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m - - w ---,. " .. ' .: ,- ' " .r ' ' ' " m 1972 CACTUS Jan Kathleen Andrews Editor f Alan Harold Levi Associate Editor Julia Lynn McNair Supervisor Kay Hardcastle Assistant Supervisor Published by Texas Student Publications, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas, Volume 79 Contents Student Life Student Government 25 Military 60 Special Interest Organizations 80 Professional Organizations 125 Honorary Organizations 154 Greeks 181 Features Activities 285 Limelight 356 Athletics Varsity-Intramural Sports 385 Academics Administration 433 Classes 456 In Memoriam 541 Index. ..542 Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence p I As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. teT=3 =3 r REPEAL ' 10 , If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourSGlf. Be Yourself ll i t 13 14 Especially, do not -feign affection. Neither be cynical about love for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, Be gentle with yourself. 16 17 18 You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. 20 or not ' oyou, doubt Iding ldd. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. from " Desiderata " 22 .S i !(iK i; ' i 23 i fl . " STUDENT GOVERNMENT JACK FUERST Students ' Association Interspersed with his fight for wage-price freeze measures at the University and other well-publi- cized events, Student Government President Bob Binder devoted time to such programs as adequate funding for the Undergraduate Research Project and the Intercooperative Council. Binder, in addition to making appointments to various committees and councils, sought to have wage-price freeze measures extended to cover a hike in the University housing and tuition rates. He was successful in seeing that rates remained the same in married housing units. He also worked to extend voting privileges to 18-year-olds. Kenneth McHam who served as student body vice-president worked on many of the same pro- grams along with Binder. He worked with student- faculty committees, including the University Coun- cil, Advisory Council on Student Affairs, and the Student Living Accommodations Committee. Bob Binder, President Ken McHam, Vice-President 26 Ombudsman The Students ' Attorney ' s office was busy this year with the problems of university students. The attorney, James G. Boyle, handled an average of 200 cases a month this year with the help of two full-time secretaries and 17 part-time law students, most of whom received no salary. From the time the office was created in 1970, it has taken over 3,000 cases of varying types. Only a small percent- age of these cases have required court action. About half of the cases handled have been of the landlord-tenant type while the other half have con- sisted of consumer-protection problems. Hector DeLeon had only one complaint about his position as Student Ombudsman this year. Too few students made use of his office. He said that while more students were using his services this year than last, the number came nowhere near the total that might be helped. Most of the problems the ombudsman handles only require a phone call. Although the office is mainly that of persuasion, it is still effective since the ombudsman has access to the administration and faculty. Of all the people who had come into his office DeLeon said only a few had problems that could not be worked out. Hector DeLeon, Ombudsman Students ' Attorney Students ' Attorney, Jim Boyle 27 FALL STUDENT COURT: Gene Clifford Jarman, John Parker Nelson, Donald White Brodsky, Sharolyn Petty Wood, Joseph Angus Cialone V SPRING STUDENT COURT: Donald D. Chapman. William Lang, Donald White Brodsky, David J. Weaver. Alberto Garcia Since no cases were heard by the Student Court this year, members devoted their efforts to at- tempting to revise and re-work the University ' s Dis- cipline Code. Donald White Brodsky was ap- pointed by Student Government President Bob Bin- der to serve as Chief Justice. ( K " f " V_xOU I I 28 Communication Council 1. Joanne Kaufman 2. Judith Ann Naughton 3. Sarah E. Toppins 4. J. Warthog Watkins 5. F. Edwin Cockrell 6. Maria Kay Munneke 7. Jan Jarboe Reetz 8. Robert Herman Allison 9. Sara Lynn Weidner 10. Suzanne Marie O ' Malley I I. Wayne A. Danielson 12. Joanne Ruhland 13. Armando B. Criel 14. Robert L. Oliver The Communication Council strives for unity among the journalism, speech and radio-television- film divisions of the School of Communication. To achieve this goal, the council initiates projects in- volving faculty, staff, and students of the School of Communication. Communication Council projects included work- ing with the job placement office in the School of Business Administration and disseminating informa- tion to predominantly minority school s through the Minority Student Committee. The major event for the School of Communica- tion was the third annual Communication Week in March. Highlights included prominent speakers, creativity in communication, multi-media shows, and student-faculty productions. Acting as officers for the Communication Coun- cil this year were Joanne Kaufman, president; Ju- dith Ann Naughton, vice-president and treasurer; Sara Lynn Weidner, corresponding secretary; Doris Joanne Ruhland, recording secretary; with Dean Wayne Danielson, advisor; and Forrest Edwin Cockrell, Communication Week Chairman. FRONT ROW: Gary Ray Pinnell. John Lee Cubbison, Marlene Beth Imber, Lucy Ann Dunford. Wayne R. Harrison, Bruce Eli Wolbertte. Clyde Wil- lard Smith. SECOND ROW: Barry Lee Antweil. Don James Rogers, Wil- liam Raymond Gamble, Sanford Lee Gottesman, John Kirlcby Dunlap, Franklin Duane Horak, Alphonse Frank Kubacak, Jonny Jefferson Hepler. THIRD ROW: Larry Dale Pecena, Forrest Ray Walker. Mary Ellen Marnell. Denise Elaine Reneau, William Clinton Forrest, Patrick Roy Kimbell, Brenda Elizabeth Bickett, Richard B. Given, Arnold Lipp. FOURTH ROW: Richard Stanley Carnicom, Michael Ray Newman, Danny Andrew Traylor, Chris Bonwich, Dean Matthew Balch, George C. Thorne, Donald Hewett. ti !o Lucy Dunford presented a gavel to Rick Smith in appreciation of his efforts as president Steelworkers president, I. W. Abel spoke during Business Week. 30 The highlight of the College of Business Adminis- tration Week was an address made by I. W. Abel, president of the Steelworkers ' Union, at a luncheon on March 17. Awards were also presented at the luncheon to the college ' s outstanding students, fac- ulty members, and alumni. During Business Week, the Council sponsored a series of guest lectures and seminars in which busi- nessmen from the community and state talked to students about specific areas of the business world. Other activities of the CBA Council included publishing of the 14 Days, a bi-weekly business newsletter, and attempts to get teacher evalua- tions published, bound, and put in the library for use by students. This year ' s officers included Clyde Willard Smith, president; Bruce Eli Wolbrette, vice-presi- dent; Lucy Ann Dunford, fall secretary; Marlene Beth Imber, spring secretary; Gary Ray Pinnell, treasurer; and Wayne R. Harrison, public relations. CBA Council Franklin Horak, chairman of the Distinguished Alumni Committee, presented an award to Ed R. L Wroe, Jr. 31 FRONT ROW: Nancy Lynne Rosenberg, Pamela Kay Bettell, Kathy Sharon Kahn, Deborah Kay McCall, Georgene Worthington, Susan Joyce Peter, Nancy Ellen Gotham. Laurie Kuper. SECOND ROW: Patricia Anne Mad- dox, Cathy Leigh Bonner, Lisa Ann Alter, Elizabeth Ann Reed, Jane Trigg Dunham, Betty Home Priddy, Patrice Erlene Crumble, Anne Louise Totzke, Mary Elizabeth Koen, John O. Rodgers. to- Education Counci The goal of the Education Council this year was to achieve a greater understanding between stu- dents, faculty, and administration in the College of Education. Through various activities students were encouraged to discuss their problems and sugges- tions with faculty and council members. The Education Council sponsored activities throughout the year in order to inform and help education majors. Activities included a sandwich seminar to help students with interviewing for teaching positions and an Easter party for retarded children at the Austin State School. Other activi- ties included administering teacher evaluation forms, selecting outstanding student teachers, and relaying grievances to the administration. Officers of the council were Jane Trigg Dunham, president; Patricia Anne Maddox, vice-president; Laurie Kuper and Kathy Sharon Kahn, secretaries; and Pamela Kay Bettell, treasurer. John Ormand Rodgers served as faculty advisor. 32 Pharmacy Council The Pharmacy Council, in addition to dealing with various problems in the College of Pharmacy, initiated programs and encouraged increased stu- dent involvement this year. The council worked on the development of a Pharmacy Honor Code and creation of Pharmacy Week. The council also sponsored drug abuse speeches given by pharmacy students in area high schools. Also sponsored were Faculty Firesides and a multi- media show on the subject of birth control in the University Showcase display. Serving as officers for the Pharmacy Council this year were Michael Lynn Perkins, president; Pamela Ann Nutt, vice-president; and Barbara Jane Am- stead, secretary-treasurer. I ir was fi stu- geof Hi " . help for he average Pharmacy major spent most of his time in the laboratory FRONT ROW: Charles A. Walters, Melinda Ann Cecil. Barbara Jane Am- stead, Michael Lynn Perkins. Pamela Ann Nutt, Ronald George Janak. SECOND ROW: Michael Terry Davis, Carlos B. L. Sana. Jeff Carl Pin- nell. Eldon Ray Cagle, William A. McDonald, William J. Sheffield. 33 Engineering Counci " Engineering to serve the needs of Mankind " was the theme of Engineering Week which was ob- served in February by the Student Engineering Council. Arthur W. Busch, regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, was the honored speaker at the Engineering Council ' s award convocation on February 24. Receiving Out- standing Engineer awards at the convocation were Thomas Gail Arthur and Robert Courtney Olsen. The qualification for selection for these awards in- cluded high academic achievement and leadership in service to the college and campus. The Engineering Council ' s primary function was to coordinate activities between the various engi- neering departments of the college, professional fraternities, and professional engineering organiza- tions. The council also served as a link between stu- dents and the Dean of the College of Engineering. The Student Engineering Council maintained and operated the Taylor Hall T Room, a student lounge. In addition, the council sponsored social events such as a fall keg party, attended by over 800 students and faculty, and their annual Sweet- heart Dance where Dianne Elizabeth Veatch was crowned as the Engineering Sweetheart. The Student Engineering Council ' s officers this year were Mark Gideon Goode, chairman; Thomas Gail Arthur, vice-chairman; Anthony Wayne Rod, fall secretary; Kenneth Ewing Martin, spring secre- tary; and Robert Courtney Olsen, treasurer. FRONT ROW: Anthony Wayne Rod. Robert Murray Wagner, Mark Gid- eon Goode, Michael Neal Nelson, Joe Ray Harris. SECOND ROW: Glyn David Martin, Joan Bixby Dunham, Joseph Andrew Yura, Fred B. Vogt, William Greenlees, Margaret Anne Hildebrand. David I.eland Rhode. THIRD ROW: Emmerick Joe Pavlas, John H. Durfor, Kenneth Ewing Mar- tin, Frank LeRoy Grossman. Richard D. Potter, Robert B. Warnecke. Randy Acock. Thomas Boyd Nash. Jess Adelbert McAngus. FOURTH ROW: John Paul Zaniewski, Don Philip Holmes, Stephen Craig Walls, Thomas Wayne Rioux. William Payne Bullock Jim Anderson Doty, Peter Machotka. Terence Perick Timmons. 34 ma Engineering Sweetheart, Dianne Elizabeth Veatch Arthur W. Busch spoke at the engineering awards convocation in February. fel. ' Thomas Gail Arthur, Outstanding Student Engineer ' Robert Courtney Olsen, Outstanding Student Engineer 35 Interfraternity Council Throughout the year, the Interfraternity Council united member fraternities, helping them to effec- tively serve the University and Austin. Each individ- ual fraternity informally selects the members of the Interfraternity Council, which serves as the formal organizational structure of its member fraternities. This year the council sponsored Round Up ' 72 (April 10-15) with assistance from the fraternities and sororities. This was the first year IFC spon- sored Round Up, which included a marathon dance, carnival and the traditional parade. The council also worked to serve Austin by coaching the Pan American Football League, a part of the Pan American Recreation Program, which serves the underprivileged boys of East Austin. Serving as Interfraternity Council officers this year were, Alan Townes Moore, president; Clay McLean Hunt, vice-president; Terry Wayne Farrar, treasurer; and Hugh M. Cunningham, secretary. V ! - Al G. Holcomb Frank M. Jackson AXA Blair G. Mercer ATO Edward H. Sauer AY Jo Michael league HKA David D. Anders TKE 36 Emily F. Anderson FIB Deborah A. Eads AAR Deborah C. Grim AZ Dorothy J. Loras Lacey A. Parkinson AAA Lmda B. Warren A Panhellenic Counci The Panhellenic Council is the governing body for all National Panhellenic Conference sorority chapters at the University. Two delegates are cho- sen by each chapter for two year terms, one rotat- ing off the council each year. Panhellenic organizes rush week each fall for the recruitment of new members of the nineteen various sororities. The Panhellenic Council participated in various projects within the Austin community. All nineteen sororities gave Christmas parties for underprivi- leged children. A sorority referral service was initi- ated in conjunction with the Student Health Cen- ter to offer counseling and referral to sorority members about emotional and physical problems. Members participated in collection of money for the Vernon Holt Family Kidney Fund on campus. Officers of the council were Cynthia Lee Wylie, president; Mary Jo Beeson, vice-president; Debo- rah Dawn Haines, treasurer; and Deborah Carol Gruss, secretary. Jan Schollenberger AAA Carolyn 6. Spears xo Gwendolyn F. Wilson AKA 37 COORDINATORS: Robert Leo Raminski, Amos Peters, Nelson F. Dolfuss, Deborah Ann Ploch, Charles R. Porter, William West. Unlike the past few years, Round-Up was a success for University students in 1972. The tradi- tional Sing-Song, carnival and parade received excellent response, while new events, a dance marathon sponsored by the Silver Spurs and a bi- cycle race, were most popular. Round-Up week activities opened with a torch relay from Mt. Bonnell to the University campus. Activities during the week included street dances, parties, Sing-Song, a West Mall carnival, bicycle races and a 48-hour dance marathon at Gregory Gym. Over $15,000 was raised for the March of Dimes during the marathon. The traditional Round-Up parade wound along Congress Avenue, ending the week ' s activities. The Interfraternity Council sponsored Round- Up activities this year. Round-Up Round-Up was revitalized with a parade featuring floats. 38 Lori Rodriguez and Bob Binder entered the Silver Spur Dance Marathon. The Barbeque sponsored by the Cowboys helped raise funds during Round-Up. Greeks entertained with a sing-song at Municipal Auditorium. Orientation Advisors 5 a The orientation program at the University helps incoming students become familiar with the many different aspects of campus life. The program is made possible by a group of stu- dent orientation advisors, who are selected by a dual interview process at the start of the spring semester. After their selection, each new advisor participates in an eight-week training program to prepare them for their various duties. During the summer orientation program, the ad- visors serve as floor counselors and academic pre- advisors for the new students. During the academic year, the same advisors participate in a variety of programs sponsored by the orientation office, such as tutoring, peer coun- seling, high school visitation programs, high school counselor workshops, and transfer student orienta- tion programs. The Student Committee on Orientation Proce- dures (SCOOP) is a group of students selected from the group of advisors to work with the orien- tation staff in planning the various programs throughout the year. They also assist in selection and training of new advisors. Serving on the orientation staff this year were Margaret Barr, assistant dean of students and di- rector of orientation; Richard Alan Nicholas, coor- dinator of orientation; and Michael Ralph Bisesi, student assistant. 1. Virginia C. Guess 2. James R. Watson 3. Deborah A. Rail 4. Saba J. Balagia 5. Timothy W. Dickey 6. Margaret A. Garner 7. Morgan F. Burton 8. Pamela D. Mayo 9. Harold H. Goldsmith 10. Cloteal L Davis I I. Nancy C. Lee 12. Augustus W. Arnold 13. Janet Rosenbaum 14. Charles M. Raymond 15. Barbara D. Lau 16. Rosalynn L. Rosenfeld 17. Andrea M. Sidor 18. Paula J. Nelson 19. Bobby L. Boldt 20. Edward L. Nail 21. Deleyne L. White 22. Shawn R. Casey 23. Susan J. Walstad 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. Thomas W. Gornick John R. Marietta Paul J. Van Osselaer Glen D. Hall Shellie K. Burton Margaret M. Flanagan Aaron K. Ludeke Kathi S. Buchanan Lonnie D. Blackburn Christopher A. Lin Ronnie R. Volkening Lewis T. LeClair Laura B. Latta Michael Klaveness Edward S. Guleke Dave B. Mead David R. Stevenson Michael R. Bisesi John W. Jones Kevin J. Boyle Therese T. Kreig Linda S. Ferine Margaret J. Barr 40 Texas Today and Tomorrow Texas Today and Tomorrow this year celebrated its tenth anniversary at the University and contin- ued with its established programs. One of these programs, Perspective, provided students with an opportunity for open communication concerning various aspects of the University. These programs helped students to understand campus issues and policies which affect them. The various committees sponsored lectures, de- bates, and discussion groups throughout the year. One of the discussion groups included a student session with University President Stephen Spurr concerning the University ' s future policies. Another group met with Vice-President for Student Affairs Ronald M. Brown and Dean of Students James P. Duncan and discussed the University ' s financial sta- tus. There was also a coffee with Cliff Drummond, president of the 1967 student body, along with committee members and student guests. The program is sponsored for educating and in- forming the students of today so they will be inter- ested and participating alumni of tomorrow. II ! to ADVISORY COMMITTEE William T. Belt Fred P. Ellison Shirley B. Perry SYSTEM ADVISOR B. J. Holland NEWS AND INFORMATION ADVISOR Amy J. Long TTT STEERING COMMITTEE Suzanne E. Kemp, chairman Catherine A. Cox David A. Dillard Robert C. Emmott Frank C. Flemming Martha A. Hill Stephanie Jennings John Longworthy Lewis T. LeClair Robert L. Oliver Fitzhugh C. Pannill Carolyn V. Perkins Susan E. Riskind James R. Seeman Kristina A. Smith John Thomas _ Texas Union The Texas Union is the center of student life at the University. As the University ' s hub of activity, the Union blends a building full of facilities and services with a comprehensive and diverse program of intellectual, cultural, and social interests. The Texas Union is where students, faculty, alumni, and staff can meet for entertainment, rec- reation and relaxation, information and stimulation, self-expression and self-development. The Union is where they can share a meal, meeting, film, lec- ture, debate, concert, or discussion. The Union is where you can work in crafts, bowl a game, rent a locker, see a play, join a group, and visit a friend. It is the place where students can fuse formal classes and informal experiences, where they can :ome to know others and themselves. The Texas Union is an opportunity, a chance, and a means of exploring. The Union is for educat- ing, for participating, and for creating. The Union is a significant contribution to the University ' s learning-living environment. fJJ-QaV- -iss-Btt l |$$ wV MH ' - Texas Union Director Jack Steele O ' Ads for almost any item could be found on the first floor Union bulletin board The Union bowling facilities provided inexpensive entertainment for ID holders. 42 Union Board As the highest body in the structure of the Texas Union, the Board of Directors is responsible for the overall program of the Union, its personnel, the dining services, and the Union ' s annual $1,750,000 budget. Reporting directly to the office of the University president, the board is the essential pol- icy-making body of the Union and is concerned with keeping programs and services responsive to st udents ' needs and desires. With a student major- ity of six members and three faculty members, the board is one of the most significant ways in which students can have viable input into the University decision-making process. Under the leadership of Chairman James Rich- ard Seeman, the board sought to initiate construc- tion of Texas Union East to be located on San Ja- cinto and 24th streets which was stopped by a leg- islative technicality, and promoted the idea of a Union facility at Lake Austin on the University ' s Boat Town property. As a significant step, the board requested per- mission from the UT president to apply for a li- cense for the sale of beer and wine in Le Potpourri and the Student-Faculty-Staff Dining Room. Peter J. Noonan, Shirley Bird Perry, Laurence K. Harmon. - SEATED: Robert Thomas Binder, Frances Fallen Fuller. James Richard Seeman. STANDING: James R. Roach, Gary Michael Polland, Charles T. Clark. 43 Union Committees The Afro-American Culture Committee is re- sponsible for the supervision of programs in the in- terest of black culture. It encourages a wide vari- ety of viewpoints and philosophies of the Afro- American culture. The committee also sponsors an Afro-American room located in the Union Building which serves as an area for discussion. Committee membership is open to all students. This year the program included speakers ranging from radical to conservative. The committee provided an orienta- tion for black freshmen as well as a session on the black experience in Vietnam as seen by black sol- diers. The committee also sponsored dances with " Soul Music " and an exhibit of photography de- picting life in Black America. The Coffee House Committee assures that high quality professional talent performs in the Texas Union ' s coffee house, Le Potpourri. The commit- tee is responsible for planning the entertainment program and making arrangements for publicity, general admission, and tickets. This year the pro- gram included National Circuit performers, Chris Crosby and Michael Meade. On weekends the cof- fee house presented local acts. The committee also sponsored an outdoor concert featuring the rock group Rat Creek. Providing a variety of entertainment for the Uni- versity community is the purpose of the Texas Un- ion ' s Entertainment Committee. The committee presented a full spectrum of entertainment includ- ing such activities as bridge lessons, hot dog roasts, and after game dances in the Union Main Ballroom. The committee featured an open rock concert on the main mall for the second year. A hula hoop contest and I950 ' s music on the Chuck Wagon juke box were enjoyed this fall. Swinging to the heavy beat of The James Gang or caught among the waves of the Jesus movement by Jesus Christ Superstar the Cultural Entertain- ment Committee had something to offer for every- one this year. Sponsored by blanket tax funds, the committee presented a rewarding season by fea- turing popular acts. The committee offered Univer- sity students such talent as the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Oscar award winner Henry Mancini. The program featured artists in classical, semi-classical, and popular fields. One activity during Union Week was a weiner roast. 44 The Union sponsored a wine tasting class F roast. Lawrence Ferlinghetti author of Coney Island oi the Mind, spoke in November. Each week the Union Art Gallery has on exhibit work of both famous and promising artists. It is the duty of the Fine Arts Committee to sponsor artists in the Union Gallery. The main objective of the committee is to present a complete view of current trends in the area of Fine Arts. This aim was ac- complished with the presentation of works by Jo- seph Cain, Vicente Rodriguez, Bob White, and oth- ers. The committee provided lectures and discus- sions in all areas of fine arts. Each week, numerous films are shown on campus for the pleasure of students. The responsibility of organizing and planning a complete program of film entertainment belongs to the Film Commit- tee. This year, the committee presented such films as " Caine Mutiny, " " Anne of the 1,000 Days, " and " M.A.S.H. " Besides individual films, the committee made available many Film Festivals of talented di- rectors and writers. During the spring, the commit- tee presented five first-run films which included " Confession, " and " The Great White Hope. " Challenge " 72 focused on music and the music industry. Entitled " Celebration of Music, " Chal- lenge ' 72 began in February with a multi-media presentation produced by Joseph Kruppa. George T. Simon, executive director of the Grammy-award- ing National Academy of Recording Arts and Sci- ences, spoke to the Challenge audience about the Big Band Era. His presentation included a slide show with music and comments. D. A. Pennybaker, film maker of " Monterey Pop " and " Don ' t Look Back, " showed his film, " Sweet Toronto " to the Challenge audience. Bill Graham, owner-producer of the now defunct Fillmores East and West, was the keynote speaker at the Armadillo World Headquarters. His ques- tion and answer session with the audience was fol- lowed by a short concert. A concert was held at Armadillo World Head- quarters presenting Texas area talent. The Genesis Committee, with assistance from students and faculty members from various aca- demic areas, plans and produces seminars, symposi- ums, and discussions on relevant interdisciplinary themes. The committee encourages wide participa- tion in these programs. Among topics and issues dealt with this year were professors and their courses, the law, police, the campus, and drugs. William F. Buckley spoke to a capacity crowd in the Union Main Ballroom. 45 . Union Committees The programs presented by the Ideas and Issues Committee give University students an opportunity to voice their views and hear those of others. Dis- cussion this year centered around issues such as the U.S. Red Scare of the 50 ' s, impressions of Cuba, and the 90-day wage-price freeze. The Speakers Committee is responsible for pres- enting a program of distinguished speakers on a range of topics representing diverse viewpoints and philosophies. In addition to hosting and select- ing the speakers, the committee plans and publi- cizes related events. A few of the speakers this year were William F. Buckley, Reis Lopez Tijerina, Dave Dellinger, and Ralph Nader. Programs sponsored by the Leadership Commit- tee are designed to promote a higher quality of student leadership at the University. Special human relations laboratories and leadership seminars were offered by the committee to increase communica- tion between students and administration and to facilitate leadership-group development. The Union offered various types of classes: ABOVE: Auto repair class. BELOW: Guitar class. Bob Binder and Stephen Spurr debated University problems in the Union courtyard. 46 The Student-Faculty Committee sponsors Faculty Firesides, departmental receptions, special coffees, and similar events to give students and faculty members a chance to become acquainted in an in- formal situation. This year, a Christmas party for Union employees and a Community-University re- treat were a few of the many programs sponsored by the committee. The International Affairs Committee is con- cerned primarily with presenting programs focused on international issues and problems. Several sym- posiums were set up by the committee for the pur- pose of a more intense study of world develop- ments. Sponsored this year were programs on Rus- sia, rural development in India, the Pentagon Pa- pers, and the Chinese students ' picnic. David Harris gave a lecture in the Union ballroom Chuck Berry was sponsored by the CbC Committee 47 Texas Union Executive Council The Union Executive Council, under the leader- ship of President Gary Michael Polland, had an eventful year. After the council was selected last spring, they participated in interviews and selec- tion of Union Committee Chairman. During the year, the council was responsible for the evaluation of the Union Program, administra- tion and coordination of the special programs area, and the planning of over-all Union programs, workshops, and committee member interviews. Serving on the Executive council this year with Polland, as officers were Peggy Joy Pilas, vice-pres- ident; and Marcella Mitchell, secretary. 1 . Sherrita D. Lee 8. 2. Patrick L. Cook 9. 3. Shawn R. Casey 10. 4. Gary M. Polland I I. 5. Gregory P. Garlow 12. 6. Norman S. Davis 13. 7. James O. Deegear 14. 15. Zia A. Gipson Martha A. Hill Ann K. Sidor Karen L. Todar Susan E. Clagett Christopher L. Hartwell Brenda J. Goodman Debra C. Jones 48 AFRO-AMERICAN CULTURE Juanita Brown Sharon A. Cooper Seth O. Fowler Michael D. Glaspie Gwendolyn K. Kennard Marie Moore Harryette R. Mullen Charles E. Pace Deborah R. Perkins Noah Richardson Brenda J. Sers Deborah A. Stanton Shirley A. Wells Larry D. Wheatlev CHALLENGE Robert C. Belk Linda G. Cottingham Linda J. Davenport Marita K. Hill Randolph B. Howard Clay A. Johnson Suzanne E. Kemp Sara L. Kessler Robert B. Melton Michael W. Morrison Carolyn V. Perkins Mary E. Pincoffs Ronald J. Raphael Maryellen Reiss Robert K. Rosen Thomas Taylor Richard A. Vickrey Linda Williams Gregory K. Ya ' iin COFFEE HOUSE Jay Bell Linda S. Bloch Robert T. Boiling Nancy Boykin William L. Buvens Cathy E. Crouch Kim T. Dawson Yvonne DeGarza Richard E. Eveland Sandra A. Eveland Jane E. Garner Carol L. Gilbert Virginia A. Hague Tamara L. Hale Martin A. Halseth Cynthia C. Hamby Ridge A. Hammons Wally Harper Brenda J. Hefner Stanley J. Hinson Jan E. Howell Betty A. Jackson George L. Johnston Shari K. Keils Michael A. Klaveness Lynda G. Lighthouse William F. Monroe Margaret L. Moreland Ann M. Nicholas Eve G. Norton Nancy E. O ' Malley Karen D. Schneider Becky R. Shands Scott D. Spradlin David A. Stec Joan E. Sula Julia A. Turner Nancy L. Weaver Karen E. Williamson CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT James T. Acuff Donald W. Bendure Robert T. Boiling Susan Browning Morgan F. Burton Franklin R. Cherry Susan M. Cooley Sharon A. Cooper Edward Davis Thomas F. Dawson Michael Espenson Edmond K. Gum David L. Ham Alice Herbolsheimer Kerren A. Kadell Sandy Kress Sherrita D. Lee Robert Lilly Lucy C. Love David G. Marcus Mary Ann Mengelkoch Emily E. Mizell Deborah Perkins Patricia t_. Perry Stephen H. Purvis Nancy A. Stover Brenda E. Trojanowsky ENTERTAINMENT Robert C. Bledsoe William H. Breeze, Jr. Susan Brown Clay K. Clarkson Lynne Collier Jack B. Evans Cynthia A. Friou Katherine A. Fulbright Victoria P. Fusco James L. Gleaves Joel C. Goldblatt Deborah J. Hand Stephen Harris Daniel W. Jackson Patricia Johnson Christi Jones Randall G. Jones Laura Kamenitsa Jeffrey A. Kaufman Carrol C. Kiene Philip J. Kuhl Barbara D. Lau Gary L. Leva Lynn Lewis Sallie Reynolds Low Nancy M. McClellan Donald Ray McNeal Estelle Helene Miller Mary L. Phillips Cesar Rodriguez Pamela A. Rush Nancy Sanders Elizabeth C. Snowdy Barbara S. Spafford Sally E. Swanson Martha A. Valian Barbara A. Walstad Steven Webb Lynn A. Whelton Thomas Williams Rachel V. Winfree FILM David F. Anthony William Arnold Dan P. Frizzell Lee K. Lawless Reynaldo H. Lopez Daniel N. Matheson Thomas A. Roberdeau Sydney Rubin Andrea M. Sidor James G. Stanley William F. Stutts FINE ARTS Spurgeon K. Britt Mary D. Carson Ronald Carter Lillian F. Clegg Jo Cook Morris R. Dixon Ann R. Degenhardt Edward S. Flume Pamela George Pat E. Hendricks Fernando Iturbide Pat Johnson Stephen S. Mann Brooke Marshall Glenwood E. McComb Jan H. Milz Joseph M. Parker Wynne A. Pauly Jay I. Peters Maximiliano Prunedo Martha E. Rowe Perry J. Shaffer Linda W. Sher Heinz Schulze Ronald Smith Laura K. Telford Michael L. Walker Sharon S. Watts Ruth A. Winterringer Loretta G. Woodruff GENESIS Jane A. Anderson Marilyn Beakley Clyde W. Bennett Carol L. Bloomer Barbara Cohen Lucy D. Crow Catherine E. Greene Dalton R. Gregory Merianne Griffin Kathryn M. Harvey Jane A. Horn Jay W. Jones Larry Jones Sheryl M. Levine Helen McDonald Laura J. Murray Jane M. Otto William F. Perrin Susan E. Riskind Mary F. Schmid Joyce R. Scruggs Marsha S. Trodlier Tereasa A. Wallace IDEAS AND ISSUES Judy L. Ashe Martha Bankston Georgiann Beckham Phyllis A. Belasco Patricia K. Biggers Pete Bricker James M. Christiansen Barbara S. Coleman Cooper G. Dibrell Bill Gibson Carmen Lynn Hinds Lea Johnson Linda S. LeFan F. C. Pannill Connie Patterson Randy Ray George A. Richardson Frank B. Rynd Doug Schoppe Susan L. Winterringer Barry J. Zeluff INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS James L. Angle Suzette Baggerly Richard Chang Susan E. Folk Shirley A. Gamble Allen F. Gaw Peter N. Grant Michael Horton Lome S. Label Sharan G. Leff Jean P. Lenzner Donald M. Marshall Cynthia L. Martin Anne E. Pierce-Jones Fredrick A. Rhodes Dana L. Rounsavill Jesus R. Rubio Ravindra Sheorey Bobby M. Skelton Angus M. Sladen Richard C. Stuart Ardell Taylor Cranford C. Tucker LEADERSHIP BOARD Bobby L. Boldt Frank C. Fleming Ronald S. Goldwasser Cheryl J. Jennings Kay M. Kober Mary J. Ladd Christopher A. Lin Sarah S. Martin Jean R. Setzer Esther M. Slipakoff Susan J. Swenke Stephen L. Van Klavlea S. Zwiebel SPEAKERS John A. Adkins Mike Alewitz Jerry A. Bell Cathy D. Brannon David M. Cordell Fred E. Forster Coral B. Gold Alan B. Goldsobel Rebecca E. Hendrix Knox B. Hughes Kathryn E. Krohn Paul A. Leche Carlos A. Moreno Rebecca L. Riley John T. Steen Steven A. Wisch Wendy Wisenberg STUDENT-FACULTY Suzanne I. Ahn Donna L. Cegelski Johnnie M. Denton Marilyn J. Dreiseszun Ellen Durckel Oliver Formont Bodo Charlie Konze LeAnn Lakin Susan B. Levin William A. Ligon Charlotte K. Magness Freddie S. Margosh Richard E. Mellina Stephanie M. O ' Neill Patti G. Schrank Brenda J. Sers Dennis K. Stone Frederick D. Todd Lois M. Watson James C. Worth Nancy J. Wranitzky Susan G. Yerkes 49 Upper-Class Advisors FRONT ROW: Wanda Lynn Ripper. Susan Laura Koen, Barbara Kay Bab- cock. SECOND ROW: M. Ruth Smith, Shelby Ann Smith, Jan Denise Dra- per, Lynn Braley LeMeilleur, Nancy Kay Hudson. Susan llene Rubin, Bar- bara Elizabeth Paynter, Margaret Ann Pasko, Catherine Elaine Alleman, Janice Elaine Dawsey, Charla Jayne Long, Donne Jo Dowlen. Upper-Class Advisors provides a unified organi- zation for all advisors in women ' s residence halls. Through this organization advisors share ideas, problems, and solutions for making their dormito- ries better places to live. Dormitories represented this year were Littlefield, Andrews, Blanton, Car- others, Kinsolving, Newman Hall, Scottish Rite, Contessa West and Jester Center. Upper-Class Advisors are selected by dormitory residents but are officially appointed by past advi- sors. The selection occurs at the end of each year and the appointment is done in a " tapping " dinner in which each former advisor taps the girl who will replace her for the next term. Events sponsored by Upper-Class Advisors in- cluded Jester Nickelodeon Night, a cookbook sale, a silver sale, and Littlefield ' s spring formal. Various drives sponsored by the organization included ef- forts to send toys to the Austin State School, can- vassing for the March of Dimes, ecology drives, and aiding in the Blood Drive. Officers for the year were Susan Laura Koen, president; Barbara Kay Babcock, vice-president; and Wanda Lynn Ripper, treasurer. Ruth Smith served as advisor. The kissing booth at Jester was a " smacking " success. ' II r. B : i 50 I- ' f G f f Jan Andrews Bob Binder Charles Bonjean Norris Davis Tim Donahue Jim Duncan Loyd Edmonds John Fox Robert Hilburn Larry Honig David Mincberg Mack Murrah Frank Pierce John Reetz Lori Rodriguez Eugene Sauls Jack Stockton David Stok Steve Wisch Steve Whittaker Texas Student Publications, publisher of eight student publications, celebrated its fiftieth anniver- sary as a corporation last summer and began its first year as an " auxiliary enterprise " of the Uni- versity on October I, 1971. TSP s charter as a non-profit corporation expired in mid-summer, 1971. The renewal of the charter required the approval of both the Regents and the TSP Board. These two groups came close to an agreement, but because of differences of opinion on the authority of the Regents over the student publications, a court case was already scheduled when the settlement out of court was made. A declaration of trust was signed. TSP retained its identity, but, effective June I, 1972, it began op- eration under an eleven person Board of Operating Trustees consisting of six students, three faculty members, and two professional members. Publications produced by TSP this year included The Daily Texan, The Summer Texan, the Cactus, the Texas Ranger magazine, Peregrinus Law School yearbook, Texas Engineering and Science Maga- xine, Riata magazine, and the Student Directory. Several changes were approved this spring, how- ever, to be effective in the 1972-73 school year. The three magazines were discontinued in favor of o ne new magazine to be inserted monthly as a supplement to The Daily Texas. With the concur- rence of the Law School authorities, Peregrinus was also discontinued. Reasons for these changes were lack of student interest and insufficient funding from subscriptions or advertising. While entering its fifty-first year, TSP also was preparing to move from present offices in the Journalism Building to the new Communications Complex, which is being constructed at Guadalupe and 26th Streets. One of the three buildings in the complex will be exclusively for TSP, consisting of 24,000 square feet and costing over $900,000. The building will house new photocomposition and off- set equipment for production of The Daily Texan as well as all news, editorial, photography, advertis- ing, and administrative offices for all of the stu- dent publications. Plans are to move before the fall semester of 1973. TSP Board 51 1972 Cactus Jan Kathleen Andrews, Editor Alan Levi helped Greek editors Tracee Chenoweth and John Adkins with a problem during a staff meeting. 52 J ' , . - . V ' r l rl Ki ' . rf . y ' It ' Vt . 1 . Alan Harold Levi. Associate Ed Despite a reduced budget, the 1972 Cactus was able to maintain its tradition as a high quality, award-winning yearbook. This book represents at least nine months of work and play by over 60 peo- ple who have attempted to give all University stu- dents a lasting way to remember their experiences at the University. Production of the Cactus began with planning at a two-day retreat for section editors in late Au- gust. The 1972 Cactus was created by I I section editors, two copy editors, and photography staff under the direction of the editor, associate editor, and supervisors. After staff positions were filled by volunteers in September, con stant activity filled the basement of the Journalism Building. Hundreds of pictures were taken, information gathered, copy written, and layouts designed during the days and long nights which followed. By May, over 500 pages had been checked and sent to the publisher. Before the 1972 Cactus team went their separate ways, a banquet was held to honor all staffers for their contributions. Section editors discussed an approaching deadline. 53 . rV- c MHwr . 1 . John A. Adlcins Fraternities 2. Betsy L Fink Features 3. L. Michael McKee Features 4. Ronald P. Camp Military 5. Jack N. Fuerst Student Government 6. Stephen L. Chewning Athletics 7. Sheldon I. Lippman Academics 8. Hedy S. Covan Honorary Organizations 9. Elizabeth J. Daily Special Interest Organizations 1 0. Tracee A. Chenoweth Sororities I I. Kathy Freeland Professional Organizations Section Editors 54 Cactus Staff i V ; 1. Richard D. Forrest 2. A. Dan Smith 3. Harold K. Prasatik 4. Michael A. Odell 5. William J. Reynolds 6. William B. Scott 7. James B. Crow 8. Mary P. Dickerson 9. Pamela L. McMichael 10. Mary L. Dawson I I. Susan A. Feller 12. Leslie J. Lewin 13. Karen S. Friedman 14. Janet C. Legler 15. Elizabeth A. Timmons 16. Lynda L. Blevins 17. Janet L. Thompson 18. Janet E. Richardson 19. Susan J. Stoler 20. Connie M. Strader 21. Carolyn S. Hill 22. Elizabeth Ann Davis 23. Robert G. Powell 24. Cathy E. Greene 25. Marie Timberlake 26. Alvin W. Klein 27. Marc ia A. Cain 28. Jane M. Steinle 29. Stephen R. Lee 30. Cora L. Schelling 31. Judy A. Ashby 32. Robin T. Feldman 33. Val A. Aldred 34. Melanie Hauser 35. Richard V. Breidenbach 36. Gerald W. Stanley 37. Nancy E. Goldfarb 38. John T. Stokes 39. Michael S. Petit 40. Ronna C. Keene 41. Sherry D. Huie 42. Paul J. Calapa 43. Joy M. Knaak 44. Patrice A. Poore 45. Mary Elizabeth McHugh 46. Walter A. Henry 47. Siri D. Lundstedt 48. Jayne L. Osborn 49. Ron L. Bose John Reetz, Copy Editor and Steve Dial, Sports Copy Editor .... 55 The Daily Texan This year The Daily Texan won many honors, most notably the 1971 Pacemaker Award, highest ranking award given by the Associated Collegiate Press. The paper also won the Sweepstakes Award for the second consecutive year in the Southwest- ern Journalism Congress and received an All- American Rating from the Associated College Press as a top college newspaper. The newspaper dedicated itself to presenting the University community with world and local news, sports, entertainment and a forum for grievances. The oldest college daily paper in the South was under the editorship of Lorenza Rodriguez. Manag- ing editor for the summer and fall semesters was Arthur John Reetz, and for the spring semester, Steven Allen Wisch. John Reetz, Summer and Fall Managing Editor 56 Steve Wisch, Spring Managing Editor Texan Permanent Staffs FALL STAFF: David Powell, Robin Bracher, Cyndi Taylor. John Reetz. Theresa Kane, Mike Fresques K I s - SPRING STAFF: Steve Hogner, Alan Truex, Cliff Avery, Debby Bay, Liz Bass, Steve Wisch, Miles Hawthorne, Lori Rodriguez 57 FRONT ROW: Walter Worth Dean, Lynnette Lankford. CENTER: Stephen Emmett Whittaker. BACK ROW: John G. Stockton, Lorenza Rodriguez. Ranger This year was the last year of publication for the Texas Ranger, Riata, Texas Engineering and Sci- ence Magazine, and Peregrinus. The TSP Board de- cided to combine the Ranger, Riata, and TES into one feature magazine. The Peregrinus, the Universi- ty ' s Law School yearbook, was discontinued. The Ranger served as a journal of features rang- ing from the serious to the comical. Editor for this year was Jack Stockton. In its eighth and last year Texas Engineering and Science Magazine won first place in the 1972 Southwestern Journalism Congress Special Interest Magazine category. TES published features aboi ' t current thought and research in science at the University. Editor Larry Honig was assisted by Doug Warrington. TES TES Staff: Michael Patterson. Lawrence Edward Honig, Douglas Warrington 58 SEATED: Jack G. Wise, Irene Jackson. Charles N. Ory, Macka L Murrain. STANDING: W. Richard Ellis, William D. Dewberry. Steven Fieldcamp. Peregrinus The Peregrinus was first published in 1949 by the University Law School. In 1971 TSP took over the responsibility of publication. The 1972 Peregrinus reflected many of the changes in the attitudes of the student body. Editor was Mack Murrah and business manager was Jack G. Wise. The Riata contained short stories and poetry written by University students. The magazine aimed for excellence in writing and art. Steve Whittaker was editor, David Moorman associate editor, and Deborah Halton, art editor. Riata FRONT ROW: Deborah M. Halton. John G. Stockton. Willie. BACK ROW: David Warren Moorman, Stephen Emmett Whittaker. 59 Ml " ARY RON CAMP 61 Navy ROTC Midshipmen in Navy ROTC were given new des- ignations this year. Regular and contract students were renamed " scholarship " and " college. " Scholar- ship students receive commissions into the regular Navy and college students are commissioned into the Naval Reserve. Positions were also available as Naval aviators and Marine Corps officers. Assisted by their auxiliary, the Navy Sweethearts, the midshipmen held several social events, including a Sweetheart Ball and Vernal Equinox picnic. A Ring Dance at Bergstrom Air Force Base in the spring honored seniors. Midshipmen also participated in in- tramurals and were " B " football champions. In addition to receiving required training in the fields of Engineering, Navigation, Weapon Systems, and Leadership and Administration, midshipmen made field trips for indoctrination into the Marine Corps and submarine duty. The Bucanneer Drill Team represented the unit in parades and drill competitions. Captain Hilson officiated at the Change of Command ceremony. I I i i I i i i FRONT ROW: Commander William Fred Goodman, Captain Ralph Albert Hilson, Major Joseph Francis Molineaux. SECOND ROW: Chief Yeoman Unit Staff Antonio Babauta Feiarang, Yeoman First Class Charles Matthew Montgom- ery, Janet Cathleen Brubaker, Beverly Roberts, Chief Quartermaster Allen Neal Gross. THIRD ROW: Chief Gunner ' s Mate Nathan Alphonso Hazel- ton, Lieutenant Luke Horrell Miller, Lieutenant Robert Frank Hynes, Lieuten- ant Lloyd Edward Allen, Storekeeper First Class Ronald Glenn Van Cleave, Staff Sergeant Grove Steven Crank, Lieutenant Jack Willhoit Roe. Battalion Staff ABOVE FRONT ROW: Donald Bruce Mackenzie- Graham, Mark Lee Adleman, Louis Albert Hoffman. Randal Scott McDonald, Robert Larry Hopkins. SEC- OND ROW: Donald Dean Harvey, III, James Walter Boyd, John Frederick Schleicher, Ronald Perry Camp. FRONT ROW: Richard Thomas Macon, David Murff Hardy. Troy Daniel Pennington. SECOND ROW: Floy Lee Metheny. Gregory Alan Walker. Walter Edward Ingram, Charles Edward Dorsett. Seminar 63 Alpha Company FRONT ROW: Mark Charles T ' noman, Steven F. Hoipkemier, Francis Alan Bogar, Jack Scott Wakefield, Jack Storey Lipscomb, Bernard Mason Satter- white, Kevin John Kelley. SECOND ROW: Eddie William Hand, Charles Richard Thomas, Wayne Richard Van Doren, Robert Emmet Slager, Robert Rector Gannaway, William Fred Perdue, Glenn Harold Ammerman, Dennis Don Dobbs, Martin Paul Mayland, Lonnie Lee Vickers. THIRD ROW: Wil- liam Rexford Mayse, Robert Anthony Altobelli, John Henry Cole, James Martial Lapeyre, James Laddie Gearing, Kenneth Paul Canell, Rodney Ste- phen LeWallen, Gaston Paul Jennett, Enos Roger Stewart, Jamal Shaban- Sahneh Saraei. FOURTH ROW: Rudy Camarillo, Mitchell Alan Popa, Chris- tian Edward Wolfe, John Michael Crowe, Randy Vance Marburger, Noorol- lah Rahimy Elahi, Daniel Thomas Puleio, James Patrick Owen, Robert Glenn Dillow, Michael Steven Bussey. FRONT ROW: Ronald James Skewis, Wayne Edward Anderson, Robert Scott McCullough, John Mark McAfee, Benny J. Harris, Spencer Hutson Smith, James Harvey Norman. SECOND ROW: Steven Friedell Findley. Cleland Edward Early, David Ray Moore, Fred Purcell Brinkman, Russell Bravo Company Bryce Butz, Bruce Eli Wolbrette, David Raymond Sheppard, Joseph Loyd Eb- becke, John Patrick Machado, Mohammad Reza Shahabi. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Joseph Chapline, John Michael Ledbetter, Donald Wayne Keck, Charles Arthur Reed, Stephen Douglas Thomas, Michael Anthony Kolda, James Roffe, Andrew John Aiclclen, Harman Fred Ramsey, Donald Jack Smith. FOURTH ROW: Samuel James Swisher, William Ray Thompson, Thomas Davis Bryce, William John Rice, Malcolm Conrad Geiger, Edwin Theodore Cooke, Patrick William O ' Keefe, Bruce Allen Cauley. 64 I nJ - -I V i ' .Noordl , team made final preparations for the commanding officer ' s inspection FRONT ROW: Jerry Dean Slater, Ronald Douglas Crawford, Steven Ken- drick Howell, Eugene Frank Behal, James Patrick Voss, William Davis Barren, Robert Wilson Pratt, Forrest Hall Brooks, Lenn Martin Lanahan. SECOND ROW: Joseph Clement Koen, Robe rt Milton Hatch, Michael Bernard Brands, William Fred Arnold, James Douglas Wurzel, William L. Smith, John Nathan Wright, Michael Stephen Verseckes, Michael Allen Baker, John Clark Tittle. THIRD ROW: David Rowen Poage, Marc Alan Mangrum, Na- thaniel Turk McClesky, Leslie Jacob Schaffner, Frederick Robert Morse, Charles Patrick Reynolds, Rudy Flores Gonzales, Gary Allen Vicksell, Keith Ickelberry, Leroy David Thompson, Franklin Bruce Wooten. FOURTH ROW: Randy Paul Hammon, Robert Michael Garrison, Edward Francis Blizzard, Edwin Walter Mergele, Bruce Acton Sowers, Bruce Allen Smith, David Dul- any Schoeneman, O. Zeller Robertson, James Eldon Lindsey, Dee Curtis Bu- chanan, Richard Daniel Nagel. Headquarters Company 65 FRONT ROW: Eleanor Kathy Johnson, Martha Elaine Kinard, Lynette Brubaker, Patricia Ann Mar- tin, Elizabeth G. Lawrence. SECOND ROW: Era Nell Ford, Catherine Elizabeth Tolbert, Judy Kay Moore, Eileen Biesemeier, Diane Kathryn Haack. Navy Sweethearts Officers and midshipmen participated in activities at the Sweetheart Picnic in the fall. 66 NESEP The Naval Enlisted Scientific Educational Program (NESEP) provided enlisted men on active duty an opportunity to obtain a college education and a commission as a Navy or Marine officer. A candi- date for the program must have served two years active duty and have held a rate of at least E-4. To be accepted, he was required to pass a series of tests and be approved by a reviewing board and his commanding officer. Candidates, selected at the beginning of each academic year, must seek a de- gree in mathematics, science or engineering. William H. Long served as company commander. Bernard G. Brady was executive officer, and Gordon C. Lannou, was first lieutenant. Section leaders were Joseph L. Welsh, Bertram M. Crawford, and Delbert R. Kaufman. Lt. Robert F. Hynes was advisor. Outside the classroom, NESEP members gathered for social functions, including a picnic in September for new members and a Christmas dance. The NESEP lounge in the ROTC building offered a relaxing atmosphere between classes. FRONT ROW: Gordon Calvert Lannou, William Henry Long, Bertram Mad- ison Crawford, Joseph Leo Welsh, Delbert Ralph Kaufman, Bernard Galin Brady, Richard Lyle Plautz. SECOND ROW: Ronald Lee Withrow, Douglas Mallory Mitchell. George Kenneth Vanness, Michael Wayne Castleman, Mark Steven Moses, Weldon Keith Herring, Charles Ralph Fairchild, Ken- neth Clovis Poirier. THIRD ROW: Roger Woodrow Trout, Brian A. Evans, Floyd Robert Stough, William Bradford Pence, Joseph Charles Spinnato, Walter Frank Blackburn, Randall Keith Maroney. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Woodrow Moore. Robert Dow Withers. Ronnie Henry Prewitt, Keith Alan Roberts, Jack Dale Bonewald, Clyde Barry Balthrop, Clarence Walters Schultz. FIFTH ROW: Grafton Alonzo Spinks, Glen William Hartsoch, James Daniel Gallagher, Steven Carroll Ellsberry, Edward Harrison Hudson, Kenneth James Moore. SIXTH ROW: James Howard Fletcher, John Wesley Bolyard, David Arthur Scott, Charles William Rickgauer, Kenneth William Curry. 67 Army ROTC Cadet Staff FRONT ROW: Robert Banjamin Huff, Edward Nunnelee Gideon. Jana Audrey Estes. SEC- OND ROW: William R. Ellis, Hugh Ritman Jons, Lawrence Edward Honig, Peter Robert- son Baiter. THIRD ROW: William Miles Knolle, Robert Lynn Pittsford, David Thomas Maddox. Distinguished Military Students FIRST ROW: James Michael Conley, Byron Elliott Short. Charles David Rutty, William R. Ellis, Hugh Ritman Jons. SECOND ROW: James Robert Dickson, Robin Lisle Donelson, Carl Ellis Vikstrom, Lynn S. Weihrauch, Law- rence F. Safford, Richard Brian Bills, Robert Benjamin Huff Robert A. Mar- cotte. Lawrence Edward Honig, Michael Kris King. THIRD ROW: Jerry Hal Brazil, John Michael Nolan. Robert Bunger Thieme, Robert Lynn Pittsford, Raymond D. Barrett, Henry C. Hostetter, Richard Owen Baish, Edward Nun- nelee Gideon. The ultimate goal of the ROTC cadet was to receive his gold bars as a second lieutenant. Army ROTC Army ROTC at the University celebrated its 25th anniversary of training cadets as Army officers this year. Military Science cadets chose their training preference from the fields of Air Defense Artillery, Infantry, Corps of Engineers, Transportation, Mili- tary Police, and Quartermaster. An intensified physical training program was ini- tiated in the spring to better prepare third-year ca- dets for summer camp, where they gain practical ex- perience in Army life. Ca-dets may also be accepted for Ranger School, for specialized military training. This year also marked the retirement of Col. Law- son W. Magruder, after five years ' service as Profes- sor of military science. FIRST ROW: Brenda Anne Brown, Shirley J. Hayden, Col. Lawson W. Magruder, Lt. Col. Wayne Manning Stevens, Lt. Col. Jesse Don Lyles, MSG John G. Ellis. SECOND ROW: Elon C. Nash, SSG Jimmy L. LeCompte, SSG Harold J. Magee, MSG Thomas M. Secrest, SSG Robert K. Gibson, SSG Richard Gruwell. SFC Richard Gibson, Maj. Malcolm Phillips Henry. THIRD ROW: Ma]. Nicholas Sarantalces. SSG John Elmer Gray, Maj. James William Schmitz, SSG Charles Franklin Porter, SFC Columbus Jennings, SSG Johnny O. Pierce. Maj. Billy Joe Piper. Army Staff .-; [W 69 Corps of Engineers FRONT ROW: Hugh Ritman Jons, Byron Elliott Short, Timothy G. Abrams, Mary Nan Watkins, Mary Jo Beeson, Barbara Ann Linen, James Edward Mit- chell. Jim Anderson Doty. SECOND ROW: Norbert W. Enslen, Lawrence F. Safford, Richard Brian Bills, Peter Machotka, Dennis Norman Carnes. Charles Glenn Johnson. Carl Patrick Conley, William Richard Trout. THIRD ROW: James Edwin Puntch, Antonio Esteban Gomez. James Harold Windham. Ralph David Ruben-Koenig. Tom Thompson, Joe Daniel Stokes, Stanley Paul Evans, Martin J. Oakes, Mark Miller. FOURTH ROW: Robert Wier Kelsey, Michael James Balough, Joe David Word, Christopher Paul Lutz, Mark Stephen Wientjes, David Williams, Steven Ross Lawrence, Charles D. Blankeney, Alfonso Soliz. I FRONT ROW: Brandon High Baker, Edward Nunnelee Gideon; Claudia Ann Howard. Henry C. Hostetter, Thomas Martin Troll, Michael Logan Gideon. SECOND ROW: Bradley Gill Curie, John A. Croom, Felix Higgens, Charles Transportation P. Zlatkovich, Robert Yaquinto, Howard Wayne Britain. Robert J. Rosen- bach. THIRD ROW: John Edwards Aiken, Charles Ross Gaines, Oren An- slem Mulkey, Thomas E. Cotner, Lawrence Edward Honig, Morris Dwayne Varnadore. FOURTH ROW: Robert Thomas Rice. Michael Smith. Stephen James, Donald George Dailey. Richard Vertres, Audey Dale Hubbard, James D. Boswell. FIFTH ROW: Jackson Lee Nash. Wesley W. Stafford. Jerry Wayne Mayhall, Richard M. Edwards, Chad Fletcher, Thomas Gary Wofford, Mike Huebner. 70 ' Can A THUD Color Guard Mario Omar Tello, Harold Edward Selke. Wesley W. Stafford, Alsonso Soliz, George Garcia San Miguel, Rollin Roy Donelson. FRONT ROW: Gary Arthur Munnelce. Edward Charles Prado, Robert Bun- ger Thieme, Raymond D. Barrett, Robert Lynn Pittsford, Robert B. Hallborg, Stephen Lee Fallen, Jack David Bryant. SECOND ROW: John Reynolds. Warren E. Hancock, Wayne Curtis Rosing, John Ferris Duhon, Denny Pat Dobbins. John Lockerby Owen. Thomas M. Anderson. THIRD ROW: Robert Bradley Kunze. Charles Lane Jamison, Rickey Hardin Mooney. Paul Joseph Davis. Keith C. Selfridge, Donald Eugene Rawls. Richard Lloyd Cole. FOURTH ROW: Edward Luther Magiera. Jack Patrick Eckels. William John Rice, Lawrence H. Head, Harold E. Selke, William A. Stellenwerf, Augustus Vangelakos. Infantry 7 Staff personnel offered cadets first hand information on proper drilling procedures. FRONT ROW: James Robert Dickson. Kathleen Cunningham, Mary Paula Whitfield, James Michael Conley. SECOND ROW: Thomas Donald Moran, John Oliver Langdon, Boyd F. Turbeville, Daniel Barker Hagan, James C. Davenport. Robin Lisle Donelson, George G. San Miguel, David Thomas Air Defense Artillery Maddox. THIRD ROW: Jack Knox Wall, Gary Eugene Ellison, Gary Alan Krause, Ken Bradshaw, John Gallagher Pound, Robert Walter Reed, Alfred Earl Befeld. FOURTH ROW: Hunter L. Scales, David Ray Webb. Edward Joseph Schmitt, Philip R. Jackson, Allan D. Sharpley, James Francis Haley, Frank Tyson Cook, Paul Trantham Garner. FIFTH ROW: John William Earle, Jerry Hal Brazil, Felix Malone, Cecil C. Daniel, William Benton Cude, Daniel 8. Haney, Thomas David Wilson, John Michael Nolan. 77 FRONT ROW: Susan Jeanette Bayliss. SECOND ROW: Robert A. Mar- cotte, Lynn S. Weihrauch, Charles David Rutty, John C. Caddatz. Paul C. Pearson. THIRD ROW: Peter Robertson Baker, Robert Banjamin Huff. Timo- thy Stuart Moore, James Herman Reego, James Michael Vogt, John Vernor Lavigne. Chesley Nance Blevins. FOURTH ROW: Stewart Harry Berlocher, Randolph D. Russell, Neil Edward Nichols, Harvey N. Deford, Edward Wil- liam Engel. Michael Anthony Rech, Jack Woodville London, Paul Joseph Woodul. FIFTH ROW: Terrance 1. Steinhebel, James S. Weisinger, Thomas Quartermaster Donald Moran, Richard Scott Burnham, Laurence Hurst Ochse. Patrick R. Stehling, Barry Howard Wolf, Martin J. Oaks, Alan Charles Weiner. SIXTH ROW: Robert Frank Elliott, Wayne Burton Boles. Ernest C. Parker, Joseph Howard Kunesh. William S. Brister, Patrick Melvin Holder. Cadets preparing for summer camp received instruction on training schedules. 73 Military Police FRONT ROW: George Howard Morris. William Richard Ellis, Elizabeth Graves Bess, Michael Kris King, Richard Owen Baish, Kathryn Jane Kilgore, Jack W. Callahan. SECOND ROW: John Thomas Steen, Michael A. Abrams, Timothy Allen Duffy, David Arden Lewis, Homero Lopez, Josef Herman Cozad. Jerry Wayne Jackson, James Harrison Itz. Steven Alan Stecher. THIRD ROW: Robert S. Robbins, Richard Joseph Ault, William Dewberry, Scott Howie Thompson, Charles Leslie Evans. Michael G. Mul- chay, John Michael Poston. Roland Arthur Earle, William W. Ochse, John Sage. FOURTH ROW: William Francis King, Charles Lane Jamison. Alvin T. Netterblad. Alfred Earl Befeld, Robert Walter Reed, John Mark Jackson, Richard L. Lastrapes. ! Individual instruction was helpful in maintaining excellence in the manual of arms. Physical training prepared cadets for summer camp. 74 FRONT ROW: Carol L. Christen. Robin L. Arbogust. SECOND ROW: Pat- rick Reynolds. Samuel Nick Mihalick, Richard Lloyd Cole, William Davis Bar- ron. THIRD ROW: John Clark Tittle, Robert B. Huff, Thomas Jack Temple, Zeller Robertson, Leroy David Thompson. SSgt. Charles Franklin Porter. Rifle Team We. icta, FRONT ROW: Ann Pate Watson, Deborah Ann Rail, Julia Jean Newsom, Jana Audrey Estes, Randall Gwenyth Jones, Colleen Katheryn Guild. Debo- rah Jo Smith. SECOND ROW: Major Billy Joe Piper. Susan Louise Ham- mond, Margaret D. Rosenfeld, Sharon Adana Pearce, Kathryn Jane Kilgore, Elizabeth Louise Blanton, Claudia Ann Howard, Cynthia Suzanne Schubert, Mary Lynn Bibbs. Linda Simpson, Edward Nunnelee Gideon. THIRD ROW: Nancy Lynn Rosenberg, Susan Jean Pepper, Vicki Marie Estrada, Paula Ann Henderson, Lael Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Graves Bess, Mary Paula Whit-field, Linda Susan Bayless, Susan Leigh Winterringer, Margaret Louise Blair. FOURTH ROW: Trudie lla Plotsky. Robin Lyn Scheps. Barbara Ann Linen, Mary Nan Watkins, Cynthia Anne Berry, Kathleen Cunningham, Emily Fields Anderson. Terrie Lynn Wyatt, Linda Ann Caldwell, Frances Fey Shively, Christine Rae Harris, Karen Deborah Nichols, Jane Ellen Covington, Kristine Adele Anderson. Cordettes 75 Air Force ROTC Cadets In the Department of Air Science gained practical experience not only in the classroom this year, but through corps operation as well. AFROTC stressed cooperation between upper and lower classmen and urged informality off the drill field. In the fall, Col. Richard G. Willis took over duties as commanding officer, in a year that saw AFROTC become the first of the three services at the Univer- sity to accept a female cadet. AFROTC social activities included a corps picnic at Lake Austin Metropolitan Park, a fall and spring formal, and a Dining-ln in the spring. HOI ;,, DM Inspections tested a cadet ' s military knowledge. i Air Force Staff FRONT ROW: Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Julius Campbell, Sheila H. Waggoner. Colonel Richard 6. Willis, Ollie B. Arena, Master Sergeant Dean B. McClelland. SECOND ROW: Top Sergeant Charles J. Green, Staff Sergeant Jimmy P. Papagno, Captain Joseph Martin Fassero, Staff Sergeant Joaquin Rios, Captain James C. Anderson. -0, _ I FRONT ROW: Thomas Charles Petty, Kim Mixon McGregor, Maria Kay Munneke, Clinton Edward McNabb. David Austin Hamby, Herbert Ernest Schneider, Thomas Owen Werry. SECOND ROW: Gregory Charles Deen, David Edward Moore, Robert Merrill Peterson, Hal Edward Hagemeier, Charles William Stanley, Harold Roy Mobley, Steven David Novy. THIRD ROW: John David Mitchell. Todd Thomas Kloss, Kenneth Edward Griffin, Jonny Jefferson Hepler, Andrew Giles Miller, Richard Allan Fault. FOURTH ROW: Richard Craig Shaw, Richard Patri ck Lee, Howard Albert Bayne, Mi- chael Edward Ruth, Scott Vincent Murray, Lloyd Wayne Oliver. FIFTH ROW: David Garlyn Hoffman, Michael Glen Hazenfield, Daniel David Houssiere, Donald Allison Vance, Joseph Allen Stembridge, James Douglas Cantwell. Group Staff e::t FRONT ROW: James Patrick Boyle. Richard Gregory Phaneuf, Melinda Louise Wallis, Carl Joseph Meade. Diana Candace Mathews, David Albert Shepherd, Bruce Lynn Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Douglas James Thompson, Stanley Earl Cox. Richard Wayne White, Steven Frank Greenhow. Edward Steven Ehrhardt. THIRD ROW: John Franklin Merris, Terence Paul Gorski, Leland Lorenz Bethurum. William Douglas Patterson. Carol Lynn Christen. FOURTH ROW: George Bryant Meyer, Malcolm David Williams. Robert Paul Armstrong, Randy Stephen Nini, Douglas Allen Erwin. FIFTH ROW: Jim David Decker, Alan Lee Schoolcraft, Wayne Ervin Sirmon, Arno Robert Berthold. Michael Paris Pearson, Robert James Carlisle, William Lindsay Shuman. SIXTH ROW: James Nelson Howard, Bron Arnold Burke. Donald Bryan Nibblett. Clyde Medferd Owen, David Stephen Yastishock, David Lansing McNeely, Steven Marco Ciccanti. Squadron One 77 ' : Squadron Two FRONT ROW: Bruce Harlan Beck, Kenneth Home Pearce, Richard Allen Hahn, Sharon Kay Boyd, Michael John Mclntosh, Linda Diane Shropshire, Mark Russell Johnson, James Walter Oler. SECOND ROW: Arthur Charles Gonzalez. Reagan William Simpson, Russell Kent Strawn, Glyn David Martin, Phillip Lynn Snyder, Jimmy Valero, Richard Paxton Laughlin. THIRD ROW: Gary Edward Finch, Peter Cowper Fortescue, Jimmie Lynn Dyson, James Lane Littrell, Terry Eugene Maxfield, Lawrence Cecil Owen, John Bernard Ross. FOURTH ROW: Eric Laurence Monashkin, Lawrence Edward Gerst, Mark Anthony Sowell, George Sandy MacFadyen, James Thomas Bryan, Steve Alan Thogersen, Gregory Michael Powers. FIFTH ROW: Roy William Prater, Merlin David Freeman, Richard Alan Vogt, Lawrence Preston Melan- con, Thomas Robert Kuykendall. FRONT ROW: Carol Carr Cody, Robert Daniel Wattcins, Melody Ann Rumpf, Joel Frank Jornow, Marilyn Faye Birdsong, Glenn Orrin Burchard, Gay Lee Wilkes, David Keith Holmes. SECOND ROW: Larry Luther Foer- ster, Neal John Grice, Patrick John Parma, Donley Paul Townsend, Kenneth Squadron Three Gene Keese, Michael Loyd Milner, Karl Wayne Kacir, Warren Neal Massey. THIRD ROW: David Wright Coe, Forrest Raymond Bostelman, Kenneth Charles Smith, Kirby Wayne Dendy, Clark Dillon Bailey, Robert Everett Rec- ords, Karl Russell Ouebe. FOURTH ROW: Peter Thomas Demakes, Dale Mi- chael Vande Hey, Dennis James Dieringer, Sydney Lawrence Stenger, Mi- chael Everett Austin. FIFTH ROW: John Hrncir, Thomas Dee Liles, Eduardo Gustavo Garcia, Glen Alan Oswalt. SIXTH ROW: Roger Lyn Hilton. Mark Lee Labaj. Frederick Harold Connally, Gregory John Doutel. 71 FRONT ROW: Melinda Louise Wallis, Carol Carr Cody. Diana Candace Mathews, Elizabeth Irene Beasley, Karen Gay Gordon, Helaine Susan Read- er, Collette Rosso, Julianne Buaas, Susan Jane Lewis, Laura Jeanne Murray. SECOND ROW: Gayle Ann Rothenberg, Margaret Murray Hale, Gay Lee Wilkes, Pamela Kay Davidson, Sharon Kay B oyd, Melody Ann Rumpf, Janet Lynn Smith. Kathleen Lee Palmer, Bonnie Arlene Rudel. THIRD ROW: Joan Alyce Dover, Marilyn Faye Birdsong, Linda Diane Shropshire, Mary Teresa Johnson, Mary Ann Petter, Rebecca Ann Foster, Maria Kay Munneke, Debo- rah Lynn Hein, Janet Anne Moley. 1 Conducting events on and off campus this year, Angel Flight served as an active representative of the Air Force ROTC and Arnold Air Society. At an area conclave in Hot Springs, Ark., in January, the University was selected as the area headquarters for the next two years. In service to the cadet corps, members partici- pated in a big sister-little brother system with the first and second-year cadets. Other Angel Flight ac- tivities included a spaghetti supper at Kinsolving, pledge initiation at Bergstrom Air Force Base, and attendance at the national conclave in Dallas. Angel Flight also participated in several commu- nity projects. Pumpkins from a Pumpkin Picnic were donated to mentally retarded children for Hallow- een. Members also conducted a door-to-door canned goods drive for the Montopolis Neighbor- hood Center and joined with Arnold Air to host for- eign pilots during a weekend visit at the University. Leading the activities this year were Elizabeth Irene Ibarra, commander; Kathleen Lee Palmer, ex- ecutive officer; and Julianne Buaas, pledge trainer. Angel Flight Air Force cadets found time during Tuesday drills to chat with the Angels. SPECIAL INTEREST ORGANIZATIONS I 80 i I J Choral Organizations Dr. Morris J. Beachy, administrative director of choral organizations, entered his fifteenth year as coordinator of the choral activities which include nine separate choral organizations. Dr. Beachy con- tinued giving personal direction to the Choral Union and the Chamber Singers while Gordon Howard Lamb completed his second year as director of the A Cappella Choir and Texas Troubadours. Alaire Howard Lowry continued in her third year as direc- tor of the Women ' s Concert Choir. In addition to the traditional campus and local concerts, several appearances were made at nation- al and regional music conventions. Assisting in these concerts were Loyd Furman Hawthorne, director of Longhorn Singers, and Richard Paul Conant, direc- tor of Southern Singers. William Franklin White, di- rector of Varsity Singers, and John C. Winkler, di- rector of University Chorus, completed the instruc- tional staff which provided choral experience to ap- proximately 600 students. Gordon Lamb 81 A Cappella Choir The A Cappella Choir, directed by Gordon How- ard Lamb, is a fifty-member mixed ensemble. Performances during the fall were held in the Uni- versity Recital Hall. Tours during the spring took the group to Texas and Oklahoma. Highlighting the spring semester was a concert given at the South- west Regional Convention of the American Choral Directors ' Association. For the first time this year, the choir commis- sioned a choral work. Composer Sven Lekberg wrote " Years Prophetical, " a collection of Walt Whitman verse for the group. Officers were Susan Marie May, president; Don- ald J. Shaw, vice-president; Robert Howard Speer, treasurer; and Cynthia Ann Couch, secretary. FRONT ROW: Ann Angela Kostas, Marilyn Sue Stephens, Miml Ormand Miller, Dina Isabel Castaneda, Nancy Ann Sagstetter, Ruth Ann Fankhauser, Laurie Jan Reece. Meredith Blackwell Fischer. SECOND ROW: Vivian Sue McCallum, Eloise Elaine Ernst, Cynthia Ann Couch, Marjo Harrell Carroll, Sally Anne Carroll, Diana B. Alexander, Phyllis Elaine Craig, Helen Ann Fox. THIRD ROW: Mary Cecilia Busenlehner, Marilyn Jean Howell, Susan Marie May, Susan Frances Tobin, Sharon Anne Denny, B. Kathleen Kirkland, Moni- ca Jane Young. FOURTH ROW: Deborah Sue Howell, Charmayne Moody, Sharon Lee Glover, Betty Lou Thomas. Deborah Anne Turner. FIFTH ROW: Harvey Morris Stevens, Robert Elgin Robertson, Donald James Shaw, John Wallace Dierlam, Lawrence William Price. Paul Schumann, Joel A. Hoffman, Thomas Eugene Priem, Richard Bush Holmes, William Cary Quillin. SIXTH ROW: Joe Charles Pullam, Roger Douglas Lind, Kieren Anthony Ladner, David Wayne Richardson, Robert Wayne Proft, Dennis Jeffrey Hoover, John Benecio Reyes, Robert Jeffry Womack. SEVENTH ROW: Mark Ste- phen Craven, James Bernard Proft, Larry Dean Harrison, Victor Leroy Mi- chels, Robert Howard Speer, Jaan Ray Goad. , 1. Thomas Wynn Anderson 12. 2. Penny Ann Hubert 13. 3. James Kirby Bingham 14. 4. David Clyde Beckett 15. 5. Ara Lynn Earnest 16. 6. Georgia Floyd 1 7. 7. John Bibo 18. 8. Linda Kay Goodman 19. 9. Robert K. Wheeler 20. 10. Katherine Adair Lewis 21. 11. Richard Paul Conant Sherilyn Mayton Alaire Howard Lowry Nancy Woodruff McCann Jim Wade Guthrie William F. White Mary Hall Loyd Furman Hawthorne Karen Jenke John Clyde Winlder Diane Whitworth Formerly known as the Madrigal Singers, the Chamber Singers accepted an invitation to appear as the host vocal chamber group in a seminar at Trinity College, Cambridge, England, last summer. The ensemble first performed at the Fine Arts Center in Folkestone, England. The members of the group then performed at Cambridge. During the fall semester, the group gave several concerts in South Texas and climaxed their activities with a Christmas concert in the LBJ auditorium with a small chamber orchestra. In the spring, they toured the southern United States and performed at the Music Educators National Conference in Atlan- ta. The annual spring concert, again including a chamber orchestra, was presented April 21. Chamber Singers Choral Union In its second year under Morris J. Beachy ' s direc- tion, the Choral Union continued its cooperation with the Austin Symphony Orchestra. A Christmas concert was performed in conjunc- tion with the University Symphony Orchestra. The Choral Union was joined by the Women ' s Concert Choir and Texas Troubadours for this performance. During the spring semester the Choral Union per- formed with the Corpus Christi Symphony Orches- tra. The final concert departed from the normal cho- ral music format when the Choral Union joined forces with the Opera Workshop in three presenta- tions of the great choral scene from Verdi ' s " Mac- beth " and a complete act from Handel ' s " Semele. " Membership of the Choral Union included many Austin citizens and University students. 84 University Chorus The University Chorus provides opportunity for students lacking a musical background to participate in singing at the University level. Rehearsals are geared toward learning language and styles of music as well as performance. Auditions are held the week of registration and during summer orientation. The chorus performed four times each semester, on and off campus. Their performances included a repertoire ranging from classical to popular. Officers were Ruth Louise Mehan, president; Linda G. Ray, secretary; Susan Kay Starnes, librar- ian; Paul F. Hoffman, men ' s wardrobe chairman; and Meredith J. Cohen, women ' s wardrobe chairman. OFFICERS: Meridith Cowan, Ruth Mehan, Paul Hoffman, Linda Ray, Susan Starnes. I FRONT ROW: Fiorenza Anna Bruni, Ruth Louise Mehan, Meridith Jane Cowan, Allyn Kay Writesal, Jacqueline Scott Wilson, Karen Ann Winkler, Sally Stephens Harlow, Deborah N. Sheridan. Alanna Marcia Silverstein, Cheryl Diane Gandy. SECOND ROW: Donna Rose Chaikowski, Deborah Anne Hough, Vanessa Lynn Werlla, Christine Sudduth, Brenda Louise Paler- mo, Linda Kathleen Reed, Diane Frances Dochoda, Pamela Cherie Vanzura. THIRD ROW: Jan Harris Hale, Catherine Anne Hammond, Elizabeth Jean Lockhart, Judith Ellen Clark, Pamela Ann Wright, Mary Shannon Matley, Catherine Irene Ross, Sandra Marie Stavino, Barbara Ellen Norton. FOURTH ROW: Catherine Dell Smith, Joan Lanette Topham, Janet Mau- reen Barwell, Karen Lee Cade, Susa n Kay Starnes, Jan Ellen Faszholz, Mari Lise Hart, Susan Adair Bivins, Linda Sayle Ray, Linda Carole Harris. FIFTH ROW: Paul Frederick Hoffman, Michael Dale Cobb, David Mark Owen, John Howard Reed, Jonathan David Miller, Ira David Huddleston, David Eldon Moody, Richard Alan Hampton, Edmund Paul Frank, Ronnie Mac Os- born. SIXTH ROW: Gary Wrenn White, Felix R. Sanchez, Robert Parr Mer- riman, Edwin Jack Nonmacher, Robert Alan Postma, Craig Marshall Topham, Mark Donald Welch, Thomas J. Wisseman, Frank J. Purcell, Kevin James Fiedler. 85 1. Charles O. Shields 2. Donald Ray McNeal 3. George Ann Rivers 4. Larry Dean Kille 5. Margaret Ann Sprinkle 6. Deborah Denese Davison 7. John David Craig 8. Ermine Michael 9. Karen Stephenson 10. Theresa S. Robertson I I. Lyndell Keith Quade 12. Marsha Kay Nelson 13. Robert Gray Gerardy 14. Suzanne Meadows 15. Balon B. Bradley 16. Susan Jane Lewis 17. Denise Marie Foreman 18. Mary Bird Dean 19. Robert H. Baker 20. Janet Lynn Whaley 21. Sheldon G. Gross 22. Sharon L. Blankenbaker 23. Robert Elmer Herod 24. Kathy Sue Bergman 25. Richard C. Peterson 26. Janet Marie Raeke 27. David August Senter 28. Deborah G. White 29. Rodney Duane Schmidt 30. Mariette Miller 31. Lester Lansing Kothmann 32. Karen Deborah Nichols 33. Deborah Lynne Rindy 34. Gwendolyn Faye Wilson 35. Richard Lea Robertson 36. Eileen Victoria Josue 37. Martin Scott Holter 38. Cathy Lynn Barr 39. Clarence Bartlett Melton 40. Judi Evelyn Ervin 41. Patricia Ellen Ragle 42. Susan C. Powell 43. Eloise Elaine Ernst 44. Denis Lujan 45. Richard Maxwell 46. Carole E. Kincaid 47. William A. Germer 48. Mary L. Dawson 49. Randall Eric Baylor 50. Bee LeRoy Foster 51. Paul Wayne Beutel 52. Maida Diane Papanek 53. Claude Ernest Ducloux 54. Peggy Lauren Horwits 55. Deborah Lynn Ginascol 56. John Benicio Reyes 57. Shari Lynette Lambert 58. John Leslie Roades 59. William Lloyd Taylor 60. Stanley R. Wiedeman 61. Reese A. Mathieu 62. Betsy Fath 63. Richard Bush Holmes 64. Jerry Walter Malcolm The Longhorn Singers provide an opportunity for primarily non-music majors to get together and per- form popular music. Songs this year included selec- tions from " Jesus Christ Superstar, " the Carpenters, and other popular groups. Members were chosen at the beginning of each semester by audition. During the year, the group sang for the Distin- guished Alumni Banquet and for Dads ' Day in the Main Ballroom of the Texas Union. On-campus per- formances also included the annual Christmas carol- ing on the Main Mall. A tour through Texas and Lou- isiana included performances at high schools and Texas Ex-students ' meetings. Officers were Lester Lansing Kothmann, presi- dent; Paul Wayne Beutel, vice-president; Horace Bart Melton, treasurer; and Maida Dian e Papanek, secretary. Lloyd Furman Hawthorne was director. Longhorn Singers Southern Singers The Southern Singers, seventy-seven voices strong, performed such hits as " Bridge over Trou- bled Waters, " " Both Sides Now, " and " Sounds of Silence. " This year a special small ensemble ren- dered selections with bossa nova and samba rhythms. Dance numbers included " Don ' t Tell Mama " from Cabaret and " American Boys. " Local performances were presented at Municipal Auditorium for the United Fund victory dinner and at several locations on campus. Trips included visits in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. For the first time in the history of the organization an overseas tour was made. Fifty members partici- pated in an eight-day tour of the Hawaiian Islands at the conclusion of the school year. The director again this year was Richard Paul Conant, teaching assistant in music. Officers were Dollie F. Huffman, president; Jan L. Campbell, secretary; Gail A. Johnson, treasurer; Diana L. Weynand and Patricia A. Kirksey, Wardrobe; Barbara L. Hand, socials; Kathy A. Mun- tean, publicity; Browyn Jones, historian; Sharon Jo Goldstein and J. Gail Partlow, librarians. FRONT ROW: Ann Elizabeth Adams, Darein Lee Mclnnis. Cynthia Sayle Peterson, Lana Joy Rabon, Stephanie Ann Hughes. Jan Preston, Teresa Ellen Fraser, Alice Ann Adams, Nancy Sue Mayfield, Donna Ruth Berndt, Dianne Marie Foreman. Sharon Jo Goldstein, Bonnie Lynn Keeton, Mary Martha Markantonis, Diana Lea Weynand. SECOND ROW: Jennifer Alice Moody, Elizabeth Crowley, Nancy Jean Shelton, Judy Henrietta Huchingson, Peggy Ann Kuhn, Beverly Lynne Yoatcum, Mary Elizabeth Reppond, Deborah Cheryl Klein, Melissa Anne Fidler, Sandra Michele Gottlieb, Jo Ann Wolf Melinda Kay Milstead. THIRD ROW: Viclci Ann Morgan, Patricia Ann Pratt, Barbara Lee Hand, Nancy Pryor Furman, Sherrita Doris Lee, Virginia Nell Hargon, Dollie Faye Huffman, Sylvia Ruth Hinojosa, Becky Thomas, Erma Willene Gee, Janet Lee Larson, Bronwyn H.Jones, Marilyn R. Cox. FOURTH ROW: Russell Irwin Buckner, Nancy Boykin, Deborah Rachel Perkins, Melissa Len Stallones, Ann Renee Lommele, Judith Gail Partfow, Mary Therese Driscoll, Janis Lynne Campbell, Kim Taylor Dawson, Patricia P. Blaha, Karen Leonora Hinton, Gail Ann Vanderstoep. FIFTH ROW: Stanley Raymon Wiedeman, Jeanne Louise Edmunds, Mary Ellen McAfee, Gail Annette Johnson, Cathi Lynn Nail, Nancy Blaker Mitchell, Linda Lou Jennings, Kathy Ann Muntean, Mary Elizabeth McHugh, Helen Eleanor Holcomb, Deborah Denise Jackson, Denise Bartlett. 88 Islands irecto eaching 1 Jan L (irkey, ron Jo i Texas Troubadours The Texas Troubadours, formerly the Men ' s Glee Club and the oldest singing organization on campus pursued an exciting repertoire of folk, popular, and serious music this year. Members were selected by audition at the beginning of both semesters by director Gordon H. Lamb. Their annual tour was held during February and in- cluded stops in Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. A spring concert was held following their return to Austin. The first annual University of Texas Glee Club Festival was held in October with the Texas A M Singing Cadets participating as guest chorus. Officers serving this year were Marvin Lynn Mor- genroth, president; Kent Ashley Main, vice-presi- dent; Lynn Scott Sousares, treasurer; and Christo- pher Bonwitch, secretary. FRONT ROW: Michael D. Tschoepe, David Landel Nichols, Kent Ashley Main. SECOND ROW: Russell Romoser, Francis L. Drake, Benjamin Frank Wear. THIRD ROW: Lynn Scott Sousares, Russell Irwin Buckner, Christopher Bonwich. FOURTH ROW: Alfred G. Tovar, Richardo Cruz Valdez, Larry Mi- chael Reuter. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Walter Malcolm, Roy Patrick Lawrence, Marvin Lynn Morgenroth. SIXTH ROW: Charles Nolan Bolding, Melvin James Rogge, William Woody Raine. 89 " ' .- - . nem - ' - " Women ' s Concert Choir Using literature written especially for women ' s choruses, the Women ' s Concert Choir performed works of composers such as Palestrina, Porpora, Vaughan Williams and Britten this year. The first concert was a vesper service at Tarry- town United Methodist Church in December. The choir also joined the University Harp Ensem- ble for a Christmas concert in the Recital Hall, per- forming Benjamin Britten ' s " Ceremony of Carols. " Other pre-Christmas activities included combin- ing with other choral organizations and the Sym- phonic Band for annual Christmas caroling on the Mall. In May the choir gave its spring recital. Members were selected in auditions each semes- ter by the director, Alaire Howard Lowry. Officers were Amy Joan Brown, president; Anna Kathleen Rash, vice-president; Annette L. Treaccar, secretary; and Linda D. Dillahunty, treasurer. 1. Sarah Elizabeth Toppins 24. 2. Janet Rachel Fisher 25. 3. Sandra Fran Cornett 26. 4. Sharon Louise Benson 27. 5. Betsy Fath 28. 6. Debra Kay Nance 29. 7. Hilary Christine Ryan 30. 8. Ruth Marie Amen 31. 9. Marsha B. Pehrson 32. 10. Mary Elizabeth Mings 33. 1 1 . Carol Sunn 34. 12. Donna Ann Brewer 35. 13. Karen Deborah Nichols )6. 14. Lee Ellcins 37. 15. Margarett J. Sears 38. 16. Penny Jean Rogers 39. 17. Kelly Marie McFarland 40. 18. Martha Ann Rose 41. 19. Deborah Lou Bryan 42. 20. Dana Ann Seal 43. 21. Patricia Ann Brown 44. 22. Nancy Carol Thompson 45. 23. Mona Dolly Forman Annette L. Treaccar Elizabeth Crowley Deborah Dale Graham Linda D. Dillahunty Elizabeth Suzanne Bush Ersalene Faye Chappell Margaret Lynn Moreland Andra Lea Mitchell Myra Ann Tenenbown Sail Ann Moriaty Holly Carol Robinson Linda Susan Williams Carol Lynn Christen Deborah Lane Julia Ann Chamrad Janna Kay Russell Cynthia Anne Smith Linda Anderson Betty Kay Winingham Kay Joyce Nicholson Janet Marie Raeke Amy Joan Brown 1. Suzanne Meadows 8. 2. Paul Alfred Dupree 9. 3. Linda Maria Massad 10. 4. James Michael Balogh II. 5. Carroll Burt Branstetter 12. 6. David August Senter 13. 7. Sherry Swenson 14. Robert Allen Wahrmund Walter Kelly Gerber Terry Lee Pierce Marietta Miller Robert Thomas Boiling Sharra Jan Jones Stanley Raymond Wiedeman Varsity Singers The fourteen -member group, Varsity Singers, specialized this year in presenting a lively show filled with music and color. The group, performing with guitars, piano, and choreographer, had a repertoire including Broadway hits, show tunes, and a broad spectrum of popular music. Its members, chosen by audition each semester by director William Franklin White, performed for Dads ' Day, the Austin Lion ' s Club, Southwestern Journalism Congress and local groups. Their spring tour included travel through East Texas and the Gulf Coast area with performances at high schools and service clubs. 91 Alpha Phi Omega FRONT ROW: Abe Frishmon, Edwin Lamar Lentz, Morris Reagen D ixon, Patrick Owen Macken, Dennis Marvin Baker, Bert Carlson Shivers, Thomas William Gornick, Brenda Elaine Trojanowsky, Bruce Alan Soranson, Hal Ed- ward Hagemeier, Richard B. Whitaker, Robert James Kleineck, Kenneth Dol- son Fisher, John Michael Crowe, David Edward Moore, James Bruce Flodine. SECOND ROW: Michael Parker, John Louis York, Paul Schumann, Lawson Phillip Roberts, Arthur Donnes Holder, Edward Vincent Chambers, Wilfred Michael Krenek, David Alan Dobyns, Charles Wesley Bryant, Robert Randolph Ray, Robert Eberle Cooke, Rodney Duane Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Michael John Stewart, Ronald Kermit Webb, Richard Ray Falcon, John Ed- ward Trieb, Robert Irl Crowe, David Arnold Vinson, James Sirard Switser, Rayford E. Copelin. Robert L Panzarella, Edward Rogers Stovall, Mi- chael Wayne Vela, Robert R. George, Daniel Edward Sicking, Raymond Lee Strickland. FOURTH ROW: Michael Lindsey Mahaffey, William F. Abright, Steven Joseph Sicking, Lary David Garrett, Harold Allea Yachik, Melvin Curtis Odom, Edwardo Javier Uribe, John Truitt Stokes, James Richard Akin, Marie Patrick Zabel, John Richard Triplett, Richard Franklin Davis, Charles Stephen Brasher, John David Porter-field. FIFTH ROW: David Lee Murray, Thomas Edward Luke, Paul Norman Crabtree, Martin Stephen Goldberg, Ronald Stephen Gardner, William Lewis Hinds, Lawrence Eugene Lankford, Dennis Karl Obenhaus, Alan Wayne Goldsberry, Don Carrol Vacek, Mark Rice Laussade, David Woody Bissett, Oliver Joseph Shaffer, Michael Maurice Stryker. SIXTH ROW: Hunter Zigmond Werlla, Robert Andrew Lanius, Jack Nicholas Fuerst, Robert Alexander McLean, Junious Ju- lioun Arrant, Louis Ramon Reveley, Ronald Charles Roeder, Dale Colcott Rylander, James Robert Reinhart, Robert McCaig James, Eddie William Hand, Donald Ray McNeal, Oren Anslem Mulkey, Kenneth Bealle Armstrong. 92 GET I ri Alpha Phi Omega, men ' s service organization at UT, assembles college men in a national service fra- ternity to develop leadership, promote friendship, and provide service to the community. APO is open to ' all college men and selections are made once a semester. Social activities include a semi-formal and a banquet near the end of each semester and chap- ter picnics or parties each month. Regular projects included ushering at the Batts Film series, working with area Boy Scout troops, giv- ing guided tours of campus, and working for the Austin Cerebral Palsy Center and Human Rights Center. Other APO service projects included usher- ing at Honors Day, Dads ' Day, and most Cultural En- tertainment Committee events, manning campus election booths, assisting with registration, and sponsoring a campus blood drive. Officers this year included Hal Edward Hage- meier, president; James Bruce Flodine, vice-presi- dent; Abe Frishman, treasurer; and Dennis Marvin Baker, secretary. - . . ._ Members of Alpha Phi Omega took charge of student directory sales. Donations for the Heart Fund were collected at the annual " Bathtub Pull. ' APO ' s supervised election boxes during campus-wide elections. 93 Campus Girl Scouts Campus Girl Scouts is an organization of adult Girl Scouts interested in keeping in touch with scouting activities. Any registered Girl Scout may join the group. The group sponsored a picnic in September and a Christmas party in December for members. Bi-week- ly meetings were held for members. In association with the Canterbury Association, the Girl Scouts sponsored a monthly birthday party at the Austin State School. Members regularly worked with local scout troops at their weekly meet- ings and on camp-outs. Officers this year were Sarah C. Terrell, presi- dent; Gail Ann Vander Stoep, vice-president; and Laurie Ellen Scott, treasurer. men tos tit ed C Members discussed plans for their March campout. MEMBERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Laurie Ellen Scott, Christy Le Ann Nelson, Sarah Catherine Terrell, Dana Lee Rounsavill, Gail Ann Vanderstoep, Lynn Marie Zedler. 94 JtS Working together In a spirit of Christian service members of the Christian Science Organization seek to spiritualize thinking in the academic community. Weekly testimony meetings are the focus of the or- ganization ' s purpose of healing. At meetings speci- fic work is done to understand and solve current so- cial problems. This year noted Christian Scientists lectured to the group on campus. Officers were Timothy Charles Apgar, president; Carolyn Rebecca Dorman, vice-president; Ruth Ann Ledermann, treasurer; and Roland Tamplin Wolfe, member-at-large. Serving as advisor was Norman Wesley Minter. Christian Science Organization I FRONT ROW: Shellie Kay Burton. Lisa Kay Davis, Carolyn Rebecca Dor- man, Suzanne Frances Johns, Sayle Elizabeth Young, Nan Benjamin Jackson, Arlene Henneberger. Douglas Warren Place, Claire Denise Brooks. SEC- OND ROW: Brenda Joyce Sers, Roland Tamplin Wolfe, Susan Kay Starnes, Timothy Charles Apgar, William Olaf Kolberg, Pierce Butler Kolberg, Wil- liam Sidney Hopper, Joseph Royston Gathings, James Matthew Cartwright. 95 GDE Cordettes entertained gir ls during their spring rush. By serving as official hostesses and administrative aids, members of Cordettes actively support the Army ROTC. Requirements for membership are a 2.4 grade point average after a semester ' s work at the University. Fall officers were Jana Audrey Estes, commander; Julia Jean Newsom, executive officer; Ann Pate Watson, comptroller; Deborah Ann Rail, adjutant; Colleen K. Guild, information; Deborah Jo Smith, activities; Bernice Carroll Cartwright, supplies; and Randall Gwenyth Jones, pledge trainer. Included among the service projects was a work party with cadets and members of the University Baptist Church to clean up East Austin. Cordettes held drills, teas and picnics during the year. Other activities were a volleyball game with Angel Flight and a pledge kidnap breakfast. Cordettes A, 0 Tapping brought many new members into Cordettes. 96 GDE ' ' GDE ' s checked identifications during campus elections. The goals of GDE, a women ' s service organization are to promote friendship, offer leadership, and pro- vide service to the campus, community, and other members. Girls from GDE babysat at Extend-a-Care and the Cooperative Day Care Center, tutored at the Human Rights Center, ushered for the Batts Film Se- ries, read to the blind, worked in the legal aids of- fice and with children at the Austin State School. Other projects included a fund drive for the Aus- tin Humane Society, a Lake Travis Clean-Up, assist- ing in campus elections, a Dads ' Day reception, a March of Dimes Fund Drive, the sale of UNICEF Christmas cards, and a clothes drive for the Human Rights Center. They also took orphans and children from the Aus- tin State School to the San Antonio Zoo, the Shrine Circus and arranged Christmas caroling trips and Halloween parties. Officers serving this year were Marsha Ann Smith, president; Venita Carlene Dasch, Dolores Pa- tricia Graf, and Linda Kay Rowe, vice-presidents; Cheryl Lynn Pritchett, treasurer; and Mary Beth Lanjdell, secretary. FRONT ROW: Marsha Ann Smith, Rita C. Castillo, Nancy Jo Cox. Peggy Anne Schulz. Vickie Ellaine Kenner, Natalie Ruth Golden, Anne Elizabeth Pierce Jones. Joy Charmaigne Lilljedahl. Cheryl Lynn Hollabaugh. SECOND ROW: Kay Marilyn Levinson, Cheryl Lynn Pritchett, Beverly Jan Jackson, El- oise Hajek, Venita Carlene Dasch. Margaret Mary Flanagan, Mabel Sun Eng. Peggy Jane Beaird. Therese Georgiana Brendler. THIRD ROW: Brenda Louise Malmstead, Marianne Taylor, Cynthia Lee Simpson, Laura Louise Smith, Bari Ann Walters, Rebecca Marie Fernandez, Janice Gayle Caswell. Martha Catherine Jones, Dolores Patricia Graf. 97 98 Crow ' s Nest A co-operative house as well as a social club, Crow ' s Nest brings together midshipmen of the University ' s Naval ROTC unit. ' Residents this year participated in intramurals, the Buc- caneer Drill Team, Scabbard and B lade Society, and Texas Cowboys. Social activities included parties held at the house during the year. Officers were Elton Thrasher Page, president; Francis A. Bogar, vice-president; Gilbert W. Bailey, treasurer; Kevin John Kelley, work manager; and David R. Sheppard, food buyer. Lt. Luke Horrell Miller served as advisor. 1. Mark Charles Thoman 16. 2. David Raymond Sheppard 1 7. 3. Arthur Armatage Taft 18. 4. Frederick Robert Morse 19. 5. Daniel Thomas Puleio 20. 6. Robert Michael Garrison 21. 7. Robert Milton Hatch 22. 8. Wayne Edward Anderson 23. 9. Leslie J. Schaffner 24. 10. Joseph C. Koen 25. 1 1. Jerry Dean Slater 26. 12. Carl Robert Beveridge 27. 13. James Patrick Voss 28. 14. Eugene Frank Behal 29. 15. D. Bruce 30. MacKenzie-Sraham 31. Elton Thrasher Page William Davis Barren Robert Larry Hopkins William Fred Arnold Floy Lee Metheny John Richard Carrillo Michael Anthony Tatone Gilbert Wesson Bailey Francis Alan Bogar Steven F. Hoipkemeier Franklin B. Wootten Kevin John Kelley Lenn M. Lanahan Robert W. Pratt Bruce Allen Cauley Donald Wayne Nobles Longhorn Band The highlight of the Longhorn Band ' s year was during the Christmas holidays when 100 members traveled to Lima, Peru, for an eight-day goodwill tour to raise money for the victims of the Peruvian earthquake. Besides raising $15,000, the band re- ceived enthusiastic ovations and a tour of the presi- dential palace, the first tour of the palace since the present regime took control in 1968. The Longhorn Band, one of the oldest organiza- tions on the University campus, is made up of about 290 students. In the fall, the band is involved in the weekly half-time shows at the Longhorn football games. Responsible for the unique style of the Show- band of the Southwest are Vincent R. DiNino, direc- tor; James G. Hejl, assistant director; Arthur Steven Rode, drum major; and 30 student section leaders. In the spring, the band goes indoors for concert season. This year the band was split into three units, two concert bands and a smaller jazz ensemble. The concert season was climaxed by the annual concert at Municipal Auditorium. Selection to the band is by audition in the spring. Incoming freshmen go through an initiation period in which they wear orange and white and perform at pep rallies. During their initiation period, they are given instruction concerning the history and func- tions of the Longhorn Band by freshman advisors. 1 James G. Hejl, Assistant Director 100 SECTION LEADERS: FRONT ROW: Kenneth A. Williamson, Peter Robert- son Baker, Michael Wayne Hargett, John Edney Brown, Troy Daniel Penning- ton. Steve Mason King. SECOND ROW: Eddie Davis. Stan Clay Hamblin. Charles A. Sebek, James Lane Littrell, Earnest R. Fuentes. THIRD ROW: John Wesley Fisher, John Harry Richardson. Robert V. Embleton, Scott In- gersoll Harmon, Clifford Lee Parrott, David Ross Stevenson, Gregory B. Molyneaux. FOURTH ROW: James Russell Dees. Ronald Clark Keeney, Kerry Linn Kennedy, Byron Elliot Short, Justin Scott Wilson, Max Otto Rein- bach, Thomas Edwin Word, William Christopher Pederson, Michael Gene Figer, Billy Carl Tune. Arthur Steven Rode. 101 Charles Ament Graham Avery Wayne Bachman Barbara Baird Herb Baker Rob Baker Nanette Ball Roger Barker John Beck Marilyn Birdsong Nick! Blitch John Boggt Stan Bond Ron Bravenec Bill Brent Bill Britcher Amy Brown Darrel Brown Jay Brown Terry Bryant John Bu ord Tommy Burkholder Betty Burks Mike Cantrell Gwena Cearlay Raul Champion Tony Chauveaux Glen Clark Ber Cleland San Cleland Blanche Cohen Richard Condit Kevin Connolly Rickie Cooper Charlie Co pel and Kim Corder David Couch Stan Coi Roger Coyner Lee Grain Amy Croly David Currey Cham Dallas Bob Dalrymple Richard Dalton Craig Davis Carl Day wood J ames Deal Jim Deei Edward DeMoll Terr! DeVane Frank Dittmar Lucy Domask Mike Dorsett Debbie Duenting Harley Eckhart Andy Edburg Marilyn Edwards Fred Ellis Robert Embleton Kyle Evans Artie Fielder Mike Figer Ken Fisher Randy Fisher Michael Rint Deirdre Fotescu Robert Fox Charlie Frederick Ernie Fuentes Gary Funderburlt Ken no n Garrett % 1 Am TC i DiNino ioined the stage band at the band ' s Freshman party. 102 A glimpse of freshman initiation . Conrad G.ig.r DM. Gibbon, Sarah Gilo Bob Silliam Pit Siraudin P.ggy Goath. Gary Soff Jaanina Goff B.v.rly Gra.n Mary Gr..nwood Clifford Gribbl. K.n Griffin Sh.rry Grona Paggy Haardt Eric Ha.gst.rta Donna Hamann Slan Hamblin St.v. Hamblin Mill. Hamilton Mil. Harg.n K.ith Harmon Scott Harmon Harrison Susan Harrison Don Hayn.i Larry H.ctor Jan Halm Dallas H.nd.non St.v. H.nd.non Doyl. Hank. Jo. H.rnand.i Nancy Hickol Bill High Kafhy Houzvick. Gary Husmann Jarry Jacobs Mary Jamas Kathi Jankins Jim Johns Jonas John Jonas Mik. Jonas 103 BAND COUNCIL AND FRESHMAN ADVISORS: FRONT ROW: Michael Anthony Rech, Justin Scott Wilson. SECOND ROW: Roxanne Louise Cle- land, Mary Helen Greenwood, Scott Ingersoll Harmon, Steven Scott Rich, Katherine Frances Houzvicka. 104 mmm The Longhorn Band serenaded Peru ' s First Lady during their South American tour Shari Jordan Ken J urgent Ron Keeney Kerry Kennedy Steve KIger Steve King Sue Kintlow Laura Kirklen Larry Kitten Steve Kline Larry Koeninger Don Kotfomann Bob Langley Milton Lindsey Lane Li tt re 1 1 Marie Love Paul Love Margaret Ludl Laura Ludwig Paul LuHrell Theresa Magliolo Tommy Marshall Bob Matthewt Dan McAngui Alan McCutcheon Debbie McDonald Paul McLaughlin Kathy Miller Steve Miller Greg Molyneaux Eric Monashfcin Paul Montgomery Gary Morgan Steve Morrison Chrii MuniOn Br.nda Murphy Claudia Murray Mika Nail Diane Nelson Tim Nawton Nancy Nugant Rogar Oiborn Gary Palafoi Nancy Palmar Glenn Pap. Steve Parish Cliff Parrott Chris Pedenon Ron Pambarton Paul Pendleton Troy Pannington Albert Powen Tim Pratar Mike Rach Mai Rainbach Slava Rich John H. Richardson John R. Richardson Kan Richardson Don Richay Bill Riassar Raad Rinn Jimmy Savage Carol Schmidt Alan Schoolcraft Chuck Sabak Bob Sherman Wayne Shirley Elliott Short Jay Silberberg John Silb.rb.rg Scott Simpson Dan Smith Gene Smith David Snow Edwin Spinlts David Stavanson Gary Stockton John Tarfton Cyndi Taylor Robin Teer Beverly Teller La. Terrell David Tarry Maria Thomson Rai Tillarson Jamas Tisdala Charlas Tooka Stanley Trekell Billy Tuna Nancy Turner Jamas Turpin David Underwood Vincent Varratt Karen Vickland Sandi Vina John Vivona Gilbert Ward Jimmy Wainblatt Maria Warkanthin Patrice Whisanant Kan Whitson Kan Williamson Mark Wilson Scott Wilson Larry Woodruff Tom Word Georgene Worthington Carol Wright Virginia Wright Rogar Yackei Chuck Yarling Randy Yatback Rosa Yorio Dads were honored with precision showmanship. Orange Jackets The primary purpose of Orange Jackets is to in- form its members of campus and community issues. OJ ' s, a select group of sophomore and junior women, base membership on scholarship, leadership, and service. The prime characteristic of all members is their desire to serve the campus and community. Orange Jacket activities for the year included raising money for the March of Dimes, serving as hostesses for Dads ' Day, and working in the campus election voting booths. Nancy Marion McClellan served as president this year; Virginia Christine Guess, vice-president; Deborah Ann Rail, treasurer; and Tyrrell Edith Flawn, secretary. Other Orange Jacket officers in- cluded Pamela Diane Mayo, program chairman, Ju- dith Gail Roberts, tappee trainer; and Cheryl Jo Jennings and Carol Ann Batty, contact officers. JM Members discussed projects at an informal meeting. FRONT ROW: Carol Ann Batty, Cheryl Jo Jennings, Tyrrell Edith Flawn, Ju- dith Sail Roberts, Pamela Diane Mayo, Virginia Christine Guess, Nancy Marion McClellan. SECOND ROW: Debra Ann Levin, Deborah Jo Smith. Jana Audrey Estes, Karen Gay Gordon, Sarah Sherman Martin, Mary Jo Beeson, Barbara Doris Lau, Jan Catherine Cocek, Patricia Ann Dennis. THIRD ROW: Marcella Mitchell, Linda Joyce Shelton, Patricia Elizabeth Jackson, Martha Ann Hill, Randall Gwenyth Jones, Brenda Elaine Trojanow- sky, Margaret Mary Flanagan. Andrea Maria Sidor, Catherine Elaine Alle- man, Amy Joan Brown, Sharon Adana Pearce. FOURTH ROW: Elysia Ann Irwin, Alice Patricia Her bolsheimer, Julia Jean Newsom, Debra Catherine Jones, Marilyn Faye Birdsong, Gwena Lynn Cearley, Susan Marie May, Re- becca Marie Fernandez, Jane Trigg Dunham, Pamela Ann Nutt, Maria Kay Munneke, Sharon Suzette Fagg. 106 FRONT ROW: Nassar Hassan Ata, Krishan Ahmad Malik, Nasim Oil. Nazlm Sulam Thawerbhoy, Suhail Afzal. SECOND ROW: Shujaat All, Ather Javaid, Aslam Khan Khalil, Syed Munis Ali, Derek Anthony DeSouza, Afzal Musa Thawerbhoy, Khawja Siddiqui, Mohammed Rafique Jangda. Helping new Pakistanian students settle In Austin is the primary purpose of the Pakistan Students ' As- sociation. The organization also strives to project the image of Pakistani students and better the relation- ship between Pakistani and American students. Any University student interested in Pakistani culture may join the club. Guiding the organization this year were Nazim Gulam Thawerbhoy, president; Suhail Afzal, treasur- er; and Krishan Ahmad Malik, secretary. Michael Allen Duggan served as advisor for the group. Social events included the celebration of Eid, a world-wide Muslim holiday in November and fre- quent soccer games. Pakistan Students ' Association 107 Parachute Team Organized at the University this year, the UT Par- achute Team stresses safety and precaution in prac- ticing the art of parachuting. The team competed in southwest area competi- tions, and they took trophies in every meet they en- tered, including a first place in Dallas. They also re- ceived numerous high ratings for accuracy. Officers were Leonard James Curvan, president; Aubrey Vaughn Ruple, vice-president; Claude Har- old McElfish, treasurer; and Steven Ray Cartwright, secretary. : re " :: ' ! ' A member of the UT team made his exit high over Austin. nn Ski-, - ; ' : FRONT ROW: James Andrew Ball, Jana Audrey Estes, Leonard James Curvan. SECOND ROW: Jesse Don Lyles, Aubrey Vaughan Ruple, Claude Harold McElfish. Randall Boyd Zeigler. Fred Weldon Leslie. 108 The Alan Scott Chapter of Public Relations Stu- dent Society of America exists to aid the student planning to work in the field of public relations. PRSSA enables the student to gain educational and practical experience in the field of public relations while at the University. The student is also eligible to join a professional chapter after graduation. PRSSA ' s officers this year were Joyce Sydell Her- ring, president; Robert H. Allison, vice-president; Peggy Jean Odell, treasurer; and Barbara Berger, (secretary. Alan Scott was the advisor and special as- jsistant was Sara Lynn Weidner. The activities included working for Communica- ion Week, Southwestern Journalism Congress and Interscholastic League Press Conference. PRSSA also produced a chapter newsletter and the national newsletter, " The Forum. " FRONT ROW: Susan Leigh Winterringer. Charlotte Ruth Hatfield, Maria Chantly, Barbara Berger. Peggy Jean Odell, Michelle Peres, Karen Joy Blu- menthal, Simon Philip H. Barker-Benfield. SECOND ROW: Kay Canter Sharp, Joyce Sydell Herring. Sara Lynn Weidner. Ellen Claire Samuels. Rob- ert Herman Allison, Alan Scott. Barbara Nell Burkett. THIRD ROW: Carroll S. Shershun, Leighton James Weiss, Woodrow Warren Anderson. Michael A. Pyzdrowski, Mark Randall Smith. 109 Posse Posse began the fall by painting signs along the Drag to promote varsity football spirit. The group also sponsored freshman cheerleader tryouts and or- ganized pep rallies for freshman sports. In the spring members supported varsity basketball and baseball. Posse, a spirit and service organization, is com- posed of freshman and sophomore men and women. Officers included Andrew Tillman Beck, president; Lee Weldon Bailey, vice-president; James William Little, treasurer; and Claudia E. Talley, secretary. Arno Nowotny served as advisor for the group. As part of their community service activities, Posse sponsored Halloween and Christmas parties and a skating party for Austin orphans. They also helped organize the Town Lake clean-up. 110 1. Ronald Turboff 16. 2. Charles Thomas Davis 17. 3. Susan De Wipperman 18. 4. Michele Faulkner 19. 5. William H. Adams 20. 6. Steve M. Robinson 21. 7. Martha Ann Mahon 22. 8. Mitzi Sue Leeds 23. 9. Cathy Lynn McClure 24. 10. Craig Alan Johnson 25. I I. Diane Leigh Burke 26. 12. Kathy Renee Loden 27. 13. Rebecca Shands 28. 14. Mary Lynn Bibbs 29. 15. Kimberly S. Hendricks 30. Christie Sue Wise 31. Judith Marsha Cohen 32. Sharla Kaye Walker 33. John Pierce Moore 34. Janis Saye Roberts 35. Martha Ann Hill 36. Zack T. Burkett 37. Lucy Carole Love 38. Charles Porter Wilson 39. Deborah Carol Gruss 40. Cathy Jean Salter 41. Betty Ann Nemes 42. Mary Elizabeth Bybee 43. Jimmy Carl Davis 44. John William Lander 45. Jeffrey Marlon Sabel Bruce A. Sifford Margaret Louise Blair Deborah Jo Silpin Augustus William Arnold Claudia E. Talley James William Little Edward Hugh Sauer Andrew tillman Beck Pamela Henry Peggy. Lynn McLeland Bradley L. Taylor Judith Elizabeth Coon Jane Ellen Foster Frank C. Fleming Ml 1. Kevin James Millin 2. Warren Lann Maupin 3. Barry Nelson Henry 4. Ricky Dale Delano 5. James Finley Erwin 6. William C. Dowdy 7. Bertrand Oliver Baetz 8. Theodore B. Miller 9. Mary Elizabeth Watson 10. Michael Thomas Casey I I . Lloyd Robert French 12. Charles Lee Martin 13. Alan George Thomas 14. Michael D. Crockett 15. Richard Miles Kaplan 1 6. Robert Steven Hicks 1 7. John Emerson Russell 18. Joseph Robert Franz 19. Michael Lynn Gaus 112 ' . Silver Spurs Founded 33 years ago, the Silver Spurs have con- tinuously played an active role in serving the Univer- sity and the community. The organization was under the leadership of Barry Nelson Henry, president; Rod Sellars Squires, vice-president; Sanford L. Got- tesman, treasurer; Jack Bernard Payne, secretary; and James H. Colvin, advisor. During football season the Spurs supervised Bevo, the University mascot. Their major service project was the celebration of Bevo IX ' s seventh birthday. All of the proceeds raised from the birthday rodeo were donated to the Travis State School for the Mentally Retarded. In the spring the Spurs sponsored a dance mara- thon during Round-Up. They also worked for the " Shamrocks for Dystrophy " drive and the Austin Special Olympics. 20. Dan Taylor Moody 21. G. J. Carter 22. Larry Dale Taylor 23. Charles Schreiner 24. Richard Dan Maxson 25. Michael S. Sweeney 26. Blair Gray Mercer 27. Edward Kelley Clark 28. Robert Howard Patton 29. John Alexander Jarvis 30. Don Roger Kuykendall 31. Marvin Srady Pipkin 32. Sammy Seidenberger 33. Jack Bernard Payne 34. Joel Clark Small 35. Harry Lee Craig 36. Robert John Sours 37. Sanford L. Gottesman 38. Bevo IX 113 A bus trip to Arkansas to support the Longhorns in their game against the Razorbacks was a high point of Spooks ' activities in the fall. An honorary service and spirit organization, Spooks is open to all freshman and sophomore girls. Outstanding girls are nominated and chosen twice a year in a tapping ceremony. These Spooklets are ini- tiated within seven weeks in a secret ceremony. Spooks ' social events included a United Nations party honoring all foreign students and a reunion for former Spooks. Service projects ranged from decorating the ath- letes ' locker rooms and cafeteria and painting the Drag for football games to organizing a speakers ' file in the Speech Building, working with the Office of Student Financial Aids, and assisting the APO service organization with elections. They also partici- pated in pep rallies, a Dads ' Day reception, and an Honors ' Day program. Officers for the year were, Anne Wythe Andrews, head haunt; Debra Ann Levin, vice-haunt; Randall Gwenyth Jones, banker haunt; Meredith Yates, re- cording haunt; Cynthia Lynn Crow, spirit haunt; Deborah Lynn Hein, royal spirit haunt; Janet Ann Moley, service haunt; and Nora Barrera, internation- al haunt. Advisor for the group was Kay Mayne. I Members painted booths for the campus-wide blood drive in April. No , ni Spooks decorated the varsity basketball locker room. 114 Spooks FRONT ROW: Janice Ann Dobrey, Patricia Ann Dennis. Charnita Spring, Nora . Barrera. None Glazer, Kay Mayne, Cynthia Lynn Crow. Anne Wythe Andrews, Randall Gwenyth Jones, Deborah Lynn Hein, Cheri Lynne Benge. SECOND ROW: Sarah Sherman Martin, Amelia Kay Lebowitz, Gayle Ann Rothenberg, Janis Ann Williams. Gene Ann Brown, Mary An- nette Bryan. Patricia Louise Pace, Laura Barbara Latta, Noreen Bee Mui Teoh. Janet Sue Dover, Janet Jean Powell. THIRD ROW: Joan Marie Shep- herd, Cheri Lynn Goudge, Maryann McConnell, Janette E. Lackey, Marga- ret Bee Wee Teoh. Kay Nester, Nancy Carolyn Delgado, Elizabeth Jane Daily. Kathy Sue Bergman. Jane Ann Horn. FOURTH ROW: Linda Little, Jeanne Diane Chatham, Lelia Ann Van Norden, Kay Charmain Waugh, Eliz- abeth T. Hutchins, Kathy Freeland, Nancy Jo Hall, Jan Lenore Skinner. Judy Lee Troth, Katharine Lynn Brown. FIFTH ROW: Betty Bremond, Melanie Hauser, Mary Anne Olsen, Vicki Gale Hall, Vivian Diane Hicks, Alma Susan Brown. Sandi Ruth Grimes. Mary E. Langford. Mary Catherine Cook, Debo- rah Kay Destefano. SIXTH ROW: Cynthia L. Henneberger, Sara Frances Kerr. Gail Ann Vanderstoep, Deborah Lynn Walker, Sarah Linn Rainey, Jan Claire Siebel, Toni Ann White, Nelda Wilson, Dianne Kathryn Covington, Sharon Suzette Fagg, Barbara Ann Edge . 115 UT Sailing Club Students interested in sailing can join the Univer- sity Sailing Club. The club teaches its members to sail and to improve their sailing ability. Fall officers were Steven T. Hougen, commodore; Jerry Issac Meyerson, vice-commodore; Oliver R. Froment, rear-commodore; Jennifer Lee Carney, secretary; and Robert Joseph Plomin, treasurer. The advisors were Barbara Hanson and Ted Hill. Competition in local and intercollegiate sailing regattas were an important part of the organiza- tional activities. In November the club placed first in over-all points at an intercollegiate regatta spon- sored by Southwestern Louisiana University. - FRONT ROW: Connie M. Sweeney, Cynthia Ann Arlitt, Frances Ava Avent, Mary Helen Greenwood, Debbie Daniel, Linda Louise Fannin, Margot W. Grubar, Linda Kay Rowe, Lucille H. Pasini. SECOND ROW: Ellen Gale Gerloff, Jerrell Israel Meyerson, Eugene Strode Pennebaker, Dirk Adrian Van Duym. Charles Harder Cobb, Paul B. Sarvis, Beth Ann Allred, Martha Caroline McKemie, Mary Kathryn Fortin, Rita Marie Moulder. Lewis Edward Browder. THIRD ROW: Ridge Matthew Kaiser. John Ronald Smith, Oliver Robert Froment, Gary Lee Gross. William Eu- gene McSparran. Stephen Carter Shenk, Stephen Thorsheim Hougen. Thomas Dawson Canby. Putnam Waldner Monroe, Robert Barclay Lineback. 116 1 - 4 UT Sports Car Club Interest in road sports is promoted by the Univer- sity Sports Car Club. Membership is open to all sports car enthusiasts. Officers for the year were Edward Thomas Nath- man, president; Mark Charles Peel, vice-president; and Lance Barend Tymniak, bouncer. Serving as ad- visor was Gene E. Hall. Activities during the year included a sports car clinic and beer bust in the fall. Meetings offered members a chance to see films and discuss their ex- periences. Several time-speed-distance rallies were held during the year. Cars departed UT campus for a fall rally. " ,- ' . ' FRONT ROW: Mark Charles Peel, Tim Michael Pugliese. Jon Gregory Henthorne. Gary Douglas Rode, Lance Barend Tymniak (in car), Michael Malcolm McCants. George Edward Tamayo. SECOND ROW: Edward Thomas Nathman, Daniel L. Amato, Gene E. Hall, Paul Dion Penaloza, Michael Joseph Broil, Dutch A. Junge, Gene Howard Kincaid, Jeremy James Wood, Stephen Webster, Mark Alan Weisser, Byron A. Watson, Richard K. Wackerbarth, Mary H. Penoloza, Laura Shirley Seals, C. Aaron Penaloza, Dennis Lee Elam. 117 ' Student Christian Fellowship The members of Student Christian Fellowship at the University endeavor to experience spiritual growth and share their beliefs with other students. One of their service projects this year was work- ing with children in East Austin through tutoring and Big Brother and Day Care Center programs. Much time was spent providing religious services and counseling at Gardner House, the juvenile detention home for the Travis County area. Howard Burke Miller acted as coordinator of the group. Other members of the steering committee in- cluded Randall A. Yarbrough, treasurer; Sary Rand- all Horn, secretary; and A. J. Welch, advisor. Social activities included the International Stu- dent Banquet in November, fall and spring retreats, and Christmas caroling in East Austin. Members discussed their spiritual experiences. FRONT ROW: Braxton Dorsett Reid, Patricia Obera Downs, Rita Sue Prior, Larry Paul Fuller, John David Mack. Billie Keith Currey. Roland Clyde Orr. SECOND ROW: Rebecca Joan Crawford. Dianna Kay Ferrill, Debra Lou Griffith, Jess Adelbart McAngus, Rhonda Lynne Roberts, Stephen Job Loveless. THIRD ROW: Deborah Lane, Twyla Lynn Tranfaglia, Jeryl Drannon Hart, Edward Stephen Jett, Patrick Ernest McDonnell. FOURTH ROW: Gregory Vance Gabbart, John Richard Spencer, Edward Duane McMullen, Gary Randall Horn, William Birt Simpson. 118 The University Taekwon Do Karate Club offers University students and members of the Austin com- munity an opportunity to learn Taekwon Do Karate under experienced black and brown belt instructors. Emphasis is placed on body perfection and training. Officers this year were Michael T. Uselton, presi- dent; Jack David Bryant, vice-president; and David James Mayhall, treasurer. The advisor was Lawrence Verne Leach. The club attended various professional karate tournaments throughout the year. Organized in 1969, the club has trained over 800 students. University Taekwon Do Karate Club Members demonstrated the art of Taekwon Do. Michael T. Uselton John Louis York Paul DeBaca Jack David Bryant James David Mayhall Lester M. Langdon Fell Heston Kenneth R. Maxfield Sharon Uselton Michael Jay Waugh Mary Lim Michael Vance Woolwine Tina Williamson John Reid Ken Barker Ernest Brett Clark Quincy Wickson Saide Marshai Jimmy Lee Rumsey John Allen Roberdeau Lawrence R. Jeffery Neal Watt Bryan Baker Jerry Murphy Lawrence Verne Leach Roger Allen Wenzel David Barnett Nagel David Simmons Bobby D. Yount Bill Clyde Barnabee Arnold Cuba Marvin Bowley Null William David Middleton Gary David Hales David Foster David Blackburn 119 Tejas Club Tejas Club serves as a residence for outstanding men on campus. Membership is extended to any male student who exemplifies the friendship and re- sponsibility present members have achieved. New members are initiated each semester. Officers were Shawn Russel Casey, president; Ronald Glenn Franklin, vice-president; Julian Lock- wood, treasurer; and John A. Bricker, secretary. Events during the year included the J. O. Garret dinner in April to honor the outstanding member and weekly coffees with university-associated speakers and special guests. A Tejas member and his date spent a leisurely afternoon at the house. Tejas members and guests reflected the Christmas spirit. 120 FRONT ROW: James Lemoyne Roberts Isbell, Jeffery Lee Hart. Rex Wayne Tillerson, William Austin Ligon, Sary Virgil Lehmberg, John Winston Jones. SECOND ROW: Kendall Craig Davis, Frank Barlow Rynd, Julian Lockwood, Robert Wallace Osborn, Ronald Glenn Franklin. Steven Scott Rich, Ronnie Ray Volkening, John Norman Feather, Scott Ingersoll Harmon, Thomas Joseph Williams. THIRD ROW: Walter Robert Helmick, John Cal- vert Rutledge, Christopher Hempel, George Adams Richardson, Shawn Rus- sel Casey. Steve Mason King, John Byron Mayo, John Alexander Bricker, Thomas Charles Turner, Angus Murray Sladen, Max Otto Reinbach. 121 Texas Cowboys The distinctive " boom " of Ole Smokey signifies the presence of the Texas Cowboys and their sup- port for the University. An honorary men ' s service organization, Cowboys celebrated their fiftieth anniversary this year. Mem- bers are selected each semester on the basis of lead- ership and must be willing to serve the University and city of Austin. Officers this year were James Michael McMahon, foreman; Robert David Campbell, strawboss; Jack Gregory Lee, shotgun; William N. Burney, horse- wrangler; and Frank A. Stroube, camp cook. Arno Nowotny and Jack G. Steele served as advisors. Cowboy service activities included a trip to the Shrine Circus and an Easter egg hunt with retarded children. They also helped with the Austin Special Olympics. The Cowboy Minstrels, featuring the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and the Cowboy barbeque sponsored during Round-Up benefitted the Austin Association for Retarded Children. 1. Michael Jay Tobor 14. 2. Laurence W. Nixon 15. 3. Kenneth Brown Meyer 16. 4. Robert Allen Wise 17. 5. Stephen Collins Owen 18. 6. William M. Burney 19. 7. John C. Thomas 20. 8. Thompson Bond Temple 2 1 . 9. Jay Stein Cox 22. 10. Michael D. Rutledge 23. 11. Thomas Charles Ray 24. 12. Dan Stephen Steakley 25. 13. James Richard Seeman 26. Scott Notley Morse Stephen Cal Chalmers Jay Steven Johnston James Michael McMahon Dixie Ann Presley Robert David Campbell Robert F. Wheless Joe Fenley Flack Charlie E. Crenshaw Frank A. Stroube Julius Heyward Taylor William Thomas Kaufman Robert Leo Kaminski 122 ' - , - ' i I Mdw I : -: ' 27. Robert T. Halpin 40. 28. Stacy Slenn Hunt 41. 29. Mark Allen Kristen 42. 30. John L Kuhlman 43. 31. Walter Max Mischer 44. 32. George Allen Raffkind 45. 33. Harold H. Sinsburg 46. 34. Stephen Gerald Ray 47. 35. Alfred Patrick McEvoy 48. 36. Tom Healty Whiteside 49. 37. Daniel Rome Terwelp 50. 38. Bruce Warren Anderson SI. 39. Stephen Krier Max Otto Reinbach Richard A. Yarbrough Charles Claude Hull Allen Sanders Kent Robert D. Dransfield Larry Wilson James D. Berry Robert Wayne Barnes Gerald Victor Stone William Edward Rosenthal Jack Gregory Lee Robert Lee Sutton Young Americans For Freedom The Young Americans for Freedom, nationwide conservative youth organization, attempted to pro- mote their views on campus this year through de- bates, speeches, and other forms of political expres- sion. Projects included a protest of Red China ' s ad- mission to the United Nations, hosting of William F. Buckley, and publication of a newspaper, Right On. Fall president was David Alan Dillard, and Robert E. Caraway was president in the spring. Other offi- cers included Winston Craig Pickens, vice-president; Walter M. Schirra, treasurer; Patricia Ann Hogan, corresponding secretary; Linda Rae Jenson, re- cording secretary; Timothy Allen Quaite, publica- tions chairman; Joseph Vivian Davis, student activi- ties; and Jack W. Gullahorn, national secretary. YAF gathered informally after a meeting for refreshments. 1. Walter J. Pieper 2. Timothy Allen Quaite 3. Bruce Arthur Perry 4. Catherine C. Henderson 5. Robert E. Caraway 6. Walter L. Moore 7. Robert West 8. Mary Patrice Diclterson 9. Robert Thomas Burton 10. Jack W. Gullahorn 11. David Alan Dillard 124 PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS J KATHY FREELAND 125 Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma, one of the few professional or- ganizations which maintains a house for the residen- cy of its members, is open to both students and pro- fessors in chemistry, chemical engineering and other related fields. Robert W. Walker, president, aided the organization in striving for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a profession. Also elected as officers for this year were Steven R. Childers, vice-president; Jerald K. Gooch, trea- surer; and David L. Valdez, secretary. Rush was con- ducted each semester and pledges were initiated in a formal ceremony. Activities included assembling freshman chemistry exam booklets, participating in intramural sports, and planning social events. Members engaged in a volleyball game in the backyard of their house. FRONT ROW: Robert Stephen Lacey, Martin Edward Fox. Steven George Helm, Michael Gray McMillion. Robert Bridges Walker. SECOND ROW: Roger Alan Yackel. Patrick O ' Reilly Hillen, Edwin B. McClelland, John Mal- colm Joyce. THIRD ROW: David Lee Valdez, John Carl Gilbert, Jerald Knoll Gooch. Mark Travis Bentley, John Paul Peterson. FOURTH ROW: Wil- liam Frederick Freeman, Gene Weldon Bachman. Richard Thomas Gray, Dennis Owen McDonnell, Bryan Willis Ferguson. FIFTH ROW: William Jo- seph Peer, Michael Ray Goebel, Steven Roger Childers. Donald Ray Oakley, James Lawrence Brasfield, David John Fitzgerald. 126 Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi strives to acquaint members in the organization with the business world. Each mem- ber must be enrolled in either business or economics and carry a GPA not lower than 2.0. New members are selected each semester and are sworn in at a Court of Honor. The extensive pledge program re- quires the pledges to work in the business placement office and plan a service project for the semester. Besides planning monthly meetings, Richard V. Battle, president; Stephen H. Pouns, vice-president; Gary W. Jenson, treasurer; and Edward J. Slovacek, secretary; were in charge of service projects and so- cial activities each semester. John McCrory. spring president, addressed a meeting of Alpha Kappa Psi. FRONT ROW: John Kevin McCrory, Gary Wayne Jenson, Stephen Harold Pouns. Mary Ellen Marnell, Richard V. Battle, Edward J. Slovacek, Robert A. Peterson. SECOND ROW: Robert D. Chicosky, Craig Kent Shirk, John Wayne Warren, Ronald G. Janda, James R. Hicks, James M. Dyke, Richard G. Alletag, John E. Goode, Harry M. Green. THIRD ROW: Gary W. Ei- land, Patrick Ramirez, Gary M. Alletag, Luis Vallejo, James Gary Bounds, Robert E. Golden. David G. Bleckley, Billy D. Harvey, Gaylon Clifton, Ro b- ert Carson OuaNs. FOURTH ROW: Harold J. Rakowitz, Joseph C. Kyle. William Clint Forrest. Patrick R. Stehling, Gregory A. Kozmetsky, William Kirk Malish, John M. Gillespie, Randal W. Winn. Ronald J. Shettlesworth, Russell M. Aboud. Gerald Conrad Schoppe. FIFTH ROW: David Claude Bastress, Charles T. Stone, Michael E. Simpson, Michael D. Meyer, Jerry W. Kunschik. Donald L. Gillespie, Walter Myles Standish, Forrest Ray Walk- er, David R. Coleman, Mark A. Vanderdrift. 127 Alpha Phi Tau Alpha Phi Tau members, whose main purpose is To acquaint pre-medical technologists with new aspects of the profession, directed the medical technology correlation course Micro 001 this year. Angie Smith, supervisor of the Austin State Hospital ' s School of Medical Technology, was a guest speaker in the fall at a meeting of the organization. Karen Kay Tompkins, president, was aided by Mae Hang Woo, vice-president; and Karen Eliza- beth Moore, secretary-treasurer, in organizing ac- tivities for the year. Spring activities included a trip to San Antonio Aerospace Laboratory and speakers from the San Antonio School of Medical Technology. Pre-medical technologists worked in lab during their Micro 001 course. FRONT ROW: Karen Elizabeth Moore, Karen Kay Tompkins, Mee Hang Woo. Karen Marie Strawbridge. SECOND ROW: Nancy Nell Kidd, Donna Gayle Klesel, Steven Paul Tillman, Peggy Lynne Kuehn, Mike Angel Valadez. 128 Alpha Rho Chi One of the major projects of Alpha Rho Chi this year was the partial restoration and renovation of a building constructed in 1872. The building, convert- ed to an architectural studio, serves as a meeting place for faculty of the School of Architecture. Upon completion it will serve as the chapter house. The Dinocrates chapter of Alpha Rho Chi stresses involvement in the academic and professional prac- tice of architecture. Membership is open to students of architecture and the allied arts at any period dur- ing the academic year, according to president Larry Wayne Gooch. A ceremony is held every semester initiating the students into the chapter. This year the chapter was commissioned by an ar- chitectural firm to assist in presenting a city plan- ning project for San Marcos. Other officers were Dwight B. Micklethwait, vice-president; Walter-Kelly Gerber, treasurer; and Jerry Brent Dorsey, secretary. TOP ROW: Brian Chalk Thomas. Larry Wayne Gooch. BOTTOM ROW: Walter- Kelly Gerber, Bruce Dean Nagel, Dwight B. Mickelthwait, Doyal Edward Nelms. 129 .... FRONT ROW: Ann Marie Patterson, James Stanford Fisher, Slenda Carol Cashiola. SECOND ROW: Gary Wayne Johnson, Shawn Thomas Harrison, David Louis Beery, Walter Edward Hammond, Bill Eugene Wilcoxson, Rich- ard Harry Schneider, Stanley G. Wright, Robert Campos Trevino, Robert Arnold Parrett. THIRD ROW: Michael Allen Baker, Jimmy Charles Narra- more, David Wayne Collins, Richard Alvin Young, Robert W. Hughes, Bruce Wayne Graumann, David Ronald Logan. " ! i Founded in 1963 by a ' merger of the American Rocket Society and the Institute of Aerospace Sci- ences, the student branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics links aerospace en- gineering students with professionals in aerospace fields. As a national society, AIAA includes leading scientists, engineering and technical managers of the country ' s aerospace program. With Jimmy C. Narramore as president this year, the club sponsored various professors from technical fields of interest to speak at each monthly meeting. Other officers this year included Walter E. Ham- mond, vice-president; Nancy M. Tamburello, trea- surer; and Jerry L. McDowell, secretary. AIAA John Reilly, Space Shuttle expert, discussed his job with an AIAA member. 130 AlChE Ted Siff of the Legal Research Board briefed engineering students on TexPIRG. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is a professional society open to any student in chemical engineering. The society ' s main goals are helping students decide which field of chemical engineering to work in and emphasizing good professional ethics. Ronald L. Buls, president; along with Joseph D. Paciotti, vice-president; Steven G. Helm, treasurer; and Linda L. Fraser, secretary, conducted meetings on the second Friday of each month. This year ' s so- cial activities included a " back to books " bash in September and an " end of school " picnic in May. FRONT ROW: Virginia Beth Buchtler, Gary Michael Blythe, Joseph Daniel Paciotti, Gregg Andrew Goodnight, James Gordon Noblett, Stephen Paul Ellison. Kenneth Ewing Martin, Robert William Graham, Dennis Owen McConnell, Cathy Lynn Chadwick, Ronald Lester Buls. SECOND ROW: Steven George Helm, Raul Antonio Vasquez, Albert Burr Cullender, Linda Lee Fraser, Steven Wayne Meers, Ronald Carlton Meadows, John Philip Bollmeier, Carlton Ellsworth Thompson, Alfonso J. Wongvalle, Michael C. Bartel, Michael Ray Goebel. THIRD ROW: Roger Everett Prior, Paul Wayne Fisher, David Joseph Faria. Robert John Haskin, Sammy Kay McSpadden, William Winfield Burns, Donald Charles Wahrmund, James Edward Murray, Gary George Hewer. Louis Roland Hobbs, Timothy Robert Weddle, Ronald Dalton Jones, Frank W. Nobles. 131 AID All second year students enrolled in the study of interior design are eligible for membership in the Association of Interior Design. According to Rich- ard Lane Dickson, president, new members are taken in at the beginning of each semester. The AID Halloween party, in conjunction with the state conference in October, was one of the high- lights of the year. Other activities included a Christ- mas bazaar, a field trip to San Antonio to see design studios, and an AID student weekend. Assisting the president were Richard Lee Grett, vice-president; Perry Joe Shaffer, treasurer; and Laura Marie Craig, secretary. Interior design students experimented with a silk screen project. . An AID member presented her interior design project in class. 132 AIME - ' a I B H H BH Gene Pennabaker. head of the Humble Recruiting team, spoke to students about job interviews. All petroleum engineering students were eligible this year for membership in the UT chapter of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Pe- troleum Engineers. AIME is dedicated to promoting the arts and sciences of mining, metallurgical and petroleum engineering. It also offers the engineer- ing student the opportunity to recognize the chal- lenges that await him personally as an engineer. This year ' s main activity was a field trip to an au- tomated oil field near Eagle Pass. The monthly meet- ings were presided over by Glen Howard Perry, president; Edwin Dyer Moore, vice-president; Jesse L. Roberts, treasurer; and Robert Murray Wagner, secretary. FRONT ROW: Oscar Washington Garzon, Hiroshi Ohicuma, Krishon Ahmud Malik. Jose Luis Bauza Bashbush Rebecca Lu Beard, Donna Cheryl Dillon, Jose Rosario Hernandez, Pablo Proano. Wendell Wesley Hall. SECOND ROW: Philip Charles Crouse, Robert Murray Wagner. Michael Eugene Han- egan, Gary Wayne Palmer, Reagan Edward Rawe, Santiago Jesus Solis, Heinz Maximiliano Teran, Barry Edward Chovanetz, Edwin Dyer Moore, Joe Ray Harris. THIRD ROW: Glen Howard Perry, Hilmar Von Schonfeldt, John Joseph Ciavarra, Michael Dan Haas, Wayne Albert Greenwalt. Harry J. Payne, John Charles Hunter, Jesse Luther Roberts. Nguyen Bao Ngoc. 133 ASCE The American Society of Civil Engineers started the year with a fall picnic following the Texas-Texas Tech football game. John Dudley Noell served as president and other officers were Adrian John Huckabee, vice-president; Jack Palmer Randall, treasurer; and Jeryl Drannon Hart, secretary. Ac- tivities included an Atlantic Richfield Clean Air Caravan, a tour of Memorial Stadium and regular monthly meetings. Assisting the organization as ad- visor this year was Patrick Riley Atkins. The UT student chapter of ASCE provided a forum for discussion between guest speakers from the civil engineering field and interested students. It also provided fellowship with students and faculty on an informal level. Membership is open to civil and architectural engineering students. ASCE members challenged the faculty to a basketball game. FRONT ROW: Robert Ragan Broyles, Adrian John Huckabee, Sharon Lynn Koteras, Jack Palmer Randall, John Dudley Noell. SECOND ROW: Glenn Junior Long, James Deward Boatman, Michael Garrett Broaddus ' , Robert Stanley Wright, Warner Gordon Derr, John Norman Furlong, Rale Sterling Gideon. THIRD ROW: Richard Duwaine Potter, Charles Russell Maddox, Fuad Eid Kefayeh, John Arthur Van De Wiele, Mark Gideon Goode, John Paul Zaniewski, Barry Robin Pier, David Vernon Seiler. FOURTH ROW: Troy Robert Ulmann, Hendrik Raoul Zijderveld, Ghassan Mohamed Mahdi, Saleh Mustafa Abu-Hamdeh, Rudolf Tschoerner, Patrick Riley Atkins, Byron Wil- liam Porter, John Norman Thornton. 134 FRONT ROW: Robert Courtney Olsen, Louis Gustav us Ogden, Patrick Cleary Grant, Thomas James Kreston, Lance Plowman Smith. SECOND ROW: Gary Neal Williams, David Arthur Scott, Manuel Pena Rios, Ebrahim Rahimi-Khamnei, Hamid Shirazi Fakoor-Bayat, Denis Steve Kopecki, Luis Eu- genio Reynoso-Lora. THIRD ROW: Nancy Jo Cox, Roy Lee Haws, Stephen Craig Walls. Joseph Stephen Williamson, Michael Lantz Kinane. Marvin Frank Rokyta. Eugene Strode Pennebaker. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Bruce Maclnnes, Don Philip Holmes, Michael Keith O ' Kelley, Johnny Roy Brezina, Samuel Louis Chase. Michael L. Miller, Donald Lee Verbick. FIFTH ROW: Richard Wayne Speyer, Herbert William Franseen, John William Heyt, Usama A. M. Tartir, William Reed Lang, Charles Robert Ulvertburch, Rogel- io Cisneros, Stanley Joe Spell, Thomas Roy Homer. ' ' ' To help the engineer keep abreast of modern technology, the American Society of Mechanical En- gineers provided activities for members to acquaint them with practicing mechanical engineers. This year ' s programs included the Clean Air Car Race and Alcoa ' s " Plant Engineering The Engi- neer ' s Responsibility. " A beer-barbeque was held in the early fall as their main social event. Along with president Patrick Cleary Grant, the officers for the year were Lance Plowman Smith, vice-president; Robert Courtney Otsen, treasurer; and Louis Gusta- vus Ogden, secretary. ASME W. W. McAlister. former mayor of San Antonio, stressed the importance of the engineer ' s social re- sponsibility in a speech to the UT ASME chapter. 135 The highlight of the Christmas formal was the announcement of outstanding pledge and active and fraternity sweetheart. Bill Anderlohr Bob Bean Scott Baauchamp St... Tom Zana Beck Fred B.nn Rand Bannett Ed Blair Tom Carlson Dick Carnicom Art Chartoff Max Courtney Rick Covington Jim De Frain Mike Dillingham Greg Doutal Jack Douthitt Larry Dugger Bob Dunn Layne Finlay Richard Folay John Gaulding Jim Wayne Harrison Jonny Hepler Ron Hyde Ron Jenningi John Kemp.r Frank Kubacak Mike Lynch Bill Mahavier Herman Martina Daryl McConn.ll Gregg McCumbar Jim Massina 136 Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity that chooses its members from qualified business admin- istration students, strives to promote professionalism in business. It encourages scholarship, social activity, and the advancement of students in business. The chapter ' s social calendar this year included match parties with Alpha Phi and Delta Zeta sorori- ties and Christmas and spring formals. At the Christmas formal, Theodore Max Poss was named outstanding active, Charles Bruce Abraham was named outstanding pledge, and Patricia Elaine Lodde was named fraternity sweetheart. Officers, Corbin Lee Douthitt, president; Joseph Harry Vorsas, vice-president; Leo Wayne Harrison, treasurer; and William A. Brock, secretary, planned each of the monthly meetings and were in charge of securing guest speakers. In the fall, Judge John Onion, presiding judge of the Texas Court of Crimi- nal Appeals, spoke at a meeting. Andy Mill.r Tim Mum L. Parish Mn PirUr Gary Pinnvll Ray Pirch.r Tom Ma. POM Bobby Port Jim Rang Star Root Pit Rick Smith K.nt Smith Louis Stellate Gorg Thorn Bill Toft. Manual Jo. Vonai Bob Bill Ward Charl.. Watt, John W.lch Bruc. Woody York 137 Jmi Barnatt David Bowman Richard Brummall Milt Buchanan Jo Burthalt.r Hank Cano Cariiila Clamant Jim Compton Prank Duncan Ron Failai Willil Soint Arturo Gonzalat Lawn Hall Rod Hammond CaHot HinojoM Archia Hoyt Ronald Janak Milton Jai Club members spent much of their time working in the Student Health Center Pharmacy 138 Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical fraternity provides a place for the pharmacy student to learn of his pro- fession through fellowship and participation in out- side activities. This year the organization donated its time and financial assistance to the People ' s Free Clinic. It also participated in drug abuse programs for area high school students and civic groups. Officers elected at the end of the fall semester were James Richard Barnett, president; Robert Jimenez, vice-president; Jack W. Seely, treasurer; and Joe D. Burkhalter, secretary of the organization. Kappa Psi Rob.rt Jimanaz Kan Johnson Mark Jonas Yiu-Kay Kwok Randall Landmon Bruca Landrum Alvaro Liando Phill Liati Luii Martinaz Richard Martinaz Mika McBrida Bill McDonald Bill McFarland Charlai Mclaughlin Lan Mainacka Richard Moor Slann Muallar Alai Rodriguaz Polo Ruiz J. J. Saanz Milton SchuHz Jack Saaly Chi Chai Tiu David Wafion Gary Whita 139 IEEE Dedicated to promoting, preserving and dissemi- nating knowledge of the electrical and electronics engineering field, the University branch of the Insti- tute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is open to any student pursuing a course in electrical engi- neering or an associated field. In addition to the monthly meetings presided over by president Thomas Gail Arthur, the organization hosted speakers from various industries, including Alcoa, Bell Telephone Co., and Humble Oil Co. Other officers were Thomas Boyd Nash, vice-presi- dent; Tom C. Horch, treasurer; John Albert Brogan, secretary, and Frank Leroy Grossman, student engi- neering council representative. Dr. Otto Friedrich served as advisor for the organization. Events and projects for the year included a beer bust in April, construction of a store in the Taylor T Room, and sponsorship of an IEEE Sweetheart in the Engineering Sweetheart Contest. OFFICERS: Frank Grossman, Thomas Nash, Thomas Arthur. John Gordon, John Brogan. FIRST ROW: John Albert Brogan, Thomas Gail Arthur, Thomas Boyd Nash, Frank Leroy Grossman. SECOND ROW: Kostas George Spanos, Donald Ray Francis, Daniel Alvin Barclay, Brian Gilbert Haas, Otto M. Friedrich, John Barnes Gordon. 140 Sherilyn Adcock Debbie Atkins Barbara Crabtree Mlckr Fortenberry Amparo Gonzalez Lynn Guess Barbara Laber Kay Mary Kober Olivia Mar+Inei Lynn Moyer Aurora Olivarei Pam Nutt Janet Park Sue Parker Sue Penn Claudia Rios Diane Schlecte Vicky Skelton Connie Spencer Deborah Stanley Sharon Stoona Fay Woo Sheila Young :gii. I An informal " Get Acquainted " party held in Sep- tember for women students in pharmacy was the first activity of the year for Kappa Epsilon. The ob- jectives of the organization included stimulating in its members a desire for scholarship, cooperating with the faculty, fostering professional conscious- ness, and providing lasting interest and friendship. Membership is open to all women in pharmacy who are enrolled in the professional sequences. Offi- cers Pamela Ann Nutt, president; Sheila Ann Young, vice-president; Belinda Bishop King, treasurer; Re- becca Ann Idar, secretary; and Alan B. Combs, ad- visor, planned a Halloween rush party so the pledges could get to know the actives better. Also included in this year ' s activities were Middle Earth and a pro- gram about birth control. Kappa Epsilon Pledges entertained actives with skits of pharmacy scenes. Ml FRONT ROW: Carlos 8. Garza. SECOND ROW: Mary Elisabeth Blair Mario Olivia Martinez. THIRD ROW: Juan Valerio. Michael Lynn Buchanan, Ronald George Janak. The main goal of the Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, according to Carlos B. Garza, presi- dent, is to further the profession of pharmacy. Mem- bers also meet socially throughout the year to ex- change ideas between faculty, undergraduate and graduate students. Membership is open to any student enrolled in the College of Pharmacy. Students may join at any time, and no formal initiation is held. The club ' s activities included Showcase displays and participation in National Pharmacy Week and National Poison Prevention Week. Other officers were Michael Lynn Perkins, vice-president; Ronald George Janak, treasurer; and Maria Olivia Mart- inez, secretary. Members spent much of their time conducting laboratory experiments. LPhA 142 Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter FRONT ROW: Hope Elizabeth Buess, Barbara Lynn Baldridge, Cynthia Ware. Pamela G. Under. SECOND ROW: Linda Bley Allen. Ann Ruth De- genhardt, Hedy Suzette Covan, Lillian Luis Reyes, Janet Lee Osborne. Nancy Shelley Fanning. In addition to providing several scholarships each year to enable deserving students to continue their study of home economics, the Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter also presents programs dealing with current topics of special interest to home economics students. Membership is on a vol- untary basis and there are no special requirements. Officers were Janet Lee Osborne, president, Deborah Rae Hulme and Pamela G. Linder, vice- presidents; Hedy Suzette Covan, treasurer; and Bar- bara Lynn Baldridge, secretary. Included in the list of activities were a " welcoming barbeque " in Sep- tember, a talk delivered by Harry Briggs of the Col- lege of Business Administration concerning the wage-price freeze, and a Christmas party. Girls made " tower " centerpieces as one of their projects. 143 OFFICERS: David Charles Gambel, Richard Oscar Villarreal, Romeo Rolando Garza. Ricardo Joel Leal, Charles Joseph Daleo, David Lee Worsham, Carie Gipson Boyd. Phi Delta Chi Heading the list of social events for Phi Delta Chi was a rush smoker, a big brother-little brother ban- quet, a Round-Up party, and a Christmas pharmacy school party. Service projects for the Lambda chap- ter included working with the People ' s Free Clinic and hosting a party for the children at the Austin State School. Members of Phi Delta Chi also worked with the Pharmacy Council to serve the needs of the College of Pharmacy. David Lee Worsham, president of the chapter was assisted by Carie Gipson Boyd, vice-president; David Charles Gambel, treasurer; Charles Joseph Daleo, secretary; Richard Oscar Villarreal, master at arms; Romeo Rolando Garza, pre-late; and Ricardo Joel Leal, inner guard. Promoting the science of pharmacy is the main goal of the organization. Membership was limited to pharmacy students with a 2.0 GPA, said Alan B. Combs, advisor. Rudy Alamia Jack:. Baber Carl. Boyd Bill Carpenter Charles Daleo Terry Davit Victor DeLeon Terry Dub. George Durand Jarnet Erdelt Edd Fiih 0 vid G.mbel Carlo! Gana Romeo Gana Pablo Gonzalei Franciico Gonialei Robert Gonzalez George Guerre 144 Jimmy Harvlik Tom Hmmr G org Hohon Fid.l Hu.rta Stv Jacobton Craig La rid in Ricardo L al Harold Uwrs John Maas Manuc-l Martinez Jim Mor no Rult Mullini J.ff Pann.ll Jamei Rodriguez Alan Rointhal Randall Sandari Bruca Thompson Juan Valario Richard Villarraal David Wonham Charles Daleo received the best active award from president, David Worsham. 149 PEM Club OFFICERS: Sharon Werckle. Glenn Sefcik, Candice Koy, Eliza- beth Krauskopf, Daryl Moffit, Jalcetta Mangold, Sylvia Larkin. The Physical Education Majors Club coordinates professional interests of all members and attempts to create an active interest in the physical education profession. Interest is displayed by active leadership and service to the University, community, and state. This year ' s club, with Daryl Gene Moffitt presid- ing, sponsored two co-ed sports nights in the spring and fall. It also participated in a service project known as the Explorers which worked with high school students interested in physica education as a professional career. The final activity of the year was a banquet in April planned by officers Sylvia Maria Larkin, vice-president; Candice Dawn Koy, treasurer; Jaketta Kay Mangold, social director; Sharon Kay Werckle, newsletter editor; Glenn Allen Sefcik, intramural director; and Elizabeth Ann Kraus- kopf, publicity director. FRONT ROW: Sylvia Maria Lorlcin, Emily Hazel Staats. Joy Marie Knaak, Linda Dianne Dvorak. Sharon Kay Werckle, Deborah Kay McCall, Elizabeth Ann Krauskopf. SECOND ROW: Sandra Winifred Blalock, Sandra Carolyn Svalberg, Conrado Gutierrez, Thomas Raul Gardner, Wilbur Glenn Culpep- p r, Cancice Dawn Koy, Georgia Kay Medler. Patricia Ruth Freeman. THIRD ROW: Donna Raye Panlcratz, Caroline Jane Forsythe, Carol Ann Cullen, Anne Louise Totzke, Lexine Trisha Bohls, Rebecca Ann Bludau, Mari lyn Ann Marter, Karen Gayle Price. FOURTH ROW: James Edward John son, Robert Wayne Casseday, Carl Michael Moehle, William Edward Sand ers. Denis Ralph Poulos, Ralph Eugene Watson, Glen Allen Sefcik, Jame: Thomas Taylor, Daryl Gene Moffitt. 146 Sigma Alpha Eta A Halloween party was given for children at the UT Speech and Hearing Clinic. Students interested in speech pathology, audiolo- gy and the education of the deaf compose the mem - bership of Sigma Alpha Eta. Lear Ashmore, head of the UT Speech and Hearing Clinic, served as advi- sor to the organization this year. In addition to the monthly meetings, which con- sisted of- lectures and discussions centered around areas of interest to the group, Sigma Alpha Eta sponsored a regional speech and hearing convention in March on the UT campus. Planning the activities were Scott Andrew Haug, president; Carmen Salas Tyler, vice-president; Vic- tor Fernando Hincrjosa, treasurer; and Tiffany Nan Jones, secretary. Among these activities were a " Get Acquainted " party in September, a Hallow- een party for the children attending the UT Speech and Hearing Clinic, and a spring social in May. FRONT ROW: Kay Nester, Marcia Jeanelle Jeanes. Glenda Kay Mangham, Cheryla Dru Coskie. Sidney C. Allen, Jeannie Kay Glaze. Melinda Anderson, Sheila Gail Kerr, Mary Elizabeth Burns. SECOND ROW: Tiffany Nan Jones, Janet Rosenbaum, Shalia Kay Holloway, Scott Andrew Haug, Maryann Har- ris, Nancy Elizabeth Dalce. Patti Eileen Moos. THIRD ROW: Lilia Esther Gar- cia. Judith Ann Bryson. Judy Kay Adams, Maria Kay Munneke, Dean Kyle Kunze, Blanca Estela Sigala. Mary Julia Culbertson, Ronald Earl Lowe. 147 FIRST ROW: Marilyn Anne McMahon, Cynthia Sail McDowell. SECOND ROW: Karen Shirley Kastner, Judith Ann Schlechte. Deborah Dale Graham, Linda Diane Dillahunty, Sandra Lynn Friedrich. THIRD ROW: Swena Lynn Cearley, Susan Marie May, Diane Duke, Susan Frances Tobin, Rose Ann Scott. Scholarship, musicianship, personality, and char- acter are the basis for membership in Sigma Alpha lota, a professional music organization for women. Members of the organization caroled at the Texas State School for the Blind and made " Bold Note " charts for the SAI Braille Music Project. Diana Duke, president, was in charge of the monthly meetings which included guest speakers such as Hamze El Din, a visiting faculty member who presented a program on the music of the Nubja, and Peggy Brunner from the Southwest Texas State Uni- versity voice faculty. Formulating plans for the rush tea and initiation in early spring were officers Susan Marie May, vice-president; Gwena Lynn Cearley, treasurer; and Cynthia Gail McDowell, secretary. Sigma Alpha lota Prospective members were formally welcomed at a spring rush tea. 148 " -= Scott. Sigma Delta Chi As a professional journalism organization, Sigma Delta Chi brings student journalists together to dis- cuss the problems and solutions involved with the newspaper and broadcast media. Members in the organizations are selected from students intending to pursue careers in journalism. New members, selected in the fall and spring semes- ters, are initiated in formal ceremonies. Fall officers of Sigma Delta Chi were Cynthia Taylor, president; Arthur John Reetz, vice-presi- dent; Jan Jarboe Reetz, secretary and John F. Sulli- van, treasurer. SDX assisted with registration for the Southwest- ern Journalism Congress held in Austin. Other ac- tivities included joint meetings with the Austin pro- fessional chapter of Sigma Delta Chi and a program co-hosted by Theta Sigma Phi which honored retir- ing journalism professors. In November, a group of members and two faculty advisors attended the SDX National Convention in Washington, D. C. New journalism students were greeted at a reception by an SDX member. I FRONT ROW: Belva Mae Williams, Susan Belva Chambless, Karen Lynne Justice, Jan Leslie N. Schwartz, Beverly June Elam, Brenda Kaye Johnston, Jane Hall. SECOND ROW: C. Richard King, Nancy Jean Nugent, Cynthia Taylor, Jennifer Evans, Jo Arlene Clifton, Robert Ray Faulk, John Roland Tilly, Dorothy Koch Griffith, Steven Alan Wisch, David Leslie Powell, John F. Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Roy Mark, Robert Wayne Plocheclc, Doris Joanne Ruhland, Rana Colleen Shields, Jan Jarboe Reetz, Gary Steve Barr, Lori Brown McVey, Bertha Ann Lopez, H. Clifton Avery, Russell George Todd, Arthur John Reetz. FOURTH ROW: Suzanne Marie O ' Malley, Stephen Law- rence Hogner, Frank Powell Banning, Nancy Jane Maples. Marigny Amort Lanier, Gerald W. Hunnicutt. John Marvin Pope. Mary Claire Anderson, Ro- dolfo Rios Garza, Robert Michael Patterson. Richard Arvil Finegan. 149 UT Student Landmen ' s Association The UT Student Landmen ' s Association holds as its objectives the advancement of the profession of land work in the petroleum industry; the support of education for the attainment of professional compe- tence in land work; and the support of the continued development of the petroleum industry. The chapter, headed by Thomas N. Taylor, presi- dent; Ron E. Touchon, vice-president; Larry Wayne Braun, treasurer; and William Dale Harvey, secre- tary; held monthly meetings. The meetings featured speakers who discussed some phase of the oil indus- try in connection with land work. Membership in the organization was limited to students enrolled in the Petroleum Land Management Program in the Col- lege of Business Administration. OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Thomas Taylor, Ron Touchon. SECOND ROW: Larry Braun, Billy Harvey. FRONT ROW: Mark David Blackbird, William Lee Campbell. Michael Wayne Englert, Dorsey Bryan Hardeman, Jimmy Steve Aldridge, William Larry Whitehead, Michael Andrew Ryan. SECOND ROW: Carl William Steinle, Donald Leslie Wilson, Dalford Dudley Jackson, Steven F. Findley, Al- phonse Frank Klam, Richard Alan Haynie, William Dale Harvey. Michael J. Maggard. THIRD ROW: Ron E. Touchon, Roy Carter Cline, Steve Allen Sadler, Harold Wayne McAden, William David Mullins, Sam Bryan Burk, Raymond A. Boisvert, Larry Wayne Braun. 150 FRONT ROW: Janet Lynn Hooper, Peggy Ann Ebensberger, Elizabeth A. Seigle. SECOND ROW: Martha Kathleen Moore. Janice L. Hague, Ann Henderson. UT nursing students worked at Braclcenridge Hospital during their training. One of the main projects of the UT Nursing Stu- dent ' s Association was participation in the March of Dimes drive in early spring. Other programs and ac- tivities included a fall picnic with Alpha Epsilon Delta, pre-med fraternity; a slide show presented by the Big Buddies program; and participation on com- mittees in the School of Nursing. Martha K. Moore, president, said, " The main pur- pose of the organization was to maintain a strong bond between students and faculty and to enable students to better understand the nursing profes- sion. " Other officers were Mae Elizabeth Miller, vice-president; Peggy Ann Ebensberger, treasurer; Janice Louise Hague, secretary; and JoAnn Brewer and Sally Anne Marcinek, advisors. Texas Nursing Students ' Association 151 Theta Sigma Phi Members selected for Theta Sigma Phi, a profes- sional organization of women journalists, are picked on the basis of grades and desire to seek a profes- sional communication career.- The organization at- tempts to work for a free and responsible press, unite all fields of communication, encourage individ- ual efforts and recognize accomplishments. The main service project, according to president Gaylon J. Finklea, was the sponsoring of the Ten Most Beautiful Contest in the fall. Money from the contest was used for scholarships for women in com- munication. Other activities included a professional partner meeting with the Austin professional chap- ter and an internship discussion program with Sigma Delta Chi. The other officers, Shelley A. Green, vice-president; Mary Pat O ' Malley, treasurer; and Nancy E. Hedrick, secretary; were helpful in plan- ning the Communication Week program and the Re- gion VII Theta Sigma Phi meeting. Professor Olin Hinkle talked to Theta Sigs about his journalism career at a spring meeting. FRONT ROW: Bonnie Richards Chism, Judy Elaine Wingard, Judith Ann Moskowitz, Nancy Ellen Goldfarb, Marcia Diane Aronson, Shelley Anne Green, Cynthia Taylor. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann I. Cole, Gaylon Jean Fink- lea, Wanda Marie Freytag, Brenda Kaye Johnston, Deborah Gay White, Melinda Susan Oldfield, Patricia Marie Sepulveda. Nancy Louise Neff. Carol Carr Cody, Diane Breedlove Embry, Tracey Lizbeth Lane. Griffin S. Singe r. THIRD ROW: Jan Jarboe Reetz, Nancy Lynn Sanders, Linda Gale Cook, Suzanne Schwartz, Diana Eve Kerr, Elizabeth Jane Daily, Jamie Ka- thryn Carter, Bonnie Sue Cox, Beverly June Elam, Nina Beth Stansel. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Carroll Cartwright, Linda Louise Laws, Carol Joy Shaffer, Royce Anne Marshall. Mary Pat O ' Malley, Suzanne Marie O ' Mal- ley, Jo Arlene Clifton, Joyce Sydell Herring, Mary Amanda Balch, Dorothy Koch Griffith, Sara Nelle Lowrey. Karen Gernsbacher. FIFTH ROW: Patri- cia Ann Moseley. Sara Lynn Weidner, Shari Lynette Lambert, Ann Roberta Larson, Jan Kathleen Andrews, Rana Colleen Shields. Diane Elizabeth Leon- ard. Lisa Johnston, Carolyn Dozier Hunnicutt, Martha Lucille Gallier, Barba- ra Lynn Chrismas, Mary Ellen Alexander. 152 FRONT ROW: Relda Ann Fleshman, William Terrell Deane, Robert Wayne Gee, Bradford Lee Orlopp. SECOND ROW: H. Malcolm MacDonald. Wil- liam Howard Tanker, Forest McNeir, Dorothy Jean Kelly, Richard Lee Black. :-;. Any student entering the School of Law is faced with questions about admissions, the nature of the work, and various aspects of the legal profession. The purpose of the UT Pre-Law Association is to an- swer such questions. The association, presided over by president Wil- liam T. Deane, plans faculty firesides, sets up com- mittees to help with the law admissions catalogue, and secures speakers for meetings. Speakers this year included Dean W. Page Keeton of the UT School of Law, Barbara Kazen of the Travis County Legal Aid Society, and Justice Joe Sreenhill of the Texas Supreme Court. Other officers were Robert Wayne See, vice- president; Relda Ann Fleshman, secretary-treasurer; and H. Malcolm Macdonald, sponsor. UT Pre-Law OFFICERS: William Deane, Robert Gee, Relda Fleshman. 153 HONORARY ORGANIZATIONS HEDY CO VAN 154 Alpha Epsilon Delta is an honorary society for .pre-medical and pre-dental students who have completed 45 hours of work with a 3.0 grade point average. Entrance into the society is also based on character, general ability and personality. The Texas Alpha chapter brought representa- tives of state medical schools to the campus each semester. In April, a pre-medical convocation was held with all the medical schools in the state send- ing representatives. The AED ' s also helped organ- ize a blood drive in April. Orientation for freshman pre-med students was held at the beginning of the academic year. Officers were Robert Louis McClendon, presi- dent; George Clifford Thome, vice-president; Rus- sell David Calvo, treasurer; Grace Kathy Hender- son, secretary. Alpha Epsilon Delta MEMBERS Allan L Anderson John E. Angelo Frances A. Avent Robert W. Ballard Rebecca L. Barkley Thomas R. Barlow Jeffrey A. Barnes Frances L. Bayers Stephen C. Beasley Narlin B. Beaty Donald W. Bendure Clyde W. Bennett Donald F. Benton Stephen K. Brandt Charles W. Britt Charles C. Brookshire Addison C. Bryant Richard S. Burnham Russell D. Calvo Michael J. Chaney Anne E. Child Gary S. Chudleigh George E. Clark Charles H. Cobb Kyle W. Coker Jeffrey D. Cone Robert D. Cook Robert S. Darrow Edith J. Davis Morris R. Dixon Cynthia K. Duggins Robert Duran Betty J. Edwards Michael E. Elliot Marc D. Flach Denise Ford Norman G. Foster Richard J. Frachtman Bruce D. Friedman Glen O. Gabbard Rafael C. Galaviz David K. Godfrey Thomas B. Goleman Michael B. Gruber Glen D. Hall Steven G. Helm Stephen H. Helsel Grace K. Henderson Ronald I. Hoffman Patrick L. Holden Stephen T. Hougen Gene E. Huebner Nancy J. Hutchison Robert B. Jenkins Linda E. Jimenez David R. Jones Stephen M. Kiger Thomas D. Kimbrough Ben K. Knape Lome S. Label Pernell O. Larsen Larry Laufer Gary S. Leff Philip J. Leonard Jere H. Link Carlos M. Loredo Monica L. Lyons Ernest C. McCall James R. McClamroch R obert L. McClendon Martha K. McKee Roger H. Mendelson David J. Mikulencak Geoffry M. ' Miller Robert R. Millikan Paul C. Trickett and Donald A. Larson served as faculty advisors. Charles T. Moore Bert M. Morrow Benjamin D. Morton Jan E. Muhlbauer Dale R. Nance Robert L. Oliver Daniel G. Oshman Geoffry H. Oshman Fitzhugh C. Pannill Julia M. Penn Katharine D. Perkins Philip L. Reeves Louis R. Reveley George A. Richardson John M. Robinson Loddie F. Roeder Randall D. Rogers Ralph S. Rosenbaum Gary R. Rylander Lawrence R. Samuels Don M. Schaffer Richard W. Seifert Adrian M. Shapiro James D. Shaver Walter D. Shepherd Paul Schumann Edward L. Simes Larkin P. Skinner Kathryn L. Smith Michael G. Smith Richard J. Smith Susan P. Southwell Glen A. Stayer Allan H. Stephens Josephine Stripling Eileen F. Sullivan Michael S. Sweeney Paul A. Talboys Gary J. Thomason Janine E. Thompson Steven D. Thompson George C. Thorne Holland E. Toles Thomas C. Turner Ted W. Wallis Susan J. Walstad Judy M. Walther John R. Watson Tommey L. Weigel Jerry L. Wender Robert V. West Gary W. White Gary L. Womack Michael S. Young Mark P. Zabel Debbie Zlatkis FRONT ROW: Frances Ava Avent, Cynthia Kay Duggins, Grace Kathleen Henderson. SEC- OND ROW: Russell David Calvo. Robert Louis McClendon. Robert David Cook. 1SS FRONT ROW: Scott Vincent Murray, Joseph Allen Gibbs, Joel Frank Tor- now, Richard Louis Barisano, Glenn Orrin Burchard, Herbert Ernest Schneider, Bruce Lynn Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Dale Michael Vandehey, Phillip Lynn Snyder, Dana Michael Spears, Thomas Owen Werry, Wayne Ervin Sirmon, Joseph Martin Fassero. THIRD ROW: Peter Thomas De- makes, Richard Alan Faulk, Robert Daniel Watkins, Lawrence Preston Me- Arnold Air Society lancon, David Lansing McNeely, Kim M. McGregor. FOURTH ROW: Wil- liam L. Shuman. Bron Arnold Burke, Terence Paul Gorski, Wallace Franklin Reeves, Terry Eugene Maxfield, David Keith Holmes, Hal Edward Hagem- eier. FIFTH ROW: Steven David Novy, Richard Gregory Phaneuf. Richard Alan Vogt, Donald Bryan Nibblett, Clinton Edward McNabb, Garrett D. Polhamus, Jeffrey Lea Zickler, Michael John Mclntosh, Mark Lee Labaj. MEMBERS Richard L. Barisano Glenn O. Burchard Bron A. Burke Peter T. Demakes Richard A. Faulk Norman R. Flemens Joseph A. Gibbs Terence P. Gorski Hal E. Hagemeier David K. Holmes Mark R. Johnson Mark L. Labaj Terry E. Maxfield Kim M. McGregor Michael J. Mclntosh Clinton E. McNabb David L. McNeely Lawrence P. Melancon Scott V. Murray Donald B. Nibblett Steven D. Novy Kenneth H. Pearce Richard G. Phanuef Bruce L. Schmidt Herbert E. Schneider David A. Sheppard William L. Shuman Phillip L. Snyder Dana M. Spears Charles W. Stanley Joel F. Tornow Dale M. Vandehey Richard A. Vogt Robert D. Watkins Thomas O. Werry John P. Zaniewski Jeffrey L. Zickler SPRING PLEDGES Thomas R. Kuykendall Richard P. Laughlin David Martin Eric L. Monashkin Patrick J. Parma Alan L. Schoolcraft Jimmy Valero David L. Williams Although existing primarily as the honorary fra- ternity of the Air Force ROTC program, the John H. Payne squadron of the Arnold Air Society spon- sored several service and social projects through- out the year. Members of the society, who are cho- sen for leadership, scholarship and general excel- lence, sponsored a tutoring program for Austin high school students. While working with the Civil Air Patrol, the cadets also carried out emergency programs for victims of hurricane devastation and other rescue operations. Other service projects of the squadron included working with area Boy Scouts and at the Austin State School. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are initiated af- ter six weeks of training. A pledge dinner is held once every semester at Bergstrom AFB. At this time members of the women ' s auxiliary, Angel Flight, are also initiated. The Commander ' s Beer Call was held every Friday during the year. Officers for the fall were Richard L. Barisano, squadron commander; Joel Frank Tornow, deputy commander; Joseph Allen Gibbs, comptroller; Scott Vincent Murray, administrative officer; Bruce Lynn Schmidt, information officer; Mark R. John- son, Angel Flight liaison officer; Glen Orrin Burch- ard, operations officer and Herbert Ernest Schneider, pledge trainer. 156 As an honorary accounting fraternity, Beta Al- pha Psi promotes accounting for collegiate study and professional work. Members are initiated each semester after meeting the requirements of a 3.0 grade point average on all schoolworlc and higher than 3.0 in accounting courses. Commissioner James Needham of the Securities and Exchange Commission was named an honorary member of Beta Alpha Psi by the Theta chapter during the fall semester. Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes addressed a joint meeting with the National Association of Accountants in February. A directory of the alumni of the group was pre- pared for the first year as a service by the frater- nity. A recruiting program designed to bring eco- nomically and educationally disadvantaged stu- dents to the accounting department at the Univer- sity was also started this year. Officers for this year were Donald Ernest Wag- ner, president; Terry Frank Satterwhite, vice-presi- dent; William George Morgan, treasurer; Patricia A. Wade, recording secretary; Julia Faye Hoi- comb, corresponding secretary. Jack C. Robertson served as the advisor. Beta Alpha Psi MEMBERS Gary L Benn James C. Grain John L. Cubbison Ronald S. Davis Joe L. Fore Martin I. Glass R. Allan Goeriz John F. Gurasich Harry I. Harelik Ed Hildebrandt David E. Hoffman Gary W. Hoffman Julia F. Holcomb Gilbert H. Holland William C. Letzkus Jeffrey N. Loomis Gregoria Merced Benjamin H. Moore William G. Morgan Dennis H. Patz Peter Perez Lawrence F. Potts William D. Ratliff Daniel R. Reese Terry F. Satterwhite Edward J. Slovacek Walter J. Sunderlin Patricia A. Wade Donald E. Wagner Charles F. Walts Patti L. Witte James P. Wyche FALL PLEDGES Elliot M. Abrams David H. Belding Larry J. Billa Lloyd A. Denton Francisco V. Diaz Thomas J. Dimiceli Robert F. Donathan Dana K. Dougharty Larry L. Gibson Terry L. Green Don B. Hair Beverly K. Highsaw Kevin A. Hutson Akira Ishikawa Sarah E. Johnson Larry G. Jones Peggy J. Joyce John L. Keating Stephen M. Kelly Timothy R. Kenny Jeffrey H. Larkin William L. Lomerson Gaylord L. McCabe Martha L. Moore Fredrick S. Orleans Patricia S. Poling Robert C. Quails Gregory G. Raindl Alan J. Robin Patricia G. Ryan Jillian H. Seymour Alfred L. Shacklett Patricia S. Smith Stephen M. Smith Paul F. Steinhoff Robert C. Sturdivant John C. Sugg Alan C. Sundstrom Leonard M. Teninbaum B. David Vise Gregory F. Walsh Norton Wells Donald E. Williams Robert H. Womack Timothy P. Zainer SPRING PLEDGES Javier Aguilar Vincent W. Archer Donald L. Barley Jennifer A. Bell Olen C. Billingsley Edward J. Blocher Jack W. Callahan Michael D. Cannon Donald R. Daum Janie Douglas Doyle D. Epps Vicki L. Funke Edward L. Harris Richard H. Hill Stephen N. Holland Randolph B. Huff Gary W. Jenson Marshall J. Karin Milton D. Lawler Wilton G. Lawler John H. Litzler Gary J. Martin Ronald L. McClure Michael J. Nussbaum Mary H. Parker David N. Peck James H. Pouns George W. Ruppert David M. Smith Walter M. Standish Thaddeus A. Tatum William L. Teeling Marcia C. Threadgill Robert M. Tiemann Victoria L. Walker Robert F. Wasson FRONT ROW: Jack C. Robertson, Patricia Wade, Julia Holcomb, ROW: Donald E. Wagner. Terry Satterwhite. Morgan. SECOND 157 - Beta Gamma Sigma raduating seniors with at least a 3.0 grade point average and who rank in the top ten percent of their class, graduate students, and doctoral can- didates, all in the field of business administration, make up the membership of Beta Gamma Sigma. The purpose of the Alpha chapter is to recognize such scholastic achievements. Election of new members takes place in the fall and spring semesters. Formal initiation is in spring. Officers for this year were James Rudolph Kay, president; Edward Lee Summers, vice-president; and Jim G. Ashburne, secretary-treasurer. I FACULTY MEMBERS Mark I. Alpert Jim G. Ashburnej P Edward J. Blocher Grady D. Bruce Jack W. Cashin Eli P. Cox Lanier Cox Lawrence L. Crum Edward W. Cundiff Gary M. Cunningham James A. Davidson R. Conrad Doenges James C. Dolley James A. Rtzsimmons David G. Fulcher Charles H. Griffin Waylon D. Griffin Charles W. Hackett Roy D. Harris Karl E. Henion Cary A. Hoffman William T. Hold Gary L. Holstrum Arch W. Hunt James R. Kay George Kozmetsky Elizabeth Lanham Kermit D. Larson Francis B. May Richard W. McEnally Ralph H. Mengel Robert D. Mettlen Russell M. Moore William B. Olson Robert F. Pethia Jack C. Robertson Richard W. Scamell Charles H. Smith Raynard M. Sommerfeld Burnard H. Sord Lewis J. Spellman John R. Stockton G. Fred Streuling Edward L. Summers William L. Talbert Russell Tollefson Sidney J. Trahan Ernest W. Walker Glenn A. Welsch Thomas H. Williams Robert E. Witt Harold A. Wolf Charles T. Zlatkovich MEMBERS Gerald L. Argall Jay H. Benson Steven P. Boney Michael J. Bragagnolo James C. Grain Dana K. Dougharty Thomas Eschenbrenner David C. Farries Vicki L. Funke Robert H. Graham Geoffrey K. Guinn Preston R. Johnson Sarah E. Johnson Larry J. Leon John T. Lovell Robert C. Matthews Thomas C. Mazurek Roger N. McMennamy James M. Mullins Charles R. Ofner Patrick T. Perot John E. Polk Gary M. Polland Lawrence F. Potts Gregory J. Raindl Alan J. Robin Wilton W. Sample George A. Sarvey Edward J. Slovacek Patricia S. Smith Jerome E. Sneed Jerry Sokolow John F. Southworth Harold M. Tate Barbara A. Vanderhule Charles F. Walts Kenneth B. Watts Timothy P. Zainer HONORARY MEMBERS Lester L. Colvert Henry H. Dewar John H. Duncan Richard J. Gonzalez S. Marcus Greer Louis J. Kocurek R. N. Lane A. G. McNeese Charles N. Prothro Allan Shivers Jack G. Taylor Carl J. Thomson Gus Worthan S It . 1! 158 Chi Epsilon Members of Chi Epsilon were selected at the be- ginning of each semester. At two chapter picnics, held in November and April, the pledges were re- quired by tradition to build a bridge across a creek to allow the members to cross in a dry man- ner. Serving as officers were Jerry Lee Berry, presi- dent; Michael Hayden Boster, vice-president; James D. Anderson, treasurer; and Thomas Jeffer- son Holstein, secretary. Richard W. Furlong was advisor this year. Having completed all of their pledge projects, the pledges were initiated at the end of each se- mester at a private ceremony. Chi Epsilon also held a banquet in April. Students of civil engineering, architectural engi- neering, and other related fields who have distin- guished themselves by scholarship, practicality, personality, and character are members. Pledges built a bridge across a creek at the fall picnic FRONT ROW: Thomas Jeffrey Holstien, Mohamed Jaber. Ramadan Ammar. Surendra Jain, Robert Felix Cauley. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Wayne Hinze, William Morgan, Richard C. Patyrak. Mark Gideon Soode, Robert B. Warnecke, Mike Boster. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Ray Richardson, William Rolland Catlett, Terence Penick Timmons. Edward Cervenka, Donald Eugene Engeling, James Ander- son, John Adair Wooley. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Berry, Alexander Opeila, John Paul Zaniewski, Robert Ragan Broyles. Frank J. Dillard. MEMBERS Ramadan Ammar Kenneth B. Armstrong John E. Ball Robert R. Broyles William R. Catlett Robert F. Cauley Frank J. Dillard Ben Donnell Donald E. Engeling Mark G. Goode Jeryl D. Hart Larry M. Hauck Jimmie W. Hinze Surenda Jain Thomas Kam Joseph Von Merveldt William Morgan Alexander Opeila Richard C. Patyrak Jimmy R. Richardson Rocky R. Rumsey Terence P. Timmons Chimirala Veeraiah Robert B. Warnecke Joseph L Wilson Wing C. Wong John A. Wooley Joncie H. Young John P. Zaniewski SPRING PLEDGES Bradley R. Bihner Paul W. Darden Jay R. Nelson Byron W. Porter Siu K. So Charles D. Stevens Hendrik R. Zijderveld 159 c : t Friar Society Founded in 1911, the Friar Society is the oldest men s honorary organization on campus. The socie- ty ' s chief aims are to recognize men who -ha va made significant contributions to the University and to foster communication between student and alumni members. To be eligible for consideration, a student must be at least a second semester junior. New members are selected according to criteria of scholarship, leadership, integrity, service, character, ideals, sin- cerity and unselfishness. Following tradition, new members were tapped during Round-Up. 4 . " . i " Officers of the fall semester were JoseoJfTT! Krier, abbot; John Tullos Wells, scrivener; and Gregory Eugene Lucia, almoner. MEMBERS C. Robert Heath Scott A. Henderson Robert A. Higley Joseph R. Krier Larry L. Long Gregory E. Lucia Richard W. Meyer Samuel D. Millsap James H. Price Boaz Sharon Kenneth W. Sparks Patrick F. Timmons J. Tullos Wells FALL INITIATES Robert T. Binder Bobby L. Boldt Dan S. Boyd Alvin E. Cowan Graham Hill Robert D. Kilpatrick David M. Mincberg James R. Seeman Steve L. Van Paul Velez SPRING INITIATES James H. Arnold H. Clifton Avery Edward S. Guleke Hal E. Hagemeier Ralph I. Miller Horacia R. Ramirez Theodore J. Siff Thomas C. Turner Gary S. Wortley FACULTY MEMBERS Charles T. Clark William A. Cunningham Gus M. Hodges Albert P. Jones Arno Nowotny John G. Steele Benjamin F. Wright ' 160 MEMBERS Carolyn S. Alley Judy A. Allison I. Jill Aronowitz Nanette Ball Sally A. Ballard Rebecca D. Bartlett Mary Y. Bartosh Judith J. Benestante Elizabeth G. Bess Marynelle D. Bettcher Lexin T. Bohls Tommy Boley Doris Boone N. Ruth Bradley Dottie L Brandt Jennifer Breedlove Sharon L. Briggs Becky L. Brown Jean A. Brown Judith T. Brown Sarah L. Bryan Julianne Buaas Rebecca S. Burkett Alessandra Bybee Catherine A. Cave Sybil D. Chapman Stephen L. Chewning Linda Chin Rose A. Clark Janet E. Coakley Barbara A. Collie Peggy L. Cook Donna F. Craig Kathryn L. Crane Linda I. Crockett Carol J. Curtis Marsha L. Dahlberg Deborah D. Denn Donna Dildine Molly A. Dodson Eleni M. Drakos Leighton C. Dure Jan L. Feinberg Martee A. Fisch Myrna D. Fisch Lynda L. Fitzgerald Linda K. Fletcher Mary E. Frank Mary K. Fuste Marilynn George Jan M. Gerard Chloe E. Gilliland Karen Girault Susan I. Gissell Jody B. Graumann June I. Gueringer Catherine Harris Maverick Harris Jan L. Harrison Luther E. Hartman Mary H. Hiatt Marcia S. Hilsabeck R. Lewis Hodge Susan J. Hoes Freda M. Holley Vicki R. Howell Edith A. Hudson Karen D. Huebel Robert E. Hulme Stephanie L. Hutner Kathryn A. Imhoff Margaret C. Ivers Carol A. Jacob Janie B. Kirkpatrick Fredell N. Kost Elizabeth Krauskopf Kathleen Krekeler Laurie Kuper Barbara R. Lane Frances B. Law Janet J. Leeth Nancy B. Lehmann Vivienne Lepine Margaret H. Liardon Mildred A. Lynch Marilyn A. Mace Patricia A. Maddox Carole J. Maniloff Nancy Mann Lila R. Matthys James O. McHan Helen E. Miller Martha L. Monarch Bertha G. Montes Albert W. Morris Lois A. Morris Lana J. Moss Melinda J. Murphy Susan C. Neukom Julia J. Newsom Barbara L. Nisenson Shelley G. Nussenblatt Phyllis J. O ' Donnell Brian C. Pahl Dancie D. Perugini Francie S. Pickens Gerald A. Ponder Sylvia A. Powitzky Jean Pressburg Jayne F. Prewitt Sherry L. Ouider Elisabeth A. Reed Kappa Delta Pi Janis S. Remme Jean Rivers Sarah C. Roach Janice Runberg Karen L. Russell Russell Schoenbaechler Gayle A. Schnurr Deborah L. Shaw Sharon L. Showalter Nona C. Shudde Linda Simpson Adrienne L. Skor Jean Slaughter Nancy V. Smith Nita H. Smith Alberta D. Sparks Cynthia A. Spiker John D. Stover Patricia A. Sturdivant Mrs. Robert Sweat Patricia L. Tabbert Anna Thomas Kathryn Thrash Fredell M. Topek Victoria Tout Cheryl Y. Townley Marion P. Townsend John E. Trieb Diane L. Turk Laura E. Viers Hazel K. G. Wagner Patricia E. Wallace Linda Wells Carol A. Winkley Mickey L. Wright Nancy A. York Franklyn K. Zinn Encouraging high professional, intellectual ano personal standards and recognizing outstanding contributions to education are the purposes of Kappa Delta Pi, education honor society. Persons exhibiting commendable personal quali- ties, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholar- ship are invited for membership during the fall and spring semesters. Each year the Delta chapter contributes financial assistance to a worthy undergraduate student in the field of education. Officers were Robert Lewis Hodge, president; Tommy J. Boley, vice-president; Karen D. Huebel, treasurer; and Eleni Marina Drakos and Deborah Lee Shaw, secretaries. Linda Sue Harris was mem- bership chairman, and O. L. Davis was advisor. OFFICERS: Deborah Lee Shaw, Tommy J. Boley, Linda Sue Harris. Robert Lewis Hodge, Eleni Marina Drakos. 161 Kappa Kappa Psi A national honorary fraternity for bandmen, Kappa Kappa Psi on the University campus works as a service organization for the Longhorn Band. Members are selected each semester from up- perclassmen exhibiting both playing ability and a desire to serve the band. They must have lettered in the band for two semesters. Their pledgeship lasts one semester. Alpha Tau, the Austin chapter, placed among the Top Ten chapters at the fraternity ' s national convention last summer. Group activities included a barbeque, a joint ski party with Tau Beta Sigma, and a spring party for the band. Officers this year were Kenneth R. Richardson, president; Eddie Davis, vice-president; John B. Bu- ford, treasurer; Thomas E. Word, secretary. Vin- cent R. DiNino and James G. Hejl were advisors. MEMBERS Reuben P. Aguilar Jay E. Brown John B. Buford Tony L. Chauveaux Robert A. Dalrymple Craig E. Davis Eddie Davis J. Carl Daywood James R. Dees Andrew H. Edburg Fred H. Ellis Michael G. Figer George L. Green Michael A. Haecker Danial M. Hailc Stan C. Hamblin Steve R. Hamblin Michael R. Hamilton Michael W. Hargett Scott I. Harmon William R. High John W. Jones Kenneth C. Jurgens Ronald C. Keeney Kerry L. Kennedy Steven M. Kiger Steve M. King J. Lane Littrell Thomas W. Marshall Danny W. McAngus Gregory B. Molyneaux Stephen G. Morrison William A. Nash Gary W. Palafox Troy D. Pennington Michael A. Rech Max O. Reinbach Steven S. Rich Kenneth R. Richardson A. Steven Rode Robert L. Sherman Byron E. Short David L. Snow John Y. Tarlton Rex W. Tillerson Stanley G. Trelcell Billy C. Tune Thomas A. Voskamp Kenneth W. Whitson J. Scott Wilson Dale H. Wingard Larry B. Woodruff Thomas E. Word SPRING PLEDGES Roger D. Barker Robert V. Embleton John Richardson Charles A. Sebek Jay L. Silberberg FRONT ROW: Steve Ray Hamblin, James Lane Littrell, Michael Ross Hamilton. Michael Gene Figer, Gary Wayne Palafox, Andrew Hugo Ed- burg. Stan Clay Hamblin. SECOND ROW: Thomas William Marshall, John Winston Jones, Gregory Bruce Molyneaux, Robert Alan Dalrymple. Fred Holmes Ellis, John Carl Daywood, Craig Kendall Davis, Rex Wayne Tiller- son. Stephen Glenn Morrison, Steve Mason King. THIRD ROW: William R. High, Stanley Gene Trekell, Justin Scott Wilson, Kerry Linn Kennedy, James Russell Dees, Kenneth Ray Richardson, John Bailey Buford, Tony Lynn Chauveaux, Danny Wayne McAngus, Gary Wayne Goff, Byron El- liott Short, Kenneth Charles Jurgens. FOURTH ROW: Vincent R. Dinino, Eddie Davis, Bob Lynn Sherman, Dale Howard Wingard. Ronald Clark Keeney, John Edney Brown, Thomas Edwin Word, Max Otto Reinbach, Ar- thur Stephen Rode. Scott Ingersoll Harmon, Steven Scott Rich, George Leonard Greene, James G. Hejl. FIFTH ROW: John Yerby Tarlton. Troy Daniel Pennington, Daniel Michael Haik. Reuben Pernez Aguilar, Steven Marcus Kiger, Kim Arnold Wynns, David Lusky Snow. Michael Wayne Hargett. Thomas Alan Voskamp, Billy Carl Tune, Michael Anthony Rech, Larr y Boyd Woodruff. 162 Kappa Tau Alpha Kappa Tau Alpha was chartered at the Univer- sity in 1961 to promote and honor attainment of high standards of scholarship and professional con- duct in the field of journalism. Seeking students of high achievement, the honor- ary society selects members on the basis of charac- ter and scholarship, with not more than 10 percent of the total junior-senior group holding member- ship at one time. With the UT-Austin chapter maintaining a membership standard somewhat above the national average, an overall grade point average of 3.0 and a 3.5 in journalism are usually required. New members of Kappa Tau Alpha were initiated at a breakfast in April. Officers this year were Sara Lynn Weidner, president; Bonnie Richards Chism, vice-president. Olin E. Hinkle was the advisor. MEMBERS William R. Barnard William R. Berger Larry M. Brittain Herbert M. Bybee Kay L Casstevens Bonnie J. Chism Harvey A. Eastman Karen L. Herrick Richard Houser Michael A. Lacey Ann R. Larson Sara N. Lowrey Cheryl L. Rummel Linda E. Shaw Nancy J. Susman Sara L. Weidner SPRING INITIATES Sallie M. Aldridge H. Clifton Avery Janet J. Brown Jo A. Clifton Carol C. Cody Linda G. Cook Edward W. Dunn Suzanne Freeman Marsha 7.. Gerber Elizabeth A. Hagan Gwendolyn A. Hickey Robert E. Hollingsworth Lawrence E. Honig L. Joyce Hotchkiss John P. Howe Joanne Kaufman Thomas W. Kleinworth James N. Lewis Harry D. Marsh Elaine V. Neu Peggy J. Odell Patricia M. Sepulveda Caroll S. Shershun William D. Sloan Barbara K. Stover John R. Tilly FACULTY MEMBERS Henry A. Anderson Wayne A. Danielson Norris G. Davis Joe B. Frantz Martin L. Gibson Olin E. Hinkle Robert S. Kahan C. Richard King Harrell E. Lee Alan Scott Werner J. Severin Ernest A. Sharpe S. Griffin Singer OFFICERS: Bonnie Richards Chism and Sara Lynn Weidner 163 Mortar Board Staffing the Information Desk in the Main Build- ing was the main project of the Visor chapter of Mortar Board this year. In connection with the Dean of Students Office, the members helped an- swer the questions of more than 20,000 students, faculty members, and visitors. They also gave out pamphlets, maps, and other literature. During early October, members met informally with faculty members at Dobie Center for a recep- tion. Later the same month, several members at- tended the annual section conference at Texas Christian University. Junior women who show service to the campus, leadership ability, and have maintained at least a 3.0 grade point average are selected for member- ship in the spring, and are active their senior year. Mortar officers this year were Cynthia Ann Brandimarte, president; Kay Mary Kober, vice- president; Karen Elaine Barton, treasurer, and Pamela Pitzer, secretary. Advisors were Mrs. Wayne Holtzman, Margaret Berry, Mrs. Ira Iscoe and Dorothy Dean. SPRING INITIATES Nora G. Barrera Patricia K. Biggers Martha J. Blanchette Amy J. Brown Katherine S. Bruce Julianne Buaas Jackie L Byars Marilyn C. Cartwright Janis C. Cocek Kathryn A. CoHey Patricia A. Dennis Tyrrell E. Flawn Margaret A. Garner K. Gay Gordon Virginia C. Guess Martha A. Hill Phyllis M. Janecka Barbara D. Lau Jane Lowrey Bonnie C. Lucas Vicki L. Mahaffey Susan M. May Nancy M. McClellan Judith A. Naughton S. Adana Pearce Julia Ann Peek Sylvia C. Pennywell Deborah A. Rail Elizabeth A. Reed Judith G. Roberts Nancy Sellingsloh Ardell Taylor Claudia J. Upchurch Gwendolyn F. Wilson ABOVE AND BELOW: Members enjoyed dinner before a meeting. 164 Omicron Delta Kappa Representing a cross-section of men ' s leadership in all areas of University life, Omicron Delta Kappa selects its members on the basis of scholarship, leadership and service to the campus. Members are selected once a year and initiated in a formal ceremony in the spring. The members worked this year on renewing magazine subscriptions for the University Health Center. Omicron Delta Kappa officers were Murray Mark Lesher, president: Patrick F. Timmons, vice- president; John B. Connally, treasurer; Samuel [ Millsap, secretary; Eugene W. Nelson, advisor. MEMBERS Dan S. Boyd John B. Connally Alvin E. Cowan Wayne N. Doyal Fredric E. Fields William C. Forrest David C. Garza Samuel D. Haas C. Robert Heath Scott A. Henderson David Hendrick Robert A. Higley Joseph R. Krier Murray M. Lesher Larry L. Long Robert A. McLean Kenneth B. Meyer Richard W. Meyer Ralph I. Miller Samuel D. Millsap Gary A. Munneke Michael W. Perrin Paul J. Peters James Price Lacho Ramirez Thomas W. Rioux Grady Rylander Robert R. Schmidt James R. Seeman Boaz Sharon Jerome E. Sneed William R. Strait John R. Stratton James Turner Stephen L. Van I Van Osselear ,n T. Wells John York Charles P. Zlatkovich FACULTY MEMBERS Stanley A. Arbingast James B. Ayres William T. Belt Harold C. Bold Francis X. Bostick Richard B. Byrne Charles T. Clarl Roy R. Craig William H. Cunningham Vincent R. DiNino J. Frank Elsaas Gerhard J. Fonken William T. Guy D. B. Jack Holland Wayne H. Holtzman W. Page Keeton Lorrin G. Kennamer Goerge Kozmetzky Donard A. Larson William S. Livingston John J. McKetta Jack R. Maguire Eugene W. Nelson Arno Nowotny Kenneth W. Olm Dewitt C. Reddick James R. Roach Albert A. Rooker Darrell K. Royal Raynard M. Sommerfeld SPRING INITIATES Frank Alexander Thomas G. Arthur H. Clifton Avery Douglas J. Bartek William D. Benson Samuel T. Biscoe Michael R. Bisesi William C. Bryson William M. Burney Mark M. Connally James H. Elder Robert C. Emmott Ronald G. Franklin David C. Gamble Kenneth S. George Michael L. Gillette Mark G. Goode Bruce A. Goranson Sanford L. Gottesman Edward S. Guleke Hal E. Hagemeier Graham Hill Michael E. Hudson William M. Kazman Robert D. Kilpatrick Gary V. Lehnnberg Gary M. Polland Charles R. Porter James E. Pulis A. Stephen Rode Frank Schofield Clyde W. Smith Miguel Solis Kenneth W. Sparks Charles E. Vinson Ronnie R. Volkening Stephen C. Walls Nolan F. Ward Joseph M. Watt Charles Wilson William R. Young FACULTY SPRING INITIATES Samuel P. Ellison Ernest F. Gloyna Clifton M. Grubbs Charles A. Wright 165 Lee R. Aaronson Laura K. Andrews J. Barto Arnold Maria J. Barren Arthur A. Bed Mary B. Benedetto Rebecca L. Bentley Jeanrtie G. Boatler Richard L. Brown Robert G. Brown Raymond J. CarroH Linda J. Casarez Louann Chapman Sara D. Chase Estelle L. Chasnoff Philip T. Cowen Shelley J. Curtis Robert S. Darrow Jerry |TppudJbn Roy L. Deskin Betty Jftdwa k W Since 1904, Phi Beta Kappa has recognized dis- tinguished scholarship among junior and senior can- didates for the Bachelor of Arts degree and for the Bachelor of Science degrees in ChemisTry? " ge- ology and physics. Outstanding University alumni and honorary members are occasionally recognized on the basis of special merit by this national honor society. Members are selected twice a year. New members were honored in the spring with the an- nual initiation banquet. Officers included Murray Clark Havens, presi- dent; J. T. Ferguson, vice-president; and James Alfred Hitt, treasurer. Phi Beta Kappa Barry S. Fogel Nancy R. Folbre Elzie D. Freeman Myron H. Friedman Gary A. Garner Jacquelyn S. Gee Linda R. Goldman Robert L. Goldman Olivia A. Gustine Sharyn Hamm Ruby N. Hargis James S. Hawke Shirley T. Hejl Ann E. Henry Patricia H. Henson Cynthia A. Herrera Charles F. Herring Juan C. Hinojosa Barbara C. Hollis Kathleen A. Huebinger Martha E. Hut+z Edward E. Jacobson Shirley A. Jeane Barbara F. Johnsi Alan B. Jones. Deborah J. Keas James W. Kelle , ' j John M. Kliarslcy Stephanie F. Komkov Renee P. Kupper ' l , Donald R. LamAory , Charlotte G. Lspcjtilin Barbara D. Littlk ' Mary J. LoudermiHt Laura R. Maggi. Ji William C. Major, Sally K. Mclntosh Sandra A. McNfdf Roger H. Mendejson Charlotte L. Meyer Sharon A. Mitchell Krista D. Mondy Patricia A. Moulton Robert L. Musgnye Jennings N. Naranjo Mary F. Naranjo i t J Jane E. Ogden i Mary A. Patterson, Carolyn A. Peterson Linda S. Pethia i . ' Diane T. Podhrask?; ' Clay L. Price Margie A. Ransom Lotty Repp Albert D. Rich Elizabeth Ritz Patrick F. Roques Riki D. Rothschild Eugene P. Schoch Conrad H. Schulze Susan V. Seybold Stuart P. Stelzer Sharon A. Sterle Nancy D. Strauss Jean C. Thomas Robert L. Thornton Rona ld W. Tobleman Holland E. Toles Anthony Torentinos Donald F. Towsley Diana M. Trevino Richard J. Urbanski Lucile B. Weller Robert B. Wesson John R. Westbury John S. White Martin J. Wiesenthal Stewart A. Wilb Wright Wi%) James F. Wo Melinda M. Young . Zur ELECTED AS Frances L. Bayers James A. Boone John A. Bricker Katherine S. Bruc Claudia Burnett Kathryn A. Coffe Mary K. Cook Robert D. Cook Janis L. Copelancl Charles P. Crumpler Robin R. Embry Dayna D. Engelmann Margaret K. Fleming Patrick M. Florer Robert N. Froehner Nancy R. Green Janet L. Hamilton Nancy K. Hudson Gene E. Huebner Elysia A. Irwin Dorothy J. Kelly James D. Korp Kenneth L. Luske Clyde .O. Joseph F. McWherter Dale R. Nance Julia J. Newsom Robert H. Patton Julia A. Peek Gladys L. Spartcman Temple H. Turner Douglas A. Waldman Diane E.,Wende Diane Wtiitworth Susan E. Wukasch Abigail A. Young INITIATES: CLASSES OF 1972 Lissa B. Anderson William R. Anthony Deborah A. Austin Francigene N. Beck James L. Bibb Diana G. Blum Dan S. Boyd Cynthia A. Brandimarte Beverly E. Brandon Ellen J. Bray Idanell Brown Michael L. Brown Thomas H. Bullard Mark R. Butler Sally Caldwell Martha S. Carleton Steven R. Childers Milly Chin James F. Colby Charles M. Cook Deirdre S. Cosgrove Lacy Daniels Randolph L. Denosowicz Kathryn L. Doll William D. Drake Frank i . Hoc a uth E. Francel Gregory oye E. Fros David S. Gamble Charles E. George liam D. Gillu rold H. Golds Victoria Gonzales arnes L. Gosdin irenda G. Haact Daniel G. Hardt Donna B. HjfcjlWI hristopher L. Hartwell jnda S. Hawkins Rebecca L. Hegar Nancy C. HoHma Mark W. Holt arol . ann Johnson Robbie D. Johnson ward W. Kaska en K. Knape ' ' D. Koz Cathy Leary Barbara J. L Pamela Jj-MArjy, obert J. Magnon Benjamin L. Mam Louis M. Matetrc Marianne McCorkle Bert M. Morrow Mary M. Mullings Charles D. Nims arbara L. Nordhem Hal R. Osburn Fred Y. Phillips Charles C. Ragin Horacio R. Iwnirez Sandra J. Reichenthal Sara C. Rider William F. Riessei Lucius A. Ripley Dorothy M. Rowa Ramon Saldivar Lawrence E. Samui Kent P. Schrank Kathy A. Sheley Nancy J. Shelton Jane T. Sheppard Charles O. Shields Jeanne E. Shipley Edward L. Simes Bobby M. Skelton Annalyn G. Smith Sarah F. Smith Ronald T. Sponberg Charles T. Spradlin George H. Stailings Shirley O. Stanton Corrine L. Steeger Marsha Stein Cheryl J. Stork James D. Sullivan Richard A. Tate John J. Trevino Thomas C. Turner Christine T. Ussery Karen D. Walker Ted W. Wallis Marie S. Watson Dan C. Weatherly James D. Wilson Jan A. Younglove 166 Phi Beta Kinsolving Originated by a resident assistant, Wincie Blan- ton in 1961, Phi Beta Kinsolving strives to encour- age academic excellence and membership in the scholastic honoraries. Lifetime membership is based on a 3.5 grade point average for a previous semester ' s work. In the feminine spirit of participation, members deco- rated initiates ' doors, presented each new member with a formal scroll, and planned an elaborate initi- ation ceremony and banquet. Each girl was also honored by having her name placed on a plaque. Leading the club were Rebecca Ann Sowada, president; Theresa Claire Kilday, vice-president; Mary Ann Olsen, treasurer; Rebecca Sue Trusty, secretary; and Deborah Jane Burgess, membership chairman. Kay Mayne was the advisor. FRONT ROW: Rebecca Joan Crawford, Janice Ann Harrington, Karen Elizabeth Albrecht, Deborah Jane Burgess, Marilyn Constance Crist, Vicki Lynn Rummell, Toni Marie Thomasson, Mary Anne Olsen. SECOND ROW: Barbara Kay Babcock, Rebecca Sue Trusty, Re- becca Ann Sowada, Kay Crawford Mayne, Janis Ruth Adams, Mari- lyn Ann Albers, Beverly Lynne Yoakum, Lynn McPherson, Janet Fay Friedman. ' ' MEMBERS Janis R. Adams Marilyn A. Albers Karen E. Albrecht Barbara K. Babcock Phyllis A. Belasco Karen A. Biggs Katherine S. Bruce Bette K. Bullard Deborah J. Burgess Rebecca J. Crawford Madeline C. Crist Sally Doherty Jan D. Draper M. Mary Flanagan Terri D. Ford Janet F. Friedman Jane E. Garner Margaret L. Haardt Janice A. Harrington Linda F. Hebert Gene A. Herrin Barbara S. Howard Marsha G. Hurwitz Judith E. Keppler Theresa C. Kilday Leslie Lea Lynn McPherson Marilyn A. Mace Judith A. Naughton Pamela A. Nutt Mary A. Olsen Susan J. Filler Suzanne M. Purvis Melissa L. Rickman Jeanne E. Rittimann Vicki L. Rummell R. Susan Sabrusula Rebecca A. Sowada Suzanne Stansbury Toni M. Thomasson Rebecca S. Trusty Carolyn E. Washington Beverly L. Yoakum SPRING INITIATES Susan E. Abel Phyllis A. Adcoclc Iris L. Arbisser Sezanne Arlitt Judy G. Arthus Anne E. Ballard Mary S. Barnes Jane L. Baum Connie L. Bell Terryl A. Blaylock Anita N. Boggess Elizabeth H. Bowden Tommie S. Boyce Deborah G. Brock Edith E. Brown Barbara A. Bruce Dorothe J. Carr Sarah A. Caughran Elizabeth S. Chaffe Donna R. Chajkowski Linda K. Crabtree T. Anne Cronin Cynthia L. Crow Eleanor K. Daniel Janna D. Davis Margaret A. Davis Kathryn DeBord Nora H. De La Garza Janet L. Edwards Cynthia A. Ervin Beverly J. Eubank Carol A. Evans Kathleen L. Evans Sharon S. Fagg Karen R. Ford Mary A. Fritts Janet Fuller Pamela S. Gary Carol S. Goerner Anna M. Gomez Barbara A. Gordon Linda Gray Sandi R. Grimes Gail C. Harris Florence E. Harrison Mary K. Harvey Cathy Hildebrand Linda S. Hoffa Shalia K. Holloway Terri Hook Barbara B. Hubbard Vickie L. Jones Cari B. Kahn Cheryl Kalbow Cande K. Kincaid Karen J. Lamport Jennifer A. Lin Mary S. Lindee Nancy Lippincott Linda K. McCall Susan G. McCullough Jan L. McEntire Linda A. Marchesseau Roberta F. Marshall Pamela J. Matlock Jeannette T. Mayer Deborah A. Monro Robin G. Muhlbauer Gail J. Naymola Sharlene Neibauer Nancy A. Nelson Eve G. Norton Andrea L. Novak Elise A. Olsen Cathy L. Oprea Suzanne Peterman Marlene A. Plotkin Laura A. Popper Karen J. Prager Bertha L. Range! Shawn L. Reding Cheryl A. Reed Lindsay E. Rentfro Margaret J. Roberson Susan G. Rosenbaum Adele F. Rosenzweig Patricia J. Rullo Janna K. Russell Joyce R. Scruggs Beverly L. Seals Laura L. Smith Susan E. Soutter Marcia J. Staff Marilyn E. Stanley Jenniffer Stansbury Susan K. Starnes Susan J. Stoler Marie C. Stroud Nancy C. Thompson Paulette K. Toellner Twyla L. Tranfaglia Christine M. Traynor Martha H. Turpin Yvonne K. Ulert Nancy S. Vance Kathy A. Vincent Nancy E. Weidt Bonnie R. Weise Lynn D. Weldon Jenny A. White Gwendolyn F. Wilson Nelda Wilson Pamela F. Winston Susan D. Wipperman 167 V 1 Phi Eta Sigma Recognizing male students who achieved scholas- tic excellence during their freshman year, Phi Eta Sigma stemmed from a group called Delta Society, organized by Dean V. I. Moore in 1925. The local chapter continued until 1931 when the chapter was installed as a member of Phi Eta Sigma and began initiating members in the fall and spring. Based on a 3.5 grade point average, membership can be ob- tained after the completion .of 15 semester hours or a cumulative average of the first year. In conjunction with Alpha Lambda Delta, the or- ganization held a reception in the fall to honor new initiates and high school valedictorians. Active dur- ing the spring semester, members acted as ushers at the annual Honor ' s Day Program, held a ban- quet for spring initiates, and planned a fireside chat within the University community. Junior advisor was Tony Lynn Chauveaux and senior advisor was William Eugene Storie. Officers were Joseph Charles Sagen, president; Murray Burnis Cohen, vice-president; Robert S. Harrell, treasurer; Armond G. Schwartz, secretary; and James E. Turpin, historian. Also serving as advisors were Dean Arno Nowotny and Lawrence Franks. 1971 SPRING INITIATES Stanley T. Abele William W. Adams Larry T. Aiken Shane C. Alexander Arthur R. Almquist John N. Amirkhan Kenneth G. Anderson Thomas J. Archer Brent W. Baldwin James P. Barbee Walter G. Barfield Gary J. Barlettano William S. Barnett Douglas W. Bartholomew H nry H. Bat|er James L. Bayless Jerry A. Bell John S. Bender David D. Berry Michael G. Blanchett James F. Branch Bryan L. Bremer John C. Brennan Ernest M. Brewster David V. Bruce Ray Bruyere Donald C. Buck Len Scott Buller Lucius D. Bunton Chris M. Butschek John M. Butte Robert M. Cabel Alton K. Cavin Glenn H. Chambers Ching W. Chan Sue C. Chan Gary S. Childress Raymond S. Chiu Harry C. Clear Murray L. Cohen Andrew D. Collins Robert B. Crook David R. Crosson W. A. Crow Peter B. Dahlberg Richard G. Dargatz Brian H. Darley James E. Daugherty David F. Davis George E. Davis Peter T. Demakes Robert G. Dillow Gary E. Dreyer Richard J. Eanes David M. Eisenbaum Edward D. Fagan Raymond A. Faires Peter J. Fears Kenneth W. Fields Robert L. Fine John G. Friend Ko B. Fung Joseph C. Gagen Rolando R. Garces Charles S. Garrett William G. Gartig Robert R. George James L. Gleaves Robert E. Golden Allan M. Goldfarb Jerald K. Gooch Gary P. Goodfried Gary Greif FRONT ROW: Armond G. Schwartz, Murray Lee Cohen. SECOND ROW: Tony Lynn Chau- veaux, James Edwin Turpin. THIRD ROW: Joseph Charles Gagen, Robert Stanford Harrell. Sheldon G. Gross Albert L. Guinn Keith H. Harmon Robert S. Harrell Dennis L. Hartwell Richard D. Havel James P. Henderson Lester E. Hickman Sammy W. Ho Gary E. Hogan Alfred G. Holcomb Douglas W. Hollan Stephen N. Holland John B. Honeycutt Robert M. Horton Edward H. Hudson Albert J. Hurtik Gary C. Jacobs Mark S. Jacobs Holland W. Jenkins Billy D. Jones Michael E. Jones Pak-Yue P. Kan David S. Kaplan Anthony D. Kennard John S. Kennard William R. Kent Leonard Kirzner Ernest C. Kobs Michael L. Kolbeson Jeffrey P. Kunz Floyd E. Kyle Joseph S. Langford Gary M. Lawrence Richard H. Lazor Richard F. Ledet Ying-Lau Lee James H. Leigh Robert Todd Lemmons Robert B. Lineback Kin Lo Jack Emery Loocke Thomas C. Loyd Robert M. Luedtke John T. Lupton George M. Lyday John A. McClelland Robert P. McCoy Stepehn C. McGrew Michael E. Mcllheran L. Michael McKee John J. Mackey Robert J. Magner David A. Mandot Jeffrey J. Mann Charles L. Martin Daniel J. Martinez Sorrayuth Meenaphant Kenneth L. Mellina Kenneth J. Mendel Jose A. Mendez Robert C. Moore William H. Morea Bart W. Morrison Donald S. Morse Mark S. Moses David L. Mossman B. Neil Mullen Timothy M. Mulvahill Daniel W. Nelson Gary R. Newsom Frederick A. Niemann William R. Norton John G. O ' donnell William W. Ogden Dana B. Ott Adrian M. Overstreet Richard L. Pajares F. C. Pannill Stephen R. Parish William D. Parker Donald L. Parrlsh Mitr Pathipvanich Steven L. Peake Thomas B. Pennington John H. Peper Patrick J. Pesek Joseph T. Phillips Gregory N. Picard Lawrence S. Pierce Douglas G. Podd Clinton D. Polhamus Johnny J. Potter Kenneth A. Poyner Robert R. Ray Arthur K. Reinhart Frederick A. Rhodes James E. Richards John H. Richardson William H. Robertson Theodore P. Roeser Mark L. Rooke Joseph C. Ross Alberto I. Rubio Dale S. Russell Frank B. Rynd Armond G. Schwartz Donald R. Selman Barry R. Shepard Barry L. Shulkin Jay L. Silberberg Edward M. Simpson Mark D. Simpson Michael G. Skarke Jerry R. Sloss A. Dan Smith Banks M. Smith James K. Smith Conrad H. Sommers Roy R. Stallman Billy J. Stanberry John E. Stanford Gary B. Strong William F. Stutts Rodney S. Takacs George D. Tarrant Daniel J. Thibodeau William M. Thomas David B. Threlkeld Michael D. Tschoepe James E. Turpin Max S. Underwood Joseph D. Urey Sparks P. Veasey Peter S. Vilbig Steven C. Wagner William Waidhofer Jesse R. Walker Stephen E. Walraven Steven K. Ward Ronald P. Webster Dan A. Westbrook John B. White James A. Wilkins Charles P. Wilson James M. Wilson James C. Worth Edwin E. Wright Kwok W. Wu Robert A. Youens Mark W. Zibilich James L. Ziegenhals 168 Pi Lambda Theta SPRING 1971 INITIATES Ruth Bradley Dottle L. Brandt Beverly Brooks Mary W. Buchanan Janis L. Campbell Tommy J. Campbell Donna L. Dildine Molly A. Dodson Cherryl A. Saines Geneva Gay Susan S. Goldberg Sheryl D. Hardy Linda C. Harris Susan Hawkins Freda M. Holley Elaine S. Keith Fredell N. Kost Patricia A. Maddox Marilyn J. Miller Noel Nebecker Frances A. Plotsky Carol A. Rabon Linda D. Smith Cynthia A. Spiker Mary J. Stansell Jonnie L. Stork Linda S. Taylor Joanne Testa Lenore Worcester B. Carol Wright Sharon F. Young FALL 1971 INITIATES Susan F. Amster Barbara Bayon Ann S. Bemis Cynthia A. Bruce Joan M. Burkart Jo A. Crow Deborah M. Cunningham Lou Deans Jo Anne C. Dolia Robin K. Dunsirn Mina B. Echols Debra Fertitta Jan M. Gerard Janet L. Gish Nancy K. Hudson Martha E. Hultz Pam D. Jenkins Ruth A. Keitz Jeanne W. Kennedy Carlyne M. Ma|ewski Diane J. Mazur Maureen V. McGavern Mary S. Moody SanJuanita Partida Barbara B. Poston Jane T. Sheppard E. Ann Shields Patricia N. Smith Cheryl J. Stork Elizabeth S. Sullivan Diane E. Taylor Janet C. Tolk Adrienne G. Tropp Claudia P. Welden Debbi L. Young Iru E. Zeller Pi Lambda Theta members greeted new initiates with a pin and a rose. Providing incentive for women who plan to enter the teaching field, Pi Lambda Theta membership requires a 3.3 grade point average. Requirements also include completion of six hours of education courses, recommendation of a faculty member, and aspiration for a teaching career. The Psi chapter offered its assistance in annual service projects. Members, selected each semester, were honored at an introductory tea and banquet at which Ronald M. Brown, vice-president of Stu- dents Affairs, spoke. Supervisor of secondary math student teachers, Jewel Raschke sponsored the chapter, aided by Cynthia Ann Spiker, president; Frances A. Plotsky, vice-president; Mary Elaine Frank, treasurer; and Tommy Jo Campbell, secretary. FRONT ROW: Frances A. Plotsky, Donna Louise Dildine, San Juanita Par- tida, Robin Kay Dunsirn, Diane Jean Mazur, Iru Elizabeth Zeller, Patricia Anne Maddox, Jane Turner Sheppard, JoAnne Catherine Dolia, Adrienne G. Tropp, Barbara Carol Wright, Cynthia Ann Spiker. SECOND ROW: Susan Frederica Amster, Ruth Ann Keitz. Cheryl Jenella Stork, Elizabeth Ann Shields, Jewel P. Raschke, Martha E. Hultz, Ann Sheridan Bemis, Clau- dia Kay Welden. Mina B. Echols, Barbara Beerbower Poston, Winnie Wil- kins Lambert. THIRD ROW: Mary Sue Moody, Diane Elizabeth Taylor, De- borah Lea Cunningham, Barbara Kyle Balfour, Jeanne Elizabeth Kennedy, Janet Lynn Gish, Elizabeth Stanton Sullivan, Mary Lewis Deans, Nancy Gail Mosley Munneke. Debra Fertitta. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Kay Hud- son, Jo Ann Crow, Janet Cornelia Tolk, Carlyne May Maiewski, Mary Elaine Frank, Maureen Lynn McGavern, Pam Kay Jenkins, Patricia Nelson Smith, Tommy Jo Campbell, Jan Marie Gerard, Cynthia Anne Bruce, De- borah Lynn Young, Joan Marie Burkart. 169 Pi Sigma Alph The Alpha chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha attempts to stimulate interest in the political sciences. Mem- bers were selected sem ' i-annually to this organiza- tion which has 122 chapters nationwide. The quali- fications for membership included completion of 12 semester hours of government courses, an A aver- age in government, and a cumulative B average. Attempting to lower the increased cost of mem- bership, the chapter economized by omitting the spring initiation banquet. Norman Frohlich assumed his first year of spon- sorship aided by officers Willam Austin Ligon, president; Daniel George Hardt, vice-president; and Rosemary E. Coffman, secretary-treasurer. William T. Alvis Stephen M. Austin Thomas S. Beasley Linda Becerra Richard L. Black Rebecca J. Bolding Larry M. Brittain Constance A. Cable Isidro D. Contu Lonnie E. Childs Paul Dickson Margaret E. Elki Deborah A. Engler John K. Everett Edward Z. Fair Suzanne L. Gaskin Gay A. Goforth Emmett E. Harrison Carolyn Heinlen Patricia B. Herd Charles R. Kennedy Gary M. Kusin Paul A. Leche Michael R. McElwrath Mary R. Mast Kenneth J. Mendel Douglas Palandech Christopher S. Record Louie G. Schaefer Michael P. Setty Eddie G. Shell Robert C. Strong Joseph W. Terrell Cynthia A. Toles William D. Vaughn SPRING INITIATES Raymundo Aleman Kirk R. Bohls Glenda L. Bradshaw Susan M. Byrd James M. Christiansen Kathryn A. Coffey Lanetta M. Cooper Carol J. Curtis Kathryn A. Dana lichael 5. D ' A Walter D. Davis Kathryn L. Doll Billie J. Ellis Joseph M. Fassero Ruth F. Fischer Jack N. Fuerst Robert W. Gee lary E. Gerhardt lohn R. Gladney lonald H. Grissom Edward S. Guleke Terrance P. Hami Jeff A. Harmon Santiago N. Hinoj Marc F. Huber Nancy K. Hudson Charles D. Johnso George M. Kell Larry E. Kelly Vicki K. McCarthy James F. Maroney Gary W. Mayton John L. Mericle David L. Miles Arthur M. Nathan Patrice Pargaman Robert C. Pate Lawrence A. Powers Judith Preimesberger Janet M. Radtke James Ray A. John Riggall Wayne R. Roberts William A. Roig Barbara E. Rosenberg Stephen Rosenthal Gordon M. Rubinett Anthony J. Sadberry Vivian M. Shomoun Michael J. Shearn Esther A. Silber Thomas E. Snodgrass Charles C. Stuart Russell G. Todd James L. Ware Ann M. Watson Melvin E. Waxier Gary W. Whitwo Pi Tau Sigma A mechanical engineering honor society, Pi Tau Sigma sought to promote scholastic and profes- sional achievements among its members and tried to foster ideals of professionalism and a liberal en- gineering education. By maintaining a faculty bulle- tin board and organizing firesides, members helped students and faculty become acquainted. Pi Tau Sigma s officers for this year were Charles Leroy Baskin, president; Lance Plowman Smith, vice-president; James Edward Turner, re- cording secretary; and Mary C. Lippert, corre- sponding secretary. Members were selected during the fall and spring semesters on the basis of g rade point aver- age and character. MEMBERS Charles L. Baskin James D. Sreer T. W. Casey Haney Robert B. Howell Mary C. Lippert S. Mark Matthews Jack D. Morrow Louis C. Ogden Henry P. Offer Robert C. Olsen Byron E. Short Lance P. Smith Michael . Thomas James W. Turner John L. Wilson SPRING PLEDGES Roy E. Barth Bernard G. Brady James F. Branch Johnny R. Brezma Walter Mark Bura Duwain A. Corbell Steve L. Wai Hui Tommy L. Knowles Gary W. Konecny Michael W. Mitchell Barry H. Standley Martin L. Stone Robert H. Sweat I FRONT ROW: Mark James Friesenhahn, Lance Plowman Smith, Joseph K. Chan, Mary Catherine Lippert, James David Miertschin, Allen Erbacher Dubberley, Joseph Stephen Williamson, Byron Elliot Short. SECOND ROW: Charles Leroy Baskin, Thomas James Kreston. William Lee Nor- wood, William C. Gunst, Joseph Jefferson Beaman. Stephen Craig Walls, Steven Parks Nichols, Denis Steve Kopecki. THIRD ROW: Stephen Malkin, Robert Courtney Olsen, Richard Brian Bills, Jack Dezelle Morrow, Thomas Peter Felkai, James Melvin Baird, Steve Spears. James Wimberley Turner, Thomas Casey Haney. 171 Praetorian Guard FIRST ROW: Jon Beisenherz, Robert R. Gannaway, James Patrick Owen, Jerry Wayne Dalton, Charles Edward Dorsett, Maria Kay Munneke, Mi- chael Bernard Brands, Gary Allen Vicksell, Bruce Acton Sowers, Jim L. Gearing. SECOND ROW: George Sandy MacFadyen. O. Zeller Robert- son, Leroy David Thompson, Kenny Joseph Chapline, Richard Scott Burn- ham, Charles Dan Blakeney, J. Michael Ledbetter, James N. Bostic. THIRD ROW: Glenn James Harrold, Wayne Ervin Sirmon, George Douglas An- drew, John Everett Rickey. Robert Henry Hadd, Charles Pat Reynolds. Dan C. Weatherly. MEMBERS G. Douglas Andrew Jon A. Beisenherz James N. Bostic John B. Branch Jerry W. Dalton Charles E. Dorsett Antonio E. Gomez Robert B. Hadd Glenn J. Harrold Wayne T. Henderson Audie D. Hubbard Richard G. Kram er John F. Morris Eric L. Monashkin James P. Owen Charles P. Reynolds John E. Richey C. David Rutty Rudolfo Sanchez Wayne E. Sirmon Dan C. Weatherly FALL PLEDGES Michael B. Brands David Brown Richard S. Burnham Fred H. Connally John M. Ledbetter George S. MacFadyen Bruce A. Sowers Leroy D. Thompson Gary A. Vicksell SPRING INITIATES Thomas C. Buckley James L. Gearing James L. Littrell The Praetorian Guard strives to build the quali- ties of officers in its membership through practical military, academic, and social experience. Among activities, the guard raised the pennants around Memorial Stadium and provided an advisor for the Reagan High School AFROTC Drill Team. Officers for this year included Dan C. Weath- erly, commander; Charles Edward Dorsett, execu- tive; Jerry Wayne Dalton, executive adjutant; Glenn James Harrold, inspector. Maria Kay Mun- neke was sweetheart. Anyone currently enrolled in Army, Navy or Air Force ROTC is eligible for membership. 172 MEMBERS Richard L Berry Martin B. Bolt James A. Boone Judy E. Brooks James R. Dykes Joel Farb Donald C. Gaiser Rose Marie Gernand William D. Gillum Wayne A. Gregory Victoria Gonzales Erna S. Grissom Michael J. Hons Barbara C. Hollis Dorothy J. Kelly Sondra G. Kravtin Stanley A. Kuczaj Cathy Leary Sharon K. Lewellyn Daniel G. Mossier Patricia A. Moulton Anne D. Orrison Jay I. Peters Carole Anne Pierce Steve Rosenbaum Marsha Stein Russell A. Schoenbaechler Morrie L. Schulman Sarah B. Smith Trescott K. Smith Karen D. Walker Robert W. Welsh Jeanette M. Wendt Robert M. Williams Leslie E. Williams Joseph Whitworth Martha C. Yarbrough Psi Chi With the purpose of promoting scholarship and fellowship among its members, Psi Chi, an honorary psychology organization, sponsored informal sand wich seminars this year with psychology and educa- tional psychology faculty members. Psychology majors with a 3.5 grade point aver- age in psychology and an overall 3.0 average are eligible for membership. Officers were Karen Denise Walker, president; William Daniel Gillum, vice-president; Carole Ann Pierce, vice-president; Patricia Ann Moulton, trea- surer; and Barbara Lou Nordhem, secretary. FRONT ROW: Erna Sue Grissom, Karen Denise Walker, Marsha Stein, Brenda E. Trojanowsky, Rose Marie Gernano. SECOND ROW: Robert Wilson Welsh. Judy Elizabeth Brooks. Michael Jerome Hons. Sarah Beth Smith. Patricia Ann Moulton, Donald Curtis Gaiser. 173 Rho Chi t, In an effort to promote scholarship, friendship, and the recognition of high attainments in the pharmaceutical sciences, the Nu chapter of Rho 3hi selects outstanding pharmacy students to membership. Upperclassmen who have maintained a B average and are in the upper 20 percent of their class are selected for membership in the Na- tional Honorary Pharmaceutical Society. Members sponsor a spring banquet and initiations each year. Officers this year included Ernest D. Henry, president; Loyd Allen, vice-president; and Robert G. Brown, secretary-treasurer and advisor. KACULTY MEMBERS Robert G. Brown Henry M. Burlage Alan B. Combs John E. Davis Jaime N. Delgado Karl Folkers Ronata D. Garrett Gunnar.l jerstad Esther W. Hall Dale D. Maness Jay Nematollahi Frank R. Radzai Jean Scholler Herbert F. Schwartz William J. Sheffield Gerald Sullivan Charles A. Walker Lee F. Worrell Billy B. Wylie GRADUATE STUDENT MEMBERS Loyd V. Allen Charles W. Bode Louis R. Cannatti Ernest D. Henry Pedro Huerta Donald L. Middleton Gustavo R. Ortega UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT MEMBERS Ernesto C, Guerra Kathryn J. Hoover Michael R. Moore Alice F. Omeis Jimmy B. Rice Robert Vela SPRING PLEDGES John J. Armstrong Mary E. Blair Eugene D. Blount Terry L. Bryant Devon W. Carminati Roland S. Davies James Dickerson David C. Gambel George X. Guerra Norma I. Haile Marilyn M. Hardy Ollie L. Helm Rebecca A. Idar Debra D. Lacy Harold D. Lewis Maria O. Martinez Gary R. Parks Patrice D. Schlecte Mark A. Werner ! 174 Scabbard and Blade FRONT ROW: Michael Kris King. Robert B. Huff, Major James William Schmitz, Eugene Frank Behal, Randal Scott McDonald. SECOND ROW: Robert Larry Hopkins. Steven Kendrick Howell, Ronald Perry Camp, Barry Douglas Montgomery. Charles Edward Dorsett. Michael Anthony Tatone, Donald Bruce Mackenzie-Graham. Gilbert Wesson Bailey. Trey Daniel Pen- nington, Byron Elliott Short. The National Society of Scabbard and Blade, Company G, 8th Regiment, is an honorary organi- zation for ROTC upperclassmen. Outstanding ca- dets and midshipmen from Army, Navy, and Air Force units are chosen for membership. Leadership potential, professional accomplishment, and scho- lastic record are primary characteristics considered in selecting pledges. In November, the members worked with the Uni- versity Baptist Church on a clean-up project in east Austin. In the spring, they sponsored the 7th an- nual University Invitational College Drill Meet Competition in which ROTC students from the Southwest Conference schools and other schools in Louisiana and Oklahoma participated. Officers for the fall semester were Eugene Frank Behal, captain; Robert Benjamin Huff, 1st lieuten- ant; Randall Scott McDonald, 2nd lieutenant; and Peter Robertson Baker, 1st sergeant. MEMBERS Peter R. Baker Raymond D. Barrett Eugene F. Behal Ronald P. Camp Thomas E. Cotner William B. Cude James R. Dickson Charles E. Dorsett Chad Fletcher David M. Hardy Lawrence E. Honig Robert L. Hopkins Steven K. Howell Robert B. Huff Stephen T. James Kevin J. Kelley Michael K. King Kent A. Main Robert A. Marcotte Donald B. MacKenzie- Graham John M. McAfee Randall S. McDonald Floy L. Metheny James E. Mitchell Thomas D. Moran John M. Nolan Paul C. Pearson Troy D. Pennington Robert L. Pittsford Byron E. Short Spencer H. Smith Michael A. Tatone Mario O. Tello Robert B. Thieme Mark C. Thoman James P. Voss Gary Wofford Barry H. Wolf 175 Scottish Scholars LEFT TO RIGHT: Cynthia Allen Goodwin, Cathy Lynn Vowell, Lujet C. McCullough, Victoria Laura Stiba, Carol Leigh Bloomer, Sandra Lynn Friedrich, Dorothy Jean Kelly, Jan Harris Milz. MEMBERS Carol L. Bloomer Sandra L. Friedrich Cynthia A. Goodwin Dorothy J. Kelly Lujet C. McCullougl Jan H. Milz Janet L. Osborne Victoria L. Stiba Esther R. Vincent Cathy L. Vowell The Scottish Scholars of Scottish Rite Dormitory, an organization that promotes academic excellence by providing incentive through intellectual partici- pation and through service, tapped their members at a formal dinner in the spring. Membership is based on a 3.5 grade point aver- age and residence in Scottish Rite Dormitory for one semester. Tutoring other residents and maintaining a test file are two services which the Scottish Scholars provided for the dormitory. Serving as officers this year were Lujet Clements McCullough, president; Dorothy Jean Kelly, vice- president; Sandra Lynn Friedrich, secretary. Clara Walker was the sponsor. I B wl W WI W New members received a certificate and congratulations from SRD residents at the tapping dinner. 176 lar Sigma Gamma Tau Honoring students of good character who have achieved a set standard, judged by grade point average, Sigma Gamma Tau selected qualified stu- dents in the fields of aeronautics for membership in the fall and spring semesters. The pledges were re- quired to finish a replica of the organization ' s sym- bol and obtain the signatures of the faculty in the Aerospace Engineering Department. The candi- dates were initiated at a banquet at the end of each semester. Officers were William Greenlees, president; Jef- frey Lea Zickler, vice-president ; Jimmy Charles Narramore, treasurer; and Karen Michele Morrison, secretary. David G. Hull and Wallace T. Fowler served as advisors. MEMBERS Barry K. Benedict Kathy R. Center Larry J. Edgeman Terry W. Feagin Norman R. Flemens Ronald W. Greene William Greenlees Kenneth E. Griffin Dennis C. Haley James R. Koteras Greg J. Loyd D. David Martin Karen M. Morrison Jimmy C. Narramore Edward P. Nolte Robert D. Pillsbury Atair Rios-Neto Michael L Smith Terry L. Todd Kenneth C. Williams Stephen J. Womack Jeffrey L. Zickler SPRING PLEDGES Peter T. Demakes Sing C. Goh Gary W. Johnson Mark L. Labaj Richard T. Macon Michael L. Mahaffey John M. Miller Scott V. Murray Yong-Sing Ong FRONT: Sing Ching Goh. SECOND ROW: Greg Jonathon Loyd, Jimmy Charles Narramore. Karen Michele Morrison. THIRD ROW: Michael Lee Smith. John Mi- chael Miller, Kenneth Calvert Williams, Michael L. Mahaffey. Glyn David Martin. 177 Tau Beta Pi Election to Tau Beta Pi is on the basis of scholar- ship and character. Members are chosen from en- gineering undergraduates and distinguished alumni. The group worked this year with the Austin State School for the Mentally Retarded. In the fall, they sponsored a clean-up and tree planting pro- ject on campus, and in the spring they sponsored a blood drive for the kidney foundation. Robert Courtney Olsen served as president, Mi- chael Lee Smith, vice-president; Jack Dezelle Mor- row, corresponding secretary; Gary Ray Rylander, recording secretary; and Douglas John Bartek, treasurer. Eugene H. Wissler served as chairman of Tau Beta Pi ' s advisory board. Members and pledges donated blood to the Kidney Foundation. Tau Beta Pi members and pledges struggled for the beer tap at their fall picnic. 178 MEMBERS Thomas G. Arthur James M. Baird Jeffery R. Baker Douglas J. Bartek Charles L Baskin Jerry L. Berry Leland L. Bethurum Richard B. Bills Donald G. Bingham Craig A. Blaising Waldon A. Boecker William R. Bolton , Stephen N. Brookjg Phoebe C. P. Ch Robert R. Davis Linda L. Eraser i William Greenlew Jimmie D. Greer Hal E. Hagemei Francis D. Hende Randy D. ' Horsak Robert B. Howell Randy J. James Thomas W. Kam Stephen T. Kush Mary C. Lippert James L. Marsh Mark L. Matthe Carl J. Meade Richard H. Mo Karen M. Morr, Jack D. Morro 1 Lawrence L. Moss Larry D. Murr)| James C. Narremore Frank W. Ne William H. Neal Frank W. Nobles James G. Noblett William C. Nowlin Hiry P. Of] R ert C. eph D. Paciott nerick J. Pa Jrrett D. Polha jineth R. Richa uis J. Riefier Gary R. Rylander Lawrence F. Safford Byron E. Short Richard W. Smalling Lance P. Smith Michael L. Smith Michael G. Thomas Richard J. Thornhill Albert M. Tomforde Joseph P. Von Merveldt John H. Walker John W. Wessels Mark G. White Raleigh S. Williamson John L. Wilson John A. Wooley Sherry S. Zwiebe att badan . Awwa4 Rdll. Bartk Joseph J. Beaman John P. Bollimei Hollis H. Bond Bernard G. Brady John J. Brad ohnny R. Brezina John A. Brogan lis G. Busch sepK K. Chan iter K. M. Chow Larry D. Cooper David L. Cox Allen E. Dubberley Donald E. Engeling Thomas P. Felkai ftorman R. Flemens jHvta J. Friesenhahn Robert W. Graham C. Breck Graves Frank L. Grossman William C. Gunst I TBmas W. Haney George W. Hejtmane UJrry E. Huebner W. Steve Hui Gary W. Johnson f hn C. Keller Harley R. King Tommy L. Knowles Denis S. Kope J Jgjjrjj JJ restor Randy D. Charles D Greg Michael L. Maha Glyn D. Martin Robert A. McKetta Steven W. Meers .fames D. Miert: lichael W. Mj Seven P. Nicjtol nt W. Ni ols. iam L. Norwood uis G. Ogden =k P. Reily jandro Rocha pears fodd 5. Trutn Tucker ali James W. Turner Robert M. Wagner Donald C. Wahrmund Stephen C. Walls Kenneth C. Williams Joseph S. Williamson Joseph L. Wilson Joseph K. Wu Joncie H. Young Jeffery L. Zickler SPRING PLEDGES H. Barnes Stephen L. Berkley Walter M. Bura Guy S. Caldwell Robert D. Campbell assan I. Chaayto Mcon-Shing Chan in A. Corbell JohiiS. Corbin Davit E. Daniel |Paul IV. Darden Terence M. Doyle Barry!). Fairbanks Charles R. Felton Lewis E. Foxhall Kent B. Givens Sing-Crnng Goh John B. Gordon Bill M.Grosskopf Joe R. Harris Louis R. Hobbs James F. Hodgson Michael M. Kiech Gary W. Konecny Richard T. Macon Warren N. Massey Sammy K. McSpadden John M. Miller James E. Murray liam E. Muston Panzel Iry J. Paynl idward S. Peterson Iryfcn W. Porter W. Woody Raine Roy M. Riley Jesse L. Roberts Gonzalo Ruiz David R. Smith David L. Snow Siu-Kee So Barry H. Standley Stephen M. Sullivan Robert H. Sweat James R. Thompson Michael D. Winniford David E. Wukasch 179 Tau Beta Sigma MEMBERS Marilyn F. Blrdsong Amy J. Brown Terry L. Bryant Gwena L. Cearley Amy E. Croly Claudia F. Davidson Marilyn Y. Edwards Patrissa A. Giraudin Beverly A. Gray Mary H. Greenwood Sherry L. Grona Susan D. Harrison Laura J. Kirlclen Marie E. Love Brenda L. Murphy Nancy J. Nugent Beverly D. Teller Sandra K. Vine Marie L. Werkenthin FALL PLEDGES Roberta L. Cleland Roxanne L. Cleland Rickie C. Cooper Kimberly S. Corder Peggy A. Goethe Beverly K. Green Margaret F. Ludl Claudia J. Murray Carol L. Schmidt SPRING PLEDGES Artie A. Fielder Shari D. Jordan Mary B. Kepper Nancy A. Turner Promoting welfare of the Longhorn Band and fostering a close relationship with other college bands are the purposes of the Beta Gamma chap- ter of Tau Beta Sigma, a national honor sorority for college bandwomen. Members of the sorority participated in service projects ranging from altering and repairing band uniforms to selling Longhorn Band records and postcards after home games. To become a member, women must be enrolled in the band, must be qualified musicians and must be outstanding campus leaders. Pledgeship lasts one semester. Officers of this year included Amy Eillen Croly, president; Sandra Kathryn Vine, first vice-presi- dent; Marilyn Faye Birdsong, second vice-presi- dent; Marie L. Werkenthin, treasurer; Gwena Lynn Cearley, recording secretary; Brenda Louise Mur- phy, corresponding secretary; Marilyn Y. Edwards, parliamentarian; Sherry Lynn Grona, historian. Mrs. James Hejl was advisor. 1 . Amy E. Croly 2. Sandra K. Vine 3. Brenda L. Murphy 4. Marie L. Werkenthin 5. Gwena L. Cearley 6. Marilyn F. Birdsong 7. Sherry L. Grona 8. Marilyn Y. Edwards 9. Margaret F. Ludl 10. Beverly A. Gray I I. Nancy J. Nugent 12. Peggy A. Goethe 13. Amy J. Brown 14. Marie E. Love 15. Rickie C. Cooper 16. Claudia F. Davidson 17. Roberta L. Cleland 18. Carol L. Schmidt 19. Mary H. Greenwood 20. Kimberly S. Corder 21. Claudia J. Murray 22. Laura J. Kirklen 23. Roxanne L. Cleland 24. Beverly K. Green 25. Susan D. Harrison 26. Partissa A. Giraudin 27. Beverly D. Teller 180 GRI :KS JOHN ADKINS TRACEE CHENOWETH William Allen Jeff Balfoort Stephen Beasley Robert Best Stephen Blend Stuart Bradford Richard Breidenbach Chris Burditt Robert Campbell Joe Chumlee Frank Cole Harry Craig Billy Davis Tom Drobyski David Dunlap Wayne Ekstrom John English Rene Gana Tommy Goodrich Bob Harrell Victor Harris Rocky Hollingshead James Holloway James Holtxmen Kelley Howard Edward Knight George Mealy Acacia Members of Acacia were involved in various as- pects of campus life this year, including events for the Special Olympics for retarded children and the Silver Spur Rodeo. They participated in the intramu- ral sports activities, winning the volleyball " A, " " B, " and mullet team championships. Social events included a casino party, OU party, Christmas semi-formal, and Round-Up parties. Active Acacias on campus were Silver Spurs Vic E. Harris, Steven W. Bland, and Harry L. Craig; var- sity tennis players James A. Rush, James L. Bayless, Robert F. Campbell and John W. Nelson; and varsi- ty swimmers Steve C. Beasley and Mark D. Roberts. ACACIA President David Christopher Burditt Vice-President Joseph Grant Chumlea Secretary James King Hoitiman Treasurer Harry Lee Craig Rush Captain Gary Homer Close | ! 182 -1 Acacia Order of Delphi Judy Allison Katharine Brown Julie Buaas Carol Edwards Robin Garner Cynthia Gilchnst Lynn Guess Nancy Huston Laura Job Karen Jonei Jo McKenzie Ann Reynolds Gwyn Sheffield Joan Simpson Cynthia Wendland John P.p.r Louis Potgat Bill Purc.ll Richard Rhod.t Rick Rob.rts Cesar Rodriguez Bill Romans Steven Sawyer Armond Schwarti James Shelton Thomas Sheiton Glenn Stayer Phillip Watson James White Robert Williams A game of water football at Lake Austin was part of Acacia rush. 183 Jan Adams Amanda Alien Teresa Anderjon Martha A.Wey Sally Ballard Bette Banks Jackie Barnett Evelyn Bond Jan Boynton Carolyn Bragg Jennifer Breedlove Debbie Bryan Donna Cegelski Missy Childs Sae Childers Sue Collins Julie Culbertson Carol Curtis Laura Dale Debbie Daniel Candis Davidson Jenny Del Papa Kay Dirks MarsKa Doud D.bby Fertitta Nancy Frambach Martha Gaddis Jane Garner Debbie Gartman Janet Gish Cheryl Goodman Martha Graves Amy Greaves Marilyn Hall Janet. Hartman Julie Hawkins Leslie Heller Martha Hemphill Betsy Hess Elizabeth Hill Jean Hochleutner Sissy Hudgens Marilyn Hunt Nancy Huston Nedre Hutchinson Cheryl Jennings Karen Jones Cindy Kruger Rita Kay Langley Libby Larson Alpha Chi Omega Members of Alpha Chi Omega enjoyed many ac- tivities during 1971-72. They held a Dads ' Day brunch, fall retreat, casual, and a spring formal. AChiO pledges took part in Derby Day and sold tickets to the Cowboy Minstrels show in the fall. Members participated in a picnic for Girls ' Town. The sorority earned many campus honors. Cheryl Ruth 0oodman was University sweetheart, varsity cheerleader, and orientation advisor. Mary Beth Watson received the Spur Sweetheart title and Julia Jean Newsom Cordette ' s executive officer. AXQ President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Mary Beth Watson Sally Anne Ballard Ann Caroline Leifeste Jean Rivers Julia Jean Newsom 184 Shelia Lirtle Jil Lock tt D.bbi. Long Linda Massad Sue McCallum Cyntfia McCuHougr, Debbie McK nn y Jo McKemie Nancy M nzi s Diane Milling Carol Moor L ann Moore Cindy Morgan Julie Newiom Nancy Novak Kerry O ' Donn.ll Linda Parker Carlene Patton Joan Paison Adana Pearce Sylvia Pennywell Debbie Preiton Jean Rivers Liu Robb Lynn Robb Robin Robert. Danna ROM Debbie Ron Linda Ron D ' Ann Ruhmann Libby Sale Karen Schneider Vicki Schnrrziul Joan Simpson Lori Skopinski Kay Smith Kayle Smith Ton! Smith Marilyn Smothers Cindy Spik r Mindy Stamey Becky St ph nson Judy league Rosryn Tiemann Joni Vock Mary B th Watson Debbie W.ihel Cindy Welhauien Missy Weiton Cheryl Wiley Participation in a picnic for Girls ' Town was one of many ' AChiO activities. 185 Suian Amoldy Martha Banhton Cora! Beach DM Dee Blank. nbalrer Ell.n Blankenbaker Lynn Brown Marcia Brud.r Dawn Bruner Bette Bullard Li. Burk. Cathy Ch.dick BanSy Childi Dorothy Col.rn.rt Carol Colglazier Eliiabeth Combi Jana Conner Kathy Dahlbrg AAH President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Therese Kreig Cynthia Bruce Dancie Dee Perugini Susan Burnett Ganchan Martha L Gallier Kathryn Dana Ebbla Davi. Charyl Dodd Daborah Edl Eby D.bbl. Ellii Ed.ll Elliion Jo Lynn Entimingar Kathy Erickwn Cindy Ervin Cindi H.atwood Danii Foraman Diannft Foreman Jana Foitar Ruth Foit.r Kathy Fr.aland Emily Fritr Pat FurgiutU Mirth. Salli.r Mag Ganchan Suun Ganchan Suian Garvay Shally Good.ll P.m Gay Gordon Gay Gribble Manha Guan Vaughn Hancock Bobbi. Hand Lynn. Harri. Jania Geil Harn Ruthi. H.nna Rotaann H.nning.r Hil.ri. Hightowar C.thy Hild.brand Carolyn Hill Laura Hill Sharon Hill Nancy HiocUry Trri Hook Trici. HughM Hiiabth Imhoff Kathryn Imhoff BanH. Jamai Gail K.ll.y Jan Kirk.nd.ll Kay Mary Kobr Elian Ko..t.r Tarry Kraig 186 ! ha ; ' ,..,. iii Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi sisters achieved many individual honors and participated in numerous campus activi- ties. Orientation advisors were Therese Kreig and Martha L. Gallier. Vicki Gayle White was selected as one of the Ten Most Beautiful at the University. Other members active on campus were Kay Mary Kober, vice-president of Mortar Board, and Karen Gay Gordon, secretary of Angel Flight. Dads ' Day topped the list of activities. Pledges and their big sisters attended Derby Day and went on a fall retreat. ADPi ' s also supported an orphan through the Christmas Children ' s Fund, made toys for an overseas orphanage, and entertained children at the Rosewood Day Care Center. ADPi ' s entertained rushees with a Camelot skit. Mind. Kuhn Carol Lanham Siri Lundstedt Vick; Mahaffey Bey Males Nancy Martin Suzanne Matheson Fran McEvoy Glenda Mean Janica Moor Kathy Moore Debbie Mot Cathy Mynson Leilee Murray Kay Ochsenbein Lisa Olten Jayna Oiborn Janet Osborne Dancia Parugini Mary Ann Per Jana Phillay Pam Phillips Prissy Polchinski Peggy Poling Donna Rec Eliiabath Reed Becca Reynolds George Ann Rivers Janice Runberg Martha Salter Kay Schaefer Karon Schrank Becca Shumate Sue Smith Jena Soward Georgiana Stanley Marilyn Stanley Sally Stotler Susan Sumners Lii Tankersley Nancy Teinert Petti Terry Kathy Terwey Beverly Thompson Mary Vance Token Nancy Vance Puddy Vance Delia Walston Janet Whaley Cathy White Cindi White Oenise White Ton! White Vicki White Bobbye Williams Peggy WoK Melinda Worrell Terrie Wyett Jan Yarbrough Vicki Yete. 187 188 Debra Aron Vickie Bachus Jean Blueitein Sua Bernstein Kathy Bergman Becky Bricltman Katherine Brookne Jan is Butler Sara Chapman Suian Churney Judy Cohan Marcy Oarrow Jotlynn Diskin Janet Dover Joan Dover Deniie Drexler Cynthia Edelman Jan Feinberg Mary Finkektein Jil Ford Jani Foi Caren Gartner Beverly Goldsobel BHyGoot Lolly Greenberg Hildi Haikin Holly Harwood Alyce Hoffman Peggy Horwits Nancy Kariel Sara Kesiler Varerie Kotin Lynda Kravitz Roianne Krumholz Sandra Landsberg Barbara Lauterbach Lecia Laben Sydney Leeds Karen Levenson Sharyl Levin Marci Levison A part of Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s pledge program included a fall retreat. AEO President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Margie Nan Meyer Susan Jean Pepper Betty Eldridge Janine Ellen Young Sydney Frances Leeds Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Phi pledges were greeted this fall with a retreat at Wimberly. Members participated in intramural football and a party was given by the pledges to wish the actives a " Happy Hanukah. " As part of a cultural program, AEPhi ' s visited the LBJ Library. Their philanthropic activities included work at the Travis State School. Working with other organizations on campus was Helaine Susan Reader, administrative officer for Angel Flight. IrfttMt Amy Lvy Janice Luikey Alic. Mailar, C.thy Meh! Margie Mayer Karen Miller Pamela Morgan Pam Myeri Shelley Nelbert Barbara Night Trudie Plohky Peggy Pokinsky Mint! Presier Helaine Reader Cynlhia Roienblum Judy Ro.enblum Suian Rosman Patricia Rottner Lorrie Rubin Randy Rutenberg Terry Rutenberg Catherine Salmon Nancy Saltimen Robin Schepi Oebby Schonberge ' Cher,! Schraub Jan Scrinopikie Debr. Selig Nancy Stern Patricia Tapper Donna Tiih Cheryl Toubin Linda W.iner Linda We.l.r Marilyn Walomky Jenine Young 189 Little Sisters of the Lion FRONT ROW: Joe Cukier, Gary Moore. SECOND ROW: Linda Manowitz, Fran Samulin. Mlmi Yonack, Sue Spector, Marci Wittels, Melissa Denbo. Bill Becker Mike Blum Steve Cohan Dean Dairymple D.n Daniel Roger Davidson Eddie Davis Bill Duboit Dan Fertel Bruce Fickman Remodeling and repainting their house was the summer project for members of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Donating to a kidney benefit was the major service project of the year. The Pi ' s social functions included the annual Viking party in December and a New Year ' s Eve Dance. Successful in intramural sports were Joel G. Gal- pern and Jeffery A. Barnes as University handball doubles winners. Michael E. Stewart was the frater- nity singles champion. Gamma Deuteron chapter was organized at UT in 1939 and was the first fraternity here to build a li- brary inside their house. Alpha Epsilon Pi AEI1 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Mark Steven Weiner Marvin Paul Worth John Steven Moore Kenneth Schiller Steven Kerry Topleti 190 Mark Rnkelitein Scott Fleming Meyer Goldberg Chuck Green Donnie Greenspan Warren Hoffman Merk Kogut Bart Kornblatt Lynn Kraull Gary Moore Steve Moore Mark Naboshek Alan Paull Bill Rubiraky Bruce Samulin Adrian Shapiro Kenneth Schiller Av Silverman Willy Spizman Joe Staller Mike Stewart Hank Subotnik Steve Topleti Ellis Turner Gary Weinstein Andy Wilk Mike Znilek The annual Alpha Epsilon Pi Viking Party was a major event 191 A Christmas was the busiest season for Alpha Gamma Delta. Members held several parties, a date dinner, and tree-trimming activities during the holi- day season. The spirit of the holidays was carried into spring as members assisted at the Four Seasons Nursing Home for an annual service project. The AGD ' s worked to fill a trophy case for the house by winning first place in bowling intramurals and several awards in pep rally contests. Repre- senting AGO on campus was Alicia Ann Hunt, a 1971 Cactus Goodfellow. AfA President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Ann Elizabeth Eiermann Janet (Catherine Reinsch Martha Lynne Ehlers Linda Ann Ribble Sherri Lynne Gripon ASD ' s entertained an alumna and her children at a chapter meeting. Annette Anderson M.rlha Antele Cathy Arrington Mary Barnes Cynthia Barry Sham Borth Mary Cook Patricia Conradt Alison Culling Rosemary Dugger Lynn Margaret Fairleigh Mary Fortin Sharon Giblin Linda Griffith Sherri Gripon Alicia Hunt I 192 Alpha Gamma Delta Chriity Hunter Jan Jochec Mary Kim Suzanna Mabry Dal. McCaleb Gail Naymola Pamela Phillip! Margaret Reader Janet Reinsert Linda Ribble Rowena Roberts Cathy Ruppert Barbara Sauer Deborah Slator Leila Van Norden Charmain Waugh Members of Alpha Gamma Delta enjoyed exchanging Christmas presents. 193 Alpha Kappa Alph Bobbie Adami Aronetta Jo Baylor Diana Harrii Linda Harvey Willis Johnson Sherrila Lee Carol Means i Linda Rutherford Soarii Samuel Yv Scotf Br.nda Wallr Dsniid Williams 6wn Wil,n 194 Founded in 1959 as the first black sorority on the University campus, Alpha Kappa Alpha remained prominent this year. Their service projects included a Halloween party sponsored for the Day Care Center of East Austin, Christmas gifts for children, working with voter registration in East Austin, and a Can-Can Dance to accumulate food for needy families at Thanksgiving. Among many activities on the social calendar, were two sing-songs and probate shows. Working for AKA in other organizations were Sherrita Doris Lee and Yvette Gale Scott with the Afro-American Culture Committee. Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha hosted a sing-song. AKA President Diana Lee Harris Vice-President Yvette Gale Scott Secretary Willie Mae Johnson Treasurer Gwendolyn Faye Wilson Rush Captain Sherrita Doris Lee Rushees admired the AKA sorority crest. 195 Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Omicron Pi experimented with a new home in Hardin North Apartments this year, with mem- bers enjoying the fellowship of chapter house iving along with the conveniences of apartment life. Besides scholastic duties, AOPi ' s kept busy by participating in campus and philanthropic activities. Outstanding in campus organizations were Patricia Ann Dennis and Charnita Spring, members of the Spook executive committee; Marsha Lynn Westfall parliamentarian of Panhellenic; Susan Marie May, president of A Capella Choir; and Elizabeth King, president of the Humanities Council. Pledges held a dinner to benefit the Arthritis Foundation and made a donation to the People ' s Free Clinic. 196 Aon President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Deborah Ann Stanley George Ann Harpole Janette L. Cook Susan Ellen Woner Kathleen Shupe AOPi ' s mixed fun with business at regular chapter meetings. Catherine Albert Claire Behrens Charlotte Carl Simone Childf Janette Cook Elaine Davis Members ot Alpha Omicron Pi practiced for Sing-Song. Pal Dennil Mary Evans Elaine Silley Eli.abeth Gilley George Ann Harpole Christine Hollingihead Lea Johnson Deborah Josey Betsy Kidd Keren Kofehl Bonnie Lucas Susan May Vivienne McKitri ck Mery Jo Neal Suzanne Sheckelford Deborah Stanley Jacquelyn Strickler 197 Carol Albert Karen Anderson Connie Andrews Suzanne Baldwin Mary Lou Baikins Alpha Phi Various projects kept members of Alpha Phi occu- pied. Bingo parties each week for the Four Seasons Nursing Home, work at the White Settlement Home, and selling candy valentines to benefit Car- diac Aid were among the activities. Social events in- cluded an old movies party, a " fratty " friends party, a spring formal, and fall and spring casuals. Outstanding on campus was Kathleen Lee Palmer, Angel Flight vice-president. ' A P President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Betty Ellen Taylor Katharine Ann Briell Janet Ann Pierce Bonnie Sue Cox Julia Ann Peek Barbara Behne BeHy Bess Butty Byer Claire Bradlhaw Kathy 8rl.ll Debbie Bussey Janice Campise Lisa Chaff Bitiy Clapp Carla Coldw.ll Ann Coward Margaret Coward Linda Cottingham Katie Cowser Bonnie Coi Phyllis Craig Linda Crawford Patty Crawford Cathy Cruce Penny Curbello Olivia Daigh Sue Doty Sally Ead Robin England Karen Evans Jeannine Farmer Cathy Garvey Denii Gieryn Gail Gregg Kethy Grey Debbie Griffith Di Haack Cindy Herding Chris Harris Pattye Henderson Ande Hinds Ann Holloway Candy Humphrey Barbie Hurt Libby Hutchins Alice Jennings Kathleen Karatek Becky Kilgore Nancy Kipp Susan Klinger 198 Becky Knight Louanne Lambert Cheryl Lester Karen Lew Barbie Lynn Barbara MacPherson Anne Maddoi Mekie Malin Debbie Markette Terr! Merth Marian McDowell Elizabeth Mclnnii Kay Mile Candy Mitchell Nancy Montgomery Jo Ann Muir Carol Neill Lix Newtome Nancy Noonan Nancy Nugent Kathy Palmer Jeanne Park Ann Peek Pam Peck Ruth Pennington Becky Pettus Carol Petty Jan Pierce Sarah Rainey Sara Ramsey Lindsay RenHro Janit Robertson Mary Rogers Linda Royall Vicki Rummetl Pam Rush Susan Ryder Janie Sanders Lisa Sawyer Lynn Schnitman Linda Schraub Nancy Shelton Becky Stell Sally St. Onge Pat Strain Dee Swope Betty Taylor Carla Thomas Laura Thomas Susan Tudor Melinda Wall Linda Warren Paula Watson Leanne Weidner Cathy Wersterfer Jenny White Janet Wier Linda Williarr Cindy Wolma Robin Zaremba New Alpha Phi pledges greeted well-wishers on pledge night 199 Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha ' s year on campus was marked with involvement in campus and community events. Members participated in the Big Brother Program by entertaining fatherless boys in East Austin. They also took part in parties sponsored by City Parks and Recreation for East Austin children. The Epsilon lota chapter sought to increase coop- eration with other black community groups by join- ing in projects with Huston-Tillotson College. The group showed slides in the Afro-American Culture Room in the Union, and organized the bi-annual Sing Songs for the other black greek organizations on campus. Noah Richardson " served as chairman of the Black Student Union. Social activities included a Christmas semi-formal a formal in March, and parties after Sing-Song. Alpha Phi Alpha sweetheart was Rosalind Willcins. Alpha Phi Alpha Pledges: FRONT ROW: Albert Hawkins. Ron Brown, Rodney Witcher, Robert Haller. SECOND ROW: Woodrow Miller, Walter Winston, Larry Irwin, Felix Malone. Osborne Strickland. 200 The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha rocked out at a sing-song. AOA President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Michael David Glaspie Roy Earl Spears Noah Richardson Parnee Rogers Kenneth Dwaine Williams MEMBERS: Parnee Rogers, Ray Spears, Kenneth Williams, Harry Willierns, Michael Slaspie, Lucius Alexander. 201 Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega ' s coached boys in the East Aus- tin Pan-American Football League for underprivi- leged children this year. Their team, the ATO Oil- ers, emerged as the champions. Social activities included the Christmas Black and White Formal and Hell ' s Angels party. Card playing and Friday afternoon " wall-sitting " overlooking 24th Street exemplified life around the house. Members of Alpha Tau Omega active on campus were Silver Spurs Kevin J. Millin, Michael L. Gaus, Blair G. Mercer, Mike S. Sweeney, Joseph R. Franz, and Robert F. Edens; Texas Cowboys Thompson B. Temple, Steve C. Owen, John L. Kuhlman, Mark A. Kristen, Randall B. Wilson, and Steven P. Ballantyne. ATQ President Kevin James Miller Vice-President Michael Sandlin Sweeney Secretary John Carroll Perry Treasurer Richard Anthony Naldrett Rush Captains Mark Allen Kristen Lewis McCay Dickson Thomas Atw.ll Ra Bak.r B.nil Ballantyn. Todd Ballantyn. Paul Barnhar-t Andy Buck All.n Border, David Brandt Randy Brlaniky Scott Broughton Tad Broun Paul Chapman Alan CK.ihir. Mill. Connally Harry Couliou Brad Curl. Bill Dall.i Br.nt D.nman Tom Dick Robbi. Donn.ll Jack Ead.i Clay Eimond Sam Ewan J. J. Jo Franz Larry Gain. Mik. Gaus Jimmy Gill Tr.y Gurl.y Br.nt Haggard Tony Bill Hamilton Robert Imb.r Mark Krist.n Tray Lander Blak. LaRu. Blair M.rcar Arthur Milb.rg.r Millin St.v. Moor. Edwin Morrow Ralph Nanc. Guy Northington St.v. Ow.n 202 Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross Colleen Dilworth Cyd Ellil Cheryl Goodman Leslie Gote Ginger Hamblen Sarah McMordie Sarah McMullen Molly Merritt Ginger Norlhington Carlene Ration Marsha Pearce Patti Poling Mary Seger D ' ana Sheets Mary Sheppard Katie Welder IM; H-(, InJI, .to UK Vm " Pitch " was a favorite card game for Alpha Tau Omega ' s. i Tom Peckinpaugh John Perry Richard Picket Bart Richardson Shannon Salyer Albert SantaMaria Paris Schindler Bob Scruggs David Stewart Mark Sweeney Mike Sweeney Chris Taylor Thompson Temple Ken Vaughn Will Williams Steve Zachariah 203 Kathleen Abbett Rebecca Abney Ann Adams Margaret Albert Widney Anderson Debbie Archer Cindy AHitt Beth Armstrong Gayle Arnold Linda Arnold Ava Avent Katharine Ball Cheryl Bartnett Karen Barton Karen Biggs Suiy Binkley Terry Blaylock Toye Soothe Idanell Brown Catherine Clifton Kethryn Cotfey Karen Collar Louise Cox Susan Curry Margaret Davis Mary Dicker-son JoAnna Doedyns Joan Dorr Blair Dudley Dolly Oure Mitsey Eaton Robin Fan- Patricia Finley Relda Fleshman Maribel Folk Susan Folk Sally Forrester Deborah Gardner Andrea Gtbbs Carol Gilbert Susan Glasgow Sharon Goforth Kay Graham Mary Haddad Deborah Haines Ellen Hansen Lynn Hacfcedorn April Harris Nancy Hedrick Brenda Hefner Kimberly Hendricks Robin Howard Missy Hudson Laura Hill Hughes Rocquelle Hunter Linda Isaacks Lyiia Jenkens Patty Jenkins Linda Johnson Kevyn Jones Randy Jones Laura Kamenista Candace Kane Cande Kincaid Marlene Kortage Lynda Krueger Louann Laughlin Connie Laion Members of Alpha Xi Delta helped a child as part of their service projects. 204 AIA President Linda Johnson Vice President Gayle Elizabeth Arnold Secretary Martha Kathleen Moore Treasurer Relda Ann Fleshman Rush Captain Randall Gwenyth Jones Alpha Xi Delta Assisting in the brain patterning of a child was the outstanding project of Alpha Xi Delta this year. By offering their time, members aided a boy in under- standing the mechanics of crawling. Other service activities included working with an Austin orphan- age and helping at the Four Seasons Nursing Home. The chapter also sponsored monthly speakers repre- senting different organizations. Campus organizations contained many AXiD ' s, in- cluding Randall Gwenyth Jones, treasurer of Spooks, and Spring Cordette Commander; Judith Gail Roberts, secretary of Panhellenic; Deborah Dawn Haines, treasurer of Panhellenic; Meridith Ann Yates, secretary of Spooks; and Karen Elaine Barton, treasurer of Mortar Board. Valorie Leite Barbara lindsey Linda Lott Paggy Lynch Bet-tie Massay Susie Matthiessen Tracay McCullick Laslia McKinl.y Jody Millar Jan Mill Kathy Moore Kathleen Morgan Maureen Mullana Cathi Nail Deborah Nichols Marylou Parker Molly Parman Lisa Farmer Patricia Pawlay Nancy Parry Marilaa Pinter Andrea Purdom Sharon Rainbolt Dabra Rath Judith Roberts Nancy Sanders Bath Short Sandra Simons Nita Smith Jaannia Spanglar Kathryn Sponbarg Margarat Sprinkle Julia Stack Carol Stapper Mary Jane Storey Nancy Suggs Sharyna Summers Virginia Tarkington Katharina Thompson Janny Tipper! Julia Turner Susan Van Kleef Kathryn Van Sica Karen Wada Betsy Watson Nancy Weaver 205 Pledges squared off aaainst actives at a Beta touch football game. Judy Coon Debby Fertitto Cindy Hanneberg Pamela Kuhl Shirley Lawson Patti Martin Debbie McCally Rowena Michatke Nancy Nelson Rae Olson Candy Poppai Julie Richardi Jan Schollenberger Susan Spears Cathy Taylor Melinda Wellis Ann Watson Mary Beth Watson Carol Winters Daughters of the Diamond 206 B0n President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Rush Captain Ricky Dale Delano Carl Steve Parker Phillip John Kuhl Michael Fred Mattar Theodore Beck Miller Beta Theta Pi Beta Theta Pi fraternity members were outstand- ing on campus this year. Most Valuable UT Football Player and Texas Cowboy James A. Bertelsen, Silver Spurs Ernanuel T. Ballases, James Monaghan, Carl Stephen Parker, Rick D. Delano, and Ted B. Miller were a few of the active Beta ' s. The Beta Omicron chapter participated in pep rallies, match parties and formals, and all intramural sports events. The Beta ' s, along with the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, gave a Christmas party for children from The Children ' s Home. The Darrell Royal Workshop for Cerebral Palsy gained all the proceeds from the Armadillo Bowl, a football game played in January against the Alpha Tau Omega ' s. :: 3i " S Dick Swift Carl Taylor Tommy Trimbla Tommy Tucker John Watson Cliff Whirf ill Stava Willis Grag Bair Tommy Barnard Pata Bloodworth Garry Bracht John Burke Sam Chau Mac Churchill Stewart Damuth Rick Dalano Cooper Dibrell Art Hacha Charles George Paul Graf Gaylan Groce Randy Hagan Bob Harpool John Holthousar Dick James Lan Jonas John Kuhl Pete Lauraa Gary Martin Mika Mattar Bob McBaa Mika McCoy Tad Millar Mitch Mitchall Bill Murray Bob Nayland John Oiborne Staa Parkar Laroy ParroH Rocky Richardi Doug Royal John Runne Grady Slaughter 207 Martha Adger Joyce Albano Suian Alder Dawn Alliiton Kathy Allumbaugh Patty Amerman Kathy Ashley Juhree Ayrei Nancy Ayrei Suzanne Ball Ann Bates Barbara Bennett Sally Billmeier Susan Billmeier Sandy Bishop Martha Blair Barbara Bohman Cindy Brandimart Branda Browder Suian Browning Carole Cam pis Malody Chapman Olivia Clay brook Judy Coffin Janii Copaland Becky Cozby Cathy Culwall Diane Dashiell Janice Dawtay Julia Dryden Sua Duncan Lailia Dunning Tarata Efird Debby Elliott Kathy Elliott Terrie Erickton Vicki Estrada Mary Feahan Sharon Fontenot Cathy Fosdick Suzzanna Gafford Suzanne Gardemal Chris Garrett Donna Gatawood Gayanna Gtlmer Linda Goodman Candye Gould Sandra Hall Paula Hammond Nan Hampton At Christmas, members of Chi Omega serenaded residents of the St. Francis Home. 208 XQ President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Katherine Jean Elliott Cynthia Ann Brandimarte Susan Meyer Allison Willeford Nancy McCoy Chi Omega Easily recognized on campus by the owl drops they wear, the Chi Omega ' s emphasized scholarship and community service this year. Achievement of these goals was made apparent by campus leaders Cynthia Ann Brandimarte, president of Mortar Board and Paige Pemberton, pledge trainer of Posse. Rooting for the Shorthorns were freshman cheerleaders Sandra Jeanne Hall and Becky Eileen Mercer, while Brenda Anne Brown and Deborah Dawn Goodman served as varsity cheerleaders. Nan McCoy was one of the Ten Most Beautiful. Other Chi Omega activities included first place in Derby Day and serenading at the St. Francis Nursing Home during Christmas. With the help of Delta Tau Delta, the Chi Omega ' s cleaned a dilapidated build- ing which later received a Texas Historical Marker and is used as the Campfire Girls ' Office. Ann Tillinghait Jennifer Tune Ann Whitworth Glen Wilcox V.I Wilcoi Allison Jill Winn Sera Lowrey Join Matthewi Nin McCoy Julie Mclng.ale Marilyn Miller Carol Murph Laure Nok.l Susan Orton Connie Patterson Vicki Paul Paige Pemberton Mary Phillips Judy Pot Cindy Powell Sally Pric. Karen Prothro Cathy Rickel Linda Scott Mary Seger Diane Seidler Carol Spears Sherry Spivy Kay Stephenson Jan Taylor Linda Taylor Frances Thomas Judy Thompson --- 209 Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta moved into its 60th year on campus with members participating in student af- fairs and community projects. Among Tri Delt ' s who excelled in campus affairs was Ann Pate Watson, treasurer of the Cordettes. Another honor to the Theta Zeta chapter was the selection of Nina Virgin- ia Northington as Cowboy Sweetheart. Chapter events included the Founder ' s Day Ban- quet, Dads ' Day Brunch, Spur Cowboy Brunch, and sign paintings for the pep rallies. To help the under- privileged children, Tri Delt ' s sponsored a Hallow- een party and worked at a day care center with the mentally retarded. Connie Adams Diana Adams Stephanie Adami Barbara Agee Krii Anderson Sandy Anthony Ellen Beale Christie Beard Peggy Berry Bryna Bigby Angela Bishop Emily Blackburn Barbara Blasi Sally Boss Melinda Brook. M ' liss Brownfield Aline Butler Alice Chumlea Candy Clark Carol Clements Kathy Conner Mary Cook Jane Covingtoi. Candi Cowden Becky Crawford Cathy Crier Kim Crockett Karen Danvers Pern Davidson Gail Davis Oebra Day Elaine Dickinson Colleen Dilworth Susan Elkins Cyd Ellis Sally Ervin Laura Ewing Jan Fisher Deborah Gardner Janet Gaiton Sherri Garth Ellen Giles Ann Graner Kris Groce Gail Gustafson Candy Haesemeyer Mary Hammond Deborah Hardee Eliiabeth Hebdon Julie H.ndri, Tri Delt ' s honored their fathers with a Dads ' Day luncheon. 210 Cyndy Henneberger Reagan Henneiiey Gene Ann Herrin Paige Hicheni Cynthia Hutson Linda Jennings Jan Jonas Connie Keck Sherron Kemp Kathy Kilgora Cnriisy Knight Karen Knight Pam Kuhl Garrie Leitner Martha Longwall Martha Mahon Marilyn Mason Carol Mathis Mary Mehos Lee Merritt Lynn Merritt Nancy Mil burn Lesa Mitchell Nancy Mitchell Irene Moody Judy Moore Lucy Neblet-t Diana Nelson Jean Nelson Melinda Nelson Susan Noblitt Rynn Nogueira Ginger Northington Melissa Owens Carol Parker Lacey Parkinson Helen Peters Terri Peterson Mary Pittman Susan Poe Pam Poole Dixie Presley Ruth Putney Paula Rainey Debra Read Anne Rhein Ann Richardson Becky Riley Mary Rochs Phyllis Roddie AAA President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Susan Jean Spears Lora Anne Rhein Kathryn Lee Merritt Kathryn Theresa Steile Ann Richardson Jan Schollenberger Beverly Seals Cand y Segall Susan Senter Sandy Shape Carol Smith Janet Smith Susan Spears Karran Sprain Mary Steele Kathy Steib Sandi Swan Missy Watson Marci Wells Marianne Whitfield Nancy Lee Whitfield Sylvia Willis Carolyn Wilson Diane Wilson Juby Winniford Jean Withertpoon Jill Zapalac 211 Janan Angevin Vickl Appleman Kathy Atkins Vicki Avico Susan Bar os Loyce Bates Jan Beken Barbara Belcher Brook Bennett Carol Bennie Nancy Bremer Shirley Buchanan JonJ Cabaniis Fracee Chenoweth Judy Coon Mary Crispin Sherry Crow Leslie Cummlngs Mary Dawion Chris DeLorenzo Mary DeLorenzo Suzanne Dickinson Suzanne Drace Ann Eddleman Lynn Emery Jana Estes Karen Farabee Sandy Reck Marguerite Fly Jan Fortner Cindy Gilchrist Jeane Gohl Jacque Goldbeck Karan Goldsmith Claire Goodrich Deborah Graham Jan Hall Karen Hampton Deb! Havins Pat Hejl Debb Helmer Sibyl Helmer Lee Hennestee Claudia Hitchcock Gretchen Hoffman Delta Gamma Delta Gamma began this year with a retreat at Friday Mountain Ranch. Members also volunteered their time at the Austin State School for the Blind. In addition, DG ' s participated in the Referral Counsel- ing Program at the Student Health Center, while pledges donated a basket of food at Thanksgiving to a needy family in Austin. Boosting school and sorority spirit were Sibyl Ann Helmer and Susan J. Swenke, varsity cheerleaders; and Debra Jo Porter, feature twirler for the Long- horn Band. DG pledges showed their enthusiasm by winning first place in the Cowboy Spirit Award. Reta Kathryn Porterfield and Cynthia Ann Borne- man were among the Ten Most Beautiful. Jana Audrey Estes was fall Cordette Commander, Linda Simpson was treasurer of Cordettes, and Tracee Ann Chenoweth served as sorority section editor of the Cactus. 4 212 Vana Diane Romell Roxan Gwyn Simms Mary P. Crispin Martha V. Wynne Claire M. Goodrich Ch. K.lly Susie Kolle Judy Koop Lynette Lambert Jennie Lang Lide Lea Maurine Lloyd D. J. Loral Carol Luce Melodie Lundgren Marilyn Manfull Debi Marshall Claire McAdams Mary McGaha Mindy McGregor Janie McGuffey Susie McGuffey Suzanne McKee Karen McLean Vicki Miller Janet Onion Cindy Parker Candy Poppat Debbie Porter Kathy Porter-field Cindy Robertson Vana Romell Suzanne Sage Cindy Schubert Debbie Sellers Linda SKockey Pan. Sibley Roian Simms Linda Simpson Carolyn Smith Nancy Sonntag Margie Squires Judy Stringer Susan Swenke Pat Tatum Kay Terry Judy Thomas Marie Timberlake Jeanne Tomson Anne Transou Johanna Vick Nancy Voigt Kim Watkins Vicki Watson Bee Webb Janet Webb Cathy Whitmire Claudia Wilson Nelda Wilson Pam Wilson Linda Woodum Janet Wooley Marty Wynne Delta Gamma actives entertained alumnae with their rush skit. 213 In 1969 when astronaut Alan Bean, University graduate and DKE alumnus, stepped onto the moon he had both an American flag and a Delta Kappa Epsilon banner. This banner now hangs on the wall of the DKE house commemorating the event. The pride shown by Bean was an extension of the Texas chapter ' s feeling toward involvement. This in- volvement is shown by the campus activities in which the members participated this year. Robin E. Morse, a member of the Junior Fellows and Phi Beta Sigma, worked for the Student Bar As- sociation of the University. Frank S. Floca partici- pated as an active member in Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, and Alpha Epsilon Delta. Other DKE members active in campus organizations were Rob- ert F. Donathan in Beta Alpha Psi, Russell M. Aboud in Alpha Kappa Psi, and Andy G. Hemphill in Phi Theta Kappa. Ed White was a member of the Uni- versity Wrestling Club. AKE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Russell Michael Aboud Frank Stewart Floca Robert Frank Donathan Michael David Burton Charles Ryan Harkey Deke ' s enjoyed an autumn afternoon pitching horseshoes. 214 Delta Kappa Epsilon Deke ' s and their dates enjoyed a Christmas feast at a holiday party. oft a Ruii.ll Aboud Charles Blakeney David Burton Ronnie Burton Avar-ill OeLoache Robert Donothan Prank Floca Charley Harkey Russell Lelgon Dan Lynch Randy Morse Robert Morte 215 ' Delta Phi Epsilon The Chi chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon was active this year in philanthropic as well as social activities. DPhiE ' s held a successful Halloween party for Head Start in October and presented " Sasperella, " a pro- duction for children, early in November to aid the March of Dimes. In addition to community service projects, members devoted themselves to various charities, including Cystic Fibrosis. Serving as vice-president of Spooks, Debra Ann Levin led the chapter in campus spirit. ACDE President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Shari Renee Weiner Judith Hope Berger Peggy Jean Testa Natalie Golub Donalyn Epstein DPhiE actives and pledges enjoyed a chapter Valentine party. 216 till ' ' Guitar music often highlighted after-dinner entertainment at the Delta Phi Epsilon house. Susan Stvinfink Joanne Testa Peggy Twta Marsha Trodlicr Shari Wainar Lyn Yonack Anita Barasch Judy B rg r Louis Binder Robbi Elkins Donni Epstein Debbie Gl.tier Natalie Golub Barbara Grant Debbie Klausncr Deborah Klein Laurie Kuper Amy Lebowitj Phyllit Levin Shelley Levin Patricia Moulton Cappy Pfeiffer Deborah Reichelt Susan Rose nba urn Nancy Schwartx Gail Simon 217 Delta Sigma Phi Bill Acli.r Ed Blair Jim Branch Jack Brennan Rich Cal.y Mike Cl.rk Cool Rob.rt Cop.lsnd Rob DuHon Ik. Pter Fr.driki.n Earl Hill Ruu.ll H.ll Donald Hamilton Du.n. H.rrii Kris H.wkint Ricky H. kini Mik. Hayworth Morrit H.inHch.1 Rob.rt Horn. In its third year since reactivation on campus, Delta Sigma Phi accepted pledges in the fall who ac- tively worked on community projects with the chap- ter. A haunted house party for orphans at Hallow- een and food for needy families at Christmas exem- plified Delta Sig ' s concern for others. The growing Eta chapter hosted a Sphinx Ball in the spring for all of Texas ' other Delta Sig chapters. Their University road-rally in the spring was the first event in Round-Up. Other social events were the Sailor ' s Ball and the Carnation Ball. Members were also active in intramural sports. 9 I H Delta Sig ' s and their dates duded up for a Li ' l Abner theme party. 218 Rush parties meant new pledges for Delta Sigma Phi. AZd President Lawrence William Snelson Vice-President William Edgar Blair Secretary James f-uhr Branch Treasurer Michael David Hayworth Rush Captain Stephen William Cook Larry Jaggan Walt.r Pern Tull.y Dan Ra Charlei Raimond Paul Skalnik Bill Sn.Kon Styn Sumrow W.ndell Wagy BriH Whit. Douglat Whit. York 219 Delta Sigma Theta President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Gwendolyn Kay Kennard Beverly Ann Kemp Marilyn Williams Juanita Hollis A Delta Sigrna Theta active entertained rushees during spring rush. 220 Striving for community involvement, members of Delta Sigma Theta held a charity style show in the spring. The money collected was used for a scholar- ship for a local high school girl. Weekly meetings were also held by the sorority to organize projects and social activities. Members of Delta Sigma Theta participated in activities with Girls ' Town, U.S.A., and held a Valen- tine Party in February. In March, the spring pledges gave a skit for actives. Deborah Perkins Br.nda SibUy Carolyn Washington Lois Watson Plans for upcoming events were discussed in Delta Sigma Theta chapter meetings. 221 V.I Aldr.d Gr.g All.n M.rk All.n Scott All.n Sam Balch St.v. Barton Charl.i B.ard.n Bob Bl.dio. Randy Bradl.y Cliff Brad Carver Lynn C.ul.y Mil. Chamber. Danny Chapman Buddy Christy Cl.v. Clinton W.ldon Tommy Coi Judd Cribbi John Davi.i Bob Dr.nifield Tom Driscoll Gr.g Duff.y J.y Falk.nburg St. . Fauil.t St.v.n Fo.t.r Ma. Bill Gregory Edward Sul.l. Tom H.milton Mill. Han.on Carlo. Hatch Mil. Hatch H.wkini Bill Holm.. Hunt M.I J.y Jon.. Richard Jung Lala Phil L.hmb.rg Bob L.v.n.on Bob Lond.r.. M.rh Maior. Delta Tau Delta Organized on a four-committee system composed of campus, community, intramural, and social, Delta Tau Delta was active in many areas. Combining fun and service, the Gamma lota chapter pledges, along with the pledges of Chi Omega, held a clean- up project of a 100 year-old house, which later re- ceived a state historical marker. They also repaired the Texas Boys ' Ranch house. Members held a Christmas caroling party at a convalescent home and sponsored a Little Leaoue team in East Austin. With much emphasis on athletics, Delta Tau Delta placed second in intramura ls, first in golf singles, and first in " B " team football, fraternity division. Ed- ward R. Tinsley was a finalist in the bullriding com- petition during Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo. Members active on campus were Terry W. Farrar, treasurer of IFC; James M. Alsup and Michael D. Rutledge, Phi Beta Kappa. Silver Spurs were Charles T. Martin, Robert J. Sours, and Terry L. Hankins. Cowboys were Michael D. Rutledge, Jay S. Cox, Stacy G. Hunt, and Robert D. Dransfield. ATA President Steven Coleman Foster Vice President Robert Dodge Dransfield Secretary Stacy Glenn Hunt Treasurer John Malcolm McDavid Rush Captain Kyle Stephen McAlister 222 David Malish David Marks Thomai Mastin Kyle McAlister John McDavid Mike McEl.rath Alan McNally Addii McNamara Rod Nauert George O ' Brien Gary Olander Bill Oswalt Clyde Parker Guido Piggott Rusty Pounds Jo Pratt Danny Renner Mike Roach Kirk Shryoc Brian Smith Steven Smith Kan Stockton Chrii Tabor Ed Tintlay Tommy Wallace Brad Westmoreland Rick Williams Ronnie Yates The house was decorated for Christmas Delta Tau Delta style. 223 Little Sisters of the Seven Stars Nancy Boniagni Keith Bowman Nancy Burton Tina Casey Janlne Clark Karen Dftvis Brenda Fetter Joan Ford Ann Foree Cindy Gage Cathy Harris Karen Ivy Karen Kofahl Cindi Lagards Barb Lindsay Ann Lyteh Tricia Maddox Suzanne Penny Mary Pittman Carolyn Reynolds Carol Saunderi Donna Smith Linda Toll Beth Wortley Tom Archer Steve Aycock Joe Barnett Glenn Battenfield Trickey Biel Richard Boyd Randy Brock Ronnie Brown Randy Bryant Bill Burford Mike Casey Rick Clark Bill Dalton John Dunlap Mark Fetzer David Gamble David Gregory Duncan Hall The Outstanding Chapter award was presented to the Universe ' s chapter of Delta Upsilon this year by DU International. University President Stephen H. Spurr and Mrs. Spurr, along with Vice-President Lorene Rogers, re- ceived a special welcome at an honorary dinner. DU ' s also contributed to the Darrell Royal workshop as a result of the Charity Bowl in which Sigma Nu fought the DU ' s to a 6-6 tie. On campus, S. Jack Balagia served as a member of the Student Committee on Orientation Policy, and Jack H. Welge was a freshman orientation advi- sor. Randy L. Brock was elected CBA sophomore class vice-president, while Larry D. Pecena, Gary S. Wortley, Steve C. Walls, and Michael D. Hutchison served as members of the Student Senate. Delta Upsilon Dim 4 Pledges and actives worked together to decorate for the DU Swamp Party. M4 AY President Vice- President Treasurer Secretary Rush Captain Frank Edward Scofield Steven Leslie Aycoclc Leland Wyatt Waters Gregory Randall Penny Joseph Craig Jett DU ' s hosted University President Stephen Spurr and Coach Darrell Roval at their house. Roger Harris Clark Hoffman Bill Howard Danny Hughai Mil. Hutchison Craig J4t Kan Karr D. Knapp St... Laa Bruc. Loggi. John Mill, Fr.d Niemann Harry Ott CKril Pappos Randy Panny Richard Pojarat John Rogan Haini Schuha Frank Scoiiald Paul Scofi.ld Sana Sallan Mika Shannon Mika Swanton Wally Taylor Jim Valcik Don VoDmar Richard Wallace Irian Walk U. Watar. Stava Watan Andy W.b.r Jack Walga John Whitahill St.v. William, Gary Wortl.y Bobby Wright 225 Clair Andarson Becky Angeli Connie Bacon Dabi Baker Linda Battle Carol Benningfield Lynn Bergen Pam Battall Brenda Brant lay Sheryl Brantley Celita Brock Linda Brouiurd Amy Brown Lucy Brown Helen Butler Diana Callaway Becky Cannon Ann Carlisle Gwena Cearley Linda Chidsay Helen Conley Cindy Crane Dianne FauSMt Laslie Finks Sutan Gardner Mtttia Garretson Christy Gorin Diane Gonycki Debbie Gruts Vicki Haney Warlene Hendenon Carol Hobbt Judy Hoffman Lin Holekamp Julia Hollit Patsy Jackson Jam! Javurek Lisa Johnston Batty Jonas Kay Kails 1 Delta Zeta ' s entertained rushees during Spring Rush. 226 AZ President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Nancy Jo Wranitiley Brenda L Brantley Deborah K. Youngblood Charlotte Kroll Jessica Lynne Bergen Delta Zeta Delta Zeta members were active in community service throughout the year. The chapter hosted a Halloween party and an Easter egg hunt for children from the Austin State School. In support of DZ ' s na- tional philanthropic project, proceeds from a spring benefit went toward the UT Speech and Hearing Clinic. Other service projects included a donation to a private speech clinic and making favors for nursing home residents at Thanksgiving. DZ social life included a big and little sister din- ner, a Founder ' s Day Celebration, a casual Christ- mas dance, and a spring formal. Charlotte Kroll Cyndi Lagarde Lynda Lighthouse Ann Luti Susan Markley Karen McK Becky Moore Tricia Moore Merle Munneke Key Neiter Valeria Newman Pern Nut Glenda Oil. Sherry Peiimore Pern Petty Judy Porter Paula Prattler Billye Ratliff Janet Rounbaum Nine Schmitt Debbie Smith Sue Springer Melitte Stallone Corkie Steeger Vicky Stiba LaVerne Teichelman Trine Thedford Thome tine Thomas Snaron Toepp Brenda Trojenowsky Pern Walker Cyndy Were Nancy Wareing Marie Werkenthin Nency Wranitiky Cathey Youngblood ; 227 Gamma Phi Beta Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the University chapter of Gamma Phi Beta upheld their national philanthropic project by working with pa- tient s in the Austin State Hospital. Among the Gamma Phi ' s social events were their formal in November and their casual party in April. Pledges also enjoyed a retreat in late October. Members of Gamma Phi Beta participated in var- ious campus organizations during the year. Doris Joanne Ruhland served as School of Communica- tions representative for the Student Senate and Margaret Louise Blair was chosen as one of the Ten Most Beautiful. fcDB President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Susan Irene Gissell Carolyn Ann Skelley Janet Kay Herrington Janis Lynn Dubow Virginia Beth Buchtler Ann Acker Louise Addison Carol Anstey Judy Ashby Suzette Baggerly Carolyn Baggett Ellen Baker Patricia Banister Deborah Bargai Dianna Bernsen Margaret Blair Mary Blair Jan Blurt on Lucile Boland Keith Bowman Janet Brenner Eileen Brightwell Marcia Cain Linda Catdwell Keith Carter Gail Castleberry Rebecca Clarke Peggy Cook Paula Copenhaver Donna Dale Patricia DeFazio Ann DeWitt Janii Dubow Jeanne Duncan Karen Edward Jonna Elkins Vivian Ellis Leigh Evans Gail Fisher Maureen Gagliano Diana Gandy Janet Gibbi Susan Gissell Ann Gore Janice Graham ' ' f 4, ' f W ' i 228 Co!Un Guild Cindy Guttafson Lisa Hart Mar+ie Hatch Janet Harrington Ann Hollingsworth Deborah Ingram Vicki Johni Karen King Jan Lackey Carol Lamb Janet Lanon Wynan McCaffety Maryann McConnell Margaret McCord Judy McClendon Patricia Miksovsky Melinda Militead Iris Mountcastle Laura Murray Melinda Myers Gin a Pearson Patricia Petrick Renee Popejoy Page Price Janii Roberh Bernadette Roi Nancy Sandberg Karen Saunders Christina Semrad Rhonda Shumway Lyn Skelley Betty Thomas Susie Thomas Janice Vesper Linda Wilkinson Diana William Virginia Williams Cynthia Wylie Members of Gamma Phi Beta hosted a Christmas Party for children at the State School for the Deat. 229 Jack Chuck Davii Gordon DMI Barney Dreiling Paul Ellis Doug Fain David Ferr.ll Mike Fontenot Earl Fo-l.r Tom Go man Bill Grammar Tommy Gravas Paul Graan Steve Grimas Steve Hahn Randy Hall John Haanay Hans Halland Mimi Anderson Becky Bailay Ann Lehman Mary M. Pipkin Mary Nan Watkini A fall pledge auction provided money for Kappa Alpha projects. Southern Belles KA President Thomas George Graves Vice- President Gary Hoel Kappler Secretary William D. Mundinger Treasurer Cappy Ray McGarr Rush Captain William Clarence Dowdy 230 KA s entertained rushees with foosball at the Bucket. Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Ben D. Crenshaw continued as a prominent national golf figure this year. Kappa Al- pha s actives in UT athletics were varsity football players James S. Morris and Hans R. Helland and freshman team members Gary C. Stalcup, Lewis E. Brown and James L. Shield. John L. Berry was active in UT track competition. The members of Omicron chapter of Kappa Alpha were also involved in other campus activities. Silver Spur members were William C. Dowdy III, Marvin G. Pipkin, and Jay G. Carter, while Robert L. Kaminski, Jay S. Johnston, Charlie E. Crenshaw, and Daniel R. Terwelp were Texas Cowboys. Hugh Cunningham Jr. served as IFC secretary. James W. Little was treasurer of Posse and Frank W. Denius was a manager on the UT football team. In the fall, actives auctioned off their pledges for a day of work as a money-making pledge proiect. The Old South celebration and Old South Ball were the top social events of the year. Kevin Hodges Eric Hoffman John James Bob Jewell Craig Johnson Jay Johnston Gary Kappler Rick Kinsey Ramsey Koschak Bill Lesikar Frank Lewis James Little Mark Mallet Jim Maroney James Mossoth Mike Merritt Jamie Musselman Chris O ' Neill John Parnall Jimmy Perkins Jim Shield Jim Skinner Scott Spears Tim Stephens Jimmy Strode Rod Thomas Steve Wiener 231 Kappa Alpha Theta Philanthropic activities of Kappa Alpha Theta centered around a Campfire Program at Rosewood Elementary School and included projects at the Aus- tin State School and Hospital. Fall social events for the Alpha Theta chapter in- cluded a luncheon on Dads ' Day and a Christmas formal. A casual party highlighted the spring calen- dar. Chosen as one of the Ten Most Beautiful was Sarah Jane McMullen. N KA0 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Patricia Ann Paddock Nancy Sellingsloh Susan Hall Mary Bird Dean Janis Kay Frank Susie Adams Sidney Allen Janet Allshouie Jill Amis Kaki Anderson Nance Anderson B. J. Anthony Alice Av t Melinda Bartlett Leslie Benitei Rebecca Brooch s Susan Browder Julie Buaas Jane Burruss Darla Chapman Cathy Christie Carol Cody Carol Colquitt Mary Bird Dean Jane DePord Gall EastUnd Diane Embry Elite Eriksson Georga Pinley Laf Foster Janii Frank Suzanne Fulbright Jeanie Fulton Carol Furr Debbie Girdley Cynthia Goodwin Maryanne Graham Cindy Granot Pam Grenot Lyda Guthrie Margaret Hale Gtnger Hamblen Maureen Healy Chris Motley Cathy Howard Elizabeth Huff Jennifer Huff Sharon Hurst Cynthia Johnson Judy Johnston Jenie Jordan Jennifer King Maryanne Leeper Tinker Lenzner Janet Lewis Ih.ll! 232 KM Hi y Theta s enjoyed giving their second period rush skit Susan Lewis Lauria Liebes J.n Lev. Nan Luckatt Linda Majors Ann Marketon Sarah McMullan Marty Mealy Bonnie Miion Wende Morehouse Liz Murphy Martha Neal. Nancy Nelson Fay O ' Brien Janie Otto Patty Paddock Kristy Palm Wynne Pauly Debbie Ploch Betty Priddy Margaret Redtearn Betty Reeburgh Suun Reid Suun Robertson Tish Robertson Helen Russell Lanie Sauder Martha Schutts Betty S.llingsloh Nancy Sellingsloh Mary Seybold Becky Shepherd Margaret Shilstone Francie Shively Sharyl Shockley Sharon Sumpter Walton Tassos Adele Taylor Susan Tresch Debbie Vaughan Marsha Waddell Alicia Wagner Nancy Wallace Jeanne Ward Jill Wartini Pam Wilchar Shannon Wikon Christie Wise Slene Wood Dabby Wright 233 Carol Akers Barbara Bailey Lucy Baker Kathryn Bandy Suzanne Bartlett Sue Bebb Margaret Bigger Martha Blanchette Kathleen Block Ann Boston Katharine Brown Frances Brown Becky Butler Kathaleen Bynum Betsy Chamberlain Ann Caesar Frances Cameron Dottle Coke Mary C. Cook Adrienne Curll Eliiabeth Darden Patricia Dene Katherine Edward Trisa Edwards Nancy E verso I e Lynn Fawcett Kriiten Foster Melanie Foster Rebecca Foster Dabney Freeman Marcy Gentry Rebecca Gerlach Robin Gemer Margot Gidel Debra Glllespie Marcey Gillespie Laurie -Goodson Emily Gordon Leslie Gose Beverly Grammer Ginger Grace Martha Grundy Missy Hahn Merri Hallahan Monica Hallahan Julie Halley Terry Halpin Lou Hedrick Constance Henley Vivien Hester Gwen Hocott Deborah Hoekcher Harriett Hull Jean Jenkins Janet Johnston Stephanie Kaldis Janet Kauffmann Karof Kirk Susan Knoth Ann Law 234 Kappa Pickers performed during half-time at the Tech basketball game, KKr President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Susan Victoria Bebb Lou Ann Hedrick Leslye Lucas Carol Lee Pridgen Rush Captain Beverly Lynne Grammer Kappa Kappa Gamma Philanthropic activities filled the calendar of Kappa Kappa Gamma this year. A Halloween party was given at the Kappa house for the children from the University Speech and Hearing Clinic and a Christmas party was given with the Beta Theta Pi ' s for children from The Children ' s Home. The chapter also initiated a blood drive for Meredith Elliott, the leukemiac daughter of a Kappa alumnae. Pledges volunteered for weekly excursions with patients from the Austin State Hospital. The Texas pledges also entertained TCU Kappas with a break- fast given before the UT-TCU football game. Rep- resenting Kappa as one of the Ten Most Beautiful was Marcy Gentry. Nancy Leecraft Nancy Lippincott Mollie Loftis Leilye Lucas Nancy Lynch Amy Lytle Donna Magill Melanie McCollum Mary K. McCullough Mary E. McDermott MeliSM Mclntire Lynn McMaKon Mary Me Marion Molly Merritt Victoria Michaelis Rowena Michalka Laurie Miller Rachel Mostert Gayl Mulberry Nancy Neuhaus Nancy Phillips Mary Plncoffs Jan Poage Coryell Price Carol Pridgen Ann Reynolds Rebecca Russell Susan Schuhmacher Bonner Sewell Cynthia Slaughter Jane Smith Lyn Smith Susan Smith Judy Spence Gretchen Stewart Catherine Stratemeyer Virginia Street Michaui Taylor Josephine Thompson Sally Towler Sally Tusa Laura Voydat Martha Wade Kay Walker Deborah Wandel Barbara Wasko Sharon Watts Carey Wendover Deborah Williams Joan Winter Leila Winters Susan Wipperman Missey Worrell Mary H. Yarbrough Elizabeth Young Iru Zeller 235 Little Sisters of the Star and Crescent Martha Adg.r Hln Blankenship Susan Browder Janice Dawiey Lucy Foreman Cathy Foidicl Bittie Jennings Cynthia Johnson Judy Johnston Elizabeth Topper Steve Adger Bucky Anderson Bud Arnot John Boyce John Broussard Jack Browder Scott Carpenter Jack Clark Dick George Cox Bobby Doherty Michael Doherty Chuck Fleming John Fosdick Robert Slauser Matt Gose Robert Grace The Kappa Sig ' s held their winter formal in their historic house. 236 scent KI President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Walter Max Mischar James Andrew Ivins Robert Paul Teten Jack Forrester Browder John Jay Fosdiclc Kappa Sigma The Tau chapter of Kappa Sigma was one of the first three fraternities on campus, established in 1884, and their fraternity house was the first one built west of the Mississippi River. Kappa Sig ' s participated in intramural sports, so- rority matches, an alumni party in October, and the Texas Independence Day celebration in March. For- mals for the chapter and parties for orphans were given at Christmas and in the spring. Texas Cowboy members were Walter M. Mischer and Julius Heyward Taylor. The Kappa Sig ' s were represented in Silver Spurs by John H. Rauscher, Jefferson S. Gray, Charles R. Foreman, James N. Scott, and Robert Paul Teten. J.ff Gray Bob Herring N.d Holland Bob Keluy Clint LaRue Tom McMillan Walt Misch.r Phil Morphii Jack Paterwn Jay Pipr Jim Pritchat John Rauschar Bob Richardson John Rotl BradSaal H.yward Taylor Paul T.t.n William Tatan Jim Tipfon Bill Tuck Tim Tunki Robert Umitattd Frank Williami Harris Wootan 737 Crescents FRONT ROW: Patty Crawford, Viclci Watson, Bonnie Keeton, Claudia Talley, Dotti Coke, Jean Nelson, Ann Schoenvogel, Merry Saegert. SECOND ROW: Jim Madden, Carol Murph, Julie Gillespie, Carol Furr, Judy Moore, Dorothy Coleman, Kay Schaefer, Oli- via Claybrook, Amy Jones. John Adkins Jo Allen Mike Anderson Mike ArcKer Bill Arnold Rocky Arrell Jim Biker Kevin Bankhead Phillip Benkhaad Pat Barker Emory Bellard Pat Bierschwale Bill Bolton Mike Bramlett Joe Byrom Clay Clarkson Bob Coffee Mel Connet Don Crow Rick Daniels Bill Davits Clifton Davit Joe Day Tim Elliott Pat Farrell Ted Frank Bill Fraier Steve Sill Mike Hearn Randy Hearne Larry Heogie Don Hibbetts Bruce Hord Pat Hudspeth President William McKee Kaimann Vice-President James Hanley Madden Secretary James Edmund McCann Treasurer Samuel Eugene Stubbs Rush Captain James Keith Jones He Li- I 238 Lambda Chi Alpha The new Lambda Chi Alpha house at 2400 Pearl St., complete with swimming pool and apartments, provided facilities for social and community involve- ment this year. In addition to the traditional Flower Power Party, New Orleans Party, and the White Rose Formal, the Lambda Chi ' s threw a party at the house for children from the Travis State School. Informal activities included a trip to Wurstfest in New Braunfels, rush parties in San Antonio, and OU weekend in Dallas. Intramural participation was highlighted by Scott T. Morgan ' s win in wrestling. Lambda Chi also had many members active in campus life this year. Bill A. Arnold was an advisor for both Freshman Orientation and University En- counter; Sam E. Stubbs was recognized in Who ' s Who in American Fraternities; and John A. Adkins was fraternity section editor of the Cactus. The Lambda Chi pool was a popular meeting spot on hot afternoons. Randy Huff Knoi Hugh t Frank Jackson Ken Jackson Bill Johnson Bobby Jones Keith Jones John Kalil William Kazmann Roger Key Bruce Kilpatrick Richard Koonce Tom Lesly Randy Lockwood Jim Madden Alan Massey Jim May Jim McCann Jay Mesinger Scott Morgan Ray Niton Ban Petkovich Bill Phillips Don Ploeger Fred Rhodes Bill Robinson Tom Romo William Ron Mika Sanders Grady Schleier Mika Shelton Scott Slaughter Scott Snaad Don Spencer Steve Sprowls Sam Stubbs Will Tucker John Van Zant Alan Waddall Bill Wheeler Stanley Wiedeman Scott Winston Ste.e Winston Jim Worth David Young 239 Omega Psi Phi Omega Psi Phi had a busy year which involved them in many social and philanthropic events. Mem- bers held a scholarship fund raising dance for the University and East Austin community at the Doris Miller Auditorium. In December, the fraternity held its 54th Grand Conclave, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the fraternity. The Delta-Omega formal ball was held in the spring. Among active members on campus was Carl R. Johnson, captain of the UT track and field team. Omega Psi Phi moved to help fight the problem of drug abuse on the nation ' s college camouses, as well as in the comrr " nity they serve. The Omega Psi Phi ' s prepared a portfolio and symposium of their answers to the problem of drug abuse. The close-knit fraternity takes pride in its crest. ' Omega Psi Phi meetings were often held at a brother ' s apartment. 240 President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Oscar Kizzee Michael Perry Manor John Edmond Taylor Berri McBride Michael Perry Manor MEMBERS: Fredric Jones, Thomas Sibley, Oscar Kizzee, Berri McBride, Warren Lee, John Taylor Omega ' s relaxed after a get-together at the Union. 241 David Anderson Tom Anderson Bob Bennett David Brollier Russell Brown Mark Chalmers Taylor Cookiey Wendell Faulkner Rutty Fuhrmann Robert Hearn Clay Hunt Todd Hunt Rob Kerr Bobby Kinnan Jay Kolb Jim Moore Frank Merrill Hunter Nelson Jimmy Norma Bob Park Grier Patton Doug Pung Hank Rote John Russell Steve Sengelmann George Stacy James Thaxton Claude Thorp Chip Wells Chuck West Tom Whiteside Rusty Yates Barry Zeluff Roland Zuber ' SJe Actives helped the pledges study for finals. 242 Phi Delt ' s gathered around their new jukebox one afternoon and relived the ' 50 ' s. OA0 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Clay McLean Hunt James Clyde Norman Frank Swan Merrill Robert Howard Patton Robert F. Wheless Phi Delta Theta started an active year with a spirit poster project with various sororities. Members held a community workday in October and participated in " B " football and " B " volleyball intramurals. Members active on campus were Silver Spurs Robert H. Patton, John E. Russell, Michael E. Fra- zier, Richard D. Maxson, and Frank Hobart Stevens. Robert F. Wheless, James F. Myers, Thomas H. Whiteside, Steven D. Thompson, and Scott N. Morse represented the Phi Delt ' s in the Texas Cow- boys. Clay M. Hunt was vice-president of the IFC. Phi Delta Theta 243 ' Mark Abernathy Tony Arnold Mike Ball Paler Barbour Doug Barnes Robert Barnes Bill Black James Boon Richard Boyd Paul Bradl.y Robert Buchek Stanley Caskey Edward Clark Mark Connally Leland Couch Clark Covert Alan Davenport Daniel Dexter Vance Duncan [)ight Dunlep Triad Eidman Leigh Ellis Randy Engitrorr Joe Flack Jim Giles President Viee-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captains Robert Wayne Barnes Allen Sanders Kent David Foist Motheral Edward Kelley Clark Joe Fenley Flack John Carroll Thomas James Lee Geary Fiji ' s entertained underprivileged children. The Phi Gamma Delta ' s participated in many ac- tivities, such as a benefit football game for the Dar- rell Royal Cerebral Palsy Workshop and Christmas and Easter parties for underprivileged children. Their " A " football team won the fraternity division of intramurals. The Fiji ' s won Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo and the interfraternity foosball tournament. Members held Christmas and sprin g formals, Round-Up activities, and match parties. Their lake club provided a unique setting for social events. Members of Phi Gamma Delta active on campus were Texas Cowboys Robert W. Barnes, vice-presi- dent; Allen S. Kent, Gerald V. Stone, John E. Thom- as, and Joe F. Flack. Jr. Representatives in Silver Spurs were Charles Schreiner, Edward K. Clark, and Dean Campbell. Phi Gamma Delta 244 . cfflren. .JW . Phi Gamma Delta donned full equipment tor a benefit football game in Memorial Stadium. John Gordon Dick Hargis Robert Heiser Jackson Hooper David Johnson James Jorni Allan Kent Rogar Lati Stephen Lubke Gil Undqyiit Edward Lull John Martin Stephen McClelland Wada Millar Gregory Minton Mark Monroe Frosty Moore Thomas Moore DavU Motheral Jack Nash Skipper Nelson Johnny Newton Dana Ott Dan Parham Steve Pearce John Peloubet Gary Pugh Bobby Ratliff Ras Redwine John Saundars Scott Sayert Charles Schreiner Scott Shaeffer Chris Sharp Bill Shuman Bryant Smith Clay Smith Bill Spires Mike Stangle Ned Stocker Gerald Stone Bobby Suhr Mike Tibbetts John Thomas Jim Wells 245 Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Psi was active this year in numerous service, athletic, and socia events. Members held a Christmas party for children at the Austin State School. Athletically, Phi Psi ' s placed second among all teams in Intramural Bowlii.o. They also partici- pated in all other intramural sports. On the social calendar this year were such high- lights as the 1957 Sock Hop, where members dressed in the ' 50 ' s style and danced to " golden oldies, " and the St. Valentine ' s Day Massacre Party. Pledge-active events also played an important part during the year. There were two pledge retreats at a member ' s ranch and a pledge-active football game. Among members active on campus were David F. Tipple, freshman encounter advisor and Emmitt S. Smith, chairman of 1972 Sing-Song. Dads ' Day and the Baylor football game were greeted by a Phi Psi spirit sign. Bill Archer David Bsrr Barry Brown Flynt Chancellor Robert Charpiot Roo.n Cockrell Lane Cooper Paul Ditto S .v. F.rr.ll Pll Fifh.r E. W. Forb.l. Al Foit.r Rob.rt Guild Burnay Harding Thomas Hrulkl Jim V ; 246 President David Jon Hurta Vice President Lance Kimberly Cooper Secretary Charles Daniel Smith Treasurer Marion Flynt Chancellor Rush Captain Chris D. Montgomery Sally Ervin Shiran Hahn Linda Hamann Becky Kennedy Suzanne Langford Nancy Lynch Loretta Ring Btiy Stark David Hurta Brodie Hutchinion Bruce Hydo Harrii Kerr David Kirkpatrick Phil Kratovil Jody Longino Larry Lopez Lax Louviar Thomat Mclvar John Meiimer Frank Millar Chris Montgomery Robert Priddy Donald Robillard Randy Rodgarj Charlay Roger Laa Rogers Keith Rusk Charles Smith Dan Smith Shlton Smith John Sutton David Tipple David Townsend David Watson Eric Weiiigarber Conrad Zivnay Little Sisters of the Mystic Eye 247 Phi Kappa Sigma The Sigma Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma placed a new emphasis this year on pledges ' duties as future leaders of the fraternity. Phi Kap ' s participated in many events this year, both social and athletic. There were annual social events, which included a St. Valentine ' s Day Massa- cre Party, Toga Party and an OU party with the OU chapter. There were also several informal activities such as a prison party, old films party, and a get-to- gether with folk singer Rusty Weir. In athletic events this year, there was a Softball tournament held at OU in the spring with other Phi Kap chapter s. Active members this year were Ronald Perry Camp, military section editor of the Cactus year- book, and John J. Lendrum, delegate to the Grand Chapter meeting held in December in Toronto. OKI President Robert Charles Kaltenbach Vice- President Robert McMurtry Hicks Secretary William Robert Key Treasurer John James Lendrum Rush Captain Samuel Curtis Ferguson i FRONT ROW: Cathey Youngblood. Tricia Maddox, Kerry Hendon, Marilyn Eggeling. Jane Wolfinger. SECOND ROW: Sharon Toepp, Debby Ellis, Linda Ferguson, Patty Kozlowski, Judy Johnson, Lynn Schnitman, Barbara Laudadio, Kathy Bar- rett. Little Sisters of the Skull 248 An active s room in the Phi Kappa Siqma house was the scene for many bull sessions. Dale Atkins Charles Barret Steve Breaud Ron Camp Leonard Curvan Nalh DeFord Robert Evanson Samuel Ferguson Thomas Glass Mai Hefner Fred Holmes Robert Kaltenboch B ill Kay Rusty King John Lcndrum Frank Long or! a Jon Shockl.y Richard Tcrraui Jim Anderson Don Barlay 5tv. Barkl.y Dick Birchl.r Bill Bolt Frank Crmichl John Chaddick Rob.rt Collini Jo. Dabn.y Mil. Dabney Dwight Dawton W.yn Franks Ross So.hring Tim Gropp Barny Sull.y Laslia Huddl.iton David Hughas Rick Jay Tad Johnston Tom K.nn.dy Eric Laibrock Laa Utt Tom Markal Bill Maysa Rob.rt Olsan Charias Portar Mika Staton John Warran John Wisanhunt Chuck Wilson Jim Wyninagar ! This spirit banner for the A M game exhibited Phi Kappa Tau ' s Longhorn spirit. rM r r ) W - ' ' IklM kAvl t t M i-K ISO OKI President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Lee Ervin Lott Robert Courtney Olsen Eric William Leibrock Donald Louis Barley Charles Ray Porter Phi Kappa Tau In striving to be a progressive fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau was active on campus this year. Robert C. Olsen was president of Tau Beta Pi, and James D. Anderson was treasurer of Chi Epsilon. Charles R. Porter was active on the Interfraternity Council code of conduct and judiciary committees. Phi Tau social events included the annual Playboy Semi-Formal held at the house in December. Mem- bers also coached a team in the Pan American foot- ball league. Joy Schnur. Mindy Stone, Patty Moore, Terri Taylor. Allyson Sampson, Marguerite Goolsby, Linda Lott, Rosemary Mines. Little Sisters of the Laurel 251 Richard Cole Bob Crawford Rod Douglas Randall Gardner Aubrey Kene Charles Lewii Ben Lock David McKamie Mick McKamie Patrick McKee Bob Parker Ron Percival Bob Peurifoy Wei Poynor Patrick Pritchett James Raichke Rick Shaw Sam Utelton Richard Wheeler Gary Williams Richard Wyman Various philanthropic, social, and athletic events highlighted this year for the Phi Sigma Kappa ' s. The chapter gave a party for children from the Austin State School at their house in December. Athletical- ly, members participated in all forms of intramural sports placing third in tennis singles and winning their division in football. Social events included an OU party, semi-formal, New Year ' s Eve party in Dallas, and a Moonlight Formal in March. Pledges became involved in frater- nity life with a treasure hunt and construction of a beer-garden located behind the house. Among members active on campus, was J. Mi- chael Yetter, all-intramural volleyball player. Phi Sigma Kappa v Members of Phi Sigma Kappa showed their Christmas spirit. litt 252 Phi Sig ' s danced to Chicago ' s popular sounds at their disc jockey party. m Little Sisters of the Signet DZK President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain William Michael McKamie Rodney Arthur Douglas Wesley Jim Poynor Keith Thomas Arrington David Edgar McKamie Becky Gate. Linda Chidiey Kay Graham Sue Lundy Kathleen Morgan Mary Lou Parker Either Ray Donna Rouignoli Gay Shaw Elian Smith Janica Vatpar Marianne Whitfield 253 Emily Anderson jane Anderson Cinda Arnold Ellen Atwood Carter Beber Molly Barnes Patii Berr Sally Beumgardner Eliiabeth Blanton Peggy Becker Merge Bohlmann Kimberly Breden Jane Brown Rebecca Brown Clare Buie Cerroll Cartwright Mary Chapman Louise Cooley Mery Devison Diene Dies Eleanor Dill Kathleen Dooley Patricie Dooley Jeennie Donnell Beth Edens Elise Elkini Katharine Ellis Roianna Ellis Gloria Eulich Carle Fitzgerald 254 President Pamela Pitier Vice-President Tara O ' Meara Gardner Secretary Suzanne McDonald Treasurer Jane Turner Sheppard Rush Captain Marilyn Carroll CaiiwrigM Elaine Fo Cornelia Frailer Tara Gardner Cathy Satchel! Meredith George Georgia Graham Gey Greer Christy Guess Lynn Guess Sissy Gunter Pi Phi ' s entertained children with a Halloween party, Pi Beta Phi During the year members of Pi Beta Phi were in- volved in many phases of campus life. Activities for the pledges this year included a ' retreat at Heart-of- the-Hills Camp, participation in Derby Day, airplane washes, and the Spur Rodeo. Pi Phi ' s worked at the Hyde Park Day Care Center, Travis State School, Darrell Royal Workshop, Big Buddy Program, and the State School for the Blind. Contributing to the sorority ' s campus activities were Virginia Christine Guess, Orange Jacket vice- president, Angel Flight executive officer, drill com- mander, and Silver Angel; Marilyn Carroll Cart- wright, supply officer of Cordettes; and Candy Matthews, Angel Flight historian. Members of Pi Beta Phi greeted fall rushees Cecilia Haas Cynthia Hamby Kathryn Harvey Kathleen Haielhurst Ann Herndon Martha Hill Margaret Himmelblau Laura Holmet Nancy Holmgreen Bitiie Jennings Judy Jones Kjersti Larson Ann Lehman Kristin Liedtke Sallie Low Candy Mathews Kathryn McDonald Suzanne McDonald Cathleen McGaa Eliiabeth Miiall Janca Montgomery Jennifer Moody Susan Morgan Sara Morrow Anna Mortimer Julia Nelson Katharine Newton Jane Passel Anne Peddie Susan Penn Pamela Pitier Patrice Prior Patsy Read Patricia Richards Robin Richardson Beth Robinson Donna Rudd Ann Schoenvogal Jo Seeley Becky Shands Jane Sheppard Sally Slaughter Susan Smith Christie St. Clair Connie Strader Sally Swanson Anne Tenison Deborah Thome Barbie Timanus Batty Turner Kathryn Williams Jeanne Wilson Rudi Winterringer Susan Winterringer Candy Wise Lucie Wolf Peggy Wright Katharine Wurff 255 Little Sisters of the Shield and Diamond Brenda Browder Cathy Culwell Debbie Daniel Fran Fleming Pal Furgiuele Suzanne Goodwin Gay Gordon Martha Hill Karen Knappenberger Royce Marshall Beverly Parsurt Terry Pierce Mary Agnes Rocks Janice Runberg Susan Ryder Kathy Steib Nickie Thompson Ann Tillinghast Judy Troth Hilary Wheat Richard Adin Andy Aicklen Gary Anderson James Bentley Jim Biddle Randy Biddle Crii Butjchek Whitney Campbell John Carter Robert Casseb David Cordell Barry Crook Bob Daniel Bob Daniell Matthew Daniels Rick Elliott Don Ennis Ray Faires Frank Fleming Charlie Garret 256 Pikes entertained children at a Christmas party nond riKA President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Stephen Gerald Ray James Thomas Jacks Luther Lee Grace James Laing Diddle Jay Milton Messer Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha gained recognition this year through participation in campus groups. Texas Cow- boys were Steve G. Ray, Tom C. Ray, and Melvin R. Todd. Alan G. Thomas was a Silver Spur. Varsity football players included Tommy S. Woodard, Steve D. Valek, David S. Ballew, and Ronnie P. Tyler. Pi Kappa Alpha hosted a Christmas party for the " Helping Hand " youth program. Members also worked to win several pep rally and sign contests. Hugh Garrert Don Gantry David Gillory David Glass Lee Grace ill Robert Gurley Jimmy Jacks Was Johnson Chris Jonas Dan Julian Olan Kaatar David Kaglovits Robert Kimmal Chip Mattar David McFarland Jay Massar Harvey Neuman Stava Parsons Curtis Parryman Gregory Powers Garald Ray Tom Ray Randy Rogers Phil Roper Bill Schuanamann Matt Salmon Deeti Shepherd David Shrum Gary Smith Bill Smit h Hoppy Strickland Gary Strong Raymond Styles Kirk Tata Mark Tata Mika Taagua Pat Taagua Alan Thomas Lindsay Thompson Keith Williams 257 Pi Lambda Phi Pi Lambda Phi at UT began with the Alpha Sigma Social Club, founded in 1964. In December 1969, Alpha Sigma was awarded a national charter from the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity. One of the founding principles of the fraternity is that of non-discrimina- tion; thus the chapter accepts brothers without re- gard to race, creed, color, or re igion. The chapter is currently planning to purchase a fraternity house which will house approximately thirteen brothers. Social activities for the chapter this fall were high- lighted by a Suppressed Desire Party, a Turkey Party and a Chartering Banquet and semi-formal. Spring events included a Heart Transplant Party for Valen- tine ' s Day, and a formal in April. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Steven David Novy Robert S. Sonnenberger Allen Hugh McAfee Charles William Stanley Charles Frederick f i The Pi Lambda Phi smoker provided an opportunity for actives and rushees to get acquainted. 258 I Little Sisters Karen Barton Margie Carrington Ron a Lazarus Kay Levinson Marilyn Rumsey Nancy Schear Lois Wolfe The Pi Lambda Phi ' s explained their initiation program to rushees Glenn Ammerman Skipper Barnes Charles Frederick Tony Gomez Rick Gomez Eddie Heinemeier Jonny Hepler Danny Knot Milton Lindsay Mac McAfee David Moore Steve Novy Alan Prager Craig Sokolow Bob Sonnenberger Charles Stanley Chuck Yarling 259 Steve Albritton Ki.h Baker Mike Barnart Walkar Bateman Jim Barry Frank Blankanbacklar Wayna Brown Bob Cauthen Howard Cheek Bob Chenoweth Paul Clark John Clark Bill Clawatar Stavan Collett Charlat Coopar Wayna Christian Ralph Crawford Mike Crockett Randy Crume Jim Day Jim Elliott Randy Erwin IAE President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captains Frank Aldrich Stroube Dan Taylor Moody William Frank Perrin William Bruce Robinson Craig Womble Barksdale Hortenstine Wn I FRONT ROW: Paula Patton. Ellen Atwood, Kathy Kiel, Laurie Goodson, Frances Cameron, Beverly Berry, Alice Maslan, Terri Liles. Nancy Novak. SEC- OND ROW: Elaine Richards, Bryna Bigby. Margaret Redfearn, Paige Pemberton, Karen Clowers, Mollie Loftis, Debbie Girdley, Tanya Elcblad, Luann Johnson, Kathy Sellers. Little Sisters of Minerva c 260 Sigma Alpha Epsilon bigma Alpha bpsilon, original organizers of the Pan American Football League for Underprivileged Children, contributed again this year by coaching a team. SAE Bob L. Mitchell directed the league. The fraternity re-registered in the Interfraternity Council after withdrawing last year and continued to be active on campus. SAE ' s active in Texas Cow- boys were Frank A. Stroube, A. P. McElroy, Law- rence W. Nixon, Jim D. Berry, Robert T. Halpin, and Kenneth B. Meyer. William M. Burney was horse- wrangler of the group SAE ' s represented in Silver Spurs were Dan T. Moody, Steve J. Plumb, James E. Erwin, Michael D. Crockett, and Lloyd R. French. Social events were highlighted by the Jungle Party and the Racehorse Party. SAE ' s coached a team in the Pan American football league. , :. ;. ' - " ierva T.x Eubank Charles Foi Robin French Craig Gatewood Guy Goodion Vincent Sunn Ken Harrison Danny Hoffman Dale Hortenitine Michael Huniaker Greg Jamas Eddie Jinkins Hu ay Keeney Steve King Larry Madden Bobby Manning Bill McClung Bob Mitchell Jim Montgomery Henry Musialman Gary Newman Lynn Newman Larry Niion Stacy Owen Tommy Parkar Bill Parrin Tony Waff Donnia Poarch Joa Rapa John Rap Larry Richardson Bruce Robinson Gary Roienberger J. D. Rothwell Brian Shivers Bill Shuford Scott Shuford Scott Slaughter Hatch Smith Jim Stalay Bill Stona Robert Turnbull Tim Weaver Jim Whalay Charlas Wolcott Mark Wolcott Craig Wombla Bud Wright Mike Wundarlick 261 Armchair quarterbacks of Sigma Alpha Mu watched TV at the house. Dennil All.r Keith Alter Howard Barnttam Bruce Barnitien Irwin Blum Robert Chicotily St.y.n Cohan Kenny Davii Ron Epstein Eddi. F.ld Rob.rt Fill Sylvan Flortheim Kenny Goldb.rg Mil. Hind Gilbert Holland Donny Hurwitz Howard Kl l Ban Lammom - 262 IAM President Vice-President Secretary Richard Stern Ravel Michael David Krauss Dennis Ira Alter Treasurer Barry Howard Wolf Rush Captain Harry Michael Hochman Sigma Alpha Mu Beginning its 50th year, the Sigma Theta chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu was active on the UT campus. Richard S. Ravel was a varsity letterman in swim- ming for the fourth consecutive year. Sylvan J. Rothchild, Mike J. Tobor, William E. Rosenthal, George A. Raffkind, William B. Finkelstein, and Robert G. Beckoff were Texas Cowboys. Silver Spurs included Jerome K. Horowitz, Charles S. Cohen, and Sammy F. Skibell. The Sammy ' s collected for the heart fund in their ' Bounce for Beats " drive. The social calendar in- cluded the Viet Cong rush weekend, the spring for- mal, and a hayride. i Philip Leonard Jerry Nagid Marl Polunsly Richard Raval Sol Raifar Bil ly Rosanthal Rob.rt Saidal Robart Saldan Barry Shulkin Paul Stain Michaal Tobor Barry Wol Sammy ' s and their dates enjoyed a cook-out at their winter hayride party. 263 Mike Armstrong Jim Bibo Bill Biegel Doug Bogart Mike Brannen Jay Brown Sigma Chi Changes this year at the Sigma Chi house in- cluded a 14-week pledgeship program and a re- modeled gameroom. As the only UT -fraternity in- volved in the foreign exchange program for stu- dents, Sigma Chi hosted two law students from Peru. Derby Day, held in Pease Park, provided activities for competing sororities. Members active on campus included Silver Spurs Warren L. Maupin, John A. Jarvis, and Jack B. Payne; freshman football team manager Robert A. Couch; and orientation advisor Robert Watson. IX President James Robert Watson Vice- President Donald Wayne Drinkard Secretary Alfred Gene Holcomb Treasurer Mark King Johnson Rush Captain Dennis Nicholas Johnston r t Brian Bullard Bryan Burk Bill Canal. Bill Carpenter Bucky Couch Tony Constantino Jim Cravir John Dalby Robert Dalby Greg Dial Foitar Dor man Don Drinkard David Ellis Edwin Eubanki Barry Gidden Bob Gilbert Lyman Grant Mile Gregory Jim Hayes Al Holcomb .:: David Lee Brad Lollar Bill Marshall Randy McCommons Steve Meyer David Mucha David Patterson Stan Roberts Bill ftogan Jimmy Scruggs Danny Shurden Kenny Steer Robin Strother Larry Sumners Phil Sumners Bob Watson Gary Watts Tom White 264 Sigma Chi ' s looked on as sorority coeds battled in the annual Derby Day events Diana Bavrj DaaDaa Blnlenbkr Bat-t. Bullard Jan Burlvson Ptflgy Cook Sjian Giutll Silly Hart.l Biiabth Hill Bath Ibarra Carol McClain Sylvia Plangman Nancy Rambart Laura Robimon D ' Ann Ruhmann Kathy Siglar Susan Sumnars Little Sigmas 265 Sally Abowih Nancy Albert Liia Alter Liu Andell Liu Aron Judy Ashe Debbie Bacharach Jane Baum Helaine Bender Barbara Berger Cindy Brownstein Julie Chapman Barbara Cole man Barbara Cook Meliua Denbo Nancy Elllsh Sheri Finkvlstein Karen Friedman Leslie Freed Robyn Freedman Mina Gardner Rebecca Garber Jan Gershner Martha Gerson Celane Goldfaden Aleta Goldstein Phyllis Goldstein Brenda Goodman Donna Gran off Genell Green berg IAT President Freda Eva Gardner Vice President Frances Ann Clark Secretary Hildy Carol Jacobs Treasurer Shelley G. Nussenblatt Rush Captain Nancy Lynne Rosenberg :-! SDT ' s held a Work Week to prepare tor Spring Rush. 266 DU nh m Sigma Delta Tau This year a new program was initiated by the UT Sigma Delta Tau chapter for greater participation in the sorority. This program featured two months of chapter meetings with projects and speakers. Active in service projects, members made puppets for a party at the Austin State School. A Valentine party was also given for the children. Members partici- pated in the Pilot Program through the Health Cen- ter and contributed to the March of Dimes. Highlighting SDT social life were a winter formal and retreat in October. Active on campus were Linda Marsha Manowitz, vice-president of Panhel- lenic, and Irene Glazer, vice-president of Spooks. Sigma Delta Tau actives surprised pledges with an early morning breakfast. I Lynn Harris Monica Horn Sally Horwitz Hildy Jacobs Kathy Khn Marcelle Kboudi Sara Klein Laura Land Beverly Lebowiti Susan Levin Marcia Levii Leslie Uwin Ricld Macow Linda Manowiti Rochell Merfish Linda Muntx Rozann Nelberi Terry Newman Franc! n Nussenblatt Shelley NussenblaH Helen Valerie Polunsky Brenda Rauzin Michele Resnick Elian Roddy Andrea Rosenberg Nancy Rosenberg Gayle Rothenberg Yvonne Rudolph Sharon Schletinger Janel Schreibman Suzanne Schwarti Cissy Segall Barbara Shapiro April Sherman Ann Siegel Lorraine Sonnemann Sheryl Sonnemann Sharon Spinner Sandra Steinfeld Fredell Topek Debbie Weiner Mrci WiHeli Joan Wlzig Debbi Zlatlns -- 267 Bill Adams Mike Aiken Bob Allman Rick Anderson Tom Arwood Randy Baeti Jack Blanton Glenn Boles Wayne Boles Chip Briscoe Ed Brown Russell Buti Steve Caldwell Scott Campbell Steve Chalmers Jimmy Conrad David Danvers Mark Dodson Tim Donahue Stacy Eastland Evan Evans Mark Floyd Robert Goodwii Doug Graham Billy Helms Bill Hooton Steve Norton Steve Hutcheson Greg Jackson Greg Krupps IN President Lawrence Charles Mathis Vice President Stephen Blake Mort on Secretary James Harrison Walter Treasurer John Scott Talbot Rush Captain Billy Charles Helms Sigma Nu was instrumental this year in two major charity projects. Members participated in the Char- ity Bowl football game, with all proceeds going to the Darrell Royal Workshop for Cerebral Palsy. Sigma Nu ' s Lawrence C. Mathis and Bertrand O. Baetz organized Bevo ' s Birthday Rodeo, benefitting the Travis State School for the Mentally Retarded. On campus, Timothy A. Donahue was a member of the Texas Student Publications Board. Lawrence C. Mathis, Bertrand O. Baetz, and Robert W. How- ard were Silver Spurs, while Steven C. Hutcheson, Lawrence D. Wilson, and Dan S. Steakley were Texas Cowboys. Steven C. Chalmers was on the Executive Council of the Cowboys. Sigma Nu I Sigma Nu ' s battled the DU ' s in a Greek Charity Bowl game for the Darrell Royal Workshop. 268 White Star Sweethearts FRONT ROW: Pat Courtney, Paige Hitchens, Martha Longwell. Elizabeth Blanton. SECOND ROW: Cindy Croslin, Kathy Cox, Katy Carlson, Karen Danvers, Anne Rhein, Kathy Stowe, Janey Briscoe. THIRD ROW: Roslyn Tiemann, Claudia Howard, Bonnie Standefer, Diane Nelson, Carol Colglazier, Susan Tudor. Kathryn Dana, Rita Greenwood. Jim Walter Peter Waraing Bill Wast Larry Wilson Ste.e Womack Randy Lehr Paul Mangum Larry Mathii Ronnie Mayo Jim McDonald Mark Millar Jim Minahan Lai Nichols Jay Palmar Danny Pattillo Mika Pearson Charlia Plumhoff Jim Poaga Stava Pott Cariton Richard Stava Robinson Bfuca Rogers Randy Schular Mike Shelton John Suman Scott Talbot Doug Thompsor Tom Turat John Walltar 269 David Burry Bryan Birkeland Jeff Blanchard Bo Brackendorff Patrick Brandenburg William Brirt Albert Burnt Doug Burton Ron Carter Steven Covey David Crockett Edward Davit Robert Davit Douglat Dillon William Eggletton Richard Rowan Glenn Frank William Fuller Sidney Allen Vicki Avico Sae Lynn Childen Cindi Heetwood Patrice Gatkin Barbara Glaze Candy Haetemeyer Claudia Hitchcock D. J. Lorai Linda Mattad Debbie McKannay Beth Ann Novotny Deborah Vaughan Bath Vowan Soian Zimmermann , 01 19 Golden Hearts Z t E President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Robert Steven Hicks Douglas Rulon Burton Brian Collier Birkeland James Marion Rienstra Larry Dale Taylor 270 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon showed the charitable side of fraternities this year by joining irr the cancer and polio drives. At Christmas the fraternity gave gifts to a local orphanage. The president of IFC this fall was Alan T. Moore, a Sig Ep. Members active in Silver Spurs were Stev- en E. Hicks, Joseph N. Petet, and Larry D. Taylor. Barry N. Henry was president of Silver Spurs and Henry David Hayden was a Texas Cowboy. Social events for Sigma Phi Epsilon were highlight- ed by a fraternity tradition for many years, the Red Garter Party, and the " Down South " weekend. Other parties included the Christmas semi-formal and match parties. Sig Ep ' s worked together to prepare for their Red Garter party. Larry George Bobby Giles Guy Goodwin Chart Haire Houston Harrison Barry Henry Steven Hicks William Holloway Steven Howie James Huffmes Christopher Hull Kim Janicke Brodle Lewis John Lovett Wayne Maisey Jack McAfee Steven McCown Robert McDonald Richard McElroy Alan Moore William Nalle Randy Nelson John Norval John Oberman Craig Olson George Pontrkes William Randolph Edmund Richards James Rienstra David Russell Jeck Savage Gary Sellers Richard Sheldon Bruce Sifford George Spark man Michael Strandridge Larry Taylor Alan Thielemann Clay Tucker Bill Walker Rodrick White Ric hard Williams Michael Wooldridge Robert Zamorano 271 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Craig Kavanaugh Bender Daryl Hastings Klecka William Harold Harter Robert Earl Holman Daryl Hastings Klecka Members and their dates decorated the Sigma Pi house for a Christmas party Margret George, Elizabeth Gilley, Sharon Lamb, Elaine Gilley, Cathy Arrington, Judy Naughton Order of the Orchids 272 Greg Badk Craig Bander Craig Burchited Mike Conner Alan George Bob Green Jim Hamilton Hal Hart.r Roy Hawi Dwight Haynei Mile Him. Robert Holman D.ryl Klecla Kim Morgan Mark William! Hmi ifeb hids Sigma Pi held their traditional big-brother-little- brother football game and gift exchange this year to highlight their calendar. The Phi Kappa Sigma ' s, Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s, and Sigma Pi ' s held co-op parties to promote friendship within the Greek system. Themes for the weekly parties ranged from Sup- pressed Desire to a Prison Party, complete with in- mates supplied by each fraternity, and pretty guards supplied by their dates. Craig K. Bender and Robert L. Green were select- ed by the Alpha Omicron Pi ' s for the only sorority little brother organization presently established. William H. Harter was president of Circle K. Sigma Pi The Sigma Pi ' s put team effort into intramural basketball. 273 Little Sisters of the Pyramid Melania Doniii Adrians Engl L.ili. Frd Cissy Segall TAO President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captains Jay Rodney Davis Gordon Merrill Rubinett John Ellis Horner Gerald Merfish Arthur Paul Rose Irwin Caldwell Kaufman A barbershop quartet was the main attraction at the fall talent show. 274 I DM .-ri- ll., Tau Delta Phi Members of Tau Delta Phi, cooperating with Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, sponsored a Halloween children ' s play at Hancock Center for charity. Social events included a formal in February, Bachelor ' s III party in the fall, and a spring Showboat party. Among the members participating in campus ac- tivities were Alan H. Levi, who served as associate editor of the Cactus yearbook. Tau Delta Phi ' s " A " team was in the top ten in in- tramural football. Tau Delt teams were in the finals for table tennis and were bracket winners in bowling. The Tau Delt house was transformed into a casino Tor a showboat party. i I David Solomon Bruce Spain St... Spain Ricky Stein Sammy Stolbun Jack Wei.i Larry Cohen Jay Davis Marc Davis Leland Dushkin Larry Eilb ott Eddie Eng.l Aron Fogiel Rick Frachtman Bobby Frachtman Jack Freed Bobby Freedman Jay Gerstenheber Richard Gladstone Stuart Goldberg Steve Gossen Jeff Greenblum John Homer Irwin Kaufman Carlo! Key Jary Klein Jerry Kutler Steve L.rner Alan Levi Donny Levit Harry Lewis Hark Mayer Gerald M.rfish Miller Charles Pulman Carter Reich Mike Roosth Steve Roosth Arthur Rose Steve Rosenbaum Marvin Rotstein Gordon Rubinett Mike Stckett Dana Schnitier Mark Schnitter Stanley Schnitier 275 Tau Kappa Epsilon The accent by the Texas chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was placed this year on a progressive pledge program. Pledges were given all the rights of an ac- tive member except the knowledge of the ritual and the active vote in chapter meetings. The emphasis was placed on direct involvement with the chapter and the campus. Tekes participated in co-op parties and also held a Dads ' Day reception. Intramurals were a major part of the year for TKE with participation in many events. On campus Les D. Irby played on the University handball team. TKE President Viee-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain Leslie David Irby John Leslie Gilmore David Darnell Anderson Terry Brent Russell Lee Price Moncrief Teke ' s practiced for a successful showing in handball. ' ' . ' r: i 276 Little Sisters of Apollo Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon enjoyed barbeque at Salt Lick. David Anderson Billy Boyd John Gilmor. L.I Irfay L Moncrif Jack Montgomery Jeff Pt non Tarry Rimell Tommy Sargant Cathy Duka L.ili. Finki LiM Johnston Linda McCullough Mimi Mo.rb. P gy Od.ll 277 .... _. Order of the Blue Iris FRONT ROW: Janet Sibbs, Dorothy Watson. Jane Klimes, Wanda Ripper. SECOND ROW: Linda Cottingham, Cathy Barr. Pamela Guernsey. Pamela Petty. Jane Steinle. Jim Andrui Jay Bailey Gene Baico Steve Belcher Paul Beote! Deve Crook Alan Dowdy Jim Eddin, Ed Gibbs Richard Heller Wayne Henington Craig Hilburn Scott Holler Paul Hopkins David Lord Ducky Mclnryr Bob Melfon Jimmy Pratt Jim Quigl.y Steve Robiton Lawrence Rosion Randy Scofi.ld Mike Scott John Shelton Jim Smith Ricky Smith Wayne Van Doren Dan WraniKhar ; ' - ' LA! mm L T President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain I 3 Everett Shelby Gibbs Stephen Dudley Belcher David Preston Crook Richard Victor Heller William Benson Stewart Theta Xi Theta Xi ' s activities reflected the diversity of the membership in 1971-72. The chapter won first place in the Arkansas sign contest and also held pledge- active football games. Active on campus were Robert H. Worsham and Jack L. Long, varsity cheerleaders; Paul W. Beutel, vice-president of the Longhorn Singers; and Robert B. Melton, treasurer of the Longhorn Singers. A full social calendar included such events as the ' Hairy Buffalo " party, Halloween costume party, a trip to Wurstfest, semi-formals, and Christmas gift exchange which featured the Kappa Pickers. A Christmas party at the Theta Xi house featured entertainment by the Kappa Pickers. 279 Barry Antweil Robert Aronjtein Le.lie Ballin Mike Serl.r Chrii Caldwell Jo Ch inick Murray Cohan Sam Collini Bobby Darrow Ornn Dreeben Chart Eich nbaurr Brian Eltii Don Fielding Jim Frank ! David Frvirich Michael Furgatch Jay Gilden Richard Giniburg Ricky Given Harry Goldsmith Alan Gold.obel B ill Goon Paul Gordon Abe Goren Sandy Gott tman Tom Halfand Ricky Kahn Richard Kaplan Kenny Kopf Jimmy Kraus Marc Kuditch Gary Kusin Jack L Richard Levy Arnold Lipp Garey Markl St v Olichwanger Tommy Paul Larry Pierce Mitchell Rainen Larry Reader David Repp Robri Rot ftfl 1395 ZBT t I President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captains Gary M. Kusin Richard Miles Kaplan Garey Feld Marks Lawrence Stuart Reader Jeffery Marlon Sabel Ronald Turboft Lawrence Scott Pierce Michael Rosen Sammy Roienzweig Bill Rou Je(f Sabel Marty Scheinberg Ricky Schnurr P.te Selig Kenny Stein Louis Stool Ronnie Turboff Bob Turner Doug Waldman Randall Waldma Sieve Waldm.n Robert Wi :: : 280 The flavor of New Orleans enhanced the ZBT ' s Pat O ' Brien Party. Kn Zeta Beta Tau entertained frequently In their new house this year. Rush weekends, including a Pat O ' Brien New Orleans Party and the Playboy Party, after-football-game parties, match parties, and the spring formal were a few of the social activities. Members also sponsored a Little League football team in East Austin. Service projects included col- lections for muscular dystrophy and UNICEF. The ZBT ' s were also active in campus life. Sanford L. Gottesman was president of the Silver Spurs. Other members in Spurs included Jack Dinerstein, Gary M. Kusin, Richard M. Kaplan, and Joel C. Small. Jack G. Lee served as treasurer of Cowboys. William T. Kaufman and Robert A. Wise also repre- sented ZBT in the Texas Cowboys. Zeta Beta Tau FRONT ROW: Robin Scheps, Brenda Smith. Jill Greenberg. SECOND ROW: Cathy Chotiner, Syd Leeds, Lynda Franklin. Susan Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Laurie Reisman, Debbi Zlatkis. Cheryl Schraub, Marilyn Rubin. Debbie M altj, Helaine Reader, Liz Mur- phy. Little Sisters of the Sands 281 Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha members participated in various activities this year. Members sponsored a party for the mentally retarded in November and a Christmas party lor underprivileged children. Other activities included donations to the March of Dimes and to the mentally retarded. Zeta pledges painted the walls of the Austin State School as a contribution to community involvement. The Zeta social calendar included match parties, a fall retreat, and a formal dance. Active Zeta ' s on campus were Deborah Ann Rail, Orange Jacket treasurer and orientation advisor; Elizabeth Irene Beasley, Angel Flight commander; and Andrea Maria Sidor, orientation advisor. Judy Alliion Miry Alliion Becky kilty Grace Bainter Jodie B ion Silly BUckwell Noni Blilock Kithl n Blizik Sharon Brookl Dabett. Brown Bonnie Burkhalter Jin BurUion Beth Bybm Kiry CiHion Miry Clegg Cindy Curlin Pa m Divit Betty Sue Dib Karen Dillon Carol Eidi ill! Earhart Nancy Eppei Laurie Erneit Jackie Etheridge Michele Faulkner Lucy Foreman Mlrcii Frost Pam Gery Amy Gillii Barby Gla.e G.yle Gla.e Julie Slov.f Suianne Goodwin Killry Griffin Marianne Griffin Jaci.e Hlyl M.liiu Heap Silly Hup Suzy Heitreberg Linde Higgini Nancy Hollen Beth Ibarra Piny lvy Cindy Kin Judy Kppl r Zeta pledges participated in Sigma Chi ' s Derby Day. 282 A Jety Diy. President Marie Elizabeth Ibarra Vice-President Penne Sue Sitton Secretary Martha Lynn Trammell Treasurer Say Lee Wilkes Rush Captain Carol Elizabeth Winters Gaylee Wilkes Carolyn Wilton Julie Wilton Carol Winters Jan King Susan Kirkpatrick Kathleen Kleimann Karen Kothmann Janet Little Gay Ann Lynch Wren Marshall Patti Martin Holly McCall Debbie McCally Sarah McMordi. Till McNutt Sara Morgan Jean Mueller Sharon Newberry Anna Motley Tammy Oatman Bridget O ' Brien Roieanne Paul Martha Pearce Suzanne Penny EliHbeth Phillips Kathleen Phillips Terry Pierce Mary Pipkin Linda Pope DeDe Pratt Cindy Pretley Jan Preston Robin Rabun Debbie Rail Mary Reddick Cynthia Reevet Kathy Reilly Linda Reilly Julie Richardt Melinda Roberts Debby Rundell Cathy Salter Alice Sanders Barbara Sanderson Ton! Schmid Genette Shelton Andrea Sidor Pam Simpton Cathy Smith Jan Smith Anne Spellmann Sue Stanberry Bonnie Standefer Mary Steiner Jancy Stephenton Kay Stewart Pat Swanson G. B. Thames Patty Thomat Martha Thompson Kate Thornberry Cheryl TownUy Martha Trammel! Beth Vowan Melinda Wallis Mary Nan Watkins Cynthia Wendland Kim Wendland 283 A : 284 I _J M p u " " u 1 M II M II FEATURES .. ACTIVITIES BETSY FINK MIKE McKEE Summertime. At last there are no classes; finally there is a chance to rest. Sun worshippers hit the beaches. The adventuresome pack their bags with thoughts of relaxation and pleasure, heading for Mexico, Europe, or a cross-country excursion. Some bypass the road of leisure and spend hours in sum- mer study. Others labor at summer jobs. Freshmen receive their first taste of UT during orientation. Even the more fortunate who bask in the solitude of the lazy summer days, remember that the thought of adds and drops clouds even the brightest of their days. Those Lazy Summer Days I I I 286 287 New pledges received drops signifying their sorority. Second period rush skits entertained rushees. A friendly pat-orvthe-baclc and a smile said welcome A Fall Tradition Rush sweeps Into Austin each fall, bringing new friends and acquaintances, endless parties and con- versation and a sea of faces and names that you " must " remember. The week prior to the beginning of classes is appropriately named " rush week, " giv- ing non-greeks only a hint to the truly hectic week that opens the greek year. The girls are greeted by actives, each bearing the same tired smile, a glass of punch, and idle conver- sation. The guys are greeted with a handshake, a beer, and a conversation on staggering feet. The continuous string of parties, day by day, gri nd an in- cessant smile and unmistakable confusion into each participant ' s face. In the aftermath of the storm, in- vitations are sent to the remaining ones who were chosen or were lucky enough to endure. Meditating over the invitation with aching feet, faint memories of the week are recalled. The result is a pledge, soon to be an active, and soon to start the same tradi- tional whirlwind once more. Plenty of beer and conversation made rush parties endurable. Lake parties were popular during fraternity rush. 289 " Preregistration Do Not Fold Spindle or Mutilate A -.ujJaii 1 I Mountains ot mail filled the Accounting Office. o Where is that $% auditors receipt. ' " ?XP Bi Adds and drops starring a cast of thousands. := -. 290 L The computer could only do so much. mm Signs awaited the lines. After an initial year of frustrations and complica- tions, " The Computer " and the semi-annual pre-reg- istration process claimed more victims this year. With the Gregory Gym registration procedure by-passed two years ago, university students looked forward to 1971-72 as a year of late classes, easy schedules, and no hassles. But " The Computer " struck again. Course sched- ules, piles of number two pencils, and thousands of course cards, all intended to solve the problems in- herent in the old field house registration, only added to students ' problems. Pre-registration was hailed as a success by those students able to win the battle of man vs. machine. But for those unlucky enough to fall victim of the mechanical sectionizer, a nightmare of adds and drops was waiting. Foreseeing the difficulties of pre-registration, University officials scheduled a day of adds and drops in Gregory Gym at the beginning of the spring semester. For the experienced student, the process was reminiscent of the old system long lines and few courses available. After two years of operation, controversy still sur- rounds the " new " pre-registration procedure. In de- bating the good and bad points of the system, most students rely on their personal experience with " The Computer " and to the student stuck with five 8 a.m. classes there is no doubt concerning his feelings about the " new " process. ' Dorm Living: An Experience The dorm ... a place to drop the books, the troubles of the day, and listen to the rest of the floor ' s problems. It is a mini-community composed of representatives from all over the state, the na- tion, and the globe. In one room lives a Houston oil- man ' s daughter and a Valley orange grower ' s daughter. Down the hall lives a girl who ' s never left Austin. There may be a " modern confusion " decor lodged next door to a psychedelic poster museum. Or there may be a stark, bare room untouched by the resident. Each reflects a different life style and the attitude of the persons who live there. Here per- sonalities, not just people meet. Personal woes be- come common woes. There is mutual understanding among the residents about no hot water, leftovers again, fire alarms at 3 o ' clock in the morning, and broken washing machines. There are immediate im- pressions formed in dorm life. " I hate my roommate. The food is terrible. The elevator is slow as a snail. " But in that nook called a room, there is a definite feeling that someone belongs there ... it is a home. Despite the timing of finals, students took part in holiday festivities. ABOVE: Telephone talking competed for nightly study hours . . . and often won. RIGHT: A collage of posters did wonders for this " green cubicle. " 292 There ' s never a dull moment in a dorm . . And 793 i " You mean to tell me there ' s nobody up there who doesn ' t have a date!?! " ' ' k 9 " Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . 294 Live and Learn a Was getting pinned really worth it? The lobby sometimes offered quiet that couldn ' t be found in the room. 295 Weekend traffic jams were typical around dorms After long hours ot study came " midnight snacks im . The 10,000 Calorie-a-day Diet. 296 A Time to Remember Banners proclaimed Longhorn spirit Dorm advisors prepared freshmen for Austin night life. 297 A Joint Effort Living under one roof with people of varying per- sonalities and interests is what co-operative living is all about. A co-op resident assumes weekly cooking and cleaning chores, and is responsible for his own self-government and management. It is this inde- pendence that attracts many students to the low- cost living of a co-op. Each co-op belongs to the Inter-Cooperative Council which attempts to aid all of the co-ops by making them an attractive place to live. By spon- soring movies throughout the year, the ICC bought necessary appliances for the co-ops. Co-op residents enjoyed sports year round 298 Christmas dinner was one annual co-op event Leftover turkey was used for lunch, dinner, and snacks. The House A Home Variety is the password to the style of life in soror- ity and fraternity houses. Walk into a room and you might discover laughter, stacks of books, and piles of clothes. Frequently pledges can be observed clean- ing the house or performing other household tasks deemed necessary by actives. Weekend parties are the rule rather than the exception and rap sessions frequently carry over into the early morning hours. Day to day living within the greek setting is a defi- nite challenge and a matchless experience. LEFT: Greeks raided for a midnight snack. ABOVE: Members bridge the gap with their housemother. ft 299 " Students managed to take time out from studying for relaxation. Cooking meals also meant cleaning dishes. 100 cans of beer on the wall ' ' 300 Apartment Life: Freedom and Independence " Apartment Living 101 " is a cram course in re- sponsibility for the inexperienced or a refresher course in survival to the seasoned apartment dwel- ler. Nowhere else can one find such a basic course in independent living. A person is entirely on his own when living off campus. If the pilot light goes out, the disposal backfires, or the thermostat doesn ' t work, it is the in- dividual ' s duty to see that things are returned to order. In an apartment, there is space not only in square feet, but space for freedom of movement, hosting of parties and dates, and creativity in cook- ing ... and it is all available if the rent ' s on time. This should Itst us a few days! i T-r-r-ry it, you ' ll l-i-i-ike it! 301 302 All on an Autumn Saturday Afternoon . 303 Revenge on the range, Arkansas!! Band members played as raindrops kept falling on their heads at the Cotton Bowl. 304 f ' H K_ MMi BW M ororities competed for the spirit award at pep rallies _ _ _ _ _ Football Fever Tired feet, hoarse voices, and fair-weather fans typified Texas students on Saturdays in Austin last fall. With the new upper deck in use, students rode I I flights of escalators only to find more stairs to climb to their seats. From their vantage point, stu- dents in the upper deck had a front row seat of the pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows by the Longhorn band and birds flying below. Other stu- dents drew lower deck seats with some fans serving as members of the card section. Field recruits included the APO ' s and their giant Lone Star flag; Bevo, held down by the Silver Spurs; the Cowboys ' cannon, Smokey, and UT ' s orange- clad cheerleaders. However the Longhorns, with their fourth consecutive SWC title, were the ulti- mate performers of the glittering Saturday events. I Escalators transported fans to the new upper deck of Memorial Stadium. Even empty stands showed Longhorn spirit. - 305 Half-asleep A mad dash to the Co-op Rushing to class inning of a full day Lunch on the Union Patio Mid-day laziness Basking in the sun A second wind Winding out the day a VAKSITY r:;T F1L. " If f M I J ? u bj , at Night jttW ' 1IB Studying Full libraries and " coffeehouses " Two-hour study breaks Relaxing and letting loose Cleaning up on the eve of a new day Midnight snacks A 24-Hour day Llrt Iff Pifisi !ii Understating another stated library inadequacy. V Ik- :- Aisles in the Humanities Research Room were reported to be poorly lit and inadequate. Student Government Committee for Better Li- brary Service worked in the fall on an emergency appropriation for a library crisis in the UT library system. The Texas Legislature appropriated two million dollars for 1971-72, no increase from the previous year. This money is divided 3 I % for book buying, 63% staff salaries, and 5% library system ' s operating expenses. Major complaints with existing facilities included lack of security in undergraduate libraries and lack of personnel. In answer to President Stephen H. Spurr ' s re- quest for more documentation on the library situa- tion, the Better Library Service set up a complaint registering service for students to voice opinions to librarians and The Daily Texan Firing Line. The American Research Library Association ranked the University 16th in performance on a list of seventeen schools. Performance encompassed number of volumes, staff, expenditures, and total operating procedures. Library Facilities Found Inadequate By Committee 308 k Y Limited bus service was a result of the strike Protesters petitioned signatures supporting the strike. Student Busing Slowed by Strike Shuttle bus drivers went on a strike in late Febru- ary that lasted seven weeks. The drivers claimed that Transportation Enterprises, Inc. operated buses with poor braking systems and lights, mal- functioning doors, and no fire extinguishers. The strikers also wanted their local chapter of the Amalgamated Transit Union recognized. TEI promised to repair the buses but refused to recog- nize the Union shortly after the strike began. TEI was then forced to use supervisory personnel and non-striking drivers and hire drivers 18 years of age which violated their contract with the Univer- sity. Negotiations continued intermittently until April when TEI agreed to recognize the Union. The Union patio was the scene of a benefit concert for the drivers. 309 Ml ' ' ' TIME Seeks Equal Enrollment The Improvement of Minority Education, better known as TIME, was organized this year amidst controversy over the minority recruitment program at the University. TIME consolidated the efforts of black, Chicano, and Anglo groups to lobby for in- creased minority enrollment. TIME supported a lawsuit by the Thurgood Marshall Society, the Hu- man Rights Research Commission, La Raza Law Students, and the Student Bar Association against University President Stephen H. Spurr. They charged inaction on the minority recruitment pro- posals that included a ten-percent increase in mi- nority student recruitment and the addition of 75 minority students enrolled in the freshman class of the School of Law. The Board of Regents in an April meeting rejected the TIME proposal and the changing of the minority recruitment policy was delayed until next year. MAYO demonstrated for A Chicano Studies Program. A clock was the symbol of TIME ' S efforts for minority recruitment. I President Spurr came under attack for failing to inact MAYO s demands. 310 MAYO marched in support of minority recruitment. Tex- P IRC Forms On UT Campus Tex-PIRG, Texas Public Interest Research Group, a new organization formed to investigate environ- mental preservation and consumer protection, draft, and drug laws, gained wide support among both students and faculty at UT this year. Tex- PIRG supporters, after gaining enough signatures on their petitions, asked the Board of Regents for a voluntary fee of $2 to finance the group. The money would be collected through registration. The regents, however, vetoed the optional fee col- lection and Tex-PIRG set aside April 9-19 as a fund raising period. During those ten days, students gave donations on the Drag, rebate slips were col- lected, campus organizations pledged money, sen- iors signed over their property deposits, and the Student Senate pledged $500 for support toward the Tex-PIRG goal of $30,000. !16M!J Tex-PIRG board elections were held the same day as the May primary election. 311 :- t : - They Go Unnoticed Daily K SS ' SiU " rr ' - " . r ' " " " ' i n IT Let us. while waiting for new monuments, pre- serve the ancient monuments. CEC and Fine Arts Present Winnipeg Ballet Jesus Christ Superstar 314 Winnipeg Ballet 315 Gordon Light-foot Henry Mancini Chuck Berry II- Proposition 318 Midsummer Night Dream 319 Regents Approve Building Program The Board of Regents of the University System attracted less attention this year than in recent years. The most controversial action taken by the board this year involved the imposition of a faculty teaching workload. The teaching workload required each faculty member to teach the equivalent of four three-hour undergraduate courses. A class with 100 to 300 students accounted for credit for one and one-half courses while a class with over 300 students accounted for two courses for faculty members. The same amount of credit was given for teaching five graduates as for teaching 100 under- graduates with the chairmen of the departments being able to have up to three courses waived for their administrative duties. The board also approved a $60 million construc- tion program that Regent Frank C. Erwin Jr. called " a master plan for the next ten years. " Included in the building program was a 2.5 million volume li- brary to be located on Speedway Avenue between 20th and 21st streets. A College of Fine Arts Building and a 3,000 seat performing arts center will be built at the present location of Clark Base- ball Field. A special events building seating 20,000 people for basketball and CEC events is to be built adjacent to IH 35 between 16th and 18th streets. Another future addition, a water sports arena for intercollegiate swimming, is to be built at an undesignated location. A committee was appointed to negotiate with the City of Austin the return of Municipal Golf Course to the University. The land on which the golf course is located is a part of the University ' s Brackenridge tract and is valued at $60 million. 330 - I Bach Click Taniguchi Gibbs Gregorian o I Gibbs Click Taniguchi Bach Gregorian " Q. rs O QQ c u C M) 2s " = WD rs 3 .2? ' E I u O Q. o The University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas Spring, 1972 To Whom It May Concern i It is with profound regret that I resign my position at the University of Texas at Austin. I came to this campus several years ago with great expectations for a new teaching and learning experience in an ideal environment. Unfortunately, in the last two years, I have found that none of my expectations has materialized. It has been my experience that the Regents have more often than not failed to listen to the requests of the faculty. This has resulted in the situation which now exists - the faculty has little control over their working conditions. This has been clearly reflected in the imposition of mandatory teaching loads for all professors. I must say this points to one thing - our governing bod y seems to be more concerned with quantity rather than quality of education. The situations and repeated repressive tactics, which resulted in the departure of some of this institution ' s brightest lights during the recent past, have simply been too much for me to withstand and continue my position in good faith. Earlier in the year, a decision was made to request a lesser regental library allocation than endorsed by the University ' s Library Committees. With the sub-standard conditions of library facilities on this campus, this was but further proof that the powers-that-be of the University has misplaced certain priorities. Because of these conditions I highlighted and other personal reasons, I submit this letter of resignation. My hope is that the future will bring an improved academic atmosphere to the UT-Austin campus. Respectfully submitted, Faculty Member The University of Texas Austin n o 3 o i ( O 4 3 w " n GFQ DO O 0}U3jdO-| 3 = CfQ O | 5 i " Moving on to Greener Pa$ture$ " 321 UT Goes Cycledelic A barrage of bicycles descended upon the Uni- versity this year, as cycling became a way of life for students both as passengers and pedestrians. Problems followed when the clean air movement moved onto the campus. Like cars, bikes came under traffic regulations, so unpleasant surprises awaited cyclists who were oblivious to signs, red lights, and pedestrians. Bicycle owners accumulated tickets for running stop signs and excessive speed. There were also many accidents involved; bikes and cars, bi- cycles with other bicycles, and bicycles with unwary pedestrians. Racks were provided, but because of the shortage, bikes could be seen chained to trees, mailboxes, stairs, and No Parking signs. Though all conceivable anchors were used, bicycle theft contin- ued to be a risk for riders. Even with the many problems involved, popularity for one-person transportation soared. Bikes pro- vided a convenient way to get to and from classes without the hassle of driving or the tardiness of walk- ing. A person could catch a few extra minutes of sleep before morning classes by relying on this latest fad for traveling. 322 323 The Drag . . . A Symbol of UT Culture Strange music, the -noise, the people, the vaga- bonds vending exotic goods, and the passers-by glancing at the sights! This is not some strange mar- ket place, but the University Drag. Aromas from avocado sandwiches, candles, in- cense, leather goods, and carnations permeate the air, drawing students toward the displays. A con- stant cry of " Ra-a-a-a-g " splits the air all day long. Night time creates a contrasting atmosphere on the Drag. After a UT football victory, the Drag is a wild melee of shouts, car horns honking, and a sea of hands " hooking the horns! " The Drag depicts an overall view of the students ' interests, life styles, and backgrounds. A meeting place for people from all over campus this is the Drag. m i 324 A New Landmark The LBJ Library With the opening of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and School of Public Affairs, students were given an opportunity to view one of the most tumul- tuous decades of the century from the memorabilia, personal papers, and documents of the man who was the U.S. president during those times. The library, on the east edge of the campus, is easily accessible to students interested in a place for study, research, and history. For those more inter- este d in viewing the library ' s displays, something in- triguing and fascinating can always be found. Mrs. Johnson told members of the Cactus staff during a tour in the fall, " We tried to provide something for everyone. " And they did. I Mrs. Johnson campaigned across the nation in 1964 on the Ladybird Special. 326 Charles Corkran, chief archivist, explains the filing system tor the LBJ papers 377 Busy Schedule Marks First Year During its first year as part of the University, the LBJ Library, School of Public Affairs, and Joe C. Thompson Conference Center hosted numerous events. An initial group of 250,000 education pa- pers, previously unavailable to the public, were opened during a symposium in January. Other highlights included an autograph party for the former President ' s book, The Vantage Point and daily tours. The complex also served as a place for group meetings and conventions. After 10 months of operation the 500,000th visi- tor passed through the popular center in March. Gary Yamngton. curator, supervised work on an education exhibit. L, ' W 328 Lyndon Johnson autographed his book The Vantage Point, at the LBJ Library when his memoirs were released. LEFT: Dr. James B. Rhoads, Archivist of the United States, and for- mer HEW Secretaries John Gardner and Wilbur Cohen spoke at the Education Symposium in January. ABOVE: The LBJ Library hired students to serve as guides and receptionists. 329 ' Off-campus speakers sponsored by the Texas Un- ion Speakers Committee and other campus organi- zations introduced a diversity of philosophies and ideas to the University community this year. Con- servative William F. Buckley Jr., speaking to a ca- pacity crowd in Gregory Gym, rebuffed the New Left for its " vague program. " Consumer advocate Ralph Nader cited Tex-PIRG as an example of stu- dent involvement which " is building a new full-time citizenship for students. " An organic food fair on the Union Patio preceded nutritionist Adelle Davis ' speech to a full crowd of University students and many Austin residents. Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo ' s Nest, and Linda Jeness, Socialist party candidate for President, both urged political involvement outside the two party system, while candidate Frances Farenthold sought student votes for the Democratic nomination for governor. Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti encouraged anti-war sentiment in selections from " A Coney Is- land of the Mind. " University professor and former presidential advisor Walt W. Rostow described " the diffusion of power from Washington and Mos- cow, " and the decline of aggressive romantic revo- lutionaries " as the most important trends enhanc- ing the chances of world peace. Rabbi Meir Ka- hane ' s pro-Zionist views met both approval and emotional protest at the University, while Peter Buch countered the arguments of the Jewish De- fense League with anti-Zionist ideas. Other speak- ers included pacifist Dave Dellinger, civil rights leader Charles Evers, militant Chicano Reies Lopez Tijerina, and anthropologist Evelyn Reed. Some students were outraged by Rabbi Kahane s speech. William F. Buckley 330 i Dave Dellinger Speakers Attracted Varied Audiences Lawrence Ferlinghetti 331 Texas Union . . A People Place 333 Primary Election Sparked Student Interest A heavy student turnout for the primary elections meant a long wait to vote. Gubernatorial hopeful Frances Farenthold met supporters at her headquarter est Large numbers of students participated in precinct conventions. Newly enfranchised by the 26th Amendment, many students participated in grass-roots politics preceding the May 6 primary elections. As far back as February, an extensive drive to register eli- gible voters was organized on campus. Political hopefuls geared their campaigns to seek the stu- dent vote with such issues as the Sharpstown stock scandal and the state government ' s relation to the University community. Student involvement was unprecedented. Coali- tions endorsed and actively campaigned for vari- ous candidates. When the dust cleared on May 7, the election results indicated a heavy student turn- out and a substantial change in the political struc- ture of the State. Newcomers seemed to hold an advantage in some hotly contested races. Democratic gubernato- rial candidates Dolph Briscoe and Frances " Sissy " Farenthold headed for a runoff, while ousting in- cumbents Preston Smith and Ben Barnes. In the Re- publ ican primary, Al Fay ran first in Travis County, but was matched with fellow Houstonian Hank Grover for the June 3 runoff. Student attendance at Democratic precinct con- ventions also showed the new political muscle. Many of the delegates to the county conventions selected from student precincts were committed to Senator George McGovern for the Presidency. Travis County as a whole supported McGovern, Governor George Wallace, Senator Hubert Hum- phrey, plus blocs of " uncommitted " delegates. Bill Jn ( __- ' LT. COVER! I 335 Round-Up in the Old Tradition c One of the couples at the Marathon solicited support by donning cos- tumes. Governor Preston Smith presented the trophy to the Marathon winners. In an effort to bring back the " spirit and tradi- tions " of previous years, Round-Up ' 72 was filled with activities including a beard growing contest, the Texas Cowboy barbeque, and a bicycle race. Coordinated by the Interfraternity Council, Round- Up was held the week of April 9-15. Highlight of the week of celebration was the 48- hour dance marathon, sponsored by the Silver Spurs and held in Gregory Gym. Lee Lonney and Carol Smith were the winning couple and received a trip to Disneyland for their participation. The dance raised $15,000 for the March of Dimes. Overall, Round-Up week served to raise money for charitable causes as well as change the routine of campus life for at least one week in April. The Round-Up Barbeque was sponsored by the Texas Cowboys. 336 ion STOP BIRTH DEFECTS. PONT THt They Stop Birth Defects Don ' t They was the theme of the Marathon Dance. aptNSi presented WIM au proceeds to 1 uiJi trip too Greets displayed signs publicizing Round-Up. Couples managed to find ways of breaking the monotony of dancing. 337 Travel in Texas The vast state of Texas contains a wide variety of vacation spots and scenes for the perfect weekend excursion. A restless University student who " needs to get away from it all " can travel in any direction from Austin and be guaranteed an interesting change of pace. 338 Chinese Sunken Gardens in Brackenridge Park, San Antonio. Fiesta of Arts and Crafts at Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin. Astrodome, or the Harris County Domed Stadium, Houston Straw market in Juarez, Mexico, across the border from El Paso Confederacy area at Six Hags over Texas, Arlington Tower of the Americas at HemisFair Plaza. San Antonio 339 Gay Libs Met Opposition Yearlong friction between the Gay Liberation Front and the University Administration erupted in a February confrontation after a scheduled dance in the Union Main Ballroom was cancelled. Reserva- tions for the dance, sponsored by the Student Government to benefit the Gay Liberation De- fense Fund, was refused by James P. Duncan, Dean of Students. Five persons were arrested when they refused to vacate the ballroom. Gay Lib was also refused a permanent meeting room in the Union in October. An Austin night- club, which turned away a group of gays in No- vember, was picketed by supporters of Gay Lib. An injunction was filed against the University in December by the group. Refusal of official recog- nition as a student organization was the major grievance in the suit. Policemen guarded doors to the Union Main Ballroom in order to prevent the Gay Lib dance. f(! Say Libs filed an injunction against the University for refusing to grant official recognition to the group. 340 Five people remained in the Union Ballroom against police orders, Policemen arrested Gay Lib members for refusing to vacate the premises 341 New Buildings New Borders Clutter, cranes, and cramped quarters character- ized sections of the campus this year, as construction crews worked to build additions to the already sprawling Austin campus. Crews put the finishing touches on the Humanities Research Center and a brick veneer wall bounding the campus along the Drag and Nineteenth Street. On the east side of the campus, work continued on the expansion of Memorial Staduim. The expan- sion, already far behind schedule, suffered another setback in February when a crane ' s arm snapped and San Jacinto Street was blocked for over a week. On the opposite side of the campus, the new communications complex moved toward a Febru- ary, 1973, completion date, and construction crews worked hard on the new Physics-Math-Astronomy Building, slated to open in late 1972. s New wall bounding campus along Guadalupe and 21st Streets 342 New Scoreboard at Memorial Stadium , .. . - - ' - J- Vf. - ? Physics-Math-Astronomy Building 343 I rr 344 " ... with love, with love 70 ways, with love filling the days . . . from all those good and crazy people my friends. " from " Company " 345 titV 6 out I: Despite the rain, Texas fans rallied under their s; What has become a tradition for Longhorn foot- ball fans turned into a New Year ' s Day headache this year. In an unprecedented fourth straight ap- pearance in the Cotton Bowl, the Southwest Confer- ence champion Texas Longhorns were trounced by Penn State. Longhorn spirit mounted as New Year ' s Day brought a glittering parade through downtown Dallas, the crowning of Cheryl Goodman as Cotton Bowl Queen, and Steve Valek ' s record breaking field goal. Unfortunately, as the rain fell so did Longhorn spirits, and the road to victory ended in defeat. +B ' Cotton Bowl Queen Cheryl Goodman rode a float in the parade. 348 eineFtoaf PRIZE Cotton Bowl New Year ' s Tradition A Winnie the Pooh float won the 1972 Float Theme Prize. Texas Cheerleaders rode in the parade through downtown Dallas. Coaches Royal and Paterno exchanged a friendly word after the game. 349 . Students cast ballots in campus-wide elections at Main Mall polls. After all the leafleting ended and the final run-off was completed in student elections this spring, a new set of leaders were chosen by the student body. Following a highly contested run-off election, Dick Benson was elected student government president. Tony Sadberry captured the vice-presidency in a second run-off election. Only 5,767 students cast ballots in this selection of campus leaders. The first campus-wide election for members of the Texas Student Publications Board was held in Febru- ary. Two at-large members of the board, and four journalism majors, as designated by the trust agree- ment between TSP and the regents, were elected. On the same ballot with the TSP candidates, the 1972-73 editor of The Daily Texan, David Powell, was elected in a run-off. John Adkins and Ronnie Franklin, at-large members, and Gary Baldridge, Betsy Hall, Pam Mayo and Rana Shields, journalism students, were chosen for the TSP Board seats. 350 Issues and Idealogies LEFT: Individuals and groups protesting the Stu dents ' Association presidential election ex pressed grievances to the Election Commission War Demonstrations Marked Year ' s End 352 What began with approximately 200 grassroot activists on a peaceful evening in April on the Un- ion Patio grew to a confused and destructive force of 2,000 on the lawn of the LBJ Library. The stu- dents, who were angered by the sudden escalation and bombing in Vietnam, boycotted classes. Rallies were held to mobilize, city streets were blocked, and finally forces clashed on one violent evening. What began as a peaceful rally of speech-making turned into the tossing of heated words and rocks. Windows were broken and the Austin police were armed. The result was a melee of words, fists, clubs, tear gas, and Mace. What was once a quiet protest against war had become a battlefield. 353 -, ' ill !! , ' ' J JL J Vincent R. DiNino and the Longhorn Band 354 Graduation 1972 William D. Ruckelshous. speaker The 89th spring commencement program of The University of Texas at Austin concluded a year to be remembered by all. During 1 97 1 -72, some 4,200 students achieved their respective degrees from the University. A " freshman president " worked to- ward uniting the different university factions and a special memory undoubtedly evolved for every in- dividual who touched UT-Austin. The evening commencement program featuring the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, William D. Ruckelshaus as speaker, the Longhorn Band in concert, certification of all de- grees and remarks from President Stephen H. Spurr, followed a day full of activities. On May 20, the ROTC graduates in the various branches of service were commissioned, an inter-faith baccalau- reate service was held and afternoon convocations for all of the colleges and schools recognized the degree candidates individually. Speaking to the largest graduating class in the University ' s history, Ruckelshaus highlighted the pressing problem of ecology for the world today. Following his comments about the future of the en- vironment and man ' s role in its preservation, he commented to the graduates, " You leave here to- day to become the shapers of tomorrow ' s world. You are the pride and joy of Texas. " 355 LIMELIGHT 356 President of Cordettes and Mortar Board, Cyn- thia Ann Brandimarte also served as vice-president of Chi Omega sorority. A Phi Beta Kappa and Pi Lambda Theta initiate, Cindy was on the Dean ' s List in the College of Humanities for five semes- ters. Cindy was a Freshman Encounter advisor and a Bluebonnet Belle finalist in 1971 and 1972. Ronald Glenn Franklin, junior in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, was Tejas Club vice-president and was elected to the Texas Stu- dent Publications Board of Operating Trustees. Ronnie was a member pf Jester Men ' s Student Government and Phi Eta Sigma. He was also a Freshman Encounter advisor and on the coordinat- ing board for the organization. Architecture assemblyman, James Richard See- man, was chairman of the Texas Union Board of Directors and resident assistant in Jester Center for the freshman football team. A member of Omi- cron Delta Kappa, and Friar Society, J. R. was cho- sen for the Students ' Association Distinguished Service Award and as a 1971 Cactus Soodfellow. Outstanding Students 357 Outstanding Students A Ten Most Beautiful and a 1971 Bluebonnet Belle, Julie Jean Newsom was a member of Mortar Board and Orange Jackets. Julie, a senior humani- ties major with a 3.9 grade point average, was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, and Phi Kappa Phi honoraries. Julie was also president of Alpha Chi Omega so- rority and Cordettes executive officer and spring pledge trainer. President ot Silver Spurs, Sanford Lee Sot+es- man was a member of the Board of Governors of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, the CBA Council, and the Texas Sportsmanship Committee. President of the junior class of the business school, Sandy was a committee chairman during CBA Week and chair- man of the Round-Up marathon dance. While com- peting on the UT swim team, he received the Chester Nagel Award for outstanding perform- ances. Vietnam veteran Robert Thomas Binder served as the 1971-72 president of UT student govern- ment. A third-year law student, Bob chaired both the Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees and the Student Senate. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Texas Un- ion and of the University Council. A member of Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity, Bob was a member of the Friar Society. 358 H. Clifton Avery, features editor of The Daily Texan, has worked on the Texan as city editor, as- sociate news editor, assistant managing editor and make-up editor. A three year newspaper staffer, Cliff was the Outstanding Texan worker in 1970. He served as president of Sigma Delta Chi, and president of the Southwestern Journalism Con- gress. A journalism major, Cliff was a stringer for both United Press International and Newsweek magazine and was an initiate of Friar Society. I :;; , ' As editor of the 1972 Cactus, Jan Kathleen An- drews served as an ex-officio member of the Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees. A senior journalism major and transfer student from San Antonio College, she was a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Jan was also a member of Sigma Delta Chi and Theta Sigma Phi. Last year ' s University Sweetheart, Cheryl Ruth Goodman, was a 1971 Cactus Goodfellow and Cotton Bowl O ueen - A senior humanities major and a member of Orange Jackets, Cordettes, and Mor- tar Board, Cheryl was a varsity cheerleader for three years. She was a 1971 Bluebonnet Belle final- ist and served as Orientation advisor and Alpha Chi Omega sorority pledge trainer. 359 Junior fine-arts major Marcella Mitchell was a 1972 Bluebonnet Belle and recipient of the Marjo- rie Darelik Memorial Award. Marcella was secre- tary of the Texas Union Program Council and Exec- utive Council and a member of Orange Jackets. Vice-president of the Jester advisors, Marcella was secretary of Longhorn Singers and on the Texas To- day and Tomorrow Union Committee. Martha Ann Hill, a junior communications major, was a member of the Texas Union Executive Coun- cil and Program Council. She was. a member of Or- ange Jackets, Posse, and Mortar Board and served as rush coordinator of Pi Beta Phi sorority. Martha was on the steering committee for the Students Older Than Average Structure Study Committee. A member of SCOOP (Student Committee on Orientation Procedures) and an orientation advisor for three years, Ronnie Ray Volkening was a senior in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Ronnie was a past president of Tejas Club and was a 1971 Cactus Goodfellow. A senior in the College of Humanities, Ardell Taylor participated in the International Students Program by serving as coordinator of the housing office which assists incoming international students. A member of Mortar Board and several interna- tional student committees of student government, Ardell served as a Freshman Encounter advisor and was a member of the International Information Week Committee. b- :: :: - - -: M - 360 Outstanding Students Theodore Jerome Siff was the founder and di- rector of the Legal Research Project and founder and administrative coordinator of TexPIRG (Texas Public Interest Research Group). Selected the Most Outstanding First- Year Law Student in 1971, he was commentator in the 1972 Walter Prescott Webb International Symposium. Ted worked with " Nader ' s Raiders " on a pollution task force report concerning the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture. He was also se- lected to membership in the Friar Society. Senior in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Cheryl Jo Jennings was contact chairman of Orange Jackets and a member of Mortar Board and Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Cheryl was presi- dent of Alpha Lambda Delta, and a member of the Symphonic Band. She was a 1971 Cactus Goodfel- low and on the Union Leadership Board. President of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, senior Ha! Edward Hagemeier was Air Force ROTC Corps Commander and the Distinguished Military Cadet in 1971. An engineering major with a 3.9 grade point average, Hal was a member of Tau Beta Pi and was initiated into the Friar Soci- ety. Hal has been an Engineering Fellow for six se- mesters and on the Engineering Honor Roll for eight semesters. 361 Pergrinus law school yearbook Editor Macka Lee Murrah was a past president of Eta Kappa Nu, and an ex-officio member of the Texas Student Publica- tions Board of Operating Trustees. Mack, a mid- law student and chairman of the Law School Honor Council, was a member of Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity and Tau Beta Pi engineering honorary. Mack was an Engineering Fellow and a member of Phi Eta Sigma. Junior Fellow Christopher Lynn Hartwell was a Woodrow Wilson Scholar nominee and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. A senior Plan II English Honors Student, Chris was chairman of the Texas Union International Affairs Committee. He was also a member of the Texas Union Program Council and a reporter for The Daily Texan. Linda Sue Ferine, a senior in the College of So- cial and Behavioral Sciences, served on the Texas Union Executive Council and was chairman of Un- ion Week in 1970. An Orientation advisor, Linda worked on SCOOP (Student Committee on Orien- tation Procedures) and was a 1971 Cactus Good- fellow. She was also a member of Spooks, Orange Jackets, and Mortar Board. Outstanding Students 362 A graduate business student and former chair- man of SCOOP (Student Committee on Orienta- tion Prodecures), Paul Joseph Van Osselaer was a member of the House of Delegates, Model United Nations and the CBA Council. A former prs-law association president, Paul was a member of the Students ' Association Constitutional Revision Com- mittee and was the University ' s representative at the Student Conference on United States Affairs. Hi A graduate student in educational psychology, Esther Margaret Slipakoff, has been treasurer of Orange Jackets and vice-president of Spooks. Esther was pledge trainer of Sigma Delta Tau so- rority and a collegiate representative to the na- tional Supreme Council. She was also on the Texas Union Leadership Board and a member of Mortar Board and Alpha Lambda Delta. A student senator from the College of Educa- tion, Cathy Leigh Bonner also served on the Uni- versity Council, Education Council and Student In- surance Commission. A member of Pi Kappa Delta national debate fraternity, Cathy was also in the Texas Women ' s Political Caucus. President of the Texas Union Program Council, Gary Michael Polland, was a member of the Texas Union Executive Council, Union Board of Directors, and Union East Building Committee. Chosen as an Outstanding Business Student and 1971 Cactus Goodfellow, he served also on the University Advi- sory Council on Student Affairs and on the Univer- sity Honors Day Committee. Gary was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Phi Kappa Phi. 363 A member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity, Edward Seewald Guleke was a member of SCOOP (Stu- dent Committee on Orientation Procedures). A member of Phi Eta Sigma, and Friar Society, Ed was admitted to the Junior Fellows program for independent research. He was a member of the Longhorn Handball Association and was certified by the National Outdoor Leadership School for Mountaineering. Ed was also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. Thomas Wayne Rioux, a graduate student from Houston, was a member of Kappa Sigma frater- nity, Chi Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi, and Omicron Delta Kappa. Chosen as an Outstanding Engineer- ing Student, Tom served on the Student Engineer- ing Council, and as Engineering College assembly- man. A member of the James Stephen Hogg Soci- ety, he was chairman of the Senior Cabinet and acting chairman of the Graduate Student Council. William Robert Young, a graduate student in the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Af- fairs, was coordinator for the Student Council for Voter Registration and the Student Action Com- mittee. Peck graduated in 1971 with special honors in government and has participated since 1967 in Young Democrats, Pi Sigma Alpha, and student government. Tejas Club Xinesi, Shawn Russell Casey was chairman of the Texas Union Ideas and Issues Com- mittee and a member of the Union Program Coun- cil. Shawn, .a senior in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, was an orientation advisor and participated in the Big Buddy Program in which he was a big buddy to an Austin grade schooler. 364 Engineer- Engineer- Council. es Cr- m Coufr The Outstanding Student in the College of Busi- ness Administration in 1972, senior Robert David Kilpatrick, was a Cactus Goodfellow and the Out- standing Co-Op Man in 1971. Bob has been presi- dent of Stag Co-Op and the Inter-cooperative Council, and served as an Orientation advisor. He was a member of Friar Societv and Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Beta Kappa Harold Hill Goldsmith has served as vice-president of Alpha Phi Omega serv- ice organization and was a member of Phi Eta Sigma. An Orientation advisor and member of the Texas Union Leadership Board, Hill was associate editor of the Campus Guidebook. A senior natural science major, he was a 1971 Cactus Goodfellow. Spring managing editor of The Daily Texan, Ste- ven Alan Wisch served as an ex-officio member of the Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees. Formerly a Texan general reporter, Steve was a member of the selection committee for the Vice-President for Academic Affairs and was on the School of Communications Dean ' s List. He was also a member of Sigma Delta Chi. Outstanding Students FORMER OUTSTANDING STUDENTS STILL IN SCHOOL Douglas John Bartek Patricia Sherron Boyle William Dan Driscoll Ernie Michael Eden Martha L. Sallier Patricia Nelson Goldsmith Samuel Douglas Haas C. Robert Heath Robert Alan Higley John Graham Hill Carol Lynn Klinar Therese Kreig Barbara Ellen Leaman Nancy Carroll Lee Larry Lester Long Gregory Eugene Lucia Richard Wayne Meyer Ralph Irad Miller Sam D. Millsap David Meyer Mincberg Robert Leon Oliver Robert E. Pennington James Reid Porter James Hughes Price Horacio Rafael Ramirez Boaz Sharon Byron Elliot Short Jerome Ernest Sneed Jena Kay Soward Kenneth Wayne Sparks John Robert Stratton Patrick F. Timmons James W. Turner Stephen L. Van John Tullos Wells 365 1972 Goodfellows The Goodfellow award was given to those stu- dents who contributed outstanding leadership and service to the University. Campus awareness and personality were also characteristics of those who were generally " all around goodfellows. " The selec- tion of the 1 972 Cactus Goodfellows was con- ducted by a student-faculty committee. Former re- cipients were ineligible to receive the award. 366 972 filip a MBS an " -. 1. Judith Ann Naughton Communication Council Vice-President Kinsolving Resident Assistant Mortar Board 2. Randall Swenyth Jones Cordettes President Spooks Treasurer Alpha Xi Delta President 3. Mark Gideon Goode Chi Epsilon Engineering Council Chairman Senior Cabinet 4. Shellie Kay Burton Pi Lambda Theta Project Info SCOOP Secretary 5. Steven Scott Rich Longhorn Band President Pi Sigma Alpha Tejas Club 6. S. Jack Balagia Orientation Advisor Dally Texan Staff SCOOP 7. Sharon Adana Pearce Cordettes Orange Jackets Alpha Chi Omega Vice-President 8. Thomas Gail Arthur Student Engineering Council Vice Chairman IEEE Tau Beta Pi 9. Cathy Ann Raffkind Angel Flight Orange Jackets Alpha Epsilon Phi 10. Alan Harold Levi Cactus Associate Editor Tau Delta Phi Business Honors Program I I. Jana Audrey Estes Kinsolving Advisor Cordettes Commander Orange Jackets 12. William McKee Kazmann Lambda Chi Alpha President SPE of AIME President Petroleum Engineering Scholarship 13. David Leslie Powell Daily Texan Assistant to the Editor Sigma Delta Chi Young Democrats 3 7 1. Robert Wilson Drewry House ot Delegates Gas Co-Op Committee Round-Up Committee 2. Mary Elisabeth Blair Rho Chi LPhA Orientation Officer Consultative Committee on Selection of Pharmacy Dean 3. Patricia Kay Biggers Mortar Board President Phi Kappa Phi Ideas and Issues Committee 5. Armando B. Criel Communications Council Minority Recruitment Committee MAYO 6. Arthur Stephen Rode Longhorn Band Drum Major Kappa Kappa Psi Texas Cowboys 1. Joanne Kaufman Communication Council President Advertising Club President Dean ' s Honor Roll 4. Pamela Pitzer Phi Beta Kappa Pi Beta Phi President Phi Kappa Phi 8. Carolyn Vaughn Perkins Orange Jackets Middle Earth Orientation Advisor 368 i- Goodfellows 9. Charles Ray Porter Interfraternity Council President Phi Kappa Tau President Round-LIp Chairman 10. Sherrita Doris Lee Alpha Kappa Alpha Texas Union Executive Council Bluebonnet Belle I I. Sara Lynn Weidner Public Relations Student Society of America Theta Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Alpha President 12. Carl Stephen Parker Beta Theta Pi Vice-President Silver Spurs Student Senate 13. Margaret L. Blair Cordettes Posse Texas Union Challenge Committee 369 1972 Cactus Good fellows 370 ws I. Lawrence Edward Honig TES Editor Teaching Assistant Distinguished Military Student 2. Carolyn Rogers Kerr Jester Advisor Kappa Alpha Theta Secretary Jester Community Service Project 3. Elizabeth Irene Beasley Orange Jackets Orientation Advisor Angel Flight Commander 4. Andrea Maria Sidor SCOOP Orange Jackets Zeta Tau Alpha 5. Mary Claire Anderson Delta Zeta Vice-President Sigma Delta Chi Outstanding Cactus Section Editor 6. Stanley Raymon Wiedeman Varsity Singers Longhorn Singers Freshman Encounter Advisor 7. Nancy Marion McClellan Orientation Advisor Orange Jackets President Littlefield Advisor 8. Marsha Lynne Westfall Alpha Omicron Pi Students for Good Government UT Blood Drive Coordinator 9. Deborah Ann Rail Orange Jackets Treasurer SCOOP Zeta Tau Alpha President 10. Robert Courtney Olsen Tau Beta Pi President Engineering Leadership Award ASME Treasurer I I . Ann Kathryne Sidor Orientation Advisor Film Committee Chairman Freshman Encounter Coordinating Board 371 Goodfellows 372 5. Robert Gaines Beverly Powell 9. Thomas William Gornick Daily Texan Managing Editor Sigma Delta Chi Vice-President National Register of Students 2. Tanya Ekblad Stroube Student-Faculty Committee Freshman Encounter Advisor SCOOP 3. Cynthia Taylor Sigma Delta Chi President Daily Texan News Editor Paul J. Thompson Award 4. Thomas Charles Turner Swim Team Co-captain Tejas Club Friar Society Student-Faculty Discipline Committee Freshman Encounter Advisor Students for Farenthold 6. John Alexander Briclcer Phi Eta Sigma Te|as Club Secretary Phi Beta Kappa 7. Mary Jodette Ladd International Committee Leadership Board Dobie House Counselor 8. Christopher An-Tung Lin Freshman Orientation Advisor Texas Union Executive Council Dobie House Counselor Alpha Phi Omega Vice-President Freshman Orientation Advisor Dining Service Advisory Committee Chairman 10. Stephen Craig Walls Engineering Council Delta Upsilon Student Senator I I . John Marvin Pope Phi Beta Kappa Daily Texan Sigma Delta Chi 12. James Burleson Smith Silver Spurs Student Senator Delegate to Student Conference on US Affairs iV5 373 ' 1972 Cactus Good fellows 1 . Gary M. Kusin Silver Spurs Executive Council Zeta Beta Tau President Big Buddy Program 2. John August Adkins Cactus Fraternity Section Editor Texas Union Speakers Committee Texas Student Publications Board of Operating Trustees 3. Terry Lynn Bryant Longhorn Band Tau Beta Sigma Rho Chi 4. Joseph C. Kyle Student Senate Resident Assistant Alpha Kappa Psi Pledge Trainer 5. Robert Larry Hopkins Crow ' s Nest President Navy ROTC Battalion Executive Officer I972 University Hog Calling Champion 6. Stephen Lawrence Hogner Sigma Delta Chi Daily Texan Entertainment Editor Sigma Alpha Epsilon 7. Robert Thomas Boiling Freshman Encounter Coordinator Cultural Entertainment Committee Varsity Singers 8. Leo Wayne Harrison CBA Council Vice-President Outstanding Business Student CBA Senior Class President 374 ws FORMER GOODFELLOWS STILL IN SCHOOI Jane Diane Allard Anne Wythe Andrews James Harlan Arnold Elizabeth Ann Atkinson Douglas John Bartek Karen Elaine Barton Richard Brian Bills Michael Ralph Bisesi Patricia Sherron Boyle Robin Sue Bracher Senie Brackenridge Amy Joan Brown Jackie Louise Byars Cathy Ann Canter Douglas G. Caroom Glen William Dolfi Ernie Michael Eden Richard E. Ewing John Norman Feather Richard Louis Giesecke Edward Noble Goldsberry Harold Hill Goldsmith Cheryl Ruth Goodman Virginia Christine Guess William Dean Heggie Ricardo H. Hinojosa Alicia Ann Hunt Patricia E. Jackson Cheryl Jo Jennings Debra Catherine Jones Phillip C. Joseph Sharon Louise Kemp Robert D. Kilpa+rick Jill Elizabeth Lockett Larry Lester Long Gregory Eugene Lucia Lynn Wade Malone Pamela Diane Mayo Richard Wayne Meyer Deborah Ruth Morris Gary Arthur Munneke Linda Sue Perine Paul James Peters Gary Michael Polland Ann Richardson James Richard Seeman Frank W. Sheppard Trudy Kier Skiff Kenneth Wayne Sparks David Ross Stevenson Linda Jane Stevenson Jane Reed Trigg Brenda E. Trojanowsky David Alan Turner Wilfred C. Uecker Charles E. Vinson Ronnie Ray Volkening Brenda Joyce Walker Susan Jean Walstad Marsha Glenelle White Nancy Ann Woodward John Louis York Sherry Sue Zwiebel 375 Special Awards The Marjorie Darelik Memorial Award, given annually to an outstanding independent woman student was shared this year by Cloteal Louise Davis and Marcella Mitchell. Cloteal, a senior fine arts major, was coordinator of Al- metris Co-op and a 1971 Orientation advisor. She was also a member of the student steering committee of the first annual Black Congress of Professional Educators, Project Info, the UT Symphony Orchestra, and the Blacks. A 1972 Bluebonnet Belle and Cactus Outstanding Stu- dent, Marcella was vice-president of Jester advisors and a member of Orange Jackets and Longhorn Singers. Mar- cella, a junior fine arts major, was an Orientation advisor, secretary of the Texas Union Program Council and Execu- tive Council and a member of Texas Today and Tomorrow. The Arno Nowotny Award, sponsored each year by the Texas Cowboys in honor of Dean Arno Nowotny, was awarded to Thomas Charles Turner for having shown unself- ish service and devotion to the University. The award rec- ognizes an outstanding student who exemplifies the qualities of fairness, honesty, and integrity to the University. A member of Friars, Tejas Club, and the Union Ideas and Is- sues Committee, Tom was president of lota Tau Kappa, Italian honorary, and a member of Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Beta Kappa honoraries. Tom also was a four-year letterman in swimming, member of the T Association, and a 1972 Cactus Goodfellow. 376 Each year the Inter-Cooperative Council recognizes two students for outstanding qualities of scholarship, co- operative leadership, and campus orientation. The Out- standing Co-op Woman was Hilarie Jean Nolet, a senior government major. Hilarie has been active in the ICC, serving as chairman of the social committee and dele- gate to conferences in Canada and Washington, D. C. Hilarie was also director of Holloway House co-op. St, CM, ; - dit- ei- Steven William Strange, a junior in the College of So- cial and Behavioral Sciences, was this year ' s Outstanding Co-op Man. A Moody Foundation scholar and Freshman Encounter advisor, Steve was treasurer and vice-presi- dent of the Inter-Cooperative Council and delegate to several conferences. This year, Steve was also the vice- president of the Cheque Film Society. A native of Saudi Arabia, Ibrahim Abbas Natto was the recipient of the 1972 Spook Outstanding International Stu- dent Award. Ibrahim, a doctoral student in the field of edu- cation administration, has been active in the Organization of Arab Students, having served as president, vice-presi- dent, secretary, and sports chairman. He has also partici- pated in the Union sponsored Model U.N., Model Security Council, and Model U.S. Senate, and was a member of the International Club and Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Sigma Alpha, and Phi Delta Kappa honorary societies. A senior Humanities major with a 3.9 grade point aver- age, Julia Jean Newsom received this year ' s Silver Spur Award. The award is given annually to an outstanding woman student. Selection is based on scholarship, service, and campus activities. A 1971 Bluebonnet Belle and 1972 Outstanding Student and Ten Most Beautiful, Julie was a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, and Phi Kappa Phi. Julie has been active in Or- ange Jackets and Mortar Board and has served as Cor- dettes rifle team sponsor, executive officer, and pledge trainer. As a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, Julie served as rush chairman and president. Special Awards 377 Dads ' Association Outstanding Student Awards Four University seniors excelling in leadership, scholarship, and service were chosen as Outstand- ing Students by the Dads ' Association of the Ex- Students ' Association. The four were Nancy Carroll Lee, Nancy Deborah Strauss, Stephen L Van, and Paul Velez. Nancy Lee, a Phi Beta Kappa mathematics ma- jor, was a member of Orange Jackets and Mortar Board and served a term as president of Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman women ' s honorary society. She has been a Cactus Soodfellow and Outstand- ing Student, Bluebonnet Belle, and University Sweetheart finalist. Nancy also received the Marjo- rie Darelik Memorial Award in 1971. Nancy Strauss, an art history major with a 4.0 grade point average, was treasurer of Mortar Board, past president of Orange Jackets, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. A Cactus Goodfellow and Orientation Advisor, Nancy has been secre- tary of the Student Senate, and has served on the Campus Chest, Round-Up and Honors Day Committees. A Cactus Goodfellow and Outstanding Student, Steve Van has been president of the Texas Union, chairman of the Union Board of Directors, chair- man of Texas Today and Tomorrow, and Student Assemblyman. Steve, a mathematics and psychol- ogy major, was also a summer Orientation Advisor and a member of Friars. Paul Velez, a Vietnam veteran and government major, was president of the Mexican-American Youth Organization, editor of the MAYO newslet- ter, and a member of Friars. He was a Student As- semblyman and was in the House of Delegates. SEATED: Nancy Strauss. Nancy Lee. STANDING: Paul Velez, Ronald M. Brown, Stephen Van. 378 on IP ml i " " V uebonnet Belles Traditionally, selection as a Bluebonnet Belle is an honor bestowed on five girls possessing the qualities of poise, personality beauty and campus involvement. While a Belle is not necessarily an " Outstanding Student nor a ' Ten Most Beautiful, she possesses many qualities of both In 1972. as in the past, the five Bluebonnet Belles and seven finalists were chosen by a student-fac ulty committee, and the Cactus presented the twelve during Round-Up in the spring. Ma|onng in Public Relations. Pamela Diane Mayo served as vice president of Orange Jackets and activities chairman for Kappa Alpha Theta so rority. She was selected as a 1971 Cactus Goodfel low and has been an Orientation advisor for two years. Pam. a |unior from Ft. Walton Beach. Flo rida, was in Alpha Lambda Delta honorary frater nity and was a member of Cordettes. Pam Mayo Bluebonnet Belles and Finalists were presented by the Cactus during the 1972 Round Up Dance Marathon Serving as secretary of the Texas Union Execu- tive Council, Marcella Mitchell was selected as a Cactus Outstanding Student and received the 1972 Marjorie Darelik Memorial Award A |unior from Austin ma|onng in Music Education. Marcella has been a member of Longhorn Singers. Orange Jackets, and chairman of Texas Today and Tomor row. Marcella was also vice-president of the Jester Center Resident Assistants. Marcella Mitchell Bluebonnet Belles Sherrita Lee Sherrita Doris Lee was on the Union Executive Council, Cultural Entertainment Committee and Kinsolving House Council. Selected a Cactus Goodfellow, she was a member of the " Blacks ' and was active on the Afro American Cultural Commit tee. A junior government ma|or from Houston, Sherrita was in Southern Singers and served as So cial Chairman for Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. Debbie Morris An active member of Orange Jackets, Cor dettes and Posse, Deborah Ruth Morris is a junior speech ma|or from Fort Worth. She served as an Orientation advisor and was a member of SCOOP (Student Committee on Orientation Procedures). She was also chosen a 1971 Cactus Goodfellow. A senior from Johnson City. Carol Elizabeth Winters majored in education of the deaf and was a member of Sigma Alpha Eta. speech honorary fraternity. She was treasurer of Spooks, served as liaison officer on the Panhellemc Council and rush captain for Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Carol Winters Finalists Bluebonnet Belle Bonnie Rudel Linda Simpson Shelia Little Dottle Coke Dtanne Veatch I Finalists Margaret Blair Cynthia Anne Berry Bryna Jane Bigby Marilyn Faye Birdsong Mary Elisabeth Blair Amy Joan Brown Virginia Beth Buchtler Janet Sue Bunderle Jana Audrey Estes Susan Nelson Goldsmith Aleta Goldstein Karen Kay Gordon Martha Ann Hill Marie Elizabeth Ibarra Cheryl Jo Jennings Debra Catherine Jones Karen Elizabeth Jones Randall Gwenyth Jones Therese Kreig Mary Ellen Marnell Lauria Gene Martin Carol Murph Pamela Ann Nutt Paige Pemberton Pamela Pitzer Cathy Ann Raffkind Deborah Ann Rail Judith Gail Roberts Jena Kay Soward Cynthia Ann Spilcer Catherine Louise Stratemeyer Susan J. Swenke Susan Terry Tudor Nancy Jo Wranitzky Mary Helen Yarbrough Semi-Finalists Cindy Brandimarte 0) The 29th annual Ten Most Beautiful selection, sponsored by Theta Sigma Phi, national profes- sional society for women in journalism, was con- ducted during the fall. Three rounds of judging were held during which 190 nominees were interviewed, and twenty-five fi- nalists selected on the basis of beauty and intelli- gence. Actor Ryan O ' Neal made the final selection of the 1972 Ten Most Beautiful from photographs. Approximately $950 in proceeds earned from entrance ' fees went toward the Theta Sigma Phi scholarship fund. J 384 - VARSITY SPORTS INTRAMURALS STEVE CHEWNING STEVE DIAL 385 A Good Year . . 386 Which Could Have Been Better Football in the Southwest Conference in 1971 finally developed into what some coaches had long been predicting and what some alumni had been remembering an " on any given Saturday " con- ference race. But a pair of unpredictable upsets did nothing more than produce the predicted champion and when the smoke cleared, Texas was in possession of an unprecedented fourth con- secutive conference championship and corresponding host ' s spot in the Cotton Bowl. Unfortunately for the Longhorns, Penn State took its Cotton Bowl berth a bit more seriously and when New Year ' s Day departed, Texas stood 8-3 and conspicuously embarrassed. As the season opened, the Longhorns were the odds-on choice for the conference championship, due to the presence of quarter- back Eddie Phillips, halfback Jim Bertelsen, a core of defensive vet- erans and several well-publicized newcomers. But inexperience abounded and Texas ' success was said to hinge on the avoidance of injuries and the development of the new talent. The injuries came, however, first in spurts, then in a great rush at mid-season, when Texas ' fortunes faltered. While Texas put back together the bits and pieces of its season, Arkansas took a mysterious tumble and at season ' s end served as bridesmaid to its 24 point victim. UCLA provided the season ' s first opposition and the Longhorns responded with a convincing victory. However, Phillips limped off the field after a fourth quarter touchdown and saw only sporadic duty the remainder of the season. Defensive end David Arledge, a two-year starter, ended his career with a knee injury. Diminutive quarterback Donnie Wiggington led Texas past Texas Tech and Oregon, but by the time the Steers faced Oklahoma, split end Jim Moore had been lost for the season. Halfback Don Burrisk exited via the injury route against OU and when Wigginton went down, a hobbled Phillips was unable to rally the Longhorns against the Sooner ' s Wishbone onslaught. With linebacker Stan Mauldin and tight end Rick Davis added to the injury list, Texas faced Arkansas in Little Rock in the worst phys- ical shape a Longhorn team had been in since 1966 . . . and the Razorbacks made up for four years of frustration. Midway through the season the Longhorns began to regroup. Those with nagging injuries played on and the newcomers began to fill the other gaps. Bertelsen ' s and fullback Bobby Callison ' s shoul- ders began to heal, as did Wigginton ' s ribs. Sophomore Lonnie Bennett and junior Dan Steakley filled in for Burrisk and Texas began recording rushing figures as of old with 442 against Rice, 306 against Baylor and when sophomore Dennis Ladd filled in for the reinjured Callison 369 against TCU. Sophomore Pat Kelly developed at split end and made clutch receptions when Wigginton was forced to the air against SMU. Burrisk ' s return against Texas A M helped blow the Aggies out of the game early. Defensively, tackles Greg Ploetz and Ray Dowdy labored despite knee injuries and linebacker Glen Gaspard maneuvered well on a bad ankle. A pair of sophomores, Malcolm Minnick and Jay Arnold after transfer Howard Shaw was injured brought a halt to the search for inspired defensive end play. Tommy Woodard, who ended up at strong linebacker after three position shifts, and soph- omore halfback Mike Rowan were stabilizing influences in the sea- son ' s second half. Texas launched upon a five-game winning streak which saw the Longhorns shut out two opponents and go without surrendering a touchdown during a I 3 quarter stretch. While Arkansas was tying Rice and losing to A M, Texas was beating the teams the Razorbacks couldn ' t and on Thanksgiving Day clinched the title that had seemed lost in mid-October. But with a chance to make the turn-around complete in the Cotton Bowl, Texas wasn ' t up to it. The game was even for a half but in the end it was Penn State which gave the stronger, more alert, more aggressive performance, leaving Texas partisans little to comfort them save Penn State coach Joe Paterno ' s magnanimity. Several individual Longhorns proved more fortunate. Offensive tackle Jerry Sisemore earned consensus Ail-American honors in his junior year. Bertelsen made one All American team and became a three-time AII-SWC selection. He finished his career as Texas ' number two all-time rusher, sandwiched between Chris Gilbert and Steve Worster, and the conference ' s third-ranking ball-carrier be- hind Gilbert and TCU ' s Jim Swink. Other consensus AII-SWC picks were offensive guard Don Crosslin, Dowdy and Ploetz, linebacker Randy Braband and defensive halfback Alan Lowry. Texas had two conference statistical leaders: Wigginton with 84 points on 14 touchdowns (a school record) and Dean Campbell with a 16.6 yard punt return average, ranking him fourth in the nation. 387 Openers Promised a Good Season ' Horn Don Burrisk made the first Texas touchdown of the season, in spite of a crushing tackle by UCLA ' s Rob Scribner. I . ABOVE: 1971 was a year of many Texas victories, but all too often it was also a year of pain. RIGHT: Concentration and awareness named the game for quarterback Donnie Wiggington, key man in the triple option. 388 r t j,_ Raider quarterback Joe Barnes and ' Horn defensive captain Tommy Woodard attempted to read each others ' minds. The Longhorn ground attack showed no signs ot slacking off from previous years ' performances as Texas rushed for 428 yards in the 28-10 opening game conquest of UCLA. With Phillips rushing for 142 yards and Bertelsen for 124, the Bruins relinquished an early lead before halftime and suc- cumbed to a pair of fourth quarter Longhorn TD s. Texas Tech was the first SWC opposition, bringing a stur- dy defense and sputtering offense to Austin. The Red Raid- ers fought the Longhorns to a scoreless standstill through the first quarter before a short punt set Texas up at the Tech 47. Wigginton engineered the touchdown in two plays, passing to Davis for 36 yards and keeping for the remaining I I and a 7-0 lead that stood until early in the third quarter. Greg Dahlberg covered a Tech fumble at the Raiders ' 8 yard line to set up a 6-yard Wigginton TD scamper. Pass interceptions by Minnick and Lowry set up a pair of fourth quarter touch- down drives of 16 yards, with Callison and Burrisk doing the scoring honors. Kicker Steve Valek ' s four-for-four day made the final score 28-0. The Oregon game was a contrast in offensive performance from the previous week, with Texas putting together three second-half drives to outlast the Ducks 35-7. Wigginton rushed for I 16 yards and Bertelsen for I 14 in the victory. Oklahoma used the searing speed of halfback Greg Pruitt and the deft ballhandling of quarterback Jack Mildren to storm to a 48-27 victory in the " Wishbone War. " The Long- continued OU Wishbone Stifled ' Horns An outplayed Longhorn defense struggled to contain powerful Jack Mildren. Tommy Woodard dropped Oregon Quarterback Harvey Winn tor six yards. horns were able to keep pace with the Sooners through the first quarter but saw a 14-14 deadlock dissolve into a 31-21 halfKme deficit. OU drove 96 yards in less than four minutes for the go-ahead score, then recovered a fumble and added another touchdown at the end of a 24-yard drive. After Texas added a TD in rebuttle, the Sooners tacked on a field goal just before intermission. The second half was all downhill for the Sooners after Mildren and Phillips exchanged the throttle on touchdown drives. Trailing 38-27, Texas began to turn the ball over at the most inopportune times, yielding a fumble and subsequent OU field goal, and an interception followed by a touchdown for the final margin. With Arkansas bumper stickers demanding " Revenge at the Rock, " the Razorbacks responded with that and then some on the passing of quarterback Joe Ferguson and the running of tailback Dickie Morton. Penalties, fumbles, injuries and a driving rain combined with a swarming Arkansas de- fense to hold Texas to its worst offensive output of the year. The Longhorns took an early lead on a Bertelsen TD following a 56-yard punt return by Campbell but two promising drives were short-circuited by penalties. Meanwhile, Ferguson was having a field day in the air and Morton was slashing away at the middle of the Texas defense as Arkansas built up a 21-7 halftime lead that bulged to 31-7 at game ' s end. continued RIGHT: After attempting all season to block field goals. Linebacker Glen Gaspard kicked one against TCU. 390 LEFT: Defensive back Alan Lowry returned his first interception of the year to the Texas Tech 16 yard line. BELOW: Don Burrisk cut down Steve Rennie before he could nail Donnie Wigginton. The Wishbone-T hinged on the offensive line ' s hard hitting. Texas faced the remaining half of the season crippled, de- moralized and just an " ordinary " football team according to Coach Darrell Royal. But Wigginton and Bertelsen began to set things right against Rice, rushing for 120 and 121 yards, respectively. Lowry ' s 52-yard interception return and touch- down added to the 39-10 score. Lowry duplicated the feat the following week and Texas needed every bit of it to defeat SMU 22-18. The junior half- back ' s heroics gave the Longhorns a short-lived 7-0 lead but Mustang quarterback Gary Hammond led a comeback that tied it. A safety and a pair of field goals left Texas looking up at a 15-7 deficit. Wigginton then drove his team 80 yards in eight plays with passes to Bertelsen, Campbell, Davis, then Kelly for a touchdown. Wigginton connected again with Davis for the two-point conversion that tied the score at the half. After SMU regained the lead on a f ield goal, Texas got yardage in big chunks, then small bites to take the upper hand. Late in the third quarter Bennett took a Wigginton pass for 22 yards, then a pitch for I I and Bertelsen followed with a 25-yard run to put Texas at the SMU 10. Three more running plays put the ball at the 2 and Callison squirmed over for the winning score. Baylor fell short in attempting an encore for its hard-nosed 1970 effort against Texas as the Longhorns disposed of the Bears before halftlme. Bertelsen got things started with a 31- yard touchdown run and Campbell ' s 57-yard punt return set up a Gaspard field goal. A rejuvenated Phillips provided an eight-yard TD burst for a 17-0 halftime lead. Bertelsen continued 392 Hog Revenge at the Rock Jay Arnold blocked Bill McClard ' s field goal attempt, preventing a three-point tally LEFT: Dean Campbell ran, faked, and leaped 56 yards to set up Texas ' only touch- down against Arkansas. ABOVE: Lots of rain and a slippery pigskin ... a Texas fumble and an angry Bill Wyman. 393 Aggies, Owls Put ' Horns in Cotton MHUMflHP Howard Shaw and Tommy Woodard put a quick stop to a plunge by SMU ' s Alvln Maxson. capped a 66-yard drive in the third quarter with a touchdown that made the final 24-0. The showdown of the Longhorn ' s " second season " came the following week when Texas played TCU in Austin for the conference lead. The Frogs finished strong after the tragic death of new coach Jim Pittman, but couldn ' t solve the di- lemma presented by a stout Texas defense. Ladd capped an 80-yard drive with a three-yard touchdown burst for a 7-0 Longhorn lead at halftime. With Ladd churning for 89 yards, TCU finally withered in the second half, yielding TD drives of 62 and 87 yards and Texas prevailed, 31-0. Texas traveled to Kyle Field to clinch the SWC champion- ship on Thanksgiving Day, no small feat since the Aggies had bounced Arkansas with a rugged performance. But the Long- horns caught their traditional rivals napping and held onto an early lead to win 34-14. The Cadets ' Hugh McElroy mishan- dled Lowry ' s punt midway through the first quarter, setting Texas up for a Bertelsen touchdown. Two Wigginton TD ' s fol- lowing punts and a Ladd touchdown following an intercep- tion by Lowry made the score 28-0 at the half. A second Lowry interception sent Texas on its way to a Bertelsen touch- down to close out the scoring for the Longhorns. continued ABOVE RIGHT: Determination, grinding moves, and an excellent sense of balance made Jim Bertelsen Texas ' second ground gainer of all time. RIGHT: Assistant Athletic Director and Head Fresh- man Football Coach Bill Ellington observed future Longhorns. 394 LEFT: When Jim Bertelsen couldn ' t power through SMU ' s defense, he flew over it. BELOW: All-American offensive tackle Jerry Sisemore bulldozed holes through defensive lines all season. 395 Cotton Bowl Loss Climaxed A Year of Hope, Letdown During all the pregame niceties prior to the Cotton Bowl, Royal and Paterno filled the air with platitudes, Royal saying that the Nittany Lions were physically the strongest team the Longhorns had faced while Paterno hoped aloud that his team could stay on the field with Texas. The 30-6 score proved, probably among other things, that Royal was the better prophet. The two teams sparred in the middle of the field throughout the first half, with Texas holding a 6-3 edge at halftime. But Penn State took advantage of Texas fumbles and defensive lapses and overwhelmed the Longhorns in the second half. With All-American, Lydell Mitchell hammering for 146 yards and quarterback John Hufnagel passing for 137, the Lions struck a decisive blow for Eastern football. Meanwhile, Penn State ' s proud defense left the Texas ground game in a shambles and the Longhorns ' 1971 record against good opposition 0-3. ABOVE: Penn State ' s Charlie Zapiec beat Jim Bertelsen to one of Texas ' five fumbles. RIGHT: Steve Valek ' s two field goals saved Texas from a Cotton Bowl shutout. 396 On a rainy day in Arkansas 397 Teamwork, coordination, and timing were the keys to Texas ' late-season surge. Larry Robinson leaned heavily on a television announcer, grinned and said, " Everybody knows Texas for football; we want people to know us for basketball too. " Robinson, play- ing on a broken foot, had just helped the 1972 Longhorns into the NCAA regional play-offs for the first time since 1963, signaling Texas ' return to basketball prominence in the Southwest Conference. Finishing at 19-9 against collegiate opposition, the Steers tied SMU for the conference title, beat the Mustangs in a play-off and finished a string of six straight victories with a stunning upset of the University of Houston in sub-regional competition. The miracle story ended, however, with losses to Kansas State and the University of Southwestern Louisi- ana in the Midwestern regional play-offs. continued ., Forward Eric Groscurth strained to control o jump ball against SMU. 398 Roundballers Shared SWC Title Head Basketball Coach Leon Black discussed strategy with play-maker Harry Larrabee during a crucial late season game. 399 Mid-Season Slump Failed to Stop ' Horns An improved ' Horn defense met TCU ' s challenge for the championship. ABOVE: Coach Leon Black and members of the Longhorn squad met with the basketball boosters club at a pre-season dinner. RIGHT: John Mark Wilson was not intimidated by the Aggie defense. 400 rns The shrill sound of a whistle was a familiar sound in Gregory Gym. The season opened with Texas rated among the favorites for the SWC crown, returning all but one starter and add- ing to the squad Robinson the highest-scoring freshman ever at the school and a pair of highly-regarded red- shirts, John Mark Wilson and Eric Groscurth. Included among the returnees were guards Jimmy Blacklock and Scooter Lenox Texas ' No. I and 2 scorers in 1971 SWC play and big men Lynn Howden and B. G. Brosterhous. Starting well, the Longhorns put together its best non- conference record ever. Early in SWC play, Texas blew past Rice, then edged Baylor on a last second shot by Rob- inson. Texas Tech put a damper on things in Austin and the Longhorns followed a victory over Arkansas with consecu- tive road losses to SMU and TCU. continued After breaking past the Baylor defense, Scooter Lennox scored on a lay-up. 401 1 H kK f f Frank Medina accompanied the basketball team to all games. After a Tech freethrow, ' Horns and Red Raiders awaited a possible Texas began a " second season " in Austin against A M, as Howden ' s rebounding helped the Steers to a first half lead that was to dissolve quickly after intermission. Harry Larra- bee then came off the bench to settle the offense and Wil- son hit six straight field goal attempts as Texas pulled away to one of the season ' s pivotal victories. Howden continued his off-the-bench heroics against Rice, sparking the Texas victory with 19 points and 10 rebounds, then helped the ' Horns past Baylor with 17 points and 13 rebounds. Tech put a temporary lid on the Longhorn resur- gence, but Texas was not to lose again to a conference foe continued rebound.! 402 Larry Robinson and Scooter Lenox attempted to force a Rtce turnover. ' Horns Advanced to NCAA Regionals Arkansas fell in overtime, then Robinson poured in 37 points to dump SMU and Larrabee helped the Steers past A M with 18 points. Robinson ' s 26 points and 15 rebounds led Texas past TCU in a Saturday afternoon showdown, set- ting up the play-off with SMU. With Robinson and Howden hobbled late in the game, Texas had to hold on in overtime to eliminate the Mustangs. Robinson, despite injuring his foot, poured in 30 points and pulled down 12 rebounds. The Longhorns came up with a super effort against Hous- ton, with the crippled Robinson just named Player of the Year in the SWC scoring 23 points and grabbing 14 rebounds, Brosterhous scoring 13 and collecting 12 re- bounds and Groscurth subbing for Howden to the tune of 10 points and II rebounds. Lenox contributed 16 points and Larrabee added 18 in Coach Leon Black ' s " most satis- fying victory. " Facing Kansas State again, this time in the regional play- offs, Texas rode Robinson ' s 22 points to a slim lead late in the game, but bowed to the Wildcat ' s strength. In the con- solation game, Texas went to a three-guard offense with Robinson and Howden unable to play and ended the season with a loss to the University of Southwestern Louisiana. ABOVE: Scooter Lenox dribbled around a screen set up by Larry Robinson against Texas A M. LEFT: John Wilson and Larry Robinson run through a drill during a daily practice session. 403 UT Season Hinted at Track Dynasty Texas returned to the track and field throne room in 1972 after a two-year absence, rolling up one of the widest mar- gins of victory in Southwest Conference history. In totalling 141 points in the conference meet, to 93 ' 2 for defending champion Rice, the ' Horns used superior depth to best the field. Texas won the pole vault, with Bill Smalley defeating Rice ' s Olympian Dave Roberts; the high jump, as William Oates qualified for the Olympics; the mile run with Ricky Yarbrough defending his title; and finished 1-2-3-6 in the high hurdles with Gordon Hodges leading the way. The ' Horns added another first place in the mile relay, when winner A M was disqualified. Texas won its opening meet, a triangular with Abilene Christian and TCU, with sophomore Jack Colovin setting a new school record in the two-mile run. Junior Ricky Yarbrough was named the outstanding ath- lete at the Southwest Recreational meet, winning both the mile and three-mile run and setting new meet records in each. Texas won the meet, placing in I 2 of the 16 events. After finishing second to Rice at the Border Olympics, the Longhorns won two four-way meets and a pair of trian- gulars, defeating Rice on two of the occasions. In the last, matching Texas against Texas A M and Rice, junior Wyatt Tompkins posted a new school record in the high jump. The Texas Relays were generally a dull affair, except for Swedish pole vaulter Kjell Isaksson ' s world record of 18-1, which he was to eclipse a week later in Los Angeles. Returning to triangular competition, Texas easily bested SMU and TCU as Bill Smalley set a school record in the pole vault. 404 Gordon Hodges ' first place in hurdles helped Texas win against A M and Rice. Vaulters stretched for extra inches and a winning tally. John Berry grimaced after winning the long jump. 405 Record Vault Highlighted Texas Relays Mil ' II II III! ABOVE: TCU, ACC, and Texas distance runners lunged into a grueling one mile race. RIGHT: Sweden ' s Kjell Isaksson electrified the crowds at the Texas Relays with a world record breaking I8 ' l " pole vault. 406 Eight-eighty yard relay runners exploded off the blocks in hopes of capturing the lead. Wyatt Thompkins set a school high jump record of 7 ' I " at a meet against Texas A M and Rice. Cleburne Price, Head Track Coach. 407 ' Horn Thinclads Second in SWC Texas ' Cross Country team won two meets during the sea- son, the opening contest at College Station and a six-way meet in Austin. The Longhorns, coached by Cleburne Price and Jack Daniels, also finished second in the NCAA district six meet in Houston. Paced by Ricky Yarbrough ' s th ird place finish, the team took runner-up honors at the Southwest Conference meet in Dallas. SMU, with all five runners finishing in the top ten, won its fourth consecutive championship. Yarbrough finished with a time of 19:01 , trailing Baylor ' s Pete Morales and Rice ' s Paul Geis in the four-mile race. For Texas, Tom Gardner finished tenth, Jack Colovin eleventh, Mike Moehle seventeenth, Bill Goldapp eighteenth, Bill Gamble twentieth, and Tinker Mur- ray twenty-seventh. Only the top five finishers on each team count toward the team total. The Longhorns, with 55 points, finished behind SMU, which totalled 30. Rice finished with 70 points, Baylor had 100, Arkansas I 13, and Texas Tech 148. Cleburne Price and Jack Daniels spent long hours working with the team. Texas placed second in the SWC meet through the leadership of Captain Ricky Yarborough. 408 Swimmers Finish Second Again In Conference Building toward a goal of national prominence, swimming coach Melvin R. Patterson ran his young squad through pos- sibly the toughest competition in Texas history this year. The Longhorns opened against the nation ' s No. 2 squad, the University of Southern California and continued against demoralizing opposition, facing midwestern power Kansas State, North Carolina State, Southeastern Conference king Tennessee and Michigan. After starting slowly in the Southwest Conference meet, Texas rallied to edge A M for a distant second place be- hind SMU. The Longhorns ' standout in the meet was fresh- man Robert Rachner, who won both the 100 and 200-yard breaststroke. In the NCAA meet, Felipe Munoz finished I Oth in the 200-yard breaststroke and Donnie Vick finished 12th in three-meter diving. Patterson, in his second season at Texas, considered the year one to build on, with a squad consisting of only five seniors, nine sophomores and juniors, and 16 freshmen. SOOIE. ' LEFT: Donnie Vick executed the pike position during one-meter diving competition with Michigan. ABOVE: Long hours of practice paid off for Dick Worrel when he won the free style competition with Arkansas. 409 Long-hit balls in Clark Field often changed ouffii Texas baseball coach Cliff Gustafson entered the 1972 season faced with rebuilding his outfield and entire pitching staff. Although he never quite completed either task, the Longhorns tied for their eighth consecutive Southwest Con- ference championship and earned a fifth straight trip to the NCAA playoffs. The Longhorn ledger was filled with peaks and valleys as Texas rocketed to a 17-1 nonconference record, then lost six SWC contests to finish the regular season at 37-7. Having lost all his 1971 pitching rotation, Gustafson had to depend heavily upon junior college transfer Ron Roz- novsky, freshman Jim McCutchin and senior first baseman John Langerhans. Roznovsky developed into the mainstay of the staff, compiling an 11-3 record. Martin Flores and soph- omore Bobby Cuellar formed the rest of the starting rota- tion but an arm injury kept Cuellar from being effective. McCutchin doubled as a starter and relief pitcher through- out the season and Langerhans came on in relief in key games late in the year when the Longhorns edged TCU for the league title. The outfield situation was settled late in the year when sophomore Ken Rape had to be shifted to shortstop follow- ing an injury to Amador Tijerina. Sophomore Tom Ball re- placed Rape in left field and catcher Bill Berryhill finally moved to right field to shore up the hitting. Terry Pyka started most of the year in centerfield. continued ilders into mountain climbers. 410 a drkeis. I Another game won, the starters watched the rest of the ' Horns Reached Semifinals In Collegiate World Series game. The place to be on a spring afternoon in Austin was at Clark Field enjoying one of the Longhorns ' home games. 411 Owls Dimmed Title Hopes Star slugger John Langerhans leaned into a strike. ' 1 - . 412 Coach Cliff Gustafson and catcher headed to mound. ABOVE: An easy double play was set up by short stop Ken Rape s throw from second. LEFT: Safe at second? The umpire didn ' t think so. Bobby Clark congratulated Ron Roznovsky after the Longhorn pitcher scored a Texas run. While Texas ' pitching was inconsistent, the Longhorns placed four batters among the top 10 in SWC play. Third baseman David Chalk batted .435, Berryhill hit .397 and led the league in RBI ' s with 24, second baseman Mike Markl hit .375 and Pyka hit .333. Ironically, it was the Longhorn pitching that propelled the team to one of its best starts ever with only a single loss to Oklahoma in the first 18 games. But both Cuellar and McCutchin developed arm trouble and Texas had to rely on strong hitting when the pitching inevitably got thin in series finales. In the SWC ' s three-game series format, Texas scored a total of 25 runs in series openers, 34 in the second games, and 55 in third games. Opening conference play against the previous year ' s nemesis, Baylor, the ' Horns got a strong mound perform- ance from Roznovsky, winning 4-1. Texas edged out the Bears 6-5 in the second contest, then shelled the Baptists on Saturday, 19-2. Texas had a winning streak stopped at 20 when Texas Tech earned a split of a Friday doubleheader. Roznovsky pitched the Steers to a 5-3 victory in the opener, but the Raiders scored a run in the ninth to win the second game 5- 4. With temperatures dipping to the low 40 ' s and winds gusting to 30 m.p.h. on Saturday, pitching went out the window as Texas outslugged its hosts 12-10. Hopes for a conference championship hit their low point for the season in Houston. With Rice scoring five unearned runs in the Friday doubleheader, Texas dropped from a tie for the league lead with 4-3 and 4-0 losses to the Owls. continued 413 ' Horns, Frogs Shared SWC Title The Houstonians added insult to injury with an 8-4 vic- tory in the finale. Trailing league-leading TCU by three games, the ' Horns exploded against SMU with 8-2, 10-0 and 15-3 victories. Meanwhile, the Horned Frogs were los- ing a pair of one-run games to Baylor, and Texas was mirac- ulously back in the race. In a head-to-head duel for the conference top spot, TCU took a two-game lead over the Steers as Frank Johnstone out-dueled Roznovsky 2-1. Texas rebounded to take the sec- ond game 8-5 and on Saturday McCutchin turned in six strong innings on the mound and Langerhans was brilliant in relief as TCU fell 5-1. With Texas needing to sweep Texas A M to earn a play- off berth, Roznovsky got his teammates off to a fast start with a two-hitter for a 4-2 opening victory. But the Aggies surged back in the second game, winning 7-6 as Texas had the tying run thrown out at the plate for the contest ' s last out. Langerhans ' relief pitching helped the ' Horns to a 10-6 victory to end conference play. TCU, which had its season finale with SMU postponed by rain, needed only to keep from losing to the Mustangs to win the SWC title outright. The Frogs outscored the Ponies 29-1 I in the series, but SMU tallied three of their runs in the bottom of the nine-inning opener to edge TCU 4-3 and hand Texas a playoff berth. ABOVE: After checking the runner leading off first base, sophomore Sam Nicholson began his pitch. RIGHT: Dr. Paul Trickett, team physician, ex amined Amador Tijerina ' s injured arm. 414 First baseman John Langerhans performed double duties as a relief pitcher. Although he tried, the Aggie runner just couldn ' t beat the throw. The Longhorns won their fourth District VI playoff title in five years by sweeping Trinity and defending champion, Pan American. Actually, the Steers recorded all three victo- ries on the same day, as the Trinity contest lasted past mid- night with Texas taking a doubleheader from Pan Am the following afternoon. The ' Horns took 14 innings to beat the Tigers in the opener, with Cuellar picking up the win in re- lief of Roznovsky, who struck out 17 batters in his 10 inning stint. Texas then avenged a double loss to the Broncos the previous year by handcuffing Pan Am 1-0 and 2-1. Gustaf- son used two pitchers who had had one starting assignment between them as Langerhans sealed the verdict with 10 strike outs following Zane Grubbs ' four-hit shutout. Three late inning surges highlighted Texas ' trip to the College World Series, but unfortunately, only one was ac- complished by the Longhorns, who left the tournament with a 2-2 record and among the top four teams in the nation. Connecticut finally broke open a pitchers ' duel in the tenth inning of the opener, defeating Roznovsky and Texas 3-0. The ' Horns used an incredible nine-run seventh inning to beat Mississippi 9-8, and Grubbs and Jimmy Brown shackled Oklahoma, 7-1, striking out 13 Sooners. But even- tual champion University of Southern California ended Texas ' championship hopes with a 4-3 tenth inning victory. 415 " Golfers Won Second Straight NCAA Title After a year ' s absence, Texas golfers re-entered SWC competition Texas returned to Southwest Conference gol f competi- tion in 1972 after a year ' s absence and proceeded to win every event in the league ' s new format. The Longhorns won the match play tournament held in the fall and captured the four-ball and two-ball titles. In the spring, Texas won the 54-hole medal tournament for the team championship as Ben Crenshaw won medalist honors. The Longhorns had possibly the best one-two punch in collegiate golf, with Crenshaw -- 1971 NCAA individual champion and Tom Kite. Through the SWC tournament, either Crenshaw or Kite won the individual championship in every event the Longhorns entered. As well as sweeping conference competition, Texas won team championships at the All-Dixie Intercollegiate, Trinity Intercollegiate, Border Olympics, Morris Williams Intercolle- giate, and Lakeway Intercollegiate. The Longhorns finished second at the Atascocita Intercollegiate and third at the Sooner Intercollegiate and All-America Intercollegiate. For the second consecutive year, the Longhorn Golf team was the NCAA tournament winner, with Kite and Crenshaw making history by sharing honors as NCAA indi- vidual champions. 416 II ft Backed to the baseline, John Nelson set for a backhand return. Netters Again Third in SWC The 1972 Longhorn tennis team compiled a 13-9 record against all opponents and finished third in the Southwest Conference with a 29-13 match record. After opening with a sixth place finish in the Corpus Christ! Tournament, Texas won dual meets with Central Texas College, Southwest Texas, Tulane, Southeast Oklahoma, St. Edwards and LSU. The Steers dropped meets with national powers Trinity and Arizona, as well as Pan American, the University of Corpus Christi, and the Univer- sity of Houston. Rice handed Texas a 6-1 setback in the opening meet of conference play and the Owls went on to edge SMU for the team title. The Longhorns blanked Baylor 7-0, then lost to SMU 4-3. Texas shut out Texas Tech 7-0, then edged Texas A M 4-3 before closing SWC play with a 7-0 victory over TCU. The Longhorns were upset in the conference singles and doubles championships as all their entries lost in the first two rounds of play. I; i " V 5fi I . f . t Avery Rush stretched to return a Tulane serve. 417 Varsity and Freshman Footbal Cn 1971 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Coach Glen Swenson, Coach Leon Manley, Coach Jim Helms, Coach Bill Ellington, Coach Willie Zapalac, Head Coach Darrell Royal, Coach Fred Alcers, Coach Mike Campbell, Coach David McWilliams, Coach R. M. Patterson. SECOND ROW: Dean Campbell, Greg Ploetz, David AHedge, Glenn Gaspard, Tommy Lee, Ray Dowdy, Malcolm Minnick, Jay Arnold, Alan Lowry, Mike Rowan, Tommy Woodard, Randy Braband, Mike Bayer, Stan Mauldin. THIRD ROW: Donnie Wigginton, Julius Whittier, Jeff Zapalac. Bobby Callison, Pat Kelly, Bill Wyman, Rick Davis, Don Burrisk, Don Crosslin. Jerry Sisemore, Travis Roach. Dennis Ladd, Eddie Phillips, Jim Bertelsen. FOURTH ROW: Gary Reissig, Bob Tresch, Dan Steakley, Greg Dahlberg, Rob Riviere, Tommy Landry, Robert Lenz, Ronnie Workman, Buddy Schu- chardt. Mike McCulloch, Bill Catlett. Dan Terwelp, Bobby Giles, Bill Walker. FIFTH ROW: Donnie Wood, Sam McBrierty, R. J. Childress. Keifer Marshall. Bill Harrington, Bill Rutherford, Stan Hicks, Lonnie Ben- nett, Gary Kipp, John Ulrich, Steve Newmon, Kevin Hutson, David Ballew. Bruce Cannon, Gary Yeoman. SIXTH ROW: Jim Moore, Jerrell Bolton. Lee Lyles, Steve Oxley, Bruce Gaw, Danny Baker, Dan Adams, Steve Valek. Steve Fleming. Louis Hart, Jimmy Dreyer, Steve Mohnke, Jim Morris, Hans Helland. Alan Moore, Rusty Campbell. SEVENTH ROW: Ronnie Tyler, Pat Hogan, Mike Cromeens, Jim Randall, Robert Guevara, Doug Geldert, Mark Halfmann, Jack Rushing, Rick Sheldon, Darrell Gray, Gary Frazier, Rene Amaya, Steve Cumley, Tommy Isbell. EIGHTH ROW: Manager Juan Conde, Manager David Fox, Manager David Anderson, Manager Bill Alli- son, Manager Bubba Simpson, Manager Barrett Gaus, Manager Duane Simmons, Manager Bobby Kay, Manager Woffie Denius, St udent Trainers Jim Johnson, Dan Wheat, Russell Goyne, Tim Kirschner, Assistant Trainer Mike Stephens, Trainer Frank Medina. 1971 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Trainer Jim John- son. Steve Burrisk, Mickey Macaluso. Joey Aboussie. Mike Shearburn, Mark Larson, Koy Featherston, Gary Stalcup, Terry Melancon, Adrian Ford, Fred Sarchet. Tommy Keel, Mike Presley, Kim Wade, Mike Dean, Billy Schott. Trainer James Roberts. SECOND ROW: Manager Larry Sedlacek, Man- ager James Erdelt, Jim Milliard. Fred Pointer. Mike Crowell, James Davis, Tighe Huber, Mike Hardage, John Ayers, Jim Fenner. Pat Padgett. Roose- velt Leaks, Lewis Brown, Billy Thomason. Wade Johnston, Steve Anderson, David Bartek, Manager Bucky Couch. THIRD ROW: Coach Glen Swenson, Mike Foster, Jim Schields. Wally Hill, David Krill. Hank Gottwald. Danny Bearden. Alex Allan, Fred Perry. David Mercado, Gary Smith. Larry Smith, David Swain, David Milam. Bruce Hebert. Bruce Mailey. Paul Walker. FOURTH ROW: Coach David Wheless. Coach Tom Campbell. Coach. David McWilliams, John Boecker, Ricky Thurman, Fred Currin, Doug Eng- lish, Sherman Lee, Coach Jim Helms, Head Coach Bill Ellington, Coach Jack Kiser, Coach Doug Kleider, Manager Mike Cooke. 418 Cross Country 1972 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: FRONT ROW: Hank F. Hoaldridge, Tinker Dan Murray, Thomas Raul Gardner. SEC- OND ROW: Randall A. Yarbrough, Richard A. Yarbrough, William R. Gamble. THIRD ROW: John D. Colovin, William A. Goldapp, Carl M. Moehle. TEXAS 44 31 44 12 44 CROSSCOUNTRY Season Records MEET VARSITY FOOTBALL Texas A M Oklahoma State TEXAS OPPONENT Arlington Invitational Waco 28 UCLA 10 28 Texas Tech Austin District 6 NCAA Austin SWC Champsionship 35 Oregon 7 27 Oklahoma 48 7 Arkansas 31 39 Rice 10 22 SMU 18 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL 24 Baylor 31 TCU OPPONENT 34 Texas A M 14 Baylor 7 Rice 3 6 Penn State 30 SMU 13 TCU 2 Texas A M Oiy Coadi. LEFT VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: FRONT ROW: Che- ryl R. Goodman, Jose A. Pena, Robert H. Worsham, Sibyl A. Helmer. SECOND ROW: Wayne H. Massey, Charles B. Schwobel, Larry D. Kille. THIRD ROW: Deborah D. Goodman, Karla J. Kelson, Brenda A. Brown. ABOVE: FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: FRONT ROW: Scarlette L. Boykin, Daniel O. Chapman, Harold J. Gordon, Becky E. Mercer. SECOND ROW: Stephen B. Clark, Jeffrey W. Newman. THIRD ROW: Vicki R. Hughes, Sandra J. Hall. 419 TEXAS 78 85 90 60 86 81 65 86 78 67 87 77 68 I 17 80 75 80 83 90 76 92 93 80 72 91 85 55 70 TEXAS 4 3 8 8 2 7 13 I 10 2 7 7 9 7 7 5 BASKETBALL OPPONENT Mississippi 79 Alabama 83 Oklahoma City 83 Kansas State 87 Stetson 58 Centenary 77 UCLA 115 Arizona 69 Georgetown 70 Oklahoma State 61 Rice 63 Baylor 75 Texas Tech 79 Arkansas 93 SMU 85 TCU 88 Texas A M 71 Rice 67 Baylor 70 Texas Tech 8 1 Arkansas 86 SMU 81 Texas A M 73 TCU 65 SMU 89 Houston 74 Kansas State 66 SW Louisiana 100 BASEBALL OPPONENT Sam Houston 3 Sam Houston Sam Houston I Sam Houston I Texas Lutheran Texas Lutheran I Oklahoma 6 Oklahoma 5 Oklahoma I Oklahoma I St. Mary ' s St. Mary ' s 2 Houston 2 Houston Houston 2 Houston I Teams and Records Golf Track, Basketball, Baseball GOLF TEAM: FRONT ROW: Johnny L. Dill, Ben D. Crenshaw, Thomas O. Kite, George Hannon, Paul M. Darwin, David S. Narveson. SECOND ROW: Warren E. Chancellor, Michael D. Ball, 5 Texas Lutheran I 4 Texas Lutheran I 4 Baylor I 6 Baylor 5 19 Baylor 2 3 Minnesota 2 14 Minnesota 4 14 Minnesota 2 8 Minnesota 3 6 St. Mary ' s I I St. Mary ' s I 5 Texas Tech 3 4 Texas Tech 5 1 2 Texas Tech 10 3 Rice 4 Rice 4 4 Rice 8 8 SMU 2 II SMU 15 SMU 3 1 TCU 2 8 TCU 5 5 TCU I 4 Texas A M 2 6 Texas A M 7 10 Texas A M 6 Gary D. Kahn, Arlie L. Larson, John T. Saunders, Craig A. Campbell. THIRD ROW: Tony E. Pfaff, George G. Tucker, Joseph L. Anderson, Brent D. Buckman, David C. Price, Charles E. Munson. GOLF TEXAS MEET I Alldine I SWC Match Championship 1 Harvey Penick 2 Atascoita I Border Olympics 3 Sooner I Morris Williams I Lakeway I Trinity II 3 All-America I SWC Championship NCAA Championship TRACK TEXAS MEET Austin Fort Worth Border Olympics Waco Rice Abilene Austin Dallas 470 BASEBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Bill H. Berryhill, Amador G. Tijerina, Gary Erskine, Charlie E. Crenshaw, Michael C. Markl, Terry J. Pyka, Robert E. Cuel- lar, Bobby E. Clark, Steve M. Clancy, Martin F. Flores. SECOND ROW: Ron- ald L. Roznovsky, Michael D. Anderson, Thomas H. Ball, Kenneth W. Rape, Dennis J. Worley, Doyle R. Moore, Thomas P. Cusick. William G. Duffey. Zane W. Grubbs, David L. Chalk, Christopher Kane, Jimmy R. Brown. THIRD ROW: Coach Cliff L. Gustafson, Mickey L. Beard, Stephen L. Mohnke. Dennis G. Magro. Samuel J. Nicholson, James D. Reeves, Pat W. Davis, Michael K. West, Gary S. Peterson, John D. Langerhans, Richard A. Wozniak, James L. McCutchin, Bill L. Bethea. TRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW: Coach Cleburne Price, Glen A. Sefcik, Wil- liam R. Gamble, Patrick T. Tibbetts, Richard A. Yarbrough, Byrd Baggett, Carl R. Johnson, Alan G. Thomas, Gary A. Walton, Silverlo C. Bosch, Arthur L. Taylor, Jack Daniels. SECOND ROW: David D. Ray, Kirk A. Meyer, Gor- don A. Hodges, Glenn S. Goss, Craig A. Brooks, Robert B. Workman, Donald L. Ausmus, Tinker D. Murray, James D. Colley, Carl M. Moehle, Leonard C. Randolph. THIRD ROW: William M. Goldapp, Karl L. Meyer, Don A. Lee, James L. Thornhill, William M. Isenhower, Raymond J. Marek. George T. Ni- chol, Thomas H. Treaccor, Hank F. Hoaldridge, George R. McLeod. FOURTH ROW: Randall A. Yarbrough, Robert F. Primeaux, Michael A. Ryan, Edwin E. Wright, Bruce T. Ponder, Zbigniew Dolegiewicz, Randall L. Lightfoot, John W. Smalley, Michael E. Tibbetts, Michael A. Leifeste. FIFTH ROW: Larry G. Scrivner, John D. Colovin, Wyatt M. Tompkins, Frank C. Fleming, Wiltiam G. Oates, Donald P. Fogo, Greg L. Hackney, Jarnes L. Herndon, John L. Berry, James D. Roberts. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Eric W. Gros- curth, John M. Wilson. B. G. Brosterhouse, Larry Robinson, Lynn Howden, Jack A. Louis. SECOND ROW: Coach Bennie Lenox, Coach E. Dale Dotson, Harry A. Larrabee, Steven L. Slaton. Joe G. (Scooter) Lenox, Jerry M. Brooks. George B. Stacy, Jimmy W. Blacklock, Head Coach Leon Black, Trainer Richard L. Hodges. , I A.L 421 Tennis wimmingTeams Season Records SWIMMING TEXAS OPPONENT 26 use 87 46 Kansas 64 79 Rice 34 73 Houston 39 24 SMU 89 66 Arkansas 47 100 TCU 8 34 Arlington 79 78 Texas Tech 35 37 North Carolina State 76 36 Tennessee 71 76 Texas A M 37 46 Michigan 66 TENNIS TEXAS MEET 6 Corpus Christ! Tournament 1 Central Texas College 2 Pan American 2 UCC I Southwest Texas I Tulane I Southeast Oklahoma 1 St. Edwards 2 Trinity 2 Rice 2 Arizona I LSU 1 Baylor 2 SMU I Texas Tech I Texas A M I TCU Houston SWIMMING TEAM: FRONT ROW: Milam R. Pharo, Manager: David L. Youngblood, Donnie L. Vick, Wil- liam Holloway. Steven L. Miller, Manager. SECOND ROW: William P. Barnhill. David N. Willis. Edward H. Martin, Roland G. Roessner, Steve F. Wood. THIRD ROW: William H. Burns, Richard S. Ravel, Thomas C. Turner, Robert Rachner. FOURTH ROW: Jack Romine, Diving Coach; Felipe Munoz, Douglass E. Nibouar, William Y.Morris. William Reeves. FIFTH ROW: Pat Patterson, Head Coach: Robert H. Blod- gett. Robert O. Morgan, Tommy D. Elder, Ralph O. Yeager. SIXTH ROW: Richard D. Shanks, Stephen C. Beasley, John R. Worrel. Terry C. Strawn, Mike Sor- rells, Assistant Coach. TENNIS TEAM: James Avery Rush, Ronald Eric Tou- chon, John Wendell Nelson, Coach Wilmer Allison. Marc Francis Wiegand, James L. Bayless, Daniel Warren Nelson. 422 James Ernest Achilles Joseph L. Anderson David Eugene Arledge Jay Lock Arnold Byrd Baggett Jeffrey Roth Baker David Sherwin Ballew William Paul Barnhill Michael Bayer James Leavell Bayless Michael R. Beard Stephen Craig Beasley Lonnie Lashae Bennett John Labon Berry Bill Hall Berryhill James Allen Bertelsen Billy Dyer Black Jimmy Wayne Blacklock Frank A. Blankenbeckler Robert Harold Blodgett Jerrel Edwin Bolton Randall Jake Braband Samuel Bradley Leonard Leo Brooks George E. Brosterhous William Howard Burns Donald Wayne Burrisk Robert E. Callison Thomas Hearn Campbell William Dean Campbell William Mike Campbell Bruce White Cannon Joe Casey Cash David Lee Chalk [ David William Childress Roy James Childress James David Colley John Duffy Colovin James Dale Cooke Freddy Gardner Cooper Elmo James Cormier George Bascomb Cox Charles Travis Crawford Ben Daniel Crenshaw Charlie Edward Crenshaw Donald Wayne Crosslin James W. Crouch Gregory Wayne Dahlberg William Hayden Dale William Kistler Danvers Richard Carl Davis Michael Patrick Dean Johnny Lloyd Dill Ray Lynn Dowdy Wayne Noble Doyal William Dan Driscoll Michael Lee Dukes Steven Lynn Durapau Donald R. Ealey John Vincent Elick Gary Wayne Erskine James Patrick Feller Stephen Grady Fleming James Bruce Flodine Raymond Lee Fontenot William Raymond Gamble Robert Bryant Gardner Thomas Raul Gardner Robert Glen Gaspard William Allen Goldapp Richard A.J, Goodall Sanford Lee Gottesman Eric William Groscurth Robert J. Guevara James Calvin Gunn William Glenn Hall Jackson R. Hanks Warren Clark Hart Thomas Harold Harmon Scott Allen Henderson Stanley Deen Hicks Gordon A. Hodges William H. Holloway Burt Carlton Hooton Lynn Howden Michael Thomas Hutchings Sammy Oscar Hyde Michael Francis Janda Carl R. Johnson Sydney J. Keasler Patrick Michael Kelly Thomas Oliver Kite Dennis Glen Ladd Thomas Wayne Landry Richard Steven Langdon John David Langerhans Robert L. Layne Tommy Lynn Lee Joe Glynn Lenox Danny Kay Lester Terry M. Levine John Drew Ligon Jack Allan Louis Alan Dale Lowry William A. MacNaughton Dennis Gorge Magro James Atwood Mallard Michael Charles Markl John Logan Mastenbrook Thomas Eugene Matula Stanley Hall Mauldin Sam Edward McBrierty Stephen M. McFarland George C. Mclngvale Mack Hugh McKinny Emmett J. Miller Malcolm Robin Minnick James Ray Moore Robert Owen Morgan Billy Frank Morris John Davis Morton Bruce Edward Motley Frank John Mozola Terence John Mullin Felipe Munoz Tinker Dan Murray Kenneth Lee Nash Nolan Reeves Neathery Daniel Warren Nelson John Wendell Nelson Thomas Ross Neyland Douglass Edwin Nibouar William G. Gates Gordon Lee Ohlhausen Steven Craig Oxley Derrell Scott Palmer Kenneth Wayne Pape Kurt Melvin Papp Edward Dwayne Phillips Gregory P. Ploetz Robert R. Rachner James Louis Randall Leonard C. Randolph Richard Stern Ravel William Reeves David L. Richardson T Association The T Association is an organization for varsity lettermen and senior intercollegiate and intramural managers. Mem- bers earned their burnt orange T by playing a sport a spec- ified amount of time or by fulfilling specific requirements in their particular sport. T men, announced at the completion of each sport by the Athletic Council, were entitled to use Memorial Stadium ' s " T " Room and free football tickets. Travis Morgan Roach Mark Dennis Roberts Hewitt Paul Robichau Bruce Aubrey Robinson Craig S. Robinson Johnnie Fred Robinson Roland G. Roessner Charles Alex Rogers Walter Stephen Rothe William Michael Rowan James Avery Rush Jack Martin Rushing George W. Rutherford Michael Andrew Ryan Frank J. Salzhandler Geln Allen Sefcik Richard Daniel Shanks Howard Lee Shaw James Gerald Shoemaker Jerald Grant Sisemore James Lacey Smith Michael Allen Speer Charles Wayne Speyer Dan Stephen Steakley Randol Lane Stout W. Reese Strong Daniel Rome Terwelp Alan G. Thomas Patrick D. Thompson Michel Eden Tibbitts Amador G. Tijerina Wyatt Myron Tompkins William M. Tooke Ronald Eric Touchon Rick Hanson Troberman George G. Tucker Ronnie Paul Tyler Steven Joseph Valek Donnie Lynn Vick William Leonard Walker Richard Dennis Watt Larry Leon Webb Carl Stephen White Julius Edward Whittier Mark F.Wiegand Donald Glen Wigginton Tommy Dale Woodard John Richard Worrel Edwin Earle White William H. Wyman Randall Allen Yarbrough Richard Alvin Yarbrough Ralph Oscar Yeager Christopher Stephen Young Jeffrey Scott Zapalac Willie Frank Zapalac 423 UTSA Captured Three District Titles UTSA TENNIS TEAM: FRONT ROW: Nancy B. Macken, Nancy Lee Hollen. olyn Nichols, Pamela Sue Wiley, Sandra Jo Hilley, Mary Anne Ward, Barbara Paula Phillips. Janice Lenell Carter, Claire Bradshaw, Dale Melissa Balun, Syl- Behne, Lou Ann Lambert, Karon Lynn Schmokar. Helen Scott Govaars, Coach via C. Pennywell, Susan Shelby Torrance. SECOND ROW: Karla Houser, Car- Betty Hagerman. V i UTSA VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Peggy Kuntz, Jannie Kay Kirkham. Linda Ann Eaton. Sandra C. Svalberg. Karen Lucille Shean. Coach Jo Spearman. UTSA BADMINTON TEAM: Jo Lynn Naegeli, Candice Beth Cowden. Coach June Burke, Elizabeth Ann Hofer, Andrea Sale Murray UTSA BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Linda Diane Dvorak, Elizabeth Ka- ron Windham, Ann Herrington, Sharon L. Simkins, Frances M. Seidensticker. SECOND ROW: Donna Jeske, Sandra C. Svalberg, Rebecca Ann Bludau, Pa- tricia Sraef, Cheryl A. Bowman. 1 UTSA SWIMMING TEAM: FRONT ROW: Cynthia Evans. Maria Elaine Billmeier. SECOND ROW: Anne Louise Totzke. Sarah Katheryn Lott. Sheryl Smith, Julie Catherine Moore. Bonnie Loomis, Sally Ann Billmeier, Susan K. Marlise Levine. Ellen Ann Berntsen, Helen Frances Seidel. Nancy Adele Balser. 425 426 Clubs Featured Varied Sports University students participated in numerous fields of athletic competition in 1971-72 as part of the University of Texas Sports Association program. UTSA fielded women ' s teams in badminton, volleyball, swimming, and basketball. The badminton team competed in nine intercollegiate tournaments and took first and second place in their district singles competition. The team won first place in doubles and also took the consolation doubles title. Playing in seven tournaments, the UTSA volleyball team compiled a 22-7 record, winning the St. Mary ' s and San Marcos invitational tournaments. The team finished second in the TCIAW district tournament and fifth in the state tournament. The swimming team won dual meets with TCU and TWU and finished second to Texas Tech in a meet in Lubbock. After placing second in the state meet, the team sent Sally Billmeier, Cindy Evans, Helen Seidel, and Ann Totzke to na- tional competition. Compiling a 12-4 record, the basketball team won the consolation title at the Sam Houston Invitational, went un- defeated at Southwest Texas ' Presidential Tournament, and placed first in District IV competition at Trinity University. The team also participated in the Houston Invitational and State Tournament. Clubs and teams forming the University of Texas Sports Association for Men (UTSAM) competed against top state, national and international competition in 1972. Students took part in handball, soccer, bowling, gymnastics, volley- ball, fencing, judo, wrestling, and archery. The highlight of the season for the handball team was winning its tenth national championship in 12 years. Texas edged rival Lake Forrest College for the team title. The soccer team compiled a 1 4-1- 1 record, winning its league ' s championship for the fourth consecutive year. As well as competing against the top competition in the state, the team also defeated the University of Mexico at Tamau- lipas and Augustana College of South Dakota. The bowling team won the Texas Intercollegiate Bowling Conference Championship, finishing with a 38-22 record. Competing against many teams with scholarship athletes, the gymnastics team finished third in both the Texas Colle- giate Gymnastics championships and Southwest AAU com- petition. The fencing team competed in a novice tournament, a dual meet with Rice and hosted a state-wide meet and competition in the South Texas Division of the Amateur Fencers ' League of America. In its first year as a University club, the judo team com- peted in the South Texas AAU Tournament, Texas State Judo Championship, and the San Antonio YMCA open. The wrestling team had a dual meet record of 3-2, with individual records an impressive 34-18. t - , V RM . - - - r I UTSAM BOWLING TEAM: FRONT ROW: Coach Pat Hurley, John A. Schmidt, James L. Hubka, James A. Zasimowich, Jerry R. Sloss. ' V UTSAM HANDBALL TEAM: Coach Pete Tyson, Gene M. Craft. Joseph C. Hero, Jeffrey A. Barnes, Terry L. Hankins. UTSAM CRICKET TEAM: FRONT ROW: Pradip D. Morparia, Coach John E. Gilbert, Afzal M. Thawerbhoy, Sugan C. Bhatia. SECOND ROW: Oliver H. Wilson, Kirshan A. Mal ik, V. Krishnamoorthy, Bhopinder S. Dhall, Rajkmar Persavd. BELOW: UTSAM GYMNASTICS TEAM: FRONT ROW: William R. Koenig, Ed Norris, David W. Fonken. Steven L. Nelson, Daniel L. Katz, Kerry M. Duke, Larry Wilson. SEC- OND ROW: Patrick W. Daly, Paul G. Retter. William D. Crocker, Andrew H. Edburg. Gilbert R. Elsass. UTSAM SOCCER TEAM: FRONT ROW: Alkan Oral. Jose R. Torres, GHolam H. Pezeshki, Mohsen Ghadessey, Deniz Saral. Bill Gonzalez, Luis Ramos-Garcia. Manager Alexander T. O ' Brien. SECOND ROW: I Gentll Marin, Jon T. Robinson, Alfredo Valleio, Jose R. de Almeida, I Johnny J. Valle|o-e, Guillermo Alvarez-Calderon, Milton R. Coelho, Coach Edward A. Miller. THIRD ROW: Faculty Sponsor Robert P. Higley, Mark Frelich. Craig T. Litton. John H. McDowell, Jose Antonio Santos. Alfred H. Erler, Faculty Sponsor Norman M. Potter. NOT PIC- TURED: Oscar W. Garzon. George A. L. Might, Italo Casinelli. ABOVE: UTSAM JUDO TEAM: FRONT ROW: Stephen McAdam, Ed- ward J. Schmitt. Mark Miller. Fred Ferrarro. William Lamb, Robert L. Panzarella. SECOND ROW: Gordon E. Craig. Donald C. McCollum. John William Kepner. Horia Metiu. LEFT: UTSAM WRESTLING TEAM: FRONT ROW: Ralph K. DuBose, David G. Embrey. William H. Tanker. SECOND ROW: Thomas D. Liles, Gerard B. Menge. Walter M. Greer, Ira J. Hessel. THIRD ROW: William F. Monroe. Kent W. Allen. 427 Intramurals- Variety, Competition, Friendshi Men ' s Intramurals Champions INTRAMURAL COUNCIL SENIOR MANAGERS Nolan R. Leathery James H. Leigh Terry M. LeVine Jackson R. Hanks BASKETBALL CLASS A ACACIA Ralph G. Cotton Harry L. Craig Joe S. Johnston Cliff L. Kavanaugh Stephen T. Krier Terry M. Newman CLASS B DELTA TAU DELTA James M. Alsup Jefferson G. Deweese Michael T. Hatch Stacy G. Hunt Robert L. Riviere Albert M. Tomforde BOWLING CLASS A DELTA UPSILON James H. Elder Mark H. Fetzer Harold E. Jones Leland W. Waters CLASS B BEOSNOOTS Max P. Ladin Jerry R. Sloss Steve J. Villasenor William M. Wagner FREE THROW John P. Moore, Turkeys GOLF DOUBLES SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Bruce A. Robinson Carl E. Edwards GOLF SINGLES B. James Salmon HANDBALL DOUBLES CLASS A ALPHA EPSILON PI Jeffrey A. Barnes Joel G. Galpern CLASS B SNAKES Anthony T.Baldi Ernesto A. Villalobo HANDBALL SINGLES CLASS A ALPHA EPSILON PI Joel G. Galpern CLASS B DELTA TAU DELTA Robert J. Nokes NAVY ROTC John C. Tittle W. Davis Barren RIFLE C. Pat Reynolds SOFTBALL CLASS A TAU DELTA PHI Jay Davis Mark Davis Jack Freed Jay Gerstenhaber Stuart Goldberg Henry Hockman Irvin Johnson Irwin Kaufman Gordon Rubenett Larry R. Samuels Mark B. Schnitzer David Solomon Sam L. Stolbun CLASS B ACACIA Stuart M. Bradford Donald R.Cockerham Rene A. Garza James K. Holtzman J. Kelly Howard John T. Hurst R. Richard Roberts James R. Shelton Stephen G. Lappin Thomas L. Shelton SWIMMING BUSHMASTERS David A. Alexander Donald G. Beck Terence M. Doyle Craig N. Farmer TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES CHINESE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Kenneth Sek-Yu Chan Chi Chuen Chow TABLE TENNIS SINGLES H. M. Kwok, Chinese Student Association TENNIS DOUBLES CLASS A - DELTA TAU DELTA Robert C- Bledsoe Michael T. Hatch CLASS B RECRUITS Daniel B. Hagan Edward E. Haverlah TENNIS SINGLES CLASS A DELTA UPSILON John Patrick Ivy CLASS B LCM Thomas Robert Garner TOUCH FOOTBALL CLASS A STARS Byrd Baggett Michael E. Bennett Michael C. Briggs Derrill L. Lewis Terrance J. Mullm T. C. Selman CLASS B NAVY Gilbert W. Bailey Ronald D. Crawford Louis A. Hoffman Joseph C. Koen John F. Schleicher Donald P. Fogo Gary C. Milligan Steven R. Seger Harry D. Spain Kenneth P. Canell Donald D. Harvey Mark R. Koch Patrick W. O ' Keefe Robert K. Tucker TRACK LORTS G. Lukas Ashley Kenneth G. Raggio David W. Kusin Adrian Young VOLLEYBALL CLASS A ACACIA Ralph G. Cotton Harry L. Craig Cliff L. Kavanaugh Roy R. Roberts James R. Shelton Thomas L. Shelton CLASS B ACACIA Stuart M. Bradford Gary H. Close David G. Dunlap J. Kelley Howard Lewis T. Leclair Gary W. Floyd Stephen G. Lappin Stewart C. Robinson WATER BASKETBALL DELTA TAU DELTA Val A. Aldred D. Matthew Balch Thomas J. Heubner Thomas C. McNutt Kurt M. Papp Craig R. Arledge Cleveland G. Clinton Richard E. Jung William M. Oswalt WRESTLING 130 LB. CLASS Manuel J. Barrera 137 LB. CLASS William Howard Tanker, Jester Annex 147 LB. CLASS Richard L. Plautz. NESEP 157 LB. CLASS Terry L. Hankins 167 LB. CLASS Donald J. Ortloff 177 LB. CLASS Ira J. Hessell 191 LB. CLASS Jeff C. South, Simkins Hall UNLIMITED CLASS Scott T. Morgan. Lambda Chi Alpha OPEN TOURNAMENT BADMINTON Derek Guna-Tilaka, Unattached 430 FENCING James C. Smith, Independent FREE THROW SIGMA ALPHA MU Sylvan B. Florsheim Kenneth E. Goldberg Howard S. Katz Michael D. Krauss Jerry L. Nagids SOCCER IRAN Houshang Masudi Mohammad R. Eslamloo Mohammad K. Shirazi Saeed Zabihi Mohsen Ghadessy Esfandiar Sahebjamil Nassrollah Farzinpour K. Khodayar Mostafavi Shahroekh R. Moniri SQUASH Robert G. Richardson, Unattached Women ' s Intramurals Champions GROUP POINT WINNER KINSOLVING SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD . . .DELTA GAMMA BEST MANAGER AWARD ALPHA PHI ARCHERY Margaret A. Humphrey, SRD BADMINTON DOUBLES ALPHA PHI Susan S. Torrance Loretta J. Standard BADMINTON SINGLES Susan S. Torrance, Alpha Phi BASKETBALL ORANGE BRACKET SRD Mary E. Bateman Rebecca L. Beard Melany Body Patricia J. Graef Cynthia L. Irwin Joy D. Rasberry Sharon L. Simkins Virginia S. Smith Marilyn J. Volpe Carol L. Walters Dixie A. Woodard WHITE BRACKET ROOKIES Linda K. Bohnenblust Louise D. DeLoache Charlotte A. Harris Mary M. Layden Adrienne Lyons Joyce L. Meyer Sarah J. Ray Patricia G. McLean Suzanne M. O ' Malley Sally D. Sheets BILLIARDS Mary Mehos June Moody Diane B. Nelson Susan Senter Carol Smith Melissa T. Watson Kathryn L. Merritt Lucy L. Neblett Pamela L. Poole Ann Simmons Stancy Stribling Jill Zapalac SWIMMING Patricia L. Dubel, Independent BOWLING KINSOLVING " A " Cheryl A. Bowman Margaret L. Haardt Karen M. Immel Linda K. Lake Cheryl A. Reed Cynthia A. South Rebecca S. Trusty Patricia Williams JESTER CIRCLES Barbara F. Burnett Nina A. Johnson Marilyn A. Marter Deborah K. McCall Anne L.Totzke TABLE JESTER CIRCLES Yvette D. Everett Carolyn A. Mannas Marilyn M. Mathe Cheryl R. Meyerson TENNIS DOUBLES FENCING BEGINNER JESTER CIRCLES Deborrah A. Markette INTERMEDIATE SRD Olinda E. Sawyer Rebecca A. Bludau Yolanda M. Gonzaba TABLE TENNIS SINGLES Yolanda M. Gonzaba, Jester Circles TENNIS DOUBLES ALPHA PHI FLAG FOOTBALL Barbara Bohne LouAnne Lambert ORANGE BRACKET DG ' S TENNIS SINGLES Natalie S. Arvin Donna G. Burkholder Frances K. Drury Carol J. Forehand PI BETA PHI Karen A. Harbison Pat N. Howard Doris L. Guess Christy Guess Kay E. King Margaret A. Mueller Cynthia A. Roeder Barbara E. Rosenberg VOLLEYBALL Carol E. Ruddy Elaine E. Shalek Karen L. Shean Sharon Wearckle ORANGE BRACKET KINSOLVING " A " Mary S. Windham Lexine T. Bohls Cheryl A. Bowman Jeanne D. Chatham Theresa Delgrade GOLF Jan D. Draper Jennifer Fleming Jennifer Forth Catherine R. Harwell Linda A. Schraub, Alpha Phi Linda Little Linda E. Marek Judith A. Mataya Linda A. Pierson SOFTBALL Cheryl A. Reed Sunya L. Savage Joan M. Shepherd Sherrye K. Smith ORANGE BRACKET KINSOLVING " O " Marie C. Stroud Joan E. Sula Margaret L. Haardt Catherine R. Harwell Cynthia Taylor Kathy A. Vincent Margaret E. Hastings Elizabeth A. Hofer Barbara K. Housley Cheryl Kalbow WHITE BRACKET DELTA GAMMA Joy M. Knaak Linda Little Carolyn Nichols Elizabeth J. Nichols Vickie Appleman Jan Beken Debra A. McDonald Gwendolyn Phillips Josi Calbaniss Ruth M. Fly Sunya L. Savage Carol Smith Jan Forteru Cynthia R. Gilchrist Martha Terri Rebecca S. Trusty Jan Hunter Lauri C. Kelly WHITE BRACKET DELTA DELTA DELTA Kristine A. Anderson Sandara L. Anthony Sally Boss Constance Caravegeli Candice B. Cowden Ellen E. Giles Gene A. Herrin Deborah L. Landis Melinda S. McGregor Jane t M. Onion Susie E. Stover Marie Timberlake Kim W. Watlcins Cathy D. Whitmire Suzanne McKee Cynthia L. Robertson Mary K. Terry Jeanne L. Tomson Vicki L Watson Claudia A. Wilson 431 ndependent Clubs Reflected Diverse Interests The University ' s athletic program was big and diversified, with a sport for almost everyone. For the students whose favorite sports were not included in the varsity or intramu- ral programs, there were the independent clubs. These clubs, which received no University support, were not under University sponsorship and offered almost everything from rugby to bridge. 1 DMINISTRATION SHELDON LIPPMAN 433 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT AUSTIN, TEXAS 78712 Dear Fellow Students, This is my freshman year at The University so it seems hardly proper for me to say very much -- certainly, I haven ' t been around long enough to really understand what is going on. Perhaps that ' s just as well! For me, this has been an exciting learning experience. I ' ve met a completely new set of people, run into a whole new group of problems, and have had to burn the midnight oil to keep passing grades in a lot of required subjects that I wish I didn ' t have to take. None the less, I wouldn ' t have missed the experience for anything. There is something exciting in the air on a major university campus like Austin. I like the questioning of the status quo, the idealism of the students, and the arguments that are more apt to be on an intellectual plane than on an invective basis. I don ' t think we want a quiet campus, only a rational one. This I see at U.T. Austin. I hope it stays that way. I also hope that you are enjoying your years at college as much as I am. Sincerely yours, W4.S - ' m Stephen H . Spurr President Freshman President Stephen H. Spurr University Administration The University vice-president, a newly created of- fice, has direct responsibility for a number of offices in the academic services area including registra- tion and admissions, measurement and evaluation, institutional studies, and the International Center. Lorene Lane Rogers, associate dean of graduate schools at UT since 1964, fills this position. Mrs. Rogers works with President Stephen H. Spurr and other executive officers Ronald M. Brown, vice-president for student affairs; James H. Colvin, vice-president for business affairs; Peter T. Flawn, vice-president for academic affairs; and Stanley R. Ross, provost for Arts and Sciences in co-ordinating long term academic planning and in dealing with faculty problems. As chairman of the University Committee on Status of Women, Mrs. Rogers studies women ' s status with respect to students, faculty, and staff; and factors which may tend to keep women from reaching their potential in higher education. On the UT staff since 1949, Lorene Rogers has been a lecturer in chemistry, a research scientist in the Biochemical Institute, and professor of home ec- onomics and education. Sins.. Lorene L. Rogers, Vice-President Stanley R. Ross, Provost, Arts and Sciences James H. Colvin Vice-President for Business Affairs ABOVE: Ronald M. Brown, Vice-President for Student Affairs. RIGHT: Peter T. Flawn, Vice- President for Academic Affairs. I bi u 436 an Edward L Carpenter, Director of Student Financial Aids Felton L. Aime, Manager of Stenographic Bureau. H. Paul Kelley, Director, Measurement and Evaluation Center Ira Iscoe, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services W. Byron Shipp. Registrar and Director of Admissions LEFT: Paul C. Trickett, Director of Student Health Cen- ter. ABOVE: W. Firman Haynie, Director of Housing and Food Service. University Administration hn n fc Jens M. Jacobsen, Executive Director. Office of Sponsored Projects C. Fred Folmer, University Librarian Bobby G. Cook. Business Manager T. A. Crosson, Purchasing Agent Jack Steele, Director, Texas Union RIGHT: Robert E. Simpson, Direc- tor, Data Processing Division. FAR RIGHT: William Wilcox, Director. Physical Plant. William W. Newcomb, Director, Texas Memorial Museum Donald R. Cannon, Chief, University Police Department Frank H. Wardlaw, Director, University Press Joe W. Neal, Director, International Office Joseph H. Culver, Director. University Personnel Office James C. Werchan, Director, Accounting Office 439 Office of the Dean of Students Almost any student concern can receive attention from the Dean of Students or his staff. Branches of the Office of the Dean of Students serve students in different areas at the University. In the office of Discipline and Student Records, students with discipline problems have an opportuni- ty to talk them over with the Dean of Students, and in some cases, agree on a penalty. The Orientation Office coordinates the summer orientation program for entering freshmen, selects and trains advisors for the program, and seeks infor- mation from transfer and minority group students on the kinds of programs they need in orientation. In addition to the summer program, the Orienta- tion Office coordinates high school visits and a high school counselors ' workshop. Another office, Special Programs, works with vari- ous service groups to more effectively coordinate community endeavors. Other branch offices include Housing, Student Activities, Ethnic Affairs, Continuing Education of Women and Men, General Information Referral Service, and Intramural Sports for Men and Women. Edwin B. Price, Assistant Dean of Students P 1 James P. Duncan. Dean of Students Margaret Berry, Associate Dean of Students 440 Student Development Specialists: FRONT ROW: Gail J. McDonald, Dorothy W. Dean, Frances A. Plotslcy, Almetris Duren. BACK ROW: Ruth Smith, Richard A. Nicholas, Trudie Preciphs, Elizabeth Welborn. Lawrence T. Franks. Associate Dean of Students li Margaret Barr, Assistant Dean of Students Continuing Education of Women and Men: LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy K. Carter, Frances A. Plotsky, Alice E. Whatley. 441 Ex-Students ' Association Jack Magulre, executive director of the Ex-Stu- dents ' Association is trying to change the associa- tion ' s program toward young alums. Figures show that more than one-third of the University alumni have graduated since I960. Through Texas Ex Clubs, alumni match " dollars with scholars. " The Alumni Scholarship Program en- ables local clubs to award scholarships to deserving young people selected from their own community. Banquets and receptions are held by the associa- tion in honor of their new officers, University ath- letes, the Universities ' international students, distin- guished alums and 50-year graduates. Jack Russell Maguire, Executive Director 1- FIRST ROW: Ann S. Madison, Gilbert Guerrero, Pat Maguire. SECOND ROW: Margaret Krejci, Kathleen E. Rumph, Margaret M. Myers, Karen S. Welder. Carroll A. Patton, Charles R. Walden, Roy Vaughan. THIRD ROW: Merdy E. Cherry, Susan Kessler, Loraine M. Jackson, Becky Cash, Charlotte A. Erxleben. FOURTH ROW: Duchess Handley, Susie V. Camp, Joe Bernal, Mary Anne Bastean, Nancy Robuck, Phil Cornejo, Dianne Loehr. 442 Division of Extension The Division of Extension covers the high school Interscholastic League activities, correspondence courses, extension or night courses and various work- shops, institutes, conferences and seminars held during the period. Since October, 1970, the Joe C. Thompson Con- ference Center has been in operation under the di- rection of William E. Barron, Dean of DOE. It is ex- pected that the number of participants in continuing education programs at the center, more than 31,000 during the first 10 months of operation, will double this year. William E. Barron Dean , KDIO 0 1 Balcones Research With the development of the Balcones Research Center ' s facilities, it has been possible to provide laboratory areas for new programs or over-crowded programs at the University. Located eight miles northwest of the main campus on three separate tracts of land, the Balcones laboratories do research in fields including aero- space, atmospheric science, economic geology, water resources, civil engineering structures, phar- macology, drug-plastic and toxicology, electrical en- gineering, environmental health, explosive shock, hy- draulics, nuclear physics, physical anthropology, plant ecology, radio astronomy, and archaeology. A satellite tracking radar antenna was used in the electrical engineer- ing research laboratory at Balcones. 443 College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences distributes paper work among the three colleges and one divi- sion Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Natural Sciences, and General and Comparative Studies serving the needs of 27 departments, al- most 1,000 faculty members and 15,000 students. The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest col- lege at the University. For the first time there is now an academic admin- istrator who has direct responsibility for inter-disci- plinary and special programs. James R. Roach filled the position in addition to serving as dean of Gener- al and Comparative Studies. Departments in the College of Humanities include classics, English, philosophy, Germanic and Slavic languages, French, Italian, Oriental, African, Span- ish, and Portuguese languages and literature. Anthropology, economics, geography, govern- ment, history, linguistics, psychology, and sociology are in the College of Behavioral Sciences. The College of Natural Sciences has I I depart- ments: Astronomy, Biological Sciences (including biology, botany, microbiology, and zoology), chem- istry, computer sciences, geological sciences, home economics, mathematics, natural science, physical instruction, physical science, and physics. Still expanding, the Division of General and Com- parative Studies have approximately 2 1 programs. Included among these are archaeology, area studies, comparative studies, comparative literature, Plan II, and social welfare studies. James W. McKie, Dean Social and Behavioral Sciences Stanley N. Werbow, Dean Humanities :es i studies. )ean lilies Samuel P. Ellison, Dean James R. Roach Natural Sciences General and Comparative Studies 445 School of Architecture " Environment " was the School of Architecture ' s key word last fall. The school ' s enrollment of 590 stu- dents showed an increase of 12 percent, and three new courses and a combination public lecture-semi- nar program involving man and his environment were added. Cybertecture was a new theory that corre- sponded to the school ' s environment conception. Cybertecture merges cybernetics with architecture to create environments living buildings which respond to the humans that inhabit them. Research on Cybertecture is concentrated in two areas: the development of a computer-directed ma- chine to build structures and a primitive responsive environment. Architecture students beautified the shores of San Marcos River as a project. Their plans included conservation of open space and preservation of nat- ural resources and the river ' s unique assets. Alan Y. Taniguchi Dean 446 George Kozmetsky Dean Since 1916, when the Bachelor of Business Admin- istration degree was authorized by the Board of Re- gents, the College of Business Administration has continued to grow, emphasizing the theoretical, ana- lytical, and practical aspects of business. Headed by Dean Seorge Kozmetsky, the college has attempted to meet the challenges of stiff job competition in the past few years with changes geared toward the quality, not quantity demands of business. Last August, Robert C. Eickhoff became the new director of the Placement Office of the College of Business Administration. The placement office schedules interviews between companies and stu- dents in the College of Business Administration and the School of Communication. Counseling and an orientation session on how to interview is offered. College of Business Administration 447 Dean Wayne A. Danielson School of Communications Experiencing the largest growth of all the Universi- ty ' s schools and colleges, the School of Communica- tion increased to 1 ,926 students enrolled this year. Within the school, the Department of Journalism at UT is the largest in the United States. Spring, 1973, is the tentative completion date for a new communication complex located at 26th and Whitis Streets. The School ' s three departments, radio-television-film, journalism, and speech, will share the building complex, and one of the three buildings will house Texas Student Publications, pub- lishers of the Cactus yearbook, The Daily Texan and other student publications. 448 Enrollment in the College of Education was 3,840 this fall. Research of problems in learning was en- gaged by the Learning Disabilities Center, a part of the college. Working with children who have learn- ing difficulties, the LDC offered limited diagnostic and remedial services to the children. Current emphasis has been in reading remedia- tion, although the LDC is interested in providing re- medial instruction in other areas such as mathemat- ics, with University students from the specialty area working in the LDC. College of Education Lorrin G. Kennamer Dean 449 Newly revised courses in the College of Engineer- ing placed emphasis in the fall on factors involved in every kind of engineering work. These include de- signing, economics, conservation, communication, environmental protection, and management. Enrollment in the College of Engineering this year was 2,551 students. An experimental tutoring program began in Feb- ruary. Three students on duty were available two and one half to three hours a day, in person or by phone. Dial-a-tutor, which averaged 400 phone calls the first three weeks in operation, provided help to students in chemical engineering courses. The most frequently asked questions during the tutoring period were put on tape. Students could then call the tutor service any time during the eve- ning and listen to the six-minute recording. College of Engineering Earnest F. Gloyna Dean 450 Dean E. William Doty College of Fine Arts The College of Fine Arts offers art exhibitions, concerts, plays, opera, and dance and the annual Fine Arts Festival, co-sponsored by the School of Architecture. The 1971 festival, with the theme " The Arts and the Environment, " emphasized the contri- bution of the arts in improving human existence. The college provided the University with quality entertainment in all the fine arts during the 1971-72 year. The art department held exhibits throughout the year, including the annual Art Faculty Exhibition. The Department of Drama featured the productions of " The Three Sisters, " " A Cry of Players, " and " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream. " The Department of Music brought great musicians to participate in its Solo Artist Series, along with concerts by groups such as the University Symphony Orchestra, the UT Jazz Ensemble, and the Longhorn Band. In the spring, E. William Doty retired from his po- sition as Dean of the College of Fine Arts after 34 years. He organized the college in 1938. Under his guidance the faculty grew from 1 to more than I 50 and the college trained 3,640 artists, dramatists, mu- sicians, and dancers. Dean Doty was also instrumen- tal in furthering professional standards in music, art, dance and theatre at the national level. oyna )ean 451 School of Nursing Each student in the School of Nursing is assisted in developing competency in nursing knowledge and skills, including an ability to prevent illness, maintain health, and give and evaluate nursing care of indi- viduals and families in homes, hospitals, and other community agencies. The number of hours required for a bachelor of science degree in nursing will decrease from 1 30 to 120 in the fall of 1972. A new building for the nursing students and staff will be completed by fall, 1973. It will provide class- rooms, laboratory facilities, and offices for the nurs- ing school ' s system-wide operations. The facilities will accommodate more than 800 students. The new building, costing approximately $2.4 mil- lion, will be located between 1 7th and 1 8th Streets on Red River. It will replace C. P. Hall, a World War II barracks that has been on campus since 1947. Marilyn D. Willman Dean 451 William J. Sheffield Dean The College of Pharmacy is now offering a " clini- cal pharmacy " course to fifth-year seniors in its ex- panding approach to pharmacy education. Students are working in three institutions under the direct su- pervision of pharmacists and faculty members to gain experience in direct patient care. Of the 60 fifth-year seniors, 23 are working at Brackenridge and Seton Hospitals and at the Health Center. They are exposed to various areas such as coronary care, emergency room, intensive care unit, pediatrics, pathology, surgery and x-ray. The pro- gram is geared to give the student theoretical and practical experience in drug therapy. In February, the College of Pharmacy, along with the Pharmacy Extension Service and the Seminar Committee, sponsored the I Ith Annual Internation- al Industrial Pharmacy Seminar. Participating in the event were the major pharmaceutical companies of the U. S. along with firms from Mexico and Europe. With an enrollment of 506 students in their third, fourth and fifth years of study, the college is the largest pharmacy school in the country. College of Pharmacy 453 I I I The University School of Law continued this year to increase in applications and enrollment. Approxi- mately 1,650 students were registered in fall, 1971. The school places emphasis on preparation for ad- mission to the State Bar of Texas, participation in law reform and legal research, and maintenance of intellectual freedom. This year the Moot Court team won regional com- petition and attended the national contest in Wash- ington D. C. The annual Page Keeton Law Week in March featured several well-known speakers and a Moot Court competition judged by members of the Texas Supreme Court. School of Law W. Page Keeton, Dean Sc PL |oh The Woo (Had The The Graduate School at the University offers stu- dents approximately 75 fields of graduate s ' tudy. Plans for next year include filling a full-t ime posi- tion, vice-president and Dean of the Graduate School, proposed by President Stephen H. Spurr. This year a special committee examined the role of the graduate dean, the administrative structure of the graduate school and ways and means of in- creasing the impact of the school on the develop- ment of the University. Graduate School Gordon W. Whaley Dean 454 Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs John A. Cronouski, Dean The principal objective of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs is to train students to serve effectively in policy roles in government. The curriculum is the integrated development of programs relating a variety of inputs to a variety of outputs, which are summarized on the input side in curriculum and on the output side in manpower de- signed to operate effectively in the public sphere. The school ' s problem-oriented curriculum employs specialists representing a wide range of interests. Graduate School of Social Work Jack Otis, Dean This year a program was instituted in which eight graduate students of the School of Social Work spent two days a week in classes and two days as- signed to working with students and personnel at one of three Austin junior high schools. The remain- ing day of the work week was spent in study and re- cording activities at the public schools. Graduate students assigned to one of the schools worked to reduce the high drop-out rate, assisted in areas of discipline and classroom difficulties, and at- tempted to solve family-oriented emotional prob- lems. Graduate study in the School of Library Science is chiefly concerned with three things: books and re- lated media of communication, the users of these materials, and the social consequences of this use. Practical aspects of library study are reflected in the knowledge, principles, and skills required for the suc- cessful practice of the profession. Theoretical as- pects are expressed in the concern of the profession with the development of a body of doctrine and with the improvement of services, both of which are dependent on research. Graduate School of Library Science Stanley McElderry, Dean 455 C .ASSEiS KAY HARDCASTLE 456 ALLPORT. GEORGE HOBART. Bethlehem. Pa. Latin American Studies ANDA, CUAHTEMOC. Tlalnepantla, Mexico Economics. Teaching Assistant ARRIBAU. GEORGIA ANNE. Brownsville Music ARRIBAU. JORGE O.. Buenos Aires. Argentina Business ARTHUR. DONALD BYRON. Los Angeles. Calif Russian Literature, Student Faculty Committee AVERHOFF. WILMER WILLIAM, Austin Genetics. Association of Graduate Students BAETZ, BERTRAND OLIVER. San Antonio Zoology-Pharmacy. ZN. Silver Spurs BALCOM. KAREN SUZANNE, San Antonio Library Science. Association of Graduate Students of Library Science BASHBUSH. JOSE LUIS BAUZA. Puebla. Mexico Petroleum Engineering. HET BATES. RONALD JAY. Fort Worth Finance. American Finance Association V BENAVIDES. ADAN JR.. Mission History BENN. FREDERICK OWEN. Abernathy Finance. AZfl BISHOP. KENNETH EDWARD. Corpus Christ! Anthropology and Chemistry. Amateur Radio Society BLAXLAND. ALAN B.. Austin Geology BROYLES. ROBERT RAGAN JR.. Palestine Civil Engineering. XE. AQ. ASCE. ITE CARNINE. ALBERT J., Bloomington. III. Music, Choral Union CHU-JON. CARLOS A., Trujillo. Peru Industrial Engineering, AIIE, Chinese Students ' Association. Spanish Club COCEK. BRUCE CHARLES, Houston Computer Science COMPTON, PEGGY LYNN. Dallas Latin CRANE. JULIANNE GRANDIN, San Bernardino, Calif. Communications, TAX, 02 P, ZAX. PRSSA Graduates Q Hi i CURTIS. WILLIAM, Fort Worth Clinical Psychology. Undergraduate Research Committee CURTIS. WILLIAM CHARLES. Grand Prairie Finance DAHLSTROM. DONNA RUTH. Austin Library Science, TBZ. Longhorn Band. GLISSA DAHLSTROM. JOE FRANK. Austin Musicology. KK . t MA. Longhorn Band. GLISSA DAUBEK. KATHLEEN MARY. Whittier. Calif. Educational Psychology DAUBEK. TERRY PAUL. San Jose. Calif. Bio-Medical Engineering DAVIDSON, ROGER LEE. Houston Business Administration. AEH. Graduate School Building Committee. American Finance Association. Texas Union Li- aison Board DAY, MICHAEL STEPHEN, Dallas Chemistry. AXA, American Chemical Society. German Club DEAN. MARGUERITE MENGDEN, Houston English Literature DEATON. DAN WOODROW. Fort Worth Civil Engineering, XE DeBRUIJN. HANS KAREL. Enschede. Netherlands Marketing. AlESEC DJOJOSOEKARTO. GIRI KARTONO. Bandung, Indonesia Education-Foreign Language ENGLISH, NANCY SPEARS. Austin Finance ENGLISH. WILKE DENTON, Austin Marketing-Statistics ERICKSON. MICHAEL GARY. Austin Special Education FANNUSH. MOHAMED OMAR. Benghazi. Libya Library Science. GLISSA FANTINI. ALBINO E., West Dummerston, Vt. Applied Linguistics, OK4 , Foreign Language Association FARIMAN, FEREIDOON, Tehran. Iran Mechanical Engineering, Iranian Association FORD. DARRELL JOHN, Houston FORSYTHE, DONALD W.. Fort Worth English 457 FRANK, MARY ELAINE, Austin Special Education, OK . HA0 KAF1, AAA GAGE, GAIL ANN, Rye. N. Y. English, AT GARZON, OSCAR WASHINGTON, Quito, Ecuador Petroleum Engineering, AIME GERHART, STEPHEN RICHARD, South Pasadena, Calif Journalism GIBE, FUMIHIKO. Osaka, Japan Accounting GREENWALT, WAYNE ALBERT. Valley Stream. N. Y. Petroleum Engineering, RET, AIME, Graduate Engineering Council, Intramurals GRIFFIN, KENNETH EDWARD. McGregor Aerospace Engineering, TBR, Zf T. AIAA, Student Engi- neering Council, Longhorn Band HAGERMAN. BETTY SUE, Dallas Physical Education, ZTA, Teaching Assistant, PEM, Christian Science Organization HALL, CHERYL RENEE. Houston Political Science, AZ0, Black National Political Science Assoc. HALL. CYNTHIA LEE, Dallas Elementary Education, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship HERRING, DONITA KAE, Liberal, Kans. Nursing HILDING. DALE RICHARD, Coeur d ' Alene. Idaho Latin American Studies, Institute of Latin American Studies Student Association HOCKENSMITH, LORRAINE DEE, Houston HONIG, LAWRENCE EDWARD, Austin Journalism, TSP Board. TES Editor, Goodfellow HOOD, SHARON ANN, New Orleans, La. HUFFMAN. DOLLIE FAYE, Pasadena Management, Southern Singers HYDE, JERRY LEE, Groves IKEGAMI, KAZUKUNI, Osaka, Japan Architecture JOHNSON, SANDRA KAY, Murfreesboro, Ark. Vocal Pedagogy, Teaching Assistant. Madrigal Singers. Op- era Workshop JUNGMAN, HENRY MICHELS, Wichita Falls Accounting Graduates KAY. KAREN ANN. Midlothian KESZTHELYI, CSABA PETER, Austin Chemistry. AXZ OAY. AK KESZTHELYI. KIKUKO MARIA, Austin Economics KOLB, KATHRYN ROSALIE. La Marque Educational Psychology. KKT LEMOINE, JUDITH ANN, Terre Haute. Ind. Education LEON. LARRY JEROME. Palestine Management and International Business. AECI, OHZ, J KO, Round-Up Committee. Lectures and Seminars Committee, Union Liaison Board. Intramurals. Graduate School of Busi- ness Building Committee LINDSAY. HOWARD HENRY, Austin Journalism, KTA. PK P, Research Associate. SCA Doctoral Honors Seminar MACRAE, JOHN ROLLIN. San Antonio Zoology MALDONADO, JOSE IGNACIO. Laredo Mathematics. MAYO, Project Info MALIK. KRISHAN AHMAD, Pakistan Petroleum Engineering, Pakistan Students ' Association MAPLES. MARY FRANCES, Dallas French MESSINA, FRANK JAMES, Shreveport. La. Business Administration. AIR, TBI I OAK, t BK. OXE, MBA Club MILLER. JERRY SCOTT, McKeesport, Pa. Management, SWC Sportmanship Committee. Rally Advisors Committee MILLER, WILLIAM MARK, Temple Computer Sciences MORRIS, DONALD RAY. Lamesa Business Administration MORRIS. GRAGORY HAL. Dallas MUELLER. JOHN EDWARD. Prairie Village. Kans. Business MULDER. ROGER ALLEN. Austin Journalism. $FA NGUYEN-THI, KIM. LAN, Saigon. Vietnam Early Childhood Education, ACEI PARK. JOAE-PUM. Seoul. Korea Latin American Studies 458 PETERSON, JEFFREY ALTON. Austin Zoology. TKE. Students Association Committee, ACS, UT Un- derwater Society POPE. JOHN MARVIN. Metairie. La. History. OBK. ZAX. 4 A0, HI. DAILY TEXAN, Texas Union Committees. Goodfellow PRESSLER. JEANNE MARSDEN. Galveston Library Science REYNOSO-LORA, LUIS EUGENIC. Lima, Peru Mechanical Engineering. K t . ASME, ASHRAE RIEKE, MARC KIMM. Houston Finance RIOUX. THOMAS WAYNE. El Campo Civil Engineering, KZ, TBI , XE, OAK, Outstanding Engi- neering Student, Student Engineering Council, Outstanding Student ROBERTSON. ROBERT ELGIN. Dallas Chemical Engineering. A Cappella Choir, TBH, QXE SABOL, DONALD EDWIN. San Antonio Educational Psychology SCOTT. MICHAEL LEE, Denver, Col. Business. 01 SCOTT. ROSE ANNE, Pasadena Music Education, ZAI, A Cappella Choir, Upper-Class Advi- sors, Scottish Scholars SELDEN, ROBERT PAUL, Austin Psychology and Radio-TV-Film, ZAM, Soccer Team SHAW, SHANTILAL R., Coimbatore, India Electronic Engineering, OEZ EKN, TBR, 0 K , IEEE SIEBER. SANDRA. Arp Accounting SIGALA. BLANCA ESTELA. Del Rio Speech Pathology. ZAE SLIPAKOFF, ESTHER MARGARET, Houston Counseling, Texas Union Leadership Board, Mortar Board. Or- ange Jackets, Spooks, ALD, Outstanding Student SMITH. JOHN CALVIN III, Duncan. Okla. Finance. 6611 SPIVAK, MALVINA. Guanabara, Brazil Engineering STANSEL, NINA BETH. Deer Park English. 0Z STARNES. SHARON ARLENE. Bogalusa, La. Anthropology SULLIVAN. JAMES DAVID, Mesquite Mathematics and Computer Sciences, 0BK. OK0, OH!. HGPOC, Rodeclc, Inc.. La Maison Francaise. Secret Fun Club ' Graduates YOUNG. WILLIAM ROBERT, Brenham Psychology, Outstanding Student TALBERT. WILLIAM LAUREL. Austin Business. Bri. BAU . ZIE TAYLOR. TIMOTHY DALE. Maydelle Petroleum Engineering, AIME TERAN, HEINZ M., Guayaquil. Ecuador Petroleum Engineering, AIME TRAN, PHIEN, Saigon, Vietnam Computer Science VINCENT, SUE LICHTE. Bryan Education WALTER, MARY LUCILLE, Wintersville. Ohio Spanish, Teaching Assistant WILGEN, JULIE MAPES, San Antonio Family Life Education, ON, DA0. Freshman Council, House of Delegates, THECC WILSON. CHARLES MONROE, III. Dallas Law. AZn. Outstanding Intramural Official, Whitaker Lead- ership Award. Student Bar Association, Outstanding Fresh- man Law Brief Award WOLTMAN. ARTHUR WILLIAM, Marlin Astronomy YARLING. CHARLES BYRON, Austin Electrical Engineering, FIAO. 0MA, Longhorn Band. IEEE 459 ABERNATHY, CURTIS MARK. Gladewater Business, OTA ABOUD. RUSSELL MICHAEL, El Paso Accounting. AKE. AK ABOUSSIE. ANNETTE GAY. Wichita Foils International Business Administration ADAMS. CONNIE SUE, Austin Education-Home Economics, AAA Little Sisters of the Mystic Eye, Round-Up Committee ADAMS, HENRY MARSHALL, Honolulu. Hawaii Music. UT Symphony ADCOCK. SHERILYN WILLHOITE, Austin Pharmacy. KE, TBZ, Longhorn Band, LPhA. Drug Abuse Council ADLEMAN, MARK LEE, Peoria, III. Personnel Management, NROTC, Intramurals, Best Ail- Around Intramural Athlete in Housing Award AGEE. BARBARA JEANNE. Fort Worth Home Economics, AAA AIKMAN. CONNIE SUE, Fort Worth English AKIONA, EDMOND BERTRAM. San Antonio Architecture ALANIZ, BETTY JO, San Diego Sociology ALBERS, MARGARET IRENE. Houston Linguistics, AIA, t KT, Little Sisters ALEXANDER, MATILDA E., Midland Accounting ALFORO. CHARLES RICHARD, Shelbyville Accounting ALLEN. CONNIE JEAN. Austin Sociology-Social Worlc Studies ALLEN. SUZANNE ELISE, Fort Worth Government ALLISON. LARRY GLENN, Longview Business Administration ALLSHOUSE, JANET LEE, Burlingame, Calif. French, KA0 ANDERSON, ALLAN LYNN, Austin Chemistry, OHI. AEA ANDERSON, KATHY LOUISE. Baytown Communication Class of 1972 ANDERSON. LINDA LEE. Alexandria, Va. English and Psychology, Canter Club, Ecology Action ANDERSON. MARY CLAIRE, Austin English. AZ, IAX. Cactus Section Editor, Cactus Outstanding Section Editor, Goodfellow ANDERSON. ROBERT HATTON, Austin Chemical Engineering, TBfl. QXE, Softball Club, AlChE ANDREWS, JAN KATHLEEN, San Antonio Journalism. 0Z t . IAX. 1972 Cactus Editor, PRSSA, Communi- cations Week Committee, Outstanding Student ANTHONY. WILLIAM ROSS JR.. Lubbock Mathematics, OKO, 0BK, Longhorn Handball Association APPOLD. REBECCA JO. Dallas ARCHAMBAULT, LESLIE JANE, Dallas English and French ARMSTRONG. JEFFREY NEAL, Fort Worth Finance, YR, American Finance Association ARMSTRONG, JOHN JAMES, Panhandle Pharmacy, PX, LPhA ARNETT, JOE ANNA, Jacksonville Fine Arts ARNOLD, LUCINDA GRAY, Houston Elementary Education, HBO ARTHUR, THOMAS GAIL. Kingsville Electrical Engineering, TBPI, HKN, IEEE, Student Engineering Council, Electrical Engineering Advisory Board. Goodfellow ARTZT. KRIS TONI, San Antonio Elementary Education. TOB. Inter-Dorm Council ATKINS, MARILYN FOSTER. Houston Business Administration, AAA, Phi Beta Kinsolving, Cactus Sec- tion Editor. Dorm Advisor. Challenge ATWOOD, MARGARET ELLEN. Houston English and History. HBO. Little Sisters of Minerva AUBEL. PAMELA JANE. San Rafael. Calif. History AVES. ALICE LOUISE. Houston Biology. KA0, Upper-Class Advisors AVILA. PABLO. Crystal City Government, MAYO AZAM-ZANGENEH, FIROOZ. Iran Petroleum Engineering BACK, JAMES MORRIS, JR., Pasadena English 460 BADKE, GREGORY CHARLES. Denton Mechanical Engineering, ZH. ASME BAHLMAN. LANIER. Winters BAILEY. EVALEE FRANCES, El Paso Mathematics. A5A BAKER, DAVID ANTHONY. New Port News. Va. Aerospace Engineering. 0ZK. AIAA BAKER, LARRY NEAL. Big Spring Physics. HZ, Zm, SPS. Longhorn Band BALCH, LARRY D.. Austin Mathematics and Computer Science BALKE, MARIAN CELESTA, Bleiblerville Journalism BALLARD, SALLY ANNE, Houston Education-English. AXO, KAD, Mortar Board, Orange Jack- ets. Posse. Panhellenic Council, Dorm Advisor BALLARD. WILLIAM BRIAN. Tyler Chemical Engineering BARASCH, ANITA. San Antonio Elementary Education, AOE, TSEA BARKER-BENFIELD, SIMON P. H., Wheatley, England Journalism. PRSSA BARKEY; KATHRYN LOUISE. McAiien Business-Marketing BARLER, HELEN ANN, Alpine Anthropology. UT Anthropological Society BARNES, ROBERT WAYNE. San Antonio Government, $PA, Texas Cowboys, President ' s Council BARNETT. JAMES RICHARD, Dallas Pharmacy. ATA. KU . LPhA BARNHILL. DONALD RAY. Highlands Finance, Real Estate Society. Longhorn Handball Club BARR, GARY STEPHEN, Nocona Journalism, DAILY TEXAN BARRETT. BETTE DEANE. Henderson Music Education, Choral Union BARRON, BILL WAYNE, Bay City History and Geography BARTON, KAREN ELAINE. Houston Nursing, AIA. AAA. HAH), Little Sisters. Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Goodfellow Graduating Seniors BATEMAN. NANCY KAY. Dolhart Elementary Education BAUER, SAMMY GENE, Darrouzett Mathematics and History. A$Q BAYERS. FRANCES LORETTA. Gilliland Pre-Med Psychology. AAA. AEA BAZAN. VICTOR, Corpus Christi Anthropology BEAVERS. DIANA CLAIRE. Baytown Home Economics, ZTA. Little Sigmas. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter BECK, THOMAS JAMES. Greenfield. Iowa Marketing. AZH. 4 HZ. A O. American Marketing Assoc BEENE. STEVEN EARL. Dallas Radio-Television-Film, I. Round-Up Committee, Showcase, Royal Spirit Committee. Longhorn Week Committee BEGGS. EDWARD ALLAN. Portland Marketing, American Marketing Association BEHAL, EUGENE FRANK, Eagle Pass Electrical Engineering. Honors Program. Bucaneers. Scab- bard Blade, Semper Fidetis Society BELK. ROBERT CROWELL, El Paso Finance. ZAE, Challenge, CIC, Real Estate Club BELSON. CHARLES MAYNARD. Rosebud Chemical Engineering. AlChE BENAVIDES, NORMA ALICIA. Loredo Sociology BENDALL. JOHN ALAN. Houston Houston Microbiology, Slavic Club, University Underwater Society BENESTANTE. JOHN EDWARD. Houston Management BENESTANTE. JUDITH LANELL. Houston Secondary Education-French and Spanish, KAfl, SCOPE. Up- per-Class Advisors. Longhorn Singers BENNER. BEVERLY ANN, Houston English, AAA, 4 BK, Upper-Class Advisors, SCOPE, A S Council BENNETT. JOYCE MARIE. Waco Biology BENSON. CYNTHIA LEE. Dallas Studio Art BERGER, BEVERLY ANN, Killeen Education. IntramuraU, University " Y " BERNAL. GILBERT JUAREZ JR.. San Antonio Government 461 Class of 1972 BOILING. ROBERT THOMAS. Houston Radio-Television-Film, Freshman Encounter Coordinator, Round-Up Committee, Union Leadership Board. Coffeehouse Committee. Goodfellow, Dean ' s Advisory Council BOLTON. WILLIAM ROSS. Houston Petroleum Engineering. AXA. TBIT RET. AIME BOMMARITO, GUY, Austin Advertising BONNER, CATHY LEIGH, Dallas Government, C1KA, Student Senate. Education Council, Fa- culty-Student Conference Committee. Election Commission. Library Committee. Outstanding Student BONOAN. NANCY GAIL, San Antonio Psychology BOONE. JAMES ARTHUR. Austin Psychology. 0I A. 0HZ. X. Lectures and Seminars Com- mittee, Traffic and Parking Committee BORNSTEIN. DIANE L.. Corpus Christ! Secondary Education. Cactus Staff BORTH. FRED RICHARD. Austin Accounting BOTHWELL. JAMES OLLIE, San Antonio Government BOUCHER. CHRISTINE ELIZABETH. San Antonio Health and History. PEM Club. YR BOURKE, WILLIAM H.. Austin Electrical Engineering BOWER. STANLEY ARTHUR. Rockdale Management BOWERS. BILL DAVID, Teague Pharmacy BOWMAN. DAVID EARL, Euless Pharmacy. KH . LPhA BOYD. CARIE GIPSON, Three Rivers Pharmacy. 0 AX BOYD. JAMES WALTER. Pine Bluff Ark. History BRACHER. ROBIN SUE. Houston Journalism. J ZAX. Cactus Section Editor, Daily Texan, Mortar Board. Dorm Resident Assistant, Goodfellow BRADFORD. TOMMY LEE. Weslaco Accounting BRADY. BERNARD GALIN. Logan, Ohio Mechanical Engineering, TBfl. HTZ. ASME. American Nu- clear Society. NESEP BRANDIMARTE, CYNTHIA ANN. Dallas French and English, XQ. OBK, Phi Beta Kinsolving, Mortar Board. Cordettes. Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Outstanding Student BERTINET. LORRAINE CAMILLE. Tyler Elementary Education BIARD, RICHARD PALMER. Dumas Music Education, Symphonic Band BIEBAS. SHARON LORETTA. Giddings Elementary Education BIELSS. CHARLES GENE, Holland Mathematics BIESELE, DAWN, Austin Psychology BINDOCK, ERIC FRANCIS. Leakey Psychology BISHOP, KAREN LEE, Houston Business Management BIVINS, PAUL DOUGLAS. Terrell BLACKBURN, BRENDA DIANE. Van Mathematics BLACKWELL, EARL BUNYAN, San Antonio Zoology BLAIR. MARTHA JANE, El Paso Public Relations. XQ BLAIR. MARY ELISABETH. Fort Worth Pharmacy, T ' PB, PX. LPhA.PharmacyCouncil. Curriculum Com- mittee. TPA Council for Pharmacy Education. Union Com- mittees. Freshman Encounter Advisor, Goodfellow BLALOCK. RAYNONA. Huntsville Special Education, ZTA, SCEC BLASI. BARBARA JEAN. Odessa Home Economics, AAA Cordettes BLAYLOCK. STEPHEN GLEN. Dallas Mechanical Engineering, YAF BECKLEY, DAVID GEORGE, Paris Business. AKU . t HI, University Underwater Society BLITCH, NICKI JAN, Fort Worth Nursing, Longhorn Band BLUM. PEGGY. New Orleans. La. Deaf Education BOECKER, WALDON AUGUST. Manor Electrical Engineering, TBfl HKN, IEEE BOESENBERG. BARBARA ANN, Laredo History. KAH 462 BRANDON. BEVERLY EULANE, Plainview Sociology and Anthropology, AAA. OBK, ICC. House of Dele- gates, Intramurais BRANTLEY. BRENDA LOUISE. Houston Elementary Education. AZ, Southern Singers, Cactus Staff, Freshman Encounter BRASFIELD. PATRICIA L. Tyler Physical Education BRATTEN. MARJORIE VIRGINIA, San Antonio Sociology BRAY. ELLEN JANE. Killeen Mathematics, t EK, ACM. Dean ' s List, YR BRETZ. THOMAS ALLAN. Huntingburg, Ind. Engineering Route to Business BREZINA. JOHNNY ROY. Taft Mechanical Engineering, TBI I. i ITZ, ASME BRIELL. KATHERINE ANN. Seguin Elementary Education. AO. KAD BRITT. GWYN CAROL. San Antonio Pharmacy, AIA. LPhA BROGAN, JOHN ALBERT, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, TBH, HKN, IEEE BROGDON, ANTOINETTE ELIZABETH. Irving Deaf Education BROWDER. BRENDA ANNE, Dallas Education. XQ. Little Sisters of the Shield Diamond. CIC, Union Entertainment Committee BROWDER. JACK FORRESTER JR.. Waco Mechanical Engineering. KZ BROWN. ALPHONCE JOSEPH JR.. Wichita Falls Government and Psychology, Freshman Orientation, Freshman Encounter, Order of Alcalde, Operation Brainpower, Order of UT, Union Committees, Student Assemblyman, A S Council BROWN, CYNTHIA JO, San Antonio Elementary and Special Education BROWN. HAL DENNIS. San Antonio Architectural Engineering, AAAE BROWN. JOHN RANDOLPH. Bishop Architecture. ZD BROWN, MARLIN KEITH. San Antonio History, Honors Program BROWN. WILLIAM DWIGHT. Fort Worth Transportation BRUNA. RANDY JOE, Weatherford Marketing Graduating Seniors BRYANT, JAMES ROBERT, Sherman BRYANT. TERRY LYNN. Muleshoe Pharmacy. TBZ. Longhorn Band. Goodfellow BUCHANAN, JAMES EDWIN. Lamesa Accounting BUCK, LINDA WALKER. Tyler English BULS. RONALD LESTER. Rosenberg Chemical Engineering, A t O. AlChE. Longhorn Band BUNCH. PAMELA JO. Austin Secondary Education BUNDERLE. JANET SUE. Arlington Journalism. AAA. ZAX PRSSA BURKE. PATRICIA DAWNE. Midland Music Literature BURKHALTER. JOE D., Fort Stockton Pharmacy. Klf. LPhA, Dean ' s List BURNS, AMY LOUISE. Dallas Government, Hillel Society BURTON. BOBBY LEN, Houston Marketing. KA. American Marketing Association. Real Estate Society. Junior Varsity Baseball BURTON, DOUGLAS RULON, Houston Government, ZOE, Intramural Track BURTON. SHELLIE KAY. Abilene Home Economics, XO. ON. Orientation Advisor. SCOOP. Christian Science Organization Goodfellow BUSCH. DENNIS GENE, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, TBD. HKN. IEEE BUTLER. DOROTHY LOUISE. Corpus Christ! Biology BUTTERY. JAMES WARREN, San Antonio Microbiology, Microbiology Society BUTTRILL. DON ALAN. Arlington Marketing BYROM. JOE ALAN. Austin Economics. AXA. Union Speakers Committee CADENA. SYLVIA REBECCA, San Antonio Special Education CALDWELL, MARGARET, Waco Home Economics 463 Class of 1972 CASEY. SHAWN RUSSEL. Houston Government. Tejas Club. Orientation Advisor, Ideas Issues Committee, Outstanding Student CASSEDAY. ROBERT WAYNE, La Porte Physical Education. PEM Club CASTRO, ALICIA ROSE. Austin Journalism CASTRO, ANA MARIE. San Antonio Elementary Education, ACEI CASTRO. PATRICIA ANN. Austin Spanish. ITA CAVE, CATHERINE ANN. Austin Education. KAI1 CECIL. MELINDA ANN. Fort Worth Pharmacy, LPhA, Pharmacy Council, Dean ' s List CENTER. KATHY ROSE. Baytown Aerospace Engineering, J K J , AAA, ZFT TBZ, Longhorn Band, Society of Women Engineers, AIAA, Engineering Fel- lows, 1 970 Outstanding Woman Engineer, Honor Roll CERVENKA. EDWARD RENFRO. Waco Architectural Engineering. XE, AAAE CESAR. ALFREDO. Managua. Nicaragua Mathematics and Computer Science CHAMBERLAIN. SARA NAN, Sulphur Springs Secondary Education CHAMPION. RAUL JR.. San Antonio Spanish and Italian, Longhorn Band CHAPMAN. JOY ANN. Henderson Secondary Education-English and History CHARTOFF. ARTHUR. Austin Marketing, AZH, American Marketing Association, American Finance Association CHASE, STEPHEN WALTER. Nutley. N. J. Architecture. Texas Crew Club CHEMELL. CHRISTINE LOUISE. San Antonio Psychology CHIDSEY. LINDA GAY. Billings. Mont. Physical Education, AZ. PEM Club, TAPHER, Little Sisters of CHIL ' DERS, STEVEN ROGER, Conroe Chemistry, AXZ 4 HZ, OAY, WO, OBK CHILDRESS, DUANE MICHAEL, Ozona Marketing, KA CHILDRESS, LOREN GLENN, Lyford Physical Education. PEM Club CALDWELL. VIRGINIA CAROL. Irving Elementary Education. AFROTC Wives Fiancees Club CALLAWAY, PENNY CATHRYN, Austin English. AZ. Orange Jackets, Order of the Blue Iris. Round-Up Committee, Student-Faculty Committee. Union Task Force, German Club CALVILLO, HERLINDA GONZALEZ, Laredo Interior Design, AID, Newman Club CAMP, RONALD PERRY. Denton Journalism, OKI. NROTC, Cactus Section Editor. Scabbard ) Blade, NROTC Yearbook Editor CAMPOS, MARY ESOUIVEL, Austin Nursing CANNON, MICHAEL DAVID, Houston Business Administration, BAU CANTU, JOSE ALBERTO, Edinburg Accounting CARBY, GARY WAYNE, Houston Business Finance CARDENAS. HERLINDA A., San Antonio Business Administration CARIKER. GEORGE EARL JR., Carthage Accounting CARL, CHARLOTTE CHRISTINE, Austin Latin and English, AOD, AAA. Spooks CARLISLE , CAROL JEANNE, La Marque CARLISLE, JAN KATHRYN, Alice Elementary Education CARLSON, BILL. San Angelo Statistics CARLSON. THOMAS LANDRUE. Corpus Christ! Finance. All " ! American Finance Association CARPENTER. JOEL ROLAND, Cotulla Personnel Management CARR, CHARLOTTE FRANCES, Buchanan Dam Advertising, APA. PRSSA, Amateur Radio Club CARSON, TERESA ALZINA. Dallas CARTER, DAVID LYNN, Houston Education CARTER. MARY LEE. Houston Mathematics - I:: " ' ' -- . - :-- .:- ' ' . ,-: OAK Wrtf CO Si CON Hiitory CO CHILDRESS. WILLIAM MICHAEL. Dallas Zoology. University Underwater Association CHILDS, WILLIAM CLAIBORNE, Arlington Mathematics CHRISTIAN. CHARLES ROGER. Austin Studio Art CHURCH, ROBERT LINDSAY. Houston Electrical Engineering CIRKO. JOHN MARTIN. Weirton. W. Va. Transportation. ANA. Dean ' s List Transportation Club CLARE. PENELOPE LYNN. Deer Park Geography CLARK, KAREN ANN. Dallas Marketing. American Marketing Association. Real Estate Society CLARKE, CRAIG MUSGRAVE, Houston Psychology and Biology. KA, Cactus Staff CLAXTON. MICHAEL DALE, Houston Economics COBIAN. MARIA-ISABEL. Lima, Peru Nutrition COCKRELL. KENNETH DALE, Evansville, Ind. Mechanical Engineering COHEN. BARBARA ELLEN. Dallas Mathematics. Cactus Staff COHEN. BLANCHE FAYE. Phoenix. Ariz. Mathematics, ZPO, Longhorn Band. Undergraduate Research. Union Committees. Student Government Committee, Hillel Society, House of Delegates, IEEE COLE, MICHAEL KEITH. San Antonio COLEMAN. DOROTHY JEAN. Victoria French. AAF1 COLLINS, MICHAEL OLIS. Dallas Architecture CONNELL, CAROL JUANETTE, Killeen Secondary Education, AZ CONNER. GEORGE MANION. Tyler History CONRADT. LOUIS WILLIAM, Terrell Accounting. BAU COOK. CHARLES MAC, Paris History, OK t , OA0, niA. 0BK, Union Entertainment Committee Graduating Seniors COOK, LARRY GENE, Winters COOK, MARY KATHERINE, Austin Journalism. AI A, 6Z t . Cactus Staff. Daily Teian, Challenge Committee. Communications Week Committee COPELAND. KATHY S.. Angleton Government. YD COPELAND, REBECCA LEE. Belton CORBELL, JON KELVIN. West Columbia Accounting CORRELL. VENICE MARY. West Palm Beach, Fla. English. Campus Crusade for Christ COSKIE, CHERYLA DRU, Garland Speech Pathology, ZAH COSTAS. NICHOLAS P. H.. Seguin Management GOTHAM. NANCY ELLEN. Marlin Elementary Education, AZ, Education Council COTTINGHAM. LINDA GAY, Austin French, A , Order of the Blue Iris COUCH, QUEST COMPERE III. San Antonio Radio-Television-Film COUTURE, DANIEL BRUCE. Lawrence, Mass. Journalism. Daily Texan, Intramurals COWAN. JAMES LARRY. Austin Psychology COWARD. ANN DOROTHEA. Bellville Management, A0 . Little Sisters of the Mystic Eye COWARD, MARGARET SUE. Bellville Business Education. A DOf! Cactus Staff. Student Associa- tion Parking Committee COX. BONNIE SUE. Houston Journalism, AO, 0ZO ZAX, Daily Txan, Texas Press Woman, Cactus Staff. Freshman Encounter COX. JOHN WAYNE. Grand Prairie Pharmacy COX, LOUISE CAROL. Houston History, AIA SKUNKS, Longhorn Band, Campus Crusade for Christ, Intramurals CRANE. KATHRYN LOUISE, San Antonio Education. I IKA CRAWFORD. FRANCES MARIAN. El Paso English. AAA 465 CRAWFORD, PATTY McCOY, Seabrook Special Education, A$, Education Council, Crescents CREEL. MARTHA, Fort Worth Home Economics, Campus Chest Donations Committee, Up- per-Class Advisors, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chap- ter, Home Economics Association CRESAP. DANNA, Houston Business, Little Sisters of the Shield Diamond. YR, Freshman Encounter, CIC CROW. SHERRY GAIL, Austin Elementary Education, AP CROWTHER. CORNELIA ANNE, Dallas Sociology CUBBISON, JOHN LEE, San Antonio Accounting. BA A , CBA Council. Outstanding Student of the School of Business, Student-Faculty Committees CUDE. MICHAEL WAYNE. Midland Civil Engineering CUEVAS, EDWIN GEORGE JR., San Antonio Aerospace Engineering, AIAA CULBERTSON. MARY JULIA, San Antonio Speech Pathology, ZAH AXQ CULPEPPER. WILBUR GLENN. San Antonio Physical Education, PEM Club CULWELL, CATHRYN. Lufkin Home Economics. XO, ON. Little Sisters of the Shield Dia- mond, House of Delegates, Upper-Class Advisors CUMBIE, CYNTHIA ANN. Houston Education. Little Sisters of the Mystic Eye DABNEY. JOSEPH THURSTON III. Livingston Zoology. PKT DAHLBERG, MARSHA LYNN. Austin Elementary Education, KAH DAIMWOOD. DAVID PAUL, Longview Physics DALTON, CHARLOTTE LOUISE. Goldthwaite Secondary Education DANGELI, MICHAEL STEPHEN, Bedford Government, HZA. Pre-Law Student Association, Encounter DAUTERIVE, JUDY EILEEN, Dallas Psychology DAVENPORT, JAMES C.. Dallas Aerospace Engineering DAVENPORT. JAMES EDWARD. Houston Engineering Management, KA Class of 1972 DAVIES, JOHN FRANCIS, Dallas History. ATA DAVIS. CARLETON ABNEY. Lampasas Finance DAVIS. NANCY L. W.. Gilmer Elementary Education DAWSON. DWIGHT LAUREN, Houston Accounting, PKT. AKUJ, Round-Up Committees. Union Com- mittees. House of Delegates DEAN. MARY BIRD. Pecos Elementary Education. KA0, Longhorn Singers DEMEL, CARROL RAY. San Antonio Accouhting DENN. DEBRA DELAINE. Bay City Government and History, AE ! DENNIS, MICHAEL DAVID, San Antonio Anthropology. University Underwater Society. Y Tutor, Micro- biology Society DENNIS. WILLIAM WOODS. Dallas Pre-Law-Government, Intramurals, YR DENNY, HERBERT AWBREY II. San Antonio Architecture. House of Delegates DENOSOWICZ. RANDOLPH LEE, Orange Mathematics, OBK. Resident Advisor DER BING, DEBORAH, Houston English DIAZ DELEON, VICTOR OCTAVIO JR., Kingsville Pharmacy, OAX DICKINSON. ELAINE, Longview Elementary Education. AAA DICKINSON. LINDA LEE. Austin Interior Design. AID. Women ' s Tennis Team. Ideas and Issues Committee DICKSON. DIANA CAY. Houston Radio-Television-Film DIDEN, MARY LOU, Dallas Accounting DIES. RUTH DIANE, Austin Elementary Education. HBO, Legislative Council, Round-Up Committees, Campus Chest, Little Sisters of the Shield Diamond DIMICELI, THOMAS JAMES, Port Arthur Accounting. BAM DINERSTEIN, JACK, Houston Management, ZBT. CBA, Posse, Freshman Encounter. Cam- pus Chest, Silver Spurs, CBA Freshman Class President, CBA Sophomore Class President DISMUKES. CAROL JOYCE. Brownwood Business Education. FIOPI DIXON. MORRIS REAGEN. Rusk Biology. AOQ, AEA Union Fine Arts Committee DOBSON. JEFFREY F., Houston Business, ZX DOLAN. LAWRENCE PETER, Amarillo Government DOLFUSS. NELSON FRANK Ml. Dallas Marketing and Physical Education. Acacia. IFC DOLPH. SANDRA MARIE, San Antonio Biology DONAT, LEONARD THEODORE, Chicago, III. Accounting DORN, ROBERT WAYNE, San Antonio Aerospace Engineering, AIAA DORSETT. CHARLES EDWARD. Brownfield Government. Praetorian Guard. Scabbard Blade, NROTC DOUGHARTY, DANA (CATHERINE. Beaumont Accounting. BAUJ. ! K t DOUGLAS. RODNEY ARTHUR. Dallas Finance, PZK DOUTHIT. COLLIN JACKSON. Sterling City Mechanical Engineering, ASME DOWELL. DEE LYN. Longview Elementary Education, XQ DOWLEN, DONNA JO, Lake Jackson Elementary Education, Upper-Class Advisors. Longhorn Band. Spooks DOWNES. BRIAN EDWARD. Cambridge, Mass. Government, Pro-Law Association. Dorm Representative DRAKOS. ELENI MARINA. Dayton. Ohio Spanish, KAfl. Upper-Class Advisors DROUIN, KATHARINE McDONNELL. Houston Deaf Education. ZAH DUBBERLEY. ALLEN ERBACHER. Tyler Mechanical Engineering, 01. TBH, RTZ, PH2. Engineering Honor Roll. ASME. SAME, ROTC. Intramural Wrestling DUBE. PATRICIA KAY, Rosenberg Economics and Government. AZD, Little Sisters, Student Gov- ernment, Pre-Law Association DUBOSE. DIANE. Amarillo Journalism, ZAX, t K0 Graduating Seniors DUCLOUX. CLAUDE ERNEST. Austin Government. Longhorn Singers, Pre-Law Society DUKE. TERRY WAYNE. Lancaster Pharmacy, OAX DUKES. JOHN ANTHONY, Summerville. S. C. Government DULAK, SARA SUE. Dallas Elementary Education DUNBAR. GERALDINE. Bastrop Accounting DUNCAN. CATHERINE GARY, Abilene DUNCAN. FRANK JEFFERSON. Weatherford Pharmacy. KIP DUNCAN. JEANNE CELESTE. Rusk Pharmacy. f l B. KE. Pharmacy Council DUNFORD. LUCY ANN. Houston Accounting and Marketing. CBA Council. American Mar- keting Association DUNHAM. JANE TRIGG. Corpus Christ! Elementary Education, Orange Jackets. Education Council. Senior Cabinet. Campus Crusade for Christ DUNN. SOLON ROBERT. Corpus Christi Personnel Management. AZPI DUNN. EDDIE ALAN. Dallas DUNSIRN, ROBIN KAY. San Antonio Elementary Education DURAN. ROBERT. Houston Microbiology. AEA. Volunteer Tutor EAKENS. CINDA MELANE. San Antonio Elementary Education, A7 TBZ. Longhorn Band EAKENS. GIBBS EDMOND. San Antonio Accounting. Longhorn Band EASTER, CHARLES LEE JR.. Caldwell History. IX ECHEVARRIA, LOURDES ROSA. Laredo Spanish and English EDMONDS. MARTHA CLAIRE. Austin Psychology EDWARDS. BETTIE JANE. Clarksville History and Government. AIA ZAH 467 EDWARDS, CAROL JEAN. Dallas Nursing. Acacia Order of Delphi EHLINGER. STEPHEN EDWARD. San Antonio Business Management and Finance EIERMANN, ANN ELIZABETH, Houston Education, APA, Round-Up Committee. Student-Faculty Com- mittee. Entertainment Committee, Freshman Encounter, Union Leadership Board EIGNUS, WILLIAM ARTHUR, Friendswood Psychology ELALUF-PRADO. LISBINO, Iquitos. Peru Civil Engineering, ASCE ELAM, BEVERLY JUNE. Pasadena Journalism, @ZO, XAX ELKINS, MARGARET ELISE. Houston Government. DB . HZA ELLEDGE, JACQUELYN CURTIS. Houston Advertising. AAA ELLIOTT. DEBORAH KAY Palestine Interior Design. XQ, Union Committee ELLIS, MARGARET ANN. Chandler Elementary Education ELLIS, VIVIAN ELIZABETH, San Antonio Plan Il-Pre-Med., FOB, Upper-Class Advisors. Freshman En- counter, Educational Excellence Committee, Social Interaction Committee, Union Committees. Plan II Committee ELLISON, STEPHEN PAUL, Austin Chemical Engineering, AlChE ELLSBERRY, MICHAEL ALLEN, Dallas Finance and Accounting, American Finance Association, YR. Objectivism Study Group EMMERT. DUANE FRANK. Odessa EMMERT. MARK ALEXANDER, San Antonio Management, KA ENER, AVA ANN, Houston History ENGEL. ADRIANA. Houston Advertising, TA$, AAA, Honor Roll ENGEL, EDWARD WILLIAM, Houston Business Administration, TA P, Army ROTC ENGLAND. ROBIN CHRISTY, Houston Nursing, A0, Cactus Staff. Freshman Encounter, YR EPPES, NANCY JEAN, Houston Elementary Education, ZTA Class of 1972 ESMOND, CONLEY CLAY, Odessa Biology, ATO EVANS, BILLIE-ANN, Texarkana Home Economics, UT All-Campus Advisory Committee EVELAND, SANDRA. Beaumont German and Asian Studies. AAA. Junior Fellows, Asian Studies Club EVERETT, BARRY CHARLES, Lancaster Psychology FAHRENTHOLD. JERRY PATRICK. Poth International Business. 91. American Marketing Association, AIESEC. Travel Club, YR FAIN. JOHN STEVE. Houston Radio-Television-Film FALK. ROBERT HARDY. Houston Chemical Engineering, t K4 , OXE, AICHE, American Chemical Society, Objectivist Club FANCHIER. DAVID EHRMAN. Longview Aerospace Engineering. AIAA FARRAR. TERRY WAYNE. Dallas Business. ATA. IFC. Honors Program. Round-Up Committee, Campus Chest FEARS, PETER JOHN, Houston Philosophy and Sociology. WHX. SMC FEINBERG, JAN LOUISE. Texarkana Education, AEO FENLAW. REBECCA JAYNE, Austin English FERGUSON. BRYAN WILLIS, Bastrop Chemical Engineering, AOO AXE, AlChE, Circle K FERGUSON. GAIL LYNN. Houston Elementary Education. Southern Singers FERGUSON. LAWRENCE H. III. Duncanville Pharmacy, OZK, LPhA, Longhorn Singers FILLEY, FREDERICK DWIGHT. San Antonio Transportation Management, Transportation Club, Intramu- rals FINK. BARBARA LYNN, Houston History FINKLEA, GAYLON JEAN, Hull Communications, 9ZO, Daily Texan FISH, EDO THOMAS, Austin Pharmacy. $AX FISK, DOROTHEA PATRICIA. Dallas Home Economics. AHEA, ZPG 468 FITE, ANTOINETTE TONI. Sherman Education FLANAGAN, SUSAN CAROL, San Antonio Nutrition, Student Nutrition Organization FLEMENS. NORMAN ROWE, Sulphur Springs Aerospace Engineering, TBH, ZFT, AFROTC, Arnold Air So- ciety. AIAA FLETCHER, DANIEL LEE, Van Government FLOCA, FRANK STEWART. Temple Mathematics, AKE, AEA. OH!, t BK FLORES. MAXIMO Q. JR.. Floresville Pharmacy FLORES. ZENDA ZENAIDA, San Antonio Latin American Studies. A S Council. General and Com- parative Studies Council, ILAS. Student-Faculty Council FLOURNOY. LINDA KAY, Lometa Accounting. AIA FLOYD. MARK STEPHEN, Houston Finance, ZN, Campus Chest FLUITT, MICHAEL WAYNE, Booker Radio-Television-Film, Daily Texan Editorial Associate Editor, Daily Texan Amusements Editor, TSP Photographer FOCHT. ROBERT FRANK, San Antonio History FOHN, JOSEPH WILFRED, D ' Hanis History FONFRIA. MARIA M.. Galveston FORD, KENNETH W., Brazoria Accounting FOREHAND, CAROL JEAN, Huntsville. Ala. Advertising. AAZ- TAX, Cactus Staff, Intramurals FOSTER, KATHLEEN ROSE, Dallas English FOUST. CHARLES LUCIAN, Temple German FOX, FREDERICK H. II. Corpus Christ! Psychology FRALEY, LEWIS HENDERSON, Borger Accounting FRANCIS. VIRGINIA LOU, Austin Mathematics Graduating Seniors ... FRANK. LEEANN. San Antonio Government. Resident Assistant FRANKLIN. RAYMOND B. JR.. Houston Microbiology, Curtain Theater, Natural Science Council, Mi- crobiology Club FRASER. REBECCA LYNN, El Paso Nursing FRASER, SHIRLEY JEAN, Beeville Music Education FREEMAN. ELZIE DARLENE, Dallas Physics, ZnZ, OK FREEMAN, KATHRYN LEA, Piano Elementary Education FREEMAN. STEPHEN MARTIN. Bellaire Psychology FRIEDRICH. SANDRA LYNN. Weimar Music Education, AAA. ZAI, Women ' s Concert Choir, Cho- FROST. MARCIA STEBBINS, Dallas Elementary Education, ZTA, AAA, Dean ' s List, Cordettes FUENTES, JOSE JR.. San Antonio Radio-Television-Film FUNG, DAISY SEE-MANG, Hong Kong Radio-Televtsion-Film, Chinese Students ' Association FUNKE. VICKI LYNN. Pasadena Accounting, OKO, BAU , Phi Beta Kinsolving, Upper-Class Advisors, Dean ' s List FURMAN. NANCY PRYOR, Bathesda, Md. History, Concert Choir, Southern Singers GAGLIANO, MAUREEN ANN, Austin Nursing, FOB, AAA. Campus Chest GAISER, DONALD CURTIS, Tyler Psychology, X, Dean ' s List GALE. PLINY MYRON III. Houston Electrical Engineering, OHZ, Longhorn Band, Symphonic Band. Students ' Association Committees, IEEE GALVAN, EDUARDO. Brownsville Geography. Semper Fidelis GALVAN, YOLANDA MARIE. Corpus Christi Textiles, Clothing, and Fashion Design. AHEA GAMBLE, DAVID SHULER, Houston Plan II. AY. OHZ, OBK. PX. House of Delegates. Longhorn Singers GANCHAN. MEG GORDON, Houston Mathematics, AAR, Round-Up Committee. Upper-Class Ad- visors. Resident Assistant ' GANCHAN, SUSAN BURNETT, Houston Elementary Education, AAD, Dorm Advisor, Freshman Encoun- ter. Union Committee, Upper-Class Advisors GANT, PAMELA LEE, Fort Worth Elementary Education, AAA GARCIA, CARLOS NOE, Falfurrias Zoology, Collegium Cusicum GARCIA, HOMER DENIS C, San Antonio Government, Student Senate. MAYO. Project Info, Honors Program, A S Foundation Scholarship GARDNER. TARA O MEARA. Carrizo Springs Journalism, DB4 Spooks GARDNER, THOMAS RAUL. Richfield, Minn. Education, Track Cross Country. PEM Club, T-Association GARMAN. DOUGLAS GARY, Austin Music Education, 0MA, Sinfonia. Fine Arts Student Council, Students International Meditation Society GARZA, CARLOS B. L., Edinburg Pharmacy. OAX, LPhA GARZA. EDUARDO, Laredo Government. Circle K, University Encounter GARZA, GEORGE ALBERT, San Antonio Art Education GARZA, ROMEO ROLANDO, Mercedes Pharmacy, t AX. LPhA GASCHEN, MONROE LAWRENCE JR., San Antonio Accounting GASKIN, SUZANNE LYNN. San Antonio History, Middle Earth Tutoring. PIZA GAW, ALLEN FAYE. Houston Biology. AEA, Chinese Students ' Association. Student-Faculty Committee. BSD. International Affairs Committee GEDALY, MARLENE, Beaumont Sociology GEHRING, PEGGY LYNN. Houston Advertising GEISE, WILLIAM O.. Austin Business Administration, OA0 GEORGE. CHARLES EDDINS, San Antonio Mathematics, B0I I, Student Repertory Theatre GEORGE, PATRICIA LEE, Tyler Business Administration GEORGE, SAMUEL MILLS. Tyler English I , Class of 1972 GERSTENHABER. JAY ERON. Houston Insurance, TAO. Insurance Society of Texas GHODS, MOHAMAD REZA, Tehran, Iran Chemical Engineering, Intramurals GIBBS, PEYTON SELMAN, Houston Management, Rifle Team. AFROTC GIBSON, MARGARET M., Houston Textiles, Clothing, and Fashion Design GIBSON. ROSCOE MIKE, Lufkin Architecture, I GILBERT, RANDAL SEVENS. Tyler Pre-Law-History GILLETT. SANDRA RUTH. Dallas Mathematics. XO GLADE, JOHN CHRISTOPHER. Luflcin Biology GLATTERER. MILTON S. JR.. San Antonio Zoology GLEASON. MARLA JEAN, San Antonio Zoology GLYNN, ROGER JOHN. Fort Worth Pharmacy. LPhA GODFREY. JO ANN ABERNATHY, Yoakum Special Education. STSTA, SCEC GOFORTH. SHARON RAE. Houston German, AIA AAA, AOA, Eulenspiegelverein GOLDEN. SHARON M., Scranton. Pa. Physical Education. PEM Club, AAHPER. Intramurals. TAPHER GOMEZ. RAUL. San Antonio Electrical Engineering GOMEZ, VICENTA. Odessa Special Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children. Student Task Committee. MAYO GONZALES. DAVID, Port Lavaca Spanish GONZALES. PABLO M., Cotulla Pharmacy, $AX GONZALES, VICTORIA. Sinton Psychology, AAA, IPX, t BK GONZALEZ. AMPARO LUISA. Laredo Pharmacy, KE. LPhA 470 i GONZALEZ, ANTONIO JR.. Brownsville Pharmacy, LPhA GONZALEZ. ARTURO DAVID, Mission Pharmacy. K V, LPhA GONZALEZ. FRANCISCO JR., McAllen Pharmacy. t AX. LPhA GONZALEZ, IRMA BLANCHARD, Brownsville Government, Student Relations Committee. Judiciary Council, Pre-Law Association GOOCH, CECIL DWAYNE. Bremen, Ind. Marketing GOODALL, SHALMIR JEAN. San Antonio Government, AAH GOODING. PEGGY LOUISE. Fort Worth Secondary Education-Mathematics and History GOODMAN, BRENDAJANE, Dallas Education. ZAT. Union Executive Council, SCEC. Challenge Committee GOODMAN. CHERYL RUTH, Houston English. AXC3. University Sweetheart. Varsity Cheerleader. Orange Jackets. Orientation Advisor. Goodfellow. Little Sister; of the Maltese Cross, Mortar Board. Outstanding Student GOTTLEBER, VICKI SUE, Hattiesburg. Miss. Architecture. AOH GRACE. CRAIG THOMAS, Austin History and Government, AY GRAHAM, DONNA KAY, Houston Drama Education GRAHAM, LOIS MARIE. Dickinson Sociology, House of Delegates, Union Leadership Board, ICC, Freshman Encounter Advisor GRAHAM, WILLIAM CULLEN, Fort Worth Marketing-Management. AZH. Resident Assistant. Inter-Dorm Social Council GRAMMER, BEVERLY LYNNE, Fort Worth Psychology, KKP. Spooks. Ideas and Issues GRANT. MARY ELIZABETH, Dallas Home Economics GRANT. PETER NEWBANKS. Stephe nville Plan ll-History, Jazz Ensemble, Union Committee GRAVES, GEORGE THOMAS III, San Antonio 0overnment, KA GRAY, JAMES BIRL. Amarillo Sociology. OKO Sociology and Behavioral Sciences Advi- sory Committee GRAY, JEFFERSON SCOTT, Austin Accounting, KZ, Silver Spurs Graduating Seniors GREEN. BOB CARROL. La Jolla. Calif. Radio-Television-Film GREEN. CHARLES ADISON JR.. LaMarque Management GREEN, GEORGE GARLAN. El Paso Architecture. Student Government. AIA. Round Earth Society, TACP GREENWOOD. ALAN DALE. Corpus Christi Marketing, AAZ, American Marketing Association, Honor Roll GREER. SIDNEY ADAMS JR.. Daingerfield Education GREGORY. WILLIAM NEWTON, Denison Business Administration. ATA GRIBBLE, PATRICIA GAY. Austin Russian, AAD, Union Committee. International Club. Intra- murals. Steering Committee, Foreign Relations Club, Wom- en ' s Swimming Team GRIMES. JESSE DEE. Pearland Radio-Television-Film GRIPON. SHERRI LYNNE, League City Mathematics. AHA. ACM, Gymnastic Team GROSS. JOHNNY MAXWELL. Longview Marketing GROTJOHN, SARA BETH. Borger Advertising. AAZ GRUBAR. MARGOT WOODLOCK. Washington. D. C. History. UT Sailing Club GUERRA. GEORGE XAVIER. Edinburg Pharmacy. OAX. PX GUEST. MARTHA ANNETTE. Oklahoma City. Okla. Psychology GUINAN. ROBERT BRUCE, New Orleans. La. Biology GUZMAN, FERNANDO A., Granada. Nicaragua Economics HACKER. MARIA LEIGH. Corpus Christi Accounting, Honors Program HAGEMEIER, HAL EDWARD. New Orleans. La. Electrical Engineering. AOQ. TBD. HKN OK . OHZ. Ar- nold Air Society. Friar Society. Engineering Fellow, Distin- guished Military Cadet. Outstanding Student HAGUE. JANICE LOUISE, Houston Nursing, TNSA HAHN, SHARON KAY. Brownsville History. KU , little Sisters of the Mystic Eye 471 HAIR, DON BILL, Hereford Accounting. BAUJ HALDRETT, RICHARD ANTHONY JR.. Marietta, Ga. Psychology, ATO HALES. GARY DAVID. St. Louis. Mo. Psychology HALL, JANE. Abilene English, 4 K4 , Daily Texan HALLAHAN. MONICA MARTHA, Wichita Falls Elementary Education, KKF, Angel Flight HAMBERG, MARY JO, Austin Sociology HAMBERG. TIMOTHY W.. Austin Mechanical Engineering HAMILTON. DONALD K.. Longview Management, AZQ, Blue Key HAMILTON, TERRENCE PATRICK, Rockford, III. Government, HZA HANCOCK. CATHERINE VAUGHN. Pittsburg Economics. AAD, Spooks, House of Delegates, Speakers Tour HARDY, KAREN REBECCA, Houston Fashion Design HARGRAVES. SHARON GRAFTON, San Antonio Education HARGRAVES. WILLIAM HENRY, Baytown Accounting. Resident Assistant HARMON. RICHARD MICHAEL, San Antonio Marketing. ATO HARMS. JO ANN. San Antonio Elementary Education HARPER. JANICE ELIZABETH, St. Louis, Mo. Home Economics, American Home Economics Association HARPOLE, GEORGE ANN, Uvalde History, AOn HARRIS, APRIL KAY, Houston Elementary Education, AIA AAA. KAH, Longhorn Singers, Upper-Class Advisors, Scottish Scholars HARRIS, CATHERINE FRANCES, Dallas Secondary Education, KAF1, Little Sisters of the Seven Stars HARRIS. LINDA CAROLE, Houston Music Theory. I1A0 -: " " ;,.,-. ! " -; : ' I " - -; HILLS Class of 1972 HARRIS. PEGGY LEA. Dallas Fashion Merchandising, I B. SKUNKS. Royal Spirit Commit- tee, Curtain Club, SCOPE HARRIS, VICTOR ELLIOT, Austin Accounting, BAU . Acacia, Silver Spurs HARRIS, WILLIAM STANLEY. San Marcos Government and History HARRISON, LEO WAYNE JR.. Ewa Beach. Haiwaii Finance. AZfl. House of Delegates, Rules Committee. College of Business Administration, Senior Class President. Intramurals, Goodfellow HARRISON, PRINCE MARTIN. Belton Pre-Med. -Psychology and English, Project Info. Tutoring HARTMAN. CAROLYN JOYCE. Georgetown Biology HARVEY, BILLY DALE. Greenville Petroleum Land Management, XO, AKUJ, Student Landmen ' s Association, AIME HATFIELD, CHARLOTTE RUTH, Hutchinson, Kan. Journalism, PRSSA HAWKINS, LINDA SUSAN, McAllen Mathematics, AAH. AAA, DA0, 4 KH . $BK, Coffeehouse Committee. House of Delegates. Dormitory Advisor HAWKINS. MONROE ALVIN. Fort Worth Sociology HAWS. ROY LEE. Jacksonville Mechanical Engineering. Zfl, ASME HAWTHORNE. SARAH ANN. Houston History HAYES. NANCY. Dallas English, Upper-Class Advisors HAYNES. W. DWIGHT, Jacksonville Transportation, ZD HAYTER. GAYLORD LEE. Weatherford Management HAZLEWOOO. JAMES HOWARD, Victoria Advertising. AAZ, 0HZ, Student-Faculty Life Committee HEAP, SALLY PRESCOTT, Temple Education-Home Economics, ZTA HEARN, ROBERT LUTHER III, Dallas Business. t A0 HEARNE. SIDNEY RANDALL, Graham Accounting, AXA HEDRICK. LOU ANN. March AFB. Calif. Spanish and Government, KKf, AAA. Dean ' s List, Posse, House Committee 477 ' HEGAR. REBECCA LUCILLE. San Antonio Government, AAA. DZA. BK. UT Debate Squad HEGGIE. WILLIAM DEAN. Houston Chemical Engineering. AlChE. Goodfellow HELLER, RICHARD VICTOR. Inez Accounting, 01, tntramurals HEMMER, THOMAS MELVILLE, San Antonio Pharmacy. t AX. AROTC. Scabbard Blade. LPhA, Cac+uj Staff HENDERSON, GRACE KATHLEEN. Deer Park Pre-Med-Latin. AEA HENDERSON. THOMAS WILKINS. Frost Government and English HENDRIX, JULIE KAY. Fort Worth Advertising, AAA HENRY. ANN ELAINE. Rockdale Mathematics, AAA. W HEPLER. JONNY JEFFERSON. Waco Management. AZD, DA . YD, House of Delegates, CBA Council. AFROTC. Arnold Air Society. Business School Sen- ior Class President, SAM HERBOLSHEIMER, ALICE. Bartlesville, Okla. Spanish, Orange Jackets. Upper-Class Advisors. Resident Assistant. CEC HEROD, ROBERT ELMER. Corsicana Business. Longhorn Singers HERRERA. CYNTHIA ANN, San Antonio English. AAA HESS. BONNIE JEAN. Houston Mathematics HEYEN, DEBORAH ANN. Hondo Interior Design HICKS. WILLIAM GRADY. Corpus Christi Chemistry. OHZ. ID HILBURN, GEORGE EDWARD JR., Houston Management HILL. ANGELA, Corpus Christi Journalism, Daily Texan, Outreach HILL. COLLEEN ELAINE. LaMarque Elementary Education HILL, SHARON LYNN S.. New Braunfels Education HILL. SHERRI RIPLEY, Austin Education Graduating Seniors HILLEN, CYNTHIA PARKS. Cuero Psychology. GDE. Engineering Wives Club HILLEN. PATRICK O.. Austin Chemical Engineering. AXZ HINOJOSA, CARLOS HOMERO, San Diego Pharmacy. K . LPhA HINTON. KAREN LEONORA. Dallas Biology, AZ6. Cordettes, Posse, The Blacks HITCHCOCK, CLAUDIA THERESA. Houston Biology, AP, Golden Hearts HOBBS. KAREN ELIZABETH. Corpus Christi English. AAA. 4 K t HODGES, MARVIN ALLEN, Koza. Okinawa Business, 01 House of Delegates. University Ski Club HODNETT, JUDY KAREN. Austin Elementary Education HOFFA. LINDA SUE. Corpus Christi Mathematics HOFFMAN, JUDY CAROL. Houston Art, AZ HOFFMAN, ROCHELLE SELENE. Navasota Nutrition. Student Nutrition Organization, Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter HOFFMAN. ROSLYN DIANE. Hillsboro Elementary Education, AOE. TSTA HOGAN. DOREEN PATRICIA, Dallas Elementary Education, ACEI HOGAN, PATRICIA ANN. Abilene Speech, YAF HOGNER. STEPHEN LAWRENCE. Odessa Journalism. ZAE, ZAX, Daily Texan, PRSSA. Goodfellow HOLCOMB. HELEN ELEANOR, College Station Business. AAA. Phi Beta Kinsolving. Mortar Board. Round-Up Committee. Students Association Committee. Dorm Advisor HOLLAND, GILBERT HARRISON, Wharton Accounting, ZAM, t HZ. BA i. H KO. Honors Program HOLLEY. EDDIE PEDEN. Terrell Marketing HOLLIMON. PETER WILSON. San Antonio Psychology. KZ. AEA. H X HOLLINGSHEAD. CHRISTINE CONLON. Houston Chemistry. AOD, Campus Girl Scouts 473 HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM HORACE III, Houston English. Z E, HI. Freshman Cheerleader, Varsity Cheer- leader, Varsity Swimming, Swimming Team Spirit Award HOLMAN, CHARLES OSCAR. Electra Economics, Longhorn Band, Sacred Singers, Dormitory Resi- dent Assistant, Residence Halls Advisory Council HOLMBERG. LYNNE KAREN. Lake Jackson Art HOLMES, FRED LOUIS, Lubbock Communications, $KI HOLSHOUSER, JOHN H. SAVAGE, San Antonio History, B0n HONS, MICHAEL JEROME, San Antonio Psychology. IPX HOPKINS, ROBERT LARRY, Donaldson. Ark. History, Crows Nest, Round-Up Committee, NROTC, Scab- bard Blade, Undergraduate Research Grant, Goodfellow HOPPER. ANDREA KAY. Lake Jackson Elementary Education HORADAM, VICTOR WILLIAM. Victoria Zoology, University Underwater Society. Ecology Action. YD HORNE. ROBERT MICHAEL. Austin Government, AX$. Freshman Encounter Advisor HOSTETTER. HENRY CHARLES. Ft. Huachuca. Ariz. Psychology HOTCHKISS, LINDA JOYCE. San Antonio Journalism. Daily Texan HOUSTON. KENNETH EDWARD. Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Society. Dormitory Resident Assistant Intramurals. University Housing Food Committee HOWARD. BARBARA SUE, Midland Mathematics, Phi Beta Kinsolving, Dorm Advisor, Dorm R. A. HOWELL, STEVEN KENDRICK, San Antonio Management. NROTC. Dorm R. A.. Scabbard and Blade HOWETH, WOODFIN GRADY III, San Antonio Psychology, KKlP HOYT, ODIS ARCHER JR., Hearne Pharmacy, K . LPhA, TPA, APA HUBBARD, GEORGE HUGHLAND, Donna Management, Community Business Advisory Service HUEBEL. KAREN DUNN, Stephenville Education. KAH HUEBNER. LARRY EDWARD, Industry Chemical Engineering, OXE. TBF1, AlChE :-.; ,,; ' : . ' ' :--. ' ,: :- JASUIA - , .:; :- .:-. : JOHNS SIK JOHNS ; : - JOHNS Class of 1972 HUERTA, FIDEL GARCIA JR.. Son Antonio Pharmacy. $AX. LPhA HUFF. DONALD LEE, Plainview HUFF. ROBERT BENJAMIN, Houston Management. University Underwater Society, Scabbard Blade. ROTC. Kommand Aire Klub. Rifle Team, House of Delegates Education, AY. Little Sisters of the Seven Stars. Honors Programs HUIE, MELISSA MAE, Dallas Home Economics. Campus Crusade for Christ HUMMEL. JAMES CARL, McLean, Va. History HUMPHREY. HOWARD MacKENZIE JR., Baytown Electrical Engineering. AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Prae- torian Guard. Dean ' s List HUNT. CLAY McLEAN, Dallas Finance, t A6. IFC. CEC HYDE, JENNIFER LEE, San Antonio History. University " Y " Child Care HYDE. RONALD RAY, Mission Accounting, AZFI HYNDS. SARAH JANIS. Van Alstyne English IMBER, MARLENE BETH, Fort Worth Marketing. Dormitory Resident Assistant. CBA Council. Amer- ican Marketing Society. AIESEC. House of Delegates IMHOFF. KATHRYN ANN. Houston Elementary Education, AACI, CIRUNA. Freshman Encounter Advisor, Association for Childhood Education INGRAM. WALTER EDWARD, Harlingen History. NROTC IRBY. LESLIE DAVID. Austin Mathematics. TKE IRBY. WILLIAM JAMES, Corpus Christ! Art ITZ. BARBARA LYNN. Austin Microbiology. Longhorn Band IVY. KAREN CLYDETTE. Austin Education. AY, Little Sisters of the Seven Stars. Honors Pro- JABER. AHMED BUBAKER. Benghazi. Libya Engineering, Organization of Arab Students, Moslem Stu- dents Association JACKSON, DALFORD DUDLEY, Garland Petroleum Land Management JACKSON, DANNY FRANK. Prairie Hill Accounting 474 JACKSON, PATRICIA ELIZABETH. Sherman Interior Design, AZ. Panhellenic Council, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Cordettes, Round-Up Committee. AID. Home Eco- nomics Club, House of Delegates. Cactus Staff UT Advi- sory Group, Goodfellow, Union Leadership Lab ' resident ' s JAMES JENCY JANE, Crane Management. ZIE JANAK. RONALD GEORGE, Dallas Pharmacy. KH. LPhA, Pharmacy Council JARBOE, REGINA JAN, Cleveland Journalism. ZAX. 0Z J , Kinsolving Advisor. Daily Teian, Communications Council JARVIS, ANN SHARON. Kerrville Deaf Education. ZAH JASUTA. JOHN GORDON, Killeen Education JENKINS, JAMES ORVILLE JR., Beaumont Government. DZA. t HZ, Pre-Law Society JENNINGS. STEPHANIE. Houston Psychology, I I I JENSON. GARY WAYNE. Pearland Accounting. AK . OHZ, 4 K4 , BIT BAU JEPPERSON. JANET FAYE. Houston Linguistics. Dormitory Resident Assistant JIMENEZ, ROBERT, McAllen Pharmacy, KU. LPhA, Dean ' s List, Newman Club JOE. JOHNNIE JAK, Dallas Architecture JOHNSON. GARY WAYNE. Grand Prairie Aerospace Engineering, TBR, ZCT, Dorm Council JOHNSON, IRVING MAROSE JR.. Houston Finance, TAO JOHNSON. JOSH CAMBLOS. Corpus Christi Elementary Edu cation JOHNSON. LINDA. Dallas Special Education, AIA. Student Council For Exceptional Children. Dormitory Advisor. Housing Committee JOHNSON. MARGARITA R., Manati, Puerto Rico JOHNSON, MARGE JO. Fort Worth JOHNSON, MARY TERESA. Dallas Drama. Angel Flight JOHNSON. PETER LEE, Son Antonio Aerospace Engineering Graduating Seniors JOHNSON. VICKIE LYNN, Round Rock Education Biology and English JOHNSON. WILLIAM MIKE, Texas City Anthropology, AX. University Anthropological Society, Austin Rugby Club JONES, BARBARA ANN, Houston English, Dorm Advisor JONES, CECILIA ANN, Rockville Centre, N. Y. JONES, DONALD RAY, Glen Rose Mathematics JONES, HAROLD KEITH. Dallas Architecture, ASC. AIAE JONES. JAMES HARDIE. Terrell Finance. A ! C) JONES. LINDA DIANE. San Antonio Sociology JONES, SHARRA JAN, Carthage Music, AAA v ars jfy Singers JOSTES. BETTY ANN. Tynan Education JUDD. KENNETH ROBERT, Satellite Beach, Fla. Architecture, ZN JUNOD. RENA KATHARINE, Beaumont Elementary Education, AAA ACEI JURENA. JERRY LEE. Yoakum Business KAATZ, JOHNNIE WAYNE. Taylor Secondary Education-History KADERKA, PEGGY ROSE, Austin Elementary Education. University Underwater Society KADLUBAR. ANGELA SUE, Dallas Secondary Education-Art KAINDL. JAMES ERIC, Dallas Engineering, ATO KAJS. THERESA MARIE. Lyford Microbiology. Microbiological Society KALTENBACH, ROBERT CHARLES. Dallas Chemical Engineering, $KZ, AlChE KAPPLER. GARY HOEL. Baytown Economics. KA 475 KARAS. MAUREEN MAE, Hollywood, Calif. Anthropology. Al KARDELL STEPHENS C. JR., San Augustine Advertising, AAZ, Real Estate Society, Intramurals KASPAREK, JANELLE, Needville Education. AAA, SCOPE. Daily Ten, YR KAUFMAN. DELBERT RALPH. Portland. Ore. Engineering-Nuclear Science, American Nuclear Society KAUFMAN, JOANNE, Ashdown. Ark-. Advertising, QZO, AAZ Communication Council, Dean ' s List, Dean ' s Development Committee, Goodfellow KEAS, DEBORAH JANE. Denton Mathematics, ICC KEATING. JOHN LAWRENCE. Austin Accounting KEENEY. RONALD CLARK, Irving Mechanical Engineering, KKUJ KEFAYEH, FUAD EID, Zarka. Jordan Civil Engineering, ASCE, UT Sailing Club KELLER, DONALD RALPH, Copperas Cove Biology KELLOUGH. WILLIAM CHARLES, Austin English. OKO . Riata KELLY, ROBERT WAYNE. Temple KENNEDY, KERRY LINN. Austin Accounting, KK P, Honors Program, Longhorn Band KETCHUM, PATRICIA LYNN. San Antonio Mathematics and Psychology KILGO, SHARON LOUISE, Houston Zoology KILLINGSWORTH. THOMAS IKE. Longview Accounting, YD, University Humane Society KILPATRICK, KAREN LYNN, Dallas Marketing KILPATRICK. OLIVER KELSAL JR., Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association, Intramurals KILPATRICK, ROBERT DAVID, College Station Business, OK t , OH1. Honors Program, ICC, Friars Society, Pre-Law Association, Orientation Advisor, Outstanding Stu- dent KIMBELL PATRICK ROY, Dallas Business. UT Real Estate Society, UT Skydivers. CBA Council ! Class of 1972 KING, HELEN MARIE, Garland Home Economics. Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter KING. MARY KATHRYN. Corpus Christ! Elementary Education. Dormitory Resident Assistant, Women ' s Concert Choir KIPP. NANCY GAIL, Atwater. Calif. Marketing, AO, Dormitory Resident Assistant, Dormitory Advi- sory Council, American Marketing Association KIRKPATRICK, SUSAN. Marlin Psychology, ZTA KIRSCH, FRANK ALLEN JR., Dallas Advertising KLECKA, DARYL HASTINGS. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering. 2R KNAPE, BEN KENNETH, Austin Zoology. OHZ. AEA. Afl O, 4 BK KNEALE. KATHLEEN, Amarillo Government KNIGGE, KAY LORRINE. Houston Accounting KNIGHTEN, JANELLE, Houston Elementary Education KOEHLER. KATHY SUE. Poteet KOELLING. ROBERT KEITH JR.. Dallas Zoology, J KT KOEN. MARY ELIZABETH, New Orleans, La. Elementary Education, Education Council, " Y " Tutoring KOEN, SUSAN LAURA, New Orleans, La. Plan Il-American Studies. HIA, Upper-Class Advisors, SCOPE KOENIG, RICHARD ALAN. Hereford Government KOHOUTEK, ROSE MARIE, Austin Plan It-French, Junior Fellows KOLB, LINDA JOYCE, Jacksonville Special Education, 0K t , Campus Crusade for Christ KOPEC. MARY CAROL. San Antonio Government, YR. Dormitory Advisor KRAUSE. NANCY PRISCILLA, San Antonio Biology, Ecology Action, University Underwater Society KRAUSKOPF, ELISABETH ANN. Fredericksburg Physical Education, KAH. PEM Club, Women ' s Gymnastics Team 476 KRENEK. LINDA KAY. Austin Mathematics and Computer Sciences. ACM KRIVCHER. JAN SHELLEY, Memphis. Tenn. Advertising. AE4 . 0Z t . AAA. Mortar Board. Student-Faculty Communication Committee. Cactus Section Editor, PRSSA KRIZAK, MARY ANN, Angleton Business Education KRUDER, KATHRYN LOUISE. Wayne, N. J. History KRUEGER. KATHRYN ANN. San Antonio Mathematics KRUEGER, ROYCE WILLIAM, Victoria Architectural Engineering KUNKEL. KIM, Midland German KUPER. LAURIE, Houston Education-Speech, A4 E. KAPI, Education Council KWAST. ARTHUR HENRY. San Antonio Architectural Engineering, AAAE KWAST, LILLIAN REZNIK. Dumas Education-Home Economics. ON KYRISH. LEON JOSEPH, Kosciusko Marketing. American Marketing Association LACASSE. TAMARA, Victoria Home Economics, ZTA LADD. MARY JODETTE. Kansas City. Mo. Government. DZA. Mortar Board, Leadership Board. Interna- tional Committee LAIRD. DWAIN SCOTT, La Porte Journalism. IAX Daily Texan, Goodfellow LAIRD, NOVA. Houston Home Economics LAMONT. LESLIE ANN, Dallas Elementary Education LANE. TRACEY LIZABETH. Austin Advertising. AAZ. TAX. 6J!4 . Cactus Staff LANIER. RONALD EDWARD. Beaumont Zoology LARSEN, PERNELL O.. Temple Biology, AEA LARSON, BRUCE ALLEN. Houston Biology Graduating Seniors LARSON. WILLIAM ARTHUR. Houston Chemical Engineering LASIK. LOIS FRANCES. Houston Marketing. A$E, Spooks, American Marketing Association LAWHN. MARY ANN. Houston Nursing LAWRENCE. STEPHENIE DIANE, Arlington. Va. History. Campus Crusade for Christ. Texas Sacred Singers LAZO, PATRICIA ANN. San Antonio Elementary Education. TSEA LE DOUX, BOBBY GENE. Manchaca Economics LEE. DEBORAH SULLIVAN, Houston Government LEE, JACK GREGORY. Houston Finance. ZBT. Texas Cowboys. IFC. Business School Fresh- man Class President LEE. JAE-KIL. Seoul, Korea Chemical Engineering LEE, MARJORIE JIN. Houston Textiles, Clothing and Fashion Design. ON. Chinese Stu- dents ' Association LEE, NANCY CARROLL. Houston Mathematics. AAA, 4 BK, Dormitory Advisor. Orange Jackets. Cordettes, Mortar Board, Goodfellow, Outstanding Student. Dads ' Day Outstanding Student. Marjorie Darilek Award LEE. RANDY MICHAEL. Taylor Finance, Texas Troubadors. Intramurals LEE. ROSEMARY W-Y. Hong Kong Food and Nutrition, Student Nutrition Organization LEHNERTZ. CHERYL A.. Gainesville International Business, French Club. Astronomy Club LEIZEAR. KATHLEEN ADA. Temple English LE MEILLEUR, ANDREE PHILP. Kerrville Education-Geography and History LEMLEY, JOHN RICHARD. Austin Government LEMOINE. RAYMOND JOHN, Austin Physical Education, PEM Club LENHART. ROBERT ALLEN, Beaumont Aerospace Engineering, AIAA LENZER. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH. Dallas German. YAF 477 LEONARD. PHILIP JOSEPH. Harlingen Hebrew and Biology, ZAM, AEA, Hillel Society. CIRUNA, MUN LEVINE. HAROLD HERBERT, Gainesville Advertising, AAZ, OHZ. Hillel Society. UNICEF Committee LEWALLEN, KATHY JAN. Skidmore Secondary Education LEWIS, FRANK B., JR.. Dallas Biology, KA LEWIS, VICKI LEE, Dallas Accounting, Upper-Closs Advisors UNDER, BETTY S. T., Austin English and Journalism LINDER, HARREL EUGENE. Austin Psychology LITERATI, PATRICIA LYNN, Karnes City Business LITTLE, KAREN RAE, Dallas Marketing LLANAS. MANUEL JR.. Laredo English. Student Repertory Theatre LLOYD, WENDELL ROBERT. Austin Mathematics LOCKE, JOHN PATRICK. Dallas International Business LOCKWOOD. JEFFERSON GREY, McAllen Marketing LOCKWOOD. JULIAN. Manor Government, Tejas LOCKWOOD, KAREN E., Irving French, A S Student Advisor LOEHR. GLADYS DIANNE, Caldwell Speech, Southern Singers, Freshman Encounter LONDA, JEFFREY CHARLES, Houston Government, DZA, Intramurals LONG. JOHN KENDALL. Billings, Mont. Pre-Med-Biology LONG. SEDALIA SUZETTE. Longview Psychology, Resident Assistant, BSU LONG. WILLIAM HENRY JR.. San Angelo Electrical Engineering, NESEP HAUSH i : MANN! ' (Mm woe i- -- Class of 1972 LONGEWAY. BARBARA DENISE, Fort Worth Plan Il-American Studies, AAA, TES Staff. Swimming Team LOOPER. JANE ANNE. Boling Biology LOPEZ. HOMERO, Laredo Psychology. AROTC. MAYO LOTT, LEE ERVIN. Killeen Accounting, 4 KT LOWERY. SARA NELLE. Gatesville Journalism, XO, 6Z t , ZAX KTA. Daily Texan, Mortar Board, Goodfellow, Union Committees. Student Association Committe LUKE, THOMAS EDWARD JR.. Houston Personnel Management, AOQ Longhorn Band LUNDY. CAROLYN SUE, Bells Interior Design LUTTRELL, CONSTANCE ANNETTE, Childress LUTTRELL. MICHAEL EDWARD, Graham Accounting LYNCH. MARGARET CARNEY. Corpus Christi Spanish, AIA, Dean ' s List LYNCH. MICHAEL EDWARD, Corpus Christi Marketing, AZH American Marketing Association, Conserv- ative Democrats, House of Delegates MAAS, JOHN ARTHUR. Grand Prairie Pharmacy. AX. LPhA. SAPLA MABRY, PAMELA JAN, Port Arthur English and Government, APA. OBK. Intramurals. Upper- Class Advisors, Scottish Scholars MaclVER. DONALD FRAZIER JR.. Austin Government MacKENZIE-GRAHAM. DONALD BRUCE. Lima. Peru International Business, NROTC. Buccaneers, Scabbard and Blade. Semper Fidelis, Crow ' s Nest MacLEAN, DELLA LOUISE, San Antonio Elementary Education MACOW, RICKI. Houston Interior Design, ZAT. AID MADDOX, PATRICIA ANNE. Palacios Elementary Education. AZ. KAH. HA0, AAA. DA6. Mortar Board, Education Council. Little Sisters of the Seven Stars. ACEI. Round-Up Committee MADERA, NANCY MAUREEN, Louise Secondary Education, AZ. HOH, YR MAGNON, ROBERT JAY, San Antonio Pre-Med, J HZ. OBK. YD 478 MAHAVIER. EARL WILLIAM, San Antonio Marketing, AZfl. American Marketing Association MAJOR, WILLIAM DAVID. Dallas Electrical Engineering MAJORS, LINDA GAIL, Dallas Psychology, KA6 MALAS. HAITHAM S.. Amman-Jordan, Jordan Architectural Engineering MALISH. WILLIAM KIRK, Universal City Accounting, AKVU. Intramurals MANNING, CAROL ANN, Pittsburgh, Pa. History MANNING, KERRY MICHELLE, Dallas Russian and Speech, A S Council, Slavic Club. Interna- tional Committee MARCHAK, JAMES WILLIAM, Galveston Electrical Engineering, OHZ, IEEE, ACM MARCOTTE, ROBERT ARTHUR, San Antonio Business Management, Scabbard Blade MARKS, MICHAEL TERRY. Austin Public Relations MARNELL, MARY ELLEN, Hereford Business, AKU. nQH, CBA Sweetheart. CBA Council. Dormi- tory Advisor MARSHALL, HELEN FRANCES, Gainesville Mathematics MARSHALL. JAMES LESLIE, Fort Worth Engineering Science. TBR MARSHALL. WINIFRED MILDRED, Holliday Music Education, ZTA MARTIN. DRAKE EV ANS, Sacramento. Calif. Advertising MARTIN. GLYN DAVID, Celeste Aerospace Engineering, TBf l, ZI T. AIAA, Engineering Council MARTIN. RHONDA ELLEN. Amarillo Accounting. AZ MARTINEZ. MANUEL B.. San Antonio Pharmacy, OAX MARTINEZ, MARIA OLIVIA, Laredo Pharmacy, KE. J KI . PX. LPhA MARTINEZ. RICARDO. Mission Pharmacy, K , Drug Abuse Committee, LPhA m Graduating Seniors MATTHEWS, CAROLYN JOYCE, Dallas Textiles, Clothing and Fashion Design MATTHEWS, MARK LYNN. Midland Mechanical Engineering, t HZ, TBD. nTZ. ASME. Student En- gineering Council, Engineering Fellows MATULA. JAMES MICHAEL, Runge Chemistry MAXWELL, SUSAN ALICE. Fort Worth Biological Sciences, ZAX, 0Z t Daily Texan MAY. JAMES BURNETT, Houston Advertising, AXA, Intramurals McALISTER. JACK WALTER. San Antonio Architecture. AY MCALLISTER, TERESA ANN. Mount Pleasant. Iowa Government McCANTS. DEBORAH ANN. Irving Microbiology McCLENDON. ROBERT LOUIS, Corpus Christi Pre-Med-Biology. AEA, AU C3, U HZ McCOWN. STEVEN RANDOLPH. La Porte Management. Z t E McCRORY. JOHN KEVIN. Amarillo Finance, AKU . BYZ. American Finance Association. Real Es- tate Society, Student-Faculty Discipline Committee McCULLOUGH, LINDA SUSAN. Fort Worth Business Administration, Little Sisters of Apollo McDANIEL. DANNY GLENN. Dallas German and French, 4 BK, A t A, OHZ, Dean ' s List. Eulen- spiege Iverein MCDONALD. GAIL ELAINE. Rosenberg Journalism MCDONALD, RANDAL SCOTT, Pampa Personnel Management. NRTOC. Scabbard Blade. ICC MCDONALD. SUZANNE. Fort Worth English. HBO) McDONALD, WILLIAM A.. Amarillo Pharmacy, KIP. LPhA, Pharmacy Council McGLOTHLIN, JOHN J. JR., Mesquite Mathematics. OBK MCGREGOR. KIM MIXON, piainview Radio-Television-Film, A4 Q. AFROTC. Arnold Air Society McKAMIE, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Waco Government. I ZK, Union International Affairs Committee, IFC. Intramurals 479 McKOWN. ROBERT DALE. Austin Government McLAURIN. CANDACE MORRISON. Dallas Interior Design. AID McLELLAND, JOHN MICHAEL, San Benito Statistics McNAIR, HENRY LEONARD. Austin Finance, American Finance Association McNEAL, DONALD RAY, Dallas Pre-Law-Accounting. A t Q, A t A, AKU, Longhorn Singers, YD, Entertainment Committee, The Blacks, Project Info, Sphinx Club McNEELY. PATRICIA MORSE. Austin English and History. AWARE, Bernice Moore Scholarship MEARS, WILLIAM EARL. Austin Marketing MEDINA, VICTOR, Beeville Civil Engineering, ASCE MEDLER, GEORGIA KAY, Borger Physical Education, PEM Club. TAMPER, AAHPER MEEKER, ARNE WILLIAM, Miami, Fla. Business Administration, OHZ, Jesse Jones Scholar, Varsity Track and Cross Country, Insurance Society, Transportation Club, Real Estate Society MELNAR, DONNA MARIE, Wollis Home Economics, OK$. Newman Club MENZIES, NANCY ANN. Austin Marketing. AXO American Marketing Association MERFISH. GERALD. Houston Finance. TA$ MERRITT, JANET ELIZABETH. Fort Worth Russian, QZO. Russian Club, Czech Club, Humanities Council, Scripps Howard Scholarship, Daily Texan, Cactus Staff MESSICK, GARY LEW. Fort Worth Microbiology METHENY, FLOY LEE. Lubbock Psychology, Crow ' s Nest. NROTC, Scabbard Blade METHNER. MARY ELIZABETH, Bridge City Psychology MEYER. SUSAN ELIZABETH, Hondo Fashion, XQ. Angel Flight, Ten Most Beautiful, Dean ' s List MICHALEC. CYNTHIA MARIE, Hallettsville Geography MIEGEL, WILLIAM ROBERT, Austin Business, XO, Varsity Track . . MOW i j MUICA " - - Class of 1972 MIHALIK. SAMUEL NICK, Honesdale, Pa. Biology, Rifle Team MILAM, JANICE ELIZABETH, San Antonio Elementary Education. t K . Phi Beta Kinsolving MILBERGER, ARTHUR JOSEPH. Bay City Business, ATO, Honors Program. Wrestling Team MILLER, ANDREW GILES. Burnet Accounting, AZI I, AFROTC, Real Estate Society MILLER. ESTELLE HELENE, Victoria Psychology, Union Entertainment Committee MILLER, GEOFFREY MARC, Dallas History, TA t , AEA, OHZ, Intramurals, Radio Club MILLER, LINDA SUE, Houston Education MILNER, JAMES DOYAL, Big Spring Architectural Engineering. AAAE MIMS, CHRISTINE LYNN, Pearland Education MINTON, GREGORY ALLEN. San Antonio Zoology, OPA, Wrestling Team, Intramurals MITCHELL. FORREST SMOOT. Austin Psychology, University Underwater Society MITCHELL. ROBERT LEVIS III, Lufkin Pre-Med-Biology. ZAE MODESETTE. RICHARD RUNDLE, Austin English. AO MOFFITT, DARYL GENE. Mineral Wells Physical Education. PEM Club MOLINA. ELIZABETH. San Antonio Elementary Education. Campus Crusade for Christ MOLINOA. JUAN BILCEN, San Antonio Sociology MOLINA, MARY ALICE, San Antonio Elementary Education, Campus Crusade for Christ MOLLEDA, JOSE RODOLFO. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering MONARCH, MARTHA LOU. Alvin Elementary Education MONEYPENNY, JAMES A.. Seguin Music Education, KKU . t MA Sinfonia, Longhorn Band 480 MONEYPENNY, LYNNE C. F.. East Hebron, N. H. Music Education. ZAI. Longhorn Band MONTGOMERY, JACK MARIO. Houston Radio-Television-Film. TKE, Austin Rugby Club MOODY, DAN TAYLOR, Midland fsychology, ZAE. Silver Spurs MOORE. KELAN SCOTT, Dallas Advertising, ATQ. AAI. Varsity Football, Varsity Track MOORE. MARWICK ROSE. Dickinson Home Economics, Fashion Group MOORE. RICHARD ALLEN, Fort Worth Pharmacy. W, LPhA MORRELL, ROBERT EDWARD, Austin Radio-Television-Film MORRIS, ALBERT TEX JR., Austin Architecture MORRIS. IRVIN LIONEL. Shreveport, La. Management, Longhorn Band, Longhorn Alumni Band MORRISON. KAREN MICHELE. Beaumont Aerospace Engineering. TBD, ZFT, AIAA, Society of Women Engineers, Student Engineering Council MORROW, KAREN BETH, Sinton Education MORTIMER, ANNE MINER, San Antonio Business. DB t MORTON. JOHN DAVIS JR.. Houston Finance. Tejas, Varsity Track MOSS. PAMELA. Garland Elementary Education MOULTON. PATRICIA ANN. St. Louis. Mo. Psychology. A4 E, AAA. U X MOUNTCASTLE, IRIS LOUISE, Kailua, Hawaii Sociology, [ $B MULCAHY. THOMAS CLAY, San Antonio Government MULLINS, ROBERT G.. Temple Marketing MUNSON, CHARLES EDWARD JR., Austin Marketing. Golf Team MUNTEAN, KATHY ANN. Longview Journalism. Southern Singers, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship f. ' Graduating Seniors MURDOCK, MILDRED CARROLL, Houston Elementary Education MUTZ. RAY P.. Poth Marketing, American Marketing Association MYERS, DEBORAH ANN, La Porte Education-Drama MYERS, KAY CHAMBERLAIN. Wharton Marketing MYERS. LINDA JO. Lake Jackson Elementary Education. Southern Singers MYERS. VICTOR CHARLES. Valparaiso. Ind. Actuarial Science. 01, Insurance Society. Actuarial Club NARISI, STELLA MARIA. Dallas Marketing. American Marketing Association. Pre-Law Asso- ciation NASH. THOMAS BOYD. Waxahachie Electrical Engineering, Student Engineering Council. IEEE NAUERT, RODNEY GAYLE, Copperas Cove Government and History, ATA NEBLETT, STEWART L, Houston Marketing, AXD. American Marketing Association NELLIS, DAVID DONALD, Killeen Accounting NELSON. GARRY ALAN, Beaumont Management. Dormitory Resident Assistant NELSON, JOY LYNETTE. Corsicana Social Studies NELSON. ROBERT EARL, Jackson, Miss. Journalism, Daily Texan, YR NELSON. SALLY ANN. Amarillo Psychology NELSON. WALTER FREDERICK, Anahuac Insurance NESMITH. LINDA CAROL. Abilene Home Economics. ON. Dean ' s List, A S Council, Natural Sciences Council NETHAWAY, SHARON KAY, Austin English NEWELL. LARRY KENT, Houston Architecture, Photo Union NEWMAN. TERRY KAY, Indianapolis. Ind. Elementary Education, ZAT 481 Class of 1972 NG, DORA S. N., Hong Kong Nutrition, Student Nutrition Organization, Chinese Students ' Association NGOC, NGUYEN BAO, Saigon. Vietnam Petroleum Engineering, UT Fencing Alliance, AIME NICOL, SCOTT MacLEOD. Houston Finance. American Finance Association NIER, LENORE MARIE, Brentwood, N. Y. French NIGHT, BARBARA LEE, Beaumont Public Relations. AE4 . 0K , PRSSA NISKA. KATHERINE ELAINE. San Antonio Biology and Psychology, University Chapter of The Humane Society NOBLES, LYNNARD JOHN, Austin Architecture NOE. JAMES PALEY, Corpus Christi History NOGUEIRA, MARY FLYNN, Beeville English and History. AAA NOLAN, PETER ANDREW.Lafayette, La. Mathematics NOVY. STEVEN DAVID, Waco Transportation. DA , Arnold Air Society, AFROTC NUNNALLY, JUDITH MARGARET, Tyler Elementary Education NUTT, PAMELA ANN, Marlin Pharmacy, AZ KE, Phi Beta Kinsolving, Pharmacy Council, LPhA, Upper-Class Advisors, Orange Jackets. Dean ' s List O ' BRIEN. BRIDGET NANETTE, Beeville Business. ZTA ODELL. PEGGY JEAN, San Antonio Public Relations. ZAF1 AAA. SCOPE, CIC. UT Sailing Club. Little Sisters of Apo llo OFFER, HENRY PETER. San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, TBD. HTZ. ASME Student Assembly OGLE, CATHY ANN. Dallas Sociology-Social Work Studies OLDFIELD. MELINDA SUSAN. Dallas Advertising, 0Z0 OLSEN, ROBERT COURTNEY, Canyon Mechanical Engineering. t KT, TBC1, DTI, t K P. ASME, Goodfellow O ' OUINN, JODY LYNN. San Antonio Biology pas -: Joini ' l " ORLOPP, BRADFORD LEE. Austin Government and English, Pre-Law Association, Longhorn Band OSBORN, JANIE LOU, Dallas Business. YR OSBORN. MICHAEL ANTHONY. San Antonio Zoology OSBOURN, SARAH JOAN. Orange Mathematics OSBURN, HAL RICHARD, Conroe Zoology DHZ, 0 K t OWEN, STEPHEN COLLINS, Houston Finance, ATQ, Texas Cowboys PALMER, TERRY LYNN. Fort Worth PARISH. EDWARD LEE, Houston Marketing. All " ! CBA Council, American Marketing Associ- ation PARKER. MARYLOU, Houston Elementary Education. AIA. KAfl. Little Sisters of the Signet PARKER. VICKI LYNN, Killeen Elementary Education PARKINSON, LACEY ANN. Houston Education, KAD, AAA, Cordettes. Panhellenic Council, Union Entertainment Committee. Dorm Advisor PARR. GEORGIANA BELINDA, San Antonio History PARR. JERRY LYNN, Mount Pleasant Chemistry PARRETT, ROBERT ARNOLD, Corpus Christi Aerospace Engineering, AIAA PATE, MARY ALICE, Livingston Elementary Education, KAD PATTERSON. DEBORAH JEAN. Houston Spanish. Freshman Encounter, Orientation Advisor PAUL, LANA CAROLE, Fort Worth Personnel Management PAULL, DONALD GEORGE. Alexandria. Va. Aerospace Engineering, $KT PAVLOVIC, JASON DEAN. Midland Zoology. University Underwater Society. University Anthro- pological Society PAWLIK, ANNA. Boston, Mass. Communications. 482 PAYNE. FRANK CARLOS. Houston Management. AZFI PEAVY. MARY ANGIER, Lufkin English PECORA. JAMES JOSEPH JR.. Austin Business PEEK. SUZANNE. Clorksville Home Economics PENA. JOSE ANTONIO. Austin Mathematics. OHZ. Showcase, Freshmar Cheerleader, Longhorn Week Cheerleader, Varsity PENNINGTON. MARILYN W., San Angelo Office Administration, HBO. BI Z, Longhorn Band PERCIVAL. RONALD GEORGE. San Antonio History. ZK PEREZ, EDWARD P.. San Antonio Architecture PEREZ. LORETO. Houston Business Administration PERUGINI. DANCIE DEE. Galveston English. AAFI, Curtain Club. Dean ' s List PETERS. HELEN. Houston Elementary Education. AAA PETERS. MARION CATHERINE, College Station Plan II. AAA. General and Comparative Studies Council PETERSON. CLARK S., Wilmette. III. Journalism. SMC PETERSON. WILLIAM DENNIS. Houston Engineering Route to Business, Acacia PETKOVICH, BERNARD WILLIAM, St. Louis. Mo. Zoology. AXA PFEIFFER. CAROL ANN. Dallas Education. A0E PFEIFFER. MARY ELLEN. Darien. Conn. Elementary Education PHILLIPS, WILLIAM MELVYN III. Houston PICKENS. FRANCIE SUE, Rockwall Education PICKENS. WINSTON CRAIG. Seguin Finance Graduating Seniors PILAS. PEGGY JOY, Chicago. III. Radio-Television-Film. Texas Union Vice President PILKINTON, JANICE KAY, Corpus Christ! Marketing, American Marketing Association PIRCHER, RAYMOND WILLIAM JR.. San Antonio Management AZH. ZIE. t HZ, CBA Council, Intramurals PITTARD. LINDA DIANNE. Dallas Elementary Education PITTMAN, MARY A.. Victoria Elementary Education, AAA AY Sweetheart, Little Sisters of the Seven Stars PITTSFORD. ROBERT LYNN, Austin English. Newman Club. Scabbard Blade PITZER, PAMELA, Breckenridge English and Spanish. HBO. OBK Mortar Board. Ashbel So- ciety. Goodfellow PLUMB. STEPHEN JAY. Houston Psychology, ZAE, Silver Spurs, Texas Union Executive Coun- cil POLANSKY, GEORGE A. JR.. Hitchcock Pharmacy POLING, PATRICIA S.. Houston Accounting, AAD, BAU . Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross POLLAND. GARY MICHAEL. Dallas Business Honors Program. Advisory Council on Student Af- fairs, Honors Day Committee, Union East Building Committee, Goodfellow, Texas Union President, Outstanding Student POMPA. RENE RAUL. San Antonio History. AU Q. Texas Union Repertory Theatre POORMAN. OMER WAYNE, Houston Pre-Med-History POSS. THEODORE MAX JR.. San Antonio Marketing. AZD. American Marketing Association POTTER, RICHARD DUWAINE, Fort Worth Civil Engineering. ASCE, SEC. ITE. VECTOR Staff. Newman Club POWELL. ROBERT GAINES B. JR.. Galveston Mathematics and Psychology, Cactus Staff. Encounter Advi- sor, Faculty-Student Disciplinary Council. Goodfellow POYNOR. WESLEY JIM, Jacksboro Chemistry, $ZK PRAGER. ALAN NORMAN. Dallas Government, DAI . Pre-Law Association, International Af- fairs Committee, YD PRECIADO. ALBERT HERNANDEZ, San Antonio Psychology, A$Q, AEAA. Resident Assistant PRICE. RICHARD CHARLES. Ruston, La. Government, House of Delegates 483 PRIDDY, HERVEY AMSLER. Dallas Business. American Finance Association. Student-Faculty Com- mittee, ASME PRIDSEN, CAROL LEE, San Antonio Plan II. KKH QUADE. LYNDELL KEITH. Sagerton Personnel Management. Longhorn Singers QUALLS. ROBERT CARSON. Dallas Accounting. AKUJ, BAUJ. Intramurals QUIGLEY. JAMES MARTIN, Dallas Portuguese, Longhorn Band, A S Council QUOCK, BILLY, San Antonio Chemistry, OHZ. t AY RABON. CAROL ANN, Houston Education, nA0. SCOPE RADTKE. JANET MARIE, Midland Government, Union Committee RAIMOND, CARLES VAN, Galveston Psychology, AZ4 RAKOWITZ, HAROLD JOE, San Antonio Accounting, RAMIREZ, HORACIO RAFAEL, Hebbronville Pre-Med-Biology, OBK, Freshman Orientation, Friar Society. Natural Sciences Student Advisor RAMIREZ. ROSIE, San Antonio History RATLIFF, BILLYE LYNN, Weimar English and History, AZ, Round-Up Committee RAUCH. LAWRENCE ALAN, Houston Finance. ZBT RAUP, CALVIN LEE, Austin Business RAVEL, RICHARD STERN, Austin Business, ZAM, Varsity Swimming, Round-Up Committee, Pres- ident ' s Council, IFC RAWSON, GEORGE EDWARD, Burlington, Mass. Government RAY. ESTHER CAROLYN, Fort Worth Government. DZA. Little Sisters of the Signet, YR. Cl- RUNA REA. WYNETH ANNE, Austin Education REDDING, DAVID WAYNE, Lolita Pre-Law-Sociology Class of 1972 REED, LINDA KATHLEEN. Austin Mathematics. ACM, Southern Singers, University Chorus REETZ. ARTHUR JOHN JR., Jasper Journalism. ZAX Daily Texan Managing Editor, TSP Board, Cactus Copy Editor, Goodfellow REGAN, JOSEPH STEPHEN, Atlanta Pre-Law-Government. NROTC. Rifle Team RESER. CHARLES WHISTLER, San Antonio Management REST, SUSAN MARCIA, Glencoe, III. Education. AE . KAfl, Cordettes, ACEI RHEIN. LORA ANNE. Houston History. AAA White Star Sweethearts RIBBLE. LINDA ANN. Dallas History. ATA, Round-Up Committee, Freshman Encounter RICHARDS, EDMUND BURKE JR., Pearsall Government, ZOE. House of Delegates. YR RICHARDSON. ANN. Bellaire Education, AAA RICHARDSON, JAMES PERKINS, Austin Architecture RICHARDSON, RICKY LYNN. Mesquite Statistics RICHEY. SHARON ANN, Beaumont Psychology RICHTER, CAROLYN FAE. Austin Interior Design. University Lutheran Fellowship. AID RICHTER. JOHN DAVID. Industry Secondary Education RIDLEHUBER, KENNETH TRICE, Waco Zoology RIEFLER, KAREN LYNN. Dallas Business. DOn RIPPER. WANDA LYNN. Weimar Mathematics. Upper-Class Advisors, Order of the Blue Iris RIVERS, JEAN. Elgin Special Education. AXO. KAF1. SCEC ROBERSON. JAMES EDWARD, Morehouse, Mo. Accounting ROBERTS. CHRISTINE CECELIA. Austin Elementary Education 484 ROBERTS, DAVID MERRILL, Austin Business. Golf Team ROBERTS, JAMES VINCENT. Cypress Mathematics ROBERTSON. JAMES S. JR.. Tyler Government. Pre-Law Association ROBINSON, JAMES LEWIS, Houston Journalism. Daily Texan ROBINSON, WILLIAM BRUCE JR.. Corsicana Finance ROBLES, ERNEST. San Antonio Spanish ROBUCK, MICHAEL, Poth Physical Education ROBUCK, VERONICA TAYLOR, Austin Physical Education ROCHA, GLORIA EUGENIA, Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association RODGERS. RANDY DON, San Angelo Journalism. OKU ' . Union Entertainment Committee, PRSSA RODRIGUEZ, JAMES JR.. Luling Pharmacy, 4 AX, LPhA RODRIGUEZ, JOAOUIN LEAL. Uvalde Government. Student Senate. MAYO. Project Info RODRIGUEZ. NICANOR FRANCISCO. Austin Sociology. OKI, HZ. 9AB. International Club RODRIGUEZ, ROBERTO, Weslaco Biology. Newman Club. MAYO. Teatro Chicano ROGERS. RANDALL DAVID, San Antonio Biology. riKA, AEA. Parking and Traffic Committee ROHRBACK. JAMES MARTIN. Chicago, III. Psychology ROIG, WILLIAM ASHLEY, Houston Government ROLLINS. ONEIDA JAMES. Houston Aerospace Engineering. The Blacks ROMELL. VANA DIANE, San Antonio Public Relations, Al , Union Committee. PRSSA ROOSTH, STEVEN CARL. Tyler Finance, TAO Graduating Seniors ROSENBAUM. JANET. Alvin Speech Pathology, AZ, ZAH, Royal Order of UT. Orientation Advisor ROSENBLUM. ARLENE SIMONE. Hammond. La. Marketing. AE4 ROSENTHAL. WILLIAM EDWARD. Fort Worth Business. ZAM. HZ. Honors Program. Texas Cowboys ROSS, BARBARA LYNN. Rusk Elementary Education, SEA. Upper-Class Advisors ROTTHAUS. PATTY JEAN. Hurst Office Administration ROWE. JUDY LISA. Baytown Secondary Education-English and History ROWEN. PHILIP JACK. Rockport Business Management RUBIN. LORRIE. San Antonio Public Relations. AE . Round-Up Committee. Posse. Union Committees RUEDA, ESTEBAN. Eagle Pass Government, MAYO RUFF. BARBARA NICOLE. Fort Worth Government and Management RUMPF. MELODY ANN. San Antonio Advertising. Angel Flight, Southern Singers, Freshman Encoun- ter Advisor, Dormitory Advisor. Inter-Dorm Council RUMSEY. MARILYN JANE. Houston Education, HA . Little Sisters. Dorm Advisor. Resident Assist- ant. Challenge. International Committee. Intramurals RUSSELL. ALBERT GEORGE. Sweetwater Mathematics RUSSELL. KAREN LOUISE, Devine Education. AAA, KAH RUTH, MICHAEL EDWARD. Homewood. III. Radio-Television-Film RYAN. JAMES THOMAS. Corpus Christi Business, American Marketing Association RYAN. PATRICIA ANN. Dallas Accounting. BAU . Intramurals, Southern Singers. Newman Club SADBERRY, ANTHONY JERRHONE. Gause Mathematics SADICK, STEVEN DANA. Worcester. Mass. Hebrew Studies. Hillel Society SALINAS. CONRAD JR.. San Antonio Chemistry 485 SALMAN. SAMER N.. Choueifat. Lebanon Architecture, $KO SALMON, WILLIAM ROBERT. Jacksonville Accounting SAMUEL, SOARIES MAXINE, Son Antonio Biology, AKA SAMUELS, LAWRENCE ELLIOTT, St. Louis, Mo. Biology, TA4 . 4 HZ. AEA, t K , 4 BK SANCHEZ, MARGARITA. Temple Spanish SANDERS. JANICE KAY, San Antonio Art, A SANDERS, RUTH ELAINE. Austin Mathematics SANDERS. WILLIAM SANDERS, Bastrop Physical Education SARGENT. THOMAS W.. Fort Worth Business. TKE, Insurance Association SATO, GORDON LESLIE, Los Fresnos Marketing SAUNDERS, EILEEN M., San Antonio Government, Order of the Golden Crown SAVAGE. LEA ELLEN, Dayton Mathematics SCHEFFELIN. KAREN ELIZABETH. Texarkona Home Economics SCHELLING, CORALOU ALEXANDRIA. Dickinson Home Economics, Cactus Staff SCHIEFFER, SHERRY LYNN McCLAIN, Austin Elementary Education SCHLECTE. PATRICE DIANE SHAUGHNESSY, San Antonio Pharmacy, OK , KE, PX, LPhA, TPA SCHMIDT, KATHRYN GAIL, Lansdowne, Pa. Zoology SCHMIDT, TERRY DOUGLAS, Idalou Aerospace Engineering SCHNITMAN, LYNN ANN, Dallas Mathematics, A t , Little Sisters of the Skull SCHNITZER, STANLEY JOEL, San Antonio Psychology, TA4 , OHX. HI t , House of Delegates , Class of 1972 SCHOBERLE. CARL JOSEPH III, Dallas, Engineering Management SCHOONOVER, STEPHEN DOUGLAS. Houston Government SCHOPPE. MARY ANN. Houston Elementary Education SCHULTZ. MILTON JR., Cleburne Pharmacy, K . LPhA SCHULTZ, ROBERT. San Antonio Electrical Engineering SCHUMANN, CARROLL P.. San Antonio Accounting. AKU . Honors Program SCHWAB. PENNY QUARLES, San Antonio French SCHWARTZ, JAN L. NAXON. Dallas Radio-Television-Film. ZAX, CIC. Honor Roll. Dormitory, Advi- sor, Campus Chest SCHWARTZ, MICHAEL SCOTT, Floresville Marketing and Finance SCOTT, JANICE LEE. Richardson Accounting SCOn, LAURIE ELLEN, Pasadena English and Geography. Campus Girl Scouts. Upper-Class Ad- visors, Dormitory Advisor, Southern Singers SCRUGGS. TIANA NELSON. Austin Management SEAGO, VIRGINIA ANN, Alice Education SEEMAN, JAMES RICHARD, Houston Architecture, OAK. Friars Society. Texas Cowboys, Student Assembly, Texas Union Board of Directors, Order of Alcalde, Goodfellow Outstanding Student SEFCIK. GLEN ALLEN. Van Court Physical Education. PEM Club. Varsity Track SEGALL. CELIA LIZABETH. Houston Psychology, ZAT, Little Sisters of the Pyramid. Posse, Fresh- man Encounter Advisor SEIDEMAN. SANDRA KAY. Corsicana Marketing SEIFERT. RICHARD WEBER. Austin Zoology, HI. AEA, A S Council, Natural Sciences Coun- cil. Intramurals SEIGLE. ELIZABETH ANN. LaMarque Nursing. TNSA SERAFY. LAURAN. Brownsville English 486 SEROLD. MARK WAYNE. New Braunfels Architecture SHAHAN, GAIL MARLIN. Graham Education SHAMOUN. VIVIAN MICHEL. Corpus Christ! Government-International Studies SHAPIRO, ADRIAN MICHAEL, Pasadena English. AEH, AEA, Honors Program. Dean ' s List SHARPLESS, SARAH KIMBROUGH. Austin Journalism, International Relations Committee, Countdown ' 72 SHAW, BETSY GAY SCHOPP, Austin Marketing, Little Sisters of the Signet SHAW. DEBORAH LEE. Houston Special Education. KAF1, Student Council for Exceptional Children. Gymnastics Team SHAW. NANCY KEELING. Littlefield Nursing. AOH SHEETS, STEPHAN LEWIS. Spearman SHEFFIELD. CHARLES STUART, Fort Worth Drama SHELTON, JOHN MICHAEL, Amarillo Radio-Television-Film. 01, House of Delegates, IFC, Round-Up Committee, Freshman Encounter SHELTON, LINDA JOYCE, Houston Interior Design. ON, Phi Beta Kinsolving. Orange Jackets, Spooks. AID. Cactus Staff. Upper-Class Advisors, Freshman Encounter Advisor. Goodfellow. Union- Committee SHELTON, NANCY JEAN. Houston Plan II A t AAA. 4 K t . 4 BK, Southern Singers, Spanish Club SHEPHERD WALTER DEETZ III. Dallas Biology. riKA. 4 HZ. AEA SHERMAN. BENJAMIN LEE. Odessa Management SHETTLESWORTH. RONALD J.. Levelland Finance. AKU SHIFLET, DAVID LOUIS. Emory Architecture SHILSTONE, MARGARET CECILE. Houston Advertising, KA0 SHOENFELT. HENRY ELVIN II, San Antonio History SIEGEL, ANN, Baton Rouge, La. Elementary Education, ZAT. Little Sisters of the Pyramid Graduating Seniors SIMMONS. WILLIAM BENJAMIN, Dallas General Business. Gas Co-Op SIMMS. ROXAN GWYN. Austin Elementary Education, Al SIMONS. SANDRA ANN. McAllen Business. AIA SIMONTON. JANIS. Houston Elementary Education SIMPSON. LINDA. Dallas Education, AP. Cordettes, Challenge, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist SIMPSON. MICHAEL, Harlingen Radio-Television-Film SINGER. TRUDELL. San Antonio Microbiology SIPES. MARGARET ANN, Longview Mathematics. OK . ACM SIPTAK. STEVEN CHARLES. Caldwell Accounting. AY SKAFF. RUTH ANN. Houston Sociology-Middle Eastern Studies. A S Council, Middle Eastern Studies Organization. Organization of Arab Students SKALNIK. PAUL EMIL, League City History, AZO. Semper Fidelis. Student Union Committee SKELLEY, CAROLYN ANN, Dallas French and History, FOB. AAA, Phi Beta Kinsolving, Dormitory Advisor SKIDMORE. DEBORAH. Paris Marketing SKILLMAN, PAULA. Corona del Mar. Calif. English SKINNER. JAMES CALVIN, Dallas History, KA SKINNER, JAN RAYMOND, Dallas Journalism. Cactus Staff SKINNER, TOM KILGORE, Dallas Zoology, A Cappella Choir SKOR. ADRIENNE LOIS. Dallas Elementary Education SLADEK. BILLY GENE, Taylor Accounting SMALLEY. ARTHUR LOUIS, Houston Architecture 487 SMALLING. DAVID ALAN, Alvin Petroleum Engineering. XO. AIME SMITH. BARBARA LEE. Houston Accounting, Strike Spare. YD SMITH. BRENDA JOYCE. Austin Special Education SMITH. EDWARD JAY. Houston Psychology SMITH. GARY WAYNE, Fort Worth Aerospace Engineering, AIAA, House of Delegates, UT Spe- leological Society, Amateur Radio Club SMITH. JAMES RANDALL, Taylor Mechanical Engineering, ASME SMITH. JANET LYNN, Dallas Mathematics, SCOPE, Gymnastics Team, House of Dele- gates SMITH, MARIAN ROBIN. Lubbock Psychology SMITH, MICHAEL LEE. Houston Aerospace Engineering, TBR, ZI T SMITH, NANCY VIRGINIA. Plainview Education. KAR, Association of Childhood Education SMITH, NITA HARMON, Dallas History and English. ASA. KAR, YR SMULLEN. DEBORAH JANE, Monee, III. Elementary Education, ACEI, Dormitory Resident Assistant SNAVELY. SUSAN MARY T.. San Antonio English, Dormitory Resident Assistant SOKOLOW, CRAIG BRYAN, Houston Government-Middle Eastern Studies. RAO, RXA SONNEMANN. SHERYL ADELE. Houston History, ZAT, Cactus Staff, Round-Up Committee SORRELL. BEN J.. Houston Business, AZR SORSBY, LESTER HOWARD JR.. Houston Management, 01, Round-Up Committee, YR SOSA, NORMA JANE, Corpus Christi Plan II. Junior Fellows SOUCY, LUCIEN A., Boston, Mass. Sociology SOWADA. REBECCA A.. Corpus Christi Mathematics, Phi Beta Kinsolving Class of 1972 SOWARD, JENA KAY, Beaumont Music Education. AAR, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Union Executive Council. Outstanding Student. Upper-Class Advi- sors. Bluebonnet Belle Finalist SOWARD. LARRY ROSS, Carrollton Mathematics SOWARDS, ROBERT DANIEL JR.. Kerrville Microbiology, Microbiology Society. Bowling Team SPANN. VERDA RUTH, San Angelo Music Education, ZAI. UT Symphonic Band. Dean ' s List SPEARS. DANA MICHAEL, Corpus Christi Mechanical Engineering, Arnold Air Society SPEARS, SUSAN JEAN, Houston Interior Design. AAA. Posse. Daughters of the Diamond. AID SPIKER, CYNTHIA ANN, Houston E lementary Education. AXQ, KAR. RA0. Dormitory Advi- sor. CEC SPONBERG, RONALD TERRY. Austin Government, t HZ RZA, A0C3. BK. X ! . Student Discipline Panel SPRAGGINS. ALVIN CECIL. Dallas International Business SPROUL. RHONDA CAROLYN. Rankin Nursing SPRUIELL. JAMES PATRICK, Van Marketing STANDIFER, JAMES SCOTT, Austin STANFORD, JOHN EDWIN. Dallas Finance OHZ Fencing Team, American Finance Association STANLEY. CHARLES WILLIAM, Dallas Mathematics. RA4 . YD, AFROTC. Arnold Air Society, Long- horn Band STANLEY, DEBORAH ANN. Seminole Pharmacy. AOR. KE, LPhA. Women ' s Golf Team STANLEY. GEORGIANA DAVIS. Houston Social Studies Education, AAR, Upper-Class Advisors STARK. JERRY DEWITT. Cedar Hill Mechanical Engineering. AXA, House of Delegates. ASME, Real Estate Society, UT Sports Car Club STEC, DAVID ALEXANDER, Richardson Pre-Med-Psychology. Union Committees, Freshman Basket- ball, Rugby STEEGER. CORRINE LYNN. Dallas Government AZ. AAA, RZA, DBK STEELE, LINDA SUE. Fort Worth Art 488 STEELE, MICHAEL HENRY. Houston Marketing STEELE. TIMOTHY CHARLES. Houston Biology STEIN, MARSHA. Houston Psychology. UX, tBK, Big Buddy Program STEINLE, JANE MARGO, Jourdanton Secondary Education-Speech and Journalism, Cactus Staff, In- tramurals, Order of the Blue Iris STELLATO, LOUIS EUGENE. Bethlehem. Pa. Transportation, AXH. University Underwater Society. UT Ka- rate Club. Transportation Club STEPHENSON. PAULA GAYLE. Tyler Art History STEPP, MARYLYN KAY. Fort Worth Marketing. AAfl STERN. CAROL ANN. Richmond Elementary Education STETSON. LINDA GRACE, Hebbronville English. AAH STEVENS. WILLIAM ALBERT, Atlanta. Ga. Radio-Television-Film. AROTC. Scabbard Blade STEVENSON. DAVID ROSS, Dallas Management, A$Q, ZIE, Longhorn Band, Freshman Orienta- tion Advisor, Goodfellow, Royal Order of UT STEVENSON. WARD EDGAR, Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association STIRNEMAN, BOBBY RAY, Yoaltum Pharmacy STONE. RHODA O ' LENE. Coleman Journalism. 0Z P, Upper-Class Advisors. Inter-Dorm Council STONER. LINDA, Doucette Elementary Education STOTLER. SALLY WAYNE. Corpus Christ! English, AAfl STRAIN, PATRICIA YOUNG, Wichita Falls Elementary Education. AO, AAA. Y Tutoring STRICKLAND. THOMAS CARTER, Universal City English STRICKLIN. SAMMY REX, Fort Worth Personnel Management STURTEVANT. CAROLYN L. Houston Marketing Graduating Seniors SULLIVAN. JAMES MAURICE. Austin Management SULLIVAN, JOHN F. JR.. Houston Journalism. IAX Daily Texan SULLIVANT. GEORGE ANDREW JR.. Houston Psychology SUMMERS, SHERYNE ANNE. Victoria Secondary Education-History and English, AIA YR SUMNERS. LAURANCE EARL. Lufkin Accounting. ZX SWATY. PATRICIA ANNETTE, Bellaire Special Education. SCEC SYNWOLT, RICHARD FRANKLIN III. Madisonville Government. HZA, UT Fencing Club TABBERT, PATRICIA LYNN. San Antonio Elementary Education. AAA. KAPI TACKETT. RANDY JOE. Dublin History, X . UT Karate Club TALBOYS. PAUL ALBERT. Washington, D. C. Pre-Med-Biology, AEA, UT Squash Club, Intramurals TAMAYO. GEORGE EDWARD. Austin Marketing. University Sports Car Club TAMEZ, DANIEL DAVID. San Antonio Zoology. YD TANKERSLEY, JAMES DEEN. Terrell Aerospace Engineering TAPPER, PATRICIA ELLEN. Houston Elementary Education, AEO. KAfl, Round-Up Committee, Campus Chest, Dean ' s List. CEC TAYLOR. BETTY E.. Keman Elementary Education. AO, Cordettes. Panhellenic Council TAYLOR, CRAIG THOMAS. Austin Electrical Engineering. IEEE TAYLOR. CYNTHIA. George West Journalism. IAX 91$. K Daily Texan News Editor Go- odfellow TAYLOR, GEORGE THOMAS. Groves Insurance. Insurance Society TEAGUE. JOMICHAEL H.. Sherman Accounting, HKA, Varsity Baseball, IFC TEICHELMAN, LAVERNE FAYE, Austin Elementary Education, AZ, A I T, Southern Singers. Cactus Staff. Royal Spirit Committee 489 TEMPLE, THOMPSON BOND, Houston Economics. ATQ, Texas Cowboys TERRAZAS, RICHARD JAMES, Dallas Engineering, 0KZ TERRELL, SARAH CATHERINE, Odessa Sociology, Campus Girl Scouts, Canterbury Association TERRY. BEVERLY LYNN, Caldwell Microbiology, Microbiology Society TESTA, JOANNE, El Campo Education-Speech, AE. HA0 THOMAS. BEVERLY KAY. Austin Elementary Education, ACEI THOMAS. LOSS EDWARD, Corpus Christi Business. NROTC, Rifle Team. Intramurals THOMAS. ROSE RENEE, Prairie View English THOMAS. THOMASINA, Amarillo Government. AZ. Cactus Staff, House of Delegates, Fresh- man Encounter THOMPSON. BARBARA ILENE, Austin Elementary Education, International Affairs Committee. UNICEF, Hillel Society. ACM. Union Program Council THOMPSON. BRENDA LEE. La Pryor Education-Business. DDn. TBEA. NBEA THOMPSON, CYNTHIA CHERYL, San Antonio Mathematics, Daughters of Dinocrates THOMPSON. MONIOUE SUZANNE. Ellsworth AFB, S. D. Mathematics, AAA Little Sisters of the Shield Diamond THORNTON, JOHN NORMAN. Temple Civil Engineering, ASCE THRASH. KATHRYN. Fort Worth Special Education, Association for Education of Visually Hand- icapped THUM. DEBORAH HOLMES. San Antonio Accounting THUM, ROBERT ELTON, San Antonio Accounting THURMAN, ROBERT WAYNE. Dallas Plan II, AY, DHI TIMMONS, TERENCE PENICK, Houston Architectural Engineering. AOQ, XE. PHI. Longhorn Sing- ers, Student Engineering Council. UT Forum TINER, JAMES MICHAEL, Dallas Finance, Acacia, Real Estate Society Class of 1972 TIPPLE. DAVID FRANKLIN. Amarillo Transportation, OK P. ANA, Freshman Encounter Advisor, In- tramurals TISDALE, JAMES CORRELL. Austin Business, Longhorn Band TOBOR, MICHAEL JAY, Fort Worth Radio-Television-Film, IAM Texas Cowboys, IFC. Code of Conduct Committee TODD, TERRY LEE. Austin Aerospace Engineering. ZfT. TBD TOEPP, SHARON ELIZABETH. Houston Journalism. AZ. ZAX. Little Sisters of the Skull TOFTE. WILLIAM FREDERICK. Houston Accounting, AZD TOLK, JANET C.. Amarillo Education, HAS TOMEK, DEBORAH ANN. Houston Elementary Education TOPEK, FREDELL MADELINE. Houston Elementary Education and Hebrew. ZAT, KAI I, Cordettes, Dormitory Advisor TOPHAM. CATHERINE ANNE. Alta Loma Biology TORRES. JESUS PATLAN. San Antonio Electrical Engineering TOUDOUZE, NANCY E., San Antonio Elementary Education TOWNLEY, CHERYL YVONNE. Huntsville Elementary Education. ZTA, KAR TRAMONTE. CHRISTINE FRANCES. Galveston Education TRESNICKY. LARRY C.. Seanor. Pa. Marketing TREVINO, DIANA MARIA, Laredo Mathematics. AAA. K TREVINO. ELVA PEREZ. Pearsall Mathematics TREVINO, MARIA ELSA. Laredo Sociology TREVINO. ROBERT CAMPOS, San Antonio Aerospace Engineering, AIAA TREVINO. VERONICA EUGENIA, Laredo Elementary Education 490 TRIEB. JOHN EDWARD. Ouitman Education, A PO. KAfl, TSEA, YR TRISKA. RICHARD L. JR.. Rosenberg History TROJANOWSKY, BRENDA ELAINE, Houston Psychology and English. AZ. A t O, U X Sweetheart, Goodfel- low Orange Jackets. Mortar Board. CEC TROSKY. CHESTER JOSEPH. Wichita Falls TUCKER. CRANFORD CLAY, Dallas History, ZOE Union International Affairs Committee, YD. Campus Crusade for Christ TUCKER. DENNIS DIEHL. Dallas Advertising. American Marketing Association TUCKER, TOMMY JOE. Grand Prairie Mechanical Engineering TULL. JANICE SUE, Canton Biology TURNER. JULIA ANN. Pasadena Journalism, AIA 0Z D, Union Coffee House Committee. PRSSA, Cactus Staff, YR TURNER, THOMAS CHARLES, Cullman, Ala. Biology, t BK. Tejas. Varsity Swimming. Goodfellow, Friar Society TURNER. WILLIAM EDWARD, Austin Education. t HI TUTTLE, TERENCE ARTHUR. Florence Microbiology UMSTATTD, ROBERT McNUTT, Austin Marketing, KZ USSERY. MIRIAM ANNETTE, Austin History VALIAN. MARTHA ANN. Houston History VANA. ANNA MARGARET, Rosenberg Portuguese. SCOPE VANDERDRIFT, MARK ADRIAN, Houston Accounting. AKU VANDERSLICE, JOHN PATRICK, Texas City Government, YR VAN KLEEF, JOHN DORNWAARD, George West Economics VAN KLEEF. SUSAN RATLIFF, Austin Home Economics. AIA Graduating Seniors VAN OSSELAER, PAUL JOSEPH. Houston Government-International Studies. OAK. Student Government. Pre-Law Association. Orientation Advisor, SCOOP. Outstand- ing Student VASCOCU. KAREN SUE. Longview Marketing. Cordettes VESPER, JANICE ELAINE. Houston Textiles, Clothing and Fashion Design, P PB. Little Sisters of the Signet. Cactus Staff. Union Committee VICK. KYLE A.. Houston Finance, ZAE VICKLAND, KAREN ANN, Austin Mathematics, Longhorn Band VILLERREAL. DAVID H.. Pearsall Accounting VISE. BERYL DAVID, Houston Accounting. SAW VITEK. ROBERT GENE, Granger Accounting VOORHEES. ROSALYN MATTHEWS, Houston Home Economics VOWELL, EMILY LAVERNE, Longview Special Education. SCEC WADSWORTH. BETTY KAY. Brownwood Nursing WAGNER. FRANK HENRY JR.. Portsmouth. N. H. Education-English and History. AZO. Army ROTC. Praetorian Guard WALDMAN, DOUGLAS ALAN, Liberty Biology. ZBT. OHZ. Dean ' s List WALDREP, JOANNE, Clarksville Journalism, PRSSA. YR WALKER, BARBARA JO. Dickinson Textiles, Clothing and Fashion Design, ON, Fashion Group WALKER. EVELYN ANN, Corpus Christ! Special Education. Council for Exceptional Children WALKER, FORREST RAY. Amarillo Marketing, AKUJ, CBA Council, American Marketing Asso- ciation. Insurance Society, Student Senate, House of Dele- gates WALKER, JOHN HALE III, Austin Electrical Engineering. TBH HKN. IEEE WALKER. JOHN NATHANIEL. Lampasas Architecture WALKER. KENNETH JOSEPH, Galveston History 491 WALKER, PRISCILLA STORK, Houston Speech Pathology WALKER, ROBERT K., San Antonio Marketing, AZH WALKER, WILLIAM CLYDE JR., Austin Government WALKER. WILLIAM DAVID, Dallas Engineering, ATQ WALL. LEWIS DOUGLAS III, Fort Worth Finance WALLIS, TED WILLIAM, Tulsa, Okla. Zoology, AEA. OBK WARE, MARGARET ANN, Fort Worth Advertising, AAZ. Orange Jackets, University Y Student Board. Student-Faculty Committees. Genesis Committee WARLICK, DONALD WAYNE, Houston Mathematics WARREN, FLORENCE THOMAS . Dallas Elementary Education, Upper-Class Advisors WATFORD. GEORGE HARDY, Houston Radio-Television-Film, BQH WATKINS, CAL BAILEY JR.. Salinas, Calif. Plan Il-Pce-Med WATSON, MARIE SEIBOLD, Baytown Psychology-Social Work Studies and French, AZH Little Sis- ters. ALD WATTS, CHARLES ROSS, Baytown Accounting, ASH, PHZ, CBA Class Officer, University Under- water Society WATTS. DONNA KAY, Texas City Secondary Education WEAVER, SHARI. Friendswood Psychology, XO WEBB. LILLIE KATE, San Antonio German, Middle Eastern Studies Organization, A S Coun- cil WEGNER. HAROLD. Brenham Accounting WEIDNER. SARA LYNN. San Antonio Journalism. 0ZO, 4 K t , KTA, AAA. PRSSA, SCOPE, Good- fellow, Communication Council WEIGEL. TOMMY LEE. Seguin Psychology. AEA WEIHRAUCH, LYNN STURGESS. Austin Finance. AROTC. Distinguished Military Graduate Class of 1972 WEINER. SHARI RENEE. Houston History, AOE WELCH. JOHN EDWIN. Waxahachie Accounting, AZfl Freshman Engineering Honors Program WELLS. ROBERT MILTON, Killeen Transportation, Transportation Club WELLS. ROBERT WAYNE. Tyler WENDLAND. CYNTHIA LYNN, Fort Worth Education, ZTA WENER, JOANNE, Memphis. Tenn. Nutrition, Student Nutrition Organization WENGLAR. MARK ALAN, El Campo Microbiology WERRY, THOMAS OWEN. Irving Transportation Management. A t Q, AFROTC. Arnold Air WESSELS. SUSAN CAROL. San Angelo Music Education. MOE. Women ' s Concert Choir WESTBROOK. THOMAS BRUCE, Waco Journalism, OK$, Honor Roll WESTFALL. MARSHA LYNNE. Nederland History and Latin. AOfl, GDE, Panhellenic Council, Goodfel- low WEXLER. LINDA MERLE. Galveston Elementary Education. AE0 WHISENHUNT. JOHN RICHARD, Marble Falls Finance. OKT WHISTLER. CLYDE LOUIS. Sanderson Art Education WHITE, DENNIS CLYDE. Rusk Accounting WHITE. GILBERT LEE, Ennis Government WHITE. HAVES REYNOLDS. Ennis Architecture WHITE. JAMES THOMAS, Fort Worth Finance, Acacia. Intramurals WHITE. MARGARET MEREDITH, Austin History, AiA WHITE. MARSHA GLENELLE, Orange Home Economics 492 WHITE. MARY JANE. Mineral Wells Psychology WHITE, ROBERT BROWN. Galveston Psychology WHITE. SHARON SUE. Center Speech WHITTON. ALAN LAYNE. Kerrville Architecture. X$ WIECK. DOROTHY. Umbarger Special Education WILLEFORD. ALLISON ANN, Austin Government. XQ. Campus Chest. Speakers Committee. Round-Up Committee WILLIAMS, BELVA MAE, Hillsboro Journalism. ZAX. 0Z t . Daily Texan WILLIAMS. GENE LIDDY, San Antonio Journalism. Daily Tean WILLIAMS, KENNETH CALVERT, Dallas Aerospace Engineering, t KZ. t HZ. ZFT, TBH, AIAA WILLIAMS, PATRICIA LUCY, Angleton Zoology WILLIAMS, WELDON DOUGLAS. Houston International Studies, 01, Texas Troubadors WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH STEPHEN, Houston Mechanical Engineering. HTZ, TBD. ASME WILLIS. ANN, Doucette Elementary Education WILSON, DONALD LESLIE, Cross Plains Management WILSON, JUSTIN SCOTT. Austin Accounting, KKU . Longhorn Band WILSON. MICHAEL LANCASTER. Galveston History, Campus Crusade for Christ, YAF, YR, House of Delegates. Library Facilities Committee. Intramurals WILSON, NANCY BRINLEE, Houston Psychology WILSON, RICHARD HIRAM, New Boston Mechanical Engineering. ASME WINTERS, CAROL ELIZABETH, Johnson City Deaf Education. ZTA. ZAH. Daughters of the Diamond. Spooks, Bluebonnet Belle WITTE, ROYCE ROY. Giddings Business tffj Graduating Seniors WONGVALLE, ALFONSO JOSE, Managua, Nicaragua Chemical Engineering, $HZ, AlChE WOO, FAY LUN, San Antonio Pharmacy, KE, LPhA. Navy Sweethearts, Chinese Students ' Association WOODUM, LINDA GAY. Houston Elementary Education, Al WOOLVERTON. JACK FOSTER. Palestine Mathematics WORSHAM, DAVID LEE, Port Lavaca Pharmacy. 4 AX, LPhA WRANITZKY. NANCY JO. Kyle Government. AZ. Student-Faculty Committee, Panhellenic Council, YR WRIGHT. PEGGY ADAMS. Nacogdoches Elementary Education. HBO. Bored Martyrs WYRICK. THOMAS FLEMING. Texarkana Mathematics, HZ, AFROTC. ACM YAKLIN, DANIE1 ARTHUR, Corpus Christi Electrical Engineering YAMIN. GREGORY KAISER. San Antonio Business, 01, Engineering Honors Program. Round-Up Com- mittee. Challenge, AIAA YAWN, WESLEY LEE, Silsbee Marketing. KA American Marketing Association. PRSSA YEE, JIMMIE KWONG, San Antonio Accounting YEE. PAULA CHOI HOONG. Honolulu. Hawaii Music, Southern Singers. Dormitory Advisor YOUNG. CAROL JEAN. Hallettsville Physical Education. PEM Club YOUNG. CATHY JEAN. Dallas English YOUNG, DAVID RICHMOND. Bloomfield. N. J. Economics. AXA, Intramurals. Economics Club YOUNG. DIANNE LOUISE. Houston Business YOUNG. RICHARD ALVIN. Corpus Christi Aerospace Engineering, AIAA YOUNG, SHEILA D.. El Paso Pharmacy. KZ, LPhA YOUNGER. GARY KEITH, San Antonio Government, Pro-Law Association. UT Sailing Club 493 YOWELL, RONALD WAYNE, Childress Advertising, AXA YUNDT, LEE GREGORY. El Paso Industrial Management, AZH, A4 O, HE, SAM, Canterbury Association, YR. Dean ' s List ZALOWITZ, SAMUEL JOEL. Memphis, Tenn. Marketing. ZBT. AZfl, Real Estate Society. American Market- ing Association ZATOPEK. NANCY KAY, Victoria Biology. Phi Beta Kinsolving ZAVALETA, ANTHONY NOE, Brownsville Anthropology ZEARFOSS, SARA ELIZABETH. Houston Elementary Education, Intramurals, Strike Spare, Bowling ZEH. LINDA CAROL. Houston Mathematics ZICKLER. JEFFREY LEA, Bandera Aerospace Engineering, t KO, TBD. ZI T, OHZ, AIAA. Ar- nold Air Society ZIHLMAN, EDWARD JAMES JR.. Windthorst Aerospace Engineering, Newman Club ZWIEBEL, SHERRY SUE, Houston Petroleum Engineering, TBfl. RET, TSPE. AIME, Student En- gineering Council, Goodfellow. Mortar Board, Outstanding Engineering Student, TES Magazine Graduating Seniors % i 494 ABSHIER. MICHAEL HUSH. Beaumont ACKERMAN. W. RANDALL. Dallas ASOLD. DAVID CHARLES. San Antonio ALAMIA. RODOLFO ROGELIO. Edinburg ALEXANDER. HENRY FRANKLYN, Baird ALLEN. STEPHEN DOUGLAS. Houston ALLMAN. ROBERT LEE. Moody AMOS. SCOTT RANDAL, Shalimar. Fla. ANDERSON. DAVID DARNELL, McGregor ANDERSON. NANCE GENE, San Antonio ANTHONY. GEORGE JR.. San Antonio ARCHIE, RICK NEAL, Fort Worth ARONSTEIN. ROBERT ALLEN, Cuero ATKINS. DEBORAH ANN, Fort Worth AYON. HENRY DAVID. San Antonio BAGOT. MARY ELIZABETH. Amarillo BAIRD. JERRY WAYNE. Big Sandy BALDWIN. JUDITH ANN, Lamesa BARTON. JOY LAVERN. Gatesville BASTRESS. DAVID CLAUDE. San Antonio BAUGH. GEORGE WHITFIELD. San Antonio BEASLEY, THOMAS SCOTT Beeville BEAUCHAMP. RICHARD ALLEN, San Antonit BELL. SHERRY LYNN. Houston BENAVIDES. ROGER JAMES. San Antonio BENDER. CRAIG KAVANAUGH. Fort Worth BEUTEL. PAUL WAYNE. Houston BLACKWOOD. LARRY NEWELL. Comanche BOOTH. SUSAN. Baytown BRANDT, DOTTIE LYNN. San Antonio BRASHEAR, ROBERT KEITH, Hale Center BROADDUS. MICHAEL GARRETT. San Antonio BROOKS. JUDY ELIZABETH. Freeport BROOKS. JUDY LEE. Kilgore BROWN. DAVID CARL, Houston BRUMMEL. RICHARD JAMES. Hooks BUCHANAN. DAVID ANDREW. Dallas BURGESS. GERALD MICHAEL. Austin BURKMAN. MANFRED. Austin CAIN. CAROL JEAN. Taylor Seniors f CALLAHAN, JACK WILLIAM JR., Galveston CALVO. RUSSELL DAVID JR.. Newgulf CAMPBELL. ROBERT DAVID. Dallas CARLETON. MARTHA SUE. Houston CARNEY. JENNIFER LEE. Corpus Christi CARPENTER. CAROLYN, Pecos CARPENTER, LINDA LOU. Austin CARPENTER, WILLIAM B.. Beeville CARRINGTON. MARGARET ANN. San Antonio CENTILLI. DOROTHY JEAN, Del Rio CHAMBLESS. SUSAN B.. Tyler CHENG. CHRISTOPHER CHEUK-PUJ, Hong Kong CHENOWETH, ROBERT ESPY. Houston CHESTER. DONALD WILLIAM. Richardson CHILDS. DAVID EDWARD, Monahans CHIPMAN. EMMITT DAVID. Del Rio CHISM BONNIE R.. San Antonio CHOVANETZ, BARRY EDWARD, Hallettsville CLAPP, LESLIE BOYD JR.. Iowa Part CLARK. DOUGLAS N., Edna CLARK, MICHAEL DUANE. Houston CLARK. STEPHEN ZIFTON, Fort Worth CLEMENT, JOHN CARLISLE. Sulphur Springs COMPTON. JAMES EDWARD, Corsicana CORDOVA, CONNIE BELINDA. McAllen COSTAS, ANNE DONEGAN, Seguin CRABTREE. BARBARA ANN, Dallas CRAWFORD, JOE THOMAS JR.. Kilgore CROOK, DAVID PRESTON, Houston CUMMINGS. WILEYN FULFER. San Antonio CURTIS. CAROL JEAN. Hillsboro DANIEL. CAROLE ANNE. Dallas DARWIN. PAUL McCRACKEN. Fort Worth DAVIS, CLOTEAL LOUISE, Houston DAVIS, HOWARD GORDON. Houston DAVIS. JAMES TOLBERT. Gilmer DAVIS, JIMMY GOLAN. Borger DAYYANI. MOHAMMED HASAN, Iran DE FILIPPO. FRED S.. Bron.ville. New York DE FORD. HARVEY NASH. Austin 495 DE LA GARZA. NORA HILDA. Mission DILLON, DONNA CHERYL. Houston DOEDYNS. JOANNA BETH. Bishop DOEPNER. ALBERT HERMAN, San Antonio DOWNS, GREGORY E.. Midland DOWNS. PATRICIA OBERA. San Antonio DOYLE. TERENCE MICHAEL. Houston DUBEL PATRICIA LYNETTE. Son Antonio DUKE. CATHY JEAN, McAllen DUNCAN, FRED DON, Weatherford DURE, LEIGHTON C.. Austin DUTIA. KRISHNAKUMAR G., Bomba y, India EADS. DEBORAH ANN. Bellaire EDWARDS. LESLIE LEE. Victoria EMERY, DAVID ERNEST, Euless ERNST. CARL LYNN. Glen Rose ESPENSEN. MICHAEL P.. McAllen EVANSON, ROBERT WILLIAM, Austin FARANESH, SOUHAIL BULOS. Nazareth, Israel FAVELL. ALICE CATHERINE, Klamath Falls. Ore. FERNANDEZ, ALFONZO EVARISTO. San Antonio FERRARA, MADELINE. Hearne FERGUSON. SAMUEL C.. Hamlin FISHER. LUKE EUGENE. Gladewater FITZGERALD. DAVID JOHN. Houston FLESHER. PAUL GLEN, Belton FLODINE. JAMES BRUCE, Houston FORBIS, STEPHEN DOUGLAS. Austin FORTENBERRY, MARY K., Natchitoches. La. FRANCO MORA, RAFAEL, Xalapa, Mexico FRANKLIN, JACKY BILL, Lubbock FROMME, DALTON LEE, Goliad FUCHS, JAMES DONALD, Anqleton FULBRIGHT, SUZANNE. Beaumont GARCIA. ANTHONY R., San Antonio GIRARDEAU. JAMES FREDERICK. Austin GLASS. DAVID DOERING. Austin GLEISER. SUZANNE CAROL. Bryan GOINS. WILLIS D., Gatesville GOMEZ. RICHARD ALONZO, San Antonio Seniors GONZALEZ. JOHN WILLIAM, San Antonio GOOD. ROBERT LAWRENCE. Dallas GOODE. MARK GIDEON III. Lufkin GOR. EDMOND J.. Houston GORZYCKI, LINDA SUE. Austin GRANT. JAMES MARVIN. Refuqio GRANT. THOMAS REAGAN. Kenedy GRAVES. CLAUDE BRECKENRIDGE. Jasper GREEN, ROBERT LYNN JR., Houston GROODY, DONALD PAUL, Fort Worth GROSSMAN, FRANK LEROY, Corpus Christi GUERRERO. JOSEPH RAYMOND. Austin HASAN. ELIZABETH ANN. Beaumont HALL, LEWIS ALLEN. Fort Worth HAMILTON. JAMES E.. Austin HAMMOND, JAMES RODNEY. Jacksboro HANSON. KAREN S.. Kemah HARMON. MARY NELL. San Antonio HARMON. SCOTT INGERSOLL. Dallas HARRIS. DIANA LEE. Austin HARRIS. DUANE WOODFORD II. Hooks HARRISON. EMMETT ELBERT. Dallas HARRISON. SUSAN DIANNE. Baytown HARTER. WILLIAM HAROLD. Canyon HEARD. KATHY LANIER. White Oak HELM. STEVEN GEORGE. Fort Worth HELMCAMP, JUDDY RAY II. Houston HEMATI, IRAJ. Tehran. Iran HEMME. DONALD DEE. Lockhart HILDBRAND. JERRY DON. Prescott. Ark. HILLS. JOHN DURST. Tyler HOFFMAN, CARL ALFORD. Austin HOGGARD. FRAN A.. West HOLLINGSWORTH. DAVID EMERSON. Austin HOLT. MARK WALKER. Dumas HOOVER. RANDY TED. Levellond HOUCK, HARRIET ELIZABETH. Houston HOWARD, M ' LIZABETH DOT. Austin HUDSON, NANCY KAY. Gruver HUGHES. DAVID CARROLL. Houston 496 HULL. MELISSA JANE. Denton HUMPHRIES. MARGARET JOY. Dublin HUNTER. SARAH ROCQUELLE. Colemon HURD. ROBERT LEWIS. Houston HUTCHESON. STEVEN CHARLES. Houston. HUTCHINSON. KENNETH LARRY. Temple IRWIN. ELYSIA ANN. Dumas JAMES. SHARI C.. Hereford JANECEK. LARRY JAMES. Shiner JANICEK. DARYL JOSEPH DAVID. Premont JETTON. BOBBY RAY. Gainesville JEZ. MILTON JERRY. Taylor JOHNSON. PAUL JOSEPH, Austin JOHNSON, WARREN GARY, Pasadena JOHNSTON. JAY STEVEN. Dallas JONES. CHRISTOPHER THOMAS. Houston JONES. JAMES LANDON, McAllen JONES, JOHN MARK, Dallas JONES. ROBERT LYNN, Corpus Christi JULIAN. WILLIAM D.. Crockett KANE, THERESA ANNE. Fort Worth KELLY. EMMA S.. Austin KIECH. MICHAEL MAURICE. Jonesboro. Ark. KINCAID. GENE HOWARD, Pampa KING. HARLEY RUSSELL. Dallas KING. MICHAEL KRIS. Mineral Wells KNOWLES. TOMMY LANE. Hurst KOBER. KAY MARY. Waterloo. Iowa KONEMAN. SUZANNE. La Marque KOY. CANDICE DAWN. Sealy KUBACAK. ALPHONSE FRANK. West LABER. BARBARA JOYCE. Houston LACEY. ROBERT STEPHEN. Houston LANE. JOHN ALLEN. Odessa LARD. KAREN LYNN. Amarillo LARD. SHAREN LEE. Amarillo LEAL. RICARDO JOEL. Mission LECHE. PAUL ANDRE. Austin LEE. TOMMY ZIN. San Antonio LENDRUM, BRUCE CARROLL. Midland Seniors LEVEY. ALISSA ANN, San Antonio LEVINSON, JERRY H., Dallas LEVITT. TOMMY CARL. Wheeler LIENDO. ALVARO J.. Laredo LONGACRE, JANICE KAYE. San Antonio LOPEZ. BERTHA ANN A.. San Antonio LOREA. RICHARD RAYMOND. San Antoni LOUIE. EDWIN DARE. Houston LUTTON. MONTY J.. San Antonio LUTZ. SUZANNE MARIE. San Antonio MABRY, WARREN W. JR., Austin MACEO. PEGGY JO, Galveston MACK. RONALD G.. Palestine MADSEN. KATHRYN KAYE. Houston MAHAFFEY. MICHAEL LINDSEY. Houston MAIN. KENT A.. Corpus Christi MALSBARY. ROBERT WAYNE. Temple MANCHA. ROBERTO RAUL Alice MARDOCK. JULIAN KING. Dallas MARTIN, KENNETH EWING. Baytown MARTIN, REBECCA SUE. Orange MAST, ROY TAYLOR, Midland McANGUS. JESS ADELBERT. Austin McBRIDE. ELDENA C.. Galveston McBRIDE. JAMES DAVID. Longview McBRIDE. MICHAEL CURTIN, Galveston McCLARY. JOHN MICHAEL. Dallas MCDONALD, JAMES BOWMAN. Austin McKEE. MARTHA KAREN. Carthage McNEW. MEREDITH LYNNE. Wilmington. Del. MEADOR, MICHAEL PRIDDIE. Gatesvllle MILLER. RICHARD SCOTT. Perry. Iowa MILLICAN. DEBORAH O.. San Saba MILLIKAN. ROBERT RANDOLPH. Houston MOOS. PATTI EILEEN. San Antonio MORENO. GLORIA. Dallas MORRIS. ALBERT WILLIAM JR.. Duncanville MORRIS. ALLISON MURPHY. Lake Jackson MORRIS, REBECCA PAYNE. Odessa MORROW. JACK DEZELLE. Sinton 497 MOSKOWITZ. JUDITH ANN. Houston MOULDER, RITA MARIE. San Antonio MOVER. LYNNE MARIE. San Antonio MUELLER. GLENN ROY. Thrall MURPHY. EUGENE JAMES JR.. Houston NAGEL. BRUCE DEAN, San Antonio NANCE. DALE RUSSELL. Midland NELSON. CYNTHIA CAROLYN. Houston NESTER. ROBERT ALLEN, San Antonio NG. LILLY LI-LI. Hong Kong NG. FRANCES FONG. San Antonio NICHOLS. DON DEATON, Galena Park NICHOLS. RICK DEAN. Corsicana NOELL. JOHN DUDLEY. Austin OS6ORNE. JANET LEE, Midland PAHNKE. ROBERT DAVID. Beaumont PANNELL. JEFF CARL, Austin PARROTT, CLIFFORD LEE, Austin PARSONS. KIRBY WALKER. Georgetown PARSONS. STEVE CARL. Dallas PARSUTT, BEVERLY J.. Matagorda PARTLOW. JUDITH GAIL. Liberty PAYNE. WILLIAM GILGIS. San Antonio PENN, SUE ANNETTE. Rusk PENNINGTON, TROY DANIEL. San Angelo PENNY. GREGORY RANDALL, Dallas PENRY, DAVID WAYNE. Smithville PITTS. DEBORAH ANN, Lampasas POLING. MARY LYNNE. Fort Worth POWELL. RONALD A.. Magnolia POWELL. STEPHEN DOUGLAS. Grapevine POWER, JAMES TALFORD III, Dallas PRICE, SHARON. Victoria PRIEST, PATRICIA LEE. Dallas PRITCHETT, JAMES PATRICK, Midland REDDING. JAMES EARL. Lolito REINHART. JAMES ROBERT, Galveston RHOADS, E. SUZANNE. Austin RICE. JENNIFER SUSAN, Houston RICHEY. DON LEE, Seguin Seniors RIGGS, PATRICIA ANN, Waco RIOS. CLAUDIA. Brownsville ROBERTS. REBECCA RUTH, Corpus Christi RODRIGUEZ, L ALEJANDRO, Rio Grande C.ty RODRIGUEZ. LUIS GARZA. San Antonio ROITSCH. CHRISTINA E.. Manor ROMAN. CHARLES RICHARD. Austin ROOT, SUSAN ANNE. Houston ROSENBAUM, RALPH STEVE, Houston ROSS, JOHNNY KYLE. Corsicona RUHLAND, DORIS JOANNE, Houston RUNNE, JOHN HELMUTE. Dallas RUPLE, AUBREY VAUGHAN JR., Amarillo RUSSELL ROBERT LAFAYETTE. Dallas RUTTY. CHARLES DAVID. Lampasas SAENZ. JUAN JORGE. Rio Grande City SALTER, CHARLES PHILLIP III. Wichita Falls SANDERS. RANDALL HENDRIX, Baytown SANTI, SUSAN EILEEN. Houston SANTOS, JOSE ANTONIO. Tampico, Meico SCHAEFER, KAY ANNETTE, Dallas SCHNEIDER, HERBERT ERNEST, New Braunfels SCHNEIDER, RICHARD HARRY, Casper. Wyo. SCHNURR, GAYLE ANN, Houston SCHUENEMANN, WILLIAM HENRY, lockhart SEGURA, DAVID MARTIN, Flatonia SHADROCK, MARY ELIZABETH, San Antonio SHAHAN, DONALD ALLAN. Abilene SHEARN. MICHAEL JOSEPH, Houston SHORT. BYRON ELLIOTT, Austin SHTAWI. ABEDELRAZAR M.. Nazareth. Israel SHULKIN. BARRY LYNN Amarillo SKELTON. BETTY JOYCE. Dallas SKINNER, JOHN F., Longv.ew SLIM. SIMAN T. Nazareth. Israel SLOVACEK, EDWARD JEROME, Bryan SMITH. CAROL ANN. Garland SMITH. DIANE ALEATHEA. Houston SMITH MYRA KATHRYN. Austin SOLIS. SANTIAGO J.. Brownsville 498 tmti i SOMMERLATTE. CLYDE WILLIAM JR.. Gonjales SPARKS. ALBERTA DIANE. Fort Worth SPECIA. JOHN J. JR., San Antonio SPEIR, PAUL ROBERT. Austin SPENCER. RILE KEITH. Sweetwater STEWART, KAREN JOYCE. Temple STUDOR. JACOB VON. North Royalton. Ohio SULLIVAN. WILLIAM PATRICK. Fort Worth TABAK. DEBRA ANN. San Antonio TAYLOR. MARIANNE. Austin TEMPLIN. CLAUDIA FRANCES. Austin TEMPLIN, HOWARD LESLIE. Austin THOMAS. PATRICIA DEE. Houston THOMPSON. KENNETH EUGENE. Dallas THOMPSON. ROBERT NORMAN. Alta Loma THORN, CRAIG STEVEN, Corpus Christi TOBOLA. LOUIS LUDVIK, Dallas TYLER. JONNIE JO, Dallas VALADEZ. MIGUEL ANGEL. San Antonio VALDEZ. DAVID LEE. Del Rio VAN SICKLE. MARY LYNN. Rio Hondo VERBICK. DONALD L.. Dallas VILLAGRAN, EDWARD JAMES. San Antonio VILLARREAL. MANUEL A.. Mexico City. Mexic VONDER HOYA. CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM, Dallas VORSAS, JOE HARRY, Beeville WAGAMON, CHARLES HOLLAND JR.. Huntsville WALKER, PAMELA KAY, Austin WALL, JAMES CARROLL. Austin WALLS. STEPHEN CRAIG. Pampa WARNECKE. ROBERT BENJAMIN. New Braunfels WASHAM, DONA KAY. Pasadena WASHBURN. JAMES JAY, Junction City, Kan. WATSON. DAVID GARY. Cisco WEBB. RONALD KERMIT. Kemah WELLS. MARIANNE DICKERSON, Piano WHITE. PATRICIA ANN. Austin WIEDEMAN. STANLEY RAYMON, Joplin, Mo. WILLIAMS. ANITA CLAIR. Gatesville WILLIAMS. BARBARA ANN. Waco Seniors i WILLIAMS. DONALD EUGENE. Ocean Springs. Miss. WILLIAMS. GARY ALAN. Houston WILLIAMS. GWENEVERE. Waco WILLIAMS. SHARON LUCILLE. Austin WINGHELD, BETTY LYNN, Kilgore WINSMAN. LOUIS III. Copperas Cove WISSINGER. JOHN FREDERICK, Houston WISSINK, DEBORAH HELENS. Maquoleta. Iowa WOLFORD. EDWARD. San Antonio WOOLLEY. LYNN WALTON. Temple WORTLEY. GARY STEWART. Dallas WRIGHT. BARBARA CAROL. San Antonio WU. JOSEPH KANBOR. Hong Kong WYNN. JIM DUDLEY, Austin YOUNG. DEBORAH LYNN. Tyler ZIKES. BEVERLY JEAN, Texas City An armadillo painted orange and white appeared at one of the UT football games during the mascot controversy. 499 ABBOTT. CHRISTINE ANN. Corpus Christ! ABRAMOWITZ. BRONDEL. Houston ABRAMOWITZ. MICHAEL H., Houston ACREE. JAMES DAVID, Victoria ADAIR. MARY ELLEN. Jacksonville ADAMS, DONNA JEAN. Tyler ADAMS, JENNY. Longview ADAMS, MICHAEL FRANKLIN. Atlanta ADCOCK. PHYLLIS ANN. Victoria AGUILAR. JAVIER. Brownsville AHUERO. DANIEL DAVID. Corpus Christi ALEXANDER, MARY ELLEN. Lufkin ALLEN, DAVID VINCENT, Rocky Grove. Pa. ALLEN. JOE BAILEY III. Longview ALLEN, RUSSELL SCOTT, Tyler ALLMOND. STEVEN ROY, Odessa ALTMAN, GWENDOLYN NANCY. Universal City AMERMAN. PATRICIA MARIE. Houston AMIRKHAN. JOHN NELSON, Dallas AMOS. MARILYN ELIZABETH. Houston ANDERLOHR, WILLIAM J., Portland ANDERSEN, PENNY LEE. Farmington. N. M. ANDERSON. CANDACE ELIZABETH. Asherton ANDERSON. GARY KENNETH. Levittown, N. Y. ANDERSON, JAMES ROBERT. Corpus Christi ANDERSON. TERESA LYNN. Abilene ANDREWS, MARK W., Roswell. N. M. ANDRIES. THOMAS FRANCIS. Fort Worth ARCHER, MICHAEL F., Baytown ARDEN. PAMELA JEAN, Amarillo ARLITT, CYNTHIA ANN. Houston ARMSTRONG. JACK DOUGLAS. Blooming Grove ARRINGTON. CATHY LYNN, Tenarkana ARRINGTON. KEITH THOMAS. Wichita Falls ARWOOD, THOMAS WHEELER. Wichita Falls ASHBY. JUDY ANN. San Antonio ATCHISON. JOHN ALLEN JR.. Austin ATKINS. MICHAEL THOMAS. Houston ATKINSON. CYNTHIA MAE. Pasadena ATKINSON. LISA KAY. Pasadena ATNIP. BOBBY EUGENE. Alvin ATWOOD. DARYL LYNN, Dallas ATWOOD. JOHN HOLMES. Houston AUSTIN. MICHAEL E.. San Antonio AUSTIN. SHERRY KAY. Andrews 8AGGERLY, SUZETTE. Houston BAILES. CATHY ANN. Houston BAILEY, BARBARA ANN. Tyler Class of 1973 BA ILEY. GARY DON. Corsicana BALFOORT. JEFFREY N.. Houston BALL. NANETTE. Austin BALUN, DALE MELISSA. Yonkers. N. Y. BAME, SUSAN RAE. Houston BARKEMEYER. ALAN ROY, Buckholts BARLEY, DONALD LEWIS. Brady BARNES, BARBARA LYNN. San Antonio BARNES. DOYLE KING JR.. Kemp BARNES KATHY LOU. La Marque BARNETT, REDA FAE, Buffalo BARRERA, NORA G. Palito Blanco BARTON, BRUCE EDWARD. Austin BARTON, DEBORAH ANN. Dalles BARTON. LEE HOWELL. Portland BARTOSH. WILLIAM FRANK JR.. Corpus Christi BATTENFIELD. GLENN LOUIS. Houston BATTLE. RICHARD VERNON, Garland BAUER, AUSTIN P.. Houston BAYSEK. ALLAN JAMES, Longview BEASLEY STEPHEN CRAIG. Houston BEAUCHAMP, JOHN SCOTT JR.. San Antonio BEAUREGARD. MAX L.. Amarillo BECK. DEBORAH LYNNE. San Antonio BEHRENS. CLAIRE LYNN, Austin BEHRENS. KAREN SUE. Beasley BELLMONT, CAROLYN ELIZABETH. Houston BENARDINO, ANTHONY KYLE. Conroe BENAVIDES. PATRICIA DOLORES, Laredo BENTON. DONALD FRANCIS. Houston BERGEN. JESSICA LYNNE. Angleton BERGER, BARBARA, Austin BERGMAN. JOHN ERIC, Dallas BERKLEY STEPHEN LAWRENCE, Beaumont BESS ELIZABETH GRAVES, Bay City BEYER. BETTY LOU, Houston BILLNITZER CHERYL SUZANNE. Kerrville BILLS. EMMETT LEE. McAllen BIRDSONG, MARILYN FAYE. New Braunfels BIXLER. ROBERT PRESTON JR.. Houston BLACK. RICHARD LEE. Sudan BLACKBURN. EMILY DIANE. Amarillo BLACKMON. DEBORAH C. Corpus Christi BLAIR, WILLIAM EDGAR. Houston BLALOCK, SANDRA WINIFRED. Marshall BLAND. STEPHEN W.. San Antonio BLANDA GERALYN ANN. Orange BLANKENBAKER. SUE ELLEN. Mission 500 BLANTON. ELIZABETH LOUISE. Houston BLEFELD. BARBARA ANN. Dallas BOCK. ELLEN RUTH. Dallas BOEHNKE. JAN F.. Sequin BOHNENBLUST. LINDA KAY. Dallas BOLDING. REBECCA. Houston BOLE. HELEN ELIZABETH. Houston BOLES. GLENN EWING. Houston BOLTE. WILLIAM SCOTT. Dallas BOND. JAMES HERBERT JR.. Dallas BONHAM. PATRICIA ANN. Houston BOON. MARK LEE. Tyler BORCHARDT. BOBBIE GENE. Dallas BOSWELL. STEVEN VANCE. San Angelo BOUNDS. DOROTHY MARIE. Wichita Falls BOUTWELL. WILLIAM BRYANT. Houston BOWERS, GREGORY LEE. Amarillo BOYD. RICHARD WALLACE JR., Fort Worth BOYD. SHARON KAY. Denlson BRADFORD, BETTE. Houston BRADFORD, STUART MICHAEL. Austin BRADSHAW, PRISCILLA CHARLINE. Mesquite BRADY. ROSE ANNE. Austin BRAGG, KENNETH DONALD. Sen Antonio BREAUD. STEPHEN JOSEPH. Lubbock BRENT. WILLIAM ERWIN. Bonham 8RICKER. JOHN ALEXANDER. Bellaire BRIGHT. JERRY LAYNE. Cameron BROOKS. ANDREA LEE, Austin BROOKSHIRE, DANIEL STUART. Tyler BROUSSARD. LINDA NELL. Wharton BROWDER. JAMES EDWARD. Fort Worth BROWN. AMY JOAN. San Antonio BROWN. ELIZABETH ANNE. Wimberley BROWN. JAMES WILLIAM III. Dallas BROWN. LUCY LINN, Angleton BROWN, REBECCA EVE, Houston BROWN. RONALD KAYE. San Antonio BROWNSTEIN. CINDY ALYCE. Clarksdale. Miss. BRUNI. FIORENZA ANNA MARIA. San Antonio BRUNSON, BEVERLY, McAllen BRYLA, CARROLL JOHN. Fredericksburq BUAAS, JULIANNE. Austin BUCHANAN, JOE KEITH. Arlington BUCHEK. ROBERT HARVEY. San Antonio BUCKLAND. WAE JUNG. Temple BUESS. HOPE ELIZABETH, Victoria BUFORD, JOHN BAILEY, Austin Juniors BULLARD. BETTE KATE, Pittsburg BULLER, LEN SCOTT. HOUSTON BUNAT. CINDY SUE. Dallas BUNCH. ARTHUR FREDERIC. Biq Spring 8URCHARD, GLENN ORRIN. San Antonio BURGESS. DEBORAH JANE. College Station BURKETT. PATRICIA LEE. Huntsville. Ala. BURNETT, LINDA LOU. Tyler BURNS. LAN BEAUMONT. Austin BURNS. MARY ELIZABETH. La Marque BURROUGHS. DWIGHT EDWARD. Garland BURTON. MICHAEL DAVID. Denison BUSH. PERCY JOHN. Kingston, N. Y. BYARS, NATHANIEL C., Hillsboro BYBEE. ALESSANDRA. San Antonio BYLES, GWENDOLYN N., Corpus Christi CAIL. CAROLYN ELIZABETH. Port Isabel CAIN. JOHN W.. Progreso CALDWELL. LINDA ANN. Corpus Christi CALDWELL. SUSAN MARIE. Houston CALLAN. CYNTHIA GAY. Stuttgart. Germany CAMPBELL. CHERYL WIDMER. Wurtsmith AFB. Mich. CAMPBELL. FRANK WHITNEY. Dallas CAMPBELL. ROBERT FARISS. Wichita Falls CAMPBELL. WILLIAM LEE. Troup CAMPISE. JANICE. Houston CANADA. MARY ELIZABETH. Dalles CANO. ENRIQUE. Mission CANTOR. LAWRENCE WENDELL. Richardson CANTU. ISIDRO DOMINGUEZ. San Antonio CARLESTON. MILTON LEE. San Antonio CARLISLE. JOHN WRIGHT. Margarita. Canal Zone CARMICHAEL. ROBERT FRANKLIN. Brady CAROTHERS. CANDACE, Biq Sprinq CARPENTER, KAY LYNN. Ouanah CARR, PATRICIA SMITH, Houston CARR. PATRICK ALLEN. Waco CARROLL. STANLEY RUSSELL. La Porte CARTER. G. JACK III. Dallas CARTER. JAMIE KATHRYN. Houston CARTER. VIRGINIA KEITH, Amarillo CASAS. ERNESTO. San Antonio CASTILLO. RITA C.. San Antonio CASTRO. ANN. Ouenah CAUDLE. MARY ANN. Houston CEARLEY. GWENA LYNN. Austin CHADDICK, JOHN WRIGHT. Omeha CHAMRAD. JULIA ANN. Victoria 501 CHANCELLOR. WARREN EUGENE. Sulphur Springs CHANEYWORTH. SANDRA JEAN. Houston CHAPMAN, FREDERICK WAYNE. Rockwall CHAUVEAUX, TONY LYNN, Clouds CHAVEZ, WILLIAM JR.. Deer Park CHEN, DORIS MING-SEE, Abernothy CHERRY, NADINA LEAH, Fort Worth CHEWNING. STEPHEN LEE. Corpus Christ; CHIARIZIO. ERIC E.. Te.arkana CHILDRESS. ROBERT G.. Houston CHIN, LINDA. San Antonio CHRISTE. PAMELA. Son Antonio CLARK. CAROLYN JANET. Son Antonio CLAYBROOK. OLIVIA H.. Dollos CLAYTON. GLENDA GAIL, Kilgore CLEM, ROSS SIDNEY. Son Antonio CLIFTON. GAYLON. Bryon CLOUD, KATHY LOU, Los Fresnos CLOUD, KELTON WAYNE, Seogoville COCEK, JANIS CATHERINE, Houston COFFEY, KATHRYN ANN, New Orleans. La. COFFMAN, NANCY SUE. San Antonio COLEMAN. PETER JOHN, San Anton.o COLLINS. DAVID HENLEY. Lamesa COLLINS. SUSAN VAUGHAN. Ale.andria. Va. COLQUITT. CAROL ELEANOR. Longview COMEAUX, CAROLYN ADELE, Baytown CONRAD. JAMES EDWIN, Clifton CONTRERAS. ERIC E.. McAllen COOK. LINDA GALE. Alvin COOK, ROBERT DAVID . Brownsville COOKE. ROBERT EBERLE. Waslom COOMBS. CATHY PAULETTE. Kenedy COOPER, ROBERT L. Fairfield COOPER, SHARON ANN, Crosby COOPER. SUZANNE JANE. Grahom CORDELL, DAVID MARK, Richardson CORSON. DONALD WINSTON. Austin GOTTEN. CAROL KAY, Austin COUCH. JANE ELIZABETH, Abilene COVEY. STEVEN MARTIN. Houston COX, ALBERT EMERY. Corpus Christ! COYNER. ROGER EDWARD. Cleveland. Ohio CRABTREE. PAUL NORMAN. Angleton CRADY. KATE McALPIN. Houston CRAIG, GORDON E.. Yorktown CRAIG. HARRY LEE. Houston CRAVER. JAMES INGRAM, Oklahoma City, Oklo. Class of 1973 CRAWFORD, GARY WAYNE, Gorlond CRAWFORD, ROY MILLS, Temple CRAWLEY, ROBERT EILAND. Lamesa CREW. ROBERT JOSEPH, Orange CRIEL. ARMANDO B.. Corrizo Springs CROCKER. JONETTE ABBEY. Tulso CROCKETT. MICHAEL DAVID. Midland CROOK. CHARLES DAVID. Paris CROW, CYNTHIA LYNN. Dallas CRUMPLER. CHARLES PRENTICE. Bowie CRUMPTON. DAVID WILMOTH. Hillsboro CUEVAS, MARY CARMEN, Corpus Christi CULLEN, MARK PAIGE. Houston CUSHMAN, REGINA HOPE. Fort Worth DABNEY. WILLIAM TYSON. Dallas DALBY. JOHN LEONARD. Te.arlano DALY, PATRICK WILLIAM. Midland DANIELL. ROBERT WALTER. Dallas DANIELS. JOSEPHINE CAROL. Tyler DARLING. STEPHEN CURTIS. Wichita Foils DAUM. DONALD RAY. Houston DAVENPORT. KATHRYN JO. Rockport DAVIDSON. MARION WILLIAM, Gainesville DAVIS ERNESTINE E.. Hughes Springs DAVIS. CATHERINE ANN. Big Sandy DAVIS, CLARA L.. Odessa DAVIS. PATRICIA ANN. Dallas DEAN, DEBRA LYNN. Duncanville D ' EAN. JUDY LYNN, Odessa DELGADO. JANIE CASTILLO. Austin DE LOACHE, LOUISE DURKIN. Dollos DENNIS. NELSON T.. Kilgore DENNIS. PATRICIA ANN. Austin DENSON. DEBORAH LYNN. Gilmer DENT, PAMALA SUSAN. Killeen DENTON. JOYCE ANN. Evermon DETTMAN, GREGORY MARCUS, Port Arthur DEWEESE, JEFFERSON GEORGE. Paris DICKINSON. SUZANNE. Paris DICKSON. CHESTER VERNON, Cross Plains DILLINGHAM. MICHAEL ROY. Beev.lle DLUGACH. JUANITA SUSAN. Port Arthur DODDS, TOMMY LANE. Arlington DODDS, VIRGINIA ANN. San Antonio DODSON. DE ' NISE EILEEN. Tyi .- DOEDYNS. TRUDY ANN. Son Juan DOLLAR. JANIS LEA. Dallas DOLSTRA. EILEEN HEATHER. Washington. D. C. 502 OOOLEY. KATHLEEN ANN. Beaumont DOOLEY. PATRICIA LYNN. Beaumont DOROUGH. FRANCES ANNETTE. Bishop DORTCH, RICHARD MA SON, Longview DOWNIE. CHRISTINE HOUSTON. Sanderson DRIGGERS. WILLIAM THOMAS IV.. Piano DUBOW. JANIS LYNN. Houston DUCKETT. OWIGHT DEAN, Victoria DUGGER. LARRY E., Belton DUNCAN, DEBR " A ANNETTE, Arlington DUNLAP, JOHN KIRKBY, Nome, Alaska DURAND. GEORGE M.. Buna EBELING. ROBERT LEE. Marble Falls EBENSBERGER. PEGGY ANN, Seguin EBLEN. EARL DOOLEN JR.. Slaton EDGERTON. MARTHA JANE. Rio Grande City EDGIN. RICHARD ALAN. Corsicana EDWARDS, MARILYN YVONNE. Austin EHLERS. MARTHA LYNNE, Austin EICHER, PATRICK DOMINIC. Rosenberg EILAND. GARY WAYNE. Houston ELLIS. DEBORAH LEA. Austin ELSTNER. CHARLES JOSEPH. Hallettsville ELTIS. BRIAN MUROC. Tyler ENG. MABEL SUN. San Antonio ENGSTROM. RANDALL ROBERT, Dallas ERICKSON. TERRIE ANN. Son Antonio ESRIG, BONNIE ANN, Birmingham. Ala. ETHRIDGE. NANCY JO. San Antonio EUGANKS. CHARLES ALAN. Santa Rosa EUBANKS. EDWIN ALLEN. Santa Rosa EULENFELD. JANICE G.. Taylor EVANS. CHRISTI JANNETTE. Austin EVANS. KATHLEEN LOUISE. Victoria EVANS. LEIGH KAREN. Sinton EVANS. MARILYNN ELIZABETH. Houston EVELAND. RICHARD EUGENE, Austin EVERSOLE, NANCY ANN. Houston FAGET, CAROL JEAN, Dickinson FARMER, SUSAN KAY. Freeport FARRIS. THOMAS DALE. Amarillo PATH. BETSY. Austin FAULCONER. BRUCE LALAND. Grand Prairie FAULK, ROBERT RAY. Burkburnett FAULKNER. DONALD CAROL, Abilene FEEHAN. ANNE ELIZABETH. Houston FELKAI. THOMAS PETER. East Patterson, N. J. FERNANDEZ. REBECCA MARIE. Texas City Juniors FINBERG. STEVE. Dallas FISHER. TIMOTHY LEE, McKinney FITE, RALPH HILLIN. Houston FITZGERALD. LYNDA L. Houston FLACHE. ARTHUR AME. Brownfield FLACK, JOE FENLEY JR.. Houston FLEMING, FRANCESCA. Dallas FLORES. MICKEY ROYCE. Hillsboro FLOREY, RANDALL LYNN. Dallas FLOURNOY. BETTY LOUISE. Alice FOLEY. RICHARD FRANK. Sinton FORCIER. PETER MICHAEL, El Paso FORSYTHE, CAROLINE JANE. Mexia FOSDICK. CATHERINE MARLOWE, Houston FOSTER. BLANCHARD LEROY JR.. Shreveport, La. FOSTER. JIM L.. Longview FOSTER. ROXY BEA. Odessa FOWLER. EARL LEON. Houston FOWLER, WILLIAM LAIRD. Corpus Christi FOX, JANIS. Mason City. Iowa FRACHTMAN. RICHARD JULIAN, Houston FRANK. EDMUND PAUL. Austin FRANK. ROGER C. III. Corpus Christi FRASER. TERESA ELLEN. El Paso FREDERICK. CECIL CHARLES JR.. Cleburne FREED, IRIS MICHELLE. Galveston FREEMAN. SUZANNE. Springtown FRERKING. ERNEST GREY. Weslaco FREUDIGER. JAMES F. JR., Longview FROEHNER. ROBERT NOLAN, Dimmitt FROELICH. FRANCES ANN, Houston FUENTES. ERNEST R., San Antonio HJERST. JACK NICHOLAS. Midland FULLER. ALEXIS JOSEPH, Houston FULTON. JAMES STEWART. Austin GAFFORD. SUZANNE. Sherman GALLIA, LEONARD CHARLES, Dallas GALLMAN. DOYLE FAIRCHILD JR., Dallas GALLOWAY. MARVIN WILLIAM, Houston GANDARA, DONNA GAIL. Tyler GAPINSKI. CAROL ANN. Fort Worth GARCIA. EMEDE OLIVARES. San Diego GARCIA. MARK ANDERSON. Houston GARCIA. RICHARD ARTHUR. San Antonio GARRETT. VIRGINIA CARLYN. Atlanta. Ga. GARZA. RICARDO RAUL, Harlingon GASKIN, PATRICE LEA. San Antonio GATCHELL. CATHERINE ANN, Oklahoma City, Okl 503 J. - GAY. IRA EDGAR JR.. Waahachie GEDDIE. GLENN MELVIN. Van GEE. ROBERT WAYNE. Houston GENZER. ALFONS JOSEPH. Schulenburg GEORGE. JENNIFER ANNE. Port Arthur GEORGE. LARRY DOUGLAS. Pearland GIDEON. RALE STERLING. Lockhart GILBERT. PATRICIA ANNE, Tomball GILBERT. ROGER W., Menard GILLESPIE. DONALD LEE. Austin GILLILAN. JUDY LEE. Houston GILLORY. DAVID OLIVER III. Longview GILMORE, JOHN LESLIE. McAllen GIRAUDIN. PATRISSA ANN. Corpus Christ; GIRDLEY. DEBORAH. Midland GIVENS. JAMES ROSS. San Antonio GLASSIE. FINIS LEON. Waco GLETZER. DEBORAH IDA. Dallas GOFORTH. GAY ANN. San Antonio GOGGIN. JOHN R. JR.. Roswell. N. M. GOHLKE, SANDRA DIANE. Yorktown GOLDBECK, JACOUELIN6 LOU. San Antonio GOLDSMITH, HARRY LOUIS. Memphis. Tenn. GONZABA. YOLANDA MARIE. San Antonio GONZALEZ. NORA. Laredo GONZALEZ. ROBERT. McAllen GOODE. DONNA JO. Killeen GOODMAN. WILLIAM DALE. Somerset GORDON. KAREN GAY, San Antonio GORE. CAROLYN ANN. Sinton GORNICK. TOM W., Dallas GOTTESMAN, SANFORD L., New Orleans, La. GOZALI, SUBEKTI, Singapore GRACE, ROBERT WILLIAM. Fort Worth GRAF. PAUL ALBERT, Houston GRAHAM, PETER FRANCIS III, Dallas GRAHS. JAMES DUKE. Amarillo GRANAGHAN, JOHN THOMAS JR.. New Orleans. La. GRANER. ANN ELIZABETH, Fort Worth GRAY. KAREN LEE, Dallas GREEN. ALBERTA JUNE. Van GREEN. DEBORAH LYNN. La Marque GREENBLUM. JEFFREY LEE. Laredo GREENLEE. STEWART DAVID. Weatherford GROCE, GAYLEN LEE. Fort Worth GROSSKOPF, BILL M., Austin GUENZEL BARBARA ANN. Rusk GUERRA. SONIA MARIA, McAllen Class of 1973 GUESS. MARSHA ANN. Rogers GUILD. ROBERT BOWMAN, Austin GUINN. GWENDOLYN FAYE. Cleveland GULEKE. EDWARD SEEWALD. Amorillo GULLATT. DOWE DAVID. Austin GUNN. CAROL. Mesquite GUTHRIE, BEVERLY DIANNE. Boytown GUTIERREZ, CONRADO. Ingleside GUTIERREZ. IRMA GUADALUPE. Laredo GUY. THOMAS RAY, Burleson GUZZARDO. CHRIS CLINTON. San Antonio HAAS. BRIAN GILBERT. San Antonio HAAS. MICHAEL DAN, Corpus Christ! HAEDGE. RONALD C.. Hempstead HAFERNICK. ELIZABETH ANN. Edna HAIRE. CHARLES ROBERT. Tyler HALL. BEVERLY KAYE. Irving HAMANN. LINDA KAY. Taylor HAMILTON, DALE JAMES. Austin HAMILTON, JEFFREY LANE. Dallas HAMILTON. KATHY S.. Grand Prairie HAMILTON. LOIS JANE. Houston HAMILTON. MICHAEL ROSS, Austin HAMILTON. NANCY JOY. Kenedy HAMILTON. TERRY LEE. Mineral Wells HAMILTON. THOMAS YERXA. Houston HAMMOND. PAULA LYNN. Tyler HAND. BARBARA LEE. Houston HAND, CAROL S., Weatherford HANNA. JUDY KAY. Houston HARBOUR. JACK GORDON. Austin HARDING. CYNTHIA ANNE, Temple HARGIS. JAMES RICHARD. Houston HARKEY, CHARLES RYAN. Dalles HARPER, MICHELE LOUISE. Dallas HARPER, ROBERT WILLIAM. Artesia, N. M. HARPOOL. ROBERT THOMAS III. Denton HARRIS. CHRISTINE RAE. San Antonio HARRIS. LYNNE WORTHAM. Austin HARRISON. BARBARA ELAINE. Austin HART. RICHARD EARL. Beytown HARVEY, RANDY D.. Athens HAYNES, DON THEODORE, Corpus Christi HEDGES. NINA MARGARET. Mission HEINTSCHEL. BARNEY MORRIS. Austin HELLAND, HANS RICHARD F.. San Antonio HELLER. CHARLES FRANKLIN. El Campo HEMBREE. JANE ELLEN, Arlington 504 HENDERSON. PATTYE. Uvolde HENDERSON. SALLY. Kingwille HENDY. JUDY MOLYNEAUX. Kennard HENGST, JOHN DAVID. Austin HENNEY. MICHAEL DENNIS. Houston HENRY. JANET SAIL, Austin HENSKE. TERRY ERVIN. Bellville HENSON. KIM ALLEN. Son Angelo HERNANDEZ. IDA. Corpus Christi HERNANDEZ. JOSE LUIS, Corpus Christi HERRERA. GLORIA RIVERA. Son Antonio HIBBETTS. DONALD LEE. Humble HICKS. ROBERT M.. Amarillo HICKSON. DONALD EARL. Big Spring HIGGINS. SUZANNE D.. Houston HIGHTOWER. SCOTTIE REX, Lometa HILL. DAVID RAYMOND. Victoria HILL. JOHN SUEL. Foirfield HILL. TOMMY JIM. Amarillo HILLEY. SANDRA JO, Temple HINDS. WILLIAM LEWIS. Temple HINOJOSA. ROSARIO G.. San Diego HINTE. GARY BARTON. League City HINTZE. DAVID JOHN. Springfield. III. HOFFMAN. LOUIS ALBERT JR., San Antonio HOLLAND. SHARON MARIE. Austin HOLLINGSWORTH, ANNE E., Colorado Springs. Col. HOLLINGSWORTH. CAROL ANN, Delhi, La. HOLLOWAY, LINDA CAROLE. Raymondville HOOD. LARRY STEVEN. Tyler HOOKS. ROBERT WALDEN. Tomboll HOOPER. THOMAS E.. Mesquite HOPPE, JEANNINE ROSE. Austin HORN. DENNIS ALLEN. Son Antonio HORNE. RONALD L.. Corpus Christi HOUGEN, STEPHEN THORSHEIM. Austin HOUSE. BRENDA BETH. Tyler HOWARD, CLAUDIA ANN, Longview HOYL. MARJORIE ELIZABETH. Hurst HRNCIR. CHARLOTTE JEAN. Austin HRUSKA, THOMAS JENNINGS. Bellville HUBBARD. NANCY RUTH. Houston HUEBINGER. FRANCES MARIE. Morion HUGHES. BONNIE LYNGE. Metairie. La. HUGHES. KNOX BROWN. Houston HUMPHREY. MARGARET ANNE. Baytown HUNT. LYNDA JOYCE. Houston HUNT. MARSHA LYNN. Houston Juniors HURN. BARBARA ANN. Waxahachie HUTSON. LARRY LEE. Tylr IIMURA. SHINICHI, Utsunomiya. Japan INGRAM. LESLEA. Roswell. N.M. IVY. LARRY RAYMOND. Fairfield JACKSON. CLAUDIA S.. Fort Worth JACKSON, KENNETH EDWARD JR.. Edinburg JACOBSON. DONALD PAUL. New Orleans. La. JACOBSON, STEVEN KARL. Garland JAHN, DENISE ANNE, Yoakum JAMES. KATHLEEN MONICA. Houston JAMES, STEPHEN TROY. San Antonio JAMESON. ROBERT E.. Dallas JANDA. MICHAEL F., Houston JANECKA. PHYLLIS MARIE. Weimar JANSEN. WILLIAM DANIAL. Dallas JASTER, TERESA ROSE, La Grange JAVUREK. JAMENE FRANCES. Austin JELEN. CHRISTIE. Beaumont JENKINS. KATHLEEN DIANE. San Antonio JESCHKE. PHYLLIS JAN, Miles JIMENEZ, ALMA EDNA. Son Antonio JOHNSON. BARBARA SUE. Mount Pleasant JOHNSON. BRUCE ALAN. Houston JOHNSTON. ELIZABETH ANNE. Vernon JOHNSTON. JUDITH JOAN. Austin JOHNSTON. JUDY LYNN. Houston JONES. BETTY. Marlin JONES, JACK KELLY. Paris JONES. JAMES KEITH. Dallas JONES. JESSE HOLMAN JR.. Houston JONES. JUDITH DAVIDSON. Kerrville JONES. MARGARET ANN, Houston JONES. MARTHA CATHERINE. Lubbocl JONES. RANDALL GWENYTH. Richardson JORDAN. SHARI DIANNE. Austin JURIK. THOMAS WAYNE. Beoumont JUSTICE. KAREN LYNNE. Tyler KAHN. KAREN RAE. Milwaukee. Wise. KAMENITSA. LAURA KATHERINE. Fort Worth KANKEL. DANIEL RAY. Brenhom KAPLAN. RICHARD MILES. Houston KARIN. MARSHALL JAY. San Antonio KARPEL. MARK DAVID. San Antonio KATT. DEIRDRE JEAN. Baytown KAUFFMANN, JANET, Fort Worth KEENEY, HUEY C. JR.. Houston KEGANS. JAMES RUSSELL. Richardson SOS KELLY, CHRISTINA J., Houston KELLY, ROBERT DALE, Rockwall KELMAN, MARSHA, San Antonio KENNEDY, THOMAS JAREL. Farmersville KENT, BONNIE JOYCE, Cincinnati. Ohio KERR. HARRIS EASTHAM. Midland KERSHNER. KAREN. Port Arthur KEY. ROGER ALAN. Lubbock KEY. SUSANNA, Marshall KIES, ROGER FLETCHER. San Antonio KINARD. DAN THOMAS. Tempi. KING. JENNIFER SUSAN. Houston KING, KAREN ANNE. Port Arthur KING. SUSAN ELEANOR. San Antonio KING. WILLIAM EDWARD. San Antonio KIRKLAND, BETTY KATHLEEN. Baytown KIRKLAND. MARGARET ELIZABETH. Fort Worth KIRKMAN. LEITHA LYNN. Texarkana KLAEHN, ROY HERMAN, Fredericksburg KLEEMAN, JUDITH ELLEN. Houston KLEIN. ALVIN W., Gonjales KLEIN. ANDREW FREDERICK. Houston KLESEL. DONNA GAYLE. Schulenburg KLETT, TAYLOR SAMUEL. Fredericksburg KLEVENHAGEN. CECILIA MARIE. San Antonio KNAPPENBERGER. KAREN LYNN. Dallas KOELLING. DEBORAH JEAN. Tyler KORNBLATT, BART AMES, Dallas KOTHMANN. KAREN. Son Antonio KOTT. GARY DUANE. Fredericksburg KOVAR. LARRY RAYMOND. Graham KRENEK. PATRICIA ANN. Victoria KRISTOF MARCIA KAY, San Antonio KROLL. CHARLOTTE, Austin KUEHN, PEGGY LYNNE, Houston KUSIN, GARY M, Te.arkana KUYKENDALL, THOMAS ROBERT, Fort Worth KWOK, WALTER YIU-KAY, Hong Kong KYLE. JOSEPH C. JR., Houston LA FOLLETTE. GLENA CRAIG, McKinney LAKEY. DAVID JOSEPH, Austin LAMBRECHT. CHERIE C.. Fort Worth LAMON ELLEN REGENE, San Antonio LANDERS. JERRY BURNEY, Longview LANDRETT, VICKI LU. Tulsa. Okla. LANGFORD, ELIZABETH ANN. Henderson LANGFORD. SUZANNE BEATRICE, Austin LANGLEY, RITA KAY. Big Spring Class of 1973 LANHAM. CAROL NANETTE. Houston LANIER. HOLLY SUSAN. Austin LANTRIP. STEPHEN ORIAN, Austin LAROQUE. STEVEN LANE. Brownwood LATTA, LAURA BARBARA. Ft. Huachuca. Arii. LAWHON. BARBARA JEAN. Floresville LAWRENCE. ELIZABETH GRACE. Kerrville LAWS, SHELLY ANN, Fort Worth LAZARUS, RONA SUSAN. Tyler LEACH. HARRY SWAN JR.. Teas City LEAL, RAFAELA LEOS, Austin LEE, SHERRITA DORIS. Houston LEGLER. JANET CLAIRE, Houston LEHMAN, LARRY NEAL. Kyle LEHR. RALPH EDWARD JR., San Antonio LENDRUM. JOHN JAMES. Midland LENTZ. EDWIN LAMAR. Houston LEONARD. DIANE ELIZABETH. Kerrville LEQUEUX, JULIE MONIOUE. Port Arthur LEVI. ALAN HAROLD. McGehee. Ark. LEVIN, DEBRA ANN, Dallas LEVIN. NEIDRA MICHELE. Texas City LEVINSON. KAY MARILYN. Austin LEVIT, DONALD NEAL. Houston LEVY. ANN MATHILDE. Houston LEW. KAREN JOYCE. San Antonio LEWIS. LUTHER JACKSON. Greenville LIECK. SAMUEL LOUIS. Sen Antonio LIESMAN. LINDA ANN. Boerne LINDER. PAMELA GAY. Austin LIPPINCOTT. DAVID GRANT, Wichita Falls LITTLEPAGE. THOMAS HENDRA JR., Dallas LITTRELL. LESLIE GAIL. Wichita Falls LLOYD. MAURINE LOUISE. Dallas LLOYD. THOMAS DONALD. Hallsville LOCKLEAR. MIKE L.. Belton LOCKWOOD. RANDOLPH, San Antonio LOGGIE, BRUCE PEGUES, Wichita Falls LONGBOTHAM. JAYLIE IONE. Monahans LONGORIA. FRANK MANUEL. Corpus Christi LONGORIA. JOSE NOE, Edinburg LOPEZ. LARRY ANTHONY, San Antonio LOPEZ. SYLVIA RODRIQUEZ. San Antonio LOUDERMILK. HUBERT LEE. Delias LOVE. MARY ALICE. Austin LOWRY. BELVA LEE. Austin LUTES. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN III. Dallas LYONS, MONICA LOUISE. Houston 506 MA. JAMES. Hong Kong MACE. MARILYN ANN. Houston MACKSON. RUBY LOUISE. Austin MAGLIOLO. THERESA MARIE. Dickinson MAILEY. JAMES FORD. Midland MAINES. JAMES WALTER. Rockdale MAJEWSKI. MARY ANNE. Bremond MAJOR. SUSAN RUTH. Houston MALAS. MAZEN SALAH. Amman. Jordan MALES. BETTY CAROL. Richmond MALLOY. JAMES MELVIN. Baytown MALMSTEAD. BREDNA LOUISE, New Braunfels MANECKE. DEBRA JOAN, Randolph AFB MANFREDO, MICHAEL JOSEPH. Fort Lauderdale. Fla. MANGHAM. GLENDA KAY. Orange MANLY. KAREN SUE. Arlington MANN. FRANCIS DIANE. Kerrvill MANN. SHERYL SUE. Austin MARCEAU. EVA MARIA. San Antonio MARDOCK. JEAN MARY. Dallas MARKS. GARY LEE. Diana MARSHALL. CLYDE CHRISTOPHER. Fort Worth MARSHALL. RANDY WAYNE. Lufkin MARTIN, ALICE ELIZABETH. Baytown MARTIN. BARBARA JEAN. Frankston MARTIN. MARTHA LUCY. San Antonio MARTINA. HERMAN JOHN. El Paso MARTINEZ. ALICE. San Antonio MARTINEZ. DEBRA ANN. San Diego MARTINEZ. ISABEL AIDE. Harlingon MARTINEZ. LUIS NOE. San Diego MATTHEWS. BRUCE AUSTIN, San Antonio MATTHIESSEN, SUSAN. San Antonio MAY. DEBORAH ANN. Dallas MAYER. MARK STEVEN. Mobile. Ala. MAYO. PAMELA DIANE. Fort Walton Beach, Fla. MAYS. RICHARD ROY. Houston McAFEE. HUGH ALLEN. Houston McAFEE. JACK TERRY. Austin McALISTER, ANGELENE CAROL. Oklahoma City. Okla. McCALLUM, HERMAN WAYNE. Rowlett McCALLY. DEBORAH CAROL. Austin McCARROLL. GREGORY DUNCAN. Pampa MCCARTNEY. JOHN SCOTT. San Antonio McCARTY. MARY JANE. Dallas McCLAIN. GRACIE DOLORES, Brownsville McCULLOUGH. LUJET CLEMENTS. Burnet McCULLOUGH. STEPHEN WESLEY. Orange Juniors McCULLY. GARY PIERCE, Fort Worth McCUMBER. GREGG SCHUYLER. Brownsville McDANIEL. HELEN, r-ampa MCDONALD. ROBERT R.. Austin MCDOWELL. ROBERT TODD. Houston McELRATH. ROBERT LEE, San Angelo McFARLAND. BILL THOMAS. Eclhart McFARLAND. STANLEY JEFFERSON III. Potomac, Md. McGEHEE. DAVID YOUNG. La Marque MclLVAIN. REBECCA JANE. Austin MclNNIS. ELIZABETH. Harlingon MclVER. THOMAS JOSEPH. Houston McKEE. LARRY MICHAEL. Fort Worth McKINNEY. JOAN. Rockdale McNAMARA, ADDIS TAYLOR. Waco McPHERSON LYNN. Alvin McREYNOLDS. BETTY. Longview McSPADDEN. SAMMY KAY, Ouanah MEADOWS. SUZANNE. Houston MEHAN. RUTH LOUISE. Dallas MEISMER. JOHN MAYNARD. Columbus MELTON. SUSAN IRENE. Richardson MENGELKOCH. MARY ANN. Arlington MERCER. BLAIR GRAY JR.. Dallas MERRITT. MARGARET ZANES. Dallas MERRITT. REED MONTGOMERY. Terrell MEURET. MARY JOLENE. Yorktown MEYER. LINDA MARIE. Alvin MEYER. MICHAEL DAVID. Corpus Christi MICHAEL. ERMINE. Hearne MIDDLETON. JEFFREY CLIFTON, San Antonio MILLER. BARKLEY THOMSON, San Antonio MILLER. DOUGLAS WALTER. Austin MILLER, MARIETTE. McKinney MILLER. THEODORE B. JR.. Houston MILLS. MARILYN DJENADI. Pleasanton MILSTEAD. THOMAS HEWES. Houston MITCHELL. DOUGLAS GILBERT. Springfield. Va. MITCHELL. MARCELLA. Austin MITCHELL. ROBERT TERRY. Del Rio MONROE. JAMIE LEE. Kilgore MONTGOMERY. JIMMY CHARLES. Hamilton MOODY. THOMAS EDWARD JR.. San Antonio MOORE. ALAN ARTHUR, Austin MOORE, CAROLYN JOYCE, Dallas MOORE. GEORGE PROCTOR Houston MOORE. JUDY KAY. San Antonio MOORE. MARTHA KATHLEEN. Dallas 507 MOORE. SHIRLEY IRENE, Houston MORGAN. BRETT PORTER. Dallas MORGAN, LAURA KATHLEEN. Austin MORGAN, MARY ANNE. Amarillo MORGAN, RODNEY BLAKE, Austin MORGAN. THOMAS SIDNEY, Kansas City, Mo. MORRIS. JANE EMELIA. New Boston MORRIS. LARRY EDWARD. Austin MORRIS. MICHAEL F.. Odessa MOSELEY. KENNETH SCOTT. Longview MOSES, DEBORAH LEE. Dallas MOULD. DOUGLA S EDWARD. Hutchinson. Kan. MOYERS. ALFRED JEFFERSON, Ferris MUCHA. DAVID, San Antonio MULKEY, OREN ANSLEM JR.. San Antonio MULLINS, JIM BOB, Lampasas MUNNEKE. MARLA KAY. Alice MUNSON. CATHY SUE. Austin MUNTZ. LINDA SUE. Tyler MUNZ. TIMOTHY RAY. Brentiam MURCHISON, CAREN JANE. Austin MURPHY. DEBRA JONES. Fort Worth MURPHY, GRADY FRED. Fort Worth MURPHY, MARY LYNN. Houston MURPHY. RANDALL ARCHIE. Tyler MURPHY. ROSS LEE, Tyler MUSTON. MICHAEL GLYNN. La Porte MYERS. CYNTHIA SUE. Amarillo MYRES. ROBERT FRED. Corpus Christi NAHKUNST. MICHAEL ANTHONY, Richardson NAMKEN, PATSY ANN. Bastrop NARENDORF. BERNI A.. San Antonio NAUGHTON. JUDITH ANN. Denton NEL8ERT, ROZANN, Shreveport. La. NELSON, JULIE ANN, Kerrville NELSON, LINDA KAY. Pasadena NESBITT. STEPHEN ALAN, Corpus Christi NEU, ELAINE V., Alpine NEWMAN. GARY LEE, Arlington NEWMAN, VALERIE ANN. Fort Worth NEWTON. KATHERINE. Beaumont NICKLAS. TERRI SUE. Tearlana NIPPER, LAURIE LYNNE. Dallas NIXON, JANIS LEE. Austin NORMAN. JACK, Dallas NORMAN. JAMES CLYDE. San Antonio NORMAN. JAMES H.. Kensington, Md. NORRIS. JOHN TAYLOR, Tyler Class of 1974 NORTON, EDWIN KIEST, Dallas NUS. MICHELE LOUISE, Houston O ' DONNELL. PATRICK H.. Austin OLScN. LINDA LOUISE. Seabrooli O MALLEY, SUZANNE MARIE, Richardson ORTIZ, SANDRA. Laredo OWEN. VIRGINIA RUTH, El Paso OWENS. KENNETH LEE. Teague OWINGS, JAMES MATT. Longview OZMUN. KATHERINE JEANNE. Midland PAGE. BARBARA RUTH. San Antonio PALMER, KATHLEEN L.. San Antonio PALMER. MICHAEL JOSEPH, Longview PALMORE. RICHARD MICHAEL. Austin PALOUSEK. CONSTANCE ANN. Dallas PANKRATZ, DONNA RAYE. Comfort PARK. CHRISTINE ELLEN, San Antonio PARKER. SUSAN ANN, Ballinger PARKER. WILLIAM MAXWELL, Comanche PARMA. STEPHEN JOHN. San Antonio PARRISH. NORMAN WILTON, Denton PASHER. TONI GAIL. Dallas PATTERSON. SUZANNE. Gilmer PAYNE. DAPHNE DIANE. Houston PAYNE. HARRY J.. Lawrenceville. III. PEGUES. CHRISTOPHER CHARLES. Crystal City PENCE, PHILLIP RAY, Tyler PENN, GARY RUDOLPH. Rusk PENNEBAKER. E. STRODE. Corpus Christi PEPPER. SUSAN JEAN. Denver. Col. PERKINS, DEBORAH RACHEL Paris PERRYMAN. CURTIS L. JR.. Tyler PETERSON. CYNTHIA K.. Burnsville, Minn. PETRASH JACKIE RAY, Fort Worth PETTIT. MIKEL HOUSTON. Falfurrias PFAFF. TONY EARL. Abilene PFEIL. DANIEL STEVEN, Sen Antonio PHANEUF. RICHARD GREGORY. Marion PHILLIPS, DEBORAH MARGARET. Baytown PHILLIPS. PAMELA. Lewisville PIAZZA. NANCY ANN. Houston PIERCE, LAWRENCE SCOTT, Dalles PIGOTT, JOHN DOWLING. Stephenville PINCHBACK. CAROLYN LOUISE. Baytown PINNELL, GARY RAY. San Antonio PINNELL. LANA SHARON Dallas PITTS, SUSAN DIANE. Piggott. Ark. PLEMONS. THOMAS D., Waco 508 POHLER, DONALD JAMES. Moulton POLLARD, MARTHA LUCILLE. Houston POLUNSKY. VALERIE JO. San Antonio PORTER. REBECCA ANN. T y lr PORTERFIELD. JOHN DAVID. Waco POSEY. PAMELA RUTH. Dallas POSS. JAMES MICHAEL. Dallas POSTMA. ANN LYNN. Amarillo POTTS. BARBARA ANN. San Antonio POUJOL. MELISSA ANN. Houston POWELL. DAVID LESLIE. Dallas POWELL. HAROLD JAMES. New Boston POWELL. WILLIAM RAYMOND. Vernon PRAGER, KAREN JEAN. Dallas PRASATIK. HAROLD KEITH. Rosenberg PRESSLEY, WILLIAM MICHAEL. Kirbyville PRESTON. JAN. Midland PRESTON. SUZANNE. Childress PRICE. LAWRENCE WILLIAM, Houston PRIDDY. BETTY HORNE. Dallas PRIDGEON. RHONDA MARIE. San Antonio PRIE8E. ROY RODMAN. Big Spring PRINGLE JAMES ALBERT. Irving PRITCHARD. BARBARA JEAN. Seabroot PROCK. CONNIE IRENE. Donton PROFT, ROBERT WAYNE, Port Arthur PULLAM, JOE CHARLES. Corpus Christi PUNG. DOUGLAS ANDREW. Conroe PYLE. CARLA JAN. Tyler OUILLEN. BARBARA CAMILLE. Austin RABEL. SELMA SUE. Weimar RABUN. ROBIN ANN. Dallas RADER, CHERYL LYNN. Austin RAMEY. LUCRETIA ANN. Baytown RAMON, REBECCA EMILIA. Rio Grande City RAPP. ELIZABETH ANNE. Estelline RAPPEPORT. JOE. Longview RASCOE. SUSAN JANE. Kingsville RATH. DEBRA KAY. Crosby RAY. JAMES DOUGLAS. Houston RAY. MARY PAMELA. Houston RAY. RANDALL GLEN. Fort Worth REAVES. VIVIAN GAYLE. Houston RECH. MARCIA EILEEN, Fredericksburg RECH. MICHAEL ANTHONY. Austin REED, CHERYL ANN. Tyler REED, CHRISTOPHER H.. Dallas REED, ELIZABETH ANN. Eagle Lake Juniors REED. THOMAS JOE. Lancaster REEVE. CHARLES GARY. Houston REEVES. ALAN WALTER. Austin REEVES. PHILIP LANSING. Austin REICHENBACH, PATRICIA ANN, Taylor REILLY. KATHERINE JEAN. San Antonio REINHARD. JOAN YVONNE. San Antonio REINSCH. JANET KATHERINE. San Antonio REUTER. LARRY MICHAEL. Houston REVELEY. LOUIS RAMON. Austin REYNOLDS. NANCY LEE. Austin REYNOLDS. TIMOTHY JAY. Sherman RICE. LINDA SUE. San Antonio RICHEY. KENNETH ALBERT. Beaumont RILEY. WILLIAM H. IV.. Austin RING. DIANNE. Houston RIOJAS. MARIA ELENA. Eagle Pass RITCHEY. LINDA KANA. La Grange RIVERS. GEORGE ANN. Bryan ROADES. JOHN LESLIE. Wharfon ROBERSON. VIRGINIA JOYCE. Rosenberg ROBERTS. KENNETH R.. Dallas ROBERTS. RICHARD JEFFREY. Midland ROBERTSON. CHARLES AUDREY. Corpus Christi ROBERTSON. THERESA SHARON. Vernon ROBILLARD. DONALD FRANCIS JR.. Berwyn. Pa. ROBINSON. LAURA LYNN. Temple ROBLEZ. YOLANDA L.. Dallas ROD. ANTHONY WAYNE. El Campo RODEN. CATHY LU. Houston RODRIGUEZ. ALEXANDER H. JR.. San Antonio RODRIGUEZ. CESAR SIMON. Caracas. Veneiuela RODRIGUEZ. RICHARDO. Brownsville RODRIGUEZ. RICHARD RENE. Weslaco ROGERS. BRUCE WILSON. Dickinson ROGERS MARY FRIEDRICH. San Antonio ROOT. ADITA LYNN. Terrell ROSALES. ROBERT RUDOLPH. San Marcos ROSEN. DAVID BENNETT. Dallas ROSENTHAL. ALAN RAY. Dallas ROSENTHAL. GWENN ELLEN. Beaumont ROTTNER. PATRICIA LYNN. Waco ROYAL. RONALD DOUGLAS. Wichita Falls RUBENKOENIG. RALPH DAVID. Fort Worth RUDEL BONNIE ARLENE. Dallas RUMMELL. VICKI LYNN, Dnton RUSH. PAMELA ANN. Denton RUSSELL. HELEN LEIGH. Belton 509 RUSSELL. JOHN EMERSON. Beaumont RUSSELL. TERRY BRENT. Austin RUTTY, JUDY LAVERNE. Port Arthur RYAN, JAMES MICHAEL II. San Antonio RYAN. MICHAEL ANDREW. Houston RYBISKI. MIKIE MARION, Dallas RYLANDER. GARY RAY, Austin SALAZAR, R. A., San Antonio SALE, ELIZABETH L, Vicksburg, Miss. SANCHEZ, ELIAS. Corpus Christi SANDBERG. NANCY JANELLE. Austin SANDERS. ALICE MAY. Harlingen SANFORD. JANET LEA, Brownsville SAUER. EDWARD HUGH. Houston SAUNDERS. CAROL. Houston SCHEAR. NANCY ANNE, Mobile. Ala. SCHMIDT. MARILYN SUE. Corpus Christi SCHMIDT. RICHARD EDWARD. Marble Falls SCHNITZER. DANA LOUIS. San Antonio SCHOENVOGEL, ANN ELISE. Houston SCHOLLENBERGER. JAN. Richardson SCHOPPE, BYRON DOUGLAS, Houston SCHULZE. ERIC WILLIAM, Dallas SCHUMAN, JEANETTE, Lockhart SCHUMANN. PAUL. Dallas SCHUTZA. JERRY LESLIE, Fort Worth SCHWARTZ. ARMOND G. JR.. Hallettsville SCHWARTZ. FAYE LYNN, Fort Worth SCOTT, SUSAN LOUISE, Weatherford SCOTT. WILLIAM BUERK. Dallas SEALE. LANA JEAN. Comfort SEALS. LAURA SHIRLEY. Dallas SEBESTA, CHARLEEN SHIRLEY. Bellville SEIDEL. HELEN FRANCES, San Antonio SERNA. OLIVIA LIBBY, Crystal City SEWALL. NANCY JANE. Palestine SEYBOLD. MARY COCHRANE. Houston SHAW, RICHARD EARL JR.. Austin SHELAN. EVAN BARRY. Roscoe SHEPPARD. MARGARET, Port Arthur SHEPPARD, SUSAN NELL. Teague SHIELDS. TERRY SUE. Fort Worth SHIMEK. JOHN CARL. Argyle SHIRK. CRAIG KENT. Austin SHIRLEY, WALTER WAYNE, Denison SHOLTESS, DEBRA ANN, Conroe SHUFORD, WILLIAM CARROLL JR., Dallas SIDOTI, SHIRLEY JEANNE, Bonham Class of 1974 SIKES. RONALD LEWIS, Sweeney SIMMONS, CARROLL LEE, Richardson SIMMONS, SUSAN DIANE, Dallas SIMPSON, CYNTHIA LEE. Bonham SIMS. ALVIS JEROME. Groesbock SKAGGS. JANET. Freeport SLATOR. DEBORAH LOUISA. Austin SMITH. BETTE MARLEEN. Lampasas SMITH. CAROLYN GAIL. Houston SMITH. CHARLES DANIEL. Houston SMITH. DENNIS KYLE. Tyl.r SMITH. ELLEN GARY. Waco SMITH. EMMITT SHELTON. Andrews SMITH. JAMES WESTON. Chatham. N. J. SMITH, JANET LYNN. Winnsboro SMITH. JOY EILEEN. Port Isabel SMITH. LINDA ANN. Dallas SMITH. MARION ALLEN. Livingston SMITH. MARVIN BRYANT. Wichita Foils SMITH, RHONDA SUE. Duncanville SMITH. VIRGINIA SUE. Borger SNELL. KYLE SUZANNE. Houston SNOWDY, ELIZABETH C.. Port Lavaca SO. PETER CHAN, Hong Kong SOIKOWSKI, KAREN (=., San Antonio SON, JAMES RANDOLPH. Plainview SONNENBERGER. ROBERT S., Austin SONNTAG. NANCY LEE. Dallas SOUSARES, LYNN SCOTT. Austin SPEARS. CAROLYN B.. San Antonio SPECK. SALLY LUCY. Smyrna. Go. SPEIGHT. HARRIETT C.. Texarkona SPENCE, SCOTT MARCUS. Conroe SPENCER. CONSTANCE LEE. San Antonio SPENCER. JOHN RICHARD. Gilmer SPRING. CAROL V.. Austin SPRING. CHARNITA. Lufkin SPRINGER. MARJORIE SUE. West Columbia SPROTT. RONALD DAVID. Kerrvill. STAGNER. MICHAEL E.. Levelland STANDLEY. BARRY HOWARD. McKinney STANSBURY. SUZANNE, Houston STARK. MARY JO, Son Antonio STEFKA, MARILYN LOUISE, Angleton STEHLING, PATRICK RALPH, Fredericksburg STEIN, PAUL LAWRENCE. Austin STEINHEBEL. TERRANCE LEROY. San Antonio STEPHENSON, REBECCA JAN, Longview 510 STEWART. ENDS ROGER JR.. Sugar Land STEWART. MICHAEL JOHN. Prairie Village. Kans. STOCKTON. DAVID LAWRENCE, Fort Worth STOCKTON. GARY LYNN. Victoria STOEVER, WALTER EDWARD. La Grange STOHL. KRIS TIN. Dallas STOKES. ALEXIS NAN. Aleandria. Va. STONE. MINDY JOYCE. Tyler ST. ONGE, SALLY BETH. Corpus Christi STORY, JERYL WAYNE. Buffalo STOVALL. EDWARD ROGERS. Crosby STRAWBRIDGE. KAREN MARIE. Victoria STRICKLAND. RAYMOND L.. San Antonio STRICKLER. JACQUELYN FAYE. Baytown STRONG. ROBERT CHATMAN JR.. Joaquin STUDEBAKER. LINDA SUSAN, Ravmondville SUTTON. JOHN EWING. Austin SWAIN. RACHEL ANN. San Antonio SWAN. JAMES ALAN. Surleson SWEET, GARY LEWIS. Miami. Fla. SWINDALL. KERMIT LEE. Gatesville SYNATSCHK. MARTIN EARNEST. Midland SZABUNIEWICZ. CHARLES HENRY. Bryan TABOR, CHRISTOPHER C.. Fort Worth TACOUARD, PHYLLIS E.. Galveston TALIAFERRO. TED CASS, Mount Pleasant TALLEY. SUSAN GRIER. Houston TALLEY, SUSAN JANE. San Antonio TAMBURELLO. NANCY MELINDA. Houston TANKERSLEY, LIZABETH. Terrell TARLTON, JOHN YERBY. Austin TAUSEND PATRICIA ANN, Pasadena TAWIL. SALEEM. Portland TAYLOR, LARRY DALE, Big Spring TAYLOR, MICHAUX CAGE. Baton Rouge. La. TAYLOR. REBECCA JEAN. Longview TAYLOR. TERRI ANN. San Antonio TERRELL. WILLIAM LEE, Greenville TERRY. DAVID RANKIN. Loraine THIELEMANN. FLORA DEAN. Industry THOMAS. ELLWOOD LYNARD. Houston THOMAS, FRANCES CLAIRE, Austin THOMAS. JOHN CARROLL. Houston THOMAS. RONALD GEORGE. Dickinson THOMAS. SUSAN BELL. Dallas THOMASON, NANCY MARIE. Jacksonville THOMPSON. BRUCE L.. Fort Worth THOMPSON. KATHERINE REYNOLDS. Kerrville Juniors THOMPSON. MICHAEL R.. San Antonio THOMPSON, ROGER DALE. Grand Saline THORNTON. JAMIE, Olney THORNTON. THURMAN DOUGLAS. Fort Worth TIB8ETTS. MICHAEL EDEN. Groves TIBBITTS. MARIAN NANETTE. San Antonio TILLY. JOHN ROLAND. Andrews TIMKO. MERRIANNE JILL. Houston TIMMONS. ELIZABETH ANN, Fort Worth TIPS. JEANENE M.. Dallas TISH. DONNA LYNN. Houston TJERNAGEL. CATHY SUE. Amarillo TOLL. LINDA FAY. Austin TOMBERLIN. ROBERT GUY III. Amarillo TOOKE. CHARLES THOMAS. Texarkana TOWSLEY, DANIEL KENT, Azle TRACY. LYNN. Houston TRAPP, BARBARA JANE. Dallas TRLICA. JACK SCOTT. Pleasanton TRODLIER. MARSHA SUE HOPE. Sinton TROIANO. KATHERINE ANN. Austin TROY. STEVEN BRUCE, Midland TSCHOEPE, MICHAEL DAVID. Austin TSEVAT. DANIEL. Cincinnati. Ohio TUCKER. CYNTHIA. Grand Prairie TUCKER. JOHN PYNE. Pasadena TUNE, BILLY CARL Andrews TURNER. BETTY SUE. Corpus Christi TURNER. NEOMIA. Amarillo TURNER. ROSALIND JOYCE. Grand Prairie TYROCH. JERRY DANIEL JR.. Temple ULRICH. JOHN MASIL. Troy. Mich. URBANOVSKY. MARY LOU. Aquilla USELTON. SAMUEL PARKER. Lubbock USSERY, EDITH MYRAM. Austin UTTENWEILER. CHRISTINE ESTELLE. Houston VALADEZ. CARLOS LAURO. Channahon. III. VALIGURA. KATHLEEN CHRISTINE. Angleton VANCE. BETTY ANN, Edna VANDE HEY, DALE MICHAEL. Austin VAN DE WIELE. JOHN A., Walnut Grove. Mini VAN DE WIELE. LORNA HACKE. Houston VAN NESS. JOHN A.. San Antonio VAN WINKLE. JO BETH, Wilmer VAN ZANT, JOHN EDWIN. San Antonio VERRETT, RONALD GREGG, Baton Rouge. La. VERTREES. ALAN DAVID. Austin VICKREY, RICHARD ALLAN. Pensacola. Fla. 511 VORNSAND. KURT THEVFR, Schulenburg VOWELL. CATHY LYNN. San Antonio WAODELL. MARSHA HELEN. Fort Worth WADE. KAREN LYNN. Dallas WADE. MARTHA JANE. Austin WADE. RONALD ELLIS. Gilmer WALDHAUSER. MELANIE MARGARET, Houston WALDMAN, STEPHEN ALAN, Dallas WALES. DEBORA JEANNE. Palo Alto, Calif. WALKER, CHARLES RAYMOND, Tyler WALKER, JACK REW, Shreveport, La. WALKER, MATTHEW MAYNARD. Tyler WALLACE. BYRON KENT, Fort Worth WALLACE. MARK BRYAN, Fort Smith, Art. WALSH. RICHARD LEE. Forf Worth WALTER, JAMES HARRISON. Dallas WALTERS. CAROL LYNN. Longview WALTERS. JANIS LYNN. Waco WARD. STANLEY RUSSELL. Houston WARE, CYNTHIA, Bella, WARREN, RONNIE LYNN, Austin WASHINGTON. CAROLYN ELIZABETH. Houston WATERS, LELAND WYATT, Pampa WATLER. MARK COLLINS. Beaumont WATSON. GARY LYNN, Hillsboro WATSON. JUDY MARSHA. Amarillo WATSON. LOIS M.. Houston WATSON. PHILLIP ALAN, Shreveport. La. WEAVER, JANICE SYBLE. Corpus Christ! WEBB. PAMELA SUE, Pasadena WEDDELL. WILLIAM ALAN. Lale Jackson WEIDNER. CHESTER PAUL JR., Houston WEINER. DEBRA RAE, Houston WELCH. MELINDA JOAN. Houston WELDON. ROBERT DAVID. Irving WELGE. JACK HERMAN JR., Austin WELHOELTER, MOLLIE SUE. Houston WELLS. THOMAS MANN. Richardson WENDE. DIANE ELAINE. Houston WENDLANDT, HELEN KAY. Austin WERKENTHIN. MARIE LOUISE. Austin WERST, JOHN JAMES, Big Lake WESTMORELAND, BRADLEY. Houston WESTON. MELISSA NOEL. Houston WETUSKI. VIRGINIA C.. Austin WHARTON. LESLIE ANN, Beaumont WHEELER, RICHARD DOYLE. Austin WHITAKER, RICHARD B., Carthage Class of 1974 WHITE. DOUGLAS ALAN, Morgantown, W. Va. WHITE. EDWIN HARDY JR.. Rocksprings WHITE. GARY WRENN. Rockoale WHITE. MARILYN. Corpus Christi WHITSON. KENNETH WESLEY, Dallas WHITWORTH. JOSEPH T. III. Houston WIDMEYER. GEORGE ROBERT III, Cincinnati. Ohic WIGGINTON, LARRY JOE. San Antonio WILOASIN. MARY PENELOPE. Harlingen WILEMON. TERRI LYNNE, Dallas WILKINSON, LINDA ANNE, San Antonio WILLIAMS. BILLIE JO ANN. Houston WILLIAMS. GEORGE TERRY. San Antonio WILLIAMS. GLENN HIGBEE. Austin WILLIAMS. JACK SPENCER. Gilmer WILLIAMS, JOYCE CAROL. San Antonio WILLIAMS. LINDA MAY, Richardson WILLIAMS. LOIS JANE. Dallas WILLIAMS. MARK THOMAS. La Porte WILLIAMS. THOMAS JOSEPH. Fort Worth WILLIAMSON. KAREN ELIZABETH. San Antonio WILLIS. ALLAN GRANT. Caldwell WILLMON. KENNETH DALE. Levelland WILSON. CATHY GALE. Marshall WILSON. GWENDOLYN FAYE. Texas City WILSON. IDELLA D.. Guaynabo. Puerto Rico WILSON. JAMES OWEN. Austin WILSON. ROGER NEAL. Auitin WINFREY. CINDY LOU. Wichita Falls WISE. ROBERT ALLEN. Houston WITCHER. DIANE SUE. Amarillo WOLF. BARRY HOWARD. Longview WOLFE. ROLAND TAMPLIN. Houston WOLFMUELLER. JEAN MARTHA. Kerrville WOLFMUELLER. JOAN GRACE. Kerrville WOLTMAN. GLENN RAY. Marlin WOO. ME6 H.. San Antonio WOO. WINSTON. San Antonio WOOD. CEDRIC SCOTT. Weslaco WOOD. GLENA EARLENE. Ardmore. Okla. WOODS. SHARON MARIE. Houston WOODWARD. BETSY. Houston WOOLARD. DEIRDRE JEAN, Garland WOYTEK. BARBARA JEAN, Deer Park WRIGHT. BETTY JANE. Dallas WRIGHT, STEPHEN BLOUNT. Dallas WYLIE. CYNTHIA LEE. Dallas WYNNE. MARTHA VIRGINIA. Dallas 512 WYNNE. WRENO SMITH. Dallas YARBROUGH, CHRISTY JANE. Houston YAR " ROUGH. RICHARD ALVIN. Waco YOCK. BRADFORD EDWIN. Amarillo YOUNG. MICHAEL STEVEN. Hamlin YOUNG. NANCY LASETTA. Humble YOUNGBLOOO. CATHEY JANE. Sherman YUSPEH. LARRY MARVIN. New Orleans. La. ZABEL. MARK PATRICK. Woodsboro ZEDLER. LYNN MARIE. Austin ZEIGLER. RANDALL BOYD. Dallas ZIMMERMANN. GEORGE ANTHONY. Dallas ZIMMERMAN. SUSAN LYNN. San Antonio ZINNANTE. MARIAN ANGELA, Houston ZIZELMANN. CAROLYN NELL. Houston ZOLLER. JANET FRANCES, Groves ZORN. MARTHA ANN, Kilgore ZWIEBEL, KLAYLEA KAY. Houston Juniors 513 ABEL. SUSAN ELAINE. Buckholts ACKER, HELEN ANN. Freer ADAMS. BOBBIE JEAN, Houston ADAMS, DAN PHILLIPS, Houston ADAMS, DIANA RASAN. Slen Rose ADAMS. JAMES E. C., Bonhem ADAMS. JANIS RUTH. Houston ADAMS. SAMMY JACK JR.. Richardson ADAMS. WILLIAM WESLEY. Conroe ADDICKS. LINDA SAY, Bellaire AOIN, RICHARD LOUIS, Dallas ADKINS, JOHN AUGUST. Houston AIKEN. JOE MICHAEL. Wichita Falls AIRHART. DIXON ANN. Anna ALRED, VAL ANTHONY. Houston ALEXANDER, NEIL KENTON JR.. Fort Worth ALEXANDER. SHANE CONRAD. San Angelo ALLEMAN. CATHERINE ELAINE. Orange ALLEY. SANDRA DAWN, Houston ALPERT. EMILY J.. Houston ALTHAUS. VOY ERNEST JR., Houston ALVARADO. DIANA DELIA, Laredo AMENT, JOHN CHARLES, Gatesville ANDERS. VICKIE JEANNINE. Beaumont ANDERSON. ANNETTE ALLENE. Poteet ANDERSON. GLENNELLE, Pasadena ANDERSON, LARRY OSCAR, Austin ANDERSON. PAULETTE SUE, Cleburne ANDREWS, LAURA LEE. San Antonio ANGELL. REBECCA GAIL. Cameron APOSTOLIS, MARIA CHRISTINE. Houston ARATOON. BRODRICK C.. Houston ARNOLD. AUGUSTUS WILLIAM III. Houston ARNONE. KIMBERLEE MARIE. Houston ATWOOD CLIFFORD M.. Pearland AUTEN. SUSAN PATRICIA. La Feria AVERILL. JOSEPH MILTON JR.. Dallas BAHAR. MORY MORTEZA. Meshed. Iran BAILEY. BECKY. Baytown BAILEY. JAMES HOWARD JR.. Grand Prairie BAILEY. NANCY YVONNE. Austin BAINTER. GRACE. Houston BAKER, ALLAN COOPER, Woxahachie BAKER. DAVID BRUCE. Garland BAKER, DENNIS MARVIN, Houston BAKER, HERBERT H.. League City BAKER, REX GAVIN III. Houston BALDWIN. BRENT WINFIELD. Houston Class of 1974 BALDWIN. SUZANNE. Seabrool BALL, JAMES ANDREW JR., Dallas BAMFORD, SCOTT VINCENT, San Antonio BANKHEAD, KEVIN WEBSTER. Carthage BARBEE. CHRISTOPHER FREDERICK. El Campo BARBEE. JAMES PHILIP, San Antonio BARNES. TERRI LYNNE. La Marque BARNHART, PAUL FRED, Houston BARR, DAVID NEWELL. Texas City BARRET, BETTY JANNETTE. Comanche BATES, GREGORY WAYNE. Fort Worth BATES, JAN CAROL. Atlanta BATEY. LARISA LEE. Dallas BECK. ANDREW TILLMANN. Houston BECK. ZANE. Ballinger BEELER. MELISSA JANE. La Marque BEESON. MARY JO. Houston BELEW. JAMES SEYMOUR. McGregor BELL CHARLES ANDREW. Greenville BELL. TERYL ANN. Houston BENNETT. REX WILLIAM JR.. Seabrool BENSON. ANN BLYTHE, Austin BERGER. CATHARINE H., Weimar BERGMAN. KATHY SUE. Wichita. Kans. 6ERNDT. DONNA RUTH, Caldwell BERNSTEIN, HOWARD L. Fort Worth BERNSTIEN. BRUCE EDWARD, Omaha, Neb. BERNTSEN. ELLEN ANN. Longview BERRY. CYNTHIA ANNE, Richardson BERRY, JOHN LABON III. Dallas BEYE ' R. BONNIE JEAN, Houston BIBBS. MARY LYNN. Dallas BIBO. JAMES STUART. Houston BIEL, WILLIAM TRICKEY JR.. Corpus Christ! BIGBY. BRYNA JANE. Fort Worth BIGGS. KAREN ANN. Midland BILLIOT. STEPHEN FRANK. Refugio BILLMEIER. SALLY ANN. San Antonio BILLMEIER. SUSAN LOUISE. Sen Antonio BIVINS. SUSAN ADAIR, Terrell BLACK, BETSY JANE, Houston BLACK, DEBORAH ELAINE, Teague BLAHA, PATRICIA P.. Fairfax. Va. BLANKENSHIP. HELEN TIPPS. Houston BLEVINS, LYNDA LOIS. Duncanville BLOOMER. CAROL LEIGH. Abilene BLURTON, MELISSA JAN. Sherman BOGART, HENRY DOUGLAS. Houston 514 BOLAND, LUCILE CATHERINE. Houston BOLES. BRIAN DAVID. Houston BOND. TEDDY JOE JR.. Houston BONZAGNI. NANCY MARIE. Houston BOONE. TERRY LEE. Son Antonio BORDEN, ALLEN GAIL. Corpus Christ! BOUCHARD. TERI LYN. Austin BOWEN. CHARLES WILLIAM JR.. San Antonio BOYNTON. NANCY JANE. Denton BSADSHAW, CLAIRE. McAllen BRANCH. JAMES FUHR, San Antonio BRAND. CAT HY EILEEN. Midland BRANDS. MICHAEL BERNARD. Amarillo BRANNEN. MICHAEL SEAN. Houston BRANTLEY, ROBERT NICHOLAS JR.. Houston BRANTLEY, SHERYL LYNN. Houston BREADY, LOIS LESTER. Orange BREEDEN. BARBARA DIANE. Austin BREELAND. JOE MACK. Richardson BREEZE, WILLIAM HUGHES JR.. Hillsborouqh. N. C. BRENNAN. JOHN CHARLES. Dallas BRENNER. JANET LEE. Houston BREWER. OLIVIA CAMILLE, Houston BREWSTER. ERNEST MICHAEL, Dallas 8RIMELOW. ALICE. Dallas BROCK. RANDY LEE, Houston BROOKS, NANCY LOUISE. Dallas BROWDER, LINDA CAROL. Fort Worth BROWN. ALMA SUSAN, San Antonio BROWN, GARY DONALD. Austin BROWN. GENE ANN, Houston BROWN, PATRICIA ANN. Waco BRUYERE, RAYMOND M.. Dallas BRYANS. CAROL ANN. Paris BUCHANAN. KATHI SUSAN, Deer Perl BUCHANAN. SHIRLEY JEAN. San Antonio BUCHANAN. WILLIAM BYRON. Longview BUCKLEY. CAROLYN LORAINE. Lake Jackson BURGESS. PATRICIA OLIVIA. Houston BURKE. ELIZABETH CAROL, Eagle Lake BURKE. JOHN HARRIS, Houston BURKE. ROBERT CHALMERS JR.. Midland BURKHALTER. BONNIE KAY. Corpus Christi BURTON. NANCY LEE. Fort Worth BUSBY, STEPHEN GRAIN, Houston BUSSEY. JO LEE. Houston BUTLER. JOHN DALE. Teas City BUTLER. ROBERT MARTIN, Austin Sophomores BYBEE. MARY ELIZABETH. Houston BYRNES. ROBERTA KAY, Cleburne CABALLERO. MICHAEL ANDRES. Campbellton CADE. KAREN LEE. Dallas CAESAR. DEBRA ANNE. Temple CAIN. LANA SUE. Taylor CAIN. MARCIA ANN. Dallas CALAPA. PAUL JOSEPH, Brownsville CALDWELL. CHRISTOPHER GATES. Memphis. Tenn. CALHOON, THOMAS FRANKLIN IV. Liberty CALLAGHAN. PATRICIA ANNE. San Antonio CAMPBELL. JOHN ERIC. Houston CAMPBELL. SCOTT ALDEN. Euless CARAMEROS. CATHY. Houston CARLSON. DAVID WAYNE. Taylor CARPENTER. MICHAEL GERARD. Austin CARRIKER, DIANE. Roby CARROLL, SARAH ANNE, Lake Jackson CARTER. SHERYLL FAYE. Houston CASSERLY, PATRICIA ANN, South Pasadena. Calif. CASWELL. JANICE GAYLE. Cypress CHALKER. WILTON FOSTER. Houston CHAMBERS. CHRISTOPHER LANE. San Antonio CHAMBERS. EDWARD VINCENT. Houston CHAMBERS. MARY MADELINE. La Marque CHAPMAN. CATHY GAIL. Austin CHAPMAN. RAYBURN KEITH. Carthage CHAPMAN. WANDA KAREN. Seabrool CHARNEY. FINLY ALLAN. Houston CHATHAM. JEANNE DIANE. Baytown CHEEK. LARRY DAVID. Richardson CHILDERS. GAE LYNN. Houston CHILDERS. PAMELA KAY, Kyle CHILDS. BETSY. Fort Worth CHIN. JOHN LESTER. San Antonio CHI5HOLM. JANICE KAY, Pampa CLAPP. ALTA CAROL. Newgulf CLARK. JOHN WELLES. Abilene CLARK. NANETTE. Grand Prairie CLICK. CYNTHIA. Dallas CLIFTON. DEBRA S.. Fort Worth CLIFTON. HULEN EDWARD III. Corpus Chriiti CLINTON. J. COLLEEN, Dallas COALE. CLAIRE LOU. Bridgeport COFFELT. PATRICIA LYNN. Houston COLDWELL, MARY CARLA. Dallas COLE. RICHARD LLOYD. Denton COLLINS. ROBERT L.. Houston SIS COLLINSWORTH. CARL SCOTT. Sherman CONDIT RICHARD HALE. Dickinson CONLEY. HELEN ROSE. Fort Worth CONNALLY. MARK MADISON. Houston CONRADT. PATRICIA ANN, Terrell CONTRERAS. HELI F.. Maracaibo. Veneiuela COOK. JULIE. Baytown COOKE. EDWIN T.. San Antonio COOPER. RICKIE CHARLENE. Austin CORDE. KELLEY ANNE. Dallas CORDELL. CHARLES GARRISON. Northbrook. COUSINEAU. JIMMIE D., Brownfield COUSSOU. HARRY EARL. Beaumont COVAN. HEDY SU2ETTE. Houston COVENTRY. ANNA MARIE. Austin COVENTRY. NANCY ANN. Austin COWART. JAMES DONALD. Houston COWDEN. CANDICE BETH. Midland COWSER. KATIE BOB, Houston COX. MARILYN RAE. Dallas CRADDOCK. ANNE CECILS, Houston GRAIN, DAVID FISCHER. Houston CRAWFORD. LINDA GAIL. Houston CRAWFORD. LONNIE EDMOND. Austin CRAWFORD. REBECCA JOAN. Bryan CRAWFORD ROBERT FIELDS. Houston CRIM. CAROL JEAN. San Antonio CRIST. MARILYN CONSTANCE. Baytown CROCKETT, DAVID DANIEL. Dallas CROMEENS. GEORGE M.. Pasadena CROOK. ROBERT BARRY, Dallas CROW. JAMES BRICE. Rockdale CRUCE. CATHY. Houston CUBA. JOHNETTE LYNN, Taylor CUCCIA. NICK ANTHONY. Houston CULLEY. TERRY ANN. Grand Prairie CUNDIFF, KEVIN SHANNON. Houston CURLIN. CINDY LOU. Wichita Falls CURREY. DAVID NELSON, Lafayette, La. CURTIS. SALLY GRACE. Rockdale CURVAN. LEONARD JAMES. Dallas CUTAIA. AUGUSTINA ROSE. Houston DAILY, ELIZABETH JANE, Houston DAMUTH, KEITH STEWART, Houston DANIEL. DEBORAH JANE. Gladewater DANIEL. PATTI LYNN. San Antonio DANIELS. MARK EDWARD. Houston DAVIE. WILLIAM RICHARDSON. Fort Worth Class of 1974 DAVIS. BILLY BRYAN. Fort Worth DAVIS. CHERYL MARLENE. Houston DAVIS, LOIS ELAINE. Austin DAVIS, ROBERT EARLE. Yoakum DAWSEY. JANICE ELAINE. Houston DAWSON. MARY LOUISE. Midland DAWSON, RUSSELL BARBER. Houston DEBNER. JOHN MICHAEL. San Antonio DEBORD. KATHRYN. Houston DEFAZIO. PATRICIA ELAINE. Dallas DEGARZA, YVONNE, San Antonio DEL PAPA, JENNY, Beaumont DEMAREST. CAROL SUE. Fort Worth DENBO. MELISSA PALKES. Decatur. Ala. DERDAK, STEPHEN. Elmont. N. Y. DERR. WARNER GORDON. Arlington DESTEFANO. DEBORAH KAY, Hearne DICKENSON, SUSAN LYNNE, Richardson DIEBEL, BETTY SUE, Beeville DIIORIO. PATRICK WILLIAM. Katy DILLON. KAREN SUE. Temple DILLY, SANDRA KAY. Austin DITTMAR. JAN M.. Houston DITTO. W. PAUL JR.. Dallas DODD. DANA LESLIE. Dallas DONNELL. WILLIAM ROBERT. Midland OONZIS. BETH MELANIE. San Antonio DORMAN. NANCY LYNN. Fort Worth DOTY. CAROL ANNE. Houston DOUGLAS. BRIDGET DIANNE. San Anton DOUTEL, GREGORY JOHN. Harlingen DOVER. JANET SUE. Beaumont DOWNING. LYNDA FAYE. League City DOWNING PATRICIA ANN. Dallas DRAKE. JOHN GARVIN. Fabens DREYER. GARY EDWARD, Shiner DUENSING. DEBRA DIANE Austin DUGGER. GARY DON. Brownfield DUKE. JANE MAREE. Austin DUNCAN. VANCE CAMERON, Eagle Lake DUPUIS. ABEL JOSEPH. Houston DUVALL. MARY ELIZABETH, Baytown DWYER STEPHEN CLAY. Seguin EADS, LEA CAROL. Houston EASON, MARION ELIZABETH. Houston EATON. MISSEY MARIE. Houston EBERSTEIN. ISAAC WARREN. Ennis EDGAR. ELIZABETH ANN. Austin 516 EDGE. BARBARA ANN. Tyler EGGER. CLAUDE BILLY. Mesquit. ELKINS. JONNA KAY. Graham ELLIOTT, TIMOTHY HUGH. Boytown ELLIS. PAUL ROSCOE. Dallas ELSNER. PHILLIP ALAN. Odessa ELSTNER. MARY JOY. Hallettsville ERVIN. JUDI EVELYN, La Marque ERWIN. DOUGLAS ALLEN. Groves ESTRADA. VICKI MARIE. Houston EVANS. JACK BLAIR. Nederland EVANS. KAREN COLETTE. Pasadena EYRES. MELODY. Dallas FAIRES. RAYMOND ALAN. Beaumont FARABEE, KAREN LOUISE. Dallas FARNSWORTH. CHANDA LYNN. Houston FAULKNER. MICHELE. Beeville FELD. EDGAR MYERS. Fort Worth FELLER, SUSAN ANN. Fredericksburg FERGUSON. KAREN ADAIR. Uvalde FERRELL, JOHN DAVID. Lonqview FERRIS. LINDA JEAN. Houston FETZER. BRENDA KAY. San Antonio FICKMAN. BRUCE ALAN. Midland FIELDER. ARTIE ANN. San Antonio FILIDEI, MARCIA-KAY. La Marque FINK, BETSY LEE. Dallas FINKELSTEIN. JACK JR.. Houston FISCHER. BRENDA SUSAN. Corpus Christi FISCHINGER. BONNIE GAE. San Antonio FISHER. KENNETH DOLSON. Dallas FISHER, LINDA MAUREEN, San Antonio FLEMING, FRANK CRAWFORD, Dallas FOLEY. ELIZABETH LORINE. Houston FORBES. JULIA LYNN. Austin FO R BESS. E. W. Jr.. Andrews FORD. ROBERT WADE. Houston FORD. TERRI DIANE. Abilene FOREMAN. DENISE MARIE. Houston FORREST. CHARLES MICHAEL. Cleburne FORREST. DEBORAH KAY, Corpus Christi FORREST. RICHARD DALE. Baton Rouge. La. FORTSON. NINA KATHRYN, Atlanta. Ga. FOSDICK, JOHN JAY. Houston FOTESCU. DEIRDRE ZOE. Houston FOUNTAIN. NANCY SUSAN. San Antonio FOX. CHARLES WILLIAM. Fort Worth FOYT, CELESTE ALAYNE, Houston Sophomores FRACHTMAN, ROBERT LEE. Houston FRANKLIN. LYNDA. Abilene FRANKS. MARVIN WAYNE. Navasota FREED. JACK LOUIS. Laredo FRERICHS. LINDA NELL, La Grange FRIEDMAN, JANET FAY, Dallas FRITZ, EMILY JO. Taylor FRIZZELL. WILLIAM DECAL. Athens FRY. PHILBERT CLIPPENGER. Houston FURLONG, JOHN NORMAN. Austin GALJOUR. PATRICIA LYNN. Aransas Pass GANT. DEBORAH LYNN. Piano GARDEMAL. SUZANNE. Lofkin GARNER, JANE ELLEN. San Antonio GARNER. VICTORIA LYNN. Fort Worth GARRETT, GAIL PRINCESS. Hale Center GARRISON. GINA LOUISE. Vanderbilt GARRISON, JAMES ROY. Atlanta GATEWOOD, DONNA RUTHEA. Garland GEDALY. JERRELL MARK. Beaumont GEIS. J. G.. San Antonio GELDERT. DOUGLAS VANCE. Dallas GEORGE. ROBERT R., Dallas GERNENTZ. JAMES DOW. Groves GERSON. MARSHA CLAIRE. Houston GERTNER. CAREN RAE. Houston GIBBONS. DIXIE KAY. Austin GIBBS. ROSALIE ELIZABETH. Austin GIERYN. DENISE ANN. Birmingham. Mich. GIFFIN. CHARLES GRADY, Houston GILBERT. CAROL LEE, Houston GILES, BOBBY DALE. Amarillo GILES. ELLEN ELIZABETH. Houston GILES. JAMES BOARD. Houston GILLIS, AMY CATHERINE, Houston GIST. KATHY ANN. Austin GLASS. DEBORAH ANN. Houston GLASS. THOMAS G.. San Antonio GLEAVES. JAMES LESLIE. Richardson GLOVER, JULIE NELLE. Amarillo GOBER. GWEN. Baytown GOERICKE, KAREN MARIE, Austin GOERNER. CAROL SUSAN. Houston GOETHE. PEGGY ANNE. Austin GOHL, JEANE MARIE. Richardson GOLDBERG. MEYER ALLAN. Houston GOLDEN. NATALIE RUTH. Houston GOLDEN. ROBERT EDWARD. San Antonio 517 GOLDFARB. NANCY ELLEN. St. Louis. Mo. GOLDSTEIN, ROBBIE ANN. Houston GOLDWASSER RONALD STEVEN. Austin GOMEZ, ANTONIO ESTEBAN. Laredo GOODALL. RICHARD A.. Dallas GOODBINDER. ROBERT LYNN. Omaha. Neb. GOODMAN. LINDA KAY, Austin GOODROE. MICHAEL EDGAR. Shr.veport. La. GOODWIN, CYNTHIA ALLEN. San Antonio GOODWIN, NINA SUZANNE. Arlington GOSS. DEBORAH KAY. Austin GOSS. DEBRA ANN. Conroe GOSSEN. STEVEN ANDREW. San Antonio GOUDGE, CHERI LYNN, San Antonio GOULD. JACQUELYN ROSE. Midland GRACE. LUTHER LEE. Wichita Falls GRACE. VIRGINIA, Beaumont GRAHAM. DEBORAH DALE. Dallas GRAHAM. JANICE LEE. San Antonio GRAMMER. WILLIAM ALLAN. Fort Worth GRANOFF, DONNA JO. Austin GRASS, MARY VICTORIA. Houston GRAY. GIB WAYNE. Caldwell GRAY, LINDA. Calgary. Canada GREATHOUSE. SANDRA KAY. Lemoore. Calif. GREEN. NANCY KAY. Austin GREEN. VIRGINIA ANN. Rosebud GREENE. CATHERINE EVELYN. San Antonio GREENHOW. STEVEN FRANK. Wichita Falls GREGORY, DALTON RAY. Denton GRIFFIN. CHARLES HOWARD, Pasadena GRIFFITH, DEBRA LOU. San Antonio GRIGIS. SUZANNE ELIZABETH. Dallas GRIMES. KENNETH WAYNE. Houston GROSCURTH. KAREN SUE. Dallas GROSSKOPF. JACK ALAN. Austin GUERRERO, JANIS KAY. Austin GUSTAFSON, CYNTHIA ANN. Austin HAARDT. PEGGY LYNN, La Marque HAFERNIK, MAURICE RAYMOND. Houston HAGAN, JULIE MARGARET. Austin HALE. KIMBERLY ANN. Houston HALE. THOMAS HERMAN. Houston HALFMANN, MARK EDWARD, Austin HALL. BETSY. Fairfa.. Va. HALL. NANCY JO. Corsicana HALL. RUSSELL ALAN. Dickinson HAMAD, FAROUK MOHAMAD. Beirut. Lebanon Class of 1974 HAMBLEN. VIRGINIA HAMILTON. Houston HAMILTON, WILLIAM DAVID. Austin HAMPTON, KAREN ANNE, Houston HAMPTON, MARY NAN. Port Arthur HAND. DEBORAH JEAN. Midland HANEY. VICKIE ANN. Bowie HANKS, JACKSON RAYBURN. Palestine HANKS, WHITTINGTON HANCOCK. Austin HARDEN, MARGARET KATE, San Antonio HARDIN. PATRICIA JEAN. Houston HARGON, VIRGINIA NELL. Salvador. Braiil HARKINS. JOE TIMOTHY. Austin HARRELL. ROBERT STANFORD. Fort Worth HARRINGTON. JANICE ANN. Houston HARRIS. BILLY JOE. Rockdale HARRIS. PENNY KRISTIE. San Antonio HARRIS. ROGER KENT. Houston HARRISON, KENNETH SCOTT. San Antonio HARRISON. LARRY DEAN. Beaumont HART. JEFFERY LEE. Orange HARTENBERGER. DEBRA KAY. Houston HARTMAN, JANET LINN. Victoria HARVEY. KALA JANETTE. Hobbs. N. M. HARVEY. MARY KAY. Dallas HARVEY. STEPHANIE JANINE. Dallas HATHORN. CAROL FAYE. Houston HAUBER. MARY ANN. Galena Part HAUSMANN. VERLA BEA. Baytown HAWKINS. CLARENCE DAVID. New Boston HAYS. JACOUELYN ANN. Lufltin HEAD, JANIE LANE. Baytown HEAD, LAWRENCE HENRY JR.. Texarlana HEFNER. MAX RANDALL. Lubbock HEGGIE. LARRY SCOTT, Houston HEITZEBERG. MARYSUE. Corpus Christi HELVENSTON. GLORIA KAY. Longview HENDRICKS. KIMBERLY SUE. Houston HENNA. CAROL RUTH. Round Rock HENNEBERGER, CYNTHIA LEA. Austin HENNINGTON. DORIS ANN. Fort Worth HENRY, JAMIE LEE. Huntsville HENRY. PAMELA. Dallas HERRING. ROBERT RAY JR.. Houston HERRINGTON. ANN. Palestine HESS. ALAN DODOS. Lubbock HEWETT. DONALD STEPHEN, Houston HICHENS. PAIGE ADAIR. Houston HICKOK, NANCY ELIZABETH. Houston 518 HILDEBRAND. CATHY. Fort Worth HILL. CAROLYN SUE. Dallas HILL. DARYL JOSEPH. Cat Spring HILL. LORELEI MICHELE. San Antonio HILL. RANDY LYNN. Wharton HITCHCOCK, KATRINA SUE. Fort Worth HODGE. ERNEST EDWARD. Garland HOFFMAN. DAVID GARLYN. College Station HOLCOMB, ALFRED GENE. Pearsall HOLIFIELD. GAIL LYNN. Austin HOLLIDAY. BARBARA KAY. San Antonio HOLLINGSWORTH. JOHN LOWELL. Austin HOLLOWAY. SHALIA KAY. Corpus Christ! HOLTER. MARTIN SCOTT. Austin HOLTZMAN, JAMES KING. Austin HOOSER. NANCY LEE. Nassau Bay HOPSON. KATHY ANNETTE. Garland HORTON. ROBERT MICHAEL. Houston HOSEK. DEOBRAH G.. Rockdale HOTZE. BRUCE READ. Houston HOWARD. CATHERINE ANN. Dallas HOWARD. KAROL KAY. Fort Worth HUBBARD. HARRIET L.. Anoka. Minn. HUBERT. PENNY ANN. Duncanville HUDSPETH. DEBORAH JEANNE. Lake Charles. La. HUGHES. CARLOS DANIEL. Houston HUGHES. PATRICIA ANNE. San Antonio HUNTER. CYNTHIA ANN. Whitney HUNTER. DOROTHY ANNE. Austin HUNTER. VALERIE. Austin HURLEY. LINDA CAROL. Victoria HURT. BARBARA. Richardson HUTCHINS. ELIZABETH T.. Houston IMBER. JOSEPH ROBERT. Houston IMMEL. KAREN MARIE. San Antonio INGRAM. DEBORAH LYNN. Homestead AFB, Fla. IRION. JACK BAIRD. Dallas IRWIN. CYNTHIA LEA. Houston ISAACKS. LINDA LAWREAN. Houston ISAACKS. VINCENT WAYNE. Houston JACOBS. MARK STEVEN, Dallas JACOBS. SCOTT THOMAS. Houston JAMES, DEBORAH ANN. Houston JAMES, JUDY BETH, Jasper JAMES, MARY ELIZABETH. Austin JAMES, RICHARD WAYNE. Killeen JENNINGS, RONALD DWAIN, Austin JEWELL. DEBORAH ANNE. Austin Sophomores JOBE. LAURA SUE, Gladewater JOCHEC, JANICE SUE. New Braunfels JOHNS. VICKI LEE. Graham JOHNSON. ANDREW P. JR.. Carriio Springs JOHNSON, CYNTHIA ELIZABETH. Houston JOHNSON. ELLEN JEAN, Austin JOHNSON, JOLLY MICHAEL. Houston JOHNSON. JUDY JEAN. Corpus Christ! JOHNSON. PATSY ELLEN. Marshall JOHNSON. SUSAN DENEL. Austin JOHNSON. WILLIAM THOMAS. Houston JOHNSTON, TED NEAL. Tia Juona. Venezuela JONES. JANET CHARLENE. Lewisville JONES. JULIE LOUISE. Lewisville JONES. LARRY DON. San Antonio JONES. LINDA. Dallas JONES. RAYMOND MALCOLM, Livingston JORDAN, SANDRA ALICE. Quito. Ecuador JORNS. JAMES MICHAEL. Fort Worth JOSEPH. DL-BORAH KAY. Lockhart JOSEY, DEBORAH ANN. Austin JUDGE. JAMES PHENIX. Austin JUNG. RICHARD EARL. San Antonio KALBOW. CHERYL, La Marque KANA. JAMES ALLAN, Weimar KARASEK, KATHLEEN F.. Pearsall KATSURO, JEANNE KEIKO. Houston KATZ. MARTHA FRANCES. Houston KBOUDI. MARCELLE L.. San Antonio KEENE. RONNA CAROL. Denison KELLERMAN, JANET ELAINE. Houston KELLY. CAROLYN, Austin KELLY. KATHRYN SUZANNE. Fort Worth KELLY, PATRICK MICHAEL. Lubbock KEMPER, JOHN MICHI, Marble Falls KENNARD. ANTHONY DREW, Mission KENT, REBECCA SUSAN, Houston KERR. DIANA EVE, Metairie. La. KERR, KENNETH FORBES, San Diego. Calif. KEY. WILLIAM ROBERT. Columbus KIOD. BETSY JANE, Dallas KIEKE, JANICE KAY. Austin KILLION. TINA JOY. Palestine KIMMEL. ROBERT BUTLER. Lubbock KINARD. MARTHA ELAINE. Colorado City KINCHELOE. DICK MARCUS. Austin KING. STEVE MASON. Graham KIPP. JAMES MARSHALL. Austin 519 KIRKHAM. JANNIE KAY. Anahuac KISSELL. BRUCE WARREN. Houston KLAUSNER. DEBORAH. Dallas KLEIN, STANLEY ARTHOR. Stonewall KNOX. DANNY RAY. Oklahoma City. Otla. KOESTER. MELINDA ANN. Bedford. Mass. KOFAHL. KAREN SUE. Dallas KOSCHAK. SETH RAMSEY. San Angelo KOTIN. VALERIE, Houston KRAUSS. LYNN, Dallas KUDISCH. MARC L.. Houston KUHL. PAMELA E.. Fort Worth KUSHNER. SAUL DAVID. New Orleans. La. LA CORTE, CAROL JEANNIE. Houston LAMB. CAROL JEAN, Houston LANDIN. DENIS CRAIG. Sugar Land LANFORD. DIANE DELHOMME. Brownwood LANGDON, JOHN TODD. Corpus Christi LANGSTON, JANA LEA. Arlington LANHAM. SHARON ANN. Tulsa. Okla. LAMER, LINDA ANN, Houston LANIUS. ROBERT ANDREW, Dallas LANKFORD. LAWRENCE EUGENE. Dallas LANSFORD. CAROLYN KAY, Baytown LARSON. ELISABETH STEPHENS. Houston LASCHINGER. DAVID NASH. Dallas LAUSSADE, MARK RICE. Houston LAWLESS, LEE KATHARINE. Houston LAZOR. ALLAN ROSS. Victoria LAZOR. RICHARD HARVEY. San Antonio LEA. LESLIE. New Braunfels LEATH. PEGGY. Uvalde LEATHERS. BEVERLY KAY. Huntsville LEBEN. LECIA LEA, Wichita, Kans. LEBOWITZ. BEVERLY ANN, Dallas LE CONEY. THOMAS RATCLIFFE, Dallas LEDBETTER, JOHN MICHAEL. Austin LEE. ALLEN JIN. Houston LEE. DAVID. Houston LEE. STEPHEN RANDALL. Fort Worth LEHMAN. LARRY LEE. Vernon LEIGON. CHARLES RUSSELL. Hickam AFB, Hawaii LEITE. VALORIE ANN. Austin LEITNER. BRUCE W., Houston LEMMONS. ROBERT TODD, Pampa LENZ. ROBERT S.. San Antonio LENZNER. JEAN PAGE, AWandria. Va. LESTER. CHERYL ANN, Boerne Class of 1974 LEVIN, SHELLEY LYNN, Teas City LEWIS SUSAN JANE. Houston LIEBES. RUTH LAUREL. Dallas LIETZ. PHILLIP ELMO. Orange LILES. TERRI DENISE. Abilene LIM. ROSE, Houston LINCECUM, RISSIE KAY. Thornton LINCH. BARBARA ANN, Miami. Fla. LINDSEY, BARBARA JANE. Fort Worth LINDSEY, MILTON EDWARD JR.. Houston LINEBACK. ROBERT BARCLAY, Austin LIPPMAN. SHELDON IKE. Schulenburg LITTLE. JAMES WILLIAM. Crystal City LITTMAN. LINDA ANN. Houston LITTRELL. KANDY JEAN. Irving LIVELY. CHERYL LYNN. Houston LLOYD. JANE EMILY. Amarillo LOCHTE. ERWIN RICHARD III. San Antonio LOCKER. DARRELL LYNN, Pecos LOCKETT. WILLIAM CLEVELAND, Houston LOLLAR. BRADLEY KEITH. Palestine LONDEREE, ROBERT D.. Dallas LONG. BARBARA ANN. Pasadena LONG. ELIZABETH ANN. Orange LOPEZ. ARMANDO RAWLS. El Paso LOTT. SARAH KATHERYN. San Antonio LOUVIER. MARVIN A.. Port Arthur LOVE. LUCY CAROLE. Bellaire LOVELESS. STEPHEN JEB, Waco LOVINGGOOD. BETTY JANE. Dallas LOW. SALLIE REYNOLDS. Houston LOWERY. COLLEEN MARIE. Dallas LOYD. JAMES ALAN. San Antonio LOZANO. NOE MARIO JR.. Falfurrias LUBKE. STEPHEN LEROY. Edn LUDL. MARGARET FRANCES. Austin LUDWIG. LAURA LYNN. San Antonio LUKER. DEBORAH LYNN. Hamilton LUMPKINS, SUE ANN. Rockdale LUNA. CHARLES STEPHEN, Houston LUNDY. NANCY CATHERINE. Midland LUNSFORD. MAY LYNN. Pampa LYLE. DEBORAH. Houston LYNN. BARBARA KAYE. Fort Worth LYONS. JAMES MARVIN, Baytown MADDUX. MILLYE ANN. Palestine MAGUIRE. KEVIN, Austin MAHAFFEY, VICKI LEE. Midland 520 MAHON. MARTHA ANN. Fort Worth MAINES. SANDRA ANN. Rosenberg MALCOLM. JERRY WALTER. Wichita Falls MAMEROW. BERNARD STEPHEN JR.. New Iberia. La. MANN. JEFFREY JAMES. Waulesha. Wise. MANTZEL SHIRLEY JEAN. Austin MANUEL. CASEY. Atlanta MARCUS. DAVID GIVEN. El Paso MAREK. LINDA ELIZABETH, Taylor MARKETTE. DEBORRAH ANN. San Antonio MARKS. MICHAEL CLINTON. Satellite Beach. Fla. MARSHALL. ROBERTA FAYE. Houston MARTER. MARILYN ANN. Houston MARTIN. CYNTHIA LYNN. San Antonio MARTIN, GARY GEORGE. Carthage MARTIN. HARLON ELDRIDGE JR.. Tyler MARTIN. SARAH SHERMAN, Pascagoula. Miss. MARTINEZ. ALFREDO G., Poteet MARTINEZ. MARTHA MONICA. Abilene MASON. DIANA SUE. Dallas MASON. DOUGLAS LYNN. Newgulf MASON. MOLLY. Longview MASSEY. KAREN SUE. Seabrook MASTEN, EDMOND ARNOLD, La Marque MATHESON. SUZANNE, Euless MATHIEU, REESE ALFRED III. Houston MATHIS. CAROL ANNE. Corpus Christi MATLOCK. DAVID BOB. Fort Worth MATTHEWS. NANCY KAY. Austin MATTHYS. ELSIE LOUISE. Wharton MAXEY, MARY CARLOTTA. Houston MAYER, ERNEST RALPH. San Angelo MAYER. JEANNETTE THERESA. Lincroft, N. J. McADAMS. DIANA CLAIRE. Austin McAFEE, SALLY EILEEN, Houston McAULEY. RUTHANN. Dallas McBRIDE, DOUGLAS LESTER. San Antonio McCAFFETY. ROBERT WALLER. Pasadena McCALEB. PATRICIA DALE. Dallas McCALL. DEBORAH KAY. Harlingen McCALL. HOLLY ELIZABETH. Nocono McCANN. JAMES EDMUND. San Antonio McCLAIN. CAROL ANNETTE. Greenville McCLAUGHERTY. COLLEEN. San Antonio McCLENDON. JUDY ANN. Weatherford McCLUNG. ANDREA LOUISE. Fort Worth McCLUNG. RICKY BROCK. Vernon McCOLLUM. WINSTON LANE. Allen Sophomores McCONNELL. DARYL W.. Dallas McCOY. MICHAEL DOUGLAS. Houston McCULLER. HEBBY LYNN, Del Rio McCULLOUGH. BYNNE KATHLEEN, Piano McCUTCHEON. PETER MICHAEL. Washington. D. C. McDANIEL MICHAEL RAY. Galveston MCDONALD. DEBRA ANN. Houston MCDONALD, GINGER LANE, Refugio MCDONALD. KATHRYN ANN. Austin McEVOY. FRANCES KATHARINE. Hempstead McFARLAND. DAVID CHARLES. Friona McGAHA. MARY HELEN. New Orleans. La. MCGREGOR. MELINDA SUE. Waco McKAMIE. DAVID EDGAR. Waco McKELLAR. SUSAN JOYCE. Piano McMAHON. MARK PRESTON. Henderson McMULLEN. SARAH JANE. Houston McNUTT. RITA ANN. El Paso McWHIRTER. KATHLEEN. Alvarado MEADOW. JANET MAXINE. Austin MEAR. MARY KAY, Richardson MADRANO, RAUL ANDREW, Goliad MEHL. CATHY ANN. Fort Worth MELASS. SCOT GRAVES. Lalie Jackson MELTON. ROBERT BYRON. Houston MENDEZ. JOSE ALFONSO, Austin MERFISH, ROCHELLE LYNN. Houston MERGELE, EDWIN WALTER, Boerne MERRITT, MICHAEL TRAVIS. Garland MEWIS. JUDY KATHERINE. Austin MICKELSON. SONJA KATHLEEN. San Antonio MIDDLETON. DONALD GENE. Hughes Springs MIKSOVSKY. PATRICIA SUE. Angleton MILBURN. NANCY LOUISE. Odessa MILES. RHONDA KAY. Houston MILLER, FRANK HENSLEE, Cooper MILLER, GARY LEE. Austin MILLER. KATHERINE LAVERN. Houston MILLER. KURT DOUGLAS. Midland. Mich. MILLER. SANDRA MARILYN. Dallas MILLER. STEPHEN HERMAN. Dallas MILSTEAD. MELINDA KAY. Kermit MILZ. JAN HARRIS. Houston MITCHELL. GAYLA LOUISE. Palestine MITCHELL. JANIS GAYLE. Houston MITCHELL. MARY CHARLENE. Austin MOFFETT. JAMES NEWELL. San Antonio MOLINA. JOSEPH FELIX. Houston 521 MONROE. MARK McCLAIN. Au4tin MONROE. WILLIAM FRANK. Houston MONTGOMERY, PAUL EDWARD, Houston MOODY, IRENE ANN, Houston MOONEYHAN. JOYCE VEREE, Austin MOORE. HARRIET ANN, Palestine MOORE, JERRY LYNN, Richardson MOORE. JOHN PIERCE, Dickinson MOORE. JULIE CATHERINE. Bedford MOORE. KAREN ELIZABETH, Austin MOORE. MARY P.. Houston MOORE. PATRICIA ANN, Alvin MOORE. REBECCA EMILY, Baytown MOORE, ROBERT GARY. Irving MOORHEAD. DONNA LEE. New Braunfels MORGAN. SUSAN MARGARET. Andrews MORRIS, CISALEE EILEEN, Fort Worth MORRISON. BART WILLIAM. Toorak. Australia MORRISON. STEPHEN GLENN. Austin MORSE, DONALD STEVEN. Houston MOSES. RENE MARCY. Fort Worth MUECKE, MICHAEL DAVID, Three Rivers MUELLER, PEGGY JEAN. Austin MULKEY. KATHLEEN T.. San Antonio MUNOZ, GEORGE, Brownsville MUNOZ, OLIVIA ANNE, San Antonio MUNTER, WILLIAM JAY, Eagle Pass MURPHY. SUSAN LYNN. Arlington MURRAY, DAVID LEE, Friendswood MURRAY, LAURA JEANNE. Greenville MYERS, MELINDA DALE, Houston NAGEL. RICHARD DANIELL. Killeen NAISER, KATHRYN JOYCE. La Grange NANCE. DEBRA KAY. Austin NEILL. CAROL ELIZABETH. Houston NELBERT. SHELLEY J.. Little Rock. Ark. NELSON. CHRISTY LE ANN. Dallas NELSON. DONALD SKIPPER. Corpus CSristi NELSON. NANCY ANN. Wichita Falls NEMES. BETTY ANN. Deer Park NESTER. KAY. Canyon NEWBERRY, MARYANA. Abilene NEWTON, TIM CHARLES, Houston NIELSON. BEVERLY ANN. Houston NOBLES. REBECCA HESTER. Brady NOBLITT. MARY SUSAN, Beaumont NOONAN. NANCY LYNN, Pasadena NORRIS, HARRY ELDRIDGE, Garland Class of 1974 NUTTER, ROYCE LAYTON. Big Lake OATMAN, TAMRA SHAE, Sweetwater OGLE. CHARLES MELSON. Austin OGLE. DON MARTIN. Jacksboro OLANDER. GARY MILTON. Houston OLIVER, DARLENE RAQUEL. Alvin OLLE. GLENDA KAY. Austin OLSEN. MARY ANNE. Houston OMER. GEORGE ERIC, Albuquerque. N. M. OSBORN. WILLIAM B.. San Antonio OUSLEY. DAVID HAROLD. Deerfield. III. OXFORD. JERRY HOWARD. San Antonio PALAFOX. GARY WAYNE. San Antonio PALM. KRISTY LYNN. El Paso PALMER. MARILYN ELIZABETH. Richardson PAPANEK, MAIDA DIANE, Houston PAPE. GLENN LEON, Seguin PARDUE, DANA JO, Alvarado PARISH. HELEN RUTH. Dallas PARKER, WILLIAM RODNEY, Houston PARMA, PATRICK JOHN, San Antonio PATTERSON, ANN MARIE. Austin PATTERSON. CONNIE CLAIRE. Austin PATTERSON. JILL. Denton PATTERSON. PATTI DENISE. Austin PATTERSON, PEGGY JO. Snyder PAULISSEN. TERESA F., Austin PAXTON. CATHERINE JONETTE. Lake Jackson PAYNE. EDWARD DOUGLAS. Arlington PEARCE. CAROLYN JEAN, Dallas PEARCE, MARSHA KAY, Corpus Cbristi PEDDIE. ANNE MARION, Houston PEDERSON, WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER. Texas City PEEL, MARK CHARLES. Dallas PEREZ. SEERANEE B.. Houston PERRIN, WILLIAM FRANK Cameron PERRY. JANE ELIZABETH. Houston PETERS, CECIL MORRIS. Granbury PETERSON, CYNTHIA GAYLE, Austin PETERSON, JON LEE. Houston PETERSON, TERRI LEE, Baytown PETTER. MARY ANN. Galena Park PETTUS. REBECCA G.. Houston PHARO. MILAM RANDOLPH. Dallas PHILLIPS, BRUCE ALLEN. Houston PHILLIPS, JENNIFER. Jonesboro, Ark. PICKETT, RICHARD NOLAN, Liberty PIEPER. WALTER J. III. San Antonio 522 PIERCE. TERRY LEE. Arlington PILANO. DUDLEY CRATON. Austin PILOT, VALERIE KAY. Richardson PINKERTON. SAYLAN STEPHENIA. Texas City PLOCH, DEBRA ANN. Dallas PLUMHOFF. CHARLES EDWARD. Houston POFF. JACKIE W.. Ennis POLASEK. MARINELL. Boston. Mass. POLCHINSKI, PRISCILLA. Houston POOLE. PAMELA LEE. Houston POORE. PATRICE ANNETTE, GaHand PORTER, SUSAN ELIZABETH. Menard POWELL, ROBERT LEE, Jourdanton POWER. DAVID RICHARD. Dallas PRATHER. PAULA JO. Austin PRATT, PATRICIA ANN, Houston PRENTICE, THOMAS ARCHER. Richardson PRESCOTT. LINDA LEE. Fairport. N. Y. PRESSLER. CATHERINE LOUISE. Salveston PRESTON. DEBORAH JEANE. Houston PRICE. LINDYL LOUISE. Houston PRIOR. ROGER EVERETT. Dallas PROCTOR. STEPHEN JEFF. Houston PROVOST. CRAIG JOSEPH, Beaumont PULLUS. PATRICIA ANN. Dallas PURDOM. LAWRENCE EDWARD. Houston QUINTANILLA. RUBEN. Bay City RABON. LANA JOY. Eden RADOFF. LINDA RUTH. Dallas RAFEE. MONIR. Tehran. Iran RAINOSEK. STEPHANIE JANE. Needville RAINS. STANLEY ALBERT JR.. Georgetown RALSTON. SUSAN NANETTE. Austin RAMIREZ. CYNTHIA ANN. Corpus Christ; RANDOLPH. WILLIAM, San Antonio RANGEL. BERTHA LESVIA. Escobas RASCHKE. JAMES PAUL. Dallas RATLIFF. CHARLES MICHAEL, Roscoe RAY. 1OBERT RANDOLPH, Calgary. Canada READ. NANCY LYNN. Houston READ. PATSY LAIRD. Austin REECE. DONNA ELLEN. Dallas REEDER. CHARLES C.. Austin REEVES, CYNTHIA, Garland REID. STEPHANIE HAZEL. Kenedy REIFER. ELIEZER, Dallas REIFER, SHALOM, Dallas REKOFF. CAROLINA LIA. Galveston Sophomores RHODES. DONNA JEANINE. Paris RHODES, FREDERICK A. III. Houston RHODES, GOERGE FREDERICK. Port Leveca RHYNE. CRAIG DESMOND. Lubbock RICHARDSON. JOHN HARRY. Dallas RICHARDSON, ROBIN HATHAWAY. Houston RICKMAN. MELISSA LEE. Terrell RIDER. CAMILLE. Floresville RIELLY, ROBERT JOHN. Houston RIGGINS. CHARLES ROBERT. Houston RINEHART. ROBERT ALLEN. Schertj RIOUX. SHERRELL DARLENE. El Campo RIPPERGER. EMILY ALICE. Austin RIPPLE. BONNIE FAYE. Taylor ROBERTS. HERBERT WILLIAM. Dallas ROBERTS. JANIS GAYE. Sherman ROBERTS. LAWSON PHILLIP, Austin ROBERTS. PHILIP HOWARD, Tyler ROBERTS. STEPHEN MICHAEL. Dallas ROBERTSON. JANIS LOU. Navasota ROBINS, GARY LYNN. Seagoville ROBLES. JUDY IRENE. Seguin ROCK, ROYAL DANNY, Port Isabel RODRIGUEZ. HILDEGARD. San Antonio RODRIGUEZ. PLACIDO JOHN JR.. Galveston ROE. JERRE. Corsicana ROGAN. WILLIAM PATRICK. Houston ROGERS. JOHN VALRY. San Antonio ROGERS. WILLIAM CHARLES. Dalles ROGGE. MELVIN JAMES. Houston ROMO. THOMAS III. San Antonio ROMOSER. RUSSELL WAYNE. Houston ROOKE. MARK LEE. Lake Jackson ROSE. ARTHUR PAUL. Houston ROSE. DANNA ANNETTE. Corpus Christi ROSEN. MICHAEL DAVID. Dallas ROSENTHAL. BARBARA GAIL. Delias ROSENTHAL. LAURA ANN. Houston ROSS. RANDI MERRILL. Dallas ROTHENBERG. GAYLE ANNE. Pasadena RUBINSKY. SIMON WILLIAM. Brownsville RUBIO. JESUS RAMIRO. Eagle Pass RUDOLPH, ARLENE DELYSE, Houston RUNDLE. MICHAEL DAVID. Austin RUPPERT. CATHRYN SUE. Rockwell RUSS. ELLEN REBECCA. Heerne RUSSELL, LURA ANNE. Orenge RUSSELL. REBECCA LEE. Wichita Falls 523 RUTHERFORD. LINDA JEANETTE. Lubbock RYND. FRANK BARLOW. Houston SABRSULA. RENA SUSAN. Port Lavaca SAETA. ELSA. Pharr SAKOWSKI. CHRISTINE FELICIA. Arlington SALINAS, ALEX CELSO, San Antonio SALMON, BAILEY JAMES. Longview SALTER. CATHY JEAN. Wichita Falls SALTER. VIRGINIA C.. Garland SALVING. MARGARET L., Haiel Crest, III. SAMPSON, SHEILA ALLISON. Austin SANCHEZ. RODOLFO. Laredo SANDNER. JANN. Burnet SANDNER. JILL, Burnet SAUER. BARBARA LYN. Dallas SAVAGE, JACK WILLIAM, Dallas SAWYER, LISA RAY. Dallas SAWYER. STEVEN RAY. Austin SAYERS. SCOTT PHILEN JR.. Austin SCHAEFER. CARLA JO. Temple SCHAFFNER. LESLIE JACOB JR.. Arlington. Va. SCHINDLER. PARIS RAY, Houston SCHISSLER. RICHARD PRICE III. Houston SCHLECHTE. JUDITH ANN. Dallas SCHLEIER. GRADY EDWIN. Denver. Col. SCHLUETER. WANDA KAY, Sweetwater SCHMIDTKE. KAREN JEAN, Dallas SCHMITT. NINA MARIE, Austin SCHOLL, CATHERINE LEE. Houston SCHONS. JULIE ANN. San Antonio SCHONS, LAURA KAY. San Antonio SCHREIBMAN. JANET BETH, Birmingham, Ala. SCHROEDER, ROZANNE, San Antonio SCHULTZ, PEGGY ANNE, Pecos SCHUMACHER, EDGAR JOHN. Libertvville. III. SCHWEGMANN. JAMES RICHARD, San Antonio SCHWEMBERGER, CAROL IRENE. Memphis. Tenn. SCRUGGS. JAMES ALLEN. Houston SCRUGGS. ROBERT CARL. Houston SEALS. BEVERLY LU. Dallas SEBEK. CHARLES ANDREW, League City SEIBEL, MADALINE RUBY. Texas City SEIDEL, ROBERT MARK. Dallas SELLERS, CLIFFORD WYNNE, Corpus Christi SEMRAD. CHRISTINA. Houston SENTER. SUSAN, Forney SERVAES. PAMELA SUE. Houston SESSIONS. LORNA JEAN. Missouri City Class of 1974 SHACKELFORD, SUZANNE VESTA. Lincoln. Neb. SHANDS. REBECCA. Lufkin SHELDON. RICHARD KING. San Antonio SHELTON, SENETTE. Dallas SHERIDAN. DEBORAH N.. Ft. Leonard Wood. Mo. SHERMAN. DALE RANDOLPH. Pasadena SHIVELY. FRENCES FEY. Seabrook SHOSS, CONSTANCE EILEEN. Houston SHUFFLER. JEAN SLOAN. Houston SHYU. GENIE. Taojuan, Taiwan SIDOR. ANDREA MARIA. Denton SILVER. LYNN MARSHA. Skokie. III. SILVERBLATT. KEITH ALAN. Houston SIMMONS. DUANE GARRETT. Houston SIMONS. JACK MAYNARD. Austin SIMPSON, HAROLD VON. Buda SIMPSON. JOAN MARIE. Houston SIMPSON, ROBERTA ESTELLE, Duncanville SKELTON, MICHAEL H.. Austin SMALLING WILLIAM SANFORD. Baytown SMITH. BETTYNA MARIE. La Marque SMITH. CATHERINE ANN, Houston SMITH. CHARLES SCOTT. Austin SMITH, DEBORAH LEE, Austin SMITH, DIANE ELIZABETH, Wichita Falls SMITH. GARY LYNN. Hamlin SMITH. GENE DEREK. Houston SMITH. JAMES KENT. Bridgeport SMITH. JAN PAULETTE. Hurst SMITH. JEFFERY ALVIN. Austin SMITH. LESLIE DIANE. Houston SMITH. LINDA ELIZABETH. Fort Worth SMITH. PHILIP STEPHEN. Dallas SMITH. ROY DALEY JR.. Corpus Cnristi SMITH. SHELBY ANN. Shreveport. La. SNOW. SALLY KATHERINE. Houston SNYDER. NORMAN EDWARD JR.. Longview SO, PAUL KWONG, Hong Kong SORSBY. BARBARA ELAINE. Kerrville SPAIN. SUSAN KAY. Piano SPISER, JACQUELYN DIANE. Eden SPIVY. SHERRY LYNN. Nocona SPIZMAN. IRVING WILLY. San Antonio SPRINKLE, MARGARET ANN, Corsicana STAATS, EMILY HAZEL. San Antonio STACY. GEORGE BROUN. Kerrville STALL. DEBORAH CATHERINE. Richardson STALLMAN. KAREN FAITH. Garwood STANDLEY. EVELYN. Goldthwaite STARK. THOMAS WHEELER. Corpus Chriti STARTZMAN. SHARRON ANNE. Houston STATON. JAMES MICHAEL. Sweetwater STEELHAMMER. CARLOS ANN. Oakndqa. Tenn. STEELY, HENRY THOMAS JR.. Garland STEGALL, REBECCA ANNE. Fort Worth STEPHENS. MARILYN SUE. Richardson STEPHENS. SUSAN LYNNE. Corpus Christi STEPHENSON. REBECCA JANE. Paint Rock STEUBING. LEE ANNA. San Antonio STEVENS. PATRICIA ANN. Midland STEWART. DEBRA KAY. Beeville STEWART. JAN MARIE. Port Arthur STEWART. VICKI DARLENE. Dallas STIVISON. LORNA LINELL. Houston STONE. SUSAN REBEKAH. Texarkana STRONG. GARY BENNETT. Dallas STURDEVANT. RICHARD MICHAEL, Houston STUTZMAN. NANCY MARGARETHA. La Porte STYRSKY. JAMES ANTHONY. Aledo SULLENDER. WAYNE MARTIN. Pasadena SUMMERS. WILLIAM MARVIN. Fort Worth SUMPTER. SHARON SUE. Tulsa. Okla. SUMROW. STEVEN CLOIS. Garland SUTTON. SUSAN LYNN. Taylor SWANSON. PATRICIA E.. Harlingen SWEENEY. MARTHA MARY, San Antonio SWEENEY. CLAUDIA ESTELLE. Houston TAYLOR. CARL JAY. Dallas TAYLOR. DOROTHY ADELE. Houston TAYLOR. GAYE MARIE. Houston TAYLOR. JAMES CARL JR.. San Antonio TAYLOR. J. PRESTON IV. Houston TAYLOR, KAREN TERESE. Fort Worth TAYLOR. SUSAN ELIZABETH. Grand Prairie TEAGUE. CLIFTON PATRICK. Sherman TERWEY. KATHRYN GRACE. San Antonio THADDEUS. SARAH ELIZABETH. San Antonio THAXTON. JAMES ERIC. Corpus Christi THOMAS. CARLA JANE. Seobrook THOMASSON. TONI MARIE. Port Lavaca THOMPSON, BETTY JANE. Naples THOMPSON. ERWIN GASTON. Houston THOMPSON. KAREN LEE. Houston THOMPSON. KATHERINE OTILLA. Houston THOMPSON. LINDA ANNE. Fort Worth THOMPSON. STEVEN EUGENE, Odessa Sophomores THOMSON, BARBARA LUANNE. El Paso THORNTON, JOE RAYFORD, Houston TIDWELL RUSSELL DESS. Del Rio TILLERSON. REX WAYNE. Conroe TINGLE. TERESA DIANE. Hurst TIPPETT, JENNY MARIE. Abilene TIPTON. JAMES ARNOLD. Nacogdoches TOEPPERWEIN. DOUGLAS NEAL. San Antonio TOLAR. ROBIN SAYER. Orange TOLBERT. CATHERINE ELIZABETH. Paris TOLLIVER. PAMELA DAWN. Killeen TOMEY. DEBORAH ANN. Fort Worth TOMPKINS. KAREN KAY. Corpus Christi TONG. NICOLETTE AMELIA. Houston TORIAN. GARY LAMAR. Houston TORRES. ELOISA YSAURA, Houston TRAMMELL. GARY LEE. San Antonio TRAUB. ROBERT GARY, Houston TRAVIS. ROXANE. Waco TREACCAR. ANNETTE L.. La Marque TREYBIG. DUANE STEVEN. El Campo TROYER. EMILY ARDATH. Dallas TURBOFF. RONALD. Houston TURNER. CHARLES MICHAEL. Grand Prairie TURNER. DEBORAH KAY. Austin TURNER. NANCY ALICE. Fort Worth TURNER. PATRICIA ANN. Dallas TURPIN. JAMES EDWIN. Bryan TYSON. GAYLE LANIER. New Boston UMHOLTZ. REBECCA SUE. Baytown UNDERWOOD. MAX STEPHEN. Baytown UPCHURCH. MICHAEL JAMES. Dallas UPCHURCH. REBECCA SUSAN, Borger URBAN. GEORGE ALAN. West Columbia URBANOVSKY. PAMELA J.. Mesquite VACEK. JOANNE ELIZABETH. Houston VALCIK. JAMES EDWIN. Decatur VAN NORDEN, LELIA ANN. Marshall VECCHIO. VICKI MARIE. Houston VELA. MICHAEL WAYNE. San Antonio VERHEYDEN. GREGORY DREW. Austin VOIGHT, NANCY KAYE. San Antonio VOLPE. LETICIA MARIA. Roma VOLZ. JAMES SPENCER. Crystal City WAGNON. PHILIP CASEY, Austin WALD. HARRIET. Houston WALKER. DEBORAH LYNN. Pasadena WALKER. WILLIAM, Fannin 525 WALLS. BRIAN LEE. Pampa WALTERS. MILTON DREW, Houston WARD. BRADLEY BRANSON. San Antonio WARD. CRYSTAL ANN. San Antonio WARDELL. FERMAN NELSON. Gainesville WARREN. GLORIA JEAN. Deer Part WASHAM. LYDIA JO. Kenedy WATSON. PAULA ANN. Bay City WATSON. RICHARD ALLIN, Houston WATSON. VICKI LYNN. Houston WATTS. JANET SUE. Floydada WATTS. KAREN LYNN. Arlington WATZ. JANE MARIE. Houston WEBER, KAREN ANN, Blanco WEBER. KIM ELIZABETH, Longview WELCH, KATHERINE LOUISE. Lake Charles. La. WELHAUSEN. CYNTHIA RAE, Shiner WELLE. PHILIP EARL. Houston WENZEL. RICHARD EARL. Needville WEST, MARY ANN. Orange WEST. WILLIAM GEORGE JR.. Houston WESTBROOK. DAN ALLEN. Houston WEYANDT. GLENN BRADEN JR., Pampa WHALEY. JANET LYNN, Corpus Christi WHATLEY, LINDA SUE. Houston WHEAT. JERRY DANIEL. Abilene WHEELER. DONALD RAY. Duncanville WHEELER. LINDA KAY. Bedford WHELTON, LYNN ANN. La Marque WHITE. JENNY ALLANE. Houston WHITEHORNE. DARCY ANN. Scotch Plains. N. J. WHITEHURST. TERRI ANN. Longview WIEMERS. LESTER CARL, San Antonio WILKINS. JAMES ANTHONY. Dallas WILKINSON. ROBERT J., Bay City WILL. LINDA GAYLE. Fort Sill. Okla. WILLBERN, ARTHUR DENNIS III. Bishop WILLIAMS. CAROL LAVERE. Dallas WILLIAMS. GARY RICHARD. Huntsville WILLIAMS. JEFFREY H.. Orange WILLIAMS. JO LAHAY III. Freeport WILLIAMS KATHRYN. Beaumont WILLIAMS. MARY KATHERINE. Houston WILLIAMS, RICHARD MARTIN. Houston WILLIAMS. STANLEY DEAN. Deer Parlt WILLIS. DAVID NEIL. Austin WILLS. DENA SUE. Dallas WILLSON. CATHERINE LYNN. San Antonio Sophomores WILSON. CHARLES LOUIS. Beaumont WILSON. DONALD ALAN. Dallas WILSON. ELIZABETH DIANE. Weslaco WILSON. MARILEE. Dallas WILSON. MICHAEL LEE, Dallas WILSON. PAMELA JEAN. Dallas WILSON, SANDRA JEANNE. Wichita Falls WINN. RANDAL WALTER. San Antonio WINSTON, WALTER JR.. Palestine WINTERRINGER. SUSAN LEIGH. Fort Worth WIPPERMAN. SUSAN DE. Houston WISE. CHRISTIE SUE. Beaumont WITHROW. KIMBERLY EDWARD. Austin WOLBRETTE. BRUCE ELI. New Orleans. La. WOLDERT. DAN CHRISTIAN JR., Tyler WOOD, ROBERT BRUCE. San Angelo WORLEY. DENNIS JILES. San Antonio WORTH, JAMES CLINTON. San Antonio WRIGHT. JOSEPH MARTIE. Te.arkana WRIGHT, ROBERT STANLEY. Austin WROTH. SUSAN VIRGINIA. Lake Jackson WYATT. TERRIE LYNN, Houston WYLIE. GARY LEE. Cleburne WYMAN. RICHARD CARLSON. Dallas YARBROUGH. JANIS LOUISE, Galveston YARBROUGH MARY HELEN. Temple YATES. VICTORIA CAROLYN. San Antonio YOAKUM. BEVERLY LYNNE. Rockdele YONACK. MIMI RUTH. Dallas YORK. HANSELL N. III. Baytown YOUNG. MARY VIRGINIA. El Campo YOUNG. SHARON F.. Galveston ZAREMBA. ROBIN SUSANN. Austin ZUCKNICK. HENRIETTA EVELYN. Taylor 526 ABBETT. KATHLEEN, Del Rio ABOWITZ. SALLY. McGehee, Art. ACKER. BILL M., Garland ADAIR. MARSHALL REED. Houston ADAMCIK. ANTHONY JAMES. Weimar ADAMI. DEBRA L. Denton AGUIRRE. SONIA BELINDA. Austin AKERS. CAROL LORRAINE. Houston ALBRECHT. JEAN ANN. Goliad ALDER. SUSAN CAROLE. Dallas ALEXANDER. BEVERLY LYNN. Houston ALEXANDER. DEBRA LYNN, LePorte ALEXANDER. JOSEPH WAYNE. San Antonio ALEXANDER. RICHARD LEON. Dallas ALLEN. AMANDA RADFORD. Seobrook ALLEN. BRADY LEE. Srov.s ALLEN. MARK KIRKPATRICK. Perryton ALLISTON, GERALDINE DAWN. Beytown AMMERMAN, GLENN HAROLD. Rodeo. N. M. ANDERSON. GARY MICHAEL, Austin ANDERSON. JANE ALICE. Austin ANDERSON. MICHAEL DEAN. Austin ANSTEY, CAROL MARIE. Sun City. Arij. ANTWEIL. BARRY LEE. Hobbs. N. M. APPLEMAN. VICKI. Tulso. Olcla. ARBOGUST. ROBIN LEONORA. Austin ARNDT. PAULA JEAN. Houston ARNOLD. RONNIE BRUCE. Houston ARON. LISA ADELE. Houston ARONOWITZ. ANNE. Fort Worth ARRELL. ROCKY LEE. Graham ARRIAGA. PATRICIA ANN. Conroe ARTUSY, DEBORAH EDITH, Houston ATER, JOHN TIMOTHY. Bertram ATKINS. RICHARD DALE. Austin BAADE. PATRICIA JO. San Antonio BACON. CONNIE ANN, Killeen BACON. PAULA. Kaufman BAILEY. JO ANN. San Antonio BAILEY. SAMFRED WILLIAM, Bryan BAIRD. TIMMIE. La Marque BAKER. BEVERLY ZAN. Houston BAKER. JAMES ADAM. Baytown BAKER. JOY JERI. Deer Port BAKER. MICHAEL A.. N.A.S. Lemoore. Calif. BAKER. WILLIAM AUSTIN. Fort Worth BAKST, MARLENE BETH. Houston BALCH. DEAN MATTHEW. Wichita Falls Freshmen BALDWIN. ANITA ANN. Albuquerque. N. M. BALL. MICHAEL DAVIS. Fort Worth BALLARD. DEBORAH RUTH. Dallas BANISTER. PATRICIA ANN, Bryan BANKHEAD. PHILLIP CLAY. Carthage BARBOUR. PETER CLYDE. Austin BARIA, JOSEPH MURRY JR.. Corpus Christi BARKLEY. JULIA JO. Austin BARNES. DOROTHY MARIE. Dallas BARNES, DOUGLAS HENSON. San Antonio BARNES, MARY SUSAN. Atlanta. Ga. BARNETT. DONNA LEE. Abilene BARNETT, JACQUELINE RAE. Bridge City BARNETT, MICHAEL ALAN. Dalles BARR. CATHY LYNN, Austin BARR. JAMES ALAN. Abilene BARTLETT. CONNIE SUZANNE. Vernon BARTOS. LEONARD WAYNE. Weimar BASKINS. MARY LOUISE. Dallas BASS. CINDY LYNN. Orange BATES. ANN ROBINSON. Houston BATES. LOYCE LEE. San Antonio BATTLE. LINDA JEAN. El Paso BAUMGARDNER. SALLY ANNE. Houston BEALE. ELLEN. Houston BEARD. REBECCA LU. Guy BECKER. GARY MICHAEL. Houston BECKER. PEGGY LEE. San Antonio BEESON. BRIAN LEE. Laredo. Cob. BEHRENS. KAREN ELIZABETH, Austin BELL. CONNIE LEE. Houston BENDER. HELAINE MARIE. Dallas BENITEZ. LESLIE ANNE. San Antonio BENNINGFIELD. CAROL A.. Corpus Christi BETANCOURT. LINDA ANN. Houston BIDA, MELINDA KAY. Arlington BIDDLE. CHARLES RANDOLPH. Dallas BIENCOURT. PATRICIA LYNN. San Antonio BING. SARAH. Katy BISCAN. SHERRI ANN. Conroe BISHOP. CLEBERN NEWTON. Newton BISHOP. SANDRA ANNE. San Antonio BLACKLEY. GREGORY DON. Victoria BLAKENEY. CHARLES DANIEL. Baton Rouge, La. BLANCHARD. JEFFREY P.. Lubbock BLAYLOCK. TERRYL ANN. Merlin BLAZEK. MARY KATHLEEN, Houston BLOCHER. RITA ANN, Houston 527 BODIN. ELIZABETH KAY. Port Arthur BOLES. WAYNE 8LJRTON, Houston BOND, EVELYN LEE. Austin BONHAM. WILLIAM ROBERT. Houston BONICK. LEONARD E. JR., Comanche BONTE. FREDERICK WILLIAM, Dallas BOOKWALTER. ANTONIA. C.. Houston BOONE. SHARON HARTLEY. Albuquerque. N. M. BOSCH, EDUARDO, Laredo BOTTS. JON E., Houston BOWMAN, DEBORAH CAROL. San Antonio BO WN, KIMBERLY ALLYSON. Austin BOYCE, JOHN KIRKPATRICK III, Amarillo BOYCE. TOMMIE SUE. Donna BOYD. BEN RICHARD. Decatur BOYD. BILLY CARL. Decatur BOYNTON, JAN KATHRYN. Houston BRACKENDORFF, M. C. JR.. Houston BRADLEY. JANET SUSAN, Houston BRADLEY, PAUL SENE. Fort Worth BRADLEY, STEPHEN RANDOLPH, Luftin BRADSHAW, LESLIE GLENN. Austin BRAMLETT. MICHAEL DAVID, Baytown BRATT. CAROL ANN. Houston BRAVENEC. RONALD VICTOR. Temple BREIDENBRACH. RICHARD V., Houston BRENDLER. THERESE GEORGIANA, Lake Charles. La. BRENT. KAREN RENEE. Houston BRICKMAN. REBECCA. Waco BRINK. REBECCA SCHARON. Coleman BRINKLEY. BEN PAUL. Bowie BRITCHER. WILLIAM EARL III, Austin BROCK, CELITA BETH, Austin BROLLIER. DAVID SYDNOR. Houston BROOKNER. KATHERINE RAY, Beaumont BROOKS, CRAIG ALAN, Lubbock BROOKS. JESSE MILTON. Beckville BROOKS. SHARON LYNN. Dallas BROUGHTON. ARNOLD SCOTT. Lufkin BROWDER. LISA MILDRED, Conroe BROWN, DEBRA ANN. Galveston BROWN. DEBRA FRANCES, El Paso BROWN, DOUGLAS ERIC. Harlinqen BROWN. EDWARD VINCENT. Fredericksburg BROWN, GREENBERRY BEDFORD, Anqleton BRUCE, BARBARA ANN. Goldthwaite BRUDER, MARCIA JANE. San Antonio BRUNE, CAROLYN MARIE, Sealy Class of 1975 BRYCE, THOMAS DAVIS, Charleston. S. C. BUCHTER. DONA SUZANNE, Dallas BUEHRING. BRENDA JOYCE. Suqar Land BUIE. ANNA CLARE. Houston BUIE. ROBERT MICHAEL. Houston BUNGE. SANDRA LEE. Austin BURFORD. WILLIAM BENTON. Mount Pleasant BURGESS, RITA ANN. Richardson BURTON. ROBERT C.. Houston BUSSEY. MICHAEL STEVEN, San Dieqo, Calif. BUTLER. ALINE PATRICIA. Dallas BUTLER. BECKY ANN. Austin BUTLER. DENNIS MACK. Sinton BUTZ, RUSSELL BRYCE. Covington. La. BUVENS. LINDA CHRISTINE. Houston BUZZO. PEGGY LORRAINE. McQueeney BYERLY. FRANK WILLIAM JR.. Lufkin CAIN. ROBERT RYAN. Friendswood CALDWELL. CAROLYN COLE. Houston CALL. NANCY ELIZABETH, Vidor CAMPBELL, CATHERINE ALICE. Maqnolia. Ark. CAMPBELL. JOE MACK JR., San Antonio CAMPISE. CAROLE LYNN. Houston CAMPODONICO. LOUISE A., San Antonio CANBY, THOMAS DAWSON. JR.. Seabrook CANNON. REBECCA ANN. Houston CANTU. DORA ALICIA, Del Rio CARLESTON. CAROL JEAN, San Antonio CARLSON, JOHN HARALSON. Baytown CARROLL. RAYMOND V.. Fort Worth CARSTENSEN. AMY. Sacramento. Calif. CARTER. KATHLEEN MARIE. Austin CARTER. KATHRYN A.. San Antonio CARVER, BRAD LEE. Amarillo CASEY. MICHAEL SEAN. Pampa CASH. BECKY CHRISTINE. Old Ocean CASKEY. STANLEY HUBERT. Austin CAUGHRAN. SARAH ANN. Terrell CELAYA. PABLO FLORES. San Antonio CHAFFE. ELISABETH SUSANNE. Houston CHAMBERS. CAROL B.. Houston CHAMLEE. PHYLLIS JEAN. Waco CHANCEY. DONALD KIMBROUGH. Tulsa. Okla. CHANDLER, CHRISTOPHER PATRICK, Oklahoma City. Okla. CHAPIN. SUSAN ANN. Killeen CHAPMAN. DANIEL ORAN. Houston CHAPMAN, JUDY LYNN. Austin CHAPMAN. JULIE ANN. Baton Rouqe. La. 528 CHAPMAN. MELODY SUE. Rusk CHAPMAN. SARA LYNN. Baton Rouge. La. ChARLTON. CLAIRE ELEISE. Rosenberg CHASE. SAMUEL LOUIS. Midland CHERRY. CAROLYN LEE. Houston CHERRY. FRANKLIN ROBINSON, Beaumont CHEW, LAWRENCE PAUL. Dallas CHICOTSKY, ROBERT HAROLD, Fort Worth CHILD. CAROLYN JEAN, Houston CHILDRESS. BEVERLY KAY. Goldthwaite CHITWOOD. PATRICIA ALICE. Tyler CHRISTAL. RAYMOND EDWIN. San Antonio CLARK. CANDACE ANN. Schulenburg CLARK. GLEN ALAN, San Antonio CLARK. MARY LEE. Dallas CLARK. RICHARD H.. Houston CLAYTON. MARSHA GLYNN. Atlanta CLEAVELAND. JACK McRAE JR.. Dallas CLEGG. MARY VIRGINIA. Houston CLINTON. CLEVELAND GUY. Burnet CLOUD. CANDACE LYNNE. Austin CLOUDT. KATHLEEN THERESA. Houston CLOYES. BRIAN MORGAN. Houston COCKBURN. THOMAS NEIL. Lampasas COFFIN. JUDY S.. Beaumont COHEN. STEVEN DOUGLAS. Fort Worth COLE. BYRON HARRISON. San Antonio COLEMAN. GARY L.. Pasadena COLEMAN, NANCY LOIS. Houston COLLER. KAREN S.. Houston COLLETT. JOHN STEVEN. Dallas COLLINS. SHARON LEE. Beale AFB. Calif. COLOPY. MICHAEL THOMAS. Seabrook CONNALLY. FRED H.. Dallas CONNELL. CYNTHIA ROBIN. Dallas CONNELL. JAMES RICHARD. Denton CONNET. MEL DWIGHT. Kansas City. Mo. CONNOR. MARY E.. Houston COOK, BARBARA ELLEN. Brownsville COSTIN. SANDRA JEAN, Colorado City COWHIG, DENIS MARTIN. Baytown COX. NANCY JO. Beaumont COZBY, REBECCA LOUISE, Fort Worth CRABTREE, SUZIANN, Houston CRAFT, PHYLLIS MARIE. Sequin CRAIG. DARRELL WAYNE. Hamlin CRAVEN. MARK STEPHEN. Anqleton CRAWFORD, ZENOBIA YVONNE. Houston Freshmen CRIER. CATHERINE JEAN, Celina CRIST, MARY THERESA, Dallas CRONIN. TERESA ANNE, Houston CROWE, ROBERT IRL. Houston CULLING, ALISON JEANNE. Omaha. Neb. CURRAN. STEPHEN S.. Houston CURRY. RONALD ELMO, San Angelo DABNEY. DAN Y., Dallas DAHL, PHILIP ORRIN. Houston DAIGH, MARGARET OLIVIA. Dallas DALE. DONNA LYNN. Richardson DALHEIM. EDWARD WILLIAM. Houston D ALISERA. LAURA ANN. Houston DALTON. RICHARD EUGENE. Andrews DARROW, MARSHA ELLEN, Dallas DASHIELL. DIANE, Houston DAVIDSON. CHARLEY A.. Houston DAVIS, CLIFTON DEAN, Baytown DAVIS. EDWARD A.. Dallas DAVIS. ELEANOR BARBARA. Houston DAVIS. JANNA DENICE. Fort Worth DAVIS. RAREN LORRAINE. Houston DAVIS. MARGARET ANN. Houston DAVIS. RICHARD FRANKLIN JR.. Woodville DAY. DEBRA. Lufkin DEAL. JAMES WILLIAM. Pearsall DECKER. JIM DAVID. Childress DELUNA. JUAN ROSENDO. Carrizo Springs DENENA, MARGARET MARY. Hearne DENNY. JOHN BERNARD. San Antonio DENSMORE. CYNTHIA ANN, Sweotwater DETTMAN, LAURA JANE, Stockdale DEVINE, SHAUN ELLEN, Houston DIBRELL. COOPER GRAHAM. Seguin DICK. DAVID MICHAEL. Houston DICKERSON. MARY PATRICE. Fort Worth DODD. CHERYL RAE. Austin DOELL. THOMAS CHARLES. Dallas DOHERTY. MARGARET VIRGINIA, San Augustir DOMASK. LUCY VAILE. Houston DONNELLY. WAYNE EDWARD. City DOUGLASS, DEBORAH ANN. New Boston DREILING. OMER A. II. San Angelo DRYDEN, PATRICK, Fort Worth DUNCAN, SUSAN ANN. Dallas DUNNAM. CHERYL DIANNE. Denison DURRETT. DANA JEAN, Odessa DUTY, DEBORAH PRISCILLA, Eddy 529 DVORAK. LINDA D.. Thrall EARLY. CLELAND EDWARD JR., McLean. Va. ECKHART. HARLEY ALBERT. Hondo EDDINS, JAMES RAY. Austin EDELMAN, CYNTHIA ANN. Tyler EDMUNDS. JEANNE LOUISE. Kenbridge. Va. EDWARDS. BRUCE NOLEN JR.. Weslaco EDWARDS. JACOUELYN KAYE. Freeport EDWARDS. JAMES RANDOLPH, San Bernardino. Calif. EDWARDS, JANET LEE. Marfa EIDMAN. THAD GREGORY. Houston EIPPER, CHERYL LYNN. Boulder, Colo. ELIAS, MARILYN JEAN, Corpus Christ: ELKINS, LEE. Missouri City ELKINS. SUSAN KATHERINE. Shreveport. La. ELLIOTT, SUSAN JANE. Grand Prairie ELLISON. GEORGE MARSH, Corpus Christ! ELLISON, PAMELA LEE, Belleville, III. ELTZROTH, PATRICIA GAY. Cleburne ERDELT. JAMES NATHANIEL. Edna ERIKSSON. EVALYN ELISE, Dallas ERMIS. ROBERT MALCOLM. Woodsbo o ERNEST. LAUREN KAY. Houston ERVIN. CYNTHIA ANN, Houston ERWIN, DAVID RANDOLPH, Houston ESSARY, DEBORAH LEE. St. Louis, Mo. EUBANK, BEVERLY JANE, Houston EVANS, CYNTHIA ANN. Fort Worth EWALD. BRENDA GAIL. Taft EWAN. SAM MASSINGALE. Daingerfield FAERBER. CHARLES VINCENT. Houston FAIRLEIGH. MARGARET ANNE, Houston FARLEY. DALE ELLEN. St. Louis. Mo. FARMER. MARGARET JEANNINE. Galveston FARNSWORTH, BILLE SHAYNE. Houston FARR. ROBIN, Houston FAULKNER. WENDELL D. JR.. Pecos FELCMAN. FRANK LESLIE JR.. Houston FELTMAN. ALLEN MARCUS, Dallas FERGUSON, LARRY WAYNE, Terrell FERRELL, DAVID KEITH JR., Mobile, Ala. FERRILL. DIANNA KAY, Fort Worth FERTEL, DAN, New Orleans, La. FIELDING, B. DONALD, Dallas FINKELSTEIN, SHERYL LAN. Dallas FINLEY, GEORGA LEW. Houston FINLEY. MARY KAY. Kermit FINN. BEVERLY SUE, Houston Class of 1975 FISCHER, MEREDITH B.. McAllen FISHER. NOLA JAN. Andrews FISHER. PAUL JAMES, Houston FLEMING. BENTON SCOTT JR.. La Porte FLORENCE, VICKIE SUZANNE. Houston FLORES, MICHAEL MARTY, Laredo FLUME, RAYMOND LAWRENCE, San Antonio FLY, KAREN ELAINE. Corpus Christi FLY, RUTH MARGUERITE, Uvalde FOCHT. JOHN DELMER. San Antonio FORD, KAREN RAE, Copperas Cove FORRESTER, SALLY ANN. Baytowr, FOSTER. LAURA ANN, Richardson FOX, STAN D.. Corpus Christi FOX. TIMOTHY JOE. Fort Worth FREEMAN. DIANE LYNN. Grand Prairie FRIEDEL, DONALD WALTER, Dallas FRIEDMAN, KAREN SUE, Dallas FRITTS, MARY ANN, Houston FULTON. JEANIE QUINN. Fort Worth FUSSELL. MICHAEL THOMAS, Pittsburgh. Pa. GAGE, CYNTHIA ANN, Austin GALLAGHER, JAMES DANIEL JR., Thornton. Col. GARBER, REBECCA JUNE. Dallas GARCIA. JONAS, Houston GARCIA, MARIO REY, Campbellton GARDNER. DEBORAH JILL. Abilene GARDNER, EDWARD MITCHELL. Houston GARDNER, MINALEE ETHEL. Port Lavace GARDNER. SUSAN KAY, Austin GARNER, THOMAS ROBERT, Taylor GARRETT, CAROL CHRIS. Fort Worth GARY. PAMELA SUSAN. Uvalde GARZA. CORINA RUTH, McAllen GARZA, DAHLIA, Corpus Christi GASTON, JANET MARIE, Houston GEASLEN, PHILLIP CRAIG, Houston GEORGE. JULIET ADA, Fort Worth GERLACH, REBECCA LEA. Houston GERST. LAWRENCE EDWARD, Brooklyn, N. Y. GERTH, SHARON JOY. San Antonio GIDDEN BARRY PAUL. Baytown GILL, RACHEL. Lyford GILL. STEVEN ALLAN, McAllen GILLESPIE. DEBRA LYNN, Fort Worth GIVEN. RICHARD B., El Paso GOBLE. LYDIA LUCILLE. Houston GOLDBERG. KENNETH EDWARD. Dallas 530 GOLDBERG. STUART GEORGE. Son Antonio GOLDSMITH. KARAN JANE. Dallas GOLDSTEIN. PHYLLIS CEILE, Austin GOLTRA. DEBORAH JANE, Son Antonio GOMEZ. ANNA MARIA. San Antonio GONZALES. RUDY F. JR.. Corpus Christi GOODE. SHERRILYN. Waco GOODNIGHT. MARY MARGARET. Son Antonio GOODWIN. GUY CLIFFORD. Son Antonio GOONE. WILLIAM NATHAN. Fort Worth GORDON. HAROLD JOHN. Dallas GOREN, ABE SILVERMAN. Houston GORIN. CHRISTY ANN. Austin GORZYCKI. DIANE ELAINE. Austin GOULD. CANDYE LAVERNA. Mount Pleesent GRADISAR. KATHLEEN MARIE. Pueblo. Col. GRAHAM. MARYANNE KAY. Fort Worth GRANBERRY, KAREN LOUISE. Austin GRANT, PHYLLIS LORRAINE. Grond Proirie GRAY. JO ELAINE. Jacksonville GREATHOUSE. TONI LOUISE. Lemoore. Celif. GRIFFIN. KATHERINE McFARLAND. Fort Worth GRIFFIN. WILLIAM HENRY. Horlingen GRIMES, MARIALICE LEE. Port Arthur GRIMES. SANDRA RUTH. Houston GROVER. LESLIE LAURA. Copperas Cove GUERNSEY, PAMELA JEAN. Kildare GUERRA, IMELDA CELINE. Edinburg GULLEY. ROBERT BRYAN. Corpus Christi GUNA-TILAKA. AKALIT. Bangkok. Thailand GURIEVSKY. EVELYNN SHARON, New Orleans. La. GUSTAFSON. LENORA ANN. Austin GUTHRIE. LYDA FRANCES, Houston GUTIERREZ. CHRISTINA. Austin GUY. GREG ALAN, Austin HAAS. LOUIS GREGORY. Fort Worth HACKEDORN. LYNN. Houston HADDAD. MARY ELIZABETH. Austin HAGEMEIER, CHARLES BROWN. Corpus Christi HAGSTETTE. ERIC STEWART. Houston HAHN. STEVEN DANIEL. Dallas HAIKIN. HILDI JEAN, Houston HAINEY. MEL FORREST, Fort Worth HALE. TAMARA LYNN, Austin HALL. DUNCAN WAYNE. Austin HALL. JOHN ALLEN. Lockrtart HALL, MARK LEWIS. Houston HALL. SANDRA JEANNE. Fort Worth Freshmen HALL. WENDELL WESLEY. San Antonio HALLAHAN, MERRI ELIZABETH. Wichita Falls HAMANN, JANICE YVONNE. Austin HAMILTON. DONALD CRAIG. Houston HAMILTON, ROBERT STUART, Dallas HAMMOND, BRUCE PRENTISS. Texas City HAMMOND. MARY MARIA. Grahom HANCOCK. KYLE EBON. Richordson HAND. NELVA EILEEN. Dallas HANSARD. DEBRAH MARIE, Austin HANSON, MICHAEL EDWIN. Houston HARDEE. DEBORAH JO. Athens HARDY. KATHRYN LYNN, Houston HARE. TERESA DIANNE. Houston HARRINGTON. RICK. Houston HARRIS. GLORI LYNN. Hugo. Okla. HART, MARI LISE. Houston HARTWIG, DAVID WILLIAM, Austin HARVEY, KATHRYN MEREDITH. Wichita Falls HARWELL, CATHERINE REBECCA. Houston HASKOVEC. DEBORAH JO. Dickinson HATCH. CARLOS GREGG. Wellington HATTON. GAIL. Austin HAUSER. MELANIE. Houston HAWTHORNE. DUDLEY DELBERT JR.. Houston HAWTHORNE. LOU ANN. Lufkin HAYATAKA. HOLLY AIKO. Irving HAYNES. JULIE CALE. Fort Worth HAZUDA. BETH MARY. Clifton. N. J. HEANEY. JOHN PILTER JR.. San Antonio HEAP, MARTHA MELISSA. Temple HEARN. RICHARD MICHAEL. Brownsville HECTOR. LARRY GARVEL. Austin HEILMAN. DEBORAH GENEVIEVE. Corpus Christi HEJL. PATRICIA ANN. Fort Worth HEJTMANEK. RONALD LEE. Palacios HELFAND. THOMAS ROY. Dallos HELLMAN, ROBERTA BETH. Worcester. Moss. HENDERSON. JOHN III. Lufkin HENINGTON, WAYNE MORROW. Wolfe City HENNESSEE. LEE ANN. Houston HENRY. NANCY DENISE. Austin HENRY, WALTER ALAN, Son Antonio HENSEN, JACK ROBERT, Houston HERMANSEN. GRACE LEIGH. Yookum HERNDON. ANNE. Dollos HERRICK. MARK RAWLS. Houston HESTER. SARA JEAN. Lima. Ohio 531 HICKS. DEBRA JEAN. Austin HIGGINS. LINDA CAROL. Houston HIGHSMITH. JOHN WHITEHURST. Dallas HILL. MARITA KAYE. Houston HIME. JAMES ARCHIE. Kingsville HIMMELBLAU. MARGARET ANN, Austin H INES. JAMES THOMAS. Crockett HINOJOSA. SYLVIA RUTH. Rio Grande City HIRT, DARRELL LEE. Rocldale HOALDRIDGE. HANK FREEMAN II. Burleson HO6BS. CAROL LYNN. Austin HOEFLEIN. THOMAS JOSEPH. Austin HOFFMAN. CLARA GRETCHEN. Dallas HOFFMAN. SUSAN LOUISE. San Antonio HOLASEK. KARLA RAE. Houston HOLCOMB. DANIEL WELDON. Tyler HOLEKAMP. JENNIE LINTON. Kerrville HOLLAND. NED. San Antonio HOLLEY. CHRIS LYNN. Fort Worth HOLLOWAY. EMILY ANN, Houston HOLLOWAY. JAMES PORTER JR.. Dallas HOLMES. ERCELL RENEE. La Marque HOLMES. WILLIAM LANIER. Lufkin HOLTZAPPLE, THERESA LOU, Alvin HONEA. CAROLYN SUE. Pasadena HOOPER. CHARLES JACKSON. Houston HORANY, DAVID LEE. Wichita Falls HORN. MONICA ADELA. Brownsville HORN. ROY B.. San Antonio HOTZE. JAMES BENEDICT. Houston HOUSE. SUSAN PATRICIA, Houston HOWARD. BENJAMIN RYDER. Warner Robins. Ga. HUBBARD. BARBARA BELLE. Fort Worth HUCHINGSON, JUDITH H., St. Louis. Mo. HUCKABAY, JANET AILEEN. Houston HUDSPETH. PATRICK DIRK. Dallas HUEBNER, KATHRYN SUE. Bellville HUSHES. BARBARA JULIE, Atlanta HUGHES. LAURA-HILL. Houston HUGHES. STEPHANIE ANN. Seaford. N. Y. HUIE. SHERRY DARLE NE. Dallas HULL. HARRIETT SUSAN, Fort Worth HUMPHREY, CATHERINE SUE. Dallas HUNSAKER. JAN. St. Anthony. Idaho HUNSAKER, MICHAEL DAVID. Wichita Falls HUNT. KAREN SUE. New Braunfels HUNT. MARILYN LEE. Missouri City HUNT. TODD McLEAN. Dallas Class of 1975 HUNTER. MARSHA LEE. Beaumont HURST. SHARON RIE. Austin HUSMANN. GARY WILLIAM, Houston HUTCHINSON. KAREN. Fort Worth HUTCHINSON. NEDRA ANN. Andrews INGRAM. ALISON. Fort Worth ISBELL, JUDY DEBORAH, Frisco ISCOE, CRAIG STEVEN, Austin IVEY, MARY LEE, Kerrville IVEY. PATRICIA LYNN. Robert Lee JACKSON, BETTY ANNE, Houston JACKSON, BEVERLY JAN, Houston JACKSON, DEBORAH DENISE, Dallas JACKSON, FRANK MARION, Austin JACKSON, KATHRYN RUTH, Eagle Pass JACOB. DARRELL GENE. Rockdale JACOBS. JERRY MARK. Daingerfield JAGGARS. LARRY LEE, Cleburne JAMES, BARBARA ANN. Dallas JAMES. RAY SCOTT. Houston JANECKA. ALAN CHARLES, Fort Worth JANES, BRADFORD LEE, Richardson JENDRY, TERRI BETH. Jourdanton JENNINGS. LINDA LOU. Graham JOHNS. JIMMY BURRUS, Pittsburg JOHNS, LAURA ANN, City JOHNS, LINDA SUSAN. San Antonio JOHNSON. BECKIE JAN. Irving JOHNSON. GARY EDWARD. Austin JOHNSON, KENT ANDERS. Lake Jackson JOHNSON, LEOTA RAE, Austin JOHNSON, PATRICK EARL. Houston JOHNSON. RAYBORN C. JR.. Baytown JOHNSON. REGINA ANN. Clute JOHNSON. ROBERT ARNI. San Antonio JOHNSON. SHARON LYN, Liberty JOHNSTON. ROBERT ARTHUR. Houston JONES. JANA SUE. Weatherford JONES. KEVYN COLLEEN. Richardson JONES. MARK. Austin JONES, MICHAEL DEE. Houston JONES. PAMELA L., San Antonio JONES. VICKIE LYNN. Houston JORDAN, CYNTHIA DEANN. Fort Worth JORDY. PAMELA ANN. Houston JOST. KATHY S.. Houston JUETT. JOHN HUGH. Bryan JUNG. MARY CATHERINE. Lubbock tftl 532 KALLINA, CARL ANTHONY, Garwood KAMINSKI. LYNN WEIS. Moberly. Mo. KATT. SANDRA LOUISE. New Braunfels KAUFMAN. CHARLES OSTER. Dallas KAWAMOTO, JO ANNE AKIYE, Mission KECK. CONSTANCE R., Seabrook KEETER. OLAN ALFORD. Plainview KEILS, SHARI KAY. Teogue KELLER. DOROTHY KAY. Dallas KELLEY. LINDA KAY. Graham KELLY. KATHY JO, Belloire KELLY. KIM M.. Terrell KELLY, MELODY YVONNE. Houston KEPNER, JOHN WILLIAM. Houston KHALILI. FATEMEH PARVIN, Tehran, Iran KIDD, JONATHAN WAYNE. Harlingen KIDD. NANCY NELL. Mason KIDDER. KAREN A.. Victoria KILPATRICK. BRUCE HUNTER, Killeen KIMBROUGH. CATHERINE ELIZABETH. Austin KING. ELAINE. Port Arthur KING. JANET LYNN. Houston KINSEY. RICHARD ED, Son Angelo KIRK. KAROL, Wichita Falls KISER. SUE ELLEN, Alice KLAWITTER, ART L. Needville KLECKA. DARLENE KATHLEEN. Houston KLEIFGEN. CYNTHIA MARGARET, Houston KLEIN. DEBORAH CHERYL. Bryan KLINE. STEVEN CUMMINGS. Ames. Iowa KNAAK. JOY MARIE. Houston KNIGHT, FLORENCE CHRISTINE, Wichita Falls KNIGHT, RANDAL BLAKE. Texas City KNOD. SHERRY MARLAYNE. DeQueen. Ark. KNOTTS, MARY SUSAN, Huntsville KOCUREK. RANDELL A., Houston KOHUTEK. SHELIA YVONNE, Temple KOLB, JAY THOMAS, Houston KOONCE. RICHARD CHARLES, Bowie KORTAGE, MARLENE ELAINE. Dallas KOTROLA. RICHARD JAY. Austin KRENEK. WILFRED MICHAEL. Richmond KUEHL. DEBORAH ANN, Waco KUTLER, JERRY ALAN, San Antonio LAGARDE, CYNTHIA KAY. Houston LAKE. GREGORY RAYMOND. Seabrook LAKE. LINDA KURSTIE. San Antonio LANDE, LAURA BRETT. Fort Worth Freshmen LANE. DEBORAH. Rosenberg LANG, WILLIAM REED III. Rio Hondo LANGE. RODNEY ALBERT, Austin LANGSTON, MICHAEL THORNE. Mexia LANKFORD. MICHAEL GLENN, Rockdale LARGENT. BRUCE TED. Ennis LARREY. CAMILLE. Houston LA RUE. WILLIAM BLAKE. Houston LATTIMORE, DAVID LAUER. Port Arthur LAUGH LIN. LOU ANN. Houston LAUGHLIN. WILLIAM RANDOLPH. Robstown LAXSON. CONSTANCE LYNN. Tulsa, Okla. LEAL. GLORIA LUCIA. Austin LEATHERWOOD. HELEN. Bonham LEATHERWOOD, JAMES L.. Bonham LEBOWITZ. AMELIA KAY. Austin LEE. DAVID ALAN. Houston LEE. SHERMAN BEOWULF, Fort Worth LEEPER. MARYANNE MACGUAIRN, San Antonio LEIGH, DONNA ANN. Houston LEISTER, CURTIS WYNNE, Orange LEONARD. JANET ELIZABETH. Dallas LERN6R. STEVEN DAVID. Houston LESCURE. ANNETTE MARIE. Dallas LESHIN. RICHARD LEE. Robstown LESIKAR. WILLIAM WAYNE. Victoria LEVENSON, KAREN SUE. El Paso LEVIN. PHYLLIS LEE. El Campo LEVIN. SUSAN BETH. Dallas LEVY. AMY BETH, Dallas LEVY, RICHARD JULIUS. Houston LEWELLEN. GARY LOUIS. Houston LEWIN. LESLIE JANE. McAllen LEWIS. RICHARD EDMONDS. Dallas LIGHTFOOT. RANDALL LEE. Plainview LIGHTHOUSE, LYNDA GAY. San Marcos LINDSEY, JAMES ELDON, Fort Worth LINDSEY. MELINDA JANE. Pearsall LINENSCHMIDT. LARRY LEON. Greenville LIPPIATT, LINDA DIANE. San Antonio LITTLE. JANET ANN, Gatesville LITTLE. LINDA, Houston LITTLETON. JEAN OLIVETTE. Houston LOCKHART. REGINA LEE. Austin LOGAN. JOHN LARRY, San Antonio LOGAN. KAREN ANN. Springfield. Va. LOHMANN, DIANA SUE. Austin LOPEZ. CYNTHIA ANNA. Corpus Christi 533 LORD. WILLIAM DAVID. Austin LOVE, JANELLE MARGARET. Houston LOW, PAUL MATTHEW. Dallas LOWE, DONALD ALAN, Henderson LOWERY, ELIZABETH ANN, Dallas LOWRY. MICHAEL EUGENE Dallas LUCAS. LYNN RUTH, Houston LUNDQUIST, SILLESPIE ARTHUR. Corpus Christi LUNSFORD, NANCY ELIZABETH, Houston LUTHER, SHERRYL ANN, Houston LUTTRELL, PAUL ALLEN, Dallas LYNCH, DAN STEVEN. Fairfax. Va. LYON, JENNIFER SUSAN, Spring LYONS. DEIDRE DIANE. Houston MACHA, JUDY ANN. Hungerford MACKOWSKI. MARTHA ANN, Dari.n. Conn. MAEDGEN. VILENE. San Angelo MAGILL, DONNA. Houston MAILLOUX. CYNTHIA ANN, Houston MANGRUM. MARC ALAN. Lubbock MANGUM, MURRAY PAUL. Houston MANTELL. PATRICIA ANNE, San Antonio MARDOCK. RUTH ANNE, Dallas MAREK, RAYMOND JO E JR.. Dallas MARKEL RONALD CLAYTON. Dallas MARSHALL. CHRISTINA. Dallas MARTH. TERESA RENE. Baytown MARTIN, EDWARD HALE. Abilene MARTIN. GABRIELLE FRANCHETTE. Austin MARTIN. ISABEL H.. Tatum MARTIN. NANCY GAIL. Houston MARTIN. NIKKI LYNN, Beaumont MARTIN, RICHARD DEWAYNE, Chico MARTINEZ, ALEJANDRO RIOS, San Antonio MASSEY, ALAN REED, Baytown MATAYA. JUDITH ANN. Houston MATTAR. ALAN THOMAS, Fort Worth MATTESON, STEPHEN MARK. La Marque MATTHEWS. GEORGE HILARY. Victoria MATTHEWS. KENNI SUE. Corpus Christ! MAXWELL, JERRY THOMAS. Austin MAYES. ROY ALLEN, Austin MAYFIELD, NANCY SUE, Austin McANINCH, LARRY RAY. Teas City McCAFFETY. SHELLEY WYNAN. Pasadena McCLESKEY. NATHANIEL TURK. Austin McCONNELL. MARYANN. Houston McCOY. DWYLENE. Sweetwater Class of 1975 McCULLICK. TRACEY HELENS. Austin McCULLOCH. MARK HOWARD. Beaumont McCULLOUGH, ETHELENE. Fort Worth McCULLOUGH, SUSAN GAY. Piano McCUMBER. BRAD ROBERT. Brownsville McDERMOTT. MARY KAY, Houston MCDONALD. LAVERIE JEAN. Texas City MCDONALD. MICHAEL STEPHEN. Dei Rio McDOUGALL, CHARLENE, Austin McGEE. MARYJO PATRICIA. Rochester. N. Y. McGRAW. PATRICE SUZANNE. New Braunfels McHUGH. MARY ELIZABETH. Millburn, N. J. MclNGVALE, JULIA ELIZABETH. Dallas McKEE. SUZANNE. Fort Worth MCLAUGHLIN. JOHN ROBERT. Midland McLINDEN, KAREN ELIZABETH, Houston McMAHAN. JOHN PATRICK, Lometa McMAHON, LEAH LYNN, Odessa McMICHAEL, PAMELA LEA, Midland McNALLY. ALAN E., Memphis McNATT. JAMES LEE. San Antonio McNAUL. SALLY MORROW. Odessa McOUADE, KENNETH JAMES. Fort Worth McREYNOLDS. ALLEN DALE. Longview MEDINA. CORINA CRUHM. Brownsville MENDOZA. STANLEY RODRIGUEZ. New Braunfels MENGERS. LEROY ALFRED, Mathis MERRITT, KAREN LYNN, Houston MESINGER. JAY MONROE. Houston MESSERA. CLAUDIA LYNN. Dallas MEYER. STEVE WILLIAM, Corpus Christi MEYERSON, CHERYL R., San Antonio MILAN. DAVID MICHAEL. Hurst MILLER. MIMI ORMAND, Pampa MILLS, KEITH WAYNE, Childress MITCHELL. LESA CLAIRE. Dallas MITCHELL, LINDA CAROL, Houston MONRO. DEBORAH ANN, Houston MONTGOMERY. CLIFTON JAMES. Ozona MONTGOMERY. MARGARET AQUIN, Dallas MOORE. DOYLE RANDALL. Austin MOORE. JAMES M.. Houston MOORE, LEANNE, Port Arthur MOORE. MARCELLA JOY, Houston MOORE. MARTHA KATHRYN. Midland MOORE. NANCY ARLENE. Dallas MOORE. WILLIAM BRUCE. Houston MOREHOUSE. WENDE LOU. Beaumont 534 1 MORENO. SYLVIA. Brownsville MORGAN. LYNETTE. Austin MORGAN. SCOTT TOMS. Cos Cob. Conn. MORGAN. VICKI ANN. Dallas MORRIS. BILLY FRANK JR.. Midland MORRIS. CHERYL MINON. Houston MORRIS. GENE PATTON. Houston MOSLEY. KAREN LUCILLE. Corpus Christ! MOSSO. STEWART JOHN. Galveston MOSTERT. RACHEL LEE. Houston MUECKE. PAULA JEAN. Three R.vers MUIR. JO ANN. San Antonio MULBERRY. GAYLE ANN. Dallas MULLANE. MAUREEN. Houston MULLEN. HARRYETTE ROMELL. Fort Worth MULLINS. RUSSELL NEAL. Gladewater MUNCEY. LINDA JEANNE. Houston MURDOCK, CHERILYN. Atlanta MURPHY, JAMES SCOTT. Houston MURRAY. ARTHUR LEE. San Antonio MURRAY. PAMELA JANE. Gary. Ind. MURRELL. THOMAS KADER JR.. Richardson NAGID. JERRY LYNN, Dallas NALL. CATHI LYNN. Houston NARISI. VINCENT JOSEPH. Dallas NASH, JOHN HARVEY III. Austin NAUGHTON. CATHERINE ANNE. Houston NAYMOLA. GAIL JOSEPHINE, Houston NEAL. DURWOOD EARNEST. Fort Worth NEIDERT. LISA JO. Houston NELSON. DIANE BERENICE. Austin NELSON. GLENN EDWARD, Houston NELSON. RANDY ALLAN. Greenville NELSON, ROBERT GRANT. Austin NERRICCIO. MARY ANNE. Laredo NESLONEY. DEBORAH SUE. San Antonio NEUHAUS. NANCY PARK. Houston NEWCOMB, PAUL STANLEY. Houston NEWSOM. CONNIE SUE. Austin NICHOLS. CAROLYN. Galena Parlc NIENABER, KIMBERLEY ANN. Evergreen, Colo. NIETO. JOHN M. JR.. Del Rio NOLTE. WILLIAM EDMOND. New Braunfels NONMACHER. EDWIN JACK Ml. Houston NORMAN. JOHN DAVID. Fort Worth NOTLEY, ANNE. Fort Worth NOWLIN. ETHEL RUTH. Harlingen OAKES. LYNN RUSLING. Houston Freshmen m (1 O ' BRIEN. ANN. Houston OCHOA. MARIA GUADALUPE. Austin O ' CONNOR. SHARON PATRICIA. Dallas ODELL. MICHAEL ALAN. Nederland ODOM. MELVIN CURTIS. Vernon O ' KELLEY. MICHAEL KEITH. Houston OLDFIELD. MARY ELIZABETH, Bastrop OLIVER, LARRY DWAIN. Bossier City. La. OLSEN. ELISE ARLINE. Houston OLSON. SUZANNE M.. Darien. Conn. O ' NEAL. RON DOUGLAS. Richardson O ' NEILL. JOHN CHRISTIAN. Fort Worth ONION. JANET MARGARET. San Antonio ORENTLICHER. JOAN ANNE. Atlanta. Ga. ORMAN. MARY PATRICIA. Luftin ORTOLON. GOERGE PERRY. Columbus OSBORN. JANE LEIGH. Lake Jacbon OSBORN. MARY GAY. Bryan OSBORNE. JOHN CARROLL. Midland OTAHAL. DAVID EDWARD. Houston OTT. HARRY LEON. Austin OTTO. JANE MARIE. Dallas OWENS. MELISSA CLAIRE. Austin PACE. ELIZABETH SEORGIANNA, Alexandria. Va. PANZARELLA. ROBERT LOUIS. Humble PARKER. BARBARA CARROLE. Fairfax. Va. PARNELL. JOHN EDWARD. Houston PARTLOW. ROSS GERALD. Liberty PASSMORE. SHERRY ANN. Austin PATE. GREGORY SCOTT. Fort Worth PATTILLO. GEORGE DENNIS, Waco PATTON. ALEXANDER FORD. Beeville PAUL. ELIZABETH ROSEANNE. Houston PAULL. ADRIENNE. Hammonton. N. J. PAULL. ALAN HERMAN, Houston PAZDRAL. GEORGE HOWARD. Somerville PEARCE. STEPHEN MOE. Austin PEARSON. KAREN LEE. Leander PEARSON. MICHAEL PARIS. Houston PECKINPAUGH. WILLIAM THOMAS. Houston PEDDYCOART. PATRICIA. Houston PEGRAM. NORMAN RICHARD. Somerset. N. J. PENN. SUSAN ELAINE. Austin PENNINGTON. RICHARD ADAIR. Livonia. Mich. PENNINGTON. RUTH K.. Nassau Bay PENNY. SUZANNE NOELLE. Dallas PERKINS. MICHAEL FREDERICK. Pasadena PERRIN. GREGORY JON. Hamlin 535 PETERMAN. SUZANNE. City PETROV, SANDRA DIANE. Houston PETTY. LYNDA SUSAN. Fort Huachuca. Arii. PHILLIPS. ELIZABETH ANN. Austin PHILLIPS. GWENDOLYN. Roanoke PIERINI, DIANE JEANNE. Madrid. Spain PIERSON. LINDA ANN, Fort Worth FILLER. HENRY DAVID. Dallas PINTER, MERILEE MARIE. Milwaukee, Wis. PIPER, JAY ANTHONY. Houston PIPPIN, RISA KAM, Houston PLYLER. ANN ELIZABETH. Tyler POE. LINDA SUSAN, Dallas POE, VICKI LYNN. Richardson POLUNSKY, MARK, San Angelo POND. CYNTHIA LOU. Richardson POPP, JAMES EDWIN, Long Grove. III. POPPER, LAURA ANDERSON. Memphis Tenn. POSGATE, LOUIS RIDOUT. Houston POSTMA. ROBERT ALAN, Amarillo POWELL, CYNTHIA JEAN, Dallas POWELL, MAGGIE MARSHA. Salveston POWER. PATRICIA ANN. Brownsville POWERS. DAVID G.. Dallas POWERS. GREGORY MICHAEL. Harlingen POZZA, DONALD LEE. San Antonio PRATER. RONALD TIMOTHY, Garland PRATT. DENISE BALLOU. Monroe. La. PRATT, JAMES LAURENS, Houston PRESLEY, CYNTHIA ANN, Mount Pleasant PRESTON. CAROLE ELIZABETH. Channelview PRICE. ROBERT DAVID, Houston PRIEST, SUSAN LEE. Dallas PROCTOR. JONI LYNN, Libertyville. III. PULLIAM. DEBRA DENISE. Bridge City PYE, DONALD SIDNEY, Roanoke OUINTANILLA. ROGER RIVERA. Corpus Christ; RACANELLI. RICHARD MARK. Dallas RACHEL, KAREN CAMILLE. Houston RACHNER. ROBERT RICHARD. Arlington. Va. RAINBOLT. SHARON KATHLEEN. Austin RAINEY, SARAH LINN, Houston RAMOS. RITA. Austin RATNER. NATHAN, San Antonio RAY, GREGORY FRANCES. Sequin READ. DEBRA LOUISE. Houston REDDICK. MARY LOUISE, Dallas REDWINE. RAS V.. Austin Class of 1975 REED, JOHN HOWARD, Eagle Lake REEDER. MARGARET BRANDON. Houston REEVES. WILLIAM WALTER. Houston REGNIER. PAUL PATRICK. Houston REICHEK. DEBORAH GAIL. Houston REID. RANDAL RAY. Lake Jackson REILEY. RONNIE WAYNE. Kenedy RENNER. DANIEL RAY, Lamesa RENTFRO. LINDSAY ELIZABETH. Brownsville REPP. DAVID L.. Dallas RESNICK. MICHELE ANN. Fort Worth REXROAT. JANA CAROL. Eastland REYNOLDS. BOBBY RAY. Carthage REYNOLDS. WILLIAM JOSEPH JR.. Austin RHODES. RICHARD CRAIG. Midland RIBE. RICHARD LINDSEY, Lake Jackson RICE, JOHN STEVEN. Tyler RICHARDS. JACK CARLIN. Corpus Christ! RICHARDSON. BARTON PARRISH. Houston RICHARDSON. JANET ELAINE. New Boston RICHEY, HOWARD WILLIE, Corpus Christi RIEMANN, CARL FRIEDRICH, Guayaquil. Ecuador RIFE, THOMAS ALLAN. Mesquite RILEY. ROZANNE. Austin RINGLE. ROBERT STEVEN. Universal City RIOS. MANUEL PENA. Seguin ROACH. GEORGE MICHAEL. Austin ROBERTS. CHARLES STANLY. Austin ROBERTS, JAMES DEWITT. Levelland ROBERTS. JERRY LEON. Te as City ROBERTS. MELINDA. Houston ROBERTS. RHONDA LYNNE. Dallas ROBERTSON. CYNTHIA L. Graham ROBERTSON. DANIEL BUFORD. Austin ROBERTSON. RICHARD LEA. Austin ROBERTSON. SHARON DIANE. Fort Worth ROBINSON, MICHAEL G.. Dallas ROCHER, STEPHEN LEE. Fort Worth RODDIE, PHYLLIS MARGARET, Brady RODGERS. KEITH KAY JR.. San Antonio RODGERS. SCOTT DOUGLAS. Midland RODRIGUEZ. CORA HERRERA. Austin RODRIGUEZ, DELIA ANN. San Antonio ROGERS. DEBRA SUSAN, Arlington ROGERS. LINDA KAREN. Austin ROOSTH. MICHAEL BARRY. Tyler ROSALES, TERESA ANN, San Antonio ROSENBAUM. SUSAN GAIL. Baytowr. 536 ROSENTHAL. ARNOLD STEPHEN. Fort Worth ROSENZWEIG. SAMUEL. Dallas ROSS. DEBRA ANNE. Dallas ROSS. WILLIAM GEORGE. Waco ROSS. WILLIAM ROBERT. Dallas ROSSI. BERNADETTE M.. Pasadena ROTHWELL. CHARLOTTE NANCY, Houston ROYALL, LINDA JEAN, Beaumont RUBIN. ELIZABETH ANN. Dallas RUBIO. PATSY, Houston RUDOLPH. JENNIFER YVONNE. Houston RUDY. STEPHEN RYLEN, Austin RUEB, KAREN DIANE, Houston RUGELEY, CHARLES LEWIS, Wharton RUNTE. PHYLIS J., Houston RUSSELL, GINGER KATHRYN, Sweetwater RUSSELL, JANNA KAY. Wichita Falls RUSSELL, MELVIN DAVID. Dallas RUTZ, OWEN KEITH, Midland RYLANDER. BETTY GRACE. Austin SADLER. MARLA JOLYNE. Whitharral SAIBARA, SUSAN JOY. Webster SALGE, TIMOTHY BERT, New Braunfels SALGUERO. DAVID EDWARD. Wichita, Kans. SAMPLE. MARVIN EDWARD JR.. El Paso SAMUELS. DAVID ALAN. Dallas SAMWAY. NORMA JEAN. Baytown SANDBERG. AMY JOYCE. Dallas SANDERSON. BARBARA ANN. El Paso SANDIDGE. DEBORAH JEAN. Rockdale SCALES. HUNTER LEDBETTER III. St. Ives. Australia SCHAFFNER. SUSAN ELAINE, Yoakum SCHEEL, SUSAN ELIZABETH. San Antonio SCHLOTFELDT, DEBORAH SUE. Houston SCHLOTFELDT. JUDITH ANN, Houston SCHMID, MARIA GABRIELLE, San Antonio SCHMIDT, JOHN ALLEN, Port Arthur SCHMOKER. KARON LYNN, Austin SCHRANK, KARON, Austin SCHULTZ. MICHAEL HENRY, Cleburne SCHUSTER, MARK FRANKLIN. Fort Worth SCHWARTZ, NANCY DALE. Omaha. Neb. SCHWARZ. DAVID WAYNE. New Braunfels SCHWARZER, MARY LYNN. Fairfield SCOFIELD. WILLIAM RANDAL. Houston SEDLACEK. LARRY MARTIN. Bay City SEGALL. CANDACE LOUISE. Houston SELIG. DEBRA ELAINE. Galveston Freshmen SELLERS, DAVID MARK, Midland SELLERS, GARY JOE, San Antonio SELLERS. LENN GENE JR.. Austin SELMON. MATTHEW ROWLAND. Stamford SEWELL. BRAD WILLIAM. Fort Worth SEWELL. CHARLES THOMAS. Pasadena SHAEFFER. SCOTT EDWARD, Midland SHANNON. MICHAEL JOHN, Houston SHAPIRO, BARBARA LYNN, Houston SHARP. CHRISTOPHER GLENN, Dallas SHAW, SUSAN KAY, Houston SHEA. PATRICIA BELL. Houston SHEARN. REGINA KAY. Houston SHEPHERD. JOAN MARIE. Galveston SHEPHERD. KENNETH WATERS, Dallas SHERIDAN, JACQUELYN SUE. Garland SHOCKLEE. MARTHA LOYCE, Houston SHOCKLEY, JON KENNETH, Marshalltown. lo SHUMATE, REBECCA LYNNE, Houston SHUMWAY, RHONDA HOPE, Houston SIBLEY, PAMELA ANNE, Dallas SICOLA. MARY DOMINIC. Houston SIEGEL. JEFFREY CRAIG. Dallas SILBERBERG, JOHN ALEXANDER. Austin SIMMONS. JOHN WESLEY. Midland SIMPSON, JIMMY WAYNE. Leander SIMPSON, JOHN SCOTT, Houston SLADEK. JEAN RUTH. Taylor SLANKARD. LUCINDA JOANN, Dallas SLATER, PHILLIP S.. Sherman SLONEK. THOMAS OTTO, Lake Jackson SMITH, APRIL DIANE. Austin SMITH. CARLA MAE. Greenville SMITH, DANIEL ROBERT, Houston SMITH, DONNA FRANCES, Houston SMITH, FRANK JOE III, Borqer SMITH, JAMES ANSLE JR.. Jefferson SMITH. JANET LIANE. Austin SMITH. LARRY DEAN Houston SMITH. LAURA LOUISA. Beaumont SMITH. MARGARET ANN, Irving SMITH, MARLA ELAINE, Pasadena SMITH, PATRICK DUNCAN. Angleton SMITH, RICHARD GREGORY, Austin SMITH, RONALD CHARLES. Mesquite SMITH. TONI JANE, Tyler SMOLIK, SAMUEL LYNN. Newqulf SMOTHERS. MARILYN LEE. Garland 537 SOLIZ. ALFONSO JR.. New Braunfels SORRELLS, KATHLEEN INEZ. Houston SOWERS. BRUCE ACTON, San Saba SPANGLER. JEANNIE RAE. Midland SPARKMAN. GEORGE T. JR., Dallas SPEARS, FRANKLIN SCOTT. San Antonio SPINNER. SHARON RUTH. Houston SPINOSA, CAREN KAY. Fort Worth SPONBERG. MARY KATHRYN, Austin SPRAIN, KARRAN KAY. Waco SRUBAR. JOE HENRY JR.. San Antonio STACK, GREGORY KRUPPS, Houston STALLINGS. JUDY LYNN. Hurst STALLONES. MELISSA LEN. Tomball STANBERY. SUSAN LYNNE. Houston STANLEY, GERALD WADE, Fort Worth STANLEY, MARILYN ELAINE, Texas City STANLEY. NANCY CAROL. Deer Park STANSBURY. JENNIFER. Newton STAVINOHA, SANDRA MARIE, Needville STECH, JOAN ELLEN, Weimar STEIN. KENNETH RICHARD. Austin STEIN. RICHARD HOWARD. Houston STEINER. MARY ELLEN. Houston STEINFELD. SANDRA I.. San Antonio STELL. REBECCA LEE, Bay City STEPHENSON. JANCY. Baytbwn STEVENS. GENEVIEVE ME, Houston STEWART, GEORGE RICHARD, Waahachie STINSON, PATRICIA MACK, Dallas STOCKTON, VIKI. Austin STOJANIK, WILLIAM JOHN JR.. Austin STOKES. JOHN TRUITT. Austin STOLER, SUSAN JOANNE. Dallas STONE. ROBERT MICHAEL. Dallas STORY. MARY CAMILLE. Austin STRADER, CONNIE MARIE, Houston STRAWN. RUSSELL KENT, Garland STRENG, RANDOLPH LEWIS. Dallas STRINGER, BETH LYNN, Tyler STRYKER. MICHAEL MAURICE, Woodville STUDER, EVELYN JUNE, Fort Worth SULLINS, JAMES CRAWFORD, Jackson, Miss. SUTHERLAND. KAREN. Houston SWAIN, DAVID HARRISON, Beaumont SWAN, SANDRA LYNNE. San Antonio SWANSON, SALLY ELIZABETH, Midland TASSOS. HELEN WALTON, San Antonio Class of 1975 TATE. KIRK HALL. Dallas TAUSEND. THOMAS PAUL. Pasadena TAYLOR. DONALD FRANK. Garland TAYLOR. WALLACE EDMONDSON, Corpus Christi TELGE, CHERYL DIANNE. Houston TEMPLE, KAREN, La Marque TEMPLE, THOMAS JACK, Texas City TERRY, SHIRLEY ANN, Houston THEDFORD. CATHERINE ANN. Corpus Christi THOGERSEN. STEVE ALAN, Tampa, Fla. THOMAS, BECKY, Dallas THOMAS, BETTY LOU. Houston THOMAS, DAVID WAYNE, El Paso THOMAS, HILDA SUZANNE. Houston THOMAS. JEAN ETTE. Wichita Falls THOMAS. JIM H., Garland THOMAS, JUDY ANN. Dallas THOMPSON, BEVERLY SUE, Bay City THOMPSON, DOUGLAS JAMES, Port Arthur THOMPSON, IDA DAWN. Austin THOMPSON. JANET LEE. Austin THOMPSON. JOSEPHINE KINCAID. San Antonio THOMPSON. JUDY E.. Bangkolt. Thailand THOMPSON LEROY DAVID. Denison THOMPSON, MARTHA JANE, Nocona THOMPSON, STEPHEN EARL. Cypress THOMPSON. TRUDY GAYLE. Euless THORNE. DEBORAH DEE, Austin TICE. JOSEPH HYE, Abilene TILL. ELIZABETH ANN. San Antonio TIMANUS. BARBARA HAMILL. Houston TINNEY. PATRICK EDWARD. Kingsville TIVERS. ELAINE HANOVER, Memphis. Tenn. TODD, ANN ELIZABETH, Fort Worth TODD. GARY LEE, Graham TOELLNER. PAULETTE KAY. Houston TOLSON. MARY VANCE. Brownsville TONN. WILLIAM HARMON III. Houston TOOMIM, CLAUDIA SUE. Beaumont TOUBIN. CHERYL HELENS. San Antonio TRAN. THI PHUC. Saigon. Vietnam TRANSOU. ANNE LYNETTE. San Antonio TRAYNOR. CHRISTINE MARIE, San Antonio TRESCH. SUSAN THATCHER, Houston TREVINO. DAVID SAMUEL, San Antonio TRIAL, MARCIA LYNN, Dallas TRICE. TREVA KAY, Lorena TRIPP. CELIA ANNE. Dallas 538 Bfe TRLICA, COLLEEN KEY, Pleasanton TRUELSON, ROBERT BROWNE II. Fort Worth TRUTNA. THOMAS ANTHONY. Pasadena TSCHOERNER. RUDOLF. Corpus Christ! TUCKER. BRUCE WAYNE. Wichita Falls TUCKER, CAROLYN SLYN. Hunt TUCKER. TIM WILLIAM, Murchison TUNKS. TIMOTHY TRENTON. Houston TURKELSON. MARK EDWARD. Columbus. Ohio TURLEY. TIMOTHY WAYNE. Pasadena TURNER. ROBERT BRUCE. Austin TURNER. ROY KIMBELL. Anahuoc TUSA, SALLY MARIE. Houston TUTTLE. FRANKLINE LEWIS. Austin TUTTLE. SROVER BENSON. Corpus Christ! TYRRELL. MICHEL KATHLEEN. Reading. Pa. ULVERT. CHARLES R.. Managua. Nicaragua VALLEJO. LUIS. McAll.n VAN BIBBER. DIANE. Dallas VANDERWILT. RANDY ALAN. Pasadena VANDOREN. WAYNE RICHARD. Fairport. N. Y. VAN ORNE. KATHERINE IRENE. Fort Worth VERBOIS, ROBERT DAVID. San Antonio VERDUCCI. THOMAS HENRY. Pasadena VERHEYDEN. JOHN PHILIP. Jacksonville VICKERY. CHARLES RANDALL, Houston VINE. NANCY LOUISE. Austin VOLLMER. DONALD FLAVIAN. San Antonio WADDELL. JAY ROSS. Sweetwater WAGERT, SCOTT WARREN. Houston WALDMAN. RANDALL JAY. Liberty WALKER, FLOYD WAYNE. Austin WALL. MELINDA ANNE. Dallas WALL. ROSALYN. Houston WALLACE, JOE THOMAS JR.. Llano WALLACE. WILLIAM WESLEY. Bay City WALLS. MARSHA LYNN. Pampa WALT ERS. BARI ANN. Hempstead WALTHERS. LEAH JAN. Houston , WALTZ. JEANETTE SUE. Orange WARD. BARBARA DIANNE. Dallas WARD. JEANNE ANN. Houston WAREING, NANCY JO. Dallas WATERS. STEVEN DAVID. Pampa WATKINS. KIM SUZANNE. Amarillo WATSON, ELIZABETH, Dallas WATSON. JOHN GIRLING. Houston WATSON. MELISSA TAYLOR, Stanford Freshmen WEAVER. WILLIAM TIMOTHY. Sinton WEBSTER. STEPHEN, Dallas WEEKLEY. CLAIRE MEREDITH. Son Benito WEIDNER. LEANNE. El Paso WEIDT. NANCY E.. Alexandria. Va. WEINER. LINDA ROSE. Houston WEISE, BONNIE RENEE, Taylor WEISSGARBER. ERIC JOHN. Austin WELLS. MARCELYN RUTH. Dallas WENDLAND. KIMBERLY GAIL. Fort Worth WENDLANDT, VICKI ARLEAN. Austin WERLLA, VANESSA LYNN. Rosenberg WESEMAN. LARRY W.. Midland WEST. CHARLES SHANNON. Dallas WHARTON. NANCY INEZ. Dallas WHATLEY, THOMAS LEE. Baytown WHEELER. STEPHEN RAND. Abilene WHELESS, SHARON RUTH. Austin WHISENANT. MARY PATRICE. Abilene WHITE. BRITT. Houston WHITE, DEBRA KAY. Mission WHITE, TONI ANN. Pittsburg WHITE. VICKI GAYLE. Austin WHITELEY. MICHAEL AUSTIN, Killeen WHITESIDE. TOMMY GLENN, Corpus Christ! WHITFIELD. NANCYLEE. Dallas WHITNEY. CLAUDIA LYNNE, Houston WIATROWSKI, JANET ANN, San Antonio WIEDE. REBECCA ANN. Houston WIER. SUZANNE. Austin WIGGINS. DAVID RAY. Fort Worth WILCHAR. PAMELA JANE. Fort Worth WILKINSON. JANICE KAY. Pearsall WILLIAMS, BOBBYE RUTH. Abilene WILLIAMS. MARLA SUE. Kermit WILLIAMS. ROBERT DWAYNE. Austin WILLIAMS. ROBIN CRAIG. Richardson WILSON, HELEN CATHERINE. Hearne WILSON. MARSHA LYNN. Midland WILSON. NELDA. La Porte WILSON. PAMELA ANN, Longview WILSON, PATRICIA LEE. Pasadena WILSON. RALPH EDWIN. Arnarillo WILSON, WILLIAM ROBERT, Houston WINDISCH, JOHANNA MAXINE, Lredo WINEMAN. WYNONAH LYNN. Olmito WINSTON, SCOTT MYERS. Dallas WINTER. JOAN ELIZABETH. Houston 539 WINTERRINGER, RUTH ANNE. Fort Worth WISE, MARILYN MARIE, Late Jocltson WITCHER, RODNEY FERNELL. Tyler WITTELS, MARGIE JAYNE, Son Antonio WITTIS. LAURA ELIZABETH. Galveston WOERNER, FREDERICK JOHN, Houston WOLD, TIMOTHY MICHAEL. San Antonio WOLF. ROBERT JOSEPH. Houston WOLFER. KATHLEEN LESLIE. Bellaire WOLFF. GARY JOE. Bellaire WOLMA. CYNTHIA ANN, Salveston WONS. KENNETH PAUL. Houston WOODWORTH. SHARON ELAINE, Pasadena WOOLDRIDSE, MICHAEL E.. Dallas WOOLEY. BRENDA GAYLE. Silsbee WORCESTER, SHIRLEY ANN. Baytown WORRELL. MELINDA GAIL, Fort Worth WORSHAM. PAMELA ANN. Willis WOTIPKA. PAMELA KAY, Flatonia WOYTEK, TERI DIANE. Round Rocl WRANISCHAR, JACK DANIEL. Houston WREN. STEPHAINIE BETH. Decatur WRIGHT. MARYATTE STEELE III. Nacogdoches WRIGHT. NANCY CLAIRE. Dallas WUNDERLICK. MICHAEL BARRY, Dallas WYLIE. HARRY MICHAEL. Houston WYMAN. BEVERLY JO. Houston YEE. PAMELA ALICE. Houston YEMMA, MARK FRANCIS. Austin YEN. HUYNH NGOC. Saigon, Vietnam YEN. RONALD RAY. Dallas YOUNG. ANITA ESTELLE. OUahoma City. OUa. YOUNG. DAVID. Dallas YOUNGBLOOD, DAVID LEON. Huntsville YOUNGBLOOD, MICHAEL DAVIS. Beaumont ZAHN. CYNTHIA ANN. Corpus Christi ZAJICEK. LARRY EDWARD, Columbus ZELUFF. BARRY JAMES. Houston ZIMMERMAN, DAVID LEE. Boling ZLOTNIK. ROBERT SAMUEL. El Campo ZUBER. ROLAND THOMAS. Dallas ZWEIGHAFT. SUSAN GAIL. Beaumont In jes " Lisa- 1 c Mary Wai Micka Robe- fay Ji Freshmen 540 In Memoriam Students Faculty Staff Paula Jordan Allen Ruth Moment Armistead Jeanne C. Armstrong Lisa Jennifer Brashears Francisco " Paco " Carrasco Mary Jane Cummings Richard Dennis Dailey Michael Edward Davis Robert Mason Dunlap, Jr. Carlos Noe Garcia Diana Laura Hinojosa Kay Johnson James Andrew Knox Bruce David Lubel Patricia Karn Marsh David Ross Massey Leah Moncure Alicia Marie Montz Angeline Ruth Palmer James David Shaver Patricia Ann Steen Robert David Weldon Bailey F. Wynn, Jr. Paul Mason Batchleder David K. Brace Tonya Childs Karl M. Dallenbach Werner W. Dornberger Stanley Phister Finch William Francis Fritz Anna Hiss Ken-ichi Kojima Marie Betzner Morrow Caleb Perry Patterson Goldie Morton Porter George I. Sanchez Milton J. Thompson Ernest Joseph Villavaso Hubert S. Wall Clifton Brown Dorothy J. Bunnell Clyde L. Davis Frank Diver Alton William Dolgener John Edward Hill Frances Heliums Hudspeth Gus Fritz Limmer Carl Chester Lind Francis A. Miskell Evelyn J. Nelson David Price E. Charlotte Spence Mae Agnes Waggoner Howard L. Wier Max P. Yesenik - .. _ " ' ' Index Organizations Name Acacia A Cappella Choir Pages 182. 183 82 574 Name School of Communicati College of Education . . College of Engineering College of Pharmacy . . Crow ' s Nest Pages jn 29 32 34, 35 33 Name Omicron Delta Kappa . Opening Pages Pages 165 Name Sigma Delta Chi Pages 149 266 267 C.B 1 O f Ilk 106 Sigma Gamma Tau Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi 177 268 269 270, 271 272 273 Adm Vstrafon 434-438 40 130 98 99 Outstanding Students . . Pakistanian Students. . . 357-365 1 31 56 57 107 Deans of Students Delta Delta Delta 440, 44 1 37 Silver Spur 112 113 AIME Alpha Chi Omega 133 184, 185 126 PEM Club 1 46 514-526 212 213 Peregrinus Phi Beta Kappa Phi Beta Kinsolving .... Phi Delta Chi Phi Delta Theta Phi Eta Sigma 58 So homores D It Ka a E s Ion 214 215 1 66 167 Southern Sin ers 88 Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Delta 186. 187 155 188 189 Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi 216, 217 218, 219 Spooks Student Christian Fellowship .... 114, 115 118 1 50 26-28 144. 145 242. 243 168 244, 245 136 137 1 90 191 220 221 Students Association Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Kappa Alpha 192, 193 194 195 127 Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Delta Zeta Directors. Choral Organiz Division of Extension Ex-Students Association . Features Freshmen 222, 223 224, 225 226. 227 itions 81 443 442 Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma 246, 247 248, 249 ..250. 251 Tau Beta Pi 178. 179 1 80 274, 275 276, 277 120, 121 384 59 ... 122. 123 A ha OrT ' cron P 196 197 Tau Delta Phi Alphi Phi Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Tau 198. 199 200, 201 92. 93 128 252. 253 Tau Kappa Epsilon Teias Ten Most Beautiful TES Magazine Pi Beta Phi Pi Kappa Alpha P, Lambda Phi Pi Lambda Theta Pi Sigma Alpha 254. 255 256, 257 258. 259 169 1 70 286-355 527-540 129 160 Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Xi Delta Angel Flight 202. 203 204, 205 79 156 GDE 97 TNSA Texas Student Publications Board of Directors Texas Today and Tomorrow 51 Gamma Phi Beta Goodfellows 228. 229 366 375 457-459 . . 171 Posse Praetorian Guard Pre-Law Association . . . PRSSA Psi Chi The Ranger Magazine RhoChi Riata Magazine 110, III 172 153 109 173 58 41 89 42-49 152 278 279 ASCE 134 460-494 ASME 135 Gymnastics Handball Home Economics Chapter IEEE 143 140 Texas Union Theta Sigma Phi Theta Xi Athletic Coaches Awards. Memorial 418-423 .. ..376 377 378 157 1 74 85 158 36 541 428-431 500-513 230, 231 232 233 161 59 443 Upper-Class Advisors In Memonam Juniors Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta ...108 eiuebonnet Belles The Cactus 379-383 52 55 94 ROTC 76-79 UT Sailing Club 1,6 :: ,,7 424. 425 426 427 Army Navy Round-Up Scabbard and Blade. . . Schools Architecture 68-75 UTSA UTSAM ers 62-66 Chi Epsilon 159 38. 39 175 446 Varsity Baseball ...410-415 Chi Omega Choral Organizations Choral Union Christian Science Organization Closing Pages Colleges Arts and Sciences Business 208. 209 82 91 84 141 Varsity Basketball Varsity Cheerleaders Varsity Chorus Varsity Cross Country Varsity Football 398-403 91 408 .. .386-397 Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Psi 234, 235 162 95 573-576 444, 445 447 449 138, 139 448 Graduate 455 Kappa Sigma 236. 237 454 ...417 Nursing Scottish Scholars Seniors Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Sigma Alpha Eta Sigma Alpha lota Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi . ...452 Lambda Chi Alpha 238, 239 1 76 495. 499 260. 261 147 148 Varsity Swimming Varsity Tennis 409 416 404 407 90 124 280, 281 282. 283 1 00- 1 05 450 LoAorn Sin ers 86 87 Varsity Track Women ' s Concert Choir YAF Fine Arts 451 LPhA 142 96 NESEP 67 262. 263 264, 265 Zeta Beta Tau Councils College of Business Administ Nam Abel, 1. W Aime Felton Lee Akers Fred Sanford Allen, Linda Bley Allison, Wilmer L Alpert. Mark 1 Anderson, Henry Al Anderson James C Arbingast Stanley A Arena Mrs. Ollie B Armstrong. Frank Ashburne Jim G Atkins. Patrick Riley 542 ration 30. 3 1 Fac Pages 30 437 418 62, 143 422 158 163 76 165 76 574 158 134 Omega Psi Phi :ulty, Name Ayres. James Bernard . . . Barr Margaret J Barren. W.lliam Edward. . Baruch. Ike Bastean. Mary Anne Batchleder. Paul Mason . . Beachy. Morris Jay ..... Belt William Thomas Staff, Pages 165 40. 441 443 and Name Bold, Harold Charles . Bonjean Charles Micha Bostick Francis X. Jr. . Boyle. James Greenleaf Brace. David K Brewer, JoAnn Briggs Harry Brown, Brenda Brown Robert Graves . Brown Ronald M Brubaker. Janet Cathlee Bruce, Grady D Bruner Peggy Spom Pages 165 il 51 165 27 541 151 143 69 174 41, 169. 378, 436 n 62 158 148 sors Name Bunnell Dorothy J Pages 541 Burke. Nelda June Burlage. Henry M 424 174 574 442 541 81. 84 Busch Arthur W. 34 35 Byrne. Richard Burdick 1 65 442 76 Campbell. William Mike 418 439 Bernal, Joe Berry. Margaret Bethea. William Lamar . . Black. Meredith Leon . Blocher Edward J 442 164. 440 421 . . .399. 400. 403, 421 158 Carpenter Edward Lee Carter Nancy K 437 44 1 442 Cashm Jack W 1 58 Name Chauveau.. Tony Lynn 168 Cherry. Merdy E ... 442 Childs. Tonya 541 Clagett, Sarah E . . ..-..48 Clark Charles T 43, 160. 165 Colvert Lester L 14. 158 Colvin. James H 113.436 Combs Alan B 141. 144, 174 Cook. Bobby G 438 Corneio. Phillip 442 Co.. Eli Peace 158 Co. Franklin Lanier 1 58 Craig. Roy Rochester 1 65 Crank. Grove Steven 62 Crosson, T. A 438 Crum. Lawrence Lee I 58 Culver Joseph Howard 439 Cundiff. Edward William I 58 Cunningham, Gary Mac I 58 Cunningham. William A 160 Cunningham. William Hughes 165 Dallenbach. Karl M 541 Daniels. Jack Tupper 408. 421 Danielson Wayne Allen 29. 163. 448 Davidson James Alan I 58 Davis. John Emerson I 74 Dav.s. NorrisG 51. 163 Dean. Dorothy W 164.441 Delgado. Jaime N I 74 Oil. Nas.m 107 DiNmo. Vincent Ra.rden 100. 162, 165 Diver. Frank 541 Doenges Rudolph Conrad I 58 Dolgener. Alton William 541 Dolley James Clay I 58 Dornberger Werner W 54 I Dotson Ern.e Dale 421 Doty, E. William 451 Drummond. Cliff 41 Duggan. Michael Allan 107 Duncan. James Paul 41. 440 Duncan, John H 158 Duren, Almetris Marsch 441 Edmonds. Lester Loyd. Jr 51. 574 Eickhoff. Roger C 447 El-Din. Hamza A 148 Ellington. Billy Morris 394. 418 Ellis. JohnG 69 Ellison. Fred Pittman 41 Ellison Samuel P. Jr 165 445 Elsass. J. Frank 165 Er.leben. Charlotte Ann 442 Fanning. Nancy Shelley 143 Farrar Stanley W 574 Fassero. Joseph Martin 76 Feiarang. Antonio Babauta 62 F.nch Stanley Phister 54 1 Fitzsimmons. James Albert I 58 Flawn Peter T 436 Folkers Karl 174 Folmer Charles Fred 438 Fowler. Wallace T 177 Franks Lawrence Turner 168, 441 Frantz Joe Bertran 163 Friedrich, Otto Martin. Jr 140 Fritz. William Francis 541 Frohlich. Norman I 70 Fulcher. Dav.d Glen 1 58 Fuller Frances Fallen 43 Furlong, Richard Wilson 159 Garret! Ronald D 174 Gibson. Robert K 69 Gilbert John Eric 426 Gjerstad. Gunnar I 74 Gloyna. Earnest Frederick 165. 450 Gonzalez. Richard J I 58 Goodman. William Fred 62 Gray John Elmer 69 Green Charles J 76 Greenhill Just.ce Joe 153 Greer S. Marcus 1 58 Griffin Charles Henry I 58 Griffin Waylon 1 58 Gronouski John A. . . . . .455 Name Pages Gross. AllenNeal 62 Grubbs. Clifton Madison I 65 Guerrero. Gilbert 442 Gustafson. Clifford L 410. 413 421 Guy, William T.. Jr 165 Hackett. Charles Wilson. Jr I 58 Hagerman, Betty Sue 424 .174 Hall Gene E 117 Handley. Duchess 442 Hannon. George Edward 420 Hannon. Laurence K 43 Hanson. Barbara 116 Hardcastle. Kay 1, 574 Harris. Roy Duane 158 Hawthorne, Loyd Furman 81 Hayden. Shirley J 69 Haynie. Willis Firman 437 Hazelton. Nathan Alphonso .... 62 Hejl. James George 100, 162 Helms James Carlton 418 Henion. Karl Eugene 1 58 Henry Malcolm Phillips 69 Higley. Robert P 427 Hilburn, Robert Edwin 51 Hill. John Edward 541 Hill Ted 116 Hilson Ralph Albert 62 Hinkle. Olin Ethmer 152, 163 Hiss. Anna 541 Hitt. James Alfred 166 Hodges. Gus M 160 Hoffman. Gary A 1 58 Hold William T 1 58 Holland. D. B. Jack 41. 165 Hollingsworth Robert E 163 Holstrum. Gary L 1 58 Holtzman. Wayne H 164. 165 Horak. Franklin 31 Hudspeth. Frances Heliums 541 Hull. David George 177 Munt Arch William 158 Hurley. Jack Edward 426 Hynes. Robert Frank 62, 67 Iscoe Ira 164.437 Jackson. Loraine M 442 Jacobsen, Jens Michal 437 Jennings. Columbus, Jr 69 Jones. Albert Pearson 160 Kahan Robert Sidney 163 Kagan. Barbara 153 Kay. James Rudolph 1 58 Keeton. W. Page ..153. 165. 454 Kelley. H. Paul 437 Kennamer, Lorrin G 165. 449 Kessler. Susan 442 King. C. Richard 149, 163 Kiser. Jack 418 Kleider. Doug 418 Kocurek. Louis J 1 58 Kojima, Ken-ichi 541 Kozmetsky George . . 158, 165. 447 Krejci Margaret 442 Lamb Gordon Howard 81. 82. 89 Lane R. N 158 Lanham. Elizabeth 158 Larson. Donald Alfred 155. 165 Larson. Kermit Dean 158 Leach. Lawrence Verne 119 Le Compte. Jimmy L 69 Lee. Harrell Estes 163 Leno. Bennie Harold 421 Limmer Gus Fritz 541 Lind. Carl C 541 Livingston William S 165 Loehr. Dianne 442 Long. Amy Jo 41 Lowry ENabeth Alaire Howard. . 81. 90 Macdonald H. Malcolm 153 Madison, Ann Scherz 442 Maggard. Michael ' J 1 50 Magee Harold J ' 69 Magruder Lawson W. Jr 69 Maguire. Jack Russell 165, 442 Name Maguire. Pat ....... ...... Malkin. Stephen .......... Maness. Dale Dwayne ..... Manley. Willie Leon ....... Marcinek. Sally Anne ...... May. Francis Barnes ....... Mayne. Kathleen Crawford McAlister W. W ......... McClelland Dean B ....... McDonald. Gail J ......... Pages 442 171 I 74 418 151 158 ..114. 115. 167 135 76 441 Nam Pagei McElderry. Stanley 445 McEnally. Richard W McKetta. John J. Jr McKie. James W McNair, Julia Lynn McNees. A. G McWilliams. David Lee Medina Frank Edwin ...158 ...165 ...444 .1. 574 ... 158 .. .418 ...402 Mengel. Ralph Hain 158 Mettlen, Robert Delmar 158 Miller. Luke Horrell. Jr 62, 99 Minter, Morman Wesley 95 Miskell, Francis A 54 1 Molineau.. Joseph Francis, Jr 62 Montgomery. Charles Matthew . . . . .62 Moore. Russell Martin I 58 Moore. Walter L 124 Morrow. Marie Betzner 541 Myers. Margaret Marie 442 Nash. Elon C 69 Neal. Joe West 439 Nelson Eugene W 165 . .541 Nelson, Evelyn j Nematollahi, Jay 3-t 1 1 74 Newcomb, William W. . 439 Nicholas. Richard Alan . 40. 441 Noonan. P. J 43 Nowotny. Arno .110, 122. 160. 165. 168 Olm. Kenneth William . . 165 Olson. William Berglund 1 58 Onion Judge John .... 137 Otis, jack 455 Papagno. Jimmy P 76 Paterno. Joe 387. 396 Patterson Caleb Perry. . 541 Patterson Melvin Ray . . . 409, 418. 422 Patton, Carroll Ann .... 442 Pennabaker. Gene . 133 Perry. Shirley Bird 41.43 Peterson. Robert Allen . . 127 Pethia Robert F 1 58 Pierce, Frank Nicholson . 51 Pierce. Johnny O 69 Piper. Billy Joe 69. 75 Pittman Jim 394 Plotsky. Frances A 441 Porter Charles Franklin . . 69. 75 Porter Goldie Horton . . 541 Potter Norman Maurice 427 Preciphs. Trudie K.bbe. 441 Price. Cleburne. Jr 404. 407, 408. 421 Price David Shannon . . . 541 Price. Edwin Booth 440 Prothro. Charles N. . 158 Radzai. Frank R 1 74 Raschke. Jewel Popham . 169 Roddick. DeWitt Carter 165 Reilly John 130 Rios. Joaguin 76 Roach. James R Roberts. Beverly J Robertson. Jack Clark Robuck. Nancy Rodgers. John Ormand Rogers. Lorene L Roe. Jack Willhoit Rogers. Lorene Lane Romine, Jack Rooker. Albert Albin Ross. Stanley R Royal. Darrell K Rumph. Kathleen Ellen Sanchez. George I ...43. 165, 444, 445 62 157. 158 ...442 ..32 436 62 224 422 165 436 165 392 396. 418 442 ...541 Sarantakes, Nicholas ...................... 69 Sauls. Eugene Howaell ..................... 51 Schmitz James William ................ 69 175 Scholler, Jean ........................... I 74 Schwartz. Herbert Frederick, II ............. I 74 Scott. Alan ......................... 109. 163 Secrest. Thomas M ........................ 69 Sever.n Werner ......................... 163 Sharpe. Ernest Alonzo .................... 163 Sheffield. William Johnson ......... 33. I 74 453 Shipp W. Byron ......................... 437 Shivers, Allan ........................... 158 Simpson. Robert Eugene ................ 438 Singer Sidney Griffin .................... 163 Smith. Charles Hugh ..................... I 58 Smith. Ruth .......................... 50. 441 Sommerfield. Raynard M .............. 158. 165 Sord. Burnard H ......................... 158 Sorrells. Michael ......................... 442 Spearman Jo Edna ...................... 424 Spellman, Lewis J ........................ 1 58 Spence. 6. Charlotte ..................... 541 Spurr, Stephen Hopkins . . .41. 224, 434, 435. 454 Steele. John G. . . ...... 41 , I 22. 160. 438 Stevens Wayne Manning . Stockton. John R Streulmg. G. Fred Sullivan. Gerald Summers. Edward Lee Swenson Glen T Talbert. William Laurel . . . Taniguchi. Alan Y Taylor. Jack G Thompson Milton J Thomson, Carl J Tollefson, Russell Trahan, Sidney Trickett, Paul Carey Tyson. Kenneth W Upshaw. Mac Van Cleave Ronald Glenn 69 158 158 I 74 158 418 1 58 446 158 541 158 1 58 158 .155 414. 437 426 574 ...62 Vaughan. Roy . . .442 Villavaso. Ernest Joseph Vogt. Fred B Von Schonfeldt. Hilmar Waggoner, Mae Agnes Waggoner Sheila Walden Charles R.. Jr Walker Charles Alborn 541 34 133 541 76 442 1 74 Walker. Clara 176 Walker. Ernest W 158 Wall, Hubert S 541 Wardlaw. Frank H 439 Welch. Ashley James I 1 8 Welder. Karen Stetter 442 Wellborn, Elizabeth 441 Welsch. Glenn Albert I 58 Werbow. Stanley Newman 444 Werchan. James Conway 439 Whaley. W. Gordon 454 Whatley. Alice Elrod 44 1 Whelus. David 418 White. William Franklin 81 Wier, Howard Lee 541 Wilco.. William M 438 Williams. Thomas Howard 1 58 Williams. Tom 574 Willis Richard G 76 Willman. Marilyn D 452 Winkler. John C 81 Wissler. Eugene H I 78 Witt. Robert Ernest 1 58 Wolf. Harold Arthur 1 58 Worrell Lee Frank I 74 Wortham. Gus I 58 Wright. Benjamin Fletcher 1 60 Wright. Charles Alan . Wylie Billy Burben . . Yesenik, Ma. P Yura. Joseph Andrew. Zapalac. Willie Frank . 165 174 541 34 . .418 Zlatkovich Charles Theodore 158 543 Student Index Pages Pages Pages Aaronson. Lee Richard Abbett. KatMeen Abbott Christine A 166 204, 527 500 Abel. Susan Elaine Abele. Stanley T Abernothv. Curtis Marl Abney Rebecca 167. 514 168 244 460 204 Aboud. Russell Michael. .24. 127 215 460 Aboussie Annette Say 460 .418 266. 527 137 300 500 157 ...74 Aboussie Joseph A. . . Abowitz, Sally Abraham, Charles Bruce Abramowitz. Brondel . . . Abramowitz. Michael H. Abrams, Elliot Marl Abrams, Michael A.. II . Abrams, Timothy G 70 Abright, Wm. F.. Jr 92 Abshier. Michael Hugh ' . . .495 Abu-Hamdeh. Saleh Mustafa 134 Achilles. James Ernest. Jr 423 Acker. Bill M Acker. Helen Ann Ackerman. William Randa Acock. Randolph Acree. James David Acuff James Terry. Jr. . . Adair. Marshall Reed .... Adair. Mary Ellen Adamcil. Anthony James Adami. Debra Lynn Adams. Alice Ann Adams. Ann Elizabeth 88. 204 Adams. Bobbie Jean 194. 514 Adams Connie Sue 210. 247. 460 Adams. Dan Phillips 270. 418. 514 Adams. Diana Kemp 210 Adams. Diana Ragan 514 Adams. Donna Jean 500 Adams. Henry Marshall 460 Adams. James E.C 514 Adams. Janis Ruth 167, 184, 514 Adams. Jenny 500 Adams. Judy Kay 147 Adams. Michael F 500 Adams. Sammy Jock. Jr 514 218, 527 228. 514 495 34 300 49 527 500 527 527 88 Adams. Stephanie Lyi Adams. Susan Adams William Hoskins Adams. William W Adcock. Phyllis Ann Adcock. Sherilyn A. W., Mrs Addicts. Linda Gay Addison. Louise Adger. Martha Ann . . . Adger. Stephen Alison Adin. Richard Louis . . . Adkins. John August . . . Adkins. John M. 210 232 . 1 1 1 , 268 . 168, 514 .167, 500 .141, 460 514 ...228 208. 236 236 256. 514 .49. 54, 238. 374. 514 ....52 Adleman Mark Lee 63. 460 Afzal. Suhail 107 Agee. Barbara Jeanne 210, 460 Agold. David Charles 495 Aguilar. Javier 1 57, 500 Aguilar. Reuben Perez, Jr 162 Aguirre. Sonia Belinda 527 Ahn. Suzanne Insool. . . Ahuero. Daniel David . . Aicklen, Andrew John . Aiken Joe Michael . . . Aiken. John Edward . Alaniz. Betty Jo . Albano. Joyce An Albers. Carol Ann .49 500 64, 256 268, 514 70 Aiken, Larry Robert 168 Aikman. Connie Sue 460 Airhart Dixon Ann 514 Akers, Carol Lorraine 234. 527 Akin. James Richard 92 Akiona Edmond Bertram 460 Alamia. Rodolfo R 144, 495 460 208 198 Albers. Catherine R 197 Albers. Margaret Irene 204. 460 Albers. Marilyn Ann 1 67 Albert, Nancy Rose 266 Albrecht, Jean Ann 527 Albrecht, Karen E. : 169 Albritton. Steven C 260 Alder Susan Carole 209. 527 Aldred, Val Anthony 55, 222. 430. 514 Aldr.dge. Jimmy Steve I 50 Aldridge. Sallie M.S.. Mrs 163 Aleman. Raymundo 1 70 Alewitz. Meyer 49 Alexander Beverly L 527 Alexander. David Allen 430 Alexander Debra Lynn 527 Alexander, Diana B 82 Henry F 165, 495 ...527 Lucius H 201 Mary Ellen 152. 500 460 514 Alexander. Richard L 270, 527 Alexander, Shane C 168, 230, 514 Alford. Charles R 460 Ali, Shuiaat 107 Ali, Syed Munis 107 Allard, Jane Diane 375 Alleman. Catherine I ' 50, 106, 514 Allen, Alexander B 418 Allen Amanda Radford 184, 527 Allen, Brady Lee 527 Allen, Connie Jean. Mrs 460 Alexander Alexander, Joseph W. . Alexander, Alexander, Alexander. Matilda E. Alexander. Neil Kenton Allen, David Vincent 500 Allen, Gregory Steven 222 Allen, Joe Bailey. Ill 238, 500 Allen. Kent Whiting 427 Allen. Loyd V.. Jr 174 Allen, Mark K 222, 527 Allen, Paula Jordan 541 Allen, Russell Scott 222, 500 Allen, Sidney 147. 232. 270 Allen. Stephen Douglas 495 Allen. Suzanne Elise 460 Allen. William P.. Jr 182 Alletag. Gary Michael 127 Alletag. R.chard G 127 Alley Carolyn S 161 Alley. Sandra Dawn 514 Allison. Judy Ann 161. 183. 282 Allison. Larry Glenn 460 Allison. Mary K 282 Allison, Robert H 29. 109 Allison William S 418 Alliston. D 208, 527 Allman. Robert Lee 268, 495 Allmond. Steven Roy 500 Allport. George H.. II 457 Allred. Beth Ann 116 Allshouse, Janet Lee 232 460 Allumbaugh, Mary K 208 Almquist, Arthur Ray 168 Alpert, Emily Joyce 514 Alsup James Myers 222, 430 Alter Dennis Ira 262, 263 Alter. Keith Alan 262 Alter. Lisa Ann 32. 266 Althaus. Voy Ernest. Jr 514 Altman. Gwendolyn N 500 Altobelli. Robert A 64 Alvarado. Diana Delia 514 Alvarez-Calderon, G 427 Alvis. William Truett 170 Amato. Daniel L 117 Amaya, Rene Luis 418 90 ....102. 514 ....208. 500 ....168. 500 232 ....159. 179 64. 259. 527 580 Amen, Ruth Marie Ament. John Charles Amerman Patricia M Amirlhan. John Nelson Amis. Janie Pearce Ammar, Ramadan E Amos, Marilyn E. Amos. Scott Randal 495 Amstead Barbara Jane 33 Amster. Susan F 169 Anda. Cuahtemoc 457 Andell. Lisa Beth 266 Anderlohr, W. Joseph, Jr 156. 500 Anders, Vickie J 514 Andersen, Penny Lee 500 Anderso Anderso Anderso Anderso Anderso 155, 460 192. 514 123 500 .36 276, 277. 418. 495 242 37. 75. 230. 254 500 527 256 514 159, 250, 251 Anderson, James Robert 230. 500 Anderson Jane Alice 49. 254, 527 Anderson, Joseph L., Ill 420. 423 Anderson, Karen L 198 Anderson, Kathy Louise 460 Anderson. Kenneth G 168 75. 210.430 514 423 460 90 166 149, 226. 371, 460 232 . ... 147 527 421 238 Anderson. Nance Gene 232, 495 Anderson. Paulette Sue 514 Anderson. Richard Y 268 Anderson. Robert G.. Jr 236 Anderson. Robert Hatton 460 Anderson. Steven Lee 418 Anderson. Teresa Gail 1 84 Anderson. Teresa Lynn . 500 Anderson, Thomas Aired 242 Anderson, Thomas M 71 Anderson, Thomas Wynn 83 Anderson. Wayne Edward 64, 99 Anderson. Widney Sue 204 Anderson. Woodrow Warren 109 Andrew. George Douglas 172 Andrews. Anne Wythe I 14. I 15. 375 Andrews Constance Rae 457 Andrews. Jan Kathleen ..1,51. 52, 152. 359. 460 Andrews. Laura K 166 Andrews, Laura Lee 514 Andrews, Mark William 500 Andries. Thomas F 500 Andrus. James Robert 278 Angell. Rebecca Gail 226, 514 Angelo. John Edward 155 Angevine, Janan 212 Angle, James Leslie, II 49 Anderson Allan Lynn . . . Anderson. Annette A. ... Anderson, Bruce Warren . Anderson, Candace E. . . . Anderson, David D Anderson, David M Anderson, Emily Fields . . Anderson, Gary Kenneth . Anderson, Gary Michael . Anderson, Gary Robert . . Anderson, Glennelle Anderson, James Daffis Anderson. Kristine A. Anderson. Larry Oscar . Anderson. Lee Martin . . Anderson, Linda Lee . . . Anderson, Linda Louise . Lissa Beth . . . Mary Claire . Mary Kathryn Melinda Michael Dean Anderson. Michael Dean Anderson, Michael H. Ankele, Martha Anstey, Carol Marie Anthony, Betty Jane Anthony, David Francis . . . Anthony. George Anthony. Sandra Lynn Anthony. William R.. Jr. . . Antweil, Barry Lee Apgar. Timothy Charles . . Apostolis Maria C Appleman Vicki Appold. Rebecca Jo Aratoon. Brodrick C Arbisser. Iris Lee Arbogust. Robin L Archambault. Leslie J Archer. Debra Leigh D.. M Archer. Guerdon William . Archer. Michael F Archer. Thomas J.. Ill Archer. Vincent W.. Ill Archie, Richard Neal Arden, Pamela Jean Argall. Gerald Leslie Arledge. Craig Roth Arledge. David Eugene . . . Arlitt, Cynthia Ann Arlitt, Kristine M Arlitt, Sezanne Armistead. Ruth Moment . Armstrong. Jack D Armstrong, Jeanne A. Mrs. Armstrong. Jeffrey Neal . . Armstrong. John James. . . Armstrong, Kenneth B. , . . Armstrong. Mary Beth Armstrong. Michael P Armstrong. Robert Paul . . . Arndt, Paula Jean Arnett, Joe Anna Arnold, Augustus W Arnold, Elizabeth G Arnold, J. Barto. Ill Arnold. James Anthony . . . Arnold. James Harlan . . . . Arnold. Jay Lock Arnold, Linda Kay Arnold. Lucinda Gray Arnold. Ronnie Bruce Arnold. William Fred Arnoldy, Susan C Arnone. Kimberlee M Arnot, William Guy. Ill . . . Aron. Debra S Aron, Lisa Adele Aronowitz. Anne Aronowitz. Irma Jill Aronson, Marcia Diane . . . Aronstein. Robert Allen. . . Arrant. Junious J., Jr Arrell. Rocky Lee Arnaga, Patricia Ann Arribau, Georgia A. P., Mi Arribau. Jorge O Arrington. Cathy L Arrington. Keith T Arthur, Donald Byron Arthur, Thomas Gail . .34. Arthus. Judy Gale Artusy. Deborah Edith . . . Artzt. Kris Toni Arvin. Natalie Suzanne . . Arwood, Thomas Wheeler Ashby. Judy Ann Ashe Judy Lee Ashley. George Lucas . . . Ashley. Kathy Lynn Ashley, Marsha Claire . . . Ata, Nassar Hassan Atchison. John A., Jr. Ater. John Timothy Atkins. Deborah Ann Atkins. Kathryn Ann Atkins. Marilyn Foster . . . Atkins. Richard Dale Atkinson. Cynthia Mae . . Atkinson. Elizabeth Ann . . Atkinson. Lisa Kay Atnip, Bobby Eugene Atwell, Thomas Luther . . . Atwood. Clifford M.. Ill . Atwood, Daryl Lynn Atwood, John Holmes . . . Atwood. Margaret E. . . . Aubel, Pamela Jane Ault, Richard Joseph Ausmus Donald Lee Austin, Deborah Ann Austin, Michael Everett . . Austin, Stephen Michael . Auten, Susan Patricia . . . . Avent. Frances Ava R., II Averhoff. Wilmer W Averill, Joseph M., Jr. . . . Avery, Graham D Avery, Henry Clifton, III . Aves. Alice Louise . . . Avico. Vicki Rene. . . , Avila, Pablo Awwad, Eric Elias Aycock. Steven Leslie Ayers. John Milton. . . Ayon. Henry David . . 192 228. 527 232 49 495 210. 430 1 66. 460 30. 280. 527 95 514 212, 430. 527 460 514 167 75, 527 460 s 204 246 238. 500 168. 224 157 495 500 158 430 387. 418, 423 116, 204, 500 211 167 541 500 541 460 I 74, 460 92, 159 204 264 77 527 460 40, III, 238, 514 204, 205 1 66 244 160, 375 .387 393, 418, 423 204 254. 460 527 49. 65. 99 186 514 236 188 266, 527 527 161 152 280,495 92 238, 527 527 s 457 457 37, 192. 272. 500 252. 253. 500 457 35 140. 165. 179, 367, 460 167 527 460 430 268, 500 55. 228 500 49. 266 430 ... 208 107 500 527 141. 495 212 460 249. 527 500 375 500 500 202 514 500 270, 500 254, 260, 460 460 74 421 166 78 170 514 , ..116, 155, 204 457 514 ' 102 57, 149, 160. 163. 165, 359. 574 232, 460 212.270 460 . 179 224 225 418 ...495 Ayres, J. Juhree ......................... 208 Ayres, Nancy Ann ....................... 208 Azam-Zangeneh. Firooz ................... 460 Baade Patricia Jo ....................... 527 Babcock, Barbara Kay ................. 50. 167 Baber. Carter Tilghman ................ 37. 254 Bacharach. Debro Ann .................... 266 Bachman. Gene Weldon .................. 1 26 Bachman Wayne Bradley ................. 102 Bachus. Vickie Ann ....................... 1 88 Beck. James Morris. Jr .................... 460 Bacon, Connie Ann .................. 226. 527 Bacon. Paula ............................ 527 Badke. Gregory Charles .............. 273. 461 Baetz, Bertrand Oliver. Jr ......... 113, 268, 457 Baggerly Suzette ................. 49, 228, 500 Baggett Byrd, III ................ 421, 423. 430 Baggett Carolyn Sue ..................... 228 Bagot. Mary Elizabeth .................... 495 Bahar. Morteza .......................... 514 Bahlman. Lanier ......................... 461 Bailes, Cathy Ann ........................ 500 Bailey, Barbara Ann Bailey, Barbara Ann Bailey. Becky Bailey, Clark Dillon Bailey, Evalee Frances Bailey. Gary Don Bailey. Gilbert Wesson, II Bailey. James H.. Jr Bailey. Jo Ann Bailey. Lee Weldo 234 500 230, 282, 514 78 461 500 99, 179. 430 278, 514 527 110 . Bailey Nancy Yvonne .................... 514 Bailey. Samfred W ................... 222 527 Ba.nter, Grace ..... ................. 282, 514 Bair. Warren Gregory .................... 244 Baird. Barbara Ann .......... Baird, James Melvin ......... Baird. Jerry Wayne .......... Baird. Timmie ............... Baish, Richard Owen ......... Baker, Allan Cooper .......... Baker, Andrew Kish .......... Baker. Beverly Zan ........... Baker. Brandon High ......... Bryan ................ Danny Wallace ........ 252.461 .514 .... 102 171 179 ....495 ....527 ..68, 74 ....514 ....260 ....527 70 Baker Bryan 119 Baker. Danny Wallace 418 Baker. David Anthony . Baker. David Bruce . . . Baker. Deborah Lynn 226 Baker. Dennis Marvin 92. 93. 514 Baker Ellen Lynn 228 Baler. Herbert Harry 102, 514 Baler, Jaclie 144 Baler, James Adam 527 Baler, James Arthur 238 Baler Jeffrey Roth . . Baler, Joy Jeri Baler, Larry Neal Baker Lucy Michael Allen . Bale Baker Baler Baler, Baker, 179. 423 627 461 234 ..65. 130, 527 Peter Robertson ..... 68. 73. 101, 102, 175 Rex Gavin, III ................. 202, 514 Robert Hines, Jr .................... 87 William Austin ..................... 527 , Bakst Marlene Beth ...................... 527 Balagia, Saba Jack ............... 40. 367. 224 Balch, Dean Matthew ......... 30. 222, 430, 527 Balch, Larry D Balch, Mary Amanda Balcom. Karen Suzanne Bald.. Anthony Thomas Baldridge. Barbara L Baldwin Anita Ann Baldwin, Brent W Baldwin, Judith Ann Baldwin, Suzanne Balfoort Jeffrey N Balfour, Barbara Kyle Balke, Marian Celesta Ball, James Andrew, Jr Ball, John Edward Ball. Mary Katherine Ball Michael Davis Ball Nanette Ball. Suzanne Ball Thomas Henry. Ill Ballantyne, Stephen P 461 I 52 457 430 143 527 168, 514 495 198 514 182 500 169 461 270, 514 159 204 224. 420, 527 102, 161. 500 208 410. 421 , 202 Ballantyne. Todd J ....................... 202 Ballard, Anne Edmonds ................... 167 Ballard Deborah Ruth .................... 527 Ballard, Robert W ........................ 155 Ballard. Sally Anne ................ 161 184.461 Ballard. William B ........................ 46 1 Ballases. Emmanuel Thomas ................ 207 Ballew David Sherwin ............ 257. 4 1 8. 423 Ballm Leslie Irwin ........................ 280 Balogh, James Michael ................. 70, 91 Balser, Nancy Adele ...................... 425 Balthrop. Clyde Barry ..................... 67 Balun. Dale Melissa .................. 424, 500 Berne. Susan Rae ........................ 500 Bamford. Scott Vincent ................... 514 Bandy. Kathryn Lois ...................... 234 Banister Patricia Ann ................ 228. 527 Bankhead, Kevin W ................... 238. 514 Bankhead, Ph.llip Clay ................ 238, 527 Banks Bette Barbara Mrs .................. 184 Bankston, Martha M ................... 49, 186 Banning. Frank Powell .................... 1 49 Barasch. Anita ...................... 217, 461 Barbee Christopher F ..................... 514 Barbee, James Philip ................. 168 514 Barbour. Peter Clyde ................. 244. 527 Barclay. Daniel Alvin ..................... 140 544 Pages Pages Barfield Walter G I ' 8 Bargas Deborah Kay 228 Baria. Joseph Murry. Jr 527 Barisand. Richard L 1 56 Barkemeyer, Alan Roy 500 Barker-Benfield. Simon 109. 461 Barter. Kenneth 119 Barker Patrick Austin 238 Barker. Roger Drake 102. 162 Barkey, Kathryn Louise 46 ' Barkley. Julia Jo 527 Barkley. Rebecca Lynn 155 Barler. Helen Ann 461 Barlettano. Gary John 168 Barley, Donald Lewis 1 57. 250, 25 1 . 500 Barlow Thomas Ray 1 55 Barnard. John Thomas 207 Barnard. William Robert 163 Barnebee. William Clyde M9 Barnes. Barbara Lynn 500 Barnes Dorothy Marie 254, 527 Barnes. Douglas Henson 244, 527 Barnes. Doyle King. Jr 259, 500 Barnes. Joe 389 Barnes. Jeffrey Alan 155. 190. 426, 430 Barnes, Kathy Lou 500 Barnes, Mary Susan 167. 192, 527 Barnes. Robert Wayne 123. 244, 461 Barnes, Tern Lynne 514 Barnes, William Hart 179 Barnett. Donna Lee 527 Barnett. Jacqueline R 184, 527 Barnett James Richard 138, 461 Barnett Joseph C.. Jr 224 Barnett. Michael A 260. 527 Barnett. Peter Fred 500 Barnett William S. L 168 Barnhart. Paul Fred 202. 514 Barnh.ll, Donald Ray 4il Barnhill. William Paul 422. 423 Baros. Susan Marie 212 Barr. Cathy Lynn 87, 278. 527 Barr David Newell 246. 514 Barr. Gary Stephen 149. 461 Barr. James Alan 270. 527 Barr. Patricia Irene 254 Barrera, Manuel Jorge 430 Barrera, Nora G I 14. 115. 164. 500 Barret, Betty Jannette 514 Barrett Bette Deane 461 Barrett. Charles Bernard 249 Barrett. Gregory A 270 Barrett. Kathy 248 Barrett Raymond D.. Jr 68. 7 1 . 1 75 Barren. Bill Wayne 461 Barren. Maria J 166 Barron William Davis 65, 75. 99. 430 Bartek, David Cliff 418 Bartek, Douglas John 1 65. 1 79. 365. 375 Bartel. Michael C 131 Barth. Roy Elmer 171. 179 Bartholomew. Douglas W 168 Bartlett. Connie S 234 527 Bartlett. Denise 88 Bartlett. Mary Melinda 232 Bartlett. Rebecca Dee 161 Bartnett. Cheryl Leigh 204 Barton. Bruce Edward 252 500 Barton. Deborah Ann 500 Barton. Joy Lavern 495 Barton. Karen Elaine .164. 204. 205 259, 375, 461 Barton. Lee Howell 500 Barton. Stephen R 222 Bartos. Leonard Wayne 527 Bartosh. Mary Yvonne 161 Bartosh. William F.. Jr 500 Barwell. Janet Maureen 85 Basco Eugene M 278 Bashbush Jose Luis B I 33. 457 Baskm. Charles Leroy, Jr 171. 179 Baskins Mary Louise 198. 527 Bass. Cindy Lynn 527 Bass Lisbeth Ann 57 Bastress. David Claude I 27, 495 Bateman. Mary E 430 Bateman. Nancy Kay 461 Bateman Walker H.. IV 260 Bates. Ann Robinson 208. 527 Bates. Gregory Wayne 514 Bates. Jan Carol 514 Bates. Loyce Lee 212, 527 Bates, Ronald Jay 457 Batey. Larisa Lee 514 Batier, Henry H., Ml 168 Battenfield. Glenn L 224, 500 Battle. Linda J 226, 527 Battle. Richard V I 27, 500 Batty. Carol Ann 106 Bauer. Austin P.. Jr 500 Bauer. Sammy Gene 461 Baugh. George W 495 Baum. Jane Louise 167. 266 Baumgardner. Sally A 254. 527 Bay. Deborah Lynn 57 Bayer. Michael 418. 423 Bayers. Frances L 155. 166. 461 Bayless. James L.. Jr 168. 182. 422. 423 Bayless Linda Susan 75 Bayliss, Susan Jeanette 73 Baylor, Aronetta Jo C.. Mrs 194 Baylor. Randall Eric 87 Bayne Howard Marl 77 Bayon. Barbara 169 Baysek. Allan James 500 Bazan. Victor 461 Beach. Coral Susan 1 86 Beaird. Peggy Jane 97 Beakley. Marilyn V 49 Beale, Ellen 210 527 Beaman. Joseph Jefferson 171, 179 Bean Robert Ma.well I 36 Beard Christie E 210 Beard. Michael R 423 Beard Mickey Lynn 42 1 Beard, Rebecca Lu 133, 430. 527 Bearden, Charles E 222 Bearden, Danny Earl 418 Beasley. Elizabeth I 79. 282. 371 Beasley. Stephen Craig . . I 55. 182. 422. 423. 500 Beasley. Thomas Scott I 70. 495 Beaty Narlin Bennet. Jr I 55 Beauchamp John Scott I 36. 500 Beauchamp, Richard A 495 Beauregard. David N 500 Beavers. Diana Claire 265. 461 Bebb Susan Victoria 234. 235 Becerra. Linda 170 Bechtold. Sharon Lynn I 74 Beck. Andrew Tillman NO. III. 202. 514 Beck. Bruce Harlan 78 Beck Deborah Lynne 500 Beck, Donald Glenn 430 Beck. Francigene N.. Mrs 166 Beck Hall Zane 136. 514 Beck John Richard 102 Beck. Stephen Vernon I 36 Beck. Thomas James 136. 461 Becker, Gary Michael 527 Becker Peggy Lee 254. 527 Becker, William Zain 190 Beckett, David Clyde 83 Beckham, Georgiann G 49 Beckoff Robert Gene 263 Beeler Melissa Jane 514 Beene Steven Earl 461 Beerbower, Barbara Lynn 169 Beery, David Louis 130 Beeson. Brian Lee 527 Beeson. Mary Jo 37. 70. 106. 282. 514 Befeld. Alfred Earl. Jr 72. 74 Beggs Edward Allan 461 Behal Eugene Frank 65. 99. 179. 461 Behne, Barbara 198, 424. 430 Behrens. Claire Lynn 197. 500 Behrens. Karen E 527 Behrens. Karen Sue 500 Beisenherz. Jon Alvin 172 Beken, Jan Helen 212.430 Belasco. Phyllis Anita 49. 167 Belcher. Barbara Kay 212 Belcher. Stephen 278. 279 Belding, David H 157 Belew. James Seymour 514 Belk. Robert Crowell 49. 461 Bell. Arthur Allen I 74 Bell Charles Andrew 514 Bell Connie Lee 167. 527 Bell, Jay 49 Bell. Jennifer Ann 1 57 Bell Jerry Allen 1 68 Bell. Jerry Arch 49 Bell. Sherry Lynn 495 Bell Teryl Ann 514 Bollard, Emory D.. Jr 238 Bellmont Carolyn E 500 Belson, Charles Maynard 461 Bem.s, Ann Sheridan. Mrs 169 Benardino. Anthony K 500 Benavides. Adan. Jr 457 Benavides. Norma A 461 Benavides. Patricia D 500 Benav.des. Roger James 495 Bendall John Alan 461 Bender, Craig Kavanaugh 272, 273. 495 Bender. Helame Marie 266. 527 Bender. John Steven 168 Bendore. Donald W 49. I 55 Benedetto. Mary B 1 66 Benedict. Barry Kirk I 77 Benestante, John Edward 461 Benestante, Judith J.. Mrs 161. 461 Denge, Cheri Lynne 115 Bemtez. Leslie Anne 232, 527 Benn. Frederick Owen I 36. 457 Benn. Gary L 157 Benner, Beverly Ann 461 Bennett, Barbara Louise 208 Bennett Beverly Brook 212 Bennett. Clyde Willis 49, I 55 Bennett, Joyce Marie 46 1 Bennett. Lonn.e Lashae 387. 392. 4 1 8. 423 Bennett. Michael Earl 430 Bennett. Rand Morton 136 Bennett. Re W.. Jr 514 Bennett. Robert David 242 Bennie. Carol Ann 212 Benningfield. Carol A 226. 527 Benson Ann Blythe 514 Benson, Cynthia L. S.. Mrs 461 Benson. Jay H 158 Benson. Sharon Louise 90 Benson. William Dion 165 Bentley. James Vernon 256 Bentley, Mark Travis 1 26 Bentley, Rebecca L 1 66 Benton Donald F 155. 500 Bergen. Jessica Lynne 226. 227. 500 Berger Barbara 109. 500 Berger Barbara Ruth 266 Berger. Beverly Ann 461 Berger Catharine H 514 Berger Judith Hope 216. 217 Berger. William Scott 163 Bergman. Kathy Sue 87. 1 1 5. 1 88, 500. 5 1 4 Berkley, Stephen Lawrence I 79, 250. 500 Berler, Michael Henry 280 Berlocher, Stewart Harry 73 Bernal. Gilbert J.. Jr 461 Berndt. Donna Ruth 88 514 Bernsen Dianna Linda 228 Bernstecn. Howard L 262. 514 Bernstien. Bruce E ' . 262. 514 Berntsen Ellen Ann 425. 514 Berry Beverly 260 Berry Cynthia Anne 75 192, 371. 514 Berry. David Don 168. 270 Berry. James Doyle 123, 260. 261 Berry. Jerry Lee 159. 179 Berry John Labon. Ill . . .230. 231. 405. 421. 423. 514 Berry. Margaret Angela 210 Berry. R.chard Lee 173 Berryhill Bill Hall 410.413. 421, 423 Bertelsen, James Allen. . .207. 387. 389, 392. 394. 395. 418 423 Berthold. Arno Robert 77 Bertinet. Lorraine C 462 Bess Elizabeth G 74. 75. 161. 198, 500 Best. Charles R 182 Betancourt. Linda Ann 527 Bethurum. Leland L 77. I 79 Bettcher Marynelle D 161 Bettell. Pamela Kay 32. 226 Beutel. Paul Wayne 87. 278, 495 Beveridge, Carl Robert 99 Beyer. Betty Lou 198. 500 Beyer. Bonnie Jean 514 Bhatia. Sugan Chand 426 Biard. Richard Palmer 462 Bibb. James Lyle 166 Bibbs, Mary Lynn 75. 111.514 Bibo, James Stuart 264, 514 Bibo. John Craighead 83 Bickett. Brenda Elizabeth 30 Bida Melinda Kay 527 Biddle Charles R ' . 256, 527 Biddle. James Laing 256, 257 Biebas. Sharon Loretta 462 fliegel William H 264 Biel, William T.. Jr 224. 514 Bielss Charles Gene 462 Biencourt. Patricia L 527 Bierschwale. Pat W 238 Biesele Dawn 462 Biesemeier. Eileen 66 Bigby. Bryna Jane 210, 260, 371. 514 Bigger Margaret M 234 B.ggers, Patricia Kay 49, 164. 368 Biggs. Karen Ann 167, 204. 514 Bihner, Bradley Robert I 59 Billa, Larry Joe 157 Billingsley, Olen C.. Ill 157 Billiot Stephen Frank 514 Billmeier Sally Ann 208.425. 426. 514 Billmeier Susan L 208. 425. 514 Billnitzer. Cheryl S 500 Bills. Emmett Lee 500 Bills. Richard Brian 68. 70, 171, 179. 375 Binder. Louise Margot 217 Binder Robert Thomas, Sr 39 Binder. Robert Thomas. Jr. . . . 26, 43, 49. 51. 160. 358 Bindock. Eric Francis 462 Bing. Sarah 527 B.ngham, Donald Gene I 79 Bingham. James Kirby 83 Binkley. Suzanne 204 Birchler. Richard E 250 Birdsong Marilyn F.. . .78. 79. 102. 106. ISO, 371. 500 Birkleland. Bryan C 270 B.scan. Sherri Ann 527 Biscoe Samuel Thomas 1 65 B.sesi. Michael Ralph 40, 165. 375 Bishop. Clebern Newton 527 Bishop. Karen Lee 462 Bishop. Kenneth Edward 457 Bishop. Mary Angela 210 Bishop. Sandra Anne 208. 527 Bissett. David Woody 92 Bivins. Susan Adair 85, 514 Biler. Robert P.. Jr 500 Black, Betsy Jane 514 Black Billy Dyer. Jr 423 Black, Deborah Elaine 514 Black. Richard Lee I 53. I 70. 500 Black. William Earl 244 Blackbird. Mark David ISO Blackburn. Brenda D 462 Blackburn. Emily Diane 210. 500 Blackburn. L. David 40, 119 Blackburn. Walter F 67 Blackley. Gregory Don 527 Blacklock. Jimmy Wayne 401, 421 Blackmon. Deborah C 500 Blackwell. Earl Bunyan 462 Blackwell Sally Ann 282 Blackwood. Larry N 495 Blaha, Patricia P 88. 514 Blair, Margaret Louise . . . . 75. Ill, 228, 369, 383 Blair Martha J 208. 462 Blair, Mary Elisabeth . 142. 174. 228 368, 371. 462 Blair William E 36. 136, 218, 219. 500 Blaising. Craig Alan 179 Blakely. Bill Allen 230 Blakeney. Charles D 172. 215. 527 Blalock Raynona 282, 462 Blalock Sandra W 146, 500 Blanchard, Jeffrey P 270. 527 Blanchett. Michael G 1 68 Blanchette Martha J 164. 234 Bland Stephen W I 82 500 Blanda. Geralyn Ann 500 Blankenbaker. Sharon L 87, 186 265 Blankenbaker. Sue E 186, 500 Blankenbeckler, F. A 260, 423 Blankeney. Charles D 70 Blankenship. Helen Tipps 236. 514 Blanton, Elizabeth L 75, 254, 269 50 1 Blanton. Jacl S.. Jr 268 Blasi. Barbara Jean 2 10. 462 Blaxland, Alan B 457 Blaylock. Stephen Glen 462 Blaylock Terryl Ann 167, 204, 527 Blazek, Mary Kathleen 282, 527 Bleckley. David George 127. 462 Bledsoe Robert C 49. 222 430 Blefeld Barbara Ann 501 Blevins. Chesley Nance 73 Blevms Lynda Lois 55. 514 Blitch. Nicki Jan 102. 462 Blizzard Edward F 65 Bloch. Linda Suzanne 49 Blocher Edward Joseph 157 Blocher. Rita Ann 527 Block, Mary Kathleen 234 Blodgett. Robert Harold 422. 423 Bloodworth Pete Lane 207 Bloomer. Carol Leigh 49. 176. 514 Blount, Eugene Debs. Jr I 74 Bludau Rebecca Ann 146, 425. 430 Bluestein. Jean Alice 188 Blum. Diana Gail 166 Blum. Irwin Harold 262 Blum. Michael Simon 190 Blum, Peggy 462 Blumenthal, Karen Joy 109 Blurton, Melissa Jan 228. 514 Blythe. Gary M 131 Boatler. Jeannie G. R.. Mrs 166 Boatman. James Deward I 34 Bock. Ellen Ruth 501 Bode Charles William. Jr I 74 Bodin, Elizabeth Kay 528 Body, Melany 430 Boecker, John Frank 418 Boecker Waldon August I 79. 462 Boehnke. Janice Faye 501 Boesenberg Barbara A 462 Bogar, Francis A 99. 64 Bogart. Henry Douglas 36. 264. 5 1 4 Boggess Anita Nadine 167 Boggs. John D.. Ill 102 Bohlmann, Margaret M 254 Bohls Kirk Ray I 70 Bohls, Le.ineT 146. 161, 430 Bohman, Barbara Helen 208 Bohnenblust, Linda Kay 430. 501 Boisvert. Raymond A ISO Boland. LucileC 228. 515 Bolding Charles Nolan 89 Boldmg. Rebecca J 170. 501 Boldt. Bobby Lee 40. 49, 160 Boles. Glenn Ewing 268. 501 Boles. Wayne Burton 73. 268, 528 Boley. Tommy J 161 Boiling, Robert Thomas 49. 91. 374, 462 Bollmeier. John Philip I 3 1 , 1 79 Bolt Martin Brooks. Jr 173 Bolte William Scott 250, 501 Bolton, Jerrel Edwin 418, 423 Bolton, William Ross .179. 238 462 Bolyard. John Wesley 67 Bommarito, Guy 462 Bond. Evelyn Lee 184. 528 Bond. Hollis Hill I 79 Bond. James H.. Jr 501 Bond Stanley Key 102 Bond. Teddy Joe. Jr 515 Bonewald. Jack Dale 67 Boney. Steven Paul 1 58 Bonham. Patricia Ann 501 Bonham. William R 528 Leonard E.. Jr 528 Bonner. Cathy Leigh 32. 363, 462 Bonoan. Nancy Gail 462 Bonte Frederick W 528 Bonwich Christopher 30. 89 Bonzagni Nancy Marie 224, 515 Boon. Mark Lee 501 Boone. Doris 161 Boone James Arthur 166. 173. 244. 462 Boone. Sharon Hartley 528 Boone. Terry Lee 515 Booth. Susan 495 Boothe. Toye Jean 204 Borchardt. Bobbie Gene 501 Borden. Allen Gail 202. 515 Borneman. Cynthia Ann 212. 384 Bornstein. Diane L 462 Bornstem. Sue Scher 1 88 Berth. Fred Richard 462 Borth. Jonna Sharon 192 Bose. Ron L 55 Bosch. Eduardo 528 Bosch Silverio Carlos 42 I Boss. Sally 430 Boss, Sarah Bishop 210 Bostelman. Forrest R 78 Boster Michael Hayden 159 Bostic. James N.. Ill 172 Boston. Ann Holland 234 Boswell. James D 70 Boswell Steven Vance 50 1 Bothwell James Ollie 462 Botts. Jon E 528 Bouchard. Teri Lyn 515 Boucher. Christine E 462 Bounds. Dorothy Marie 501 Bounds James Gary 127 Bourke. William Holmes 462 Boutwell. William B 501 Bowden, El.sabeth Haddon 167 Bowen, Charles W.. Jr 515 Bower, Stanley Arthur 462 Bowers, Bill David 462 Bowers, Gregory Lee 50 1 Bowman Cheryl A 425. 430 Bowman, David Earl I 38. 462 Bowman, Deborah Carol 528 Bowman, Keith 224, 228 Bown. Kimberly Allyson 528 Boyce John K., Ill 236. 528 Boyce Tommie Sue 167. 528 Boyd. Ben Richard 528 Boyd, Billy Carl 277. 528 Boyd Carie Gipson 144. 462 Boyd Dan Stewart ... ...160165 166 545 ;: - Pages Pages Name P. 9 Pages Boyd, James Walter . . . Boyd. Richard W. Jr. . . Boyd. Sharon Kay Boykin. Nancy Boykin. Scarlette Lynn . . Boyle, James Patrick . . . Boyle Kevin Joseph Boyle, Patricia Sherron . Boynton, Jan Kathryn . . Boynton, Nancy Jane . . . Braband Randall Jake . . Bracher, Robin Sue Bracht, Gerald Leigh , . . Brackendorff. M. C.. Jr. Brackenridge Genie . . . Braden. Kimberly Bradford, Bette Bradford. Stuart M Bradford. Tommy Lee . . Bradley. Balon B Bradley. Janet Susan . . . Bradley. Paul Gene .... Bradley. Ruth Bradley Samuel Bradley Stephen R Bradshaw, Claire Bradshaw. Glenda L. . . . Bradshaw, Ken Bradshaw, Leslie Glenn . Bradshaw. Priscilla C Brady. Bernard F.. Ill ... Brady. Bernard Galin Brady. Jesse John. Ill ... Brady. Rose Anne Bragagnolo. Michael J. . Bragg Carolyn Joy .... Bragg, Kenneth Donald . Braly. Clifford Bramlett. Michael D Branch. James Fuhr Branch. John Bagwell .... Brand, Cathy Eileen Brandenburg, Patrick f. . . Brandimarte. Cynthia Ann Brandon. Beverly Eulane . Brands Michael B Brandt, Dottie Lynn Brandt, Stephen K Brandt. William David . . . Brannen, Michael Sean . . Brannon, Cathy Dean .... Branstetter, Carroll B. . . . Brantley, Brenda L Brantley Robert N Brantley, Shery! Lynn .... Brasfield, James Lawrence Brasfield, Patricia L Brashear, Robert Keith. . . Brasher, Charles Stephen . Bratt. Carol Ann Bratten. Mar|one V Braun. Larry Wayne Bravenec. Ronald V Bray, Ellen Jane Brazil. Jerry Hal Bready. Lois Lester Breaud. Stepnen J Breeden. Barbara Diane . . Breedlove. Jennifer Breeland Joe Mack Breeze William H.. Jr. . . Breidenbach. Richard V. . Bremer. Byron Lloyd Bremer. Nancy Lou Bremond. Mary E. B Brendler Therese G Brennan, John Charles . . . Brennan Michael Brenner. Janet Lee Brent, Karen Renee Brent William Erwin .... Bretz Thomas Allan Brewer, Donna Ann Brewer Olivia Camille . . . Brewster. Ernest M Brerina, Johnny Roy Bricker John A.. Jr. . .49. Brickman. Rebecca Briell. Katherine Ann .... Br,gcjs Michael C Briggs Sharon Lynn Bright. Jerry Layne Brightwell. Eileen Bnmelow. Alice Brink. Rebecca Scharon . . Brinkley. Ben Paul Bnnkman. Fred Purcell . . . Briscoe. Dolph. til Briscoe. Janey Bnster William S.. Jr. . . Britain. Howard Wayne . . Britcher, W. E.. Ill Bfitt Charles W.. Jr Britt. Gwyn Carol A., Mrs Bntt Spurgeon K. Jr. Britt William Gaynor . . . Brittatn Larry Mark Brlansky. John R Broaddus Michael G. . . Brock. Celita Beth Brock Deborah Glyn Brock. Randy Lee Brock. William A.. Jr Brodgon. Antoinette E. . . Broadsky Donald White . Brogan. John Albert Broil Michael Joseph . . . Brollier. Dav.d Sydnor . . . Broocks, Rebecca Rice . . . Brooke, Melmda Ann . 63, 462 224, 501 78. 79, 501 49, 88 419 77 40 365. 375 184, 528 515 418, 423 57. 375. 462 207 270, 528 375 254 186, 501 182. 430. 501 462 87 528 244. 528 ..161 169 423 222, 528 198, 424, 515 1 70 72 528 501 1 79 67. 171. 462 179 501 1 58 1 84 501 222 238, 528 218, 219. 168, 171, 515 172 515 270 . ... 164, 166, 208, 209. 357, 383, 462 166. 463 65, 172, 515 161 169 495 155 202 264. 515 49 91 226, 227, 463 515 226, 515 126 463 495 92 528 463 1 50 102, 528 1 66, 463 68. 72 515 249 501 515 161. 184 ' . 515 49. 515 55. 182. 528 168 212 115 97. 528 168. 515 218 228. 515 528 102. 501 443 90 515 168. 515 .... 135, 171. 179. 463 120. 121. 166. 373, 501 188. 528 198. 463 430 161 501 228 515 528 528 64 268 269 73 70 102, 528 155 463 49 270 163. 170 202 134 495 226, 528 167 224, 515 137 463 28 . .140 179, 463 ....117 242 528 232 .210 Brookner, Katherine R 188, 528 Brooks. Andrea Lee 501 Brooks, Beverly 169 Brooks, Claire Denise 95 Brooks, Craig Alan ....421, 528 Brooks. Forrest Hall 65 Brooks, Jerry Mark 421 Brooks. Jesse Milton 528 Brooks. Judy Elizabeth ....173. 495 Brooks. Judy Lee 495 Brooks. Leonard Leo, Jr 423 Brooks. Nancy Louise 515 Brooks, Sharon Lynn ...282. 528 Brooks, Stephen Nelson 1 79 Brookshire, Charles C 155 Brookshire. Daniel S 501 Brosterhous. George E 401, 403, 421, 423 Broughton. Arnold S 202, 528 Broun. Edwin Conway 202 Broussard. John K 236 Broussard. Linda Nell 226 501 Browder, Brenda Anne 208, 256, 463 Browder, Jack F.. Jr .36. 236, 237, 463 Browder, James Edward 501 Browder. Lewis Edward 116 Browder, Linda Carol 515 Browder, Lisa Mildred 528 Browder, Susan Carol 232. 236 Brown, Alam Susan 115. 515 Brown, Alphonce Joseph. Jr. . . 463 Brown, Amy Joan 90, 102. 106, 165. 180 226. 371. 375 501 Brown. Babette F 282 Brown. Becky Lynn 161 Brown Brenda Anne 209. 419 Brown. Cynthia Jo Duke. Mrs.. 463 Brown. Darrel Leon 102 Brown. David .172 Brown. David Carl 495 Brown. Debra Ann 528 8rown. Debra Frances 528 Brown Douglas Eric 528 Brown. Edith E 167 Brown. Edward V 268, 528 Brown, Edwin Wayne 260 Brown Elizabeth Anne 501 Brown. Frances Louise. Mrs. . . 234 Brown, Gary Donald 515 Brown. Gene Ann 115. 515 Brown, Greenberry B 246. 528 Brown, Hal Dennis 463 Brown. Idanell ....166. 204 Brown James Ray 421 Brown. James W., Ill 501 Brown. Jane 254 Brown. Janet Jeter 163 Brown. Jay E 162 Brown. Jean Ann ...161 Brown. John Edney . .. 101. 102. 264 Brown. John Randolph . .463 Brown. Juanita 49 Brown, Judith Tamra 161 Brown Katharine Lynn 115 183, 234 Brown Lewis Eldridge 231. 418 Brown, Lucy Linn 226 501 Brown, Lynn Ellen ....186 Brown Marlin Keith 463 Brown. Michael Lance 1 66 Brown. Patricia Ann 90. 515 501 Brown Rebecca T 254 Brown. Richard Lyndell 1 66 Brown Robert George 166 Brown. Ronald 200 Brown. Ronald Kaye 501 Brown. Ronald Lyle 224 Brown. Susan 49 Brown William Dwight 4.63 Brown, W.lliam R., Jr 242 Brownfield. Mliss 210 Browning. Susan 49. 208 Brownstein. Cindy A 266. 501 Broyles, Robert Ragan, Jr. 134 159. 457 Brubaker, Lynette 66 Bruce, Barbara Ann 167. 528 Bruce, Cynthia Anne 169, 186 Bruce, David Vernon 168 Bruce, Katherine S 164, 166, 167 Bruder, Marcia Jane 186. 528 Brummell, Richard James 138. 495 Bruna Randy Joe 463 Brune. Carolyn Marie 528 Bruner, Dawn Elaine 186 Bruni. Fiorenzo Anna ...85. 501 Brunson Beverly 501 Bruyere. Raymond M. . . 168, 515 Bryan Deborah L 90. 184 Bryan James Thomas. Jr 78 Bryan. Mary Annette 115 Bryan. Sarah L 161 Bryant. Addison Crockett 155 Bryant. Charles Wesley 92 Bryant. Jack David 71. 119 Bryant. James Robert 463 Bryant Randolph W 224 Bryant. Terry Lynn ..102. 174, 180, 374, 463 574 Bryce Thomas D 64 528 Bryla, Carroll John 50 1 Bryson. Judith Ann 147 Bryson. William Curtis 165 Buaas Julianne 79 161 165 183. 232. 501 Buchanan. David Andrew 495 Buchanan Dee C., Jr 65 Buchanan, James Edwin 463 Buchanan, Joe Keith 501 Buchanan, Kathi Susan 40. 515 Buchanan, Mary W 169 Buchanan Michael Lynn 138. 142 Buchanan Shirley Jean 212. 515 Buchanan, William B 515 Buchek. Robert Harvey 244. 501 Buchter. Dona Suzanne Buchtler. Virginia Beth Buck. Donald Curtis Buck Linda Walker, Mrs ' ickland. Wae Jung 528 .131. 228. 371 168 463 501 ..515 ..172 Buckley. Carolyn L. Mrs Buckley Thomas C Buckman, Brent Dean 420 Buckner. Russell Irwin 88. 89 Euchring Brenda Joyce 528 Buess, Hope Elizabeth 143. 501 Buford. John Bailey 102. 162. 501 Buie, Anna Clare 254. 528 Buie Robert Michael 528 Bullard Bette K 167, 186. 265. 501 Bullard. Brian C 264 Bullard. Thomas Hugh 166 Buller. Len Scott 168, 501 Bulloch William Payne, Jr 34 Buls Ronald Lester I 3 1 , 463 Bunat, Cindy Sue 501 Bunch, Arthur Frederic 501 Bunch, Pamela Jo 463 Bunderle Janet Sue 371.463 Bundy Richard Hugh 230 Bunge. Sandra Lee 528 Bunton, Lucius D., Jr 168 Bura. Walter Mark 171, 179 Burchard, Glenn Orrin . . . Burchsted. Craig Lee Burditt, David C Burford. William B Burgess. Deborah Jane . . Burgess Gerald Michael Burgess. Patricia O Burgess. Rita Ann Burk, Sam Bryan. Ill Burfcart Joan Mari 78 179. 501 273 182 224. 528 167. 501 495 515 528 150. 264 .169 ,rke. Bron Arnold 77,179 Burke. Diane Leigh Ill Burke Elizabeth Carol 186, 515 Burke. John Harris 207. 515 Burke. Patncia Dawne 463 Burke. Robert C.. Jr 515 Burkett, Barbara Nell 10 " ) Burkett. Patricia Lee 501 Burkett, Rebecca S 161 Burkett, Zack T., Ill Ill Burkhalter. Bonnie Kay 282. 5 I 5 Burkhalter. Joe D I 38. 463 Burkholder. Donna Gail 430 Burkholder. Thomas Lee 102 Burkman. Manfred 495 Burks. Elizabeth A 102 Burleson. Janet 265. 282 430 166 501 .122. 165. 261 .73, 155, 172 270 463 501 Mary Elizabeth 147, 501 William Howard 422, 423 William W 131 387, 388. 389, 391 418. 423 Burrisk. Steven A 418 Burroughs Dwight E 50 1 Surruss, Jane Rollin 232 nett. Barbara F. . . Burnett. Claudia Burnett. Linda Lou Burney William M...III . Burnham, Richard Scott. Burns. Albert Leroy Burns Amy Louise Burns Lan Beaumont Burnsk. Donald Wayne 463 270. 463 214 215, 501 40. 49 224, 515 528 124 215 40. 95. 367, 463 515 I 79. 463 , 82 Bush, Elizabeth Suzanne .................... ' 0 Bush, Percy John ........................ 50 1 Bussey. Deborah Lynn .................... 198 Bussey, Jo Lee .......................... 515 Bussey Michael Steven ................ 64. 528 210. 528 234 528 528 463 226 Burton Bobby Len Burton Douglas Rulon Burton, Michael David Burton, Morgan F Burton, Nancy L Burton, Robert C Burton Robert Thomas Burton, Ronald Joseph Burton. Shellie Kay Busby Stephen Crain Busch, Dennis Gene Busenlehner, Mary C . Jo Lee Michael Steven Butler, Aline P Butler, Becky Ann Butler. Dennis Mack . . . Butler. Dorothy Louise . Butler. Helen Lee Butler. Janis Diane Butler. John Dale .515 Butler. Mark Reed 1 66 Butler. Robert Martin 515 Butschek. Chris Matthew 256. 168 Butte John McMurray 168 Buttery. James Warren 463 Buttrill. Don Alan 463 Butz Russell Bryce 64, 268, 528 Buvens Linda C 528 Buvens. W.lliam L 49 Buzzo Peggy Lorraine 528 Byars Jackie Louise I 65. 375 Byars. Nathaniel C 501 Bybee. Alessandra. Mrs 161, 501 Bybee Herbert M 163 Bybee, Mary Elizabeth III. 282. 515 Byerley, Frank William 528 Byles. Gwendolyn N . ' 501 Bynum. Kathaleen June 37. 234 Byrd. Susan Margaret Byrnes. Roberta Kay 515 Byrom Joe Alan 238, 463 Caballero, Michael A Cabaniss. Joni Marie 212 Cabel. Robert Marshall ' 68 Cable. Constance Ann 170 Caddatz, John C Cade, Karen Lee 85 Cadena. Sylvia R Caesar, Debra Anne 234, Cagle. Eldon Ray. Jr Cail. Carolyn E Cain, Carol Jean Cain, John William Cain, Lana Sue Cain, Marcia Ann 55, 228, Cain. Robert Ryan Calapa. Paul Joseph 55. Calbaniss, Josi Calder, Christopher B Caldwell, Carolyn Cole Caldwell, Christopher Caldwell. Guy S.. Jr Caldwell. Linda Ann 75. 228 Caldwell. Margaret Caldwell. Sally Caldwell Steven f Caldwell, Susan Marie Caldwell Virginia C Caley. Richard W Calhoon, Thomas F.. IV Call. Nancy Elizabeth Callaghan, Patricia A Callahan. Jack W.. Jr 74, I 57 Callan. Cynthia Gay Callaway. Diana Dean Callaway. Penny Cathryn Callison Robert Emmerson .... 387. 389. 4 1 8 Calv.llo, Herlinda G.. Mrs Calvo. Russell D.. Jr 155 Camarillo. Rudy Cameron. Frances Gates 234 Camp. Ronald Perry . . .54, 63. 175. 248. 249 Camp. Steven Field Campbell Catherine A Campbell, Cheryl W Campbell, Craig H Campbell, Frank W 256 Campbell, Janis Lynne 88 Campbell. Joe Mack. Jr ipbell. John Eric . . ipbell. Robert David . . . ipbell, Robert F .122, 179 . ..182 268. Campbell, Russell P.. . Campbell. Scott A. S. . . . Campbell. Thomas Hearn Campbell Tommy Jo Campbell. William Dean .244. 387. 392. 393. ...150, 208 198 170 . ..197 166 Campbell, William Lee . Campbell. William M. . . Campise, Carole Lynn . . Campise, Janice Campodonico. Louise A Campos. Mary E Canada. Mary Elizabeth Canale, Bill Canby. Thomas D.. Jr I 16 Canell. Kenneth Paul 64 Cannatti. Louis Rocco Cannon. Bruce White 418 Cannon, Michael David 157 Cannon, Rebecca A. Cano. Enrique Canter, Cathy Ann Cantor. Lawrence W Cantrell. Michael Lynn Cantu. Dora Alicia Cantu. Isidro D Cantu Jose Alberto Cantwell James D Carameros. Cathy Caravegeli. Constance Caraway. Robert E.. Ill Carby, Gary Wayne Cardenas, Herlinda A Canker, George Earl, Jr Carl. Charlotte C Carleston, Carol Jean Carleston. Milton Lee Carleton, Martha Sue Carlisle. Carol Jeanne Carlisle, Jan Kathryn Carlisle. John Wright Carlisle Robert J.. Ill Carlisle, Sarah Ann Carlson. Dav.d Wayne Carlson. Harry W.. Jr Carlson, John H Carlson Katharine G Carlson. Thomas L Carmichael Robert F Carminati Devon Weldon Carnes, Dennis Norman Carney Jennifer Lee I 16 Carnicom. Richard S 30 Carnine. Albert. Jr Caroom. Douglas G Carothers Candace Carpenter. Carolyn L Carpenter. Joel Roland Carpenter. Kay Lynn Carpenter. Linda Lou Carpenter Michael G Carpenter. Scott W Carpenter. William B 144 264 Carr. Charlotte F. S.. Mrs Carr Dorothe Joan Carr Patricia Smith Carr. Patrick Allen Carrasco, Francisco Carnker Diane Carrillo. John R Carrmgton. Margaret A 259 Carroll. Mario E. H.. Mrs Carroll Raymond V.. Jr 166, Carroll. Sarah Anne 82 Carroll. Stanley R ...269 . .. 136 ...250 515 463 515 ..33 501 .495 .501 .515 515 .528 515 .430 .280 .528 .515 179 501 .463 . 166 .268 .501 .464 .218 .515 .528 .515 495 .501 .226 .464 423 .464 495 ..64 260 464 ..59 .528 .501 .421 501 169 .528 .515 495 501 .418 515 .423 .169 418. 423 501 .423 528 501 .528 .464 .501 .264 528 430 .174 423 464 528 501 .375 .501 .102 .528 501 .464 ..77 .515 .430 .124 .464 .464 .464 464 528 .501 495 .464 .464 .501 ..77 .226 .515 .464 528 282 464 501 174 ..70 495 136 .457 375 .501 .495 .464 .501 .495 .515 .236 495 .464 .167 .501 .501 .541 .515 99 495 .82 528 515 .501 546 PHOTOGRAPHERS: SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carlos Rene Perez, Marlon Ray Taylor. Nancy Ellen Goldfarb, Michael Wayne Fluitt. TOP: John R. Vanbeekum. 547 Name Pages Name Pages Pages Nan- Carter. G. J.. Carter. Jam .Ill ! Kathryn . Carter Janice Lenell . . . Carter. John David Carter Julian Gayden . . Carter Kathleen Marie . Carter, Mary Lee . Carter, Carter, Carter, Carson. Mary Diane 49 Carson. Teresa Ailina 464 Carstensen. Amy 528 Carswell, Harmon Ray 230 Carter. David Lynn. Sr 464 113. 501 152, 501 424 256 230 528 528 464 Ronald Eugene 49. 270 Sheryll Faye 515 Virginia K 228, 501 Cartwnght, Bermce C 96 Cartwright, James M 95 Cartwright. Marilyn C 152. 164. 254 Cartwnght. Steven Ray 108 Carver, Brad Lee 222, 528 Casarez Linda Gey J 166 Casas, Ernesto 501 Casey. Christina Lee 224 Casey Michael Sean 224, 528 Casey Michael Thomas 113 Casey. Shawn Russel... 40. 48. 364, 120. 121,464 Cash, Becky Christine 528 Cash. Joe Casey 423 Cashiola. Glenda Carol 130 Casinelli, Stalo 427 Caskey, Stanley Hubert 244, 528 Casseb Robert Michael 256 Casseday. Robert W 146. 464 Casserly. Patricia Ann 515 Casstevens. Kay L 163 Castaneda, Dina Isabel 82 Castillo Rita 97. 501 Castleberry. A. Gail 228 Castleman, Michael W 67 Castro. Alicia Rose 464 Castro. Ann 501 Castro, Patricia Ann 464 Caswell Janice Gayle 97. 51 5 Cates. John Warren 252 Cates. Rebecca Canant, Mrs 253 Catlett. William Rolland 159. 418 Caudle, Mary Ann 501 Caughran, Sarah Ann 167. 528 Cauley, Bruce Allen 64. 99 Cauley. Marshall Lynn 36, 222 Cauley. Robert Felix 1 59 Cauthen, Robert C 260 Cave. Catherine Ann 1 6 1 , 464 Cavin. Alton Kirby 1 68 Cearley, Gwena Lynn . . . 102. 106. 148. 180. 226. 501 Cecil. Melinda Ann 33. 464 Cegelski, Donna L 49, 184 Celaya. Pablo Flores 528 Center Kathy Roie I 77. 464 Centilli Dorothy Jean 495 Cervenka. Edward Renfro 159, 464 Ceiar, Alfredo 464 Chaayto Haisan I I 79 Chaddick John Wright 250, 50 1 Cathy Lynn 131. 1 86 Chaffe. Elisabeth S 167. 198, 528 Chaikowski. Donna Rose 85. 167 Chalk. Dav.d Lee 413, 421, 423 Chalker Wilton Foster 515 Chalmers Richard Mark 242 Chalmers. Stephen Cal 122. 268 Chamberlain. Betsy B 234 Chamberlain. Sara Nan 464 Chambers, Carol L. B., Mrs 528 Chambers Christopher 515 Chambers, David M 222 Chambers. Edward V. Ill 92. 515 Chambers, Glenn H 168 Chambers. Mary M 515 Chambless, Susan Belva 149, 495 Chamlee. Phyllis Jean 528 Champion. Raul. Jr 102. 464 Chamrad. Julia Ann 50 90 Chan. Ching Woo 1 68 Chan. Joseph K 171. 1 79 Chan Kenneth Sek-Yu 430 Chan Moon-Shing 179 Chase, Sara Doty 1 66 Chase, Stephen Walter 464 _,nan. Moon-jnmg Chan. Sue C 168 Chancellor, Marion F 246. 247 Chancellor, W. E.. Jr 420. 502 Chancey, Donald K 528 Chandler. Christopher P 528 Chaney. Michael Joe 155 Chaneyworth. Sandra J 502 Cheng, Richard 49 Chantly. Maria 109 Chapin. Susan Ann 528 Chapline Kenny J 64, 172 Chapman. Cathy Gail 515 Chapman. Daniel Oran 222. 419. 528 Chapman. Darla Ann 232 Chapman. Donald D.. Jr.. . 28 Chapman Frederick W. . . 502 Chapman. Joy Ann 464 Chapman, Judy Lynn 528 Chapman, Julie Ann 266. 528 Chapman, Louann 1 66 Chapman, Mary Louise 254 Chapman Melody Sue 208. 529 Chapman. Paul Dunbar 202 Chapman. Rayburn Keith 515 Chapman, Sara Lynn 1 88, 529 Chapman, Wanda Karen 515 Chappell Earcle E. Jr. . 90 Charlton. Claire 1 529 Charney Fmley Allan ... 515 Charpiot, Robert A. . . 246 Chartoff Arthur 136. 464 Chase Samuel Louis 135, 207, 529 Chasnoff. Estelle Lynn . Chatham. Jeanne Diane Chauveaux Tony Lynn . Chavez. William. Jr Cheek Howard Byron . . Cheek, Larry David .... Chemell. Christine L. . . . Chen. Doris Ming-See . . Cheng. Cheuk Pui .166 115. 430. 515 102. 162, 502 502 260 515 464 502 .495 Chenoweth, Robert Espy 260. 495 Chenoweth, Tracee Ann 52. 54. 212 Cherry, Dana Ysabel 529 Cherry, Franklin R 49. 529 Cherry, Nadina Leah 502 Ch eshire. Alan Kent 202 Chesnick, Hilford J.. Jr 280 Chester. Donald William 495 Chew. Lawrence Paul 529 Chewning, Stephen Lee 54. 161. 502 Ch.arizio. Eric E 502 Chicosky, Robert D 127. 262 Chicotsky. Robert H 529 Chidsey. Linda Gay 226. 253. 464 Chien. Phoebe Chao-Ping I 79 Child, Anne Elizabeth 1 55 Child Carolyn Jean 529 Childers. Gae Lynn 184. 270, 515 Childers. Pamela Kay 515 Childers Steven Roger 126, 166, 464 Childress. Beverly Kay 529 Childress, David William ! . . . .423 Cnildress. Duane Michael 230. 464 Childress. Gary S Childress. Loren G Childress. Robert G. . . . Childress. Roy James. . . Childress. William M. . . Child!. Betsy Childs. David Edward . 168 464 502 418, 423 465 186. 515 .. ..495 Childs. Linda Ann 1 84 Childs. Lonnie E 170 Childs. Simone 197 Child!, William Claiborne 465 Chin John Lester 515 Chm, Lmda 161. 502 Chin, Milly 166 Chipman. Emmitt D.. Ill 495 Chisholm, Janice Kay 515 Chism, Bonn.e Jane R., Mrs 152, 163. 495 Chitwood. Patricia A 529 Chiu. Raymond Shu Kuen 168 Chotiner, Cathy Ann 28 1 Chovanetz. Barry E 133. 495 Chow Chi Chuen 430 Chow. Peter Kai-Mou 179 Chrism !. Barbara Lynn 152 Christal. Raymond E 529 Christe, Pamela 502 Christen. Carol L 75. 77. 90 Christian. Charles R 465 Christian. Wayne T 260 Christiansen. James M 49, 1 70 Christie. Catherine H 232 Christy Edgar Allen 222 Chu-Jon, Carlos A 457 Chudleigh. Gary S 155 Chumlea. Alice Anne 210 Chumlea. Joseph Grant 182 Church. Robert L 465 Churchill. Mac Norwin 207 Churney. Susan Gail 188 Cialone. Joseph Angus. II 28 Ciavarra. John Joseph. Jr 133 Ciccanti. Steven Marco 77 Cirko. John Martin 465 Cisneros, Rogelio 135 Clancy. Steve Michael 421 Clapp, Alta Carol 198. 515 Clapp, Leslie Boyd. Jr 495 Clare. Penelope Lynn 465 Clark, Arville. P.. Ill 36. 260 Clark Candace Ann 210. 529 Clark. Carolyn Janet 502 Clark. Douglas Noel 495 Clark. Edward Kelley I I 3. 244 Clark. Ernest Brett 119 Clark. Frances Ann 267 Clark George Edward. Ill 155 Clark. Glen Alan 102. 529 Clark. Jackie Neil 236 Clark. Janine 224 Clark John Welles 260. 5 1 5 Clark. Judith Ellen 85 Clark. Karen Ann 465 Clark Linda Darnell 220 Clark. Mary Lee 529 Clark. Michael Duane 2 I 8. 495 Clark Nanette 515 Clark. Richard H 224. 529 Clark, Robert Eldon 413, 421 Clark Rosemary P-Z. Mrs 161 Clark, Stephen B 419 Clark, Stephen Zifton 495 Clarke. Craig Musgrave Clarke. Rebecca Ann . . . Clarkson. Clay Kmg .... Clawater, Earl W.. III... Claiton. Michael Dale . . Claybrook, Olivia H Clayton. Glenda Gail . . Clayton. Marsha Glynn . Clear, Harry C Cleaveland. Jack M.. Jr. Clegg, Lillian F Clegg Mary Virginia Cleland, Roberta Lynn . Cleland, Ro anne L Clem. Ross Sidney Clement. John C 465 228 49. 238 260 465 ....208, 238, 502 502 529 168 230. 529 49 282. 529 102 180 . ... 102. 104, 180 502 ...138. 495 Clements. Carol B Clifton. Catherine Lea Clifton. Debra Sue ... Clifton. Gaylon Clifton. Hulen E.. Ill Clifton. Jo Arlene P.. Mrs 149 Cloudt. Kathleen T Clowers. Karen Lee Cloyes, Brian Morgan Cline Roy Carter Clinton. Cleveland G 222 Clinton. Jimmie C Close. Gary Homer Coakley, Janete Cobb, Charles Harder Cobb, Michael Dale Cobian. Maria Isabel Cocek Bruce Charle 106. 164. 166. 170. Cocek, Janis Catherine . Cockburn. Thomas Neil Cockerham. Donald Ray Cockrell. Forrest Edwin Cockrell. Kenneth Dale . Cockrell. Robert J Cody Carol Carr 78. 79, 152, Coe. David W Coelho. Milton Rodriques Coffee. Robert Randall Coffelt, Patricia Lynn Coffey. Kathryn Ann Coffin. Judy Sue Coffman. Nancy Sue Coffman, Rosemary E Cohan. Robert Marshall Cohen. Barbara Ellen Cohen, Blanche Faye Cohen, Charles Sidney Cohen, Judith Marsha Cohen, Larry David Cohen. Murray Lee Cohen. Steven Douglas Coke, Dorothy Ann 234 Coker, Kyle Wayne Colby. James Francis Coldwell. Mary Carla Cole. Byron Harrison Cole, Clyde Francis .... Cole, Jo Ann I., Mrs Cole, John Henry Cole Michael Keith Cole, Richard Lloyd . . . Coleman. Barbara Sue . . Coleman. David R Coleman. Dorothy Jean Coleman. Gary Lee .... Coleman, Nancy Lois . . . Coleman. Peter John . . . Colglazier Carol Lee . . . Collar, Karen Sue Collett, John Steven . . . Colley. James David . . . Collie. Barbara A Collier. Lynne Claire . . . Collins. Andrew David . . Collins. David Henley . . Collins. David Wayne . . 71, 75, 186 Colli Colli Colli . , Michael Olis , Robert L , Samuel B Collins, Sharon Lee ................. Collins, Susan Vaughan .. ............. Collinsworth. Carl S ................. Colopy. Michael Thomas ............. Colovin. John Duffy ..... 404. 408. 419. Colquitt. Carol E .................... Colvin, Richard S ................... Combs. Elizabeth Marie .............. Comeaux Carolyn Adele ............ Compton. James Edward ............. Compton. Peggy Lynn ............... Conant. Richard Paul ................. Conde, Juan ....................... Condit. Richard Hale ................ Cone, Jeffrey D .................... Conley Carl Patrick ................. Conley, Helen Rose .................. Conley, James Michael ............... Connally. Frederick H. Jr ........... 78. Connally, John B. Ill ................. Connally, Mark M ............ 36. 165. Connell, Carol J .................... Connell, Cynthia Robin .............. Connell, James Richard .............. Connelly. Michael W ................ Conner. Frances K ................... Conner. George M. Ill ............... Conner. Jane Anne .................. Conner. Michael Haden ............. Connet. Melville D. Ill ................ Connolly, Kevin Joseph ........... Connor. Mary Ellen .................. Conrad James Edwin ................ Conradt. Lou.s William ............... Conradt. Patricia Ann ................ Constantino, Anthony ................ Contreras, Eric Eduardo .............. Contreras Hel. F .................... Cook, Barbara Ellen .................. Cook. Charles Mac .................. Cook. Frank Tyson ................... Cook. Janette L ..................... Cook. Jo ........................... Cook. Jul.e ...................... Cook. Larry Gene ................... Cook. Linda Gale Cook, Mary Catherine Cook, Mary Helen ................... Cook Mary Katherine ................ Cook, Mary Katherine ................ Cook. Patrick Lacy .................. Cook, Peggy Louise .............. 161 Cook, Robert David ............. 155. Cook Stephen William ............... 152 .49 198 54. 210 Cooke Edwin T. Ill 204 Cooke. James Dale 515 Cooke, Michael .127. 502 Cooke. Robert Eberle . . . 515 Cooksey, Taylor Voss .... I 52. 1 63 Cooley. Louise G 529 Cooley. Susan Mathias 260 Coombs, Cathy Paulette 529 Coon, Judith Elizabeth Ill, 150 Cooper, Charles Allen 430, 529 Cooper, Freddy Gardinez 515 Cooper, Lance Kimberly . I 82, 430 Cooper Lanetta Marie 161 Cooper. Larry Dale . 116, 155 Cooper. RickieC . ' 85 Cooper, Robert L 465 Cooper, Sharon Ann 49. 457 Cooper, Suzanne Jane 164 502 Copeland, Charlie R.. Jr .... 529 Copeland. Janis Lynn 37, 430 Copeland, Kathy S. . . . 29 Copeland, Rebecca Lee . 465 Copeland. Robert E.. Jr 246 Copeland Weldon S., Jr 1 63, 232 Copelm, Rayford E.. Jr 78 Copenhaver, Paula . 427 Corbell. Duwain A. ....238 Corbell. Jon Kelvin 5 1 5 Corbin. John Saunders. Jr 204, 502 Corde. Kelley Anne 208 529 Cordell. Charles G 502 Cordell, David Mark 49, I 70 Corder, Kimberly Sue 1 90 Cordova. Connie B . .49. 465 Cormier. Elmo James. Jr . 102. 465 Cornell. Sandra Fran 263 Correll. Venice Mary .Ill, 188 Corson, Donald Winston 275 Cosgrove, Deirdre Sue . 168 280 Cosgrove. Patricia Ann . 262 529 Coskie. Cheryla Dru 238, 382 Costas. Anne Michelle, Mrs. . . I 55 Costas. Nicholas P. H 1 66 Costin. Sandra Jean 1 98 515 Gotham. Nancy Ellen 529 Cotner. Thomas E. Ill 182 Gotten. Carol Kay H., Mrs. . . I 52 Cottingham, Linda Gay 64 Cotton, Ralph Gordon 465 Couch, Byron David 252. 5 1 5 Couch Cynthia Ann .49, 266 Couch, Jane Elizabeth 127 Couch, Leland Brooks 238 465 Couch, Quest Compere 529 Couch, Robert David 529 Courtney. Maxey Alan 502 Courtney. Patricia N . 1 86. 269 Cousineay. Jimmie Don .204, 529 Coussou. Harry E.. Jr. . .260,529 Couture. Daniel Bruce . .421. 423 Covan, Hedy Suzette . 161 Coventry. Anna Marie. 49 Coventry. Nancy Ann . 168 Covert, Clark Anderson 502 Covey. Steven Martin . I 30 Covington, Dianne .... 465 Covington, Jane Ellen .250 515 Covington. Richard J. .. 280 Cowan Alvin E., Jr 529 Cowan, James Larry . 184. 502 Cowan, Meridith Jane . 516 Coward. Ann Dorothea- 529 Coward Margaret Sue 421 423 Cowart James D.. Jr. . 232 502 Cowden Candice Beth 236 Cowen, Phillip Thomas . 186 Cowhig, Denis Martin . 502 Cowser. Katie Bob 138. 495 Cox. Albert Emery 457 Cox. Bonnie Sue ..83,88 Cox. Catherine Ann... 418 Cox. David Lee 102, 516 Cox. George Bascom . . I 55 Cox. George Rush .... 70 Cox. Jay Stein 226.516 Cox, John Wayne .... . .68, 72 Cox, Louise Carol 1 72 529 Cox. Marilyn Rae 165 Cox Nancy Jo 97. 244. 516 Cox Stanley Earl 465 Cox. Thomas Reginald 529 Coyner. Roger Edward 529 Cozad Josef Herman 202 Cozby, Rebecca Louise 210 Crabtree Barbara Ann 465 Crabtree Linda Karen 186 Crabtree Paul Norman 273 Crabtree, Suziann 238. 529 Craddock, Anne Cecile 102 Crady. Kate McAlpin 529 Craft. Gene Millard 268 502 Craft. Phyllis Mane 465 Craig. Darrell Wayne 192, 516 Craig Donna F . . .264 Craig. Gordon Emil . 502 Craig. Harry Lee. .. 516 Craig. John David 266. 529 Craig. Laura Marie D.. Mrs 166 465 Craig. Phyllis Elaine 72 Grain. James C 196, 197 Grain. Lee Shudde 49 Crane. Cindy Lou 516 Crane Julianne G 465 Crane. Kathryn Louise I 63, 502 Craven, Mark Stephen I 15. 234 Craver, James Ingram 210 Crawford, Bertram M.. Jr 192. 465 Crawford, Charles Travis ... 1 66 Crawford, Frances Marian 48 Crawford Gary Wayne 228, 265 Crawford. Joe T.. Jr 166,502 Crawford, John Ralph 218219 Crawford Linda Gail 198 .210. 424, .152. ...113. 182. . .64. 516 423 418 ..92, 502 242 254 49 502 206, 212 260 423 246, 247 1 70 1 79 . 180. 516 502 220. 502 .... 502 ....102 166, 208 465 465 218 222 92 228 .171 1 79 465 . . . 1 79 ....516 ....516 256. 502 .102. 180 495 423 90 465 502 166 147 465 495 465 529 ..32 465 . . 70. 1 79 502 278. 465 430 .264. 418 82 502 244 465 102 136 269 516 .202. 516 465 143. 516 ....516 516 244 .270. 502 115 ..75. 210 136 . 160, 165 465 85 247, 465 198 465 516 430, 516 1 66 529 .. 198 502 198. 465 . .41 269 . 179 423 236 .123. 222 465 .204. 465 . .88. 516 135, 529 .77, 102 222 102, 502 74 208, 529 141, 495 167 .92, 502 529 516 502 426 529 529 ....161 427 502 430, 502 87 ,. ..132 .82. 198 157. 158 .... 102 ....226 ....457 161 465 .82. 529 264, 502 67 ....423 . 465 ....502 .. ..495 ....260 198. 516 548 Pages Pages Crawford. Lonnie E 516 Crawford Patricia F.. Mrs 198. 238, 466 Crawford, Rebecca Joan 118. 167, 210. 516 Crawford. Robert F 252. 516 Crawford. Ronald D 65. 430 Crawford. Roy Mills. Jr 502 Crawford. Zenobia Y 529 Crawlev. Robert Eiland 502 Creel Martha 46. 466 Crenshaw Ben Daniel 416. 420. 423 Crenshaw, Charlie E 1 22. 23 1 . 42 1 . 423 Cresap Danna 466 Crew. Robert Joseph 502 Cr.bbs. Richard Judd 222 Criel Armando B 29, 368 502 Crier Catherine Jean 210. 384, 529 Crim. Carol Jean 516 Crispin Mary P 212 Crist, Madeline Candace 167 Crist, Marilyn C 516 Crist. Mary Teresa 529 Crocker. Jonette Abbey 502 Crocker. William D 426 Crockett David Daniel 36. 270. 516 Crockett. Kimberly 210 Crockett. Linda Irene 161 Crockett. Michael D 112, 260, 261. 502 Croly. Amy Eileen 1 02, 1 80 Cromeens. George M 418. 516 Cronin. Teresa Anne 167. 529 Crook. Charles David 502 Crool. David P 278. 279, 495 Crook Robert Barry Croom. John A. Ill Croslin, Cynthia A Crosslin. Donald Wayne . Crosson. David Reeves . Crouch. Cathy Eileen . . . Crouch. James W. I 168. 256, 516 70 269 387. 418. 423 168 49 423 Crouse. Ph.lip Charles 133 Crow. Cynthia Lynn 115. 167, 502 Crow. Don John. Jr 238 Crow, James Brice 55. 5 1 6 Crow. Jo Ann 169 Crow, Lucy Doggert 49 Crow. Sherry Gail 212. 466 Crow. W. A 168 Crowe, John M 64, 92 Crowe Robert Irl 92, 529 Crowell, Michael Wachlin 418 Crowley. Elizabeth 88. 90 Crowther. Cornelia A 466 Cruce. Cathy 37. 198. 516 Crumbie. Patrice E 32 Crume Randall Allen 260 Grumpier, Charles P 166, 502 Crumpton, David Wilmoth 502 Cuba Arnold C., Jr 119 Cuba Johnette Lynn 516 Cubbison. John Lee 30, 1 57. 466 Cuccia. Nick A 516 Cude. Michael Wayne 466 Cude. William Benton 72. 175 Cuellar, Robert 410. 413. 421 Cuevas, Edwin G.. Jr 466 Cuevas. Mary Carmen 502 Cukier. Joseph Israel 1 99 Culbertson. Mary Julia 147. 184. 466 Culler. Carol A 146. 247 Cullen. Mark Paige 502 Cullender, Albert Burr, Jr 131 Culley, Terry Ann 516 Culling, Alison Jeanne 192. 529 Culpepper Wilbur G 146. 466 Culwell, Cathryn 208, 256. 466 Cumbie. Cynthia Ann 466 Cumley. Stephen Daniel 418 Cummings. Leslie 212 Cummmgs Wileyn F.. Mrs 495 Cundiff. Kevm Shannon 516 Cunningham. Deborah M.. Mrs 169 Cunningham. Hugh M.. Jr 36. 23 I Cunningham. Kathleen 72. 75 Curbello. Penny Leigh 1 98 Curie, Bradley Gill 202 Curlin, Cindy Lou 282. 516 Curll, Adrienne Celeste Curran, Stephen Sandoz Currey. Billie .... Currey. David Nelson . . Currin, Freddie Mac C, Cur, 234 529 118 102, 516 418 Kenneth William 67 Ronald Elmo 529 Curry. Susan Catherine 204 Curtis Bill 457 Curtis Carol Jean 161. 170. 184 495 Curt is . Sally Grace 516 Curtis Shelley J 166 Curtis, William Charles 457 Curvan, Leonard James 108. 249. 516 Cushman, Regina Hope 502 Cusick. Thomas Patrick. Jr 421 Cutaia, Augustina Rose 516 Dabney, Joseph T. Ill 250, 466 Dabney, M.chael Paul 250 Dabney. William Tyson 502 Dahl. Philip Orrin 529 Dahlberg Gregory W 389. 418. 423 Dahlberg, Kathy Evelyn 186 Dahlberg. Marsha Lynn 161. 466 DaKlberg. Peter Black 168 Dahlstrom Donna Ruth. Mrs 457 Dahlstrom, Joe Frank 457 Daigh. Margaret Olivia 198. 529 Da.ley. Donald B.. Jr 70 Dailey, Richard Dennis 541 Daily Elizabeth Jane 54. 115. 152. 516 Daimwood. David Paul 466 Dale. Nancy Elizabeth 147 Dalby. John Leonard 264 502 Dalby. Robert Earl 264 Dale Donna Lynn 228, 529 Dale Laura M 184 Dale, William Hayden . . . Daleo, Charles J Dalheim. Edward W Dalisera. Laura Ann Dallas, Cham Edwards . . . Dally. William Carl Dalrymple. Dean Dalrymple. Robert Alan. . Dalton. Charlotte Louise . Dalton. Jerry Wayne . . Damuth Keith Stew Dana, Kathryn Ann . . . Dangel Michael S. . . . Daniel. Cecil C. Ill . . . . Daniel. Carole Anne . . Daniel. Danny Britton . . Daniel. David Edwin, Jr, 423 144, 145 529 529 102 202 190 102, 162 466 172 Dalton, Richard Eugene 102. 529 Dalton, William E.. Jr 224 Daly Patrick William 426, 502 207. 516 170. 186. 269 I 70. 466 72 384. 495 190 ... 1 79 Dargatz. Richard G.. Darley. Brian Hadley Darling. Stephen C. . . Darrow. Marsha Ellen . Darrow, Robert Scott Daniel. Deborah 116 Daniel Deborah Jane 184, 256. 516 Daniel, Eleanor Kay 167 Daniel, Patti Lynn 516 Daniel, Roberts. Ill 256 Daniell Robert W 256 Daniell. Robert Walter 502 Daniels, Josephine C 502 Daniels. Lacy 1 66 Daniels. Mark Edward 516 Daniels Matthew Jerry 256 Dan.els. Ricky Gene 238 Danvers David Wilk 268 Danvers Karen 210. 269 Danvers. Wm. Kistler 423 Darden. Elizabeth Jane 234 Darden Paul Wistar 1 59. I 79 168 168 502 188. 529 ....155, 166. 280 Darwin. Paul McCracken 420. 495 Dasch Venita Carlene. Mrs 97 Dashiell. Diane 208 529 Daubel. Kathleen M. T.. Mrs 457 Daubek, Terry Paul 457 Daugherty James E. Ill 168 Daum. Donald Ray 157, 502 Dauterive. Judy Eileen 466 Davenport. James C 72. 466 Davenport, James E.. Jr 466 Davenport. Kathryn Jo 502 Davenport. Linda Jean 49 Davenport, Norman Alan 244 Davidson. Candis Faye 1 84 Davidson. Charley Albert 529 Davidson. Claudia Fae ISO Davidson. Jerry Saunders 166 Davidson. Marion William 502 Davidson. Pamela Kay 79. 210 Davidson. Roger Lee 190, 457 Davie. William R 516 Davies. John Francis 222. 466 Davies. Roland Stephen 174 Davies. William J.. Jr 238 Davis. Billy Bryan 1 82. 516 Davis. Carleton Abney 466 Davis Catherine Ann 502 Davis. Charles T., Jr 1 1 1. 230 Dav.s Cheryl Marlene 516 Clara Lee 502 Clifton Dean 238. 529 Cloteal Louise 40. 376. 495 Collette Rosso, Mrs 79 Craig Edward 102. 162 Cynthia Gail 210 Dav.d Floyd 168 Eddie 101 162 Edith Jeannette 1 55 Edward Alvin III 270, 529 Edward Re 49, 190 186 529 55. 502 168 495 418 495 Dav.s, Janna Denice 167, 529 Davis, Jay Rodney 274, 275, 430 Davis, Jimmy Carl Ill Davis. Jimmy Golan 495 Davis. Joseph Vivian III 124 Davis. Karen Lorraine 224. 529 Davis Kendall Craig 121 Davis Kenneth Harrel 262 Dav.s, Lisa Kay 95 Davis Lois Elaine 204. 516 Davis Marc Stephen 275 Davis. Mark 431 Davis. Margaret Ann 167. 204. 529 Davis. Michael Edward 541 Davis Michael Terry 33. 144 Davis Nancy L. W.. Mrs 466 Dav.s Norman Straus 48 Davis, Pamela G 282 Davis. Pat Wayne 421 Davis Patricia Ann 502 Davis. Paul Joseph 71 Davis, Richard Carl. Jr 387. 392. 423 Davis, Richard F.. Jr 92. 529 Davis Ricki R 418 Davis, Robert Earle 270. 516 Davis, Robert Roy I 79 Dav.s, RonaldS 157 Dav.s. Walter Dale 170 Davison. Deborah Denese 87 Davison. Mary Joy 254 Dawsey Janice Elaine 50. 208. 236. 516 Dawson. Dw.ght Lauren 250. 466 Dawson. Kim Taylor , 49. 88 Dawson. Mary L 55. 87, 212. 516 Dawson Russell B 516 Da D,, D, D. De Da D,, D, Da De Da Davis, Eleanor Barbara Davis. Ernestine E Davis. George Edwin . . Davis. Howard Gordon Davis. James Thomas . . . Davis. James Tolbert . . . Dawson. Thomas Finney 49 Day. Debra 210. 529 Day. James Elbert III 260 Day. James William 238 Day, Michael Stephen 457 Daywood. John Carl 102, 162 Dayyani Mohammad Hasan 495 De Filippo. Fred S 495 De Ford. Harvey Nash 73. 249, 495 De Souza Derek Anthony 107 DeStefano Deborah K I 15. 516 Deal. James William 102 529 Dealmeida. Jose Ramos 427 Dean, Debra Lynn 502 Dean, J. Marguer.te M.. Mrs 457 Dean, Judy Lynn 502 Dean, Mary Bird 87. 232. 466 Dean. Michael P. E 423 Dean. Michael Wayne 418 Dean. Walter Worth 58 Deane, William Terrell 153 Deans, Mary Griff.n, Mrs 169 Deaton, Dan Woodrow 457 DeBaca. Paul 119 Debner, John Michael 516 Debord, Kathryn 167, 516 Decker. James David 77, 529 Deegar, James Otis III 48 Deen Gregory Charles 77 Dees, James Russell 101. 102. 162 Dees, Justin Gordon 230 Defazio. Patricia E 228. 516 Deford. Era Jane 232 Detrain, James Ernest 136 Degarza. Yvonne Beatrice 49, 516 Degenhardt. Ann Ruth 49. 143 Del Papa. Jenny 516 Delagarza. Nora Hilda 167. 496 Delano, Ricky Dale I 12, 207 Deleon. Hector Rene 27 Delgado. Janie C 502 Delgado. Nancy Carolyn 115 Delgrade. Theresa 43 1 Delia. Joanne C 1 69 Deloache. James A 215 Deloache. Louise D 43 1 . 502 Delorenzo, Christine A 212 Delorenzo. Mary Rose 212 Delpapa. Jenny Lou 1 84 Deluna. Juan Rosendo 529 Demales. Peter Thomas 78. 156, 168. 177 Demarest. Carol Sue 516 Demel. Carrol Ray 466 Stanley Farrar, Photographer. Demoll. Louis E. Ill Denbo Melissa Palkes 190. Dendy. Kirby Wayne Denius. Frank Wofford Denman. David Brent Denn. Debra Delaine Dennis, Michael David Dennis, Nelson T.. Jr Dennis. Patricia Ann . 106. I 15. 164 196. Dennis. William Woods Denny Herbert A. II Denny, John Bernard D enny Sharon Anne Randolph L Densmore, Cynthia Ann Denson, Deborah Lynn D ent . Pamela Susan Denton. Johnnie Mae Denton. Joyce Ann Denton Lloyd Albert. Jr Derbmg. Deborah Derdak, Stephen Derr. Warner Gordon Derse, Patricia Lyn Deskin, Roy Lynn Dettman. Gregory M Dettman. Laura Jane Devane Teresa Ruth Devine. Shaun Ellen Dewberry. William David Deweese. Jefferson G, Ann Elizabeth Dexter, Daniel Stephen Dhall Bhopinder Singh Dial. Gregory Thomas Dial. Steven Randolph Diaz, Francisco V Diazdeleon, V. O., Jr Dibrell Cooper Graham 49. David Michael Dick. Thomas Herbert Dickenson. Susan L Dickerson. James III Dickerson. Mary Patrice 55. 124. Dickey. Timothy Ward Dickinson. Elaine Dickinson. Linda Lee Dickinson. Suzanne Dickson, Chester V., Jr Dickson. Diana Cay Dickson. James Robert 68 Dickson. Lewis M. Ill Dickson. Richard Lane ....102 266, 516 78 231,418 202 161, 466 466 .... 502 197 502 . . ..466 . . . .466 .... 529 82 1 66. 466 .... 529 .... 502 .... 502 49 .... 502 ....157 466 ....516 134. 516 ....234 ....166 .... 502 .. .529 ....102 . ..529 ..59. 74 430. 502 ....228 .... 244 . . . .426 ....264 55 ....157 144, 466 207, 529 ....529 ....202 ....516 ... 1 74 204, 529 49 210. 466 466 212. 502 .... 502 466 . 72. 175 ....202 ....132 Dickson. Victor Pool Diden. Mary Lou Diebel. Betty Sue Diennger Dennis James D.erlam. JoKn Wallace. . Dies, Ruth Dianne Di.orio. Patrick W. . Pages I 70 466 282. 516 78 82 254. 466 516 Dildine, Donna L (61. 169 Dill. Eleanor L 254 D.ll. Johnny Lloyd 420, 423 Dillahunty L.nda D 90. 148 Dillard David Alan 41. 124 D.llard, Frank J 159 Dillingham. Michael R 136. 502 Dillon, Donna Cheryl 133. 496 Dillon. Douglas Johnson 270 Dillon Karen Sue 282. 5 1 6 Dillow Robert G 64. 168 Dilly. Sandra Kay 516 Dilworth. Colleen M 203. 210 Dimiceli. Thomas James I 57. 466 Dinerste.n, Jack 28 1 , 466 Dirks, Barbara Kay 37, 184 Diskin. Joslynn Beth 188 Dismukes, Carol Leach, Mrs 467 Dittmar. Frank Joe III 102 Dittmar. Jan Michael 516 Ditto W. Paul, Jr 246, 516 Dixon, Morris Reagen 49, 92. 155. 467 Djojosoekarto. Giri K 457 Dlugach. Juanita Susan 502 Doanzis. Melanie 274 Dobbins. Denny Pat 7 Dobbs Dennis Don 64 Dobrey Janice Ann 115 Dobson. Jeffrey f 467 Dobyns. Dav.d Alan 92 Dochoda Diane Frances 85 Dodd Cheryl Rae 186. 529 Dodd Dana Leslie 516 Dodds. Tommy L ane 502 Dodds Virginia Ann 502 Dodson. Denise Eileen 502 Dodson. Mark Randle 268 Dodson. Molly Ann 161. 169 Doedyns Joanna Beth 204 496 Doedyns. Trudy Ann 502 Doell. Thomas Charles 529 Doepner, Albert Herman 496 Doherty. Michael T 236, 529 Doherty Robert F 236 Doherty. Sally 147 Dolan. Lawrence Peter 467 Dolegtewicz, Zbigniew 42 I Dolfi Glen William 375 Dolfuss. Nelson F. Ill 36, 38. 467 Doll. Kathryn Lucille 1 66 I 70 Dollar Janis Lea 502 Dolph. Sandra Marie 467 Dolstra Eileen H 502 Domask Lucy Vaile 102. 529 Donahue, Timothy Alfred 51 , 268 Donat. Leonard T 467 Donathan Robert F 157 214. 215 Donelson, Rob.n Lisle 68, 72 Donelson Rollin Roy 71 Donneil, Ben Dobyns III 159 Donnell, Jean Holland 254 Donneil. William R. IV 202. 5 1 6 Donnelly. Wayne E. 529 Donzis Beth Melanie 516 Dooley Kathleen 254. 503 Dooley. Patricia Lynn 254. 503 Dorman. Carolyn Rebecca 95 Dorman. Foster Lesley 264 Dorman. Nancy Lynn 516 Dorn, Robert Wayne 467 Dorough. Frances A 503 Dorr. Joan Elizabeth 204 Dorsett. Charles Edward 63, 172. I 79. 467 Dorset!. Michael James 102 Dorsey, Jerry Brent I 29 Dortch. Richard Mason 503 Doty. Carol Anne 516 Doty. Jimmy Anderson 34, 70 Doty. Sue Ann 198 Doud Marsha Lynn 184 Dougharty, Dana K 157. I 58. 467 Douglas Rodney Arthur 252. 253 467 Douglass. Edith M 529 Doutel Gregory John 78. 136. 516 Douthit. Collm Jackson 467 Douthitt. Corbin Lee I 36 Dover. Janet Sue 115. 188 516 Dover, Joan Alyce 79 1 88 Dowdy, Ray Lynn 387. 418. 423 Dowdy, William Alan 278 Dowdy William C. Ill 112. 230, 231 Dowell Dee Lyn 467 Dowlen. Donna Jo 50. 467 Downes Brian Edward 467 Downie. Christine H 503 Downing. Lynda Faye 516 Downing Patricia Ann 516 Downs. Gregory Edward 496 Downs Patricia Obera I 18. 496 Doyal. Wayne Noble 165, 423 Doyle Terence Michael I 79, 430, 496 Drace, Suzanne E 212 Drake Francis L.. Jr 89 Drake John Garvin 516 Drake William Daniel 166 Drakos, Elen, Manna 161. 467 Dransfield Robert D 123. 222 Draper. Jan Denise 50 167 431 Dreeben Oren J 280 Dreiling, Omer A. II 230 529 Dreiseszun Marilyn J 49 Drewry Robert W.lson 368 Dre.ler. Eve 188 Dreyer Gary Edward 168, 516 Dreyer James Leroy. Jr 418 Dnggers William T 503 Pages Drmkard. Donald Wayne 36. 264 Dnscoll. Mary Therese 88 Dnscoll. Stuart T 222 Driscoll. William Dan 365. 423 Drobyski. Thomas Joseph 1 82 Drouin. Katharine M 467 Drury. Frances Kay 431 Dryden, Julie Jane 208 Dryden, Patrick 529 Dubberley Allen Erbacher 171. I 79. 467 Dube. Patricia Kay +67 Dubel, Patricia L 43 1 . 496 Dubois. William Steven 190 Dubose. Diane 467 Dubow. Janis Lynn 228. 503 Duckett Dwight Dean 503 Ducloux, Claude Ernest 87, 467 Dubose. Ralph K 427 Dudley, Blair Ina 204 Duensing. Debra Diane 102. 516 Duffey. William S 222. 42 1 Duffy Timothy Allen 74 Dugger. Larry E 136. 503 Dugger. Rosemary 192 Duggins. Cynthia Kay 1 55 Duhon John Ferris 71 Duke, Cathy Jean . . . . ' 277, 496 Duke Diana 148 Duke, Jane Maree 516 Duke, Kerry Marcus 426 Duke. Terry Wayne 144. 467 Dukes. John Anthony 467 Dukes. Michael Lee 423 Dulak, Sara Sue 467 Dunbar Geraldine 467 Duncan. Catherine Cary 467 Duncan. Debra Annette 503 Duncan. Frank J I 38, 467 Duncan. Fred Don 496 Duncan. James 51 Duncan. Jeanne Celeste 228. 467 Duncan. Susan Ann 208, 529 Duncan. Vance Cameron 244, 516 Duncum. Debra Ann 30 Dunford Lucy Ann 3 I 467 Dunham Jane Reed R., Mrs 106. 161. 467 Dunham. Joan E. B 34 Dunlap, David Graydon I 82, 430 Dunlap Dwiqht L 244 Dunlap John Kirkby 30, 224 503 Dunlap. Robert M.. Jr 541 Dunn Eddie Alan 467 Dunn. Edward W.. Jr 163 Dunn. Robert Mason I 36 Dunn. Solon Robert 467 Dunnam Cheryl Dianne 529 Dunning, Mary Leslie 208 Dunsirn. Robin Kay 169. 467 Dupree, Paul Alfred 91 Dupuis. Abel J. Ill 516 Duran. Robert I 55. 467 Durand. George Marion 144 S03 Durapau. Steven Lynn 423 Durckel. Ellen Blyth 49 Dure. Leighton Carter 1 6 1 204 496 Durfor. John H 34 Durrett, Dana Jean 529 Dushkin. Leland J 275 Dutia Knshnakumar G 496 Dutton Robert Edward 218 Duty. Deborah P 529 Duvall Mary Elizabeth 516 Dvorak. Linda Diane 146. 425, 530 Dwyer. Stephen Clay 516 Dyke James McKinney. Jr 127 Dykes. James R., Jr I 73 Dyson Jimmie Lynn 78 fades. Jack David, Jr 203 Eads Deborah Ann 37, 186. 496 Eads. Lea Carol 282. 516 Eads. Sally Jo 198 Eakens. Cmda Melane B 467 Eakens, Gibbs Edmond 467 Ealey. Donald R 423 Eanes Richard Jarrard 1 68 Earhart. Susan Elaine 282 Earl James Randolph 72 Earle Roland Arthur 74 Early Cleland E.. Jr 64. 530 Earnest. Ara Lynn 83 Eason. Marion E 516 Easter. Charles Lee, Jr 467 Eastland, Gail Elena 232 Eastland, Seaborn S 268 Eastman, Harvey Albert 163 Eaton. Linda Ann C.. Mrs 424 Eaton. Missey Marie 204. 5 1 6 Ebbecke. Joseph Loyd 64 Ebeling, Robert Lee. Jr 503 Ebensberger, Peggy Ann 151. 503 Eberhard, Jeffrey Wayne 166 Eberstein. Isaac W 218. 516 Eblen. Earl Doolen. Jr 503 Eby. Elisabeth Ann 186 Echevarna Lourdes R 467 Echols. Mina B 169 Eckels, Jack Patrick 71 Eckhart. Harley Albert 102 Edburg. Andrew Hugo 102, 162. 278. 426 Eddins. James Ray 530 Edelm an Cynthia Ann 188, 530 Eden. Ernie Michael 365. 375 Edens. Elizabeth M 254 Edens. Robert Bannister 202 Edgar, Elizabeth Ann 516 Edge. Barbara Ann 115. 517 Edgeman. Larry Jack 177 Edgerton Martha Jane 503 Edgm Richard Alan 503 Edmonds Martha Claire 467 Edmunds. Jeanne Louise 88, 530 Edwards, Bett.e Jane 467 Pagei Edwards. Betty Jo 155. 166 Edwards. Bruce Nolen 530 Edwards. Carl E.. Jr 430 Edwards. Carol Jean I 83, 468 Edwards. Jacguelyn K 530 Edwards. James R 530 Edwards. Janet Lee 167. 530 Edwards. Karen E 228 Edwards Katherine Ann 234 Edwards. Leslie Lee 496 Edwards. Marilyn Y 102. I 80. 503 Edwards. Richard M 70 Edwards. Trisa M.chele 234 Efird. Teresa Louise 208 Eggeling Marilyn 248 ' " Egger. Claude Billy 472 Eggleston, William 270 Ehlers. Martha Lynne 192. 503 Ehlinger Stephen E 468 Ehrhardt, E. Steven 77 Eichenbaum Charles B 280 Eicher, Patrick D 503 Eidman. Thad Gregory 244. 530 Eiermann. Ann Eliiabeth 192. 468 Eignus. William Arthur 468 Eiland. Gary Wayne I 27. 503 Eilbott Lawrence Richard 275 Eipper. Cheryl Lynn 530 Eisenbaum. David M 168 Ekblad. Tanya Kay 260 Ekstrom, Wayne Baker 1 82 Elaluf.Prado, Lisbino 468 Elam. Beverly June 149. 152. 468 Elam. Dennis Lee 117 Elder James Harvey III 165. 430 Elder. Tommy Dorris 422 Eldr.dge, Betty 189 Elias, Marilyn Jean 530 Elick. John V 423 Elkms. Jonna Kay 228. 517 Elkins. Lee 90. 530 Elkins. Margaret Elise I 70. 254. 468 Elkins. Roberta Jane 217 Elkins. Susan K 210. 530 Elledge Jacquelyn C 408. 468 Elliott. Deborah Kay 208. 468 Elliott James R. Ill 260 Elliott, Katherine Jean 208. 209 Elliott Michael Elon I 55 Elliott, Rick Delee 256 Elliott. Robert Frank 73 Elliott, Susan Jane 530 Elliott Timothy H 238. 517 Ell is. Bill John, Jr 170 Ellis David Towson 264 Ellis. Deborah Lea 186. 248 503 Ellis Fred Holmes 102. 162 Ellis. Katherine A 254 Ellis. Leigh 244 Ellis. Margaret Ann 468 Ellis. Paul Roscoe 230. 517 Ellis Priscilla 210 Ellis Roxanna 254 Ellis Vivian Elizabeth 228, 468 Ellis William R. Ill 59. 68. 74 Nancy E 266 Ellison. Edell Lee 186 Ellison. George Marsh 530 Ellison. LaFaye Jewell 220 Ellison, Pamela Lee 530 Ellison, Stephen Paul I 3 1 . 468 Ellsberry, Michael Allen 468 Ellsberry, Steven Carroll 67 Elsass. Gilbert Roy 426 Eisner Phill.p Alan 517 Elstner. Charles J 503 Elstner, Mary Joy 517 Eltii. Brian Murov 280, 503 Eltzroth. Patricia Gay 530 Embleton, Robert V. Ill 101. 102. 162 Embrey. Dav.d G 427 Embry. Diane Breedlove 152. 232 Embry. Robin Ray 166 Emery, David Ernest 496 Emery, Kathleen Lynn 212 Emmert, Duane Frank 468 Emmert Mark Alexander 468 Emmott, Robert C.. Jr 41. 165 Ener Ava Ann 468 Eng. Mabel Sun 97. 503 Engel. Adnana 274. 468 Engel Edward William 73, 274. 468 Engeling. Donald Eugene I 59. I 79 Engelmann, Dayna Dawn 166 England, Robin Christy 198, 468 Engler. Deborah Ann I 70 Englert, Michael Wayne I 50 English John David 1 82 English, Lowell D 418 English Nancy Beth S.. Mrs 457 English, Wilke Denton 457 Engstrom. Randall R 244. 503 Ennis. Donald Edwin, Jr 256 Enslen Norbert W., Jr 70 Entzmmger Jo Lynn 186 Eppes Nancy Jean 282. 468 Epps, Doyle Daniel, Jr I 57 Epstein. Donalyn 217 Epstein Ronald S 262 Erdelt James N 144, 418 530 Erickson, Kathleen V 186 Enckson Mich Gray 457 Erickson Terrie A ' .,208, 503 Eriksson, Evalyn Elise 232 530 Erler Alfred H 427 Ermis, Robert Malcolm 530 Ernest, Laur en Kay 282. 530 Ernst. Carl Lynn 496 Ernst Elaine 82. 87 Erskme. Gary 421 423 Ervin. Cynthia Ann 167 I 86. 530 Ervin Judi Evelyn 87. 517 Ervin Sally Kay 210 247 Pages Erwm David Randolph 260. 530 Erwin. Douglas Allen 77. 517 Erwin. James Finley 36. 112. 260. 261 Eschenbrenner. Thomas 158 Eslamloo. Mohammad R 431 Esmond. Conley Clay 203. 468 Espensen. Michael P 49. 496 Esng. Bonnie Ann 503 Essary, Deborah Lee 530 Estes Jana Audrey 68. 75. 96, 106. 108. 212 367. 371 Estrada. Vicki Marie 75. 1 08. 5 1 7 Etheridge, Jacqueline 282 Ethr.dge. Nancy Jo 503 Eubank, Beverly Jane I 67 530 Eubank. George B., Jr 261 Eubanks. Charles Alan 503 Eubanks, Edwin Allen 264. 503 Eulenfeld, Janice G 503 Eulich, Gloria Ann 254 Evans Billie-Ann 468 Evans A 67 Evans, Carol Anne 167 Evans. Charles Leslie 74 Evans. Christ! J 503 Evans Cynthia Ann 530 Evans. Cynthia Kay 425. 426 Evans, Evan Walter 268 Evans, Jack Blair 49. 517 Evans, Jennifer P 1 49 Evans. Karen Colette 198. 517 Evans, Kathleen Louise 167. 503 Evans. Leigh Karen 228. 503 Evans, Martlynn E 503 Evans, Mary Jo 37. 197 Evans, Rudford Kyle 102 Evans Stanley Paul 70 Evanson, Robert William 249 496 Eveland Richard E 49. 503 Eveland. Sandra Anne. Mrs 49. 468 Everett. Barry Charles .468 Everett. John Keith . . 1 70 Everett Yvette D 431 Eversole, Nancy Ann 234. 503 Ewald Brenda Gail 530 Ewan. Sam Massingale 203. 530 Laura Susan 210 Ewing. Richard E 375 Eyres. Melody 517 Faerber Charles V 530 Pagan Edward D 168 Faget. Carol Jean 503 Fagg. Sharon Suzette 106. 115. 167 Fahrenthold. Jerry P 468 Failes Ronald Leon 138 Fain. Douglas William 230 Fain John Stephen 468 Fair. Edward Zane 170 Fairbanks. Barry J 179 Fairchild. Charles R 67 Faires Raymond Alan 168. 256. 517 Fa.rleigh. Margaret A 192. 530 Fakoorbayatshirazi. H 135 Falcon, Richard Ray 92 Falk Robert Hardy 468 Falkenburg, Ruel Jay 222 Fallen Stephen Lee 71 Fanchier. David Ehrman 468 Fankhauser. Ruth Ann 82 Fannin. Linda Louise 116 Fannush, Mohamed Omar 457 Fantini Albino E 457 Farabee, Karen Louise 212, 517 Faranesh. Souhail 496 Farb Joel 173 Faria. David Joseph 131, Fereidoon 457 Farley Dale Ellen 530 Farmer. Craig Norris 430 Farmer Margaret J 198 530 Farmer. Susan Kay 503 Farnsworth. Bill.e S 530 Farnsworth. Chanda L 517 Farr Robin 204. 530 Farrar. Terry Wayne 36. 222. 468 Farrell. John P.. Jr 238 Farrell, Steven Ray 246 Parries. David C 158 Farris. Thomas Dale 503 Farzinpour Nassrollah 43 I Fassero Joseph M I 56. I 76 Faszholi, Jan Ellen 85 Path Betsy 87,90, 503 Faulconer Bruce L 503 Faulk. Richard Alan 77. 156 Faulk, Robert Ray 149. 503 Faulkner Donald Carol 503 Faulkner Michele Ml. 282. 517 Faulkner. Wendell D., Jr 242. 530 Fausset. Dianne Lorraine 226 Fausset Guy Stephen 222 Favell, Alice C 496 Feagin. Terry Wayne 177 Fears Peter John 168,468 Feather John Norman 121375 Featherston. Coy Joe 418 Feehan, Anne Elizabeth - 503 Feehan, Mary V.rginia 108 Feinberg Jan Louise 161, 1 88 468 Felcman Frank L.. Jr 530 Feld. Edgar Myers 262, 517 Feldman, Robin Toby 55 Felkai. Thomas Peter I 7 I , I 79, 503 Feller, James Patrick 423 Feller, Susan Ann 55, 517 Feltman. Allen Marcus 530 Felton Charles Ronald I 7 9 Fenlaw Rebecca J. R.. Mrs 468 Fenner Jim Edwin 418 Ferguson Bryan Willis 126, 468 Ferguson. Gail Lynn 468 Ferguson. Joe 390 Ferguson. Karen Adair 517 550 Pages Pages Name Pages Ferguson. Larry Wayne . . . Ferguson. Lawrence H. Ill 468 Ferguson Linda 248 Ferguson, Samuel C 248. 249. 496 Fernandez. Alfonzo E 496 Fernandez, Rebecca M 97, 106. 503 Ferrara Madeline Caroll 496 Ferrarro. Fred 427 Ferrell. David K.. Jr 230. 530 Ferrell, John David 517 Ferrill. Dianna Kay 118. 530 Ferris. Linda Jean 517 Fertel. Dan 190. 530 Fertitta Debra 169. 184. 206 Fetzer Brenda Kay 224. 517 Fetier Mark Howard 224. 430 Fickman, Bruce Alan 190. 517 Fidler Melissa Anne 88 Fiedler. Kevin James 85 Fielder Artie Ann 102. 180. 517 Fielding. B. Donald 280, 530 Fields Fredric Earwood 1 65 Fields Kenneth W 168 Figer Michael Gene 101 102. 162 Filidei. Marcia Kay 517 Filley Frederick Dwight 468 Finberg. Steven 503 Finch. Gary Edward 78 Findley. Steven F 64. ISO Fine. Robert Lee 168 Finegan. Richard A.. Jr 149 Fmk. Barbara Lynn 468 Fink Betsy Lee 54, 517 Finkelstein. Jack, Jr 203. 517 Finkelstein. Mark Alen 191 Finkelstein. Mary F 188 Finkelstein. Sheryl L 266. 530 Finkelstein. William B 263 Finklea. Gaylon Jean 152. 468 Finis. Leslie Ann 226, 277 Finlay. Gavin Layne 1 36 Finley, Georna Lew 232, 530 Finley, Mary Kay 530 Fmley, Patricia J 204 Finn. Beverly Sue 217. 530 Fisch. Martee Ann 161 Fisch. Myrna Dean 161 Fischer Brenda S 517 Fischer Meredith B 82. 530 Fischer, Ruth F 170 Fischinger. Bonnie Gae 517 Fish Edd Thomas 144. 468 F.sher. Gail Marie 228 Fisher. James Stanford 1 30 Fisher. Janet Rachel 90 Fisher John Wesley 101 Fisher, Kenneth Dolson 92, 102, 517 Fisher, Linda Maureen 517 Fisher, Luke Eugene 496 Fisher. Nola Jan 210. 530 Fisher, Paul James 246. 530 Fisher. Paul Wayne 131 Fisher, Randall D 102 Fisher, Sharon Ann 220 Fisher. Timothy Lee 503 Fisk, Dorothea P 468 Fisk, Robert Steven 262 Fite. Antoinette 469 File. Ralph Hillin 503 Fitzgerald, Carla Sue 254 Fitzgerald. David John 1 26, 496 Fitzgerald, Lael 75 Fitzgerald, Lynda L 161. 503 Flach, Marc Douglas 1 55 Flache Arthur Ame 207, 503 Flack. Joe Fenley. Jr 122. 244, 245, 503 Flanagan. Margaret M 40. 97. 1 06. 1 67 Flanagan. Susan Carol 469 Flawn. Tyrrell Edith 106. 164 Fleck. Sandra Louise 37. 2 1 2 Fleetwood. Cynthia Ann 186. 270 Flemens Norman Rowe 156, 177. 179. 469 Fleming Benton S.. Jr 191. 530 Fleming, Charles M 236 Fleming, Francesca 256. 503 Fleming, Frank C 41. 49. Ill, 256. 421. 517 Fleming, Jennifer 43 I Fleming, Margaret Kay 166 Fleming Stephen Grady 4 1 8. 423 Flesher, Paul Glen 496 Fleshman Relda Ann 153, 204 Fletcher, Chad 175 Fletcher. Daniel Lee 469 Fletcher, James Howard 67 Fletcher Linda K 161 Fletcher, Stephen C 70 Flint Michael Albert 102 Floca Frank Stewart 166, 214. 215. 469 Flodine James Bruce 92, 93. 423. 496 Florence. Vickie S 530 Florer Patrick Michael 1 66 Flores. Martin Farfan 410. 421 Flores. Maximo O.. Jr 469 Flores. Michael Marty 530 Flores Mickey Royce 503 ' Flores. Zenda Zenaida 469 Florey. Randall Lynn 503 Florsheim. Sylvan B 262. 431 Flournoy. Betty Louise 503 Flournoy Linda K. M.. Mrs 469 Flowers. Richard Wade 270 Floyd. Gary Warren 430 Floyd. Georgia G 83 Floyd. Mark Stephen 268, 469 Flu. It Michael Wayne 469, 574 Flume. Edward Simms. Jr 49 Flume Raymond L 530 Fly. Karen Elaine 530 Fly Ruth Marguerite 2 1 2. 43 1 , 530 Focht, John Delmer 530 Focht. Robert Frank 469 Foerster Larry Luther 78 Fogel Barry Scott 166 421 167. 87. 186. 88 236. 146, 141, 116. 208, 236, 236. 237, Fogiel. Juda Aron . . . Fogo. Donald Peter . . Fohn. Joseph Wilfred Folbre. Nancy Russell . Foley. Elizabeth L. . . . Foley, Richard Frank . Folk Mary Isabel .... Folk. Susan E Fonfr.a Maria M Fonken. Dav.d William Fontenot Linda Sharon Fontenot Michael S Forbes. Julia Lynn Forbes. E. W., Jr 246, Forbis. Stephen Douglas Forcier. Peter Michael Ford. Adrian Ford, Darell John Ford. Denise Ford. Era Nell Ford. Jil Carolyn Ford, Joan Mitchell Ford, Karen Rae . . . Ford Kenneth W. . Ford. Robert Wade Ford. Terri Diane . . Fore. Joe Lee Foree. Ann Forehand. Carol Jean 43 I . Foreman, Charles R., . . Foreman. Denise Marie Foreman. Dianne Marie Foreman, Lucy Lockett Forman, Mona Dolly Formont, Oliver Forrest. Charles M Forrest, Richard Dale 55 Forrest. William Clinton 30. 127 Forrester. Sally Ann 204 Forster. Fred E. Ill Forsythe. Caroline J Forsythe. Donald W Fortenberry. Mary K Forteru. Jan Fortescue Peter C., Jr Forth. Jennifer Fortin. Mary Kathryn Fortner. Janis Kay Fortson. Nina K Fosdick, Catherine M. . . Fosdick. John Jay Foster. Albert Harold . . Foster Bee Leroy Foster, Blanchard L., Jr. . Foster. David Foster. Jane Ellen Foster. Jim L 36, Foster. Kathleen Rose Foster. Laura Ann 232. Foster. Margaret Kristen Foster. Melanie Lee . Foster. Michael Glen Foster. Norman G.. Jr. Foster. Rebecca Ann 79. Foster. Ro y Bea Foster. Ruth Am Foster. Stephen C. . . . Fotenot, Raymond Lee Fontescu. Deirdre Zoe Fountain. Nancy Susan Foust Charles Lucian Fowler. Earl Leon . . . Fowler Seth Orlando Fowler, William Laird.... Fox. Charles R 261 Fox. Charlotte Elaine . Fox. David Thomas Fox. Frederick H. Fox. Helen Ann.. Fox. Janis 188. Fox. John Hei Fox. Martin Edward . Fox. Robert Bruce. .. Fox. Stan D. Fox. Timothy Joe Foxhall, Lewis Emory Foyt, Celeste Alayne Frachtman. Richard J 155. 275, Frachtman, Robert L 275. Fraley. Lewis H Frambach. Nancy Lynne Francell. Ruth Eliz., Mrs. Francis. Donald R.. J Francis. Virginia Lou Franco, Rafael Frank. Edmund Paul 85. Frank. Glenn Gregory Frank, Jams Kay Frank. Leean Frank. Mary Elaine 161, 169, Franl, Roger C. Ill Franl, Ted Ra, Frankel. James Gordo Frankl.n, Jacly Bill Franklin, Lynda 281, Franklin! Ronald Glenn 1 20. 121 Franks. Marvin Wayne 250. Franseen, Herbert William Fran:. Joseph Robert I 1 3. 202. Fraser, Linda Lee 131. Fraser, Rebecca Lynn Fraser Shirley Jean . Fraser Teresa Ellen . Frazer, William R Frazier. Cornelia Frazier. Gary Lee Frazier. Michael Evans . . Frede. Leslie . Frederick, Cecil C.. Jr. Frederick, Charles 258 Frednlsen. P. S. Freed. Iris Michelle 275 430 469 166 517 503 204 204 469 426 208 230 517 517 496 503 418 457 155 .66 188 224 530 469 517 517 157 224 469 237 517 186 282 .90 .49 517 517 165 530 .49 503 457 496 431 .18 431 192 212 517 503 517 246 .87 503 119 186 503 469 530 234 234 Freed. Jack Louis Freed, Leslie Fern Freedman. Robert M 275.430. 517 266 275 266 Freeland. Kathy Freeman, Dabney Ann Freeman, Diane Lynn Freeman, Elzie Darlene Freeman. Kathryn Lea Freeman. Merlin David Freeman. Patricia R. E Freeman. Stephen Martin . . . 54. 1 15. 186 234 530 1 66, 469 469 78 146 469 . 163, 503 Freeman, William F Freirich. David H Frelich. Roger Marcus French Gregory Biffle French. Lloyd R. Ill 126 280 427 166 ...112. 260, 261 .517 503 F M h el T . .57 F H 1 F J 503 Freytag, Wanda Marie Friedel. Donald Walter Friedman, Bruce David Friedman, Janet Fay Friedman, Karen Sue Friedman. Myron Howard . . . Friedrich. Sandra Lynn Friend. John Gardner Friesenhahn. Mark James . . . Friou. Cynthia Anne 152 530 155 167. 517 .55.266.530 166 1 48. 176. 469 168 171, 1 79 49 92. 93 Fritts, Mary Ann 167. 530 . 186 517 Frizzell. Dan Paul Frizzell. William D.. Jr Froehner, Robert Nolan 49 517 166. 503 503 Froment. Olivier Robert 116 496 Frost, Joye Ellen Frost. Marcia Stebbins Fry. Philbert Cl.ppenger Fuchs, James Donald Fuentes. Ernest R Fuerst. Jack Nicholas Fuhrmann. Richard R Fulbright Katherine A Fulbright, Suzanne Fuller. Alexis J 166 282. 469 517 496 101. 102. 503 54 92, 170, 503 242 49 232, 496 503 Fuller. Janet 167 Fuller Larry Paul I 18 Fuller. William L 270 Fulton James Stewart 503 Fulton. Jean.e Quinn 232. 530 Funderburl. Gary Lee 102 Fung. Daisy See-Mang . .469 Fung, Ko Bong 1 68 Funke, Vicki Lynn 157. 158,469 Furgatch. Michael S 280 Furgiuele. Patricia Jean I 86, 256 Furlong, John Norman 1 34, 517 Furman Nancy Pryor 88, 469 Furr, Carol Lee 232. 238 Fusco. Victoria P 49 Fussell. Michael T 530 Fuste. Mary Kay 161 Gabbard. Glen 1 55 Gabbart. Gregory Vance 118 Gaddis Martha Frances 184 Gafford Suzanne 208. 503 Gage Cynthia Ann 224. 530 Gage. Gail Ann 458 Gagen Joseph Charles 168 Gagliano, Maureen Ann 228, 469 Gaines. Charles Ross. Jr 70 Gaines. Cherryl Ann 169 Gaines. Frederick L.. Jr 203 Gaiser. Donald Curtis I 73. 469 Gale, Pliny Myron III 469 Galjour Patricia Lynn 517 Gallagher, James D.. Jr 67. 530 Gallia. Leonard C 503, Martha L 152, 186. 187, 365 Gellman. Doyle F.. Jr 503 Galloway. Marvin W 503 Galpern. Joel Gilbert . . . Galvan Eduardo Galvan. Yolanda Mane . . Gambel, David Charles. . Gamble, David Shuler . . . Gamble, Shirley Ann . . . . Gamble, William R Ganchan, Meg Gordon . . Ganchan. Susan Burnett . Gandara. Donna Gail . . . Gandy. Cheryl Diane Gandy Diana Gannaway, Robert R., Jr. Gant, Deborah Lynn Gant Pamela Lee . . 190. 430 469 469 144. 165. 174 166. 224, 469 49 .30. 408, 419, 421. 423 186. 469 186. 470 503 85 228 64. 172 517 . . . .470 Ike Baruch. Photographer. Pages Pages Pages Gapmski, Carol Ann Garber Rebecca June Garces. Rolando Rene 266. 530 1 68 28 Gerstenhaber, Jay Eron Gerth, Sharon Joy . ..275. 430, 470 210. 530 .. 188. 517 Goldberg. Martin S Goldberg. Meyer Allan Goldberg. Stuart G Goldberg, Susan S., Mrs Goldblatt. Joel C Golden. Natalie Ruth Golden, Robert Edward 92 191. 517 .,..275. 430. 531 1 69 49 97. 517 . . . . 127, 168, 517 Gradisar, Kathleen M 531 .425 431 Graf, David Paul Graf, Dolores Patricia ... 496 Ghadessy, Mohsen Ghods, Mohamad Reza Gibbons. Dixie Kay Gibbs, Andrea Jean Gibbs, Everett Shelby Gibbs, Janet Sue Gibbs, Joseph Allen Gibbs, Peyton Selman Gibbs, Roasalie E 427. 431 470 103, 517 204 278. 279 228. 278 1 56 ..470 517 ...458 97 ...470. 541 Graham, Deborah Dale Graham, Donna Kay 90 148. 212. 518 471 C ' Ed do G ... .78 Garcia. Emede O 503 Garcia, Homer Denis C Garcia Jonas Garcia, Lllia E Garcia. Mario Rey Garcia. Mark A Garcia. Richard Arthur Gardemal. Suzanne Gardner. Deborah Gail Gardner Deborah Jill 470 530 147 530 503 503 208, 517 204 ..210, 530 266 Graham Georgia Claire Graham. Janice Lee Graham. Kathleen Frances .... Graham Lois Marie Graham, Maryanne Kay 254 228 518 Goldfarb. Allan M Goldfarb. Nancy Ellen Goldman. Linda Gayle, Mrs. Goldman. Robert L Goldsberry, Alan Wayne Goldsberry, Edward Noble . . . Goldsmith, Harold Hill Goldsmith. Harry Louis Goldsmith. Karan Jane Goldsmith, Susan P. N., Mrs. . Goldsobel. Alan Bruce Goldsobel. Beverly H Goldstein. Aleta Goldstein. Phyllis C Goldstein, Robbie Ann Goldstein, Sharon Jo Goldwasser. Ronald S Golemon, Thomas Bruce Goltra. Deborah Jane Golub. Natalie Goman. Thomas Leon Gomez. Anna Maria Gomez. Antonio Esteban .... Gomez. Raul Gomez Richard Alonzo Gomez. Vicenta 168 .55. 152, 474 518 166 166 92 375 .40, 166. 365, 375 . ...280. 504 212, 531 365. 371 . . .49, 280 188 266, 371 266, 531 518 88 . .49, 518 1 55 531 217 230 167, 531 .70. 172. 259, 518 470 ...259. 496 470 ...431, 504 204.253 471 232. 531 ...504 Giblm, Sharon Ann Gibson. James W.. Jr Gibson. Larry Lee Gibson. Margaret M Gibson, Roscoe Mike Gidden. Barry Paul Gidel. Margot Jo Gideon. Edward Nunnelee Gideon, Michael Logan Gideon, Rale Sterling Gieryn, Denise Ann Gieseclte. Richard Louis Giffin. Charles Grady Gilbert. Carol Lee Gilbert. Earl Christopher Gilbert. John Carl Gilbert, Patricia Anne Gilbert, Randal Sevens Gilbert, Robert Allan Gilbert. Roger Weldon Gilchrist. Cynthia R Gilden, Jay Douglas Giles. Alfred IV Giles. Bobby Dale Giles, Ellen Elizabeth Giles, James Board Giles. Sarah Ann 192 49 157 470 470 264. 530 234 68, 70. 75 ...70 1 34. 504 198. 517 375 517 49, 204, 517 ....387 126 504 470 264 504 . ..183, 212.431 280 517 ....271. 418 ...210. 431. 517 ...244. 517 103 203 Graham Robert Hart Graham, Robert William Jr. . . Graham. William C Grahs. James Duke Grammer Beverly Lynne Grammer, William Allan 158 131. 1 79 Gradner Edward M 530 266 504 ..234. 235.471 230. 518 504 Gardner. Mmalee Ethel Gardner, Randall Leroy 266. 530 252 Gardner, Robert Bryant Gardner, Ronald Stephen . . Gardner. Susan Kay Gardner. Tara O ' Meara Gardner. Thomas Raul ... 146 Garlow. Gregory Paul Garman, Dougtas Gary . . Garner, Gary Andrew Garner. Jane Ellen Garner. Margaret Anne Garner, Thomas Robert Garner. Victoria Lynn Garretson. Mittie C Garrett Carol Chris Garrett, Charles S Garrett. Gail P Garrett. Hugh Howard Garrett. Kennon M Garrett, Lary David Garrett, Ma Edwin Garrett. Virginia C Garrison. Gina Louise 92 226, 530 254,470 408, 419, 423, 470 48 470 116 ,49, 167, 184, 517 .... 40, 1 64 430, 530 517 226 ....208. 530 168 517 256, 275 1 02 ....92 222 503 517 517 Granberry, Karen L Graner Ann Elizabeth Granoff, Donna Jo Granot, Cynthia Lynn Granot, Pamela Anne Grant, Barbara E Grant, James Marvin Grant, Lyman Winstead Grant, Mary Elizabeth 531 210, 504 ...266. 518 232 232 217 496 264 471 . . 135 Grant Peter Newbanks Grant, Phyllis L Grant. Thomas Reagan Grass, Mary V Graumann. Bruce Wayne .... Graumann. Jody Lynn B.. Mrs. Graves Claude B Graves. George Thomas, III . . Graves Martha Jane Gray. Beverly Ann Gray. Edwin Darrell Gray. Gib Wayne ....49, 471 531 496 518 130 161 179.496 230, 471 184 180 418 518 Gonzales. Arturo Gonzales. David Gonzales, Pablo M Gonzales. Rudy F.. Jr Gonzales, Victoria Gonzalez. Amparo Luisa Gonzalez. Antonio. Jr 138 470 144. 470 65. 531 166. 173, 470 141, 470 471 78 Gill Rachel 530 238, 530 Gill Steven Allan Garrison Robert M Gartig, William G Gartman. Deborah Lynn .... Garvey. Catherine E Garvey. Susan Lynn Gary. Pamela Susan Garza. Carlos B. L Garza, Corina Ruth Garza. Dahlia Garza. David C , ..65. 99 1 68 1 84 198 Gillespie. Debra Lynn Gillespie, Donald Lee 234. 530 ...127. 504 .127 Gray, James B Gray, Jefferson Scott Gray. Jo Elaine Gray, Karen Lee 471 . . .237. 471 531 504 198 Gonzalez, Arturo D Gonzalez. Francisco, Jr Gonzalez. Irma B Gonzalez, John William 47 1 144, 471 471 258 Gillespie, Marcey A Gillette, Michael L Gillev. Elaine Gilley, Elizabeth Gilliam, Robert Seafers Gillilan, Judy Lee Gilliland. CKloe Ella Gillis Amy Catherine Gillory, David O. Ml Gillum William Daniel Gilmer. Gayanne Gilmore. John Leslie Gilpin. Deborah Jo . . Gilpin, James R.. Jr Ginascol. Deborah Lynn Ginsberg Michael D Ginsburg, Harold H Gipson, Zia Ann Girardeau. James F Giraudin, Patrissa Ann Girault, Karen Girdley. Deborah Gish. Janet Lynn Gissell. Susan Irene Gist, Kathy Ann Given. Richard B Givens, James Ross, Jr Givens. Kent Barr Glade. John Christopher .... Gladney. John R 234 165 197. 272 .197. 272 103 504 161 282, 517 257. 504 166, 173 208 ....276, 277, 504 Ill 236 87 280 123 48 1 36. 496 ....103. 180. 504 161 ...232m 260 504 169. 184 ...161. 228. 265 517 ....30. 280, 530 504 1 79 470 170 275 496 504 . 1 44, 504 471 126. 168 1 29 496 167. 282. 530 33. 142. 144. 470 530 530 165 470 Gray. Linda Gray, Richard Thomas Greathouse. Sandra Kay Greathouse. Toni L Greaves, Amy Grace Green. Alberta June Green. Beverly Kay Green. Bobby Carroll Green Charles A., Jr Green. Charles Howard Green Deborah Lynn Green. George Garlan Green Harry Morris Green Nancy Kay Green. Nancy Robin Green, Paul Warren Green. Robert Lynn. Jr Green. Shelley Anne Green, Terry Linton Green, Virginia Ann Greenberg, Genel! Gee ...167. 518 1 26 518 531 184 504 ....103 180 471 471 ..191 504 ..471 127 518 1 66 230 .. .273 496 1 52 157 518 266 275 Gonzalez, Robert Gooch, Cecil Dwayne Gooch, Jera ' d Knoll Gooch. Larry Wayne Garza George Albert Garza Rene Alfonso Garza. Ricardo Raul Garza Rodolfo R Garza Romeo Rolando Garzon Oscar W Gaschen, Monroe Lawrence . Gaskin. Patrice Lea Gaskin, Suzanne Lynn Gaspard. Robert Glen . . Gaston. Janet Marie Gatchell, Catherine A Gatewood. Donna Ruthea . . . Gatewood, Douglas C Gathings. Joseph R Gaus. Elwood Barrett Gaus, Michael Lynn Gaw, Allen Faye Gaw. Bruce M 470 ...182. 430 503 149 . 144 470 133. 427. 458 470 270. 503 170.470 390, 418, 423 210. 530 254. 503 208, 517 261 95 136 418 113. 202. 203 . .49. 470 418 Goodall. Richard A Goodall. Shalmir Jean Goodbinder, Robert L Goode, Donna Jo Goode. John Earl Goode. Mark Gideon. Ill .34. Goode, Sherrilyn Goodfried, Gary Paul Gooding, Peggy Louise Goodman. Brenda Jane Goodman, Cheryl Ruth . . 184. Goodman. Deborah Dawn Goodman, Linda Kay Goodman, William Dale .... Goodnight, Gregg A Goodnight. Mary M Goodrich, Claire Maude .... Goodrich, Thomas Eldon .... 423. 518 186. 471 518 504 127 134. 159, 165, 367, 496 531 168 471 .48, 266. 471 203. 359. 375, 419, 471 209. 419 83. 208. 518 504 131 . ...531 212 182 518 Greenberg, Jill Okin 281 188 Greenblum, Jeffrey L Greene. Catherine E 36. 504 49 55. 518 162 Gay Geneva Gay Ira Edgar. Jr 504 Goodson. Guy Neil Goodson. Laura Goodwin. Cynthia Allen Goodwin. Guy Clifford Goodwin. Nina Suzanne Goodwin, Robert Jarvis Goolsby. Marguerite 261 ....234 260 ...176. 232. 518 ....271. 531 . ..256 282. 518 268 251 186 Greene. Ronald Wilson Greenhow. Steven Frank Greenlee, Stewart D 177 77, 518 504 ....34. 177. 179 191 133. 458 471 103. 104. 116. 180 280 254 ..171 179 ...471 427 198 ....49, 518 224 264 ..64, 172 Geary James Lee Geaslen. Phillip Craig Gedaly Jerrell Mark Gedaly Marlene Geddie. Glenn Melvm 244 530 517 470 Glasgow. Susan Marie 204 ...49. 201 Greenspan. Donald Ray Greenwalt. Wayne A Greenwood, Alan Dale Greenwood, Mary Helen .... Greenwood. Rita Greer Christine Gay Greer. Jimmie Dale Greer. Sidney Adams, Jr Greer. Walter McCaleb Gregg, Gail Alene Gregory, Dalton Ray Gregory. David Berry Glass David Doering Glass. Deborah Ann 257. 496 517 157 504 88 Gee, Jacquelyn Sturdy. Mrs.. Gee, Robert Wayne 166 153. 170. 504 470 ....249, 517 Goone, William Nathan 280. 531 188 Glassie. Finis Leon Glatterer, Milton S.. Jr Glauser. Robert Vise Glaze. Barbara Ann Glaza, Jeannie Kay Glaze, Mary Gayle Glazer, llene Gleason, Maria Jean Gleaves, James Leslie Gleiser Suzanne Carol 504 470 236 ....270. 282 147 282 ....267. 115 470 ... .49. 168. 517 496 217 504 Gor Edmond J Goranson, Bruce Alan Gordon! Emily W Gordon, Harold John Gordon, John Barnes Gordon, Karen Gay .79. 106 Gordon. Paul Michael 496 92. 165 167 234 ....245. 419. 531 140, 179 164 186 187, 286. 371, 504 280 228. 504 Geiger, Malcolm Conrad . . . Geis. J. G Geis. Paul Geise, Wm. Ogden Geldert, Douglas Vance Gentry, Donald Wm Gentry. Marcy Genzer, Alfons Joseph George. Alan Gaylord George, Charles Eddins George, Jennifer Anne George. Juliet Ada 64. 103 517 408 470 .418. 517 257 234, 384 504 273 ...166. 207. 470 504 530 Gregory. Wayne Alan Gregory, William Newton Greif. Gary Walton 173 222. 471 168 132 282 517 Goren. Abe S Gorin. Christy Ann Gornick, Thomas W Gorski Terence Paul Gorzycki, Diane Elaine Gorzycki Linda Sue Gosdm James Lee Gose, Leslie Margaret Gose, Stephen M.. Ill . Goss, Deborah Kay Goss, Debra Ann Goss, Glenn Sterling Gossen, Steven Andrew .... Gottesman. Sanford L. ... 30 Gottleber, Vicki Sue Gottlieb. Sandra M Gottwald, Henry B.. Jr Goudge, Cheri Lynn Gould. Candye La Verne . , . Gould, Jacquelyn Rose Govaars. Helen Scott Goyne. Darrell Russell Gozali, Subekti Grace, Craig Thomas Grace. Luther L.. Jr Grace Robert William 531 226. 531 ...40, 92, 373, 504 77, 156 226. 531 496 166 203. 234 236 ...518 518 421 275, 518 113 165. 280 281 358 423. 504 471 ...: 88 .... ' .418 .. ..115. 518 208 531 518 424 418 504 471 . ..257, 518 236 504 to over, Ju ic 82 Gribble. Clifford F 103 Glynn Roger John 470 Gribble. Patricia Gay 186. 471 78 George Kenneth S George, Larry Douglas George Margaret George. Mari Lynn George Meredith Kay .... George. Pamela George. Patricia Lee George. Robert R George, Samuel Mills Gerard Jan Marie Gerardy Robert Gray Gerber. Marsha J. 2.. Mrs. . Gerber. Walter Gerhardt. Mary Etta Gerhart. Stephen R Gerlach Rebecca Lea Gerloff. Ellen Gale Germer. William A Gernand, Rose Marie Gernentz James Dow Gerner, Robm Louisa Gernsbacher Karen Gershner. Jan Sue Gerson Marsha Claire .... 271. 504 272 161 ....254 49 470 ...92. 168. 517 470 161. 169 87 163 .. .91 129 . ...170 458 234. 530 116 87 173 517 ..183. 234 .... 1 52 37 266 .266 517 Goad. Jaan Ray Gober, Gwendolyn Gobel Lydia L Godfrey. David Kimball Godfrey. Jo Ann G. A. Mrs Goebel. Michael Ray Goehring. Ross Alan .... 517 530 155 470 126. 131 250 517 Griffin Charles H Griffin Katherine M Gnffin, Kenneth E Griffin, Marianne Gnffin W.lliam Henry Griffith. Debra Lou Griffith Dorothy Koch 518 ....282. 531 .77. 103. 177. 458 49, 282 531 ..118 198, 518 ...149, 152 Goerner. Carol Susan Goertz Richard Allan Goethe. Peggy Anne Goff, Gary Wayne Goff, Merry Jeanme K.. Mrs. Goforth, Sharon Rae Goforth, Susan Frances Goggin. John R.. Jr Goh. Sing Ching Gohl. Jeane Marie Gohlke, Sandra D Goins, Willis Dee Gold Coral Browne Goldapp William A. Jr Goldbeck. Jacqueline Lou . . . ...167, 517 157 103, 180, 517 ....103. 162 103 1 70. 504 470 204 504 177, 179 . . .212. 517 504 . .138. 496 49 408 419. 421, 423 212, 504 Linda Kay Grigis. Suzanne E Grimes, Jesse Dee Grimes Kenneth Wayne .... Grimes. Marialice Lee Grimes. Sandi Ruth Grimes. Stephen Clark Gripon, Sherri Lynne Grissom, Donald Hayes Grissom, Erna Sue Groce Gaylen Lee Groce, Knstine ' Arlitt Grona. Sherry Lynn Groody. Donald Paul . . Gropp, Stephen T Groscurth Enc William ..398 192 518 471 518 53 1 ..115. 167. 531 230 192, 471 1 70 173 ....207. 504 211 ....103. 180 ....496 250 401 403 421 423 552 Pages Pages Pages Groscurth. Karen Sue 518 Gross Gary Lee 116 Gross Johnny Maxwell 471 Gross Sheldon G 87. 168 Grosskopf. Bill M 179, 504 Grosslopf . Jack Alan 518 Grossman Frank Leroy 34. 140. 179. 496 Grotjohn. Sara Beth 471 Grover Leslie Laura 53 I Grubar. Margot W I 1 6. 47 1 Grubbs Zone Woodell 421 Gruber. Michael Barry 1 55 Grundy Martha Dean 234 Gruss. Deborah Carol 37. I I 1 . 226 Guenzel, Barbara Ann 504 161 ...278, 531 Gueringer. June I. M. Guernsey. Pamela Jean . Guerra. Ernest D. C 174 Guerra. George Xavier 1 44. I 74. 47 1 Guerra Imelda Celine 53 1 Guerra, Sonia Maria 504 Guerrero. Janis Kay 518 Guerrero. Joseph Raymond 496 Guess Doris Lynn 141. 183. 254. 431 Guess. Marsha Ann 186. 504 Guess. Virginia C 40. 106. 164. 254, 375. 431 Guest. Martha Annette 471 Guevara. Robert Jacquetz 418. 423 Guild Colleen K 75. 96, 229 Guild. Robert Bowman 246. 504 Guinan Robert Bruce 471 Gu.nn. Albert L.. Jr 168 Guinn. Geoffrey Kyle I 58 Guinn, Gwendolyn Faye 504 Guleke Edward Seewald -.40. 160. 165, 170.222. 364. 504 Gullahorn. Jack W 124 Gullatt. Dowe David 504 Gulley Barney Frank 250 Gulley Robert Bryan 531 Gum. Edmond Keith 49 Guna-Tilaka. Akalit 531 Guna-Tilala. Derek 430 Gunn. Carol 90. 504 Gunn. James Calvin 423 Gunn Vincent Charles 261 Gunst. William C 171. 179 Gunter Gaylen Ann 254 Gurasich. John Francis 1 57 Gurievsky, Evelynn S 53 I Gurley. Arnold M.. Ill 203 Gurley Robert Loyne 257 Gustafson. Cynthia Ann 229, 518 Gustafson. Gail Ann 210 Gustafson Lenora Ann 53 I Gustine, Olivia Ann 166 Guthrie, Beverly D 504 Guthrie. Jimmy Wade 83 Guthrie, Lyda Frances 232. 53 1 Gutierrez. Conrado 146. 504 Gutierrez. Cristina 53 I Gutierrez. Irma G 504 Guy. Greg Alan 53 I Guy. Thomas Ray 504 Guzman, Fernando 471 Guzzardo, Chris C 504 Haack. Brenda Gwen 166 Haack, D.ane Kathryn 66. 198 Haardt. Margaret Lynn 103. 167. 431. 518 Haas. Brian Gilbert 140. 504 Haas, Louis Gregory 531 Haas. Maria Cecilia 255 Haas Michael Dan 1 33. 504 Haas. Samuel Douglas 165 365 Hackedorn. Lynn 204, 53 1 Hacker. Maria Leigh 471 Hadd Robert Henry 1 72 Haddad. Mary E 204. 53 I Haecker Michael Alton 162 Haedge Ronald Calvin 504 Haesemeyer. Candice Lee 210. 270 Hafernick, Elizabeth A 504 Hafernik. Maurice R.. Jr 518 Hagan Chnstopher R 207 Hagan. Daniel Barker 72. 430 Hagan. Elizabeth Ann 163. 496 Hagan. Julie Margaret 518 Hagemeier. Charles B 53 1 Hagemeier. Hal Edward . . . . 77. 92 93. 156. 160. 165. 179. 361. 471 Hagerman. Betty Sue 458 Haggard, Carleton B 203 Hagstette. Eric S 103. 531 ... 151, 471 Hague. Janice Louise Hague Virginia Ann 49 Harm. Martha ! Hahn. Richard Allen . Hahn. Sharon Kay .234 78 .247. 471 Hahn Steven Daniel 230. 531 Haik. Danial M 162 Haikin. Hildi Jean 188. 531 Haile. Norma Irene 1 74 Haines. Deborah Dawn 37. 204, 205 Hainey. Mel Forrest 53 I Hair, Don Bill 157.472 Haire. Charles Robert 271. 504 Haiek Eloise 97 Haldrett. Richard Anthony, Jr 203. 472 Hale. Jan Harris 85 Hale Kimberly Ann 518 Hale. Margaret M 79. 232 Hale, Tomara Lynn 49, 53 I Hale. Thomas H.. Jr 518 Hales, Gary David I 19. 472 Haley. Dennis C 177 Haley, James Francis 72 Halfmenn Mark Edward 418. 518 Hall. Betsy 518 Hall Beverly Kaye 504 Hall, Blaine R.. Jr 230 Hall Cheryl Renee 220 458 Hall Cynthia Lee 458 Hall Duncan Wayne 224. 53 I Hall Earl Allison 218 Hall. Glen D 40. 155 Hall. Jane 149.472 Hall. Janice Carol 212 Hall John Allen 53 1 Hall. Lewis Allen. Jr 1 38. 496 Hall. Marilyn Jean 1 84 Hall. Mark Lewis 53 1 Hall, Mary Witherspoon, Mrs 83 Hall Nancy Jo 115. 518 Hall, Russell Alan 218. 518 Hall Sandra Jeanne 208. 209. 419. 531 Hall. Susan Eileen 232 Hall Vicki Gale I I 5 Hall. Wendell Wesley 1 33. 53 1 Hall William Glen 423 Hallahan. Merri E 234. 53 1 Hallahan. Monica Martha 234. 472 Hallborg. Robert B.. Jr 71 Haller. Robert Lee. Jr 200 Halley. Julie Anne 234 Halpm. Robert T.. Jr 123. 260 Halpin, Terry 234 Halseth. Martin Andrew 49 Haltom M. Deborah 59 Ham. David Lee 49 Hamad, Farouk Mohamad 518 Hemann. Donna Gayle 1C Hamann Janice Yvonne 531 Hamann. Linda Kay 247. 504 Hamberg Mary J. C.. Mrs 472 Hamberg, Timothy W 472 Hamblen Virginia H 203,232.518 Hamblin Stan Clay 101. 103. 162 Hamblin Steve Ray 103. 162 Hamby. Cynthia Caye 49. 255 Hamby. David Austin 77 Hamilton. Dale James 504 Hamilton. Donald Craig 53 1 Hamilton. Donald K 218. 472 Hamilton James E 273 496 Hamilton, Janet Lain, Mrs 166 Hamilton, Jeffrey Lane 504 Hamilton, Kathy Sue 504 Hamilton Lois jane ' . 504 Hamilton. Michael Ross 103. 162. 504 Hamilton. Nancy Joy 504 Hamilton. Robert S 53 1 Hamilton. Susan Lee 281 Hamilton Terrence P 170. 472 Hamilton, Terry Lee 504 Hamilton, Thomas Yera 222. 504 Hamilton, William David 203. 518 Hamm. Sharyn 166 Hammon. Randy Paul 65 Hammond. Catherine A 85 Hammond. Gary 392 Hammond. James Rodney I 38, 496 Hammond. Mary Maria 210. 53 I Hammond. Paula Lynn 208, 504 Hammond Susan Louise 75 Hammond. Walter Edward I 30 Hammons. Ridge Alan 49 Hampton. Mary Nan Hampton. Richard Alan. . . . Hancock Catherine V Hancock, Kyle Ebon Hancock. Warren E.. Jr. . . . Hand. Barbara Lee Hand. Carol Sue ...212. 518 .208. 518 85 .186. 472 531 71 186. 504 504 Hand Deborah Jean 49 518 Hand. Edd.e W.. Jr 64. 92 Henegan. Michael E 1 33 Haney Thomas W. C 72. 171. 176. 179 Haney. Vickie Ann 226. 518 Hankins. Terry Louis 222. 426. 430 Hanks. Jackson R 423. 430. 518 Hanks. Whittington H 518 Hanna. Judy 504 Hansard Debrah Marie 53 I Hansen. Ellen Louise 204 Hanson. Karen Sue 496 Hanson Michael Edwin 222, 531 Harbison. Karan Ann 431 Harbour. Jack G 504 Hardage Peter Michael 418 Hardee. Deborah Jo 210. 531 Hardeman. Dorsey Bryan I 50 Harden. Margaret Kate 518 Hardin. Patricia Jean 518 Harding Cynthia Anne 198. 504 Harding William B.. Jr 246 Hardt. Damel George 166, 170 Hardy David Murff 63. 175 Hardy Karen Rebecca 472 Hardy Kathryn Lynn 531 Hardy Marilyn Hadden. Mrs 174 Hardy Sheryl D 169 Hare. Teresa Dianne 53 1 Harelik. Harry Irwin 157 Harelik. Jimmy Haskell 145 Hargett, Michael Wayne 101. 103. 162 Hargis. James Richard 245. 504 Hargis Ruby N 166 Hargon V.rginia Nell 88. 518 Hargraves. Sharon E. G.. Mrs 472 Hargraves William H 472 Harkey. Charles Ryan 214. 215. 504 Harkins Joe Timothy 518 Harlow. Sally S 85 Harmon. Jeff Allen 170 Harmon. Keith Hanna 103. 168 Harmon Mary Nell 496 Harmon. Richard Michael 472 Harmon Scott Inqersoll . . 101 . 103. 104. 121. 162. 496 Harmon. Thomas Harold 423 Harms. Josnn 472 Harper Janice Elizabeth 472 Harper, Michele L 504 Harper, Robert William 504 Harper. Walter David 49 Harpole George Ann 196. 197. 472 Harpool Robert T. Ill 207. 504 Hsrn.ll. Robert S 168. 182, 518 Harrington. Janice A 167. 518 Harrington Rick 53 I Harrington. William B 418 Harris. April Kay 204. 472 Harris Benny J.. II 64 Harris. Billy Joe 518 Harris. Catherine 161. 224, 472 Harris. Charlotte A 43 I Harris Christine Rae 75. 198, 504 Harris. Diana Lee 194. 195. 496 Harris Duane Woodford. II 2 1 8, 496 Harris. Edward Lee 157 Harris. Gail Cynthis 167 Harris. Glori Lynn 267. 53 I Harris. Joe Ray 34. 133. 179 Harris. Linda Carole 65. 169, 472 Harris. Linda Sue 161 Harris. Lynne Wortham I 86. 504 Harris, Mary Ann F.. Mrs 147 Harris. Maverick Marvin 161 Harris. Peggy Lea 472 Harris. Penny Kristie 518 Harris. Roger Kent 225. 518 Harris. Stephen Jay 49 Harris. Victor Elliot I 82. 472 Harris. William Stanley 472 Harrison. Barbara E 504 Harrison. Emmett t 103. 170. 496 Harrison. Florence E 167 Harrison. Houston David 27 I Harrison. Jan L 161 Harrison. Kenneth S 261, 518 Harrison. Larry Dean 82, 518 Harrison. Leo Wayne. Jr I 36. 374. 472 Harrison. Prince Martin 472 Harrison. Shawn Thomas 130 Harrison. Susan Dianne 103. 180. 496 Harrison. Wayne R 30. 3 1 Harrold. Glenn James 1 72 Hart. Donna Beth 1 66 Hart. Jeffery Lee 121. 518 Hart. Drannon. Jr 118. 134. 159 Hart. Louis. Ill 418 Hart. Mari Lise 85. 229. 531 Hart Richard Earl 504 Hart. Warren Clark 423 Hartel. Sally Baker 265 Hartenberger. Debra K. Harter. William Harold. Hartman. Carolyn Joyce Hartman. Luther E Hartsoch. Glen William . Hartwell, Christopher L. Hartwell, Dennis L Hartwig, David William . Harvey, Billy Dale Harvey, Donald Dean. Ill Harvey, Kala Janette Harvey, Kathryn M Harvey. Linda Joyce C.. Mrs. Harvey. Mary Kay Harvey. Randy D.. ..518 272. 273. 496 ........ 472 184. 518 ........... 161 ................. 67 48. 166. 362 ............... 168 ............. 531 ..... 127. 150. 472 ....63. ISO. 430 ........... 518 ....... 49. 255. 531 ........ 194 167. 208. 518 504 Harvey. Stephanie J 518 Harwell. Catherine R 431. 531 Harwood Holly Jane 1 88 Haskin, Robert John 131 Haskovec Charles A 53 I ...431 , Hastings, Margaret E Hatch Carlos Gregg ................ 222. 531 Hatch Margaret B. . . Hatch Michael T. Hatch. Robert Milton .229 . ..222. 430 65. 99 Hatfield. Charlotte Ruth 109. 472 Hathorn. Carol Faye 518 Hatton Gail 53 I 518 159 147 .55. 115. 531 518 168 430 212 166 200 518 ...222 Hauber. Mary Ann Hauck. Larry Michael Haug. Scott Andrew Hauser. Melanie Hausmann. Verla Bea Havel, Richard Dale Haverlah, Edward E Havins. Deborah Jo Hawke. James S Hawkins. Albert. Ill Hawkins Clarence D Hawkins. David Gary Hawkins. Julie Gail 184 Hawkins. Kris Doyle 218 Hawkins. L.nda Susan 166, 472 Hawkins, Monroe Alvin 472 Hawkins. Ricky Allen 218 Hawkins, Susan 1 69 Haws, Roy Lee 1 35. 273. 472 Hawthorne Loyd Furman 83. 87 Hawthorne, Miles M 57 Hawthorne, Sarah Ann 472 Hayden, Henry David 271 Hayes. James Leon 264 Hayes. Nancy 472 Haynes. Don Theodore 103. 504 Haynes. Julie Cale 282, 531 Haynes. W. Dwight 273. 472 Haynie. Richard Alsn 150 Hays. Jacquelyn Ann 282 578 Hayter, Gaylord Lee 472 Hayworth David M 218. 219 Hazlewood James Howard 472 Hazuda Beth Mary 53 I Head. Janie Lane 186 518 Head. Lawrence H.. Jr 71. 518 Healy, Maureen 232 Heaney. John P.. Jr 230. 531 Heap, Martha Melissa 282. 53 I Heap Sally Prescott 282. 472 Heard. Kathy Lanier 496 Hearn, Patricia Gail 186 Hearn Richard Michael 238 53 1 Hearn, Robert Luther. Ill 242. 472 Hearne Sidney Randall . . . Heath C. Robert Hebdon. Elizabeth Anne . . Hebert. BruceEdward Hebert. Linda Faye Hector, Larry Garvel Hedges, Nina Margaret . . Hedrick. Lou Ann Hedrick. Nancy Elizabeth . Hefner, Brenda Jo Hefner, Ma Randall Hegar Rebecca Lucille . . . Heggie Larry Scott Heqgie. William Dean Heilman, Deborah G Hein. Deborah Lynn Heinemeier. Eddie Allen . . Heinlen. Carolyn Ranell . . . Heintschel, Barney M Heiser. Robert Harris Heitzeberg, Mary Sue . . . . Hejl. Patricia Ann Hejl, Shirley T.. Mrs Hejtmanek. George W.. Jr Hejtmanek. Ronald Lee . . . Helfand. Thomas Roy Holland. Hans Richard . . . Heller. Charles F Heller. Leslie Lee Heller. Richard Victor Heilman. Roberta Beth . . . Helm. Jan Ellen Helm Ollie Lee Helm. Steven George . . . . Helmcamp. Juddy Ray. II . Helmer Deborah Helmer Sibyl Ann Helmick. Walter Robert . . Helms. Billy Charles Helsel, Stephen H Helvenston. Gloria K Hemati. Irai Hembree Jane Ellen Hemme. Donald Dee Hemmer Thomas Melville . Hempel Christopher Hemphill. Andrew Guy . . . Hemphill. Martha Lynn . . . Henderson. Ann Henderson. Catherine C. . Henderson. Dallas Belle . . . Henderson. Francis D.. Jr. . Henderson, Grace K Henderson. James P Henderson. James S Henderson. John, III Henderson. Marlene L. . . . Henderson. Pattye Henderson. Paula Ann Henderson. Scott Allen . . . Henderson. Selena Henderson. Thomas Wilkin! Henderson, Wayne T Hendon. Kerry Gayle . . . Hendrick, David Alan Hendricks. Kimberly S. . . . Hendr.cks. Pat Ellen, Mrs. Hendrii. Julie Kay Hendri.. Rebecca E Hendy, Judy Mollyneaux . . Hengst. John David Henington. Wayne M Henke. Doyle Wayne Henley, Constance Rae . . . Henna Carol Ruth Henneberger. Arlene Henneberger. Cynthia L. . Hennessee Lee Ann Henney. Michael Dennis . . Hennmger. Roseann Henry. Barry Nelson Henry. Ernest D Henry. Jamie Lee Henry. Janet Gail Henry. Nancy Denise Henry. Pamela Henry. Walter Alan Hensen. Jack Robert Henske, Terry Ervin Henson. Kim Allen Henson. Patricia H., Mrs. . Henthorne. Jon Gregory . . Helpler Jonny Jefferson . Herbolsheimer. Alice P. . . Herd Patricia R. B.. Mrs. . Hermansen. Grace L Hernandez. Ida Hernandez. Joe. Jr Hernandez Jose Luis Hernandez, Jose R Herndon. Anne Herndon. James Loyal Hero Joseph C Herod Robert Elmer Herrera. Cynthia Ann Herrera. Gloria Rivera. . . Herrick. Karen Lee Herrick, Mark R Herrin, Gene Ann Herring. Charles F.. Jr. . . Herring, Donita Kae Herring. Joyce Sydell Herring. Robert Ray. Jr. . . Herring. Weldon Keith . . . Hernngton, Ann Herrington. Janet Kay . Hess. Alan Dodds Hess. Betsy Lynn Hess. Bonnie Jean Hessel. Ira Jay Hester Mary Vivien 238 472 160. 165 365 210 418 167 103. 531 504 234. 235, 472 152,204 49, 204 249, 518 166. 473 238 518 375. 473 531 79. 114. 115 259 1 70 2 1 8. 504 245 282. 518 212. 531 166 179 53 1 280. 53 1 ...230. 231. 418. 504 504 184 ....278. 279.473 531 103 174 ...126. 131. 155. 496 496 212 212.419 121 36. 268 155 518 496 504 496 145. 473 121 214 184 151 124 103 179 155.473 168 103 531 226 198. 505 75 160. 165,423 505 473 172 248 165 III. 204. 518 49 210. 473 49 505 505 278. 531 103 234 186. 518 95 ...115. 206. 211. 518 212. 531 505 186 518 166. 473 112. 113. 271 1 74 518 505 531 III. 518 55. 531 531 505 505 166 117 .30. 77. 136. 259. 473 49. 106.473 170 531 505 103 505 133 255. 531 421 426 87.473 166.473 505 163 531 167. 211. 431 166 458 109. 152 237. 518 67 425. 518 228 229 249. 518 184 473 427. 430 ... 234 553 . i Name Pages Pages Nam. Pages Narr Pages Hester. Sara Jean 53 I Heston. Fell 1 1 Heubner. Thomas J 430 Hewer, Gary George 131 Hewett. Donald S 30. 518 Heyen, Deborah Ann 4 ' 3 Heyt, John William I 35 Halt, Mary Hughes 161 Hibbetts, Donald Lee 238. 505 Hichens. Paige Adair 211. 518 Hickey. Gwendolyn Ann 163 Hlckmen, Lester Earl 168 Hickok. Nancy E 103. 518 Hicks. Debra Jean 532 Hicks. James Rummel 1 27 Hicks Robert M 36. 248. 505 Hicks. Robert Steven 113 Hicks Stanley Deen 418. 423 Hicks. Steven 6 270. 271 Hicks Vivian Diane 115 Hicks. William Grady 473 Hickson. Donald Earl 505 Higgins. Linda Carol 532, 282 Higgins. Samuel Feli.. Jr 70 Higgins. Suzanne D 505 High. Will R.. Jr 103. 162 Highsaw, Beverly Kay 1 57 Hiahsmith. John W 532 Hight George A. L 427 Hightower, Hilarie J 186 Hightower, Scottie Rex 505 H.gley. Robert A 160. 165. 365 Hilburn. Craig A 278 Hilburn, George E.. Jr 473 Hildebrand. Cathy 167. 186. 519 Hildebrand. Jerry Don 496 Hildebrand, Margaret A 34 Hildebrandt, Edward. Jr 157 Hilding. Dale Richard 458 Hill. Angela 473 Hill. Carolyn Sue 55. 186.519 Hill. Colleen Elaine 473 Hill. Daryl Joseph 519 Hill. David Raymond 505 H.ll Eliiabeth 184. 265 Hill. John Graham 160. 165. 365 Hill. John Suel 505 Hill. Laura Shannon 1 86 Hill. Lorelei M 519 Hill MaritaKay 532 Hill. Martha Adine 164 Hill Martha Ann 48,49,360, 371 Hill. Mary A 41 Hill, Randy Lynn 519 Hill Richard Hudson. Jr 157 Hill. Sharon Lynn S.. Mrs 473 Hill Sharon M.. Mrs 1 86 Hill. Sherri L. R.. Mrs 473 Hill. Tommy Jim 505 Hill Wallace Dee 418 Hillen. Cynthia Parks. Mrs 473 Hillen Patr.ckO 126,473 Hilley. Sandra Jo 424. 505 Hilliard Robert James 418 Hills John Durst 496 Hilsabek, Marcia S 161 Hilton. Rodger Lyn 78 Hime. James Archie 532 Himmelblau. Margaret A 532. 255 Hinckley. Nancy E 186 Hinds Alice Anne 198 Hinds. Carmen Lynn 49 Hinds. William Lewis 92, 505 Hlnes. James Thomas 532 Hines. Rosemary E 25 1 Hinojosa. Carlos H 138. 473 Hinoiosa, Diana Laura 541 Hinojosa. Juan Carlos 166 Hinoiosa. Richardo H 375 Hinoiosa. Rosario G 505 Hinoiosa. Santiago N 1 70 Hinoiosa. Sylvia Ruth 88, 532 Hinoiosa. Victor Fernando 147 Hinson. Stanley Jay 49 Hinte. Gary Barton 505 Hinton. Karen Leonora 88. 220. 473 Hintze. David John 505 Hinze. Jimmie Wayne 159 Hinze. Michael Marvin 36. 273 Hirsh Alan Michael 262 Hirt, Darrell Lee 532 Hitchens, Paige 269 Hitchcock. Claudia T 212. 270. 473 Hitchcock. Katrine Sue 519 Ho. Sammy Wing-Sum 168 Hoaldridge. Hank F.. II 421. 419, 532 Hobbs. Carol Lynn 226. 532 Hobbs. Karen Elizabeth 473 Hobbs. Louis Roland 131. 179 Hochleutner, Jean M 1 84 Hochman, Harry Michael 263 Hockensmith Lorraine Dee 458 Hockman. Henry 430 Hocott, Gwendolyn Kay 234 Hodge. Ernest Edward 519 Hodge. Robert Lewis 161 Hodges. Gordon Amell 405. 42 1 . 423 Hodges. Kevin Howard 36. 23 I Hodges. Marvin Allen 473 Hodges. Richard L 42 1 Hodgson, James Frank I 79 Hodnett, Judy Karen 473 Hoeflein Thomas J 532 Hoelscher. Deborah M 234 Hoes. Susan Jean 161 Hofer, Elizabeth Ann 424. 43 I Hoffa. LmdaSue 167.473 Hoffman, Alyce Karen 1 88 Hoffman. Carl Alford 496 Hoffman, Clara G 2 1 2, 532 Hoffman. Daniel George 261 Hoffman. David Edwin 157 Hoffman. David Garlyn 77. 519 Hoffman. Eric George 23 1 Hoffman. Gary Wayne 157 Hoffman, Joel Aaron 82 Hoffman. Judy Carol 226. 473 Hoffman. Louis A.. Jr 63. 430, 505 Hoffman. Nancy Carolyn 166 Hoffman. Paul F 85 Hoffman, Robert Clark 225 Hoffman, Rochelle Selene 473 Hoffman, Ronald Israel 1 55 Hoffman. Roslyn Diane 473 Hoffman. Susan Louise 532 Hoffman. Warren Alan 191 Hogan. Doreen Patricia 473 Hogan. Gary Elliott 168 Hogan. Patricia Ann I 24. 473 Hogan. Patrick Steven 418 Hoggard. Frances Ann, Mrs 496 Hogner, Stephen L 57. 149. 374. 473. 574 Hohon. George Michael 145 Hoipkemeier, Steven F 64. 99 Holasek, Karla Rae 532 Holcomb. Alfred Gene 36, 168, 264, 519 Holcomb, Daniel W 532 Holcomb, Helen Eleanor 88. 473 Holcomb. Julia Faye 157 Holden, Patrick Lee 1 55 Holder. Arthur ' 2 Holder. Patrick Melvin 73 Holekamp. Jennie L 226. 532 Holifield. Gail Lynn 519 Hollabaugh. Cheryl L 97 Hollan Douglas Wood 168 Holland Gilbert Harrison I 57. 262. 473 Holland. Ned 237. 532 Holland. Sharon Marie 505 Holland. Stephen N 157. 168 Hollen. Nancy Lee 282. 424 Holley. Chris Lynn 232, 532 Holley. Eddie Peden 473 Holley, Freda M 161, 169 Holliday, Barbara Kay 519 Hollimon, Peter Wilson 473 Hollingshead, C. C., Mrs 197, 473 Hollingshead, John E I 82 Hollingsworth, Anne E 229, 505 Hollingsworth. Carol A 505 Hollingsworth, David E 496 Hollingsworth. John L 519 Hollis, Barbara C 166, 173 Hollis, Julie Ellen 226 Hollis, Juanita 220 Holloway, Emily Ann 198, 532 Holloway, James P.. Jr 182, 532 Holloway, Linda C 505 Holloway Shalia Kay 147. 167. 519 Holloway, William H.. II 271,422.423,474 Holman Charles Oscar 474 Holman, Robert Earl 272. 273 Holmberg. Lynne Karen 474 Holmes David Keith 78. L56 Holmes, Don Philip 34,- 1 35 Holmes, Ercell Renee 532 Holmes. Fred Louis 249. 474 Holmes. Laura f....255 Holmes. Richard Bush 82. 87 Holmes. William L 222, 532 Holmgreen Nancy E 255 Holshouser, John H. S 207, 474 Holstien, Thomas J.. Ill 159 Holt Mark Walker 1 66, 496 Holier, Martin Scott 87, 278. 519 Holtzapple. Theresa L 532 Holtzman. James King 182. 430.519 Holub, Ronald Eugene 1 66 Honea. Carolyn Sue 532 Honeycutt. John Boone 1 68 Honig. Lawrence Edward 51. 58. 68. 70. 613. 175. 371.458 Hons. Michael Jerome 1 73. 473 Hood. Larry Steven 505 Hood. Sharon Ann 458 Hook Terri Gay 167, 186 Hooks, Robert Walden 504 Hooper, Charles J 245, 532 Hooper, Janet Lynn 151 Hooper. Thomas Edward 505 Hooser. Nancy Lee 519 Hooton Burt Carlton 423 Hooton. William Leon 268 Hoover. Dennis Jeffrey 82 Hoover. Kathryn J 174 Hoover. Randy Ted 496 Hopkins, Robert Larry 63. 99. 175. 374. 474 Hopkins. William Paul 278 Hoppe, Jeannine Rose 505 Hopper. Andrea Kay 474 Hopper. William Sidney. Jr 95 Hopson Kathy Annette 519 Horadam, Victor W 474 Horak, Franklin D 30 Horany. David Lee 532 Horch Thomas Clarence 140 Hord Bruce Wiley 238 Horn. Dennis Allen 505 Horn Gary Randall I 1 8 Horn, Jane Ann 49. 115 Horn. Monica Adela 267. 532 Horn. Roy B 532 Home. Robert M.chael 218. 474 Home. Ronald Lee 505 Homer. John Ellis 275 Homer, Thomas Roy 1 35 Horowiti. Jerry K 263 Horsak, Randy Darell 179 Hortenstine. Barlsdale 260. 261 Horton. Robert Michael 49. 168. 519 Horton. Stephen Blake 268 Horwits, Peggy Lauren 87, 1 88 Horwih. Sally Di ane 267 Hosek. Deborah Lynn 519 Hostetter, Henry C 68. 70. 474 Hotchkiss. Linda Joyce 163, 474. 574 Hotze, Bruce Read 519 Hotze. James Benedict 532 Houck. Harriet E 496 Hougen. Stephen T 116. 155. 505 Hough. Deborah Anne 85 House. Brenda Beth 505 House, Susan Patricia 532 Houser. Karla 424 Houser. Richard E 163 Housley. Barbara Kay 43 1 Houssiere. Daniel D 77 Houston Kenneth Edward 474 Houzvicka. Katherine F 103. 104 Howard. Barbara Sue 167, 474 Howard, Benjamin Ryder 532 Howard. Catherine Ann 232. 519 Howard. Claudia Ann 70, 75. 269. 505 Howard. James N.. Jr 77 Howard. John Kelley 182. 430 Howard. Karol Kay 519 Howard. Mlizabeth Dot 496 Howard. PatN 431 Howard. Randolph Burnett 49 Howard. Robert Wayne 268 Howard. Robin Gay 204 Howard. William M 225 Howden. Lynn 401. 402. 403. 423 Howe John Philip 1 63 Howell, Deborah Sue 82 Howell. Jan Elizabeth 49 Howell. Marilyn Jean 82 Howell. RobertB 171. 179 Howell. Steven Kendrick 65. 175. 474 Howell. Vicki R 161 Howeth. Woodfin G.. Ill 474 Howie. Steven James 271 Hoyl. Marjorie E 505 Hoyt. Odis Archer 1 38. 474 Hrncir Charlotte Jean 505 Hrncir. John 78 Hruska. Thomas J 246. 505 Hubbard. Audey Dale 70. 1 72 Hubbard. Barbara Belle 1.67. 532 Hubbard. George H 474 Hubbard. Harriet L 519 Hubbard. Nancy Ruth 505 Huber, Marc Frederick 170 Huber Phil 574 Huber. Tighe Alan 418 Hubert. Penny Ann 83, 519 Hubka. James Larry 426 Huchingson, Judith H 88. 532 Huckabay. Janet Aileen 532 Huckabee. Adrian John I 34 Huddleston. Ira David 85 Huddleston. William J 250 Hudgens. Louise Marie 1 84 Hudson Edith Allan 161 Hudson, Edward H 67. 168 Hudson. Eleanor K 204 Hudson. James Rogers 246 Hudson. Michael Earl 1 65 Hudson N ancy Kay 50. 166. 169. 170. 496 Hudspeth. Deborah J 519 Hudspeth. Patrick Dirk 532. 238 Huebel. Karen Dunn 161.474 Huebinger, Frances M 505 Huebinger. Kathleen Ann 166 Huebner. Gene E 155. 166 Huebner. Kathryn Sue 532 Huebner. Larry Edward I 79. 474 Huebner Thomas John 70 Huerta. Fidel Garcia. Jr 145. 474 Huerta. Pedro. Jr 174 Huff Ann Elizabeth 232 Huff. Donald Lee 474 Huff Jennifer Jean 232 Huff. Randolph B 157. 239 Huff Robert Benjamin 68. 73. 75, 175, 474 Huffines. James R 271 Huffman Dollie Faye 88. 458 Hufnagel. John 396 Hughes. Barbara Julie 532 Hughes. Bonnie Lynge 505 Hughes Carlos Daniel 36. 225. 519 Hughes. David Carroll 250. 496 Hughes Kno. Brown 49, 239. 505 Hughes. Laura Hill 204. 532 Hughes. Patricia Anne 519 Hughes. Patricia L 1 86 Hughes. Robert W 1 30 Hughes Stephanie Ann 88. 532 Hughes. Vicki Ruth 419 Hui. Lap Wai Steve 171. 1 79 Huie. Melissa Mae 474 Muie. Sherry D 55. 532 Hull. Charles Claude 123 Hull Christopher K 271 Hull, Harriett Susan 234. 532 Hull. Jay G 264 Hull. John Tolar 264 Hull. Melissa Jane 497 Hulme. Deborah Rae 143 Hulme. Robert Edward 161 Hull:. Martha J. E 166. 169 Hummel. James Carl 474 Humphrey. Catherine S 198. 532 Humphrey. Howard M.. Jr 474 Humphrey. Margaret A 43 1 . 505 Humphries. Margaret J 497 Hunnicutt. Carolyn Dozier 1 52 Hunnicutt. Gerald Winston 149 Hunsaker. Jan 532 Hunsaker. Michael 261. 532 Hunt. Alicia Anne 192. 375 Hunt. Clay McLean 36. 242. 243, 474 Hunt, Karen Sue 532 Hunt, Lynda Joyce 220, 505 Hunt, Marilyn Lee 184. 532 Hunt, Marsha Lynn 505 Hunt. Stacy Glenn 123. 222. 430 Hunt. Todd McLean 242. 532 Hunter. Christine Kay l " 93 Hunter, Cynthia Ann 519 Hunter Dorothy Anne 519 Hunter, Janet Kay 212. 431 Hunter, John Charles 133 Hunter, Marsha Lee 532 Hunter. Sarah R 204. 497 Hunter, Valerie 519 Hurd. Robert Lewis 497 Hurley. Linda Carol 519 Hum. Barbara Ann 505 Hurst. John Thomas 430 Hurst Sharon Rie 232. 532 Hurt, Barbara 198. 519 Hurta. David Jon 247 Hurtik, Albert J., Jr 168 Hurwitz. Donald C 262 Hurwitz, Marsha Gail 1 67 Husmann, Gary William 103. 532 Huston Nancy Lucille 1 83. 1 84 Hutcheson. Steven C 268. 497 Hutchings. Michael Thomas 423 Hutchins, Elizabeth T 115. 198. 519 Hutchinson. B. W.. Jr 36. 247 Hutchinson. Karen 209. 532 Hutchinson, Kenneth L 496 Hutchinson. Nedra Ann 1 84, 532 Hutchison, Michael Don 224. 225 Hutchison, Nancy Jean 1 55 Hutner. Stephanie Lyn 161 Hutson, Cynthia Ann 211 Hutson. Kev.n Allen 157. 418 Hutson. Larry Lee 505 Hyde, Jennifer Lee 474 Hyde, Jerry Lee 458 Hyde, Ronald Ray 1 36, 474 Hyde, Sammy Oscar 423 Hydo. Bruce Albert 247 Hynds. Sarah Janis 474 Ibarra, Jesse Daniel 264 Ibarra, Marie E 265, 282. 371 Ickelberry. Keith 65 Idar. Rebecca Ann 141, 174 . Shinichi 505 Ikegami. Kazukuni 458 Imber, Joseph Robert 202, 519 Imber, Marlene Beth 30, 3 1 . 474 Imhoff Elizabeth 186 Imhoff Kathryn Ann 161. 186. 474 Immel. Karen Marie 431, 519 Ingram, Alison 532 Ingram, Deborah Lynn 229, 5 1 9 Ingram. Leslea 212. 505 Ingram Walter Edward 63. 474 Irby, Leslie David 276, 277, 474 Irby William James 474 Irion Jack Baird 519 Irvin. Larry Wanye 200 Irwin. Cynthia Lea 431. 519 Irwin. Elysia Ann 106. 166. 497 Isaacks. Linda Lawrean 204. 519 Isaacks. Vincent Wayne 519 Isaksson. Tyell 404. 406. 519 Isbell. James L. R 121 Isbell. Judy Deborah 532 Isbell. Tommy Ross 418 Iscoe. Craig Steven 532 Isenhower. William M 421 Ishikawa. Akira 1 57 Iturbide. Fernando 49 Itz. Barbara Lynn 474 Itz. James Harrison 74 Ivors. Margaret C 161 Ivey. Mary Lee 532 Ivey. Patricia Lynn 282. 532 Ivins. James Andrew 237 Ivy. John Patrick 430 Ivy, Karen C. White. Mrs 224. 474 Ivy, Larry Raymond 505 Jaber, Ahmed Bubaker 474 Jaber. Mohamed M 159 Jacks, James Thomas 257 Jackson. Betty Anne 49. 532 Jackson. Beverly Jan 97. 532 Jackson, Claudia S 505 Jackson Dalford Dudley 150. 474 Jackson. Daniel W 49 Jackson. Danny Frank 474 Jackson. Deborah D 88. 532 Jackson. Francis M.. Jr 36. 239. 532 Jackson, Gregory Mann 268 Jackson. Irene Frances 59 Jackson, Jerry Wayne 74 Jackson, John Mark 74 Jackson. Kathryn Ruth 532 Jackson, Kenneth E., Jr 239. 505 Jackson. Nancy ' 5 Jackson. Patricia E 37. 106. 226. 375. 475 Jacob. Carol Ann 161 Jacob. Darrell Gene 532 Jacobs, Gary Craig 168 Jacobs, Hildy Carol 266, 267 Jacobs. Jerry Mark 103. 532 Jacobs. Mark Steven 1 68. 5 1 9 Jacobs. Scott Thomas 519 Jacobson. Donald Paul 505 Jacobson. Edward t 166 Jacobson. Steven Karl 1 45. 505 Jaggars. Larry Lee 219. 532 Jahn Denise Anne 505 Jain, Surendra P 159 James. Barbara Ann 532 James, Bette Lynn 1 86 James. Deborah Ann 212, 519 James, Gregory Frank 261 James, Jency Jane 475 James, John Andrew 231 James. Judy Beth 519 James. Kathleen Monica 505 James. Mary Elizabeth 103. 519 James. Randy Joe 179 James. Ray Scott James. Rebecca Lee 212 555 P.g James. Richard Wayne 207, 519 James. Robert McCaig 92 James. Shari Jo C, Mrs 497 James, Stephen Troy 70. 1 75, 505 Jameson. Robert Etter 505 Jamison, Charles Lane 71 . 74 Janak. Ronald George 33, 138, 142, 475 Janda, Michael Francis 423, 505 Jenda, Ronald George 127 Janecek. Larry James 497 Janecka. Alan Chales 532 Janecka, Phyllis Marie 164. 505 Janes. Bradford Lee 532 Jangda. Mohammed R 107 Janicek. Daryl J. D 497 Janicke. Carroll Kim 271 Jansen. William Danial 505 Jarboe, Regma Jan 152, 475 Jarman, Gene Clifford 28 Jervis. Ann Sharon 475 Jarvis. John Aleander I I 3. 264 Jaster, Teresa Rose 505 Jasuta, John Gordon 475 Javaid. Ather 107 Javurek. Jamen. f 226. 505 Jay. John Richard 250 Jeane. Shirley A. Schmidt 166 Jeanes. Marcia J 147 Jeffrey. Laurence R 119 Jelen, Christie 505 Jendry. Terri B 532 Jenke. Karen Lois 83 Jenkens. Lyssa Ann 204 Jenkins. Carol Varga, Mrs 166 Jenk.ns James O., Jr 475 Jenkins. Jean Louise 234 Jenkins, Kathleen D 103. 505 Jenkins, Pamela K. D 169 Jenkin s. Patricia G 204 Jenkins. Robert 6 155 Jenkins. Rolland W 168 Jennett, Gaston Paul 64 Jennings. Abigail Anne 236 Jennings. Alice Covert 198 Jennings. Cheryl J. p.. 49. 106. 184. 361. 371, 375 Jennings. Linda Lou 88, 211, 532 Jennings, Margaret A 255 Jennings. Ronald Dwain 136. 519 Jennings. Stephanie 41 . 475 Jensen. Gary Dean 1 57 Jensen. Linda Rae 1 24 Nam. Pages Jenson, Gary Wayne 1 27. 475 Jepperson. Janet Faye 166 475 Jeschke, Phyllis Jan 505 Jeske. Donna 425 Jett, Edward Stephen 118 Jett, Joseph Craig 225 Jetton. Bobby Ray 497 Jewell. Deborah Anne 519 Jewell. Robert Vance 23 1 Jez. Milton Jerry 138 497 Jimenez. Alma Edna 505 Jimenez. 1. Linda X., Mrs 155 Jimenez, Robert I 39. 475 Jink ins. Edward Grady 261 Jobe. Laura Sue 183, 212, 519 Jochec. Janice Sue 193 519 Jodeit, Melfred Ray 222 Joe, Johnnie J 475 Joh John Johi Joh Joh Joh Johi John Jimmy Burrus 103, 532 Laura Ann 532 Lm ' da Susan 532 Suzanne Frances 95 Vicki Lee 229, 519 on, Alice Luann 260 Andrew P., Jr 519 on. Barbara S.. Mrs 166 Johnson, Barbara Sue. . . . Johnson. Beckie Jan Johnson. Bruce Alan Johnson, Carl Raydale . . Johnson, Charles D.. Jr. . . Johnson. Charles Glen . . . Johnson. Clay Anderson . Johnson. Craig Alan Johnson. Cynthia An .505 .532 .505 240. 421. 423 170 70 49 III. 231 209 Johnson, Cynthia E 232, 236. 519 Johnson. David Malcolm . 245 Johnson. Ellen Jean 519 Johnson, Gail Annette 88 Johnson, Gary Edward 532 Johnson. Gary Wayne 130. 177. 179, 475 Johnson. Irving Marose. Jr 430. 475 Johnson. James Edward 146 Johnson. Jann 166 Johnson, Jimmy 418 Johnson. Jolly Michael 519 Johnson. Josh C 475 Johnson. Judy Jean 248, 519 Johnson, Kay 541 Johnson. Kenneth Ray I 39 Johnson. Kent Anders 532 Nan- Pages Johnson. Leota Rae 49. 197. 532 Johnson, Linda 204. 475 Johnson, Margarita. Mrs 475 Johnson. Marge Jo 475 Johnson. Mark King 264 Johnson, Mark Russell 78. 1 56 Johnson. Mary Teresa 79. 475 Johnson, Nina Ann 431 Johnson. Patrick Earl 532 Johnson. Patsy Ellen 519 Johnson. Patti Mutton. Mrs 49 Johnson. Paul Joseph 497 Johnson, Peter Lee 475 Johnson. Preston R I 58 Johnson. Rayborn C.. Jr 532 Johnson. Regina Ann 532 Johnson. Robbie D., Mrs 166 Johnson. Robert Ami 532 Johnson, Robert Wesley 257 Johnson. Sandra Kaye 458 Johnson. Sarah t. Marv., Mrs I 57 Johnson. Sarah Elizabeth 158 Johnson. Sharon Lyn 532 Johnson. Susan Denel 209. 519 Johnson, Vickie Lynn 475 Johnson, War ren G.. Jr 497 Johnson, William L., Jr 239 Johnson, William Mike 475 Johnson. William T 519 Johnson, Willie Mae 194 Johnston, Brenda Kaye 149. 152 Johnston, Dennis N 264 Johnston. Elizabeth A 505 Johnston, George Lider 49 Johnston, Janet Anne 234 Johnston, Jay Stevei Johnston, Joe Steve Johnston, Judith Joa Johnston. Judy Lynn Johnston, Lisa Johnstoi Johnsto Johnstoi Jones. Alan Bent, Jones, A 122, 231, 497 430 232, 237. 505 505 152. 226, 277 Robert A 532 Ted Neal 250. 519 Wade Lee 418 . . 166 238 Jones, Barbara Ann 475 Jones, Betty Crichton 226 Jones. Betty Jean 505 Jones. Billy Don 168 Jones. Bronwyn Hunt 86 Jones. Cecilia Ann 475 Jones, Christi Marie 49 Jones, Christopher T 257. 497 Jones. David Ketan 103 Jones. David Ross 155 Jones Debra Catherine 48. 106. 371, 375 Jones. Donald Ray 475 Jones, Elizabeth Lewis 209 Jones, Ellinde Nan 209 Jones, Fredric Van 241 Jones, Harold Ernest, Jr 430 Jones. Harold Keith 475 Jones. Jack Kelly 505 Jones. James Hardie 475 Jones, James Keith 238, 239. 505 Jones, James Landon. Jr 207. 497 Jones. Jan Sue 532 Jones. Janet Charlene 519 Jones, Janet Jo 212 Jones, Jay Woodfin 49, 222 Jones. Jesse Holman. II 505 Jones. John Mark I 39, 497 Jones. John Winston 40. 103. 121. 162 Jones. Judith Davidson 255, 505 Jones, Julia Louise 519 Jones, Karen Elizabeth 183. 184. 371 Jones. Kevyn Colleen 204, 532 Jones. Larry Don 519 Jones. Larry Gene 157 Jones. Lawrence Carl 49 Jones, Linda Diane 475. 5 1 9 Jones, Margaret Ann 505 Jones, Mark 532 Jones, Martha C 97, 505 Jones. Michael Dee 532 Jones. Michael Eugene 103. 168 Jones, Pamela L 532 Jones, Patsy J. Pierece. Mrs 157 Jones, Randall Gwenyth . . .49, 75. 106, I 14, I 15, 204, 205. 367, 371, 505 Jones, Raymond Malcolm 519 Jones. Robert Ernest 239 Jones. Robert Lynn 497 Jones Ronald Dalton 131 Jones. Sharra Jan 91. 21 I. 475 Jones, Tiffany Nan 147 Jones, Vickie Lynn 167, 532 Jons. Hugh Ritman 68. 70 Jonson. Eleanor K 66 Jordan. Cynthia Deann 532 Jordan, Jane Ellen 232 Jordan, Patricia Jane 21? Jordan, Sandra Alice 519 Jordan. Shari Dianne 104. 180, 505 Jordy. Pamela Ann 532 Jorns James Michael 519, 245 Joseph, Deborah Kay 519 Joseph, Philip C 375 Josey. Deborah Ann 197. 519 Jost. Kathryn Sue 532 Jostes. Betty Ann 475 Josue. Eileen Victoria 87 Joyce, John Malcolm ' . I 26 Judd. Kenneth Robert 475 Judge, James Phenin 519 Juett, John Hugh 532 Julian. William D.. Ill 257, 497 Jung, Mary Catherine 209, 532 Jung. Richard Earl 222. 430. 519 Junge. Julius A.. IV 117 Jungman Henry Michels 458 Junod. Rena Katharine 475 Jurena Jerry Lee 475 Pages Jurgens, Kenneth C.. Jr ............... 104 162 Jurik. Thomas Wayne ..................... 505 Justice, Karen Lynne ................. 149 505 Kaatz. Johnnie Wayne .................... 475 Kacir, Karl Wayne ........................ 78 Kadell. Kerren Albert ...................... 49 Kaderka. Peggy Rose ..................... 475 Kadlubar. Angela Sue. Mrs ................ 475 Kahn, Cari Beth ......................... 167 Kahn. Gary David ....................... 420 Mahn. Karen Rae ........................ 505 Kahn. Kathy Sharon ................... 32. 267 Kahn, Richard Alan ...................... 280 Kaindl. James Eric ....................... 475 Kaiser, R.dge Matthew ................... 116 Ka|s. Theresa Marie ...................... 475 Kalbow, Cheryl ................. 167. 431. 519 Kaldis, Stephanie ......................... 234 Kalil, John Charles ....................... 239 Kallina, Carl Anthony .................... 533 Kaltenbach, Robert C ............ 248. 249, 475 Kam, Thomas William ................ 1 59. I 79 Kamenitsa, Laura K .............. !49, 204 505 Kaminsli, Lynn Weis ................. 212. 533 Kaminski. Robert Leo ................. 122. 231 Kan. Pak Yue Paddy Kana. James Allan Kane. Candace Lou Kane, Christopher Kane, Theresa Anne Kauffi Kauftr Kaufn Kaufrr nann. Janet .an, Charles Oster lan Delbert Ralph lan Irwin C 234, 67. 275 Kaufrr Kaufrr Kaufrr Kaufrr lan, Jeffrey Alan lan. Jo Ann C.. Mrs. . . lan, Joanne lan William T. .. 163. 368, ...122. 168 519 204. 282 421 57. 497 Kankel, Darnel Ray ................ ' . ...... 505 Kaplan. David S .......................... 168 Kaplan, Richard Miles ........ 113, 280, 28 1 , 505 Kappler, Gary Hoel .............. 230, 231, 475 Karas Maureen Mae ................. 212. 476 Karasek. Kathleen F .................. 198. 519 Kardell, Stephens C.. Jr ................... 476 Kariel. Nancy Ellen ....................... 188 Karin, Marshall Jay .................. 158. 505 Karpel. Mark David ...................... 505 Kaska Edward W., Jr ..................... 166 Kasparek, Janelle ........................ 476 Kastiner. Karen S ........................ 148 Katsuro. Jeanne Kieko .................... 519 Katt. Deirdre Jean ....................... 505 Katt. Sandra Louise ...................... 533 Katz, Daniel Lane ........................ 426 Katz, Howard Samuel ................ 262, 431 533 476 430 49 29 163, 368, 476 .................. 122, 281 Kavanaugh. Cliff Ledlow .................. 430 Kawamoto, Jo Anne A .................... 533 Kay. Karen Ann ......................... 458 Kay. Robert Lawrence .................... 418 Kazmann. William McKee ..... 165, 238, 239, 367 Kboudi. Marcelle L ................... 267, 519 Keas, Deborah Jane .................. 1 66. 476 Keasler, Sydney J.. Ill .................... 423 Keating. John L ...................... 157. 476 Keck. Constance R ................... 211, 533 Keck, Donald Wayne ...................... 64 Keel, Thomas Martin. Jr ................... 418 Keene. Aubrey Harold .................... 252 Keene. Ronna Carol ................... 55. 519 Kenney, Juey C.. Jr .................. 261. 505 Keeney Ronald Clark ........ 101, 104. 162. 476 Keese. Kenneth Gene ..................... 78 Keeter Olan Alford ................. 257. 533 Keeton. Bonnie Lynn .................. 88. 238 Kefayeh. Fuad E ..................... I 34. 476 Kegans. James Russell .................... 505 Keglov.ts. David M ....................... 257 Keils. Shari Kay .................. 49, 226. 533 Keith, Elaine S ........................... 1 69 Keitz, Ruth Ann ......................... 1 69 Kell, George Michael ..................... 1 70 Keller, Donald Ralph ..................... 476 Keller, Dorothy Kay ...................... 533 Keller, James William .................... 166 Keller. John Christopher .................. I 79 Kellerman. Janet E ....................... 519 Kelley. Gail Ann ......................... 186 Kelley Kevin John ................. 64. 99, 175 Kelley. Linda Kay ........................ 533 Kellough, William Charles ................. 476 Kelly. Carolyn ........................... 519 Kelly. Christina J ......................... 505 Kelly, Dorothy Jean .......... 153. 166. 173, 176 Kelly. Emma S.. Mrs ...................... 497 Kelly. Kathryn Suzanne .................... 519 Kelly. Kathy Jo .......................... 533 Kelly. Kim M ............................ 533 Kelly Larry E ............................ 170 Kelly, Lauri Che ..................... 213,431 Kelly, Melody Yvonne .................... 533 Kelly. Patrick Michael ............ 418. 423. 519 Kelly. Robert Dale ....................... 505 Kelly. Robert Wayne ..................... 476 Kelly. Stephen Michael ................... 157 Kelman. Marsha ......................... 505 Kelsey. Robert Wier .................. 70. 236 Kelson. Karla Jean ....................... 419 Kemp. Beverly Ann ...................... 220 Kemp, Sharron Louise ................ 211, 375 Kemp, Suzanne Eloise .................. 41. 49 Kemper John Michi ................. I 36. 5 1 9 Kennard. Anthony D.. Jr .............. 168. 519 Kennard Gwendolyn Kay .............. 49 220 Kennard, John Stephen ................... 168 Kennedy, Charles R.. Jr ................... I 70 Kennedy, Kerry Linn ......... 101. 104, 162. 476 Kenned y Rebecca Jane .................. 247 Kennedy. Thomas Jarel ............... 250, 505 Kennemer. Vickie Jane ..................... 97 Kennerly, Jeanne E. W.. Mrs ................ 1 69 Kenny. Timothy Ross ..................... I 57 556 Pages Narr Pages Nam. Page! Pagei Kent. Allen Sliders 123, 244. 245 Kent, Bonnie Joyce 505 Kent. Rebecca Susan 519 Kent. William R 168 Kenyon. John Randolph 27 1 Kepner. John William 427. 533 Kepper. Mary Elizabeth 1 80 Keppler. Judith Ellen 167. 282 Kerr, Carolyn Rogers 371 Kerr Diana Eve 152. 519 Kerr. Harris Eostham 247, 505 Kerr. James Robinson 242 Kerr. Kenneth Forbes 225. 519 Kerr. Sara Frances I 1 5 Kerr. Sheila Gail 147 Kershner. Karen 505 Kessler. Sara Lee 99. 188 Keszthelyi. Csaba Peter 458 Keszthelyi. Kikuko 458 Ketchum Patricia Lynn 476 Key Carlos Eduardo 275 Key. Roger Alan 239. 505 Key. Susanna 505 Key, William Robert 248. 249. 519 Khalil M. Aslam Khan 107 Khaliliaraghi, F. P 533 Kidd. Betsy Jane ...197. 519 Kidd. Jonathan Wayne 533 Kidd Nancy Nell 128, 533 Kidder Karen Arlene 533 Kiech. Michael Maurice 1 79. 497 Kieke. Janice Kay 519 Kiel, Kathy Ann 260 Kiene. Carroll Candace 49 Kies Roger Fletcher 505 Kiger. Steven Marcus 104. 155. 162 Kilday. Theresa Claire 1 67 Kilgo. Sharon Louise 476 Kilgore. Kathryn Jane 74. 75. 21 I Kilgore, Rebecca Lynn 198 Kille. Larry Dean 87.419 Killingsworth. T. 1 476 Killion. Tina Joy 519 Kilpatrick. Bruce H 239. 533 Kilpatrick. Karen Lynn 476 Kilpotrick. Oliver K.. Jr 476 Kilpatrick. Robert D 1 60. 1 65. 365. 375. 476 Kimbell. Patrick Roy 30. 476 Kimbrough Catherine E 533 Kimbrough. Thomas Duke 155 Kime Mary Susan 193 Kimmel. Robert Butler 257. 519 Kinane. Michael Lantz 135 Kinard. Dan Thomas 264. 505 Kinard Martha Elaine 66. 519 Kinca.d, Cande Kaye 166. 204 Kincaid. Carole E. E.. Mrs 87 Kmcoid, Gene Howard I I 7. 497 Kincheloe. Dick Marcus 519 King. Belinda Bishop. Mrs 141 King, Elaine 533 King. Elizabeth Maceil 196 King Harley Russell. Jr I 70. 249. 497 King. Helen Marie 476 King. Jane Kenney. Mrs 283 King. Janet Lynn 533 King Jennifer Susan 232. 505 King. Karen Anne 229. 505 K,ng. Kay Ellen 431 King. Mary Kathryn 476 King Michael Kris 68. 74, 175. 497 King. Steve Mason . . 101. 104. 121. 162. 261. 519 King. Susan Eleanor 505 King William Edward 505 King. William Francis ' . 74 Kinnan Robert M 242 Kinsey, Richard Ed 231. 533 Kinslow. Glenda Sue 104 Kipp. Cary Wayne 418 Kipp. James Marshall 519 Kipp Nancy Gail 198. 476 Kirk. Karol 234. 533 Kirkendall Janine Lee 1 86 Kirkham. Jannie Kay 424. 520 Kirkland. Betty K 82. 505 Kirklond. Morgaret E 505 Kirklen. Laura Janine 104. 180 Kirkley. Mary Jane 209 Kirkman. Leitha Lynn 505 Kirkpatrick, David John 247 Kirkpatrick, Janie B.. Mrs 161 Kirkpatrick. Susan 283. 476 Kirksey. Patricia Adele 88 Kirschner. Timothy P 418 Kirsh. Allen Mark 476 Kirzner. Leonard 1 68 Kiser. Sue Ellen 533 Kissell. Bruce Warren 520 Kite. Thomas Oliver, Jr 420. 423 Kitten. Larry Don 104 Kizzee. Oscar. Jr 241 Klaehn. Roy Herman 505 Klam. Alphonse Frank, Jr I 50 Klausner. Deborah 217. 520 Klaveness, Michael A 40. 49 Klawitter. Art L 533 Klecka. Darlene K 533 Klecka Daryl Hastings 272, 273. 476 Kleeman. Judith Ellen 505 Kleifgen. Cynthia M 533 Kleimann. Kathleen Ann 283 Klein Alvin 55, 505 Klein. Andrew F 505 Klein Deborah Cheryl 88. 217. 533 Klein. Jary Tatar 275 Klein. Sara Kay 267 Klein. Stanley Arthur 520 Kleineck. Robert James 92 Kleinworth. Thomas W 163 Klesel. Donna Gayle 128. 505 Klett. Taylor Samuel 505 Klevenhagen. Cecilia M 506. Kliarsky, John M 166 Klimes. Jane Kathleen 278 Klinar. Carol Lynn 365 Kline. Steven C 104. 533 Klinger. Susan Rose 198 Kloss Todd Thomas 77 Knaak, Joy Marie 55. 146.431.533 Knape Ben Kenneth 55. 166. 476 Knapp. Dewitt Leland 225 Knappenberger. Karen L 256. 506 Kneale. Kathleen 476 Knigge. Key Lorrine 476 Knight Douglas Dale 182 Knight. Florence C 211, 533 Knight, Karen Louise 211 Knight Randal Blake 533 Knight. Rebecca M 199 Knighten. Janelle 476 Knod. Sherry 533 Knolle. William Miles 68 Knotts. Mary Susan 234. 533 Knowles. Tommy Lane 171. 1 79. 497 Kno. Danny Ray 259, 520 Knox. James Andrew 54 1 Kober Kay Mary ....44. 141. 164, 186. 187.497 Kobs. Ernest C.. Ill 168 Koch Mark Randolph 430 Kocurek. Randell Albin 533 Koehler. Kathy Sue 476 Koelling. Deborah Jean 506 Koelling. Robert K.. Jr ' . 476 Koen. Joseph Clement 65. 99. 430 Koen, Mary Elizabeth 32. 476 Koen. Susan Laura 50. 476 Koenig. Richard Alan 476 Koenig, William R 426 Koeninger. Larry Dan 104 Koester. Ellen Louise 186 Koester Melinda Ann 520 Kofahl. Karen Sue 197. 224, 520 Kogut Mark Hirsh 191 Kohoutek Rose Marie 476 Kohutek. Shelia Yvonne 533 Kolb. Jay Thomas 242. 533 Kolb. Kathryn Rosalie 458 Kolb. Linda Joyce 476 Kolberg. David Clark 95 Kolberg. Pierce B 95 Kolbeson. Michael Lien 168 Kolda Michael Anthony 64 Kolle. Susan Paulene 213 Komkov. Stephanie F 1 66 Konecny. Gary Wayne 171. 179 Koneman. Suzanne 497 Konze, Bodo Charlie. Jr 49 Koonce. Richard C 239. 533 Koop. Judy Kay 213 Kopec. Mary C 476 Kopecki. Den.s Steve 135. 171. 179 Kopf, James Kenneth, Jr 280 Kornblatt, Bart Ames 1 9 1 . 506 Korp. James Douglas 166 Kortage, Marlene E 204. 533 Koschak, Seth Ramsey 520. 231 Kost. Fredell Nan 161. 169 Kostas Ann Angela 82 Koteras James Richard 177 Koteras Sharon Lynn 1 34 Kothman. Karen Kay 283. 506 Kothmann. Don William 1 04 Kothmann. Lester Lansing 87 Kotin. Valerie 188. 520 Kotrola. Richard Jay 533 Kott. Gary Duone 506 Kovar. Larry Raymond 506 Koy. Candice Down 146. 497 Kozberg, Cary David 166 Kozlowski. Patty 248 Kozmetsky Gregory A 127 Kramer. Richard George 1 72 Kratovil. Philip James 247 Krause. James 280 Krause. Nancy P 476 Krauskopf. Elisabeth A 146. 161. 476 Krauss. Lynn 191.520 Krauss. Michael David 263. 43 I Kravitz. Lynda Gayle 188 Kravtin. Sondra Gay I 73 Kreig. Therese 40. 186. 187. 365. 371 Krekeler Kathleen 161 Krenek. Linda Kay 477 Krenek. Patricia Ann 506 Krenek. Wilfred M 92. 533 Kress. Sandy 49 Kreston Thomas James 135. 171. 1 79 Krier. Joseph R 160. 165 Krier Stephen 123. 418. 430 Krill David Allen 418 Krishnamoorthy. V 426 Kristen Mark Allen 123. 202 Kristof. Marcia Kay 506 Krivcher. Jan Shelley 477 Knzak. Mary Ann 477 Krohn. Kathryn E 49 Kroll Charlotte 227. 506 Kruder. Kathryn L 477 Krueger Kathryn Ann 477 Krueger Lynda Carol 204 Krueger. Royce William 477 Kruger. Cynthia Ann 184 Krumholz. Rozanne 1 88 Krupps. Gregory Alan 268 Kubacak Alphonse f 30. 1 36. 497 Kuczaj. Stanley A.. II 173 Kudisch. Mark L 280. 520 Kuehl, Deborah Ann 533 Kuehn, Peggy Lynne 128. 506 Kuhl. Pamela E 206. 21 1. 520 Kuhl. Philip John 49, 207 Kuhlman John L 1 23. 202 Kuhn. Marsha Linette 187 Kuhn. Peggy Ann 88 I I fr i. _ Kunesh, Joseph Howard Kunkel. Kim Kunschik. Jerry Wayne . Kunti, Mary Margaret . . Kunz, Jeffrey Paul Kunze, Dean Kyle Kunze, Robert Bradley . . Kuper, Laurie Kupper. Renee P Kush Stephen Taylor . . . Kushner. Saul David .... Kusin, David W Kusin. Gary M Kusin. Michael Brody . . . Kutler. Jerry Alan Kuykendall. Don Roger . Kuykendall. Thomas R... Kwast, Arthur Henry . . . Kwast. Lillian P. R.. Mrs. Kwok. Hoi Ming Kwok Yiu Kay . Kyle. Floyd E Kyle. Joseph C.. Jr Kyrish. Leon Joseph .... La Rue. William Blake . . Labai. Mark Lee Label. Lome Sheldon . . . Laber. Barbara Joyce . . Lacasse Tamara Lacey, Michael A Lacey. Robert Stephe Lackey. Janelle E Lacorte. Carol Jeannie . . Lacy. Debra Deneese . . . . Ladd. Dennis Glen Ladd. Mary Jodette Ladin, Ma Phillip Ladner, Kieren Anthony. . Lafollette, Glenn Craig . . Lagarde. Cynthia Kay . . . Laird. Dwain Scott Laird, Nova Lake. Gregory Raymond . Lake. L.nda K Lakey, David Joseph Lakin. Le Ann Lala. Jack. Ill Lamb. Carol Jean Lamb. Sharon Gayle Lamb G Lambert Shari Lynette . . Lambert. Winnie Wilkins . Lambrecht, Cherie C. . . . Lammers Donald Roy . . . Lamon. Ellen Regene Lament. Leslie Ann Lamport. Karen Jane Lanahan, Lenn Martin . . . Lande, Laura Brett Lander. John William . . . Landers. Jerry Burney . . . Landin, Denis Craig Landmon, Ottist R Landreth, Vicki Lu Landry. Thomas Wayne . . Landsberg. Sandra L Lane. Barbara Lee Lane. Deborah Lane. John Allen Lane, Tracey L Lanford. Diane D Lang. Jennie Lang William A Lang. William Reed. Ill . . Langdon, John Oliver . . . Langdon John Todd .... Langdon. Lester Langdon, Richard Steven. Lange, Rodney Albert . . . Langerhans. John David . Langford, Elizabeth A. . . . Langford, Joseph Langford, Mary E Langford, Suzanne B Langley. Rita Kay Langley. Robert Louis . . . Longston. Jana Lea Langston, Michael T Lanham, Carol Nanette. . Lanham. Sharon Ann .... Lanier. Holly Susan Lanier. Linda Ann Lanier. Marigny Amort . . Lanier. Ronald Edward... Lanius, Robert A Lankford, Lawrence E Lankford Lynnette Lankford. Michael G Lannou, Gordon C. Jr. . . Lansdell. Mary E Lansford. Carolyn Kay . . . Lantrip Stephen Orian . . Lepeyre James M.. Jr. . . Lappin Stephen Grant . . Lard. Karen Lynn Lard. Sharon Lee Largent Bruce Ted Larkin. Jeffrey Herman . . Larkin. Sylvia Reeves. Mrs. Laroque Steven Lane . . . Larrabee. Harry Ray Larrey Camille Larsen Pernell O. Jr Larson Ann Roberta .... Larson, Arlie Ladd Bruce Allen Elizabeth S . Janet Lee Larson. Kjersti Ann Larson Mark Charles .... Larson William A Larue Clint Allen Pages 73 477 127 424 168 147 71 ..32. 161. 217. 477 166 1 79 520 430 .170. 280, 281, 374 506 275. 533 113 78. 156 506 477 477 430 1 39, 506 168 127. 374, 506 477 533 78, 156. 177 49. 155 141. 497 477 163 126. 497 115. 229 520 1 74 418. 394, 423 49. 373. 477 430 82 506 224. 227 533 477 477 533 431 533 506 49 222 229. 520 272 427 199.424. 431 87. 152. 213 169 506 166 506 477 167 65. 99 267. 533 I I 1 , 202 264, 506 145, 431. 520 1 39 506 418, 423 Larson, Larson Larson. 188 161 90. 118. 533 497 152. 477 520 213 28 135 533 72 520 119 423 533 .410. 412. 415, 421, 423 506 1 68 115 247, 506 184, 506 104 520 533 187, 506 520 506 520 1 49 477 92, 520 92. 520 58 533 67 97 520 506 64 430 497 497 533 157 146 506 399.402. 403. 421 533 155, 477 152, 163 420 477 184, 520 88. 229 255 418 477 ..202. 236 Name Laschinger. David Nash . . Lasik. Lois Frances Lastrapes. Richard L.. Jr.. Latta. Laura Barbara Lattimore, David Lauer . . Lau. Barbara Doris Laudadio. Barbara M. . . . Laufer. Larry Ray Laughlin. Charlotte G Laughlin, Louann Laughlin. Richard P Laughlin. William R Laurea, Peter Allai Page, 520 477 74 40. 115, 506 533 40. 49. 106. 164 248 155 166 204 533 78. 156 533 207 Laussade. Mark Rice 92. 520 Lauterbach, Barbara J 188 Lavigne, John Vernon 73 Law. B.Ann 234 Law. Frances B 161 Lawhn. Mary Ann 477 Lawhon. Barbara Jeon 506 Lawler. Milton Dale 157 Lawler. Wilton Gale 157 Lawless, Lee Katharine 49. 520 Lawrence, Deborah Anne 209 Lawrence, Elizabeth G 66. 506 Lawrence, Gary Michael 168 Lawrence, John Martin 264 Lawrence. Roy Patrick. Jr 89 Lawrence. Stephanie D 477 Lawrence. Steven Ross 70 Lows. Linda Louise 1 52 Laws. Shelly Ann 506 Lawson. Shirley Ann 206 Lason. Constance Lynn 204. 533 Layden. Mary Margaret 43 I Layne, Robert L., Jr 423 Lazarus. Rona Susan 259. 506 Lazo. Patricia Ann 477 Lazor. Allan Ross 520 Lazor. Richard Harvey 1 68, 520 Lea. Leslie 167 520 Lea. Lida 213 Leach, Harry Swan. Jr 506 Leaks. Roosevelt 418 Leal. Gloria Lucia 533 Leal, Rofaela Leos 506 Leal, Ricardo Joel 144. 145. 497 Leaman. Barbara Ellen 365 Leary. Cathy 1 66, 173 Leath. Peggy 520 Leathers. Beverly Kay .. ...520 Leatherwood James L. 533 Leathery Holan R 430 Leben Lecia Lea 37 188 520 Lebowiti Amelia Kay 115. 217. 533 Lebowitz. Beverly Ann 267. 520 Leche, Paul Andre 49. 170. 497 Leclair Lewis Titus 40 41 430 Leconey. Thomas R 520 Ledbetter. John Michael 64. 172. 520 Ledermann. Ruth Ann 95 Ledet Richard F 1 68 Ledoux. Bobby Gene 477 Lee. Allen Jin 520 Lee, David 520 Lee David Alan 264 533 Lee. Deborah Sullivan 477 Lee Don Allen 421 Lee. Jack Gregory . 123, 280. 281. 477 Lee, Jae Kil 477 Lee. Marjorie Jin 477 Lee, Nancy Carroll . .40. 365. 378. 477 Lee, Randy Michael 477 Lee, R. chard Patrick 77 Lee. Rosemary W. Y 477 Lee. Sherman Beowulf 418, 533 Lee. Shernta Doris. 48. 49, 88. 380. 194. 195. 369. 506 Lee Stephen Randall 55 225 520 Lee, Tommy Lynn 418. 423 Lee, Warren Gamaliel 241 Lee. Ying Lau 1 68 235 Leeds. Mitii Sue .III Leeds, Sydney Frances 188, 281 Leeper, Maryenne M 232. 533 Leeth, Janet J 161 Lefan, Linda Susan 49 Leff. Gary Steven 1 55 Leff Sharan Golda 49 Legler. Janet Claire 55. 506 Lehman. Ann Fraser 230, 255 Lehman, Larry Lee 520 Lehman. Larry Neal 506 Lehmberg. Gary Virgil 121 165 Lehmberg. Philip R 36. 222 Lehnerfz, Cheryl Ann 477 Lehr, Ralph F... Jr 269. 506 Leibrock. Eric William 250 Leifeste. Ann Caroline 184 Leifesfe. Michael A 421 Leigh. Donna Ann 533 Leigh. James Henry 168. 430 Leigon, Charles R 215. 520 Le.ster, Curtis Wynne 533 Leite. Valone Ann 205 520 Leaner. Bruce W 520 Leitner. Garrie E 211 Leiiear. Kathleen Ada 477 Lemeilleur, Andree Philip ....477 Leme.Heur. Lynn Braley 50 Lemley. John Richard 477 Lemmons Beniam ' n D 262 Lemmons Robert T., Jr 168, 520 Lemome, Judith M.. Mrs 458 Lemoine, Raymond J 477 Lendrum, Bruce Carroll 139, 497 Lendrum, John J.. Ill 248. 249 506 Lenhart, Robert Allen 477 Leno Joe Glynn 400, 401. 403. 421 423 Lentz Edwin Lamar 92 506 Lenz. Robert S 520 418 Lenzer. Christopher .... Lenzner Jean Page Leon, Larry Jerome .... Leonard, Diane E Leonard. Janet E Leonard. Philip Joseph . Lepine Vivienne Lequeux, Julie Monique . Lerner. Steven David . . . Lescure. Annette Marie . Lesher, Murray M Leshm. R.chard Lee .... Lesikar. William Wayne. Leslie, Freddy Weldon . Lesly. Thomas Luther . . . Lester Cheryl Ann Lester. Danny Kay Letz, Roger Clayton .... Letzkus. William C Leva, Gary Layne Levenson, Karen Sue Levenson. Robert Lawrenc Levey Alissa Ann Levi, Alan Harold 5 ' . Levin Debra Ann Levin. Neidra Michele . . . Levin, Phyllis Lee Levin, Shelley Lynn Levin, Susan Beth Levine. Harold Herbert . . Levine. Sheryl Marlise . . . Levine. Terry M Levinson. Jerry H Levinson. Kay Marilyn . . . Levis. Marcia Susan Levison, Marci Lee Levit Donald Neal Levitt, Tommy Carl Levy Amy B Levy, Ann Mathilde Levy. Richard Julius Lew Karen Joyce . . Lewallen, Kathy Jan Lewallen Rodney S Lewellen, Gary Louis Levellyn. Sharon Kay Lewin. Leslie Jane Lewis. Brodie Joseph Lewis. Charles Edwin ... Lewis David Arden Lew.s, Derrill L en, I! Lewis. Frank Barry, Jr. ... Lewis. Harold Daivs Lewis. Harry Alan Lewis, James Newton Lewis, Janet Neely Lewis Adair . . Lewis. Luther J. Jr Lew.s Lynn Lewis Richard Edmonds . Lewis Susan Jane ... Lewis. Vicki Lee Liardon Margaret H. Liebes, Ruth Laurel Lieck. Samuel Louis Liedtke. Kr.stin Liendo. Alvaro Jesus Liesman, Linda Ann Lietz. Phillip Elmo Light Randall Ray Lightfoot Randall Lee . . 477 49. 232. 520 58, 458 152, 506 533 155. 263. 478 161 506 275. 533 533 168 533 231. 533 108 239 199. 520 423 245 157 49 188. 533 222 497 !. 275, 367. 506. 574 ..106. 114. 216. 506 506 217. 533 217. 520 49, 267, 533 478 49. 188, 425 423, 430 497 97, 259, 506 267 188 275. 506 497 189. 533 506 280, 533 199, 506 478 64 533 173 55. 267. 533 271 252 74 430 231. 478 145, 174 275 163 232 83 506 49 533 . ..79. 87. 233. 520 478 161 233 520 506 255 . 139 497 506 139. 520 179 .. 421 533 Lighthouse. Lynda Gay Ligon. John Drew Ligon William Austin Liles, Tern Denise Liles. Thomas Dee Lilliedahl, Joy C Lilly. Robert Edmund Lim, Mary Lim, Rose Lin, Christopher An-Tung Lincecum. Rissie Kay Linch. Barbara Ann Lind. Roger Douglas Lindee. Mary S Linder. Betty S. T.. Mrs Under. Harrel Eugene Under, Pamela G Lindsay. Howard Henry. II Lindsey, Barbara Jane Lindsey. James Eldon Lindsey, Melinda Jane L.ndsey, Milton E.. Jr Lineback, Robert B Linenschmidt. Larry L Link. Jere Hudson Lipp. Arnold Lippert, Mary C Lippiatt, Linda Diane Lippincott, David G Lippincott. Nancy Lippman, Sheldon Ike Lipscomb. Jack Storey Literati, Patricia L., Mrs Little Barbara D Little. James William Little. Janet Ann Little Karen Rae R.. Mrs Little, Linda Little, Randy Dale Little, Shelia Maurine Littlepage, Thomas H., Jr Littleton. Jean O Littman, Linda Ann Litton, Craig Thomas Littrell James Lane 78, 101, Littrell Kandy Jean Littrell. Leslie Gail Litzler John H Lively Cheryl Lynn Livingston, Charles D Lianas. Manuel. Jr Lloyd, Jane Emily Lloyd, Maurine Louise Lloyd. Thomas Donald Lloyd. Wendell Robert Lo, Kin Lochte, Erwin R.. Ill Lock Ben Winston Locke. John Patrick Locker, Darrell L Lockett, Jill Elizabeth Lockett, William C Lockhart, Elizabeth J Lockhart Regma Lee Locklear, Mike L Lockwood. Jefferson Grey . . . Lockwood Julian Lockwood. Karen E. K.. Mrs. . . Lockwood. Randolph Lodde, Patricia Elaine . . Pages . . .49. 227. 533 170. 423 49, 121 260 520 78. 427 97 49 119 520 40. 373 167 520 ...70. 75. 520 82 167 478 478 143. 506 458 205 224. 520 65. 533 533 . 104 259 520 .116. 168. 520 533 155 ..30 280 171 1 79 533 506 167, 234 54, 520 64 478 1 66 .III. 231. 520 283. 533 477 115. 431. 533 1 79 ....185, 382 506 533 520 427 104 162. 172 520 506 157 520 I 79 477 520 213. 506 506 478 .... 168 520 252 478 520 185. 375 520 85 533 .... 506 ... 478 ..121. 478 . ..478 ....239 506 ...137 558 Pages Pages Pages Name Pages Loden, Kathy Renee Loehr. Gladys Dianne Loftis. Mollie Ann . . Logan. David Ronald Logan. John Larry . . Logan. Karen Ann . . Loggie Bruce Pegues Lohmann. Diana Sue. Lollar. Bradley Keith Lomerson. William Lough Lommele Ann Renee 478 235, 2 0 130 533 533 225. 506 533 264, 520 157 88 Londa. Jeffrey Charles 478 Londeree. Robert D.. Ill 222, 520 London. Jack Woodville 73 Long. Barbara Ann 520 Long Charla Jayne 50 Long. Deborah Ann 185 Long. Elizabeth Ann 520 Long. Glenn J I 34 Long. Jack Lynn 279 Long. John Kendall 478 Long. Larry L 160. 168. 375. 365 Long. Sedalia Suzette 478 Long. William Henry. Jr 67. 478 Longacre. Janice Kaye 497 Longbotham. Jaylie. I 506 Longeway. Barbara D 478 Longino, Joseph B 247 Longoria. Frank Manuel 249, 506 Longoria, Jose Noe 506 Longwell. Martha Ellen 2 I 1 . 269 Longworthy. John 41 Loocke. Jack Emery 168 Loomis. Jeffrey Norman 157 Loomis. Margaret N 425 Looper, Jane Anne 478 Lopez. Armando Rawls 520 Lopez, Bertha Ann 149, 497 Lopez, Cynthia Anna 533 Lopez Homero 74, 478 Lopez. Larry Anthony 247. 506 Lopez. Reynaldo H 49 Lope; Sylvia R 506 Loras. Dorothy Jean 37. 213. 270 Lord. David Allen 278 Lord. William David 534 Lorea. Richard Raymond 497 Loredo Carlos Miguel 1 55 Lott. Lee Ervin 250. 478 Lott. Linda Ellen 205. 251 Lott. Sarah Katheryn 425. 520 Loudermilk. Hubert Lee 506 Loudermilk. Mary J 166 Louie. Edwin Dare 497 Louis. Jack Alan 42 1 , 423 Louvier. Marvin A 247. 520 Love. Janelle Margaret 233. 534 Love. Lucy Carole 49. I 1 1 . 520 Love. Marie Elaine 104. 180 Love. Mary Alice 506 Love. Paul Edward 104 Loveless. Stephen Jeb I I 8. 520 Lovell. John Thomas 1 58 Lovett. John Weinert 271 Lovinggood. Betty Jane 520 Low Paul Matthew 534 Low. Sallie Reynolds 49. 520. 255 Lowe. Donald Alan 534 Lowe. Ronald Earl 147 Lowery. Colleen Marie 520 Lowery. Elizabeth Ann 534 Lucia. Gregory Eugene . Luckett, Evelyn S Ludeke Aaron Kim Ludl. Margaret Frances . Ludwig. Laura Lynn .... Luedtke. Robert Marvin. Lujan, Deni Lowrey. Sara Nolle 152, 163, 209. 478 Lowry. Alaire Howard, Mrs 83 Lowry, Alan Dale 387. 389. 391. 418. 423 Lowry. Belva Lee 506 Lowry. Michael Eugene 534 Loyd, Greg Jonathan I 77, I 79 Loyd. James Alan 520 Loyd. Thomas Carter 1 68 Lozano. Noe Mario, Jr 520 Lubel, Bruce David 541 Lubke. Stephen Leroy 245. 520 Lucas, Bonnie Cummins 164. 197 Lucas. Leslye 235 Lucas. Lynn Ruth 534 Lucas. Nancy Cleo 235 Luce, Carol Jean 213 ....160. 365, 375 233 40 ....104. 180, 520 104. 520 1 68 87 Luke. Thomas Edward, Jr 92. 478 Luker. Deborah Lynn 520 Lumpkins. Sue Ann 520 Luna. Charles Stephen 520 Lundgren. Melodie Sue 213 Lundguist. Gillespie A 245. 534 Lundstedt, Siri Diane 55. 1 87, 478 Lundy. Carolyn Sue 478 Lundy. Nancy C 520 Lundy. Sue . . 253 Lunsford. May Lynn 520 Lunsford. Nancy E 534 Lupton, John Taylor 168 Luskey. Janice Susan I 89 Luskey. Kenneth Lee I 66 Lutes. Benjamin F.. Ill 506 Luther. Sherryl Ann 534 Lutton. Monty J 497 Luttrell. Constance S.. Mrs 478 Luttrell. Michael Edward 478 Luttrell. Paul Allen 104. 534 Lutz. Ann Marie 227 Lutz. Christopher Paul 70 Lutz. Edward Grant 245 Lutz. Suzanne M 497 Lyday. George M 1 68 Lyle. Deborah 520 Lyles, Lee Goodale 418 Lynch. Dan Steven 215. 534 Lynch. Gay Ann 283 Lynch. Margaret E. C., Mrs 205. 478 Lynch, Michael Edward 1 36, 478 Lynch. Mildred Alice 161 Lynch. Nancy Andrea 235. 247 Lynn, Barbara Kaye 199, 520 Lyon. Jennifer Susan 534 Lyons. Adrienne 43 I Lyons. Barbara Janet 166 Lyons. Deidre Diane 534 Lyons. James Marvin 520 Lyons. Monica Louise 1 55, 506 Lysek. Ann Marie 224 Lytle. Amy Heard 235 Ma. James 507 Maas, John Arthur 145. 478 Mabry. Pamela Jan 1 66. 478 Mabry. Suzanne 193 Mabry. Warren W 497 Macaluso. Michael A Mace Marilyn Ann Maceo. Peggy Jo Macfadyen. George S.. II . . . Macha. Judy Ann Machado, John Patrick Machotka. Peter Macinnes. Kenneth B Maciver, Donald F.. Jr Mack. John David Mack. Ronald G. 418 ..161. 167. 507 497 78. 172 534 64 34. 70 135 478 118 497 Macken. Nancy B 424 Macken. Patrick Owen 92 Mackenzie-Graham, D. B 63. 99. I 75, 478 Mackey, John Joseph 168 MacKney. Greg L 421 MacKowski Martha Ann 534 Mackson, Ruby Louise 507 MacLean, Delia Louise 478 MacNaughton. W. A.. Jr 423 Macon Richard Thomas 63. 177, 179 Macow. Ricki 267, 478 MacPherson. Barbara H 199 MacRae. John Rollin 458 Madden, James Hanley 238. 239 Maddox, Anne Marie 199 Maddox, Charles R 134 Maddox. David Thomas 68, 72 Maddox. Lawrence E 261 Maddox. Patricia Anne . . . 32. 161. 169. 224. 248. 478 Maddux, Millye Ann 520 Madera, Nancy Maureen 478 Madsen, Kathryn Kaye 497 Maedgen, Vilene 534 Macjee. Michael Lanham 54 Maggi. Laura G. R 1 66 Magiera. Edward Luther 71 Magill, Donna 235. 534 Magliolo. Theresa M 104. 507 Magner, Robert Joseph 168 Magness. Charlotte Kay 49 Magnon. Robert J 166. 478 Magro. Dennis George 421. 423 Maguire. Kevin 520 Mahaffey. Michael Lindsey . . . .92. 177, 179. 497 Mahaffey. Vicki Lee 164. 187. 520 Earl Wm.. Ill I 36. 479 Mahdi. Ghassen M 1 34 Mahon. Martha Ann I I 1 , 2 1 1 , 52 1 Mailey. Bruce Henry 418 Mailey. James Ford 507 Mailloux, Cynthia Ann 534 Main, Kent Ashley 89, 175. 497 Maines. James Walter 507 Maines, Sandra Ann 521 Majewsk,. Carlyn May, Mrs 169 Majewski Mary Anne 507 Major, Susan Ruth 507 Major, William C 166 Major, William David 479 Majors, Linda Gail 233, 479 Majors, Mark B 222 Malas. Haitham S 479 Malas. Mazen Salah 507 Malcolm. Jerry Walter 87. 89. 52 I Maldonado. Jose. I 458 Males Betty Carol 187. 507 Malik. Krishan Ahmad 107. 133. 426. 458 Malin, Mary E 199 Malish, David Arnold 223 Malish. William Kirk .................. 1 27. Mallard. James Atwood Mallet. George Markham Malloy. James Melvin Malmstead. Brenda L Malone. Felix. Jr Malone. Lynn Wade Malsbary. Robert Wayne Maltz. Debra Rae Mamerow. Bernard S.. Jr Mancha, Roberto Raul Mandot. David Arthur Manecke. Debra Joan Manfredo. Michael J Manfull. Marilyn Ruth Mangham, Glenda Kay ............... 147, Mangold. Jaketta Kay Mangrum. Marc Alan ................. 65. Mangum. Murray Paul ................ 269. Maniloff. Carole Jean Manly. Karen Sue Mann. Frances Diane Mann. Jeffrey James ................. 168, Mann. Nancy Ann Mann. Sheryl Sue Mann. Stephen S Mannas. Carolyn Ann Manning, Carol Ann Manning, Kerry Michelle Manning. Robert Lee. Jr Manny, Benjamin L.. Jr Manor. M.chael Perry Manowitz. Linda Marsha ........... 37, 199, Mantell. Patricia Anne Mantzel, Shirley Jean Manuel. Casey Maples. Mary Frances Maples. Nancy Jane Marburger. Randy V Marchak. James William Marchesseau. Linda A Marcotte. Robert A ............ 68. 73. 175. Marcus, David Given .................. 49. Mardock. Jean Mary ..................... Mardock. Julian King ..................... Mardock. Ruth Anne ..................... Marek. Linda E ...................... 431. Marek. Raymond Joe. Jr .............. 42 1 . Margosh. Fred Sinto Marietta. John Robert Marin. Gentil Mark. Roy S Markantonis. Mary M Markel, Ronald Clayton Markel, Thomas Paul Markeson. Anne Belmont Markette. Deborrah Ann .......... 199. 431. Markl. Michael Charles ........... 4 1 3. 42 1 . Markley. Susan Jane Marks. David Theodore Marks. Garey Feld ................... 280. Marks. Gary Lee Marks. Michael C Marks. Michael Terry Marnell. Mary Ellen ........... 30. 127. 371 Maroney, James F.. Ill Maroney, James Michael Maroney. Randall Keith Marsh. Harry Dean Marsh. Patricia Karn Mershai. Saide . 479 423 231 507 . 507 200 375 497 28 1 521 497 168 507 507 213 , 507 146 . 534 . 534 161 507 507 , 521 161 507 49 431 479 479 261 166 241 , 267 534 52 1 52 I 458 149 64 479 167 479 521 507 497 534 521 534 49 40 427 149 88 534 250 233 . 521 423 227 222 28 1 507 521 479 . 479 I 70 23 I 67 1 63 541 119 - - ' P.g.s Pages Pages Pages Marshall. Christina 534 Marshall. Clyde C 166. 507 Marshall. Debra Leigh 213 Marshall. Donald Milne 49 Marshall Elisabeth Brooke 49 Marshall, Helen F 479 Marshall. James Leslie . . Marshall, Keifer Marshall, Randy Wayne. Marshall, Roberta Faye . Marshall, Royce Anne . . Marshall, Thomas W Marshall. William Earl . . Marshall. Winifred M. . . Marter. Marilyn Ann Martin. Charles Lee Martin Charles Tyler. 17. 479 ............... 418 ........... 507 ........... 167. 521 ........... 152, 256 ........... 104. 162 ............... 264 ........... 283. 479 ....... 146. 431. 521 Marth Teresa Rene .................. 199. 534 Martin. Alice E .......................... 507 Martin Barbara Jean . : ................... 507 .................. I 12. 168 . Jr .................. 222 Martm Cynthia Lynn ................. 49. 521 Martin Daniel David ................. I 56. I 77 Martin, Drake Evans ...................... 479 Mortin. Edward Hale. Jr .............. 422. 534 Martin. Gabrielle F ....................... 534 Martin. Gary George ................ 207. 52 I Martin. Gary Joe ........................ 157 Martin Glyn David ........ 34. 78. 177. I 79. 479 Martin, Marlon E., Jr ...................... 521 Martin, Isabel Harriet .................... 534 Martin. John David ...................... 245 Martin. Kenneth Swing ............ 34, 1 3 1 . 497 Martin. Laura Jean ...................... 371 Martin. Martha Lucy ..................... 507 Mert.n Nancy Goil .................. 187. 534 Martin. NiUi Lynn ....................... 534 Martin. Patricia Ann .................. 66, 206 Mart.n. Patricia Ann ..................... 283 Martin. Rebecca Sue ..................... 497 Martin, Rhonda E. S.. Mrs ................. 479 Martin, Richard ........................ 534 Martin, Sarah Sherman ........ 49, 106. I 15. 521 Martina. Herman John ............... I 36, 507 Martinez Alejandro R ..................... 534 Martinez, Alfredo G ...................... 52 1 Martinez. Alice .......................... 507 Martinez. Daniel J ........................ 168 Martinez. Debro Ann A., Mrs .............. 507 Martinez, Isabel Aide .................... 507 Martinez. Luis Noe ................... 1 39. 507 Martinez, Manuel Burciaga ............ 145. 479 Martinez. Maria Olivia ....... 141. 142. 174.479 Martinez. Martha M ...................... 52 1 Martinez. Ricardo ................... I 39, 479 Maslan. Alice Jeon .................. 189. 260 Mason D.ana Sue ....................... 52 1 Mason, Diane Sue ....................... 52 1 Mason, Douglas Lynn ..................... 52 1 Mason. Marilyn M ........................ 211 Mason. Molly ........................... 521 Massad. Linda Marie .............. 91. 1 85. 270 Massey. Alan Reed .................. 239. 534 Massey. Bettie Ann ...................... 205 Massey, David Ross ...................... 541 Massey, Warren Neal ................. 78. I 79 Massey. Wayne Harold ............... 271. 419 Massoth, John Anthony ................... 231 Mast Mary Roxanne A., Mrs ............... 170 Mast. Roy Taylor ........................ 497 Masten Edmond Arnold ............. . ..... 521 Mastenbrook, John Logan ................. 423 Mastin, Thomas F., IV .................... 223 Masudi. Houshang ....................... 431 Mataya. Judith Ann ................. 43 I 534 Matetich. Louis M.. Jr .................... 166 Mathe. Marilyn Marie .................... 43 I Matheson. Daniel N., Ill ................... 49 Matheson. Suzanne .................. 1 87. 52 1 Mathews Diane Candace ........... 77, 79, 255 Mathieu. Reese A.. Ill ................. 87, 521 Math.s, Carol A nne .................. 211, 521 Mothis, Lawrence Charles ............. 268. 269 Matley. Mary Shannon ..................... 85 Matlock, David Bob ...................... 52 1 Matlock. Pamela J ........................ 167 Mattar. Alan Thomas ................. 257, 534 Matter. Mike Fred ....................... 207 Matteson. Stephen Mark 534 Matthews. Bruce Austin 507 Matthews, Carolyn Joyce 479 Metthews. George H 534 Matthews, Joan Leslie 209 Matthews, Kenni Sue 534 Matthews, Mark Lynn 179. 479 Matthews. Nancy Kay 521 Matthews, Robert Charles 104. 158 Matthews. Stephen Mark 171 Matthiessen, Susan 205, 507 Matthys, Elsie Louise 52 1 Matthys, Lila Ruth S., Mrs 161 Matula, James Michael 479 Matula, Thomas Eugene 423 Mauldin Stanley Hall 387. 4 1 8, 423 Maupin. Warren Latin I I 2, 264 Maxey Mary Carlotta 52 1 Maxfield. Kenneth R 119 Ma.field. Terry E 78. 156 Maxson. Richard Dan. Jr I 13. 243 Maxwell Jerry Thomas 534 Maxwell. Richard D 87 479 507 239, 479 . .82. 97. 106. 148, 164, 196 521 ..167. 521 Maxwell. Susan Alice May, Deborah Ann . May. James Burnett. May, Susan Marie . . . Mayer. Ernest Ralph. Mayer. Jeannette T. Mayer Mark Steven ................. 275, 507 Mayes. Roy Allen ........................ 534 Mayfield Nancy Sue .................. 88, 534 Mayhall, David Jas T Mayhall. Jerry Wayne Mayland, Merlin Paul Mayo. John Byron Mayo. Pamela Diane. . Mayo. Ronald Lee Mays Richard Roy Mayse. William Rexford Mayton. Gary Wayne Mayton. Sherilyn Mazur. Diane Jean Mazurek, Thomas C., Ill McAdam Stephen 119 70 64 121 37. 40. 106. 375. 379. 507 269 507 64. 250 1 70 83 169 158 427 McAdams, Diane Cleire 213, 521 McAden Horold Weyne 150 McAfee, Hugh Allen 258. 259. 507 McAfee. Jock Terry. Jr 27 1 . 507 McAfee, John Merk 64. I 75 McAfee Mery Ellen 88 McAfee. Solly Eileen 521 McAlister Angelene C 507 McAlister. Jack Welter 479 McAlister Kyle Stephen 222. 223 McAllister. Terese Ann 479 McAngus Denny W 104. 162 McAngus, Jess Adelbert 34. I I 8. 497 McAninch, Larry Ray 534 McBee, Robert Fronk 207 McBride Berri Thomos 241 McBride, Douglas L 521 McBride, EldenaC. Mrs 521 McBride, James David 497 McBride Micheel Curtin I 39, 497 McBrierty, Sam Edward 418, 423 McCabe, Gaylord L I 57 McCaffety, Robert W 521 McCaffety, Shelley W 229, 534 McCaleb, Petricie Dale 1 93. 52 I McCall Deborah Kay 32, 146. 431. 521 McCall, Ernest C.. Ill 155 McCall. Holly E McCall. Linda Kay McCallum. Herman Wayne. . McCallum. Vivian S McCally Deborah Carol McCann. James E., Jr. McCann. Nancy Lee W., Mrs. McCants. Deborah Ann McConts, Michael Malcolm. . 283. 521 167 507 82. 185 .206. 283. 507 .238. 239. 521 83 479 .117 McCerroll. Gregory D 507 McCerthy. Vicki K 170 McCertney. John Scott 507 McCorty. Mary Jene 507 McClein, Carol Annette 265, 52 I McClein, Garcie D 507 McClamroch, James R 155 McClard. Bill 393 McClary. John Michael 497 McClaughertv, Colleen 521 McClellen. Nencv M 49. 106. 164. 371 McClelland, Edwin B 126 McClelland, John Alen 168 McClellend, Stephen R 245 McClendon, Judy Ann 229. 521 McClendon, Robert Louis I 55. 479 McCleskey, Nathaniel T. McClung. Andree Louise . McClung. Ricky Brock . . . McClung. William Byron . McClure. Cethy Lynn . . . McClure, Ronald Lee McCollum. Donald Clark . McCollum. Winston Lane McComb, Glenwood E. . . McCommons. Warren R. . McConnell. Daryl W McConnell. Dennis Owen McConnell, Maryann .... McCord. Margaret A. ... McCorkle. Marianne .65. 534 ....521 .... 52 1 ...261 157 427 521 49 264 136. 521 126. 131 115, 229. 534 229 ...166 McCown. Steven Randolph 27 1 . 479 McCoy, Dwylene 534 McCoy, M.chael Douglas 52 I McCoy, Nan 207 384 McCoy, Nancy Claire 208, 209 McCoy, Robert P 168 McCrory, John Kevin 127. 479 McCuller. Hebby Lynn 521 McCullick, Tracey H 205, 534 McCulloch, Mark Howard 534 McCulloch. Micheel Rey 418 McCullough. Bynne K 521 McCullough, Cynthia A 185 McCullough. Ethelene 534 McCullough. Linda S 277. 479 McCullough, Luiet C 1 76. 507 McCullough, Robert Scott 64 McCullough, Stephen W 507 McCullough, Susan Gay 166, 534 McCully. Gary Pierce 507 McCumber. Bred Robert 534 McCumber, Gregg S. . . . McCutcheon. Jemes Alan . McCutcheon, Peter M. . . . McCutchin. James L McDamel, Danny Glenn. .. McDaniel, Helen McDaniel, Michael Ray . . . McDavid, John M., Jr. ... McDermott. Mery Ellen . . . McDermott. Mery K McDoneld. Debra Ann . . . McDonald. Gail Elaine McDonald. Ginger Lane . . McDonald. Helen McDonald. James Bowman McDonald. Kathryn Ann . . McDonald. Laverie Jean . . McDonald, Michael S. . .... 136, 507 104 521 410. 413 421 479 507 521 222. 223 235 534 104. 431. 521 479 521 49 269. 497 255. 521 ..534 ..534 McDonald, Randal Scott 63. I 75. 479 McDonald, Robert R 271, 507 McDonald. Suzanne 255. 479 McDoneld, William A 33. 139.479 McDonnell. Patrick E I 18 McDougall. Charlene 534 McDowell, Cynthia Gail 148 McDowell, Jerry Louis 1 30 McDowell. John Holmes 427 McDowell. Marion Elizabeth 199 McDowell. Robert Todd 507 McElfish, Claude H., J McElrath, Robert Lee McElroy, A. P McElroy. Hugh McElroy Richard Bert McElwrath, Michael R. 108 : 507 261 394 36. 271 170. 223 167 McEntire. Jan Leigh McEvoy, Alfred Patrick, Jr 123 McEvoy, Frances K 187, 521 McFarland, Bill Thomas 507 McFarland, David C 257, 521 McFarland. Kelly Marie 90 McFarland, S. J., Ill McFarland. Stephen M McFarland. W. S.. Ill McGaha, Mery Helen McGarr. Cappy Ray McGavern Maureen L McGee, Cethleen Anne McGee. Mery Jo P McGehee David Young McGlothlin. John J.. Jr McGraw. Patrice S McGregor. Kim Mixon McGregor, Melinda Sue McGrew, Stephen C McGuffey, Jene Threse McGuffey. Susan E McHan, James O McHugh. Mary Elizabeth .... Mcllheran, Michael E Mcllvain. Rebecca Jane Mclngvale, George C.. Jr. Mclngvale, Julia E Mclnnis. Darein Lee Mclnnis. Elizabeth Mclntire. Mary Melissa Mclntosh, Michael John Mclntosh, Solly K Mclntyre, Robert R Mclver, Thomas Joseph McKamie David Edgar McKamie. William Michael ... McKee Karen Sue McKee, Larry Micheel McKee, Mortha Karen McKee, Patrick Richard McKee Suzanne McKellar. Susan Joyce McKemie. Martha Caroline . . . McKenney, Debore McKenzie, Jo Katharine McKetta. Robert Andrew McK.nley. Leslie Anne McKinney, Joan McK.nny, Meek Hugh McKitrick, Vivienne Lee McKown, Robert Dale McLaughlin, Charles Coy McLaughlm, Floyd Paul, Jr McLaughlin, John R McLaurin, Candoce M McLean, Karen Sue McLean, Petricie Gail McLean, Robert Alexander , . . McLeland Peggy Lynn McLelland, John Michael McLeod George Russell McLmden, Keren E McMahan, John P McMahon. James Michael. . . . McMahon Leah Lynn McMahon. Marilyn Anne McMohon. Mark Preston McMahon. Mary King McMennamy, Roger N McMichael. Pomelo Lea McMillan, Thomas R McMillion, Micheel G McMord.e. Soroh E McMullen. Edward D.. II McMullen. Sarah Jane . ..203. McNabb, Clinton Edward .... McNatt. James Lee McNoir. Henry L.. Ill McNally, Alan Edward McNamara. Addis Taylor McNaul. Sally Morrow McNeal. Donald Rey McNeely Oev.d Lansing McNeely. Patricia M McNeely. Sandra A McNeil. Gertha Ann McNe.r Forest McNew, Meredith Lynne McNutt. Rita Ann McNutt. Thomas Carlton McPherson. Lynn McQuade, Kenneth J ..213 ..255 ... .77, 156. ...213, 431, 26, ..55. 88, ...209 ...199 ...78 247, . . ..252, 253, 36, 252. 253, 54, 168, ...155, , ... 185 183 55. 232, 233, 384. ...77. 223. ...223, 49 87, 92 77, ...283, . . 167, 507 423 139 521 230 169 384 534 507 479 534 479 521 168 213 213 161 534 168 507 423 534 .88 507 235 156 166 521 479 227 507 497 252 534 521 116 270 185 179 205 507 423 .197 480 139 .104 534 480 213 431 165 I I I 480 421 534 534 122 534 148 521 235 158 534 237 126 283 118 521 156 534 480 534 507 534 480 156 480 166 220 153 497 521 430 507 534 560 Pages Pages Pages McReynolds Allen Dale McReynolds. Betty McSpadden. Sammy Kay . - . McSparran. William E.. Ill . . . McVey, Gloria Jean 8., Mrs.. McWherter. Joseph F McWh.rter. Kathleen Mead, David Bolton Meade, Carl Joseph Meador Michael Priddie Meado.. Janet Maxine Meadows Ronald Carlton . . . Meadows Suzanne Mealy. George Michael Mealy. Martha Jean Means. Carol Lynette Mear Mary Kay Mears, Glenda Sharon Mears. William Earl Medina. Corina Cruhm Medina. Victor Medler, Georgia Kay Medrano. Raul Andrew Meeker. Arne William Meenaphant. Sorrayuth Meers. Steven Wayne Mohan. Ruth Louise Mehl. Cathy Ann Mehos. Mary Meinecke Charles Len Meismer, John Maynard .... Melancon. Lawrence P.. Jr. . . Melancon. Terry Jay Melass. Scot Graves Mellina. Kenneth Lee Mellina. Richard Ellis Melnar, Donna Marie Melton, Clarence B.. Jr Melton. Horace B.. Jr Melton Robert Byron Melton. Susan Irene Mendel, Kenneth Jared Mendelson, Roger Hugh .... Mendez. Jose Alfonso Mendoza, Stanley R Menge. Gerard Bernard . . . . Mengelkoch. Mary Ann Mongers Leroy Alfred Menzies. Nancy Ann Mercado. DAvid M Merced, Gregoria Mercer, Becky Eileen Mercer Blair Gray. Jr Merfish. Gerald Merfish. Rochelle Lynn 534 507 131. 179. 507 116 149 166 521 40 77. 179 . . . 497 521 131 .87. 91. 507 182 233 194 52 1 187 480 534 480 146. 480 521 480 168 131. 179 85. 507 189. 521 211.431 1 39 247. 507 78. 156 418 521 168 49 480 87 87 .49. 278, 279. 521 507 168. 170 155. 166 168. 521 534 427 49 507 534 185, 480 418 157 209, 419 .36. 113. 203 507 275,480 267. 521 Mergele Edwin W.. Ill 65. 521 Mericle. John Lawrence 1 70 Merriman. Robert Parr 85 Merris. John Franklin 77. 172 Merrill Janet Elizabeth 480 Merritt. Karen Lynn 211. 534 Merritt. Kathryn Lee 211. 431 Merritt, Margaret M. 7... Mrs 507 Merritt. Michael T 23 I 52 I Merritt. Molly Melinda 203, 235 Me rritt. Reed M 507 Mesmger. Jay Monroe 239, 534 Messer. Jay Milton 257 Messera. Claudia Lynn 534 Messick. Gary Lew 480 Messina, Frank J.. Jr I 35. 458 Metheny. Floy Lee 63. 99. 175. 480 Methner. Mary E 480 Metiu. Horia 427. 480 Meuret Mary Jolene 507 Mewis. Judy Katherine 52 I Meyer. Charlotte Lucille 166 Meyer. George Bryant. Meyer. Joyce Lappen . Meyer. Karl Lawrence . Meyer. Kenneth Brown Meyer. Kirk Andrew. .. Meyer. Linda Marie . . . Meyer. Margie Nan . . . Meyer. Michael David . Meye 77 431 421 ..122. 165. 261 421 507 189 127. 507 . Richard W 165 174. 365. 375 Meyer Stephen William 264, 534 Meyer. Susan Elizabeth 209 480 Meyerson. Cheryl R 431. 534 Meyerson. Jerrell 1 116 Michael. Ermine 87. 507 Michaelis. Victoria L 235 Michalec. Cynthia Marie 480 Michalke. Rowena Ellen 206. 235 Michels. Victor Leroy 82 Mickelson. Sonja K 52 I Micklethwait. Dwight B 129 Middleton. Donald Gene 52 1 Middleton Donald Lynn I 74 Middleton. Jeffrey C 507 Middleton, William David 119 Miegel, William Robert 480 Miertschin, James David 171. 179 Mihalik, Samuel Nick 75. 480 Miksovsky. Patricia S 229, 52 I Mikulencak. David John 155 Milam. Janice E. Allen. Mrs 480 Milan, David Michael 418. 534 Milberger Arthur J 203, 480 Milburn, Nancy Louise 2 1 1 . 52 1 Mildren. Jack Miles. David Lawrence . Miles Rhonda Kay Miller Miller . . 389. 390 170 ..199. 521 Andrew Giles 77. 137. 480 Barkley T 507 Miller. Douglas Walte Mllli ' Mille Mille Miller Miller 507 Edward Allen 427 Emmett J 423 Estelle Helene 49. 480 . . Frank Henslee ................. 247. 521 Gary Lee ......................... 52 I Miller, Geoffrey Marc ............ 155. 275. 480 Miller. Harold Wade ..................... 245 Miller. Helen E ....................... 161 Miller. Howard Burke ..................... 118 Miller. Jay Mark ......................... 269 Miller. Jerry Scott ....................... 458 Miller, Jody Lynn ........................ 205 Miller, John Michael . . ............... 177. 1 79 Miller. Jonathan David .................... 85 Miller. Karen Elaine ...................... 1 89 Miller, Katherine L ................... 104. 521 Miller. Kurt Douglas ...................... 52 I Miller. Laura Anne ....................... 235 Miller. Linda Sue ........................ 480 Miller. Mae Elizabeth ..................... 151 Miller. Mariette ................... 87. 91. 507 Miller, Marilyn F ......................... 209 Miller. Marilyn Joyce ..................... 1 69 Miller. Mark ......................... 70. 427 Miller. Michael L ......................... 135 Miller. Mimi Ormand .................. 82. 534 Miller. Ralph Irad ................ 165. 174. 365 Miller. Richard S ......................... 497 Miller, Sandra Marilyn .................... 52 1 Miller Stephen Herman .............. 104. 521 Miller Steven Lee ....................... 422 Miller. Theodore B.. Jr ............ I I 3. 207. 507 Miller. Vicki Jane ........................ 213 Miller. William Mark ..................... 458 Miller. Woodrow Wilson .................. 200 Millican, Deborah D. O., Mrs ............... 497 Milligan. Gary Carl ...................... 430 Millikan Robert Randolph ............. 1 55. 497 Millin. Kevin James .................. I I 3. 202 Milling. Pr.scilla D ........................ 1 85 Mills. John Alton ........................ 225 Mills. Keith Wayne ....................... 534 Mills. M. Djenadi ........................ 507 Millsap. Samuel D ................ 165. 174, 365 Milner. James Doyal ..................... 480 Milner. Michael Loyd ...................... 78 Milstead. Melinda Kay ............ 88. 229. 521 Milstead. Thomas Hewes .................. 507 Mill. Jan Harris .............. 49. 176. 205, 521 Mims, Christine Lynn .... Minahan. Joseph J.. Jr. . . Mincberg. David Meyer Mings. Mary Elizabeth . . . Minnick. Malcolm Robin . . Minton. Gregory Allen . . Mischer, Walter Man. Jr. Mitchell. Andra Lea Mitchell. Candace D Mitchell. Douglas G Mithcell. Douglas M Mitchell. Forrest Smoot . . Mitchell. Gayla Louise . . . Mitchell. James Edward. J Mitchell. Janis Gayle Mitchell. John David Mitchell. Lawton C.. Ill . . Mitchell. Lesa Claire .... Mitchell. Linda C Mitchell. Lydell Mitchell. Marcella Mitchell. Mary C Mitchell, Michael W Mitchell. Nancy Blaker . . . Mitchell, Robert L.. III... Mitchell. Robert Terry . . . Mitchell. Sharon Ann .... Mixon, Bonnie Lyn Mizell. Emily E Mobley. Harold Roy Modesette. Richard Rundle 480 Moehle, Carl Michael 146, 408. 419. 421 Moerbe. M.llicent Ann 277 Moffatt Richard Holman 1 79 Moffett. James Newell 521 Moffitt Daryl Gene 1 46, 480 Mohnke, Stephen Lee 418, 421 Moley. Janet Anne 79, 114 Molina. Elizabeth 480 Molina. Joseph F.. Ill 521 Molina. Juan B 480 Mary Alice 480 Molleda. Jose Rodolfo 480 Molyneau. Gregory B 101. 104, 162 Monaghan. James 207 Monarch, Martha Lou 161, 480 MonasKkin, Eric L 78. 104. 156. 172 Moncr.ef. Lee Price 276, 277 Moncure, Leah 54 1 Mondy. Krista Dianne 166 Moneypenny. James A 480 Moneypenny. Lynne C. F., Mrs 481 Moniri. Shahrekh R 43 I Monro. Deborah Ann 167. 534 Monroe. Janie Lee 507 480 269 .. . .51. 174, 365 90 ....387. 389. 418, 423 245.480 123. 237 90 199 507 67 480 521 70 175 521 77 207 211. 534 534 396 106, 360. 376. 380. 507 521 171 1 79 86. 211 ....261. 480 507 166 233 49. 255 . . .77 561 Narr Monroe, Mark McLain 245. 522 Monroe, Putnam W.. Jr 116 Monroe, William Frank 49, 427, 522 Monies Bertha Garcia 161 Montgomery, Barry D I 75 Montgomery, Chris D 247 Montgomery, Clifton J 26 1 , 534 Montgomery, Jack Mario 277, 48 1 Montgomery, Jence 255 Montgomery. Jimmy C 507 Montgomery. Margaret A 534 Montgomery. Nancy K 199 Montgomery. Paul E 104, 522 Monti. Alicia Marie 54 1 Moody. Den Taylor 113, 260, 26 1 . 48 I Moody. Dav.d Eldon 85 Moody. Elizabeth C.. Mrs 82 Moody Irene Ann 211, 522 Moody. Jennifer Alice 88, 255 Moody. June 431 Moody Mary Sue 1 69 Moody. Thomas E., Jr 507 Mooney. Rickey Hardin 71 Mooneyhan Joyce Veree 522 Moore Alan Arthur 507 Moore, Alan Townes 36. 271.418 Moore. Benjamin H.. Ill 157 Moore. Carol Jean 1 85 507 1 55 77 92 64, 259 67 245, 421, 534 133 190. 191 .507 Moore. Carolyn Joyce .... Moore. Charles Thomas . . . Moore. David Edward .... Moore. David Ray Moore. Dennis Woodrow. . Moore. Doyle Randell Moore. E dwin Dyer Moore. Gary Lee Moore. George Proctor . . . Moore. Ann 522 Moore James M 242. 534 Moore. James Ray 387, 418, 423 Moore. Janice Ann 1 87 Moore. Jerry Lynn 522 Moore John Pierce Ill 430. 522 190. 191 ... .66, 21 I. 238 507 425, 522 128, 522 Moore, Kathy tou 205 Moore. Kelan Scott 48 I Moore. Kenneth James 67 Moore, Leanne 185, 534 Moore, Marcella Joy 534 Moore, Mane 49 Moore Martha Kethleen 151, 507 Moore, Martha Kathryn 187. 534 Moore. Martha Lee 1 57 Moore Marwicl Rose 481 Morris. Lois Angela ...................... 161 Morris. Michael F ........................ 508 Morris. Rebecca Payne. Mrs ............... 497 Morris. William Y.. Ill .................... 422 Morrison Bart William ............... 168. 522 Morrison. Karen Michele .......... 177. I 79. 48 1 Morrison. Michael W ...................... 49 Morrison. Stephen G ............. 104. 162, 522 Morrow Bert Maurice ................ I 55, 1 66 Morrow. Edwin Joseph .................... 203 Morrow. Jack Dezelle ........ 171, 1 78. 1 79, 497 Morrow. Karen Beth, Mrs .................. 481 Morrow. Sara Lee ....................... 255 Morse. Donald Steven ................ 168, 522 Morse Frederick R ..................... 65. 99 Morse, Randall Weaver ................... 215 Morse Robert Emmett. Ill ................ 215 Morse, Scott Motley ................. I 22. 243 Mortimer. Anne Miner ............... 255. 481 Morton. Benjamin D ...................... 1 55 Morton, John Davis. Jr ................ 423. 48 1 Moseley. Kenneth Scott ................... 508 Moseley. Patricia Ann .................... 1 52 Moses, Deborah Lee ................. 187. 508 Moses, Mark Steven ................... 67, 1 68 Moses, Rene Marcy ...................... 522 Moslowitz, Judith Ann ............... 152. 498 Mosley. Karen ........................... 535 Moss. Lana Joyce ........................ 161 Moss. Lawrence Landram ................. 179 Moss. Pamela ........................... 481 . Mossier. Daniel Gle Mossman. David Lynn Mosso Stewart J., Ill Mostefevi-K. Khodaya Mostert, Rachel Lee Motheral, Dav.d F.. J Moore. John Steven Moore. Judy Kay . . . Moore, Judy Kay . . . Moore. Julie Catherir Moore Karen E. . . . I 73 1 68 535 43 I 235. 535 244. 245 Motley, Bruce Edward .................... 423 Mould. Douglas Edward ................... 508 Moulder, Rita Marie ................. I 16. 498 Moulton. Patricia Ann ........ 1 66. I 73. 2 I 7. 48 1 Mountcastle, Iris L ................... 229. 48 1 Moyer, Lynne Marie ................. 141. 498 Moyers. Alfred J., Jr ..................... 508 Mozola, Frank John ...................... 423 Mucha. David ....................... 264, 508 Muecke. Michael David ................... 522 Muecke, Paula Jean ...................... 535 Mueller Glenn Roy .................. I 39, 498 Mueller John Edward .................... 458 Mueller Margaret Ann ................... 431 Mueller Peggy Jean ................. 283. 522 Muhlbauer. Jan Eric ...................... 1 55 Moore Mary P. Moore, Michael Rowe Moore, Nancy Arlene Moore, Patricia A Moore, Patty Louise. . Moore. Rebecca Emily. Moore. Richard Allen . Moore. Robert C. .522 I 74 534 227, 522 251 227 522 139, 481 168 Moore. Robert Gary 522 Moore. Shirley Irene Moore. Stephen Peyton 203 Moore. Thomas Watson 245 Moore. Timothy Stuart 73 Moore. William Bruce 534 Moorhead Donna Lee 522 Moorman David Warren 59 Moos Patti Eileen 147. 497 Morales. Pete 408 Moran. Thomas Donald 72. 73. 175 Morea. William H., Ill 168 Morehouse. Wende Lou 233, 534 Moreland. Margaret L 49. 90 Moreno. Carlos Americo 49 Moreno. Gloria 497 Moreno, Phillip James 145 Moreno. Sylvia 535 508 ....37. 185 104 273 205. 253. 508 535 508 189 Morgan Brett Porter . . . Morgan Cindy Lou .... Morgan. Gary Don Morgan, John Kimberly . Morgan. Laura Kathleen Morgan, Lynette Morgan Mary Anne Morgan Pamela . . Morgan Robert Owen 422 423 Morgan, Rodney Blake 508 Morgan. Sara Lynn 283 Morgan. Scott Toms 239, 430. 535 Morgan. Susan Margaret 522 Morgan, Susan Sinclair 255 Morgan. Thomas Sidney 508 Morgan. Vicki Ann 88. 535 Morgan. William Elmer I 59 Morgan. William George 157 Morgenroth. Marvin Lynn 89 Moriaty. Gail Ann 90 Morparia, Pradip D 426 Morphis, Phillip C 237 Morrell Robert Edward 481 Merrill. Frank Swan 242. 243 Muhlfaauer. Robin Gail 167 Muir Jo Ann 199. 535 Mulberry. Gayle Ann 235. 535 Mulcahy Michael G 74 Mulcahy, Thomas Clay 48 1 Mulder Roger Allen 458 Mulkey, Kathleen T 522 Mulkey. Oren Anslem. Jr 70. 92. 508 Mullane, Maureen 205. 535 Mullen. Bernard Neil 168 Mullen Harryette R 49. 535 Mullin. Terrance John 423. 430 Mullings, Mary Margaret 166 Mullins. James Michael I 58 Mullins. Jim Bob 508 Mullins. Robert Gordon 481 Mullins. Russell Neal 145, 535 Mullins. William David 1 50 Mulvahill. Timothy M 168 Muncey, Linda Jeanne 535 Mundinger. W.lliam G., II 230 Munneke Gary Arthur 71. 1 65. 375 Munneke Maria Kay .. .29. 77. 79. 106, 147. 172. 227. 508 Munneke, Nancy G. M.. Mrs 169 Munoz, Felipe 409, 422. 423 Munoz, George Munoz. Olivia Anne .522 Munson Cathy Sue 187, 508 Munson, Charles E.. Jr 420 481 Munson, Chris Doyle 105 Muntean Kathy Ann 88, 48 I 522 267, 508 . ...137, 508 508 535 481 19. 209, 238, 371 Murphy. ' Brenda Louise 105 I 80 Murphy, Debra Jones 508 Murphy. Elizabeth S 233 281 Murphy Eugene James, Jr 498 Murphy. Grady Fred 508 Murphy. James Scott 535 Murphy. Mary Lynn 508 Murphy, Melinda J 161 Murphy, Randall Archie 508 Murphy Ross Lee 508 Murphy, Susan Lynn 522 Murrah Macka Lee 5 1 , 59, 362 .424 .535 105, ISO Munter, William Jay Muntz. Linda Sue Munz. Timothy Ray Murchison. Caren Jane . Murdock, Cherilyn Murdock. Mildred Carrol Murphey, Jerry Mori Morri Moi Morri Mo M ,. Mor Mor Mor Mor Mor Mor Mor Mor Albert Re . Jr 481 Albert W. Jr 161. 497 Allison M.. Jr 497 Billy F.. Jr 424. 535 Cheryl Minon 535 CisaleeE 522 Deborah Ruth 375, 38 1 Donald Ray 458 Gene Patton 535 George Howard. Jr 74 Gregory Hall 458 Irvm Lionel 481 James Stirling 231, 418 Jane Emelie 508 Larry Edward 508 Murray. Andrea Gale Murray. Arthur Lee Murray. Claudia Jane . . Murray. David Lee Murray. James Edward . Murray. Laura Jeanne . Murray. Leslee Kay Murray. Pamela Jane . . . Murray. Scott Vincent. . Murray. Tinker Dan .... Murray. William R Murrell, Thomas K.. Jr. . Murry. Larry Dwain Musgrove. Robert L. . . . Musselman Henry Greer Musselman. Jamie B. . . . Muston Michael Glynn . Muston. William Edwin Mutz. Ray P ..92. 522 131. 179 49 79. 229. 522 87 535 77. 156. 177 408 419. 421. 423 207 535 1 79 1 66 261 231 508 179 . ..481 Myers. Cynthia Sue Myers. Deborah Ann Myers. James Edward Myers. Kay C Myers. Linda Jo Myers, Melinda Dale Myers, Pamela Myers. Victor Charles Myres. Robert Fred Naboshek. Mark Gerald Naegeli, Jo Lynn Nagel, Bruce Dean Nagel, David Barnett Nagel Richard Daniell Nagid, Jerry Lynn 263 Nahkunst. Michael A Nail, George Michael Naiser, Kathryn Joyce Naldrett Richard A.. Jr Nail. Cathi Lynn 88 Nail. Edward L Nalle. William Byrd Namken. Patsy Ann Nance, Dale Russell Nance, Debra Kay Nance. Ralph Denman Naranjo. Jennings N Naranjo. Mary F Narendorf. B. A Narisi. Stella Maria Narisi. Vincent J., Jr Narramore, Jimmy Charles I 30 Narveson, David Scott Nash. Jackson Lee Nash. John Harvey. Ill Nash. Kenneth Lee Nash, Thomas Boyd Nash, William Alan Nathan. Arthur Maurice . . . Nathmac, Edward Thomas . . Natto Ibrahim A Nauert Rodney Gayle Naughton Catherine A Naughton. Judith Ann.... 29, 164 167. Naymola. Gail J 167 Neal. Durwood E.. Jr Neal, Frank West Neal. Mary Jo Clarice Neal. William Howard Neale, Martha Ruth Neathery. Nolan Reeves Nebeker. Noel Neblett Lucy Lyda Neblett, Stewart L Neff Nancy Louise Neibauer Sharlene Pag., .... 508 481 243 481 481 229, 522 189 481 508 191 424 129, 498 ..119 .65, 522 535. 431 508 103 522 202 205. 535 40 271 508 . 1 66. 498 ..90, 522 202 166 1 66 ... 508 34 . 105. Neibert. Lisa Jo Neill. Carol Elizabeth Neibert, Rozann Neibert, Shelley Jan Nellis, David Donald Nelms. Doyal Edward Nelson, Christy Le Ann Nelson, Cynthia Carolyn Nelson. Daniel Warren . Nelson. Diane Berenice . Nelson. Donald Skipper Nelson, Garry Alan Nelson, Glenn Edward Nelson, Jay Rodney Nelson, John Parker Nelson, John Wendell Nelson, Joy Lynette Nelson Julie Ann Nelson Linda Kay Nelson Marsha Kay Nelson, Melinda Jane Nelson, Michael Neal Nelson. Nancy Ann Nelson. Nancy Carolyn Nelson. Norma Jean ........ Nelson. Paula Jean Nelson. Randy Allan Nelson. Robert Earl Nelson. Robert Grant Nelson. Sally Ann Nelson. Steven Lee Nelson. Thomas Hunter Nelson. Walter Frederick Nemes, Betty Ann Nericcio. Mary Anne Nesbitt. Stephen Alan Nesloney. Deborah Sue Nesmith. Linda Carol Nester. Kay Nester. Robert Allen Nethaway. Sharon Kay C Netterblad. A. T.. Ill Neu Vicky Neuhaus. Nancy Park Neukom, Susan Carol Neuman, Richard Harvey Newberry. Maryana Newberry. Sharon Lynn Newcomb. Paul S Newell, Larry Kent Newman, Gary Lee Newman, Jeffrey W Newman. Larry Lynn Newman. Michael Ray Newman, Terry Kay Newman. Valerie Ann Newmon. Steven Ray Newsom. Connie Sue Newsom. Gary Randell Newsom, Julia Jean . . 75. 96. 115, 147 106, Newsome, Elizabeth Eileen ........ Newton, John W., Ill ............. Newton. Katherine ............... Newton. Tim Charles ............. Neylend Robert R. Jr ............ ....535 177. 179 ....420 70 245. 535 ....423 140. 481 162 I 70 117 377 .223,481 535 273. 367. 508 193, 535 ....535 179 197 179 233 423 169 .211. 431 481 152 167 535 . 199. 522 .267. 508 .189. 522 481 129 . .94. 522 498 422, 423 , 431. 535 .245. 522 481 535 159 28 . 422. 423 481 . 255. 508 508 87 211 34 . 233. 522 206 238 . .40, 211 .271. 535 481 535 481 426 242 481 .III. 522 535 508 535 .....481 227. 522 .. ..498 481 74 .163. 508 .235. 535 161 257 522 283 535 . ...481 .261, 508 419 261 30 430 481 .227. 508 418 535 , ..168 166. 185. . 377. 384 199 ...245 .255. 508 . 105. 522 ...207 Neyland. Thomas Ross. Jr 423 Ng. Dora Sau Mui 482 Ng. Frances Fong 498 Ng. Lily Li Li 498 Ngoc Nguyen Bao I 33, 482 Nguyen-Thi, Kim Lan 458 Nibblett. Donald Bryan 77. 156 Nibouar, Douglas Edwin 422. 423 Nicholas. Ann Marie 49 Nichols. Carolyn 424, 43 1 . 535 Nichols, David Landel 89 Nichols. Don Deaton 498 Nichols. Elizabeth Jane 431 Nichols. Karen Deborah 75, 87, 90, 205 Nichols Neil Edward 73 Nichols, Rick Dean 498 Nichols, Robert Leslie 269 Nichols. Steven Parks 171, I 79 Nicholson, Kay Joyce 90 Nicholson, Kent William 179 Nicholson, Samuel J 421 Nicklas, Terri Sue 508 Nicol, Scott Macleod 482 Nielson. Beverly Ann 522 Niemann. F. A.. Jr 168. 225 Nienaber, Kimberley A 535 Nier. Lenore Marie 482 Nieto. John Manuel. Jr 535 Night. Barbara Lee 189. 482 Nims. Charles David 166 Mini. Randy Stephen 77 Nipper, Laurie Lynne Nisenson Barbara Lee 161 Niska. Katherine E 482 NiMOn Janis Scoggins, Mrs 508 Niion. Joseph R.. Jr 239 Ni on Laurence Walter 122. 261 Nobles. Donald Wayne 99 Nobles Frank W 131. 179 Nobles. Lynnard John 482 Nobles Rebecca Fay H., Mrs 522 Noblett. James Gordon. Jr 131. 179 Noblitt. Mary Susan 2 1 1 . 522 Noe James Paley 482 Noell John Dudley I 34, 498 Nogueira, Mary Flynn 211.482 Nokes, Laura Margaret 209 Nokes. Robert Jackson 430 Nolan John Michael 72. I 75 Nolan Peter Andrew 482 Nolet Hilane Jean 376 Nolte Edward Paul, Jr 177 ,...535 85 535 199, 522 166. 173 508 ..242. 243 508 64. 508 535 426 522 508 202 Northington. Nina V 203, 211 Norton Barbara Ellen 85 Norton, Edwin K., Ill 508 Norton, Eve Gwendolyn 49. 167 Norton, William R 1 68 Norval, John Andrew 271 Nolte, William Edmond Nonmacher. Edwin Jack . . . Noonan. Nancy Lynn Nordhem. Barbara Lou Norman. Jack Oje Norman. James Clyde Norman. James Harvey Norman. John David Norris. Ed Norris. Harry E Norris. John Taylor Northington. Guy G. . Lee Norwood, Williai Notley, Anne Novak. Andrea Novak. Nancy Hermii Novotny. Beth Ann . Novy. Steven David Nowlin, Ethel Ruth . 171. 179 283. 535 167 185. 260 270. 271 .77. 156. 258, 259,482 535 Nowlin W.lliam Carl, Jr 179 Nugent. Nancy Jean 105, 149. 180, 199 Null. Marvin Bowley II ' Nunnally. Judith Margaret 482 Nus. Michele Louise 508 Nussbaum. Michael John 157 Nussenblatt. Francine L 267 Nussenblatt, Shelley G 161. 266. 267 Nutt Pamela Ann .33. 106. 141, 167. 227. 371 482 Nutter. Royce Layton Oakes. Lynn Rusling Oakes. Martin J 70. 73 Oakley. Donald Ray Dates W.lliam G 421. 42: Oatman, Tamra Shae 283, 522 Obenhaus Dennis Karl 92 Oberman. John Albert 271 Obrie Obi Ob Ob Ob Aleander T 427 Ann 535 Bridget N 283. 482 George A.. Jr 223 Mary Fay " 3 Ochoa. Maria Guadalupe Ochse, Laurence Hurst 73 Ochse, William W.. Ill 74 Ochsenbein. Kay Lynn I Oconnor. Sharon P 535 Odell. Michael Alan 55, 535 Odell Peggy Jean 109, 163, 277, 482 Odom, Melvin Curtis 92, 535 Odonnell. John Gary 168 Odonnell. Kerry Ann Odonnell, Phyllis J 161 508 Offer Henry Peter 171. 179,482 Ofner Charles R ! 58 Ogden. Jane Elizabeth Ogden. Louis Gustavus 135. 171. 17 ' Ogden William Wesley 168 Ogle, Cathy Ann Ogle. Charles Melson Ogle, Don Martin Ohkuma, Hiroshi I " Ohlhausen, Gordon Lee 23 Okeefe Patrick W Okelley, Michael Keith I 35 535 562 i I Pages Pages Name P.,., Olander. Gary Milton 223. Oldfield. Mary E Oldfield. Melinda S 152 Oler. James Walter Olivarez. Maria Aurora Oliver. Darlene Raquel Oliver. Larry Dwain Oliver. Lloyd Wayne Oliver. Robert Leon 29, 41. 155 Oils. Glenda Kay 227 Olschwanger. Steve M Olsen. Elise Arline 167. 187 Olsen. Linda Louise Olsen Mary Ann I I 5. 167 Olsen. Robert Courtney 34. 35. 36. 135. 171. 250. 251. 371 Olson, Adelma Rae Olson, Craig Allen Olson, Suzanne Marie Omalley. Mary Pat Omalley. Nancy E. Omalley. Suzanne Marie. . .29 149. 152,431. Omeis. Alice F. Omer. George Eric . Oneal Ron Douglas . Oneill. John Christian 231. Oneill, Stephanie M. Ong. Yong Sing .... Onion. Janet M. M 2 1 3. 43 I . Opiela. Alexander D.. Jr Oprea. Cathy Lynn Oquinn. Jody Lynn Oral. Alkan Orentlicher. Joan Anne Orleans. Fredrick S Orlopp, Bradford Lee 153. Orman, Mary Patricia Orr. Roland Clyde Orrison, Anne D Ortega. Gustavo Ramon Ortiz. Sandra Ortloff. Donald John Ortolon, George Perry Orton. Susan Kimberly Ory. Charles Nathan Osborn. Jane Leigh 55. 187, Osborn. Janie Lou Osborn. Mary Gay Osborn. Michael A Osborn. Robert Wallace Osborn. Roger Cook Osborn Ronnie Mac Osborn. William B.. Ill Osborne. Janet Lee 169. 143. 187 Osborne, John Carroll 207, Osbourn. Sarah Joan Osburn, Hal Richard 166. Oshman. Daniel Gregory Oshman. Geoffry Hillel Oswalt Glen Alan Oswalt, Williams Morris 223. Otahal. David Edward Ott, Dana Bruce 168. Ott. Harry Leon 225 Otto. Jane Marie 49. 233. 522 .535 482 ..78 .141 .522 .535 . .77 365 522 .280 535 .508 522 179. 482 .206 .271 .535 .152 ..49 508 174 522 .535 535 .49 .177 535 159 .167 .482 .427 .535 .157 482 .535 .118 .173 .174 .508 .430 .535 .209 ..59 535 .482 535 .482 .121 .105 ..85 .522 498 535 482 482 155 155 .78 430 535 245 535 535 Ousley David Harold 522 Overstreet. A. M.. Jr 168 Owen. Clyde M.. Jr 77 Owen. David Mark 85 Owen. James Patrick 64. 712 Owen. John Lockerby 71 Owen. Lawrence C.. Jr 78 Owen, Stacy Long 261 Owen Stephen Collins 122. 202, 482 Owen Virginia Ruth 508 Owens. Kenneth Lee 508 Owens. Melissa Claire 211. 535 Owings. James Matt 508 Oxford Jerry Howard 522 Oxley, Steven Craig 418. 423 Oxman Helen Gayle 267 Ozmun. Katherine J 508 Pace. Charles E , 9 Pace. Elizabeth G 535 Pace. Patricia Louise 1 15 Paciotti Joseph Daniel 131. 1 79 Paddock. Patricia Ann 232. 233 Padgett. Patrick M 418 Page. Barbara Ruth 508 Page Elton Thrasher, III 99 Pahl. Brian C 161 Pahnke. Robert David 498 Paiares, Richard Luis 168 Palafox Gary Wayne 105, 162. 522 Palandech, Douglas J I 70 Palermo Brenda Louise 85 Palm Kristy Lynn 233. 522 Palmer. Angeline Ruth 541 423 269 133 79. 198. 199. 508 522 Palmer, Michael J 508 Palmer. Nancy Jo Ann 105 Palmer, . Palmer Derrell Scott Palmer. Gamble J Palmer. Gary Wayne Palmer. Kathleen Lee Palmer, Marilyn E Palmore. Richard M. . . Palousek. Constance A. Pankratz. Donna Raye . Pannell. Jeff Carl Pannill. F. C.. Ill Panzarella. Robert L. . . Panzer Ira Lee Papanek. Maida Diane. Pape. Glenn Leon .... Pape, Kenneth Wayne Papp. Kurt Melvin .... Pappas, Christopher C. Perdue, Dana Jo 522 Pergaman. Patrice Jane 1 70 Parham Daniel Kelley 245 Parish. Edward Lee 137. 482 Parish. Helen Ruth 522 Parish. Stephen Royce 105. 168 Park. Christine Ellen 508 Park. Janet Sue 141 Park. Jeanne 199 Park. Joe.Pum 458 Park. Robert Lyle 242 508 508 146. 508 33. 145. 498 41.49. 155. 168 92. 427. 535 1 79 87. 522 ....105. 522 410,413. 421. 423 423. 430 225 Parker. Barbara C 535 Parker Carl Steve 36, 207. 369 Parker, Carolyn Louise 211 Parker, Cynthia Ann 213 Parker, Ernest C.. Ill 73. 223 Parker, Joseph Michael 49 Parker, Linda Kay 185 Parker, Mary Sue H.. Mrs 157 Parker, Marylou 205. 253. 482 Parker. Micheal 93 Parker. Robert Earl 252 Parker, Susan Ann 141. 508 Parker Thomas Edwards 261 Parker. Vicki Lynn 482 Parker, William David 168 Parker. William M I 37. 508 Parker. William Rodney 522 Parkinson. Lacey Ann 37. 211. 482 Parks. Gary Ray 174 Parma. Patrick John 78. 156. 522 Parma. Stephen John 508 Parman. Molly Evelyn 205 Parmer. Lisa Dale 205 Parnell. John Edward 231. 535 Parr. Georgiana Belinda 482 Parr. Jerry Lynn 482 Parrett. Robert A 130. 482 Parrish. Donald Lee 168 Parrish. Norman W 508 Parrott. Leroy. Jr 101. 105. 498 Parsons. Steve Carl 257. 498 Parsutt. Beverly Jean 256. 498 Partida. San Juanita 169 Partlow. Judith Gail 88. 498 Partlow Ross Gerald 535 Pasher. Toni Gail 508 Pasini. Lucille Hanks. Mrs 116 Pasko Margaret Ann 50 Passel. Jane Ann 255 Passmore. Sherry Ann 227. 535 535 482 170 ...168 130. 522 Patterson. Connie C 49. 209. 522 Patterson. David Lee 264 Patterson. Deborah Jean 482 Patterfon. Jill 522 Patterson Mary Ann E 1 66 Patterson. Patti D 522 Patterson. Peggy Jo 522 Patterson. Robert M 58. 149 Patterson. Suzanne 508 Patterson. William D 77 Pattillo. George D 269, 535 Patton. Alexander Ford 535 Patton. Carlene Ann 185. 203 Patton. Grier Parker 242 Patton. Paula Perkins 260 Patton Robert Howard 113. 1 66. 243 Patyrak. Richard C 159 Patz. Dennis Henry 1 57 Paul. Elizabeth R 283. 535 Pate, Gregory Scott Pate. Mary Alice . . . Pate. Robert Carroll Pathipvanich. Mitr . . Patterson. Ann Mari Paul. Lana Carole 482 Paul. Thomas Wayne 280 Paul. Vicki Estelle 205 Paulissen. Teresa F 522 Paull. Adrienne 535 Paull. Alan Herman 191. 535 Paull. Donald George 482 Pauly. Wynne Alison 49. 233 Pavlas. Emmerick Joe. Jr 34. I 79 Pavlovic. Jason Dean 482 Pawley. Patricia L 205 Pawlik. Anna 482 Paxson. Joan Ellen 1 85 Paxton. Catherine J 522 Payne. Daphne Diane 508 Payne. Edward Douglas 522 Payne. Frank Carlos 483 Payne. Harry J.. Jr 133. 179. 508 Payne. Jack Bernard I I 3. 264 Payne. William Gilgis 498 Paynter. Barb ara E 50 Pazdral. George Howard 535 Peeke. Steven Loyalty 168 Pearce, Carolyn Jean 522 Pearce. Kenneth Home 78. 156 Pearce. Marsha Kay 203. 283, 522 Pearce. Sharon Adana 75. 106. 164. 185, 367 Pearce. Stephen Moe 245. 535 Pearson. Gina E 229 Pearson. Karen Lee 101. 535 Pearson Michael Paris 77. 269. 535 Pearson. PaulC.. Ill 73. 175 Peavy. Mary Angier 483 Pecena. Larry Dale 30, 224 Peck, David Neal 1 57 Peckinpaugh. William Thomas 203. 535 Pecora. James Joseph. Jr 483 Peddie. Anne Marion 255. 522 Peddycoart. Cynthia 535 Pederson. William C 101. 105. 522 Peek. Julia Ann 164. 166. 198. 199 Peek Pamela 199 Peel. Suzanne 483 Peel. Mark Charles I 17. 522 Peer. William Joseph 126 Pegram. Norman Richard 535 Pegues. Christopher C 508 Pehrson. Marsha 90 Peloubet. John Raymond 245 Pemberton. Paige 209. 260. 371 Pemberton. Ronald G 105 Pena. Jose Antonio 419. 483 Penaloza. Charles Aaron 117 Penaloza. Mary H 117 Penaloza. Paul Dion 117 Pence. Philip Ray. Jr 508 Pence. William B 67 Pendleton. Paul Kyle 105 Penn. Gary Rudolph 508 Penn. Julia Myrle 155 Penn Sue A. Moore 498 Penn. Susan Elaine 255. 535 Pennebaker. E. S.. Ill 1 16. 135. 508 Pennington. Marilyn W.. Mrs 483 563 Narr Pages Name Pages Pages Pennington. Richard A 535 Pennington. Robert E., HI 365 Pennington. Ruth K 199. 535 Pennington. Thomas B 168 Pennington. Troy Daniel... 63. 101, 105. 162. 175. 498 Penny. Gregory Randall 225. 498 Penny. Suzanne Noelle 224. 283, 535 Pennywell, Sylvia C 164. 185, 424 Penry David Wayne 498 Peper, John Howard 168, 183 Pepper. Susan Jean 75. 189. 508 Percival. Ronald George 252. 483 Perdue, William Fred 64 Peres, Michal 109 Perez. Edward P 483 Perez. Loreto 483 Perez. Peter 157 Perez. Seeranee B 522 Perez Walter 219 Perine. Linda Sue 40. 375. 362 Perkins. Carolyn V 41.49 Perkins. Deborah R 49. 88. 221. 508 Perkins. Jimmy Lee 231 Perkins. Katherine D 155 ...535 Perkins. Michael F. . Perkins. Michael Lynn 33. 142 . Perot. Patrick Thomas Perrin. Gregory Jon . . Perrin. Michael W. . . . Perrin. William Frank. ... 1 58 535 165 . .49. 260, 261, 522 Perry, Bruce Arthur 124 Perry. Frederick E 418 Perry. Glen Howard I 33 Perry, Jane Elizabeth 522 Perry, John Carroll 202. 203 Perry. Nancy Lee 205 Perry. Patric.a Lee 49 Perryman. Curtis L., Jr 257. 508 Persavd. Rajkmar 426 Perugini. Dancie Dee 161. 187. 483 Pesek. Patrick Joseph 168 Peter, Susan Joyce 32 Peterman. Suzanne 167. 536 Peters. Amos. Ill 38 Peters. Cecil Morris 522 Peters. Helen 211.483 Peters. Jay Irwin 49. 173 Peters. Marion Catherine 483 Peters. Paul James 165. 375 Peters. Tulley Michael 219 Peterson, Carolyn A 483 Peterson. Cynthia G 88, 522 Peterson, Cynthia Kay 508 .179 421 237 277. 459 ...126 Peterson, Edward S.. Jr.. . Peterson. Gary Stephen. . Peterson, Jack C Peterson, Jeffrey Alton . . Peterson, John Paul, Jr. . . Peterson, Jon Lee 522 Peterson. Richard C 87 Peterson. Robert M 77 Peterson Terri Lee 21 1, 522 Peterson. William Dennis 483 Petet. Joseph Newell 271 Pethia, Linda Skinner. Mrs 166 Petit Michael Stone 55 .239. 483 .508 Petkovich. Bernard W. . . . Petrash, Jackie Ray Petrick. Patricia Ann Petrov, Sandra Diane Petter. Mary Ann Pettit, Mikel Houston Pettus. Rebecca Gale . . . Petty. Carol Ross Petty. Lynda Susan Petty. Pamela Moseley . . Petty. Thomas Charles . 229 536 79, 187. 522 508 199. 522 199 536 227. 278 ...77 Peurifoy. Robert E 252 Pezeshki Gholam H 420, 427 Pfaff, Tony Earl 261. 508 Pfeiffer Carol Ann 217.483 Pfeiffer. Mary Ellen 483 Pfeil Daniel Steven 508 Phaneuf. Richard Gregory 77. 156. 508 Pharo Milam Randolph 422, 522 Philley. Jane E 187 Phillips Bruce Allen 522 Phillips, Deborah M 508 Phillips Edward Dwayne 387, 389, 418.423 Phillips, Elizabeth A 283. 556 Phillips Fred Young 1 66 Phillips. Gwendolyn 431, 536 Phillips. Jennifer L 522 Phillips. Joseph T.. Jr 168 Phillips Kathleen E 283 Phillips, Mary Long 49. 209 Phillips Nancy Jane 235 Phillips. Pamela 193. 508 Phillips Pamela Lee . Phillips, Paula Jane Phillips. William Melvyn. Phillips, William R Piazza. Nancy Ann Picard, Gregory N Pickens. Francie Sue .... Pickens, Winston Craig 124. 483 Pickett, Richard Nolan 203. 522 Pieper, Walter J.. Ill 124. 522 Pier. Barry Robin 1 34 Pierce-Jones. Anne E 49. 97 Pierce, Carole Ann 1 73 .187 ..424 ..483 ..239 ..508 ..168 . 161. 483 Pierce, Janet Am Pierce, Lawrence Scott Pierce, Terry Lee Pierini, Diane Jeanne . . Pierson. Linda Ann .... Piggott. Guido M.. Ill . Pigott. John Dowling . . 198, 199 168, 280. 508 ....91, 256, 283. 523 536 431. 536 ..223 ..508 67. 137, ...38. 233. ...387. 418. 75. ...261. 483. Piland. Dudley C.. Jr 523 Pilas. Peggy Joy 483 Pilkinton, Janice Kay 483 Piller. Henry D 536 Piller. Susan Jay Pillsbury. Robert D.. Jr Pilot. Valerie Kay Pinchbeck, Carolyn L Pincoffs. Mary E 49. Pinkerton, Gaylan S Pinnell. Gary Ray 30. 31, 137. Pinnell. Lana Sharon Pinter. Merilee Marie 205, Piper, Jay Anthony 237. Pipkin. Marvin Grady 113. Pipkin. Mary Margaret 230. Pippin. Risa Kem Pircher. Raymond W., Jr 137. Pittard. Linda Dianne Pittman, Mark Edward Pittman. Mary Thwealth. Mrs 224, Pitts, Deborah Ann Pitts, Susan Diane Pittsford Robert Lynn 68,71, 175, Pitzer, Pamela 164, 254. 255. 368. 371. Place. Douglas Warren . Plangman. Sylvie C Plautz, Richard Lyle .... Plemons. Thomas Doyle . Ploch, Debra Ann Plocheck, Robert W. . . . Ploeger. Don Vernon . . . Ploetz, Gregory Plomin. Robert Joseph . . Plotkin, Marlene Anne . . Plotsky. Frances A., Mrs. Plotsky. Trudie lla Plumb. Stephen Jay .... Plumhoff. Charles E Plyler. Ann Elizabeth . . . Poage. David Rowen . . . Poage. James Rankin . . . Poage. Jane Katherine. . Poarch. Donald Lee .... Podd, Douglas George . Poe. Linda Susan 211. Poe. Vicki Lynn Poff. Jackie Pohler. Donald James Pointer, Fredrick L Poirier. Kenneth C Polansky, George A.. Jr Polasek. Marinell Polchinski, Priscilla 187 Polhamus. Clinton D Polhamus, Garrett D I 56, Poling. Margaret Ruth Poling. Mary Lynne Poling. Patricia Sue 1 57. 203 Polk, John Edward Polland. Gary Michael. 43. 48. 158. 165,363 Pollard, Martha L Polunsky. Mark 263, Polunsky. Peggy Ann Polunsky. Valerie 267. Pompa, Rene Raul Pond, Cynthia Lou . . Ponder, Bruce Terrell Ponder, Gerald Ashton Pontikes, George A . . . . Poole, Pamela Lee 211, 431 Poore. Patrice Annette 55 Poorman, Omer Wayne Popa Mitchell Alan Pope. John Marvin 149. 371, 459 Pope, Linda Susan Popejoy, Renee Jean Popp. James Edwin Poppas. Candace Sue 206 Popper Laura Anderson 167 Porter Byron William I 34. I 59 Porter. Charles Ray . . . 36. 38, 165, 250, 251 Porter, Debra Jo 101. 212 Porter, James Reid Porter, Judith Loraine Porter. Rebecca Ann Porter. Richard Cambell Porter, Susan E Porterfield. John D 92 Porterfield. Reta K 213 Posey, Pamela Ruth Posgate. Louis Ridout 183 Poss. James Michael Poss. Theodore Max. Jr. Post, Judy Marie Post. Robert Perry Postma. Ann Lynn .... Postma. Robert Alan . . Posto, Barbara B Poston, John Michael Potter. Johnny Jay Potter. Richard D.. II 34 Potts. Barbara Ann Potts. Lawrence Frank I 57 Potts. Stephen Manning. . Poujol, Melissa Ann Poulos, Denis Sean Pound John Gallagher . . Pounds. Russell David .... Pouns. James Howard . . . Pouns Stephen Harold Powell. Cynthia Jean 209 Powell. David Leslie 57. 1 49. 367 Powell. Harold James Powell. Janet Jean Powell. Maggie Marsha Powell. Robert G. B.. Jr 55. 373 Powell. Robert Lee Powell. Ronald Allen Powell. Steven Douglas Powell. Susan Cordelia Powell. William R Power David Richard Power. James Talford, III Power, Patricia Ann . . Powers. Albert S.. Ill . 167 177 523 508 235 523 508 508 536 536 231 283 536 483 483 211 483 498 508 483 483 ..95 265 430 508 523 .149 .239 423 . I 16 .167 .169 189 523 269 .536 ..65 .269 .235 .261 . 168 536 .536 .523 .509 .418 ..67 .483 .523 523 .168 179 187 .498 483 .158 375. 483 .509 536 .189 509 .483 .536 .421 .161 .271 523 523 .483 ..64 574 .283 .229 .536 213 536 179 369 213 .365 .227 .509 .134 .523 509 384 .509 536 .509 483 .209 .137 .509 536 .169 ..74 .168 483 509 158 .269 .509 .146 ..72 .223 .157 .127 536 509 .509 .115 .536 483 .523 498 .498 . .87 .509 .523 .498 .536 .105 Powers. David G Powers. Gregory M Powers, Lawrence A. ... Powitzsky, Sylvia A Poynor, Kenneth Albert . Poynor. Wesley Jim Pozza. Donald Lee Prado, Edward Charles . Prager, Alan Norman . . Prager, Karen Jean Prasatik, Harold Keith . . Prater. Ronald Timothy . Prater. Roy William Prather, Paula Jo Pratt. Cilla-Faye Pratt. Dennis Ballou .... Pratt, James Laurens Pratt. Joe Nicholas Pratt Patricia Ann Pratt, Robert W.. II Preciado, Albert H Preimesberger. Judith . . Prentice, Thomas A Prescott. Linda Lee .... Presley. Cynthia A Presley. Dixie Ann Presley. Michael A Pressburg. Jean F Presser. May Glenda . . . Pressler, Catherine I Pressler, Jeanne Marsden Pressley, William M Preston, Carole E Preston. Deborah Jeane Preston, Jan Preston, Suzanne Prewitt. Ronnie Henry . . Price. Clay Louis. Ill Price, David Chandler . . Price. Jas Hughes. Jr. . . . Price, Karen Gayle Price, Lawrence William Price, Lindyl Louise .... Price. Page Harriet .... Price, Priscilla C Price. Richard Charles . . Price. Robert David Price. Sally Darrow Price. Sharon Priddy. Betty Home Priddy. Georgia Ann . . . Priddy, Robert Thomas . Pridgen. Carol Lee Pridgeon. Rhonda M. . . . Priebe. Roy Rodman Priem. Thomas Eugene . . Priest. Patricia Lee Priest. Susan Lee 536 ..78. 257. 536 170 161 168 .252. 253.483 536 71 259. 483 167. 509 55. 509 105. 536 78 227, 523 . ' . . 283 536 278. 536 223 88. 523 65, 99 483 1 70 523 523 283, 536 122. 211 418 161 189 523 459 509 536 185. 523 ..88, 283. 509 509 67 166 420 .165. 174. 365 146 82. 509 523 229 235 483 536 209 498 ..32. 233. 509 484 247 235. 484 509 179. 509 82 498 ....536 Primeaux. Robert F 421 Pringle. James Albert 509 Prior. Rita Sue 118 Prior. Roger Everett 131, 523 Prior. Sarah Patrice 225 Pritchard. Barbara J 509 Pritchett. Cheryl Lynn 97 Pritchett James Patrick 252.498 Pritchett, James W 237 Proano, Pablo 133 Prock, Connie Irene 509 Proctor, Joni Lynn 536 Proft. James Bernard 82 Proft. Robert Wayne 82, 509 Prothro. Karen Sue 209 Provost, Craig Joseph 523 ' ruitt. Greg 389 ' runeda. Maximiliano 49 ' ugh. Gary Brent 245 ' ugl ' ese Timothy 117 ' uleio, Daniel Thomas 64, 99 ' ulis. James Edward, Jr 165 ' ullam. Joe Charles 82, 509 ulliam Debra Denise ' 536 ' ullus. Patricia Ann 523 ' ulman, Charles Daniel 275 Pung. Douglas A 242, 509 Puntch, James Edwin. Jr 70 Purcell Frank J., Ill 85 Purcell, William N., Jr 183 Purdom Andrea Faith 205 Purdom. Lawrence E 523 Purvis. Stephen H 49 Purvis Suzanne Marie 167 Putney. Ruth Emma 211 Pye. Donald Sidney 536 Pyka. Anthony D.. Jr 410, 421 Pyle, Carla Jan 509 Pyzdrowski, Michael A 109 Ouade. Lyndell Keith 87, 484 Quaite. Timothy Allen 124 Quails. Robert Carson 1 27, 1 57, 484 Quebe. Karl Russell 78 Ouider. Sherry L 161 Quigley, James Martin 278, 484 Ouillen. Barbara C 509 Quillin. William Cary 82 Quintanilla Roger R 536 Quintanilla, Ruben 523 Quock Billy 484 Rabel, Selma Sue 509 Rabon. Carol Ann 169, 484 Rabon. Lana Joy 88, 523 Rabun. Robin Ann 283, 509 Racanelli. Richard M 536 Rachel. Karen Camilla 536 Rachner, Robert R 409, 422, 423, 536 564 Nam. Pages Rader, Cheryl Lynn 509 Radoff Linda Ruth 523 Radtke. Janet Mane 170, 484 Raele, Janet Mane 87. 90 Rafee. Monir 523 Raff Daniel E 219 Rafflind Cathy Ann 367. 371 Raffkind. George Alan 123. 263 Raggio. Kenneth Gaylord 430 Ragin. Charles C 166 Ragle. Patricia Ellen 87 Rahiemyelahi, N 64 Rahimi-Khamnei. E 135 Raimond. Charles Van 219, 484 Rainbolt. Sharon K 205. 536 Ramdl. Gregory James 157. 158 Raine. William Woody 89. 179 Rainen. Mitchell Dean 280 Rainey Paula Therese 211 Rainey. Sarah Linn 115. 199. 536 Rainosek Stephanie J 523 Rains. Stanley A.. Jr 523 Rekowitz. Harold J 127. 484 Rail. Deborah Ann .40. 75. 96. 106, 164. 282. 283. 371 Ralston. Susan Nanette 523 Ramey. Lucretia Ann 509 Raminski. Robert Leo 38 Ramirez. Cynthia Ann 523 Ramirez. Horacio Rafael 1 66. I 74. 365, 484 Ramirez. Lacho 1 65 Ramirez. Patrick 127 Ramirez. Rosie 484 Ramon. Rebecca Emilia 509 Ramos Garcia. Luis A 427 Ramos. Rita 536 Ramsey, Harman Fred 64 Ramsey. Sara Ann 199 Randall. Jack Palmer 134 Randall. James Louis 418. 423 Randolph. Leonard C.. Jr 421.423 Randolph. William. Jr 27 1 . 523 Range. James Avery 1 37. 523 Rangel. Bertha Lesvia 167 Ransom. Margie A 166 Rape. Joe Marvin 261 Rape. John David 261 Raphael. Ronald J 49 Rapp. Elizabeth Anne 509 Rappeport. Joe 509 Rasberry, Joy De Ann 43 I Raschke. James Paul 252. 523 Rascoe. Susan Jane 509 Rash. Anna Kathleen 90 Rath Debra Kay 205. 509 Ratliff. Billye Lynn 227, 484 Ratliff Charles M 523 Ratliff. Robert Warner 245 Ratliff. William D.. Ill 157 Ratner. Nathan 536 Rauch. Lawrence Alan 484 Raup. Calvin Lee 484 Rauscher. John Howard. Ill 237 Rauzin. Brenda Sue 267 Ravel. Richard Stern 263. 422. 423, 484 Rawe. Reagan Edward 133 Rawls. Donald Eugene 71 Rawson. George Edward 484 Ray, David Duane 421 Ray. Esther Carolyn 253. 484 Ray. Gregory Francis 536 Ray. James Douglas 1 70. 509 Ray. Linda Gayle 85 Ray, Mary Pamela A.. Mrs 509 Ray. Randall Glen 509 Ray. Randy Wayne 49 Ray. Robert Randolph 92. 168. 523 Ray. Sarah Jane 431 Ray, Stephen Gerald 123, 257 Ray. Thomas Charles 36. 1 22. 257 Raymond. Charles M 40 Rea. Wyneth Anne 484 Read, Debra Louise 2 1 1 , 536 Read. Nancy Lynn 523 Read, Patsy Laird 255. 523 Reader. Helaine Susan 189. 28 I Reader. Lawrence S 280 Reaves. Vivian Gayle 509 Rech. Mercia Eileen 509 Rech. Michael Anthony 73. 105. 162. 509 Record. Christopher S 1 70 Records. Robert E 78 Reddick. Mary Louise 283. 536 Redding. David Wayne 484 Redding James Earl 498 Redfearn. Margaret Ann 233, 260 Shawn Louise 1 67 Redwine. Ras V 245. 536 Reeburgh Elizabeth L 233 Reece, Donna Ellen 187. 523 Reece. Laurie Jan 82 Reed, Charles Arthur 64 Reed, Cheryl Ann 167. 431. 509 Reed Christopher H 509 Reed Elizabeth Ann 32. 161. 1 64. 1 87. 509 Reed John Howard 85. 536 Reed. Linda Kathleen 85. 484 Reed Robert Walter 74 Reed. Thomas Joe 509 Reeder. Charles C 523 Reeder, Margaret B 193. 536 Reego. James Herman. Ill 73 Reese Daniel Rowell 1 57 Reetz, Arthur John. Jr. ..51. 55. 56. 57, 149. 373 484 Reetz, Jan Jarboe 29. 149 Reeve, Charles Gary 509 Reeves Alan Walter 509 Reeves. Cynthia 283. 523 Reeves. James David 42 1 Reeves, Philip Lansing 155. 509 Reeves, Wallace Franklin 156 Reeves William W. . . . . .422. 423 536 Pages Regan. Joseph Stephen 484 Regnier. Paul P.. Jr 536 Reich Carter Michael 275 Reichek Deborah Gail 217. 536 Reichenbach. P. A 509 Reichenthal. Sandra J 1 66 Reid. Braton Dorsett 118 Reid. John 119 Reid. Randal Ray 536 Reid Stephanie Hazel 523 Reid. Susan Collins 233 Reifer. Elierer 523 Reifer. Shalom 523 Reiffer. Sol 263 Reiley. Ronnie Wayne 536 Reilly, Katherine Jean 283, 509 Reilly, Linda Jane 283 Reily. Jack Pettit 179 Reinbach. Ma Otto. Jr. . 101. 103. 121. 123. 162 Reinhard. Joan Yvonne 509 Reinhart. Arthur K 1 68 Reinhart. James Robert 92. 498 Reinsch Janet K 192. 193. 509 Reinsman. Lora L 281 Reiss. Maryellen 49 Reissig. Gary James 418 Rekoff. Caroline Lia 523 Rembert, Nancy T 265 Remme, Janis Short 161 Reneau. Denise Elaine 30 Renner. Daniel Ray 223. 536 Rennie. Steve 391 Rentfro. Lindsay E 167. 199. 536 Repp. David L 280. 536 Repp. Lotty 1 66 Reppond. Mary E 88 Reser. Charles W 484 Resniclt. Michele Ann 267. 536 Rest. Susan Marcia 484 Retter. Paul Giblin 426 Reuter. Larry Michael 89. 509 Reveley Louis Ramon 92. 155 509 Rexroat. Jana Carol 536 Reyes. John Benicio 82. 87 Reyes. Lillian Luis 143 Reynolds. Anne E 1 83. 235 Reynolds. Bobby Ray 536 Reynolds, Carolyn Jean 224 Reynolds. Charles P 65. 75. 172. 430 Reynolds. John R 71 Reynolds, Nancy Lee 509 Reynolds. Rebecca T 1 87 Reynolds. Timothy Jay 509 Reynolds. William J 55 Reynolds, William Joseph 536 Reynoso-Lora. Luis E -I 35. 459 Rhein, Lora Anne 211. 269, 484 Rhoads Evelyn S. K.. Mrs 498 Rhode. David Leland 34 Rhodes. Donna Jeanine 523 Rhodes. Frederick A.. Ill 49. 168. 237. 523 Rhodes. George F.. Jr 523 Rhodes. Richard Craig 183. 536 Rhyne. Craig Desmond 523 Ribble Linda Ann 192. 193. 484 Ribe. Richard Lindsey 536 Rice. Jennifer Susan 498 Rice. Jimmy Bro 1 74 Rice. John Steven 536 R.ce Linda Sue 509 Rice. Robert Thomas 70 Rice, William John 64. 71 Rich. Albert D 166 Rich. Steven Scott 104. 105. 121. 162. 367 Richard. Carlton Smith 269 Richards. Carrie P 255 Richards. Edmund B.. Jr 27 1 . 484 Richards. Grace E 260 Richards Jack Carlin 207. 536 R.chards. James E.. Jr 168 Richards. Julie Ann 206, 283 Richardson. Ann 211. 375, 484 Richardson. Barton P 203. 536 Richardson. David L 423 Richardson, David W 82 Richardson. George Adams 49. 121. 155 Richardson. James Perkins 484 Richardson. Janet E 55, 536 Richardson. Jimmy Ray 159 Richardson. John H 101. 105. 162. 168. 523 Richardson, John R 105 Richardson. Kenneth Ray 105. 162. 179 Richardson, Larry Alan 261 Richardson, Noah 49. 200. 201 Richardson, Ricky Lynn 484 Richardson. Robert F 237 Richardson, Robert Griggs 43 I Richardson, Robin H 255, 523 R.chey, Don L 105. 498 Richey, Howard W 536 Richey, John Everett I 72 Richey, Kenneth Albert 509 Richey Sharon Ann. Mrs 484 Richter. Carolyn Fae 484 Richter John Dav.d 484 Rickel. Cathy Lynn 209 Rickgauer. Charles W 67 Rickman. Melissa Lee 167. 523 Rider. Camilla 523 Rider. Sara Catherine 166 Ridlehuber. Kenneth Trice 484 Riefler. Karen Lynn 484 Riefler. Louis Joseph. Jr 179 Rieke. Marc Kimm 459 Rielly. Robert John 523 Riemann. Carl F 536 Rienstra. James Marion 271 Riesser. William Fitzhugh 105. 166 Rife Thomas Allan 536 R.ggall. Arch John ' . 170 Riggins, Charles R 523 R.ggs, Patricia Ann 498 Riley. Rebecca Louise 49. 2 1 I Name Riley. Roy Michael 179 Riley. Rozanne 536 Riley. William H. F. H.. IV 509 Rindy. Deborah Lynne 87 Rinehart. Robert Allen 523 Ring. Dianne 509 Ring. Loretta 247 Ringle. Robert Steven 536 Rinn. Reed Howard 105 Riojas, Maria Elenna 509 Rios Neto. Atair 177 Rios. Claudia C 141. 498 Rios. Manuel Pena 1 35. 536 Riou. Sherrell D. K.. Mrs 523 Riou., Thomas Wayne 34, 1 65. 364. 459 Ripley. Lucius A.. Ill 166 Ripper, Wanda Lynn 50, 278. 484 Ripperger Emily A 523 Ripple, Bonnie Faye 523 Riskind. Susan E 41.49 Ritchey. Linda M. Kana, Mrs 509 Rittiman. Jeanne E 167 Ritz. Elizabeth 166 Rivers. George Ann 87. 187. 509 Rivers. Jean 161, 185. 484 Riviere. Robert Lee 418. 430 Roach. George Michael 223. 536 Roach. Sarah C 161 Roach. Travis Morgan. Jr 418. 423 Roades. John Leslie 87, 509 Robb. Lisa Carol 1 85 Robb. Lynne Caron 1 85 Robbins Robert S 74 Roberdeau. John Allen 119 Roberdeau. Thomas Andrew 49 Roberson. James Edward 484 Roberson. Margaret Jo 167 Roberson. Virginia J 509 Roberts. Ana Cecilia. Mrs 484 Roberts. Charles Stanley. Ill 264. 536 Roberts. David Merrill 485 Roberts Herbert W 523 Roberts. James 418. 421. 536 Roberts, James H. Jr 485 Roberts. James Vincent 485 Roberts. Janis Gaye I I 1 . 229. 523 Roberts, Jerry Leon 536 Roberts. Jesse L 133. 1 79 Roberts. Judith Gail 37. 106. 164.205.371 Roberts, Keith Alan 67 Roberts. Kenneth Ray 509 Roberts. Lawson P 92. 523 Roberts. Mark Dennis 182. 423 Roberts Melinda 283. 536 Roberts. Ph.lip Howard 523 Roberts, Rebecca Ruth 498 Roberts. Rhonda Lynne 1 18. 536 Roberts. R.chard J 509 Roberts. Robin Helene 185 Roberts. Rowena Lisa 193 Roberts. Roy Richard. Jr 183. 430 Roberts, Stephen M 523 Roberts. Wayne Richard 170 Robertson, Charles A 509 Robertson. Cynthia L 213, 431. 536 Robertj.on. Daniel B 536 Name Pages Robertson. Janis Lou 199. 523 Robertson. Linda Susan 233 Robertson. O. 2.. Ill 65. 70, 172 Robertson, Richard Lea 87. 536 Robertson. Robert Elgin 82 Robertson. Sharon D 536 Robertson. Theresa S 87. 233. 509 Robertson. William H 168 Robichau. Hewitt Paul 423 Robillard. Donald F.. Jr 247. 509 Robin. Alan Jay 157, 158 Robins, Gary Lynn 523 Robinson. Beth Gardner 255 Robinson. Bruce Aubrey 423. 430 Robinson. Cra.g S 423 Robinson. Holly Carol 90 Robinson. James Lewis 485 Robinson John Michael 1 55 Robinson. Johnnie Fred 423 Robinson. Jon Truett 427 Robinson. Larry 398. 401. 403. 421 Robinson. Laura Lynn 265, 509 Robinson, Michael G 536 Robinson, Steve M Ill Robinson. Stewart C., Jr 430 Robinson. William Bruce 260. 26 1 . 485 Robinson. William 1 239 Robison. Stephen Oliver 269. 278 Robles. Ernest 485 Robles. Judy Irene 523 Roblez. Yolanda Lopez 509 Robuck. Michael 485 Robuck. Veronica T.. Mrs 485 Rocha-Galindo. Alejandro 1 79 Rocha. Gloria Eugenia 485 Rocher. Stephen Lee 536 Rochs. Mary Agnes 2 1 1 . 256 Rock. Royal Danny 523 Rod. Anthony Wayne 34. 509 Roddie. Phyllis M 211 536 Roddy. Ellen 267 Rode. Arthur Stephen.... 100. 101. 162, 165.368 Rode. Gary Douglas 117 Roden. Cathy Lu 509 Rodger, John 32 Rodgers. Keith Kay. Jr 536 Rodgers, Randy Don 485 Rodgers. Scott Douglas 536 Rodriguez, A. H.. Jr 509 Rodriguez, Alejandro 498 Rodriguez, Ale. P 1 39 Rodriguez, Cora H 536 Rodriguez. Delia 536 Rodriguez. Hildegard 523 Rodriguez. James Jr 145 485 Rodriguez. Joaquin L 485 Rodriguez. Lorenza 39. 51 . 56. 57 .58 Rodriguez. Luis Garza 498 Rodriguez, Nicanor F 485 Rodriguez, P. J.. Jr 523 Rodriguez. Ricardo 509 Rodriguez. Richard Rene 509 Rodriguez, Roberto. Jr 485 Rodriguez, Cesar 49. 183. 509 Roe. Jerre 523 Roeder Cynthia Ann 43 I 565 Nam. Pages Pages Pages Roeder. Loddie Francis (55 Roeder. Ronald Charles ' 2 Roeser. Theodore P 1 8 Roessner. Roland S.. Jr 422. 423 Roffe, James 64 Rogan, William Patrick 264. 523 Rogers. Bruce Wilson 269. 509 Rogers. Charles Ale 247, 423 Rogers. Debra Susan 536 Rogers, Don James 30 Rogers. John Valry 225. 523 Rogers, Lee Davis 247 Rogers. Linda Karen 536 Rogers. Mary Friedrich 199. 509 Rogers. Parnee 201 Rogers, Penny Jean M.. Mrs 90 Rogers, Randall David 1 55, 247, 257, 485 Rogers, William C 523 Rogge. Melvin James 89, 523 Rohrbach, James Martin 485 Roig William Ashley I 70, 485 Roitsch. Christina E 498 Rokyta Marvin Frank 1 35 Rollins. Oneida James 485 Roman, Charles Richard 498 Romans, William Leon 183 Romell. Vana Diane 212, 213, 485 Romo. Thomas, III 239. 523 Romoser. Russell 89. 523 Rooke. Mark Lee : 168. 523 Roos. Stephen Craig 137 Roosth, Michael Barry 275. 536 Roosth. Steven Carl 275. 485 Root. Adita Lynn 509 Roots. Susan Anne 498 Roper. Philip Ray 257 Roques, Patrick F 166 Rosales. Robert R 509 Resales. Teresa Ann 536 Rose Arthur Paul 274, 275, 523 Rose. Danna Annette 185. 523 Rose. Henry John. Jr 242 Rose. Martha Ann 9C Rose Robert Michael 280 Rosen, David Bennett 509 Rosen Michael David 280. 523 Rosen Robert K 49 Rosenbach. Robert J 70 Rosenbaum, Janet 40. 147, 227, 485 Rosenbaum Ralph Steve 155, 173,275.498 Rosenbaum, Susan Sail 167. 217. 536 Rosenberg, Andrea H 267 Rosenberg, Barbara Elaine I 70. 43 I Rosenberg, Nancy Lynn 32. 75, 266. 267 Rosenberger, John Gary 261 Rosenblum, Arlene Simone 485 Rosenblum Cynthia Lyn 1 89 Rosenblum. Judy Ann 189 Rosenfeld, Margaret D 75 Rosenfeld. Rosalynn 40 Rosenthal Alan Ray 145, 509 Rosenthal. Arnold S 537 Rosenthal, Barbara G 523 Rosenthal, Gwenn Ellen 509 Rosenthal, Laura Ann 523 Rosenthal, Stephen 1 7C Rosenthal William Edward 123. 263. 485 Rosenzweig. Adele F 167 Rosenzweig. Samuel 280 Rosing. Wayne Curtis ' I Rosman. Susan Ann IBS Ross, Barbara Lynn 485 Ross, Catherine Irene 85 Ross. Debra Anne 185. 537 Ross. John Anthony 237 Ross. John B 78 Ross. Johnny Kyle 498 Ross. Joseph Clinton 168 Ross. Linda Lee 185 Ross. Randi Merrill 523 Ross William George 280. 537 Ross. William Robert 239. 537 Rossi. Bernadette M 229, 537 Rossignoli. Donna Ann 253 Rosson. Lawrence Frank 278 Rothchild. Sylvan J 263 Rothe Walter Stephen 423 Rothenberg, Gayle Ann 79, I 15. 267. 523 Rothschild. Riki D 166 Rothwell. Charlotte N 537 Rothwell. Jimmy Don 261 Rotstein, Marvin Jack 275 Rotthaus. Petty Jean 485 Rottner Patricia Lynn . . . ' . I 89, 509 Rounsavill, Dana Lee 49. 94 Rowan. Dorothy Mae 166 Rowan. William Michael 387. 418. 423 Rowe Judy Lisa 485 Rowe. Linda Kay 97. 116 Rowen Philip Jack 485 Royal. Ronald Douglas 207. 509 Royall. Linda Jean 55. 199 Roznovsky. Ronald L 410.413.421 Rubenett. Gordon 430 Rubenkoenia. Ralph D 70. 509 Rubin. Eliiabeth Ann 537 Rubin. Lorri. 189.485 Rubin. Marilyn Roth. Mrs 2BI Rubin. Susan llene 50 Rubin, Sydney 49 Rubinett Gordon Merrill 36, 170. 225. 274 Rubinsky. Simon W 191. 523 Rubio Alberto Isaac ! 68 Rubio. Jesus Ramiro 49. 523 Rubio. Patsy 537 Rudd Donna Eliiabeth 255 Ruddy. Carol Elynor 431 Rudel. Bonnie A 79.382.509 Rudolph. Arlene Delyse 523 Rudolph. Jennifer Y 267, 537 Rudy. Stephen Rylen 537 Rueb Karen Diane 537 Rueda, Esteban 485 Ruff Barbara Nicole Rugeley. Charles Lewis Ruhland. Doris Joanne .... Ruiz. Gonzalo Run. Leopoldo, III Rullo, Patricia Jean Rummel, Cheryl L Rummell. Vicki Lynn Rumpf, Melody Ann Rumsey, Jimmy Lee Rumsey. Marilyn Jane Rumsey. Rocky Ray Runberg. Janice Marie Rundell, Debra Lynn Rundle, Michael David Runne, John Helmut Runte, Phylis Jean Ruple, Aubrey V.. Jr Rupley, Donald Ray Ruppert, Cathryn Sue Ruppert, George W Rush, James Avery Rush Pamela Ann Rushing Jack Martin Rusk, Keith Edward Russ Ellen Rebecca Russell, Albert George Russell Dale Stewart Russell, Ginger K Russell Helen Leigh Russell, Janna Kay Russell, John Emerson Russell. Karen Louise Russell Lura Anne Russell. Melvin David Russell. Randolph D Russell. Rebecca Lee Russell. Robert L Russell. Terry Brent Rutenberg, Randy M Rutenberg, Terry Lynn Ruth. Michael Edward Rutherford, George W Rutherford Linda J Rutledge John Calvert Rutledge. Michael D Rutty, Charles David Rutty. Judy Laverne P., Mrs Rutz Owen Keith Ryan, Hilary Christine .... Ryan. James M.. II Ryan. James Thomas Ryan Michael Andrew Ryan Patricia Ann Ryan. Patricia Gayle Rybiski Mikie Marion Ryder. Susan Marie Rylander, Betty Grace .... Rylander, Dale C Rylander, Gary Ray I Rynd, Frank Barlow Sabel. Jeffrey Marlon Sabrsula, Rena Susan Sackett, Michael Warren. . Sadberry Anthony J Sadick, Steven Dana Sadler Maria Jolyne Sadler. Steve Allen Saegert Merry F.. Mrs. . . . Saenz Juan Jorge Saeta. Elsa Safford Lawrence F Sage Joe Taylor Sage, Suzanne Jean Sagstetter, Nancy, Mrs.. . . Sahebiamii. Esfandiar Saibara Susan Joy Sakowski, Christine F Salazar. Ricardo Abel Saldivar. Ramon, Jr Sale Elizabeth Louise .... Salge. Timothy Bert Salguero, David Edward . . Salinas, Alex Celso Salinas Conrad. Jr Salman, Samer Salmon, Bailey James Salmon. Catherine Salmon, William Robert , , , Sailer, Cathy Jean Sailer, Charles P., Ill Salter, Martha E Sailer, Virginia C Saltzman. Nancy Ann Salvino, Margaret L Salver. Shannon Ellis Salzhandler, Frank J Sample, Marvin E.. Jr Sample, Wilton Wade Samuel M Samuels David Alan Samuels Ellen Claire Samuels Larry R Samuels, Lawrence Elliott . Samulin, Bruce Stephen , . . Samulin. Fran Carol Samway. Norma Jean Sanchez. Elias Sanchez. Feli R Sanchez Margarita Sanchez Rodolfo Sandberg, Amy Joyce Sandberg, Nancy J Sanders Alice May Sanders, George M Sanders, Janice Kay Sanders, Loretta Jane Sanders. Nancy Lynn Sanders. Randall H Sanders Ruth Elaine Sanders, William E Sanderson Barbara Ann , 485 537 29 149 228, 498 185, 265 I 79 139 167 ....168 ....167. 199. 509 78, 79, 485 I 19 259 485 159 .. ..161. 187, 256 283 ...523 . ..207, 498 537 . . .498 193, 523 157 . 182 417, 422. 423 49 198 199 509 418.423 247 523 485 1 68 537 233. 509 90, 167, 537 .113. 242. 243. 510 161 485 523 271. 537 73 235. 523 498 ...276. 277. 510 189 . 189 77. 485 418. 423 194, 524 121 122, 223 .68, 73. 172, 498 510 537 . ...90 510 485 150 421, 423, 510 485 157 510 . .199, 256 537 92 i 165. 178. 179, 510 ..49. 121, 168. 524 1 1 1 . 280 ...167, 524 275 1 70, 485 485 537 150 238 ....139.498 524 ...68. 70. 179 ....74 213 82 430 537 524 510 166 185. 510 537 537 524 ...485 430, 524 189 486 III. 283. 524 498 189 524 1 89 524 203 . . .423 537 158 194 486 537 109 430 ..155. 166. 486 191 190 537 510 85 . .486 .172, 524 537 ...229, 510 . ...283, 510 239 486 199 49. 152. 205 145. 498 486 ... 146 486 ..283, 537 Sandidge Deborah Jean 537 Sandner, Jann 524 Sandner, Jill 524 Sanford. Janet Lea 510 Sanmiguel George G 7 1 , 72 Santamana. Albert Ather 203 Santi, Susan Eileen 498 Santos, Jose Antonio 427, 498 Saral Deniz 427 Sarchet. Harold F.. II 418 Sargent, Thomas W 277, 486 Sarvey, George A 1 58 Sarvis Paul B I 16 Sato. Gordon Leslie 486 Satterwhite, B. M., Jr 64 Satterwhite, Terry Frank 157 Sauder, Alane Marie 233 Sauer, Barbara Lyn 193. 524 Sauer Edward Hugh 36. 111,510 Saunders, Carol 224, 510 Saunders. Eileen M 486 Seunders John T.. Jr 245. 420 Saunders Karen Elaine 229 Savage. Jack W.. II 271. 524 Savage. James E ' 05 Savage. Lea Ellen 486 Savage. Sonya Leah 431 Sawyer. Lisa Ray 199. 524 Sawyer Olmda E 431 Sawyer. Steven Ray 183. 524 Sayers, Scott P., Jr 245, 524 Scales Hunter L 72, 537 Scamell Richard 158 Schaefer, Carla Jo 524 Schaefer Kay Annette 187, 238. 498 Schaefer, Lou.e Guyton I 70 Schaffer Don Minchen I 55 Schaffner, Leslie J.. Jr 65. 99, 524 Schaffner. Susan E 537 Schdenbaechle. Russell 161 Schear, Nancy Anne 259. 510 Schee! Susan Elizabeth 537 Scheffelin, Karen E 486 Scheinberg, Marty 280 Schelling Cora Lou A 55. 486 Scheps, Robin Lyn 75. 189. 281 Schields, Jim 418,486 Schiller Kenneth 36, 190, 191 Schindler, Paris R 203, 524 Schirra Walter M.. Ill 124 Schissler, Richard P 524 Schlechle. Judith Ann 148. I 74. 524 Schlecte Patrice D.. Mrs 141. 486 Schleicher John F 63. 430 Schleier. Grady Edwin 239. 524 Schlesinger, Sharon L 267 Schlotfeldt. D. S 537 Schlotfeldt. Judith A 537 Schlueter. Wanda Key 524 Schmid, Maria G 283, 537 Schmid. Mary Frances 49 Schmidt Bruce Lynn 77. I 56 Schmidt, Carol Lynn 105. 180 Schmidt. John Allen 420, 537 Schmidt. Kathryn Gail 486 Schmidt Marilyn Sue 510 Schmidt. Richard E 510 Schmidt Robert R., Ill 165 Schmidt Rodney Duane 87, 92 Schmidt. Terry Douglas 486 Schmidtke, Karen Jean 524 Schmitt Edward Joseph 72. 427 Schmitt Nina Marie 227 524 Schmoker. Karon Lynn 424, 537 Schneider. Herbert E 77, I 56, 498 Schneider. Karen Dee 49, 185 Schneider. Patrick W 137 Schneider. Richard Harry I 30. 498 Schmtman, Lynn Ann 199, 248 486 Schnitzer, Dana Louis 275. 510 Schnitzer. Mark Bernard 275. 430 Schulze. Eric William 510 Schulze. Heinz 49. 225 Schumacher. Edgar John 524 Schuman, Jeanette 510 Schnitzer. Stanley Joel. . Schmtzius. Mary Vicki . . Schnur, Joy Frances . . . . Schnurr, Gayle Ann Schnurr, Richard Mark . , .275, 486 185 251 .161, 498 ... 280 Schoberle, Carl J.. Ill 486 Schoch, Eugene P 166 Schoenbaechler R. A 173 Schoeneman, David D 65 Schoenvogel. Ann Elise 208. 255. 510 Schofield, John F. Daniel 165 Scholl Catherine Lee 524 Schollenberger, Jan 37, 206, 211, 510 Schonberger, Deborah P 1 89 Schons. Julie Ann 524 Schons, Laura Kay 524 Schoolcraft, Alan Lee 77. 1 05. 156 Schoonover. Stephen D 486 Schoppe. Byron D Schoppe. Doug Schoppe. Gerald Conrad ' 27 Schoppe. Mary Ann 486 Schott Mark William 418 Schrank, Karon 187537 Schrank, Kent Parke 166 Schrank, Patti Gay 49 Schraub Cheryl Ellen 37. 189. 281 Schraub. Linda Anne 199, 43 I Schreibman. Janet B 267, 524 Schremer Charles, IV I I 3, 244, 245 Schroeder Rozanne 524 Schubert, Cynthia S 75, 213 Schuchardt, Joseph. Ill 418 Schuenemann William H 257, 498 269 Schuler Roger Schulman, Morrie Larry . Schultz, Clarence W. . . . Schultz, Michael Henry . Schultz Milton Jr Schultz. Robert Schulz, Peggy Anne . . , . Schulze Conrad Schumann! Paul Schutza. Jerry Leslie Schwab. Penny Dee Q-, Mrs. Schwartz, Armond G.. Jr. . . Schwartz, Faye Lynn Schwartz, Jan L. N.. Mrs. .. Schwartz, Michael S Schwartz. Nancy Dale Schwartz, Suzanne Schwarz, David Wayn e Schwarzer, Mary Lynn Schwegmann, James R Schwemberger, Carol I Schwobel, Charles Bennett . Scofield, Frank Edward Scofield, Paul Lewis Scofield. William R Scotl. David Arthur Scott. James Nash Scott. Janice Lee Scott. Laurie Ellen Scott. Linda Ma ' .486 ....82.92. 155. 510 510 486 168. 183. 510 510 149. 486 486 217, 537 152, 267 537 537 524 524 419 225 225 278. 537 ...67, 135 237 486 94. 486 ...209 Scott Michael Lee 278 459 Scott, Rose Anne ' 48 459 Scolt, Susan Louise 510 Scott. William Buerk. Jr 55, 510 Scott Yvette Gale 1 94 Scribner, Rob 388 Scrinopskie. Jan Maria 1 89 Scrivner Larry Glenn 421 Scruggs James Allen 264, 524 Scruggs, Joyce Rachel 49, 167 Scruggs. Robert Carl 203. 524 Scruggs. Tiana N.. Mrs 486 Seago. Virginia Ann Seal, Bradford William 237 Seal. Dana Ann ' 0 Seale. Lana Jean 510 255 167, 211 117, 510 90 101, 105, 162. 524 510 418, 537 139 43. 122. 160, 165 357, 375. 486 146, 421, 423, 486 ....211. 537 ....267, 274, 486 203, 209, 430 . .498 524 . ..425. 426. 510 ....263. 524 486 .. __ r 113 Seidensticker. F. M. . ' 425 Seidler Diane Daphne 209 Seifert Richard Weber I 55 486 151. 486 Sealey. Sara Josephine Seals. Beverly Lu Seals, Laura Shirley . . . Sears. Margarett J. . . . Sebek. Charles A Sebesla. Charleen S. . . Sedlacek, Larry Martin Seely, Jack W Seeman James Richard Sefcik, Glen Allen Segall. Candace L Segall Celia Lizabeth . Seger, Mary Teresa . . Segura David Martin . Seibel. Madeline Ruby. Seidel Helen Frances . Seidel. Robert Mark... Seideman Sandra Kay . Seidenberger. Sammy Seller David Vernon 134 Selden Robert Paul ...263. 459 Selfridcie Keith C ....71 Sel.g, Debra Elaine 189. 537 Selig. Peter Craig 280 Selke. Harold E., Jr 71 Sellers Clifford W 524 Sellers. David Mark 537 Sellers. Debra L V n 213 Sellers, Gary Joe 271 Sellers. Kathryn Ann 260 Sellers Lenn G Jr ....225. 537 Sellingsloh E A 232. 233 164. 233 Selltngsloh. Nancy Selman, Donald R 1 68 Selman. T. C.. II 430 Selmon Matthew R ..257, 537 Semrad. Christina ,...229, 524 Sengelmann, Samuel Steve Senter, David August 242 87. 91 Senter. Susan ..211. 431, 524 Sepulveda Patricia J., Mrs 163 Sepulveda. Patricia M 1 52 Serafy. Lauran 486 Serna. Olivia Libby 510 Serold, Mark Wayne 487 Sers, Brenda Joyce 49. 95 Servaes, Pamela Sue 524 524 Settv Michael Paul ... 1 70 Setzer Jean Ree 49 Sewall, Nancy Jane 510 Sewell. Brad William 537 Seweil, Charles Thomas 537 Sewell Elizabeth B 37 235 Seybold. Mary Cochrane 233. 510 Seybold Susan U S mo r J Ilian Hurst Mrs 166 157 hh ni- Ahnndrai J. . . ...64 .173 67 537 139, 486 486 , .97, 524 ... 1 66 Shacklett. Alfred L.. Jr 157 Shadrock, Mary E ' Shaeffer Scott Edward 245 .537 Shaffer, Carol Joy Shaffer, Oliver J Shaffer, Perry Joe Shahabi, Mohamadreza . . Shahan, Donald Allan .... Shahan, Gail Marlin Shalek, Elaine E Shamoun Vivian Michel . Shands. Rebecca Shanks Richard Daniel. . . Shannon. Michael John . . . Shape Sandra Ann . Shapiro Adrian Michael 152 92 .49, 132 64 . .498 ..487 431 170, 487 ...49, III, 255, 524 422,423 ...225, 537 211 ... 155. 191. 487 566 Peg , Pages Pages Narr Shapiro, Barbara Lynn 267. 537 Sharon. Boa; 160. 165, 365 Sharp Christopher G 2 5. 537 Sharp. Kay E. Canter 109 Sharpley. Alan D 72 Shaver, James D 155. 541 Shaw Betsy Gay Schopp 253. 487 Shaw Deborah Lee 161. 487 Shaw Donald James 82 Shaw. Howard Lee 387. 394. 423 Shaw. Linda Elizabeth 163 Shaw. Nancy Berry 487 Shaw. Richard Craig 77 Shaw Richard Earl. Jr 252.510 Shaw. ShantilaIR 459 Shaw. Susan Koy 537 Shea. Patricia Bell 537 Shean Karen Lucille 424, 431 Shearburn. Steven M 418 Shearn Michael J I 70, 498 Shearn, Regina K 537 Sheets. Deanna Rhea 203 Sheets. Sally Dian 43 I Sheets. Stephan Lewis 487 Sheffield Charles S 487 Sheffield. Gwyn Ann 183 Shelan Evan Barry 510 Sheldon. Richard King 271.418, 524 Sheley. Kathy Ann 166 Shell, Eddie Gail 170 Shelton Genette 283. 524 Shelton, James R 183.430 Shelton. John Michael 278. 487 Shelton. Linda Joyce 106. 487 Shelton. Michael T 239 Shelton. Nancy Jean 88. 166. 199. 487 183, 430 269 116 49 168 233 77 ...115. 431, 537 537 155. 257. 487 487 156 64 99 375 Sheppard. Jane Turner 166. 169. 254. 255 Sheppard. Margaret 510 Sheppard. Mary Clare 203 Sheppard. Susan Nell 510 Sher. Linda Weissbrod 49 Shelton. Thomas Lee Shelton. William M. . . . Shenk, Stephen Carter . Sheorey. Ravindra .... Shepard. Barry Roger . Shepherd. Becky B Shepherd David Albert Shepherd. Joan Marie . . Shepherd. Kenneth W. Shepherd. Walter D., Ml Sheppard Benjamin P. . Sheppard, David Ashley Sheppard. David R. Sheppard. Fr nk W, Sheridan. Deborah N 85, 524 Sheridan. Jacquelyn S 537 Sherman. April 267 Sherman Dale Randolph 524 Sherman. Robert Lynn 105. 162 Sher ' shun. Carroll S 109. 163 Shettlesworth. Ronald J I 27. 487 Shield James Lowell 230. 23 1 Shields. Charles O.. Jr 87. 166 Shields Elizabeth Ann 1 69 Shields Rana Colleen 149. 152 Shields, Terry Sue 510 Shiflet. David Louis 487 Shilstone. Margaret C 233. 487 Shimek. John Carl 510 Shipley. Jeanne E 166 Shirazi Mohamad Kazem 430 Shirk. Craig Kent 127. 510 Shirley Walter Wayne 105. 510 Shively. Frances Fey 75. 233, 524 Shivers. Bert Carlson 92 Shivers Brian McGee 261 Shockey. Linda S 213 Shocklee Martha Loyce 537 Shockley. Jon Kenneth 249. 537 Shockley, Sheryl 233 Shoemaker, James Gerard 423 Shoenfelt, Henry E.. II 487 Sholtess. Debra Ann 510 Short Byron Elliott Jr. 68. 70. 100. 101. 162. 171. 175. 179. 365, 498 Short. Elena Lizabeth 205 Shoss, Constance E 524 Showalter. Sharon Lynn 161 Shropshire. Linda D 78. 79 Shrum David Vincent 257 Shryoc. Kelly Kirk 223 Shtawi. Abedelrazak M 498 Shudde. Corinne A 161 Shuffler Jean Sloan 524 Shuford, Scott Hamrick 261 Shuford William C.. Jr 261. 510 Shulkin. Barry Lynn 168. 263. 498 Shuman. William L 77. 156. 245 Shumate. Rebecca Lynne 187. 537 Shumway. Rhonda Hope 229. 537 Shupe. Kathleen 196 Shurden. Jack Daniel 264 Shyu. Genie 524 Sibley. Brendo Sue G.. Mrs 221 Sibley . Pamela Anne 213, 537 Sicking. Daniel Edward 92 Sicking. Steven Joseph 92 Sicola, Mary Dominic 537 Siddiqui. Khwaja 107 267. 274 1 60. Ill 147 Sidor. Andrea Maria . .40, 49. 106. 282. 283. Sidor. Ann Kathryne .................. 48 Sidoti. Shirley Jeanne ................... Siebel. Jan Claire ....................... Sieber. Sandra Siegel. Ann Siegel. Jeffrey Craig Siff Theodore Jerome Sifford. Bruce A Sigala. Blanca Estela Sigler. Mary Kathleen ..... . ............. Sikes. Ronald Lewis ..................... Silber. Esther Ann ....................... Silberberg, Jay L ................ 105. 162 Silberberg, John A ................... 105 Silver. Lynn Marsha ..................... Silverblatt. Keith A ...................... Silverman, Av 1 ......................... Silverstein Alanna M .................... Simes. Edward Lee ................... 155 Simkins. Sharon L .................... 425 Simmons, Carroll Lee .................... Simmons. David ........................ Simmons. Duane Garrett .............. 418 Simmons. Elizabeth Ann .................. Simmons. John Wesley .................. Simmons William B ...................... Simms. Roan Gwyn .................. 213 Simon, Gail Adrienne ..... i ............. Simons. Jack Maynard ................... Simons. Sandra Ann .................. 205 Simonton. Janis ........................ Simpson. Cynthia Lee ................. 97 Simpson. Edward M ..................... Simpson. Harold V.. II ................... Simpson. Jimmy Wayne .................. Simpson. Joan Marie ............. IB3, 185 Simpson, John Scott ................. 105, Simpson, Linda .......... 75. 161 . 21 3, 382 Simpson, Mark Douglas .................. Simpson, Michael .................... 127 Simpson, Pamela ........................ Simpson. Reagan W ..................... Simpson. Roberta E ...................... Simpson. William Birt .................... Sims. Alvis Jerome ...................... Singer. Sidney Griffin ................... Singer. Trudell ......................... Sipes. Margaret Ann .................... Siptak. Steven Charles ................... Sirmon Wayne Ervin .............. 77. I 56 Sisemore. Jerald Grant ....... 387. 395. 418 Sitton. Penne Sue ....................... 524, 371 371 .510 .115 .459 487 .537 361 271 459 .265 .510 .170 168 537 .524 .524 .191 ..85 166 431 .510 .119 524 .431 .537 .510 .487 487 .217 .524 487 .487 510 .168 .524 .537 524 537 487 .168 487 283 ..78 .524 .118 .510 .152 .487 .487 .487 172 423 .282 Skaff. Ruth Ann 487 Skaggs. Janet 510 Skalnik. Paul Emil 219.487 Skarke. Michael Gary 168 Skelley. Carolyn Ann 228. 229. 487 Skelton. Betty Joyce 498 Skelton. Bobby Monroe 49. 166 Skelton. Michael H 524 Skelton. Victoria E 141 Skewis. Ronald James 64 Skibell. Samuel Glassman 263. 574 Skidmore. Deborah 487 Skiff Trudy Kier 375 Skillman. Paula 487 Skinner. James Calvin 23 1 . 487 Skinner, Jan Lenore I 1 5 Skinner. Jan Raymond 487 Skinner, John Francis 498 Skinner. Larkin P.. Ill 155 Skinner. Tom Kilgore 487 Skopinski. Lorrain E 185 Skor. Adrienne Lois 161. 487 Sladek, Billy Gene 487 Sladek, Jean Ruth 537 Sladen, Angus Murray 49. 121 Slager. Robert Emmet 64 Slankard. Lucinda J 537 Slater. Jerry Dean 65. 99 Slater Phillip S 537 Slaton. Steven Lynn 421 Slator. Deborah L 193. 510 Slaughter. Cynthia Ann 235 Slaughter. Grady 207 Slaughter, Jean E 161 Slaughter, John Scott 239. 261 Slaughter Sally Elyse 255 Slim. Siman Tomeh 498 Slipakoff Esther M 49, 363. 459 Sloan. William David 163 Slonek. Thomas Otto 537 Sloss Jerry Robert 168. 426. 430 Slovacek. Edward J 127, 157. 158. 498 Small Joel Clark 113.281 Smalley. Arthur Louis 487 Smalley John William 404. 421 Smalling, David Alan 488 Smalling. Richard Warren 179 Smalling. William S 524 Smith. Ann Reeves 255 Smith. Annalyn G.. Mrs 1 66 Smith. April Diane 537 Smith. Archie Dan. Jr 55. 168 Smith Banks McLain 168 mith. Barbara Lee 488 Smith. Bette Marl ..510 567 Pages Narr Pa get Pages Smith, Bettyna Marie 524 Sokolow. Jerry 158 Smith, Brenda Joyce 488 Solis, Miguel 165 Smith, Brenda Kay 281 Solis, Santiago D. J 133. 498 Smith, Brian Walter 223 Soliz. Alfonso. Jr 70. 71. 538 Smith. Bruce Allan 65 Solomon, David Lee ......... 275, 430 Smith Bryant 245 Sommerlatte. Clyde W., Jr. . . 449 Smith, Carla Mae 537 Sommers, Conrad Hoyle 1 68 Smith, Carol Ann 431.498 Son, James Randolph 510 Smith. Carol Ellen 211 Sonnemann, Lorraine O 267 Smith Carolyn Gail 213, 510 Sonnemann, Sheryl A 267,488 Smith. Catherine Ann 283, 524 Sonnenberger, Robert S 259, 510 Smith Catherine Dell 85 Sonntag. Nancy Lee 213, 510 Smith. Charles Daniel 247, 510 Sorrell. 8en|amin J 488 Smith, Charles Lee 247 Sorrells. Kathleen 1 538 Smith, Charles Scott 524 Sorsby. Barbara Elaine 524 Smith Clay Myers 245 Sorsby, Lester Howard, Jr. 488 Smith. Clyde Willard. Jr. ... ....30. 31. 137. 165 Sosa. Norma Jane 488 Smith Cynthia Anne, Mrs. . . 90 Soucy. Lucien A 488 Smith. Daniel Robert 105. 537 Sours, Robert John. Jr 113, 222 Smith David Michael 157 Sousares. Lynn Scott 89. 510 Smith. David Ray 1 79 South. Cynthia Ann 431 Smith Deborah Jo . . .75, 96. 106. 227 South Jeffrey Charles 430 Smith, Deborah Lee 524 Southwell, Susan P 155 Smith, Dennis Kyle 510 Southworth, John F. . . . 158 498 Soutter. Susan E 167 Smith, Diane Elizabeth 524 Sowada. Rebecca Ann 167, 488 Smith, Donald Jack, Jr 64 Soward, Jena Kay 187, 365. 371, 488 Smith, Donna Frances 224. 537 Soward. Larry Ross 488 Smith Edward Jay 488 Sowards, Robert Daniel, Jr 488 Smith, Ellen Gary 253. 510 Sowell, Mark Anthony 78 Smith Emmitt Shelton 36. 247, 510 Sowers, Bruce Acton 65, 172, 538 Smith, Frank Joe. Ill 537 Spafford. Barbara Sue 49 Smith, Gary Lee ....418 Spain, Bruce Allen 275 Smith, Gary Lynn 257. 524 Spain. Harry Daniel 430 Smith Gary Wayne 488 Spain, Steven Philip 275 Smith, Gene Derek 105. 524 Spam. Susan Kay 524 Smith Hatch C 261 Spangler. Jeannie Rae 205, 538 537 Spann. Verda Ruth 488 Smith. James B., Jr 373 Spanos, Kostas G 140 430 Sparkman, George T., Jr 271. 538 Smith. James Kent 137. 168, 524 Sparkman, Gladys Lynn 166 423 Sparks, Alberta Diane 161. 449 Smith James Randall 488 Sparks. Kenneth W 160, 165. 365, 375 278. 510 Spears. Carolyn B 37. 209. 510 Smith. Jan Paulette 283. 524 Spears. Dana Michael 1 56, 488 Smith, Jane Harriet 235 Spears. Franklin Scott, Jr 231. 538 Smith. Janet Liane 537 Spears. John Stephen 1 79 Smith. Janet Lynn 2 1 1 , 488 Spears, Ray Earl 201 79. 510 Spears. Stephen Ross 171 Smith. Jeffery A ....277. 524 Spears. Susan Jean 206. 211. 488 Smith. Jerrie Faye 221 Specia, John Joseph, Jr 449 Smith John Calvin. Ill 459 Speck, Sally Lucy 510 Smith John Ronald. II 116 Spector, Sue Ann 190 Smith. Joy E. S 510 Speer, Michael Allen 423 Smith. Kathryn Lee 1 55 Speer, Robert Howard 82 Smith Kay 185 Speight, Harriett C 510 Smith, Kayle Ann 185 Speir, Paul Robert 449 Smith Kenneth Charles 78 Spell, Stanley Joe 135 Smith, Kristina Ann 41 Spellmann. Anne 283 Smith Lance Plowman 135. 171. 179 Spence, Judy Hoff 235 Smith, Larry Dean 537 Spence. Scott Marcus 510 Smith, Larry Howard 418 Spencer. Constance Lee 141. 510 97. 167. 537 Spencer John Richard 118, 510 Smith, Leslie Diane 524 Spencer, Ralph D., Jr 239 510 Spencer, Rile Keith 449 Smith. Linda Diane 169 Speyer. Richard Wayne 135 Smith. Linda Elizabeth 524 Speyrer, Charles Wayne 423 Smith, Lyn 235 Spiker Cynthia Ann 161. 169, 185. 371. 488 Smith Margaret Ann 537 Spmks, Edwin Glenn 105 Smith, Marian Robin 488 Spinks, Grafton A 67 Smith Marion Allen 510 Spinnato, Joseph C 67 Smith, Mark Randall 109 Spinner. Sharon Ruth 267. 538 Smith Maria Elaine 425, 537 Spinosa. Caren Kay 538 97 Spires, William V.. Jr 245 Smith Martha Susan 187 Spiser. Jacquelyn D 524 Smith. Marvin Bryant 510 Spivak, Malvina 459 Smith, Michael C 70 Spivy, Sherry Lynn 209, 524 155 Spizman, Irving Willy 191, 524 Smith Michael Lee ...16. 177, 179, 488 Sponberg, Mary Kathryn 205. 538 Smith Myra Kathryn 498 Sponberg, Ronald Terry 1 66. 488 Smith, Nancy Virginia Smith. Nita Karl Ott H 1 6 1 , 488 161. 205. 488 Spradlin. Charles T Spradlin, Scott Dunbar 166 49 Smith. Patricia Jane. Mrs. . . . 169 Spraggins. Alvin Cecil 488 Smith Patricia Sue. Mrs 157, 158 Sprain, Karran Kay 211. 538 Smith, Patrick Duncan 537 Spring. Carol Victoria 510 Smith Philip Stephen 524 Spring, Charnita ..115. 196. 510 510 Springer. Maqorie S 227, 510 Smith Richard Gregory 30, 278. 537 Sprinkle, Margaret Ann .. .87. 205. 524 Smith. Richard J 155 Sprott Ronald David 510 Smith Ronald Charles 49. 537 Sproul, Rhonda C 488 Smith. Roy Daley. Jr 524 Sprowls, Stephen Donald 239 Smith, Sarah Beth 173 Spruiell, James P 488 166 Squires Margaret Ann 213 Smith, Shelby Ann 50. 524 Squires. Rod Sellars 133 Smith. Sherrye Kaye 431 Srubar, Joe Henry. Jr 538 ....64. 175 Staats. Emily Hazel 147. 524 Smith Stephen Michael 157 Stacey. George Broun 242 Smith, Steven Wade 223 Stack, Gregory Krupps 538 255 Stack, Julie Ann 205 235 Stacy, George Broun 421. 524 185, 537 Staff. Marcia Jane 167 Smith. Trescott K 173 Stafford, Wesley W 70. 71 Smith. Virginia Sue 431. 510 Stagner, Michael Ellis 510 Smith. William L 65 Stalcup, Gary Caldwell 231,418 Smolik. Samuel Lynn 537 Staley. James Irven. II 261 Smothers Marilyn Lee ... 185, 537 Stall Deborah C 524 488 Staller. Joseph Bass 191 Snavely. Susan Mary 488 Stalling? George Harold 1 66 Snead, Winston Scott 239 Stallings, Judy Lynn 538 Sneed. Jerome Ernest 158, 165, 365 Stallman. Karen Faith 524 Snell, Kyle Suzanne 510 Stallman, Roy R.. Jr 168 Snelson. L. W.. Ill 219 Stallones. Melissa L 88, 227, 538 Snodgrass, Thomas E 1 70 Stamey. Melinda 185 105, 162. 179 Stanberry. Billy Jack 168 Snow Sally Katherine 524 Stanberry, Susan Lynne 283. 538 Snowdy, Elizabeth C 49. 510 Standard, Loretta J 431 524 Standefer. Bonnie June 269. 283 Snyder Phillip Lynn 78. 156 Standifer. James S 488 So Kwonq 524 Standish. Walter M 127. 157 So. Peter Chan M 510 Standley, Barry Howard .171. 179. 510 So Siu Kee ....159. 179 Standl ' ey. Evelyn 525 Soikowski, Karen F 510 Standridge. Michael Lee 271 Sokolow, Craig Bryan 259, 488 Stanford. John Edwin 168. 488 Stanley, Charles William 77. Stanley. Deborah Ann Stanley, Georgiana Davis Stanley, Gerald Wade 156, 259, 488 141 196. 197 ... .187. 488 55. 538 49 Stone, William E.. Ill Stoner Linda W Mrs 261 489 Stonge. Sally Beth Stool. Louis Allan 199. 511 280 141 167. 187, 538 .538 Storey. Mary Jane Storie, William Eugene Stork. Cheryl Jenella 205 168 Stansbury, Jennifer ....167. 538 167 510 1 66. 1 69 169 Stansel, Nina Beth Stansell, Mary Jane W.. Mrs ....152.459 169 49 Story, Jeryl Wayne Story, Mary Camille Stotler. Sally Wayne Stough, Floyd Robert Stout, Randol Lane Stovall, Edward Rogers. Jr Stover, Barbara Kay W.. Mrs.. Stover. John D 511 538 187, 489 67 423 92, 511 163 161 49 166 205 247 488 510 Stark. Thomas Wheeler Starnes. Sharon Arlene Starnes, Susan K 525 459 ..85, 95. 167 524 Stover, Susan E 431 269 Strader, Connie Marie Strain, Patricia Young Strait, William Roger 55. 255. 538 199. 489 165 235. 371 Staton. James Michael Stavinoha. Sandra Marie Stayer, Glenn Alan St. Clair, Constance G Steakley. Dan Stephen ... 122. 268. Stec, David Ale.ander 250, 524 85, 538 155, 183 255 387, 418, 423 49, 488 538 Stratton, John Robert Strauss. Nancy Deborah Strawbridge. Karen M Strawn, Russell Kent Strawn, Terry Charles Street, Virginia Pressly Streng, Randolph L 165. 365 166. 378 128. 511 78. 538 422 235 538 431 Stecher, Steven Alan Steeger. Corrine Lynn Steele, Linda Sue Steele. Mary Eileen Steele, Michael Henry Steele, Timothy C 74 166, 227. 488 488 21 1 489 489 . .525 Strickland. Osborne W 200 257 Strickland, Raymond L Strickland, Thomas Carter Strickler Jacquelyn F Stricklin. Sammy Rex Stringer. Beth Lynn 92, 511 489 197. 511 489 538 Steely, Henry T.. Jr 525 49 74 541 264 Stefka. Marilyn Louise 510 524 .213 Stripling, Josephine Strode, James Edward Strong, Gary Bennett Strong, Reese Strother. Robin Dale Stroube, Frank A Stroube, Tanya Ekblad Stroud Marie Cozette Stryker, Michael M Stuart, Charles C., Jr 155 73. 127 211. 256 280. 538 166. 173. 489 263. 510 275. 538 283. 538 231 ...168. 257. 525 423 264 Steib, Kathryn Theresa Stein, Kenneth R Stein, Marsha Stein. Paul Lawrence Stein. Richard Howard 122. 260. 261 373 167. 431 92. 538 1 70 49 Steinfeld Sandra 1 267. 538 217 Steinhebel, Terrance L Steinhoff Paul F Steinle, Carl William 73. 510 157 1 50 55 278 489 Stubbs, Samuel Eugene Studebaker, Linda S 239 51 1 538 Stell, Rebecca Lee Stellate, Louis Eugene Stellenwerf, W. A.. Jr 199. 538 137. 489 71 . .166 Studor, Jacob Von 449 .525 Sturdivant, Patricia A.. Mrs. . . Sturdivant Robert C 161 157 77 78 245 155 243 82 524 Sturtevant, Carolyn L Stutts, William Floyd Stutzman. Nancy M 489 49, 168 525 Stenger, Sydney L Stengle, Michael Fred Stephens, Allan Hugh Stephens, Frank Hobart ..257 525 191 524 Sudduth. Christine 85 Stephens, Timothy T 231 283. 538 87 209 . 157 Suggs. Nancy Elizabeth Suhr. Robert Michael 205 245 c. L I Stephenson. Paula G Stephenson. Rebecca Jane Stephenson. Rebecca Jan 489 185. 524 510 489 49,431 Sullender, Wayne M 525 538 Sullivan, Eileen F Sullivan, Elizabeth S.. Mrs 1 55 169 166, 459 1 66 Stern, Carol Ann Stern, Nancy Irice Stetson, Linda Grace Steubing. Lee Anna Stevens. Charles D Stevens. Genevieve Dee Stevens, Harvey Morris Stevens. Patricia Ann Stevens, William A Stevenson, David Ross ... .40, 101 489 189 489 525 159 Sullivan, James M 489 149 489 Sullivan, Stephen M Sullivan, William P Sullivant, George A., Jr Suman, John McLean Summers. Sheryne Anne 179 449 489 538 82 ,...525 489 105. 375. 489 375 269 ,...205, 489 525 Sumners. Laurance Earl Sumners Philip M 264. 489 264 489 187, 265 203 ...233. 525 283. 525 Sumrow. Steven Clois 219. 525 157 Stewart, Enos Roger, Jr Stewart, George R ...64. 511 538 235 Sundstrom, Alan Charles 157 163 Stewart. Jan Marie Stewart. Karen Joyce Stewart, Michael Eric 525 449 190. 191 ...92. 511 525 279 176. 227 538 489 538 r j , p w j Q ....247. 511 Sutton. Robert Lee . . 123 525 Stewart, Vicki Darlene Stewart, William Benson Stiba. Victoria Laura Stinson, Patricia Mack Svalberg, Sandra C 146.424. 425 418. 538 . .511 511 Swan. Sandra Lynne 211, 538 283, 525 525 Sfocker. Edward E., Jr 245 511 Swanson. Sally E Swaty Patricia Annette Swearingen. William L Sweat. Mrs. Robert. Jr Sweat. Robert H.. Jr Sweeney. Constance M Sweeney. Mark Webster Sweeney. Martha Mary Sweeney. Michael S Sweet. Gary Lewis Swenke. Susan J Swensen, Michael Wayne Swenson. Sherry 49. 255, 538 489 161 ' ..IN, iH 116 203 525 .113. 155, 202, 203 511 ...49, 213. 371 225 91 207 105. 511 ...51. 58. 59 Stockton, Kenneth Earl 223 538 Stoever, Walter Edward 511 511 538 .51 Stokes. Alexis Nan , ....511 70 Stokes, John Truitt Stolbun. Sam Leon Stoler, Susan Joanne Stone, Charles Turner. Ill Stone, Dennis Keith Stone. Gerald Victor Stone. Martin Lewis Stone. Mindy Joyce ...55.92. 538 ....275,430 55, 167, 538 127 49 .123, 244, 245 171 250, 511 489 Swindall Kermit Lee 511 387 64 92 199 511 489 511 449 Swink, Jim Swisher. Samuel J.. Jr Switser. James Girard Swope. Deborah Lee Synatschk. Martin E Synwolt, Richard F,, III Szabuniewicz. C. H Stone, Robert Michael 538 525 568 CARL MAYER JEWELERS " M O t T O N I frcwr; s,c J C ill P.,., Nam. Pages Pages Name Pages Tabbert. Patricia Lynn 161 . 489 Tabor. Christopher C 223. 51 I Tackett. Randy Joe 489 Tacquard. Phyllis E 511 Taft. Arthur Armatage 99 Takacs. Rodney Scott 168 Talbert. William L 459 Talbot. John Scott 268. 269 Talboys. Paul Albert 155. 489 Taliaferro. Ted Cass 511 Talley. Claudia E 110. III. 238. 525 Talley. Susan Grier 511 Talley. Susan Jane 511 Tamayo, George Edward I I 7. 489 Tamburello. Nancy M I 30. 51 I Tamez. Daniel D.. Jr 489 Tanker. William Howard 1 53. 427. 430 Tankersley. James Deen 489 Tankersley. Lizabeth 187. 51 1 Tapper. Patricia Ellen 189. 489 Tarkington, Virginia L 205 Tarlton, John Yerby 105. 162. 51 I Tarrant. George Donald 168 Tartir. Usama A. M 1 35 Tassos. Helen Walton 233, 538 Tate. Harold M 1 58 Tate, Kirk Hall 257. 538 Tate. Mark Crompton 257 Tate. Richard Alan 1 66 Tatone Michael Anthony 99. I 75 Tatum. Patricia Lynn 213 Tatum. Thad I 57 Tausend. Patricia Ann 511 Tausend, Thomas Paul 538 Tawil, Saleem 511 Taylor. Ardell 49. 164. 360 Taylor, Arthur Lee 42 1 Taylor. Betty Ellen 198. 199. 489 Taylor, Bradley L Ill Taylor, Carl J, . Taylor, Cathleen Ann . . . Taylor, Christopher Rand Taylor, Craig Thomas. Taylor Cynthia Taylor. Cynthia Ann. . Taylor, Diane Elizabeth Donald Frank . Dorothy Adele . Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor 207, 525 206 203 489 ...57. 149, 152. 373. 489 431 166. 169 538 233, 525 Eva Marceau 507 Gaye Marie 525 George Thomas 489 Taylor. James Carl 525 . ....................... Taylor. James Thomas .................... 146 Taylor. Janette .......................... 209 Taylor. John Edmond ..................... 241 Taylor. Josiah P.. IV ................ 525 Taylor Julius Heyward ............... 122. 237 Taylor. Karen Terese ..................... 525 Taylor. Larry Dale ........... 113. 270. 271. 511 Taylor, Linda ............................ 209 Taylor Linda S .......................... 169 Taylor Marianne ..................... 97, 449 Taylor, Marlon Ray ....................... 574 Taylor. Michau Cage ................ 235, 51 I Taylor. Rebecca Jean .................... 511 Taylor. Susan E ................. ...525 Taylor, Terri Ann 251. 511 Taylor. Thomas Nelson 49, 1 50 Taylor. Timothy Dale 459 Taylor. Wallace E.. Jr 225, 538 Taylor William L 87 Teague, Cl.fton P 525 Teague JoM.chael Hargis 36. 257. 489 Teague. Judith Anne 185 Teague. Pat Randall 257 Teeling. William Linder 157 Teer. Robin Lindsay 105 Teichelman Laverne Faye 227. 489 Teinert. Nancy Gail 187 Telford. Laura K 49 Telge. Cheryl Dianne 538 Teller. Beverly Diane 180. 105 Tello. Mario Omar 71. 175 Temple, Karen 538 Temple, Thomas Jack 75. 538 Temple Thompson Bond 122. 203. 490 Templin. Claudia F. P.. Mrs 449 Templin. Howard Leslie 449 Tenenbown. Myra Ann 90 Teninbaum. Leonard Max 157 Tenison. Anne Hughes 255 Teoh Margaret Bee Wee 115 Teoh. Noreen Bee Mui 115 Teran Heinz I 33. 459 Terrazas. Richard James 249. 490 Terrell Joseph Walter 1 70 Terrell. Sarah C 94. 490 Terrell. William Lee 105, 51 I Terri, Martha 431 Terry. Beverly Lynn 490 Terry. David Rankin 105. 51 I Terry Mary Kethryn 2 1 3. 43 I Terry. Patricia Alice 187 Terry. Shirley Ann 538 Terwelp Daniel Rome 123. 231. 418.423 Terwey. Kathryn Grace 187. 525 Testa. Joanne 1 69. 2 1 7. 490 Testa. Peggy Jean 217 Teten, Robert Paul. Jr 237 Teten. William T 237 Thaddeus, Sarah E 525 Thames, Gena Beth 283 Thawerbhoy, Afzal Musa 107, 426 Thawerbhoy. Nazim S 107 Tha.ton. James Eric 242. 525 Thedford. Alice D 227 Thedford. Catherine A 538 Thibodeau. Daniel J 168 Thielemann, Alan H 271 Thielemann Flora Dean 511 Thieme. Robert Bunger, III 68. 71. 175 Thogersen. Steve Alan 78. 538 Thoman, Mark Charles 64. 99, 175 Thomas. Alan George 112, 257. 42 1 . 423 Thomas. Anna J 161 Thomas. Becky 88. 538 Thomas. Betty Lou 82. 229. 538 Thomas. Beverly Kay 490 Thomas Chalk 1 29 Thomas. Carla Jane 199, 525 Thomas. Charles R 64 Thomas. David Wayne 538 . Ellwood L.. Jr ,. Frances Claire 209. s. Hilda Suzanne 229, s James H.. Jr Jean C s, Jeanette John Carroll . .36. 41. 122. 244. 245 Judy Ann 213 Laura E Loss Edward Michael Gene 171. Patricia Dee 283. s, Roderic Conrad s. Ronald George Rose Renee s. Stephen D , Susan Bell . Thomasina 227 , William Miller on, Billy Wayne on, Nancy Marie . . . i M. ....167 187, Tho Tho Tho Tho Thorn Thoi Thoi Thoi Thoi Thorn Th. Thorn Thoi Thoi Thoi Thoi Thorn Thi Thorn Thi Th. Thorn Thorn son. Barbara I. L.. Mrs. . Thompson, Betty Jane Thompson, Beverly S. . Thompson, Brenda Lee Thompson, Bruce L 145. Thompson. Carlton E Thompson. Cynthia C Thompson. Douglas S 77 Thompson. Erwin Gaston Thompson. Ida Dawn Thompson. James R Thompson. Janet Lee 55, Thompson, Janine E. Thompson, Josephine K 235. Thompson, Judy E 209 Thompson, Karen Lee Thompson. Katherine 205. Thompson, Katherine R Thompson, Kenneth W Thompson, Leroy David 65. 75, 172. Thompson. Linda Anne Thompson. Lindsey A. Thompson. Martha Jane 238. Thompson. Michael D Thompson. Michael R Thompson, Monique S 2 1 1 , 256. Thompson. Nancy Carol 90. Thompson. Patrick D Thompson. Robert N Thompson. Roger Dale . . Thompson. Scott Howie . Thompson, Stephen Earl Thompson, Steven Douglas 155. Thompson. Steven E Thompson, Tommy Joe . . Thompson. Trudy Gayle . . Thompson. William R.. Jr. Thomson. Barbara L Thomson. Maria N Thorn. Craig Steven Thornberry. Kate Thome. Deborah Dee 255. Thome. George C.. Jr 30. 137, Thornhill. James L 511 511 538 .538 . 166 .538 511 538 .199 .490 179 449 .231 .511 .490 . .64 .511 490 . 168 .418 .51 I 525 .490 .525 538 490 511 . 131 .490 538 .525 .538 . 179 538 .155 538 538 .525 525 .511 .449 538 .525 .257 538 269 511 490 167 423 .449 .511 ..74 .538 243 .525 ..70 .538 ..64 .525 .105 .449 .283 538 155 421 Thornhill. Richard Joe 129 Thornton, Jamie 511 Thornton. Joe Rayford 525 Thornton. John Norman I 34, 490 Thornton. Robert L 166 Thornton. Thurman D 511 Thorp Claude Wilson 242 Thrash, Kathryn 161. 490 Threadgill. Marcia F.. Mrs 157 Threadgill. Marshall L 215 Threlkeld. David Bryan 168 Thum. Deborah Ann H.. Mrs 490 Thum. Robert Elton 490 Thurman. Richard Lynn 418 Thurman. Robert Wayne 490 Tibbetts Michael Eden 245, 421, 423. 51 I Tibbetts. Patrick T 421 Tibbitts. Marian N 511 Tice. Joseph Hye 538 Tidwell. Russell Dess 525 Tiemann. Robert Miller 1 57 Tiemann. Roslyn Ann I 85, 269 Tijerina. Amador G 410. 414. 42 1 . 423 Till. Elizabeth Ann 538 Tillerson. Rex Wayne 105. 121. 162. 525 Tillinghast. Ann L 209. 256 Tillman. Steven Paul 128 Tilly. John Roland 149. 163. 51 1 Timanus. Barbara H 255. 538 Timberlake. Marie 55. 213.431 Timko. Merrianne Jill 5 11 Timmons. Elizabeth Ann 55. 5 M Timmons. Patrick F.. Jr 1 60. 1 65. 365 Timmons. Terence Penick 34. 159. 490 Tiner. James Michael 490 Tinney, Patrick E.. Ill 538 Tinsley. Edward R.. Ill 222. 223 Tippett. Jenny Marie 205. 525 Tipple. David Franklin 247. 490 Tips, Jeanene M 511 Tipton. James A.. Jr 237. 525 Tisdale. James C 105, 490 Tish. Donna Lynn 189. 51 I Tittle. John Clark 65. 75. 430 Tivers. Elaine Hanover 538 Tjernagel. Cathy Sue 511 Tobar Mike J 263 Tobin. Susan Frances 82. 148 Tobleman. Ronald Wayne 166 Tobola. Louis L.. Jr 449 Tobor. Michael Jay 36. 122. 263 490 Todar. Kenneth G 48 Todd. Ann Elizabeth 538 Todd, Frederick D., II 49 Todd. Melvin Reynolds 257 Todd. Russell George 149. 170 Todd. Terry Lee 177. 179 490 Todds, Gary Lee. Graham 538 , . Toellner. Paulette Kay Toepp, Sharon Elizabeth . Toepperwein. Douglas N. Tofte. William Frederick Tolar. Robin Sayer 167. 538 ..227. 248 490 525 ...137. 490 525 Tolbert, Catherine E 66, 525 Toles. Cynthia Ann I 70 Toles. Holland E. . 155. 166 569 Pages Name Pages Pages 169, 490 224, 511 525 187, 538 511 490 525 179. 430 128. 525 404 407 421. 423 213, 431 525 215. 538 105. 511 423 538 161. 267. 490 490 85 85 Steven Kerry 190. 191 Elizabeth Ann : 236 Tolk. Janet Cornelia . . . Toll, Linda Fay Tolliver. Pamela Dawn . . Tolson. Mary Vance .... Tomberlin, R. G., III.... Tomek. Deborah Ann . . . Tomey, Deborah Ann . . . Tomforde. Albert M.. Ill Tompkins. Karen K Tompkins, Wyatt Myron . Tomson, Jeanne Laura . . Tong, Nicolette Amelia . Tonn, William Harmon, II Tooke. Charles Thomas . Tooke. William Mays . . . Toomin. Claudia Sue . . . Topek, Fredell Madeline . Topham. Catherine Anne Topham. Craig M Topham. Joan Lanette . . Toplet: Toppe Toppins, Sarah E 29, 90 Torentinos, Anthony 166 Torian. Gary Lamar 525 Tornow Joel Frank 78. 1 56 Torrance. Susan Shelby 424. 43 I Torres. Eloisa Ysaura 525 Torres, Jesus Patlan 490 Torres, Jose Ruelas 427 Totzke. Anne Louise 32. 146. 425, 426. 431 Toubin Cheryl Helene 1 89. 530 Touchon. Ronald Eric ISO, 422. 423 Toudouze Nancy E 490 Tout Victoria, Mrs 161 Tovar, Alfred G 89 Towler Sally Jockusch 235 Townley Cheryl Y 161,283.490 Townsend. David Lee 247 Townsend. Donley. Jr 78 Towsley. Daniel Kent 511 Towsley, Donald Fred 166 Tracy. Lynn 511 Trammel. Gary Lee 525 Trammell Kathryn L 211 Trammell, Martha Lynn 282, 283 Tramonte. Christine F 490 Tran. Thi Phuc 538 Tran Phien 459 Tranfaglia, Twyla Lynn 118. 167 Transou. Ann Lynette 2 1 3. 538 Trapp, Barbara Jane 511 Traub, Robert Gary 525 Travis. Roxane 525 Traylor. Danny Andrew 30 Traynor, Christine M 167, 538 Treaccar, Annette L 90. 525 Treaccar Thomas H 421 Trekell. Stanley Gene 105. 162 Tresch Robert E.. Jr 418 Tresch. Susan Thatcher 233. 538 Tresnicky. Larry C 490 Trevmo, David S 538 Trevino Diana Maria 1 66, 490 Trevino, Elva Perez 490 Trevino. John Joe 1 66 Trevino, Maria Elsa 490 Trevino, Robert Campos I 30. 490 Trevino, Veronica E 490 Treybig. Duane Stephen 525 Trial Marcia Lynn 538 Tnce. Treva Kay 538 Tneb. John Edward 92. 161. 491 Trigg, Jane Reed 375 Trimble Thomas A 207 Triplet!. John Richard 92 Tripp. Celia Anne 538 Triska. Richard Leo. Jr 491 Trlica. Colleen Kay. Mrs 539 Trlica. Jack Scott 511 Troberman. Rick Hanson 423 Trodlier. Marsha Sue 49. 217. 511 Troiano Katherine Ann 511 Trojenowsky. Brenda E. 49. 92. 106. 173, 227, 375. 491 Troll. Thomas Martin Tropp. Adrienne I. G., Mrs Trosky. Chester J .115. 211 Troth, Judy Lee ... Trout Roger Woodrow Trout. William Richard. Troy, Steven Bruce Troyer Emily Ardath . . Truelson, Robert B.. II . True.. Alan Dale Trusty Rebecca Sue 70 169 491 256 67 70 511 525 539 57 . 167, 431 Trutna Thomas Anthony .................. 539 Trutna, William R.. Jr ..................... 179 Tschoepe Michael D .............. 89. 1 68, 5 1 I Tschoerner Rudolf. Ill ................ 134. 539 Tsevat Daniel ........................... 511 Tsu, Chi Cha. ........................... 139 Tuck William Gene ...................... 237 Tucker Bruce Wayne ..................... 539 Tucker, Carolyn Gail ..................... 539 Tucker, Crenford Clay ............ 49, 271. 491 511 491 , Tucker Cynthia Tucker Dennis Diehl Tucker. Dickie Keith Tucker. George Gillespie ............. 420. 423 Tucker. John Pyne .511 Robert Keith 430 Thomas Elliott 207 William... 539 491 239 199. 269. 371 491 101. 105. 162. 511 209 237, 539 72 ...III, 280 525 Tucke, Tuckei Tucker Ti Tucker Tommy Joe . Tucker William L.. II Tudor. Susan Terry . . Tull Janice Sue .... Tune Billy Carl .... Tune. Jennifer Lynn . Tunks Timothy T. . . . Turbeville, Boyd F.. Jr. Turboff Ronald Turet, Thomas Robert 269 Turk Diane C. Linder, Mrs 161 Turkelson. Mark E 539 Turley Timothy Wayne " . - - 539 Turnbull. Robert 261 Turner Betty Sue 255, 51 I Turner. Charles M 525 Turner. David Alan 375 Turner. Deborah Anne 82 Turner Deborah Kay 525 Turner, Ellis Steve 191 Turner. James W 365 Turner James Wimberley 165, 171, I 79 Turner. Julia Ann 49, 205. 491 Turner. Nancy Alice 105, I 80, 525 Turner. Neomia 511 Turner. Patricia Ann 525 Turner. Robert Bruce 280, 539 Turner Rosalind Joyce 511 Turner. Roy Kimbell 539 Turner. Temple Gay H., Mrs 166 Turner. Thomas Charles . . 121. 155, 160. 166, 373, 376. 422, 491 Turner. William Edward 491 Turpin, James Edwin 105. 168. 525 Turpin. Martha Hope 167 Tusa Sally Mane 235, 539 Tuttle, Franklin Lewis 539 Tuttle Grover Benson 539 Tuttle, Terence Arthur 491 Tyler, Carmen Salas 147 Tyler Jonnie Jo 449 Tyler, Ronnie Paul 257, 418. 423 Tymniak, Lance Barend Tyroch, Jerry D., Jr. ... Tyrrell. Michel K Tyson. Gayle Lanier . . . Uecker, Wilfred C. . . . Ulert. Yvonne Karen . . Ulmann. Troy Robert . . Ulrich. John Masil H Ulvertburch, Charles R. . . 117 511 539 525 375 167 134 ...418. 511 ...135 Umholtz, Rebecca Sue 525 Umstattd, Robert McNutt 237. 49 1 Underwood. James David 105 Underwood. Max Stephen 1 68. 525 Upchurch. Claudia Jo 164 Upchurch. Michael J 525 Upchurch. Rebecca S 525 Urban, George Alan 525 Urbanovsky. Mary L 511 Urbanovsky, Pamela J 525 Urbanski. Richard Joseph 166 Urey. Joseph Daniel 168 Uribe. Eduardo Javier 92 Uselton. Michael T 119 Uselton. Samuel P 252, 5 1 I Uselton. Sharon 119 Ussery. Christine L. T., Mrs 166 Ussery. Edith Myram. Mrs 511 Ussery. Miriam A. Uttenweiler. Christine Vacek. Don Caroll Vacek. Joanne E Valadez. Carlos Lauro Valadez. Miguel Angel Valcik. James Edwin. . . Valdez David Lee .... Valdez R.cardo Cruz . . Valek. Steven Joseph . . Valeric. Juan. Jr Valero, Jimrr ..491 ..511 ...92 ..525 511 128, 449 225, 525 126, 449 89 .389, 396. 418. 423 142. 145 78. 156 Valian, Martha Ann 49. 49 1 Valigura. Kathleen C 511 Valleio-e. Johnny J 427 Valleio, Alfredo 427 Valleio Luis 1 27. 539 Van Beekum, John 574 Van Dorum Wayne 278 Van Duym, Dirk Adrian 116 Van Kleef. John D 491 Van Kleef. Susan E. R.. Mrs. Van Norden. Lelia Ann Van Orne, Katherine Irene Van Osselaer, Paul Joseph . Van Sice Kathryn M. . . Van. Stephen L Vana. Anna Margaret . Vanbibber. Diane Vance, Betty Ann 205. 491 .115, 193, 525 539 . . . .40. 165, 363, 491 205 .49. 160, 165, 365. 378 49 1 539 .187. 511 Vance. Donald Allison 77 Vance. Nancy Si Vandehey, Dale Michael . . Vanderdrift. Mark Adrian . Vanderhule Barbara A. . . Vanderslice, John Patrick. Vanderstoep. Gail Ann . . . Randy A Vendewiele. John A Vandew.ele, Lorna. Mrs. . . Vandoren. Wayne Richard Vangelakos, Augustus Vanness. George K Vanness, John Abbey Vansickle, Mary Lynn Vanwinkle. Jo Beth Vanzant. John Edwin Vanzura. Pamela Chene . . . Varnadore, Morris D Vascocu. Karen Sue Vasquez. Raul Antonio Vaughan Deborah Lea . . . Vaughn. Kenneth Wesley. . Vaughn, William Daniel . . . Veasey. Sparks P Veatch. D.anne E Vecchio, Vicki Marie Veeraiah. Chimirala 167 187 78. 156. 511 .127 491 158 . .491 88. 94. 115 539 134. 511 511 64. 539 71 67 511 449 511 239, 511 85 70 491 131 233. 270 203 1 70 168 34. 35. 383 525 ... 1 59 Verducci. Thomas Henry . Verheyden, Gregory D. . . Verheyden. John P Verrett, Ronald Gregg . . Verrett, Vincent James . . Verseckes. Michael S Vertr Alan David . 78 213 . . 40, 121, 1 65. 360 ....225 Vela. Michael Wayne 92, 525 . Vela, Robert . 174 Velez Paul 1 60. 378 Verbick. Donald Lee 135, 449 Verbois. Robert David 539 70 Vesper Janice Elaine 229. 253 Vick. Donnie Lynn 409. 422 Vick. Johanna Mary Vick. Kyle Alfred. Ill Vickers, Lonnie Lee Vickery. Charles R Vickland. Karen Ann 105 Vickrey. Richard Allan 49 Vicksell Gary Allen 65 Viers, Laura E Vikstrom. Carl Ellis Vilbig. Peter Simon Villagran, Edward J Villalobos, Ernesto A Villarreal. David H Villarreal. Manuel A 137 Villarreal. Richard 144 Villasenor, Steve J Vincent, Esther Rene Vincent, Kathy Ann 167 Vincent, Sue Lichte Vine, Nancy Louise Vine, Sandra Kathryn 105 Vinson. Charles E 165 Vinson David Arnold Vise. Beryl David I 57 Vitek, Robert Gene Vivona, Johnny Michael Vocke, Johanna M Vogt. James Michael . Vogt. Richard Alan . . Voigt, Nancy Kaye . . Volkemng. Ronnie Ray Vollmer, Donald F. . . . Volpe. Leticia Marie Volpe. Marilyn Jean Volz. James Spencer Vonderhoya, C. W Vonmerveldt, Joseph P I 79 Voorhees. Rosalyn M Vornsand. Kurt Theuer Vorsas. Joseph Harry 137 Voskamp, Thomas Alan Voss. James Patrick 65. 99 Vowan, Mary Elizabeth 270 Vowell. Cathy Lynn I 76, Vowell. Emily Laverne Voydat. Laura C Wackerbarth, Richard K Waddell, Jay Ross Waddell, Marsha Helen 233 Wade, Karen Lynn 205 Wade Martha Jane 235, Wade, Patricia A Wade Ronald Ellis Wade, William Kim Wadsworth, Betty Kay, Mrs Wagamon. Charles H., Jr Wagert, Scott Warren Wagner, Alicia L Wagner, Donald Ernest Wagner, Frank Henry. Jr Wagner, Hazel K Wagner, Robert Murray 34 Wagner, Steven Clark Wagner, William M Wagnon, Philip Casey Wagy, Arthur Wendell Wahrmund. Donald C 131 Wahrmund. Robert Allen Waidhofer, William Wakefield, Jack Scott Wald. Harriet Waldhauser. Melanie M Waldman. Douglas Alan . . . Waldman, Randall Jay .... Waldman, Stephen Alan . . . Waldrep. Joanne Wales. Deborah Jeanne. . . . Walker. Barbara Jo Walker. Brenda Joyce Walker Charles R Walker, Cynthia Key Walker, Deborah Lynn 115, Walker, Evelyn Ann Walker, Floyd Wayne Walker, Forrest Ray 30. 127, Walker, Gregory Alan Walker, Jack Rew, Jr Walker Jessee Randall Walker, John Hale. Ill . Walker. John N Walker, John William Walker, Karen Denise 166, Walker, Kenneth Joseph Walker, Kenneth Paul Walker, Matthew M Walker, Michael Lee Walker. Pamela Kay 227, Walker, Pricilla M. S Walker. Robert Bridges Walker. Robert Kenneth 137. Walker. Robert W Walker. Sharla Kaye Walker, Victoria L Walker, William Clyde Walker, William David Walker, William L 271. 418, 423 Wall. Jack Knox Well. James Carroll Wall. Lewis Douglas. Ill Wall. Melinda Ann 199, Wall. Rosalyn Wallace. Byron Kent Wallace. James Richard Wallace. Joe Thomas. Jr 166. 280, ....280, ....280, . 194 . ... 1 79, 539 525 539 511 105 ..65 511 491 423 213 491 .64 539 491 511 172 161 .68 168 449 430 491 449 145 .430 .176 431 459 539 ISO 375 .92 491 491 105 185 .73 156 525 375 539 525 431 525 499 159 491 512 499 .62 175 283 512 491 235 117 539 512 512 512 157 512 418 491 449 539 233 157 491 161 179 168 430 525 219 179 91 168 .64 525 512 491 539 512 491 512 491 375 512 235 525 491 539 491 .63 512 168 491 491 269 173 491 418 512 .49 499 492 126 492 126 157 492 492 525 .72 449 492 539 539 512 225 539 ..40. 155 . 268. 269 Wallace, Mark Bryan Wallace, Nancy Wallace, Patricia Wallace. Tereasa Anne Wallace. Tom Lester Wallace. William W Wallis. Melinda Louise 77. 79. 206, Wallis Ted William I 55, 1 66. Walls, Brian Lee 225. Walls, Marsha Lynn Walls. Stephen Craig 34, 135. 165. 171 179. 373 Walraven, Stephen E Walsh, Gregory F.. Ill Walsh. Richard Lee Walstad. Barbara Ann . Walstad, Susan Jean . . Walston. Delia Jane . . . Walter, James Harrison Walter, Mary Lucille . . Walters, Bari Ann .... Walters, Carol Lynn . . Wa ' ters, Charles A. ... Walters, Janis Lynn Walters, Milton Drew Walther. Judy Marie Walthers. Leah Jan Walton, Gary Allen Walton, Georgia Mizell Walts. Charles Frederick 157 Waltz, Jeanette Sue Wandel. Deborah L Ward, Barbara Dianne Ward. Bradley Branson Ward Crystal Ann Ward, Gilbert Robert Ward, Jeanne Ann 233 Ward, Mary Anne Ward. Nolan F Ward. Stanley Russell Ward Steven Kelly Ward William Seaton Wardell. Ferman N. . . . Ware, Cynthia Ware, James Lane Ware, Margaret Ann Waremg Nancy Jo 227 Wareing, Peter Staub Warlick Donald Wayne Warnecke. Robert B 34, I 59 Warren. Florence F. T.. Mrs Warren. Gloria Jean Warren John Wayne I 27 Warren, Linda Beth 37 Warren, Ronnie Lynn Warrington. Douglas Jno Washam. Dona Kay Washam, Lydia Jo Washburn, James Jay Washington, Carolyn E 1 67. 22 I Wasko, Barbara Duff Wasson, Robert F.. Jr Waters. Leland Wyatt . . Waters, Steven David . . . Watford. George Hardy . .143, 227 .225.430 225 Cal Bailey. Jr. . Charles Edward. Walk. Watk Watkins, Jill Ai Watk.ns, Kim Suza Watkin: ..213. 431 70. 75. 230 ...78, 75. 96. 206, ...139, ..205. ... 207 .49. 221 1 66. 112 185, 2 1 1 . 43 1 . 199 ...183. Mary Nan. . Watkins, Robert B Waller Mark Collins . Watson. Ann Maria . . Watson. Ann Pate . . . Watson. Byron Antnie Watson, David Gary Watson, David Russell Watson, Dorothy Watson, Elizabeth Watson. Gary Lynn Watson, James R Watson. James Robert Watson. John Girling Watson. John R., Ill Watson. Judy Marsha Watson. Lois Marie Watson. Marie Seibold Watson. Mary Elizabeth Watson. Melissa Taylor Watson. Paula Ann Watson, Phillip Alan Watson, Ralph Eugene Watson Richard A., Jr Watson, Vicki Lynn 2 I 3, 238, 43 I Watt. Joseph Michael Watt. Neal Watt, Richard D Watts. Charles Ross 137 Watts. Donna Kay Watts. Gary Mitchell Watts. Janet Sue Watts. Karen Lynn Watts, Kenneth B. . Watts, Sharon Sue . . . Watz Jane Marie . . . Waugh. Kay Charmain Waugh. Michael Jay . Waxier. Melvin Ellis . . Wear. Benjamin Frank Wearckle, Sharon .... Weatherly. Dan C.. Jr. Weaver, David Jamar Weaver, Janice Syble Weaver. Nancy Weaver Nancy Lee . . Weaver. Shari Weaver William T. . . Webb David Ray ... Webb Janet Patricia Webb Larry Leon . . . Webb. Lillie Kate. .. . Webb. Pamela Sue . . . Webb. Ronald Kermit . 49, ...115, 166 .261. 512 233 161 .49 223 539 2S3 492 526 539 224. 449 .168 . 157 .512 ..49 375 .187 512 .459 539 512 ..33 .512 .526 .155 .539 .421 .211 158 .539 .2J5 .539 .526 .526 .105 539 .424 .165 .513 .168 .137 .526 512 .170 .492 539 .269 .492 499 .492 .526 250 199 .512 ..58 .499 .526 .499 512 235 157 512 539 .492 .492 ..29 233 539 283 156 .512 .170 211 . 117 499 .247 278 539 512 .40 264 539 . 155 512 512 492 206 539 526 512 . 146 .526 526 .165 . 119 .423 492 .492 .264 .526 .526 .158 235 526 193 119 .170 ..89 .431 172 .28 512 205 .49 492 539 ..72 .213 .423 .492 .512 499 570 Pages Htm, Pages Pages Nan- Pages Webb. Sarah Beryl 213 Webb. Steven Ira 49 Weber. Andrew J.. Jr 225 Weber. Karen Ann 526 Weber Kim Elizabeth 526 Webster. Ronald Paul 168 Webster Stephen 1 1 7. 539 Weddell. William Alan 239. 5 1 2 Weddle. Timothy Robert 131 Weelley. Claire M 539 Wegner. Harold 492 Weidner Chester P.. Jr 512 Weidner. Leanne 199. 539 Weidner Sara Lynn . .29. 109. 152. 163. 369. 492 Weidt Nancy Ellen 167. 539 Weigel Tommy Lee 1 55. 492 Weihrauch. Lynn S 68.73.492 Weinblatt. James Sayre 105 Weiner. Alan Charles 73 Weiner. Debra Rae 267. 512 Weiner. Linda Rose 189. 539 Weiner. Marl Steven 190 Weiner. Shari Renee 217. 492 Weinstein. Gory 191 Weise. Bonnie Renee 1 67, 539 Weisinger. James S 73 Weiss. Jack Allen 275 Weiss. Leighton James 109 Weisser Mark Alan 117 Weissgarber. Eric John 247. 539 Weitzel. Deborah Lee 185 Welch. John Edwin 137. 492 Welch. Katherine L 526 Welch. Mark Donald 85 Welch. Melinde Joan 512 Welden. Claudia K. P.. Mrs 169 Welder, Katie Owens 203 Weldon. Lynn Dell 1 67 Weldon. Robert David 512. 541 Welge, Jack Herman. Jr 224. 225, 512 Welhausen. Cynthia Rae 1 85. 526 Welhoelter, Mollie S 512 Welle Philip Earl 526 Wellen. Karolyn M 205 Weller. Lucile Burford 166 Wells Clinton E.. Jr 242 Wells. Frederick N.. Jr 157 Wells James D.. Ill 245 Wells. John Tullos 160. 165. 365 Wells. Linda 161 Wells. Marcelyn Ruth 211.539 Wells. Marianne D 499 Wells. Robert Milton 492 Wells. Robert Wayne 492 Wells. Shirley Ann 49 Wells. Thomas Mann 512 Welsh. Joseph Leo 67 Welsh. Robert Wilson .................... 1 73 Wende. Diane Elaine ................. 166. 512 Wender. Jerry Lee ....................... 155 Wendland. Cynthia Lynn ......... 183. 283. 492 Wendland. Kimberly Gail ............. 283. 539 Wendlondt Helen Kay ................... 512 Wendlandt, Vicki Arlean .................. 539 Wendover, Carey Dee .................... 235 Wendt, Jeanette Moebes ................. 1 73 Wener. Joanne .......................... 492 Wenglar. Mark Alan ..................... 492 Wen.el. Richard Earl ..................... 526 Wenzel. Roger Allen ..................... 1 19 Werckle. Sharon Kay ..................... 146 Werkenthin. Marie L ..... 105. 180. 199. 227. 512 Werlla. Hunter Zigmond ................... 92 Werlla. Vanessa Lynn .................. 85. 539 Werner Mark Allen ...................... 1 74 Werry. Thomas Owen ............. 77. 156. 492 Worst John James ...................... 512 Wersterfer. Catherine L ................... 199 Wessels. John William .................... 1 79 Wessels. Susan Carol ..................... 492 Wesson. Robert Bell ...................... 166 West. Charles Shannon ............... 242, 539 West. Mary Ann ........................ 526 West Michael Kee ...................... 421 West. Robert V.. Ill ...................... 155 West William G.. Jr ........... 36. 38, 269. 526 Westbrook, Dan Allen ................ 168. 526 Westbrook, Thomas B ..................... 492 Westbury John Rush ..................... 1 66 Westfall. Marsha Lynne ....... 37. 196, 37 1 , 492 Westmoreland. Bradley ............... 223, 512 Weston Melissa Noel ................ 185. 512 Wetuski. Virginia C.. Mrs .................. 512 We ler. Linda Merle ................. 189. 492 Weynadt. Glen Braden, Jr ................. 526 Weynand. Diana Lea ...................... 88 Whaley, James Moore, Jr ................. 261 Whaley, Janet Lynn .............. 87, 1 87. 526 Wharton, Leslie Ann .................... 512 Wharton, Nancy Inez ..................... 539 Whatley, Linda Sue .................. 205, 526 Whatley. Thomas Lee .................... 539 Wheat, Hilary ........................... 256 Wheat, Jerry Daniel ................. 418. 526 Wheatley, Larry D ........................ 49 , Donald Ray ..................... 526 , Linda Kay ...................... 526 539 Whisenant. Mary Patrice 105. 539 Whisenhunt. John Richard 250. 492 Whistler. Clyde Louis 492 Whiteker. Richard B 92. 512 White. Britt 219. 539 White Carl Stephen 423 White. Cathy Ann 187 White. Cynthia Kaye 187 White. Deborah Gay 87. 1 52 White, Debra Kay 539 White, Deleyne L 40 White. Dennis Clyde 492 White, Douglas Alan 219, 512 White. Edwin Earle 423 White. Edwin Hardy. Jr 215. 512 White. Gary Warren 1 55 White. Gary Wrenn 85. 139. 512 White. Gilbert Lee 492 White. Haves Reynolds. Jr 492 White. James Thomas 183. 492 White. Jenny Allane 167. 199. 526 White. John Branum 168 White. John Standridge 1 66 White. Margaret Meredith 205. 492 White. Marilyn 512 White. Mark Gilmore 179 White. Marsha Glenelle 375. 492 White. Mary Jane 493 White, Page Denise 187 White. Patricia Ann 499 White. Richard Wayne 77 White. Robert Brown 493 White. Rodrick James 271 White. Sharon Sue 493 White, Thomas Martin 264 White, Toni Ann 115. 187. 539 White Vicki Gayle 187. 384. 539 White. William F 83 Whitehead, William L 1 50 Whitehill. John Mays 225 Whitehorne. Darcy Ann 526 Whitehurst. Terri Ann 526 Whiteley. Michael A 539 Whiteside. Tom Healy 123. 242. 243 Whitfield. Marianne 2 1 1 . 253 Whitfield Mary Paula 72. 75. 205 Whitfield. Nancylee 21 1. 539 Whitfill. Cliff Edward 207 Whitley Mikki Jane 205 Whitmire. Cathy D 213. 431 Whitney Claudia Lynne 539 Whitson. Kenneth W 105. 162. 512 Whittaker Stephen Emmett 51. 58, 59 Whittier. Julius E 418. 423 Whitton. Alan Layne 493 Whitworth. Ann 209 Whitworth. Diane 83. 166 Wheeler. Richard Doyle .............. 252. 512 Robert Kearney .................. 83 , Wheless, Robert F ........................ 122 Wheless. Sharon Ruth .................... 539 Whelton, Lynn Ann ................... 49, 526 Willbern. Arthur D.. Ill Willeford. Allison Ann . Williams. Anita Clair . . Williams. Barbara Ann . Williams. Belva Mae Whitworth, Gary Widen 1 70 Whitworth, Joseph T.. Ill 173. 512 Wiatrowski. Janet Ann 539 Wickson. Ouincy I Wieck. Dorothy Wiede. Rebecca Ann 539 Wiedeman Stanley Raymon .87. 88. 91, 239. 371. 499 Wiegand, Marc Francis 423 Wiemers. Lester Carl 526 Wiener. Stephen 231 Wientjes. Mark Stephen 70 Wier, Janet Lea 199 Wier. Suzanne 539 Wiesenthal. Martin J 166 Wiggins David Ray 539 Wigginton Donald Glenn . . . . 387. 388. 389. 391. 392.418.423 Wigginton, Larry Jo 512 Wilber. Stewart A.. Jr 166 Wilchar. Pamela Jane 233. 539 Wilco. Cornelia V 209 Wilco.. Paula Glen 209 Wilcoxson. William E 130 Wildasin. Mary Penelope 512 Wilemon. Terri Lynne 512 Wiley. Cheryl Kaye 185 Wilgen. Julie Ann M.. Mrs 459 Wilk Andrew Terry 191 Wilkes. Gey Lee 78. 79. 282. 283 Wilkins. James A 168. 526 Wilkins. Rosalind Anita 200 Wilkinson. Janice Kay 539 Wilkinson. Linda Anne 229. 512 Wilkinson. Robert J.. Jr 526 Will. Linda Gayle 526 526 209. 493 499 499 149. 493 Williams. Billie Jo 512 Williams. Bobbye L 187 Williams. Bobbye Ruth 539 Williams. Carol Lavere 526 Williams. David Lane. Ill 156 Williams. David Michael 70 Williams. Deborah Anne 235 Williams. Denise 194 Williams. Diana L 229 Williams. Donald E 157. 499 Williams. Frank Calaway 237 Williams. Gary Alan 252. 499 Williams. Gary Neal 1 35 Williams Gary Richard 223. 526 Williams. Gene Liddy 493 Williams. George T 512 Williams. Glenn Higbee 512 Williams, Gwenevere 499 Williams. Harry James 201 Williams. Jack Spencer 512 Williams. Janis Ann 115 Williams Jeffrey Howard : 526 Williams. Joe L.. Ml 526 Williams Joyce Carol 512 Williams. Kathryn 255. 526 Williams, Kenneth Calvert 177, 179. 493 Williams, Kenneth D 201 Williams. Leslie E 173 Williams. Linda May 49. 199. 512 Williams. Linda Susan 90 Williams. Lois Jane 512 Williams Malcolm D 77 Williams. Marilyn J. A.. Mrs 220 Williams Mark Thomas 273. 512 Williams. Maria Sue 539 Williams. Mary K 526 Williams. Patricia Kay 431 Williams. Patricia Lucy 493 Williams. Richard B 271 Williams. Richard M 526 Williams Robert D 183. 539 Williams. Robin Craig 531 Williams. Royce Keith 257 Williams. Sharon L. S.. Mrs 499 Williams. Stephen Boyd 225 Williams. Thomas J 9. 12 Williams. Virginia S 229 Williams. Weldon D +93 Williams. Willoughby C 203 Williams Wright 1 66 Williamson. Joseph S 135. 171. 179. 493 Williamson. Karen E 49. 512 Williamson. Kenneth A 92. 10! Williamson. Raleigh S I ' Williamson. Tina M II Willis. Allan Grant 512 Willis. Ann 493 Willis. David Neil 22. 526 Willis. Steven Richard 207 Willis. Sylvia Lynn 21 Willmon. Kenneth Dale 512 Wills. Dena Sue 526 Willson. Catherine L 526 Wilonsky. Merilyn 274 Wilson. Carolyn 283 Wilson. Carolyne Fern 2 Wilson Cathy Gale 512 Wilson, Charles Louis 250. 526 Wilson Charles Monroe 459 W ilson. Charles Porter III. 165. 168 Wilson. Claudia Ann 213. 431 Wilson. Donald Alan 526 Wilson Donald Leslie 150. 493 Wilson. Elizabeth D 211. 526 Wilson. Gwendolyn Faye . . .37. 87. 164. 167. 194. Wilson. Helen C 539 W.lson. Idella Dolores 512 Wilson, Jacqueline Scott 85 Wilson. James David 166 Wilson. James Mark 168 Wilson. James Owen 512 571 Pages Pages Pages P.,., Wilson. Jeanne 255 Wilson, John Larlin 171, 1 79 Wilson, John Mark 401, 421 Wilson, Joseph Leon 15, 179 Wilson. Julie 283 Wilson, Justin Scott 101. 104, 105, 493 Wilson. Larry Donald 123. 268, 269 Wilson, Larry Martin 426 Wilson, Marilee 526 Wilson, Mark Daniel 105 Wilson, Marsha Lynn 539 Wilson, Michael Lancaster 493 Wilson. Michael Lee 526 Wilson, Nancy Brinlee 493 Wilson, Nelda 115. 1 67. 2 1 3. 539 Wilson. Oliver Henry 426 Wilson, Pamela Ann 539 Wilson. Pamela Jaan 2 1 3. 526 Wilson. Patricia Lee 539 Wilson. Ralph Edwin 539 Wilson. Richard Hiram 493 Wilson. Roger Neal 512 Wilson. Sandra Jeanne 526 Wilson. Scott Alan 1 62 Wilson. Shannon E 233 Wilson. William R 539 Windham, Elizabeth K 425 Windham. James Harold 70 Windham, Mary Sharon 431 Windisch. Johanna M 539 Wineman Wynonah Lynn 539 Winfree, Rachel V 49. 205 Winfrey. Cindy Lou 512 Wingard. Dale Howard 162 Wingard. Judy Elaine 152 Wingfield, Betty Lynn 499 Winingham. Betty Kay 90 Winkler, John Clyde 83 Winkler, Karen Ann 85 Winkley. Carol A 161 Winn Harvey 390 Winn. Jill 209 Winn, Randal Walter 127, 526 Winniford. Julia B 211 Winniford, Michael D I 79 Winsman, Louis, III 499 Winston, John Steven 239 Winston, Pamela Faye 167 Winston, Scott Myers 239, 539 Winston, Walter. Jr 200, 526 Winter, Joan Elizabeth 235, 539 Winterringer, Ruth A 49, 255. 540 Winterringer, Susan L 49. 75, 109. 255. 526 Winters. Carol Elizabeth .206. 282. 283. 381, 493 Winters. Leila Dell 235 Wipperman Susan de III. 1 67, 235. 526 Wisch, Steven Alan 49, 51. 56. 57. 149. 365 Wise, Candy Lee 255 Wise. Christie Sue III. 233, 526 Wise. JackG 59 Wise. Marilyn Marie ' . ... 540 Wise. Robert Allen 1 22. 5 1 2 Wise. Robert Edward. Jr 280. 28 1 Wisenberg. Wendy 49 Wissemann. Thomas J 85 Wissinger. John Frederick 499 Wissink. Deborah H 499 Witcher, Diane Sue 512 Witcher. Rodney F 200. 540 Withers, Robert Dow 67 Witherspoon. Jean B 211 Withrow, Kimberly E 526 Withrow, Ronald Lee 67 Witt. Patti Lynn 157 Witte. Royce Roy 493 Wittels. Marcie Jaye 190. 267, 540 Wittig. Laura E 540 Wizig. Joan Barbara 267. 274 Woerner. Frederick J 540 Wofford. Thomas Gary 70. 175 Wolbrette. Bruce Eli 30, 3 1 . 64. 1 37. 526 Wolcott. Charles W 261 Wolcott. John Mark 261 Wold. Timothy Michael 540 Wolf. Barbara Elizabeth 263 Wolf Barry Howard 73. 175. 512 Wolf Jo Ann 88 Wolf LucieJean 255 Wolf. Peggy Ann 187 Wolf Robert Joseph 540 Wolfe. Christian E 64 Wolfe. Lois Ellen 259 Wolfe. Roland Tamplin 95, 512 Wolfer, Kathleen L 540 Wolff. Gary Joe 540 Wolfinger, Jane Ellen 248 Wolfmueller. Jean M 512 Wolfmueller. Joan G 512 Wolford. Edward 499 Wolma, Cynthia Ann 199, 540 Woltmen. Arthur W 459 Woltman.GlennRay 512 Womack. Diane E 205 Womack, Gary Lynn I 55 Womack, Robert Jeffry 82 Womack, Stephen Jay 177, 269 Womble. Craig Morgan 260. 261 Wommack. Robert Herman 157 Woner Susan Ellen 196 Wong-Valle. Alfonso J.. Jr 131. 493 Wong. Kenneth Paul 540 Wong. Wing Cheung I 59 Woo. FayLun 141,493 Woo. Mee H 128, 512 Woo. Winston 512 Wood Cedric Scott 512 Wood. Donald Dean 418 Wood, Glena Earlene 233. 512 Wood, James F 166 Wood, Jeremy James 117 Wood. Robert Bruce 526 Wood. Sharolyn Petty, Mrs 28 Wood. Stephen Francis 422 Woodard, Dnie Ann 431 Woodard Tommy Dale . .257, 387, 389, 390. 394, 418, 423 Woodruff, Larry Boyd 105, 162 Woodruff. Loretta S.. Mrs 49 Woods, Sharon Marie 512 Woodul, Paul Joseph 73 Woodum. Linda Gay 2 I 3, 493 Woodward, Betsy 512 Woodward. Nancy Ann 375 Woodworth. Sharon E 540 Woolard, Deirdre Jean 512 Wooldridge, Michael E 27 1 . 540 Wooley. Brenda Gayle 540 Wooley. Janet Lynne 213 Wooley. John Adair 1 59 Wooley. John Adron I 79 Woolley. Lynn Walton 499 Woolverton, Jock Foster 493 Woolwine, Michael Vance 119 Wooten William Harris 237 Wootten, Franklin B,, Jr 65, 99 Worcester, Lenore 1 69 Worcester, Shirley Ann 540 Word, Joe David 70 Word, Thomas Edwin. Jr 101. 105. 162 Workman, Robert Bruce 421 Workman Ronald Lynn 418 Worley. Dennis Jiles 42 1 , 526 Worrel. John Richard 409. 422, 423 Worrell. Mary Melissa 235 Worrell, Melinda Gail 187. 540 .252. Worsham. David Lee Worsham, Pamela Ann . Worsham. Robert H Worster, Steven Clark . . Worth. James Clinton.. . Worth. Marvin Paul .... Worthington. Georgene . . 144. 145. 493 540 ....279. 419 387 .49, 168, 239, 526 190 . .32, 105 Wortley. Elizabeth M Wortley, Gary Stewart 160, 224. 225. Wotipka, Pamela Kay Woytek, Barbara Jean Woytek, Teri Diane Wozniak. Richard Alan Wranischar. Jack D 278, Wranitzky. Nancy Jo 49. 227, 371. Wren. Stephanie Wright. Barbara Carol 105, 169. Wright. Betty Jane Wright, Deborah Jean Wright, Edwin E 168 Wright, John N Wright, Joseph Martie Wright, Maryatte S., Ill 261 Wright, Mickey Lynn Wright, Nancy Claire Wright, Pamela Ann Wright. Peggy Adams 255 Wright. Robert S.. Jr 1 34. 225 Wright. Stanley G.. Jr Wright. Virginia Gay Writesel. Allyn Kay Wroe. Ed R. L Wroth. Susan Virginia Wu. Joseph Kanbor 1 79 Wu. Kwok Wai Wukasch, David Eugene Wukasch, Susan Elaine Wulff. Emily Ketherine Wunderlick, Michael B 261 Wurzel. James Douglas Wyatt. Terrie Lynn 37, 75. 187 Wyche, James Patrick Wylie, Cynthia Lee 37, 229 Wylie, Gary Lee Wylie, Harry Michael Wyman, Beverly Jo Wyman, Richard C Wyman, William H., Jr 393. 418 Wyningar, James D Wynn, Bailey F.. Jr Wynn, Jim Dudley Wynne. Martha Virginia 213 Wynne. Wreno Smith Wynns. Kim Arnold Wyrick. Thomas Fleming Yachik. Harold A Yackel. Roger Alan 1 05 Yaklin, Daniel Arthur Yamin. Gregory Kaiser 49 Yaquinto, Robert, Jr Yarbrough. Christy J Yarbrough, Janis L 187 Yarbrough, Martha C., Mrs Yarbrough, Mary Helen 235, 371 Yarbrough, Randall A 118. 419. 421 Yarbrough, Richard A. . . 123, 404, 408. 419. 423 Yarling Charles B 105, 259 Yastishock. David S Yates. Meridith 114 Yates. Ronald F Yates. Victoria C 187 Yates. Weldon M.. Ill Yawn, Wesley Lee Yazbeck. Louis Randall Yeager, Ralph Oscar 422 Yee. Jimmie Kwong Yee Yee. Pamela Alice Yee, Paula Choi Hoong Yemma. Mark Francis Yen. Huynh-Ngoc Yen. Ronald Ray Yeoman, Gary Layne Yerkes. Susan Gamble Yetter. Jon Michael Yoatum. Beverly Lynne 88. 167 Yock. Bradford Edwin Yonack. Dora Lynn 37 .224 499 .540 .512 .540 .421 540 493 540 499 .512 .233 421 ..65 .526 540 .161 .540 ..85 493 526 .130 .105 ..85 ..31 .526 499 .168 .179 . 166 .255 540 ..65 526 .157 512 .526 .540 .540 526 423 250 .541 .499 512 .513 .162 .493 ..92 126 .493 ,493 ..70 .513 526 .173 . 526 . 423 421. . 512 459 . .77 205 .223 526 .242 .493 .105 423 .493 .540 .493 .540 .540 .540 .418 ..49 .252 526 .512 217 York, Kenneth Galen . York. Nancy A Youens. Robert Allen . Young. Adrian Lowell Yonack. Mimi Ruth 190. 526 Yorio. Rose Marie 1 105 York, Hansell N.. Ill 1 37. 526 York, John Louis 92. I 19, 165. 375 219 161 168 166 430 Young, Anita Estelle 540 Young, Carol Jean F.. Mrs 493 Young. Cathy Jean 493 Young. Christopher Stephen 423 Young David Richmond 239, 493 Young. David X 540 Young. Deborah Lynn 169. 499 Young. Oianne Louise 493 Young. Gayle Elizabeth 95 Young. Janine Ellen 189. 274 Young. Joncie Harvey 1 59. 1 79 Young. Mary Elizabeth 235 Young. Mary Virginia 526 Young. Melinda M 166 Young. Michael Steven 1 55. 5 1 3 Young. Monica Jane 82 Young. Nancy L. P 513 Young. Richard Alvin 1 30. 493 169, 526 1 oung. .jnaron raye Young. Sheila Ann D.. Mrs. . . 141 493 Young. William Robert 165. 364. 459 Youngblood. Cathey J 227, 258, 513 Youngblood. David Leon .... 422, 540 Youngblood. Michael D 540 Younger. Gary Keith .... 493 Younglove, Jan Avis 166 Yount. Bobby D 119 Yowell, Ronald W 494 Yundt, Lee Gregory 494 Yuspeh. Larry Marvin 513 Zabel. Mark Patrick 92. 155. 513 Zabihi, Saeed 431 Zachariah, Steve Emile . . 203 Zahn, Cynthia Ann 540 Zainer, Timothy Peter . . . 157. 158 Zalowitz, Samuel Joel 494 Zamorano, Robert A 271 Zaniewski. John Paul ..34, 134. 156. 159 Zapalac. Jeffrey Scott 418, 423 Zapalac. Jill 211. 431 Zapalac. Willie Frank. Jr. ... 423 Zapiec. Charlie 396 Zaremba. Robin Susann 199. 526 Zasimowich. James Alex .... 426 Zatopek, Nancy Kay 494 Zavaleta. Anthony Noe . .494 Zearfoss Sara Elizabeth 494 Zedler. Lynn Marie 94. 513 Zeh. Linda Carol 494 Zeigler, Randall Boyd 108, 513 Zeller, Iru Elizabeth 169, 235 Zeluff, Barry James 49, 242, 540 Zibilich. Mark Walter 168 Zickler Jeffrey Lea 1 56 1 77 1 79. 494 Ziegenhals James Lee 168 Zihlman Edward James, Jr. . 494 Ziiderveld. Hendrik R 134, 159 Zikes, Beverly Jean 499 Zimmermann, George A.. Jr. 513 Zimmermann, Susan Lynn . . . 270. 513 Zinn, Franklin K 161 Zivney. Robert Conrad. Jr. . . 247 Zizelmann, Carolyn N 513 Zlatkis. Debbi 155. 267, 281 Zlatkovich, Charles P 70. 165 Znilek, Michael S 191 Zoller, Janet Frances 205. 513 Zorn Martha Ann 513 Zuber. Roland Thomas 242. 540 Zuniga, Martha Cecilia 1 66 Zwiebel. Klaylea Kay 49, 513 Zwiebel. Sherry Sue 179, 375, 494 572 At the end of a long road, summer vacation or graduation comes as a welcome relief from the rush, hurry and day-to-day chaos of college life those most wonderful years 573 . . . The End I It all began in a whirlwind about one year ago . . . And now that the 1971-72 academic year and the seventy-ninth volume of the Cactus are coming to a close, a lot of happy moments and hard work and friendships which have crossed my desk can be called to mind. Following a summer filled with the Texas Student Publications-Regents Controversy, figuring and al- tering the Cactus budget, and making definite plans for the book ' s design, the fall semester brought throngs of students back to the Austin campus. From among these students came approxi- mately 165 volunteer staff workers. These people filled staff positions for the eleven section editors and completed the general staff. Through the efforts of the entire staff, the 1972 Cactus was assembled with the constant thought of the many-faceted University setting and the Uni- versity ' s student body in mind. Because people are the reason for the University of Texas, and because people and their day-to-day interactions make this world react, the Cactus has tried to involve as many people as possible within its pages. " Some- thing for everyone " was the goal for this book, and whether or not it was achieved can only be judged by the individuals for whom it was produced. The year will be remembered by the Cactus staff for many reasons. The section editors, associ- ate editor, supervisor and I can all recall two eventful workshops. Round Rock, the local Dairy Queen and McAdams Ranch are probably still re- covering from our fall retreat. Bar-B-Q, beer, ghost stories and that first introduction to the Cactus meaning of " work " all highlighted those two days. We all have memories of Dallas and Marty Allen as we ate and danced and ate and danced through an evening with Taylor Publishing Company, and then were late for the next day of layout planning and lectures with our hosts. Back in the office, the traditional Christmas (or was it Chanukah?) Party, complete with popcorn and decorated tree and cacti, interrupted studying for fall finals. Long days and even longer nights became the rule rather than the exception when deadlines started happening. One all-nighter in April was almost more than we could bear! One highlight that never failed to brighten the Cactus office and to put an end to work was a monthly visit from our one and only editor emeri- tus, Rob Bugbee. If the National Guard only knew what they caused by requiring him to come to Austin . . . Certain special events from throughout a year which was filled with excitement, can be spot- lighted. Meetings of the various selection commit- tees for Bluebonnet Belles, Outstanding Students and Goodfellows were most eventful. The patience and time devoted by the committee members were appreciated greatly. After days and days of com- mittee meetings, the award recipients were hon- ored by the Cactus. The 1972 Bluebonnet Belles were presented during the Round-Up Dance Mara- thon. Surprisingly, everything happened slightly af- ter 8 p.m. but within the allotted 15 minutes. A sincere thanks to the Silver Spurs for their assist- ance. A reception honoring the Outstanding Stu- dents and Goodfellows concluded the presentation of annual awards. Without the guidance and helpful advice pro- vided by the TSP Board of Directors and especially TSP ' s General Manager Loyd Edmonds, many tasks would have been insurmountable. A grateful thank you to all. The photographers Ike Baruch, Stan- ley Farrar, John Van Beekum, Marlon Taylor, Mike Fluitt and Nancy Goldfarb all contributed their talent and helpfulness to the 1972 Cactus. The staff and I especially appreciate all the hours de- voted by our photographers. Where can I begin to say an adequate thank you to four very special people who have helped make this year a success for me. Julia McNair, my supervisor, my inspiration, and my friend; Kay Hardcastle, the special person to whom I could talk about anything, my friend and my classes " section editor " ; Alan Levi, my right-hand man, my co-con- spirator for ideas, my greatest critic and close friend; and finally Terry Lynn Bryant, my roommate who listened to my crazy ideas, helped rewrite copy, understood when I got home at 4 a.m. and has always been a special friend and companion. Another group of friends from The Daily Texan made the evenings of work easier to stand with their conversations, smiles and other interruptions. Thanks to Joyce Hotchkiss, Cliff Avery, Steve Hogner and John Pope for their friendship. A special thank you and grateful appreciation to Tom Williams, Taylor Publishing Company Art Di- rector, for his help with the cover design, main di- visions and sub-divisions. Also, a big thanks to Mac Upshaw of Taylor for all his special concern and advice. Credit for certain pictures is given to the origi- nal photographer and or the source. The picture of the Aqua Festival on page 286 was provided by the Austin Chamber of Commerce; and Sammy Skibell, a UT student, contributed the touchdown picture on page 386. The pictures on pages 338- 339 and page 575 are credited to the Texas High- way Department. Frank Armstrong took the " Ten Most Beautiful " photographs on page 384. A spe- cial thanks to Phil Huber for the photographs ap- pearing on pages 22, 23, 573, 575, and 576. The 1972 Cactus, printed on 576 pages of 70 Taylor dull stock, was produced with a $93,920 budget. The Fabrikoid cover is designed in a whirl- pool grain and is impressed with a copper metali- que die cut. Copy in this book is set in 10 point and 8 point Vogue with boldface highlights. All headlines are in 24 point and 30 point Optima. Class and Greek pictures were done by Rappoport Studios, Inc., New York. Taylor Publishing Com- pany, Dallas, printed the 1972 Cactus. -30- 574 I Peace and Love 576 m - " .- . v : ; v-t-:-::, ; :; . ' ; i :: ;: -:--,v: -;:.; , L H HI ,:,; -, I . . " .t , - " - ' ' . ' - ' H - ,: - -; ;

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