kellow Jr. Aurelia Glyn Kennedy Bob Knight Lewis Titus LeClair Tom Nelson Luccock Harlon E. Martin Jr. Gyles Richard Norwood Mitchell Ray Ott Donald A. Pace Jr. James Michael Poss Kenneth Albert Poynor Carol Ann Rabon James Earl Redding Dianne Ring Carla Nell Schieffer Everett C. Sheble Mark Douglas Simpson John Ewing Sutton Jay Teitelbaum James Austin Underhill Susan Alice West John Wayne Winham Scott Wilson Wise FRONT ROW: Javier Aguilar, president. SECOND ROW: Patricia Sue Smith, corresponding secretary; Mary Sue Hen- nington, treasurer. THIRD ROW: Dr. G. Fred Streuling, fac- ulty vice-president; Steve Frederick Orleans, vice-president; Walter M. Standish, recording secretary. HIDES! MEMBER Jai:er ;iV Or, ' .( ' .-.: Jende 5 k.u ..- IWcite SPRING PLEDGES Karen E. Albrecht James Franklin Alkek Walter Van Arnold Gerald Irvin Bendele Gregory Edward Bogdan George Paul Braun Margaret Lucille Carl Rayburn Keith Chapman Gilbert Earl Crowell Garrett Lovell Davis Alan Thomas Derby Randall Thomas Dugger Robert Wayne Duke Edward William Ferguson Joseph Robert Fleming Richard Steven Gobroski Harry Louis Goldsmith Jeffrey L. Greenblum Donald Eugene Hale John David Harness Ronald Frank Hartman Clayton James Hoover Jerry Jeffery Johnston Darryl Lois Kelinske Maurice Keith Kellow Jr. Patrick Michael Kelly Jack Charles Kern Jr. William Lee Kreston Marvin Rus Kuipers Saul David Kushner Roger Lynn Levy Patricia Karen Lowe Cecil Scott Massey Gerald Wayne Matthews Robert Michael McCall Gary Lee Miller Walter Thomas Milliner Jr. James Edgar Mullen III Kenneth Lee Owens Robert Lee Powell Charles Daniel Pulman Gerald William Rasch Melissa Lee Rickman Curtis Roland Roberson Mark Lawerence Roth Wayne Alan Seals Richard Henry Shafer William Joel Smith Ira Solomon Kenneth James Sweeney Michael David Thompson Edward Roy Tinsley III Stephen L. Tottenham James Austin Underhill John Thomas Valentine Candace Forkey Wilkinson William Dean Winters Winston Woo Ray Anthony Zvonek 330 MEMBERS fi ' c " ; h C! F: fa - n..:.,.. Officers Robert Witt and Edward Lee Sommers. Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honor Society Only the top ten percent of the graduating class and the top twenty percent of graduate students in the field of business are nominated for member- ship in Beta Gamma Sigma. Selection is also based on the character of the nominees. Initiation for the Alpha of Texas chapter was in the spring. There was a brief ceremony attended by active members and pledges. STUDENT MEMBERS Javier Aguilar Gary Michael Alletag Jennifer A. Bell Jack William Callahan Patricia Connell Keith Jay Cunningham Lloyd Albert Denton Emily H. Fong Raymond F. Gaston Gilbert Harrison Holland Stephen Norton Holland Thomas Ingle Jackson Denise Lee Lindgren Leslie Michael McLain Larry Dean Mendenhall William Howard Morea William George Morgan David Ross Paulin Robert Stephen Policy John E. Prothro Daniel Rowell Reese Carla Mell Schieffer Sammy Ken Short Mark Jerome Silverstone John F. Southworth John Calvin Sugg William Linder Teeling Maria N. Thomson Dal ton Dewey Ward Byron Charles Wenken Jenny Sue Winn JUNIOR STUDENT MEMBERS Karen E. Albrecht Brent W. Baldwin Paula Janette Gage Francis Kwong Tai Lee Daniel Warren Nelson SENIOR STUDENT MEMBERS Susan Elaine Abel Sam Zachry Albright Stephen Smith Autry Brent W. Baldwin Clifton William Barkley Bobby Harold Benton Gary Young Bicknell Mark Lee Boon Gerald Leigh Bracht Frank Vincent Broil Jr. James Edward Browder Robert Bruce Brown Leland Marshal Bryant Dan Roy Byrne Douglas Charles Chiles Thomas Allen Collins Louis William Conradt Joseph Baker Cordill Betty Jane Cornelison Garry Lynn Covington Larry Ben Cox Garret! Lovell Davis Paul David Dodson Clifford R. Eisenberg Judy Lynn Fritsche Frieling Richard Carl Frost Jr. Raymond Frazier Gaston Sidney Kenneth Gerber Robert Edward Golden Harry Louis Goldsmith Dolores Patricia Graff Terry Linton Green Alan Dale Greenwood Edward Fred Halamicek Michael Owen Hanson Robert Luther Hearn III Helen Eleanor Holcomb Julia Faye Holcomb Winfred Nolen Horn Edward Lee Howard Don Stephen Jackson Dalton Brittain Jones Larry Gene Jones Robert David Kilpatrick Alphonse Frank Klam Jr. Robert Alvin Kouts George C. Krueger Jeffrey Herman Larkin Milton Dale Lawler Wilton Gale Lawler Lewis Titus LeClaire William Shelton Lee Marcia Susan Levis Mark Charles Licata Daniel Lichtenstein Robert Arthur Marcotte John Patrick Marren Gary Joe Martin Ann Miner Mortimer James Edward Myers Stella Maria Narisi Stephen Eugene Neukom Fredrick Steven Orleans Steven Lee Parrick Stephen Douglas Powell Thomas Wendel Reiser Stephen Gene Rising John Leslie Roades Kathleen Sue Robertson William Edward Rosenthal Jack Benjamin Rubin John Keller Saunders Angela Marie Schenck Floyd Patterson Schiewitz Jillian Hurst Seymour Mark Douglas Simpson James Findley Sturdivant Debra A. Tabak Melanie Johnson Thomas James Edward Turner Van Alan Valenta Glenn K. Van Shellenback John Richard Whisenhunt Richard Byron Whitaker Dennis Clyde White Larry Brant Wilson Jenny Sue Haney Winn Larry Arnold Wise Rita N. Worrall Carol Slepr Zeppa GRADUATE STUDENT MEMBERS Michael Vearle Addy Dalton Dale Bandy James R. Boatsman Ruth Harper Bullard Lucia Sun Chang Thomas Murray Cook Theodore F. Crow Rex Cruse Sally Jean Curtis Jerry Saunders Davidson John Henry Dombroski Isaac Emmanuel Elizondo William David Freund Wade Sperry Goodrich Waylon Donald Griffin John White Hardy William John Hippie Gary Alan Hoffman Akira Ishikawa Sewell Lee Keeter Adrian Wilcox Kirkland Theodore Klastorin Charles Bruce Lee William C. Letzkus Warren Spencer Martin Ralph Hain Mengel II Freddie Lee Myrick Jr. Gyles Richard Norwood Richard Martin Reese Henry Moak Rollins Robert Alan Russell Joseph San Miguel Stephen William Sorensen Richard L. Townsend Wesley R. Williams Kenneth E. Willmann 331 Kappa Tau Alpha Journalism Honor Society Junior and senior journalism majors in the top ten percent of their class may hold membership in Kappa Tau Alpha. Graduate students are admit- ted on a limited basis on recommendation from a graduate faculty panel. Scholastic requirements are a 3.0 grade point average and a 3.5 grade point average in all communication courses. New members were inducted at a breakfast in April. The organization ' s sole purpose is the recog- nition and promotion of scholarship in journalism. President Vice-President John Roland Tilly Elaine Vicky Neu MEMBERS Sallie Sharp Aldridge Henry Clifton Avery III Janet Jeter Brown Jo Arlene Clifton Carol Carr Cody Linda Gale Cook Edward W. Dunn Suzanne Freeman Marsha Zimmerman Gerber Elizabeth Ann Hagan Gwendolyn Ann Hickey Lawrence Edward Honig Linda Joyce Hotchkiss John Phillip Howe Jo Ann Kaufman Thomas W. Klemworth James Dean Marsh Elaine Vicky Neu Peggy Jean Odell Patricia M. Sepulveda Carroll S. Shershun William David Sloan John Roland Tilly 1973 SPRING INITIATES Frank Powell Banning Kirk Ray Bohls Jamie Kathryn Carter Marilyn Carrol! Cartwright Carolyn Ade!e Comeaux Susan Cozette Coney David Rodney Cook 1. Thomas W. Kleinworth 2. John Roland Tilly 3. Dr. Norris G. Davis 4. Jo Arlene Clifton 5. Dr. Wayne A. Danielson 6. Dr. Robert S. Kahan 7. Linda Gale Cook 8. Elaine Vicky Neu 9. Carol Carr Cody Jane Ellen Covington Joe Dacy II Martha Larsh Doran Shelly Diane Ely Richard A. Finegan Kirstie Johnson Gillen Nancy Ellen Goldfarb Jerry F. Graham Martha Ann Hill Jean Louise Jenkins Karen Lynne Justice Ann Mathilde Levy Howard Burke Miller Suzanne Marie O ' Malley Vivian Gayle Reaves Suzanne Schwartz David Allen Solomon Marcia Jane Staff GRADUATE STUDENTS Gary Clifton Aven James Phillip Boyle Thomas J. Kirwin III Charles Her ry Martin Carolyn An i Marvin BetteO. Matlage Roger Allen Mulder Thomas M. Pasqua Robert E. Rayfield Judith Lee Zaffirini FACULTY MEMBERS H. Al Anderson Gene Arnold Burd Wayne Allen Danielson Norris G. Davis Albert Richard Elam Joe Bertram Frantz Martin Leroy Gibson Robert Sidney Kahan C. Richard King William Anthony Mindak Richard Arthur Schreiber DeWitt Carter Reddick Richard Arthur Schreiber Werner Severin Ernest Alonzo Sharpe S. Griffin Singer James William Tankard R. Donald Vance. 332 MEMBERS Roy Elmer Barth Joseph Jefferson Beaman Richard Brian Bills Galin Brady James Fuhr Branch Johnny Roy Brezina Joseph K. Chan Thomas Felkai Mark James Friesenhahn Tommy Lane Knowles Gary Wayne Konecny Denis Steve Kopecki Thomas James Kreston Steven Parks Nichols Byron Elliott Short John Stephen Spears Barry Howard Standley Martin Lewis Stone Robert H. Sweat Jr. James Wimberly Turner Arthur Dan Tubbs Stephen Craig Walls FALL INITIATES Scott Randall Amos Steve Graydon Barbee Stephen Lawrence Berkley James Warren Brown Robert Lee Bullock Emrnitt David Chipman III John Saunders Corbin Jr. Larry Wayne Dubose Steven Michael Duff Thomas Ray Guy Kent Layne Johnson Harley Russell King Jr. Richard Sleven Langdon Warren Neal Massey Michael Neal Nelson Ramon Marte Nunez-Doval E. Strode Pennebaker III Marcus John Voltin Jr. Jon Gerald White President Vice-president Treasurer Secretary Steven Parks Nichols Martin Lewis Stone Denis Steve Kopecki Gary Wayne Konecny Mechanical engineering majors are selected for membership in Pi Tau Sigma, the mechanical engi- neering honor society, on the basis of sound engi- neering ability and a required grade point average decided each semester. Both juniors and seniors are initiated in fall and spring ceremonies. Pi Tau Sigma prepared short descriptions of mechanical engineering professors for its mem- bers. Also, " block course " discussions were con- ducted which gave students information about various concentrations in mechanical engineering. An active pledge program was maintained by the society. Pledges completed a signature list of mechanical engineering faculty and Pi Tau Sigma actives as well as making a metal insignia for the group. A pledge reception and picnic gave oppor- tunities for fall initiates and members to socialize. Dr. Thomas Courtney, Thomas Ray Guy, Denis Steve Kopecki, James Fuhr Branch. John Saunders Corbin Jr.. Roy Elmer Barth, Larry Wayne Dubose, Jon Gerald White, Martin Lewis Stone. Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering Honor Society -. Tau Beta Pi, an honorary organization for all engineering students, chooses members from the upper 20 percent of the senior class and the upper 10 percent of the junior class each spring and fall. The national organization is often called the engi- neering equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa. An active pledge program required pledges to participate in several projects including donating blood and visiting the State School for Mentally Retarded Children. Austin Mayor Roy Butler spoke at the society ' s December banquet honoring new pledges. In April, the spring pledges were also honored with a banquet. Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society President Vice- President Treasurer Recording Secretary Paul Wistar Darden Barry Howard Standley Robert H. Sweat Jr. Barry J. Fairbanks Corresponding Secretary Donald C. Wahrmund MEMBERS Douglas W. Bartholomew Edward Siegle Baxter Bradley Robert Bihner John Edwin Black Gary M. Blythc James Fuhr Branch Robert Arthur Brown Robert Lee Bullock William W. Burns Norrnan Edward Carmichael William Holland Catlett Ching Woo Chan Peter Kai-Mou Chow Wayne Matthew Coplin Richard G. Dargatz Stephen C. Darling Peier Herman Dienken Peter Thomas Demakes Brian Dinsmoor Larry Wayne Dubose Steven Michael Duff Richard E. Eveland Jose A. Fernandez Jr. Gary Edward Finch Ko Bong Fung Alan Dale Gant Charles E. Garrett Jr. James Edward Gilliam Dewayne Edmon Hahn Gary George Hewer Kent Layne Johnson Thomas Paul Kidwell Wilbert Kroeger Charles D. Livingston KinLo Robert B. Lydecker Brian Joseph McArdle Robert Thomas McCarty Edwin B. McClelland Carl Joseph Meade James David Miertschin Lawrence Landram Moss William Edwin Muston Daniel Geroge Nasser Jay Rodney Nelson William Howard Newell James Patrick Owen Eugene S. Pennebaker III Jimmy Lee Quock Kenneth Ray Richardson Mark Alan Roschke Harold Kent Saathoff Dale Randolph Sherman Byron Elliott Short Jr. Kwok-Fei Sowden Sim Martin Lewis Stone Saleem Tawil David Rankin Terry William R. Trutna Wendell R. Vines Donald C. Wahrmund Michael David Watkins Robert D. Watkins Robert Lee Wilkins Kwok Wai Wu Johnson Kuen Y Yan I suite re also Members and their dates relaxed at the December banquet. Stem as L SPRING INITIATES Shane C. Alexander Leo Phillip Anderson James Philip Barbee James Price Bishop Stanley Key Bond Ronald V. Bravenec Fank Cofer Brogan Robert F. Campbell Peter Lung-Sang Chan Robert W. W. T. Chang Gary S. Childress Raymond Shu Kuen Chiu David Allen Darnell Thomas Hudson Dozier Richard Jarrard Eanes James Steven Farr David Thurman Ford Robert R. Geroge Thomas Ray Guy Keith Hanna Harmon Chung-Bun Thomas Hung Darrell Gene Jacob Robert J. Johnson Kenneth C. Jurgens Robert C. Kelahan Patrick Daniel Kelly Anthony D. Kennard Joe David Kuebler Chung-Yiu Lam Janet Lawrence Sze Keung Lee Freddy Weldon Leslie Kenneth Ewing Martin Kennedy K. McElroy George Michael Mealy Arthur Joseph Meyer Dennis Woodrow Moore Guy Charles Naeve Donald Ray Oakley Ralph Dean Olander Roger Cook Osborn Claude Edward Pichot Michael Ernest Poehl Stephen J. Proctor John H. Richardson Floyd Edgar Scales Karl Michael Schmitt Francis See Che-Kwan Shum John Ronald Smith Peter Chan M. So Charles D. Stevens Layne W. Summons Kenny Teoh William Lee Terrell Roger Lee Thomas Mark Alan Thompson George K. Vanness Ronald Paul Webster James Sawyer Weller Bruce Lane Wiland Jerome Windlinger Ronald Lee Withrow Charles W. Wolcott James Robert Young 335 Arnold Air Society Functioning as the honorary fraternity of the Air Force ROTC program, the John H. Payne squadron of the Arnold Air Society sponsored several service and social projects throughout the year. Members of the society, chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship and general excellence, assisted the Darrell Royal Workshop for handi- capped children and worked for the State School for the Deaf. During the Texas Relays, they assisted in filming, judging, scorekeeping and pub- licizing the relays. After six weeks of training, a pledge dinner at Bergstrom Air Force Base was held each semester for new members. 1. Dale Michael Vandehey 2. Glenn Orrin Burchard 3. David Lansing McNeely 4. Doyle Ray Addington 5. Patrick John Parma 6. John Paul Zaniewshi 7. Eric L. Monashkin 8. George Bryant Meyer 9. Wallace Franklin Reeves 10. Robert Daniel Watkins 11. David L. Williams 12. Richard R. Laughlin 13. Gregory John Doutel 14. Scott Vincent Murray 15. Lawrence C. Owen 16. Thomas William Di cker 17. Gary Arlen Rostamo 18. Lawrence P. Melancon 19. Darrell Gene Jacob 20. John Anthony Ross 21. Bradford P. Mercer 22. Richard Gregory Phaneuf 23. Anthony James Adamcik 24. Thomas R. Kuykendall 25. Major Byron W. King 26. Mark Lee Labaj 27. James Douglas Cantwell 28. Marilyn Mae Jowdy )o pliAms SPRING PLEDGES Charles S. Glaubach Paul Dion Penaloza John Wesley Simmons Kenneth Charles Smith Russel Kent Strawn Thomas B. Ward Commander Deputy Commander Operation Officer Glenn Orrin Burchard Dale Michael Vandehey David Lansing McNeely ? " " 336 1 . Sanford Lee Gottesman 2. Gary Ray Pinnell 3. William A. Brock Jr. 4. John Robert Stratton 5. Phillip Charles Grouse 6. Mark Gideon Goode III 7. David Shuler Gamble 8. Ronald Lyle Brown 9. Stephen Craig Walls 10. Randy Lee Brock : ' -. James Stephen Hogg Society Founded in 1913, the James Stephen Hogg Soci- ety is an honorary organization recognizing out- standing male public speakers. Membership is lim- ited to 21 men. Initiates are taken only when a vacancy is created by graduation. New members are elected unanimously and must be college coun- cil presidents, student senators or the equivalent. Activities included meeting with prominent men to discuss problems of interest to students. John Connally, Dr. Charles LeMaistre, Dr. Stephen Spurr, Mayor Roy Butler and Gov. Dolph Briscoe were among the speakers this year. Speaker Chief Clerk Parliamentarian Reading Clerk Thomas Wayne Rioux Samuel Douglas Haas Larry Dale Pecena Gary Ray Pinnell Joseph Armstrong Bryan William Barry Ian Chase Bentsen Randy Lee Brock William A. Brock Jr. Ronald L. Brown Tom Reaves Conner Phillip Charles Grouse Geoffrey Michael Curran William Kamal Dabaghi Walter Eugene Demond Tieman Henry Dippel Charles Adkins Finnel Timothy Patrick Furlong David Shuler Gamble Charles Suggett George Thomas Jefferson Gibson III Richard Louis Giesecke Thomas Samuel Goggins III Mark Gideon Goode III Sanford Lee Gottesman Jerry Richard Grammer Edmund Anton Greber Samuel Douglas Haas II John Robert Heard Oliver Samuel Heard Jr. Jerome Hill IV Jimmie Hinze Randall Howard Hollis Michael Don Hutchison Ronald George Janda Rostom Mehraban Kavoussi Nicholai Kerpchar Murray Mark Lesher Donald Clark McCleary Bruce Hal Miner William Moll John Teo Muegge Jennings Neal Naranjo David Otto Nillson Claude Gene Pardue John Newton Patterson Robert Stiles Patterson Larry Dale Pecena Melvin Eugene Phillips Jr. Gary Ray Pinnell John Kenneth Sharber Roy Gilbert Shivers William Birt Simpson Clyde Willard Smith Jr. Fred Smith John Robert Stratton William Roger Streit Robert Lewis Thompson Steven Lloyd Van Stephen Craig Walls John Tullos Wells Jay Lawrence Westbook 337 Omicron Nu Home Economics Honorary Society President Janie King Sieberg Vice-President Vicki Lynn Rummel Treasurer Marilyn F. Birdsong Secretary Carol i. Riedel As an honor society for home economics majors, Omicron Nu recognizes outstanding stu- dents, but also sponsors social activities. Members are initiated each fall and spring and must have attained upper division hours in their major with a 3.0 grade point average. Donation of books to the Texas State Mental Hospital and tutoring home economics classes were also projects of Omicron Nu. Programs and speakers played an integral part of the group ' s activities. Mrs. Gayle Browne of University Com- puter Research spoke to members on the use of computers for educational purposes and Dr. Cath- erine Cooper, assistant professor of child develop- ment, presented a program on the factors that influence young children ' s learning. Recipient of the Omicron Nu Scholarship award, presented annually to an outstanding soph- omore home economics major was Barbara Bruce. FRONT ROW: Mary Ann Morgan, Catherine Louise Pres- sler, Christine Kay Hunter, Kathryn Anne Rice, Deborah Jean Koelling, Bronwyn Beatrice Leamon, Patricia Paulsen. SECOND ROW: Ellen Marie Wundt, Hope Elizabeth Buess, Rebecca Emilia Ramon, Jaylie lone Longbotham, Vicki Lynn Rummell. THIRD ROW: Susan Elizabeth Goetz, Susana Maria Castillo, Christine Elaine Roitsch, Carol Lee Covington, Nancy Claire Nicks. 333 1 Fireside chats with government professors and parties where students could exchange political views were among the activities of Pi Sigma Alpha. The honorary political science society requires a 3.0 overall grade point average and a 3.0 minimum in 12 hours of government courses for member- ship. Members are selected each fall and spring. Service projects of Pi Sigma Alpha included assisting in the selection of the William Jennings Bryan prize for outstanding papers in political sci- ence and collecting detailed descriptions of gov- ernment courses from University professors Pi Sigma Alpha Honorary Government Society EXECUTIVE BOARD Richard Lee Black Jack Nicholas Fuerst Edward Seewald Guleke Beverly Yvonne Seyen Glenda Gail Watkins David Joe Adkins John August Adkins Sandra Lynne Albrecht William Truett Alvis James Leslie Angle Stephen Michael Austin Linda Becerra Sharon Lynn Bechtold Jerry Arch Bell Robert Lynn Benter John Wade Bingaman Stephen Ray Bishop Kirk Ray Bohls Rebecca J. Bolding Glenda L. Bradshaw Larry Mark Brittain Lucius D. Bunton Jr. Constance Ann Cable Isidro D. Cantu Catherine D. Carlisle John H. Carlson Bradley A. Carson Virginia K. Carter Landon R. Chambers Lonnie E. Childs James M. Christiansen Kathryn Ann Coffey Rosemary E. Coffman Michael Cohen Lanetta Marie Cooper Charley Albert Davidson Walter Douglas Davis Carolyn Mary Doak Stephen A. Doggett Gordon Arthur Doig Kathryn Lucille Doll Thomas Aldrich Eaton Bill John Ellis Jr. Deborah Ann Engler John Keith Everett J ohn David Ewald Edward Zane Fair Leopoldo Fraga Jr. Ruth Elizabeth Francell Ronald Glenn Franklin Robert Wayne Gee Mary Etta Gerhardt Warren Gibbs Gay Ann Goforth John T. Gooding II Georgia Claire Graham Donald Hayes Grissom Terrence P. Hamilton Jeff Allen Harmon Emmett Harrison Brenda Jo Hefner Rebecca Lucille Hegar Patricia B. Herd Nancy Kay Hudson Linda Susan Hull James Harrison Itz Derek Byron Jef fers James O. Jenkins Jesse Holman Jones II Melissa Ann Jones George Michael Kell Charles Warren Kelly Charles R. Kennedy Steve Mason King Paul Emil Knisely Gary M. Kusin Barbara Ann Lane Paul Andre Leche William Austin Ligon Bradley Keith Lollar Leslye Lucas Charles Steven Luna James F. Maroney III Gary Wayne Mayton Vicki K. McCarthy Michael Rogers McElwrath Larry Michael McKee Frederick G. McLeroy Lawrence P. Melancon Jr. Kenneth Jared Mendel John Lawrence Mericle Kathy Moore Scott Notley Morse Cynthia Sue Myers Arthur Maurice Nathan Douglas J. Palandech Patrice Jane Pargaman Robert Carroll Pate Michael David Peck Lawrence A. Powers Daniel F. Prashner Dorothy Prengler Jim Ray Christopher S. Record Joanne Reiner Arch John Riggal KingM.RileyJr. Margaret Jo Roberson Wayne Richard Roberts William Ashley Roig Stephen Rosenthal Gordon Merill Rubinett Helen Leigh Russell John F. Daniel Schofield Michael Paul Setty Jean Ree Setzer Michael J. Shearn Esther Ann Silber William Clifford Spencer Kenneth R. Stein Robert C. Strong Jr. Robin Dale Strother Joseph Walter Terrell William Mark Thompson Robin Tillman Cynthia Ann Toles Twyla Lynn Tranf aglia Mark Van Berg William Daniel Vaughn Mary Anne Ward Melvin Ellis Waxier Bradley Westmoreland Thomas Lee Whatley John D. Williams Ronald G. Williams Thomas J. Williams John M. Witherspoon David Lee Ylitalo 339 Sigma Alpha Iota Women ' s International Music Honor Society Women studying music who have a 3.0 grade point average in all music courses are eligible for membership in Sigma Alpha Iota, an international music honor society. The Beta Xi chapter initia- tions are held once a year, and a rush tea is held for prospective initiates. The music honor society sponsored Sigma Alpha Iota Week in November which included a reception for Dean Peter Garvie of the College of Fine Arts. Members also gave a recital and ush- ered the Evelyn Lear solo concert. President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Nancy W. McCann Marilyn Anne McMahon Susan Frances Tobin Inez Elizabeth Buchan Amy Joan Brown Marilyn E. Amos Rosalind L. Barber my Joan Brown Inez Elizabeth Buchan Marjo E. Carroll Sarah McBurnett Carroll Patricia Ann Casserly Carolyn Lee Cherry Beulah Agnes Curry Mary Joy Davison Artie Ann Fielder Diane Elaine Gorzycki Deborah Dale Graham Christine Gay Greer Mary McKay Hall Cheryl Diane Hatch Jan Elizabeth Howell Janice Anne Howell Mary Elizabeth James Kathleen D. Jenkins Karen S. Kastner Gwena Cearley Kennedy Lynn Marie Kennedy Ann Angela Kostas Susan Marie May Nancy McCann Patricia Lynn McCarty Cynthia Gail McDowell Marilyn Anne McMahon Mollie Melone Lynne F. Moneypenny Sarah Belle Glim Katherine J. Parker Georgia Gilliam Parmalee Laura Anderson Popper Elizabeth A. Pritchard Joan Yvonne Reinhard Judith Ann Schlechte Rose Anne Scott Nancy J. Shedlowe Margaret Ann Sprinkle Deborah K. Strain Susan Frances Tobin Annette L. Treaccar 340 PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION DIRECTED I BILL SCCTT Founded on the spur of the moment in Octo- ber 1971, the Undergraduate Research Founda- tion (URF) has evolved into an organization which attempts to pursue various investigations relating directly to undergraduate concerns. These investigations often take the form of ad hoc committees which probe issues which relate to student money and student welfare. Due to the overwhelming number of potential areas of concern, the foundation, despite it ' s intentions of becoming a sobering influence on the direction of campus opinion, was forced to limit itself to investigation of two issues this year. The first took the form of a mail survey of several major American universities concerning fluctuations in the campus suicide rate during times of political unrest and or war. The results were inconclusive. The second major investigation, considerably closer to home, was an in-depth study of the amount of beer and other libations consumed by six URF members at the Bucket in one afternoon. Because of the quantitative nature of the project, several trips were necessary. Final results were broken down into both pitchers and glasses. Due to the somewhat unexpected popularity of this particular project, the foundation voted to continue it on a fulltime basis. Undergraduate Research Foundation URF member Knox Hughes passed out campaign leaflets during spring elections. 342 I. tout II - President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Parliamentarian Knox Brown Hughes Grady Edwin Schleier Rohin H. Richardson Jerry Arch Bell Rex Gavin Baker HI 1. Kevin W. Bankhead 2. Rebecca J. Kunkel 3. Jill Elizabeth Kunkel 4. Knox Brown Hughes 5. William Buerk Scott 6. Grady Edwin Schleier 7. Wellwood N. Tausend 8. Andrea Jean Sparks 9. John August Adkins 10. Gayle Ann Rothenberg 1 1 . Teegie 12. John Edwin Van Zant 13. William B. Caveness 14. Phillip Clay Bankhead 15. Brady Lee Allen 16. Rita Ann McNutt 17. J. J. Finkelstein Public relations directors from Southwestern Bell and Tracer Incorporated and the editor of Texas Monthly magazine were among featured speakers at meetings of the Public Relations Stu- dent Society of America (PRSSA) this year. The organization, which strives to promote a professional attitude toward public relations work by encouraging the use of current theories and procedures, is open to all students enrolled in the public relations sequence in the School of Commu- nication. Members attended a student seminar at the annual convention of the Texas Public Relations Association held at San Antonio in February. Public Relations Student Society of America 1. Gordon Treadwell Hill 2. Kay Canter Sharp 3. Junella Lee Porter 4. Jeanne Marie Smalling 5. Laura Ann D ' Alisera 6. Jan Lenore Skinner 7. Andrea Jean Sparks 8. Catherine Stratemeyer 9. Claudia S. Jackson 10. Dr. Alan Scott 11. Jean M. Hochleutner 12. Barbara Berger 13. Tony Lynn Chauveaux 14. Mary Ellen Alexander 15. Thomas Charles Petty President Barbara Berger Vice-President Larry Dale Taylor Treasurer Thomas Joseph Drobyski Secretary Gordon Treadwell Hill 344 Sigma Delta Chi Professional Journalism Organization 1. Robert Ray Faulk 2. Sheldon Ike Lippman 3. Jamie Kathryn Carter 4. John Clifford Gandy 5. Kristina Ann Paledes 6. Anthony Ray Stastny 7. Christopher F. Barbee 8. Karen Lynne Justice 9. Kirk Ray Bohls 10. David Leslie Powell 1 1 . Jeanne Barbara Janes 12. Catherine Evelyn Greene 13. Laura Kathryn Leth 14. Nancy Ellen Goldfarb 15. Kirk Marquis Sims 16. Suzanne Schwartz Student journalists with intentions of continu- ing in the news writing field comprise the mem- bership of Sigma Delta Chi. The organization, through various programs and activities, brings students in contact with professional journalists, working reporters and other members of the media. In addition, mem- bers are advised on internships, job openings and the details of applying for, finding and holding jobs in the journalism field. During the year, SDX members engaged in a lobby campaign supporting the proposed shield law for Texas reporters. Other activities included programs featuring Sam Kinch, Dallas MORN- ING NEWS Austin bureau reporter, University System Chancellor Charles LeMaistre and Wil- liam Payette, of the United Features Syndicate organization. An open forum for THE DAILY TEXAN editor candidates was held in February. Members also attended the SDX national con- vention in Dallas November 15-18 which fea- tured columnist Jack Anderson. DAILY TEXAN editor candidates spoke at a forum sponsored by SDX in February President Laura Kathryn Leth Vice-President .Michael T. Fresques Treasurer Su7.;;nnc Schwart Secreum Karen I. Mint- Justice 345 Women in Communications A decision to provide a Claudia Taylor Johnson seminar room adjoining the library of the new communications complex highlighted the activities of Women in Communications, founded as Theta Sigma Phi. As the oldest professional journalism organiza- tion in the United States, the group strives both to unite women engaged in the field of communica- tion and to work for a free and united press. Mem- bers are accepted during fall and spring and must maintain a 2.5 g.p.a. Speakers at meetings included Elspeth Rostow, Steve Morelock, account executive at Bloom Advertising Agency in Dallas and Vicki Floyd, public information officer of the Small Business Association of Houston. The organization also sponsored the Ten Most Beautiful contest, hosted the " Writer ' s Roundup " and held a seminar on internships in the media. Other activities included a Day-on-the-Job pro- gram in February and sponsorship of the media mixer party during Communication Week. Members also attended a regional meeting of the organization in Dallas in April. President Mary Ellen Alexander Vice-President Nancy Lynn Sanders Treasurer Suzanne Schwartz , Secretary Marcia Diane Aronson 1. Karen Kershner 2. Linda Gale Cook 3. Lorraine Ann Clements 4. Rhonda Sue L. Hazle 5. Mary Ellen Alexander 6. Kay Canter Sharp 7. Carol E. Hatfield 8. Suzanne Marie O ' Malley 9. Margaret M. Schwartz 10. Christie Jelen 1 1 . Martha Larsh Doran 12. Diana Eve Kerr 13. Shery! Marlise Levine 14. Elsa Antonia Saldana 15. Kathy Standage 16. Elizabeth Jane Daily 17. Harriet L. Hubbard 18. Jeanne Barbara Janes 19. Cynthia Maryse Elam 20. Barbara A. Livingston 21. Helen Claire Vollmer 22. Jean Louise Jenkins Mary Ellen Alexander, President 346 1. Dr. James R. Kay 2. David Wayne Renshaw 3. Ronald Gene Harris 4. Floyd P. Schiewitz 5. Donald Lee Gillespie 6. Manuel Banda Rossett 7. Thomas Reginald Cox 8. Elza Vance Bullock Jr. 9. Michael J. Upchurch 10. John M. Nevins 11. Lynn Scott Sousares 12. Niceforo Yanez Jr. 13. Leland Wyatt Waters 14. William S. Barnett 15. Hal Zane Beck American Finance Association Realizing that the transition from business school to the " real " world is not always a smooth one, the American Finance Association tried to promote a closer relationship between the Uni- versity student and the business community. The organization was open to all students and held monthly meetings featuring speakers ranging from James Coffman, a registered financial ana- lyst with the Capital National Bank, to an econo- mist from the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank. A March field trip to Houston included visits to the brokerage firms of Underwood Neuhaus and Rotan-Mosle in addition to visits to Tenneco and Coldwell-Banker Realty Company. A fireside with Dr. William Rentz, Assistant Professor of Finance was also held in the spring. President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Michael J. U pchurch Lance Kay Bruun Niceforo Yanez Jr. Thomas Reginald Cox 347 Providing opportunities for business students to both examine the professional environment and serve the Austin community is the goal of Alpha Kappa Psi, business fraternity. Members are chosen each semester from a pledge class composed of interested business-eco- nomics students with a minimum grade point average of 2.0. The pledge program lasts eight to ten weeks and culminates with formal initiation. The organization sponsored service projects which ranged from entertaining underpriviledged children at the Austin State School to building rec- reational facilities for a local day care center. Social events included a Sweetheart Dance in February and parties during Round-Up week- end. Awards banquets were held in the fall and spring semesters honoring outstanding members. Alpl Profei President Vice- President Treasurer Secretary ry Michael Alletag Richard V. Battle Charles Joe Maddox Jr. Carl James Bussell Javier Aguilar Daniel David Ahuero Gary Michael Alletag Richard Gordon Alletag Richard Vernon Battle Gregory Edward Bogdan Carl James Bussell Wilton Foster Chalker Robert Eberle Cooke Donald Ray Daum Howard Gordon Davis Robert Wilson Drewery Gary Wayne Eiland Allen Dean Harris Ralph Hillm File George Rice Flint Donald Lee Gillespie Thomas Philip Gluckman Robert Edward Golden Michael Lynn Jones Jerry Wayne Kunschik Joseph C. Kyle Jr. Larry L. Linenschmidt Randall K. Lowry Jr. Charles Joe Maddox Jr. Woodward William Martensen John Kevin McCrory Robert Todd McDowell Larry Wayne Melton , i t 348 Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi members unwound with beer and foosball at Luigi ' s. Jeffery Lynn Meyer Gary Lee Miller Charles Melson Ogle II Stephen Harold Pouns Stanley Earnest Pyndus Patrick Ramirez James Banda Rossett Richard P. Schissler Joseph Schuchardt III Craig Kent Shirk Michael Earl Simpson Jeffery Alvin Smith Enos Roger Stewart Jr. Mark Alan Trieb Luis Vallejo Donald Reid Walker Cecil Wayne Warren Jr. Isaac Floyd Wiley 349 American Marketing Association 1. Thomas Inge Jackson 2. Karen Sue Hanson 3. Michael T. Skelton 4. Cynthia Anne Berry 5. Ann Henderson 6. Mina Jane Gibson 7. Glynda Lee Turner 8. Carolyn Rae Boland 9. Douglas Hugh Bloom 10. Stephan Mark Rowden 11. Sophie Anna Greene 12. Pricilla Polchinski 13. Reed M. Merritt 14. Margaret M. Merritt 15. Deborah Helen Sollock 16. Janice Sue Jochec 17. Kathleen Greif 18. Elbert Lynn Grisell 19. Dennis Joseph Bozza 20. William Moore 21. Terry Lawrence Hoffman 22. David Edward Royston 23. Jack Benjamin Rubin 24. Lloyd Allen Graham 25. Doy le F. Gallman 26. Fred Sinto Margosh 27. Thomas C. Shopoff 28. John P. Richardson 29. Robert Wilson Drewry 30. Robert Layne Gurley 31. John Charles Kelly 32. William Aubrey Wilkins A spring field trip to Houston allowed mem- bers of the American Marketing Association (AMA) to get a closer look at promotional tech- niques used in the business world. The trip included tours of Humble Oil and Refining Corporation and Anheiser-Busch Brew- ery and featured a program on the problems encountered by Humble in changing the name of its oil products from Enco to Exxon. AMA members heard speakers at monthly meetings including Dr. William Mindak, Univer- sity professor of advertising, who spoke on mar- keting techniques used by French advertisers. Other speakers included Ray Walker, a Firestone Corporation representative and Roger Eickoff, placement director in the College of Business. The association officially represented the mar- keting department in the " Showcase " exhibition in March with an inter-media presentation on basic marketing principles. Thomas C. Shopoff President William Aubrey Wilkins Vice-President Karen Sue Hanson Treasurer John Charles Kelly Secretary A fall party gave members a chance to meet informally. 350 Real Estate Society Serving as a link between the students and the realty industry, the University Real Estate Soci- ety tried to acquaint members with all aspects of the development, sale and ultimate use of land. Field trips to the Galleria, a major retail shop- ping mall in Houston, and to the Horseshoe Bay resort development near Llano gave the group a chance to observe professional operations. Monthly meetings featured speakers such as Dallas land developer Trammel Crow. In addi- tion, the society offered a summer job placement service for members. 1. Wayne Steven Curtis 2. Lucy Doggett Crow 3. John Frank Ward 4. Jerrell Israel Meyerson 5. Larry Douglas George 6. Dr. Steven Pyhrr 7. Mark Alexander Klein 351 Charles Bruce Abraham William Joseph Anderlohr Stephen Nicholas Arra John Scott Beauchamp Hal Zane Beck Stephen Vernon Beck Gregg Allen Bennett Bobby Charles Berry William Edgar Blair William Alexander Brock Jr. James Edwin Dixon Gregory John Doutel Corbin Lee Douthitt Larry Eugene Dugger Marvin W. Galloway Charlie Vin Gamblin James Frederick Girardeau Gary Wayne Glenewinkel Michael Bernard Goertz Donald Stephen Hewett Marvin Charles Holcomb President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Chancellor Corbin Lee Doulhitt Robert Mark Mills Hansell N. York William Aubrey Wilkins William Alexander Brock Jr. I? A Delta Sig gets a drink the hard way at a spring rush party. 352 Ronald Dwain Jenning s Craig Martin Kercho Alphonse Frank Kubacak Keith Harold Lehtinen ( id 14 David Alan Manny William Eutis Moore Michael Keith O ' Kelley William Maxwell Parker Gary Ray Pinnell Robert Wilson Pratt II Louis Theodore Romer Jr. Stephen Craig Roos Patrick W. Schneider Jon Kenneth Shockley Ronald Lewis Sikes Michael J. Upchurch Philip Casey Wagnon William Aubrey Wilkins Bruce Eli Wolbrette BlfA AATTA CHAPTER Brlla _ V? |fn.l ' 1 Dr. Conrad Doenges spoke during a rush smoker. Established in 1930, the Beta Kappa chapter of Delta Sigma Pi has grown to one of the largest chapters in the nation. A professional fraternity for business administration majors, the group was organized to foster the study of business within the University and to promote scholarship and social activities. Delta Sigs sponsored the Bob Hope " Hope for the Blind " car wash in October. All p roceeds from this fund-raising activity went toward con- struction of a reading room for blind students in the Business-Economics Building library. Field trips included a visit to the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas and tours of NASA and U.S. Steel Corporation in Houston. Social events, including two formal parties, a match with Delta Zeta sorority and pledge induc- tion banquets, were held during the year. Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity 353 Student Landmen ' s Association 1. Jonathan Zalman Beren 2. Jay E. Brown 3. Larry Wayne Braun 4. Chester V. Dickson Jr. 5. Jerry Lynn Calvert 6. Tommy Lane Dodds 7. Sam Bryan Burk III 8. Bernard Lee House Jr. 9. Scott Evans Wilson 10. Richard Alan Haynie 11. Rocky Lee Arrell 12. Michael Wayne Englert 13. Kenneth R. Berry Jr. 14. John Mark Strawn 15. Gary Lee Todd 16. Lee Brett Johnson 17. William L. Whitehead President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Thomas Alan Taylor Ronald Eric Touchon Larry Wayne Braun Michael Wayne Englert Students enrolled in the Petroleum Land Man- agement program of the College of Business Administration are eligible for membership in the University Student Landman ' s Association. The group provided opportunities for members to meet with working professionals in the oil and gas industry in an effort to learn more about leasing and drilling operations. Monthly meetings covered topics ranging from oil leasing operations in Australia and the Mid- dle East to discussions on job opportunities. A spring barbecue and various informal get- togethers featuring horseback riding, swimming and football topped the list of social activities for the group of 40 members. 354 1. Harry Leon Ott 5. 2. Paul Talmage Boston 6. 3. Pattye Henderson 7. 4. Robert Wayne Gee 8. Cassie Belle Stinson Paula Jo Prather Corina Cruhm Medina Stephen Jeb Loveless Presiden! Robert Wayne Gee Vice-President Gary James Nagle Secretary-Treasurer Paula Jo Prather Orienting students interested in a law career toward the many facets of a legal education and the legal profession is the main function of the University Pre-Law Association (PLA). Meetings are held monthly and students of all majors are invited to join throughout the year. Speakers this year included University Law School Dean Page Keeton, State Rep. Sarah Weddington, State Sen. Charles Herring and a representative of the National Lawyers Guild. A legal research committee, composed of PLA members, worked with the Student ' s Attorney in gathering information concerning litigation in matters such as landlord-tenant disputes. The organization also maintains for members a comprehensive library of law school catalogues with up-to-date information on schools of law in the United States and Puerto Rico. University Pre-Law Association Visiting speaker, Sarah Weddington 355 Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter Home Economics students who want to develop their skills outside the classroom comprise the membership of the Mary E. Gearing Home Eco- nomics Chapter. Meeting topics ranged from the use of comput- ers in home economics to the results of a cardiac research study in nutrition conducted by the Stu- dent Health Center. Programs on listening tech- niques for the 1970s and the development of an orbiting space lab were also presented. Members attended Texas Home Economics Association conventions at Beaumont in Novem- ber and Houston in late February. President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Cynthia Ware Linda Louise Lehrmann Mary Anne Morgan Nancy Sue Kahlden 1. Catherine L. Pressler 2. Betty Sue Diebel 3. Michelle P. Sedlachek 4. Mary Katherine Fortin 5. Hope Elizabeth Buess 6. Cynthia Ware 7. Deborah Kay Goss 8. Jane Marie Watz 9. Mary ' Anne Morgan 10. Linda Louise Lehrmann 11. Ann Ray Miller 12. Leah Kathleen Farley 13. Peggy Bass Mary E. Gearing members gathered at a reception following a monthly meeting. 356 President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Mary Elizabeth Bybee Denis Sean Poulos Lexine T. Bohls PEM Club Working with the Austin area Special Olympics for underpriviledged children and donating books to the University of Mexico library were among the service projects of the Physical Education Majors Club (PEM) at the University. The group, which numbers 125, is composed of Physical and Elementary Education majors with a professional interest in P.E. instruction. Programs included a slide show on the 1972 Munich Olympics, an October presentation by Alan Lowry and Tommy Woodward on the life of a University of Texas football player and a physical education convocation. Members also attended the state PEM conven- tion in San Antonio in early December. Jyntttog. 1. Deborah Marie Thomas 2. Mary Jo Beeson 3. Sara Lynn Morgan 4. Denis Sean Poulos 5. Jay Milton Messer 6. Mary Elizabeth Bybee 7. Bonnie June Standefer 8. Carl Michael Moehle 9. Daryl Gene Moffitt 10. Arne William Meeker 1 1 . Bradley A. Carson 12. Sidney C. Lee 13. George Russell McLeod 14. Elizabeth K. Windham 15. Tinker Dan Murray 16. Ellen Louise Meeker 17. Amanda Moore Jones 18. Mary Ann Joost 357 President Roger Dale Cotton Vice-President William Howard Newell Treasurer Edward Lee McSwain Secretary Antonio C. Gonzales 10 13 1. William Howard Newell 2. Jack Blair Evans 3. Roger Dale Cotton 4. Claire Bradshaw 5. John Ronald Smith 6. Allan James Baysek 7. John Bailey Buford 8. William David Shea 9. Antonio C. Gonzales 10. Rodney Blake Morgan 1 1 . Gary Kenneth Anderson 12. Wendell R. Vines 13. Larry Edward Morris 14. David Quintanilla 15. Addis Taylor McNamara 16. Carles C. Kanetzky 17. Gabriel Ruiz 18. John Douglas Rohrer 19. David Owen Brown 20. John Avila Jr. 21. Galen G. Schroeder 22. Stephen Duane Nease 23. Stanley G. Neujahr 24. James Edward Gilliam Open to all architectural engineering students, the American Association of Architectural Engi- neers strives both to promote fellowship and to prepare members for careers in the design field. Construction of a hyperbolic paraboloid served as one of the main projects of the group this year. The structure, which appears as a curved surface though all framework components are actually straight, is utilized in roofing design. The 12-foot-high creation was displayed at the Univer- sity Showcase exhibit in the Texas Union. Monthly meetings featured speakers including Tommy Taylor, President of Datum Structures Incorporated of Dallas, Joe Williams, chief coor- dinator of the University Buildings and Grounds Division and Clayford Grim, professor of archi- tectural engineering at the University. Social activities were highlighted by a spring barbecue. The engineers also participated in intramural basketball and Softball. American Association of Architectural Engineers An AAAE player goes high for a rebound. 358 Sponsorship of the Model Span contest high- lighted spring semester activities for the Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The event, with an objective to construct a balsa wood bridge that could withstand the greatest amount of pressure while spanning a 20- inch gap, was open to students throughout the country. First prize was $100. ASCE, which tries to afford an opportunity for civil engineering students to make contact with the engineering profession, also gives the Irving S. Perry Award to an outstanding faculty mem- ber during Engineering Week in the spring. Other activities included outdoor keg parties, bi-monthly meetings and participation in Univer- sity intramural sports competition. American Society of Civil Engineers 1 . Warner Gordon Derr 2. Rale Sterling Gideon 3. Tooradj Behgam 4. Klaylea Kay Zwiebel 5. Gary D. Halepeska 6. Mark Alan Thompson 7. Mark Gideon Goode III 8. Victoria L. Blaschke 9. David Arnold Malish 10. Ronald S. Epstein President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Program Chairman 11. David Layne Lott 12. Cecil James Looke III 13. Calvin Eugene Cowher 14. Anthony Gary Rachunck 15. John Norman Furlong 16. Glenn Berry Landers 17. Emede O. Garcia 18. Max Otto Reinback Jr. 19. Charles R. Maddox 20. John H. Richardson Michael G. Broaddus David Arnold Malish Ronald Allen Carter Byron William Porter Bryant P. Marshall r 359 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 1. Gary Lee Wylie 2. Joseph G. Fenwick 3. Eugene Strode Pennebaker 4. Rodolfo G. Salazar 5. Thomas Roy Horner 6. Robert Lee Bullock 7. Robert Edmund Lilly 8. Larry Wayne Dubose 9. Paul Douglas Ginnings 10. Byron Elliott Short 11. Robert H. Sweat 12. Thomas Ray Guy 13. Michael N. Hart 14. Michael Lantz Kinane 15. Kenneth Roberts 16. Dr. Anthony Healey 17. Kennedy K. McElroy 18. Scott William Reid 19. Jolly C. Sartor Jr. 20. David Leland Rhode 21. William Woody Raine 22. James Ingram Graver 23. Gary Wayne Konecny 24. Percy John Bush 25. Michael Titus Swenson 26. Kent Layne Johnson 27. Larry Dale Cooper 28. Stephen Craig Walls Sock Developing a professional attitude toward mechanical engineering, providing opportunities to meet with professors in relaxed settings and getting to know other members is all part of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. To keep members in contact with mechanical engineering, ASME sponsored tours, field trips and practical workshops. The organization, which is open to all mechanical engineering stu- dents, also sent several members to the national ASME meeting in New York City. Social activities included fall and spring pic- nics. The group also fielded a team in university intramural basketball competition. President Vice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Stephen Craig Walls Eugene Strode Pennebaker Michael Lantz Kinane Kent Layne Johnson Scott William Reid 360 ' Society of Petroleum Engineers Intramural competition, fall and spring picnics and a trip to the Arco Corporation ' s offshore drilling rig were among the activities of the Soci- ety of Petroleum Engineers. Membership in the organization, which is affil- iated with the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, is open to all petroleum engineering students. Speakers from various oil-related industries were featured at monthly meetings. Other activi- ties included the selection of Scarlette Boykin as AIME sweetheart and a trip to San Antonio for the world meeting of the society. President William McKee Kazmann Vice-President Michael Dan Haas Treasurer Joe Ray Harris Secretary Roy Michael Riley 1. Linda Kay Goodman 2. Michael Dan Haas 3. Laura Ann Foster 4. Russell Romoser 5. Patty Ann Hayes 6. Daniel George Nasser 7. Scarlette Lynn Boykin 8. Gary Wayne Palmer 9. James Mark Connally 10. Melvin James Rogge 11. Jackie Lynn Behrendt 12. James Matthew Reid 13. Weldon B. Hatcher 14. James R. Teague Jr. 15. Barbara Ann Bailey 16. William McKee Kazmann 17. Lloyd Erwin Martin 18. William Earl Dozier 19. John Charles Hunter 20. Alan Ray Bullington 21. Everett Wayne Culver 22. Charles W. Kennedy 23. William R. Trutna 24. Jeffery Lam 25. Roy Michael Riley 26. Keith R. Fangmeier 27. Dr. Hilmar Von Schonfeldt 28. Phillip Charles Grouse 29. Paul Joseph Woodul 30. Gerald Lee Cockrell 31. Paul Michael Bommer 32. Samuel Eugene Stubbs Members talked with sweetheart nominees at a reception 361 Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association Filling prescriptions at the Student Health Center Pharmacy is one of the primary ways Longhorn Pharmaceutical Associaiton (LPhA) members gain practical professional experience. The 212-member organization sponsored serv- ice projects which ranged from distributing poi- son control information during National Poison Prevention Week in March to collecting money for the March of Dimes during Round-Up. LPhA hosted State Representative Mickey Leland and Traci Hart, TexPIRG research coordi- nator in a February presentation on the TexPIRG study of the high cost of prescription drugs for the consumer. Possible legislation concerning price- posting in drug stores was also discussed. Members also hosted a meeting of the student chapter of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association held in Austin in March. The pharmacy school picnic, featuring volley- ball, Softball and beer drinking, highlighted the organization ' s spring activities. LPhA members filled prescriptions in the Health Center pharmacy. Vice- President Lewis Allen Hall Jr. Treasurer Jeff Carl Pannell Recording Secretary David Gary Watson Corresponding Secretary Charles Morris Liles 1. Lewis Allen Hall Jr. 2. Paul Francis Davis 3. Joe D. Burkhalter 4. David Gary Watson 5. Renee E. G. Solis 6. Jimmy Haskell Harelik 7. Charles Morris Liles 362 Rudolfo Rogelio Alamia Jack Emil Ayoub Jackie Baker Josef E. Cruz Michael Terry Davis George Marion Durand James Nathaniel Erdelt Robert Gonzalez Steven Karl Jacobson Ricardo Joel Leal Steven Martinez Phillip James Moreno Russell Neal Mullins Michael Henry Sander Jerry Wayne Taylor Bruce L. Thompson Charles A. Walters John Joseph Zavaleta ' MMBB BKl H W m. W : BELOW: Phi Delta Chi members found intramural water basketball hectic at times. Service played an important role this year for Phi Delta Chi, a professional fraternity which promotes scholarship and ethics in pharmacy. In addition to coordinating the area-wide activities for Poison Prevention Week in March, an event which featured an elementary school poster contest and the distribution of poison con- trol literature, the group worked on a diabetes detection drive within the College of Pharmacy. Other service projects included the collection of donations for the Capital Kidney Foundation through the sale of commemorative pharmacy postage stamps in December. The project raised $350. Phi Delta Chi members also worked as vol- unteers at the People ' s Free Clinic. Parties in the fall and during Round-Up high- lighted social activities. The organization also fielded intramural teams in all major sports. Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity 363 Kappa Psi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity Steven Dale Basore Robert Harold Bates David Robert Brown Richard James Brummell John Samuel Bullock Enrique Cano John Carlisle Clement Larry Bryant Cowan Danny Britton David Pat Dunkle Tommy Lee Durke Kenneth C. Edwards Frederick M. Evans Steven Lee Farren Ronald Anthony Gurley John Frank Hajek Carl L. Hall III Lewis Allen Hall Jr. James Rodney Hammond Darrell Lee Hirt David Robert Humphries Milton Jerry Jez Jack Kelly Jones John Mark Jones James Russell Kegans Walter Yiu-Kay Kwok Alvaro Jesus Liendo Phillip Elmo Lietz Luis Noe Martinez Michael Curt in McBride Walter Everett McRee Michael David Muecke Glenn Roy Mueller Charles William Murphy Lowell Jay Murrah Adrian Gilbert Ortega David Dan Ottinger Jerroll Dennis Owens Alejandro Rodriquez Leopoldo Ruiz Jesus Alberto Saenz Juan Jorge Saenz Larry Glenn Schrank Robert Cavazos Talamantez Chi Chai Tsu Jose Humberto Villarreal David Gary Watson Gary Wrenn White Onis Corwin Wiemers 364 sident Vice-President Treasurer Secretary John Mark Jones Gary Wrenn White Onis Corwin Wiemers Jack Kelly Jon Year-round donations to the Travis County Blood Bank, distribution of poison antidote sheets to elementary school children in October and spring participation in the Big Buddy Pro- gram for underpriviledged young people were amoung the service projects undertaken by the Gamma Gamma chapter of Kappa Psi, a national professional pharmacy fraternity. The group, which is open to male pharmacy students with a minimum 2.0 grade point aver- age, sponsors a pledgeship program for new members each semester which is culminated by a formal initiation ceremony. Social activities included parties during Christ- mas and Round-Up in addition to rush smokers and a March retreat in Smithville. On the professional level, Kappa Psi members were actively engaged in the Longhorn Pharma- ceutical Association, the Texas Pharmaceutical Association and the Pharmacy Council. Kappa Psi members worked behind the counter at the Health Center pharmacy. 365 Deborah Ann Atkins Sharon Kay Boyd Judy Lee Brooks Donna Marie Burkett Carolyn Akins Carpenter Doris Ming-See Chen President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Mary Ann Howard Virginia Christine Guess Sharon Kay Boyd Sarah Ellen Davenport Johnette Lynn Cuba Sarah Ellen Davenport Martha Jane Edgerton Mary K. Fortenberry Susan Ann Ginnings Mary Ann Howard Gail Frances King Barbara Joyce Laber Vicki Lu Landreth Martha Lee McGregor Lynne Marie Moyer Maria Aurora Olivarez Janet Sue Park Sue Annette Penn Esther San Miguel Victoria Eugenia Skelton Renee Elenita Solis Constance Lee Spencer Sharon Elaine Stoorza Vanessa Ellen Vajdos Lucille Irene Vela Peggy Ann Watson Karen Frances Winslow Nancy Alene Young Founded to foster a professional consciousness among women in pharmacy at the University, the Xi chapter of Kappa Epsilon selects members each semester. Women must be enrolled in the College of Pharmacy and must maintain a mini- mum 2.0 grade point average. The organization engaged in service projects which included working at the walk-in clinic of the Student Health Center. In addition, pledges collected canned food for needy families. Social activities were highlighted by a get- acquainted reception held for all pharmacy women in September. Halloween and Christmas parties rounded out the social calendar. The group also hosted a Kappa Epsilon regional conference held in Austin in March. Kappa Epsilon Women ' s Pharmacy Organization Pledges presented a skit for actives at the Kappa Epsilon spring banquet. 366 LITACT DIRECTED BY ;ATHT GREENE Army Summer Camp: B A Necessary Task Candidates in the Army ROTC program know where they will spend six weeks of the summer in their junior year Fort Rily, Kansas. This man- datory summer camp is described as a leadership training program. However, while the cadets are at Fort Rily, they become involved with all fac- ets of army life: on-the-field instruction, muni- tions use and experience with army equipment. Their rigorous physical training includes repell- ing, parachuting and running endurance courses. 368 " . . . ROTC represents not merely the presence of the Army on cam- pus, but even more significantly it represents the presence of the Uni- versity within the Army. " Col. George E. Dexter 349 ROTC at the University It ' s easy to recognize ROTC candidates on Tuesdays because they are all in uniform, but it is a harder job to pick them out of a crowd on any other school day. In by-gone days short hair, clean-shaven faces and erect posture may have been clues; but with a more flexible attitude toward personal freedom of appearance, it is not unusual to see mustached and bearded faces in Steindam Hall. Still there is no denying that on Tuesdays the uniforms are a distinguishing mark, often placing a strained if not hostile barrier between the can- didates and much of the student body. In uni- form the once-jeaned figure with mustache and medium-length hair becomes for some a symbol of the highly organized military establishment, a life-style opposite from that which many Univer- sity students have made for themselves. Many ROTC candidates are sensitive to their image. Their reasons for joining the program are varied financial aid, job security, family tradi- tion, possible graduate study and officer status are among them. But no matter why they joined, they are also students at the University. They participate in sports, get hassled by campus cops, play the guitar, have picnics, hold part-time jobs and study for tests just like all other students. Some of these men are married, some are not. Some have served in the field before, some have not. Some of the ROTC candidates declare almost resentfully that they are not " baby-bur- ners; " that they did not come to the University " to learn how to make napalm. " They seem eager to prove that inside the Tuesday uniform, they are real people. 370 ' 73 Cactus Asked UT: QUESTION: What is your reaction to this repelling drill and to ROTC in general? " It ' s good training, but ROTC should be a sep- arate thing. " Linette Fogley English " It looks like a lot of fun. It also looks like kind of a PR move. I feel that ROTC should die off. But it does represent a different segment of UT and as long as no war research is going on here, I think ROTC should be allowed to be here too. I also feel that they would be better off being a silent segment of the campus instead of a spectacular one. " Glenn Gurgiolo RTF " It ' s a good thing that some people are learning this; I was trained to do it when I was in the Marines. But if they want to be in ROTC, they should have a separate college. " Butch Themer Division of Extension " The only thing I don ' t like about it is summer camp. But he ' s all gung-ho Army, and if he likes it, I like it. " Linda De La Zerda Wife of ROTC Candidate I I ' ' ;,::.:;: -; ii ' ' ' ' Special Trust and Confidence of the President of the United States ' . ' ARMY ROTC FLIGHT Air Forcel TRAIN ING ROTC Leaders ROTC and campus life in Air Force ROTC Two-year program Army ROTC R O T C If you ' re going to be someone, why not be someone special? The Navy NROTC Midshipmen receive, at government expense and for a maximum of four years, tuition, textbooks, and any special fees. They also receive $100.00 a month subsistence allowance and all necessary uniforms. Each Midshipman is required to complete three summer training periods FRONT ROW: Gayle Ann Rothenberg, Marilyn Ruth Manfull, Jane Alice Anderson, Helaine Susan Reader. SECOND ROW: Loyce Lee Bates, Carolyn Sue Hill, Cilia Faye Pratt, Betty Sue Diebel, Jeannine Rose Hoppe. THIRD ROW: Sezanne Arlitt, Karen Hunt, Sharon Kay Boyd. V Angel Flight The purpose of Angel Flight, a women ' s hon- orary service auxiliary to the Air Force ROTC, is to promote interest in the Air Force program. In addition to weekly drill practices with the cadet units, the Angels participated in service projects. This year ' s activities included work at the Cerebral Palsy Center, assistance with the Texas Relays and a benefit show for war veter- ans in San Antonio which Angel Flight co-spon- sored with Cordettes. As part of a big sister-little brother system, Angels joined with Air Force cadets in picnics, beer calls, Wurstfest, casual and formal parties. - Corps picnics were only one activity that brought Angels and Air Force cadets together. 375 Air Force ROTC Continuing its precedent of admitting university women to both four-year and two-year programs, the Air Force ROTC increased its number of women cadets to six in the fall. Two basic programs are offered to Air Force candidates. The four-year program gives the can- didate the option of postponing ROTC training until his junior year. The two-year program begins in the junior year when the cadet is inducted to a four-year commitment to the Air Force. For seniors interested in the pilot program, the Air Force offered free pilot training. Air Force candidates participated in Intramural games and ranked second in their division. ar Air Force cadets toured Bergstrom Air Force Base on a field trip. FRONT ROW: Warren N. Massey, David Lansing McNeely, Glyn David Martin, Michael John Fitzpatrick, Karl Taylor Gruben, Bruce Harlan Beck, Dale Michael Vandehey, Randy Stephen Nini, William L. Shuman, Terence Paul Gorski, John Hrncir, Kenneth Home Pearce, Robert J. Car- lisle III, Wallace Franklin Reeves. Lawrence P. Melancon Jr., Gregory Lee Group Staff Hegstrom. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Wayne Oliver, Bruce Austin Matthews, Donald Bryan Nibblett, Alan Lee Schoolcraft, James Patrick Boyle, Gary Edward Finch. Steven Marco Ciccanti, Scott Vincent Murray, Phillip Lynn Synder, Clyde Medford Owen Jr., Edward Steven Ehrhardt, Vern Lewis Hulbert II, Dennis Lynn Biggs, Michael Thomas Richarme, Franklin Eugene Taylor, Donald Edward Coffey Jr. THIRD ROW: Herbert Ernest Schneider, Terry Eugene Maxfield, Sharon Kay Boyd, Richard Gregory Phaneuf, Marilyn Faye Birdsong, Glenn Orrin Burchard. David Keith Holmes, Robert Daniel Watkins. 376 FRONT ROW: Michael Ray Glaspy, Thomas Booker Ward, Dennis Karl Obenhaus, Michael Louis Ford, Dennis James Dieringer, Joseph Allen Stembridge, John Wesley Simmons, Michael Paris Pearson, Steven Mark Zwernemann, Larry Dyane Ward, Mary Elizabeth Edgerton, David Arthur Hawn, Kenneth Wayne Hunt. SECOND ROW: James Douglas Cantwell, Anthony James Adamick, Evell Theresa Grumbeck, Douglas Allen Erwin, Douglas James Thompson, Edward Thomas Whiteley, Bobby Joe Davis, Squadron One John Alan Phaneuf, Wayne Henry Goehrs, Bradford Douglas Mercer, Ste- ven Frank Greenhow, James Eugene Rogers. THIRD ROW: Patrick John Parma, Betty Sue Diebel, Bruce Lynn Schmidt, Helaine S. Reader, Gregory John Doutel, Marilyn R. Manfull, Russell K. Strawn. r , Fra tut 6 1 ROTC Air Force ROTC was the only branch on campus with women cadets. 377 Vicki C " hi FRONT ROW: Kevin Dean Johnson, Marilyn Mae Jowdy, Evan Verner, Michael Glen Hazenfield. SECOND ROW: Donald Rich- Edward Pierce-Jones, William Andrew Williams, James Edward Hamilton, Darrell Lee Hirt, Mike Martin Nassour, Richard Wayne White, Paul Wynn Chandler, Kirby Wayne Dendy, Douglas Darrell Squadron Two ard Davis, Arno Robert Berthold, Antonio Esteban Gomez, William Bryan Phillips, Richard Ed Kinsey, Mara Lynn Wells, Robert Jack Feldman, Lawrence Cecil Owen, Brian Terry Stoker, Steve Alan Thogersen, Michael Wayne Hail. THIRD ROW: Malcolm David Williams, Marcia Ann Cain, Peter Thomas Demakes, Sezanne Arlitt, Roy William Prater, Loyce Lee Bates, Bron Arnold Burke, Donald Marvin Jackson. J FRONT ROW: Patrick Victor Adamcik, James Nelson Howard, Patricia Bertha Goth, William Douglas Patterson, Robert Paul Arm- strong, Andrew Shigg Jr., Lynn Bailey Wheeless, Gary Thomas Gavlick, Cynthia L. Shaddix, Noel Craig Dow, Samuel Brent Hart- man. Darrell Gene Jacob, Charles Stanley Glaubach. Paul Dion Squadron Three Penaloza. SECOND ROW: Richard P. Laughlin, Floyd Wayne Walker. David Stephen Yastishock, Merlin David Freeman. George Bryant Meyer, Richard Romero, John Bernard Ross, James Clive Holland, Sidney Leonard Raphael. Michael Loyd Milner, Gary Arlen Rostamo, Steven L. McDaniel. Cecil Floyd George, Doyle Raymond Addington Jr. THIRD ROW: Eric Laurence Monashkin, Mark Lee Labaj. Karen Sue Hunt, James Thomas Bryan Jr., Bon- nie Arlene Rudel, David Garlyn Hoffman, Jane Alice Anderson, Frederick H. Connally Jr. 378 FRONT ROW: Mary Nan Watkins, Christine Rae Harris, Barbara Ann Linch, Sharon Adana Pearce, Vicki Marie Estrada, Linda Ann Caldwell, Mary Paula Whitfield. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Anne Berry, Frances Katharine McEvoy, Vicki Lynn Watson, Cynthia Suzanne Schubert, Mary Jo Beeson, Candace Louise Segall, Kathryn Grace Terwey, Anne Notley, Vicki Gale Hall, Kathleen Cunningham, Suzanne Gardemal, Roslyn Ann Tiemann, Deborah Carol Gruss. THIRD ROW: Paul Joseph Davis, Mikki Jane Whitley, Linda Lou Beiland, Georga Lew Finley, Shirley Ann Wor- cester, Martha Melissa Heap, Susan Lee Priest, Debra Louise Read, Nelda Wilson, Carol Ross Petty, Linda Gayle Will, Paula Copenhaver, Jane Har- riet Smith, James William Schmitz. Members of Cordettes, a women ' s military service organization, act as hostesses and admin- istrative aides to the Army ROTC. Their primary activity this year was a benefit show for Vietnam veterans at Brook Army Hospital in San Anto- nio. Cordettes and Angel Flight co-sponsored the show, which included decorating patients ' beds, piano playing, singing and visting with each vet- eran. Pledges followed-up on the project by send- ing homemade Christmas cards with personal messages to the men. Other Cordette activities included weekly drills, picnics and beer calls with Army ROTC candidates and a big sister-little brother program with the cadets. Eligibility for membership was a 2.4 grade point average after one semester ' s work at the Uni- versity of Texas. Cordettes joined Army candidate little brothers at a skating party. Cordettes :; : ' . 379 Distinguished Military Students Col. George E. Dexter, new Professor of Mili- tary Science, envisions the role of the Army ROTC as " to develop young men with the apti- tude into capable junior officers, who will pro- vide leadership ... " To achieve this goal, Military Science cadets participate in a variety of programs. Study semi- nars, rugged outdoor training such as parachut- ing, specialized training such as Ranger School, drills and flight training are all used to strengthen leadership. Six fields of training preference are offered to Army ROTC candidates: Corps of Engineers, Air Defense Artillery, Transportation, Military Police Quartermaster, and Infantry. BOTTOM TO TOP: Stephen Chadwick Fletcher, Charles Lane Jamison, William Ben- ton Cude, Paul Joseph Davis, Stephen Troy James, Jerry Wayne Mayhall, James Edwin Puntch, James Douglas Boswell, Stanley Paul Evans. Felix Malone Jr. 380 I FRONT ROW: Vicki Marie Estrada, Stephen Chadwick Fletcher, John Gallagher Pound. SECOND ROW: Paul Joseph Davis, Stephen Troy James, James Edwin Puntch, William Benton Cude, Cynthia Anne Berry, Jerry Wayne Mayhall, Charles Lane Jamison, Michael Anthony Rech. Battalion Staff dents ABOVE: Paul Arthur Suhler, Harold E. Selke Jr., Wesley W. Stafford, Alfonso Soliz Jr., George G. SanMiguel. LEFT: Col. George E. Dexter, Prof., Military Science. 381 ten -, --, - ' Arm: 1. Stanley Paul Evans 2. Shirley Ann Worcester 3. James Harold Windham 4. James Edwin Puntch 5. Mark Stephen Wientjes 6. Christopher Joseph Voegele 7. Mark Charles Dubberley 8. Ralph David Rubenkoenig 9. Rex Denman Maus 10. Karl Russell Quebe 11. Edmond Herschap III 12. James Robert Kirby Jr. 13. Joe David Word 14. Martin J. Oakes 15. Jesse Frank Munoz 16. John Robert May 17. Alfonso Soliz Jr. 18. Lester David Marschall 19. Charles Anthony Clause 20. Paul Arthur Suhler 21. Luther Allen Herring Corps of Engineers Weekly company inspections were a method of gauging progress. 382 Army ROTC Air Defense Artillery 1. Felix Malone Jr. 2. James Bruce Waldron 3. Gary Eugene Ellison 4. Frances Katharine McEvoy 5. William Benton Cude 6. Robert Walter Reed 7. George G. San Miguel 8. Ruben Morin 9. Frank Tyson Cook 10. Alfred Earl Befeld Jr. 11. Cecil C. Daniel III 12. Larry Joe Wigginton 13. George Blake Speer 14. Edward Joseph Schmitt 15. Wesley Warren Stafford 16. Lawrence Edward Bartosek 17. Peter Andrew Nolan 18. Ken Bradshaw 1 9. Hunter Ledbetter Scales IV 20. James Keith Rauhut 21. Robert Jacob Gieb 22. Thomas Donald Moran 23. John Gallagher Pound Learning drill technique , f facet of the ROTC cadet ' s education. 383 1. James D. Boswell 2. Marsha Claire Ashley 3. Paul Joseph Davis 4. Gary Dean Nelson 5. Robert Bradley Kunze 6. Randall Wesley Young 7. Rickey Hardin Mooney 8. Alex ' J. De La Zerda 9. James Andrew Hales 10. Harold E. Selke Jr. 11. Daniel Alphonse Botta 12. Noe Mario Lozano Jr. 13. Brian McGee Shivers 14. Michael Edgar Goodroe 15. Michael Anthony Rech Infantry Outdoor drilling was a part of every week ' s schedule. 384 1. Thomas Gary Wofford 2. Jay Ross Waddell 3. Jerry Wayne Mayhall 4. Stephen Chadwick Fletcher 5. Stephen Troy James 6. John Anthony Helms 7. Roberto Garza 8. Mario Omar Tello 9. Craig Alexander Johnson 10. William A. Stellenwerf Jr. 1 1 . James Clarkson Zoller 12. Walter Walker Pfluger 13. Donald Hugh Muffins 14. Wade Lee Johnston 15. John Harvey Nash III 16. Robert Wier Kelsey 17. Ronald David Sprott 18. Rocky Reed Miracle 19. John Robert Collins 20. Michael Paul Caldwell 21. William Gregory Beck 22. Phillip L. Sladek 23. Kenneth Lee Snyder 24. Cheryl Ann Lester 25. Donald James Reese Army ROTC Transportation Visiting officials also participated in inspecting drills. A - -ir ir 385 1. Edwin Arthur Graf 2. Patrick Ralph Stehling 3. Dan Kagan 4. William Shelton Brister Jr. 5. William Kazmann 6. Robert Frank Elliott 7. Juan Antonio Villarreal 8. Patrick Melvin Holder 9. Michael Joseph Balough 10. Alfred J. Bromm Jr. 1 1 . Steven Ross Lawrence 12. Richard Glenn Reese 13. Thomas Zork Given 14. Richard David Forcht 15. Charles Robert Butler Jr. 16. Kenneth James Humpola 17. Wayne Burton Boles 18. Barry Howard Wolf 19. James Steven Weisinger 10. Terrance Leroy Steinhebel 21. Laurence Hurst Ochse 22. William Wolfgang Ochse III Quartermaster Field advice supplemented classroom instruction. 386 Army ROTC 3. 4. 5. 1. Ernest Clyde Parker III 2. William Francis King Henry Hirschfield Marcus Bruce Richard Hinkle Bruce Roger Jocz 6. Gerry Dan Clift 7. Richard Leon Lastrapes Jr. 8. Stephen Allen Brutsche 9. John Thomas Steen Jr. 10. Edward Scott Hackard 11. Antonio Tony Bonilla 12. Craig Austin Hilburn 13. Glenn Ellis Pinkham 14. Wayne Ervin Sirmon 15. James Richard Ansell 16. Glenn William Lawrence 17. William Sievert Jr. 18. B. Donald Fielding 19. John Mark Jackson 20. Joe Mack Breeland 21. Charles Patrick Busbey 22. Bruce Gordon Barren 23. James Harrison Itz Military Police Presentation of arms was a part of weekly dnll instructions. Navy ROTC This year the Navy ROTC had the largest unit of the three Armed Forces branches on campus. Midshipmen received training in five areas includ- ing Engineering, Navigation, Weapons Systems, and Leadership and Administration. Midshipmen had drill practice on Tuesday and were represented in competition with other ROTC branches by the Buccaneer drill team. In the fall for relaxation, the midshipmen held their annual Vernal Equinox picnic and Ball where Navy Sweethearts were chosen. They also participated in intramurals and held interclass sports competitions and picnics within their unit. Several informal beer calls were planned for the juniors and seniors to get better acquainted with their officers. The annual Ring dance, a spring formal, was held at Bergstrom Air Force Base to honor University seniors. Next year the Navy ROTC unit plans to open its two-year program to women for the first time in its thirty-three years on the UT campus. Captain Ralph Albert Hilson .. :: % FRONT ROW: Yeoman First Class Charles Matthew Montgom- ery, Ellen Sue Estes, Sergeant Klaus Peter Hitchins, Chief Yeoman Antonio Babauta Fejarang. SECOND ROW: Major Joseph Fran- cis Molineaux, Beverly J. Roberts, Chief Gunner ' s Mate Nathan Alphonso Hazelton, Chief Quartermaster Allen Neal Gross. THIRD ROW: Lieutenant Robert Frank Hynes, Storekeeper First Class Ralph Richard Marley, Lieutenant Jack Willhoit Roe, Lieu- tenant Luke Horrell Miller Jr., Lieutenant Joseph Donnis Brett, T Tfiif Cfoff Lieutenant Colonel Walter Aubrey Jupp, Captain Ralph Albert JfeaFH : ' .- 388 1 . Louis A. Hoffman Jr. 2. Robert Scott McCullough 3. Kent Ashley Main 4. Steve F. Findley 5. Steven F. Hoipkemeier 6. James H. Norman 7. Ronald D. Crawford 8. William F. Perdue 9. Lenn M. Lanahan 10. Mark Randolph Koch 11. Robert W. Pratt II 12. John Mark McAfee 13. James T. Rodriquez 14. Joseph C. Koen 15. Kevin J. Kelley 16. Jack S. Wakefield 17. Jack S. Lipscomb 389 Alpha FRONT ROW: Andrew John Aicklen. James Thomas Rodriguez, Gilbert Earl Crowell, Robert Keith Tucker, Benny J. Harris II, Robert R. Ganna- way, James Harvey Norman, Thomas H. Littlepage Jr. SECOND ROW: John Michael Ledbetter, Gary Hugh Bradley, Courtney Ross Brien, Moha- mad Reza Shahabi, Christian Edward Wolfe, Rudy Camarillo, Michael Thomas Tarski. THIRD ROW: Harold Glen Hatch Jr., Michael S. Marti- nez, Randy V. Marburger, Dennis Don Dobbs, Enos Roger Stewart, Bruce Allen Cauley, Jamal Shabani. FOURTH ROW: Donald Jack Smith, David R. H. King, Michael Stephen Verseckes, James Marshall Keiser, David Rowen Poage, Harman Fred Ramsey, David Dulany Schoeneman. FIFTH ROW: Charles Rocket Wolcott, John Henry Cole, Fred Purcell Brinkman. Leroy David Thompson, Robert Anthony Altobelli. SIXTH ROW: Dell Charles Toedt, Edward J. Frye, Charles Harris Darby, Stephen Ray Cook, David Wayne Dodson. SEVENTH ROW: Edgar Allan Michaelson, Dai- ton Valarien Breaux, Michael Allen Baker, Stephen Rylen Rudy, Michael Bernard Brands. J :. . :- ' it Midshipmen maintained the tradition of an annual Vernal Equinox picnic. 390 l Bract 4 UN . David ,: 5 b (ay Cat Navy ROTC Intramural sports kept Navy candidates in touch with other groups. FRONT ROW: Bruce Eli Walbrette, Leslie Jacob Schaffner, Charles Pat Reynolds, William Fred Perdue, John Frederick Schleicher, Spencer Hut- son Smith, Wayne Edward Anderson. SECOND ROW: Rodney Stephen Lewallen, Robert Alan Uhl, Paul Moody Summitt, Michael Steven Bussey, Jesse Milton Brooks, Wayne Douglas Slaughter, George Marsh Ellison, Keith Ickelberry. THIRD ROW: Forrest Hall Brooks, Robert Glenn Dillow, Bruce Heton Sowfry, Francis Joseph Schmitz, James Morgan McCoy, Keith Evan You Charles Stanton Waterhouse. FOURTH ROW: William Kent Bru- nette, Cleland Edward Early Jr., Brian Lawrence Padden, Rudy Flores Gon- zales, Basil Earl Moncrief Jr., Steven F. Findley, Noory Rahiemyelahi. FIFTH ROW: Gaston Paul Jennett, James Roffe, Eddie William Hand, Thomas Mack Phillips, O. Zeller Robertson, Stephen Dale Beauchamp, Rob- ert Roy Whittle. SIXTH ROW: Edwin T. Cooke, Mitchell Allen Popa, Thomas D. Bryce, Antonio C. Budet, Samuel T. Wisialowski, Alfred David Holland, Edwin W. Mergele. Bravo 391 1. William Davis Barren 2. Gary Edwin Murphy 3. William L. Smith 4. Marc Alan Mangrum 5. Frederick R. Morse 6. James Eldon Lindsey 7. John N. Wright 8. William Fred Arnold 9. Curtis Gene Raetz 10. Nathaniel Turk McCleskey 11. Ronald Keith Oswalt 12. Thomas Hall Whitney 13. Bryan Ray Gilbert 14. Michael S. Kelley 15. James Douglas Wurzel 16. David Spinney Borden 17. James Francis Reilly 18. Patrick J. Behnke 19. Mark C. Evans 20. John Lauterbach 21. George Steven Dowde) 22. Gregory Alan Scott 23. John Kenneth Wood 24. Ronald David Rivard 25. Anthony A. Ambrosetti 26. Michael Dale Kierum 27. Bill Bruce Blumenthal 28. James Michael Bushee 29. Patrick A. Hempen 30. Dallas C. Giddens Jr. 31. Ernesto Hernandez Headquarters Company Sweethearts Marion Elizabeth Eason, Leslie J. Schaffner Jr., Rebecca Lee Grover. Gary Hugh Bradley. Barbara Carrole Parker, Kevin John Kelley, Mari Helen Hinds. James Patrick Voss. NOT PICTURED: Era Ford. Cath- erine Elizabeth Tolbert, Martha Elaine Kinard, Patricia Ann Martin, Eleanor Kathleen Jonson, Judy Moore, Diane Kathryn Haack, Marga- ret McAfee. 392 I I I M SIIS4 VARSITY ISII 1UI I II ATHLETICS SPCCTS DICIXl D RICHARD Longhorns Won Four of Seven Southwest Conference Championships Linebacker Randy Braband led one of the finest defensive teams in the country The baseball team finished conference play with a 15-3 record. 394 lips UT ' s track team took an easy win at the SWC track meet. Student sports fans were never lacking in attendance at UT athletic events. The University of Texas at Austin looms as one mam- moth professional multi-sport franchise. The emphasis on athletics is simply amazing, perhaps appalling. Between sixty and eighty thousand sports fans flood into Memorial Stadium, the largest structure of its kind in the Southwest, almost every other autumn weekend to watch one of the nation ' s finest collegiate football teams. Four football games were televised on national television in 1973. Completion of additions to the stadium increased the seating capacity by 15,000 to 80,000 seats. The football Longhorns won their fifth consecutive Southwest Conference Championship and made their fifth consecutive trip to the Cotton Bowl, where they defeated the University of Alabama 17-13 and finished as the third- ranked team in the nation. And while the football team won its 14th SWC title, five more than any other conference school, the baseball Long- horns won their 41st baseball championship. The next clos- est team, A M, has only won seven. It was the 48th title, including co-championships, in 58 years. Cliff Gustafson ' s team could not be stopped. At one point in the season the team had a 20-game winning streak while en route to a 45-5 season record. And national honors, too, as the Longhorns headed for the NCAA District VI Playoffs and on to the College World Series, where they finished third in the nation. The ' Horns found the end of the line after being defeated by Arizona State and eventual national cham- pion, Southern California. In track, Texas won its 33rd championship, 19 ahead of second-place Rice in the all-time standings. At the 1973 Southwest Conference meet, Cleburne Price ' s group more than doubled the point total of the second place team. And in Golf, Texas was busy winning its 29th team title, outdis- tancing by a long shot A M ' s second-place six titles. Behind superstar Ben Crenshaw, George Hannon ' s team went on to the national tournament one more time, Cren- shaw picking up his third national title and the team miss- ing their third straight national championship, slipping to third place. continued 395 Unlimited Talent Made UT a Winner Texas finished second in swimming, the same as it has for a long time now, while SMU continued to dominate the sport. But Pat Patterson ' s team continued to edge upward. Despite a 6-1 conference dual meet mark, the tennis team only managed to finish third in the conference. And the basketball team fell from the glory of the NCAA District Playoffs a year earlier to tie for fifth place in the conference. But still, four out of seven team championships are good, which is sort of like saying that Vietnam was a war. How do the Longhorns do it? How do they dominate the conference so totally? Well, part of it is the coaches. Dar- rell Royal, Cliff Gustafson, Cleburne Price and George Hannon. And part of it is the individual heroes. Like Roo- sevelt Leaks and Alan Lowry on the football field, Ron Roznovsky on the baseball diamond, Robert Primeaux on the track and Ben Crenshaw on the golf course. Part of the answer is money. Rich alumni supporting a wealthy and successful athletic program allows for more equipment, better facilities and top personnel. But a larger part of the success is tradition. The glory of incumbency and victory insures easy recruiting like an orange tower, burnt-orange jerseys, national television. It ' s hard for the Longhorns not to win as much as the other conference schools despise and envy Texas. The basketball season ended just inside the winning column. Handball was Intramural ' s most popular individual event. Games were attended by the team doctor, Paul Trickett and trainer, Frank Medina. 396 JJ Super-soph., Roosevelt Leaks, led UTs girdiron team to national honors. Athletic Director and head football coach, Darrell Royal. FRONT: Marilyn Lee Smothers, Scarlette Lynn Boykin, Marsha Kay Pearce, Loyce Lee Bates, Laura Ann Foster. BACK: Harold J. Gordon, Wallace D. Ellinger, Charles B. Schwobel, Steven B. Clark, Patrick William Daly. Ronnie Workman and Mike Bayer moved in for the tackle. " Av 1JB did anyi It was lanital Hollyw ortkBri style scrs Sornetl beautiMl from a f i here fro encetoa | For an tens foil Year ' s D; r:e: N:U loiy over behind ut TTiis, It Royal nai every day ' ;:iinei " HeLo aid tat iknliei over Mian He sen FRONT ROW: Glen Swcnson, Fred Akers, Leon Manley, Willie Zapalac, Bill Ellington, Darrell Royal, R. M. Patterson, Jim Helms, David McWilliams, Tim Doerr, William Dykes, Mike Campbell. SECOND ROW: Tommy Landry, Pat Kelly, Jimmy Moore, Bill Wyman, Jerry Sisemore, Alan Lowry, Don Crosslin, Steve Oxley, Juluis Whittier, Don Ealey, Roo- sevelt Leaks, Travis Roach. THIRD ROW: Mike Rowan, Lonnie Bennet, Doug English, Malcolm Minnick, Fred Currin, Tommy Keel, Bill Ruther- ford, Randy Braband, Glen Gaspard, Mike Bayer, Bruce Cannon, Sherman Lee, Jay Arnold. FOURTH ROW: Mike Dean, Mike Hardage, Mike Cro- well, Bruce Mailey, Mike Presley, Rick Davis, Stan Hicks, Bob Tresch, Bobby Giles, Terry Melancon, Tommy Lee, Gary Yeoman, Bill Walker. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Hebert, Donnie Wood, Will Wilcox, John Boecker, Rick Fenlaw, David Krill, Greg Dahlberg, Wade Johnston, Rick Thur- mond, Marty Akins, Ronnie Workman, Pat Hogan, Howard S haw, Hans Helland. SIXTH ROW: Tommy Isbell, Rob Riviere, Jim Shield, Gary Reissig, Doug Geldert, Bob Simmons, Mark Larson, Joey Aboussie, Dan Stealkey, Billy Schott, Coy Featherston, Steve Fleming, Jim Randall, Danny Baker, Rene Amaya, R. J. Childress. SEVENTH ROW: Mark Halfman, Steve Cumley, Adrian Ford, Louis Hart, Dan Adams, Rick Burleson, Pat Padgett, Darrell Gray, Lee Lyles, Tighe Huber, Bob Lenz, Mike Cromeens, Dennis Ladd, David Bartek, Rick Sheldon, Fred Perry, Steve Newmon. EIGHTH ROW: Jimmy Morris, Larry Smith, Bill Crowe, Gary Smith, Jim Hilliard, Billy Gordon, Steve Valek, Mickey Macaluso, Fred Sarchet, Paul Walker, Steve Anderson, Kim Wade, Alex Allen. NINTH ROW: Juan Conde, Rick Nabors, Bill Allison, Harold Simpson, Barret Gaus, David Anderson, Bobby Kay, Woffie Denius, Duane Sim- mons, Bucky Couch, Larry Sedlacek, James Erdelt, Jim Johnson, John Hargis, Dan Wheat, Tim Kirschner, Mike Stephens, Frank Medina. 398 " Average " Team Finished Third in Nation 1972 was the year it wasn ' t supposed to happen, but it did anyway. It was the kind of season for the Longhorn football team that Busby Berkley would have choreographed, that Hollywood would have produced, and for which Aesop or the Brothers Grimm would have written the fairy tale- style screen play. Somewhere along the way, the Longhorns found the beautiful princess, the magic kiss, and the metamorphosis from a football team that was supposed to finish any- where from second to fourth in the Southwest Confer- ence to a team that won the championship. For an unprecedented fifth straight year, the Long- horns found themselves in the Cotton Bowl on New Year ' s Day with the SWC title in tow. Four quarters after kickoff, the Longhorns owned a startling 17-13 vic- tory over Alabama and the No. 3 spot in the nation, behind undefeated Southern California and Oklahoma. This, however, was not the same team that Darrell Royal had described over the summer as " average as every day ' s wash. " Not unless every day ' s wash consisted of tuxedos and Dior gowns. The Longhorns that won the Southwest Conference and finished third in the nation were a far better team than the one that started the season with a 23-10 win over Miami of Florida in Memorial Stadium. The season opener was a unique game: it forecast both doom and glory. For one thing, the ' Horns fumbled the ball five times, losing it twice. But this was on a wet field, the first of four games played in the rain that season. On the other hand, senior quarterback Alan Lowry, a transplanted All-Southwest Conference defensive back a year earlier, carried 18 times for 81 yards, and amazingly, completed eight of 13 passes for 182 yards. Wishbone quarterbacks just aren ' t supposed to do that. Coach Darrell Royal wasn ' t impressed with the Long- horns ' first game performance though. " I don ' t think we made anybody shiver tonight, " Royal said. " We just flopped the ball around out there. We couldn ' t hold onto it. We didn ' t have anything you can sink your teeth into and appreciate. " The second game wasn ' t much better, as the ' Horns picked up their first SWC victory with a 25-20 decision over Texas Tech in Lubbock. All-America tackle Jerry Sisemore led the bulldozer blocking in the offensive line, a line Tech coach Jim Car- len called " the best I ' ve ever seen. " The Texas defense weathered the non-stop passing of the Utah State Aggies for a 27-12 win in the ' Horns ' sec- ond home game. Lowry netted 145 yards on 21 carries, very seldom resorting to the halfback pitch for which the Wishbone has become known. continued In the conference opener against Tech, Alan Lowry set in motion the Longhorns ' biggest ground gainer of 1972, Roosevelt Leaks. 399 I A _ Glen Gaspard ran to assist Mike Bayer in tackling Utah State quarterback, Tony Adams. But at least one pitch recaptured some of the true Wishbone flavor as Lowry pitched to halfback Tommy Landry, who dropped the ball, recovered it on the bounce and continued 25 yards for a touchdown. That left Utah coach Chuck Mills a bit perturbed. " No. 22 (Landry) was out of bounds and then he came back in, " Mills screamed. " The blankety-blank referee said he could do that! I may be wrong but you can ' t go out of bounds and then come back in. " A later check of the rules proved Mills was wrong. A week later, the Texas Longhorns played one of the most exciting games of their season and one of the most disappointing as they lost to the Oklahoma Sooners, 27-0. It was the first time in exactly 100 games that the ' Horns had failed to score and, strangely enough, one of the most brilliant performances by the Texas defense. The ' Horns held the super-potent Sooners to a mere three points until 2:52 remaining in the third quarter. However, six months later in April, Oklahoma was charged with recruiting violations of two Galveston fresh- men and was forced to forfeit nine of their twelve wins, including the October win over Texas. Two of the Sooner touchdowns were scored off the offense as Oklahoma blocked a shoddy quick-kick and fell on it in the end zone and, moments later, fell on a Longhorn fumble in the Sooner end zone. continued Darrell Royal discussed game strategy with his all-conference signal caller, Alan Lowry. Sooners Win, Then Lose SQ (ilen daspanj was a major par! of Texas ' tremendous defensive effort against the Sooners The game was lost on mistakes Aiu U ?- Des P " e Roosevelt Leaks ' powerful running, Texas could not get on the Scoreboard against Oklahoma. ' Horns Overcame Fumbles to Defeat the Razorbacks The ' Horns rebounded from that crushing loss and dis- mal offensive performance, though, with another rain vic- tory the next week, this one an important and impressive 35-15 triumph over Arkansas. The miracle Razorbacks, the team everyone had picked to by-pass Texas for the SWC crown, proved to be only a mirage, fading farther from the throne. Despite eight fumbles, the Longhorns ' offense proved itself as Lowry got 156 yards and fullback Roosevelt Leaks, a developing superstar, added 154 to his 105 from the previous week against OU. If that didn ' t convince the skeptics, the Rice game did, as Texas truly returned to their image of the past with a 45-9 landslide over the Owls. continued ABOVE: Sharing kicking responsibilities with Mike Dean, Billy Schott served as the Longhorns short yardage specialist. RIGHT: Despite the slippery field, Don Burrisk and the rest of the backfield revived the Wishbone offense, gaining over 400 yards rushing against Arkansas. Bill Rutherford narrowly missed blocking a Rice punt. 402 Owls Proved Little Competition in Easy Win Don Ealey cut through a hole in the Razorback defense made for him by the strong offensive line. It was one of those old-fashioned days straight from the Worster and Bertelsen era of the Wishbone, the starters going to the bench in the third quarter and the subs coming in to toy with the opposition. Rosey Leaks was great, and reached star status while playing only the first half. The Brenham back bounced off tackles like a pinball off lively bumpers, making the digit counter show 15 carries, 154 yards and who-knows- how-many replays. It was 523 yards for Texas, 314 for Rice. Texas had to punt only once. Mike Dean came in for a big 50-yard field goal to top off the six Texas touchdowns. Halfback Don Ealey had the game figured. " When you ' re hitting on all cylinders, everythi ng ' s fine. We had been hitting on maybe five, but tonight, we were a V-Eight, " he explained. By this time, after their big win over Rice, Texas was the only undefeated team in SWC action, the way it was to remain the rest of the season. continued Plagued by fumbles at the outset, Texas upset Arkansas in one of their finest games. 403 3Ol 9? The l.onghurn defense, one of Ihe nation ' s hes in his linchaikiiif. ' pusilion, ( ilcn iasp i slop (In- Kavloi hall I.IMR-I Longhorns Pulled Out Second-Half Win Over Baylor Bears Against SMU, Leaks did what he was to do the rest of the season: run, run, run. In the 17-9 win over SMU, Roosevelt got the ball 33 times and netted 175 yards. Leaks would get the ball four, five, and six times in a row and every time the offensive line would be busy springing Leaks. SMU had about as much luck capturing Rosie as George McGovern had capturing the Presidency in the election four days later. Most of his gains were the way kid- napers and counterfeiters demand: in tens and twenties. Someone asked Roosevelt after the game how he felt about being the star and the quiet fullback said, " Some- one has to be it. so why not me? " Why not, indeed? Leaks proved himself to be star quality again with another 162 yards in the 17-3 win over Baylor, suddenly a not-so-bad team. Fakes to Roosevelt Leaks up the middle gave the other backs room outside. continued At times, the offense had difficulty running against the SMU defense UTi i Sherman Lee displayed the second of two fumbles he recovered against TCU. The SWC crown was clinched the following week when Texas trampled TCU, 27-0. This time. Leaks managed only 96 yards on a muddy field. Against the Hornfrogs, Texas lost four of seven fumbles. The SWC season closed for Texas on Thanksgiving Day as the ' Horns demolished Texas A M, 38-3. Leaks got only 58 yards on 18 carries, which was still .enough to give him 1,099 yards for the season, surpassing Chris Gil- bert ' s record sophomore rushing total and missing by 33 yards Gilbert ' s all-time Texas season rushing mark. The 5-11, 205-pound fullback did gain other distinc- tions, though. He set the conference record for rushing attempts in one season with 230 tries, was named new- comer-of-the-year in the Southwest Conference, and the SWC player-of-the-year. Beyond that, Leaks was named second team All-Amer- ica, along with junior linebacker Glen Gaspard, who led the ' Horns in tackles and several defensive categories. And Jerry Sisemore finished his senior year being named concensus All-America for the third straight time. But the season was still far from over. In fact, the big- gest game of all was still ahead. continued Gangtackling, trademark of the Texas defense, spearheaded the rout over TCU. 406 UT Captured Fifth Consecutive SWC Title ' Hard blocking by Tom Landry provided running room for the other Texas backs all season. aslTCl. f ' , ABOVE: Pressure by defensive end Bill Rutherford caused A M ' s quarterback to hurry his passes. LEFT: By the game ' s end, it was easy to determine which players had put in a full day ' s work against the ' Frogs. TCl ; . 407 The Tide found Leaks unstoppable. 408 T i 1 After calling his own number, Alan Lowry sprinted 34 yards for a touchdown. i rare The offense planned their next move, Texas Rode Upset Wave Over Crimson Tide The Longhorns went into the Cotton Bowl with lots of memories on their minds. It was hard to keep from remembering that they had lost four of their previous five starts in the big Dallas stadium and that four of their previ- ous five losses had come in the Cotton Bowl. There was talk of a jinx, back-of-the-lockerroom whis- pers inciting a kind of quiet panic. But the ' Horns rolled into the game seventh in the nation and playing the fourth-ranked team, Alabama. They rolled over the Crimson Tide and rolled right back out of the Cotton Bowl and onto the State Fairgrounds ranked third in the nation. It was a fitting end to a tinsel-and-glitter, Horatio Alger- in-Hollywood production. The kind of thing that se emed that someone should say, " And everyone lived happily ever after, " as the clock reached 0:00 -- Texas 17, Ala- bama 13. The one play spectators at that January 1, 1973 classic will remember longest was Alan Lowry ' s fourth quarter winning touchdown run, a 34-yard sprint that many peo- ple in Alabama, and a few elsewhere, claim was illegal. Lowry faked to Rosey Leaks, moved left and faked to halfback Tommy Landry and then bootlegged around the left end, cornering at a clearing block by tight end Rick Davis and accelerating down the sideline. As he reached the 10-yardline, Lowry shoved off with his left foot to head for the middle of the field. Television instant replays and numerous rolls of Kodak film showed Lowry at the 10, appearing to step on the line. ' Horn fans were quick to point out, though, that Texas had momentum, and, even IF Lowry were out of bounds, Texas could have scored in four plays. And besides, the referees didn ' t call it. Linebacker Randy Braband had his finest game of the year, making tackles everywhere, batting down passes and cheering on teammates. When the gun sounded, Darrell Royal showed more emotion than he probably ever has, skipping off the field like a youngster on the way home with his first straight-A report card. He also got several shoulder carriers, numer- ous slaps on the back and a full round of handshakes. It was a very big day. What jinx? One Longhorn fan came up with the synopsis of it all: " They may not have been the best Longhorn team ever, but they came the farthest. " Terr y Melancon intercepted two crucial passes against Alabama. 409 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Halfback Mark Crouch powered his way through the TCU defense. A combined Yearling defense stopped a Baylor ball carrier cold. 410 nmy Ingram was cut down after a pass reception on the five yard line. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: Carol Lynne Plum, Richard Wayne Brown, Barbara Lee Stevens, Ronnie Gay Williams, Michael Scott McNeil, Marsha Lee Beasley, Mark Allan Grella, Beverly Gray Weitzel. Yearlings ' Win Streak Ended by Finale Loss For the first time since World War II, NCAA regula- tions allowed freshmen to play on varsity football squads. The ruling moved several key freshmen from the Year- ling roster up to the varsity, the most notable being Marty Akins, to second-string varsity quarterback. But the rest of the freshmen had a fairly successful 4-1 season against their own kind. The season was blemished by a 10-8 loss to the Texas A M Fish in the final game of the season, a loss which broke a 16-game winning streak for the Yearlings which dated back to 1969. Earlier games had been more impressive, but injuries slowly depleted the ranks. The Yearlings started with an easy 42-7 win over the Baylor Cubs, followed with a 45- 14 triumph over the Rice Owlets, stitched on a 52-6 vic- tory over the SMU Colts and then applied a 23-21 win over the TCU Wogs. Several Yearlings distinguished themselves, indicating they may have bright futures with the ' Horns. Quarter- back Walter Rowan, doing time at defensive back as well, turned in solid performances week after week. Larry Miller also worked well at quarterback. Rowan ' s cousin, Bobby was impressive at halfback as was Tommy Roberson. It wasn ' t the usual 5-0 year for the Yearlings, but the season was far from bad. FRONT ROW: Larry Bristow, Jim Johnson, Gary May, Keith Moreland, Paul Murphy, Walter Rowan, Steve Becker, Larry Miller, Mike Featherston, Randy Stilley, Kenny Macaluso, Ed Attra, Bobby Littlefield, Mike Baker, Bobby Lane. SECOND ROW: Gene Parker, Gene Earley, Bobby Rowan, Dan Kline, John Thompson, Mark Crouch, Mark Kelling. Tommy Roberson, Bud Curtiss, Bo Carrick, Stan B omar, Ralph Cherry, Robert Johnson, Gary Brentlinger, John Hargis, Coach Glen Swenson. THIRD ROW: Paul Robi- chau, William Dykes, Jim Helms, Manuel Mehos, Billy Joe Pointer, Danny Standley, Robert Rickman, Doug Brice, Bill Glasscock, Steve Bowen, Bill Ward, Cesar Moreno, Billy Bob Barron, Toby Stolhandske, Tommy Ingram, Bob Richey, Fred Olm, Coach Bill Ellington, Tommy Woodard. 411 A few inspiring locker room words by Coach Leon Black. Eric Groscurth went up for a longjump shot. Defense often meant the difference between winning and losing. 412 BHBHGBnMBKB) Basketball Team Clicked Too Late Harry Larrabee quarterbacked the ' Horns offense. It was sorta like sitting there waiting for the light to change and the guy next to you, the one in the Volkswagen, wants to drag. Only you know you have a 396 hovering under the hood and you ' re ready to put him down. The light changes, you streak across the intersection and your car dies. That ' s how ' Horn basketball coach Leon Black must have felt when his carburetor, Larry Robinson, went up for a rebound against Oklahoma in the ninth game of the season and came down with a broken knee cap out for the season. There was Robinson, who as a sophomore had been voted the Southwest Conference ' s most valuable player, starting his junior year. During those first 10 games, while he was still well, Robinson had averaged over 1 8 points per game and almost seven rebounds per game. Against Oklahoma State, as Texas won 86-66, Robinson had his season high of 29, a mark that only John Wilson was able to improve and that was later in the season. Anyway, Robinson was out, which could have been a major reason why Texas ended up with a 13-12 record when they could have been expected to fare much better. continued Jack Louis fought to keep his balance after a rebound attempt. 413 Freshmen Aided Struggling ' Horns " It was a very disappointing season for us, as far as our record was concerned, " Black said. " Our people played good, out our record was disappointing. We had had high hopes for this season. " The high hopes were not just built on 6-6 forward Robin- son. Five other lettermen returned from the 1971-72 Long- horn team which compiled a 19-9 record, won the South- west Conference co-crmnpionship and upset the Univer- sity of Houston 85-74 in the NCAA Midwest First Round Playoffs. Besides Robinson and forward Wilson, Texas returned 6-9 postman B. G. Brosterhous, 6-6 forward- guard Eric Groscurth, 6-7 forward reserve Jack Louis and 5-10 guard and team quarterback Harry Larrabee. continued i Dan Krueger performed gymnastics fighting for the ball. FIRST ROW: Harry Ray Larrabee, Gary Allen Belger, Bruce Wilbur Baker, Daniel Thomas Krueger. SECOND ROW: Jerry Mark Brooks, Bradley Branson Ward, Christopher Joseph Voegele, Jon Mark Groerich, Steven Lynn Slaton, Eric William Groscurth, Larry Robinson, Edgar Allan Day. THIRD ROW: Jack Allan Louis, George E. Brosterhous, Richard Christian- sen, Patrick Joseph McClellan. 414 IRW :. LEFT: Harry Larrabee listened to the referee ' s explanation of the infrac- tion. BELOW: B. G. Brosterhous came face to face with his blocked shot. ii m if ft " BELOW: Eric Groscurth went under, over and through for two points This year freshmen became eligible for varsity play and the Longhorns put the new NCAA rule to good use with guard Dan Krueger, who played in 23 of Texas ' 25 games. Besides Robinson ' s 18.1 scoring average, Brosterhous was highest in scoring with 14.9. Brosterhous also chipped in 8.8 rebounds per game while setting a new school record for career rebounds. Bosterhous ' 220 rebounds in 1972-73 gave him a career total of 680, shoving him past the 627 total set by Lynn Howden one year earlier. continued 415 Robinson ' s Injury Caused Strategy Change Waft -on Pat MtClellan had a strong finish in his freshman season I I Kk Louis forced his layup in the game s ' ft 2ri W i , B. G. Brosterhous just missed blocking the shot. -j Close Games Went To the Opposition Now, the five starters were settled with Wilson, Broster- hous, Groscurth, Louis and Larrabee. Krueger became the sixth man on the team. If the season had been twice as long, the ' Horns might have won the Southwest Conference, since they ended the season winning seven of their last 10 games. " We felt we were really starting to achieve our potential, " Black said. " At the end, we played good ball and won the close ones we had lost before. " It was close. Texas lost twice to Texas Tech in over- time, 77-80 and 64-73. Each conference loss was missed by an average of 6.6 points. And it didn ' t help the ' Horns when they dropped their first three conference games. The SWC mark ended at 7-7, which was only good enough for a fifth-place tie with SMU, ironically the co- champions with Texas in 1971-72. continued Eric Groscurth and Dan Krueger battled A M. 418 John Mark Wilson pulled down a rebound against SMU. M Conference Play Ended With a 7-7 Record If yo u want to look for bright moments in the season, there were a couple of games worth pointing out. In December, with a 2-2 record, the ' Horns headed to Tennes- see where they beat Memphis State, 80-79. This was the same Memphis State team which finished the season as sec- ond in the nation, losing to UCLA in the NCAA finals. Later in the year, Texas slipped by Centenary, 81-79, in overtime. Texas never broke the century mark, though, with their high score being a 97-8 1 defeat of Pepperdine. For the most part, the scores were fairly close, as Texas averaged 77.5 points per game to their opponents ' 75.6. But statistics are only interesting when you ' re not on top. It was a bitter season for Leon Black and his team. Here was all this potential ready to go. The light changed and Larry Robinson broke a knee cap after going up for a rebound. What a drag. Brosterhous kept calm against Tech John Mark Wilson scored 17 points to help Texas defeat Tulane. 419 Crenshaw Led Nation In ' 73 Golf Competition Mention the University of Texas and the response is football. Mention Texas football and the response is Dar- rell Royal. But mention Longhorn golf and the reaction is Crenshaw. Ben Crenshaw. Not just a good collegiate golfer but a golfer able to give the pros a run for their putters. No other sport at the University of Texas was so domi- nated by one athlete as was golf. The Golden Boy reigned. But he could not have won the Southwest Conference title by himself, as the ' Horns did for the second straight year. It took the efforts of team members Warren Chancellor, Tony Pfaff, Brent Buckman, Johnny Dill and 18 others to capture the title under the coaching of George Hannon. But there was no doubting that Crenshaw was the star after all, he had been twice the leading amateur in the Mas- ters Tournament; won three NCAA Championships; and two Southwest Conference individual championships. In the 54-hole SWC championship-deciding tournament held in Austin, Crenshaw shot a one-under-par 209, leaving him seven strokes ahead of his nearest challenger. Chancel- lor shot a 219 to tie for fourth place with teammate Pfaff and University of Houston golfer Bruce Lietzke. Throughout the year, the conference had mainly been a gunfight between Texas and Houston. Going into the SWC match, Houston won five of the nine confrontations. The ' Horns evened the record at the SWC meet; their 870 score was nine strokes better than Houston ' s 879 scorecard. It was little wonder that the Texas team was so good. Crenshaw, Buckman, Pfaff and Tom Kite had teamed the previous year to win the NCAA team competition while Crenshaw was only a sophomore. Texas won the national title the year before that, too, and Crenshaw, then a fresh- man, had won the NCAA individual title. In June, Cren- shaw went on to win his third straight NCAA individual title, but the Longhorns failed to repeat as NCAA champi- ons, finishing third. Tony Pfaff followed through his iron shot to the green. 420 v m W Another birdie putt for Crenshaw at the Morris Williams Intercollegiate Tournament. Ben Crenshaw sharpened his putting. M FIRST ROW: John Paul Scott, David Scott Narveson, Jaime Beman, Edward Crancer, Robert Harrison Mase. THIRD ROW: Brent Dean Raymond L. Warobick, Johnny Lloyd Dill, Warren Edward Chancel- Buckman, David K. Ferrell, Coach George Hannon, Ben Daniel lor, Gary David Kahn. SECOND ROW: John T. Saunders, James Crenshaw, Robert J. Brigham, Tony Earl Pfaff, Robert S. Harwell, Terry Mason, Randall Mark Simmons, Scott Tolbert Haynie, Ralph Michael Davis Ball, Timothy Todd Wilson. 421 Thinclads Showed Both Quantity and Quality Quality or quantity? That was the question most often posed of the 1973 Uni- versity of Texas track team. Texas partisans said the team was quality and pointed to the way the Longhorns won the 1973 Southwest Confer- ence Track and Field Championships, taking first in seven of sixteen events. The detractors, mainly consisting of other SWC track coaches, claimed Texas was racking up big point totals sim- ply by having more people compete than other schools. So great was the ire of the other SWC schools that they passed a new rule limiting the number of people any one school may have run in each event. The rule, though, was too late to keep Texas from faring spectacularly at the SWC meet. Texas won the title for the second straight year in a row, this time notching 164 points with Texas A M a distant second with 77% points. Out of the four new conference records established at the SWC Meet, one belonged to the ' Horns as Ricky Yarb- rough, two-time mile champion, moved to the three-mile competition and won with a time of 14:07.4. continued Paul Craig congratulated an exhausted Don Sturgal after his record-breaking finish in the mile relay. aUMI Glenn Goss finished first in his quartermile heat. 422 ' ---- Pole Vaulter David Shepherd cleared the bar in his first attempt. A m, Anchorman John Lee smiled after Texas ' relay win. FIRST ROW: Rey Perez Moreno, Craig Alan Brooks, Martell Lewis Peterman, John Henry Craig, Patrick Neil Hendry, Billy Gene Jackson Jr., Paul Frederick Craig, James David Colley, Timothy Patton, Richard Alvin Yarbrough, John William Smalley Jr., Robert Lloyd Stephenson, David Bruce Bannan. SECOND ROW: Ernest Reed Fischer, George Wesley Dennis, Paul Subrt, Curtis Everett, Howard Thorne Walter, Robert Bruce Workman, Bruce Terrell Ponder, Gary Michael Wolff, Randall Allen Yarbrough, John Lee Jr., Leonard C. Randolph Jr., Michael Eden Tibbetts, Gary Dean Carter, Glenn Sterling Goss, Karl Law- rence Meyer. THIRD ROW: Coach Cleburne Price, David Duane Ray, Mark Cresap Klonower, William Raymond Gamble, Silverio Carlos Bosch, John Labon Berry III, Greg Lee Hackney, Ryland Thomas Felkel, David Wayne McKee, Rudolph Dennis Griffith, Bryan Hugh Lyerly, Michael Anthony Leif- este, Randall Lee Lightfoot, Donald Lee Ausmus, James Loyal Herndon, James Edward Johnson, Coach James Blackwood. FOURTH ROW: Coach Bill Miller, Albert Theodore Watson, William A. Goldapp, Edwin E. Wright, Sigurdur Fri- drik Busha III, Alan George Thomas, Zbigniew Bishop Dolegiewicz, Robert Francis Primeaux, John Duffy Colovin, William Griffith Dates, Donald Joe Stur- gal, David Powell Shepherd. 423 Relays Surprised Nation The mile relay team was one of the best in the nation in 1973, bettering the school record for that event with a 3:06.7 effort. Winning at the Texas, Kansas and Drake Relays, Texas was the only Triple Crown winner in the relay meets. Billy Jackson, Don Sturgal, Ed Wright and John Lee composed the quartet that performed so well. Sturgal was a good performer on a solo basis as well. Besides winning the 440 Run at the SWC Meet in 45.9 and anchoring the mile relay squad, Sturgal was a strong quar- ter-mile runner and set a new school record in the 220-yard run the only time he ran it. William Gates was busy at the SWC Meet winning the high jump, despite a sore toe. In the field events, Bishop Dolegiewicz, who set two school records in the discus and shot put, took third place, being beaten out by teammate Alan Thomas. And Siggi Busha, who set a new school record in the javelin, came in second at the conference meet. Rudolph Griffith clocked a 1:49.2 time in the 880 Run for first place while John Craig was third in the event with a time of 150.8. Bill Smalley, with a new school mark in the pole vault, finished second in the conference. Robert Primeaux won the 440-yard medium hurdles with a time of 50.8 seconds. Primeaux was holder of the best time in the nation in this event in 1973. The sprint relay team came in third in the conference though they had earlier recorded the league ' s best time. continued Bill Goldapp took the lead during the second leg of the two-mile relay. Texas ' Robert Primeaux was the national record holder in the 440 Intermediate hurdles. William Gates " flopped " at the Texas Relays. 424 Tim Patton edged teammate Ricky Yarbrough at the wire. The handof f was a crucial moment in most relays .Tan 1 Longjumper John Berry reached for that extra inch. 425 Records Fell in SWC Meet The two-mile relay squad, composed of three freshmen and one junior put a stop to Illinois ' two-year winning streak in the event at the Drake Relays. The three fresh- men, John and Paul Craig and Reed Fischer, were aided by junior Bill Goldapp. On the 1973 Relays Circuit, consisting of the Texas, Kansas and Drake Relays, the Longhorns won eight relays. No other school won more than two. Three of the Texas wins came at the Drake event. At the Border Olympics, Texas almost doubled every other team ' s point totals. All but one of the conference schools were represented at that meet. In addition Texas was chosen the outstanding team at the Texas relays. If quantity was involved in the 1973 Texas track team, the quantity was in the number of meets, events and awards won. All the rest was quality. Billy Jackson signed autographs for young admirers at the Texas Relays. 426 Scraping the bar at the Texas Relays. ir At the Houston Cross Country meet, Bill Gamble made his bid for the lead. Cross Country Texas ' competition in Cross Country often ran alone. FRONT: Robert Lloyd Stephenson, Richard Alvin Yarbrough. BACK: John Henry Craig, Timothy Patton, Paul Frederick Craig, William Raymond Gam- ble, Randall Allen Yarbrough. 427 FIRST ROW: Robert Fariss Campbell, Richard Graham Whaling, William Edward Fisher, David Ray Kirkham. SECOND ROW: John Baldwin St. Clair, James Leavell Bayless, Daniel Warren Nelson, Donald Shelton Murray, James Thomas Roberts. THIRD ROW: John Ellis Bush, Daniel Merrit Byfield, Paul Bertrand Wiegand, Ron Eric Touchon, Coach Dave J. Woods, Coach Dave Snyder. Tennis Team Faded Toward End 1L S -i . .S te Bill Fisher was one of three outstanding freshman netters. Tennis Coach Dave Snyder wished the Southwest Con- ference tennis standings were determined on dual meet records. If they had been in 1973, the Texas tennis team would have looked very good with their 7-1 SWC record. But the conference determined the standings on the number of individual matches won and Texas ' 33-16 mark was only good enough to put the team in third place. SMU won the conference, which made Texas feel good since it beat SMU, 4-3. The Longhorns ' only conference loss was a 6-1 defeat by the University of Houston. The only problem was that SMU beat Houston, 7-0. Thus, Texas finished third behind SMU and the Cougars, com- peting for the first time in the Southwest Conference. Texas was even more impressive in their full season record, finishing 25-4. One of the losses was a 6 l i-2 1 2 loss to Trinity, the last match being called because of darkness. But earlier in the season, Texas had beat Trinity, 5-4. " At times this season, we probably played over our heads, " Snyder said modestly. But there was no denying that the Texas team, with three freshmen, two juniors and a senior playing in their top six spots, was especially impressive. Junior Dan Nelson, the team ' s most valuable player, was seeded first, followed by senior Ron Touchon and fresh- man Graham Whaling. Jim Bayless was seeded fourth and Don Murray and Bill Fisher, both freshmen, followed. Nelson ended conference play at 5-2 but no Texas player was able to gain even a semifinal berth in the singles and doubles conference championship held in Austin. With such a young club, Snyder was not complaining about the way his team finished the season. He just, wished the championships were based on dual meet marks. 428 Team captain Dan Nelson remained top seed all season Swimmers Couldn ' t Crack SMU Dynasty " Wait ' ll next year, " is a familiar cry in the Southwest Conference. But no team has more right to make such a statement as the University of Texas Swimming team. SMU has dominated the SWC swimming scene for the last 17 years. And Texas, the perennial bridesmaid, has come in second more times than Avis ever did. But in 1972, something began to happen. The Longhorns moved to within 376 points of the Mustangs at the confer- ence meet. And it was only 1 19 points disparity in 1973. So it ' s no wonder the ' Horns are saying, " Wait ' ll next year. " Even without the conference title, it was a good year in the Gregory Gym pool. The ' Horns set 1 1 school marks and five SWC records. At the conference meet, Texas won 10 of 18 events but lost to superior depth. ' Horn divers did well in competition. I 1. Milam Randolph Pharo 2. John Eric Campbell 3. David Leon Youngblood 4. William Howard Burns 5. John Richard Worrell 6. Richard Ainsworth Goodall 7. Charles Frederick LeMaistre 8. John Michael Busch 9. James Trout Onstott 10. Thomas Clayton O ' Guinn 11. Felipe Munoz 12. William Austin Baker 13. James Howard Gillis 14. Donald Good now Graham 15. James Roy McMahon 16. Jean Lea McPherson 17. Steven Wix Buerger 18. Robert Harold Blodgett 19. Douglas Edwin Nibouar 20. Donnie Lynn Vick 21. Charles Heberton Machell 22. Stephen Herman Miller 23. David Neil Willis 24. Edward Palm Hurst 25. William Walker Reeves 26. Robert Richard Rachner 27. Douglas Aldwell McPherson 28. Andrew Koapke Fish 29. Terry Charles Strawn 30. Richard Daniel Shanks 31. Brian Arthur Vance 32. Thomas Dorris Elder 33. Robert Owen Morgan 34. Robert John Londrigan 35. Ricardo Marmelejo 36. David Stuart Hefner 37. Stephen Craig Beasley 38. Niven James Baird 429 Baseball Team Broke ' 72 Win Record The umpire was ready to make the call. I Coach Gustafson chewed tobacco to help him make it through a close game. Catcher Bill Berryhill waited for Roznovsky ' s pitch. n f J 430 Freshman Richard Wortham had a winning season on the mound. Some things are just traditions. Like Democrats being elected in Texas. Like television commercials being twice as long as they should be. And like Texas winning the Southwest Conference baseball championship. Out of the last 58 years, Texas has won the champion- ship 48 times. So there was little surprise when the Long- horns won again in 1973. Texas pieced together a 45-5 sea- son record in 1973, which gave them more collegiate victo- ries in one season than they had ever acquired before. The previous mark was set in 1972 with a 40-9 mark. And in conference play, the ' Horns were 15-3 for an .833 record, 200 percentage points ahead of second place TCU with a 12-7, .632 record. Of the 10 years preceding 1973, Texas had shared the conference crown with the Horned Frogs four times, in 1963, ' 66, ' 67, and ' 72. The ' Horns were hampered early in the season and in preseason training by rain which washed away valuable practice time. When the season finally got underway with two doubleheaders against Sam Houston State University, the ' Horns dropped their first two games, 5-0 and 9-2. The limp bats and rag arms slowly disappeared; and Texas won the second double header with SHSU, 3-0 and 5-2. It looked like things might turn out all right after all. Pitcher Martin Flores tossed a two hit, 6-0 win at Texas Lutheran in the fifth game of the season and in the second game of that doubleheader, Ron Roznovsky ' s no-hitter was worth a 4-1 win. It would have been a shutout, but Roz- novsky walked three straight batters before giving up a run- sacrificing double play. continued 431 FIRST K ' Horns Captured Ninth Consecutive SWC Crown 432 Steve Clancy barely missed the tag. Coach Gustafson went to the mound to discuss game strategy. Keith Moreland caught the Minnesota baserunner in a hot box. FIRST ROW: Richard C. Wortham, Charlie Edward Crenshaw. Rudy Jar- millo, Terry Joseph Pyka, Steven Michael Clancy, Juan Manuel Olvera, Bobby Keith Moreland, Kenneth Wayne Pape, Thomas Patrick Cusick. SECOND ROW: Jerry Daniel Wheat, Robert Eldon Clark, Zane W. Grubbs, Robert Cuellar, Michael Dean Anderson, Doyle Randall Moore, Terrv Don Ray, James Richard Bradley, Thomas Henry Ball III, James Ray Brown, Randolph W. Bryant, Spanky Stevens. THIRD ROW: Coach Cliff Gustafson, Doug Duncan, James Leslie Gideon, Bill Hall Berryhill, Gary S. Peterson, James David Reeves, Charles F. Burley, Blair Todd Stouffer, Martin Farfan Flores, Alan Dale Lowry, Russell David Pounds, Ronald L. Roznovsky, Coach Bill Bethea. fM . flBB Pitcher Roznovsky was to look good all season, picking up 12 wins and tying the mark set by Burt Hooten, James Street and Bobby Layne in previous years for the most vic- tories in one season. Texas continued its winning rampage with 7-2 and 9-0 victories over Lamar University; 5-1 and 13-3 triumphs over Dallas Baptist; and 1-0 and 10-0 trimmings of St. Mary ' s. Texas took four from Southwest Louisiana, 4-1, 12- 1,4-3, and 9-0. Conference play began with Texas taking three from TCU, 4-3, 9-4 and 4-0. The ' Horns followed those wins with 2-0 and 9-3 victories over Trinity University. By this time, Texas had won 19 straight games since los- ing their first two. One more win and they would tie the winning streak record set by the 1972 Longhorns. Only Baylor stood in the way, knowing exactly how it feels to be looking at the front end of a bulldozer. Well, Baylor could not stop Texas from tying its own record, an d the ' Horns won the opener of the series 7-2. But the Bears proved a bit more obstinate in the second game as they stopped the streak at 20 with a 3-2 win over Texas. The ' Horns came right back with an 8-4 win, though, bringing their South- west Conference mark to 5-1. Texas beat the University of Houston 3-1 and 1 1-5 before dropping one 2-1 to the Cougars. Texas then fol- lowed with 6-1 and 9-0 victories over Texas Tech bringing their conference record to 9-2. SMU took a 21-4 pasting at the hands of the ' Horns before Texas swept three from Race 3-2, 13-1, and 10-8. By this time, everyone was beginning to suspect that Texas could not be stopped. continued -r " -- ' v The charge for first base. 433 Everyone was right. Texas faced Texas A M for the final conference series. Rick Burley tossed a two-hitter in the series ' opener for a 3-1 win. Roznovsky lost the second game 1-0 on a three-hitter. But Martin Flores won the final game 6-4 as Burley drove in the winning run after being hit by a pitch. That levelled Texas ' conference mark at 15-3. Texas began preparation for its NCAA District VI Play- off game with Pan American by trouncing Southwestern University in four straight, 10-3, 6-0, 5-1, and 21-6. And finally, Texas got revenge for the two losses in the first two games of the season as they beat Sam Houston State University, 4-0, 8-2, 8-2, and 12-4. This was a special team, one that surprised a few people. It wasn ' t special because it won the SWC Championship. It was special because it almost duplicated the efforts of the 1972 team, which finished third in the nation. But the 1973 team did not have the services of shortstop Amador Tijerina and three All- Americans first baseman John Langerhans, second baseman Mike Markl and third baseman David Chalk, graduates from the 1972 team. So the 1973 team put together a brand new infield. Ken Pape, at shortstop, had the most experience, having played No. 2 the year before. But Burley, who doubled as pitcher, was a transfer from San Jacinto Junior College, where he had been a two-time All-American. Junior Bobby Clark had been a pinch-hitter and spot player before 1973. Clark traded off with sophomore Tom Cusick at the position. Freshman Keith Moreland proved himself at third base with almost the same sparkle as he had shown on the fresh- man football squad. In the outfield, Rudy Jaramillo proved to be a good gloveman and strong hitter as were Moreland, Clark and Burley. Jaramillo was a junior college transfer from Panola. Junior Tom Ball split time with part-time catcher Bill Berryhill in right field. Junior Terry Pyka played left field dependably and aided with his bat. Berryhill shared time behind the plate with Steve Clancy, catching for one of the best pitching corps in the nation. As pitcher, Roznovsky was outstanding in his senior year and found support from freshmen Richard Wortham, a top pro prospect and Jim Gideon, who worked out well, sup- porting junior Zane Grubbs, sophomore Martin Flores, junior Bobby Cuellar and sophomore Frosty Moore. One thing could be said about the 1973 team they were not the remnants of a fine 1972 team, they were their own fine ball club. 4 . Steve Clancy swung for the big one. ' Bill Berryhill attempted to advance the baserunner with a sacrificing bunt. 434 Strong Batting and Relentless Pitching Characterized 1973 Baseball Club Pitching was often the edge the Horn ' s had over their opposition. 435 UTSAM Clubs Performed Well Nationally Just because the title of the department is Intercollegiate Athletics does not mean that it involves all University ath- letic teams which participate in intercollegiate competition. It is another organization, the University of Texas Sports Association for Men (UTSAM), which provides a base for teams in 1 1 other competitive sports. UTSAM is sponsored by the Men ' s Intramural Depart- ment and allows teams to travel throughout the state and nation to compete in sports not sponsored by the SWC. 436 n After Five Years, UTSAM Soccer Team Remained Undefeated Numerous UTSAM teams have achieved national recog- nition. The soccer club, for example, had a 10-0-2 record in 1972-73, scoring 58 goals to their opponents ' seven. Winner of the 16-team Texas Collegiate Soccer League, the soccer club ' s only blemishes were in a 1-1 tie with Rice University and a 2-2 tie with the University of Houston. The 1972-73 season was no fluke, either, as the soccer club has compiled a record of 60-0-5 since 1967. Pete Tyson coaches the Texas Handball Club, a group which has regularly been among the top in the nation. Play- ing on the large handball complex in Gregory Gym Annex, Tyson has turned out numerous handball champs as well as many devoted students through his teaching. Judo and volleyball also have large followings at the University and are quite active in competition. Other UTSAM sports include archery, bowling, cricket, fencing, gymnastics, squash and wrestling. While the Intramurals Department helps finance the teams in the 1 1 active sports, team members often must pay their own expenses for travel and equipment. 437 A Variety of Sports Were Provided by UTSAM Clubs FRONT: Michael Ray Newman, Larry Martin Wilson, Con- rado Guiterrez, Gilbert Roy Elsaas, Dehl Roberts Wolfers. BACK: Bob Stockton, David William Fonken, Kerry Marcus Duke, Henry W. Blackwell, Robert Edward Stephens. Coach Pat Hurley, Ernest Edward Hodge, Jerry Robert Sloss, David M. Hayworth, Wil- FRONT: David Allen St. Martin, Charles Roy Cook. BACK: Harold Ham R. Flocks, Frank Edward Freeman. Wilson Pearcy, Don Ellis Nielsen, Coach Bruce Ralph Bacmman. FRONT: Johnny J. Vallejo, Guillermo Calderon, Terence Robert Moore, Gentil Marin, Jose Ruelas Torres, Donatus Alabu Nwokeji, Christo- pher G. Jordan, Lassina Coulibaly, Spencer H. Smith. BACK: Coach Robert P. Higley, Alexander T. O ' Brien, John Gardner Friend, George A. L. Hight, Craig Thomas Litton, Jon Truett Robinson, Aubrey Leon Carter, Luis Timpe, Paul Kreuzer, Milton Rodriques Coelho, Alfred H. Erler, Coach Norman M. Potter, Coach Dumitru Teodorescu. 438 FIRST ROW: William Howard Tanker, Ricky Gene Dan- iels, Clyde Francis Cole, William Richard McCormick, Paul Stewart Caricker, Thomas W. Campbell. SECOND ROW: Michael Scott Morgan, Alan DeCoser, Gary Barab, Thomas Dee Liles, Dirk B. Robertson, Terry W. Howard, Paul D. Hansen, Kirk Boynton Purcell, David J. Tresnicky, William Frank Monroe, John M. Camden, Ira J. Hessel. FRONT: Gary Howard Loiben, Jef- frey Alan Barnes, Coach Pete Tyson. BACK: Norbert W. Enslen, Gene M. Craft, Joseph C. Hero. FIRST ROW: Timothy B. McCaniles, Robert L. Panzarella, William Kemp Lamb, Shelby Ross Hillis, Ricardo Nava, Scott Bradley Goode, Frederick F. Ferraro. SECOND ROW: Gordon Emil Craig. Walter P. Wigley, Gary R. Stoneburner, Eddie C. Schmidt, William Thomas Hastes, Cody Allen Davis, James E. McElhanon. THIRD ROW: Coach Donald Clark McCollum, Coach Glen Delbert Antwiler, John William Kepner, Thomas Lionel Leggett, Mark Gottschalk, Roy Bryan Perry, Porfirio Rodriquez, Steve McAdams. FRONT: Richard Lee Parker, Oscar Luis Vera, Edward D. Cortez. BACK: Coach Lester Edward Harrell, Patrick Keenan Bly, Derek Guna-Tilaka. 439 FRONT ROW: Helen Scott Govaars, Carol Anne Stapper, Lesa Janine Raschke, Diane Wilkin, Michelle Elise Mayner, Susan Jean Wittleder, Lisa Mary Stirman, Candice Beth Cowden. BACK ROW: Barbara Behne, Mari- lyn Kay Worley, Nancy B. Macken, Cynthia Ann Farest, Paula Jane Phillips, Jan Claire Knape, Elizabeth E. Braden, Robin Louise Gerner, Karla Houser, Carolyn Nichols, Coach Betty Hagerman. The volleyball team had an action-packed season. FRONT ROW: Pamela Justine Cook, Jean Ann Albrecht, Charlotte Eva Oxford. BACK. ROW: Pamela Sue Marcum, Janet Sue Rapp, Vicki E. Zimmerman. 440 UTSA Provided Women Competition KNEELING: Jean Ann Albrecht, Margaret E. Lively, Nancy Susan Bemsen, Treva Kay Trice, Jo Ann Holmes, Vicki Elyse Ross. STANDING: Lynn Dearing, Nedda Marie Brown, Debbie D. Turnbough, Rebecca Ann Bludau, Jody Thorne, Sharon L. Simkins. BELOW: Kathy Lou Moore, Patricia K. Biggers, Nancy Lee Reynolds. The University of Texas Sports Association, a league of women ' s sports teams at the University of Texas, provided women with the chance to compete with other minor sports teams at other schools. Athletic teams were formed in badminton, basketball, golf, gymnastics, swimming, tennis and volleyball. All teams competed throughout Texas. " I guess our most successful team was our gymnastics team, " said UTSA spokeswoman June Burke. " Though we only had a small team go to the state meet, the gymnasts took second in the state. " Most of that was due to Kathy Moore, winner of best all-around gymnast at the meet and winner of every event except the bars. Competing with her were Nancy Reynolds and Patty Bettis. " We get most of our funds from the department of Inter- collegiate Athletics for Men, " Miss Burke explained. Their budget was not large but they still remained active; seven women ' s sports were added to the list of competitive athletics at the University of Texas. FRONT ROW: Deborah Kay Bevil, Maria Elaine Smith, Susan Louise Billmeier, Cynthia Ann Evans, Lana Jean Lawrence, Joel Hodges, Simone Childs. BACK ROW: Denise Ann Gieryn, Carolyn Suzanne Jackson, Dana Helen Williams, Sarah Katheryn Lou, Helen Seidel. 441 _ 442 Intramurals Anyone ' s Game Although the University ' s Longhorn football team rum- bles on, corporation-like, attracting the attention of the state ' s newspapers and the devotion of thousands of alumni, probably no organization on campus has any more to do with students than the Intramurals Department. Figures for 1972-73 show that 17,184 men competed in men ' s intramural sports ranging from archery to softball. While archery had only nine individuals competing, soft- ball had 224 teams registered with 3,360 players. Next to softball in popularity were touch football with 234 teams and 3,276 individuals entered and basketball with 309 teams and 3,090 individuals. The Intramural Department sponsored a total of 26 sports and also supervised the Intramural Fields, Tennis Courts, Gregory Gym annex and Bellmont Hall. continued 443 Intramural Competition In addition to coordinating a competitive sports pro- gram, the Department of Intramural Sports, staffed by 284 administrative personnel, devoted a great deal of time to the operation of the physical plant. For instance, a 40-unit tennis complex with 20 lighted courts was open 78 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters and 98 hours per week during the summer sessions. Gymnastic facilities, located in Gregory Gym and Bellmont Hall were available 54 hours per week. Plans for a merger between the Men ' s and Women ' s Intramural programs were considered. The result of such a merger would create a Division of Intramural Sports and Recreation, emphasising co-educational programs of both a competitive and a recreational nature. Men ' s Intramurals sponsored the University of Texas Sports Association for Men (UTSAM). Although not under the direction of the Intercollegiate Athletics Depart- ment, the UTSAM teams competed in sports events throughout the state and nation. Team membership came from a wide spectrum. Team affiliation ranged from fraternity brothers, dormitory resi- dents and other sports enthusiasts, who all shared the enjoyment of a common sport. Success of the 1972-1973 intramural program was unmis- takable. One enthusiastic athlete remarked, " The depart- ment ' s greatest value is in allowing students a chance to get away from the books and a chance to try their own athletic prowess in a league situation. " continued I 444 A Break From the Books Increasing Interest Seen in Intramurals Meanwhile, the Department of Intramurals for Women also increased. More than 3,000 women were estimated to have participated in the hodge-podge of activities offered by the department, an increase of almost 200 persons. The department sponsored 21 tournaments in 17 differ- ent sports with flag football, volleyball and basketball drawing the most attention. Of the individual sports, tennis ranked high in popularity, along with billiards. The department ' s two-year-old coed program also proved quite attractive, as men joined the women in four sports: badminton, tennis, volleyball and table tennis. But not all of the women ' s intramural department pro- grams were of the competitive genre. A program of week- end recreation was sponsored, allowing students, faculty and staff to use gym facilities at will. A week-night co-rec- reational program even offered babysitters, allowing moth- ers to participate in their favorite sport. Over 150 women participated in the faculty-staff exercise program. Betty Thompson, the department ' s director, said, " The thing that has impressed me the most this year has been that women students are becoming more concerned and more knowledgeable about fitness about jogging, car- diovascular fitness and that kind of thing. " 446 447 T-Association William S. Allison David D. Anderson Jay Lock Arnold Donald Lee Ausmus Niven James Baird Jr. Danny Wallace Baker Thomas Henry Ball III Michael Bayer James Leavell Bayless Jr. Lonnie Lashae Bennett John Labon Berry III Bill Hall Berryhill Robert Harold Blodgett Silverio Carlos Bosch Randall Jake Braband George E. Brosterhous Randolph W. Bryant Brend Dean Buckman Charles F. Burley Jr. Donald Wayne Burrisk Sigurdur Fridrik Busha III Daniel Merritt Byfield Bruce White Cannon Warren E. Chancellor Roy James Childress Steven Michael Clancy Robert Eldon Clark James David Colley John Henry Craig Paul Frederick Craig Ben Daniel Crenshaw Charlie Edward Crenshaw Donald Wayne Crosslin Freddie Mac Currin Gregory Wayne Dahlberg Richard Carl Davis Jr. Michael Wayne Dean Johnny Lloyd Dill Zbigniew Bishop Dolegiewicz Donald Ray Ealey Lowell Douglass English Ernest Reed Fischer William Edward Fisher Stephen Grady Fleming Martin Farfan Flores Adrian Ford William Raymond Gamble Robert Glen Gaspard James Leslie Gideon William A. Goldapp Glenn Sterling Goss Rudolph Dennis Griffith Eric William Groscurth Zane W. Grubbs Greg Lee Hackney Robert Harwell Hans Richard Franz Helland Bruce Edward Herbert James Loyal Herndon Stanley Deen Hicks Billy Gean Jackson Jr. Rudy Jaramillo Wade Lee Johnston Thomas Martin Keel Jr. Patrick Michael Kelly Daniel Thomas Krueger Dennis Glen Ladd Thomas Wayne Landry Harry Ray Larrabee John Lee Jr. Sherman Beowulf Lee Tommy Lynn Lee Charles Frederick LeMaistre Randall Lee Lightfoot Jack Allan Louis Alan Dale Lowry Lee Goodale Lyles Charles H. Machell Ricardo Marmolejo Patrick Joseph McClellan David Wayne McKee Terry Jay Melancon Malcolm Robin Minnick James Ray Moore Bobby Keith Moreland Robert Owen Morgan Felipe Munoz Donald Shelton Murray Dan Warren Nelson Douglas Edwin Nibouar William Griffith Dates Kenneth Wayne Pape Timothy Patton Martell Lewis Peterman Gary Stephen Peterson Tony E. Pfaff Robert Francis Primeaux Terry Joseph Pyka Robert Richard Rachner James Louis Randall Leonard C. Randolph Jr. William Walter Reeves Travis Morgan Roach Jr. Larry Robinson William Michael Rowan Ronald L. Rozonovsky George William Rutherford Wiloughby Benson Schott Richard Daniel Shanks Howard Lee Shaw David Powell Shepherd Harold V. Simpson III Jerald Grant Sisemore John Williams Smalley Jr. Dan Stephen Steakley Robert Lloyd Stephenson Terry Charles Strawn Donald Joe Sturgal Alan Goerge Thomas Michael Eden Tibbetts Ronald Eric Touchon Robert Edward Tresch Jr. Brian Arthur Vance Donnie Lynn Vick Christopher Voegele Jr. William Leonard Walker Richard Graham Whaling Julius Edward Whittier John Mark Wilson Ronald Lynn Workman John Richard Worrell Richard C. Wortham Edwin E. Wright William H. Wyman Jr. Randall Allen Yarbrough Richard Alvin Yarbrough Gary Layne Yeoman 448 v ff ATM INC ADMINISTRATION AND CLASSES I INIST DI tCTEE) The Educational Environment .RIGHT: Education can be found in classrooms of all shapes and sizes. In a drama workshop, students built a set for " The Rivals. " BELOW: Learning is an individual experience, and eventually stu- dents found their own appropriate places to study. RIGHT: When weather permitted, classes held outside furnished a freer atmosphere for relaxation and student discussion. LEFT: The wide variety of learning environments available on campus satisfied the student ' s individual educational needs. BELOW: The comfortable surroundings of the marketing semi- nar room in the BEB stimulated lively class discussion. LEFT: After obtaining permission from the Texas Memorial Museum, UT art student Jimmy G. Redd created sculp- tures from drawings of Indian figures he found on cave walls and rocks at various archaeological sites around Texas. Extended Classrooms Students tuned in at the AC Listening Lab for both class and relaxation RASSL student worked on speed reading A Comuniversity student spent time meditating in a yoga position. 452 BELOW: Engineering Week sponsored several faculty firesides in professors ' homes. UT libraries provided space for research. From the composer Wagner to yoga, academic interests varied as much as the people on campus. The stuffiness of rows of bolted chairs drove many to find other learning environments. Eager-beaver freshmen and tired, but persistent seniors used courses at Reading and Study Skills Laboratory to improve their learning skills. Through self-paced courses and study aids, some students avoided classrooms entirely. The most reactionary students formed the Comuniversity, expressing their own feelings to " free " the University. The academic center provided a place conducive to study for some and a good place to " just crash " for others. Some found their academic niche in one of the several libraries on campus while others preferred the open-air approach to learning. Faculty fire- sides were held for those who preferred having a drink with their professors rather than listening to them lecture. Sooner or later, everybody found their own special place to study in classes, under trees, at the Bucket, or elsewhere. Students found periodicals at hand in the stacks. 453 This year has been a time of great change and great challenge not only for students but for faculty and administrators of the University of Texas School of Nursing at Austin. A curriculum change that had been in the process of development for several years went into effect September, 1972. Under the new cur- riculum, which is divided into four levels corre- sponding to the four semesters of the junior and senior year, individualized study is stressed. In conjunction with the change in curriculum the Learning Laboratory was expanded to become a Learning Center where students have access to slides, audio tapes and color television cassettes in addition to equipment commonly used in health-care settings. The independent study concept was introduced to help students become actively involved in their own learning experiences by providing facilities for in-depth, self-paced instruction. Another great change occurred in the graduate nursing program this year. Not only was there a tremendous increase in enrollment but a new area of nursing was offered for the first time. A master ' s program in maternity nursing is now available along with medical-surgical nursing, psychiatric nursing, teaching and administration. It seems appropriate that along with all the developments in the philosophy and curriculum of the school and the growth in numbers of stu- dents, faculty and staff new facilities also will be available soon. The School of Nursing is extremely pleased to have a new building cur- rently under construction at 18th and Red River and are anticipating completion of the building in the Fall, 1973. I have been very pleased to work with each of you as students this year and to see the many accomplishments of individuals and of the school as a whole. Level 1 students studied the basic principles of infant care. School of Nursing Billye Jean Brown Dean Dean Billye Jean Brown 454 In lab, students learned the effect of drugs on fish. Students gained experience by working at local pharmacies. College of Pharmacy William Johnson Sheffield Acting Dean Victor A. Yanchick Acting Assistant Dean Dean William Sheffield With 517 students enrolled in the three years of professional work, the College of Pharmacy remains the largest pharmacy institution in the United States. Reflecting this position of national leadership, during 1972 the College continued its development of new and innovative educational programs for tomorrow ' s pharmacists. The Board of Regents of the University approved the implementation of a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program which would require six years ' study and center around addi- tional clinical training for the student. The Col- lege also continued to expand its pilot program of educating pharmacy students at The Univer- sity of Texas Medical School at San Antonio during their senior (5th) year. This program has been most successful, and continuing growth is expected in this area. The College was most pleased to announce the appointment of a new Dean, Dr. James T. Dolui- sio, formerly of the University of Kentucky Col- lege of Pharmacy, who will be replacing Acting Dean William J. Sheffield in June of 1973. Among the top priorities for Doluisio will be increasing emphasis on the graduate program of the college, faculty research work and the clinical nature of pharmaceutical education. 455 Dean Samuel Ellison College of Natural Sciences Samuel P. Ellison Dean A. R. Schrank Acting Dean Gerard Franklin Moseley : ' ; ;; ' r -J|.:i j i : : P!I: - ' } JILL ' ' Assistant Dean Tnfid Nebula in SagiltAnus This year, while engaging as always in traditional study and teaching of the sci- ences, the College of Natural Sciences accelerated its maturation from a neophyte college to an integral, stable, unit of this sophisticated University. The college is pleased at the clear ' tradi- tion of excellence within its ten depart- ments, faculty (nearly 400), staff -- and student body (over 5000); and many of its undergraduate and graduate programs are ranked among the very best in the nation. Faculty members of the College often are recognized for their excellence in teaching and their superior research efforts. Research grants, gifts and development awards given to our faculty from govern- mental, industrial and private sources totaled over $8 million last year. This sup- port serves to dramatize that the College of Natural Sciences faculty, often with invalu- able student assistance, works at the cutting edge of new knowledge and there-by brings fresh and stimulating ideas to the classroom. The college offers nine majors within the Bachelor of Arts Plan I degree and five Bachelor of Science degrees and currently is seeking approval for several new Bache- lor of Science degrees (e.g., biochemistry and mathematics) and for new majors within the Bachelor of Arts degree (e.g., astronomy and computer science). All of these vital programs are continually reeval- uated and restructured by departmental and college committees in an effort to meet the curriculum demands of graduate and professional schools and changing career fields. The Natural Sciences Student Council is particularly successful in communicating and exploring areas of common concern for the betterment of the college. Its survey study of students ' opinions and its voice on college matters and committees is solicited and welcomed by the college. The staff members of the office of the dean work with other University offices, departments, faculty and students in an ef fort to improve the quality of undergrad- uate advising and to improve communica- tion with students and to increase respon- siveness to their needs. Information on major and degree programs, procedures, referrals, honors and student transcripts have been made available to departmental faculty advisors charged with assisting stu- dents in academic career planning. At midterm Dr. A. R. Schrank became acting dean of the college when Dr. Samuel P. Ellison Jr., Alexander Deussen , Professor of Energy Resources in Geological Sci- ences, chose to retire and return to full-time teaching because of an illness during the fall. Dr. Ellison ' s vigorous and respected leadership as dean will be missed, buf we owe to him our gratitude for the legacy he left as our beginning. College of Social and Behavioral Sciences James W. McKie Dean Samuel Dale McLemore Associate Dean Patricia Kruppa Assistant Dean Dr. Harley Browning and students studied recent populations figures at the Population Research Center. The College is one of the four successors to the old College of Arts and Sciences. Our princi- pal mission is teaching Our students have a large menu of courses and aajor and minor fields to choose from in the eight departments of the Col- lege. We believe th? they come in contact here with some of the best minds in the country and some of the most stimulating teaching. Of course there is always room from improvement, and we are always working to better our teaching as well as our scholarship. We are very much aware that contact with stu- dents outside the classroom is almost as impor- tant as formal teaching inside. For the last year and a half we have been working to improve the advice that students get from their departments and from the Dean ' s office on choice of courses and majors and on scholastic problems that inev- itably arise for many students during their aca- demic experience. We also plan to create more opportunities for informal association between faculty and students. Everyone in this college hopes that the division of Arts and Sciences into smaller colleges will help the students gain a better sense of identity in the University and get whatever help and advice they need from the departments and the Dean ' s office. We hope in the future no student will ever leave this University without feeling that the college and the University have done their best to provide him with a quality educa- tion and to administer to his requirements in a humane and personal manner. That is not easy to do in a University as large as this one, but we regard the solution of those problems as the most important task we have. Our second mission is research. (We not only retail knowledge, we also manufacture it.) A detailed catalogue of the achievements of this faculty and many of its students in science and research would take up far too much space here. Continued 458 Computers aided social scientists in solving complex research problems. Dean James McKie To mention only a few examples, probably every- one has heard of the work of the Anthropology Laboratories in restoring and cataloguing for dis- play the remains of the galleon that was part of the Spanish Treasure Fleet wrecked on the Gulf Coast of Texas in the 1540 ' s. Almost equally well known is the research by one of our professors of psychol- ogy into environmental stress, which led him to live under water in a diving bell for many weeks while studying the way in which human beings react both to the environment and to each other under such conditions. The distinguished work of the Center for Research in Texas History should also be mentioned; the Texas History Center prod- uced the Southwestern Historical Quarterly which has published innumerable fascinating articles that reconstruct the historical heritage of Texas and the Southwest. Our Department of Geography has launched a project on remote sensing of the envi- ronment, including systematic aerial photography determining the habits and movements of migra- tory animals and other temporary influences that leave no lasting records; it is also participating in an inter-University study of the use and future of the arid lands of the West. In the Department of Economics, the Economic Development Center is studying the problems of the rural areas of south Texas and the possibilities of remedying them by industrialization and development of growth cen- ters. While several of these areas of research should be of particular interest to Texans, much of the research of our faculty is nationwide and worldwide in scope, and much of it has received universal recognition and acclaim. V . fc K College of Humanities Stanley Newman Werbow Dean Ralph James Kaufmann Associate Dean Max Roger Westbrook Assistant Dean Dean Stanley Werbow Til slutt tar den fantasi!0se tilfukt til gjen- nomf0rthet. Norwegian Die Konsequenz ist die letzte Zuflucht der Fantasiearmen. German La consistencia es el ultimo refugio de los que no tienen imagination. Spanish Ceux qui manquent d ' imagination se piquent d ' avoir de la suite dans les idees. French A consistencia e o ultimo refugio dos que nao tern imagina ao. Portuguese Firmitas asylum. - Carentibus ingenio, ultimum Latin La consistenza e 1 ' ultimo rifugio de quelli che mancano d ' immaginazione. Italian Consistency is the last refuge of the unima- ginative. English The College of Humanities has in its second year continued its dedication to imparting and sharing in the great traditions of human thought and creative expression in language. Beginning with the most rudimentary knowledge of the basic sounds and their representation in writing, it extends this knowledge and understanding to the highest literary and philosophical creations of the human mind in a wide variety of languages spoken and written throughout the recorded history of mankind and over the vast expanse of the earth. It has shared in this endeavor with depart- ments in other colleges and with interdisciplinary programs, many of which were initated by or with the intense cooperation of members of this College. The present strong intention of the Col- lege is to nourish the arteries which carry vital impulses to and from these separate but related organisms of thought, scholarship and teaching without wishing to arrogate to itself any primacy. Offspring of the humanities over the decades include the whole of the School of Communica- tion with its varied applications and the combi- nation of the use of language with that of various media, the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Drama. The last year has seen the strengthening within the College of Humanities of an interdepartmen- tal program in Comparative Literature including the introduction of undergraduate courses. Courses which formerly were offered under other headings such as the " Hero in European Litera- ture " are now offered as Comparative Literature topics. It is my hope that " Creative Writing for Press and Performance " will soon also bring together teachers and students from drama, radio, television and film and speech with those in creative writing in the Department of English. The Humanities Council, composed of repre- sentatives of the students from the departments of this college, is devoted to improving our stu- dents ' sense of belonging together as representa- tives of humanistic traditions and goals in addi- tion to their devotion to their special fields of study. Committees of the College have proposed the establishment of a new undergraduate degree called the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities which, when it is thoroughly worked out and approved, will provide the opportunity for students with broad humanistic interests to major in the Col- lege of Humanities without having a departmen- tal major. Certainly the establishment of the National Endowment for the Humanities has contributed on a nation-wide basis to an awareness of the Humanities and helped create a hunger for humanistic answers to human concern. In a vari- ety of ways we shall seek to provide nourishment to the hungry. i kuanhsing shih ch ' fleh fa szu hsiangli de jen de tsui hou fanfa. Chungkuo hwa Chinese i in,- , -.- T ion Hebrew Duslednoct je posledni utociste tech, jimz se nedostava pfedstavivosti. Czech WJ i4tuj yfyt. jut-iM, Russian o U.K. j - 3, o V- ' i Persian fn Greek Hindi ikkan sei wa sozo ryoku ni megurarenai mono no saigo no shudan da. Nihon go Japanese 461 The Division of General and Comparative Stud- ies was formed in 1971 when the break-up of the College of Arts and Sciences left several interdisci- plinary degree programs and special concentra- tions in one of three successor colleges. However, the division emerged for more than reasons of administrative convenience. At Texas, as elsewhere, student interests are increasingly crossing boundaries between traditional depart- ments and colleges and faculty members are find- ing that new problems and discoveries require some reshuffling of old disciplines in order to bring pieces of several of them to some new kind of focus. The concern with environmental prob- lems is an easy illustration of this tendency - what discipline doesn ' t have something to say about environment? but there are many others. Plan II is the largest program in the division majors in it have always been able to develop a flexible course of study and it continues to attract some of the ablest entering freshmen, a larger number of whom are staying in the program until graduation. Undergraduate and graduate course offerings and enrollment, are expanding the program in American Studies. Several new large classes are now open to non-majors, and a current stress is on the " materials culture " of America. Contributing to this are Museum Courses, devel- oped by the director of the Texas Memorial Museum, where students are discovering new career possibilities. In 1972, the University of Texas System Coordi- nating Board approval was given for BA degrees in Archaeology and Middle East Studies for a special concentration in Folklore. Archaeology students focus their work in anthropology and classics with additional courses in art, architecture, etc., and have been able to participate in summer " digs " here and abroad. The work in Folklore is a natural outgrowth of the research and publication activi- ties of the Folklore Center, already a base of mul- tidisciplinary graduate work. Along with the Mid- dle East center, the Latin American Institute and the Asian Studies center continue to stimulate course and faculty development and to sponsor lectures, conferences and other cultural activities on campus. The Latin American program is the oldest and largest of these and the Institute and its library are known internationally. Concentrations in European and International studies have not attracted the attention of many students; in the case of both eastern and western Europe, however, the University ' s faculty and library resources are outstanding and more activity is likely in this area. The Ethnic Studies BA now provides for distinct Afro-American and Mexican-American concen- trations, but these programs have grown slowly as a consequence of staffing difficulties; there is a national " seller ' s market " for talented persons in these field. However, several of the introductory culture courses have proved very popular to a gen- eral campus audience, and both programs have continued sponsored African ui a coitiBii aiec : I commiinii; Research ( 462 OPPOSITE LEFT: Ethnic studies instructor Irelene Swain conducted a session in black music appreciation. BELOW: Dean James Roach Division of General and Comparative Studies James R. Roach Dean James Alfred Hitt Student Dean Jane Lippman Assistant Student Dean Arthur Milton Cory Assistant Student Dean sponsored valuable visiting lecturer ' s series. The African and African-American Research Center has continued its publication program and has started a survey of archival sources on the black community in Texas. The Mexican-American Research Center is supporting summer field research projects and in 1972 continued to sponsor several NEH-financed post-doctoral fellows on campus during the year. The Comparative Studies committee continues to offer several broad courses, but has defined a range of environmental concerns as the focus of its efforts for the next two or three years. This will lead to one or two public conferences and to courses and seminars taught singly and jointly by both regular and visiting faculty. The concentra- tion in Social Welfare Studies continues at near full-class capacity; this is a reflection of current social concerns and a recognition of new career possibilities. General Studies offers a base for fac- ulty members who want to experiment with a new course or occasionally to reach a broad student audience with a general interest subject; e.g., " Engineering -- It ' s a Man-Made World, " " Courtship and Marriage, " or (coming) " Science Fiction as Science. " An increasing number of upper-division students are discovering Independ- ent Studies which, subject to faculty approval and supervision, permit individuals to undertake self- designed studies and research frequently in off- campus settings. Junior Fellows select about 15 high-ranking sec- ond-semester sophomores each year to become part of a group of about 30 students who are given broad opportunities for independent work, consul- tation with faculty and infrequent colloquia and dinner meetings when students discuss work and progress. " The Health Professions Advisory office has nearl y 1,200 students registered; it advises on premedical, predental and health-related academic programs, and on professional school admission procedures and requirements. Finally, the Student Division in West Mall Office Building maintains records on and counsels about 7,000 students. These include the 1,000 plus in majors in division programs and all lower division students in arts and sciences. " Undetermined majors " are assisted by this office, the existence of which is one of reflection of the unity of arts and sciences pre- served still in the core requirements of all Bachelor of Arts degrees. The division is a lively place and its interdiscipli- nary and multidisciplinary emphasis and an opportunity to experiment clearly meet a felt fac- ulty and student need. Although some may not materialize, programs or other academic activity under discussion include marine studies, environ- mental studies, African studies, comparative reli- gion and programs in transportation and energy problems. 463 College of Fine Arts Peter M. Garvie Dean Nelson Gray Patrick Assistant Dean Stage hands were in charge of maintaining the sets for drama usage. Under skilled hands, each rotation of the potter ' s wheel brought exciting shapes. 464 1972 saw the retirement of Dr. E. William Doty, Dean of the College of Fine Arts for the 34 years of its existence. He was succeeded by Peter Garvie, who came from the deanship of the Col- lege of Fine Arts at the University of Victoria in Canada. During 1972-73, the college continued to offer a wide range of performances and exhibitions to the campus and the community at large, includ- ing a festival review of the 1920 ' s dedicated to Dr. Doty. The college was conscious of entering the next phase of its development and much of the energy of the year went into a program of reassessment and planning. The chief stimulus to this was the authorization by the Board of Regents of a new Performing Arts Center which will make availa- ble to the college new teaching areas for our three departments, and a series of theatres and concert halls. It is hoped that this will be in oper- ation in three or four years. Organ students played long hours in the recital hall on the hand-crafted organ 465 The College of Education performs several functions within the University. It provides degree programs for elementary and secondary teachers and for preparation of school adminis- trators. It provides a sequence of courses for those seeking certification in all colleges within the University. It provides special certification programs including Special Education, Early Childhood and Bilingual Education and Teacher Corps. It provides special programs and services, such as the Learning Disabilities Center, educa- tional media, computer-assisted instruction and Teacher Placement Service. The college also houses special centers in academic areas, such as foreign language education, mathematics educa- tion, science education, social science education and English education. Construction will begin in 1973 on a new Col- lege of Education building. This facility, located on the south edge of campus, will house the many programs and services under one roof. The building is designed to be flexible and readily adaptable to innovations in teaching and teacher education. Over the past few years, teacher education has become more oriented toward field experience. The College of Education in cooperation with the Austin area schools provides prospective ele- mentary and secondary teachers with early observation and teacher aide experience. The stu- dent teaching experience during the last year of preparation then becomes more professionally involving. - Teacher-student relationships were accentuated in group activities 466 College of Education Lorrin G. Kennamer Dean John Ormand Rodgers Associate Dean Richard J. Connelly Assistant to the Dean Dean Lorrin Kennamer : LEFT and ABOVE: Student teachers realized the value of individual instruction from working in the classroom. 467 School of Communication Wayne Allen Danielson Dean Albert Richard Elam Assistant Dean iljlll l : P The editing console proved useful in cutting film. V a Dean Wayne Danielson. 468 Two new departments were added to the School of Communication in 1972-73 as its growth contin- ued within the University. Advertising, long a part of journalism at the University, was approved in April by the Coordi- nating Board for separate status as a department. A new degree, the Bachelor of Science in Advertis- ing, will be available to students for the first time in fall, 1973. The Communication Center, operating depart- ment for KLRN, the public television station for Austin and San Antonio, and KUT-FM, the Uni- versity ' s radio station, became a part of the school by action of the Board of Regents in the fall. Other departments, all still growing but at a slower pace in 1972-73 were Journalism, Radio- Television-Film, Speech Communication and the Center for Communication Research. Total under- graduate enrollment for fall stood at 2,067, or 5.18 percent of the student body. Much faculty time in 1972-73 went into estab- lishing priorities for equipment for the new build- ing scheduled for completion in August, 1973. The regents approved $2.5 million to purchase the needed equipment. The Communication Council, under President Ed Cockrell, extended its novel and useful influ- ence inside the school and out. The school ' s Com- munication Week, March 4-10, dealing with the theme, " The Media and the Government " attracted speakers from across the nation. Q Communication Week participants worked with portable video equipment. The J.B. darkroom was a second home for advanced photojournalism students. 449 miiMii Mm College of Engineering Earnest Frederick Gloyna Dean Eugene H. Wissler Associate Dean Academic Affairs Lymon Clifton Reese Associate Dean Program Planning Students applied their classroom knowledge while surveying on the East Mall The ' Link ' was an added dimension to the school; students learned the principles of flying. The precision of mechanical drawing required great concentration. 470 Dean Earnest Gloyna The role of the engineer is undergoing a steady evolution. Engineers today are being called upon to deal with problems which until recently have been unperceived or ignored by major segments of our society. At the same time, our industrial base has been adapting to changes in consumer demand as well as to reductions in specialized governmental pro- grams such as space. Many industries have been dropping old product lines and taking on new ones. New social requirements are placing more technological demands on both the private and public sectors of our society. These changes have not reduced the need for engineers, but rather have shifted emphasis and increased the professional responsibilities of engi- neers. In fairness, these changes have had similar effects on those in business and services, in science and research, and throughout the economic spec- trum. This is a national ebb and flow in evolution- ary progress that is characteristic of our develop- ment. The College of Engineering has been working diligently to insure that it stays abreast of these evolutions and prepares to meet tomorrow ' s needs, as forseen by industrial and governmental leaders. The basic thrust of our college is to develop the best possible professional base for future engineer- ing practitioners, for those who later choose to direct their leadership capabilities toward the Students worked part-time in electrical engineering labs. management of public and private enterprise and for those who wish to add to basic knowledge through research. Our educational programs, which include research and public service, are designed to fulfill four needs: one, to give our student engineers a broad professional foundation in basic principles that will serve them throughout their careers; two, to lay the basis for further specialization in either careers or graduate studies; three, to give a rewarding liberal education together with skills in engineering techniques for problem-solving, plan- ning, design and understanding modern societal problems that have high value as a foundation for careers in other professions; and four, to provide outstanding continuing services for other profes- sions as well as engineers. The final telling judgment of how well we have progressed toward our educational goals is made by those who employ our graduates. We are proud of the reputation of our graduates out there in the market place for their quality performance; and we are confident that the new engineers coming along will be well equipped for the task ahead. 471 School of Architecture James Sinclair Black Acting Dean Daniel Edwin Leary Assistant Dean cademic Center shadow drawing was contributed by Randy Weidner Background isometric was the final project of J. M. Ratcliff, 414Lb Architecture student. 472 term used to describe a rather vague, but forever interest Architect! ill-defined, ing and exc one engage physical en list avanJrg ' ar as an eli- hational pub- licatiens networkTsr as a commi nity organizer whose goal is social change. Mos :j work is sor where between. RegardlesV qf hi; chosen rote m unique set of problem solving skills and graphic tools to improve the physical environment. An architect is sometimes re ferred to as a " professional amateur. " On the one hand he is action oriented, " one who builds " by Webster ' s definition, and on the other hand is responsible for applying limitless technical information to the never well-defined, yet often misunderstood human problems as they exist in the infinite complexity of his society. Students of the School of Architecture can be found doing absolutely anything; from designing cardboard chairs to presenting a plan for Waller Creek to the City Council, to researching noise pollution for the National Protection Agency. The majority of them are busy applying the skills developed in the early years of architecture school to real problems of the real world. They are discovering how messy and how complex that so-called " real world " really is. They may be t the limits of some aspects of technol- r perplexed by their inability to deal with the reality of local or state politics. They may be c signing a bank one semester and trying to sav trees or stop a freeway the next. fs action, i.e., what he builds, may be of cru- 5ial importance ... as Winston Churchill said in 1943, " Man shapes his buildings and then the buildings shape man. " This statement, if true, and most believe it is, implies a heavy responsi- bility to the individual while in reality most of man ' s building activities are a function of the basic social economic processes of a society as a whole, where the needs of the individual are often lost. It is very likely that the most interesting thing about being an architect may be the sorting out of basic value questions faced every day while applying specific and unique skills to the actual process of building for human needs and desires and never really knowing that either the techni- cal or the ethical basis of what you do can be justified in the larger context. 473 College of Business Adm inistration George Kozmetsky Dean Rudolph Conrad Doenges Associate Dean H. Burnard Sord Associate Dean (Graduate School) Wilfred H. Watson Assistant Dean The attempt to represent the collective span of one year ' s experience of the College of Business Administration and the Graduate School of Busi- ness asks acceptance of statistics and related examples of activity as symbolic of trend, accom- plishment and direction. Although not sought as an objective, a recent study by a national organi- zation indicates that the 1,100 graduates during the calendar year was the highest number in any College of Business Administration in the United States and Canada. An 18 percent increase in total undergraduate enrollment occurred during the year. Honors plan students maintained a 3.3 grade point average and further clarifed their own goals and relationships with guiding faculty. Careful consideration was given by the Continu- ance and Probation Committee to maintaining a reasonable balance between supporting scholastic standards and the needs of individual students. Currently, a faculty curriculum committee with Dean George Kozmetsky student representation is making a thorough study of the entire series of undergraduate degree requirements with recommendations scheduled to be made to the college faculty in 1973. This group is making every effort to include in its course recommendations subject matter areas and teaching methodologies designed to help the student cope with the accelerating social, eco- nomic, cultural and technological changes occur- ring and projected to occur in our society. Enrollment in the masters program has remained steady at about 500 with a total of 199 degrees earned this past year. The new masters program has a first-year core which was designed around a substance, time and sequence module system. The second year combines prescribed and elective courses. An elected policy commit- tee of the faculty continues to work with and review this program with inputs from faculty module groups and individual faculty members. 474 Students earned certificates of verification for shorthand skills. The PhD program is now attracting more than a third of the student participants from states outside the Southwest. Support of doctoral students through competitive fellowships, schol- arships and assistance has continued. Future financial planning through the advisory council of the College Foundation will concentrate upon a long range endowment program, the return from which will support excellence in teaching, research and student and faculty development. The progress of the college will continue to depend upon an able, interested and energetic faculty combined with adequate conceptual plan- ning and constructive administrative support, all of which help fulfill the needs of the state and society which is served. Within such an environ- ment, the individual student and the student population as a whole will continue to have opportunities available for learning. Increasing faculty research and publication Accounting students used equipment in the BEB for homework exercises. provide additional enhancement of the contri- butions of the College and the University to all of the public served by the institution. The respon- sibility for its adult continuing education and service roles is exemplified by organized pro- grams of study for management personnel for the most major areas of our industrial society includ- ing government. The historical college tradition of service by individuals and groups of faculty members to the public remains strong. Increased emphasis upon developing more effective teach- ing methods indicates increased attempts to serve the student within the framework of available resources. For further detail, attention is invited to the College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Business Annual Report to the President. 475 School of Law Page W. Keeton Dean Byron Franklin Fullerton Associate Dean Thomas J. Gibson Associate Dean Honored law students relaxed at a reception during Page Keeton Law Week. 476 .-?;:; Kssr Law students studied for long hours at the library. We strive at the University of Texas to make a law school that can be regarded as among the best. If this is to be the case, we must serve several functions. The primary function is to pre- pare persons for admission to practice law, but there are other very important functions. This is a time of vast change and one impor- tant function served by the Law School is to maintain and operate a continuing legal educa- tion program for the purpose of keeping judges and lawyers abreast of new developments. Many public service roles are performed by members of the law faculty if encouraged and allowed to do so. This is done generally by way of serving on various governmental boards and agencies; national, state and local. Another role, of course, should be that of car- rying out research, especially applied research The solitude of Townes Hall provided an atmosphere for rest. directed towards reform and improvement of the administration of justice. Somewhat related to this role is that which encourages members of the faculty to serve as a spokesman for the funda- mental characteristics of a free society. It is apparent that a legal education will make it possible for any person to serve a useful and satisfying life, and no doubt this is the explana- tion for the very high demand for legal education on the part of college graduates today. It is my belief that the University of Texas School of Law can serve its students well in preparing for a legal career. 477 BELOW: Lyndon Johnson greeted Hubert Humphrey and other old friends at the Civil Rights Symposium in Decem bJ The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, now in its third year of operation, offers a two-year professional graduate program lead- ing to the master ' s degree in Public Affairs. The school ' s purpose is to develop young men and women for effective performance in public serv- ice. The faculty is interdisciplinary in scope, drawing on a variety of fields including philoso- phy, law, engineering, geography, economics and sociology. The program of the school is research-based and student oriented. Its central feature is the policy research project where three faculty mem- bers of different disciplines work with 15 stu- dents on a policy research task developed out of the research requirements of a public agency. The conduct of this research requires continuous interaction by faculty and students with con- cerned officials in government. During 1972-73, the school conducted five pol- icy research projects including a study of court management in Travis County, property tax administration for the State of Texas, develop- ment of a social services accounting system for the Texas State Department of Public Welfare, a project concerning the implications of environ- mental impact statement requirements on pro- gram development for the Commerce Depart- ment and the Environmental Protection Agency, and a nuclear energy planning study for the state of Texas. Past projects included a land use study for the City of Austin and the development of a child development policy for the state of Texas. The students participate in a policy research pro- ject in each of their two years in residence. The school ' s two-year program also includes seminars on the policy process and on research and management skills. The former deals with the political, legislative, executive, administrative and bureaucratic aspects of policy making, while the latter is concerned with the development of analytical and quantitative skills drawn from the fields of economics, statistics, computer science and budgeting. Both seminars have a problem focus and are designed to provide the student with competence in utilizing such skills in policy analysis and practical problem solving. Duri ng their time at the school, the students also engage in independent research on a variety of government problem areas and participate in two of several one-semester policy analysis semi- nars addressed to contemporary public policy issues and problems. An integral part of the school ' s curriculum is the Distinguished Visitors Program. Practitioners in the policy process participate in informal dis- cussion sessions and share with the students insights they have gained from experience in the public service. Visitors to the school this year included the late Lyndon B. Johnson, Averell Harriman, Ramsey Clark, General Motor ' s Presi- dent Edward Cole, John Gardner and Federal Power Commission Chairman John Nassikas. A three-month summer internship with a gov- ernment agency is required of all students follow- ing the successful completion of their first year in residence. Students serve their internships in the governor ' s office, in state and federal agencies and with local and regional governments. tor. - 478 Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs John A. Gronouski Dean Dean Arthur Fling Assistant to the Dean for Student Affairs Alexander L. Clark Associate Dean Johnson moderated the Civil Rights Symposium held at the school. iu W. Averell Harriman was one of the public figures that spoke with students. 479 Graduate School Archie Waugh Straiten Acting Dean William O. S. Sutherland Associate Dean (English) Fred Pittman Ellison Associate Dean (Spanish-Portuguese) Austin M. Geeson Associate Dean (Physics) William Thomas Belt Assistant Dean The University of Texas at Austin is author- ized to give doctoral degrees in 44 areas and master ' s degrees in 61 broad areas. Under these basic programs there are many approved areas of concentration which range from language courses in Swahili to nuclear physics. The University of Texas ' eminence in gradu- ate education results from the fact that it has strength across a broad spectrum of programs. It is truly a University in the sense that it can serve the needs of people who wish to take courses and do research in an extremely wide range of sub- jects. The University of Texas at Austin faculty is already very strong and getting stronger each year. Outstanding scholars have been added in the last year to supplement existing strength in the Graduate faculty. The Graduate student body, too, is becoming larger and stronger. In the 1972-73 academic year there was a five per- cent increase in the number of graduate students over the previous year. This increase was not uniform. Some of the departments had slight decreases while others had very substantial increases. Dean Archie Straiton The facilities for graduate work at the Univer- sity of Texas are very outstanding. The students have opportunities to conduct their research in their particular areas using the excellent library facilities, the very effective laboratories and the possibilities of taking work in related fields. The employment picture which has had some dark spots in recent years has improved very substantially during the last year for most of the students receiving their advanced degrees. A sur- vey of those completing their PhDs indicated that 95 percent had positions at the time their dissertations were turned in. The remainder were not surveyed but some of them may not have been seeking positions while others may have obtained their positions later. As the largest and strongest graduate institu- tion in the state, the University of Texas is in a unique position to contribute to the development of the state through the training of masters and doctors and the carrying out of basic and applied research. 480 Enrollment in the Graduate School of Library Science reached an all-time peak in 1972-73, with an increase of 22 percent over the preceding year. The doctoral program in library and information science for which students first enrolled in the fall of 1969 produced its first graduate, and five other doctoral students reached the dissertation stage. Eight students were awarded federally-funded fellowships at the post-master ' s level in 1972-73, in addition to two who received University fellowships at the mas- ter ' s level. Well over 100 master ' s degrees will be awarded in 1972-73. Early in the year the school occupied new quarters on the fourth floor of the Humanities Research Center. For the first time in many years, space was adequate. A better coordinated operation and improved morale of both faculty and students have resulted. Faculty-student committees have engaged in extensive curriculum study during the year. The school has continued to concentrate on develop- ing interdisciplinary relationships in curriculum matters with other University areas, especially at the doctoral level, thus enriching its program through the contributions of experts in such areas as the Latin American Institute, Graduate School of Business, Computer Sciences and College of Education. Library and information services pervade nearly all aspects of education and intellectual activity. As society ' s demands for information to solve its problems increases and as technology is improved for mechanizing information retrieval and library activities, the profession of librarian- ship becomes increasingly important and excit- ing. The school of librarians at the University of Texas at Austin, the largest and strongest one in the Southwest, expects to play an increasingly important role in providing persons educated to serve the information needs of the nation. Graduate School of Library Science Claud Glenn Sparks Acting Dean Heartsill Henry Young Assistant to the Dean 481 N The Graduate School of Social Work continues to make progress in many areas. School enrollment remains steady, but the num- ber of applications continues to increase annually. With the cooperation of the Graduate School and the help of federal grants, more economically dis- advantaged students were admitted this year to the program than ever before. There is considerably more flexibility in the cur- riculum now that a number of electives have been added. All first-year students have a choice of one elective from a list of six special topic seminars. For many students, another elective is available in the second year of study. The Regional Social and Rehabilitation Research Institute, cooperatively administered by the University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio, is now in operation at our school. The Research Center is unique in the area of health care service delivery systems. The Continuing Education program is rapidly expanding into many service areas. A variety of institutes and seminars are produced monthly to meet the continuing education demands of state and private agencies. The faculty of the school has worked hard to develop a doctoral program which, upon approval, will be the first doctoral program in social work in Texas. The Board of Regents has approved the plan and the proposed program is now under con- sideration by the Coordinating Board-Texas Col- leges and by the University System. These are but a few of many of the develop- ments which currently are shaping the course of the school as we prepare students for careers to meet the ever changing demands of human needs. Dul .- Ste-Uk. Acting Dean Charles Laughton Graduate School of Social Work Jack Otis Dean Charles William Laughton Acting Dean Louis E. DeMoll Associate Dean 482 irrespondence Study Bourse The University o1 T as Division of Extension Extension Teaching and Field Service Bureau Correspondent Secto Austin, Texas Division of Extension William Edward Barren Dean From historic old ' Little Campus " to beautiful Thompson Conference Center to classrooms in some twenty separate buildings on the main cam- pus, approximately 3,500 students were enrolled in Extension Evening Classes during each semester of the current year. These students took an average of just under two and one half courses each and were organized into approximately 300 classes in some forty-five separate subject areas from accounting and art to speech and statistics. Extension Evening Classes are conducted on a student tuition basis under the administration of the Extension Teaching and Field Service Bureau of the Division of Extension and with the responsi- bility for academic quality and supervision remaining with the appropriate department chair- men at the University. Again this year as in the past three distinct groups of students were served by these classes: 1. Those who were pursuing an undergraduate degree program, but were, for any number of rea- sons, unable at this particular time to be a regu- larly enrolled University student. 2. Those who wanted increased competency in their jobs and their careers. 3. Those who were intellectually curious or who took the course for their own personal satisfaction. Evening Extension Classes continue to fill uni- que needs of the University community. - From the Division of Evening Classes 483 The Ex-Students ' Association The Lila B. Etta Alumni Center is the central housing location for the activities of the Ex-Stu- dents ' Association. Many graduates join the asso- ciation, continuing their involvement with the University community. The center presently serves as a reception area for University campus activi- ties, dining facilities for pre-game barbecues and a business office for association transactions. Through the association alums can purchase football tickets and make arrangements to travel to games together. The Longhom Film circuit pro- vides game films for Texas-Exes clubs world-wide. Each year the center receives over 400 nomina- tions for distinguished alumni from local clubs. The committee chooses up to five alums to be hon- ored at the October ceremonies. This year ' s hono- rees were: Idanell Brill Connally, Wilmer Homert Elkins, Jack Smyth Jose, DeWitt Carter Reddick and the late David Thomas Searls. The association also helps the graduate make the transition from student to employee through various programs. Senior Sendoff is a two-day seminar held in the spring at the center. Students can meet representatives from their various fields of interest to ask questions and discuss job oppor- tunities. The Helping Hands program assists the graduate living in a new area to meet friends. The Ex-Students ' Association aids the campus as well. From working with the architecture school on improving the Waller Creek area behind the center, to providing a home-like atmosphere for foreign students stranded in Austin at Christmas, the association has become a valuable asset to the University community. Jack Maguire, director of the center, and his staff administer various pro- grams designed to draw the association and the campus closer together. Profits from all campus concessions and vending machines are returned to the University. Students can receive scholarships from local clubs, as well as participate in the asso- ciation ' s travel programs. Ex-students enjoyed pre-game barbecues at the alumni center. Architecture students prepare the plans for improving the Waller Creek area. 484 The Dads ' Association The University of Texas Dads ' Association pro- vides an opportunity for moms as well as dads to associate with the campus community. Formed in 1948, the organization involves parents with cam- pus activities. Every dad is a member of the associ- ation, but those who pay dues receive the Dads ' Digest. The organization is set up to draw all areas of the state into serving the University. From the dues the organization sponsored Dads ' Day in the fall, giving parents a chance to visit the campus. The Dads ' Digest, an official publication of the organization, was sent at least once during the year to every dad. Outstanding student achievement was recognized by naming the Outstanding Man and Woman from the Uni- versity. Academic merit was awarded through scholarships. This year the organization also rec- ognized unselfish service to the University by awarding the Dads ' Association Honorary Patron and Lifetime Membership awards. George Musselman turned over the gavel to Rex G. Baker Jr. Dads ' Association officers were presented at half-time during the SMU game 485 Office of the Dean of Students - 1. Rudy Garza Coordinator, Ethnic Student Studies 2. Dave McClintock Assistant to the Dean 3. Lawrence Franks Associate Dean 4. Ruth Smith Coordinator, UT Co-Op Housing Program and Upper Class Advisors 5. Edward Nail Associate Dean 6. Almetris Duren Coordinator, UT Co-Op Housing Program 7. Geoffrey Gr ant Coordinator, Orientation 8. Dorothy Dean General Housing Information 9. Ed Price Assistant to the Dean 10. Carolyn Hewatt Associate Director, Intramural Sports for Women 1 1 . Margaret Barr Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Orientation Program 12. Jim Duncan Dean 13. BobCooke Associate Dean Acting Director, Jester Center and Men ' s Residence Halls The Dean of Students office contains a pot- pourri of students and administrators; an explod- ing area of creative thinking and productive activity. Students pass through the office with a multitude of questions and often receive a multi- tude of answers. The office is a starting place for all student concerns as it finds and anticipates student needs. Thus the Dean of Students office tries to find a solution to all student problems from recreation outlets, such as intramurals, to the Volunteer Action Center, to providing women with cooperative housing. With the tremendous decentralization of the campus, students need a place that acts as a coordinating location. From the Dean of Stu- dents office students can reach various other institutions. Developing and experimenting with new programs to aid the student, the office reaches all aspects of university life. A great many of the succcessful programs on campus, such as the Telephone Counseling and Referral Service were once in the Dean of Students office. Each of the 15 professional staffers reaches a different student population. In the office, prob- lems are confronted in a friendly manner. Whether it is the development of an ethnic com- munity or the adjustment of new students to the Forty Acres, the office is eager to help. Each member of the staff is an educator and is con- cerned with bettering the educational experience of both student and teacher, hoping to develop life outside the classroom. The office acts as an advocate for both student and administration. It is the crossroad of the University that leads to changes which are pro- ducing understanding between various campus elements. Students worked in Mrs. Duren ' s office on various ethnic problems Office of the Dean Of Students Provided A Variety of Services " The office of the Dean of Students exists as a starting place for student problems. " Ruth Smith General Information and Referral Service " Anything that is a legitimate concern to the student is a legitimate concern of this office. " James Duncan 488 n " The office tries to accommodate change within the system and help the students meet the change within themselves. " James Duncan Students Older Than Average " The main object of the Dean of Student ' s Office is to make life more liveable. " - Margaret Barr Intramural Sports 489 ABOVE: LEFT: James H. Colvin, Vice-President for Business Affairs RIGHT: Lorene L. Rogers, Vice-President ABOVE RIGHT: Stephen H. Spurr. President FAR RIGHT: LEFT: Ronald M. Brown, Vice-President for Student Affairs RIGHT: Peter T.Flawn, Executive Vice-President RIGHT: Stanley R. Ross, Provost and Vice-President " We have done a good job. We can do better. We should be proud of what we have accomplished but we should not hesitate to move on to higher levels and goals. " Dr. Stephen H. Spurr 490 UT Administration Students gathered in Dr. Spurr ' s office to discuss campus problems. ?A LEFT: Margaret Berry, Developmental Programs Director RIGHT: James P. Duncan, Assistant to the Vice-President 491 LEFT: David E. Hershey Registrar and Director of Admissions RIGHT: Paul C. Trickett Director of Student Health Center LEFT: Edward L. Carpenter Director of Student Financial Aids RIGHT: A. J. Dusek Director of Office of Sponsored Projects 492 Understanding was a main concern of counselors at the Counseling Psychology Services Center Students worked with the Secretaries to find solutions to their problems. University Administration LEFT: Joseph Howard Culver Director of University Personnel Office RIGHT: Ira Iscoe Director of Counseling and Psychological Services Center LEFT: Charles Fred Folmer University Librarian RIGHT: H. Paul Kelley Director of Measurement and Evaluation Center 493 LEFT: Felton Lee Aime University Supply and Mail Service RIGHT: T. A. Crosson Purchasing Agent LEFT: Frank H. Wardlaw University Press Director RIGHT: Bobby G. Cook Business Manager 494 University Administration Final tasks made administration dreams a reality. p-v LEFT: William Wilcox Sr. Director of Physical Plant RIGHT: William W. Newcomb Texas Memorial Museum Director LEFT: James Conway Werchan Director of Accounting RIGHT: Robert Eugene Simpson Director of Data Processing Division LEFT: Joe W. Neal Director of International Office RIGHT: Donald R. Cannon Chief of University Police Department 495 Balcones Research Center A researcher restored a dinosaur for the anthropology department. Spread across 400 acres northeast of Austin is the Balcones Research Center. The old army magnesium extracting plant was shut down after World War II, and in 1949 the University was allowed to set up research facilities on govern- ment land. After 20 years of operation, Balcones was purchased by the University and under the direction of J. Neils Thompson, is expanding its facilities and projects at a rapid rate. The center provides an opportunity for faculty, graduates and students to work on projects and experiments. Recent projects reflect a broad range of interests from the restructuring of a Sauropoed Diplodocus dinosaur to the designing of space shuttles. The anthropology department stores its collection of Spanish treasure found off the coast of Padre Island at the center for dis- play. The center also conducts experiments which study the life and habits of various ani- mals and their relationship to humans. Balcones uses a five-foot diamond saw to cut their eleven- ton blocks of geology samples. Geology students study the effects of pressure on rock samples using the center ' s equipment. Many areas of the university benefit from the facilities at Balcones Research Center. The future of the center promises exciting areas of extended learning situations for university students. Graduate students inspected an antenna used in an experiment. 496 LOSSES DIRECTED I Y $T4f f Graduate Students Or ACHALABHUTI, CHARAN. Bangkok. Thailand Geology AKINS. MINA RUTH, Portland Library Science. GLISSA AMEN. MARIA BARBARA, San Antonio Music ANGWATANAKUL. SUMITRA, Bangkok. Thailand Applied Linguistics ARNOLD. WALTER VAN. Austin Accounting ARTHUR. DONALD BYRON. Austin Russian Literature AUSTIN. KATHERINE ANN. Sparta. TN English AUSTIN, WILLIAM EARL. Andrews Architecture BAUER. NANCY SHELTON. Austin Community and Regional Planning. AO. J BK. 4 K 1 . AAA Southern Singers BELL. DELLA DOMONECK. Port Arthur Math Education BERNARD, CARL WILLIAM, Austin Pre-Med BLAXLAND. ALAN B.. Austin Geology. ZFE BLUETHMAN. CAROLYN SUE. Stephenville English BODEMULLER. CORNELIA H.. Nederland Library Science BROYLES. ROBERT RAGAN JR.. Palestine Civil Engineering. XE. K. ASCE, ITE BRUMINHENTR, SUJITRA, Lampang. Thailand Foreign Language Education BURGIN, ANN C, Fort Worth Junior College Administration CARL. CHARLOTTE CHRISTINE, Austin Library Science, t BK. GLISSA CARTLIDGE. THOMAS MORRIS. Henrietta Government CHANGWATCHAI. CHAIWAT. Bangkok, Thailand Education. XE CHANGWATCHAI. NIRAMOL. Bangkok. Thailand Education CHOVANETZ, BARRY EDWARD, Hailellsville Petroleum Engineering, AIME. Intramurals COCEK. BRUCE CHARLES. Houston Computer Science CODY. CAROL CARR. Houston Business Administration. KTA, Women in Communications CUMM1NGS. DAVID RICHARD, Austin Secondary Education CURTIS. WILLIAM CHARLES. Grand Prairie Finance DANIEL. WILLIAM HENRY, Brownsville Law. tE.4 K t . Texas Law Review DAY. MICHAEL STEPHEN. Dallas Chemistry, AXA. AlChE. German Club DIAZ. GWENDOLYN JOSIE. Austin Spanish Portuguese, .111 DUNN. EDWARD WESLEY JR.. Austin Communication. KTA, 4 K4 498 Ants Graduate Students EVELAND, SANDRA ANN. Austin African Oriental Languages, A4A, NDEA Fellowship, Hindi Club FRYE. M. MODEST A, Gushing, OK Psychiatric Nursing FUJITA, KAZUO. Tokyo, Japan Petroleum Engineering, FIET. AIME FULLER, SARA ELAINE, Elberta, AL Journalism, Teaching Assistant GRABBE, CROCKETT LANE. Silverton Physics. HS, BK, ASC Chemistry Award. Outstanding Physics Student GRANT, ED A., Corpus Christi Education Administration GROSSMAN. DAVID CRAIG, San Antonio Atmospheric Science, XE . Teaching Assistant HAECKER, MICHAEL ALTON, Austin Computer Science, KK+, H, BK. Teaching Assistant. Longhorn Band HARRIS, JEANNETTE V.. Waco Nutrition. SNO HEMBREE, SUSAN. Arlington Microbiology HENDERSON, GRACE KATHLEEN, Deer Park Microbiology-Latin, AKA HERED1A-CANO, JOSE FABIO, Colombia. South America Zoology HERNANDEZ, GILBERTO. San Antonio Social Work HOOKS. PENNY JO. Tomball German HOUSTON, ALICE VIVIAN. Baton Rouge, LA Elementary Education HOWARD. ROBERT WAYNE. Longview Management, 2N JAMES, JENCY JANE. Crane Library Science. ZIE, GLISSA KATTTNANON, SOONTHAREE. Monthaburi, Thailand Education KEETER, SEWELL LEE. Lubbock Business Administration. Master ' s Association KERR. HARRIS EASTHAM. Midland Law, K ft -- LWh 1 I K n O) kH KESSLER. SARA LEE, Youngstown. OH Journalism, AE. 2AX. DAILY TEXAN. Teaching Assistant, Communication Council, Women in Communications KEY, JAMES FRANK. Midland Mechanical Engineering. I K J , Varsity Golf KUYKENDALL, THOMAS ROBERT. Fort Worth Advertising. AA2. Arnold Air Society, AFROTC. American Marketing Association LAIPRADID. VICHIT, Bangkok, Thailand Aerospace Engineering, 2IT LA RUE, ROBERT DRISCOLL, Houston Business Administration LEHMBERG, GARY VIRGIL, Houston Business Administration, O4K, TEFI, H2. A Q, mS, Tejas Club, Outstanding Student LISENBY, MICHAEL JAMES, Austin BioMedical Engineering, MA, HS, HKN, TBH, IEEE MALDONADO, MARCELO E , Riobamba. Ecuador Petroleum Engineering McCRORY. JOHN KEVIN. Amarillo Finance, AK ' K BF2, American Finance Association, Real F tate Society. University Student Faculty Discipline Committee MEEKER. ARNE WILLIAM. Miami, FL Business Administration, 4 H2. Outstanding Business Student. Varsity Track and Cross-Country Teams 499 Graduate Students MEEMESKUL. CH ARIYAKORN, Bangkok. Thailand Communication Speech MEYER, RICHARD WAYNE, Schulenburg Law, OAK, Friars M1DDLETON. MICHAEL LEE, Pomona Park. FL Foreign Language Education, Campus Crusade for Christ MOFF1TT. DARYL GENE, Austin Physical Education, PEM Club MONTEMAYOR, JOSE DE JESUS, Durango, Mexico Physics Electrical Engineering. SnZVHKN, K ; IEEE MOON. YANG SOO, Seoul, Korea Linguistics MORALES, ALEJANDRO RUIZ, Pearsall General Business, AXA MOUSSELLI, ABDL HADI, Aleppo, Syria Engineering Mechanics, 2FT, AIAA MUELLER. JOHN EDWARD. Prairie Village. KS Business Administration MUZNY. ROBERT THOMAS. Lake Jackson NATTO, IBRAHIM ABBAS, Mecca. Saudi Arabia Education Administration, IT2A, 4 K4 OHKUMA, HIROSHI, Tokyo, Japan Petroleum Engineering. I1ET PANMEECHAO, SUNAN, Bangkok, Thailand Foreign Language Education PETERSON, ROBERT JACOB. Orange Economics POUNS. STEPHEN HAROLD. Abilene Finance. AK . CBA Council PRATT, ROBERT BARTON JR., San Antonio Computer Science PRESSLER, JEANNE MARSDEN, Galveston Library Science PUCKETT. WILLIAM NOTLEY, Fort Stockton Law PULFORD, CATHLEEN MARY. Wood River. IL Linguistics RATTAKUNJARA. SAVAS, Bangkok, Thailand Marketing RIOUX, THOMAS WAYNE, El Campo Civil Engineering, K2, TBH. OAK, K . XE. ITE. Outstanding Student, Outstanding Engineering Student ROMAN, PAULA CALHOUN. Austin City and Regional Planning ROSS, LAWRENCE SULLIVAN, Fort Worth Community and Regional Planning SAWATDIWONG, AMNAJ, Jolburi. Thailand Electrical Engineering SCOTT, DONNA SUE, Houston Social Work SHAPIRO. ADRIAN MICHAEL, Pasadena English, AEI1 SHAW, SHANTILAL RATILAL, Austin Electronics, HZ. HKN, TBFI, K, IEEE SHERSHUN, CARROLL S.. Portsmount, NH Journalism, KTA. K . 2AX, PRSSA SMITH, DONALD EDWARD, Franklin Square, NY Electrical Engineering. HKN. K , IEEE SPEARS. RAY EARL. Texarkana Law. AA. A8, The Blacks STODDARD. ROSS WHITE III, Denison Law STONE, BARBARA ANNE, Austin Spanish Literature STONE. JOHN DAVID, Ames, IA Philosophy STUBBS, SAMUEL EUGENE, Baton Rouge, LA Advertising, AXA. Teaching Assistant. John E. McGary Memorial Award. UT Ad Club. Goodfellow SULLIVAN. JAMES DAVID, Mesquite Computer Science, BK, K THOMPSON, LINDSEY ARTHUR. Bay City Finance, I1KA THOMPSON. RONALD LEE, Austin Petroleum Engineering TORRES, MENDOZA ABRAHAM, Portales. Mexico Latin American Studies WAGNER. WILLIAM MICHAEL. Dixon. IL Mathematics. Teaching Assistant WARREN. CECIL WAYNE JR., Dallas Marketing. AK WELCH. LAURA LANE. Midland Library Science WESTFALL, GARY DUANE, Arlington Physics WESTFALL. MARSHAL LYNNE. Nederland History Latin, AOFI. FiE. Panhellemc Council. Goodfellow WILSON, NANCY BRINLEE, Houston Special Education WISE. SCOTT WILSON. Beaumont Accounting, BA WOLTMAN, ARTHUR WILLIAM, Marlm Astronomy. K . JHS WOODFIN, CAROL McCALL. Waco Botany. Z WRIGHT. CECIL YVONNE. Fort Worth Home Economics - Child Development. KAII 500 501 Graduating Seniors ABIJAOUDE. MALEK TONY, Beirut, Lebanon Chemistry, AIChE ABRAHAM, CHARLES BRUCE. Marshall General Business, ASH, CBA Council ABU-HAMDEH, SALEH MUSTAFA. Zeita-Tulkarm. Jordan Civil Engineering, ASCE ACKERMAN, WILLIAM RANDALL. Dallas Architecture. Communications Committee, Architecture Student Council, Wrestling Club ACKLEN, ROBERT LIVINGSTON JR.. Tempe. AZ Business Administration. IX, ASH, AOS!, F6+ ACTKINSON, JERRY WAYNE. San Antonio General Business ADAMS. DONNA JEAN. Tyler Sociology ADAMS, DOYLE GENE, Austin Architectural Engineering ADAMS, MICHAEL PRESTON. Big Spring Government, 6Z, IFC, Longhorn Singers. YD, Texas Troubadours, Prc-Law Association. Goodfellow ADCOCK, PHYLLIS ANN, Victoria Mathematics, TAB, K . Phi Beta Kinsolving AGOLD. DAVID CHARLES. San Antonio Electrical Engineering. IEEE AGUILAR. GLORIA. Houston Sociology, Campus Girl Scouts AGUILAR, JAVIER, Brownsville Accounting. AK+. BA . BF2 AHUERO, DANIEL DAVID, Austin Business Administration, AK ALAMIA, RODOLFO ROGELIO. Edinburg Pharmacy, AX, LPhA. Pharmacy Council ALANIZ. BETTY JO. San Diego Sociology ALEXANDER, HENRY FRANKLYN. Baird Microbiology. FIKA. OAK. Posse, Round-Up Committee, Project Info.. Natural Sciences Committee ALEXANDER, MARY ELLEN, Lufkin Advertising, Women in Communications, Round-Up, Union Co-ordinating Board, Dean ' s List. Outstanding Student " . , 9 -V tX tat t ALEXANDER, THOMAS RANDALL. Mesquite ALLEN. CAROL LEE. Birmingham, AL Speech Pathology ALLEN, DAVID VINCENT, Rocky Grove, PA Accounting ALLEN, JANET LEE, LaPorte Fashion and Textiles ALLEN. JOE BAILEY III. Longview Mathematics, AXA, 4 H2, Pre-Law Association, Intramural Junior Manager. Dean ' s List ALLETAG, GARY MICHAEL. Houston Business Administration. AK . K . BF2. HS. Real Estate Society ALLISON. MARY KATHARINE, Austin Elementary Education. ZTA. KAFI ALLISON. NEIL KENNETH. New Orleans. LA Psychology ALTMAN, GWENDOLYN NANCY. Universal City Biology, University Chorus, Upper-Class Advisors, Italian Club ALVAREZ, ALEXANDER GOMEZ, Austin Radio-Television-Film AMANTE, PATRICE DIANE. Houston Sociology AMEN. RUTH MARIE. San Antonio Music AMERMAN, PATRICIA MARIE. Houston Elementary Education. XI2 AMIRKHAN. JOHN NELSON. Dallas Zoology, $H2 ANDERLOHR, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Portland Finance, A2II, American Marketing Association ANDERSEN, PENNY LEE, Farmington, NM Government, International Affairs Committee. Pre-Law Association ANDERSON. CANDACE ELIZABETH. Asherton Elementary Education ANDERSON. DAVID DARNELL, McGregor Education-Social Sciences, UKS, Varsity Football. T Association. IFC. Round-Up ANDERSON, FREDERICK GF.NE, Witts Springs. AR Mathematics, $K $BK ANDERSON. GARY KENNETH, Levittown, NY Architectural Engineering, A J2, AAAE. Resident Assistant ANDERSON, MARTHA ANN, Austin Elementary Education ANDREWS, ANNE WYTHE, Houston Mathematics Computer Scinece, A AA, Orange Jackets. Spooks. Goodfellow. Resident Advisor AQUINO. MARIA MADGALENA T.. Concencion. Paraguay Architecture AQUINO. NICOLAS, Conception, Paraguay Architecture 111 502 niors Class of 1973 ARCHER, MICHAEL FRANCIS. Baylown History, AXA ARCHIE, RICHARD NEAL. Fort Worth Architecture ARGUELLO, SERGIO SEPULVEDA. San Antonio Electrical Engineering ARLITT. CYNTHIA ANN. Houston Home Economics, AZA, UT Tennis Club. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter. UT Bowling League. UT Sailing Club ARNOLD, EDWIN LEE. Tyler Management. Intramurals ARNOLD. PEGGY LEPLEY. Tyler Mathematics ARONOWITZ. STEVEN MARTIN. Fort Worth Education ARONSON, MARCIA DIANE. Dallas Journalism. K . AAA.2AX. DAILY TEXAN, Women in Communications ARONSTEIN, ELISSA ANN. Houston Elementary Education. FIA6 ARREGU1. MAURICE E., Crystal City Biology ARRINGTON, CATHY LYNN, Texarkana Home Economics ARRINGTON. KEITH THOMAS, Wichita Falls Government. t ZK ARWOOD. THOMAS WHEELER. Wichita Falls Biology, SN. Student-Faculty Discipline Committee ASHBY. JUDY ANN, San Antonio Education. F t B. KAIL TSEA. CACTUS Staff ATKINS, DEBORAH ANN. Fort Worth Pharmacy, KE, LPhA ATKINSON, CYNTHIA MAE. Pasadena Elementary Education ATKINSON. LISA KAY, Pasadena Elementary Education AVENT. FRANCES AVA. Longview Secondary Education. AZA. AEA, UT Sailing Club. Longhorn Band. YR AYCOCK, STEVEN LESLIE. San Antonio Finance, AT, Finance Association, Intramurals. American Marketing Association AYERS. DONATTA ROSE. Victoria Psychology A YON. HENRY DAVID, San Antonio Architecture AYRES, NANCY ANN. Dallas Biology. XS2, AAA. AEA. Resident Advisor. Coffee House Committee Round-Up BACHMAN. GENE WELDON. Vernon Chemistry, AXZ BAGGERLY. SUZETTE. Houston French. F I B, French Club, Resident Advisor. International Affairs Committee. Dean ' s List BAKER. ALICE LYNNE. Houston History. Freshman Encounter. Union Committees, Italian Club, Southern Singers BAKER. BRANDON HIGH, Houston Finance, AE. Round-Up, Union Entertainment Committee BAKER. JAMES ARTHUR. Richardson Psychology. ATA. Resident Advisor, Posse BAKER. PETER ROBERTSON. Austin Business Administration BALL. MARY KATHER1NE. Corpus Christi Management. AZA. CBA Council. Transportation Club BALLARD. KAREN SUE. Beaumont French. AAH BAME. SUSAN RAE, Houston Psychology. AZ. Freshman Encounter, University Chorus. CACTUS Staff. Community Involvement Committee BARKEMEYER. ALAN ROY. Buckholts General Business BARLETANO. GARY JOHN. Nutley. N. J. German, A A, $H. J K t, College Council for Humanities BARNES. BARBARA LYNN, San Antonio Government BARNES. JOELLE SUSAN, Belton Physical Education, Little Sigmas. PEM Club BARNES, KATHY LOU, La Marque Mathematics, AAA. K 1 , BK BARRON. GILBERT. San Antonio Architectural Engineering BARTH. ROY ELMER, Manor Mechanical Engineering. IIT2. TBH. 4 H. ASME BARTLETT. THOMAS LEE. Austin Economics BARTON, BRUCE EDWARD. Austin Government. I 2K BARTON. JOY LAVERN. Gatesville Journalism BASSO. DIANA MARIE. South Holland. IL Elementary Education 503 Graduating Seniors BATES, ROBERT HAROLD, Dallas Pharmacy, K BATTENFIELD. GLENN L., Houston Marketing, A T , American Marketing Association BATTLE. RICHARD V., Garland Marketing, AK . American Marketing Association. Men ' s Intramural Council, University Underwater Society BAUM. PHILIP JAY, Austin BAXTER. EDWARD SIEGEL, Houston Architectural Engineering, TBFI BAYLOR, RANDALL ERIC, Austin Transportation, Longhom Singers, Longhorn Band, Transportation Club, University Sports Car Club BAZARSKY, SUSAN GAIL. Houston Secondary Education, FAE BEAIRD. PEGGY JANE. Dumas Secondary Education. FAE, Resident Assistant BEASLEY. ELIZABETH IRENE. Houston Special Education, ZTA, Angel Flight, Orange Jackets. Orientation Advisor, Student-Faculty Committee, Goodfellow BEAUCHAMP. JOHN SCOTT. Marble Falls Real Estate. ASH BECK. STEPHEN VERNON, St. Joseph, MI Marketing. AZFI BEFELD, ALFRED EARL JR.. Angleton Biology, Army ROTC BEHGAM, TOORADJ, Beaumont Civil Engineering. XE, ASCE BEHRENS, CLAIRE LYNN. Austin General Business. AOn. TAB, Spooks. Sailing Club. Bowling League BENAVIDES, ROGER JAMES, San Antonio Accounting, Ecology Action, YD BENGE, CHERI LYNNE, Houston Speech Pathology and Audiology, Spooks, Freshman Encounter. Resident Advisor. Big Buddies BENNETT. CLYDE WILLIS. Austin English. AEA, MA BEREND, JOSEPH WILLIAM. Wichita Falls Accounting BERG. SUSAN LORY, Dallas Elementary Education and Psychology, Round-Up BERGEN. JESSICA LYNNE. Angleton Education-Biology, AZ, Canterbury Association BERGER. BARBARA, Austin Public Relations, PRSSA, Communication Council BERGER. JUDITH HOPE. San Antonio Elementary Education, A t E, ACE BERGH. ALBERT GORDON JR.. Pittsburg International Business BERGMAN. JOHN ERIC, Dallas Psychology BERKLEY. STEPHEN LAWRENCE. Beaumont Mechanical Engineering, FITS, TEFI, ASME BERRY, BOBBY CHARLES, Henderson Marketing. ASM BERRY. ROBERT ODEN, Mineral Wells Management BERRY, MARGARET ANGELA. San Antonio Elementary Education, AAA BEST, GEORGE STEPHEN, Jasper Biology. AEA, BK BEUTEL. PAUL WAYNE. Houston Radio-Television-Film, 6Z, Longhorn Singers, Varsity Singers BIEGENWALD, WILLIAM EUGENE, Evergreen, CO Engineering, UT Sailing Club BIERSCHWALE, MARY LOU, San Antonio Clothing and Textiles BIGBY, BRYNA JANE, Fort Worth Elementary Education, AAA BIHNER. BRADLEY ROBERT. Corpus Christi Architectural Engineering. XE. TBFI BILLIE. DONNA RAE. Freeport Spanish BILLNITZER. CHERYL SUZANNE. Kerrville Elementary Education BILLS, RICHARD BRIAN, Ahmadi, Kuwait Mechanical Engineering, [ITS. TBFI, Army ROTC, Resident Assistant BIN K LEY. SUZANNE. Houston Journalism BIRDSONG, MARILYN FAYE, New Braunfels Home Economics. TBS. ON. Longhorn Band. Angel Flight, Orange Jackets BIRDWELL. CELESTE. KounUe Sociology BISSETT, DAVID WOODY. Corpus Christi Psychology. A Si BLACK. RICHARD LEE, Sudan Government, F12A, Pre-Law Society, Faculty-Student Discipline Committee, Fencing Alliance. Anthropological Society tfttl 504 Class of 1973 BLACK. WILLIAM EARL. Port Arthur History BLACKMON. DEBORAH C.. Corpus Christ! Public Relations. AZ. PRSSA BLACKWELL. EARL BUNYAN. San Antonio Zoology, Natural Sciences Council BLAIR. WILLIAM EDGAR. Houston Accounting. AZ I , AZn, Freshman Encounter BLALOCK. SANDRA WINIFRED, Marshall Physical Education. Acacia Order of Delphi BLANCHETTE, MARTHA JOWELL. Dallas Speech, KKF. AAA. ZAH. K . Cordettcs. Mortar Board. Dean ' s List. Goodfellow BLAND. STEPHEN W , San Antonio Biology, Acacia, Posse, Silver Spurs. Junior Intramural Manager BLANDA, GERALYN ANN, Orange Journalism BLANTON. ELIZABETH LOUISE. Houston Sociology. FIB . Cordeltes. White Star Sweethearts BLOCK, DULCE ANN. Del Rio English, Union Committee BLUM, IRWIN HAROLD. Fort Worth Finance, 2AM, American Finance Association. Silver Spurs BODZY. GERALD WAYNE. Fort Worth Plan II Economics. HS. ZBT. BK. Pre-Law Association BODZY. GLEN ALAN, Fort Worth Government BOEHNKE. JANICE FAYE, Segum Education Social Sciences BOHLS. KIRK RAY. Taylor Journalism H2A, DAILY TEXAN BOHLS, LEXINE TRISHA, Pflugcrville Education Physical Education and Mathematics. KAFI, PEM Club BOLDING. CHARLES NOLAN, Austin Accounting, Texas Troubadours BOLE, HELEN ELIZABETH. Houston English, Resident Assistant BOLES. GLENN EWING. Houston Finance, ZN BOLFING. PATRICIA L., Waco Elementary Education BOND, HOLLIS HILL. Corpus Christi Engineering Science, TBFI, Student Engineering Council, American Nuclear Society BOND. JAMES HERBERT JR.. Dallas Finance, Intramural Golf BONHAM. PATRICIA ANN, Huntington Beach. CA Elementary Education. TSTA. Little Sisters of the Seven Stars BOSTON, ANN HOLLAND, Weslport CT Marketing, KKF, American Marketing Association BOSWELL, STEVEN VANCE, San Angelo Government BOUNDS. DONALD RAYFORD, Cleveland Pharmacy BOUNDS. DOROTHY MARIE. Wichita Falls Sociology BOWEN, JENNIFER DIANE. Austin Psychology BOWEN, JOHN DAVIS, Cuero Radio-Television-Film, Communications Committee BOWMAN. CONNIE JEAN, Austin Elementary Education BOWMAN, DENISE LYNN. Garland BOYD 8 RICHARD WALLACE JR.. Fort Worth Biology. 4 rA BOYLE, JAMES PATRICK. San Antonio Transportation. AFROTC BRANTLEY. ROBERT NICHOLAS JR , Austin Accounting BRASHEAR, STEVEN LEE, Levelland Business Administration. American Marketing A-- . nation BRAVO, CHARLES H.. Fort Hood Biology BREADY, LOIS LESTER, Orange Microbiology. AEA. AT. AAA. A2 . Little Sisters BREAUD, STEPHEN JOSEPH, Lubbock BRICKER. ALAN JEFFREY. Houston Architecture BROADDUS, MICHAEL GARRETT. San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE, Intramurals Manager, Engineering Council BROOKS. ANDREA LEE. Austin Statistics BROOKS, GLENN EDWIN. Houston Hislory, YD 505 Graduating Seniors BROOKS. JUDY ELIZABETH. Freeport Psychology, +.X. K4 BROOKS, JUDY LEE. Kilgore Pharmacy. KE. LPhA BROOKSHIRE. DANIEL STUART. Tyler Anthropology. UT Anthropological Society BROUSSARD, LINDA NELL. Wharton Secondary Education, AX BROWN. AMY JOAN, San Antonio Music Education. AZ, TBS, SAI, Longhorn Band, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board. Outstanding Student. Fine Arts Council BROWN. BOBBIE RUTH. Eagle Pass Textiles and Clothing, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter BROWN, DEBRAJ. BROCK. Spearman Speech. Readers Theatre BROWN, ELIZABETH ANNE. Wimberley Psychology. AAA, K . BK BROWN, JAMES WILLIAM III. Dallas English Literature BROWN. LYNN ELLEN. Austin Spanish. AAIT BROWN. RALPH KILPATRICK. Austin Economics. American Finance Association. YD BROWN. REBECCA TRUEHEART. Houston Psychology. nB I BROWN. ROBERT BRUCE. Houston Business Administration BROWNSTEIN. CINDY ALYCE. Clarksdale. MS Mathematics, ZAT. K BRUMMELL. RICHARD JAMES. Hooks Pharmacy. K . House of Delegates BRUNI. FIORENZA ANNA MARIA. San Antonio Italian. University Chorus. Italian Club. French Club BRYANT. RANDOLPH WILLIAMS. Gretna. LA Accounting, AT, Varsity Baseball Manager BRYLA. CARROLL JOHN. Fredicksburg Accounting BRYSON, JUDITH ANN, Brady Speech Pathology and Audiology, ZAH BUAAS. JULIANNE, Austin Education-English and Speech, KA0, Spooks. Angel Flight, Mortar Board, Acacia Order of Delphi, Bluebonnet Belle, Goodfellow BUCHANAN. JOE KEITH, Arlington Radio-Television-Film, UT Basketball Manager BUCKLAND. WAE JUNG. Temple Accounting BUESS. HOPE ELIZABETH. Victoria Nutrition, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter. SNO BUFORD, JOHN BAILEY, Austin Architectural Engineering, KK+. Longhorn Band. AAAE BULLARD. BETTE KATE. Pittsburg English and Speech. AAO, Phi Beta Kinsolving. Little Sigmas BULLOCK. ROBERT LEE, Victoria Mechanical Engineering. ITIT, ASME BUNAT, CINDY SUE, Dallas Sociology BURCHARD. GLENN ORRIN, San Antonio Management. HS, SIE, YR, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society. Distinguished Military Cadet. Outstanding Student BURGESS. GERALD MICHAEL, Austin Pre-Law-Business, Intramurals BURK. JOHN DAVID. San Angclo Architectural Engineering BURKETT, DONNA MARIE, Austin Pharmacy, KE. LPhA BURKETT. PATRICIA LEE, Huntsville, AL Marketing, American Marketing Association. Resident Advisor BURLESON, JANET, Temple Elementary Education, ZTA, Little Sigmas. Bored Martyrs BURNETT, LINDA LOU, Tyler Elementary and Special Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children BURNER, MELVIN LAVERN, JR.. San Angelo Business Administration BURNS. MARY ELIZABETH, LaMarque Speech Pathology, XAH BURNS, WILLIAM WINFIELD. Houston Chemical Engineering, AX2, H2, TBI7, AlChe BUSE, HOBERT WAYNE, Texarkana History, Italian Club BUSSELL, CARL JAMES, Austin General Business, AK+ BUSSEY. ROBERT LEWIS, Downers Grove, IL Psychology BUTLER, HELEN LEE, Houston Psychology, AZ, AEA, Strike and Spare Bowling League BYBEE. ALESSANDRA, San Antonio Special Education, KATI, Student Council for Exceptional Children, UT Sailing Club 506 fliors Class of 1973 BYLES, GWENDOLYN N., Corpus Christi English and Journalism, AZ, Special Programs Committee CADE, EDWARD JACKSON JR , Houston Architecture, Acacia CADE, PAULA WHITNEY, Houston Elementary Education CAIL, CAROLYN ELIZABETH. Port Isabel Nutrition CAIN. CAROL JEAN. Taylor Interior Design, AID CALDWELL, LINDA ANN. Corpus Christi Secondary Education, F I B. KAIL Cordettes, University Showcase Committee. Goodfellow CALLAN. CYNTHIA GAY. New York. NY Special Education. KAI7. Upper-Class Advisors. SCEC CALMES. PAUL MONROE II. Dallas Electrical Engineering, IEEE, KLRN-TV CALVO, RUSSELL DAVID JR.. Newgulf Microbiology. AEA. UT Sailing Club. Campus Blood Drive Board. Undergraduate Microbiology Society CAMPBELL, FRANKLIN LEE, Sulphur Springs Biology CAMPBELL, GREGORY MARTIN. Dallas Accounting, 2AE CAMPBELL, MELISSA ANN. Fort Worth Sociology, Minority Recruitment CAMPBELL, ROBERT DAVID, Austin Chemical Engineering, KA, TBFI, H2. Texas Cowboys CAMPBELL, WILLIAM LEE, Troup Petroleum Land Management, Petroleum Land Management Association CANADA. MARY ELIZABETH. Dallas Management CANO, ENRIQUE, Mission Pharmacy, K+ CANTU, CHARLES. Toledo. OH Accounting CANTU, ISIDRO DOM1NGUEZ, San Antonio Pre-Law-Government, FISA. Student Senate, MAYO P hi CARLESTON. MILTON LEE. San Antonio Engineering Route to Business CARLISLE. JOHN WRIGHT. Canal Zone Government, Student Government, Intramurals Manager CARLSON. TOMMY WILLIAM, Austin Civil Engineering CARLTON, HARRY MAURICE JR.. Houston Finance, B6FI CAROTHERS, CANDACE. Austin Education CARPENTER, CAROLYN LOUISE. Andrews Education. KAI I. Longhom Summer Concert Band CARPENTER. CAROLYN MARIE. Beckville Pharmacy, KE.LPhA CARPENTER. KAY LYNN, Quanah Special Education CARPENTER, SCOTT. Austin Marketing. K2. Silver Spurs CARPENTER. WILLIAM BICKFORD. Beeville Pharmacy. AX, LPhA CARR. DOROTHE JOAN, Dallas Spanish. BK CARR. PATRICIA SMITH. Houston Radio-Television-Film, Orientation Advisor. Resident Advisor. Upper-Class Advisors, Executive Council CARR, PATRICK ALLEN. Waco English. HS. Thelcme Co-Op CARSCH. MICHAEL NATHAN. Houston Finance, Student Repetory Theater CARTER. JAMIE KATHRYN, Houston Journalism. SAX. DAILY TEXAN. Women in Communications CARTER, JAY GAYDEN III. Dallas Psychology, KA, Silver Spurs CARTER, ROBERT MICHAEL, San Antonio Accounting CARTER. VIRGINIA KEITH. Amanllo Government, F4 B, FISA, International Affairs Committee, House of Delegates CASAREZ, JESSE LEROY, Austin Radio-Television-Film CASAS, ERNESTO. San Antonio Finance CASTILLO. RITA C. San Antonio Psychology CASTILLO. SUSANA MARIA. Austin Interior Design, ON. AID CAUDLE. MARY ANN. Houston Education, Resident Advisor CENTENO. YOLANDA ALICIA. San Antonio Special Education 507 Graduating Seniors I CHALMERS, STEPHEN CAL, Austin Finance 2N H2. Texas Cowboys, IFC, Dean ' s Lisl, Posse CHAMBLESS, SUSAN BELVA. Tyler Journalism, SAX. DAILY TEXAN CHAN, ANITA SOOK-FOON. Hong Kong Business Administration, Chinese Students Association CHAN. JOSEPH KWOK-KWONG, Hong Kong Mechanical Engineering. K4 , TBH, IITZ, HS, Undergraduate Research CHAN, KENNETH SEK-YU. Hong Kong Management. K. HI, Chinese Students Association. Dean ' s List CHAN, PETER LUNG-SANG, Hong Kong Electrical Engineering. HKN. Chinese Students Association. IEEE CHANDLER, CATHERINE SUE, Baytown Pre-Med-Biology. AAFI, Southern Belles CHANEYWORTH. SANDRA JEAN. Houston Office Administration. Strike and Spare Bowling League CHANTLY. MARIA. Dallas Journalism. PRSSA CHAUVEAUX. TONY LYNN. Claude Public Relations. KK+. t HE, Longhorn Band CHAVEZ, WILLIAM JR.. Deer Park Biology. AEA. YD CHERRY. WRYNNE CHANDLER. Dickinson Transportation. Longhorn Band. Transportation Club CHEWNING. STEPHEN LEE. Corpus Christi Education. KAFI. Project Info. Ecology Action, University Sports Car Club CACTUS Section Editor. PEARL Magazine CHIARIZ1O. ERIC E.. Austin Government. Longhorn Band, Pre-Law Association CH1LDRESS. ROBERT GORDON, Houston Pre-Med-Biology, Resident Assistant, Intramural Council, Intramurals CHIN. LINDA. San Antonio Elementary Education. AAA. RAO. TSEA CHOATE. GARY WAYNE. Alice Government CHRISTAL. HOWARD LEE, San Antonio Accounting. BA . Acacia - t CHRISTAL, JACQUELINE LOU. Austin Home Economics. AF. ON. Dean ' s List. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter CHRISTE, PAMELA. San Antonio Education CHRISTIANSON. JAMES MILTON, Austin Government. HS. n2A, Orientation Advisor. SCOOP, Ideas and Issues Committee. Speakers Committee, Outstanding Student CHU. BETTINA KIN-YING. Hong Kong Sociology CHU. GRACE. Hong Kong General Business CHl ' RCHWELL. PAMELA ANN. Houston Journalism CLAPP, LESLIE BOYD JR . Iowa Park Aerospace Engineering, University Speleological Society. Universit Underwater Society CLARK. CAROLYN JANET. San Antonio Nutrition. SNO CLARK. JACKIE NEIL, Ml. Pleasant Accounting. K2. BA CLAUSON. CAROL FRANCES. Houston Education English and History CLAYTON, GLENDA GAIL, Kilgore Elementary Education CLEMENT, JOHN CARLISLE. Sulphur Springs Pharmacy. K . LPhA, Pharmacy Council CLIFTON, GAYLON. Bryan Marketing COCEK. JAN CATHERINE. Houston Geography. AAA. ! BK. Southern Singers, Upper -Class Advisors, Spooks. Orange Jackets. Mortar Board COFFMAN. NANCY SUE. San Antonio Public Relations COHEN, JACK. Houston Spanish. AEII. Refrigerator Co-op COHEN, SUZANNE GAYLE, St. Louis, MO Elementary Education. TexPlRG. ACE COLDIRON. N1TA GAIL, Corpus Christi Secondary Education Earth Sciences, Geography COLDWELL. PEGGY ANNE. Dallas Mathematics. AAA. 4BK. Resident Assistant COLEMAN. DAVID ROSS. Fort Worth Management COLEMAN. PETER JOHN, San Antonio Psychology, Pre-Law Association COLGLAZIER, CAROL LEE, Houston Advertising, AA1I. ADS. PRSSA. White Star Sweethearts COLLIER. TERRY BOB, Corsicana Petroleum Land Management. Student Landman ' s Association. AIME COLLINS, TERRY WORTH, Carthage Accounting i 508 IKK Class of 1973 COLON, DAVID LEROY. Austin Accounting. BA COLQUITT, CAROL ELEANOR. Longview History. KAe COMEAUX. PAUL JULIENNE. Baytown Biology CONLEY. PAL LA LYNN. Houston Special Educatiim, SCEC, Upper-Class Advisors CONNALLY. WILLIAM DENNIS, Tyler Accounting, ZN CONNER, FRANCES KATHY. Midland Education, AAA CONRAD, JAMES EDWIN, Clifton Pharmacy, SN CONYERS, RAEANNE, H.. Canadian Advertising, Women in Communications COOK, JULIE, Baytown Elementary Education COOK, LINDA GALE. Alvin Advertising, 82 . KTA COOK, PATRICK, LACY, Houston Economics, Tejas Club, Orientation Advisor, Coffeehouse Committee. Union Arts and Theater Committee COOK. ROBERT DAVID, Brownsville Pre-Med-Plan II. H2. AEA. K. BK. Junior Fellows COOK, STEPHEN WILLIAM, Galveston Finance, A 1 COOKE. ROBERT EBERLE. Waskom Accounting. AK+. A B COOPER. LARRY DALE. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering. TBFI, ASME COOPER, MICHAEL WELDON, Sweetwaler Civil Engineering, ASCE COOPER. ROBERT L., Fairfield Civil Engineering, ASCE COOPER, SHARON ANN, Crosby Special Education, AZ6, CEC, The Blacks COOPER. SUZANNE JANE. Graham Nursing CORONA. GARY LESLIE. Wichita Falls Marketing, FIA . University Communications Committee CORSON, DONALD WINSTON. San Antonio Management COSGROVE. JAMES GORDON, San Antonio Art History COTHRAN, MICHAEL LAWRENCE. Corpus Christi Management GOTTEN. CAROL KAY. Lolita English COTTON. ROGER DALE, Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE. Engineering Council COUCH, BARRY NORMAN. Belton Accounting COUCH. CANDIS ANN. Garland Textiles, Clothing and Fashion Design, Round-Up COUCH. LELAND BROOKS. Findlay. OH Government. COULTER. PRESTON BLALOCK. Dallas Transportation COWART. LINDA CATHERINE. Houston English COX, ALBERT EMERY, Corpus Chrisli Drama COX, CATHERINE ANN, Houston Special Educaton, AAI1, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Texas Today and Tomorrow COX, DOROTHY JEAN MOORE. Dallas French COX. KATHLEEN LOUISE. San Antonio Home Economics. White Star Sweethearts COX. THOMAS R.. Garland Finance. ATA. American Finance Association. Dean ' s List CRABTREE, PAUL NORMAN, Angleton Psychology. AQ. CACTUS Staff CRAIG. HARRY LEE. Houston Accounting, Acacia. Silver Spurs CRANE. MARTHA ELLEN. Austin Elementary Education CRAVEN; CANDICE ANNE. Alvin Elementary Education. Resident Advisor, Inlramurals CRAWFORD, CAROLYN NELL, Austin Art Education CRAWFORD. ROY MILLS JR., Austin Government CRENSHAW, LINDA SUE, Ingram Home Economics, ON, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter 509 Graduating Seniors CREW, ROBERT JOSEPH, Orange Microbiology CRIEL. ARMANDO B., Carrizo Springs Advertising CRITELL1, RICHARD BARRY, Houston Marketing, Resident Assistant CROCKER, JONETTE ABBEY, Tulsa, OK Psychology, University Chorus CROCKETT, MICHAEL DAVID, Midland Biology. 2AE, Silver Spurs, Goodfellow CROOK, CHARLES DAVID. Paris History CROW, CYNTHIA LYNN. Dallas English, Spooks. Upper-Class Advisors, Phi Beta Kinsolving, Dean ' s List CUEVAS. MARY CARMEN, Corpus Christi Mathematics, Theadorne Co-Op CULLEN, JEFFREY LYNN. Austin Marketing. YD CUMMINGS, WILEYN FULFER, San Antonio Speech CUNNINGHAM. DAN STITH. Beaumont Journalism CUNNINGHAM, JAMES MICHAEL. Midland History CURLE. BRADLEY GILL. Louisville, KY Radio-Television-Film, ATfl CURRIE, ROBERT MacGREGOR III, Dallas Government, HKA CUSTARD, BETTY JO, Austin Accounting CUTRELL, MARTIN THOMAS. Richardson Biology DABNEY. WILLIAM TYSON. Dallas Government DAKE. NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston Speech Pathology and Audiology. 2AH, Southern Singers DALBY, JOHN LEONARD. Texarkana Advertising. 2X DANBURG. CAROLYN JOY. Houston Advertising DANIELS, WANDA GAYLE. Freeport Mathematics DANVERS. KAREN. Houston Elementary Education. AAA, nA9, White Star Sweethearts DARDEN. ELIZABETH JANE. Austin Sociology, KKF DAULEY. RANDY DEAN, Grand Prairie Government DAUM. DONALD RAY, Houston Accounting, AK . BA+ DAVIS. BERT ESTILL JR.. League City Mathematics, Texas Outing Club DAVIS. CATHERINE ANN. Big Sandy Education DAVIS. CLARA LEE. Odessa History. The Blacks DAVIS. ERNESTINE E.. Hughes Springs Journalism DAVIS. GARY WHITFIELD. Bryan Transportation, American Marketing Association, Transportation Club DAVIS. HOWARD GORDON, Houston Accounting, AFC DAVIS. JAMES TOLBERT. Gilmer Accounting DAVIS. JIMMY GOLAN. Borgcr Microbiology DAVIS. JOHN RANDALL, Tyler Accounting DAVIS. JUDITH ANNE. Demon Psychology DAVIS. MAX GLEN JR.. Austin Mechanical Engineering. ASME DAVIS. MICHAEL TERRY. Austin Pharmacy, 4 AX. LPhA, Intramurals, Pharmacy Council DAVIS. M1CHELE ANN, Fort Worth Fashion. Textiles and Clothing DAVIS. PATRICIA ANN. Dallas Elementary Education DAVIS. PAUL JOSEPH, Woodinville, WA Accounting, Army ROTC. Austin Rugby Club DAVIS. SUSAN SPILLER, Austin Elementary Education DAWSON. MARY LOU. Wichita Falls Marketing, American Marketing Association 5)0 Class of 1973 fl 3 DEAN. MARGARET F. ANDERSON. Asherlon Journalism. Resident Advisor, Resident Assistant DEEN, GREGORY CHARLES, Austin Radio-Television-Film, AFROTC DEES, JUSTIN GORDON. Houston History. KA DE LA GARZA. LUCIA IRENE. Laredo Sociology, Spanish Club. Newman Club DE LA GARZA. NORA HILDA. Mission Speech DELL. MARILYN JEAN, Atlanta Business Education DELOACHE. LOUISE DURKIN. Dallas History DEMOLL. LOUIS EDWARD III. Austin Chemistry. Longhorn Band DENNIS. PATRICIA ANN, Austin Radio-Television-Film, AOn, Spooks. Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Dean ' s List, Goodfellow DENT. PAMALA SUSAN, Killecn Elementary Education DENTON. JOYCE ANN. Everman Journalism. Student Christian Fellowship DIAL. GREGORY THOMAS. Houston Finance. SX DIAZ, RALPH ANTHONY. San Antonio Chemistry and Zoology DICK, THOMAS HERBERT. Longview Marketing. ATii DICKINSON. SUZANNE. Paris Advertising, AT DILLARD. DAVID ALAN, San Antonio Architecture, Young Americans for Freedom DILLARD. STEPHANIE BUSLETT. Austin Education English DILLON. DONNA CHERYL. Houston Petroleum Engineering. Society of Women Engineers. AIME. Engineering Sweetheart DISBROW. LARRY ALAN. Austin Chemistry DLUGACH. JUANITA SUSAN. Port Arthur Journalism DODDS. VIRGINIA ANN. San Antonio Secondary Education DOEDYNS. TRUDY ANN. San Juan Elementary Education. KAII DOEPNER. ALBERT H.. San Antonio Psychology DOLAN. LAWRENCE PETER, Amarillo Government DOLCE. NOEL JOSEPH. Austin Architecture. 2 I E DOLFUSS. NELSON FRANK III. Dallas Marketing-Advertising. Acacia. IFC. Dean J. Holland Award. American Marketing Association. Round-Up. PEM Club DOLZEL. EDDIE LEE. Chilton Anthropology. Texas Archeological Society DONALDSON. RODNEY EARL. San Antonio Plan II. t BK. K . HS. Outstanding Student. Junior Fellow DONATHEN. ROY EDWARD, San Antonio Pharmacy DOOLEY. KATHLEEN ANN. Beaumont Speech Pathology. TIB . White Star Sweetheart DOOLEY. PATRICIA LYNN. Beaumont Elementary Education, II BO DOWDY. WILLIAM C III. Dallas Marketing. KA. Posse. Silver Spurs DOWELL. DEE LYN. Longview Elementary Education. Xfl DOWNING. DENNIS LESLIE. League City Mechanical Engineering DOWNING. LYNDA FAYE. League City Speech Pathology and Audiology. National Speech and Hearing Association DOWNING. PATRICIA ANN. Dallas Spanish, AAA DREW. JOHN. Fort Worth Electrical Engineering. IEEE DROBYSKI. THOMAS JOSEPH. Fall River. MA Public Relations. Acacia. SAX. PRSSA. DAILY TEXAN. CACTUS Staff DUBOIS. WILLIAM STEVEN. Houston History. AEII DUBOSE. LARRY WAYNE. Gonzales Mechanical Engineering. TBIT. IITi). ASME DUCK. GARY EMERSON. Austin Radiu-Television-Film DUDERSTADT. DAVID EDWARD. Austin Mechanical Engineering. ASME 511 Graduating Seniors iClas DUNCAN, DEBRA ANNETTE, Arlington Secondary Education DUNCAN. FRED DON, Aledo Pharmacy DUNLAP. JOHN KIRKBY. Barrow, AK Management, AT, CBA Council. Student Affairs Committee DUNN. ROBERT MASON. Houston Finance, American Finance Association DURKE. TOMMY LEE, Port Arthur Pharmacy. K DURST. BRUCE ERIC, Akron, OH History DWYER. KAREN RUTH. Beaumont Radio-Television-Film DYER, MARIAN, Beaumont Psychology, +X EASLEY. ROBERT YORK, Victoria Business Administration EBENSBERGER. PEGGY ANN, Seguin Nursing, UT Nursing Students Association ECKERT. ELLYN LEE, Castroville Mathematics EDGIN, RICHARD ALAN. Corsicana Zoology EDWARDS. JANICE CARPENTER. Austin Psychology EDWARDS. MARILYN YVONNE. Austin Education. TBS, Longhorn Band EDWARDS, REX MARK, Austin Economics EICHER. PATRICK DOMINIC, Rosenberg Accounting EILAND, GARY WAYNE, Houston Business Administration. AK ELDR1DGE. BETTY, Beaumont Elementary Education, AE4 ELLIOTT. MARLA LEE, Victoria English ELMORE. WILLIAM BRADLEY. Commerce Education, Circle K ELSTNER. CHARLES JOSEPH, Hallettsville Microbiology ELTIS. BRIAN MUROV, Tyler Business Administration, ZBT EMERMAN, ALAN RAYMOND, New Orleans, LA Accounting EMERY, MAX SIMPSON JR.. Austin Accounting ENG. MABEL SUN, San Antonio Microbiology. FAE, A T, Undergraduate Research Foundation. Freshman Encounter, University Chorus. Resident Assistant EPSTEIN. DONALYN. Seabrook Russian. A K ERICKSON, TERR1E ANN. San Antonio Elementary Education, X12 ESPARZA, GUILLERMO ROLANDO. Eagle Pass Biology ESRIG, BONNIE ANN, Birmingham. AL Sociology ESTES. JANA AUDREY. Dallas Secondary Education. Speech Government. AF, KAI], Cordetles. Resident Advisor. Orange Jackets. Goodfellow EUBANKS, CHARLES ALAN. Santa Rosa Government, Pre-Law Association EVANS, B1LLIE-ANN, Arlington. VA Home Economics, Upper-Class Advisors EVANS. CYNTHIA KAY. Freeport Elementary Education EVANS, DEBORAH STONE, Austin Education EVANS, KATHLEEN LOUISE. Victoria Mathematics, fK4 , APE, Phi Beta Kinsolving EVANS. MARILYNN ELIZABETH, Houston History, AAA, 4 BK, Resident Intramural Committee. International Affairs Committee EVANS, MARY JO, Houston Classics, AOn EVELAND. RICHARD EUGENE, Austin Electrical Engineering. H, K . TBH, Engineering Fellows EVERETT. JOHN KEITH. Honolulu, HI Government, FIZA EVERSOLE, NANCY ANN. Houston Special Education. KKI FAARUP. HENRY JOSEPH. Panama. CZ Civil Engineering. Teatro Latino FAIRES, RAYMOND ALAN, Beaumont Biology. riKA. AEA. HS 512 niors Class of 1973 FARRAR, TERRY WAYNE, Dallas Business Administration, ATA, IFC, Dean ' s List, Intramurals FARRIS. THOMAS DALE, Austin History- Pre- Law FAULCONER. BRUCE LALAND, Grand Prairie Music Composition, tMA, Symphonic Band FAULK, ROBERT RAY, Burkburnetl Journalism, SAX, Union Communications Committee FEEHAN. ANNE ELIZABETH, Houston French, AAA FELKAI, THOMAS PETER, East Patterson. NJ Nuclear Engineering. TEH, HTS. ASME. American Nuclear Society FERGUSON. PATRICE LEIGH. San Antonio Accounting. AXfl. Angel Flight. Round-Up FERNANDEZ. JOSE ARNULTO. Nucvo Laredo. Mexico Electrical Engineering. TBIl FERNANDEZ. REBECCA MARIE. Texas City Secondary Education Speech. FAE. KAI1. Orange Jackets. Election Commission. Outstanding Student FERRER. CARLOS ALBERTO, San Antonio Accounting F1NLEY. PATRICIA JOHNSON. San Antonio History. AZA, AAA FINNEY. THOMAS CLAYTON. Austin Business Administration FITE. RALPH HILLIN. Houston Accounting. AK FLEETWOOD. WILLIAM EVERETT JR.. Tyler Management, Intramurais FLEMING, MARGARET KAY. Austin Mathematics. BK. K . FIAe. AAA FLODINE. JAMES BRUCE. Houston Electrical Engineering. A N2, T Association, Swim Team. Rally Committee FLORES. HENRY G., San Antonio Finance FLORES. JULIET U.. Austin Sociology fefc Jk FOGO, DONALD PETER, Pasadena Transportation, Track Team, Transp ortation Club, Dean ' s List FORREST. RICHARD DALE. Baton Rouge, LA Accounting. BA+, CACTUS Section Editor FORREST, SCOTT SMITH, Alexandria, VA Business Administration, Intramurals FORSYTHE. CAROLINE JANE, Mexia Physical Education. Fencing Alliance. PEM Club FORTENBERRY. MARY KELSOE. Natchitoches. LA Pharmacy. KE. LPhA FOSTER, BLANCHARD LEROY JR., Shreveport. LA Physics, 2nZ, Tejas Club, Longhom Singers. Sailing Club FOSTER, ROXY BEA, Austin Special Education. SCEC FOWLER. EARL LEON. Houston General Business. KA FOWLER. LESTER A. JR.. Kilgore Government FOX. JANIS. Mason City. IA Psychology. AE4 FOXHALL. LEWIS EMORY. Memphis Engineering. TBF1. UT Sports Car Club FRACHTMAN. RICHARD JULIAN. Houston Biology-Pre-Med. AEA FRANCIS. JAY PERETZ. Houston Radio- Television-Film, Ark Co-Op. Saturday Morning Fun Club FRANKEL. JAMES GORDON. Houston Marketing. ZBT FREDERICK. C. CHARLES. Clebume History. FIA . A Q. Longhorn Band FREED. IRIS MICHELLE. Galveston Education. Project Info. Community Relations Committee FREEDLUND, MIKE JAMES. Arlington Government FRENCH. LLOYD ROBERT III. Midland General Business, AE, Silver Spurs FRERKING. ERNEST GREY, Weslaco Accounting, BA+, Prc-Law Association. TSEA. Dean ' s List FREY. ROBERT ALPER. Houston Advertising FRIEDMAN. BRUCE DAVID. San Antonio Pre-Dental-Psychology. AEA. X FRINK, DAVID SLOCUM. Vestal, NY Public Relations FRIZZELL, DAN PAUL. San Antonio Radio-Television-Film. Film Committee, DAILY TEXAN FROEHNER. ROBERT NOLAN. Dimmitt Biology. BK. K . HS. Der Eulenspiegelverein 513 Graduating Seniors FROELICH. FRANCES ANN. Houston Spanish, r B FUENTES. ERNEST R.. San Antonio Spanish-Portuguese. A$R. Longhorn Band, Middle Earth FULLER. ALEXIS JOSEPH JR.. Houston Government. Pre-Law Association FUNDERBURK. KERRY DON. Fort Worth Electrical Engineering FURGATCH, MICHAEL S.. Dallas Psychology. ZBT GABIG. JOHN ANDREW. Houston Economics GAFFORD, SUZANNE. Sherman Elementary Education. XSi GAGE. DENNIS RAY. Austin Government GAINES. ROBERT NEIL. Odessa Accounting GALLAGHER. MICHAEL DENNIS. Des Moines. IA Accounting. Real Estate Society. AFROTC GALLMAN. DOYLE FAIRCHILD JR., Dallas Marketing. American Marketing Association. LIT Underwater Society. Squash Club. Intramurals GALLOWAY. MARVIN. W.. Houston Accounting. AI1 GALVAN, REBECCA LOUISE. San Antonio Journalism, SAX, PRSSA GAMBLE. ERNEST FRANKLIN. Dallas History ' GAMBLE. WILLIAM RAYMOND. Houston Finance. Intercollegiate Track and Cross Country GANDARA, DONNA GAIL. Tyler Biology GANDLER. SHARLANE MICHAELE. Waco History. UT Tennis Club GARCIA, ANTHONY R., San Antonio Pharmacy. LPhA. Newman Club GARCIA. GUSTAVO. Caracas. Venezuela Mechanical Engineering GARCIA. JUANITA CAROLA. San Diego Speech Pathology and Audiology GARCIA. SYLVIA LOPEZ. San Antonio Elementary Education GARDNER, GENE LAWRENCE. Lufkin Civil Engineering GARDNER. RONALD STEPHEN. Wichita Falls Mathematics-Computer Science. A S2, Association of Computing Machinery. UT Parachute Team GARLITZ. KENNETH WAYNE. Poston. AZ Physical Education. PEM Club GARLOW. GREGORY PAUL. Houston Psychology. A t A GARRETT. VIRGINIA CARLYN. Atlanta. GA Plan II. AEA, K GARZA. EDUARDO, Laredo Government. Circle K. Freshman Encounter. YD GARZA. LUBY LAMAR. Edinburg Home Economics. ON. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter GATCHELL. CATHERINE ANN. Oklahoma City. OK Advertising. IIB J . Union Publications Committee. YR GEE, ROBERT WAYNE. Houston Government, FIA. Pre-Law Association. Freshman Advisor GEORGE. JENNIFER ANNE. Port Arthur Advertising GEORGE. LARRY DOUGLAS. Millican Finance, 2 E. A S2. UT Real Estate Society, Association. CBA Council GERECKE. STEPHEN LEE. Chester. IL Civil Engineering. Scabbard and Blade. ASCE, Engineering Council GERSHNER. JAN SUE. Pine Bluff. AR Home Economics. SAT. Panhellenic Council GIBSON. CHARLES EDWARD. Austin Secondary Education GIBSON, GEOFFREY LEE. Red Oak Architecture GIBSON, JAMES WILLIAM JR.. Fort Worth Sociology GIBSON, MINA JANE, Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Association. CBA Council GIBSON. ROSCOE MIKE. Lufkin Architecture. Z GILBERT. PATRICIA ANNE, Tomball General Business. FAE GILBERT. ROGER WELDON. Menard Pre-Med-Biology. K GILDEN. JAY DOUGLAS. Texarkana Business Administration. ZBT. H. 2IE. Dean ' s List 514 tiors Class of 1973 GILL, HAL MICHAEL. Midland Mechanical Engineering, Acacia GILLESPIE, DONALD LEE, Austin Accounting and Finance, AK . American Finance Association GILLILAN, JUDY LEE, Houston Business Administration GIRARD, PHILIP LEWIS. Austin Accounting GIRARDEAU. JAMES FREDERICK. Austin Accounting, -il ' II GIRDLEY. DEBORAH, Midland Home Economics. KA0. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter. Little Sisters of Minerva GIVENS. JAMES ROSS. San Antonio Government GIVENS. KENT BARR. San Angelo Electrical Engineering. HKN, TBFI GLASER. DONA DIANNE. Corpus Christ! Mathematics GLENN. CHRISTOPHER ROBERT. Dallas Radio-Television-Film GLUCKMAN. THOMAS PHILIP. San Antonio Finance, AK GOEBEL, JANE ANN. San Antonio Secondary Education Government History, Upper-Class Advisors, TSEA, University Y Tutor GOETZ. SUSAN ELIZABETH, Taylor Interior Design GOFORTH, GAY ANN, San Antonio Government and Spanish, FIZA, Spanish Club GOH. SING CHING. Singapore Aerospace Engineering. TBH, 2IT GOLDBERG, DANIEL JAY. Austin Finance GOLDEN. DEBRA ANN. Houston Education GOLDFADEN. BRUCE HOWARD, Houston Journalism, DAILY TEXAN, PRSSA GOLDSOBEL. ALAN BRUCE. Dallas Pre-Med-Biology. ZBT.AEA, Ideas and Issues Committee GOLDSTICKER. LAWRENCE ALAN. Clayton. MO Government GOLUB. NATALIE, St. Paul, MN Biology. A E GOMEZ. JOHN JR.. Laredo Speech Pathology GOMEZ. LYNNE MARIE. Houston Anthropology. AAA, t KO GONZABA. YOLANDA MARIE. Austin Sociology GONZALEZ, ROBERT. McAIIen Pharmacy. AX GOOD. ROBERT LAWRENCE, Dallas Architecture. KA, tH2. Architecture Council GOODE. DONNA JO. Killeen Social Sciences. Kin GOODE. MARK GIDEON III. Lufkin Civil Engineering. XE, OAK. ASCE. Engineering Council. ITE, Goodfellow. Outstanding Engineering Student. Outstanding Student GOODMAN. WILLIAM DALE. Somerset Government GOODSON. GUY NEIL. San Angelo Accounting. 2AE GORDON, JENNIFER HOLDER, Abilene Journalism, 2AX, DAILY TEXAN GORE, CAROLYN ANN, Sinton English and Government, r B. AAA, KAFI, K GOTTESMAN. SANFORD LEE. New Orleans, LA Management. ZBT, OAK. T Association. Friars. ALCADE Advisory Board. Student Government Vice-President. Goodfellow. Outstanding Student GOULD. EVIE BELINDA. Kansas City. MO Drama GOULDY. RALPH ROLAND. Wichita Falls Biology GOZALI, SUBEKTI. Bangkok. Thailand Finance. American Finance Association GRACE, ROBERT WILLIAM, Fort Worth Insurance. KZ, Insurance Society, YR GRAF. PAUL ALBERT. Houston History, Ben. A9. AEA GRAHAM, GARRETT HELDRETH, Houston History, Pre-Law Association. Buildings and Grounds Committee. Traffic and Parking Committee. Intramurals GRAHAM. GEORGIA CLAIRE. Wichita Falls Government, FIB$ GRAHAM. PETER FRANCIS III. Dallas Pre-Med-Zoology. Intramurals GRANAGHAN, JOHN THOMAS JR.. Orange Pre-Med-Biology. E, AEA. Dean ' s List 515 Graduating Seniors GRANER, ANN ELIZABETH. Fort Worth Nursing, AAA, UT Nursing Students Association GRAVES. CLAUDE BRECKENRIDGE. Jasper Civil Engineering. TBII. E. H5). Engineenng Fellows GREEN. DAVID TIMOTHY, Houston Biology GREEN. SOPHIE ANNA CATHERINE, Tyler Italian. AA, American Marketing Association. Italian Club GREENE. CATHERINE EVELYN. San Antonio English. AXA, CACTUS Section Editor. DAILY TEXAN GREENLEE. STEWART DAVID. Weatherford Government --Pre- Law GREGG. GAIL ALENE. Richardson Elementary Education. A J GRIFFIN. JAMES PATRICK. San Antonio English -History. YR GRIFFIN. PHlLlPJUDSON. Kilgore GRISHAM. LEANDRA. South Padre Island Psychology, A 1 GRISSOM. BETTINA L. P.. Austin Home Economics. ZTA. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter GRISSOM. DONALD HAYES. Austin Government, FIKA, FISA GROCE, GAYLEN LEE, Fort Worth History Pre-Law, BHI1 GRONA, SHERRY LYNN. Austin Commercial Art. TB2. Longhorn Band GROSCURTH. MIKIE MARION. Dallas Education. AXB GROSSKOPF, BILL MICHAEL, Austin Electrical Engineering. 1IKN. TBII. K4 , HZ, IEEE GROSSMAN. FRANK LEROY. Corpus Chnsti Electrical Engineering. AT. TBII. HKN. Posse. IEEE GUARDALABENE. DEBORAH. Fort Worth Nutrition. Upper-Class Advisors, SNO GUERRA. CYNTHIA ANN. San Antonio Clothing Textiles. A GUERRA. SONIA MARIA. McAllen Sociology GUESS. MARSHA ANN. Rogers Elementary Education. AAn GUILD. ROBERT BOWMAN, Austin Accounting. 4 K GULEKE. EDWARD SEEWALD, Amarillo Economics Government. ATA. OAK. D2A. A A, Friars. SCOOP. Project Info. Outstanding Student GUNN. VINCENT CHARLES. Wichita Falls Biology, 2AE GURLEY. ROBERT LAYNE. Paris Marketing. HKA, American Marketing Association. UT Underwater Society. Dean ' s List GUY. THOMAS RAY. Burleson Mechanical Engineering. HT2, frK$. Engineering Fellows HAAS. BRIAN GILBERT. San Antonio Electrical Engineering. IEEE HAAS. MICHAEL DAN, Corpus Christ! Petroleum Engineering, AIME HAEDGE, RONALD CALVIN, Hempslead Accounting HAHN, DEWAYNE EDMON, San Angelo Architectural Engineering HAINES. DEBORAH DAWN. Grand Prairie English, ATA. Panhellenic Council HALEPESKA, GARY DENNIS. Victoria Civil Engineenng. ASCE HALL. ALAN KIRK. Santa Fe Springs, CA Deaf Education HALL, BEVERLY K AYE. Hamilton-Hill AFB. UT Home Economics Education HALL. DAVID MARTIN, Eden Spanish, Spanish Club, Undergraduate Studies Committee, Humanities Council HALL. LEWIS ALLEN JR., Fort Worth Pharmacy. K . LPhA. Pharmacy Council HALL. NANCY K. H.. Norwalk, CA Deaf Education. K J HALLER. JOHN FORD. Dallas Marketing HAMILTON. JEFFREY LANE, Dallas Physics. (DUX HAMILTON. KATHY S.. Grand Prairie Secondary Education HAMILTON, KAY HELEN, Austin English HAMILTON. SYLVIA LYNN. Austin Nutrition 516 s :niors Class of 1973 HAMILTON. TERRY LEE. Mineral Wells History HAMMERBECK, HOWARD FREDERICK. Rochester. NY Accounting, 4 H2, Longhorn Handball Association HAMMOND. JAMES RODNEY. Jacksboro Pharmacy. K+. LPhA HAMPTON. DAN HOWARD. Metairic, LA Government, A J fl HAND, BARBARA LEE, Houston English. AAH HAND, CAROL SUE. Wcatherford Elementary Education HAND. SHELAGH MARY. Dallas HANNA, JILL KEITH, Maxwell AFB, AL Social Science Composite. FIB HANSON, KAREN SUE, Kemah Business Statistics and Operations Research, American Marketing Association, AZFI Little Sister HARDEE. MARTHA LOVE. Brownsville Chemistry. 4 A. K HARDING. CYNTHIA ANNE, Temple Public Relations, A ( , Little Sisters of the Laurel, PRSSA, Newman Club HARNED, JANN HENRIETTA, Austin Child Development HARPER, BARBARA ELIZABETH, Austin Special Education English HARPER. PATRICIA ANN, Kempner English HARPER. ROBERT WILLIAM. Artesia. NM Physics. 4 H2, Intramurals, Union Academic Affairs Committee HARPOOL. ROBERT THOMAS III, Demon Management, 8617 HARRELL, MICHAEL S , Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Association HARRIS. LANA LEE, Uvalde Elementary Education English HARRISON, EMMETT ELBERT, Dallas Plan II Government. HZA. Longhorn Band, Tejas Club HARRISON, HOUSTON DAVID. Paris Management, 24 E HART, JERYL DRANNON JR., Austin Civil Engineering, XE, ASCE HART, JOHN STEPHEN, Austin Spanish HARTMAN, JUDITH ANN, Kames City History HARTMAN, SHERRY LYNN, Dallas English, Mortar Board HARUTUNIAN, FERIDA A., Baghdad. Iraq Architecture HARVEY. RHONDA KAYE, Dallas Nursing, Canter Club, YD HAUFLER. BARBARA JEAN, San Antonio Advertising, AAA, Upper-Class Advisor, Women in Communications HAVLIK. DENISE ANNE. Yoakum German. A4 A HAWKINS. CLARENCE ELLIOTT, Austin Secondary Education HAWKINS. JAMES ALLAN JR.. La Porte Biology HAWKINS, RICKY ALLEN. Bogota, Colombia Economics, AZ$, Intramurals HAZLEWOOD. BARBARA KAY, Victoria English HEARD, KATHY LANIER, White Oak Architecture, AAA, Council of Arts and Sciences, CACTUS Staff, Round-Up. Upper-Class Advisor HEARN, LAWRENCE DALE II. San Antonio Marketing. American Institute of Banking HEBERT. MARK HAMILTON. Atlanta Biology HEIN, DEBORAH LYNN, Austin English. Angel Flight HEINEMEYER. BONNIE JEAN. San Marcos Interior Design AID HELLER, ANDREW MARK, Shreveport, LA Sociology HELLER, HELENE McROBERTS. Austin Elementary Education, SEA HELM. HIRAM MONROE III, Arlington HELM, STEVEN GEORGE. Fort Worth Chemical Engineering. AX,AEA, QXE HELMS, BILLY CHARLES. Temple General Business. 2N, Silver Spurs. Posse, IFC. Round-Up. Campus Chest 517 Graduating Seniors HELMS, ROSALIND LIM, Auslm Elementary Education HEMATI, IRAJ, Austin Chemical Engineering HENDERSON, ANN, Houston Nursing, Senior Cabinet, Orange Jackets. UT Nursing Students Association HENDERSON, PATTY, Uvalde History, A4 , Pre-Law Society HENDERSON, SELENA, Kingsville Spanish Portuguese HENGST, JOHN DAVID. Austin History AS, Texas Outing Club HENLEY. LEONETTE BRAND. Jackson. MS English, Campus Crusade for Christ HENRY. LESLIE DIANE. Ennis Biology HENRY, MILLIE PATRICIA, Waco Government History HENSLEY, JOHN FLOYD. Houston Marketing HERBST, GARY SIEGFRIED, Angleton Psychology, Canterbury Association, Men ' s Glee Club HEREDIA, FABIO A.. Colombia, South America Radio-Television-Film HERNANDEZ, LYDIA B.. Austin Elementary Education, SEA HERNANDEZ. MAGDALENA, Harker Heights Deaf Education, I K J, Upper -Class Advisor, Project Info HERRERA, FRANCES MARIE, San Antonio Psychology, MAYO, Prc-Law Association, Mexican-American Culture Committee HERRERA, GLORIA RIVERA. San Antonio Biology HILL, MICHAEL BYRD. Longview Pharmacy HILLEY, SANDRA JO, Temple Physical Education, PEM Club, Women ' s Tennis Team V . li HILLMAN, ROBERT MICHAEL, Houston Finance. UT Sailing Club HILLS. JOHN DURST. Tyler Civil Engineering, ASCE HINDS. WILLIAM LEWIS. Temple Marketing, A4 S2 HINOJOSA, ROSARIO GARCIA. San Diego Elementary Education HINZE, MICHAEL MARVIN. San Antonio Geology. SU, IFC, USGS HO, ANDREW CHUN TIM. Hong Kong Electrical Engineering HOCHMAN, ELIAS HENRY, Houston Business Administration, TA 1 HOFFMAN. LOUIS ALBERT JR.. Austin Engineering Route to Business. NROTC HOFFMAN, SHERYL ANN. Waco Speech Hebrew, Dean ' s List HOGGARD. FRANCES ANN. West Elementary Education HOLCOMB, MARVIN CHARLES, Austin Accounting. 4Zn, CBA Council, TexPIRG, American Finance Association HOLLINGSWORTH, ANNE ELIZABETH, North Syracuse, NY English, FOB, Freshman Encounter, Dean ' s List HOLLINGSWORTH. DAVID EMERSON. Austin Geography, Texas Outing Club HOLLOW AY, DON RHOADS. Odessa Prc-Med. 2OE. Posse HOLLOW AY, LINDA CAROLE. Raymondville Elementary Education. SEA HOLLOW AY. MACK DIXON. Elba. AL Accounting HOLLOW AY, SHALIA KAY. Corpus Christi Deaf Education. Phi Beta Kmsolving. SCEC HOLMAN. ROBERT EARL. Troup Engineering Route to Business. FI HOOD. THOMAS ROY, Kerrville Pharmacy, LPhA HOOPER, JANET LYNN. Pasadena Nursing, AZ. TNSA HOPKINS. GENE WILLIAM. Abilene Political Science HOPK1NSON. ERIC JOHN, Houston Government HOPPE. JEANNINE ROSE, Austin History, AAi. BK, Angel Flight HORWITS, PEGGY LAUREN. Dallas Elementary Education, AE t . Longhorn Singers, Varsity Singers 518 uiors Class of 1973 i.v HORWITZ, SALLY DIANE. Dallas Advertising. PRSSA HOWARD. PAT N.. Austin Finance, Real Estate Society HOYL. MARJORIE ELIZABETH. Hurst Secondary Education HRNC1R. CHARLOTTE JEAN. Austin Radio-Television-Film. CACTUS Staff. Student Action Coalition. YD HUBBARD, GLYNDA LOUISE. Temple Anthropology, Hillel. YR HUBBARD. HARRIET L., Anoka. MN Journalism. SAX. AAA. DAILY TEXAN. Women in Communications HUDNALL. BILLY ROBERT. Brownsboro Finance HUDSON. JAMES ROGERS. Perryton Business Administration. K ! ' HUDSPETH. DEBORAH JEANNE. Lake Charles. LA Planll Psychology HUEY. MAURY MAVERICK JR . San Antonio Business Administration HUFF, RANDOLPH BUCHANAN. Wichita Falls Accounting. AXA. BA+ HUFFINES, JAMES RICHARD. Greenville Finance, ZOE HUGHEY, JAMES OSCAR. Angleton Government HULL. MELISSA JANE. Denton Pharmacy, LPhA HUMPHREY. GENE EARL. Clarksville Accounting. BA . BFS HUMPHREY. MARGARET ANNE. Baytown Elementary Education HUMPHREYS. BRIAN ARMSTRONG. Brownsville Accounting-Marketing. IIKA. Showcase HUMPHRIES. LINDA HARDIN. Dublin Education HUMPHRIES. MARGARET JOY. Dublin Nursing, UT Nursing Students Association HUNTER, DOROTHY ANNE. Austin Home Economics HUNTER, JOHN CHARLES. Houston Petroleum Engineering. II2T. AIME. Intramurals HUNTER, PAMELA KAY. Houston Education. AZ. Education Council HURLEY. FRANK ALLEN 111. Bay City General Business HURT. DEBORAH ANN. Houston Medical Technology. TAB HURWITZ. MARSHA GAIL. Houston Education Mathematics History. AAA. KAIL HAS. t K . Phi Beta Kinsolving, University Y Tutor HUTCHESON. STEVEN CHARLES. Houston. MO Pharmacy. S.Y Texas Cowboys. LPhA IMKEN. RONALD LANN, Corpus Christ. Chemical Engineering. AT. BXE. AlChE INGRAM. LESLEA. Roswell. NM Internationa] Business. AF. Campus Crusade for Christ, Panhellenic Council IRVIN. ROBERT EDWIN. Fort Worth Biology ISLAS. JOSE JAVIER. Houston Psychology JACKSON. BILLY TOM. Belton Biology JACKSON. CLAUDIA S . Fort Worth Public Relations. PRSSA JACKSON. RONALD CURTIS. Orange Education Science JACOB. CAROL ANN. San Antonio Elementary Education. AAA. KAII JAMES. DEBORA EDITH. Channelview Scandinavian. Longhorn Band JAMES. KATHLEEN MONICA. Houston Chemistry. BK JAMES. SHARI CARMICHAEL. Hereford Art JAMES. STEPHEN TROY. Little Rock. AR Speech. Scabbard and Blade. Army ROTC, Intramurals JANDA. AUDREY ANN. La Grange Mathematics, Czech Club JANECKA. PHYLLIS MARIE, Weimar Elementary Education. AAA. IIAB. 1 K4. Mortar Board, Resident Assistant. Outstanding Student JANSSEN. JAMES CARROLL. Yorktown Pharmacy JANSZEN. JACK MILTON, Corpus Christi Psychology 519 Graduating Seniors Cln JARL. CATHY HANKAMER, Auslin Zoology JARMON. JERRY THOMAS. Austin Secondary Education JEANNOTTE, ALISON ANN, Austin Fine Arts JEFFCOTT. MICHAEL RICHARD, Portland. OR Biology JELEN. CHRISTIE. Beaumont Radio-Television-Film JENKINS, KATHLEEN DIANE. San Antonio Music Theory, Longhorn Band JENKINS. ROLLAND WALTER. Amarillo Biology, K . H2 JENNINGS. CHERYL JO. San Antonio Government Spanish, AX17, Mortar Board. Orange Jackets. Goodfellow, Outstanding Student, Bluebonnet Belle JESCHKE. PHYLLIS JAN. Miles Middle Eastern Studies. AAA, Middle Eastern Studies Organization. Arts and Sciences Council JETTON. BOBBY RAY. Gainesville Electrical Engineering, IEEE JEZ, MILTON JERRY, Taylor Pharmacy. K+ JINKINS. EDWARD GfJADY III, Taylor Marketing. 2AE. Freshman Football JOHNSON. GAIL ANNETTE. Hurst Speech Pathology, TAE, Southern Singers JOHNSON. MARCIA LOUISE, San Antonio Anthropology JOHNSON. MARK RUSSELL, Austin Mathematics. H2, AFROTC. Arnold Air Society JOHNSON. PAUL JOSEPH. Austin Botany JOHNSON. WARREN GARY JR.. Pasadena Mechanical Engineering JOHNSON. WILLIE MAE. Waco English. AKA JOHNSTON. ELIZABETH ANNE, Vcrnon Elementary and Kindergarten Education JOHNSTON, JUDY LYNN, Houston Education JOHNSTON, LISA. Houston Journalism. AZ, SAX, Women in Communications, PRSSA, American Marketing Association. CACTUS Staff JONES, CHRISTOPHER THOMAS, Houston Management. HKA JONES. DAVID JOSEPH. San Antonio Marketing. American Marketing Association JONES, ELIZABETH LEWIS. San Antonio Business Administration, XS2 JONES, FRED ALLEN. Austin Marketing. American Marketing Association JONES, GARY DAIR. Port Arthur Chemical Engineering JONES, JAMES KEITH, Dallas Public Relations, AXA JONES, JEFFREY HUDSON, San Marcos Pharmacy, Student Christian Fellowship, LPhA, Track Team JONES. JESSE HOLMAN II, Houston Government, ATA, Pre-Law Association, Genesis Committee JONES. JUDITH DAVIDSON, Kerrville Home Economics, nB J JONES. MARTHA CATHERINE. Lubbock Nursing, FAE, UT Nursing Students Association JONES. MICHAEL LYNN. Wetmore Accounting. AK JONES, RANDALL GWENYTH, Richardson English History. ASA. Orange Jackets. CACTUS Staff, Cordettes, Spooks, Goodfellow, Outstanding Student JONSON, ELEANOR KATHLEEN, Temple Education JOSEPH, JOHN. Austin Management JUDD. KENNETH ROBERT. Moss Point, MS Architecture. 2N JULIAN. WILLIAM DANIEL III, Crockett Government Advertising, nKA, YD JUNGE, JULIUS ALBERT IV, Austin Transportation, UT Sports Car Club, Transportation Club JUSTICE. KAREN LYNNE, Tyler Journalism Psychology. 2AX, DAILY TEXAN KAHLDEN. NANCY SUE, Bellaire Education, Home Economics, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter KALBOW, CHERYL. La Marque Secondary Education, Phi Beta Kinsolving. SEA. Intramurals KAMENITSA. LAURA KATHERINE, Fort Worth Public Relations, AZA, PRSSA, Union Entertainment Committee, Union International Affairs Committee | i 520 eniors Class of 1973 KAMINSKI, ROBERT LEO. Austin Biology. KA. Texas Cowboys. IFC KANE. RICHARD EDWARD. San Antonio Journalism Advertising KANE, THERESA ANNE. Austin Journalism. DAILY TEXAN, Freshman Encounter KANETZKY. CHARLES CLARENCE, Austin Architectural Engineering. AAAE KANKEL. DANIEL RAY. Brenham Mathematics KAPLA N, RICHARD MILES. Houston History, ZBT. Silver Spurs, Round-Up. Goodfellow KASTNER, KAREN SHIRLEY, Brookfield. WI Music, University Symphonic Band. University Wind Ensemble KATT. DEIRDRE JEAN. Baytown Economics KAUFMAN, JEFFREY ALAN, Dallas Radio-Television-Film. Entertainment Committee, Intramurals KEENEY, HUEY CLEVELAND JR.. Houston Government. 2AE KELLEY. KEVIN JOHN. San Antonio Mathematics KELLEY. PAUL WILLIAM. Victoria Chemical Engineering. Resident Assistant KELLY. CHRISTINA JACKSON. Houston Elementary Education, YR, Circle K, Discipline Panel KELLY. DOROTHY JEAN. San Antonio Psychology. AAA, +X. K . BK. TAB. Scottish Scholars. Pre-Law Association KELLY, ROBERT DALE. Rockwall Management KELMAN, MARSHA. San Antonio Business Statistics KENNEDY, GWENA CEARLEY, Austin Applied Music, AZ. TBS. 2AI. AAA, K, Longhorn Band, Orange Jackets, UT Symphony Orchestra, UT Harp Ensemble KENT. BONNIE JOYCE. Cincinnati. OH Home Economics KENT, WILLIAM REMINGTON, Midland Biology. H2. AEA, BK KERR, CAROLYN ROGERS, El Paso Government, KA6, Goodfellow KERSHNER. KAREN K . Port Arthur Advertising KEY. ROGER ALAN. Lubbock Finance, AXA KIECH. MICHAEL MAURICE, Jonesboro. AR Electrical Engineering. HKN, TBIT KIMMEL. ROBERT BUTLER. Lubbock Pre-Med Biology. AEA KING. CYNTHIA ANN ELIZABETH. Abilene Elementary Education KING, JENNIFER SUSAN, Houston Spanish. KA9 KING. KAREN ANNE. Port Arthur Elementary Education. T B. ACE KING. MICHAEL KRIS, Mineral Wells Sociology. UT Sailing Club. Scabbard and Blade KING. STUART WINANS, Dallas Journalism, AX KIRCHNER. DAVID LEE. Pasadena Geology KIRKLAND. RETA JOY. DeKalb Mathematics K1RKMAN. LEITHA LYNN, Texarkana Marketing KLEIN, ANDREW FREDERICK, Houston Psychology, CACTUS Staff KLEIN. MARK ALEXANDER, Tomball Management Pre-Law, 2 I E. Real Estate Society, Pre-Law Association. Insurance Society, Posse KLETT, TAYLOR SAMUEL. Fredericksburg Accounting KLEVENHAGEN, CECILIA MARIE, San Antonio Biology. A2I1 Little Sister KNAPPENBERGER, KAREN LYNN, Dallas English. Little Sisters of the Shield and Diamond KNIGHT. EDWARD STANDLEY, Houston Government, Acacia. IFC KOCH. MARK RANDOLPH. San Antonio Engineering Route to Business. A N2, NROTC KOELLING, DEBORAH JEAN. Tyler Home Economics, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter KOGER. STEPHEN ALTON. Austin Anthropology KOHLER. GORDON KIM. Dallas Advertising 521 Graduating Seniors KOPEC. KATHLEEN ANN. San Antonio Accounting KORNBLATT. BART AMES. Dallas Biology. A EH KOSAREK, CYNTHIA SUSAN. Corpus Christi Marketing KOSAREK, KATHERINE LAVERNE, Corpus Christi Psychology German KREBS. ELLEN HARVEY, Houston Sociology KREJCI. CHRISTOPHER EUGENE. Shiner Accounting KRISTOF. MARCIA KAY. San Antonio Psychology KRISTOVICH. ANN HELEN. Dallas Biology KROEGER. WiLBERT LOUIS. Austin Electrical Engineering. TBH. HKN. IEEE. Campus Crusade for Christ KRZESNIAK. RAYMOND CHARLES. Austin Accounting KUBACAK. ALPHONSE FRANK. West Management. A2II KUBICEK. DEAN ALLEN. Somx Falls. SD Urban Sociology. UT Chess Club KUCERA. CECELIA MARY. Corpus Chnsti Physical Education KULIK. STEPHAN, San Antonio Electrical Engineering. Student Engineering Council. IEEE KUNIN. SUSAN JOYCE. Creve Coeur. MO Geography KUNSCHIK. JERRY WAYNE. Austin Management. AK KWAN. POYY H. Y., San Antonio Architecture. Round Earth Society KWOK. WALTER YIU-KAY. Hong Kong Pharmacy. Chinese Student Association. LPhA KYLE. JOSEPH C JR.. Houston Management. AKM ' , Student Senate. House of Delegates, TexPIRG. CBA Council, Goodfellow, YR LABER, BARBARA JOYCE. Houston Pharmacy. KE. LPhA LACEY. ROBERT STEPHEN. Houston Chemical Engineering. AX2 LAGRONE. RONALD WAYNE. Lockhart Pharmacy. LPhA LAMBERT. SHARI LYNETTE, Houston Public Relations. AF. Women in Communications. PRSSA. Longhorn Singers LAMBIN. ELIZABETH ALISON. Nassau Bay Nursing, UT Nursing Students Association LAMBRECHT, CHERIE CLARE. Fort Worth Elementary Education LAMON. ELLEN REGENE. San Antonio Elementary Education LANDERS. JERRY BURNEY, Longview Mathematics Computer Science. 2X LANDRUM. MARGUERITE HELEN. San Antonio English. 7.1 LANEHART. LILA JOLAINE. Austin German English LANGLEY. RITA KAY. Big Springs Education. A.Xfi, Golden Hearts LANIER, HOLLY SUSAN. Austin Psychology LANTRIP. STEPHEN ORIAN, Gretna. LA Management LASHFORD. DAVID PATRICK. Texarkana History LATTA. LAURA BARBARA, Sierra Vista. AZ Special Education, Genesis Committee. Spooks, Freshman Orientation, Educat ' on Council. Academic Affairs Committee. Orange Jackets LATTIMORE. MICHAEL WAYNE. Fort Worth History. AAfl, Texas Troubadors, A Capella Choir, French Club LAUFMAN. PATRICIA CHARLOTTE. Houston Deaf Education LAUGHEAD. GEORGE ROSS, San Antonio History LAUGHTER. DONALD RALPH. Corpus Christi Architecture LAUREL. CARLOS J., San Antonio Chemical Engineering LAWRENCE. ELIZABETH GRACE. Kerrville Office Administration LAYDEN. MARY MARGARET. Dallas Speech Pathology. 2AH LAZARUS. RONA SUSAN. Tyler Special Education. Resident Advisor, Round-Up. IIA . Little Sisters, SCEC. Dean ' s List 522 :niors Class of 1973 mnm , . LEAL, RICHARD JOEL, Mission Pharmacy, AX, LPhA LEAMON, BRONWYN GAMBLE. Austin Home Economics Child Development LEATON, NANCY ANNE, Houston Elementary Education, K J, Law Wives Club, LEE, DWIGHT LAMON. Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE, ITE LEE. JACK GREGORY. Houston Management. ZBT. Texas Cowboys 1FC LEE, JERRI LYNN. Waco Government LEE, RANDY BERNARD, Arlington Philosophy LEE, SHERRITA DORIS, Houston Government, AKA. Bluebonnet Belle. Goodfellow. Outstanding Student, Union Executive Council, CEC, Resident Advisor, Southern Singers The Blacks LEGLER. JANET CLAIRE, Houston Elementary Education. Resident Advisor. Union Speakers Committee, CACTUS Staff, ACE LEMONS. MICHAEL. Boling Biology LENTZ, EDWIN LAMAR. Houston Drama. A t !2 LEONARD, DIANE ELIZABETH. Kerrville Journalism, Women in Communications, PRSSA, Little Sisters of the Seven Stars, Upper- Class Advisor, House of Delegates LEONARD. PHILIP JOSEPH. Harlingen Hebrew Biology. 2AM. t BK. AEA. Hillel, University Jewish Voice CIRUNA LESLIE, CELETA EVE, Lexington, KY Anthropology, Intramurals. UT Anthropology Club. Craft and Repair Clinic LETSOS, JAMES N. III. Houston Mechanical Engineering, ATA LEVA. GARY LAYNE. Fort Worth Management, Big Brothers. Intramurals LEVI, ALAN HAROLD. McGehee, AR Accounting. TA, OAK. CACTUS Editor. Outstanding Student, Goodfellow, TSP Board, Business Honors Program LEVIN. DEBRA ANN, Dallas Elementary Education, A tE, Spooks, Round-Up, Orange Jackets, ACE LEVIN. NEIDRA MICHELE. Texas City Advertising. AE . ADS. PRSSA LEVINE. MELV1N ALLEN, Houston Radio- Television-Film LEVINE, SHERYL MARLISE. Harlingen Radio-Television-Film. AE 1 , Genesis Committee. UT Swim Team LEVY. ANN MATHILDE. Houston Advertising LEW, KAREN JOYCE. San Antonio Biology. A J LEWIS. BERNICE BONITA. Austin Accounting. A@ LEWIS. DEBORAH KAY, Wellington English LEWIS, HARRY ALAN. Houston Social Studies, TA LEWIS, JAMES NEWTON, Irving Journalism SAX, KTA. TSP Board LEWIS, LUTHER JACKSON JR., Greenville Economics LEWIS. MARK DAVID, Houston Marketing. ZBT LEWIS. ROBERT JACKSON, Dallas Finance, Finance Club, Real Estate Club, Big Buddy Association, Intramurals LIENDO, ALVARO JtSUS. Laredo Pharmacy. K LIESMAN. LINDA ANN. Boerne Business Education LINK. JERE HUDSON, Mobile, AL German, AEA, A4 A, 4 BK, Humanities Council Representative LIPPINCOTT. DAVID GRANT. Wichita Falls Sociology LISKA. DORIS JEAN. La Grange Mathematics LITTRELL. LESLIE GAIL. Wichita Falls Spanish LIU. BETTY YUK YIN. Hong Kong Sociology, Chinese Student Association LIVELY. CHERYL LYNN. Houston Spanish French LLOYD. MAURINE LOUISE. Dallas Education. AF, Southern Belle LLOYD, THOMAS DONALD. Hallsville General Business LOCKLEAR, MIKE L . Belton Biology LOGAN, CLIFFORD K. III. Austin Marketing. X 523 Graduating Seniors LONGBOTHAM. JAYLIE IONE. Monahans Home Economics, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter LOPEZ. CYNTHIA ANNA. Corpus Christi Biology, AAA. AEA. OK LORBERBAUM. CAROL ANN. Houston Special Education, KAT1, SEA, Council for Exceptional Children LOREA. RICHARD RAYMOND, San Antonio Pharmacy LOUDERMILK. HUBERT LEE. Dallas Psychology LOWE. JIMMY FRED. Irene LOWREY, JA NE LYNWOOD, Houston History. XSi. Mortar Board. Little Sisters of the Shield and Diamond, Goodfellow LUCAS. LESLYE, Berclair GovernmentSocial Welfare Studies. KKF. FIXA. Texas Union Committee International Affairs Committee LUNA. CHARLES STEPHEN. Houston Government. BK, Project Info, MAYO LYONS. MONICA LOUISE. Houston Latin American Studies MA. ANTHONY TIN-SEK. Hong Kong Electrical Engineering. HKN. IEEE MacCONNELL. GEORGE K.. Austin Psychology. Spanish Club, Italian Club, SOTA MACK. RICHARD. Eagle Pass Management MACK, RONALD GARRIEL. Palestine Electrical Engineering MACKEY, I. B., San Antonio Aerospace Engineering MADDOX. CHARLES JOE JR.. Cameron Management, AK MADDOX. CHARLES RUSSELL. Corpus Chnsti Civil Engineering, ASCE MAGLIOLO. THERESA MARIE. Dickinson Sociology, TBS. Longhorn Band. Circle K. Symphonic Band. University Chorus MAHAFFEY. MICHAEL LINDSEY. Austin Aerospace Engineering, AiJ. TBI7. ZFT, Amateur Radio Club, AIAA, IEEE MAIN. KENT ASHLEY. Corpus Christi Architecture. NROTC. Longhorn Singers MAJOR. WILLIAM DAVID. Dallas Electrical Engineering MALES. BETTY CAROL. Richmond Radio-Television-Film. AAII MALLOY. JAMES MELVIN. Baytown Transportation-Management. Transportation Club. Intramurals MALMSTEAD. BRENDA LOUISE. New Braunfels N " ' ntion, TAB, SNO. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter MANILOFF. CAROLE JEAN. St. Louis. MO Elementary Education. KAn, SCEC. Resident Assistant. Upper-Class Advisor MANLY. KAREN SUE, Arlington Special Education, Big Buddies Association, SCEC MANN. FRANCES DIANE. Kermlle Elementary Education. F B. Kill. ACE. TSEA. CACTUS Staff MANNY. DAVID ALAN. San Antonio Management. AZFI MANOR. MICHAEL PERRY. Austin Sociology Biology. S2+ J MANSFIELD. ELWYN VERNON. Merkel Engineering Route to Management MAREK. JANETTE NELDINA. San Marcos Elementary Education MARKHAM. PETER JOHN JR.. El Paso Advertising MARSHALL. CLYDE CHRISTOPHER. Fort Worth Plan Il-Economics. BK. HS. A S2 MARTENSEN, WOODWARD WILLIAM. Austin General Business, AK MARTIN, CECIL DUKE, Gerner. NC Accounting MARTIN. KENNETH EW1NG. Baytown Chemical Engineering. SIXE. Engineering Council. AIChE. Senior Cabinet. Engineering Week Committee. Friars MARTIN. MICHAEL DAVID. Los Fresnos Journalism, 2AX MARTIN, WORTHY NEIL. Austm Mathematics. 4 BK MARTINEZ, DEBRA ANN, San Diego Elementary Education --Kindergarten, Pharmacy Wives Club MARTINEZ. LUIS CHARLES. Laredo Business Administration MARTINEZ. LUIS NOE. Concepcion Pharmacy. K . LPhA. Pharmacy Council MARTINEZ. RAQUEL BENAVIDES. Laredo Special Education, l K t , Teatro Latino 524 IDIOTS Class of 1973 MARTINEZ, ROGER JOHN, San Antonio Electrical Engineering MARTINEZ, SANDRA, McAIIcn Psychology MAST, ROY TAYLOR. Jackson, MS Electrical Engineering MATHEWS, QUINTEN SNOW JR., Dallas English, DAILY TEXAN MATTHIESEN, SUSAN, San Antonio Psychology, AjfA MAXFIELD. TERRY EUGENE, San Antonio Accounting, Arnold Air Society, AFROTC MAYO, PAMELA DIANE, Austin Public Relations, KA6, AAA, Outstanding Student, Goodfellow, Bluebonnet Belle, TSP Board. Cordetles. Orange Jackets, Panhellenic Council MAYS. RICHARD ROY, Houston Accounting MCAFEE, JOHN MARK. Mesquite Accounting. AG. NROTC. Scabbard and Blade. Semper Fidelis Society MCAFEE. MARGARET RAYE COLDWELL, Garland Government, Navy Sweetheart McARTOR. KERRY OWEN. Overland Park. KS Geography. University Chorus, Halstead Co-Op McBRIDE, ELDENA CLARE. Galveston Mathematics. YR. Pharmacy Wives Club McBRIDE. MICHAEL CURTIN, Galveston Pharmacy, K+, UT Fencing Club McCALLY, DEBORAH CAROL. Fort Worth Learning Disabilities. ZTA. Daughters of the Diamond MCCARTNEY. JOHN SCOTT, San Antonio Secondary Education MCCARTY, MARY JANE, Dallas Plan Il-Sociology, Upper-Class Advisor, Women ' s Inlramurals, YD, Faculty-Staff Intramural. Sports Committee McCLAIN, GRACIE DOLORES, Brownsville English. Newman Club, MIGHT. Pre-Law Association McCLARY, JOHN MICHAEL, Dallas Radio- Television-Film McCLELLAN, NANCY MARION, San Antonio Psychology, Goodfellow, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Resident Advisor, Orientation Advisor, ZPG McCONNELL. ROBERT EARL, Fort Worth Physics McCULLOUGH. LUJET CLEMENTS, Bumet Spanish. AAA, Upper-Class Advisor McCULLOUGH. STEPHEN WESLEY, Orange Finance, H2 MCDOWELL, ROBERT TODD. Houston Finance. AK McFARLAND. BILL THOMAS. Palestine Petroleum Land Management. Circle K, Petroleum Landmarks Society McGARR, CAPPY RAY, Dallas Government, KA McGLASSON, PAMELA DIANE. Abilene Education, AAA . Orientation Advisor MCGREGOR. MARTHA LEE. Hiiisboro Pharmacy, KE McILVAIN. REBECCA JANE. Austin Elementary Education MclNTOSH. DANA KAYE, Tyler Accounting, CBA Council McKEE. LARRY MICHAEL. Fort Worth Government, H. IIEA, CACTUS Section Editor McKlNLEY, JOHN PERRY. Pearsall McKWLEY. LESLIE ANNE. Dallas Elementary Education, A- A McKINNEY. JOAN, Rockdale Home Economics, SNO McKITRICK. VIVIENNE LEE, Memphis, TN Zoology Electrical Engineering. AOH, IEEE, Upper-Class Advisor, YD, CIRUNA MCMILLAN. MONTY HAYES, Austin Radio- Television-Film. UT Speleological Society McNEELY. DAVID LANSING. Austin Accounting, Arnold Air Society McQUADE. JAMES EDWARD. San Antonio McSPADDEN. SAMMY KAY, Quanah Chemical Engineering. TBFI, 2XE. AIChE MEAD, DAVID BOLTON, San Antonio Radio-Television-Film, Project Info, Scoop MEADOR, MICHAEL PRIDDIE, Georgetown Mechanical Engineering, UT Jaz2 Ensemble MEADOWS, SUZANNE, Houston Education Social Studies, Longhorn Singers, Varsity Singers. Resident Assistant MENDIO LA, SANDRA EILEEN. Laredo English Spanish, Spanish Club 525 Graduating Seniors MERCER, BLAIR GRAY JR.. Dallas Finance, ATS, Silver Spurs, IFC MERRELL, BYRAM EARL JR.. Fort Worth Finance, J FA MERRITT, MARGARET ZANES, Dallas History, American Marketing Association MERRITT, REED MONTGOMERY, Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Association MESSER, JAY MILTON. Austin Engineering Route to Business, I1KA MEURET, MARY JOLENE. Yorktown General Business MEYER, ARTHUR JOSEPH. Victoria Chemical Engineering MEYER. HEIDY MARGARET. Victoria Mathematics MICHALK.E. ROWENA ELLEN. Bethel Park, PA Physical Education, KKT, PEM Club, Daughters of the Diamond, Bored Martyrs MICHELETTI, MARILYN BETH. Galveston Mathematics AAA, BK. YR MIKHAIL. SAMIR R.. Cairo. Egypt Architectural Engineering MILLER, BARKLEY THOMSON, San Antonio English, Pre-Law Association MILLER. BOBBY RAY. Glen Rose Economics MILLER. JOHN MICHAEL. Montgomery. AL Aerospace Engineering. HS. TEFL SIT MILLER. KATHRYN J., Rockport Elementary Education, FIAB MILLER, MARILYN FRANCES. Dallas Nutrition . XS2, Freshman Encounter. SNO. Teaching Excellence Committee MILLER. MICHAEL L., Dallas Mechanical Engineering MILLER. ROBERT MAX. San Antonio Accounting, Big Buddy Association, Special Olympics Committee MILLER, THEODORE B. JR., Houston Finance. Ben. IFC, Silver Spurs. CBA Council MINOR. CHARLOTTE JAN. Austin Sociology MINTZ. WILLIAM A.. Houston Journalism ZAX. DAILY TEXAN, Student Senate MIRACLE. BRUCE GILBERT. Wills Point Zoology MIRHASHEMY. SEID HASSEIN. Austin Mechanical Engineering MITCHELL. JAMES EDWARD JR.. Victoria Accounting. Scabbard and Blade, Ramshorn Co-Op, Distinguished Military Student MITCHELL, MARCELLA, Austin Music Education, Orange Jackets, Union Program Council, Longhorn Singers, Bluebonnel Belle, Outstanding Student, Marjorie Dareltk Award MOFFATT. ROY HERMAN, Houston Plan II MOLCHANOV. ROBERT FREDERICK. Austin Management MOLDER, MICHAEL EUGENE. Harlingen Marketing. SOTA MOLINE, MICHAEL EDWARD. Dallas Philosophy MONROE, JANIE LEE. Kilgore History English MONTALVO. VIRGINIA A.. Laredo Sociology MONTANO. JUAN JOSE MORATA. Mexico Finance, Varsity Soccer Team MONTGOMERY. JOHN PAUL. Houston Biology. UT Sailing Club MOODY. THOMAS EDWARD JR . San Antonio History. Spanish Club MOON, DEAN RAZEL. Killeen Architectural Engineering MOORE. ALAN ARTHUR. Austin Microbiology MOORE. CARLA JANE. Austin Plan II. 4 BK MOORE. CAROLYN JOYCE. Dallas Sociology MOORE. JACK HUTCHINS. Richmond Economics. K2. HZ, t BK MOORE. KENNETH MATTHEW, Dallas Psychology MOORE. MARTHA KATHLEEN. Dallas Nursing. A2A. UTNSA. Senior Cabinet, Nursing School Library Committee, Dean ' s List MOORE, PATTY LOUISE, Austin Nursing. Little Sisters of the Laurel fSl f i f - S B 526 BBHB9BHHMBHHB B| Class of 1973 Q M MOORE. RICHARD LEE. Seminole Management MOORE. SUSAN GAY. El Paso Special Education. AAA. SCEC MOORE. WILLIAM EUTIS. Fayetteville. AR Engineering Route to Business. ASIT. American Marketing Association MOORE. WILLIAM STEPHEN. Austin Plan II MORALES. VICTOR G , San Antonio Electrical Engineering MORAN. SUZANNE SMITH. Austin Elementary Education MORAN. THOMAS DONALD. Austin Journalism. 8Z, YR, House of Delegates, Scabbard and Blade MORENO. BENJAMIN. Austin Spanish MORGAN. LAURA KATHLEEN. Austin Advertising. AA. YR. Little Sisters of the Signet. Inlramurals MORGAN. MARY ANNE. Amanllo Home Economics. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter SCOPE MORRILL. FRANK SWAN. Beeville Geology. A8 MORRIS. ALBERT WILLIAM JR . Dallas Education. Varsity Singers MORRIS. JACK RICHARD. Killeen Finance. $A6 MORRIS. JANE EMELIA. New Boston Fine Arts MORRIS. LILLIAN LUCILLE. Austin Anthropology MORRIS. SUZANNE PATTERSON. Gilmer Education Mathematics History MORROW. KYLE ALAN. Waco Government MOULDER, RITA MARIE. San Antonio Elementary Education. SEA, UT Sailing Club MOWLAVI, KIUMARS. S., Austin Chemical Engineering MOYER, LYNNE MARIE, San Antonio Pharmacy, KE, LPhA MOYERS, A JEFFERSON, Ferris Journalism MUCHA. DAVID, San Antonio Engineering Route to Business, ZX MUELLER. GLENN ROY. Thrall Pharmacy, K+, LPhA MULKEY, OREN ANSLEM JR.. San Antonio Biology. A O, Newman Club, Army ROTC. Drill Team MULLINS. JAMES ROBERT. Lampasas English Drama. t HS. English Honors. French Club MUNNEKE. MARLA KAY. Alice Speech Pathology and Audiology. AZ. Angel Flight. Orange Jackets. Communication Council. Praetorian Guard Sweetheart MUNTZ, LINDA SUE. Tyler Elementary Education. SAT MURPHY. EUGENE JAMES JR.. Austin Business Statistics MUSSETT. DEBORAH ANN. Beeville Speech MYERS. CYNTHIA SUE. Amanllo Government. [ISA NAGEL. BRUCE DEAN. San Antonio Architecture. APX NAMKEN. PATSY ANN. Bastrop Mathematics NANCE. RONALD EASTER J.. Dallas Radio- Television- Film NASSER. DANIEL GEORGE. Houston Petroleum Engineering. FIET. TBII. AIME. UT Parachute Team NATHAN. ARTHUR MAURICE. Houston Government. 4 HS. FISA NEASE. STEPHEN DUANE. Houston Architectural Engineering. AAAE NEFFENDORF. GARY RAY. Fredencksburg Accounting NELSON. JAY RODNEY. Kaufman Civil Engineering. TBH. XE. ASCE NELSON. MICIMFI NEAL Waco Mechanical Engineering. AT. IITS. ASME. ANS. Engineering Council, Dean ' s List NEMAN. DAVID. Temple Management NEU. ELAINE VICKY. Alpine Advertising. ADS. AAA. Women in Communicalions. University Chorus. Union Student-Faculty Committee NEWELL. WILLIAM HOWARD. Houston Architectural Engineering. TBIL AAAE 527 NEWMAN. GARY LEE. Arlington Advertising. SAE NEWSOM, JULIA JEAN, Dallas Latin French. AXSi. BK. K. Mortar Board. Ten Most Beautiful. Cordetles, Orange Jackets. Bluebonnet Belle NO. LILY LI-LI. Dallas Pharmacy. PX. Chinese Student Association NICHOLS, DON DEATON. Galena Park Management. Archery Club NICKS. NANCY CLAIRE, Corpus Chnsti Home Economics. ON NIPPER. LAURIE LYNNE, Dallas Deaf Education NIXON. MICHAEL HOWARD. San Antonio Accounting NIXON. VICKIE SHARON STANGER. Ben Wheeler Nursing NOELL. JOHN DUDLEY, Austin Civil Engineering, XE, ASCE NORA, LINDA MAE. Laredo Sociology NORMAN. DAVID OLIVER. Canton Psychology NORMAN. JACK OJE. Ferris Gove rnment NORMAN. JAMES HARVEY. Ft. Myers. FL Finance NORTON. EDWIN KIEST III, Dallas Management. Union Ideas and Issues Committee, Resident Assistant NUNN, CHARLES WILLIAM, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, AIChE NUNN. JULIA GRANT. Bellaire Elementary Education NYE. PATRICIA SUSAN, Albuquerque, NM Pre-Med Psychology, Newman Club OCHS, GARY GAYLORD. Taylor Biology Graduating Seniors O ' CONNELL, JOHN JAMES III, Dallas Journalism OLIVAREZ, MARIA AURORA, Rio Grande City Pharmacy. KE, LPhA O ' MALLEY. SUZANNE MARIE. Richardson Journalism Psychology. 2AX, AAA, 4KO. PEARL Magazine Editor, Women in Communications O ' NEILL, ALICE JANE, Houston Education Government OPPENHEIMER. NANCY L.. El Paso Journalism. AE . AAA. PRSSA. Educational Excellence Committee OTT, DANA BRUCE, Fort Worth Economics. FA, H2 OVERTON. CORLISS GAYLE, Austin Psychology. A26 OWENS. JERROLL DENNIS. Austin Pharmacy. K OWENSBY, BRUCE EUGENE, San Antonio Architecture O ' YOUNG, SIMON CHAO-NIEN, Austin Zoology OZON. BARBARA LYNN, Texas City Government, YD, Hillel PAHNKE, ROBERT DAVID. Beaumont Architecture PALMER. FRANCES EDITH, Mount Pleasant Clothing Textiles PANCOAST, ERVIN JOE, Vega Business Administration PANNELL. LINDA DIANE. Austin Elementary Education PAPPAS. CHRISTOPHER CULVER, Houston Political Science, AT, JTZA, Pre-Law Association, TexPIRG PARK, CHRISTINE ELLEN. San Antonio Biology PARK. JANET SUE, De Leon Pharmacy, KE PARKER, CARL STEVE. Wichita Falls Pre-Med Zoology. B9n. Silver Spurs, IFC, Goodfellow, Student Senate PARKER. ELIZABETH ANN, Baytown Elementary Education PARKER, JAMES ROBERT, Houston Biology PARKER. WILLIAM MAXWELL. Comanchc Management. ASFI. Pre-Law Association, CACTUS Staff. American Finance Association PARKS, WILLIAM CLYDE, Austin Management PARRAMORE. JOHN LEE. Dallas Accounting 528 niors Class of 1973 fi PARRISH. NORMAN WILTON, Denton Plan 11-Mathematics, tBK, Resident Assistant, Tejas Club, YD PATTERSON, NANCY NOVAK. Grapevine Advertising, AXfl, Little Sisters of Minerva PATTERSON, ROBERT HAROLD, Tyler Marketing. SAE PAULL. DONALD GEORGE. Alexandria, VA Aerospace Engineering, $KT PEARCE, KENNETH HORNE, San Antonio History. HZ, AFROTC, Silver Spurs PEARCE, SHARON ADANA, Austin Home Economics, AXS2. Cordettes, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board PECK. DAVID ALAN, Dallas Government PECK. MICHAEL DAVID. Houston Government, F12A PEGUES, CHRISTOPHER CHARLES, Crystal City Education History Government PENN. SUE ANNETTE. Rusk Pharmacy. KE, Business Wives Club PENRY. DAVID WAYNE. Austin Mathematics. Intramurals. Dean ' s List PENTECOST. SUSANNE. Beaumont French. AAFI, French Club PEREZ. YOLAINE, San Antonio Special Education PERKINS. DEBORAH RACHEL. Paris Biology. AS8 PERKINS, KATHERINE DIANE. Piano Pre-Med Biology. AEA. Der Eulenspiegelverein. Free Clinic, University Y Tutor PERRY, JOHN CARROLL. Houston Public Relations, ATS2, Silver Spurs PETERSON. CYNTHIA KAY. Burnsville. MN Sociology PHANEUF. RICHARD GREGORY. Marion General Business, I HZ, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Outstanding Student li PHILLIPS. BARBARA COLLEEN. Dallas Education PHILLIPS, PAMELA. Lewisville Plan II, Resident Advisor, Canter Club, Longhorn Band. YR PIEL, GLENDA KAY, Austin Physical Education PIER, BARRY ROBIN. Northbrook. IL Civil Engineering, 4ZK. ASCE. SEC PIERCE. JANET ANN. Richardson Mathematics A4 , Union International Affairs Committee, Union Public Relations Committee PIERCE. LAWRENCE SCOTT. Dallas Biology. ZBT, AEA. U2. BK. Silver Spurs. Outstanding Student PINCHBACK. CAROLYN LOUISE. Baytown Elementary Education. TSEA, Freshman Encounter PINKERTON. MICHAEL N., Abilene Biology PINNELL, GARY RAY. San Antonio Accounting Finance, ASH CBA Council. Senior Cabinet, James Stephen Hogg Society, University Commencement Committee. Goodfellow PINNELL. LANA SHARON. Dallas Psychology PIPER. PAULA ANN. Andrews Education PIPKIN. DEBORAH JEAN. Houston Journalism AAA. PRSSA PIPKIN. DRU CHEATHAM, Seabrook Home Economics, ZTA, ON, Spooks. KA Southern Belle, KA Rose, Dean ' s List PLAIN, GAIL MARIE. Dallas Special Education. AAA. ' frKO. Resident Assistant PLAUTZ. RICHARD LYLE. Sacramento, CA Civil Engineering. Wrestling Club, ASCE. ITE PLOTKIN, MARLENE ANNE, Houston Mathematics, Phi Beta Kinsolving. Resident Advisors, Little Sisters of the Lion PLUNKET. PAUL WOOD III. Greenville Marketing POAGE, JAMES RANK1N. Austin Accounting. XN POHLER. DONALD JAMES. Moulton Physical Education, PEM Club, Intramurals POLHAMUS. CLINTON DUSTIN. San Antonio Psychology POPEJOY. RENEE JEAN. Corpus Chrisli Fashion Design. r$B PORTER, REBECCA ANN. Tyler Elementary Education PORTERFIELD, JOHN DAVID. Waco Accounting, A t 12 PORUCZNIK, PAMELA ANNE. Harlmgen Speech Pathology, 2AH 529 Graduating Seniors POSEY. PAMELA RUTH. Dallas Government POSS. JAMES MICHAEL. Dallas Accounting. BA POSTMA. ANN LYNN. Amarillo Sociology POTH. LARRY HOWARD. Poth Pharmacy POULOS, MARK STEPHEN, San Antonio Hebrew, 6Z, Union International Affairs Committee. Intramurals. Faculty Sports Committee, Student Government POWELL. DAVID LESLIE, Dallas Journalism. 2AX, DAILY TEXAN Editor. YD POWELL, RONALD ALLEN. Magnolia Mechanical Engineerin g, ASME POWELL. STEPHEN DOUGLAS. Grapevine Geology t HX, Varsity Singers, Longhorn Singers POWELL. WILLIAM RAYMOND, Vernon Biology POWERS, ALBERT SIDNEY III. Hurst Finance, Longhorn Band PRAGER. KAREN JEAN, Dallas Plan II. OBK PRASATIK. HAROLD KEITH. Rosenberg Electrical Engineering. HKN. IEEE. Association for Computing Machinery PRESSLEY. WILLIAM MICHAEL. Kirbyville Actuarial Science PRESTON. JAN. Midland English, ZTA, Southern Singers PRESTON, SUZANNE, Childress Office Administration PRICE. MARY SUZANNE. Palestine Elementary Education PRICE. SHARON. Victona Elementary Education PRIDDY. BETTY HORNE. Dallas Elementary Education, KA0, Education Council Clas: a PRIDGEON. RHONDA MARIE. San Antonio Zoology PRIEBE. ROY RODMAN. Big Spring Electrical Engineering. TBII, HKN. IEEE PRIEST, PATRICIA LEE. Dallas Education Government History. AZ. YR PROCK. CONNIE IRENE. Denton Psychology PULFORD. D. LYNN. Wood River. IL Journalism. DAILY TEXAN. PEARL Magazine PURVIS. SUZANNE MARIE. Houston Mathematics. AAA. BK, Phi Beta Kinsolving QUOCK. ROBERT LEE , San Antonio Chemistry, I H RABEL. SELMA SUE. Weimar RAGSDAI.E. DEBORAH SUSAN, Fort Worth Secondary Education RAINE. WILLIAM WOODY. Corpus Christ! Mechanical Engineering. TBH. ASME RALL, DEBORAH ANN. Dallas Psychology. ZTA. Orange Jackets. Mortar Board. SCOOP. Cordettes. Outstanding Student RAMEY. LESLI, Corpus Christi French. French Club RAMEY. LUCRET1A ANN. Baytown Mathematics RAMIREZ. PATRICK. Austin Accounting. AKM ' RAMON. REBECCA EMILIA. Rio Grande City Nutrition, FOB. SNO RANGEL. BERTHA LESVIA. Escobas Sociology RAPPAPORT. CLAUDIA DIANE. San Antonio Sociology RAPPEPORT. JOE. Longview Psychology, UT Sailing Club RASCOE. SUSAN JANE. Kmgsville Communications RAVIN. MAVIS LaJEAN. Dallas Sociology. A2S RAY. JAMES DOUGLAS. Houston Government, USA RAY. MARY PAMELA. Houston Elementary Education. Student Senate. Education Council. Senior Cabinet RECORD. CHRISTOPHER STEPHEN. Fort Worth American Studies. HAS, USA. t K . Student-Faculty Committee, YD. REDDING. JAMES EARL. Lolita Accounting, BA 530 ;n iorsf Class of 1973 REDFEARN, JULIAN PIERCE. Mount Pleasant Business Administration REED, CHERYL ANN. Tyler Elementary Education. Women ' s Intramurals. Resident Advisor, UT Outing Club REED, CHRISTOPHER H., Dallas Geology REED, ELIZABETH ANN, Eagle Lake Education, AAF1, AAA, l K t , Kill. Mortar Board, Education Council. Resident Advisor. Freshman Encounter, Outstand ; ng Student REEVES. ALAN WALTER. Austin Biology REEVES. WALLACE FRANKLIN. Austin Engineering Route to Business, 2IE, AFROTC. Arnold Air Society REICHENBACH, PATRICIA ANN, Taylor English REID, LINDA, San Antonio Secondary Education. SCEC REID. SCOTT WILLIAM. Dallas Mechanical Engineering REMALEY. THOMAS MICHAEL, Houston Engineering Science REMBERT. NANCY TOWNSEN. Houston Education, Xft, Sweetheart of SX, Cordettes. Little Sigmas REVELEY. LOUIS RAMON, San Antonio Biology, AEA. A Si REX, ROBERT EDWARD. San Antonio Marketing REY. CAROLE ANN, Houston German REYES, ERWIN ANIBAL. LaPaz. Bolivia Psychology REYES. MIGUEL. San Antonio Finance REYNO. BERNARDO REYES JR.. Oceanside. CA Accounting REYNOLDS, NANCY LEE. Austin Mathematics. Gymnastics Team REYNOLDS. TIMOTHY JAY, Sherman Psychology RICE, JOHN LANE, San Antonio Architecture RICE. LINDA SUE. San Antonio Secondary Education. Longhorn Band. University Chorus, ACU Bowling Team. Women ' s Golf Team RICH, ANITA SUSAN. Dallas Psychology RICHARDSON. JOHN P. Austin Marketing. American Marketing Association RICHARDSON. KENNETH RAY. Houston Chemical Engineering, KK+, TBII, S2XE, H2, Longhorn Band. AIChE. Engineering Fellow RICHARDSON. NANCY JEAN. Houston Journalism A . TBS, SAX. Ixinghorn Band, Panhellenic Council RICHEY. DON LEE. Segum Biology. Longhorn Band R1CKERT, ANNETTE S., Simonton Spanish History RIEHM. MICHAEL JOSEPH, San Antonio Architecture RIGGS, RICHARD RAY JR.. Tyler Biology, AEA RILEY, WILLIAM H. IV, Fort Stockton Plan II RING. DIANNE. Houston Accounting. Ar. BA RITCHEY. LINDA KANA. Rockdale Secondary Education. KAFI. SEA RITCHIE. CHERRI JEAN. Columbus Mathematics RIVERS, GEORGE ANN. Bryan Elementary Education Biology, AAH. Longhorn Singers, Little Sisters of the Laurel, Resident Advisor. Campus Chest RIZZO, ROBERT MICHAEL. San Antonio Architecture ROBERSON. CURTIS ROLAND. Lufkm Accounting. K t , UT Chess Club ROBERTS. REBECCA RUTH. Corpus Christ! Microbiology ROBERTSON. CHARLES A.. Corpus Christi Zoology ROBERTSON. THERESA SHARON. Vemon Elementary Education. KAH. Longhorn Singers ROBICHEAUX, DANIEL JOSEPH. Houston Finance ROBINSON. LAURA LYNN. Temple Interior Design. Little Sigmas ROBLEZ, YOLANDA I... Dallas History. MAYO, University Y 531 ROCHS. MARY AGNES, Austin Special Education. AAA, HKA Sweetheart, Little Sisters of the Shield and Diamond RODEN, CATHY LU, Houston Advertising, AAS, PRSSA, Upper-Class Advisors RODRIGUEZ L. ALEJANDRO, Rio Grande City Pharmacy, K+, LPhA RODRIGUEZ. RICHARD. Victoria ROGAN. STEVEN LADD, Beaumont Electrical Engineering ROGERS, JOHN VALRY. San Antonio Accounting, AT ROHRER. JOHN DOUGLAS, Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE ROMAN, CHARLES RICHARD, Brooklyn, NY Architecture ROOS, STEPHEN CRAIG. San Antonio Management. A1FI ROSALES, ROBERT RUDOLPH, San Marcos Accounting ROSEN, DAVID BENNETT, Dallas Journalism, University Jewish Voice, TEXAS RANGER, DAILY TEXAN ROSENBERG, NANCY LYNNE. Dallas Education, 2AT, Cordettes. Education Council ROSENFELD. ROSALYNN. Waco Journalism, Orientation Advisor, FATE, Project Info, Spooks, Union Communications Committee, Orange Jackets. Goodfellow ROSENHAND. TRACY, Matawan. NJ English ROSENZWEIG. ADELE FLORENCE, Houston Spanish. BK ROSS. JACQUELINE. Tyler Nursing ROSSETT, JAMES BANDA. Victoria Finance Management, AK ' I ' ROTTNER, PATRICIA LYNN. Waco Radio-Television-Film AE . AA2 Graduating Seniors Class Q u ROUTON. JOHN RANDY, Fort Worth Psychology ROWDEN. STEPHAN MARK. Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Association, UT Underwater Society ROYAL, JACQUELINE MARY, Amarillo Biology ROYCE, THOMAS ROBERT, Austin Accounting ROYDER, RUTH DIANE, Houston Home Economics, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter RUANO, SONIA DELFINA. Sarita Pharmacy, PX. LPhA RUBIN, JACK BENJAMIN, Dallas Marketing, K , Dean ' s List, American Marketing Association, Intramurals RUDEL, BONNIE ARLENE, Dallas Special Education, Angel Flight, Resident Assistant, Student Council for Exceptional Children RUDOLPH, ARLENE DELYSE, Houston Marketing, American Marketing Association RUHLAND, DORIS JOANNE, Houston Journalism. f t B, SAX. PRSSA, Communications Committee. Communications Council RUIZ. GONZALO ALBERTO. Quito, Ecuador Engineering. TBIL RET. AIME RUMMEI.L. V1CKI LYNN, Denton Home Economics. A , AAA, ON, Resident Advisor. House of Delegates, Student-Faculty Committee, Dean ' s List RUSH, PAMELA ANN, Denton Elementary and Special Education, A I , Texas Union Committee RUSSELL. JOHN EMERSON. Beaumont Transportation. 4 A6, Silver Spurs RUSSELL, ROBERT SAMUEL, Dallas Philosophy, YD RUSSELL. TERRY BRENT, Austin Management, TKE. AZFI RUTLEDGE. BEVERLY ANN. Austin Medical Technology RYLANDER, GARY RAY. Austin Electrical Engineering- Pre-Med, HKN. IBM, AEA, OK . H5:, Engineering Fellow. IEEE, Outstanding Student RYND. FRANK BARLOW. Houston History, H2. Orientation Advisor, Union Program Council, International Studies Committee. Goodfellow SAATHOFF, HAROLD KENT. Austin Electrical Engineering SAENZ. JUAN JORGE. Rio Grande City Pharmacy, K . PX. LPhA SAETA, ELSA. Pharr Government Social Welfare Studies SAI.AZAR. JORGE G., Laredo Accounting SALAZAR. JUAN L., San Antonio Finance, American Finance Association. Real Estate Society V ft 532 -niors Class of 1973 l) ,- SALAZAR. RICARDO ABEL, San Antonio Accounting SALINAS, JOSE DANIEL. Brownsville Pharmacy SALTER. CHARLES PHILLIP III, Wichita Falls Accounting, ASH SALTER, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Bay City Elementary Education, YR, Round-Up, ACEI SALVATIERRA. IGNACIO LUIS, Caracas. Venezuela Business Administration SAMFORD, LINDA ALLENE, Nederland Philosophy SAMULIN, FRAN CAROL. San Antonio English SANCHEZ, RODOLFO. Laredo Economics SANCHEZ, THOMAS BERNARD, Victoria Civil Engineering, ASCE SANDBERG, JAMES ERIC T. JR.. Austin Accounting SANDBERG. NANCY JANELLE, Austin Secondary Education. FI B SANDER, MICHAEL HENRY, Elsa Pharmacy, IAX SANDERS, MARY LESLEY English SANDING, JOSE B., Granada, Nicaragua Marketing SANDLIN. ANN, San Antonio Psychology, Longhorn Singers SAN MIGUEL, ESTHER, Corpus Christi Pharmacy, KE. LPhA SAW1CKI, ROBERT DEAN. Cheyenne, WY Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Dean ' s List SCHAEFER, KAY ANNETTE, Dallas Interior Design. AAD, AID SCHAUER, SHELLEY ANN, Victoria Education Mathematics SCHMIDT, ANNA K., LaGrange Nursing SCHMIDT, MARILYN SUE, Corpus Christi Clothing Textiles Fashion Design SCHMIDT, MARSHA HUNT. Houston Accounting, AAA, 4 K4 SCHMIDT, RICHARD EDWARD. Houston General Business SCHNEIDER. RICHARD HARRY, Casper. WY Aerospace Engineering. AIAA SCHNUR, JOY FRANCES, Houston History, OKT Sweetheart. Little Sisters of the Laurel SCHOFIELD, JOHN DANIEL, Austin Government, AT, FIZA SCHOLLENBERGER, JAN, Richardson Advertising, AAA, Panhellenic Council SCHONBERGER, DEBORAH P., Los Angeles, CA Mathematics History, AE , AAA, Round-Up. Union Student Exchange Committee SCHOPPE. BYRON DOUGLAS. Houston Management, AK ' I ' . Handball Assoc., Union Ideas and Issues Committee SCHROEDER, DAVID WILLIAM, Wake Village Chemistry SCHULER, ROGER JOHN, Houston Government, TN, Intramurals SCHULZ. PEGGY ANNE, Pecos Latin American Studies, FAE SCOTT, SUSAN LOUISE, Weatherford Government SCRINOPSKIE, LINDA ANNE. Waco Elementary Education, AE4 SEALEY, SARA JOSEPHINE, Dallas English IIB SEALS. FREDDIE LEE. Port Isabel Secondary Education SEALS, LAURA SHIRLEY, Dallas Psychology, UT Sports Car Club SEALY, GLENN MICHAEL. Clute Management. ZIK, Dean ' s List SEBESTA, CHARLEEN SHIRLEY. Bellville Journalism SEE, FRANCIS HAK-KEUNG, Austin Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Engineering Fellow iSEIDEL, HELEN FRANCES, San Anton.o Clothing Textiles, UT Swim Team Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter ' SELLMAN, GLORIA LYNNE, Cedar Hill Pre-Med, AF 533 SERN A. ANNA M.. Laredo SociologySocial Welfare Studies SERVAES. PAMELA SUE. Spring Special Education SETTY, MICHAEL PAUL, Springdale, AR Government SETZER, JEAN REE, Beaumont Government, AAA, Union Leadership Board, Union Academic Affairs Committee SEWALL, NANCY JANE. Palestine Nutrition, SNO SEYEN, BEVERLY YVONNE. Dallas Government, IT2A SHADROCK, MARY ELIZABETH, San Antonio Special Education SHAHAN, DONALD ALLAN, Abilene Electrical Engineering. 2AE, HKN, IEEE SHAPE, SANDRA ANN, Garland Home Economics, AAA. Teaching Excellence Committee, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter SHAPIRO, STEFANIE ANN, Pasadena Languages, SAT SHARPE. THOMAS HARDIE, Athens Journalism. DAILY TEXAN SHAW. DANIEL RILEY, Lillian Business Administration SHAW. MARY KATHERINE. Port Arthur Biology SHAW. TERRY DEAN, Mertzon Mathematics SHEATS, SUSAN KATHLEEN. Tyler Nursing SHEBLE, EVERETT C. JR.. Austin Accounting. BA ' K 4 KI . UT Sailing Club. Ecology Action, Traffic Appeals Board SHEFFIELD. GWYN ANN. Conroe Special Education, Acacia Order of Delphi SHELAN, EVAN BARRY. Roscoe Economics I Graduating Seniors Cte i SHERBEL. STEPHANIE G.. Houston Speech Pathology SHIMEK. JOHN CARL. Argyle Mechanical Engineering SHIRK. CRAIG KENT. Austin Marketing. AK 1 K American Marketing Association SHIRLEY. WALTER WAYNE. Denison Finance, Longhorn Band SHOOP. WILLIAM JUNIUS, Lufkin Advertising. nKA. AAE, PRSSA. Union Liason Board, American Marketing Association SHORT. BYRON ELLIOTT JR.. Austin Mechanical Engineenng, TBH. t K4, ITTE, H2. KK+. Longhorn Band. Army ROTC, Scabbard and BlajK Outstanding Student SHORT. JOSEPH FELIX. Austm Management SHUFORD. WILLIAM CARROL JR . Rosedale Finance, 2AE, Texas Cowboys SHULKIN, BARRY LYNN. Amarillo Mathematics. SAM. HS, K SHUM. KOWK-WING. Hong Kong Economics SIDOTI. SHIRLEY JEANNE. Bonham Secondary Education. KAFI. AAA, FIA6 SIGMON. CHRISTINE LISETTE, Midland Child Development SIKES. RONALD LEWIS. Sweeny Marketing, AZFI SILBER. ESTHER ANN. Memphis. TN Government. USA. 2I1X, Student-Faculty Committee, Ideas and Issues Committee, YD SILVER. LYNN MARSHA. Skokie, IL Advertising SIM. KWOF-FEI SOWDF.N. Hong Kong Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBH, IEEE SIMMONS, MARSHA ELIZABETH. Baytown Office Administration SIMMONS. SUSAN DIANE. Dallas Interior Design SIMON. GAIL ADRIENNE, San Antonio Elementary Education. A E, Education Council. ACE. CACTUS Staff SIMPSON. MICHAEL EARL. Houston Finance, KV SIMPSON, PENNIE JEANNE MURRAY, Austin Nutrition, SNO SIMS, ALVIS JEROME, Groesbeck English SINGERMAN, JAY, New Orleans. LA Management SIRISAMBHAND. MALEE, Bangkok, Thailand Sociology 534 ttiors Class of 1973 hiil SIU, RAM HOI. Hong Kong Advertising SKAGGS, DANIEL CLAYTON. Austin Pharmacy, PX SKELTON. MICHAEL THOMAS. Dallas Marketing. tK2, American Marketing Association SKELTON. VICTORIA EUGENIA, Texarkana Pharmacy. KE SLANGAL. BARBARA ANN, San Antonio Art Education SMALLING, JEANNE MARIE. Baytown Public Relations Psychology, Union Communications Committee. PRSSA SMITH, BETTYNA MARIE, La Marque Elementary Education SMITH, BRUCE LEE, Austin History, Pre-Law Association SMITH, CAROL ANN. Garland Special Education, Intramurals SMITH, CAROLYN GAIL, Houston Special Education, AF, TSTA, SCEC SMITH, CHARLES DANIEL, Houston Management, QKy SMITH, DAVID FRANKLIN, Dallas Finance SMITH, DAVID RAY. San Antonio Petroleum Engineering, TBFI, I1ET. AIME, UT Parachute Team. Scholastic Appeals Committee SMITH. DEBORAH JO, Houston Education. AZ. Spooks. Round-Up. Cordettes. Orange Jackets. Goodfellow SMITH. GLENDA KAYE. Tyler Elementary Education SMITH. JAMES BURLESON JR.. San Antonio Plan II. t PA. 4 K . HS. t BK. Silver Spurs. Goodfellow. Posse. Outstanding Student SMITH. JANET KAYE. Bellville English AAA. K . BK SMITH. JANET LYNN. Winnsboro Marketing Business Education. AAA. Angel Flight. American Marketme Association. CEC SMITH, JOHN DUNCAN JR., Garland Microbiology SMITH, JOY EILEEN, San Benito English. AAA SMITH, LINDA ANN, Dallas Journalism SMITH, MARK RANDALL, Clarksville Public Relations SMITH, MARVIN BRYANT, Wichita Falls Psychology SMITH, RICHARD JULIAN, Santa Rosa Biology. AEA SMITH. SHELBY ANN. Shreveporl, LA Government. UCA. Resident Advisor SMITH. STEPHEN ADRIAN. Bellaire Journalism AK SMITH. SUSAN MARIE. Midland Clothing Textiles Fashion Design. IIB t . Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross. Mary E. Geanng Home Economics Chapter SNOWDY, ELIZABETH C.. Port Lavaca Interior Design. Resident Advisor. AID SO. PETER CHAN M., Hong Kong Electrical Engineering. H2. HKN. IEEE SOIKOWSKI. KAREN F.. San Antonio Elementary Education. Texas Outing Club SOLIS. MIGUEL. El Paso Law SOLIS, RENEE ELENITA G.. Port Lavaca Pharmacy. KE, I.PhA. Goodfellow SONNENBERGER. ROBERTO SIGFRIDO. Mexico City Government. 1IA . YD SPARKS. ALBERTA DIANE. Fort Worth Textiles- -Clothing, KAII SPARKS. JEFFREY LEE. Dallas Public Relations SPEIGHT. HARRIET C.. Texarkana History Biology SPENCE. SOLON RAY. Houston Sociology SPENCER. RILE KEITH. Sweetwater Management SPERBERG. ROGER DWIGHT LUTHER. El Paso Economics. PEARL Magazine. DAILY TEXAN STANDLEY. BARRY HOWARD. McKinney Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IITS. t H2. K4 . ASME. Intramurals. Engineering Fellows STANSBURY. SUZANNE LYNNE. Ncwlon Mathematics STATON. KATHERINE LYNN. Virginia Beach. VA Elementary Education English. KAII 535 Graduating Seniors STEDMAN. DAVID ANTHONY. Houston Government, University Debate Team, Academic Affairs Committee. YD STEFKA, MARILYN LOUISE, Angleton Business Education STEIN, LINDA RUTH, Waco Sociology STERMER, NANCY LOUISE, Austin Elementary Education Kindergarten, AAFI Upperclass Advisor, ACEI STEWART. BOYD LELAND II. Lufkin History STOBAUOH, DALE B., Round Rock Journalism STOEVER. WALTER EDWARD, La Grange Government STOKES. ALEXIS NAN, Alexandria, VA STOKES, KATHLEEN FERN. San Antonio Elementary Education, University Y Tutor STOLBUN, SAM LEON. Houston History, TA . Pre-Law Association STONE, DENNIS KEITH, Dallas Plan II, 4 HS, 4 K . BK, Student-Faculty Committee STONE, MARTIN LEWIS, Dallas Mechanical Engineering. FITS, TOIL Intramurals STOORZA, SHARON ELAINE. Fort Worth Pharmacy STOREY, SALLY ANN, Arlington STOVALL. EDWARD ROGERS, Crosby Psychology. A !! STRICKLER, JACQUELYN FAYE, Baytown History, AOH STRINGER, ROBERT CLIFTON, Kirbyville Insurance STRONG. ROBERT CHATMAN JR., Joaquin Government, T1ZA STROUD, VICK1 LYNN, San Angelo Speech Pathology SULLIVAN, CANDACE LORRAINE, Lake Jackson History English SUMMERS. LINDA GLADYS. San Angelo Interior Design. AID SUTHERLAND. SAM. Freeport English SUTTON. JOHN EWING. Austin Accounting. K . BA+. Intramurals SVRCEK, BERNARD HENRY, Baytown Accounting SWEET, GARY LEWIS. Miami, FL Journalism SWENUMSON, MARY BETH. Houston Nursing SWIM. JESSE ROGENE, Austin Pharmacy, LPhA SWIREN, NANCY ELLEN, Coral Gables, FL Speech Pathology, K TABAK. DEBRA ANN, San Antonio Genera] Business, AAA TACQUARD, PHYLLIS ELIANE, Galveston Nutrition. SNO TALIAFERRO, TED CASS. Mount Pleasant Pre-Law History. Pre-Law Association TALLEY. SUSAN GRIER, Houston Art. Resident Assistant, Campus Crusade for Christ TALLEY, SUSAN JANE, San Antonio Elementary Education, Spooks TALLEY, WILLIAM ROBERT, Houston Government TANNER. JAMES RODDY, Dallas English TARKINGTON, VIRGINIA LEE. San Antonio Statistics. AZA, Resident Advisor TARLTON. JOHN YERBY. Austin Biology, KK4 ' , Longhom Band TARVER. JOHN EDWARD. Austin Transportation TATANGELO, ROBERT JAMES, Uredo Psychology, University Underwater Society TAUSEND, PATRICIA ANN, Pasadena Microbiology TAWIL. SALEEM, Ingleside Engineering, TBH. HKN, IEEE TAYLOR, MARIANNE. Austin Spanish. PAE, Spanish Club 536 Class of 1973 TAYLOR, TERRI A , San Anlonio Journalism. PRSSA TCHAMANZAR. ABDOL H . Tehran. Iran Electrical Engineering TELLO. MARIO OMAR. Uredo. Mexico Transportation. Scabbard and Blade TERRY. ANN DEGENHARDT. Pleasanton Home Economics Education, F4 B. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter. Panhellenic Council THIELEMANN. FLORA DEAN. Industry Elementary Education THOMAN. MARK CHARLES, Trumbull. CT Education. Crow ' s Nest. Texas Cowboys. NROTC. Semper Fidelis THOMAS. ELLWOOD L. JR.. Houston Marketing THOMAS. MARGARET ANN, Austin Home Economics Child Development THOMAS, THOMAS JAY. Richardson Plan H THOMPSON. ALICE MAY. Austin Education THOMPSON. BETTY JANE. Naples Education English Speech THOMPSON. JULIE ANN. Kenville Business Administration THOMPSON. (CATHERINE REYNOLDS. Kerrville Textiles. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter THOMPSON. KENNETH _EUGENE. Dallas Mechanical Engineering, OJ. ASME. Round-Up THOMPSON. MARVIN GARY. Houston THOMPSON. ROGER DALE, Grand Saline Mathematics TIBBITTS, MARIAN NANETTE. San Antonio Pre-Med Biology, Newman Club. ' Strike and Spare Bowling League TILLY. JOHN ROLAND. Andrews Journalism. KTA. SAX. DAILY TEXAN TIPS, JEANENE M., Dallas Elementary Education, AAA TISDLE, JAMES CORRELL, Austin General Business, Longhorn Band TISH, DONNA LYNN, Houston Radio-Television-Film TJERNAGEL, CATHY SUE, Amanllo English H istory TOBOLA, LOUIS LUDVIK JR.. Dallas Sociology TODD, KELLY ALVIN. Corpus Chnsti Mathematics TOKUSH1GE, KAZUO JOHN. Yamagudi. Japan Mathematics TOLK. JUDY ANNE, Amanllo Journalism. SiX. DAILY TEXAN TOMBERLIN. ROBERT GUY III. Austin French Spanish English TOMPKINS. JANET SUSAN. Waco Psychology TOMPKINS. ROBERT TERRELL. Fort Worth Anthropology TOPP INS. SARAH ELIZABETH, Tuscaloosa. AL Radio-Televis.on-Film. Communication Council TORRES. ELOISA YSAURA. Houston Speech Pathology TRANFAGLIA. TWYLA LYNN. Beaumont Government. FI2A, BK TRAPP, BARBARA JANE. Dallas Education TREACCAR. ANNETTE LILLIAN. La Marque Music. ZAI, Choral Union. Southern Singers TREVINO. RAMOS LEONEL. Tamaulipas. Mexico Electrical Engineering TRLICA, JACK SCOTT. Austin Psychology TRODLIER. MARSHA SUE HOPE. Sinton Special Education. ACE. SCEC TRUTNA. WILLIAM RICHARD JR.. Pasadena Electrical Engineering. TBFI, HK.N, IEEE TSEVAT, DANIEL, Austin Economics TSU. CHI CHAI, Austin Pharmacy, K . LPhA TUBBS. ARTHUR DAN. Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering, FITS. TBTI TUCKER. CYNTHIA. Grand Prairie Physical Education. PEM Club 537 Graduating Seniors TUDOR. SUSAN TERRY. Texarkana History Spanish. A J . White Star Sweethearts. Spooks TURNBOUGH. CYNTHIA KAY. Balmorhea Education Speech. Student Christian Fellowship TU RN ER. BETTY SUE. Corpus Chnsti Education. IlBt TURNER. BILLY RAY. Rising Star Electrical Engineering TURNER. GERALD LYNN. Alpine Civil Engineering. ASCE TURNER. NEOMIA. Amarillo Psychology TURNER. ROSALIND JOYCE. Grand Prairie Secondary Education Science TURRENTINE. LARRY DALE. Austin Pharmacy. LPhA TYLER. JACK LAMAR JR.. Little Rock. AR Mechanical Engineering TYROCH, JERRY DANIEL JR.. Temple Finance, KA ULMANN. CAMILLE MARIE. Corpus Christi Biology. Engineering Wives ULMANN. TROY ROBERT. Corpus Chnsti Civil Engineering, ASCE ULRICH. JOHN MASIL HEINZ. Bloomfield Hills. MI Radio- Television-Film, Freshman Football. Varsity Football, BSU ULSH. ROBERT VANCE JR.. New Orleans. LA Mathematics URIBE. FRED J., San Antonio Civil Engineering. ASCE URIBE. HECTOR DANIEL JR.. San Antonio Mathematics USELTON. SAMUEL PARKER. Austin Mathematics, 2K USSERY. EDITH MYRAM. Austin Education UTTENWEILER. CHRISTINE ESTELLE. Porter Special Education VACLAVIK. DORIS MARIE. LaGrange Elementary Education. SEA VANDEHEY. DALE MICHAEL, Austin Management, 2 IE. Arnold Air Society. Goodfellow VANDERGRIFF. JANET SUE. Midland Elementary Education. XS2 VANDERWERTH. PENELOPE JOE. Houston Education VAN DE WIELE. JOHN A.. Walnut Grove. MN Civil Engineering, ASCE VAN SHELLENBECK. GLEN KURT. Houston Accounting VANSICKLE. MARY LYNN. Rio Hondo Pharmacy. LPhA VAN ZANT. JOHN EDWIN. San Antonio Finance. AXA. Undergraduate Research Foundation. Longhorn Singers VASQUEZ. RAUL ANTONIO. Bogota. Colombia Chemical Engineering. AIChE VELA. LUCILLE IRENE. San Antonio Pharmacy. KE. LPhA VERBICK. DONALD LEE. Dallas Mechanical Engineering. ASME VERRETT. RONALD GREGG. Baton Rouge. LA Zoology. Undergraduate Microbiology Society. UT Outing Club VICK. GEORGIA LYNN. Austin Elementary Education VICKREY, RICHARD ALLAN. Pensacola, FL Radio-Television-Film VILLARREAL. SANTIAGO. Corpus Christi Biology VILLASANA. RICHARD JR.. San Antonio Business Administration VILLASENOR. REBECCA LOUIS, Austin Government VOGT, GREGORY JOSEPH, South River. NJ Sociology VONGCHAREON. VARAKIJ. Bangkok. Thailand Civil Engineering VORCE. LINDA MICHELE. San Antonio Marketing, AX1 1. Little Sisters, American Marketing Association WADE. RONALD ELLIS. Gilmer Business. YD WAGNER. STEVEN CLARK. Houston History WAHRMUND. DONALD CHARLES. Houston Chemical Engineering. TBII. fiXE. 4 HS. AIChE 538 o Class of 1973 WA1DHOFER, WILLIAM. Houston Biology. AEA WALDEN. CAROLYN MARGARET. Houston WALDHAUSER. MELANIE MARGARET, Houston French. AAA. Senior Cabinet, Humanities Council. Union Committees. Upper-Class Advisor WALLACE. DEBORAH KAY. Texas City Elementary Education WALLS. STEPHEN CRAIG. Pampa Mechanical Engineering, AT. I1T2, TBFI, OAK. ASME. Student Senate. Engineering Council. Goodfellow, TexPIRG WALSH, JON WILLIAM. Houston Government. AXA WALTERS, CAROL LYNN. Longview Nursing. UT Nursing Students Association WARD. DAVID MARTIN. Austin Management, AtS2, Intramurals WARD, JOHN FRANK, Irving Real Estate, KS. HS, Speakers Committee. Real Estate Society WARE. CYNTHIA. Bellaire Home Economics Teacher Education. AZ. Round-Up. CACTUS Staff. Resident Advisor. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter WARNER. JUDITH MARGARET. Norfolk. VA Advertising WARREN. DAVID BRUCE. La Porte Education WARREN. RONNIE LYNN, Weatherford Accounting WASHINGTON, CAROLYN ELIZABETH. Houston Mathematics AI6. Phi Beta Kinsolving. The Blacks WATERS. LELAND WYATT. Pampa Finance. AT. CBA Council. TexPIRG. American Finance Association W ATKINS. GLENDA GAIL. Dallas Government, FIZA, 4 K t , Pre-Law Association. YD WATLER. MARK COLLINS. Beaumont Plan II History, 4 A0. Pre-Law Association WATSON. DAVID GARY, Cisco Pharmacy. K+. LPhA WATSON. DUANE HERMAN. Austin Insurance. Texas Insurance Society WATSON, JUDY MARSHA, Amarillo Microbiology WATSON. LOIS MARIE. Houston Speech, A28, Union Board, Union Program Council. Afro-American Culture Committee, Project Info WATSON. RALPH EUGENE, Killeen Education, PEM Club, Intramurals WEATHERBY, ROBERTA GAIL. San Saba American Studies WEAVER. JANICE SYBLE. Corpus Chnsti English WEAVER. NANCY, New Orleans. LA Zoology, AiA, AAA WEBB. PAMELA SUE. Pasadena English Speech WEDDELL. WILLIAM ALAN. Lake Jackson Mechanical Engineenng. AXA, Football WEISINGER. JAMES STEVEN, Baytown Finance. 6i WELCH. MELINDA JOAN. Houston Elementary Education WELHAUSEN. CYNTHIA RAE. Shiner Mathematics. AXfl. AAA WELLMAN. JAMES ALLEN. Texas City Accounting WELLS. MARIANNE DICKERSON. Piano History WENDE. DIANE ELAINE. Houston French. AAA. HAS, t K . 1 BK. Intramurals WERCHAN, CAROL ANN. Austin Special Education WERST. JOHN JAMES. Big Lake Journalism. J EK, DAILY TEXAN. Association for Computing Machinery WESSELS. CAROLYN RUTH. Fayetteville Secondary Education. SEA WEST. HELEN McDANIEL. Pampa French German, Texas Sacred Singers. French Club. German Club. SCOPE WEST. RONALD EUGENE. Carmichael. CA Pharmacy. LPhA WESTMORELAND. BRADLEY. Lubbock Economics. ATA. HE. BK. Orientation Advisor. Union Student-Faculty Committee. Challenge Committee WHALEN. CAROL JAN. Prosper Special Education. KAII WHATLEY. LINDA SUE. Houston Psychology, AJA. AAA WHITE. CHARLES CLIFFORD JR.. Austin Electrical Engineering. IEEE. YR 539 Graduating Seniors WHITE. DEBORAH GAY, Dallas Journalism. SAX. DAILY TEXAN. Longhorn Singers. Varsity Singers, Women in Communications WHITE. DOUGLAS ALAN. Fort Sam Houston Business Administration, A J . Transportation Club. Business Honors Plan WHITE. SARA MARGARET. Sherman Elementary Education WHITE. THOMAS MARTIN. Pittsburg English. 2X. BK WHITF1ELD. MARIANNE. Dallas Speech. AAA WHITF1LL. AILEEN CATHERINE. Houston Secondary Education Social Studies. Resident Advisor WHITWORTH. JOSEPH T. III. Houston Management W1EGAND. PATRICIA ANN. Lockharl Studio Art WILEMON. TERRI LYNNE. Dallas Special Education WILEY. ISAAC FLOYD. Leander Business Administration. AK . American Marketing Association WILKINS. WILLIAM AUBREY. Austin Marketing, A-II. American Marketing Association W1LLHOITE, WARREN ALLEN. Austin Mathematics WILLIAMS. BILLIE JO. Houston Nursing. TNSA. The Blacks WILLIAMS, DENISE AYNTOINETTE. San Antonio Biology. AKA. Union Challenge Committee. Resident Advisor WILLIAMS, GEORGE TERRY, San Antonio Business Administration WILLIAMS, LINDA MAY, Richardson Mathematics, A . CACTUS Staff. Challenge Committee WILLIAMS, LOIS JANE, Dallas Elementary Education History WILLIAMS, THOMAS JOSEPH. Fort Worth Government. LISA. Tejas Club. Freshman Encounter, Union Entertainment Committee WILLIS. JOYCE ANN. San Antonio Psychology WILLSON. CATHERINE LYNN. San Antonio Mathematics. AAA WILSON. CATHY GALE, Marshall English Speech WILSON. GWENDOLYN FAYE. Texas City History Latin. AKA. Panhellenic Council. Mortar Board. Phi Beta Kinsolvmg. Dean ' s List. Bluebonnet Belle. Outstanding Student WILSON. JAMES OWEN. Austin Actuarial Science. Rugby WILSON. SCOTT BRADFORD. San Antonio Pre-Med WILSON. SHARON E. G.. Austin Nutrition. SNO WINSETT, DENNIS EDGAR. Corpus Christi Electrical Engineering WINSLOW. ROBERT FRANK, Tyler History WINTERS. WILLIAM DEAN. Corpus Christi Accounting WISCH, STEVEN ALAN, Fort Worth Journalism Government, SAX, DAILY TEXAN Managing Editor, Outstanding Student, Dean ' s List, PEARL Magazine. TSP Bd.. TexPIRG WISE. KENNETH PERRY, Miami, FL Physical Education WISE. MARILYN RUEDING. L. Beaumont Government WISE. ROBERT ALLEN. Houston Business Administration. ZBT. Texas Cowboys WISS1NK. DEBORAH H.. Maquoketa. IA Business Administration WOHLSEN. ROSEMARY KANE. Austin Philosophy. AF, Symphony Orchestra WOLF. BARRY HOWARD. Longview General Business, SAM, Scabbard and Blade WOLFE. ROLAND TAMPLIN, Houston Mathematics, $KC . t HS, t BK, Christian Science Organization WOLFMUELLER. JOAN GRACE. Kerrville Marketing WOLFSON. STEVEN RANDALL. Dallas Government WOLTMAN. GLENN RAY. Marlm Petroleum Engineering. AIME WONG. CHARLES FU-CHUEN. Hong Kong Chemical Engineering WONG. CHI WAH. Kowloon. Hong Kong Mathematics WONG. ELLEN YUEN-LING. Hong Kong Business Administration ktti 540 aiors Class of 1973 fc? WOOD, BRANSON LELTEW III. Leander Economics, AAA WOOD, CAROL JEAN, Dallas Geography WOOD, GLENA EARLENE, Ardmore. OK Biology. KA6 WOOD, KATHRYN HUNGATE. Troy, MO Psychology WOOD, LARRY GENE, Harlingen Business Administration, SOTA WOODS, SHARON MARIE, Houston English History, AAA WORHOL, TERRY ANNE, Houston Education. KAH, Upper-Class Advisor, SEA WORTLEY, ELIZABETH PEABODY. Dallas Drama, AAA. Little Sisters of the Seven Stars WORTLEY. GARY STEWART. Dallas Music. AT, H2. HKA. K . MA. Friars Society, Student Senate WOZNIAK. RICHARD ALAN. Wharton Marketing WOZOBSKI. OSCAR, Dallas Economics, Intramurals, Dean ' s List WRIGHT, BARBARA CAROL, San Antonio History, TBZ, FIA6. Longhorn Band, Spooks. Resident Advisor. Upper-Clas! Advisor, Goodfellow WRIGHT, BETTY JANE, Dallas Accounting WYNN, JIM DUDLEY. Austin Radio- Television-Film WYNNE MARTHA VIRGINIA. Dallas Public Relations. AF. PRSSA, Women in Communications, CACTUS Staff. DAILY TEXAN WYNNE, WRENO SMITH, Dallas Radio-Television-Film, 4 9K YARLING. CHARLES BYRON, Austin Electrical Engineering. flA . MA, [TA . IEEE YATES. RONALD FRANKLIN. Kingsland Government, ATA ft H YORK, HANSELL N. III. Baytown Accounting. AZFI YOUENS. ROBERT ALLEN, Weimar Biology. HZ. AEA YOUNG. MARY VIRGINIA. El Campo Home Economics, SNO, Mary E. Gearing. Home Economics Chapter YOUNG, MICHAEL STEVEN, Hamlin Biology. AEA YOUNGBLOOD. CATHEY JANE. Sherman Management. AZ, YR. American Marketing Association, CACTUS Staff, Round-Up, Campus Chest YR1ZARRY, ELAINE DEBRA. San Antonio Mathematics, AZ YU, HONG, Staten Island, NY Electrical Engineering, Chinese Students Association YUSPEH, LARRY MARVIN, New Orleans, LA Plan II Government ZABEL, GINGER McDONALD, Refugic Business Education, 111211 ZABEL, MARK PATRICK, Woodsboro Biology. AEA. A B ZAJICEK, I , KENNETH WAYNE, Columbus Journalism ZEPPA, CAROL MARIE. Austin Office Administration ZEPPA, MARK HARVEY. Austin History ZIMMERHANZEL. LORETTA ANN. Paige Elementary Education ZINNANTE, MARIAN A.. Houston English Mathematics. UAH ZIPP. JACQUELYN MAXINE. San Antonio Nursing ZOLLER. JANET FRANCES, Groves Elementary Education. AZA. KAH, TSTA, CACTUS Staff ZORN. MARTHA ANN, Kilgore Elementary Education. KAI7 541 Seniors Clas ADAMS, ALICE ANN, Dallas ADAMS, SUSAN, Houston ALCORN, GWENLYN JOYCE, Hitchcock ALLBRIGHT, JAMES JACOB III, Austin ALLEN, RUSSELL SCOTT, Tyler ALPERT, EMILY JOYCE, Houston ALVIS, WILLIAM TRUETT, Rochester AMMERM AN, GLENN H., Rodeo, NM ANAMOSA, MARTHA JEAN, Albuquerque, NM ARDEN, PAMELA JEAN. Amarillo BALDWIN, SUZANNE, Seabrook BALL. NANETTE, Austin BARTON, DEBORAH ANN, Dallas BAUER, AUSTIN PERRY JR., Houston BAYSEK, ALLAN JAMES, Longview BEASLEY. STEPHEN CRAIG, Houston BEAUREGARD, MAX L., Amarillo BELLMONT. CAROLYN ELIZABETH. Houston BENTON, DONALD FRANCIS. Houston BERNARD. CARL WILLIAM, Austin BLANKENBAKER, SUE ELLEN, Mission BLEFELD. BARBARA ANN. Dallas BOWEN. CHARLES W] LLIAM JR.. San Antonio BOWERS, GREGORY LEE, Amarillo BOYD. SHARON KAY. Denison BRAGG, KENNETH DONALD, San Antonio BRAUN. DENNA GAYLE, Wichita Falls BRENT, WILLIAM ERWIN, Bonham BROWDER, JAMES EDWARD, Fort Worth BRUTON, NANCY JEAN. Dallas BRYANS, CAROL ANN, Paris BUCHEK, ROBERT HARVEY, San Antonio BURCH, YVONNE MARIE. San Antonio BUSH, PERCY JOHN, Kingston, NY CAIN. MARCIA ANN. Dallas CALLAND, JOHN WILLIAM. Austin CAMPISE. JANICE, Houston CARMICHAEL, ROBERT FRANKLIN, Brady CARPENTER, LAURIE ELLEN, Fort Worth CHARNEY. MOLLIE SUE, Austin CLARK. MICHAEL DUANE, Houston CLECKLEY, SUSAN ELAINE, Pasadena COLLINS, SUSAN VAUGHAN, Alexandria, VA COOMBS, CATHY PAULETTE. Kenedy COURTNEY, CAREN ELIZABETH. Fort Worth COVEY. STEVEN MARTIN, Houston COYNER. ROGER EDWAED. Cleveland. OH CRUMPTON. DAVID WILMOTH, Hillsboro CRYMES. MARY COOPER, Abilene DALRYMPLE, ROBERT ALAN, Dallas DAVENPORT, SARAH ELLEN, Clearwater, FL DAVIS, AVAN ANN, San Antonio D1NERSTEIN, CAROL ANN, Houston DODDS, TOMMY L., Arlington DORTCH, RICHARD MASON. Longview DR EWR Y, ROBERT W! LSON, Fort Worth 542 niors Class of 1973 DuBOIS, MARY SUZAN, San Antonio DUBOW, JANIS LYNN, Houston DUCKETT. DW1OHT DEAN, Victoria DUFF, ROSENELL, Ferris DUNKLE, DAVID PAT, Perryton DURAND, GEORGE MARION, Buna EDGERTON, MARTHA JANE, Rio Grande City EDWARDS. KENNETH CHARLES, Midlothian EISENBERG, RICHARD N., Houston ENGLAND, EARL BYRON, Odessa ETHRIDGE, NANCY JO, San Antonio EUBANKS, EDWIN ALLEN, Santa Rosa EVANS, STANLEY PAUL, Nederland FARANESH; SOUH AIL B., Nazareth, Israel FATH, BETSY, Austin FERRELL, RICHARD EDWARD. Longview FILLING1M, DAVID BRIAN, San Antonio FISHER. TIMOTHY LEE, McKinncy FLACK, JOE FENLEY JR., Houston FLINT, GEORGE RICE, Austin FLINT, LINDA KRENEK. Austin FLORES, DANIEL REYNALDO, San Antonio FLORES, LINDA FAY, San Antonio FORD, JOAN MITCHELL, Houston FRANK, EDMUND PAUL, Austin FRANKLIN, CRAIG ALAN, Tilden GERTNER, CAREN RAE, Houston GIDEON, RALE STERLING, Lockhart GILBERT, GIB CARL, Edinburg GILL, MICHAEL RAY, Weatherford GINNINGS, SUSAN ANN, Ballinger GIRAUDIN, PATRISSA ANN, Corpus Christi GOGGIN. JOHN R. JR., Roswell, NM GRIBBLE, KRUSE, Houston GROTEVANT, DEBORAH ANN. Dallas GUESS. VIRGINIA CHRISTINE, Wharton GURLEY, RONNIE ANTHONY. Crane GUTIERREZ. CONRADO. Ingleside GUTIERREZ, IRMA GUADALUPE, Laredo HAJEK, JONNIE FRANK. Austin HARBOUR. JACK GORDON, Austin HARMON, SCOTT INERSOLL, Dallas HARRIS, CHRISTINE RAE. San Antonio HART, MICHAEL N., Austin HART, RICHARD EARL, Baytown HAWKINS, KAREN SUE, Corsicana HAYTER, DALE W. JR., San Angelo HEAD. DEBORAH J ANNETTE, Austin HEMBREE, JANE ELLEN. Arlington HENSKE, TERRY ERVIN. Bel lville HICKS, CYNTHIA ELAINE, Hitchcock HILL, CYDNEY, Austin HINOJOSA. EUGENIC R. JR., San Diego HOOKS. ROBERT WALDEN. Tomball HORNE. RONALD LEE. Corpus Christi HUEBINGER, FRANCES MARIE, Marion 543 Seniors HUGHES, KNOX BROWN. Houston HUMPHRIES, DAVID ROBERT, Auslin HUNG, CHUNG-BUN THOMAS, Hong Kong HUNSICKER, TERESA LYNN. El Paso IBARRA. FRANK JESSE, San Antonio IIMURA. SHINICHI JOE, Utsunomiya City, Japan IVY, LARRY RAYMOND, Fairfield JACKS, HORACE, Waco JACOBSON, STEVEN KARL. Garland JAMES, MARY ELIZABETH, Austin JANICEK, DARYL JOSEPH, Fremont JIMENEZ, ALMA EDNA. San Antonio JOHNSON, SUSAN INGRAM. Waco JONES, PATSY RUTH, San Antonio JORDAN. SHARI DIANNE, Killeen JOYCE, GEORGE ALAN. RJchardson JURIK. THOMAS WAYNE, Beaumont KEENER, KATHY ANN, Vernon KEGANS, JAMES RUSSELL, Leonard KENNEDY. THOMAS JAREL, Farmersville KIES, ROGER FLETCHER, San Antonio KLESEL, DONNA GAYLE, Schulenburg KNEPP, RAYMOND BERNELL, Dallas KOHOUT. REBECCA ANN. Stamford KOTERAS. CHARLOTTE ANN, Houston LAMORENA. ALBERTO J. C. Ill, Agana. Guam LANDRETH, VICK1 LU, Tulsa, OK LASSITER, GERALD TRAVIS. Austin LAWLOR. CHRISTINE ELLEN, San Antonio LEAL, RAFAELA LEGS, Austin LEDBETTER, ELEANOR CLAIRE, Palestine LEWIS, BRUCE ANDERSON. Cuero LIECK, SAMUEL LOUIS, San Antonio L1TTLEPAGE, THOMAS HENDRA JR., Dallas LITTMAN, LINDA ANN. Houston LOCKETT. WILLIAM CLEVELAND. Houston LOKEY. CHRISTOPHER W.. Fort Worth LOTT. SARAH KATHERYN. San Antonio LOVE, MARY ALICE, Austin LOVEALL. SHARON LEE. Fort Worth LUTES. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN III, Dallas MADDEN, JACQUELINE KAY, Killeen MADDUX. MILLYE ANN, Palestine MALONE. FELIX JR.. Killeen MARTIN. BARBARA JEAN, Frankston MARTINEZ, STEVE, Mission MATTHEWS, BRUCE AUSTIN, Helotes MAYER, MARK STEVEN, Mobile, AL MCAFEE. HUGH ALLEN, Houston McREE, WALTER EVERETT. Port Arthur MELLGREN, ANDREA JUNE, Austin METCALF, WILLIAM M. JR., Baraboo. WI MIKESKA, JOE ED. Austin MILLER, MARION MANTON III, Cooper MILSTEAD, THOMAS HEWES, Houston MIRACLE, DEBORAH MURREY, Wills Point 544 rs Class of 1973 MITCHELL, ROBERT TERRY, Del Rio MOORE, GEORGE PROCTOR, Houston MOORE. KATHY LOU, Austin MOORE, MARTHA KATHRYN, Midland MUCK, JOHN KELLY, Kenville MUNIR. RAMSEY MICHAEL, Euless MURCHISON, CAREN JANE, Austin NEELY, SUSAN KEARNS. Amarillo NIXON, JANIS LEE, Austin NUNNELLY, RANDALL S., Bakersfield, CA PAYNE, HARRY JENNINGS, Lawrencevffle, IL PENCE, PHILLIP RAY JR., Tyler PENDLETON, WILLIAM J., Lincolnton. NC PETERSON, JEFFREY ALTON, Austin PETRASH, JACKIE RAY, Schulenburg PETTIT, MIKEL HOUSTON, Falfurrias PLATTNER, ARDEN LAYNE, Grand Prairie PLATTNER, GAIL GUSTAFSON, Arlington POYNOR, WESLEY JIM, Jacksboro PRESSLER. CATHERINE LOUISE Galveston PRICE, JERRY LEE, Big Spring PRITCHARD, KENNETH F., San Antonio PRITCHETT, JAMES PATRICK, Midland PROFT. ROBERT WAYNE, Port Arthur PUCK, PATRICIA SUZANNE, San Antonio PULLAM, JOE CHARLES, Corpus Christi PYLE, CARLA JAN, Tyler RADOR, CHRIS ALEXANDER, Dallas RAIMOND, CHARLES VAN, Galveston RAY, RANDALL GLEN. Fort Worth REAVES, VIVIAN GAYLE, Houston RECH, MICHAEL ANTHONY, Austin REINBACH, MAX OTTO JR., Kenville REINSCH, JANET KATHERINE, San Antonio REUTER, LARRY MICHAEL, Houston REYES, JUAN ISIDRO. Manor RODRIGUEZ, DAVID ROY, San Antonio RODRIGUEZ. RICHARDO, Brownsville ROGERS, BRUCE WILSON. Dickinson ROSE, LINDA ANN, Austin ROSENTHAL, ALAN RAY, Dallas RUBENKOENIG, RALPH DAVID, Burleson SAMPSON, LYNN ELLEN, Orange SANFORD, JANET LEA, Brownsville SAUER, CAROL SAUNDERS, Houston SAUER, EDWARD HUGH, Houston SAVAGE, JACK WILLIAM JR.. Dallas SCHMIDT, RODNEY DUANE, Lake Jackson SCHROEDER, GALEN OILLIS, Thoradale SCOTT, WILLIAM BUERK, Dallas SH1FLET. RONNIE EARL, Tyler SHTAWI, ABEDELRAZAK. Nazareth, Israel SISK, JUDITH ANN, Universal City SMITH. JAMES WESTON, Chatham, NJ SMITH. MARION ALLEN. Livingston SMITH, RHONDA SUE, Duncanville 545 Seniors Clas SMITH. RONALD DWIGHT, Duncanville SOUSARES, LYNN SCOTT, Austin SPENCER, JOHN RICHARD, Gilmer SPRAGGINS, DEBORAH, Jacksonville STEINHEBEL. TERRANCE LEROY, San Antonio STIBA, VICTORIA LAURA, San Antonio STRICKLAND, NANCY JOY, Kenedy STUART, CHARLES MICHAEL, Weatherford STUDEBAKER, LINDA SUSAN, Raymondville SULLIVAN, WILLIAM PATRICK.Fort Worth TABOR, CHRISTOPHER C, Fort Worth TAMBURECLO, NANCY MELINDA, Houston THOMAS, FRANCES CLAIRE, Austin THOMAS, SUSAN BELL, Dallas THORNBURG, ROBERT BARRY, Houston THORNE, JULIE DIANE, Austin THORPE, JO ELLEN, Baytown TOWSLEY, DANIEL KENT, Azle TREACCAR, THOMAS HEINAN, La Marque TREVINO, ROSA MARIA, Zapata TRIESCH, JOHNNY TRACY, San Antonio TURPIN, JAMES EDWIN, Bryan VALDEZ, CARLOS LAURO, Channahon, IL VALIGURA, KATHLEEN C., Angletim VASQUEZ, ELEUTERIO, San Antonio VORNSAND. KURTTHEUER, Schulenburg WALKER, MATTHEW MAYNARD, Tyler WALLACE, BYRON KENT, Fort Worth WATSON, GARY LYNN, Hillsboro WATSON, ROBERT JOE, Dallas WEIDNER, CHESTER PAUL JR., Houston WERKENTHIN, MARIE LOUISE, Austin WHEELER, RICHARD DOYLE, Austin WHITE, GARY WRENN, Rockdale WH1TED, JAMES BYRON, Houston WHITSON, KENNETH WESLEY. Dallas WIEMERS, ONIS COR WIN, Hondo WIENTJES, MARK STEPHEN, San Antonio WIGGINTON, LARRY JOE, San Antonio WILDASIN, MARY PENELOPE, Harlingen WILKERSON, DIA KAREN, Tyler WILLIAMS, CLYDE JR., Comanche WILLIAMS, MARK THOMAS, LaPorte WILLIAMSON, KAREN ELIZABETH, San Antonio WINSLOW, KAREN FRANCES, Dallas WONG, THOMAS KAM YUEN, Austin WOYTEK, BARBARA JEAN. Deer Park YACKEL. ROGER ALAN, Houston YARBROUGH, CHRISTY JANE, Houston I I ' ' YARBROUGH, RICHARD A.. Waco YOUNG, NANCY ALENE, Texarkana ZAVALA, ALICIA, San Antonio ZA VALET A, JOHN JOSEPH, Austin 546 fflors Class of 1974 ACKER, HELEN ANN. Freer ACOSTA, MARY HELEN. San Antonio ADAMS, DIANA RAGAN. Houston ADIN, RICHARD LOUIS, Dallas ADKINS, JOHN AUGUST. Houston AFGHAHI, SAEED, Tehran. Iran AICKLEN, ANDREW ]., Virginia Beach, VA AIRHART, DIXON ANN. Austin AKIN, MARK DONNELL, Wichita Falls ALBERS, CATHERINE REBECCA, Waco ALEXANDER, SHANE CONRAD. KerrviUe ALLEY, SANDRA DAWN, Houston ALLISON, SHERYL LEA, Del Rio ALLMOND, STEVEN ROY, Odessa ALTHAUS, VOY ERNEST JR., Houston ALTSHULER. KAREN M., St. Louis. MO ALVARADO, DIANA DELIA, Laredo ALVARADO. PATRICIA ANN, Beeville AMAYA, RENE LUIS, San Diego ANDERS, VICKIE JEANNINE, Beaumont ANDERSON, GARY ROBERT, Fort Worth ANDERSON, LARRY OSCAR, Austin ANGELL, REBECCA GAIL, Cameron ARCHER, THOMAS J. Ill, Austin ARNETT, REBECCA MARIE. Dallas ARNOLD, AUGUSTUS WILLIAM HI, Houston ARNOLD, LINELL M. P., Austin il ARRA. STEPHEN NICHOLAS, San Antonio ASHFORD, DEBORAH LEE, Houston ATHERTON, BARBARA ANN, Dallas ATWOOD. CLIFFORD M., Pearland AUSTEIN, ROBERT KEITH, Dallas AUSTIN, KATHLEEN DAWN, San Antonio AVES. RICHARD De OCHOA. San Antonio AYERS, CHARLENE ELIZABETH. Harlingen BACKUS, DIANA LEE. Wichita, KS BAILEY, JAMES HOWARD JR., Grand Prairie BAILEY, NANCY YVONNE, Austin BAINTER, GRACE, Houston BAKER, LUCY, Houston BAKER, REX GAVIN III, Sugarland BALDWIN, BRENT WINFIELD. Houston BALL. JAMES ANDREW JR., Dallas BALLIN, LESLIE IRWIN, Memphis. TN BANISTER, PATRICIA ANN, Austin BARBEE. CHRISTOPHER F.. El Campo BARBEE. JAMES PHILIP. San Antonio BARCLAY, HARRY EDWARD, Silsbee BAREF1ELD. KIRK. Baytown BARNEBEY. MALCOLM E., San Antonio BARN HOUSE. KYLE REVEL, El Paso BARRERA. ANNABEL, Roma BARRON, SANDRA GAIL, Dallas BARTEE. STEPHEN LLOYD, Houston ft BASORE, STEVEN DALE, Alvin BAYLOR, JOAN ELIZABETH, Yorktown BEAN, JACK CHRISTAL JR.. Wichita Falls BEARD, BRADLEY JEAN, Fort Worth BECK. HAL ZANE, Ballinger BEDNARSKI, STEVEN JOHN, Houston BEESON. MARY JO, Houston BEH RENDS, TERRY M., Fredericksburg BEILAND, LINDA LOU, Dallas BENAVIDES.NORMA ALICIA, Laredo BENDER, PAUL, Bakersfield, CA BENFIELD, JANEY FAY, Sour Lake BENSON, ANN BLYTHE. Del Valle BENTLEY, MARIAN RUTH. Burkbumelt BER. JAMIE MICHELE, New Orleans, LA BERGER, EDGAR JOE JR., Killeen BERGMAN. KATHY SUE, Wichita, KS BERNSEN. CONSTANCE M.. Corpus Christi BERNSTIEN. BRUCE EDWARD. Omaha, NE BERNTSEN. ELLEN ANN. Longview BERRY, CYNTHIA ANNE. Richardson BERRY, MARGARET DENNARD, Henderson BEYER. BETTY LOU. Houston BIEL, WILLIAM TRICKEY, Corpus Chrisli BIGGS. KAREN ANN. Midland BILLIOT, STEPHEN FRANK. Rcfugio BILLMAN, PAUL HENRY. Fort Worth BIRMELE. GERALD M.. Hartford. MI BIRNBAUM. MOV A SUE, Corpus Christi BLACK. BETSY JANE. Houston BLANKENBAKER, SHARON L., Mission BLEVINS, LYNDA LOIS, Duncanville BLOCK, PETER HASTINGS. Houston BODIN, ELIZABETH KAY, Port Arthur BOGDAN. GREGORY EDWARD. El Paso BOLAND. LUCILE CATHERINE, Houston 547 Juniors BOLES. BRIAN DAVID. Houston BOND, TEDDY JOE JR., Houston BOOKER, WILLIAM THOMAS, Newton BOONE, TERRY LEE, San Antonio BORNEMAN. CYNTHIA ANN, Houston BOUNDS. STEPHEN LAWRENCE, Denison BOWDEN, GLENDA LYNN, Austin BOWDOIN, ROCHELLE, Austin BOWEN. LINDA S., Dallas BOYDSTON, BEVERLY JOY, Burleson BOYNTON, NANCY JANE, Demon BRANCH, JAMES FUHR. San Antonio BRANDS, MICHAEL BERNARD, Amarillo BRANTLEY, WILLIAM HARRISON III, Irving BREEDEN, BARBARA DIANE, Austin BREEZE, WILLIAM H. JR., Raleigh, NC BRENNAN, JOHN CHARLES, Dallas BRIMELOW, ALICE, Dallas BRITTON. DAVID NORMAN, San Antonio BROCK. RANDY LEE, Houston BRODNAX, JOHN WHITAKER, Dallas BROOKS. NANCY LOUISE, Dallas BROWDER, LINDA CAROL. Austin BROWN, GENE ANN. Houston BROWN. HERBERT RALPH. Dayton BROWN, RANDOLPH WEIR, Garland BRUGGMAN.GARY LEE, Texas City f BRUMLEY, DEBORAH ANN, San Antonio BRUMMELL, JOANNE MARIE, Hooks BRUUN, LANCE KAY, Houston BRUYERE, RAYMOND M., Dallas BUCHANAN, SHIRLEY JEAN, San Antonio BURKE, ROBERT C. JR., Midland BURKETT. ZACK THOMASON III, Graham BURKHALTER, BONNIE KAY, Corpus Christi BURLINGAME, CHRISTINE, Corpus Christi BURT. KEITH EDWIN, Tyler BUSBY, STEPHEN CRAIN, Houston BUTLER, JOHN DALE, Texas City BYAS. NATHANIEL C., Hillsboro CAIN, LANA SUE, Taylor CALHOON, THOMAS FRANKLIN IV, Liberty CALLAGHAN,. PATRICIA ANNE, San Antonio CAMPBELL, DAVID CALVIN JR.. Houston CAMPBELL, MARTHA F., San Antonio CAMPBELL, SCOTT ALDEN, Hurst CAMPBELL, THOMAS WILLIAM, League City CANNON, NANCY K., Corpus Christi CARBERRY, BILLY JAMES, Troy CARD, HORACE WILLIAM III, Harlingen CARLEGIS, NORMAN JAMES, Fort Worth CARLISLE, SARAH ANN, Austin CARLSON. DAVID WAYNE, Taylor CARREN, DAVID BENNETT. Dallas CASSERLY, PATRICIA ANN, Pasadena, CA CATALANO, KATHLEEN MARIE, Buffalo, NY CATALANO, RUSSELL JOHN, Buffalo, NY CATES. CLAUDIA ANN, Austin CERRILLO, JUAN ANGEL, Harlingen CHALKER, WILTON FOSTER, Houston CHAMBERS. CHRISTOPHER LANE. San Antonio CHAPMAN. DEBORAH ANN. Rusk CHAPMAN. DEBRA DAY, Nocona CHAPMAN. RAYBURN KEITH, Carthage CHAPMAN. RICHARD SCOTT. Corpus Christi CHEN. DORIS MING-SEE, Abemathy CHENOWETH, TRACEE ANN, Tyler CHERRY, JENNIFER McANULTY, Austin CHEUNG, CANDY MUI-GHI, Hong Kong CHILDERS, PAMELA KAY, Kyle CHRISTIAN, KEITH ALLEN. Texarkana CHURCHILL, STEPHEN T., Fort Worth CLARKSON. DEBRA JEANNE. Oak Park, IL CLAYTON. SANDRA SUE, Longview CLELAND, ROBERTA LYNN, Dallas CLELAND, ROXANNE LOUISE, Dallas CLIFFE, JILL ANN, San Antonio CLIFTON, HULEN EDWARD III, Corpus Christi COCKBURN, THOMAS NEIL, Lampasas COCKRELL, DEBORAH JEAN. Evansville, IN COERVER, MARGERY ELAINE, Dallas COFFEY, LOU ELIZABETH, Dallas COFFEY, WILLIAM JOSEPH. Houston COLE. CLYDE FRANCIS, Dallas COLEMAN, GARY LEE. Pasadena COLEMAN, NANCY LOIS, Houston COLLADO, LETICIA. Mataraoros, Mexico COMPTON, SANDRA GAY, San Antonio CONNALLY, FREDERICK HAROLD, Dallas CONRADT, PATRICIA ANN, Terrell 548 unors Class of 1974 A J, CONTRERAS, HELI F., Maracaibo. Venezuela CONTRERAS, JOE ANTHONY, McAIIen COOKE, EDWIN THEODORE III, San Antonio COOLEY, ROY BYRON, Gladewaler COOPER, RICKIE CHARLENE, Austin COUSSOU, HARRY EARL JR., Beaumont COVENTRY, ANNA MARIE, Austin COVENTRY, NANCY ANN, Austin COV1NGTON, DIANNE KATHRYN. Houston COWAN, LARRY BRYANT, Glen Rose COX, LINDA SUSAN, Houston COX, MILTON L. JR., La Grange COX, STEPHEN CLAY, Richardson CRAWFORD, JOHN PAUL, Austin CRAWFORD. LINDA GAIL, Houston CRAWLEY, ROBERT El LAND, Lamesa CRIST, MARILYN CONSTANCE, Baytown CRIST, MICHAEL ALBERT, Odessa CROFT, SHARRON WILLIAMS, Austin CROFT, VIRGIL RAY, Austin CROW, JAMES BRICE, Rockdale CRUCE, CATHY, Houston CUBA, JOHNETTE LYNN, Taylor CUELLAR, SYLVIA ELIZABETH, Weslaco CUNNINGHAM, JUDY ANN, Dallas CUNNINGHAM, WELDON EDWIN, Killeen CURREY, DAVID NELSON, Lafayette, LA CURTIS, SALLY GRACE, Rockdale CURTIS, WAYNE STEVEN, Tyler CURVAN, LEONARD JAMES, Dallas DAILY, ELIZABETH JANE, Houston DANIEL, DANNY BRITTON, Pecos DANIEL, PATTI LYNN, San Antonio DARNELL, SYLVIA JEAN, Houston DAVILA, JERRY XAVIER, San Antonio DAVIS. CHARLES THOMAS JR., Dallas DAVIS, CODY ALLEN, Tyler DAVIS, DANNY SHEERIN, Houston DAVIS, LOIS ELAINE, Austin DAVIS, MARGARET ANN, Houston DAVIS, PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio DeBORD, KATHRYN, Houston DECHERT, JERALD WAYNE, Kerrville DEFAZIO, PATRICIA ELAINE, Dallas DEINKEN, MARGARET E., Los Alamos, NM DEL PAPA, LAURA ANN, Galveston DEMARAY, DEBRA R., Birmingham, AL DENMON, GARY LYNN. Gladewater DENSON, DIANNE, Bellaire DeSTEFANO, DEBORAH KAY, Heame DIEBEL, BETTY SUE, Beeville DILLON, KAREN SUE, Temple DILLY, SANDRA KAY, Austin DIROCCO, ANDREA LEE, San Antonio DITTMAR, JAN MICHAEL, Houston DITTO, W. PAUL JR., Dallas DIXON, JAMES EDWIN, Austin DOBBS. WILLIAM STEPHEN, Houston DOEBBLER, BETH ANNE. San Antonio DOEDYNS, JERE BETH, San Juan DOLLINS, NANCY LOUISE, Gladewater DOMINGUEZ, R1CHARDO VICTOR, Hondo DONNELL, WILLIAM ROBERT IV, Midland DORMAN, NANCY LYNN, Fort Worth DOROUGH, FRANCES ANNETTE, Bishop DOTY, CAROL ANNE, Houston DOUGLAS, BRIDGET D.. San Antonio DOUTEL, GREGORY JOHN, Harlingcn DOWDY, WILLIAM ALAN, Midland DOZIER, SARAH REBECCA, Kerrville DREISESZUN, MARILYN J., Philadelphia, PA DUBOSE, KEITH DUNN. Gonzales DUENSING, DEBRA DIANE, Austin DUGGER, GARY DON, Brownfield DUGGER, LARRY EUGENE, Bellon DUKE, WINSTON WAYNE, QuiUnan DUNCAN, VANCE CAMERON. Eagle Lake DUSON, MOLLY CLARE, Houston EASON, MARION ELIZABETH. Austin EASTERLING, CHARLES DAVID, Houston EATON, MISSEY MARIE, Houston EGGER, CLAUDE BILLY, Mequite E1CHNER, MARY KATHLEEN, Greenville ELKINS, JONN A KAY, Graham ELKINS, LEE, Missouri City ELSN ER, PHILLIP ALAN, Odessa ELSTNER, MARY JOY, Hallettsville EPSTEIN, STEVEN ROLAND, Omaha, NE ERVIN, JUDI EVELYN, U Marque ERW1N, DOUGLAS ALLEN, Groves 549 Juniors ERWIN, FREDERICK HODSON, Houston ESCHNER, STEVEN ROBERT, Lima, OH ESTRADA, DOLORES, Corpus Christi ESTRADA, JERRY JAVIER, San Antonio ESTRADA. VICKI MARIE, Houston EVANS, CHRISTI JANNETTE, Austin EVANS, JACK BLAIR, Nederland EWIN, MARGARET ANN, Austin EZELU HERSCHEL FRANCIS III, Big Spring FABER, AUBURN VICTORIA, Austin FAHEY, KATHLEEN ANN, Houston FARLEY. LEAH KATHLEEN, Baytown FARNSWORTH, CHANDA LYNN, Houston FARREN, STEVEN LEE, Marietta, OH FARRIS, ALLEN DEAN, Burkburnett FAULKNER, MICHELE, Beeville FELD, EDGAR M., Fort Worth FELLER, SUSAN ANN, Fredericksburg FENWICK. JOSEPH GEORGE, Richardson FERGUSON, MARY JANE, Corpus Christi FERRELL. PAMELA GAY, Tyler FIELDER. ARTIE ANN, San Antonio FIGER. MICHAEL GENE, Austin FILIDEI. MARCIA KAY, La Marque FINDLEY. STEVEN FRIEDELL, Alice FINK, BETSY LEE, Dallas FINKELSTEIN, JACK JR., Houston FISCHER, BRENDA S., Corpus Christi FISHER, NOLA JAN, Andrews FISHER, RANDALL D., Houston FITZGIBBONS. ROSE MARY, Fort Worth FITZPATRICK, SANDRA MARLENE, Austin FLATOWICZ, MARTINE SYLVIE, Omaha, NE FOLEY, ELIZABETH LORINE, Houston FOLK, MARY ISABEL, Houston FORAND, DENISE ANNE, Ft. Lauderdale, FL FORREST, CHARLES MICHAEL, Cleburne FOSTER, JANE ELLEN, Austin FOTESCU. DEIRDRE ZOE, Houston FOUNTAIN, NANCY SUSAN, San Antonio FOWLER, CHERYL IRENE, Deer Park FRANK. BARBARA ANN. Arvada, CO FRANK, JOY ANN, McKinney FRANKLIN, LYNDA, Abilene FREED, JACK LOUIS, Laredo FRENCH, JANICE FRANCES, El Paso FRERICHS, LINDA NELL, La Grange FREY. JAMES HARRIS, Houston FRIEDMAN, JANET FAY, Dallas FUENTES, CHRISTINE, Aurora, IL FURLONG, JOHN NORMAN, Austin GABELE, PETER DILLON, Carlsbad, CA GALLMAN, JAMES SCOTT, Pampa GAMBLIN, CHARLIE VIN, Kenedy GANT, DEBORAH LYNN, Piano GARDNER, DEBORAH GAIL, Arlington GARNER, VICTORIA LYNN, Fort Worth CARNEY. FLORIAN, Houston GARRETT, DAVID ROY, Austin GARRISON, GHMA LOUISE, Vanderbilt GARVEY, SUSAN LYNN, Longview GARZA, CORINA RUTH, McAUen GATES, CARY NICHOLAS, Houston GATES. THOMAS CLAUDE, Te xarkana GATEWOOD, DONNA RUTHEA, Garland GAY, JUDY LYNN, New Boston GEARHART, DEE ANN, Fort Worth GELDERT, DOUGLAS VANCE, Dallas GEORGE, LILLI JANE, Houston GERSON. MARSHA CLAIRE, Houston G1ERYN, DENISE ANN, Orchard Lake. MI GIFFIN, CHARLES GRADY, Houston GILL, RACHEL. Raymondville GILLEN. PAMELA KAY. Blooming Grove GLASS, THOMAS G. Ill, San Antonio CLEAVES, JAMES LESLIE, Richardson GLENEWINKEL. GARY WAYNE, Austin GOBER, GWENDOLYN. Baytown GOETHE. PEGGY ANNE, Austin GOHL. JEANE MARIE, Richardson GOLDEN, NATALIE RUTH, Youngstown, OH GOLDFARB, NANCY ELLEN, St. Louis, MO GOLDSMITH, LESLIE M., Lake Charles, LA GOLDSTEIN. ROBBIE ANN, Houston GOMAN. TOM LEON. Temple GOMEZ. ANTONIO ESTEBAN, Laredo GOMEZ, JUAN MANUEL. Laredo GOMEZ. VIOLA DEANDA. Big Spring GONZALEZ, PATRICIO CARLOS, Edinburg GOODWIN, BEN PALMER, Lampasas 550 niors Class of 1974 GORDEN, SANDRA NAN, Coffville. MS GOSNELL, SHELLIE MARIE, Fon Worth GOSSEN, STEVEN ANDREW, San Antonio GOULD, JACQUELYN ROSE, Midland GRACE, LUTHER LEE JR., Wichita Falls GRACE, VIRGINIA E., Beaumont GRAHAM. DEBORAH DALE, Dallas GRAHAM, JANICE LEE, San Antonio GRASS, MARY VICTORIA, Houston GRAY. GIB WAYNE. Caldwell GRAY, LINDA. Houston GREEN, ALBERTA JUNE. Van GREEN, BEVERLY KAY. Austin GREEN. VIRGINIA ANN. Rosebud GREER, KAREN ANNE, Austin GREGORY. BOBBY EDWARD, San Angelo GREGORY. DALTON RAY. Denton GRIMES. KENNETH WAYNE, Houston GRIMES, STEPHEN CLARK, Houston GRINNAN, ROBERT E. JR., Austin GROSSKOPF, JACK ALAN, Austin GUERRA, MAURO, Del Rio GUERRERO, JANIS KAY, Austin GULLEY, ROBERT BRYAN. Corpus Christi GUSTAFSON, CYNTHIA ANN, Austin GUTIERREZ, CRISTINA, Austin GUTIERREZ, LOUIS ALBERTO, Houston HAARDT, MARGARET LYNN, La Marque HAJOVSKY, JUDITH MARIE, Weimar HALE, JUDY, Greenville HALE, KIMBERLY ANN, Houston HALE, MARGARET MURRAY, Dallas HALL, BETSY, Fairfax, VA HALL, CARL L. Ill, Dublin HALL, EARL ALISON, Beeville HALL, JEFFERY HOWARD, Cylinder, IA HAMBERGER. JOHN STEVE, Irving HAMILTON, WILLIAM DAVID, Austin HAMMEL, ANNMARIE, Darien, CT HAMMOND, LORA DYKES, Jacksboro HAMPTON, KAREN ANNE, Houston HANEY. VICKIE ANN. Bowie HANNA, MARK M., Breckenridge HANSARD. DEBRAH MARIE, Austin HARDEN. MARGARET KATE, San Antonio HARDIN, PATRICIA JEAN, Houston HARGON, VIRGINIA NELL. Bahia. Brazil BARREN, HENRY FRANKLIN, Sinton HARRIS. BILLY JOE, Rockdale HARRIS, IVA MAE, Texas City HARRIS, PENNY KRISTIE, San Antonio HART, JEFFERY LEE. Orange HARVEY, KALA JANETTE, Hobbs, NM HARVEY, LINDA JOYCE, Austin HARWOOD, HOLLY JANE, Houston HATHORN. CAROL FAYE, Houston HATLEY, LARRY DALE, Grand Prairie HATZENBUEHLER, MOLLY SUE. San Antonio HAUBER. MARY ANN. Galena Park HAYS. DEBORAH ANN. Tyler HAYWORTH. DAVID MICHAEL. Houston HEAD, JANIE LANE, Baytown HEAD, LAWRENCE HENRY JR., Tcxarkana HEARN. JANET MARGARET. Port Lavaca HEARTY. PAMELA JEAN, Cary. IL HECK MANN, MARK ROBERT, Austin HEFNER, MAX RANDALL, Lubbock HENDERSON, DALLAS B.. Brownsville HENNA. CAROL RUTH. Round Rock HENNINGTON. DORIS ANN. Fort Worth HENRY. JAMIE LEE. Huntsville HENRY. PAMELA, Dallas HENSEN, JACK ROBERT. Houston HERRIN. GENE ANN. Anton HERRINGTON. ANN. Palestine HEWETT, DONALD STEPHEN. Houston HEY, GEORGE BROADDUS JR., Austin H1CKOK, NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston HIGHTOWER. MARTHA CAROLYN. Houston HILDEBRAND. CATHY. Fort Worth HILL. DARYL JOSEPH. Bernardo HILL, JO ANN, Beaumont HILL. MARTHA ANN. Houston HILL. RANDY LYNN, Wharlon HIME, JAMES ARCHIE. Corpus Christi HODGES, DONNA BONITA. DeKalb HOLDER. BILLY SMITH. Freeport HOLLARS. WILLIAM KENNY. Plainview HOLLOWAY. RANDY CARSON. Houston HOLTER, MARTIN SCOTT, Austin 551 Juniors Clas: HOPPER, KAY, Baylown HOPSON, KATHY ANNETTE, Garland HORAN, GARY BRUCE, San Antonio HORN, JANE ANN, Houston HOSEK. DEBORAH LYNN, Rockdale HOTZE. BRUCE REED, Houston HUFF. ANN ELIZABETH, Wichita Falls HUGHES, CRAIG MOORE, Houston HUGHES, LEYCESTER PATRICK, San Antonio HUTCHISON, MICHAEL D., Garden City, NY IMMEL, KAREN MARIE, San Antonio INGRAM, JOHN PRESTON, Dallas IP, MATTHEW WAI-FAN. Hong Kong ISAACKS, LINDA LAWREAN, Houston JACKSON, BETTY ANNE. Houston JACKSON. BEVERLY JAN, Houston JACKSON, GLENDA KAY, Tyler JACOB, DARRELL GENE, Rockdale JACOBS. SCOTT THOMAS, Houston JEKEL. PATRICIA ANN, Kingsville JELKS, JEAN CHARLOTTE, Austin JENNINGS. ALICE COVERT, Harlingen JENNINGS. RONALD DWAIN, Austin JENSEN. GREGORY D., Lexington JIRAL. BERNICE ELIZABETH, Poth JOBE, LAURA SUE, Gladewater JOCHEC. JANICE SUE, New Braunfels JOHNSON. BRENDA JEAN, Austin JOHNSON, CRAIG ALAN, Fort Worth JOHNSON, CYNTHIA ELIZABETH, Houston JOHNSON, ELIZABETH K., Corpus Christi JOHNSON, LARRY RAY, Austin JOHNSON. REGINA ANN, Clute JOHNSON, SANDRA ELAINE, San Antonio JOHNSTON, TED NEAL, Zulia, Venezuela JONES, AMANDA MOORE, Mertzon JONES, CHRISTI MARIE, Houston JONES, JANET KAY, Houston JONES, JULIA LOUISE, Lewisville JONES, KAREN DON, Waco JONES, LARRY DON. San Antonio JONES. LINDA SUE C, Dallas JONES. MARGARET ANN, Houston JONES. MARK RODNEY, Lampasas JOSEPH. DEBORAH KAY, Lockhart JUNG, RONNIE GENE, Fredericksburg KANA, JAMES ALLAN, Weimar KANTER, ELLEN GAIL, Birmingham, AL KATZ, MARTHA FRANCES, Houston KEETER. OLAN ALFORD, Plainview KELINSKE. DARRYL LOIS, Corpus Christi KELLEY, KENNETH VERNE, Odessa KENNARD, ANTHONY DREW JR., Mission KENNEDY. ROBERT KRUGER, Pittsford, NY KENT. REBECCA SUSAN, Houston KERR, DIANA EVE, Metairie, LA KERR, KENNETH FORBES, San Diego, CA KIDD, BETSY JANE, Piano KIDD. NANCY NELL, Mason KIESLING, SHIRLEY JOAN, San Angelo K1LLEN. KAY LYNETTE, Giddings KINARD. MARTHA ELAINE, Fort Worth KING, GAIL FRANCES, Dilley KING, STEVE MASON, Graham KIRKHAM. JANNIE KAY, Anahuac KISSELL. BRUCE WARREN, Houston KIZER. LYNN W., Fort Worth KNIGHT, SHARA DENISE, San Antonio KNOTT, A. DEAN. Paris, TN KNOX, DANNY RAY, Edmond, OK KOGUT, MARK HIRSH. Austin KOSCHAK, SETH RAMSEY, Austin KOTIN, VALERIE. Houston KOVAC, JUNE ALISON. Butler. PA KRUMHOLZ, ROZANNE, Bay City KUHLMAN. JOHN LOUIS. Beaumont KUPER, HARRY JERSIG. San Antonio KUSHNER, SAUL DAVID, New Orleans, LA LACY. GREGORY LEE, Houston LANCASTER, LYNNE FRANCES, Houston LANDERS, GLENN BERRY, Lampasas LANDIN. DENIS CRAIG, Sugar Land LANFORD, DIANE DelHOMME, Blanket LANGSTON, JAN A LEA, Arlington LANIUS, ROBERT ANDREW. Dallas LANKFORD. LAWRENCE EUGENE. Dallas LANSFORD. CAROLYN KAY. Baytown LARSON. JANET LEE. Bellaire LAUSSADE. MARK RICE, Houston LAUTEN, MICHAEL BRUCE, Dallas 552 nors Class of 1974 LAWSON, KENNETH ALLEN JR., Knox City LAZOR, RICHARD HARVEY, San Antonio LEAL. GLORIA LUCIA, Austin LEDBETTER, JOHN MICHAEL. Austin LEE, CASSANDRA OAYLE, Greenville LEE, DAVID, Houston LEE, DEBORAH KATHLEEN, Austin LEE, TOMMY COLSON, Austin LEMMONS, ROBERT TODD JR., Pampa LEGS, FAUSTINO JR., Mcsquite LEQUEUX, JULIE MONIQUE, Port Arthur LESLIE, FREDDY WELDON. Irving LESTER, CHERYL ANN, Boerne LEVIN, PHYLLIS LEE, El Campo LEVY, ROGER LYNN, Corpus Christi LEWIS, BRODIE JOSEPH, Dallas LEWIS, JACQUES BARNDON, Junction LEWIS, SUSAN JANE, Houston LIETZ, PHILLIP ELMO, Orange LILES, TERRI DENISE, Dallas LIM, ROSE, Houston LINCH, BARBARA ANN, Miami, FL LINDSEY, BARBARA JANE, Fort Worth LIPPMAN, SHELDON IKE, Scbulenburg LITTLE, JAMES WILLIAM, Crystal City LIVELY, SHERRY ANN, Iraan LOLLAR. BRADLEY KEITH, Palestine LONG, BARBARA ANN, Pasadena LOTT, LINDA ELLEN, Killeen LOVE, LUCY CAROLE, Bellaire LOVELESS, STEPHEN JEB, Waco LOVINGGOOD, BETTY JANE, Dallas LOWERY, COLLEEN MARIE, Dallas LOYD, JAMES ALAN, San Antonio LUBKE, STEPHEN LEROY, Eden LUDL, MARGARET FRANCES, Austin LUDWIG, LAURA LYNN, San Antonio LUKE, PAULA DEANNE, Austin LUNDY, NANCY CATHERINE, Midland LUNSFORD, MAY LYNN, Pampa LUTZ, CHRISTOPHER PAUL, San Antonio MacDONALD, CAROL ANN, Corpus Christi MAGUIRE, KEVIN, Austin M AHMOOD, ASIF, Karachi, Pakistan MAINES, SANDRA ANN. Rosenberg MALCOLM, JERRY W., Wichita Falls MALDONADO. DEBRA LYNNE, Austin MALLEY, CHARLES HERBERT, Houston MALLORY, LaJOYE, Nacogdoches MANRIQUEZ, SYLVIA A., Corpus Christi MANRY, STELLA LOYCE, Corrigan MAREK, LINDA E., Austin MARES, DIANNE LYNN, Dickinson MARKS, MICHAEL C, Satellite Beach. FL MARTER, MARILYN ANN. Houston MARTIN, PATRICIA ANN, Austin MARTIN, ROBIN SUSANN, Austin MARTIN, SARAH SHERMAN, Pascagoula, MS MARTINEZ, ALFREDO GONZALES, Poteet MARTINEZ, JUAN JOSE, Brownsville MARULLO, LAWRENCE M., San Antonio MASON, DIANA SUE, Dallas MASON, DOUGLAS LYNN, Newgulf MASSENGILL, JOE ROSS, Ennis MASSEY, KARYN S., Seabrook MASTEN, EDMOND ARNOLD, La Marque MATHIEU, REESE ALFRED III, Houston MATLOCK, DAVID BOB, Fort Worth MATOCHA, PATRICK LEE, San Antonio MCAFEE, MARY ELLEN, Houston McCAFFETY, SHELLEY W., Pasadena McCALEB, PATRICIA DALE, Dallas McCALL. HOLLY ELIZABETH, Nocona McCARVER, PATRICIA KATHLEEN, Houston McCLAUGHERTY, COLLEEN. San Antonio McCLUNG, ANDREA LOUISE, Fort Worth McCULLER, HEBBY LYNN. Del Rio McCULLY, GARY PIERCE, Fort Worth McCUTCHEON, PETER M., Washington. D. C. MCDONALD. CYNTHIA JEANNE, Houston MCDONALD, DEBRA A., Houston MCDONALD, KATHRYN ANN, Austin MCDONALD. MICHAEL p., ciimer McEVOY, FRANCES K., Hempstead McGAHA, MARY HELEN. Metairie, LA MCGREGOR. MF.UNDA SUE. Waco MclLHERAN. MICHAEL E., Lake Jackson McKAMIE. DAVID EDGAR. Waco McPHAIL. SUSAN, Baytown McWILLIE, MICHAEL H.. Dallas 553 . Juniors Clas MEARS, HILARY, Houston MEDINA. CORINA CRUHM, Brownsville MEHAN. RUTH LOUISE, Dallas MEHL, CATHY ANN, Fort Worth MELTON. LARRY WAYNE, Emory MELTON. ROBERT BYRON, Houston MERGELE, EDWIN WALTER, Boeme MERRITT, HARRY MICHAEL, Dallas MERRYM AN, JAMES RAY, Richardson MEYER, JEFFREY LYNN, Austin MICLETTE. CHRISTINE ANNE, Corpus Christi MIDDLETON. DONALD O., Hughes Springs MIKSOVSKY, PATRICIA SUE, Angleton MILBURN, NANCY LOUISE, Odessa MILLER. GARY LEE, Austin MILLER, JAY H., Amarillo MILLER, JAY MARK, Pasadena MILLER. KATHERINE LAVERN. Houston MILLER, KURT DOUGLAS. Midland, MI MILLER, LAURA FRANCES, Jasper MILLER, SANDRA MARILYN. Dallas MILLER, STEPHEN HERMAN, Dallas MILSTEAD, MEL1NDA KAY, Kermit MINOO-H AMEDANI, VIDA, Tehran. Iran MOEHLE, CARL MICHAEL, Arvada, CO MOELLER, GISELE, Houston MOERER, CARL HENRY JR., Houston MOFFETT. JAMES NEWELL, San Antonio MONEY, DAVID RAY, Beaumont MONROE, WILLIAM FRANK, Houston MONTGOMERY, JIMMY CHARLES, Hamilton MONTGOMERY, NANCY K., Boerne MOORE, BECKY ANN, Austin MOORE, JERRY LYNN, Richardson MOORE, JOAN ELIZABETH, Corsicana MOORE. JOHN PIERCE, Dickinson MOORE, JUDY KAY, Corsicana MOORE, KAREN ROBERTA. Wahiawa, HI MOORE. REBECCA EMILY, Baytown MOORE, ROBERT GARY. Irving MOORE. VIRGIL ERSKINE III. Breckenridgc MOORHEAD. DONNA LEE, New Braunfels MORENO, MARIA EVELIA, Austin MORRIS, DEBORAH JEAN, Fort Worth MORRISON, BART WILLIAM, Beaumont MORSE, DONALD STEVEN. Houston MOSELEY. KENNETH SCOTT, Longview MOSLEY, TRAVIS LYNN, Dayton MULKEY, KATHLEEN T., San Antonio MUNOZ, GEORGE, Brownsville MUNOZ. OLIVIA ANNE, San Antonio MUNROE, PHYLLIS JO, Granada Hills, CA MUNSON, CATHY SUE, Austin MURRAY, LAURA JEANNE, Greenville MURRELL, ROY LEE. Gilmcr MYERS, DEBRA LEA. San Antonio MYERS, MEL1NDA DALE, Pearland MYNATT, JAMES LEE. San Antonio NAISER, KATHRYN JOYCE, La Grange NANCE, DEBRA KAY. Austin NAYLOR. GLEN CHARLES. Austin NAZZARO. VINCENT PETER JR., Austin NELSON. DONALD SKIPPER. Corpus Christi NELSON, NANCY ANN. Wichita Falls NELSON, PATRICIA ANNE, Sugarland NESHYBA, MARY LEE, Dickinson NICHOLSON, MARY P., Corsicana NORTHCUTT. MICHAEL F., Longview NORWOOD. VIRGINIA SUE. Hurst NUGENT, WILLIAM EUGENE, Amarillo GATES, JAMES MASON, Houston OATMAN, TAMRA SHAE, Sweetwater OCHSENBEIN, KAY LYNN, Dallas O ' CONNELL, PATRICK JOSEPH, Austin OGLE. CHARLES MELSON II, Austin OLIVEIRA, MARK ANTHONY. Brownsville OLIVER, PATRICIA LYNN, Corpus Christi OLSEN. MARY ANNE, Houston ORTEGA. ADRIAN GILBERT, San Antonio ORTIZ, ROSITA, Baytown OSBORN, JAYNE LEIGH, Lake Jackson OUSLEY. DAVID HAROLD, Austin PAGEL, PAULA ELAINE, Temple PALAFOX, GARY WAYNE, San Antonio PANNELL, JEFF CARL, Austin PAPE. GLENN LEON. Seguin PARDUE, DANA JO. Alvarado PARKER, CATHERINE LINDA. Weimar PARKER. LOIS KAYE, Dallas PARKER. MICHAEL, Tyler 554 mors Class of 1974 PARRISH, PATTI, Austin PAULY, WYNNE ALISON, Dallas PAYNE, EDWARD DOUGLAS, Arlington PAYNE, MAXINE D., San Diego PAYNE, ROBERT THOMAS, Houston PAZDRAL, GEORGE HOWARD. Somervilie PEARCE, CAROLYN JEAN, Dallas PEARCE, THOMAS BRYANT JR., Wichita Falls PEDERSON, WILLIAM C, Texas City PEDROZA, JOSE FRANCISCO, Marfa PEEL, MARK CHARLES. Dallas PENA, ALEX C. JR.. Three Rivers PEN A, JUAN LUIS, Corpus Chrisli PERCIFULL, MELINDA LOU, San Angelo PERR IN, CHRISTOPHER D., Cameron PERRY. JANE ELIZABETH, Houston PERRY, PATRICIA LEE, Houston PETERSON, CYNTHIA G., Austin PETERSON, DAVID CHARLES, Corpus Christi PEVERLEY, GLENNA SUSAN, Houston PHARO, MILAM RANDOLPH, Dallas PHILLIPS, JENNIFER L., Jonesboro, AR PHILLIPS, JOSEPH THEODORE JR., Galveston PHILLIPS, ROLAND V., Houston PICHOT, CLAUDE EDWARD, San Antonio PILAND, DUDLEY CREIGHTON JR., Austin PILOT, VALERIE KAY, Richardson PIRCHER, CHARLES EDWARD, Thrall PITTS, ALLEN CARR, Dallas PLOCH, DEBRA ANN, Dallas PLUMHOFF, CHARLES E., Houston POLCHINSKI, PRISCILLA, Houston PORTER, JUNELLA L., Grand Junction, CO PORTER, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Menard POWELL, ROBERT LEE. Jourdanton POWER, DAVID RICHARD, Dallas PRATHER, PAULA JO, Austin PRATT, PATRICIA ANN, Houston PRATT, ROBERT WILSON II, Corpus Chrisli PRENTICE, THOMAS ARCHER. Richardson PRESTON, DEBORAH JEANE, Houston PRIOR, ROGER EVERETT, Dallas PRYOR, RANDAL P., Austin PUCKETT, GARY MICHAEL, Dallas PUGLIESE, TIMOTHY MICHAEL, Dallas PYNDUS, STANLEY EARNEST, Houston RABON, LANA JOY, Eden RAGSDALE, CAROLYN DIANNE, Dallas RANDOLPH, LEONARD C. JR., Wichita Falls RANEY. KENNETH C. JR., Longview RATH, DEBRA KAY, Crosby RATLIFF, CHARLES MICHAEL, Roscoe RAY, JOEL MARK, Dallas RAY, ROBERT RANDOLPH, Midland ' RAYMOND, CHARLES MORRISON, Dallas READ, NANCY LYNN, Houston REECE, DONNA ELLEN, Dallas REEDSTROM, CHARLES DAN, Houston REICHERT. FRANK THEODORE, La Grange REINHART, JAMES ROBERT, Galveston REINKE, WILLIAM ROBERTS, New Braunfels REKOFF. CAROLINE LIA. Galveston RENNO, PAMELA KAY, Universal City REYNOLDS, WILLIAM J. JR., Austin RHODES, GEORGE F. JR., Port Lavaca RHYNE, CRAIG DESMOND, Lubbock RICHARD, CARLTON SMITH, Houston RICHARDS, ROBERT MICHAEL, Dallas RICHARDSON, ROBERT F., Brownsville RIELLY, ROBERT JOHN, Houston RILEY, PHYLLIS LA VERNE, San Antonio RINEHART, ROBERT ALLEN, Schertz RIOUX. SHERRELL DARLENE. El Campo RIPPERGER, EMILY ALICE. Austin RIPPLE. BONNIE FA YE. Taylor RIVERS. CAROLYN VIRGINIA. Houston ROBBINS, JOEL HARLAN, Freeport ROBERTS, ANDREA GAIL, Austin ROBERTS, HERBERT WILLIAM. Dallas ROBERTS, KENT THAYNE, Amarillo ROBERTSON. SHARON DIANE. Fort Worth ROBINETTE, LARRY K., Aagleton ROBINS, GARY LYNN, Seagoville ROBLES. JUDY IRENE Seguin ROCHE. RANDAL C, Killeen RODRIGUEZ. ALFRED. San Antonio RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS C. JR., Asherton ROE, JERRE, Corsicana ROESER. THEODORE P.. Dickinson ROESSN ER. ROLAND G. JR.. Austin 555 . Juniors ROGAN, WILLIAM PATRICK, Houston ROGERS, WILLIAM CHARLES, Dallas ROLLINS, ROBERT DOUGLAS, Austin ROMER, LOUIS THEODORE JR., Austin ROMOSER, RUSSELL WAYNE, Houston ROOKE, MARK LEE, Lake Jackson ROSS, LINDA LEE, Dallas ROSS, REBECCA SUE, Kerrville ROSSER. CAROLYN ANN, DeKalb ROTHENBERG, GAYLE ANNE, Pasadena ROUNTREE, RANDOLPH W., San Angelo RUBINSKY, SIMON WILLIAM, Brownsville RUBIO, JESUS RAMIRO, Eagle Pass RUSSELL, REBECCA LEE. Santa Barbara, CA RUSSO, JOSEPH FRANCIS, Galveston RUTHERFORD, LINDA JEANETTE, Lubbock RUTLEDGE, MARVIN D. JR., Galveston SAENZ, JESUS ALBERTO, Rio Grande City SAIBARA. SUSAN JOY, Webster SAKOWSKI. CHRISTINE FELICIA, Arlington SALGUERO, DAVID EDWARD, Wichita, KS SALINAS, ALEX CELSO, San Antonio SALINAS, ELMA TERESA, Laredo SALMON, BAILEY JAMES, Longview SALMON, SALLY SUE, Marshall SALTER, CATHY JEAN, Wichita Falls SALTER, JANIS LYNNE, Wichita Falls SALTER, VIRGINIA C, Austin SANDLIN, MARGARET RUTH, Houston SANDNER, JANN, Burnet SANDNER, JILL, Burnet SANK ARY, THOMAS JOSEPH, Austin SAWYER, LAURA CAMILLE, Conroe SAWYER, LISA RAE, Dallas SCHAFFNER, LESLIE J. JR., Arlington, VA SCHM1TT, NINA MARIE, Austin SCHNEIDER, DENNIS RAY, Odem SCHOLL, CATHERINE LEE, Houston SCHRANK, LARRY GLENN, Hamilton SCHREIBMAN, JANET BETH, Birmingham, AL SCHROEDER, ROZANNE, San Antonio SCHROETER, ANDREW GORDON III, Port Arthur SCHUCHARDT, JOSEPH III, Sweeny SCOTT. DEBORAH ANN, Austin SEBASTIAN, MARK, Fort Worth SEGNER, JERALD LYNN, Fredericksburg SEIBEL, MADALINE RUBY, Texas City SEIDEL, ROBERT MARK, Dallas SELLERS, CLIFFORD WYNNE, Corpus Christi SENTER, SUSAN, Forney SEWELL, CHARLES THOMAS, Pasadena SHACKELFORD, SUZANNE V., Lincoln, NE SHAMOUN, JULIE MARIE, Corpus Christi SHANDS, REBECCA, Lufkin SHANNON, KAYLIN MARIE, Wichita Falls SHARP, BEVERLY ANN, Waxahachie SHAW, JERRY EDWARD, Corpus Christi SHERMAN. MARSHA LEE, St. Louis, MO SHERMAN, WILLIAM MARSHALL JR., Seguin SHIELDS, RANA COLLEEN, Hempstead SHOCKLEE, MARY CATHERINE, Fort Worth SHYU, GENIE, Austin SILVERBLATT, KEITH ALAN, Houston SIMONS, JACK MAYNARD, Austin SIMPSON, HAROLD VON II. Buda SIMPSON, LYNN OWEN, Livingston SIPPEL. DAVID ERNEST, Cibolo SKINNER, JAN LENORE. Corsicana SMALLWOOD, SUSAN ELAINE, Millsap SMITH, DIANE ELIZABETH. Wichita Falls SMITH, GENE DEREK, Houston SMITH, JEFFERY ALVIN, Austin SMITH, LESLIE DIANE, Houston SMITH, LINDA KAY, Houston SMITH, PHILIP STEPHEN, Dallas SNYDER. NORMAN EDWARD JR., Longview SO. PAUL KWONG. Hong Kong SOBEL. SUZANNE, Tyler SIOKOWSKI, DEBORAH JOAN. San Antonio SOLOMON, PHILLIP WAYNE, Big Lake SONNENBURG, RANDALL RAY, Brenham SORRELLS, KATHLEEN INEZ, Houston SORSBY. BARBARA ELAINE, Kerrville SPEARS, AUDREY VON, Texarkana SPIER. SUSAN JEAN, Uvalde SPENCER. CONSTANCE LEE, San Antonio SPEYER, LINDA DIANE, Pasadena SPONBERG, MARY KATHRYN, Austin SPRINGER, RANDY McNIEL, Winters SPRINGER. STEPHEN GUTHRIE, Seabrook 556 wrs Class of 1974 i STAFF, MARCIA JANE Houston STANDLEY, EVELYN, Goldthwaite STARK, THOMAS WHEELER, Corpus Chrisli STARTZMAN, SHARRON ANNE, Houston STEGALL. REBECCA ANNE, Fort Worth STEPHENS. MARILYN SUE, Richardson STEPHENS, SUSAN LOCKE, Wichita Falls STERN, VICKIE DIANE Hutto STEVENS, PATRICIA LORENE, Dcnison STINSON, MARK WOODROW, Austin STIV1SON, LORNA LINELL. Houston STOCKARD. WALTER A. JR., Houston STOKELY. CAROLYN EMILY, Midland STOLZ. SHARON LEE Austin STONE KATHLEEN LOUISE Decatur STONE, SHARON LEA, Corpus Christi STRONG, GARY BENNETT, Dallas STUDDARD. JANIS BETH, Beaumont STURDEVANT, RICHARD M., Houston SUTTON, SUSAN LYNN. Taylor SWANSON. PATRICIA ELAINE Harlingen SYKES, VERNA JEAN, Burkburnet t TALAMANTEZ, ROBERT C.. San Antonio TAMAYO. ELIZABETH FAITH, Lockhart TARLTON. PEGGY JEAN. Austin TAYLOR, GAVE MARIE Houston TAYLOR. JAMES CARL JR.. Austin TAYLOR, MARVIN BAILEY. San Antonio TAYLOR, SUSAN E., Grand Prairie TEAGUE CLIFTON PATRICK, Sherman TELESH AK, TEKLA ALICE, Palo Pinto THOBEN, LINDA TERESA, Houston THOMAE, ROBERT RALPH, San Antonio THOMAS, CAROLYN SUE, Marshall THOMAS, JOHN LEWIS, Beaumont THOMASSON, TONI MARIE, Port Lavaca THOMPSON. CATHERINE. Houston THOMPSON, STEVEN EUGENE. Odessa THORNHILL, THOMAS JAY, San Antonio THORNTON, JOE RAYFORD. Houston T1DWELL, RUSSELL DESS, Del Rio TILLERSON, REX WAYNE Houston TIMMONS, ELIZABETH ANN, Fort Worth TINDLE, CATHERINE MELE Houston TIPPETT, JENNY MARIE, Abilene TAMAYO, ELIZABETH FAITH. Lockhart TARLTON, PEGGY JEAN, Austin TOPHAM, JOAN LANETTE, Alta Loma TORI AN. GARY LAMAR. Houston TOTTENHAM. STEPHEN L., Austin TOUZET, CAROLE CLAUDE, Nice, France TRAH AN, DENISE ANN, Baytown TRAMMEL, GARY LEE. San Antonio TREYBIG, DUANE STEVEN, El Campo TOLBERT, CATHERINE E.. Copperas Cove TRULOVE, HERBERT ALAN, Phoenix, AZ TSCHOERNER, RUDOLF, Corpus Christi TUCKER, WILLIAM LEWIS II, Florissant. MO TURNER, NANCY ALICE, Fort Worth TURNER, PATRICIA ANN, Dallas TYER, M. C. JR., Houston UPCHURCH, MICHAEL J., Houston URBANOVSKY, PAMELA JANE, Mesquite VACEK, JOANNE ELIZABETH. Houston VACULA, DENNIS JAMES, West Point VAJDOS. VANESSA ELLEN. Karnes City VILLAMIZAR. RODRIGO I., Bj-ownwood VANN. JOAN ANDERSON, San Antonio VAN NORDEN. LELIA ANN, Marshall VANECEK. LARRY DAVID, Temple VAN WINKLE, EDWIN C., Houston VERTREES, ALAN DAVID. Austin VILLARREAL, JOSE HUMBERTO. San Benito VITEK, JANICE MARIE. Belton VOIGT. NANCY KAYE San Antonio WAGNON, PHILIP CASEY. Austin WAHL, JERRY RAYMOND. Fredericlcsburg WALD, HARRIET. Houston WALDMAN. BARI JOAN. Beaumont WALENTA. SHARON ANN. Lake Jackson WALKER, DONALD REID, Tyler WALKER, JANIS KAY, Piano WALL, DONALD LEE, Temple WALL. ROSALYN. Houston WALLS, BRIAN LEE, Pampa WALTERS, MILTON DREW, Houston WALTON. GEORGIA MIZELL. Houston WARD. CRYSTAL ANN. San Antonio WARRINGTON, DIANA E.. Austin WATSON, GARY LEE Garland 557 Juniors Clas WATSON. PAULA ANN, Bay City WATSON. PEGGY ANN. Troy WATT1NGER. SYNTHIA ANNE. Austin WATZ. JANE MARIE. Houston WEBER, KAREN ANN. Blanco WEED. BARBARA LEE, Harlingen WEIDMANN, TRENA, Corsicana WEITZEL, DEBORAH LEE San Antonio WELCH, KATHY LOUISE, Lake Charles, LA WELLE, PHILIP EARL, Houston WELLS, KATHERYN ANN, Baytown WEST, DAVID BUDDE, Odem WEST, WILLIAM GEORGE JR., San Antonio WESTCOTT, PAMELA J.. Edwards AFB. CA WESTMORELAND. FRED EARL, Lubbock WETHERBY, LINDA JEAN, Fort Worth WHALEY, JANET LYNN, Corpus Chrisli WHALEY, V1CKI LYNN, Dallas WHEELER, DONALD RAY, Duncanville WHEELER, LINDA KAY. Bedford WHELTON. LYNN ANN, La Marque WHITE, JENNY ALLANE, Houston WHITE. KYLE DAVID. Stowell WHITEHORNE, DARCY ANN. Scotch Plains. NJ WHITEHURST. TERRI ANN. Longview WILKIN. MARK ALAN. Burnet WILLBERN. ARTHUR DENNIS III, Bishop WILLIAMS, CAROL LaVERE. Dallas WILLIAMS, JAMES ALLAN. Longview WILLIAMS, JOE LaHAY III, Freeport WILLIAMS, KATHRYN. Beaumont WILLIAMS. MALCOLM DAVID, McKinney WILLIAMSON. BRIAN DUFF. Dallas WILLIAMSON. KENNETH A., Pearland WILSON. DONALD ALAN. Dallas WILSON. JEANNE. Austin WILSON. MICHAEL LEE. Humble WILSON, RICHARD NEAL. Cross Plains WILSON. SCOTT ALAN. Austin WINEGARTEN, MARTHA FRANCES, Dallas WINNETTE. WARD PERRY. Piano WINSTON. PAMELA FAYE. Austin WINSTON. WALTER JR.. Palestine WINTERRINGER. SUSAN LEIGH, Fort Worth WISE, PEGGY LENORA. Port Arthur WOLBRETTE. BRUCE ELI. Oklahoma City, OK WOMACK, DIANE ELIZABETH, Houston WOOD, CEDRIC SCOTT, Weslaco WOOD, LARRY ALDEN. San Antonio WOOD, SHARON ANN, Houston WOOTEN. JANENE MARIE, Houston WORSHAM. KATHRYN ANN. Sulphur Springs WORTH. JAMES CLINTON. San Antonio WOT1PKA, PAMELA KAY, Flatonia WRIGHT, ROBERT STANLEY JR., Austin WUNDERLICH, MARLENE KAY, Houston WYATT. TERRIE LYNN, Houston WYLIE, ELIZABETH CLAIRE. Richardson WYLIE. GARY LEE, Clcburne WYMAN, RICHARD CARLSON, Dallas YATES. VICTORIA C, San Antonio YOAKUM, BEVERLY LYNNE. Rockdale YONACK, MIMI RUTH. Dallas ZAIONTZ. JEANNE MARIE. San Antonio ZIMMERHANZEL. LILLIAN JANE. Paige ZUCKNICK, HENRIETTA E., Taylor 558 uors Class of 1975 i, ' ,j 4 ,fc ABBETT, KATHLEEN. Del Rio ABERNATHY, LARRY DUANE, Gladcwater ABOWITZ, SALLY. McGehee. AR ABRAMS. BARRY, Houston ABRAMS. GREGORY MARK, Houston ACKER, BILL M., Garland ADA1R. MARSHALL REED, Houston ADAMC1K, ANTHONY JAMES, Weimar ADAMS. JOHN W. Ill, Galena Park ADDISON, ANITA LOUISE. New Boston ALBRECHT. JEAN ANN, Goliad ALDER, SUSAN CAROLE. Dallas ALEXANDER, JOHN M.. San Antonio ALLEN, DEBORAH LEIGH. Corpus Christi ALLEN, MARK K1RKPATRICK. Perryton ALLISTON, GERALDINE DAWN. Baytown ANDERSON, JANE ALICE. Austin ANDERSON. JANE MELINDA. Dallas ANDERSON. KATHRYN SUE. San Antonio ANGEL, MARIA ESTHER, Corpus Christi ANTHONY, BETTY JANE, Lubbock ANTWEIL. BARRY LEE, Hobbs, NM ARLITT, SEZANNE, San Antonio ARNOLD, GEORGIA ANNE, Houston ARON. LISA ADELE. Houston ARONOWITZ, ANNE. Fort Worth ARRELL, ROCKY LEE, Graham ATKINS, RICHARD DALE, Austin AUSTIN, HAROLD BRENT. Houston BAADE, PATRICIA JO. San Antonio BACON. CONNIE ANN, Killeen BAILEY, ELIZABETH, Woodland Hills, CA BAKER, BEVERLY ZAN, Houston BAKER, CLIFFORD BAIN. Kenedy BAKER. JOY JERI, Deer Park BAKER, MICHAEL ALLEN. Lemoore, CA BAKER. WILLIAM AUSTIN. Fort Worth BALCH, DEAN MATTHEW, Wichita Falls BALDWIN, ANITA ANN. Lafayette, LA BANDY. KATHRYN LOIS, Houston BAREISS, JANETTE ADELE. Austin BARIA. JOSEPH MURRY, Corpus Christi BARKLEY, JULIA JO, Austin BARNES, MARILU SELENE, San Antonio BARNES, MARY SUSAN, Austin A .;) , ' - J( .4 ' ' -S itli ' ' ' BARNETT, MICHAEL ALAN. Quinlan BARR. CATHY LYNN. Austin BARR. JAMES ALAN. Abilene BARRETT. GREGORY ACKLEY. Dallas BARTOS, LEONARD WAYNE, Weimar BASKINS, MARY LOUISE, Dallas BASS, CINDY LYNN, Orange BATES, ANN ROBINSON, Houston BATES, LOYCE LEE, San Antonio BAUMGARDNER, SALLY ANNE. Houston BAZAN. FERNANDO. San Antonio BEALE, ELLEN. Houston BECKER. PEGGY LEE, San Antonio BECKLEY, ROBERT A., Austin BEHRENS, KAREN ELIZABETH. Austin BEKEN, JAN HELEN. Weimar BELL, CONNIE LEE, Houston BENEKE, MARJORIE KAYE. Richardson BEN1TEZ, LESLIE ANNE. San Antonio BENNETT. GREGG ALLEN, Dallas BENNETT. WILLIAM KYLE. Marshall BENSON, ELIZABETH ANN, Houston BERGMANN, HINDI LEE, San Antonio BERTERO. JANET LEE, Austin BETANCOURT. LINDA ANN, Houston BIDA, MELINDA K.. Arlington BIGELOW, JACQUELINE LAURE. Austin BIGHAM, MARY HELEN, Killeen BINTLIFF. RICHARD MICHAEL, Houston BISHOP, CLEBERN NEWTON. Newton BLACKBURN. WALTER F.. Austin BLACKLEY, GREGORY DON, Victoria BLANCHARD, JEFFREY P., Lubbock BLANTON, JACK SAWTELLE JR., Houston BLASCHKE, VICTORIA L., Corpus Christi BLAYLOCK. TERRYL ANN. Marltn BLAZER, MARY KATHLEEN, Houston BLOCHER. RITA ANN. Houston BLUM. MARVIN ELLIOTT. Fort Worth BOARDMAN. DONNA ELAINE. Fort Worth BOATMAN, CAROL E.. Austin BOCK. DARRELL LANE, Houston BOGGESS, ANITA NADINE, Texas City BOND, EVELYN LEE, Austin BOSCH, EDUARDO. Laredo BOTTS, JON EARL, Houston BOURLAND. BARBARA ANN. Fort Worth BOWN, KIMBERLY ALLYSON, Austin BOYCE. JOHN KIRKPATRICK. Amanllo BOYD. BEN RICHARD. LVcatur BOYNTON. JAN KATHRYN. Houston BRACKENDORFF. MELVIN C, JR. Houston BRADLEY. SALON BUCHANAN, Austin BRANDS. KEVIN RANDALL. Dallas 559 Sophomores BRANDT. JANET FAYE, Houston BRAVENEC, RONALD VICTOR, Temple BREEDLOVE, MONA BETH, Harlingen BREIDENBACH, RICHARD V., Houston BRIDGER. JIMMY WAYNE, Texarkana BRIGGS. LEONARD SOLON JR., San Antonio BRITCHER, WILLIAM EARL III, Austin BROCK, WILLIAM GREG. Fort Worth BROUGHTON, ARNOLD SCOTT, Lufkin BROUSSARD, CYNTHIA ANNE, Winnie BROWN. DEBRA FRANCES. El Paso BROWN. EDWIN WAYNE. Troup BROWN. JAMES DONLIN, Houston BROWN. LEWIS ELDRIDGE, Pimburg BRUNNER, MICHELE E., Omaha, NE BRUTON. JANICE LOUISE, Dallas BUCHTER. DONA SUZANNE, Dallas BUIE. ANNA CLARE, Houston BURCH. KAREN ELIZABETH, Dickinson BURFORD, WILLIAM BENTON. Mt. Pleasant BURGESS. RITA ANN. Richardson BURK. SAM BRYAN III. Midland BURK, WILLIAM MICHAEL. San Angelo BUSSEY, MICHAEL STEVEN, Bonita, CA BUTZ, RUSSELL B., Covington. LA BYERLEY, FRANK WILLIAM JR., Lufkin CAESAR. DEBRA ANNE, Temple CAIN. ROBERT RYAN. Friendswood CALL. NANCY ELIZABETH, Vidor CAMPBELL, JOHN ERIC. Houston CAMPBELL, PENNY RENAE, Garland CAMPISE. CAROLE LYNN, Houston CANNADAY, LINDA SUE, Texarkana CANTU, DORA ALICIA, Del Rio CAPERTON, ELIZABETH. Stockdale CARLSON, JOHN HARALSON, Baytown CARROLL. RAYMOND V.. Fort Worth CARSTENSEN, AMY. Fremont, CA CARTER, LYNDON EDMUND, Arlington. VA CARVER. BRAD LEE. Amarillo CASEY, MICHAEL SEAN, Pampa CASKEY, STANLEY HUBERT, Austin CASTEEL, SANDRA ANN, Fort Worth CAUGHRAN. SARAH ANN, Terrell CAUSSEY, JANICE ANN. Midland CAVENESS. WILLIAM BLAIR. Dallas CELAYA. PABLO FLORES. San Antonio CHANEY. WILLIAM CALVIN. Abilene CHANTLY. PAULINE DEMETRA. Dallas CHAPMAN. SARA LYNN. Baton Rouge, LA CHARLTON. CLAIRE ELEISE, Rosenberg CHASE, SAMUEL LOUIS, Midland CHEAL. BARBARA EVELYN, San Antonio CHERRY. CAROLYN LEE. Houston CHEW, LAWRENCE PAUL. Dallas CHICK. SANDRA LEE, Universal City CHILDRESS, BEVERLY KAY. Goldthwaite CHRISTOPHER. LINDA CAROL, Duncanville CHU, PATTY KAI-KWAN. Austin CHURCHWELL, MARY B. S.. Houston CISNEROS. ROGELIO. Taft CLARK. SHERYL LYNN, Marshall CLEAVELAND, JACK McRAE JR., Dallas CLEGG, MARY VIRGINIA, Houston CLEWLOW. JOHN PHILLIPS. Carrollton CLINTON. CLEVELAND GUY, Burnet CLOVES. BRIAN MORGAN, Houston COHEN, STEVEN DOUGLAS, Fort Worth COHEN. SUSAN EMILY. New Orleans, LA COLE. BYRON HARRISON, San Antonio COLEMAN, JANET INEZ. Victoria COLLER. KAREN SUE. Houston CONLEY. CYNTHIA ANN. Houston CONLEY, HELEN ROSE, Fort Worth CONNELL, CYNTHIA RO BIN, Dallas COOK. BARBARA ELLEN. Brownsville COOK. MARGC, Austin COON. MICHAEL WAYNE. Houston CORLEY. VAL RODWAY, Abilene CORONADO, MARIA de LOURDES, Laredo COTTON, CHARLES JACKSON. Dallas COWPER. ROSCOE BENNETT, Big Spring CRAIG, DARRELL WAYNE, Hamlin CRAVEN, MELVIN LAWRENCE, Austin CRAWFORD. REBECCA JOAN. Bryan CRAWFORD. ZENOBIA YVONNE. Houston CRAYMER. PATRICIA. Linwood. NJ CRIER. CATHERINE JEAN, Celina CROSS. JAMES LYNN. Brownwood CROSSON. RICHARD LEE, Houston CRUMP, STEVEN NANCE, Longview CULLING. ALISON JEANNE, Omaha, NE CURRY, RONALD ELMO. San Angelo DALHEIM. EDWARD WILLIAM. Houston D ' ALISERA. LAURA ANN. Houston DALSHEIMER, DONNA LOU, Houston DALTON. RICHARD EUGENE, Andrews DANFORD, VICKI RUTH. San Antonio DANGOOR, DAVID E., Iran i 560 ores Class of 1975 DARROW. MARSHA ELLEN, Dallas DASH1ELL, DIANE, Houston DAVIS, DENISE ELLEN, San Antonio DAVIS, EDWARD ALVIN, Dallas DAVIS. ELEANOR BARBARA, Houston DAVIS, JANNA DENICE Fort Worth DAVIS, JAY SCOTT, Austin DAVIS, RAYMOND EARL, Dayton DAVIS. RICHARD FRANKLIN JR., Woodvillc DAY, DEBRA. Lufkin DEBNER, JUDI LOUISE, San Antonio DECKER, STEPHEN MARKWELL, Dickinson DEES, BUNNY GAY, Texarkana DELIA, LUCIA MARIAN, Chicago, IL DENENA. MARGARET MARY, Heame DENNIS, ELIZABETH A.. Missouri City DENSMORE CYNTHIA ANN, Sweetwater DERICHSWE1LER, JOHN WILLIAM, Denison DETTMAN, LAURA JANE, Stockdale DEVINE, SHAUN ELLEN, Houston DIBRELL, COOPER GRAHAM. Seguin DICK. DAVID MICHAEL, Houston DICKERSON. MARY PATRICE. Fort Worth DOHERTY. MARGARET V.. San Augustine DOMASK, LUCY VAILE Houston DONNELLY, WAYNE EDWARD. Texas City DOUGLAS, ROBIN MELISSA, San Antonio DUDGEON, DONN1E LOU, Tahoka DUNCAN, SUSAN ANN. Dallas DUSHKIN. LELAND JEFFREY. Houston DVORAK, LINDA DIANE, Thrall EARLY, CLELAND EDWARD JR., Lufkin ECKHART, HARLEY ALBERT, Hondo EDELMAN, CYNTHIA ANN, Tyler EDELMAN, PATTI LYNN, Tyler EDGERTON. MARY E., Rio Grande City EDWARDS, BRUCE NOLEN. JR.. Weslaco EDWARDS, JAMES R., San Bernardino. CA EDWARDS, JANET LEE, Marfa EDWARDS, KATHERINE ANN, Wichita Falls EHLINGER, DAN HENRY, San Antonio EIDMAN, THAD GREGORY. Houston ELKINS, SUSAN KATHERINE, Shreveport, LA ELLIS. HELEN SHARON. Houston ELLISON. GARY EUGENE. Tyler ELLISON, GEORGE MARSH, Corpus Christi ELTZROTH, PATRICIA GAY. Cleburne EMERSON. MARCIA ELLEN. Houston EPSTEIN, RONALD STEVEN, Omaha, NE ERDELT, JAMES NATHANIEL, Edna ERVIN, CYNTHIA ANN. Houston ESSARY. DEBORAH LEE. St. Louis. MO FAERBER. CHARLES VINCENT, Houston FALKENBERG, CHERYL KAY. Dallas FARNSWORTH. BILLIE SHAYNE, Houston FARRELL. JOHN PATRICK, Austin FAUSSET, GUY STEPHEN, Houston FERGUSON, LARRY WAYNE, Terrell FERRILL, DIANNA KAY. Fort Worth FERTEL. DAN, New Orleans. LA FIELDS, ROBERT F.. Athens FINLEY, GEORGA LEW, Houston FINN, BEVERLY SUE Houston FIORILLO, CAROL ANN, Austin FISHER. PAUL JAMES. Houston FLEMING, CHARLES MICHAEL, Austin FLEMING, MARGARET REGINA, Galveston FLORES, DANIEL JR.. San Antonio FLORES, IRMA. Laredo FLUME, RAYMOND LAWRENCE. San Antonio FLY. KAREN ELAINE. Corpus Christi FOLK. SUSAN E.. Houston FORCHT. RICHARD DAVID. Arlington FORD, KAREN RAE San Antonio FORRESTER, SALLY ANN. Baytown FOSTER, LAURA ANN. Richardson FOSTER, RUTH ANN, Austin FOX, CHARLES WILLIAM, Denver. CO FOX, DIANA JEANNENE. Midland FOX, ROBERT BRUCE. Houston FOX, STAN D., Corpus Christi FOX, TIMOTHY JOE, Fort Worth FRANTZ, JOLIE MURRELL, Austin FREEDMAN, LINDA SUE, Houston FREEDMAN, MARC PHILLIP, Dallas FREITAG, MARY MARGARET. Midland FRENCH, RICHARD ALLAN, Garland FRIEDMAN, KAREN SUE, Dallas FR1TSCHE, DEBRA ANN. Austin FULLER. JANET. La Marque FULTON, JEANIE QUINN, Fort Worth GABRYL, BELINDA JEAN, San Antonio GAENSLEN. JOANN MARIE Houston GARBER, REBECCA JUNE. Dallas GARCIA, JONAS, Houston GARCIA, MARIO REY, Campbellton GARDNER. DEBORAH JILL, Abilene GARDNER. EDWARD MITCHELL. Houston GARDNER, SUSAN KAY. Austin 561 Sophomores Clas: GARIBAY. LORENZO JR . Brownsville GARY, PAMELA SUSAN, Uvalde GASKAMP, LEE ROY JR., Scaly GAYLE. DAVID WILLIAM, Abilene GEORGE, JULIET ADA, Fort Worth GERMANY. GARY WAYNE. Houston GERST, LAWRENCE EDWARD. Brooklyn. NY GIDDEN. BARRY PAUL. Temple GILLEY, ELAINE, Austin GIVEN, RICHARD B.. El Paso GLIDDEN. ELIZABETH MARIE, Houston GOERTZ. MICHAEL BERNARD. Austin GOLDBERG. STUART GEORGE, San Antonio GOLDSMITH, KARAN JANE. Dallas GOLDSTEIN. PHYLLIS CEILE, Austin GONZALES. RUDY F. JR., Corpus Christ! GONZALEZ, ALMA A., Corpus Christi GONZALEZ, JUAN JR.. Edinburg GOODELL. MOLLY BOYD, For! Worth GOODSON. GILL SCOTT, San Angelo GOOLSBY, PAMELA GAIL, Midland GOREN, ABE SILVERMAN. Houston GORIN. CHRISTY ANN, Austin GORZYCKI, DIANE ELAINE, Austin GOSEY. GLADYS MARIE, Houston GRADISAR. KATHLEEN MARIE, Pueblo. CO GRAHAM. ANDREW CLARK. Houston GRAHAM, MARIAN E., San Antonio CRANBERRY, KAREN LOUISE. Austin GRANT. PHYLLIS LORRAINE, Grand Prairie GRAY, JO ELAINE, Jacksonville GREEN, KATHERINE LOUISE. Dallas GREENE. BARBARA BRAXTON. Kerrville GRIGSBY, DOROTHEA ANNE, San Ajltonio GRIMES. MARIALICE LEE, Port Arthur GROSSKOPF, LISA ANNA, Austin GUERRA. IMELDA CELINE, Edinburg GUERRA, RALPH E., Del Rio GUTHRIE, LYDA FRANCES. Houston GUTIERREZ, ZEVERINO GOMEZ, Austin HAGEMEIER. CHARLES B.. New Orleans. LA HAGSTETTE. ERIC STEWART. Houston HAHN. STEVEN DANIEL, Dallas HALDEN, RICHARD JOSEPH, Fort Worth HALE. VIRGINIA BLALOCK. Austin HALL. DAVID LANEAL. Springtown HALL. JOHN ALLEN. Lockhart HALL. KELLI BETH. Lake Jackson HALL, MARK LEWIS. Houston HALL. SANDRA JEANNE. Fort Worth HAMANN, JANICE YVONNE, Austin HAMILTON. ROBERT STUART. Dallas HAMILTON, SARAH HOLT, Dallas HAMLETT. CHARLES HOWARD, Nashville, TN HAMMOND. MARY MARIA, Graham HANNA. BILLY MARK. Kemp HANSON, MICHAEL EDWIN. Houston HARDEE. DEBORAH JO. Athens HARRINGTON. MARK G.. San Antonio HARRIS, CONSTANCE HELEN, Dayton HARRIS. GAIL CYNTHIA, Dallas HARRIS. JOHN ROBERT. JR., Austin HART, MARI LISE. Houston HART. WRENDA MAXINE. Weatherford HARWELL, CATHERINE R.. Houston HASKOVEC. DEBORAH JO, Dickinson HATCH, CARLOS GREGG, Wellington HAUSER, MELANIE. Houston HAWKINS. SHARON ELIZABETH, New Boston .HAWTHORNE. DUDLEY DELBERT JR., Houston HAWTHORNE. LOU ANN, Lufkin HAYNES. DAVID RUDOLPH, Houston HAYNES. LAURIE LEE, Houston HEAP, MARTHA MELISSA, Temple HEARN. JEANA BETH, Brownsville HEARN. RICHARD MICHAEL. Brownsville HEJTMANEK. RONALD LEE. Palacios HELM. JAN ELLEN. Houston HENDRICKSON. SANDRA LEE. Tenarkana HENINGTON. WAYNE MORROW. Wolfe City HENNEBERGER. CYNTHIA LEA, Austin HENRY. NANCY DENISE, Austin HERMAN. BARBARA PAULA, Fort Worth HERNDON. ANNE, Dallas HERSHORN. RANDAL NATHAN. Wichita. KS HESTER. JOSEPH BERNARD, San Antonio HESTER. SARA JEAN. Pittsburgh. PA HIGHTOWER. KATHERINE A., Marshall HILDEBRANT. SUE ANN. Austin HILL. BRUCE HERBERT. Miami Beach. FL HILL, SANDRA JOYCE, Poteet HIRT. DARRELL LEE, Rockdale HIX. DONA KAY, Austin HOBBS, CAROL LYNN, Austin HOFFMAN. WALDENE MARIE. El Campo HOFFMAN. WILLIAM HENRY III, Houston HOLASEK. KARLA RAE. West HOLBERG. KRISTINE, Dallas HOLBROOK. CURTIS EMIL. San Bemto 562 ores Class of 1975 I I n n . HOLDING, CAND1CE, San Anlonio HOLLAND, NED, San Antonio HOLLEY. CHRIS LYNN, Fort Worth HOLLON, LYNETTE KAY, Hastings, NE HOLMES, WILLIAM L., Lufkin HOLT, JAMES CHARLES JR., Fort Worth HONEA, CAROLYN SUE, Pasadena HOOKS, HOLLY K. C. Phoenixville. PA HOOPER. JACKSON CHARLES. Houston HORN, LEROY BERNARD, San Anlonio HORN, MONICA ADELA, Brownsville HORNSBY, MARY JANE, Baytown HORTON, ROSEMARY, Austin HOTZE, JAMES BENEDICT, Houston HOUSE, SUSAN PATRICIA, Houston HOUSSIERE. DANIEL DAVID, Austin HOWARD, CATHERINE ANN. Piano HOWARD, JOHN KELLEY, Midland HUBBARD. BARBARA BELLE, Fort Worth HUDSPETH, PATRICK DIRK, Dallas HUGHES, BARBARA JULIE, Atlanta HUGHES, LAURA-HILL, Houston HUGHES. TR1CIA ANNE, San Antonio HUIE, SHERRY DARLENE, Dallas HUMPHREY, CATHERINE SUE. Dallas HUNT, REX HARRIS. Austin HUNT. TODD McLEAN, Dallas HUNTER. JANET KAY, Austin HUNTER, MARSHA LEE, Beaumont HURST, SHARON RJE, Austin HUTCHINSON, NEDRA ANN, Andrews 1SBELL, JUDY DEBORAH, Frisco ISCOE, CRAIG STEVEN, Austin 1VEY, PATRICIA LYNN, Robert Lee JACKSON, DEBORAH DENISE, Dallas JACOBS. JERRY MARK. Daingerfield JAMES, BARBARA ANN, Dallas JANES, BRADFORD LEE, Richardson JENNINGS, LINDA LOU, Graham JOHNS, JIMMY BURRUS, Pittsburg JOHNSON, ANN FRANCES, Hamilton JOHNSON, CHARLES DEAN, Carrizo Springs JOHNSON, FREDERICK CHARLES, Fort Worth JOHNSON, GARY EDWARD, Austin JOHNSON, MARC ELLIS, Athens JOHNSON, PATSY ELLEN, Fort KJIOX, KY JOHNSON, ROBERT ARNI, San Antonio JOHNSON, ROBERT HALE, Dallas JOHNSON, SHARON LYN, Liberty JOHNSTON, KAREN ANN, Houston JOHNSTON, ROBERT ARTHUR, Houston JOHNSTON, SUSAN JEAN. Seabrook JONES, ELLINDA NAN, Dallas JONES, KEVYN COLLEEN, Richardson JONES, MARK. Austin JONES. MARY FRANCES. Austin JONES, MICHAEL DEE, Houston JONES, PAMELA LaFOLLETTE. San Antonio JORDAN. CYNTHIA DEANN, Fort Worth JORDAN, NANCY ANN, Garland JORDY, PAMELA ANN, Houston JUDGE, JAMES PHENIX, Austin JULIANO, SAMUEL PETER, Smithville JUSTICE, RICHARD EARL, Forreston KAMEN. SHERRI LYNN, Wichita, KS KAPLAN, JUDITH LYNN, Highland Park, IL KAWAMOTO, JOANNE AKIYE, Mission KEARLEY, RICHARD IRVEN III, Dallas KEELING. JEAN ELIZABETH, Littlefield KEILS. SHARI KAY. Teague KELLEY, KAREN LAVONE, Austin KELLEY, LINDA KAY. Graham KELLY, SHERYL ANN. Austin KENNEMER. VICKIE JANE, Winnsboro KERR, JAMES CRAWFORD, El Paso KING, ELAINE, Port Arthur KINSEY. RICHARD ED, San Angelo KIRK. KAROL. Wichita Falls KLA WITTER, ART L., Needville KLECKA, DARLENE KATHLEEN, Houston KLEIFGEN. CYNTHIA MARGARET, Houston KLINE, STEVEN CUMMINGS, Ames, IA KNIGHT, FLORENCE CHRISTINE, Wichita Falls KNIGHT, RANDAL BLAKE. Texas City KNOTTS, MARY SUSAN, Hunlsville KOENIG, RONALD WAYNE, Sinton KOHUTEK, SHELIA YVONNE, Temple KOONCE, RICHARD CHARLES. Bowie KOPF, JAMES KENNETH JR., Clayton, MO KORTAGE, MARLENE ELAINE, Dallas KOTHMAN. KAREN KAY. San Anlonio KREITZER, KAREN LEE, Houston KRENEK. WILFRED MICHAEL. Rosenberg KUTCHER. BONNIE SUE, Dallas KUTLER. JERRY ALAN. San Antonio KVITEK. CHARLES KEVIN. Corpus Chnsti LAIRD. MARCUS NEELY. Pasadena LAKE, LINDA KURSTIE San Antonio LANE, BOBBY DEAN. Austin 563 Sophomores |C ' as LANE. DEBORAH, Rosenberg LANE. SUSAN ELIZABETH, Houston LANG, WILLIAM REED III. Rio Hondo LANGFORD. MARY ELIZABETH. Denison LANKFORD. LYNNETTE, Irving LANKFORD. MICHAEL GLENN, Rockdale LANTRIP. NANCY OPAL, Republic of Singapore LANTRIP, PEGGY SUSAN, Manor LASSERE, CANDACE MARY, Houston LATTIMORE. DAVID LAUER, Port Arthur I.EBOW1TZ, AMELIA KAY, Austin LEDERER. HOWARD F.. Houston LEGGETT. PHILIP LLOYD. Houston LEIIMANN. TERRI LEE, La Marque LEHTINEN. KEITH HAROLD. Austin LEISEY, GLENN ALAN. Dickinson LEISTER. CURTIS WYNNE, Orange LEPLEY. JANE LYNN. Tyler LESCH, TERRY ALAN, Houston LESH1N. RICHARD L, Robstown LESIKAR, WILLIAM WAYNE, Victoria LESTER. KAREN, San Angelo LETZ. ROGER C., Fort Worth LEWIS, DONA LOU, Amarillo LIEVENS, STEPHEN LOUIS, La Feria LINDEE, MARY SUSAN. Houston LINDNER. ALLEN ROBERT. San Antonio LINDSEY. JAMES ELDON. Canyon LINDSEY. MARGARET ELAINE. Fentress LINDSEY. MELINDA JANE. Pearsall LINENSCHMIDT. LARRY LEON. Greenville LOEHR, RUSSELL KEITH, Houston LOGAN, KAREN ANN. Springfield, VA LOHMANN, DIANA SUE, Austin LONDON, THOMAS LESLIE. Corpus Christ! LOOPER. DONALD RAY, Azle LORD, WILLIAM DAVID, Austin LOWDERMILK, JAMES SAMUEL. Porter LOWRY. MICHAEL EUGENE. Dallas LUNSFORD. NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston LUTHER, SHERRYL ANN, Houston LUTZ, ELLEN OSGOOD, Amarillo LYNCH. DAN STEVEN, Fairfax, VA LYON. JENNIFER SUSAN. Spring MacALUSO, MICHAEL A.. Austin MacKOWSKI, MARTHA ANN. Darien. CT MADDOX. ANNE MARIE. Conroe MADERE. TESSA MARIE. San Antonio MAGLIOLO. ROBERTA ANN. Dickinson MAILLOUX, CYNTHIA ANN, Houston MANGUM, MURRAY PAUL, Bellaire MANTELL. PATRICIA ANNE, San Antonio MAREK, RAYMOND JOE JR , Dallas MARKEL, RONALD CLAYTON, Dallas MARRACH, OMAR. Brazil MARSHALL. MARY ANN. Fort Worth MARTIN. CAREN RUTH, San Antonio MARTIN. NANCY GAIL. Houston MARTIN. PATRICIA ANN. Fort Worth MARTINEZ, GEORGE, San Benilo MASSEY. REX DEWAYNE, Dallas MATAYA. JUDITH ANN. Houston MATTESON, STEPHEN MARK, Texas City MATTOX, JERRY STEPHEN, Dallas MAY. MARION, Harlingen MAYES, ROY ALLEN. Austin MAYFIELD. NANCY SUE. Austin McCLINTOCK, LARRY KENNETH. Beeville McCOLLUM, MICHAEL ROY. Houston McCONN. TIMOTHY KEVIN. Houston McCONNELL. MARYANN, Houston McCOY, DWYLENE. Sweetwater McCULLOCH, MARK HOWARD. Phoenix. AZ McDERMOTT, MARY KATHERINE, Houston MCDONALD. URUE. San Angelo McGEE. MARY JO PATRICIA. Rochester. NY McGRAW. PATRICE S., New Braunfels MclNGVALE, JULIA ELIZABETH, Dallas McLAIN. DEBORAH LYNN. Texas City McMAHON. JOAN ELIZABETH. Wichita Falls McMICHAEL. PAMELA LEA, Midland McNAIR, MONTY LYNN, Dripping Springs McREYNOLDS. ALLEN DALE, Longview MEALY. MARTHA JEAN. Englewood. CO MERRITT. KAREN LYNN. Houston MEYER. CAROL ANN, Baytown MICHIE, ROBERT BRUCE, Jacksonville MIDDLETON. BLAKE HARRISON. San Antonio M1ERTSCHIN. KAREN EMILY, San Antonio MILLER, ANITA GWYNN, Port Lavaca MILLER, FRANK HENSLEE. Cooper MILLER, KEVIN WESLEY. Conroe MILLER. PEGGY J.. Houston MILLER. VICKI JANE. Austin MILLS, KEITH WAYNE, Childress MIRACLE. ROCKY REED, Wills Point MITCHELL. DONNA SUE. Baytown MIZE, NANCY WELLS, Richardson MOFFITT. WILLIAM PERRY, McAllen 564 ' ores Class of 1975 n o } ( i ( x - . " ' 4LMJ MOLINA. JOSEPH FELIX III, Del Valle MONRO, DEBORAH ANNE, Houston MOODY. CHARLES SHEDRICK, Houston MOORE. DAN D., Vernon MOORE, KATHRYN JANE, Y oakum MOORE, LAEL DENISE, Alice MOORE. NANCY ARLENE, Dallas MORENO. SYLVIA. Brownsville MORLEY. JOEL BLAKE, San Antonio MORRIS, CHERYL MINON, Houston MORRIS, MARCIA JOAN, Fort Worth MORRISON, STEPHEN GLENN, Austin MOSLEY, KAREN LUCILLE, Houston MUECKE, PAULA J.. Three Rivers MULLINS, RITA GAIL, Sinton MULL1NS, RUSSELL NEAL. Gladcwaler MURPHY, CHARLES WILLIAM, San Antonio MURPHY. JAMES SCOTT, Houston MYERS. DEBRA LYNNE, Wichita Falls NAGID, JERRY LYNN, Dallas NALL, CATHI LYNN, Houston NASH, JOHN HARVEY III, Austin NAUGHTON. CATHERINE ANNE, Houston NAVABI. ZAINALABEDIN. Tehran. Iran NAYMOLA. GAIL JOSEPHINE. Houston NEFFENDORF, KEITH, Fredericksburg NEIDERT, LISA JO, Houston NELSON, DIANE BERENICE, Austin NELSON, DONNA LOUISE. Corsicana NELSON, SUSAN JO. Kerrville NELSON, TRUDY ELLEN. Harlingen NEWSOM, CONNIE SUE. Austin NICHOLS, CAROLYN. Galena Park NOLEN. VICKI GAIL, Houston NOLTE, WILLIAM EDMOND, New Braunfels NOLTE, JANE ELLEN. Austin NORMAN, JOHN DAVID, Fort Worth NOTLEY, ANNE, Fort Worth NOWLIN. ETHEL RUTH. Harlingen NUTTER. ROYCE LAYTON, Big Lake NYSTROM. DEBORAH ANN. Copperas Cove ODOM. MELV1N CURTIS, Electra O ' KELLEY, MICHAEL KEITH. Houston OLDFIELD, MARY ELIZABETH. Bastrop OLLE, GLENDA KAY, Austin OLSEN, ELISE ARLINE, Houston OROZCO. MARY IRENE, Austin OSBORNE, JOHN C, Austin OSSAESQUIVEL, M. A.. San Jose, Costa Rica OTT, HARRY LEON, Austin OTTO, JANE MARIE, Dallas OWENS, MELISSA CLAIRE, Austin PACE, ELIZABETH GEORGIANNA. Fort Worth PANZARELLA. ROBERT LOUIS. Humble PAPA, KATHERINE MARIE, San Antonio PARHAM, TANYA ELAINE. Vernon PARKS, JANET ELIZABETH, Pasadena PARNELL, JOHN EDWARD, Houston PARTIDA, AUDON E. JR., Austin PATTON, ALEXANDER FORD. Beeville PEARCE. STEPHEN MOE, Austin PEARSON. MICHAEL PARIS, Houston PEDDYCOART. PATRICIA, Houston PENN, SUS AN ELAINE, Austin PEPPER. SHERRI ANN, Aiken, SC PERRIN. GREGORY JON, Cameron PETERSON. KRISTINE ELISE, Richardson PETTY. LYNDA SUSAN, Ft. Huachuca, AZ PFLUGER, MARCIA LYNN, Austin PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH ANN, Austin PHILLIPS. GWEN, Leweisville PICKETT, LAURA ELLEN, liberty PIGGOTT. GUIDO M. Ill, Houston PLUMMER, CHARLES S. JR.. San Antonio POOLE. JOCELYN. Miami. FL POPP. JAMES EDWIN. Charlotte. NC POPPER. LAURA ANDERSON. Memphis, TN POUNDERS. SONDRA KAY. Dallas POWELL. CYNTHIA JEAN. Dallas POWELL. MAGGIE MARSHA. Galvcston POWER. PATRICIA ANN. Brownsville POWERS. DAVID G.. Dallas PRATER. RONALD TIMOTHY. Garland PRESTON, CAROLE ELIZABETH. Channelview PROPER, STEVE RAY. Houston PUGH. GARY BRENT. Austin PYE, DONALD SIDNEY, Roanoke RABUN, JANA LEE. Chula Vista, CA RACHEL. KAREN CAMILLE, Houston RACHNER. ROBERT RICHARD. Arlington, VA RADUSCH. STEPHEN KENT. Port Arthur RAFFERTY. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH, Houston RA1LEY. MELINDA ALLISON. Austin RAINE. PATRICIA ANN. Corpus Chnsti RAINEY, SARAH LINN. Houston RAMON, EDNA ISABEL Rio Grande City RAMSEY. LAURA ANN. Caracas Venezuela RANDLE, CINDY LOU. Paris RAPP. JANET SUE. Eslelline 565 Sophomores Clas RASBURY. ELIZABETH ANN, Terrell RASKIN. DENISE BETH. Dallas RATNER. NATHAN, San Antonio REAVES, SANDRA SUE, For! Worth REDWINE, RAS V., Austin REEDER, MARGARET BRANDON, Houston REEVES, PAMELA JEAN, Sweetwater REEVES, WILLIAM WALTER. New Orleans. LA REID, RANDAL RAY, Lake Jackson RE1LEY, RONNIE WAYNE. Kenedy RENNER, DANIEL RAY, Lamesa RENTFRO, LINDSAY E.. Brownsville RHODES, FREDERICK A. III. Houston RHODES. RICHARD CRAIG. Sweetwater RICE. JOHN STEVEN. Tyler RICHARDS. JOY ANN, Dallas RICHARDSON. JANET ELAINE, New Boston RICHARDSON. MARK DENTON. Houston RIEMANN. CARL F.. Guayaquil, Equador RIGGS, JAMES FRANKLIN, Dallas RIOS-CASTELLON, L. A., Managua, Nicaragua RITCHEY, DEBORAH SUE, Fort Worth RITCHIE. M. SCOTT. Corpus Christi ROBB. LYNNE CARON. Houston ROBERTS. JAMES DEWITT. Levelland ROBERTS. MELINDA, Austin ROBERTS, PENNY ANNE, San Angelo ROBERTS. RHONDA LYNNE, Dallas ROBERTSON, BEVERLY KAY, Markham ROBERTSON, RICHARD LEA. Austin ROBINSON. SUSAN ELAINE, Houston RODGERS, KEITH KAY JR., San Antonio RODRIGUEZ. LINDA RAE. San Antonio ROGERS. DEBRA SUSAN, Arlington ROGERS. DONNA GAYLE. Orange ROGERS. RHONDA MAE, Paris ROMAN, CHERYL THERESA, Houston ROOSTH, MICHAEL BARRY, Tyler ROSE, SANDRA JEAN, Houston ROSE. STEPHEN, Houston ROSENBLUM, JUDY ANN, Bogalusa, LA ROSENFIELD. SUSAN BAYLA. Dallas ROSENTHAL. BARBARA GAIL, Dallas ROSS. DEBRA ANNE, Dallas ROSS. WILLIAM GEORGE, Waco ? ' V ft i ROTHWELL. CHARLOTTE NANCY. Cypress ROYALL, LINDA JEAN, Beaumont ROYCE. ELIZABETH ANN. San Antonio RUBIN, ELIZABETH ANN, Dallas RUDOLPH. JENNIFER YVONNE, Houston RUDY. STEPHEN RYLEN. Austin RUNTE, PHYLIS JEAN, Houston RUSK, KEITH EDWARD, Garland RUSSELL, JANNA KAY, Wichita Falls RYLANDER, BETTY GRACE, Austin SAMPLE, MARVIN EDWARD JR.. El Paso SAUER. BARBARA LYN. Dallas SCARFF. JIM NELSON, Garland SCHAEFER. LAURA. Dickinson SCHELLHASE, GLADYS KAY. Gonzales SCHLOTFELDT. JUDITH ANN, Houston SCHMOKER, KARON LYNN. Austin SCHNE1DAU, KAREN PATRICIA, Houston SCHRANK. KARON, Austin SCHUELKE. JOHN ALLAN, Houston SCHULTZ, MICHAEL HENRY, Godley SCHUMACHER, BARBARA ANN, Gainesville SCHUSTER. MARK FRANKLIN. Fort Worth SCHUTZE, SARA ANN, Baytown SCOTT. GERALD WAYNE. Spring SEALE. MARSHA KAY, Baytown SECKER, RUTH MARCH, Dallas SEGALL. CANDACE LOUISE, Houston SEIFERT, MARY MARGARET, Austin SELF, VICTORIA SUSAN, Dickinson SELKEN, GARY SCOTT, Miami, FL SELLERS, LENN GENE JR., Austin SHAPIRO, BARBARA LYNN, Houston SHAW. SUSAN KAY, Houston SHEA. PATRICIA BELL. Houston SHEARN. REGINA KAY, Houston SHIELD, JAMES LOWELL, Dallas SHIRAZI. ALI. Tehran. Iran SHOCKLEE, MARTHA LOYCE. Houston SHOCKLEY. JON KENNETH, Marshalltown. IA SHOTTS. JANICE LOUISE. Austin SIBLEY. PAMELA ANNE. Dallas SIMMONS. JOHN WESLEY II. Midland SIMPSON, JIMMY WAYNE, Leander SIMPSON, JOHN SCOTT. Houston SIMS, RICHARD GANO, Groesbeck SLADEK. JEAN RUTH. Taylor SLANKARD. LUCINDA JOANN, Dallas SLATER, PHILLIP STANLEY. Sherman SLONE. RODNEY BAYRON, Roscoe SMITH, ANN REEVES. San Antonio SMITH. APRIL DIANE. Austin SMITH. CARLA MAE, Greenville SMITH. DONALD JACK JR., San Antonio I 566 lores Class of 1975 Ilk SMITH, JAMES ANSLF. JR.. Jefferson SMITH, JO ANN. Port Arthur SMITH, LAURA LOUISA. Beaumont SMITH, MARLA ELAINE, Pasadena SMITH, STEPHEN RAY, Beaumont SMITH. SUSAN JO, Mesquile SMOKER, TONI DIANE, Amarillo SMOLIK. SAMUEL LYNN. Newgulf SMOTHERS. MARILYN LEE, Garland SOKOLOW, MARK TERRY, Houston SOLIZ, ALFONSO JR.. New Braunfels SOLOMON, DAVID LEE, Houston SPARKMAN. GEORGE T. JR.. Dallas SPEARS. FRANKLIN SCOTT JR., San Antonio SPEYER. RICHARD WAYNE, Hurst SPINNER. SHARON RUTH. Houston SPOLANE, ROBIN ELLEN. Houston SPRINKLE. MARGARET ANN. Corsicana STALLONES. MELISSA LEN. Tomball STANBERY, SUSAN LYNNE, Houston STANLEY, JANET. Houston STANSBURY. JENNIFER. Newton STAFFER, CAROL ANNE. Austin STARNES, SUSAN KAY. Houston STEIN, RICHARD HOWARD, Houston STEINLE, DONALD WILLIAM. Jourdanton STELL, REBECCA LEE, Bay City STEMBRIDGE. JOSEPH ALLEN, Gilmer STEPHENS, GAYLE ANN, Ajnarillo STEPHENSON, JANCY. Baytown STEVENS, GENEVIEVE DEE, Houston STEWARD. DONNA KAY, Demon STOCKTON, VIKI. Austin STODDARD, CHARLES ALBIN, Midland STOLER, SUSAN JOANNE, Dallas STONE, ROBERT MICHAEL. Dallas STORY. MARY CAMILLE, Austin STRADER, CONNIE MARIE, Houston STRAWN, RUSSELL KENT, Garland STRODE, JAMES EDWARD. Fort Worth STUDT. BRADLEY WINTON. Longview SULLIVAN, JANIS CAROL. Houston SUSTR, CONNIE SUE, Schulenburg SUTHERLAND. KAREN, Houston SWANTNER, WILLIAM P., Corpus Christi fl P SWEENEY, MARK WEBSTER. Wharton TASBY, KATHERINE KAY. Dallas TAYLOR, DONALD FRANK, Garland TAYLOR, JEANNIE ELAINE, Waco TERRY, MARY KATHRYN. Harlingen THOMAS, BETTY. Houston THOMAS. HILDA SUZANNE, Houston THOMAS, LACY LANE. Carthage THOMPSON, IDA DAWN. Austin THOMPSON. JANET LEE. Austin THOMPSON. JOSEPH KINCAID. Austin THORNE, DEBORAH DEE. Austin TICE. JOSEPH HYE Abilene TIMPE, LUIS, Quito, Ecuador TODD, GARY LEE, Graham TOLSON, MARY VANCE, Brownsville TOMPKINS, ROBERT LEE. Lufkin TORIAN. ROCI GAY GRAHAM. Pasadena TOWNSEND. HOWARD WILLIAM, Austin TRICE, TREVA KAY. Lorena TROUTMAN, CAREN SUE, Austin TUNKS, TIMOTHY TRENTON, Houston TURKELSON, MARK EDWARD, Columbus, OH TURNBOUGH. LARRY BRENT. Balmorhea TURNER. ROBERT BRUCE, Austin TUSA, SALLY MARIE, Houston TUTTLE, FRANKLIN LEWIS, Austin ULERT, YVONNE KAREN, Houston ULMER, ANNE-MARIE, Lockney ULVERT, CHARLES R. Managua. Nicaragua URBANOVSKY, PAMELA JANE. Mesquite URIBE. EDUARDO JAVIER. San Ignacio VALDEZ. DONNA ANN. Austin VALLEJO. LUIS. McAllen VAN BIBBER. DIANE. Dallas VANCE, DONALD ALLISON, Keokuk, IA VANCE, NANCY SUE, Edna VAN DOREN. WAYNE RICHARD. Missouri City VERHEYDEN. JOHN PHILIP. Jacksonville VICKERS. JOHN RAYMOND. Corpus Christi VINCENT, KATHY ANN, Texarkana VOLLMER. DONALD FLAVIAN. San Antonio VOLOTKO, VICKI LYNN, Houston VOLTERRA. VIRGINIA LUISA, Austin WADDELL, JAY ROSS, Sweetwater WALDMAN. RANDALL JAY. Liberty WALKER. FLOYD WAYNE. Austin WALKER. JAMES ROBERT. Texas City WALLACE. SHARON DALE. Fremont WALLING, GLENDA KAY, Palestine WALTERS. BARI ANN. Hempstead WALTHERS. LEAH JAN, Houston WALTZ. JEANETTE SUE. Orange WARREN. DEVONDA GERATHA. Dallas 567 WASHBURN. MICHAEL ENNIS. Newton WATKINS, JILL ANN, Midland WATK1NS, KIM SUZANNE, Amarillo WATSON. MELISSA TAYLOR, Stamford WEAR. BENJAMIN FRANK, Austin WEAVER, MARY ELIZABETH, San Antonio WEEKLEY. CLAIRE MEREDITH, San Benito WEIDNER. LEANNE. El Paso WEILLER. KAREN HENRIETTA, Houston WEINER, LINDA ROSE, Houston WEISE, BONNIE RENEE, Taylor WEISSOARBER. ERIC JOHN, Austin WELLS, MARCEL YN RUTH, Dallas WFLLS, SHIRLEY ANN. Dallas WENDEL, MAUREEN ANNE, Baytown WENDLAND. KIMBERLY GAIL, Fort Worth WENDLANDT. VICKI ARLEAN, Austin WERSTERFER. C. L, New Braunfels WESTLUND. KARIN NANETTE, Austin WHATLEY. THOMAS LEE, Baytown WHEELER. STEPHEN RAND, Abilene WH1SENANT. MARY PATRICE, Abilene WHITE, CATHY ANN, Midland WHITE, TONI ANN, Pittsburg WHITELEY, MICHAEL AUSTIN, Killeen WHITESIDE. TOMMY GLENN, Corpus Christi WHITNEY. CLAUDIA LYNNE. Houston W1ATROWSKI. JANET ANN, San Antonio WIGGINS. DAVID RAY. Fort Worth WILCOX. DALE M., Dallas WILLIAMS. BOBBYE RUTH, Abilene WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA KAY, Abilene WILLIAMS, STEPHEN BOYD. Dallas WILLIAMSON, SHARRON LYNN. Irving WILLIS, TOMAS MARTIN, Austin WINDHAM, LAURIE ANN. Pasadena WINSTON, SCOTT MYERS, Dallas WINTER. JOAN ELIZABETH, Houston WISE, MARILYN MARIE, Lake Jackson WISWELL, DOROTHY ELAINE, Austin WITCHER. RODNEY FERNELL, Tyler WITTELS, MARCI JAYE, San Antonio WOLF, ROBERT JOSEPH, Houston WOLFF, GARY JOE, Bellaire WOODS, CAROL DEEN, Fort Worth WOODWORTH. SHARON ELAINE. Deer Park WOOLEY. BRENDA GAYLE. Silsbee WOOTEN, CHERYL DIANE. Austin WORCESTER. SHIRLEY ANN. Baytown WORKMAN. ROBERT B.. New Orleans. LA WORSHAM. PAMELA ANN. Willis WRANISCHAR. JACK DANIEL. Houston WRIGHT. MARYATTE S. III. Nacogdoches WRIGHT. NANCY CLAIRE. Dallas WYMAN. BEVERLY JO, Houston YEE, PAMELA ALICE, Houston YEN. RONALD RAY. Dallas YORK, BEVERLY DIANE. McAllen YOUNG. MARK BENTON, Dallas YU, WING-HONG RANDY, Hong Kong ZAJICEK, LARRY EDWARD. Columbus ZANIEWSKI. THERESA A., March AFB, CA ZIMMERMAN, DAVID LEE. Boiing ZWERNEMANN, GREGORY R . Austin 568 B| Class of 1976 a I ABRAHAM, STEPHANIE JO, Omaha. NE ADAMCIK. PATRICK VICTOR. Wcimur ADAMS. CHERI JO. Hurst ADAMS. PATRICIA ALICE. Dallas ADERHOLD. JOSEPH CULLEN, Edinburr ADKINS, BARRY WOOD. Bellaire ADLER. KATHRYN SUE. Dallas ALBRITTON, BENJAMIN J.. Dallas ALDERETE, RICHARD REYES. San Antonio ALEMAN. SUSANA IMELDA. Falfurrias ALEXANDER. GEORGE G. JR.. P asadena ALEXANDER, JAMES ALAN. Houston ALGIRE, CHERYL JEANNE, Dallas ALLAMON, JERRY DELL. Austin ALLBRIGHT. SARAH MARIE. Dallas ALLDAY, JAMES MELVIN. Odessa ALLEN, JOLLY ANN, Brownwood ALLEN, THOMAS DAVID, Longvicw ALLUMBAUGH. JOHN WILLIAM, Dallas ALSPACH, ELIZABETH K1DD, Kettering, OH ALTMANN. SANDRA KAY. LaGrange ANDERSON, RODNEY WAYNE, San Antonio ANDERSON, STEFANY ROGIE, Houston ANDERSON, SUSAN GALE, Austin ANDREWS, JAMES F., Fort Worth ANDRUS. RENA CAROL, Port Arthur APPLEGATE. DAVID RANDOLPH. Bowie ARLITT, CHERYL JEAN. Houston ARNT, NANCY SUE, Anglcton ASHORN, DEBORAH LYNN, Columbus AUSTIN, JAMES MICHAEL. Austin AVANT, NANNETTE, Kenedy BAKER, BETTY KNIGHT. Houston BAKER. MARIANNE. Richardson BAKER, TONI BETH, Deer Park BALDERACH, DAVID L.. Houston BALDWIN, ELIZABETH BLAIR, Dallas BALDWIN, GREYDON GORDON JR.. Orange BALL, ELIZABETH. Orange BALLARD. CAROLYN SUE. Memphis. TN BALSER. JANET, Dallas BALSER, MELISSA JANE, Falls City BANKS, HALBERT JAY, Austin BANKS, NANCY JEAN, Atlanta BANNING, SUSAN JEANNINE. Dallas BARBEE. DAVID RICHARD. El Campo BARCKLOW, MARK ALAN, Corpus Chrisli BARCLAY, JOHN ANDERSON III, Austin BARIA, PAUL COLLINS, Corpus Christi BARKER. JERRY DON. Vanderbilt BARKER. ROBERT DEAN JR.. Austin BARNARD. CHARLES M.. Wichita Falls BARNARD. DEANNE GAY. Corpus Christi BARNER. WILEY BLOUNT. Groves BARNES, DONNA GAYLE, La Marque BARNES. RICHARD GERALD, Baytown BARNUM, ROBERT SHEPPARD, Seabrook BARR. MICHELE. Dallas BARRE, NELSON KEITH. Fulton BARRERA, ROBERTO JR.. Del Rio BARRY, SUSAN PATRICE, San Antonio BARTNETT, KATHLEEN LOUISE. Houston BARTOSEK. LAWRENCE E., Rockledge. FL BASKIN. ROBERT MICHAEL. Stratford BASSE. CORA LYNN, Albert BATES, KATHLEEN MARY, San Antonio BAUCUM, SARA JAN, Dallas BEASLEY. MARSHA LEA. Houston BEDSOLE, JAMES LYNN. Pittsburg BEISMAN, BETH MARIE. Richardson BELL, CHARISE FRANCES, Dallas BELL, HENRY MARSH III, Tyler BELL, ROBERT MITCHELL, San Antonio BENGE, CYNTHIA DARLENE. Houston BENTON, SUSAN MARIE. Houston BERAN, BRIAN JOHN. Moulton BERGFIELD. RANDALL ALAN. Houston BERGIN, CAROLYN. Sulphur Springs BERGSTEN. LINDA KAY. Austin BERK, JAMES LESLIE. Lincoln. NE BERNARD. BRYAN ALAN. Houston BERNS. BABETTE ANN. San Antonio BERRY. MICHAEL DENNIS. Fort Worth BETTIS. MARY ALICE, Graham BIDDLE. JOHN ROYDEN, Dallas BIGHAM, REBECCA SUE, Waxahachie BILY. VLADISLAV JOSEPH. Houston BINION. CYNTHIA KAY. Hurst BISHOP. LELE. Orange BITTNER. BRENDA CLAIRE. Houston BIV1NS, JANICE ANN, Houston BJORAAS, ROBIN KAY, Pasadena BLACK, ANNE COURTLAND. Seabrook BLACK, DICK. Teague BLACK. JAMES ANTHONY, Sudan BLACK, JAMIE ELIZABETH. Galveston BLADES. SARAH GAYE. Houston BLAIR, ROBERT WILLIAM. Bellaire BLAND, MARTHA MORTON, Dallas 569 Freshmen Clas BLAYLOCK, VICK] LEE. Marlin BLEDSOE. REBECCA RUTH. Texarkana BLOHM, JEFFREY ALAN. Hamburg, NY BODZY, ALLEN NEIL. Fort Worth BOGICEVIC, HELEN MAE. Dallas BONEY, BEVERLY KAY. Belton BONNEY, JERRY PATRICK. San Antonio BOOTHE. TERRI ANNE. Midland BORCHARDT. CRAIG WILLIAM. Austin BORN EM ANN. PAMELA SUE, Austin BORNFELD. CYNTHIA JANE. Cameron BORNSTEIN, MICHAEL PHILLIP. Houston BORRETT, ELIZABETH ANNE, El Paso BOSSE, KATHERINE AILEEN, San Antonio BOSTON. PAUL TALMAGE JR.. Austin BOSWELL. MALINN KAY. Houston BOSWELL, MICHAEL DALE. Texas City BOTHWELL. CARYN DENISE, El Paso BOWERS. TERREE ALLAN. El Paso BOWLES. VICTORIA RUTH. Lewisville BOX, PATRICIA LOUISE. San Antonio BRADEN. SHANNON. Dallas BRADY. LISA, Richardson BRAGG. ANN RALSTON. San Antonio BRAININ, NINA LEE. Dallas BRAUD, BRENDA KAY. Beaumont BRAUN, LESLIE CAROL, Richardson BRAZELL. GREGORY A., Hartburn, England BREEDEN, JAMES WYNNE, Terrell BREELAND, LYN TAYLOR. Richardson BR1GHAM, DENISE D-, Republic of Singapore BRITT. BRADLEY THAGGARD, Houston BROCKMAN, KERRY JOE, Nazareth BRONSTEIN, BETH LEA. Galveston BROOMAS. JAMES MICHAEL, Baytown BROUGHER. DEBORAH ANNE. Houston BROUSSARD. CINDY SUE, Groves BROWN, CHARLES THOMAS, Lufkin BROWN, KAREN VELOIS, Graham BROWN. LAURA KAYE, Houston BROWN, LESLIE JOAN. Dallas BROWN, NANCY LYNNE, Bellaire BROWNE. JACK WYMAN JR., Euless BRUBAKER. JAMES WALTER, San Antonio BRUMMELL. JAMES MARTIN. Decatur BRUNEMAN, CAROL, Dallas BRYAN, BETTY JEAN, Houston BRYAN. DANIEL ARTHUR, Garland BRYANT. DIANE ROSE. Cameron BUCHELE, CRAIG ALAN. San Augustine BUCK. CHARLES LUDWIG III, Tomball BUCKERT, MARVA JEANNE, San Antonio BUCKLEY, ROY RICHARDSON, Houston BULLOCK. SUZANNE, Houston BURBA. SHARON LOUISE, Austi n BURFORD. CHARLES SCOTT. Dallas BURGESS, KENNETH HOWARD. Richardson BURKE. RICHARD JAMES. Euless BURNS, SUZANNE. San Antonio BURRAGE, ANN ESTELLE. Victoria BURRESS. WILLIAM ALLEN, Raymondville BURRIS, KAREN LOUISE, Houston BYFIELD, DANIEL MERRITT, Austin BYRD. BRIDGETT ELAINE. Houston BYRD, FRANCES DIANE, Houston CADY, PAMELA EILEEN. Beaumont CAESAR, DELANE GAIL, Houston CALDWELL. LARRY LEE, Austin CALDWELL, PATRICIA KAY, Dallas CALHOON, MARY JOANNA, Liberty CALVERT, GLENDA BETH, Houston CAMERON. JACK CRAIG. Fort Worth CAMP, RICHARD FIELD III, Richardson CAMPBELL, PAMELA LEA, Corpus Christ] CAMPBELL, RHONDA SUE. Fort Worth CANTRELL, DEBORAH ELAINE. Richardson CAPPS. RICHARD LEROY, Houston CARD. PATRICIA ANNE. Harlingen CARLSON, CAROL ANN, Austin CARLSON, LINDA SUE, Houston CARMICHAEL. JAMES ERWIN, Brady CARR, LEANNE. Lubbock CARRILLO, CYNTHIA ANN, San Antonio CARTER. GARY DEAN. Houston CARTER, MARGARET ANN, Houston CARTER, NANCY GWYNN. Houston CARTER. STEPHEN LEE, Sugarland CASEY. GEORGE PATRICK. Pampa CASH, SUE ELLEN. Arlington CASHION. SHELLEY JEAN. College Station CASKEY. JAMES MICHAEL. Beaumont CAUDLE, LINDSEY DIANE, Bonham CHAPA. JAVIER NOE. Corpus Christ! CHAPMAN, RICHARD PAUL, Arlington. VA CHAPMAN. SUE ELLEN. Richmond CHAWKIN, HELEN AUDREY, Chattanooga, TN CHEATHAM. PEGGY RENEE, Seabrook CHERRY. LYNDA SUSAN, Midland CHICOTSKY. MARK STEVEN, Fort Worth 570 Class of 1976 (I) fi ft I n f;J 8 CHILDS, JOHN MICHAEL. Bellaire CINQUE, SUSAN KAY. New Providence, NJ CLAPP, KAREN LYNNE, Dallas CLICK, BARBARA ANNE, Houston CLIFTON, SHARON LEE, Houston CLINKSCALE, MICHAEL LEWIS, Lake Jackson CLINTON, CLAUDIA RAMSEY. Burnet CLOUTIER, JACQUELYN ANNE, Shiner COCEK, CAROL ANNE, Houston COFFEY, BEVERLY GRACE, Houston COHEN. JONI B., Houston COHEN, LESLIE HOWARD, Houston COHEN, NANCY E.. Kansas City. MO COLE, JON BRETT. Daingerfield COLE, JUDY LYNN, Dallas COLLIER, JANA KAY. Dallas COLLINS, BERNICE ALBA, Galveston CONNELL, MARK WILLIAM, Dallas CONNORS, SEAN CHRISTOPHER, Bethesda, MD COOK, PATRICK JOSEPH. Houston COOPER, DIANE, Dallas COPE, KATEVA HUTCHINSON, Fort Worth COPELAND. GEORGE KENNETH, Del Rio COR LISS, CYNTHIA ANN, Dallas CORNELIUS, RHONDA GAIL, Austin CORY, STEPHEN GEORGE, Pampa COTHAM, DAVID FREDERICK, Port Arthur COX, BERRY RIFE, Dallas COX, MARIANNE, Beaumont CRABTREE, CAROL ANN, Dallas CRAIN, BARBARA JUNE, San Antonio CRANCER, RALPH E. Ill, St. Louis. MO CREMIN, JULIA LUCINDA. Midland CREW. JOHN NEAL, Orange CRISWELL, JOSEPH RONALD. Houston CROCKARD. CAROL ANN. Houston CROES. MICHAEL F.. Houston CROSS. DEBORAH LYNN, Corpus Christi CROW, KAREN ANN. St. Louis. MO CROW. ROBERT OWEN, Lubbock CROW, SUSAN JAY, Marshall. MN CUKIER. JOSEPH ISRAEL, San Antonio CULPEPPER, BEN ALLAN, San Antonio CUMBIE. NANCY DIANNE, Beaumont CUMMINS, NANCY ANN, Weimar CUNNINGHAM, BEVERLY C. Houston CURRAN, CAROLYN ANN. Austin CURTIS, MICHAEL SHANE, Dallas DABNEY, CYNTHIA JANE, Austin DALE, FRANCES LOUISE, Houston DANIEL, DALE SPENCE, Camp Springs. MD DANIELOWSKY, GABRIELE. Houston DARLING, ELIZABETH ANNE, Slidell, LA DAVID, DARRELL STEELE, New Braunfels DAVIDSON, SHARON JOY, Portland DAVIS, CYNTHIA LYNN, Dallas DAVIS. DANA BESS. Austin DAVIS. LESLIE ANN. Austin DAVIS. NANCY GAIL. Austin DAWSON. CONNIE ELAINE, Waxahachie DAY, HELEN MARSHALL, Austin DEAL, SUZANNE, Houston DEAN, DEBORAH KAY, Galveston DEAN, PHILIP MARSHALL, Houston DEEN, LYNN KEITH, Houston DELANO. ROCKY DEAN. Corpus Christi DEL PAPA, LAURA, Dickinson DENNY, MICHAEL BRUCE. Abilene DEVINE, EDWARD JOSEPH, Houston DeVOS, MARTIN LOUIS. Houston DEZO, GEORGE STEVE, Alvin DICK, KATHRYN VIRGINIA, Houston DICKINSON, LOGAN, Longview DICKSON, CHARLES CARTER, Kilgore D1ERS, DEADRA DEAN, San Antonio DIES, DAVID, Beaumont DILLARD, DEBORAH IRENE. Dallas DILLON, MARK DAVID. Dallas DINGRANDO, PATRICK MICHAEL, Marlin DITTMAN, KAREN ELLEN. Houston DOBBINS, DIANA LEE, Austin DOBBS, JESS CHRIS, Grandview DODGE, COLLEEN. Streetman DODSON. DAVID WAYNE. Houston DODSON, LANI ARLENE, Dallas DOMASK, MARY SUSAN. Houston DONAHUE, HELEN E., Austin DONLEY, MARY ALICE. Robert Lee DOTSON, SHERRILL JEANNE, Dallas DOWNING, ROGER GUY. Orange DOYLE, JANE COLLEEN, Houston DREW, THOMAS ALTON III. Baytown DREYER, D ' ARDl RUTH. San Benito DREYER, PEGGY JEAN, Victoria DRUMMOND, ROBERT PAUL, Conroe DUBIN, LEONARD LANDESMAN, Houston DUE. ROGER DAVID. Terrell DUKE, DONNA LYNN, Texas City DUNBAR, ROBERT BRUCE Houston 571 Freshmen DUNCAN, MICHAEL STEWART, San Angelo DUNNING, PAUL MOORE. Lubbock DUVAL, JOHN ARDIS, Houston DWYER, DAVID ALAN, Houslon DYESS, LESLIE EDITH, Forl Worth EARDLEY, KATHLEEN MARY, Houston EASTLAND, RICHARD GILLESPIE, Houston EAVES, SUSAN ELIZABETH. Austin EDGINGTON, SHERRY CAROLYN, Houston EDWARDS, VICKIE LYNN, Graham EGERTON, CAROL JEAN, Dallas EISINGER, JOAN DENISE. Dallas EISNER, RICHARD ALAN, Dallas ELKOW1TZ, RICHARD LEE, Houston ELLINGTON. TIMOTHY DAVID. Austin ELLIOTT, PEGGY JO, Pleasanton ELLIS, PAULA ANN, Austin ELLISON. ELAINE LAURIE. Houston ELLISON, SUZANNE ELIZABETH, Corpus Christi ELMGREN. KENNETH NILS, Houston ENGEL. ROBERT WILLIAM, Metairie, LA ENGLISH, EDWIN MADISON. Memphis. TN EPPERSON, KATHRYN MARIE, Alvin EPPRIGHT. DAVID RUSSELL. Bay City EPSTEIN. MARALYN. Scabrook ERNST. DEBRA FAYE, Fort Worth ERVING. CLAUDIA ANN. San Antonio ESKOWITZ. SHERYL PAULINE. Houston ESMOND. CHRISTY DIAN. Lake Jackson ESPARZA. RUTH E.. Eagle Pass ESTES. CHARLES JEFF. Houston EUBANK. LINDA SUE, Austin EUBANKS, SARA LUCILLE, Houston EVANS, JANICE SUE, Houston EVANS, JEANNE SHELLEY, Fort Worth EVANS, SARAH NELL, Houston EVANS. SHERRI LYNN. Dallas EVATT, DEBORAH SUE. Beaumont EVERETT. JOAN MARIE. San Diego EZELL, MONA LYNN. Dallas FALCONER, DAVID NORWOOD, Roscommon, Mi FALIK, JONATHAN LOUIS, Houston FALLEN, JEFFREY LYNN, Ennis FALLON, KATHLEEN MARY, Houston FARB, GERILYN, Galveston FARB, MARLA, Houston FARMER, SCOTT MONROE, Austin FARRELL, MICHAEL JAY. Fort Worth FEIGER, TONI FRANCES. Dallas FEINBERG, CAROL SUE, Miami. FL FEINBERG. PAUL C., El Paso FELDMAN, MARTIN BRUCE, Dallas FICKE. BRUCE WILLIAM, Dallas FIGER. BONNIE GAIL, Austin FINDLEY, PATRICIA WOODS, Alice FINE, DEBORAH LOUISE. Houston FINKELSTEIN, DEVIE. New Orleans. LA FINNIGAN, TIMOTHEE ANN, San Antonio FISCHER, MICHAEL CARTER, San Antonio FISH, ANDREW KOAPKE, Austin FISHER, DAVID SIDNEY, Houston FISHER, GLORIA ANN. Marshall FISHMAN, RANDALL JAY. Memphis. TN FLIELLER. CHERYL BETH. Austin FLING, JOE CLEMENT. Garwood FLY, JOE WAYNE JR.. Dallas FLYNN. MARY MARGARET. Denison FOGARTY, JANE MARIE, Houston FORBES, RANDALL KEVIN, Corpus Christi FOS, JILL, Houston FOWLER. EVA MARIE. Houston FOX. ADRIENNE LOUISE. Houston FRADENBURG. CONSTANCE S., Auburn, AL FRANK, JANET VICTORIA, Austin FRANKE. CHRISTINE ANN, Beaumont FRANKS. MICHAEL CARL, Navasota FRAZIER, GREGORY ROBERT. Houslon FREED. 1SADORE DAVID, Galveston FREEMAN, ROBERT HUGH, Comfort FREY. JERRY McBRIDE. Dallas FRIEDLAND. SHARON LYNNE, Fort Worth FRYE, GAIL PATRICIA, Dallas FUGITT, MELINDA LOU, Fort Worth FURGASON. LUCIA JEANE. Houston FURLEY. NANCY LYNN, Texas City GABBERT. CHARLES MICHAEL, Clyde GAFFEY, MICHAEL J., Dickinson GALINDO. ANTHONY. San Antonio GALLAGHER. THERESA JANE, Fort Worth GALLOWAY, CARAN ANN. Houston GAMMELL. DAVID JAMES. Warrenton, VA GARCIA, DAVID, Corpus Christi GARCIA, FELIX HENRY, Austin GARCIA, IDA BELLE. Raymondville GARCIA. IRMA IRIS. San Diego GARCIA. ROBERTO JAVIER. Austin GARDNER. THETIS CLAY. Carrizo Springs GARNER. PAULA SUZETTE, Houston GARRETT. RODNEY LEE. San Antonio 572 Clas A f ft AO ft A, ft A.hi4V a rfJBMii Class of 1976 GARRETT. STEPHEN WAYNE. Metairie. LA GARZA, DORA ELISA, Corpus Christi GEARNER, CINDY LOU, Winnsboro GEE, JUANNA INEZ, Houston GENGE, JOHN GRIMES, Houston GERSTMANN, GERALD MARK, Austin GERTNER, EDWARD DAVID. Houston GETZ, RICHARD ANDREW, Houston GIBSON. WILLIAM CHARLES, Calvert GIFFIN. DEBORAH ANN, Houston GILLASP1A, LAWRENCE TROY, Galveslon GILLIS. JAMES HOWARD, Branford, CT GINDLER. MELISSA, Gonzales GIVENS, JANICE DIANE. San Angelo GLASCOCK. BILLY JACK. Dallas GLENEWINKEL, JOAN, San Antonio GOLD, DAVID ALAN. Houston GOLDBERG. ADRIENNE DIAN, San Antonio COLDER, MARY NOEL. Austin GOLDMAN, WILLIAM STUART, Austin GONSULIN. MARK CLIFTON, Texas City GONZALES, DANIEL R., San Antonio GOOD, SCOTT BRADLEY, Dallas GOODE, SCOTT McDERMONT, Lufkin GOODSON. LINDA KAY. Wichita Falls GOODWIN. OLIVIA CATHERINE, Houston GOR. JOYCE ANN, Houston GORDON, RACHAEL, San Antonio GORMAN. DEBORAH LYNN. Dallas GORMLEY. MARY T.. Ontario. Canada GOSE, LOUISE MELISSA. Wichita Falls GOYNE, MARY KATHERINE, Lockhart GRAHAM. DONALD G. III. Edmonds. WA GRAUGNARD, SUSAN GAYLE, Houston GRAY, NANCY ANN, Caldwell GREEN, BAN DRAPER, Eden GREEN, VICKI JO. Houston GREENBERG. DANA MARIE, Tyler GREENSTEIN, LINDA KAY, Waco GRENADER. HARRY BORIS. Houston GRESSER, CHERYL LYNNE, Houston GRIBBLE. ROBERT LESLIE Houston GRIFFIN. FRED DAVID, Lufkin GRISSOM, CHARLES AUSTIN JR., Abilene GRISSOM, JANE ANN, Texas City GROSS, JEAN ELIZABETH, Columbus GROSSHEIM, JULIA A.. Mannheim. Germany GROZIER. PHYLLIS MERLE, Austin GUARINO. GREGORY JOSEPH Houston GUNN, MARTHA ELIZABETH. Weimar GUSTAFSON. ROBERT PAUL Austin GUTZ, CORNELIA GERTRUD, Richardson GUY, GREG ALAN, Austin HAASE, CURTIS EUGENE Moulton HAEGELIN, HANNAH LOUISE, Corpus Christi HAIKIN, HILDI JEAN, Houston HAINES, CHERYL KAY. Grand Prairie HAJEK. SUE-ANNE, Houston HALL. BRADLEY FORREST. Houston HALL, CHERYL LEA, Marshall HALL, JENNIFER LEE, Lubbock HALL, WENDY LEE, San Antonio HAMBLEN, TOLAR NUMA III. Houston HAMBY. JAY PIERSON, Houston HAMMACK, VICTOR STEWART, Haverford HANNAH, BEVERLY JOYCE, San Antonio HANOVER, WALTER DAVID. Lufkin HARDING, BRYAN LEE, Houston HARDY. KAROLYN LEAH. Houston HARE CANDICE LYNNE, Houston HAREL1K, ELISABETH KAY. Comanche HARKINS. BARBARA ELAINE. Dallas HARLOW, MICHELLE DIANE. Austin HARPOOL. SCOTT MOSELEY, Demon HARRELL, CHARLES EDWARD, San Antonio HARRIGAN. JULIE ANN, Corpus Christi HARRIS. BRUCE ALAN. Houston HARRIS. MARGIE ANNETTE. Houston HARRIS. TAMARA DEEANN, Fort Worth HARTFORD, DIANNA, Plattsburgh AFB, NY HARTWELL. MADELINE D., Houston HATCHER, DUANE SCOTT, Fort Worth HAVINS. WILLIAM KEITH, Houston HAYES. SUSAN RENEE, Greenville HAYNES. BARBARA KAY. Dallas HAYNES, WILLIAM COMER, Abilene HAYS, CYNTHIA DIANNE. Houston HAYS. JENNA MARGARET. West Columbia HAZLETT. HOLLY, Piano HEAPS, SUSAN MARGARET. Houston HEFLIN, ROBERT WALLING, Austin HEIT, JAMES MICHAEL. Fort Worth HELMS. DIANA SUE. La Marque HENDERSON, DEBRA JEAN, Marfa HENDRICKS. LISA CAROL. Leander HENDRICKSON, MARY ALICE. Austin HENDRIX, ROY WALLACE. Austin HENINGTON, SHELLEY. Wolfe City HERTEL. PATRICIA JAYNE. San Antonio 573 Freshmen Cla HIATT, DAVID MICHAEL, Houston HICKS. ROBERT OAYLORD, Houston HICKS. WILLIAM RANDALL. Beaumont HILL. CARLA ANN. Cedar Creek HILL. SUSAN LORRAINE, Potcet HILL. TINA LAUREN. Dallas HILLER. PHILIP JOEL. Austin HILLERY. MARY VINCENT. Houston HINES, SUE LYNN, Wichita Falls HITT. WARREN TRAMMELL, San Antonio HOBBS. JOE ELLEN. Corpus Christi HODGES. SHANNON LAIRD. Pasadena HOOAN. PATRICE ANNE. Houston HOGAN. VICKYE ELAINE, Newton HOLAN. RONALD LEE. Houston HOLCOMB. DONALD. Quanah HOLDEN. MAURICE C. JR.. San Antonio HOLLY. ARTHUR CHARLES. Austin HOLSTE, JANET LYNN, Houston HOLTER. KRISTIN, Austin HOPKINS, DONALD GREGORY, Dallas HOPKINS, JOHN RANDALL, Dallas HOPSON, REBECCA LYNN, Houston HORNER, CATHERINE LOU, Eagle Pass HORTON. JOHN COLEMAN III, Austin HOUSTON, GORDON LEE, Dallas HOWARD, MINKA LEVERNE, Austin HOWARD, SUSAN GEORGETTE, Conroe HOWARD, VIRGINIA H., Austin HOWELL, MATTHEW CHARLES. Fort Worth HUDGINS. PETER LEE, Sherman HUDSON. SUE. Austin HUETER, KENT STEPHEN. Houston HUFFMAN. MARY CATHERINE, Houston HUGHES. DEBORAH JEAN, Houston HUGHES, JERRY ADAM, Austin HUGHES, MARY LYNN, Dallas HUGHSTON. MILAN ROSS. Clarksville HUNT. LORA GALE. Dallas HUNT, MARY VILLAREAL, Dallas HURLEY, REBECCA. Shrevcport. LA HUTCHISON. SHARON ANNE. Midland HYSICK. DONNA MARIE. Austin INGRAHAM, SCOTT SHANE, Austin INGRAM, JOHN HERBERT III. Houston INGRAM. LINDA KAY, Houston INGRAM. VICKIE LYNN, Dallas JACKSON, CAROLYN SUZANNE, Fort Worth JACKSON, RUSSELL WAYNE, Houston JACOBS, SUSAN DALE. Dallas JACOBSON. JILL, Dallas JOHN, MARTIN EDWARD, Galveston JAMAIL. SCOTT CATER, Austin JAMESON. JAY LEE, Dallas JANSZEN. DONNA DENISE, Austin JAX. CATHLEEN ANN. Houston JEFFORDS. BARBARA B.. El Paso JELONEK, MARSHA ELLEN, Houston JENKINS, KATHRYN NELL, Austin JENKINS, STEPHEN RAY, Palestine JESSE. MARY ANN, Quanah JOCHETZ. GEORGE EDWARD III, Houston JOHNSON. CRAIG ALEXANDER. Sweetwater JOHNSON. JOHN R.. Richardson JOHNSON, LYN. Fort Worth JOHNSON, PATRICIA LOUISE. Dallas JOHNSON, REBECCA LYNN, Dallas JOHNSON. SHARON LOUISE, Hunstville JOHNSON, STEVEN CARLOS, Houston JOHNSON, WAYNE WRIGHT, La Marque JOHNSTON. CHRISTOPHER, Tyler JOHNSTON. ELIZABETH C.. Longview JONES. DENNIS PATMAN. Linden JONES. HAL KARPER. Graham JONES. JANETTE LESLIE, Austin JONES. LARRY THOMAS. Houston JONES. LESLE CHARLES, Houston JUNKER. NORMA MARIETA, Rosenberg JUSTUS, LISA ANN, Houston KAHLER, JOSEPH KEITH, Galveston KAIL, CHERYL SUE, Highlands KAMIN. CYNTHIA RAE, Houston KARASEK. TED KOERTH. Pearsall KASMIROSKI. GEORGIA KAREN, Waco KAWAMOTO. SUSAN YUKIE. Mission KEELAND, BURDETTE WATTS III. Houston KEHOE. MARY KIM, Houston KEISTLER, GAYLIN, Lake Jackson KELLEY. BARBARA JEAN, Houston KELLY, BRADLEY LYNN, Houston KELLY, JAMES PATRICK. Refugio KELLY. SUSAN KERR. Dallas KERCHO, CRAIG MARTIN, Houston KERR. ELIZABETH MOORE, El Paso KESLER. JUSTIN OTIS. Tulia KEY, HOWARD WAYNE, Lubbock KEYS. RHONDA KAY, Everman KILLIAN. DONNA CELESTE. Houston KIMMEL, CAROL ELIZABETH, Lubbock 574 AiA men Class of 1976 KING. KAREN ELIZABETH. Fon Worth KING, MELANIE JOYCE. Houston KINGSWELL-SMITH, ANN. Houston KINNEY. WILLIAM GEORGE, Houston KIRWAN, THOMAS AIKEN III. Dallas KLARFIELD. MARY KAY. Houston KLEIN, BETSY ANNE, Nedcrland KLEIN, LEAH BETH. Beaumont KLEINECKE. KAREN NANETTE. Galveslon KLIMT. JEANMARIE Nassau Bay KLUTTS. VANITA JOY. Smithville KNAPE. JAN CLAIRE. Austin KNIGHT. VICKIE LYNN. Dallas KNOEBEL, ALLYSON DEBRA. Houston KNOX, LUNDY ANN. Tyler KOCH, JOHN CLINTON JR.. Lufkin KOCH. LAURIE ELISE. San Marcos KOLB. NANCY LOUISE. Cypress KONCEWICZ, BARBARA ANN. Dallas KOSORIS. BARRY WAYNE. Houston KRAKOWER. MICHAEL HOWARD, Houston KRAUSE, BARBARA MARY, Houston KRAUSE. K1MBERLY ANN, Houston KRAUSE, ROBERT HOWARD, Dallas KRAUSKOPF, DAVID RANDALL. Raymondville KRIMM, SHARON LEE, Humble KRIVONIAK. NICKLAS RICHARD II, Austin KRUEGER. TRE1LA LA TRELLE. Hullo KUBIAK. DENNIS JAMES. Fort Worth KUEBLER. JOHN ADAM. Austin KUNKEL, REBECCA JAYNE. Olney KURTZEMANN, MARY BETH, Houston KWAS, EILEEN SUSAN, Houston LACY, CHARLES DOUGLAS, Houston LACY, GARY JAMES. Corpus Christi LAMB. WILLIAM JACK, Dallas LAMBERT. CYNTHIA ANN, Decatur LAMBERT. KATH] SUZANNE. Houston LAMPERT. GAIL MARGARET. Corpus Christi LANCASTER. JAMES MICHAEL, Austin LANCASTER, LIFFORD LEE, Beaumont LAND. MARY ELIZABETH, Pasadena LANE, JAN ELLEN. Amarillo LANE. MARTHA ANNE. Austin LANGDALE. MARK, Houston LANGDON. JULIE GAVE, Austin LASIK. MARSHA. Houston LAVERCOMBE. RICHARD G., Dallas LAWRENCE. LANA JEAN, Harlingen LECHTENBERGER. DeANN. Houston LEE. ANNIE YUNFOON. Houston LEE. LINDA LOUISE, San Antonio LEE MYNETTE TINA. San Antonio LENERTZ. DONNA M., Port Lavaca LENTZ, DEBRA ELAINE. Austin LERMA. THERESA DOLORES, San Antonio LES1KAR, SUSAN MELENE. Houston LESTER. THOMAS HOWARD JR.. Garland LEVA. MARCIA CLAIRE. Richardson LEVENTHAL, RANDA LEE Houston LEVIN. SUSAN DIANE. Dallas LEVY, JULIA RUTH, Dallas LEWIS, EUGENIA CAN1CE, Beaumont LIDDLE. MARGARET LYNN. Abilene L1EBE, VICKI JEAN. Edinburg LIGHT, DEBORAH LOUISE, Houston L1GON. EVLYN MARIE, Houston L1M. HELEN FAYE Houston LINNEY. MICHAEL BOWMAN, Arlington LIPMAN, ALAN LFF Houston LIPSTATE. JAMES MITCHELL, Lafayette. LA LITTLE LEWETTE ANN, Austin LIVINGSTON. JANICE LYNN, Corpus Christi LLOYD, LINDA SUE Dallas LOCHBAUM, PATRICIA ANN. San Antonio LOCKARD. DANIEL TAYLOR. Dickinson LODGE LINDA JOAN, Houston LOFTIS, KATHLEEN ANN, Austin LONG. ROBERT EARL. Houston LONG, WALTER CROMER, Austin LONGLEY. RICHARD LOWELL. Andrews LOPEZ, GLORIA LISA. San Antonio LOREDO. JORGE ALBERTO, Hallettsville LOVELESS. JANE. San Angelo LOVELESS. RICHARD BROOKS. Waco LOWREY. ERNEST JAMES JR.. Houston LOYD. CHARLES RICHARD. San Antonio LUSTY, PEGGY ANN, Fort Worth LUTZ. KATHLEEN ELROD, Houston LUX, BARBARA DIANE, Dallas LYON, SHARON ANN, Spring MacDONALD, GEORGE GRANGER, Austin MADDUX, BEVERLY JOY. Hewitt MAHURIN. THERESA KATHLEEN, Fort Worth MALONE. JAMES MARK. Fort Worth MANN. KAREN LEE. Beaumont MANN. KATHERINE ANNETTE, Graham MANSKER. TERA IRENE Fort Worth MARCUS, BARBARA ANN. New Orleans. LA 575 Freshmen MARGOLIS. LAWRENCE STEVEN. Big Spring MARR, ANDREA LYNN. San Anlonio MARSHALL, CHARLES TROY. Eastland MARTH. CHARLES DONALD JR.. Garland MARTIN. ANN HOWARD. Wichita Falls MARTIN. JAMES H. JR.. San Anlonio MARTIN. KIMBERLY SUSAN. Terrell MARTIN, ROBERT GUY, Fort Worth MARTINEZ. DELILA ANN. Abilene MARTINEZ. GEORGE DAVID. Baylown MARTINEZ. SUSAN JANE. Austin MARTT. ANNE VIVIAN, Temple MASON, MARY ANN. Bellville MAY, GARY STEPHEN. Dallas MAY, LARRY STEVEN. Sweetwater MAYO. MELISSA KIM. Austin McALISTER. DEBRA KAY. Austin McALISTER, PAULA MARIE, Dallas McALISTER, PHILIP DAVID, Oklahoma City, OK McCANN, NANCY LYN, Hurst McCARLEY, KATHLEEN ANNE, San Anlonio MCCARTHY, THOMAS BART, Houston MCCARTY, PHYLLIS LOUISE, Austin McCARVER. THOMAS TRUITT. Houston McCLAIN. JANE MELISSA. Fort Worth McCLENDON. CHARLENE LANELL. Elgin McCLOSKEY, RAYMOND DENNIS. Houston McCORMICK. JAMES W. III. Dallas McCUTCHON. FRANCES E.. Corpus Christi McDANIEL. STEVEN LAURENCE. Austin MCDONALD. AMI KAY. Houston MCDONALD. LINDA SUE. Houston MCDONALD. RALEIGH ALLEN. Palestine MCDONNELL. ELIZABETH ANNE. Texas city MCDOWELL, TONY EVERARD, Bay city McFALL, PAMELA ANN, Houston McFARLAND. MARY ALEXA. Demon McFARLANE, MARY HELEN, Brownwood McGEE, JANEL CYNTHIA, Fort Worth McGINNIS. PATRICK C, Dallas MCLEAN, MARY ALICE. Dallas McLELAND. KENNETH CRAIG. Houston McLEOD, CATHY, Houston McMICHAEL, THOMAS GLENN, Houston MCMILLAN. NANCY KAY. Austin McMILLEN. ROBERT LEE. Lockhart McMORRIS. CYNTHIA LYNN. Houston MCNEIL. PATRICIA CLAY. Houston McWEENEY. JEAN MARIE. Houston MELASKY. FLORA ELAINE. Houston MELETIO. MARY ANN. Dallas MENGLE. JAY STEPHEN. Corpus Christi MERINO. MICHAEL JOHN. Dallas MERONEY. ROBERT ALLEN. Austin MERRITT. SUZANNE. Decatur MESLOH, LINDA KAY. Corpus Chrisli MESSINA. MELANIE ANN. Dallas MEULENKAMP. JANE. El Paso MEZZETTI, KERRY ANN. San Antonio MICHAELSON. EDGAR ALLAN. Dallas MIKESKA. GREGORY WARD. Columbus MILLER, ALTON ALVIN JR., Seabrook MILLER, JULIE ANN. Atlanta. GA MILLER. RUSSELL JAY. Houston MILLIGAN. CONNIE SUE. Houston MILLS. CONSTANCE COLLEEN. Tyler MINAHAN. PAULA ELLEN. Midland MINCBERG. PEARL SOPHIE. Houston MITCHELL. CHARLES R., San Augustine MITCHELL. MARY ALICE, Beaumont MITCHELL. STANLEY ROBERT. Odessa MOFFATT. ANN MARIE, Houston MOFFETT. JOETTE. Pasadena MOKRY. SCOTT JOSEPH. Taylor MONTEITH. WALTER WILSON. Houston MONTESINO. LOURDES MARGARITA. Austin MONTGOMERY. DEBRA SUSAN. Houston MONTGOMERY. MARGARET M Pleasanton MOODY, CHARLES EUGENE, Robstown MOORE, GAIL ANN. Houston MOORE. LAURA MEREDITH. Dallas MOORE. MERRY LAUREEN, Alice MOORES. SUSAN SHELLEY. Terrell MORALES. MARIO ESPINOZA. Del Rio MORENO, REYNALDO P., Corpus Christi MOREWITZ. DOROTHY DEE. Houston MORGAN, JACQUELINE DIANN, Cuero MORGAN, PAUL JOHN. Raymondville MORGAN, TREVORIS LYNN. Houston MORRIS. JOAN MARGARET. Austin MORRISON. ROBERT LEE. Graham MORTIMER. GLENN GEORGE. San Antonio MOSELY, SARAH ANN, Linden MOTHERSHEAD. JEAN RUTH. Midland MOTTLEY. JACQUELINE DENISE. Houston MOWAD. ARTHUR HOWARD. El Paso MULHERN. MARY ANN. Fort Worth MUNCEY, LINDA JEANNE. Houston MURDOCK. JEFFREY H . Big Spring 576 Class of 1976 l) I MURPHY, SUSAN WILLS, Houston MYERS. DANICE LOUISE, Houston NATHAN. SARA LYNN. Chattanooga. TN NEILL, CRAIG EVANS, Houston NELSON, PATRICIA MARICE, Austin NESS, REBECCA ANN. Austin NEVINS. JOHN MITCHELL. Houston NEWCOMB. DAVID RAY. Austin NEWELL. NANCY ANNE, Houston NEWKIRK. LYNN ELLEN. Houston NICHOLSON. ROSS CORBY. Dallas NIELSEN. DONALD ELLIS. Austin NIEMANN. JAMES C., Austin NIXON. ROGER BANE. Denver City NOACK. NANCY ANN. Austin NORMAN. NANCY SUE, San Antonio NORTH, PATRICIA ANN, Dallas NORTHINGTON, FRANCES G.. Wharton OATES. NICKEY LOUIS, Palestine ODOM, MIKAL JANELLE, Arlington OGLE, CYNTHIA JO, Dallas OLIVIER. HENRI GASTON, Houston OLLE, THOMAS HENRY. Manor OLSEN, ROY WARREN. Houston OLSON, JON MICHAEL, Houston ONSTOTT. LLOYD JAMES JR.. Wichita Falls ORR. WILLIAM MICHAEL, Euless OSBORNE. PAULA JEAN. Houston OSBORNE. SUZAN VALRIE. Houston OWEN, HESSIE REESE, Austin PACE, DAVID FRANKLIN, Dallas PAINE, BEVERLY ANNE, Richardson PAINTER, SARAH HALLOWELL, Houston PANG, WILLIAM FOOK, Coahoma, MS PARR, MARK BARRETT, Irving PARRISH, REBECCA ESTILL, San Antonio PARSONS. ROBERT SPENCER. Dallas PARTAIN, VALERIE JEAN. Austin PARTIN. BETTY JEAN. Cleveland PATE, PHYLLIS ELAINE, Fort Worth PAXMAN, SHEILA ANN, San Antonio PAYNE. MARY ANNA. Houston PEARCY, PAUL GARRETT, Austin PEAVEY. DONALD RALPH, Orland, ME PEEL, THOMAS BRYAN, Grand Prairie PENCE. SUZANNE DANIEL, Houston PENNINGTON, JAMES WILLIAM, Dallas PENNOCK, WHITNEY LEE, Texas City PEPER. WILLIAM ARTHUR. Dallas PERKINS. WILLIAM STEVEN. Abilene PETERMAN, DONNA SUE, Austin PETERSEN, MARY ANN. Wharton PETERSON. IRVIN DARNELL. Bryan PETERSON. LEONARD FRANCIS, Austin PETERSON, PRUDENCE GAYLE, Austin PFLUGER, WALTER WALKER. San Angelo PHANEUF. JOHN ALAN. Marion PHILLIPS. PATRICIA EILEEN. Houston PHILLIPS. THOMAS MACK, Abilene PH1PPS. JAN ELAINE, Vernon PIANA, MICHAEL RAY, Pasadena PICKENS. GARY DOUGLAS. Greenville PILLANS. SHEREE PATRICE. Houston PILLER. LINDA BETH. Houston PINK. LAURIE JEAN. Wichita Falls PIPKIN. LESLIE ANN. Bryan PITRUCHA, PATRICE CECILLA. Houston PIZA, CAROL ANN, Austin PLAYER, LUAN HELEN. Longview PLOCH. MELANIE RUTH. San Antonio PLUME. SUSAN ELIZABETH, Dallas POMERANTZ. JUDITH HILARY. San Antonio POMEROY. ROBBIE PATRICIA. Galvcston POMONIS. BOBBIE JEAN. Houston POOLE. STEVEN ROSS. Avinger POPE. JANET. Sonora POPE. PATRICIA ELOISE, San Antonio PORCHER. JAN KILLEEN. Fort Worth PORTER. JEFFREY LEE, Dallas PORTER. JO DELL. Austin POWELL. DIANE ELIZABETH. Bellaire POWELL. RUSSELL KELLY. Dallas PRATT. MARY KATHLEEN. Houston PRESLEY. RICHARD ALLEN. Sealy PRINGLE. DIANE CAROL, Austin PRUTER, MARTHA SCOTT. Orange PUCKETT. WILLIAM T.. Wichita Falls PURDY. BRONWYN LEE, Paris PURTLE, CARLA KAY, Austin PYLE. JANICE KAY, Bloomburg QUICK, PEGGY JOYCE. San Antonio QUINTANILLA. ROGER RIVERA, Corpus Christi QUINTANILLA. TERESA VIRF.NE. Corpus Christi RABE, PATRICIA LEE, Edinburg RABEL, HILMA ANN, Weimar RAKOWITZ. SUNNEE A, Pleasanton RALEY. RAMONA CATHERINE, Garwood RAMAEKERS, FRANCIS MATTHEW JR.. Austin RANDERSON. DEBORAH JEANE. Midland 577 Freshmen Cla; RAPPAPORT. KAREN SUE. San Antonio RATHBUN, KENNETH R., Austin RATLIFF, BRYAN P.. Fort Worth RATTERREE, DONNA LEE, Houston RAY, MARSHALL RANSOME. Brownsville RAYNOLD, VICKY SUZANNE, Cleveland, OH READ, SHERRY ANNE. Dallas READ, WILLIAM R. JR.. Beaumont RECH. MELONY MARLENE. San Antonio RECH, YVONNE CLAIRE. Fredericksburg REDDING. LYNETTE RAMONA. Houston REESE, KENNETH WAYNE. Rosenberg REESE. ROBERT MARTIN, Dallas REICHERT, DEBORAH LEE. Dallas REID, DAVID. Garland REID. SPENCER LLOYD. Lamesa REITTINGER, PATRICIA MARIE, Richardson REUBEN, LOUISE DIANE. Dallas REYES. RAQUEL RACHEL. Corpus Christ! REYES, TONI JO. Beaumont REYNOLDS. MICHAEL M.. Austin RICARDS. NANCY ELLETTE, Memphis, TN RICHARDS. SUSAN KATHLEEN. San Antonio RICHARDSON. D. }.. Indian Harbor Beach. FL RICHEY, ELIZABETH LEE. Fort Worth RIDLEY. RICHARD MICHAEL. Bellaire RIGGS, BEN HAYES. Houston RING, GREGG JR.. Houston RIOS, NORMA IRIS. San Diego RIPPER. PAMELA SUE. Weimar ROACH, PHILIP DENNIS. Mt. Pleasant ROBBERSON, SARAH K., San Antonio ROBBINS. DEBBIE GEORGETTE. Liberty ROBERTS. CHARLES THOMAS, Dallas ROBERTS. CINDY, Edinburg ROBIN. JOAN ELIZABETH. Houston ROBINOWITZ. KENNETH LEE. Richmond ROBINS, DONALD AKIN, Garland ROBINSON, DEBRA GAIL. Abilene ROCHE. PAMELA ANN, San Antonio ROEHM, JOHN FRANCIS III. San Antonio ROGERS. JAMES EUGENE. San Antonio ROGERS, WALLACE III. San Antonio ROLLWAGE. CLAIRE LOUISE. Lake Jackson ROOSTH. TONI ELLEN, Tyler ROOT, MARTHA ANNE, Austin ROSE. BARRY MARTIN, Houston ROSE, CELIA ANN. Dallas ROSE. PAMELA MAE. San Antonio ROSEN, CYNTHIA ANN. Dallas ROSENBLOOM, LINDA G.. Dallas ROSENTHAL. AMELIA RACHEL, Aledo ROSENTHAL. ILENE RUTH, Dallas ROSS. KENNETH CARL III. San Antonio ROSS. ROBIN ANNE, La Marque ROTHSCHILD. STANLEY LEE, Dallas ROYE. MELINDA BETH, Graham RUIZ, ROSE MARIE. San Diego RUSSELL, GERALD ALAN, Austin RUSSELL, MARY LOUISE. Fort Worth SABLATURA. MARLENE T , Corpus Christi SADLER. SHARON KAY. Austin SALINAS. LUCILA MERCEDES. Roma SANCHEZ. IRIS ANN. Bergstrom AFB SANDERS, GAY DENIESE. Dallas SANDERS, PATRICIA ELIZABETH. Laredo SANGER. FREDERICK WILLIAM JR.. Alice SARLES. HARRY EUGENE JR., Galveston SAUNDZRS. PAMELA, Houston SCEPANSKY. MARY KATHARINE, Austin SCHACHERL. ROBERT HAROLD, Austin SCHAEFER. LEONARD F., Houston SCHARES. THOMAS, Houston SCHEMENT. LINDA FRANCESCA. San Antonio SCHINDLER, STEVEN ALAN. Dallas SCHNEIDAU. SANDRA MARY. Houston SCHNEIDER. CATHY ANN, San Antonio SCHNEIDER, JERILYN. Texarkana SCHNEIDLER. KATINKA DEBORAH, Laredo SCHNELL. PATRICIA ANN. Spearman SCHOENVOGEL. LEIGH. Brenham SCHROEDER. CATHY ANN. Alvin SCHULTZ. BETH ANN. Waco SCHUMAN. DEBORAH ANN. Dallas SCHWAB. CAROL SUE. Houston SCHWARTZ. ALAN JAY. Austin SCHWARTZ. PAULA LYNN. Schulcnburg SCOTT. TERESA ESTELLA. Tyler SEALE, HORACE PATRICK. Karnes Citv SEAMAN. SANDRA J.. Corpus Christi SEDBF.RRY. LORY LYN. Austin SEILHEIMER, EDWIN JOHN JR.. Fort Worth SELF. DONNA ELAINE. Fort Worth SEWARD, JAMES JOSEPH, Lincoln, AR SHAPE. DEBORAH GAY. Garland SHAPIRO. RENEE MICHELLE, Amarillo SHAW. ROBERT LELAND JR.. Richardson SHELTON. JAMES DOWLEN. Houston SHEPHARD, DEBORAH SUE, Houston 578 men Class of 1976 r) A A j fcfi,4 4 . SHERR1LL, ANN KATHERINE. Beaumont SHERRILL. KIMBERLY ANN, San Angelo SHERROD, MARGARET TEK, Spring SHIELDS, RENE CARYN, Hempstcad SHIELDS, WILLIAM KIRK, Kilgore SHTOFMAN, MICHAEL ALLEN; Tyler SHUDDE. NEAL WILSON, Austin SHUGART, MICHELLE, Garland SHULKIN, CRAIG STEVEN. Dallas SIEBEL, JULIE ANNE, Dallas SIERRA. GEORGE WILLIAM, Fort Worth SIKORSKI, DENISE ANNE, Houston SILBERBERG, CELIA JAYNE, Austin SIMMONS, STEVEN CRAIG, Dallas SIMS, SHARON LEE, Houston SINCLAIR. SUSAN LEIGH, Dallas SLACK, CHARLOTTE ANNE. Pecos SLOANE, JAVONNE L., Oklahoma City. OK SMELKER, THOMAS VERNON. Beaumont SMITH, BETTY MAE, Marshall SMITH. BEVERLY JEAN. Houston SMITH. BRUCE STEWART. Garland SMITH, CAROLYN GWEN. Dallas SMITH, LAURA REBECCA, Dallas SMITH. NANCY KAY, El Paso SMITH, RAY DONALD III. Fort Worth SMITH, SARA JANE, Elgin SMITH, SHELLY IRENE, Houston SOCKLER, STEVEN ALLAN, Beaumont SOSA, PATRICIA LYNN. San Antonio SPALDING, NANCY JAN, Wichita Falls SPARKS, JO BETH. Mission SPAULDING. LINDA, Dallas SPEARS, TEDDIE D., Abilene SPECHT, GARY ALAN, Houston SPENCER, JAMES HAROLD. Sweeny SPENCER, SUSAN LaVERNE. Houston SPILLMAN. ANN COKE Dallas SPINKS, LESLIE ANN, Corpus Christi STAHLSTROM, CAROL ANN, Portland STALLONES, JENNIFER CATHERINE, Tomball STAMNITZ, GLEN EDWIN, Austin STANC IL, STANLEY HUBERT. San Antonio STANDEFER. JANA LYNN, Fort Worth STANLEY, DAVID KENT, Fort Worth STANLEY, LYNN PATRICE. Austin STEELE, WILLIAM JAMES. Texarkana STEEN. BARBARA LYNN. Corpus Christi STEIGERWALT. M. A.. New Tripoli PA STEINFELD. JAY IRA. Dallas STENZLER. KAREN E.. Fort Worth STEPHENSON. SCOTT ALLEN. Greenville STEPKEN. RICKY DALE. Austin STEVENS. BARBARA LEE, Fort Worth STEWARD. DON MICHAEL, Wichita Falls STEWARD, STEPHEN HALE. Wichita Falls STILES. SHARLA DENISE. Irving ST. JOHN. ERNEST REVERE. Beaumont STOCKER, CHARLES WAYNE, Bryan STOLLER. MARK IRWIN, Dallas STONE, REBECCA SUSAN. Conroc STONE. SUSAN JANE, Jacksonville STONEBURNER, RICHARD KELTY. Houston STOUFFER. BLAIR TODD. San Antonio STOWE, TAMARA LEAH, San Antonio STRAHAN, WESLEY RANDELL JR.. Lamesa STROUP. PAMELA CHRISTENE, Fort Worth STUTTS, JUDY ANN. Houston SUHLER, PAUL ARTHUR. San Antonio SUHOR, MARY MARGARET. San Antonio SUMMERS. JOHN MORRIS. Cuero SUSSAN. LESLIE KAY. Galvcslon SUTTLES. MARGARET FRASER. Houston SWARTZ, DOUGLAS ALLAN. San Angelo SWINNEA. JOHN STEVEN. Marlin SYKORA. SANDRA LYNN. Houston TALBOT, CYNTHIA GAY, Kettering, OH TARPEY, JUDITH ANN, Houston TATE, PAULA HELEN. Houston TAYLOR. ANGELA JANE. San Antonio TAYLOR. ANNE ELIZABETH. Dallas TAYLOR, CHRISTINE DIANE, Arlington TAYLOR, JEFFERSON LYNNE JR.. Bowie TAYLOR. JOE LAWRENCE, San Antonio TAYLOR. WILLA JO NELL. Dallas TERRELL. PAUL ALTON. Greenville TERRELL, SUSAN LEA. Kenedy THACKER. ROBERT PRATT. Corpus Christ. THEOBALT, COY GROVER. Hot Springs, AR THOMAS, JAMES GREGORY. San Angelo THOMAS. MARK PHILIP. Fort Worth THOMAS. MICHAEL STUART. Houston THOMASSON. MARK JAY. Port Lavaca THOMPSON, JOHN CHRISTOPHER, Abilene THOMPSON, KENNETH F.. Bloominglon THOMPSON. ULR1KE AGNES. Houston THORNE, JODY. Grand Prairie TIDMORE, GUY LOUIS. Richardson TIEMANN. KAREN SUSAN, Dallas 579 Freshmen Cla; TILLERSON. RAE ANN. Houston T1LLMAN. JOHN DOUGLAS, Albany TIMMONS. MICHAEL DEWAYNE, Perryton TIPPEN. FORREST W. JR.. Abilene TIPTON. JEAN ELLEN. Richardson TOLEDO. JORGE. Ml. Pleasant TOMASULO. JANICE A., Houston TORRANCE, CINDY LOU. Houston TOUBIN, CHERYL HELEN E. San Antonio TRANSIER. WILLIAM LEE. Corpus Christi TREADWAY. DEBRA LYNN. Del Rio TREW, DAN THOMPSON, Canyon TROUSDALE. JAMES ARNOLD. Smithville TROUT. ROBERT LEE. Mesquite TULEY, BENNY WAYNE. Dallas TUTTLE. BRUCE COBB, San Antonio UGLAND. DAVID NELS. Midland UPCHURCH, MARTHA VIRGINIA, Midland VALIGURA, MICHAEL DAVID. Caldwell Van PELT, LESTER III. Midland VASCOCU. JACQUELINE ANN. Longview VASQUEZ. LUIS. Austin VAUGHN. JACK CALVIN JR., Dallas VERNER. DOUGLAS DARRELL, Bethcsda. MD V1CK, JOSEPH JAMES 111. Waco VINE. SARA GAIL. Louisville. KY VINGOE. SUSAN ELAINE. Houston VINSON. CHARLES SAMUEL. Dallas VINSON, PEGGY LEE. Portland VREDENBURGH. TODD W.. Clinton. CT WACHSBERG. RITA PATRICIA. Houston WAGNON. DEBORAH LEE. Fort Worth WAHLSTEN. KAREN ANNE. Port Lavaca WALKER. GRACE ANN. Corpus Christi WALKER. RUDY STEPHEN, Baytown WALKER, STEPHEN LYNDOL. Richardson WALLACE, CYNTHIA ANN. Refugio WALLACE. MICHAEL ANTHONY. Mesquite WALLS. DEBORAH JEAN, Houston WALSH, SYLVIA EDITH, San Antonio WARD, CYNTHIA LOU. Baytown WARDELL. RONALD B. J. JR.. Houston WARE. TERRY LYNN, Austin WARREN, KELLY, Bellaire WASHAM, SUE ELAINE, Kenedy WASHBURN. MARY E., San Antonio WATK1NS. SUSAN LEIGH, Dallas WATLER. PAUL CHRISTOPHER, Beaumont WATSON. JILL PATE. Houston WAXLER. CONNIE ELAINE, Blanco WEATHERLY, MARINDA K., Austin WEAVER, KEITH CHAPMAN. Houston . WEAVER, REEN CANADA. Nacogdoches WEBB. JAMES MARSHALL. Garland WEBB, RANDALL LEE. Dallas WEBER. JAMES JOSEPH. Cuero WEEBER. SANDRA FAYE. Caldwell WEEK LEY. JAN FRANCES, San Benito WEETH, GEORGE WRIGHT. Abilene WEIL. JUDY ANN. Houston WEINBERG. MORTON EDWARD, Fort Worth WEIR. LEE, Richardson WEISS. JAMES ALAN. Dallas WEITZEL. BEVERLY GRAY. San Antonio WELCH. BOBBY ELLIS. Galveston WELK. TRUDY EILEEN, For! Worth WELLMERL1NG, CYNTHIA A.. Columbus, OH WELLS, LYNNE ANN, Austin WELLS, WILLIAM RATCLIFF JR., Cisco WELTMAN, WENDY JOYCE. Dallas WENDLER. KIM, Austin WERBNER, MARK STEVEN, San Antonio WESCH, SANDRA KAY, Austin WEST, MARY JANE. Friendswood WEYNANDT. JAMES KYLE. Austin WHALEN. KELLEY FRANCIS. Baylown WHALEY. MIMI ANNE. Houston WHEAT. CATHY GAIL. Austin WHEAT, JULIA ELLEN, Woodville WHEELER. MARSHA ELAINE. Fort Worth WHELESS, JAY FREDRIC. Corpus Christi WHITE. CHERYL JO. Houston WHITE. DEL BRADFORD, Rock Springs WHITE. KATHLEEN ROSE, Califon. NJ WHITE. MARY ANN, Houston WHITED. NANCY KAYE. Austin WHITEHURST. DONNA FAYE, Houston WHITELEY. EDWARD THOMAS, Killeen WHITMIRE. CARL DOUGLAS III, Houston WHITTON, JAMES MORTON. Fort Worth W1CHETA, SUSAN ANN. Austin WICKERSHAM. ELIZABETH ANN, Orange WIERUSCHESKE, CAROLYN F., Austin WILEY, MARY JANE, Gladewater WILKIN. DIANE, Dallas WILKINS. CRAIG ALAN, Bridgeton, MO WILLIAMS. CURT ALAN. Dallas WILLIAMS. DOROTHY CECILE, Austin WILLIAMS, IRBY. Austin r 580 meo Class of 1976 A s ZOCH. CONNIE LYNN. Houston ZWERNEMANN. STEVEN MARK. Austin WILLIAMS. RONALD GAYLORD Coahoma WILLIAMS, STEVEN DURHAM, Richmond. VA WILLIAMSON. ELLEN ROSS. Orange WILSON. PATRICIA CAROLYN. Seabrook WILSON. REBECCA DEN1SE. Fredencksburg WILSON. TERESA ANN, Dallas WINN1FORD. JANET COURTNEY, Dallas WINTERS, SUSAN KATHRYN, Houston WISDOM, ANN. Austin WISE. HELAINE GAIL. Houston WISIALOWSKI, SAMUEL T.. Fort Worth WIX. STEVEN LYNN, Abilene WOLCOTT, CRAIG STEPHEN, Houston WOLF. JANET CLAIRE. Longvie WOLF. JULIE SUSAN, Harlingen WOLFF, GARY MICHAEL. Horaewood. IL WOLFF. HARRY WALTER. Bellaire WOOD, LARRY WAYNE, Dallas WOODLEY. DIANNE LOUISE, San Antonio WOODWARD. NANCY JEAN. Houston WOOTTERS. JEANNE CAROL, Houston WORLEY. THOMAS NEAL. Austin WRIGHT. CARROLL CLIFFORD JR.. San Antonio WRIGHT. WILLIAM GRAHAM. Austin WURZBACH. LINDA SUE. San Antonio WYMAN. PAULA JEAN, Dallas WYNNE, THOMAS BURTON, Houston YOUNG, STEVEN ELGIN. Austin YOUNGBLOOD. MICHAEL T.. Richardson YOUNGER, LAURA LEE, Houston ZAPATA, LAURA ANN, Sinton ZILLGITT, SHERRI LYNN, Kilgore ZIMBUREAN, JOHN MICHAEL, Garland ZIMMERMANN, SANDRA KAY. San Antonio ZINN. CHERYL RENEE. Prairie Village. KS ZISKIND, ELLEN. Memphis, TN 5 581 1973 CACTUS Index Name Pages AAAE 358 Abbate, Joseph W 330 Abbett, Kathleen 559 Abbelt, Mary Dodd 285, 322 Abbolt, Christine A 328 Abel, Susan Elaine 330, 331 Abernathy, Julianne 171,315 Abernathy. Larry Duanc 201, 559 Abijaoude, Malek Tony 502 Aboussie, Joseph A 398 Abowitz, Sally 219, 559 Abraham, Charles Bruce 352, 502 Abraham, Stephanie Jo 569 Abrams, Barry 5!W Abrams, Elliot Mark 330 Abrams, Gregory Mark 559 Abu-Hamdeh. Saleh Mustafa 502 Acacia 142,143 A Cappella Choir 306 Acevedo, Leonel Manuel 323 Achalabhuti, Charan 498 Acker, Bill M 175, 559 Acker, Helen Ann 547 Acker, Karen Louise 171 Ackerman, William Randall 245, 502 Acklen, Robert Livingston Jr 217, 502 Acknowledgements Acosta, Mary Helen 547 Acosta, Teresa Palomo 246 Actkinson, Jerry Wayne 502 Acuff, James Terry 32 1 Adair, Marshall Reed 559 Adair, Mary Ellen 322 Adamcik, Anthony James . . . .323, 336, 377. 559 Adamcik. Patrick Victor 378, 569 Adams, Alice Ann 165, 542 Adams, Andrew Wynne 323 Adams, Chen Jo 145, 569 Adams, Dan Phillips 398 Adams, Debra Ann 245 Adams, Diana Ragan 547 Adams, Donna Jean 502 Adams, Doyle Gene 502 Adams, Janis Ruth 245 Adams. Jenny 189 Adams. John W.. Ill 559 Adams, John Wilson. Jr 223 Adams, Michael Preston 124. 139. 227, 502 Adams, Patricia Alice 569 Adams. Susan 189. 542 Adams, William Hoskins 221 Adcock, Phyllis Ann 292, 322, 502 Addington, Doyle Ray. Jr 336. 378 Addison, Anita Louise 559 Addy, Michael Vearle 331 Aderhold, Joseph Cullen 223. 569 Adger. Martha Ann , 169 Adin. Richard Louis 209. 547 Adkins, Barry Wood 209, 243, 245, 569 Adkins. David Joe 339 Adkins, John August 129, 195,244,252,254.259. 339.343.547.614,615 Adkisson. Michael Glen 195 Adler, Kathryn Sue 569 Administration 490-495 Admire, Robert Charles 323 Afsahi, Saaied 547 Aguilar, Andrew 296 Aguilar, Armando S 325 Aguilar, Gloria 290, 502 Aguilar, Javier 330, 348, 502 Aguilar, Osbaldo B 311 Aguilera, Juan F 241 Ahn, Sam Seunghae 321 Ahn, Suzanne Insook 324 Ahrens, Dennis Carl 278 Ahuero, Daniel David 348. 502 Aicklen. Andrew John 209, 390. 547 Aiken, Clara Joy 306 Aiken, Joe Michael 221 Aime, Deborah Lynn 361 Aime. Felton Lee 490 Airhart, Dixon Ann 547 Akers, Carol Lorraine 191. 263 Aicers, Fred Sanford 398 Akin, Lu 145 Akin, Mark Donnell 213, 547 Akins, Martin Ray 398 Akins, Mina Ruth 498 Alamia, Rodolfo R 269, 363, 502 Alaniz, Betty Jo 502 Albano, Joyce Ann 138, 169 Albers, Betty Sue 322 Albers, Carol Ann 159 Albers, Marilyn Ann 321 Albrecht. Jean Ann 440. 441. 559 Albrecht, Karen E 330, 331 Albrechl, Sandra Lynne 339 Albrilton, Benjamin J 187. 569 Albritton. Steven C 213 Alcorn. Gwenlyn Joyce 175, 542 Alder. Susan Carole 169, 559 Alderete, Richard Reyes 569 Aldred, Val Anthony 179 Aleman, Susana Imelda 569 Alexander. Beverly L 243 Alexander. George Gamhrell, Jr 1 79. 569 Alexander. Henry Franklyn 209. 320. 502 Alexander. James Alan 223. 569 Alexander, John M 323. 559 Alexander, Larry Pearlman 323 Alexander, Mary Ellen ... 1 13, 134, 264, 344, 346, 502 Alexander, N. Kenneth 323 Nam, Pa " Alexander, Richard Lee 223 Alexander, Shane C 334, 547 Alexander, Thomas R 502 Alford, Steven Edward 321 Algire, Cheryl Jeanne 569 Alkek, James Franklin 330 Allamon. Jerry Dell 278, 569 Allard. Jane Diane 129 Allbrighl, James Jacob III 175,542 Allbright. Sarah Marie 569 Allbright, Ten Ann 317 Allday, James Melvin 569 Alleman, Catherine Elaine 115, 134,245,293,318 Allen, Alexander B 398 Allen, Brady Lee 195, 323. 343 Allen. Carol Ann C 317 Allen, Carol Lee 502 Allen, David Vincent 502 Allen. Deborah Leigh 185. 559 Allen, Gregory Steven 179, 286 Allen, Janet Lee 502 Allen, Joe Bailey III 195. 502 Allen, Jolly Ann 569 Allen, Kenneth Wayne . " . 143 Allen, Loyd V. Jr 325 Allen, Mark Kirkpatrick 179, 281. 559 Allen, Mollie Holden 207 Allen, Russell Scott 179, 542 Allen, Thomas David 195, 569 Allen, William Paine, Jr 143 Allendcr, Phoebe Jo 321 Alletag, Gary Michael 348. 502 Alletag. Richard G 348 Alley. Sandra Dawn 547 Allison. Mary K 231. 328. 502 Allison, Neil Kenneth 502, 615 Allison, Sheryl Lea 547 Allison, William S 398, 448 Alliston. Gcraldine D 169, 559 Allmond, Steven Roy 547 Allumbaugh, John William 569 Alpert, Brad Eugene 324 Alpert, Emily Joyce 542 Alspach, Elizabeth Kidd 569 Alpha Chi Omega 144. 145 Alpha Delta Pi 146. 147 Alpha Epsilon Delta 324 Alpha Epsilon Phi 148, 149 Alpha Epsilon Pi 150, 151 Alpha Gamma Delta 152, 153 Alpha Kappa Alpha 154, 155 Alpha Kappa Psi 348 Alpha Lambda Delta 317 Alpha Omicron Pi 156, 157 Alpha Phi 158, 159 Alpha Phi Alpha 160, 161 Alpha Phi Omega 288, 289 Alpha Tau Omega 162, 163 Alpha Xi Delta 164, 165 Alter, Dennis Ira 215 Alter, Nancy Ellen 149 Althaus, Voy Ernest. Jr 547 Altman. Gwendolyn N 502 Altmann, Sandra Kay 569 Altobelli, Robert A 390 Altshuler, Karen Myles 547 Alvarado, Diana Delia 547 Alvarado, Patrica Ann 547 Alvarez, Alexander G 502 Alvis, William Truett 339. 542 Amante, Patrice Diane 502 Amaya, Rene Luis 398, 547 Ambroselti, Anthony A 295, 392 Amen, Maria Barbara 498 Amen. Ruth Marie 329, 502 Ament, John Charles 306 American Finance Association 347 American Marketing Association 350 Amerman, Patricia M 169, 502 Amiot, Denise Marie 309,317 Amirkhan. John Nelson 502 Amis, Charles James, HI 181 Amis. Janie Pearce 189 Ammerman. Glenn H 211.542 Ammerman. Mark Howard 328 Amos. Marilyn E 340 Amos, Scott Randal 333 Anamosa, Martha Jean 542 Anderlohr, W. Joseph, Jr 352, 502 Anders. Vickie J 328. 547 Andersen, Penny Lee 502 Anderson, Annette A 153 Anderson, Candace E 502 Anderson, Chris Rodney 296 Anderson. David D 139, 448, 502 Anderson, Dorothy Jean 313 Anderson. Emily Fields . . 108, 131. 138, 207, 293. 319 Anderson. Frederick Gene 321. 502 Anderson. Gary Kenneth 289. 358. 502 Anderson, Gary Robert 209. 547 Anderson. Henry Alvah 332 Anderson, Jane Alice 1 34, 207, 244. 28 1 , 293, 375, 378. 559 Anderson, Jane Melinda 559 Anderson, Jody 329 Anderson, John H., Jr 289 Anderson, Kathryn Sue 559 Anderson, Kelley E 296 Anderson, Kristine A 171 Anderson. Larry Oscar 547 Anderson. Leo Phillip 334 Anderson. Martha A. G 502 Anderson. Mary Cristine 317 Anderson, Mary Kathryn 189 Anderson, Michael Dean 433 Anderson. Michael Hal 195. 323 Name Pages Anderson, Neal Bruce 163 Anderson, Richard John 217 Anderson, Rick 221 Anderson, Robert G 193 Anderson, Rodney Wayne 569 Anderson, Russell F 323 Anderson, Stefany Rogie 147, 569 Anderson, Steven Lee 398 Anderson, Susan Gale 171, 322, 569 Anderson, Wayne Edward 295, 391 Andrews, Anne Wythe 129, 502 Andrews, Constance Rae 159 Andrews, James F., Jr 569 Andrews, Mark Thomas 213 Andrus, Rena Carol 569 Angel Flight 375 Angel, Maria Esther 559 Angell, Rebecca Gail 547 Angevine, Janan 173 Angle. James Leslie II 339 Angwatanakul, Sumitra 498 Ansel, Sture A., Jr 328 Ansell, James Richard 387 Anstey. Carol Marie 185 Anthony, Betty Jane 559 Anthony, Sandra Lynn 171 Antonini, Alice Marie 165 Antu, Jose Luis 246 Antweil, Barry Lee 229, 281, 559 Antwiler, Glen Delbert 439 Applebaum, Brett Ian 323 Applegate, David Randolph 569 Appleman, Vicki 173 Aquino, Maria M. T. D 502 Aquino, Nicolas 502 Arbingast, Stanley A 320 Arbisser, Iris Lee 317 Archer, Catherine 328 Archer, Claudia Jean 183 Archer. Melinda Jane 191 Archer, Michael Francis 195, 503 Archer, Thomas Dayton 181 Archer, Thomas J., Ill 547 Archie, Richard Neal 503 Arden, Pamela Jean 542 Arguello, Sergio S 503 Arlitt, Cheryl Jean 569 Arlitt, Cynthia Ann 165, 503 Arlitt, Sezanne 171,317. 375. 378. 559 Armstrong, Frank .615 Armstrong, Mary Beth 165 Armstrong, Robert Paul 378 Armstrong, Sara Storey 207 Armstrong, Sarah Lee 69, 246 Arnett, Rebecca Marie 547 Arnold Air Society 336 Arnold, Augustus William 139, 195, 547 Arnold. Edwin Lee 503 Arnold, Georgia Anne 207. 559 Arnold. James Marian 129,318 Arnold, Jay Lock 398. 448 Arnold, Linell M. P 547 Arnold, Martha Anne 173 Arnold, Peggy Frances 503 Arnold. Sandra Gay 136, 145 Arnold, Walter Van 330,498 Arnold, William Fred 295. 392 Arnoldy. Susan C 138. 147 Arnone. Kimberlee M 145 Arnoult. Jeffrey B 324 Arnt. Nancy Sue 569 Aron. Lisa Adele 219, 559 Aronoff, Ronald J 324 Aronowitz, Anne 285, 559 Aronowitz, Steven Martin 503 Aronson, Marcia Diane 257. 346. 503 Aronstein. Elissa Ann 329. 503 Arra, Stephen Nicholas 352, 547 Arrant, Junious J., Jr 289 Arregui, Maurice 503 Arrell, Rocky Lee 354, 559 Arrington, Cathy 503 Arlington, Keith Thomas 205, 503 Arthur, Donald Byron 498 Arvedson, Richard Stephen 289 Arwood, Thomas Wheeler 22 1 . 503 ASCE 359 Ashburne. Jim G 331 Ashby, Judy Ann 185, 328. 503 Ashford. Deborah Lee 278. 547 Ashley, Marsha Claire 145. 384 Ashman, Margaret Abbey 145, 322 Ashorn, Deborah Lynn 569 ASME 360 Atchison, Charles Stuart 163 Ater, John Timothy 205 Atherton, Barbara Ann 547 Atherton, Jimmy Ray 278 Atkins. Deborah Ann 325, 366, 503 Atkins. Richard Dale 323, 559 Atkinson, Cynthia Mae 503 Atkinson. Lisa Kay 503 Atlas, Brian Smith 229 Atlas, Evonne 149 Attra, Ed 411 Atwell. Thomas Luther 163, 281 Atwood. Clifford M.. Ill 175. 547 Atwood, John Holmes 223 Ausmus, Donald Lee 423, 448 Aust, Bonnie Jean 317 Austein. Robert Keith 547 Austin. Harold Brent 559 Austin. James Michael 569 Austin. Katherine Ann 498 Austin. Kathleen Dawn 547 Austin, Michael Edward 276, 278 Austin. Stephen Michael 339 Name Pages Austin. William Earl 498 Autry, Ann Lynnette 317 Autry. Stephen Smith 331 Avant, Nannette 191, 315, 569 Aven. Gary Clifton 332 Avent, Frances Ava R., II 165, 324, 503 Avcry, Andrea Edith 285 Avery, Beth Ann 245 Avery, Graham D 326 Avery. Henry Clifton, III . .69, 256, 257, 259, 318, 332 Aves, Richard Deochoa 547 Avila, John, Jr 358 Avinger, Sue Lynn 292 Await. Ann Elizabeth 317 Awards. Memorial 1 18-120 Aycock, Steven Leslie 181. 503 Ayers, Charlene E 547 Ayers, Donatta Rose 503 Ayon, Henry David 503 Ayoub. Jack Emil 363 Ayres, Clarence E 612 Ayres, James Bernard 320 Ayres, Nancy Ann 169, 503 B Baade, Patricia Jo 559 Babcock, Barbara Kay 329 Babel, Donald Craig 179 Bacak, Patricia Michelle 317 Bacharach, Debra Ann 219 Bachman, Constance Ann 159 Bachman, Gene Weldon 503 Bachus, Diana Lee 547 Bachus. Vickie Ann 149, 245 Backman, Larry 151 Bacon. Connie Ann 183, 559 Badge!!, Jerry Scott 223 Badgett, Karol Ann 313 Baggerly, Suzette 185, 503 Bailey, Barbara Ann 191 Bailey, Elizabeth 559 Bailey, Gilbert Wesson, II 286, 295 Bailey, James Howard, Jr 227. 547 Bailey. Nancy Yvonne 547 Bailey. Sandra Kay 317 Bainler, Grace 231, 547 Bair, Warren Gregory 167 Baird, Niven James, Jr 429, 448 Baker, Alice Lynne 503 Baker. Andrew Kish 213 Baker. Betty Knight 207, 569 Baker, Beverly Zan 173, 559 Baker, Brandon High 213. 503 Baker, Bruce Addison 227 Baker, Bruce Wilber 414 Baker, Clifford Bain 559 Baker. Danny Wallace 398, 448 Baker, Deborah Lynn 183 Baker Gerald Wade 278 Baker, Herbert Harry 278 Baker, Jackie 363 Baker, James Arthur 503 Baker, James Elwood, Jr 324 Baker, Joy Jen 317, 559 Baker. Lucy 191, 547 Baker, Marianne 569 Baker, Michael Allen . 247. 300. 323, 390, 41 1, 559 Baker, Peter Robertson 503 Baker, Rex Gavin, III 163, 324, 343, 547 Baker, Toni Beth 569 Baker, William Austin 323, 429, 559 Bakst, Marlene Beth 317 Balagia, Saba Jack 1 1 1. 129. 261. 320 Balch, Dean Matthew 179. 559 Baldauf, Elizabeth S 322 Balderach, David L., Ill 143, 569 Baldwin, Anita Ann 559 Baldwin. Brent W 331, 547 Baldwin, Elizabeth Blair 169, 569 Baldwin. Greydon Gordon. Jr 569 Baldwin. Suzanne 1 59. 542 Bales. William Fannin 143 Ball. Elizabeth 569 Ball. James Andrew, Jr 547 Ball, John Michael 299 Ball. Mary Katherine 165. 503 Ball, Michael Davis 201,421 Ball, Nanette 278. 329. 542 Ball, Thomas Henry, 1 1 1 . . 1 63, 263, 433, 434, 448 Ballantyne. Stephen P 286 Ballard. Anne Edmonds 317 Ballard. Carolyn Sue 569 Ballard, John Wylie 223 Ballard. Karen Sue 503 Ballem, Darla Jo 231 Ballin. Leslie Irwin 229. 283. 547 Ballinger. Jeanne Field 321 Balmas. Rose Mary 325 Balough. Michael J 386 Balser. Janet 145, 569 Balser. Melissa Jane 569 Balser. Nancy Adele 159. 243 Bame. Susan Rac 503 Bandy. Dalton Dale 33 1 Bandy. Kathryn Lois 138. 191, 559 Banister, Patrica Ann 547 Bankhead. Jenny Lou 317 Bankhead, Kevin Webster 195, 343 Bankhead, Phillip Clay 195. 343 Banks. Halbert Jay 181.569 Banks, Nancy Jean 569 Banks, Russell Clyde 253 Bannan. David Bruce 423 582 Banning, Frank Powell 332 Banning. Susan Jeannine 569 Barab. Gary 439 Barada. Suleiman M 323 Barbee, Christopher F 345, 547 Barbee, David Richard 569 Barbee, James Philip 547 Barbee. Steve Graydon 333 Barber. Rosalind L 340 Barcklow, Mark Alan 167, 569 Barclay, Harry Edward 547 Barclay, John Anderson, III 209. 569 Barefield, Kirk 312,547 Harass, Janette Adele 278, 559 Bargas. Deborah Kay 185 Barham, James Alan 321 Baria. Joseph Murry, Jr 559 Baria, Paul Collins 278, 569 Barkemeyer. Alan Roy 503 Barker, Beverly June 173 Barker. Jerry Don 3 12, 569 Barker. Robert Dean. Jr 569 Barker. Roger Drake 276. 278 Barkley. Clifton William 330. 33 1 Barkley, Julia Jo 559 Barlettano. Gary John 268. 321. 503 Barley. Donald Lewis 330 Barnard. Charles Murray 167. 569 Barnard, Deanne Gay 23 1, 569 Bar nebey. Malcolm E 547 Earner, Wiley Blounl 569 Barnes, Barbara Lynn 503 Barnes, Benjamin W. Grant 321 Barnes, Caroline Susan 171 Barnes, Deborah Ann 169 Barnes, Donna Gayle 569 Barnes. Douglas Henson 201, 281 Barnes, James Russell 289 Barnes, Jeffrey Alan 321, 324, 439 Barnes, Joelle Susan 503 Barnes, Kathy Lou 321, 329, 503 Barnes, Marilu Selene 165, 559 Barnes, Mary Susan 292. 317. 322, 559 Barnes, Molly 207 Barnes, Richard Gerald 569 Barnes, Thomas C., Jr 615 Barnett, Joseph C, Jr 181 Barnett, Michael A 213. 559 Barnett, Thomas Frank 321 Barnttt, William S. L 347 Barnhart, Paul Fred 163. 286 Barnhouse. Kyle Revel 189, 547 Barnum, Robert Sheppard 569 Barr, Cathy Lynn 31 1. 559 Barr. David Newell 203 Barr, David Thurston 323 Barr, James Alan 223, 559 Barr. Margaret J 261. 486. 489 Barr. Michele 165, 31 1, 569 Barragan. James C., Jr 229 Barre, Nelson Keith 569 Barrera, Annabel 547 Barrera, Jaime Xavier 612 Barrera, Norma Gonzalez 319 Barrera, Roberto, Jr 569 Barrett. Gregory A 223, 559 Barrientos. Maria T 246 Barren. Bruce Gordon 387 Banon, Gilbert 503 Barron. Sandra Gail 547 Barren, William Edward 483 Barron, William Davis 295. 392 Barron. William Robert 411 Name Pages Barry, Susan Patrice 559 Bartee, Stephen Lloyd 547 Bartek, David Cliff .39% Barth, Roy Elmer 333 503 Bartholomew, Douglas W ' 334 Bartlett. Connie S 191 Bartlctt, Thomas Lee 503 Bartnett, Cheryl Leigh ' 165 Barmen, Kathleen Louise 165 569 Barton. Bruce Edward 139. 205, 503 Barton, Deborah Ann 328, ' 542 Barton, Joy Lavern ' 503 Bartos, Leonard Wayne 559 Bartosek, Lawrence Edward 383, 396 569 Baruch, Isak 252 253 Baskin, Becky Joan .207 Baskin. Robert Michael 289 569 Baskins. Mary Louise 159, 317, 559 Basore, Steven Dale 3 4] 547 Bass, Cindy Lynn 136 559 Bass. Mary Edythe 191 Bass, Peggy ... ' . ' . ' .3St Basse, Cora Lynn 559 Basso, Diana Marie ' ' 503 Batchelor, Christine E. . 317 Bateman. Walker H.. IV ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .213 Bates, Ann Robinson |69 559 Bates, Billy Bob ' 312 Bates, Kathleen Mary ' . ' . 569 Bates, Loyce Lee .... 173, 281, 375, 378, 397, 559 Bates, Robert Harold 364, 504 Batlenfield, Glenn L 181504 Battle, Richard V. 34g[ 504 Batty, Carol Ann ' 32 1 Baucum, Sara Jan 145. 539 Bauer, Austin P., Jr ' 542 Bauer, Barbara Ann 321 Bauer, Nancy Shelton . . ' 498 Bauerle, James E . " 318 Baum, Jane Louise 219, 317 Baum, Philip Jay ' 504 Baumgardner, Sally A 207 559 Baxter, Edward Siegle ' . ' . .334 ' 504 Bayer, Michael 320, 321, 398. 40o! 448 Bayless, James Leavell, Jr 286, 428 448 Baylor, Joan Elizabeth 310 504 Baylor, Randall Eric 310, 504 Baysek, Allan James 358, ' 542 Bazan, Fernando ' 559 Bazarsky, Susan Gail 1! 1328, 504 Beach, Alison Marie 145] 247 Beach, Cynthia Lee 23 1 ' 285 Beachy, Morris Jay 304, 305, ' 313 Beaird, Peggy Jane 504 Beale. Ellen 171, 559 Beaman, Joseph Jefferson ' 333 Bean, Jack Chrisul, Jr ' j 79, 547 Beard, Bradley Jean 187 54? Bearden, Charles E ' 179 Bearden, Mary Margaret 321 Beasley, Elizabeth I J29, 23J, 504 Beasley, Marsha Lea 41 f 569 Beasley, Stephen Craig 143, 324, 429i 542 Bcaty, Terri Lea Hagan 321 Beauchamp, John Scott 352 504 Beauchamp. Stephen D ' 391 Beauregard. Max L ' ' 542 Becerra. Linda 339 Bechtold. Sharon Lynn ....... 339 Beck. Bruce Harlan 376 Beck, HalZane 347, 352 547 Beck, Stephen John G 321 Beck, Stephen Vernon 352, 504 Name Pages Beck. William Gregory 385 Becker, Lauren Lyn 149 Becker, Peggy Lee 207, 559 Becker. Stephen Howard 411 Becker, William Zain 151 Beckett, Deborah K 145 Beckham, Charles Addison 209 Beckham, Georgjarn G 285 Beckley. Robert A.. Jr 559 Beckman. Bradley Irwin 225, 323 Bednarski, Steven John 547 Bedsole. James Lynn 193, 569 Beeson, Mary Jo 122, 138, 231, 293, 357, 379, 547 Befeld, Alfred Earl, Jr 383. 504 Bchgam. Tooradj 359, 504 Behne. Barbara 440 Behnke, Patrick James 295, 392 Behrends, Terry M 547 Behrens, Claire Lynn 157, 504 Behrens. Karen E 559 Beiland, Linda Lou 169. 379, 547 Beisman. Beth Marie 322, 569 Beken, Jan Helen 173, 559 Belcher. Barbara Kay 173 Belew, Susan E 191 Belger, Gary Allen 414 Bellamy. William 259 Bell, Charise Francis 569 Bell, Connie Lee 317, 322. 559 Bell, Delia Domoneck 498 Bell, Henry Marsh, 111 199, 569 Bell. Jerry Arch 339, 343 Bell, Joseph William, Jr 245, 320 Bell. Margaret H 246 Bell. Pamela Jean 317 Bell, Philip Nash 199 Bell, Robert Mitchell 187. 569 Bell, Stephen Morris 323 Bellard, Emory D., Jr 195 Bellmont, Carolyn E 542 Belt, William Thomas 320. 480 Beman, Jaime 421 Bemus, Sidney Earl 217 Benavides. Norma A 547 Benavides. Roger James 504 Bendele. Gerald Irvin 330 Bender. Paul Delmer 547 Beneke. Marjorie Kay 559 Benfield. Janey Fay 547 Benge. Chcri Lynne 504 Benge, Cynthia Darlene 569 Benitez. Leslie Anne . 126, 134, 189, 261, 317. 559 Bennett, Clyde Willis 324, 504 Bennett, Gregg Allen 352, 559 Bennett, James Bruce 209 Bennett, I. on me Lashae 398, 448 Bennett, Robert David 323 Bennett. William C 559 Bennie. Carol Ann 173 Benson, Ann Blythe 547 Benson, Elizabeth Ann 317, 559 Benson, William Dixon 1 17, 241, 259, 318 Benter, Robert Lynn 339 Bentley, James Vernon 209 Bentley, Marian Ruth 244, 319, 547 Benton, Barbara Lynn 325 Benlon. Bobby Harold 331 Benlon. Donald F : 324, 542 Benlon, Susan Marie 569 Ber, Jamie Michele 547 Beran, Brian John 569 Beren, Beverly Frances 313 Beren, Jonathan Zalman 354 Name Pages Berend. Joseph William 504 Beresford, Lesley Doris 317 Berg, Susan Lory 504 Bergen. Jessica Lynne 183, 504 Berger, Barbara 344, 504 Berger, Barbara Ruth 264 Berger, Edgar Joe, Jr 547 Berger, Judith Hope 504 Bergfield, Randall Alan 221 569 Bergh, Albert G., Jr 504 Bergin. Carolyn 165, 569 Bergman, John Eric 504 Bergman, Kathy Sue 149, 547 Bergmann, Hindi Lee 149, 559 Bergsten, Linda Kay ' .569 Berk, James Leslie 215, 569 Berkley, Stephen Lawrence 333, 504 Berlin, Harriet Sharon 328 Bernard, Bryan Alan 296 569 Bernard, Carl William 498 Bernhardt, Bettie K 191 Berns, Babette Ann 219, 569 Bernsen, Constance M 547 Bernsen, Dianna Linda 185 Bernsen, Nancy Susan 441 Bernson. William Beale 139, 205 Bernstein. Howard L 215 Bernstien, Bruce Edward 215, 547 Berntsen, Ellen Ann 547 Berry, Bobby Charles 352 504 Berry, Cynthia Anne 350, 379, 38 1 , 547 Berry, James Doyle 286 Berry, Janet 54 Berry, John Labon, III 423, 448 Berry, John Starrett 187 Berry, Kenneth R., Jr 354 Berry, Margaret 491 Berry, Margaret Angela 171, 504 Berry, Margaret Dennard 547 Berry, Michael Dennis 569 Berry, Robert Oden 504 Bcrryhill, Bill Hall 430, 433, 434,448 Bertero, Janet Lee 317, 559 Berthold, Arno Robert 378 Bertoia, Ronald Alan 209 Bess, Elizabeth G 159 Best, Charles Robert, Jr 143 Best, George Stephen 321, 324. 504 Beta Alpha Psi 326 Beta Gamma Sigma 331 Betancourt. Linda Ann 559 Beta Thela Pi 164, 165 Bethea. William Lamar 433 Bettis, Mary Alice |7|, $69 Beutel, Paul Wayne 227, 314 504 Bevil. Deborah Kay 441 Beychok, Alan Michael 246 Beyer, Betty Lou 159, 547 Bicknell, Gary Young 331 Bida, Melinda Kay 559 Biddle, Charles Randolph 209 Biddle. John Royden 209, 569 Biedermann, Sheila S 328 Biegel, William Herman ' . !217 Biegenwald, William E 504 Biel. William Trickey, Jr 181, 324, 547 Bierschwale, Mary Lou 504 Bierschwale. Pat W 195 Bigby, Bryna Jane 171, 504 Bigelow, Jacqueline L 559 Biggers. Patricia Kay . 1 14, 129, 318. 319, 321,441 Biggs. Dennis Lynn 376 Biggs. Karen Ann 165. 246. 547 583 Name Pages Bigham, Mary Helen 559 Bigharo. Rebecca Sue 569 Bihner, Bradley Robert 334, 504 Billie, Donna Rae 504 Billiot. Stephen Frank 547 Billman, Paul H., Ill 547 Billmeier, Sally Ann 169 Billmeier. Susan L 169. 441 Billnitzer, Cheryl S 504 Bills. Richard Brian 129, 333. 504 Bilodeau. Paul Alan 323 Bily. Vladislav Joseph 569 Binder. David Henry 303 Bing, Susan Elizabeth 329 Bingaman. John Wade 339 Binion, Cynthia Kay 322, 569 Binkley. Suzanne 504 Bintliff, Richard Michael 221, 323, 559 Birdsong, Marilyn F 278, 327, 338, 376, 504 Birdwell, Celeste 504 Birkeland, BryanC 223 Birmele. Gerald Marvin 547 Birnbaum, Mova Sue 547 Biscoe, Samuel Thomas 1 13. 318 Bisesi. Michael Ralph 1 16. 129. 320 Bishop, Clcbern Newton 559 Bishop. Lele 569 Bishop. Mary Angela 171 Bishop, Stephen Ray 339 Bisno. Eileen 149 Bisselt. David Woody 289, 504 Bitlner, Brenda Claire 185, 569 Bivins, Janice Ann 569 Bjoraas. Robin Kay 569 Black. Anne Courtland 189, 569 Black, Betsy Jane 547 Black. Charles Lee 187 Black, Donna Teresa 329 Black, Horace D., Jr 569 Black, James Anthony 569 Black, James Sinclair 472, 473 Black, Jamie Elizabeth 173, 569 Black, John Edwin 334 Black, Leon 414 Black, Meredith Leon 418.419 Black, Richard Lee 334, 504 Black. Robert Fuller 201 Black. William Earl 505 Blackburn. Walter F 559 Blackley. Gregory Don 69, 124, 261, 559 Blackmon, Deborah C 183, 505 Blackmore, James D 247 Blackstock, Leo G 612 Blackwcll. Earl Bunyan 505 Blackwood, James Len 423 Blades, Sarah Gaye 207, 569 Blaffer. Joan Kaleta 191 Blaha. Patricia P 309 Blair, Margaret Louise 129, 135, 185 Blair, Robert William 569 Blair, William A 187 Blair, William Edgar 175, 352, 505 Blake, James Francis 163 Blake, Penny Carolyn 145 Blakely, Bill Allen 313 Blakely, Neil Arthur 187 Blalock, Carol Anderson 191 Blalock, Myron Geer 163 Blalock. Rayona 328 Blalock, Sandra W 505 Blanchard. Alison 207, 245 Blanchard, Jeffrey P 223, 281, 559 Name Pages Blanchett, Dennis George . " .321 Blanche!!, Leo M., Ill 321 Blanchelle, Martha J 129, 191. 319, 505 Bland, Martha Morton 145, 569 Bland, Stephen W 283,505 Blanda, Geralyn Ann 505 Blankenbaker, Sharon L 147, 547 Blankenbaker. Sue E 147, 542 Blanton, Elizabeth L 207. 505 Blanton, Ellen M 322 Blanton, Jack S., Jr 22 1 . 559 Blaschke, Victoria L 266, 267, 359, 559 Blaxland. Alan B 498 Blayloc, Bonnie Dale 317 Blayloc, Terryl Ann 165, 317, 559 Blaylock, Vicki Lee 165, 570 Blazek. Mary Kathleen 231, 322, 559 Bledsoe, Rebecca Ruth 570 Blefeld. Barbara Ann 542 Blevins, Lynda Lois 254, 260, 292, 547, 614 Blizzard. Edward Francis 175 Bloch. Mallyn Rose 219 Bloch, Peter Hastings 547 Blocher, Edward Joseph 330 Blocher, Rita Ann 309, 322, 559 Block. Dulce Ann 505 Block, Walter Wayne 243 Blodgett. Hugh 612 Blodgett. Robert Harold 429, 448 Blohm, Jeffrey Alan 570 Bloom, Douglas Hugh 350 Bloom, Joseph Marvin 229, 289 Blount. Gilbert Lee 307 Bludau. Rebecca Ann 441 Bhiebonnet Belles 131-135 Bluelhman. Carolyn Sue 498 Blum, Irwin Harold 215. 283. 505 Blum. Marvin Elliott 559 Blum, Michael Simon 151 Blumenthal, Bill Bruce 392 Bly, Patrick Keenan 439 Blythc. Gary M 334 Boardman, Donna E 559 Boatman, Anne 169, 559 Bock, Darrell Lane 163, 559 Bode, Charles Wm., Jr 325 Bodemuller, Cornelia H 498 Bodin. Elizabeth Kay 317, 547 Bodzy, Allen Neil 215. 570 Bodzy. Gerald Wayne 321. 505 Bodzy. Glen Alan 505 Boecker, John Frank 398 Boehmc. Margaret D 171 Boehnke, Janice Faye 328, 505 Bogar, Francis Alan 295 Bogart, Henry Douglas 139, 217 Bogdan. Gregory Edward 330, 348, 547 Bogdanski, Nancie Lynn 157 Boggess, Anita Nadine 559 Boggs. John Dalgus, III 276, 278, 326 Bogicevic. Helen Mae 189. 570 Bohls. Kirk Ray 257. 332, 339. 345, 505 Bohls. Lexine T 329, 357, 505 Bohmann, Janet Ruth E 329 Boland, Carolyn Rae 350 Boland, Lucile C 185, 547 Bold. Harold Charles 320 Bolding. Charles Nolan 312, 505 Bolding. Rebecca J 328, 339 Boldt, Bobby Lee 318, 320 Bole, Helen Elizabeth 505 Boles, Brian David 548 Name Pages Boles. Glenn Ewing 221, 505 Boles, Wayne Burton 22 1 , 386 Bolting. Patricia L 505 Bollmeier, John Philip 302 Bomar, Stan 41 1 Bond. Evelyn Lee 145. 559 Bond. Hollis Hill .505 Bond, James H., Jr 505 Bond, Rosalind Patricia 321 Bond. Teddy Joe. Jr 548 Boney, Beverly Kay 173, 570 Bonham, Patricia Ann 328, 505 Bn i II. i Antonio 387 Bonney, Jerry Patrick 570 Bonwich. Christopher 311 Booker. William Thomas 548 Boon. Mark Lee 330. 331 Boone, Terry Lee 548 Booth. Donna Marie 324 Boot he. Tern Anne 570 Boothe, Toye Jean 165 Booty, Julie Anne 322 Borchardt. Craig William 570 Borchcrs, Mary Kay 330 Bordeaux, Nanette 169 Borden, Allen Gail 163 Borden, David Spinney 392 Borges, Darryl Avretl 328 Borneman, Cynthia Ann 173 Bornemann, Pamela Sue 1 83, 570 Bornfeld. Cynthia Jane 570 Bomstein. Michael Phillip 570 Bomstein, Sue Scher 317 Borrett, Elizabeth Ann 173, 322. 570 Bosch, Eduardo 559 Bosch, Silverio Carlos 423, 448 Boss. Sarah Bishop 171 Bosse. Katherine Aileen 570 Bostick. Francis X., Jr 320 Boston, Ann Holland 191, 505 Boston, Paul Talmage, Jr 313, 355, 570 Bostwick. Bradley Breck 209 Boswell. James D 380, 384 Boswell, Malinn Kay 570 Boswell, Mary J. H 329 Boswell, Michael Dale 203, 570 Boswell, Steven Vance 505 Bothwell, Caryn Denise 159, 278, 570 Botta, Daniel Alphonse 384 Bolts. Charles Wayne 323 Bolts, Jon E 559 Boudreaux, Robert William 175 Bounds, Donald Rayford 505 Bounds, Dorothy Marie 505 Bounds, Stephen L 54 Bourland, Barbara Ann 559 Bowden. Elisabeth Haddon 329 Bowden. Glenda Lynn 175, 548 Bowdoin, Rochelle 183, 548 Bowen, Charles W.. Jr 243. 542 Bowen, Jennifer D 505 Bowen. John Davis 245, 505 Bowen. Linda Speed 145. 548 Bowen, Stephen Hunter 41 1 Bowers, Gregory Lee 542 Bowers, Paula Suzanne 171 Bowers, Terree Allan 289. 570 Bowles, Victoria Ruth 570 Bowman, Connie Jean W 505 Bowman, Denise L. A 505 Bowman, Louise 329 Bowman, Roy Phillip 199 Name fages Bown, Kimberly Allyson 559 Box. Patricia Louise 145. 570 Box.Tahna Koa 298,328 Box, Terry Dean 321. 324 Boyce, John K.. Ill 193. 246, 323, 559 Boyce, Tommie Sue 292. 322 Boyce, Virginia Page 298 Boyd. Ben Richard 181, 559 Boyd. Billy Carl 195 Boyd, Dan Stewart 318, 320 Boyd, Lauren Denise 321 Boyd, Richard W., Jr 505 Boyd. Sharon Kay 366, 375. 376, 542 Boydston, Beverly Joy 548 Boykin, Scarlette Lynn 130. 171. 266. 397 Boyle. James Patrick 376, 505 Boyle, James Phillip 333 Boyle, Kevin Joseph 261 Boynton, Jan Kathryn .... 145, 285. 317, 319. 559 Boynton, Nancy Jane 548 Bozza. Dennis Joseph 350 Braband. Randall Jake . . .286. 394. 398. 409. 448 Bracht. Gerald Leigh 331 ackendorff. M. C., Jr 223, 559 aden. Elisabeth E 440 idcn, Kimberly 207 aden. Shannon 207. 570 adfield. Rebecca R .207 adford. Stuart M ....................... 143 adley. Balon Buchanan ......... 209, 310, 559 adley, Gary Hugh ............. 295, 390, 392 adley. James Rjchard .............. 433. 448 adley, William Frank .................. 612 adshaw. Claire ........................ 358 adshaw, Glenda L ..................... 339 adshaw. Ken ......................... 383 ady. Lisa ......................... 169, 570 ady, Susan Steed ...................... 315 agg, Ann Ralston .................. 207, 570 agg, Carolyn Joy ...................... 145 agg, Kenneth Donald .................. 542 ainin, Nina Lee ................... 145, 570 aly, Clifford 179 inch, James Fuhr 175, 333, 334, 548 ands. Kevin Randall 179, 559 ands. Michael B 390. 548 andt, Janet Faye 560 annen, Michael Sean 217 annon, Cathy Dean 244 mtley. Robert N 505 anlley, Sheryl Lynn 183 antley, William H 548 ashear, Steven Lee 505 att, Carol Ann 317 atton, Barbara Ann 313 atton, Charlotte A 317 atton. Turner M 269, 325 aud, Brenda Kay 570 aun, Denna Gayle 542 B aun, Forrest Tate 267 Braun, George Paul 330 Braun. Larry Wayne 354 Braun, Leslie Carol 570 Bravenec, Ronald V 323, 560 Bravo, Charles H. 505 Bray, William Archer 264 Brazell, Gregory Alan 570 Bready, Lois Lester 324, 505 Brear, David Russell 324 Breaud. Stepnen J 505 Breaux. Dalton V 390 Brecheisen. John Frederick 323 584 Name Pagf , Breeden, Barbara Diane 548 Breeden, James Wynne 570 Breedlove. Mona Belh 560 Breeland, Joe Mack 221, 387 Breeland, Lyn Taylor 570 Breeze. William H., Jr 548 Brehme, Dennis 323 Breidenbach, Richard V 143, 244, 255, 560 Brendler, Therese G 128, 292, 317. 319 Brennan, John Charles 175, 548 Brent, Karen Renee 285 Brent. William Erwin 276, 278. 542 Brentlinger, Gary Ray 411 Brett, Joseph Donnis 388 Brewer. Betsy Leigh 169 Brezina. Johnny Roy 333 Brice, Douglas M 411 Bricker. Alan Jeffrey 505 Bricker, John Alexander, Jr 129, 300, 301 Brickman, Rebecca 138. 149 Bridger, Jimmy Wayne 560 Bricn. Courtney Ross 390 Briggs. Leonard Solon 278, 560 Bnggs, Vernon M 320 Brigham, Denise Deann 570 Brigham. Robert J., Jr 421 Brightwell. Don D 303 Brightwell, Eileen 185 Brightwell. Steven G 303 Briley, Steven Edward 323 Brimelow, Alice 548 Brinklcy, Ben Paul 323 Brinkley. Deborah Gail 145 Bn nk man, Fred Purcell 203. 390 Brisbin, Alana 329 Briscoe, Dolph, HI 221 Brister, William S., Jr 386 Bristow, Larry George 411 Britcher. W. E., Ill 278. 560 Britt, Bradley Thaggard 223. 570 Brill. Charles William. Jr 321 Brmain, Larry Mark 339 Bntton, David Norman 548 Britlon, Donald Eugene 321 Broaddus, Michael G 359 505 Brock, Celila Belh 183. 246, 285 Brock, Deborah Glyn 317 Brock. John Blair 181 Brock. Randy I ce 181. 263, 337. 548 Name Pages Brock. Thomas James 323 Brock. William Alexander. Jr. . 127. 263. 337, 352 Brock, William Greg 195. 320, 560 Brockman, Kerry Joe 570 Brockman. Mollie Ann 315 Brodnax, John W., Jr 179, 548 Brollier, David Sydnor 199 Bromm. Alfred J., Jr 386 Bronslein. Belh Lea 570 Brookner, (-Catherine R 149 Brooks. Andrea Lee 505 Brooks. Benjamin A.. Jr 278 Brooks. Claire Denise 297 Brooks. Craig Alan 209. 423 Brooks, Forrest Hall 391 Brooks. Glenn Edwin 505 Brooks. Jerry Mark 414 Brooks. Jesse Milton 391 Brooks. Judy Elizabeth 506 Brooks. Judy Lee 366. 506 Brooks, Nancy Louise 548 Brookshire. Charles C 324 Brookshire, Daniel S 506 Broomas, James Michael 570 Broshears, Robert Edwin 321 Brosterhous, George E. ..414.415,417,418,419, 448 Brougher. Deborah Anne 570 Brougher, John Randolph. Ill 179 Broughton. Arnold Scon 163, 560 Broun. Edwin Conway 163 Broussard. Cindy Sue 189, 570 Broussard. Cynthia A 560 Broussard, John K 193 Broussard, Linda Nell 183. 506 Browder. Jack F.. Jr 193 Browder. James Edward 331, 542 Browder, Linda Carol 547 Browdcr, Lisa Mildred 159 Brown, Amy Joan... 110, 129, 134. 183.278.319. 327, 340. 506 Brown. Bobbie Ruth 506 Brown, Brenda Anne 169 Brown, Charles Thomas 570 Brown. Darrel Leon 314 Brown. David Owen 358 Brown. David Robert 269, 364 Brown. Deborah Ann 191 Brown. Debra Frances 171, 560 Name Pagfs Brown, Debra Frances 317 Brown, Debra J. Brock 506 Brown. Edith Elizabeth 317, 322 Brown, Edward V 221 Brown, Edwin Wayne 213. 560 Brown, Elizabeth Anne 321, 506 Brown, Erin Elizabeth 321 Brown, Gene Ann 285, 548 Brown, Greenberry Bedford 139, 203 Brown, Helen Anne 317 Brown, Herbert Ralph 548 Brown, James Donlin 560 Brown, James Ray 433 Brown, James Warren 333 Brown, James William, III 506 Brown, Jane 207 Brown, Janet Jeter 332 Brown. Jay E 217. 354 Brown, Karen Velois 570 Brown, Katharine Lynn 191 Brown, Laura Kaye 185, 285, 315. 570 Brown, Leslie Joan 183, 245 570 Brown, Lewis Eldridge 187, 283, 560 Brown, Lynn Ellen 147, 506 Brown, Lynore Eileen 328 Brown. Mary Ellen 191 Brown, Mary Frances 191 Brown, Nancy Lynne 570 Brown, Nedda Marie 441 Brown, Ralph K 506 Brown, Randolph Weir 548 Brown, Rebecca Ann 322 Brown. Rebecca T 207. 506 Brown, Rhonda Suzanne 165 Brown, Richard Wayne 41 1 Brown, Robert Arthur 334 Brown. Robert Bruce 331. 506 Brown, Robert Graves 325 Brown, Ronald Lyle 337 Brown, Ronald Lynn 181 Brown, Ronald M 245 490 Brown, William Russell. Jr 199 Browne. Jack Wyman. Jr 278, 570 Brownfield, Mliss 171 Browning, Harley Lin wood 458 Browning, Susan 243 Brownstein, Cindy Alyce 219, 506 Broyles, Robert Ragan, Jr 121. 498 Broz. Mary Beth 317 Brubaker, James Walter 570 Bruce. Barbara Ann 317. 322 Bruce. David Vernon 321 Bruce, Katherine Suzanne 317, 324 Bruce, Kathleen 612 Bruder. Marcia Jane 147, 322 Bruell. Peter Leonard 321 Bruggman, Gary Le 548 Bruminhentr, Sujitra 498 Brumley, Deborah A 548 Brummell. James Martin 570 Brummell, Joanne Marie 548 Brummell, Richard James 364, 506 Bruneman. Carol P 165, 309, 570 Bruner, Dawn Elaine 147 Brunette. William Kent 39] Bmni, Fiorenza Anna 313, 506 Brunner, Michele E 560 Bruton, Janice Louise 560 Bru inn, Nancy Jean 542 Brulsche, Stephen A 387 Bruun. Lance Kay 143, 347, 548 Bruyere, Raymond M 548 Bryan, Belly Jean 570 Bryan, Daniel Arthur 181, 570 Bryan, Deborah L 145 Bryan, James Thomas, Jr 321, 378 Bryan, Roy 439 Bryans, Carol Ann 173, 247, 542 Bryant, Diane Rose 570 Bryant. Leland Marshal 331 Bryant. Randolph Williams ... 181, 433, 448. 506 Bryce, Thomas D 391 Bryla, Carroll John 506 Bryson, Judith Ann 506 Buaas.Julianne .119. 121, 132, 189.319,329.506 Buchan, Inez Elizabeth 340 Buchanan, Joe Keith 506 Buchanan. Paul C 323 Buchanan. Shirley Jean 138. 173, 548 Buchek, Robert Harvey 201, 542 Buchele, Craig Alan 278, 570 Buchter. Dona Suzanne 317, 560 Buchter, Jeanne Marie 258 Buck, Charles Ludwig, III 298, 570 Buck, Marilyn Alice 243 Buckert, Marva Jeanne 322, 570 Buckingham, Frederick P 289 Buckland. Wae Jung 506 Buckley, Roy Richardson 213, 570 Buckman, Brent Dean 420, 42 1 , 448 Buckner. Russell Irwin 312 Budet, Antonio C 39] Buess. Hope Elizabeth 338. 356, 506 Buffaloe, Wanda Marie 317 Buford, John Bailey 278, 326, 358. 506 Buie. Anna Clare 207, 560 Bullard. Bettc K 147, 506 Bullard. Brian C 217 Buller. Len Scott 321 Bulloch, William Payne. Jr 124 Bullock. Elza Vance. Jr 347 Bullock. Henry A 612 Bullock, John Samuel 364 Bullock. Robert Lee 333, 334. 360. 506 Bullock. Suzanne 173, 570 Bumstead. Evelyn W 207 Bunal, Cindy Sue 506 Bundy. Richard Hugh 187, 283 Bunn, Laura Frances 324 Bun ton, Lucius D.. Jr 339 Burba. Sharon Louise 165. 570 Burch, Karen Elizabeth 560 Name Burch, Yvonne Marie 542 Burchard, Glenn Orrin 1 10, 336, 376, 506 Burditt. David Christopher 143 Burford, Charles Scott 229, 263. 570 Burford, William B 181, 560 Burgess, Deborah Jane 329 Burgess, Gerald Michael 506 Burgess. Kenneth Howard 187. 570 Burgess. Rita Ann 560 Burgin. Ann C 329. 498 Burk, John David 506 Burk, Sam Bryan, III 217, 354, 560 Burk, William Michael 247, 560 Burkarth, Don Richard 321 Burke, Bron Arnold 187 378 Burke. Diane Leigh 130. 145 Burke, Elizabeth Carol 147 Burke, Richard James 570 Burke, Robert C., Jr 289, 298, 548 Burkelt, Donna Marie 366, 506 Burkell, Patricia Lee 506 Burkelt, Zack Thomason, HI 179, 286, 548 Burkhalter, Bonnie Kay 231. 548 Burkhalter. Joe D 362 Burkom, Maurice Michael 323 Burks, Elizabeth A 278, 321 Burlage, Henry Matthew 325 Burleson, Janet 231,506 Burleson, Joy 23 1 Burleson, Richard Lynn 398 Burley, Charles F., Jr 433, 434, 448 Burlingame, Christine 322. 548 Burman, Karen A 247 Burner. Melvtn Lavern, Jr 506 Burnett, Cathy Nell C 329 Burnett, Linda Lou 506 Burney. Cynthia Jean 169 Burney, William M., Ill 286. 320 Burns. Albert Leroy 223 Burns. Mary Elizabeth 506 Burns, Suzanne 189 570 Burns, William Howard 429 Burns, William W 334, 506 Burnside, John Charles 324 Burrage, Ann Estelle 570 Burress, William Allen 278, 570 Bums, Karen Louise 185, 570 Burrisk, Donald Wayne 402, 448 Burrisk, Steven Anthony 195 Burruss, Jane Rollin 189 Burshtyn, Laurence Irwin 151 Burt. Keith Edwin 548 Busbey, Charles P. B 387 Busby, Stephen Crain 548 Busch, John Michael 429 Busch, Paul Anthony 289 Busch, Susan Denise 328 Busc. Hobert Wayne 506 Bush, John E 428 Bush. Percy John 360, 542 Busha, Sigurdur Fridrik, HI 423, 424. 448 Bushee, James Michael 295, 392 Buss, David M 323 Bussell, Carl James 348, 506 Bussey, Deborah Lynn 159 Bussey. Michael Steven 391, 560 Bussey, Robert Lewis 506 Butler, Becky Ann 191 Butler, Charles R.. Jr 386 Butler, Helen Lee 183, 324, 506 Butler, John Dale 548 Butler, Peggy Melissa 321 Butz, Russell Bryce 221, 560 Byars. Jackie Louise 68, 129, 134. 319 Byars, Nathaniel C 548 Bybee, Alessandra 506 Bybee. Mary Elizabeth 231. 357 Byerley. Frank William 323, 324. 560 Byers. Nancy Jane 219 Byfield, Daniel Merrill 428, 448, 570 Byles, Gwendolyn N 183, 244. 507 Byrd, Bridget! Elaine 169, 570 Byrd, Frances Diane 570 Byrd, Katherine Lane 207 Byrd, Susan Regina 165 Byrne, Dan Roy 331 Byrne, Kevin A 201 Byrne, Richard Burdick 320 Cabaniss, Joni Marie 1 73 Cable, Chad 203 Cable, Constance Ann 339 Cable, Nick Charles 193 The Cactus 252-255 Cade, Edward Jackson. Jr 143. 507 Cade, Paula K. Whitney 507 Cady. Pamela Eileen 570 Caesar. Dcbra Anne 191. 244. 560 Caesar, Delane Gail 322, 570 Cail. Carolyn Bizabcth 507 Cain. Carol Jean 507 Cain. John Charles 187 Cain, Jonizo 298 Cain, Lana Sue 548 Cain, Marcia Ann ... 134, 185, 319, 321, 378. 542 Cain, Robert Ryan 223, 560 Calapa. Paul Joseph 253 Caldwell. Christopher 229 Caldwell. Larry Lee 570 Caldwell, Linda Ann 122. 185. 328. 379, 507 Caldwell. Michael Paul 385 Caldwell, Patricia Kay 570 Caldwell, Stephen Andrew 179 Caldwell, Steven F 221 Calhoon, Mary Joanna 570 Calhoon, Thomas F.. IV 548 Call. Nancy Elizabeth 317. 560 Callaghan. Patricia A 548 585 Name Pages Callahan, Jack W., Jr 330 Callan, Cynlhia Gay 328. 507 Calland, John William 542 Galloway. Charlene L 269 Calmes, Paul Monroe, II 507 Calvert, Glenda Beth 570 Calvcrl. Jerry Lynn 354 Calvert, Karen Elizabeth 321 Calvo, Russell David, Jr 324, 507 Camarillo, Rudy 390 Camden, John M 439 Cameron, Donald Ray 325 Cameron, Jack Craig 570 Camp, Richard Field, III 570 Campagna, Larry Alan 261, 320 Campbell. David Calvin. Jr 199. 548 Campbell, Deborah Lynn 322 Campbell, Dennis Miles 246, 326 Campbell, Frank Whitney 209, 283 Campbell, Franklin Lee 507 Campbell, Gregory M 507 Campbell. Grover Stollenwerck 209 Campbell. Jan E 145 Campbell. John Eric 429, 560 Campbell, Lisa Nelle 231 Campbell, Martha F 185, 548 Campbell. Melissa Ann 507 Campbell. Molly A 315 Campbell, Pamela Lea 570 Campbell. Patricia Ann 261, 317 Campbell. Penny Renae 159. 243, 560 Campbell. Rhonda Sue 570 Campbell. Robert David 187, 286, 507 Campbell. Robert Fariss 428 Campbell. Scott A. S 221, 548 Campbell, Sherri Susan 171 Campbell. Shirley H 28. 29 Campbell, Thomas William 289, 439, 548 Campbell. Tommy Jo 328 Campbell, William Lee 507 Campise. Carole Lynn 169, 560 Campise, Janice 159, 542 Campodonico, Louise A 165 Campus Girl Scouts 290 Canada, Mary Elizabeth 507 Cannaday. Linda Sue 560 Cannon. Bruce White 283. 398. 448 Cannon. Donald R 491 Cannon. Nancy Kathleen 548 Cano. Enrique 364, 507 Canon, Robert Otis 201 Cantrell. Deborah Elaine 570 Cantrell, Michael Lynn 278, 323 Cantu, Charlie 507 Cantu. Dora Alicia 317, 560 Cantu. Isidro D 339, 507 Cantwell, James Douglas 336, 377 Capello, Karrie Lynn 185, 285 Caperlon, Elizabeth G 560 Caplan. Leigh Sharon 219 Capps, Richard Leroy 179, 570 Carameros, George D.. Ill 187 Carberry, Billy James 187. 548 Card, Horace W.. Ill 548 Card, Patricia Anne 570 Cargill. Lucy Barthell 317 Canker. Paul Stuart 439 Carillo, John R 295 Carl. Charlotte Christine 321. 498 Carl, Margaret Lucille 330 Carlegis, Norman James 548 Carleston. Milton Lee 507 Carleton, Carol Jean 165 Carleton. William Frank. Jr 289 Carlisle. Catherine E 339 Carlisle. John Wright 507 Carlisle. Robert J.. HI 376 Carlisle. Sarah Ann 183, 548 Carlson, Carol Ann 570 Carlson, David Wayne 548 Carlson. John H 323, 339, 560 Carlson. Linda Sue 145, 570 Carlson. Tommy William 507 Carlton. Harry Maurice. Jr 167. 507 Carmichae), James Erwin 570 Carmichael, Norman Edward 334 Carmichael, Robert F 542 Carney, Michael S 323 Carolla. Larry Paul 163 Carothers, Candace 507 Carothers, James M 296 Carpenter. Carolyn Marie 366, 507 Carpenter. Carolyn L 328. 507 Carpenter, Edward Lee 492 Carpenter, Elizabeth C 191 Carpenter, Kay Lynn 507 Carpenter, Laurie E 542 Carpenter, Lynette 321 Carpenter, Scott W 193, 507 Carpenter, William Thomas, Jr 217 Carpenter, William B $07 Carr, Dorothe Joan 321, 507 Carr, Jerry Lynn 321 Carr, Leanne 171 570 Carr, Patricia Smith 260, 261, 507 Carr, Patrick Allen 507 Carren, David Bennett 255, 548 Carrick. William F 411 Carrillo, Cynthia Ann 183 570 Carrillo, John R 295 Carrithers, Mary S 169 Carroll, Douglas Earl 223 Carroll, Marjo E 340 Carroll. Raymond V., Jr 167. 560 Carsch. Michael Nathan 507 Carson. Bradley A 339. 357 Carstensen, Amy 165, 560 Carswell, Harmon Ray 187 Carter, Deborah 306 Carter, Jay Gayden. Ill 187, 507 Carter. Gary Dean 423. 570 Carter. Jamie Kathryn 332. 345. 507 Name Pages Carter, Jan Tarvin 298 Carter, John David 209 Carter, Julian Gayden 282,283 Carter, Lyndon Edmund 560 Carter, Margaret Ann 570 Carter, Nancy Gwynn 330, 570 Carter, Robert Michael 507 Carter, Robyn La Rue 191 Carter. Ronald Allen 359 Carter, Stephen Lee 570 Carter, Virginia K 339, 507 Cartridge, Thomas Morris 498 Cartwright, Marilyn Carroll ... 129, 207, 319, 332 Carver. Brad Lee 179, 560 Casarez, Jesse Leroy 507 Casas. Ernesto 507 Casey, George Patrick 181,570 Casey, Michael Sean 181, 560 Cash, Sue Ellen 570 Cashiola, Glenda Carol 267 Cashion, Shelley Jean 183, 570 Caskey, James Michael 570 Caskey, Stanley Hubert 201, 560 Casner, Howard Wayne 296 Caspary, Mary Beth 207 Casserly, Patricia Ann 340, 548 Casteel, Sandra Ann 560 Castillo, Rita 507 Castillo, Susana Maria 338, 507 Castle, Charles K 306 Castro, Ana Marie 328 Caswell, Janice Gayle 292 Catalano, Kathleen M 548 Catalano, Russell 548 Cales, Claudia Ann 548 ( ' a tie It. William Holland 334 Caudle, Lindsey Diane 570 Caudle, Mary Ann 507 Caughran, Sarah Ann 322, 560 Cauley, Bruce Allen 317, 390 Caussey, Janice Ann 560 Cauthen, Robert C 213 Caveness, William Blair 195. 343. 560 Cawley, Douglas Aaron 321 Cayton, Barbara Jean 268 Cegelski. Donna L 145, 293, 319 Celaya. Pablo Flores 560 Centeno. Yolanda A 507 Cerna, Jose C., Jr 246 Cerrillo, Juan Angel 548 Cervantes, Charles 320 Chait, Lawrence David 321 Chajkowski, Donna Rose 244, 315, 317 Chalk, David Lee 434 Chalker, Wilton Foster 348, 548 Chalmers. Richard Mark 199 Chalmers, Stephen Cal 22 1, 286, 508 Chamber Singers 307 Chambers, Catherine A 169 Chambers, Christopher 548 Chambers, David Michael 179 Chambers, Edward Vincent, III 289 Chambers, Landon R 339 Chambless, Susan Belva 508 Chamlee. Phyllis Jean 317 Chamness, Nina Kay 322 Champion, Raul, Jr 278 Chan, Anila Sook Foon 508 Chan, Ching Woo 334 Chan, Joseph K 333, 508 Name Pages Chan, Kenneth Sek-Yu 508 Chan, Peter Lung-Sang 508 Chancellor, Marion Flynt 203 Chancellor, Warren Edward. Jr. . . .420. 421. 448 Chandler. Catherine S 147. 508 Chandler. Mary Colette 317 Chandler, Patricia A 317 Chandler, Paul Wynn 378 Chancy, Billy Dean 298 Chancy. William Calvin 244. 300, 560 Chaneyworth, Sandra J 508 Changwatchai, Chaiwat 498 Changwatchai, Niramol , 498 Chantly, Maria 508 Chanlly. Pauline Demetra 560 Chapa, Javier Noe 570 Chapman. Cathey Louise 159 Chapman, Darla Ann 136 Chapman. Deborah Ann 548 Chapman. Debra Day 548 Chapman. Helen C 328 Chapman, Josephine M 612 Chapman, Julie Ann 317, 324 Chapman. Melody Sue 169 Chapman, Rayburn Keith 330, 548 Chapman, Richard Paul 296, 570 Chapman, Richard Scott 548 Chapman, Richard Thomas. Jr 217 Chapman. Sara Lynn 149, 560 Chapman. Sue Ellen 570 Charles, Phyllis Diane 149. 285 Charlton. Claire Eleise 254. 560. 614 Chamey, Mollie Susan W 542 Chase. Samuel Louis 167, 560 Chauveaux, Tony Lynn 278, 326, 344, 508 Chavez, William, Jr 324, 508 Chawkin. Helen Audrey 149, 570 Cheal. Barbara Evelyn 147, 244, 560 Cheatham. Peggy Renee 231, 570 Cheek, Howard Byron 213 Chen, Doris Ming-See 548 Chen. Hoffman Hor-Fu 366 Chenowelh. Tracee Ann 173, 254. 548. 614 Cherry. Carolyn Lee 3 17. 340, 560 Cherry, Jennifer L 548 Cherry, Lynda Susan 171, 570 Cherry, Randall Jay 411 Cherry. Wrynne Chandler 508 Chesnick, Hilford J.. Jr 229 Chesnutt. Jane Marie 257 Cheung. Candy M. M 548 Chew. Lawrence Paul 560 Chewning. Stephen Lee 508 Chiarizio, Eric E 508 Chick, Sandra Lee 560 Chicotsky, Mark Steven 215, 570 Chicotsky. Robert H 215 Childers. Gae Lynn 145 Childers, Pamela Kay 548 Childress, Beverly Kay 560 Childress, Robert G 508 Childress, Roy James 398,448 Childs, John Michael 289, 571 Childs. Linda Ann 145 Childs. Lonnie E 339 Childs. Simone 157. 441 Chin, John Lester 289 Chin, Linda 508 Chi Omega 168, 169 Chipman. Emmilt David. Ill 333 Name Pages Chisholm. Robert Andrew 276, 326 Choate, Gary Wayne 508 Choral Organizations 306-3 1 5 Choral Union 308 Chotiner, Cathy Ann 149 Chovanetz. Barry Edward 498 Chow, Peter Kai-Mou 334 Christal, Howard Lee 143. 330, 508 Christal. Jacqueline 508 Christe, Pamela 508 Christensen, Richard 414 Christian, Keith Allen 217. 548 Christian Science Organization 297 Christian, Wayne T 213 Christiansen. James M. . . . 108, 244, 261, 339, 508 Christie. Catherine H 189 Christoffcl. John S 223 Christopher, Linda Carol 560 Chu, Betlina Kin-Ying 508 Chu, Grace 508 Chu, Patty Kai-Kwan 560 Chudleigh, Gary Steven 324 Chumlea, Alice Anne 171 Chumlea, Joseph Grant 143 Churchill, Stephen T 548 Churchwell, Mary B. S 560 Churchwell, Pamela Ann 508 Churney, Susan Gail 149 Ciccanti, Steven Marco 376 Cicconi, James William 245 Cinque, Susan Kay 571 Circle K 291 Cisneros, Rogelio 560 Clancy, Steve Michael 432, 433, 434. 448 Clapp. Karen Lynne 173, 571 Clapp, Leslie Boyd, Jr 508 Clare. Deborah Ann 321 Clark, Alexander L 479 Clark, Arville P., Ill 139, 213 Clark. Candance Ann 171,255 Clark, Carolyn Janet 508 Clark. Charles T 241. 320 Clark. Edward 318 Clark. Edward Kelley 201. 283 Clark. George Donald 323 Clark. Glen Alan 276. 326 Clark. Jackie Neil 193. 330, 508 Clark. Janine 310 Clark, Julie Gayle 317 Clark, Kristina Kathleen 314 Clark. Maxine Esther 219 Clark. Michael Duane 175. 542 Clark. Richard Lee 181 Clark. Robert Eldon 433, 434, 448 Clark. Sheryl Lynn 560 Clark, Stewart Jay 304, 305, 314, 315 Clarke. Amy Lynn 165 Clarke. David Cosby 213 Clarke. John Underwood 213 Clarke. Lisa Majette 189 Clarke. Rebecca Ann 185 Clarkson. Clay King 195 Clarkson, Debra J 548 Clause. Charles A 382 Clausen. Carol Frances 508 Clawater. Earl W., Ill 213 Clawater, David W 213 Clayton, Charles Thomas 324 Clayton, Glenda Gail 508 Clayton, Sandra Sue 548 586 Name Pages Clearman, Linda Caye 315 Cleaveland, Jack McRae, Jr 187, 560 Cleckley, Susan Elaine 542 Clegg, Mary Virginia 231. 560 Clegg, Theodore N.,Jr 217 Cleland. Roberta Lynn 278, 327, 548 Cleland, Roxanne L 278, 327, 548 Clement, Joe Dean 203 Clement, John Carlisle 364, 508 Clement, Pamelia F 321 Clements. Carol B 171 Clements. Lorraine Ann 346 Clemmons, Laura Land 171 Cleveland. David James 289 Clewlow, John Phillips 289, 296, 323, 560 Click. Barbara Anne 169, 285. 571 Cliffe. Jill Ann 548 Clift, Gerry Dan 387 Clifton, Catherine Lea 165 Clifton. Oaylon 508 Clifton, Hulen E.. MI 548 Clifton. Jo Arlene 332 Clifton. Sharon Lee 571 Clinkscale. Michael Lewis 203, 571 Clinton. Claudia Ramsey 189, 571 Clinton, Cleveland Guy 179, 560 Close, Gary Homer 143 Closing Pages 613-615 Cloudt, Kathleen T 159 Cloutier, Jacquelyn Anne 571 Cloyes, Brian Morgan 223. 560 Coates, James Cyrus 321 Cobb. Camilla Helen 189 Cobb, Charles 324 Cobb, Cynthia E 207 Cocek. Bruce Charles 498 Cocek, Carol Anne 571 Cocek, Janis Catherine 319, 321. 508 Cochran. Carolyn Lee 321 Cochran. Kurt Goy 187 Cochran. Thomas Wilbur 291 Cockburn, Thomas Neil 193, 283. 548 Cockrell. Deborah J 548 Cockrell. Forresl Edwin 264. 270. 469 Name Pages Cody. Carol Carr 332, 498 Coel, Edward John, III 323 Coerver, Margery E 548 Coffee, Robert Randall 195 Coffey, Beverly Grace 571 Coffey, Donald E., Jr 376 Coffey. Kathryn Ann 165, 319, 339 Coffey. Lou Elizabeth 260. 319. 548 Coffey. Susan Elise 321 Coffey. William J 548 Coffin. Judy Sue 169 Coffman, Nancy Sue 508 Coffman. Rosemary E 324. 339 Cohen. Bernard Harold 215 Cohen. Beth Ann 321 Cohen. Dcbra Ann 321 Cohen, Gary . .225 Cohen. Jack 508 Cohen, James David 203 Cohen. Joni B 149, 571 Cohen. Judith Marsha 149 Cohen, Leslie Howard 225, 571 Cohen, Michael 339 Cohen, Michael Ben 229 Cohen, Murray Lee 109, 229, 324 Cohen, Nancy Elizabeth 571 Cohen, Steven Douglas 215, 323, 560 Cohen. Susan Emily 560 Cohen, Suzanne Gayle 328, 508 Coker, Kyle Wayne 324 Coke, Robert Lee, Jr 321 Coldiron, Nita Gail 508 Coldwell. Mary Carla 243 Coldwcll. Peggy Anne 321.508 Cole. Byron Harrison 560 Cole. Clyde Francis 143, 439. 548 Cole. John Henry 390 Cole. Jon Brett 205, 57 1 Cole. Judy Lynn 571 Cole, Karen Lynn 322 Cole. Michael Sutherland 163 Coleman, Barbara Sue 244 Coleman, David Ross 508 Coleman. Gary Lee 548 Name Pages Coleman, Nancy Lois 317, 548 Colglazier. Carol Lee 147 Colias, Carolyn 321 Collado. Leticia 548 Colleges General and Comparative Studies 462.463 Humanities 460. 461 Natural Sciences 456. 457 Social and Behavioral Science 458. 459 Business 474. 475 Education 466. 467 Fine Arts 464, 465 Pharmacy 455 Coller, Karen Sue 165, 560 Colley, James David 423. 448 Colley, James Linton 296 Collier. James Louis 278 Collier, Jana Kay 173 Collier, Lynne Claire 285 Collins, Anne Haggerty 322 Collins, Benjamin H 243 Collins, Bcrnice Alba 571 Collins. John Robert 217. 385 Collins, Robert L . ' . . . 127. 265 Collins, Sara R. K 328 Collins, Susan Vaughan 145, 542 Collins, Thomas Allen 331 Colon, David Lcroy 330, 509 Colovin, John Duffy 423 Colquilt, Carol E 189. 509 Colvin. James H 490 Combs, Alan B 325 Combs, Courtney Ann 147 Combs, Elizabeth Marie 147 Comeaux, Carolyn Adele 332 Comeaux, Paul Julienne 509 Commerton, Thomas 143 Compton, Sandra Gay 548 Conant. Richard Paul 304, 305, 307, 309 Conde, Juan 398 Cone. Rita Jean 328. 329 Coney, Susan Cozette 332 Conley, Cynthia Ann 560 Conley, Helen Rose 183, 244, 560 Conley, Paula Lynn 509 Connally. Frederick Harold, Jr 323, 378, 548 Connally. James Mark 286 Connally, Mark Madison 139, 201. 320 Connally. Wm. Dennis 221, 509 Connell. Cynthia Robin 560 Connell. Mark William 199, 320, 571 Connell, Stephanie Sokolewicz 321 Connelly, Michael W 163 Connelly, Patrick 323 Connelly, Richard 467 Conner, Frances K 17], 509 Conner, Joyce Marie 328 Conner, Michael Haden 321 Conner, Tom Reaves 337 Connet, Melville D., Ill 323 Connolly, Lawrence H 261, 303 Connors, Sean Christopher 571 Conrad, James Edwin 221, 325, 509 Conradt. Patricia Ann 548 Constantino, Anthony 217 Contreras, Eric Eduardo 289 Contreras, Heli Francisco 549 Contreras, Joe Anthony 549 Conway, Rebecca Ann 173 Conyers, Raeanne Hazel 509 Cook, Barbara Ellen 219. 317, 560 Cook. Betsy Ann 145 Cook, Bobbie G 490 Cook, David Rodney 332 Cook, Elizabeth Ann 330 Cook, Frank Tyson 383 Cook, Julie 509 Cook, Linda Gale 332, 346. 509 Cook, Margo 185, 560 Cook, Mary Catherine 285 Cook, Mary Helen 171 Cook, Mary Katherine 191 Cook. Pamela Justine 440 Cook, Patrick Joseph 179, 571 Cook. Patrick Lacy 247, 509 Cook. Robert David 324, 509 Cook, Stephen Ray 295 390 Cook, Stephen William 175 Cook, Thomas Murray 331 Cook, Tommie Lynn 330 Cooke. Edwin Theodore, III 391, 549 Cooke, Robert Eberle 348 Cooke, Robert P 486 Cooley, Louise G 207 Cooley, Mary Fraley 321 Cooley, Roy Byron 549 Cooley, Susan Mathias 207 Coombs, Cathy Paulette 542 Coon, Michael Wayne 560 Cooney. John A 312 Cooper, Catherine Richman 338 Cooper, Diane 219. 571 Cooper. Douglas M 223 Cooper, Lanetta Marie 339 Cooper. Larry Dale 360. 509 Cooper. Michael Weldon 509 Cooper. Rickie Charlene 278, 327. 549 Cooper, Robert L 509 Cooper, Sharon Ann 134. 175, 243, 247. 509 Cooper. Suzanne Jane 509 Cope. Kateva Hutchinson 231, 571 Copeland, George Kenneth 571 Copeland. Weldon Stone, Jr 179 Copenhaver. Paula 138, 185, 379 Coplin, Wayne Matthew 334 Copus, Caren Cay 169 Copus, Cyndy Carol 169 Corbett. Harry Fenner 187 Corbin, John Saunders, Jr 333 Cordell. David Mark 123. 242. 244 Corder. Kimberly Sue 278, 327 Cordettes 379 Name Pages Corley. Jo Lynn 169, 322 Corley, Val Rodway 209, 560 Corliss. Cynthia Ann 571 Cornelison, Betty Jane 33 1 Cornelius. Rhonda Gail 571 Cornell, Sandra Fran 317 Cornwcll. John B 323 Corona, Gary Leslie 21 1, 245. 509 Coronado, Maria De L 560 Correira, Alfred Jesse 323 Corson, Donald Winston 509 Cortell, Nina 321 Cortcz, Eduardo Dominqez 439 Cory. Arthur Milton 463 Cory, Stephen George 571 Cosgrove, James Gordon 509 Colham, David Fredrick 223, 571 Cothran, Michael L 509 Gotten, Carol Kay H 509 Cottingham, Linda Gay 245 Cotton, Charles J 323, 560 Cotton. Roger Dale 358. 509 Couch. Barry Norman 509 Couch, Byron David 398 Couch, Candis Ann 509 Couch, Cynthia Ann 306 Couch, Leland Brooks 201, 509 Coulter, John Allen, Jr 321 Coulter, Preston B 509 Coulter, Sally Darlene 207 Councils College of Business Administration 262, 263 School of Communication 264 College of Education 265 College of Engineering 266, 267 College of Humanities 268 College of Pharmacy 269 Courtney, Caren E 207, 542 Coussou. Harry Earl, Jr 163, 549 Coventry, Anna Marie 549 Covenlry, Nancy Ann 549 Covert, Clark Anderson 201 Covey, Steven Martin 223, 542 Covington, Carol Lee 338 Covington, Dianne Kathryn 549 Covington, Jane Ellen 171, 332 Cowan, Larry Bryant 364, 549 Cowan, Meridith Jane 313 Cowart, Linda Catherine 509 Cowden, Candice Beth 171, 440 Cowgill, Robert Franklin 324 Cowher. Calvin Eugene 359 Cowper. Roscoc B. G., Jr 560 Cowser, Katie Bob 159 Cowther, Carolyn Oenise 322 Cox, Albert Emery 509 Cox, Berry Rife 571 Cox, Catherine Ann 328. 509 Cox, Dorothy Jean Moore 509 Cox. Gary Forrest 321 Cox, George Rush 193, 286 Cox, Karen Sue 173 Cox, Kathleen Louise 509 Cox, Larry Ben 331 Cox, Linda Susan 292. 322, 549 Cox, Marianne 571 Cox. Milton Lawrence, Jr 549 Cox. Nancy Jo 322 Cox. Stanley Earl 326 Cox, Stephen Clay 549 Cox, Thomas Reginald 179, 347, 509 Coylc. Melanie Adelle 173 Coyner, Roger Edward 278, 300, 542 Cozby, Rebecca Louise 169, 323 Crabtree, Carol Ann 309, 57 1 Crabtree. Linda Karen 3 17, 322 Crabtree. Paul Norman 509 Craft. Gene Millard 439 Craig, Darrell Wayne 323, 560 Craig, Gordon Emit 439 Craig. Harry Lee 143. 509 Craig. John Henry 423, 424. 427. 448 Craig. Paul Frederick .... 422, 423, 426. 427. 448 Craig, Phyllis Elaine 159 Craig, Roy Rochester 320 Crain, Barbara June 571 Crain. Lee Shudde 278, 326. 323 Crain. Susan Eileen 313 Crancer. Ralph Edward. Ill 187. 421. 571 Crandall. Joan E 322 Crane. Martha Ellen 509 Craven, Candice Anne 509 Craven, Mark Stephen 306 Craven, Melvin L 560 Craver, Jalaire Louise 360 Crawford, Anita Ruth 145 Crawford. Carolyn Nell Z 509 Crawford. Janice Anne 171 Crawford, Jay Clinton 205 Crawford, John Paul 549 Crawford. Linda Gail 159, 549 Crawford. Rebecca Joan 17 1, 560 Crawford. Robert Fields 205 Crawford, Ronald Douglas 295, 389 Crawford. Roy Mills, Jr 509 Crawford. Zenobia Y 560 Crawley, Robert Eiland 179, 549 Craymcr, Patricia 560 Cremin. Julia Lucinda 231,571 Cren shaw, Ben Daniel 396, 420. 42 1 Crenshaw. Charlie E 433. 448 Crenshaw. Linda Sue 509 Crew. John Neal 571 Crew, Pamela Whitley 328, 329 Crew. Robert Joseph 510 Crews, Camille Lynn 1 89 Crews. Stephen Thomas 323 Criel. Armando B 129 Crier. Catherine Jean 171, 560 Crist, Marilyn Constance 549 Crist. Michael Albert 549 Criswell. Joseph Ronald 571 587 Name Pag " Critelli. Richard B 510 Crockard. Carol Ann 159, 247. 571 Crocker, Jonette Abbey 510 Crockett. David Daniel 139, 223, 286 Crockett. Michael David 125, 213, 283, 510 Croes. Michael F 571 Croft, Sharron Williams 549 Croft. Virgil Ray 549 Cromack, Kim Davis 321 Cromeens, George M . . . . 398 Crook. Charles David 510 Crook. Robert Barry 209 Crooker. Linda Ann 191. 246 Croslin, Cynthia A 145 Cross, Deborah Lynn 571 Cross, James Lynn 560 Crosslin, Donald Wayen 398, 448 Crosson, Richard Lee 167, 560 Crosson, T. A 490 Crouch. Mark Alan 410, 41 1 Crouse. Philip Charles 123, 266. 267, 337 Crow, Carl Alan 321 Crow, Cynthia Lynn 510 Crow, Don John, Jr 195 Crow. James Brice 549 Crow, Jo Ann 321 Crow, Karen Ann 147, 571 Crow, Lucy Doggett 207, 244, 35] Crow, Robert Owen 195, 571 Crow, Susan Jay 571 Crow, Theodore F 331 Crow, W. A 321, 324 Crowe, John M 289 Crowe, Robert Irl 289 Crowe. William Richard 398 Crowell, Caroline 612 Crowell, Gilbert Earl 330, 390 Crowell. Kathryn 169 Crowell. Michael Wachlin 398 Crow ' s Nest 294, 295 Cruce. Cathy 138, 159, 549 Crume. Randall Allen 213 Crump, Steven Nance 560 Crumpton, David Wilmoth 542 Cruz, Berta Idalia 303 Cruz. Josef E 325, 363 Crymes. Mary Cooper 542 Cuba. Arnold Cornelius, Jr 321 Cuba, Johnette Lynn 366. 549 Cude. William Benton 380. 381, 383 Cuellar. Maria Azalia 313 Cuellar. Robert 433, 434 Cuellar, Sylvia Elizabeth 549 Cuevas, Mary Carmen 510 Cukier, Joseph Israel 571 Cullen, Jeffrey L 510 Culling. Alison Jeanne 1 53, 3 1 7, 560 Culpepper. Ben Allan 571 Culver, Claudia E 149 Culver. Joseph Howard 493 Culwe|l. Warren D.. Jr 209 Cumbie. Nancy Dianne 147, 571 Cumley, Stephen Daniel 398 Cummings. David Richard 498 Cummings, Linda Carol 298 Cummings, Wileyn F 510 Cummins, Nancy Ann 231, 571 Cunningham, Beverly Cameron 191, 571 Cunningham, Dan Smith 510 Cunningham, Gary Mark 187 Cunningham, James M 510 Cunningham, Kathleen 379 Cunningham. Mary Lynn 191 Cunningham. Nancy E 191 Cunningham. Stanley Cash 187 Cunningham. Weldon Edwin 179, 549 Cunningham. William Hughes 320 Curbello, Penny Leigh 159 Curie. Bradley Gill 510 Curran, Carolyn Ann 571 Currey. David Nelson 278, 549 Currie, Robert MacGregor, III 209, 510 Currie. Thomas Scott 163. 283 Currin. Freddie Mac 398. 448 Curry. Beulah Agnes B 340 Curry. Ronald Elmo 296, 560 Curry. Susan Catherine 165,321 Curtis, Howard Benton .612 Curtis. Michael Shane 571 Curtis. Sally Grace 549 Curtis. Sally Jean 331 Curtis. Wayne Steven 139, 223, 351, 549 Curtis, William Charles 498 Curvan, Leonard James 195, 299. 549 Cusick. Thomas Patrick, Jr 433. 434. 448 Custard. Betty Jo 510 Custer, John Kinsey. Ill 321 Cuthbertson. Brian D 296 Cutler, Anna Carolyn 317 Cutrell, Curtis Watson 323 Cutrell. Martin Thomas III 321, 510 Czarnecki. Michael F 323 D Dabney, Cynthia Jane ' . 183, 571 Dabney, William Tyson 510 Dacy. Joe. II 332 Dahl, Hans Henry 321 Dahlberg. Gregory W 398, 448 Dahlberg. Kathy Evelyn 147 Daily. Elizabeth Jane 134. 244, 254, 285, 346, 549, 614.615 The Daily Texas 256. 257 Dake. Nancy Elizabeth 510 Dalby. John Leonard 217. 510 Dalby. Robert Earl 217 Dale. Frances Louise 57 1 Dale. Lawrence Becker 213 Dale. Monica Louise 322 Name Pages Dalheim. Edward W 560 D ' Aliscra, Laura Ann 255, 344. 560 Dalrymple. Robert Alan 278. 326, 542 Dalsheimer, Donna Lou 560 Dalton, Richard Eugene 560 Dalton. William E., Jr 181 Daly. Arthur William 296 Daly, Patrick William 397 Damuth. Keith Stewart 167 Danburg. Carolyn Joy 510 Danford. Vicki Ruth 165. 560 Dangoor. David E 560 Daniel, Cecil C., Ill 383 Daniel. Dale Spence 181. 571 Daniel. Danny Brilton 364. 549 Daniel, David Grant 312 Daniel. Deborah 302 Daniel. Deborah Jane 145 Daniel. Eleanor Kay 322 Daniel. Patti Lynn 549 Daniel, Robert Stokes, HI 209 Daniel, William Henry 498 Danielowsky, Gabriele , 571 Daniels, Ricky Gene 195,439 Daniels, Wanda Gayle 510 Danielson, Wayne Allison .... 264, 332, 468. 469 Danvers, Karen 510 Darby, Charles Harris 390 Darden. Elizabeth Jane 510 Darden. Paul Wistar 334 Darden. William H 191 Dargatz, Richard G 334 Darling, Elizabeth Anne 231, 244. 571 Darling. Stephen C 334 Darnell, Sylvia Jean 549 Darrow, Marsha Ellen 149, 561 Dasch, Venita Carlene 292 Dashiell, Diane 169, 561 Dauley, Randy Dean 510 Daum, Donald Ray 330, 348, 510 Davenport, Jean Andrea 145 Davenport, Karen Beth 191 Davenport, Norman Alan 201, 321 Davenport, Sarah Ellen 319, 325, 366. 542 Name Pages David. Darrcll Stecle 209. 571 Davidson, Candis Faye 145 Davidson. Charley Albert 323, 339 Davidson, Irvin Abraham 321 Davidson, Jerry Saunders 331 Davidson, Pamela Kay 171 Davidson, Sharon Joy 57 1 Davies, William James. Jr 195 Davila. Jerry Xavier 549 Davis. Avan Ann 542 Davis, Bert Estill, Jr 510 Davis, Bobby Joe 377 Davis, Carol Evans 189 Davis, Carolyn Estes 32 1 Davis. Catherine Ann 510 Davis. Charles Thomas. Jr 187. 549 Davis, Clara Lee 510 Davis, Clifton Dean 195 Davis, Cloteal Louise 32, 33 Davis, Cody Allen 439, 549 Davis, Cynthia Gail 171 Davis, Cynthia Lynn 57 1 Davis. Dana Bess 159. 571 Davis. Danny Sheerin 217, 549 Davis. Denise Ellen 173, 561 Davis, Donald Richard 378 Davis. Eddie 243 Davis, Edith Jeannette 324 Davis, Edward Alvin. Ill 223. 561 Davis, Edward Rex 151 Davis, Eleanor Barbara 147, 561 Davis, Ernestine E 510 Davis, Fonda Faye 149, 285 Davis. Garrett Lovell 330. 331 Davis. Gary Whitfield 510 Davis, Howard Gordon . 348, 5 10 Davis, James Edward 298 Davis. James Tolbert 510 Davis, Janna Denice 317,561 Davis, Jay Scott 561 Davis, Jimmy Golan 510 Davis, John Emerson 325 Davis, John Randall 510 Davis, Judith Anne 510 Pages is, Kendall Craig 276, 278. 326 is. Kenneth Harrcl 215 is, Leslie Ann 571 is, Lois Elaine 549 is. Marc Stephen 225 is, Margaret Ann 165. 317, 322, 549 is. Max Glen, Jr 510 is, Michael Terry 363, 510 is. Michele Ann 510 is. Nancy Gail 183. 571 is.NorrisG 332 is, Patricia Ann 549 is, Patricia Ann 510 is, Patricia Linn 309 is, Paul Francis ...................... 362 is. Paul Joseph ....... 379, 380, 381. 384. 510 is, Raymond Earl ................ 289. 561 is. Richard Carl. Jr ................... 448 Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da is, Richard F.. Jr 561 Davis, Richard San 289 Davis, Ricki R 398.407 Davis, Susan Spiller 510 Davis, Walter Douglas 339 Davison, Deborah Denese 311 Davison, Mary Joy 207. 340 Dawsey. Janice Elaine 169 Dawson. Connie Elaine 571 Dawson. Kim Taylor 317 Dawson, Mary Lou 510 Day. Debra Kay 171, 561 Day, Edgar Allan 414 Day. Helen Marshall 189, 571 Day, Michael Stephen 498 Daywood, John Carl 326 Dean, Dorothy W 486 Dean ' s of Students 486-489 De La Zerda. Alex J 384 De Stefano. Deborah K 145 Deaderick. William David 321 Deal, Suzanne 571 Dean, Deborah Kay 571 Dean. Margaret F. A 511 Dean, Mary Bird 328 Dean. Michael Wayne 398, 402. 403. 448 588 Name Pages Dean, Philip Marshall ; 571 Dean, William Ashby 289 Dear. Penny Jelen 321 Dearaujo-P, Qustavo Luiz 118 Dcaring, Lynn 441 Debner. Judi Louise 561 Debord, Kathryn 549 Decamp, Lane Conely 323 Dechert. Jerald Wayne 549 Decker. Stephen Mark well 163. 561 Decoster, Alan Victor 439 Decuir. Donna Kaye 278 Deen, Gregory Charles 511 Deen, Lynn Keilh 571 Dees. Bunny Gay 171, 561 Dees. James Russell 276, 278, 326 Dees, Justin Gordon 187, 5 1 1 Defazio, Patricia E 185, 549 Dehart, Flora Ballowe 329 Deinken, Margaret Ellen 549 Deinken, Peter Herman 334 Delagarza, Lucia Irene 511 Delagarza, Nora Hilda 511 Delahaye, Owen Timothy 323 Delano. Rocky Dean 179 571 Delaune, Jules Mayer 195, 323 Delazerda, Nancy Jane 372 Deleon. Hector Rene 237, 320 Delia, Lucia Marian 561 Dell, Marilyn Jean 511 Dellacroce, Mary L 231 Deloache. Louise D 511 Delpapa, Jenny Lou 145 Delpapa. Laura Ann 207, 549, 571 Delta Delta Delta 170, 171 Delta Gamma 172, 173 Delta Sigma Phi 174, 175 Delta Sigma Pi 352, 353 Delia Sigma Theta 176, 177 Delta Tau Delta 178, 179 Delta Upsilon 180 181 Delta Zeta 182, 183 Deluna, Juan Rosendo 296 Demakes, Peter Thomas 334, 378 Demaray, Debra Royce 549 Demoll, Louis E., Ill 278, 482, 511 Denbo, Joel Byron 225 Dendy, Kirby Wayne 378 Denena, Margaret Mary 285, 561 Denius, Frank Wofford 398 Denman. David Brent 163 Denman. Joe Carter, III 163 Name Pages Denmon, Gary Lynn 549 Dennard, Gretchen D 207 Denney, Deborah Kay 324 Dennis, Elizabeth A .!.... .561 Dennis, George Wesley. Jr 423 Dennis, Patricia Ann 127, 157, 319, 51 1 Denny, Michael Bruce 213, 571 Densmore, Cynthia Ann 561 Denson, Dianne 549 Dent, Pamala Susan . ' ! " !!! !si 1 Denton, Johnnie Mae 321, 324 Denton, Joyce Ann 29s! 5 1 1 Denton, Lloyd Albert, Jr. 330 Denton, William P 137 Depasse. John Andrus .,. ' . 324 Derby. Alan Thomas 330 Derdak. Steven 295 Derichsweiler, John W ' 551 Derr. Warner Gordon 359 Destefano, Deborah Kay 285, 549 Dettman, Laura Jane 561 Devane. Teresa Ruth !276, 278 Devine, Edward Joseph 193, 571 Devine, Shaun Ellen . " ... .561 Devos, Martin Louis 151 571 Dewelte. Julia Regina .. ' .298 Dewoody, Michael Paul 298 Dexter. Daniel Stephen .201 Dexter. George Ellis 369, 380 381 Dezo. George Steve 57 1 Dial, Gregory Thomas 511 Diaz, Gwendolyn Josie 493 Diaz, Ralph Anthony 511 Dibrell, Cooper Graham 167 561 Dick David, Michael ' 561 Dick, Kathryn Virginia J47, 571 Dick, Thomas Herbert 163, 51 1 Dickenson, Gail Marie 321 Dicker, Thomas William 336 Dickerson, Lawrence R 323 Dickerson, Mary Patrice 165, 322, 561 Dickey, Timothy Ward 303 Dickinson, Logan 199, 571 Dickinson, Suzanne ' 511 Dickson. Charles M ' . 571 Dickson, Chester V., Jr 354 Diebel, Betty Sue 231. 356, 375, 377, ' 549 Dieringer, Dennis James 377 612 Dierlam. John Wallace 306 Diers, Dead ra Dean . . . 57 1 Dies, David 209 571 Dietz, John Karl 3[g Name Pages Dill, Eleanor L 207 Dill, Johnny Lloyd 420, 421, 448 Dillard, David Alan 511 Dillard. Deborah Irene 571 Dillard, Stephanie B 511 Dillon. Donna Cheryl 511 Dillon, Douglas Johnson 223 Dillon, John Albert 201 Dillon, Karen Sue 231, 549 Dillon. Mark David 571 Dillow, Robert G 391 Dilly. Sandra Kay , 549 Dilworth. Colleen Marie 171. 328 Dinerstein, Carol Ann 149, 542 Dingrando, Patrick Michael 571 Dinino. Vincent Rairden 274, 275, 277, 320 Dinsmoor, Brian 334 DiQuinzio, Sandra Jane 321 Directors, Chora] Organizations 304, 305 Dirocco, Andrea Lee 549 Disbrow, Larry Alan 511 Disney. Richard Keys 245 Dittman, Karen Ellen 173, 571 Dillmar. Jan Michael 549 Dittmar, Nancy Jo Dawson 321 Dittmar, Susan Jane 317 Ditto, W. Paul, Jr 203, 549 Division of Extension 483 Dixon, James Edwin 352, 549 Dixon, Mark Douglas 306 Dlugach. Juanita Susan 511 Doak. Carolyn Mary 339 Dobbins, Diana Lee 147, 571 Dobbins, Susan E. Sage 329 Dobbs, Dennis Don 390 Dobbs, Jess Chris 571 Dobrey, Janice Ann 285 Dobyns, David Alan 289 Dochoda, Barbara 311 Dodd, Cheryl Rae 147 Dodd, Clayton A { 612 Dodd, Richard Calvin 296 Dodd. Sheridan Camille 165 Dodds, James Edwin 181 Dodd, Tommy Lane 354, 542 Dodds, Virginia Ann 511 Dodds. William Stephen 549 Dodge. Colleen 571 Dodson, David Wayne 221, 390, 571 Dodson, Lani Arlene 571 Dodson. Mark Randle 221 Dodson, Paul 323 Dodson, Paul David 330, 331 Doebbler, Beth Anne 549 Doedyns. Jere Beth 549 Doedyns, Trudy Ann 511 Doell, Thomas Charles 213 Doenges. Rudolph Conrad 353, 474 Doepner, Albert Herman 511 Docrr, Timothy M 398 Doggett, Stephen A 339 Doherty, Margaret V 561 Doherty, Michael T 193 Doherty, Robert F 193 Doherty. Virginia 183 Doig. Gordon Arthur 339 Dolan, Lawrence Peter 511 Dolce, Noel Joseph 223 51 1 Dolcefino, Nevin A 323 Dolegiewicz, Zbigniew Bishop 423, 424, 448 Dolfuss, Nelson Frank, III 143, 51 1 Doll, Kathryn Lucille 339 Dollins, Nancy Louise 549 Dolstra. Eileen Heather 321 Dolvisio. James T 455 Dolzel, Eddie Lee 511 Domask. Lucy Vaile 165, 278, 327, 561 Domask, Mary Susan 165, 571 Dombroski, John Henry 33 1 Dominguez, Ricardo Victor 549 Domke, Robert Michael 323, 324 Donahue. Helen E 169, 571 Donaldson. Rodney Earl 233, 321, 51 1 Donathen, Roy Edward 511 Donegan, John Hey 32 1 Donegan, Nelson Henry 321 Donley, Mary Alice 571 Donnell, William Robert, IV 163, 549 Donnelly, Wayne E 221, 561 Donop. Paul Edwin 311 Donovan. Darienne Jean 173 Dooley, Kathleen Ann 207, 511 Dooley, Patricia Lynn 207, 511 Doran, Martha A. Larsh 332. 346 Dorman, Nancy Lynn 549 Dorough, Frances Annette 549 Dorsey, Robert R 320 Dortch. Richard Mason 542 Dotson, Sherrill Jeanne 571 Doty, Carol Anne 549 Doty, E. William 465 Doty. Sue Ann 44, 45, 159, 321 Doud, Marsha Lynn ' . 145 Douglas, Bridget Dianne 549 Douglas, Robin Melissa 159, 561 Douglass, Jan Clayton 325 Doumany. Jeffrey James 187, 286 Doutel. Gregory John 336, 352, 377, 549 Douthitt. Corbin Lee 352 Dover. Janet Sue 149 Dover, Joan Alyce 134, 149 Dow, Noel Craig 378 Dowdey, George Steven 392 Dowdy, William Alan 227 549 Dowdy. William Clarence. Ill 187, 283, 51 1 Dowell. Dee Lyn 511 Downing, Dennis Leslie 511 Downing, Lynda Faye 511 Downing, Patricia Ann 511 Downing, Roger Guy 143,571 Downing, Timothy Cole 321 Doyle, James David 321 Name Pag,, Doyle, Jane Colleen 183. 571 Dozier. Sarah Rebecca 549 Dozier, Thomas Hudson, II 323 Drace. Suzanne E 173 Drake, Karen E. E 329 Drake. Kevin Allen 312 Drakos, Thomas Folios 289 Dransfield, Robert D 286 Draper, Jan Denise 321, 328 Draper. Suzanne Covington 32 1 Dreiling, Omer A., II 187 Dreiseszun, Marilyn Janet 124, 245, 549 Drew. John 5 1 1 Drew, Thomas Alton, HI 571 Drewry, Robert Wilson ... 129, 263, 348, 350, 542 Drcyer, DArdi Ruth 292, 571 Dreyer, Peggy Jean 571 Dreyfus, Kathryn P 149 Driggers, Stephen Cause 321 Drobyski, Thomas Joseph 143, 344, 5 1 1 Drolla, John C. D., Jr 205 Drummond, Robert Paul 571 Dryden, Julie Jane 169 Dubberley, Mark Charles 382 Dubin, Leonard Landesman 225, 571 Dubois, Mary Suzan 543 Dubois, William Steven 151,511 Dubose, Keith Dunn 549 Dubose, Larry Wayne 333, 334, 360, 51 1 Dubow, Janis Lynn 185, 543 Dubowy, Marc Russell 229 Duck. Gary Emerson 511 Duckell. Dwight Dean 543 Duderstadt, David E 511 Dudgeon, Donnie Lou 317, 561 Dudley, Blair Ina 165 Due, Roger David 571 Dueck, Kathryn Willms 321 Duensing. Debra Diane 278, 549 Duerr, Joanne Lee 317 Duff, Rosenell 543 Duff, Steven Michael 333, 334 Duffin, Rebecca Ann 145 Duffy, Robert 296 Duffy. Suzanne 328 Duflol, Rene 317 Dugger, Gary Don 549 Dugger, Larry Eugene 352, 549 Dugger. Randall Thomas 330 Duke. Donna Lynn 159, 571 Duke, Robert Wayne 330 Duke. Winston Wayne 549 Dunbar, Robert Bruce 571 Duncan, Debra Annette 512 Duncan, Donald Cameron, Jr 199 Duncan, Douglas Eramett 223,433 Duncan. Fred Don 512 Duncan, James Paul . 241 , 259. 320. 486. 488. 489, 491 Duncan, Michael Stewart 572 Duncan, Susan Ann 169, 317, 561 Duncan, Vance Cameron 201, 549 Duniven, Philip Loren 324 Dunkle, David Pat 364, 543 Dunlap, Beverly Jane 185 Dunlap, David Graydon 143 Dunlap. Dwight Lancaster 201 Dunlap. John Kirkby 181. 263, 512 Dunlap, Kathleen R 328 Dunn, Edward Wesley, Jr 332, 498 Dunn. Kevin Jay 306 Dunn. Robert Mason 512 Dunn. Steven Robert 209. 245 Dunne. Kevin Patrick 321 Dunning, Mary Leslie 169 Dunning. Paul Moore 195. 572 Durand, George Marion 363, 543 Duren, Almetris Marsh 486, 487 Durkc, Tommy Lee 364, 512 Durst, Bruce Eric 512 Dusek. A. J 492 Dushkin, Leland Jeffrey 225, 561 Duson, Molly Clare 189, 244, 319. 549 Dutton, Robert Edward 175 Duvan. John Ardis 572 Dvorak, Linda Diane 322, 561 Dvorak. Linda L. Hendrix 325 Dwyer. David Alan 143, 572 Dwyer, Karen Ruth 512 Dwyer, Stephen Clay 324 Dyer. Cecelia Ann D 329 Dyer. Janette 317 Dyer, Marian 512 Dyess, Leslie Edith 207 572 Dykes, William T. F 41 1 Dykes, James R., Jr 321 Eads, Sally Jo 159 Eakin, Michael G 68 69 Ealey, Donald R 398, 403.448 Eardley, Kathleen Mary 572 Earley. Eugene Edward 41 ] Earls. Debra Ann 317 Early, Cleland Edward Jr 391, 561 Earnest, Ara Lynn 329 Easley, Robert York 512 Eason, Marion Elizabeth ' , ' . " ' . ' 392 Easlerling. Charles David 549 Eastes. William Thomas ' . ' . ' . .439 Eastland, Richard Gillespie 213, 572 Eaton. Missey Marie 165, 549 Eaton, Thomas Aldrich 339 Eaves. Susan Elizabeth 173. 572 Ebensberger. Peggy Ann 512 Eckert, Ellyn Lee 512 Eckhardl.Laurel Ann 321 Eckhart, Harley Albert 278, 326, 561 Edburg, Andrew Hugo 278, 326 589 Name Pa " Eddleman, Ann C 173 Edelroan, Cynthia Ann 138, 149, 561 Edelman, Patti Lynn 561 Eden, Daniel Jay 323 Edens, Elizabeth M 207 Edgerton, Martha Jane 366, 542 Edgerton. Mary E 377, 561 Edgin, Richard Alan 512 Edgington, Sherry Carolyn 572 Edmiston, Janet Lea 303 Edmonds, Lester Loyd 259, 615 Edwards, Bruce Nolen 561 Edwards, Forest Carroll 612 Edwards, Jacquelyn K 317 Edwards, James Randolph .... 247, 254, 561, 614 Edwards, Janet Lee 322, 561 Edwards, Janice C. Mrs 512 Edwards, (Catherine Ann 191, 285, 561 Edwards, Kenneth C 364, 543 Edwards. Marilyn Y 278, 327, 512 Edwards, Patricia Jan 321 Edwards, Rex Mark 512 Edwards, Vickie Lynn 572 Edwards, William Leslie 187 Efird, Victoria K 169 Egerton, Carol Jean 173, 572 Egger, Claude Billy 549 Ehlers, Martha Lynne 153 Ehlinger, Dan Henry 195, 561 Ehrhart, Robert C 376 Eicher, Patrick D 512 Eichner, Mary Kathleen 309, 549 Eidman, John Bates 193 Eidman. Mark Warner 243 Eidman, Thad Gregory 201, 561 Eidson, Danny Lee 303 Eiland, Gary Wayne 348, 512 Eisemann, Roger Dean 213 Eisenberg. Clifford R 331 Eisenberg, Richard N 543 Eisinger, Joan Denise 572 Eisner, Richard Alan 572 Ekstrom, Wayne Baker 143 Elam, Albert Richard 259, 332, 468 Elam, Cynthia Maryse 346 Elder, James Harvey III 181, 32v, Elder, Tommy Dorris 429 Eldridge, Betty 149, 512 Elizondo, Isaac Emmanuel 33 1 Elkins.Elise 58 Elkins, Jonna Kay 185, 549 Elkins, Lee 260, 549 Elkins, Sandra Lynn 330 Elkins, Susan K 171, 561 Elkowitz, Richard Lee 225, 572 Ellinger, Wallace D 397 Ellington, Billy Morris 398, 41 1 Ellington, Timothy David 572 Elliott, Linda Carolyn 321 Elliott, Louis Polk 321 Elliott, Maria Lee 512 Elliott, Peggy Jo 255, 278, 572 Elliott, Rick Delee 209 Elliott, Robert Frank 386 Elliott, Susan Jane 145 Ellis, Bill John Jr 339 Ellis, David Towson 217 Ellis, Deborah Lea 147 Ellis, Drusilla Bethea 313 Ellis, Fred Holmes 276, 278, 326 Ellis, Helen Sharon 189, 561 Ellis, Patricia Lynn 191, 243 Ellis, Paula Ann 572 Ellis, Phoebe 317 Ellis, Priscilla 171 Ellish, Nancy E 219 Ellison, Edell Lee 147 Ellison, Elaine Laurie 147, 572 Ellison, Fred Pittman 480 Ellison, Gary Eugene . . . .233, 289, 323, 383, 561 Ellison, George Marsh 278, 391, 561 Ellison, Pamela Lee 260 Ellison, Samuel P. Jr 456, 457 Ellison, Suzanne Elizabeth 572 Ellzey, Anne Middleton 317 Elmgren, Kenneth Nils 572 Elmore, Otis Edmond Jr 300 Elmore. William Bradley 290, 512 Elms, Sherry Lynn Ellis 328 Elsass, J. Frank 320 Eisner, Phillip Alan 289, 549 Elstner, Charles J 512 Elstner, Mary Joy 549 Ellis, Brian Murov 229, 512 Elizroth, Patricia Gay 292, 561 Ely. Robert G 151 Ely, Shelly Diane 332 Emerman, Alan R 512 Emerson, Marcia Ellen 561 Emery, Kathleen Lynn 173 Emery, Max Simpson Jr 512 Emmert, Duane Frank 32 1 Empric, Randell E 322 Eng. Mabel Sun 512 Engel. Robert William 572 Engelland. Linda A 245, 260 Engh, Harold Viking 217 England, Ear! Byron 543 Engler, Deborah Ann 339 Englert, Michael Wayne 354 English, Edwin Madison 572 English, Lowell Douglas 398, 448 Engstrom, Randall Robert 201 Ennen, Ann Elizabeth 207 Enslen, Norbert W. Jr 439 Epperson, Kathryn Marie 572 Epperson, Therese Ann 241 Eppright. David Russell 572 Epps, Doyle Daniel Jr 330 Epstein, Donalyn 512 Epstein, Joyce Ellen 219 Epstein, Maralyn 149. 572 Name Pages Epstein, Ronald Steven 359, 561 Epstein. Steven Roland 324, 549 Erdelt, James N 363. 398. 561 Erickson, Terrie A 512 Eriksson, Evalyn Elise 189 Ernest, Lauren Kay 23 1 Ernst, Debra Faye 572 Ernst, Eloise Elaine 306. 311 Ernst, Joseph Jacob 312 Ervin, Cynthia Ann 147, 317, 322, 561 Ervin, Judi Evelyn 324, 549 Erving. Claudia Ann 572 Erwin, David Randolph 213, 323 Erwm, Douglas Allen 323, 377, 549 Erwin, Frederick Hodson 550 Erwin, James Finley 139, 213, 283 Escamiila, Laura Sue Mrs 32 1 Eschner, Steven Robert 550 Eskowitz, Sheryl Pauline 572 Esmond, Christy Dian 322, 572 Esparza. Guillermo R 512 Esparza, Ruth E 572 Esrig, Bonnie Ann 512 Essary, Deborah Lee 255, 561 Estes, Charles Jeff 296, 572 Esles, Jana Audrey 129, 173, 328, 512 Estrada, Dolores 246, 292, 550 Estrada, Jerry Javier 550 Estrada, Vicki Marie 169, 379, 381, 550 Estrada, William J 209 Ethridge, Nancy Jo 543 Eubank, Beverly Jane 317 Eubank, George B. Jr 213 Eubank, Linda Sue 572 Eubanks, Charles Alan 512 Eubanks, Edwin Allen 217, 543 Eubanks, Sara Lucille 231, 572 Eulich. Gloria Ann 207 Evans, Billie-Ann 512 Evans, Carol Anne 322 Evans, Christi Jannette 550 Evans, Cynthia Ann 441 Evans, Cynthia Kay 512 Evans, Deborah Stone Mrs 512 Evans. Donald Lee. Jr 307 Evans, Frederick M 364 Evans. Jack Blair 267, 307, 358, 550 Evans, Janice Sue 145, 572 Evans, Jeanne Shelley 309, 572 Evans, Karen Colette 159 Evans, Kathleen Louise 292, 322, 512 Evans, Leigh Karen 328 Evans, Marilynn Elizabeth 321, 512 Evans, Mark Culver 295, 392 Evans. Mark Cumbie 187 Evans. Mary Jo 157, 512 Evans, Robyn E 317 Evans, Rudford Kyle 323 Evans, Sarah Nell 572 Evans, Sherri Lynn 572 Evans, Stanley Paul 380, 382, 543 Evatt, Deborah Sue 572 Eveland, Richard E 334, 512 Eveland, Sandra Anne 499 Everett. Curtis Lamar 425 Everett. Deborah T 321 Everett, Joan Marie 572 Everett. John Keith 339, 512 Evcrsole, Nancy Ann 191, 512 Ewald, Brenda Gail 231 Ewald, John David 339 Ewin, Margaret Ann 550 Name Pages Ewing, John Randolph 179 Ewing, Laura Susan 171 Ewing, Richard E 129 Ex-Students Association 485 Ezell, Herschel Francis III 221, 550 Ezell, Mona Lynn 171, 322, 572 Faarup, Henry Joseph 512 Faber, Auburn Victoria 550 Faerber, Charles V 323, 561 Fagg, Sharon Suzette 285, 322 Fahey, Kathleen Ann 550 Fair, Edward Zane 339 Fairbanks, Barry J 319 Fairchild, Keith William 324 Faires, Raymond Alan 209, 324, 5 1 2 Fake, David Gregory 278 Falconer. David Norwood 278, 572 Falik, Jonathan Louis 229. 572 Falkenberg, Cheryl K 561 Fallen, Jeffrey Lynn 572 Fallen, Kathleen Mary 173, 572 Fanelli, Theresa Ann 145 Fankhauser, Ruth Ann 306 Fant, Alfred Edward Jr 289 Fantini, Albino E 328 Faranesh, Souhail 543 Farb, Gerilyn 219, 572 Farb, Maria 219, 572 Farest, Cynthia Ann 440 Farley, Laine 261 Farley, Leah Kathleen 356, 550 Farmer, Margaret Jeannine 159, 243 Farmer, Martha Ann 32 1 Farmer, Scott Monroe 311,572 Farnsworth, Billie S 147, 561 Farnsworth, Chanda Lynn 550 Farow, Edward Joseph 323 Farrar, Stanley 252, 253, 615 Farrar, Terry Wayne 179, 513 Farrell, John Patrick Jr 195, 561 Farrell, Michael Jay 572 Farren, Steven Lee 364, 550 Farris, Allen Dean 348, 550 Farris, Elizabeth Ann 317 Farris, Thomas Dale 513 Farrow, Darryl Glenn 258 Path, Betsy 543 Fatter, Laura Elaine 169 Faulconer, Bruce L 513 Faulk, Robert Ray 247, 345 513 Faulkner, Michele 231, 550 Fausset, Guy Stephen 179, 561 Fawcett, Lynn Allen 191 Fay, Jan Marie 317 Fears, Martha Elaine 278 Feaster, Cindy Lou 317 Feather, John Norman 129 Feather, Suzy Q. Clarkson 321 Featherston, Coy Joe 398 Featherston, Mikiel R 411 Featu res 28-106 Feehan, Anne Elizabeth 513 Feehan, Mary Virginia 169 Feiger, Toni Frances 149, 572 Feinberg, Carol Sue 149, 572 Feinberg, Paul C 229, 263, 572 Feinstein, Janet Lynn 149 Name Pages Fejarang, Antonio Babauta 388 Fekete, Jane Carol 159 Feld, Edgar Myers 215, 550 Feldman, Martin Bruce 229, 572 Feldman, Robert Jack 378 Felkai, Thomas Peter 333, 513 Felkel, Ryland Thomas 209, 423 Feller, Susan Ann 255, 550 Feltman, Allen Marcus 215 Felton, Charles Ronald 267 Fenlaw, Rick Hillard 398 Fenner, Jim Edwin 187 Fenwick, Joseph George 360, 550 Ferguson, Dennis Dean 267 Ferguson, Edward W 330 Ferguson, Kenneth Joseph 300 Ferguson, Larry Wayne 56 1 Ferguson, Mary Jane 550 Ferguson, Nancy Marie 317 Ferguson, Patrice Leigh C 513 Ferguson, William B 193 Fernandez, Charles Anthony 203 Fernandez, Jose A. Jr 334, 513 Fernandez, Mercedes C 231 Fernandez, Rebecca Marie ... 1 12, 134, 292, 293, 321,328,513 Ferraro, Frederick F 439 Ferrell, David K. Jr 187, 421 Ferrell, Pamela Gay 189, 550 Ferrell, Richard Edward 543 Ferrer, Carlos A 513 Ferrill, Dianna Kay 298, 561 Fertel. Dan 151, 323, 324, 561 Ferzli, Khalily 323 Fetzer, Mark Howard 181 Ficke, Bruce William 213, 572 Field, Jo Dell Elizabeth 297 Fielder, Artie Ann 127, 278, 327, 340, 550 Fielding, B. Donald 229, 387 Fields, Byron Willard 193 Fields. Robert F 193, 561 Figer. Bonnie Gail 278, 572 Figer, Michael Gene 276, 278, 326, 550 Filidei, Marcia Kay 550 Fillingim, David Brian 543 Finch. Gary Edward 334, 376 Findley, Patricia Woods 173, 572 Findley, Steven Friedell 187, 389, 391, 550 Fine, Deborah Louise 572 Fine, Robert Lee 321 Finegan, Richard A. Jr 332 Finley, Patricia Johnson 165, 321, 513 Finn, Beverly Sue 561 Finney, Thomas Clayton 513 Finnigan, Timothee Ann 572 Fiorillo. Carol Ann 165, 561 Fink. Betsy Lee 550 Finkelstein, Devie 572 Finkelstein, Jack Jr 163, 283, 343, 550 Finkelstein, Mark Alan 151 Finkelstein. Mary F 149 Finkelstein, Sheryl Lyn 219 Finks. Leslie Ann 330 Finley. Georga Lew 189, 379. 561 Fischer. Brenda S 550 Fischer. Charles H 324 Fischer, Ernest Reed 2 1 3, 423, 448 Fischer, Meredith B 306 Fischer, Michael Carter 213, 572 Fish, Andrew Koapke 572 Fisher, Audrey Darlene 315 Fisher. David Sidney 151.572 590 Name Pages Fisher, Gloria Ann 572 Fisher, Nola Jan 171, 550 Fisher, Paul James 203. 561 Fisher, Randall D 550 Fisher, Timothy Lee 543 Fisher. William Edward 428, 448 Fishman. Randall Jay 229. 572 Fitch. Jeffry Forrest 324 File, Ralph Hillin 348. 513 Fitzgerald. Carla Sue 207 Fitzgerald. James E. Jr 143 Fitzhugh, Kathleen S 191 Fitzpatrick. Michael John 376 Fitzpatrick. Sandra Marlene 550 Flache, Arthur Ame 167 Flack. Joe Fenley Jr 201. 286. 543 Flanagan. Margaret Mary 123, 293, 319 Flalowicz, Marline Sylvie 550 Flawn, Peler Tyrrell 490 Fleetwood, William Everett Jr 513 Fleming, Charles M 193. 561 Fleming. Frank Crawford 124. 209. 241. 245 Fleming, Joseph Robert 245. 330 Fleming. Margaret Kay 513 Fleming, Margaret R 561 Fleming. Stephen Grady 398, 448 Fletcher. Stephen C 380. 38 1 . 385 Flick, Roland North 203 Flieller, Cheryl Beth 572 Fling, Dean Arthur 479 Fling, Joe Clement 572 Flint. George Rice 348, 543 Flint, Linda Kay Krenek 543 Flodine, James Bruce 288, 289, 513 Floeck. Daniel D. Jr 193 Flores. Alberto J 303 Flores. Daniel Jr 561 Flores. Daniel R 543 Flores, Henry Gomez 513 Flores, Irma 561 Flores. Juliet Ugalde Mrs 513 Flores. Linda Fay 543 Flores. Martin Farfan 431.433.434.448 Florio. Charles B 328 Florsheim. Sylvan Bruce 139.215 F lournoy, Betty Louise 169 Flowers. Richard Wade 223. 283 Fulitt. Michael Wayne 253 Flume. John Michael 223 Flume. Raymond L 223, 323. 561 Fly. Joe Wayne Jr 187, 572 Fly. Karen Elaine 561 Name Pages Fly. Laura Neal ..... 147 Fly. Ruth Marguerite . . Flynn, Mary Margaret ____ " ' 285 ' 572 Focht. Robert Frank Fogarty. Jane Marie ... " 572 Fogley. Linette... m Fogo. Donald Peter. SIS Foley. Elizabeth Lorine . . . . " 550 Folk. Mary Isabel .. ' " 165 550 ' Fol. Folse. Pamela C. lmer. Charles Fred ' 40, Fonken, David William Fonkcn. Gerhard J. ' 1 Fontaine. Stephen Ray " " 320 Fontenol. Michael Scon Forbes. Randall Kevin " " mm Forchl. Richard David ' " 20i ' 386 56 1 Ford. Adrian ' W 448 Ford. Bill Alan . Ford, Charles C. Ford, Era Nell Ford, Jil Carolyn . . . Ford. Joan Mitchell Ford. Karen Rae . . 323 543 " ' ii? ' iJi " Sf ' . ...... f Ford, Mary Ellen... ' ,4] Ford. Michael Louis . . . Foreman. Glenda Marie . . . 1 75 Foreman. Lucy Lockett " 15 i Forman. Charles Roy " ' ioi ' 151 Forney. David Larry .... 378 Forney. Patricia Lee ... 211 Forrest, Charles Michael 550 ;orresl, Richard Dale . . . .254. ' 330;5i3. ' 6i4. ' 6l5 r-orrest, Scott Smith ... , , Forrester. Sally Ann ..... i 65 561 Forsy the. Caroline J ..... I S X{ Fortenberry. Mary K ....... ' " 36551 Fortin. Jennifer L. . I ua, Jill - Fosdick. John Jay . . " ' i ' 28fi 787 Foshee, Page Smith.... Foster, Blanchard LeRoy Jr. 243 ' 3o6 ' 5l1 Foster, Cynthia Kay.. -Mj, 300. 5 13 Foster. Jane Ellen ' 550 Foster, Laura Ann 134. ' ' |89, ' 28J ' 39 561 Foster, Margaret Kristen . . Fosler, Norman Gary Jr Foster, Rebecca Ann To, Foster. Roxy Bea .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 513 Name Page! Foster. Ruth Ann 147, 281. 317, 561 Fotescu. Deirdre Zoe . 121. 165. 268, 276. 278. 550 Fountain, Nancy Susan 322, 550 Fourmy, Emily Martin 246 Fowler. Cheryl Irene 550 Fowler. Daniel W 296 Fowler. David Louie 323 Fowler. Eva Marie 322, 572 Fowler, Lester A. Jr 513 Fox, Adrienne Louise 572 Fox. Charles W 213, 561 Fox, Charlotte Elaine 207 Fox, Diana Jeannene 147, 322, 561 Fox, Janis 149, 513 Fox, Robert Bruce 276, 278, 561 Fox, Stan D 193, 561 Fox, Timothy Joe 179. 561 Foxhall, Lewis Emory 513 Frachtman. Michael E 324 Frachtman, Richard J 324, 513 Frachtman, Robert L 32 1. 324 Fradenburg, Constance Susan 572 Fraga. Leopoldo Jr 339 Frambach. Nancy Lynne 145 Francell, Ruth Elizabeth 339 Francis, Dana King 246 Francis, Jay Peretz 513 Franco, Salvador Rios 321 Frank, Barbara Ann 550 Frank, Barbara Beth 189 Frank, Dara Whitney 322 Frank, Dennis 321 Frank, Edmund Paul 313, 543 Frank. Glenn Gregory 223 Frank. Janet Victoria 572 Frank. Joy Ann 550 Frank. Ted Ray 195 Franke, Christine Ann 572 Frankel, James Gordon 229, 513 Franklin, Craig Alan 543 Franklin, Lynda 550 Franklin, Michelle L 328 Franklin, Ronald Glenn . .68, 259. 301. 318, 320, 339 Franks, Lawrence Turner 486 Franks, Michael Carl 572 Frantz, Joe Bertram 332 Frantz. Jolie Murrell 561 Franz, Joseph Robert 163 Franzetti. Paul Joseph 126 Fraser, Douglas Burt 311 Frazer, Jean Nelson 321 Frazier. Gregory Robert 68, 199, 572 Frazier, Kathryn Louise 324 Frazier. Silas Lanham III 217 Frederick. Cecil Charles Jr 513 Frederick. Robert Alan 225 Freed. Iris Michelle 134, 328. 513 Freed. Isadore David 278, 572 Freed. Jack Louis 225, 550 Freedenberg, Ruth A 329 Freedlund, Mike James 513 Freedman, Linda Sue 561 Freedman, Marc Phillip 229, 561 Freedman. Robyn G 219 Freeland. Kathy.121. 134. 147,254.285.319.614 Freeland. Peggy S 183 Freeland. Scott A 323 Freeman, Dabney Ann 191 Freeman, Merlin David 378 Freeman. Robert Hugh 572 Freeman. Suzanne 332 Freitag. Jan K 169 Freitag, Mary Margaret 561 French, Janice Frances 550 French, Lloyd R. Ill 213. 283. 513 French, Mary Luise 147 French, Richard Allan 181 561 Frerichs, Linda Nell 550 Frerking. Ernest Grey 330, 513 Freshman Football 410,411 Freshmen 569-581 Fresques, Michael T 345 Freund. William David 330, 33 1 Frey, James Harris 550 Frcy. Jerry McBride 163, 572 Frey, Robert Alper 513 Friar Society 318 Friedbcrg. Michael L 324 Friedland, Sharon Lynne 322, 572 Friedman. Betty Ellen 322 Friedman. Bruce David 324. 513 Friedman, Janet Fay 322 550 Friedman, Karen Sue 219, 317, 322. 561 Friesenhahn, Mark James 333 Frink. David Slocum 513 Frishman. Abe 289 Fritsche, Debra Ann 147. 317, 561 Frills. Mary Ann 317,322 Frizzell, Dan Paul 513 Froehner, Robert Nolan 513 Froelich, Frances Ann 185, 514 Frost, Richard Carl 331 Fruchter, David E 323 Fry, John Scoll 321 Frye. Edward J 390 Frye, Gail Patricia 191, 572 Frye, M. Modesta 499 Frymire, George Larry III 201 Fryxell, Karl Joseph 323 Fuchs, Joy Lynn 330 Fuchs, Sleven Neil 246 Fudell, Iris Ann 328, 329 Fuenles, Anna Mane 322 Fuentes, Christine 550 Fuenles, Ernesl R 514 Fuenles, Mary Carolyn 317 Fuersl, Jack Nicholas 289, 339 Fugill. Melinda Lou 189, 572 Fujila, Kazuo 499 Fuller, Alexis J. Jr 514 Fuller. Janel 317, 322. 561 Name Pages Fuller. Larry Paul 298 Fuller, Sara Elaine 499 Fullerlon. Byron Franklin 476 Fullick, Kyle Fredenck 187, 283 Fullon, Jeanie Quinn 189,561 Funderburk, Gary Lee 278 Funderburk, Kerry Don 514 Fung. Ko Bong 334 Funkhouser, Jane Knox Mrs 329 Furgason, Lucia Jeane 231. 572 Furgalch, Michael S 229. 514 Furley, Nancy Lynne 572 Furlong, John Norman 359, 550 Furlow, Pamela Gayle 173 Furman, Yvonne Debra 317 Furr, Carol Lee 189 Fusilier, Lane Allen 296 G Gabberl, Charles Michael 572 Gabele, Peter Dillon 550 Gabig, John Andrew 514 Gabilzsch. Debra Ann 317,514 Gabryl. Belinda Jean 56 1 Caddis, Martha Frances 145 Gaddy, Susan 255 Gaenslen, Joann Marie 561 Gaffey, Michael J 572 Gafford, Suzanne 169, 514 Gage, Dennis Ray 514 Gage, Paula Janette 331 Gagen, Joseph Charles 233 Gaines, Robert Neil 298. 5 14 Gaiser. Donald Curtis 321 Galindo, Anthony 572 Gallagher. Michael Dennis 514 Gallagher, Theresa Jane 185. 572 Gallessich. June Marie 241 Gallman, Doyle Fairchild Jr 350. 514 Gallman, James Scott 550 Gallman. Ruth Ann 302 Galloway, Caran Ann 165, 572 Galloway, Charles Bluford Jr 195 Galloway, Marvin W 352, 514 Galvan, Rebecca Louise 5 14 Gamble, David Shuler 320. 337 Gamble. Ernest F 514 Gamble, Shirley Ann 261 Gamble, William Raymond . . .423, 427. 448. 514 Gamblin. Charlie Vin 263. 352, 550 Gamma Phi Beta 184, 185 Gammell, David James 572 Gandara, Donna Gail 514 Gandler. Sharlane M 514 Gandy. John Clifford 345 Gannaway, Robert R. Jr 390 Gant, Alan Dale 334 Gant, Deborah Lynn 550 Garber, Rebecca June 219,561 Garcia, Anthony R 514 Garcia, David 572 Garcia, Elizabeth M 324 Garcia, Emede 359 Garcia, Felix Henry 572 Garcia, Gustavo 514 Garcia. Ida Belle 572 Garcia, Irma Iris 572 Garcia, James David 289 Garcia, Jonas 233, 323, 561 Garcia, Jose Antonio 128 Garcia. Juanita Carola 514 Garcia. Mario Rey 561 Garcia, Roberto Javier 572 Garcia, Sylvia Lopez 514 Gardemal. Suzanne 169, 379 Garden, Darlcne E 317 Gardner, Barbara S. Mrs 321 Gardner, Bruce Lawrence 247 Gardner, Deborah Gail 165, 550 Gardner, Deborah Jill 171. 561 Gardner. Edward M 561 Gardner, Gene Lawrence 514 Gardner, Minalec Ethel 317 Gardner, Ronald Stephen 514 Gardner, Sean Campbell 207 Gardner, Susan Kay 183, 561 Gardner, Thetis Clay 207, 572 Garibay, Lorenzo Jr 562 Oaring, David Bennett 217 Garlilz, Kenneth Wayne 514 Garlow, Gregory Paul 161, 514 Garms, Eugenia Marie 267 Garner, Ben H 612 Garner. Jane Ellen 145, 245. 319 Garner, Katharine M 285 Garner. Paula Suzette 572 Garner, Victoria Lynn 550 Garnelt, Randy 321 Carney, Flortan 550, 612 Garretl. Carol Chris 169 Garrctt, Charles E. Jr 334 Garrett, Christene J 322 Garrett, David Roy 550, 612 Garrett, Jenkins 239 Garrelt, Kennon Marshall 278, 324. 326 Garrelt, Robert Warren 324 Garrett, Rodney Lee 572 Garrett, Ronald D 325 Garrett, Stephen Wayne 573 Garrett. Virginia Carlyn 324. 5 14 Garrison, Ann 317 Garrison, Gina Louise 550 Gartman, Glenna Beth 324 Garvey, Catherine E 159 Garvey, Susan Lynn 147, 255, 550 Garvie. Peter M 464. 465 Gary. Pamela Susan 231, 317, 562 Garza, Corina Ruth 550 Garza, David C 320 591 Name Pages Garza, Dora Elisa 573 Garza, Eduardo 291, 514 Garza, Luby La mar 514 Garza, Rene Alfonso 143 Garza, Roberto 385 Garza. Rudy Rios 486 Gaskamp, Lee Roy Jr 562 Gaspard, Robert Glen ... 398, 400. 40 1 , 404. 406, 448 Gastler, Connie Ruth 315 Gaston, Janet Marie 171 Gaston, Raymond Frazier 331 Gatchell, Catherine A 207. 247. 514 Gates. Cary Nicholas 163. 550 Gates. Thomas Claude 550 Gatewood, Douglas C 550 Gathman, Dona Louise 317 Gaus, Elwood Barrett 398 Gavlick, Gary Thomas 378 Gay. Deborah Dimmitt 207 Gay. Judy Lynn 550 Gay, Kent Elmo 321 Gayle, David William 245, 562 ODE 292 Gearhart, Dee Ann 185. 550 Gcarner, Cindy Lou 573 Geary. Michael Patrick 223 Gee. Erma Willene 317 Gee, Juanna Inez 573 Gee, Robert Wayne 339, 355, 514 Geiger, Malcolm Conrad 276, 278, 326 Geldert, Douglas Vance 398, 550 Gellenbeck, E. M 323 Genge. John Grimes 209, 255, 573 George, Cecil Floyd Jr 2%, 378 George, Jennifer Anne 514 George, Juliet Ada 562 George, Kenneth S 320 George, Larry Douglas 223, 351, 514 George, Lilli Jane 550 George, Meredith Kay 207 George, Pamela 247, 329 Gerber, Marsha J. Z. Mrs 332 Gerber, Sidney Kenneth 331 Gerecke, Stephen Lee 514 Geren, Richard Gene 213 Gerhard!, Mary Etta 339 Gerlach, Rebecca Lea 191 Germany, Gary Wayne 562 Gerner, Robin Louise 191, 440 Gershner, Jan Sue 138, 219, 514 Gerson, Marsha Claire 219. 550 Gerst, Lawrence Edward 562 Gerstmann, Gerald Mark 573 Gertner, Caren R 149, 543 Gertner, Edward David 229, 573 Gettys, Warner Ensign 612 Getz, Richard Andrew 573 Ghauri. Shameem K 317, 324 Christ, Elaine M 159, 244 Gian, Jack Jacob 151 Gibbs, Warren 339 Giblin, Sharon Ann 153 Gibson, Charles Edward 514 Gibson, Geoffrey Lee 514 Gibson. Jalene 207 Gibson. James William Jr 514 Gibson, Julia Sue 173 Gibson. Mina Jane 350, 514 Gibson. Roscoe Mike 227, 514 Gibson, Martin Leroy 332 Gibson, Thomas J 476 Gibson, William Charles 199, 573 Gidden. Barry Paul 217, 562 Giddens. Dallas C. Jr 295. 392 Gideon. James Leslie 163, 433, 434, 448 Gideon, Rale Sterling 179, 300, 359, 543 Gieb. Robert Jacob 383 Gieryn, Denise Ann 159.441,550 Giese, Nevin Carol 317 Giffin, Charles Grady 143, 550 Giffin, Deborah Ann 573 Gilbert, Bryan Ray 295. 392 Gilbert, Carol Lee 165 Gilbert, Gib Carl 543 Gilbert, Patricia Anne 514 Gilbert, Robert Allan 217 Gilbert, Roger Weldon 514 Gilden. Jay Douglas 229. 5 14 Giles. Bobby Dale 283, 398 Giles. Ellen Elizabeth 171 Giles. James Board 201. 245, 324 Giles, Jeanie Lee 322 Gill, Hal Michael 143, 515 Gill, James Edwin 13 Gill, Michael Ray 543 Gill. Rachel 550 Giliaspia. Lawrence Troy 573 Gillen, Kirstie Johnson 332 Gillen, Pamela Kay 550 Gillespie, Debra Lynn 191 Gillespie, Donald Lee 347. 348, 515 Gillette, Michael 1 318, 320 Gilley. Elaine 157, 562 Gilliam, James Edward 334, 358 Gilliam, Nicholas B 330 Gillian. Judy Lee 515 Gillis. James Howard 429. 573 Gillory. David Oliver III 209 Gillum, Linda Ann 321 Gilpin. Deborah Jo 169 Gilpin. James R. Jr 193 Gindler, Melissa 573 Ginnings. Paul Douglas 360 Gmnings. Susan Ann 366, 543 Gipson, Zia Ann 117. 241, 242 Girard, Philip Lewis 515 Girardeau, James Frederick 352, 5 1 5 Giraudm, Patrissa Ann 278, 327, 543 Girdley, Deborah 515 Given. Richard B 229, 263, 562 Given, Thomas Zork 386 Name Pages Givens, James Ross Jr 515 Givens, Janice Diane 171, 573 Givens, Kent Barr 515 Gjerstad, Funnar 325 Gladstone, Richard Alan 225 Glascock. Billy Jack 209, 573 Glaser, Dona Dianne 515 Glaspy. Michael Ray 377 Glass, David Doering 612 Glass. Thomas G 550 Glaubach, Charles S 336. 378 Glauser. George L 193 Glauser, Robert V 193 Glaze, Barbara Ann 231 Cleaves, James Leslie 179, 550 Gleeson, Austin M 480 Glenewinkel, Gary Wayne 352, 550 Glenewinkel. Joan 573 Glenn, Christopher R 515 Glenn. Floyd Wayne 321 Glidden, Elizabeth M 562 Glover, Dan Lee 321 Glowka, Arthur Wayne 321 Gloyna, Earnest Frederick 320, 470, 471 Gluckman. Thomas Philip 348. 515 Gober. Gwendolyn 550 Goble, James Henry Jr 323 Coble, Lydia L 322 Gobroski, Richard S 330 G odfrey. Jo Ann G. A. Mrs 328 Godfrey, Mark Ralph 303 Goebel. Jane Ann 515 Goehrs, Wayne Henry 377 Goertz, Michael B 352, 562 Goethe. Peggy Anne 165. 550 Goetz, Milton E 612 Goetz, Susan Elizabeth 338, 515 Goforth, Gay Ann 339. 515 Goforth. Sharon Rae 165 Goggin. John R. Jr 543 Goh. Sing Ching 515 Gohl. Jeane Marie 173, 550 Gold. David Alan 225. 573 Gold. Paul Nicholas 323 Goldapp. William A. Jr 423, 424, 425. 448 Goldberg. Adrienne Dian 149. 573 Goldberg. Daniel Jay 515 Goldberg. Kenneth Edward 215 Goldberg, Stuart George 225, 562 Golden. Debra Ann 515 Golden. Natalie Ruth 292. 550 Golden. Robert Edward 331. 348 Colder. Mary Noel 183. 573 Goldfaden. Bruce Howard 515 Goldfaden. Cclane 219 Goldfarb, Nancy Ellen . . .253, 324, 332, 345, 550 Goldman, Randy Frank 215 Goldman. William Stuart 181. 573 Goldsberry, Alan Wayne 289 Goldichmidt. Richard B 323 Goldsmith, Gary Lee 229 Goldsmilh, Harry Louis 229, 330, 331 Goldsmith. Karan Jane 562 Name Pages Goldsmith. Leslie Maxinc 149. 550 Goldsobel, Alan Bruce . . .229. 244, 321, 324, 515 Goldsobel. Beverly H 149 Goldstein, Aleta 134, 219 Goldstein, Phyllis Ceile 219, 285, 562 Goldstein. Robbie Ann 550 Goldsticker, Lawrence A 515 Goles. Sandra Kay 278 Golman, Richard Tod 229 Golub, Natalie 515 Goman, Thomas Leon 187, 550 Gomez, Anna Maria 317 Gomez, Antonio Esteban 378, 550 Gomez, John Jr 515 Gomez, Juan Manuel 550 Gomez, Lynne Marie 32 1 . 5 1 5 Gomez, Ramon K 289 Gomez, Vicenta 328 Gomez. Viola Deanda 550 Gonsoulin, Mark Clifton 203. 572 Gonzaba, Yolanda Marie 515 Gonzales, Antonio C 358 Gonzales, Daniel R 573 Gonzales, Ramon 289 Gonzales, Rudy Flores Jr 391. 562 Gonzalez, Alma 562 Gonzalez, Daniel E 573 Gonzalez, John Manuel 289 Gonzalez, Juan Jr 323, 562 Gonzalez, Patricio Carlos 289, 550 Gonzalez. Robert 363, 515 Gonzalez, Roberto 289 Good, Robert Lawrence 187, 515 Good. Scott Bradley 439, 573 Goodale. Katherine R 169 Goodall. Richard Amsworth 429 Goode, Donna Jo : 328,515 Goode, Mark Gideon 111.115, 129, 267. 320. 337, 359,515 Goode, Scott McDermont 296, 573 Goodell, Molly Boyd 292. 562 Goodfellows 121-130 Gooding. John T. II 339 Goodloe, James Clay 217 Goodman, Carolyn Sue 145 Goodman, Cheryl Ruth 321 Goodman, William Dale 515 Goodrich. Nick W 143, 283 Goodrich, Thomas Eldon 143 Goodrich, Wade Sperry 33 1 Goodroe, Michael Edgar 384 Goodson.Gill Scott 213, 562 Goodson, Guy Neil 213. 515 Goodson, Laura 191 Goodson, Linda Kay 189, 573 Goodwin. Ben Palmer 550 Goodwin, John Randall 323, 324 Goodwin, Olivia Catherine 165, 573 Goodwin. Robert Jarvis 221 Goolsby. Pamela Gail 147, 562 Cor, Joyce Ann 285, 573 Goranson, Bruce Alan 289. 320 Gorden. Sandra Nan 149. 551 Name P " S " Gordon, Barbara Ann 317 Gordon, Charles William 201 Gordon, Hal Raymond 229 Gordon. Harold John 201, 397 Gordon, James Clark 321 Gordon. Jennifer Holder 515 Gordon, John Barnes 123. 266. 267, 320 Gordon, Karen Gay 319 Gordon, Rachael 573 Gordon, William Patrick 398 Gore, Carolyn Ann 185, 328, 515 Goren. Abe S 229, 562 Gorin, Christy Ann 183, 562 Gorman, Deborah Lynn 573 Gormley, Mary Therese 573 Gornick, Thomas W 129, 289 Gorzycki, Diane Elaine . . . 125, 134, 278, 340, 562 Gose, Leslie Margaret 191 .191.573 562 Gose, Louise Melissa Gosey, Gladys Marie Gosnell, Shellie Marie 551 Goss, Deborah Kay 356 Coss, Debra Ann 157 Goss, Glenn Sterling 422, 423, 448 Gossen, Gary Scott 225 Gossen, Steven Andrew 225, 55 1 Colt, Patricia Bertha 378 Gottesman. Mark Jesse 324 Gottesman, Sanford Lee . 125, 229, 237, 263, 283, 318,320.337.515,615 Goudeau, Charles L 289 Goudge, James Donald 187 Gould, Evie Belinda 515 Gould, Jacquelyn Rose 551 Gouldy. Ralph Roland 515 Govaars. Helen Scott 440 Coyne, Mary Katherine 573 Gozali, Subekli 515 Crabbe, Crockett Lane 499 Grace. Luther Lee Jr 69, 1 39, 209. 55 1 Grace, Robert William 193. 515 Grace, Virginia E 191. 551 Gracey, Nancy Lynne 145 Gradisar, Kathleen M 562 Graduate Students 498-500 Graduating Seniors 502-541 Graf, David Paul 245. 324 Graf, Dolores Patricia 330, 33 1 Graf. Edwin Arthur 386 Graf, Paul Albert 515 Graham. Andrew C 278, 562 Graham. Deborah Dale 1 73. 3 1 5. 340, 55 1 Graham, Donald Goodnow III 429. 573 Graham. Douglas Bash 221 Graham. Elizabeth G 317 Graham. Garrett Heldreth . . : 515 Graham, Georgia Claire 207, 339, 515 Graham, Janice Lee 185, 551 Graham, Jerry F 332 Graham. Lloyd Allen 350 Graham. Marian E 562 Graham. Nancy Bafus 32 1 Graham. Peter Francis III 515 592 Name Pages Graham, Stuart Malcolm 323. 324 Graham, Susan Dianne 317 Grammcr, William Allan 187 Granaghan, John Thomas Jr 324, 515 Cranberry. Karen Louis 309, 562 Grand. Ed A 499 Graner. Ann Elizabeth 171,516 Graner, Lane Marie 171 Granoff. Donna Jo 219 Granot. Cynthia Lynn 189 Granot, Pamela Anne 189 Grant, Geoffrey E 261,486 Grant. Joseph Harmon 323 Grant, Phyllis U 562 Grant, Thomas Reagan 298 Grass. Mary Victoria 551 Graugnard, Susan Gayle 573 Graves. Claude Breckenridge 516 Graves, George Thomas III 187 Gray. Edwin Darrell 398 Gray. Elizabeth Woods 309, 315 Gray. Hob 612 Gray. Jo Elaine 185, 562 Gray, Linda 551 Gray, Nancy Ann 573 Gray. Paul Donald 321 Greaves, Amy Grace 145 Greene, Alberta June 55 1 Green. Ban Draper 221. 573 Green. Beverly Kay 278, 327, 551 Green, David Timothy 516 Green, Jacob 161 Green, (-Catherine L 562 Green, Paul Warren 187 Green, Sophie Anna Catharine 516 Green, Vicki Jo 573 Green. Virginia Ann 244. 551 Greenberg, Dana Marie 149. 573 Greenberg, Judith L 149 Greenberg, Terry Ann 149 Greenblum, Jeffrey L 330 Greene, Barbara Braxton 562 Greene, Catherine Evelyn 165, 254. 321. 345. 516. 614 Greene. Larry Melvyn 321 Greene. Richard Bert 323 Greene, Sophia Anna 350 Greenhow, Steven Frank 377 Grecnlee, Stewart David 516 Greenspan, Donald Ray 151 G reenstcin, Linda Kay 573 Greenwood, Mary Helen 302 Greer, Christine Gay 207, 340 Greer. Karen Anne 145, 551 Gregg, David Joseph 143 Gregg, Eldridge R. HI 213 Gregg. Gail Alene 159, 516 Gregory, Bobby Edward 551 Gregory, Carl Richeson 321 Gregory, Dalton Ray 551 Gregory. David Berry 181 Gregory, Michael Bernard 217, 283 Gregory, Patricia A 145 Grcif. Kathleen 350 Gremban. Walter Arthur 411 Grenader, Harry Boris 225, 573 Gresser, Cheryl Lynne 322, 573 Cribble, Krusc 543 Name Pages Gribble, Robert Leslie 255, 573 Griffin, Fred David 573 Griffin, James Patrick 516 Griffin, Joseph Andrew Jr 181 Griffin, Julia Ann 317 Griffin, Katherine M 231 Griffin, Merianne 136 Griffin, Philip Judson 516 Griffis, Sallie K 207 Griffith, Debra Lou 159 Griffith, Rudolph Dennis 423, 424. 448 Grigsby. Dorothea A 562 Grimes. Kenneth Wayne 244, 551 Grimes, Marialice Lee 562 Grimes. Stephen Clark 187, 551 Grinnan, Robert E. Jr 551 Grisell, Elbert Lynn 350 Grisham, Leandra 516 Grissom. Bettina L. P. Mrs 516 Grissom, Charles Austin Jr 179, 573 Grissom, Donald Hayes 339, 516 Grissom, Jane Ann 573 Grittman, David Hadley 278 Groce, Gaylen Lee 167, 516 Groerich. Jonathan Mark 414 Grona, Sherry Lynn 278, 327, 516 Gronouski, John A 478 479 Groscurth, Eric William . .412,414.415,418,448 Groscurth, Mikie Marion 516 Gross, Allen Neal 388 Gross, Jean Elizabeth 573 Gross, Sheldon G 310 Grossheim, Julia Ann 573 Grosskopf, Bill Michael 516 Grosskopf. Jack Alan 551 Grosskopf, Lisa A. Gloyna 562 Grossman. David Craig 499 Grossman. Frank Leroy 181, 320. 516 Grotevant, Deborah A 543 Grover, Rebecca Lee 392 Grozier, Phyllis Merle 573 Grubbs, Zane Woodell 433, 434, 448 Gruben, Karl Taylor 376 Gruber. Michael Barry 321, 324 Gruesen, Donna Jean 278 Grumbeck, Evell T 377 Gruss, Deborah Carol 138, 183, 379 Guardalabene, Deborah 516 Guarino, Gregory Joseph 193, 573 Guernsey, Glen David 227 Guerra, Cynthia Ann 159, 516 Guerra. Imelda Celine 317. 324, 562 Guerra, Mauro 55 1 Guerra. Ralph E 562 Guerra, Sonia Maria 516 Guerrero. Janis Kay 551 Guess. Marsha Ann 147, 328, 516 Guess, Virginia Christine . . .2, 1 12, 129, 135. 207, 319,366,543 Guggedahl. John Eric 324 Guild. Robert Bowman 203, 516 Guiles, Karen Anne 207 Guillot. Randall Paul 291 Guinn, Albert Lee Jr 324 Guinn. Charles Wood 179 Guleke, Edward Seewald .119, 120, 179, 318, 320 321,339.516 318,320 Name Pages Gulley, Robert Bryan 551 Gum, Edmond Keith 243 Gump, William Dabney 209 Guna-Tilaka, Derek 439 Gunn. Martha Elizabeth 173. 573 Gunn. Sheila M 191 Gunn. Vincent Charles 213.516 Gunter, Gaylen Ann 207 Gurgiolo, Glenn Arthur 245, 372 Gurley, Arnold M. Ill 516 Gurley. Robert Layne 350 Gurley, Ronnie Anthony 364, 543 Gustafson. Clifford L 396, 430, 432, 433 Gustafson. Cynthia Ann 185, 551 Gustafson, Lenora Ann 183 Gustafson, Robert Paul 573 Outline. Jimmy Wade 306 Guthrie, Lyda Frances 189, 562 Guthrie. Michael F 323 Gutierrez, Benny M 323 Gutierrez. Conrado 543 Gutierrez, Cristina 55 1 Gutierrez, Irma G t . 543 Gutierrez, Louis A ' . 551 Gutierrez, Richard F 278 Gutierrez, ZeverinoG. Jr. 562 Gutz, Cornelia Gertrud 322, 573 Guy, Greg Alan 323, 573 Guy, Thomas Ray 333, 360. 516 Guy. William T. Jr 320 H Haack, Diane Kathryn 159, 392 Haardt, Margaret Lynn 327, 55 1 Haardt, Patricia Kay 285 Haas, Brian Gilbert 516 Haas, Maria Cecilia 207 Haas, Michael Dan 516 Haas, Samuel Douglas 181, 320, 337 Haase, Curtis Eugene 573 Haass, John Gregory 320 Hackard, Edward Scott 387 Hackedom, Lynn 165 Hackney, Amanda Lee 189 Hackney, Greg Lee 423, 448 Haddad. Mary E 165 Haeckcr, Michael Alton 276, 278, 326, 499 Haedge, Ronald Calvin 516 Haffner. Bruce Dwight 323 Haegelin, Hannah Louise 573 Hagan. Elizabeth Ann 332 Hagan, Julie Margaret 285 Hagemeier, Charles B 246, 3 12, 562 Hager, Cassie 207 Hager, Lora Ann 317 Hager, Nancy Jewel 207 Hagerman. Betty Sue 440 Haglund, Wayne Douglas 296 Hagstette, Eric S 276, 278, 562 Hahn, Dewayne Edmon 334, 516 Hahn, Martha B 191 Hahn, Steven Daniel 187, 281, 562 Haik, Daniel Michael 276, 306, 326 Haikin, Hildi Jean 149, 573 Hail, Michael Wayne 378 Name P " l " Haines. Cheryl Kay 165. 573 Haines, Deborah Dawn 138. 165. 516 Hajek. Johnnie Frank 364, 543 Hajek, Sue-Anne 573 Hajovsky, Judith Marie 551 Halamicek, Edward Fred 331 Halden, Richard Joseph 201, 562 Hale. Donald Eugene 330 Hale.Judy 145,551 Hale. Kimberly Ann 551 Hale. Margaret M 189, 551 Hale. Virginia B 562 Halepeska. Gary Dennis 359,516 Hales, James Andrew 384 Halfmann, Mark Edward 179, 398 Hall, Alan Kirk 516 Hall, Betsy 551 Hall, Beverly Kaye 516 Hall, Bradley Forrest 143, 573 Hall. Carl L. Ill 364, 551 Hall, Cheryl Lea 245, 247, 573 Hall. Conner Jane G. Mrs 321 Hall, David Laneal 244. 562 Hall, David Martin 516 Hall, Duncan Wayne 181 Hall. Earl Alison 175, 551 Hall, Janice Carol 173 Hall, Jeffery Howard 551 Hall, Jennifer Lee 171, 285, 322, 573 Hall. John Allen 562 Hall. Kelli Beth 562 Hall. Lewis Allen Jr 269. 362, 364, 516 Hall. Mark Lewis 562 Hall. Mary McKay 159, 306, 340 Hall. Mauri Kay 322 Hall, Nancy K. H. Mrs 329, 516 Hall, Russell Alan 175 Hall. Sandra Jeanne 169. 281. 562 Hall, Vicki Gale 134, 285, 293, 379 Hall. Vicki Jean Mrs 285 Hall, Wendy Lee 573 Hallahan, Merri E 191 Haller, John Ford 516 Halpin, Terry 191 Halseth, Martin Andrew 242, 245 Ham, Ernest Larry 46, 47 Hamann, Donald Lee 32 1 Hamann, Donna Gayle 329 Hamann, Janice Yvonne 562 Hamberger. John Steve 551 Hamblen, Tolar Numa III 163, 573 Hamblen. Virginia H 189 Hamblin, Steve Ray 276, 278, 326 Hamby, Cynthia Caye 207 Hamby, Jay Pierson 573 Hamilton, Claude H. Ill 267 Hamilton, James Edward 378 Hamilton, Jeffrey Lane 516 Hamilton, Joan Lenore 306 Hamilton. Kathy Sue 516 Hamilton, Kay Helen 516 Hamilton, Michael Ross 326 Hamilton, Robert Stuart 323, 562 Hamilton, Sarah Holt 562 Hamilton, Susan Lee 189 Hamilton, Sylvia Lynn 516 Hamilton, Terrence P 339 Hamilton, Terry Lee 517 Hamilton, Thomas Yerxa 179 Hamilton, Wayne Harris 175 Hamilton, William David 163, 551 Hamlctt, Charles Howard 562 Hammack, Victor Steward 573 Hammel, Ann Marie 302, 55 1 Hammerbeck, Howard F 517 Hammett, Toby Lee 245 Hammon. Randy Paul 295 Hammond, Catherine A 157 Hammond, James Rodney 364. 517 Hammond, Lora D 551 Hammond, Lynn K 185, 278 Hammond, Mary Maria 171, 562 Hammond, Paula Lynn 169 Hammonds. James Wilson 321 Hampton, Dan Howard 289, 517 Hamtpon, Karen Anne 173, 551 Hand. Barbara Lee 147. 517 Hand. Carol Sue 517 Hand. Edward W. Jr 289, 391 Hand. Shelagh Mary 517 Hancy. Vickie Ann 551 Hanley. Robert Joseph 323 Hanna. Billy Mark 562 Hanna. Jill Keith 517 Hanna. Judy Kay 324 Hanna, Mark Monroe 551 Hannah, Beverly Joyce 285, 573 Hannah, Karolynn C. Mrs 329 Hannon, George Edward 396. 420, 421 Hannon, Laurance K 240 Hanover. Walter David 573 Hansard, Debrah Marie 551 Hansen, Ellen Louise 165 Hansen, Paul D 439 Hansen, Sherry Joretta 278,317 Hanson, Barbara 302 Hanson, Karen Lynn 350 Hanson. Karen Sue 517 Hanson, Michael Edwin . . 139. 179. 280, 281. 562 Hapes. Raymond Edwards 325 Harbour. Jack G 543 Hardage, Peter Michael 398 Hardcastle. Kay 253. 614, 615 Hardee, Deborah Jo 171, 562 Hardee, Martha Love 517 Hardcman, Stephen W 323 Harden, Margaret Kate 551 Hardesty, Danny Loyd 323 Hardin, Linda Marynn 171 Hardin, Patncia Jean 551 Harding. Byran Lee 179, 573 Harding, Cynthia Anne 159, 517 593 Name Pages Harding, Vicki Ruth 322 Harding, William Burnett Jr 139. 203 Hardwick, Michael S 302 Hardy, Karolyn Leah 573 Hare. Candice Lynne 171, 573 Hare, Richard F. Jr 323 Harelik, Elisabeth Kay 145, 573 Harelik. Jimmy Haskell 269, 362 Harelik, Marcia Dean 285 Hargis, John A 398, 4 1 1 Hargon, Virginia Nell 183, 31 1. 551 Hargrove, Pamela Sue 159. 317 Harkins, Barbara Elaine 573 Harlow, Michelle Diane 573 Harmon, Jeff Allen 339 Harmon, Keith Hanna 278, 326 Harmon, Scott Ingersoll . . 224, 276, 278, 318, 326. 543 Harned, Jann Henrietta 517 Harness, Christopher Conrad 163 Harness, John David II 330 Harper. Barbara Elizabeth A. Mrs 300, 517 Harper, David Lynn 323 Harper, Patricia Ann 517 Harper, Robert William 246, 517 Harpool. Robert Thomas III 167. 517 Harpool, Scott Moseley 167, 573 Harrell. Charles Edward 573 Harrell, Lester Edward 439 Harrell, Michael S 517 Harrell, Robert Stanford 244, 321 Harren. Henry Franklin 55 1 Harngan, Julia Ann 573 Harrington, Clovis B 323 Harrington, Mark Garland 195. 562 Harris. Ann Marie 207 Harris, Benny J. II 390 Harris. Billy Joe 551 Harris, Bruce Alan 573 Harris, Christine Rac 159, 379, 543 Harris, Clarence 323 Harris, Constance Helen 207, 562 Harris. Duane Woodford II 175 Harris. Gail Cynthia 3 17, 322 Harris, Glori Lynn 219 Harris, Holly Smith 189 Harris, Iva Mae 175, 551 Harris, Jeannette V 499 Harris. John Robert Jr 18 1, 562 Harris, Lana Lee 517 Harris, Laurie Jean 329 Harris, Margie Annette 159, 285. 309, 573 Harris, Milford Douglas III 324 Harris, Penny Kristie 551 Harris, Richard Holland 325 Harris, Roger Kent 181 Harris, Ronald Gene 347 Harris. Sharon Lee 317 Harris, Tamara Deeann 573 Harrison, Emmett Elbert 278, 300, 339, 517 Harrison. Florence E 322 Harrison. Houston David 223, 5 1 7 Harshman, William C. II 330 Hart, Ginger Carol 317 Hart, Jeffery Lee 323, 551 Hart, Jeryl Drannon Jr 517 Hart. John Melvin 143 Hart, John Stephen 517 Hart, Louis III 398 Hart. Mari Lise 562 Hart, Michael N 360, 543 Hart, Richard Earl 543 Hart, Wrenda Maxine 169, 562 Hartford, Dianna 573 Hartley, Jane E 147 Hartman. Judith Ann 517 Hartman, Michael Harvey 225 Hartman. Ronald Frank 330 Hartman, Samuel Brent 378 Hartman, Sherry Lynn 517 Hartsell. Donald R 289, 323 Hartwell. Madeline D 573 Harutunian, Ferida A 517 Harvey, Kala Janette 551 Harvey. Kathryn M 207 Harvey. Linda Joyce C. Mrs 155, 551 Harvey. Mary Kay 169 Harvey. Rhonda Kaye 517 Harwell, Catherine R 562 Harwell. Robert S 42 1 . 448 Harwell. Susan Elaine 169 Harwood. Holly Jane 551 Haskin. Helen Kay 267 Haskovec, Deborah Jo 169. 317. 562 Hassell. Robert Louis 612 Hatch. Carlos Gregg 179. 562 Hatch. Cheryl Diane 340 Hatch, Harold Glen Jr 390 Hatch, Michael T 286 Hatch, Robert Milton 295 Hatcher, Duane Scott 573 Hatcher. John D 323 Hatfield, Carol E 346 Hathom, Carol Faye 551 Hatley. Larry Dale 551 Hatzenbuehler. M. S 551 Hauber, Mary Ann 55 1 Haufler, Barbara Jean 517 Haughton. Frank Bridges Jr 201 Hauser. Melanie 255, 285, 562 Havins. Deborah Jo 173 Havins. William Keith 175. 573 Havlik. Denise Anne 517 Hawener. Rebecca M 328 Hawkins, Clarence David 179 Hawkins. Clarence Elliott 517 Hawkins. James Allan Jr 517 Hawkins. Karen Sue 543 Hawkins. Ricky Allen 175. 517 Hawkins. Sharon Elizabeth 562 Hawn, David Arthur 377 Hawthorne. Dudley Delbert Jr 562 Name f " S es Hawthorne, Lou Ann 562 Hawthorne. Loyd Furman .... 304, 305, 307. 3 1 1 Hay, Jennifer Leigh 145 Hayataka. Holly Aiko 317 Hayes. Patty Anne 136. 169 Hayes, Susan Rcnnee 573 Haynes. Barbara Kay 169. 573 Haynes. Claudia Vee 207 Haynes, David Rudolph 562 Haynes. Don Theodore 276. 278, 326 Haynes, Laurie Lee 562 Haynes, William Comer 187, 573 Haynie, Richard Alan 354 Haynie, Scott Tolbert 421 Hays. Cynthia Dianne 185, 573 Hays, Deborah Ann 185, 551 Hays. Jenna Margaret 573 Hays, Karen Leigh 231 Hayter, Dak W. Jr 543 Hayworth, David Michael 175, 551 Hazelhurst, Carolyn Edith 207 Hazelhurst, Kathleen Lister 207 Hazelton, Nathan Alfonso 388 Hazenfield. Michael Glen 378 Hazle. Rhonda Sue L. Mrs 346 Hazlett, Holly 573 Hazlewood. Barbara Kay 517 Head, Deborah Jannette 543 Head, Janie Lane 134, 147, 309, 551 Head, Jerald Lynn 247 Head, Lawrence H. Jr 551 Healey, Anthony J 360 Heap, Martha Melissa 231, 379, 562 Heap. Sally Prescott 231 Heaps, Susan Margaret 185. 573 Heard, Jefferson D. Jr 330 Heard, John Robert 337 Heard, Kathy Lanier 517 Hearn, Janet M. J. Mrs 317, 551 Hearn, Jeana Beth 173, 562 Hearn, Lawrence Dale II 517 Hearn, Patricia Gail 147 Hearn, Richard Michael 195. 281. 562 Hearty, Pamela Jean 551 Heaton, Steuart L 324 Hebert, Bruce Edward 398 Hebert, Mark Hamilton 324.517 Heckmann, Mark Robert 551 Hedgepeth, Sonja Marie 313 Hedrick. Robert Lew Jr 323 Hedrick, Thomas F 179 Hefner, Jane K 171 Heflin, Robert Walling 573 Hefner, Brenda Jo 165, 339 Hefner, David Stuart 429 Hefner, Max Randall 551 Hegar, Rebecca Lucille 339 Hegarty, Joan Ellen 317 Heggie. Larry Scott 195 Hegstrom, Gregory Lee 376 Heilman. Deborah G 317 Hciman, Marilyn Kay 328 Hein, Deborah Lynn 517 Heinemeyer, Bonnie J. Mrs 517 Heit, James Michael 143, 573 Heitzeberg, Mary Sue 231 Hejl, James George 274, 275, 326 Hejl, Patricia Ann 173. 274. 275 Hejl. William Charles 298 Hejtmanek. Ronald Lee 562 Helfand. Thomas Roy 229 Helfman. Sheri Gale 219 Helland. Hans Richard 187, 398, 448 Heller, Andrew Mark 517 Heller, Harvey J 324 Heller, Helene McRoberts 517 Heller. Leslie Lee 328. 329 Helm. Hiram Monroe III 517 Helm, Jan Ellen 278, 562 Helm, Steven George 324, 517 Helms. Billy Charles 139, 221, 283. 517 Helms. Diana Sue 573 Helms. James Carlton 398 Helms, John Anthony 385 Helms, Rosalind Lira Mrs 518 Hemati, Iraj 518 Hembree, Jane Ellen 328. 329. 543 Hembree, Susan 499 Hempen. Patrick A 392 Henderson. Ann 134. 270, 293. 350. 518 Henderson, Christina M 191 Henderson, Dallas Belle 278. 327, 551 Henderson, Debra Jean 573 Henderson, Elizabeth D 315 Henderson, Grace Kathleen 324. 499 Henderson, Pattye 159, 355. 518 Henderson. Randy W 276 Henderson, Scott Allen 318. 320 Henderson. Selena 518 Hendricks, Lisa Carol 573 Hendrickson. Mary Alice 573 Hendnckson, Sandra Lee 562 Hen drix, Gayla F. Mrs 329 Hendrix, Roy Wallace 213. 573 Hendry. Patrick Neil 423 Hengst, John David 518 Henington. Shelley 147, 255. 573 Henington. Wayne Morrow 139. 227, 562 Henke, Doyle Wayne 278 Henley. Leonelte Brand 518 Henna, Carol Ruth 147. 551 Henneberger. Arlene 297 Henncberger. Cynthia Lea 171. 562 Hennersdorf, Terry Gay 189 Hennessey. Reagan M 171 Hennington, Doris Ann 551 Hennington, Mary Sue 330 Henry. Jamie Lee 278. 551 Henry. Leslie Diane 518 Henry. Millie Patricia 518 Henry, Nancy Denise 562 Henry. Pamela 169. 551 Name Pages Hensen, Jack Robert 55 1 Henske, Terry Ervin 543 Hensley, John Floyd 518 Henson, Marsha Lynn 329 Herbeck. Gregory E 324 Herber. Rebecca K 157 Herbert, Bruce Edward 448 Herbst, Gary Siegfried 518 Herd, Patricia Brown 321, 339 Heredia-Cano, Jose Fabio 499 Heredia, Fabio A 518 Herman, Barbara Paula 562 Hernandez. Ernesto 295. 392 Hernandez, G ilbcrto 499 Hernandez, Jose Angel 328 Hernandez, Jose Luis 278 Hernandez, Lydia B. Mrs 518 Hernandez, Magdalena 329, 518 Herndon, Anne 207, 562 Herndon, Blossom 171 Herndon. Daniel Clare 323 Herndon, James Loyal 423, 448 Hero, Joseph C 439 Herod. Robert Elmer 310 Hcrrera, Frances Marie 242, 518 Herrera, Gloria Rivera 518 Herrera, Sylvia 317 Hcrrin, Gene Ann 1 7 1 , 55 1 Herring, Luther Allen 382 Herrington, Ann 551 Herschap, Edmond III 382 Hersh, Judith Inez 149 Hershey. David Eugene 492 Hershorn. Randal Nathan 229. 562 Herlel, Patricia Jayne 573 Hertz, Joel Jay 151 Hess, Betsy Lynn 145 Hessel, Ira Jay 439 Hester, Joseph Bernard 562 Hester, Sara Jean 317, 562 Hewatt. Carolyn 486 Hewer, Gary George 334 Hewett, Donald S 352, 551 Hey, George B. Jr 55 1 Hiatt, David Michael 574 Hibbetts, Donald Lee 195. 330 Hichens. Paige Adair 171 Hickey, David C 323 Hickey. Gwendolyn A 332 Hickman, Lester Earl 324 Hickman. Susan Diane 322 Hickok, Nancy E 278, 327, 551 Hicks. Cynthia Elaine 175, 543 Hicks. Louis Charles 296 Hicks, Robert Gaylord 574 Hicks, Robert M 268 Hicks, Stanley Deen 398. 448 Hicks. Vivian Diane 285 Hicks, William Randall 223, 574 Hien. Nguyen Phuoc Ung 38, 39 Hiett, Robert Brinson 321 High. Will R. Jr 278, 326 Hightower, Katherine A 562 Hightower, Martha C 189, 551 Hilburn, Craig Austin 227, 387 Hilburn. Emily Elizabeth 321 Hildebrand. Cathy 147, 317. 319, 322. 551 Hildebrand. Sherrie L 157 Hildebrant, Sue Ann 173, 562 Hill, Bruce Herbert 562 Hill, Carla Ann 574 Hill. Carolyn Sue 147, 255. 375 HillCydney 543 Hill. Daryl Joseph 551 Hill, Gordon Treadwell 344 Hill. Janice Sue 147 Hill, Jo Ann 183, 324, 551 Hill. John Graham 318. 320 Hill, Laura Shannon 147, 322 Hill, Martha Ann ... 120. 133, 207, 245. 293. 318. 319.332,551 Hill. Michael Byrd 518 Hill. Randy Lynn 551 Hill. Sandra Joyce 317,562 Hill, Sherri Louise 328 Hill, Susan Lorraine 574 Hill, Tina Lauren 574 Hill. William Alton 296 Killer, Philip Joel 278. 574 Hillery. Mark Vincent 574 Hilley, Sandra Jo 518 Hilliard, Robert James 398 Hillis, Shelby Ross 439 Hillman. Robert Michael 518 Hills. John Durst 518 Hilson, Ralph Albert 388 Hime, James Archie 187, 551 Hinckley, Nancy E 147 Hinds. Alice Anne 159 Hinds, Mari Helen 159, 392 Hinds, William Lewis 518 Hindsman, Janet Lois 317 Hines. Donald Andrew 289 Hines. Rosemary E 183 Hines, Sue Lynn 574 Hinkle. Bruce Richard 387 Hink|e, Diane 147 Hinojosa, Eugenio R. Jr 543 Hinojosa, Ricardo H 321 Hinojosa, RosarioG 518 Hinshaw, Susan Anne 207 Hinze, Jimmie Wayne 337 Hinze, Michael Marvin 518 Hippie, William John 331 Hirl, Michael James 245 Hirsch. Noah Stuart 229 Hirsh, Michael Alan 215 Hirl. Darrell Lee 323. 364, 378, 562 Hitchins. Klaus Peter 388 Hilt, James Alfred 321. 463 Hilt, Jane Ellen 298 Hitt, Warren Trammell 574 Name Pages Hix, Dona Kay 317, 562 Ho, Andrew Hun Tim 518 Hobbs, Carol Lynn 138, 183, 562 Hobbs, Joe Ellen 574 Hochleutner, Jean M 344 Hochman, Elias Henry 225,518 Hochman, Harry Michael 283 Hodges, Donna Bonita 55 1 Hodges, Joel 411 Hodges, Kevin Howard 139, 187, 286 Hodges, Shannon Laird 574 Hoffman, Alyce Karen 149 Hoffman, Clara G 173 Hoffman, David Earl 199 Hoffman, David Garlyn 213.378 Hoffman, David Marshall 229 Hoffman, Eric George 187 Hoffman, Louis A. Jr 389, 518 Hoffman, Robert Clark 139, 181 Hoffman, Ronald Israel 324 Hoffman, Sheryl Ann 518 Hoffman, Terry Lawrence 350 Hoffman, Waldene Marie 562 Hoffman, William Henry III 223, 562 Hogan, Gary Elliott 321 Hogan, Patrice Anne 574 Hogan, Patrick Steven 398 Hogan. Vickye Elaine 574 Hogg Society 337 Hoggard. Frances Ann Mrs 518 Hoipkemeicr. Steven F 295, 389 Holan, Ronald Lee 574 Holasek. Karla Rae 562 Holberg, Kristine 562 Holbrook, Curtis Emil 562 Holcomb, Alfred Gene 217. 283 Holcomb, Donald 574 Holcomb. Julia Faye 330, 331 Holcomb, Marvin Charles 263, 352, 5 1 8 Holden, James Thomas 289, 303 Holden. Maurice C. Jr 217, 574 Holder, Arthur D 289 Holder. Billy Smith 551 Holder, Patrick Melvin 386 Holding. Candice 563 Holdndge. Marilyn A 173 Holekamp, Jennie L 183 Holford, Jack Dallas 323 Holland, Alfred David Jr 391 Holland. Benjamin F 612 Holland, D. B. Jack 320 Holland. Edward W 193, 563 Holland Elizabeth Jean 321 Holland, James Clive 378 Holland, Patricia R. O. Mrs 328, 329, 563 Holland, Stephen Neal 330 Holland, Lee M 612 Hollars. William Kenny 551 Holley. Chris Lynn 189. 563 Holliday. Stephen Lee 323 Hollingsworth. Anne E 185, 518 Hollingsworth. David E 518 Hollon. Lynette Kay 231, 563 Holloway, Don Rhoads 223, 518 Holloway, Emily Ann 159, 322 Holloway. James Porter Jr 143 Holloway. Linda Carole 518 Holloway. Mack Dixon 518 Holloway. Randy C 551 Holloway, Shalia Kay 322, 329. 518 Holly. Arthur Charles 574 Holman. Robert Earl 167. 518 Holmes, Betty 245 Holmes, David Keith 376 Holmes, Ercell Renee 155, 317 Holmes, Jo Ann 441 Holmes, Laura 207 Holmes, Paula 311 Holmes, Richard Bush 311 Holmes, William L 179, 563 Holste, Janet Lynn 574 Holt, David T 323 Holt, Don Brooke 203 Holt. James Charles Jr 563 Holler. Kristin 169. 574 Holler. Martin Scott 227. 31 1. 551 Holtzman. James King 143. 283 Holtzman. Wayne H 320 Home Economics Chapter 356 Honea, Carolyn Sue 563 Honig, Lawrence Edward 332 Hood, Thomas Roy 518 Hook. Terri Gay 147, 317 Hooks, Holly Conover Mrs 563 Hooks, Penny Jo 499 Hooks. Robert Walden 543 Hooper, Jackson Charles 139. 201. 283 Hooper, Janet Lynn 183,518 Hooper. Milton L. Jr 323 Hoose, Deborah Ann 278 Hooton, William Leon 221 Hoover. Clayton James 330 Hoover, Debra Teresa 313 Hoover. Dennis Jeffrey 306 Hope, Robert William 31 1. 312 Hopkins, Dona Kim 317 Hopkins, Donald Gregory 574 Hopkins. Gene William 518 Hopkins. Jane Elizabeth 328 Hopkins. John Randall 574 Hopkins. Pamela Jules 169 Hopkins. Robert L 129 Hopkins, Scotl James 296 Hopkinson, Eric John 518 Hoppe, Jeannine Rose 319. 321. 375. 518 Hooper, Jackson Charles 563 Hopper, Kay 552 Hopson, Kathy Annette 552 Hopson, Rebecca Lynn 207. 574 Horan. Gary Bruce 552 Horany, Mitchell Sam 325 Horn. Gary Randall 298 594 M HI .15 ..... a so as n Name Pages Horn, Jane Ann 285, 552 Horn, Leroy Bernard III 563 Horn. Monica Adela 219, 563 Horn. Stephen Campbell 193 Home, Ronald Lee 543 Home. Thomas Wilson 323 Homer, Catherine Lou 574 Homer, Hollis Lynn 321 Homer, John Ellis 225 Homer, Thomas Roy 360 Hornsby. Mary Jane 563 Hortenstine. Barksdale 213, 286, 287 Horton. John Colcman III 199, 574 Horton, Rosemary 306, 563 Horwits, Peggy Lauren 314, 518 Horwitz, Sally Diane 519 Hosek, Deborah Lynn 309, 552 Hotchkiss. Linda Joyce 332 Hotze, Bruce Reed 201, 552 Hotze, James Benedict 244, 563 Hougen. Stephen T 302. 324 Hounsel, John David Jr 321 House, Bernard Lee Jr 354 House. Susan Patricia 563 Houseman, Lon Marion 213 Houser. Karla 231,440 Houssiere. Daniel David 563 Houston, Alice Vivian 499 Houston, Gordon Lee 574 Houzvicka, Katherine F 278 Howard, Catherine Ann 189, 563 Howard. Claudia Ann 145 Howard, James Nelson Jr 378 Howard, John Kelley 143, 563 Howard. Kay Aileen 231 Howard, Mary Ann 366 Howard, Minka Leveme 315, 574 Howard, Pat N 519 Howard, Robert Wayne 221, 499 Howard, Robin Gay 165 Howard, Susan Georgette 574 Howard, Terry W 439 Howard, Virginia H 247, 574 Howard. William McMillan 181 Name Pages Howden, Lynn 415 Howell. Jan Elizabeth 340 Howell, Janice Anne 340 Howell, Marilyn Jean 306 Howell, Matthew Charles 574 Hoyl, Marjorie Elizabeth 519 Hoyler, Suzanna Shelton 329 Hrncir, Charlotte Jean 519 Hrncir. John 376 Hruska, Thomas J 203 Hubbard, Barbara Belle 317, 322, 563 Hubbard, Glynda Louise 519 Hubbard, Harriet L 346, 519 Huber, Philip John 253 Huber, Tighe Alan 398 Hubert, Penny Ann 306, 307 Hubner. Carolyn Ann 145 Huchton, Kevin Dale 325 Huddleston, Jeannie S. Mrs 328, 329 Hudgins. Peter Lee 163, 574 Hudnall. Billy Robert 519 Hudson, Eleanor K 165 Hudson, James Rogers 203, 519 Hudson, Michael Earl 318 Hudson, Nancy Kay 329, 339 Hudson, Sue 574 Hudspeth, Deborah Jeanne 519 Hudspeth, Patrick Dirk 195, 563 Huebinger, Frances M 545 Huebner, Kathryn Sue 317 Huedepohl. Steven Ray 279 Hueter, Kent Stephen 574 Huey. Maury Maverick Jr 519 Huff. Ann Elizabeth 189, 552 Huff, Jennifer Jean 189 Huff, Randolph Buchanan 195, 330. 519 Huff. William Kenneth 323 Huffines. James Richard 223, 519 Huffman, Mary Catherine 574 Hughes, Barbara Julie 563 Hughes, Carlos Daniel 181, 324 Hughes, Craig Moore 552 Hughes, Deborah Jean 574 Hughes, Jan Alice 321 Name Pages Hughes, Jerry Adam 181,574 Hughes, Kno Brown .... 195, 244, 342, 343, 544 Hughes. Laura-Hill 165, 563 Hughes, Leycester P 552 ' Hughes. Mary Lynn 574 Hughes, Patricia Anne 147, 563 Hughes, Robert W 323 Hughes, Sherida Louise 322 Hughes, Stephanie Ann 183 Hughey, James Oscar 519 Hughston, Milan Ross 574 Huie, James Norman 223 Huie, Sherry Darlene 563 Hukill, Steven Todd 283 Hulbert, Vern Lewis II 376 Hull, Christopher K 223 Hull, John Tolar 217 Hull, Linda Susan H. Mrs 339 Hull, Melissa Jane 519 Humphrey, Catherine Sue 159, 563 Humphrey, Gene Earl 330, 519 Humphrey, Margaret Anne 519 Humphrey. Mary Ellen 246,321 Humphreys, Brian Armstrong 209, 519 Humphries, David R 269, 364, 544 Humphries, Linda Hardin 519 Humphries, Margaret Joy 519 Humpola, Kenneth James ' . ' . 386 Hung, Chung-Bun Thomas 544 Hunka, Russell James 612 Hunsicker. Teresa Lynn 544 Hunt, Gary Thomas 323 Hunt. Karen Sue 207. 375, 378 Hunt, Kenneth Wayne 377 Hunt, Lora Gale 159 574 Hunt, Mary Villareal 231, 574 Hunt. Rex Harris 563 Hunt, Stacy Glenn 286 Hunt, Todd McLean 199, 563 Hunter, Candace Elizabeth 321 Hunter, Christine Kay 153, 338 Hunter, Dorothy Anne . . 519 Hunter. Janet Kay . ' 173. 563 Hunter, Jennifer L 298 Name Pages Hunter. John Charles 519 Hunter, Marsha Lee 533 Hunter, Pamela Kay ' 265, 519 Hunter, Paul Loch ... ' 323 Hurley. Fiank Allen III .... ' .. ..519 Hurley, Joseph Sanford 612 Hurley, Rebecca 147, 574 Hurst, Anne Roselle ' 149 Hurst, Edward Palm ... ' . ' ' 429 Hurst, Karen E [[ 159 Hurst, Sharon Rie 189, 3J7, 563 Hurt, Barbara 159 Hurl, Deborah Ann ! 292,519 Hurwilz. Donald C ' 215 Hurwitz. Marsha Gail ' . ' . ! ' 328. 519 Husmann. Gary William .279 Huston, Kathleen Anne 315 Huston, Nancy Lucille .....145 Hutcheson, Steven Charles 221,519 Hutchins, Elizabeth T 159 Hutchins, Laura Sue 169 Hutchinson, Karen 169, 317 Hutchinson, Nedra Ann I45J 563 Hutchison, Michael Don 129, 181. 337, 552 Hutchison, Sharon Anne 165, 574 Hutchison, Steve S 286 Hyden. William ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .179 Hynes, Robert Frank 388 Hysick, Donna Maire 574 I Ibarra, Frank Jesse 544 Ibarra, Jesse Daniel ! ! ! !217 ckelberry, Keith 391 i m Lira. Sinichi ] 544 kegami, Cheryl Lindeman ....321 mber, Joseph Robert 163, 286 mhoff, Elizabeth 147 mken, Ronald Lann 519 mtnel, Karen Marie 552 ngraham, Scott Shane 179, 574 595 Name Pages 185 Ingram, John Herbert HI 311 574 552 138 173 519 Ingram, Linda Kay 173,574 411 165 574 612 139 Intramurals 442-447 Ip. Matthew Wai-Fan 552 247 519 189 165 552 Isaacks, Vincent Wayne Isbell, Howard Pearce Isbell, Judy Deborah Isbell. Tommy Ross Iscoe, Craig Steven Iscoe, Ira Isensee, Harry William Islas, Jose Javier Jr Iiz, James Harrison Ivey, Patricia Lynn Ivy, Frank Thomas Ivy, Larry Raymond 303 217 563 179,398 245,563 493 330 519 339,387 231,563 239 544 Name Pages Jabbour. Stephen John 323 Jacks, Horace Graham 211. 544 Jackson, Belly Anne 255, 292, 552 Jackson. Beverly Jan 255, 292. 552 Jackson. Billy Gene 423. 448 Jackson. Billy Tom 328, 519 Jackson. Bradley A 243 Jackson. Carolyn Suzanne 441, 574 Jackson. Claudia S 344.519 Jackson. Daniel W 244, 261 Jackson, Deborah Denise 155, 563 Jackson, Donald Marvin 378 Jackson, Francis Marion Jr 69, 139. 195 Jackson. Glenda Kay 552 Jackson, John Mark 289, 323. 387 Jackson, Ronald Curtis 519 Jackson, Russell Wayne 574 Jackson. Thomas Ingle 330, 350 Jackson, William Louis 424, 426 Jacob. Carol Ann 329, 519 Jacob, Darrell Gene 336, 378. 552 Jacobs, Ellen Jane 317 Jacobs.GaryMartin 321 Jacobs, Jerry Mark 279,563 Jacobs, Michael Alan 215 Jacobs. Scott Thomas 552 Jacobs, Susan Dale 574 Jacobson, Jill 149, 574 Jacobson, Lisa Kerry ' .317 Jacobson, Steven Karl 363, 544 Jacobus, Dotty Sue ' 243 Jahn. Martin Edward 574 Jamail, Scotl Cater 199, 574 James, Barbara Ann 563 James, Daniel Joseph 323, 324 James, Debora Edith 519 James. Jency Jane 499 James, John Andrew 137 James, Kathleen Monica 321, 519 James, Kirk Leon ' . 1 87 James, Linda Kaye 191 James. Mary Elizabeth 279. 340, 544 James. Rebecca Lee 173 James, Shari Carmichael 519 James, Stephen Troy 380,381,385,519 Jameson, Jay Lee 574 Jamison, Charles Lane 380, 38 1 Janda, Audrey Ann 519 Janda, Ronald George 337 Janecka, Phyllis Marie ... 1 16, 319. 328, 329, 519 Janes, Bradford Lee 563 Janes, Jeanne Barbara 345, 346 Janicek, Daryl J. D 544 Janicke. Carroll Kim 223 Janke, James Jeri 163 Janousek, Linda Marie 321 Janssen, Don Alan 323 Janssen, James Carroll 325, 5 1 9 Janszen, Donna Denise ' . 574 Janszen. Jack Milton 519 Jaramillo, Rudy 433, 434, 448 Jarl, Catherine Hankamer 520 Jarmon, Jerry Thomas 520 Jarvis, Harold David 313 Jarvis, John Alexander 217 Jarvis, Kathleen Jeanette ...313 Javurek, Jamene F 183 Jax. Cathleen Ann 185, 574 Jeannotte. Alison Ann 520 Jeffcott. Michael Richard 520 Jeffers. Derek Byron 339 Jeffords, Barbara B 574 Jekel, Patricia Ann ' . , ' . 552 Jelen, Christie 346, 520 Jelks, Jean Charlotte 309, 552 Jelonek, Marsha Ellen 574 Jenke. Karen Lois 307 Jenkens, Lyssa Ann 165 Jenkins, James O. Jr 339 Jenkins, Jean Louise 332, 346 Jenkins, Kathleen Diane 279. 3 1 9. 340. 520 Jenkins. Kathryn Nell 255, 574 Jenkins, Robert B 324 Jenkins. Rolland Walter 520 Jenkins. Stephen Ray 221, 574 Jenkins. Suzi Beth 185 Jennett. Gaston Paul 391 Jennings. Alice Covert 552 Jennings, Cheryl Jo.. 120. 129. 132. 145,293,329. 520 Jennings. Linda Lou 171. 309. 563 Jennings. Ronald Dwain 353. 552 Jensen, Gregory D 179, 552 Jeschke, Phyllis Jan 520 Jesse, Mary Ann 574 Jesson, Frank Weldon 612 Jetl, Joseph Craig 181 Jetton. Bobby Ray 520 Jeu, Barbara 325 Jewell, Robert Vance 187. 281 Jez. Milton Jerry 364, 520 Jiles, Linda Sue 317 Jimenez, Alma Edna 544 Jinkins, Edward Grady 520 Jiral, Bemice E 552 Jobe, Laura Sue 173, 552 Jochec, Janice Sue 350 552 Jochetz. George Edward III 217, 574 Jocz, Bruce Roger 387 Jodeit. Melfred Ray 179 Johns. Jimmy Burrus 279, 563 Johns, Laura Ann 317, 322 Johns, Linda Susan 147 Johns, Tommy Lewis 298 Johnson. Ann Frances 563 Johnson, Brenda J. Patman 552 Johnson, Carl Raydale 197 Johnson, Charles Dean 563 Johnson, Cleveland M 323 Johnson, Craig Allan 187, 283, 552 Johnson, Craig Alexander 385, 574 Johnson, Cynthia Ann 169 Johnson, Cynthia E 189, 552 Johnson, Dean A. Ill 330 Johnson, Elizabeth K Johnson, Frederick Charles Johnson, Gail Annette Johnson, Gary Edward Johnson, James Edward . . . Johnson. Jill Mynelle Johnson, John R Johnson, Kathy Eileen Johnson, Kent Anders Johnson, Kent Layne Johnson, Kevin Dean Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson, Larry Ray 552 563 520 563 398,423 165 574 147 195 333,334,360 378 346 552 Johnson, Lee Brett 354 Johnson, Leota Rae 138, 157 Johnson, Lyn 574 Johnson, Marc Ellis ' ' 563 Johnson. Marcia Louise 520 Johnson, Mark Russell 520 Johnson, Pamela Dawn 147 Johnson, Patricia Louise 574 Johnson, Patrick Earl 323 Johnson. Patsy Ellen 563 Johnson, Paul Joseph 520 Johnson, Paul Owen 296 Johnson. Rayborn Clement Jr 217 Johnson. Rebecca Lynn 574 Johnson, Regina Ann 552 Johnson, Robert Ami 563 Johnson, Robert Hale 563 Johnson, Ross H. Ill 213 Johnson, Sandra E 552 Johnson, Shari Lynn 169 Johnson, Sharon Louise 574 Johnson, Sharon Lyn 563 Johnson, Stephen 289 Johnson. Steve Carlos 574 Johnson. Susan Ingram 544 Johnson. Warren Gary Jr 520 Johnson. Wayne Wright III 574 Johnson, Willie Mae 155. 520 Johnston. Christopher 217. 574 Johnston, Dennis N 217 Johnston, Elizabeth Anne 520 Johnston, Elizabeth C 189, 574 Johnston, George Lider ' 306 Johnston, Jerry Jeffery 330 Johnston, Judy Lynn 520 Johnston, Karen Ann 563 Johnston, Lisa 183, 520 Johnston, Robert Arthur 175, 563 Johnston, Steven Erik 323 Johnston, Susan Jean 159. 563 Johnston. Ted Neal 552 Johnston. Wade Lee 385, 398,448 Jones, Amanda Moore 357, 552 Jones, Christi Marie 134, 261. 293, 552 Jones, Christopher Thomas 209, 520 Jones, David Joseph 520 Jones, David Ketan 279 Jones, David Ray 324 Jones. David Starling 323 Jones. Denise Marian ....302 Jones, Dennis Patman 303, 574 Jones, Douglas Lloyd 209 Jones, Elizabeth Lewis 169, 520 Jones. Ellinda Nan 169 563 Jones, Fred Allen 520 Jones, Gary Dair 520 Jones. Hal Karper 227. 574 Jones, Jack Kelly 364, 365 Jones, James Keith Jr 520 Jones, James Keith 195, 520 Jones, Janet Kay ' 552 Jones, Janette Leslie 315, 574 Jones, Jay Woodfin 321 Jones. Jeffrey Hudson 520 Jones. Jesse Holman II 179, 339, 520 Jones, Jimmy Dale 325 Jones, John Mark 364. 365 Jones, Judith Davidson 207, 520 Jones, Julia Louise 328, 552 Jones. Karen Don 552 Jones. Karen Elizabeth J34, 145 Jones. Kevyn Colleen 165. 31 1, 563 Jones. Lawrence Don 289. 552 Jones. Larry Thomas 574 Jones. Leslie Charles 255. 574 Name Jones, Linda Sue C. Mrs. Jones, Lorita Lynn Jones. Margaret Ann Jones. Mark Jones. Mark Rodney Jones, Martha Catherine . . Jones, Mary Frances Jones, Melissa Ann Jones, Michael Dee Jones, Michael Eugene Jones, Michael Lynn Jones, Nancy Jeannine Jones, Pamela Lafollett Jones, Patsy Ruth .... Jones. Randall Gwenyth . 109, Jones, Richard Edward Jones, Robert Alan Jones, Robert Ernest Jones, Sandra Eaelene Jones, Vickie Lynn ... Jones, William Christopher .. Jonson, Eleanor Kathleen . . . Jonsson, Eileen M Joost, Mary Ann Jordan, Alan Jordan, Clair Beth Jordan, Cynthia Deann .... Jordan, Gary Keith Jordan, Nancy Ann Jordan, Sandra Alice Jordan, Shari Dianne . Jordy, Pamela Ann . . . Joseph, Deborah Kay . Joseph, John Josephson, Pamela Ann Josey, Deborah Ann Jowdy, Marilyn Mae Joyce, George Alan Jr Judd, Kenneth Robert Judge, James Phenix Juett. John Hugh Julian, William Daniel III .... Juliano, Samuel Peter Jump, Patricia Diane Jung, Mary Catherine Jung, Ronnie Gene Junge, Julius Albert IV Juniors Junker. Norma Marieta Jurgens, Christopher J Jurgens, Kenneth C. Jr Jurik. Thomas Wayne Justice, Karen Lynne Justice, Richard Earl Justus, Lisa Ann Pages 552 322 330,552 563 552 292,520 563 339 323,563 321 348,520 285 563 544 129, 135.165.293, 520 296 223 195,310 311 317 209,245 392,520 189 357 225 245 563 303 185,563 243 279,327,544 317,563 552 520 145 157. 285 336,378 544 520 563 323 209.520 563 317 169,281 552 520 547-558 189, 574 279 279,326 544 257, 332, 345, 520 563 574 Pages K Kacir, Karl Wayne .... Kadell, Kerren Albert Kadera, Karolynn Kaelin, Douglas R Kagan, Dan Kahlden. Nancy Sue Kahler, Joseph Keith Kahn, Cari Beth Kahn. Cindy Bonnie Kahn, Gary David Kahn, Kathy Sharon Kahn, Richard Alan Kail, Cheryl Sue Kalbow, Cheryl Kaldis, Stephanie Kalish, David Daniel Kamen, Sherri Lynn Kamenitsa, Laura Katherine . Kamin, Cynthia Rae Kaminski, Lynn Weis Kaminski, Robert Leo . . . 139, Kammerer, Patricia Ann .... Kamp, John David Kamp, Michael Stephen Kana, James Allan Kane, Candy Kane, Richard Edward Kane, Theresa Anne Kanetzky, Charles Clarence . . Kankel, Daniel Ray Kantcr, Ellen Gail Kaplan, Judith Lynn Kaplan, Richard Miles Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Epsilon Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Psi Kappa Tau Alpha Kappa Sigma Karasek. Kathleen F Karasek, Ted Koerth Karate Club Karbank. Diane Beth .... Kariel, Nancy Ellen Karin, Marshall Jay Kasina. Sudhakar 323 243 315 223 386 356,520 574 317 309 421 219,265,322 229 183, 574 520 191 201 149, 563 165. 520 574 173 187, 286, 287, 320, 521 325 205,321 205 552 231 521 521 358,521 521 552 563 .121,229,283,521 186. 187 188, 189 328 366 190. 191 326 364,365 332 192, 193 159 181,574 303 219 149 330 325 596 a .fl a IR! ..... a ..... w si SSI n Mil! III SI .... ..... w ..... a ..... a Kasmiroski, Georgia Karen 574 Kastner, Karen Shirley 340, 521 Katsuro, Jeanne Keiko 290 Kail, Deirdre Jean 521 Kattinanon, Soontharee 499 Katz, Debra Faith 317 KaU, Howard Samuel 215, 286 Katz, Martha Frances 552 Katz, Stephen Mark 321, 324 Kauffman. Andrew Kerr 213 Kauffmann. Janet 191 Kaufman, Irwin Caldwell 225 Kaufman. Jeffrey Alan 521 Kaufman, Jo Ann 332 Kaufman, William Thomas 229 Name Pages Kaufmann, Ralph James 460 Kawamoto. Joanne AJtiye 563 Kawamoto, Susan Yukie 574 Kay, James Rudolph 347 Kay, Robert Lawrence 398 Kazmann. William Me Kee . . . 1 14, 129, 195. 266, 320, 386 Kboudi, Esther Terri 219 Kearley. Richard Irvcn III 563 Keck, Mary Jane H. Mrs 329 Keck, Constance R |7i Kce, David Vernon J99 Keel, Thomas Martin Jr 323, 398, 448 Keeland, Burden Watts III 199, 574 Keeling. Jean Elizabeth 243. 290, 563 Name Pages Keenan, Carolyn Frost 207 Keene, Aubrey Harold 205 Keener, KatJiy Ann 544 Keeney. Huey Cleveland Jr 2 1 3, 52 1 Keeney, Juliane 185 Keeter. Olan Alford 209, 280, 28 1 , 283, 552 Keeter, Sewell Lee 331, 499 Keeton, Bonnie Lynn 207 Keeton, W. Page 320, 476, 477 Kegans, James Russell 364, 544 Keglovits, David Michael 209 Kehoe, Mary Kim 574 Keils, Shari Kay 563 Keiser, James Marshall 390 Keistler. Gaylin 574 Name Pages Kelinske. Darryl Lois 330, 552 Kelt, George Michael 339 Kellam, James William 330 Keller, Gerald W. Jr 264 Kelley. Barbara Jean 574 Kelley, H. Paul 493 Kelley. James Patrick 187 Kelley, Jared Lee 323 Kelley. Karen Lavone 563 Kelley. Kenneth Verne 552 Kelley. Kevin John 295. 389. 392. 521 Kelley, Linda Kay 563 Kelley. Michael Lee 295 Kelley. Michael S 392 Kelley. Paul William 521 Kelling. Mark Clarence 411 Kellow, Maurice Keith Jr 330 Kelly. Bradley Lynn 574 Kelly, Charles Warren 339 Kelly, Christina Jackson 52 1 Kelly, Dorothy Jean 521 Kelly, James Patrick 574 Kelly, Janet Ellen 145 Kelly, John Charles 350 Kelly, Kathy Virginia 322 Kelly, Kim M 314 Kelly, Mary Kathleen 247 Kelly, Melody Yvonne 155 Kelly, Patrick Michael 179, 330, 398, 448 Kelly, Robert Dale 521 Kelly, Sheryl Ann 244, 563 Kelly, Susan Kerr 165. 574 Kelman, Marsha 521 Kelsey, Robert Wier 385, 193 Kemper, Rebecca Jean 191 Kenewski. Katharine 306 Kennamcr, Lorrin G 320, 466, 467 Kennard, Anthony D. Jr 552 Kennard, Gwendolyn Kay 175 Kennedy. Aida Marie 165, 315 Kennedy, Aurelia Glyn 330 Kennedy, Charles R. Jr 339 Kennedy, Gwena L. Cearley 293, 340, 521 Kennedy, Lynn Marie 315. 340 Kennedy, Robert Kruger 552 Kennedy, Thomas Jarel 544 Kennemer, V ickie Jane 563 Kenny, Timothy Ross 330 Kenoyer, Michael Lee 321 Kent, Allen Sanders 286, 324 Kent. Bonnie Joyce 521 Kent, Rebecca Susan 552 Kent, William Remington 321, 324. 521 Kepner. John William 323, 439 Keppler. Judith Ellen 231 Kercho, Craig Martin 263, 353, 574 Kern, Jack Charles Jr 330 Kern, Richard Donald 323 Kerpchar. Nikolai 320, 337 Kerr, Carolyn Rogers 129, 189, 521 Kerr, Diana Eve 346, 552 Kerr, Elizabeth Moore 189, 574 Kerr, Harris Eastham 499 Kerr, James Crawford 187, 323, 563 Kerr, James Robinson 199 Kerr, Kenneth Forbes 181, 552 Kerr, Sarah Frances 207 Kershner, Karen 346, 521 Kesler. Justin Otis 205, 574 Kessler, Sara Lee 499 Kessler, Terry Wayne 247 Key. Howard Wayne 195. 574 Key, James Frank 499 Key. Roger Alan 195, 521 Keys, Jerry M 320 Keys. Rhonda Kay 574 Khaliliaraghi. F. Parvin 285 Kidd, Betsy Jane 157, 552 Kidd, Johnny M 306 Kidd, Nancy Nell 309. 552 Kidwell, Thomas Paul 334 Kiech, Michael Maurice 521 Kiernan, Patricia Ann 317 Kierum, Michael Dale 392 Kies. Roger Fletcher 544 Kiesling. Shirley Joan 552 Kiger. Steven Marcus 324, 326 Kilgore, Julia Ann 231 Kilgore. Kathryn Jane 171 Kilgore, Rebecca Lynn 159 Kille, Larry Dean 311 Killen, Kay Lynelte 552 Killian, Donna Celeste 574 Kimbell, George T. II 213 Kimble. Joel Koenen 323 Kimmel. Carol Elizabeth 189, 574 Kiramel, Robert Butler 209, 324, 521 Kinane, Michael Lantz 360 Kinard, Martha Elaine 253, 392, 552 Kincheloe. Richard Perkins 163 King, Byron W. Jr 336 King. C. Richard 332 King, Cathy Jean 169 King, Cynthia Ann E 521 King, David Raleigh H 187. 390 King. Elaine 292, 563 King. Gail Frances 366. 552 King, Harley Russell Jr 333 King, James Stephen 213 King, Jennifer Susan 521 King, Karen Anne 185. 521 King, Karen Elizabeth 231, 575 King, Melanie Joyce 574 King, Michael Kris 521 King, Steve Mason . .276. 279, 300. 326. 339, 552 King. Stuart Winans 521 King, Thomas Lee 246 King, William Francis 387 Kingswell-Smith, Ann 191, 575 Kinnan, Robert Mack 199 Kinney. John Joseph 321 Jinney. Julie Ann 322 597 Name Pages Kinney, Virginal Mae 321 Kinney, William George 201, 575 Kinsey, Richard Ed 187, 378, 563 Kirby. James Robert Jr 382 Kirby, William N 328 Kirchner, David Lee 521 Kirk. Karol 191. 563 Kirkham. David Ray 428 Kirkham. Deborah Lee 274, 275 Kirkham. Jannie Kay 552 Kirkland, Rela Joy 521 Kirklen. Uura Janine 279. 327 Kirkman, Leitha Lynn 521 Kirschner, Timothy P 398 Kirwan. Thomas Aiken III 289, 575 Kirwin, Thomas J. Ill 332 Kissell. Bruce Warren 552 Kilamura, Bryan R 323 Kitlen, Larry Don 276, 279 Kizer. Lynn Wilson 2%, 552 Klarfield. Mary Kay 165, 575 Klastonn, Theodore D 331 Klawitter, Art L 323, 563 Klecka, Darlene Kathleen 563 Klecka.Gary Michael 323 Kleifgen. Cynthia Margaret 563 Kleimann, Kathleen Ann 231 Klein, Andrew Frederick 521 Klein. Barry Leonard 328 Klein. Betsy Anne 575 Klein. James Mikel 323 Klein. Leah Beth 279, 575 Klein. Leslie Carter 187 Klein. Mark Alexander 223. 35 1. 521 Kleineck, Robert James 288. 289 Kleinecke. Karen Nanette 575 Klcinworth, Thomas W 1 16, 256. 257. 332 Klesel, Donna Gaylc 544 Klett, Taylor Samuel 521 Klevenhagen, Cecilia M 521 Klimt, Jeanmarie 575 Kline, Daniel Hobbs 41 1 Kline. Steven Cummings 279, 323, 563 Klonower. Mark Cresap 423 Klutts, Vanita Joy 575 Knape. Jan Claire 147, 440, 575 Knapp, Dewitt Leland 181 Knappenberger, Karen L 52 1 Knebel, Diane Lea 147 Knepp. Raymond B 544 Knight, Bob L 330 Knight. Edward Stanley 139, 143, 521 Knight, Florence Christine 171, 563 Knight, Randal Blake 563 Knight, Rebecca M 159 Knight, Shara Dcnise 552 Knight, Vickie Lynn 183, 302. 575 Knisely, Paul Emil 339 Knoble.Gail Ann 313 Knod. Sherry 165, 285 Knoebel, Allyson Debra 183, 575 Knoll, Aubrey Dean 181, 552 Knotts, Mary Susan 191. 563 Knowles, Herschel Thomas 298 Knowles, Tommy Lane 333 Knox. Danny Ray 211, 552 Knox, Lundy Ann 231, 575 Kober, Kay Mary 325 Koch, Christine L 279 Koch, John Clinton Jr 209, 575 Koch, Laurie Elise 149, 575 Koch, Mark Randolph 389, 521 Koelling, Deborah Jean 338 521 Koen, Joseph Clement 295, 389 Koenig. Cheryl Lynn 328 Koenig, Ronald Wayne 563 Koeninger, Larry Dan 279 Koester. Ellen Louise 147 Koester, Melinda Ann 317 Koger. Stephen Alton 521 Kogut. Mark Hirsh 151, 552 Kogul. Steven Bernard 139, 151 Kohler. Gordon Kim 52 1 Kohout, Rebecca Ann 544 Kohutek, Shelia Yvonne 183, 563 Kolb, Nancy Louise 575 Koncewicz, Barbara A 575 Konecny, Gary Wayne 333, 360 Koonce, Richard Charles 195. 281, 563 Koons, Kay Kristine 322 Kopec, Kathleen Ann 522 Kopecki, Denis Steve 333 Kopf. James Kenneth Jr 229, 563 Kornblatt, Bart Ames 522 Kortage, Marlene Elaine 165. 285, 317, 563 Korte.Karl 308 Kosarek, Cynthia Susan 522 Kosarek, Katherine Laverne 522 Koschak, Seth Ramsey 187. 552 Koschak, Sheryl Ann 231 Kosoris. Barry Wayne 575 Kostas. Ann Angela 306, 317, 340 Kotecki. Gerald D. Jr 245 Koteras, Charlotte Ann 544 Kothman, Karen Kay 317, 563 Kothmann, Don William 279, 323 Kothmann, Lester Lansing 311 Kotin, Valerie 149, 552 Kovac, June Alison 247. 552 Kowalsky, Tanya 317 Kozmetsky, George 320, 374. 375 Kraft, Dianne Marie 317 Krakower, Michael Howard 229, 575 Krause, Barbara Mary 575 Krause, Hans Christopher 205 Krause, James 229 Krause, Kimberly Ann 575 Krause. Robert Howard 229, 575 Krauskopf, David Randall 279, 575 Krauss. Michael David 215 Kravitz, Lynda Gayle 149 Krebs. Ellen Harvey Mrs 522 Name Pages Kreitzer, Karen Lee 285. 309. 563 Krejci. Christopher E 522 Krenek, Wilfred Michael 288, 289, 563 Kress, Barnett A 68, 243. 615 Kreston, Thomas James 330, 333 Krier, Stephen Thomas 286 Krill, David Allen 398 Krimm, Sharon Lee 575 Kring,Gary 323 Kristen, Mark Allen 163. 286 Kristof. Marcia Kay 522 Kristovich, Ann Helen 522 Krivoniak, Nicklas Richard II 575 Krizov. Paula Ruth 322 Kroeger. Wilbert 334, 522 Krog. Karen Elisabeth 321 Kroll. Charlotte 183. 321 Kronberg, Esta Lynn 292 Krueger. Daniel Thomas 414, 415. 418. 448 Krueger. George C 331 Krueger, Lynda Carol 165 Krueger, Melvin Alvin 325 Krueger, Treila Latrclle 575 Kruger, Cynthia Ann 145 Kruger, Glynn Richard 217 Kruger.Peggy Ann M 329 Krumholz. Rozanne 149, 552 Krumlauf. Michael D 289 Kruppa, Patricia Stallings 329, 458 Krupps, Gregory Alan 221 Krzesniak, Raymond Charles 522 Kubacak, Alphonse F 353, 522 Kubiak, Dennis James 575 Kubicek, Dean Allen 522 Kucera, Cecelia Mary 522 Kucera, Jeffrey Joe 167 Kuczaj, Stanley Abraham II 321 Kuebler, John Adam 575 Kuhl, Philip John 167 Kuhlman, John Louis Jr 163, 286, 552 Kuhn, Marsha Linette 147, 329 Kuhn. Peggy Ann 309 Kuipers, Marvin Rus 330 Kulik, Stephan III 522 Kulinski. Joseph Karl 323 Kunin, Susan Joyce 522 Kunkel, Jill Elizabeth 343 Kunkel. Rebecca Jayne 309, 343, 575 Kunschik, Jerry Wayne 348, 522 Kunze, Robert Bradley 384 Kuper, Harry Jersig 213. 552 Kurtzemann, Mary Beth 575 Kushner, Saul David 330, 552 Kusin. Gary M 129, 229, 320, 339 Kutcher, Bonnie Sue 563 Kutler, Jerry Alan 225, 563 Kutler, Mark L 215 Kuykendall, Thomas Robert 336. 499 Kvitek. Charles Kevin 563 Kwan. Poyy Hoy Yuet 522 Kwas, Eileen Susan 575 Kwok. Walter Yiu Kay 364, 522 Kyle, Joseph C. Jr 129, 348. 522 Labaj. Mark Lee 336, 378 Label, Lome Sheldon 321, 324 Laber, Barbara Joyce 366, 522 Lacey, Robert Stephen 522 Lackey, Janelle E 185 Lacy, Charles Douglas 575 Lacy, Gary James 255, 575. 615 Lacy, Gregory Lee 552 Lacy, Lee Devereaux 279 Ladd, Dennis Glen 398 Lagrone, Ronald Wayne 522 Laipradid, Vichit 499 Laird, Marcus Neely 563 Laird, Neal Peterson 223 Lake, Linda Kurstie 563 Lakin, Le Ann 247 Lala.Jack 179 Lamb, Gordon Howard 304, 305, 306, 312 Lamb, William Jack 205, 575 Lamb, William Kemp 439 Lambda Chi Alpha 194, 195 Lambdin, Jane Letitia 147, 322 Lambert, Cynthia Ann 171, 57! Lambert, Gary Newton 323 Lambert. Kathi Suzanne 173, 322, 575 Lambert, Shari Lynette 173. 522 Lambin, Elizabeth Alison 522 Lambrecht, Cherie C 522 Lamon, Ellen Regene 522 Lamorena, A. J. C. Ill 544 Lampert. Gail Margaret 219. 57! Lanahan, Lenn Martin 295, 389 Lancaster, Alicia Ruth 147 Lancaster, Gary William 167 Lancaster, James Michael 575 Lancaster, Karen May 171 Lancaster. Lifford Lee 143. 575 Lancaster, Lynne Frances 207, 552 Land. Mary Elizabeth 575 Lander. John William 139. 163, 283 Landers, Glenn Berry 359, 552 Landers, Jerry Burney 217, 522 Landin, Denis Craig 244. 552 Landon, John Michael 179 Landreth, Vicki Lu 325, 366, 544 Landrum. Deborah Kay 145 Landrum, Marguerite Helen 522 Landry, Lynnettc Frances 292 Landry. Thomas Wade 448 Landry. Thomas Wayne 398. 400. 407. 409 Lane, Barbara Ann 339 Lane. Bobby Dean 41 1, 563 Lane. Deobrah 3 1 1 , 564 Lane. Jan Ellen 219, 575 Name Pages Lane, Lauren 612 Lane, Margaret Ellen 147 Lane. Martha Anne 189. 575 Lane, Susan Elizabeth 564 Lanehart. Lila Jolaine 522 Lanford, Diane DelHomme 552 Lang, Jennie 173 Lang, William Reed III 288. 289, 564 Langdale, Mark 575 Langdon. Julie Gaye 189. 575 Langdon. Richard Steven 333 Langehennig, Terry D 246 Langerhans, John David 434 Langford, Mary E 285. 564 Langley. Rita Kay 145. 522 Langston, Jana Lea 552 Langston. John Barham 269. 325 La n ham, John Fritz 321 Lamer, Holly Susan 522 Lanius, Robert Andrew 289. 552 Lankford, Lawrence Eugene 289, 552 Lankford, Lynnette 564 Lankford, MichaelG 221, 564 Lansford, Carolyn Kay 552 Lantrip, Nancy Opal 564 Lantrip, Peggy Susan 564 Lantrip, Stephen Orian 522 Large, Deborah Susan 317 Laroche, Julie E 171 Larrabee, Harry Ray 413, 414, 415, 418, 448 Larrey, Camille 317 Larson. Donald Alfred 320 Larson. Elizabeth S 145 Larson. Janet Lee 185, 245, 552 Larson, Mark Charles 398 LaRuc, Robert Driscoll 499 Larue, William Blake 163 Lashford, David Patrick 522 Lasik, Marsha 575 Lassere. Candace Mary 183. 564 Lassiter, Gerald T 544 Lastrapes, Richard L. Jr 387 Lalta, Laura Barbara 246. 265. 293, 522 Lattimore, David Lauer -. . . .564 Lattimore, Michael Wayne 3 1 2, 522 Lau. Barbara Doris 319 Laufman. llene 219 Name Pages Laufman. Patricia Charlotte 522 Laughead. George Ross 522 Laughlin, LouAnn 165 Laughlin. Richard P 336. 378 Laughter. Donald Ralph 522 Laughton, Charles William 482 Laurea. Peter Allan 167 Laurel, Carlos J 522 Laussade, Mark Rice 289, 324. 552 Lauten, Michael Bruce 312, 552 Lauterbach, Amy Susan 322 Lauterbach. Barbara J 149, 265 Lauterbach, Johnny J 295. 392 Lavercombe. Richard G 575 Laves. Eileen Renee 149 Law, B. Ann 191 Law, Eleanor Makepeace 328 Law, John Edward 245 Lawlcr, Wilton Gale 331 Lawlor. Christine E 544 Lawrence, Deborah Anne 169 Lawrence, Elizabeth G 522 Lawrence, Gary Michael 32 1 Lawrence. Glenn William 387 Lawrence, Janet Lynne 267, 317 Lawrence, Kenneth A 553 Lawrence. Lana Jean 441. 57i Lawrence, Steven Ross 386 Lawson. Howard Lee 195 Lay. Dorlohy Tate 321 Lazarus, Rona Susan 328, 329, 522 Lazor, Richard Harvey 321. 553 Leach. Charlotte Susan 313 Leaks. Roosevelt .... 396, 397. 398, 399. 401, 402, 403, 405, 406, 408. 409 Leal. Gloria Lucia 553 Leal, Rafacla Lcos 544 Leal, Richard Joel 363. 523 Leaman. Richard Alan 225 Leamon, Bronwyn Gamble 338. 523 Leaton. Nancy Anne 523 Leben, David Gregory 229 Ubowitz. Amelia Kay 317. 321. 564 Leche, Paul Andre 244. 339 Lechtenberger, Deann 575 Leclair. Lewis Titus 330. 33 1 Lecomte. Michelle E 165. 243 598 ' Nan Pages Name Pages Name Pages Ledbeller, Eleanor C 544 Ledbetler, John J 223 Ledbetter. John Michael 390. 553 Lederer, Howard F 193, 564 Ledet. Richard Frederick 321 Lee, Annie Yunfoon 575 Ue, Cassandra Gayle 175, 553 Lee, Charles Andrew 167 Lee, Charles Bruce 331 Lee, David 553 Lee, David Alan 217 Lee, Deborah Kathleen Mrs 553 Lee. Dwight Lamon 523 Lee, Francis KwongTai 331 Lee, Jack Gregory 229, 286. 523 Lee, Jerri Lynn 523 Lee, John Jr 423, 448 Lee, Linda Louise 145, 575 Lee. Mynelle Tina 149, 575 Lee, Paul Carrington 199 Lee, Randy Bernard 523 Lee. Shelley 189 Lee. Sherman Beowulf 398, 406. 448 Lee. Sherrita Dons ..111. 129. 523 Lee. Sidney C. HI 357 Lee, Tommy Colson 553 Lee. Tommy Lynn 398. 448 Lee. Warren G 197 Lee. William Shellon 331 Leeper, Elvi Lou 321 Leeves, Wayne Neal 323 Lefevre. Larry K 325 Leff. Gary Steven 324 Leff. Mikel Alan 229 Leff. Nancy Jane 321 Leggett. Philip Lloyd 324. 564 Leggett, Thomas Lionel 439 Legler, Janet Claire 523 Lehman, Ann Fraser 207 Lehmann, Terri Lee 564 Lehmberg. Gary Virgil 320. 499 Lemberg. Philip Randall 179 Lehne. William Louis 325 Lehrmann. Linda Louise 356 Lehtinen. Keith Harold 353. 564 Leifesle. Michael Anthony 423 Leisey. Glenn Alan 175. 564 Leister. Curtis Wynne 323, 564 Leite, Valerie Ann 165, 321 Lemaistre, Charles A 239, 320, 337, 344 Lemaistre. Charles Frederick 429, 448 Lemmons, Benjamin David 215 Lemmons. Robert T. Jr 553 Lemons, Michael 523 Lenertz. Donna M 575 Lent . Debra Elaine 279. 575 Lentz, Edwin Lamar 289. 523 Lenz, Robert S 398 Lenzner, Jean Page 189. 246 Leonard, David Michael 163 Leonard, Diane Elizabeth 523 Leonard, Philip Joseph 2 1 5, 32 1 , 324, 523 Leos, Faustino Jr 553 Lepley, Jane Lynn 317, 564 Lequeux, Julie Monique 553 Lerma, Theresa Dolores 575 Lesch, Terry Alan 143, 564 Lesher, Murray Mark 337 Leshin, Larry Steven 229 Leshin. Richard Lee 151. 323. 564 Lesikar. Susan Melen 575 Lesikar. William Wayne 187, 564 Leslie. Celeta Eve 523 Leslie, David Alec 175 Leslie. Freddy Weldon 299. 553 Lester. Cheryl Ann 159, 385. 553 Lester. Karen 564 Lester, Thomas Howard Jr 203, 575 Leth, Laura Kathryn 345 Letsos. James N. Ill 179, 523 Letz, Roger Clayton 201, 564 Letzkus, William C 331 Leuchter, Linda Isabel 244 Leva.GaryLayne 523 Leva, Marcia Claire 322, 575 Leventhal, Randa Lee 575 Lcvi, Alan Harold . 1, 109. 129, 130, 225, 252. 259, 320, 523 Levi. Ann Siegel 328 Levin. David Marshall 245 Levin, Debra Ann 523 Levin, Jonathan 323 Levin, Neidra Michele 149, 523 Levin, Phyllis Lee 553 Levin. Steve H 303 Levin. Susan Diane 149, 575 Levine, Melvin Allen 523 Levine, Sheryl Marlise 149. 264, 346, 523 Levinson, Kay Marilyn 292 Levy, Ann Malhilde 332, 523 Levy. Jonathan David 201 Levy, Julia Ruth 575 Levy. Richard Julius 229 Levy, Roger Lynn 330. 553 Lew, Karen Joyce 159. 523 Lewallen, Rodney Stephen 391 Lewin, Leslie Jane 219 Lewis. Bernice Bonita 175. 523 Lewis. Brodie Joseph 223. 553 Lewis. Bruce Anderson 544 Lewis, Deborah Kay 328, 523 Lewis, Dona Lou 564 Lewis, Eugenia Canice 159, 575 Lewis, Harry Alan 225. 523 Lewis, Jacques Brandon 26 1 . 553 Lewis. James Newton 259, 523 Lewis, Jane Chiles 173 Lewis. Janet Neely 189 Lewis. Luther Jackson Jr 523 Lewis. Mark David 229. 523 Lewis. Richard Bryan 187 Lewis, Robert Jackson 523 Lewis, Susan Jane 189, 553 Licata. Mark Charles 331 Lichtenstein, Daniel 33 1 Liddle. Margaret Lynn 575 Liebe, Vicki Jean 575 Liebcrman, Craig Parrel 229. 286 Liebes. Ruth Laurel 189 Lieck, Samuel Louis 544 Liedtke, Kristin 207 Liendo, Alvaro Jesus 364, 523 Liesman, Linda Ann 523 Lietz, Phillip Elmo 364.553 Lievens, Stephen Louis 564 Light. Deborah Louise 575 Lightfoot. Randall Lee 423. 448 Lighthouse. Lynda Gay 183 Ligon. Evlyn Marie 165, 575 Ligon, William Austin 321, 339 Liles, Charles Morris 362 Liles. Terri Denise 553 Liles, Thomas Dee 439 Lilly, Byron Frederick 310 Lilly, Robert Edmund 243, 360 Lim. Helen Faye 575 Lim. Rose 244, 553 Lin. Christopher An-Tung 129 Linch, Barbara Ann 129. 134. 293, 379, 553 Lind. Georgeanne 328, 329 Lind, Roger Douglas 306 Lindee, Mary S 564 Lindner, Allen Robert 279, 564 Lindsey, Barbara Jane 165, 553 Lindsey, James Eldon 395, 564 Lindsey, Margaret E 185, 564 Lindsey, Melinda Jane 185, 564 Linenschmidt, Larry L 348, 564 Ling, Nora Mae 145 Link, Jere Hudson 321. 324, 523 Linney, Michael Bowman 575 Lipman, Alan Lee 575 Lipp, Arnold 229 Lippiatt, Linda Diane 292 Lippincott, David G 523 Lippincott, Nancy 191 Lippman. Jane Neuslein 463 Lippman, Sheldon Ike ... .252. 345. 553, 614, 615 Lipscomb. Jack Storey 382 Lipscomb. Stephen Martin |67 Lipstate, James Mitchell 215, 575 Lisenby, Michael James 499 Liska. Doris Jean 523 Litters!. Cynthia J. Boyd 328 Little, Emily Browning 169 Little. James William 125. 615 Little. Lcwette Ann 169 575 Little. Linda 285 Littlefield. Bobby Joe 41 1 Littlefield, Edgar B 310 Littlepage. Thomas H. Jr 390, 544 Littleton, Jean 185 Littman, Linda Ann 544 Litton, Craig Thomas 289 Littrell. James Lane 276, 279, 326 Littrell. Leslie Gail 523 Litzler. John H 330 Liu. Betty Yuk Yin 523 Liu, Edward C 324 Lively, Cheryl Lynn 523 Lively, Margaret E 441 Lively, Sherry Ann 553 Livingston, Barbara A 346 Livingston, Charles D 334 Livingston, Janice L 575 Livingston. Marian Elizabeth 322 Livingston. William S 320 Lloyd, Linda Sue 189. 575 Lloyd. Maurinc Louise 173, 523 Lloyd. Thomas Donald 523 Lo. Kin 334 Lobel. Steven Alan 324 Lochbaum, Patricia A 575 Lock. Timothy H 279 Lockard. Daniel T 575 Lockett, Brenda Ann 185 Lockett. William C 544 Lockhart. Elizabeth J 317 Lockhart. Regina Lee 185 Locklear. Mike L 523 Loden, Kathy Renee 145 Lodge, Linda Joan 575 Loehr. Russell Keith 564 Lofley, Malcolm Edwin 313 Loflis, Harry Lee 213 Loflis, Kathleen Ann 575 Loftis, Mollie Ann 136 Logan, Clifford K. Ill 217. 523 Logan. Karen Ann 183. 564 Loggie, Bruce Pegues 181 Lohmann. Diana Sue 564 Loiben, Gary Howard 439 Lokey. Christopher W 544 Lollar. Bradley Keith 217. 339. 553 London, Thomas Leslie 167, 564 Londrigan. Robert John 425 Loncy. Susan Gail 313 Long. Barbara Ann 553 Long, Deborah Ann 145 Long, Robert Earl 575 Long. Walter Cromer 575 Longbotham. Jaylie lone 322. 338, 524 Longeway. Barbara D 258 Longhorn Band 274-279 Longhorn Singers 310, 31 1 Longino. Joseph B 203 Longley, Jay Joseph 296 Longley, Richard L 279. 575 Longwell. Martha Ellen 171 Looke. Cecil James III 359 Loomis, Logan Lee 187 Looney. Elizabeth Ann 329 Looper, Donald Ray 564 Lopez. Cynthia Anna 134, 317. 324, 524 Lopez. Gloria Lisa 575 Lopez, Luis Aurelio 279 Lopin, Leslie Ruth 149 Loras, Dorothy Jean 173 Lorberbaum, Carol 524 Lord. William David 227. 564 Lorea, Richard Raymond 524 Loredo, Jorge Alberto 575 Lorton, Arthur F 223 Lott. David Layne 359 Loll, Linda Ellen 165. 553 Lott, Sarah Katheryn 441, 544 Loudermilk. Hubert Lee 524 Louis. Jack Alan 320.321,413,414,416,418,448 Love, Lucy Carole 243, 319. 324. 553 Love. Mary Alice 544 Loveall, Sharon Lee 544 Loveless, Jane 171, 575 Loveless. Richard B ' .575 Loveless, Stephen Jeb 355, 553 Lovinggood. Betty Jane 553 Low, Paul Matthew 289 Low, Sallie Reynolds 207. 247 Lowdermilk, James S 564 Lowe, Jimmy Fred 524 Lowe. Patricia Karen 330 Lowery, Colleen Marie 553 Lowrey, Ernest J. Jr 187,575 Lowrcy. Jane Lynwood ... 122, 134, 169, 319 524 Lowry, Alan Dale ... 357, 396. 398. 399, 400, 402. 409. 433. 448 Lowry, Becky Elaine 185 Lowry, Michael Eugene 323, 564 Lowry, Randall K. Jr 348 Loyd, Charles Richard ...575 Loyd, James Alan 553 Lozano. Noe Mario Jr 384 Lubke, Carol Ann 207 Lubke, Stephen Leroy 201, 553 Lucas, Ann Elizabeth 321 Lucas, Bonnie Cummins 127, 157, 319 Lucas, Leslye 191, 339, 524 Lucas, Lynn Ruth 145 Lucas, Mark McKenna ' 323 Luccock, Thomas Nelson 330 Luckett, Evelyn S |89 Ludl, Margaret Frances 279, 327. 553 Ludwig. Laura Lynn 553 Luedemann. Elizabeth A 173 Luedtke, Robert Marvin 32 1 Luke, Paula Deanne 553 Lukefahr, James Louis 323 324 Luna, Charles Stephen ... 246. 32 1 . 323. 339. 524 Lund, Barbara Marian 329 Lundquist, Gillespie Arthur 201 Lundstedt, Siri Diane 147, 255 Lundy, Nancy C 553 Lunsford, May Lynn 553 Lunsford, Nancy E 554 Luskey, Janice Susan |49 Lusty, Peggy A 575 Lutes, Benjamin F. Ill 544 Luther, Sherryl Ann ' . 564 Luttrell. Paul Allen 323 Lutz, Christopher Paul 553 Lutz, Ellen Osgood 564 Lutz, Kathleen Elrod 183. 322. 575 Lux, Barbara Diane 575 Lydecker, Robert B ' . .. 334 Lyerly. Brian Hugh 423 Lyles. Lee Goodale 398. 448 Lynch. Dan Steven 554 Lynch, Nancy Andrea 191 Lyon, Jennifer Susan 564 Lyon, Sharon Ann 575 Lyons, Brendan Thomas 321 Lyons, Deborah Jean 136, 173 Lyons, Deidre Diane 173, 317 Lyons. Monica Louise 324, 524 Lyzwanski, Ludwik J 321 M Ma, Anthony Tin Sek 524 Mabry, Suzanne 153 MacAdams, Alan Lee 42, 43 MacAllister, Donald James 323 MacAluso, Kenneth C 41 1 MacAluso, Michael A 179, 323, 398, 564 MacConnell, George K 524 MacDonald, Carol Ann 553 MacOonald. George Granger Jr 195, 575 Mace, Marilyn Ann 329 Machell, Charles Heberton 429 448 Mack, John David .298 Mack. Richard 524 Mack, Ronald Garriel 524 Macken. Nancy B 440 Macken, Patrick Owen 289 Mackey, I. B 524 Mackowski, Martha Ann 138, 153, 285, 564 MacPherson, Barbara H 159 Madden, Jacqueline Kay 544 Maddox, Anne Marie 159,317.364 Maddox, Charles Joe Jr 348, 524 Maddox, Charles Russell 359] 524 Maddox, Lawrence Edward 213 Maddux, Beverly Joy ' . ' . ' . " 575 Maddux, Millye Ann 544 Madeley, Mark Albert ' . ' , ' . ' , 195 Madere, Tessa Marie 564 Madsen, Jimmy Wayne 306 Magdeburger, Karen Ann 329 Magill, Donna |9| Magliolo. Diane .291 Mamt Pagts Magliolo, Roberta Ann 159, 554 Maglioto, Theresa Marie 279, 313, 327, 524 Maguire, Jack Russell 320, 484 Maguire, Kevin 553 Maguire, Susan Ann 292 Mahaffey, Laurie E Scott ' 290 Mahaffey. Michael Lindsey 524 Mahaffey, Vicki Lee 122, 147. 243, 319.321 Mahmood. Asif 553 Mahurin, Theresa K ' . ' . ' , 575 Mailey, Bruce Henry 398 Mailloux, Cynthia Ann 26. 564 Main. Kent Ashley 310, 389, 524 Maines, Sandra Ann 553 Major, Helen 329 Major, William David ' .[ 524 Maker, Kitty Marie 321 Malcolm, Jerry Waller 310,311,553 Maldonado, Debra L 553 Maldonado, Marcelo 499 Males, Betty Carol 147, 524 Malin, Mary E 159 Malish, David Arnold " " [ 359 Mallari, Melinda 317 Mailey, Charles H ' . . [ ' _ ' . 553 Mallory, La Joye 155, 553 Malloy, James Melvin 524 Malmstead, Brenda L 523 Malone, Felix Jr 161, 380, 383, 544 Malone, James Mark 575 Malone. Lynn Wade 129 Mancuso, Ronald M 240 Mandaville, Allan John 321 Maness, Dale Dwayne 325 Manful), Marilyn Ruth 173, 377, 375 Magione. John Stewart 323 Mangold, Lana Carole Mrs ' . ' 329 Mangrum, Marc Alan 392 Mangum, Murray Paul 221. 281, 564 Maniloff, Carole Jean 524 Manley, Willie Leon 398 Manly. Karen Sue 524 Manly, Sarah Jane 185 Mann, Carol Ann P. Mrs ! 329 Mann, Frances Diane 185, 255, 328, 524 Mann. Karen Lee 575 Mann. Katherine A 185, 575 Manning. Robert Lee Jr 213! 283 Manny, David Alan 353, 524 Manor, Michael Perry 197 524 Manriquez, Sylvia A 553 Manry, Stella Loyce 553 Mansfield, Elwyn Vernon 524 Mansker, Tera Irene 169, 575 Manuel, Michael Doyle ' .323 Mara, Nancy Lucille 317.322 Marburger, Randy V 390 Marchesseau, Linda A 317 Marcum, Pamela Sue 440 Marcus, Barbara Ann 149, 575 Marcus, Henry H 387 Marek, Janette Neldina 328, 524 Marek, Linda E 553 Marek. Raymond Joe Jr 564 Mares, Dianne Lynn 279, 553 Margolis. Lawrence S 151,576 Margosh, Fred Sinto 350 Marietta, John Robert 320 Markantonis, Mary Martha 309 Markel, Ronald Clayton 564 Markham, Peter John Jr 524 Mark), Michael Charles 434 Marks, David Theodore 179 Marks, Michael Clinton 296, 553 Marley, Ralph Richard 388 Marmolejo, Ricardo 425, 448 Marmon, Robin Claire 315 Maroney, James F. Ill 187, 339 Marr, Andrea Lynn 576 Marrach, Omar 5 4 Marren, John Patrick 331 Marschall, Lester David 382 Marshall, GryanlP [ ' . ....359 Marshall, Charles Troy 576 Marshall, Christina |g3 Marshall, Clyde Christopher 524 Marshall, David Taylor 167 Marshall, Debra Leigh 173 Marshall, Diana E 124 318 Marshall, Henry W. Jr ' .217 Marshall, Mary Ann 564 Marshall, Roberta Faye 317 Marshall, Thomas William 300, 326 Martensen, Woodward W 348, 524 Marter, Marilyn Ann 553 Marth, Charles D. Jr 576 Martin, Ann Howard 171, 576 Martin. Barbara Jean ' 544 Martin, Caren Ruth 564 Martin, Cecil Duke 524 Martin, Charles Henry 332 Martin. Edward Hale Jr 243. 300. 323 Marlin.Glyn David 376 Martin, Marlon E. Jr 330 Martin, James H. Jr 221, 576 Martin. Jeanne 321 Martin, Kenneth Ewing 266, 3 i 8, 524 Martin, Kimberly Susan 576 Martin, Marjorie 191 Martin, Mary Howard 207 Martin, Michael Roy ' . .312 Martin, Nancy Gail 147, 564 Martin, Patricia Ann 564 Martin, Patricia Ann 392, 553 Martin, Randy A 179 Martin. Rand Livingston 143 Martin. Robert Guy 201 576 Martin. Robin S. Zaremba 553 Martin. Sarah Sherman . .123, 134,261.293,319. 553 Martin, Worthy Neil 321. 524 599 Name Pages Martinez, Alfredo G 553 Martinez, Daniel J 324 Martinez, Debra Ann 524 Martinez, Delila Ann 576 Martinez, George 303, 564 Martinez, George David 303, 576 Martinez, Juan Jose 553 Martinez, Luis Charles 524 Martinez, Luis Noe 364, 524 Martinez, Michael S 289, 390 Martinez, Oscar 303 Martinez, Raquel Benevides 524 Martinez, Roger John 525 Martinez. Ruben Davila 324 Martinez, Sandra 525 Martinez, Steve 363, 544 Martinez, Susan Jane 576 Martinez, Vidal G 221 Mam. Anne Vivian 576 Marullo, Lawrence M 553 Marvin, Carolyn Ann 332 Mase, Robert Harrison 421 Maslan, Alice Jean 149, 287 Mason, Charles Van 247 Mason, Diana Sue 553 Mason, Douglas Lynn 553 Mason, James Terry 421 Mason, Marilyn M 171 Mason, Mark Lee 321 Mason, Mary Ann 322, 576 Massengill, Joe R. Jr 553 Massey. Alan Reed 195 Massey. Bettie Ann 165 Massey, Cecil Scott 330 Massey. Karyn Sue 553 Massey, Rex Dewaync 564 Massey. Warren Neal 333, 376 Massie, Mark Layne 323 Massingill, Gayle Cooper Mrs 328 Mast, Roy Taylor 525 Masten, Edmond Arnold 553 Master, Geofrey L 323 Mastin. Thomas F. IV 179 Malaya. Judith Ann 564 Ma thews, Barbara Jean 207 Mathews, Diana Candace 207 Mathews, Quinten Snow Jr 257, 525 Mathieu, Reese A. Ill 31 1, 553 Mathis, Carol Anne 138. 171 Mathis. William Jefferson 328 Matlage. Bette O. Mrs 332 Matlock, David Bob 300, 553 Matocha, Patrick Lee 221, 553 Mattar, Alan Thomas 209 Matur, Michael Fred 167 Matteson, STephen Mark 323, 564 Matthews. Bruce Austin 376, 544 Matthews, Gerald W 330 Matthiessen. Susan 165, 52! Mallox, Jerry Stephen 564 Matusoff, Cathy Beth 149 Maupin, Warren Lann 217, 283 Maux, Rex Denman 382 Maxfield, Terry E 376, 525 May, Gary Stephen 209, 41 1, 576 May, John Robert 382 May. Larry Steven 576 May. Marion D ' . 281. 564 May, Susan Marie 157, 306, 319, 340 Mayer.Mark Steven 225, 544 Mayes, Roy Allen .564 Mayfield, Nancy Sue 564 Mayfield, Ray V. Ill 286 Mayhall, Jerry Wayne 380. 38 1 , 385 Mayne, Kathleen Crawford 285,322 Mayner. Michele Elise 440 Mayo, Melissa Kim 189, 576 Mayo, Pamela Diane 108, 129, 138, 189, 259, 293. 525 Mayo. Ronald Lee 221 Mays, Josephine Darline .288 Mays, Richard Roy 525 Mayton, Gary Wayne 339 Maze, Anthony Jacques 321 Mazur, Diane Jean 328 McAdams. Steve 439 McAfee, Hugh Allen 544 McAfee, Jack Terry Jr 223 McAfee, John Mark 389, 525 McAfee, Margaret! R. C. Mrs 392, 525 McAfee, Mary Ellen 309, 553 McAlister, Clint Matthew 179 McAlister. Debra Kay 576 McAlister, Kyle Stephen 179 McAlister. Paula Marie 576 McAlisler, Philip David 576 McArdle, Brian Joseph 334 McArtor, Kerry Owen 313, 525 McBride. Bern Thomas 197 McBride. Eldena C. Mrs 525 McBride, Michael Curtin 364, 525 McBurnett, Sarah Carroll 340 McCaffety, Robert Waller 167 McCaffety, Shelly W 185, 281, 553 McCaleb, Patricia Dale 553 McCaleb. Shanda Louise 153 McCall. Holly E 231, 553 McCall, Linda Kay 317, 322 McCall. Robert M 330 McCallum, Vivian Sue 145. 314 McCally, Deborah Carol 525 McCanlies, Timothy B 439 McCann. Nancy Joy 307, 340 McCann, Nancy Lyn 576 McCanse, George Allen 181, 246 McCarley, Kathleen A 576 McCarthy, Thomas Bart 193, 576 McCarthy, Vicki K 339 McCartney, John Scott 525 McCarty. Danny Obrien 525 McCarty, Mary Jane 525 McCarty. Patricia Lynn 340 Name Pages McCarty, Phyllis L 173, 576 McCarty, Robert Thomas 334 McCarver, Patricia K 553 McCarver, Thomas T 576 McClain.Gracie D 525 McClain, Jane Melissa 322, 576 McClamroch, James R 244, 324 McClary, John Michael 525 McClaugherty, Colleen 553 McClellan, Byron L 323 McClellan, Colleen 324 McClellan. Nancy Marion 129, 319, 525 McClellan, Patrick Joseph 414, 416, 448 McClellan, Regan Anne 185 McClelland, Edwin B 334 McClendon, Charlcne L 576 McLeod. Cathy 576 McLeod, George Russell 357 McCleskey. Nathaniel Turk 261, 392 McClintock, David Haskell 486 McClintock, Larry K 564 McCloskey, Raymond Dennis 199, 576 McCloud, Melinda Lou 191 McCluer, Charles F. A. Ill 213 McClung, Andrea Louise 189, 553 McClung, Michael Alton 323 McClung. William Byron 213 McClure, Cathy Lynn 315 McCollum. Donald Clark 439 McColIum. Michael Roy 564 McConn. Timothy Kevin 193, 564 McConncll. Maryann 185, 285, 564 McConnell, Robert Earl 525 McCormick, James W. Ill 209. 576 McCormick, Karen Jeanne 612 McCormick, William R 439 McCoy, Dwylene 564 McCoy, James Morgan 391 McCoy, Michael Douglas 167 McCracken, Yvonne E 247 McCrehan. Jeffrey R 255 McCright, Renee Viktoria 317 McCrory, John Kevin 348, 499 McCuller, Hebby Lynn 553 McCulloch, Mark Howard 564 McCullough, Cynthia A 145 McCullough, Ethelene 155, 247, 317 McCullough. Lujet Clements 321, 525 McCullough. Robert Scott 389 McCullough. Stephen W 525 McCullough. Susan Gay 317 McCully, Gary Pierce 553 McCutcheon, Peter M 289, 553 McCutchon, Frances E 576 McDanald, Conway L 187 McDaniel, Danny Glenn 321 McDaniel, Reuben Roosevelt 486 McDaniel, Sherry 486 McDaniel, Steven L 289, 378, 576 McDaniel, Susan A 261 McDavid, John M. Jr 179 McDermott, Carol E 328 McDermott, Mary K 564 McDonald, Ami Kay 576 McDonald, Cynthia J 553 McDonald, Debra Ann 279, 324, 327, 553 McDonald, Kathryn Ann 207, 319, 553 McDonald, Larue 564 McDonald, Laverie Jean 155 McDonald, Linda Sue 576 McDonald, Melinda L 247 McDonald, Michael P 553 McDonald, Raleigh Allen 199, 576 McDonald, Randolph A 187 McDonald, Tisha Gayle 298 McDonnell, Elizabeth A 576 McDougall, Charlcne 317 McDowell, Cynthia Gail 340 McDowell, Marian E 159 McDowell, Robert Todd 263, 348, 525 McDowell. Tony Everard 576 McElhannon, Joan 306 McElhanon, James E 439 McElroy, Kennedy K. Jr 289, 360 McElroy, Mary Lucille 207, 247 McElwrath. Michael Rogers 179, 339 McEntee, Eileen Mary 328 McEvoy, Frances K 147. 379, 383, 553 McFall. Pamela Ann 576 McFarland, Bill Thomas 525 McFarland, Mary Alexa 189, 28 5, 576 McFarlane, Mary Helen 165, 576 McGaha. Mary Helen 173, 553 McGarr, Cappy Ray 68, 187, 525. 615 McGaughy. Thomas Elkin Jr 201 McGavern, Maureen Lynn 328 McGee, Janel Cynthia 576 McGce, Mary Jo P 564 McGehearty, Patrick F 321 McGill, Janet Lynn 322 McGinley, Nancy E 244, 319 McGinnis, Patrick C 167, 576 McGivncy, Marilyn Ann 329 McGlasson, Pamela Diane 525 McGloin, Gilbert J 181 McGovern, Lee 321, 328, 329 McGovem, Virginia A 315 McGrane, William B 323 McGraw, Patrice Suzanne 317, 564 McGregor, Martha Lee 366, 525 McGregor, Melinda Sue 173, 553 McGuffey, Jane Thresa 173 McGuffey, Susan E 173 McHard, Elaine Michaux. 189 Mcllheran. Michael E 553 Mcllvain, Rebecca Jane 525 Mclngvale. Julia E 169, 564 Mclngvale. Mary M 169 Mclnnis, Darein Lee 309 Mclntosh. Dana Kaye 525 McJunkin. Chris E 303 McKamie, David Edgar 205. 553 Name Pages McKamie. William Michael 205 McKee, David Wayne 423, 448 McKee, Larry Michael 339, 525 McKee, Martha Karen 324 McKee, Martha Marcella 264 McKee, Suzanne 173 McKenna. Mary Kathryn 159 McKennon, Stuart C 279 McKetta, John J 262, 320 McKie, James W 458, 459 McKinley, John Perry 525 McKinley, Leslie Anne 525 McKinleu. Robert Ernest Jr 163 McKinney, Debra Gale 322 McKinney, Joan 525 McKinney, Michael W 323 McKitrick. Vivienne Lee 157. 525 McLain, Deborah Lynn 564 McLaughlin, John Robert 323 McLean. Karen Sue 173. 285 McLean. Mary Alice 145, 576 McLeland. Kenneth C 576 McLeland, Peggy Lynn 169 McLemore, Samuel Dale 458 McLcroy. Frederick G 339 McLinden, Karen E 317 McMahan, Joan Elizabeth 317 McMahon. Joan E 191, 564 McMahon, Leah Lynn 191 McMahon, Marilyn Anne 340 McMahon, Mark Preston 263 McMichael, Pamela Lea 165, 245, 564 McMichael. Thomas G 576 McMillan, Monty Hayes 525 McMillan, Nancy Kay 173, 576 McMillen, Robert Lee 576 McMillian. Earl Thomas 193 McMorris. Cynthia Lynn 576 McMullen, Edward Duane II 298 McMullen, Sarah Jane 189 McNair, Henry Leonard 612 McNair, Monty Lynn 564 McNamara, Addis Taylor 358 McNccly, David Lansing 336, 376, 525 McNeely. Patricia Mrs 36, 37 McNeil, Buck Wayne 323 McNeil. Michael Scott 411 McNeil, Patricia Clay 576 McNeme. Stanley Joe 279 McNew, Meredith Lynne 328 McNutt, Rita Ann 231, 343 McPhail, Susan 553 McPhaul, Michael 199 McPhersoji, Douglas A 425 McPherson, Jean Lea 429 McPherson, Lynn 321 McPherson, William Thomas 289 McQuade, James Edward 525 McQuade, Kenneth J 323 McQuay. Randall Edgar 247 McRee, Walter E. Ill 364. 544 McReynolds, Allen Dale 181. 564 Name Pages McSpadden. Sammy Kay 525 McSwain. Edward Lee 358 McWeeney, Jean Marie 576 McWilliams. David Lee 398 McWillie, Michael H 553 Mead. David Bolton 261. 525 Meade, Carl Joseph 334 Meador. Jeffrey Paul 209 Meador, Michael Priddie 525 Meadows, Robert Linecum 32] Meadows, Suzanne 525 Mealy, George Michael 143 Mealy, Martha Jean 189. 322, 564 Mears. Hilary 554 Medina, Corina Cruhm 355, 554 Medina, Frank Edwin 396, 398 Medina, Grizelda 321 Meeker, Arne William 357, 499 Meeker, Ellen Louise 185, 357 Meemeskul. Chariyakorn 500 Mehan. Ruth Louise 313, 554 Mehl, Cathy Ann 149, 554 Mehos, Arthur John 223 Mehos. Manuel John 41 1 Meier, Michael Paul 321 Mejlaender, Deborah S 231 Mejlaender. George O. Ill 217 Melancon. Lawrence P. Jr 336, 339, 376 Melancon, Terry Jay 398, 409, 448 Melasky, Flora Elaine 576 Meletio, Mary Ann 171,576 Mellgren, Andrea J. P. Mrs 544 Melone, Mollie 340 Melton, Larry Wayne 348. 554 Melton, Robert Byron 227, 310. 554 Mendel. Doris Mae 328 Mendel, Kenneth Jared 321, 339 Mendiola. Sandra E 525 Mengelkoch, Mary Ann 243 Mengle, Jay Stephen 576 Merced, Grcgoria 330 Mercer. Blair Gray Jr 139, 163, 283, 526 Mercer. Bradford D 336, 377 Mergele, Edwin W. Ill 391, 554 Mericle, John Lawrence 339 Merino, Michael John 576 Meroney, Robert Allen 143, 576 Merrell, Byram Earl Jr 201,526 Merrell, Deborah Lee 315 Merrill, Philip Lanham 34, 35 Merrill. Harry Michael 554 Merritt, Karen Lynn 171, 564 Merrill, Katheryn 171 Merrill, Margaret M 350 Merritt, Michael T 302 Merrill, Molly Melinda 191 Merrill, Reed Monlgomery 350, 526 Merrill, Suzanne 231, 576 Merryman, James Ray 261, 554 Mesloh, Linda Kay 309. 576 Messer. Jay Millon 209, 357, 526 Messina, Melanie Ann 576 600 ....a a Name Pages Metcalf, John Curtis 321 Mclcalf. William IT 213, 544 Metier, John Dean 323 Meulenkamp, Jane 576 Meuret, Mary Jolene 526 Meyer, Arthur Joseph 526 Meyer, Carol Ann 165, 564 Meyer, George Bryant 336. 378 Meyer, Heidy Margaret Mrs 526 Meyer. Jeffrey Lynn 348, 554 Meyer, Karl Lawrence 423 Meyer, Michael Dalton 279 Meyer, Richard Wayne 129, 318, 320, 500 Meyer, Stephen William 323 Meyerson, Jerrell Israel 302 Mezzetti, Kerry Ann 183. 245. 576 Michael, Ermine 314 Michaelson. Edgar A. Jr 390, 576 Michalke. Rowena Ellen 191, 329, 526 Micheletti, Marilyn Beth 321. 526 Michie, Robert Bruce 564 Mickel, Gwendolyn 315 Miclette, Christine A 191. 554 Middleton. Blake Harrison 201. 564 Middleton. Donald Gene 554 Middleton, Michael Lee 500 Miers, Jeb Stuart 321 Miertschin. James David 334 Miertschin. Karen E 564 Mikeska. Gregory Ward 255. 576 Mikeska. Joe Ed 544 Mikeska, Victor Thomas 269 Mikhail. Samir R 526 Miksovsky. Patricia S 185, 554 Milburn, Nancy Louise 171, 554 Millard, Betty Jo 317 Miller, Alton A. Jr 223, 576 Miller, Anita Gwynn 317, 564 Miller, Anna Catherine 317 Miller, Ann Ray 356 Miller. Barkley Thomson 526 Miller, Bobby Ray 526 Miller, Bruce Michael 151 Miller, Frank Henslee 203, 564 Miller, Gary Lee 330, 348, 554 Miller. Gary William 229. 263 Miller, Harold Wade 201 Miller, Howard Burke 298, 332 Miller. Jay H 554 Miller. Jay Mark 221, 253, 554 Name Pages Miller. Julie Ann 149. 576 Miller. Karen Elaine 149 Miller. Katherine L 554 Miller. Kathryn J 526 Miller. Kevin Wesley 323, 564 Miller. Kurt Douglas 554 Miller, Larry Paul 41 1 Miller, Laura Frances 554 Miller, Laura May 169 Miller, Luke Horrell, Jr 388 Miller, Marilyn Frances 169, 526 Miller, Marion M. Ill 544 Miller, Michael L 526 Miller. Peggy J 564 Miller. Robert Max 526 Miller, Russell Jay 225. 576 Miller. Sandra Marilyn 313, 554 Miller. Stephen Herman 279. 326. 429. 554 Miller. Theodore B. Jr 167. 526 Miller. Vicki Jane 173, 564 Miller, William M. Jr 423 Milligan, Connie Sue 576 Millikan, Pamela R 147 Milliner. Walter T. Jr 330 Mills, Constance C 173, 576 Mills, John Alton 181 Mills. John Russell 323 Mills. Keith Wayne 564 Mills, Robert Mark 352 Millsap, Samuel D 318, 320 Milner. Michael Loyd 378 Milstead, Melinda Kay 185, 554 Milstead, Thomas Hewes 544 Milvenan, James Scot 321 Minahan, Joseph J. Jr 221 Minahan. Paula Ellen 576 Mincberg. David Meyer 318 Mincberg. Pearl Sophie 576 Mindak, William Anthony 332 Miner, John 612 Mingus, Melinda Lou 317 Minnick. Malcolm Robin 398. 448 Minoo-Hamedani. Vida 554 Minor, Charlotte Jan 526 Mintz, William A 526. 615 Miracle, Bruce Gilbert 526 Miracle, Deborah M. Mrs 544 Miracle, Rocky Reed 385, 564 Mirhashemy, Seid Hassein 526 Mitchael. Curtis A 612 -{! A MX - ' ' ' (I ' L . rri A ' .. . Name Pages Mitchell, Candace D 159 Mitchell. Charles Ramsey 179, 576 Mitchell, Donna Sue 564 Mitchell. James Edward Jr 526 Mitchell. John Stuart 223 Mitchell. Karlyn Louise 317 Mitchell, Lawton C. HI 167, 281 Mitchell, Lesa Claire 171,317 Mitchell. Marcella 261, 526 Mitchell, Mary Alice 145, 576 Mitchell. Nancy Blaker 171, 309 Mitchell, Robert Terry 279, 545 Mitchell, Stanley R 576 Mixon, Bonnie Lyn 1 89 Mixon, Clifford Andrew 217 Mize, Nancy Wells 189. 564 Moehle. Carl Michael 357, 554 Moellcr, Gisele 554 Moerbe. Millicent Ann 328. 329 Moerer. Carl Henry Jr 139, 217, 554 Moffatt, Ann Marie 169, 576 Moffatt, Roy Herman 526 Moffeit, Michael Paul 261 Moffctt. James Newell 554 Moffett. Joette 576 Moffilt, Daryl Gene 357, 500 Moffitt, William Perry 217, 564 Mohle, Robert Ray 279 Mokry. Scott Joseph 576 Molchanov, Robert Frederick 526 Molder, Michael Eugene 526 Molina, Joseph F. Ill 565 Molineaux, Joseph Francis Jr 388 Moline, Michael Edward 526 Mollberg. Bernard Carl 323 Moller, Stephen F 203 Molyneaux, Gregory B 276, 326 Monaghan, Vickie Lee 329 Monashkin, Eric Laurence 336, 378 Moncrief, Basil E. Jr 295, 391 Money. David Ray 554 Moneypenny, Lynne F 340 Monro. Deborah Ann 317. 565 Monroe, Janie Lee 326 Monroe, Mark McLain 201, 286 Monroe, William Frank 439, 554 Montalvo, Virginia A 526 Montano, Juan Jose Morata 526 Monteith. Walter Wilson 163. 576 Montemayor, Jose De Jesus 500 Monlesino, Lourdes M 165, 285, 576 Monlesino. Orlando C 175 Montgomery. Charles Matthew 388 Montgomery, Clifton James 213 Montgomery. Debra S 576 Montgomery, Jimmy C 554 Montgomery. John Paul 302 Montgomery, John Paul 526 Montgomery, Leah Rae 185 Montgomery, Margaret M 576 Montgomery, Nancy K 554 Montgomery, Paul E 261 Moody, Charles E 576 Moody, Charles Shedrick 565 Moody, Irene Ann 171 Moody, Jennifer Alice 207 Moody, Mary Jane 191 Moody. Mary Sue 321 Moody. Patti Charmayne 306 Moody. Thomas Edward Jr 526 Moon, Dean Razel 526 Moon, Yang Soo 500 Mooney, Rickey Hardin 384 Moore, Alan Arthur 526 Moore. Becky Ann 147, 554 Moore, Carla Jane C 321, 526 Moore, Carol Jean 145, 321 Moore. Carolyn Joyce 526 Moore. Dan D 565 Moore. Danny 201 Moore. Dan-ell James 324 Moore. David Edward 289 Moore. David Greg 323 Moore, Dolores 615 Moore. Doyle Randall 201 . 433. 434 Moore. Gail Ann 171. 576 Moore. Gary Allen 139. 151 Moore, George Proctor 545 Moore, Jack Hutchins 193. 321, 526 Moore, James McLean 199 Moore, James Ray 398, 448 Moore, Jerry Lynn 554 Moore, Joan Elizabeth 554 Moore, John Pierce 554 Moore, John Steven 151 Moore. Judy Kay 392, 554 Moore, Karen Roberta 554 Moore. Kathryn Jane 565 Moore, Kathy Lou 339.441,545 Moore. Kenneth Matthew 526 Moore. Lael Denise 165, 565 Moore. Larry Bob 298 Moore, Laura Meredith 191, 576 Moore. Lester Thaddeus 321 Moore. Martha Kathleen 165. 526 Moore, Martha Kathryn 545 Moore, Merry Laureen 165, 576 Moore, Michael L 259 Moore, Michael Ray 326 Moore. Nancy Arlene 565 Moore. Nancy Gail 145 Moore. Nancy Voigt, Mrs 329 Moore, Patty Louise 526 Moore, Rebecca Emily 183, 265, 554 Moore. Richard Lee 527 Moore, Robert Gary 554 Moore, Susan Gay 527 Moore. Thomas Watson 201 Moore. Virgil Erskine HI 554 Moore. William Eutis 353. 527 Moore. William Stephen 527 Moore. William Walter ... ... 350 Name Pages Moores. Susan Shelley 322, 576 Moorhead. Donna Lee 554 Morales, Alejandro Ruiz 500 Morales, Julian Ray 245 Morales, Mario E 279, 576 Morales, Martin Mooney 289 Morales, Victor G 527 Moran, Suzanne Smith 527 Moran. Thomas Donald 227. 383. 527 Morehousc, Wende Lo u 189 Moreland, Bobby Keith . .41 1.432. 433, 434. 448 Moreland. Margaret Lynn 145, 306, 310 Moreno, Benjamin 527 Moreno, Carlos Americo 128, 244 Moreno, Maria E. Morales 554 Moreno. Phillip James 363 Moreno. Reynaldo P 423, 576 Moreno, Sylvia 317, 565 Morewitz, Dorothy Dee 322, 576 Morgan, Alethia Ellen 317, 319 Morgan. Cindy Lou 138. 145 Morgan, Gary Don 276. 279 Morgan, Jacqueline D 576 Morgan, James Wilson 300 Morgan, John Kimberly 323 Morgan, Katherine A 147 Morgan, Laura Kathleen 165, 527 Morgan, Lisa Jo 527 Morgan, Mary Anne 338, 356 Morgan. Michael Scott 439 Morgan, O. C 300 Morgan, Pamela 149 Morgan, Paul John 570 Morgan. Robert Owen 425, 448 Morgan, Rodney Blake 358 Morgan. Sara Lynn 231, 357 Morgan, Trevoris Lynn 576 Morgan. Vicki Ann 309 Morgan, William George 330 Morgen, Sandra Lynn 32 1 Morin. Ruben 383 Morley, Joel Blake 565 Morphis. Phillip C 245 Morrey. Susan Eloise 321 Morrill. Frank Swan 199. 527 Morris, Albert William Jr 314. 527 Morris, Catherine Ann Mrs 322 Morris, Catherine Lee 325 Morris, Cheryl Minon 173. 565 Morris, Cynthia Lynn 173 Morris. Deborah Jean 169, 554 Morris, Jack Richard 527 Morris, James Stirling 398 Morris, Jane Emelia 302, 537 Morris, Joan Margaret 171, 576 Morris, John Monroe 323 Morris, Judith H 328 Morris, Larry Edward 358 Morris, Lillian Lucille 527 Morris, Marcia Joan 565 Morris, Suzanne Patterson 527 Morrison, Bart William 246, 554 Morrison, Keith E 321 Morrison. Michael W 323 Morrison. Patricia J 324 Morrison. Robert Lee 576 Morrison. Stephen Glenn 300. 326. 565 Morrow. Cynthia Sue 147 Morrow. Kyle Alan 527 Morrow. Melissa Elaine 303 Morrow, Sara Lee 207 Morse. Donald Steven 554 Morse. Frederick Robert 295. 392 Morse. Robert Emmelt III 321 Morse. Scott Notley 199. 286. 321. 339 Mortar Board 319 Mortensen, Lesa 328 Mortimer, Anne Miner 331 Mortimer, Glenn George 201, 576 Moseley, Gerard Franklin 456, 457 Moseley. Kenneth Scott 195, 554 Mosely, Sarah Ann 576 Moser, Allan Robert 321 Moser. Linda Rochelle 219 Moses. Bernard Stephen 215 Moses, Whitney Stone 213 Mosley. Karen 565 Mosley, Travis Lynn 554 Moss, Lawrence Landram 334 Moss, Paulette Cecilia 321 Mossier, Daniel Glenn 321 Mosso, Stewart J. Ill 323 Mossy, David Lyons 22 1 Mostert, Rachel Lee 191 Motheral, David F. Jr 201 Mothershead, Jean Ruth 576 Mottley, Jacqueline D 576 Moulder. Rita Marie 527 Mousselli. Abdl Hadi 500 Mowad. Arthur H 576 Mowlavi. Kiumars S 527 Mowry, Nancy Katherine 247 Moyer, Lynne Marie 366, 527 Moyers, A. Jefferson 527 Mucha. David 217, 527 Muck. John Kelly 545 Muecke. Michael David 364 Muccke. Paula Jean 231, 565 Mueller, Glenn Roy 364, 527 Mueller. John Edward 500 Mueller, Peter Eric 323 Muhlbauer, Robin Gail 317 Muir. Donald W. Jr 323 Muir, Jo Ann 159 Mulberry. Gayle Ann 191 Mulberry, Lynn E 191 Mulder. Roger Allen ' . 332 Mulhern. Mary Ann 185, 576 Mulkey. Kathleen T 554 Mulkey. Oren Anslem Jr 527 Mullen, Avis Ann 328 Mullen. Bernard Neil 247 601 Name a s " Mullen. James E. Ill 330 Mullen, Ray Dyann 171 Mullins, Donald Hugh 385 Mullins, James Robert 527 Muliins, Patricia Ann 315 Mullins, Rita Gail 565 Mullins. Russell Neal 363. 565 Muncey, Linda Jeanne 185, 576 Munir. Ramsey M 545 Munnelce. Gary Arthur 1 29, 3 1 8, 320 Munncke. Maria Kay 134. 183, 246. 527 Munoz. Felipe 429, 448 Munoz. George 554 Munoz, Jesse Frank 382 Munoz, Olivia Anne 554 Munroe, Phyllis Jo 554 Munson, Cathy Sue 147, 554 Munson, Chris Doyle 279, 326 Muntz, Linda Sue 219. 527 Murchison, Caren Jane 545 Murdock, Jeffrey H 217, 576 Murillo, Victoria C. Yatcs 147 Murph, Carol 169 Murphy, Brenda Louise 279, 327 Murphy, Charles William 296, 323, 364, 565 Murphy, Elizabeth S 189 Murphy, Eloile Anne 328 Murphy, Eugene James Jr 527 Murphy, Gary Edwin 392 Murphy, Grady Fred 325 Murphy, James Scott 565 Murphy, Larry Paul 411 Murphy. Melisa Kathleen 322 Murphy, Susan Wills 189, 577 Murrah, Lowell Jay 364 Murray, Donald Shelton 428, 448 Murray, Laura Jeanne 554 Murray. Leslee Kay 322 Murray, Robert Moore 187 Murray, Scott Vincent 336, 376 Murray, Tinker Dan 357 Murrell, Roy Lee 554 Murrell, William E. Ill 323 Murtaugh, Mary 145 Murtha, Margaret Lou 145, 322 Mussett, Deborah Ann 527 Muston. William Edwin 267. 334 Muzny, Robert Thomas 500 Myers. Cynthia Sue 339, 527 Myers, Danice Louise 577 Myers, Debra Lea 554 Myers, Debra Lynne 565 Name Pages Name Pages Myers, James Edward 199, 286, 33 1 Myers, Melinda Dale 554 Myers, Pamela 149, 317 Myers, Robert Lee 213 Myers, Victor Charles 227 Mynatt, James Lee 554 Myrick, Freddie Lee Jr 331 Mzyk, James Bernard 323 N Nablian, James Jerome 328 Nabors. Mike Nelson 143 Nabors, Richard Sims 283, 398 Nagid, Jerry Lynn 215, 565 Nagle, Gary James 355 Nahkunst. Michael A 244 Nahoum, Jack Jr 201 Naiser, Kathryn Joyce 554 Nail, Cathi Lynn 565 Nalle, William Byrd 223 Namken, Patsy Ann 527 Nance, Debra Kay 317, 554 Narisi. Stella Maria 331 Narveson, David Scott 421 Nash, John Harvey III 201. 305, 565 Nash, William Alan 279, 326 Nasser. Daniel George 334, 527 Nassour, Michael Martin 378 Nathan, Arthur Maurice 321, 339, 527 Nathan, Sara Lynn 149, 576 Nations, William L 325 Natto. Ibrahim A 500 Naughton, Catherine A 565 Naughton, Judith Ann 129, 245, 219 Nava. Ricardo 439 Navabi, Zainalabedin 565 Naylor, Glen Charles 195, 554 Naymola, Gail Josephine 153. 285, 317, 565 Nazzaro. Vincent P. Jr 554 Neal, David Lester 2% Neal. Durwood E, Jr 324 Neal, Joe West 491 Neal. Mary Jo Clarice 157 Neal, Monya Charlene 329 Ncale. Martha Ruth 189 Neary, Michael Leonard 213 Nease, Stephen Duane 358, 327 Neel, Brenda Maria 321 Neely, Susan Kearns 545 Neff, Nancy Louise 169 Neffendorf. Gary Ray 527 Neffendorf, Keith 565 Neibauer, Sharlene 317 Neidert. Lisa Jo 317, 565 Neill. Carol Elizabeth 159 Neill, Craig Evans 199, 576 Neitzel. Charlotte L 145 Nelson, Anne Webb 319 Nelson, Daniel Warren 320, 33 1. 428. 448 Nelson. Diane Berenice 276, 279, 327, 565 Nelson, Donald Skipper 201, 554 Nelson, Donna Louise 565 Nelson, Eugene 320 Nelson, Gary Dean 384 Nelson. Jay Rodney 334 Nelson, John Wendell 321 Nelson, Julie Ann 207 Nelson. Michael Neal 181. 333, 527 Nelson. Nancy Ann 189, 554 Nelson, Patricia Anne 159. 554 Nelson. Patricia M 315, 577 Nelson, Randy Allan 223 Nelson, Robert Grant 323 Nelson, Steven Lee 2% Nelson, Susan Jo 207, 565 Nelson, Thomas Hunter 199 Nelson, Trudy Ellen 565 Nelson. William C 527 Nematollahi. Jay 325 Nenstiel, Joe Don 2% Nesby, John Stephen 312 Neshyba, Mary Lee 554 Ness, Rebecca Ann 313, 577 Nester, Kay 183, 319 Nettles, Charles Mitchell 179 Neu, David J 527 Neu, Elaine Vicky 332, 527 Neuhaus, Nancy Park 191 Neujahr, Stanley G 358 Neuman, Mary Beth 149 Neuse, Douglas Malcolm 321 Nevins, John M 347, 577 Newberry, Sharon Lynn 231 Newcomb. David Ray 577 Newcomb. William W. Jr 491 Newell. Mary Lynne 317 Newell, Nancy Anne 159, 577 Newell, William Howard 334, 358. 527 Newkirk, Lynn Ellen 324, 577 Newman, Cary Strong 213 Newman, Gale Elizabeth 171 Newman, Gary Lee 213, 528 Newman, Jeffrey W 281 Newman, John Edward Jr 69 Newman, Larry Lynn 213 Newman, LayneCarlton 213 Newman, Mayrelee F 329 Newmon, Steven Ray 398 Newsom, Charles Ray 323 Newsom, Connie Sue 565 Newsom. Julia Jean 145, 528 Newton, John Wharten III 201 Newton, Katherine 207 Neyland. Robert Reese Jr 167 Ng.Amy 317 Ng. Lily Li Li 528 Nibblett, Donald Bryan 376 Nibouar. Douglas Edwin 419. 448 Nicholas, Ann Marie 26 1 Nicholls, Sheila Ruth 328 Nichols, Carolyn 440, 565 Nichols, David Landcl 324 Nichols, Don Deaton 528 Nichols, Karen Deborah 122, 165, 31 1 Nichols, Steven Parks 333 Nichols, William Gavin 323 Nicholson, Mary P. . . . : 554 Nicholson. Ross Corby 577 Nicholson, Sandra K. B 329 Nicks, Nancy Claire 338, 528 Nielsen. Donald Ellis 279, 577 Niemann, Frederick A. Jr 181 Niemann. James C 181, 571 Nilsson. David Otto 337 Nilsson, Jeanne F 328 Nini. Randy Stephen Nipper, Laurie Lynne 329, 528 Nitzberg, Leslie S 307 Nixon, Janis Lee Scoggins 545 Nixon, Joseph Ray Jr 195 Nixon. Michael Howard 528 Nixon, Roger Bane 577 Nixon, Vickie Stanger 528 Noack, Nancy Ann 159, 577 Noback, Elsie Helene 165 Noblitt, Mary Susan 171 Noell, John Dudley 528 Nokes. Laura Margaret 169 Nolan, Elizabeth A 183 Nolan, Peter Andrew 321. 383 Nolan, Steven Edgar 303, 324 Nolen. Vicki Gail 565 Nolle, Jane Ellen 565 Nolle, William Edmond 565 Nommensen, Patricia L 317 Nora. Linda Mae 528 Norman. David Oliver 528 Norman. Jack Oje 528 Norman. James Harvey 286. 389, 390, 528 Norman. John David 324. 565 Norman. Nancy S 577 Norris. Carol Linda Boggs 321 Norris, Nina Elizabeth 317 Norris, William Frank 181 North, Patricia Ann 577 Northcutl. Michael F 554 Northern. Mary Patricia 310 Northington. Frances G 191,577 Northway, Lynn Aileen -. 191 Norton, Barbara Ellen 317 Norton. Edwin Kiest III 244. 528 Name Pages Norton, Eve Gwendolyn 260, 322 Norton, Nicky Marshall 311 Norton. Susan Jean 285 Norwood. Gyles Richard 330, 33 1 Norwood, Lana Packer 321 Norwood, Nell 329 Norwood. Peggy E 321 Norwood. Virginia Sue 554 Notley, Anne 231, 379, 565 Novak. Katharine E 189 Nowlin, Ann Shelton 191 Nowlin, Ethel Ruth 565 Nowolny, Arno 320 Nugent, William Eugene 554 Nunez-Doval, Ramon Martc 333 Nunn. Charles William 528 Nunn, Julia Grant 328, 528 Nunnelly, Randall Scott 545 Nussenblatt. Francine Lynn 138, 219, 317 Nussenblatt, Shelley G 219, 329 Nutter, Royce Layton 565 Nye, Patricia Susan 528 Nystrom, Deborah Ann 565 o Oakes, Martin J 382 Oates, James Mason 554 Gates, Nickcy Louis 221, 577 Oates, William G 423, 424, 448 Oatman, Tamra Shae 23 1 , 263, 554 Obenhaus, Dennis Karl 289, 377 Obrien, Gregory Edward 179 Obryant. Shirley L 329 Ochs, Gary Gaylord 528 Ochse, Laurence Hurst 386 Ochse, William W. Ill 386 Ochsenbein, Kay Lynn 554 Oconnell. John James III 528 Oconnell, Patrick J 554 Odell, Milton Berford Jr 323 Odcll, Peggy Jean 332 Odle, Donna Brance 298 Odom. Melvin Curtis 289. 565 Odom. Mikal Janelle 577 Odonnell, Kerry Ann 145 Ogden, William Wesley 246, 321 Ogle, Charles Melson II 348. 554 Ogle, Cynthia Jo 577 Oguinn, Thomas Clayton 429 Ohkuma, Hiroshi 500 Okelley, Michael Keith 353. 565 Olander, Gary Milton 179 Oldfield, Mary E 565 Ol im, Sarah Belle 340 Olivarez, Maria Aurora 366, 528 Oliveira, Mark A 247, 554 Oliver, Lloyd Wayne 376 Oliver, Patricia Lynn 554 Ol ivier, Henri Gaston 143, 577 Olle, Glenda Kay 183,565 Olle, Thomas Henry 577 Olm. James Fred 411 Olm, Kenneth William 320 Oloughlin. Miles W. HI 30, 31 Olsen. Elise Arline 285, 3 1 7, 322, 324, 565 Olsen. Mary Anne 554 Olsen, Roy Warren Jr 577 Olson. Alice Ann 317 Olson. Edward Clinton 303 Olson. Jon Michael 577 Olson, Linda Sue 317 Olson, Stephanie J 322 Olson, Steve Hartman 323 Olvera, Juan Manuel 433 Omalley, Suzanne Marie . . 258, 321, 332, 346, 528 Omar, Kahlel 612 Omega Psi Phi 196, 197 Omicron Delta Kappa 320 Omicron Nu 338 Onak, Diane Louise 159 Oneal. Molly Lyn 321 Oneal, Robert Martin 187 Oneil. Donald Sylvester Jr 321 Oneill, Alice Jane 528 Onion, Janet Marie 173, 285 Onstott, Lloyd James Jr 167, 577 Opening Pages 4-24 Oppenheimer, Nancy L 528 Oprea, Cathy Lynn 329 Orange Jackets 293 Orientation Advisors 261 Orlando, Joseph S 324 Orleans, Fredrick Steven 330, 33 1 Orozco, Mary Irene 565 Orr. William Michael 577 Ortega, Adrian Gilbert 364, 554 Ortega, Gustavo Ramon 325 Ortiz. Manuel Paul 167 Ortiz. Rosila 554 Osborn, Jayne Leigh 147, 322, 554 Osborne, John Carroll 167, 323, 565 Osborne. Paula Jean 577 Osborne, Suzan Valrie 577 Oshman, Daniel Gregory 32 1 , 324 Ossaesquivel. Manuel A 565 Oswalt. Eva Joan 169 Oswalt, Ronald Keith 392 Oswalt. William Morris 179 Otis. Jack 482 Ott. Cynthia Ann 322 Ott. Dana Bruce 201, 528 Ott. Harry Leon 355. 565 Ott, Mitchell Ray 330 Ottermann. Robert William 217 Ottinger. David Dan 364 Otto, Jane Marie 189, 565 Ousley, David Harold 554 Outstanding Students 108-1 16 Overton, Corliss Gayle 175. 528 602 Name fag " Overtoil, David Richard 298 Owen, Clyde M. Jr 376 Owen, George Mitchell 209 Owen, Hessie Reese 191, 577 Owen, James Patrick 334 Owen, Lawrence Cecil Jr 336, 378 Owen, Stacy Long 213 Owen, Stephen Collins 163, 286 Owens, Jerroll Dennis 364, 528 Owens. Kenneth Lee 330 Owens, Melissa Claire 171, 565 Owensby, Bruce Eugene 528 Owsley. Michael Mansfield 163 Oxford, Charlotte Eva 440 Oxford, David C 167 Oxley. Steven Craig 398 Oydung, Simon Chad Nicn 528 Ozon, Barbara Lynn 528 Pabor, Paul Arthur 373 Pabst, Patrea Linda 159, 244 Pace, David F 577 Pace, Donald A. Jr 330 Pace, Elizabeth G 565 Pace, Patricia Louise 285 Padden, Brian Lawrence 391 Padgett, Patrick M 398 Pagel, Paula Elaine 554 Pagct-Clarke, Nicholas Charles 321 Pahnke, Robert David 52 Paine. Beverly Anne 145, 577 Painter, Sarah H 207. 577 Pajares. Richard Luis 181, 321, 324 Palafox. Gary Wayne 279, 326, 554 Palandech, Douglas J 339 Paledes, Kristina Ann 345 Palermo, Gai l Lynn 321 Palmer, Frances Edith 528 Palmer, Gamble J. Jr 221 Palmer, Gary Wayne 267 Palmer. Kathleen Lee 159 Palmer. Nancy Jo Ann 317 Palmer. Robert Scott 187 Palousek. Constance Ann 321, 329 Pancoast, Ervin Joe : 528 Pang, William Fook 577 Panhellenic Council 138 Panmeechao. Sunan 500 Pannell. Jeff Carl 269. 325. 362, 554 Pannell. Linda Diane 528 Pannill, Fitzhugh Carter III 32 1 , 324 Pantusa. Maureen E 317 Panzarella. Robert L 289. 439, 565 Papa. Katherine Marie 165. 565 Papanek. Maida Diane 306 Pape, Glenn Leon 279, 323, 554 Pape, Kenneth Wayne 433, 434, 448 Pappas, Christopher Culver 181, 528 Pappas. Gwendolyn B 243 Pardue. Dana Jo 554 Pargaman. Patrice Jane 321. 339 Parham, Daniel Kelley 201 Parham. Tanya Elaine 165, 565 Parish, Stephen Royce 321 Park, Christine Ellen 528 Park, Janet Sue 350, 528 Parker, Barbara Carrole 392 Parker, Carl Stephen 129, 139, 167. 283. 528 Parker. Carrie Lynn 317 Parker. Catherine Linda 554 Parker, Cynthia Ann 173 Parker, Elizabeth Ann 528 Parker, Ernest Clyde III 179, 323, 387 Parker, Gene Owen Jr 411 Parker, James Robert 528 Parker, John David 283 Parker. Katherine J 340 Parker. Linda Dillahunty 315 Parker, Linda Kay 145, 315 Parker, Lois Kaye 554 Parker, Michael ' . 289 Parker, Nichols Paul 554 Parker, Richard Lee 439 Parker, Thomas Edwards 213 Parker, William Maxwell 255, 353, 528 Parks, Janet E 565 Parks. William Clyde 528 Parma, Patrick John 336. 377 Parman. Molly Evelyn 165. 615 Parmclee, Georgia Gilliam . . .304. 305. 307. 315, 340 Parnell. John Edward 187. 280. 281. 565 Parr. Mark Barrett 577 Parramore, John Lee 528 Parrish Norman Wilton 321, 529 Parrish, Patti 555 Parrish. Rebecca E 322, 577 Parrish. William M 139, 187, 323 Parsons, Christopher B 323 Parsons, Robert Spencer 181, 577 Parsutt, Stephanie Lynn 313 Partain, Valerie J 577 Partida, Audon E. Jr 565 Partin, Betty Jean 577 Pasqua, Thomas M. Jr 332 Pate. Phyllis Elaine 577 Pate. Robert Carroll 339 Patrick, Nelson Gray 464 Patterson, Connie C 244 Patterson, David Andrew 217 Patterson. Janette 318 Patterson. John Newton 337 Patterson. Nancy H. Novak 528 Patterson, Patrick 3% Patterson, Richard M 398 Patterson. Robert Harold Jr 529 Patterson. Robert Michael 258. 259, 323 Patterson, Robert Stiles 337 Name Page! Patterson. William D 378 Pattillo, George D 139, 221 Patton, Alexander Ford 565 Patton, Campbell Alison 201 Patton, Carlcne Ann 145 Patton, Edward Berry 199 Patton. John Fitch 201 Patton. Mary Carol 175 Patton. Timothy 423, 425. 427, 448 Paul, Elizabeth R 231 Paul, James Robert 306 Paul. Jeffrey R 193 Paull. Donald George 529 Paull. William T. Jr 247 Paulos, Christine Carrie 322 Paulsen, Patricia J. Schafer 338 Pauly, Wynne Alison 189, 555 Pavlic, Virginia Kay 145 Paxson, Joan Ellen 145, 577 Payne, Edward Douglas 555 Payne, Harry J. Jr 545 Payne, Janice Cockrell 317 Payne, John Carradine 205 Payne, Louie Avis 317 Payne, Mary Anna 324, 577 Payne, Maxinc D 555 Payne, Robert Thomas 555 Payton, Mary Rene 169 Pazdral, George Howard 323, 324, 555 Peace. John 239 Pearce, Carolyn Jean 555 Pearce, Kenneth Home 376 Pcarce, Marsha Kay 231. 397 Pearce, Sharon Adana . . . 129, 134, 145, 293, 319, 379, 528 Pearce, Stephen Moe 201, 323, 565 Pearce, Thomas B. Jr 555 Pearcy, Paul Garrett 181, 314, 577 PEARL Magazine 258 Pearson, Gina E 185 Pearson, Mary Pamela 313 Pearson, Michael Paris 221, 377. 565 Peavey, Donald Ralph 577 Peavy, Emilie D 169 Pecena, Larry Dale 337 Pecena, Patricia Diane 165, 337 Peck, David Alan 529 Peck, Michael David 339, 529 Peck, William Robert III 195 Peckinpaugh. William Thomas III 163 Peddie, Anne Marion 207 Pcddycoart, Patricia 565 Pederson, William C 279, 555 Pedroza, Jose Francisco 555 Peek, Julia Ann 319 Peel, Mark Charles 555 Peel, Thomas B 577 Pegram, Norman Richard 289 Pegues, Christopher Charles 529 Peloubet, John Raymond 201 PEMClub 357 Pcna, Alex C. Jr 555 Pena, Juan Luis 555 Penaloza, Paul Dion 336, 378 Pence, Philip Ray Jr 545 Pence, Suzanne Daniel 207, 577 Pendergrass, Stephen Jackson 195 Pendleton. Jim 289 Pendleton. William J 545 Penn. Julia Myrle 324 Penn, Sue Annette 366, 529 Penn, Susan Elaine 207, 565 Pennebaker, Eugene Strode III 302, 333, 334, 360 Pennington. James W 244, 577 Pennington, Robert E. Ill 328 Pennock. Albert Stanton 325 Pennock, Whitney Lee 577 Penny, Suzanne Noelle 231 Pennywell, Sylvia C 319, 328 Penry. David Wayne 529 Pentecost, Susanne 529 Peper, John Howard 143, 243 Peper, William Arthur 143, 577 Pepper, Sherri Ann 565 Pcrcifull. Melinda L 555 Perdue. William Fred 389, 391 Perez, Arturo Jr 289 Perez, Yolaine 529 Perkins, Carolyn V .129 Perkins, Deborah Rachel 529 Perkins, Katherine Diane 324, 529 Perkins, William S 577 Perrin. Christopher D 555 Perrin. Gregory Jon 209, 281. 565 Perry. Frederick E 398 Perry. Jane Elizabeth 189, 555 Perry. John Carroll 163, 283, 529 Perry, Nancy Lee 165 Perry, Patricia Lee 555 Perry, Shirley Bird 240, 293 Perryman, Kristin Lame 283 Persons, Elizabeth Anne 313 Pesek. Patrick Joseph 321 Peterman, Donna Sue 577 Pcterman, Suzanne 317 Petermann, Martell Lewis 423, 448 Peters, Carl Wade Jr 221, 281 Peters. Jay Irwin 242, 247, 324 Peters, Stephen Clark 279 Petersen, Mary Ann 577 Peterson, Craig W 289 Peterson, Cynthia G 309. 555 Peterson, Cynthia Kay 321,529 Peterson, David C 555 Peterson, Gary Stephen 433, 448 Peterson, Irvin D 279, 577 Peterson, Jeffrey Alton 545 Peterson, Jon Lee 324 Peterson, Krisline E 189, 565 Peterson, Leonard F 577 Peterson, Marcia Jo 173 Peterson. Marv Clare 191 Nan Pages Peterson. Michael John III 199 Peterson, Nina Lyn 247 Peterson, PrudenceG 577 Peterson, Robert Jacob 506 Peterson, William Christopher 276 Petet, Joseph Newell 223, 283 Pelrash, Jackie Ray 298, 545 Pettit, Mike! Houston 545 Pettus, Rebecca Gale 159 Petty, Carol Ross 136, 138, 159, 379 Petty, Lynda Susan 565 Petty, Thomas Charles 344 Peverley, Glenna Susan 183, 555 Pfaff. Tony Earl 420, 421, 448 Pfau, Kathleen S 329 Pfennig, Karla L 315 Pfluger, Marcia Lynn 317, 565 Pfluger. Walter Walker 201, 377, 385 Phaneuf, John Alan 377, 577 Phaneuf, Richard Gregory 336. 376. 529 Phaneuf. Robert E 1 15 Pharo, Milam Randolph 243, 429, 555 Phi Beta Kappa 321 Phi Beta Kinsolving 322 Phi Delta Chi 363 Phi Delta Theta 198, 199 Phi Eta Sigma 323 Phi Gamma Delta 200, 201 Phi Kappa Psi 202, 203 Phi Sigma Kappa 204, 205 Phillips, Barbara Colleen 529 Phillips, Bruce Allen 324 Phillips, Elizabeth A 231, 565 Phillips, Gwendolyn 565 Phillips, Jennifer L 555 Phillips, Joseph T. Jr 555 Phillips, Mary Long 169 Phillips, Melvin Eugene 337 Phillips, Pamela 529 Phillips, Patricia E 577 Phillips, Paula Jane 440 Phillips, Rana Rebecca 309 Phillips, Roland V 555 Phillips. Thomas Mack 187, 391, 577 Phillips. William Bryan III 378 Phillips, William Robert Jr 195 Phipps, Jan Elaine 255, 577 Piana, Michael Ray 577 Piazza, Joseph M. Jr 193 Pi Beta Phi 206, 207 Pi Kappa Alpha 208, 209 Pi Lambda Phi 210, 21 1 Pi Lambda Theta 329 Pi Sigma Alpha 339 Pi Tau Sigma 333 Picard, Gregory Norman 324 Pichot, Claude Edward 555 Pickens, Gary Douglas 187, 57 7 Picket!, Laura Ellen 565 Picket!, Richard Nolan 163 Piel, Glenda Kay 529 Pier, Barry Robin 529 Pierce- Jones, Evan Edward 378 Pierce, Janet Ann 159, 529 Pierce, Lawrence Scott ... 1 12, 229, 282, 283, 320, 321,324,529 Pierce, Llora Lynn 207 Pierce, Terrie Anne 145 Piggott, Guido M. II! 179, 565 Piland, Dudley C. Jr 555 Pillans, Sheree P 165, 577 Filler, Linda Beth 322, 577 Pilot, Valerie Kay 555 Pinchback, Carolyn Louise 529 Pincoffs, Mary E 191, 244 Finder, Stanley David 328 Pink, Laurie Jean 149, 577 Pinkerton, Michael Norman 321, 529 Pinkham, Glenn Ellis 387 Pinkston. John Lynn 279 Pinnell. Gary Ray ... 127, 263, 270, 320, 337, 353, 529 Pinnell, Lana Sharon 529 Pinter, Merilee Marie 165 Piper, Jay Anthony 193 Piper, Paula Ann 529 Pipkin, Deborah Jean 529 Pipkin, Dru Cheatham 529 Pipkin, Leslie Ann 147, 577 Pipkin. Mary Margaret 23 1 Pippin, Risa Kam 243, 317 Pircher. Charles Edward 555 Pisk.Rita 612 Pitrucha, Patrice C 159. 255, 577 Pitts, Allen Carr 195, 555 Pitts, Stephen Roy 296 Piza, Carol Ann 577 Plain, Gail Marie 329, 529 Planner, Arden Layne 545 Planner. Gail Gustaf son 545 Plautz, Richard Lyle 529 Player, Luan Helen 322, 577 Plettman, Susan Gail 3 17. 322 Ploch. Debra Ann 136. 189. 555 Ploch. Mark Cromwell 163 Ploch, Melanie Ruth 577 Plotkin, Marlene Anne 322, 329, 529 Plueckhahn, Charlotte Ann 165 Plum, Carol Lynne 207, 41 1 Plume, Susan E 189, 577 Plumhof f, Charles Edward 22 1 , 283, 555 Plummer, Charles Stockly Jr 201, 565 Plunket, Paul Wood III 529 Poage, David Rowen 390 Poage, James Rankin 221, 529 Poage, Jane Katherine 283 Poarch, Donald Lee 213 Pogue, Cynthia Nell 165 Pohl. David Frederick 213 Pohler, Donald James 529 Pointer, William J 411 Poizner, Sharon Beth 321 Name ft " Polchinski, Priscilla 147, 255, 350, 555 Polhamus, Clinton Dustin 321. 529 Poling. Margaret Ruth 147 Polland, Gary Michael 129, 318. 320 Pollard, Anita Carol 145 Policy. Jennifer Bell 330 Polmanteer, Richard L 289 Polunsky, Valerie Jo 328 Pomerantz, Judith H 577 Pomeroy, Robbie P 165, 577 Pomonis, Bobbie Jean 577 Ponder, Bruce Terrell 423 Ponder, Gerald Ashton 328 Pons, Katherine Elaine 292 Pool, Michael David 296, 373 Poole, Douglas Wayne 247 Poole. Jocelyn 565 Poole, Pamela Lee 171 Poole. Steven Ross 289, 577 Popa, Mitchell Alan 391 Pope, Carol Jean 260 Pope, Janet 231. 577 Pope, Patricia Eloise 173, 577 Popejoy, Renee Jean 185, 529 Popp, James Edwin 565 Popper, Laura Anderson 317, 322, 340, 565 Porcher, Jan Killeen 577 Porter, Byron William 359 Porter, Charles Ray 129, 143, 320 Porter, Debra Jo 274, 275 Porter, Jeffrey Lee 577 Porter, Jo Dell 577 Porter, Junella Lee 255, 344, 555 Porter. Marilee 317 Porter. Rebecca Ann 529 Porter. Susan E 555 Porterfield, John David 298, 529 Porterfield, Reta K 173 Portnoy, Blair Howard 151 Porucznik, Pamela Anne 529 Posey, Pamela Ruth 530 Posgate, Louis Ridout 143 Poss. James Michael 330, 530 Posse 280, 281 Postma, Ann Lynn 530 Poth, Larry Howard 530 Potts, Randall Neal 223 Poulos, Denis Sean 357 Poulos. Mark Stephen 530 Pound, John Gallagher 381, 383 Pounders, Sondra Kay 565 Pounds, Russell David 433 Pouns, Stephen Harold 263, 348, 500 Powell, Cynthia Jean 169, 281, 322, 565 Powell, David Leslie . 1 17, 129. 256, 257, 259, 345, 530 Powell, Diane E 165, 577 Powell, Janet Jean 159. 285 Powell. Jim Bruce 195 Powell. Maggie Marsha 185, 565 Powell, Robert Lee 330, 555 Powell, Ronald Allen 530 Powell, Russell Kelly 213, 577 Powell, Stephen Douglas 530 Powell, Steven Douglas 331 Powell, William R 530 Power, David Richard .555 Power, Patricia Ann 565 Powers. Albert S. Ill 530 Powers, Christina 307 Powers, David G 565 Powers, Lawrence A 339 Poynor, Kenneth Albert 330 Poynor, Wesley Jim 205, 545 Prager. Karen Jean 317, 321, 530 Prasatik. Harold Keith 530 Prashner, Daniel F 339 Prater, Ronald Timothy 279, 565 Prater, Roy William 378 Prather Hall 296 Prather, Paula Jo 183, 355, 555 Pratt, Cilla-Faye 231, 281, 375 Pratt, Gerry Elizabeth 317 Pratt, Mary Kathleen 147, 243, 577 Pratt, Patricia Ann 173, 555 Pratt, Robert W. II 353, 389, 555 Pre-Law Association 355 Prendergast. George Kirk 283 Prengle ' . Dorothy 339 Prentice, Thomas Archer 181, 555 Presley, Dixie Ann 171 , 286, 287 Presley, Michael A 398 Presley, Richard Allen 577 PRSSA 344 Pressler, Catherine Louise 338, 356. 545 Pressler, Jeanne Marsden 500 Pressley, William M 530 Preston, Carole E 565 Preston, Deborah Jeane 138, 145, 555 Preston. Jan 231, 530 Preston, Suzanne 530 Price, Cleburne 396, 423 Price, Edwin Booth 486 Price, Jerry Lee 545 Price, Lawrence William 310 Price, Mary Suzanne 530 Price, Page Harriet 185, 317 Price, Sharon 530 Priddy, Betty Home 189, 265, 328. 530 Pridgeon, Rhonda Marie 530 Priebe, Diana Lynn 244 Priebe, Roy Rodman 530 Priest, Patricia Lee 183, 530 Priest, Susan Lee 183, 317, 379 Priestly. Suzanne 285 Primeaux, Robert Francis. 323, 3%. 423, 424, 448 Pringle. Diane Carol 577 Prior, Roger Everett 555 Prior, Sarah Patrice 207 Pritchard, Barbara J 329 Pritchard, Elizabeth A 340 Pritchard, Kenneth F 545 603 Name Pages Pritchetl, Cheryl Lynn 292 Pntchelt, James Patrick 205, 545 Pritchetl. James W 193 Prock. Connie Irene 530 Proctor, Wade T. II 187 Proft, James Bernard 306 Proft. Robert Wayne 306, 310, 545 Proper. Sieve Ray 565 Pruitt, Kenneth Charles 201 Prater. Martha Scott 159. 577 Pryor. Randal P 555 Pryrant. Nancy Sue 322 Puck. Patricia Suzanne 545 Puckelt, Bruce Edward 301 Puckett, Gary Michael 555 Puckett. William Notley 500 Puckett, William Tyndale 213. 577 Pugh.Gary Brenl 201, 283, 565 Pugliese. Timothy Michael 555 Pugsley, Nancy Jane 173 Puleio, Daniel Thomas 295 Pulford. Cathleen Mary 500 Pulford. D. Lynn 258. 530 Pullam. Joe Charles 545 Pulliam, Debra Denise 159 Pulman. Charles Daniel 32 1 , 330 Pulman, Susan llene 315 Puntch. James Edwin Jr 380, 381, 382 Purcell. Kirk Boynton 439 Purdom, Andrea Faith 165 Purdy. Bronwyn Lee 171,577 Purtle, Carla Kay 577 Purvis, Suzanne Marie 321. 329, 530 Putney. Ruth Emma 171 Pye. Donald Sidney 565 Pyhrr, Stephen A 351 Pyka. Terry Joseph 433. 434. 448 Pyle. Carla Jan 545 Pyle. Cheryl Dianne 313 Pyle. Gary Wayne 306 Pyle. Janice Kay 577 Pyle. Lynell 169 Pyndus, Stanley E 348. 555 Quails. William James 128 Quebe, Karl Russell 323. 382 Quick. Peggy Joyce 145, 577 Quilliam, Mary Corinnc 169 Quinlan. Vincent L. Ill 323 Quinn, James Patrick 143 Quinn. Michael Carl 323 Quintanilla. David 358 Quintanilla. Roger R 577 Quintanilla. Ruben 2% Quintanilla, Teresa V 577 Quock, Jimmy Lee 334 Quock. Robert Lee 530 R Rabe. Patricia Lee 577 Rabel, Hilma Ann 577 Rabel, Selma Sue 530 Rabon. Carol Ann 330 Rabon, Lana Joy 555 Rabun, Jana Lee 565 Rachel. Karen Camille 565 Rachner. Robert R 429, 448. 565 Rachunek. Anthony Gary 359 Radoff, Linda Ruth 244 Rador. Chris Alexander 545 Radusch, Stephen Kent 565 Radzai, Frank R 325 Raetz, Curtis Gene 392 Raff, Dan 175 Rafferty, Kathleen E 565 Raffkind, George Alan 286 Raforth. Karen Robyn 247 Ragsdale. Carolyn D 555 Ragsdale. Deborah Susan 530 Rahiemyelahi. Noory 391 Railey, Melinda A 565 Raimond, Charles Van 175, 545 Rainbolt. Sharon K 165 Raine, Patricia Ann 565 Raine. William Woody 360, 530 Rainey, Richard Randall 213 Rainey. Sarah Linn 159, 285, 565 Rakowilz, Sunnee A 577 Raley. Ramona C 577 Rail, Deborah Ann III. 129.231,319,530 Ramaekers, F. M. Jr 577 Ramey. Lesli 530 Ramey. Lucretia Ann 245. 530 Ramirez. Dahlia C 322 Ramirez, Patrick 348. 530 Ramon. Edna Isabel 185, 565 Ramon, Rebecca Emilia 185, 338. 530 Ramsdell, William M 323 Ramsey, Harman Fred 390 Ramsey, Laura Ann 183, 317. 565 Randall. James Louis 286, 398. 448 Randerson. Deborah J 185. 577 Randle, Cindy Lou 565 Randolph. Leonard Carlos Jr. . 209. 423, 448. 555 Randolph, William Jr 223 Raney, Kenneth C. Jr 555 Rangel. Bertha Lesvia 322, 530 Rankin, Susan Mayo 317 Ransom, Harry Huntt 320 Ransom, Joan Ellen 317 Raphael, Sidney Leonard 215, 378 Rapp. Janet Sue 440, 565 Rappaport, Claudia Diane 530 Rappaport, Karen Sue 578 Rappeport, Joe 530 Name Page ' Rasbury, Elizabeth Ann 566 Rasch, Gerald William 330 Raschke. Lesa Janine 145. 440 Rascoe, Susan Jane 530 Raskin, Denise Beth 566 Raicliff. Michael Allen 296 Rath, Debra Kay 165, 555 Ralhbun. Kenneth R 578 Ratliff. Bryan P 201, 578 Ratliff. Charles M 555 Ratliff. Robert Warner 201, 283 Ratner, Nathan 566 Rattakunjara, Savas 500 Ratterree, Donna Lee 173, 578 Rauhut, James Keith 383 Ravin, Mavis Lajean 175, 530 Ray, David Duane 423 Ray. James Douglas 530 Ray, Jami Fonda 317 Ray. Joel Mark 215. 555 Ray. Marshall Ransome 195. 578 Ray. Mary Pamela 265, 329, 530 Ray. Randall Glen 545 Ray. Robert Randolph 555 Ray. Terry Don 433 Ray, Thomas Charles 286 Rayfield, Robert E 332 Raymond, Charles M 555 Rayner, Lois Evans 285 Raynold. VickiS 578 Read, Debra Louise 379 Read, Nancy Lynn 555 Read, Patsy Laird 207 Read, Sherry Anne 578 Read, William R. Jr 578 Reader. Helaine Susan 149, 375. 377 Reader. Lawrence Stuart 229 Reagan. Berkley Allen 143 Reagor. Charles Alan 223 Real Estate Society 351 Reaves. Sandra Sue 566 Reaves. Vivian Gayle 332, 545 Reavis. Carl Brett 303 Rech. Melony Marlene 578 Rech. Michael Anthony 279. 38 1, 384. 545 Rech, Yvonne C 578 Record. Christopher Stephen 339, 530 Redd. Jimmy G 451 Reddick. DcWitt Carter 320, 332. 484 Reddick. Mary Louise 231 Redding, James Earl 330. 530 Redding. Lynette R 578 Redfearn, Julian Pierce 531 Redwine, Ras V 566 Reeburgh. Elizabeth L 189 Reece. Donna Ellen 147, 321, 555 Recce, Laurie Jan 306 Reece, Lymon Clifton 470 Reed. Cheryl Ann 531 Reed. Christopher H 531 Reed, David King 187 Reed, Elizabeth Ann . 1 14. 147. 265. 319. 329, 531 Reed, Robert Walter 385 Reed. William Gary 321 Reed. William Wesley 303 Reeder, Charles C 300. 373 Reeder, Margaret B 153. 566 Reedstrom. Charles Dan 555 Reese, Donald James 385 Reese. Francis Edward 323 Reese, Kenneth W 578 Reese, Richard Glenn 386 Reese. Robert Louis 223 Reese. Robert Martin 195. 255, 578 Reeve. Charles Gary 303 Reeves. Alan Walter 531 Reeves, Connie Lynn 317 Reeves, James David 433 Reeves, Pamela Jean 566 Reeves, Wallace Franklin 336, 376, 531 Reeves. William Walker .. 283, 323. 429. 448, 566 Reichenbach, Patricia Ann 531 Reichert. Deborah L 185. 578 Reichert. Frank T 555 Reid. Braxton Dorset! 298 Reid. David 578 Reid, Linda 531 Reid. Randal Ray 323, 566 Reid. Scott William 360. 531 Reid, Spencer Lloyd 578 Reid. Susan Collins 189 Reifer, Shalom 215 Reiley. Ronnie Wayne 566 Reilly, James Francis II 392 Reilly, Linda Jane 231 Reinbach, Max Otto Jr. ... 126. 286, 300. 359. 545 Reiner. Joanne L. H 339 Reinhard. Joan Yvonne 340 Reinhart. Arthur K 243. 324 Reinhart. James Robert 289. 555 Reinke. William R 555 Reinsch, Janet K 153. 545 Reiser, Thomas Wendel 331 Reissig. Gary James 398 Reithner. Nancy Ann 171 Reittinger. Patricia M 292, 578 Rekoff, Caroline Lia 555 Remaley, Thomas Michael 531 Rembert, Nancy Townsen 169, 531 Renaudin. Richard A 163 Renfrow. Steven La Doyle 253. 257 Renken. Donald Otto 612 Renner, Daniel Ray 139. 566 Renno, Pamela Kay 555 Renshaw. David Wayne 347 Rentfro. Lindsay E 159. 317. 322. 566 Rentz. William F 347 Repp. David Leo 229 Reuben, Louise D 578 Reuter, Larry Michael 312. 545 Reutinger, David C 312 Reveley, Louis Ramon 53 1 Name Pages Rex. Robert Edward 531 Rey. Carole Ann 531 Reyes, Erwin Anibal 531 Reyes. Juan Isidro 126, 261, 545 Reyes, Miguel 531 Reyes, Racquel 578 Reyes. Toni Jo 578 Reyno, Bernardo Reyes Jr 53 1 Reynolds. Charles Pat 391 Reynolds. Michael M 578 Reynolds, Nancy Lee 441, 531 Reynolds. Rebecca T 147, 243 Reynolds, Timothy Jay 531 Reynolds, William J. Jr 555 RhoChi 325 Rhode. David Leland 360 Rhodes. Frederick A. HI 195. 566 Rhodes, George F. Jr 223, 555 Rhodes, Richard Craig 139, 143. 566 Rhyne. Craig Desmond 555 Ricards, Nancy Ellette 169, 578 Rice, Grant F 217 Rice. Janalyn 322 Rice, John Lane 531 Rice, John Steven 566 Rice, Kathryn Anne S 338 Rice, Linda Sue 531 Rice, Teresa IH Rich, Anita Susan 531 Rich, James Ralph 279 Richard. Carlton Smith 221. 55! Richards. Carrie P 207 Richards, Jack Carlin 167 Richards, Joy Ann 566 Richards, Robert M 555 Richards, Susan K 578 Richardson. David J 578 Richardson, Janet E 566 Richardson, John Harry . .276. 279, 300, 326, 359 Richadson, John P 350. 531 Richardson, Kenneth Ray 276, 279, 326, 334, 531 Richardson, Mark D 245, 566 Richardson, Nancy Jean 531 Richardson, Noah 161 Richardson, Robert F 193, 55! Richardson, Robin H 207, 244, 263, 343 Richarme. Michael T 376 Richey. Don Lee 279, 531 Richey, Elizabeth L 578 Richey, Gayle Annette 317 Richey. Robert C 411 Rickel, Cathy Lynn 169 Rickert, Annette S 53 1 Rickman. Melissa Lee 330 Rickman, Robert Eugene 411 Ridenour, Lee Howard 323 Ridgway, Nancy M 171 Ridley, David Sandefer 213 Ridley. Richard M 221. 578 Riedel. Carol J 338 Riehm, Michael Joseph 531 Rielly. Robert John 555 Riemann.Carl F 566 Riggall. Arch John 339 R.ggs, Ben Hayes 181. 578 Riggs, James Franklin 566 Riggs. Richard Ray 324. 531 Rikard, Michael Gene 323 Riley. KingM.Jr 339 Riley, Phyllis L 555 Riley, Rebecca Louise 171 Riley, William H. IV 531 Rilling. Frank James Jr 213 Rindy. Deborah Lynne 310 Rinehart. Robert Allen 555 Ring. Dianne 173, 330. 531 Ring.GreggJr 203.578 Rinn. Gary Steven 209 Rios. Castellon. L. A 566 Rios. Norma Iris 578 Rioux, Sherrell D. K 555 Rioux. Thomas Wayne 320. 337. 500 Ripper, Pamela S 578 Ripperger, Emily A 555 Ripple, Bonnie Faye 555 Risch. Rebecca 173.322 Ritchey, Debra Sue 566 Ritchcy. Linda Kana 328, 531 Ritchie. Cherri Jean 531 Ritchie. M. Scott 167. 566 Ritts. Howard James 223.245 Rivard, Ronald David 392 Rivers. Carolyn V 555 Rivers, George Ann 147, 53 1 Riviere, Robert Lee 398 Rizzo, Robert Michael 53 1 Roach, James R 241. 320. 463 Roach. Philip Dennis 578 Roach. Travis Morgan Jr 398. 448 Roades, John Leslie 331 Robb. Lisa Carol MS Robb. Lynne Caron 145. 566 Robberson, Sarah K 315, 578 Robbins. Debbra Georgette 578 Robbins. Joel Harlan 195. 555 Roberson. Curtis Roland 330. 531 Roberson, Margaret Jo 339 Roberson. Tommy Neal 411 Roberts, Andrea Gail 555 Roberts, Charles Stanley III 217 Roberts. Charles T 578 Roberts. Cindy 171.578 Roberts. Herbert William 213. 55! Roberts. James Dewitt 566 Roberts. James Thomas 428 Roberts, Janis Gaye 185. 329 Roberts. Judith Gail 165. 319. 321 Roberts. Kenneth 360 Roberts. Kent Thayne 555 Roberts, Lawson P 289 Roberts, Melinda 317. 566 Roberts, Penny Anne 566 Name Pages Roberts, Randall Lee 323 Roberts, Rebecca Ruth 531 Roberts. Rhonda Lynne 566 Roberts. Robin Helene 145 Roberts, Samuel Isaac .225 Roberts, Stephen M 324 Roberts, Wayne Richard 339 Robertson, Beverly K 566 Robertson, Charles A 531 Robertson. Cynthia L 173, 309 Robertson, Dirk Briscoe 217, 439 Robertson, James Stephen 181 Robertson, Linda Susan 189 Robertson, MaryGuyton 317 Robertson, O. Zellar HI 391 Robertson, Odes B 323 Robertson, Richard Lea 310, 566 Robertson, Ronald Edward 195 Robertson, Sharon D 555 Robertson, Theresa Sharon 189. 329. 531 Robichau. Hewitt Paul 41 1 Robicheaux, Daniel Joseph 531 Robillard. Donald F. Jr 203 Robin. Joan E 578 Robinelte. Larry Keith 555 Robinowitz, Kenneth L 578 Robins, Donald Akin 175, 578 Robinson, Beth Gardner 207 Robinson, Debra Gail 578 Robinson. Larry 413. 414. 418. 419. 448 Robinson, Laura Lynn 53 1 Robinson. Lucille 317 Robinson. Michael G 221 Robinson. Orine S 309 Robinson. Patrick W 163 Robinson, Robert McCollum 181 Robinson, Shelby 159 Robinson, Steve M 221 Robinson, Susan Elaine 189, 566 Robinson, William 1 195 Robles, Judy Irene 555 Roblez, Yolanda Lopez 531 Robnett. Susan K 173 Roche, Pamela Ann 147, 578 Roche, Randal C 599 Rochs, Mary Agnes 171, 532 Roddie, Phyllis M 171 Roddy, William Robert 289 Rode, Arthur Stephen 129, 274, 275 Roden. Cathy Lu 532 Rodgers. John Ormand 467 Rodgers. Keith Kay Jr 566 Rodriguez. Alejandro 364, 532 Rodriguez. Alfred 555 Rodriguez, Carlos C. Jr 555 Rodriguez, David 289 Rodriguez, David Roy 545 Rodriguez, James Thomas 389, 390 Rodriguez, Linda Rae 566 Rodriguez, Philip J 323 Rodriguez. Porfirio 439 Rodriguez. Ricardo 291, 545 Rodriguez, Richard J 532 Roe, Jack Willhoit Jr 388 Roe, James S 612 Roe, Jerre 555 Roehm, John F. Ill 578 Roehm, Victoria Joan 145 Roescr, Theodore P 555 Roessner. Roland G. Jr 555 Roffe, James 391 Rogalla, Erica 317 Rogan, Steven Ladd 532 Rogan. William Patrick 217, 556 Rogers, Billy Charles Jr 203 Rogers, Bruce Wilson 221. 545 Rogers. Debra Susan 3 1 7, 566 Rogers. Donna Gayle 566 Rogers, James Eugene 377, 578 Rogers, John 265 Rogers, John Valry 181, 532,612 Rogers, Judith G 317 Rogers, Lee Davis 203 Rogers, Lorene Lane 490 Rogers, Marsha Permenter 329 Rogers, Mitchell West 213 Rogers, Randall David 209, 324 Rogers, Rhonda Mae 566 Rogers. Rowell Seldon 326 Rogers. Wallace HI 201. 578 Rogers. William C 556 Rogers. William H. Jr 325 Rogge, Melvin James 312 Rohn. Lee Jeannette 270 Rohrer, John Douglas 358, 532 Roig, William Ashley 339 Roitsch, Christina Elaine 338 Rollins, Henry Moak 33 1 Rollins. Robert Douglas 205. 555 Rollwage. Claire L 279, 322, 578 Roman. Charles Richard 532 Roman. Cheryl Theresa 147. 566 Roman. Paula Calhoun 500 Romer, Louis Theodore Jr 353. 556 Romero. Richard 378 Romm. Judy Lynn 219 Romoser. Russell Wayne 312, 556 Rookc, Mark Lee 556 Rookcr, Albert A 320 Roos, Stephen Craig 353. 532 Roosth. Michael Barry 225. 566 Roosth, Toni Ellen 149, 578 Root. John William 323 Root, Martha Anne 255. 578 Roper. Philip Ray 209 Rosales. Robert Rudolph 532 Roschke. Mark Alan 334 Rose, Arthur Paul 139, 225 Rose. Barry Martin 225. 578 Rose, Celia Ann 219. 578 Rose. Henry John Jr 199 Rose. Linda Ann 545 604 Name Rose, Pamela Mae 578 Rose, Sandra Jean 566 Rose, Stephen 225, 566 Roseman, James Michael 215 Rosen, Cynthia Ann 578 Rosen. David Bennett 532 Rosen, Michael David 283 Rosen, Robert Kenneth 321 Rosenbaum. Susan Gail 317, 322 Rosenberg, Andrea H 219 Rosenberg. Betty Gail 219 Rosenberg. Debra Lynn 149 Rosenberg. Nancy Lynne 219, 265, 532 Rosenbloom, Judith A 244 Rosenbloorn, Linda G 578 Rosenblum, Cynthia Lyn 149 Rosenblum. Judy Ann 149, 28 1 , 293. 566 Rosenfeld. Rosalynn 128. 135, 245, 293. 532 Rosenfield, Susan B 255. 566 Rosenhand, Tracy 532 Rosenthal. Alan Ray 151, 545 Rosenthal, Amelia R 578 Rosenthal. Arnold S 323 Rosenthal. Barbara Gail 255. 566 Rosenthal. Gwenn Ellen 149 Rosenthal. llene Ruth 578 Rosenthal, Stephen 339 Rosenzweig, Adele Florence 321,532 Rosenzweig. Samuel 229 Rosin, Lindsay Zweig 229, 323 Ross. Debra Anne 145. 285, 566 Ross, Jacqueline 532 Ross. John Anthony 193, 336 Ross. John Bernard 378 Ross. Kenneth Carl 578 Ross, Lawrence Sullivan 500 Ross. Linda Lee 145, 556 Ross, Rebecca Sue 556 Ross, Robert Knox 323 Ross, Robin Anne 165, 578 Ross. Ronald Steven 330 Ross, Stanley R 490 Ross, Vicki Elyse 441 Ross. William George 139, 229. 566 Ross. William Robert 195 Rossano, Marcello Joseph 328 Rosser. Carolyn Ann 556 Rossett. James Banda 348. 532 Rossett, Manuel Banda 347 Rossi. Bemadette M 185 Rosson. Jerry R 246 Rostamo, Gary Arlen 336, 378 Rostow, Elspeth Davics 346 Rostow, Walt Whitman 320 ROTC Air Force 376-378 Army 380-387 Navy 388-392 Roth. Mark Lawrence 330 Rothenberg. Gayle Anne .219, 324, 343, 375, 556 Rothschild. Stanley Lee 578 Rothwell, Charlotte N 566 Rotlner. Patricia Lynn 149. 532 Rounsavill. Dana Lee 246, 290 Rountree, Nancee Gail 159 Rountree. Randolph Winsler 279, 326, 556 Routon, John Randy 532 Rovinsky, Joel Brian 215 Rowan. Robert Caperton 411 Rowan. Walter C. Jr 411 Rowan, William Michael 398, 448 Rowden, Stephan Mark 350, 532 Rowe. Thomas John 323 Royal, Darrell K. ... 330, 3%, 397. 398, 399, 400, 409,420 Royal, Jacqueline Mary 532 Royall, Linda Jean 159, 279, 317, 566 Royce, Elizabeth Ann 566 Royce, Thomas Robert 532 Roydcr, Ruth Diane 532 Roye. Melinda Beth 185. 322, 578 Royston. David Edward 350 Roznovsky, Ronald L. ... 396. 43 1 . 433, 434. 448 Ruano. Sonia Delfina 325, 532 Rubenkoenig. Ralph David 382, 545 Rubin, Elizabeth Ann 566 Rubin, Jack Benjamin 331, 350, 532 Rubin, Robert Jay 324 Rubin. Susan llene 247 Rubinett, Gordon Merrill 225, 339 Rubinsky, Simon William 151, 556 Rubio, Jesus 245, 246, 556 Rubio. Patsy 122, 261 Rudd, Donna Elizabeth 207 Rudd, William Lee III 201, 283 Rudel. Bonnie Arlene 378, 532 Rudel, Connie Alice 317 Rudolph. Arlene Delyse 532 Rudolph. Jennifer Yvonne 219,566 Rudy, Stephen Rylen 390, 566 Ruhland, Doris Joanne 185. 247, 532 Ruiz. Gabriel 358 Ruiz, Gonzalo Alberto 532 Ruiz, LeopoldolII 364 Ruiz, Rose Marie 578 Rummell, Vicki Lynn 159, 338, 532 Rundell, Cathy Sue 231 Runte. Phylis Jean 566 Ruple, Aubrey Vaughn 299 Rush, Pamela Ann 159, 532 Rusk, Keith Edward 203, 566 Russell, Gerald Alan 578 Russell, Helen Leigh 339 Russell, Janet P 165 Russell, Janna Kay 317, 322, 566 Russell, John Emerson 199, 283, 532 Russell, Karen Ann 321 Russell, Mary Louise 578 Russell, Rebecca Lee 191, 556 Russell, Robert Alan 331 Russell, Robert Samuel 532 Russell, Terry Brent 532 Name Pages Russo, Joseph Francis 143. 556 Rutenberg, Randy M 149 Rutenberg. Terry Lynn 149 Rutherford. George William . . 398. 402. 407, 448 Rutherford, Linda Jeanette 138, 155, 556 Rutherford, Nancy Lou 283 Rutledge, Beverly Ann 532 Rulledge, Emily Jane 207 Rutledge. Marvin D. Jr 556 Ruyle, Stephen Don 167 Ryan, Kevin Michael 323 Ryan, Michael Andrew 286 Ryan, Molly Virginia 306 Rylander, Anthony 1 323 Rylander, Betty Grace 317, 566 Rylander, Dale 289 Rylander. Gary Ry 108, 320, 324, 532 Rynd, Frank Barlow 128, 242, 244, 300, 532 Saadeh, Karen Jean 317 Saathoff, Harold Kent 334. 532 Sabel. Jeffrey Marlon 229. 286 Sablatura. MarleneT 578 Sadler, Sharon Kay 173, 244. 578 Saenz. Jesus Alberto 364, 556 Saenz. Juan Jorge 325. 364, 532 Saeta, Elsa 532 Sage. Suzanne Jean 1 73 Saibara. Susan Joy 317, 556 Sakowski. Christine Felicia 556 Salazar, Jorge G 532 Salazar. Juan L 532 Salazar. Ricardo Abel 533 Salazar. Rodolfo G. Jr 360 Saldana. Elsa Antonia 346 Sale, Elizabeth Louise 145 Salguero. David Edward 289, 556 Salinas, Alex Celso 556 Salinas, Elma Teresa 556 Salinas, Jose Daniel 533 Salinas, Lucila M 578 Salmon, Bailey James 556 Salmon, Sally Sue 556 Sailer, Cathy Jean 556 Sailer. Charles Phillip III 533 Sailer, Janis Lynne 556 Sailer. Martha Elizabeth 533 Sailer, Michele T 141 Sailer. Virginia C 556 Salvatierra. Ignacio 533 Salyer. Shannon Ellis 163 Samford. Linda Allene 533 Sample. Don Steven 163 Sample. Marvin E. Jr 566 Sampson. Lynn Ellen 545 Samson. Cynthia Dee 328 Samuels. Carole Jo 149 Samulin, Fran Carol 533 Sanchez, Iris Ann 578 Sanchez. Rodolfo 533 Sanchez. Thomas Bernard 533 Sandberg. James Eric T. Jr 533 Sandberg. Nancy Janelle 185. 328. 533 Sander. Michael Henry 363. 533 Sanders, Barbara Jean 32 1 Sanders, Gay Deniese 578 Sanders. George Michael 195 Sanders, Mary Lesley 533 Sanders, Nancy Lynn 165. 348 Sanders. Patricia E 578 Sanders, Randall H 325 Sanders, Richard Neal 321 Sanders, Susan Lee 145 Sanderson, Barbara Ann 231 Sandidge, Deborah Jean 322 Sandino, Jose 533 Sandlin. Ann 533 Sandlin, Margaret Ruth 556 Sandner, Jann 556 Sandner.Jill 556 Sanford. Janet Lea 545 Sanger. Fredrick W. Jr 578 Sanger, Mary Christine 322 Sankary. Thomas Joseph 215. 556 Sanmiguel. Esther 366, 533 Sanmiguel, GeorgeG 381, 383 Sansing, Cynthia Ann 191 Santamana. Albert Ather Jr 163 Sarchet, Harold F. II 398 Sarles, Harry E. Jr 578 Sartor, Jolly C. Jr 360 Satterwhite, Terry Frank 330 Sauer, Barbara Lyn 138. 153. 566 Sauer, Carol Saunders 545 Sauer. Edward Hugh 181. 545 Saunders. Charles S 323 Saunders, John Keller 331 Saunders, John T. Jr 201, 421 Saunders, Pamela 578 Savage. Jack W. II 223, 545 Sawatdiwong, Amnaj 500 Sawicki. Robert Dean 533 Sawyer. Laura Camille 556 Sawyer. Lisa Rae 159. 556 Sawyer. Steven Ray 143 Saxon. Keith Gordon 324 Sayers, Kerry Louise 207 Sayers, Scott Philen Jr 201 Saylor. Ronald H 323 Scales, Hunter L. IV 383 Scamardo. Marion S. Jr 324 Scanio. Stephen E 303 Scarff. Jim Nelson 187, 566 Scepansky, Mary K 207, 578 Schacherl, Robert H 578 Schaffer, Kay Annette 147, 533 Schaefer, Laura 566 Schaefer, Leonard Franklin 143, 578 Name fages Schaefer, Wilson Edward 195 303 Schaffner, Leslie Jacob Jr 295, 39 1 , 392, 556 Schaffner, Michael A 295 Schares, Thomas 578 Scharff, Milton K 323 Schaucr. Shelley Ann 533 Scheinberg, Marty 324 Schellhase, Gladys K 157, 566 Schement, Linda F 578 Schenkkan. Robert F. Jr 323 Schieffer. Carla Nell 330 Schieffer. Kay Lee 173 Schiewitz, Floyd Patterson 331. 347 Schilling, Harry E 324 Schindler, Paris Ray 163 Schindler, Steven Alan 578 Schissler. Richard Price III 246. 263. 348 Schlechte. Judith Ann 340 Schleicher. John Frederick 295, 391 Schleier, Grady Edwin 343 Schlesinger. Sharon Lynn 219 Schlotfeldt. Judith A 165, 566 Schmid, Margaret Louise 313 Schmid. Maria Gabrielle 231 Schmidt. Anna K 533 Schmidt, Bruce Lynn 377 Schmidt, Eddie C. II 439 Schmidt, Gregory Don 323 Schmidt. John Allen 323 Schmidt. Marilyn Sue 533 Schmidt. Marsha Hunt 533 Schmidt. Richard Edward 533 Schmidt, Rodney Duanc 246, 310, 324, 545 Schmidt. William C. Jr 323 Sch mi it, Edward Joseph 383 Schmitt, Nina Marie 183, 556 Schmitt, Phillip Stephen 267 Schmitz, James William 379 Schmitz, Francis Joseph 391 Schmoker, Karon Lynn 566 Schneidau. Calista A 321 Schneidau. Karen P 244, 566 Schneidau. Sandra Mary 578 Schneider. Catherine Ann 165, 578 Schneider, Dennis Ray 556 Schneider, Jerilyn 578 Schneider, Karen Dee 145 Schneider. Patricia G 317 Schneider, Richard Harry 533 Schneider, Robert A 323 Schneidler. (Catherine Deborah 219, 578 Schnell. Patricia Ann 578 Schnitman, Saundra Lee 159 Schnitzius. Mary Vicki 145 Schnur, Joy Frances 533 Schnurr. Michele Janet 149 Schoeneman. David D 181, 390 Schoener, Dianne L 317 Schoenvogel, Ann Elise 207 Schoenvogel, Leigh 207, 578 Schoepf, Susan Lynne 181 Schofield, John F. Daniel 339, 533 Scholl. Catherine Lee 556 Schollenberger. Jan 138, 171, 533 Scholler, Jean 325 Schonberger, Deborah P 149, 533 Schoolcraft, Alan Lee 203 376 Schools Architecture 472, 473 Communication 468.469 Name Pages Graduate 480,481 Law 476, 477 Nursing 454 Schoppe, Byron Douglas 533 Schott, Mark William 398. 402 Schott, Willough B 448 Schram. Susan Diane 169 Schrank, A. R 456, 457 Schrank, Karon 147, 317, 566 Schrank, Larry Glenn 364, 556 Schrank, Patti Gay 244, 285 Schraub, Linda Anne 159 Schreiber. Richard Arthur 332 Schreibman. Janet Beth 219, 556 Schreiner, Charles IV 201, 283 Schroeder. Cathy Ann 578 Schroeder, David William 533 Schroeder, Galen G 358, 545 Schroeder, Rozanne 556 Schubert, Cynthia Suzanne 173, 379 Schuchardt, Joseph HI 348. 556 Schuelke. John Allan 566 Schuler. Roger John 221. 533 Schullz, Beth Ann 578 Schultz, Michael Henry 566 Schulz, Peggy Anne 292, 533 Schumacher, Barbara A 566 Schuman, Deborah Ann 219, 578 Schumann. Paul 288. 306. 324 Schuster. Mark F 566 Schutze. Sara Ann 566 Schwab, Carol Sue 578 Schwartz, Alan Jay 229, 578 Schwartz, Margaret M 346 Schwartz, Paula Lynn 219, 578 Schwartz, Steven Michael 225 Schwartz. Suzanne 257, 332, 345, 346 Schwobel. Charles Bennett 397 Scofield, Paul Lewis 181 Scofield, William Randal 227, 323 Scott, Alan 332, 344 Scott, Deborah Ann 189, 556 Scolt, Donna Sue 500 Scott, Eleanor Gail 317 Scott, Gerald Wayne 566 Scotl, Gregory Alan 392 Scott, John Howard 323 Scotl, John Paul 421 Scott, Michael Lee 227 Scott, Rose Anne 340 Scott, Sarah Ann 147 Scott, Susan Louise 533 Scott, Teresa Estella 578 Scott. William Buerk Jr. . . 244, 254. 343. 545. 614 Scott, Yvette Gale 155 Scrinopskie, Linda Anne 149, 533 Scruggs. Elaine K 245 Scruggs, James Allen 217 Seal, Bradford William 193 Seale. Horace Patrick 578 Seale, Marsha Kay 315, 566 Sealey, Sara Josephine 207, 533 Seals, Beverly Lu 171. 317 Seals, Freddie Lee 533 Seals. Laura Shirley 533 Seals. Wayne Alan 330 Sely. Glenn Michael 533 Seaman, Sandra Jane 322, 578 Searcy, Marcus G 612 Sears. Elizabeth H 322 605 Name Pages Sebastian. Mark 556 Sebek. Charles A 276, 279, 326 Sebesla, Charleen Shirley 533 Seeker, Ruth March 566 Sedberry, Lory Lyn 183, 578 Sedlacek, Larry Martin 398 Sedlachck, Michelle P 356 See, Francis Hak Keong 533 Seeligson, Ramona F 207 Segall, Candace Louise 171. 281, 566 Segall. Hazel 379 Segner, Jerald Lynn 556 Seibel, Madaline Ruby 556 Seidel, Helen Frances 441, 533 Seidel, Robert Mark 324, 556 Seidenberger, Samuel Reagan 283 Seidler, Diane Daphne 169, 322 Seifert, Mary M 566 Seilheimer, Edwin J. Jr 289, 578 Self. Donna Elaine 171, 578 Self, Victoria Susan 566 Selig, Debra Elaine 149 Sclig, Peter Craig 229 Seligman, Michele A 219 Selke. Harold E. Jr 381, 384 Selken, Gary Scott 221. 566 Sellers, Clifford Wynne 556 Sellers, Lenn Gene Jr 181, 566 Sellingsloh. E. A 189, 319 Sellman. Gloria Lynne 533 Selmon, Matthew Rowland 209, 323 Senghaas. Peter 296 Senior Cabinet 270 Seniors 542-546 Senter, David August 314 Senter. Sandy Jay 195 Senter, Susan 171,556 Sepulveda, Henry Jr 247 Sepulveda. Patricia M 332 Scrna. Anna Maria 534 Sers, Brenda Joyce 247 Servaes, Pamela Sue 534 Setty. Michael Paul 339, 534 Setter, Jean Ree 242, 339, 534 Severin, Werner 332 Sewall, Nancy Jane 534 Seward, James Joseph 578 Sewell, Brad William 323 Sewell, Charles Thomas 323, 324, 556 Sewell. Elizabeth B 138, 191, 319 Scyen, Beverly Yvonne 339, 534 Seymour, Cathryn S 207 Shabani-Sahnesarai, Jamal 390 Shackelford, Suzanne Vesta 157, 285, 556 Shaddix, Cynthia L 378 Shadrock, Mary E 534 Shaeffer, Scott Edward 201 Shafer, Kathy Elaine 328 Shafer, Richard Henry 330 Shafer. Stephen D 323 Shahabi, Mohamadreza 390 Shahan. Donald Allan 534 Shahan. Gary Howard 187 Shambaugh. Celia A 207 Shamburger. Clifford S 328 Shamoun, Julie Marie 556 Shands, Rebecca 207, 556 Shanks, Richard Daniel 425, 448 Shannon, Kaylin Marie 556 Shape, Deborah Gay 171. 578 Shape. Sandra Ann 171. 534 Shapiro. Adrian Michael 500 Shapiro, Barbara Lynn 219. 566 Shapiro. Leslee Nanette 169 Shapiro. Renee M 578 Shapiro. Stefanie Ann 534 Sharber, John 337 Sharp. Beverly Ann 556 Sharp, Christopher Glenn 201 Sharp, David Warren 209 Sharp, John Lester 330 Sharp, Kay E. Canter 264, 344, 346 Sharpe, Ernest Alonzo Jr 332 Sharps. Thomas Hardie 534 Shaw, Daniel Riley 534 Shaw, Howard Lee 398. 448 Shaw, Jerry Edward 556 Shaw, Mary (Catherine 534 Shaw, Richard Earl Jr 205 Shaw. Robert Leland Jr 187, 578 Shaw. Shantilal Ratilal 500 Shaw. Susan Kay 566 Shaw. Terry Dean 534 Shea, Margaret 321 Shea. Patricia Bell 566 Shea. William David Jr 267, 358 Shearn, Michael Joseph 125. 300, 321, 339 Sheam, Regina K 566 Sheats, Susan Kathleen 534 Sheble, Everett C. Jr 330, 534 Shedlowe, Nancy J 340 Sheets, Deanna Rhea 171 Sheffield, Gwyn Ann 534 Sheffield, William Johnson 269. 325, 455 Sheinberg. Debbie Kay 219 Shelan, Evan Barry 534 Sheldon, Richard King 398 Shelton, James Dowlen 578 Shelton. James Raymond 143 Shelton. Mary Martha 191 Shelton. Michael T 195 Shelton. Thomas Lee 143 Shepard. Barry Roger 324 Shephard, Deborah Sue 578 Shepherd, David Powell 423. 448 Shepherd, Joan Marie 260, 285 Shepherd, Walter Deetz III 209. 324 Sheppard. David R 423 Sheppard. Frank W. Ill 129 Sherbel. Stephanie G 534 Sherblom, Sue Ellen 317 Sheridan. Deborah N 309 Name Pag " Sherman. Dale Randolph 334 Sherman, Marsha Lee 149, 556 Sherp. Jan Leslie 149 Sherrill, Ann K 579 Sherrill, Kimberly Ann 315,322,579 Sherrod, Margaret Tek 579 Shershun. Carroll S 332, 500 Sherwood, Mary K 317 Schick. Beverly Susan . . ' . 297 Shield, James Lowell 566 Shields, James Lowell 398 Shields, Rana Colleen 556 Shields, Rene Caryn 579 Shields. William Kirk 579 Shiflet, Ronnie Earl 545 Shigg, Andrew Jr 378 Shimek, John Carl 534 Shirazi, Ali 566 Shires, George Thomas III 323 Shirk, Craig Kent 348, 534 Shirley, Walter Wayne 534 Shively, Frances Fey 189 Shivers, Allan 318, 320 Shivers, Bert Carlson 288, 289 Shivers, Patrick Owen 288 Shivers, Brian McGee 384 Shlenker, Andrew Tillman 163, 283 Shockey, Linda S 173 Shocklee, Martha Loyce 566 Shocklee, Mary Catherine 556 Shockley, Jon Kenneth 353, 566 Shoop, William Junius 209, 534 Shopoff, Thomas C 350 Short, Byron Elliott Jr 276, 279, 326, 333, 334, 360, 534 Short, Joseph Felix 534 Shotts, Janice Louise 566 Shropshire, Linda Diane 328 Shrum, David Vincent 209, 283 Shryoc, Kelly Kirk 179 Shtawi, Abedelrazak M 545 Shtofman, Michael Allen 229, 579 Shudde, Corinne A 189 Shudde. Neal Wilson 201, 579 Shuford, Scott Hamrick 213 Shuford, William C. Jr 534 Shugart, Michelle 171, 579 Shulkin, Barry Lynn 215, 534 Shulkin, Craig Steven 579 Shum, Kwok-Wing 534 Shuman, William L 376 Shumate, Rebecca Lynne 147, 317 Shurden. Jack Daniel 217 Shushan. Debbie Lea 149 Shuy. Genie 556 Sibley, Pamela Anne 173. 566 Sibley, Thomas J 197 Sicking. Daniel Edward 289 Sicking, Steven Joseph 289 Sicola, Mary Dominic 317 Sidor. Andrea Maria 129, 319 Sidoti, Shirley Jeanne 328, 329, 534 Siebel, Julie Anne 189. 285. 579 Siebern. Vincent E 338 Siegel, Claudia Helene 319 Sierra. George William 579 Sievert, William Jr 387 Siff, Theodore Jerome 318 Sifford, Bruce Allen 223, 286 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 212. 213 Sigma Alpha loU 340 Sigma Alpha Mu 214, 215 Sigma Chi 216, 217 Sigma Delta Chi 345 Sigma Delta Tau 218, 219 Sigma Nu 220. 221 Sigma Phi Epsilon 222. 223 Sikes. Ronald Lewis 353. 534 Sikorski. Denise Anne 579 Silber. Esther Ann 244, 339, 534 Silberberg, Celia Jayne 219, 579 Silberberg, Jay L 279, 326 Silva, Antonio 246 Silver, Allyn Jo 245 Silver, Lynn Marsha 534 Silver Spurs 282, 283 Silverblatt, Keith Alan 556 Silverblatt, Pamela J 309 Silverman, Av I 323 Silverstein. Alanna M 149, 313, 317, 324 Sim, Kwok-Fei Snowden 334, 534 Simkins. Sharon L 441 Simmons, Duane Garretl 398 Simmons, John Wesley . " . . .336, 377, 566 Simmons, Karen S 306 Simmons, Marsha E 534 Simmons, Patrick Henry 22 1 Simmons, Randal Mark 421 Simmons, Robert G 398 Simmons, Steven Craig 223, 579 Simmons, Susan Diane 534 Simms, Jill Kathleen 322 Simon, Gail Adrienne 265, 534 Simons, Jack Maynard 556 Simpson, Cynthia Lee 292 Simpson, Ellen Merritt 309 Simpson. Harold Lee Jr 324, 398 Simpson, Harold Von II 448, 556 Simpson, Jimmy Wayne 566 Simpson, Joan Marie 145 Simpson, John David 179 Simpson, John Scott 279, 323, 566 Simpson, Lynn Owen 556 Simpson, Mark Douglas 330 Simpson. Micha el Earl 348. 534 Simpson, Pennie J. M 534 Simpson, Reagan W 323 Simpson, Richard Lee 323 Simpson, Robert Eugene 491 Simpson, William Bin 337 Sims, Alvis Jerome 534 Sims, Anastatia 317 Name Pages Sims, Karl Marquis 345 Sims, Richard Gano 323. 566 Sims. Sharon Lee 173. 579 Sinclair. Susan Leigh 189. 579 Singer, Sidney Griffin 259, 332 Singerman, Jay 534 Singleton, Robert Culton 296 Sippel, David Emest 203. 556 Sirisambhand. Malee 534 Sirmon, Wayne Ervin 387 Sisemore, Jerald Grant 398. 399, 406, 448 Sisk, Judith Ann 183, 545 Siu, Kara Hoi 535 Skaggs, Daniel Clayton 325, 535 Skaggs, Janet 321 Skarbovick, Peter J. Jr 289, 324 Skelton, Michael H 321 Skclton, Michael T 350. 535 Skelton. Victoria Eugenia 366. 535 Skiff, Trudy Kier 129 Skinner, Jan Lenore 344, 556 Skinner. Robert Barrett Jr 321 Skopinski, Lorrain E 145 Slack, Charlotte Anne 191, 579 Slack, Emma Jean 317 Slack, Jennifer Ann 145 Slade. Kevin Hillman 324 Sladek, Jean Ruth 317, 566 Sladek, Phillip L 385 Slangal, Barbara Ann 535 Slankard. Lucinda J 147, 566 Slater, Phillip S 566 Slaton, Steven Lynn 414 Slattery, John Thomas 325 Slaughter. Cynthia Ann 191 Slaughter. John Scott 213 Slaughter. Sally Elyse 207 Slaughter. Scott Don 195 Slaughter, Wayne Douglas 295, 391 Sloan, William David 332 Sloane, Javonnc Lynn 579 Slone, Rodney Bayron 323, 566 Slover, Kristina Leigh 322 Small. John Branham 187 Small, Sharon 328 Smalley, John William Jr 423. 448 Smalling, Jeanne Marie 247, 344. 535 Smalling. William S 424 Smallwood, Susan Elaine 556 Smallwood. Susan Kay 245 Smelker, Thomas Vernon Jr 579 Smith. Ann Reeves 207. 566 Smith, April Diane 566 Smith, Berne Sheldon 247 Smith. Betty Mae 231. 579 Smith, Bettyna Marie 535 Name Pages Smith, Beverly Jean 579 Smith. Bruce Lee 535 Smith, Bruce Stewart 579 Smith, Carla Mae 566 Smith, Carol Ann 535 Smith, Carol Ellen 171 Smilh, Carolyn Gail 173, 328. 535 Smith. Carolyn Gwen 579 Smilh. Charles Daniel 203, 535 Smith, Clark Cummings 179 Smith, Clay Myers 201 Smith, Clyde Willard Jr 337 Smith, Cynthia Paige 171 Smith, Daniel Robert 279, 323 Smith, David Franklin 535 Smith. David Ray 267. 535 Smith, Deborah Jo 121, 135, 183,293,535 Smith, Diane Elizabeth 556 Smith, Donald Edward 500 Smith, Donald Jack Jr 390, 566 Smith, Emmitt Shelton 203 Smith, Frank Joe III 179 Smith. Fred 337 Smith, Gary Lee 398 Smith, Gaylen D 612 Smith. Gene Derek 279, 326, 556 Smith. Glenda Kaye 535 Smith. Guy Dodson 245 Smith, Hatch C 213 Smith, James Ansle Jr 567 Smith. James Burleson Jr. 109. 129,201,320,321, 535 Smith, James Lacey .321 Smith, James Weston 545 Smith, Jan Paulette 231 Smith. Jane Harriet 191. 379 Smith. Janet Kaye 321,535 Smith, Janet Lynn 171, 535 Smith, Jeffrey Alvin 348, 556 Smith, Jerrie Faye 175 Smilh, Jimmy Eugene 328 Smith. Jo Ann 567 Smith. Joel Howard Jr 312 Smith. John Duncan Jr 535 Smith. John Ronald II 302.358 Smith. Joy Eileen 321, 535 Smith, Kay 45 Smith, Kenneth Charles 336 Smith. Killough Kent 187 Smith. Larry Dean 323 Smith. Larry Howard 398 Smith. Laura Louisa 309. 567 Smith. Laura Rebecca 579 Smith. Leslie Diane 556 Smith, Linda Ann 535 Smith. Linda Elizabeth 169. 319 606 .51 Name Pages Smith, Linda Kay 556 Smith, Marion Allen 545 Smith, Mark Randall 535 Smith, Mark William 330 Smith, Maria Elaine 317, 441, 567 Smith. Marsha Ann 292 Smith, Maria Elena 157 Smith. Martha Susan 147, 535 Smith, Melinda Ann 189 Smith. Melissa Ann 189 Smith, Michael David 330 Smith, Michael Lee 323 Smith, Nancy Kegan 321 Smith, Nancy Kay 579 Smith, Patricia Anne 171 Smith, Patricia Sue 330 Smith, Philip Stephen 556 Smith, Ray Donald 167, 579 Smith, Rhonda Sue 545 Smith, Richard Julian 324, 535 Smith, Robert Daniel 223 Smith, Ronald Charles 323 Smith, Ronald Dwight 546 Smith, Ruth 260, 486, 488 Smith. Sara Jane 579 Smith. Shelby Ann 535 Smith. Shelly Irene 292, 579 Smith, Solomon Herbert 328 Smith, Spencer Hutson 391 Smith. Stephen Adrian 203, 535 Smith, Stephen R 567 Smith, Stephen Wade 179, 286 Smith, Susan Jo 567 Smith, Susan Marie 207, 535 Smith, Thomas Frank IV 143 Smith, Toni Jane 145 Smith, William Joel 330 Smith. William L 392 Smithee, Sandra A 171 Smothers. Marilyn Lee ... 145. 265, 281, 317, 397 Smyser, Craig Jr 32 1 Smyth. Sandra Beth 309 Sneed, Jerome Ernest 320 Snell, Mary Kay 321. 329 Snell. Roy Kim 321 Snelson. L. W. Ill 175 Snowden, Gary Lynn 323 Snowdy, Elizabeth C 535 Snyder. David W 428 Snyder, Kenneth Lee 385 Snyder, Norman Edward Jr 556 Snyder, Phillip Lynn 376 So. Paul Kwong 556 So. Peter Chan M 535 Sobel. Suzanne 556 Soccer 439 Sockler, Steven Allan 143. 579 Soikowski. Deborah Joan 556 Soikowski. Karen F 535 Sokolow. Mark Terry 225, 567 Solis. Miguel 320, 535 Solis, Renee E. G 128, 365, 366, 535 Soliz, Alfonso Jr 323, 381, 382, 567 Sollock, Deborah Helen 263, 350 Solomon, Charles Arthur 325 Solomon, David Allen 332 Solomon, David Lee 567 Solomon, Ira 330 Solomon, Mitchell Benjamin 225 Solomon, Phillip Wayne 556 Sommer, Raymond Lee 324 Sommerfeld, Raynard M 320 Sommers. Conrad Hoyle 321 Sonnemann. Lorraine 219 Sonnenberger. Roberto S 535 Sonnenburg. Randall Ray 556 Sophomores 559-568 Sord. Burnard H 474 Sorrells. Kathleen Inez 556 Sorrels. John William 325 Sorsby, Barbara Elaine 556 Sosa. Patricia Lynn 579 Sousares. Lynn Scott 312, 347, 546 Southern Singers 309 Soutter, Susan E 317. 322 Sowcll. Mark Anthony 323 Sowell. Roger E 279 Sowfry, Bruce Heton 391 Spain, Steven Philip 225 Spaldmg. Donna Lee 317 Spalding. Nancy Jan 579 Spangler, Jeannie Rae 165, 244 Sparkman. George T. Jr 223, 567 Sparks. Alberta Diane 535 Sparks. Andrea Jean 343. 344 Sparks. Claud Glenn 481 Sparks. Jeffrey Lee 535 Sparks. Jo Beth 579 Spaulding. Linda 145, 579 Spears. Audrey Von 155, 556 Spears, Barbara L 155 Spears, Carolyn B 138, 169 Spears, Franklin Scott Jr 567 Spears, John Stephen 333 Spears, Ray Earl 161, 243. 500 Spears. Teddie D 579 Specht. Gary Alan 579 Speer. George Blake 383 Speight. Harriett C 535 Speir, Susan Jean 23 1 , 556 Spellmann, Anne 231 Spence, Solon Ray 535 Spencer. Constance Lee 366, 556 Spencer, James Harold 279, 579 Spencer. John Richard 325. 546 Spencer. Richard Lawrence 217 Spencer. Rile Keith 535 Spencer. Susan L 579 Spencer. William Clifford 339 Sperberg, Roger Dwight 535 Sperry, Susan Harriet 329 Speyer, Linda Diane 556 Name Pages Speyer. Richard Wayne 567 Spillman. Ann Coke 244, 579 Spinks. Edwin Glenn 279 Spinks, Leslie Ann 579 Spinner, Sharon Ruth 219, 317, 567 Spivy, Sherry Lynn 169 Spizman, Irving Willy 151 Spolane, David Allan 229 Spolane, Robin Ellen 567 Spolane, Ronald Stephen 229 Sponberg, Mary Kathryn 165, 279, 327, 556 Spooks 284, 285 Spraggins, Deborah 546 Spriegel, William R 612 Springer, Randy McNiel 556 Springer, Stephen Guthrie 556 Sprinkle, Margaret Ann 165, 31 1, 340, 567 Sprott, Ronald David 385 Spurr, Stephen Hopkins . .239, 245, 337, 490, 491 St. Clair. Christie G 207 Staats. Emily Hazel 328 Stack, Julie Ann 165 Staff. Marcia Jane 332, 557 Stafford, Wesley Warren 324. 381, 383 Slahlstrom. Carol Ann 579 Stalcup. Sondra Jo 169, 322 Staley, James Irven II 213 Stallones, Jennifer C 183, 579 Stallones. Melissa Len 183, 567 Stamey, Melinda L 328 Stamnitz, Glen Edwin 579 Stanbery, Susan Lynne 138, 231, 567 Stancil, Stanley H 267, 579 Standage. Kathy 346 Standefer. Bonnie June 231, 357 Standefer, Jana Lynn 171, 285, 579 Standish, Walter M 330 Standley, Barry Howard 219, 333, 334. 535 Standley, Danny Ray 41 1 Standley, Evelyn 557 Stanley, David Kent 167. 579 Stanley, Janet 567 Stanley, Karen 321 Stanley. Lynn P. 147, 579 Stanley, Marilyn E 147, 317 Stanley, Nancy Carol 317 Stansbury, Jennifer 285, 317. 322. 567 Stansbury, Suzanne 535 Stanton. Deborah Ann 155. 261 Slapper. Carol Anne 165, 315. 317. 440, 567 Stark, Cynthia Ann 159 Stark, Nancy 165 Stark, Thomas Wheeler 323, 557 Starkey, James Robert 307 Starnes, Susan 297, 322 Starnes, Susan Kay 309. 317, 567 Starr, Ronald Leon 325 Startzman, Sharron Anne 183, 557 Stastny, Anthony Ray 345 Stalon, Katherine Lynn 535 Stayer, Glenn Alan 324 St. Clair, John Baldwin 428 Steakley, Dan Stephen 398, 448 Stedman, David Anthony 536 Steed, Pamela Kay 279 Steeg, Susan Kay 317 Steele, John G 240, 241 Steele, William James Jr 579 Steen, Barbara Lynn 191. 579 Steen, John Thomas Jr 387 Steenson, Kurt Eric 32 1 Stefka. Marilyn Louise 536 Stegall. Rebecca Anne 557 Stehling. Patrick R 386 Sleib, Kathryn Theresa 171 Steigerwalt. Michele A 579 Stein. Kenneth Richard 229. 339 Stein. Linda Ruth 536 Stein. Richard Howard 225, 323, 567 Stein, Rosemary 32 1 Steiner, Mary Ellen 231 Steinfcld, Jay Ira 225, 579 Steinhebel, Terrance L 386, 546 Stcinle, Donald William 567 Stekin, Kathy Ann 219 Stcll, Rebecca Lee 159, 567 Stellenwerf, W. A. Jr 385 Stembridge, Joseph Allen 377, 567 Stengle, Michael Fred 283 Stenzler, Karen E 579 Stephens, Allan D 324 Stephens, Gayle Ann 567 Stephens, Harvey Morris 306 Stephens, Marilyn Sue 306, 557 Stephens, Susan Locke 191, 557 Stephens, Timothy Taylor 187 Stephenson, Jancy 231, 567 Stephenson. Karen 169 Stephenson. Rebecca J 145 Stephenson. Robert Lloyd 423. 427, 448 Stephenson. Scott A 223, 579 Stepken. Ricky Dale 579 Sterling, Michael B 296 Stermer, Nancy Louise 536 Stern. Deborah Susan 149 Stern. Vickie Diane 309, 557 Stevens, Barbara Lee 23 1, 579 Stevens, Genevieve Dee 567 Stevens, Harvey Morris 306 Stevens, Katharine A 191 Stevens, Michael 398 Stevens, Nancy Susan 298 Stevens, Patricia Lorene 557 Steves, Julie 207 Steward, Don Michael 187, 579 Steward, Donna Kay 567 Steward, Stephen Hale 187, 579 Stewart, Boyd L. II 536 Stewart, Enos Roger Jr 32 1 , 348, 390 Stewart, Gretchen E 191 Stewart, Karen Joyce 325 Stiba. Victoria Laura 546 Name Pages Stiles. Francis Dean 325 Stiles, Sharla Denise 147, 579 Stilley, Randall D 411 Stinson, Cassie Belle 245, 355 Stinson, Mark Woodrow 253, 557 Stirman, Lisa Mary 440 Stivison, Lorna Linell 557 St. John, Ernest Revere Jr 143, 579 Stobaugh, Dale B 536 Slockard. Walter Allen Jr 201, 557 Stocker, Charles Wayne 579 Stocker, David Burton 213 Stocker, Edward E. Jr 201 Stockton. Gary Lynn 279 Stockton, Viki 567 Stoddard, Charles Albin 193, 567 Sloddard, Ross White III 500 Stoever. Walter Edward 536 Stokely, Carolyn Emily 231, 557 Stoker, Brian Terry 143, 378 Stokes, Alexis Nan 536 Stokes, John Benjamin 270 Stokes, John Truitt 289 Stokes. Kathleen Fern 536 Slolbun, Sam Leon 225, 536 Stoler, Susan Joanne 254, 3 1 7. 322. 567. 6 1 4 Stolhandske. Thomas B 411 Stoller, Mark Irwin 229 Slolpa, David Clifford 579 Stolz, Sharon Lee 557 Stone, Barbara Anne 500 Stone, Dennis Keith 321, 536 Stone, James Byron 312 Stone, John David 500 Stone, Kathleen Louise 557 Stone, Martin Lewis 333. 334, 536 Stone, Rebecca Susan 579 Stone, Robert Michael 567 Stone, Sharon Lea 159. 557 Stone, Susan Jane 579 Stone, William E. Ill 213 Stoncburner. Gary R 439 Stonebumer, Richard Kelly 217. 579 Stool. Louis Allan 229.281 Stoorza, Sharon Elaine 366. 536 Storey. Mary Jane 165 Storey, Sally Ann 536 Story. Mary Camille 567 Stoller. Barbara Ann 145 Stouffer. Blair Todd 1 87. 433, 579 Slovall, Edward Rogers Jr 289. 536 Slovall, Frank D. IV 246 Slover, Nancy Ann 130. 319 Slover, Shirley Ann 328, 329 Slowe. Tamara Leah 579 Slowell, Denise Marie 147 Strader, Connie Marie 207, 567 Slrahan. Wesley R. Jr 179, 579 Slrain, Deborah K 340 Slrailon, Archie Waugh 480 Slrange, John Mark 199 Strange. Sleven W 126 Slratemeyer. Catherine 128. 134. 344 Stratum, John Robert 320. 337 Slraus. Jocelyn E 191 Slrauser, A. Maxine 328 Strauss, Jane E 191, 246 Slrawn, John Mark 354 Slrawn, Russell Kenl 336, 377, 567 Slrawn, Terry Charles 429, 448 Slreuling, G. Fred 330 Strickland. Kenneth Dwain 161 Strickland. Nancy Joy H 564 Strickland, Phillip Ray 209, 286 Strickler, Jacquelyn F 1 57, 536 Slrieber, Edward M 241 Slringer, Robert C 536 Slripling, Josephine 324 Strode, James Edward 187, 567 Strong. Gary Bennell 209. 324. 557 Slrong, Robert C. Jr 339. 536 Slrolher. Robin Dale 339 Slroube, Frank A 286 Slroud. Marie Cozelle 317.322 Slroud. Vicki Lynn 536 Slroup. Pamela C 579 Sluarl, Charles M 564 Stuart, Leigh Ann 189 Slubbs, Samuel Eugene 129. 500 Sluddard, Janis Belh 317, 321. 557 Sludebaker, Linda S 546 Sludenl Christian Fellowship 298 Sludenl Landmen ' s Association 354 Sludenl ' s Association 237 Sluder, John Leo 195 Sludl, Bradley Winlon 323, 567 Slurdevanl, Richard Michael 557 Slurdivant, James Findley 331 Sturgal, Donald Joe 423. 424. 448 Slum, Judy Ann 285, 579 Slum, William Floyd 321 Suarez, Manuel Ramon 323 Subrl, Paul 423 Sugg, John Calvin 330 Suggs. Nancy Elizabeth 138. 165. 319. 329 Suhler, Paul Arthur 381, 382. 579 Suhor, Mary Margaret 579 Sullins. James C 323 Sullivan, Candace Lorraine 536 Sullivan, Eileen F 324 Sullivan. Gerald 325 Sullivan, James David 500 Sullivan, James Thomas 321 Sullivan, Janis Carol 567 Sullivan, William P 546 Suman, John McLean 163 Summer. Jo Lyn 317 Summers, Edward Lee 331 Summers, John Morris 223, 579 Summers, Layne Woods 296. 323 Summers, Linda Gladys 536 Summitl. Paul Moody 295. 391 Name Pages Sumners, Susan L 147 Sumpler. Sharon Sue 189 Sussan, Leslie Kay 149, 579 Suslr, Connie Sue 567 Sulherland. Karen 260, 265, 567 Sulherland, Samuel Shelton III 321 Sulherland, William Owen Sheppard 480 Sullies, Margarel F 207, 579 Sullon, John Ewing 203, 330. 536 Sutton, Susan Lynn 557 Svrcek, Bernard Henry 536 Swain, Irelene Doris 463 Swan, Sandra Lynne 171 Swann, Evans Rowland 213 Swanson, Palricia Elaine 231, 557 Swanson. Sally E 207 Swanlner. William Patterson 167, 567 Swarlz, Douglas Allan 579 Sweal, Robert H. Jr 333, 334, 360 Sweeney, Kenneth James 247 Sweeney. Mark Websler 163, 567 Sweeney. Michael Sandlin 163, 324 Sweel. Gary Lewis 536 Swenson, Adriane 207 Swenson. Glen T 398. 41 1 Swenson. Michael Tilus 181, 267. 360 Swenson, Sherry 314 Swenumson, Mary Belh 536 Swift, Richard Ernesl Jr 167 Swim, Jesse Rogene 325. 536 Swineharl, Shelley Sue 145 Swinnea, John Sleven 579 Swiren, Nancy Ellen 329, 536 Switser. James Girard 289 Sykes. Verna Jean 309, 557 Sykora, Sandra Lynn 315, 579 Tabak. Debra Ann 331, 536 Tabor, Christopher C 546 Tacquard, Phyllis Elaine 536 1 alamantez. Robert Cavazos 364, 557 Talbol, Cynlhia Gay 579 Talbot, John Scoll 221. 286 Taliafcrro, Linda Kay 325 Taliaferro, Ted Cass 536 Talley, Alice Elaine 159 Talley, Cynlhia S 328 Talley, Susan Grier 536 Talley, Susan Jane 536 Talley, William Robert 536 Tamayo, Elizabelh Failh 557 Tamburello. Nancy M 322, 546 Tamez, Daniel David 324 Tankard, James William 332. 439 Tanner, James Roddy 536 Tapick, Gail Susan 219 Tarkinglon, Virginia Lee 165, 536 Tarllon, John Yerby 536 Tarllon, Peggy Jean 557 Tarpey. Judilh Ann 322. 579 Tarski. Michael Thomas 390 Tarver, John Edward 536 Tasby. Katherine Kay 567 T. Association 448 Tassos, Helen Walton 189 Tatangelo, Robert James 536 Tale, Kirk Hall 209. 281 Tale. Paula Helen 579 Talone. Michael Anthony 295 Tatum. Cynlhia Lee 317 Tau Bela Pi 334. 335 Tau Bela Sigma 327 Tau Delia Phi 224,225 Tausend, Palricia Ann 536 Tausend. Wellwood N 343 Tawil, Saleem 334, 536 Taylor, Angela Jane 579 Taylor. Anne Elizabeth 165. 579 Taylor, Ardcll 293, 319 Taylor, Carl Jay 167 Taylor, Christine D 579 Taylor. Dewey C 197 Taylor. Donald Frank 181, 323, 567 Taylor, Dorothy A 189 Taylor, Franklin Eugene 296, 376 Taylor. Gayc Marie 557 Taylor, James Carl 557 Taylor, Janelle 169 Taylor, Jeannie Elaine 567 Taylor, Jefferson L. Jr 579 Taylor. Jerry Wayne 325, 363 Taylor, Joe Lawrence 579 Taylor, John Edmund 197 Taylor. Larry Dale 283. 344 Taylor, Lee Alan 324 Taylor, Leslie Fullon 191 Taylor, Marianne 536 Taylor, Marlon Ray 253 Taylor, Marvin Bailey 557 Taylor, Nicholas Dean 223 Taylor, Roseanne 171 Taylor, Susan Elizabeth 557 Taylor, Terri Ann 537 Taylor, Thomas Alan 354 Taylor, Wallace Edmondson Jr 181 Taylor. Willa Jonelle 579 Taylor. William 311 Tchamanzar. Abdol H 537 Teague. Cliflon Palrick 209. 557 Teaver. James Virgil 203 Teegie 343 Teeling, William Linder 330 Teinerl, Nancy Gail 147 Teilelbaum. Jay 330 Tejas 300.301 Tejeda, John 246 Teleshak. Tekla Alice 557 Teller. Beverly Diane 279. 327 607 Namt Pages Tello. Mario Omar 385. 537 Temple, Karen 322 Temple, Thomas Jack 323 Ten Most Beautiful 136 Teoh, Noreen Bee Mui 285 Terrell, Joseph Walter 339 Terrell, Paul Alton 279, 579 Terrell, Susan Lea 579 Terrell, William Lee 279 Terry, Ann Degenhardt 537 Terry. David Rankin 279. 334 Terry. Mary Kathryn 173, 567 Terwey, Kathryn Grace 379 Telen, Robert Paul Jr 139, 193, 283 Teten. William T 193 Texas Cowboys 286, 287 Texas Student Publications Board of Directors 259 Texas Troubadours 312 Texas Union 240. 241 Thacker. Robert Pratt 289, 579 Thames, Oena Beth 231 Theobalt. Coy Grover 213 Thepchatri. Thaksin 579 ThetaXi 226.227 Thielemann. Alan H 223 Thielemann, Flora Dean 328, 531 Thiet, Michele Dieu 317 Thoben, Linda Teresa 557 Thogersen, Steven Alan 378 Thomae. Robert Ralph 557 Thoman, Mark Charles 286. 295. 537 Thoman, Paul Armand 295 Thomas. Alan George 423, 424. 448 Thomas, Betty Lou 185, 306. 567 Thomas. Carolyn Sue 557 Thomas, Deborah Marie 357 Thomas, Ellwood L. Jr 537 Thomas, Frances Claire 328, 546 Thomas, Hilda Suzanne 185. 317, 567 Thomas, James Gregory 579 Thomas, Jeanette 159 Thomas, John Carroll 201, 286, 320 Thomas, John Lewis 557 Thomas, Judy Ann 173 Thomas, KarcnSue 322 Thomas. Lacy Lane 567 Thomas, Laura E 159 Thomas, Margaret Ann 537 Thomas. Mark Philip 187. 579 Thomas, Melanic Ann J 331 Thomas. Michael Stuart 579 Thomas. Nancy Jean 317 Thomas, Patricia Dee 231 Thomas, Roderic Conrad 187,286 Thomas, Susan Bell 546 Thomas, Thomas Jay 537 Thomason. Gary John 324 Thomasson, Mark Jay 579 Thomasson. Toni Marie 557 Thompson, Ann Tucker 191 Thompson, Beth Ann 147 Thompson, Betty Jane 537 Thompson, Beverly S 147 Thompson, Bruce L 363 Thompson, Cahterine 165. 551 Thompson. Douglas J 286. 37? Thompson, Ida Dawn 567 Thompson, J. Neils 320. 496 Thompson, Janet Lee 567 Thompson, Jerry R 252, 253, 414, 415 Thompson, John Christopher 213, 579 Thompson. John David 111 321 Thompson, Josephine K 191, 567 Thompson, Judy E 169 Thompson, Julie Ann 537 Thompson, Katherine Reynolds 537 Thompson, Kenneth Eugene 227, 537 Thompson, Kenneth Franklin 579 Thompson, Larry Wayne 323 Thompson, Leroy David 390 Thompson, Linda Carol 317 Thompson, Lindsey Arthur 500 Thompson. Mark Alan 359 Thompson, Martha Jane 23 1 Thompson, Marvin Gary 537 Thompson, Michael D 330 Thompson. Michael D 22 1 Thompson, Mona Thomas 32 1 Thompson. Nancy Carol 306. 317, 322 Thompson. Robert L 337 Thompson, Roger Dale 537 Thompson, Ronald Lee 500 Thompson, Shcryn E 173 Thompson, Steven Eugene 255, 557 Thompson, Trudy Gayle 285 Thompson, Ulrike Agnes 579 Thompson, Virginia Ann 147 Thompson, William Mark 339 Thomson, Maria N 321 Thomburg, Robert B 546 Thorne. Deborah Dee 207, 285, 567 Thorne, Jody 441, 579 Thorne, Julie Diane 207, 324, 546 Thomell, John G. Jr 328 Thornhill, Thomas Jay 264, 551 Thornton. Bruce Montgomery 321 Thornton. Joe Rayford 312, 557 Thornton. Mark Lee 201 Thorp. Claude Wilson 199 Thorpe. Jo Ellen 546 Throelli, Irene Margareta 329 Thurman, Richard Lynn 398 Thurman, Virginia P 328 Tibbelts. Michael Eden 423.448 Tice. Joseph Hye 203. 567 Tidmore, Guy Louis 303. 579 Tidwell. Russell Dess 557 Tiemann. Karen Susan 322, 575 Tiemann, Roslyn Ann 145, 379 Ttjerina, Amador G 434 Name Pages Tillerson. Rae Ann 279, 322, 580 Tillerson, Rex Wayne .... 276, 279, 300, 326, 557 Tillinghast. Ann L 169 Tillman, John Douglas 580 Tillman, Robin 321, 339 Tilly. John Roland 257. 332, 531 Timanus, Barbara H 207 Timberlake. Marie 173, 255, 309 Timmins, Oliver H. Ill 201 Timmons, Elizabeth Ann 309, 557 Timmons, Michael Dewayne 195, 580 Timpe, Luis 567 Tindle, Catherine Mele 557 Tinsley. Edward Roy III 179, 330 Tinstman, Robert Overall 209 Tippen, Forrest W. Jr 213. 580 Tippett, Jenny Marie 165, 557 Tips, Jeanene M 171,537 Tips, Robert Dixon 213 Tipton, George W. Jr 324 Tipton, James A. Jr 193 Tipton, Jean Ellen 169, 322, 580 Tiplon, Paul Watson 298. 323 Tisdale. James Correll 279. 537 Tish, Donna Lynn 537 Tjernagel. Cathy Sue 537 Tobin, Susan Frances 306. 332 Tobola. Louis Ludvik Jr 537 Tobor. Michael Jay 286 Todd, Gary Lee 354. 567 Todd. Kelly Alvin 328, 537 Todd, Melvin Reynolds 286 Tocdt. Dell Charles III 390 Toellner, Paulette Kay 317, 322 Tocllner, Robert L. Jr 289 Toepperwein. Douglas Neil 302 Tokushige, Kazuo John 537 Tolbert, Catherine Elizabeth 392, 557 Toledo. Jorge Jr 580 Toles, Cynthia Ann 339 Tolk, Judy Anne 537 Tolson. Mary Vance 567 Tomasello, Alice Margaret 246, 557 Tomasulo, Janice A 580 Tomlin, Frances Ann 329 Tomlin, Janice E 255 Tompkins, Janet Susan 537 Tompkins. Robert Lee 179, 567 Tompkins. Robert Terrell 537 Tomson, Jeanne Laura 173 Toomey, Tanny Charles 213 Topham, Craig Marshall 313 Topham, Joan Lanette 557 Toppel, Sandra Teresa 219 Toppins. Sarah Elizabeth 537 Torbert. Alice Pickens 245 Torian, Gary Lamar 557 Torian, Roci G. Graham 567 Torigian. John Stephen 289 Torrance, Cindy Lou 580 Torres-Mendoza, Abraham 500 Torres. Eloisa Ysaura 537 Tottenham. Stephen L 205. 330, 557 Toubin. Cheryl Helene 149, 244, 580 Touchon, Ronald Eric 354. 428. 448 Touzet, Carole Claude 557 Townsend, Howard William 205. 567 Townsend, Patrick A. Jr 296 Towsley, Daniel Kent 546 Tracht, Robert David 229 Trahan, Denise Ann 557 Trammel, Gary Lee 557 Trammell. Kathryn L 171 Tranfaglia, Twyla Lynn 298, 321, 339. 537 Transier, William Lee 580 Transou, Ann Lynette 173 Trapp, Barbara Jane 537 Traxler, Howard Lee 323 Traynor. Christine Marie 322 Treaccar, Annette Lillian 340. 537 Treaccar, Thomas H 546 Treadway. Debra Lynn 580 Tredici. Mia 322 Trekell. Stanley Gene 279. 326 Tresch, Robert E. Jr 398, 448 Tresch, Susan Thatcher 189, 281 Tresnicky. David J 439 Trevino, Ramos Leonel 537 Trevino. Rosa Maria 546 Trew, Dan Thompson 580 Treybig, Duane Stephen 557 Tribble. Nancy Jean 169 Trice. Melinda Faye 322 Trice. Treva Kay 441. 567 Trickett, Paul Carey 396, 492 Trieb. Mark Alan 348 Triesch, Johnny Tracy 546 Triplet!, Ricky Donald 323 Trlica. Jack Scott 537 Trodlier, Marsha Sue 537 Trousdale. James A 580 Trout. Robert Lee Jr 580 Troutman. Caren Sue 159, 567 Troyer, Emily Ardath 557 Truelson. Robert Browne II 195. 323 Truex. Alan Dale 257 Trulove. Herbert Alan 217. 557 Trum. Hildegarde J 145 Trusscll. Robert Stephen 203 Trusty, Rebecca Sue 321 Trutna, William Richard Jr 334. 537 Tschoepe, F. A. II 323 Tschoerncr, Rudolf III 246, 324, 557 Tsevat, Daniel 321, 537 Tsu. Chi Chai 364, 537 Tubbs. Arthur Dan 333. 537 Tuck, WeebGene 193 Tucker, Cynthia 537 Tucker, David Michael 279 Tucker, Robert Keith 390 Tucker. Shelley Beth 328 Tucker, Tommy Joe 245 Name Tucker, William Lewis II Tudor, Susan Terry Tuley, Benny Wayne Tune, Billy Carl Tune, Jennifer Lynn Tunks, Timothy T Turboff, Ronald Turet, Thomas Robert Turkelson, Mark Edward Turnbough, Cynthia Kay Turnbough. Debbie D Turnbough, Larry Brent Turnbull, Robert T Turner, Betty Sue Turner, Billy Ray Turner, Bruce Franklin Turner, Dale Linden Turner, David Alan Turner, Gerald Lynn Jr Turner. Glynda Lee Turner, James Wimberley Turner, Kathi Elaine Turner, Nancy Alice Turner, Neomia Turner, Patricia Ann Turner. Robert Bruce Turner, Rosalind Joyce Turpin, James Edwin Turrcntine, Larry Dale Tusa, Sally Marie Tuttle, Bruce Cobb Tuttle. Franklin Lewis Tyler.M.C.Jr Tyler, Jack Lamar Jr Tyroch. Jerry Daniel Jr Tyson, Kenneth W Tyson, Peter Pages 195. 557 159, 538 580 276,279 169 193. 567 139,229.286 221 567 298,538 441 209.567 ' .....213 207.538 538 328 322 129 538 350 333 171 279,327,557 538 557 229,567 328,538 279,546 538 191,567 217,580 323,567 557 538 187,538 ...47,439 . . .437 u Udashen. Robert Nathan 323 Ugland. David Nels 181, 323, 580 Uhl. Robert Alan 391 Ulert, Yvonne Karen 149, 567 Ulmann. Camille Marie 538 Ulmann, Troy Robert 538 Ulmer, Anne Marie 567 Ulrich. John Masil Heinz 538 Ulsh, Robert Vance 538 Ulvert-B. Charles Robert 567 Underbill. James Austin 330 Underwood. Max Stephen 259 Linger. Charlotte A. Ramsey 317 University Chorus 313 Unchurch. Claudia Jo 319 Upchurch. Martha V 191,580 Upchurch, Michael J 263, 347. 353. 557 Upham, Chester R. Ill 201 Upper Class Advisors 260 Urbanovsky. Pamela Jane 557 Uribe, Eduardo Javier 323, 567 Uribe, Fred J 538 Uribe, Hector Daniel Jr 538 Uriegas, Mary Ellen 185 Uselton, Michael Thomas 303 Uselton, Samuel Parker 205. 538 Ussery, Edith Myram 538 UT Parachute Team 299 UT Sailing Club 302 UTSA 440,441 UTSAM 436-439 Uttenweiler, Christine Estelle 538 Vacek. Joanne Elizabeth 183. 289, 557 Vaclavik. Doris Marie 538 Vacula, Dennis James 557 Vajdos. Vanessa Ellen 366. 557 Valadez. Carlos Lauro 546 Valdez. Donna Ann 567 Valek. Steven Joseph 398 Valenta, Van Alan 331 Valentine, John Thomas 330 Valfre, Benjamin 325 Valigura, Kathleen C 546 Valigura, Michael David 580 Vallejo, Luis 348. 567 Van Berg, Mark L 339 Van Deventer, James Daily 213 Van Norden. Lelia Ann 153, 557 Van Osselaer, Paul Joseph 261 . 320 Van Pelt, Lester III 580 Van Sice, Kathryn M 165 Van. Diane Pamela Wood 318 Van. Stephen Lloyd 318. 320, 337 Vanbibber, Diane 567 Vance, Brian Arthur 429, 448 Vance, Donald Allison 181, 567 Vance, Nancy Sue 147. 317, 567 Vance. R. Donald 332 Vandehey. Dale Michael 123. 336, 376. 538 Vandenbosch, Nora 169 Vandergriff, Janet Sue 328, 538 Vanderhoef, Louise B 243 Vanderstoep, Gail Ann 290, 319, 329 Vanderwerth. Penelope Joe 538 Vandewiele. John A 538 Vandiver, Harry Schulz 612 Vandoren, Wayne Richard 227. 567 Vanccek, Larry David 557 Vanhemert, Kathryn Sue 311 Vann, Joan Anderson 557 Vanshellenbeck. Glenn Kurt 538 Vansickle, Mary Lynn 538 Vanwinkle. Edwin C 557 Vanzant. John Edwin 195, 310. 343, 538 Varsity Baseball 43CM35 . Name Pages Varsity Basketball 412-419 Varsity Football 398-409 Varsity Golf 420. 421 Varsity Singers 314 Varsity Swimming 428 Varsity Tennis 429 Varsity Track and Cross Country 422-427 Vascocu, Jacqueline A 580 Vasquez. Elcvterio 546 Vasqucz, Luis 246, 580 Vasquez, Raul Antonio 538 Vaughan, Carol 173 Vaughn, Jack Calvin Jr 199. 580 Vaughn. Jean Ellen 169 Vaughn, William Daniel 321. 339 Vega, Rosa Maria 292 Vela, Lucille Irene 366, 538 Velez, Paul D 318 Velten, Valerie Lynn 169 Venso, Norma Jo 244 Vera, Oscar Luis 439 Verbick. Donald Lee 538 Verheyden, John Phillip 567 Verner, Douglas Darrell 378, 580 Verrctt, Ronald Gregg 538 Verseckes. Michael S 390 Vertrees. Alan David 557 Vick. Donnie Lynn 110, 320. 429. 448 Vick, Georgia Lynn 538 Vick, Joseph James III 580 Vickers, John Raymond 289. 296, 567 Vickers, Lonnic Lee 298 Vickers, Robert Laney 303 Vickland, Karen Ann 279 Vickrey, Richard Allan 538 Vidaurri, James Edwin 323 Villamizar, Rodrigo 557 Villarreal, Dennis Gene 143 Villarreal, Edward A 2% Villarreal. Jose Humberto 364, 557 Villarreal, Juan A 386 Villarreal. Rogelio A 175 Villarreal. Santiago 538 Villasana. Richard Jr 538 Villasenor. Rebecca L 538 Vincent, Esther Rene 319 Vincent, Kathy Ann 3 1 7, 322, 567 Vine, Nancy Louise 317 Vine. Sara Gail 149, 580 Vines, Wendell R 334, 358 Vingoe, Susan Elaine 159, 580 Vinson. Charles E 129 Vinson, Charles Samuel 580 Vinson, Peggy Lee 580 Vise, James Michael 289 Vitek. Janice Marie 557 Vodicka, Norma Lynne 322 Vocgele, Christopher Joseph 382, 414, 448 Vogely. Martha Jill 243 Vogt, Gregory Joseph 538 Voigt. Nancy Kaye 173, 557 ' Volkening. Ronnie Ray 129, 320 Vollmer. Donald Flavian 181, 567 Vollmer, Helen Claire 346 Volotko. Vicki Lynn 173, 567 Volpe, Leticia Marie 317, 322 Volterra. Angelica Sylvia 126, 145, 319 Volterra. Virginia Luisa 317, 567 Voltin, Marcus John Jr 333 Vongchareon, Varakij 538 Vorce, Linda Michele 538 Voss, James Patrick 295. 392 Vowan, Mary Elizabeth 231 Vredenburgh. Todd William 163, 580 W Wachsberg, Rita Patricia ................. 580 Waddell, Jay Ross ................... 385. 567 Waddell. Mark Stanley ................... 179 Wade, John Merrill ...................... 167 Wade, Karen Lynn ...................... 165 Wade. Michele .......................... 189 Wade. Ronald Ellis ...................... 538 Wade. William Kim ..................... 398 Wagert. Scott Warren .................... 323 Wagner, Leslie .......................... 317 Wagner. Steven Clark ................ 321, 538 ................ 500 580 263. 353. 557 557 183, 313. 580 Wagner, William Michael Wagnon, Deborah Lee Wagnon. Philip Casey Wahl. Jerry Raymond Wahlsten. Karen Anne Wahrmund, Donald Charles .......... 334. 538 Waidhofer. William .................. 321. 539 Waits. William Paul ..................... 279 Wakefield. Jack Scott .................... 389 Walbrette. Bruce Eli ..................... 391 Wald. Harriet ........................... 557 Walde. Carolyn Margaret ................. 539 Waldhauser, Melanie M .......... 268, 270, 539 Watdman, Ban Joan ..................... 557 Waldman. Randall Jay ............... 229. 567 Waldman. Stephen Alan .............. 282. 283 Waldrep. Jennifer Lee .................... 165 Waldron. Arthur Burch .................. 167 Waldron. James Bruce ................... 383 Walenta. Sharon Ann ................ 322. 557 Walker. Clayton C ....................... 221 Walker. Cynthia Kay .................... 191 Walker, Donald Reid ................ 348, 557 Walker. Floyd Wayne ................ 378, 567 Walker, Grace Ann ...................... 580 Walker. James Robert .................... 567 Walker, Janis Kay ....................... 557 Walker. Jessee Randall ................... 296 Walker. John William .................... 221 Walker. Kenneth Paul ................... 398 Walker. Matthew M ...................... 546 Walker. Rudy Stephen ................... 580 608 Name Fag " Walker, Stephen Lyndol 580 Walker. Victoria L 330 Walker. Voncile L 247 Walker. William L 398. 448 Walkow, Gary A 323 Wall. Donald Lee 195, 557 Wall. Melinda Ann 15 ' Wall. Rosalyn 557 Wallace. Byron Kent 546 Wallace. Cynthia Ann 580 Wallace, Deborah Kay 539 Wallace, James Richard 181 Wallace, Joe Thomas Jr 179 Wallace. John Craig 243 Wallace, Michael Anthony 580 Wallace. Sharon Dale 567 Wallace. William Marshall 179 Wallace. William Wesley 323 Wallentine. Ann Clark 317 Waller. Ellen Angela 185 Walling. Glenda Kay 567 Wallis, Melinda Louise 231 Walls. Brian Lee 181. 557 Walls. Deborah Jean 165, 580 Walls. Marsha Lynn 309 Walls. Stephen Craig 129. 181. 320. 333. 337, 360. Walne. James McCann 2% Walraven. Stephen Edwards 321 Walsh. John William 195. 539 Walsh, Richard Lee 223 Walsh, Sylvia Edith 165. 580 Walsh. Teresa Gladys 317,324 Walslon. Delia Jane 147 Walter. James Harrison 221, 268 Walters, Ban Ann 322, 567 Walters. Carol Lynn 539 Name Pages Walters. Charles A 363 Walters. Milton Drew 289. 324. 557 Walthall. Cynthia M 325 Walthall. Michael Rae 328 Walther. Vickie E 322 Walthers. Leah Jan 567 Walton. Georgia Mizell 171, 557 Walti Jeanette Sue 567 Wandel, Deborah L 191 Ward, Bradley Branson 414 Ward, Crystal Ann 557 Ward, Cynthia Lou 580 Ward, David M 539 Ward, Janice Gayle 321 Ward, Jeanne Ann 189 Ward, John Frank 351, 539 Ward, Kent Edward 296 Ward, Lawrence Dyane 377 Ward, Mary Anne 339 Ward. Nolan F 320 Ward, Thomas B 336, 377 Wardell, Ronald B. J. Jr 580 Wardlaw, Frank H 490 Ware. Cynthia 183, 356, 539 Ware, Lois 612 Ware, Terry Lynn 183. 580 Wareing, Nancy Jo 183 Wareing. Peter Staub 221 Waring. Frederick Allen 303 Warner. Judith M 539 Warobick. Raymond L 421 Warren, Cecil Wayne 348, 500 Warren, David Bruce 539 Warren. Devona Geratha 567 Warren. Kelly 285, 580 Warren. Linda Beth 159 Warren, Martha Helen 191 Name Pages Warren, Ronnie Lynn 539 Warrick, Andrew Adams 209 Warrington, Diana Elizabeth 557 Washam. Sue Elaine 580 Washburn. Mary E 159, 580 Washburn, Michael Ennis 568 Washington, Carolyn E 175, 322, 539 Wasko, Barbara Duff 191 Wasson, Ann 207 Waterhouse, Charles Stanton Jr 391 Waters, Leland Wyatt 181, 263, 347, 539 Waters. Steven David 181 Watkins, Charles Edward 320 Watkins, Glenda Gail 339, 539 Watkins. Jill Ann 189. 568 Watkins. Kim Suzanne 173. 568 Watkins. Mary Nan 231, 379 Watkins. Michael David 334 Watkins. Robert Daniel . . 129. 320, 334, 336, 376 Watkins, Susan Leigh 231, 580 Waller. Mark Collins 539 Waller. Paul Christopher 580 Watson, Albert Theodore 423 Watson, David Gary 36 365, 539 Watson, Duane Herman 539 Watson, Elizabeth 165 Watson, Gary Lee 557 Watson, Gary Lynn 546 Watson. Janet Ann 145 Watson. Jill Pate 171, 580 Watson, John Girling 167 Watson, Judy Marsha 539 Watson, Lois Marie 175, 247, 539 Watson. Melissa Taylor 171. 568 Watson, Michael Townes 261 Watson. Paula Ann 159, 309, 558 Watson, Peggy Ann 366, 558 Watson, Ralph Eugene 539 Watson, Robert Joe 546 Watson, Sandra Lee 302, 328 Watson, Sue Ellen 171 Watson, Vicki Lynn 173, 299, 379 Watson, Wilfred H 474. 475 Wattinger. Synthia Anne 558 Watts. Gary Mitchell 217 Watts, Ricky David 195 Watts, Sharon Sue 191 Watz, Jane Marie 356. 558 Waxier, Connie Elaine 279. 580 Waxier. Melvin Ellis 339 Wear, Benjamin Frank 31 1, 568 Weatherby. Roberta G 539 Weatherford. Morrison Kim 195 Weatherly, Marinda K athenne 580 Weaver, Janice Syble 539 Weaver, Keith Chapman 163, 580 Weaver, Mary Elizabeth 568 Weaver. Melissa Ann 317 Weaver. Nancy 539 Weaver. Nancy 165 Weaver. Reen Canada 580 Weaver, Susan Ann 317 Weaver, William Timothy 213 Webb. Connie Lynn 231 Webb, James Marshall 580 Webb. Pamela Sue 539 Webb. Randall Lee 203, 580 Weber, Andrew James 181 Weber, James Joseph 580 Weber, Karen Ann 558 Weddell. William Alan 195, 539 Wceber, Sandra Faye 580 Weed, Barbara Lee 558 Weekley, Claire Meredith 185. 568 Weekley, Jan Frances 185. 580 Weeth. George Wright 580 Weichsel. Alice Linda 207 Weidmann, Trena 558 Weidner, Chester P. Jr 546 Weidner, Leanne 159, 568 Weidt, Nancy Ellen 173, 317, 322 Weil, Alan Jay 318 Weil. Judy Ann 580 Weiller. Karen Henrietta 292, 568 Weinberg, Morton Edward 580 Weinblatt, James Sayre 323 Weiner, Jeffrey Allan 215 Weiner. Linda Rose 149, 247, 3 1 7, 568 Weiner, Susan Patrice 324 Weinstein, Claire E 329 Weir, Elesa Jo 243 Weir.LeeO 580 Weisc, Bonnie Renee 317, 322, 568 Weisinger, James S 386, 539 Weiss, James Alan 151, 580 Weissgarber. Eric John 203. 568 Weitzel, Beverly Gray 145, 580 Weitzel, Deborah Lee 145, 558 Welch, Ashley James 298 Welch, Bobby Ellis 580 Welch. Clifford W 298 Welch. Katherine Louise 558 Welch. Laura Lane 500 Welch. Melinda Joan 539 Weldon, Lynn Dell 317 Welge. Jack Herman Jr 181 Welhausen. Cynthia Rae 145. 539 Welk. Trudy Eileen 322. 580 Welle. Philip Earl 558 Wellman, Christopher M 303 Wellman. James Allen 539 Wellmerlmg. Cynthia Ann 580 Wells. Christine Rene 317 Wells. Donna Elaine 328. 329 Wells, James D. Ill 201 Wells. John Tullos 318. 320, 337 Wells, Katheryn Ann 558 Wells, Kathy Lynn 317 Wells, Lynne Ann 580 Wells, Mara Lynn 290, 378 Wells, Marcelyn Ruth 568 Wells. Marianne D. .. ...539 Name Page , Wells. Robert E 323 Wells, Shirley Ann 568 Wells, Thomas Mann 205 Wells, William Ratcliff Jr 195, 580 Welsch, Mary Ann 145 Welsh, Texas Maverick 167 Weltman, Wendy Joyce 580 Wende. Diane Elaine 539 Wendc, Stephen Paul 321 Wendel, Maureen Anne 568 Wendell, Constance B 255, 305, 309 Wendland, Kimberly Gail 231, 281. 568 Wendlandt. Vicki Arlean 568 Wendler. Kim 279. 580 Wenzel. Bennie 612 Wcrbner. Mark Steven 225, 580 Werbow, Stanley Newman 460, 461 Werchan, Carol Ann 328, 539 Werchan, James Conway 491 Werkenthin, Marie L 183, 279, 327, 546 Werlla, Vanessa Lynn 317, 324 Wermuth, Gary 229 Werst. John James 205, 539 Wersterfcr, Catherine L 159 568 Wesch, Sandra Kay 279, 580 Wessels, Carolyn Ruth 539 West, David Budde 558 West, George Page 201 West, Helen McDaniel 539 West, James Herchel 213 West, Mark Van Deln 199, 580 West, Milton Horace III 221 West, Robert V. Ill 289, 324 West, Ronald Eugene 539 West, Susan Alice 330 West, William George Jr. . 122, 139, 221, 283, 558 Wcstbrook, Max Roger 460 Westcott, Pamela Jean 309, 558 Westfall. Gary Duane 500 Westfall. Lynn Donald 323 Westfall. Marshal Lynne 129. 138. 157. 500 Westlund. Karin Nanette 279. 568 Westmoreland. Bradley 179. 321, 339, 539 Westmoreland, Fred Earl 179, 558 Wetherby. Linda Jean 558 Wexlcr. Carol Lynn 322 Weynandt, James Kyle 580 Whalen, Carol Jan 328, 539 Whalen, Elizabeth Ann 310 Whalen, Kelley Francis 227, 310, 580 Whaley, Janet Lynn 147. 311, 558 Whaley. Mimi Anne 147, 580 Whaley, Vicki Lynn 169, 558 Whaling, Richard Graham 428. 448 Wharton. Nancy Inez 313 Whatley. Linda Sue 165, 321. 539 Whatley. Thomas Lee 323 339 568 Wheat. Cathy Gail 580 Wheat, Jerry Daniel 398, 433 Wheat, John Bailey 323 Wheat, Julia Ellen 189, 285, 309, 580 Wheatley, Kenneth K. Jr 324 Wheeler, Anne E 169 Wheeler, Donald Ray 558 Wheeler, Linda Kay 309, 558 Wheeler, Marsha Elaine 244, 580 Wheeler, Michael Ivens 213 Wheeler, Patricia Ann 317 Wheeler, Richard Doyle 205. 546 Wheeler, RobertG 286 Wheeler. Robert Kearney 304, 305, 307, 313 Wheeler. Stephen Rand 568 Wheeler, William Kai 195 Wheeless, Lynn Bailey 2%, 378 Wheelock, John Laylon 314 323 Wheelus, Richard Allan 2% Whclcss. Jay Fredric 279, 580 Wheless. Sharon Ruth 173 Whelton. Lynn Ann 558 Whisenant. Mary Patrice 183, 279, 327, 568 Whisenhunt, John Richard 331 Whitaker, Richard Byron 331 Whitby. Kathleen 173 While. Cathy Ann 568 White. Charles C. Jr 539 White, Cheryl Jo 580 White. Clifford H. Jr 193 While. David Sterling 321 White. Deborah Gay 314, 540 White, Del Bradford 580 White, Douglas Alan 175, 540 White, Gary Warren 321 White, Gary Wrenn 313, 364, 365. 546 White. Jenny Allane 159, 558 White, Jon Gerald 333 White. Karla Louise 147 While. Kathleen Rose 580 While. Kyle David 558 While. Mary Ann 580 While. Nancy Chrisline 165 While. Nancy Cole 231 While. Richard Wayne 378 While. Ronald Lee 167. 283 White. Sara Margaret 540 While, Thomas Martin 217, 321. 540 White, Toni Ann 147, 285, 568 White, William Coller Jr 296 Whilcd, James Byron 546 Whited, Nancy Kaye 580 Whitehead. William I, 354 Whitehill, John Mays 181 Whilehorne, Darcy Ann 558 Whilehursl, Donna Faye 285, 580 Whilehursl, Terri Ann 558 Whileley, Edward T 377, 580 Whiteley, Michael Austin 568 Whileman. Mark Gaines 323 Whilcside, Tom Heally 199. 286 Whileside. Tommy Glenn 568 Whilfield. Marianne 171. 540 Whitfield, Mary Paula 165. 379 Whilfield. Nancylee 171. 322 609 Name fages Whitfill, Ailccn C 540 Whitley. Mikki Jane 165, 379 Whitmire. Cathy D 173 Whitney, Claudia Lynne 568 Whitney. Thomas Hall 392 Whitson, Kenneth Wesley . . . .276, 279, 326, 546 Whitt, David Lee 324 Whittier, Julius Edward 398. 448 Whittington. M. L 207 Whittle. Robert Roy 391 Whitton, James Morton 580 Whitworth, Ann 169 Whitworth. J. T. Ill 540 Whitworth. Julie 169 Wiatrowski. Janet Ann 285. 568 Wicheta. Susan Ann 580 Wickersham, Elizabeth Ann 136, 145. 580 Wiedeman, Stanley Raymon 129, 314 Wiegand. Patricia Ann 540 Wiegand. Paul Bertrand 143. 428 Wiemers, Onis Corwin 364, 365, 546 Wiener. Stephen 187 Wientjes. Mark Stephen 382. 546 Wier. Janet Blair 159 Wieruscheske, Carolyn F 580 Wiggins. David Ray 568 Wigginton. Larry Joe 383, 546 Wiggs, Susan Kay 189 Wiglcy, Walter P. Jr 439 Wilchar. Pamela Jane 189 Wilcox, Dale M 568 Wilcox, Lance Elliott 323 Wilcox, William M 491 Wilcox, William Wayne 398 Wildasin, Mary Penelope 546 Wilde, Jeanne Margot 319 Wilemon, Terri Lynne 540 Wiles, Karen Diane 253 Wiley, Cheryl Kaye 145 Wiley, Donald Preston 306 Wiley. Isaac Floyd 348, 540 Wiley, Mary Jane 292. 580 Wilkerson, Dia Karen 183, 546 Wilkes.Gay Lee 231 Wilkin. Diane 207. 440. 580 Wilkin. Mark Alan 558 Wilkin. Matthew C. Jr 199 Wilkins. Craig Alan 580 Wilkins. Robert Lee 334 Wilkins. William Aubrey 350, 352, 353, 540 Wilkinson. Candace F 330 Will, Linda Gayle 159. 379 Willbern, Arthur Dennis III 558 Willeford. Joy Hale 169 Willhoite. Charles Terry 303 Willhoite, Warren A 540 Williams, Antonia A 243 Williams. Barbara Gail 317 Williams. Billie Jo 540 Williams. Bobbye Ruth 147. 568 Williams. Carol Laverc 558 Williams, Clyde Jr 546 Williams, Curt Alan 580 Williams, Cynthia Kay 317, 568 Williams. Dana Helen 441 Williams, David 336 Williams, Deborah Anne 191 Williams, Denise A 155, 540 Williams, Dorothy C 279, 580 Williams, Gary Richard 179 Williams, Gayland J. T 329 Williams, George T 540 Williams, Irby 207, 580 Williams. James Allan 195, 558 Williams, John D 339 Williams, Joseph Eugene 143 Williams, Kathryn 207, 558 Williams. Kenneth Dwayne 161 Williams, Lawrence Stanley 321 Williams, Lillian Ruth 317 Williams, Linda May 159. 540 Williams. Lois Jane 540 Williams. Malcolm David 378, 558 Williams. Mark Thomas 546 Williams. Patricia Kay 165 Williams. Robert Dwayne 143 Williams, Robert L 324 Williams, Roderick B 279 Williams, Ronald Gaylord 143, 581 Williams. Ronald Glenn 321. 339 Williams. Stephen Boyd 181. 568 Williams, Steven Durham 581 Williams, Thomas Joseph 301, 339, 540 Williams. Virginia G 185 Williams, Willoughby Claibome Jr 163, 322 Williams, Wesley R 331 Williams, William Andrew 378 Williamson. Brian Duff 558 Williamson. Ellen Ross 581 Williamson, Karen E 546 Williamson. Kenneth A 276, 279, 558 Williamson, Linda Carol 328, 329 Williamson, Mark Lee 143 Williamson, Sharron Lynn 568 Willis, David Neil 429 Willis. Joyce Ann 540 Willis, Steven Richard 167 Willmann, Kenneth E 331 Willson. Catherine L 540 Wilson. Carolyn 231,321 Wilson, Carolyne Fern 171 Wilson. Cathy Gale 540 Wilson, Charles Monroe 320 Wilson. Cynthia Diane 317 Wilson. Donald Alan 558 Name Fa S es Wilson. Gwendolyn Faye 1 16, 133. 138 155 293 311, 319, 322, 340 Wilson, James Owen 540 Wilson, Jeanne 207, 558 Wilson, Jerilyn m Wilson. John Mark 413,418,419.448 Wilson, Judy Lynn 231 Wilson, Katherine Jane 285 Wilson, Larry Brant 33 Wilson, Larry Donald 221 Wilson, Lewise Ann 317 Wilson, Marilyn ' 5 Wilson, Marsha Lynn Siim Wilson, Michael Lee 221, 55f Wilson, Nancy Brinlee liVAii ' S Wilson, Nelda ' 73, 285. 379 Wilson, Patricia Carolyn 581 Wilson, Patricia Lee 317 Wilson, Rebecca Denise 581 Wilson, Reid Carroll 221 Wilson, Richard Neal 558 Wilson. Robert 289 Wilson. Scott Alan 558 Wilson, Scott Bradford 540 Wilson. Scott Evans 354 Wilson. Shannon E I " Wilson, Sharon E. G 540 Wilson, Teresa Ann 581 Wilson, Timothy Todd 421 Wilson. William Roger 298 Winans. Carolee Mj Windham. Elizabeth K 357 Windham. James Harold 382 Windham, Laurie Ann 315. 568 Windisch. Johanna Maxine ill Winegarten, Martha Frances 558 Winfree, Rachel V 165 Winfrey. Randal Alan 167 Wingard, Peggy 317 Wingo, Lane Garrison 323 Winham, John Wayne 330 Winkler, John Clyde 307 Winn.Jill 16 f Winnette, Ward Perry 558 Winniford, Janet Courtney 581 Winsett, Dennis Edgar 540 Winsett, Owen Ewing 244 Winslow, Karen Frances 366, 546 Winslow, Robert Frank 540 Winston, John Steven 195 Winston. Pamela Faye 558 Winston. Scott Myers 195. 568 Winston. Walter Jr 161, 558 Winter, Joan Elizabeth 191. 280. 281, 568 Winterringer, Ruth A 138. 207, 247 Winterringer, Susan Leigh .... 1 13, 134, 207, 243, 293,319,558 Winters, Leila Dell 191 Winters, Marialice J 171 Winters, Susan Kathryn 171. 581 Winters. William Dean 330. 540 Wipperman, Susan De 191.31! Wirsching. Elsa Christine 321 Wisch, Steven Alan 320, 54C Wisdom. Ann 581 Wise, Candy Lee 207 Wise, Helainc Gail 149. 581 Wise, John Roger 323 Wise, Kenneth P 540 Wise. Marilyn Marie 568 Wise, Marilyn Rueping 145, 541 Wise, Peggy Lenora 558 Wise, Robert Allen 229. 286. 540 Wise, Scott Wilson 330, 500 Wiseman, Christine D 145 WisialowsVi, Samuel Thomas 289, 391, 581 Wissink, Deborah H 540 Wissler, Eugene H 470 Wiswell, Dorothy Elaine 568 Witcher, Rodney Fernell 161, 323, 568 Witherspoon, John M 339 Wittels, Marci Jaye 219. 568 Wittenberg, Alan Landman 215 Wittleder, Susan Jean 440 Wix, Steven Lynn 581 Wofford, Thomas Gary 385 Wohlscn, Rosemary Kanemrs 540 Wolbrelte, Bruce Eli 353, 558 Wolcott, Charles Rocket 39C Wolcott, Charles William 213 Wolcott, Craig Stephen 213,581 Wolf, Barry Howard 215, 386. 540 Wolf, Janet Claire 322, 581 Wolf, Julie Susan 149, 581 Wolf, Lucie Jean 207 Wolf, Peggy Ann 147 Wolf, Robert Joseph 568 Wolfe, Christian E 390 Wolfe. Gary Robert 289 Wolfe. Roland Tamplin 321, 540 Wolff, Gary Joe 323, 568 Wolff, Gary Michael 423, 581 Wolff, Harry Walter 213, 581 Wolfmucller, Joan G 540 Wolfson, Steven R 540 Wolk, Fredrick N 247 Woltman. Arthur William 500 Woltman, Glenn Ray 540 Womack, Diane Elizabeth 165, 328, 558 Womack, Robert Lee 330 Womble, Craig Morgan 213. 286 Womble. John Carl 323. 324 Women ' s Concert Choir 315 Women in Communication 346 Wommack. Agnes Dawson 191 Name S " Wong, Charles Fu-Chucn 540 Wong. Chi Wah 540 Wong, Christina Kay 328 Wong, Dean Lee 323 Wong, Ellen Yuen Ling 540 Wong. James M. Jr 303 Wong. Thomas Kam Yuen 546 Woo. Winston 330 Wood. Branson Lehew HI 321. 541 Wood, Carol Jean 541 Wood, Cedric Scott 558 Wood. Charles Lautrell 323 Wood, David Lowell 223 Wood, Donald Dean 398 Wood. Glena Earlene 185. 541 Wood. John Kenneth 295, 392 Wood. Katherine Hungate 541 Wood, Larry Alden 558 Wood, Larry Gene 541 Wood. Larry Wayne 581 Wood, M. Katheryn 541 Wood, Ray Lamont 296 Wood. Sharon Ann 558 Woodard, Tommy Dale 357. 41 1 Woodard, William R 310 Woodfin, Carol McCall 500 Woodley. Dianne Louise 231. 581 Woods, Carol Deen 568 Woods, J. David 428 Woods, Sharon Marie 328, 541 Woo dward, Garland Benton 139, 209 Woodward. Nancy Ann 129 Woodward, Ralph W 221 Woodward, William R .310 Woodworm, Sharon Elaine 568 Wooldridge, Michael E 223 Wooley, Brenda Gayle 568 Wooley, Janet Lynne 173 Woolsey, Douglas L 187 Woolen, Cheryl Diane 147. 568 Woolen. Timm 199 Woolen. William Harris 193 Woollen, Janene Marie 558 Wootters, Jeanne Carol 189, 581 Worcester. Shirley Ann 317, 379, 382, 568 Word. Joe David 382 Worhol. Terry Anne 328. 541 Workman. Robert Bruce 423, 568 Workman, Ronald Lynn 398, 448 Worley, John Brent 321 Worley, Marilyn Kay 145. 440 Worley. Thomas Neal 179. 581 Worrel, John Richard 429. 448 Worrell. Lee Franks 325 Worsham, Kathryn Ann 231. 558 Worsham. Pamela Ann 568 Worth, James Clinton 195, 244, 255, 558 Wortham. Richard C 431, 433. 434, 448 Worthington, Georgene 265 Wortley, Elizabeth Peabody 541 Wortley, Gary Stewart 181,318,541 Wotipka, Pamela Kay 558 Woytek, Barbara Jean 546 Wozniak, Richard Alan 541 Wozobski, Oscar 541 Wranischar, Jack Daniel 227, 568 Wright, Barbara Carol . . . 125, 276, 279, 293, 541 Wright. Betty Jane 541 Wright. Carolyn Ann 327 Wright. Carroll Clifford Jr 581 Wright. Cecil Yvonne 328. 500 Wright. Charles Alan 320 Wright. David Edward 279 Wright. Edwin E 423, 424, 448 Wright, Geoffrey Charles 270 Wright, John N 392 Wright. Maryatte Steele III 213, 568 Wright, Nancy Claire 285, 568 Wright, Robert Stanley Jr 181, 139. 558 Wright, Virginia Gay 279 Wright, William Graham 279, 58 1 Wroe, Susan Collie 191 Wroten, Judy 325 Wroth, Deborah Lynn 311 Wu. Kwok Wai 334 Wukasch. Jonathan Earl 323 Wukasch, Marsha Joan 313 Wunderlich, Curtis E 221 Wunderlich, Marlene K 558 Wunderlick. Michael Barry 213 Wundt. Ellen Marie 338 Wurzbach. Linda Sue 581 Wurzel. James Douglas 392 Wyatt, Carol Lynn 165 Wyatt, Terrie Lynn 138. 147. 558 Wylie. Billy Burben 325 Wylie, Cynthia Lee 138. 185 Wylie. Elizabeth Claire 558 Wylie. Gary Lee 360. 558 Wylie. Harry Michael 193 Wyman. Beverly Jo 568 Wyman, Paula Jean 147, 581 Wyman, Richard Carlson 205, 558 Wyman, William H. Jr 398, 448 Wynn, Jim Dudley 541 Wynne, Martha Virginia 173, 541 Wynne, Thomas Burton Jr 581 Wynne, Virginia Cicely 257 Wynne. Wreno Smith 541 Wysocki. Lynn Ann 189 Name Page X,Y,Z Yackel, Roger Alan 546 Yakatan, Gerald Joseph 325 Van. Johnson Kuen Y 334 Yanchick. Victor A 325. 455 Yanez. Niceforo Jr 347 Yarbrough, Christy J 546 Yarbrough, Janis L 311 Yarbrough, Mary Helen 130, 191, 244 Yarbrough, Randall Allen 423. 427. 448 Yarbrough. Richard Alvin .... 298. 422. 423. 425. 427. 448, 546 Yarling, Charles B 211,541 Yastishock, David Stephen 378 Yates, David Kent 323 Yates. James Lowell 296 Yates, John Lee 2% Yates. Meridith 165 Yates. Ronald Franklin 179. 541 Yates, Victoria 558 Yates, Weldon M. Ill 199 Yazbeck. Louis Randall 323 Yee, Pamela Alice 568 Yen. Ronald Ray 323, 568 Yeoman, Gary Layne 398, 448 Yerkes, Richard Patrick 187 Yerkes. Susan Gamble 321 Ylitalo, David Lee 339 Yoakum, Beverly Lynne 558 Yonack, Mimi Ruth 558 York, Beverly Diane 568 York, Dan Wiederhold 323 York, Hansell N. Ill 352, 541 Youens, Robert Allen 321. 324, 541 Young, Abigail Ann 268 Young. Gayle Elizabeth 297 Young. Heartsill Henry 481 Young, Keith Evan 391 Young, Mallory Renee 321 Young, Mark Benton 568 Young. Mary Elizabeth 191 Young. Mary Virginia 541 Young, Michael Steven 324, 541 Young, Nancy Alene 546 Young, Nancy Leigh 366 Young, Omer Steven 325 Young. Randall Wesley 384 Young. Rowena Mira 317 Young. Steven Elgin 143. 581 Young, William Robert 318, 320 Youngblood, Cathey J 183, 541 Youngblood, David Leon 429 Youngblood, Michael D 323 Youngblood, Michael Thomas 581 Younger, Laura Lee 58 1 Youngman, Janet Ellen 231 Yrizarry, Elaine Debra 183. 541 Yu, Hong 296. 541 Yu. Wing Hong Randy 568 Yura. Joseph Andrew 267 Yust, Elizabeth Marlene 541 Zabel. Ginger McDonald 541 Zabcl. Mark Patrick 324. 541 Zaffirini. Judith Lee 332 Zaiontz. Jeanne Marie 558 Zajicek, Kenneth Wayne 541 Zajicek. Larry Edward 568 Zalesak, Margie Eva 324 Zamora. Gloria Lu J 328 Zamorano, Robert A 223 Zaniewski. John Paul 336 Zaniewski. Theresa Ann 568 Zapalac.Jill 171 Zapalac, Willie Frank Jr 320, 398 Zapata, Laura Ann 581 Zavala, Alicia 546 Zavaleta, John Joseph 363. 546 Zeppa, Carol Marie 331.541 Zeppa. Mark Harvey 541 Zeta Beta Tau 228, 229 ZelaTau Alpha 230. 231 Zeto, Vicki Jean 231 Zidcll, MarcS 229 Zillgitt, Sherri Lynn 207, 581 Zimburean, John Michael 581 Zimmerer, Sandra Kaye 321 Zimmerhanzel, Lillian Jane 558 Zimmerhanzel, Loretta Ann 541 Zimmerman, David Lee 568 Zimmerman, Janice Lane 3 1 9, 32 1 Zimmermann, Sandra Kay 147, 581 Zimmermann. Vicki E 440 Zinn, Cheryl Renec 581 Zinnante, Marian A 328. 541 Zinnecker, Paola G 329 Zipp, Jacquelyn Maxine 541 Ziskind, Ellen 581 Zivney, Robert Conrad Jr 203 Zlatkis. Debbi 324 Zlatkovich. Charles P 320 Zlotnik, Robert Samuel 215 Znilek, Michael S 151 Zoch, Connie Lynn 58 1 Zoller, James Clarkson 385 Zoller, Janet Frances 165, 328. 541 Zorn. Martha Ann 328. 541 Zuber, Roland Thomas 199 Zucknick. Henrietta Evelyn 558 Zvonek, Ray Anthony 330 Zweighaft, Susan G 317 Zwernemann, Gregory Richard 568 Zwernemann. Steven Mark 377, 581 Zwiebel, Klaylea Kay .... 127. 134. 266. 267, 359 610 ... n STUDENTS Jaime X. Barrera Kathleen A. Bruce Dennis J. Diermger Clayton A. Dodd Forest C. Edwards Flonan Garney David Roy Garret! David Doering Glass Robert Luuis Hassell Russell Hunka Joseph S. Hurley Lauren Lane Karen Jeanne McCormick tienry Leonard McNair John Miner : KahlilOmar :D6nald Otto Renken .James S. Roe John Valry Rogers Marcus G:. Jiearcv rGavienD. Smith FACULTY Clarence E. Ayres Leo G. Blackstock Hugh Blodgett Henry A. Bullock William Frank Bradley Howard Benton Curtis Warner Ensign Gettys Hob Gray Benjamin F. Holland Lee M. Hollander Frank Weldon Jessen Rita Pisk William R. Spriegel Harry Schulz Vandiver Lois Ware STAFF Josephine M. Chapman Caroline Crowell Richard T. Fleming Ben H. Garner Milton E. Goetz Curtis A. Mitchael Bennie Wenzel In Memoriam . i , Epilogue or Reminiscent Ramblings While looking through the past three CACTUS ' S, when I have come to this last page of copy, the editor ' s " farewell ora- tory, " I ' ve said to myself, " How Queer! " But too many people and too many memories necessitate my following in my predecessors ' footsteps. How else would all the people who make this job so worthwhile know what they have meant to me and to this yearbook? The theme of the 1973 CACTUS is related to movies, because for four years now I have felt that the University of Texas is a giant stage where each of us acts out the part of the college student, faculty member, staff or administrator. And because there are so many different roles being played on this campus of 40,000, I have tried to emphasize the individuality of the UT constituency. My goal for this yearbook has been to capture this individuality in pictures and copy and to remind us all of the life we chose to lead during our UT days. My staff has helped me to attain this goal and I must give credit where credit is due. This 80th edition of the CACTUS yearbook is OUR book, not my book. The supervisors, Jerry Thompson and Kay Hardcastle; the associate editor, Sheldon Lippman; the photographers; the section editors, John Adkins, Cathy Greene Black, Lyndie Blevins, Claire Charl- ton, Tracee Chenoweth, Liz Daily, Randy Edwards, Richard Forrest, Kathy Freeland, Bill Scott and Susie Stoler; and the 50 volunteer staff workers have all contributed ideas to make this book a success. I could not have produced these 616 pages without their devotion and friendship and I can never tell them how much they have meant to me personally. After a very eventful wedding and honeymoon in the Baha- mas, I returned to JB 3 raring to go and anxious to begin plan- ning the ' 73 CACTUS, only to be greeted with the news that our supervisor, Julia McNair, was resigning and moving on to Mississippi. Though Julia was my close friend as well as CAC- TUS supervisor, she convinced me that the CACTUS would indeed survive without her, so I began figuring budgets, designing my cover and setting dates for the year ' s activities. A somewhat shy Jerry Thompson took over as supervisor in August and Kay, Sheldon and I immediately began bombard- ing him with all the plans we had been making. It didn ' t take long for us to realize that Jerry was not shy and it didn ' t take long for him to give the office a new spirit. After a two-day workshop (to acquaint the new staff with my expectations of them) at John Adkins ' farm in Brenham (A big thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Adkins for the u se of their facilities), the basement of the Journalism Building was filled with constant activity. Though the relocated studio disrupted our office for over 6 weeks, the experiences we had with two German photographers from Stevens Studio, Margit and Jur- gen, were recompense. Before classes resumed for the second semester, we had another staff workshop, this time in Dallas at the Taylor Pub- lishing Company Plant. After drinking and dining and danc- ing and drinking with our hosts at the Chaparral Club, we sur- prised everyone, including ourselves, by being at the plant the next morning on time. BV9NP March was a busy month for the CACTUS, for not only were deadlines upon us, but all the awards committees were meeting to select Bluebonnet Belles, Outstanding Students and Goodfellows. I could not have asked for more dedicated committee members and I can only say that their efforts and time were greatly appreciated. The opportunity to get to know these outstanding people was one of the highlights of my year as CACTUS editor. Also a special thanks to Craig Johnson and the Silver Spurs for allowing us to present the " highly qualified " Bluebonnet Belles during the Dance Marathon. April was a month I believe the entire CACTUS staff would like to erase from the calendar. The " bitch hat " was worn more times, an unmerited " OTR " sign was hung on my desk and late night working sessions, two large deadlines, and the constant cry of " Where are my pictures! " almost caused instant insanity. But we weathered the storm and completed our final deadline sealed, signed and delivered. On page 114 of the 1925 CACTUS are these words: " Our main idea in mind has been to keep the standard of the Cactus in front of the field that it has always occupied. The hours have been long and often it appeared that there would not be any book at all. However, that stage is passed and already the staff is beginning to cherish that moment when we shall wash our mental hands of the whole business. " Things haven ' t changed much! Now, as I look back over the year, I see numerous persons that helped make this year such a rewarding experience I only wish I could mention each and every one on these two pages although that would be next to impossible. There are a " few " special people that I feel I must mention specifically, because without them I would never have been able to carry out my job so smoothly. After all, I have never been accused of NOT being verbose or longwinded. A big " thank you " to Loyd Edmonds, TSP General Man- ager, who was always willing to talk with me about the CAC- TUS. By the end of the year he didn ' t even need to look up to see who was saying " Have you got a minute? " and he always did. A hearty thanks also to Dolores Moore and the ladies in the Business Office. It ' s hard for me to express my gratitude to our publisher Taylor Publishing Company. A special thanks to Mac " Only " Upshaw for his constant attention, to Fred Koger for his jokes and arrangements as " travel agent " and to Doug Altom (even though he copped-out on our basketball team) who we always looked forward to seeing again. Down the hall, cramped in their darkroom, are our photog- raphers. There is no way I could ever say " thank you " enough to all of them for their hard work especially Stanley Farrar. I knew I could depend on Stanley at any time and I appreci- ated his willingness and desire to provide quality photography for the CACTUS. Having lunch with a group of friends always brightened my day. I will miss Cappy McGarr ' s impersonations, especially of Sandy Gottesman (and good luck to Cappy, Sandy Kress and Bill Mintz in running Student Government). I wish there were some way to tell James Little, who was always able to fit me into his busy schedule, how much his friendship meant and how much,! appreciated the hospitality he and his KA broth- ers showed to me. And Neil Allison I mean what can I say MB about such a devoted friend, except that perhaps, with Neil there is never a dull moment? If I were to try and express my feelings for the following people, I could go on for pages. Congratulations to Jerry Thompson, my friend, confidant and " listening ear " for his smashing debut as CACTUS Supervisor. Good luck and best wishes to Kay Hardcastle, my close friend, originator of many hilarious moments and office companion for the past two years. And a special thank you to Jan Andrews McCrory who taught me so much as CACTUS Associate Editor. I will never forget the help that my associate editor, Sheldon Lippman, has been this year. And I will certainly miss the voice of EIB, Richard Forrest, my closest of friends, my Sports section editor and my fellow accountant. To Ms. Liz DaiWy, I can only say I hope your year as ' 74 CACTUS editor is as fantastic as mine has been and that you will have so " wonerful " a person as yourself to help you as much as you have helped me. Every editor should have a staffer like Gary Lacy. His warm smile and glowing personality sparked a gleam in all our eyes. I will always remember the friendship that we have shared these past few months. Last, but not least (well, maybe in size), my thanks and love extend to my wife Ann, the 1973 CACTUS widow, who had to sleep, eat and drink CACTUS and seldom complained. She deserves a medal for being the wife of the editor. When a photograph was used that was not taken by the TSP photographers, credit, is given to the original photogra- pher or source. Cappy McGarr and John Adkins provided the convention pictures on pages 58 and 59; Frank Wolfe sup- plied the pictures for the LBJ Memorial on page 90; Frank Armstrong took the Ten Most Beautiful pictures on page 136 and the Population Research Center pictures on pages 458 and 459; the Alpha Xi Delta group picture on page 164 was supplied by Molly Parman; James A. Johnson provided the reception picture on page 266; Richard Etheridge took several of the pictures of the Longhorn Band used on pages 274, 276 and 277; Steve Waldman supplied the portrait of Bevo on page 273; Leonard Curvin supplied a picture of the Parachute team used on page 299; the Visual Instruction Bureau pro- vided the picture of the University Chorus on page 313; Greg- ory Dean provided the activity shots on pages 371, 376 and 377 and Scott McCullough supplied the activity pictures on pages 370, 390 and 391; the US Army provided the activity pictures on pages 368 and 369; McDonald Observatory sup- plied the galaxy picture on pages 456 and 457; Thomas C. Barnes of the Development Office provided the picture from Dads ' Day taken by Joe Phillips; and Mark Mariani took the picture used on page 612. Also a special thanks to Sandy Kress, who volunteered and wrote the commencement copy on page 106. The 1973 CACTUS was printed on 616 pages of 80 Sax- mark embossed enamel paper stock and was produced with a total budget of $92,500. Both copy and headlines are set in Times Roman print and Broadway type was printed on the cover, title page, main and subdivision pages. Individual class and Greek pictures were taken and supplied by Stevens Stu- dios of Bangor, Maine. Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas printed the 1973 CACTUS. , . -. . , c . . JR..WWV ? ; " : . - Ji

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