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NINETEEN HUNDRED SEVENTY Joy Stapp Editor-in-Chief Pat Cafferty Editorial Assistant Fran Smith Copy Editor Marguerite Freeman Supervisor Published by Texas Student Publications, Inc. The University of Texas at Austin Volume 77 CACTUS NINETEEN HUNDRED SEVENTY sITY The Tower stands as the traditional symbol of the University and overtly displays to all its " Number One " -ness. But as a new decade be- gins, this symbol of unity can ' t completely des- cribe the multiversity. Diversity more aptly chV- acterizes today ' s campus. There are tensions be- tween the traditional and the innovative, each claiming a different set of goals for the seventies. This year has been a year like no other. The lazy, hazy, crazy days of college are being put into perspective as the University community becomes more aware of itself and the world around it. The Cactus therefore has made an effort to re- cord the names, faces, events, and forces which have left their mark on the University, 1970. 25 Academics 89 Features 169 Involvement 489 Athletics 553 Classes ENTRANCE BY PERMIT ONLY tt . . ---. .. The University 1970 achieved size a Texas tradition with a fall enrollment of 35,678. But with size came problems. Talks on methods of limiting enrollment fizzled, and hope dimmed with the resignation of President Norman Hacker- man, who had argued the case for limited en- rollment with Regents Chairman Frank C. Erwin Jr., who favored no numerical limit on admissions. Efforts by Project Info and the Program for Economic Opportunity to expand the ratio of minority students were shot down when the University refused to encourage re- cruiting of talented minority students who didn ' t meet established standards. A proposal to split the College of Arts and Sciences was brought up. Meanwhile, the campus was more crowded than ever, and finding a sympathetic ear or a parking place was a myth. To accomodate the surge of students, the Uni- versity has grown to cover 262 acres with more than 100 buildings. A conglomeration of architectural styles greets the observer as a building erected at the turn of the century nestles next to a superstructure completed in the last decade. The physical plant is valued at almost $200 million. Six colleges and seven schools com- pose the University, with more than 1,700 faculty members teaching 3,800 courses in 53 depart- ments. It has come far from the original 40-acre tract where classes began in 1883 with one build- ing, two departments, eight faculty members, and 221 students. rx. g __ am d M V And the growth continues. The University has grown almost to a linear limit, and is on the way UP. With construction of a number of high- rise living units and classroom buildings, the tower no longer dominates the Austin skyline. The 13-story Jester Center opened in the fall with facilities for housing and teaching 3,000 students and an inherent capacity for problems. The University, in a continual state of construc- tion, is nearing the completion of the Joe C. Thompson Conference Center, the Physics Math- Astronomy Building, and the Humanities Research Center. The Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs will open in September, 1970, providing an experimental approach to public administration. Located in the new LBJ Library and Sid W. Richardson Hall, the school will have a flexible curriculum in which students and fac- ulty will work on solutions for problems under time deadlines. This may prove to be an impor- tant asset for fhe future. 10 ftUilN SS The term " student " calls forth visions of long- haired radicals by the media, out-of-state agi- tators by the legislature, and " Joe College " by hopeful parents and alumni. But to those involved in the- University community, the word depicts no stereofype. While older generations cringed at the mention of " do your own thing, " the college generation did it. Each student had his own life style, his own goals, his own friends, and his own reason for being at the University. And in a school this size, nothing else really mattered. Each student came into contact with only a part of the Uni- versitybut for his purposes that part was the University in its entirety. The day of peer judge- ment and solidarity of interests screeched to a halt years ago when enrollment passed 20,000. I II The student constantly reevaluates his goals in the light of new ideas. From registration to graduation he reads countless pages and listens to numerous lectures with the hope that he is somehow preparing himself to live in a world which he will inherit. He quickly finds that there ' s no room for a student that doesn ' t know what he wants to do. A University this large can in no way cater to 35,000 separafe needs. Therefore, the burden is on the individual to decide what he wants from his education. But massive requirements stand in the way of a stu- dent who wants to get a liberal education in his own definition of the word. 13 14 t - ' " ' ' - i Even a national championship football team couldn ' t unite diverse elements of the University community, but it came close. It ' s easy fo be proud of a number one ranked team, and even non-foot- ball fans were justifiably caught up in the glory. School spirit that once dominated the University still existed and was of prime importance for some. But it was only one element in the com- plex reasons for the University ' s existence. 15 Relaxation on the University campus wasn ' t antithetical to the students ' purposes a moment for reflection or conversation often brought into focus fleeting thoughts, facts, and opinions that have been thrown at the student from hundreds of sources. It could be a time to evaluate goals or a time to get away from it all and clear the mind. 16 %0fev-- I 1 r ' 1 17 - Education is where you seek it ... and there was plenty of it around the University. Because this is a multiversity, opportunities abounded whether CEC, Drama productions, Union speak- ers, Challenge, or sports. A student in search of a liberal education needed only to make time apart from his required courses to broaden his horizons. Few students, proportionately, found the time. 18 . , As a student pursues higher education, he be- gins to ask a multitude of " why? " questions. He cannot understand a war in another part of the world that ' s been going on since he was in jun- He wonders why an antiquated stadium in a poor location must be made larger at the expense of the environment. He wants to know why, and he wants to figure out the answers himself. Why-thinkers had a lot to think about this year, and most of it concerned the University and confrontations why must there be a confrontation for each change? Why must there be a confrontation for a new idea to evolve? Why aren ' t things handled before they reach confrontation level? ' 21 r Repeated confrontations forced students to be- come more thoughtful. It was easy to ignore the moratoriums it was easy not to have an opinion on Waller Creekr-it was harder to remain aloof from the violence at the Chuck Wagon but for the march on May 8, it became virtually im- possible not to become involved. 22 23 The University is so varied, vast, and complex that no one person can ever grasp its every de- tail. Yet each person carries with him his own thoughts and ideas of what it was like to live, work and study in its community. As the University expands, it touches more lives and thus more people are aware of its actions. The eyes of Texas and a great many others are upon us. 24 Academics V- J ' ' r " " " " !Si A 1 The University is a complex of power structure vast on paper, deep in red tape, and plagued with administrative and managerial problems. A challenge to teaching excellence exists with- in any large institution of higher education. Em- phasis in many University operations was directed this year to quality of education. The Board of Regents expressed concern over the educational efficiency of the gigantic College of Arts and Sciences. Faculty members discussed the monolithic structure ' s influence on educational quality and debated the possibility of a split into smaller colleges. The nature and purpose of education was questioned. A student-faculty committee began the search for a new University president to re- place Dr. Norman Hackerman, who resigned in April. Criteria used in the selection may point to the future direction of education at The University of Texas at Austin. Much depends on the choice and who wields how much authority. 25 Administration 40 Academics 84 Teaching Excellence Awards UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM A new decade showed The University of Texas System sprawling across the state as the seventh largest higher education system in the United States. Total fall enrollment numbered 64,572 including students enrolled in extension courses. More than 35,000 were on the Austin campus. The System ' s extensive growth reached new heights with the Legislature ' s creation of several new institutions. These future component institu- tions are included in the map of the expanded System. Financial support of the System is increas- ingly dependent on legislative appropriations. Other sources of income include federal funds, student tuition and fees, individual gifts, and philanthropic foundations. U. T. Arlington U- T. Dallas Dallas Medical School U. T. Permian Basin McDonald Observatory U. T. AUSTIN U. T. San Antonio San Antonio Medical School San Antonio Dental School Taxan Cultures Institute Lutcher Center THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN The University of Texas McDonald Observatory at Mount Locke The University of Texas Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS INSTITUTIONS IN NORTH TEXAS The University of Texas at Arlington The University of Texas at Dallas The University of Texas (Southwestern) Medical School at Dallas THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS INSTITUTIONS IN SAN ANTONIO The University of Texas at San Antonio The University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio The University of Texas Dental School at San Antonio The University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures at San Antonio The University of Texas Lutcher Center at San Antonio THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS OF THE PERMIAN BASIN THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL BRANCH AT GALVESTON The University of Texas Medical School at Galveston The University of Texas Hospitals at Galveston THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT HOUSTON The University of Texas Medical School at Houston The University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute at Houston The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Houston ' The University of Texas School of Public Health at Houston THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS NURSING SCHOOL (SYSTEM-WIDE) The University of Texas Graduate Nursing School at Austin The University of Texas (Undergraduate) Nursing School at Austin The University of Texas (Undergraduate) Nursing School at El Paso The University of Texas (Clinical) Nursing School at Galveston The University of Texas (Clinical) Nursing School at San Antonio Houston Medical School Houston Dental School M. D. Anderson G. S. B. S. Public Health School Galveston Medical Branch Port Aransas Marine Institute University System Under the leadership of the 38th Texas Gov- ernor Preston Smith in his first term of office, the 61st Texas Legislature passed over 70 bills and resolutions affecting the University System ' s policies and growth. Reflecting the increasing population of the State and the larger number of high school grad- uates who wish to attend State colleges, the Leg- islature authorized a number of new institutions in The University of Texas System. These include a four-year general academic institution, The University of Texas at San Antonio; The University of Texas of the Permian Basin for junior, senior, and graduate students; The University of Texas Dental School at San Antonio; The University of Texas at Dallas, limited to graduate students un- til 1975; The University of Texas Medical School at Houston; and a Clinical Nursing School in San Antonio, as a part of The University of Texas Nursing School (Systemwide). In addition to creating the new institutions, a law was passed increasing the benefits of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. A resolution was passed expressing appreciation to DeWitt C. Reddick, former dean of the School of Com- munication. The Legislature also provided for the Coor- dinating Board to issue Texas College Student Loan Fund Bonds in the total maximum amount of $285 million to provide funds for Texas Op- portunity Plan Student Loans. The chief executive officer for the entire Sys- tem is Chancellor Harry Huntt Ransom. This posi- tion was created by the Board of Regents in 1950 as the authorized link between the Board and the heads of the University ' s statewide units in the implementation of general policies. The Chancellor coordinates degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate, as the System continues to increase in size and scope. He is the executive agent of the Board of Regents. Harry Huntt Ransom, Chancellor 26 Board of Regents The organization and government of The Uni- versity of Texas System are entrusted to a board of nine regents, appointed by the Governor with the advise and consent of the Senate. Chosen from various sections of the state, members serve a term of six years. These terms are staggered so that every two years three new members are appointed. As the policy-making advisory board, the Re- gents review issues concerning the System. During the year the Board approved over $225 million for expansion of facilities in Austin. A Water Resources Center and Hydraulic Test- ing Area was approved for the Balcones Re- search Center. Astroturf was installed in Memo- rial Stadium, and construction began on the additional upper deck to the stadium to increase its total seating capacity. A $6.5 million School of Communication and Texas Student Publication complex was approved. Two old U.S. post offices in downtown Aus- tin were restored for office space and renamed O. Henry Hall and Claudia Taylor Johnson Hall. A $400,000 athletic dining facility for Jester Cen- ter was approved. Other approvals included 40 tennis courts for the intramural field, additions to the service building, and several million dollars for continuing expansion programs. Projects completed during the year on the Austin campus included the Beauford H. Jester Center, the John A. Burdine Building, the Student Health Center addition, the Joe C. Thompson Con- ference Center, Music Building East, additional units of women ' s cooperatives, the Sid W. Rich- ardson Hall, the remodeling of the South Wing of University Junior High, the beautification of the east campus entrance and mall, and the extension of the power plant. The Regents authorized the second year of Project Info, a student originated and operated program of providing Texas high school students with information concerning the University. The Regents approved the appointment of John A. Gronouski, former Postmaster General and Ambassador to Poland, as dean of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. Alexander L. Clark, sociologist, was appointed associate dean. FRONT ROW: W. H. Bauer, Frank C. Erwin, Jr., Chairman, Jack S. Josey, Frank N. Ikard. SECOND ROW: Dan C. Williams, John Peace, E. T. Ximenes, Jenkins Garrett, Joe M. Kilgore. 27 The System Several administrative units were added to the System ' s organization this year. The Deputy Chancellor is the chief administrative officer es- tablishing basic policies for the government and operation of each component institution. Also assisting the Chancellor is a staff of three Executive Vice-Chancel lors and five Vice-Chan- cellors. Reporting directly to the Chancellor, the Ex- ecutive Director of the Development Board plans, coordinates, and directs private fund raising pro- grams on behalf of the System. This year, two out-of-state residents headed the Board for the first time in its 31 -year-old history. Elected chair- man and vice-chairman respectively were L. L. Colbert of Detroit and J. D. Wrather Jr. of Bev- erly Hills. The Information Service handles all media relations for the System and the Austin campus. Relations with governmental and public agencies are coordinated by the Vice-Chancellor for Pub- lic Affairs. William David Blunk, Executive Director University Development Board John M. Quinn, Executive Director Univeriity News and Information Service 28 Charles A. LeMaistre, M. 0. Deputy Chancellor Arthur H. Dilly Assistant to the Deputy Chancellor Raymond Wood row Vowel I Vice-Chancellor for Public Affaire John J. McKetta Executive Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affaire As part of the Chancellor ' s Academic Plan- ning Cabinet, the Executive Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs has the general assignment of effective coordination, direction, and regular oper- ation of the general academic institutions. He rec- ommends the election of the presidents of the System ' s general academic institutions and con- ducts long-range academic planning. The Execu- tive Vice-Chancellor reports directly to the Dep- uty Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor for Academic Programs works in the implementation of uniform curricu- lum programs in the academic institutions of the System. His office coordinates and reviews any changes in degree programs. He reports to the Executive Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Student Af- fairs develops and advises on plans, programs, and services as they relate to students. These areas include student life, health services, intra- mural sports, counseling, admission, and financial aids. W. S. Livingston Vice-Chancellor for Academic Programs Jack Holland Assistant V. C. for Student Affairs Kenneth Hayden Ashworth Assistant to the V. C. for Academic Programs 29 The System Grave W. Land rum Vice-Chancellor for Operations Floyd O. Shelton Vice-Chancellor for Investments, Trusts and Lands Everitt Donald Walker Executive Vice-Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs W. Robert Long Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor Office of Investments, Trusts and Lands Talmage R. Whiteside Assistant to the Executive Vice-Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs 30 Frank D. Graydon Budget Director Lester E. Palmer, Executive Director Facilities Planning and Construction Robert L. Anderson Comptroller Joseph C. Kennedy, Personnel Director System Personnel Office i The Executive Vice-Chancel lor for Fiscal Af- fairs is the chief financial officer of the System. He is responsible for planning and implementing a uniform business program for the System. The Executive Vice-Chancellor develops programs of long-range planning for physical facilities and financial resources. He reports to the Deputy Chancellor. The acquisition of property for the Univer- sity ' s institutions is supervised by the Vice-Chan- cellor for Operations. He coordinates the System ' s security program and negotiations for the estab- lishment of new institutions. The Vice-Chancellor for Investments, Trusts, and Lands deals with the investment and manage- ment of endowment money, gift funds, and real estate belonging to the University. The Budget Director handles budget prepara- tion, control and financial reporting. The Executive Diredtor of Facilities Planning and Construction supervises new construction and permanent im- provements. The Comptroller formulates proce- dures for business operations in such areas as accounting, procurement, data processing, rec- ords, and contracts. The System Personnel Director plans, develops, and coordinates policies concern- ing personnel. LAW OFFICE: LEFT TO RIGHT: James L. Crowson, Richard Carl Gibson, director; Burnell Waldrep, Jack Robert Musslewhite. 31 University Administration President Norman Hackerman is the chief ad- ministrative officer of The University of Texas at Austin. He is assisted by an immediate staff of three vice-presidents in the areas of academic, business, and student affairs. In the fall. Dr. Hackerman approved the ac- tivation of two new faculty organizations. The University Council, legislative branch of the Austin campus, ' is the successor to the Faculty Council, expanded to include more elected faculty repre- sentatives and three students. Another organization created was the Faculty Senate, composed of elected faculty members of the University Council having administrative duties no higher than those of a department chairman. President Hackerman continued his participa- tion in the KUT-FM radio program, " Insight: Cam- pus ' 70, " in which he and students discussed issues of higher education. The deans of the Austin campus schools and colleges report directly to the President. Also under his direction are the Dean of the Division of Extension, the Directors of Intercollegiate Ath- letics, the Measurement and Evaluation Center, the University Personnel Office, and the Univer- sity of Texas Press, and the Librarian. Charles Fred Folmer Librarian Frank H. Wardlaw, Director University Press Norman Hackerman, President H. Paul Kelley, Director Measurement and Evaluation Center Joseph Howard Culver, Director University Personnel Office 32 Gardner Lindzey Vice-President for Academic Affairs James H. Colvin Vice-President for Business Affairs The Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Gard- ner Lindzey, is responsible for the areas of special projects, organized research, the international pro- grams, and the Texas Memorial Museum. This year, Dr. Lindzey, was re-elected to the board of trustees of the Universities Research Association, Inc., for a three-year term. Joe West Neal, Director International Office William W. Newcomb, Director Texas Memorial Museum Jens Michal Jacobsen, Executive Director Office of Sponsored Projects James H. Colvin continued to serve as Vice- President for Business Affairs. He is responsible for all business procedures and policies of the Austin campus. He is assisted by the directors of several divisions. 33 Robert Eugene Simpson, Director Data Processing Division G. Charles Franklin Business Manager Reporting to the Vice-President for Business Af- fairs are the Directors of Accounting, Physical Plant, and Data Processing, the Purchasing Agent, the Chief of Traffic and Security Services, and the Manager of the Stenographic Bureau. G. Charles Franklin was appointed to the newly-created po- sition of Business Manager this year. Missy K. Doss Purchasing Agent F P Allen R. Hamilton, Chief Traffic and Security Services Felton Lee Aime, Manager Stenographic Bureau Grady Clarence Starnei Director of Accounting Carl J. Eckhardt Director of Physical Plant Willis Firman Haynie, Director Housing and Food Service 34 Bryce Jordan Vice-Preident for Student Affaire The Administration Vice-President for Student Affairs Bryce Jor- dan administers all student services divisions. As a follow-up of the 1969 summer Student Services Institute, his office published a Student Advising Handbook. New Student Affairs programs during the year included two grants issued by the President to the Office of Student Financial Aids. One went to develop more part-time jobs for students. The other provided funds to develop and print a cur- rent informational handbook for students. Dr. Jordan continued his " Informal Coffee " sessions to which students were randomly invited to discuss issues and exchange ideas pertaining to University life. John G. Steel Director, Texas Union Shirley Bird Perry W. Byron Shipp Union Program Director Registrar and Director of Admisilont Ira Iscoe, Director Counseling Psychological Services Paul C. Trickert, M. D. Edward Lee Carpenter Director, Student Health Center Director of Student Financial Aids 35 Office of the Dean of Students When Stephen AAcClellan became Dean of Students in June, 1969, he revised the organ- ization of the office to give greater educational dimension to the programing of out-of-class af- fairs. Through the Division of Research and Devel- opmental Programs, attempts are made to estab- lish programs to bridge the lack-of-communication gap. In January, Orange Nofes was initially pub- lished . An impact survey served not only to evaluate but also to inform students of the serv- ices offered. The Division of Special Programs and Ethnic Affairs includes the student-originated Project Info. " Continuing Education of Women " provides general educational counseling for the older re- turning women students. Six orientation programs throughout the year provided freshmen and transfers an introduction to the academic community. A peer counseling service was staffed by trained student advisers. Through the Division of Student Organiza- tions and Activities, all registered student organi- zations are provided the use of campus facilities, accounting and banking services, and assistance with leadership training. The intramural sports program offers recreation for all who are interested. General housing information and consultative services for University owned housing residents are provided by the staff. Records and Referrals deals with crisis cases, student conduct and dis- cipline, and confidential records. Stephen D. AAcClellan Dean of Students Lawrence Turner Frank Associate Dean of Students Margaret Berry Associate Dean of Student Willis Firman Haynie Associate Dean of Student 36 Margaret Peck Consultant to the Dean of Students Jack Lee Kaplan Assistant Dean of Students Edwin Booth Price Assistant Dean of Students STUDENT GROUP ADVISORS: FRONT ROW: Dorothy Dean, Frank Campbell, Ruth Smith. BACK ROW: Almetris Duren, Richard Nicholas, Elizabeth Wellborn. 37 Outstanding Students, Mary Tom Keller and Grady Rylander, were honored by the Dads ' Association at the Baylor game. Dads ' Association Since its organization on Oct. 16, 1948, the Dads ' Association has afforded thousands of par- ents an opportunity to visit the Austin campus. In the fall, the group sponsored Dads ' Day with events planned specifically for fathers. A tradi- tional reception and coffee hour for the mothers was also held. Association membership was offered to all dads of students and alumni. Its organizational framework provided the University with a geo- graphically widespread group of leadership, sup- port, and understanding. Richard A. Gump of Dallas served as presi- dent this year. The organization provided awards, scholarships, and other recognition of leadership and aca- demic accomplishment. Mary Tom Keller of Mon- roe, La., and Grady Rylander of Austin were honored by the Association at the Baylor game as Outstanding Students. The Dads ' Digest was published four times annually by the Association and distributed to the dues-paying members. A complimentary copy was mailed to more than 30,000 dads this year. OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Dr. Richard B. Grant Jr., Bryan; J. R. Imber, Houston; Richard A. Gump, Dallas; Ralph Spence, Tyler; George A. Mussel- man, San Antonio. SECOND ROW: W. D. Blunk, Austin; Dr. Francis A. Gar- bade, Galveston; Raymond G. Pipkin, San Angelo; James G. Blanchette Jr., Dallas; George P. Merrill, Beeville; Thomas J. Holmes, Houston; W. C. Montgomery, Midland. FRONT ROW: Pat Maguire, Prissy Mays, Diane Follet, Doris Drummond, Mary Paul, Ann Scherz, Pat Kidson, Loraine Jackson, Pat Carrington. SECOND ROW: Duchess Handley, Helen Peterson, Holly Flagg, Mary McGilvray, Helens Nelson, Janice Wright, Judy Halla, Sue Bluethman, Becky Jacks. THIRD ROW: Charles Walden, Phil Cornejo, Merdy Cherry, Roy Vaughan. Ex-Students ' Association r An International Alumni Conference, the first of its kind on a U. S. campus, was sponsored by the University ' s Ex-Students ' Association in May. Attracting some 500 foreign nationals who are University alumni, the academically-oriented con- ference focused on major addresses by speakers of international renown, followed by panel dis- cussions and seminars. As a part of the associa- tion ' s " Service in the 70 ' s " program, the confer- ence was designed to encourage the University ' s foreign alumni to establish a more active rela- tionship with their alma mater. A special edition of ALCALDE, the magazine for Texas Exes, was published and mailed to alumni living outside the United States following the conference, thus strengthening the ties which bind Texas Exes around the world. To interpret the University ' s problems and to report its progress have been major goals of the Ex-Students ' Association since it was organized in 1885, two years after the University first opened its doors. Housed in the Lila B. Etter Alumni Cen- ter, the independent organization ' s affairs are governed by a 53-member Executive Council elected by the 22,000-plus members. A full-time staff of 20 is headed by Jack AAaguire, executive director since 1956. Jack Maguire, Executive Director 39 College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences worked this year to create an environment in which each stu- dent could advance toward his individual version of a liberal education. To provide this environ- ment, the administration and faculty continued to promote excellence in curriculum, advising, and teaching. With a revision of the basic degree plan, de- partments were able to enrich course offerings. Traditional courses were changed as new de- velopments modernized several fields. Innova- tions, with special emphasis on interdisciplinary courses and independent studies, were prevalent. Departments within the college gave special attention to the advising of students. The Depart- ment of English established an office for under- graduate advising under Max Roger Westbrook, associate professor of English. In the spring, more than 340 faculty members responded to the need to advise students with undetermined majors. Concerted efforts were made to recruit only excellent teachers. Student evaluation of teachers and courses was an integral part of the assess- ment of faculty members. Special recognition was given to several pro- fessors. Clifton Madison Grubbs, associate pro- fessor of economics, received the first Jean Hollo- way Award for Teaching Excellence. Recipients of the Bromberg Awards were G. Karl Galinsky, associate professor of classics; Janet Kaufman King, assistant professor of Germanic languages; Paul Francis Schmidt, assistant professor of Slavic languages; and Warwick Paul Wadlington, as- sistant professor of English. Dramatic improvements were made this year in the freshman programs in two of the largest de- partments in the college mathematics and English. A complete revision in the mathematics curriculum resulted in regular faculty teaching introductory courses, with teaching assistants con- ducting discussion groups and individual tutorials. Research studies supported by the Hogg Foundation were initiated to determine and more adequately respond to the educational needs of students. One project sought to find the factors leading or compelling students to interrupt their academic programs during a semester. The other focused on graduating seniors, reporting their experiences while students. Continued efforts of the administration, staff, and faculty offered each student personal con- sideration while striving to create an environment more conducive to self-realization. Students studying the Italian theater presented " Lumie di Sicilia. " 40 Hundreds of programs run through the Computation Center each day. Archery is one of Iwelve courses offered in women s required P.E Professor James E. Boggs, demonstrated the use of media in the Jester Center Auditorium during his Chemistry 305 class. 41 Edgar C. Polome, Director Stanley R. Ross, Director Center for Asian Studies Center for Latin American Studies Robert Alan Fernea, Director Center for Middle Eastern Studies Special Centers Thomas J. O ' Hare, Director Language Laboratory Anthropology FRONT ROW: Symmes Oliver, chairman; Dee Story, Edward Davis, Martha Galbraith, Richard Bauman, Peter Gardner, Mary Sanches, Russell Reid. SECOND ROW: James Neely, William Newcomb, Thomas Campbell, John Cornell, John Hotchkiss, Francis Johnston, Joel Sherzer, Americo Paredes. 42 enters FRONT ROW: Harlan Smith, chairman; Frank Edmonds, David Evans, William Bidelman, William Jefferys, William Hubbard; SECOND ROW: Daniel Weedman, Peter Wild, Bruce Ulrich, David Lambert, Derek Wills, Frank Bash, Gerard Moseley, Robert Toll. Astronomy FRONT ROW: Billie Lee Turner, chairman; Jack Myers, Ernest Arthur Bell, W. Gordon Whaley, Robert L. Airth, Tom J. AAabry, Calvin McMillan. SECOND ROW: E. Laurence Thurston, Irwin Spear, Guy A. Thompson, Richard H. Wilson, Constantine J. Alexopoulos, Harold C. Bold, Max D. Summers, Bruce N. Smith. THIRD ROW: Daniel E. Willard, Peter B. Nunn, David P. Bloch, Walter V. Brown, Howard J. Arnott, Michael J. Wynne, Marshall C. Johnston. Botany 43 Chemistry FRONT ROW: William Shive, Stanley Simonsen, Raymond Davis, Philip Bailey, Allen Bard, Charles Wade, David DeRosier, Barrie Kitto, David Cox, Philip Stotter. SECOND ROW: Ben Shoulders, Albert Noyes, Denis Kohl, Stephen Webber, Paul Noble, James Boggs, Boyd Hardesty, Stephen Monti, William Wade, John Gilbert, Royston Roberts. THIRD ROW: Conrad Cone, Daniel Ziegler, Robert Kramling, Gilbert Ayres, George Stey, Lynn Rodewald, Alan Wingrove, William Ford, Ali-Ali Khalaf. FOURTH ROW: John Szendrey, Mary Cordova, Martha Ebra, Parmjit Sood, Michael Haralson, Mark Hazelrigg, Ellen Gilliam, Raymond Brockhaus, Richard Sapienza, Mahmoud Abdel-Basit. FIFTH ROW: Larry Sander, Ira Hessel, Harold Gatlin, Nancy Macrini, Cecil Dybowski, John Franka, Craig Whit- fill, John Omnaas, Jerry Eppner, Kenny Nicholas, Timothy Matzke, Aubrey Skinner, Roy Clark, Karl-Heinz Bantel, William Padolina. SIXTH ROW: William Gardiner, Julian Baskin, John Roberts, Kenneth Hurst, William Bryson, Kenneth Hill, Charles Bush, Curtis Dillard, Elizabeth Smith, Joel Oliver, Robert Lade, Judith Haley, Edward Golla, Thomas Devon. ! Classics FRONT ROW: John Herington, chairman; Anne MacDonald, Karl Galinsky, David Campbell, Caterina Kerenyi, Robert Wind, James Wiseman, Oscar Reinmuth. SECOND ROW: Frederick AM, Charles Doria, John Guion, Douglass Parker, Fred Mench, James Hitt, George Doig, James Hynd. THIRD ROW: James Dee, Nathan Heatley, David Holdsworth, John Garth- waite, Edwin Watkins, Nikolaos Panayotakis, Michael Roberti. :! li, O .3 44 - ' ' ::,: V Mkhael " , Wird I Hod, ' fag W , Aubrey FRONT ROW: Chittoor Ramamoorthy, Robert Gregory, David Young, John Whiteman. SECOND ROW: Y. Ikebe, Raymond Yeh, John Campbell, Angus Pearson, Terrence Pratt, Richard Kendall. Computer Sciences FRONT ROW: Carey C. Thompson, chairman; Wendell C. Gordon, Stephen 1 L. McDonald, Daniel C. Morgan, Charles E. Butler. SECOND ROW: Krishan C CO DO IT) I CS G. Saini, Niles M. Hansen, H. H. Liebhafsky, F. Tomasson Jannuzi, George G. Daly, Jared E. Hazleton. THIRD ROW: C. Wade Clifton, Forest G. Hill, B. Joe Colwell, George R. Gebhart, Vernon M. Briggs, Gerald F. Higgins. 45 English FRONT ROW: Robert N. Megaw, chairman; Daniel M. McKeithan, John A. Walter, Maxine C. Hairston, Gerald Langford, Arthur AA. Cory, Neal A. Craig. SECOND ROW: Clarence L. Cline, Powell Stewart, Robert H. Wilson, William O. Sutherland, Max R. Westbrook, Warwick P. Wadling- ton. THIRD ROW: David DeCamp, James H. Sledd, Trudie K. Preciphs, Janis F. G. Mather, Dorothy J. Rattey, David J. DeLaura, William C. Stephenson. FOURTH ROW: Willis W. Pratt, Archibald A. Hill, Lucetta J. Teagarden, Ruth P. M. Lehmann, Frank H. Lyell, Maurine D. McElroy, Malcolm Genet. FIFTH ROW: Joseph J. Moldenhauer, Edwin T. Bowden, Robert L. Russell, Joseph E. Kruppa, Gordon H. Mills, Wayne A. Rebhorn, John S. Lambert. SIXTH ROW: Rosanne Potter, Joseph Stephen Jones, Aubrey D. McAuley, Palmer W. Wright, William L. Nance, Willard J. Graver. SEVENTH ROW: Joseph Malof, Charles Byrd, Norman K. Farmer, Thomas McMahon, Marguerite Dean, Samuel E. Vandiver, David Kuryk. French-Italian FRONT ROW: James Stephens, acting chaiman; Jane Lippmann, Wanda Pair, Michael Ronden, Judy Jondahl. SECOND ROW: Denise Schulze, Beverly Shivers, James Tedder, Maria Wells, Antonella Pease. THIRD ROW: John Fadell, Mary Baker, Michel Toumaniantz, Herman James, Robert Hill, Harold Wylie, Bill Dooley. FOURTH ROW: Valeria Furino, William Kibler, Suzanne Jamieson, Estelle Trepanier, Mary Gaddis, Made- leine Derdeyn-Joseph, Isabelle Peltier. FIFTH ROW: Edmond Bazerghi, Ernest Haden, Josette Bigelow, Michel Dassonville, Danny Aynesworth. C . H ' H liana J. D. Mlroy, ' Wen, bhom, 1 . ' :-es , Ward J. W K. Farmer, Brt Kiryt FRONT ROW: Robert K. Holz, Michael E. Sabbagh, Christopher Shane Davies. SECOND ROW: Donald D. Brand, Robert C. Mayfield, chairman; Paul W. English, George W. Hoffman. Geography jlyii Furinft FRONT ROW: William Muehlberger, chairman; Samuel Ellison, Stephen Clabaugh, Daniel Barker, Robert Boyer. SECOND ROW: William Rust, Charles Bell, John Wilson, Ralph Kehle, Leon long, Alan J. Scott. THIRD ROW: Edward Jonas, Lynton Land, Fred McDowell, Ernest Lundelius, Simon Sheppard, Peter Rodda. Geological Sciences 47 Germanic Languages FRONT ROW: Stanley Werbow, chairman; Ralph Read, Frances Scholz, Janet King, Helmut Render, Edgar Polome, Wolfgang Michael. SECOND ROW: George Schulz-Behrend, Charles Schmid, Walter Wetzels, John Weinstock, Charles Findlay, Hubert Heinen, Don Travis. THIRD ROW: William Duell, Christoph Cobet, Robert Mollenauer, Francis Bulhof, Glenn Gilbert, Thomas O ' Hare, A. Leslie Willson. X " , FRONT ROW: Robert Wagner, acting chairman; Janice May, Wallace l OVernm nt Mendelson, Elspeth Rostow. SECOND ROW: Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor, Robert Lineberry, Karl Schmitt, Ronald Brey, James Bill, Edward Taborsky. THIRD ROW: James Soukup, Lawrence Graham, James Roach, Roderick Bell, Richard Kraemer, Charles Parrish. Elliot Zashin, Murray Havens. 48 -;::ND ' " " " A, H ' MB SO a l of, a,,, FRONT ROW: Standish Meacham, acting chairman; Barnes Lathrop, Wayne Morgan, Steven Ross. SECOND ROW: Brian Levack, Lewis Gould, Juan Friede, Richard Sinkin, Philip White. THIRD ROW: Robert Cotner, Graham Cosmas, James Curtis, Norman Brown, Gaines Post, Michael Hall. History . ' , ; ! FRONT ROW: Janet Collins, Ardis Rewerts, Jean Hejl, Tracy Aycock, Anna Marie Ward. SECOND ROW: Carole Bansemer, Sallie Moore, Gayle Browne, Sara Brooks, Mary Goldmann, Louise Snider, Shirley Cannamore, Phyllis Richards. THIRD ROW: John Longenecker, Anna Brightman, Charles York, Gladys Everson, Betsey Hall, Nancy Shelley, Bess Caldwell, Verna Auxier, Fern Staggs. Home Economics 49 Linguistics FRONT ROW: Winfred Lehmann, Roy Teele, Jacob Mey, Carl Baker, Charles Cairns. SECOND ROW: Edgar Polome, Najm Bezirgan, Maya Chodin, Robert Wall, Carlota Lightner, Theodore Lightner. THIRD ROW: Yehuda Shamir, Mary Clayton, Lauri Karltunen, John Bordie, Sian Yen, Mohammad Jazay- ery. FOURTH ROW: Roy Blizzard, Horace Parker, Peter MacNeilage, Robert Harms, Ernest Haden. FRONT ROW: Leonard Gillman, chairman; Robert Juola, John Dollard, Dale Walston, Efraim Armendariz. SECOND ROW: Newcomb Greenleaf, Larry Schumaker, Milo Weaver, Galen Seever, Howard Curtis. THIRD ROW: Mathematics George Lorentz, Anne Barnes, John Durbin, Ralph Cain, Peter John, Ray Carry. FOURTH ROW: GeNelle Beck, Don Edmondson, Woodrow Bledsoe, Roy Kerr, DeWayne Nymann. FIFTH ROW: Glenadine Gibb, John Gilbert, Roger Osborn, S. W. Joshi, Ervin Prouse, Clifford Gardner. SIXTH ROW: Elton Lacey, Sterling Berberian, Michael Richter, Bernhard Amberg. SEV- ENTH ROW: Simon Bernau, Robert Gregory, Klaus Bichteler. EIGHTH ROW: Frederik Steutel, Kai Faltings, Robert Greenwood, David Young, Gary Cobb. NINTH ROW: Joe Fisher. 50 I FRONT ROW: Charles Lankford, chairman; Marie Morrow, Orville Wyss, Vernon Schuhardt, Bernard Sagiic, Marion Woolsey, David Gibson. SECOND ROW: Charles Earhart, Leonard Rode, James Walker, William Mandy, Paul Szaniszlo, Dwayne Savage, Henry Bose, Derek Hoare, Billy Cooper. Microbiology u FRONT ROW: Irwin Lieb, chairman; Charles Hartshorne, Alexander Moure- latos, Edwin Allaire, Raja Rao. SECOND ROW: Norman Martin, Richard Zaner, Laurence Bonjour, Bernard Gendron, William Mahan, Edward Lee, Martin Scott-Taggart, Robert Audi. THIRD ROW: Gerd Buchdahl, Ignazio Angelelli, Peter Janich, Robert Palter, Joseph Bien, John Murphy, Louis Mackey. Philosophy saw no ' .-- KM . M 51 Physics FRONT ROW: Frederik de Wette, chairman; Gary Davids, Robert Moore, Alfred Schild, Ennackal Sudarshan, Dieter Brill, Robert Yaes, Michael Gund- zik, Ronald Parsons. SECOND ROW: Alfred Nolle, Peter Riley, James Bardsley, David Ross, Phillip Little, Patrick Richard, Thomas Griffy, Peter Antoniewicz, Giuseppe Maiella. THIRD ROW: J. Gavenda, Rui Mendes, Manfred Fink, Henry Wong, Arnold Lopez-Cepero, John Sheffield, Kenneth Gentle, William Rienstra, Rodiger Gobel, Manuel Velarde. FOURTH ROW: Robert Little, Eric Sheldon, Arno Bohm, Claude Horton, Alan Macmahon, Roger Bengston, Mosao Yamado, Linda Reichl, Leonard Simmons, John Rae, Austin Gleeson, Henry Strauss. FIFTH ROW: Lothar Frommhold, Leonard Simmons, John Rae, Austin Gleeson, Henry Strauss. FIFTH ROW: Lothar Frommhold, Leonard Kleinman, Robert Clark, Frederick Hinton, Alan Gibson, Claude Horton, Russell Collins, Lawrence Shepley, William Mc- Cormick. Psychology FRONT ROW: Janet T. Spence, chairman; Phillip Mann, Jan Bruell, Elliot Aronson, Arnold Buss, Faye Gibson, Delbert Thiessen, Martin Manosevitz, Abram Amsel. SECOND ROW: Kent Gummerman, George Parker, Roger Stouwie, Norman Prentice, Albert Chammah, Ira Iscoe, Robert Helmreich, David Cohen, Robert Wicklund, David Holmes, Coleman Merryman, Quinn McNemar, Donald Foss. THIRD ROW: Peter Poison, David Hakes, John Loehlin, Walter Stolz, Joseph Horn, Jerald Jellison, Robert Young. 52 FRONT ROW: Sidney Monas, chairman; John Kolsti, Jan Perkowski, Richard Sylvester, Paul Schmidt, Philip Klindt. Slavic Languages FRONT ROW: Joseph Lopreato, chairman; Robert G. Gushing, Samuel Dale McLemore, Henry Bullock. SECOND ROW: Benjamin S. Bradshaw, Walter I. Firey, Jack P. bibbs, Daniel O. Price, Louis A. Zurcher, John C. Higley. THIRD ROW: John H. Lane, J. Allen Williams, Charles M. Bonjean, Frank D. Bean, Richard L. Henshel, Russell L. Curtis, Egil Fivelsdal. Sociology 53 Spanish Portuguese FRONT ROW: Carlos Vargas, Carter Wheelock, Roberto Loayza, Dionisio Ridruejo, David Sisto, Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth. SECOND ROW: Rodolfo Cardona, chairman; Nancy Dyer, Elaine D ' Entremont, Beatriz Jarvis, Mary Kilmer, Karen Getty, Landon Lockett. THIRD ROW: George Schade, Allen Phillips, Ramon Martinez-Lopez, Vicente Cantarino, Joseph Matluck, Fred- erick Hensey, Jose Sanchez, Douglass Rogers. FOURTH ROW: Norman Potter, Luis Arocena, Neil Devereaux, Frederick Hodcroft, Michael Mc- Gaha, Ricardo Gullon, Fred Ellison, Nestor Lugones, Dorothy Turner. Zoology FRONT ROW: Auline Schrank, chairman; Hugh Forrest, Burke Judd, James Larimer. SECOND ROW: Crodowaldo Pavan, Clark Hubbs, Robert Barth, Austin Phelps, Guy Bush, Ken-ichi Kojima, Michael Collins. THIRD ROW: Antone Jacobson, Terrell Hamilton, Eric Pianca, Lawrence Fox, Bob San- ders, John Biesele, Franklin Bronson, Charles Laird, Yuichiro Hiraizumi. FOURTH ROW: Marshall Wheeler, James Courtright, Daniel Otte, George Bittner, Michael Menaker, Barry Hinderstein. FIFTH ROW: Osmond Breland, Bassett Maguire, Edward Powers, Jack Myers, Oscar Wiegand. 54 FRONT ROW: Thomas Barlow, director; Kenneth Tyson, William Bethea, Merron Hodges, Howard Gilstrap. SECOND ROW: James Lee, Charles Craven, Darrell Williams, Forrest Dolgener, Karl Klein. THIRD ROW: William Garner, Charles Leinbach, James Mowry, Henry Chapman, Donald McMiken. Men ' s PE FRONT ROW: Barbara Nelson, Deanna Pommerenk, Nelda Burke, Lurae Harvey, Jo Spearman, Dorothy Lovett. SECOND ROW: Jean Dalton, Carolyn Hewatt, Patricia Weis, Maxine Beardsley, Jane Spragens, Martha Artus. THIRD ROW: Betty Thompson, director; Marcille Bradshaw, Dorothy Burd- eshaw, Louise Horvath, Hazel Davis, Mary LeCompte, Pauline Maxwell. Women ' s PE 55 College of Business Administration Since it was authorized by the Board of Regents in 1916, the College of Business Ad- ministration has developed a historical record of academic excellence in the areas of research and teaching. Its growth in size over the years was indicated by the 4,247 students who were en- rolled in programs in the college in the fall of 1969. The quality of the college ' s programs con- tinued to attract outstanding students from all sections of the United States. Each year the members of the faculty devote considerable effort to the restructuring of academic programs to meet the future needs of education for business. Over the years the college has been able to assemble one of the more competent inter- disciplinary faculties in the nation, resulting in the development of numerous new courses as well as the expansion of multi-disciplinary ap- proaches to education for business. Approximately 75 undergraduate students are enrolled in the Honors Program each year. Stu- dents in this program comprise a highly selective group. Entrance into the program is approved only after careful consideration of the student ' s total academic record and personal qualities. Many students in the program pursue in- dividualized programs of study which include courses offered by departments outside the Col- lege of Business Administration. The CBA Student Council was actively involved in the affairs of the college and participated jointly with faculty members on many committees and in the sponsorship of special programs. In addition, the student organizations representing the various professional areas of international business, marketing, accounting, finance, man- agement, petroleum land management, insurance, statistics, and business education provided an opportunity for a professional link between the school and the business community. The annual College of Business Administration Week was held March 9-13. Approximately 30 executives from Texas and other states accepted invitations to act as " profs for a day " to discuss trends in their fields with various business classes. During the week the college elected as its sweet- heart Barbara Mclaughlin, a junior management student from Houston. e A visiting businessman demonstrated an industrial display during CBA Week. 56 Typing courses are required of all Office Administration students. The minimun requirement in advanced classes is 70 words per minute. CBA Week guest was S. E. Knudsen, former president of Ford Motor Co FRONT ROW: Charles Zlatkovich, chairman; Charles Griffin, Harley Court- ney, Eugene Sauls, Lewis Davidson, Ray Sommerfeld. SECOND ROW: Robert Dickens, Barry Gushing, Don Vickery, Kermit Larson, Gary Holstrum, Charles Smith, John Willingham. Accounting 57 Finance FRONT ROW: Lawrence L. Crum, chairman; James R. Kay, Richard W. McEnally, Jerry D. Todd, Richard E. Bell, Harold A. Wolf, Robert B. William- son, Robert D. Mettlen. SECOND ROW: Robert C. Witt, Lynn F. Anderson, Ernest W. Walker, Charles W. Hackett, Edward A. Dyl, R. Conrad Doenges, J. Barry Gertz. Fred Hegi, Harry Haiduk. THIRD ROW: John William Petty, Larry J. Merville, Henry Moak Rollins. Kriss Cloninger, Eugene Wisdom, Edward A. Benson, Lee A. Tavis, Jeffrey G. Mundy. General Business FRONT ROW: Gaylord Jentz, chairman; Richard Shocket, Carol Lutz, Marie Schmidt, Diana Harris, Beverly Morrison, Doris Looney, Margaret Cox, Anna Stengel. Richard Bernstein. SECOND ROW: Darwin Klingman, William Lomerson, William Raike, H. Albert Napier, John Stockton, A. Faborn Etier, William Lord, Abraham Charnes, Eugene Nelson, Jack Ledbetter, Theodore Klastorin. THIRD ROW: Andrew Stedry, James Courtney, Richard Scamell, Michael Duggan, William Boyd, Terry Belt, Francis May, N. Carroll Mohn, Robert Howe, James Raney, Karl Henion. ; : ' ' , 58 E to FRONT ROW: Floyd Brandt, chairman; Michael Maggard, Milton Schoe- man, Elizabeth Lanham, Eugene Konecci. SECOND ROW: Winford Holland, Judson Neff, Hampton SneM, Albert Chammah, Henry Steiner, Robert Pethia. THIRD ROW: Howard Johnson, Kenneth Olm, Wilfred Watson, Burnard Sord, William Yaeger, Timothy Ruefli, Isadore Helburn. Management rfmM :: . [icwl ,M. FRONT ROW: Edward Cundiff, chairman; John Swan, Douglas Longman, Subrata Sen, David Huff. BACK ROW: Henry Pruden, Zarrel Lambert, Mark Alpert, Frederick Sturdivant, Robert Witt, Grady Bruce. Marketing 59 College of Education During the academic year 1969-70, the College of Education continued to provide programs of research, development and professional prepar- ation of elementary and secondary school teachers. In the fall, there were 3,445 students enrolled and 300 faculty members, including teaching assistants. More than 1,200 education majors were stu- dent teachers in Austin and San Antonio. Through its six departments, the college provided curricu- lum toward legal certification of many students in other colleges of the University. The Research and Development Center for Teacher Education, one of nine national centers founded to individualize and personalize teacher education, moved into expanded facilities in its fifth year. This center was instrumental in de- veloping Model Teacher Education programs for use in the college. The teaching laboratory system gives students the opportunity to practice teaching in small groups. The curriculum-based teacher education system exposes the education student to new materials and methods for use in teaching. Supporting these activities were the college ' s Learning Disabilities Center and the Media Center. Major research programs continued in the areas of computer assisted instruction, special edu- cation, science education, and other education related fields. Wayne H. Holtzman, dean, was appointed by the Board of Regents to succeed Robert L. Sutherland as president of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health effective Sept. 1, 1970. .. .1- An education student demonstrated one method of making overhead transparencies in the Education Media Lab. 60 FRONT ROW: Thomas Horn, chairman; Donald Nicholas, William Bennie, Duane Christian, Helen Bownds, Roger Tolar, Glenadine Gibb. SECOND ROW: Clyde Martin, Alberta Castaneda, David Stronck, Gary McKenzie, Mark Seng, Camilla Shear, Richard Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Geneva Pilgrim, Gregg Millett, Charles Dent, Josephine Wortham, Jewelene Salone, Joan Allaire. FOURTH ROW: James Unstattd, Joe Frost, Ray Carry, Jewel Raschke, Frances Flournoy, Heather Carter. FIFTH ROW: Jean York, Clark Gill, Charlotte DuBois, James Kinneavy, O. L. Davis, David Butts. Curriculum and Instruction FRONT ROW: Kenneth Mclntyre, chairman; Ben Harris, William Barren, Bascom Hayes. SECOND ROW: Stephen McClellan, Michael Thomas, Wailand Bessent, Carl Ashbaugh, Laurence Haskew, Marvin Felder. Educational Administration 61 Educational Psychology FRONT ROW: Carl Hereford, acting chairman; Royal Embree, Thomas Oakland, Harris Stern, Mary Koran, June Gallessich, Shirley Menaker, Frances Fulle , Donald Veldman. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Sander, Mar- garita Mata, Oliver Bown, Paul Liberty, Victor Appel, Paul Kelley, Wilson Judd, Jere Brophy, Richard Mowsesian, Luiz Natalicio. THIRD ROW: Eliza- beth Akin, Doris Sauls, Susan McFarland, Michal Clark, William Gray, Roy Martin, Beeman Phillips, Jackson Reid, Coystal Stone, Guy Manaster, S. Friedman, Tom Brooks, Earl Jennings, Jon Swartz, Paul Scott, Robert Peck, Jack Knutson, Alton Murphy, Frank Wicker, Thomas Good, Stan Hillis. LEFT TO RIGHT: John Rich, chairman; Arthur Moehlman, William Drake, John laska. History and Philosophy of Education 62 FRONT ROW: Lynn McCraw, chairman; Jessie Haag, David Brace, Mary Alderson, Curtis Alderson, Waneen Wyrick. SECOND ROW: Marilu Dooley, Jane Sherrill, Merron Hodges, Carolyn Burton, Jack Daniels, Ann Duncan, Terry Baylor, Robert Myer. THIRD ROW: Pauline Maxwell, Charles Craven, Mary Lou LeCompte, William Chasey, Marion Noble, Shirley Laney, Stanley Burnham. Physical and Health Education m ication RONT ROW: Jasper Harvey, chairman; Anne Adams, Natalie Barraga, Carolina Gale Lambright, Clifford J. Drew, William G. Wolfe. SECOND ROW: John King, Randall Parker, William A. Myers, John R. Peck, Charles Meisgeier, Gerald Hasterok, Carl E. Hansen, Giles Derwood Carnes, Claude H. Marks. Special Education 63 College of Engineering Several administrative turnovers affected the College of Engineering this year. On Sept. 1, 1969, Dean of Engineering John J. McKetta was made University system Executive Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Billy Howard Amstead, assistant dean, became acting dean, and William Ronald Hudson was named assistant dean. April 1, Amstead was appointed the first president of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Earnest Frederick Gloyna, environmental health engineering professor, was selected the new engineering dean. The College of Engineering, which conferred its first degree in 1888, comprised more than nine percent of the University ' s student body this year. In the fall, 2,756 undergraduates and 662 graduates were enrolled in the college. Within the past two years the college has been reorganized into six departments. A faculty of 184 members supports 53 areas of specialization for the bachelor ' s degree and 46 areas of master ' s and doctoral degrees. The biomedical engineering faculty now in- cludes four physicians who spearhead a multi- disciplinary group of 18 faculty members. In January the engineering faculty began a series of conferences on problems of urbani- zation. Faculty members from other schools and representatives of federal, state, and local gov- ernment and industry attended the meetings. An aerospace engineering student demonstrated the application of a wind tunnel. 64 Professor Bryon E. Short ' s ME students measured output of an internal combustion engine. - A research assistant inspected a device which is designed to measure aerosol particles. The diffusion of polymers was measured under a microscope by a chemical engineering student. To provide public information on the growing problem of the environment, graduate students of the Environmental Health Group devised and presented a series of five informational seminars. In collaboration with the physics department, the electrical engineering department did thermo- nuclear research for the Texas Atomic Energy Research Foundation, a combine of 10 utility companies. The students sought a way to produce electric energy from atomic fusion. A course in hospital efficiency engineering, at- tended by students in several disciplines, con- tinued successfully for a second year. Four Austin hospitals cooperated enthusiastically, and one gave laboratory space where students could solve problems on the spot. The Highway Center expanded to become the Transportation Center in order to encompass a wider area of study. A Center for Earth Sciences and Engineering was opened in early spring as part of petroleum engineering. When completed, this facility will be one of the largest and most complete centers for earth study and research in the nation. The Engineering Foundation Advisory Council, composed of 18 men from national industries, completed a long-range planning study on socio- economic demands on engineering, pointing to the design of future curriculum. 65 Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics FRONT ROW: Eugene A. Ripperger, Richard R. Ensminger, Ronald O. Stearman, Ching H. Yew, Wallace T. Fowler, Melvin A. Wilkov, Thomas M. Runge. SECOND ROW: Jose L. Junqueira, Bob E. Schutz, James L. Hill, Morris A. Stern, Milton J. Thompson, Frank G. Collins, Marc A. Bedford. THIRD ROW: John W. Porter, Lawrence R. Mack, Lyle G. Clark, John C. Westkaemper, Henry J. Petroski, Charles E. Hickox, Eric B. Becker, John R. Dickerson. Chemical Engineering FRONT ROW: Eugene Wissler, chairman; David Himmelblau, Matthew Van Winkle, Donald Paul, Joel Hougen, Robert Schechter. SECOND ROW: James Brock, William Cunningham, Howard Rase, Norman Brockmeier, William Bradley, Karl Sladek, Robert Gunn, Hugo Steinfink. 66 tMa : w 1 : . A. ' c y k K i. FRONT ROW: Lymon Reese, chairman; Ervin Perry, Benjamin McCullough, Richard Furlong, Franklin Johnson, Earnest Gloyna. SECOND ROW: Philip Johnson, Thomas Kennedy, Robert Welch, Joe Ledbetter, David Fowler, Robert Carr, Patrick Atkins. THIRD ROW: Wesley Eckenfelder, Allen Kelly, Stephen Wright, James Houston, Frank Masch, Carl Morgan. FOURTH ROW: William Butcher, Harold Crutcher, Norman Wagner, William Jewell, Ernst Davis, Talbot Huff, Ned Burns. Civil Engineering FRONT ROW: Archie Straiten, chairman; Martha Gary Swanson, Curtis Johnson. SECOND Womack, Edward Wagner, Rodrigo Qi Sonnemann, Oren Kesler. THIRD ROW: David Blackstock, Robert Likuski, Steve Sesnic, Richard Rowberg, D. G. Lainiotis, Lyndon Taylor, Arwin Dougal. FOURTH ROW: William Duesterhoeft, Philip Richardson, William Clark, Terry Henderson, Charles Roth, Edward Powers, Bob Fannin. man; Martha Fowler, C. L. Coates, G I ... .J..-! I G_ OND ROW: Alfred LaGrone, Baxter [116011100 I L n Q I n QQ f I n Q uerubin, C. V. Ramamoorthy, William 67 Mechanical Engineering FRONT ROW: William Upthegrove, Jamie Lamb, Billy Amstead, Robert Helfinstine, Billy Koen, Grady Rylander, Charles Reightler, Paul Jensen. SECOND ROW: Stephen Gage, Byron Short, John Stark, Eugene Draper, Margaret Baker, James Holmes, Noel McGuire, Orville Word, Harry Kent. THIRD ROW: John Allan, Lawrence Hoberock, Jack Lenhart, John Watt, John Heyt, Gordon Thorn, Kenneth Rails. FOURTH ROW: Howard Brown, Joseph Thompson, Sherrell AAyrick, Thomas Courtney, Stephen Malkin, J hn Matlock, Miguel Orozco, George Goldman, Huntington Swanson, William Lesso. FIFTH ROW: Roger Noble, Leonardt Kreisle, Hugh Walls, Donald Reed, Sockalingam Kannappan. Petroleum Engineering FRONT ROW: Kenneth Gray, Martha Hutson, Kathy Germuska, Jane Van Praag, Folkert Brons. SECOND ROW: Bill Armstrong, Augutto Podio, Jim Feather, I. H. Silberberg, John Dempsey, Frank Jessen. THIRD ROW: K. G. Morrison, Sylvain Pirson, Ben Caudle. 68 " !. W t : - H t Hmy (an if, John Walt, iil Brow, ephei Mibi S ' on Swanson, . H!h Wall,, College of Fine Arts The administration and faculty of the College of Fine Arts constantly are involved in a program of enriching the University community with lectures, performances, exhibits, and other cul- tural events. This year the college recorded a 20 percent in- crease in enrollment. The college has tripled its enrollment within the last five years. 1,551 undergraduates, 250 graduate students, and 160 faculty members were registered in the College this fall. The 28th annual Fine Arts Festival was held in November. " Revolution and Evolution, " the theme of this year ' s festival, named two aspects of the continuous process of change: sudden or un- expected change and gradual change. Events included drama presentations, exhibitions, lec- tures, and concerts. The new Music Building East was opened and occupied this year, providing complete rehearsal facilities for student music organizations. This year ' s Department of Drama productions included Hamlet, Celebration, Everything in the Garden, A Flea in Her Ear, Urashima Taro, and Johnny Moonbeam and the Silver Arrow for the children ' s theatre. New requirements in the Department of Art placed higher standards on entrance into junior art courses and on graduation. E. William Doty, Dean : MB A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Morris J. Beachy, spent many hours rehearsing a repertoire which emphasized classical choral literature. 69 Art FRONT ROW: John Guerin. SECOND ROW: Nicolai Cikovsky, Charles Umlauf. THIRD ROW: Everett Spruce, Bill Berry, Janet Rollins, Ralph Farabee. FOURTH ROW: Eleanor Greenhill, Bill Francis, Mart Baranoff, Doris Hutton, Alvin Nickel, Donald Goodall. FIFTH ROW: Gibbs Milliken, Robert Levers. SIXTH ROW: James Foster, Ralph White. One of the diverse facilities of the College of Fine Arts is the sculpture patio located behind the Art Building. 70 aJ ' -- -: iilsi FRONT ROW: Lewin Goff, chairman; Jack Wright, John Rothgeb, B. Iden Payne, Arnold Kendall, Kay Wolfe, Roy Brown. SECOND ROW: Robert Chambers, Coleman Jennings, Charles Lown, Lathan Sanford, Cheryl Pierce, Paul Reinhardt. THIRD ROW: James Moll, Frances Loder, Webster Smalley, John Brokaw, James Pringle, David Nancarrow, Lawrence Leach. FOURTH ROW: E. P. Conkle, Francis Hodge. Drama FRONT ROW: Robert Bays, chairman; Agnes Vadas, Martha Deatherage, Willa Stewart, Shirley Woodward, Howell Branning. SECOND ROW: George Frock, Stuart Sankey, Leonard Posner, Leonard Shure, William Race, Andor Toth, George Neikrug, Walter Ducloux. THIRD ROW: Fritz Oberdoerffer, Charlotte DuBois, Richard Goodwin, Jess Walters, Rebecca Baltzer, Joe Bratcher, Laurene Heimann, Edra Gustafson. FOURTH ROW: Janet Mc- Gaughey, Frank Speller, Warren George, Charles Brauner, Gilbert Blount, John Rothgeb, Frank Elsass, Kent Kennan. FIFTH ROW: Floyd Townsley, John Leisenring, Delmer Rogers, Leland Munger, Jerry Dean, Thomas Wells, Verna Harder, Edward Brookhart, Nelson Patrick. SIXTH ROW: John Grubbs, Morris Beachy, William Moody, Nancy Garrett, Rita Pisk, Harry Cardwell, Gabrielle Fulda, Eulan Brooks, Thomas Stanford. Music 71 College of Pharmacy The College of Pharmacy concentrated this year on curriculum revisions. Beginning fall, 1970, students will have the opportunity to take elec- tives in pharmacy subjects not previously of- fered. For the first time the college will have a course in bio-pharmaceutics, the study of the relationship of drug form to its effectiveness. Another new course, clinical pharmacy, will be concerned with the patient aspects of drug therapy. This will be taught in cooperation with the student health service and other Austin in- stitutions. The varied curriculum opportunities will neces- sitate an increase in faculty. The enrollment of 623 students in the fall was the third highest in pharmacy schools across the nation. Building renovations are being planned to accommodate the increasing number of students. The Institute of Biomedical Research, under the direction of Karl Folkers, professor of phar- maceutical chemistry, enjoyed a fruitful second year. One success was the identification of a thyrotropic hormone which is being studied in- tensely for further clinical applications. Vitamin Q, which was largely developed by Dr. Folkers, is being subjected to clinical studies in Japan, several European Countries, and the U.S. Joseph B. Sprowls, Dean fe FRONT ROW: Victor Yanchick, Lee Worrell, John Davis, Charles Walker, Herbert Schwartz. SECOND ROW: E. Wood Hall, Henry Burlage, William Haney, Frederick lofgren, John Biesele. THIRD ROW: Charles T. Clark, Jaime Delgado, Karl-Heinz Rosier, Jean Scholler, Jay Nematollahi, Joseph Sprowls. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Garrett, Gerald Sullivan, Wallace Guess, Billy Wylie, William Sheffield, Gordon Jensen. 72 FRONT ROW: Alan Y. Taniguchi, dean; Martin S. Kermacy, George T. Langdon, J. Luis Divino, Rosemary R. Sanders, Roy E. Graham, Richard P. Swallow, Philip D. Creer. SECOND ROW: Richard T. Lai, Claudio Arenas, Daniel E. Leary, Gerlinde Leiding, C. Owen Cappelman, Susan J. O ' Brien, Hugo Leipziger-Pearce, Frank E. Whitson, Jon A. Bowman. THIRD ROW: Philip A. Hendren, Carl O. Berquist, Drury B. Alexander, Richard L. Dodge, Leon M. Cole, Roland G. Roessner, Peter O. Coltman, James David. School of Architecture In response to the changing nature of demands being made on the professions of architecture and planning, new additions to the School of Architecture faculty came from fields other than architecture. Professors experienced in urban planning, sociology, law, and economics, broadened the school ' s resources. Concentrating on its undergraduate profes- sional program, the school ' s longer range plans include a greater development of graduate pro- grams in environmental design. Numerous research projects were under the faculty ' s direction. Richard P. Swallow, professor of architecture, directed a study of a Science Park for the University system; Richard Harry Blakeley, assistant professor of architecture, di- rected a reclamation study of sand and gravel mined lands; and R. Gommel Roessner, professor of architecture, directed the development of a General University Model. Alan Y. Taniguchi, dean, was named the 1970 Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Professor of Architecture at the University of Virginia. In connection with this appointment, a student ex- change program was developed whereby a class of 10, five students each from Texas and Virginia, spent the semester on the study of manufactured housing. The class spent five weeks on each campus. Fall enrollment in the School numbered 584 students. Alan Y. Taniguchi, Dean 73 School of Communication The School of Communication began 1969-70 with a new dean, Wayne A. Danielson. Under Danielson, the school viewed dynamic growth and responsive interaction of students and faculty this year. The fall enrollment of 1,299 undergraduates was a 35 percent increase over the previous fall. Twenty-one faculty committees strived to en- courage high standards of teaching and advised the dean on matters of policy. Students of minority races were attracted to the school by the recruitment and placement com- mittees. Studies were made to improve the electronic journalism program. Plans were considered for the new School of Communication library. Seven student committees of the Communi- cation Council functioned to develop greater stu- dent involvement in the school. The job placement committee began this year to assist graduating seniors by setting up inter- views with prospective employers. A teacher and course evaluation was con- ducted by council members. The annual " Communication Week " was held in the spring with speakers from many fields within the profession of communication. Wayne A. D Professor Olin E. Hinkle explained principles of lay-out to students in his journalism graphics lab. 74 Speech therapy majors had the opportunity to work with children in the speech clinic. During lab sessions, RTF students learned broadcasting techniques. FRONT ROW: Ernest Sharpe, Richard King, Olin Hinkle, Norris Davis, William Mindak, Wayne Danielson. SECOND ROW: Ernest Fischer, Joseph Taylor, Martha Hill, Jan Merck, Naoma Alexander, Rebecca Gardner, Vida Griffith, Muriel Daniels, Joseph Pisani, Griffin Singer. THIRD ROW: Werner Severin, David Beckwith, Chester Hunt, Martin Gibson, Harrell Lee, Frank Pierce, Frank Armstrong, James Morris. Journalism 75 Radio-Television-Film FRONT ROW: Stanley Donner, chairman; Robert Schenkkan, Richard Byrne, Rodney Whitaker, Edward Perry. SECOND ROW: Gary Carr, Alexander Toogood, Eugene Traylor, Robert Brooks, Richard Kooris, John Jennings. Speech FRONT ROW: Robert Jeffrey, Lear Ashmore, Ora Bennett, Beverly Whitaker, Frederick Martin, Beverly Martin. SECOND ROW: Barbara Kaster, Ruth Orenbaum, Grace Hanson, Maurine Amis, Jesse Villarreal, Edward Rundell, Ann Harrell, Eva McMahan, Sandra Hile, Lennart Kopra. THIRD ROW: Daniel Smith, Harold Walker, Martin Todaro, Grover Fuchs, John Schunk, John Wier, Suzanne Barton, Richard Speer, Donald Zacharias. h : : 76 School of Law With an enrollment of 1,455, the School of Law was the second largest law school in the nation among those having day students only. Of this enrollment, 675 were first-year students. During the year, the free legal aid clinic moved to East Austin and became " Community Legal Services " to help people who can ' t afford an attorney. Two new student organizations were formed this year. The Aviation Law Society brings in speakers on aviation law and encourages research in the field. The Conser- vation Law Society works to conserve water resources and fight, air pollution. Student publications include the Texas Law Review, published monthly; the International Law Forum; the Peregrinus, the school yearbook; and the Texas Law Forum, the student newspaper. The Forum took first place honors in national law school competition during the year. The Criminal Justice Studies Program, funded by the Ford Foundation, provides classroom instruction and clinical experiences for law students who are employed in various institutions of the criminal justice process during the summer. In the fall, the school sponsored the eighth annual Lecture on Law and Free Society. This series focused on controversial topics and issues in the profession. The 18th annual Law Week observance was held in April. Renamed the Annual Page Keeton Law Week, the event recognized outstanding students for their achieve- ments. Dean Keeton has served as dean of the School of Law since 1949. An April 17 meeting of the University system of the Board of Regents left the law school with a new set of admission standards. The increased requirements will have the effect of stabilizing law school enrollment and improving the quality of the student body, Keeton predicted. W. Page Keeton, Dean FRONT ROW: Lino Graglia, James Treece, Michael Rosenthal, William Huie, Frank Elliott, Michael Sharlot. SECOND ROW: John Sutton, David Robertson, Robert Dawson, Russell Weintraub, Marian Boner, Bernard Ward. THIRD ROW: George Schatzki, Barbara Kazen, Ernest Smith, Albert Jones, Robert Mathews, Roy Mersky, James Werner, Byron Fuller- ton, Leon Lebowitz. FOURTH ROW: William Fritz, Parker Fielder, Richard Barndt, Marion Woodward, William Gibson, Robert Hamilton, Albert Alschuler, Charles Wright, Gus Hodges, Stanley Johanson, Keith Morrison, Allen Smith, Millard Ruud. 77 School of Nursing Significant growth was the trademark of the 1969-70 academic year for the University Nursing School. On the Austin campus, this system wide establishment enrolled 435 students in the fall and had 36 faculty members. This fall, the Austin branch added senior nursing courses to the curriculum, completing a four-year baccalaureate program. A master ' s degree is also offered here. The board of review for baccalaureate and higher degree programs of the National League for Nursing voted to grant continuing accredi- tation to both the undergraduate and graduate programs. A clinical program consisting of the final two years in the nursing major is offered at Galves- ton. A new clinical program in San Antonio en- rolled students for the first time this spring. Plans for the development of a four-year program in El Paso are in progress. This year, the school claimed the presidents of both the Texas Nursing Association and the Texas Nursing Student Association. William E. Field Jr. presided over the professional chapter and Louis Young headed the student counterpart. FRONT ROW: Billye Brown, Lynda Haulenbeck, Isobel Thorp, Virginia Rahr, Jo Ann Brewer, Virginia Zizelmann, Jerry Blaylock, Hattie Shea. SECOND ROW: Gail Abou-Zeid, Phyllis loucks, Virginia Dryden, Anna Ham, Ann Howland, Mary Campbell, Jeanette Wolf, Dorothy Blume, Claudia Gerber. THIRD ROW: Teddy langford, Mildred Dayton, Mary Cox, Sharon O ' Neil, Judy Blocker, Patsy Swogetinsky, Beatrice Carruth, Betsy Ray. FOURTH ROW: Bonnie Rickelman, Patricia Dodds, Alice Red- land, Jacklyn Ancell, Ruth Nicholson, Chloe Floyd, Inez Haynes. FIFTH ROW: Mitzi Dreher, Elaine Gebhardt, Donna Knapp, Connie Otto, Carolyne Snyder, William Field. 78 Graduate School The Graduate School has grown significantly over the last decade. This year the School was second largest only to the college of Arts and Sciences with a fall enrollment of 5,689 students. The school emphasized supervised research, individual research, and teaching experience. Graduate work was divided into areas in order to offer students a scope extending beyond that of a single department. Five master ' s degrees in 54 areas were offered. The doctoral program in- cluded 39 areas. The school continued to meet the obligation to increase knowledge, heighten motivation, and deepen the insights of its students. A close tie-in to both organized and individual faculty research provided increased opportunities to graduate students to serve as research assistants. In many fields, teaching assistantships were available to graduate students through the budgets of the undergraduate deans. A full-time course load of nine semester hours enabled the student to follow his own interests. Extensive facilities available to graduate stu- dents included a vast system of libraries and special collections, the Computation Center, Bal- cones Research Center, Marine Science Institute, McDonald Observatory and numerous inter- departmental laboratories. William Thomas Belt, Assistant Dean W. Gordon Whaley, Dean 79 Graduate School of Library Science The Graduate School of Library Science offers a varied training program for specialists in library services. With the approval of the Board of Regents and the Coordinating Board for Higher Education, the school instituted a doctoral program this year. Alumni established a foundation to support activities including special lectures and scholar- ships. Future plans include supplementing the professional program with research projects on library automation and information retrieval. In the fall, there was a 25 percent increase in enrollment over the previous semester. The number of M.L.S. degrees grew from seven to 34. The faculty was increased by two full-time and two part-time members to accommodate the growing number of students. The school offered three specialized graduate courses for practicing librarians of the Central Texas area during the spring semester. The areas of specialization were medical libraries, law libraries, and school media centers. Stanley McElderry, Dean 80 FRONT ROW: Alice B. McGuire, Julie Bichteler, Ann H. Bowden, Billie G. Herring, Catheryne S. Franklin, Roy M. Mersky, Robert R. Douglass. SECOND ROW: Stanley McElderry, dean; Sam G. Whitten, Layton B. Murphy, James K. Zink, John R. Wheat, Gerald D. Everett. ' - Graduate School of Social Work The Graduate School of Social Work moved this year into the new Social Work Building at 2609 University Ave. A revised and reorganized curriculum now provides preparation for social work practice in both the interpersonal area and the institutional or community level. After a basic first year, the student specializes in one of these fields. New courses such as " Social Problems and So- cial Welfare Policy " enable workers to concen- trate on dealing more effectively with the preven- tion of social problems. The Graduate Assembly approved a new Ph.D. program in social work. The program, planned for fall, 1971, will be the only doctoral program of social work in the Southwest. The academic year 1969-70 marked the school ' s 20th year in existence. An anniversary lecture series, " Social Policies for the 70 ' s Strategies for the Renewal of Human Resources, " was initiated in April with Wilbur Cohen, former Secretary of the Department of Health, Edu- cation and Welfare as keynote speaker. Enrollment this fall numbered 120 graduate students and 300 undergraduates in the social work sequence. There were 22 faculty members. : ' : G. FRONT ROW: Jack Otis, dean; Nathan Loshak, Buford Farris, Martha ' ... Williams, Hortense Kilpatrick, Louis DeMoll. SECOND ROW: Peretz Katz, Betty Broadhurst, Oolph Hess, Josleen Lockhart, Victor Ehlers, George Thorman. THIRD ROW: Mary Carswell, Helen Barrett, Hattie Berg, Santos Reyes, Chester Chiles, James Payne, Guy Shuttlesworth. 81 Division of Extension University extension, or continuing education, is adjusting and expanding to meet the new needs of a rapidly changing age. The Division of Extension coordinates continuing education pro- grams for professions in cooperation with the main campus and is a resource for planning and implementing new programs. During the past year 43,412 individuals par- ticipated in educational activities conducted by the division. Of this number, 25,738 were en- rolled in non-credit conferences and institutes, 11,326 were enrolled in extension classes for academic credit, and 6,348 were enrolled in correspondence study courses. Continuing education programs were con- ducted to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of society. The Management Development Pro- gram, conducted with the Graduate School of Business, was a five-week session with 37 par- ticipants representing 35 corporations from 1 1 states and England. 23 of the 80 Texas Education Agency ' s New Careers trainees completed the program and were enrolled in the University ' s evening class program. Evening class enrollment doubled over last year with a spring enrollment of 3,498. A large program for the oil and gas industry was con- ducted with the cooperation of the Department of Petroleum Engineering. Participants in the Management Development Program met informally to discuss the program ' s progress. Ml The Division of Extension hosted a sensitivity training seminar for teachers from Wichita Independent School District at Salado. 82 University Writings Collection From a modest beginning of 200 books in 1961, the Richard T. Fleming Library of The University of Texas Writers has grown to over 50,000 items. The volunteer collector, curator, and founder of the library, Richard T. Fleming, was graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences in 1912 and the School of Law in 1915. He maintains and preserves the writings in three groups: ex- students ' writings, faculty writings, and writings pertaining to the University (its history, adminis- tration, student life, and memorabilia). Located in Room 1 of the Academic Center, the open shelf library welcomes visitors. An 1894 Cacfus and copies of The Daily Texan in its progression from a weekly to a daily news- paper in 1913 are included in a complete col- lection of University publication firsts. A bibliography of material is maintained to provide a complete reference to the contents of the collection. Richard T. Fleming, curator ' :: Mr. Fleming and his assistant, Maud Ann Armstrong, displayed several of the library ' s latest acquisitions. 83 Cactus Teaching Excellence Awards Associate Professor of Architecture CARL OS- CAR BERGQUIST (right) was presented the Stu- dents ' Association Teaching Excellence Award in 1966. Completing his tenth year at the University, he served on the University Committee on Publi- cations, the Program Development and Curriculum Committee for the School of Architecture, and the Library Committee. His principal interests in- clude drawing, design, and printed graphics. f r ' RICHARD BURDICK BYRNE (above), professor of radio-television-film, came to the University in September, 1967, from the University of Wiscon- sin. Faculty adviser for Challenge ' 69, Byrne also assisted in establishing the campus shuttle bus system. In his three years at the University, he has been actively involved in presenting multi- media productions. Associate Professor of Business Statistics CHARLES T. CLARK (right) has been presented the Students ' Association Teaching Excellence Award and the CBA Teaching Excellence Award twice. Serving the University since 1946, Clark has been a member of the Texas Student Publica- tions Board for the past four years and the Union Board for one year. During the year he worked on a series of studies on population forecast to be used for pollution control plans by the Bureau of Business Research. 84 Specializing in physical and process metallurgy, THOMAS H. COURTNEY (left), was active on several campus committees. An associate profes- sor of mechanical engineering, Courtney served on the Nuclear Reactor Committee for the College of Engineering and the departmental committees of billing, and humanistic and social studies. Dur- ing the year, he was involved in composite ma- terials research. DAVID VAN DEUSEN EDWARDS (below), asso- ciate professor of government, served on the University Council, the Faculty Senate, the Com- mittee on Committees, and was elected to the Department of Government Executive Committee. Edwards ' research interests include international political theory, American foreign policy, and po- litical prediction. He also participated in campus activities of the Student Mobilization Committee. Associate Professor of Economics, CLIFTON MADISON GRUBBS (left) this year was the winner of the first Jean Holloway Award for Exceptional Teaching. He was also presented the 16th annual Phi Eta Sigma Teaching Excellence Award. Serving the University since 1965, Grubbs was a member of the Project Info Board of Directors, the Faculty Senate, the University Council, Plan II Committee, Ethnic Studies Committee, and ROTC Committee. 85 WILLIAM T. GUY (right), a member of the mathematics faculty since 1951, has received the Lemul Scarbrough Foundation for Excellence in Teaching Award, the Students ' Association Teach- ing Award, and the Phi Eta Sigma Outstanding Teacher Award. Besides having served as chair- man of the Department of Mathematics, Guy now serves in an advisory position for Who ' s Who in America and the Teachers ' Certification Program. ROBERT LOUIS HELMREICH (below), associate professor of psychology, has been at the Univer- sity for four years. Faculty advisor for Psi Chi, Helmreich teaches social psychology. During the year, more than 20 students accompanied him to the Virgin Islands for Tektite II, a joint govern- ment, industry, and University project involving extensive research in the marine sciences, human behavior, and human biology. ROBERT SIDNEY KAHAN (above), assistant pro- fessor of journalism, has been at the University for five years. He served on several committees for the Association for Education for Journalism and as research chairman for the photojournalism division. He was involved in curriculum planning, especially for graduate studies in the School of Communication. In the fall, Kahan was director of a drug abuse conference for high school jour- nalists. He was also active in University Inter- scholastic League work. Dean of the School of Law since 1949, W. PAGE KEETON (left) earned a Doctor of Juridical Science degree from Harvard University in 1936. A special- ist in torts, Keeton was selected in 1961 as a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation and now serves on the foundation board of directors. Cactus Teaching Excellence Awards Completing his fourth year at the University, GREGG B. AAILLETT (left) is primarily interested in teaching, program development, and under- graduate teacher education in social studies. AAillett co-authored the book, Improving Teaching Through Experimentation which was published in the spring. AAillett, assistant professor of curric- ulum and instruction, was chairman of the steer- ing committee for the self-study of the depart- ment, participated in a summer institute on stu- dent services, and was in charge of secondary advising in the College of Education. In his fifth year at the University this year, GEORGE SCHATZKI (above) was a member of the Student Organization Committee and was in- terested in activities of the American Civil Liberties Union. A professor of law, Schatzki is a specialist in labor-management law relations. He also served on several law school committees. FREDERICK D. STURDIVANT (left), associate professor of marketing administration, received the CBA Teaching Excellence Award in 1968 and the Jack G. Taylor Teaching Excellence Award in 1969. During the past several years he has fo- cused his interests on distribution systems in low income areas. Sturdivant served on the CBA PhD admission committee, Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes ' advisory panel on urban problems, the marketing advisory committee to the Secretary of Commerce, and a task force on commercial services to low income areas. 87 Cactus Teaching Excellence Awards Painter, art historian, and teacher, DONALD L. WEISAAANN (right) received the Students ' Asso- ciation Teaching Excellence Award in 1964 and the Bromberg Award in 1965. A University pro- fessor in the arts, Weismann teaches " Introduc- tion to Visual Arts, " a university course. His latest book was The Visual Arts as Human Experience. During the year, VICTOR A. YANCHICK (above) was involved in studies on the comparison of the availability of antibiotics in intravenous solutions. Yanchick, assistant professor of pharmacy, served as secretary of the College of Pharmacy faculty, and was a member of the Pharmacy Curriculum Committee, Ad Hoc University Committee on Drug Abuse, and the Committee for Advising and Coun- seling of the College of Pharmacy. An assistant professor of civil engineering at the University for four years, JOSEPH ANDREW YURA (right) specializes in plastic design and steel structures. He has done extensive research and has written several articles on the subjects. Yura served on the teaching effectiveness com- mittee and as faculty sponsor for the student chap- ter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. 88 V i Features tew 7 Never before has student life shown such va- riety. This year of dichotomies was distinctive- contradictory, but not conflicting. Battles raged between concrete and trees, po- liticos and administrators, students and non-stu- dents. A new respect developed, however, be- tween opposing forces on campus. Students who watched a touchdown run one week walked three miles for peace another. The year was marked by such traditional events as OU Weekend, Round-Up, and Chal- lenge, but each seemed different than similar past happenings. Teach-ins and sandwich semi- nars grew more popular as students became more interested in issues affecting their futures. Motion and activity characterized the mood of the year. Students demanded action as never before, and the administration was forced to answer. The year reflected hope, dis- appointment, and broken ideals but students were brought closer together. 89 The Year 134 Outstanding Students 146 Special Awards 1 50 Goodfellows 1 62 University Sweetheart 164 Bluebonnet Belles 168 Ten Most Beautiful 89 Skits, a traditional part of any sorority rush, were performed with a great deal of pageantry. Every hour found actives hurrying outside to greet prospective members. Lunch at the fraternity house was on the schedule for first period. 90 ' With a schedule of eight parties a day, rushees relaxed before their last one. ' Sorority rush ended Sunday with the welcoming of new pledge Seniors dread its formalities. Freshmen fear its do ' s and don ' ts. It ' s the annual week-long getting-to-know-you game called rush. Although basically the same in format as years past, Rush Week, 1969, the last in a dy- namic decade, was increasingly challenged with the probing question of 2,286 rushees Why Go Greek? Fraternity and sorority members had to supply more than kegs of beer and singing to justify their position on campus. An, extra day was added to sorority rush to provide a better opportunity for rushees and ac- tives to get acquainted. Because of the off-campus status of sororities this year, convocations were held in Municipal Auditorium for the first time. After seven days of silence and parties, 764 coeds picked up bids Sunday, Sept. 14. Fraternity rushees, unlike the coeds, were giv- en the opportunity to visit at least 10 houses before bids were issued Sept. 13. Of the 1,100 men going through rush, 900 pledged. Another Fall, Another Rush Men waited outside Gregory Gym for rides to second-period lake parties. 91 The Original Hell Week Enrolled Over 35,000 Fall registration at the University proved to be an endurance test against crowds, heat, long lines, and closed sections. Students grumbled that this year was the worst yet. As usual, rumors spread of those who had tricked their way into Gregory Gym and those who used forged work letters or tears to get section cards. Freshmen facing their first registration pan- icked when they found all prime-time English 301 courses were closed by Tuesday afternoon. They didn ' t have to face TTS 8 a.m. classes though, because Saturday classes were banned this year. Flustered students, both novice and professional at registration, rationalized that all sections of Government 610 couldn ' t really be closed. The biggest problem at registration was the unexpected 35,600 students who converged on Gregory Gym, pulling cards and closing sections faster than the University could create them. By the end of the week students realized that their dreams of perfect schedules were not materializ- ing, and settled for 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. classes. Despite a Regental rule prohibiting fund solic- itation on campus, the Young Democrats, Young Republicans, and other groups continued to seek membership pledges of students leaving Gregory Gym. Contributions were banned, but leaflets lived on. Most students left with a feeling that there must be a better way. And perhaps there is. There won ' t be a fall registration in 1970 like that of 1969. The hot, humid days of Gregory Gym may be gone forever as the computer takes over. As if the inside hassle were not enough, booths awaited those newly registered Although they were sometimes the objects for students ' hos- tility, sectionizers checked for the courses still open. 92 Some found that advising themselves was easier as they made last minute schedule changes TO! uLft There was at least one smiling face for girls who pulled the RPE cards, the last on their lists. 93 It mattered little what form the protest took, whether it was carrying a sign or sitting in a tree, the bulldozers went ahead with the uprooting . . . Monday, Oct. 20, a handful of picketers gathered at Waller Creek to protest the proposed uprooting of trees to make way for an addition to Memorial Stadium. Faculty, students, and non- students took up the fight for the trees. Tuesday, the ranks swelled to 50, causing a day-long construction halt. Wednesday, the trees were scheduled to be axed, but construction was temporarily stopped by a group of architecture students. They hur- riedly developed an alternate plan of construction which would have saved most of the trees and maintained the natural bottom of Waller Creek. The plan was turned down by University administrators. Construction workers arrived Wednesday, find- ing determined protestors lodged high in the trees as a last attempt to save the greenery. Also on the scene was regents ' chairman Frank C. Erwin Jr. Twenty-seven arrests were made when State, City, and campus officials were called in to remove the tree-clingers. The trees were downed. The chopped-up tree parts were dragged to the Main Building and piled against several en- trances at a noon rally attended by about 400 persons. Wednesday afternoon, a restraining order was filed halting construction for a week. The order was dissolved the following Mon- day. Work resumed Tuesday, beginning with the uprooting of saplings which had been planted Saturday by conservation-minded students and citizens. 94 while Chairman Frank C. Erwin watched. The Issue Was Environment vs. Expansion To protest the destruction, tree limbs were dragged from the creek to block the entrances to the Main Building. It was inconceivable that this had been Waller Creek. 95 ' All We Are Saying Is f Give Peace a Chance ' A wide cross-section of the University community participated with the emphasis on expression. I IV 1 m EXPRESS YOUR OPINIOH WRITE YOUR SENATOR K NOV. ' iBioc); !;. t. I J.ta. " " Nil fe Nil " Unthinking support of one ' s country right or wrong is not patriotic, " said David Edwards, professor of government. Three moratoriums expressing rising dissen- sion over the Vietnam war were held on the University campus during the fall semester. Moratoriums were held simultaneously on college campuses across the United States to draw the attention of the Administration to a growing desire of many Americans to have the war ended. The first moratorium was held on Oct. 15, 1969. A full day of anti-war activities was sched- uled on the University campus. Many students cut their classes in a basic show of support. Leaflet- ing, picketing, and debating kept participants occupied during the morning hours. The activities were climaxed with an afternoon march to the State capitol and a rally on the capitol grounds. Ronnie Dugger, editor-at-large of the Texas Ob- server, was one of the speakers who addressed a crowd of approximately 10,000. Nov. 13 and 14 were set aside for a nation- wide moratorium. Participation was emphasized with a peace march in Washington, D. C. A day of teach-ins at the University was highlighted by a noon speech by Robert Scheer, former editor of Ramparts magazine. In the evening, Scheer joined three others for a debate on the war. Later two Student Mobilization Committee chartered buses departed for Washington, D.C. The next day, a noon review of the ROTC troops and a continuous reading of the names of the soldiers killed in Vietnam were held on the University campus. By December, most of the money and en- thusiasm had dwindled. However, on Dec. 15, a rally and march ended with a vigil in Zilker Park honoring the war dead. 97 Shuttle Buses Sought to Ease Parking Problem Amid administrative and student pessimism and legal controversy, 14 white buses trimmed with burnt orange began making scheduled runs around the University campus during registration week. The success of the shuttle system became apparent when, after the first week of operation, there were clamorings for more buses and longer routes. Those who hadn ' t expected student sup- port were pleased, and those looking for faults complained of buses overcrowding city streets. The shuttle system was proposed by a com- mittee which was to suggest ways to relieve con- gested parking on the growing campus. The controversy arose in May, 1969, when Austin Transit Co., the only bus service with a City franchise, contested the University ' s right to sign a contract with Transportation Enterprises Inc. A -court ruled that the shuttle buses did not need to operate under the City franchise, because they were not operating in direct competition with Austin Transit. This assured the University at least nine months of service from Transportation Enterprises. As the deadline neared for the City Council to renew Austin Transit ' s franchise, the contro- versy reappeared. Austin Transit refused to renew its franchise unless assured of no competition from other companies, such as Transportation En- terprises. Their main problem, spokesmen from Austin Transit said, came in the area of charter bus service. After much discussion, Austin Transit re- newed its franchise, and the City Council ruled that the University could continue to contract shuttle bus service. Student complaints about overcrowded buses and routes that were too short were sent to a committee which was appointed to review stu- dent complaints. The recommendations made by committee members led to the revision of some routes and the addition of several buses to the system. Even with the confusion about routes and schedules, which caused students to arrive at bus stops just in time to see one roll away, most agreed after the first week that the $2 increase in the student service fee was well worth the expense. An increase in the number of buses, because of crowded conditions, saw little improvement. Trying to efficiently service the university area, the buses could not wait for late-comers. 98 The shuttle buses supplied students with a warm ride across a campus on a cold day IEFT: A wait for the buses, in the campus area, was not long as most of the points were covered every 15 minutes. ABOVE: While others stood outside, riders fried to shift and make room for all hoping to catch the bus. 99 Orange Spirit Reigned at Pep Rallies UPPER LEFT: The Tech rally was the first showing of spirit which backed the soon-to-be national champions. UPPER RIGHT: " Slick " Street, a Satur- day hero, addressed fellow Longhorns. ABOVE: Enthusiasm was very much present at the Rice rally in midseason. Strains of Texas Fight sounded across the campus during pep rally nights as enthusiastic fans followed the band and cheerleaders in pub- lic displays of team support. Large signs filled the pep rally areas and organizations vied for the Cowboy spirit award. Attendance lagged for a couple of weeks, however, as Texas continued to roll over its op- ponents by impressive margins. But dormant Texas spirit came to life again when the dream of a national championship began to materialize. The largest pep rally ever held at the Univer- sity preceded the all-important Arkansas game. Some 28,000 fans poured into Memorial Stadium to show the ' Horns how much they wanted the victory over Arkansas. Ten bands and drill teams performed before Coach Darrell Royal and the Longhorns took places on a platform. Letters and telegrams arrived from distin- guished well-wishers including astronaut Alan Bean, Gov. Preston Smith, and actor Fess Parker. Speakers and fans praised Royal and the Long- horn squad, and assured them that the Texas spirit was behind them singing The Eyes of Texas and setting off a flaming 1. With this support, the Longhorns were able to return from Fayetteville with a 15-14 victory over the Hogs and a presidential and wire service vote of Number One. 100 TOP: A view from the west stands of the stadium showed the Longhorn band and part of the 28,000 fans who set an attendance record. LEFT: A none-too-flattering impression of a " typical " Arkansas fan was pro- vided by a hammy student. ABOVE: Paper pigs and bright balloons were among the expressions of spirit. The Chuck Wagon: On Nov. 10 violence broke out on the Uni- versity campus as students, non-students, and police faced each other inside and around the Chuck Wagon. The issue whether non-students should be allowed in the Chuck Wagon. The re- sultthey should not, except on specific invitation of a student or faculty or staff member. The conflict between law enforcement of- ficers and persons protesting the closing of the Chuck Wagon to non-students grew out of a con- troversy that has existed at the University for years. Some students and faculty members have objected to the use of the Chuck Wagon by non- students because they do not pay Union use fees. Austin police gathered data indicating the Chuck Wagon was a haven for drug abuse and a sanctuary for juvenile runaways. The situation climaxed Nov. 6 when an 1 1- year-old girl who had run away from home was apprehended in the Chuck Wagon by two plain- clothes detectives. The officers were harassed by the girl ' s friends, who also slashed the tires on the lawmen ' s police car. The next day, District Attorney Bob Smith indicated he would request a grand jury investi- gation of Chuck Wagon activities. The Union Board, in an attempt to avoid outside action, re- stricted use of the Chuck Wagon to students, fac- ulty, staff, and their families until a study of the situation could be made. Saturday, Nov. 8, a lone non-student was ar- rested after he pushed his way into the Chuck Wagon and sat down to breakfast. At 1:30 p.m. the following Monday about 60 protesters shoved into the Chuck Wagon. The crowd size fluctuated as entrances were opened and locked periodically. A bullhorn passed from hand to hand as student and non-student leaders tried -to persuade protesters either to leave the Chuck Wagon or to stay. First, non-students were urged to leave the Chuck Wagon on penalty of arrest, but as the commotion grew, the entire crowd was ordered to leave the room by 4:15 p.m. or be arrested. At 4:20 p.m. some 70 Department of Public Safety and Austin police officers moved into the Chuck Wagon. In the ensuing scuffle, glass doors were shattered and tables overturned as the pro- testers fled. Mace and nightsticks were used to force the remaining protesters out of the building. Outside, the tires of two paddy wagons were slashed, and hundreds of persons filled the yard and Guadalupe Street to watch the action. Eight persons were arrested, five of them students. Later at least 22 others were named in grand jury indictments and- arrested for events connected with the incident. In the meantime, students voted in a refer- endum poll to uphold the Union Board ' s decision to restrict use of the Chuck Wagon. 1- for c Un i versify Stdte Van listened to thoe in disagreement with the ruling of the Union Board. Forty minutes later, law enforcement officials entered the Union to clear the Chuck Wagon. 102 M Violence on a Monday UPPER LEFT: Individuals slashing tires on police trucks were caught in a scuffle trying to escape. The negative to this picture, as well as negatives to ali photographs taken, were subpoenaed for use as evidence against those arrested. UPPER RIGHT: Confusion continued as the police tried to leave. LOWER LEFT: A bystander on the Drag was hit on the head with a rock. She was taken to the Health Center for treatment. LOWER RIGHT: Glass broken during the incident was replaced with boards, and the Chuck Wagon was closed until a settlement could be reached. 103 Members of the Women ' s Liberation League, bound as slaves, disrupted the date auction. The Campus Chest drive was started this year with a successful Dimes Day, enthusiastically supported by numerous University organizations. Dimes Day solicitors in booths around the campus collected $1,400. Booths ranged from a dunking booth to a winning egg-throwing booth. Set up like a Geisha house, the egg-throwing booth was sponsored by the Phi Delta Thetas, who took first place in col- lections with $367.47. The Phi Kappa Taus took the prize for hav- ing the most original booth with the theme " Send a Letter to Ohio. " At the end of the week, the money collected by the Campus Chest was donated to charities selected by the Campus Chest committee. A Week Set Aside for Campus Chest , IKXJi I ml Pat O ' Brien ' s was the effort of Sigma Chi and Alpha Chi Omega. I Fraternities sponsored a variety of booths, such as the Pike egg throw, for Dimes Day. 104 and a Weekend for Model United Nations I Barry Brookshire, the Albanian delegate, expressed his country ' s views. The question of seating Red China emerged as the most explosive issue debated by this year ' s Model United Nations ' Security Council. After long, heated debate the students who were play- ing the roles of United Nations delegates passed a resolution on China. It called for the removal of Nationalist China from its permanent seat on the Council in two years. The student delegates felt that this method was the most sensible for han- dling the situation. The 80 delegations used the world situation as it existed on Dec. 5-7 as a starting point for discussion. A staged war broke out between India and Pakistan over disputed territory in Kashmir during the conference. The 350 delegates were expected to react as their counterparts in the UN would react under a similar situation. The MUN Security Council was able to halt aggression and appoint a committee to investigate the outbreak. The con- tinuing .Middle East conflict and South African control of mandated areas were subjects of exten- sive debate during the General Assembly sessions. A student portraying the Pope delivered a message requesting world peace to members of the General Assembly. Students from other colleges in Texas and from New York ' s John F. Kennedy High School acted as delegates to the 10th MUN. Frank Shep- pard, a UT senior, was selected as Secretary Gen- eral of the Texas Union-sponsored activity. Ralph Miller, president of the General Assembly, presided over the session. Seated are James Kunitka, president of the Security Council; Mike Chase, parliamentarian; Carol Tunstall, secretary; Frank Sheppard, Secretary General. 105 Number One Fever Struck UT in Epidemic Proportions Students camped out all night in hopes of getting one of the less than 600 tickets allotted for the Arkansas game. Fans crowded in front of the TV on the second floor of the Union, and most other sets In Austin, for the December 6th game. Traditional symbols of Texas spirit Bevo, Big Bertha and the Longhorn Band, the cheerlead- ers, Cowboys and Spurs, ten gallon hats, ana orange everywhere added excitement and color to the 1969 centennial anniversary of college foot- ball on the University campus. Memorial Stadium received a facelift before the season with a bright green carpet of AstroTurf. After Michigan State upset Number One ranked Ohio State, Texas moved into the polls ' top spot. But the Southwest Conference climax and battle for the national championship between Texas and Arkansas found fans glued to the edges of their seats in Fayetteville or in front of tele- vision screens, waiting until the final gun had sounded to confidently brag once again, " We ' re Number One! " Verbal jabs between Penn State rooters and Texas fans thrived after the Arkansas victory, when President Richard Nixon claimed the Long- horns the Number One team in collegiate foot- ball ' s centennial year. Later that week, Texas re- ceived the MacArthur Bowl. In a last quarter thriller on New Year ' s Day, the ' Horns beat Notre Dame 21-17 in the Cotton Bowl. The Longhorns were proclaimed 1969 na- tional collegiate football champions by the DPI and AP polls. And Texas became, to all but a few irate Penn State fans, the undisputed national cham- pion team in collegiate football ' s hundredth year. After the Arkansas victory, President Nixon presented the team with a plaque signifying that " TEXAS WAS NUMBER ONE. " :- ' rf i Red candles were sold to hex TCU and its odd habit of winning in Memorial Stadium. The hex worked, 69-7. 107 Bonfire Spirit The traditional clash between Texas and Texas A AA came at a time when Longhorn spirit was unusually high. Only the week before, the Associated Press had awarded Texas the number one spot on its poll. A conflict arose between contestants in the bonfire wood collecting contest when members of Sigma Nu fraternity charged Phi Delta Theta with sabotaging their wood and damaging their trucks. After a meeting the Phi Delts agreed to take full responsibility for the damage and con- ceded that any wood collected while the Sigma Nu ' s were immobilized would not be counted during the judging. About 5,000 fans converged on the bonfire site Tuesday night to display their desire for a long and promising UT reign. Despite previous problems the Phi Delts were judged winners in the wood gathering con- test. The Delta Tau Deltas, Inter-Cooperative Coun- cil, and the Sigma Pi ' s were awarded the top three places in the Aggie Sign Contest. For those who gave -up a hot Thanksgiving dinner at home for an afternoon at Kyle Field, the weather was cold, rainy, and miserable. But Texas fans were rewarded for their loyalty as the ' Horns plowed over the Farmers, 49-12, and continued on their way to a perfect season. Wood for the annual bonfire was collected by various spirit-minded organizations. Theta Xi ' s entr test won third place in the originality section. 108 Continued in December jfiijiii 1 1 Traffic on Guadalupe Street soon became hopelessly gnarled as excited fans poured out after the Arkansas game to shout, " We ' re Number One. " Immediately after coverage of the Texas- Arkansas game ended, honking horns and chants of " we ' re number one " broke out along the Drag. Within minutes, it seemed that every car had a 1 painted on its windshield. Everywhere excited fans held up the familiar Hook ' em sign with one hand and the index finger in the 1 sign on the other. Thousands met on the Drag to celebrate the victory that secured the National Championship for the Longhorns. Happy fans passed on the Drag, slapping hands and greeting each other with " we ' re number one. " Traffic along Guada- lupe Street completely halted as fans paraded down the center of the street. Within an hour rej6icing students led a pep rally from the top of a city bus hopelessly stalled in the celebration. Despite cold weather and heavy traffic, hundreds of fans flocked to Municipal Airport to welcome the return of Coach Darrell Royal and the Longhorns. The airport echoed with cheers while fans waited for a glimpse of the national champs. Police and airport officials tried to hold fans back, but as, the plane landed, several hun- dred supporters rushed out, surrounding the plane and making it impossible for the Longhorns to leave the jet for almost 30 minutes. The constant stream of cars and celebrators continued on the Drag until early the next morn- ing. Austin ' s streets were covered with paper and beer cans, and 1 was painted everywhere- proof of a Texas-size celebration for a Number One team. 109 I I Bringing in the New Year New Year ' s day found football fans in Dallas or glued to their television sets watching the Longhorns battle for their second consecutive Cotton Bowl victory and retention of their Num- ber One rating. The crisp, sunny day in Dallas was a perfect background for the exciting football afternoon. The day ' s festivities were highlighted by the color- ful Cotton Bowl parade through downtown Dallas. Tension and indigestion increased as the clash between the ' Horns ' and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame began after noon and climaxed with Texas victorious in final quarter action and. still holding its " Number One " standing. And it was truly a happy New Year for Texas fans everywhere. UPPER RIGHT: The Tower was traditionally decorated for the holiday season. ABOVE: Early risers were treated to the Cotton Bowl Parade in downtown Dallas which featured Big Bertha and colorful floats (right). 110 JL LEFT: Cotton Bowl Queen, Kay Stringer, and her court reigned over the festivities in Dallas which included a performance by the Long horn Band (below). ABOVE: Tear-away jerseys saved Steve Worster in his charge downfield. LEFT: The Horns ' victory was won on a wet and muddy field which left its mark on each player. Ill I Students Survived Mid-Winter Transition Students observed the age-old ritual of searching for their grades. Bookstores replenished their stock for the new semester. 112 The last time for the dreadful ordeal of Gregory Gym registration found thousands waiting outside Classes were over, and 35,000 students were figuring out how to become efficiency experts. The object was to minimize time required for maximum results. For many this involved laboring diligently over books at the Academic Center, while others found time to sneak in a show. Finals came all too soon. Many discovered that the three-hour endurance tests made or broke their GPAs. Sunday night found students close to their radios, instead of the books, awaiting weather forecasts. With delight, or in some cases disappointment, students found an ice-covered ground and AAWF 9 finals postponed. Following close behind was the Registration Marathon. After spending hours tracking down advisors and making numerous trips to professors to get " consent of instructor - ' students trudged that last lonely mile up to Gregory Gym to find out what the cards held for them. With the fre- quently heard phrase, " Is it all really worth it?, " panic struck when all sections of Computer Science 310 were closed except TT 4:30 and Number Theory and Probability were open only at the same time. Yet, all managed to drag from the gym alive. Registration didn ' t end the rat race. The fight in the Co-op continued as students ruffled through half-empty shelves for used books and then ended up with new ones or none at all. By then time had come to rummage through the notices posted around campus and discover the results of a week ' s cramming. As registration week came to a close students realized it was the end of long registration and looked forward to pre-registration for the fall. Books were bought back in the basement of Co-op for 50% of the original price. Students experienced the frustrations and mass confusion of registering. Ml j 1 1 113 Challenge 70 Challenge ' 70, under the guidance of coordi- nator Dorie E. Lee, focused on the individual and his relationship to black Americans and the black experience. The annual three-day colloquium entitled " The Crisis Is Consciousness, " eased black-white ten- sions for many through speakers, " fishbowl " sen- sitivity sessions, " rap " groups, and films. High- lighting the weekend were a modern dance per- formance, a Soul Food Dinner, a slide show on Afro-American art, and an Afro Ball. The colloquium brought to the campus such noted speakers as Dr. Robert Bell, psychologist at Houston ' s Veterans Hospital, Harold W. Cruse, co-ordinator of the Afro-American studies at the University of Michigan, Armstead L. Robinson and Robert Farris Thompson from Yale University, and LeRoi Jones, author-poet-playwright. The Modern Dance Group from TSU performed before a capacity crowd in the Union Ballroom. Dr. Robert Bell conducted a fi shbowl sensitivity session with eleven participants Afro-American art was on display during Challenge ' 70. 114 Kappa Sigs staged their traditional Texas Independence Day celebration. Others wondered if Texas ' complete history was told. March 2, the day of the 73rd annual University celebration of Texas Independence Day, the cam- pus was set for tradition and protests. Classes were dismissed early for the noon fes- tivities featuring as speakers President Norman Hackerman, Jack AAaguire and Jack Blanton of the Ex-Students ' Association, and Ernie Haywood, vice-president of the Students ' Association. But Texas Independence Day had come a long way since the time of unexcused class cuts. As people gathered on the East Mall for the official celebration, members of the Mexican- American Student Organization marched in pro- test of what they called " fabricated history " of Texas taught in high school history books. Meanwhile on the South Mall, members of Kappa Sigma fraternity, although asked by the University not to participate in the activities, dressed in Mexican panchos and sombreros, and with mariachi music blaring, proceeded with their own celebration on the roof of their fraternity house on 19th Street. Fraternity members have returned Smokey ' s cannon blast in the celebration since 1955. MASO accused the Kappa Sigs of being racist. Texas Independence Day was adopted as a University .celebration in 1897, when following the proclamation by University President George Winston that there would be no holiday, students cut classes and borrowed an old cannon from the Capitol grounds and fired it. A Texas Tradition Was Questioned 115 " Aw, Let ' s Just Blow It All Off " Everyone has a place to go when he wants to get rid of that uptight feeling that builds up dur- ing five days of classes or while studying for a test. Everyone has a place to go where he can be with his friends and feel at ease and apart from the sprawling, restless University. A place where he isn ' t just 449-78-0451 or seat number 482. Everyone has his favorite hangout where he can be himself and unwind, whether he is 21 or 21-at-heart. Here students can meet, talk, and re- lieve tension ... it may be for a pitcher of beer with a prof or friends . . . for dancing ... or for wine and folk music. Hangouts have become a part of University life. Many of them are clustered along the campus boundaries. They cater to the needs of University students. They offer music, drinks, and relaxation. 116 OUNGE BEER 117 Entertainment and Culture by CEC Woody Herman Judy Collins 118 American Ballet Theatre ' Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Diversity was the dominant theme of the Cul- tural Entertainment Committee Series this year. Dionne Warwick, Woody Herman, Vaclav Smet- acek, Johnny Winter, Judy Collins, the Roger Wagner Chorale, the Prague Symphony, the Amer- ican Ballet Theatre, and " Rosencrantz and Guilden- stern Are Dead " provided a variety of entertain- ment for University blanket tax receipt holders. In co-operation with the Department of Music, CEC also presented the Solo Artists Series, bring- ing outstanding performers Julian Bream, Michael Rabin, Alicia De Tarrocha, Zara Nelsova, Hermann Prey, and Sviatoslav Richter to the campus. Sponsored by the Texas Union, the CEC was composed of chairman Robert Simon, nine stu- dents, and three faculty resource members. The original objective of the committee to provide a distinguished series of cultural and entertainment programs for the UT community was maintained this year as CEC offered a varied program of prominent artists who had achieved distinction in classical, semi-classical, and popular fields. Roger Wagner Chorale Julian Br eam 1 19 In 1970 the big word in campus politics was " radical. " After almost eight months of occasional outbursts and continuing campus unrest, students took to the polls in spring elections and demon- strated dissatisfaction with administration and student government. In the fall, the Chuck Wagon incident, the Waller Creek controversy, and the Erwin referen- dum failed to bring about the desired confronta- tion between the administration and the students that was demanded by the radical students. When a label had been assigned to each of the seven candidates for Students ' Association president, radical candidate Jeff Jones emerged as the spokesman for the dissatisfied faction. Jones brought untraditional issues into the tra- ditional University elections. His platform was a mixture of the new and controversial liberalism ranging from the abolition of the grading system and foreign language requirements to making birth control devices available from the Student Health Center. A group of candidates all labeled as radical joined with Jones to form a ticket called the " Yin Yang Conspiracy Coalition. " Many conserva- tive students interpreted the actions and state- ments of the " Conspiracy " to be merely those of radicals who had never presented an actual threat in campus politics. Yet, Jones had more working for him than the radical candidates of the past. When the general election results were in Jones had captured 1,866 votes with traditional liberal Ken Sparks receiving 1,889 votes. Jones had also broken the ' political machine ' of campus politics with only $40 campaign expenses. Andy Yemma captured the editorship of The Daily Texan over Ruth Doyle. .In the race for vice-president of the Students ' Association, the " Conspiracy " was successful in gaining a run-off between their candidate, Ken- neth McHam, and Jim Arnold. Evidence of the arousal of student interest cen- tered around the increase in voting. A total of 7,014 votes were cast in the general election, March 18, with 10,121 being cast in the run-offs two weeks later. After the run-offs, the radicals were even more entrenched in campus politics. Jones defeated Sparks 5,885 votes to 4,236 votes and the offices of assemblyman-at-large and Arts and Sciences place 2 and 3 were held by radicals. Only the vice-presidency was lost to a " conservative, " Arnold. Jones attributed his victory to the issues he brought up. Others interpreted his election as a student reaction, and many speculated about the future of the University with a radical presi- dent, a traditional administration, and a conserva- tive state legislature. On the day after the run-offs, president-elect Jones joined love-in activities. Voters turned out in the thousands despite bad weather. 120 Coalition Overturned Campus Politics Presidential candidates, Skipper Oippel, Jeff Jones, Joe Sharkey, Ken Sparks, and Robert Turner, participated in a panel discussion at the Castilian Supporters with handouts were a common sight on campus sidewalks. 121 After the controversial presentation of " Now the Revolution " last year, this year ' s theatrical productions seemed conservative even though they approached the topics of modern American life and techniques of the " experimental " theater. The first production, " Celebration, " written by University exes, Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, followed the format of a musical while depicting the aging of youth. The play was executed with- out any scene changes and by using several actors in the same role. " Uptight, " which focused on the forces in mod- ern life, made its American premiere at the Uni- versity. The experimental play was written by Gunter Grass. Also drawing on the topic of contemporary life was the production of Edward Albee ' s, " Every- thing in the Garden. " For the more conventional drama enthusiasts, there were productions of Shakespeare ' s " Hamlet " and Verdi ' s " Don Carlos. " The children ' s theater offered " Johnny Moon- beam and the Silver Arrow " and a premiere pro- duction of " Urashima Taro, " which was drawn from Japanese folklore. Workshop productions also contributed to the year. The final production of the year was George Feydeau ' s French farce, " A Flea in Her Ear. " Hamlet 122 UT Presented a Bright Theatrical Season Don Carlos Urashima Taro Iff V i I V 123 Visitors Highlighted University Scene Pamela Eldred, Miss America 1970 Prague Symphony conductor, Vaclav Smetacek Sir Robert Menzies, Australian Ex-Prime Minister B. J. Thomas Madalyn Murray O ' Hair Denton Cooley, M.D. Exposure is one of the assets of a " multiversity. " The growth of a campus depends, in part, on those who come to share and exchange words and experiences with the University community. The list of those who came to the campus ranged from Pamela Ann Eldred, Miss America 1970, and Ron Ely, the modern version of Tarzan, to visitors from outer space, a collection of moon rocks which were brought back by the Apollo 1 1 crew. In the fall, the Cultural Entertainment Commit- tee brought the Prague Symphony, Dionne War- wick, and Johnny Winter. In the spring, Round- Up ' 70 brought film critic Judith Crist, heart trans- plant surgeon Dr. Denton A. Cooley, football star Joe Namath, and April Playmate of the Month Barbara Hillary. Not to be overlooked were the frequent visits of atheist Madalyn Murray O ' Hair and the delayed but worthwhile concert by B. J. Thomas. With the long list of " very important people " brought to the University by campus departments and organizations, the opportunities for exposure are infinite, and the possibilities for growth are enormous. Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson 125 UPPER LEFT: Students unwound at the Love-In held on the grass behind the Union. UPPER RIGHT: Andrew Fabacher addressed many at the con- cluding ceremonies of Round-Up held in Eastwoods Park. LOWER LEFT: Participants found that the Frisbee Tournament never offered a dull moment. LOWER RIGHT: The annual Cowboy Barbecue again fed many passing students. 126 Round-Up Had Something for Everyone Round-Up ' 70 went beyond the usual hell-rais- ing Spring drunk to emphasize more of the edu- cational aspects on which it was originally founded. Early Round-Ups were designated as a time for alumni to come back and look over the campus and observe progressive changes. It evolved into a time for friends to get together over some beer and eventually the alumni were divorced from Round-Up as it became a party weekend for students. Round-Up ' 70 was different. Its activities cen- tered around the campus and University progress. S howcase was more publicized and attracted more interest. The speakers ' committee provided an impressive schedule of speakers. The list included Dr. Denton A. Cooley, film critic Judith Crist, and Judge St. John Garwood. The coronation of University Sweetheart Diane Swendeman, and the presentation of the Blue- bonnet Belles was moved from its traditional Saturday night spot to Monday night. Round-Up ' 70 still included its share of non- educational events. This year brought the first frisbee contest to the South Mall, along with the annual Cowboy barbecue, and the Round-Up pa- rade featuring the April Playmate of the Month, Joe Namath, and Andrew Fabacher. The fate of the parade was doubtful for a while because of a controversy over city parade permits. Round-Up ' 70 was a change in emphasis. But whether this shift is a trend or a fancy will be told in years to come. TOP: Delta Sigma Phi ' s float won the " Judges ' Favorite " prize in the Round-Up Parade. LOWER RIGHT: Larry Smith presented roses to Diane Swendeman, the new University Sweetheart. 127 Earth Day: Earth Day, April 22, 1970, came and went. There was a lot of talk about man ' s environment and his future, but as the environmental work- shop lectures pointed out, the problems of pollution and over-population cannot be solved in one day. There must be continuous planning and cooperation if man is to survive. For those who took advantage of Earth Day activities, it was a meaningful experience with outstanding speakers and active discussion groups. Those who came were not always advocates of legalized abortions, birth- control, and life with- out cars. A tour of Waller Creek was intended to provide an example of the destructive results of man ' s steps toward progress. But more subtle clues to man ' s dilemma were available at other sites on campus the workshop on population growth was forced to turn away interested students because the Union room reserved was too small. One teacher listed the number of cigarette butts, coke bottles, and Daily Texans he had picked up, and then passed the wastebasket down the aisle asking members of his class to follow his example. Earth Day with its ecology literature, green arm bands, and buttons was an attempt to make man aware of his predicament, but just how suc- cessful it was remains to be seen. Walking tours were conducted every 40 minutes to view Waller Creek pollution. ABOVE: Speeches on the Main Mall attracted many listeners on Earth Day. RIGHT: One of the speakers was Professor Ira Iscoe whose subject was " Man ' s Competent Coping With Environmental Stress. " 128 A Reminder of the Present, A Warning for the Future Charles Hembree spoke on water pollution at one of the Earth Day panel discussions. K. Many groups met to discuss ecology issues. 129 Peaceful March Climaxed Week of Protests With President Nixon ' s April 29th announce- ment that American troops would be sent to Cambodia, protests broke out on the nation ' s campuses. At Ohio ' s Kent State on May 4, four students were killed in a confrontation with the National Guard. With this spark, the University Ad Hoc Strike Committee called for a boycott of classes to protest U.S. involvement in Cambodia, the trial of Black Panther Bobby Seale, the city ' s denial of a solicitation permit to the Community United Front, the arrest of 10 anti-ROTC demon- strators, and the Kent State deaths. Tuesday brought an unexpected confrontation between police and demonstrators at the Capitol grounds. Marching from the University, protesters dodged police barricades three times before they were stopped with tear gas and night sticks. Demands were formulated calling for the Uni- versity to suspend normal operations Thursday and Friday and to make its facilities available for discussions of the issues. At a rally on the Main Mall it was announ ced that President Norman Hackerman refused to close the University, but did say that teach-ins would be sponsored. With the expectation of further violence, a helicopter circled the campus and armed police waited on the campus edges, but all remained calm. In fact, an almost festive atmosphere pre- vailed as hundreds spent the night on the Mall. Continued UPPER RIGHT: John Kenneth Galbraith, Harvard economics professor, told crowds that antiwar sentiment has grown into the major feeling of a great and sensible majority. RIGHT: Irwin Spear, professor of botany, discussed the faculty resolutions, which were ignored by the City Council and the Board of Regents, that supported student activities. ABOVE: Protestors fled toward the capitol as riot-equipped Austin police lobbed tear gat canisters. 130 v ' ' ' - .- ' . ' I. I ' V_ Friday ' s march of 20,000 through downtown Austin exemplified peaceful protest. The faculty, in an emergency meeting on Thurs- day, voted 573-243 for a resolution to suspend classes. But Regent ' s Chairman Erwin later an- nounced that classes would be held throughout the system. Another resolution backing students ' request for a parade permit from the Austin City Council passed with one- dissenting vote. That afternoon the Council, feeling they were be- ing pressured and regular channels should be taken, refused consideration of the request. On Friday, May 8th, the parade left the campus and proceeded legally on the sidewalks. March- ers were able to go into the streets after an eleventh hour federal restraining order was issued late Friday morning. U.S. District Court Judge Jack Roberts granted the order after several law students worked through the night to formulate a law-suit against the City ' s parade ordinance. An estimated 20,000 jammed the streets of Austin in peaceful protest. Only one arrest was made, that of a heckler. The march concluded on the East Mall where many relaxed in the fountain, and things slowly returned to normal. Teach-ins held Wednesday by David Edwaids, a government professor, and Jeff Jones, Students ' Association president-elect, began as a mild discourse on US intervention into Cambodia, and ended in discussions over whether ROTC belongs on campus. 131 Exercises Confirmed the End With the weather threatening, graduates hurried 1o return their caps and gowns to the University Co-op. mm Marsha Ms, carrying the traditional maces, lead the graduation processional. 132 twwwtu mm Graduation meant the end of one chapter in the life of the senior and the beginning of an- other. For some it marked the end of formal education, and for others it was a step toward another degree. Only about 50 percent of the approximately 3500 who were eligible remained to participate in the 87th annual commencement. Many felt the proceedings as too long and time consuming to be worthwhile. For those who stayed, May 30th was a day crowded with ROTC commissioning, baccalaur- eate, and convocations by each of the Univer- sity ' s colleges and schools. The academic regalia of the graduates provided an impressive back- ground for commencement speaker Tom Wicker, associate editor of the New York Times. President Norman Hackerman and Board of Regents Vice- Chairman Jack S. Josey conferred the degrees. The evening exercises officially marked the end of another academic year and the University was finally calm and quiet at least until summer school. LEFT: Tom Wicker, associate editor ot the New York Times, delivered the commencement address on the South Mall of the Main Building. ABOVE: On Saturday afternoon, Dean Silber presented diplomas to graduating seniors from the College of Arts and Sciences. 133 Outstanding Students WICK ALLISON (right) is responsible for the new 7exas Ranger magazine. Taking over as edi- tor in the fall, he changed the Ranger from a humor magazine to a campus interest periodical. Wick has been a member of the Freshman Council advisory board and director of the Southwestern Student Leadership Conference. He also served as president of the Young Republicans and in the House of Delegates as committee chairman. A senior law student, CHARLES MARK BERRY JR. (below right) was president of the Student Bar Association. A member of Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity, Mark has served as an assembly- men and as Law School Election Commission chair- man. He has been a member of the executive board of the Human Rights Research Council and the Criminal Law Association. Listed in Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges for 1967, Mark received the Consul Award for 1970. This year ' s Outstanding Co-op Man, RONALD CLINT BOLLINGER (below) has served as presi- dent and vice-president of the Men ' s Cooperative Council. President of Ramshorn Co-op, Ronald was active on the Students ' Association Committee on Cooperative Housing. A senior architectural en- gineering student, he was a member of AAAE, Chi Epsilon, and was president of Chi Alpha. I A graduate student, ALVIN E. COWAN, JR. (above left) is cadet brigade commander of the university ' s Army ROTC. Receiving numerous awards and US Army medals for being an out- standing cadet, this year Alvin received a Legion of Valor cross and a US Army ROTC leadership citation noting him as one of five outstanding cadets in the nation. He is also a member of Silver Spurs, Scabbard Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, and Phi Beta Kappa. A 1969 Goodfellow, JOHN KARL DIETZ (above) is a member of Friars, having served as scrivner and abbot. John has been a member of the na- tional committee of the Student Council of YAACA ' s and student-faculty committees. Formerly chairman of the Education Excellence Committee and coordinator of Freshman Encounter, he was also on President Hackerman ' s advisory cabinet. A Challenge group leader, John has been active on the Advisory Council on Students and the In- stitute on the Study of Student Services. A junior business major, ELLEN ROSE FEIN (left) was vice-president of the Texas Union and served on its Board of Directors. A 1969 Good- fellow, Ellen has been a member of Sigma Delta Tau, Panhellenic, and several committees. She has been a Kinsolving advisor, a freshman orien- tation advisor, secretary of the House of Dele- gates, and chairman of Round-Up academic events. An Orange Jacket, Ellen was selected for mem- bership in Mortar Board. 135 D. KIRK HAMILTON (above), a fifth year archi- tecture student, has been a member of the as- sembly, the Architecture Council, and the Texas Union East building committee. A 1968 Good- fellow, Kirk has been secretary and superinten- dent of Alpha Rho Chi as well as president of the Professional Interfraternity Council. Selected for membership in Sphinx and Friars, he par- ticipated in the Community Design Center in Blackshear and taught an experimental reading course in the Architecture Department. This year ' s editor-in-chief of the Texas Law Review, LAWRENCE A. HAMMOND (above right) is a third year law student. He has written two articles for the Law Review and has also received the Reagan Sayers Award. A Consul Award re- cipient, he is a Chancellor and a member of Friars Society. A graduate student in business administration, SUSAN LYNN HASSLOCHER (right) has served on the TSP Board of Directors and as an assembly- woman-at-large for two years. Susan has been a member of Orange Jackets, a freshman orienta- tion advisor, and secretary of the CBA Council. A member of Alpha Phi sorority, she has also served on the University Council, the Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Committee, and the Committee on Student Organizations. 136 Outstanding Students Vice-president of the Students ' Association, ERNIE HAYWOOD (left) originated Project Info and has served as chairman of its Board of Direc- tors and Executive Coordinator. Active on the Minority Student Affairs Committee, Ernie worked for the reinstatement of the Program for Educa- tional Opportunity. He also has been active in the campaign for open housing as well as in the study of academic standards. A senior business major, Ernie has served as president of Newman Club and as a member of the Catholic Student Center advisory board. A first-year law student, C. ROBERT HEATH (below left) was law school assemblyman and appointed to the Co-op Board of Directors. A member of Tejas Club and Friars, Bob has served on the Young Democrats state executive commit- tee, the Student Attorney Selection committee, Law School Board of Governors, and Operation Brainpower. A National Merit Scholar as an un- dergraduate, he received the American jurispru- dence award for contracts in 1969 and has par- ticipated in the Moot Court activities. A senior in arts and sciences, BARBARA ELLEN LEAMAN (below) is senior advisor of Alpha Lambda Delta and scholarship chairman of Sigma Delta Tau. A member of Orange Jackets and the Longhorn Band, Bobbye worked with Freshman Encounter, Round-Up and the Students ' Associa- tion Educational Excellence committee. Maintain- ing a 3.8 GPA, Bobbye is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Mortar Board. 137 Outstanding Students GARY V. LEHMBERG (above), a senior engineer- ing student, is a member of the Tejas Club, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, and the Royal Order of the UT. A freshman orientation advisor, Gary has served as secretary-treasurer of Phi Eta Sigma, president of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers, and secretary of Alpha Phi Omega. He also was active in ASME, House of Delegates, and Union student-faculty committee. This year LARRY LESTER LONG (above right) was the University ' s representative to Nixon ' s Youth Advisory Committee on Selective Service and an advisor on student insurance policy. Larry has served as vice-president of the Tejas Club, chairman of the Union Speakers committee, and a member of the Texas Union Council. GREGORY EUGENE LUCIA (right), an A S assemblyman, was a member of the Faculty- Student Conference committee, Tejas Club, and Order of Alcalde. A freshman orientation advisor for two years, Greg has served on the Student Committee on Orientation Procedures and in the House of Delegates. Co-chairman of the Com- munity Involvement Committee, he received a Students ' Association distinguished service award. 138 RICHARD W. MEYER (above left), a fifth year architecture student, has been coordinator of Sur- vey Three and editor of Student Affairs, a news- letter published monthly by the University vice- president for student affairs. President of both the Architecture Council and TLOK, Rick has been selected for membership in Friars, Sphinx, and Omicron Delta Kappa. He has also been a mem- ber of Alpha Rho Chi, Tau Delta Sigma, and Texas Today and Tomorrow. A sophomore in arts and sciences, DAVID MEYER MINCBERG (above) was active on the Student Assembly and the TSP Board of Directors. A student assistant in Jester Center, he served on the Student Living Accommodations committee. David, a member of Tejas Club, was a Freshman Encounter advisor and a finalist in the Texas- Peru Exchange Program. President of Mortar Board, MARY CHRISTINE MONTGOMERY (left) was the recipient of the 1969 Silver Spur Award. A finalist for Ten Most Beautiful, Chris has been a member of the Stu- dent Committee on Orientation Policies and Pro- cedures, University Committee on Drug Policies and Procedures, and Union Student-Faculty com- mittee. She has also been a me mber of Alpha Lambda Delta, Wesley Foundation guild, Longhorn Band, Tau Beta Sigma, Spooks, and the Royal Order of the UT. 139 Outstanding Students MARK MORRISON (right), editor of The Daily Texan, has received the Wall Street Journal-spon- sored Newspaper Fund editing internship and scholarship and the Devall Award for an out- standing junior journalism student. He is a mem- ber of the SWC Sportsmanship Committee, Friars, Sigma Delta Chi, and serves as Time magazine ' s correspondent for the University. Before taking leadership of the Texan, Mark served as assistant managing editor, make-up editor, news editor, and associate news editor. A senior in arts and sciences, GARY ARTHUR MUNNEKE (below) this year received the Alpha Phi Omega distinguished service key. In APO, Gary has served in many capacities including pledge trainer, campus projects director, fellow- ship director, and service vice-president. A fresh- man advisor for two years, he also has been president of Pre-Law Association and a member of Intercooperative Council. MARGUERITE ANGELINE OLDHAM (below right), a 1970 Bluebonnet Belle, is co-chairman of the Student Committee on Orientation Proce- dures. Margo has been secretary of the House of Delegates Rules committee and served on Opera- tion Brainpower and Texas Today and Tomorrow. An Alpha Chi Omega, she has been a member of Spooks, Sigma Delta Pi, and Alpha Lambda Delta and served as an advisor for freshman orientation and Kinsolving dormitory. 140 ROBERT E. PENNINGTON (above left), Presi- dent of Alpha Phi Omega, served as chairman of the Election Commission and the Sweetheart Election Commission. Bob has served in numerous offices in APO and received the chapter and sectional distinguished service certificates. A fresh- man orientation advisor, he also has been a resi- dent of TLOK, chairman of the University Inter- scholastic League, and a member of the Union Leadership Board. JEANNE ANN PHILQUIST (above), a 1970 Bluebonnet Belle, was assistant editor of the Texas Ranger and student coordinator of the English Committee on Curriculum. A freshman orientation advisor, Jeannie has served as president and his- torian of Delta Gamma sorority and on the Round- Up Steering Committee. Maintaining a 3.75 grade point average, she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi. HORACIO R. RAMIREZ (left), a sophomore in the college of arts and sciences with a 3.7 grade point average, is a member of Tejas Club, the YM-YWCA Joint Board, and Phi Eta Sigma. Last year, he was a member of the Student " Onion " and the Students ' Association Special Projects committee. An orientation advisor, he was a mem- ber of the Student Committee on Orientation Procedures and the Royal Order of the UT. 141 NORWOOD W. KNIGHT RICHARDSON (above), a member of Tejas Club and Friars, has been active on the State Senate Drug Committee and the University Committee on Drug Policies and Procedures. A 1969 Goodfellow, Norwood also served as chairman of a Union committee and vice-president of the Texas Union. A freshman orientation advisor, Norwood has been a member of the African Exchange program, Texas Today and Tomorrow, and the Order of the Alcalde. A senior in the College of Arts and Sciences with a 4.0 grade point average, ERIN CHRISTINE RASCHKE (above right) has served as secretary of Mortar Board, a freshman orientation advisor, and historian of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. A Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Erin is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, and lota Sigma Pi. Recipient of the Phi Beta Kappa Junior Member in Course Award and the Alpha Lambda Delta Book Award, she has served on various committees and was a Junior Fellow. A coordinator of Freshman Encounter, KAREN DELURA ROWLETT (right) has been activities chairman of Delta Zeta sorority and a member of the House of Delegates, University " Y " student leadership group, and Mortar Board. Chairman of the Minority Student Affairs committee, Karen has also been on the Speakers committee, Stu- dent-Faculty committee, and the Food and Hous- ing committee. A Challenge group leader, she was chairman of the Round-Up Programs committee. 142 Outstanding Students A junior business major, JEROME ERNEST SNEED (above left) has been a freshman orien- tation advisor and chairman of the Student Com- mittee on Orientation Policies and Procedures. A continuing orientation tutor and a member of the House of Delegates, Jerry was vice-president of Phi Eta Sigma, a member of Choice ' 68, and a participant in the mid-semester leadership lab. As editor-in-chief of the 1970 Cactus, JOY KRISTINE STAPP (above) worked for the estab- lishment of the Cactus Teaching Excellence Awards this year. A member of the TSP Board of Direc- tors, Joy also was corresponding secretary of Alpha Phi sorority. A senior maintaining a 3.8 grade point average, she earned membership of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, and served as secretary-treasurer of Psi Chi. A senior engineering student, JOHN ROBERT STRATTON (left) was chairman of the Student Engineering Council Inc. and a member of the Senior Cabinet. John also served as executive editor of the Vector and as chairman of the Ad- visory Committee to the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Active in the AIAA, he held numerous offices and committee memberships. John was a member of the Young Republicans and Students ' Association Steer Here committee. 143 Outstanding Students A freshman law student, PATRICK F. TIMMONS JR. (above) was president of the Order of Al- calde and a member of the Criminal Law Asso- ciation. A freshman orientation advisor, Tim has held membership in the Scabbard Blade So- ciety, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, and the Student Committee on Orientation Policies and Procedures. A recipient of the Alpha Phi Omega distinguished service key, he served on the Elec- tion Commission and also on the Sweetheart Election Commission. STEPHEN L. VAN (above right) has been ex- tensively involved with the Texas Union as presi- dent of the Programs Council and chairman of its board of directors. Steve has been a member of the Order of the Alcalde, Operation Brain- power, Speakers Tour, and the Education Excel- lence committee. Former chairman of Texas Today and Tomorrow, he also has been active as a student assemblyman. Active on the University Council, JOHN TULLOS WELLS (right) is a member of Sigma Delta Chi, the Public Relations Student Society of America, and vice-president of Lambda Chi Alpha frater- nity. Tullos was coordinator of Freshman Encoun- ter and public relations chairman for Choice ' 68. A junior communications student, he has been a member of the House of Delegates and worked on The Daily Texan. 144 A graduate student in educational psychology and working in the office of the Dean of Students, AAAROLYN WITTMAN (below) received the 1968 Silver Spur Award. Marolyn has been a member of the Educational Policies committee, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, and the Arts and Sciences Council. Active on the Union Leadership Board and Executive Council, Marolyn received the Texas Union Leadership Award. A junior pre-med student with a 3.9 grade point average, WAYLAND WONG (right) was a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta and Phi Eta Sigma. A freshman orientation advisor and a member of Tejas Club, Wayland has been active as a member of the Texas Union Coordinating Board and vice- president-elect of its Program Council. He has par- ticipated in the Student Association ' s Housing Commission, Union Student-Faculty committee, MUN, Media ' 70 and the Royal Order of the UT. DIANE PAMELA WOOD (below right), a junior maintaining a 4.0 grade point average, was an orientation advisor and a member of the Student Committee on Orientation Policies and Procedures. Diane also was a member of Cordettes, Mortar Board, the Royal Order of the UT, and Longhorn Singers. A finalist for University Sweetheart, she was editor for Alpha Lambda Delta. FORMER OUTSTANDING STUDENTS STILL IN SCHOOL Gilbert Revna Alonzo Betty Ann Birdwell Christopher Davis Bray Sara Virginia Bullock Rodolfo F. Castillo Carol Alice Conner Tommy Neat Cowan Walter Eugene Demond Lloyd A. Doggett William Dan Driscoll Harvey Radnor Eanes Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff Karen Jo Elliott Nancy Jo Fleury Jerry Richard Grammer David Michael Gregory James O. Guleke II Lucinda Boylen Hanks Ernest David Henry Robert Allen Higley Rostam M. Kavoussi Rick Keeton Mary Tom Keller Joe Bob Kinsel Gwen Elaine Larsh Barry H. Margolis Stan Louis Mclelland Ralph Irad Miller Malcolm George Nelson Nancy Lee Notley Michael Warren Perrin James Hugh Price Paul Richard Ray Tommy Doc Raye Henry Grady Rylander Ben E. Rodriguez Kenneth Wayne Sparks Joe Lee Stubblefield Robert Lewis Thompson Terry Oliver Tottenham James W. Turner 145 Special Awards The University of Texas Dads ' Association annually pre- sents an award to two senior students excelling in leader- ship, scholarship, and service. Selected as the DADS ' DAY OUTSTANDING MAN for 1969 was H. GRADY RYLANDER (left). An electrical engineering major from Austin, Grady completed his undergraduate work in three and a half years with a 4.0 grade point average. He served as presi- dent of IEEE and secretary of Eta Kappa Nu. Grady was an Engineering Fellow and a member of Phi Eta Sigma and Tau Beta Pi. MARY TOM KELLER (above) was selected as the DADS ' DAY OUTSTANDING WOMAN. Mary Tom served as presi- dent of All-Campus Advisors, chairman of Blanton advi- sors, and president of Scope. The senior from Monroe, Louisiana, was Orange Jacket vice-president, Posse pledge- trainer, Freshman Council advisor, Challenge ' 68 moder- ator, and Zeta Tau Alpha scholarship chairman. Mary Tom was also a member of the Texas Union Leadership Board. 146 The MIKE FLYNN CITIZENSHIP AWARD is given annually to a male student who best exemplifies the citizenship shown by ex- student Mike Flynn. This year ' s recipient is JOHN YORK (left). An electrical engineering major from Wharton, John served as secre- tary and treasurer of Alpha Phi Omega. The 1969 Outstanding Co-op Man, he served as president, vice-president, and treasurer of the Inter-Cooperative Council. John also participated in the Union Leadership Lab and Interdisciplinary Retreat. Each year an outstanding independent woman student is pre- sented the MARJORIE DARELIK MEMORIAL AWARD. The 1970 recipient was KAREN JO ELLIOTT (above). A 1969 Cacfus Out- standing Student, Karen was a member of Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Theta Sigma Phi, Kappa Tau Alpha, and the House of Delegates. A senior journalism major from Matador, Karen served as managing editor, news editor, editorial page assistant, copy editor, and as associate and assistant news editor of The Da y Texan. The Texas Cowboys initiated the ARNO NOWOTNY AWARD this year to recognize an outstanding student who exemplified the qualities of fairness, honesty, integrity, and unselfishness in service to the University. The award was presented in honor of Dean Arno Nowotny who always has been dedicated to unselfish service and devotion to the University. The first recipient of this award was JAMES O. GULEKE II (left). A senior from Amarillo, Jim served as co-chairman of the Student Committee on Orienta- tion Procedures, president of Silver Spurs, and chairman of the House of Delegates rules committee. He worked on Operation Brainpower and was treasurer of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. A 1969 Cactus Outstanding Student, he held membership in Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, and the Order of the Alcalde. 147 if Special Awards The SPOOK AWARD is given annually to an outstand- ing international student in recognition of his contribution and loyalty to the University. Recipient of this year ' s award was RUDOLFO CASTILLO (left). An architectural engineer- ing major from Bolivia, Rudy served as president of AAAE and chairman of the International Committee. He was a member of Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, and the University soccer and volleyball teams. Rudy also was chosen as the most outstanding Latin American stu- dent by the Pan American Round Table. The SILVER SPUR AWARD is presented each year to an outstanding woman student. The selection is based on distinguished scholarship, service, and extracurricular activities. The award this year was presented to CARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR (above), a junior from San Benito. The elementary education major was a 1970 Bluebonnet Belle finalist, president of Orange Jackets, and president of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. A member of Cordettes, Gary also was chosen as a freshman orientation advisor. 148 The Inter-Cooperative Council recognizes two students each year for outstanding qualities of scholarship, coopera- tive leadership, and campus orientation. This year ' s OUT- STANDING CO-OP MAN AWARD went to RONALD CLINT BOLLINGER (below). Ronald, an architectural engineering senior from Fort Worth, was president and vice-president of Men ' s Cooperative Council. A 1970 Cacfus Outstanding Student, he also served as president of Ramshorn Co-op and Chi Alpha. Ronald was a member of Chi Epsilon, AAAE, House of Delegates, Jester Quality of Life Commit- tee, and the Students ' Association Committee on Co-op Housing. MAUREEN LYNN McGAVERN (right) was presented with the OUTSTANDING CO-OP WOMAN AWARD. A 1969 Bluebonnet Belle finalist, Maureen was a member of the House of Delegates rules committee and social chairman for Felecia Co-op. Recipient of the Blue Gold Seal Award, Maureen, a fashion design major from Aus- tin, was active in Union and ICC activities and served on the Round-Up Parade committee. 149 1970 Cactus Goodfellows 1 . Greg Eaves Union Leadership Board Chairman Union Ideas and Issues Committee Army ROTC Scholarship 2. Frank Sheppard Texas Today and Tomorrow MUN Secretary-General Union Program Council 3. Glen Dolfi Young Republicans President Voter Registration Co-Chairman House of Delegates 4. Roland Moore Union Speakers Committee Chairman Psi Chi Vice-President Phi Kappa Phi 5. Jane Allard Union Leadership Board Orange Jackets PEO Tutoring 6. Dave Turner House of Delegates Executive Board Freshman Encounter Advisor U.T. Canter Club 7. Debra Mann Orange Jackets Contact Chairman Spooks Vice-President Jester Student Assistant 8. Harvey Corn Exchange Board Coordinator Interfraternity Council Secretary Alpha Delta Sigma 9. Ernie Eden Inter-Cooperative Council Treasurer T.L.O.K. Treasurer Alpha Phi Omega 10. James Richard Seeman TTT Steering Committee Architecture Assemblyman Jester Student Assistant 1 1 . Lynn Cohen Texas Union Board of Directors SWC Sportsmanship Committee Chairman Orientation Advisor, SCOOP Secretary ISO m | 152 Goodfellows 1. Roy Milam Spence Orientation Advisor, SCOOP Round-Up Showcase Media ' 70 2. Diane Swendeman University Sweetheart Cordettes MP Sponsor Orange Jackets 3. Duke Kimbrough Inter-Cooperative Council President TLOK President Senior Cabinet Advisory Member 4. Lynn AAalone Alpha Phi Omega President Election Commission Chairman Order of the Alcalde 5. Bill Gurasich Orientation Advisor, SCOOP Media ' 70 Round-Up Multi-Media Committee Chairman 6. Douglas Bartek Longhorn Band Section Leader Kappa Kappa Psi IEEE 7. Tom O ' Neil Phi Delta Chi President Student Assemblyman Student-Faculty Health Center Committee 8. Mary Jane Mitchell Angel Flight Texas Today and Tomorrow Orientation Advisor 9. Douglas Batson Flashcard Committee Chairman Rally Advisory Committee Texas Today and Tomorrow 10. Linda Stevenson Longhorn Band, Tau Beta Sigma Spooks Service Haunt Orange Jackets 153 154 Goodfellows 1. Lance Wittl if AROTC Meritorious Service Award Scabbard Blade Executive Officer Distinguished Military Student 2. Pat Cafferty Cacfus Editorial Assistant Navy Sweetheart Theta Sigma Phi Treasurer 3. John Watkins Texan Managing Editor Cacfus Sports Editor Kappa Tau Alpha 4. Liz Atkinson Orientation Advisor Challenge ' 70 Discussion Leader Education Excellence Committee 5. Robert Bugbee Cactus Features Editor Freshman Encounter Advisor Student-Faculty Committee 6. Trudy Skiff Opera Workshop Varsity Singers Spooks Service Haunt 7. Bill Heggie Student Engineering Council Engineering Assemblyman Round-Up Committee Chairman 8. Wayne Do yal Longhorn Basketball Team Captain T-Association Vice-President Texas Cowboys 9. Gene Attal Communication Council President Alpha Delta Sigma President Middle Eastern Students Organization 10. Mary Holm Union Leadership Board Orientation Advisor Orange Jackets 155 1 . Nancy Carroll Lee Alpha Lambda Delta President Upper-Class Advisors Cordettes 2. Michael Loessin Roberts Hall Counselor Roberts Hall Refina Editor Faculty-Student Disciplinary Panel 3. Harriet Hahn Mortar Board Kappa Kappa Gamma Treasurer Union Speakers Committee 4. Bruce Byron NROTC Battalion Adjutant Scabbard Blade Commanding Officer Orientation Advisor 5. Pam Wilson Cordettes MP Sponsor Orientation Advisor Orange Jackets Goodfellows 6. Patsy Boyle Gamma Delta Epsilon President Orientation Advisor Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist 7. Robert Oliver Texas Today and Tomorrow Chairman Round-Up Publicity Chairman Union Leadership Board 8. Patricia Carroll Orientation Advisor Junior Fellows Alpha Lambda Delta Vice-President 9. Lupe Zamarripa MASO President UT Intern on The Daily Journa , Caracas, Venezuela Texan Reporter 156 157 Goodfellows 1. Bill Whitehurst Fair Housing Commission Director National Moot Court Team Omicron Delta Kappa 2. Alan Derby Student Engineering Council, Inc. Assemblyman Student-Faculty Committees 3. Beverly Ingram Kinsolving Student Assistant Freshman Encounter Advisor Phi Beta Kappa 4. Charles Vinson Tejas Club President Texas Cowboys Tau Beta Pi 5. Ben Brooks Shuttle Bus Committee Chairman Traffic and Parking Committee Chairman Kappa Alpha Vice-President 6. Bob Christy Interfraternity Council President Delta Tau Delta President Omicron Delta Kappa 7. Barbra Mann Orientation Advisor Orange Jackets Contact Officer Spooks C orresponding Secretary 8. Cary Taylor Orange Jackets President Cordette Transportation Sponsor Orientation Advisor 9. Mike Bisesi Castilian Student Government President Students ' Association Committee Coordinator Pre-Law Association 159 Goodfellows 1. Lynn Kohlenberg Longhorn Band Feature Twirler Tau Beta Sigma Angel Flight Drill Commander 2. Sylvia Hughes Orientation Advisor Student Mobilization Committee Women ' s Liberation 3. Carol Tunstall American Marketing Assoc. President Model United Nations Secretariat Gamma Delta Epsilon Vice-President 4. Jim Arnold Arts and Sciences Assemblyman Tejas Club U. T. Newsline Originator 5. Gary Taylor Daily Texan Sports Editor Cactus Sports Editor Omicron Delta Kappa 6. Nancy Strauss Student Assembly Secretary Orientation Advisor Orange Jackets 7. Ann Wright Upper-Class Advisors President Orange Jackets Longhorn Band, Tau Beta Sigma NOT PICTURED Freddie Steinmark Longhorn Football Team, All SWC Most Courageous Athlete Philadelphia Sports Writers ' Assoc. Texas Cowboys John Hunter Thompson Architecture Council President Waller Creek Committee Sphinx V FORMER GOODFELLOWS STILL IN SCHOOL James Lyon Ahern Paul David Angenend Mary Ann Anthony Jerry Dale Box Genie Brackenridge John R. Brock Peggy Jane Brzeszkiewicz Douglas G. Caroom James Winston Chapman Tommy Neal Cowan Sherilyn Jean Davis John Karl Dietz Tieman H. Dippel Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff Richard E. Ewing Ellen Rose Fein William Francis Frances May Fuller Timothy P. Furlong Richard Louis Giesecke Robert W. Glover John Catlett Goodman Jerry Richard Grammer Walter Martin Hall Daniel Kirk Hamilton Susan Lynn Hasslocher Jane Arian Haun Barbara Jean Hoffer Philip C. Joseph Rostam M. Kavoussi Nikolai Kerpchar Joe Bob Kinsel Susan Delaine Lenthe Larry Lester Long Gregory Eugene Lucia Patricia Jan Ludeman Barry Howard Margolis Richard Wayne Meyer Pamela Lynn Milks Sallie Cherry Morrill Gary Arthur Munneke Richard Alan Nicholas David Knight Northington Margaret Ruth Parker Paul James Peters Velma Lacey Pipkin Robert Jay Reining Norwood W. Knight Richardson Wiley Barry Rountree Karen Delura Rowlett Sharon Leigh Sass Joseph Richard Sharkey Elizabeth Shelby Jessica Elaine Siebel Robert D. Simpson Kenneth Wayne Sparks Glenn Edwin Staats Joe Lee Stubblefield James William Turner Wilfred C. Uecker Stephen L. Van Gary Wayne Watt Marsha Glenelle White Joan L. Willis Marolyn Wittman Dana Elizabeth Yarbrough John Louis York John Robert Zizelmann 161 University Sweetheart Diane Swendeman One of this year ' s Ten Most Beautiful, Diane Farrar Swendeman has been active in Orange Jackets and Cordettes. A member of Alpha Lambda Delta, she has served on the Union Speakers com- mittee and worked on Round-Up Showcase for two years. The junior from San Antonio has been a Kinsolving advisor and a member of the Women ' s Gymnastic team. In April Diane, who was also College of Engineering Sweetheart, was chosen as Miss Texas-Universe. 162 1 Representing The University of Texas at all official functions, the University Sweetheart is elected by the student body. The Sweetheart Election Commission is responsible for establishing a committee of student leaders who this year nominated twenty-six girls for this honor. The nominees were then interviewed and five finalists were selected for the election. The Sweetheart of The University of Texas was announced at the Sweetheart Presen- tation at the beginning of Round-Up week. Ellen Cook, San Antonio Barbara Mclaughlin, Houston Debbie Rosenberger, Houston SWEETHEART NOMINEES Georgene Adams, Beaumont Betsy Bergman, Wichita, Kansas Mary Grace Fields, McAllen Mary Leslie Gayle, San Angelo Eff ie Georgas, Corsicana Pamela Hall, Lubbock Daphne Hermanson, El Campo Rosemary Hibler, Austin Jackie Higby, Hurst Linda Hughes, San Antonio Patsy Jackson, Sherman Mindy Koen, Dallas Barbra Mann, Fort Worth Debra Mann, Fort Worth Kathy McCarty, Beeville Deborah Patterson, Houston Ann Richardson, Bellaire Laura Steigerwald, Dallas Nancy Susman, Austin Judy Swan, Temple Becky Woodard, Houston Diane Wood, Houston 163 Bluebonnet Belles Bluebonnet Belle is an honor bestowed on five girls selected on the basis of poise, personality, beauty, activities, and campus awareness. A Belle combines many of the qualities found in an Outstanding Student with those of a Ten Most Beautiful. This year 120 girls were nominated by various campus organizations. A screening committee chose 48 semi-finalists who were then interviewed for the final selection. At the Sweetheart Presentation, the Cacfus editor introduced the ten finalists and announced the five 1970 Bluebonnet Belles. Bluebonnet Belle Karen Ross One of the 1968 Ten Most Beautiful, Karen Kaye Ross was selected as this year ' s Cowboy Sweetheart. A junior from Lake Jackson, she served as Orange Jacket vice-president, Cordettes Drill Team sponsor, and freshman orientation advisor. Karen, an elementary education major, was also active in Alpha Delta Pi, serving as social chairman and rush captain. 164 Bluebonnet Belle Carol Conner An active participant in campus activities, Carol Alice Conner (right) was president of Orange Jackets and treasurer of Cordettes. A senior speech therapy major from Houston, Carol has served as a freshman orientation advisor for three years. President of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Carol was selected for membership in Mortar Board and as a 1969 Cacfus Outstanding Student. Bluebonnet Belle Judy Swan Chosen as this year ' s Electrical Engineering Sweetheart, Judith Lynn Swan (left) has been active in Cordettes and was selected as their best pledge in 1969. The junior from Temple has maintained a 3.85 grade point average while majoring in math and history. A Kappa Kappa Gamma, Judy served as house chairman for her sorority this year. 165 Bluebonnet Belle : ' .- ' . Margo Oldham Chosen as a 1970 Cacfus Outstanding Student, Marguerite Angeline Oldham (right) has served the University by working on Operation Brainpower and Texas Today and Tomorrow. A freshman orientation advisor for two years, she was co-chairman of the Student Committee on Orientation Procedures. An Alpha Chi Omega from Houston, she has also been an advisor in Kinsolving dormitory and a member of Spooks. Margo, a senior Spanish English major, was selected for membership in Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, and Sigma Delta Pi. i ,,- V i ' Bluebonnet Belle Jeannie Philquist Active in many campus areas, Jeanne Ann Philquist (left served as Ranger assistant editor, chairman of the Round publicity committee, and a freshman orientation advisor. A semi-finalist for Ten Most Beautiful, she was president of Delta Gamma sorority, a speakers ' tour guide, and a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Jeannie, a senior English major from Austin, is also a 1970 Cacfus Outstanding Student. 166 Lynn Cohen, Longview Margaret Parker, Hale Center Sue Lenthe, Moorhead, Minn. Diane Swendeman, San Antonio SEMI-FINALISTS Georgene Adams, Beaumont Helene Barab, Dallas Patsy Boyle, Callao, Va. Patricia Carroll, Austin Melissa Craig, Houston Diane Davis, Midland Sherry Davis, Houston Karen Elliott, Matador Jenny Ferguson, Dallas Mary Grace Fields, McAllen Mary Leslie Gayle, San Angelo Susan Giles, Houston Cheryl Goodman, Houston Linda Hase, Houston Susan Hasslocher, San Antonio Carolyn Hinckley, Houston Barbara Hoffer, Beaumont Edie Hudson, Stamford Linda Hughes, San Antonio Susan Langridge, San Antonio Bobbye Leaman, Crane Nancy Carroll Lee, Houston Lynn Londeree, Dallas Maureen McGavern, Austin Cathy Raffkind, San Antonio Martha Lee Roberts, Midland Sandra Rosenfield, Austin Marilyn Rumsey, Houston Gay Scherz, San Angelo Jean Schwartz, Houston Linda Stevenson, Austin Mary Alice Tudor, Texarkana Michelle Vilcoq, Austin Linda Wheeler, Denver, Colo. Norma Williams, Fort Worth Pamela Wilson, La Porte Cynthia Word, Conroe Marjorie York, Wharton Gary Taylor, San Benito 167 Ten Most Beautiful Academy Award winner John Wayne selected the 1969-70 Ten Most Beautiful from the photographs of 25 finalists. In its 50th year at the University, Xi chapter of Theta Sigma Phi, the national professional fraternity for women in communica tion, sponsored the 27th annual contest. Proceeds from this year ' s contest went to two schol- arships given by the chapter and the completion of a $1,000 pledge to the Paul J. Thompson-DeWitt C. Reddick Fund. Sheila Nix Kathy Nettles 168 A A Involvement I EBBS V " 1 ft f-l J -I, Concrete and steel structures reaching to the sky were brought to life as students questioned the relevancy of campus experience to everyday living. Through elections, marches, protests, demon- strations, teach-ins, and rallies, students voiced opinions on virtually every problem affecting the University .community. Committees of students and faculty explored both academic and extra- curricular issues in an effort to bridge the gap between administration and student. Involvement was the key to progress. Led by the women of Jester Center, other Uni- versity dorms petitioned and received abolition of enforced curfew. The stereotype student van- ished as a new breed of scholar brought both veneration and agitation to his alma mater. Tra- ditions including Greeks and ROTC were chal- lenged. Where once only the athletic calendar reigned supreme, an explosion of demands, ques- tions, and new ideologies now swept the campus. For this education there were no books . . . the education of experience. J - ' . -1 ... Student Government Military Organizations Greeks Residences I Student Government 169 171 Students ' Association 178 Texas Union 184 Round-Up 186 College Councils 192 Publications 170 Jrfte ' Joseph R. Krier, Students ' Association president. Students ' Association As both executive and legislative branches of the Students ' Association, the Student Assembly played an active role in campus politics. The newly created Admissions Standards Study Com- mittee spent months researching present Univer- sity policies on admissions and came up with a proposal providing for equal admissions program for students from all economic backgrounds. Through an Assembly grant the first advanced placement brochure with detailed information on all available advanced placement exams was printed and mailed out to all new incoming stu- dents. The document was written by students in hopes that it would be easily understood and used by new students. Leading the Students ' Association were Joseph R. Krier, president and Ernest L. Haywood, vice- president. Ernest L. Haywood, Students ' Association vice-president. 171 Student Assembly In line with growing student concern for the environment and what is to be done with it, the Student Assembly supported the April 22 Na- tional Environmental Teach-in with $1,000. The Assembly also endorsed the Oct. 15 and Nov. 15 Vietnam war moratoriums, and allocated $150 to be used for advertisements. In response to the Chuck Wagon disturbance during the fall semester and the subsequent Grand Jury indictments, the Assembly requested that charges be dropped against those individuals not charged with direct violence. A legal defense fund was created to aid those charged other- wise. The Austin district attorney later dropped charges against several students. An Assembly resolution which called for a planning firm to aid in long range campus de- velopment was followed by the allocation of $65,000 by the Board of Regents for that pur- pose. Through work of the University Council and the Assembly, three voting student members were added to the Building Committee. With the resignation of President Norman Hack- erman, the Assembly designated the student members of the University Council, Susan L. Hass- locher, Tullos Wells, and Joseph R. Krier, as stu- dent representatives on the nominating commit- tee to fill his vacancy. FRONT ROW: Joseph Krier, Ernest Haywood, Nancy Strauss, Michelle Vilcoq, Susan Hasslocher, John Fox, Jim Arnold, Will Goldman. SECOND ROW: Jodie Tronson, Susan Mustard, Belinda Hase, Tieman Dippel, Barbara Tierney, James Seeman, Steve Van, William Strait, Jer- rell King, Greg Lucia, David Mincberg, Barney McCoy. THIRD ROW: Jon Harrison, William Birt Simpson, Matthew Mikeska, William Heggie, Alan Derby, Randall Hollis, Joseph Sharkey, Thomas Rioux, Robert Perkins, Charles Banks, Neal Naranjo, Roger Hamilton, Bob Heath, Robert Mann, Mark Berry. 172 Delegates participated in House debate. House of Delegates The House of Delegates initiated a wide variety of student aid proposals this year. The 1969-1970 House preserved a low cost women ' s housing complex, initiated food and gas student coopera- tives and took a stand in the Arts and Sciences split controversy. Ernest L. Haywood, vice-president of the Stu- dents ' Association, was House chairman. Elected vice-chairman was David A. Turner. Representing the House in the Assembly were Charles A. Banks, Samuel D. Haas, and Joseph R. Sharkey. The Outstanding Delegate awards were pre- sented to Blanche F. Cohen, John R. Coppedge, Jeff Jones, and Bill T. Moran. To publicize House activities and encourage participation the student body, delegates placed signs on the West Mall inviting visitors to ob- serve meetings. A House committee hearing on Betty Joan Levine ' s ROTC bill had to be moved into a larger meeting hall. Credentials committee member Karen E. Bod- ner revamped House membership policies. Plans for voluntary physical education and new ad- missions priorities assisting minority groups were considered and passed. Solutions were sought for student problems before they reached the crisis stage. The main issue brought before the Student Court this year dealt with funds the Student As- sembly appropriated for advertising in The Daily Texan for rides to Washington, D.C. for the November moratorium. A suit was brought be- fore the court to enjoin the Assembly from ap- propriating funds. The court denied the request because the participants failed to show irrepar- able damages caused by the advertising. Student Court FRONT ROW: Donald Bowen, Terry O. Tottenham, Carnegie H. Mims. SECOND ROW: Max Hendrick, Michael Gammon. 173 Students ' Association Committees Developing continuing programs of service to the student community, the Students ' Associa- tion entered several successful ventures. The Draft Counseling center, in its first full year of operation, served over 3,000 students and is recognized as one of the best in the country. The Housing Commission in the first year of operation with a paid staff, assisted several hun- dred students with housing problems ranging from contracts and room deposits to racial discrim- ination. With a special grant from the Students ' Association, the commission engaged legal assist- ance to prosecute several cases in court. James G. Broyle, a recent University Law School graduate was appointed to the new position, Students ' Attorney. The new shuttle bus operation met with suc- cess in its initial year. The buses suggested by the Association ' s Parking Committee were used by over 13,000 students a day. The Educational Excellence Committee devised and printed the first comprehensive statement on Advanced Placement Examinations which was published and distributed to all incoming stu- dents. This committee also prepared a recom- mendation on changing the present system of academic advising. Serving Austin, the Community Involvement provided an avenue for students interested in municipal social action programs. The committee established weekly volunteer individual and group projects with Austin anti-poverty agencies. When the East Austin breakfast program ran in- to problems with the City Council, the Student Assembly endorsed the program and allocated $310 for its support. The University continued to offer a student-originated community involve- ment course. For the first time, credit was given for University Course 323, Seminar on Problems in Higher Education, jointly funded by the As- sociation and the Dean of Students office. Project Info met continuing success in pre- senting programs at high schools throughout the state on educational opportunities available at the University. The Speakers ' Tour Committee made arrange- ments throughout the state for students to speak about the University from a student ' s point of view. The Exchange Board sponsored the Peruvian Exchange Program and continued negotiations for an African Exchange Program. Shuttle buses helped curb parking problems on campus. Freshman Encounter sponsored sensitivity groups ' f Students checked for their number posted on the bulletin board in the journalism building as the new draft lottery was announced. 174 Orientation Six Orientation programs during the 1969-70 academic year introduced new students to Uni- versity life. Advisors were chosen by the Stu- dent Committee on Orientation Procedures and approved by the Director of Orientation. Student produced multi-media presentations were highlights of each program, and human relations sessions helped new students get ac- quainted. Newcomers were presented with a broad picture of University procedures, includ- ing educational opportunities, registration, test- ing, and housing. Throughout the year, a continuing Orienta- tion service using student advisors, offered assist- ance to any student with academic, personal, or social concerns. This included free tutoring. Texas Today and Tomorrow STUDENT COMMITTEE ON ORIENTATION PROCEDURES Jerry Sneed co-chairman Margo Oldham co-chairman Susan Barr Lynn Cohen Brenda Gasaway Bill Gurasich Mary Jane Mitchell Chris Montgomery Lacho Ramirez Tom Russell Roy Spence Tim Timmons Diane Wood 1969-1970 ADVISORS Mary Ann Ant hony Elizabeth Ann Atkinson Warren Bellows Alphonse Brown, Jr. Bruce Byron Pat Carroll Michael Casey Robby Clarke Carol Connor Martin Dies Oren Dreeben David Dunlap Barry Everett Ellen Fein John Fletcher Susan Giles Sharon Grimm Jim Guleke Lucinda Hanks Sandy Hardin Susan Hasslocher Sylvia Hughes Don Jackson Martin Jimenez Gwen Larsh Gary Lehmberg Greg Lucia Barbara Mann John Mayo Laurilynn McGill Thomas McGregor Kenneth Meyer Kay Morris Gary Munneke Nancy Notley David Pace Jan Patterson Robert Pennington Jeanne Philquisf Erin Raschke Bonnie Reed Ben Rodriquez Karen Ross Rey Sanchez Peggy Schroeder Rachel Spohn Laura Steigerwald Nancy Strauss Cary Taylor Jetta Todaro Ellen Tuffly Stephanie Turet James Wilson Jr. Pam Wilson Way land Wong Texas Today and Tomorrow programs included meetings with Norman Hackerman and Frank C. Erwin to discuss student unrest, campus growth, and educational excellence. A new program, Perspective, was organized by TTT. The committee realized that many situa- tions on campus have pointed out the need for better communication of information to the stu- dents. Perspective was designed to alleviate this problem by providing a forum to present facts to the students. Founded by Chancellor Harry Ransom and. sponsored by the University Development Board, the Texas Today and Tomorrow program pro- vided information about the University and gives faculty, administration, and students an oppor- tunity for open communication concerning many aspects of the University. The added communica- tion was intended to result in a fuller under- standing and potential for progress and to de- velop a knowledgeable student body who will be interested alumni in future years. STEERING COMMITTEE Mary Ann Anthony Douglas Allen Batson Catherine Ann Cox Melissa Craig David Alan Dillard William George Gurasich Lucinda Boylen Hanks Mary Tom Keller Suzanne Eloise Kemp Katherine Ann Kevil Mary Jane Mitchell Margaret Moore Marguerite A. Oldham Judy Anne Owen Manes Reid Porter James Richard Seeman Frank W. Sheppard Stephen L. Van ADVISORY COMMITTEE Stephen D. McClellan Shirley Bird Perry William Thomas Belt Ervin Sewell Perry Fred Pittman Ellison SYSTEMS ADVISOR Jack Holland NEWS INFORMATION ADVISOR Amy Jo Long " a BWMIKViM HHB MBHBiHH H H TTT presented Regents chairman Frank C. Erwin Jr. at an informal question and answer period. 175 Texas Union Designed to be a learning-living center for University students, faculty, and staff, the Union is both a place and a program. A place where members of the University com- munity can come together in important ways, the Union offers facilities for meeting, eating, relaxing, working, learning, and communicating. The Union program is large and diverse, a pot- pourri of experiences planned to facilitate the development of the individual. In combination, these two important functions are the reasons why the Union is the focal point of co-curricular life at the University. The Texas Union has been under the direct- tion of a board composed mainly of students during all but two years since its inception in 1933. The Union ' s policies are formulated by the Texas Union Board of Directors, composed of six students and three faculty representatives with voting power. The Union director and the Dean of Students are non-voting members. In 1969-70, for the first time, the Union Board controlled the Union Dining Services, building use policies, plans for Texas Union East, the new union to be constructed on the east side of the campus, and a review of the general policies and directions. Jack Steele, Union Director. Cake was served to celebrate the Chuckwagon ' s reopening I 176 FRONT ROW: Jack Steele, Shirley Bird Perry. BACK ROW: Peter Noonan, Laurence Hannon. Betty A. Birdwell Executive Council Chorlei T. Clark Board of Directors Frances F. Fuller Board of Directors Joseph R. Krier Board of Directors ' ' - Jack Steele Board of Directors and Executive Council John L. York Leadership Board Administrative Boards The Texas Union Executive Council sponsored Union Week, presenting films, ice cream parties, and dances to break the monotony of registra- tion. During the year, the council evaluated the work of committee chairmen and committee ac- tivities. Programs for married and graduate stu- dents also were focal points for evaluation. Members were Steve A. Van, president; Ellen R. Fein, vice-president; Judy B. Matthews, fall leadership board chairman; George Greg Eaves, spring leadership board chairman; Sam D. Mill- sap, Betty A. Birdwell, Jim M. Wilson, Jamie Sue Dollahite, and Dave B. Dlouhy. The Coordinating Board, an experimental group designed to attack individual problems in the Union, sponsored Programs and Dining Services Week. Dining Services Week celebrated the re- opening of the Chuck Wagon and the opening of the ice cream parlor. Coordinating Board members were Jere M. Teed, Jim R. Porter, Marjorie M. Poole, Sylvia S. Verheyden, Linda M. Hughes, Jackie A. Cole, and Wayland A. Wong. The Texas Union Leadership Board held two retreats for campus leaders. In the spring the board presented a group development seminar led by graduate students in psychology. The pur- pose of this seminar was to encourage better communication and deeper self understanding. Throughout the year, the board sponsored " Presidents ' Conferences. " Members discussed campus problems and got acquainted in hopes of promoting smoother interaction between the faculty and student organizations. This year members included Robert L. Oliver, Edward N. Goldsberry, Lois M. Graham, Daniel N. Matheson, H. Hill Goldsmith, Mary S. Naran- jo, Jolie Bain, and John L. York. 177 Union Committees The ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE combined the functions of the previous House Committee and Dance-E ntertainment Committee, presenting a variety of events ranging from big name en- tertainment such as Janis Joplin and Mike Bloom- field to social receptions and dances. For the first time the committee coordinated the Inter- collegiate Music Festival and worked with the Challenge Committee in sponsoring the Afro-Ball. Other committee activities included informal per- formances, parties, and stage happenings. The increasing sensitivity of the University community to sometimes disturbing contempo- rary situations prompted the IDEAS AND ISSUES COMMITTEE to sponsor several programs on top- ics of current interest. Program format was var- ied. Through sandwich seminars, panel discus- sions, and speakers, participants were able to gain insight into such controversial issues as atheism, the Women ' s Liberation movement, the philosophy of conflict, and supression of the news. Other programs were primarily of an in- formative or speculative nature. Along this line were programs on the draft lottery and the fu- ture of education. Selecting programs ranging from classical to the most avant-garde, the CULTURAL ENTERTAIN- MENT COMMITTEE presented a wide choice of entertainment free to blanket tax holders. Among those who performed were the Prague Sym- phony, Dionne Warwick, Judy Collins, the Roger Wagner Chorale, the American Ballet Theatre, and the New York critics ' award-winner " Rosen- krantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. " CEC also presented the Solo Artists Series with the Department of Music, attracting artists Azra Nelsova, Julian Bream, and Sviatoslav Richter. Joseph Kruppa, Assistant Professor of English, and Lewin Goff, drama professor, were advisors. The Entertainment Committee hosted Janis Joplin. CEC presented the Prague Symphony. Madalyn Murray O ' Hair was a guest of the Ideas and Issues Committee. 178 Dr. Martin Manosevitz chats with students at a Faculty-Fireside sponsored by the Student-Faculty Committee. The Speakers Committee sponsored Senator Abraham Ribicoff. Challenge Sensitivity Session emphasized " The Black Experience. ' The STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE offered students opportunities to meet instructors face to face in an informal atmosphere. To bring stu- dents and professors together away from class- room routine, the committee instituted Faculty Firesides, Union Coffees, and lawn lunches. Following a tradition of selecting outstanding speakers, the Texas Union SPEAKERS COMMIT- TEE presented a roster of newsworthy persons to the student body. In addition to inviting the speakers, the committee plans, publicizes, and hosts the speakers ' visits to the campus. While on the campus, the speakers may attend classes related to their fields, have dinner at student living units, and meet with students and faculty in informal receptions. Focusing on the crisis of individual conscious- ness and the Black American, CHALLENGE ' 70 ex- plored the Black Experience. Adding a new dimension to the consideration of blackness, the effects of racism by whites were explored in a fishbowl sensitivity group and " rap " sessions. Challenge ' 70 treated the Black Experience as a reflection of America ' s collective lack of consciousness. Challenge, an annual weekend colloquium held each spring since 1962, has attempted to bring students and faculty to a more acute awareness of themselves or some aspect of their environ- ment or culture. 179 Students viewed Fine Arts Committee-Challenge art display in the Union Gallery. Presenting both the usual and the unusual, the FINE ARTS COMMITTEE provided the stu- dent body and faculty of the University with ex- citing exhibits in the Union gallery. Paintings, poetry, batiks, weaving, and kinetic sculpture have been presented this year. Student work was emphasized, although traveling art sales and exhibits were included in the schedule of dis- plays. The Christmas Bazaar, one of the Commit- tee ' s annual projects, was a great, success. The UT chapter of the National Council on In- ternational Relations and United Nations Affairs, CIRUNA, participated in the UNICEF Halloween trick or treat campaign. During United Nations Week, the committee held sandwich seminars and sponsored a film series. The 10th annual Model United Nations Conference hosted over 600 delegates from colleges and high schools. Issues discussed at the conference ranged from Viet Nam to women ' s rights. The INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE promotes mutual understanding, cooperation, and friend- ship among Americans and foreign students. Pro- grams this year included an orientation program during fall and spring registration for new foreign students, the annual Christmas Bazaar, several trips to places of interest within the state, Inter- national suppers which feature foreign dishes, and a symposium on " The Population Explosion at The University of Texas. " Model United Nations discussed topics of international interest. - The International Committee displayed wares from all over the world for their Christmas bazaar. 180 . Union films such as Jean Luc Godard ' s " Sympathy for the Devil " were selected by the Film and Genesis Committee. _ J f e- 3 anker Union Committees This year the FILM COMMITTEE presented movies including " Rosemary ' s Baby, " " Help!, " " In Cold Blood, " and " The Graduate. " In addition to films, the committee sponsored speakers such as Jean Luc Godard, producer of " Sympathy for the Devil, " and Orson Welles and Genesis I film festivals. The GENESIS COMMITTEE, the Union ' s newest committee, this year presented three programs, all of an inter-disciplinary nature. In December, the committee sponsored a Game Simulation of Society. The game, patterned after games played in social psychology classes, sought to duplicate many of the problems facing society. For three days, 40 students considered such problems as poverty, industrial expansion, political unrest, and power conspiracies. The re- sponse was so favorable that the simulation game was repeated in March. In April the committee sponsored a program exploring the different modes of contemporary protest. The program included the Genesis II films, workshops with the Rag staff and Curtain Theater, a discussion session on Gunter Grass ' play " Uptight, " and an exhibit of protest art and music. In May the committee presented a sympo- sium on witchcraft. Le Potpourri, the Texas Union Coffee House, enjoyed a successful second year on campus, pre- senting eight national circuit entertainers for one- week engagements. Expanding the program by allowing University students to audition, the COFFEE HOUSE COMMITTEE hosted newly dis- covered talent as well as professionals. Le Potpourri presented David Bradstreet. 181 Committee Members COFFEE HOUSE COMMITTEE Diane Wood, Chairman Jenny Adams Shelley Alford Richard Anderson Amy Brown Jan Cocek Trish Davidson Margie Eden Steve Freeman Christy Guess Carol Heaton Randall Jones Virginia Jones Marcia Langham Cynthia Parker Linda Ferine Cathy Ann Raffkind Margaret Roark Judy Stephens Terry Thornton Sara Weidner CIRUNA COMMITTEE Frank Sheppard, Chairman Karla Bloom Michael Briggs Marilyn Cartwright Lynn Garner David Gleason Marilyn Sue Hartzell Edward Howard Jamene Javurek Charles Johnson Carol Kane Kay Levinson Valerie Lindsay Candy Mathews Gail McClanahan Peggy Odell Gary Polland Esther Ray Glenn Reeder Susan Reithner Janie Sheppard Martha Stone Paul Teten Peggy Vana Melanie Waldhauser Nancy Wilson Arnaldo Zuniga CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Robert Simon, Chairman Robert Boiling Alan Patrick Colford Rosemary Dunaway Ann Durham Joan Ferguson Bobbie Francis Rick Goldberg Richard Grossnickle Alice Herbolsheimer Debra Jones John Joseph Rod Keating Susan Robison Candi Rudmose Frank Sayre Richard Schwartz Patty Tapper Brenda Trojanowsky Diane Wille ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Carol Klinar, Chairman Marilyn Amos Beverly Bain Jean Boswell Bonnie Box Kay Carpenter Farryl Cohen Charles Cobb Susan Duden Jill Ford Stephen Goodnow Tom Hamilton Graham Hill Marilou House Laura Jones Kay Mary Kaber Suzan Kemp Tammy Lacasse Susan Levy Nancy McClellan Estelle Miller Kathleen Phillips Peggy Pilas Larry Pittman Marc Schwartz Linda Smith Liz Tankersley Diana Trojanowsky Cynthia Williams Carolyn Wilson Paula Yee FILM COMMITTEE Maria Maldonado, Chairman Sail! Ann Ball Dennis Flinn Tom Freeland Anthony Hilfer Kerry Kadell Sandy Saunders James Stanley FINE ARTS COMMITTEE Melissa Craig, Chairman Pam Alexander Laura Brooks William Brown Kay Casstevens Zia Ann Gipson Carol Glassman Kathy Heard Nancy Hinckley Peggy Horwits Carol Journeay Joe Manry Kim Mathews Melinda McDonald Melinda Nelson Janet Radtke Bradley Sallee Cherie Simmons Cindy Smith James Smith Kathy Sullivan Susan Talley Travis Tomjack Lynda Transou Carole Voigt LaVerne V. Dickinson ideas and Issues Brenda A. Guenther Genesis Maria E. Maldonado Film Rolam Speakers Frank W. Sheppard CIRUNA Diane P. Wood Coffee House 182 INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE Barbara Levinson, Chairman Sandra Abbot Sharon Allen Karen Anderson Liz Bass Noel Blackburne Helen Booch Lynn Brown Martha Cantrell Lynette Carpenter Richard Dunham Edell Ellison Tyrrell Flawn Sharon Giblin Linda Gillum John Higgins Alicia Hunt Mary Hurria Theresa Kane Caroline Lee Paul Lundquist Patricia Niborg Patricia Quibble Adita Root Barbara Rosenberg Lynn Schnitman Betty Souther Charnita Spring Philip To Jane Trigg Laura Veirs Irene Wilson Janet Wiseman Kay Zunker SPEAKERS COMMITTEE Roland Moore, Chairman Debbie Charnes Scott Davis Leonard Finger Harriet Hahn Patrick Hodges Nick Kerpchar Dana Kleiman John Powers K. E. Rogers Jeanne Sandberg Larry Waterhouse David Zimmerman STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE Carole Elliot, Chairman Harriet Aronofsky Barbara Bowles Pete Bricker Beth Buchtler Rob Bugbee Robin Burke Rick Cate Whith Cline Marvine Cole Carol Connery Carl Dueschle Tonya Ehblad Ann Eiermann Becky Fernandez John Fetcher Henry Flores Judy Frank David Friend Gary Gandy Gary Gils Helen Holcomb Rich Jenkins Judith Jones Russell Joseph Gary Kennedy Mike Kuhn Ann Lucksinger Mike Mclntosh Marci Mobell Robert Oliver Suzanne O ' Malley Sharon Oxford Sandi Pierce Bumpy Rhoads Judy Roberts Rey Sanchez Ed Schaefer Cheryl Schraub Jena Soward Clay Stubblefield Ronnie Volkening Charles Wachendorfer Margaret Ware Brad Westmoreland Laura Wilson Katherine Wright Rita Wright James Wood GENESIS COMMITTEE Brenda Guenther, Chairman Bill Gurasich Art Mairoquin Pete Peters Margaret Schlobohm Catherine Sims Ellen Tuf fly Ron Wong IDEAS and ISSUES COMMITTEE LaVerne Dickinson, Chairman Marilyn Andrews Carol Batty Mary Blair Lynda Brown Barbara Coleman James Currie Frank Davis Lorna Grenadier Alan Hertz Paul Leche Eleanor Ledbetter Steve McConnico Craig Messig Peter Moskowitz Patrice Pargaman Jim Reinhart Lindsey Riggs Michael Shearn Russell Todd CEC hosted " Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, " winner of the Tony Award for the best play of the 1967-68 Broadway season. 183 Round-Up 70 Round-Up ' 70 grew up to meet the demands of a growing student body. The event made a transition from worn-out entertainment to con- temporary exhibits for non-classroom education. Multi-media presentations flooded the Texas Union Main Ballroom for Showcase ' 70, but the week still was plagued by the now almost tradi- tional student apathy. The Eternal Life Corporation provided music for Round-Up ' s l ove-in. Sue Lenthe, Coordinator Gayle Howard and Robert Oliver, Signs Rosemary Hibler, Sweetheart Presentation. Barbara Hoffer, Parade; Lorie Rubin, Western. Dance Sandy Rosenfield and Will Goldman, Publicity June Beaman, Programs; Bobbye Leaman, Group Awareness Patty Cocheres, lectures and Seminars; Patsy Jackson, Western Store Fronts 184 Love-in participant, like hundreds of others, grooved in the sun. The School of Communication ' s exhibit was one of the most popular at Showcase. pi : Round-Up brought Judith Crist and Denton Cooley to speak on campus. Sara Lowry and Rick Jenkins, Speakers Margaret Moore, Western Day; Freddy Hashop, Bands Ann Eiermann, Western Store Fronts; Penny Caliaway, Public Relations 185 A S Council Representing both the students and the various departments of the largest college on campus, the Arts and Sciences Council serves as the official channel for student-faculty relations. In the summer, the council directed the provi- sional student program for the college. Members served as advisors during the registration period, and continued a special counseling and guidance program throughout the summer session. Work- ing on a two week drive to contact alumni, the council raised funds for scholarship and faculty improvement. During the controversy over the organization of the College of Arts and Sciences, council mem- bers collected information and made suggestions to the special committee to protect the students ' best interest. Membership consisted of representatives from each official interdepartmental program within the college. Fall officers were Thomas Naffe Rice, president; Daniel Cauldwell Pitts, vice-president; Jennings Neal Naranjo, secretary; and Warren Edward Gibbs, treasurer. Neal Naranjo served as Student Assemblyman and Harvey Barton Worchel as House of Delegates representative. Spring officers were Barry Jason Worchel, president; Janis Kay Hawley, vice-president; Kathy Lanier Heard, secretary; Bruce Stephen Samulin, treasurer; and Thomas Rice, House of Delegates representative. John Howard Burdett, Associate Dean for Stu- dent Affairs, was the faculty advisor. Members include Neal Naranjo, anthropology; Steve Cowan, botany; Erin Raschke, chemistry; Janice Hawley, English; Suzanne Weedman, geo- logical sciences; Joe Sharkey, government; James Quigley, health professions; Carl Metzgroth, his- tory; Kathy Heard, home economics; Ellen Cook, Linguistics; Bruce Samulin, mathematics; Harvey Worchel, microbiology; Al Brown, required physi- cal education; Doke Payne, philosophy; Tommy Rice, physics; Ed Gibbs, Plan II; Danny Pitts, psy- chology; Richard Armor, Latin American Studies; Rosalie Gregory, social welfare studies; Donald McQuarie, sociology; Jason B. Worchel, Spanish- Portuguese; and Jack Waide, zoology. FRONT ROW: Tommy Rice, Danny Pitts, Ellen Cook, Kathy Heard, Suzanne Weedman, Janice Hawley, Erin Raschke, Neal Naranjo, Ed Gibbs. SECOND ROW: Richard Armor, Joe Sharkey, Bruce Samulin, Harvey Worchel, Carl Metzroth, Alphonce Brown, Doak Payne, Jason Worchel, James Quigley. Dean John Burkett. 186 FRONT ROW: Susan Hasslocher, Nikolai Kerpchar, Donald Mikeska, Rickey Smith. SECOND ROW: Frances Rea, Karen Abbott, Ernest Haywood, Birt Simpson, Tieman Dippel, Marilyn Neumann, Paul Rosenberg, Robert Frank. THIRD ROW: Haskell Griffin, Bill Kaufman, Rhett Beavers, John Topp, Charles Wilson, John Amend, Wendell Davies, Paul Van Osselaer, Brad Orlopp, Larry Broughton. FOURTH ROW: Joshua Brown, Jack Lee, Geoffrey Curran, Samuel Haas, Jack Dinersfein, Mark Robert, Stephen Hull, Joe Fitzgerald, Nick Agalou, Gail Patch, Carolyn Kerpchar. CBA Council The College of Business Administration Council is a democratic affiliation of business students organized to provide representation, service, and coordination for business students, business stu- dent clubs and organizations, and the College of Business Administration. The council sponsors and promotes CBA elec- tions, CBA Week, " 14-Days, " the Business Student Newsletter, the Dean ' s Honors Luncheon, and other projects to represent business students on faculty committees, instigate improved business student facilities, and make known to the admin- istration the opinions and needs of business students. The CBA Week 1970 keynote speaker was past Ford Motor Company President S. E. Knudsen, who spoke against environmental pollution and the role universities and students must play in solving this critical problem. At the CBA Week con- vocation, George W. Jalonick III was presented the 1970 Texas Industrial Pioneer Award. The CBA Council is composed of an Executive Committee, elected class officers, elected repre- sentatives from CBA, student organizations and clubs, and members-at-large from within the busi- ness student body. President of the council for 1969-70 was Nikolai Kerpchar. Council members were Donald C. Mikeska, vice-president; Ricky Smith, treasurer; Paul H. Rosenberg, historian; Susan L. Hasslocher, secretary; Tieman H. Dippel, Student Assembly representative; Rhett D. Beavers, House of Dele- gates representative; Ernest L. Haywood, Frances A. Rea, and Gerald C. Schoppe, members-at-large; and Marilyn J. Neumann, CBA Sweetheart. Eugene Nelson, professor of business law, served as the faculty advisor. 187 Communications Council FRONT ROW: Gene Attal, Linda Adelman, Jill Selevan, Nancy Morris, Deevea Hoherd, Andrew Yemma, Jere Burrus. SECOND ROW: Will Gold- man, Lorraine Ross, Mark Roffman, Wayne Danielson, Melody Atlanson, Lisa Ikard, Donna Dickerson. THIRD ROW: Charles Watkins, Lynn Latham, Martin Fulfer, Karen Bodner, Rex Jobe, Ed Berger, Martha McGlofhlin. Boasting one of the most active records in re- cent years, the 1969-70 Communication Council welcomed Wayne Danielson, new Dean of Com- munication, with a full agenda for the year. Comprised of representatives from the Depart- ments of Journalism, Radio-Television, and Speech, with delegates from scholastic, honorary, and professional organizations, sororities, and frater- nities, the council attracted key speakers for the school and helped faculty and administration plan for the new communication complex to be con- structed soon. New this year was an ad hoc committee on minority recruiting. Regular committees were job placement, planning a staffed office for the spring semester; curriculum, working principally on a possible revision of the school ' s language require- ment; teacher and course evaluation; communica- tion library and building, presenting a display of the architect ' s plans for the new complex; student advising and counseling, operating for spring and fall preregistration; communication week, planning a production of student and professional work in communication fields; and publicity and reception, providing this year ' s guest speakers such as cartoonist Roy Crane and New York Times associate editor Clifton Daniel, and studying the possibility of an expanded School of Communica- tion newsletter. Officers elected in the fall were Gene Attal, president; Jere Burrus, vice-president; and Lynn Latham, secretary. 188 Education Counci Answering the many questions an education major often faces, the Education Council provided the official means of communication between the students and faculty of the College of Education. Open to new ideas from both students and faculty, the council initiated various activities de- signed to encourage more student involvement, and to keep the students informed of important events within the college, as well as those campus activities which were outside of the college but related to education. A faculty tea during the fall semester gave students a chance to become ac- quainted with professors in the college. Council members also participated in a Senior Cabinet fund drive to raise money to buy musical instruments to be used by the patients at the State Hospital for the Emotionally Disturbed as part of their music therapy program. Each semes- ter, members of the council conducted teacher evaluations and served as advisors during spring and fall registration. Officers were: Tippy Timmins, president; Pam Milks, vice-president; Jane Trigg, secretary; and Linda Osterthaler, treasurer. Members were: Nan- cy Burch, Beverly Eads, Mary Anne Flournoy, Barbara Hoffer, Sue Ann Holle, Debbie Holotik, Laura Meadows, Melinda Murphy, Susan Mustard, Emy Lou Settle, Judy Watkins, and Cyndi Word. Susan Mustard was the Council ' s representative to the Student Assembly. John O. Rodgers served as faculty adviser. FRONT ROW: Frances Timmins, Linda Osterthaler, Pamela Milks, Jane Trigg. SECOND ROW: Judy Watkins, Susan Mustard, John Rogers, Rita Lipscomb, Mary Flourney, Sue Holle. 189 Engineering Counci The Engineering Council coordinates societies within the College of Engineering, and provides a liaison among students, faculty, and administra- tion. To fulfill these responsibilities, this year ' s coun- cil conducted numerous permanent programs, in- cluding semesterly course and teacher evaluations, the selection of an Engineering Sweetheart, the Engineering Ball in the spring, and maintenance of the student lounge, Taylor ' s T-Room. The council donated $1,300 to the University Speech and Hearing Clinic for its work with children. The money was collected to send signa- tures to the moon with astronaut Alan L. Bean, a College of Engineering alumnus. The 1969-70 council inaugurated Engineering Outstanding Student Awards, given in recogni- tion of leadership in and service to the college and campus. The first recipients of the awards were Alan T. Derby, Thomas W. Rioux, John R. Stratton, and Gary W. Watt. The council is composed of representatives from each of the professional and honorary societies within the College of Engineering. Officers for the year were John R. Stratton, chairman; Rusty D. LaFerney, vice-chairman; sec- retaries: Larry M. Gring, fall, and Barry Benedict, spring; treasurers: Edgar Dennis Griffith, fall, and Rodney E. Lee, spring; college assemblymen: Thomas W. Rioux and William D. Heggie, fall, and Alan T. Derby, spring; and House of Dele- gates representatives: James C. Dickerman, Mark G. Goode, Michael W. Wood, and Barry Benedict. Society representatives were AAAE James C. Meek, Jerry D. Roach, Ben D. Donnell, and Thomas Holstien. AIAA Kenneth E. Griffin, Barry K. Bene- dict, and Michael Smith, AlChE-Steve W. Cook and Jim S. Sherman; AIME Sherry Sue Zwiebel, Rodney E. Lee, and Kenneth C. Nelson; ASCE Robert A. Liesman and James A. Broaddus; ASME Arthur Stephens, Alan T. Derby, Richard A. Schultz, and Stanley G. Stokes; IEEE-Jerry M. Keys, Stephen Johns, and L. Larry Bethurum; SAME David Young, John W. Cates, and Stephen L. Gerecke; SWE-Karlene Price and Kathy R. Center; TSPE-Bob C. Leibrock and Terry L. Wells; Chi Epsilon Michael G. Huffman and Maury Sti- ver; Eta Kappa Nu Tony M. Fern; Omega Chi Epsilon David J. Lutrick and Edgar Dennis Griffith; Pi Epsilon Tau Choudhary Rehman; Pi Tau Sigma H. Lee Morris; Sigma Gamma Tau John C. Hin- kle and W. Gary McGilvray; and Tau Beta Pi Gary W. Watt. Faculty advisors were Richard R. Ensminger, assistant professor of engineering and Ned H. Burns, associate professor of engineering. FRONT ROW: John Stratton, Rusty LaFerney, Larry Gring, Dennis Griffith, Sherry Zwiebel. SECOND ROW: James Meek, Lee Norris, John Cates, Michael Huffman, James Broaddus, Steve Johns, Ata-ur-Rehman Choud- hary, Robert Liesman, Jerry Keys, Gary Watt, David Young, Rodney Lee. THIRD ROW: Richard Ensminger, Jerry Roach, Barry Benedict, John Hinkle, Kenneth Griffin, James Sherman, Alan Derby, Arthur Stephens, Thomas Rioux, Ned Burns, William Heggie. 190 FRONT ROW: Paul F. Davis, Marolyn F. Reynolds, Christine A. Walker, Darlene A. Anderson. SECOND ROW: Curtis E. Martin, Jerrell L. King, George E. Murphy, Roger Dean Hamilton, Dennis W. Helbert. THIRD ROW: Philip K. To, James Ron Mclntosh, Thomas O ' Neil, Joseph B. Sprowls, Mike L. Lawhon, Earl A. Bowen. In order to open more opportunities for stu- dents to voice their opinions, the Pharmacy Coun- cil provided a suggestion box and an open bul- letin board for use by the entire student body in the Pharmacy Building. Interested in keeping the students well informed, the council obtained a Daily Texan box for the college, and a display system to be used in a far-ranging drug abuse program. The council voted to make several long- needed changes in its constitution, and to extend library hours. Members of the council served on several im- portant committees within the college. Paul F. Davis and Roger Dean Hamilton worked on the curriculum committee; Michael L. Lawhon and Darlene A. Anderson, student affairs committee; and Thomas M. O ' Neil, student-faculty Health Center committee. Officers for the year included: Paul F. Davis, president; Michael L. Lawhon, vice-president; Dar- lene A. Anderson, secretary-treasurer; Jerry L. King, student assemblyman; and Roger Dean Hamilton, representative to the House of Dele- gates. The faculty advisor was Dean of Pharmacy Joseph B. Sprowls. Pharmacy Council 191 1970 Cactus The 1970 Cacfus sought to capture important events which marked a year of change, thus ex- panding its traditional role as the University ' s official memory book and the student ' s blind date guide. Despite normal setbacks and major traumas, 1 1 section editors and assorted staff assistants labored l ong and hard to assemble the words and pictures which make a yearbook of the first class. For the editor ' s comments concerning the theme and production, please refer to page 683. Under the direction of editor Joy Stapp, the Cacfus this year established its Teaching Excel- lence Awards to recognize those who have dem- onstrated excellence and effectiveness in their respective teaching fields. This year ' s recipients are featured on pages 84-88. Gary Taylor and John Lay, Sports Editors STAFF ASSISTANTS Anne Andrews Lenore Avant Clarice A. Adams Deborah L. Bay Betsy R. Bozarth Stephen L. Chewning Rosemary Dugger Sandy E. Gardner Randall G. Jones Karen Kershner Andrew F. Klein Jan S. Krivcher Charlotte Kroll Alan H. Lev! Marilyn K. Martin Mary Jo Neal David A. Pena Penny Perry Carole A. Raschke Diane E. Taylor Linda M. Williams Joy Stapp, Editor-in-Chief Pat Cafferty, Editorial Assistant 192 LEFT: Gerry Godfrey, Residences Editor; Marilyn Atkins, Military Editor BELOW: Elaine Custer and Dena Wright, Fraternities Editors; Robin Bracher Sororities Editor. LEFT: Lolly Greenberg and Claire Anderson, Organizations Editors. ABOVE: Rosemary Newell, Student Government Editor; Rob Bug bee, Features Editor; Fran Smith, Copy Editor. 193 The Daily Texan The Daily Texan once again received an All- American rating from the Associated Collegiate Press in the 82nd All-American Critical Service competition. The critiquer commented that the folio submitted was the best entered by the Texan in 20 years. With a circulation larger than half the dailies in Texas, the Texan is the largest college daily in the state. The Texan, published five days weekly by Texas Student Publications, Inc., operates on a budget of more than a quarter million dollars. It is the combined effort of more than 200 stu- dents, including paid staff members, volunteers, and writers from journalism classes. The paid staff of approximately 60 received some $21,000 during the academic year. Volunteer staffers gave one day or more each week solely for the grati- fication of journalism experience. Continued Middy Randerson, Amujements Editor; Bob Inderman, Panorama Editor. Lynn Flockc, Asjijtant to the Editor; Carolyn Hinckley, Feature Editor. 194 Karen Elliott, Fall Managing Editor John Watkins, Spring Managing Editor Vaughn Aldredge and Gary Taylor, Sports Editors Editor Mark Morrison was elected by the stu- dent body in the general spring elections. Karen Elliott and John Watkins, managing editors for the fall and spring semesters, respectively, were appointed by the TSP board of directors. Although not subject to direction or official control from the Department of Journalism, the Texan worked closely with students in basic news- writing courses to provide valuable experience in news situations. Since its beginning 69 years ago, the Texan has grown from a private student en- terprise to a full-time business. The Texan subscribes to the Associated Press and the New York Times News Service, and is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press, the Southwest Journalism Congress, and the Texas Daily Newspaper Association. 195 Texas ler Rang SEATED: Jeannie Philquist, assistant editor. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Atkinson, managing editor; David B. Rosen, assistant managing editor; Mariann Vizard, art director,- Wick Allison, editor; Dan Matheson, associate editor. Published at sporadic intervals since 1885, the Texas Ranger is a student magazine, edited for the entertainment, information, and enlightenment of the student body. This year the Ranger made a substantial change in its format, content, and appearance. No longer a strictly humor magazine, it now appeals to students with features, critical opinions, and informative articles. The staff of the Ranger is drawn from a wide variety of personalities, reflecting diverse view- points and talents. Included in this year ' s staff were conservatives, drama majors, artists, radicals, English majors, journalists, sorority girls, a few great white liberals, and even one or two writers. Next year the Ranger will be distributed free for the first time in its colorful history, through the distribution of the Da y Texan. 196 Turning. Spinning. The arrangement may be a mirror. Or roulette wheel. All an attempt to bend the shapes toward what would bring us closer. Like the words and sounds of pool players, clicks when eyes cross, the force is one of touch. SEATED: Linda Hart, Carol Anderson. SECOND ROW: John McCaffrey, Henry Steen, George Paley. THIRD ROW: Mike Hocko, Will Paley, Bill Smith, editor, Jerry Harper, Bill Evans. TES Texas Engineering and Science maga- zine publishes four issues of student ar- ticles on topics of current interest to the University community. LEFT TO RIGHT: Estelle Wackerbarth, Kathleen Ken- nedy, Richard Wackerbarth, editor, Anne Hagy. 197 TSP Boardof Directors Texas Student Publications Inc. is governed by a board of directors composed of five students, four faculty mem- bers, and nine ex-officio non-voting members. the voting directors this year were Charles Michael Bonjean, associate professor of sociology; Harley AA. Court- ney, assistant professor of accounting; Morris G. Davis, chairman of the journalism department; William Anthony AAindak, professor of journalism; and students Susan Lynn Hasslocher, Randall H. Hollis, David M. Mincberg, Kenneth Sparks and Joseph R. Krier, president of the Students ' Association, and chairman of the board. Non-voting board members were editors of student publications; Loyd Edmonds, TSP general manager; Robert Hilburn, Texan editorial manager; and Stephen D. McClel- lan, dean of students. The TSP board has purchased a $12,500 computer and a $10,000 teletypesetter for The Texan. The pair of ma- chines includes a keyboard for punching tape, and a com- puter which reads the tape and justifies the tape into column widths, dividing the words by program. A new Texas Ranger, more serious in tone, was adopted this fall. The TSP board voted that the 1970-71 Ranger will be distributed as a supplement to the Texan. The board approved a Cactus innovation, the Teaching Excellence Awards, for the 1970 yearbook. On lighter matters a change in the TSP handbook made it possible for the board to purchase alcoholic beverages as long as State funds are not used. After considerable discussion and red tape reaching all the way to the Board of Regents, Texan editor Mark Morrison withdrew his request that The Texan be allowed to change its nameplate to a sans serif type. TEXAS STUDENT N PUBLICATIONS i i fffc The many faces of TSP were displayed at Round-Up Showcase. FRONT ROW: Harley Courtney, Business; Susan Hasslocher, Student Assembly; Ken Sparks, Student Assembly; Joy Stapp, Cactus Editor; Joe Krier, Chairman. SECOND ROW: Robert Hilburn, Texan Editorial Manager; Stephen McClellan, Dean of Students; Bill Smith, Riata Editor; David Mincberg, Student Assembly; Mark Morrison, Texan Editor; Randall Hollis, Student Assembly. THIRD ROW: Charles Bonjean, Sociology; Richard Wackerbarth, TES Editor; Wick Allison, Ranger Editor; John Watkins, Texan Managing Editor; Loyd Edmonds, General Manager; Norrij Davis, Journalism. 198 Military 199 r 202 Army 210 Navy 21 5 Air Force 200 The ROTC Building, home of the Army, Navy, and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, is the site of campus involvement a proud past, a troubled present, an uncertain or promising future. 201 Army Staff FRONT ROW: Colonel Lawson W. Magruder Jr., Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Denny, Mrs. Shirley Hayden, Mrs. Elaine Walker, Mrs. Donna O ' Donnell, Major Malcolm Henry. SECOND ROW: Captain Stanley Leishner, Major Thomas Leatherwood Jr., Major William Schuler, Major Gene Schnee- beck. Staff Sergeant Earl Langford, Sergeant First Class George Longoria, Staff Sergeant Bennie Roberts. THIRD ROW: Captain James Chester Jr., Staff Sergeant Enrique Alvarez, Sergeant First Class Joe Mims, Sergeant Major Calvin Gesch, Staff Sergeant Robert Gibson, Staff Sergeant Charles Porter, Staff Sergeant Richard Gruwell. Cadet Staff FRONT ROW: Georgene Adams, Alvin Cowan, Robert Bowie. SECOND ROW: Arthur Hernandez, Lance Wittlif, Steve Zimmer, Richard Kramer, Ward Blacklock, Joseph Nicols, Robert Skipworth. 202 Army ROTC The University Department of Military Sci- ence develops educated and well-rounded of- ficers for the United States Army. In Reserve Officer Training Corps, the student is taught the history and importance of the nation ' s military program, the techniques of drill, and an under- standing of the methodology and organization of the various branches of the Army. Cadets in the University Brigade are able to specialize in one of five branches Engineers, Infantry, Military Po- lice, Quartermaster, or Transportation. The Army ROTC was reorganized in the fall to divide administrative and training tasks. A Senior Seminar was created to accommodate the increasing number of senior cadets. In addition to drills, parades, and ROTC classes, cadets attended the military ball, awards ceremonies, a Dining-ln, and the President ' s Re- view in May. Rifle Team LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Bounds, Peyton Gibbs, Robert Huff, John Ferguson. FRONT ' ROW: Jerry Grammer, Michael Edmond, Joseph Gonzales, Alvin Cowan, Robert Bowie, Arthur Hernandez. SECOND ROW: Richard Macha- lek, Glenn Harrold, Ward Blacklock Jr., Harry Farrell, Joseph Nicols Jr., Charles Barrow. THIRD ROW: Stephen Zimmer, Jack Gourley Jr., Atanacio Guillen Jr., Everett Lomax, Grant Bouck, Steve Persyn. FOURTH ROW: Dale Gillette, Bruce Kiely, Robert Kissel Jr., Frank Houzvicka II, Paul Miller, David Graham, Lance Witliff. NOT PICTURED: Wayne Gathers. Distinguished Military Students 203 FRONT ROW: Georgene Adams, Commander; Lynn Londeree, Executive Officer; Susan Harrison, Information Officer; Mary Grace Fields, Comp- troller; Mary Leslie Gayle, Adjutant; Betty Lamp, Activities; Mary Alice Tudor, Supplies. SECOND ROW: Mike Edmond, Judy Swan, Ginger Lang- holz, Cynthia McCaa, Marcia Frost, Cathy Canter, Harriet Hochman. THIRD ROW: Lacey Parkinson, Delia Bowles, Cary Taylor, Diane Swendeman, Laura Hansen, Pamela Wilson, Christine Kesterson, Christine Georgas. FOURTH ROW: Fredell Topek, Karen Hinton, Kathleen Penn, Barbara Dirks, Karen Vascocu, Frieda Hale, Pat Furgiuele, Shelley Green. FIFTH ROW: Elissa Simon, Martha Bates, Cynthia Hollingsworth, Carole Crossley, Nancy Lee, Lucy Foreman, Betty Taylor. Cadet Colonel Cowan and Cadet Major Edmond go over basic details. Drill Team FRONT ROW: Frank Tovar, Gene Schneebeck, Cynthia McCaa, Edwin Arnold. SECOND ROW: Byron Short, Ricardo Sanchez, Audey Hubbard, Carl Conley. THIRD ROW: Alvin Netterblad, William Ratliff, Richard Bills. FOURTH ROW: Henry Justice, Michael Morris, James Barnhart, James Kirby. FIFTH ROW: Thomas Haney, Peter Baker, Robert Huff. 204 Color Guard LEFT TO RIGHT: David Garner, Frank Wagner, Morris Albers, Stephen Gerecke, Robert Copeland. Louis Mize quarterbacked the Army Intramural football team FRONT ROW: Kenneth Armstrong, Donald Kemp, Arthur Hernandez, Ginger Langholz, Robert Bowie, Steven Persyn, John Gates, Gerald Babb, Everett Lomax, Wayne Gathers, Fjank Houzvicka. SECOND ROW: Albert Ford, Allen Dubberley, James Kirby, Louis Johnagin, Steve Chenault, John Criswell, Melvin McCain, Sam Pantusa, Stanley Evans. THIRD ROW: Woodrow Hammond, Robert Crawford, Michael Haralson, Billy Brooks, Edwin Arnold, Larry Bryant, Enslen Norbert, Paul Corbitt, William Shimek. FOURTH ROW: Luther Polnau, Mike Balough, James Reego, Jerry Keys, George Tanner, Carl Conley, Ricardo Sanchez, Chris Burton, Harold Eisenman. FIFTH ROW: Joe Allen, Robert Fry, Thomas Brun, Robert Bearden, David Young, Charles Watkins, Edward Howard, Elliot Short, Robert Jenkins. SIXTH ROW: John Bibo, Richard Bills, Ronald Carter, George Manson, Morris Albers, Randall Trncak, David Smith, Jim Ahern. SEVENTH ROW: Neal Lubinski, Gregory Ceshker, James Letsos, Paul Woodul, John Guenther, Thomas Bloomer, Steve Gerecke, Richard West. EIGHTH ROW: Sam Brooks, Tom Wood, Thomas Haney, Jasper Rowe, David McCoy, Jerry Berry. Corps of Engineers 205 The Brigade Picnic: a time to talk, a time to look, a time to perform. FRONT ROW: Richard Kramer, Daniel Sanchez, Vernon Crossley, Robert Kissel Jr., David Graham, Atanacio Guillen, Glenn Harrold, Effie Georgas, Alvin Cowan, Joseph Gonzales, Lance Wittlif, Jeff Henke, Debron Duncan. SECOND ROW: Robert Hadd, James Wakefield Jr., Victor Diaz de Leon Jr., Henry Shoenfelt II, Rickey AAooney, Brian Hope, Thomas Drakos, Douglas Ehrlich. THIRD ROW: Charles Carothers, Dan Harrold, Jack Meyer, Edward Hackard, Daniel Paniagua, Paul Comeaux, Roberto Mancha, Infantry Jerome Gutheinz, Donald Hadd. FOURTH ROW: Stephen West, Paul Bounds, Robert Home, Nick Thams, Rocky Weintraub, John Branch, Darvey Lavender, David Roach. FIFTH ROW: Michael Killey, Robert Copeland Jr., G. De Hayos, Mark Hazelrigg Jr., Samuel McKinney, Will Wilson, James Scruggs Jr., Charles Hively. SIXTH ROW: Terrence Woods, Jerry Prothro, Franklin Deaderick, Jim Lock, Sherrod Prewitt, Donald Settle, Steve Ash, Charles Southard. SEVENTH ROW: Jonathan Los, Jonathan Oelrich, Lance Tymniak, John Kaddatz, Henry Camacho, Robert White, Frank Wagner Jr., James Bowman. EIGHTH ROW: Thomas McDonald, Ike K. Lasater, Raymond Barrett, Frank Novier, Robert Kallina. 206 FRONT ROW: Charles Barrow, Kenneth Houp, Daniel Goforth, Thomas Alfrey, Clyde Farrell, Diane Swendeman, Jerry Grammer, Steve Hanna, John Klein, Joe Weaver, Don Hancock. SECOND ROW: Michael Renfro, John Sutton, Richard Priem, Frank Ivy, Harley Parker, Joseph Nienaber, William Pardis, Robert Walls, Richard Rapp, Rob Robertson, John Dar- rouzet. THIRD ROW: Jerry Jackson, Ronald Lafeuers, Steve Carlton, David Garner, Roy Bass, Robert Matlock, James Barnhart, Robert Skipworth, Carlos Acevedo, Robert Young. FOURTH ROW: Richard Alexander, Scott Greene, Donald Stanford, Richard Ballanfant, Charles Jamison, Douglas Grace, Fred Goodenough, Rollin R. Donelson, Robin L. Donelson, Robert Max- well. FIFTH ROW: James Blackburn, Charles Turet, Robert Hardwick, Military Police Charles Bradley, James Elder, Alvin Netterblad, Michael McLelland, Thomas Curtis, George Morris, David Seikel, Vireil Justice. SIXTH ROW: Scott Shelton, Gregory Salyers, Josef Cozad, Randy Williams, Paul J. Davis, Terry Epperson, Thomas Jarrett, Paul Marshall, Fred Unger. SEVENTH ROW: Roy Snodgrass, Pat Timmons, John Langworthy. EIGHTH ROW: Bryan Chenault, James Short, Thomas Hemmer, Don Alexander, Joseph Pinnelli, Paul Kens, Paul Angenend. r,W Prita ch.W ftg lil Colonel Lawson Magruder and Dr. Malcolm Macdonald presented awards to the Distinguished Military Students during the fall ceremony. General Francis J. Murdoch and Colonel John C. Avery were among the honored guests at the fall Dining-ln. 207 Quartermaster FRONT ROW: Bruce Kiely, Bill Arlitt, Richa rd Machalek, Chris Kesterson, Paul Miller, George Fleming, Ward Blacklock, Charles Nies, Stephen Zimmer. SECOND ROW: M. John Allums, Frank Tovar, John Amend, Dan Thompson, Jerry Tompkins, Michael Martin, Marc Billigmeier, Michael Boland, Robert Huff. THIRD ROW: William Goodale, Larry Farrow, Steven Roosth, Nash DeFord, Ken Kopel, Martin Friedman, John Gilbert, George Goolsby. FOURTH ROW: William Rasor, Robert Frank, Edward Engel, ri 1 5 HIM $ Joseph Skrivanek, Charles VanZant, David Rutty, Robert Gillespie, Kenneth Koch, Robert Youmans. FIFTH ROW: Lester Ho, Bruce Lubel, David Osborn, Richard Middleton, Orion Hudson, Leon Edmonston, Kenneth Will, Gregory Huehler. SIXTH ROW: Don Young, Billy Rosenthal, Mike Tautfest, Scott Kidd, Joe Thrash, Edwin DeYoung, Ernest Haywood, Peter Baker. SEV- ENTH ROW: Charles David Jacobson, Ken Sparks, John Chaney, Ben Dean, Wesley Williams, Alan Wilson, John Hinton, Stephen Densmone. EIGHTH ROW: Kimmyth Pesz, Robert Seuvert, John Fain, Ronald Axelrod, Allen Kreiger, James D. Cavner, Daniel Bechtel, John Allen Stabler. NINTH ROW: Winston Borum, Mark Caperton, William Ratliff, Michael Rech, Micha el Barren, Carl T. Schultz, Lee Daniel, Stephen Mittelstet. ICt ' -. ' -. T . I 33 Fatigue-clad Juniors began preparing for summer camp. ' Transportation Corps Senior Cadets are apprehensive I H about having Senior Seminar in the Rifle Range. I ; 208 Al Cowan thanked Georgene Adams, commander of Cordettes, for a job well done. To cadets, Fort Sill meant heat, snakes, scorpions, and all that dust FRONT ROW: Joseph James, Dale Gillette, Jack Gourley, Gary Taylor, Michael Edmond, Grant Bouck, Edwin Sharpe, Joseph Nicols, Harvey Richey. SECOND ROW: Cliff Avery, Mack Moore, Charles Edwards, Michael Cleary, Richard Sandoval, Jay Cox, Dan Weatherly, William Austin, Thomas. Butler. THIRD ROW: Ralph Heath, Forest Rees, Stewart Sutin, William Levin, Wayne Nichalson, Frank Stroube, Mike Maney, David Hilgers, John Goodloe. FOURTH ROW: Lawrence Carmichael, Stephen James, Jack Maguire, Wil liam Stevens, Audey Hubbard, Brandon Baker, John Keel, Edward Haverlah, James Fraser. FIFTH ROW: Stephen Peery, Gary Shapiro, John Scvone, Don Denny, Terry Farrar, Robert Howard, James Waldron, Ronald Knippa, Richard Karre. SIXTH ROW: George Eaves, Malcolm Marion, James Moore, Rickey Gartner, J. Doty, Irvy Pollard, Jack Webernick, Michael Moore, Manuel Nunes. SEVENTH ROW: Robert Guinn, Reuben Aguilar, Stephen Parrino, James Atkins, Michael Stewart, Jerry Brazil, B. Cain, Samuel Higgins, Charles Brauer. EIGHTH ROW: Peter Skgwitz, Robert Miller, James Graham, William Greg- ory Elliott, Charles Gaines, Richard O ' Bryant, David Hendrick, Mike Gideon, George Baxley. NINTH ROW: Dan Hyde, Mike Penton, Harold Vanberg, Roy Priebe, Robert Trager, Jim Ruoff, James Turner, Rodger Marlen Sanders. TENTH ROW: Gerald Rech, George Wilson, Jerome Shropshire, John Pope, Robert Lemkau, Tom Miller, Randy Squires, David Matthews, Carroll Schu- bert. Transportation 209 Navy Staff FRONT ROW: Commander William Goodman, Captain Harfsel Allen, Lt. Commander James Taylor. SECOND ROW: YNI Leslie Kearns, Beverly Roberts, Major Jerry Lindauer, Johnnie Mailman, Lt. Harry Brandon, QMI John Krause. THIRD ROW: Lt. James Freet, GMGC Nathan Hazelton, YNC Richard Snelson, GMGC Robert Porter, SKI Ronald Van Cleave, Staff Sergeant Grove Crank. Navy ROTC offers two basic programs which enable Midshipmen to receive commissions in the Navy or Marine Corps. The Regular Pro- gram allows the student to receive a regular commission upon graduation, while the Contract Program prepares the student for a reserve commission. Extracurricular activities of the Midshipmen include intramural sports; the Buccaneers, a Navy ROTC drill team; a Ring Dance in the spring; and a ceremony in May at which awards are pre- sented to Midshipmen by Austin and national civic organizations. Navy ROTC 210 Battalion Staff FRONT ROW: Robert Felle, Robert Dean, Thomas Caldbeck, Jonathan Kaplan, Bruce Byron. SECOND ROW: Robert Lewis, Arthur Estes, Carlos Chapa, James Clark. THIRD ROW: Ronald Kissman, Robert Frnlca, Joel Ross, Ken- neth Bennight. FOURTH ROW: Paul Frye, Paul Eschenfelder, Max Tarbox. An, YNC !, Slill FRONT ROW: Douglas Fisher, William Craig, John Ballard, John Pritchard, Donald Driskill. ROW TWO: Carl Boren, Thomas Head, Barry Green, Charles Boortz. THIRD ROW: Charles Phillips, Oliver Brown, Floyd Jackson. Seminar FRONT ROW:. Michael Tatone, Michael Costello, John Cocke, Duke Martin. SECOND ROW: Robert Lee Sutton, Elton Page, James Atkinson, David Bleckley, Joseph Regan, Donald Mackenzie-Graham, Marvin Taylor, Jack Wakefield, James Voss, Lament Noble, Wayne Anderson, John Sears, David Hardy, Ronald Borg, Marc Smoot, Lawrence Bischoff. THIRD ROW: John Kinzler, Francis Bogar, Thomas Littlepage Jr., Bruce Snyder, Michael von Wupperfeld, Jean Coquat, Paul Laverty, Roger Marsh, James Norman, Harold Dolph, Larry Russo. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Moser, Harry White, Robert Gannaway Jr., Benny Harris II, Douglas Howell, Stanley McFarland, Joe McClaugherty, John McAfee, Steve Hoipkemeier, Michael Blaha, William Perdue. FIFTH ROW: Steven Howell, George King, Jerry Dalton, Kevin Kelley, Stephen Tredway, James Riley, Malcolm Wardlaw, John Schleicher, Louis Hobbs, Gary Kreitz. Buccaneer 211 Navy Sweethearts FRONT ROW: Linda Wheeler, Mary K. D. Standley, Janis Kay Hawley, Mildred Sue Burkett, Patricia Lynne Cafferty. BACK ROW: Judith Faye Haley, Cherry Lyn Kugle, Ty-Rann Carella Grtmstad, Leonee Lynn Claud, Eileen Biesemeier, Deborah G. Perkins. Midshipmen and their dates awaited the presentation of the Navy Sweethearts at the annual Sweetheart Ball. 212 Hy, F iw m CW, FRONT ROW: Henri Stewart, Terrence Tull, Bob Freeman, Terry Krejci. SECOND ROW: John Lindemood, Mike Gale, James Frisbie, William Igo, Rodolfo Reyna, Joseph Leinenbach. THIRD ROW: Stephen Sheppard, Robert McCulloch, Donald Harvey, Richard Ravel, Charles Sherman, Thomas Whitener, Mark Poulos, Robert Hopkins, Thomas Brummett, Robert Mahan, Ronald Skewis, Larry Steele. FOURTH ROW: Mark Adleman, Bernard Satterwhite, Jack Lipscomb, Charles D orsett, Floy Metheny, Edward Gouvier, Steve Servies, Eugene Orehek, James Boyd, Walter In- Alpha Company gram, Steve Nelson, Hamid Ashaary. FIFTH ROW: Randall Hollis, Thomas Hooper, Ronald McManus, Richard Macon, Randal McDonald, Samuel March, Forest McNeir, Reza Amiri, Jack Reily, John Westbrook, Bruce Hicks. to 1 FRONT ROW: James Holbach, Robert Ries, David Rizy, Ronald Thompson. SECOND ROW: R. Flores, Everett Buck, Tom Urbanek, Geoffrey Stephen, John Preston, William Dvorak. THIRD ROW: Michael Kiech, John Harrison, Michael Broaddus, Wayne Swift, Melton Soders, Robert Patton, Thomas Horner, David Logan, Thomas Strickland, Gerold Graham, Spencer Smith. FOURTH ROW: Robert Illes, Howard Smith, James Fitzgerald, Loss Thomas, Troy Pennington, Walter Healey, Richard Weaver, Mark Koch, Bernie Reyno, John Vanness. FIFTH ROW: Thomas Tennison, France Davis, James Rodri- quez, Doyle Brown, Robert Tucker, Mohammad Dayyani, Kent Main, Albert Rich, Gregory Walker, Stephen Neely, Ronald Camp. Bravo Company 213 SPRING BATTALION STAFF: FRO NT ROW: Richard Wellborn, Douglas Fisher, John Ballard, Frederick Moon, Herbert Wright. SECOND ROW: Michael Loessin, Robert Frnka, Carl Boren, Larry Willis. NOT PICTURED: Robert Felle, Charles Boortz, Walter Jenkins, Harold Adams, Robert Hies. ABOVE: SPRING COMPANY OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Thomas Head, Barry Green, Harold Biesemeier, Theodore Tolle. SECOND ROW: Elton Page, Goeffrey Roemer, Joseph E. Leinenbach, William Dvorak. NOT PICTURED: Charles Sherman, Michael Gale, William Igo, Melton Soders. TOP RIGHT: Marine Sergeant Grove S. Crank received a Bronze Star and Navy Com- mendation for his action in Vietnam. MIDDLE RIGHT: The Battalion under- went a rigorous inspection by Battalion Commander, Midshipman Captain Robert Felle. LOWER RIGHT: Members of the Buccaneer Drill Team pre- pared for drill competition. Navy ROTC 214 Group Staff FRONT ROW: Curtis Guess, Ronald Carroll, James Watkins, William Holmes, David Johnson. SECOND ROW: John Allen, James Talbert, Thomas Marburger, John Wells, Kenneth Luetge, Theodore Badger. THIRD ROW: Buff Kizer, Jack Stephens, Glen McFarlin, Robert Bearden, Douglas Batson, Garrett Polhamus. FOURTH ROW: Thomas O ' Brien, Ronald Keese, Dana Spears, Jonathan Mark, William Totten, Neil Orleans. FIFTH ROW: Jeffrey Petterson, Curtis Meinzer, Thomas Weaver, Kriss Cloninger, Kristin Wells, Jeffrey Zickler, Craig Smith. V Air Force ROTC The Department of Air Force Science con- centrates on producing highly qualified career- oriented junior officers for active duty in the Air Force. In addition to the continuous emphasis on each student ' s academics, the program prepares cadets for summer field training experience at an Air Force base. Air Force ROTC activities included the President ' s Review in the Spring,- Awards Day; trips to Houston to acquaint cadets with Air Force activities at NASA; and a tour of the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB at Dayton, Ohio. Social activities of the Air Force ROTC included the corps picnics, corps formals in the fall and spring, and a Dining-ln for upperclass officers in the Spring. I Ifl FRONT ROW: Colonel William D. Badger Jr. SECOND ROW: Ollie B. Arena, Sheila H. Waggoner. THIRD ROW: Sergeant Falcon C. Bush, Major Thomas J. Campbell, Captain Joseph M. Fassero, Sergeant Robert C. Torn, Major Robert R. Brown, Sergeant Dean B. McClelland. Air Force Staff 215 Squadron One FRONT ROW: Scott Parker, Henry Parish, Monica Hallahan, William Strawn, Kaien Stetter, James Dieterich, Michael Ruth. SECOND ROW: John Wooley, Robert Sullivan, Charles Johnstone, Jonny Hepler, Patrick Me- Guire, Richard Davis, James Kidd, Richard Jones. THIRD ROW: James Bryan, Lynn Walcher, Jimmy Trevino, Scott Murray, Bruce FaulconeF, David Hamby, Richard Gwynn, Gary Crim. FOURTH ROW: Gary Ferland, Robert Hannay, Richard Gottschalk, David Wysong, Andrew Miller, Glenh Burchard, Michael Heberling, Lee Kilbourn. FIFTH ROW: Ronald Kilman, Terry Glaser, Richard Snellings, Jack Ziemer, Mark Johnson. FHON1 Stepki y td 1 FRONT ROW: Charles Smith, Patrice Cocheres, Richard Persons, Bennie Reed, Suzanne Waldman, Phillip Scott, Joncie Young. SECOND ROW: David Blakely, George Andrew, Charles Stanley, Michael Fitzpatrick, T A IWVJ Lloyd Oliver, Bruce Bunn, David Heideke. THIRD ROW: John Oliver, Herbert Schneider, Kenneth Pearce, Kenneth Wittekiend, Thomas Craft, Dwayne Gordy, Steven Ciccanti. FOURTH ROW: Walter Edwards, Robert Resales, Terry Maxfield, David McNeely, James Feldman, Harry Zellmann, Michael Gallagher. FIFTH ROW: Joel Tornow, Artie Larson, Donald Hoi- comb, Roy Klaehn, David Smith, Carl Meade, Bruce Matthews. KM It 216 FRONT ROW: Melody Rumpf, Majsha Harkey, Michael Adams, Linda Stephens, Donald Robinson, Frances Fuller, David Nesenholtz, Susan Meyer, Chester Winslow. SECOND ROW: Jan Woodard, Gregory Deen, Richard Boiler, Bruce Schmidt, John Ward, Richard Leyda. THIRD ROW: Wallace Reeves, Bartholomew Nichols, Robert Butler, Barton Brown, Don- ald McCurnin, Bradley Bostwick. FOURTH ROW: James Oler, Alan Gee, Squadron Three Gary Horejsi, Scott Shannon, Richard Faulk, Gary Finch. FIFTH ROW: Donald Pfiester, Richard Shaw, Howard Humphrey Jr., Kim McGregor, Alton Tally, Dennis Dobbs. i FRONT ROW: Mary Hester, Charles Pfiester, Daphne Hermansen, Daniel Moreno, Juliet Nelson, Robert James, Sidney Allen, Clinton McNabb. SECOND ROW: Bobby Winsier, Norman Flemens, David Masley, Welden Adair, George Douglas, Kenneth Graham, Craig Hillis. THIRD ROW: Homer Elizondo, Charles Barrett II, Robert Watkins, Samuel Longoria, David Price, Walter Tobin, Patrick Eck, Allen Gilley. FOURTH ROW: Peyton Gibbs, John Zaniewski, Timothy Goles, Dwight Gordy, Richard Phaneuf, Irvin Morris, Michael Mahaffey. FIFTH ROW: David Zabel, Michael Mclntosh, John Merris, John Bush, David Mahaffey, Warren Massey, Hal Hagemeier. Squadron Four 217 Angel Flight tapping brought expressions of joy to the face of a new Angel Flight pledge. Angel Flight Poise, personality, and a desire to participate characterize the members of Angel Flight, a wo- men ' s honorary service organization sponsored by the Arnold Air Society. This year Angel Flight helped promote interest in the Air Force ROTC, the Arnold Air Society, and the University. In addition Angel Flight participated in intramural games with the Arnold Air Society and Cordettes, entertained foreign pilots from Norway and Iran, and held a party with the Angel Flight and Air Force ROTC at Baylor University. Fall officers were Susanne Carol Bischofs, commander; Jacquelyn Jean Higby, executive; Mary Jane Mitchell, administrative service; Mar- sha Nelle Harkey, comptroller; Virginia Lee Sco- field, information; Karen N. Krakower, operations; Karen Kolb Stetter, drill; Linda Jane Stephens, liaison; Barbara llene Schonwald, pledge trainer; and Linda Darlene Hutchison, historian. In the spring, Jacquelyn Jean Higby was commander; Karen N. Krakower, executive; Bonnie Allyn Reed, administrative service; Linda Darlene Hutchison, comptroller; Suzanne Karen Waldman, information; Cathy Ann Raffkind, oper- ations; Lynn Esten Kohlenburg, drill; Mary Vir- ginia Horton, liaison; Karen Kolb Stetter, pledge trainer; Terry Johnson, historian; and Daphne Elaine Hermansen, material. FRONT ROW: Laurie Eckhardt, Christy Guess, Susan Stern, Beth Ibarra, Irene Beasley, Sharon Hammonds, Sue Reithner, Julie Ketchum, Kathleen Emery. SECOND ROW: Terry Johnson, Karen Krakower, Bonnie Reed, Jackye Higby, Karen Stetter, Daphne Hermansen, Marsha Harkey, Patty Cocheres, Nancy Susman. THIRD ROW: Lynn Kohlenberg, Melody Rumpf, Charlean Born, Suzi Waldman, Juliet Nelson, Jeffrey Petterson, Susan Meyer, Eloise Duncan, Cathy Raffkind, Val Gibson. 218 Organizations 219 221 Professional 254 Honorary 282 Service and Special Interest 220 FRONT ROW: William Freeman, David Valdez, Robert Robertson, John Miller, Robert Walker, Frank Resch, Mike Breland, Jack Kilcrease. SECOND ROW: Kenneth DeVos, John Franka, Arthur Hernandez, James Sherman, Edward Gray, Lester Stuewer. THIRD ROW: John Mac Patton, William Strait, David Holcomb, Malcolm Joyce, Robert Bright, Daniel Sanchez. FOURTH ROW: Dennis McConnell, Michael Holmes, Richard Davis, Robert McKetta, Bryan Ferguson, Kenneth Cavanaugh, Csaba Keszthelyi. Alpha Chi Sigma A national professional fraternity for chemists and chemical engineers, Alpha Chi Sigma de- velops fraternal spirit among its members while encouraging scholastic achievement. Scholastic achievement was evidenced by the fact that Alpha Chi Sigma maintained the highest GPA of any fraternity maintaining a house at the Uni- versity. Participation in many intramural sports helped develop fraternal spirit. Other Alpha Chi Sigma activities included social events at Christmas and Round-Up and several faculty-fraternity Softball games. In addition, the University ' s Beta Theta chapter will host the biennial national conclave of Alpha Chi Sigma in Austin in August, 1970. Fall officers, included William F. Freeman, master alchemist; John Daniel Miller, vice-master alchemist; Michael Lloyd, house treasurer; Ken- neth L. Cavanaugh, house manager; and Richard Mason Davis, fraternity treasurer. Spring officers were James Shaw Sherman, president; William F. Freeman, vice-president; Michael Lloyd Holmes, house treasurer; Arthur B. Hernandez, house manager; and Dennis Owen McConnell, fraternity treasurer. Faculty sponsor for this year was John Carl Gilbert, assistant professor of chemistry. Informal rush parties acquainted qualified men with opportunities of membership. 221 FRONT ROW: .Mai Lusky, Arnold Kragen, Allan Greenwood, Dennis I Tucker, Gary Giles. SECOND ROW: Ken Perkowski, Forrest Preece, Vance Muse, Robert Oliver, Gene Attal. THIRD ROW: Ernest Sharpe, Phil Thomas, | Bruce Sauer, Jim Phillips. Paul Randall Delta Sigma of BBD O was guest speaker at a fall initiation banquet given jointly by Alpha and Gamma Alpha Chi. Alpha Delta Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma, a national advertising fra- ternity, strives to combine classroom theory and professional practice with speakers, field trips, and get-togethers. In the fall semester, William Anthony Mindak, one of the faculty advisors, was elected national president of Alpha Delta Sigma. This year, speakers included Noel Digby, vice- president of Gardner Advertising Agency of St. Louis; Lee Dubow, vice-president of Foley ' s of Houston; a three-man task force from Bloom Ad Agency of Dallas who brought with them a client, the ad manager of the Jackson Brewing Co.; Paul Randall of BBD O of Dallas; Bill Rosenthal of D ' arcy Advertising of St. Louis; and Steve Sohmer, Creative Director for the Bureau of Advertising of New York. Other events during the year included a week- long campaign, " Advertising Recognition Week, " during which ADS received proclamations from the governor of Texas and the mayor of Austin. The club also showed the 1968 award winning commercials, featured two speakers, held initi- ation and a Founder ' s Day banquet. Officers for the fall were AAalvern David Lusky, president; James Lloyd AAcCollum, secretary; Will Gary Goldman, treasurer; and Jerry Dunn Levin, House of Delegates representative. Faculty advisors were Ernest A. Sharpe, professor of journalism, and William Anthony Mindak, pro- fessor of journalism. Spring officers were AAalvern David Lusky, president; Arno ld Howard Kragen, vice-president; Michael V. Stewart, secretary; Harold Herbert Levine, treasurer. 222 Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi offers students in business and economics an opportunity to enlarge their educational experience. This year the fraternity channeled its energy into service and social areas, while striving for professionalism in business. The fraternity ' s activities featured speakers such as J. D. Collins of Shell Oil, dinners with business faculty members, service to the College of Busi- ness Administration and the City of Austin, field trips, and banquets. Dr. George Hillis Newlove, professor emeritus of accounting, received Alpha Kappa Psi ' s Nation- al Foundation Accounting Award this year. Officers were John Howard Towers, president; Gerald Conrad Schoppe, vice-president; James Roy Sczech, recording secretary; and Gary Wayne Lutringer, treasurer. Winford Everett Holland, as- sistant professor of management, served as faculty advisor for the year. Gus Mutscher, speaker of the Texas House, spoke at a banquet for fall pledges. FRONT ROW: James Sczech, Harry Isensee, John Towers, Marilyn Neu- mann, Jerry Schoppe, Winford Holland, Roman Eckols. SECOND ROW: Steve Bell, David Alaniz, Jim Marshall, David McManus, Phil Wendel, Phil Ballinger, Joe Pulido, Ronald Janda, Alfredo Pena, Dale Allardyce. THIRD ROW: Hubert Letts, Donnie Mikeska, Nick Agalou, Bubba Ferrell, Ray Kent, John Amend, Don Fehlis, Rallie Williams, Richard Tow, John Gurasich, Larry Pittman. FOURTH ROW: James Lynch, Birt Simpson, Jim Taylor, David Heaney, Randy Hunter, Royce Steubing, Ken Schindewolf, Harry Taylor, Phil Capron, Jim Sinclair, Tom Kiker, Richard LeBaron, Dick Giesecke. FIFTH ROW: Larry Broughton, Phil Hurley, Charles Jordan, Frank Mauro, Bill Arlitt, Dean Nellis, Gary Kesslar, Don Gillespie, David King, Ray Walker, Earl Mayo, Lamar Johnson, Jack Duncan, Walter Ivie, Craig Jolley. 223 Alpha Rho Chi Alpha Rho Chi officers conducted business at general meeting. R. Graham J. Horrell M Jung Alpha Rho Chi is a national professional- social fraternity for students of the allied arts. It bases its activities around the belief that peer association is an integral part of the educational process. These activities are many times informal gatherings including guest speakers from archi- tectural professions, faculty members, or persons of interest to the members. This year, Alpha Rho Chi formed a design team to test on a professional basis, theories being taught. Through this, experience was gained by working together and with the public. Members of Alpha Rho Chi participate in campus activities such as Sphinx, Student Ameri- can Institute of Architects, and Student Assembly. The directing force of the organization is its five member board. This fall they were William H. Richardson, worthy architect; Marvin A. Jung Jr., worthy associate architect; Jerry Dale Schrader, worthy estimator; Warren Carlton Lam- bert, worthy clerk; and Michael Joseph Mun- ninger, fifth board member. Officers for the spring were Marvin A. Jung Jr., worthy architect; Jerry Dale Schraeder, worthy associate architect; Warren Carlton Lambert, worthy estimator; Dwight B. Micklethwait, worthy clerk; and William H. Richardson, fifth board member. Faculty advisors included Daniel E. Leary, as- sistant professor of architecture, and Roy Eugene Graham, assistant professor of architecture. Outgoing president William Richardson received gavel for his service. 224 Daughters await formal initiation into Alpha Rho Chi Dinocrates chapter 5. McCrary D. MicUalftwoil j. Shorloll E. Wallace Faculty advisor Roy Graham received his wife as a member of Daughters. 225 Alpha Phi Tau Alpha Phi Tau offers its members the op- portunity to meet people interested in the pro- fession of medical technology. Its purpose is to stimulate interest and scholarship and raise the prestige of the profession. Alpha Phi Tau serves as a liaison between student members and pro- fessional medical technologists. At meetings this year, members were told about the required courses of training after col- lege and about opportunities for employment in related fields. Meetings featured speakers from Texas schools over the state. Field trips were taken to the Austin State Hospital and Brackenridge Hospital. Officers were Donna Marie Burkett, president; Yvonne E. Todar, vice-president; and Cynthia D. Headley, secretary-treasurer. Peter Jurtshuk Jr., assistant professor of microbiology, was faculty sponsor for the fall semester. Spring advisors were Marion E. Woolsey, assistant professor of microbiology, and Vernon T. Schuhardt, professor of microbiology and education. MEMBERS Dinah Lee Abies Gwendolyn N. Altman Gail Lynn Amos Susan Gale Bannon Mary Kay Beavers Ruth Ann Bryant Sherry L. Buffington Karen Anne Burkhart Judith Maye Butler Mary Helen Cadena Margaret E. Carney Margaret Sue Coward Judy Lynn Dean Sandra Marie Dolph Laurel Ann Eckhardt Deborah Kaye Ellis Sandra Garcia Patricia Anne Gilbert Margaret M. Gleason Timo Tapio Haana Patricia Ann Hale Kathryn Rail Hersom Bettye Marcine Holt Janice Marie Hornsby Patricia E. Howard Donald P. James Kerwin John Kahlich Candace Lou Kane Susan Elizabeth Lane Lila Jolaine Lanehart Beverly Jo Lerner Fernando Martinez Lujet C. McCullough John Anderson Miranda Jr. Catherine Sue Moore Dean Narahara Carol S. Nelson Helen Fong Ng Jeanne Elizabeth Painton Toni Gail Pasher Catherine Pond Marcia Eillen Rich Bertha R. Sanchez Gaye Lynn Sanders Sharon K. Schmidt Thomas J. Sibley Jr. Katharine H. Smith Thomas Haynie Spata Nadine Spring Pamela Jean Starr Kathleen Steinbach Laverne Faye Teichelman Barbara Thaxton Virginia Ann Ullrich Hilary Lane Vaughan Ann Pate Watson Carol J. R. Whalen Beverly Jean Zikes 226 FRONT ROW: Lance Jobs, Ralph Resales, Ramaden Ammar, Charles Terry, Jim Martin, Weldon Moser, Milton McDonnell, Steve Persyn. SECOND ROW: Carl Connelly, Ronald Kruhl, James Reego, Samuel Burnett, Ronald Bellinger, Jim Hinze, James Meek, Mike McNeil, Stephen Anderson. THIRD ROW: Noel Kelly, Lawrence Calvetti, Paul Sweet, Randall Poer- schke, Jerry Roach, Kenneth Armstrong, Donald Jones, David Black. AAAE This year the American Association of Archi- tectural Engineers began work on an up-dated brochure describing architectural engineering. The AAAE offers architectural engineering stu- dents an opportunity to expand their knowledge and interest in structural design beyond the class- room. The AAAE seeks to improve faculty-student relations, alumni participation, and acquaintances with professionals in the building and con- struction industries. AAAE members met many outstanding speakers in the construction field and participated in University Showcase, the engineering sweet- heart elections, the Engineering Ball, and a spring picnic. Officers for the fall were Lance Craig Johs, president; Melvin Donald McDonald, vice-presi- dent; Randall S. Poerschke, secretary; Lawrence Calvetti, treasurer; and Jerry Don Roach and James Michael Meeks, student engineering coun- cil representatives. Austin architect Barton D. Riley served as advisor. Spring officers were Stephen Patrick Anderson, president; Donald Glenn Jones, vice-president; Robert Hardy Holloway, secretary; and Rodney Dale Black, treasurer. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Charles E. Baker Scott T. Ballard Rodney Dale Black James Valgene Brigman Scott Douglas Charlton Lynnwood T. Clay Richard Trant Colley Paul Wistar Darden Ben Dobyns Donnell III Robert Hardy Holloway Thomas J. Holstien III Thomas William Kam Arthur Henry Kwast Michael H. Loinette James Gayle Martin Frank West Neal Jack William Stephens Jr. Joseph P. Vonmerveldt Joseph P. Watson III 227 FRONT ROW: Stephen Seibert, Arthur Chartoff, Phil Gentry, Paul Rosen- berg, Mike Buquoi, Larry Leon, Gary Brand. SECOND ROW: Ed Benson, Roger Davidson, Gary Don Whitlock, Steve Norton, Elizabeth King, John Smith, David Lebow, Dwight Johnston. THIRD ROW: Don Campbell, Mike Neder, Mac McKay, Don Barkley, Pat Reily. American Finance Association The American Finance As sociation, an indepen- dent student organization within the College of Business Administration, tries to link classroom finance studies with the dynamics of the market- place. Membership is drawn primarily from finance majors although other students are active at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Many faculty members are also active in the organi- zation. Activities this year included lecturers, local and out-of-town field trips, and social functions. In the spring, a trip was taken to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange in New York City. Officers were Mike E. Buquoi, president; Eliza- beth Jane King, vice-president; Paul H. Rosen- berg, secretary; and Stephen Dane Seibert, treasurer. Ernest Walker, professor of finance, was faculty advisor. Members not pictured included Benjamin C. Boutwell, Donald Ray Daum, Julio C. del Rio, Prentis Jack Duncan, William J. Dwyer, Keith Miller Hudson, Stephen Michael Hull, William Rand Hunter, Cyrus Tandy LaMaster, Roland Morgan Parker, Bobby Harrell Scott, Rick Thomas, Jack G. Wise, Terry Allen Zurovec. 228 AIAA The student branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University links aerospace engineering students with pro- fessionals in aerospace fields. Lectures, field trips to aerospace industries, picnics that enabled students to become better acquainted with the faculty, and election of the AIAA sweetheart were among the year ' s highlights. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics was founded in 1963 by a merger of the American Rocket Society and the Institute of Aerospace Sciences. As a principal national technical society, AIAA includes leading scientist, engineers, and technical managers of the country ' s aerospace program. University chapter officers were Michael Anthony Heim, chairman; Robert D. Pillsbury Jr., vice-president; Richard Warren Smalling, corresponding secretary; Jack Weller Seiders, re- cording secretary; and Charles G. Wilmut, treasurer. John Joseph Bertin, assistant professor of aerospace engineering, was faculty advisor. AIAA worked in preparation for the Engineering Sweetheart election. FRONT ROW: Kay Stringer, Ann Baker, Linda Wheeler, Davon Gray, Ellen Cook, Mary Gayle, Kay Morris. SECOND ROW: Tom Farmer, Richard Smalling, Ross Mills, Kathy Center, Nancy Tamburello, Charles Wilmut, Charles Wolfmueller, Joseph Huerta, Edward Nolte, Steve Chenault. THIRD ROW: Samuel March, Michael Smith, Danny Steger, Joe Chambliss, Gary Perser, Jack Seiders, Michael McCully, Donald Morran, Gregory Yamin, Carl Bergt, David Collins, Greg Morris, Jimmy Narramore. FOURTH ROW: John J. Bertin, Michael Frederick, James Lattimore, Warren Schnei- der, James Zelenevitz, Hays Moore, William Henderson, Ray James, Lewis Foxhall, Bruce Hicks, Gary Smith, John Smith, Robert Olsen. FIFTH ROW: Michael Heim, Robert Pillsbury, Joe Gorman, Kenneth Griffin, John Stratton, Gary McGilvray, Jesus Sotelo, Dennis Haley, Darrell Liardon, Robert Gardner, Charles Yant, Hal Brown, Christopher .Acreman. SIXTH ROW: Nick Bradshaw, Wesley Ammerman, Tim Hale, Bruce Loftis, John Spears, Robert Hoffman, Harry Ehlers, Barry Benedict, Gary Burck, Edward Zihlman, Alan Arthur, Barry Keith, Mike Mitchell. 229 AICHE In an effort to interrelate the chemical engi- neering student with the profession, the student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers hosted speakers who discussed water pollution, labor-management relations, and other problems relevant to the chemical engineer of today. The chapter took an active part in the Uni- versity intramural program and sponsored a spring picnic. Members also participated in the regional meeting in Houston for the South Texas Section of the AICHE. Officers were Thomas David Griffith, presi- dent; James F. Ross, vice-president; Dennis Lee Talley, treasurer; Anita Jane Beasley, secretary; and Stephen L. Cook and James Shaw Sherman, Student Engineering Council representatives. Robert D. Gunn, assistant professor of chemical engineering, served as faculty advisor. This year ' s sweetheart was Jean Sandberg. David Griffith, president of AlChE, concentrated on work in the lab. FRONT ROW: Anita Beasley, Jean Sandberg, Sherry Davis, Biba Wagner. SECOND ROW: Ralph Page, James Sherman, Dennis Talley, David Griffith, Steve Cook, James Dickerman. THIRD ROW: Kerry Yom, Emmerick Pavlas, Hussein Abudawood, Matias Saenz. FOURTH ROW: Roland Bols, Bryan Ferguson, Lawrence Kunke, Arthur Denmon. 230 FRONT ROW: Mozelle Bland, Carole Bansemer, Becky Brooks, Linda Dickin- son, Judy Kaplan, Jane DeFord. SECOND ROW: Diane Peek, Helen Mc- Adams, Virginia Jones, Jeanne Sandberg, Rebecca Ewing, Carolyn Maly. THIRD ROW: Carol Woods, Pat Tottenham, Kathleen O ' Connor, Libby Love, Patricia Mann, Susan White. FOURTH ROW: David Cadwallader, Colette Jones, Susan Quinius, Selene Schroeder, Charles York, James Wallace. Meeting with professionals in interior design and related fields gave the student chapter of the American Institute of Interior Design a chance to learn more about the working con- ditions in their chosen field and how to uphold the standards of the profession. Outstanding applications of principles and new trends were seen during visits to David Graber ' s town house and Dan Leary ' s home. Other chapter activities included a field trip to visit the Interior Design Studios in San Antonio, and a panel discussion and Christmas party with mem- bers of the Austin AID chapter. Officers for the year were Mozelle Mary Bland, president; James Gregory Wallace, vice- president; Patricia Ann Tottenham, secretary; Janice Kaye Lane, treasurer; Connie Hoff, pub- licity chairman; Susan Dee Bodenhamer, social chairman; and Martha Lois McLelland, House of Delegates representative. Charles W. York, as- sociate professor of home economics, served as the group ' s faculty sponsor. AID Design students spent many hours each week in tab completing assignments. 231 AIME FRONT ROW: Rodney Lee, Paul Castiglione, Sue Hemphill, Larry Gring, Dan Kaspar. SECOND ROW: Ken Nelson, Burt Harkins, Lee Matthews, Andy Watson, Mojtaba Yazdi. THIRD ROW: Mike Briggs, Sam Byington. AIME, student chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers, gives members an opportunity to associat e with engineering professionals and fellow students. At monthly meetings representatives from major oil companies spoke on phases of petro- leum engineering, including geology, drilling, .production, economics, and politics. Activities of the year included fall and spring picnics, a dis- play for University Showcase, and participation in intramural sports. Officers were Paul Alfred Castiglione, presi- dent; Larry Martin Gring, vice-president; Linda Sue Hemphill, secretary; Samuel J. Byington, treasurer; and Rodney Earl Lee and Sherry Sue Zwiebel, Student Engineering Council representa- tives. Faculty advisor was Folkert Brons, professor of petroleum engineering. AIME officers met with their sponsor Folkert Brons to discuss the " Manhattan Project " film for their next meeting. 232 American Marketing Association In 1969, the American Marketing Associatio received the C.B.A. Council ' s award for Outstand- ing Organization. The recipient of this award was chosen on the basis of membership, active programs, and participation in the College of Business Administration. The organization offers its members an op- portunity to relate their formal education in marketing to its practical use in specific organi- zations. Various speakers from these corporations were sponsored in American Marketing programs this year. Officers for the fall were Jerome Q. Weilmuen- ster, president; Kenneth Wayne Schick, vice-presi- dent; Karen Ann Abbott, secretary; Marilyn Jean Neumann, treasurer; John Topp, C.B.A. rep- resentative; and James Richard Smith, House of Delegates representative. Spring officers were Carol Ann Tunstall, presi- dent; Robert Eugene Hartong Jr., vice-president; Marilyn Jean Neumann, secretary; and Richard Hoppstetter, treasurer. Informal brainstorming sessions helped marketing students become acquainted and plan future American Marketing activities. FRONT ROW: Robert Ernest Witt, Marilyn Neumann, Carol Tunstall, Mary Grace Stanford, Barbara Heartfield, Louise Rogers. SECOND ROW: Collins Oakley, Richard Hoppstetter, Rick Smith, Jim Hudgins, Arthur Chartoff, Wade Baldwin, Ken Schick. THIRD ROW: Hugh Smith, Sam Morgan, Ken Lawless, Roy Cavanaugh, Bob Hartong, Gary Miller, Paul Silverman, Gilbert Hine. 233 ASCE The University ' s student chapter of the Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers works to promote relationships between civil engineering students and professors, and other members of the engi- neering profession. Through biweekly meetings this year, students gained knowledge of different areas of civil engineering. Each meeting ASCE hosted a guest speaker from a prominent engineering corporation. This year ' s proqrams included topics from " Con- struction Methods for the Tower of the Americas " to " The Legal Responsibilities of the Engineer. " In addition to programs, the club sponsored activ- ities such as picnics, a weekend field trip to Galveston, and the model span contest held during Round-Up. This year ' s fall officers were David Kent Isbell, president; David Charles Steitle, vice-president; John Wallace Cooper, treasurer; and Richard C. Patyrak, secretary. Officers for the spring semester were John Wallace Cooper, president; John Thomas Wall, vice-president; William Payne Bulloch, treasurer; and Patrick William Coym, secretary. Joseph Andrew Yura, assi stant professor of civil engi- neering, served as faculty advisor. John Cooper, Bill Bulloch, and Pat Coym studied the workings of lab machinery. FRONT ROW: David Isbell, Lloyd Gooden, Patrick Coym, Elia King, M. K. Arya, David Steitle, James Broaddus. SECOND ROW: Allen Martinets, Charles Johnson, Paul Thornhill, Stanley Rech, Robert Liesman, Dick Paty- rak, Fred Vinson, Mark Goode. THIRD ROW: Mark Lamoureux, Max Kroschel, Richard Wilkison, Walter Gregg, Randolph Schulze, Bill Bulloch, Robert Mentell, M. Narayanan, William Carroll. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Rioux, John Wall, Raymond Batla, David Malish, Donald Young, Warren Simmons, David Bellan, Elmer Hanhart, Jim Doty. 234 FRONT ROW: Larry Lamberth, Gordon T. Lepley, Herbert Cryar, Lee Norris, Mike Major, Bill Humble, Ed Barger. SECOND ROW: Roger Ander- son, Ronald P. Hughes, Richard Schultz, Mike Calhoun, Ken Rails, Harley Aaron, Rusty La Ferney. THIRD ROW: Charles Meredith, Patrick Grant, Larry Hoes, James Davis, Arthur Stephens, Larry Murry, Paul Of fer, Gary Lehmberg. The goal of the University section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is to introduce mechanical engineering students to the student chapter ' s parent society, ASME. The stu- dent section provides a technical and social atmosphere which encourages engineering stu- dents to become better acquainted with other engineering students, professors, and profes- sionals. Biweekly meetings featured guest speakers from various engineering fields. The speakers provided a valuable link between the academic and professional worlds. Other activities included a University Showcase display, a trip to Houston for the annual Region X ASME paper contest, election of Diane Farrar Swendeman as ASME and engineering sweetheart, and fall and spring picnics featuring faculty losses in football games. Fall officers were Charles Edward Meredith, president; Gilford Paul Johnson, vice-president; James Elroy Davis, second vice-president; John Edward Barger, treasurer; Richard Earl Doerr, recording secretary,- and Terry Lee Wells, cor- responding secretary. The faculty advisor was Kenneth Michael Rails, associate professor of mechanical engineering. Spring officers were James Howard Davis, chairman; Frank Wayne LaFerney and Herbert B. Cryar, vice-chairmen; Gordon Taylor Lepley, cor- responding secretary; Larry M. Hoes, recording secretary; and Harley Edward Aaron, treasurer. SEC representatives were Richard Alan Schultz and Stanley Gilbert Stokes. House of Delegates representative was Larry Dwain Murry. An ASME member explained their exhibit to visitors at Round-up Showcase. ASME 235 Delta Sigma Pi A professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi is composed of men sharing the ambition of becoming leaders in today ' s business world. The organization encourages scholarship and social activities and provides its members with contact with the commercial world. Membership is by invitation. During the year, the fraternity engaged in many social and professional events. Among these were field trips to San Antonio and Dallas. Of the 1969 active chapters of Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Kappa chapter at the University is among the largest in the nation. Officers this year were Haskell Forrest Griffin Jr., president; Wendell Lenwood Davies, senior vice-president; Tommy Ray Berry, junior vice- president; William F. Kelly Jr., chancellor; Robert Thomas Lodowski, treasurer; and Alfred L. Shack- lett Jr., secretary. Zarrel V. Lambert, assistant professor of marketing administration, served as faculty advisor. ; - R. Bochrnon J. Baldwin T. Berry G. Be -. l N. DiBenedetto B. Dunn H. Griffin R Hartong T. Morrii Eugene Nelson, professor of business law, was the speaker at a rush smoker which was held at the Alumni Center. 236 Delta Sigma Pi prepared for CBA Week by hanging a banner welcoming S. E. Knudsen. A. Shocklett S. Sherard C. Smith J. Topp W. Tsang E. Vero W. Williams ft. Whiltaker I C. Wilson D. Wong S. Woods G. Worsham B. Worth 237 FRONT ROW: Carl Evans, John Joseph, Thomas Nipp, Barry Lacey, Tim Cox. SECOND ROW: Doug Aycock, John Cirko, Doug Van Zandt, Glenn Targac, William Bastress, Charles Musick. Chapter 41 of Delta Nu Alpha, national transportation fraternity, celebrated its twentieth anniversary on April 10, 1970. The fraternity fosters and promotes among its members the exchange of information and ideas about traffic and transportation advancements. Informal discussions and lectures are held at its regular meetings. In November, members held a seminar on modern railroading with the help of the Missouri Pacific Railroad in St. Louis, Missouri. They also sponsored a two-day field trip to Dallas and Fort Worth for a visit to American Airlines, Braniff International Airways, Central Freight Lines, the Federal Aviation Agency ' s regional air traffic Delta Nu Alpha control center, and General Motors assembly plant. This spring, a field trip was taken to Houston for a visit to various steamship and railroad operations. Fall officers were Carl Dale Evans, president; Douglas Eugene Aycock, vice-president; Thomas Nelson Nipp Jr., secretary; John Raymond Joseph Jr., treasurer; and Barry Dan Lacey, House of Delegates representative. Officers elected in the spring were John Ray- mond Josephs Jr., president; Douglas Eugene Aycock, vice-president; Charles E. Musick Jr., secretary; Douglas T. Van Zandt, treasurer; Timothy Arnold .Cox, House of Delegates repre- sentative; and William W. Bastress Jr., C.B.A. Council representative. Hampton Kent Snell, pro- fessor of transportation, served as faculty sponsor. 238 Gamma Alpha Chi Gamma Alpha Chi, national professional ad- vertising fraternity for women, introduces coeds in advertising, public relations, and related majors to advertising professionals. With Alpha Delta Sigma, professional adver- tising society for men, Gamma Alpha Chi brought nationally recognized professionals to the Uni- versity campus. During the year, the chapters sponsored Hooper White of Leo Burnett Adver- tising Agency, Noel Digby of Gardner Adver- tising Agency in St. Louis, Lee Dubow of Foley ' s in Houston, and the McCann-Erickson Task Force from Houston. GAX and ADS also sent representatives to the national convention in St. Louis, co-sponsored a Valentine ' s banquet, and helped to host the an- nual Austin Retail Ad Clinic. Officers this year were Nancy Carolyn Morris, president; Connie Sue Winn, first vice-president; Judy Gayle Smith, second vice-president; Sharon Elizabeth Todd, corresponding secretary; Sharon Coker, recording secretary; Benita Fay Wilson, treasurer; Elizabeth Anne Thornton, historian; Margaret Ann Smith, reporter; and Cathy Diane Canada, social chairman. William Anthony Min- dak, professor of journalism, was advisor. Gamma Alpha Chi held a joint rush party in the fall with Alpha Delta Sigma. FRONT ROW: Nancy Morris, Nancy Susman, Benita Wilson, Judy Smith, Sharon Todd. SECOND ROW: Betty Peebles, Mari Duboise, Chere Graham, Julianne Crane, Jeanne Gallaway, Terri Derton, Shirley Edrington, Glenda Danburg, llene Bartosh, Nancy Hedrick, Cindy Harwood. 239 Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter " Awareness and Action for Achievement " was the 1969-70- goal of the Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter. Activities for the year in- cluded selling coffee, giving scholarships, spon- soring a series of sandwich seminars, and enter- taining under-privileged children from the Aus- tin community at Christmas. Evident in all projects and meeting programs was the chapter ' s purpose of aiding the pro- fessional development of home economics stu- dents outside of the classroom. Programs ranged from individual and community awareness to a fashion show by clothing students. The Mary E. Gearing Home Economics Chapter is closely associated with the Texas Home Economics student section, the Texas Home Economics Association, and the American Home Economics Association. Members are encouraged to obtain individual student membership in the American Home Economics Association. Officers for the year were Gail Ellen Arnold, president; Jo Carol Johnson, first vice-president; Linda Mame Hughes, second vice-president; Con- nie Hoff, secretary; Connie Crawford, treasurer; Lynn Johnston, reporter; and Jenny Ruth Mc- Adams, historian. Advisors were Jean Nunn Hejl, assistant professor of home economics, and Carole Lee Bansemer, instructor of home economics. MBU H MHH H B Hpm H H H H The Christmas tree in the Home Economics Building was decorated by the chapter FRONT ROW: Connie Crawford, Jean Hejl, Carol Bansemer, Jo Carol Johnson, Gail Arnold. SECOND ROW: Linda Hughes, Lynn Johnston, Jenny McAdams, Connie Hoff. 240 FRONT ROW: Grady Rylander, Columbus Coleman, Ernest Arredondo, Karlene Price, Jerry Keys, David Kanter, Victor Vlahakos. SECOND ROW: Benedict Pena, Richard Karm, Joe Winegardner, Dennis Rasco, Charles Cooke, Thomas Horch, Dale Patenaude. THIRD ROW: Shantilal Shaw, William Neal, David Karbach, John Hunter, David Adams, Patrick Smith, Michael Sheen, Kenneth Yates, Paul Hartmann. FOURTH ROW: Paul Saunders, Dennis Feller, Glenn Andrew, Claud Matney, Paul Craven, Anthony Fern, Larry Bethurum, David Reindl, Joel Raymond. IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engi- neers promotes professional excellence and social awareness among electrical engineering students. The University chapter holds monthly meetings and hosts speakers in diverse fields of science. Guest speakers this year described their research in fields of deep-space communication, optical- spatial filters, and power distribution. University President Norman Hackerman spoke to the society ' s December meeting on " Science and Technology in the Service of Society. " IEEE had a fall picnic at Bertram, Texas, and sponsored tours to Houston and of engineering facilities in Austin. The University chapter held a student papers contest in the spring and sent the local winner to regional competition. Henry Grady Rylander, chapter president, was selected 1969 Dads ' Day Outstanding Student. Other officers for the year were David Wayne Reindl, vice-president; Richard Gilbert Karm, secretary-treasurer. Other secretaries were Jerry AA. Keys and Stephen H. Johns. Paul Robert Hart- mann was membership chairman. Charles T. Cooke was the delegate to the House of Dele- gates. Faculty advisor was Baxter F. Womack, associate professor of electrical engineering. Katherine Susan Gruner was IEEE sweetheart. IEEE members gathered in the electrical engineering lab for a closer look at equipment. 241 Kappa Psi Kappa Psi, a professional pharmaceutical fra- ternity, embarked upon a new era of profession- alism this year. Programs and activities for the year included a $1,000 fund-raising drive for the Texas Phar- maceutical Association, a book drive to supply the College of Pharmacy library with needed texts and reference books, work with the drug abuse program of the pharmacy council, participation in the Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association, and a project to provide new book racks in the Phar- macy Building. In addition, the club gave active support to regional and state associations. Kappa Psi worked toward their thousand- dollar goal by holding unusual and interesting parties. The fraternity sponsored a college-wide dance and a 1960 party where rock and roll was the order of the day. Officers for the year were Paul Francis Davis, regent; Earl A. Bowen, vice-regent; Caleb Steven Brown, treasurer; George Earl Murphy, rush captain; John Roland Downs, historian; and Harold Ray Collins, chaplain. Faculty advisor for the fraternity was Billy B.. Wylie, chief pharmacist of the Student Health Center. P. Acosta J. Boone E. Bowen J. Bowmer L. Brooks C. S. Brown C. O. Brown It. Brummell A. Campos H. Collins P. Davis K Docekal R. Edgin R. Fryar R. Janak C. Liles S. . ' ! ley J. Magel ' C. Morable D. McClu 2619 Wichita 242 Pete Acosta worked in a pharmacy as part of his 1,000 hour requirement to become a registered pharmacist Kappa Psi entry in the Round-Up store front contest was an old fashioned medicine wagon. A. Mille R. Miller M. Mo G. Murphy W. Neltura R- Ramming J. Sapp G. Scalopino R. Schiller J. Seely D. Stiles j. Taylor W. Wood G. Worlmon I. Zeitler E. Zissman 243 Kappa Epsilon R Anderson A. Benavides L. Cloud C. Ellil B. Haddock C. H ' jddleston V. Humphrey J. Jones N. Lively Kappa Epsilon is a national professional fra- ternity for women students in pharmacy. This year the club began its activities with a get- acquainted party for new women students and faculty wives. At Christmas, Kappa Epsilon and Phi Delta Chi fraternity gave a Christmas party at the Austin State School. The KE ' s also gave a Christmas tree- decorating party for the pharmacy school and held a Christmas banquet at Steak ' n Ale for fall initiates. One of Kappa Epsilon ' s programs featured Dr. Robert H. Zschappel, an Austin gynecologist and obstetrician. The University chapter assisted in Kappa Epsilon ' s national project of introducing pharmacy to high school girls and presented a Founder ' s Day program in the spring. Officers were Marolyn Reynolds, president; Christine A. Walker, vice-president; Arabella D. Benavides, recording secretary; Nancy Elaine Jirasek, corresponding secretary; Cheryl E. Ellis, treasurer; Sue Ann Rhodes, reporter and historian; and Bobby Jo Jones, parliamentarian. Mrs. Gerald Sullivan was the advisor. A. Lyons F. Milling M. Reynolds K. Maxwell L. Preston S. Rhodes L. Jennings G. Rainoiek M. Rodriguez R. Garcia N. Jirosek M. McKinney p. M.kulos A. Randall N. Smart J. Stuckty A. Vosquu C. Walker 1. Witchtr 244 FRONT ROW: George Murphy, Linda Witcher, Bobby Jones, Christine Walker, Sue Rhodes. SECOND ROW: John Taylor, Stephen Wells, Ronald Janak, Larry Griffin. THIRD ROW: Charles Marable, William Sheffield. LPhA Sponsor William Sheffield talked with pharmacy sweetheart Annabella Vasquez. Since 1951, the Longhorn Pharmaceutical As- sociation has offered pharmacy students a month- ly pharmacy-related lecture and program series, a calendar of social activities, and membership in the American and Texas Pharmaceutical As- sociations. This year, the association began with a get- acquainted keg party followed by an honors banquet for August, 1969, and January, 1970, graduates. The social calendar was completed by a student officers ' retreat with students from Texas Southern University and the University of Houston, a Christmas formal, and a picnic. Association members published a student newsletter, Hygeia ' s Bag. Guest speakers included William Whitten, president-elect of the American Pharmaceutical Association; Carl Roberts, chief legal counsel of the American Pharmaceutical Association; and Ed Baker, president of the Texas Pharmaceutical As- sociation. Other LPhA programs dealt with topics such as pulmonary diseases and the manage- ment of cerebral cardiovascular diseases. Officers for the year were George Earl Murphy, president; Christine A. Walker, vice- president; Sue Ann Rhodes, recording secretary; John Thomas Taylor, corresponding secretary; Stephen J. Wells, treasurer; and Charles Douglas Marable, reporter. William Johnson Sheffield, professor of pharmacy, was advisor. 245 Phi Delta Chi Although the fraternity objectives concentrate on the advancement of the profession of phar- macy, Phi Delta Chi members nevertheless en- joyed a full social calendar. Among the year ' s social activities were a faculty appreciation cocktail party, a Christmas party for the boys at Travis State School, and a spring formal. Phi Delta Chi members active on campus in- cluded Thomas Murry O ' Neil, pharmacy as- semblyman, and Harold Davis Lewis, pharmacy delegate to the House of Delegates. Fall officers were James Ronald Mclntosh, president; David Ray Skinner, vice-president; Juan Alejandro Ochoa, recording secretary; Norman S. Anderton III, corresponding secretary; and Thomas Murry O ' Neil, treasurer. Officers for the spring semester were Thomas Murry O ' Neil, president; Dennis Wayne Helbert, vice-president; Juan Alejandro Ochoa, secretary; Norman S. Anderton III, corresponding secretary; and David Charles Gambel, treasurer. William J. Sheffield, professor of pharmacy, was advisor. T. Durham R El.zondo 0. Gombel M. Gonzales L. Griffin D. Harre D. Helbert T. Hemmer OFFICERS: David Gambel, Juan Ochoa, Norman Anderton, Gordon Jensen, Thomas O ' Neil, Harold Wright, Charles Oaleo, Michael Lawhon, Dennis Helbert. 246 PLEDGES: FRONT ROW: Scott Lawson, Fidel Huerta, Carie Boyd, Alex Gutierrez, James Rodriguez, Steve Young. BACK ROW: John Epps, Carlos Garza, Max Flores, Edward Lytle, George Guerra, John Maas. NOT PIC- TURED: David Mitchell, Mike Perkins. O. Mendez J. Ochon T. O ' Neil S. Patterson R. Phillips H. Wright MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Jack D. Averyt Jr. Daniel A. Briones Joaquin Carpenter John Tennison Corder Victor Diaz de Leon John W. Durst Alfredo Tomas Garcia III Pablo M. Gonzales Ernesto C. Guerra Jr. Jimmy Haskell Harelik Philip R. Jackson Albert A. Judd Troy Scott Lawson Leon Herchel Lowery Massad J. Massad Michael Ray McNeil Harold Wayne Miller Phillip James Moreno Robert Ortega Robert John Reyna Jr. Shelley Poe Roaten Jr. Richard O. Villarreal David Lee Worsham Tom O ' Neil conducted monthly Phi Delta Chi meeting. 247 PEM Club FRONT ROW: Guadalupe Ruiz, Angle Morris, Jane Rombough, Diane Smith, Bonnie Fetzer, Laura Gustavsen, Gloria Hewell, Laurie Ruddy, Jean Donovitz. SECOND ROW: Warren Cico, Travis Harkins, Edgar Blaschke, Harold Pearcy, Tom Hancock, Brian Pahl, Larry Hausenfluke, Mike Mosley, Jack Daniels, Charles Collins, Walter Rothe, Tommy Berry, Lynwood Boehme, Jack Hardy, Larry Noble, Donnie Bates. Working to promote interest in physical educa- tion, the Physical Education Majors club provides opportunities for development of professional in- terests and attitudes. Members shared many activ- ities this year including a weekend at a Texas As- sociation of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation convention in Corpus Christi. New members were introduced to the physical education department and its faculty members at a departmental convocation. William Chasey, assistant professor of physical and health edu- cation, presented an introduction to the Special Education Program. A spring banquet was held honoring graduating seniors. Officers for the year were Michael Homer Mosley, president; Guadalupe Ruiz, vice-presi- dent; Cecelia Dorothea Malin, secretary-treasurer; William Travis Harkins, intramural manager,- Joyce Marie Cizek, newsletter editor; Jamee Woolsey, publicity director; and Mary Anne Flournoy, social director. Advisor was Lynn Wade McCraw, pro- fessor of physical and health education. Lung capacity machine attracted much attention at a physical education display for Round-Up Showcase. ' - : 248 Pre-Law Association The goal of the Pre-Law Association is to serve as an educational organization through which members can gain sound knowledge of the field of law and insight into the nature of law school. To obtain these objectives, members work through lectures on challenging legal issues and special fields of law, fireside and panel discus- sions, field trips, and programs which provide the rewards of a pre-law education that only ex- perience in law-oriented activities can off,er. These programs involve participation in the Student Legal Advisory Committee, the Council of Busi- ness Administration, Community Legal Aid, and the Fair Housing Commission. Lectures have featured speakers such as Dean Page Keeton of the School of Law, Frank AAaloney, Austin attorney, and Thomas J. Gibson, associate dean of the School of Law. Other activities during the year included a presentation of the Moot Court issues and speakers, a seminar given by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and tours of the law school and the Tarlton library. Officers for the year were Thomas Francis Russell, president; Paul Joseph Van Osselaer, vice-president; Bradford Lee Orlopp, secretary- treasurer, fall semester; Susan Diane Simmons, secretary-treasurer spring semester,- Russell Scott Fields, Arts and Sciences Council representative; Harold C. Buckley, CBA Council representative; Jerauld F. Morell, Student Legal Advisory Council representative; William Carts Harshman, Fair Housing Council representative; and George Aaron Taylor, Community Legal Aid represent- ative. Faculty sponsor this year was Howard A. Calkins, professor of government. VERTICALLY: Tom Russell, Paul Van Osselaer, Brad Orlopp, Howard Calkins. FRONT ROW: Robert Gee, Raymond Gaston, Laura Manly, Janet Sfockard. SECOND ROW: Gary Younger, Brooks Miller, Scott Fields, Mike Schmidt. THIRD ROW: George Taylor, Blair Carter, Don Symth, Jack Bryant. FOURTH ROW: Mike Shearn, James Austin, David Caffey, Ken Hubenak. FIFTH ROW: Steve Weisinger, Eric Hopkinson, Jimmy Burton, Jerry Morell, Reavis Tomlinson, Richard Craig. 249 __- pv - nfa . L Children with auditory deficits were benefitted by the Speech and Hearing Clinic. Ill Sigma Alpha Eta Sigma Alpha Eta celebrated its 25th anniver- sary this year at the national convention of the American Speech and Hearing Association. A national professional fraternity, Sigma Alpha Eta promotes interest and service among students in the fields of speech pathology, audiology, and education of the deaf. The organization seeks to supplement formal course studies, increase the professional and social unity of students and faculty, and establish good public relations among college and local organizations showing interest in these professions. Speakers representing the Texas School for the Deaf, the Child Guidance Center, the Texas Edu- cation Agency, and the Department of Education- al Psychology, were invited to meetings. The aim of the speakers was to make members more aware of the facilities available to speech and hearing handicapped individuals in this area. Officers this year were Roslyn Battle Freeman, president; Thelma F. Berry, vice-president; Wil- liam C. Owens, secretary; and .Marajen E. Den- man, treasurer. Lear Lee Ashmore, associate pro- fessor of speech, was faculty sponsor. FRONT ROW: Roslyn Freeman, Thelma Berry, Leslie Christensen. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Alvis, Cheryl Fox, Bette Yant, Carmen Sales, Mariam Cohen, Judy Drake, Shirley Reiley, Mary Jones, Jenny Ward, Emily Luedecke, Susan Smith. _ 250 FRONT ROW: Ann Renfro, Linda Bridges, Katherine Haralson, Shirley Ralston, Jonell Bolander, Carole Herrick, Carolyn Brackeen, Deborah Thompson, Linda Williams. SECOND ROW: Dana Jordan, Susan Goss, Jeanne Williams, Cheryl Plueckhahn, Bonnie Root, Denise Villere, Sonja Gary, Jane Shepherd, Ruth Peden. THIRD ROW: Diana Duke, Barbara Cheshire, Carol Whiting, Rose Scott, Leslie Milliren, Rose Lopez, Verda Spann. Sigma Alpha lota Members performed in Recital Hall throughout the year This year the Beta Xi chapter of Sigma Alpha lota joined the Austin Alumnae Chapter in activi- ties including a fall picnic, a spring dinner, and a joint meeting when the national vice-president was in Austin. The organization also aided the alumnae in community service by presenting music programs at the Austin State Hospital. Other service projects included transcribing music into big notes for partially-sighted students at the Texas State School for the blind and help- ing purchase a musical instrument for an under- privileged child in East Austin. Sigma Alpha lota membership is based on scholarship, musicianship, personality, and char- acter. It is an international professional fraternity for women majoring in music. Members presented recitals in the fall and spring. They ushered at concerts and caroled for Austin hospitals and rest homes. Officers for the year were Ann Whitworth, president; Rose Anne Scott, vice-president; Rosa Angelica Lopez, record ing secretary; and Jeanne Anne Williams, treasurer. The faculty sponsor was Martha Deatherage, associate professor of music. 251 Texas Nursing Students Association FRONT ROW: Mary Binion, Tony Hernandez, Peggy Ebensberger, lawana Geren, Annette Bryan, Louis Young. SECOND ROW: Jo Knight, Francene Lesser, Frances Locke, Kathleen Boyle, Rosalind Hassell, Darlene Perkins, Jodie Tronson. THIRD ROW: Gerald Kendrick, Nancy Sewall, Elizabeth Seigle, Jo Ann Rao, Jacquelyn Nicholas, Kathryn Chavers, Warren Ward. Judy Blocker (standing), faculty sponsor for TNSA, helps Jodie Tronson, Judy Palmer, Sidney Binion, and Bruce Meredith organize the group ' s participation in the state-wide hypertension clinics. The Texas Nursing Students Association ac- quaints its members with various aspects of the nursing profession. Speakers for programs this year included Hector Gonzales, treasurer of Texas Nurses As- sociation; Mrs. Mildred Robie, director of Austin Alcoholism Information Center; and Mrs. Sharon Joan O ' Neill, instructor in nursing, who spoke on her experiences as a Peace Corps nurse in Brazil. The Austin Community Council presented a panel discussion on drug abuse to the association. Other activities included a Christmas party for children at Austin State School, a workshop in San Antonio, speakers on nursing malpractice and nursing in Vietnam, and a spring conven- tion of state nursing students in Fort Worth. Members also planned a trip to tour the medi- cal campus in San Antonio. Officers were Mary Sidney Binion, president; Mary Frances Locke, vice-president; Jacquelyn Wood Nicholas, treasurer; and Sandra Jeanne Parker, secretary. Also on this campus were the president and treasurer of the State Nursing Students As- sociation, Louis Edward Young and Jodie K. Tronson. Faculty advisors were Judith Ann Blocker, instructor in nursing, and Jeannette Wolf, assistant professor of nursing. 252 " ( Wirf. Theta Sigma Phi Theta Sigma Phi, national honorary and pro- fessional society for women, chooses its members from upperclass and graduate women planning a career in communication. Members plan their activities around mutual interests and objectives. Xi chapter at the University annually sponsors the Ten Most Beautiful contest in the fall. It also sponsors a coffee bar in the Journalism Building for faculty and students and assists with Journal- ism Honors Day. The group contributed $1,000 to the Thomp- son-Reddick scholarship fund this year. It also donated time and money to a conference on high school drug reporting held on the University campus in the fall. Chapter members served as hostesses to high school seniors visiting the campus. Theta Sigma Phi officers for the year were Lucinda Boylen Hanks, president; Karen Jo El- liott, vice-president; Nancy Carolyn Morris, secre- tary; Patricia Lynne Cafferty, treasurer; Carolyn Gay Hinckley, pledge trainer; Charlotte Lee Smith, publicity chairman; Mary Ann Hammons, historian; and Sallie Martin Sharp, professional liaison. S. Griffin Singer, assistant professor of jour- nalism, was faculty sponsor. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Ellen Sue Blumenthal Sonja Bernice Bohntan Patricia Lynne Cafferty Maxine Temma Cooper Donna Lee Dickerson Leah Goldie Donosky Janelle Regina Dupont Margaret Jean Each Karen Jo Elliott Anna Marie Hagy Andrea Elizabeth Johnson Lynn Moore Faye Annette Rife Lorraine Helen Ross Sallie Martin Sharp Charlotte Lee Smith Cassandra L. Watson Virginia Cicely Wynne FRONT ROW: Lucinda Hanks, Frenchy Golding, Debby Holmes, Middy Randerson, Melanie Middlebrooks, Carolyn Hinckley, Betfe Thornton, Sarah Campbell, Charleen Schwemer. SECOND ROW: Kay Casstevens, Anne Derse, Nancy Morris, Melody Atkinson, Margie Poole, Shirley Edringtin, Fran Smith, Barbara Barnard, Sara George. THIRD ROW: Lynne Flocke, Jorjanrfa Price, Ruth Doyle, Glenda Danburg, Patsy Guenzel, Mary Ann Hammons, Griffin Singer, Sharon Todd. 253 Alpha Epsilon Delta FALL INITIATES Dale Crawford Allison Allan Lynn Anderson John Edward Angelo Janet Lea Aschenbeck James Milward Bayliss George Edward Clark III Lawrence Michael Cohen Lance Anthony Craig Robert Duran Denise Ford Thomas Bruce Golemon Gregory Lynn Hemphill Patrick Holden Ben Kenneth Knape Larry Ray Laufer Carlos Miguel Loredo Marshall Dennis Mabry William Lee-Ling Mok Sharon Moore Samuel Walton Parry Peter Nathaniel Riskind Ronald Lee Rogers Clyde Lee Rutherford Eugene Paul Schoch Larkin P. Skinner Erwin John Smolik Susan Jean Walstad William Glenn Wheeler Brett Allen Wolfe Wilhelm A. Zuelzer SPRING INITIATES Robert Wayne Ballard James Burrel Gaddy Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann Glen David Hall Ken Earl Handley Louie Royce Hill Gerry Michael Hoffman Peter Wilson Hollimon Linda E. Jiminez Allan Gene Kalich Chevy Chu Lee Robert Louis McClendon Leigh Craig McGill Alan Townes Moore Charles Thomas Moore Bert Maurice Morrow Geoffry Hillel Oshman Michael Anthony Sauri Edward Lee Simes Holland Edward Toles Steve Edward Webb James Patrick Welch Jerry Lee Wender Gary Lynn Womack Alpha Epsilon Delta, international pre-medical and pre-dental honor society, binds together stu- dents of similar interests and promotes coopera- tion and contact between students and their professional schools. Character, personality, and high scholastic performance in all University courses undertaken are factors considered in the selection of members. Each year AED members meet informally with representatives of Texas medical schools, pre- pare an exhibit for University Showcase, and help with advising at registration. An annual banquet and initiation were held in the spring to honor new initiates, graduating sen- iors, and the faculty advisors, William G. Wolfe, professor of special education, and Dr. Paul Carey Trickett, director of the Student Health Center. Officers this year were Richard Davis, president; Delbert Alan Johns, vice-president; Carol Ann Hogenson, secretary; Lawrence J. Abramson Jr., treasurer; Rebecca Ann Bramlett, reporter; Larry Gene Schneider, historian; Donna Jean Wilkey, membership chairman; and Richard Preston Marrs, parliamentarian. OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Richard Davis, Rebeco Hogenson, Donna J. Wilkey. BACK ROW: D. Schneider, Richard P. Marrs, Larry J. Abramson. A. Bramlett, Carol A. Alan Johns, Larry G. 254 FALL INITIATES Lissa Beth Anderson Regina Marie Borders Idanell Brown Shirley Kay Cloud Frances Marian Crawford Shannon Melinda Davies Ara Lynn Earnest Myrna Dean Fisch Marcia Stebbins Frost Maureen Ann Gagliano Barbara Hilton Gerber Gale Marie Green Olivia Ann Gustine Janet Lain Hamilton Marlene Harmon, Honorary Carolyn Ranell Heinlen Ann Elaine Henry Alice Kucera Debra Deann Langford Leslie Ann Loker Sara Nelle Lowrey Anne Elizabeth Lucas Cheryl Ann Root Janie King Sieberg Nancy Deborah Strauss Jane Elizabeth Urquhart Jan Avis Younglove Linda Jane Zezulka SPRING INITIATES Phoebe Jo Allender Judy Kathleen Ammons Anne Wythe Andrews Janan Angevine Wendy Lynne Aronson Barbara Gayle Austin Deborah Ann Austin Barbara Kay Babcock Nanette Ball Salli Ann Ball Rose Mary Balmas Kathy Lou Barnes Carol Ann Batty Lilla Grace Bell Marilyn Ann Berger Martha Jowell Blanchette Diana Gail Blum Janet Gwynn Briggs Sharon Lynn Briggs Sandra Lynn Briley Claire D enise Brooks Elizabeth Anne Brown Mary Ellen Brown Julianne Buaas Joan Marie Burklin Elizabeth Alma Burks Claudia Burnett Peggy Melissa Butler Mary Lois Butterwick Linda Cangelosi Margaret Lucille Carl Martha Sue Carleton Patricia R. Carlson Lynette Carpenter Marilyn Carroll Cartwright Gwena Lynn Cearley Sharon Rose Cerna Jane Marie Chesnuft Linda Ann Childs Linda Chin Suzy Quanah Clarkson Janis Catherine Cocek Carolyn Lee Cochran Kathryn Ann Coffey Rosemary E. Coffman Judith Daryl Cohen Peggy Anne Coldwell Mary Anne Cole Barbara Sue Coleman Alice Elaine Collie Linda Sue Collins Mary Katherine Cook Janis Lynn Copeland Susan Diane Couger Deborah Lee Craig Gail Barbara Danziger Gail Marie Dickenson Heidi Marie Dickinson Susan Diana Dolezal Eileen Heather Dolstra Kathleen Rutherford Dunlap Marguerite M. DuVall Mary Esther Ebers Laurel Ann Eckhardt Sherry Ellis Edell Lee Ellison Deborah Ann Eisner Catherine Sue Emerson Janice G. Eulenfeld Leigh Karen Evans Marilynn E. Evans Martha Ann Evans Anne Elizabeth Feehan Patricia J. Finley Tyrrell Edith Flawn Reld a Ann Fleshman Janice Marie Fonteno Susan Lynn Fortson Pamelia Fowler Sandra Lynn Friedrich Iris Ann Fudell Freda ' Eva Gardner Linda Ann Gillum Sharon Rae Goforth Betty Rose Goot Carolyn Ann Gore Lucy Hard in Green Robin Jon Green Margaret Ann Greene Jo Ellen Groth Donna Gayle Hamann Catherine Janice Hankamer Martha Love Hardee Julia Beth Harrison Marilyn Sue Hartzell Elizabeth Hill Karen Elizabeth Hobbs Nancy E. Holmgreen Nancy Ruth Hubbard Linda Susan Hudson Nancy Kay Hudson Giselle O. Huemoeller Marsha Lynn Hunt Julia Carol Ingram Elysia Ann Irwin Carol Ann Jacob Denise Anne Jahn Phyllis Marie Janecka Sherry Jarrell Marjorie Anne Jay Cheryl Jo Jennings Terry Lynne Jernigan Phyllis Jan Jeschke Luann Johnson Eleanor Kathleen Jonson Patricia Ann Kammerer Deborah Carmen Kastrin Eileen Kavy Dorothy Jean Kelly Carroll Candace Kiene Linda Gail King Linda Kay Kirby Laura Janine Kirklen Mary Lynn Kozusko Jan Shelley Krivcher Charlotte Kroll Christina Elizabeth Langley Deborah E. Lapidus Joyce Elizabeth Lat ta Charlotte Gay Laughlin Nancy Mussetto LeCompte Jan Beverly Levith Bonnie Cummins Lucas Susan E. Madsen Karen Ann Magdeburger Constance Ann Maier Nancy Gloria Mangano Ruth Esther Manny Patricia Ann Marbach Bonnie Ann Matthews Susan Marie May Pamela Diane Mayo Jennifer L. McCuistion Lujet Clements McCullough Lee McGovem Martha Karen McKee Grizelda Medina Mollie Melons Janice C. Miller Carol Jean Moore Lesa Mortensen Judy Ann Moses Judith Ann Naughton Norma Jean Nelson Julia Jean Newsom Sandra Anne Newton Shelley G. Nussenblatt Suzanne Marie O ' Malley Nancy L. Oppenheimer Constance A. Palousek Patrice Jane Pargaman Julia Ann Peek Kathleen E. Phillips Gail Marie Plain Theresa Ann Pomykal Victoria F. Pondrom Patricia Lynn Prewitt Nancy Jean Price Deborah Ann Rail Martha Vurl Ray Maria Lynn Risener Judith Gail Roberts Rowena Lisa Roberts Theresa S. Robertson Debra Ann Rogers Laura Ross Vicki Lynn Rummell Cynthia Dee Samson Bonnie Lou Saunders Lynn Ann Schnitman Sandra Ann Schoichet Debrah P. Schonberger Cheryl Ellen Schraub Lucinda Schumm Karen Quarles Seay Nancy Sellingsloh Patricia M. Sepulveda jJoy Eileen Shafer Patricia Anne Shafer Margaret Shea Nora Shea Kathy Ann Sheley Nancy Jean Shelton Sara Merritt Simpson Jane Lee Smith Kyle Suzanne Snell Suzanne Stansbury Linda Leigh Starry Nancy Diane Stevens Cheryl Jennella Stork Eileen F. Sullivan Debra A. Tabak Janet Mary Tarpley Janine E. Thompson Sally Titus Suzanne Renee Trahan Diana Maria Trevino Jill Turner Melanie M. Waldhauser Karen Denise Walker Marie Serbold Watson Nancy Weaver Barbara Ann Webb Diane Elaine Wende Karen Clydette White Carole Raye Wilson Carolyn Wilson Katherine Jane Wilson Margaret Jo Wilson Margaret June Wilson Marilyn Wilson Sharon Marie Woods Susan Elaine Wukasch Eileen Jan Wyll Abigail Ann Young Marsha J. Zimmerman Debbi Zlatkis Alpha Lambda Delta was founded at the Uni- versity of Illinois in 1924 as a national honorary scholastic fraternity for freshman women. Mem- bership is offered to women with a scholastic average of 3.5 per semester in 15 hpurs of work, or 4 points per semester in 12 hours of work. Alpha Lambda Delta provides members with stack permits for the Main Library which are valid throughout their college career. Following the fall initiation, the organization had a reception for freshman women who had been valedictorians of their high school graduat- ing class. Following the spring initiation, Alpha Lambda Delta members joined Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honorary fraternity for men, for a ban- quet. Dean of Students Stephen D. McClellan spoke for the two groups. Erin Christine Raschke was presented with the National Alpha Lambda Delta Book Award. Officers were Nancy Carroll Lee, president; Karen Susan Dillon, vice-president; Barbara Jo Seale, secretary; Kathy Rose Center, treasurer; Martha L. Gallier, historian,- Diane Pamela Wood, editor; and Barbara Ellen Leaman, senior adviser. Marlene Harmon served as staff adviser. Members-at-large were Frances Margaret Fen- ton, Donna Annette Lee, Susan K. S. Hawkins, and Sara Louise Doty. Alpha Lambda Delta 255 FRONT ROW: Bonnie Reed, Susanne Bischofs, Linda Stephens. SECOND ROW: Robert Brown, Curtis Guess, Ronald Carroll, Dana Spears, Jeffrey Zickler, Buff Kizer, Craig Smith, Jeffrey Petterson, David Johnson. THIRD ROW: Donald Pfiester, Patrick Eck, Richard Snellings, Donald Holcomb, John Wells, Thomas O ' Brien, Howard Humphrey, Charles Young, Thomas Marburger, David Masley. FOURTH ROW: David Blakely, Richard Davis, Theodore Badger, James Davenport, Neil Orleans, Scott Shannon, William Totten, James Watkins, Curtis Meinzer. FIFTH ROW: Thomas Weaver, Garrett Polhamus, Eddie Ashleman, Norman Flemens, Charles Smith, William Strawn, Donald Robinson, Kenneth Luetge, Jack Ziemer. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Harold Arbogust, Lawrence Henneke, William Holmes, Jonathan Mark, David Nesenholtz, Louis Riefler, Douglas Winslow. Arnold Air Society is a national, honorary, pro- fessional service organization designed to strengthen leadership potential in junior and sen- ior Air Force ROTC cadets. The society ' s activities this year included spon- soring the Hays Achievement Award and the John H. Payne Memorial Lecture Series, raising the flags at home football games, and hosting several foreign pilots for a weekend tour of the University. The society also participated in Project ' 69, a Red Cross project to send Christmas pack- ages to Vietnam, and entertained 72 children at a Halloween party. This year the John H. Payne Squadron at the University was Area G-l Headquarters. This head- quarters coordinates 13 squadrons from the Southwest Conference area. David Rowan John- Arnold Air Society son served as area commander and his staff was as follows: Curtis Murl Meinzer, vice-commander; William Dwayne Strawn, operations officer; James Collum Watkins, comptroller; and Donald Steven Robinson, information officer. The Squadron officers this year included Curtis Neal Guess, commander; Ronald Carroll, execu- tive officer; Jeffrey Lee Zickler, operations of- ficer; Craig Hinman Smith, administrative officer; Joel Buffington Petterson, Angel Flight liaison officer; Harold Oren Arbogust Jr., information of- ficer; Donald Clay Pfiester, House of Delegates representative; Lawrence E. Henneke Jr., special projects officer; and Charles F. Young, publicity. Major Robert R. Brown served as faculty advisor. John H. Payne Squadron ' s Little Major this year was Bonnie Reed. Miss Reed was selected from the members of Angel Flight, Arnold Air So- ciety ' s auxiliary. She was one of the five finalists in the Area G-l Little Colonel competition. 256 A national honorary and professional account- ing fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi was founded in 1919 at the University of Illinois. The Theta chap- ter was established at the University in 1924. Its purposes are to instill a desire for continu- ing self-improvement to foster high moral and ethical standards, to encourage and give recog- nition to scholastic and professional excellence, to cultivate a sense of responsibility and service, to promote the collegiate study of accounting, and to provide opportunities for association among the members and practicing accountants. Officers for the year were Gilbert R. Alonzo, president; Stephen L. Brochstein, vice-president; Patricia M. Braunig, corresponding secretary; Caroline Straach, recording secretary; and Paul Miller, treasurer. Eugene Howell Sauls, assistant professor of accounting, served as faculty advisor. Beta Alpha Psi FACULTY MEMBERS Jim G. Ashburne Ron N. Bagley Harley M. Courtney Lewis Franklin Davidson Frank D. Graydon .Charles Henry Griffin David C. Holland Gary L. Holstrum Lennis Morland Knighton Kermit Dean Larson Eugene Howell Sauls C. Aubrey Smith Charles Hugh Smith Ray M. Sommerfeld Edward Lee Summers Glenn Albert Welsch Thomas Howard Williams John Joseph Willingham Charles T. Zlatkovich FALL INITIATES James C. Crain David Allen Daniel Dionne Deaton Brent J. Ford Guy James Gray John F. Gurasich Louie A. Hamilton James David Heaney Robert W. Hoffman Eugene P. Hunt Randall Ray Hutson Lewis W. Long Joe Jessie Lozano Donald Clark Mikeska James A. Nichols Scott S. Parker Lloyd A. Patterson Danny E. Phillips Bonnie Prendergast Sandra Sims David N. Terhune Richard Wayne Tow George Waverly Vest Robert H. Whitten SPRING PLEDGES Richard Lee Allen Gary Brinkley Rodolfo Fernandez Martin I. Glass Gary Wayne Hoffman Thomas L. Hoherd Charles Caton Johnstone Addie Lou Lamberth James E. Lockart James V. Long John F. Maxwell Frank C. McDowell Gregoria Merced Jerry L. Morgan Gary N. Pennington Herman J. Rakowitz Dan S. Short Donald E. Wagner MEMBERS Reyna Alonzo William Howard Beasley Marsha McAlister Bell Richard Lee Bernstein Patricia Martin Braunig Stephen Lars Brochstein Elwood Domaschk Nancy Kay Duke Robert Mack Herman James C. Hibbetts Larry Keith Hinson James Henry Hoffman Narita Kay Holmes William Michael Holmes Ronald George Janda James Johnson Larry G. Jones Milow Klein Matthias F. Kramer Henry Lee Luskey George Rae Luttrell Thomas Edward Marburger Paul Miller David N. Millican Suzanne Mooney David M. Oliver Paul Vincent Paternostro Arthur N . Revell William P. Roberts Glen A. Rosenbaum Richard Scamell Frank Duane Schaefer Joseph Schultz Dayton H. Simms Caroline Straach William L. Talbert Martin E. Taylor Brenda J. Tietjen Melvin Dale Van Loh Wayne Lee Welsh Richard Edwin Williamson 257 Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma is the scholarship honor- ary in commerce and business administration. Membership is based on character and high scholastic achievement and is restricted to grad- uating seniors with at least a three point grade average who ranked in the upper tenth of their class. A few juniors of high rank are selected in the second semester of their junior year. Nationally founded at the University of Wis- consin in 1907, Beta Gamma Sigma chartered the University ' s Alpha chapter in 1922. Officers for the year were John R. Stockton, president; Edward L. Summers, vice-president; and Edmund C. Lynch, secretary-treasurer. HONORARY MEMBERS Thomas R. Harper Lester Lum Colvert Roy Duane Harris Henry H. Dewar Frederick B. Hegi Jr. John H. Duncan Karl Eugene Henion II Richard J. Gonzalez Robert M. Herman S. Marcus Greer William T. Hold Louis J. Kocurek Gary L. Holstrum R. N. Lane Arch William Hunt A. G. McNeese Jr. Walter L. Johnson Charles N. Prothro James Rudolph Kay Allan Shivers George Kozmetsky Jack G. Taylor Zarrel V. Lambert Carl J. Thomsen Elizabeth Lanham Gus Wortham Kermit Dean Larson Douglas S. Longman Edmund Clayton Lynch FACULTY MEMBERS Michael J. Maggard Francis Barnes May Gilbert R. Alonzo Richard W. McEnally Mark 1. Alpert Jim G. Ashburne Ralph Hain Mengel II Robert Delmar Mettlen William Tansley Bailey Robert Francis Pethia Ronald Stephens Barden Arthur Mitchell Revell Richard Lee Bernstein Theresa M. Riley Grady 0. Bruce Joseph J. Schultz Jack W. Cashin Louis Kerr Sharp Franklin Lanier Cox Roger E. Shields Lawrence Lee Crum Dayton H. Simms Edward William Cundiff C. Aubrey Smith Rudolph Conrad Ooenges Charles Hugh Smith James Clay Dolley Raynard M. Sommerfeld Dean Clinton Evans Burnard H. Sord Anna Cook Fowler Teddy Layne Sparks Edwin Adolph Gerloff William Robert Spriegel J. Barry Gerfz John R. Stockton Charles Henry Griffin Edward Lee Summers Charles Wilson Hackett William Laurel Talbert John Thomas Turner Don William Vickery Ernest W. Walker Glenn Albert Welsch John Arch White Robert Ernest Wolf Charles Theodore Zlatkovich INITIATES Michael Glen Anderson David Louis Baker David Alexander Barbour William Price Boone Jack Daleth Brown Donald Edward Colmenares Dennis Warren Cooper Thomas Aubrey Cox James Calvin Grain Michael joe Cullender Dionne Deaton Linda Kay Donahue Garland William Dorries Jr. Dennis Lee Elam Michael Lee Estrada John Daniel Gidel Gordon Thomas Graves Waylon Donald Griffin Dale Howard Hammond Lynnette Louise Hartmann Randy Durrett Hay William Michael Holmes Frank Buckley Houseman Walter William Ivie Jr. James Henry Jasper Karl Duggan Johnson Jr. Charles Caton Johnstone Carol Jane Kantor Joe Bob Kinsel Russell Joe Kveton Daniel Jones Lambert Laurie Levin Mike Hunter Loften Mike G. McWilliams Walter Marion Manly IV Timothy Keith Mashburn Norman Carroll Mohn Jr. Leroy William Nellis James Aubry Nichols Jr. William Berglund Olson George Charles Pache Scott Schreiner Parker John William Petty Bonnie Prendergast Janis Linn Preston Alline Louise Rogers Glen Allen Rosenbaum Fred Anthony Rylander Jr. Richard William Scamell Frank Duane Schaefer Bernard Howard Schiff Marcus Frank Schwartz Francis Kelly S huptrine Sandra Sims Stephen Ross Spears Arlene Jean Storm Byron Daniel Summers Martin Edward Taylor Wilfred Charles Uecker Marilyn Jo Wessels Ronald Harry White Abram J. Zimmerman 258 FACULTY MEMBERS Patrick Riley Atkins Leland Barclay Ned H. Burns Werner William Dornberger Phil Moss Ferguson John Arnold Focht David Wayne Fowler E. Gus Fruh Richard Wilson Furlong Earnest Frederick Gloyna James T. Houston William Ronald Hudson Franklin Beaumont Johnson Thomas William Kennedy Leonardt Ferdinand Kreisle Joe Overton Ledbetter Clyde Edward Lee Joseph Francis Malina Jr. Frank D. Masch Hudson Matlock Walter L. Moore Carl William Morgan Ervin Sewell Perry Lymon Clifton Reese Eugene Arman Ripperger J. Neils Thompson A. Anthony Toprac Stephen G. Wright Joseph Andrew Yura GRADUATE MEMBERS Robert John Brandes Rudolfo F. Castillo John W. Chuang John Wiley Davidson Maynard Sidney Glasscock Bill Lee Gunnin William Owen Hadley Paul B. Miller Hilmar G. Moore Raymond Knox Moore AI-Rashid Nasser Michael W. O ' Neill Frazier Parker Douglas S. Porter Kenneth Ray Porter Farrokh N. Rad Freddy Lee Roberts Kenneth G. Roesle Otha Jack Rogers Torsten Rothman John Russell Ruser Stanley P. Sauer Willard Mac Smith Stephen G. Termaath Donald H. Thornburry Harvey J. Treybig Lloyd Victor Urban Edward A. Verner William A. White Guy Pollard York UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Raymond John Batla David B. Cabe Lawrence G. Griffis Tommy Joe Higgins Jimmie Wayne Hinze Michael G. Huffman Dan Harding Kennedy Randy Brian Machemehl Thomas Wayne Rioux George Tinus Schaeffer Honorary civil and architectural engineering fraternity, Chi Epsilon was organized to recog- nize the characteristics of individual engineering students and to aid them in the pursuit of an engineering career. Chapter activities for the year included a pledge-active picnic and a spring banquet fea- turing Milton Elliott, president of Mosher Steel Co., as speaker. During University Showcase, Chi Epsilon ' s spring pledges worked in the ASCE Model Span Conte st. Fall officers were Dan H. Kennedy, president; Raymond J. Batla, vice-president; Tom Higgins, treasurer; Jimmie W. Hinze, secretary; and Michael G. Huffman, associate editor of the Transit. Officers for the spring were Raymond J. Batla, president; Thomas W. Rioux, vice-presi- dent; Jim W. Hinze, secretary; Samuel D. Burnett, treasurer; and Maury E. Stiver, Transit editor. Fac- ulty sponsor was Richard W. Furlong, associate professor of civil engineering. FALL PLEDGES Roland Clyburn Baylor James A. Broaddus William Payne Bulloch Samuel D. Burnett William Erwin Carroll William Paul Ezell Bruce Newlin Maxwell Stanley Charles Rech David C. Steitle Maury E. Stiver Paul Allan Sweet Fred Buckner Vinson John Thomas Wall Chi Epsilon SPRING PLEDGES Carl S. Armbrister Jagdish Prasads Bansal Ronald Clint Bellinger Donnie W. Berryhill Walter Chambers Lynnwood T. Clay John Cooper Patrick William Coym Paul Edward Gillett Louis A. Hembree David Kent Isbell Michael Kelly C. N. Krishnaswamy Robert Arthur Liesman Allen Gene Martinets M. Narayanan Frank West Neal Steve Gus Persyn Kenneth Wayne Schroeder Edward D. Sethness John Lewis Staha Gerald Ray Steiner Joseph C. Von Merveldt Joseph Yih H. Wang Carlton D. Yarbrough 259 MEMBERS Jerry Dale Box Tommy Neal Cowan Platt W. Davis III John Karl Dietz Lloyd A. Doggett II Shelley Duval Harvey R. Eanes III Michael Eugene Gammon Jerry R. Grammer Ernest David Henry Kevin Holcomb Rostam Kavoussi Joe Bob Kinsel Bruce A. Kowert Joseph R. Krier Stan Louis McLelland Richard W. Meyer C. O. Patterson Michael W. Perrin James Hughes Price Jr. Joe Lee Stubblefield Terry O. Tottenham The oldest honorary organization on campus, the Friar Society was founded at the University in 1911. The organization ' s chief purpose is to recognize second semester and above men who have made significant contributions to the Uni- versity. Scholarship, leadership, integrity, service, character, ideals, sincerity, and unselfishness are the criteria used to select new members. Traditionally, new members are tapped at Homecoming and Round-Up activities, during which the Friars of years gone by meet with the active Friars at the semesterly breakfast. The Friar Society offers members the oppor- tunity of discussing the problems and goals of the University with the most outstanding men who have attended this school. Officers for the fall semester were Jerry Dale Box, abbot; John Karl Dietz, scrivener; Stan Louis McLelland, almoner. Spring officers were John Karl Dietz, abbot; Tommy Doc Raye, scrivener; Henry Grady Rylander, almoner. FALL INITIATES Lawrence A. Hammond Sam D. Millsap Mark Morrison Tommy Doc Raye Henry Grady Rylander Kenneth W. Sparks SPRING INITIATES William R. Francis Leon Kelly Frels D. Kirk Hamilton Friar Society C. Robert Heath Wilburn D. Hilton Larry L. Long Norwood W. Richardson FACULTY MEMBERS Charles T. Clark William A. Cunningham Gus M. Hodges Albert Pearson Jones Arno Nowotny John G. Steele Benjamin Fletcher Wright 260 Kappa Delta Pi MEMBERS Ann Arlene Adams Suzanne Anderson Nancy Frances Aronoff David Judd Aronofsky Thomas F. Ashbaucher Sheri Gwyn Bain Sue Ellen Birnbaum Katherine Ann Bremer Sybil D. Chapman Ann Christopher Rose Ann Clarke Ann Lois Cole Rochelle Faye Croft Elizabeth Ann Crutsinger Jo Ann Olene Curry Ruth Patricia Davidson Judith Ann DeBerry Kathryn Z. Dierksen Linda Margaret Diefz Deanna Dippel Linda Jo Diquinzio Patricia Ellen Dooley Leslie Sue Fierman Mary Lupe Flores Rosemary G. Gafner Marita Jeanne Gale Karen Girault Janci Miller Goodson Lillie Jane Grant Pauline Bruce Grant Mary M. Guinn Lynn Mary Harrison Barbara Sue Herin Ellen E. Horn John Michael Horn Lynne Elaine Horvich Linda Ann Hufchins Patricia Alice Johnson John M. Johnston Jacquelyn Edna Jones Katherine I. Jordan Patricia Sue Kelly Kenneth W. Kesselus Kay Elaine Keys Paula Ann Levine Kathlyn Marie Malish Linda Joyce Martay Malda Lynn Mayo Kathleen C. Meerscheidt Laura Lee Mehr Linda Kay Menear Margaret Louise Menhard Karen Midkiff Connie Roberta Milligank James Lee Milson Penelope Montgomery Jo Ann Morris Julia Drake Morris Lois Angela Morris Susan Elise Murray Elizabeth L. Napier Tania B. Oshman Melinda N. Parrill Catherine Marie Pearman Janet M. Pennycuick Nancy Pittman Laura Powell Ann Harriet Riggs Joanne Rogers Alice Carol Satloff Diane Lynn Scamell Susan Sayers Scott Rachel Seledon Michael Woodrow Sharp Frank Samuel Sisti Betty Grace Smith Carolyn Buxton Smith Jean McClain Smither Martha Ann Spillman Constance A. Spinosa Linda Kay Steen Frances Ellen Stetson Janet Louise Stockard Mrs. Kenneth N. Tarlton Carol Ann Thomason Linda Marie Timmons Jetta Ann Todaro Louis Ray Tyler Rebecca Eugenia Vance Judy Elizabeth Vance Jane Debra Wechsler Linda Wheeler Kathleen C. White Marsha Ann White Brenda Lee Whitsitt Pamela Sue Williams Jan Willoughby Lenore Worcester Dana Elizabeth Yarbrough Claire Y. Young Mora Luis Zambrano Harriet Elaine Zirkle FALL INITIATES Nancy Paule Anderson Anne Lomax Barclay Nancy Jo Burch Telena Lea Burk Beverly Jean Burns Roberto C. Centeno Terry Lynn Chambers Linda Carol Cheatham Linda Cohn Marjorie Ann Cook Margaret R. Day Mary Susan Dunn Jan E. Elliott Mary Elaine Frank Susan Freeman Margaret Susan Goggan Roslyn Gay Hager Rozanne Halfant Nan A. Hanover Luther Hartman Gloria Jean Hewell Jerome Hill Kathleen Dell Hopmann Connie Howarth Mary Susan Huhndorff Carol Lynn Klinar Susan Jo Langridge Susan Carol Marcus Charlotte A. Marlowe Jessie Bell Mathis Carolyn McCahon Barbara F. Mikulencak James Terry Moore Patricia Marie Moore Mary Naranjo Margaret C. Noack Connie E. Nutt Angela Carol Oakley Linda Jo Olian Sandra Marlene Ratliff Carolyn Sue Reynolds Sarah Catherine Roach Janet Lynn Rode Janice Penny Speer Diana Dee Spiva Mary Louise Thurman Kathy H. Tims Karen Tindel Judith G. Villarreal Hester Ann White Diana Gloria Zuniga SPRING INITIATES Mary Georgene Adams Tommye Charisse Adams Patricia J. Alexander Dnjsilla Jane Atterholt Cheryl E. Barringer Elizabeth A. Bearden Lana Gayle Belew Betty Ann Blinka Rebecca Black Edgar Blaschke Jr. Susan Blum Dorris Evelyn Boone Nelda Ann Brock Judy Ann Buchanan Virginia Ann Burt Paula Frances Carmichael Cynthia Lee Gary Iris Sue Colton Elaine Ruth Cohn Cathy Lynne Conerly Betty Lee Craig Helen I. Cromwell Diane Davis Laurie Dee Davis Janet Ann Derrick Ray Ann Drosnes Denny Pat Dobbins Andrew Joseph Dobek Molly Ann Dodson Mary Catherine Elliott Myrna Dean Fisch Deborah A. Fusselman Mary Jane Galloway Patricia Anne Geiss Edyth M. Giesecke Carol Lynn Classman Sandra Kay Goff Rosalind Adele Golf Glee Ann Goodson Linda Ann Gottesman Theresa Janet Guelker Laura Gail Gustavsen Mary Chandler Halliday Karan Ann Harbison Mary R. Ha r key Linda Sue Harris Jane Ellen Hart Belinda Louise Hase Daryl Anne Hause Rebecca Louise Hawn Eija Irmell Heward Sharon Moore Hill Susan Lynn Hilton Victor Fernando Hinojosa Sandra Dianne Hintz Elizabeth M. Holcomb Freda M. Holley Nancy Robertson Holt Deborah L. Imbordino Sheryl Louise Jackson Carolyn Johnson Marilyn Elyse Kaplan Linda Barbara Kaplan Debbie Kay Katz John Wayne Key Elizabeth M. King Janie B. Kirkpatrick Shirley R. Koepnick Linda Virginia Lakey Margaret E. Lamb Padgett Emile Langham Judy Amacker Leavell Kappa Delta Pi was chartered at the University in 1916. Membership invitations are extended to those persons exhibiting commendable per- sonal qualities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarship. Kappa Delta Pi works to en- courage high professional, intellectual, and per- sonal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of education. The education honorary society afforded its members opportunities to promote their educa- tional endeavors. Members received reimburse- ment for Graduate Record Examination fees, and heard addresses by such speakers as George Murphy, director of teacher placement. Scholarships were presented at the end of the year for academic achievement and service to the organization. This year the University ' s Delta chapter sent four representatives to Kappa Delta Pi national convention in Boston, Massachusetts. Officers this year were Dorothy H. DePriest, president; Martha E. McDonald, vice-president- Teresa Sue West, recording secretary; Alice Carol Satloff, corresponding secretary; Linda Joyce Martay and Nancy Frances Aronoff, treasurers; Ruth Patricia Davidson and Rosemary S. G. Gaf- ner, membership chairmen; Mary Lupe Flores, publicity; and Linda Marie Timmons, historian. Faculty sponsors for the organization were O. L. Davis, associate professor of curriculum and instruction, and Charles H. Dent, professor of elementary education. Linda Sue Lewellen Virginia Mable Limpus Joan Marguerite Lindner Lynn Marie Londeree Shelley Ann Mabe Eileen Rita McCarthy Marianne McClung Rebecca L. McElwee Sharon McKusker Barbara Ann Meadows Petra Medina Linda Karen Medlin Beverly Ann Michalik Carolyn Jean Miller David Stephen Miller Helen E. Miller Marilyn Joyce Miller Mary Adele Miller Mary M. Milner Barbara Miner Margaret Sue Moore Sara Morgan Kathleen Morris Jennings Neal Naranjo Cheryl Lynn Nolen Phyllis Jeanne O ' Donnell Sonda Kay Overstreet Marylou Parker Paula Perkins Patton Sharlot J. Patton Rose Ann Pederson Laurie Lee Pierce Barbara Annette Poteet Sylvia Annette Powitzky Sheryl L. Prater Cynthia Ann Purcell Glenna Rae Raffkind Elizabeth Daisy Read Mary Ellen Reynolds Nancy Deloris Rosen Laurie L. Rothwell Diana L. Rumsey Carole Sanders Susan Hill Sanders Thomas Dale Sanders Dana C. Schoenbaechler Martha A. Schramm Audrey C. Sellars Linda Nell Sharpe Alana Moss Shniderman Susan L. Skrivanek Cinda Smith Diane S. Smith Susan Kate Somppi Amanda H. Stover Linda Gail Stroud Marcia Ann Sondock Mary Elizabeth Swan Alona Cheryl Thomas Brenda Gail Thompson Laura Madeline Tillery Fredell Madeline Topek Eva C. Trevino Gail Susan Tucker Linda Vaughan Laura Elizabeth Veirs Eleanor Lucille Wagner Sherry A. Wehner Kathleen T. Wendel Ina Lynn Wilder Patricia A. Wilson Claude Rudd Youngblood 261 FRONT ROW: Tom Waggoner, Jack Randall, David Bartek, Mike Mocker- smith, Max Werkenthin, Jerry Walker, Charles Nash, Jerry Parr, Roy Mobley, Steve Goff, Fred Robinson, Randall James, Wally Boyer, Gordon Middleton, Gordon Doig, and Danny McAngus. SECOND ROW: Mike Haecker, Steve Rich, J. Malcolm Joyce, Bill Hatcher, Roy Walker, Arthur Rode, George Greene, Troy Pennington, Ron Keeney, Cecil Cole, John Barton, Curtis Varnell, Ken Richardson, Ken Emery, and Douglas Bartek. THIRD ROW: Steve Whitfield, James Lindsey, Bob Sherman, Bobby Emery, Woodfin G. Howeth III, Jim Dyer, Bill Scheel, Wally Smith, James D. Joy, Elliott Short, Richard Karm, Dale Wingard, and Mike Rea. FOURTH ROW: Dan Haik, Mike Kelly, Robert Warner, Gary Watt, Kirk Hays, Kenny Sandberg, James Walters, Charles Ellis, David Snow, Revleen- Aguilar, Glenn Richter, Pat Fielder, Mike Tierney, Bruce Hanka, and Mal- colm Nelson. NOT PICTURED: Clark Alexander Curtiss, John Powell Hardesty, Kerry Linn Hardesty, Kerry Linn Kennedy, John Taylor Love, Carl Joseph Meade, James Albert Moneypenny, William Carl Newlin, Johnnie Mark Walton. F-V 4 Kappa Kappa Psi, national honor fraternity for college bandsmen, selects members on the basis of scholarship, leadership, musicianship, and serv- ice to the Longhorn Band. Alpha Tau chapter was responsible for load- ing and transporting the band ' s equipment, and before home games the members served barbe- cue to both the Longhorn Band and visiting bands. The organization hosted the District VI Kappa Kappa Psi Convention in Austin this year. Several fund raising projects were conducted to finance the event. Officers for the year were Thomas Henry Wag- goner, president; John Monte Walton, vice-presi- dent; David Jerry Bartek, secretary; and Jack Palmer Randall, treasurer. Kappa Kappa Psi Clark Terry was guest speaker at the Kappa Kappa Psi district convention. 262 Chartered at the University in 1961, Kappa Tau Alpha recognizes and promotes scholarship in the field of journalism. The national society, founded at the University of Missouri in 1910, has more than 40 national chapters. Membership is based on scholarship and char- acter. It is limited to 10 percent of the junior and senior classes combined. Each member must rank in the upper 10 percent of his class. Graduate students of superior attainment may be elected to active membership. Officers for the year were Karen Jo Elliott, president; and Elizabeth Lynne Flocke, treasurer. Olin E. Hinkle served as sponsor. SPRING INITIATES Faye C. Bartula Gail Braden Maxine T. Cooper Bruce H. Davis Robert J. Davis Pennie E. Freeland Rebecca K. Gardner Martin L. Gibson Jr. Patsy Ann Guenzel Stephen Gurasich Jr. Howard H. Lindsay II Thomas AA. McClure Jr. Sidney G. Singer John J. Watkins John D. Williams Jr. MEMBERS Thomas E. Berger Linda M. Cover J. Franklin Deaver Leah G. Donosky Karen J. Elliott Sarah J. English Elizabeth L. Flocke Charles W. Grose Lillian L. Hefner Randall D. Nordhem Verno ' n T. Sanford Martha J. Shelby Charlotte L. Smith David P. Somers Mary F. Victory Carol Ann Webb Kappa Tau Alpha FACULTY MEMBERS Wayne Allen Danielson Norris G. Davis Joe Bertram Frantz Olin E. Hinkle Robert S. Kahan C. Richard King Harrell E. Lee William Anthony Mindak Ernest Alonzo Sharpe 263 Board Members of Mortar Board, a national honor- ary organization for senior women, are selected for scholarship, leadership, character, and service to the University. Requirements include having 90 hours with an overall 3.0 grade-point average. As a service project, members tutored students in the Program for Economic Opportunity. Officers this year were Mary Chris Montgom- ery, president; Mary Ann Anthony, vice-presi- dent; Erin Christine Raschke, secretary; Karen Jo Elliott, treasurer; Gwen Elaine Larsh, historian; and Victoria Ann Burks, editor. Dorothy Dean was the sponsor and M. Ruth Smith and Billie Grace Herring served as advisers. MEMBERS Mary Ann Anthony Betty Ann Birdwell Victoria Ann Burks Carol Alice Conner Susan Jean Cunningham Karen Jo Elliott Bonnie Blue Graves Harriet Hahn Lucinda Boylen Hanks Deborah J. Harlow Mary Tom Keller Gwen Elaine Larsh Mary Christine Montgomery Nancy Lee Motley Velma Lacey Pipkin Erin Christine Raschke Karen Delura Rowlett Nancy E. Rundquist Christine A. Walker Dana Elizabeth Yarbrough SPRING INITIATES Mary Georgene Adams Jane Diane Allard Diane Davis Ellen Rose Fein Gene Graham Jacquelyn Jean Higby Laurel Ann Hinkle JanneMe Hotter Suzanne Hunt Jane Louise Huston Lynn Johnston Barbara Ellen Leaman Nancy Carroll Lee Lynn Marie Londeree Mary Stella Naranjo Marguerite A. Oldham Susan Virginia Seybold Diane Farrar Swendeman Cary Elizabeth Taylor Dena Lois Wilson Diane Pamela Wood AUSTIN ALUMNI MEMBERS Mrs. Bob Armstrong Miss Edleen Begg Dr. Margaret Berry Mrs. Paul Bolton Mrs. Paul Boner Mrs. William P. Danforth Mrs. David DeLaura Mrs. Dorothy Watts Dean Mrs. Russel H. Fish Miss Dorothy Gebauer Mrs. Ralph Hanna Miss Helen Margrave Miss Annie Hill Mrs. Wayne H. Holtzman Miss Thelma Lockwood Mrs. Hugh Lynn Mrs. Frank McBee Jr. Mrs. William K. Miller Miss Kathleen Molesworth Miss Margaret Peck Mrs. Sam Perry Miss Lucy Rathbone Mrs. Lem Scarborough Miss Helen Tackett 264 MEMBERS Calvin Pete Bennett William M. Birdwell Christopher D. Bray Winnie Chapman Robert C. Christy Tommy Neal Cowan Walter Eugene Demond Tieman H. Dippel Lloyd A. Doggett William Driscoll James O. Guleke Stephen M. Hackerman Walter M. Hall Robert A. Higley Kevin Holcomb David Jones Rostam M. Kavoussi Rick Keeton Joe Bob Kinsel Joseph R. Krier Mark Lesher Larry L. Long Bill Marshall Jan D. Marshall Thomas Bandy McGregor Stanley McLelland Richard W. Meyer Ralph Miller Malcolm G. Nelson Charles Albert Oliver David K. Northington Michael W. Perrin Paul James Peters Tommy Doc Raye Doug W. Richnow Joseph Riggs Robert R. Schmidt Jerry Lynn Setliff William Shumpes Edgar Ashley Smith Larry Gene Smith Gary Lee Taylor Eliot P. Tucker James Turner Thomas Henry Waggoner John Adair Wooley FACULTY MEMBERS Stanley A. Arbingast James Bernard Ayres William Thomas Belt Harold Charles Bold Francis X. Boxtick Charles T. Clark Roy Rochester Craig William A. Cunningham Vincent Rairden DiNino J. Frank Elsass Gerhard J. Fonken William T. Guy Norman Hackerman Jack Holland Wayne Holtzman W. Page Keeton George Kozmetsky Donald Alfred Larson William S. Livingston John J. McKetta Eugene Nelson Arno Nowotny Jack Coleman Patterson Harry Huntt Ransom DeWitt Carter Reddick James R. Roach Albert Albin Rooker Darrell Royal Raynard M. Sommerfeld Frank Raynard Wright The only leadership honorary requiring its members to excel in scholarship as well as lead- ership, Omicron Delta Kappa draws new members from both student and faculty populations on campus. Now active on over 100 college campuses, ODK is a national leadership honorary society for college men. Before selection, members show exceptional leadership in scholarship; athletics; student government, social, and religious affairs; publications; or speech, music, drama, and the other arts. They also rank in the upper 30 per- cent of their respective colleges. Officers this year were Douglas W. Richnow, president; Walter Eugene Demond, vice-president; James O. Guleke II, secretary; and William Har- bert Marshall, treasurer. William T. Belt was fac- ulty advisor, and Stanley A. Arbingast was faculty secretary-treasurer. Omicron Delta Kappa 265 Phi Beta Kappa Phi Beta Kappa officers this were F. Tomasson Jannuzi, president; Harriet Molenaer, vice-presi- dent; and James Alfred Hitt, secretary. Membership is limited to juniors and seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences with distin- guished records who are taking bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degrees. Candidates are selected from students who file degree cards before March 1 of their junior year. Precise grade requirements depend on the number of hours completed toward the degree at the University. Only grades made in courses required and counted toward the degree are considered. Alumni are occasionally selected among grad- uates with at least five years standing who have won special and appropriate distinction since graduation. Honorary members are selected for special merit. INITIATES- CLASSES OF 1969 Arthur Reese Albright III Rebecca Jane Albritton Joanne Lorraine AAumola Aldredge Gloria Amescua Conde Nevin Anderson Jr. John Richard Andrews Garland Eugene Autrey Charlotte Lee Banks Helen Jeannine Barsun Suzanne Lea Paula Sigel Earth Charles Thomas Behrman John Harmon Bennett Jr. Paul James Bennett Billy Edward Boyd Beverly Ann Adams Brock Patricia Sue Kelly Bullock Patricia Ann Burns Barbara Busby Karen Amelia Bynum Jce Charles Campbell Vincent Ross Collins Duane Franklin Conley Martha Cooper Margaret Ann Hinkle Cox Carolyn Ann Crumpton Patrick Hansford Dear Linda Sue Dickson John Huey Drouilhet Forest Carroll Edwards Janet Arden Renfro Elder William Louis Feather Donald Royce Flournoy Charles Rudolph Floyd III Jeffrey Howard Friedman Charles Tate Gauntt Joe Glickman Jr. Maurie Lynn Shoss Haas Maury Norton Harris Eric Jay Haufrect William Foster Henderson III Doris Mae Holzmann Stephen Douglas Houston John Ray Knippa Paula Dan Knowles Edith Lillian Cottrell Kreisler Linda Sue Lands Mark Jeffrey Lerman Ruth Ann Collier Long Albert Edward Meisenbach Sonia Mabel Merubia Curtis Dale Mobley Patricia Ann Moore Doyle Larry Niemann William Charles O ' Donnell Jr. Robert Dickey Peterson Rebecca Ann Bentsen Phillips Mary Ann Mclntosh Potts Russell David Renka Danny Joe Riley Paula Frances Smith Rives Candi Christopher Rudmose Gale Elise Smith Scott Steven Ira Shankman Sandra Ann Singer Donald Lloyd Spalinger Deborah Anne Spiva Linda Kay Stalling; Thomas Francis Stipulkosky John Wayne Wendel Jr. Mary Agnes Clark White Sarah Hagood Wieser Lonnie Wilbur Wilson Jr. Cynthia Ann Wright 266 INITIATES- CLASSES OF 1970 Sunya Noelle Anderson Vicki Elaine Baldridge James Craig Bartlett Larry Gene Berkman Sharon Mae Berliner Betty Ann Birdwell Linda Loraine Brannon Albert Compton Broders III Nancy Jean Browder Mary Elizabeth Colbert Susan Amanda Sparks Crosby Susan Jean Cunningham Richard Franklin Davis Scott Adrian Davis Linda Marie Mitchell Duran Douglas Nelson Easterling Reba Faustine Farrell Jenny Laura Ferguson Martha Carol Ferguson Linda Carole Flynn Jay Fogelman Steven Irwin Frank Marc Alan Freedman Barbara Gaye Pickle Freeman Donna Parsons Wier Frost Rebecca Glasscock Jonathan Bryant Grant Bonnie Blue Graves James O. Guleke II Laura Lanier Williams Harris Katherine Lee Helwick Thomas Lawrence Hendrix John Michael Horn Janice Rebecca Hullum Jane Innis Donna Lynn Isaacks Jan Alden Jordan Ronald Frank Kahn Jolie Anne Kalbaugh Virginia Wensley Koch Richard Morris Larrey Norma Karen Lawrence Barbara Ellen Leaman Mark Leshin Marcia Ann McBride Lon Allen McCarley Mack McFarland Rosemarie Belcher Meister Mario Fernando Mendez Bethy Ann Mills Margaret Elaine Roark Millsap Kenneth Allan Moore Linda Ruth Moore Roland Brice Moore III Stephen Carlton Morris Daryl Wray Nenstiel Court Bartlett Norton James Fredrick Oiesen Sidney Charlene O ' Keefe Janet Lynn dander Valerie Marie Ostarch Jean Pazderny Jeanne Ann Philquist Antoinette Louise Ponton Jennifer Lynn Redfearn Penelope Ann Reed Scott Cleveland Reeve Thomas Olin Rhymes Jr. Kaye Richardson Gary Hardin Richter Joseph Newton Riggs III Calder Louis Robertson Jr. Nancy Elizabeth Rundquist Donal Michael Sacken William Edward Sanders Robert Clifton Schoenvogel Wallace John Schroeder Emily Jane Scott David Senior Carolyn Buxton Smith Stephen Allen Smith Donald Alan Smyth Donna Drennen Soehlke Don Louis Steelman Linda Jane Stevenson Rosemary Lutteman Stewart Frank Charles Svrcek Sherry Kay Swesnik David Homer Thornberry Kathryn Frances Cain Tims Janice Kay Moore Travis Mona Jill Vexler John Ross Wallis Mary Ruth Watkins Alan Jay Weil Martha Jean Bozarth Wilson Harvey Barton Worchel John Henry Zammito Steven Edward Zinn INITIATES- ELECTED AS JUNIORS Cecil Dewayne Berry Robert Rankin Birdwell Gary Lynn Cupper Carol Louise Davis Randolph Clyde Henson Beverly Ann Ingram Joyce Marie Bankston McLaughlin Virginia Ann Howard Murphy Angeliki Papadopoulos Erin Christine Raschke Linda Nell Domel Smith Mary Lee Stewart Joseph Daniel Udovic Jack Bold Waide William Mills Walker Stephen Wilfred Yeager MEMBERS STILL IN SCHOOL Gary Ralph Allen Betty Louise Barnhill Alvin Ethelbert Cowan Jr. Mary Carol Cunningham Velvet Edwards Richard Edward Ewing Nancy Josephine Fleury Betty Marable Flowers Paulerte Hinton Gentry William Duke Greenhill Harold Dennis Grotevant Katherine Susan Gruner Sarah Elizabeth Harvey Nancy O ' Neal Hearn George Russel Hill Kathleen Anne Houlihan Edna Louise Koenig John Alan Logue Larry Lester Long Patricia Irene MacDonald Bill B. McHarg Jr. Margaret Lynn Mulvaney Rufus Walker Oliver III Neil Jeffrey Orleans Jon T. Pitts Jerrold Poizner Stanley Dean Pomarantz Judy Fayrene Pugh Kenneth Alan Pulliam Dianne Marie Robin Lynda Gayle Rogers Charles Thomas Rombough Sharon Leigh Sass Judith Ann Schiebout Marshall Mayes Searcy Edwin Reese Sharpe Jr. Wade David Shaw Barry Vaughan Smith Jane Ann Smith Michele Smith Joy Kristine Stapp Gerald Edward Streit Nancy Jane Thomas Marilyn Kay Tipton Judith Ann Vittetoe Janis Jo Volkening Martha Cone Wells Mark Dale Wigder Robert Lee Woolfolk IV Sharron Seals Young 267 Phi Beta Kinsolving Phi Beta Kinsolving is composed of Kinsolv- ing residents who are members of a recognized University scholastic honorary society or are on a Dean ' s List. Initiating new members in the fall and the spring, the organization promotes aca- demic achievement by awarding a scholarship plaque to the dormitory wing with the highest fall grade-point average. As part of the Christmas open-house in the dorm, Phi Beta Kinsolving sponsored an art show displaying the work of several members. Officers for the year were Barbara H. Ger- ber, president; Cynthia J. Tate, vice-president; Frieda S. Hale, secretary; Linda E. Shaw, histor- ian; Cathy Ann Canter, reporter; and Sara L. Doty, treasurer. Mrs. Idella Patterson and Miss Margaret Peck served as advisers. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Laura K. Andrews Barbara Allen Boyles Alice Elaine Collie Mary Gaile Christian Susan Diane Couger Shelley Jean Curtis Dianne Davis Mary Kathryn Davis Barbara Halles Susan Dianne Harrison Betty Jo Haun Sandra Kay Heard Rebecca Lucille Hegar Helen Eleanor Holcomb Sarah Holland Beverly Lane Hortorv Barbara Sue Howard Beverly Ann Ingram Sherry Jarrell Jann Johnson Charlotte Kroll Barbara Kay Mclaughlin Norma Jean Nelson Barbara Lou Nordhem Vicki Lynn Rummell Lynn Ann Schnitman Cecile Denni Schoberle Linda Joyce Shelton Judith Jo Skrivanek Jena Kay Soward Rosemary L. Stewart Maureen Ann Traynor Catherine Ann Walch Molly Ann Walker Patricia Lucy Williams FRONT ROW: Mrs. Idella Patterson, Miss Margaret Peck, Betsy Rae Bozarth, Barbara Kay Babcock, Debbie Kay Katz, Linda Irene Crockett, Nancy Weaver, Nancy Kay Duke, Glynis C. Crawford, Linda Shaw, Sara Louise Doty. SECOND ROW: Temple Gay Hild, Suzanne Stansbury, Linda Ann Childs, Cheryl J. Jennings, Catherine J. Hankamer, Jean Pazderny, Tyrell Edith Flawn, Sharon Rae Gofofth. THIRD ROW: Susanrt Diane Dolezal, Sara Merritt Simpson, Jacqueline Ann Strashun, Diana Gail Blum, Marilyn Sue Hartzell, Brenda E. Trojanowsky, Priscilla Elaine Zahn. FOURTH ROW: Frieda Sue Hale, Cathy Ann Canter, Cynthia Ann Brandimarte, Lizabeth Tankersley, Celia Dorethea Malin, Beverly An- derson, Marion Catherine Peters, Nancy K. McCleary, Barbara Hilton Gerber. 268 FALL INITIATES Mark Howard Ammerman David George Bleckley Michael Lance Brown Mark Reed Butler David Lee Edwards Stephen Martin Freeman John Scott Fry Claude B. Graves Larry Melvyn Greene Thomas Allen Hamlin Clarence Doyle Haynes James Howard Hazlewood Robert Higgins Hughes John Embry Hunt Gary Martin Jacobs Ruben Jimenez Harold Herbert Levine Alan Townes Moore Lawrence L. Moss John WendeT Nelson James David Patterson- Peter Perez Robinson Cecil Ramsey William Fitzhugh Riesser James Avery Rush Thomas Kemp Russell Robert Frank Rutledge Adolph Frank Ryza Philip Asher Sanger William Michael Small Ronald Terry Sponberg Richard Thornhill Dean Alexander Watson Stephen Whittaker Marc Francis Wiegand Larry Brant Wilson John Adron Wooley Thomas Fleming Wyrick SPRING INITIATES Joe Bailey Allen III Gary Michael Alletag Michael J. Anderson James Arthur Baker Michael Roy Banks John Thomas Barnard Michael B. Barnes Walter John Batla Philip Jay Baum Edward Siegle Baxter Gary M. Blythe Gerald Wayne Bodzy Jose Jesus Bolanos Terry Dean Box John A. Bricker Jr. Charles W. Britt Jr. Donald E. Britton Lawrence E. Brown Jr. Robert George Brown Willard E. Brown III Steven C. Bruell James Thomas Bryan Jr. Alan Ray Bullington Glenn Orrin Burchard William W. Burns Robert F. Campbell Norman Edward Carmichael Patrick Allen Carr Tony Lynn Chauveaux Donald William Chester Howard Lee Christal Stephen Michael Cohen Robert Lee Coker Jr. George B. Collier Paul Julienne Comeaux Robert David Cook David G. Cooke III Joe Gregory Cotton Philip Charles Grouse Carl Alan Crow Charles P. Grumpier Martin Thomas Cutrell III Herschel Byron Daily Stephen C. Darling Irvin A. Davidson Alexander Charles Davis Michael Thomas Day William D. Deaderick Peter Herman Deinken Brian Dinsmoor Ronnie Lynn Doerr Rodney Earl Donaldson James David Doyle Larry W. DuBose Robin Ray Embry Allan R. Emerman Eugene S. Esterak Roger Phillip Evans Gordon R. Flack John Norman Feather Gary Warren Floyd John Edward Fowlkes Dennis Frank Robert Nolan Froehner James Donald Fuchs Alan Dale Gant Pete Garcia. Floyd Wayne Glenn Norman Wilson Godfrey John Gola Jr. Crockett Lane Grabbe Mark H. Griffin William C. Grigsby Gaston J. Groos II I Bill M. Grosskopf Paul Leonard Guenther Frank J. Guilfoyle III Edward Seewald Guleke Jeffrey L. Hamilton Howard F. Hammerbeck Robert William Harper Robert G. Hartling Homayoun Hashemi Mark Hamilton Hebert Jose Rosario Hernandez Leonard Eli Hirsch Gene E. Huebner James L. R. Isbell Kenneth Roy Johnson Kent Layne Johnson Mark Russell Johnson Landy James Johnston David Ross Jones Thomas Wayne Jurik Richard James Kern Steven Marcus Kiger Thomas Duke Kimbrough Chester H. Klunick Jr. Charles P. Kominczak Cary David Kozberg Joe David Kuebler Lewis Titus LeClair Gary Steven Leff Eric William Leibrock William L. Leigon Randall Dennis Levy Edward Sibley Lewis James Newton Lewis William Austin Ligon Mike L. Locklear Jack Alan Louis Kenneth Lee Luskey Patrick Joseph Maloney Clyde C. Marshall Richard F. Martin Worthy Neil Martin James Richard McClamroch Edwin B. McClelland Stephen W. McCullough Jackie Ray McElhanon Patrick F. McGehearty Leslie Mike McUin Membership in Phi Eta Sigma, a national hon- orary scholastic fraternity, is open to all fresh- man men in the University who in the first sem- ester or equivalent of their freshman year main- tained at least a 3.5 grade-point average while carrying 12 or more semester hours. Freshmen who failed to qualify in their first semester or equivalent could become eligible by maintaining a 3.5 grade-point average in their first two sem- esters of work combined or the equivalent in at least twenty-four hours. In computing the aver- age, all work undertaken is counted. The organization recognizes scholarship in the student ' s career stimulates a continuance of high scholarship. Members are elected as soon as grades are available at the end of each semester. On November 21 and 22, the University chap- ter sponsored a regional convention which was attended by eight chapters from across the state. The banquet following initiation of fall candidates featured Stephen McClellan, dean of students, as the principal speaker and included discus- sions, led by members from different chapters, regarding the purpose and problems of Phi Eta Sigma. The concluding program of the conven- tion was a luncheon featuring Kent Landrum Jr., advisor of Texas chapter; Dean C. H. Randell of Texas A M; and Dean Lawrence T. Franks, as- sociate dean of students, as speakers. Officers for the year were W. Gene Storie, president; Louis G. Ogden, vice-president; Jose A. Pena, secretary; Roy A Anderson, treasurer; Steve N. Brooks, historian; Dan S. Boyd, House of Delegates representative; and Jack C. Kern, House of Delegates representative. William Mark McNair Goeffrey Marc Miller Robert Charles Miller Roy Herman Moffatt Jack Hutchins Moore Kevin Paul Moran Keith Lanier Morgan Randall Weaver Morse Robert Emmett Morse III Jan Eric Muhlbauer James Edward Murray James Edward Myers Dale Russell Nance Arthur Maurice Nathan Robert Wayne Nelson Arthur William Oakes Donald Ray Oakley James Walter Oler Frederick S. Orleans Daniel Gregory Oshman Mark Adrian Padon Norman W. Parrish Robert Howard Patton Harry J. Payne Jr. Kenneth Home Pearce Richard Gregory Phaneuf Randall Jay Phillips Michael N. Pinkerton Raymond W. Pircher Jr. James Douglas Poettcker Byon William Porter Stephen Douglas Powell Steven Douglas Powell Harold Keith Prasatik William M. Pressley David C. Pritchard Ballard H. Pritchett Robert Lee Quock Michael J. Raborn Charles Christopher Ragin William Gary Reed Jack Pettit Reily Thomas Wendell Reiser Raphael Reyes Edgar Wayne Richardson Gary Don Robinson Steven Ladd Rogan Randall S. Rosenberger Gary Ray Rylander Richard Neal Sanders Ranjit Sarma Lawrence D. Schwarz Gary Howard Shahan Shantilal R. Shaw James R. Shelton Walter D. Shepherd III James Kirkland Simms James B. Smith Jr. James Lacey Smith Lawrence R. Sobol Barry H. Stand ley Dan Stephen Steakley Christopher A. Stewart James Hannis Stewart Phi Eta Sigma Dennis Keith Stone Martin Lewis Stone James David Sullivan Robert H. Sweat Jr. Michael S. Sweeney Gary Lewis Sweet Arnold Ray Tag Jay Teitelbaum William C. Thomas Steven B. Thrasher William B. Trutna Jr. Byron Collin Tucker Warren E. Tuten Donald Charles Wahrmund John Frank Ward Melvin Ellis Waxier James S. Weisinger Robert V. West III Bradley Westmoreland Richard B. Whitaker Thomas Martin White Larry Alan Whitfield Kenneth W. Whitson Randall Craig Whitton Steven R. Wieland Alan Leon Willenzik Ronald Stephen Winter Roland Tamplin Wolfe Gary Stewart Wortley Bernard D. Yancey Jr. Kenney E. Yarbrough William E. York Jr. 269 Hli i i i HBM Hi " H FALL INITIATES Beverly Ann Ingram Goerge Warerly Vest Hugo A. Levi Reuben Altman Joe Harrell Jones Robert B. Walker Paula Ann Levine Michael Glen Anderson Vernon F. Jones John S. Ward David W. Lindemann Fred Eugene Attal Lewis Robert Kadushin Alan Jay Weil Lynn Lipkin William Samuel Austin Kristina E. Kahmer Janet Walsh Wright Michael Hunter Lofrin Sharon L. Bailey Kathryn Keehn John William Zern Lynn Marie Londeree James Laing Barnard Patrick Logan Keen Manuel Maldonado-Rivera William Howard Beasley III Addie Lou Lamberth Walter Marion Manly IV Larry Berkman Soohee Lee SPRING INITIATES Timothy Keith Mashburn Charles William Bode Alice Lin Agnes Ann Adams Jessie Bell Mathis Mary J. C. Bohls Margaret Hale Magness Don W. Alexander William Gary McGilvray Sharon Sue Bozarth Joe Ed Manry Carolyn Louise Allen Mary Harrell Mclntyre Linda Braselton Thomas C. Marburger Glenn Clark Andrew Beth Ellen Hogan Medrano JoAnn Snavely Bright John H. Matlock Sunya Noelle Anderson Robert D. Merrill Jack Daleth Brown Jerry R. McKibben Nancy Frances Aronoff Jimmy Tom Mills Michael Alan Buckman David C. McManus Gardner Davis Atkinson Jr. Stephen Keith Mittelstet Miriam Gutzke Burke Lolla McNuit Kathleen Burch Austin Norman Carroll Mohn Jr. Delmar E. Burkett Melinda McCracken McVey Thomas A. Bailey Sammye L. Monroe John Milton Burnham Donald L. Middleton Vickie Elaine Baldridge Thomas Allan Mote Jr. William Bryson Campbell Donald C. Mikeska David Alexander Barbour Nancy Gail Munneke John Marvin Chilton Roland Brice Moore III Havid Ernest Barker Jimmy C. Narramore Susan S. Crosby Eleanor Kay Moran Rodney D. Berg Elizabeth Jean Nickell William Henry Daniel Jeffrey Gordon Mundy Cecil Dewayne Berry Charles C. Nielson Ella Kathleen C. Davis Marilyn Jean Neuman Rebecca Black Robert Michael Nowlin Scott A. Davis Juanita Newman Madalyn Beth Bloom Brian Clifford Pahl Anna Fonda Deinken Joel Oliver James W. Bohmfalk James D. Palmer John Dominic DiFilippo Jr. June Smith Oliver Katherine Powell Boortz Donnie Franklin Parker Jr. Linda Nell Domel Valerie M. Ostarch Ronald Wayne Braun Michael C. Pelfrey Dennis Ray Dye Scott Schreiner Parker Lorraine Broil J. William Petty II Edward Arthur Eaton III Linda Carol Perdowski 1. Lynn Brown Jeanne Ann Philquist Cheryl Elaine Ellis Carol Ann Plaisted Nancy Jane Watzlavick Bucek Garrett D. Polhamus Jerry B. Eppner Vincent John Puglisi Ken Burke Sandra Marlene Ratliff Hacik Erzurumlu John K. Pylant August Joseph Caponecchi Linda Gayle Reger William Dunlap Evans Valerie Rader Charles A. Caughey William J. Reynolds Dennis Ferrell Erin R =hke Kathy Rose Center T. O. Rhymes Linda Carole Flynn J ni An " Ratzlow . ecu. Shelley Poe Roaten Jr. Dorothy Anne S. Fruchter A RobsQn Jud,th Ellen Fruchter G|e ' n ANen R ' osenbaum Nancy Geiger Griff T RQSS Jr Jonathan Grant Ronald Steven Ross Joan M. Chandler Val Clark Tyrus Raymond Cobb Jr. John L. Connell Robert Joseph Costello Ann Harriet Riggs June Alaine Robinson Alline Louise Rogers Grace Dana Runge Mary Morris Ryan Gordon Thomas Graves Dirk Schenkan James Calvin Grain Richard William Scamell Waylon Donald Griffin David Rex Siever Michael Joe Cullender Marcus Frank Schwartz Kelly Austin Guest Donald Alan Smyth Bobby K. Culpepper Carol Ann Scott Jeannette Gundel Matthew Snapp Gary Lynn Cupper Emy Lou Settle Ruth Adlof Haak Lawrence David Stern Bruce Henry Davis Francis Kelly Shuptrine Leonard Raymond Hall Sandra Lee Stuman James Vinson Derrick Alice Cynthia Simkins Maureen Harris Martin Edward Taylor Benjamin S. Dowd Sandra Sims Randy Durrett Hays David Thornberry Barbara Marie Dye Marcia Ann Sondock David Edwin Hoffman Richard Wayne Tow Mary Katherine Sorden Dykes Stephen Ross Spears Ellen Spalding Holmes William Vance Underhill Jeanne Carter Emmons Garey B. Spradley Ellen Este s Horn Peggy Uselton Marvin Ray Felder Arlene Jean Storm Clifford Harold Horsak Zinna Barth Vance Mary Florence Forbes Frank Charles Svrcek David Wayne Goodman Mary Elizabeth Swan Phi Kappa Phi honor society recognizes out- Robert Curtis Gray Mary Katherine Green Richard Dale Swenumson Linda Marie Timmons standing scholarship in all areas of academic en- deavor, not restricting membership to students Larry Richard Grisham Clay Gruesbeck Hamilton Hagar Jr. Jonathan Holt Truex Gus Gudin Tseo Wilfred Charles Uecker in a specific or limited field. James Raleigh Hamilton Ronald W. Vickery Phi Kappa Phi officers this year were Milton Dale Howard Hammond Antoinette Boutte Healey Mary Ruth Watkins Janie Rae Webb J. Thompson, past president; Wayne Holtzman, James W. Heatherington James R. Weddington president; Burnard H. Sord, president-elect; Or- ville Wyss, secretary-treasurer,- and Karl Klien, cor- Michele Heathman Randolph C. Henson Kenneth A. Hill Terry Wayne Wesley Marilyn Jo Wessels Erdmute Wenzel White respondent. Thomas Edward Hill Freda M. Holley Donald Roger Woest Priscilla Elaine Zahn The purpose of Phi Kappa Phi is to recognize Nancy Jean Holt Abram J. Zimmerman and honor students with high scholastic achieve- James K. Hopkins Walter F. Zukowski Frank Buckley Houseman ment and to encourage students who are ca- Constance Ann Howarth FALL FACULTY INITIATES pable of such work. The society devotes its in- come to the annual award of fellowships for first- Walter W. Ivie Jr. Charles Caton Johnstone Peggy Smith Jones Wayne Allen Danielson Parker Clinton Fielder Karl Fnllrc year graduate study, the establishment of funds Mary Hollers Jutson an routers Benjamin Fruchter for publication and fellowships, and the publica- tion of a journal. Barbara Jean Kaster Ruth Ann Keitz Ronald Valdiene Kidd Ira Iscoe Lynn Wade McCraw William Johnson Sheffield Robert S. Kier Victor Szebehely J. Christopher Klasing Phi Kappa Phi Karl E. Koenig Patricia H. Lawrence Barbara Ellen Leaman SPRING FACULTY INITIATES Jasper Elliott Harvey Catherine Elizabeth Lennington Chittor V. Ramamoorthy 270 FALL INITIATES Ruby Beth Allenson Mary Lue Alvis Nancy Frances Aronoff Vicki Elaine Baldridge Ann Lomax Barclay Norma Gonzalez Barrera Madalyn Beth Bloom Sandra Kay Botard Katherine Ann Bremer Nancy Jean Browder Lynn Ellen Brown Helen Chapman Linda Carol Cheatham Val Ann Clark Rochelle Faye Croft Susan Jean Cunningham Ruth Patricia Davidson Carole Jean Delaney Linda Sue Denmon Carole Elaine Essig Mary Lupe Flores Linda Carole Flynn Mary Florence Forbes Carol Lee Frank Nancy Rebecca Geiger Pauline Bruce Grant Virginia Joyce Gustafson Elaine Upton Hazleton Katherine Lee Helwick Maria Carolina Hernandez Lillie Jane Hoffman Ellen Estes Horn Lynne Elaine Horvich Anne Howard Constance Ann Howarth Catherine V. S. Hubbs Donna Lynn Isaacks Peggy J. Jones Martha E. McDonald Lolla Elizabeth McNutt Cecelia Dorothea Malin Diane Cox Martin Jessie Bell Mathis Marlene Marie Milkent Sammye Lou Monroe Patricia A. Moore Jo Ann Morris Nancy G. Munneke Elizabeth Jean Nickell Pamela Page Cynthia Lee Phillips Diana Jo Prather Beverly K. Pritchett Penelope Ann Reed Mary Morris Ryan Patricia Maxine Sampson Susan Hill Sanders Diane Lynn Scamell Emy Lou Settle Winona Bell Sims Marcia Ann Sondock Arlene J. Storm Barbara Marie Strawitz Laura Madeline Tillery Jo Ellen Tip ton Elizabeth Ina Vance Carolyn V. Williams SPRING INITIATES Kathryn Ramona Allen Luester Batieste Linda Adair Braselton Telena Lea Burk Betty B. Crowell Joyce E. Digby Carol Jean Emmert Barbara Word Fisher Donna W. Frost Mary Davon Gray Kathleen Dell Hopmann Cassandra Gail Maddox Margaret Sue Moore Nancy Lee Notley Carroll B. Parker Judith Ann Roper Bonnie Joy Root Linda Nell Sharpe Mary Elizabeth Swan Mary E. Turrentine Clara Brosch Vacek Pi Lambda Theta Pi Lambda Theta selects its members from wo- men with superior scholastic achievement and high potential for professional leadership. The society strove this year to create profes- sional and student fellowship; to foster creativity and academic excellence; and to contribute to the solution of educational, social, and cultural prob- lems of national and international concern. Speak- ers included Sylvia Jane Neustein, Frances Fal- lon Fuller, and Natalie Carter Barraga. Initiation banquets were held in the fall and spring. Fall officers were Nancy Jo Fleury, president; Joan L. Willis, vice-president; Jean Ray Hejl, secre- tary; and Judy Kay Simpson, treasurer. The spring officers were Joan L. Willis, president; Nancy G. Munneke, vice-president; Jean Ray Hejl, secre- tary; and Donna Lynn Isaacks, treasurer. Jewel Popham Raschke, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction, served as sponsor. A tea was held in December to familiarize the new initiates with the functions of Pi Lambda Theta. 271 Texas State Teachers ' Association representative addressed members and prospective members of Pi Omega Pi. Pi Omega Pi A national honorary and professional society for business and education coeds, Pi Omega Pi seeks to promote interest in scholarship and citi- zenship. The organization emphasizes high ethi- cal standards in business and professional life and service as the basis of all worthy enterprise. Students maintaining a 3.0 grade-point average in business and education courses are eligible for membership. Throughout the year, Gamma Omega members sponsored shorthand night labs for students. The chapter also assisted with the annual typewriting and shorthand contests at the University Inter- scholastic League competition in the spring. Officers were Diana J. Harris, president; Paula Jean Blossom, vice-president; Carmen J. Gallo- way, secretary; Willadene Voigt, treasurer; and Martha Elaine Green, historian-reporter. Faculty sponsors for the year were Doris Burk Looney and Marie Payne Schmidt, instructors in office administration. MEMBERS Paula Jean Blossom Carla Vee Feuerbacher Carmen Janine Galloway Martha Elaine Green Melody Ann Grusy Diana Jean Harris Judy M. Long Carolyn Hinton Page Rebecca Gay Rotholz Willadene Voigt INITIATES Vicky Bauske Farar Beverly Ann Harrison Cheri Dorsey Hurt Olivia Langdon Arlene J. Storm Bobbie Lou Tarpley FRONT ROW: Diana Harris, Carmen J. Galloway. SECOND ROW: Carla Lee Feuerbacher, Rebecca Gay Rotholz, Paula Jean Blossom, Judy Long, Melody Ann Grusy. THIRD ROW: Martha E. Green, Willadene Voigt. 272 " wbtti At the spring initiation banquet, Edward Taborsky, government profes- sor, chats with Mrs. Gronouski and John A. Gronouski, dean of the Lyndon Johnson School of Public Affairs. OftC j W MEMBERS Sandra Lynne Albrecht Gordon Keith Anders Richard Eugene Bell Robert Warren Bouldin Edwin John Bull Howard Glenn Burkett David Luther Caffey Richard Flinn Craig Ernest Agee Grain Margery Hattie Engel Mary Florence Forbes Albert Lee Giddens Robert Gray John Pierce Griffin Judith Faye Hanson Barbara Kay Kasch Harvey Lee Mayton Frederic C. Morse Kaye Richardson Sharon L. Sass Linda Kay Steen Janet Louise Stockard David Homer Thornberry Reinhard Voigt Peggy W. Uselton FALL INITIATES David Judd Aronofsky Taffy Diane Bagley Jean A. Childers Marjorie Ann Cook Carol B. Cummings Frank F. Davis David Bryan Dlouhy Carolyn Mary Doak Margaret Susan Goggan Lorna Lee Grenadier Thomas Lynn Hunt Rex Jackson Hutcheson Gail Johns Barbara Jo Levy Tryon Dexter Lewis James Thomas Osborn Joseph Newton Riggs Peggy M. Russell Eddie Ray Seigler Mike Woodrow Sharp Michael George Shirley Craig Hinman Smith Molly Tyner White Bruce Allen Wolfson John Charles Zimmerman SPRING INITIATES Ralph E. Anderson Sharon Lynn Bechtold Nancy Jean Browder Susan Chandler Callahan Kathleen W. Clewis Martha Arline Cox David M. Davis John D. Dowdey Jr. Douglas N. Easterling Mary Elizabeth Emrick George Franklin Goolsby Terry Jan Guess Halleta Gene Hightower Patrick Lynn Hodges Marsha Kay Law Dean Andrew Littlepage Shelley Ann Mabe Dale Gene Markland Rose-Ellen May Neil Douglas McFeeley Janet Louise Meek Douglas J. Murray David Seth Nesenholtz Charles Paul Neuffer III Lamar B. Piboin Jr. Elizabeth Ann Pyndus Diana Lynne Simons John D. Williams Jr. Paul William Worth The Alpha chapter of Pi Sigma, a government honorary society, is open to students who main- tain an A average in their work in government, and at least a B average in all other work. The club sponsored a program on Oct. 29, to acquaint undergraduate students with the type of work they will encounter in graduate study in govern- ment and law. A panel composed of Ronald George Brey, David Charles Perry, Alan M. Sager, and Alan Mayhew Shinn Jr., of the government department and Thomas J. Gibson of the school of law answered questions about graduate study and job opportunities in government and law. Pi Sigma initiated its fall members at an in- formal party at the home of the faculty sponsor, Edward Taborsky, on Dec. 5. A spring banquet and initiation was planned with a nationally known speaker as a guest. The officers were John Pierce Griffin, presi- dent; Judith Faye Hanson, vice-president; and Janet Louise Stockard, secretary-treasurer. Pi Sigma Alpha 273 FRONT ROW: Gary Virgil Lehmberg, H. Lee Morris, Gordon George Park, James Duane Palmer, Richard Earl Doerr. SECOND ROW: Stephen Malkin, Arthur Edward Stephens, Clifford Mike Naeve, Terry Hodges Might, John Christoph Klasing. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: John W. Hunt, Gary Wayne Watt, David Alan Smith. Pi Tau Sigma FALL PLEDGES Thomas Delp Blount James Charles Ephraim Terry Hodges Might Gilford Paul Johnson Charles Larry Meador Michael Naeve William Forrest Weldon SPRING PLEDGES Robert Charles Houlgrave Arun Jain Paul Allen Jensen, Honorary Gordon Taylor Lepley Everett Bruce Lomax Mark Lynn Matthews Stephen Ward Naeve Garrett Douglas Polhamut John William Rhea Nerio Antonio Rodriguez James O ' Neal Routt William Thomas Thweatt Jr. Pi Tau Sigma, honorary mechanical engineer- ing fraternity, fosters a bond of friendship among mechanical engineering students and professional mechanical engineers. Members were selected on the basis of personal attributes, high scholastic standing, faculty rating, and opinions of other members. This year, an important project for members was preparation for the Pi Tau Sigma national convention to be held in Austin in 1971. In addi- tion, the society offered tutoring services to un- dergraduates and sponsored a faculty bulletin board to better acquaint students with professors in the mechanical engineering department. Officers were Arthur E. Stephens, president; James D. Palmer, vice-president; J. Chris Klasing, corresponding secretary; Jack Hunt, recording secretary; and Gordon G. Park, treasurer. Stephen Malkin, assistant professor of mechanical en- gineering, served as faculty sponsor. : - - ; : : : 274 Praetorian Guard An honorary social-service military fraternity, the Praetorian Guard is composed of outstanding cadets and midshipmen of the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC units. Its goal is to develop in its members qualities of good officers through prac- tical experience in military leadership, academic training, and social activities. As a service organization, the Praetorian Guard acted as the aggressor force for the Army ROTC Field Training Exercise in the spring. Members raised pennants and flags around Memorial Sta- dium for football games and the Texas Relays, and sponsored the sixth annual Central Texas In- vitational Rifle Match, the largest gallery match in the state. Social activities included the fall Masquerade Ball and the traditional spring Round-Up party. Fall officers were Richard George Kramer, com- mander; Larry Allen Farrow, executive officer; Joseph Charles Nicols, executive adjutant; Dan C. Weatherly, S-l; Jon Alvin Beisenherz, S-2; Jon Ronald Rios, S-3; David Edward Garner, S-4; and Paul Stewart Bounds, S-5. Spring officers included Richard George Kram- er, commander; Dan C. Weatherly, executive of- ficer; Robert Enoch Illes, executive adjutant; Char- les E. Baker, S-l; John Thomas Ferguson, S-2; Jon Ronald Rios, S-3; Charles Edward Dorsett, S-4; and Paul Stewart Bounds, S-5. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Charles E. Baker Jon A. Beisenherz Michael L. Boland John D. Boswell Bryan D. Chenault Robert E. Copeland Robert H. Hadd Glenn J. Harrold Robert M. Home Gary H. King William D. Knox Joseph E. Leinenbach John F. Merris Jack L. Meyer Stephen W. Southwell Frank H. Wagner Jr. Randy W. Williams FALL INITIATES George D. Andrew Michael J. Balough John B. Branch Jerry W. Dalton Robert R. Gannaway Audey D. Hubbard Samuel P. March Ricardo S. Sanchez Wayne O. Swift William N. Thams FRONT ROW: Capt. Stan Leishner, Richard Kramer, Linda Stephens, Larry Farrow, Joseph Nicols, Joseph Gonzales. SECOND ROW: Paul Bounds, Jon Rios, David Garner, Charles Rutty, Robert Illes, Charles Dorsett. THIRD ROW: Dan Weatherly, Robert Gannaway, William Thams, Steve Gerecke, George Andrew, John Richey, Robert Crites. FOURTH ROW: Ricardo Sanchez, John Branch, Jerry Dalton, Audie Hubbard, Wayne Swift, Mike Balough, Greg Miller. 275 Psi Chi Honoring psychology students who excelled in their field, the University ' s Psi Chi chapter set as its goal the improvement of the educational opportunities and experience of both graduate and undergraduate students. The chapter sponsored weekly sandwich semi- nars at which members of the Departments of Psychology and Educational Psychology spoke. Janet Taylor Spence, chairman of the psychology department, and Carl T. Hereford, acting chair- man of the educational psychology department, were the initial speakers, and were followed by Abram Amsel, Jere Brophy and Thomas Good, Arnold Buss, Wilson Judd, and Devendra Singh. An outstanding guest speaker was James Kava- naugh, ex-priest and author. Officers worked as a liaison between faculty and students who were interested in doing re- search in a particular area. This counseling service was used frequently both semesters. Psi Chi also assisted in preparation of the Department of Psy- chology ' s exhibit in Round-Up Showcase. Officers for the year were Robert Glenn Barker, president; Roland Brice Moore, vice-president; Peggy Marie Goulding, vice-president; and Joy Kristine Stapp, secretary-treasurer. Faculty advis- ors included Victor H. Appel, associate professor of educational psychology,- Robert L. Helmreich, assistant professor of psychology; and Clarke A. Burnham, assistant professor of psychology. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Michael Alton Anderson Philip Dupont Baugh Thomas Carl Chase III Catherine Christner Thomas Carolin Clay III Lance Anthony Craig Catherine A. Crutchfield Ben Evans Dowell Nancy Lerich Dwyer Harvey Radnor Eanes Judith Suzanne Evans Jeffrey Howard Friedman Anita Pratt Henry Charlotte R. Hill David Carl Hollrah Jan Alden Jordan Patricia I. MacDonald Ronald Lee Moore Michael Gordon Mulcahy Hafvey P. Oshman Harriet Jean Romigh Diana Kate Sledge David Eugene Smith Janee Brown Sweeney Mary Jane Woods GRADUATE MEMBERS Phyllis A. Culmer Ella C. Davis Charles Robert Ervin Renato Espinosa Lewis Robert Kadushin Edward C. King Jr. Kenneth F. Kopel Thomas Joseph Nagy Catherine Norwood John George Nyby Bill Bailey Peters Isabelle Wheaton INITIATES NOT PICTURED Brenda Kaye Barton Lorraine Therese Broil Robert Lewis Fine Myrna Mae Neal Jay Gilbert Sacks Barbara Ann Schutze Kathleen Ann Senior FRONT ROW: Sigmund, Joy Stapp, Meg Clifton, Linda Brannon, Peggy Goulding, Catherine Cotton. SECOND ROW: Robert Barton, Daniel Pitts, Ronald McCraw, Robert Levy, Paul Neumann, Thomas Chase. THIRD ROW: Robert Helmreich, Robert Barker, Barry Humphfers, Charles Fitz- Simmons, Kenneth Wilson, William Gray. 276 jeirrey vviuiam nenKe, u. Russell Green, Charles Bradley MEMBERS John T. Amend Kenneth B. Armstrong Edwin J. Arnold John M. Ballard Kenneth L. Bennight Harold W. Biesemeier Carl L. Boren Grant S. Bouck Paul S. Bounds Robert A. Bowie II Charles Bradley Jr. Charles Brauer James A. Broaddus Bruce B. Byron John W. Gates John M. Cocke Tomas Coronado Alvin E. Cowan William C. Craig William C. Dvorak Michael T. Edmond Paul F. Eschenfelder Larry A. Farrow Douglas F. Fisher George M. Fleming Roberto Flores Jr. James R. Frisbie Michael L. Gale Francis O. Galloway Wayne E. Gathers Joseph P. Gonzales John T. Goodloe Barry R. Green Atanacio C. Guillen Glen J. Harrold Jeffrey W. Henke Frank J. Houzvicka William S. Igo Robert E. Hies S. G. Jackson Robert W. Jenkins Robert L. Kissel Ronald M. Kissman Joseph E. Leinenbach Robert C. Lewis John B. Lindemood William M. Martin Thomas J. McDonald Paul B. W. Miller Louis E. Mize David N. Moller Frederick J. Moon Joseph Nicols John C. Pritchard Robert R. Ries Joseph M. Ross Gregory A. Salyers Paul J. Stewart Michal A. Tatone Frank A. Tovar Richard B. Wellborn Larry N. Willis Lance A. Wirtlif Terry E. Woods Herbert R. Wright Steven R. Zimmer SPRING INITIATES Gilbert Wesson Bailey II Eugene Frank Behal Randal Scott McDonald Elton Thrasher Page David John Rizy Melton Vaughn Soders Thomas Edward Tennison Sam Ollie Brooks Lawrence Jack Carmichael Victor O. Diaz DeLeon Jr. Robert Lewis Frank Stephen Lee Gerecke George Franklin Goolsby Thomas Melville Hemmer Michael Wayne Killey Michael E. McLelland Samuel Edward Pantusa William A. Stevens Terence P. Timmons Charles S. Turet Jr. A national honorary organization for ROTC upperclassmen, Scabbard and Blade is composed of outstanding cadets and midshipmen in the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC units. Members are chosen on the basis of leadership potential, professional accomplishments, and scholastic records. During the spring, Scabbard and Blade spon- sored the fifth annual University of Texas Invita- tional College Drill Team Competition. Officers for the year were David N. Moller, cap- tain; Alvin E. Cowan, first lieutenant; Francis O. Galloway, second lieutenant; and Douglas F. Fisher, first sergeant. Capt. Stanley L. Laischner, US Army, served as faculty advisor. Scabbard Blade 277 FRONT ROW: Beverly Benner, Cheryl Goodman, Norma Garza, Peggy Mullings, Judith Jones, Peggy Vana. SECOND ROW: Tiffany Jones, Diane Moore, Peggy Odell, Susan Priest, Donna Griffiths. THIRD ROW: Pamela Kingsley, Jean Wilson, Kathy Huebinger, Betty Edwards, Janie AAcBride. FOURTH ROW: Deborah Smith, Pamela Smith, Sylvia Verheyden, Ann Henry, Karen Martin. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Karen Elaine Barton, Susan Marie Glasgow, Elizabeth M. Holcomb, Marcia Ann McBride. SPRING INITIATES Jocelyn Becky Alvis Carolyn Baer Carol Ann Batty Carol Linda Boggs Rebecca Bolding Jan Campbell Linda Cangelosi Martha Sue Carleton Rosemary Coffman Janis Lynn Copeland Donna Gwen Dolezal Laurel Ann Eckhardt Deborah Everett Carol Jean Fishbeck Valerie Kay Foster Janet Lee Harkness Susan Hudson Jackie Sue James Kathy Lee Lambert Maria Olivia Martinez Martha Karen McKee Cherrie Ritchie Debbie Rogers Pam Rogers Kristine Sanders Patricia Ann Tausend Lynn Tracy Carolyn Walden Melanie Waldhauser Mary Ann Welsch Scope In its sixth year, SCOPE, the Blanton dormitory honorary organization, emphasized the impor- tance of scholastic achievement among dorm resi- dents. An overall 3.0 grade-point average is re- quired for membership. Services for Blanton wo- men maintained by SCOPE included a quiz file and posted lists of upperclassmen members and their majors. Initiation was conducted in the fall and spring. Officers for the year were Beverly Ann Benner, president; Karen Sue Martin, vice-president; Betty Jo Edwards, secretary-treasurer; and Mary Jane McBride, reporter. Mrs. Ruth Mercia Moore served as adviser. Fall initiates were Renee Antoinette Bertrand and Telena Lea Burk. 278 Sigma Gamma Tau recognizes scholarship, in- tegrity, and outstanding achievement in aero- space engineering. This year the society started a semi-annual newspaper for the Aerospace Engineering Depart- ment and sponsored the NASA educational film series in the spring. Sigma Gamma Tau was formed in 1953 by the merger of two national aerospace engineering honor societies, Tau Omega and Tau Alpha Rho. The society has increased its original 14 chapters to 20 throughout the United States, with a mem- bership of over 5,000. University chapter officers this year were Ken- neth Griffin, president; Don James Hull, vice- president; Joe Gary Perser, treasurer; and Mary Kathleen Horn, secretary. David George Hull, as- sistant professor of aerospace engineering, and Wallace T. Fowler, associate professor of aero- space engineering, were faculty advisors. MEMBERS Chul Young Choe Jai Seunj Choi David Keith Gartling Kenneth E. Griffin John Christian Hinkle Marvin C. Holcomb Mary Kathleen Horn Singsun Huang Don James Hull Douglas Scott Ingram Ray Warren James Donald Jones James Shiro Kishi John F. Kopsky Joe Gary Perser Robert Smith Herbert J. Sutherland James Wortham William Wray James Aubrey Young FALL PLEDGES Barry Kirk Benedict Oliver Carl Brown Dennis C. Haley Joseph Luis Huerta Randy Lane Leach William Gary McGilvray Edward Paul Nolle Warren Page Schneider Jack Weller Seiders Robert F. Shanks Michael J. Smith Sigma Gamma Tau SPRING PLEDGES Wesley B. Ammerman James Lucian Batson Craig Alan Blaising Jerry Lee Borrer Otis Eugene Byrd Stephen F. Chenault Tomas Coronado Harry Wayne Ehlers Ronald Wilson Greene J. L. Junqueira James Richard Koteras Ross Neal Mills Charles Lawrence Smith Danny Wayne Steger 279 Tau Beta Pi The Tau Beta Pi Association, national engineer- ing honor society, was founded at Lehigh Uni- versity in 1885 to offer appropriate recognition for superior scholarship and exemplary char- acter to technical students and professional per- sons. Since 1885, Tau Beta Pi has ' grown to be a vital force in the engineering world, with col- legiate chapters at 133 institutions, alumnus chap- ters in 39 cities, and a total initiated membership of over 1 50,000. Texas Alpha, the University chapter of Tau Beta Pi, was organized in 1916. Encompassing all branches of the field, the Texas Alpha chapter recognizes outstanding students majoring in en- gineering. Only students in the upper fifth of the senior class, the upper eighth of the junior class, and a few graduate students were eligible scho- lastically for membership consideration. Character and personality were other major factors in de- termining the election to membership. Officers for the 1969-70 academic year were John C. Hinkle, president; Terry H. Hight, vice- president; Robert E. Stovall, corresponding secre- tary; M. Sidney Glasscock, recording secretary; and H. Grady Rylander, treasurer. Members of the faculty advisory board were Ned H. Burns, associate professor of civil en- gineering; John C. Westkaemper, associate profes- sor of aerospace engineering; Eugene H. Wissler, professor of chemical engineering; and Dr. Fred B. Vogt, professor of biomedical engineering. MEMBERS Stephen Dan Andrews Michael W. Bealmear James R. Bennett William R. Berry Oliver Carl Brown Robert G. Bush Tomas Coronado Robert A. Cullen Joseph B. Dennis Donald Allton Dodd Richard Earl Doerr James Charles Ephraim Maynard Sidney Glasscock Paul Allen Good Kenneth E. Griffin Tommy Joe Higgins Terry Hodges Hight Jimmie Wayne Hinze Ronald Paul Hughes Don James Hull John W. Hunt Ray Warren James Gary Virgil Lehmberg David J. Lutrick Randy Brian Machemehl Voldi E. Maki Jan D. Marshall Robert Bruce McCann Charles L. Meador Alton Ray Miihlhouse Kenneth Allan Moore Macka Lee Murrah H. Lee Morris James Duane Palmer Gordon George Park Arthur Ivan Pearson William F. Rickrim Michael Glenn Riegel Henry Grady Rylander George Tinus Schaefer David Alan Smith Michael E. Spak Arthur Edward Stephens Robert Edward Stovall Paul Alan Sweet Bruce Cary Thornton Charles E. Vinson Gary Wayne Watt David Emile Winslow James A. Wortham George C. Wright James M. Wyatt FALL PLEDGES Santiago S. Aguirre Glenn Clark Andrew Nassar Hassan Ata Robert Royal Baker Raymond John Batla Roland Clyburn Baylor Robert Ernest Baze Barry Kirk Benedict Johnny Lee Berry Thomas Delp Blount David Bishop Cabe Curtis Wayne Carr William Erwin Carroll Jr. John Warren Cates Vernon Harvey Crossley Hacik Erzurumlu Arthur James Estes Dennis Werner Feller Anthony Max Fern Lawrence Glen Griffis Edgar Dennis Griffith Thomas David Griffith Richard Dennis Grosskopf Robert Warren Gunn Dennis Clyde Haley Paul Robert Hartmann Joseph Luis Huerta Gilford. Paul Johnson James Walter Kamas Richard Gilbert Karm Larry Anthony Kasiske Dan Harding Kennedy Jerry Malcom Keys John Christoph Klasing Freddie David Knight Max Lawrence Kroschel Randy Lane Leach Rodney Earl Lee Gordon Taylor Lepley III Joseph Traylor Lynch Melvin Donald McDonald Steven Allan McFarland William Gary McGilvray Floyd Robert Miller Ross Neal Mills Clifford Milo Naeve Stephen Ward Naeve Alvin Dale Nirider Edward Paul Nolte Jr. Michael Owens Ralph Edward Page Jr. Robert Warren Pederson Joe Gary Perser Melton Royce Pipes Michael Steen Reese William Joseph Schaffer Warren Page Schneider Robert Foran Shanks Michael Joseph Sheen Jack Boyd Sheffield Michael Jonathan Smith Dennis Lee Talley Joe E. Winegardner Harold Worthington Yates SPRING PLEDGES Wesley B. Ammerman Robbin Bruce Anderson Anita Jane Beasely William Lightner Bird Craig Alan Blaising Jerry Lee Borrer Michael Jeffrey Briggs Robert Lawrence Bright James A. Broaddus William Payne Bulloch Jr. Samuel D. Burnett Michael Gerard Bush Michael Bruce Calhoun Paul Alfred Castiglione Kenneth L. Cavanaugh Earl Carlyle Center Walter Wayne Chambers Stephen F. Chenault John Wallace Cooper Patrick William Coym Robert Lynn Cuthbertson Harry Wayne Ehlers William George Gurasich Gary Boyd Guy Mary Kathy Horn Robert Charles Houlgrave David Kent Isbell Richard Lee King Freddie David Knight David Kenneth Kumpf Stephen Taylor Kush Everitt Bruce Lomax Ali Ghormullah Maadah Van Doak McAdams Charles Anthony McCain James Leonard Macdonald Kenneth Charles Nelson Michael Boyd Owen James Robert Peterson Robert Paul Poythress Stanley Charles Rech John W. Rhea Thomas Wayne Rioux Robert Elgin Robertson Nerio Antonio Rodriguez Samuel Hayes Rogers James O ' Neal Routt Jack Weller Seiders Edward Douglas Sethnets Jr. Shantilal R. Shaw James Shaw Sherman Charles Lawrence Smith Thomas Scott Smith Danny Wayne Steger William T. Thweatt Robert Steve Truss Ronald Wayne Vickery Steven Jay Von Stein John Thomas Wall James Andrew Watson Kenneth Lee Yoast Ross Wayne Zwernemann 280 Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma, a national honorary sorority for college bandswomen, is an active group with- in the University Longhorn Band. Its members must have been in the Longhorn Band at least one year and have demonstrated an interest in serving the band. Services to the band included publishing a directory of band members both in the summer and fall; altering uniforms to fit the new mem- bers; and preparing iced tea and cup cakes for meals before each home football game. Members were also in charge of sales of the 1969 Long- horn Band albums. Other fall activities included a birthday party for band director Vincent R. Di- Nino, an ice cream party for freshman girls, a Sunday afternoon paper drive, and a flag foot- ball game with sorority members competing with a team of freshman gridders. The outstanding spring activity was the host- ing of the 1970 district VI Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi convention held on campus April 9-11. National officers of Tau Beta Sigma as well as sorority members from Arkansas, Loui- siana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Texas were in attendance at the convention. In the spring the chapter sponsored the annual chapter awards banquet. Chapter officers were Rita L. Williams, presi- dent; Carolyn G. Bobo, vice-president; Janice S. Simpson, secretary; Diane C. Mathews, treasurer; Joyce I. Braden, historian; and Linda M. Ward, parliamentarian. Chapter sponsors were Mrs. Patsy Hejl, past national president, and Vincent R. DiNino. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Gloria Amescua Barbara Ann Burtner Carla Vee Feuerbacher Mary Peters Heard Karen Kay King Nancy Jane Moore Gayle Margaret Pegler Cynthia Yvonne Raesener Linda Jane Stevenson Josephine Mary Warner Patricia Ann Westbrook FALL INITIATES Sandra Kay Barber Victoria Ann Burks Catherine Ann Cave Kathy Rose Center Deborah Elaine French Janis Louise Glenn Karen Kay King Kay Lorraine Knigge Kathryn Maree Lindsay Marie Elaine Love Linda Lee Millier Margaret Ann Reinhardt Sara Catherine Rider Susan Voskamp SPRING PLEDGES Terry Lynn Bryant Terri Revell Patterson Cheryl Ann Root FRONT ROW: . Rita Williams, Diane Mathews, Joyce Braden, Janice Simpson, Linda Marie Ward, Carolyn Bobo. SECOND ROW: Lexie Grusy, Marie Love, Judy Stage, Cindy Montandon, Janis Glenn, Cathy Cave, Kathy Center, Lynn Stipulkosky, Sandy Barber, Linda L. Word. THIRD ROW: Jo Lyn Tillerson, Sara Rider, Ann Wright, Sherilyn Willhoite, Mar- garet Reinhardt, Kathy Lindsay, Nancy Siegmund, Ann Yelderman, Mollie Hejl, Jean Ann Niles, Lynn Kohlenberg, Tory Burks, Patsy Hejl, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Haik, Jane Huston, Karen Kirkpatrick, Linda Millier, Shea Freasier, Susan Voskamp, Debby French, Kay Knigge, Barbara Stromberg, Jeanne Ann Williams. 281 Alpha Phi Omega The Alpha Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is recognized nationally for its meaningful service program. Campus projects range from pushing wheelchairs to manning polls for campus elections. In the Austin community, APO is involved in work at the Austin Cerebral Palsy Center, Mary Lee School, Human Rights Center, all of the state schools, and numerous other projects. Scout- ing projects include sponsoring a blind scout troop and assisting with major scouting functions in the area. Officers for the fall were Lynn Wade AAalone, president; Robert E. Pennington, administrative vice-president; Steven Joseph Sicking, service vice-president; Robert Wayne Batson, member- ship vice-president; Robert Alexander McLean, treasurer; David Alan Whitesides, secretary; and Thomas Joseph Switser, reporter. Spring semester officers were Robert E. Pen- nington, president; Steven Joseph Sicking, ad- ministrative vice-president; Robert Alexander McLean, service vice-president; Bruce Alan Goran- son, membership vice-president; Harold Hill Gold- smith, treasurer; Eddie Go|dsberry, secretary; and Donald Steven Robinson, reporter. This year Alpha Rho members will average over 70 hours per man of service to their fellow students and members of the Austin community. Through human concern and active involvement, the brothers of Alpha Rho continue to share in the daily world of man. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED John Franklin Aman Kenneth B. Armstrong George Cruz Austria Stephen Smtih Autry Herbert Arthur Bailey Jr. William B. Batson Thomas James Beck Robert Freddy Berkshire Stephen L Bires Jr. David Lee Black Terrance Lynn Bowman Charles Stephen Brasher William Howard Brooks Robert Ragan Broyles Jr. Charles Wesley Bryant Leonard William Cain Rudolfo F. Castillo Barry William Chinn Clarence Randy Clark George Edward Codina Jimmy S. Davis Benjamin J. Dean III Tieman H. Dippel Ernie Michael Eden Robert Eugene Eickmann William Gregory Elliott Kuo Wat Eng Thomas Henry Eng Russell Scott Fields William Carl Fonteno Michael Dean Ford Gary Lee Gandy Bobby Lee Gant Dwight Richard Card Mark Wayne Garretson Ben Golding Rudy Gonzales David Mark Grammer Gordon Wesley Hardin Harry Irwin Harelik Garry George Hilliard Kenneth Walter Hinfon Frank John Housvick ' a Ronald Curtis Jackson William Mike Johnson William Scott Jordan Michael S. Juden Mark Randolph Koch Karl E. Koenig Thomas James Kreston Alex Law Robert Gene Lea Edwin Lamar Lentz Tom H. Littlepage Jack Delbert McClellan Michael Wayne Mclntire Clinton Edward McNabb Forest McNair John Clark Modesette Arthur Ellis Moon Bruce O. Moses Richard Alan Nicholas Dow Edward Palmer Freddie Eugene Polk Albert H. Preciado James H. Randals Don L. Richey Thomas Allen Richey David Wails Roach Donald Steven Robinson Alfred Ellis Rogers Michael Lewis Rogers Don Minchen Schaffer Warren Page Schneider Leslie Errol Schoppe Donald Roy Seilheimer Thomas J. Sibley Gary H. Stewart Leo Paul Stricklin John Woodrow Taylor Roy Wayne Thompson Patrick F. Timmons . David Nicholas Todd Douglas T. Van Zandt Marke Daryl Webb Terry Lee Wells Richard Frank White Harry James Williams Carroll Edward Wright Joseph Kanbor Wu Allison Sing Yee Charles P. Zlatkovich Alpha Phi Omega displayed the world ' s largest Texas flag at pre-game shows. 282 SPRING PLEDGES Suhail Afzal John Michael Archer Andrew John Bell Edward V. Chambers III Forrest Edwin Cockrell Carlos Eliseo Cuellar Carl Allen Deuschle Cecil Charles Frederick Jr. Larry Douglas George Howard Lee Harkness Mohammed Raftique Jangda Gerald Daniel Little Harry Steven Lynch Jr. Scott McCarroll Richard J. McClintic Robert Terry Mitchell Oren Anslem Mulkey Jr. Eugene J. Notebaert Jr. James Robert Reinhart Larry James Sommer Thomas Owen Werry Richard B. Whitaker Rodrick James White Robert Hartley Wilkinson Results of campus elections were tabulated by APO ' s with the help of computers. As a service project, APO ' s took disabled students to class. FRONT ROW: Robert Batson, Ronald Buls, David Whitesides, Harold Goldsmith, Robert McLean, Robert Pennington, Becky Woodard, Lynn Malone, Steven Sicking, Bruce Goranson, Ronald Gardner, Hal Hagemeier, Tom Switser, Michael Bucek. SECOND ROW: Rudolf Cantu, David Dobyns, William Roddy, Richard Falcon, Arthur Holder, Serapio Montez, William Perdue, Louis Raveley, Michael Mahaffey, Jesda Watin, Paul Rosenberg, Munishwar Arya, Bert Shivers, Ronny Webb, Ronald Sponberg, Michael Childs. THIRD ROW: Michael Gay, Gary Gilloy, Gary Leech, Joseph Wu, James Martino, Edwin Arnold, Robert Kleineck, Jimmy Reyes, Lawrence Abramson, Ben Knape, Edward Goldsberry, Norman Beitch, David Frish- man, Ray Spears, Samuel Parry. FOURTH ROW: Edward Stovall, Michael Conley, David Stevenson, Mark Garretson, David Cleveland, Barry Racusin, Thomas Gornick, Garrell Webb, Randy Marshall, Allen Gilley, Bob Bliss, Kenneth Hinton, John Zizelmann, Michael Parker. FIFTH ROW: David Pena, Lynn Kizer, Don Vacek, Charles Brasher, George Bull, Larry Dubose, Michael Juden, Sammy Bauer, Edwin Lentz, James Flodine, Dow Palmer, William Abright, Junious Arrant, Mark Henslee. SIXTH ROW: Terence Timmons, Roy Snell, Eric Aufderhaar, Dale Rylander, Alfred Landon, Donald Claussen, Lawerence Gindler, Sam Sitton, Perry Morris, William Elliott, Bryan Ferguson. SEVENTH ROW: Jon Oelrich, Joseph Watosn, Ronald Franklin, Gary Munneke, Carl Peterson, Joe Mahaney, Mitchell Breedlove, James Welch, Fred Ribar, John York, Robert McClendon, John Lytton, Scott Reeve. EIGHTH ROW: Robert Robertson, Abe Frishman. 283 Campus Girl Scouts During its second year as a student organi- zation at the University, the Campus Girl Scouts this year continued activities to assist the local Lone Star Girl Scout Council and to help bridge the gap between Senior and Adult scouting. Chartered nationally by the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., membership was open to all University coeds. In keeping with its major objectives of serving the campus, community, and council, the group participated in many projects. Campus Girl Scouts encouraged girls to stay in scouting and helped organize and lead troops in East Austin. Members of the group assisted in planning several council-wide events, including the annual meeting of the Lone Star Girl Scout Council in November, a Cadette Scout court of honor work- shop in January, and a Junior Scout event in May focusing on the founding of New Braunfels. Campus Girl Scouts conducted tours of the campus for troops and helped orient prospective University coeds to campus life. The group also helped in the council planning of Action 70, a national Girl Scout effort to help end prejudice and promote better understanding. In addition, Campus Girl Scouts assisted in making repairs to the scout cabin in Zilker Park, served as aides during three troop camps, and served on several council committees. Officers were Virginia Anne Banks, president; Susan Kaye Fannin, vice-president; and Laurie Ellen Scott, secretary-treasurer. Miss Ruth Smith, assistant to the dean of students, was group advisor. With money going into many funds, Girl Scouts again sold cookies. FRONT TO BACK: Claire Collier, Charnita Spring, Nadine Spring, Janice Jennett, Laurie Scott, Josephine Mays, Lynn Zedler, Kay Wendlandt, Christine Conlon, Ginger Banks. 284 FRONT ROW: Ronald Bellinger, Rebecca Utsey, Barbara Myers, Marsha Brooks, Janice Avery, Nancy Edwards, Jim Batte. SECOND ROW: Herman Harrison, Gery Moffatt, John Akins, Ginger Kerb, Paul Hagen, Michael Warlick. THIRD ROW: David Pate, Lionel Valentine, Bobby Lange, Philip Holt, Rev. Francis Chruma. A guitarist entertained Chi Alpha members at a weekly meetin The Alpha Pi chapter of Chi Alpha continued to promote interest in the Christian Charismatic movement on the University campus. A national religious organization, Chi Alpha is open to stu- dents of all denominations. Members sought to maintain a balance of worship, training, fellowship, and evangelism through Bible studies, devotionals, special speakers, parties, hayrides, and banquets. Officers for the group were Ronald Clint Bol- linger, president; Rebecca Ann Utesy, vice-presi- dent; Herman Wade Harrison, secretary-treasurer; Paul Lee Bruce, historian; and the Rev. J. F. Owen, chaplain. Charles Meisgeier, assistant professor of educational administration and of special education, served as advisor. Chi Alpha 285 Choral Directors Assisting Morris J. Beachy, director of choral organizations, this year were Alaire Lowry, di- rector of the Women ' s Concert Choir and Southern Singers; J. D. Goddard, director of Men ' s Glee Club; Ed Otto, director of Varsity Singers; Jerry Roberts, director of Longhorn Singers; and John C. Winkler, director of Uni- versity Chorus. Over 600 students participated in the eight separate choral ensembles this year. Performances were given in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. To date, choral organizations have repre- sented the University in 22 countries. Member- ship continues to be made up of students from all departments and schools of the University. Morris J. Beachy, director or choral organizations J. 0. Goddard John C. Winkler Alaire Lowry Ed Otto 286 A Cappella Choir The A Cappella Choir was honored this year with an invitation to participate in the South- western Choral Conductors conference in Baton Rouge, La., in February. The choir gave concerts in Houston, Galveston, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans as a part of the annual conference spring tour. The trip was financed by fund-raising efforts of the entire choir. Members sold soft-drinks at home football games, sold Texas football schedules on ceramic tiles and Texas 1 bumper stickers which they designed, sold bakery goods on campus and in local businesses, and sang for social functions at Christmas. On-campus concerts included the Fall Concert, the Midwinter Concert, and the Spring Concert. The A Cappella Choir also sang the chorus part in the opera production of " Don Carlos " this spring. Officers for the year included Ara Lynn Ear- nest, president; John Craighead Bibo and Ann Whitworth Renfro, vice-presidents; Elizabeth Suzanne Bush, secretary; Frances Margaret Fen- ton, treasurer; Bonnie Joy Root, social chairman; Ruth E. Dunbar, historian; Mark Roger Fenlaw, librarian; and Karen Lynn Kennedy, representa- tive at the House of Delegates. A Cappella Choir ' s E uropean tour included a performance in Vienna. FRONT ROW: Jan Howell, Ann Renfro, Helen Roberts, Edith Mayer, Elizabeth Bush, Janet Wallace, Virginia Livesay, Patricia McCarty, Bonnie Root. SECOND ROW: Beverly Rousser, Diann Turet, Jonathell Williams, Frances Fenton, Jan Jones, Kim Shepherd, Deborah Lebeaux, Sherry Bell, Frances Novick, Mary Hall, Virginia Dupuy. THIRD ROW: Carol Baxter, Diane Whitworth, Karen Kennedy, Sharon Denny, Ara Lynn Earnest, Susan Rue, Wanza Allen, Sharon Glover, Janet Bullington, Phyllis Clark, Rose Ann Scott, Ruth Dunbar. FOURTH ROW: Gregory McGee, Jerry Roberts, John McClish, Douglas Raymond, John Gladney, Robert Robert- son, Santiago Gomez, George Bright, Charles MacKay, Randolph Porter, Gary Duck, John Winkler, John Lummus. FIFTH ROW: Albert Carnine, Steven Lansdowne, Tom Skinner, Jonathan Slocum, Joseph Goddard, Robert Proft, Mark Fenlaw, John Bibo, William Love, Clyde Bennett, Norman Kieke, Russell Nelson, Kenneth Steele, Charles Turet. 287 FRONT ROW: Elizabeth June Underbill, Jena Kay Soward, Janet Kay Whitacre, Jo Ann Harbert, Greta Green, Gail Arnold, Mary Wanetta Bayless, Cindy Smith, Cynthia Gail McDowell. SECOND ROW: Melinda Meyer, Jeanne Ann Williams, Shari Lynette Lambert, Mary J. Ladd, Ardell Taylor, Betty K. Kirkland, Diana B. Alexander, Katherine Adair Lewis, Christina Bielstein. THIRD ROW: Carole Elaine Ernst, Ann Lucksinger, Nancy Lee Perry, Amy Joan Brown, Geraldine Jane Godfrey, Delia Kath- erine Dean, Mildred Marie Marek, Cheryl Diane Hatch, Nancy Susan Hill, Barbara Jo Cheshire, Kathleen D. Jenkins. Director Alaire Lowry and the Concert Choir practiced for a performance. Concert Choir The fall semester was a busy one for the Women ' s Concert Choir. Composed primarily of music majors, the choir provided special service music at First Presbyterian, Tarrytown United Methodist, and University United Methodist Churches. In December, the choir joined the other choral organizations for the annual carol-sing on the Mall. In addition to singing the women ' s sections of the Vaughan Williams " Hodie " for the annual Christmas Concert in Municipal Auditorium, the choir provided a select group to sing the chant which binds the entire work together. For its final performance of the semester, the choir sang at the Midwinter Concert in Hogg Audi- torium. Spring activities included four performances of the Verdi opera " Don Carlos, " in which the Women ' s Concert Choir took part, and a joint concert with the .Harp Ensemble in May, which included works by Handel, Schufz, Distler, Villa- Lobos, and Brahms. Ardell Taylor served as librarian, Jeanne Ann Williams and Wanetta Bayless had charge of wardrobe, and Stephen Cunlap was the group ' s accompanist. The Choir was directed by Alaire Lowry. 288 Madrigal Singers The Madrigal Singers departed somewhat from their regular performance format, combining with other choral groups during the first semester. For their first performance the group joined with the A Cappella Choir for the Rne Arts Festival on Nov. 16, presenting an all-English choral music program. On Dec. 5, the Madrigals, accompanied by a small chamber orchestra, gave its annual Christmas Program in the Recital Hall presenting two major works, the " Vespers " of Monteverdi and " The Christmas Story " by Heinrich Schutz. During the spring semester, the Madrigal Singers performed for the Southwestern Regional Convention of the American Choral Directors As- sociation in Dallas, the Texas Music Teachers As- sociation in Corpus Christ!, and the Fine Arts Festival in Winedale. In addition to the Spring Concert on campus April 23, the group scheduled other concerts throughout the state. The repertoire for the spring semester again followed the Madrigals ' traditional pattern of including not only many period vocal chamber works but also a substantial contemporary section. Directed by its founder, Morris J. Beachy, pro- fessor of music, the group is the most vocally select ensemble of all choral organizations. LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Fenton, John Bibo, Alaire Lowry, Jim Cook, Nancy Woodruff, Kenneth Steele, Virginia Dupuy, Tom Tickner, Mark Fenlaw, Ann Whitworth, George W. Bright, Joanne Thomasson, Joan Fenton, John Winkler, Jan Hill. NOT PICTURED: Diane Whitworth, Jack R. Starkey. 289 Longhorn Singers Performing various types of music Broadway show tunes, popular and folk songs, and patriotic numbers Longhorn Singers accentuated their programs with costuming and choreog- raphy. " Progeny, " the Longhorn Singers ' folk group, was a special attraction at all per- formances. The coeducational choral group was composed of 75 members, most of whom were non-music majors. During the fall, Longhorn Singers performed at Dads ' Day and also at the Distinguished Alumni Banquet. In the spring, they toured South Texas and Mexico, and presented their Sounds of Spring Concert for the student body and faculty of the University. Longhorn Singers were under the direction of Jerry L. Roberts. Officers for the year were Mary Frances Hazlip, fall president; Theodore V. Schubkegel, spring president; William Edwin Goodale, vice-president; Carole Elaine Essig, secretary; and Charles Herbert Van Zant, trea- surer. Stephen Alfred Dunlap was accompanist. Accompanied by Craig Morton, Jonathell Williams sang a solo at the Jester Center Concert. The ever-popular Longhorn Singers gave a concert at Jester Center in April. 290 Director Jerry Roberts gave last-minute instructions. Longhorn Singers prepared to depart on one of their tours. Concert. FRONT ROW: Mary Bird Dean, Gwendolyn Faye Wilson, April Kay Harris, Katherine Alice Hamby, Mariette Miller, Maria Schumann, Marcella Mitchell, Suzanne Meadows, Christina Bielstein, Paula Jean Cook, Kathy Ann Thomas, Judith Lanell Jones, Eileen Victoria Josue, Lynn E. Branden- lary _. r. wornman, Laei rirzgeraia, Susan Ann Ihompso Brewer, George Ann Rivers, Carole Elaine Essig. THIRD ROW: Lyndeil Keith Quade, Charles Herbert Van Zant, William Edwin Goodale, William Priddy Boyd, John Timothy Ader, Tony Gayle Borden, Clarence Bart Melton. FOURTH ROW: Theodore V. Schubkegel, Jack Claude McKinney, Donald Ray McNeal, Claude Ernest Ducloux, John Van Zant, Jackie David Eddy, Norman Keike, James Pike Walker, Alan Kennedy Everett, Roland Johnson, Thomas Edward Workman Jr., Joseph Craig Morton, Keith Grieneekes, Denis Lujan, David F. Dodson, Todd Jones, Richard Clay Reynolds, Terence Penick Timmons, Scott Robert Ewing, Robert Elmer Herod, Steven Douglas Powell, Paul Wayne Beutel, Richard D. Maxwell, William Y. Morris. 291 Men ' s Glee Club The Men ' s Glee Club is the oldest of the choral ensembles at the University. Since the turn of the century, audiences have enjoyed the sound of its ever-changing repertoire. As the University has improved, so has the club. Today it ranks with the best in the southwest. As an independent organization, it provides a unique opportunity to participate in the tradition of the male chorus. Reorganized as an integral part of the University music department, the club continues this proud heritage and com- bines it with rich cultural opportunities. Performances included singing in the annual Dads ' Day program, the choral organizations ' .Midwinter Concert, the Students ' Association Christmas program, and the club ' s spring concert for the student body. This year ' s tour included Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado. While on tour, the men had the opportunity to ski for two days, to offer concerts in high schools and churches throughout the Denver area, and to present a concert for the University of Colorado music faculty and music students. A benefit concert for Freddie Steinmark at his former high school in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, was included on the tour. Officers for the year were Thomas L. Schnei- der, president; Reavis E. Tomlinson, vice-presi- dent; William E. Berger, secretary; Robert Lee Liddell, treasurer; Kent A. Main, librarian; and Kenneth L. Hubenak, campus representative. J. D. Goddard served as director. FRONT ROW: Lawrence Price, Kenneth Hubenak, Robert Wahrmund, Steven Haumchild, Steven Adams, Jack Lumbley, Thomas Schneider. SECOND ROW: Martin Hotchkiss, Larry Reuter, Gary Wortley, Rob Sloan, Kermit Swindall, Robert Ries, Mike Hayworth, Tommy Alberson, George Stallings, Roger Gustafson. THIRD ROW: Charles Mitchell, Lee Liddell, Jay Black, Steven Dunlap, Stephen Hemperly, Janet Wallace, Edward Eiland, Robert Schmitt, Robert Hooks, William Craddock, John DuCote, Johnny Kidd, Ed Berger. FOURTH ROW: Charles Bolding, Ralph Hill, Jerry Young, Reavis Tomlinson, Robert Oliver, Guy Hirsch, John Kasson, Kent Main, Gaylen Groce, Mark Ammerman, David Cook, Donald Shaw, James Reinhart. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Robert Austin, Bobby Baker, Louis Elliot, David Frankeberger, Daniel Goertz, Fred Jones, Ken King, Earl Maxon, Bill Maxwell, Bobby McQuiston, Albert Merubia, Bill Rudolph, Don Seilheimer, Scott Sousares, Brian Tippen, Jim Walker, Ron Webb. 292 Southern Singers The 60 Southern Singers, led by their presi- dent, Carla Kathryn Fink and their director, Alaire Lowry, teaching associate in music, had a year full of fun mixed with a good share of hard work. Performances in the fall included partici- pating in the Dads ' Day program, singing at the Alumni Center after the Navy football game, a trip to Fort Hood, and a joint concert with the Men ' s Glee Club, the first choral concert at Jester Center. With other choral organizations, the Southerns joined in the Christmas choral-orchestral concert at Municipal Auditorium, performing the Vaughan- Williams " Hodie " and the Dvorak " Te Deum, " and the annual choral-sing on the Mall. The Southerns also found time to sing for the Christ- mas shopping crowds at Hancock Center. The fall semester finale was the Midwinter Concert, which closed with- all the choral organizations joining to sing " Let Not Your Song End. " Spring semester activities included a Valentine concert for the Kiwanis Club, trips to Fort Polk and Lackland Air Force Base, and a tour to West Texas and New Mexico, during which members enjoyed two days of skiing in Ruidoso, N. M. Southerns ' officers were Barbara Jeanne Hult and Dollie Faye Huffman, secretaries; Anna Kath- leen Rash, treasurer; Lynn Karen Johnson, li- brarian; Paula C. Yee, historian; LaVerne Faye Teichelman, publicity chairman; Lucinda Camp- bell, social chairman; and Betty C. Crocker, ward- robe chairman. Kathryn Jean Sauer was ac- companist for the group. MEMBERS Victoria Fern Adams Suzanne Allen Alice Lynne Baker Idona Jane Barker Frances A. Barton Beth Ann Bauer Sallie Denny Berry Susan Dale Boggs Brenda L. Brantley Barbara A. Breithaupt Katherine R. Burris Monette Marie Butler Janis Lynne Campbell Lucinda Campbell Constance E. Chapin Janis Catherine Cocek Stefani H. Cohen Betty C. Crocker Juliana Crouch Nancy Elizabeth Dake Sandra Jane Diquinzio Michelle J. Domangue Nancy Laura Duerr Karen E. Edwards Karen E. Ellisor Gail Lynn Ferguson Carla K. Fink Mary Florence Forbes Valerie Kay Foster Cynthia Lynn Garrett Frances C. Goertz Sandra Rose Goertz Nicki Nan Gray Bonnie Loy Halton Lola Margaret Harper Marilyn Sue Hartzell Lois Elaine Heard Charlotte E. R. Hill Nancy Susan Hill Mary Sharon Hoekstra Dollie Faye Huffman Barbara Jeanne Hult Patricia Ann Huser Sheryl Jenise Hyde Cheryl J. F. Jennings Gail Annette Johnson Lynn Karen Johnson Patricia Lynn Ketchum Patricia Adele Kirksey Marcelle Lacouture Sherrita Doris Lee Linda Sue Lockingen Gladys Dianne Loehr Tracie Jo Lord Candace M. McLaurin Glenda Sharon Mears Melinda Marie Melone Evalyn Jo Millican Christina Moore Linda Jo Myers Mary Stella F. Naranjo Jean Lundell Ollison Judith Gail Partlow Carolita June Perkins Cynde Laura Pidgeon Jan Preston Anna Kathleen Rash Beth Ann Rawlings Mary Bess Rizer Melody Ann Rumpf Patricia K. Russell Kathryn Jean Sauer Renette Sauls Laurie Ellen Scott Rosanne Seeman Kathleen Ann Senior Susan Ann Shannon Sharon Lil Skrivanek Ann Somers Nadine Spring Lizabeth Tankersley Diane Elizabeth Taylor LaVerne Faye Teichelman Valerie Lynne Turnage Rosalie Lillian Ward June Anderson Watson Cathy Ann Ways Carla Sue Wheeler Kathryn Jeanne Whelton Kathleen White Janet Lee Willoughby Alison Carroll Wilson Martha B. Wilson Paula Yee i to " 293 University Chorus A new organization on campus this year, Uni- versity Chorus was composed of non-music majors interested in singing on the University level. The chorus performed first semester for the Christmas carol-sing on the Mall and the Mid- winter concert. During the second semester, the chorus sang lighter music in addition to classical choral liter- ature. Spring semester performances included informal campus appearances, a combined per- formance with the other choral organizations of Beethoven ' s " Choral Fantasy, " and the spring concert. For the lighter portion of the spring concert, staged formations were presented in the style of " Up With People " groups that tour the nation. Ted Hand was chorus representative to the House of Delegates, and John C. Winkler di- rected the organization. University Chorus members expressed a caboose-full of energy and enthusiasm. ! mm mm mi 1 FRONT ROW: Kathleen Augusta Reymann, Susan Elaine Roberts, Valerie Lynne Turnage, Sa ndra Sims, Susan Rae Bame, Joan Barbara Wizig, Susan Kay Kidd, Nancy Deloris Rosen, Velma Lacey Pipkin, Jean Deborah Wizig, Deborah Gail Gardner, Petra Vicenta Medina, Dayle Mignon Wilke, Sherry Burnside Madjerich. SECOND ROW: Donald Lewis Keil, Ted Dewayne Cain, Danny Kaye Wilke, Jerome C. Schwab, Thomas Sidney Morgan, David Luther Caffey, Edmund Paul Frank, Paul Price. THIRD ROW: John David Eaton, Christopher Bonwich, Hector Montalvo, Eddie Wayne Fargason, Joseph Lee Vining, Rodney Meredith Green. FOURTH ROW: Judy Elaine Schwartz, Melody Margaret Atkinson, Elizabeth Crisman Johnston, Cynthia Ann Herrera, Karen Wenda Holmes Hodges, Jaylie lone Longbotham, Sharon Ann Phillips, John Clyde Winkler, director; Lois Elaine Heard, Terri Charlyse Horwitz, Jean Howard Sheppard, Elizabeth Maude Swayze, Sharron Gay Charlesworth, Maribelle Victoria Petty, Terri Lee Fargason. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Douglas Allen Batson, Jay Charles Bobbitt, Irma Lynn Brown, Ollis Milton Clayton, Mark Allen Cohen, Janet Elaine Garrett, Martha Annette Guest, Mervyn James Johnson, Michael Joseph Jones, William Brett Maxwell, Alyce Verinda McCloud, Steven Prescott Nichols, Georgette Elizabeth Seaholm, Barbara Jean Smallshaw, Sheryl Diane Stephens, Lance David Williams. 294 FRONT ROW: Ingrid Haterius, Edie Hudson, Harriet Reynolds, Jan Jones, Trudy Skiff, Janci Goodson. BACK ROW: Jim Porter, C. E. Bunkley, Les Flowers, David Meeker, Cliff Langford. Varsity Singers I Varsity Singers, a small ensemble of mixed voices, presents a versatile program entertaining young and old, with classical as well as popular tastes. The group, performing with guitars and choreography, has a repertoire including Broad- way hits, folk songs, spirituals, and folk-rock arrangements. During the fall semester, the singers performed in the Austin area for Women ' s and Lion ' s Clubs, after football games, and for Greek organizations. Most of the semester was spent preparing for the Varsity Singers-USO tour for the month of December. Making use of individual talents in the solos and small groups as well as the ten-member ense mble, the Varsity Singers presented the servicemen a light, fast-moving show. They embarked for Panama, after a kick-off performance at the Union for the student body. After singing in the Canal Zone for two weeks, the group traveled to Puerto Rico to entertain more US servicemen. Christmas was spent in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for something quite short of a white Christmas. David Marquis Meeker served as business manager and Trudy Kier Skiff as secretary. Ed Otto directed the Varsity Singers and Jan Jones was the accompanist. Varsity Singers practiced choreography for their Caribbean tour. 295 FRONT ROW: Neal Finer, Roland Wolfe, Judy Miller, JoDell Field, Nadine Grab. SECOND ROW: Ronald Higgins, Holly. Mortimor, Debby Disney, Ginny Pace, Bill Kolberg, Ivanka Trinnium, Vicki Carlisle, Shirley Billings- ley, Cyril Durrenburger. THIRD ROW: James Brock, Timothy Apgar. Holding weekly meetings and maintaining a library at 2328 Guadalupe, the Christian Science Organization acquainted the campus with revolu- tionary religion based on the words and works of Jesus. Established at the University in the early 1930 ' s, it has since experienced growth and ex- pansion of its activities. Active membership in the 1 organization provided a means of sharing ideas on how to apply Christian Science to campus life. The organization gave a fall and spring re- ception at the beginning of each semester. It sponsored a fall and a spring lecture about Christian Science and welcomed alumni at the Spring Alumni Day. Officers for the fall semester were Judy L. Miller, president; Jo Dell Field, secretary; and Nadine K. Grab, treasurer. Neal Finer and Cyril J. Durrenberger were readers. Spring officers included Judy Miller, president; Deborah A. Disney, secretary; and Nadine Grab, treasurer. Readers for the spring were Neal Finer and Timothy C. Apgar. Christian Science Organization After a period of meditation, members gave testimonials. 296 Circle K Founded in 1936, Circle K International is the largest collegiate organization in North America, with nearly 800 clubs throughout the United States and Canada. It is a service organization through which college men can find a means of responsible student actions in their communities and a more active involvement in the life of their campus. The club does not participate in the same service projects each year. Each club . is en- couraged to analyze its local situation to deter- mine how it can serve most effectively. The members felt that college was more than scholar- ship: it was a good time; it was getting to know others; it was finding out who each one was; it was trying to make a meaningful contribution to the world. Circle K provided its members an op- portunity for reaching these goals by hosting the Circle K district convention in Austin last April. Fall officers of University Circle K were Richard L. Cone Jr., president; Xavier C. Gomez, vice- president; David AA. Robinson, secretary; and Ralph J. Knight, treasurer. Spring officers in- cluded John Sullivan Lands, president; Ralph Knight, vice-president; David Robinson, secretary; and Robert David Post, treasurer. Burnard H. Sord, professor of management, was faculty sponsor. FRONT ROW: W. H. Collins, Ralph Knight, David Robinson, Robert Wiseth, Rodney Donaldson, George Shay, Robert Post, Herbie Schwartz, Brian King. SECOND ROW: Edward Toles, Travis Brewer, Morris Snelson, John Lands, Donald Wagner, Richard Cone, Xavier Gomez, Kenneth James. 297 Cordettes accompanied the Quartermaster battalion on their field trip to Fort Hood. Cordette drill sessions were held each week. Cordettes As the women ' s auxiliary to the Army ROTC, Cordettes acted as aids and hostesses to the Corps. Cordette activities included attending Corps drill and intramural games, and brigade picnics and parties. Cordettes also served as administrative aids for the Cadets and Cadre. Cordettes is an honorary service organization. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, service to the University, poise, and beauty. Cordettes must have a 2.4 grade point and at least one previous semester at the University. Many Cordettes are members of other campus organizations, including Spooks, Orange Jackets, and Posse. New members are elected in both the fall and spring. The fall officers included Georgene Adams, commander; Lynn Marie Londeree, executive of- ficer,- Mary Leslie Gayle, adjutant; Mary Grace Fields, comptroller; Susan Claire Harrison, in- formation; Betty Jean Lamp, activities; and Mary Alice Tudor, supply. Spring officers were Mary Grace Fields, com- mander; Christine Anne Kesterson, executive of- ficer; Effie Christine Georgas, adjutant; Lacey Ann Parkinson, comptroller; Susan Harrison, in- formation; Cathy Ann Canter, activities; and Marcia Stebbins Frost, supply. Lt. Col. Lawrence E. Denny was fall Cadre sponsor, and Major William Schuler served as spring sponsor. Michael Toole Edmond was Cadet sponsor to the Cor- dettes. 298 W. Andenon J- Atkinson J. Bollard H. Biesemeier F. Bogar H. Dolph S. Hoipkemeier R. Hopkms K. Kelly Crow ' s Nest Crow ' s Nest, a co-operative house for 55 mid- shipmen of the University ' s Naval ROTC unit, provided leadership and encouraged participation in the ROTC unit. Members were active in such campus organizations as Cowboys, the Buccaneer Drill Team, and intramural teams. The Crow ' s Nest was represented on the Men ' s Cooperative Council and held social events periodically at the house. Officers for the year were John Michael Bal- lard, president; Henri Paul Stewart, vice-president; James Riley Frisbie, treasurer; Thomas Caldbeck, work manager; and Robert Lee Sutton, food buyer. Lt. Commander J. T. Taylor, U.S.N., served as advisor. G. King P. Loverly C. Martin F. Metheny D. Moser E. Page D. Rizy J. Rodriguez J. Schleicher C. Sherman H. Stewart S. Tredway H. Wright 299 Fashion Group FRONT ROW: Marveen Mahon, Cynthia Anne Croan, Kerrie M. Kealhoffer, Barbara Zimmerman, Martha Nesloney, Mary Catherine Schuelke. SECOND ROW: Ann R. Degenhardt, Helen M. King, Cora Lou Schelling, Barbara J. Walker, Marwick R. Moore, Ardis Rewerts, Suzanne Hunt, Taffy Diane Bagley, Suzanna Hoyler, Trisa Edwards, Rosalyn M. Voorhees. The Fashion Group was started in the spring of 1969. Its main purpose is to keep its members informed in regard to fashion, make-up, and clothes and opportunities in fields concerned with these areas. This year the group opened its series of speakers with the proprietors and buyers from Maya who discussed buying and managing a small boutique. Later Kathy A cCormick from Yarings presented a demonstration for the new trends in make-up. A style show was put on in December by Le Feminique and using the Mamselles from the Group to model lingerie. In February, Neiman-AAarcus and co-hostesses SAAU and TCU held the national ACUI regional convention at the Apparel Mart in Dallas. Three University Mamselles modeled in the fashion ex- travaganza. Others attended symposiums and lectures by leaders in various fashion fields. Frenchy Golding was chosen by Mademoiselle magazine to cover the convention and write the feature article for the May edition. The Fashion Group is starting a scholarship fund for which people in home economics, mar- keting, or fashion-related fields would be eligible. Officers for the year included Mary Catherine Schuelke, president; Barbara G. Zimmerman, vice- president; Trisa Michele Edwards, secretary; Judith Ann Withers, treasurer; Suzanna Shelton Hoyler and Martha Ann Nesloney, publicity chair- men; Gayle Jackson and Francine Golding, pro- gram chairmen; and Suzanne Hunt, Mamselle chairman. MAMSELLES Taffy D. Bagley Elaine W. Block Cynthia A. Croan. Ann R. Degenhardt Kaleta A. Doolin Trisa M. Edwards Marcy Gentry Frenchy Golding Suzanne Hunt Kerrie Kealhofer Marveen Mahon Melanie A. McCollum Martha A. Nesloney Deborah G. Rosenberger Mary Catherine Schuelke Judith A. Withers Barbara G. Zimmerman 300 Gamma Delta Epsilon Helping with the recreation program at the Austin State School, manning polls for campus elections, and conducting surveys for the Office of Student Affairs were some of the activities in which members of Beta chapter of Gamma Delta Epsilon participated. GDE is based on the principles of friendship, leadership, and service. Members distributed literature in the Multiple Sclerosis educational campaign and did the pre- liminary paper work for the American Cancer Society drive. With the APO ' s, GDE members helped raise Longhorn spirit for football games. The group served as pages for Model United Nations, timekeepers for the intercollegiate de- bates, and officials for the Austin Catholic inter- parochial league ' s volleyball program. It helped raise money, for Campus Chest with the sale of mums and served as hostesses at the Dads ' Day reception. Students from Palm Elementary School were escorted to the Shrine Circus by GDE mem- bers. The fall pledges gave a series of demon- strations on personal grooming and crafts at the Darrell Royal Cerebral Palsy Workshop, termi- nating their program with a Christmas party for the students there. The GDE ' s continued their work of building a better Braille and tape li- brary for University blind students. Officers for the fall included Jo Ann Morris, president; Bertha Lynn Burson, administrative vice-president; Susan Lynn Palmer, service vice- president; Carol Ann Tunstall, membership vice- president; Guadalupe Ruiz, secretary; Nancie Lynn Bogdanski, treasurer; and Patricia Lucy Wil- liams, reporter-historian. Spring officers were Patricia Sherron Boyle, president; Sharyn Kary Marshall, administrative vice-president; Nancy G. Munneke, service vice- president; Majorie Sue York, membership vice- president; Nancy Laura Duerr, secretary; Judy Kay Hawthorne, treasurer; and Harrie Marie Pollok, reporter-historian. Mrs. Bruce Taylor, Texas Union administrative assistant, and M. Ruth Smith of the Dean of Stu- dent ' s office served as advisors. Margaret Peck, con- sultant to Dean of Students, is an honorary member. SPRING PLEDGES Peggy Beaird Kay Biediger Kaye Boyle Janie Delgado Pat Gilbert Liz Kelley Brenda Malmstead Jeanne Martin June Mitchell Beverly Morrison Cindy Parks Theresa Pomykal Marsha Smith Susan Southwell Anne Talbot FRONT ROW: Guadalupe Ruiz, Lynn Burson, Patricia Boyle, Jo Ann Morris, Susan Palmer, Carol Tunstall, Patricia Williams. SECOND ROW: Nadine Spring, Sherry Jameson, Virginia Limpus, Judy Leavelle, Sharyn Marshall, Beverly Haynes. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Bailey, Venita Williamson, Linda Addeman, Susan Bazarsky, Marsha Westfall, Penny Niland, Karla Bloom, Suzy King. FOURTH ROW: Diane DeVooght, Linda Aschbacher, Cheryl Thomas, Claire Behrens, Patricia Swaty, Linda Griffith, Marianne Taylor, Judy Hawthorne, Harrie Pollok. FIFTH ROW: Gayle Wooldridge, Kaaren Hellsten, Nancy Munneke, Carolyn Pritchett, Crystl Carlton, Paula Brimble, Lynda Harkins, Diane Loomis, Margaret Spinn, Patricia Lobpries. 301 Longhorn Band The core of campus spirit and the " Showband of the Southwest, " the Longhorn band provided the background music for a nation-al football championship this year. The band was directed by Vincent R. DiNino, with assistants Michael D. Sandgarten and Warren George. The band appeared on national television twice during the fall. Band activities included a semiformal Christ- mas party and the annual Spring Awards banquet and dance at Westwood Country Club. The band is composed of students from all colleges of the University and maintains Big Bertha, one of the world ' s largest drums, and Texas Belle, a two-foot tall cowbell. The governing body of the band is the Band Council: Gordon W. Middleton, president; Harold Roy Mobley, first councilor; Mike P. Tierney, second councilor; Glenn Alan Richter, third coun- cilor; Karen Kay King, fourth councilor; two fresh- man advisors, and the presidents of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma. Thomas Henry Waggoner was drum major and Lynn Ester Kohlenberg and Carla Vee Feuerbacher were feature twirlers. Arthur Milton, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, was faculty sponsor. Vincent R. DiNino, director Michael D. Sandgarten, assistant SECTION LEADERS: FRONT ' ROW: Tom Waggoner, George Green, Max Werkenthin, Charles Nash, Fred Robinson, Elliott Short, Scott Harmon, Phil Johnson, David Bartek. SECOND ROW: Roy Mobley, Alden Baijey, Gary Watt, Ken Emery, Gary Bowman, Mike Haecker, Wally Smith, Richard Karm, Douglas Bartek. THIRD ROW: Gordon Middleton, Clifford Parrott, Jim Dyer, Glenn Richter, Robert Warner, Bob Sherman, Mike Kelly, Kermit Graf, Carson Stephens, Bobby Emery, Kirk Hays, Charles Ellis. 302 STJfcS Lynn Kohlenberg, feature twirler Carla Feuerbacher, feature twirler BAND COUNCIL: SEATED: Karen King. STANDING: Roy Mobley, Glenn Richter, Mike Tierney, and Gordon Middleton. The old Band Hall was razed last fall when the Longhorn Band moved into their new home in Music Building East. R. Aguilor G. Amescua p. Arnold F. Avent E. Awwad A. Bailey i Baker P. Baker N. Ball s. Barber J. Barentine David Bartek Band flag bearers carried SWC banners during halftime shows. Douglas Bartek c - Baxter D. Baxter J. Beck C Bennett W. Bentley J- Bierschenk M. Birdsong B. Bjorum N. Blitch C. Bobo 5. Bond R. Bunds W. Boyer i. Braden s. Brewer J. Browder A. Brown J. Brown T. Bryant I. Buchan J. Buford R. Buchard J. Wilion T. Burks M. Carter C. Cave C. Cearley E. Center K. Center S. Choneyworth T. Chauveaux W. Cherry g. Cohen C. Cole C. Cook C. Copeland I- Cox M. Croin G. Crawford A. Croly S. Curl R. Dolrympl C. Darby C. Darwin E. Dovii J- Daywood 1. DeMoll A. DeVan G. Doig I 304 D. Dowlen W. DuBose J. DuCote J. Dyer K. Dysort G. Eakens J. Eddins M. Edwards R. Embleton B. Emery K. Emery R. Enckson L. Eubank C. Evans J. Feather P. Fielder G. Finklea J. Fisher L. Fisher A. File R. Fleming C. Flares L. Fortescue J. Frank C. Frederick D. French B. Friedrich B. Gilliam P. Giraudm D. Closer J. Glenn G. Goff S. Goff T. Goles D. Gavin P. Grant B. Gray G. Greene M. Greenwood C. Gribble E. Griffith T. Griffith G. Grosi A. Grusy J. Guenther M. Haecker C. Hoik 0. Haik D. Hamann M. Hamilton K. Horolson J. Hardwicke M. Hargett S. Harmon E. Harrison S. Harrison W. Hatcher K. Hays J. Head D. Helbert J. Herbert C. Herring G. Hewer W. Heye W. High K. Hinton N Hoffman K. Houzvicka M. Howard J. Huston d ft B. Itz R. James K. Henkins M. Johnjon P. Johnson D. Jones H. Jones S. Jordan, J. Joyce K. Jurgens 305 R. Korm R. Keeney J. Kelly N. Kelly K. Kennedy M. Kepper 5. Kigef K. King L. Kirklen J. Kleypas K. Knigga G. Kott R. Langley R. Lanier 8 Lawson C. La R- Leeth M. Levine C. Lewis J. Lmdsey A. Lopez J. Love M. Love T. Luke S. Lyng T. Magliolo L. Maness R. Martinez R. Maseles R. Mofhews C. McCalister J. McAnulty D. McAngus C. McCIellan J. McCollum R. McCraw G. M;Culln L. McCullough C. Meade M. Meador C. Medlinger C. Miller L. Millier R. Mitchell K. Moble L. Morris B Murphy C. Nash M. Nelson J. Miles N. Nugent M. Null B. Orlopp 0. Polmer J. Parr C. Porrott D. Potman T. Patterson T. Pennington P. Phillipi K. Pierian D. Pollock O. Pootman P. Prewitt C. Roder f. Rokociy J. Randall M. Rea M. Rech M Reinboch 3. Rich K. Richordion D. Richey T. Richey G. Richier S Rider W. Rieiier J. Robert! f. Robinson 306 C. Root K. Sandberg W. Scheel C. Schmidt Band drum wranglers pulled and played Big Bertha, the world ' s largest drum. M-. Schmitz S. Schumann R. Scott C. Seibold D. Singer G. Skidmora W. Smith Short N. Siegmund J. Simpson S. Southwell V. Sponn S. Spears j stags T. Staton D. Stevenson L. Stevenson P. Stimson R. Strickland J. Summers J. Tarlton R. Talley C. Taylor 8. Teas K. Thomas J. Ti ine S. Voskamp T. Voskamp R. Walker J. Walters C. Watkins D. Watson G. Watt R. Weiss J. Welge J. Wells S. Wende Warie Werkenthin Mox Werkenthin S. Whitfield R. Whitley K. Whitson S. Willhoite J. Williams R. Williams S. Williams C. Willis J. Wilson 8. Wolfe L. Word T. Word C. Wright A. Wright K. Wynni R. Yackel L. Yates C. Yelderman 307 Orange Jackets FRONT ROW: Mary Grace Fields, Betsy Maurice Bergman, Carol Lynn Klinar, Linda Mame Hughes, Sharon Ann Oxford, Sharon Lynn Cohen, Janelle Holter, Michelle Mary Vilcoq. SECOND ROW: Gwen Elaine Larsh, Mary Leslie Gayle, Kathleen Dalton McCarty, Dorothy Ann Wright, Cary Elizabeth Taylor, Linda Jane Stevenson, Barbra Deen Mann, Barbara Jean Hoffer, Marilyn Linda Koen, Debra Jean Mann. THIRD ROW: Michal Anne Lord, Dena Lois Wilson, Effie Christine Georgas, Mary Jane Mitchell, Ellen Rose Fein, Harriet Hochman, Patricia Elizabeth Jackson, Sandra Kay Rosen- field, Mary Florence Forbes, Lynn Marie Londeree. FOURTH ROW: Pamela Wilson, Mary Georgene Adams, Cynthia Word, Barbara Ellen Leaman, Diane Farrar Swendeman, Belinda Louise Hase, Linda Sue Perine, Nancy Strauss. i Orange Jackets is an honorary service organi- zation composed of the most representative soph- omore and junior women on The University of Texas campus. Its members are chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and their sincere desire to further the development of the Univer- sity. Since its founding in the early 1920s, Orange Jackets has served the University in many ca- pacities. This fall 21 new members were tapped, making the total membership 45. These members served as hostesses at the annual Dads ' Day reception be- fore the Texas-Baylor football game. With the Silver Spurs, the Orange Jackets sponsored a Dimes Day booth during Campus Chest week at which students could have their pictures made with Bevo. Orange Jackets strive to make themselves more aware of the issues on campus by inviting persons to speak at their weekly meetings. Bryce Jordan, vice-president for student affairs, spoke to the Orange Jackets during one of their fall meetings. Officers for the year were Cary Elizabeth Tay- lor, president; Karen Kaye Ross, vice-president; Diane Davis, treasurer; Betsy Maurice Bergman, secretary; Ellen Rose Fein, service and activities chairman; and Barbra Deen Mann and Debra Jean Mann, contact chairmen. Shirley Bird Perry served as sponsor for the Orange Jackets. Spring tappees got their jackets at a Round-Up breakfast. -7j SPRING INITIATES Sally Anne Ballard Helena Barab Penny Cathryr Callaway Cathy Ann Canter Elizabeth T. Du-Long Martha L. Gallier Brenda Sue Gasaway Cheryl Ruth Goodman Brenda Ann Guenther Therese Kreig Nancy Carroll Lee Pamela Lynn Milks Sandra Lynn Pierce Ester Margaret Slipakoff Frances Tippy Timmons Mary Alice Tudor HO! : set r ' , ' : 308 Organization of Arab Students With its major activities being several Arab dinners, the Organization of Arab Students strives to create a good relationship between American and Arab students. Established on March 1, 1949, the Texas Chapter of OAS is one of more than 100 chapters in the United States and Canada. The organization presented both social and cultural functions, provided free tutoring for stu- dents studying Arabic, and sent lecturers to churches, schools, and civic groups to create a better understanding of the Arab world. Officers for the year were Hussein H. Abuda- wood, president; Elie AAunayyir, vice-president; Mohamed M. Jaber, secretary; Jamal Abu-Abdun, treasurer; Ahmed Bubaker Jaber, publicity chair- man; Saleh O. Omar, social chairman; and Abd R. Solh, sport chairman. Members of OAS served at a dinner given to raise money for Pakistani relief. FRONT ROW: Hussein Abudawood, Ibrahim Natto, AI-Ma ' moon Natto, Amna Natto, Ahmed Jaber, AM Zubi, Ramadan Ammar, AM AAaadah. SECOND ROW: Elie Munayyir, Barbara Pearson, Mustafa Ben-Younis, Ali Ngab, Moneim Fawzi, Bashir Saleh, Mohamed Jaber. THIRD ROW: Salah AI-Rahim, George Saad, Saleh Omar, Ibrahim Hdeib, Abd Solh, Mohamed Bait-EI-Mal. NOT PICTURED: Jamal Abu-Abdun. 309 f The only co-educational honorary service and spirit organization at the University, Posse began its fifth year by sponsoring freshman cheerleader try-outs. Posse members attended all pep rallies, painted signs on the Drag, and sponsored the Posse barbecue at the A M Bonfire. Members entertained high school students from the Austin School for the Blind with a Christmas party and sold Cotton Bowl candy on Dimes Day as service projects. Round-Up and Western Day were times of active Posse partici- pation. Posse members are -selected in their freshman year and serve through their sophomore year. New members are chosen on the basis of charac- ter, scholarship, and campus service. Officers this year were Alan Townes Moore, marshall; Frank Leroy Gpossman, sheriff; Sharon Leigh Manna 1 , justice owrne peace; Robert David Campbell, banker; ancrSidney Allen and William Reynolds Swanson, rabble rousers. Advisor was Jack Lee Kaplan, assistant dean of students. Posse won the Cowboy spirit award at the TCU pep rally with the ir Posse wagon. FRONT ROW: Alan Moore, Sharon Hanna, Frank Grossman, Robert Camp- bell, Sidney Allen, Willie Swanson. SECOND ROW: Linda Millier, Mary Jane Kirkley, Pat Murphy, Susan Spears, Cynthia McCaa, Shelley Green, Karen Barton, Sally Ballard, Melanie Ajello, Becky Boynlon. THIRD ROW: Cindy Lawson, Alison Barnett, Lou Hedrick, Lorrie Rubin, Becky Bartlett, Jane Mann, Pam SjMpson, Karen Hinton, Laura Wilson, Gene Schoch. r FOURTH ROW: Randy Humphrey, Steve Chalmers, James Harrison, Kathy Elliott, Kjcrsti Larson, Gayle Howard, Jack Dinerstein, Jamie Wilson, Steve Ballantyne. FIFTH ROW: Bumpy Rhoads, David Gleason, James Kelley, Jack Payne, Gary Melon, Doug Bradley, Oren Dreeben, Rex Jobe, Barry Henry, Hugh Cunningham, Bill Teeling. 310 FRONT ROW: Jeffrey Davis, Robert AAusgrove, Karen Bodner, Charles Hardy. SECOND ROW: Nancy Morris, Sue Wertheimer, Glynis Crawford, Sharon Todd, Carlye Pierce, Maxine Cooper, Dennis Williams. THIRD ROW: Will Goldman, Tim Durham, Richard Craig, Kenneth Jeanis, Carol Connery, Chet Hunt, Richard Houser. Founded in 1968, the Alan Scon Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America gives its members a chance to supplement class- room education, with exposure to professionals. A program of speakers and field trips provided a first hand look at public relations programs and organizations. Chapter members visited Six Flags Over Texas, the Dr Pepper Bottling Co., and other firms. They also heard a number of speak- ers, including George Christian, press secretary to former President Lyndon B. Johnson. PRSSA officers this year were Robert Lynn Mus- grove, president; Sue Ann Wertheimer, vice-presi- dent; Lynda Rose Shanblum, secretary; Karen Elaine Bodner, treasurer,- and Ed Berger, publicity director. Jeffrey Brett Davis and Charles Edward Hardy were elected vice-president and publicity director for the spring term. Chester Francis Hunt, assistant professor of journalism, served as faculty advisor, and Ray Hall of Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. was the group ' s professional advisor. PRSSA Tim Durham spoke with Jada Davis from Southwestern Bell. 311 Silver Spurs An honorary service organization established in 1938, Silver Spurs demonstrated its enthusiasm and spirit for the University through continued service. Membership is based on scholastic and leadership abilities coupled with a record of service to the University. In 1945 the Spurs as- sumed responsibility for the care of Bevo, the University mascot, and can be seen with him at all football games and major University functions. The Silver Spurs annually sponsor the Aggie Sign Contest, Round-Up rally, beard-growing con- test, and the Round-Up jail. Spurs also escort visiting Southwest Conference sweethearts and University sweetheart nominees during Round- Up. Silver Spurs annually honor an outstanding female student at the University wijh the Silver Spur Award. Fall officers were Joseph Mayer Schwartz, presi- dent; Timothy B. Crook, vice-president; Samuel Classman Skibell, secretary; and Stephen Field, treasurer. Officers for the spring semester were Stephen Field, president; Jef Chaison Russell, vice-president; James Nash, secretary; and Robert .Harvey Sewell, treasurer. Edith Richards was the 1969 Silver Spur Sweet- heart. James H. Colvin, vice-president for business affairs, served as sponsor. Silver Spurs brought Bevo to all University of Texas football games. ff m FRONT ROW: Stephen Hadley Field, Charles Frank Skibell, Forrest Alan Novy, Allen Vernon Birmingham Jr., Charles Randall Haws, Don Roger Kuykendall, Robert Wayne Howard. SECOND ROW: William Shelton Lee, Robert Ashe Bridges, James Loyd Shawn III, Robert Harvey Sewell, Paul Allen Gardner, James O. Guleke II, William Spence Nance, Catherine Edith Richards, Joseph Mayer Schwartz, James Donahue Davis, James Richard Sheffield, Leo James Welder Jr. THIRD ROW: Michael Lynn Gaus, eisun KWOTRi oiduiey nan viauium, pp, Donald Clark McCleary, Charle! 312 Twice a year, the Royal Order of Sigma Kappa Upsilon Nu Kappa Sigma (SKUNKS), Tau Upsilon chapter, grabbed new members. The gatherings were informal and were held at a local eating place. The chapter was founded in the spring of 1962 to acknowledge coeds with lively personalities. Identified by their black hoods with white stripes, SKUNKS were active fulfilling their duties and program of food and fun. Acting officers were appointed by the group solely for the purpose of being responsible for bringing the group together each semester. Of- ficers for the year were Katherine Ann Kevil, sniffer; Lydia Simone Lequeux, stripe painter; and Carole Ann Crossley, jester. MEMBERS IHBB SKUNK tappees sang songs for the rest of the group Rosalon Adams Evalee Frances Baitey Beverly Ann Benner Gaye Lynn Blumberg June Ryan Bushy Nancy Ellen Gotham Louise Carol Cox Carole Ann Crossley Phyllis Annette Deter Larrie Ann Doing Betsy Ann Drinkwater Judy Allyne Duncan Dianne Lorraine Fausset Paula Jane Fisher Janice M. Fonteno Lee Fugate Peggy Lea Harris Judy Carol Hastedt Patsy Irene Hobbs Susanne Hollingsworth Madeline Nell Johnson Katherine Ann Kevil Marie Estelle Kiehle Kathryn Kay Kinsman Mary Margaret Kuntz Jo Anne LeMay Lydia Simone Lequeux Elaine Luterman Karen Sue Martin Margo Nan Mulvaney Carol Jean Mussleman Susan Lynn Palmer Marilou Parker Bonita Louise Pierce Mary Susan Plunk Mary Evelyn Pressley Linda Reddick Judy Kay Rogers Justine Nikki Schmidt Charleen Schwemer Robin Smith Mary Swan Susan L. Tally Elizabeth Anne Thornton Carol Ann Tunstall Georgia Mizell Walton Sandra Lee Wicker Edith Ann Wiggins Diane E. Womack Becky Evelyn Woodard Patricia Lucille Worrell SKUNKS 313 Spooks Serving the University in the areas of spirit and service, Spooks was one of the most active honor- ary organizations on campus this year. Spooks spent many hours supporting Longhorn athletic teams by painting the Co-Op windows, decorat- ing the Varsity cafeteria and locker rooms, and attending pep rallies. As one of the highlights of the year, Spooks chartered a b us to attend the national championship football game at Fayette- ville, Arkansas. In response to the needs of the University, Spooks contributed a great deal of time and effort to its service program. Girls from Spooks did volunteer work at the Austin School for the Blind, helped at the Dean of Students Office, and worked the polls at elections. Each fall Spooks sponsor a party for the inter- national students on campus, and in the spring they hold an Apple Polishing party to help Spooks and their professors get to know one another better. Freshman and sophomore women are selected to be Spooks on the basis of character, interest in the University, and leadership potential. The fall officers of Spooks were Barbara Jean Hoffer, chief haunt; Debra Jean Mann, vice-haunt; Linda Jane Stevenson, service haunt; Cynthia Word, spirit haunt; Diane Davis, recording haunt; Barbra Deen Mann, corresponding haunt; Me- linda Kay Neel, banker haunt; Sharon Ann Oxford, royal spirit haunt; Janelle Holter, international haunt; Emily less Landau, history haunt; Lynn Marie Londeree and Marilyn Linda Koen, contact haunts; and Linda Marlene Whatley, singing haunt. Spring officers included Therese Kreig, chief haunt; Ester M. Slipakoff, vice haunt; Patricia Elizabeth Jackson, service haunt; Linda Joyce Shelton, spirit haunt; Linda Sue Perine, recording haunt; Candice Dawn Koy, corresponding haunt; Carol Elizabeth Winters, banker haunt; Elizabeth Jane Nichols, royal spirit haunt; Margaret Ann Mueller, international haunt; Francigene Neely, history haunt; Ann Caroline Leifeste and Deborah Antoinette Hyde, contact haunts; and -Sidney Gol- man, singing haunt. Mrs. Ora Bennett served as sponsor haunt. Spring Spooklets were Jenny Adams, Anne Wythe Andrews, Nora G. Barrera, Cheri Lynne Benge, Bryna Jane Bigby, Keith Bowman, Tooney Brown, Karen Danette Carter, Suzy Quanah Clark- son, Janis Catherine Cocek, Jane Anne Conner, Cynthia Lynn Crow, Cindy Chrystal, Patricia Ann Dennis, Donna Jo Dowlen, Debbie S. Gershman, Vaughn Hancock, Diana Harris, Deborah Lynn Hein, Susan Kyle Hicks, Peggy Laurin Horwits, Karen Ann Jones, Ran dall Gwenyth Jones, Lois Frances Lasik, Barbara J. Lauterbach, Ruby Louise Mackson, Martha Jane Madsen, Janet Anne Moley, Kathleen E. Phillips, Mary Susan Plunk, Janet K. Reinsch, Rosalynn Rosenfeld, Linda E. Smith, Susan J. Talley, and Ann Whitworth. FRONT ROW: Janelle Holter, Sharon Oxford, Melinda Neel, Barbra Mann, Diane Davis, Debra Mann, Ora Bennett, Barbara Hoffer, Mindy Koen, Lynn Londeree, Linda Stevenson, Emily Landau, Linda Whatley. SECOND ROW: Betty Lamp, Candice Koy, Debbie Hyde, Sidney Allen, Vicki Ferber, Carol Emmert, Camille Ward, Janna Dykes, Linda Shelton, Terry Kreig. THIRD ROW: Mollie Loftis, Beverly Grammer, Laura Gose, Ann Leifeste, Delena Farmer, Michal Lord, Sherilyn O ' Hair, Patsy Jackson, Barbara Gilmore, Pamela Cheatham. 314 it; Me- Oxford, ' national ; Lynn contact singing 9, chief Patricia Joyce tording ' 6t Ann Ml. FRONT ROW: Sydney Golman, Esther Slipakoff, Debbie Smith, Meridith Patty Partridge, Terry Jernigan, Dawn Zinnecker, Ruth Putney, Julie Buaas, Yates, Debbie Levin, Charnifa Spring, Elizabeth Du-Long. SECOND ROW: Jane Nichols. FOURTH ROW: Kim Carter, Tootie Goodrich, Donna Preibisch, llene Glazer, Libby Sale, Diana Der Bing, Margaret Mueller, Susan Nelson, Charlotte Carl, Linda Ferine, Martha Ankele, Bonnie Reed, Caroline Swan. Carol Winters, Carol Wright. THIRD ROW: Susan Tudor, Susan Gissell. r ft u Spooks haunted the dining room of Kinsolving before tapping new Spooklets for the spring. 315 MEMBERS Student Christian Fellowship Differing somewhat from other organizations in its form of government, the Student Christian Fellowship is led by a steering committee of five students elected each year. Serving mainly members of Churches of Christ, the organization met regularly at the Biblical Stu- dies Center for religious study, devotionals, fel- lowships, and to profess the living Christ on the University campus and provide Christian fellow- ship as a source for spiritual growth. Highlights during each semester were a retreat, a lectureship, and a formal banquet. The theme of the fall lectureship was " Christian Ethics in the present American Culture. " The steering committee this year included Rob- ert William King, John T. Render Jr., Joseph Steve Spidell, Mark Watson, and Nancy Lee Will- bern. Ashley J. Welch, assistant professor of electri- cal engineering served as the group ' s faculty sponsor. James B. O. Agomo Cynthia Alexander Garnett Lynn Andrews Mary Ann Anthony Gene Weldon Bachman Judy Lynn Baker Nicki Jan Blitch Toye Jean Boothe Judy Brooks Ronald P. Brooks Ray M. Carant John Robert Cody Kenneth Doyle Cohn Nancy Cohn Jessey Otis Colley Jr. Donald M. Conell James L. Crowder James Edward Davis Martha J. Davis Lee Douglas Patricia O. Downs Cynthia Kay Duggins Gerald Eugene Fritts Louis C. Fry Robert Dodd Fry Cynthia Ann Garrett Robbie Gay Girouard Thomas Grant Glenn Griffith Susan Griffith Dexter Hill Cynthia Kay Jackson Jon Andrew Jackson Loy Wayne Kerr Linda King Robert William King Mary Jay Kirschner Gary Leech Joyce Anita Magee Bonnie C. Martin Dorothy Elaine Martin Franklin D. Martin Marsha Martin Ralph W. Martin Phyllis Rose Miller Rusty Miller Joel Owens John T. Pender Jr. Kathy Pender Michelle Rector Reid A. Rector Grace Y ' Vonne Reed Jerry P. Roberts Anne A. Robertson Philip Ray Roper Larry Wayne Seigler Kathye Ann Self William Birt Simpson James Clark Spidell Joseph Steven Spidell Carmen Stevens Nancy Susan Stevens John David Thompson Ann Toombs James E. Toombs Larry Wayne Towler David Trammel Cynthia Kay Turnbough Gail Turner Robert Gerald Turner Mark Watson Ava Whittington Gery R. Whittington Nancy Lee Willbern James Preston Wilson Peggy Jo Wilson William Roger Wilson Carol Woodard Linda Woodard Randall A. Yarbrough Richard A. Yarbrough Student Christian Fellowship meetings were regularly held at the University Avenue Christian Church. 316 . R. Cage Tejas T. Blankenship S. Casey P. Cook Providing an intellectual atmosphere of schol- arship, leadership, and fellowship for in Spanish, Tejas means friendship the all-male Tejas Club claimed a membership of those above-average in academic and leadership abilities. Members are active in all phases of campus life. In 1969-70, the Club ' s 45th year at the Uni- versity, the fall officers were Charles Everett Vinson, Xinesi; James Henry Wade, vice-presi- dent; Michael D. Hockersmith, secretary; Benjamin Edward Rodriguez, editor of the Trails; Loyd Dalton Jr., house manager; Nathan J. Sewell, his- torian; Wayland Wong, social chairman; and Phil- lip Couch Scott, intramurals chairman. The spring officers were Larry Richard Laden, Xinesi; Michael D. Hockersmith, vice-president; Charles Henry Nash, house manager; and Patrick Lacy Cook, historian. Byron Franklin Fullerton, assistant dean of the law school, was faculty sponsor. M Edmond G. Lehmberg G. Lucia F. Martinez S. Millsap D. Mincberg C. Naih N. Richardson L. Rodgers F. Sheppard T. Turner C. Vinson R. Volkening J. Wade W. Wong 317 Texas Cowboys Recognized by leather chaps, boots, white shirts, orange neckerchiefs, and cowboy hats, the Texas Cowboys raised spirit at Texas football games with Smokey the cannon, sponsored the Aggie Bonfire, and presented the Cowboy Spirit award. Membership in Cowboys, an honorary service organization founded in 1922, is based on schol- arship, character, and service. The Cowboys ' major service event of the fall semester was the annual Cowboy Minstrels. Approximately $8,000 was raised for the Austin Association for Re- tarded Children. The Cowboys and members of Delta Gamma sorority gave a Christmas party for Austin-area blind children. The Cowboys and Angel Flight held an Easter egg hunt for the Austin Association for Retarded Children. During Round-Up Week, the Cowboys sponsored the traditional Cowboy barbecue and the annual Cowboy Reunion, with the foreman of 25 years ago being honor foreman. Officers for the fall semester were Joe Bob Kinsel Jr., foreman; Walter Eugene Demond, strawboss; Howard Shapiro, shotgun; Charles B. Parker, horse-wrangler; and Arthur Freels Terry, camp cook. Spring officers were Christopher Wil- son, foreman; William R. Francis, strawboss; Sam- uel Robert Lee, shotgun; Michael Thomas Kenny, horsewrangler; and Alfred Patrick McEvoy, camp cook. Spring members were Stephen P. Ballantyne, Robert Wayne Barnes, Robert David Campbell, Stephen Cal Chalmers, Jay Stein Cox, Burt Carl- ton Hooton, Michael Paul In in, Dean Scott Over- turf, Stephen Gerald Ray, John Charles Riddle, Sylvan Jay Rothschild, Frank Alrdich Stroube, Steven Douglas Thompson, and Michael Jay Tobor. FRONT ROW: Alfred Kaufman, Phillip Moore. SECOND ROW: Thomas Peterson, Daniel Freundlich, Arthur Terry, Walter Demond, Joe Kinsel, Karen Kaye Ross, sweetheart; Howard Shapiro, Michael Reilly, William Finkelstein, Christopher Wilson, Patrick Amos. THIRD ROW: Jack Wise, Dan Price, Harold Biesemeier, Randall Wilson, Thomas Kenney, John Brock, William Duvall, Richard Murray, James McMahon. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Waggoner, Robert Cage, Phillip Scott, Patrick Hodges, Dennis Tottenham. Samuel Lee, Robert Christy, William Francis, Charles Parker, Ronald Ladin, Patrick McEvoy. FIFTH ROW: Daniel Hagan, Martin Dies, Richard Wallenslein, Thomas McGregor, Johnie Walton, Robert Rutledge, Timothy Davis, Thomas Pigg, Robert Shapiro. 318 FRONT ROW: Pat Monroe, Eric Wharton, Charles Wahlert, Mike Uselton. SECOND ROW: Charles Nau, John Bryant, Roger Ratliff, David Mayhall, Mike Waugh, Jason Worchel, Jim Holmes, Mike Woolwine. THIRD ROW: Mark Rosenfield, Elliot Zais, James Collins, Joe La Fico, Paul Kens, Anthony Wee, Fell Heston, Emmett Bills. FOURTH ROW: Tim Best, Brad Alpert, Addan Mahdi, Phillip McKinney, Richard Terrazas, Andrew Weary, William Miegel, Charles Roth. FIFTH ROW: Hector Zuazua, Bill Hamilton, Ronnie Franzetti, Gary Osborne, Carlos Loredo, Cynthia Hejl, Steve Locke, Ed Howard. SIXTH ROW: Luis Luna, Dale Clauson, Jerry Ybarra, Brian Taylor, Larry Ybarra, Bill Leach, Noel Taylor. SEVENTH ROW: Ken Maxfield, Wade Rushing, Danny Balke, Terry Parks. Taekwon Do members practiced regularly at their studio. ,,00 The University Taekwon Do Karate Club is a complete self-defense complex. Open to all stu- dents and Austin residents, the club offers classes in self defense, karate training, physical fitness, and weight training, and special classes for women. The club was highly oriented toward sport karate. Special emphasis was put on the physical and mental aspects of the art itself. Taekwon Do teams attended the United States karate cham- pionships, the Olympic karate championship, and many other noted tournaments during the year. Officers of the club were Michael Thomas Uselton, James Patrick Monroe, James Eric Whar- ton, Harry F. Lundell, and Charles E. Wahlert. University Taekwon Do Karate Club 319 UT Canter Club Providing friendship, relaxation, and a chance to improve horsemanship, the UT Canter Club held try-outs in the fall for new members. Criteria for membership were being a University student, possessing ability, and expressing a desire to learn and a willingness to ride every week. The club met at Northwest Austin ' s Hobby Horse Stables where instructors advised both beginning and advanced riders, and members exchanged pointers on widely varied styles of riding. The main activity in which members partici- pated was the Randolph Schooling Show in San Antonio, where several members rode and the rest of the club watched. Hobby Horse Stables was also the site for the club ' s annual Spring Horse Show. Officers for the year were Kaye Frances Cul- bertson, president; Jody Ann Gruber, vice-presi- dent; Rhonda Kaye Harvey, secretary; and Beverly Ann Manroe, treasurer. President Kaye Culbertson took a warm-up jump. One member displayed her jumping ability. LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Maxwell, Kathy Flynn, Jennifer Sixta, Marcia Boeye, Kaye Boyle, Kaye Culbertson, Beverly Manroe, Eileen Mclntire, Michele King, Heather Henderson. 320 Organizations Not represented in this section Acturial Club AIESEC Alpha Rho Epsilon American Chemical Society American Institute of Architects American Meteorological Society American Nuclear Society Anthropological Society APATHY Art Students Association Ashbel Society Asian Studies Club Association for Computing Machinery Association for Childhood Education Association for Doctoral Students in Business Association of Graduate Students in Art History Association of Graduate Students in English Association of Graduate Students in Library Science Association of Panamanian Students Association of Teaching Assistants Association of University Science Students Austin Ballet Society Austin Rugby Club Austin Student Religious Liberals AWARE Baha ' i Association Baptist Student Union Blackstone Inn Blind Students Association Cabinet of the Lutheran Campus Ministry Cactus Club Campus Crusade for Christ Campus Dialogue Campus Film Club Campus News Service Campus Red Cross Campus Sparticist Club Canterbury Association Catholic Peace Fellowship Chancellors Chi Epsilon Pi Chinese Students Association Classic Theater Club Citizens for Over Population Education Club Against Political Apathy Collegiate Bible Study Colloquium Committee for Environmental Awareness Committee of Returned Volunteers Conservative Democrats Course Instructor Evaluation Committee Cricket Club Critical University Curtain Theater Delta Phi Alpha Delta Pi Epsilon Delta Sigma Theta Deseret Club Disarmament Disciples Student Fellowship Ecology Action Educational Studies Club Eta Sigma Phi Eulenspiegelverein FAWS Fine Arts Council Flemenco Information Services Library Frankfurter Inn Freshman Encounter Formosan Club French Club Gamma Delta Gamma Theta Upsilon German House Graduate Council Graduate Union of Political Scientists Hellenic Club Hillel Foundation Holmes Inn Human Rights Research Council Hunch Ichthus Indian Association Inn of Court Insurance Society Inter-club Council Inter-Dorm Social Committee International Friendship Club International Business Association International Law Society International House Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship lota Tau Alpha Iranian Students ' Association Israeli Students ' Organization Italian Club " Lo Piccolo Itolia " James Stephen Hogg Debating Society Japanese Association Kappa Beta Pi Kyber Rifles Laredo Club Latin American Study Group " Le Club Francais " Legal Research Board Linguistics Students ' Association Longhorn Party Ma ' adon Ivri Macdonald Aerospace Flight Married Students Council Married Students Housing Council Marshall Inns of Court Masters ' Association Mathematics Club Mexican American Students Organization Mexican American Youth Organization Middle East Studies Organization Model United States Senate Association Morays Mother ' s Grits Mu Phi Epsilon Music Educators National Conference Muslim Students Association New Democratic Coalition NASA-Backers New Left Education Project New Party Newman Club Newton Norton Productions Omega Chi Epsilon 321 Organizations Objectivism Study Group Omicron Delta Epsilon Omicron Nu Omnipotent Voice Review Oratorical Association Order of the UT Organization for Dissatisfied Students Orientation Advisors Committee Phi Alpha Theta Phi Kappa Theta Phi Mu Alpha Pi Delta Phi Pi Epsilon Tau Pi Kappa Lambda Pi Lambda Phi Pin-Ups Plan II Students Portuguese-Brazilian Club Pre-physical Therapy Club Presbyterian Campus Ministry Presidents ' Club Professional Fraternity Council Project Info Radical Education Committee Radical Media Project Real Estate Society Representative Party RhoChi Rio Grande College House Royal Spirits Rusk-Rayburn Debating Society Russian Choir Continued Semper Fidelis Society Senior Cabinet Shadebourne Twink Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sigma lota Epsilon Sigma Phi Sigma Pi Sigma Simpkins Epicurians Association Slavic Club Social Science Research Institute Society for the Advancement of AAanagement Society of American Military Engineers Society of Engineering Science Society of Physics Students Sociology Graduate Student Union Speech Association of the University Sphinx Student Association of Graduate School Social Work Student Council for Exceptional Children Student Course Evaluation Committee Student-Faculty Committee College of Education Student Landmen ' s Association Student Mobilization Committee to End War Student Nutrition Organization Student Off-Campus Housing Committee Students for a Democratic Society Students for a Patriotic America Students for Israel Students for Strikers Tau Sigma Delta Teaching Quizmaster Association Team Sports Club TACPRE Texas Collegiate Forum Texas Crew Texas Law Students Opposed to War in Vietnam Texas Rocket Society Texas Skydivers Texas Society of Professional Engineers Texas Student Education Association Texas Veterans Society Thae Students Association Turkish Students ' Association Undergraduate Philosophical Society Underwater Society University Amateur Radio Club University Area Bluegrass Committee University Association of Blind Students University Bicycle Club University Chess Club University Democratic Club University Folklore Association University Graduate House University Institute of Traffic Engineers University Organization for Research-Enlightenment University Party University Political Society University Ski Club University Socialist Committee University Sports Car Club University Speleological Society University Surfing Association University Karate, Yogi, and Nutrition Club University Travel Club University Y UT Symphonic Band UT Symphonic Orchestra UT Varsity Band Vedanta Discussion Group Warren Court Wesley Foundation Women ' s Liberation Front WORLD Yin-Yang Conspiracy Yoga for Westerners Young Americans for Freedom Young Republicans Young Socialists Alliance 322 . 323 325 Sororities 364 Fraternities 324 Panhellenic Council r J. Strickland AKA K. Cooney Aon I. Hinklo AAA F. Fuller AF H. Barab I. Paul P. Jackson AZ C. Lovett r B B. Hose AZ In its second year as an off-campus organi- zation, Panhellenic Council at the University gov- erned the 19 national sororities on regulations for rushing, pledging, initiation, house and scho- lastic policies, and social activities. Involved in campus and community affairs, the council allocated money for 14 scholar- ships and contributed to the University Program for Economic Opportunity. It also helped sup- port a baseball team for East Austin high school boys, a project sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega. The council coordinated sorority contributions to the campus Goodwill drive for clothing and conducted workshops for newly-elected sorority officers. The council planned the production of Sing- Song with the Interfraternity Council and spon- sored a Western Store Front contest among the sororities at Round-Up. Panhellenic officers were Helene Barab, president; Gene Graham, vice-president; Pamela Diane Schwarz, secretary; Rosemary Jacobs, treas- urer; and Sally Anne Ballard, social affairs chair- man. Mrs. Evelyne Bennett was director of Pan- hellenic Council, and Mrs. Dorothy Dean served in an advisory capacity. G. Grohom HB R. Lehmberg ZTA 325 Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omegas were involved in many activities during the year, including a fall week- end retreat at the Bar K ranch, a Dads ' Day buffet, and a casual dance at the Fiesta Gardens. On Dimes Day, the pledge class sponsored a Pat O ' Brien ' s booth which won third place in money raising. In the spring, a formal was held at the Villa Capri, and the A Chi O ' s prepared to defend the first place position in Sing-Song they had won the two previous years. Alpha Chi Omegas active o n campus were Marguerite Oldham, co-chairman of Student Com- mittee on Orientation Procedures, and Susan Delaine Lenthe, coordinator of Round-Up. Officers were Donna Smith, president; Kath- erine Ann Schnitzius, first vice-president; Eliza- beth Ann Porter, second vice-president; Mary Lin Lankford, third vice-president; and Pamela Jeanne Haymes, treasurer. Mrs. Maureen Rue was house- mother. S. Allen S. Bollard B. Bain S. Baird f. Barnard A. Bassi D Bennett . Bohuslov D. Boona N. Barrett B. Box C. Braunig j. Breedlove C. Brown S. Brown A. Burkhalter V. Burns M. Calhoun J. Campbell L. Campbell C. Chapel C. Christian P. Cocherei D. Cory M. Craditlo M. Crapitta M. Culbertson C. Curtis C. Davidson M. Davies T. Davis S. Dillon K. Dirks E. DiRosa D. Fertitta N. Framboch M. L. Goyle J. Gish C. Goodman C. Guyette J. Guylon J. Haberslick C. Hall M. Hall C. Howke J. Hay P. Haymes C. Herrick B. Hess G. Howard A. Howard M. Huhndorff V. Humphrey N. Huston C. Jennings K. Jones V. Jones L. Jordens K. Kaase C. Koderli K. Kaiak S. Kellaugh M. Kelly J. Ketchum C. Kruger M lonkford M. law J. LeMoine S. Lenth. S. liltl. S. lloyd J. Lockell 1. Massed I. McCullick J. McKenzie P. Melvill. O. Mendozo N. Menzies C. Moore 326 i M Moore C. Morgan J. Murphey C. Murlha K. Nettles J- Newiom P. Nixon C. Nolen N. Novak M. Oldhom C. Potion I At their Christmas party, A Chi O ' l entertained a little girl and in turn were charmed by her. D. Perkins C. Pittmon E. Porter S. Ronsleben E. Raschke A. Rivers J. Rivers P. Rogers M. Rybiski L. Sale K. Schnitzius S. Showalfer D. Smith G. Sparks C. Spiker M. Slomey C. Stueber C. Sumner K. Sumner S. Swinehart M. Thurman C. Tracy H. Trum S. Turet K. Warlield M. Welsch G. Willilord M. Wilson M. I. Wilson S. Wright 327 . Alpha Delta Pi During the past year, Alpha Delta Pi has tried to work for the good of the entire Greek system as well as the well-being of its members. The sorority participated in an exchange dinner with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and a super- slide party with the Chi Omegas. For their work with the Panhellenic Council at the University, ADPi members were given the special Panhellenic Award at the national convention. In the spring, the chapter hosted a tea hon- oring the Alpha Delta Pi chapters at Southwest Texas State University and Southwestern Univer- sity. In campus events, Alpha Delta Pi won first place in the Cowboy spirit contest at the Baylor pep rally. Other activities included wrapping Christmas presents to benefit the Darrell Royal Vocational Training Workshop and sponsoring a Christmas party at the Rosewood Day Care Center. Debra Ann Sholtess, an ADPi, was a fresh- man cheerleader. Chapter officers were Carol Conner, presi- dent; Mary Mozelle Bland, vice-president; Melanie Middlebrooks, pledge trainer; Karen Kaye Ross, social chairman; and Lynn Adams Hancock, rush chairman. Mrs. Carl Keys was the housemother. K. Abboll N. Auilin M. Baker R. Bartlett C. Beach D. Bird M. Blond S. Banner B. Bowles S. Srelsford L. Brown C. Bruce M. Bruyere M. Calk M. Cameron S. Chamberlain C. Chandler G. Chandler D. Coleman C. Colglazier C. Conerly C. Conner J. Conner L. Crosion C. DiNino M. Dunn D. Eods M. Eckert D. Ellis E. Elliion C. Emmert K. Erickson M. Fields L. Foael . Francis A. Frey P furg.u.le M. Goll,.r M. Ganchan S. Ganchon N . Qeiger K. Gordon 0. Gr,fi,ths C. Hancock I. nancock M. Harkey L. Hawkins J. Hicks 328 I H. HigMower C. Hinckley N. Hinckley L. Hinkle B. Hinlon S. Howell L. Hughes K. lmho C. Jackson J. Jackson K. Jackson B. James P. Johnson W. Joynr G. Kelley K. Kershner J On Valentine ' s Day, ADPi ' s gathered to admire one another ' s flowers N. Kessler K. Kobar C. Lanham N. Law - w i mi ' mi m v M. lewis S. Lewis M. Lindemann B. Moles M. McCoole N. McCorkle S. McDaniel D. McGuire G. Mean S. Middlebrook M. Middlebroob J. Mooro D. Moses C. Munson B. Myrick J. Osborne D. Perugnini C. Peters N. Peterson K. Polasek C. Porter E. Reed M. Reed S. Reithner frfi i " " L t ? G. Rivers J. Rode C. Ross K. Ross J. Runberg M. Solter M. Sounders S. Sharpies! D. Sholless E. Smith J. Soward D. Spiva G. Stanley S. Stephenson L. Stetson L. Tonkersley T. Taylor T. Troner P. Vance S. Vaughan J. Whitacre J- White A. Williams D. Yarbrough 329 Alpha Epsilon Phi S. Adlf J. Aronowirr 1. Ban Beckef B. Bergman D. Blum 8. Brin V. Brown J. Chetnick B. Cohen S. Cohen C. Cohn I. Gallon G. Donziget 1. D. Davit I. K. Dovii M. Davit D. Denn T. Edlii B. A. Eldridg B. Eldndg. M. Emmer M. Engel J. Feinberg M. Fitch J. Ford M, Fo E Freed K. Gerntbacher 1. Given A. Clatter J. Goldberg F. Golding S. Golman C. Golubock B. Gool L. Goltetman S Green J. Greenberg {_, Greenbero J. Groden C. Grottm J Haber C. Norwood I. Hincll B. Holler ' Horwitt B. Hurwiri R Jacobs I Kaplan A Kaufman S. Kettler S. Kirtchner M. Kaen G. Kotin K. Krokower After a satisfying Rush Week, Alpha Epsilon Phi began work on ARROW, a project to raise money for underprivileged children on Indian reservations. AEPhi was active in Sigma Chi Derby Day and participated in a pep rally with Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pledge activities included a UNICEF drive and a booth for Dimes Day. The year was filled with social functions: dessert parties and matches with other Greek groups, a pledge-active skating party, a picnic at Pease Park, a winter houseparty, and a spring formal. Members also went on two retreats and had teams in intramural contests. AEPhi Nancy Strauss was secretary of the Stu- dents ' Association. Officers were Alden Heidi Glasser, presi- dent; Dinah Schnitzer, vice-president; Beisy Maur- ice Bergman, pledge trainer; Glenna Rae Raffkind, recording secretary; Linda Jean Birnbaum, corres- ponding secretary; and Linda Ann Gottesman, treasurer. Housemother was- Mrs. Dorothy Mayes. 330 AEPhi actives and pledges wander out of bed for an early-in-the- morning Valentine ' s Day breakfast. J. Krivchef . Louterboch S. Led A. Levey N. levin P. Levin. M. Leviion H. levy luskey E. Lutermon I. Maleh D. Malti S. Morcus S. C. Marcus J. Marks S. Motusofl K. Miller N. Miller L. Mimun B. Night N. Oppenheimer S. Pepper 1. Plettman B. Phillips G. Polsky p. Polumkx D. Prengler B. Preiser A. Pryzonr C. Raffkind G. Raffkind B. Reed L. Reedman L. Repp S. Rest J. Bobbins L. Robins F. Rogers B. Roosth A. Rosenblum S. Rosmon P. Rothschild P. Rottner J. Rubenslein I. Rubin M. Rubin C. Schmidt D. Schnitzer D. Schonberger C. Schraub J. Schwartz P. Schwan B. Scrinopski I. Scrinopski P. Shofer A. Shniderman J. Shoss j. Siegelman j. Simkin R. Simkin E. Skibell S- Smith H. Snetmon M. Sobel K. Sokolof M. Sondock S. Stern R. Storlhl N. Strauss N. Susmon S. Swesnik P. E. Topper P. J. Topper L. linger S. Woldman P. Wetsman L. We.ler M. Wilonsky S. Wolfe j. Yellin J. Young A. Zellner 331 Alpha Gamma Delta P. Alexander M. Anlela A. Balls A. Beasley K. Borfh B. Butler J - Col M. Cook R. Cone P. Dale C. Dedear D. Dippel R. Duggef M. Ehlers A. Eiermann D. Foster S. Giblin N. Grab L. Hainei M. Hod A. Hunt C. Hunter 0. Jaegli Alpha Gamma Delta membert crowd around the tree at package wrappings pile up on the floor at the Chriitmai party i J. K. Reinsch J. C. Reinlch K R Happiness sorority friendships and holiday spirit. 8. Schnur Z. Schriever J. Schwartz C. Smith K. Taylor S. Veiluvo A. Vogely H. Walker B. Wilson I. Wyott Throughout the school year, Alpha Gamma Delta members were active in the Austin com- munity helping a grade-school class of underpriv- ileged children and adopting a family for Christ- mas. The year ' s activities included a Dads ' Day luncheon, fall and spring retreats, a casual at Griffin ' s Party Barn, a formal at the Commodore Perry Hotel, founder ' s day, a Christmas date din- ner, and a spring achievement dinner. Alpha Gam ' s also participated in the Aggie Sign Contest and Dimes Day. Members active on campus were Benita F. Wilson, Communication Council, and Jackie Ann Cole, Union Coordinating Board. Officers were Elizabeth DeWitt Peebles, pres- ident; Deanna Dippel, first vice-president; Pen- elope Ann Reed, second vice-president; Martha Ankele, recording secretary; Helen Walker, cor- responding secretary; Helen Ann Pettit, treasurer; and Leta Ladean Haines, rush chairman. Mrs. Velma Storms served as housemother. 333 M. Alonder G. Baker L. Caldwill A. Cash C. Clardy D. Harrij W. Jorm V V M. Ktnn.dy t. Mocloon A. McCloud AKA ' t talked with rushees at a get-acquainted party in the fall. Cutting the cake and serving punch kept two activei busy. 334 H Alpha Kappa Alpha Service was the main focus of Alpha Kappa Alpha this year. In keeping with the theme of the " Helping Hand, " members hosted a Hallow- een party for the children at Grant Chapel Day Care Center. A Thanksgiving can-can dance was sponsored to benefit an East Austin family. Christmas stockings were made for deserv- ing children in Austin. Members contributed to Project Info and several other organizations. In February, Alpha Kappa Alpha made heart bags for an elementary class ' s Valentine ' s Day. March was designated as fund-raising month. All activ- ities of the sorority benefited the Charity Fund. Social activities of the year included a smok- ette for freshman women and a get-acquainted party for new students in September. In Decem- ber the group held a semiformal. The annual Spring Ball and Ivy Presentation highlighted April. A weekend retreat was held in May to elect officers and present annual reports. Y. Scott C. Smith J. Strickland R. Thomai B. Walker R. Wilklni Alpha Kappa Alpha members displayed the chapter ' s paddle, crest, and songbook. 335 I N. Bogdonili Even the simplest tasks, like hanging balloons for a party, were enjoyed among sisters at the Alpha Omicron PI house. M. IrawitlM B. Bucek T. Campbtll C. Corl P. Carroll C. Conlon G. Coony K. Coonty C. Cujac 336 C. Gainer J. Gautreau V. Gotlleber S. Green G. Harpole Alpha Omicron Pi A variety of activities highlighted the year for members of Alpha Omicron Pi. Socials included a Christmas semiformal, a Dads ' Day reception, and the spring Rose Ball. AOPi pledges planned a party with the Delta Sigma Phi ' s for orphans at the Settlement Home. The pledges also sold pralines on Dimes Day. The whole chapter did volunteer work for the Arthri- tis Foundation. AOPi ' s also had fall and spring retreats, took part in Sing-Song, and held a Founder ' s Day banquet. Officers were Susan Jo Langridge, president; Beth Anne Barnes, vice-president; Bettie S. Wat- ford, recording secretary; Virginia Anne Banks, corresponding secretary; and Mary Joyce Gau- treau, treasurer. Mrs. Phoebe Cox was the Alpha Omicron Pi housemother. M. Hill K. Howze R. Jacobs H. Jordan N. Keeling AOPi ' s joined hands and sang during a candlelight ceremony at the Christmas party. D. Stanley A. Swenson B. Watford C. Yndo 337 B. Eads Alpha Phi K. A. Anderson K. L. Anderson C. Andrews C. Bachmon Alpha Phi and alumnae hoped to start an annual tradition this year with their first charit- able style show in February. Proceeds from the show were given to St. David ' s Hospital in Austin for cardiac aid, the sorority ' s philanthropy. While initiating a tradition, Alpha Phi ' s hon- ored older customs such as a pledge retreat at the Figi lake house, a tree-trimming party for Christmas, a Dads ' Day luncheon, a casual party in the fall at Griffin ' s party barn, a spring casual at BRW party barn, a Round-Up brunch, and a spring formal. Alpha Phi member Joy Kristine Stapp was the 1 970 Cacf us editor. A new pledge program called " Continuum " was followed to give the pledges a greater in- sight to the operation of the sorority and its history. Officers for the year were Lee Roberts, pres- ident; Virginia Joyce Gustafson, first vice-presi- dent; Martha Ann Rainey, second vice-president; Beverly Ann Eads, third vice-president; Margaret E. Griffin, recording secretary; Janet Faye Peters, corresponding secretary; and Beverly Ann Man- roe, quarterly correspondent. Mrs. Eloise Erwin served as housemother. P. Cofferty M. Corleton D. Chornes C. Cochran . Connolly C. Cook A. Corbetf A. Coward M. Coward K. Culbertson P. Derse S. Holl P. Hollingiworlh M. Holm H. Holing S. Jarrell it tam i it- I. Lelh 8. MocPherson M. Molin B. Monroe M. Durban N. Engla K. Gorge! G. Gregg M. Griffin V. Guslofson B. Hoock 0. Hoock M. Holl S. Heorns B. Kilgori N. Kipp S. Korp M. Ktier P. Moulsby P. McCoy L. Moore S. Mustard 338 N. Norton 1. Peek S. Peter 1. Pierc A. Ponton B. Powell M. Powell M. Reed M. Roberts 1 - : I S. Robinson M. Rogers L. Schnitman y. Scofield N. Shelton T. Skiff M. Smith J. stapp Stell L. Steels p. s tra in D. Sw B. Taylor J. Thompson M. A. Tudor S. Tudor A. Von Eck L. Warren J. Watkini L. Willia M. Wilson S. Wright S. Yates Alpha Phi model pauses on the runway at the chapter ' s style show benefiting cardiac aid, held at the Texas Women ' s Club. 339 Alpha Xi Delta A. Adams M. Alben M- Ajello W. Anderson A. Anlonini E. Arnold F. Avent E. Bailey M. Ball B. Barnard D. Barton K. Barton B. Berger J. Boddeker S. Bowdeo B. Bozarlh C. Briggs 1. Brown S. Bryan J. Calk S. Gates K. Chamberlain K. Coffey L. Cox M. Cox K. Cummingt D. David L. Doane S. Doedyni J. Dorr Alpha Xi Delta voices ring out clear in song at the big lister-little sitter Christmas party. 340 M. Doyl D. Duke 1. Dure B. Edwards R. Fleshmon D. French J. Gillette S. Glasgow G. Godfrey S. Goforth H. Groha K Graham D. Haines N. Hedrick K. Hodges P. Holder B. Holt C. Howarth E. Hudson D. Isoacks L. Johnson R. Jones C. L. Kane C. F. Kane J. Keller C. Kerr G. King S. Klotz L. Lambert B. lamp J. lanning D. Lee J. Lemay L. Lequeux G. Margrave K. Martin S. Matthiessen G. McElwrath A. McKown J. Miller J- Milligan L. Morgan K. Nicholson E. Ozmun K. Seibert S. Simons M. Sledge C. Snyder P. Stokes C. Park M. Parker D. Farmer M. Pratka M. Pressler S. Rotliff G. Reed A. Reynolds J. Robert! S. Roberts N. Sanders Alpha Xi Delta welcomed its new pledges with a fall pledge-active picnic and an October retreat in Wimberly. The sorority had a Halloween party for the children at the Austin State School, and a big sister-little sister Christmas party. Fathers were honored at the annual Dads ' Day brunch, and the chapter ' s enthusiasm and sign- making talent won it honorable mention in the Cowboy spirit contest. Social activities included a Christmas tree-trimming party and the Rose Formal. Alpha Xi Delta Diane Wood was chairman of the Texas Union Coffee House Committee. The officers for the year were Melissa G. Sledge, president; Eleanor Bethel Ozmun, vice- president; Mary A. Doyle, recording secretary; Betty Jean Lamp, pledge trainer; and Constance Ann Howarth, treasurer. Housemother was Mrs. Mabel Greenwood. M. Stumpf S. Summers S. Tolley H. Voughan K. Wade C. Walker N. Wardell N. Weaver J. Whatley M. wmre M. Whitlield ' P. Wilson A. Witta D. Womack D. Wood 341 V. Adorns C. Allen B. Anderson M. Anthony N. A res K. Bailey B. Baker S. Ball M. Bates C. Beard B. Bennett J J. Billings E. Block S. Bohman A. Brocy C. Brondimarts K. Brandt B. Brown J Buchanan L. Bundy S. Burton S. Byrd F. Cain P. Cain C. Camp N. Chatmas M. Clark J. Cloud A. Collie J. Copelond C. Copus S. Couger P. Cowhig A piano-playing member is always appreciated when Chi Omegas gather to sing. C. Culwll S. Cunninghom 1. D.nison L. Eckhardt p. Elliott K. Elliott G. Erickion B. Flournoy I. Fontenol J. Foldick B. Foltr B. Grb( 342 II Chi Omega Chi Omega members participated in many activities on campus this year. The Chi O ' s won all events except one on Sigma Chi Derby Day, and Chi Omega Diane M. Woolsey was crowned Miss Derby Day. The Chi O ' s also won the Derby Day sign contest. In intramurals, the " Hoots " won all events in swimming, setting three new records and tying one. In the fall, a retreat was held at Friday Mountain Ranch and a Halloween party was given by the pledges for chapter members and their dates. Later came a " Fratty Friends " party, a des- sert party with the Alpha Epsilon Delta frater- nity, a Dads ' Day brunch and skit, and a Round-Up brunch. An Easter party was given at the Austin State Hospital, and an initiation banquet was held at The Barn restaurant. Rosemary Hibler, a Chi O, was sweetheart se- lection chairman of Round-Up. Officers for the year were Faye Annette Rife, president; Frances Kathryn Cain, vice-president; Pamela Susan Cain, secretary; Sonja Bernice Boh- man, treasurer; and Cynthia Anne White, pledge trainer. J. Giesecko S. Giimoro G. Goodson J. Haberlio L. Hanks S Hortel R. Hibler J- Higby G. Morton K. Hughes C. Hunter T. Hunter D. Hyde J. Jenkins K. Keolhofer G. Kinard A. Kincheloe A. Kirk M. Kirkley K. Knappenberger S. Leigh C. Lewis L. Londereo S. Lowrey R. Mann R. Marshall S. McAnally N. McCoy P. McGuyer L. Mehr S. Meyer B. Miller M. Miller C- Morgan C. Morris B. Murph C. Murph R. Newberry B. Nordhem C. Payton P. Pemberton A. Peterson A. Raymond B. Reed L. Reinold N. Rembert J. Richardson F. Rife S. Robinson P. Ruby C. Sounders J. Scruggs S. Simpson L. Smith L. Snokard C. Spears K. Stephenson S. Talley C. Taylor I. Taylor K. Terry S. Terry F. Thomas M. Thomas A. Tillinghasl P. Tottenham A. Trojock P. Ward A. Whilworlh I. Wilson P. Wood D. Woolsey 343 C. Adams D. Adams C. Alexander L. Argabnght K. Arlitl J. Aynesworth 1. Barnell J. Bearden B. Benda P. Berry B. Bigby B. Blasi D. Boone C. Caldwell P. Caldwell L. Carl K. Cosstevens K. Clewis C. Connell f. Conner M. CooV P. Croft K. Crockett J. Curtis C. Davis C. Dilworfh D. Dilworth D. Doro C. Drew C. Dryden A. Ellis C. Ellis B. Evans A. Feeney M. Fitzgerald N. Graham A. Granef B. Gravel C. Gray 1. Griffin C. Hoesemeyer P. Hall B. Hamric J. Hart M. K. Hill M. S. Hill Tri Delts decked the house with streamers and donned costumes for rush skits for second period. 344 1. Hinkle T. Holland M. Hooker E. Horlon E. Hudson L. Hutchison P. Jones S. Kemp L. Kennedy K. Knight M. Kubecka M. Kuykendall C. Lawson J. Levering P. Machell F. Marshall B. Martin J. Mayer L. McDonald B. McFarland T. McGlasson M. McKenzie S. Mehol K. Merritt M. Miller J. Moore L. Neblett M. Nelson J. Nelson N. Northington Delta Delta Delta Combining friendship, fun, and charity, Delta Delta Delta teamed with Kappa Alpha Theta to make Halloween decorations for underprivileged children. The Tri Delts also made trick-or-treat bags, filled them with candy, and took them to the Austin State School. A $350 scholarship spon- sored by Delta Delta Delta was presented to a University student this year. Members hosted a dessert party for the Texas Cowboys and a Sunday afternoon picnic for the Silver Spurs. The group invited faculty and student leaders to a V.I. P. dinner in the spring. Other Tri Delt activities included a weekend re- treat in Wimberly, Founder ' s Day banquet, big and little sis Christmas party, spring formal, and Pansy Breakfast. Tri Delta members participated with Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity in Sing-Song. Tri Deltas outstanding on campus were Kathy Anne Shaw, varsity cheerleader; and Patricia Kay Stringer, 1970 Cotton Bowl Queen. Officers were Bonnie Blue Graves, president; Susan Ray, executive vice-president; Patricia Kay Stringer, activities vice-president; Laura Kathleen Powell, pledge trainer; Melissa McKenzie, chap- lain; .Kathleen Clewis, rush captain; and Nancy Graham, treasurer. Mrs. H. C. Booth was Tri Delts ' housemother. B. Odem 1. Parkinson J. Peckenpaugh S. Pennington P. Pierce P. Plait L. Powell B. Price K. Price L. Prior R. Putney M. Queen S.Ray A. Rhein A.Richardson V. Richardson P.Robinson S. Robison M. A. Rochs Mary Rochs R Rotholl j Schollenberger M. Schwendeman S Shape K. Show N. Smith S. Spears B. Spencer N. Stafford K. Sleib L. Strotton P. Stringer S. Swan H. Tinnerman T. Triece J. Urbonic M. Vilcoq C. Walker G. Walton A. Watson S. Welch K. Welder L. Wheeler 1. Williams 5. Willis J. Winniford M. Workman S. Wright 345 Delta Gamma S. Abbot J. Angevine V. Avico B Berkley I. Bortosh B. Bennett J. Broun N. Bremer K. Brothers M. Brumoge J. Bushey S. Byrd C. Cory J. Collerain C. Cook B. Cordell C. Cordell C. Ccoig V. Craig M. Crlipin S. Crow C. Crossley G. Dawjon K. Emery J. Eslei L. Fitzgerald C. Frogue F. Fuller Garretson M. George V. Gibson J. Goldbeck L. Goodrich M. Gradel M. Groy N. Green K. Gruner M. Henna C. Hitchcock C. Hollingiworth M. Hommel K. House M. House A. Howord C. Hulsey N. Jonei S. Jones L. Jose K. Kevil D. Keyser J. Lane J. Lang K. Lourea M. Linder J. Long D. Lorai M. Madsen D. Marshall J. Martin C. McCaa E. Merrill D. Ney C. Porker M. J Philquisl D. Rostnberger N. Rundquisl C. Scherz B. Schmuck J. Scholield C. Scolield 1. Shockey ft. Simms I. Simpson B. Spadord P. Stewart 346 The consistent spirit of Delta Gamma at pep rallies resulted in their winning the overall Cowboy Spirit Award for the whole season. S. K. Stubblelield s. V. Stubblefield S. Swan B. Tiemon S. Trahan L. Tramou E. Tuffly K. Voncil C. Voughon L. Voughon ft D. Weidt P. West C. G. Whitmire C. D. Whitmire K. Wilhelm The Delta Gamma calendar this year included many philanthropic projects. Their major com- munity service activities included the annual Christmas party for the blind with the Texas Cow- boys and Christmas caroling at Seton Hospital. Other projects included tutoring and supervising athletics, crafts, and Cub Scout dens at the Texas School for the Blind. Correlating with their enthusiasm and sign- making, the Delta Gammas were awarded the Cowboy Spirit Award for spirit at pep rallies. Active on campus was Deborah Rosenberger, varsity cheerleader. Officers for the year were Jeanne Philquist, president; Jeanne Johansen, first vice-president; Mary Swan, pledge trainer; Davon Gray, social chairman; and Ginger Langholz, rush captain. Mrs. Isabel Haynes was the housemother. J. Willoughby J. Woole M. Wynno K. Yodef S. Zunker 347 Delta Phi Epsilon H. Borab A. Barasch C Baum j oerger H. Burttschell M. Cohen N. Cowen G. Danburg K. Danburg B. Demoratsky M. Denn D. Epstein I. Fenster C. Frank J. Hiesiget R. Hoffman M. Hoppenstein G. Kaplan J. Kaplan F. Kost D. Krute L Kuper t. Lasik R. Lazofui L leshin D. Levin Levine J. Levine S. Levy L. Liebenson I. Freed S. Freed L. Fuerst K. Gladstone C. Goldberg J. Goldgar N. Golub B. Goodman D. Gordon S. Gottlieb C. Manilofl P. Moultan A. Natoviky H. Nasoviky Santa tells a lucky D Phi E about her present at the Christmas party. 348 The party overflowed to the front steps at a match with Delta Sigma Phi. 1. foul C. Pfeiffer L. Pulmon F. Reoch B. Redman L. Rosenfeld T. Rosenthal J. SodovnicV B. Schatz L. Sefilf Simon S. Speer J. Tula M. Trodlier C. W 5. Weiner A. Weingarten L. Yonack K. Zainfeld V. Zimmermann The girls of Delta Phi Epsilon greeted the 1969-70 term in their newly-remodeled home by hostessing an open house. The calendar for fall was filled with social and service projects in- cluding dessert parties, match parties, pledge- active games, a barbeque for graduate students, a community service project, the annual fall house party, a series of talks and a dinner with various University professors, and a Christmas party for Head Start children. The spring semester was highlighted by more faculty speakers, the spring formal, Sing-Song, money-raising for the Cystic Fibrosis fund, and the annual retreat. D Phi E provided outstanding campus leaders, such as Sandy Rosenfield, Campus Chest co-chair- man ; Helene Barab, Panhellenic president; and Donna Krube, Dimes Day co-chairman. Chapter officers are Miriam L. Cohen, presi- dent; Marsha Hoppenstein, vice-president; Nancee B. Gorenstein, rush captain; Charlotte Goldberg, pledge trainer; Joyce L. Hiesiger, treasurer; Nancy A. Cowen, recording secretary; and Rowena Blatt, corresponding secretary. Mrs. Doris Tate served as the housemother. 349 Delta Zeta N. Allman G. Anderson C. Anderson p. Anderson G. Arnold Involved in all phases of campus life, Delta Zeta participated in Sigma Chi Derby Day, made donations to the University Speech and Hearing Clinic, and sponsored a Christmas-decorating party for children from Austin State School. DZ ' s also hosted a reception for the freshman football team and a dessert party for their favorite pro- fessors. Social functions included a dinner for the Cowboys, the Christmas casual at B.R.W. Party Barn, and the traditional spring Rose Formal. Leaders on campus included Linda L. Hase, S tudent Assembly and Education Council. Officers were Sandra L. Wicker, president; Linda Lowrance, rush chairman; Dayle Bebee, pledge trainer; Dianne L. Fausset, recording sec- retary; Lynn Johnston, corresponding secretary; and Kaye I. Cair, treasurer. Mrs. Margaret Dry served as housemother. S. Borne A. Bornett S. Boyles! S. Beomon D. Bebee B. Benner J. Bergen P. Bettell N. Blockburna C. Bobo C. Bodemuller J. Boswell C. Bronnon ! A. Brown M. Brown M. Butler P. Galloway K Carr K. Carter N. Cotham M. Dean B. Drinkwaler L. DugaT J. Duncan D. Fausset J. Fonteno S. Fraser D. Fry (.. Fugote S. Gardner S. Glover S. Gordon N. Granl G. Green L. Gustavsen C. Honsen L. Hose S. Hicks K. Hilgers P. Hobbs J. Holler S. Howord J Humphrey N. Humphrey P. Jackson J. javurek M. Johnson E. Johnston lisa Johnston I. Johnston C. Komos J. Kirkpotrick V. Kivlin C. Krall K. Lambert P. Lessig J. Lloyd C. Long I. lowronce K. Lynch t. Madden N. Modera M. Magurean S. McCauslond D. McEvroy M. Munneke M. Murphy S. Nix . Nunnolly D. Olson 350 A M. Parker N. Parrish p p e t tv G. Peverley P. Pickard S. Ramsey M. Randerson B. Ratlill D. Richey G. Rose I. Salcher S. Sanders G. Seoholm S. Shirley A. Sloan D. Smith B. Souther C. Steeger S. Stoerner L. Swisher L. Teichelman B. Terry T. Thomas Trojonowsky C. Voigl C. Ware f, Watson P. Westbrook S. Westmoreland S. Wicker H. Wieting K . W.lkerson J- Willis P. Worrell N. Wranitzky C. Youngblood Wind-whipped Delta Zeta pledges braved cold temperatures to sell snacks at their Dimes Day booth. 351 Gamma Phi Beta R. Adorns S. Al ford S. Alles D - Armstrong L. Avant C. Bettge M. Blair K. Bowman N. Brett E. Brightwell A. Brooking Burnett C. Canada L. Culver S Davi G. Denson P. Deter J. Dubow 1. Duncan V. Ellis M. Gagliano D. Candy C. Guild E. Hagood L. Harm M. Hancock S. Hansen - mi f. Harris J. Harvey B. Houn M. Hawthorne N. Heins A. Hollingsworth D. Holme M. Ince M M. Ince J. Jacobson B. Kelton D. Kilpotrick Gamma Phi Betas won several honors this year in their activities. They are to host the na- tional convention to be held this summer in Dallas. Gamma Phi ' s won second place in the Sigma Chi Derby Day contest. Traditional functions included a fall retreat at Wimberly, a Dads ' Day dinner at the house, and a winter formal at the Villa Capri. Outstanding members on campus included Melinda Jeanne Murphy on the Dean ' s Education Council and Majorie Marie Poole on the Texas Union Coordinating Board. Officers for the year were Bette Jean Yant, president; Edith Ann Wiggins, vice-president; Jenny Kay Robinson, pledge trainer; Frances Ann Rea, membership; Sherlyn Dale Roach, treasurer; Norma Jeanne Sandberg, scholarship; Rebecca Sue West, social chairman; Melissa Dethlefsen, standards chairman; Deborah Ann Armstrong, corresponding secretary; and Helen Jean Harvey, ,recording secretary. Gamma Phi Betas gathered around the television after classes for the next episode in their favorite soap opera. 352 K. King G. legett K. Leilnei C. Lovett P. Marjholl R. Martin C. Ma I. McDonald B. McDowell E. Meeker N. Mum M. Morgan M. Mulvaney M. Murphy R. Newell M. Nugent C. Ogle D. Olien J. Ortloff K. Oshlo P. Parrish M. Poole J. Post F. Rca M. Riztr S. Roach J. Robinson D. Ruhland S. Rundle Nancy Sondberg Norma Sandberg S. Schumann C. Schwemer S. Shannon L. Shelton K. Shepherd P. Simpson C. Skelley C. Sparks C. Thompson C. Tidwell D. Turner P. Turner P. Van Eenenaom A. Veit J. Vesper N. Walker G - Wehman B. West T. Whitaker E. Wiggins S. Williams T. Williams C. Wolfe C. Wylie B. Yant D. Zapp 353 G. Adorns S. Allen M. Anderson N. Anderson A. Aves M. Bolch I B. Boll C. Beoly S. Brow ' der J. Buaas P. Butler M. Carnation S. Casey M. Co C. Colquin Thetas entertained rushees and thoroughly enjoyed themselves in a Period II skit. V. Corbtt K. Crowell D. Doylon M. Dean J. DeFord M. Denmon C. Duflield F. Dunlop S. Ellil 0. Embry B. Escoll T. Flown R. Ford J Frank S. Fulbrighl K. Fulton C. Goini M. S. Gooliby A. Gordon D. Griffith F. Holt 354 K. Hall L. Hansen D. Holhawoy M. H Kappa Alpha Theta S. Howard S. Hurst A. Johnson D. Johnson J. Johnston E. Jones S. Jones M. Kaino C. Kerr M. Lanier G. Lehrer J. Lewis L. Majors J. Mathis P. Mayo L. Meadows J. Meek L. Meyer M. Morgan S. Munson F. Nelson S. Nesbilt M. Oldhom L. Osterlhaler P. Poddock T. Reoves M. Redfearn T. Robertson C. Romick S- Scotl G. Seewold N. Seewald N. Sellingsloh M. Seybold S. Seybold B. Shepherd P. Shepherd C. Shudde B. Siddons J. Simpson .. Vanderhoel D. Voughan M. Ware J. Wells J. Wheeler This year was Kappa Alpha Theta ' s centen- nial year as a sorority. In honor of this, the Theta chapter at the University undertook several proj- ects in service to the community and to individual groups and persons. Among activities was the refurnishing of a Girl and Boy Scout hut for the Ebenezer Baptist Church. On Halloween the Thetas made pumpkins for orphans with the Delta Delta Delta sorority. The pledge class participated in Dimes Day with Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, worked to raise enough money to send one of their pledge sisters to the national Kappa Alpha Theta centen- nial convention, and helped to raise money for Phi Delta Theta ' s bonfire for the A M football pep rally. As a special project, girls living in the chap- ter house gave the house employees ' children a Christmas party. The Thetas made all the stock- ings and gifts. Social events included a Dads ' Day luncheon, a Christmas dinner party, and a springtime supper. Chapter officers were Mary Ethel Kaine, president; Gwen Elaine Larsh, first vice-president; Judy Kay Simpson, second vice-president; Mary Mildred Morgan, treasurer; and Virginia Gail Wommack, rush chairman. Mrs. Drucilla Whiting was the Thetas ' housemother. V. Wommock G. Wood W. Woodard J. Yardley 355 Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma celebrated its 100th anniversary with a Founder ' s Day banquet at the Austin Woman ' s Club. Other chapter activities included the tradi- tional Dads ' Day Mexican supper, a chapter re- treat, fratty friends, a Christmas party, AAonmouth Duo with Pi Beta Phi sorority, a barbecue, a junior- senior picnic, Sing-Song, and intramurals. In honor of its centennial year, the chapter established a scholarship for a graduate or undergraduate wo- man studying in the field of rehabilitation. Kappa pledges joined with Phi Delta Theta fraternity in Dimes Day activities. Melissa Craig, a Kappa, was chairman of the Fine Arts Committee. Leading the sorority were Dorothy Amerman, president; Jenny L. Ferguson, first vice-president; Mille L. Colville, second vice-president; Harriet Hahn, treasurer; French Ann Pruitt, social chair- man; and Peggy L. Evans, pledge chairman. Mrs. Dorothy Smith was the housemother. L. Arnell N. Baggetl S Bandy S. Bebb J. Beery S. Belew M. M Bigger M. A. Bigger M. Blonchelte M. Bowman M. Brown S. Bullington K. Bynum C. Campbell D Coke M. Craig A. Crain K. Crockett P. Davidson D. Dodson R. Dunawoy T. Edwards J. Ellsworth p. Evans N. Eversola 1 A D. French M. Gentry L. Gosa 8. Grammer M. Grundy E. Haggard M. Hallohan B. Mann A. Hardie E. Hardie J. Jenkini C. Jordan J. Kauffmann M. Kin nan 1C. Kolb M. Lowdon L. Lucat D. Majors M. McCollum J. Mclnlir L. McNult D. Merritr M. Merriit V. Michaelis 356 . M. L. Miller M. Miller S. Morton M. Neil B. Nicke ll M. Potion V. Pierce P. Price G. Priddy C. Pridgen N. Rother S. Roy S. Reeder I. Reynold! M. Robert! D. Rus! R. Russell M. Sander! S. Schuhmoxher J. Shappell C. Shook R. Shylles C. Smith U. Smith L. Spence A. Stealcley C. Strotemeyer J. Swa S. Thompson E. Tips C. Umstottd ; c B. Wagner D. Wandel W. Wither! Kappas welcomed rushees info their home for another hour of getting acquainted. 357 Pi Phi pledges are sold to the highest-bidding fraternity in the Campus Chest auction of sorority pledge classes. A. Adorns M. Allgelt E. Anderson I. Arnold M. Alwood I. Avery C. Sober A. Bokei O. Bokel B. Borton B. Becker B. Blonkenbeck)r E. Blonlofl M. Bohlmann A. Bower G. Broden R. Broden I. Brolelton S. flreliford A. Burkhort M. Cartwright G. Chombrlain N. Collie M. Cooley K. Crody C. Crillenden Corol Cullum C. Cullum D. Dean D D.ei K. Dooley P. Oooley A. Dorflinger D. Durham B. Duion E. Edens J. Fer 8 uion 358 P. French K. Gondy T. Gardner S. Gilei M. Glauser S. Goodwin I. Goii G. Graham P. Grant . Green C. Hopkins B. Horsley C. Howell M. Jackson J. Jones C. Keeney L. Keeney C. Kiniel C. Krueger A. Kutner Pi Beta Phi Participating actively on campus, the Pi Beta Phi ' s entered Sigma Chi Derby Day, Sing-Song, and Campus Chest. Pi Phi held its annual Dads ' Day brunch, Moms ' Day luncheon, Christmas party, retreat, and AAonmouth Duo. The chapter also hosted its annual Halloween party for orphans and sent funds earned by selling magazine sub- scriptions to the Settlement School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Pi Phi Rebecca Ann Braden was a freshman cheerleader. Chapter officers for the year were Julia Spen- cer Tucker, president; Catherine Howell, vice-pres- ident; Bess Heflin Baker, recording secretary; Mar- tha Gay McDonald, treasurer,- Pauline Grant, cor- responding secretary; Vivian Gay Kleiderer, rush captain; Nancy Pittman, social chairman; Elizabeth Holmes, pledge supervisor; and Penelope Mont- gomery, scholarship. Mrs. Martha Dean served as the housemother. K. Lonon A. Lehman K. Liedlke 8. lowrey P. Mast D. Mathews B. Mallhewi S. McCarthy S. McDonald K. McGown C. McMohon J. Montgomery P. Montgomery M. Moody S. Moorman S. Morgan A. Mortimer B. Novotny M. Oxford J. Pa on K. Penn N. Perry L. Perrymon B. Phelps P. Pitzer M. Porter B. Powell M. Powell M. Powers J. Reeves K. Roberts D. M. Rudd D. E. Rudd I. Sontamario A. Schoenvogel S. Scurry E. Settle S. Sewell J. Sheppord K. Skelley S. Smith K. Snyder A. Tenison J. Tucker B. Turner S. Walstad D. Woters C. Wilson E. Wulff K. Yager S. Y 359 1. Aoronson L Alter I. Andell N. Aronoll J. Axelrod H. Becker E. Bierner M. Btoch K. Bodner J. Cohen Coleman S. Doifman E. Fein T. Feldman . fi s k L. Freed J. Gershner I. Glazer A. Goldstein 360 Goodman R. Halfant H. Hochman S. Hutner H. Jocobi S. Joseph] S. Klein M. lake E. Landau B. Lane D. Lapidn B. Leaman R. Lenowilz C. Lerner M. lipson S. Loshak E. Lubel R. Macow E. Lev! J. Lipp B. Mogilow L. Monowilz M. Miller M. Mobell 1. Munli J. Noon S. Nuslenblolt V. Polunsky Rauzin D. Reiifld S. Rosen J. Rosenbach Sigma Delta Tau Members of Sigma Delta Tau were active across the campus this year. The chapter partici- pated in Sigma Chi Derby Day, made pep rally spirit signs with Tau Delta Phi fraternity, and co- sponsored a Christmas party at the Austin State School with Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. The pledge class, along with Zeta Beta Tau pledges, collected money for UNICEF. Social func- tions included intramurals, retreats, Phi Kappa Psi match, law and graduate tea, Alpha Phi and Delta Delta Delta dessert parties, an annual winter formal, and parents ' weekend. Ellen Rose Fein served as vice-president of the Texas Union. Leading the chapter as officers were Rande Siegel, president; Harriet Hochman, first vice-pres- ident; Donna Lee Reisfeld, second vice-president; Barbara Ellen Leaman, recording secretary; Emily Tess Landau, corresponding secretary; and Alice Carol Satlof, treasurer. Mrs. Helen Bauman served as the housemother. BELOW: SDT ' s enjoyed a game of bridge at the house. J. Selevon A. Siegel R S.egel nan E. Simon S. Verier J. Vogelfang S. Vogelfang D. Weiner J. Wizi B. G. Zimmerman B. D. Zimmerman M. Zimmerman D. Zlatkis C. Zlotnik % 361 S. Boylisi E. Beasley D. Beavers B. Alexonder J. Allison M. S. Allison M. K. Allison B. Ammons J. Ammons D. Bair A. Barclay B. Bates M Beaveri I Beckworlh R. Bills C. Black M. Blackwell R Blalock N. Blanton D. Boger J. Briscoa L. Brown P. Butler R. Cormichoel P. Cheatham J. Childers N. Cleland C. Country K. Crawford S. Curtis S. Derden L. Doing C. Douglas P. Duban K. Dunlap A. Fishe S. Ford L. Foreman M. Frost T. Geaccone G. Gilliland K. Greene B. Hansen S. Hansen T. Hansen J. Harrington L. Harris S. Hartley The Zeta Tau Alphas had an active year be- ginning in the fall with a brunch for the Silver Spurs and a barbecue on Dads ' Day. The pledges won the Spirit Award at the Rice pep rally and together with the Sigma Phi Epsilon pledge class, won second place in Dimes Day. The Zetas spon- sored a Christmas party for underprivileged chil- dren and an Easter project, while also participating in Sigma Chi Derby Day and Sing-Song. Individual recognition included Mary Tom Keller ' s selection as Outstanding Woman Student by the Dads ' Association. Kathleen Dalton Mc- Carty was a varsity cheerleader, and Nancy Susan Cleland was a freshman cheerleader. Officers for the year were Velma Lacey Pipkin, president; Jean AAcClain Smither, vice- president; Nancy Lee Notley, recording secretary; Sally Wellborn Ford, corresponding secretary; and Margo Thames, treasurer. Mrs. Johnnye Ruth Game! was housemother. W. Heoney D. Hermonsen R. Holmes M. Holl S. Hunt B. Iborra B. Johnson C. G. Johnson C J. Johnson M. Johnson M. Kiehle S. King C. Klinor K. Knolts K. Kolhmonn M. landrum R. Lehmberg J. Leonard M. Long M. longacre P. Lyons W. Marshall L. Martin J. Mast.rson K. Mathewt S. McCorroll 362 K. McCorty M. McCorlcy S. McMordie C. McWhorter M. Meyer S. Morgan Zeta Tau Alpha C. Musselman B. Nauwald N. Motley S. O ' Hoir K. Phillips M. Pipkin V. Pipkin E. Prewitt J. Price R. Rabun D. Roll K. Reilly J. Richards D. Rundell A. Sanders S. Shelton M. Sheridan f. Simpson P. Sctton L. Smith J. Smither S. Sparenberg B. Stondefer S. Stover C. Taylor G. Thames M. Thames M. Thigpin D. Thomas K. Thornberry C. Waldrip M. Wollis L. Weller C. Wendland G. Wilkes A. Williams C. Williamson C. Winters J. Wither] A. Witzel f F. Wright S. Yanlis B. Votes K. Zunker Barbara Alexander gets caught up in the excite- ment of the Zetas Christ- mas party for underpriv- ileged children. 363 Acacia Completing its 53rd year at the University, the Texas chapter of Acacia ranked second in the University ' s intramural sports program and eighth in fraternity scholastic standing. Working with Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, Acacia won the Cowboy Spirit Award at the Rice pep rally. During Campus Chest week the Acacia and Delta Delta Delta pledge classes sold gingerbread for Dimes Day. Among the social events of the fraternity were the traditional Black and Gold formal, matches, and festivities at Halloween, Christmas, and Round-Up. Members active on campus were Terry T. Angevine, head varsity cheerleader, and Robert L. Oliver, chairman of Texas Today and Tomorrow. Officers for this year were John C. Wooley, president; Donald R. Cockerham, vice-president; Robert L. Oliver, secretary; Sterling Craig Corne- lius, social chairman; Robert T. Maberry, pledge trainer; and Victor Cockerham, rush chairman. Housemother was Mrs. Ela Ragland. D. Burditt J. Bywaters H. Chrislal J. Chumlea B. Cobb D. Cockerham J. Condry S. Cornelius Collon H. Craig H. Day N. Dolfusi T. Drobyski D. Dunlao J. Gips W. Graham C. Grigsby T. Haggard V. Harris Acacia ' s frequently gathered at the house for casual weekend parties. 364 ACACIA ORDER OF DELPHI: FRONT ROW: Bonnie Graves, Kate Thorn- berry, Ginger Langholz, Cynthia Wendland, Paula Fisher, Lyn Nuding. SECOND ROW: Debbi Morgan, Susan Ellis, Alice Binder, Carol Hawke, Bartlett Norton, Karen Knight, Kathy Elliott, Kay Douglas, Betty Lamp, Susan Bridges. I I WM. W. Keese R Kelle S. Loppin E. lewis J. Lewis B. Ludemon R. Muberry D. Maggard H. Marek N. McBryde L. McGill T. McGillicuddy 5i fi HI 1 S. McGrow R. Mitchell A. Morgan T. Newman C. Marlon W. Norton C. Oakley R. Oliver W. Peterjon R. Poeiichke D. Poulos A. Robensburg R. Rhodes H. Ridout D. Roberson S. Roberts M. Sanders K. Schronk M. Schwartz J. Shellon fc d T " - V l mitl ' c - Sm ' ln T. Smith Z. Smilh J. Stranford M. Torbox R. Taylor B. Thornton J. Tiner B. Tipton R. Walker 1. Warrick p. Watson R. Weldon J. white J. Wood J. Wooley 365 all rush found Alpha Epsilon Pi getting acq K. Gindy I. Clods W. Goldman J. Hollmon D. Jonei F. Kohn B. Kornblalt A. Krog.n J- I- lin J. D. Itvin R. lvin R. Levy R. Uwin D. Mnky J. Muhlbauer H. Numon 1. Norton D. Novy G. Polland 366 Alpha Epsilon Pi B. Pol Ion S. Pomoranlz W. Prager K. Reichelt T. Rica J. Robinson M. Roffmon M. Roienfield K. Schiller M. Seibel H. Selig A. Shapiro Active in campus activities, Alpha Epsilon Pi had members in the House of Delegates, Student Assembly, and Model United Nations. Thomas Rice, an AEPi, served as Arts and Sciences Coun- cil President. Founded on the University campus in 1939, the Gamma Deuteron chapter had the second highest grade point average of all social frater- nities at the University. The members held their annual Viking Party and other socials. During the Christmas season the fraternity gave a party for mentally retarded children. Officers for the year were Arnold Pollon, pres- ident; Lawerence Michael Cohen, vice-president; Machelle Mayer Seibel, secretary; Adrian Michael Shapiro, treasurer; Jerrold Alan Schwartz, social chairman; David P. Solovey, rush captain. f. Smith D. Solovey J. Stoller G. Toub J. Teitelboum B. Weinw M. Weiner A. Wh.lmon M. Worth B. Zurker wheel. :-: AEPi ' s leisurely spent afternoons watching television. 367 Alpha Kappa Lambda AKL ' s contributed to football spirit by constructing signs for pep rallies LITHE SISTERS OF THE SETTING SUN: Donna Coates, Suanne Quick, Kathy Walker, Marcia Seely, Margaret lanson, Cappy Pfeiffer. 368 Alpha Kappa Lambda members and their dates gathered at the house to cheer a friend. S. Hancock C. Hill R. Johnston G. King R. Schultz Alpha Kappa Lambda, founded in 1967, moved into its first fraternity house this year. It also chartered a little sister group, the Little Sisters of the Setting Sun. Although AKL is primarily a social fraternity, members gave several parties for underprivileged school children and entertained mentally retarded children. The Alpha Kappa Lambdas rated high in in- tramural competition. Generating spirit, they en- tered the football pep rally contests with several sororities. AKL also participated in Round-Up Week activities. AKL parties this year included the fraternity ' s two annual parties, the Christmas formal at which Suanne Quick was crowned sweetheart, and the spring Yellow Rose Ball. Officers for the year were Stanley Albert Spaeth, president; Charles Michael Stone, vice- president; Daniel C. Pitts, secretary; Sam Jeffrey Cardwell, treasurer,- Jerry Franklin Graves, stew- ard; Sammy D. Garrett, house manager; and W. Matthew Heaton, social chairman. S. Spaeth J. Starkey C. Stone W. Ward 369 Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha members participated in com- munity projects and campus organizations dur- ing the year. Social events included the annual smoker in the fall and the formal Alpha Ball in the spring. Since its foundation at Cornell University in 1906, Alpha Phi Alpha has attained a position of prominence among Greek organizations. Distin- guished members include Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Senator Edward Brooke, Whit- ney Young, A. Phillip Randolph, and the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. The fraternity ' s officers this year were Patro- sky Thomas, president; William Lincoln Lyons, vice-president; Larry Newman, executive secre- tary; Columbus E. Coleman Jr., comptroller; and Roy L. Johnson II, dean of pledges. Brother Lyons raps to Harry Williams and Lew McKinzie. Sweetheart for Alpha Phi Alpha was Alice McCloud. 370 Brothers of the Phi gathered for an informal group picture Alpha Tau Omega Active in community service, Alpha Tau Omega sponsored a football team, the ATO Oilers, and a baseball team for underprivileged children in East Austin. The ATO Oilers won first place in the city Little League. Other community service projects included painting rooms at the Texas School for the Blind and Christmas caroling at the Travis State School. On campus the Gamma Eta chapter was well represented in Cowboys, Silver Spurs, and Posse. Christopher Wilson, an ATO, served as president of Cowboys. Alpha Tau Omega members participated in campus activities including Dimes Day, in which the Alpha Chi Omega pledge class was bought by the ATO ' s; the Aggie Sign Contest, and the Round-Up parade. In intramurals Alpha Tau Omega won the mullet division championship. Social events included the Black and White formal, the May party, and a Hell ' s Angels theme party. ATO officers for the year were Jack G. Wise, worthy master; Michael Lynn Gaus, worthy chap- lain; Horace G. Nebeker, worthy scribe,- David Austin Hill, worthy sentinel; and Stephen Charles Peery, worthy treasurer. R. Arnett R. Boggett S. Ballontyne J W. Brandt 0. Chamberlain W. Chambers M. Chriico S. Clarke C. Cox H. Crockett R. D ' Ambrogi P. Davis L. Dickson P. Draper R. Elledge T. Ew H. Fisk B. Hoffman R. Hoffman D. Karotkin J. Kelley LITTLE SISTERS OF THE MALTESE CROSS: FRONT ROW: Kathy Brandt, Charlane Lewis, Mona Black, Judy Pearson, Susan Kincheloe. SECOND ROW: Angie Ellis, Diana Dilworth, Marsha Davies, Patti Platt, Jan Page, Chris Cox, Ursula Smith, Ann Baker, Becky Rotholz, Carol Conner. 372 ATO ' s and dates dance to the music at a Hell ' s Angels theme party at the house. M. Kristen J. Kuhlmon R McMurrey B. Metcei A. Milbeigei K. Mlllin K. Mooce S. Moofe T. Moore E. Mortov. R. Nuldtett G. Neltlei 5. Owen 5 Peery M. Phair V. Rombefg F. Roquemdte D. Russell R. Rusieli S. Sandhal rf G. Smilh J. Smilh D. Slewort M. Sweeney C. Taylor J. Taylor T. Temple G. Thomas W. Walker E. Wendler A Williams C. Wilson R. Wilson W. Winters G. Withers S. Zachariah 373 Beta Theta Pi For service projects this year, Beta Theta Pi brought mentally retarded children to the chap- ter house for a Christmas party and continued its annual project of cleaning a cemetery in East Austin. The Betas were active socially, too, holding a Pearl Harbor party, a Virgin Island party, and formals at Christmas and in the spring. This was Beta Omicron ' s 84th year at the University. The chapter won league titles in foot- ball and golf intramurals, and several members were on the Longhorn football team. Betas were active in campus politics and com- mittees. Members also were represented in many other social and service organizations. Beta Theta Pi officers for 1969-70 were John Parker Nelson, president; William Henry Locke, vice-president; Dan Alexander English III, treas- urer; Emmanuel Thomas Ballases, pledge trainer,- and Mac Norwin Churchill, social chairman. W. Burton P. Campbell W. Cargill S. Cloy G. Co R. Delano J. Dennis J. Duerr D. Eokmon 1. Elick R. Ellis D. English J. Evans A. Flache R. Hagon DAUGHTERS OF THE DIAMOND: FRONT ROW: Alinda Hill, Pat Dougherty. Susan Spears, Nancy Stafford, Michelle Wilson. SECOND ROW: Dede McClain, Linda Martin, Camille Glauser, (Catherine Yantis, Jill Levering, Jeanie Hargis, Carla Gray. THIRD ROW: Kathy Shaw, Debbie Bain, Julie Richards, Debby Fertitta, Eddy Fladger, Mary Beth Watson, Patrice Jones, Palsy Pierce, Laura lee Mehr. R. Hamilton R. Honnay 374 Betas and their dates spent a leisurely afternoon playing bingo R. Harpool T. Holley J. Holshouser S. h S. Jorrard M. Jeffus E. Killian S. King P. Kuhl a i I J. Lacy C. lee W. Lee D. Lilllepage . w. Locke . D. Markland M. Moltar 8. McBe J. McEniry M. McNeil A. Meyeri J. Meyenon T. Morgan L . Morrison T. Murray J. Nelson L. Ochse w. Ochie C. Parker Potter R. Royal E. Sebring J. Swantner T. Sweeney R. Todd T. Tucker T. Welsh B. Wilkinson H. Wills 375 SWEETHEARTS OF THE CHAKETT: FRONT ROW: Suzanne Gould, Elizabefn Schultz, Donna Klenk. SECOND ROW: Jeannette Penn, Peggi McLean, Jane Kohutek, Margaret Shepherd, Lynn Edwards, Dayle Witherspoon. THIRD ROW: Judith Palmer, Julia Wells, Cheryl McDowell, Sue Bluethman, Susan Neukom, Barbara Crawford, Diane Johnson, Ann Pettit. Chi Phi R. Abernothy R Baker T. Benson J. Blair S. Bowman W. Brewer C. Brilt S. Brown R. Corraway C. Cobb R. Daniel J. Dudley R. Eickenhorjt W. Ean C. Frink D. Frink D. Gilley D. Grieves G. Groos D. Guesi C. Hail B. Harvey J. Henry M. Horelica W. Jenltins Like most Chi Phi ' s, these men enjoyed a game of cards. B. lovo D. Moy 376 K. Martin M. McConn P. McGuire Frisbee, a year ' round sport, was a particular favorite of Chi Phi. S. McRexnolds T. Mercer J. Mlnohon K. Mooney J. Newberry T. Noyes G. Overman J. Pate K. Rokestraw R R de C. Sapstead M. Schultz R. Schultz J. Shurden D. Smalling J. Sparks J. Thompson F. Towery 5. Trudeau T. Tumlinson F. Tw Starting the year off with a trophy, Chi Phi ' s placed second in class A intramural football. Members also participated in the House of Dele- gates, Campus Chest, and the Aggie Sign Contest. The chapter held its annual weekend retreat, and members challenged one another to a pledge- active football game. During the Baylor football weekend, the Chi Phi ' s hosted a Dads ' Day luncheon and a Chi Phi Mothers ' Club coffee. Later in the year a reception was given for Walter Cronkite, an alumnus of the chapter. Christmas activities included a semiformal and an eggnog party held with the little sister organization. A Christmas party was given for underprivileged children. Two other seasonal par- ties, at Halloween and Easter, also were given for the children. The highlight of the spring semester was the spring formal where Peggy McLean was crowned sweetheart. Chi Phi had a successful year under the lead- ership of officers Keith Douglas Martin, president; Fredric Lawrence Twomey, vice-president; Clayton Jay Frink, recording secretary; Timothy Arthur Noyes, corresponding secretary; Thomas Edward Tumlinson, treasurer; and Douglas Glen May, ser- geant-at-arms. Housemother was Miss Jane Hall. W. Wolli F. Wells J Worley R. Wnghl T. Wyiocki 377 Delta Chi Helping underprivileged children in the Aus- tin area, Delta Chi presented a bond to the Pan American League to help finance its football program. The local chapter of Delta Chi participated in several intramural sports this year. Among these were bowling, badminton, handball, volleyball, and wrestling. Delta Chi ' s fall social season included the an- nual Ski Lodge party, the Christmas Ball, film parties, and aftergame get-togethers. The spring socials which highlighted the year were the Round-Up party and a banquet at The Barn. Fall officers were Robert Dwain Blakley, president; Randall Edward Rowan, vice-president; William Mike Johnson, recording secretary; Karl Bonawit Putnam, treasurer; and Edward Anthony Kaufman, corresponding secretary. In the spring semester leadership was fur- nishe ' d by William Mike Johnson, president; Ed- ward Anthony Kaufman, vice-president; Jerome Thomas Blakley, recording secretary; Karl Bona- wit Putnam, treasurer; and Randall Edward Rowan, corresponding secretary. Delta Chi ' s and their dates played a game of touch football. Getting ready to set sail, men of Delta Chi were looking forward to spending a day on Lake Austin with their dates. 378 joibill. Delta Chi ' s took time out from studying to relax in the country The Delta Chi ' s returned to shore after an enjoyable afternoon. 379 R. Aboud 0. Alkire G Ashford L. Bivins P. Boyd J. Brown J. E. Burke The men of Delta Kappa Epsilon worked together to mail out their rush material. D. Cothert S. Croiielt J. Cummings P. Davenport C. Deweei J. Edem A. Fellow! f. Floca . Hamner C. Horkey Oekes took time out from studying to play some pool. 380 _ j- Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsllons enjoyed a good meal at the house. R. Heoid w. Hunter R. Liltl H. Lucas J. McClamrach J. Mitchell R. W. Morse R. E. Morso C. Poling H. Riise O. Ross R. Shields A banquet in May honoring astronaut Alan Bean, a UT Deke alumnus, climaxed Delta Kappa Epsilon ' s year. Many alumni returned to the Uni- versity to honor the first native Texan to walk on the moon. The fraternity placed first in University swim- ming intramurals for the third straight year, and sponsored a baseball team for underprivileged children. Social events of the year included parties at homecoming and Round-Up and the annual Swamp party and Toga party. Members also were active in campus activities. As a national fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded at Yale University in 1844. The Uni- versity chapter was founded in 1913. Officers for the year were Joseph L. Hargrove Jr., president; Gary Allen Ashford, vice-president; Buckner Duncan Roane, secretary; and Robert Emmett Morse, rush captain. G. Sturgis E. Vickerx E. While R. Wood 381 Delta Sigma Phi Returning to the campus this year, Eta chap- ter of Delta Sigma Phi participated in a well- rounded schedule of activities. The Delta Sigs moved into their house at 1906 Rio Grande in early fall in time for rush activities. Originally organized at the University in 1907, Delta Sigma Phi held a formal installation this year of the chapter on the Austin campus. Members took part in intramurals, the Aggie Sign Contest, Round-Up activities and various campus organizations. Eta ' s social events included the Sphinx Ball, Sailor ' s Ball, and the annual spring formal. Officers for the year were Patrick George Hill, president; William Victor White, vice-presi- dent; Bryan Dickard Chenault, treasurer; Frank Henry Wagner Jr., secretary; and Stephen Wil- liam Cook, pledgemaster. W. Blair R. Col. B. Chenault J. Christian S. Cook R. Copeland 4 4 r. Hill R. Homo T. Howard Weekend house parties brightened a quickly passing fall semester. 382 I I I Delta Sigma Phi ' s gathered at their house, 1906 Rio Grande, for an informal picture. S. Hultmon R Kumerfield P. Mullent C. Roimond C. Servizio J. Shaughnessy D. Shindler L. Snelson O. Slriegler F. Wagner W. Whil L. Wildeman 383 Delta Tau Delta Active in campus intramurals, members of Delta Tau Delta finished in the runner-up spot in Class A football and placed third in swimming. The Delts also placed high in Dimes Day competition and won the Best All Around award in the Aggie Sign Contest. At the beginning of the spring semester, Delta Tau Delta members moved into their new chapter house at 2801 San Jacinto. Robert Christy, a Delt, served as presi- dent of the Interfraternity Council. Delt Glen G. Halsell was a Longhorn tri-captain and was selected to the All-Southwest Conference football team. Delta Tau Delta officers this year were Don Newton Walker, president; Scott Bar- nett Smith and Robert Michael Rutledge, vice-presidents; James Melvin Baird, corre- sponding secretary; Samuel Joseph Miller, recording secretary; Edward Nunnelee Gid- eon, treasurer; and Thomas Bandy McGregor, rush captain. Mrs. Sophia Dneproff served as the housemother. f tMOL f - -7 j J. Ahern J. Alsup D. Babel J. Baird G. Barber L Barbies J. Biard J. Biggs M. Casey W. Cherry J. Childress B. Christy R. Christy P. Cola J. Cox 1- Crossen J. Deweese P. Dyer T. Ellis T. Forror D. Froser C. Gaines E. Gideon M. Gideon R. Hommetl S. Houn R. Hoefs F. Honeycull W. Gregory f. Gulekg J. Guleke C. Hull S. Humphrey J. Hunt S. Hunt J. Jomes R. j nliinl M. Johnson T. Kozlowski D. Kuylendoll Delts battled Lambda Chi in intramural competition. 384 5 r fc j jf 4 Deltj played host to a Roman Toga party. 1 m I. Ldsoter s. Le J. Letsos 0. Molish C. Martin T. McNutt R. Meehan S. Miller R. Mokes G. O ' Brien R. Porker G. Powlik G. Pickard B. Rush M. Russell R. Rutledgo J. Simpson D. Smith G. Smith J. Sneed R. Speno C. Spencer G. Shillings K. Stockton T. Tingley R. Tisdole A. Tomfordo C. Tull J. Upshow L. Woddell 2 T M. Woddell J. Watson B. Westmoreland P. Wilkins O. Williams J. Wilson R. Votes C. Young 385 Delta Upsilon The University ' s chapter of Delta Upsilon, which was founded in 1949, was led this year by Jay Charles Bobbitt, president; Samuel Douglas Haas, vice-president; James Harvey Elder, secre- tary; Robert Craig Penny, treasurer,- and James Carl Hummel, chapter relations. DU housemother was Mrs. JoAnne Cocks. Busy on campus this year in various organi- zations, Delta Upsilon had several leaders in Posse and the House of Delegates. Jerry Hunni- cutt, a DU, was on the Texas Union Board of Directors. Delta Upsilon ' s calendar of events for the year was full. As a community service project, Delta Upsilon and Zeta Tau Alpha sponsored a Christmas party for children from the Austin Day Care Center. The chapter also took part in Sing- Song and finished in the top ten in intramural competition. The annual Prohibition party high- lighted fall social events. The spring semester festivities featured a spring formal, as well as the DU ' s Swamp party. C. Amis S. Aycock 1 Bologio D. Bennett J. Bobbin 0. Bracken W. Brewer J. Casiell S. Choso G. Curran d J Jh J. Dunlop J. Elder J. Forward J. Frugo 0. Gambia }, Givens 8. Goodwin C. Grace C. Graves M. Greshom F. Grossman T. Guyton S. Haas F. Hamilton M, Harris DU ' s welcomed prospective fall rushees at their fraternity house. 386 LITTLE SISTERS OF THE SEVEN STARS: FRONT ROW: Jackie Grace, Rosie Strong, Peggy Cannaday, Sherry Eldridge, Claudia Permenter, Kay Hum- phrey, Nancy Humphrey, Lu Love. SECOND ROW: Pat Hubbard, Mona Sands, Sherrie Siegelin, Kay Richards, Creg Hargis, Debi Kingsley, Marilyn Smith, Dee Palmie, JoAnne Currie, Susan Cook. S. Johnson J. Keller J. Kern B. Kingsley M. Klein R. London J. McAlister P. McNeil R. Morgan R. Northwoy I. Pecena G. Penny R. Penny D. Prilchord D. Rhode " Schley J. Schodeld F. Scofield S. Siptak G. Silton E. Smith R. Smith H. Templin K. Thurman S. Tice C. Turet S. Walls C. Walkins D. Wolkins J. Welge G. Worlley 387 J. Allison S. Amos J. R. Anderson j rj Anderson J. Armstrong u . Athon J. Bollou T. Bertii R. Brewer w. Brock B. Brooks L. Burch E. Burke B - Burton R. Campbell J. Carter KA ' s and their housemother, Mrs. T. L. Martin, welcomed rushees to their house. D. Childress C. Clarice J. Davenport j. Davis S. Douglas W. Dowdy M. East A. Elkins M. Emmert K. Fenelon R. Finlayson J. Floinik S. Ford E. Fowler W. Francis K fullick D. Gamblo L. Gilliland L. Good G. Graves T. Griffin T. Gupton C. Haws H. Helland T. Higgins M. Hodges H Hopkins R. Hun J. Johnston C. Jones R Kaminiki G. Koppltr M. Kenney R. Lain Lone R. Lilly D. Lupto 388 J. Moroney C. McGarf D. McKinnon J. McMahon 0. Mundinger L. Musselman M. Potion J. Pinnelli M. Pipkin Kappa Alpha This year Kappa Alpha raised more than $600 for charity through the Miss Campus Chest con- test. The chapter also worked with an East Austin underprivileged children ' s football team. Old South Week, ending with the traditional Ball, cli- maxed Kappa Alpha ' s social season. Active Kappa Alpha ' s on campus were Burt C. Hooten, an All-American in baseball, and Ben- jamin A. Brooks, chairman of the Shuttle Bus Committee. Robert M. Pittenger served as vice- president of the Interfraternity Council and Wil- liam R. Francis served as vice-president of the IFC ' s President ' s Council. Chapter officers included William R. Francis, president; Jeff D. Anderson, vice-president; Rob- ert M. Pittenger, recording secretary; and Dick L. Wade, corresponding secretary. Mrs. T. L. Martin served as housemother. R. Pittenger D. Powell D. Reed L. Riefler D. Rostedt Schell C. Schoberla R. Scraper J- Shorber E. Shepard R. Simmons T. Small B. Smith Spean SOUTHERN BELLES: FRONT ROW: Kay Hill, Luann Argabright, Jyl Giles, Ellen Atwood, Susan Kendall. SECOND ROW: Karyn Hughes, Cynthia Brandimarte, Suzanne McDonald, Jana Harrington, Newton Hopkins, Mrs. T. L. Martin, Nancy Florer, Dorris Boone, Linda McMahon, Ann Lillard, Virginia Horton. 389 SISTER OF THE STAR AND CRESCENT: FRONT ROW: Cathy Cloud, Brooke Blankenbeckler, Mary Neill, Peggy Davis, Margaret Rochs. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Bland, Maggi Kenyon, Nancy Green, Elise Keeney, Susu Scott, Anne Scott, Susan Terry, Karen Jensen, Lisbeth Lewis, Susan Brelsford. THIRD ROW: Meredith Herman, Julia Richards, Elizabeth Bergfeld, Sharon Mallicote, Lucy Foreman, Sarah Gideon, Jennifer Beery, Martha Singletary, Jan Fosdick. S. Adger R. Alexander Allen L. Ande D. Armstrong J. Bagby B Bearden C. Berson Kappa Sigma was we ll represented in cam- pus organizations this year. Among these were Student Assembly, Silver Spurs, and Cowboys. Several members served in the House of Dele- gates, representing the fraternity and University colleges. At the annual Alumni Party the Man of the Year award was presented to James Bayless of Houston. Kappa Sigs sponsored an Easter Egg hunt for underprivileged children. The year ' s ac- tivities were climaxed with the colorful Texas In- dependence Day celebration in which members reenacted the revolution. Chapter officers during the fall were Wade Arnold Kilpatrick, grand master; James Nash Scott, grand procurator; Harry Dickson Hopson Jr., grand treasurer; William Roche Murphy, grand scribe; and John Howard Rauscher, grand master of ceremonies. Elected to serve during the spring semester were Robert Irwin Lippincott, grand master; David G. Armstrong, grand procurator; Wayne Aiken Tenney, grand scribe; and James Andrew Ivins, grand master of ceremonies. Rlanlcenshio J Browder 0. Cantrell C. Carter R. Cassort D. Cheothom J. Clark G. Cox W. Cox 0. Culwell P. Davis w. Dean B. Doherty M. Doron W. Erwin A. Feinillver C. Forman S. Forrliloll D. Cibbi ' Giffin 390 J. Gray T. Herman p. Hollimon H. Hopson Kappa Sigma v ?| i -c- W. Leg R. Lippincoll S Loving j. Lyons J. Mallicote J. Milby A. Ivini pj K en , W. Kilparrick C. LoRve W. Mucher J. Moor M. Mors W. Murphy M. Pearc J. Perry R. Price Raaidole J. Rou ' cher T. Richards R. Richordion T. Rioux J. Ross J. Sandel W. Sapp T. Schillaci J. Scolf M. Scott R. Shepherd I. Sinfllelary J. Toylor W. Tenney P. Telen j J R. Tuck R. Umilalld M. Waggoner D Wolkins R. Weil F. William! W. Wilion T. Wimberly Kappa Sig ' s battled with Lambda Chi for control of the ball in intramural basketball competition. R. Worthing M. Zodilc 391 Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha was active in campus sports this year. Several of the fraternity mem- bers were on the varsity basketball team. In intra- murals, the Lambda Chi ' s placed first in the fall sports. For the second consecutive year Lambda Chi ' s won the class A basketball championship. This year they placed five athletes on all-intra- mural teams. Lambda Chi Alpha members were active in Sing-Song, and Dimes Day. The Lambda Chi-Zeta Tau Alpha float won first place at the Arkansas football pep rally. This year members held a car wash with the proceeds going to muscular dystrophy. During the Christmas holidays they hosted a party for children at the Austin State School. ' Officers of Lambda Chi Alpha were Benjamin J. Campbell, president; Winston Scott Snead, vice- president; Danny Dawson Watts, s ecretary; Jeff- rey Wayne Stewart, treasurer; Richard N. Merrill, social chairman; and Glen Nelson Sanders, pledge educator. Mrs. Amy C. Jones served as Lambda Chi Alpha housemother. S. Aldrldge J. Allen 8. Baker 1. R. Baker J. 0. Baker Q. Bordnell P. Barker W. Bolton R. Bruner J. Byrom C. Clarbo J. Dielerich W. Doyal C. Earle S. Finley J. Fowler W. Frazer S. Hearn R. Hibbelfj W. Hlbbeftj T. Hoffman K. Hughes R. Coffee J. Crawford J. D I Lambda Chi ' s spent many days constructing this tower in preparation for the annual Aggie Sign Contest. 392 k i I M F. Iturbide W. Johnson J. Jones W. Kozmonn R. Key R. Kinsey M. Klaveness Defending intramural basketball champion, Lambda Chi Alpha, retained its title. C. Klos W. Long J. Lenox Leyda J. Monn W. McGulra R. Merrke R. Miller p. Mooro W. Morgan D. Morrii H. Morrow R. Myliut It. Nordhem J. Kobmson W. Robinson 0. Schenkkan B. Schoppe M. Schreiner W. Sheldon 3. Smith W. Snead W. Snow K. Sowards J. Stork W. Stewart J. Slinson W. Teeling R. Tiemonn J. Van Zont J. Wollrip M. Walts t. Whitfield S. Wiedeman f jurafM A. Wilcox J. Winston W. Witt R. Worth D. Young R. Yowell 393 Members gather to get acquainted with their chapter sweetheart, Sharon Fisher. Omega Pii Phi members held a mod-type Sing-Song. 394 Omega Psi Phi Terrence Lynn Woods, Bertram Marion McBride, Oscar Kizzee, Lauritz A. Williams, Kenneth Wayne Ferguson, Henry Evans Mammons, Don Irving Holland. Eta Theta chapter of Omega Psi Phi started its second year on the University campus this fall. The Eta Theta charter was granted during the fall semester of 1969 to five active members and six pledges. The fraternity stresses manhood, scholarship, perseverance, and uplift. The organization not only has many social functions but also serves the Austin and Univer- sity communities. The members selected Sharon Ann Fisher as their sweetheart. Omega Psi Phi officers were Terrence Lynn Woods, basileus; Henry Evans Mammons, vice- basileus; Fredric Jones, keeper of records and seal; Bertram Marion McBride, keeper of finance; Kenneth Wayne Ferguson, dean of pledges; Don Irving Holland, assistant keeper of records and seal; Robinson Henry Parson, assistant dean of pledges; William Craig Harris, social chairman; Anthony Bernard McCloud, assistant keeper of finance; Oscar Kizzee, keeper of peace; and Laur- itz A. Williams, IFC representative. Chapter officers discuss Omega Psi Phi business. 395 M. Allen T. Anderson R. Atend P. Baldwin G. Boltzell C. Barnes I. Bates G. Beach G. Beck D. Bohart W. Brown D. Cooper D. Craig R. Duncan J. Harm R. Hearn D- Hoffman B. Eastburn R. Evoni A. Fletcher 8. FuKrmann E- Graham M. Longley p Lee P. Malono T. Hopkins R. Hoppstetter C. Hunt H. Jennings D. Kirklin G. Kobdish Phi Celts enjoy an afternoon tea with their housemother. 396 Phi Delts raised the largest amount of money for Dimes Day with their Geisha House booth. f? p . ' Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta was busy this year promot- ing spirit and participating in campus activities. In the annual Aggie Wood Gathering contest the Phi Delts won first place. They were first in fund raising in Dimes Day competition. The members joined with several sororities to paint signs fo ' r football games and pep rallies. For Phi Delta Theta ' s national community service day the mem- bers painted and repaired the Austin Boy ' s Club. Phi Delta Theta was well-represented in campus organizations. Among the leaders were Tom Peterson, Interfraternity Council treasurer, and Danny Price, vice-chairman of the President ' s Council, Phi Delts also were represented in var- sity and freshman athletics, Silver Spurs, Cow- boys, Friars, Freshman Encounter, and Texas Union committees. Chapter officers for the year were Danny Rugeley Price, president; Reginald W. Gregory, vice-president; Frank Hobart Stephens, secretary; Winston Lee Watson, pledge trainer; Stephen H. Field, treasurer; and Ira Irving Bates, house man- ager. Mrs, Mildred J. Newsome served as the Phi Delt housemother. . McPhoul . Mitchell C. Montgomery K. Moor F. Morrill S. Morse J. Myers R. Park G. Patton R. Palton J. Payne J. Petkai P. Petko T. Pierce J. Powers D. Price W. Price J. C. Russell J. E. Russell S. Scanio J. Schieffer D. Schley R. Sledge R. Solether F. Stephens S. Storm W. Tolioferro S. Thompson G. Vest R. Ward 1. Welder W. Welder B. Wheless T. Whiteside 397 P. Adkinj T. Arnett J. Arnoult D. Bailey R. Barnes W. Block R. Boll J. Boone R. Boyd R. Bridges J. R. Buchek J. Burns K. Byrne C. Callaway J. Camp E- Clark Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gamma Delta started the year off right by capturing the intramural football championship in classes A and B. The Fijis ' interest in athletics extended to charity with the chapter donating $120 to a non-profit athletic council in Austin to help send to New Orleans a regulated-weight football team. The holiday seasons provided the Phi Gam- ma Deltas with other opportunities for serv- ice projects. Halloween was spent collecting money for charity. At Thanksgiving canned goods were collected and distributed among needy fam- ilies. At Christmas and Easter parties were given for .different groups of underprivileged children. For Dimes Day hot chocolate was served at a western booth with proceeds going to charity. Social affairs included the Christmas and spring formals. As a special highlight, astronaut Eugene Cernan spoke at a chapter dinner. On campus, the chapter was represented in Silver Spurs, Texas Cowboys, and the House of Delegates. Phi Gamma Delta officers for this year were Robert Ashe Bridges, president; Eric Carl Frisk, treasurer; Robert Harvey Sewell, recording secre- tary; James Clay Brown, historian; and Allen Sanders Kent, public relations. Fiji housemother was Mrs. Mary Pryor. I. Clark L. Couch A. Davenport R. Engilrom W. Foiter J. Fultz For Dimes Day, Phi Gamma Delta members erected a western booth. 398 M. Hordes! N. Hardin J. Hargrove Fijis battled the Betas to defend their University football title in intramurals M. Harrison G. Jarnagin J. Jinkins 0. Keedy Keel C. Lauderdole 0. Livingilon L. Looney J. Martin ' Martin B Merrell W. Middleton G. Mintan D. Moore D. Molheral K Mozola R Ne | m , D Porham s p o ri,er T. P. B 9 E. PincoHi R. Robinson C. Sayers R - Sewell S. Sledge C. Smith J. Smith S Solsbery W. Tucker G. West B. West G. Whitworth D. Wiley M. Wright 399 W. Blair R. Blanscett E. Coloway Phi Kappa Psi ' s last party of the decade was their annual Christmas formal. T. Conner L. Cooper D. Donforth J Davis T. DeWitt J. Elliott A. Foster M. Glenn C. Guernsey B. Guild M. Hordy W. Hill G. Holcomb 5. Hopkins T. Hruska J. Hudson D. Hurta B Hulchinson B. Hydo W. KeHough SISTERS OF THE MYSTIC EYE: FRONT ROW: Margaret Under, Jackie Pinsker, Carol Cullen, Mrs. Dorothy E. Combs, Kathy Leitner, Dianne Johnson. SECOND ROW: Sue Cobb, Vicki Horn, Beverly Horton, Carol Leitner, April Raines, Debby Gabriel. 400 D Kirkpatrick A. Klam P. Krotovil W. Langdon R. Lee J. Moddox T. Mclver M McWhirter J. Muller J. O ' Keefe B. Orr W. Powell V. Ramon J. Richardson R. Rodgers R. Ruckmon D. Russell B. Sonford E - Simes W. Sitton Phi Kappa Psi Roy Crane, creator of the Buz Sawyer car- toon strip, returned to his alma mater this year. Crane, a Phi Kappa Psi alumnus, visited the Uni- versity campus for Dads ' Day. In addition to entertaining its famous alum- nus, the chapter maintained a semifinal rating in the fraternity intramural program. In other activities the chapter worked with the Pan American Council for Mexican-Americans and participated in Dimes Day. Their little sister organization assisted the Phi Psi ' s in giving a Christmas party at the Austin State School. Governor Preston Smith spoke to the fraternity. Social events included a Swamp party, a 2001 party, and a Christmas formal. The Phi Psi ' s also gave a cocktail party for several University professors. Phi Kappa Psi members were active in the House of Delegates, the Student Assembly, Round-Up committees, and the golf team. Chapter leaders were Thomas Hill Connor, president; John David Maddox, vice-president; William L. Langdon, treasurer,- and Don Frederick Russell, secretary. Mrs. Dorothy E. Combs served as the Phi Psi housemother. .A. Smith E. Smith R. Smith B. Skelton W. Stafford J. Sulton W. Thompson D. Tipple W. Turney H. Watkins C. Wetler V ?f ftl H. Wells G. White R. Zivney Phi Psi ' s enthusiastically raised money for Dimes Day charities with their Phi Psi Sedan. 401 Phi Kappa Sigma battle ZBT in intramural baseball. K. Anderion V. Archer B. Babendura W. Bornard C. Barrett S. Breoud N. Bymon R. Coldwell R. Comp 4i J. Claughton S. Cloud H. DeFord R. DuBoie S- Ewmg J. Fechlel C. Fowlr f. Greenwad W. Horn R. H.ckl R. Hohenberoer F. Holmtl 1. Horlon j. Jacob H. King T. loudodio D. Lloyd S. lord C. Moddox J. Moilty C. Motnty J. Motnty J. Mtad F. Mry . Moor C. Moily T. Olivtr 402 Phi Kappa Sigma Dimes Day, intramural competition, and par- ticipation in the Aggie Sign Contest highlighted Phi Kappa Sigma ' s campus activities this year. A bridge exhibition was given by a Phi Kap alumnus, Oswald Jacoby, with proceeds going to Campus Chest. Sigma chapter ' s fall social calendar included a Roman toga party, a buffet for Houston alumni, a Dads ' Day Mexican luncheon, the annual stag retreat, and a Christmas formal. The fraternity hosted an OU weekend party in Dallas for the University of Oklahoma, Texas Christian Univer- sity, and North Texas State University Phi Kap chapters. Spring social events included parties for Val- entine ' s Day, St. Patrick ' s Day, and Round-Up, and the Black and Gold formal. Officers were Edmund Robert Horton, pres- ident; Jack Paul Matney, vice-president; Paul Row- land Greenwade, secretary; Randall Monroe Hoh- enberger, treasurer; and James Lane Claughton, pledge trainer. R. Purdon N. Rodriguez T. Rubinstein D. Sims MA W. Spivti D. Sullivan B. Svalberg T. Wallis D. William! K. Zaiicek LITTLE SISTERS OF THE SKULL: FRONT ROW: Judy Evans, Melanie Mead, Nancy Toudouze, Janet Olander. SECOND ROW: Debra David, Patricia Kozlowski , Charline Bradshaw, Deborah Janning, Beth Kelton. 403 The men of Phi Kappa Tau relaxed with a game of ping-pong. Phi Kappa Tau concentrated on the Inter- fraternity Council ' s Pan American project by spon- soring football and baseball teams for the under- privileged children of East Austin. Phi Tau mem- bers participated in all University intramural sports. The fraternity won the prize for its Most Original booth at Dimes Day, which provided a letter to Ohio State University claiming that UT believed itself to be Number One in the nation. In its 27th year at the University, Beta Alpha chapter members were represented on campus in the House of Delegates, the Student Association, and Union committees. Among campus leaders was Travis Dean Froehlich, chairman of the Round-Up publicity committee. The social highlight of the year was the third annual Playboy semiformal at which Rita Williams was chosen as fraternity sweetheart. Officers for the year were Travis Dean Froeh- lich, president; Larry Wayne Siler, vice-president; David Carroll Hughes, treasurer; and Paul Alexan- der Wheatley, secretary. Phi Kappa Tau house- mother was Mrs. June Ellis. J. Anderson R. Anderson C. Avery D. Borkin D. Barley S. Berkley D. Bizzell G. Blouser W. Burls W. Cordwell . Cormichatl M. Choncey T. Cook J. Dobney J. Deoh Foulk 404 Phi Kappa Tau T JO " f fit B Fnednch T. Froelich R. Goehring W. Often D. Griffin D. Hughes S. Kiger M. King R. Koellmg E. Leibrock L. Lott T. Markel H. Moore K. Moier A. Oakes R. Olsen D. Poull W. Pennington C. Porter D. Prater J. Prather C. Roebuck J. Schmidt J. Shearer L. SMer R- Slmi J- league j_ Templeto Phi lau ' s sponsored and coached a football team for underprivileged boys. 405 Phi Sigma Kappa it ..:_ K. Arrington M. Atnip D. Baiter . Boylest W. Boyd J. Bradshaw R. Bullard H. Carlson R. Carter J. Cares F. Davis R. Douglas B. Duggon J. Farley L. Ferguson R. Gardner W. Gipe D. Gleason C Graham D. Hargus F. Hashop M. Heep R. Lewi: j. Martin R. McCarty P. McKeo A. Henry J. Higgins j. Johnson 4, ' r. i LITTLE SISTERS OF THE SIGNET: FRONT ROW: Karen Martin, Sandy Elliott, Barbara Beverly, Nancy Knolle, Marcia Landwehr, Cindy Gates. SECOND ROW: Patricia Worrell, Rebecca Canant, Jo Ann Atnip, Janice Vesper, Sheila Bold, Barbara Johnson. 406 Phi Sigs hosted a Christmas party for underprivileged children at their house. :;;= A. McVicker E. Murphy T. Helms R. Percivol R. Siller E. Sporlalu R. Snyder S. Stong C. Vinson S. Uselton C. Wochendorfer J. Waller c - Peltl " M. T.rry In its 23rd year at the University, Theta Triton chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa excelled in many areas. On campus, chapter members were active in Silver Spurs, Posse, Union committees, and in var- sity squash and soccer. The Phi Sigs captured a league division championship in football. During the holiday seasons members partici- pated in the UNICEF Halloween fund drive and sponsored a Christmas party for a local charity. Filling the Phi Sig social calendar this year was a pledge convocation trip, a spring vacation trip, several parties featuring appearances of the Blind Faith, and the Moonlight Girl formal. Phi Sigma Kappa leaders for the year were Charles E. Vinson, president; Charles Edwin Lewis, vice-president; James Wade Johnson, secretary; Harry Philip Howard, treasurer; William David Bayless, inductor; and John Tryon Bradshaw Jr., sentinel. Serv ing as housemother was Mrs. Gladys Leighty. The chapter chose Emy Lou Settle as sweetheart. T. Well! G. Williomi R. Witt T. Wood 407 Bollard J. Barnard Pikes and their dates could not resist posing at their annual Swamp Party. 71, ' R. Borreft R. Bertoia J- Bibb B. Bostwick C. Bunkley J. Calk F. Campbell K, Collini J. Cooley p c or d e || D. Orennon J. Dunbor j Elliott D. Ennis C. Fougerousia fi C. Gorrtl H. Garretl M. Hardin M. Harvey R. Hemphill ' T. Hinley N. H;ll g iit P. Hodsi J- Hodglon F. Holcomb For the Aggie Sign Contest, Pi Kappa Alpha constructed a twelve- foot Bevo. 408 Pi Kappa Alpha W. Lot! K. Matthews G. McKmley Pi Kappa Alpha created enthusiasm in fra- ternity life this year with a wide range of activi- ties. The Pikes ' theme parties included the an- nual Swamp party, a Gold Rush party, and a Bell Bottom party. Getting into the out-of-doors, they entertained sororities with picnics and shav- ing cream fights. Members also took their annual trip to Laredo for the Washington ' s Birthday celebration. Pi Kappa Alpha participated in Sing-Song with Delta Delta Delta. The Pikes also entered the t Aggie Sign Contest and all intramurals and ran an egg-throwing booth on Dimes Day. The Pikes were represented in Cowboys, the House of Delegates, Posse, and Silver Spurs. Heading the fraternity this year were Patrick Lynn Hodges, president; Ross Seymour Hemphill, vice-president; John Thornton Cooley, treasurer; Philip DeWolf Ray, pledge trainer; and Michael Paul Harvey, rush captain. Mrs. Henrietta Salziger served as housemother. J. Messer G. Millhollon T. Morrow G. ll.ntch D. Parks J. Phillips R. Plum D. Ray P. Ray S. Ray T. Ray R. Rogers ii G. Wadell B. Woodard LITTLE SISTERS OF THE SHIELD AND DIAMOND: FRONT ROW: Judy LeMoine, Shannon Davis, Connie Chapin, Kathy Culwell, Connie Ho- warth, Pat Ferguiele, Marsha Nelson. SECOND ROW: Cindy Christian, Rita Ramsey, Elizabeth Lee, Julie Moore, Van Perry, Anne Swann. THIRD ROW: Candy Frogue, Martha McLelland, Kaye Hilgers, Dianne Dies, Sharon Grimm, Edie Hudson, Royce Ann Marshall, Wiynn Woodard, Shelby Skidmore. l yj 409 Pi Lambda Phi The 51st chapter of Pi Lambda Phi was char- tered this year at the University, with the charter banquet held on Dec. 13, 1969, at the Cambridge Tower. Among those attending the chartering were the national officers and Lawrence Franks, associate dean of students. Pi Lams were active in their first year as a chapter on campus with their members repre- sented in such organizations as Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Psi Chi, Long- horn Band, and the Men ' s Glee Club. As a service project, they collected money for UNICEF at Halloween. Parties were big successes this year for the Pi Lams. Among some of the larger parties were the Turkey party in November, the Heart Transplant party in February, and a spring formal in April. Officers leading Pi Lambda Phi in their char- ter year were Robert Hofeller Levi, president; Tryon Lewis, vice-president; Alan Norman Prager, secretary; Robert Lee Liddell, treasurer; William Carl Fonteno, rush captain; and Edward Smith, pledge father. The chapter sponsors were Ger- hard J. Fonken and Isadore B. Helburn. B. Aguilar G. Eaton R. Eaton F. Ezon L. Grata P. Harrison E. Heinemier R. Jones D. Kanter Sweethearts Sharon Karp, left, and Marilyn Rumsey watch pool players Mel Levine, left, and t-red Ezon compete for the chapter championship. 410 T. lewis R. Levi f fP 8 Members met casually to discuss chapter social functions For one party, planned entirely by the pledges. Pi Lambda Phi adopted a Johnny Appleseed theme. 411 Sigma Alpha Epsilon W. Abbott C. Andrews B. Baker R. Baker W. Baleman G. Bates R. Belk K. Bell F. Blankenbeckler M. Briggs S. Brooks R. Burgess M. Burgett W. Burner G. Campbell R. Chenoweth K. Clarence W. Cline M. Crockett T. Cropper T. Duckworth W. Duvall J. Erwin R. Eutsler J- Fddt L. French E. Frnka E. Fry J, Garrett J. Goddard G. Goodson W. Graham C. Granger Sigma Alpha Epsilon, with the largest social fraternity chapter at the University, was active in many areas on campus in 1969-70. Members participated in all pep rallies, winning two Cow- boy Spirit Awards. In intramural sports, Sigma Alpha Epsilon rated high in all five basketball divisions and runner-up in two football divisions. SAE Bruce Robinson won the intramural golf championship. At Christmas, the SAE ' s gave their tenth an- nual Christmas party for the underprivileged children at the Pan American Recreation Center, and followed with their twelfth annual Easter party for them in the spring. A new program was started by the SAE ' s for underprivileged boys aged 10 to 12. Members coached a football team for them and gave the team an awards banquet at the end of the season. Officers were William Reynolds Duvall, pres- ident; James Loyd Shawn, vice-president; David Allen Lane, treasurer,- and Earl Halbert Maxon, house manager. S. Hanna R. Halpin C. Hargrove D. Hartley W. Hayes J. HIM R. Homer D. Johnson R. Jones J. Keton . M. lacv R. Langdon ' R. Langner J. Lock I. taper 412 LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA: FRONT ROW: Claire Beaty, Dolly Story, Janet Mayer, Leigh Hamilton, Tanya Ekbald. SECOND ROW: Jill Ridley, Carol Fant, Rusty Kennedy, Elizabeth Haggard, Nancy Manning. P. Luckelt D. Mabry E. Maxon ' L. McBride A. McEvoy K. McWillioms K. Meyer A. Miguro C. Miller D. Moody J. Morrow M. Neavy L. Nixon L. Ofner J. Parker R. Patterson T. Pfoff R. Phelps H. Phillips . W. Pierce G Pine S. Plumb J. Pohl M. Price J. Rop s - Ri w - Robinson J. Rothwell A. Sadler E. Schoch R. Schoenvogel D. Shahon C. Shirley W. Sbuford J. Stafford S. Stroube T. Stuckey W. Swanson w. Tousend K. Vick J. Wagner R. Watkins S. Woyland M. Wheeler J. Works 413 Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Alpha Mu ranked second in University intramurals this year, and members represented the chapter on the varsity baseball and wrestling teams. While maintaining the highest scholastic average, the fraternity was active in other campus activities including Cowboys and Silver Spurs. For the second consecutive year, the Sammys ' entry, Fifi, won the Miss Campus Chest contest. The Sammys social calendar was highlighted by several annual parties. Among these were the spring formal at the Villa Capri and the Viet Cong party at the house. Sigma Alpha Mu officers for the year were William B. Finkelstein, president; Jack Aaron Peit- zer, vice-president; Eric Seth Schwartz, secretary; Jerry Lee Wender and Gilbert Harrison Holland, treasurers; and Samuel Glassman Skibell and Jerry K. Horwitz, social chairmen. Serving as house- mother was Mrs. Lila Baker. Sammys warm up for an intramural baseball game. 1. Aoronion p. Abraimon D. Alter B. Coh R. Cohen s. Cohen Z. Davis G. Edlis B. Finlcelslein M. Gallant H. Ginsburg J. Glazer J. Gold A. Gurlnsky G. Hoffman G. Holland J - Horowitz N. Howard D. Jacobs C. Jacobson J. Jtuel D. Kafz L. Kotz M. Kremer R. Leiken F. lerner T. UVine c. lewis 0. lichtenstein K. luskey A. Meih 414 F. Novy J. Novy G. Oshman B. Pthr J. Peitzar B. Perltnan J. Purvin G. Raffkind R. Ravel H. Riklin D. Rope W. Roienthol M. Roufo M. Schor I ill :r! D. Schwartz E. Schwartz L. Schwartz R. Seldtn R. Shapiro D. Simon S. Skibell G. Solomon H. Sonkin M. Stein J. Sternbtrg M. Tobor M. Urbach J. Wtiss J. Wender B. Wolf Sommys and dates enjoyed the Viet Cong party held at the house. 415 WHITE STAR SWEETHEARTS: FRONT ROW: Barbara Alexander, Tara Gardner, Judy Buchanan, Marsha Law. SECOND ROW: Janie Hall, Jean Copeland, Susan Stubble- field, Elaine Block, Janet Thompson, Glenda Owen. THIRD ROW: Jane Nichols, Mar- guerite Oldham, Catherine Kinsel, Chris- tine Braunig, Carolyn Connell, Patricia Dooley, Kerrie Kealhofer. R. Acock C. Amundsen B. Baird J. Bibo D. Block W. Bowman T. Brennan J. Buescher R. Carroll R. Carson S. Caulkins S. Cole P. Colgin J. Cooper J. Cornett J. Craver D. Dowson M. Douglass T. Death, t 0. Drinkord J. Duncan C. Easter M. Eidman K. fibich S. Frank J. Green G. Gurhrie J. Harelik R. Hennelly M. James J. Jarvil M. Killey L. Kingsbury R. Knight J. Kuhn J. Lenders B. lory J. Lawrence J. Liermon C. Logan W. Lonobough C. Monn M. Mantooth ?. Marshall W. Moupin S. J. McWillioml 416 Sigma Chi M. Mixon B. Morgan N. Moore D. Mucha 0. Mufzel J. Nichols J. Oglesbee J. Payne M. Ranlon H. Schleicher Sigma Chi Derby Day at Pease Park was a highlight of the Greek year, with Chi Omega so- rority capturing first place. At the Derby Day dance held at Fiesta Gardens, Chi O Diane Wool- sey was named Miss Derby Day. The fraternity participated in Sing-Song with Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Members of the Alpha Nu chapter, founded at the University in 1884, contributed funds to the Sigma Chi national proj- ect, Wallace Village, a home in Colorado for men- tally retarded children. Sigma Chi officers for the year were Ran- dolph Dallas Addison, president; Michael A. Doug- lass, vice-president; James E. Lierman, secretary; Larry W. Koonce, treasurer; and Chris Thomas Amundsen, pledge trainer. Members of Sigma Chi were active in Cow- boys, Posse, House of Delegates, and Union com- mittees. The fraternity placed second in Dimes Day and celebrated Dads ' Day with a barbecue honoring parents and alumni. E. Schworzlose S- Simon W. Small R. Snow R- Stephens W. Stroope I. Sumners P. Sumneri S. Taylor S. Terry J. Thompson M. Thompson J. Vann S. Woddell T. White W. Woodul R. Young While the band took a break, members and their dates chatted. 417 Sigma Nu This year Sigma Nu held its Legion of Honor presentations at the annual alumni barbecue in the spring. This traditional award is presented by the University chapter to outstanding alumni ev- ery four years. A banquet was also held honoring the varsity football players in the chapter. The Sigma Nu ' s participated in Sing-Song with Pi Beta Phi sorority and gave a Christmas party at the Austin State School with Delta Delta Delta sorority. Members took part in the A M Wood Gathering Contest, placed third in football intramurals, and hosted an annual Round-Up brunch for the Southwest Conference sweethearts. Social eVents were highlighted by a Christmas formal and the White Star formal. Theme parties given included a Butch Cassidy party. Several members were on varsity and fresh- man athletic teams including football, baseball, and track. Sigma Nu officers were Robert W. Howard, eminent commander; Don Charles Wheeler, lieu- tenant commander; Hilton Presley Jones III, secre- tary; Glen Riley Hetherington, pledge trainer; and Donald Lynn Hurst, social chairman; David Dantzler Peden Jr., treasurer; and James Bowman McDon- ald, house manager. W ft ' - k k- . R. Baetz T. Baker R. Beavers 0. Bentien 0. Blonchard G. Bales S. Chalmers C. Clark J. Conrad D. Danvers J. Davis T. Donahue T. Elford C. Fahrenthold M. Floyd C. Fuquay ALtf A. Grenier K. Guinn B. Helms R. Hetherington K. Hines S. Horton W. Horton D. Hurst R. Kutzr D. Lackey Members of Sigma Nu hosted a Dads ' Day brunch for parents. 418 L. Moiors L. Mathii J. McDonald H. Miller Sigma Nu ' s and their dates enjoyed a Butch Cassidy theme party. T. Mosley M. O Conner P. Park D. Peden C. Plumhoff J. Pooge K. Raggio J. Segal M. Skidmore f. Smith R. Suman R. Vassallo J. Wachsmuth L. Wall ft ft Jflki J. Walter R. Waters G. West D. Wheeler 0. White M. Wilhelm D. Williams M. Wright A. Young Zimmen WHITE STAR SWEETHEARTS: FRONT ROW: Shirley Livingston, Nancy Burch, Mrs. Rita Greenwood, Beverly Grammer, Anne Schoenike. SECOND ROW: Susan Hurst, Emilie Dirosa, Polly Lyons, Bonnie Standefer, Kelle Snyder. 419 Sigma Phi Epsilon 4 Ctt | . Anderson J. Atwood C Averitle B. Boillio M. Belisle W. Bellows J. Berry G. Blackburn M. bobo S. Bobo C. Boortz R. Booth J. Bond P. Brandenburg K. Britt R. Brown D. Burton J. Butler J. Carroll 1. Coppedg D. Co G. Cox C. Dillard S. Duderstadt T. Ernster R. Ferrell D. Fillingim D. Garwood K. Garwood D. Glass W. Gough G. Griffith R. Grossnickle H. Horr.san M. Hart H. Hoyden B. Henry R. Hicks W. Holloway J. Hopkins D. Howard A. Hutchinson T. Inscorg R. Isaaks GOLDEN HEARTS: FRONT ROW: Betty Jo Duderstsdf, Kathryn Andrews, Nancy Laughlin, Stevie McFalland, Pamela Wilson, Candy Hasemeyer, Barbara Evans. SECOND ROW: Claudia Hitchcock, Deborah Moore, Elaine Wiatrek, Georgia McClaugherty, Donna Clendenen, Ginger Dawson. 420 ft p . Nolle Sig Ep$ demonstrated their support for the Longhorns at the TCU pep rally. M. Ktester M. Kuhn M. Licata - 1 +A+A 0. Male! D. Manley 1. McAfee D. McCleary R. McCrum J. McGraw J. Rienslra ' AX M. McKinsler M. McLean A. Moore S. Neujohr J. Oberman j. p e tel J. Presley J. Pri T - R ' 9g ins T. Russell C. Saylors S. Sharrock D. Sherm Sigma Phi Epsilon was active in intramurals during the year. The fraternity was all-University runner-up in s ', set a new medley relay University record, won all-University golf, placed fourth in class A team bowling, and was rated third in total points at the end of the fall semester. Members were active in Silver Spurs, Texas Cowboys, House of Delegates, Freshman Encoun- ter, and Posse. Sig Eps could also be found on varsity football, baseball, and swimming teams. Two members were varsity cheerleaders. The chapter initiated a new party in Novem- ber, the Red Garter party. In addition, there was the annual Christmas party, the Golden Heart Ball, and Down South. Members took part in Dimes Day and were second in total revenue collected. Gifts were given to the State School at Christmas. Sig Ep officers for the year were Gary Ernest Griffith, president; James Lee Carroll, vice- president; Bruce Wayne Anderson, recording secretary; William T. Gough, corresponding sec- retary; Timothy Wayne Ernester, chaplain; and Mark Kiester, treasurer. P. Wagner T. Watson B. Williaml R. Williams C. Wood 421 Sigma Pi ' s and little sisters exchange Christmas gifts. ORDER OF THE ORCHIDS: FRONT ROW: Johnna Johnston, Carol Beaure- gard, Susan Barr, Carol Leach. SECOND ROW: Chris LaFave, Claudia Conner, Barbara Nauwald, Dawn Spiegelhauer. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Jacobs, Margaret Fleming, Sharon Doedyns, Liz Pawley, Kathy Dewberry. J. Diimokw 0. Dunkle 422 TJrf Si gma Pi . Eglihl B. Friend A. Georga E. Gouvier B. Green E. Hagler R. Hammer W Hicks S. Hoffman F. Keathley J. Keller 4 ,.:.,. ' The Gamma Theta chapter of Sigma Pi was led this year by George Lee Manson, sage; John Randolph Brown, first counselor; David Arden Lewis, second counselor; Jonathan David Bible, third counselor; Alan Gaylord George, fourth counselor; and Jack Colbert Blackshear, herald. Serving as housemother was Mrs. Mary Walker. Highlighting Sigma Pi ' s social calendar was the Christmas semiformal and the Orchid Ball. Other activities included theme parties, after game parties, the annual Wine Cellar party, and the Founder ' s Day Banquet, at which alumni and national officers were honored as they gathered in Austin for Dads ' Day. The pledge-active foot- ball game resulted in the traditional active victory which was followed by the big brother-little brother party. Members were kept busy in the fall making signs for pep rallies. In the Aggie Sign Contest, they won first place for the Most Comical Sign. J. (Closing 0. Lewis G. Monson R. Monson B. McCommons M. McCormick M McKinney D. Meiners E. Nopps S. Rec W. Schelbal 0. Self J. St. Cloir K. Warning M. Williams Sigma Pi ' s and their dates gather at the house after Christmas caroling. 423 Tau Delta Phi 1. Bricker S. Brochstein M. Bronstein R. Caplan L. Eilbott S. Finberg S. Fox R. Frochlman R. Frank R. Frey J. Gerstenhober R. Goldstein L. Goldstick.r R. R. Go.ser S. Gros. M. Groaman H. HocKmor, J. Kaufman J. Klein C. Kozberg L. Kfojnow D. Lebow A. Levi D. Levit H. Lewis A. Liu B - Lubel F. Margosh M. Moyer G. Merfish G. Miller E. Morris C. Pulman C. Reich M. Rinkoff LITTLE SIS TERS OF THE PYRAMID: FRONT ROW: Karen Sokolof, Cissy Seg.ill, Linda Arcnson, Rozanne Halfant. SECOND ROW: Pam Roberts, Susan Vogclfang, Renee Winston, Linda Pulman, Sherrie Okon. 424 Casual weekend parties were frequently enjoyed by Tau Delts. S. Roosth Q Rosenbaum S. Rosenbaum B. Roth M. Rotstem G. Rubinett M. Sackett L. Samuels R. Schaffner R. Schanba B. Schimmet D. Schnitzer M. Schnilzer S. Schnltzer B. Spoil The University chapter of Tau Delta Phi gained national recognition this year when the fraternity ' s national organization named Bill Slaton Outstanding Consul and Jack AAagids Undergrad- uate of the Year. Slaton is a former officer of the University chapter. Besides gaining national hon- ors, the chapter became one of the few University fraternities whose entire pledge class made its grades and was initiated. On the Tau Delt ' s social scene were match parties, an OU party, and the annual spring formal. Besides participating in intramurals and cam- pus politics, the fraternity won an honorable mention in the Cowboy Spirit Contest at the Navy game pep rally. With the Little Sisters of the Pyramid, Tau Delta Phi collected money for UNICEF at Halloween. Chapter officers for the year were David Allan Weintraub, president; Allan Lee Bernstein and Richard Stuart Goodstein, vice-presidents; Gerald Mark Slaton, pledge master; and Allan Bruce Polunsky, secretary. Mrs. Gladys Huston served as housemother. A. Stone R. Tashnck R. Treiman D. Weintroub J. Weiss 425 Tau Kappa Epsilon A new concept in fraternity housing was pioneered by Tau Kappa Epsilon this year. Oc- cupying an apartment complex at 1714 Summit View, the Tekes were able to combine success- fully the fraternalism of house-living with the con- venience and flexibility of completely furnished apartment-living. On campus Tekes were involved in such ac- tivities as Freshman Encounter, Model United Na- tions, intramurals, and many Union and Student Association committees. Ward Blacklock received the Distinguished Military Student award, and John Dunning won first place in University chess competition. The Tekes ' social scene included Christmas and spring formals, parties at their apartment complex and Round-Up activities. Fraternity officers for the year were Terry Wayne Walker, president; James Michael Judson, vice-president; James David Odell, treasurer; Leslie David Irby, secretary; and William Thomas Couch, pledge trainer. Weekend parties at the Teke apartment complex had one purpose, to have a good time. 426 0. Anderson W. Blacklock W. CoucK J. Fowler J. Gilmore I. Irby LITTLE SISTERS OF APOLLO: FRONT ROW: Brenda Hooper, Linda Sparks, Peggy Odell. SECOND ROW: Laura Meadows, Georgette Seaholm, Linda Cowart. NOT PICTURED: Polly Coffin, Jill Hamilton, Dottie Plummer, Nancy Windham. 427 I. Amirkobirian R. Anderson J. Andrus T. Bartlett E. Baico E. Beard C. Beck S. Beene S. Belcher R. Benson ' Briggs D. Crook L. D B. Dowell A. Dubberfev J. Fohrenthold W. Field P. Geis E. Gibbs R. Gibson L. Gordon R. Hoys D. Heine M. Hodges J. Howell A. Hu L. Long S. Longoria T. McDonald M. McDonnell S. McKinney C. Melton C. Metzroth J. Myers V. Myers j. Noron|o D. Nichols Thetj Xi ' s entry in the Aggie Sign Contest began humbly with boards and chicken wire but won third place for Most Original Sign. 428 P. Offer R. Patterson M, Payne C. Ferryman J. Plewei Theta Xi J. Quigley S. Robison L. Rochelli L. Rosson B. Sollee C. Shannon J. Shelton D. Slivo J. Smith L. Sorsby W. Stanford W. Stewart J. Thomas K. Thompson 8. Wendell rj ; J. Westerheid M. White D. Wilson A. Wright C. Youngblood Helping to initiate spirit on campus, Theta Xi ' s participated in University activities including the Aggie Sign Contest, in which they won third place for the Most Original Sign. They also en- tered Sing-Song, Round-Up parade, Round-Up western store fronts, and the University-sponsored road rally, in which they won first place in the over-all competition. Theta Xi ' s also won in bowl- ing, volleyball, handball, and football intramurals. As service projects, Theta Xi gave groups of underprivileged children parties during holiday seasons. The chapter didn ' t neglect the social calendar as it held major attractions such as the spring Ski party, match parties, and seasonal parties. Many Theta Xi members gained recognition as they participated in Union committees and councils, the House of Delegates, and Phi Eta Sigma. The fraternity was represented on Uni- versity varsity teams and the freshman cheering squad. The elected officers for the year were Darrell Bert Heine, president; John D. Calkin, vice-presi- dent; Robert Edward Wendell, secretary; Everett Shelby Gibbs, treasurer; William Benson Stewart, pledge trainer; and Robbie Dee Bean, rush captain. ORDER OF THE BLUE IRIS: FRONT ROW: Judith Calk, Sherry Youngblood, Suzanne Koneman, Gwen Margrave, Donna Frost, Peggy Chandler. SECOND ROW: Janie Klimes, Penny Callaway, Dianne Artusy, Betty Benecke, Mary Stewart, Gail Butzberger, Jeanne Duncan, Mary Naranjo. 429 Zeta Beta Tau - Phi Sigma Delta L Allcrman M. Brlir E Berliner R. Barry G. Blumberg G. Bodzy R. Bohm S. Brookner J. Brown R. Dorrow C. Davil T. Davil J. Dinerslein M. Donald J. Dorfman O. Dreeben C. Eichenbaum J. Fronkel D. Freirich M. Furgo ' ch S. Gala zon S. Ganns p. Gardner M. Glass M. Click A. Goldsobel C. Goodman H. Gordon P. Gordon S. Goll eiman H. Haikin A R. Howard R. Kahn R. Kaplan LITTLE SISTERS OF THE SANDS: FRONT ROW: Marilyn Hall, Karn Kra- kowor, Elaine Cohn, Malla Tomlinson, Judy Simkin, Pamela Schwarz. SECOND ROW: Ray Ann Drosnes, Betty Glazer, Melanie Bradshaw, Ellen Schimmel, Katie Winters, Terri Geaccone, Cathy Saunders. M. levy C. liebermon 430 I. Miller L. Moss The men of ZBT help in the kitchen. S. Poilet G. Pierce G. Racusin M. Rainen R. Raphael I. Rouch L. Reader j. Reismart F. Roberts R. Rose M. Rosen C. Rosin J. Socks M. Scher A. Schwan 0. Senior M. Singer A. Smith L. Sobol C. Sugermon This year Zeta Beta Tau and Phi Sigma Delta fraternities merged to form one organization. The new fraternity sponsored a little sister group which was a great success. The social calendar included theme parties ranging from a Playboy party to a Film Night, on which W. C. Fields movies were shown. The chapter participated in the Muscular Dystrophy drive and sponsored a football team for children of southeast Austin. Zeta Beta Tau-Phi Sigma Deltas were active in the College of Business Administration. The chapter officers for the year were Jay Gilbert Sacks, president; Fred Ronald Green- stein, vice-president; Robert Scott Darrow, sec- retary; and Douglas Alan Waldman, alumni secre- tary. Steve Brookner and Lyle Henry Alterman served as treasurers. Kenneth Norman Meyer was house manager, and Mrs. David Miller was housemother. M. Toub D. Woldmon S. Waldman R. Wise W. Wurzburg 431 Interfraternity Council Through the up-dating of old IFC rules this year, the Interfraternity Council attempted to shift more responsibility to individual fraternities. The Interfraternity Council expanded its pro- gram with the creation of football and baseball teams sponsored by various fraternities for under- privileged children. A program was also started to help boys at the Travis County Department of Correction. This year showed the continuation of the Emergency Loan Fund and the IFC Freshman Tu- torial Program, open to Greeks and non-Greeks. In conjunction with the Panhellenic Council, IFC sponsored the annual Sing-Song and Austin Sym- phony Pops concerts. The annual IFC workshop was held in the spring to promote communica- tion between fraternities. IFC officers were Robert C. Christy, presi- dent; Robert Miller Pittenger, vice-president; Har- vey Ray Corn, secretary; Thomas Anthony Peter- son, treasurer; and Lawrence T. Franks, dean of men, advisor. W. Finfcelslein 2A.M H. Case w. Lyons AKA A+A L. Alexander J. Wise A A ATO J. Judson TKK W. Whiteside TKK 432 ft I Residences 433 435 Dormitories 476 Cooperatives 434 Upper-Class Advisors Upper-Class Advisors, founded in 1927, is spon- sored by the Dean of Women ' s office. Advisors are chosen by the residents of the women ' s dorms and are trained by the older advisors and staff. Each of about 200 advisors is responsible for 10 to 20 coeds. Helping with problems and ad- justments to University life is their major purpose. The executive committee of 22 members is composed of officers and dorm chairmen who meet monthly with the sponsor, Miss Ruth Smith of the Dean of Women ' s office, to share and discuss ideas. A colloquium with slide shows for new advi- sors was started this year. Other meetings fea- tured discussion groups, speakers, and demon- strations. The annual china show raised money to award a women ' s scholarship. Officers this year included Ann Wright, presi- dent; Janet Harriet Brueck, vice-president; Nancy L. Lee, secretary-treasurer; and Karen Wilkerson, reporter. Susan Eliz abeth Tracy Andrews Deborah Ann Smith Blanton Kathy Ann Thomas Carothers Diane Welch Contessa Diane Wilson Contessa West Pat Ann Moore Dexter Jane Elizabeth Ogden Heflin Linda Kaye Price Kinsolving Northeast Jena Kay Soward Kinsolving Northwest Elizabeth Jane Nichols .... Kinsolving Southeast Meg Gordon Ganchan .... Kinsolving Southwest Diane Sue David Kirby Hall Martha L. Gallier Littlefield Susanna Elaine Macha Madison House Susan Dale Boggs Mayfair House Susan Margaret Lewis Newman Hall Cindy Yvonne Raesener . . Scottish Rite Dormitory Mary Ruth Smith Faculty Sponsor Miifrt lill ' FRONT ROW: Kathy Thomas, Jena Soward, Patritia Moore. SECOND ROW: Ann Wright, Nancy Lee, Ruth Smith, Janet Brueck. THIRD ROW: Deborah Smith, Elizabeth Nichols, Diane Wilson, Susan Tracy, Carol Edgerton, Cynthia Raesner, Jane Ogden, Martha Gallier. 435 Andrews An Andrews ' marshmallow roast became a sticky situation An after-hours ice cream party in the courtyard kicked off the social season at Andrews dormi- tory. Residents entertained with guitars and every- one joined in the singing. In late October, An- drews named Faculty Fellows. The faculty mem- bers and their families were invited to eat in the dorm dining room. The annual Come As Your Roommate party took place in early November. At Thanksgiving, the ABC intramural football team won the- Orange Bracket championship. Christmas festivities in- cluded a tree-trimming party, Christmas dinner, music from a choir of Andrews and Carothers residents, and an open house during which guests viewed the residents ' individually deco- rated doors. The Advisor Tapping dinner cli- maxed the year ' s activities. Advisors for the year were Hilda Diane Cas- tillo, Cynthia Kay Duggins, Lydia Jeanne Early, Vivienne Lee McKitrick, Barbara Kathryn Putnam, Reva Lynne Smith, Rose Paulette Soapes, Diane Elizabeth Tracy, and Maureen Virginia Wilson. Resident counselor, Mrs. Dorothy Martin was as- sisted by Linda Kay Bell and Gail Ann Bunce. FRONT ROW: Vivienne McKitrick, Barbara Putnam, Diana Castillo, Maureen Wilson, Anne Topham, Susan Tracy, Rose Paulette Soapes. SECOND ROW: Joan Schmidt, Terri Kanan, Joan Bliss, Barbara longeway, Judith Partlow, Laura Sanders, Kathy Morgan, Susan Holdeman, Melinda Millard, Linda Bell. THIRD ROW: Martha Blair, Claire Collier, Marilyn Wessels, Gail Bunce, Olivia Gustine, Judith Oliver, Sheila Lohrmann, Gail Wissemann, Carmen Galloway. FOURTH ROW: Rose Kovarik, Elzie Freeman, Sandra Edwards, Carol Rhoades, Sharon Edwards, Robin Wright, Victoria Gon- zales, Reva Smith. 436 FRONT ROW: Dru Christian, Beverly Benner, Karen Martin, Kjersti Larson, Kathy Huebinger, Sylvia Verheuden, Mary Schuelke, Donna Stone, Sandi Pierce, Marcia McBride, Marveen Mahon, Mary McBride, Susan Glasgow, Nancy Hayes, Deborah Smith. SECOND ROW: Rochelle Hoffman, Tracie Lord, Minerva Gonzalez, Norma Garza, Ruth Bradshaw, Diana Johnson, Betsy Woodward, Cathy Ways, Maria Martinez, Bertie Cruz, Cynthia Nolen, Telena Burk, Mary Salvador. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Walden, Ruth Bryant, Gail Dickenson, Lauren Lewis, Maria Olivarez, Frances Locker, Kathi Hillquist, Janis Hudson, Peggy Odell, Susan Blaicher, Cheryl Long, Nita Paden, Linda Liesman, Betsy Davis, Renee Bertrand, Marie Fuqua. FOURTH ROW: Rosemary Jackson, Marilyn Martin, Janis Campbell, Mary Fortin, Mary Bradbury, Cherri Ritchie, Margaret Boyd, Tiffany Jones, Carol Fishbeck, Cyndy Ware, Donna Dolezal, Jackie James, Susan Priest, Diana Basso, Elizabeth Overshiner, Susan Major, Janis Copeland, Peggy Carl. FIFTH ROW: Ann Henry, Elizabeth Rigby, Beckie Bolding, Cathy Pekor, Joan Jackson, Deborah Heyen, Nelda Gutierrez, Pamela Smith, Lucia Cook, Bryna Bigby, Jane Forsythe, Nancy Emerson, Patty Tausend, Camille Davis, Alice Lynch, Rosalyn Voorhees, Sharon Toepp, Susan Keen. Blanton girls worked on planning committees and sold tickets to residents for an interdorm mixer. Halloween spirit was boosted by the deco- rating efforts of the Pumpkin Spirits and the exchange of treats by Pumpkin Pals. A Halloween dorm party, at which the Pumpkin Pals were re- vealed, featured costumes and skits. Other social activities included an old-fashioned Christmas tree trim and open houses for Dads ' Day and Christmas. Athletic Blanton coeds joined girls from Andrews and Carothers on women ' s intramural teams. In the spring, dinners were held for the waiters, for five faculty fellows, and for the tapping of 24 new advisors. Girls with an overall grade-point average of 3.0 were ini- tiated into Scope, Blanton ' s honorary society. Resident counselor Mrs. Ruth Moore worked closely with student assistants Marcia Ann Mc- Bride, Mary Kay Schuelke, Mary Donna Stone, and Sandi Lynn Pierce. Blanton Taking a study break, Blanton girls and their friends relaxed on the sundeck. 437 Brackenridge Brackenridge residents went out for intramural events all year, particularly football, golf, and Softball. They helped organize dances held at Kinsolving, threw a beer bust in November at Lake Travis, and had open house on weekends. A Sunday night Monopoly game developed into a dorm-wide yelling contest with Jester residents, culminating in a food-protest rally at Jester. James William Lovett was head resident. Coun- selors were David Edward Garner, David Maurice Mahaffey, James Neal Schmidt, and Thomas J. Sibley Jr. In intramural Softball this year, Brackenridge beat T.L.O.K. by a score of 15-4. FRONT ROW: James Schmidt, David Garner, James Love, Jeffrey Henke, Thomas Sibley. SECOND ROW: Armando Criel, Glenn Gauntt, Robert Bates, John DeMetro, Paul Talboys, David Carter, Frederick Anderson, Robert Allen, Raal Roos, Lacy Daniel. THIRD ROW: Steven Aycock, Robert Wilkinson, Ray Spears, Charles Issler, Rafael Galaviz, Mickey Bartley, Curtis Coggin, Tommy Alberson, William Cotton. FOURTH ROW: Mark Fetzer, James Sullivan, John Smith, Tom Craft, Frank Duncan, Leonard Schwartz, Ignacio Espinoza. FIFTH ROW: James Lewis, Benny Puritano, Rex Edwards, Thomas Eisenhower, John Jacobs. 438 FRONT ROW: Ann McCabe, Peggy Peterson, Jane Innis, Barbara Mikulen- cak, Melinda Wilson, Kathy Thomas, Camille Dvorsky, Karen Clark, Kerry Helgren, Marilyn Roberts, Kynn Weller, Rebecca Jacks, Kimberly Kline. SECOND ROW: Linda Rice, Rini Lee, Julie Coose, Sarah Chapman, Gail Arnold, Debby Carter, Inelda Benavides, Linda McGill, Maria Schumann, Linda Johnston, Holli Holing, Catherine Morris, Fran Wilson. THIRD ROW: Rachel Seledon, Kathy Kruder, Janice Jennett, Sandra Sloan, Linda Mora, Cynthia Michalec, Teresa Hicks, Deborah Beversdorf, Cindy Nelson, Linda Lee, Marsha Lee, Martha Creel, Louise Collins. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Kroll, Suzanne Bizzell, Roxanne Allensworth, Kathy Castleberry, Cynthia Dybowski, Blanca Sigala, Nancy Barton, Dorothy Centilli, Janice Abrams, Christina Moore, Heidi Dickinson, Peggy Riordan. FIFTH ROW: Raeann Kouterick, Mary Barrow, Alice Omeis, Valerie Newman, Joyce Eckert, Judy Naughton, Robyn Lively, Peggy Anderson, Sandy Woodward, Jana Brown, Sandra Elkins, Deborah Myers. This year Carothers residents carried out tradi- tions and introduced new ideas. One 1969-70 innovation was a Dollar Run held to collect dorm dues. At Christmas, Secret Pals shared gifts and donated toys to needy children. Dormitory residents also held a tree- trimming party, door-decorating contest, and open house. Spring semester activities were highlighted by the annual tapping dinner for the new advisors. Carothers ' head resident counselor was Mrs. Mabel Wroten, who was aided by student assist- ants Anna Camille Dvorsky and Karen Sue Clark. Carothers Each wing of Carothers competed for a cake in the annual Dollar Run, a race for collect- ing dorm dues. 439 f r- Castilian The Castilian Student Government proved this year that a large, coeducational dormitory can have an organized governing body. The CSG was in charge of governing and planning activities for the dorm. Members were elected by residents, and consisted of a president, four representatives- at-large, and a representative from each floor. Activities sponsored by the CSG this year in- cluded dances, biweekly movies, entertainment at meals, Christmas caroling, and guest speakers. Tu- torial and academic advising programs were es- tablished to aid students. Highlights of the year were all-night horror movies before fall finals and Christmas and Valentine ' s Day dances. i a Rooms were often decorated with a variety of posters After New Year ' s Day, Castilian residents added this pattern of lights to the Austin skyline. 440 FRONT ROW: Mike Bisesi, Patricia Hubbard, Virginia Appling, Nancy Piller, LaDina Reinke, Fay Woo, Brenda Mahoney. SECOND ROW: Quin Mathews, Jim Welch, Bill Cawthon, Cornelia Bodemuller, John Nedder- man. Gene Box, Bob English. THIRD ROW: Don Rawls, Mike Thomas, Rick Gottschalk, Barry Racusin, John Brougher, B. J. Smith. CSG president was Michael Ralph Bisesi. Nancy Jeannine Piller, Ladina Leigh Reinke, Richard Louis Gottschalk, and Barry Lewis Racusin were repre- sentatives-at-large. Charles Ray Gremminger and Andrew Michael Magliolo represented the Castilian in the House of Delegates. Martha Virginia Pace, Michael Ralph Bisesi, Barry Lewis Racusin, and Thomas Edward Quirk were the Castilian representatives to the President ' s Cabinet, which is concerned with all aspects of dorm living. The Castilian provides recreational facilities such as a heated swimming pool, sauna baths, a gym- nasium, billiard and pool tables, and color tele- vision for its residents. Student assistants were Samuel James Heath, Robert Eason, Edgar Steven Ezell, Richard Louis Giesecke, Marcus Hunt Brewster, Donald Philip Young, Johnny Walker, Sherilyn Jean Davis, Cas- sandra Gail Maddox, Gayla Faith Blair, Patricia Lyn Skarda, and Linda Lee Satterfield. Miss Marina Lee was head resident. A lunch-hour player sharpened his game at a Castilian pool table. 441 Contessa Opening its doors for fall rush week, Contessa offered its residents swimming pool facilities, sun- deck patios, study halls, color TV, and limousine service. A number of activities were planned to help residents get acquainted. Special dinners were held at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Dads ' Day featured an open house and buffet. Miss America 1970 Pam Eldrid was guest of honor at a special breakfast in November. Spring brought more opportunities to share good times with an annual hayride and formal dance. Housemother was Mrs. Alice Briggs. Student assistants were Peggy Smith, Constance Anne Weaver, Martha La Nan Hooker, and Gayle Frances Graves. The four Contessa sweethearts were Martha La Nan Hooker, Gayle Cocke, Mar- lene Ray Plantowsky, and Nancy Lynne Eskridge. Contessa residents relaxed over a game of cards. ADVISORS: FRONT ROW: Diane Welch, LaNan Hooker, Terrie Holland, Linda Gallaway, Elizabeth Reneau. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Alice Briggs, Beverly Litton, Susan Hawkins, Susan Hatley, Kathy Heard, Mrs. Sally Gainer. THIRD ROW: Ann Caldwell, Gayle Graves, Lacey Parkinson, Sylvia Hairgrove, Karen McBride, Nancy Eskridge. 442 ADVISORS: FRONT ROW: Luanne North, Marianne Gradel, Debra Brock, Mrs. Sa ' ly Gainer. SECOND ROW: Diane Baugh, Cathy Hodge, Binka Odem, Mary Miller, Ellen Waki. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Card, Ann Meitzen, Angela Schenck, Adrienne Penrod. Contessa West gave its residents the feeling of apartment living. Coeds could eat their meals at Contessa or use their own kitchen facilities. A second-story swimming pool, sundecks, and color television were some of the facilities provided. Wing flings were held in the fall for new girls to discuss dorm rules and ask questions. Christ- mas and Halloween parties included refreshments and gift exchanging. A reception was held for Pam Eldrid, Miss America 1970, during her visit to the University. A hayride and formal dance completed the year ' s activities. Resident supervisor was Mrs. Sally Gainer. Stu- dent assistants were Dorothy Jane Brown, Bar- bara Lee Ammons, Pat Van Amburgh, and Linda Dale Graham. Dorm sweethearts were Louanne Boone North, Dorothy Jane Brown, Marianne Grade, and Diane Wilson. Contessa resident Ellen June Waki was selected one of the top ten beau- ties on campus. Contessa West Contessa West sweethearts were Dottie Brown, Marianne Gradel, Lua ' nne North, and Diane Wilson. 443 FRONT ROW: Suzanne Stacey, Susanne Bischofs, Lindsey Riggs, Betty Huffman, Sharon Werckle, Margaret Haak. SECOND ROW: Lynn Chrismas, Patricia Moore, Susan Hall, Shelley Horridge, Mary Kay Fuste, Sidney Clark. Dexter girls enjoyed both planned and un- planned, formal and informal get-togethers during the year. Windows were brightly painted for foot- ball games and holidays. After dinner sing-a-longs with guitar accompaniment were very popular. Open houses for dates, friends, and relatives of residents livened the holiday spirit at Christmas and Valentine ' s Day. Residents enjoyed participat- ing in intramural sports. Advisors for 1970-71 were tapped at a seated dinner in the spring. This year ' s student assistants were Lindsey Lou Riggs and Nancy Susan Stevens. Resident coun- selor was Mrs. David Crawford. Dexter House Dexter residents found studying more enjoyable in the sunshine by the pool. 444 Kirby Hall Named for the first Dean of Women at the University, Helen M. Kirby Hall is owned and operated by the women ' s division of the Metho- dist Church. Known for its high scholastic stand- ing, the dormitory ' s scholarship program included membership in Kappa Kirby Society, graduate counselors, and Upper-Class Advisors. Open houses and special holiday dinners were held during the year. The girls also enjoyed par- ticipating in intramural sports. Advisors for 1969-1970 were Alona Cheryl Thomas, AAarit Jean Dubois, Linda Gayle Reger, Carol Ann Edgerton, Nina Jean Breeding, Matilda E. Alexander, Phoebe Chao-Ping Chien, and Diane Sue David. Heather C. Henderson and Rinda Marie Ramsey were counselors. Director was Mrs. I. T. Powers. Guitar players at Kirby shared songs and techniques with each other. FRONT ROW: Diane David, Linda Egenes, Jean Castillo, Merry Holaday, Alma Salinas, Rinda Ramsey. SECOND ROW: Yolanda Galvan, Matilda Alexander, Debbie Roach, Jeanne Lancaster, Yvonne Charles, Katie Fegan, Carol Edgerton. THIRD ROW: Velosia Walker, Nina Breeding, Debra Lacy, Terry Riddlesperger, Angelina Newhart, Happy Gaither, Cheryl Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Heather Henderson, Sister Laura Melody, Mary Svatek, Carolyn Cail, Carol Rank, Marit Dubois. 445 For more than 30 years, Hardin House has been an established part of the University scene. The apartment-dormitory complex with two courtyard swimming pools offered its residents a variety of living arrangements plus the advantages of quiet study areas and comfortable lounges for visiting and entertaining. The Hardin House activity program included get-acquainted parties at the beginning of each semester and a Christmas party for residents and their dates. The traditional Hardin House Awards Day party was held in March to honor residents with the highest grade-point averages. Mrs. Stella Hardin, owner and founder, super- vised the staff of five resident housemothers who worked closely with the girls in planning policies and activities. Gathered around the piano, Hardin girls took it from the top. Hardin House . Getting a Coke sometimes required more than one ' s last dime. :- 446 Hardin North Hardin North, a new high-rise apartment com- plex for University women, opened its doors in September, 1969. Designed for convenience and security with the freedom of apartment living, Hardin North was planned as a pedestrian community to provide a new way of life for its residents. Shops, services, restaurants, off-street parking, and recreational facilities were incorporated within the three- towered building and multi-story parking garage. Six different apartment floor plans, private bal- conies, color-keyed decors, and three styles of Scandinavian-designed furniture allowed a wide choice for individual preference. The ninth-floor roof deck and chapel, landscaped terrace and pool on ground level, and utility lounges, on each apartment floor were among Hardin North ' s up- to-date facilities for the exclusive use of the resi- dents. A relaxed atmosphere of apartment living was en joyed by residents. Campus was a four-block walk from the new Hardin North. 447 Heflin Manor Heflin Manor, always a popular residence for active University co-eds, scheduled many pro- grams for fall, 1969. An after-curfew Halloween party was held, and all turned out fully costumed to participate in the annual event. Monthly birth- day dinners were scheduled, and Heflin girls were active participants in intramural sports throughout the year. Residents and their dates celebrated the Longhorns ' victory over the Uni- versity of California at Berkeley in football with a sundae-banana split party. A Dads ' Day open house and dinner were followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, Christmas door-decorating, and a barbecue dinner with entertainment by a western band. In the spring the annual awards dinner was held, at which new advisors were tapped and girls with outstanding academic achievements were honored. Leading Heflin in .supervision and guidance were head residents Mrs. K. C. Purcell and Mrs. Violet Morrow and manager John H. Baker. The student assistants this year were Marilyn Lake, Cynthia Word, Cathy Lynn Benno, Barbara Gayle Evans, Gwendolyn Hope Eberhart, Betty Ed Young, Sarah Elizabeth Hunt, Bonnie Foxworth, Sherry Watson. ADVISORS: FRONT ROW: Jane Ogden, Carol Heaton, Amy Brooks, Martha Russell, Joan Mullowney. SECOND ROW: Susan Kidd, Joyce Dalrymple, Linda Taylor, Cindy Hamel, Frances Motes. THIRD ROW: Nancie Smith, Vicki Carlisle, Joleen Behrens, Robin Burke, Cindy Roup. 448 LEFT: Games, costumes, and a cake from Mrs. Johnson ' s Bakery livened Halloween at Heflin. BELOW: Heflin girls discovered that " Texas Fight " goes well with Shakey ' s pizza and banjo-picking. STUDENT ASSISTANTS: FRONT ROW: Marilyn Lake, Gwen Eberhart, Mrs. Violet Morrow, Cathy Benno. SECOND ROW: Cyndi Word, Mrs. K. C. Purcell, Barbara Evans, Betty Young, Sara Hunt. 449 Jester Center In its first year of operation, Jester became the first women ' s dormitory to abolish curfew. Open houses were held once a month. Students from all parts of the campus were attracted to Jester Center, with its classrooms, auditorium, lounges, patios, and cafeterias. Residents interested in committee work devoted their time to the housing, social hours, special events, and speakers committees. The men ' s and women ' s student governments united to plan activities, including the Casino Royale with mock gambling, old movies, a coffee house, a cabaret, bunny-girls, and a dance. Many women ' s floors planned speakers, arts and crafts meetings, and sensitivity sessions. Rallies in the courtyard by men residents, fire alarms going off at 3 a.m., and living without water for over 24 hours are events that will be cherished by Jester women for years. Mrs. Betty Goodenough, Miss Katie Garvin, Mrs. Ann Jesen, and Mrs. Emy Starnes served as head residents of the four women ' s dorms. Residents compared courses and professors before registration. STUD ENT ASSISTANTS: FRONT ROW: Lynda Fournace, Nancy Aronoff, Dianne Robin, Debra Mann, Irene Ziegler, Barbra Mann. SECOND ROW: Jerry Burrell, Sheryl Jorgensen, Janice Speer, Joyce Braden, Nancy Keehn, Linda Cheatham. THIRD ROW: Judith McFerran, Catherine Carpenter, Paula Carver, Deborah Harlow, Mary Davis, Eleanor Wagner, Melodee Shade. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Sally Bauer, Linda Wheeler, Virginia Craig, Catherine Markland, Nancy Notley, Joyce Schultz, Dorothy Strieber, Susan Long. 450 STUDENT ASSISTANTS: FRONT ROW: Andrew Quiroz, Edwin Arnold, Robert Seiwert, Robert Jenkins, James Owens, Jeffrey Rucker, Richard Marrs. SECOND ROW: Jonathan Oelrich, George Shannon, Terry Ange- vine, Reynaldo Sanchez, Leslie Schoppe, Kearby Fehr, Dean Langston, Barry Browne. THIRD ROW: Roy Neff, Carl Muska, Richard Bills, Raymond Gillaspie, John Garrett, Joseph Nienaber, Robert Lawson, Andrew Chesson, Clyde Prestwood, head resident. From its conception this fall, the Jester Men ' s Student Government tried to attack the most pressing problems of Jester Center. Because of the desire and the obvious need for a visitation policy, the JMSG tackled this heretofore un- touched issue. The officers of the JAASG this year were speaker, Marc Daniel McGee; speaker pro-tem, Phillip Paul Sudan Jr.; clerk, Kenneth Ewing Mar- tin; treasurer, Robert Vance Ulsh; parliamentarian, Ronald Glenn Franklin,- and sergeant-at-arms, An- drew Quiroz. It was of most concern to the members of the JMSG to provide an effective voice to the administration and at all times to be responsive to the needs of the residents. Thomas E. Berry, representing the Jester family, addressed a standing room only crowd present for the dedication, Sept. 15, 1969. 451 Jester Center ADVISORS: FRONT ROW: Marilyn Atkins, Marcia Ory, Peggy Cook, Susan Nelson, Pam Spiers, Pat Banks, Janna Dykes, Flo Thomas, Ellen Snyder, Cynthia Johnson, Kay Bancroft, Judy Baker, Cynthia Peddycoart. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Middlebrooks, Dee Rumpf, Joanne Bodily, Beth Buchtler, Lyn Skelley, Cathy Briell, Margo Tierney, Kathy Center, Dana Costilow, Dru Thomson, Lorrie Hockinsmith, Connie Sinclair, Pam Moss, Kerry Hendon, Vivian Ellis, Bonnie Higgins, Elaine Aycock, Madeline Ferrara, Phyllis Waldrep. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Terry Cain, Cathy Carlisle, Jann Dailey, Amalea Hart, Cheryl Jenkins, Sharon Lamb, Donna Lee, Jo McKenzie, Sue Phillips, Carolyn Wilson, Patricia Worrell. Jester women aired their views on the curfew policy at a No Hours rally. Later in the year, curfew restrictions for women residents were loosened. 452 ; .Swn KOND Residents harmonized on the front steps of Jester Center. MEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT: FRONT ROW: Kenneth Martin, Richard Edgin, Mark ' Watler, Robert Ulsh, Philip Sudan. SECOND ROW: Ralph Brown, William Heinsohn, Jeffrey Hamilton, Marc McGee, Michael Feld- man. 453 Jester Unit I FRONT ROW: Susan Burson, Kathy Haddock, Martha Wynne, Anne Spiel- man, Lorraine Hockensmith, Loo Currie, Marcia Ory, Lynn Thogerson, Eileen Dolstra. SECOND ROW: Gwendolyn Altman, Emy Starnes, Karen Cade, Catherine Arnold, Beverly Zikes, Reida Dewbre, Cynthia Peddycoart, Mehrbanoo Kavoussi, Michelle McGraw. THIRD ROW: Christy Stedman, Carin Whiting, Rose Pederson, Cynthia Parks, Margaret Tierney, Sherry Zwiebel, Linda Hemphill, Debra Tabak, Paula Conley. FRONT ROW: Eileen Gardner, Carol Bryant, Laura Seals, Diann Green, Jo Harbert, Sharon Josephs, Julia Shirley, Cynthia Johnson, Deborah Roth, Florence Thomas, Mary Pressler, Patricia Banks, Catherine Munson, Karen Merkens. SECOND ROW: Grizelda Medina, Isabel Nafegar, Sheryl Hardy, Margaret Spencer, Deborah Bennett, Frances Prewitt, Marilyn Jester Unit II Atkins, Susan Bame, Marsha Hunt, Peggy Coldwell, Carolyn Kerr, Claudia Scott, Donna Guarino, Mollie Welhoelter. THIRD ROW: Constance Sinclair, Pamela Spiers, Karen Baker, Charla Jones, Kathryn Crane, Mary Johnson, Stephanie Kellough, Nancy Lowrie, Donna Lee, Susan Simmons, Jeanne Young, Sharon Byrd, Deborah Rail, Jan Levith, Lynne Patricia Minor, Dana Costilow, Daryl Atwood, Mary Edwards. FOURTH R.OW: Denise Jahn, Cynthia Jensen, Joyce Reinsch, Carolyn Zizelmann, Nancy Reid, Carita Mayfield, Susan Bohac, Bonnie Saunders, Jennifer Long, Jahala Woods, Nancy Ayres, Ruana Moore, Jerry Burrell, Barbara Schatz, Debra Johnson, Roberta Weatherby, Lucy Green, Mary Gillespie. 454 Eh dde, lycjitt, KTJf Shiny FRONT ROW: Katherine Garvin, Glenna Peverly, Caron Metcalf, Melodee Shade, Karen Winslow, Stephanie Jennings, Patricia Marbach, Anne Child, Dolores McKennon, Betsy Simmons, Suzanne Allen, Mary Greenwood. SECOND ROW: Julia Ingram, Debra Langford, Amalea Hart, Amabel Hart, Helen Wendlandt, Marion Smith, Barbara Smith, Nela Thomas, June Melot, Emogene Herring, Barbara Berger, Cecilia Klevenhagen, Frances Dorough, Becky Burns, Dorothy Wieck. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Daniel, Mary Reed, Lynn Sampson, Lynn Zedler, Sandra Roberts, Kathryn Badger, Rebecca Kennedy, Norma Englund, Patricia McKnight, Margaret Albers, Patricia Kammerer, Martha Hardee, Ann Henderson, Dora Yonack, Charlotte Pay- Jester Unit ton, Kay Eisenstatt, Jennifer Long. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Farris, Debra McElwee, Marlene Rabitchev, Roberta Childress, Cynthia Turnbough, Cyn- thia Seibold, Sandra Vine, Beverly Bucek, Virginia Buchtler, Melissa Carpenter, Grace Henderson, Edell Ellison, Marlene Henderson, Diedne Sanderson, Betty Anderson, Michelle Meletio, Nancy Wilson. V, w " JllA FRONT ROW: Karen Lionti, Barbara Levin, Carol McCulley, Barbara Kaplan, Shelley Alford, Ellen Meeker, Darlene Duke, Patricia Perrin, Carol Lanhan, Nancy Rembert, Laurie Fredrickson, Dena Wright, Judy Hoffman, Mary Fortenberry, Joyce Braden, Susan Appleman, Shirley Sidoti. SECOND ROW: Debbie Gershman, Cynthia Samson, Cheryl Loper, Susan Campbell, Sharon Schumann, Sandra Fiedler, Judy Dauterive, Sheryl Jorgenson, Suzy King, Wendy Dunenfeld, Dianne Robin, Rebecca Dorsett, Sarah Dinn, Beverly Rambie, Marie Watson, Crissy Cloudt, Janet Skaggs, Candace Kretzschmar. THIRD ROW: Barbara Bartlett, Melinda Jamison, Bonnie Esrig, Marylin Orton, Rosalind Hassell, Lynn Dealy, Cindy Duke, Margaret Shepperd, Diane Maisel, Marjorie Tallent, Patsy Bell, Brenda Brantley, Catherine Markland, Jeanne Pressler, Judy Kattawar, Rennee Krantz, Cathy Whitmire, Becky Kilgore, Jeanne Smalling. FOURTH ROW: Carol Turner, Caroline Cooley, Catherine Clack, Marlene Imber, Claudia Pruett, Carol Gardner, Joyce Latta, Elaine Neu, Lynda Harkins, Lea Savage, Lisa Andell, Linda Kana, Linda Whatley, Jacquelyn Harshaney, Elizabeth Seigle, Diana Wiggins, Susan D ' Arezzo, Diane Wende, Marilyn Evans. Jester Unit IV 455 Jester Unit V FRONT ROW: Dan Gillaspie, Wayne Roberts, John Smith, Russell Shannon, James Biggs. SECOND ROW: Thomas Milstead, James Hornsby, Mark Henslee, Robert Campbell. r FRONT ROW: Harrell Banks, Robert Coker, William Allison, Steven Arono- witz, Richard Bills, Stephan Kulik, Richard Martin, George Best, Gary Alletag, Jack Reily, Thomas Word, Pat Carr, Roy Crawford, John Smith, George Knight. SECOND ROW: John Smith, Arthur Nathan, Andy Klein, Leonard Gahlia, Bob Singleton, Fred Robinson, Ray Gillaspie, Rick Trutrta, Bill Wheeler, Tom Hamilton, Max Stringer, John Hounsel, David McCoy, Bruce Hicks, John Kuhl, Charles Brookshire, Junior Rutabaga, John Smith, Philip Sudan, David Gould, David Lebow, Jim Norman, Jon Moseley. Jester Unit VI THIRD ROW: George Joyce, Arthur Shannon, David Canty, John Smith, Roy Wright, Barry Pier, Mike Polansky, Steve Barr, Edwin White, Mike Moline, Steve McCullough, Gene Hassell, Robert Crew, Danny Stiles, Terrence Thornton, Gary Floyd, Sid Greer, Sam Sutherland, Pete Deinken, Rudy Hyde, Dale Rylander, Richard Finch, Roy Priebe. FOURTH ROW: Ronny Ross, Andrew Quiroz, Leslie Schoppe, James Weisinger, Thomas lley, James Walsh, Thomas Singer, Marc McGee, Mark Watler, Steve Willis, Chris Crouch, Bob Flynn, John Smith, Wayne Moore, John Smith, Dennis Broughton, John Smith, John Smith, Morris Snelson. FIFTH ROW: Ron Verrett, John Smith, John Smith, Bunky Yates, Donald Benton, Steve Spears, John Smith, Ira Panzer, Randy Phillips, Tom Dawson, John Smith, Peter Vogely, Larry Thronson, Emmett Harrison, Rick Bolin, Brian McArdle, John Smith, John Smith. 456 W FRONT ROW: Robert Jenkins, James Seeman, Mark Barfield, Carl Mann, Robert Pearce, Melodee Shade, Gilton Brown, Richard Smith, Barry Stand- ley, Michael Kasper, Barry Wolf, Gregory Stone. SECOND ROW: Donald Daum, Charles Hedges, Charles Bunker, John Hall, Kent Johnson, Lee Young, Kelly Muck, Robin Embry, Larry Pecena, Robert Lehn, Granville Carter, Stephen Wright, Gordon Kovich, Leonard Lachman, David Mine- berg. THIRD ROW: Everett McCree, Stephen Hougen, Norman Parrish, Martin Cutrell, David McGehee, Roy Snell, Ronald Franklin, Rudolph Nitsch, Charles Eubanks, David Aubel, Max Reinbach, Martin Vonderheid, Alphonce Brown. 1 I VII President Hackerman spoke at the dedication of Jester Center in the fa 457 Kinsolving Cake and punch were served at a Valentine ' s Day wing fling. This year Kinsolving ' s four units housed 776 coeds. Kinsolving West, featuring suites with connecting baths, primarily housed upperclass- men while freshmen stayed in Kinsolving South. The annual Halloween " Mystic Mixer " was en- livened with palm reading by Mrs. Hippie. Other fall activities were a Christmas dinner, an open house, and an arts and crafts exhibit. In the spring, outstanding scholars were initiated into Phi Beta Kinsolving. The dorm actively participated in campus intramurals throughout the year. The four resident counselors were Mrs. Mar- garet Brown, southeast coordinator; Mrs. Helen Coffin, southwest; Mrs. Zadie Lumpkin, northeast; and Mrs. Idella Patterson, northwest. Moving into Kinsolving involved all members of the family. 458 FRONT ROW: Andy Witzel, Sharon Macow, Margaret Anderson, Barbara Howard, Decie Ankenman, Linda Price, Fredell Topek, Mrs. Lumpkin, Linda Shelton, Sharon Bozarth, Candy Key, Debbie Katz, Beverly Horton, Halleta Hightower, Lorraine Martyn. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Boland, Susan Main- ard, Marilyn Rubin, Patricia Leonard, Gay Gordon, Candy Sullivan, Susan Hammond, Terry Worhol, Myra Bosley, Ann Adams, Debbie Daniel, Lynn Brown, Beverly McGraw, Linda Hamann, Linda Flores, Susie Matthiessen, Anne Reynolds, Vikki Racanelli, Debbie Levin, Cathie Greene. THIRD ROW: Judy Bormaster, Becky Brown, Lucinda Schumm, Kitty Davenport, Stephanie Barnes, Charlotte Kroll, Joy Shafer, Vicki Funke, Jet Houston, Joyce Strickland, Pat Williams, Anne Andrews, Cynthia Wylie, Nancy Bremer, Harrian Burttschell, Alyce Baskin, Linda Ribble, Dariel Russ, Jo Ann Elbel, Sara Morgan. FOURTH ROW: Joeann Campbell, Mary Ince, Priscilla Zahn, Cheryl Jennings, Linda Griffith, Saltle Minsey, Joyce Szor, Kinsolving Northeast Melinda Welch, Martha Moran, Linda Warren, Carol Beach, Vicki Avico, Robin Kates, Karen Hinton, Kerry Carrick, Ellen Gerloff, Constance Chapin, Laura Elfenbein, Rebecca Copeland. FIFTH ROW: Donna Preibisch, Marilyn Mace, Debbie Hurst, Laura Jones, Janet Merritt, Mary Hughes, Kathy Balliew, Janet Zoller, Judy Rowe, Lorraine Humble, Mary Culbertson, Sandra Jones, Sherry Jarrell, Anne Hollingsworth, Marcia Cox, Connie Marsh, Doris McGown, Patty Cohen, Jody Ladd, Charlotte Dalton, Debbie Rath, Niki Tisdale. FRONT ROW: Barbara Gerber, Linda Crockett, Kay Graham, Alice Her- bolsheimer, Barbara Jones, Nancy Duke, Mrs. I. M. Patterson, Penny Hawkins, Jena Soward, Helen Holcomb, Brenda Skrhak, Judy Skrivanek, Linda Shaw, Judy Baldwin, Jann Johnson. SECOND ROW: Carol Grove, Vicki Howell, Margaret Rosenfeld, Colleen Dilworth, Jill Vogelfang, Deb- orah May, Marilyn Warzecha, Barbara Barnes, Carolyn Kawamoto, Mary Mengelkoch, Marjory Colvin, Debbie Stowitts, Loretta Guerra, Helen Ng, Leslie Littrell, Ruth Sanders. THIRD ROW: Paige Catchings, Esmeralda Casillas, Jean-Marie Askey, Vicki Rummell, Gwendolyn Kennard, Carolyn Washington, Sherrita Lee, Karen Garges, Sharon Goforth, Barbara Gordon, Lynda Franklin, Jo Vaccaro, Jane Borth, Cynthia Crow, Nancy Coffman, Wanda Walker, Linda Hefley. FOURTH ROW: Stephanie Hutner, Janine Young, Lorraine Sonnemann, Robin England, Sue Spalding, Jenny Jouette, Kay Polasek, Gwen Gilliland, Martha Moore, Tootie Boswell, Linda Simp- son, Karen George, Christine Warfteld, Anna Dement, Christina Gandy, Vicki Anders, Paula Yee, Deborah Durfee, Sarah Adams, Christine Lamar. FIFTH ROW: Terri Taylor, Rosalee Neskar, Cindy Maass, Susan Klinger, Robin Green, Cynthia Kruger, Nancy Wargo, Peggy Gooding, Theresa Kane, Patricia Rangel, Lynn Schnitman, Jane Cofer, Eisie Parkinson, Mary Milts, Donna Howell, Marsha Carson, Mary Kopec, Katherine Houzvicka, Linda Long, Jan Harrison, Maxie Wright, Carol Amman. Kinsolving Northwest 459 Kinsolving Southeast FRONT ROW: Marijo Bader, Nancy Post, Dia Wilkerson, Elizabeth Nichols, Kathryn Kinsman, Linda Perine, Linda Denison, Cathy Culwell, Margaret Brown, Dianne Dies, Patricia Furgiuele, Kathryn AAadsen, Georgiana Stan- ley, Jane Urquhart, Alice Aves, Margaret Thigpin. SECOND ROW: Nancy Ethridge, Ann Church, Michele Davis, Pamela Noll, Mary Woellert, Linda Fuerst, Gail Simon, Susan Bazarsky, Carol Hare, Judy Poston, Nancy Edwards, Beth Novotny, Charnita Spring, Gail Gregg, Connie Bachman, Lura Griffin, Nancy Frambach, Carroll Murdock, Marianne Waring, Karen Knapp, Elizabeth Bridges, Jackie Byars, Greta Green. THIRD ROW: Nancy Eversole, Suzanne Stansbury, Susan Couger, Leigh Fenly, Anne Wilson, Devorah Lerner, Kay Scheffelirv, Barbara Laber, Mandy Balch, Janice Schooler, Zada Schriever, Colleen Connolly, Susan Talley, Betsy Hess, Jody Miller, Nancy Madera, Debbie Eads, Sherry Robinson, Valerie Fink, Rhonda Hyatt, Christine Conlon, Deborah Eisner, Debbie Lewis, Glynis Crawford Margaret McDonald. FOURTH ROW: Theresa Butzberger, Beth Swenumson, Marilyn Andrews, Nancy Newell, Karol King, Cherie Lambrecht, Karla Kelson, Sara Stoneburner, Sylvia Finkelstein, Nancy Steadman, Eileen Biesemeier, Ann Lehman, Linda McCarty, Janet Estes, Terri Wilemon, Mary Kanewske, Diane Sparks, Claudia Lawrence, Sonja Gary, Juliana Crouch, Diane Taylor, Ruth Debord, Sarah Osbourn, Bitsy Brumage. FIFTH ROW: Catherine Dick, Becky Crowell, Jaylie Longbotham, Lexine Bohls, Cynthia Loeffler, Gigi Walton, Mary Marshall, Dorothy Tvedt, Maria Munneke, Mary Pipkin, Sharon Cerna, Lillian Liebenson, Linda Long, Betty Males, Lillian Morrow, Sara Jennings, Cheri Benge, Barbara Bowles, Jane Steinle, Marsha Pehrson, Patricia Whitley, Susan Tudor, Debi Selfridge, Chris Fossler, Ana Garcia, Trisha Puck. FRONT ROW: Lydia Lequeux, Linda Fontenot, Meg Ganchan, Cathy Leary, Susan Ganchan, Peggy Cowhig, Beverly Anderson, Mrs. Helen Coffin, Robbie Umholtz, Penne Sitlon, Cathy Canter, Sherry Glover, Michael Ann Healey, Debra Jones, Marianne McClung, Cindy Spiker, Linda Bundy. SECOND ROW: Mary Christian, Renee Popejoy, Liz Tankersley, Marion Morrison, Kathy Magee, llene Glazer, Janet Radtke, Nancy Weaver, Debra Sholtess, Martha Zuniga, Missy Childs, Shelia Little, Janice Moore, Jana Estes, Lois Williams, Marsha White, Elizabeth Hill, Kim Barzilla. THIRD ROW: Ann Tillinghast, Alice Howe, Helen Holmes, Karen McCann, Widney Kinsolving Southwest Anderson, Christy Yarbrough, Julie Aaronson, Barbara Babcock, Brenda Trojanowsky, Aleta Roberts, Elisabeth Krauskopf, Candace Anderson, Janice Campise, Susan Pratka, Pamela Phillips, Citty Abolhossieni, Debra Miranda, Barbara Phillips, Janet Gish. FOURTH ROW: Rebecca Hegar, Margaret Wilson, Vicki Oates, Joan Hong, Sonje Berntsen, Karen Walker, Barbara Waters, Carol Colquitt, Judy Bryant, Linda Callaway, Kay Levinson, Barbara Ozon, Mary Ashman, Cathey Youngblood, Christy Hunter, Carole Ellison, Susan Harrison, Donna White, Sarah McMordie, Molly Walker. FIFTH ROW: Marcia Rech, Sally Vener, Ann Smith, Judith Brown. Sylvia Darnell, Dona Glaser, Patti Halprin, Lois King, Janet Wooley, Betty Vance, Peggy Thomas, Dolores Parsons, Susan Hanson, Colleen Hill, Debbie Green, Kathleen Sullivan, Shelley Swinehart, Margaret Redfearn, Paige Sherman, Mary Gilday, Barbara Hillebrenner, Janet Moley. 460 TOP LEFT: Each of Kinsolving ' s rooms was decorated to reflect the personal tastes of its residents. TOP RIGHT: Advisors from women ' s dorms met at Kinsolving for a fashion talk. LEFT: During football sea- son, Kinsolving windows displayed Long- horn spirit. Snoopy and Santa ' s elves cavorted on the first-prize door in Littlefield ' s Christ- mas door-decorating contest. Littlefield Littlefield, the only all-freshman dorm on the University campus, entered a booth in the Dime ' s Day competition for the first time this year. Pea- nuts were sold by girls in the doghouse (Snoopy ' s that is). Residents got a chance to talk with University professors through the faculty fellows program. An Aggie sign contest, Dads ' Day coffee and open house, and Christmas party for Austin State School children were held in the fall. Spring was celebrated by a style show, a formal, a talent show, and a dinner at which the new advisors were tapped. Resident counselor Mrs. Katherine Herbert and student assistants Carol Hardgrave, Linda C. Wooley, and Anna Belle Van Alstine ran Little- field smoothly and efficiently. FRONT ROW: Paula Wagnon, Leni Drakos, Gaylon Finklea, Erin Smith, Nancy Lee, Martha Gallier, Vicki Byrnes, Mary Ward, Nancy Willbern, Vicki Adams, Trudy Norton, Barbara McDowell, Paula Brormer. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Morales, Wae Buckland, Ann Castro, Janie Delgado, Martha Pollard, Mable Ellis, Darien Singer, Karen Stanley, June Flahie, Candy Carothers, Marilyn Stefka, Tina Inman, Peggy Ebensberger, Betsy Boyer, Jean Oliver, Renette Sauls, Suzette Jacobs, Ann Musgrove, linda Wooley, Mary Neal. THIRD ROW: Susan Head, Valerie Rieger, Jan Cocek, Barbara Hines, Kaye Boyle, Jeanie Bugh, Linda Hodgkinson, Phyllis Jeschke, Judy Parker, Nancy Sandberg, Ann Degenhardt, Linda Cook, Jo Van Winkle, Gina Kintigh, Renee Montgomery, Judi Janca, Sandra Brewer, Bonita Moon, Melissa Brown, Dianne Chuoke, Pat Gilbert, Rayna Lewis, Anna Van Alstine. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Fairchild, Ann Hollingsworth, Barbara Lau, Sharon Dupree, Linda Chin, Lana Seale, Becky Fernandez, Maria Hufford, Joanna Doedyns, Margaret Garner, Pam Churchwell, Cyn hia Callan, Alicia Woods, Mae Miller, Mary Johnson, Penny Andersen, Nancy Sullivan, Kathryn Cunningham, Nan Gray, Bernadine Slomchinski, Sylvia Rendon, Holly Robinson, Val Lindsay. FIFTH ROW: Kathleen Anamosa, Carroll Kiene, Katie Pearson, Chris Holt, Lexie Mears, Jean Beauduy, Eleanor Wooldridge, Tpatt Howard, Pat Carr, Jennifer Evans, Marguerite DuVall, Donna Bate, Sharon Morgan, Lorraine Oley, Margaret Rummel, Jean Bellinger, Phyllis Janecka, Karen Colley, Debbie Thompson, Phyllis Anderson, Wanda Ripper, Elsa Gutierrez, Diane Newland, Susan Luedecke. 462 Residents gathered around the piano for an impromptu sing-along In keeping with the swiftly changing face of University life, Mayfair House, a privately owned dormitory, became a coed residence this year. The special study areas, excellent food, heated swimming pool, and color television provide the students with comfortable surroundings for their academic and social pursuits. Highlights of the year included Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and meals by the pool when the weather was nice. Next door to the Mayfair House are the May- fair Apartments for girls. The residents of the apartments may use the Mayfair House facilities. Mrs. Fay Huston, manager, was assisted this year by Mrs. Jessica Wells and Mrs. Ann Ails. Student assistants were Charles Joseph Cerf, Janet Harriet Brueck, Catherine Caine Abshier, and Linda Diana Prudhomme. Mayfair The Mayfair bus was a welcome sight on rainy days. 463 Madison Madison House was the scene of many formal and informal activities this year. A Halloween party with prizes awarded for the best costumes was a big success. A special Thanksgiving dinner and a luncheon honoring Dads on Dads ' Day highlighted the month of November. At Christ- mas, residents enjoyed a tree-decorating party and a carol sing with refreshments after curfew. Floor meetings were held once or twice a month. Surprise birthday parties and candlelights for dropped, pinned, and engaged girls caused much excitement among residents on the floors where the events took place. Mrs. Kathleen Grosse, owner of Madison, was assisted in running the residence by Susanna Elaine Macha and Karen Sue Zellars. Madison girls, with the help of kibitzers, enjoyed a game of cards. ADVISORS: FRONT ROW: Jan Leslie Naxon, Elissa Elaine Simon, Connie Bischoff, Jane Karothin, Linda Kay Jackson. SECOND ROW: Gail Leslie Slavin, Susanna Elaine Macha, Linda Kay Lassetter, Sharron Lea Dowling, Barbara Ann Meadows, Jolyn Gayle Giese, Linda Marsha Manowitz. 464 Friends gathered often in the living room to chat or to read. " : " ' ) . ' .f ' lw jrcwitt- Madison-Bellaire Apartments, the newest addi- tion to the Madison-Dexter family, is designed to afford individuality, convenience, and the inde- pendence of apartment living combined with counseling services and supervision. Twelve two- bedroom, two-bath apartments for four coeds each with attractive color-keyed carpets, drapes, .and furnishings in contemporary style, allowed residents to enjoy individual activities without disturbing others. A comfortable TV and game lounge, beauti- fully landscaped patio, large swimming pool, air- conditioned bus to and from campus, and free TV cable were some of the many facilities avail- able to Madison-Bellaire residents. Two counselors worked under the direction of Mrs. Gene Isely, resident director. Madison-Bellaire 465 Moore-Hill FRONT ROW: Alfred Reinhardt, Stephen Whitfield, John Street, Patrick Timmons, Juddy Helmcamp, William DuBose. SECOND ROW: Richard Gwynn, Barton Smith, Kenneth Ferguson, Charles Lindee, James Dracoulis, John Tucker, Benedetto Mizrahi, Thurman Bryant, John Primm, Fred Oliver, Richard Williamson, Harold Prasatik, Javier Aguilar, Raymond Gaston, Steven Orloff, Randall Ray, Michael Shearn, Thomas Gardner, Thomas Griffith. THIRD ROW: Carl Johnson, William Bently, Jesus Rangel, John Gabig, Carl Dudley, Mario Hernandez, John Stanford, James Paris, Steve Barnhart, Robert Erickson, Dan Murray, Timothy Lawson, Richard Hodge, Joseph New, David Eymard, Robert Major, William Phillips, Paul Morris, Ronald Lanier, Andrew Morgan. FOURTH ROW: James Yanaway, Mark Verwest, Scott Clark, Marvin Kelly, Donald Hudman, Fernando Gonzalez, Larry Lewis, Henry Blackwell, Eugene Key, Robert Dill, Harry Williams, Kendall Anderson, Michael Atwood, Gary Finch, Eric McPherson, Robert Proft, Julius Whittier. FIFTH ROW: Randall Ogilvie, Garry Nelson, Don Booker, Paul McCartney, Jim Smith, Larry Kingsbury, Michael Briggs, Earl Fowler, James Maroney, Richard Reynolds, Randall Yarbrough, Robert Gorman, Cleofas Calleros, Eugene Trevino, Jackie McElhanon, Robert Harper, Marion Smith, Terry Glaser, Douglas Morton. A speakers ' program was started this year at Moore-Hill, featuring Dean of Students Stephen McClellan, Madelyn Murray O ' Hair, and debates between candidates for campus offices. A beer bust was held in the fall at the Party Barn. Several members of the " Mafia " from Moore- Hill made the scene at Jester ' s Casino Royale. Teams from Moore-Hill entered all the intra- mural events, placing second in the housing di- vision in football and basketball. In informal tournaments frisbee champs knocked down coke bottles for points. Tim Timmons was head resident. Counselors were James Harlan Arnold, James Dale Cooke, William Louis Dubose, Theodore P. Gorski, Juddy Ray Helmcamp, Kenneth Edward Houston, Woodie Scott McCarty, James Douglas McMillan, Alfred Henry Reinhardt, John Edwin Street, and James A. Wakefield. Members of the Moore-Hill " Mafia " played for big stakes. 466 Newman Hal After a complete remodeling, Newman Hall reopened this fall. The dormitory now accommo- dates 100 coeds. The residence, named for 19th- century churchman; John Henry, Cardinal New- man; is owned by the Dominican Sisters, but is open to girls of all faiths. Newman residents displayed seasonal spirit this year, holding a Halloween costume party and a Christmas tree-trimming party. The girls also participated in intramural sports. Advisors this year were Susan Margaret Lewis, Virginia T. Hagerty, Frances Elizabeth Miner, and Margaret K. Brady. Aiding housemother Mrs. Grace McQueety were student assistants Marie Louise Mulkey, Leila Jane Schwerdtfeger, and Rita Jannette Bordano. Student assistants at Newman took care of administrative matters that came up. 467 . Prather Prather residents were very active in intramurals this year, especially footba ll and basketball. Prather Hall Residents ' Committee, the dorm gov- ernment, organized a speaker ' s program and a volleyball team. A number of open houses were held during the year. Head resident was Joe Holland. Walter Hyde, Glynn Farmer, Mike Petru, and Charles Powell were student assistants. I Ping-pong was a diversion enjoyed by Prather residents. FRONT ROW: Frank Petro, James Powell, Joe Holland, Walter Hyde, Scotly Jergenson. SECOND ROW: Denis Kopecki, Walter Sunderlin, Jerome Bierschenk, Chris McGowan, Gustavo Trevino, Ricardo Sanchez, James Matula, Martin Crutsinger, Lance Smith, Alfred Espinosa, Stephen Krivoy. THIRD ROW: Charles Patrick, David Dobyns, David Shillito, Kiran Lala, Gene Bachman, James Washbourne, Charles Wheeler, Donald Halk, Kenneth Kimble, Christian Agnew, Richard Hartzell, Hosea Gardner, Rob- ert Gilliam, Francisco Rodriquez, Milton Walker. FOURTH ROW: David Young, Stephen Ulrich, Patrick Roques, Klaus Shawley, David Blakely, Glenn Boyd, Curtis Cryer, Homer Roberson, Mark Wilson, Dwight Tom- kins, Columbus Coleman, Joseph Gibbs, Jack Fuerst. FIFTH ROW: Bernard Bjorum, Warren Cico, Edward Pohl, Herbert Pike, James Stovall, Samuel Sanchez, Ricardo Valdez, Alex Gutierrez, Johnny Umphress, John Broul- lire, Stephen Moore, Howard Harkness, Paco Vela, Paul Schumann, Clifford Parrolt. 468 FRONT ROW: Homer Small, Dan Wheelus, Dan Utley, Michael Green, Michael Loessin. SECOND ROW: John Erwin, Steven Nelson, Kerry Yeager, Gary Peters, Gustavo Garcia, David Rodriguez, Walter Johnson, Steven Cannizaro, Byron Tucker, Frank Almendarez, Robert Kunze, Irwin Speizer, Alan Schumann, Jerold Johnson. THIRD ROW: Michael Martin, Miles Win- nette, Wister Lee, Norman Schafer, Raymond Revis, James Moffett, Pat- rick Eicher, Victor Scherer, Robert Goodfellow, Robert Chiles, Ragan Haggard, John Waide, Arthur Wolfe, John Scruggs, Michael Rogers, Stan- ley Pantel. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Drakos, George Burns, Carlos Valadez, Mark Cullen, Ramon Bosquez, Mark Adleman, Donald Jackson, Seth Fowler, James Owen, Kenneth Scheller, Harold Livers, Robert Rogan. FIFTH ROW: Michael McCartney, Brian Price, Stewart Greenlee, Christopher Clinton, Harry Payne, Stephen Blaylock, Louis Squyres, Alfred Ricks, Charles Mason, Edwin Hays, Charles Oiling, Steven Rogan, James Kirby, Gregory Deen. Speakers on interesting issues brought crowds to Roberts for enlightenment and discussion: Madelyn Murray O ' Hair speaking on atheism and life, Larry Waterhouse on SDS and on Vietnam, Larry Caroline on philosophy of life, the Women ' s Liberation on the place of women in the 20th century, Mary K. Davis on YAF policy against the New Left, Father Lundy on a Christian in today ' s world, Chris Biork on the Peace Corps in Nigeria, and Dr. Paul Trickett on Drugs and on V.D. Speaking on topics of campus life were Arts and Sciences Dean John Silber on a proposed freshman ' s philosophy, Alphonse Brown on Fresh- man Encounter, Dean of Students Stephen Mc- Clellan on campus activities, Darrell Royal on the philosophy of a football coach, and candidates for campus elections. Roberts had a volleyball team this year, sent two delegations to the MUN, and sponsored frequent open houses. Dan Utley was head resi- dent. Roberts Hall Residents gathered in the living room for an evening hash session. 469 San Jacinto FRONT ROW: Kenneth Hinton, Tom Johnson, Andy Bevelle. SECOND ROW: Terry Pechacek, George Altgelt, Franz St. George, Benedetto Mizrahi, Rodney Bevill. THIRD ROW: Ernest Grain, Charles Palmer, Chris Lenzer, Allen Kalina. San Jacinto dormitory housed a broad cross- section of students last year, including men with classifications from freshman to graduate student, veterans, and foreign students. All of the resi- dents were organized under one student govern- ment. San Jacinto residents were active participants in the Waller Creek incident. Other activities were intramurals and numerous open houses. Head resident was Thomas Henry Johnson. Kenneth Walter Hinton and Rodney Lynn Seville were student assistants at dorms A and F, re- spectively. In their free time, residents engaged in a friendly poker game. 470 Simkins Simkins ' dorm government was very active in its first year of operation. Members of the government conducted surveys to determine the attitude of parents and residents concerning dorm visitation and conditions. The major goals were changing University visitation policies and carrying out physical improvements of the building and services. Sixteen open houses were held during the year to show the adminis- tration the maturity and responsibility of students. Softball, volleyball, and bridge were some of the activities of residents during the year. Head resident was AAelvin Jerry Tanzy. Robert Frank Dieli, Ed Stanley Elliott, Steven Marcus Kiger, Edward Hamilton Marrs, Donald Bruce Marshall, and Carl Lee Whitley were dorm coun- selors. Gary Lee Marks was president of the dorm government. Residents took time for a game of chess or a table of bridge. Simkins ' dorm government was effective in changing visitation poli- cies to allow open houses. 471 Scottish Rite Dormitory SCOTTISH SCHOLARS: FRONT ROW: Anita Byrom, Felisa Skinner, Darla Darville, Polly Gorin, Barbara Seale. SECOND ROW: Tory Burks, Annalyn Garrett, Becky Bounds, Joyce Bankston, Jeni Simms, Rose Ann Scott, Ruth Spruill, Rebecca Black. THIRD ROW: Ann Williams, Terry Bryant, Donna Hart, Cheryl Ellis, Carol Hogenson, Pamela Mabry, Karen Dillon, Maryanna Moeny, Sharon Oxford, Becky Woodard, Frotze Ehrensberger, Vivian Westbrook, April Harris. A residence for University women, Scottish Rite Dormitory is owned by the Scottish Rite Masons of Texas. A House Council, elected by dormitory resi- dents, assists each year in planning activities in- cluding monthly candlelight birthday dinners, a Dads ' Day open house, a spring formal, and the traditional Advisors ' Tapping Dinner. SRD honors its residents with the highest grade- point averages with membership in the Scottish Scholars. Society members tutor other residents and conduct recognition dinners for girls with outstanding scholastic records. They also super- vise use of reference materials in the dormitory study hall. The group honors outstanding alumnae at its spring tapping dinner. The seven wooded acres on which SRD is located provide ample grounds for secluded sun- bathing, volleyball, touch football, baseball, and swimming. Laundry service is provided, and fresh flowers from the dormitory greenhouse are abundant throughout the year. The board of directors and executive commit- tee of the Scottish Rite Educational Association of Texas operate the dormitory. Mrs. Natalie Townes was administrator. Cochran Memorial Library, located in SRD, contains rare books and first editions, particularly those by American authors. 472 The SRD recreation room provided many ways to entertain oneself and one ' s friends. ADVISORS: FRONT ROW: Dona Hutcheson, Virginia Seago, Rebecca Black, Barbara Seale, Susan Grimes. SECOND ROW: Debbie Trimble, Patti Thomas, Nancy Keeling, Becky Woodard, April Harris, Patti Alexander, Sherry Jameson, Cynthia Raesener, Melinda Neel. THIRD ROW: Trudell Singer, Mary Bess Rizer. FOURTH ROW: Ann Williams, Linda Baugh, Carol Hogen- son, Sharon Oxford, Betsy Valentine, Dixie Demler, Jeanne Tidwell, Julie Minter, Judy Glass, Paula Brimble, Nancy Bateman, Dollie Huffman, Frotze Ehrensberger, Joan Posey. 473 Counseling and acting as receptionists were some of the duties of Tower Manor ' s student assistants. Tower Manor Tower Manor residents enjoyed many parties throughout the year. Open houses were held once a month during which girls entertained in their apartments. Preceding holidays, parties were held in the Tower Manor living room with dates and refreshments. Four girls shared each of the two bedroom apartments with living room and kitchenette. Resident counselor Mrs. Mildred Hendricks was aided in running the apartments by student as- sistants Karen Ann Russ, Margaret Carlyle Currie, Cynthia Lebo, and Linda Lorraine Zwiegel. LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Zwiegel, Cindy Lebo, Margaret Currie, Karan Russ. 474 -. ' ' I V n. Dormitory Life 475 Inter-Cooperative Council The Inter-Cooperative Council changed its em- phasis this year. In the past it has served as a social sounding board between men ' s and women ' s cooperatives. This year the council pro- vided more than just social activities, making its way into campus politics, community involve- ment, and University information services. Co-op Week was one tradition that remained, however. The week began with an open house for relatives and friends, followed by a banquet, a song fest, and a spring formal. This year ' s officers were Thomas Duke Kim- brough, president; Ted Edward Green, vice-presi- dent; Margaret Nancy Eden, secretary; and Ernie Michael Eden, treasurer. The annual ICC awards banquet was held during Co-op Week at the Villa Capri. FRONT ROW: Duke Kimbrough, Ruth Smith, Dathulia Schmiedekamp, Dona Sue Quinton, Suzy Clarkson, Marjorie York. SECOND ROW: Rose Balmas, Claudia Fegette, Johnnie James, Barbara Brandenburg, Corinne Slemenda, Margie Eden, Rosemary Robbins, Dianne Sullivan, Lois Graham. THIRD ROW: Ted Green Jr., Randy Marshall, John Zerr, Cyndy Jones, Carl Schmiedekamp, Candy Clark, Nan Hanover, Randal McDonald, Daniel Rivera. FOURTH ROW: Charles Pate, Richard Kingsley, Edward Zihlman, Randall Burrow, Edward Socha, Edward Elmer, Beverly Brandon, Teresa Gilmore, Ernie Eden. 476 Coordinator ' s of Women ' s Co-ops Millie Edwards Almetris Sue Ellen Hart Century Linda Jo DiQuinzio Century Evelyn Nora Arechiga Felicia Deborah Jane Keas Gebauer Patricia Frances Harrop Halstead Patricia K. Hutto ' Pearce Mary Theresa Harrop Shangri-La Kristen McCaleb . Smith Betty Marie Cummings . . . Elizabeth Du-Long Sharon Kathleen McKusker Nan Annette Hanover Linda Marrine Woodard . . . Suzanne Marie Comer Barbara Ann Bryant Patricia Ann Lobpries .... Sandra Louise Cooper .... . . . . Smith Theadorne Theadorne . . Valhalla . . Valhalla . . . Varsity . Wakonda . Whitehall . Whitis FRONT ROW: Ronald Bellinger, Ted Green Jr., Rubin Del Toro. SECOND ROW: Philip Hollingshead, Richard Kingsley, Randall Burrow. THIRD ROW: Thomas Wheelock, Edward Socha, William Miller Jr. Men ' s Co-op Council 477 Almetris FRONT ROW: Millie Edwards, Pat Simpson, Glodean Baker, Susan Benar- dino. SECOND ROW: Carroll Smith, Brenda Walker, Susanne Sullivan, Tina Henneke, Edie Stimach, Willie Johnson, Cora Lee Schuh. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Janice Britton, Roslyn Bullock, Linda Eaglin, Judy Elm- quist, Betti Harris, Bertha Sanchez, Clydie Scott, Suzanne -Wenger. Century FRONT ROW: Vivian Martinez, Vickie Newman, Sue Hart, Nanette Strayer, Carol Mason. SECOND ROW: Johnnie James, Claudia Fegette, Tera Todd, Patti Chamberlin, Pat Todd. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Wright, Madeleine Delker, Maureen Cavanaugh, Linda DiQuinzio, Wanda Fuhrmann. MEM- BERS NOT PICTURED: Cathy Campbell, Elaine Marsch, Collet! O ' Neill. flM .: Ho : 478 law. FRONT ROW: Annamarie Krieg, Mary Diden, Jonnie Tyler, Mary DeLaRosa, Evelyn Arechiga. SECOND ROW: Marsha Clour, Linda Farquhar, Maureen McGavern, Norma Kalvelage, Laura Pitt. THIRD ROW: Cynthia Hubley, Kathryn Smith, Elizabeth Shields, Teresa Gilmore, Cheryl Patterson, Edwenna Fincher, Mary Poling. Felecia i!r ,1 dehM 0r OH FRONT ROW: Betty Nitsche, Maria Fernandez, Charlotte Focht, Josie Lazo, Jan Edwards. SECOND ROW: Deborah Keas, Gail Bonner, Janice Thorn- blom, Beverly Grady, Beverly Brandon, Ann Magruder, Norma Rivas, Cecelia Duncan, Frances Orlofsky. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Cynthia Cannon, Ann Lee, Patricia Stewart. Gebauer 479 Halstead FRONT ROW- Kathleen Scimoca, Patti Harrop, Diane Allen, Barbara Brandenburg. SECOND ROW: Sharon Aitches, Samie Bales, Deborah Kimura, Dana Williams, Kiki Snavely. THIRD ROW: Suzanne Knapp, Mary Viscardi, Elizabeth Clark, Lou Liebscher, Theresa Taylor. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Jerrilyn J. Burrer, Ann Harriet Riggs, Stella A. Sanchez. Pearce FRONT ROW: Dathulia Schmiedekamp, Marilyn Sundt, Sylvia Snyder, Loraine Santos, Harriett Hobbs. SECOND ROW: Betsy Bentrup, Susan Stanford, Patricia Hutto, Kathy Orren, Sharman Eide. THIRD ROW: Rose Balmas, Nedda Brown, Annette Forston, Nancy Hise, Martha Elvey, Catharine Moore. 480 PP, Kaiy K NOT IK. FRONT ROW: Virginia Rono, Betsy Kemper, Cecilia Garza, Iran Le Kim, Phung Nguyen Thi, Bonnie Edler, Mavis Ravin, Viki Mosley, Frances Tullos, Mary Harrop. SECOND ROW: Beverly Morrison, Judy Dean, Susan Kirchoff, Deana Kuehn, Sharon Fisher, Mary Kozusko, Sharon Denny. Shangri-La FRONT ROW: Kristen McCaleb, Lynne Jernigan, Darthi Follin, Diana Stallings, Kay Robinson. SECOND ROW: Nancy Zisman, Christine Mont- gomery, Patricia Coley, Adelle Bessellieu, Janet Gaynor, Linda Pittman, Rosemary Robbins, Susan Follin, Suzy Clarkson, Beryl Wardlaw, Guiomar Duenas, Betty Cummings. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Alice Keith, Beth Paterson, Linda Stevenson. Smith Si Elvey, 481 Theadorne FRONT ROW: Lois Graham, Elizabeth Du-Long, Erika Carlberg, Linda Bower, Kathleen Appleman. SECOND ROW: Elsa Wilson, Patricia Stevens, Penny Quarles, Amira Colina-Vargas, Hilarie Nolet. THIRD ROW: Beverly AAichalik, Kathy Cavanaugh, Mary Traugott, Sharon AAcKusker, Jeanie Parker. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Mary Latendresse, Ruthann Wilhelm. IP ft . Valhalla FRONT ROW: Jean Canfield, Victoria Mason, Linda Woodard. SECOND ROW: Sharon Goertz, Elizabeth Pyndus, June Sawhill, Kris McCaleb, Elsa Holm, Anne Pierce-Jones. THIRD ROW: Nan Hanover, Susan Snavely, Frances Goertz, Leslie Williams, Pat Behrens, Carolyn Hartman. FRONT ROW: Rebecca Mendoza, lyo limura, Sharon Middleton, Dao Treechatinant, Norma Barrera, Lupe Ruiz, Cathy Long. SECOND ROW: Mimi Ramyar, Carla Orr, Leslie Ostrander, Karen McKemie, Almetris Duren, Susana Kaufmann, Giti Eshraghi, Susan Finneran. THIRD ROW: Betty Alvarez, Suzanne Comer, Naomi Rosner, Elizabeth Alvarado, Jeanne Pfeil, Linda Sheffield, Pat Wood, Raji AI-Naiemi. MEMBERS NOT PIC- TURED: Cheryl Anderson, Ann Harrington, Patricia Henderson, Roberta Taylor. Varsity House FRONT ROW: Margaret Eden, Susan Strawn, Beth Hogan, Ann Steinmeyer. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Govin, Linda McKee, Barbara Bryant, Maria Ramirez, Deborah Baker, Bonnie Canavan. THIRD ROW: Katherine Allen, Suzy Quinton, Ivy Ferguson, Deborah Bay, Marjorie York, Cecile Kunz. Wakonda 483 Whitehall FRONT ROW: Pat Lobpries, Corrine Slemenda, Lois Cronquist. SECOND ROW: Connie Ramirez, Pat Doerr, Kathy Zaiontz, Mary Martin, Patricia Zaiontz, Kay Schitoskey, Jeanette Doerr, Dianne Sullivan. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Linda Aschbacher, Nancy Coles, Linda Dobeh, Carrie Flores, Irma Garcia, Geneva Gay, Kaaren Hellsten, Isabel Lopez, Mary Martin, Elaine Ryan, Linda Yates. Whitis FRONT ROW: Sylvia Saldivar, Suzanne Diffley, Pauline Tyiaka. SECOND ROW: Sandra Cooper, Annette Randall, Charlene Taylor, Candy Clark. THIRD ROW: Linda Kenable, Ten Peterson, Paula Campbell, Linda Merri- weather, Linda Routt. 484 A Songfest was held during Co-op Week in March. Cooperative Life Students found the co-ops to be a low-cost answer to the increasing housing problem. Each co-op was managed by its members. Members were delegated household duties like cooking and cleaning. Activities were planned by the Inter-Cooperative Council. Exchange dinners with other co-ops were held during the year. Each house invited faculty members to become Faculty Fellows. Six womens ' co-ops moved into new houses this year. Special Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners were prepared. Other holiday activities included tree-decorating and Christmas parties. A number of the co-ops had secret pals or angels during the preceding week. Girls received small gifts all week and the pals were revealed at the party. Candlelights were held when a house member became dropped, pinned, or engaged. In the spring, many houses had picnics to which parents or dates were invited. Pool parties and funny-gift parties were also held. The men ' s co-ops participated individually in intramural athletics, winning many events. In the housing division Stag won first place in Class A football, Ramshorn placed second in swimming, and Stag accumulated the most points to win the all-year trophy. There were vacancies in the fall at Campus Guild, the oldest men ' s cooperative at the University. Mary DeLaRosa supervised a night ' s meal. 485 Campus Guild FRONT ROW: Richard Kingsley, Wilcox, Bruce Cozad, Tim Clark. Shimek, Jorge Valadez, Ralph Hil Dan Duchnych, George Austria, Ron SECOND ROW: Darryl Williams, Dean , Bun-ichi Ohtsuka, Mike Heckman. Ramshorn FRONT ROW: Raymond Austin, Chi Tsu, Gary Kreitz, Michael Cerullo, William Sievers, Robert Vela, Joseph Valdez. SECOND ROW: Hon Wong, Stephen Kirlin, John Langford, Ronald Bellinger, Michael Butler, Victor de la Garza, Robert Hornick. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Stenrose, Robert Guedin, John Lavretta, Luis Martinez, William Dunnam, Edward Socha, Norman Carmichael. 486 FRONT ROW: Bill Williams, Mickey White, Peter Chow, Aaron Ludeke, Larry Taylor, Elias Zuniga, Henry Johnson. SECOND ROW: Mike Steele, Stephen Johnson, Russell Thomas, Frank Trowbridge, Juan Bazan, David Pena. THIRD ROW: Doug Eigler, Philip Hollingshead, Eddie Mueller, Larry Ricketts. Royal vw I " Sod " , FRONT ROW: Norman Duren, Ralph Stahl, Glenn McCarty, Joe Reyes, Donald Hoyt, Daniel Rivera, Edward Palmer. SECOND ROW: Bobby Miller, William Harris, Robert Broyles, Bill Miller, Larry Cloud, James Zelenevitz, Richard Nevill, David Albers. THIRD ROW: Nolan Neathery, Victor Meroney, Diego Ribadeneira, Ted Green, Randal McDonald, Earnest Pospisil, John Dyer, David De Los Santos. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Larry Brockman, Frank Hillers, Thomas Madison, Weldon Moser, Kim Swetnam, Eugene Wheelock. Stag 487 Theleme FRONT ROW: Doni Orr, Toyah Gibson, Barry Price, Garry Manillas, David Christensen, Steven Wieland. SECOND ROW: Carl Schmiedekamp, Kenneth Kulchak, John Kucera, Randall Burrow, Alan Arthur, Robert Smith, Edward Zihlman, Ben Manny, Michael Stones. THIRD ROW: Terry Krick, Michael Operhall, Joe Bolger, Herr Kettler, Mike Young, Mike Boster, Francis Britton. NOT PICTURED: James Nieto, John Stewart, Steven Strange. TLOK FRONT ROW: John York, Robert Pennington, Thomas Pahl, Robert Resales, Ernie Eden, Pistol Sutton, Danny Diaz, Randy Marshall. SECOND ROW: Peter Bowman, Ron Buls, Charles Pate, Jan Marshall, John Galaznik, Duke Kimbrough, Gary Lite, Ken Mahaffey, John Zammito, Michael Bucek. THIRD ROW: David Parrel!, Wilmer Mitchell, Kerry Dawson, Robert Mitchell, John Montgomery, Don Davis, Marco Ramos, Rudolf Cantu. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Dirk Eraser, Pascal Guzel, Lambert Havelka. 488 Athletics :Ti I _? - Whether on a national or campus-wide scale, University athletics means all-out competition- competition not only outwardly manifested toward rival colleges or rival fraternities, but also in- wardly among the varied spheres of UT athletics which compete for the sports dollar. Formerly an activity fo fill the gaps in a student ' s curriculum, the sports scene is now so continuous a strain of overlapping seasons that the fervent fan or participant rarely finds gaps in which to go to college. Every sport imaginable is offered to the Uni- versity students, faculty, and staff. At one level or another, every person within the forty-acres ' environment can take advantage of athletic op- portunities. Whether as varsity All-Americans, sports club All-Collegiates, or fraternity All-Intra- mural athletes, Texas ' men and women can find a place to excel in sports. For sheer enjoyment, the University offers National Championship football and varsity ac- tion in six sports, the springtime Texas Relays track carnival, high school state tournaments, col- legiate club action in many fields, and one of the top intramural programs in America. Then there ' s chess, bridge, or College Bowl compe- tition in the Union. No matter what one ' s interest, there ' s a place to fulfill it in the fantastically varied and competitive UT sports scene. r 489 Varsrty Sports 544 Intramurals Athletic Administration Oarrell Royal, athletic director, and Bill Ellington, assistant The 1969-70 University intercollegiate athletic program was under the direction of the Athletic Council. The 10-member council made decisions concerning letter awards, game scheduling, the athletic department budget, and facility improve- ments. The importance of academics in the student athletes ' lives was emphasized when the council voted not to schedule an eleventh football game in 1970. Council members felt the extra game, combined with a new semester schedule calling for final examinations before Christmas, would have placed too much of a burden on the players. The ten voting members of the council were Chairman J. Neils Thompson, professor of civil engineering; Charles Alan Wright, professor of law; F. Lanier Cox, professor of business law and education; James W. Reynolds, professor of cur- riculum and instruction; and Leon O. Morgan, pro- fessor of chemistry and education. Non-faculty council members were Joe Krier, president of the Students ' Association; Charles Coates of the Ex- Students ' Association; Stuart Wright and Wally Scott, appointed by the Board of Regents; and Athletic Director Darrell Royal. C. Coates C. Wright J. Krier Intercollegiate Athletic Council Al lundstedt, business manager, and Jones Ramsey, sports news 489 Coaches and Staff Darrell Royal, f ootball Jack Patterson, track f 1. Lan Hewlett, academic advisor 490 Varsity Cheerleaders The varsity cheerleaders, chosen by the band, performed at all football games and home basketball games. The Ex-Students ' Association sponsored the cheerleaders ' trip to California for the Texas-University of California at Berkeley foot- ball game. The squad performed at all pep rallies and before the Arkansas game led a rally in Memorial Stadium which broke previous pep rally attend- ance records. As a member of the Rally Advisory Com- mittee, head cheerleader Terry Thomas Angevine participated in planning and executing pep rally activities. Helping Terry in cheerleading duties were squad members Cheryl Ruth Goodman, Kathleen Dalton McCarty, Deborah G. Rosenber- ger, Kathy Anne Shaw, William H. Holloway, Thomas Ross Neyland Jr., and Jose Antonio Pena. I LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Shaw, Thomas Neyland, Kathy McCarty, Terry Angevine, Debbie Rosenberger, William Holloway, Cheryl Goodman, Jose Pena. 491 Texas Opponents 17 49 56 27 31 45 56 69 49 15 21 UC Berkeley Texas Tech Navy Oklahoma Rice SMU Baylor TCU Texas A M Arkansas Notre Dame 7 17 17 14 14 7 12 14 17 7 50 75 FRONT ROW: Leon Manley, Fred Akers, Willie Zapalac, Darrell Royal, R. M. Patterson, Emory Bellard, Mike Campbell. SECOND ROW: Manager Jim Lemmon, Dean Campbell, Donnie Wigginton, Rob Schultz, Raymond Fontenot, Billy Dale, Steve Worster, Ted Koy, Tom Campbell, Sam McBrierty, Johnny Otahal, Will Wilion, Terry Collins, Trainer Spanky Stephens. THIRD ROW: Manager Paul Hobbs, Jimmy Gunn, George Cobb, David Arledge, Mike Hutchings, Mike Campbell, Chris Young, Jay Cormier, Mike Dean, Bobby Mitchell, Greg Ploetz, Ronnie Tyler, David Keeton, Scooter Monzingo, Manager Bill Hall. FOURTH ROW: Manager James Cooke, Mike Speer, Jeff Zapalac, Travis Roach, Randy Stout, Dicky Johnston, Eddie Phillips, Ken Ehrig, Randy Peschel, James Street, Fred Steinmark, David Richardson, Paul Kristynik, Dan Terwelp, Steve Adger, Manager Bubba Simpson. FIFTH ROW: Manager Mike Cave, Bo Anders, Rick Troberman, Randy Braband, Bob Huffman, Rickey Martin, Bobby Callison, Jimmy Hull, Pat Macha, Jim Bertelsen, Stan Mauldin, Robert Paine, Rick Nabors, Happy Feller, Trainer Roy Baldwin. SIXTH ROW: Manager David Fox, Mack McKinney, Gary Rike, Jim Williamson, Leo Brooks, Bob McKay, Bill Zapalac, Scott Palmer, Carl White, Charles Speyrer, Tommy Lee, Rob Layne, Danny Lester, Trainer Jim Pippin. SEVENTH ROW: Johnny Robinson, Scott Henderson, Kevin Hutson, Donnie Windham, Tommy Asaff, Bud Hudgins, Forrest Wiegand, Glen Halsell, Larry Webb, Sam Lawless, George Mclngvale, Jack Rushing, David Ballew, Manager Jimmy Kay. EIGHTH ROW: Tommy Woodard, Jerel Bdton, Wayne Kirk, Bill Atessis, Bobby Wuensch, Charles Crawford, Tommy Matula, Sid Keasler, Jim Achilles, Paul Robichau, Robbie Patman, Bill Catlett, Tex Allshouse. ( 492 5 Perfect Season Produced SWC, National Champs Undisputed National Champions for the sec- ond time in six years, the Texas Longhorns drove past 1 opponents in 1 969 and then topped off a perfect season in the Centennial Year of College Football with a Cotton Bowl win over Notre Dame. Coach Darrell Royal, completing his 13th season by guiding Texas to its 500th win, brought the Longhorns back to the top only six seasons after his 1963 Longhorn team was named No. 1. Ranked fourth in preseason polls after finish- ing the 1968 grid year with nine straight wins, Texas rolled by its first three opponents impres- sively enough to overtake Arkansas and Penn State in the polls and move to No. 2 on the wire service charts. But that was as far as the Longhorns would go, thought the experts. Defending titleholder Ohio State had a lock on the top spot, and the Buckeyes were rolling in ' 69. While Texas slipped past Oklahoma and blasted its next four foes, Orange Bloods sat and waited. Then one Saturday afternoon, with a Thanks- giving Day game on the horizon, Texans gave thanks a week early when underdog Michigan upset Ohio State. No. 1 fever returned to Austin and a multitude of Co-Op stickers and hysteria on " The Drag " proved it. Tri-captain quarterback James Street moved the " Wishbone-T " offense into the record book in ' 69. Behind Street were tri-captain halfback Ted Koy, AII-SWC halfback Jim Bertelsen, and All- America fullback Steve Worster. Providing run- ning room for this quartet all season were center Forrest Wiegand, guards Mike Dean and Bobby Mitchell, All-America tackles Bobby Wuensch and Bob McKay, tight end Randy Peschel, and split end Charles Speyrer. Texas led the nation in rushing offense dur- ing the regular season with a 363-yard per game average. The ' Horns 41.4 points a game ranked second nationally. Two NCAA marks fell under the Steers ' stampede. Their 182 rushing first downs and 684 rushing plays broke all-time marks, while 51 Texas touchdowns by rushing tied the national standard. In addition to these, the Southwest Confer- ence records broken were total points (414), total offense (4,721), net yards rushing (3,630), extra points scored (54), extra points by kick- ing (52), touchdowns (57), and Happy Feller ' s 43 extra points. For a single game, Texas set new conference marks by rushing for 611 yards against SMU and by using 83 running plays against Navy. Continued 493 I ' ABOVE: Texas safety Fred Steinmark picked off a Navy aerial and fol- lowed Rick NaborV(41) interference. RIGHT: Fullback Steve Worster busted over for a TD behind Mike Dean ' s (66) block on a Tech defender. 494 Steer Bill Zapalac wrapped up California running back Bob Darby in Texas ' season-opening shutout Defense Vexed Early Opponents Texas Tech ' defense racked substitute Texas quarterback Oonnie Wigginton for a loss If Texas ' offense was grabbing national at- tention before ' the season, the defense took the spotlight when the ' Horns flew home from a Sept. 20 meeting with the Golden Bears of DC Berkeley. A strong California team played that after- noon on an 80-yard field, never penetrating Texas ' 20-yard line and losing to Texas ' de- fense, 17-0. A small crowd saw the Steers ' opener, but back home the next week 65,200 persons crammed Memorial Stadium for Orange and White rfivpnnp Ambushed by Texas Tech the past two sea- sons, Texas routed the Raiders, 49-7, on its new AstroTurf rug for the Longhorns ' second win of the year. The defense, led by tri-captain Glen Halsell, again was brilliant. It was directly respon- sible for four of seven touchdowns, and indirectly responsible for the others by providing excellent field position. Offensively, Texas used 10 ballcarriers against Tech, only to outdo itself the next week by using 12 against Navy in a 56-17 romp. Ob- viously, not the rematch of the 1964 national championship game with the Midshipmen, this one-sided affair before 63,500 in Memorial Sta- dium was called the worst thing that has hap- pened to Navy since Pearl Harbor. Texas ' starters all left the game after 20 min- utes with the count 28-3. At that time, Navy had 23 yards total offense. Before evening ' s end, Texas rolled up the most points ever scored on a Navy team, and Royal used 57 players, 12 of whom accounted for 523 yards aground. Continued LEFT: Eddie Phillips, Texas signal-caller, cut hard to turn the corner against Navy. ABOVE: Shifting gears behind a clearing block, Longhorn halfback Ted Koy (24) outran Tech defenders for a TD. 495 UT Aerial Game Burned OU, 27-17 But, yardage wasn ' t easily come by the next week when Okies and Texans converged on Dal- las for the nationally televised bloodletting. Okla- homa, the only team in 1969 to ground out more yardage than Texas (193-155), savagely de- stroyed the ' Horns ' running game while posting 14 quick points and turning the sounds of the Cotton Bowl to " Boomer Sooner. " Finally, quarterback Street zeroed in on speedster Speyrer, and before intermission, Texas tied the score. Two field goals and a TD plunge by Worster were all Texas needed in the sec- ond half. For the capacity crowd of 71,938 in the Cotton Bowl, the difference was Street ' s 215 aerial yards over the bullish rambling of OU ' s Heisman Trophy tailback Steve Owens. Final: Texas 27, OU 17. Continued ABOVE: When Oklahoma stopped Texas ' running and the ' Horns took to the air, Street threw to split end Charles Speyrer. RIGHT: Quarterback James Street overcame interference from a Sooner end to throw a completion. OU fullback Roy Bell found ' Horn defenders Bill Zapalac and Leo Brooks real drags 496 fct Longhorn halfback Jim Bertelsen evaded the grasp of an OU end An unidentified flying Longhorn unsuccessfully tried to block a Sooner field goal attempt. 497 ABOVE: Texas ' defense clubbed the Bears, and here baptized Baylor full- back Randy Cooper (45). RIGHT: Kicking specialist Happy Feller swings true on one of his record 43 extra points as Donnie Wigginton held. 498 Rice, Heat Wave Didn ' t Stop Horns Normally, Arkansas would ' ve been next, but instead of preparing for the shifted Razorback contest, the No. 2 ' Horns lay in waiting for the Rice Owls ' Oct. 25 visit. For Texas ' defense the extra week ' s rest paid off. Rice ' s only scoring threat came with 30 seconds left in the game. Upsetting all Owl offensives on this hot after- noon was a pass defense which intercepted three of a season total of 27 enemy passes, the largest number of thefts by a Royal-coached team. All season the Texas defensive secondary, revamped from last fall and made up of safety Fred Steinmark and halfbacks Danny Lester and Tom Campbell, performed brilliantly. Longhorn linebackers were Halsell, Scott Henderson, Mike Campbell, and Bill Zapalac. The front line consisted of ends David Ar- ledge and Bill Atessis and tackles Greg Ploetz and Leo Brooks, who was injured during the SMU contest and replaced by Carl White. Three Texas fumbles against Rice, three in- terceptions, and 100 yards in penalties halted several ' Horn scoring drives and sent the 61,500 sweltering fans home before the final outcome, 31-0. Continued UPPER LEFT: Completely dominating the Rice contest, Texas here set up a pass play with Eddie Phillips throwing to Randy Peschel and Forrest Wiegand blocking. LEFT: Junior signal-caller Phillips ran into Owl trouble on the option play. ABOVE: Coaches conferred with their quarterback by telephone from the pressbox. 499 Two SMU defenders : andwiched Texas ' Randy Peschel, who managed to get one hand on a James Street pass. Halfback Ted Koy steps around the Rice defenders and over blocker Forrest Wiegand. Watching are Bob McKay (62) and Bobby Mitchell (64). 500 Junior Fullback Steve Worster blasted past an SVU linebacker Steers Stampeded Past SMU, Baylor Back in their second home, Dallas ' Cotton Bowl, the next week, the Longhorns handed SAAU several turnovers early in the game but rushed back in the second half to run over the Mus- tangs, 45-14. The Ponies tried desperately to stop the Orange express with a blitzing, gambling de- fense, and trailed by a dec eptively close 10-3 at the half. Texas ' offensive line finally broke the bruising battle open in the last 20 minutes. Ber- telsen, who averaged over seven yards a carry over the year, tied a single-game school record with four TDs. Another standard fell in Memorial Stadium Nov. 8 as the ' Horns won their 16th straight by clubbing Baylor, 56-14. Texas thus accumulated its longest winning streak ever. Stopped on his first offensive, Street guided the ' Horns to touchdowns the next six times they got possession of the ball. Only 23 and a half minutes into the game, Baylor saw the Texas starters retire for the afternoon. Continued LEFT: A Rice receiver lost this aerial battle with Longhorn defensive backs Fred Steinmark (28) and Tom Campbell (84). ABOVE: The ' Horns ' David Arledge (89) faced the escape tactics of Chuck Hixson, but dropped the Mustang quarterback for a loss. 501 A Texas A M defender abruptly ended one or Cotton Speyrer ' s many romps through the Aggie secondary. ABOVE: Paul Krijtynik, Steer defensive halfback, separated a Baylor end from the ball as Mack McKinney closed his eyes from the shock. RIGHT: After taking a swing pass, TCU ' s Norman Bulaich was stopped in his tracks by the hard charge of defensive halfback Tom Campbell. FAR RIGHT: Steve Worster took six points the hard way, flying over the Aggie goal line backwards. 502 Goodbye Columbus Hello Number One! m Short yardage for Texas as " Teapot " Terry Collins took the handoff from Phillips and followed the hard charging ' Horns in a rout of the Aggies. On the next game day, Nov. 15, Texas chal- lenged Ohio State ' s claim to the No. 1 spot by whipping Texas Christian, 69-7. The point margin was the same by which the Buckeyes had gigged the Frogs earlier in the season. The game was again a case of the Texas reg- ulars retiring early and the ' Horns ' bench falling on the opponent this time for 28 fourth-quarter points. TCU suffered its worst SWC beating, while Texas recorded its highest league point total in this, the last 1969 Longhorn home game. In their five Memorial Stadium contests, on the AstroTurf, the Steers bombed five opponents by the com- bined score of 261-45. Even without good footing in the rain and mud of Kyle Field on Thanksgiving Day, Texas performed as the No. 1 team, kicking Texas A M 49-12. This game followed the upset of Ohio State the previous Saturday, and marked the first time since October, 1964, that Texas had played to protect a top ranking. Bertelsen broke on the fourth play from scrimmage for a 63-yard TD romp against the Aggies, and before halftime, the Steers had a 39-0 lead, the SWC ' s best-known subs titutes were in the game, and most of the rain-drenched fans had gone home for turkey dinner. Continued 503 Texas Gambled Past Hogs in Big One, 15-14 Halfback Bill Burnett squeezed over for an Arkansas TD despite the desperate lunge of linebacker Glen Halsell (67). Jim Bertelsen dived for Texas ' tying touchdown as the jubilation of ' Horn guard Bobby Mitchell (64) contrasted with the Hogs ' No. 64. 504 Standing 9-0 for the year, Texas was pro- pelled into Fayetteville, Ark., for what was called the biggest game in college football ' s first 100 years. Playing before 50 million on television and 44,000 in Razorback Stadium, including President Richard Nixon, Texas spotted the No. 2 ranked and unbeaten Hogs two touchdowns and came back to win, 15-14. Arkansas capitalized on four fumbles and two interceptions for 14 points, but Texas quarter- back Street directed the ' Horns in a classic rally in the closing minutes of the game. Following a 42-yard scramble for one touch- down on the opening play of the fourth period, the fiery Texas leader dived in for two extra points. It took defensive back Lester ' s intercep- tion to quell another Razorback uprising, and the ' Horns were on the move, again. A 43-yard bomb, Street to Peschel, was the big play in Texas ' 80-yard march for the winning score. Bertelsen plunged over for the touchdown, and a reliable Feller came through with the point- after for the win. The victory gave Texas its 15th SWC crown (second in a row) and most of the National Championship marbles. Continued 505 ' Horns Outslugged Irish 21-17 The ultimate Royal " knucks-down, gut check " came when Texas successfully defended (21-17) its top ranking and the Southwest Conference pride against No. 9 Notre Dame in the 37th an- nual Cotton Bowl ' dassic. Matched in a New Year ' s Day game for the first time since a self-imposed ban on post-season activity was begun 45 years ago, the Fighting Irish brought not only tremendous color to this game but also a fine football team. Notre Dame took the opening kickoff and easily drove for a field goal. Then, cat-quick Irish quarterback Joe Theismann followed with an ae- rial touchdown. The ' Horns countered with a second-quarter TD on a short Bertelsen run, but Notre Dame still held the halftime lead, 10-7. The Steers finally bulled ahead after a score- less third period, with Street driving Texas the length of the field for the touchdown. But, Theis- mann again dazzled the fans with his aerial magic and lit the Scoreboard for seven more points. Irish: 17-14. With little over six minutes remaining, the ' Horns drove back to the goal mainly on the shoulders of fullback Worster, who rushed for 153 yards in the game. Halfback Billy Dale scored the clinching touchdown to finally subdue the Irish and garner the remainder of the awards sig- nifying No. 1 status. The victory was Texas ' 500th win, its fifth straight post-season bowl victory, and the 20th win in a row for the National Champion. TOP: ' Horn halfback Billy Dale dragged an Irish defender for extra yardage after talcing the option pitchout. MIDDLE: The referees decided the fate of another drive as Texas ' quarter- back James Street and interested Notre Dame defenders looked on. RIGHT: Fullback Steve Worster rambled for tough yardage in the Irish secondary. 506 TOP: Ted Koy flew through a hole opened by Texas ' precision blocking. LEFT: Joe Theismann evaded Texas defenders all afternoon, but here the Irish quarterback found the airlanes closed by leaping Longhorn tackle Bill Atessis. ABOVE: Steer signal-caller James Street prepared to throw despite hindrance from a Notre Dame lineman. Yearling Gridders Post 4-1 Season Overcoming early season inexperience and costly errors, the Texas Yearling football team proved Coach Bill Ellington ' s spring recruiting successful with a 4-1 record. The season started as the freshmen got by Baylor ' s Cubs, 34-28, in Waco. The margin of vic- tory came on a blocked Baylor punt and subse- quent UT touchdown. Venturing to Houston next, the Yearlings turned four misdirected Rice Owlet passes into TDs for Texas ' second win, 28-8. The only Yearling defeat came in Memo- rial Stadium when SMU ' s Colts overcame a two-touchdown deficit to beat the young ' Horns, 21-14. Growing horns for their two toughest games, the Yearlings blasted TCU ' s Wogs, 37-6, and drowned Texas A M ' s Fish, 21-6, ending an Aggie nine-game winning streak. Leading the Yearlings was Alvin product Gary Keithley. Quarterback Keithley combined " Wishbone-T " scampers with an above 50 per- cent aerial record for 427 passing yards. Keithley, an AII-SWC freshman selection, also punted for the Yearlings. Other Texas AII-SWC first team picks were offensive tackle Jerry Sise more, fullback Larry Black, and defensive end Bill Rutherford. Tight end Stan Hicks and split receiver Mike Janda were Keithley ' s favorite targets. Hicks grabbed 12 passes. Janda ' s eight receptions to- taled 189 yardsi and two touchdowns. Keithley led the Yearlings in scoring with five TDs and three two-point conversions. Black was the team ' s top ground gainer, with a five-yard average. Freshman halfback Donnie Wood warded off an SMU attacker. i: (sit tin Gary Keithley fired a strike to a crossing end during the Yearling-Fish battle. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: FRONT ROW: Duncan Robison, Jim Baker, Jack Long, Sterling Worrell. BACK ROW: Karla Kelson, Becky Braden, Debra Sholtess, Nancy Cleland. K 508 II - FRONT ROW: Coach Jim Helms, Julius Whittier, Steve Fleming, Larry Black, Jerry Sisemore, Bruce Gaw, Bill Harrington, Keifer Marshall, Gary Keithley, Don Wood, Stan Hicks, Mike Janda, R. J. Childress, Jimmy Dreyer. S ECOND ROW: Trainer Jim Dracoulis, Coach Denny Aldredge, Mike Rowan, Rocky Wooley, Don Crosslin, Steve Williams, Dan Steakley, Alan Weddell, Charles Loeffler, Bill Rutherford, Richard Chapman, Rusty Campbell, Alan Lowry, Mike Dennis, Hans Holland, Manager Ricky Brown- ing, Coach Bill Ellington. THIRD ROW: Trainer A. Y. Mac Wright, Manager David Anderson, Jimmy Mclngvale, Eddie Jinkins, Steve Valek, Jim Morris, Steve Oxley. Dennis Duckworth, Morris DeLong, Mike Stevens, David Shrum, Jimmy Bennett, Lukin Gilliland, Darrell Gray, Doug Rostedt, Manager Bill Allison, Coach Tim Doerr. FOURTH ROW: Lee Buckalew, James Randall, Robert Long, Alan Moore, Joe Hunt, Danny Baker, Doug Mould, Lee Lyles, Coy Page, Tom Whiteside, Talmadge Bluiett, Cary Kipp. As they did all afternoon, Yearling defenders rattled A M Fish runners Yearling Head Coach Bill Ellington instructed Richard Chapman on defensive signals. SEASON RECORD Taking the high road to an SMU kicker were: Steve Oxley (71), Jerry Sisemore (70), Jim Mclngvale (67), and Jimmy Dreyer (86). 509 UT Cross Country: No SWC Crown Texas ' cross-country team strategically paced itself to an upset win in the Southwest Confer- ence championship, Nov. 17, 1969. In May of the next year Texas was stripped of that title not for something the Longhorns had done, but for a step one Baylor runner had not taken. First, the Baptist entrant did not cross the finish line, although mistakenly counted as step- ping across 14th. Next, he did not confess until runner-up (and now SWC champ) Southern Meth- odist extracted his story and presented it to a SWC Meeting, May 4. Third, his disqualification took a one-point victory away from Texas and gave it to SMU. " The boys were pretty upset, " Jack Daniels, first year coach, said. " It ' s really something when an athlete can disqualify himself. What do we have officials for? " Nevertheless, the individual SWC winner was Texas ' Fred Cooper who finished the three-mile course (15:15) 23 seconds ahead of the next runner. The Longhorns ' other finishers were: 10 Bill Gamble, 1 1 Tinker Murray, 15-Mike Mosley, 16 Larry Rogers. Longhorn Fred Cooper (third from left) sprinted to take Texas Invitational run on Town Lake ' s course. Texas Cross Country Team. FRONT: Coach Jack Daniels, tarry Rogers, Fred Cooper, Ricky Yarbrough, Mike Mosley, Coach Jack Patterson. BACK: Tom Gardner, Bill Gamble, Bill Vance, Randy Yarbrough, Tinker Murray. 510 Tom Gardner battled Baylor ' s Pete Morale for lead r LEFT: Fred Cooper crossed SWC finish line first. ABOVE: Longhorn Tinker Murray offered his con- gratulations while waiting for his time. 511 Cagers Posted 11-13 Season Highly rated in preseason, Texas ' basketball team could not fill the oversized tennis shoe or- dered in 1969-70. The youthful Longhorns re- corded an 11-13 season record. Before Texas took the floor for their opener against Mississippi, preseason publicity was high on the ' Horns. Three national sports magazines tabbed Texas in the Top 20. A poll of the eight conference coaches indi- cated that Texas would win the crown but just barely. The coaches unanimously agreed that the conference race would be a close one with possibly all eight teams fighting at the wire. After an encouraging five wins in preseason, Texas faltered midway through the league cam- paign. The ' Horns were never in the SWC lead after an opening loss. At various times, Baylor, Texas A M, TCU, Texas Tech, and Rice, held or shared the league lead. But excitement was not missing for the Greg- ory Gym crowds as the fast-breaking, pressing Longhorns departed from the previous year ' s control type game. Texas relied mainly on Captain Wayne Doyal ' s 1 7.3-point average. Joining 6-foot-7 Doyal, the only senior regular, were two sophomores who hit for double-figure averages. Dallas product Eric Groscurth scored at a 12.4 clip and was the leading rebounder .with 9.3 bounds per contest. The third member of Texas ' regular front line was transfer Lynn Howden, who added 1 2.2 points and nine re- bounds per game. The guard spots were filled at various times by two of four regulars, juniors Terry Muilin and Billy Black and sophomores Sam Bradley and Scooter Lenox. ABOVE: The spotlight caught Texas starters at Gregory Gym ' s center circle after player introductions. LEFT: Longhorn guard Sam Bradley thwarted a Crimson Tide break by stuffing this ' Bama shot into the first row of seats. 512 Ifr TEXAS OPPONENT 95 Mississippi 84 90 Alabama 63 72 Tulane 71 85 DC Santa Barbara 100 54 UCLA 99 51 Oklahoma State 54 76 Brigham Young 73 61 Florida State 82 73 Ohio 65 55 Seton Hall 56 59 Baylor 81 75 Arkansas 69 81 Texas A M 87 96 SMU 83 75 Rice 67 55 TCU 80 69 Texas Tech 81 70 Texas A M 79 71 Texas Tech 90 93 TCU 84 67 Rice 75 81 Baylor 70 61 Arkansas 78 85 SMU 74 FRONT ROW: Coach Leon Black, John Langdon, Sammy Hyde, Richard Langdon, Bruce Motley, Lynn Howden, manager Karl Rivers. BACK ROW: Coach Bennie Lenox, Frank Blankenbeckler, Scooter Lenox, Eric Gros- curth, Wayne Doyal, Jeff Baker, Billy Black, Sam Bradley, Terry Mullin. 513 Opening Pace Ran Over Southerners ABOVE: An SAAU defender gave ' Horn Eric Groscurth a battle for control of the ball. BELOW: Groscurth flew through Crimson Tide defense for bucket. Texas ' preseason momentum carried through three games, all played within the span of one week and all at home. Postman Howden and forward Groscurth led Texas over Ole Miss, 95-84, in the Gregory Gym lid-lifter Dec. 1 . Howden scored 23 points and grabbed 15 rebounds. Groscurth hit for 20 points while gathering in 12 bounds. Three nights later on the same court, Texas delighted a large crowd by demolishing a young Alabama team, 90-63. The ' Horns held a one-point edge at halftime, but blew the game open in the first eight minutes of the second period. During that time, Texas ran off 30 points to the Tide ' s four. Doyal totaled 24 points. Next, Texas upended a good Tulane team, 72- 71, in a Dec. 8 home game. Introduced at half- time of that contest, Texas ' National Champion football team displayed its No. 1 trophies just two days after its come-from-behind win over Arkansas. Responding to the same kind of pressure, sophomore eager Richard Langdon sank two free throws as Texas came back from a five-point deficit in the closing seconds to win. The parti- san crowd was assessed three technical fouls for throwing objects on the court. f 514 Road Trip Stopped Steers But the three-game winning streak, the best start for a Texas team since 1963, was abruptly ended on the first road swing. In the first of two West Coast contests on Dec. 1 1 , the University of California, Santa Barbara ripped Texas, 100-85. A bad ankle sidelined Doyal, and Howden and senior substitute Bruce Motley led Texas scoring with 20 and 18 points, respectively. Two nights later while playing before a full house in Los Angeles ' Pauley Pavilion, eventual National Champion UCLA clobbered Texas, 99-54, by the largest margin of defeat in Longhorn his- tory. Oklahoma State ' s Cowboys evened Texas ' record at 3-3, edging the ' Horns, 54-51, in a Dec. 17 contest. OSU capitalized on the home- court advantage, an early lead and an agonizing stall to turn back the Steers. Back home on Dec. 20, Texas rebounded to a 76-73 double-overtime win over Brigham Young. Florida State outran Texas, 82-61, in a Dec. 27 contest which was played in Tallahassee, Fla. But, the ' Horns came back to play their best game in the first round of the Miami Hurricane Classic Tournament. Utilizing a quick man-to-man defense, Texas stunned an unbeaten and fifth-ranked Ohio Uni- versity team, 73-65, on Dec. 29. In the finals the next night, Texas was not as sharp and fell to Seton Hall, 56-55. The 5-5 preseason record was the best in Coach Leon Black ' s three-year tenure, and the mark came against possibly the toughest competition ever scheduled at Texas. LEFT: White-clad Eric Groscurth (15) extended for a close- quarters rebound. ABOVE: Gliding Sam Bradley underhanded short flip shot. ABOVE: Sophomore postman Lynn Howden lunged goalward past Ole Miss defenders. 515 Bears Clubbed UT in SWC Opener Opening SWC play, the two teams picked to fight for the conference crown, Texas and Bay- lor, met Jan. 5 in Waco. The ' Horns were humbled, 81-59. The loss dropped Texas ' season record below .500 (5-6) for the first time. A month and a half later, the Bears visited Austin, and Texas won, 81-70. By then title hopes did not exist for either team. In that game Doyal ' s 26 points pushed his three-year point total over the 1,000 mark. After the first Baylor contest, Texas won three of the next four games. When Arkansas visited Austin on Jan 10, Texas ran to an early 17-point lead and hung on through a sloppy second half to win, 75-69. Groscurth hit 20 points. Next, a capacity Gregory Gym crowd watched Texas A M outmuscle Texas, 87-81, and break the ' Horns season home-court win streak. ABOVE: Sophomore Sammy Hyde pushed a shot past Arkansas ' James Eldredge. RIGHT: Sophomore Eric Groscurth looked for help against Mississippi pressure defense. , 516 Doyal: 1062 Points TOP LEFT: Texas Tech ' s Jerry Turner gave up inches but not rebounds to Texas ' Lynn Howden. BELOW: Wayne Doyal (20) drove off the pick set by teammate Lynn Howden in loss to the Red Raiders. ABOVE: Six-foot-six forward Wayne Doyal launched his patented jumper from the corner in Mississippi contest. Following a 14-day break for exams, Texas beat SMU, 96-83, in Dallas with a smothering second-half zone defense. The ' Horns overcame a one-man Mustang show (Gene Phillips 36 points) with balanced scoring with five ' Horns hitting double figures. Back home on Jan 31, Texas outhustled the eventual conference champion, Rice, 75-67. A small Gregory Gym crowd and a statewide tele- vision audience watched Howden (25 points) and Groscurth (20) lead the ' Horns to the hard- fought win. In Fort Worth on Feb. 3 TCU whipped Texas, 80-55, starting the ' Horns on a four-game losing streak. The Longhorns revenged that loss two weeks later with a 93-84 win over TCU in Gregory Gym, but between those games, Texas Tech (twice) and Texas A AA added to Texas ' misery. The Raiders out-rebounded the taller Long- horns 45-30 in their first meeting at Gregory Gym on Feb. 7, and hit 11 -straight points in the second half to win, 81-69. Doyal and Howden scored 19 points apiece. 517 ' Horns Finished Sixth m Hi ABOVE: Leading the Texas fast break, guard Billy Black applied brakes under pressure by TCU ' s Jeff Harp. ABOVE RIGHT: Forward Eric Gros- curth twisted to launch a shot versus ' Bama. BELOW RIGHT: In Alabama win Texas ' Lynn Howden threw a scare into Tide players with his driving shots. The ' Horns then traveled to College Station and revamped the starting lineup, but the result was the same as the first meeting with Texas A M. Sixteen points apiece by Doyal and Motley could not overcome the hot shooting of the Aggies, who won 79-70. Next, Texas Tech demolished Texas, 90-71 . Texas ruined TCU ' s title dreams when the Frogs came to Austin, Feb. 17. The ' Horns ran to a 93-84 win, with Doyal ' s 26 points leading the way. Visiting Houston four days later, Texas ran into Rice ' s championship fever and fell to the Owls, 75-67, the reverse score of their previous meeting. Sophomore guard Lenox scored 17 points. After beating Baylor in Austin, the ' Horns were blasted by last-place Arkansas, 78-61, in Fayette- ville. Back home for the March 3 finale with SMU, Texas utilized Doyal ' s hot hand (16 of 25 field goals) to beat the Mustangs, 85-74. The ' Horns closed out the Southwest Conference slate with six wins, eight losses, and sixth place. 5!8 Freshman Basketball Texas ' Yearling basketball team muscled its way to a 9-3 record in 1969-70 as Coach Bennie Lenox guided one of the tallest teams in forty- acres freshman history through a second straight successful season. Led by 6-foot-7 John Mark Wilson from Odessa, the first Yearling eager to ever top the 300-point mark, Texas ' Baby Bulls averaged 92 points per contest in the record setting year. The Yearlings beat the junior colleges of Whar- ton (81-80), Lon Morris (103-83), Bee County (107-79), and Victoria (103-75) to start the sea- son. A 91-87 come-from-behind victory over Bay- lor ' s Cubs was next. Only the Texas A M Fish manhandled the Yearlings twice, the first a 73-70 squeaker in Gregory Gym. A month later the Aggies blasted Texas 82-72 in College Station. In between those meetings, the Yearlings beat Rice, 92-91, and ripped TCU ' s Wogs, 122-99, setting (Fort Worth) Daniel-Meyer Coliseum freshman scoring and rebound (77) marks. The Yearlings closed out the campaign with wins over TCU, 98-90, and Baylor, 94-64, and a loss to Rice ' s Owlets, 80-74. Wilson ' s 25 points per game led the Yearlings. Top rebounder for the freshmen, with 10.7 bounds per game, was 6-7 forward Ralph Elliott, who also scored at a 14.7 clip. Other Yearlings in double figure scoring were 6-7 forward Jack Louis (15.4 points and nine re- bounds) and 6-9V2 postman B. G. Brosterhous (13 points and 9.8 rebounds). The fifth starter was guard Mike Dukes. TOP: Yearlings ' John Wilson (44) and Mike Dukes applied high-low pressure on Baylor Cub. BELOW: The same two Texas freshmen forced Wog guard to go wide with pass. ABOVE: FRONT ROW: Greg Dettman, Mike Dukes, Jerry Bisbano, Vic Sanchez, Gary Sweet. SECOND ROW: Manager Eddie Day, Coach Bennie Lennox, Jack Louis, John Wilson, B. G. Brosterhous, Ralph Elliot, Bobby Evans, Coach Dale Dotson, Manager Keith Buchanan. 519 FRONT ROW: Bill Holloway, Tom Neyland, Donnie Vick, Steve McFarland. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Smith, Bill MacNaughton, Tom Turner, Steve DuRapau, Bruce Anderson, Steve Beasley, Bill Barn- hill, Charlie Eichenbaum. THIRD ROW: Roger White, Mark Roberts, Ken Nash, John Santamaria, Bruce Robinson, Sandy Gottesman, Jim Pohl, Coach Hank Chapman. FOURTH ROW: Gerry Shoe- maker, Richard Ravel, Frank Salzhandler James Flodine, Bob Blodgett, Drew Ligon. SMU Remained Swimmers ' Nemesis Although early-season victories came easy for Texas ' varsity swimmers, the Longhorns faltered in the wake of perennial Southwest Conference power Southern Methodist and then drowned in the NCAA championships. Two promising freshmen led the youthful Longhorns. Houstonian Bruce Robinson swam to a SWC record in the 400-yard individual medley (4:16.2), and he broke two school marks: 200- yard individual medley (2:01.27) and 200-yard backstroke (2:01.8). Frank Salzhandler from Houston cracked the conference 200-yard breast- stroke mark (2:1 1.7). Another freshman, Steve McFarland, joined Robinson and Salzhandler as Texas ' representa- tives at the NCAA meet held in Salt Lake City, March 26-28. Coach Hank Chapman ' s 20th group to go to the national swim failed to place anyone in the NCAA finals. Nevertheless, the ' Horns dual-meet season was a success. Defending Big Eight champion Kansas was Texas ' first watery victim, 68-45, in a Gregory Gym pool match. The Longhorns moved to Houston next, and wiped out Rice, 74-39, and then submerged Arkansas in Gregory Gym, 71-42. Texas challenged the best Southeast swim- mers on Feb. 19-21 in Athens, Ga., and placed fourth in the Southern Invitational Champion- ships. Back home, Texas drowned Texas Christian, 82-25, Texas Tech, 67-44, and Eastern New Mexico, 70-51. One week before the SWC Meet, SMU gave the ' Horns a taste of what was to come as the Mustangs dunked Texas, 83-30, in Dallas. And with the six other conference squads present, Texas could manage only three first places and 370 ' 2 points to SMU ' s 725. 4 ABOVE: Diver Donnie Vick began to straighten out of his tuck position in a Gregory Gym practice. RIGHT: UT swimmer Drew Ligon (left) answered the gun at the SWC Meet in SMU ' s Perkins Natatorium. 520 TOP: Longhorn Ken Nash (closest to camera) extended quick- ly off the blocks against Kansas at Gregory Gym. Sandy Gottes- man was in the lane next to Nash. CENTER: Texas ' Frank Salz- handler (center) received title congratulations from Mustang Larry Driver and Longhorn Gerry Shoemaker. BOTTOM: Breast- stroker James Flodine churned toward SWC Meet finish. 521 Texas, Rice Followed A M Dominance Texas ' Tinker Murray battled with an SMU runner at this point in the three-mile race, while ' Horns Gardner, Rogers, FRONT ROW: Alan Thomas, Bill Tooke, Scott Moore, Tommy Colgin, Tinker Murray, Tom Gardner, Forrest Novy, Adrian Gentry, Randy Nichols, Mike Tibbets. SECOND ROW: Mike Mosley, Fred Cooper, Bill Vance, Randy Yarbrough, Bill Gamble, Ricky Yarbrough, Larry Rogers, George Coe, Jeff Jones, Walt Chamberlain. THIRD ROW: John Robertson, Steve Minnis, Charlie Burris, Ray Timberlake, Jim Mallard, Skip Archer, David Holubec, David Cook, Dan (Caspar, Delbert Roe, Trainer Charlie Doyle. FOURTH ROW: Mik Leifeste, Greg Hackney, Byrd Baggett, David Caffey, Donald Fogo, Wyatt Tompkins, William Oates, Mickey Ryan, Terry Moore, Joe Cash. FIFTH ROW: Coach Jack Daniels, Jack Fuerst, Sim Kolliner, Stan McDaniel, Dave Morton, Art Taylor, Carl Johnson, Coach Jack Patterson, Glen Sefcik, Manager Warren Cico. 522 Rebuilding from heavy graduation losses, the Texas track team showed traces of individual brilliance during the 1970 spring season but spent the year with the Rice Owls chasing the talent-laden Texas Aggies. Texas ran eighth at the Oklahoma City Invita- tional, January 30-31, as coaches Jack Patterson and Jack Daniels searched for winning combina- tions. One week later, the distance-medley relay team, made up of Mike Tibbetts (880-yard leg), Dave Morton (440), Mike Mosley (three-quarter), and Fred Cooper (mile), set a Will Rogers Indoor Games record in 9:48.8. Texas ' mile-relay team, rebuilt from the baton squad which held the best time in the nation in 1969, came around in this meet and ran second. That foursome of Mosley, Baggett, Carl Johnson, and Morton found them- selves in the runner-up spot most of the season behind the Texas A M mile-relayers. A 13-man traveling squad ventured to the huge Astrodome Relays, February 13-14, and the dis- tance-medley team again turned in a good per- formance. Although running fourth because of a mixed-up hand-off, Texas was timed at 9:40.4. The Longhorns gained their first meet victory in a triangular affair at Memorial Stadium, Feb- ruary 27. Tri-captain Cooper led the orange charge with a good 4:05.8 mile, and Texas won handily over Abilene Christian and Baylor. The ' Horns ran second to A M at the Border Olympics at Laredo, despite the 1-3-5 finishes of Steer javelin throwers and 880-yard dash men. Walt Chamberlain, with a toss of 211-9V2, speared the javelin title, while Dan Kaspar and Dean Watson followed. Tri-captain Mosley won the 880, while Tibbetts and John Robertson ran third and fifth, respectively. Mosley and Cooper switched races in a tri- meet with Texas Tech and Baylor at Lubbock, March 14, and both turned in good times. Mosley, usually the half-miler, ran a 4:14.3 mile, while Cooper, the miler, recorded a 1:53.4 half mile. Morton ran a 1 :49.4 half-mile at the Corpus Christ! Invitational in the last warmup before the Texas Relays. LEFT: A Texas Tech highjumper seemed to be balanced on the bar and needed to clear one arm for a successful jump. TOP: Raider pole-vaulter ascended toward 15-foot mark at quadrangular meet at Memorial Stadium. ABOVE: Texas shot putter Randy Nichols swung into his delivery. 523 Mills Bros. Co. Paced Texas Relays Mills Bros, and Co., the hottest commodity on the American track scene in 1970, test marketed the Texas Relays and completely sold the Round- Up throng at the 43rd running of this annual spring track carnival, held April 3-4. When the " dust " had settled on Memorial Stadium ' s new Tartan track, Curtis Mills, brother Marvin, and supporting Texas A M relayers had tied one world record, broken two University Division re- lay marks and grabbed top team and individual honors. Perfect weather, huge crowds, fierce compe- tition, a fast track, and the faster Mills Bros, and Co. added up to the finest Relays ever. Over 100 teams, including 11 women ' s contin- gents, or an aggregate of 1,300 athletes, pro- vided the action. The recording session began Friday morning and didn ' t stop until the record keeper had gone to the books more times than Marvin handed the baton to anchorman Curtis. First, Mills Bros, and Co. (Donnie Rogers and Rockie Woods) tied the world 880-yard relay record with a 1:22:1 timing. In the Aggie, Relays ' record-setting 440-yard relay performance, Scott Hendricks replaced Rogers. Their 39.7 timing broke Abilene Christian ' s 13-year-old mark. LEFT: Marvin Mills handed baton to brother Curtis as Aggies ' dynamic duo ran away with Texas Relays ' honors. LOWER LEFT: ' Horn Jim Mallard was unsuccessful on this pole-vault attempt. BELOW: Four runners challenged the lead of Texas ' Fred Cooper in two-mile relay. The other University baton mark belonged to the University at El Paso ' s four-mile relay con- tingent. The Miners broke their own standards set in the 1969 Relays. Fort Hays State (Kansas) shattered the College Division distance-relay (9:46.6) mark, but a Texas school ran away with Outstanding Team honors in that class. Prairie View A AA relayers won the 880-yard and mile events while placing second in the two-mile and sprint-medley relays. Little Rex AAaddaford ' s first place finishes in the Jerry Thompson Mile and the grueling three- mile runs earned the Eastern New Mexico Uni- versity distance runner the Relays ' Outstanding College Division award. Maddaford ' s 4:02.6 in the mile-run was a Relays ' record. Three other individual marks were set, but there were great contests in events which did not go in the books. In the distance-medley relay dogfight the University at El Paso foursome edged its Austin kin by tenths of a second, although the Longhorns set a new school record. Six of the nation ' s top 1 1 mile relay teams could not push Mills Bros, and Co. to a record in that event, leaving the Longhorns ' 1968 mark intact. Texas was the Outstanding Team that year, and Southwest Conference brother Rice won the honor in 1969. Mills Bros, and Co. kept the title in the family in the 1970 version of the Texas Relays. 525 Tri-Meet Upset: Temporary Success -h 1. One week after the Relays, Texas ' tri-meet upset win over A M and Rice stirred up SWC track talk. Coach Patterson characterized his team as " coming around " after the meet, which some believed to be a SWC Meet preview. Freshman Wyatt Tompkins bettered his pre- vious best high jump by five inches when he soared over the bar at 6-foot-9, good for third place. Morton ' s 45.4 anchor leg almost caught the Rice mile relay team, and Texas finished second with a good 3:09.0 timing. Randy Nich- ols set a personal mark in winning the shotput (57-71 2). Forrest Novy leaped 22-feet-10 1 2 for the long jump win. Texas continued its winning ways a week later in Austin by winning a quadrangular over Baylor, Tech, and SMU, April 18. Thomas ' discus heave of 173-10 ' 2 was a new meet mark. Mor- ton and Stan McDaniel ran 46- and 47-second quarters, respectively, and finished 1-2. Morton ' s time was the best (so far) in the state, as was the time of Mosley (1:49.3) in his 880-yard dash win. David Caffey returned to form in the half- mile, running 1:50.0. One week before the conference meet, Texas ' coaches spread the team over two fronts to tune up as many runners as possible. Patterson took 14 runners to the Drake Relays, where Texas ' two-mile relay team (7:19.0) set a new school record although finishing fourth. Coach Daniels entered 25 trackmen at the Arlington Invitational. TOP: Texas ' track duo of Fred Cooper (right) and John Robertson maintained longhom lead with this baton handoff. CENTER: Steer middle-distance runner Byrd Baggett grimaced at SMU lead facing him. RIGHT: High jumper soared over the bar at Texas Relays. FAR RIGHT: Texas ' Fred Cooper led the pack in mile run at Memorial Stadium meet. 526 Records Fell on Tartan Track Originally scheduled as a two-day event at Rice ' s track, the SWC Meet was moved because of rain to San Jacinto Junior College ' s Tartan track for the one-day running, May 2. Tabbed to finish third, Texas came back in the last two events to edge Rice, 57V2 points to 57 for runner-up honors. Texas A M parlayed sprint and highjump strength to dominate the event with 72 Vi points. The Aggies compiled 38 of those points in three events, with Farmer trackmen sweeping the first three places in the 220-yard dash and plac- ing 1-2-4 in the high jump. The 100-yard dash was also maroon. Having secured the meet victory, A M coach Charlie Thomas pulled his relayers out of the mile baton event to let Texas and Rice fight for second. The ' Horns upset the Owls in this last event to pull out the second SWC spot. Fred Cooper completed the first distance double in this meet since Texas ' Richard Romo turned the trick in 1966. Cooper ' s time of 4:06.4 in the mile was way out in front of the field, while later in the afternoon the Texas senior came from behind to win the three-mile in 14:13.8. Weightman Nichols upped his own school record with a winning put of 59-4V2, while Ad- rain Gentry threw a career best put (56-1 ) for third place. Thomas ' discus heave of 160-5 was one inch short of the winning mark. Morton ran second in the 440-yard dash to A M ' s Curtis Mills, and Mosley finished second in the 880. 527 Baseballers Third at College World Series TEXAS OPPONENT 12 Sam Houston 1 10 Sam Houston 14 Sam Houston 1 Sam Houston 3 8 Texas Lutheran 1 11 Texas Lutheran 4 2 Houston 1 2 Houston 6 3 Oklahoma 2 2 Oklahoma 3 5 Oklahoma 1 6 Oklahoma 2 8 SMU 10 SMU 5 17 SMU 4 4 Minnesota 2 Minnesota 4 6 Minnesota 22 Minnesota 5 6 Phillips University 8 Phillips University 3 12 Lamar Tech 10 Lamar Tech 4 Texas Tech 6 Texas Tech 3 2 St. Mary ' s 1 6 St. Mary ' s 7 2 Texas Lutheran 5 Texas Lutheran 2 Baylor 9 Baylor 3 2 Baylor 1 2 TCU 14 TCU 2 Rice 1 5 Rice 1 5 Texas A M 7 8 Texas A M 5 Texas A M 3 5 Arkansas State 12 Delaware 4 7 Ohio 2 5 Florida State 1 7 use 8 2 Florida State 11 All-America James Street dealt as much disaster pitching baseballs as he did throwing the football. 528 Texas ' baseball team won the Southwest Con- ference crown for the sixth straight year in the spring of 1970. Utilizing strong hitting, over- powering pitching and adequate team defense, Texas took the title with a 14-1 record (33-6 regular season). In post-season play, the na- tionally ranked Longhorns won three games for the District Six NCAA championship and grabbed a third place finish in their third straight visit to Omaha ' s College World Series. Although returning a squad virtually intact from the nation ' s No. 4 ball club, third-year Coach Cliff Gustafson rarely used his 1969 winning combination as injuries and position switches left few vestiges of the easy rider which had romped to the league title one year earlier. Nevertheless, Texas hit .301 as a team and the Longhorn mound staff recorded a combined ERA of 1 .62. enior Jack Miller swung for the short (Clark Field) right field fence. Fisticuffs ensued a disputed collision between Baylor Coach Dutch Schroeder (on ground) and pitcher Street (second from right). FRONT ROW: Gary Erskine, Jay Davis, Manager Gordon Olhausen, Charlie Crenshaw, Bill Grogan, Greg Duffey, Nati Salazar, Mike Mark!. SECOND ROW: Larry " Hardy, Jimmy Crouch, Dickie Jones, David Chalk, Frank Beard, Pat Amos, Lou Bagwell, Donnie Home, Jim Lowry, James Street, Spanky Stephens. THIRD ROW: Coach Cliff Gustafson, David Hall, Walt Rothe, Steve Prater, Burt Hooten, Hal Richmond, Pat Thompson, Dennis Magro, John Langerhans, Jack Miller, Tommy Harmon, Coach Bill Bethea. 529 DPI All-Conference Named 7 ' Horns Named to the United Press International All- Southwest Conference team were pitchers Burt Hooton (a unanimous selection) and James Street, first-baseman John Langerhans, shortstop Lou Bagwell, third-baseman David Chalk (unanimous), and out-fielders David Hall and Jack Miller. Sopho- more Chalk led the ' Horns regular hitters with a .354 average. Catcher Tommy Harmon hit .337 during the season, but dropped to .268 in SWC play. Outfielder Mike Markl was the third lead- ing hitter with a .333 average, although the diminutive sophomore found his spot in the starting lineup in mid season. Langerhans, Miller, and Hall were the other ' Horn hitters above the .300 mark. Langerhans blasted 81 total bases with eight homeruns and 10 doubles. All but one part-time relief pitcher returned for Texas in 1970, but injuries and inconsistency kept Coach Gustafson from finding any one winning mound combination. Named All-America hurlers in 1969, sophomore Hooton and senior Street, led the pitching corps with 8-1 regular season records. Hooton, following a spectacular freshman year, recorded 67 strikeouts in 66 innings with a 1 .36 ERA. But Street, the football quarterback who led the ' Horns to the national championship, led the diamond crew in most pitching departments. He recorded 69 strikeouts in 57 innings with a 1.26 ERA. Other starters were lefthander Mike Beard (6-0, .304), Larry Hardy (6-2, 1.36), and Walt Rothe (1-0, 0.76). TOP: Street snapped hit big, breaking curve toward the plate. ABOVE: David Chalk executed the steal with this hook-slide around the tag of Sooner shortstop. RIGHT: Baylor pitcher ' s pickoff play forced Chalk to scramble back to first base. 530 w K B . ABOVE: Baylor first baseman waited for pitcher ' s throw as ' Horn leadoff hitter Mike Markl did not hesitate to slide back to base. Scheduled to play their first 24 games at home, Texas opened the season by battering old Clark Field ' s fences for nine wins in the first 12 non-conference contests. Big bats pounded out three (of a four-game series) wins over Sam Houston State, Feb. 27-28, and victories in both ends of a Texas Lutheran College twinbill. Hooton pitched to two of the wins, while Rothe, Nati Salazar, and Beard got one victory apiece. The ' Horns needed a four-hit pitching performance by Beard to squeeze by Houston, 2-1, but a Cougar grand-slam homerun dropped Texas, 6-2, in the finale. Although Coach Gustafson shuffled the line- up for the next series, the ' Horns won three of four from Oklahoma. Miller replaced the injured (broken finger) Harmon behind the plate, while junior substitute Jimmy Crouch replaced Miller. Hooton and Street pitched for the first time in their successful 1969 rotation, but both had their hands full with the Sooners. Street needed a Langerhans ' homerun for a 3-2 decision in the seven-inning opener. Hooton, after 14 straight wins without a loss, was beaten by Oklahoma despite pitching a five-hitter. The ' Horns swept both games Saturday, boosting their record to 9-3. 531 Street Pitched Perfect SWC Game Texas opened SWC play on a cold weekend at Clark Field, but Longhorn bats were still hot as the locals won three games handily from Southern Methodist. Street and Hardy won the first and third contests, but in the third game the ' Horns won by coming back from four runs down, although losing their winning pitcher, Hooton, to a sore arm. With the Bear out, Texas beat intersectional rival Minnesota three of four games. Hardy, Street, and Beard recorded wins with Beard getting the most hitting support in the final con- test in the form of 10 runs in each of the first two innings. Taking advantage of Spring Break to complete a 10-day, 11 -game endurance test, Texas beat Phillips University and hapless Lamar Tech, twice each. The ' Horns ran their SWC mark to 5-0 the next weekend with a doubleheader win over Texas Tech at Lubbock. Street, the Longview Legend, wrote another chapter by throwing the only recorded perfect SWC game against the Raiders. Resuming non-conference play, Texas split a twinbill with St. Mary ' s, then relied on pitcher Hardy to relieve both Hooton and Street for two wins over Texas Lutheran. Although idle in SWC play since the last game with Tech, the ' Horns dropped two games behind league-leader Texas A M (9-0). To stay in contention, Texas ' pitchers stopped Baylor three times. The Bears could manage but 16 hits in 25 innings off Street, Beard, and Hooton. Street won the first game, 2-0, despite a run-in with Baylor Coach Dutch Schroeder in an incident which prompted the SWC fathers to reprimand the Texas pitcher along with catcher Harmon. TOP LEFT: The umpire took a close look as Texas first baseman John langerhans applied pickoff tag to a reaching Baylor runner. ABOVE: Hard-hitting catcher Tommy Harmon cracked out another hit. 532 A M sat idle the weekend of April 24-25 as Texas shut out Texas Christian, twice. Street and Hooton were the winners. With Texas at Rice and A M hosting TCU the next weekend, the ' Horns overtook the Ags in SWC standings. In the warmup series the nationally-ranked Farmers handed Street his first loss of the year in the Friday opener, 7-5, but Hooton ' s four-hitter in the nine-inning second game won the SWC title, easily. Rothe won the regular season finale over the Aggies, 5-3. In District Six playoff action, Beard shutout Arkansas State, then Texas squeezed by Pan American by scores of 2-1 and 4-3. The ' Horns thereby advanced to the College World Series as the No. 2 team in the nation. Gustafson ' s crew raced to three straight wins behind Hooton and Larry Hardy, romping over Delaware 12-4, Ohio 7-2, and Florida State 5-1. Hooton got credit for wins one and three, while Hardy picked up the victory over Ohio with a determined relief stint. But the then-favored ' Horns lost a heartbreaker to USC 8-7, then lost a draw for a fifth-round bye. The Steers were forced to play Florida State for the right to meet bye drawing USC in the finals. Florida State romped the error-plagued ' Horns, 11-2, knocking the Steers to a third-place series finish. USC edged Florida State 2-1 in 15 innings for the championship. I TOP: Sliding Tommy Harmon and Texas Tech shortstop Jim Montgomery watched as double-play toss flew to first base. ABOVE: Catcher Harmon coached Texas ' 1978 catcher after Longhorn victory. LEFT: Sophomore Burt Hooton fired in All- American form. 533 Golfers Reigned SWC Supremacy Texas ' golf team fired to its 26th Southwest Conference title and shared top tournament hon- ors with the University of Houston in the 1970 area collegiate spring links tour. Opening the campaign with tournament play in the Bayou City, Texas finished runner-up to the powerful Houston Cougar golfers in both the Atascocita and L. R. Goldman Intercollegiate championships. In both contests a Longhorn was one stroke behind the individual winner Dean Overturf at Atascocita and Tom Kite at Goldman. Taking time out for team qualifying, Kite shat- tered the 144-hole Massingill Tournament record by 28 strokes. The steel-nerved sophomore fired a 560-stroke total, followed by junior William Cromwell (588), sophomore Joe Anderson (590) and senior Zach Padgett. Adding seniors Overturf and George Machock to that foursome, Coach George Hannon guided his ' Horn golfers through the remainder of the season with only one defeat. Texas chipped at the Cougars ' golf pedestal at the Border Olympics, winning the team and individual (Kite) titles. At the LSD Intercollegiate Tournament in Baton Rouge, Texas whipped the field. fc ABOVE: Zach Padgett hit a long iron toward a Municipal Go FRONT ROW: Andy Stone, Bobby Goldman, David Price, Craig Campbell, Mike Bowersock, Charlie Schreiner, Tony Pfaff, Zach Padgett, Dean Overturf, George Machock, Tom Kite. SECOND ROW: Coach George Hannon, Mark Silvorstone, John Gleitman, Ladd Larson, Chuck Munson, Marshall Parker, Joe Anderson, Warren Chancellor, Steve Holmsley, Brent Buckman, William Cromwell. 534 LEFT: Sophomore Craig Campbell lined up a tricky putt. BELOW: After chipping from below the green, Bobby Goldman watched the approach shot. LOWER LEFT: Tom Kite chipped up a shot in direct line with the pin. Texas changed the lineup (adding junior George Tucker and senior Steve Holmsley) after falling to the runner-up spot behind Houston in the Longhorns ' Morris Williams Tournament. Then, Texas blanked Rice, 6-0, in the opening conference match-play contest. The ' Horns fol- lowed with wins over SMU, 3 ' 2-2 ' 2, a tie with Texas A M, 3-3, and a win over Baylor, 5-1. Back in Houston, Texas grabbed all but one honor and the team title from the Cougars ' strangle-hold at the All-America Intercollegiate Golf Tournament. Host Houston took the four- ball title, but Texas won the team match (4Vz- I ' a) over Houston, team medal (1,192-Hous- ton ' s 1,195), and two-ball trophies. Resuming conference action, Texas whipped Arkansas, 6-0, Texas Tech, 4-2, and Texas Chris- tian, 6-0, to win the SWC crown with a 33V2-8V2 record. The title was Coach Hannon ' s fourth in six years. The SWC Meet in Houston was all orange as Texas ' golfers took the top three individual spots. Overturf, the fifth Longhorn champ in seven years, was medalist with a 72-hole, 289-stroke total. Two shots back was Kite, while Machock, the team ' s Most-Valuable-Player, was third at 292. 535 Netters Faltered to Third Spot Texas ' tennis team netted an 8-7-2 dual-match record, encountering early disaster in conference play, while finding no luck in seeking its 13th Southwest Conference crown in the 1970 spring season. Senior and Most-Valuable-Player John Mozola and Coach Wilmer Allison ' s youth corps of sophomores John Nelson and Avery Rush and freshman Ron Touchon, led the Longhorn netters. They found no red-carpet services against neighboring powerhouses Rice, Corpus Christ! University, Pan American, and the University of Houston. Texas opened non-conference action with a seventh-place finish in the Corpus Christ! Invi- tational, February 26-27. A 5-2 win over Mis- sissippi State followed losses to Houston and Brigham Young by identical 6-1 margins in that tournament. . TOP: FRONT ROW: Ron Touchon, Randy Sherfy, Ray Rhodes, John Nelson, John Mozola. SECOND ROW: Marc Wiegand, Robert Campbell, Mike Loftin, Rich- ard Murray. ABOVE: Longhorn netler Ron Touchon (far court) anticipated a smash by an opponent. RIGHT " : Freshman Touchon served up trouble at Texas ' Penick Courts. s, 536 V ABOVE: Sophomore John Nelson returned a shot off his shoelaces. BELOW: John Mozola hit a backhand from the farthest corner of the court. Other warm-up matches before conference ac- tion began included dual wins over Southeast Oklahoma, 5-4, Tulane, 6-0, North Texas State, 4-2, and LSD. Handing the ' Horns non-conference defeats were Corpus Christi University, 9-0 and Pan American. Arizona bumped Texas, 6-2, to close the ' Horns ' team competition. Texas ' stiffest contests, though, came at the opening of the conference campaign. The ' Horns netted a 3-3 standoff with strong Southern Metho- dist in Dallas to open SWC play, but then were bounced by perennial national power Rice, 6-0. In that shutout, the Texas doubles team of Rush and Mozola were handed its only SWC defeat. At the bottom of the league standings after the first two contests, Texas marched without a loss throughout the remainder of the league sea- son. The ' Horns beat Baylor, 5-1, Texas Christian, 5-1, Texas Tech, 4-2, and tied Texas A M, 3-3, in their uphill climb which gained them a third- place SWC finish. Nelson swung a four win two loss conference singles slate, followed by Rush and Mozola, who singled out 3-3 records, and Touchon (2-2). In doubles Rush-Mozola won five of six matches, while Nelson-Touchon were 1-4. Both doubles teams, and Rush in the individual competition, went as far as the quarter-final rounds in the Southwest Conference Meet, held in Houston, April 30-May 2. 537 Texas Soccer Club Streaked to Title Texas ' Soccer Club ran to a 10-1-1 record in 1969 and won the Texas Collegiate Soccer League for the third consecutive year. The Orangemen stacked up a three-year, 34-game unbeaten streak before stumbling to St. Mary ' s in the season ' s final match. After opening the year with a 6-2 win over Texas Tech, Texas saw its 21 -game win streak broken by a 3-3 tie with Houston. The Orange- men then ran through the eight other league teams. Texas ' victims were Rice, Schreiner In- stitute, St. Mary ' s, TCU, Texas A M, the University at Arlington, and Trinity. The crucial 2-1 victory over St. Mary ' s was a tough defensive struggle. An early Armando Rod- riquez score put the ' Horns on top until a Rattler tying score with five minutes left. In the closing seconds Texas ' Ed Kepfer scored to win the game and the league crown. TOP: Texas ' Ed Miller tried to dribble past a Texas Tech defender in this Orangejnen victory. LOWER LEFT: John Garthwaithe kept in control during a match. ABOVE: FRONT ROW: Monthree Chulasamaya, Rodolfo Castillo, Michael Adams, Houshang Masudi, Armando Rodriguez, Dan Watkins. SECOND ROW: John Powers, Jurgen Bodenstein, John Bradshaw, Ed Miller, Ed Kepfer, John Vallejo, George Roussos. THIRD ROW: Mike Hennen, Nadi Bakir, Larry Schneider, Wilkie Tsang, John Garthwaithe, Don Schlattman, Dan Willard. Gymnastics Club: 5-1 Record Avenging an opening-season, dual-meet loss to Sam Houston State, Texas ' Gymnastics Club came back to win all five other meets in the 1970 season. In dual-meet competition the Longhorns lost to SHSC, 129-115, but then outpointed the same team, 135-100, a month later. Texas also jumped past Texas A AA, 1 30-1 00. Three teams participated in the Southwest Con- ference Meet, with Texas outpointing A AA and Baylor. Longhorn Larry Brackett placed second in the All-Around Division. In the Southwest AAU Meet, Texas won on the strength of only three athletes. Bob Stephens was Best All-Around gymnast, while Randall Reves and Robert Worsham boosted Texas to 129 points, 27 over the nearest rival. Because of their long hair which conflicted with Hurst-Bell (Arlington) High School adminis- trative policy, six team members could not parti- cipate or watch. They were Phil Baerreis, Gus Garcia, Ken Cone, Larry Brackett, Glenn Cooper, and Mark Ammerman. In the last competition of the year, the Texas gymnasts won the Gulf Coast AAU Meet. TOP: Gymnast Robert Stephens balanced over the sidehorse. LEFT: Holding in the iron-cross position, Ken Cone performed on the rings. ABOVE: FRONT ROW: Mark Ammerman, Robert Worsham, Gustavo Garcia. SECOND ROW: Randall Reves, Robert Stephens, Mark Roschke, James Baker, Ken Cone. THIRD ROW: Billy D ' Amico, Larry Brackett, Glenn Cooper, Eric Simonsen. 539 Wrestlers Posted 2-2-1 Season Texas ' Wrestling Club grappled through five matches to gain a 2-2-1 record in the spring of 1970. Coach Jim Mowry guided his 16-man team, which was sponsored by The University of Texas Sports Association for Men. The wrestlers opened the season at full strength by blanking Stephen F. Austin, 46-0, in a match played in Gregory Gym. Texas then outmuscled Texas A AA, 24-16. Facing a rematch with both teams in the same day, Mowry split his talent and gained a draw with SFA, 18-18, by using the second squad. Later that day the Ag- gies dumped Texas, 25-15. Playing under AAU rules which Mowry said, " Matched our boys against wrestlers 20 pounds heavier, " Texas lost the final match to Ft. Hood, 30-5. Ted Eckman and David Embry wrestled to the best Texas records by each winning four matches without a loss. The classes, wrestlers, and records were: 118-Matt Kremer (2-0); 126-Ted Eckman (4-0), Ben Nowotny (1-0), Craig Sokolow (0-1); 134-Rick Plautz (3-0); 142-David Embry (4-0); 150-Richard Faulk (1-0), Arthur Milberger (2-0); 158-Steve Wieland (1-1 ); 167-Mike Watts (1-1 ); 177-Jim Evans (1-1 ), Don McCullum (0-1); 190- Dave Mills (0-1-1); Heavyweight (2-0), Ricardo Valdez(O-l). ABOVE: Dave Embry (top) tangled with teammate Arthur Milberger in practice ABOVE: Rick Plautz flipped Ben Nowotny (lett) in a practice session. FRONT ROW: Ben Nowotny, Rick Plautz, Dave Embry, Arthur Milberger, Steve Wieland, Richard Faulk. SECOND ROW: Coach Jim Mowry, Mike Walts, Jim Evans, Ricardo Valdez, Dave Mills, Robert Kunze, Don McCullum. 540 UTSAM: Handball Team Won National Title HANDBALL: Coach Pete Tyson, Gary Loiben, Terry Hankins, Joe Hero, Jeff Barnes, Jim Love. BOWLING: Roger Collins, Gary MacDecy, Ollie Copeland, Dennis Penso, Bruce Wolfson The University of Texas Sports Association for Men organized 1 1 sports clubs which participated in intercollegiate competition in 1969-70. The Longhorn handball team won the national cham- pionship, the seventh title in eight years for Texas under the direction of Pete Tyson. The badminton team attended meets at Bay- lor and Texas A M. In its only game of the season the UTSAM baseball team shut out the Bay- lor All-Stars, 7-0, in Waco. The squash squad won its only contest, a 4-2 victory over Rice. The Archery Club did not participate in any tourna- ments, but organized the squad in 1969. Texas ' Fencing team competed against service teams in the pentathlon competition in San Antonio. Compiling 118 team points throughout a nine- match season, Texas ' Bowling Club rolled co- champion University of Houston to the Texas In- tercollegiate Bowling Conference title. The gym- nastics team won five of six tournaments it en- tered in the spring of 1970. Texas ' Soccer Club won the Texas Collegiate Soccer League for the third straight year. The UTSAM volleyball team capped a success- ful season with a first-place finish in the U.S. Region 9 Championships (Class A). Another first in Class B was recorded in the San Antonio In- vitational, while the Longhorns placed third in invitational tournaments in Houston (Class B), Austin (Class A), and Beaumont (Class A). The Wrestling Club recorded a 2-2-1 team mark in the spring of 1970. UTSAM FENCING CLUB: FRONT ROW: G. Bruce White, Fort Worth; Michael Van Dusen, Houston; Vft Jim Smith, Dallas. BACK ROW: Donald G. McMiken, faculty corsponsor, Scott I. Harmon, Dallas; John Hillier, Odessa; Darrell Williams, faculty sponsor. ARCHERY CLUB: FRONT ROW: Denis Lujan, Ronald Dorchester. SECOND ROW: Thomas Jurik, Joseph Kyle, David Bailey. 541 UTSA GOLF: Vicki Zimmermann, Nancy Stefani, Peggy Kuntz. TENNIS: FRONT ROW: Kitty Smith, Linda Dickinson, Mary Anne Ward, Shirley Yates, Nancy Clark. SECOND ROW: Coach Barbara Porter Nelson, Ruth Mayer, Barbara Behne, Susan Torrance, Louanne Lambert, Royce Anne Marshall. NOT PICTURED: Nancie Bogdanski, Debbie Murphy. BADMINTON: FRONT ROW: June Burke, Celia Malin, Deborah Austin, Mary Walters. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Evans, Anette Stone, Jean Pazderny. THIRD ROW: Parti Van Eenenaam, Susan Torrance. NOT PICTURED: Ralla Vickers. VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW: Lupe Ruiz, Linda Ashbacher, Karan Harbison, Carolyn Cardwell, Becky Lobpries. SECOND ROW: Mary SantaMaria, Coach Martha Artus, Peggy Kuntz, Kathy Scott, Mindy Stamey, Sherry Cardwell. 542 GYMNASTICS: FRONT ROW: Jan Hemminghaus, Cheri Mainard, Marlaine Ezell, Janna Dykes, Rita Kone. SECOND ROW: Coach Hazel Davis, Nancy Reynolds, Kathy Lingo, Debbie Shaw, Angie Morris, Sonje Berntsen. BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: Rosemary Hancock, Camille Dvorsky, Viki Mosley, Kathy Scott. SECOND ROW: Coach Jean Dalton, Kathy Koehler, Jackie Hudson, Louanne Lambert, Karart Harbison, Laura Gustavsen. THIRD ROW: George Ann Harpole, Ann Hafernick, Gail Moore. NOT PICTURED: Cyndi Taylor, lana Seale, Nedda Brow " SWIMMING: FRONT ROW: Ann Srieber, Barbara Longeway, Barbara Cordell, Helen Seidel, Chris- tine Phifer. SECOND ROW: Coach Rosemary Slacks, Sheri Tatar, Suzy Trice, Mickie Rudel, Bonnie Loomis, Phyllis Speranza. NOT PICTURED: Amalea Hart, Anne Ruggles, Kristine Sanders. 543 Men ' s Intramurals The University Men ' s Intramural department provided four areas of activity for Texas students, faculty and staff in 1969-70. The Competitive Sports Program, which included competition in 1 1 fall and 1 1 spring sports, involved approxi- mately 55 percent of University men . The sports were divided into Fraternity, Independent, Hous- ing, and Club Divisions, with three classes of competition in each. The University Sports Association for Men, an organization of sports clubs which competed in collegiate competition, spanned the gap between intramural and intercollegiate levels of sport. The Recreation Program, the largest activity in terms of number of participants, and the Faculty-Staff Program provided supervised sports for those in the University community. TOUCH FOOTBALL: CLASS A CHAMPION: Phi Gamma Delta: FRONT ROW: William E. Junell, Jr., Charles B. Clark, Stephen S. Head, Stephen T. Matthews, Carl A. Johnson, Jr., G. Doug ' as Wiley. BACK ROW: James L. Geary, William S. Nance, James K. Nance, Jr., Robert H. Sewell, Danay C. Covert. SWIMMING CHAMPION: Delta Kappa Eps Von: FRONT ROW: Buckner D. Roane, William P. Roberts, III, Terry Lee Monroe. BACK ROW: Robert E. Heard, William A. Stanley, III, David G. Beard, Stephen T. Moore. NOT PICTURED: Richard E. Hamner, Craig A. Poling, Robert S. Reimers, Charles B. Wolfe. ! BASKETBALL: CLASS A CHAMPION: Lambda Chi Alpha: FRONT ROW: Keith H. Sowards, Lee P. Whittington, James B. May, Michael Klaveness. BACK ROW: Robert B. Campbell, Robert Coffee, William W. McGuire, Benjamin J. Campbell. SOFTBALL: CLASS A CHAMPION: PEM C ub: FRONT ROW: William T. Harkins, Larry G. Wilson, Charles J. Collins, III, Donnie J. Bates, Forrest A. Dolgener. BACK ROW: Lynwood W. Boehme, Larry G. Porfirio, Gerald E. Garirell, Ronald J. Schroe- der, Edgar Blaschke, Jr. TRACK CHAMPION: Zefa Befa Tau J. Ford, Terrin R. Davis, Jeffery Berler. LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael D. Rainen, Brent M. Dorfman. NOT PICTURED: Michael H. I ATEI Hi t,G 544 SOCCER CHAMPION: taw School: FRONT ROW: Edward C. Prado, William A. Hoy III, Morris VOLLEYBALL: CLASS A CHAMPION: lambda Chi E. Belt, Jr., Allen B. Craig III, Robert L. Pendergraft, Robert P. Terzian. BACK ROW: Ernest ROW: Robert H. Baker, Jr., John L. Hurt, Stephen 2. Alanir, Jr., Larry G. Schneider, Peter P. Dawson III, Richard B. Cagney, Jr., David Fleis- ROW: Keith H. Sowards, J. Michael Mulholland, Alpha: FRONT J. Smith. BACK William W. Mc- chaker, Keith R. Hill. Guire, David J. Jones. AXA WRESTLING: CHAMPIONS: Lawrence W. Mercer, James A. Evans, Ira J. Hessel, Raymond E. Burgett, Arthur J. Milberger, David G. Embrey, Richard I. Plaut n ! . H. . A WATER BASKETBALL: CHAMPION: Delta Jau Delta: FRONT ROW: James O. Guleke II, Thomas D. Kozlowski, George A. O ' Brien, Donald G. Beck, Richard R. Clardy. BACK ROW: Samuel R. Lee, Gregory H. Smith, Kurt M. Papp, James G. Raney, Richard L. Townsend, Ralph G. Reser. BOWLING: LEFT TO RIGHT: CLASS A CHAMPION: Speed: Travis V. Doughty, Benjamin L. Huerta, O. J. Copeland, Roger C. Collins. 545 TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES CHAMPIONS (Spring): Tse-Yone Shen and Pierre AA. Lichaa HANDBALL DOUBLES CHAMPIONS (Fall): Joel G. Galpern and Jeffrey A. Barnes, AEPi HANDBALL SINGLES CLASS A CHAMPION: Wayne L. Graham FENCING CHAMPION John Curtis Lusby SOFTBALL: FAST PITCH CHAMPION: Bapfisf Student Union: FRONT ROW: Richard M. Frelich, Steven D. Clarkson, Ronald C. Jackson, Gary R. Allen, Tommy E. Scales. BACK ROW: Clifton Kent Fischer, John L. Berry, Donald H. Showman, Thomas C. Vaughn, Charles J. Spiker. BADMINTON CHAMPION: John B. Fulton, Beta Thefa Pi TABLE TENNIS SINGLES CHAMPION (Fall): Ronald A. Finke, Jester VIII . GOLF SINGLES CHAMPION: GOLF DOUBLES CHAMPIONS: William Bruce Robinson, SAE William T. Gough and James H. Bond SQUASH CHAMPION: William H. Marshall ft 1| OUTSTANDING OFFICIALS AWARD: Gregory N. Moore BERRY M. WHITAKER LEADERSHIP AWARD: Charles M. Wilson, III ARNO NOWOTNY SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD: Edward K. Gurinsky, SAM A.YPI01: LEFT TO RIGHT: THE COWBOY SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD TROPHY: SENIOR MANAGERS: Curtis C. Cline, Jr., James M. Alsup, Howard L. Crockett, Joseph David G. Dunlap, Acacia. NELSON PUETT IMPRbVEMENT AWARD: Mark Sternberg. S. Poulos, The a Xi. JUNIOR MANAGERS: Jonathan P. Purvin, James T. White, James R. Bowen. BACK ROW: Keith J. Miller, J. Mark McAfee, Donald R. Hoyt, James E. Biggs. SPRING JUNIOR MANAGERS: FRONT ROW: Earnest L. Pospisil, Jack Jessel, Douglas M. Rope, Samuel E. Stubbs, Nolan R. Neathery. BACK ROW: Manuel Robert Garcia, Harold H. Goldsmith, Stephen G. Lappin, Michael G. Broaddus, Scott T. Sherard. THE BEST ALL-AROUND ATHLETES: Fraternity Division: Edward K. Gurinsky, SAM: Independent Division: W. Jay Fosbury, Rosemary ' s BABIES; Club Division: Douglas F. Fisher, Navy; Housing Division: Mark L. Adelman, Roberfs Ha . LEFT TO RIGHT: Dennis Arthur Corrington, Training Specialist I; M. Wayne Jennings, Assistant Intramurals Director; Robert Smith, Training Special- ist I; Albert Albin Rooker, Intramurals Director; Emily Dunbar, Administra- tive Assistant; Thomas M. Martine, Assistant Intramural Director. ORGANIZATION ALL YEAR TROPHY AWARDS: CHAMPIONS: Stephen J. Smith, lambda Chi Alpha; James A. Evans, Rosemary ' s Babies; Robert D. Frnka, Navy; John M. Nolan, Sfag. SECOND ROW: Terry W. Tingley, De)fa Tau Delia; Mark S. Poulos, Zombies; David A. Shepherd, Air Force; Mark L. Adleman, Roberts Hall; Bruce W. Cozad, Campus Guild. THIRD ROW: Bruce C. Cocek, Brown Helmets, Charles M. Wilson III, Delta Sigma Pi. Men ' s Intramurals 547 Women ' s Intro murals The Women ' s Intramural Department provided the opportunity for competition in intercollegiate, intramural, and recreational activities in 1969-70. The program included 16 team, partner and in- dividual sports. Over 2,200 co-eds entered the diversified activities. Organized according to living units, ' murals saw competition in archery, badminton singles and doubles, basketball, billiards, bowling, fenc- ing, flag football, golf, Softball, swimming, table tennis singles and doubles, tennis singles and doubles, and volleyball. Undergraduate women, not on scholastic pro- bation, and with an appropriate health grade, were eligible for University of Texas Sports As- sociation intercollegiate competition in badmin- ton, basketball, golf, gymnastics, tennis and volleyball. FOOTBALL: ORANGE BRACKET: FIRST PLACE: ABC: FRONT ROW: Claire Elkins, Nancy Clark, Cynthia Michalec, Elouise Burrell, Camille Dvorsky, Rae Kouterick, Ron Jackson. SECOND ROW: Martha Anderson, Ann Veinker, Ruth Myer, Ruth Manny, Jean Askey, Lannetta Cooper, Karen Seale, Carol Brown, Wayne Carr. SECOND PLACE: Alpha Chi Omega: THIRD ROW: Mindy Stamey, Jo McKenzie, Gayle Howard, Mary Crapitto, Peggy Nixon, Kathy Warfield, Elizabeth Hill, Karen Sumner, Hildegarde Trum, Diane Cory, Stephanie Kellough. Fourth Row: Cindy Sumner, Jan Campbell, Carol Carter, Scott Yankee, Wynn Adams. NOT PICTURED: Ken Thurmond. BASKETBALL-ORANGE BRACKET: SECOND PLACE: Co-ops: FRONT ROW: Deborah Keas, Wanda Fuhrmann, Betsy Bentrup, Donnie McDonald, Judy Dean. FIRST PLACE: A8C: BACK ROW: Peggy Riordan, Beverly Brandon, Peggy Centilli, Liz Williams, Claire Elkins, Peggy Peterson, Cynthia Mi- chalec, Rae Kouterick, Debbie Carter. ' " :- ] In BASKETBALL-WHITE BRACKET: FIRST PLACE: Alpha Xi Delia: FRONT ROW: Jane Gil- lette, Diane Womack, Suggie Walker, Nita Smith, Patty Taylor, Jo LeMay, Judy Roberts. SECOND PLACE: Plods: BACK ROW: Jane Spellman, Judy Halstead, Marilyn Shell, Jolie Bain, Mary Krier, Sandi Albrecht, Mary Holm. 1 TENNIS DOUBLES: FIRST PLACE: Pi Beta Phi: Christy Guess, Lynn Guess. BADMINTON DOUBLES: FIRST PLACE: Susan Torrance, Celia Malin. SECOND PLACE: Mary Walters, Jean Pazderny. I 548 Y Dark, SECOND Cooptr, ; m VOLLEYBALL-WHITE BRACKET: FIRST PLACE: Sigma Delta Tau: FRONT ROW: Mona Lachman, Emily Landau, Rande Siegal, Jill Selevan, Patty Shefts, Eileen Bierner, Sheri Tatar, Andrew Arrow. SECOND PLACE: Alpha Omicron Pi: BACK ROW: Dot DePriest, Nancie Bogdanski, Susan Langridge, Ginger Banks, Mary Smith, George Ann Harpole, Melissa Hill, Claire Behrens, Nadine Spring. VOLLEYBALL-ORANGE BRACKET: SECOND PLACE: Co-ops: FRONT ROW: Carolyn Hartman, Suzy Clarkson, Linda Woodard, De Stallings, Rosemary Robbins, Beth Pyndus, Nan Hanover. FIRST PLACE: Newman Hall: BACK ROW: Noela Oliveira, Monique O ' Brien, Frances Miner, Sandy Massey, Connie Palousek, Kathleen Kennedy, Mary Ellen Marnell, Yvonne Lewis, Kathy Horn, Aggie Lednicky, Margaret Matthiessen. BOWLING-WHITE BRACKET: FRONT ROW: FIRST PLACE: Nancy Harris, Marilyn Rumsey, Lynn Minor, June Melot, Lynda Harkins, Jester 2. BACK ROW: SECOND PLACE: Gail Bonner, D. E. Stallings, Patti Chamberlin, Debbie Keas, Jonnie Tyler, Co-ops; (at end of 5) THIRD PLACE: Bonita Moon, Nan Gray, Linda Cook, Susan Southwell, Sandy Brewer, Renette Sauls, Ann Dagenhart, Littlefie d. i BOWLING-ORANGE BRACKET: FRONT ROW: FIRST PLACE: Carolyn Wasko, Linda Ray, Trisha Clayton, Frances Motes, Sara Zearfoss, Heflin. BACK ROW: SECOND PLACE: Donna Guarino, Judy Freedman, Barbie Smith, Marilyn Orton, Jesfer 1; (at end of 4) THIRD PLACE: Sheri Tatar, Elaine Lubel, Patti Shefts, Sigma Delta Tau. SWIMMING: SECOND PLACE: Jesrer: Amalea Hart, Jonette Crocker, Jannie Thompson, Bonnie Loomis. SWIMMING: FIRST PLACE: Hoofs.- FRONT ROW: Cathy Chaplin, Jodi Bolin, Jamie Woolsey. SECOND ROW: Nancy McCleary, Marsha Anderson, Susan Speight. 549 BOWLING FIRST PLACE, GROUP POINTS THIRD PLACE: Barbie Smith, Jester GOLF FIRST PLACE: Vicki Zimmerman BILLIARDS FIRST PLACE: Aline Robbins SECOND PLACE: Margaret McNeil ARCHERY: FIRST PLACE: Janie Sheppard, Pi Beta Phi; SECOND PLACE: Cindy Nelson, ABC; THIRD PLACE: Janet Gish, Alpha Chi Omega; FOURTH PLACE: Susan Langridge, Alpha Om cron Pi. TABLE TENNIS FIRST PLACE: Jennifer Denson, ABC 55C TABLE TENNIS SECOND PLACE: Jill Selevan, Sigma Deffa Tau. MANAGERS: SITTING: Susie King, Sylvia Porter, Elizabeth Browning, Barbara Ozon, Sharon Tatar, Judy Dean, Gwen Eberhardt, Joan Kent, Susan Glasgow. STANDING: Dorothy Mc- Guire, Wanda Fuhrmann, Peggy Jo Peterson, Maggie Owens, Frances Miner, Debbie Dunlap, Trudell Singer, Mary Frank, Judy Allyne Duncan, Bettie Watford. GROUPS POINTS: FIRST PLACE: Peggy Peterson, ABC- SECOND PLACE: Judy Dean SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD: Connie Palousek, Newman Hall Women ' s Intramurals HIGH POINT INDIVIDUALS: Rae Kouterick, ABC; Sheri Tatar, Sigma Delta Tau; Peggy Peterson, ABC. 551 T Association An organization for lettermen in varsity sports and senior intercollegiate and intramural man- agers, T Association listed 160 members in 1970. Varsity athletes earned the burnt orange " T " letter by playing a prescribed amount of time or by fulfilling specific requirements in their particular sport. Texas ' Athletic Council announced new members after each sport was completed. All T-men received free football tickets and uti- lized the facilities of Memorial Stadium ' s " T " Room. MEMBERS James Earnest Achilles James Lyon Ahern Rudolfo Perez Alaniz Patrick John Amos Lee Martin Anderson Robin Bruce Anderson Glen Dawson Archer David Eugene Arledge Thomas Craig Asaff William James Atessis Byrd Baggett III Louis Lee Bagwell Jr. Jeffrey Roth Baker William Paul Barnhill Stephen Craig Beasley James Allen Bertelsen Billy Dyer Black Robert Harold Blodgett Samuel Bradley Joel Lynn Brame Leonard Leo Brooks Jr. David Luther Caffey Robert Emmerson Callison Thomas Hearn Campbell William Mike Campbell David Lee Chalk David William Childress George Lee Cobb Louis Jay Cohen Terrell Thomas Collins William Deryl Conner James D. Cooke Freddy Gardner Cooper Elmo James Cormier George Bascomb Cox Charles Travis Crawford William Oliver Cromwell William Hayden Dale Michael Patrick Egan Dean Wayne Noble Doyal William Dan Driscoll Steven Lynn Durapau Kenneth Dale Ehrig John Vincent Elick James Patrick Feller James Bruce Flodine Raymond Lee Fontenot William Raymond Gamble Robert Bryant Gardner Thomas Raul Gardner Cecil Adrian Gentry Earl Christopher Gilbert Donald Frank Goldman Sanford Lee Gottesman Eric W. Groscurth James Calvin Gunn William G. Hall Glenn Galen Halsell Tommy Harold Harmon Scott Allen Henderson Paul W. Hobbs William H. Holloway Burt Carlton Hooten Larry El wood Horton Lynn Howden Michael T. Hutchings Randall Roy Hutson Sammy Oscar Hyde Dennis Wayne Kasper Sydney Johnston Keasler III Thomas Oliver Kite Paul Christopher Kristynik James Calhoun Langdon Jr. Richard S. Langdon John David Langerhans Robert L. Layne Jr. James Russell Leahy Joe Glynn Lenox Danny Kay Lester James Michael Liddle John Drew Ligon Stanley Champ McDaniel Stephen M. McFarland Robert Charles McKay Mack Hugh McKinney William A. MacNaughton James Atwood Mallard Michael Charles Markl William Harbert Marshall John Logan Mastenbrook David Joseph Matina John Delmo Matzinger Stanley Hall Mauldin Emmett Jackson Miller Robert Bruce Mitchell Clayton Douglas Monzingo John Davis Morton Michael Homer Mosley Bruce Edward Motley Frank John Mozola Terrence J. Mullin Tinker Dan Murray Richard Scott Murray Richard S. Nabors Kenneth Lee Nash John Wendell Nelson Thomas R. Neyland Randall Hall Nichols Forrest Alan Novy Dean Scott Overturf Derrell Scott Palmer Kurt Melvin Papp Robbie Lee Patman Randal C. Peschel Edward Dwayne Phillips Gregory Paul Ploetz James. Keller Pohl David Bruce Ramsey Richard Stern Ravel David Leroy Richardson Gary Ray Rike Travis Morgan Roach Mark Dennis Roberts Hewitt Paul Robichau III Bruce Aubrey Robinson Johnnie Fred Robinson Charles Alex Rogers Larry Dwayne Rogers Tommy James Rohrer James Avary Rush Natividad Salazar Frank J. Salzhandler James Gerald Shoemaker Charles Michael Smith Edward C. Small James Lacey Smith Larry Randall Smith Charles Wayne Speyrer Freddie Joe Steinmark Earl Richard Stewart III Randol Lane Stout James Lowell Street William Reese Strong Rick Hanson Troberman George Gillespie Tucker Thomas Charles Turner Donnie Lynn Vick Gregg Cooper Waddill Richard Dennis Watt Larry Leon Webb Carl Stephen White Marcus Dale Whitson Forrest Raymond Wiegand Donald Glenn Wigginton James Newton Williamson Tommy Dale Woodard Steven Clark Worster Robert Scott Wuensch Christopher Stephen Young Willie Frank Zapalac 552 Classes However varied their modes of dress, stu- dents come to the University for essentially one purpose to seek an education. Students attempted to broaden their knowl- edge by investigation, experimentation, and con- centration. New and advanced curriculum pro- vided the credentials needed as stepping stones to their future lives. Each semester brought promises for a new time, and cmofher fry. The campus environment stimulated a search for identities and the meaning of existence. 553 Graduates 556 Graduating Seniors 600 Seniors 604 Juniors 617 Sophomores 631 Freshmen 650 In Memoriam 651 Index 682 Closing Pages ABOU-SEIDA, MOHSEN MOHAMED, Cairo, Egypt Applied Linguistics, Moslem Association, Applied Linguistics Steering Committee AHERN, JAMES L, Corpus Christ! Accounting, ATA, T Association, Varsity Swimming, Good- fellow AL-KUBAISY, AMER K., Baghdad, Iraq Government, Student Association of Public Administration AL-RAHIM, SALAH MAHMOOD, Baghdad, Iraq Public Administration ALVAREZ, JOHN, Austin Art Education, t AK AMESCUA, GLORIA, Austin Education, TB1, IIAB, Longhorn Band ANDERSON, CHERYL A., Inglewood, Calif. Psychology, A1H ASKIN, RICHARD H. JR., Massapequa, N. Y. Journalism ASTUDILLO, TULIO C., Rancaqua, Chile Journalism, Inter-American Press Association Scholar, Foreign Correspondent Reporter BANKS, CHARLOTTE LEE, Corpus Christ! Business BOATMAN, LOIDA URBINA, Florence Social Work BRUNELL, FREDRICK GEORGE, Bessemer, Mich. Civil Engineering CARLYLE, DAVID CHARLES, San Antonio Physics CARROLL, RONALD HENRY, Port Neches Law, SX CHERRY, PAULINE ASHLEY, Pine Bluff, Ark. Fine Arts CHO, CHIN-KUEJ, Taiwan, Republic of China Computer Sciences CHOE, CHUL YOUNG, Seoul, Korea Engineering Mechanics, SPT CHRISTENSEN, LESLIE ANN, Austin Speech Therapy, AH COVEY, OLIVER TERRANCE, Glen Rose Social Work CROOK, ROBERT NEY JR., Paris Journalism, 2IAX, BSU, Texas Sacred Singers Graduates DANIEL, DAVID ALLEN, Oklahoma City, Okla. Accounting, RA 1 ! ' , Master ' s Advisory Council DATTNER, STUART LEONARD, Bav Shore, N. Y. Science Education and Physics, SITS, Hillel, Society of Physics Students DEPRIEST, DOROTHY HELEN, Houston Foreign Language Education, AOIT, A A A, KAIT, Southern Singers, French Council, Students ' Association Committee ENGLANDE, ANDREW JOSEPH JR., New Orleans, La. Environmental Health Engineering FALUN, JOSEPH ANTHONY III, McAllen Geology, SFE, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Intramurals FINLEY, RICHARD GAYLE, Goldsmith Chemistry FISK, HOLLYE CARSON, Houston Architecture, ATQ, HS FLEURY, NANCY JO, Bellaire Educational Psychology, ASA, TUB, J BK, HA , EATI, Outstanding Student FREEMAN, FREDERICK DUDLEY, Lufkin Mechanical Engineering, ASME FUGITT, ROBERT B., Washington, D. C. Chemistry GATLIN, SANDRA LEE, Beaumont Educational Psychology, American Marketing Association, Chal- lenge GERBER, KENT ANTHONY, Grand Haven, Mich. Physics, American Institute of Physics, American Physical Society GODDARD, JOSEPH DIAL, Alhambra, Calif. Music, 2AE, Men ' s Glee Club Director GOODWIN, MARY PATRICIA, San Antonio Advertising, , TAX GUITIERREZ, ARMANDO GEORGE, Corpus Christ! Latin American Government HALEY, JUDITH FAYE, San Antonio Chemistry, I1TI, American Chemical Society HARRINGTON, ANN MARGARET, Butte, Mont. Educational Psychology HENDON, DONALD WAYNE, Laredo Marketing, American Marketing Association HILE, SANDRA KAY, Newton Speech, ZTA, Teaching Assistant HINKLE, JOHN CHRISTIAN, Tucson, Ariz. Aerospace Engineering, TBIT, SIT, House of Delegates, Student Engineering Council, AIAA, Speleological Society, Intramurals 553 HOLLIS, RANDALL HOWARD, Port Neches Latin American Studies, 4 K+, Graduate Council, Student As- sembly, Texas Student Publications Board of Directors, Inter- notional House, In ternational Student Advisory Committee HOOD, DONALD CURTIS, Beaumont Low, 1 I K, A6 t, Moot Court, Criminol Low Association HORN, WALTER JULIAN, Montgomery, Ala. Aerospace Engineering, 4 KZ, I ' K JAMESON, LYNNIS ELIZABETH, Austin City Planning KASHIMA, SATOSHI, Kagawa, Japan Civil Engineering KHER, RAMESH KUMAR, Amritsar, India Civil Engineering LACY, JERRY ROBERT, Houston Business Administration, TSPE, MBA Toastmasters LADEN, LARRY RICHARD, San Antonio Law, Tejas Club, Criminal Law Association LANGDON, WILLIAM LESTER, Port Arthur Finance and Management, K LEE, SOOHEE, Seoul, Korea Nutrition, 12 II, ON, f K LINDSAY, HOWARD HENRY, Houston Journalism LOCKART, JAMES ELDRIDGE III, Dallas Accounting and Finance, AEIT, CBA Council, Senior Class Secretary, House of Delegates v MACRAE, JOHN ROLLIN, San Antonio Zoology MAGUREAN, MARY ANN, McAllen Zoology, AZ MATLOCK, JOHN HUDSON, Austin Mechonical Engineering, X . TBII, IITS, +HI, Order of Alcalde, Engineering Fellow, AIME, ASM, Student-Faculty Discipline Board, Interfraternity Council, Engineering Council MATTHEWS, LAURENE GAIL, Bath, N. Y. Educational Psychology McADAMS, HELEN LOUISE, Fort Worth Interior Design, AID MELVILLE, RONALD JESSE, San Antonio Accounting MENTELL, ROBERT ANTHONY, Dallas Civil Engineering MEYER, VERNON HOWARD, Arcadia, Calif. Economics Graduates MILLSAP, SAMUEL DEWEY JR., San Antonio Public Administration, Tejas Club, Student Assembly, House of Delegates, Texas Union Board of Directors, Texas Union Executive and Program Council, Friar Society, Order of Alcalde, African Exchange Program MONTEMAYOR, JOSE DE JESUS, Durango, Mexico Physics, ins MOORE, ANDREW FOLLEY, Sonora Government, TSEA MURRAH, CLARENCE BOYD, Austin Computer Sciences NAKAZATO, AKIHIKO, Tokyo, Japan Americon Civilization NATTO, IBRAHIM A., Mecca, Saudi Arabia Government, HZ A, Organization of Arab Students, Inter- national Committee NELSON, SAMUEL CHARLES, Ector History. AO NOWOTNY, MONROE BEN, San Antonio Business Administration, KA, ITET, I HZ, Texas Cowboys PEET, CHARLES EDWARD JR., Dallas Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBIT, IEEE PHAIR, MILTON W. JR., Houston Mechanical Engineeri ng, AT ' .!, ASME, TSPE PRATT, ROBERT BARTON JR., San Antonio Computer Sciences REED, EMILE LEE III, Universal City Business Administration, Dean ' s Council, Master ' s A ROGERS, LYNDA GAYLE, Dallas Mathematics SALAS, KAREN JEANNETTE, San Antonio History SALVATIERRA, EDMUNDO G., La Paz, Bolivia Chemical Engineering SATO, NORIFUMI, Tokyo, Japan International Business, Japanese Association SCAUZILLO, ROBERT JAMES, Austin History, +Af SCHKADE, ALBERT FRED JR., Austin Aerospace Engineering. +H1, TBIT, EFT, +K , AIAA, Lonqhorn Alumni Band SHARMA, NARENDER DEV, Secunderabad, India International Buiineti SHIMAZAKI, HARUHIKO, Tokyo, Japan Business Administration 554 TAYLOR, PATRICIA JANE, Dallas Mathematics, A3CA TEED, JERE McDONALD, Pampa Marketing, 4 FA, American Marketing Association, Texas Union Program Council, Texas Union Coordinating and Leadership THORNBERRY, MOLLY, Austin English, ZTA, Kinsolving Advisor, Golden Hearts TSANG, WILKIE WING KEE, Hong Kong, China Business Administration, AIT, Soccer Club, Community Business Advisory Council WARLICK, JOHN WALTER, Houston Psychology WATSON, MARY NELSON, Austin Chemical Physics, HIT, 1111, American Chemical ciety, Association for Computing Machinery WEAVER, THOMAS JAY, Austin Chemistry WHITE, LINDA JANE, Fort Worth Communications, ITA0 WHITENER, THOMAS OLIVER, Burton Business, AK , K i , BIT WILL, KENNETH MAC, Little Rock, Ark. Civil Engineering, ASCE WILLIAMS, JOHN TRAVIS, Sanderson Business, X4 WINGARD, ROBERT LANCE, Eclectic, Ala. Business Administra ' ion WOLFE, THOMAS HERNDON, Austin YAKSIC, CATALINA YERKA, Antofagasta, Chile Education So- Graduates 555 AARON, HARLEY E., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME ABBOTT, KAREN ANN, Beaumont Marketing, A All, American Marketing Association, Round -Up, CBA Council, Deseret Club, Concert Choir ACOSTA, IRMA OLVERA, Austin Psychology ACOSTA, PETER PATRICK, San Antonio Phormacy, KV ADAMS, JANE TIMLECK, Austin Spanish, IIB AGNES, JUDITH, Dallas English AGRICOLA, PAUL JAMES, Buffalo, N. Y. Psychology, Colle ge House, YR, YD, Y Tutor Challenge AGUILAR, BEN, Lockhart English, IIA I , Library Students ' Association, YR, Newman Club AGUIRRE, LAURO, Batesville Chemical Engineering AHERN, JOHN LAWRENCE, Corpus Christ! Economics, ATA AIKIN, A. M. BOBBY III, Austin Government, 1 KZ ALANIZ, DAVID RAYMOND, Corpus Christ! Finance, AK ALARCON, ALFREDO GUILLERMO, Brownsville International Business ALBRECHT, SANDRA LYNNE, San Antonio Sociology ALDAPE, ISRAEL, Crystal City Chemical Engineering ALDRETE, RAY EDMUND, San Antonio Advertising, AA1 ALEXANDER, JOHN DAVID, Austin Physics, Society of Physics Students, Association for Com- puting Machinery ALFRED, RONALD DOUGLAS, Tyler Speech ALLEN, HELEN ELIZABETH, Granbury Elementary Education ALLEN, MARY KATHERYN, Austin Psychology, Underwater Society, House of Delegates, Con- cert Choir Class of 1 970 ALLISON, DALE CRAWFORD, Rule Zoology, +HE, AEA ' ALLISON, MARGARET SCOTT, Austin English, ZTA ALMENDAREZ, FRANK, San Antonio Mathematics ANDERS, GORDON KEITH, Shiner Government, USA, Pre-Law Association, Longhorn Band ANDERS, KENNETH WAYNE, San Antonio Accounting, Sporls Cor Club, Longhorn Handball Association ANDERSON, ANITA KATHLEEN, Colorado City Speech Pathology, 2AH ANDERSON, DARLENE ANN, Duncsnville Pharmacy, Pharmacy Council, LPhA ANDERSON, DIANE MARIE, Duncanville Pharmacy, LPhA ANDERSON, JEFFRIES D., Corpus Christi Finance and International Business, KA, Insurance So- ciety, Freshman Council, Posse, Real Estate Society, House of Delegates ANDERSON, REBA JANE, McKinney Pharmacy, KE, LPhA ANDREWS, GARNETT LYNN, Grand Prairie Elect rial Engineering ANDREWS, KATHRYN DELL, Texarkana, Ark. Interior Design, Upper-Closs Advisor, Golden Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon ANGELO, JOHN EDWARD, Waco Microbiology and Zoology, AEA ANKENMAN, DECIE DAYNE, Houston Elementary Education, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Campus Cru- sade for Christ, Kinsolving Advisor ARCHER, GLENN DAWSON, Longview Mathematics, Varsity Track, T Association AREND, RODGER GRAHAM, Austin Finance, t AH ARNAKIS, POLY CATHERINE, Austin English, IMF.. Hellenic Club Challenge ARNOLD, GAIL ELLEN, Crockett Home Economics, A ., Home Economics Chapter, THECC, Contend Advsor ARNOLD, JAMES HARLAN, Austin Economics and Government, tHl, Tejoj Club, Student Assembly, Student -Faculty Committee, House of Delegates ARNOLD, JUDITH ANN, San Antonio Education 556 ARONOFF, NANCY FRANCES, Dallas Elementary Education, SAT. AAA, KAII, IAII, TIAS, Jester Student Assistant ARTHUR A. JUDIE, San Antonio Education, Mathematics, English ARTHUR, PATRICIA KATHRYN, La Porte Home Economics, 1 ' AK, NHEA, Home Economics Chapter ARTHUR, RICHARD LEE, San Antonio Finonce ATNIP, MICHAEL GRANT, Fort Worth Mathematics, (fr K AUSTIN, NANCY LYNNE, Houston History and Business, AAII, SKUNKS, Royal Spirit Com- mittee AVERITTE, CLINTON EDWARD, Fort Worth Government, t K AVERYT, JACK DEMARIUS JR., Odessa Pharmacy, t AX BABETZ, JEFFREY DALE, Fort Worth Physics, Society of Physics Students, YR, NESEP Naval Scholarship BACKER, DENNIS IRA, Houston Radio- Television-Film BACKUS, OSCAR, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME BADER, MARIE KATHLEEN, Bellville English and Government BADGER, THEODORE JENKINS, Austin Zoology, Arnold Air Society BAETZ, BERTRAND OLIVER, San Antonio Zoology, SN BAGGETT, DEWEY, DOUGLAS, San Angelo Tronsporlation, ANA BAGGETT, NANCY JANE, Rockdale Biology, KKF BAIN, SHERI GWYN, Dallas English and History, KAT1 BAKER, FRANK JAMES III, Bay City Speech BAKER, LLOYD LEON JR., Lake Jackson Accounting BAKER, OLA MAE, Madisonville Education -Mo (hematics, IIB ' t ' Graduating Seniors BAKER, STEVE HELLER, Dallas Zoology, AEA BALDRIDGE, VICKI ELAINE, San Angelo Lotin, AZ, HZ , Freshman Council BALLIEW, WILLIAM LUTHER IV, San Antonio Psychology BALLMAN, ANN MARGARET, Mart Elementary Education, PA BANKSTON, JOYCE MARIE, San Angelo History, AAA BAQUERO, FRANCISCO J., Caracas, Venezuela Electrical Engineering BARBER, KATHLEEN ANN, Houston Spanish BARNARD, BARBARA ANN, Austin Journalism, AiA, AIf, Do ' fy Texan, Cocfus, Round-Up BARNES, BETH ANNE, Austin Latin American Studies in Geography, AOJT, Spooks, Upper- Class Advisor, Ponhcllenic Council, House of Dele- gates, Little Sister of the Setting Sun BARRERA, NORMA GONZALEZ, Palito Blanco French -Spanish, Upper-Class Advisor, Newman Club, Inter- national Club BARRETT, RICHARD GEORGE, Pratt, Kans. Government, AKE BARROW, JULIA HUBBARD, Austin English and Mathematics, ZTA, Ashbel Society BARRY, MARCELLA RITA, Dallas History and English BARTHOLOMEW, THOMAS RANDY, San Antonio Architecture, APX BASS, SUZANNE, Orange Secondary Education, University Y Tutor, TSEA BASTRESS, WILLIAM WARREN JR., San Antonio Transportation, ITS, ANA, MUN BATLA, RAYMOND JOHN JR., Temple Civ, I Engineering, TBII, XE, House of Delegates, ASCE, TSPE, Dean ' s List BATSON, DOUGLAS ALLEN, Lubbock English, KA, Tejas Club, Freshman Council, MUN, House of Delegates, Flash Card Committee, Students ' Association Committee. TTT, Goodfellow BAYLISS, SUSAN JOANN, San Antonio Zoology, ZTA, AFA, Royal Spirit Committee BAYS, RONALD GENE, Dallas Marketing, American Marketing Association 557 BAZE, ROBERT ERNEST, New Canaan, Conn. Chemi ol Engineering, AXA, H, OXE, TBFI, AlChE BEALLE, JOHN FORTE, Richardson Accounting, BOH BEARDEN, JACKIE LEE, Wichita Falls History, AAA BEARDEN, ROBERT EARl, Austin Radio-Television. Film, AFROTC BECKER, MARY ELLEN, New Braunfels English BELISLE, SUSAN J. R., Austin Nursing BELL, LINDA FAYE, Wharton Physical Education, PEM Club, Gymnastics Team BELL, LINDA KAY, Woodsboro Speech, Littlefleld Advisor, Andrews Student Assistant BELL, SHERRY ANN, Temple Elementary Education BELLOWS, WARREN S., Houston Mathematics, S4 E, 4 H2, Summer Orientation BENEDICT, BARRY KIRK, Fort Worth Aerospace Engineering, XI ' T, TBI1, Engineering Council, Engineering Fellow, AIAA BENNETT, JAMES RICHARC, Cleburne Electrical Engineering BENTON, BEVERLY ANN, Beeville Fashion Design, AAII, Fashion Group BERETTA-BUCKLEY, FRANCIS N., Mexico City, Mex. Sociology and International Studies, International Business Association, Newman Club, International Club, MUN BERGER, WILLIAM EDWARD, Austin Journalism, AAI, SAX, PRSSA, Men ' s Glee Club, Communi- cation Assemblyman BERLOCHER, STEWART HARRY, Houston Zoology BERMAN, LESLIE NANCY, Oklahoma City, Okla. Studio Art, IAT, Best Dressed UT Coed BERRY, JAMES ALAN, West Columbia Microbiology, 2 1 E BERRY, JOHNNY LEE, Gainesville Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBII, Honor Roll, En- gineering fellow, IEEE BERRY, TOMMYE CARL, Elgin Physical Education, PEM Club Class of 1 970 BERRY, TOMMY ROY, Henderson Personnel Management, AZFI BERRY, WILLIAM CARL, Mineral Wells Accounting, A Q, ROTC BESSELLIEU, VIRGINIA ADELLE, San Antonio Elementary Education BETTGE, CAROL LYNN, Lockhart Microbiology and Medical Technology, T B BIESEMEIER, HAROLD W. JR., Ocean Springs, Miss, Personnel Management, Crow ' s Nest, Texas Cowboys, Round- Up, Scabbard Blade Society, Semper Fidelis Society, Buccaneer Drill Team, NROTC BILLS, LARRY.WAYNE, Burkburnett History BILLS, SHARON JANE, Midland Sponish, AAA, AI BINION, MARY SIDNEY, Abilene Nursing, Upper-Class Advisor, TNSA, longhorn Singers, House of Delegates BIRDWELL, BETTY ANN, Wichita Falls Mathematics and Government, AAA, Mortar Board, Chal- lenge, Orange Jackets, Upper-Class Advisor, Outstanding Student BISCHOFS, SUSANNE CAROL, Frankfurt, Germany History and German, German Club, Upper-Class Advisor, Dormitory Counselor, ACU Bowling Team, Strike and Spore, Angel Flight BISHOP, KENNETH EDWARD, Port Uvaca Chemistry, Amateur Radio Society BISHOP, RAY McCLAREN, Belmont, Calif. Economics BLACKBURN, GEORGE MAURY JR., Brenham Zoology, I E BLACKLOCK, JOHN WILSON, Corpus Christ! Government BLACKLOCK, WARD TRUETT JR., Austin Government, TKK, Interfroternity Council, Students Associa- tion Committee, House of Detegatei, MUN, AROTC, Brigade Staff, Praetorian Guard BLACKMAN, LONA S., Terrell Physical Education, AT, PEM Club, Freihman Council, Round-Up, Visiting Fellows Committee BLACKMAN, RALPH GILBERT JR., Bishop Mathematics, KA, Actuarial Club, Insurance Society BLACKSHEAR, JACK COLBERT, Wichita Falls Inttrnotionol Business, III BLAIR, BETTY CAROL, Lampasas Government and History BLAIR, GLORIA JEAN, Belton Sociology-Social Work Siudm, Upper-Class Advisor 558 BLAKLEY, ROBERT DWAIN, Fort Worth History, AX, House of Delegates BLAND, MARY MOZELLE, Austin Interior Design, A AIT, AID, Student Survey Committee BLEAKLY, JOHN STANLEY JR., Haddonfield, N. J. Drama Education and History, A Cappella Choir, Simkins Hall Counselor BLINKA, BETTY ANN, Houston Elementary Education BLISS, JOAN, San Antonio Mathematics BLISS, ROBERT DEVENEAU, Baytown Mathematics, A l fi BLOMDAHL, LETHA MARY, Houston Home Economics BLUNK, DAN ISBELL, Austin Geology and Zoology BOBBITT, JAY CHARLES, Dallas Government and Speech, AT, Communication Council, House of Delegates, Oratorical Association, Students ' Association Committees, Intercollegiate Debate BOCK, ADDIE SUE, Austin Sociology BODDEKER, JANICE SUE, Austin Education and Mathematics, AiA, Little Sisters of the Seven Stars, Cactus Section Editor BODEMUUER, CORNELIA HELEN, Nederland Government, AZ, Costilian Student Government BOENIG, LARRY ROBERT, Woodsboro Pharmacy, AX, LPhA BOGART, DAVID EDWARD, El Campo Psychology BOGER, DORIS JEAN, Wichita Falls Mathematics, ZTA BOHLS, KENT LEE, Taylor Government, Pre-Law Association, MUN, Lutheran Cam- BOHUSLAV, GEORGIA ELLAN, Austin Elementary Education, AXfi, Southern Singers BOLLINGER, RONALD CLINT, Fort Worth Architectural Engineering, XA, XE, Men ' s Cooperative Council, House of Delegates, AAAE, Outstanding Student, Outstanding Co-op Student BOREN, CARL LESLIE, Garland Advertising, AKA, NROTC, Scabbard Blade Society BORGSTEADT, WILLIAM GRANT, Midland Government, Bowling Club Graduating Seniors BORNE, EMERY ERL, Houston Aerospace Engineering, AIAA BOSWELL, BILLY GRAY, Austin Management BOTARD, SANDRA KAY KLOSS, Sheridan Mothematics, ITA9 BOUCHARD, SIERRA DE SAX, Bellmead Nursing BOWEN, EARL A., Midkiff Pharmacy, K , Pharmacy Council, LPhA BOWMAN, ROBERT H. TIBAUT, Austin Finance, " frAS, Freshman Advisor, Inlramurals, Pre-Law Association, Student Travel Coordinator BOWMER, JERALD EUGENE, Euless Pharmacy, K . LPhA BOYD, JULIA LIVESAY, Fort Worth Mathematics BOYD, MONROE BUCHANNAN JR., Austin Music Education, 4 MA, Symphonic Band, Longhorn Band, Long horn Singers, University Chorus BOYD, WILLIAM PRIDDY, Corsicana Plan I), 4 2K, Longhorn Singers, Parking and Traffic Committee BOYER, WALTER JOSEPH, Temple Business Administration, KK ' , AK , Longhorn Band Section Leader, Symohonic Band, Drama Department Musicals BOYETT, ERNEST JACKSON JR., Telegraph English BOZARTH, SHARON SUE, Lockhart Home Economics, A A A, Phi Beta Kinsolving, Up per- Class Advisor, House of Delegates, Campus Chest BRADLEY, CHARLES JR., Killeen Management, ROTC BRANAM, WILLIAM W., Conroe Mathematics BRANAMAN, TIMOTHY FAYE, Hutchinson, Kans. Speech and Government BRAND, VERNON GARY, Cleburne General Business, American Finance Association BRANDT, KATHLEEN LOUISE, Austin French. XO BRANNON, CAROL LYNETTE, Bastrop Home Economics, AZ, Homo Economics Chapter, MUN, Fashion Group, Y Tutor BRANNON, LINDA LORAINE, Duncanville Ptvrholoav AAA, X, Phi Beta Kinsolving 559 BRANNON, PEGGY ANN, San Antonio Elementary Education BRAUN, RONALD WAYNE, Carmine Chemistry, +AT BRELSFORD, SUSAN VIRGINIA, Tyler Art and History, I1B+ BREWER, KATHERINE ANN, San Antonio Elementary Education, KAII, ACE, Deseret Club BREWER, WILLIAM LOUIS, San Antonio Secondary Education, AT, Interfraternify Council, Posse, Fresh- man Council Advisor, Dormitory Counselor, TSEA, Texas Union and Students ' Association Committees BRICKER, DOUGLAS GRANT, Houston BRIDGER, JOHN NORMAN, Texarkana Microbiology BRIDGES, LINDA CAROL, Pasadena Music, 2AI BRIDGES, ROBERT ASHE, Austin Psychology, 4 l i, Silver Spurs BRIGGS, MICHAEL JEFFREY, Houston Petroleum Engineering, II KT, A (ME, Ciruna, House of Delegates, Underwater Society BRIGGS, WILLIAM HENRY III, Dallas Psychology, IN, AKA BRIGHT, ROBERT LAWRENCE, Houston Chemicol Engineering, AXS, 4 t. TBII, AlChE BROADDUS, JAMES ANTHONY, San Antonio Civil Engineering, XK, TBII, ASCE, NROTC, Student Engineer- ing Council, Scabbard Blade Society BROCHSTEIN, STEPHEN LARS, Houston Accounting, TA , BA+, Karate Club BROCK, JOHN MARTIN, Bandera Mothemotics, Varsity and Freshman Track BROLL, LORRAINE THERESE, San Antonio Psychology BROOKS, JUDY R., El Dorado, Ark. Secondary Education BROTT, CLIFFORD JOHN JR., Dallas Economics. 4 KB, House of Delegates, YR BROUGHTON, LARRY TED, Pasadena Accounting, AKH ' , Senior Class President BROWN, BARBARA ESTELLE, Redding, Calif. Education Class of 1 970 BROWN, CALEB STEVE III, Bellinger Pharmacy, K BROWN, CHARLES OWEN, Omaha Pharmacy, K BROWN, EMILY KAREN, Alpine English BROWN, LINDA JOY, Katy Elementary Education, ASA, College Life, Home Economics Chapter BROWN, LINDA MARIE, Wichita Falls Art Education, r f B, Hardin North Counselor, Intervarsity Christicn Fellowship, Order of the Orchid BROWN, MARILYN TRACEY, Dalla Home Economics, AHEA, Home Economics Chopter, Stu- dent Nutrition Orgonizotion BROWN, MICHAEL ROBERT, Dallas Government BROWN, NANCY MARIE, Wimberly Psychology, Students ' Association Committee, YR BROWN, ROBERT EUGENE III, Lockhart Management, 21 | K BROWN, ROBERT MICHAEL, Lubbock Government BROWN, ROY GLENN, Fort Worth Fine Arts BROYLES, ROBERT RAGAN JR., Palestine Engineering, A+U. SAME, ASCE, AROTC BRUCE, DOYLE EDWARD JR., Lufkin Zoology, Project Info BRUCE, PAUL LEE, Runge Chemical Engineering, AXX BRUNS, JAMES ALVIN, Corpus Christi Business Statistics BRUSS, WILLIAM A. JR., Dallas F. nonce, " M ' A BRYAN, PATRICIA JEAN, Houston BRYANT, JACK DAVID, Dallas Mathematics, Pre-low Association BRYANT, REBECCA JANE, Sherman Mothemoticj and Speech, AAA, Frihmon Council, Novy ROTC Sweetheart, Ttxos Union Committee, University Chorus BRYSON, JOE GOODSON, Corpus Christi Business Administration, AKK, Amateur Radio Society 560 BUCEK, MICHAEL ANTHONY, Wharton Government, A ' M2, TLOK BUCHANAN, HELEN, Concan Education BUCKMAN, MICHAEL ALAN, Kansas City, Mo. Business, Actuarial Club BUIE, ROSEMARY, Longview Education BULLINGTON, JANET SUSAN, Munday Music Education, IAI, A Cappella Choir, CEC BUQUOI, MIKE EUGENE, Houston Finance, American Finance Association, Inframurals, MOJ- BURGE, REBECCA FAYE, San Antonio Mathematics BURKETT, HOWARD GLENN, San Angelo Government, ' I ' lli , Middle East Studies Organization BURKS, TORY, Corpus Christ! Plan II, AA.i, TB1, Mortar Board, Longhorn Band, Scottish Scholars BURNETT, P. ALOIS, Houston French and History. T ' l ' B, Spooks, Y Tutor BURNS, SUSAN VALORIE, Houston Elementary Education, AXfl, ASME Sweetheart, Derby Day Queen, Student-Faculty Committee, Upper-Oass Advisor, Sweet- heart Finalist BURRELL, JERRY LOU, San Angelo Nursing, BSU, Jester Student Assistant TNSA BUSH, JOHN HOWARD, Dallas Architecture, AROTC BUTLER, DEBORAH EDYTHE, Tyler Psychology BUTLER, THOMAS LEE, Dallas Government, ATO, ROTC BYINGTON, SAMUEL JOSEPH III, Houston Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Dean ' s Lisf BYRD, KENNETH MICHAEL, Abilene Engineering Route to Business Administration CABALLERO, RICHARD GARCIA, Campbellton Accounting CABE, DAVID BISHOP, Austin Meteorology, A !2, XE, TBIT, XETI CADENA, KENNETH WAYNE, San Antonio Mathematics Graduating Seniors CAFFERTY, PATRICIA LYNNE, Houston Journalism, A 1, 0! I , TAX, Navy ROTC Sweetheart, Cacfus Editorial Assistant, Goodfellow CAFFEY, DAVID LUTHER, Abilene Government, J HI, IIIA, Pre-Low Association, T Association, Varsity Track, University Chorus CAGE, ROBERT L, Blanco Mathematics, Tejas Club, Texas Cowboys, Texas Union Com- mittee CAGNEY, MARGO ANN, San Antonio Psychology, Freshman Council Little Sisters of Choker t CAGNEY, MICHAEL JAMES, Bellaire Accounting, Xf CAIN, KATHRYN FRANCES, Weslaco Spanish- English, XS, AAA, SAII, Upper-Class Advisor CAIN, PAMELA SUSAN, Dallas Education, X2, Texas Union Committee, Posse, Round-Up CALDERA, NORMAN JOSE, Managua, Nicaragua Internotional Business, International Students Conference, International House, MUN, Vice-Presidential Advisory Committee CALK, JUDITH ANN, Dallas Speech, ASA, Order ol the Blue Iris CALVERT, CAROL LYNELL, Houston Biology-Secondary Education CALLOWAY, MARY STRIPLING, Dallas English, AT CAMERON, JOHN HUGH, Brownsville Mathematics, Men ' s Glee Club CAMMACK, BENJAMIN Y JR., Dallas English CAMP, CAROL ANN, Post Finance, U, Kinsolving Advisor, Orientation Advisor CAMPBELL, DONALD E., Dallas Finance, American Finance Association, American Marketing Association, Insurance Society, YR, Real Estate Society CAMPBELL, EDWIN C. JR., Oklahoma City, Okla. English, Riato CANADA, CATHY DIANE, Richardson Advertising, r i B, TAX, Angel Flight, Hordin House Counselor, Students ' Association and Texas Union Com- CANFIELD, JEAN, Columbia Mathematics CANNON, GORDON THOMAS, Dallas Government and Pre-law CANTRELL, MARTHA DIANE, Temple English, TAE, Texas Union Committees 561 CANTU, MARGARET LOUISE, Lyford Mathematics, AAJi, Dean ' s List, Association for Computing CANTU, RUDOLF GALLARDO, San Antonio Biology, A M!, TLOK Cooperative CARLETON, CHARLES E., Houston Finance, MI-, Jester Adviser, Intramural CARR, CURTIS WAYNE, Dublin Electrical Engineering, Tltll, IEEE CARRIQUIRY, PABLO, Lima, Peru Architecture CARSON, ROBERT WILLIS, Odessa Finance, ilX CARWILE, GERALD A. Ill, Austin Finance, American Finance Association CASEY, SUSAN, Belton Elementary Education, KAO, Angel Flight CASO, RICHARD, San Antonio Psychology CASTIGLIONE, PAUL ALFRED, San Antonio Petroleum Engineering, IIKT, AIME CAVAZOS, IRMA R. T., Laredo Journalism, I ' AK, Daily Texan, YR, Jesse H. Jones Journalism Scholarship CAVAZOS, MANUEL IV, Brownsville Finance CEDERHOLM, BARBARA JOAN, Bastrop Government, Tn , Longhorn Band CHAMBERS, TERRY LYNN, San Antonio Education. I iK CHARLIER, DOROTHY ANN, Austin Interior Design CHASTANG, CAROL ELDER, Houston English, Ash be 1 Society, Texas Union Committee, Italian Honor Society f. T. A. CHATHAM, AMIJO WONER, Dallas Elementary Education CHEATHAM, LINDA CAROL, Seabrook English and History Education, KAH, II A0, House of Delegates, Daily Texan, Jester Student Assistant CHEATHAM, THOMAS LYNN, Victoria Zoology, Austin Rugby Club CHENAULT, HARRIOT ELIZABETH, Houston English and History, SKUNKS, Texas Collegiate Forum, YR, Rifle Team Class of 1970 CHILDRESS, JAMES ALLEN, Goldthwaite Business Administration, A ' I ' A CHISUM, PAT HOWARD, Victoria Government CHRISTMANN, KAREN FAITH, Dallas Elementary Education CHRISTY, ROBERT C, Houston Business Honors, .iTA, " ( ' US, OAK, Texas Cowboys, Inter- fraternity Council, Order of Alcalde, T Association CICO, WARREN LEROY, Angleton Physical Education, Varsity Track Manager, Intramurals, Texas Relays Official, PEM Club CLARADY, JOSEPH FRANKLIN JR., Houston Aerospace Engineering CLARK, KAREN SUE, Kilgore Mathematics, Dean ' s List, Campus Crusade for Christ, Longhorn Bond, Inter-Dormitory Social Council CLARK, MARTIN JAMES, Umpasas CLARK, STEPHEN TERRELL, Grand Prairie Mothemotics, ZT.T, Association for Computing Machinery, Underwater Society CLAUD, LEONEE LYNN, Baytown Pharmacy, KE, PX, LPhA, Intramurals, Naval ROTC Sweetheart CLAY, STEVEN HENRY, Dallas Engineenng, B9TT, Varsity Track, YR, ASME CLAY, THOMAS CAROLIN III, Weslaco Psychology, V CLELAND, JANET LYN, Houston Studio Art, Concert Choir, University Choir CLEMONS, LARRY, Fairborn, Ohio Psychology ond Speech, Speech Associofion of America, Speech and Drama Productions CLEWIS, KATHLEEN WATSON, Houston History and Government, A A A, Angel Flight, Orientation Advisor, Upper-Clou Advisor, Campus Chest, Order of UT, House of Delegates CLIFTON, CHARLES WILLIAM, Cleburne Physical Education, IN ' COCKRELL, MARGARET SUZANNE, Goldthwaite Horn Economics, Student Nutrition Organization CODINA, GEORGE EDWARD, McAllen Psychology, A4 !. ' , Newman Club COHEN, GARY JOE, Houston Psychology, TA4 1 COHEN, MIRIAM LEAH, San Antonio Speech Pathology, A F.. IAH. Spooks 562 COHEN, SHARON LYNN, Longview Home Economics, AK P, Texos Union Board of Directors, Orange Jackets, Orientation Procedures Committee, PartSellenic Council, Posse COLE, CECIL FRANK JR., San Antonio Transportation, KK , ANA, longhorn Band COLEMAN, COLUMBUS E. JR., Wharton Electrical Engineering, A I ' A, House of Delegates, YD, IEEE, TSPE COLLINS, HAROLD RAY, Ore City Pharmacy, KV COMBS, SUSAN KAY, Midland Advertising, Al , PAX CONNER, CAROL ALICE, Houston Speech Therapy, AA1I, Orange Jackets, Cordettes, Posse, Sweetheart Nominee, Orientation Advisor, Outstanding Student CONNER, RICHARD MICHAEL, Austin Russian, HI, Longhorn Band CONNER, THOMAS REAVES, Lamesa Marketing, I ' K V 1 ' , Freshman Council Advisor, Round -Up, House of Delegates, James Hogg Society, Sing -Song COOK, CLARKIE LEE, Hereford COOK, KAREN SUE, Albuquerque, N. M. History-Plan 11. AAA, Snooks, MUN, House of Delegates, Upper-Class Advisor, Ashbel Society COOK, PAULA JEAN, Crane Mathematics, Longhorn Singers, Longhorn Band COOK, WILLIAM LYNN, Hereford Finance COOKE, CHARLES THOMAS, Tomball Electrical Engineering, House of Representatives, IEEE, Infra- murals COOKE, JAMES DALE, Bay City Education-History and Government, Varsity Football Manager, T Association, Moore-Hill Hall Counselor ' COOPER, JOHN WALLACE IV, Odessa Civil Engineering, IX, TBII, XK, ASCE COOPER, SANDRA LOUISE, Crosby COPELAND, JEAN ELIZABETH, Texarkana Political Science, XS2, Little Sigmas of Sigma Chi, Middle East Studies Association CORDES, DENNIS EDWARD, Arlington Architecture. I ' A, SAIA COSTAR, BETTE KAY, Llano COTLAR, STEVE WILLIAM, Houston Anthropology, AKI1 Graduating Seniors COWAN, CRISSEDA ANNE, Big Spring Nutrition COWAN, STEPHEN WAYNE, Tomball Botany, Men ' s Glee Club, Arts and Sciences Council COWARD, OLIVER RUDOLPH, Baytown COWEN, NANCY AUGUSTA, Fort Worth Biology, A ' I K, A ' l ' T, Upper-Class Advisor COX, TIMOTHY ARNOLD, San Antonio Business Administration, ANA CRAIG, CHERYL RENEE, Houston English, AT, Longhorn Singers, Jester Student Assistant CRAIG, JENNY C. JONES, Austin English, KKI ' CRAIG, RICHARD FLINN, Austin Government, 1I1A, I ' . H, YR, MUN, Pre-Low Association CRAIG, TERRY SUE, Alvin Elementary Education, TBX, Longhorn Band, Upper-Class Advisor CRAIG, WILLIAM GALLOWAY, Dale Molhemotics, Longhorn Band, NROTC CRAIN, CAROLE LOIS, San Antonio Biology CRANE, JULIANNE, San Bernardino, Calif. Journalism and Advertising, TAX CRATIN, JOHN ROGER III, UMarque Mechanical Engineering CRAVEN, PAUL EUGENE, Houston Electrical Engineering, IEEE CRAWFORD, CONNIE, Galveston Clothing, Textiles, ond Fashion Design, Home Economics Chapter CREAMER, FRANK DANIEL JR., Houston Education, Underwater Society, Spelunkers, Student Onion, Y Tutor CROCKER, BETTY CHARLOTTE, Angleton Elementary Education CROFT, ROCHEUE FAYE, Houston Education, 1AT, KAH, IIAH, Campus Chest, Grievance Committee CROWELL, STEVEN GLEN, Big Spring Electrical Engineering, ' I ' ll!, Tejas Club, Texas Cowboys, Challenge CUBRIEL, SARAH MAMIE, San Diego Clothing Textiles, and Fashion Design 563 Class of 1 970 DAVIS, KATHY, McQueeney Art Education, Art Students Association, National and Texas Art Education Association DAVIS, MARGARET E., San Antonio Elementary Education, KKP, Sisters of the Star and Crescent DAVIS, MARY HELEN, Kingsville Zoology and Pre-Medical, BSU DAVIS, PAUL FRANCIS, San Antonio Pharmacy, K , A S2, Pharmacy Council DAVIS, SHERILYN JEAN, Houston Sociology, r B, Sweetheart Finalist, Goodfellow, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist, Dormitory Resident Assistant, Angel Flight DAWSON, GINGER RAE, Houston Elementary Education, AT, Freshman Encounter, Golden Hearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Challenge DEAN, BENJAMIN JOSEPH III, Breckenridge Sociology, +HS, A 8, Interdisciplinary Retreat, Com- munity Involvement Committee, Dean ' s List DEAN, ROBERT ALLEN, Dallas Advertising, NROTC DEAR, BARBARA JANICE, San Antonio History and Government DEBORD, DEBORAH, Houston Spanish and French, International Club DEFERREIRE, MARY ELIZABETH, Rio Grand City English, YD DELAY, ROY EARLE III, Houston Government, Project Info DELGADO, DAVID M., San Antonio Chemical Engineering, AlChE, YR DENBOW, GEORGE E. JR., Austin DENMAN, MARAJEN ELIZABETH, Dallas Speech Theropy, KAf), SAH, Compus Crusode for Christ, Spooks DENNIS, DIANE MARIE, Richardson Microbiology DENNIS, JOSEPH BIEDENHARN, Sn Antonio Eleclricol Engineering, BOIT, +Hi, TBH, HKN, En- gineenng Fellow DENNIS, NANCY LOUISE, Richardson Clothing, Textile! ond Fashion Design DENNY, MARY NELL, San Antonio DENNY, STEPHEN THOMAS, Crockett Mothtmolics. Physics and German, 4 H CULLENDER, MICHAEL JOE, Canadian Engineering Route to Business, ' i ' KX CUAAMINGS, BETTY MARIE, Bryan Psychology CUMMINGS, MARY JANE, Austin Music Theory, M K, IIKA, AAA CUNNINGHAM, JOHN PHILLIPS, Wichita Falls Marketing, Ill-ill CUNNINGHAM, SUSAN JEAN, San Antonio Spanish, Xi , Mortar Board, Southern Belles CURINGTON, WILLIAM PETER, Gregory DANBURG, GLENDA SHARON, Houston Advertising, A+K, TAX, OS DANIEL, CHARLES DWAYNE, DeKalb Physical Education DANIEL, RAYMONP JEPTHA JR., Houston Personnel Management, X ' t , Society for the Advancement of Management Freshman Encounter, Intramurats DANIEL, RONNIE LEE, Itasca Pre-Medical and Zoology DANIEL, RUTH EDNA, San Antonio Secondary Education DANIEL, WILLIAM HENRY, Brownsville Business Honors Plan, HS, t K4 DAUGHERTY, DELORES ESTES, San Antonio Art History DAVENPORT, TOBEY LEROY, Freeport Business Administration, YR, Real Estate Society DAVIDSON, ROGER LEE, Houston Finance, AKII, American Finance Association, Dean ' s List, Texas Union Board DAVIDSON, RUTH PATRICIA, Houston French and Spanish, AAA, KAI1, II A0, International Club, Strike and Spore, Blanton Advisor, Scope DAVIES, WENDELL LENWOOD, Abilene Account inq. All I, CBA Council, Vice-President of the Senior Class, AROTC DAVIS, DONALD M., Fairfax, Va. Microbiology DAVIS, FRANK FORESTER, Corsicana History and Government, 4 1K, RZA, Texas Union Committee, House of Delegates, Round-Up DAVIS, JOHN DILLARD, San Angelo Pharmacy, 1 ' X, IK4, Student Christian Fellowship, LPhA, Longhorn Flying Club 564 DERBY, ALAN THOMAS, Midland, Mich. Mechanical Engineering, 1K, Student Engineering Council, ASME DERSE, PRISCILLA ANNE, Milwaukee, Wise. Public Relotions, A f , HS f , PRSSA DEVOS, KENNETH BRUCE, Mason Chemistry, AX1, A HJ, House of Delegates DEWBERRY, WILLIAM DAVID, Houston DIAL, PHILIP STEPHE N, Overland Park, Kans. Actuarial Science, +H1, t K , Actuarial Club DIAZ, MARIO JUAN, Austin Mechanical Engineering DICKINSON, LAVERNE LEE, Austin Plan 11 and American Studies, AAA, Texas Union Program Council, Ashbel Society DIETZ, SHARON ANN, Austin Mathematics DILLS, JOHN CECIL JR., Austin Management DIMALINE, ERNEST EDWIN III, Aransas Pass Zoology DIPPEL, DEANNA, Brenham Speech, ATA, KAII, House of Delegates, Texas Union and Students ' Association Committees, TSEA, Communication Council DISMUKES, JUDITH LUCAS, Somers Point, N. J. Elementary Education DLOUHY, DAVID BRYAN, Crosby Government, II 21 A , Texas Union Executive Council, Interna- tional Club, Varsity Debate Squad, International Students Conference, House of Delegates DOANE, LINDA KAYE, Fort Worth Commercial Art, AiA, Texas Union Committee, Commercial Art Sfudents League DODDS, JAMES MARVIN, Corpus Christ! Chemistry DOGGETT, JOHN GRIBBLE, Dallas Industrial Management, YR, Students ' Association Commit- tee, Varsity Carnival DONALDSON, JUDY COLENE, Moody Elementary Education, TSEA, ACE, YD DOOLEY, PATRICIA ELLEN, San Antonio Special Education, AT, KAIT, Little Sigmas of Sigma Chi, Texas Union Committee DORRIES, GLENN HARVEY, Hondo Accounting DOUGHERTY, JAMES GRIFFIS, Marshall Journalism Graduating Seniors M DOUGLAS, CATHERINE ELIZABETH, Corpus Christ! Special Education, ZTA, Acacia Order of Delphi DOUGLAS, VERNA KAY, San Antonio Studio Art DOYAL, WAYNE NOBLE, San Antonio Business Administration, AXA DOYLE, MARY ANN, Columbus, Ohio Home Economics, AiA, Little Sisters of the Laurel DUDERSTADT, SID, Cuero Finance, Z$ F,, Real Estate Society, YR, Dimes Day, Students ' Association Committee DUKE, NANCY KAY, Texarkana Accounting, BA ! ' , Kinsolving Student Assistant DULANEY, ROBERT LARRY, Bonham Aerospace Engineering, 111, 1 H, AIAA DUNCAN, PRENTIS JACK, Palestine Finance, IX, AK , American Finance Association, Fresh- man Encounter, YR, Dormitory Advisor DUNCAN, ROBERT DOUGLAS, Austin Finance, AO DUNCAN, ROSLYN FRANCES, Council Bluffs, Iowa Home Economics, ASA, YR DUNLAP, STEPHEN ALFRED, Houston Music. " I HS, Con cert Choir DUNN, MARY SUSAN, Bellville Elementary Education, AAIT DURHAM, CLIFTON HOWARD JR., Austin Chemistry and Mathematics, 1 H, Freshman Engineering Honors Program, Engineering Fellow, Honor Roll, AlChE, American Chemical Society DURHAM, ROBERT TILMAN, Whitney Public Relations. PRSSA DURRETT, MARY ELLA, Greenville Speech DURST, JOHN WAKEFIELD, Crockett Pharmacy, ATQ, AX, LPhA DVORSKY, ANNA CAMILLE, Angelton Sociology, Upper-Class Advisor, House of Delegates, President ' s Cabinet, Carothers Student Assistant, Inter- collegiate Basketball EADS, BEVERLY ANN, Austin History, A4 , Texas Union Committee, Y Tutor, Education Council, Freshman Council EANES, JOHN PHILIP JR., Cameron Mechonicol Engineering. AIAA, ASME TSPE EASTBURN, JOHN THOMAS, Austin Monogement, Bowling Club, Summer Longhorn Band 565 EATON, JOHN DAVID, Houston History, University Choir ECKERT, JOYCE EILEEN, Fredericksburg German EDGE, GARY DON, Carthage Mathematics EDGERTON, CAROL ANN, San Antonio Sociology, Upper-Closs Advisor EDGIN, ROBERT GERALD, Corsicana Pharmocy, K EDMOND, MICHAEL TOOLE, El Paso Psychology, Tejos, Scobbord Blode Society, Distinguished Military Student, AROTC EDRINGTON, SHIRLEY JEAN, Dallas Advertising, HL ' I ' , I ' AX EDWARDS, WILLIAM ROLAND JR., Dallas Petroleum Engineering, -M ' A, AIME EGENES, LINDA GAIL, Tyler Elementary Education, PAK EGGLETON, NANCY KAY, Houston Government-History, Southern Singers, Turtle Club EICKMANN, ROBERT EUGENE, Austin Government and Radio-TV-Film, A4 fl, Texas Union Commit- tee, Texas Union Leadership Retreat, Challenge, Round-Up ELAM, DENNIS LEE, Andrews Finance, IH1, 4 K f , HI ' !!, Texas Union Committees, Stu- dents Association Committee, Orientation, Challenge ELBEL, SANDRA, Schertz Art Education, _! , ELDRIDGE, DAVID PAUL, Houston Electrical Engineering, AI 1 , Deseret Club, IEEE YR ELICK, JAMES JEROME, Bellville History, BfrMI, Campus Chest, Pre-Law Association ELKINS, ARTHUR STACY, Henderson Architecture, KA ELLIOTT, CAROLE ANN, Dallas Nursing, Texas Union Committees, Newman Club, TNSA, House of Delegates ELLIOTT, ED STANLEY, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering, ASME, ANS, Dormitory Resident Counselor, Inlramurals ELLIOTT, KAREN JO, Matador Journalism, AAA, KTA, Hi J , Orange Jackets, Daily Texan Managing Editor, Spooks, Mortar Board, TTT, Marjorie Darilek Award, Outstanding Student ELLIOTT, MARLOWE BERNARD, Anchorage, Alaska Marketing Class of 1970 ELLIS, CHERYL ELAINE, San Antonio Phormory, KK, PX, -Hi , LPhA ELMENDORF, HEDA ELIZABETH, San Antonio Elementary Education, AT ELROD, SUSAN, Forsan Mathematics EMERY, KENNETH CHARLES, San Antonio Mechomcol Engineering, KK + , +111, Longhorn Band, ASME, Project Info EMMONS, TOMMY GLYNN, Dallas Electrical Engineering. IIKA. IEEE EMSHOFF, GENETTE KAY, Uke Jackson Elementory Education ENGLISH, DAN ALEXANDER III, Beaumont F.nonce, Bull ENGLISH, RICHARD DUNSHIE, Beaumont Plan tl, Pre-tow Association, YR EPHRAIM, JAMES CHARLES II, La Grange Mechomcal Engineering, TRIF, I1TI ASME ERICKSON, ROBERT DALE, Fort Worth Physics, Longhorn Band ERNSTER, TIMOTHY WAYNE, Cuero Finance, l+K ESCAMILLA, DOMINGA, Rio Hondo Spanish and Education ESKRIDGE, CHERYL LEE, Houston Interior Design, A ID ESSIG, CAROLE ELAINE, Galveston Mathematics, Lonqhorn Smgers, Upper-Class Advisor ESTEVE, MARIA ELENA, Dallas French EUTSLER, ROBERT WESTON, Houston Finonce, AK EVANS, CARL DALE, San Antonio Tronsportotion, ANA, Ail! EVANS, GARY LEE, Amarillo Government EVANS, JUDY, Waco Mathematics, Scop EVANS, WARD ALAN, Dallas Psychology 566 EVERETT, BRADY LYNN, Waco Phormacy, LPhA EWALD, SANDRA JEANNE, Karnes City Biology, Lutheran Campus Ministry FAIRLY, MARILYN MATTHEWS, Houston Spanish -Portuguese, Upper- Class Advisor FRAAAER, THOMAS ELLIOTT, Dallas Aerospace Engineering, AIAA FAUGHT, THOMAS NOLAN, Denton Pharmacy, LPhA FEHLIS, EMMITT DONALD, Maxwell General Business, AK FEILD, THOMAS GRADY, Austin Management FEINSILVER, ALAN DAVID, Houston Accounting, Kil FELLE, LINDA JOYCE, Houston Elementary Education FELLE, ROBERT EUGENE, Houston Business Administration, NROTC FENNER, JOHN CLARE, Austin Sociology FENNER, SUSAN GAIL, Austin Elementary Education FERGUSON, HUGH ROGERS JR., Nome Accounting FERGUSON, KENNETH WAYNE, Houston Mathematics, !. " ) " l , A MJ, YD, Block Students Alliance FERGUSON, MARTHA CAROL, Cisco English, AAA, 112 FERNANDEZ, RODOLFO, U Feria Accounting FIBICH, KENNETH THOMAS, San Antonio Finonce, IX FINK, CARLA KATHRYN, Groves Accounting, Southern Singers FINN, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH, Dallas Finance, Society for Individual Liberty, American Civil Liberties Union FISCHER, CLIFTON KENT, San Antonio Sociology Graduating Seniors FISCHER, JON ALLAN, New Braunfels Microbiology, ' I H1, 1 ' A FISCHER, KARYN ELYSE, San Antonio Social Welfare Studies FISHER, KATHLEEN MARIE, Houston FISHER, SUE CATHERINE, Houston FITE, LINDA DIANE, San Antonio Mathematics FITZGERALD, FRANK RANDOLPH, Austin Psychology FLEMING, JEAN MARIE, Nederland English, AAA FLETCHER, JOHN THOMAS, Bridgeport Zoology, Acocia, ' I ' Mil, AHA, HJK, Orientation Advisor, Student-Faculty Committee, Undergraduate Research Com. mittee, UTSAM FLORES, FIDEL, Laredo Government, Latin American Studies Program FLORES, MARY LUPE, Corpus Christi Mathematics, KAII, MAH FLOWERS, PATRICIA CECILE, San Antonio French, AIESEC FLYNN, LINDA CAROLE, Dallas English. AAA FOLEY, EILEEN THERESE, Houston Clothing, Textiles and Fashion Design, Campus Chest, Upper- Class Advisor, Fashion Group FOLKS, THOMAS MURILL, Dallas Microbiology, Flying Club, Intro murals FOLLIN, DARTHI NEAL, Fort Worth Elementary Education FONTAINE, CATHERINE C, Gaithersburg, Md. Journalism, Ashbel Literary Society, Campus Survey Com- mittee, Curtain Theater FORBES, MARY FLORENCE, Houston English, niA, Wesley Foundation, TNEA, Orange Jack- ets, English Honors Program FORTASSAIN, DENNIS GEORGE San Antonio Sociology, Speleological Society, Community Involvement FORTASSAIN, LINDA KATHRYN, Houston Psychology and English FOSTER, MARGIE RUTH, Dallas English, American Institute of Interior Design 567 rOX, MARY MARGARET, Kingsville Economics, Longhorn Bond, Concert Choir FRANCIS, WILLIAM RALEIGH JR., Fort Worth Mothemotics ond Psychology, KA, AEA, +X, Texas Cowboys, Varsity Baseball, IFC, President ' s Council, Orientation Advisor FRANK, CAROL LEE, Austin Home Economics, A I K, ON, RA6 FRANKA, JOHN GUS, San Antonio Chemistry, AX! FRANKE, RICHARD EARL, Bellaire Accounting FRASER, JAMES RAY, Marshall Mathematics, AROTC FREDERIKSEN, CHARLES CHRISTIAN, Dallas Finance, l t K, House of Delegates, Freshman Council Advisor, ' Texas Union Entertainment Committee FREDERIKSEN, MARY SUZANNE, Dallas Elementary Education, AZ, Golden Hearts FREED, SHERYL HELENE, Galveston Secondary Education, A ' frE, Royal Spirit Upper-Class Advisor, TSEA FREELAND, THOMAS FRANK, San Antonio Plan II FREEMAN, BARBARA GAYE, Lufkin Mathematics FREEMAN, WILLIAM FREDERICK, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, AXS, AlChE, SAME Ride Team FRENTRUP, JOANNA ELISE, Austin Elementary Education FRISHMAN, DAVID, Dallas Zoology ond Psychology, A 1Q, Hillel, Round-Up, Intromurols, Election Commission FRNKA, EDWARD RICHARD II, San Antonio Finonce, 1AK, I HX, Freshman and Varsity Track FROEHLICH, TRAVIS DEAN, Weimar Advertising, KT, Ail, Round-Up, IFC, President ' s Council FROST, DONNA WIER, Austin English, A4 , AAA. Order of the Blue Irii FUGITT, DARLENE KAREN GILL, siisbee English, r t B, Freshman Council FULLER, FRANCES MAY, Dallas Biology, .if. Orange Jackets, Angel Flight, Campus Crusade for Christ, Orientation Advisor FUQUA, MARIE ELIZABETH, Navasota Office Administration Class of 1970 GABRIEL, DEBORAH, Tyler Government, YD, Sisters of the Mystic Eye GALE, AMELIA JANE, Houston Elementary Education, AAA, i K4 , Honor Roll GALLOWAY, CARMEN JANINE, San Antonio Office Administration, ITfiIl GALLOWAY, FRANCIS ORMAN JR., Dallas History, Crow ' s Nest, Semper Fidel is, Scabbard Blade, Round-Up, ROTC GALLOWAY, MARY JANE, Austin Education GAMEZ, ERNESTO RAMON JR., Corpus Christ! Mathematics GAMMAGE, PATRICK ODELL, Wichita Falls Aerospace Engineering, AIAA ' GARCIA, CLARA GARIBAY, San Antonio Office Administration GARCIA, ROSA CATARINA, Corpus Christ! Pharmacy, KK, LPhA GARRETSON, JUDITH ANN, Dallas Special Education, .iT, Challenge, Round-Up, Crescents of Lambda Chi Alpha GARRIGAN, DANIEL PATRICK, Austin Accounting GARTNER, BRENDA IRENE, Dallas Sociology GARZA, D AVID ALBERT, Edinburg Pharmacy, frKO, | X, A4 Q GATHERS, WAYNE EDWIN JR., West Hollywood, Fla. Engineering Route to Business Administration, A KJ, AROTC, DMS, Scabbard Blade, T Association, Senior Intramural Manager, Faculty-Student Committee, Interdisciplinary Retreat GAUTREAU, MARY JOYCE, Austin Mathematics, AOII GEE, ROGENE, Houston Government and Public Relations, Spook J, Student- Fac- ulty Committee, Speakers Tour Committee GEIGER, NANCY REBECCA, Dallas Home Economics, AAII, 1 K t ,, ON, Dean ' s List GENTRY, CECIL ADRIAN, Henderson Physical Education and History, PEM Club, Intramural Manager, T Association GENTRY, PHILLIPS BROOKS III, Amarillo Finonce, American Finance Association GEORGACAKIS, KATHERINE W., San Antonio Elementary Education 568 GEORGE, RICHARD LEE, Houston Finance, AK , House of Delegates, Y Tutor, MUM, Chal- lenge GEWERTZ, MARTIN ANSON, Dallas Zoology, ZBT, AS, Karate Club, House of Delegotes GIDDENS, ALBERT LEE, Amarillo Political Science, IIEA GILES, GARY THOMAS, George West Advertising, S iE, AA1, Student-Faculty Committee, Campus Chest Committee, Pre-Law Association GILL, RAYMOND ALEXANDER, Irving Architecture GILLASPY, RONALD THOMAS, Austin Economics GINSBURG, STANLEY, Waco Electrical Engineering GIPS, JERRY ROBERT, Houston Geology, Acacia, HS, STE GIROUARD, MARGARET ELIZABETH Freeport Malhematics GJEDDE, HELEN ANN, La Porte English and History GLADSTONE, KAREN LYNN, Dallas Elementary Education, A IK GLAZE, WALTER HANSFORD, El Campo Finonce GODFREY, GERALDINE JANE, Austin Anthropology, AZA, Concert Choir, Coctus Section Editor, Round-Up GOEHRING, AMELIA LYNN, Henderson Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter, AHEA, Fashion Group GOLDBERG, CAROLE JOY, Miami, Fla. Education, Hi II el Foundation GOLDMAN, WILL GARY, Corsicana Advertising, AEH, A AS, Communication Assemblyman, Communications Council, Round-Up GOMEZ, FABIAN SEBASTIAN III, Big Spring Government GOMEZ, XAVIER CESAR, Dallas Government, Circle K, CBA Council GONZALES, JOHN, Beeville Finance GONZALES, JOSEPH PATRICK, San Antonio Zoology, Scabbard Blade, Praetorian Guard, YD, Newman Club Graduating Seniors GONZALES, MARCELINO, Corpus Christi Pharmacy, J AX GONZALES, ROBERT LEE, Lampasas Personnel Management GONZALEZ, CARLOS FRANCISCO, Brownsville Government GOODLOE, JOHN TUNSTALL, El Paso Psychology, Vorsity Rifle Team, Scabbard Biade GORDON, JERRY JOHN, Baytown Business, Acacia GORDON, LINDA SALLEE, Henderson Marketing, Freshman Orientation GORENA, DINA ANID, Edinburg Psychology GOTTLIEB, SUSAN EDIS, Dallas Radio-Television-Film, A E, AF.P, Spooks GOURLEY, JACK JR., Dallas Petroleum Land Management, ATA, DMS, Association GRAB, NADINE KAY, Arlington French, A PA, Christian Science Organization GRAHAM, JEFFREY WAYNE, Midland Mathematics, Amateur Radio Society GRAHAM, LINDA DALE, Corpus Christi Psychology Contessa West Dormitory Assistant GRAHAM, NANCY, Austin French, AAA GRANNIS, PHYLLIS P., Dallas Studio Art, Campus Survey Committee, Advertising Art Club GRANT, NANCY JEANNE, Houston English, AZ, Posse, Union Dance Committee GRANT, PAULINE BRUCE, Bryan English, DB I , KATT, Ashbel Society GRANTHAM, JOSEPH KELLEY, Miami Business Administration, BSD, Austin State Hospital Vo!- GRAVES, BONNIE BLUE, Corpus Christi Spanish, AAA, AAA, Mortar Board, Kinsolving Advisor GRAVES, GAYLE FRANCES, Uvalde Textiles, Clothing ond Fashion Design, ZTA GRAVES, JERRY FRANKLIN, Marshall Management Engineering, AKA, 1 H2 569 GRAY, EDWARD BARRY, Newton Chemistry, AXZ GRAY, KAREN JO, Los Alamos, N. M. Russian. Cinema 40, Curtain Club, International Club GRAY, ROBERT ALEXANDER JR., Houston Radio- Television- Film, Long horn Handball Association GREEN, BARRY RUSSELL, Fort Worth Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, Crow ' s Nest, NROTC, Buccaneer Drill Team, House of Delegates, Men ' s Cooperative Council GREEN, DAVID EARL, Henderson Electrical Engineering, IEEE GREEN, MARTHA ELAINE, Lampasas Business Education, HUH GREEN, WILLIAM RAY, Palestine Government, 1 KT GRENADIER, LORNA LEE, Dallas Plon II, AAA, Ideas and Issues Committee, Y Tutor Hillel GRIBBLE, KRUSE, Houston Finance GRIDER, BRUCE WILLIAM, Quitman Education, English and Speech GRIEVES, DAVID HENDERSON, Eagle Lake Architecture! Engineering, X f , AAAE GRIFFIN, KENNETH EDWARD, McGregor Aerospace Engineering, XI ' T, Tllll, Student Engineering Council, AIAA, Longhorn Bond GRIFFIN, LARRY WAYLAND, Umesa Pharmacy. KiX, IPhA GRIFFIN, EDGAR DENNIS, Houston Chemical Engineering, S. ' .XK. +AT, TBII, +HS, longhorn Band, Student Engineering Council GRIFFITH, GARY ERNEST, Dallas Government, ltK, Silver Spurs, TTT, House of Delegotej, Speakers ' Tour Committee GRIFFITH, THOMAS DAVID, Houston Chemical Engineering. " HIS, AT, S. ' XK, TON, AlChE, Longhorn Band, Student Engineering Council GRIGGS, ERIC RANDALL, Sweetwater Mothemotics, Speleological Society GRIMES, PATRICIA ANN, Sen Saba Interior Design GRIMSTAD, TY-RANN CARELLA, Honolulu, Hawaii Government. Navy Sweetheart GRING, LARRY MARTIN, San Antonio Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Student Engineering Council Class of 1970 GROB, CHARLES EARL, Houston Mechanical Engineering, BHll, Texas Union Committees GROTEVANT, HAROLD DENNIS, Dallas Psychology, -Mil, M!K, Newman Club, Longhorn Band, German House GROVE, JAMES FREDERICK IV, Austin Aerospace Engineering, AIAA GRUNER, KATHERINE SUSAN, Houston Mathematics, AT, ' I ' HK, AAA, Electrical Engineering Sweet- heart, Round -Up, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Little Sister of the Sands, Kmsolvmg Advisor, Posse, Phi Beta Kinsolving, Freshman Council Advisor, Association of Computing Machinery GRUSY, MELODY ANN, Austin Secondary Education, M, IIS.M1 GUAQUETA, CAMILO H., Bogota, Columbia Chemical Engineering GUERRA, OSCAR MENDIOLA, San Antonio Pharmacy GUESS, CURTIS NEAL, Temple History, Arnold Air Society, AFROTC GUETTLER, DONNA MARIE, Gregory Mathematics, Association of Computing Machinery GUINN, GEOFFREY KYLE, Fort Worth Accounting, IN GULEKE, JAMES O. II, Amarillo Government, ATA, -I ' ll!. OAK. Silver Spurs, Order of Alcalde, Outstanding Student, Longhorn Flying Club, Student- Faculty Committee on Orientation, Royal Order of UT, Presidents ' Club, Arno Nowotny Award GUSHIKEN, LUCIA YURIKO, Lima, Peru GUTIERREZ, FRANCISCO III, Hebbronville Aerospoce Engineering. AIAA GUYETTE, COURTNEY, Galveston History. AX12. Campus Survey Committee, YR HAAS, THOMAS PAUL, McQueeney Accounting, A1II HACKARD, JAMES CLIFFORD, Austin Mathematics and Actuarial Science, AROTC, SAME, Praetorian Guard, Actuarial Club HAGLER, ERWIN HARRISON, Fort Worth Architecture, 11 HAIK, CAROLYN MARY, Austin Secondary Edu ' ation, Tit 11, Longhorn Bond HAIKEN, HARRY RICHARD, Houston Accounting, 7BT, Intromurals HALLMARK, ROBERT EDWIN, Dallas Business Honors Program, A K , House of Delegates 570 HALTON, BONNIE LOY, Austin Spanish, AAA, 1AM, Southern Singers HAMILTON, LYNNWOOD HARRISON, Earth Government and Pre-Law, TKK, House of Delegates, MUN HAMMACK, LINDE SUSAN, San Antonio HAMMONS, HENRY EVANS II, Fort Worth Polirical Science, Si ' M ' , IFC, Afro Americans for Black Liberation, YD HAMRIC, SHARON KAY, Lampasas Interior Design, AAII, ITA, Home Economics Chopter, AID, Italian Club HANCOCK, THOMAS WYATT, Austin Physical Education, Intromurols, PEM Club, TAHPER, AAHPER HAND, JAMES LEWIS, San Antonio History HANEY, STEPHAN JAY, Midland Chemical Engineering, +HS, AXl, Posse, AlChE HANKS, LUCINDA BOYLEN, Palestine Journalism, XS , Hl ( , TAX, AAA, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Outstanding Student, Challenge, TTT, Mortar Board HANNA, STEPHEN ELLIOTT, Breckenridge Public Relations, 1AE HANNIGAN, HENRY JAY, Peru, III. Industrial Management, AECP, AFIT HANSON, CARLTON HENRY, San Antonio HARDEMAN, JAMES ANTHONY, Hartford, Conn. Anthropology HARDY, SILVAN LEON JR., San Antonio Physical Educat.on, PEM Club, AAHPER, TAHPER, Longhorn Handball Association HARKIN5, STEPHEN GREGORY, Sanderson English HARKINS, WILLIAM TRAVIS, Sanderson Physical Education and Biology, PEM Club HARLOW, DEBORAH JEANNETTE, Richardson Elemental Education, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Upper- Class Advisor, Valhalla Co-Op , Mortar Board HARMON, PATRICIA, Dallas HARPER, BARBARA MARTHA, Pelham, N. Y. Spanish, YR HARRELL, DAVID JOE, Denton Mechanical Engineering, ASME Graduating Seniors HARRIMAN, MICHELLE, Amarillo French HARRIS, DIANA JEAN, Brenham Business Education, IIS.MI HARRIS, LAURA WILLIAMS, Dallas Philosophy, AAA. Southern Singers, Upper-Closs Advisor HARRIS, WILLIAM FRANCIS JR., Austin Accounting, Karate Club, YR HARRISON, GLENN HOWARD, Lampasas Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Association for Com- puting Machinery HARRISON, JAMES PARRISH IV, Crane Mothematics HARRISON, PAT I., Holloman AFB, N. M. Mothemotics HART, MACY BERNARD, Winona, Miss. Government HARTMANN, PAUL ROBERT, Fredericksburg Electrical Engineering, H1, IIKX, TKII, IEEE HARTONG, ROBERT EUGENE JR., San Antonio Marketing, Alll HARVEY, MICHAEL PAUL, Hereford Advertising, IIKA, AA1. Student Assembly, Texas Union Committee, Campus Chest, Round-Up HASSLOCHER, SUSAN LYNN, San Antonio Monogement, A l , Assemblywomon-At-Large, Texas Student Publications Board of Directors, University Council, CBA Council, Orange Jackets, Outstanding Student HATCHER, WILLIAM EMMERT III, San Antonio Mathematics, KK I ' , Longhorn Band HAWTHORNE, JUDY KAY, Lubbock Home Economics, I ' AK, Home Economics Chapter HAYES, GAIL ELIZABETH, Tyler Elementary Education, Association of Childhood Education HAYES, WILLIAM HAROLD, De Soto Accounting HAYES, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Corpus Christ! International Studies HAYMES, PAMELA JEANNE, Houston Government, A.XSJ, Texas Union Committee, Freshman Council, Upper-Class Advisor HAYNES, BEVERLY BER.NICE, Da History. I ' AK, SKUNKS HEAD, THOMAS E., Lubbock Engineering Route to Business, NROTC, Scabbard Blade, House of Delegates 571 HEARTFIELD, BARBARA ANN, Gilmer Marketing, Fashion Group HEATH, RALPH MERLIN II, Killeen Personnel Management HEINTZ, NICHOLAS WAYNE, North Little Rock, Ark. Mechanical Engineering, IX, ASME, TSPE, Freshman and Varsity Baseball HEJL, JEAN RAY, Austin History and English. IIAH HELBERT, DENNIS WAYNE, Hale Center Phormacy, IAX, Longhorn Band, Pharmacy Council, College of Pharmacy Drug Abuse Program HELLSTEN, KAAREN AGATHA, San Antonio Psychology, 1 ' AK, Community Involvement Committee HELWICK, KATHERINE LEE, Dallas Mathematics and English, A A A, University Y, Phi Beta Kinsolving HEMPHILL, LINDA SUE, Markham Petroleum Engineering, MET, AIME, Intromurols, Society of Women Engineers HENCKEL, EDWARD ARTHUR JR., San Antonio Morketing HENDRICKS, NOELLE M., Brooklyn, N. Y. Elementary Education, Aquinas Club, Recipient Will Rogers Scholarship HENKE, JEFFREY WILLIAM, Fredericksburg Economics, Brackenridge Counselor, AROTC, Scabbard Blade HENNEKE, LAWRENCE EDWARD JR., Cuero History, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society HENRY, ALBERT CARL, Dallas Zoology, I 1K HENRY, BILLY JACK, Sherman Industrial Management HENRY, JAMES DAVID, Nocona Geology, X4 HENSLEE, ELIZABETH ANN, Brownsville Elementary Education, AAA HENSLEY, GAYLE LYNETTE, Cuero History and English HER1NG, PHILLIP LLOYD, McGregor History and Government, Pre-Low Association HERMAN, JAMES JAY, Fort Worth Pharmacy, SAM, AX, HS, Senror Class President, LPhA, Intramurals HERNANDEZ, MARIA CAROLINA, Corpus Christ! Mathematics Class of 1970 HERR, BONITA BOWER, Dallas Phormocy, J ' K4, KK, I ' X, LPhA, Inter-Cooperative Council HERRERA, PETE V. JR., San Antonio Mathematics HERRERA, ROSARIO MARIE, San Antonio Elementary Education HER.VEY, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Dallas Government, Campus Survey Committee, CIC HILL, GORDON LEE III, Dallas Pharmacy HILL, PATRICK GEORGE, Milford, Ohio Aerospace Engineering, A l HILLEGEIST, NORMAN EDWARD II, Houston Pre-Medical, IIKA HILLIARD, GARRY GEORGE, Port Henry, N. Y. Psychology. IN, A M2. Debate Squod, YD, Newman Club HILTON, NORA FAYE, Lockhart Mathematics HINZE, JIMMIE WAYNE, Carmine Architectural Engineering, XK, I1III1, AAAE HOCH, TERRI LYNN, Houston History and Biology, Upper-Closs Advisor, Student Christian Fellowship HODGES, DANIEL RAMSEY, Austin Business Statistics HOELSCHER, PATRICIA ANNE, Alice Mathematics, Association of Computing Machinery HOFF, MERLE ANNE, Cotulla Eementary Education, ATA HOFFMAN, DAVID EDWIN, Lansdale, Pa. Accounting, RA HOFFMAN, FRANK ADAIR, Ennis Personnel Monogement. AK . YD HOFFMAN, LILL1E JANE, Ennis Education, P ' l ' B, A, A, KAH, Freshman Council HOG6NSON, CAROL ANN, Tyler Zoology, AKA. Upper. Class Advisor, Scottish Scholars HOGUE, JAMES RUSSELL, San Antonio Mathematics HOHERD, THOMAS LEONARD, Temple Accounting 572 HOLBERT, BETSY, Longview Elementary Education HOLCOMB, DAVID RANDELL, Mt. Pleasant Chemical Engineering, AXE, AlChE HOLDER, SANDRA LEE, Jasper Business Administration HOLDER, SUZANNE LOUISE, Memphis, Tenn. Education, Upper-Class Advisor, Y Tutor HOLEMAN, MICHAEL WESLEY, Austin Architecture HOLLE, SUE ANN, Bellaire Elementary Education, A l t ' , Spooks, Education Council HOLLENBECK, ROBERT ALLEN, Richardson HOLLEY, BETTY JEANETTE, Taft Government and History, NROTC Sweetheart, Freshman Council Advisor, Challenge, Texas Union and Students ' Association Committee, President ' s Advisory Committee HOLLON, SUSAN JEAN, Toledo, Ohio English HOLM, MARY LYNNE, Houston History and Government, A4, Orange Jackets, Orienta- tion Advisor, Kinsolving Advisor, Texas Union Leadership Board, Goodfellow HOLMES, BRUCE WHITNEY, El Paso History, YD, House of Delegates HOLMES, CHARLOTTE LYNN, Dallas Education, English and History HOLMES, MICHAEL LLOYD, Pittsburg Chemical Engineering, AX HOLSTEIN, LINDA P., Austin Education, Longhorn Singers HOLT, MARY HELEN, Austin Office Administration, ZTA, Acacia Order of Delphi, Ashbel Society HOMSHER, NANCY JEANNE, San Antonio English HODD, VICKI LYNNE, Tyler History and Government HOPE, BRIAN LANNES, Bryan History, AROTC, Longhorn Bond, MUM, Asian Club, International Studies Pr ogram, Intramurals HOPPENSTEIN, MARSHA, Waco Special Education, A J K HORN, ELLEN ESTES, Montgomery, Ala. Special Education, KAJ7, +K , TIA8, Student Council for Exceptional Children Graduating Seniors HORSAK, CLIFFORD HAROLD, Waco Architecture, Sphinx HOUSSIERE, CHARLES RENE III, Jennings, La. Physics HOWARD, MARTHA ANNE, Moody Home Economics, AX , ON, l K t HOWARD, THOMAS WALLACE, Nocona Government, Ai ! , Representative Party HOWELL, CHARLES LEE JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, X, ASME, TSPE, Round-Up, En- gineering Power Show Committee HOWELL, LINDA SUNDBERG, Austin Fine Arts, Engineering Wives Club, Little Sigmas HOWERTON, CAROLYN ALICE, San Antonio Mathematics, AAA HOYLER, SUZANNE SHELTON, Harlingen Clothing, Textiles and Fashion Design, Fashion Group HRUSKA, MARY WILLENE, Waco Journalism, TAX HUBBARD, BENNIE LEE, Weimar Personnel Management HUBBARD, JUANITA, Dallas Government, A Coppello Choir HUDDLESTpN, CAROLYN ANN, Ballinger Phormocy, KK, Longhorn Flying Club, LPhA, Dean ' s Honor Roll HUDGINS, MICHAEL JUDD, Austin Zool ogy, Project Info, SMC HUEBEL, ANNA KATHERINE, Lake Jackson English and Government HUGHSTON, THOMAS EDWARD, Brownsville Anthropology, Underwater Society HUHNDORFF, MARY SUSAN, Houston Mathematics, AXS2, Blanton Advisor, Campus Survey Committee, SCOPE HULL, STEPHEN MICHAEL, Wichita Falls Finance, BftJI, American Finance Association, CBA Council HULSEY, WILEY EUGENE, Odessa Elementary Education HULTMAN, STANLEY STEPHEN, Corpus Christ! Government, AD ! , Cactus Photographer HUMBLE, MARK MAEDGEN, Cameron English 573 f r f ' ff MUMBLE, WILLIAM HENRY JR., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME HUMPHREY, NANCY PATRICIA, Austin . Education, A ,, Little Sisters of the Seven Stars HUNTER, JOHN LYNN, San Angelo Electrical Engineering, IEEE HUNTER, WILLIAM RAND, San Antonio Business, AKK, AK+ HUNZICKER, MARTHA DEANE, Houston Mathematics HURLEY, MARY ANN, Houston Elementary Education HUTCHESON, CYNTHIA HIGGINS, Houston Home Economics, r MJ, O , Little Sisters of the Crescent HUTCHESON, REX JACKSON, Fort Worth Government HUTTO, PATRICIA KAY, San Antonio Pharmacy, KE, I X, AAA, LPhA, Pearce Coordinator, Coordinator ' s Council HYDE, WALTER EARL, Woodville Electrical Engineering, IEEE INGRAM, BEVERLY ANN, Atlanta French and Mathematirs, I ' BK, Orange Jackets, Freshman Encounter Advisor, BSD, Kinsolving Advisor, Goodfellow INGRAM, GREGORY WAYNE, Fort Worth Zoology, ATA INGRAM, JOEL WESLEY JR., Killeen Botany, AKA, Underwater Society INNIS, JANE, Houston Russian, AAA, Slavic Club, Strike and Spare, Upper-Class Advisor IRVIN, ALTON LARRY, Abilene Zoology IRWIN, JAMES W. JR., Tatum Pharmacy, IAX ISAACKS, DONNA LYNN, Houston Mathematics and History, AiA, AAA, Students ' Associa- tion Committees, Blanton Advisor ISBELL, DAVID KENT, Dallas Civil Engineering. A+U, ASCE, TSPE ISENSEE, HARRY WILLIAM, Houston Economics, AK+ JACKSON, JENNIFER, Austin Education, AAH Class of 1970 JACKSON, MARK LAYNE, Beeville Marketing JACKSON, ROBERT WAYNE, Huntsville Government, TKK JACKSON, RUTH ELAINE, Temple Government JAECKS, JAMES GARLAND, Manor JAMES, JOSEPH DEW, Richardson Zoology, ATA, AROTC JAMES, RAY WARREN, Junction Aerospoce Engineering, Tit II , ill ' T, A1AA JAMES, ROBERT LEWIS, Albuquerque, N. M. Mathematics, AFROTC, Men ' s Glee Club, Dean ' s List JAMES, SHIRLEY ELIZABETH, Houston Chemistry and Mathematics JAMESON, AMBER ASHLEY, El Paso Biological Science, A All JAMESON, WILLIAM MONTELL, El Paso Physical Education, Kl JANDA, DELORES ANN, Austin English, Newman Club JANSSEN, JOCELYN JANE, La Grange Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter JANUARY, ROBERT LEE, Wichita Falls Philosophy, Internolional Club, Philosophy Club JARNAGIN, WALLACE GLENN, Houston Marketing, M ' A JASPER, JAMES HENRY, Cleveland Finance, A1TT, American Finance Association, Real Estate Society, CBA Council JASTER, BRUCE W., U Grange Radio-Television- Film and Journalism, Long horn Singers, CEC, Lutheran Cob-net, Longhom Singers, Arno Klo- wotny Award JAY, ANN RICHEY, Hamlin Special Education JENNINGS, LINDA JEAN, Kaufman Pharmacy, KE. LPhA JENNINGS, MARY ELIZABETH, San Antonio Psychology JEZ, MILTON EDWARD, Temple Accounting 574 JOE, BOB, Amarillo Microbiology JOHANSON, JEANNE, Houston Education, AT, Ponhellenic, Upper-Class Advisor, Texas Union Committee, Freshman Council JOHNS, DELBERT ALAN, Graham Psychology, MI1, AEA JOHNS, GAIL, Odessa Government and History, AAA, IIZA, Speakers ' Committee, Challenge JOHNSON, DIANNE JEAN, Odessa Marketing, Sisters of the Mystic Eye JOHNSON, JAMES DALE, Corpus Christ! Accounting, BA + JOHNSON, JAMES LAMAR, Tyler Finance, AM ' , Actuarial Club JOHNSON, JANET LOUISE, Irving Sociology, Community Involvement Committee, Social Work Club JOHNSON, JIMMY RAY, Austin Physical Education. PEM Club JOHNSON, LOURIE WARNER, Brownwood Pharmacy, I ' AX JOHNSON. MARTHA SAWYER, Llano Pharmacy, KK, LPhA JOHNSON, RANDALL BAINE, Garland Statistics JOHNSON, RUTH MARGARET, Austin History and English, University Chorus JOHNSON, STEPHEN HOWARD, Austin Education-History and Government JOHNSON, VIRGINIA ANN, Houston Home Economics, Wakonda Cooperative JOHNSON, WILLIAM B. JR., Shippensburg, Pa. Business Administration, AT JOHNSTON, JOHN SIDNEY, Buda Mechanical Engineering, ASME, S.M.S. JONES, ANN ELEECE, Austin Education, Posse JONES, BOBBY JO, Muleshoe Pharmacy, KE, LPhA JONES, CLYDE MICK, Wharton Industrie! Monagemenl, KA Graduating Seniors JONES, DONNA EILEEN COOK, Austin JONES, FLORENCE ELIZABETH, Tyler Mathematics JONES, JAMES LESTER, Houston Mathematics JONES, JAN, Ballinger Elementary Education JONES, JANET, Fort Worth Pharmacy, T ' l ' B, KE JONES, JUDITH ELLEN, Gladewater Accounting, YR JONES, KAREN LEPPIN, Round Rock Mathematics, 1TAO JONES, LARRY GLENN, Paris Accounting, Kl, HA JONES, MICHAEL JOSEPH, San Antonio History. YR JONES, PEGGY S., Houston Mathematics, AAA, KAII JONES, RALPH COLE, Dallas English. SAIC JONES, SAMUEL TODD HARRIES, Corpus Christ! Advertising, AAI, Pre-Law Association JOPLIN, ROXA PENLAND, McKinney Speech Therapy and Audiology JORDAN, GLORIA JEAN, Galveston Government ond History JORDAN, JENNIFER KAROLYN, San Antonio Government and International Studies, Freshman Council Advisor, Speakers ' Committee, International Club, YR, Little Sisters of the Skull JOSEPH, JOHN RAYMOND JR., San Antonio Transportation, ANA, MUN, Texas Union Travel Board, CEC, Doily Texan, Challenge JOSEY, WILLIAM ERNEST, Austin Radio-Televisio-i-Film, AEP JUSTICE, WILLIAM GARY, Baytown Economics KAASE, KAREN MARIE, Houston Clothing, Textiles and Fashion Design, AXfl, Home Ec- onomics Chapter KAINE, MARY ETHEL, San Antonio Mothematics, KA8, Ponhellenic, President ' s Council 575 KAINEN, ANN SHARON, Corpus Christ! Education KANTER, DAVID, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AZ, IEEE, TSPE KARLIK, IRENE MARIE, West Journalism, I ntra murals KAROTKIN, JOHN DAVID, San Antonio Government, ZBT KASPAR, DANIEL FULTON, Ganado Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Varsity Track, Newman Club KASPAREK, CANDACE ANN, Austin Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter, Student Christian Fellowship KATTNER, ERIC BENJAMIN, Fort Worth Finance KEATHLEY, FRANK M. JR., Dallas Personnel Management, ill KEATON, LEE BLACK, Temple Zoology KECKLEY, WILLIAM ARTHUR, Houston General Business, 14K KEIR, BARBARA LYNN, Sacramento, Calif. Home Economics: KELLER, MARY KATHERINE, Stamford, Conn. History KELLER, MARY TOM, Monroe, La. Interior Deiign, ZTA, AAA, ON, Orange Jackets, Posse, SCOPE, AID, UT Sweetheart Nominee, Texas Union Leader- ship Board, Upper-Class Advisor, Challenge, Blanfon Advisor, Mortar Board, Outstanding Student, Dads ' Day Outstanding Student KELLOND, ARTHUR WILLIAM JR., Saratoga, Calif. General Business KELLY, DIANE Y., El Paso Education KELLY, ROBERT LEE, Houston Government, AKE KELLY, WILLIAM F. JR., Dallas Finance, AJI, Insurance Society, American Finance Association KENDALL, KAREN ANN, Houston Government and Secondary Education KENNEDY, DAN HARDING, Hempstead Civil Engineering, XE, ASCE KENNEDY, DOUGLAS LEE, White Oak Government, Longhorn Bond Class of 1970 KENT, RAY WALTER, Tyler Finance, AK+ KERPCHAR, NIKOLAI, Mayfield, Pa. Personnel Monogement, AIH, Goodfellow, CBA Outstanding Student, CBA Council, Senior Cabinet, Texas Union Com- mittee, Parking and Traffic Review Panel KEYS, KAY ELAINE, Wall English ond History, +AO, KAII, AT " A, AX, SEA, YD KIDD, BARBARA BEYER, Houston Generol Business, AAT1 KIDD, SUSAN KAY, Tyler Secondary Education, Upper-Class Advisor KILPATRICK, WADE ARNOLD, Houston Zoology, K KINCHELOE, ALICE SUSAN, Dallas Sociology, X ' J, Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross KING, ELIA V., Lima, Peru Civil Engineering, ASCE, NSPE KING, FRANK DAVID, Luling Personnel Management, A KM ' , Petroleum Landmon ' j Asso- ciation, Longhorn Band Section Leader KING, JERRELL L., Corpus Christ! Pharmacy, Pharmacy Council, Student Assembly KING, MARTHA KAY, Alice Economics, YR KING, RICHARD LEE, Victoria Mechanical Engineering, ASME KING, SUZY, Dallas Secondary Education, PAK, Intramural Manager, Jester Stu- dent Government KIRK, PHYLLIS ANN, Grand Prairie Art Educotion. X KIVLIN, VICKI ANN, Austin Office Administration, A ,, AAA KIZER, JOEL BUFFINGTON IV, Fort Worth Mothemot.cs, H, A+!i. AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Texas Union Committee KLASING, JOHN CHRISTOPH, New Lenox, III. Mechanical Engineering, 11, IIT1, 4 H1, Engineering Fellow. ASME KLAVENESS, MICHAEL A., Houston Chemical Engineering, AXA, ' Mil, QXE, AlChE, Orien- KNUDSON, JOHN BENJAMIN, Hamilton Pharmacy KOCH, COLIN LEE, Austin Personnel Management, BSU, YR 576 KOENIG, KARL E., San Antonio Chemistry, A ' I ' Si, Underwater Society, American Chemical Society KOHN, FRANK EDWARD, Dallas H. story, AKII KOKESH, PATRICIA ANN, Houston Education, ACE KOLLATSCHNY, KAREN LYNN, Schertz Sociology, Community Involvement Committee KORP, SUSAN ALISON, San Antonio Microbiology, A ! ' , AAA, AKJl, Freshman Council Advisor, Upper-Class Advisor KOTCHER, LESLIE SUSAN, Manhassef, N. Y. French, Texas Union Committee, International Relations, French-Italian Department Play, Hillel KOUTERICK, RAEANN MAE, Waverly, N. Y. Health and Physical Education, PEM Club KOVARIK, ROSE AGNES, Wichita Falls Zoology KOWALSKI, MARY VIRGINIA, San Antonio Mathematics, Texas Union Committee KRAFT, SHARON MARIE, Evansville, Ind. Physicol Therapy, Physical Therapy Club KRAPP, CATHERINE ELAINE, Port Washington, N. Y. French KRAUSE, WILLIAM EARL JR., San Antonio Economics KRIEG, ANNAMARIE, Corpus Christi English, Felecio Cooperative, Inter-Cooperative Council KROLL, GLORIA JEANNE, San Antonio Spanish KRUEGER, RALPH WALLACE, San Antonio Sociology KUCHAR, SHIRLEY ANNE, Columbus Education, Southern Singers, Longhorn Singers, Freshman Council, Newman Hall Advisor, Li rile Sisters of the Laurel, Little Sisters of the Seven Stars KUMERFIELD, RICK ROGER, Sioux City, Iowa Government, H ! 1 KUMPF, DAVID KENNETH, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, " MI , Engineering Fellow, En- gineering Freshman Honors KUNKE, LAWRENCE JAMES, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, TSPE, AlChE KWAN, JANET FAY, San Antonio Elementary Education Graduating Seniors KYPREOS, NICHOLAS M., Galveston Accounting LACEY, BARRY DAN, San Antonio Business Administration, ANA, CBA Council, House of Dele- gates LACKS, JUDITH RAE, San Antonio Germon LAFERNEY, FRANK WAYNE, Tyler Mechanical Enqineering, ASME, TSPE, Engineering Council, Texas Sacred Singers LAMASTER, CYRUS TANDY II, Perryton Finance, American Finance Association LAMBERTH, LARRY EUGENE, Irving Mechanical Engineering, KK , Longhorn Band, TSPE, ASME, Engineering Honor Roll LAMON, DAVID CARLOS, San Antonio Psychology LANDRY, LINDA JEAN, Houston Psychology LANE, JANICE KAYE, Dallas Interior Design, AT, AID LANE, PAMELA JEAN, Belton Textiles, Clothing and Fashion Design, Fashion Group, International Club, Home Economics Chapter LANG, WILLIAM ANDREW, Seabrook Chemical Engineering, AXA LANGRIDGE, SUSAN JO, San Antonio Spanish, AOH, Kill, Texas Union Committee, Students ' Asso- ciation Committee, YR, International Committee LANGSJOEN, HANS ALFRED, Temple Chemistrv, IIHII. YR LANGSTON, DEAN EDWARD, Dallas Psychology LANIER, PATRICK J. RICHARD, Beaumont History. Pre-low, llftll LAISON, ANN ROBERTA, Dallas Zoology, Costilion Student Government LARSON, DIANN, Elgin Sociology-Social Welfare Studies LARY, BANNING KENT, Miami, Fla. Advertising, X, Posse LATTIMORE, JAMES PADLEY, Levelland Aerospace Engineering, AIAA LAUDERDALE, JERRY FELTNER, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME 577 Class of 1970 LEHMBERG, GARY VIRGIL, Houston Mechanical Engineering, THH. FITS, HS, A+S), Tejoi Club, Freshmon Orientation Advisor, House of Delegates Student, Challenge, ASME, TSPE LEHR, KAREN AURELIA, San Antonio French, .M ' l ' K LEIGH, JOHN MARSHALL, Austin Biology, BHII, ITA, Freshman Council Advisor, Italian Club LEMEILLEUR, LYNN BRALEY, Kerrville History LEMING, PAMELA JEAN, Palos Verdes, Calif. Elementary Education, Upper-Class Advisor LENTHE, SUSAN DEUAINE, Moorhead, Minn. Microbiology, AXfi, Round-Up Coordinator, Goodfellow, Students ' Association and Texas Union Committees, Blue- bonnet Belle Finalist, Students ' Association Outstanding Chairman LEONARD, PATRICIA ANN, Fort Gordon, Ga. English, YR LEPLEY, GORDON TAYLOR, Tyler Mechanical Engineer. ng, " I ' ll!, THII, ASME LEQUEUX, LYDIA SIMONE, Port Arthur Mathematics, ATA, Spooks, SKUNKS, President ' s Council, Inter-Dormitory Council, Campus Survey Committee IESHIN, MARK, Robstown Plan M. Biology, -MIS, AKA, BK LESKOVEN, JIMMY WAYNE, Waco G eneral Business LESTER, SAMMIE WENDELL, Texarkana Mathematics LE TULLE, MARY FRANCES, Austin French-Italian, AZA. Orchesis Club, Freshman Council, Chris- Iton Science Organization, Longhorn Band, Summer Lecture Committee. Piccolo Italia ' LEVI, ROBERT HOFELLER, Houston Journalism, IIAI, Longhorn Singers, YD LEVIN, JERALD DUNN, Texas City Advertising, AKII, AA1, House of Delegates LEVINE, PAULA ANN, Waco English. AK ' I ' , KAII, Spooks, Texas Union Committees, Round-Up LEVY, BARBARA JO, San Antonio Plan II and Government, House of Delegates, Project Info LEVY, RACHEL, San Antonio Spanish LAM LEVY, ROBERT HARRY, Dallas Psychology. HA . AEA LEWIS, CHARLANE, Lubbock Education, XQ, Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross 578 LAUREL, ALONZO ZARAGOSA JR., Laredo History LAUZON, ANNA MARY, LaMarque Education LAWHON, JAMES CLINTON, Floresville Management LAWHON, MICHAEL LEE, Baytown Phormocy, ' I ' AX, Pharmacy Council LAWRENCE, LESLIE AUGUSTA, Austin Psychology, Speleological Society LAWRENCE, NORMA KAREN, Austin German, 111 , A A LAWSON, RANDY M., Dal las Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Student Materials Society LAY, JOHN CARLTON, Austin Finance LAY, LARRY WALLACE, Austin Accounting LEACH, RANDY LANE, Plainview Aerospace Engineering, TBI1, 1IT, AIAA LEACH, SARA BETH, Pampa Nursing. Upper-Closs Advisor LEACH, THOMAS MICHAEL, Houston Zoology, AKA LEAMAN, BARBARA ELLEN, Crane English, XAT, AAA, Texos Union and Students ' Association Committees, Round-Up, Longhorn Band, Outstanding Student LE BARON, RICHARD LEWIS, Monahans Finance, AK , House of Delegates LEE, DENNIS FIELDS, Austin Mathematics LEE, MARSHA KAREN, Goldwaite Elementary Education LEE, MICHAEL DOUGLAS, Evant Electrical Engineering LEE, ROYCE LINTON, Bronte Management, +K LEE, SAMUEL ROBERT, Dallas Finance and Insurance, ATA, Texas Cowboys, Insurance LEE, THOMAS LEROY, San Angelo Pharmacy, LPhA, Student Christian Fellowship LEWIS, DAVID ARDEN, Terrell Finance, 111, Business Honors Plan LEWIS, JEFFREY SCOTT, Houston Business, AKA, YR, Interfraternity Council LEWIS, ROBERT CHARLES, San Antonio Psychology, AX, NROTC, Scabbard Blade LIARDON, DARRELL LEE, Austin Aerospace Engineering, AIAA LIEDTKE, JOHN DAVID, Paducah History LIMPUS, VIRGINIA MABLE, New Boston Mothemot.cs ond History, AOII, IMK, TSEA, ACE LINDEMANN, DAVID WAYNE, Bartlett Secondory Education, Engineering Fellows LINDSKOG, JON ALEXANDER, San Antonio Management LINTHICUM, GUS N. JR., Grapevine Journalism, Kl, PRSSA LIPSCOMB, RITA SUE, Nocona Elementary Education, Education Council LITTLE, SCOTT ROBERT, Austin Engineering LIVELY, NANCY D., Fort Stockton Pharmacy, KE LIVERGOOD, ANN ELIZABETH, Houston English, AAA, 1AII, Cactus, Campus Chest, V LIZCANO, JEANNETTE ANN, Fort Worth Journalism, TAX, Doily Texan LOBPRIES, PATRICIA ANN, Houston Mathematics, 1ME, Whitehall Cooperalive, YR LOBPRIES, REBECCA LOUISE, La Grange Physical Education, PEM Club, Intercollegiate Volleyball LODOWSKI, ROBERT THOMAS, Wichita Falls Business Administration, AXII, Insurance Society, American Finance Association, Real Estate Society LOESSIN, MICHAEL MARTIN, Weimar Plan M-English, Roberts Hall Counselor, House of Dele- gates, MUN, Housing Commission, Interdorm Council, Student President ' s Executive Assistant, Goodfetlow LONG, DEBORAH KAY, San Antonio English and History, Southern Singers, Concert Choir LONG, JUDY ANN, Texarkana Education, AT, Y Tutor, Campus Thest Graduating Seniors LONG, JUDY G., Austin Business Education, A , 11011, Order of the Blue Irij LONG, LEWIS W., Dallas Accounting, f-IS, BA+ LONGORIA, JOE, Corpus Christi History, Pre-Low Association LOONEY, MICHAEL GEORGE, San Antonio Adverlising, AAS LOPEZ, EVELYN JEANNE, San Antonio Spanish, 1AJI, YD, AIESEC LOPEZ, GLORIA, San Antonio Psychology, Mexican-American Student Organization, Stu- dents ' Association Committee on Minority Affairs, Project Info LOPEZ, JANIE M., San Antonio Spanish and Latin American Studies, MASO LOUDERMILK, BRENDA KAY, San Antonio History .LOUVIER, SHEH.A MARIE, Port Arthur French and English, Little Sisters of the Mystic Eye LOVE, JOHN TAYLOR, Lafayette, La. Physics, KK 1 ! ' , 1 ' H1, Longhorn Bond LOWIS, JOHN HENRY, Austin Mathematics LOWRANCE, LINDA, Dallas Microbiology, AZ, Freshman Encounter Advisor, House of Delegates, Disciplinary Board, MUN, Round -Up, Legislative Council, Challenge LOZANO, JOE JESSE, San Antonio Accounting, A B LUCIA, GREGORY EUGENE, Houston Government, Tejas, Assemblyman, Goodfellow, Community In- volvement Committee, Orientation Advisor, House of Dele- gates, Order of Alcalde, Outstanding Student LUSKY, MALVERN DAVID, Houston Advertising, AA1, House of Delegates, Daily Texan, PRSSA LUTERMAN, ELAINE, Dallas Elementary Education, AK LUTRICK, DAVID JORDAN, Floydada Chemical Engineering, !II, TBIT, QXE, A+, Engi- neering Fellows, AlChE LYBRAND, FRED EWING, Stamford, Conn. Zoology, ATA, YR, Handball Association, House of Dele- gates LYONS, ANN MARIE, Austin Pharmacy, KE, AA4, 4 K+, PX, LPhA LYONS, WILLIAM LINCOLN, Lufkin Pre-Low, A A, A+SJ, Pre-Low Association, YD, Texas Union Speakers Tour, Italian Club 579 LYTLE, EDWARD CURTIS, San Antonio Pharmacy, IAX MACHA, SUSSANNA ELAINE, El Campo Biology, Mod ' Son House Advisor MacDONALD, JAMES LEONARD, Dallas Engineering Science, 1 1 HL, American Nuclear Society MacFARLAND, STEVEN ALLAN, Houston Chemical Engineering, 4 KZ. TIIII UXK AlChE MacQUIGG, JOHN ELLISON, Dallas Government, Semper Fidelis Society, Rifle Team, Marauders AROTC MADDOX, CASSANDRA GAIL, Paris Elementary Education, Challenge, MUN MADELEY, MARTHA RHEA, Temple Elementary Education and English MAGGARD, DAVID RALPH, Plainview Finance, Acacia MAGLIOLO, ALBERT MATTHEW, League City Psychology MAGLIOLO, ANDREW MICHAEL, League City Radio-Television-Film, Freshman Encounter, Round-Up, Challenge MAJOR, GARY MICHAEL, Alice Mechanical Engineering, ASME MALES, DANA WAYNE, Longview Industrial Relations, ! K MALIK, JOHN WILLIAM, Beaumont Electrical Engineering, Longhorn Band, IEEE, Dormitory Counselor MALY, CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Texarkana Interior Design, AID MARABLE, CHARLES DOUGLAS, Baytown Pharmacy, K+, LPhA MARBURGER, THOMAS EDWARD, La Grange Accounting, BA + , l lli:, K ' I , CMS, Arnold Air Society, Pre-Low Assoriotion MARBURY, THOMAS CRAWFORD, San Antonio Mathematics, BSU, NROTC, Intramurals, Dean ' s List MARCEAU, STEPHEN MICHAEL, San Antonio Accounting MAREK, JOE LEE, Rosebud History MARQUES, CYNTHIA, San Antonio Mathematics, Simkins Epicureans Association, Newman Club, French Club Class of 1970 MARRS, RICHARD PRESTON, Kerrville Zoology, il ' MC, AKA, Jester Center Head Resident MARSHALL, JAN DUNCAN, Lufkin Electrical Engineering, HKX, TIIII, OAK, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Freshman Basketball Award MARTIN, GEORGE EDWARD, Stockdale Phormocy, I ' X, LPhA, Dean ' s List MARTIN, KEITH DOUGLAS, Dallas Finance, X 1 ! ' , Intramural Junior Manager, President ' s Council MARTIN, LINDA JO, Fort Worth Biology, 7,1 ' . , Freshman Council Advisor, Daughters of the Diamond MARTIN, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Austin Government, ' I ' KI, ROTC, Scabbard Blade, Longhorn MARTINEZ, CYNTHIA EVELYN, Irving Latin American Studies, IAII, Southern Singers, Interna- t.anal Club MARTINEZ, FRJED III, Abilene Chemistry, Tejas Club, Texas Union Committee MARTINEZ, JUAN LUIS, Crystal City MARULES, THEODORE, Houston Psychology and History, A MJ MASSAD, M. J., Kilgore Pharmacy, I ' X MASSINGILL, JOYCE MARITA, Munday Ofdce Administration MAST, PATRICIA LEE, Nacogdoches Mofhemohci, HIM 1 , Speoker ' s Committee MATHEWS, RUTH DIANE, Austin Office Admin is trot ion, Tllil, Longhorn Bond MATHIS, JESSIE BELL, San Antonio Elementary Education, KAH, AAA, KAIT, MATLOCK, KATHE L. R., Austin Home Economics, Engineering Wives Club MATTHIJETZ, WALTER E., Giddings Management MAXON, EARL HALBERT, El Paso Fmonce. LAI. MAXWELL, KAREN PARMER, Lometa Pharmocy, ASA, I ' X, KK, AAA, LPhA MAXWELL, WILLIAM BRETT, Alva, Okla. Government, University Chorut 580 MAY, CAROLE ANN, Dallas English MAYER, LEAH BARBARA, Houston Mathematics and German. Dexter House Advisor MAYER, THELMA RUTH, Cuero English and History, Intercollegiate Tennis Team, Intramurals MAYES, KENNETH WAYNE JR., San Antonio Chemicol Engineering, AlChE MAYFIELD, HELEN TYNE, Kilgore Psychology MAYO, ALBERT EARL, Dallas Accounting, AKM 7 , American Marketing Association, Ameri- can Finance Association, Intramurals, YD, Karate Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Real Estate Society McADEN, LILA JEAN, Salina, Kans. Secondary Education McBRIDE, MARCIA ANN, Littlefield Microbiology, Upper-Class Advisor, Scope, Blanton Stu- dent Assislant McCANN, ROBERT BRUCE, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering. 1IKN. THIl, IEEE MCCARTY, GLENN P. JR., Dallas History McCAUSLAND, SUELLEN, San Antonio Aud.ology, -I ., SKUNKS McCLANAHAN, MARY JANET, Houston Sponish, Y Tutor McCLURE, DENNIS P., Fort Stockton Pharmacy KA, K + . IPhA. House of Delegates, YD McCONNELL, CYNTHIA ANN, Italy Elementary Education McCORD, MONA JILL, Earth Nursing. TNSA, Little Sisters of Apollo McCORMICK, DEBORAH, Buda English and Spanish, AAII, Orange Jackets, Upper-Class Advisor McCORMICK, MICHAEL BENNETT, Kingsville Economics. 111. OAK, AIESEC, Intramurals McCRARY, MARK RODNEY, Carthage Mechanical Eng.neenng, ASME . TSPE, Honor Roll McCRAW, RONALD KENT, Baytown Pre-Medical in Psychology, A t S , YR, Psychology Honors Pronram, Student Health Center Advisory Committee, Doily Texan, Cactus, Longhorn Band McCULLEN, PATRICIA EILEEN, Pasadena Government, Freshman Council, TSEA, Y Tutor I m% iM Graduating Seniors McCULLOUGH, JOHN LOUIS, Tyler Accounting McDAVID, ELIZABETH ANN, Rockport Elementary Education, A1 ' A, TSEA, Panhellenic Council MCDONALD, KENYON LANCE, San Antonio Zoology MCDONALD, MADALYN ALICE, u Feria Child Development, ON MCDONALD, MELVIN DONALD, wilmer Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Engineering Fellows, Dean ' s List MCDONALD, VERA MELINDA, Wolfe city Fashion Design, r t ' B, Home Economics Chapter, Hardin North Counselor MCDOWELL, FRANKIE CARL, Paris Account. ng, BA McEVER, MICHAEL DAVID, Parish Mechonicol Engineering, ASME McFADDIN, EUGENE H. B., Beaumont Accounting AX, Interfroternity Council. President ' s Council McFARLAND, MICHAEL WAYNE, Sabinal Chemis ' rv. Soccer Club McGAVERN, MAUREEN LYNN, Austin Fashion Design, Felecia Cooperative, Intramurals, Texas Union Committees, Outstanding Co-op Award, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist McGLOTHLIN, GLENN PATRICK, Anson Mathematics, Acacia MCGREGOR, THOMAS BANDY, wiiiiamsburg, Va. English ATA. OAK, Texas Cowboys, Order of Alcalde, Freshman Orientation Advisor. TTT. Posse, Texas Union Execu- McGUFFIN, ALICE KATHRYN, LaMarque Art MclLROY, CAROL CASTILE, Bedford S ociology MclNTOSH, JAMES RONALD, Quitman Pharmacy, I AX McKENZIE, ROBERT LARRY, Alvin English, Longhorn Bond McKOWN, ADA JEAN, Pasadena Home Economics, AZA, ON MCLEAN, PEGGI MARLENE, Austin Physical Education. ASA, PEM Club, AAPHER, THPER, SKUNKS, Sweethearts of the Chokett McMURREY, ROBERT MILLARD, Kilgore Petroleum Engineering, ATC, Orientation Advisor, AIME 581 McNABB, KAY LYNN, Houston Nursing, KKI ' , TSNA, Ponhellenic Council, Kinsolving Advisor MCQUEEN, PHYLLIS DIANE, Dallas Psychology MEADOR, CHARLES LAWRENCE, Dallas Mechan.col Engineering, Tllll, I1T1, ASME, American Nuclear Society, TSPE, Honor Roll, Longhorn Flying Club MEADOR, DAN MATTHEW, Houston Plan II- History, YD, Majority Coalition, Students for Strikers MEADOR, JOSEPH MICHAEL, Whitewright Microbiology, I1KA MEANS, SHARRON ANN, San Antonio Dromo, AAA MEDINA, PETRA VICENTA, Laredo Elementary Education MEDLIN, LINDA KAREN, Houston Education MEEK, JAMES C, Mt. Vernon Architectural Engineering, IIKA, AAAE, Engineering Honor Roll, Student Engineering Council MEEKER, ROBERT WILLIAM, Port Arthur Mathematics MEHR, LAURA LEE, Houston Elementary Education, X12, KAfl, Daughters of the Diamond, Upper-Class Advisor, Ashbel Society, Freshman Council MEIER, NANCY MARIE, Rosebud MEINERT, BETTY LOUISE, El Paso Psychology MEISSNER, HARVEY LEE, Fort Worth Marketing MEITZEN, JAMES EDWARD, Cuero Accounting, Varsity Golf MELTON, BETTY ALLMAN, Austin Home Economics, AAA, Home Economics Club MELTON, DONNA LYN, Mart Sociology -Social Work Studies, Scope, Dean ' s List, BSU ' MENDEZ, OSCAR MARTINEZ, San Antonio Pharmacy, 4 AX MERCER, THOMAS FRANK, Houston Marine Biology, X MEREDITH, CHARLES EDWARD, Corpus Christ! Mechanical Engineering, ASME Class of 1 970 MEYER, JUNE SHARON, Yoakum Radio-Television-Film, ' I ' K ' f ' MEZA, DANIEL S., San Antonio Sociology MIKESKA, DONALD CLARK, Bellville Accounting, AK , BA . EIE, CBA Council, House of Dele- gates MILLER, ALFRED EARL, Orange Grove Pharmacy, K MILLER, CAROLYN JEAN, Dallas Elementory Education MILLER, EMILY ELLEN, Big Bend National Park English MILLER, JAMES BARNETT III, Lubbock Pharmacy rVULLER, JUDY LILYAN, Dallas Government, Christian Science Organization, Texas Union Committee, Round-Up, Model U.S. Senate MILLER, MARJORIE JO, Austin Mathematics, AAA, Dean ' s List, Silver Spurs Sweetheart Finalist MILLER, MICHAEL F., Galveston Economics MILLER, ROBERT ALLON, Baytown MILLER, WALTER CURTIS, Fort Worth Architecture MILLIGAN, TERESA ANN, San Antonio Biology, Upper-Class Advisor, Cordettes, Freshman Council MILLS, ROSS NEAL, San Antonio Aerospace Engineering, Kill, IIT, AIAA MILNER, MARY DETTMAN, Stockdale Elementary Education MISKELL, SUSAN MARIE, Austin Education, Newman Club, Art Students Association MITCHELL, JOHN WINSHIP, San Augustine History, iKK MOFFETT, MARY JO, Houston Psychology, YR, Southern Singers MOLANO, ALPHA OMEGA, Del Rio Mathematics MOLINA, SUSAN KAY, Mexico City, Mexico Journalism, KAH 582 MOLLER, DAVID NELSON, Fort Worth Accounting, A M2, Scabbard Blade, Texas Union Leader- ship Lab, A S Council, House of Delegates MONCADA, MARIA LAURA, Eagle Pass Spanish and French, International Club MONTEITH, JO ANN, Dallas Education, KKF MONTGOMERY, DANA ANN, Midland Sociology MONTGOMERY, GEORGE ALEXANDER, Wharton Engineering MONTGOMERY, MARY CHRISTINE, Houston Government and French, TUX, AAA, Longhorn Band, Ten Most Finalist, Outstanding Student, Spooks, Silver Spur Award MOON, ARTHUR ELLIS II, Ogden, Utah Latin American Studies, A ' l ' li, International Club, Deseret Club MOORE, HAL RAYMOND, Waco Zoology and Pre-Dentol, I ' KT MOORE, JERRY GARLAND, Rogers Plan II MOORE, LINDA KAY, Dallas Dietetics, A l ' , Upper-Closs Advisor, Longhorn Bond, Daughters of Dinocrotes MOORE, MARIBETH ANN, San Antonio Psychology MOORE, MARY BETH, San Antonio MOORE, PATRICIA ANN, El Campo Biology. IIArt, Dexter House Advisors, Newman Club, Texas Union Liaison Board MOORE, ROLAND BRICE III, Houston Economics and Psychology, ' I ' ll!, X, hK f , Texas Union Committee, YD, Handball Association Goodfellow MOORE, WILBUR ROSS JR., Midland Sociology, AKK MOORE, WILSON HAYS, Waco Aerospace Engineering, A Cappella Choir, AIAA MORGAN, JAMES DURHAM, Sterling City English MORGAN, OLIVER GEORGE, Bakersfield, Calif. English and History MORGAN, RICHARD LEE, Corpus Christi Mathematics, AT MORIN, RONALD R., Pasadena Business Graduating Seniors MORRAN, DONALD WAYNE, Seagoville Aerospace Engineering, AIAA, Intramurols MORRIS, EUGENE IRA, Houston Psychology. Pre-Medical, TA I , AKA MORRIS, JAMES OLIVER JR., San Antonio Fine Arts, ASA MORRIS, JAMES WALTER III, Austin Journalism MORRIS, JO ANN, Houston Mathematics and Russian, AAA, KAII, TIAO, 1 ' AE, Election Commission MORRIS, NANCY CAROLYN, Houston Public Relations, TAX, HI , House of Delegates, Com- munications Council MORRIS, TERRY GLENN, Austin Marketing, A HI, American Marketing Association MORRISON, MARK, Houston Journalism, 1AX, Doily Texon Editor, Friar Society, De- vall Journalism Award, TIME Magazine Campus Corres- pondent, Newspaper Fund Intern, Outstanding Student MOSELEY, RICHARD, Tomball Malhematics, Association for Computing Machinery MOSER, KRISTINE KNOLLE, Rosenberg English, Upper-Class Advisor MOSER, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Dallas Finance, Real Estate Society MOSESMAN, TONI, Dallas Clothing, Textiles, and Fashion Design MOSLEY, CARROLL DAVID, Burw Aerospace Engineering, KS, AIAA MOTES, FRANCES ANNE, Houston Psychology, Strike and Spore, Challenge, House of Delegates, Heflin Manor Advisor MOTLOCH, JOHN LEE, Austin Architecture MOZOLA, FRANK JOHN, Houston Business Administration, f ' T-i, T Association MULCAHY, MICHAEL GORDON, San Antonio Psycho ' oqy, X MULKEY, MARIE LOUISE, San Antonio Psychology, Outing Club, Amateur Radio Club, Campus Girl Scouts MULLER, LINDA DIANNE, Houston Education, Y Tutor, Speleoaical Society MUNNEKE, GARY ARTHUR, Houston Psychology, A4 Q, Pre-Law Association, Texas Union Committees, Orientation Outstanding Student Advisor, Goodfellow, Round-Up, 583 MUNNEKE, NANCY GAIL, Houston Elementory Educotion, 1 ' AK, " i ' Kl , UAH MUNOZ, IRMA IMELDA, Edinburg Mothematics MURPHY, GEORGE E., Conroe Pharmocy, K+, A ' l ! , LPhA, Pharmacy Council MURPHY, WILLIAM ROCHE, Houston Finance, Kil MUSICK, CHARLES EDWARD, Houston Transportation, Longhorn Flying Club MYERS, JOHN ALEXANDER III, Dallas Mathematics, B , Freshman Track, Varsity and Freshman Cross Country MYERS, PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio Phormocy, LPhA MYNAR, JO ANN, Fayetteville Office Administration NAEVE, CLIFFORD MILO, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering. IN, Tlill, IITI, ASME NAEVE, STEPHEN WARD, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering, TBII, ASME NALEWAIK, SHARON SUSAN, San Antonio Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter, THECC NARANJO, JENNINGS NEAL, Lufkin Pre-Medical, US NARANJO, MARY S. F., Lufkin Psychology, . ()ll NASH, CHARLES HENRY III, Lubbock Zoology and Pre-Medical, KKM ' , Tejas Club, Longhorn Band, PEO Advisor, Challenge, MUN NAUWALD, BARBARA ANN, Menard History ond Geography, 7. ' ' , KAII, I ' ' I T, Order of the Orchid NEDER, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Houston Finance, American Finance Association, YR Longhorn Flying Club NEKUZA, WILLIAM CONRAD, Corsicana Pharmacy, K , LPhA NELLIS, LOWELL DEAN, Killeen Management, AK , Texas Sacred Singers, YR, BSU, Students Association Committee NELSON, DANNA ARCHER, Perryton Economics NELSON, JOE HOUSTON III, Corsicana Civil Engineering Class of 1970 NELSON, MALCOLM GEORGE, Austin Music Education, Te|as Club NELSON, MARY ELIZABETH, Temple Psychology NELSON, RONALD TRAMEL, Longview Zoology NESLONEY, MARTHA ANN, San Antonio Textiles, Clothing and Fashion Design Fashion Group NEUMANN, MARILYN JEAN, New Ulm Marketing, C8A Sweetheart, CBA Council, American Marketing Association NEVES, R ' OBERT EDWIN JR., Dallas Mo nog em en t, A ' I 1 ' .?, Intro murals NEWMAN, TERRY MAURICE, Houston Aerospace Engineering, Acacia, AIAA NEWSOM, MARY CAROLYN, Mt. Vernon Elementary Education NEWSOM, MONTY KEITH, Mt. Vernon Mathematics ond Computer Sciences NICHOLS, JAMES AUBRY JR., Ennis Accounting, IX, HA + NICKELL, ELIZABETH JEAN, Dallas Biology, KK1 ' , Texas Union Committee, Little Sisters of the Shield Diamond NIETO, EDMUND M., Presidio Architecture NILES, JEAN ANN, Wichita Falls Mus.c Education, Till, M ' I ' K. MENC NIXON, ROBERT EDWIN, Dallas Mechonical Engineering NOLAN, JOHN MICHAEL, Lafayette H. story, .VI .;. ICC, Rugby Club, Dean ' s List, House of Dele- gales, Freshman Council, UTSAM NORA, AMAURY, Laredo NORDHEM, RANDAL DUNN, Fort Worth Journolum. AXA. 1AX. KTA NORRIS, H. LEE III, Bellaire Mechonicol Engineering. TIIII. IITI, K+. -I HS. En- gineering Fellows, Engineering Council, ASME, TSPE NORTHWAY, ROBERT JAYNE JR., Houston English, AT NORTON, STEPHEN CHARLES, Galveston Finance, A K , A men cart Finance- Association 584 MOTLEY, NANCY LEE, Fort Worth Mathematics, TV NOVY, JEFFREY LYNN, Austin NOWOTNY, ROBERT ALLEN, New Braunfels Honors Plan in Business Administration, Ailll, House of Delegates, Honor Roll NUDING, CAROLYN, Aspermont Education, A AH, Texas Union and Students ' Association Committees, Acacia Order of Delphi OAKLEY, COLLINS FRANK, Houston Marketing, Acacia O ' BRIEN, MARK JOSEPH, Corpus Christ! Petroleum Engineering, A I ME O ' BRIEN, THOMAS WICKER, Austin Industrial Management ODELL, JAMES DAVID, San Antonio Marketing, TKK, MUN OELRICH, JONATHAN WILLIAM, Colorado Springs, Colo. History, A ' M , AROTC, MUN OFFER, PAUL JOSEPH JR., San Antonio Mechomcal Engineering, US, A5ME, ASM, AIME, SMS OKABAYASHI, HARRY VICTOR, Houston Electrical Engineering OLIPHANT, CATHY ANN HUFF, Austin Elementary Education OLIPHANT, GARY PAXTON, Austin Physical Education, PEM Club O ' NEIL, THOMAS MURRY, Odessa Pharmacy, ' l ' _i , Pharmacy Assemblyman, Goodfellow ORLANDO, RONALD JOSEPH, Fort Worth Architecture ORR, DON DUANE, Corpus Christ! Art, Roond-Up ORTLOFF, JOAN ROCHELLE, Houston Elementary Education, I ' IB, YR, Students ' Association Committee, University Chorus, Campus Chest ORVEDAHL, ALFRED, Houston Radio-Television-Film, AKI , YR ORY, MARCIA GAIL, Dallas Sociology, Jester Advisor, House of Delegates, YD, Com- OSBORN, KATHLEEN B., McAllen Home Economics, AOII, Home Economics Chapter Graduating Seniors OSTRANDER, LESLIE ANN, Lexington, Ky. Spanish and English, KA -, AAA, Mortar Board OTTING, PHILLIP A., Austin Psychology OTTO, CLARENCE McKAY, Needville Finance, American Finance Association, Real Estate Society OUJEZDSKY, TIMOTHY WAYNE, Belton Engineering Science, American Meteorological Society OWEN, CATHERINE A., El Paso Child Development, AT, Freshman Council, Home Economics Chapter, Sisters of the Mystic Eye, Beta Sigma Society TAEYC OWEN, ELIZABETH AGNES, Corsicana Sociology, AAA, Longhorn Singers OWEN, PENNI DONA, Hereford French and Spanish, French Club OWEN, ROGER CURTIS, Hereford Accounting, XAK OWENS, EVERETTE JR., Austin Government and History OWINGS, MARY HELEN, Dallas Elementary Education PAGE, RALPH EDWARD JR., Blooming Grove Chemical Eng.neenng. Tllll. i. ' XK, AlChE, Engineering Power Show PAHL, THOMAS WAYNE, Luckenbach Electncol Engineering, AROTC, IEEE. SAME, TLOK PAPADOPOULOS, ANGELIKI, Athens, Greece Sociology. AAA PAREDES, ALBERTO JOSE, Panama City, Panama Finance, Panamanian Students ' Association PARK, GORDON GEORGE, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, Tlill, IIT1, ' I K . -MIS, ASME, Engineering Fellows PARKER, J. CARLETON, Houston Advertising, IN " , AA1 PARKER, MARGARET RUTH, Hale Center Elem entory Education, A ,, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Blue- bonnet Belle Finalist, Round-Up, Texas Union Committee, Leadership Board Home Economics Chapter Freshman Council PARKER, SCOTT SCHREINER, Kerrville Accounting, ' MM, DA , +H2, AFROTC PARMAN, MARY GWEN, Dallas Marketing PARSONS, PAMELA ELIZABETH, Austin Psychology 585 PATE, CHARLES HARRELL, San Antonio Personnel Management, Men ' s Cooperative Council, Inter- Cooperative Council, House of Delegates, Society for the Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association PATE, JAMES MICHAEL, Houston PATRICK, GEORGE FRANKLIN, Port Lavaca Education, CEC PATTERSON, MICHAEL LAWSON, San Antonio Architecture PATTERSON, SIDNEY L., Amarillo Phormacy, f AX PAULEY, RONALD ALLEN, San Antonio Architecture, Camera Club PAYNE, JOHN HOWARD III, Big Spring Government and Plan II, Canterbury Association PAYNE, PEGGY ANN, Waco Sociology PAYNE, RICHARD EVERETT, Austin Chemical Engineering, AlChE PEARSON, ARTHUR IVAN, Tomball Chemicol Engineering. HI, TBII, S. ' XK, Engineering Fellows, AlChE PEARSON, SARAH JANE, Bishop Elementary Education, XSJ PECHACEK, TERRY FRANK, Flatonia Mothemotics, Newmon Club, Intromurals PEDDYCOART, PAMELA, Houston Anthropology PEEBLES, ELIZABETH DEWITT, McGregor Public Relations, AI ' A, PRSSA, Representative Party PEEK, DIANE, Dallas Interior Design, KK1 ' , Golden Hearts, Angel Flight, AID PEESE, BARBARA JEAN, McAllen Mathematics PENA, ALBERTO JUAN, Brownsville Accounting PENA, RICHARD, San Antonio Government, YD, Pre-Low Association PENDER, JOHN TEAL JR., Dallas Pharmacy, I ' X, Student Christian Fellowship, Pharmacy Council PENDER, ROBERT CHARLES, Abilene Advertising, 1AK Class of 1 970 PENNINGTON, KATHRYN SAUNDERS, Dallas Home Economics, -il ' . Little Sister of the Laurel PENNINGTON, ROBERT EARL III, Lakewood Psychology. . M ' , TLOK Coop, Texas Union Leadership Board, Election Commission, Orientation Advisor, Outstanding Student PERKINS, DARLENE D., Marshall Nursing, TNSA PERKINS, DEBORAH GEORGETTE, San Antonio Home Economics, AM). Novol ROTC Sweethearts, Fashion Group PERKINS, ROBERT ANTON, Eagle Pass Government, Student Assembly, House of Delegates, Student Housing Committee, MUN, Roberts Hall Counselor and Advisor PERLEY, CATHERINE ELLEN, San Francisco, Calif. Microbiology, 111 , Uppet-Closs Advisor, UTAS, YR PERRY, MARJORIE RUTH, San Antonio Sponish, PRSSA, Hardin North Counselor PERSER, JOE GARY, Snyder Aerospace Engineering, TI1II, 1IT, ! !!!, AIAA, Sports Cor Club PERSINGER, RICHARD RAY II, Sulphur Springs Pharmacy, K . IPhA PERSONS, JULIA GAINES, Austin Education PERSONS, RICHARD WHITWELL, Austin Insurance PETERSON, NANCY I., Houston Journalism. AAH, Daily Feion YR, Campus Chest PETTY, MARIBELLE VICTORIA, Austin English and History, Y Tutor, Texas Sacred Singers PHILLIPS, DONNA MARIE, San Antonio Molhemalics PHILLIPS, CATHERINE B., Austin Mathematics and Education PHILLIPS, CYNTHIA ANN, Baytown English and French. A. X IU ' I . Newman Club PHILLIPS, JOYCE MARIE, Lubbock Elementary Education, Bl ' l- PHILLIPS, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Victoria History PHILQUIST, JEANNE ANN, Austin English, if. ' I ' K ' h, AAA, ' I ' BK, Outstanding Student, Bluebonnet Belle, House of Delegates. Orientation Advisor, Dean ' s List PICKARD, PAULA RAE, Houston Elementary Education, A , Students ' Association Commit- tee, Round Up 586 PIPKIN, VELMA LACEY, San Angelo Mathematics, 2TA, Southern Belles, Mortar Board, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Operation Brainpower, Goodfellow, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, House of Delegates, Y Tutor PITTENGER, ROBERT MILLER, Austin Government, KA, Posse, Inter- Fraternity Council, Orientation PITS, DENNIS LEE, Fort Worth Architecture POFF, RONALD IRVIN, Stephenville Mechanical Engineering, ASME POMARANTZ, STANLEY DEAN, Dallas History, AKII, 4 BK, AKA, +HS, Texos Union Committee POPE, JOHN MARVIN, Metairie, La. Mathematics, ' Mil, Freshman Council, Texas Union Com- mittees, Doily Texan PORTER, RANDOLPH E., Dumas English, A Cappella Choir POSEY, JOAN, San Antonio Government, Upper-Class Advisor POWERS, MURIEL DOROTHY, Dallas History, III! . Ashbel Society POYNER, THOMAS NATHANIEL, Dallas POZO, ANA MARIA, Corpus Christ! Spanish PRATHER, DIANA JO, Cleburne Mathematics, T ' l ' lt PRESLEY, JOHN EDWARD, Palestine Mathematics, 1 IK, I H! PREWITT, LINDA SUE, Austin English, Freshman Council PRICE, DANNY RUGELEY, Austin Advertising, i AH, AA1, Texas Cowboys, CEC, Rally Advisory Board PRICE, KAREN TRAVIS, Richardson History and Government, AAA PRICE, MARK THOMAS, Arlington Economics and Government, i AK PRIKRYL, ROBERT WILLIAM II, Seguin Radio-Television-Film PRIMM, JOHN HIESERMAN, Dallas Art, longhorn Band PRITCHETT, JOHN EDWARD, Austin Personnel Management Graduating Seniors PROCESS, NAN LOUISE, Pasadena Mathematics PRUITT, BUSTER E., Dickinson Physical Education and Biology, Tejas Club PEM Club PRUNEDA, RUDY CANALES, Uvalde Microbiology PULLAM, CONSTANCE MARION, Robstown Mathemotics, A K A, Spooks PULLUS, SUSAN MARIE, Dallas History PURCELL, CINDY ANN, Fort Worth Elementary Education, KKT, YD PURSLEY, JAMES CARL, Midland Business PUTEGNAT, GEORGIA ANNE, Brownsville Music PUTNAM, KARL BONAWIT, Orange Accounting, AX QUAN, GORDON JINPOING, Houston History QUICK, SUANNE, Dallas Spanish QUINN, DOROTHY ANITA, Pasadena English, SRD Advisor QUINN, MARY ELIZABETH, Grapevine Zoology QUINTANILLA, ROBERT M., San Antonio Accounting, MASO, American Finance Association RADNEY, LARRY JOHN, Austin Zoology RAESENER, CYNTHIA YVONNE, Llano Secondary Education, THX, Longhorn Band, Upper-Class Advisor RAGLAND, DENTON EDWARD JR., Houston International Business, SAK, AIESEC, International Busi- ness Association. House of Delegates, Handball Association RAINES, LINDA APRIL, Austin Advertising, ASA, TAX, Cordeltes, American Marketing Association, Round-Up. Campus Chest, Ten Most Beautiful RAINOSEK, GRACIE NELL, Needville Pharmacy. KK, IPhA RAKOWITZ, HERMAN JACOB, Pleasanton Business Administration 587 RANDERSON, AAARJORIE DAW, Houston Journalism, $, ' ,. Daily Texan, Freshman Encounter Advisor RANGEL, ARTURO, San Antonio Government RAPP, JOSEPH WINIFRED, Estelline Business Administration, 1AK RASCO, DENNIS LAMAR, Corpus Christ! Electrical Engineering, IEEE RAYMOND, JOEL LEE, Killeen Electrical Engineering, IEEE REA, FRANCES ANN, Houston Marketing, T ' l ' B, CBA Council, American Marketing Asso- ciation, Little Sisters of the Laurel READ, ELIZABETH DAISY, Austin Elementary Education REAGAN, SUSAN ELIZABETH, San Antonio Zoology, Citizens for Over-Population Education REED, JOHN HAROLD, Tucson, Ariz. Political Science, " f ' HX, College House, MUM, Wesley Foundation, Pre-Law Association, Y Tutor REED, PENELOPE ANN, Abilene Mathematics, AIM, lill REINHARDT, JAMES CRAIG, Victoria Interior Design, AID RflNHARDT, JAMES REUBEN, LaGrange Mechanical Engineering, ASME RESCH, FRANK EMILE III, Marshall Engineering. AXI, AlChE REYES, ALICE, San Antonio Mothemotics, AIESEC REYNOLDS, CAROLYN SUE, San Antonio Mathematics and Latin, KAII, Texas Union Committee, Fresh- man Council, Kappo Kirby REYNOLDS, MAROLYN, Hamlin Pharmacy, KK, Pharmacy Council, LPhA, Scope REYNOSO-LORA, LUIS EUGENIO, Lima, Peru Mechonical Engineering, ASME, TSPE RHODES, SUE ANN, Grand Prairie Pharmacy, KK, LPhA, LPhA Sweetheart RICE, ROBERT WILLIAM, San Antonio Personnel Management, Alll, Society for the Advancement of Management RICE, SUSAN ELAINE, Dallas English Class of 1970 RICHARDSON, TERESA CLARE, Austin Microbiology RICHARDSON, WILLIAM HAROLD, Fort Worth Architecture, AI ' .X, Sphinx RICHIE, ARNOLD DAVID, Houston Marketing RICHIE, JERRY DONALD, Kilgore History RICHMOND, DEBORAH SUE, Austin Home Economics and Nutrition, Campus Chest, YR, Home Economics Chapter, Student Nutrition Organization RICKRIM, WILLIAM FRANK, Jourdanton Mechonical Engineering, HTil, Tllll. ASHRAE RIDDLE, DINAH ST. CLAIR, Dallas Art RIEDEL, MARK TAYLOR, College Station Psychology, AKA, Rugby Club, German Ctub, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll RIEGEL, MICHAEL GLENN, Dodge City, Kans. Mechanical Engineering, lITi , TKM, Engineering Fellows, ASME RIENSTRA, MYRTA ANNE, Nederland Education, Inter-Cooperative Council RIES, ROBERT RANDALL, San Antonio Government, A S Council, House of Delegates, Scabbard Blade Society, Men ' s Gtee Club, Navy Rifle Team RIFE, FAYE ANNETTE, Euless Rodio-Television-Film. MI, Hil ' l , IIA ' I ' . Ten Most Beautiful, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Sweetheart of Civil and Architec- tural Engineers. Honor Roll, Texas Union Committee RIGGS, ANN HARRIET, Bellaire Elementary Education, AAA, KAII. HAH, Concert Choir, Wesley Foundation RIGGS, LINDSEY LOU, Odessa History, Students ' Associotion ond Texos Union Committees, Dexter House Advisor RIGGS, SONYA WOICINSKI, Elgin Elementory Education RINEHART, MARK LANE, Odessa Architecture! Engineering. AAAE, YD RIOS, JON RONALD, Denton History and Radio-Television. F ilm. Praetorian Guard, YR, House of Delegates RIPPER, LEAH WANDA, San Antonio Microbiology. Cocfus RIOUX, THOMAS WAYNE, El Campo Civil Engineering, KK. K. Engineering Council, As- sembtymon, James Stephen Hogg Society, Representative Parly. Travel Club ROANE, BUCKNER DUNCAN, Jeanerette, La. Finance, AKK 588 ROARK, MARGARET ELAINE, Vernon English, AAA, ' I ' UK, Scope, Coffee House Committee, Student Assistant, Upper-Closs Advisor ROBB, SHERYL LYNN, Del Rio Marketing, A ' I ROBBINS, ROSEMARY, Fort Worth Secondary Education ROBERTS, BILLY HAROLD, San Angelo Spanish, ilJUl ROBERTS, MARILYN SUE, Beeville Elementary Education, Carothers Advisor, TSEA ROBERTS, MARTHA LEE, Midland History, A t , Texas Union Committee, Liltlefield Advisor, Panhellenic Council ROBERTS, PAMELA CHARLENE, Corpus Christ! Elementary Education ROBERTSON, MARY ALLEN, Middlesex, N. J. English ROBINSON, DAVID MAXWELL, Palestine History, Circle K ROBINSON, JENNY KAY, Greenville Secondary Education, I ' M!, Council for Exceptional Children ROBINSON, PATSY RUTH, Fort Worth Education, AAA, Education Council ROBINSON, SARAH BERNADETTE, Columbus Sociology, Ail B f Afro-Americans for Black Liberation, Project Info, Ethnic Studies Committee, Challenge, YD ROBINSON, STEWART CONRAD JR., Dallas Government, Acacia, Intramurals, House of Delegates, Stu- dents ' Association Committee, Round-Up ROCKWELL, FREDERICK ALBERT, Corpus Christ! Psychology, Amateur Radio Society, Karate Club RODGERS, LAWRENCE RODNEY JR., Houston Microbiology, Tejas Club, Freshman Council Advisor, Varsity Swimming and Water Polo RODGERS, PATRICIA ANN, Del Rio Elemenlary Education RODRIGUEZ, BENJAMIN EDWARD, Harlingen Industrial Management and Psychology, A M2, Tejas Club, Outstanding Student, Texas Union Executive Council, Stu- dents ' Association Com mi trees, Peruvian Exchange Pro- gram, Summer Orientation Advisor RODRIGUEZ, ROBERTO, San Antonio Business Administration RODWELL, JOAN, Corpus Christ! Interior Design ROGERS, ANN ELLEN, Fort Worth Mathematics, Intramurals, SRD Advisor, Association for Computing Machinery, Challenge Graduating Seniors ROGERS, ROBERT L., Richardson Biology ROLLINS, CATHEY MAYES, Austin ROLLINS, JOSEPH PATRICK, Austin Industrial Management ROMBOUGH, JANE ELLEN, Houston Physical Education, PEM Club, Texas Union ROSE, GARY LOUIS, Houston Psychology, I ' ll ROSENBAUM, GLEN ALLEN, Houston Accounting, TA I , ItA , I HX, Business Honors Program, Hillel Foundation ROSENFIELD, MARK JAY, Austin Anthropology, AK11, Karate Club ROSENMAN, LINDA GLADYS, Austin Elementary Education, Hillel Foundation, " ACE ROSETT, ROBBIE LYNN, San Antonio Sociology, AK ! ROSS, CARLOS EDGAR, Monterrey, Mexico Mechonicol Engineering, ASME ROSS, JUDITH HELANE, Dallas Sociology ROSS, LORRAINE HELEN, Woodburg, N. J. Journalism and Government, TAX, Orientation Advisor, Freshman Encounter Advisor, International Club, Texas Union Committee, Student Assembly, Communications Council, PRSSA ROTHOLZ, REBECCA GAY, Wharton 3usiness Educotion, AAA RODTT, LINDA CAROL, Hitchcock Mothemo ics, Spooks ROWAN, GARLAND POE, Waco Finance ROWE, SHARON RUTH, San Antonio Marketing RUCKMAN, DALE REED, Houston Mathematics, AT RUDDY, LAURIE ELIZABETH, Houston Physical Education, PEM Club, Intramurals, Canter Ctub RUIZ, GUADALUPE, San Antonio Physicol Education, I ' AK, PEM Club, Volleyball and Tennis Intercolleaiale Teams RUNDQUIST, NANCY ELIZABETH, Houston Plan II, lil ' . AAA, Phi Seta Kinsolving, Royal Spirit, Mortor Board, Upper Class Advisor, SKUNKS, Student- Faculty Committee 589 RUSS, KARAN ANN, Hearne Elemenlory Education, TSEA, Upper-Class Advisor RUSSELL, GROVER M. JR., Rockdale Government RUSSELL, RAYMOND GLEN, Dallas Fine Arts, ATS! RUSSELL, THOMAS FRANCIS, Houston History, Pre-Law Association RUST, CHARLES BELO, Cisco Mechanical Engineering, ASME RYLANDER, HENRY GRADY III, Austin Electrical Engineering, THII, HKN, I HX, Friar Society, IEEE, Engineering Fellow, Dads ' Day Outstanding Man Award, Outstanding Student SAATI, ABDULRAHMAN A., AI-Khobar, Saudi Arabia Mathematics SACKS, JAY GILBERT, Houston Psychology, 2BT, AKA, Freshman Council, Intramurals SADOVNICK, JULIE ELIZABETH, Odessa History, A-I K SAENZ, MATIAS MODESTO III, Hebbronville Chemical Engineering, MASO, AlChE SALCHER, LINDA GAIL, Austin Mathematics, AZ SALDANA, LAURA ANN, San Antonio Sociology SALTERIO, TOMAS ELOY, Panama City, Panama Marketing, Association of Panamanian Students SANCHEZ, SYVIA ANNA, San Antonio Pharmacy, LPhA SANDEL, JAMES MITCHELL, Rosenberg Microbiology, K SANDERS, CAROLE LATTNER, Pecos Education SANDERS, SUZANNE, Bastrop Secondary Education, JkX, MUN, House of Delegates SANDERS, THOMAS DALE, Pecos Education SANDERS, WILLIAM EDWARD, Jasper Phyiics and Zoology, Hi, 4 BK, Men ' s Glee Club, Honors Day SANDOVAL, MARIA LUISA, San Antonio Spanish, International Club, MASO Class of 1970 SARABIA, RACHEL X., McAllen English, AOn SCAIFE, GAY CECILE, Houston Biology SCANIO, MICHAEL EDWARD, Temple Economics, " } H21 SCHAEFER, FRANK DUANE, San Antonio Accounting, BA SCHAEFER, GEORGE TINUS, La Grange Civil Engineering, TBII, XE, ASCE, Engineering Fellows SCHANHALS, MARY CAROL, Bastrop Biology SCHANTZ, SUSAN GOULD, Galveston Elementary Education, K " ! SCHEIBAL, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Grand Prairie Speech, in, PRSSA SCHICK, KENNETH WAYNE, San Antonio Marketing, AZII, C8A Council, American Marketing Asso- ciation SCHIEFFER, JOHN THOMAS, Fort Worth Government, 4 A6 SCHINDEWOLF, KENNETH GEORGE, Houston Accounting, AK P SCHLEY, RICHARD ALLEN, Dallas Industrial Management, AT, House of Delegates SCHMIDT, JAMES NEAL, Fort Worth Psychology, Underwater Society, Council on International Re- lations and United Nations Affairs, Speakers ' Tour, Bracken- ridge Hall Student Assistant SCHMIDT, MARY LOUISE, Austin Elementary Education, Long horn Singers SCHMIDT, MICHAEL BRUCE, Corpus Christ! Personnel Management, Student Landsman ' j Association, Pre- Law Anociation SCHMITT, ROBERT LAURY, Fort Worth Management, Men ' s Glee Club, Intramurali SCHNEIDER, LARRY GENE, San Antonio Pre-Medicol ond Psychology, AEA, UTSAM, Students ' A- lociotion and Texas Union Committees, Challenge, Soccer Team, Intramurals, Lutheran Campus Ministry SCHNEIDER, THOMAS LEE, Houston Marketing, Men ' s Glee Club SCHNUR, BARBARA ANN, Houston Elementary Education, ATA SCHOR, MARK MELVIN, Dallas Government, AM 590 SCHROEDER, ELAINE, Corpus Christ! Speech Pathology and Audiology SCHROEDER, KATHERINE LEE, Kenedy History SCHROEDER, PEGGY SUE, Houston English Education, AT, Freshman Orientation Advisor, Student Committee on Orientation Procedures, Freshman Council Ad- visor, Sweetheart Nominee, Texas Cowboy Sweetheart SCHROEDER, WALLACE JOHN, Elgin History, -MIS. AB SCHUBKEGEL, THEODORE VINCENT, Lexington Sociology, I ' A, Longhorn Singers SCHULNER, DIANE LEIDNER, Dallas Art, AK ' I ' , Freshman Council, Art Students ' Association SCHULTZ, CHERYL DIANE, San Antonio Mothemotics SCHULTZ, JOYCE ANN, Tomball Marketing, AIESEC, Jester Student Government, Presi- dent ' s Cabinet SCHULTZ, RICHARD ALAN, LaPorte Mechanical Engineering, AKA, ASME SCHULZE, ELVIS GLENN, Fayetteville Government SCHULZE, RANDOLPH VANCE, Wells Civil Engineering, ASCE SCHWARTZ, JUDY ELAINE, Slaton Interior, AI ' A, AID, YR SCHWARTZ, LEWIS DANE, Fort Worth Adve rtising, 1AM SCHWARZ, ARTHUR DAVID III, Houston Accounting, ZHT, Freshman Council Advisor SCHWARZ, DIANE ALICE, Mercedes Microbiology, Speleological Society SCHWAUSCH, DORIS JEAN, Georgetown Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter SCHWENDEMAN, MARY THERESE, Baytown English and Government, AAA, Speakers Committee SCOFIELD, CONSTANCE CANDEE, Orange Mathematics, AT, Texas Union Committees SCOFIELD, VIRGINIA LEE, Fullerton, Calif. Biology, .VI ' , Angel Flight, House of Delegates, MUN, Sisters of the Mystic Eye, Texas Union Committee SCOTT, JOHN OWEN, Victoria Economics, HZ, Challenge, MUN, Students ' Association Committee, Dean ' s List Graduating Seniors SCOTT, PHILLIP COUCH, Vientiane, Laos Government, Tejos Club, Texas Cowboys, MUN, Challenge, Library Facilities Committee, House of Delegates SCRINOPSKIE, BARBARA FLO, Waco Education, AK ' I ' , Cocfus SCURRY, EMMA GANG, Dallas Mathemotics, Pre-Law Association, Social Interaction Com- SCZECH, JAMES ROY, Seguin Industrial Management, AKH ' , American Marketing Association SEALE, JIMMY RAY, Olney Architecture SEALOVER, WILLIAM FRANK, Baltimore, Md. Civil Engineering, ASCE SEGOVIA, HERMAN HOLGUIN, San Antonio Psychology SEIDERS, JACK WELLER, Austin Aerospace Engineering, AIAA SEIGLER, EDDIE RAY, Henrietta Government, USA SEIGLER, PAMELA, Seabrook Secondary Education-English and History SELEDON, RACHEL, Del Rio Mathematics, KA1I SEWELL, ROBERT HARVEY, Belton Finance, I rA, Silver Spurs SHADER, CHARLES DONALD, Austin Accounting SHAUGHNESSY, JAMES P., Dallas Marketing, A1 I , AAX SHAW, KATHY ANNE, Conroe Secondary Education-English and History, AAA, Freshman and Varsity Cheerleader, Royal Spirit Committee, Daughters of the Diamond, Freshman Council Advisor SHAW, WADE DAVID, Austin Mathematics, IN, 4 ' HS, 1 ' BK, Outstanding Junior Mem- ber of Phi Beta Kappa, Posse SHEEN, CYNTHIA ANN, Beaumont Home Economics, Engineering Wives ' Club, Home Eco- nomics Chapter SHEEN, MICHAEL JOSEPH, San Angelo Electricol Engineering, IIKN, TBH, IEEE SHELAN, CHARLES JONAH, Roscoe SHELLORNE, LAURIE ANN VAN VLECK, Burnet Radio-Television-Film, International Club, Longhorn Bond, YD, Y Tutor, Curtain Theatre 591 SHEPHERD, MARY MARGARET, Midland Home Economics and Education, KAH Litrle Sisters of the Chakelt SHEPPARD, FRANK WILSON III, Houston Asian Studies, Tejas Club, Secretary General of MUN, TTT, CIRUNA, Texas Union Program Council, Asian Studies Club Goodlellow SHERARD, SCOTT THOMAS, Dallas Monogement, AX II , Society for Advancement of Management, Intramurals SHERMAN, JAMES SHAW, Corpus Christi Chemical Engineering, AX , AlChE, Engineering Council SHINDLER, DONALD CHARLES, Yoakum Business Administration, Al l . Amateur Radio Society SHIRLEY, SHARON SUE, Kilgore Public Relations, A . Panhellenic Council, Round-Up, Campus Survey Committee, Freshman Council SHNIDERMAN, ALANA MOSS, Wichita, Kans. Education, AK I ' SHUFFLE, CYNTHIA CARTER, Arlington, Va. Elementary Education, KAH SHUFFLE, DANIEL BAKER, Arlington, Va. History, KA SIEGEL, RANDE, Houston Elementary Education, 1AT, Royal Spirit Committee, House of Delegates, Campus Chest SILER, LARRY WAYNE, Temple Mechanical Engineering, + KT, ASME, SMS SIMANK, NANCY ELAINE, Bishop Psychology SIMMONS, TOMMY JACK, Corsicana Govennment, Texas Veterans Society, German Club, Canterbury SIMMONS, WARREN VAN, Henderson Civil Engineering, ASCE. Varsily Baseball SIMONS, KARL HAMBLEN, Houston Electrical Engineering SIMPSON, DONNIE LEWIS, Big Spring History, German Club SIMPSON, HARRIS DUANE, Center Point Engineering Route to Business SIMPSON, PATRICIA, San Antonio Elementory Education, T ' Mt SIMPSON, WILLIAM BIRT, Saint Jo Accounting, AKM 7 , Student Assembly, Students ' Association Committees, House of Delegates, Student Christian Leader- SIMS, CLOYSE DEAN, Victoria Advertising Class of 1970 SIMS, SANDRA, Groesbeck Accounting, AAA, IIA + , ' I ' K ' I ' . Honor Roll, University Chorus SINGLETON, WILLIAM MADISON JR., Pasadena Phormocy, A+SJ, LPhA SKELTON, BRUCE TRUAX, Houston Rodio-Television-Film, I ' K + SLEDGE, MELISSA GAIL, Houston Interior Design and Home Economics, AiA, Fine Arts Com- mittee, AID, Round Up, Home Economics Chapter SMALLING, RICHARD WARREN, Baytown Aerospace Engineering, Exchange Board, AIAA SMALLSHAW, BARBARA JEAN, Galveston English and Speech, ilAll, Southern Singers SMITH, BENJAMIN LENNIS, Paducah Zoology SMITH, BRIAN PATRICK, Bellaire Accounting, t XK SMITH, CHRISTOPHER, W., Piano Mathematics, Acacia SMITH, DAVID ALAN, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, Iff , THIf, ASME, Gymnastic Team SMITH, DONNA LENELL, Dallas Speech, A XI), Ponhellenc Councit, Campus Survey, Freshman Council, Summer Orientation Advisor, Anget Flight SMITH, FRANCES ADELE, Corpus Christi Journalism, Hl | ' , CaduS Copy Editor, Daily Texon SMITH, GREGORY HAROLD, Fort Worth Anthropology, ATA, Vafsity Swimming, Freshman Council Ad- visor, 7eas Ranger SMITH, JANET MARIE, Dallas Nutrition, Texas Union Committees, Student Nutrition Organi- zation, Horn Economics Chapter SMITH, KEVIN HARVEY, Birmingham, Ala. Rodio-Televiiion-Film SMITH, MICHAEL JONATHAN, Midland Aerospace Engineering. 1IT. Tllll, AIAA, TSPE SMITH, SHERRY DIANE, Austin Physical Education. YD. PFM Club SMITH, TOMMIE JEAN. Houston Spanish SMITH, ZILMON FRANCIS, Austin General Business. Acacia SMOLENSKY, JACOB, Waco Marketing 592 SMYTH, DONALD ALAN, Houston Economics, A M , Pre-Low Association, Yl SNOW, GARY DON, Weatherford SOLIZ, THOMAS JOSEPH, Victoria Spanish, Newman Club SONDOCK, MARCIA ANN, Houston French, AK+ SONNEN, JAN ART, Brownsville History, APATHY SPAETH, STANLEY ALBERT, Houston Psychology, AKA, Interfroternity Council, House of Dele- gates, Freshman Advisor SPEER, JANICE PENNIE, Fremont Elementary Education, Texas Union Committee, House of Delegates Intromurals Southern Singers, Upper-Class Ad- visor, YR, Honor Roll, TSEA, ACE SPEIER, PATRICIA MARGARET, San Antonio Education, Freshman Council, YR, Ashbel Society, Ideas and Issues Committee SPEIGHT, SUSAN EDWINA, Fort Worth Chemistry, JSII SPELLMAN, JANE, Beeville Economics, Home Economics Chapter SPELLMAN, RICHARD McKEAN, Beeville Biology, Varsity Football Senior Manager, T Association SPELLMANN, TOPSY BROWNLEE, Perryton Government and History, YR, International Club SPENCER, CHARLES C. JR., Corpus Christi Business Administration, ATA SPINKS, MARGARET RUTH, Waco Home Economics and Education, Home Economics Chapter SPIVA, DIANA DEE, Fredericksburg Elementary Education, AAM, CIRUNA, MUM, Speakers ' Tour, Housing Committee STACEY, SUZANNE PRICILLA, San Antonio Elementory Education STAGE, JUDITH CHARLENE, San Antonio Elementary Education, Tltil, Longhorn Band STALLINGS, GREGORY LEE, Dallas Accounting STALLMAN, PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio Sociology STANDIFER, WILLIAM LEE, Corpus Christi History Graduating Seniors STANFORD, DORIS ANN, Lorena Fine Arts and Music Education STANFORD, JOHN BRADFORD, Austin Radio-Television-Film, AKP, Texas Union Committee, Fresh- man Encounter Advisor, Communications Course and Teacher Evaluation Committee STANIFORTH, WILLIAM M. Ill, South Plains Management STANO, CARL RANDOLPH, Pasadena Journalism and Government STAPP, JOY KRISTINE, Houston Psychology, A , + X, -I ' HK, AAA, Cactus Editor-in-Chief, TSP Board of Directors, Outstanding Student STARKEY, FRANKIE MARGARETTE, Austin Elementary Education, Honor Roll STEARNS, LLOYD BERNARD JR., Pharr Aerospace Engineering, AIAA, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society STEEN, LINDA KAY, Corpus Christi Government and English, II A, KAII, TSEA STEGEMUELLER, ROSEMARY, Washington Mathematics STEITLE, DAVID CHARLES, San Antonio Civil Engineering, IN, XK, ASCE STEPHENS, ARTHUR EDWARD, Houston Mechanical Engineering, Tltll, lK f, 11T1, Engineering Fel- lows, ASME STEVENSON, ROBERT NELSON, Dallas Biology, AKA STEWART, HAROLD EUGENE, San Antonio Physicol Therapy STEWART, HENRI PAUL, Pensacola, Fla. Mathematics, Crow ' s Nest, NROTC, Scabbard Blade Society, Semper Fidelis, Intromurals STEWART, MARK ALAN, Lamesa History STEWART, PAUL JOSEPH, Westminster, Calif. Cinema, Curtain Club Theatre STEWART, SUSAN, Richardson History STINEMAN, JANET CECELIA, Houston History, YR STINSON, JIM B., Lubbock Zoology, AXA STIVER, DAVID WITCHER, Waco Accounting 593 Class of 1 970 STOCKARD, JANET LOUISE, Beaumont Government, 1I1A, Kill, t AH. Deon ' s List, TSEA, Pre-law Association, Freshman Encounter, Community Legal Services, Community Involvement Committee, House of Delegates, Project Info STOKEY, DAVID ROSS, Dallas Marketing STORMENT, JOHN OMAR, San Antonio Physics and Mathematics STOVER, AMANDA HARALSON, Colmesneil English, AAA STRATTON, JOHN ROBERT, Austin Aerospace Engineering, OAK, Engineering Council, AIAA, Outstanding Student, Outstanding Engineering Student STRATTON, LYNN, Baytown H. story. AAA STREIT, GERALD EDWARD, Austin Chemistry, A !- , I ' AM ' STRICKLAND, JOYCE ANN, Dallas Mathematics, AKA STRINGER, PATRICIA KAY, Richardson Advertising, AAA, TAX, Southern Belles, University Sweet- heort, Texas Cowboy Sweetheart, Engineering Sweetheart, Cordettes, Ten Most Beautiful, KinsoTving Advisor, Campus Chest STUEBER, CAROL LEE, Cheyenne, Wyo. Sociology, AX!?, Community Involvement, Round-Up STURDEVANT, THOMAS EWIN, Houston Finance SULLIVAN, PAUL VINCENT, Alvin SULLIVAN, SUSANNE MARIE, Houston Journalism, Daily Texan SUMMERS, SARA $., Victoria English SUMPTER, LINDA ANN, Houston Nursing, TNSA, Upper- Class Advisor, Southern Singers SUROVEC, ROBERT LOUIS, Freeport Government SUTHERLAND, SHARON RUTH, Cuero Microbiology, Phi Beta Kinsolving, Honors Day SVRCEK, FRANK CHARLES, Houston Physics, 1111, Society of Physics Students SWAFFORD, GAYLE LYNN, Electra Mathematics SWAN, MARY ELIZABETH, Albuquerque, N. M. Elementary Education, AT, Longhorn Singers SYBESMA, PIETER HENRY, Andrews TALKINGTON, PRISCILLA ANN, Pleasanton Secondary Education, I ' AK, Freshman Council, TSEA TALLEY, RONALD CHARLES, San Antonio Zoology, Citizens for Over-Population Education TANAKA, YOSHIAKI, Osaka, Japan Mothematics, MI1, Japanese Student and Scholars Association TANGNEY, MARI JO, Houston History, YR, TSEA TANNER, WILLIAM RONALD, Odessa History TARBOX, MAX RALPH, Lubbock Finance, AK+, Acacia, CBA Council, House of Delegates, NROTC, Campus Survey Committee, Round-Up TARPLEY, BOBBIE LOU, Garland Secondary Education, Illill, House of Delegates, Kinsolv- ing Advisor, Educational Excellence Committee TARTT, SANDRA ANN, Mason Elementary Education TATUM, MARY SUSAN, Carthage Elementary Education TAUB, MICHAEL DAVID, Dallas Government, ZBT TAYLOR, CHARLENE SUE, UMarque English TAYLOR, HARRY LEE, Fredericksburg Finance, AK ' t ' , Freshman Baseball, Intramurals TAYLOR, JAY SETH, San Antonio Russian TAYLOR, JOHN LEE, Paris Accounting TAYLOR, MARJORIE PAULETTE, Dallas Latin TAYLOR, SANDRA JAYNE, Houston TEAL, ALAN THOMAS, Fort Worth Business Adminiitrot ' On TERRY, CINDY JEAN, Houston Radio-Ttleviston-Film TERRY, SUSAN NELL, Houston Hufoiy. Xft, Siiiert of the Star and CreiCtnt 594 TEUBNER, MARK GLENN, Dallas Mathematics THEIS, DONNA MAXINE, Bishop Mathematics, AAA THOMAS, DONALD DURAN, Amarillo History, IIKA THOMAS, PATROSKY, Prairie View Mathematics, A ' frA THOMAS, PHILLIP WHITED, Houston Advertising, AA THOMAS, STEPHEN DOUGLAS, Fort Worth Studio Art THOMASON, CAROL ANN, Austin Secondary Education, KAII THOMPSON, DAVID BOONE, McKinney Mechanical Engineering, AXA, ASME, Student Materials Society, Society of Engineering Science THOMPSON, JAMES ALLEN, Texarkana Architectural Engineering, i X, House of Delegates THOMPSON, KENNETH HARRY, Austin Education-History and English, TSEA THOMPSON, MICHAEL WESLEY, Pittsburg Industrial Management, IX THOMPSON, ROY WAYNE, San Antonio Mothemotics, A MJ THOMPSON, STEVEN EUGENE, Austin Educalion-Mathemotics and Chemistry THOMPSON, TOMMY LEWIS, Corsicana Mechanical Engineering, ASME THORNBERRY, DAVID HOMER, Austin Government, A6, t H, IIIA THORNE, LYNN LEON, Breckenridge Pharmacy, LPhA THORNTON, BRUCE CARY, Houston Chemical Engineering, +1IS, TBH, Q V., AlChE THORNTON, ELIZABETH ANNE, Houston Journalism, TAX, SKUNKS, PRSSA THORP, CHARLES ARTHUR, Corpus Christ! Fine Arts, Circle K THURMAN, GEORGE IRWIN JR., Vidor Accounting A R L Graduating Seniors 9 ft TIMMONS, LINDA MARIE, Littlefield Elementary Education. KATT AAA, TIA9, 4 K TIMS, KATHY HENNEBERGER, Austin Elementary Education, AAA, KAII, Acacia Order of Delphi TINDEL, KAREN, Dallas French TINNERMAN, HELEN LOUISE, Aransas Pass Mofhemotics, AAA, Scope TO, PHILIP KU Y, Hong Konq, China Pharmacy, Pharmacy Council, LPhA, International Committee, YD, Hong Kong Student Association, Chinese Student Association TOBIAS, STEPHANIE DIANE, Fort Worth Psychology TODD, JOHN EDWIN, Garland Pharmacy, LPhA TODD, LINDA ARLENE, Austin French TODD, SHARON ELIZABETH, San Antonio Journalism, TAX, PRSSA, House of Delegates TOLK, JOHN DAVID, Amarillo Aerospace Engineering, AXA, AIAA TOLSON, LESTER MARVIN, Mexia Statistics TOMLINSON, GAIL ADELE, Jacksboro Journalism, flS4 , YD, Wesley Foundation, PRSSA TOMLINSON, REAVIS ELDON, Killeen Government, Pre-Low Association, Men ' s Glee Club, MUN, PRSSA. International Club TOPP, JOHN WILLIAM, Harlingen Morlceting, A-II, Americon Marketing Association, CBA Council TOPP, MELVIN KERRY, San Antonio Mathematics TOTTENHAM, PATRICIA ANN, Brenham Interior Design, X ' .. ' , AID TOW, RICHARD WAYNE, Amarillo Advertising, AK+, BA , K TOWNSEND, CLYDE DOUGLAS, Austin Fine Acts, ASA, SAIA TOWNSEND, LARRY BRUCE, Salado Engineering Science, American Meteorological Society TREVINO, JOE ROBERT, San Antonio Architecture 595 TRIECE, TERRY MARGARET, Longview Molhematics and Latin, AAA, Campus Chest TRIMBLE, GLENDA RUTH, Lone Oak TRONSON, JODIE KATHLEEN, Sanderson Nursing, TNSA, Assemblyman TROUT, BOBBIE JO, Mesquite Hfttory TROUT, SUZANNE, Temple Sociology, Cordettes, Texas Union Travel Board, Scope TUCKER, JOHN BEE III, Baytown Mathematics, KA TUNZE, SUSAN BLAIR, Anahuac TURET, DIANN DRIVER, Houston Music Education, A Cappella Choir, Varsity Singers TURNER, KATHLEEN MARGARET, San Antonio Home Economics TURNER, LELAND STANFORD, Dallas Economics TURNER, LYNN TUNZE, Anahuac Interior Design, AID TYLER, RICHARD LYNN, Rogers Civil Engineering, ASCE UPCHURCH, RONALD L., Midland Biology, AKA, -I ' ll! UPTON, LINDA LOU, Ingleside Home Economics URBANIC, JANIE LYNN, Beaumont Psychology, AAA, Students ' Association Committee URBANOVSKY, BOBBY WAYNE, Pasadena Chemistry UTSEY, REBECCA ANN, Tyler Mathematics, X A VAN, WILLIAM HOWARD, Carrollton Mathematics, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship VAN HORN, FRANCES K., Austin VANCE, JOHN BARRINGTON, San Antonio Business Class of 1970 VANCE, KIM DWAIN, Paris Mathematics and Computer Science VARGAS, LUIS MANUEL, San Antonio Aerospoce Engineering VARIAN, WILLIAM THOMAS, San Antonio History VASQUEZ, ANNABELLA, Benavides Pharmacy, KE, AAA VERA, EDWARD M., San Antonio Marketing, Ailll, American Marketing Association VERDUCCI, LOUIS RAY, Pasadena VESS, DONALD SYLVAN, DeSoto Psychology VEST, GEORGE WAVERLY JR., Weslaco Accounting, +AH, 1 III, BA+ VILLARREAL, JOSE ARMANDO JR., Brownsville Governmenr VILLARREAL, JUDITH G., Corpus Christ! Elementary Education VILLARREAL, VICTOR ROMEO, Rio Grande City Pharmacy, 1 AX VILLASTRIGO, ANDREW HEINISCH, San Antonio Government, Rugby Team, YR VINSON, CHARiES EVERETT, El Paso Chemicol Engineering, TBII, I ' K ' t 1 , Tejas Club, Texas Cow- boys, Goodfellow VOELZEl, GUSTAVE WALTER III, Houston Architecture, A+SI. AIA VOGEL, CAROL LYNN, Austin Art History VOIGT, CAROLE REINE, San Antonio Mothemolici, A , Fina Afli Committee VOIGT, WILIADENE, Poth Business Education. II ' .MI. IMF., AAA, All-Compui Ad- visors. House of Delegates VOLLMER, PHYLLIS JOANN, Baton Rouge, La. Nurting WADDELL, ROBERT BRUCE, Eagle Like WADE, JAMES HENRY, Dallas English, Ttiai Club. Pre Low Association, Round-Up, Challenge 596 WAGGONER, JUDY, Wichita Falls Government, KKP WAGGONER. MICHAEL BRUCE, Arlington Business, KE WAGNER, ELAINE LOUISE, Austin Art History WAIDE, JACK 8OID, El Paso Zoology, IHE, A S Council, Dean ' s List WALKER CHRISTINE ANN, San Antonio Pharmacy, XQ, A. X KK, PX, Phi Beta Kin- solving, Acacia Order of Delphi, Mortar Board, LPhA, Pharmacy Council, Cactus WALKER, SHIRLEY ANN, Austin Sociology, .iB, Soooks, Ethnic Studies Committee WALL, GLADYS ANN, Houston Education -History, Spooks, Union Committee WALL, JOHN THOMAS, Tyler Civil Engineering, XE, TBIT, ASCE WALLACE, DAVID LOWRY, Junction Pharmacy, I .1X WALLACE, EDWARD BLUME, Shreveport, La. Architecture, APX, Sphinx, Architecture Coun- cil, Challenge, House of Delegates, SAIA WALTER, DAVID HILL, Roswell, N. M. Government, House of Delegates, Intramurals, AROTC WALTERS, JAMES EDWARD, Austin Mechanical Engineering WALTERS, JAMES ROYCE, Dallas Pharmacy WALTERS. MARY MARGARET, Houston Physical Education and Mathematics, Intercolle- giate Tennis and Badminton, PEM Club, Upper- Closs Advisor WARD, JAMES EUGENE, Houston Economics, K , International Business Associa- tion, Weight Lifting Club, Project Venezuela WARDELL, ROY I., Palestine Government YR Pre-Law Association WAREING, LESLIE LENOIR, Crockett Art and Psychology, Xfi, Angel Flight WARREN, GEORGE MacDONALD, San Antonio Business Administration-Marketing WARWICK, CAROLYN, Houston Elementary Edu -at ion WATERS, CYNTHIA JAN, Dallas Advertising, TAX WATFORD, 8ETTIE SELDEN, Austin Journalism and Management, AOTT, TAE, Canterbury Association WATKINS, CHARLES EDWARD, Corpus Christ! Mathematics, AIP-TKA, Varsity Debate, Oratorical Association, Communications Coun- cil, House of Delegates, MUN, ACLU WATKINS, LYNN BROOKS, League City Economics WATSON, JOSEPH PRESLEY III, Houston Architectural Engineering, A Mi, Students ' Association Committee, AAAE, Royal Spirit Committee, Election Commission Graduating Seniors WATT, GARY WAYNE, Austin Mechanical Engineering. TBII, FITS, +HI, KK+, Longhorn Band, Posse, Engineering Council, ASME, TSPE, Goodlellow WAUGH, JO ANNE, Liberty Spanish, KAft, Texas Union Committee Campus Chest WEARY, ANDREW HARVEY, Dallas Zoology, Karotc Club, Citizens for Overpopulation Education WEATHERS, JAMES DANIEL, Griffin, Ga. Biology, KA, Karote Club, Long horn Aero C lub WEAVER, ELIZABETH ANN, Dallas History, MAO. CIRUNA WEBRE, LLOYD POSEY, Houston Business Administrotion, American Finance Association, Real Estate Society WEINER, BARRY MICHAEL, San Antonio Architecture. AKIl WEINGARTEN, ALICE FAYE, Houston Education, A K, Royal Spirit Committee WEINSTEIN, JUDITH LYNN, Dallas Sociology, AK ' l- WEINTRAUB, DAVID ALLAN, Dallas History, T.l t WELCH, MARK ALAN, New Boston Business WELCH, RUSSELL FRANKLIN, Lufkin Speciol Education. ATI?, Student Council for Exceptional Children WELLS, JULIA FAIR, Eagle Lake Mothemotics, KAH. Association for Computing Machinery, Sweetheart of Chaltett WELLS, TERRY LEE, Austin Mechanical Engineering, A4 S. Engineering Council, ASME, TSPE, Engineering Po er Show WERTHEIMER, SUE ANN, Dallas Public Relations, PRSSA, Ashbel Society, Round-Up WEST, ALBERT WASHINGTON, San Antonio Finance, 1 } WESTFALL, WILLIAM ARTHUR, Cisco WETUSKI, RAFT HYMAN, Houston History, YD WEYAND, LOUIS O., Austin Mathematics WHARTON, JAMES ERIC, Dallas Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Kaiole Club 597 WHEELER, WILLIAM MARLEY, McKinney Government WHITE, CAROLYN ANN, Temple Education WHITE, MOLLY TYNER, Corpus Christ! History and Government WHITE, SHARON KAY, Weslaco Home Economics WHITING, SHARON CAROL, College Station Music Education, IAI, Symphonic Band WHITTINGTON, GARY ROYESTON, Corpus Christ! Psychology, Student Christian Fellowship WIATREK, MARILYN RUTH, Karnes City Mathematics WICKER, SANDRA LEE, Dallas Mathematics, AZ, Challenge, Freshman En- counter Advisor, Freshman Council, Legisla- tive Conference, SKUNKS, TSEA WILEY, GORDON DOUGLAS, Fort Worth Industrial Management t rA WILHELM, JOHN AUGUST, Jonesboro Biology WILKEY, DONNA JEAN, Abilene Microbiology, AKA, Challenge, Blanton Ad- visor, Scope WILKINSON, LARRY ELDON, League City Anthropology WILL, JANET BROWN, Springdale, Ark. Spanish, SAIT WILLARD, SUSAN JANE, Henderson Elementary Education WILLE, DIANE LOUISE, Bryn Mawr. Pa. International Studies and Government, CEC Com- mittee WILLIAMS, BRADFORD RALSTON, Austin Statistics, AK WILLIAMS, DENNIS MICHAEL, La Porte Journalism, Shuffleboard Squad WILLIAMS, JEANNE ANN, Shamrock Music Education, TBS, SAI, Longhorn Bond, Concert Choir WILLIAMS, LOUIS BOOTH JR., Poris Personnel Management and Industrial Rela- tions, S E. AIESEC WILLIAMS, RITA LOUISE, Austin Zoology, TBS, AEA, AAA, Longhorn Band, Newman Club, Little Sisters of the Laurel WILLIAMS, WENDELL CURTIS, Temple Finance, ASH WILLIAMSON, DAVID HAL, Itasco Pharmacy WILLIAMSON, RICHARD EDWIN, San Antonio Accounting, BA-C WILLIAMSON, TROY WEONARD, Paris Psychology Class of 1 970 WILLIS, LARRY NEIL, Marble Falls Psychology, NROTC WILMUT, CHARLES GORDON, Dallas Aerospace Engineering, AIAA ' WILSON, BENITA FAY, Lufkin Advertising, A FA, FAX, Communications Council WILSON, CHARLES MONROE III, Dallas General Business, A H, C8A Council, House of Delegates, Intro- murals, Interfralernity Council, Outstanding Intramural Manager Award WILSON, CHRISTOPHER JOHN, Austin Zoology, ATQ, t HI, AEA, Texas Cowboys WILSON, IRENE FRANCES, Hallettsville Economics, Y Tutor, Freshman Encounter Advisor, IDR, Interna- tional Committee, Community Involvement Committee WILSON, MARTHA JEAN, Pasadena WILSON, MARY MELINDA, Angleton History and English, Texas Union Committee, Texas Sacred Sing- ers, Upper-Class Advisor WILSON, MICHELLE IVY, Dallas Art History, AX!!, Challenge WILSON, THOMAS J., Dickinson Geology, TIKA, Underwater Society WINDHAM, JUDITH ANN, Livingston English, KAH, Little Sisters of the Shield and Diamond, YR, Heflin Advisor WINEGARDNER, JOE E., San Antonio Elementary Education, TBII, IEEE WINKLER, GARY ZANE, Gruver Finance WISE, JACK G., Austin Finance, ATfl, Tejas Club, Texas Cowboys, Interfraternity Council WITCHER, LINDA JO, Amarillo Pharmocy, KK, LPhA WITT, WALLACE THURSTON JR., Aransas Pass Marketing, AXA WOEST, DONALD ROGER, Pasadena Secondary Education WOLF, PAULETTE, Brownsville Education-Sociology, AM 1 , Freshman Council, MUN WOLFF, HAROLD LAWRENCE JR., Gonzales Electrical Engineering WOLTER, DORETTA JEAN, Galveston Sociology 598 WONG, CONNIE, Houston Microbiology WONG, DAVID DAH-HWAI, Hong Kong, China Management Ai II WONG, KATHLYN JOYCE, San Antonio Psychology WOOD, JANIS LYNN, Port Arthur Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter WOOD, PHYLLIS KAY, Austin Inferior Design, Xi7, Freshman Council, AID WOOD, WARREN ALBERT, Fort Worth Pharmacy, K . LPhA WOODALL, MARY CELESTE, Tyler Elementary Education, ACE WOODARD, ARDYSS W., Greenville Spanish, KAB WOODARD, LINDA MARRINE, Weatherford Elementory Education, Intramurals, Valhalla Cooperative WOODS, PAUL KENNETH, Henderson Mathematics WOODS, THERRELL E., San Antonio Accounting, Ailll WOOLSEY, JAMEE, Corpus Christi Physical Education WORKMAN, THOMAS EDWARD JR., Houston Electrical Engineering, TKE, Long horn Singers WORSHAM, GARY JAMES, Columbus, Ohio Statistics, A1II WORTHAM, MICHAEL BRUCE, Houston Mathematics, AFROTC, Long horn Band WORTMAN, GEORGE ISAAC, Lubbock Pharmacy, K . LPhA, AROTC WREN, FLOYD G. JR., Corpus Christi Psychology WREN, JOHN CALVIN, Weatherford Finance, A KM ' WRIGHT, CAROLYN JO, San Antonio Business Administration WRIGHT, ELLA MARIE, Crosby Anthropology Graduating Seniors WRIGHT, ESTHER LOUISE, Austin French and English WRIGHT, HAROLD EUGENE, Cleburne Pharmacy, 1 AX WRIGHT, HERBERT RAWSON III, Abilene Engineering Route to Business Administration, NROTC, Crow ' s Nest, Buccaneer Drill Team, Scabbard Blade Society WRIGHT, ROBERT MAX JR., Bella. re History and Asian Studies, X , Asian Studies Club YAFFE, MARILYN SUSAN, Dallas Journalism, TAX, Hillel Foundation YARBROUGH, DANA ELIZABETH. Galveston Elementary Educotion, AA1I, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Education Council, Goodfellow YATES, BONNIE BELL, Beaumont English, X.TA, Ashbel Society YATES, KENNETH HAROLD, Yonkers, N. Y. Electrical Engineering, Xl , IEEE, Sports Car Club, Intramurals YAZDI, MOJTABA, Tehran, Iran Petroleum Engineering, AIME YEE, ALLISON SING, Houston Zoology, lHi;, AilA, A 1 t!, ! !, Texas Union Committees, MUN, International Club, Dean ' s List, Chinese Students Associa- tion YODER, KAREN ELISE. Weimac English and Speech, AT, AAA, liltlefield Advisor YOM, KERRY SOO, Seoul, Korea Chemical Engineering YOUMANS, ROBERT ALAN, Son Antonio Government, AROTC YOUNG, CHARLES FREDERICK, Texas City Psychology, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Swim- ming Team, Men ' s Glee Club YOUNG, DONALD RAY, Freeport Civil Engineering, FI, Interfraternity Council, ASCE YOUNG, VANESA LYNN, Abilene Elementary Educotion ZACHARIAS, BARBARA LEE, Dallas Sociology ZAMORANO, RUBEN GAMEZ. Amarillo Latin American Studies, Institute of Latin American Studies, YD, MASO ZAPATA, GEORGE DOVALINA JR., Laredo Government, t SA, Men ' s Glee Club, MUN, Pre-Law Association, APSA ZEPEDA, DAVID EDWARD, Houston Biology ZIZELMANN. JOHN ROBERT, Houston Mechanical Engineering, A t 0, Election Com- mission, Goodfellow, TSPE ZUNIGA, DIANA GLORIA, Laredo Physical Engineering, KAIT, PEM Club 599 ACREMAN, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL, Odessa ADAMS, ANN ARLENE, Houston ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER HENRY J., Austin ADAMS, ROBERT MCCLELLAND in, Houston ANDERSON, RICHARD DEAN, La Marque ANDERTON, NORMAN S. Ill, Arlington ARMSTRONG, KENNETH BEALLE, Fort Worth AUSTIN, WILLIAM S., Fort Worth AVERY, LUCILLE CHRISTINA, Austin BAKER, CHARLES EVERETT, Holland BALOGH, JAMES MICHAEL, San Antonio BARRENTINE, JOE OSCAR, Canton BECK, JOHN RICHARD, San Antonio BELLINGHAUSEN, DONNA ANN, Munday BENNETT, DOUGLAS FAIRFIELD, Woodville BIRD, WILLIAM LIGHTNER JR., Fort Worth BLALOCK, CHARLES STUART IV, Marshall BLOOM, MADALY BETH, Clarksdale, Miss. BOBO, CAROLYN GAIL, Austin BOLAND, MICHAEL LEE, San Antonio BORRER, JERRY LEE, San Antonio BOSWELL, BEN AUTREY JR., Temple BOWMAN, WAYNE FRANKLIN III, Houston BOYD, GLENN WELDON, Jacksonville BRASELTON, LINDA ADAIR, Fort Worth BREWER, TRAVIS EARL, Brenham BROWDER, DAVID EDWIN, Burleson BROWN, ALPHONCE, Wichita Falls BURTON, JOSEPH ARNOLD, Palacios CALABRO, FRANK PETER, San Antonio CANTRELL, CECIL DELL, Houston CARPENTER, JOAQUIN, Cotulla CARVAJAL, CHARLES EDWARD, San Antonio CASSELL, JOHN LOUIS JR., Dallas CATES, JOHN WARREN, San Antonio CAVANAUGH, KENNETH LEE, San Antonio CHERRY, WILLIAM FREDRICK II, Crosby CLAWSON. JAMES BRUCE, Devine COLLINS, CHARLES JOSEPH III, San Antonio COLLINS, KENNETH FLOYD, Kilgore Seniors COWAN, TERRENCE ROSS, Austin COX, JOHN WAYNE, Grand Prairie COYM, PATRICK WILLIAM, Alice CRAIG. RICHARD NEIL, Lake Jackson CROMPTON, DAVID R., Unionville, Conn. CROWELL, JAMES ORAN, Amarillo CULVER, LINDA MARY, Phillips DALTON, LOYD JR., San Antonio DANFORTH, DOUGLAS MUELLER, Austin D ' AREZZO, ALFRED JOHN JR., Austin DARVILLE, DARLA JUNE, Odessa DAVILA, NORMA ANN, San Antonio DEINKEN, ANNA f., Los Alamos, N. M. DE LA GARZA, VICTOR JR., McAllen DICKSON, RAYMOND LESLIE, Waco DIES, MARTIN WHITE, Lufkin DIRUSSO, DONNA, Devine DISNEY, DEBORAH ANN, Fort Worth DOHERTY, WILFRED L, Houston DOMMERT, DAVID EDWIN, Pasadena DRIGGERS, JOHN MACK, Tyler DRISKILL, DONALD OSCAR, Houston DUBOSE, WALTER HENRY, Austin DUKE, TERRY WAYNE, Lancaster DUNLAP, SUSAN ANN, Lockhart EADS, MARGARET JEAN, Carlsbad, N. M. EATON, GERALD STEPHEN, San Antonio EATON, RICHARD AIDAN, San Antonio ELIZARDO, ROBERTO LUIS, San Antonio ELLIS, MARGARET FUCHS, San Antonio ELLIS, SUSAN TARLTON, Austin ELMORE, SANDRA ANTOINETTE, McAllen ENGLISH, WILKE DENTON, Austin FARGASON, EDDIE WAYNE, Plainview FEUERBACHER, CARLA VEE, Austin FRYAR, RONALD STEPHEN, Brownwood FUCHS, CHRISTINE E., San Antonio GANTNER, DIANE MARIE, El Paso GARRETT, SAMMY D., Bridgeport GARZA, YOLAND IRIS, Edinburg 600 GILL, HAL MICHAEL, Midland GILLASPIE, DAN WARD, Webster GIPS, ROBERT CHARLES JR., Luling GLADE, THOMAS WALKER, Lufkin GLASGOW, KEN WALLACE, Ozark, Ala. GLASSMIRE, CHARLES JOSEPH, Groves GOLDBERG, GARY IRWIN, Dallas GONZALEZ, FRANCISCO J., San Antonio GOODFRIEND, GARY MARC, Austin GRAHAM, SIDNEY LEE, Marshall GREEN, TED EDWARD JR., Houston GRYGAR, RONALD REED, Temple GUERRA, ERNESTO C. JR., Edinburg GUERRA, SANDRA LYDIA, McAllen GULLEN, ATANACIO CRUZ JR., Amarillo GULLEEN, KRIS KARL, Austin GUSTAFSON, VIRGINIA JOYCE, Austin HAHN, GREGORY JOHN, San Antonio HALEY, DENNIS CLYDE, Canyon HALL, LUTHER GLENN, Wharton HAMILTON, CHARLES B. JR., Taylor HAMILTON, LAWRENCE ALAN, Dallas HAMILTON, ROGER DEAN, Mabank HANSON, JANET FAYE, Cuero HARGRAVES, EDDIE JO, Baytown HARRELL, JOSEPH DANIEL, Dallas HARRISON, ROGER DALE, Haltom City HAYS, HARLAN DAVID, Taylor HAYWOOD, CHARLES, Brownsville HEERS, DANIEL KENNETH, Dallas HENDERSON, WILLIAM WATSON JR., Austin HENSLEY, JOHN CHARLES, San Antonio HERTZ, RAYMOND STANLEY, Dallas HEWETT, HELEN JACKIE, Freeport HINOJOSA, ARNOLD JOEL, Edinburg HOMMEL, MARY GRACE, Fort Worth HOUZVICKA, FRANK JOHN II, Richardson HUBBARD, GEORGE HUGHLAND, Austin HUDSON, BEVERLY JEWEL, Palestine HUDSON, JOHN MICHAEL, Amarillo Seniors HUMPHREY, VIRGINIA LEE, Dallas HUSER, PATRICIA ANN, Houston JACKSON, CAROLYN DIANE, Lake Jackson JACKSON, FLOYD STACY, Lockesburg, Ark. JENKINS, DAN STANLEY, Hico JENKINS, ROBERT WILLIAM, Fort Worth JOHN, DONALD HUGH, San Antonio JOHNS, STEPHEN HARRY, San Antonio JOHNSON, DANNY ELMO, Dallas JONES, MARILYN ANN, Hallsville JUDD, KENNETH R., Satellite Beach, Fla. JUNG, MARVIN A. JR., New Braunfels KELLY, HORACE EUGENE III, Houston KELLY, KERRY ROSS, Fort Worth KELLY, PAUL DIXON, McAllen KENDRICK, GERALD ALAN, Dallas KEYS, JERRY MALCOM, Childress KILKUSKIE, VIRGINIA LEE, Philips KILLGORE, DONNIE WAYNE, Brady KING, SAMUEL LESLIE JR., Alice KIR.CHNER, BEN RUSSELL, Pasadena KOEPNICK, SHIRLEY R., Houston KOHLTFARBER, LESLIE RANDALL, Baytown KREIGER, MARK STEVEN, Austin LANGE, KENNETH DALE, Victoria LAW, MARIAN COMBS, San Antonio LEWIS, CHARLES EDWIN, Houston LEWIS, JOHN CHARLES, Austin LIESMAN, ROBERT ARTHUR, Boerne LINDSEY, JAMES MALCOLM, Austin LITTLE, SUE ELLEN, Granbury LITTON, BEVERLY ANNE, Baytown LOFTIS, BRUCE, Houston LOPEZ, ARMANDO JR., San Antonio LOVE, ELISABETH LYNN, Lufkin LOWERY, LEON HERCHEL, Dallas LOWRIE, DAVID AUSTIN, Austin LUKE, THOMAS EDWARD JR., Houston MAADAH, ALI GHORMULLAH, Bani-Salim, Saudi Arabia MAGEL, JAMES BEN, Pleasanton 601 MANESS, MARGARET LYN, Granbury MARTINETS, ALLEN GENE, Holland MASLEY, DAVID ALLEN, San Antonio MATTHEWS, WILLIE LEE, Houston MAUPIN, PAMELA, Pasadena MAURY, DONNA GAIL, Dallas MAY, DOUGLAS GLEN, Houston MAXWELL, GARY LORAN, Lometa MCDONNELL, MILTON A., victoria MclNTOSH, GARY DAVID, Odessa McNEIL, MICHAEL RAY, Odessa McVEY, DIANE, Dallas McWILLIAMS, JACK BRYAN, Houston MEDFORD, PHILIP MAIN, Lufkin MESSER, BEVERLY ELAINE, Amarillo MICKLETHWAITE, DWIGHT BRUNER, Brady MILLER, GARY GEORGE, Pasadena, Calif. MIRACLE, BRUCE GILBERT, Wills Point MONROE, JAMES PATRICK, Corpus Christi MONROE, SAMMYE LOU, Pampa MOORE, CHARLES W., El Dorado, Ark. MOORE, MICHAEL RAY, Yoakum MORENO, PHILLIP JAMES, Beeville MORTON, CRAIG, Austin MOSS, KATHRYN ANN, Devine MURRAY, VIRGINIA LEE, Dallas MUZNY, ROBERT THOMAS JR., Lake Jackson NEAL, LARRY ALLEN, Temple NEEL, LEROY KEMP, Houston NUGENT, MICHELLE CECILIA, Dallas O ' CONNOR, KATHLEEN MARY, Dallas OZMUN, ELEANOR BETHEL, Houston PALMER, SUSAN LYNN, Houston PALOMERA, TIM III, San Antonio PARKER, CLIFFORD DWAYNE, Cuero PEESE, GARY RAY, San Antonio PENNINGTON, WALTER BRUCE, Austin PERSYN, STEVE GUS, Castroville PESCHKA, JOSEPH CRAIG, Vidor PETKAS, PETER JAMES, Houston Seniors POPE, JAMES ERNEST, Austin POPE, PATRICIA ANN, Fort Worth POWERS, PATRICIA, Austin PULLIN, GARY CARL, San Antonio RABENSBURG, AUBREY NEALE, Houston RAMON, VICTOR JOSE, Rio Grande City RANDALL, ANNETTE MARIE, La Marque RAY, PHILIP DEWOLF, Greenville RAY, SUSAN, Fort Worth REAM, LEE JANE, Austin REDDICK, HENRY FRANKLIN, Arlington REDDING, MICHAEL TAYLOR, San Antonio REINHARDT, ALFRED HENRY, Victoria REVES, RANDALL ROCKNE, Odessa REYES, JOE JR., Blessing REYNA, JOHNNY, San Antonio REYNOLDS, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Texarkana RICE, THOMAS NAFFE, Austin ROCHS, MARGARET ANN, Austin RODRIGUEZ, MARIA EDNA, Laredo ROGERS, RONALD LEE, Arlington ROMBERG, VINCENT GEORGE, Baytown ROSALES, RALPH JOSEPH JR., San Antonio ROTHWELL, DONALD JOE, Austin ROUTT, JAMES O ' NEAL III, Dallas RUBINSTEIN, TIMOTHY F., San Antonio RUCKEL, CHARLES W. Ill, Gulfport, Miss. RUDDER, LINDA KAE, Lawton, Okla. RUIZ, ABUNDIO JR., Austin RUSHTON, JANICE EDNA, San Antonio RUSSELL, JEF CHAISON, Beaumont SALDIVAR, SARA SYLVIA, Houston SAPP, JOSEPH STAFFORD, Conroe SAUNDERS, CATHERINE EMMA, San Antonio SCHILLER, ROBERT RANEY, Cameron SCHOBERLE, CARL JOSEPH III, Dallas SCHRAEDER, JERRY DALE, Fort Worth SEELY, JACK W., Beaumont SEIGLER, LARRY WAYNE, Morton SENKOW, KENNETH, Dallas 602 SHARP, KATHERINE LEE, Dallas SHAVER, PHILIP EDWARD, Austin SHIFFLETT, LYNN E., DeLeon SHORTALL, JOHN GREGORY JR., San Antonio SIMS, DOUGLAS REX, Ganado SINCLAIR, JIMMY DAN, Grand Prairie SINGLETARY, LOREN B., Greensboro, N. C. SINGLETON, ROBERT LEE JR., San Antonio SLOAN, DWIGHT DAVID, San Antonio SMITH, BURLEIGH JOHN, San Antonio SMITH, CHARLES MICHAEL, Stillwater, Okla. SMITH, JOHN OLIVER, Austin SMITH, STEVEN ROBERT, Euless SNELLINGS, RICHARD PAUL, Humble SOUTH, JACK GREGORY, Clyde STEWART, ROBERT GEORGE, Fort Worth STILES, FRANCIS DEAN, Thorndale STOERNER, SUZANNE, Houston STONE, ARLIS FRANKLIN JR., New London STONG, STEPHEN MOORE, Houston SUMPTER, EUGENE DALE, Port Lavaca TALLEY, DENNIS LEE, Denison TAYLOR, JAMES FRANKLIN, Corsicana TAYLOR, JOHN THOMAS, Jefferson THOMAS, MARY JANE, Amarillo THOMPSON, RODNEY BROOKE, Winnetka, III THOMPSON, TOMMY DEAN, Fort Worth TODAR, YVONNE ELIZABETH, Waco TOUPS, CAROLYN ROSE, Refugio TRACY, MARGARET EVELYN, Houston TRUSS, ROBERT STEVE, Midland TUCKER, FRED PEEL, Corpus Christi TUMLINSON, THOMAS EDWARD, San Antonio TURNER, DAVID ALAN, Austin TWOMEY, FREDRIC LAWRENCE, Denton VAN ZANDT, DOUGLAS T., Dallas WAGNER, FRANK H. JR., Portsmouth, N. H. WALKER, RONALD BRUCE, Refugio WARNING, KARL ROBERT, New Lenox, III. WARRINGTON, GARY ALAN, San Antonio WATKINS, CHARLES LEE III, Dallas WATSON, JAMES ANDREW, San Antonio WEAR, WILLIAM ORANGE III, Austin WEBB, LORINDA LEA, San Antonio WELLS, STEPHEN JACKSON, Fort Worth WHEATCROFT, JOHN DAVID, Houston WHITE, ANNE IVEY, Raleigh, N. C. WHITE, WILLIAM VICTOR, Dallas WILLIAMS, DENNIS ALAN, Baytown WILLIAMS, KARL LEONARD, Bandera WILSON, CLAUDE REESE, San Angelo WILSON, PAUL MANNIE, Waco WINN, CONNIE SUE, Blanco WOOLEY, JOHN CAREY, Corpus Christi YELDERMAN, CLAIRE ANN, El Paso YELDERMAN, JOAN RAE, Rosenberg YOAST, KENNETH LEE, San Antonio YORK, JOHN LOUIS, Wharton YOUNG, DAVID ANDREWS, Killeen YOUNGBLOOD, CLAUDE RUDD, Waskom ZISSMAN, EDWARD HERMAN, El Paso 603 ABERNATHY, ROBERT ARTHUR. Alomogordo N M ACREE, JAMES DAVID, Victoria ADAMS, DEBORAH IOE. Amorillo ADAMS, MARY GEORGENE, Beaumont ADAMS, SARAH JANE, Mesquite ADKINS, DAVID JOE, Georgetown AERTKER, ROGER CASE. Fort Worth AGOLD, DAVID CHARLES, San Antonio ALEXANDER, PATRICIA J. Runge ALLMAN, NANCY LYNNE, Hur.tiville AMAYA, BALDEMAR LICEA, Corpui Chriiti AMIRKABIRIAN, IRAJ, Tabriz, Persia ANDERSON, BETTY JOYCE, Galveston ANDERSON, JAMES DAFFIS, Austin ANDERSON, MARGARET FORREST, Asherton ANDERSON, RODNEY KING, Cameron ANGEVINE, TERRY THOMAS. Midland ANTHONY, DWIGHT WELDON, Baytown ARMSTRONG, JEFFREY NEAl, Fort Worth ARMSTRONG, JOHN JAMES, Panhandle ARTHUR, THOMAS GAIl, Kingsville ATKINSON, MELODY MARGARET, Addison, III. ATTERHOLT, DRUSCILLA JANE, Milford Ohio AUTREY, SHARON KAY, Houston AVRIETT, PATRICIA ANN Waco 8AB8, RICHARD OTT, Paris BAETHGE, JONATHAN DANIEL, Fredericksburg BAGLEY, TAFFY DIANE, El Paso BAILEY, ALDEN OLIN JR., Pasadena BAIN, BEVERLY ANN, San Antonio 8AIRD, SHERRY KAY, Bella-re BAKER, ISABEL CATHERINE, San Antonio BAKER, JEFFREY ROTH, Houston BAKER, THOMAS BENNETT JR., Kenedy BAICOM, KAREN SUZANNE, Son Antonio BALDRIDGE, DANNY EUGENE, Cameron BALDWIN, JAMES WADE Fort Worth BALLINGER. PHILIP ROBERT, Sumter S C BALLMAN, DON EARL, Mart BALLOU, JAY ARCH, Dallas BAITZELL, GARY CHARLES. Houston BANKS, VIRGINIA ANNE, Austin BANKS, CHARLES ALBERT, Pensacola, Fla. BABBLES, LARRY DREW, Houston BARKER, PATRICK AUSTIN, Son Antonio BARNES. STEPHANIE ANN Odessa BARR, SUSAN GAYLE, Austin BARRETT, EMILY ELIZABETH, Bellaire Class of 1971 BARRETT, JAMES ANDERSON, Mt. Pleasant BARRETT, RICHARD HERMAN III, Tyler BARRON, DORIS JEAN, Dallas BARTELS, GREGORY ALAN, Victoria BARTMESS. GEARY III, Beaumont BARTON, NANCY EARLE, Monahans BARTULAS, FAYE CAROLYN, Victoria BASILA, JO ANN. San Antonio BATES. DONNIE JOE. Kermit BATES, GARTH CHARLES JR., Houston BATES IRA IRVING Midland BATES, ROBERT HAROLD, Dallas BATTERTON, PAUL EDWARD JR., San Antonio BAXTER, CAROL FRANCES, Austin BAXTER, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Dallas BAZAN, JUAN MANUEL, Victoria BAZAN, ROEL, Freer BEARDEN, BETSY ANNE, Richardson BEASLEY, ANITA JANE, Austin BEATY, CLAIRE Henrietta BEENE, STEVEN EARL, Dallas BEHAL, EUGENE FRANK, Eogle Pass. BELL, F KELLY JR.. Midland BELSON, CHARLES MAYNARD. Rosebud BENAVIDES, ROGER JAMES, Son Antonio BENDER, CRAIG KAVANAUGH, Fort Worth BENN, GARY L , Abernathy BENTON. BARRY LOUIS, Dallas BERGMAN, BETSY MAURICE, Wichita, Kans. BIBLE, JONATHAN DAVID, Houston 8IBO, JOHN CRAIGHEAD, Houston BIGGERSTAFF, JAMES ROY, Overton BIGGERSTAFF. JERRY RAYBRO Overlon BILLINGSLEY, SHIRLEY LEE. K.lleen BINGHAM, MELINDA SUE, Austin 8IRDWELL, JOSEPH M. JR., Dumas BLACK, CATHARINE DURAND, Seabrook BLACK, REBECCA. Houston BLACKFORD. CAROL ANN. Richardson BLAINE. SANDRA KAY, C.ico BLAIR, MARY ELIZABETH. Fort Worth BLANTON. NANCY, Dallas BLAUSER. GREGORY LEE, Houston 6OOCH, HELEN ELIZABETH, Amonllo BOONE, DORRIS EVELYN, Austin BOROEN, ROBERT CHRISTIAN, Bryan 8AUCHER, CHRISTINE E . San Anton, o BOUDOIN. ERNEST SHELDON, Metame. la 604 BOWERS, BILL DAVID, league BOWLES, BARBARA ALLEN, San Marcos BOYER BONNIE LYNN, San Antonio BRACHER ROBIN SUE, Houston BRACY, ANDREA LEW, Austin BRADEN, GAIL. Dallas BRADEN, JOYCE IRENE, Pasadena BRADSHAW, CHARLINE, Mesquite BRADY, KATHLEEN M., San Antonio BRAMLETT, REBECCA ANN, Houston BRETT NANCY JO, Galveston BREWER, ROBERT LEWIS, Tyler BRIGGS, JOHN ELLIOTT, Mineral Wells BRIGHAM, BETTY LOU, Edna BRIGHTWELl, EMILY, Houston BRINKLEY. SALLY KATE, San Antonio BRISCO, JAMES ISAM III, Sheridan BROOKS, BENJAMIN ACIE, Dallas BROOKS, JUDY LEE, Kilgore BROOKS, LLOYD WILLIAM JR., Dallas BROWN, BRENDA, Lampasas BROWN, CYNTHIA WYNELL, Dallas BROWN, GARY ALAN, Boytown BROWN, GARY CLOVIS, Brady BROWN, GREGG WARREN, Houston BROWN, HAL DENNIS, San Antonio BROWN, JACKIE LEE, Frost BROWN MARTHA M., Balboa Mrs., Canal Zone BROWN, MICHAEL EMERSON, Anson BROWNING, NICOLE, Houston BROWNLOW, DANIEL CLARON, Austin BRUGGMAN, KAREN LYNN, Texas City BRUNDRETT, JACK HULSEY, Dallas BRYANT, TERRY LYNN, Muleshoe BUCKLEY, RONNY 1. V., Ennis BUGBEE, ROBERT MARSHALL, Dallas BUNCE, GAIL ANN, Austin BUNKLEY, CLAUDE E., Stamford BURK, TELENA LEA, Ballinger BURNETT, DEIDRE LYNN, Son Antonio BURTON WILLIAM COMER, Houston BUSBY, THOMAS FRANKLIN, Point Comfort BUSH, JOHN STEVEN, Lewisville BUTLER, PEGGY YVONNE, San Antonio BUTTERY, JAMES WARREN, San Antonio BYBEE, SAM ALAN, Hondo BYERS, CYNTHIA CAROLE, Springlake BYINGTON, JAMES DANIEL, San Antonio : Juniors BYRD, SUSAN MARGARET, Abilene CAIN, SHIRLEY ANN, San Antonio CAIN, TERRY SUE, Dallas CALAWAY, EDWARD IEE JR., Show A.F.B., S. C. CALLAHAN, MARJORIE ANNE, Dallas CALLAHAN, SUSAN CHANDLER, Galveston CALLAWAY, CHARLES MARK, Dallas CAMPBELL, MILDRED CAROLYN, Wichita Foils CAMPBELL, SUSAN LEE, Bossier City, Lo. CAMPOS. ANTONIO RENTERIA, El Paso CANANT, REBECCA. Austin CANTWELL, MARY LINDA, Round Rock CAPPELLA, MANUEL A., San Jose, Costa Rica CARLISLE, NANCY ELIZABETH, Alice CARLISLE, VICKI JOYCE, League City CARMICHAEL, PAULA FRANCES, Austin CARR, REBECCA ANN, Lewisville CARRAWAY, ROBERT HENRY III, Tyler CARROLL, WILLIAM PAUL Hurst CARSON, KATHLEEN LOUISE, Houston CARSON, MARSHA LEE, Richardson CARTER, DANNY RAY, Denison CASILLAS, ESMERALDA, Son Antonio CASSTEVENS, KAY LESLIE, Fort Worth CASTRO, DIANA RACHEL, Austin CECIL, MELINDA ANN, Fort Worth CEHAN, FRANCES E., Western Springs, III. CENTIllI, MARGARET ANN, Del Rio CHAMBERLAIN. DON ' I.D EUGENE, Austin CHANDLER, GEORGANN, Boytown CHARPIOT, ROBERT A., Bellville CHARTOFF, ARTHUR, Austin CHARTRAND, JOHN WILLIAM III, Houston CHAUVEAUX. BERT LAWSON, Claude CHAVARRIA, VIRGINIA, San Antonio CHESNICK, JOAN ELLEN, Houston CHINNIS, PETER GEORGE, San Antonio CHINN, BARRY WILLIAM, Denisan CHISHOLM, DEBORAH ANN, Pampa CHRISTIAN, JAMES NORTH, Galveston CHOVANEC. ROBERT J., Columbus CLARADY, BETH LEE, Brady CLARDY, CHRISTINA JOY, San Antonio CLARK. GARY ALAN, Mesquite CLARK, ROBERT M. JR., Dallas CLARKSON, STEVEN DENNIS, Dolloj CLAUGHTON, JAMES LANE, Amarillo CLOUD, JANIS KAY, Houston 605 COBB, DONNA SUE, Dollas COBB, KENNETH WAYNE, San Antonio COCEK, BRUCE CHARLES, Houston COHEN, RICHARD SMULIAN Fort Worth COLE, PATRICK JEFFREY, Brenhom COLEMAN, VICKI LYNN, Tyler COLHOUN, CATHERINE KULDELL, Brenhom COLLINS, MICHAEL OLIS, Dollos COLLINS, RONALD PATRICK, Son Antonio COLTHARP, CYNTHIA ANN, Houston COLVIG, ANNE JULIA, Houston COOK, CAROLYN JEANNE, Dal ' oj COOK, ENOCH HOOPER JR., Victoria COOK, REAGAN SHELLEY, Austin COOK, RENEE, Austin COOLEY, HARRY TAL8OT, Houston COOPER, RAMONA JEAN, Fort Worth COPELAND, ROBERT EDWARD JR Killeen COPPEDGE, JOHN RONALD, Cuero CORNWELL. HOWARD DOUGLAS, Houston CORNETT, JAMES REAVIS, Austin COTTON, CATHERINE MARGARET, Sierra Blanco COVINGTON, SUZANNE, Houston COX, BENJAMIN RIO, Texarkano COX, ELIZABETH BURKIT, San Antonio COX, JAY STEIN. Fredericksburg COX, GARY FORREST, Austin COX, GEORGE BASCOMB, Ozona COX, MARTIN CLYDE, Horlingen CRADDOCK, WILLIAM P., Bellaire CRAIG, VIRGINIA ANN, Houston CRAWFORD, GLYNIS CHRISTINE, Marble Falls CREEL, MARTHA, Fort Worth CREWS, VICKI ELIZABETH, Dallas CRINGLE, DAVID CLAYTON. Amarillo CROCKETT, HOWARD LAWHON, Dollas CROSSETT, STEVE STEWART, Dallas CROW, GLENN WAYNE, Sweetwoler CROWDER, JAMES LOUIS JR., Edmond, Okla. CUIBERTSON, LINDA KAYE, San Antonio CULLUM, CONNIE, Wichita Foils CUPPLES, JEFFREY ALAN, San Antonio CURRAN, GEOFFREY MICHAEL Franklin CUSAC, CHERYL BROOKE, Houston CUTLER, MARTHA ROBIN, Houston DABNEY, JOSEPH THURSTON III, Livingston DAI LEY, JOHN THOMAS, San Antonio DALEO, CHARLES JOSEPH, Beaumont Class of 1971 DALRYMPLE, JOYCE EILEEN, Bryan DANIEL, DONNA LYNN, Dallas D ' AREZZO. SUSAN ANN, Austin DA SILVA, JOSE AUGUST, Austin DAVIS, DIANE, Midland DAVIS, JAMES TOLBERT, Gilmer DAVIS, JEFFRY BRETT, San Antonio DAVIS, LAURIE DEE, Port Arthur DAVIS, MARY ANN, San Antonio DAVIS, MARY ELIZABETH, Crockett DAY, MARGARET RENEAU, Houston DAY, SANDRA LEE, San Antonio DEEGAN, SUSAN CHRISTINE Abilene DEFRAIN. JAMES ERNEST, San Antonio DE HOYOS, G. ALVARO, Son Diego DELANEY, JERRY WAYNE, Victoria DE LEON, LEO C. JR., McAllen DELONG, GEORGE THOMAS Bellaire DEMENT, ANNA LEE. Seabrook DENNIS, DAVID MICHAEL San Antonio DESMOND, DEBORAH JEAN, Austin DETER, PHYLLIS ANNETTE, El Paso DETHLOFF, HERBERT JOHN, Galveston DEXTER, PATRICK JOHN, Houston DEWITT, THOMAS MICHAEL, Alvin DIAZ DE LEON, VICTOR OCTAVIO, Kingsville Dl BENEDETTO, NICHOLAS A., San Jose Calil Dl IORIO, MARY JANE, Katy DISMUKES, JOHN SCOTT, Dallas DINGLE, LEROY MAURICE, Weolherford DINGWERTH, JAMES A., Kansas City, Mo. DISCHINGER, BARBARA EILEEN. New Brounfel. DOBRASKO, MICHAEL P., Arlington Heights, III. DOERING, MARK ALLEN, Spring DOING, LARRIE ANNE. Falls DONOVITZ, JEAN, Kansas City Mo DORIE, MARTHA ANN, Dallas DORMAN, CAROLYN REBECCA, Palestine DORSEY, JERRY BRENT, Son Antonio DOSCH. ROBERT O NEILL, Bella. re DOUGLASS, SALLY MARIE, El Campo DOWIING. DEBORAH ANN, Houston DOWLING, SHARRON LEA, Pasadena DRAPER, CAROL DIANE, Houston DROBYSKI, THOMAS J.. Fall River, Most DU8BERLY, ALLEN ERBACHER Tyler DUGGAN, BRADFORD CLYDE, Wichila Foils DUKE, DIANA, Beaumont 606 DUNAWAY, ROSEMARY, Little Rock, Ark. DUN8AR, JAMES RONALD, Longview DUNCAN, FRANK JEFFERSON, Weatherford DUNFORD, LUCY ANN, Houston DUNLAP, DAVID GRAYDON, Dallas DURBON, MARYANNE, Annondale, Va. DUYKA, SHEILA ANN, El Paso DYE, DENNIS RAY, Austin EAGLIN, LINDA ELIZABETH, Corpus Christ! EDDLEMAN, ROBERT BRUCE, Victoria EDMISTON, DIXIE KLOMA, Irving EGLIHT, RANDALL WILLIAM, New Orleans, La. EICKENHORST, RAY EDWARD, Temple El LAND, EDWARD C. JR., San Antonio EISERER, MARSHALL RAY, San Antonio ELDERS, GARY DON, Weotherford ELKINS, THOMAS LINDSAY III, Boerne ELLIOTT, JON PRICE, Trinity ELLIOTT, RANDY TEE, Tyler ELLIS, GARLAND EARL, Longview ELMS, PETER FRANK, Dallas EMMOTT, ROBERT C., Houston ENGELKE, DOROTHY ANN, Austin ENGLISH, JAMES DURWARD, San Antonio EPPERSON, TERRELL DUANE, Fort Sill, Okla. ERMIS, JOYCE MARIE, Woodsboro ESCHENFELDER, PAUL F. JR., Bellaire ESOUIVEL, JOHNNY S., Son Antonio ESSARY, DERRY DEAN, Victoria ESTEP, DANIEL QUEN, Boytown EUBANK CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Houston EVANS, GREGORY BLAKNEY, Richordson EVERETT, BARRY CHARLES, Lancaster EZON, FREDERICK CHAIM, Houston FAIR, GREGORY ALAN, Amorillo FALDYN, ANNETTE B., Lo Grange FANCHIER, DAVID EHRMAN, Longview FARGASON, TERRI ROUSSER, Plainview FARLEY, JAN EDWlN, Pampa FARQUHAR, LINDA JUNE, Corpus Christ! FARROW, LARRY ALLEN, McAllen FEGETTE, CLAUDIA JEAN, Dickinson FEINSTEIN, LARRY MARC, Houston FELLOWS, ARTHUR ROLLAND, Hammond, La. FENELON, KENNETH BRUCE, Baytown FENLAW, MARK ROGER, Amarillo FERGUSON, BRYAN WILLIS, Bastrop FERGUSON, LAWRENCE HOMER III, Dallas Juniors FERRELL, THOMAS EARL, Corpus Christ! FERRELL, WILLIAM CHARLES, Amarillo FIEDLER, SANDRA JOANNE, Beaumont FIELDS, MARY GRACE, McAllen FIELDS, RUSSELL SCOTT, Midland FINLEY, STEPHEN MURRAY, Houston FISHER, WILLIAM H., longview FISCHINGER, JUDY LYNN, Son Antonio FITZGERALD, JOE EDWARD, Austin FITZGERALD, MARTHA BETH, Houston FLEMENS, NORMAN ROWE, Sulphur Springs FLOCKE, ELIZABETH LYNNE, San Marcos FLORES, HENRY PLUTARCO, Laredo FLOURNOY, MARY ANNE, Alice FLOYD, MARK STEPHEN, Houston FOLLIN, VIRGINIA SUSAN, Fort Worth FONTENO, WILLIAM CARL III. Houston FORD, JOYCE ANNE, Palestine FOSDICK, JAN TURNER, Houston FOSTER, BONITA LEILA Dallas FOSTER, PATRICK JAMES, Garland FRANK, MARY ELAINE, Austin FRANK, ROBERT LEWIS, Houston ERASER, SHIRLEY JEAN, Beeville FREDRICKSON, LAURIE ANN, lake Jackson FREEMAN, ELZIE DARLENE, Dallas FRENCH, DRUE RITA, Houston FREY, ANNETTA THERESA, Dallas FRICK, JOHN DAVID JR., Austin FRIEDRICH. BYRON CHRISTOPHER, Austin FUNDERBURK, KERRY DON, Fort Worth FURR, PAULA MATHENY, Austi n GABBERT, NANCY ANN, McAllen GAINES, CHERRYL ANN, Houston GAITHER, ANN MARY, Houston GALE, MICHAEL LESTER, Houston GALLOWAY, BETTY GENENE, Ouitman GALVAN, YOLANDA MARIE. Corpus Christi GAMBEL, DAVID CHARLES, Lubbock GAMBLE, BRONWYN BEATRICE, Merkel GANDY, GARY LEE, Canton GARBUTT, JOHN ROBERT III, Amarillo GARDNER, ROBERT VICTOR, Fort Worth GARNER, MICHAEL M , West Palm Beach, Flo. GARNETT, STEPHEN PHILLIP, Henderson GARRETT, JESS JENKINS JR., Fort Worth GARRISON, POLLY RAYE, Kilgore GARZA, GLENDA ANN, Galveston 607 oKi, NORMA ADELFA, Son Antonio OASKAMP, WALTER CHARLES, Brenhom GATLIN, GARY HAROLD, Beaumont GAUS, MICHAEL LYNN, Beaumont GEACCONE, TERRI LOUISE, Houston GENNA, BERTHA LOUISE, Galveston GEORGAS, EFFIE CHRISTINE, Corsicana GERBER, WALTER KELLY, San Antonio GERECK6, STEPHEN L., Clayton, Canal Zone GEREN, LAWANA LOUISE, Groesbeck GIBBS. EVERETT SHELBY, Pittsburgh, Pa. GIBSON, MINA JANE, Dallas GIDEON, EDWARD NUNNELEE, Midland GIESECKE, JANIS LOUISE, Marble Foils GILES, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Houston GILLAM, DAVID ROSS, Mart GINDY, KENNETH MICHAEL, San Antonio GLATTERER, MILTON S. JR., San Antonio GLAUSER, MARGARET CAMILLE Houston GLOVER, FRANK SCOTT IV, Houston GLYNN, ROGER JOHN, Fort Worth GODFREY, DAVID KIMBAIL, Victoria GOLDBERG, JERI HELEN. Dallas GOLDING, FRANCINE MYLA, Houston GOLDSBERRY, EDWARD NOBLE, Rusk GOLDSTEIN, SHARON JO, Dallas GONZALES, PABLO M., Cotulla GONZALES, RICHARD ORTEGA, Amorillo GONZALEZ, AMPARO LUISA, Laredo GONZALEZ, LINDA SUE, Laredo GOOCH, LARRY WAYNE, Bremen Ind GOODRICH, LAURA ANN, Morlin GOODSON, GLEE ANN, Son Angela GOODSON, PAUL EDWARD, Yoakum GOODWIN, CHERYL ANN, Paducah GOODWIN, SARAH ELIZABETH, Longview GOOLSBY, GEORGE FRANKLIN, Midland GORDON, DEBORAH WYNNE, Houston GORDON, HARRY BERNARD JR., Houston GOTTESMAN, LINDA ANN, New Orleans, La. GRABER, EDWIN NEIL, Galveston GRADEL, MARIANNE LOUISE, San Antonio GRAHAM, CHARLOTTE CHERE Cumberland Md GRANT, PETER NEWBANKS, Stephenville GRAY, ELLEN RUTH, San Antonio GRAY, JEFFERSON SCOTT, Austin GRAY, RANDALL ALLAN, Caldwell GREEN, GALE MARIE, Houston Class of 1971 GREENE, BARBARA FRANCES, Houston GREEK, SIDNEY ADAMS JR., Daingerfield GREGORY, DONALD CLIFFORD, Tyler GREGORY, JUDITH ELIZABETH, Bryan GREGSON, TED WAYNE, Jacksonville GRESHAM, JOHN MARK, Wharton GRIFFIN, HASKELL FORREST JR., Longview GRIFFIN, STEVEN WAYNE, Dallas GRIMES, LARRY ALFRED Austin GRZANKA, VIOLET JEANNE, Brooklyn, N. Y. GUEST, MARTHA A., Oklahoma City, Okla. GUIEKE, NORWOOD VAN, Amarillo GUNNELL, JULIA KATHALEEN, Austin GURNEY, HARRIETT K., Abilene GUSTAVSEN, LAURA GAIL, Conroe HAAS, SAMUEL DOUGLAS, Dallas MADDEN, MARILYN MITCHELL, Port Arthur HAECKER, MICHAEL ALTON, Son Antonio HAGAN, LEE JACKSON, Austin HAGER, ROSLYN GAY, San Antonio HAGGARD. THOMAS RUSSELL, Houston HAINES, GLENDA MAY, Tyler HALL, DIANE HICKMAN, Eden HALL, ROBERT EARLE, Dallas HAMMER, JOSEPH PATRICK, San Antonio HAMMETT, RICHARD HENRY, lamposas HAMPTON, CHARLES EDWIN, Waco HANCOCK, LYNN ADAMS, Pittsburg HANCOCK, MARTHA JANIS, Dallas HANHART. ELMER GERALD JR., Colvert HARDIN, GORDON WESLEY, Austin HARDY, SHERYL DIANE, New Braunfels HARGIS, JEANNIE ADELE San Antonio HARPER, DON ALLON, Houston HARPER, JOHN FREDERICK, Corpus Christi HARRELL, DAVID ALIEN, San Antonio HARRELL, SYLVIA RUTH, Dallas HARRINGTON, JANA JO, Austin HARRIS, JAYNE RICHARDSON. Tyler HARRISON, JAN LUCILLE. Jacksonville HARRISON, RONALD T. JR., Jacksonville HARRISON, SUSAN CLAIRE, Dallas HARSCH, KARON IIENE, Houston HART, AMABEL DICKERMAN. San Antonio HART, CHARLES ROBERT, HART. JANE ELLEN, Bryan HARVEY, DONALD DEAN, Dallas HARVEY, LEIGH, Austin 608 HARWOOD, CINDY RAY, Houston HASSAN, RICHARD GEORGE, San Antonio HASSKARL, JOAN, Brenham HATCHER, GLENN DAVIS, Brownwood HAWLEY, JANIS KAY, Orange HAWTHORNE, MARSHA LEE, Fort Worth HAYDEN, PAUL WAYNE, San Antonio HAYNES, VICKI, Midland HAYTER, GAYLORD LEE, Weotherford HEAD, JUDITH KAY, Dallas HEARD, ROBERT EDWARD, Houston HEARNE, SUSAN CLAIRE, Graham HEGGIE, WILLIAM DEAN, Houston HEINEMEIER, EDDIE ALLEN, San Antonio HEJL, MOLLIE ELIZABETH, Austin HEMPHILL, ROSS SEYMOUR, Dallas HENDERSON, SUZANNE SHIRLEY, Vernon HENDERSON, THOMAS WILKINS, Frost HENDERSON, TOMMY BURNETT, Texarkana HENRICHSON, GARY LEE, Edinburg HERDER, RICHARD WILLIAM, Yookum HERMAN, GERTRUDE DIANE, Dallas HERMANSEN, DAPHNE ELAINE, El Campo HERNANDEZ, GUADALUPE CAVAZOS, San Antonio HERNANDEZ, ISAMEL TOBIAS, Sunray HERRICK, CAROLE LYNN, Midland HERRING, CARL FREDERICK, San Antonio HEWELL, GLORIA JEAN, Nixon HILGERS, KAYE FRANCIS, Austin HILL, JOHN GRAHAM, Houston HILL, KATHLEEN NITA, Dallas HILL, MARY ANN, Temple HILL, NANCY SUSAN, Austin HILL, WILLIAM ALLYN, Houston HINCKLEY, CAROLYN GAY, Houston HINES, JOHN RIVERS III, Waxahachie HINTON, BARBARA ANN, Houston HOCKENSMITH, LORRAINE DEE, Houston HODGES, MARVIN ALLEN, Tokyo, Japan HOFFER, BARBARA JEAN, Beaumont HOFFMAN, BRUCE PAULUS, Alice HOFFMAN, TERRY LEE. Waco HOHENBERGER, RANDALL MONROE, Blanco HOLCOMB, ELIZABETH M., Pearsall HOLCOMB, FRANK HARVEY, Dallas HOLT, JOE EARL, Henderson HOLTER, JANELLE, Austin HONERKAMP, RUSSELL LEE, Brenham Juniors HONEYCUTT, FRANK GILBERT, Richardson HORNE, ROBERT MICHAEL, Austin HORTON, MARY VIRGINIA, San Angela HORTON, THOMAS L., Austin HOUSE, JANET DIANNE, San Antonio HOUSE, KATHLEEN ANN, Houston HOWARTH, CONSTANCE ANN, Houston HOWELL, DONNA LEE, Houston HOWELL, HOLLAND RODNEY, Houston HOWELL, STEPHEN SANDERS, Fort Worth HOWELL, STEVEN KENDRICK, San Antonio HUBBARD, PATRICIA LYNN, San Antonio HUDLOW, HOLLY LOUISE, Alexandria Va. HUDSON, EDITH ALLAN, Stamford HUDSON, JACKIE LEE, Gruver HUEBNER, LARRY EDWARD, Industr y HUERTA, FIDEL GARCIA JR., San Antonio HUGHES, LINDA MAME, San Antonio HUIE, MELISSA MAE, Dallas HUMPHREY, HOWARD MacKENZIE JR., Baytown HUMPHREY, SAMUEL JOHN, Richardson HUNT, SARAH ELIZABETH, Waco HUNTER, TRES FLOYLEE, Austin HURLEY, PHILIP HOWARD, Denison HURTA, DAVID JON, Angleton HUSTON, JANE LOUISE Richardson HUTCHISON, LINDA DARLENE, Odessa HYNDS, SARAH JANIS, Van Alstyne IMBER, KATHLEEN ANNE, Houston ISENBERG, MARC DAVID, Galveston JACKS, REBECCA, Waco JACKSON, RONALD BOYD, Tyler JACOB, LINDA BETH, San Antonio JACOBS, ROSEMARY, Dallas JACOBSON, JANELLE PAIGE, Houston JAECKLE, THOMAS HOWARD, Son Antonio JAMES, CRISPIN, Chonnelview JAMES, JOHNNIE SUE, Houston JAMISON, KAREN MARISE, Yoakum JANAK, RONALD GEORGE, Dallas JANEK, ERWIN EMIL, West JAY, PAULA SUZANNE, Arlington JENSEN, JERRY DAN, Austin JETER, JAMES YANDELL JR., Paris JEZ, MILTON JERRY, Taylor JIMENEZ, LINDA ELIZABETH, Corpus Christ! JINKINS. JOHN RANDOLPH, Galveston JOHNS, JEARLYN IDA, Houston 609 JOHNSON, CHERYL JEAN, Alice JOHNSON, DIANA CAROL, Goldthwoite JOHNSON, IRENE LENETTA, Taylor JOHNSON, JAMES DANIEL, Brenham JOHNSON, JAMES WADE, Pecos JOHNSON, JAN ALFORD, Tyler JOHNSON, MARK ALFRED, Houston JOHNSON, PHINETTA SUE, Lampasas JOHNSON, ROBERT WALLACE, Corpus Christi JOHNSON, ROGER RICHARD, San Antonio JOHNSON, WILLIAM LEANDER, Amarillo JOHNSTON, LINDA RAE, Dallas JOHNSTON, LYNN, Houston JONES, ANN CARROLL, Livingston JONES, CHARLA LYNN, Houston JONES, EXA VIRGINIA, San Antonio JONES, GREGORY LYNN, Austin JONES, JENNIFER LEE, Paducah JONES, NELDA MOZELLE, St. Louis, Mo. JONES, STEVE DONALD, Longview JORDENS, LINDA RAE, Houston JORGENSEN, SHERYL KAY, Houston KAM, THOMAS WILLIAM, Dallas KANE, CAROL FRANCES, Arlington KANEWSKE, CAROL ANN, Galveston KANTER, DAVID JOEL, San Antonio KAPLAN, JUDY, Houston KAPLAN, LINDA BARBARA, Houston KAY, JAMES GRADY, Austin KAYE, STEVEN ELLIOTT, Dallas KEEL, JOHN ROBERT, Ballinger KEEN, PATRICK LOGAN, Bay City KEENEY, RONALD CLARK, Irving KEESE, WILLIAM THOMAS, Houston KENNEY, EDWARD PATRICK, Baytown KESSLER, DONAL PAUL, Burton KIDD, JOHNNY MAURICE, Austin KIESTER, MARK ALLEN, Houston KILLEY, MICHAEL WAYNE, San Antonio KILLINGSWORTH, THOMAS IKE, Longview KIRCHNER, DAVID LEE, Pasadena KIRKPATRICK, DAVID JOHN, Rye, N. Y. KJORMOE, SONDRA JEAN, Houston KLEIN, ROBERT LAURENCE, Houston KLINAR, CAROL LYNN, Alvin KLINE, KIMBERLY, Ames, Iowa KLIMES, JANE KATHLEEN, La Marque KLOTZ, SUSAN DIAN, Austin Class of 1971 KNIGHT, DEBORAH SUE, Houston KNIGHT, JO ANN, San Antonio KOEN, MARILYN LINDA, Dallas KOENIG, EDWARD F. San Antonio KOENIG, LARRY FRANKLIN, Orange Grove KOENIG, RICHARD ALAN, Hereford KOENNING, MELISSA ANN, San Antonio KONEMAN, SUZANNE, La Marque KOTRLA, DONALD EDWIN, Temple KOZLOWSKI, THOMAS DOMINICK, Austin KRAGEN, ARNOLD HOWARD, Fort Worth KRAKOWER, KAREN N., Houston KRAUSE, NANCY PRISCILLA, San Antonio KRETZSCHMAR, CANDACE JOYCE, Bartlett KRIEGEL, PATRICIA CAROL Giddings KUBECKA, MARTHA ANN, Austin KUGLE, CHERRY LYN, Athens KUHN, JOHN GAIL, San Antonio KUNKEL, KENNETH EUGENE, Olney KUNZE, KENNETH L., Austin KUTZER, RALPH WESLEY JR., Longview KUYKENDALL, DON ROGER Lubbock KVETON, KATHRYN WYNN, Houston KWAST, ARTHUR HENRY, Austin LABIT, CHARLOTTE F., Round Rock LADIN, RONALD MARK, Houston LAKE, MARILYN, New Orleans, La. LALLINGER, MICHAEL JOHN, Houston LAMBERT, LINDA PENELOPE, Wichita Falls LAMBERTH, ADDIE LOU, Dallas LAMON, THOMAS WELTON. Houston LANCASTER, MICHAEL JOHN, Lake Dallas LANE, BARBARA ROSE, Amarillo LANGHAM. PADGETT EMILE, Baytown LASSETTER, LINDA KAY, Waco LAUDADIO, TIMOTHY LEE, Corpus Christi LAUDERDALE, CLARK Austin LAWLESS, KENNETH ROGER, Dallas LAWSON, ELIZABETH GAYLE, Clarksville LEACH, MICHAEL NEWTON, Lubbock LEACH, RICHARD ALLEN, Fart Worth LEHMANN, NANCY BETH, Kingsville LEHNERTZ, CHERYL ANN, Gainesville LENHART, ROBERT ALLEN, Beaumont LESLIE, JEANNE, Richardson LESSER. FRANCENE JO, Brenhom LEVERING, JILL ANN, Fort Worth LEVINE, LARRY MAURICE, Houston 610 LEVINSON, BARBARA ILENE, Houston LEVIT. GERALD ALLAN, Houston LEWALLEN, RUSSELL DAVID, Oronge LEWIS, ANN, Dickinson LEWIS BRUCE ANDERSON, Cuero LEWIS, CHARLES ALAN, Contoe LEWIS, CYNTHIA ANN, Dollos LEWIS, HAROLD DAVIS, Brownfield LEWIS, MARGARET DAWN, New Braunfels HERMAN, JAMES EDWIN, Houston LILLARD, BARBARA ANN, Boytown LIMING, BRETTON GAY, San Antonio IIPPMAN, SUSAN GAIL. Valparaiso, Ind. LITTLE, GERALD DANIEL JR., Freeport LITTLEPAGE, DEAN ANDREW, Baytown LIVINGSTON, DAVID DUNCAN, Austin LOCKMAN, PATRICIA LOUISE, Orange Grovo LOGSDON, GARY ALDEN, Temple LOHRMANN, SHEILA JANE, Stephenville IONDEREE, LYNN MARIE, Dallas LONG LINDA JEAN, San Antonio LOREDO, CARLOS MIGUEL, El Paso LOVETT, CLAUDIA JEAN, Beoumont LOWREY, BARBARA LEE, Dallas LUDEMAN, BEN MARTIN, Cotulla LUEDTKE, BETTY ANN, McGregor LYNN, LOUIS MICHAEL, Mineola LYONS, KENNETH EARL, Austin LYTTON, JOHN LEE, Corpus Christ! MABERRY, ROBERT TRUITT JR., Fort Worth MACH, WILLIAM THOMAS JR., Dallas MACKEY, JAMES OTIS, Van MADDOX, CANDACE ELIZABETH, Waco MAHON, MARVEEN, Jacksonville MALLEY, CAROLYN SARAH, San Antonio MALONE, PAT EVANS, Muleshoe MANLY, WALTER MARION IV, Houston MANN, NANCY ANN, Pasadena MANNING, KERRY MICHELLE, Dallas MANNING, MARGARET GRACE, Kenedy MANNY, DAVID ALAN, San Antonio MANTOOTH, DAVID M., Chattanooga, Tenn. MARCOTTE, CHRISTINE ANN, San Antonio MAREK, JOSEPH THELSON, Lewisville MARSHALL, JAMES LESLIE, Fort Worth MARSHALL, PAUL SAMUEL, Washington, D. C. MARTIN, BECKY ANN, San Antonio MARTIN, CAROLYN IRENE, Atlanta Juniors fll f t W B .jv?v Jf MARTIN, HOWARD E., Houston MARTINEZ, MANUEL BURCIAGA, Son Antonio MARTINEZ, MARIA OLIVIA, Laredo MATHEWS, MAZIE ELIZABETH, DeKalb MAfNEY, JACK PAUL, Amarillo MATTHEWS, MARK LYNN, Midland MATTKE, KAREN KAY, Clinton, Iowa MAXWELL, CHERYL ANN, Deer Park MAY, SUZANNE, Houston MAYER, JANET McLAUGHLIN, Houston MAYO, JOHN BYRON, Austin MAZZAGATTI, BARBARA ANN, Bellaire McALISTER, JACK WALTER, San Antonio McANGUS, JESS ADELBERT, Austin MCCARTY, KATHLEEN DALTON, Beeville McCLEARY, DONALD CLARK, Victoria McCLELLAN, DAVID ARTHUR, Spearman McCLINTOCK, JOHN HAYNES Huntsville McCLOUD, ALYCE VERINDA, Houston McCOMMONS, BRUCE EDWARD, Dallas McCORKLE, NITA RUTH, Sulphur Springs McCURLEY, MARY DEBORAH, Houston MCDONALD, RANDAL SCOTT, Jacksonville Flo McEVOY, ALFRED PATRICK, Dallas McFEELEY, NEIL DOUGLAS, Fort Worth McGILL, LEIGH CRAIG, Phoenix, Ariz. McGOWAN, MARJEANNE, Claude McGUIRE, DOROTHY GAYLE, Austin McHAN, JAMES OLIVER R., Austin MclNTIRE, JANE GIBSON Odessa McKEE, PATRICK RICHARD, Houston McKEMIE, MARTHA CAROLINE, Tyler McMANUS, BRENDA FAY. Weatherford McNEILL, ROBERT EDWIN, Houston McNEVIN, GLORIA CECILS, Las Vegas, Nev. McREYNOlDS, WILLIAM E. II, Longview McSWAIN, PATRICIA ANNE, Denison McWRIGHT, ALFRED YOUNG III, Austin MEEHAN, RICHARD THOMAS, Fort Worth MEINERS, ARTHUR JOSEPH, San Antonio MERRITT, DEBORAH ]., Sonta Barbara Calif MEYERS, ALAN HOGE Dallas MEYERSON, JONNY STERN, Fort Worth MIDDLEBROOKS, MELANIE, Abilene MIKULENEAK, BARBARA FRANCES, Elgin MILLER, BARBARA GAIL, La Grange MILLER, HENRY A. II, Austin MILLED, JAMES LESLIE M. JR., San Antonio 611 MILLER, WILLIAM MARK, Temple MILLS, MARY JANE, Fort Dodge, Iowa MINTON, GREGORY ALLEN, San Antonio MITCHELL, MARVIN ROBERT JR.. Polestine MITCHELL, MARY JANE, Houston MIZE, HOLLY SUSAN, Son Anionio MOLER, LARRY THOMAS Baytown MOONEY, SUZANN, Del Rio MOORE, JAMES TERRY, Son Angela MOORE, KENNETH LAWRENCE, San Antonio MOORE, NICK, Austin MOORE, RICHARD ALLEN, Fort Worth MOORE, ROYSTON WILLIAM, Corpus Christi MOORE, SHARON, Austin MOORE, STEPHEN THORNE, Midland MOORE, TERRY BOB, Borger MORRIS, LOIS ANGELA, Austin MORRIS, PERRY FRANKLIN JR., Arcadia MORRISON, KAREN MICHELE, Beaumont MORTON, JOHN DAVIS JR., Houston MUEHLENBROCK, MARY ERIN, Dallas MULLER, JOHN CHARLES, Austin MULLINS, WILLIAM DAVID, Gladewater MULVANEY, MARGO NAN, Dallas MUNOZ, JAMES B. JR., San Antonio MUNOZ, ROGELIO, Uvalde MUNSON, CHARLES EDWARD Austin MURPHY, MELINDA JEANNE, Dallas MURRY, LARRY DWAIN Wylie MUSSEY, KENNETH SCOTT, San Antonio MUSTARD, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Phillips MYERS, CHRISTOPHER JOHN, El Logo MYRICK BELLINDA GAIL Odessa NAFEGAR, ISABEL, El Campo NAIFEH, GARY THOMAS, Longview NAPPS, EDDIE GANNON, Longview NASH, THOMAS BOYD, Woxahachie NEAl, WILLIAM HOWARD, Pearsoll NEELY, J. LEE, III, San Antonio NESS, DONNA JEANNE, El Paso NEWBERRY, JANIS LYNN, Piano NG, HELEN FONG, San Antonio NICHOLS, PATRICIA ANN, Austin NIXON, LAURENCE WALTER, Dallas NOBLE, LOUIS ALAN JR., Los Angeles Colif NOLAN, LARRY NATHANEAL, Garland O ' BRIEN, GEORGE A. JR., Houston OCHOA, JUAN ALEJANDRO, Laredo Class of 1971 OCHSE, LAURENCE HURST, San Antonio OCHSE, WILLIAM WOLFGANG in, San Anionio OGDEN, JANE ELIZABETH, Houston O HAIR, SHERILYN, Corpus Christ! OLDHAM, MARGUERITE ANGELINE Houston OLIVER, JOHN ROSS, San Anton, o OLIVER, ROBERT LEON, Refugio OLSEN, LLOYD MARTIN, McAllen ORR, WILLIAM HENRY, Odessa OSHLO, KRISTINA SUE Dallas OSHMAN, JOOEL, Port Lavaca OTTO, CARL ERDMANN Corsicona PAGE, ELTON THRASHER, Poteet PAINE, DAVID LEE, Iowa Park PALMER, TERRY LYNN, Fort Worth PARKER, HAZEL ELAINE, Houston PARKER, MARYLOU, Houston PARKER, RICHARD DOWELL, tittle Rock, Ark PARKINSON, ELSIE EDITH, Ft. Sam Houston PARMER, DELENA LEIGH, Lomefa PARRETT, ROBERT ARNOLD, Corpus Christi PARYZEK, PATRICIA ANN, Minot AFB N D PATTERSON, ROY BENNON Brookshire PATTERSON, SHIRLEY LOUISE, Fort Worth PATTERSON, SUSAN ELIZABETH Tyler PAULL, DONALD GEORGE, Alexandria Va PAVUCA, MARQUITTA JO Victoria PAYNE, DENNIS LEE, Yoakum PAYNE, MICHAEL RAY Bedias PEACOCK, RICHARD SPEEDY, Jacksonville PEARCE, MICHAEL DENNIS, Houston PECKENPAUGH, BILLIE JEAN, Corpus Chrisli PEITZER, JACK AARON, El Paso PENA. DAVID ARNOLD, Corpus Christi PENNINGTON, STEPHANIE HARLAN, Freeporf PENOLA, JAMES LEONARD JR., Orange PERINO, KENNETH .. Grand Junction Colo PE RSKY, JAMES LEWIS, Academy PETERSON, JEFFREY ALTON, Austin PETTERSON, JEFFREY IYLE, Waco PETTIT, HELEN ANN Odessa PFEFFER, DEBORAH LYNN Waco PFUTZENREUTER, HOWARD R., Houston PHABR. JOHN ROBERT, Waco PHILLIPS. BETH LOUISE, New Orleonj, la. PHILLIPS, EDWARD DWAYNE, Mesquite PICKENS, FRANCIE SUE. Rockwell PIERCE, SANDRA LYNN. Arlington 612 PILGRIM, NANCY LEE, Brownsville PIPER, JOHN SHAWN, Dallas PIPERI, ANNE, Golveston PIPPERT, BEVERLY SUE, Houston PITTMAN, LARRY GENE, San Antonio PLEWES, JOHN McCAULEY II, San Antonio PLISCHKE, FRANK DANIELS, Houston PLUECKHAHN, CHERYL LYNN, Dallas PLUMB, STEPHEN JAY, Houston PODHRASKY, ROBERT JOSEPH, Dallas POEHL, PEGGY ANN, Austin POSS, THEODORE MAX, San Antonio POWELL, DEANN, Freer POWELL, RONALD ALLEN, Houston PRATT, SANDRA LEE, Houston PRESTON, WILLIAM MORGAN, Childress PRICE, JORJANNA SUE, Fort Worth PRIDDY HERVEY AMSLER, Dallas PRIESS. CHARLES HARRY, Brady PRIOUR, JOE JR., Corpus CKristi PROTHRO, JOHN ELWYN JR., Tyler PUCKETT, NANCY ADELAIDE, DeKalb QUAITE, TIMOTHY ALLEN, Bellaire QUIRK, JOHN MICHAEL, Son Antonio RAFFKIND, GLEN NA RAE, Amarillo RAGGIO, KENNETH GAYLORD, Dallas RAMAGE, CHERRY DIANE, Hico RAMSEY, MARY SUSANN, San Augustine RANDALL, WILLIAM KENNETH JR., Houston RANKIN, DOUGLAS HALL, Victoria RASCHKE, ERIN CHRISTINE, Austin RAY, LINDA GAYLE, Garland RAYMOND, RUTH ANNE, Dallas REED, TRUDY KAY, Clarendon REEVES, GWYNNE ANNETTE, Dallas REILEY, SHIRLEY RUTH, Kenedy REINOLD, LINDA CORINNE, Houston REMBERT, ANN GLADNEY, Houston RESENDIZ, BENITO, San Antonio REYES, CARLOS JR., Corpus Christi REYMANN, KATHLEEN A., McQueeney REYNA, ROBERT J. JR., Mission REYNOLDS, ALICE KAYE, Arlington, Va. RHOADES, CAROL LYNN, Bluff Dale RHODES, RAY NORWOOD JR., Sweetwater RICHTER, CAROLYN FAE, Austin RIGBY, HAZEL ELIZABETH, Sinton RIGGS, ANN ADAIR, Victoria Juniors RIGGS. MARY JANE, Bay City ROACH, SHERLYN DALE, Irving ROBERTSON, CHARLES OREHER, San Angelo ROBERTSON, ROBERT ELGIN, Dallo! ROBINSON, FREDERICK JOHN, Palestine ROBINSON, MARY SUSAN, San Antonio ROBINSON, MICHAEL TRAVIS, Dallas ROE, SOLENA JANE, Odessa ROEDER, CYNTHIA ANN, Dallas ROEMER, GEOFFREY STEPHEN, San Antonio ROGERS TERRELL HARMON, San Antonio ROMAN, CHARLES RICHARD, Amarillo ROSENBERG, LESLIE, West Palm Beach, Fla. ROSENBERGER, DEBORAH GALE, Houston ROSS, KAREN KAYE, Lake Jackson ROTHWELL, LAURIE LOUISE, Austin ROUBIDEAUX, ANNE, Austin ROWAN, RANDALL EDWARD, Midland RUBENSTEIN, JUDITH B., Dallas RUSSELL, DAN DAVIS, San Antonio RUSSELL, DON FREDERICK, Orange RUSSELL, MAIOR FRANK, Nacogdoches RUSSELL, THOMAS KEMP, Dallas RUST, RALPH STEPHEN, Son Antonio RYAN, MARY MORRIS, Houston SADLER, THOMAS CALDWELL, Tyler SADOW, BARBARA NATALIA, Seobrook SALVADOR, MARY PEARL, Rockwall SANDBERG, KENNETH RICHARD JR., Austin SANDBERG, NORMA JEANNE, Austin SANDERS, JERRY DALE. Austin SANDERSON, ROGER WILLARD, Beaumont SANTAMARIA, LILLIAN A., Houston SAUNDERS, MELANIE DIANE, Houston SAWYER, PAUL DOUGLAS, San Antonio SAYRE, PEGGY SUE, Pasadena SCARBOROUGH, DONNA MARIE, Corpus Christi SCHAFFER, RANDOLPH LEE JR., Houston SCHENKKAN, DIRK McKENZIE, Austin SCHILLER, DAVID RUSSELL, Temple SCHLEICHER, HANS F.. London, England SCHLOBOHM, MARGARET A., Riverside, Calif SCHMIDT, JOHN ALDIN, Galveston SCHMIDT, TERRY LYNN, Fort Worth SCHNEIDER, SUSAN KAY El Paso SCHOCH, EUGENE PAUL III, Austin SCHOPPE, BILLY WAYLAND Pasadena SCHOVAJSA, ANNA KATHERINE La Grange 613 SCHULTZ, MICHAEL JAMES, Houston SCHULTZ, RANDALL CLARK, Houston SCHULZE, PHILLIP SCOTT, Wells SCHUMACHER, JEANNE CLARE, Hunt SCHUMANN, MARLA Dallos SCHUTZE, KENNETH ROBERT, Austin SCHWARTZ, HARRIET SUE, Biloxi, Miss. SCHWARTZ, RICHARD LLOYD, Fort Worth SCHWAUSCH. RUSSELL EARL. Georgetown SCOTT, CATHERINE E., Victoria SCOTT, JO ANN, Chilton SCOTT, JERRY WAYNE, Garland SCOTT, MARGARET DELORES, Tyler SCOTT, ROSE ANN, Pasadena SEAHOLM, ROBERT HARRELL, Austin SEAY, ALICE GAIL, Houston SEAY, GINGER MARIE, Comanche SEEMAN, JAMES RICHARD, Houston SEIBEL, MACHELLE MAYER, Texas City SEILER, DEBORAH DEE, Corpus Christ! SENG, JOHN DARNELL, New Orleans, La. SETTLE, EMY LOU, Corsicana SEYBERT, JACQUELINE MARY, San Antonio SHANNON, DAVID TAYLOR, Houston SHANKS, JANICE, Lufkin SHAPIRO, ROBERT, Austin SHEINBERG, BARTLETT MICHAEL, Houston SHEPHERD, KAREN, Sour Lake SHERMAN, BARBARA ELAINE, Alexandria, La. SHOSS, JANIS ROSE, Houston SHULKIN, ALLAN NEIL, Amarillo SIEGELIN, SHERRIE LEE, Corpus Christ! SIELAFF, DEBORAH LILLIAN, Riesel SIMENSKY, JACALYN E., Orlando, Flo. SIMMONS, LARRY PRICE Tyler SIMMONS, ROBERT BELVIN, Dallas SIMPSON, DIANE MARIE, San Antonio SIMPSON, JANICE SUE, Austin SIMS, ROGER COLEMAN, Dallos SITTON, WILLIAM RANDALL, Tyler SKAFF, RUTH ANN, Houston SKINNER, JOHN FRANCIS, Longview SKINNER, ROBERT BARRETT JR., Austin SKRIVANEK, JUDITH JO, Bryan SKRIVANEK, SHARON LIL, College Station SKRIVANEK, SUSAN LYNNE, Caldwell SLAUGHTER, MARCELLA ANN Corsicana SLEDGE, SAM BRADFORD, Fort Worth Class of 1971 SLIPAKOFF, ESTHER MARGARET, Houston SMITH, CARROLL LORRAINE, Austin SMITH, CONNIE SUE, Dallas SMITH, CLYDE WILLARD JR., Austin SMITH, DEBORAH ANN, Lake Jackson SMITH, JAMES CARROLL, Groesbeck SMITH, JOHN CALVIN III, Duncan, Okla. SMITH, KATHLEEN, Conroe SMITH, PAMELA JANE, Lake Jackson SMITH, RONALD LESLIE, Rosenberg SMITH, STEPHEN JOSEPH, Miami, Fla. SMITH, TERRY LEE, Boytown SMITH, VICKI LYNN, Orange SMOLIK, ERWIN JOHN JR., Karnes City SNEAD, WINSTON SCOTT, Monahans SNYDER, CATHERINE SUE, Beaumont SOMMER, MARGARET ANN, Eagle Lake SONKIN, NAOMI RUTH, Fort Worth SOWARDS, KEITH HUNTER, Dallas SOWELL, CARY LYNN, New Braunrels SPARKS, STEPHEN ALLEN, San Antonio SPEARS, DANA MICHAEL Corpus CKristi SPEARS, RAY EARL, Texarkana SPEARS, STEPHEN ROSS. San Antonio SPEDALE, SAM A. JR., Houston SPENCE, ROY MILAM JR., Brownwood SHEGELHAUER, NANCY DAWN Bishop SPINKS, ALANNAH, Lolita SPINKS, NELSON RAY, Emory SPINN, MARGARET ANN, Wilbraham, Mass. SPINOSA, CANDICE JANE, Fort Worth SPIVA, WILLIAM RANDOLPH, Abilene STAHLY, BEVERLY JEAN, Irving STANFORD, RICHARD ALAN Orange STANLEY, DEBORAH ANN, Seminole STANSEL, NINA BETH, Deer Pork STARK, JERRY DEWITT, Dallos STATON, THOMAS RAY, Houston ST. CLAIR, JOE CHRISTOPHER, McAllen STEELE. JAMES WESLEY, San Anlonio STERMER, CURTIS LYNN, Temple STEWART, LUCRETIA JANE, Palestine STEWART, PENELOPE JANE Houston STEWART, SUSAN LOUISE, San Antonio STIRNEMAN, BOBBY RAY, Yookum STOCK, DIANE ELIZABETH, Columbus STONE, CHARLES MICHAEL Dallas STONE, MARY DONNA, Jacksonville 614 STONE, SHARLA LYNN, Henderson STOREY, JOHN WINGFIELD JR., Dallas STRICKLAND, NANCY EASLEY, Austin STRICKLAND THOMAS CARTER, Universal City STRITTMATTER, JOSEPH WAYNE, Fort Worth STRONG, ROSE MARIE, Houston STROOPE, WILLIAM DAVID, Magnolia, Ark. SUGG, JOHN CALVIN, Jackson, Miss. SUMMERS, JAY LAWRENCE, San Antonio SUMPTER, DARLA JEAN, Dumas SUTHERLAND, KAREN JEAN, San Antonio SVOBODA, DOLORES MARIE, Smithville SWAN, JUDITH LYNN, Temple SWANSON, TONI GAY, Houston SWAYZE, CAROLYN NELL, Kerrville SWENDEMAN, DIANE FARRAR, San Antonio SWENUMSON, RICHARD DALE, Houston TABBERT, BEVERLY JOAN, San Antonio TACKETT, RANDY JOE, Odessa TARGAC, GLENN MARSHAL, San Antonio TAYLOR, CAROL DIANE, Kerrville TAYLOR, CARf ELIZABETH, San Benito TAYLOR, KAY CAROL, Austin TAYLOR, LINDA, Three Rivers TEKELL, WANDA SUE, Crane TERRAZAS, RICHARD JAMES, Dallas THACKER, AUSTIN, Frankston THAMES, MARGO, Beaumont THAMS, WILLIAM NICOLA1, Midland THEBERGE, PATRICK JOSEPH, Ranger THERIOT, GEORGE THOMAS, Port Arthur THOMAS, JEAN CHARLES, Rails THOMAS, KATHY ANN, Dallas THOMPSON, CATH ANN, Port Arthur THOMPSON, JERRY RAY, Louisville, Ky. THOMPSON, JOHN McKINLEY, Dallas THORNE, BARBARA JEAN, Austin THORNTON, EDDIE DEAN, Goldthwaite THORNTON, MARTHA JEAN, Amarillo THUMA, SUSAN ALICE, Austin TINER, JAMES MICHAEL, Dallas TOMLIN, DOYCE EARL, Alvin TRANER, TRUDY ANN, Dallas TRAWEEK, JAMES LAFAYETTE, Corrizo Springs TRAYLOR, EVALYN SUE, San Anta iio TRIMBLE, DEBORAH ANN, Brownsville TRIMBLE, LEON STOKES, Dallas TROSKY, CHESTER JOSEPH, Wichita Falls Juniors TSHOERNER, DEBORAH F., Corpus Christ! TUCKER, DENNIS DIEHL, Dallas TUCKER, WILLIAM JOHNSTONS, Corpus Christi TUDOR, MARY ALICE, Texarkona TUDZIN, DIANA L., Omaha, Nebr. TUNSTALL, CAROL ANN, Houston TURET, STEPHANIE SUE, Dallas TURNER, DIANA MARIE, San Antonio TURNEY, WILLIAM JACKSON, Midland ULLRICH VIRGINIA ANN, San Antonio UMSTATTD, ROBERT McNUTT, Austin UNDERWOOD, ROBERTA ANNE, Fort Worth URBAN, ROBERT CHARLES, Victoria USSERY, MIRIAM VANNETTE, Eglin AFB, Flo. UTLEY, DAN KIRK, Woodville VACEK, DON CAROLL, East Bernard VALLONE, STEPHEN VINCENT, Houston VANDERVEER, DIANA, San Antonio VEILUVA, MICHELE A., Oklahoma City, Okla. VELA, LUCILLE IRENE, San Antonio VELA, ROBERT, Realitos VERHEYDEN, SYLVIA SUE, Jacksonville VESELKA, VALERIE LENORE, Corpus Chriili VILCOQ, MICHELLE MARY, Austin VILLARREAL, JORGE M. JR., Rio Grande City VOGEL, LEON DAVID II, Houston VOLTIN, MARCUS JOHN JR., Killeen WADDELL, HENRY THOMAS JR Dallaj WAGES, STEPHEN CARL, Banning, Calif. WAGNER, DAVID LEE, Crystal City WAHRMUND, RICHARD ANTHONY, Giddings WALDREP, PHYLLIS JANE, Fort Worth WALKER, CHERYL RUTH, Houston WALKER, HELEN, Austin WALKER, MARGARET LOURAINE, Garland WALKER, WANDA SUE, Corpus Christi WALKER. WILLIAM DAVID Dallas WALTHERS, JOAN ELISE, Houston WARDELL, NANCY RUTH, Waco WARREN, CECIL WAYNE, Dallas WASEMILLER. MARTY KENT, Belleville WATFORD, GEORGE HARDY, Houston WATKINS, LAWRENCE L., Waco WATKINS, PHILIP WAYNE, Houston WATSON, PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio WATSON, WILLIAM DAVID, Richardson WATTINGER, THOMAS EMMETT, Austin WELKE, ROBERT EDWARD, La Marque 615 WELLS, DAVID PAUL, Amarillo WENDEL, KATHLEEN T., Boytown WENDELL, ROBERT EDWARD, Beaumont WERNER, SHARON LYNN, Austin WESSELS, MARILYN JO, Son Angelo WHITE, GARY WAYNE, Austin WHITFIELD, STEPHEN RAY, Dallas WHITFILL, BARBARA JEAN, Houston WHITFORD, LONNIE ORAL, Earth WIER, JOHN REX, Austin WILKERSON. RAY ALLEN, Breckenridge WILLHOITE, SHERILYN ANN Austin WILLIAMS, BONNIE ANN, La Grange WILLIAMS, CLARA ANN, Longview WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA LEE, San Antonio WILLIAMS, HARRY JAMES, Boy City WILLIAMS, JAMES EARL Dallas WILLIAMS, KITTY, Amarillo WILLIAMSON, RALEIGH SANBORN, Bay City WILSON, CHERIE GRAY. Wichita Falls WILSON, DAN EMORY, Paducah WILSON, DEBORAH MARIE, Dallas WILSON, JAMES MILTON JR., Corpus Christi WILSON, LAURA DALE, Houston WILSON, RANDALL BRUCE, Dayton WILSON, THOMAS DAVID, Fort Worth WISE, DAVID EUGENE, Son Antonio WISSEMANN, GAIL DIANE, Fredericksburg WITHERS, JUDITH ANN Fort Worth WOLFE, BRETT ALLEN, Corpus Christi WOMACK, STEPHEN JAY, Dallas WONG, ALBERT, Son Antonio WONG, WAYLAND, San Antonio WOO, FAY LUN, Son Antonio WOOD, CHRISTINA, New Orleans, La. WOODS, CARALEE GAIL, Long Beach, Calif. WOODS, STEPHEN EARL. Dallas WOODS, TERRENCE LYNN, Washington, D. C. WOOLDRIDGE, GAYLE, Houston WORKMAN, MARY CHRISTINE, Houston WORLEY, JAMES MICHAEL, Hurst WORTH, ROBERT LEE JR., Son Antonio WORTHAM, KATHEY JANE, Abilene WRIGHT, BENJAMIN A., Pleasanton WRIGHT, DENA FRED, Dallas WRIGHT, MAXIE LYNN, Roscoe WUENSCHE, MARTIN RANDOLPH, Spring WYLIE, SHERRIANNE, Cleburne YAGER, KATHERINE LYNN, Bryan YAKLIN, DANIEL ARTHUR, Corpus Christi YARYAN, SALLY BERRY, Austin YATES, SHAROLYN GAYLE, Austin YEE, PAULA CHOI HOONG, Honolulu Hawaii YELLIN, JONI, Houston YOUNG, ROBERT MICHAEL, Washington, D. C. ZABEL, DAVID STEPHEN, Austin ZARAZUA, LUCY ANNE, Son Antonio ZEARFOSS, SARA ELIZABETH, Houston ZELLARS. KAREN SUE, Houston ZICKLER, JEFFREY LEA Bandera ZIEMER, JACK AARON, Tyler ZIHLMAN, EDWARD JAMES JR.. Windthorst ZIMMERMANN, JAMES DENNIS, San Antonio ZOCH, LINDA ELAINE, Houston ZOGHEIB, JOHN DAVID, San Antonio Juniors 616 ABOUD, RUSSELL MICHAEL, El Paso ABOUSSIE, ANNETTE GAY, Wichita Falls ACKERMAN, WILLIAM RANDALL, Dallas ACOCK, RANDOLPH, Houslon ADAMS, DAVID RICHARD, San Antonio ADAMS, DIANA KEMP, Corpus Chrisli ADER, JOHN TIMOTHY, New Braunfels AGALOU, NICK, Galveston AJELLO, MELANIE IRENE, Houston ALANIZ, DEBRA ANN, San Diego ALEXANDER, LUCIUS HODGE, Midland ALEXANDER, MATILDA E., Midland ALLEN, CYNTHIA GAYLE, Son Antonio ALLEN, SHARON DEEN, Waco ALLEN, SIDNEY, Amarillo ALLES, SUSAN ELIZABETH, San Antonio AMICK, JIM PHILLIP, Amarillo AMOS, SCOTT RANDAL, Austin ANDERSON, ALBERT WILLIAM, Fort Worth ANDERSON, ALLAN LYNN, Austin ANDERSON, BEVERLY RUTH, Baytown ANDERSON, DAVID DARNELL, McGregol ANDERSON, JOHN FREEMON, Wichita Falls ANDERSON, KAREN LISBETH, Houston ANDERSON, KENNETH DONALD, Midland ANDERSON, MARY CLAIRE, Austin ANDERSON, RICHARD LAYNE, Cameron ANDERSON, ROY ALAN, Fceeport ANDERSON, STEVEN RAY, Big Spring ANDERSON, TERESA GAIL, Tyler ANDERSON, WILLIAM GLENN II, Abilene ANGELO, GERALD SYLEBA, Beaumont ANTHONY, WILLIAM ROSS JR., lubbock ARCHER, JOHN MICHAEL, Amarillo ARCHER, VINCENT WILLIAM III, Houston AREND, LYNN PUGH, Austin ARMUS, HENRY JR., Son Antonio ARNETT, LIZABETH LEN, Lufkin ARNOLD, J. BARTO III, San Antonio ARNOLD, LUCINDA GRAY, Houston ARTUSY, DIANNE ELIZABETH, Houston ARTZT, KRIS TONI, San Antonio ASHMAN, MARY MARTINA, Fort Worth ATKINS, MARILYN FOSTER, Houston ATKINSON, HENRIETTA H., Downers Grove, III. ATKINSON, JAMES BAKER, St. Clair, Mo. ATWOOD, MARGARET ELLEN, Houston AVES, ALICE LOUISE, Houston Sophomores AXELROD, JANIS LYNN, Houston BABENDURE, BERNIE ESIR, Houston BACK, JAMES MORRIS R., Pasadena BADKE, GREGORY CHARLES, Denton BAHLMAN, LANIER, Winters BAILEY, KATHRYN GRACE, Austin BAKER, ALICE LYNNE, Houston BAKER, BARBARA ANN, Levelland BAKER, LARRY NEAL, Big Spring BALDWIN, JUDITH ANN, Lamesa BALLARD, WILLIAM BRIAN, Tyler BAND , SARAH ELIZABETH, Amarillo BARKIN, DAVID LEWIS, Terrell BARNES, JAMES RUSSELL, Wyckolf, N. J. BARNES, ROBERT WAYNE. San Antonio BARNETT, LINDA LEE, Fort Worth BARNHILL, DONALD RAY, Highlands BARRETT, RAYMOND DALTON JR., McLean, Va. BARROW, CAROLYN ANN, San Antonio BARROW MARY KYLE, Austin BASS, LISBETH ANN, Milwaukee, Wise. BATEMAN, NANCY KAY, Dalhort BAUGH, DIANE ELAINE, Arlington BEAN, RAYMOND FRED JR., San Antonio BEAVERS, RHETT DWYN, Houston BECK, BRUCE HARLAN, San Antonio BECK, THOMAS JAMES, Greenfield, Iowa BECKER, LARRY DALE, Austin BECKMAN, SUSAN GAIL, Houston BECKWORTH, LINDA LOUISE, Glodewater BEEBE, MARK LOUIS, Abilene BEGGS, EDWARD ALLAN, Premont BELCHER, STEPHEN DUDLEY, LoMarque BELK, ROBERT CROWELL, El Paso BELL, DEBRA KAY, Killeen BELL, SHERRY LYNN, Houston BELOTE, PATRICIA ANN, La Porte BENNETT, RAND MORTON, Dallas BENSON, RICK, Dickinson 8ENTLEY, WILLIAM RAY, San Antonio BERKLEY, STEPHEN LAWRENCE, Beaumont BERNARD, ANNE. Lubbock BERRY, RICHARD LEE. Vicksburg, Miss. BEUTEL, PAUL WAYNE, Houston BIARD, RICHARD PALMER, Dumas BICKETT, BRENDA ELIZABETH, Austin BIRD, DEBRA ANISA Childress BIZZELL, DAVID LYNN, Midlana 617 f t BLACK, DEBRA LEANN, Austin BLACKBURN, BRENDA DIANE, Von BLACKBURNE, NOEL, Sulphur Springs BLAIR, MARTHA JANE, El Paso BLANK, KATHERINE LYNN, Virginia Beach, Va. BLANKENSHIP, CHARLES RONALD, Houston BLANTON, PERRY OWEN, Waco BLAYLOCK, STEPHEN GLEN, Irving BLECKLEY, DAVID GEORGE, Paris BLITCH, NICKI JAN, Fort Worth BLUMENTHAL, KAREN JOY, Houston BOHAC, SUSAN JO, Houston BOHLS, KAREN BETH, El Paso 8OLLING, ROBERT THOMAS, Houston BOONE, JAMES ARTHUR, Austin BOOTH, RICHARD EDWARD, Paris BORDERS, REGINA MARIE, Dallas BOREY, ROLAND BORN, Angleton BORN, CHARIEAN ANN, Austin BORTH, FRIEDA JEANNE, Pittsburg BORTH, KATHERINE MICHELE, Austin BOSTWICK, BRADLEY BRECK, Fort Worth BOSWELL, JEAN ARLINE, Son Benito BOUNDS, DONALD RAYFORD, Cleveland BOWDEN, SHARON ANN, Beaumont BOYD, PAUL CLIFTON JR., Temple BOYNTON, REBECCA GENE, Denton BOZARTH, BETSY RAE, Lockhart BRADBURY, MARY SABINA, Marshall BRANDENBURG, PATRICK FORD, Amarillo BRANDIMARTE, CYNTHIA ANN, Dallas BRANDON, BEVERLY EULANE, Plainview BRANDT, WILLIAM DAVID, Austin BRASHEAR, ROBERT KEITH, Hale Center BRATTEN, MARJORIE VIRGINIA, San Antonio BRAUN, DVOSHA EDITH, Houston BRAZIL, JERRY HAL, Lometa BREEDLOVE, JENNIFER, Houston BREIDENBACH, JOHN CLAUDE, Beeville BRENT, DENNIS ALLEN, Dallas BRENTSON, BECKYE LYNN, Dallas BREWER, PATRICIA KAY, Austin BRIMBIE, PAULA ADA, Houston BRISCOE, JANEY, Uvalde BRITT, DAWN LOUISE, San Antonio 8RITT, SPURGEON KYLE JR., Houston BROCK, BOBBIE JEAN, Kingsland BROGAN, JOHN ALBERT, San Antonio Class of 1972 BROMSER, PAULA KATHLEEN, Gatesville BROOKE, JAMES MAXEY, Sweeny BROOKS, STEPHEN NELSON, Dallas BROTT, SUSAN GENEVIEVE, Dallas BROWDER, JACK FORRESTER JR., Pecos BROWN, KENNETH MARVi-N, Galveslon BROWN, MELINDA ONIE, Gonzales BRUMMELL, RICHARD JAMES, Hooks BUCHANAN, DAVID ANDREW, Beaumont BUESCHER, JAMES ELMER JR., Houston BUNCH, PAMELA JO, Austin BURDITT, DAVID CHRISTOPHER, Amarillo BURKE EDMOND JOHN III, San Antonio BURRIS, KATHERINE ROGERS, Dallas BUSCH, DENNIS GENE, Son Antonio BUTLER, MONETTE MARIE, Austin BUTLER, PAMELA ANNE, Bonham BUTLER, PATRICIA LYNN, Karnes City BUTTERY, VIRGINIA ALICE, La Marque BYRNES, VICKI LYNN, Midland BYROM, ANITA SUE, Gatesville CALDWELL, ROBERT HENDERSON, Denlon CALK, HENRY DELL JR., Rosenburg . CALLAWAY, PENNY CATHRYN, Austin CAMP, RONALD PERRY, Denton CAMPBELL, JANIS LYNNE, Belloire CAMPBELL, MALLORY JANE, Dallas CAMPBELL, ROBERT DAVID, Dallas CANNON, MICHAEL KENT. Odessa CANTER, CATHY ANN, Houston CARBY, GARY WAYNE, Houston CARGILL, WILLIAM GEORGE, Fort Worth CARIKER, GEORGE EARL JR., Carthage CARL, CHARLOTTE CHRISTINE, Austin CARLISLE, JAN KATHRYN, Alice CARLSON, HARRY WILLIAM JR., San Angela CARLSON, THOMAS LANDRUE, Corpus Christi CARMICHAEL, RUTH MOORE, Huntsville CARNEY, PEGGY E., Corpus Christi CARPENTER, BELINDA ANN, Hobbs, N. M. CARPENTER, LINDA LOU, Austin CARRIKER, STEVEN ALAN Roby CARTER, RUSSELL H., San Antonio CARTWRIGHT, EDWIN ORVILLE III, Dallas CASEY, SHAWN RUSSEL, Houston CASTILLO, SUSANA MARIA, La Par, Bolivia CAVE, ROBERT DANIEL, San Antonio CENTER, KATHY ROSE, Baylown 618 CENTILU DOROTHY JEAN, Del Rio CERVENKA, EDWARD RENFRO, Waco CHAAYTO, HASSAN ISMAIL, Beirut, Lebanon CHANCEY, MICHAEL G., Oklahoma City. Okla. CHARNES, DEBORAH FRANCIS, Austin CHATMAS, NANCY FAY, Fott Worth CHEATHAM, PAMELA DRU, Seabrook CHENAULT, BRYAN DICKARD, Albuquerque, N. M. CHILDERS, STEVEN ROGER, Conroe CHILDRESS, DUANE MICHAEL, Ozono CHIN, MILLY, San Antonio CHRISTIAN, DRUSCILLA ROSE, Houston CIAVARRA, JOHN JOSEPH JR., Devine CLARK, THOMAS LEE, Dallas CLAYTON, OLIIS MILTON, Houston COCHRAN, DEBORAH ANN, Austin COHEN, BETSY JAN, Dallas COHEN, BLANCHE FAYE, Phoenix, Ariz. COLE, STEPHEN WARREN, Pasadena COLGIN, ANDREW PHILLIP, Houston COLLERAIN, JOAN ELIZABETH, Houston COLLIER, CHRISTI, Dallas COLLIER, CLAIRE YVONNE, El Paso COLLINS, ALFRED LEE, Austin COLLINS JOHN WILLIAM, San Antonio CONE, RICHARD LEO JR., Fort Worth CONLEY, MARGARET ELAINE, 8.9 Spring CONNELL, CAROL JUANETTE, Killeen CONRADT, LOUIS WILLIAM, Terrell COOK, LARRY GENE, Winters COOK, PATRICK LACY, Houston COOK, PEGGY LOUISE, Pasadena COOK, TOMMIE LYNN, Houston COOLEY, JOHN THORNTON, Dallas COOPER, LANCE KIMBERLY, Houston CORBELL, JON KELVIN, Katy CORBIN, JOHN SAUNDERS JR., Houston CORDILL, JOSEPH BAKER JR., Shreveport, La. CORRELL, VENICE MARY, Burleson COTHAM, NANCY ELLEN, Marlin COTTON, ROGER DALE, Palestine COWART, LINDA CATHERINE, Houston COWHIG, PEGGY, Boytown COX, CRAIG RAY, Lubbock CRABTREE, BARBARA ANN, Dallas CRAWFORD, FRANCES MARIAN, El Paso CRAWFORD, JOE THOMAS JR., Atlanta CREWS, SARAH LOUISE, San Antonio Sophomores CRISPIN, MARY PRISCILLA, Houston CROOK, DAVID PRESTON, Houston CRUTSINGER, MAETIN STONE, Athens CULWELL, CATHRYN, Lufkin CUMMINGS, WILEYN FULFER, San Antonio CURTIS, CAROL JEAN, Hillsboro DALE, PAMELA FAYE, Winnie DALTON, CHARLOTTE LOUISE, Goldthwaite DANIEL, CHARLES PAUL, Brownsville DANIEL, JUDY JEANETTE, Glen Rose DANZIGER, GAIL BARBARA, Houston DARWIN, PAUL McCRACKEN, Fort Worth DAVIS, JOHN MICHAEL, Dallas DAVIS, LYLE LEROY, Houston DAVIS, PAUL JOSEPH, Austin DAVIS, PATRICIA ANN, Schulenburg DAWSON, WILLIAM CHARLES, Texarkana DEATS, JAMES ALAN, San Antonio DECKER, OSCAR JAMES, Laredo DEDEAR, CHERYL ANNE, Georgetown DEFORD, HARVEY NASH, Austin DELANO, RICKY DALE, Corpus Christi DENN, MIRL PAULA, Bay City DENNIS, LAURA JESSICA, San Antonio DENOSOWICZ, RANDOLPH LEE, Orange DERBING, DEBORAH, Houston DERRICK, BARBARA JEAN, Vienna, W. Va. DEYSCHLE, CARL ALLEN, Amarillo DEUSCHLE, JANE ELLEN, Dallas DEVOOGHT, DIANE JOYCE, Austin DEWEES, CHARLES BELL III, Fort Worth DICKINSON, LINDA LEE, Austin DICKSON, RICHARD LANE, Houston DIES, RUTH DIANNE, Austin DILLON, DONNA CHERYL, Houston DOLAN, SUSAN LOU, Son Antonio DOLEZAL, DONNA GWEN, Hallettsville DONAHUE, TIMOTHY ALFRED, Austin DOOLEY, GEORGE CLEVELAND, Crossville, Tenn. DORR, JOAN ELIZABETH, San Antonio DORSEY, PATRICIA KATHLEEN, Houston DOUGLAS, RODNEY ARTHUR, Dallas DOWNS, GREGORY EDWARD, Midland DRAPER, FREDERICK A. Ill, Scott AFB, III. DRYDEN, JOHN STEPHEN, Wichita Falls DUCKWORTH, TIMOTHY ROGERS, Houston DUKE, CYNTHIA JO, San Antonio DUKES, JOHN ANTHONY, Ewa Beach, Hawaii 619 DULAK, SARA SUE, Delias DUNBAR, OERAIDINE, Bostrop DUNCAN, FRED DON, Weatherford DUNCAN, JEANNE CELESTE, Rusk DUNIHO, SHEILA ANN, Peru, N. Y. DURAN, ROBERT, Houston DURE, LEIGHTON CARTER, Austin DWIGHT, LARRY BRUCE, Richardson DYDEK, LOWELL RICHARD, San Antonio EAKMAN, DOYLE DOUGLAS, San Angela EARLY, LYDIA JEANNE, Avinger EARLY, MARTHA LYNN, R.chardson EARNEST, ARA LYNN, Odessa EASTER, CHARLES LEE JR , Coldwell E8ERHARD, JEFFREY WAYNE, New Braunfels EDENS, JEAN, San Antonio EDWARDS, BETTY JO, Houston EDWARDS, CAROL JEAN, Dallas EDWARDS, TRISA MICHELE, Chesterfield Mo EIERMANN, ANN ELIZABETH, Houston ELLEDGE, RICHARD GARDNER, Houston ELLIOTT, JOHN BENJAMIN III, Corpus Christi ELLIOTT, (CATHERINE JEAN, Dallas ELLIOTT, MICHAEL ELON, San Marcos ELLIS, VIVIAN ELIZABETH, San Antonio ELLISON, CAROLE ANNE, Fort Worth ELLSBERRY, MICHAEL ALLEN, Dallas EMERSON, NANCY ANN, Palestine EMERSON, PATRICIA CAROL, Houston EMERY, ROBERT DUKE, San Antonio EMMERT, MARK ALEXANDER, San Antonio EMORY, LAURA LEE, Houston ENGEL, EDWARD WILLIAM, Houston ENGELMAN, DAYNA DAWN, Houston ENGLAND, ROBIN CHRISTY, Houston ERICKSON, KATHLEEN VIRGINIA Houston ESKRIDGE, NANCY LYNNE, Houston ESTES, JANET SUSAN, Beaumont EVANS, ROBERT D ENTON, Luling FAIN, JOHN STEPHEN, Houston FALCON, RICHARD RAY, Corpus Christi FARRAR, TERRY WAYNE, Dallas FAULK, JAMES MICHAEL, Austin FEGAN, KATHERINE ELLEN, Fort Worth FEINBERG, JAN LOUISE, Texarlcana FELPS, RONDA GAIL Tripoli Libya FENSTER, LISA ELLEN, Corpus Christi FENTON, FRANCES MARGARET Corpus Christi Class of 1972 FERGUSON, GAIL LYNN, Houston FERGUSON, JANET HELEN, Denton FERGUSON, VICKI LYNN, Austin FERRARA, MADELINE CAROLL, Hearne FIELD, JODELL ELIZABETH, Corpus Christi FISCH, MARTEE ANN, Tyler FISHER, JUDY GAIL, San Antonio FISHER, LEWIS SHERMAN, San Antonio FITE, ANTOINETTE, Sherman FITZGERALD, DAVID JOHN, Houston FLAJNIK, JAMES DONALD, Houston FLANAGAN, SUSAN CAROL, San Antonio FLEMING, JUDITH LYNN, Anson FLETCHER, DANIEL LEE, Von FLETCHER, ROBERT HALE, Los Angeles, Calif. FLOCA, FRANK STEWART, Temple FLODINE, JAMES BRUCE, Houston FLUITT, MICHAEL WAYNE Booker FONTENOT, LINDA SHARON, Dallas FORD, MICHAEL DEAN, Highlands FOREMAN, LUCY LOCKETT, Houston FORTENBERRY, MARY KELSOE, Natchitoches, La. FOSTER, ALBERT HAROLD, Houston FOSTER, KATHLEEN ROSE, Dallas FOX, JOAN ELIZABETH, Carlisle, Pa. FRANCIS, JAY PERETZ, Houston FRANK, JANIS KAY, Houston FRANKLIN, RAYMOND BENJAMIN, Houston FRENCH, DEBORAH ELAINE Austin FRISHMAN, ABE, Dallas FROST, MARCIA STEBBINS, Dallas FUERST, LINDA SUE, Dallas FUHRMANN, RICHARD REYNOLDS, Son Antonio FULBRIGHT, SUZANNE Beaumont FULLER, ANTHONY, Houston FULLERTON, BRUCE C, Austin FURMAN, NANCY PRYOR, Bethesdo, Md. FUSTE, MARY KAY, Galveston GALVAN, EDUARDO Brownsville GAMBLE, DAVID SHULER, Houston GANCHAN, MEG GORDON, Houslon GANCHAN, SUSAN BURNETT Houston CANDY, CHRISTINA LOUISE, Little Rock, Ark. GANNS, STEPHEN RICHARD, Houston GARCIA, MANUEL ROBERT, Yookum GARDNER, TARA O MEARA, Carrizo Spring! GARRETT, ANNALYN, San Antonio GARY, SONJA LEE, San Antonio k 620 GARZA, CRISELDA, Horlingen GEORGE, ALAN GAYLORD, Horlingen GEORGE, KAREN ELIZABETH, Houston GERLOFF, ELLEN GALE, Houston GERNSBACHER, KAREN, Fort Worth GERSTENHABER, JAY ERON, Houston GIBBS, ANDREA JEAN, Mabonk GIBBS, DUNCAN GAYLORD. Amarillo GIBBS PEYTON SELMAN, Houston GIBSON, ROSCOE MIKE, Lufkin GIESE, JOLYN GAYLE, Son Antonio GILDAY, MARY KATHRYN, Fort Worth GILLETTE, JANE ANN, Boytown GILLEY, ALLEN LOUIS, Houston GILLIAM, ROBERT SEAFERS, Palestine GILLUM, WILLIAM DANIEL, Waco GIPE, WILLIAM GEORGE, Dallas GIRARDEAU, JAMES FREDERICK. Austin GIROUARD, ROBBIE GAY, Freeport GLEASON, DAVID MERLE, Beaumont GODFREY, JO ANN, Yoakum GOLD, JOHN STEVEN, Dallas GOLDSTEIN, ROBERT MARC, Dallas GOLDSTEIN, SHARON HELAINE, Houston GOOD, LARRY, Dallas GOODE, MARK GIDEON III, Dallas GOODING, PEGGY LOUISE, Fort Worth GOODMAN, BRENDA DEE, Dallas GOSE, LAURA MELINDA, Wichita Falls GOSS, RICHARD LEE, Dallas GOUBEAUD, MICHELE ANNE, San Antonio GRACE, CRAIG THOMAS, Austin GRAMMER, BEVERLY LYNNE, Fort Worth CRANBERRY, RAY WYNN, Sinton GRANT, MARY ELIZABETH, Dallas GRANT, PAMELA SUE, Houston GRANT, THOMAS REAGAN, Kenedy GRAVES, CLAUDE BRECKENRIDGE, Jasper GRAY, CHARLES EDWIN, Arlington GRAY, KATHY ELAINE, Houston GRAYSON, ALLAN MONROE III, Dallas GREEN, ROBERT LYNN JR., Houston GREENBERG, LAWREN ELISE, Tyler GREENWOOD, ALAN DALE, Corpus Giristi GREGORY, WILLIAM NEWTON, Midland GREMMINGER, CHARLES RAY, Pasadena GRENADER, MARK JAMES, Houston GRETT, RICHARD LEE, Corpus Christi Sophomores GROSSMAN, FRANK LEROY, Corpus Christi GROTE, LARRY JAMES, Llano GRUBBS, GORDON HAL, Graham GWYNN, RICHARD PAUL, San Antonio HAHN, ELIZABETH, Austin HAIRGROVE, SYLVIA LYNNE, Houston HALE, FRIEDA SUE, Orange HALE, VIRGINIA LYNN, Dallas HALL, CANDACE RAYE, Dallas HALL, GLEN DAVID, Houston HALL, JOHN CURTIS, Dalhart HALL, SUSAN DEBRA, Falls Church, Va. HAMBY, KATHERINE ALICE, San Antonio HAMEL, CYNTHIA LISE, Seobrook HAMILTON, SYLVIA LYNN, Hampton, Va. HAMMOND, JAMES RODNEY, Jacksboro HANDLEY, KEN EARL, Lufkin HARBISON, KARAN ANN, Breckenridge HARDEE, MARTHA LOVE, Brownsville HARDIN, WESLEY MORGAN, Odessa HARE, CAROL ELEANOR, Amarillo HARELIK, JIMMY HASKELL, Comanche HARLOWE, DAVID HOWARD, Brownwood HARMON, SCOTT INGERSOLL, Dallas HARPER WALTER DAVIS Garland HARPOLE, GEORGE ANN, Uvalde HARRIS, APRIL KAY, Houston HARRIS, DUANE WOODFORD II, Hooks HARRIS, PEGGY LEA, Dallas HARRIS, VICTOR ELLIOT, Houston HARRIS. WILLIAM STANLEY, San Angela HARRISON, JOHN WILLIAM, Nashville, Ark. HARRISON, PRINCE MARTIN, Belton HARRISON. SUSAN DIANNE, Baytown HART, JERYL DRANNON JR Austin HARTWELL, CHRISTOPHER LYNN Dallas HARVEY, BILLY DALE, Greenville HATCH, CHERYL DIANE Dallas HATCHEL, RITA GAYLE Dallas HAWKINS, LINDA SUSAN, McAllen HAWS, ROY LEE, Jacksonville HAYES, NANCY, Dallas HAZLEWOOD, JAMES HOWARD, Victoria HEARD, KATHY LANIER. White Oak HEARN, ROBERT LUTHER III, Dallas HEARNE, SIDNEY RANDALL, Graham HEATON, WILLIAM MATTHEW, Houston HEDRICK, LOU ANN, Austin 621 HEDRICK, NANCY ELIZABETH, Corpus Christ! HEFIEY, LINDA LOUISE, Pasadena HEGAR, REBECCA LUCILLE, San Antonio HEINS, NIKKI ANN, Dallas HELM, JIMMY JAYE, Stephenville HELM, STEVEN GEORGE, Fort Worth HELMCAMP, JUDDY RAY, Houston HENDERSON, FRANK DOUGLAS JR., Houston HENDON, KERRY GAYLE, Freeport HENLEY, THOMAS ANDREW, Greenville HENRY, ANN ELAINE, Rockdale HENSIEE, MARK TAYLOR, Amarillo HEPLER, JONNY JEFFERSON, Waco HERBOLSHEIMER, ALICE P., Bartlesville, Okla. HERRERA, CYNTHIA ANN, San Antonio HERRING. EMOGENE DALE, San Antonio HESS, BONNIE JEAN, Houston HIBLER, ROSEMARY, Austin HICKEY, GEOFFREY JOHN, Dallas HICKS, CHARLES ANDREW, Austin HICKS, WILLIAM GRADY, Corpus Christi HIGGINS, BONNIE JO, Houston HIGGINS, JOHN ROBERT, Kingsville HIGGINS, THOMAS RICHARD, Austin HIGLEY, SUSAN LOUISE, Austin HILL, COLLEEN ELAINE, La Marque HILL, LINDA MARIE, Lubbock HILLEBRENNER, BARBARA ANN, Dallas HILLQUIST, KATHLEEN, Richmond HINTON, KAREN LEONORA, Dallas HIRSCH, GABRIEL, Dallas HOCHMAN, ELIAS HENRY, Houston HOFFMAN, JUDY CAROL, Houston HOFFMAN, ROCHEILE SELENE, Navosota HOFFMAN, STEPHEN THOMAS, Beaumont HOLCOMB, HELEN ELEANOR, College Station HOLCOMB, JULIA FAYE, Quanah HOLLINGSWORTH, DAVID EMERSON, Austin HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM HORACE, Houston HOLMAN, CHARLES OSCAR, Electro HOLMBERG, LYNNE KAREN, Lake Jackson HOLSHOUSER, JOHN H. SAVAGE, San Antonio HOOD, THOMAS ROY, Kerrville HOPKINS, HAROLD NEWTON JR., Silsbee HOPKINS, ROBERT LARRY, Donaldson, Ark. HOPPER, ANDREA KAY, Lake Jackson HOPSON, WILLIAM DAVID III, Sinton HORN, VICKI LEE, Midland Class of 1972 HORTON, WILMOT ROBERDEAU, Austin HOUSE, MARILOU, Paris HOUSER, ROBERT BOOSE, Midland HOWARD, BARBARA SUE, Midland HOWARD, GAYLE ANNE, Dollas HOWARD, M ' LIZABETH DOT, Berryville, Ark. HOWELL, RALPH LA VERNE, Sherman HOWELL, VICKI RAYE, Texas City HUDSON, JANIS EILEEN, Corpus Christi HUE8INGER, KATHLEEN ANN, Marion HUEMOELLER, GISELLE OLIVIA, Houston HUFF, DONALD LEE, Muleshoe HUFF, DONALD LEE, Dallas HUFF, ROBERT BENJAMIN, Houston HUFFMAN, DOLLIE FAYE, Pasadena HUGHES, DAVID CARROLL, Houston HUGHES, MARY KATHLEEN, Dallas HULL, CHARLES CLAUDE, Hempstead HULL, MELISSA JANE, Denton HULME, DEBORAH RAE, Houston HUMPHREY, RANDAL EUGENE, Austin HUNDLEY, POLLY DIANE. Austin HUNT, CLAY McLEAN, Dallas HUNT, ROBERT WILEY, San Antonio HURWITZ, INA SUE, Houston HUTSON, MARK FARRELL, Houston HVASS, CHARLES THOMAS, Minneapolis, Minn. HYKEL, MARIETTA, Ga ' veston IMBER, MARLENE BETH, Fort Worth INCE, MARY LOIS, Gonzales INKS, ROBERT MICHAEL, Austin IR6Y, LESLIE DAVID, Austin ISENBERG, JERRY ALAN, Galveston JACKSON, PATRICIA ELIZABETH, Sherman JACOB, JOHN WAYNE, Andice JACOBS, HILDY CAROL, Corsicono JACOBY, MELISSA MADELINE, Hillsboro JAMES, JACKIE SUE, Austin JAMESON, JOHN ROBERT III, Lubbock JEFFUS, MARSHALL LEE, Wichita Falls JENKINS, RICHARD ROY, Houston JOBE, REX VANCE, Dallas JOHNSON, CATHY GENE, Caldwell JOHNSON, JEROLD ROBERT, Dallas JOHNSON, LINDA. Dollas JOHNSON, MICHAEL WALLACE, Taylor JOHNSON, PAUL JOSEPH, Austin JOHNSON, WILLIAM MIKE, Texas City 622 JOHNSON, WILLIE MAE, Waco JOHNSTON, JAY STEVEN, Dallas JONES, ALAN BENTON, Plainview JONES BARBARA ANN, Houston JONES, HAROLD ERNEST JR., Midland JONES JUDITH LANELL, Houston JONES, NANCY SUE, Dallas JONES, PATRICE, Wichita Falls JONES SANDRA ROBERTA, Dallas JONES, SUSAN LYNN, Bryan JONES, TIFFANY NAN, Austin JOSEPHS, JEFFREY, Corpus Christ! JOYNER, WANDA NELL, Ml. Vernon JUDD, DIANNA LYNN, Amarillo KADERKA, PEGGY ROSE, Austin KALVELAGE, NORMA ELLEN, San Antonio KANA, MARY GAIL, Baytown KANAN, TERESA ELLEN, Fort Worth KANE, THERESA ANNE, Fort Worth KAPPLER, GARY HOEL, Baytown KASSON, JOHN ADAM, Midland KATCHINOSKI, RONALD JAMES, Houston KAVANAUGH, CLIFF LEDLOW, Austin KAZMANN, WILLIAM McKEE, Baton Rouge, La. KEELING, NANCY BERRY, Liltlefield KELLER, DONALD RALPH, Copperas Cove KELLER, JOHN CHRISTOPHER, Corpus Christi KELLEY, JAMES GROVER, Houston KENDALL, SUSAN KAY, Houston KENDRICK, STEVEN THOMAS, Stratford KENNEDY, KERRY LINN, Austin KENT, ALLEN SANDERS, Fort Worth KERN, DEBRA LOUISE, Clarendon, Ark. KESSLER, SARA LEE, Youngstown, Ohio KETCHUM, PATRICIA LYNN, San Antonio KILLINGSWORTH, PASCAL LEROY, Laredo KIMMELL, LOIS ELIZABETH, San Antonio KING, ELIZABETH MACEIL, Austin KING, GARY HEAR!, Kingsland KING, GEORGE HARVEY, Conroe KING HELEN MARIE, Garland KING, KAREN EILEEN, Irving KING, KAREN KAY, Dallas KINNARNEY, EILEEN MARY, Burlington, Conn. KITLEY, JAN ELIZABETH, Austin KLAM, ALPHONSE FRANK, Houston KLEIN, JERROLD STEPHEN, New Orleans, La. KLEIN, SARA KAY, Houston Sophomores KLEPAC, ROBERT EUGENE, Austin KNAPE, BEN KENNETH, Austin KNIGGE, KAY LORRINE, Houston KNIGHT, KAREN LOUISE, Wichita Falls KOBDISH, GEORGE CHARLES, Houston KOBER, KAY MARY, Waterloo, Iowa KOEHLER, KATHY SUE, Poteet KOELLING, ROBERT KEITH JR., Dallas KOPEC, MARY C, San Antonio KOST, FREDELL NAN, Houston KOTIN, GAYLE, Galveston KOY, CANDICE DAWN, Scaly KRAUSE, DANNA ANN, Houston KRESCH, FRANK GORDON, Pasadena KRUDER, KATHRYN LOUISE, Wayne, N. J. KRUEGER, KAY, San Antonio KRUEGER, ROYCE WILLIAM, Victoria KRUTE, DONNA JEAN, Houston KUHN, MICHAEL CHARLES, Houston KUPER, LAURIE, Houston KYRISH, LEON JOSEPH, Stoclcdale LABER, BARBARA JOYCE, Houston IABOVITZ, HARRY, Fort Worth LACEY, ROBERT STEPHEN, Houston LACY, DEBRA DENEESE, Jasper LADD, MARY JODETTE, Kansas City, Mo. LAMB, SHARON GAYLE, Houston LANDAU, CHRISTINE NANCY, Houston LANDERS, MARK EVAN, Dallas LANE, PATRICIA LOUISE, Houston LANE, WILLIAM DAWSON, San Angela LANGFORD, DEBRA DEANN, Goldthwaite LANIER, RONALD EDWARD, Navasota LAPPIN, STEPHEN GRANT, Houston LASIK, LOIS FRANCES, Houston LASLEY, MICHAEL DEEN, San Antonio LAWHN, MARY ANN, Houston LAWS, LINDA LOUISE, Corpus Chfisti LAWSON, CHARLES A., Houston LAY, JOHN BENNETT, Houston LECHE, PAUL ANDRE, Dallas LEE, DONNA ANNETTE, Houston LEE, NANCY CARROLL, Houston LEE, RANDY MICHAEL, Taylor LEGETT, GEORGE ANN, Austin LEHMBERG, ROSEMARY, Taylor LEIGH, CANDACE C., Austin LEIGH, SHARON JEAN, Houston 623 LENOX. JOE O., League City LERNER, CYNTHIA JEAN, Dallas LESHIN, LIBBIE GAIL, Robstown LESSIG, PRISCILLA LYNN, Fort Worth LETSOS, JAMES N. Ill, Houston LEVINE, HAROLD HERBERT, Gainesville LEVINE, MELVIN ALLEN, Houston LEVINSON, JEROME HOWARD, Dalloi LEWIN, RANDALL JAY, McAllen LIESMAN, LINDA ANN, Boerne LINDSAY, KATHRYN MAREE, Houston LINDSEY, JAMES RAYMOND, Fort Worth LIPP, JOYCE LYNN, Houston LITTLE, RANDY DALE, Houston LITTLE, SHERRY LYNN, Granbury LLOYD, DAVID EARL, Corpus Christ! LLOYD, JANE ANN, Bastrop LOCKETT, JILL ELIZABETH, Dallas LOCKWOOD, JEFFERSON GREY, McAllen LOEHR, GLADYS DIANNE, Caldwell LONG, JOHN KENDALL, Rockville, Md. LONG, LINDA ETTA, Austin LONG SEDALIA SUZETTE, Longview LOOMIS, DIANE H., Fort Worth LOPER, LARRY RUPERT, Dallas LOTT, LEE ERVIN, Killeen LOWDON, MARY MATALA, Fort Worth LOWREY, RONNIE GENE, Texas City LUBEL, ELAINE TERRY, Mobile, Ala. LUCAS, SCOTT PARKER, La Marque LUMPKIN, RANDY DALE, Austin LYNCH, MICHAEL EDWARD, Corpus Christi LYNCH, MILDRED ALICE, Kerrville LYTTON, MITZI MARIE, Corpus Chrisli MABRY, PAMELA JAN, Port Arthur MACK, RONALD G., Palestine MACLEAN, DELLA LOUISE, San Antonio MACOW, RICKI, Houston MACOW, SHARON ELIZABETH, San Antonio MADDOX, CHARLES RICHARD, San Antonio MADDOX, PATRICIA ANNE, Palacios MADERA, NANCY MAUREEN, Louise MADSEN, KATHRYN KAYE, Houston MAGNON, ROBERT JAY, San Antonio MAHAFFEY, MICHAEL LINDSEY, Houston MAIN, KENT ASHLEY, Corpus Christi MALLORY, CAROLYN KAY, Tyler MALY, CHARLES KORTEN, Texorkana Class of 1972 MANKA, ALLAN ROY, Hobson MARCHAK, JAMES WILLIAM, Galveston MARIETTA, JOHN ROBERT, Fort Worth MARKS, MICHAEL TERRY, Austin MARKS, RONALD, Houston MARNELL, MARY ELLEN, Hereford MARSHALL, MARY PATRICIA, Palos Verdes, Calif. MARSHALL, WINIFRED MILDRED, Holliday MARTIN, CECIL DUKE, Garner, N. C. MARTIN, CHARLES TYLER JR., Houston MARTIN, KENNETH EWING, Baytown MARTIN, MARILYN KATHLEEN, Austin MARTINEZ, LUIS NOE, Conception MASEEH, SUZANNE MARIE, Tustin, Calif. MATTHEWS, KENNETH C., Beaumont MATTS, THOMAS C., Austin MATULA, JAMES MICHAEL, Runge MAULSBY, PATRICIA ANN, Wealherford MAYBERRY, MICHAEL DENNIS, Burbank, Calif. MAYER, EDITH DICKSON, Fort Worth MAYS, JOSEPHINE DARLINE, Austin MCALLISTER, TERESA ANN, Mt. Pleasant Iowa McBEE, ROBERT FRANK, Austin McBRIDE, DOROTHY KAREN, Winnie McBRIDE, MICHAEL CURTIN, Galveston McCANTS, DEBORAH ANN, Snyder MCCARTY, ROBERT THOMAS, Austin McCONNELl, TERRY RANDALL, Austin McCRORY, JOHN KEVIN, Amorillo McDANIEL, DANNY GLENN, Dallas MCDONALD, DONALD JOSEPH, Dallas MCDONALD, GAIL ELAINE, Rosenberg MCDONALD, MARGARET ANN, Son Antonio McGEE, GREGORY ROSS, Victoria McGULICUDDY, TIMOTHY E , Houston McGLASSON, PAMELA DIANE, Abilene McGLOTHLIN, JOHN JOSEPH, Mesquite MCGREGOR, KIM MIXON, piainview . McKAMIE, WILLIAM MICHAEL Waco McKENZIE, JO KATHARINE, Dallas McKINNON, DOUGLAS A., Houston McKITRICK, VIVIENNE LEE, Memphis, Tenn. MCMILLAN, MONTY HAYES, Houston McNEFF, PATRICK JOSEPH, Dallas MEADOR, MICHAEL PRIDDIE, Gatesville MEITZEN, ANN ELAINE, Brenham MELTON, CLARENCE BARTLETT JR., Houston MENZIES, NANCY ANN, Austin 624 MERFISH, GERALD, Houston MESH, ALAN MICHAEL, Dallos MESSER JAY MILTON, Auslin METHENY, FLOY LEE, Lubbock MEYER, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Hondo MICHAELIS, VICTORIA LYNNE, Dallas MICHALEC, CYNTHIA MARIE, Hallellsville MIERTSCHIN, JAMES DAVID, Houston MIKULENCAK DAVID JOHN, Granger MILAN, DEBORAH ANNE, Hurst MILBERGER, ARTHUR JOSEPH, Bay City MILLER, ANDREW GILES, Burner MILLER, ESTELLE HELENS, Victoria MILLER, GEORGE STEVAN, Brody MILLER, JOHN MICHAEL, Montgomery, Ala. MILLER, KERRY SUE, Fort Worth MILLER, LINDA SUE, Houston MILLHOLLON, WILLIAM GARY, Odessa MILLER, LINDA LEE, Virginia, Minn. MILLIGAN, THOMAS WI.LLIAM, San Antonio MILLIN, KEVIN JAMES, Houston MILTON, SUMMER GALE, Houston MIMS, CHRISTINE LYNN, Pearlond MINCBERG, DAVID MEYER, Houston MINTER, JULIANNE, LoMorque MIRANDA, DEBRA MARIA, Grand Prairie MOFFATT, RICHARD HOLMAN, Houston MOORE, JETTA CAROLE, Longview MOORE, MARWICK ROSE, Dickinson MOORE, SANDRA JANE, Austin MOORE, TOMMY LEN, Longview MOORES, DANIEL CHARLES, Terrell MORENO, GLORIA, Dallas MORGAN, WILLIAM GEORGE, De Leon MORRIS, ALBERT WILLIAM JR., Duncanville MORROW, JACK DEZELLE, Sinton MORROW, TERRY RAY, Mineral Wells MORSE, ROBERT EMMETT, Houston MOSHER, AIMEE KATHERINE, Houston MOSS, RITA JEAN, Devine MOULTON, PATRICIA ANN, St. Louis, Mo. MOYER, LYNNE MARIE, San Antonio MUELLER, MARGARET, Guadalajara, Mexico MULLENS, PATRICK O., Austin MULLINGS, MARY MARGARET, Garland MURDOCK, MILDRED CARROLL, Houston MURPHY, DEBORAH ANN, Austin MURPHY, EUGENE JAMES JR., Houston - Sophomores MURRAY, TIMOTHY GOOD, San Antonio MYLIUS, ROLLY ROBERT JR., Yoakum NEBLETT, LUCY LYDA, Houston NEILL, SHERRY WYNNE, Houston NELSON, GARRY ALAN, Beaumont NELSON, JAY RODNEY, Kaufman NELSON, MARSHA KAY, Greenville NELSON, MICHAEL NEAL, Waco NELSON, WALTER FREDERICK, Anahuac NESMITH, LINDA CAROL, Abilene NEUKOM, SUSAN CAROL, Houston NEUMAN, HYMAN SAM, Austin NEWELL, ROSEMARY, Dallos NG, NELLIE, San Antonio NIBLING, SUSAN CALE, Temple NICHOLS, DON DEATON, Galena Park NISBET, MICHAEL ALLAN, Austin NOE, JAMES PALEY, Corpus Christi NOELL, JOHN DUDLEY, Auslin NOLAN, PETER ANDREW, Lafayette La. NORTON, ELIZABETH ANN, Phoenix, Aril. NORTON, NANCY ANN, Houston NORTON, TRUDY KATHRYN, San Juan NOVY, STEVEN DAVID, San Antonio NUNN, DARLA SUE, San Antonio NUTT, JANICE DEAN, Houston OCHS, GARY GAYLORD, Taylor ODEH, PEGGY JEAN, San Antonio OGDEN, LOUIS GUSTAVUS, Winnie OGLE, CATHY ANN, Dallas O ' KEEFE, JOHN MICHAEL, White Deer OLIM, SARAH BELLE, Birmingham, Ala. OLIVER, STEPHEN MACK Muleshoe OLIVER, THOMAS LYNN, Hamlin OlSEN, ROBERT COURTNEY. Canyon OSBOURN, SARAH JOAN, Orange OSHMAN, GEOFFRY HILLEL, Port Lavaca OZIAS, JANICE MARIE, Vinton Iowa PACE, MARTHA VIRGINIA, Alexandria, Va. PACIOTTI, JOE DANIEL, Corpus Christi PAHNKE, ROBERT DAVID Orange PAILET, STEVEN LESTER, Memphis, Tenn PARKER, VICKI LYNN, Killeen PARKS, CYNTHIA CATHERINE, Cuero PARKS, DONALD ARGUS, Greenville PARROTT, CLIFFORD LEE, Pasadena PARTLOW, JUDITH GAIL, Liberty PATCH, GAIL, Golveston 625 PATTERSON. TERRI REVELL, Austin PAVLOVIC, JASON DEAN, Midland PAYNE, BARRY CLAYTON, Dallas PAYNE, FRANK CARLOS, Houston PEDDYCOART, CYNTHIA, Houston PEEBLES, BONNIE LEE, Austin PENA, JOSE ANTONIO, Austin PENROD, ADRIENNE LEE, Houston PERRY, JOHN CARROLL, Houston PERRYMAN, LINDA SLAUGHTER, Dallas PETERSON, JOHN DAVID, Corpus Christi PETTY, PAMELA MOSELEY, Lufkin PHILLIPS, JUAN MIGUEL, Manila, P. I. PIERCE, CARLYLE ELIZABETH, San Antonio PITZER, PAMELA, Brackenridge PLAIA, VICKI SHARON, Port Arthur POSTON, JUDY ANN, Lancaster, Calif. POULOS, DENIS SEAN, Austin POUNS, STEPHEN HAROLD, Abilene POWELL, ROBERT GAINES BEVERLY, Golveston POWELL, STEVEN DOUGLAS, Grand Prairie POWER, JAMES TALFORD III Dallas POYNOR, WESLEY JIM, Jacksboro PRAGER, ALAN NORMAN, Dallas PRAGER, WILLIAM IRVIN, Big Spring PRATHER, CAMILLE ANN, Houston PREIBISCH, DONNA RUTH Sealy PRENGLER, DOROTHY, Dallas PRESSLY, PEGGY LUCILLE, Houston PRIDGEN, CAROL LEE, San Antonio PRITCHETT, JAMES PATRICK, Midland PRYZANT, ALYSE PATRICIA, Memphis, Tenn. PUTNAM, BARBARA KATHRYN San Antonio QUADE, LYNDELL KEITH, Sogerton QUICK, JULIA MARY, Beaumont QUIGLEY, JAMES MARTIN Dallas QUINTANILLA, ANITA LOUISE, Austin RAFFKIND, CATHY ANN, Son Antonio RAIMOND, CHARLES VAN, Galveston RAKES, JAMES MITCHELL, Hurst RAMIREZ, HORACIO itAFAEL, Hebbronville RAMIREZ, RUBEN, Hargill RAUCH, HENRY TERENCE, Cherry Hill, N. J. RAUCH, LAWRENCE ALAN, Houston RAVEL, RICHARD STERN, Austin REA, MICHAEL JAMES, Austin REAVES, TRUDY REBECCA, Tulsa Okla REEGO, JAMES HERMAN, Richardson Class of 1972 REETZ, ARTHUR JOHN JR., Jasper REGAN, JOSEPH STEPHEN, Annandale, Va. REINHART, JAMES ROBERT, Golveston REISMAN, JAMES HARRY Dallas RENEAU, ELIZABETH ANN, Dayton REYES, DONALD ARTHUR, Beaumont REYNO, BERNARDO REYES, Honolulu, Hawaii RHEA, ROY ALLEN JR., Ml. Pleasant RHEIN, LORA ANNE, Houston RIBBLE, LINDA ANN, Dallas RICH, DANA LYNN, Houston RICH, STEVEN SCOTT, Austin RICHARDS, JULIE ANN, Corpus Christi RICHARDS, KAY, Dallas RICHARDS, THOMAS STEPHEN, Austin RICHARDSON, KENNETH RAY, Houston RICHARDSON, RICKY LYNN, Mesquile RICHEY, DON LEE, Seguin RUSE, HAROLD CHAPPELL, Fort Worth RINKS, WILLIAM JOHN, Graham RIZER, MARY BESS, Port Arthur ROBERTS, ALETA, Bandera ROBERTS, LYNN ARTHUR, Kansas City Mo ROBISON, STEPHEN OLIVER, Groves ROBINSON, SUSAN LYNN, Fort Worth RODRIGUEZ, NICANOR FRANCISCO, Austin ROGERS, FRANELIE BETH, Beaumont ROGERS, MICHAEL LEWIS Palestine ROGERS, PAMELA JEAN. Lake Jackson ROMICK, CINDY STEEtE, Dallas ROOSTH, STEVEN CARL, Tyler ROOT, SUSAN ANNE, Houston ROPE, DOUGLAS MERRILL, Kansas City, Mo. ROSE, GAY. San Antonio ROSE, LINDA ANN, Austin ROSEN, MICHAEL SHANE, Dallas ROSS, CAROL ANN, San Antonio ROSE, OLIVER HAZARD, Fort Worth ROTHWELL, JIMMY DON, Childress ROTSTEIN, MARVIN JACK, Son Antonio ROWNTREE, REBECCA JAYNE, Amorillo RUBIN, LORRIE, San Antonio RUBINETT, GORDON MERRILL, Austin RUCKMAN, ROBERT DAITON, Karnei City RUDD, DELLA MARGARET, Woskom RUFF, BARBARA NICOLE. Fort Worth RUMSEY, MARILYN JANE Houston RUSSELL, KAREN LOUISE, Devine 626 RUTLEDGE, JOHN CALVERT, Kenedy RUTTY, CHARLES DAVID, Lomposas RYMAN, VIRGINIA RUTH, Boy City SAMUELS, LAWRENCE ELLIOTT, St. Louis, Mo. SANDERS, LESLEY, Austin SANDERS, MARCIA DIANE, Dallas SANDERS, RUTH ELAINE, Gorland SATTERWHITE, REBECCA ANN, Longview SAYERS, CLINTON PARKER, San Antonio SCHEFFELIN, KAREN ELIZABETH, Texarkana SCHELLING, CORALOU A., Dickinson SCHER, MICHAEL LOUIS, Houston SCHMIDT, JOAN MICHELE, Fredericksburg SCHMITZ, MICHAEL THOMAS, Austin SCHNEIDER, RICHARD HARRY, Cosper, Wyo. SCHNITZER, STANLEY JOEL, San Antonio SCHRANK, KENT PARKE, Austin SCHREIBER, CYNTHIA ANN, Dallas SCHROETER, GAY NELL, Marble Foils SCHWARTZ, DAVID ALLEN, Dallas SCHWARTZ, ERIC SETH, Dallas SCHWARZ, PAMELA DIANE, Houston SCOGIN, JOHN TALIAFERRO IV, Dollos SCOTT, JANICE LEE, Richardson SCOTT, KATHLEEN JEANNE, Eagle Lake SCOTT, LAURIE ELLEN, Pasadena SCURRY, SARA EMMA, Dallas SEAGO, VIRGINIA ANN, Alice SEAHOLM, GEORGETTE ELIZABETH, Austin SEALE, BARBARA JO, Dallas SEALE, KAREN SUE, Comfort SEBRING, EARL MICHAEL, Houston SEEWALD, NANCY LOUISE, Amorillo SEGALL, CELIA LIZABETH, Houston SEIFERT, RICHARD WEBER, Austin SELDEN, ROBERT PAUL, Shawnee Mission, Kans. SELF, DAVID JEROME, Dickinson SEYBOLD, SHARON ANN, Fort Worth SHAHAN, DONALD ALLAN, Abilene SHANAHAN, JAMES MICHAEL, Houston SHANNON, CHARLES PATRICK, Houston SHAPIRO, ADRIAN MICHAEL, Pasadena SHARPLESS, SARAH KIMBROUGH, Austin SHARROCK, STEPHEN LOUIS, Dallas SHAW, DEBORAH LEE, Houston SHAW, RICHARD CRAIG, Fort Hood SHEETS, STEPHEN LEWIS, Spearman SHELTON, LINDA JOYCE, Houston Sophomores SHEPPHERD, ROBERT ASHLAND, Houston SHEPPARD, JANE TURNER, Longview SHEPPERD, MARGARET, Marble Falls SHERMAN, PAIGE LISA, Pasodena SHETTLESWORTH, RONALD J., Levelland SHINN, CURTIS HARRIS JR., Claymont, Del. SHIVERS, BERT CARLSON, Houston SHORT, BYRON ELLIOTT JR., Austin SHORTES, FRAZIER DEE, Ackerly SHOWALTER, SHARON LYNN, Liberty SIDDONS, BETTYE ANN, Austin SIERRA, CHRISTINE MARIE, II Paso SIGALA, BLANCA ESTELA, Del Rio SIKES, WAYNE CLIFTON JR., Houston SIMMS, JENI ELLEN, San Antonio SIMMS, ROXAN GWYN, Austin SIMON, STEPHEN ALAN, Longview SIMPSON, LINDA, Houston SIMPSON, PAMELA, Harlingen SIMS, CHRISTOPHER EARL, Victoria SINGER, TRUDELL, Son Antonio SIPTAK, STEVEN. CHARLES, Caldwell SITTON, PENNE SUE Liberty SKELLEY, CAROLYN ANN, Dallas SKOR, ADRIENNE LOIS, Dallas SLIVA, SHARON ELAINE, Orchard SMALL, HOMER EARL, longview SMITH, BARBARA LEE, Houston SMITH, BARTON ALLEN, Greenville SMITH, CAROL LYNN, Austin SMITH, CHARLOTTE FRANCES, Buchanan Dam SMITH, CONNYE ANN, Houston SMITH, DAVID THOMAS, Midland SMITH, EDWARD JAY, Houston SMITH, NANCIE RAE, Tyler SMITH, RALPH EDWARD, Austin SNAVELY, SUSAN MARY THERESE, San Antonio SNOW, WILLIAM CHARLES, Am ' arillo SNYDER, SHEILA KATHLEEN, Corpus Chrisli SOAPES, ROSE PAULETTE, Alexandria, Va. SOBOL, LAWRENCE R., Kansas City, Mo. SOKOLOF, KAREN, Omaha, Nebr. SOMMER, LARRY THOMAS, McQueeney SOMMERLATTE, CLYDE WILLIAM, Gonioles SORSBY, LESTER HOWARD JR., Houslon SOSA, NORMA JANE, Corpus Christi SOWARD. JENA KAY, Beaumont SOWA.RD, LARRY ROSS, Corrollton 627 Class of 1 972 SPANN, VERDA RUTH, San Angela SPARKS, ALBERTA DIANE, Fort World SPARKS, CHERYL FAY, Houston SPEARS, JOHN STEPHEN, Longview SPEARS, SUSAN JEAN, Houston SPIKER, CYNTHIA ANN. Houston SPONBERO, RONALD TERRf, Austin SPRING. NADINE, Luflcin SPRINGER, PAUL RICHARD, Omaha, Nebr. STALLINGS, DIANA EVE, Dallas STALLINGS, GEORGE HAROLD. Fort Worth STANLEY, GEORGIANA DAVIS, Houston STARK, THOMAS CHRISTOPHER, Son Antonio STARNS, SHERYL LYNN, Houston STEEGER, CORRINE LYNN, Dalloj STEELE, LINDA SUE, Fort Worth STEIN, LINDA RUTH, Waco STELLATO, LOUIS EUGENE, Bethlehem, Pa. STEPHENS, LEE CLINTON, Houston STETSON, LINDA GRACE, Hebbronville STEVENSON, DAVID ROSS, Dallas STEVENSON, WARD EDGAR, Austin STEWART, JOHN HARLAN, Temple STEWART, JEFFREY WAYNE, Dallas STOKES, PATRICIA ANN STONE, ANDREW JACK, Dallas STONE, TEDDI ANNETTE, New London STORY, JAMES WILLIAM. Austin STOVALL, EDWARD ROGERS, Crosby STREET, JOHN EDWIN HASBROUCK, Baytown STRIPLING, JOSEPHINE, Nacogdoches STROUD, MATTHEW DAVID, Amarillo STURGIS, GEORGE FRANKLIN, San Antonio SUMMERS, SHERYNE ANNE, Victoria SUNDT, MARILYN ELAINE. Albuquerque, N. M. SUTER, HENRY ALBERT, Corpus Christi SWATY, PATRICIA ANNETTE, Houston SWEAT, ROBERT HERRINGTON, Longview SYNWOLT, RICHARD FRANKLIN III, Madisonville TABBERT, PATRICIA LYNN, Son Antonio TALBOYS, PAUL ALBERT, Washington, D. C. TAMAYO, GEORGE EDWARD. Austin TANKERSLEY, RICHARD FORREST, Son Antonio TAPPER, PATRICIA ELLEN, Houston TARRILLION, RICHARD B., Son Antonio TASHNEK, RON IRVING, Houston TATE, RICHARD ALAN, Lufkin TAUB, GREGORY IVAN. Houston TAYLOR. BETTY ELLEN. Kemoh TAYLOR, CYNDI, George West TAYLOR, DIANE ELIZABETH, Beaumonr TAYLOR, ROBERT SPENCER, Houston TEAGUE, JOMICHAEL HARGIS, Sherman TEICHELMAN, LAVERNE FAYE, Taylor TENG, NEAL LEE, Dallas TERRf, BEVERLY LYNN, Caldwell TERWELP, DANIEL ROME, Son Antonio TEVERBAUGH, MONTY JAY, Austin THEBERGE, MARJORIE LEONE, Ranger THIEME, ROBERT BUNGER III, Houston THIGPIN, MARGARET ANNE, San Angela THOMAS, FLORENCE FORD, Dallas THOMAS, MARGARET ANN, Austin THOMAS, NELA LAURA, Livingston THOMAS, THOMASINA, Amarillo THOMPSON, BRENDA GAIL, Van THOMPSON, FRANK ROY, Harlingen THOMPSON, KENNETH EUGENE, Dallas THOMPSON, OSCAR RAY. Horlingen THOMPSON, WILLIAM SCOTT, Corsicana THORNE, GEORGE C. JR., Austin THURMAN, ROBERT WAYNE, Dallas TICE, MELINDA SUSAN, Abilene TIERNEY, MARGARET CAROLYN, Houston TIPPLE, DAVID FRANKLIN, Amarillo TODD, MELVIN REYNOLDS, Lulkin TOEPP, SHARON ELIZABETH, Houston TOLES. HOLLAND EDWARD, Tulia TOMFORDE, ALBERT MICHAEL, Houston TOMKINS, DWIGHT DANIEL, Marshall TONSING, ROBERT EVAN, Fort Worth TOPEK, FREDELl MADELINE, Houston TRACY, SUSAN ELIZABETH, El Paso TREVINO, EUGENE ROBERT, San Antonio TRIGG, JANE REED, Corpus Chrisli TUCKER, GAIL SUSAN, Houston TURNER, JAMES WIMBERLEY, Quanah TWIFORD, PATRICIA ANN, Houston TYLER. JACK LAMAR. Littlerock, Ark. TYLER, JONNIE JO, Dallas UMHOLTZ, ROBERTA JUANITA, Baylown VACCARO, JOSEPHINE ANN, Stafford VALDEZ, DAVID LEE, Del Rio VALENTINE, MARY ELIZABETH, McComey VAN AMBURGH, PATRICIA JANE, Houston VANCE. ABBIGAIL B., Paris 628 t VANDERSLICE, JOHN PATRICK, Texas City VAN OSSELAER, PAUL JOSEPH, Houston VAUGHAN, ROBERT MASON, Amarillo VEH MITCHELL F., San Antonio VESPER, JANICE ELAINE, Houston VICKERY, EDWARD DOWNTAIN JR., Houston VILLARREAL, MINERVA D., Son Benito VINSON, RUSSELL WAYNE, Pasadena VISE, BERYL DAVID, Houston VOGELSANG, JEAN LAVON, Cameron VOLKENING, RONNIE RAY, Lake Jackson VOORHEES, ROSALYN MATTHEWS, Houston VOSKAMP. SUSAN, Foirfield WAKI, ELLEN JUNE, Houston WALDMAN, DOUGLAS ALAN, Liberty WALDMAN, SUZANNE KAREN, Beaumont WALDREP, JOANNE, Clorksville WALKER, BARBARA JO, Dickinson WALKER, FORREST RAY, Amonllo WALKER, KAREN DEN ISE, Fort Worth WALKER, RONALD BOYCE, San Antonio WALLIS, TED WILLIAM, Tulsa, Okla. WALLS, STEPHEN CRAIG, Pampa WALTS, MICHAEL JAMES, Hill City, Kans. WARD, GEORGE BARRY, Sulphur Springs WARING, MARIANNE, Houston WARNECKE, ROBERT B., New Braunfels WARREN, MAJORIE C, Bartlesville, Okla. WATIN, JESDA, Bangkok, Thailand WATKINS, MARY GAYLE, Midland WATTS, CHARLES ROSS, Baytown WEATHERLY, DAN CAMPBELL, Austin WEBB RONALD KERMIT, Scottsdale, Ariz. WEGNER, HAROLD, Brenham WEISSER, CARL WARREN, Fort Worth WELCH, JAMES PATRICK, San Antonio WELCH, JOHN EDWIN, Woxahachie WELCH, SUSAN DIANE, Midland WELLS, FREDERICK NORTON JR., Edna WENDLAND, CYNTHIA LYNN, Fort Worth WERCKLE, SHARON KAY, Houston WERNETTE, LEROY MARVIN JR., Waco WEST, GREGORY ROBERT, Dallas WEXLER, LINDA MERLE, Galveston WHEELER, CHARLES HENR , Fort Worth WHEELER, JANIS LYNN, Houston WHEELOCK, SUSAN JANE, Irving WHITE, DONNA KAY, Waco Sophomores WHITE, KATHLEEN, Son Antonio WHITE, MARGARET MEREDITH, Austin WHITE, MARSHA GLENELLE, Orange WHITE, MARY JANE, M.neral Wells WHITE, PATRICIA ANN, Austin WHITE, SHARON ETTA, Corpus Christi WHITESIDES, DAVID ALAN, Houston WHITING, CARIN CHRISTA, Bells WHITMIRE, MARY CATHERYN, Dallas WIEDEMAN, STANLEY RAYMON, Joplin, Mo. WILDEMAN, LEONARD H., Rock Rapids, Iowa WILHELM, MARCIA KAY, Austin WILKERSON, DIA KAREN, Tyler WILLBERN, NANCY LEE, Houston WILLIAMS, ANITA CLAIR, Gatesville WILLIAMS, DAVID ALLEN, Houston WILLIAMS, GARY ALAN, Houston WILLIAMS, NANCY LEE, Gilmer WILLIAMS, OWEN WAYNE, Odessa WILLIAMS, PATRICIA LUC , Angleton WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH STEPHEN, Houston WILLIFORD, VIRGINIA RUTH, Shiner WILLIS, ANN, Koilua-Kono Hawaii WILLIS, LINDA, Ka,lua-Kono, Hawaii WILSON, JEAN LOUISE, Hollettsville WILSON, MARION T., Downey, Calif. WILSON, MAUREEN VIRGINIA, Midland WILSON, MICHAEL LANCASTER, Galveston WINDHAM, CLELL JOHN III, Austin WINKLER, KAREN ANN, Houston WINTERS, CAROL ELIZABETH, Johnson City WISEMAN, JANET LOUISE, Austin WITCHER, DIANE SUE, Amarillo WITTA, ANNA LOIS, San Antonio WITZEL, ANDREA LYNN, Longv.ew WOFFORD, MARVIN RICHARD, Rantoul, III. WOOD, TOM EDWARD, B.g Spring WOODALL, BRENDA LEE, Longview WOODRUFF, LARRY BOYD Anchorage Alas. WOODUL, PAUL JOSEPH, Austin WOOLEY, JOHN ADAIR, Waco WOOLVERTON, JACK FOSTER, Palestine WORD, LARRY EDWIN, Burnet WORTHING, ROSS COGBURN, Whorton WRANIT2KY, NANCY JO, Kyle WRIGHT, BETTYE MARIE, Houston WYATT, LILA CANDACE, Corsicana WYMOND. GLORIA BEVAN, Dallas 629 Sophomores WYNN, JIM DUDLEY, Austin WYRICK, THOMAS FLEMING, Texorkona YANT, JOHN ALEXANDER, Honey Grovt YLITALO, DAVID LEE, San Antonio YOUNG, CARLTON EMMITT, Midland, Mich. YOUNG, CATHY SUE, Hereford YOUNG, DAVID RICHMOND, Bloomfield, N. J. YOUNG, JONCIE HARVEY, Texarkana YOUNG, ROBERT ANTHONY, El Compo ZAHN, PRISCILLA ELAINE, Cypress ZAINFELD, KAREN SUE, Houston ZELLNER, ANDREA, Memphis, Tenn. ZIKES, BEVERLY JEAN, Texas City ZIMMERMAN, BEVERLY DENISE, Dallas ZIMMERMAN, DONALD HAROLD Shiner ZUCKER, BRUCE E., Dallas ZWIEBEL, SHERRY SUE, Houston 630 ._ I AALEN, DIANE ELIZABETH, Hearne ADAIR, ROBIN LEE, Corpus Christi ADAMS, ANN, Dallas ADAMS, JENNY, Longview AGUILAR, JAVIER, Brownsville AIKEN, JAMES CARLTON, Salodo ALBERS, MARGARET IRENE, Houston ALEXANDER, HENRY FRANKLIN, Baird ALEXANDER, MARY ELLEN, Lulkin ALEXANDER, PAMELA SUE, Lubbock ALFORD, SHELLEY JALLE, Beaumont ALLEN, ELIZABETH ANN, Abilene ALLEN, JOE BAILEY III, Longview ALLEN, JOHN JOSEPH, Seabrook ALLEN, ROBERT E., Austin ALLEN, SUZANNE, Houston ALLETAG, GARY MICHAEL, Houston ALLEY, JACQUELINE MARIE, Austin ALLISON, JUDY ANN, San Angelo ALLISON, MARY KATHERINE, Austin ALSTON CYNTHIA, Livingston ALTGELT, MARY SUSAN, San Antonio ALTMAN, GWENDOLYN NANCY, Universal City AMACKER, CLAYTON MILLER JR., Beaumont AMIS, CHARLES JAMES III, Lake Forest, III. AMOS, GAIL LYNN, Dallas AMOS, MARILYN ELIZABETH, Houston ANAMOSA, KATHLEEN A., Albuquerque, N. M. ANDELL, LISA BETH, Dallas ANDERSEN, PENNY LEt, Farmington, N. M. ANDERSON, CANDACE ELIZABETH, Asherton ANDERSON, FREDERICK GENE, Jasper, Ark. ANDERSON, JAMES ROBERT, Corpus Christ! ANDERSON, JOAN LYNN, Austin ANDERSON, KAREN ADELE, Beaumont ANDERSON, TOM A., Houston ANDERSON, WIDNEY SUE, San Antonio ANDREWS, ANNE WYTHE, Houston ANDREWS, CURTIS LEE III, Houston ANDREWS, MARILYN LOUISE, Midland ANGEVINE, JANAN, Midland ARIVELLO, GERALD JAY, Galveston ARMSTRONG, JAMES ALLEN, Dallas ARNETT, ROBERT KENNETH JR., Lufkin ARNOLD, JAMES ANTHONY, Houston ARNOLD, NORMAN, Houston ARONOWITZ, STEVEN MARTIN, Fort Worth ARRINGTON, KEITH THOMAS, Wichita Falls Freshmen A fjt ARWOOD, THOMAS WHEELER, Wichita Falls ASAFF, COBY SCOTT, Waco ATKERSON, WILLIAM THOMAS, San Antonio ATWOOD, JOHN H., Houston AULICK, JACK WESLEY, Houston AUSTIN, JAMES RANDALL, Houston AUSTIN, JOHN EDGAR, Denton AUSTIN, MICHAEL EVERETT, San Antonio AVENT, FRANCES AVA, Kilgore AVER , HENRY CLIFTON III, Midland AYCOCK, STEVEN LESLIE, San Antonio AYERS, MANFRED EARL, Killeen AYRES, NANCY ANN, Dallas AZARES, REBECCA, El Paso BABCOCK, BARBARA KAY, Houston BABEL, DONALD CRAIG, Houston BACHMAN, CONSTANCE ANN, Seguin BACHMAN, GENE WELDON, Vernon BAGGETT, RICHARD SHANDS, Lulkin BAILEY, KATHLEEN, Houston BAILEY, SUSAN DENISE, Corpus Christi BAKER, JAMES ARTHUR. R.chardson BAKER, THOMAS BENJAMIN, Austin BALAGIA, SABA JACK JR., Austin BALCH, MARY AMANDA, Wichita Falls BALFOORT, JEFFREY N., Houston BALL, MARY KATHERINE, Corpus Christi BALL, NANNETTE, Austin BALL, SUZANNE, Fort Worth BALLIEW, KATHLEEN, Dallas BAME, SUSAN RAE, Abilene BAMFORD, SCOTT VINCENT, San Antonio BANKS, HARRELL JR., Son Antonio BARDNELL, GREGORY EDWARD, Omaha, Nebr. BAREKMAN, JOSEPH HAROLD, Brady BARLER, HELEN ANN, Rosenberg BARLEY, DONALD LEWIS, Brady BARNARD, JOHN THOMAS, Wichita Falls BARNARD, JOSEPH MICHAEL, Dallas BARNES, BARBARA ANNE, Dallas BARNES, CAROL LEIGH, Augusta, Go. BARNES, JOELLE SUSAN, Belton BARNHART, CARL DUDLEY, Fort Worth BARR, STEPHEN LAWRENCE, Houston BARRERA, JUAN MANUEL, San Antonio BARRERA, NORA G., Palito Blanco BARRETT, CHARLES BERNARD, Arlington BARRY, KEVIN DOUGLAS, Conroe 631 BARRY, MAUREEN KAY, Conroe BARTON, DEBORAH ANN, Dollos BASSE, HENRY WILLIAM, Fredericksburg BASSO, DIANA MARIE, Houston BATE, DONNA LEE, Richardson BATTENFIELD, GLENN LOUIS, Houston BATTLE, RICHARD VERNON. Garland BATTY, CAROL ANN, Port Arthur BAYLESS. LINDA SUSAN, Dallas BAYLESS, MARY WANETTA, Pampo BAZARSKY, SUSAN GAIL, Houston BEACH, CORAL SUSAN, Dallas BEAIRD, PEGGY JANE, Dumas BEAN, BARBARA ANN, Son Antonio BEASLEY, ELIZABETH IRENE Houston BEASLEY, STEPHEN CRAIG, Houston BEAUCHAMP, JOHN SCOTT, San Antonio BECK, DEBORAH LYNNE, San Antonio BECKER, KAREN HELEN, Houston BEESON, LYNN MARIE, San Antonio BEFELD, ALFRED EARL JR., Anglelon BEHRENS, CLAIRE LYNN, Austin BELL, LILLA GRACE, Austin BELL, PATSY JEANNETTE, Houston BELLAMY, RUSSELL WRIGHT, San Antonio BELLEGGIE, JOHN PHILIP, Houston BENGE, CHERI LYNNE, Houston BENTON, DONALD FRANCIS, Houston BENTSEN, DONALD LEROY JR., McAllen BERG, SUSAN LORY, Dallas BERGEN, JESSICA LYNNE, Angleton BERGEN, BARBARA, Austin BERGER, JUDITH HOPE, San Antonio BERGER, TERRELL WAYNE, Houston BERLER, MIKE, San Antonio BERNTSEN, SONJE ELIZABETH, Longview BERRY, DENNY, Austin BERRY, MARGARET ANGELA, San Antonio BERTOIA, RONALD ALAN, Hurst BESS, ELIZABETH G., Sinton BEYER, BETTY LOU, Houston BIBBY, JOE RICHARD, Dallas BIELSS, GILBERT LEE, Austin BIERSCHENK, JERRY MICHAEL, Weatherford BIGBY, BRYNA JANE, Fort Worth BIGGER, MARGARET MORTON Dallas BIGGS, JAMES EDWARD, Wichita Falls BIRCHLER, RICHARD EDWARD, Dallas Class of 1973 BIRD, KIMON TED, Son Antonio BIRDSONG, MARILYN FAYE, New Braunfels BIRKNER, DON TERRILL, San Marcos BLACK, ESTHER RUTH, Dallas BLACKBURN, LONNIE DAVID La Porte BLACKMON, MICHAEL ROY, Palestine BLACKWELL, HENRY W., Amarillo BLAICHER, SUSAN DIANNE, Houston BLAIR, ROBERT GLENN Belton BLAIR, WILLIAM EDGAR, Houston BLALOCK, RAYNONA, Huntsville BLANCHETTE, MARTHA JOWELL, Dallas BLAND, STEPHEN W., San Antonio BLANTON, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Houston BLEFELD, BARBARA ANN, Dallas BLOCH, MALLYN R., Dollas BLOCK, DON MARTEL, Houston BLUESTEIN, CASTINE LENORA, Port Arlhur BOHLMANN, MARGARET MORROW, Houston BOHLS, KIRK RAY, Taylor BOHLS, LEXINE TRISHA Pflugerville BOLAND, CAROLYN RAE, Houston BOLDING, REBECCA J., Houston BOLES, GLENN EWING, Houston BOLTON, ELISA LEA, Dallos BOND, JAMES HERBERT JR., Dallas BOND, STANLEY KEY, Corpus Christi BOOKER, DON CARROLL, Dallas BOONE, DEBORAH ANN, Dallas BOOTHE, TOYE JEAN Midland BORTH, JANE ELLEN, Pittsburg BOSMAN, VIRGINIA JOAN, Houston BOTARD, MACK EMMETT, Sheridan BOUCHARD, CHRISTINE KAY Houston BOURQUE, LYNETTE MARIE, Austin BOWMAN, KEITH, Austin BOYD, MARGARET SUE, Longview BOYD, RICHARD WALLACE JR., Fort Worth BOYLE, KATHLEEN SUSAN, Callao, Va. BRACHT, GERALD L., Houston BRADLEY, DEBORAH KAY, Fort Worth 8RADSHAW, RUTH ANNE Dallas BRAGG. KENNETH DONALD, San Antonio BRAKE, TERESA LYNN, Houston BRANTLEY, BRENDA LOUISE, Houston BRAWLEY, DAVID LEE, Garland BRAY, NANCY PAIGE, Dallas 632 BREAUD, STEPHEN JOSEPH, Lubbock BREITHAUPT, BARBARA ANN, Corsica BREMER, NANCY LOU, Tyler BREWER, SANDRA SUE, Irving BRICKER, JOHN ALEXANDER, Bellaire BRIN, BARBARA JEANNE, New Orleans, La. BRITT CHARLES WILLIAM, Alvin BRITTON, DONALD EUGENE, Son Angelo BROCK, WILLIAM ALEXANDER JR., Dallas BROOKING, ANITA LOUISE, Hazlehurst, Miss. BROOKSHIRE, CHARLES CARROLL, Granger BROTHERS, KAREN ANNE, Temple BROULLIRE, JOHN C, Hyottsville, Md. BROWDER, JACK HENRY, Denlon BROWN, AMY JOAN, San Antonio BROWN, BRENDA ANNE, Richardson BROWN, CAROL SUE Houston BROWN, GILTON LAMAR, Orange BROWN, JEAN ANN, Houston BROWN, JOHN EDNEY, Kerrville BROWN, JOSHUA MARC, Houston BROWN, LAWRENCE E. JR., Dallas BROWN, LINDA BUNETTE, Burleson BROWN, REBECCA EVE, Houston BROWN, STEVEN LEE, New Orleans, La. BROWN, WILLARD ELDRIDGE III, Waco BROWN, WILLIAM RUSSELL, Houston BROWNLEE, ELIZABETH CAROLINE, Perryton BRYAN, NANCY LYNN, Lake Jackson BUASS, JULIANNE, Austin BUCEK, BEVERLY ANN, Schulenburg BUCHAN, INEZ ELIZABETH, Lake Jackson BUCHANAN, LESLIE HENSLEY. Los Fresnos BUCHEK, ROBERT HARVEY, San Antonio BULL, GEORGE WESLEY JR., Savannah, Go. BULLARD, BETTE KATE, Pittsburg BULLARD, ROBERT WAYNE Piano 8ULLINGTON, ALAN RAY, Odessa BULLOCK, ELZA VANCE JR., Houston BUNKER, CHARLIE IRVEN, Salado BURCHARD, GLENN ORRIN, San Antonio BURCHARD, RAYMOND DEAN Austin BURKE, KAREN ANN, El Paso BURNETT, CLAUDIA, Dallas BURSON, SUSAN TERRY, Memphis, Tenn. BURTTSCHELL, HARRIAN MICHA Dallas BUTLER, PEGGY MELISSA, Houston BYARS, JACKIE LOUISE, La Feria Freshmen BYRD, SHARON ANN, Dallas CADE, KAREN LEE, Dallas CAIL, CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Port Isabel CALDERON, SYLVIA ANN, Austin CALDWELL, LINDA JOYCE, Austin CALEY, RICHARD WILLIAM, Dallas CALK, JAMES IRWIN, Longview CALK, TIMOTHY WAYNE, Richmond CALLAHAN, ROBERT LEE, Dallas CALLAN, CYNTHIA GAY, Arlington, Va. CALVERT, LAWRENCE JACK, Dallas CAMPBELL, FRANK WHITNEY, Dallas CAMPBELL, JAMES PATRICK, Odessa CAMPBELL, JAN E., Port Arthur CANNON, HOLLY LYN, College Station CANNON, MICHAEL DAVID, Houston CANTOR, LAWRENCE WENDELL, Richardson CAPLAN, ROBERT ALAN, Houston CARDENAS, CLAUDETTE MARIE, Houston CARDWELL, WILLIAM E., Midland CARL, MARGARET LUCILLE, Houston CARLESTON, MILTON LEE, San Antonio CARLETON, MARTHA SUE, Houston CARMICHAEL, ROBERT FRANKLIN, Brady CARNAHAN, MARY JANE, Son Antonio CAROTHERS, CANDACE, Big Spring CARPENTER, KAY LYNN, Quanah CARPENTER, LYNETTE, Hou:ton CARPENTER, MICHAEL GERARD, Austin CARR, PATRICIA S., Houston CARR PATRICK ALLEN, Waco CARR, ROYCE P., Mesquite CARRERA, ROBERT GARY, San Antonio CARRICK KERRf LYNN, Shaw AFB, S. C. CARTER, G. JACK, Dallas CARTER, JAY GAYDEN, Dallas CARTER, KAREN DANETTE, Houston CARTER, MARY LEE, Houston CARTWRIGHT, MARILYN CARROLL, Houston CASEY, JOE EDWARD, Taylor CASTRO, ANN, Quanah CATCHINGS, LINDA PAIGE, Houston CEARLEY, GWENA LYNN, Austin CHAMBERS, EDWARD VINCENT, Houston CHAN, PAUL SHU-KAI, Irving CHANDLER, CATHERINE SUE, Boytown CHANEYWORTH, SANDRA JEAN, Houston CHAUVEAUZ, TONY LYNN, Claude 633 CHENEY. THELMA FAY, Lockhart CHERTKOV, RHONDA FAYE, Dollos CHESNUTT, JANE MARIE, Kenedy CHEWNING, STEPHEN LEE, Corpus Christ! CHILD, ANNE ELIZABETH, Houston CHILDRESS, ROBERTA ANN, Goldthwaite CHRISTAL, HOWARD LEE, San Antonio CHRYSTAL, CYNTHIA ANN, Lake Jackson CHUOKE, CYNTHIA DIANNE, Texas City CLARK, MICHAEL JEFFERY, Corpus Christ! CLARKSON, CLAY KING, Fort Worth CLAUSSEN, DONALD WESLEY, Fort Worth CLELAND, NANCY SUSAN, Corpus Christi CLEM, RUSS SIDNEY, Son Antonio CLOUD, KATHY LOU, Los Fresnos COBB, CHARLES HARDER, Dallas COCEK, JANIS CATHERINE, Houston COCHRAN, CAROLYN LEE. Houston COFFEE, ROBERT RANDALL, Alexandria, Va. COFFEY, KATHRYN ANN, New Orleans, La. COFFMAN. NANCY SUE, San Antonio COHEN, STEPHEN MICHAEL, Tulso, Okla. COKER, ROBERT LEE JR., Jasper COLE, MELISSA ANN, Hamilton, Ohio COLEMAN, SANDRA KAY, New Boston COLGLAZIER, CAROL LEE, Houston COLIAS, CAROLYN, Waco COLLIE, ALICE ELAINE, Houston COLLINS, BERNICE BONITA, Austin COLLINS, FOREST CHARLES, Edna COLLINS, LINDA, League City COLLINS, SUSAN VAUGHAN, Alexandria, Va. COLQUITT, CAROL ELEANOR, Longview COLVIN, MARJORY NEIL, Son Benito CONARROE, JAMES MURRY, Kountre CONLEY, PAULA LYNN, Houston CONLEY, MICHEL OWEN, Austin CONNELLY, PAMELA LEAH, Pasadena CONNER FRANCES KATHLEEN, Midland CONNER, JANE ANNE, Houston CONNOLLY, COLLEEN MARILYN, Houston CONRAD, JAMES EDWIN, Clifton COOK, MARY KATHERINE, Corpus Christi COOK, LINDA GALE, Alvin COOK, LUCIA GRI8BLE, Longview COOK, ROBERT DAVID, Brownsville COOPER, SHARON ANN, Crosby COPAS, PATRICIA LEE, Port Arthur Class of 1973 COPELAND, CHARLIE R. JR., George West COPELAND, PATRICIA ANN, Austin COPELAND, RICHARD ALBERT, Austin COPELAND, WELDON STONE El Paso CORBETT, ALICE TAYLOR, San Antonio CORDELL, BARBARA JEAN, Houston CORDELL, DAVID MARK, Richardson CORY, DOROTHY DIANE, Dallas COTTINGHAM, JAMES RAY, Fort Worth COVINGTON, DEBORAH LYNN, Dallas COWARD, ANN DOROTHEA, Bellville COX, BONNIE SUE Houston COX, LOUISE CAROL, Houston COX, THOMAS R., Dollas CRAIG, HARRY LEE, Houston CRAIN, MARY ANN, Miami, Fla. CRAVEN, CANDICE ANNE, Alvin CRAVER, JAMES INGRAM, Oklahoma City, Okla. CRAWFORD, GARY WAYNE, Garland CRAWFORD, ROY MILLS, Galveston CREW, ROBERT JOSEPH, Orange CRIEL, ARMANDO B., Carrizo Springs CROCKER, JONETTE ABBEY, Tulsa, Okla CROCKETT, KIMBERLY, Irving CROCKETT, MICHAEL DAVID, Midland CROW, CYNTHIA LYNN Dallas CRUM, TERRANCE RAY, Lancaster CRUMPLER, CHARLES PRENTICE, Bowie CRYER, CURTfS BRYAN, Anglelon CULLEN, MARK PAIGE, Houston CUMMINS, ROBERT WILLIAM, Weimar DALRYMPLE, ROBERT ALAN, Dallas DANBURG, CAROLYN JOY, Houston DANIEL, DOROTHY 0., Dollas DANIEL, ROBERT STOKES III, Glodewater DANIEll, ROBERT WALKER, Dallas DANIELS, WANDA GAYLE Freepart DARDEN, ELIZABETH JANE, Austin DARNELL, SYLVIA JEAN, Houston DAUM, DONALD RAY, Houston DAVENPORT, KATHRYN JO, Rockport DAVENPORT, NORMAN ALAN, Fort Worth DAVENPORT, PHILLIP COURSEY Childresj DAVIDSON, CANDIS FAYE Houston DAVIDSON, PAMELA KAY, Lufkin DAVIS, BETSY, Hughes Springs DAVIS, DEBORAH C , Milwaukee, Wise. DAVIS, DEBORAH FAE, Woodville 634 DAVIS, EDWARD REX, Dallas DAVIS, JIMMY GOLAN, Spearman DAVIS JOHN KIMSEY, Houston DAVIS, PATRICIA ANN, Dallas DAVIS, SALLY JO, Austin DAVIS, WALTER DALE, Austin DAVIS, ZANDY CHARLES, San Antonio D WSON, THOMAS FINNEY, Texarkona DAYWOOD, JOHN CARL, Austin DEADERICK. WILLIAM DAVID, Odessa DEALY, LYNN CHRISTINE, Houston DEAN, MARLA KATHLEEN, Sherman DEAN, MARY BIRD, Pecos DEBOCK, SUSAN LEE, Tulsa, Okla. DEEGAN, ROBERT H. JR., Abilene DEERING, ANN ELIZABETH, Irving DEGENHARDT, ANN RUTH, Pleasanton DE LA GARZA, NORA HILDA, Mission DELAHOUSSAYE, JILL RAE, Austin DELANGE, STEVE EDWARD, Friendswood DE LA ROSA, MARY LOU, Vernon DELGADO, JANIE C., Austin DELLENEY, THOMAS DAN, Marlin DE LOACHE, LOUISE DURKIN, Dallas DENN, DEBBIE DELAINE, Bay City DENNIS, PATRICIA ANN, Austin DENT KAREN MICHELLE, Memphis, Tenn. DENTON, BARBARA JEAN, Houston DEWBERRY, ANGELA K.. Houston DEWEESE, JEFFERSON GEORGE, Paris DICK CATHERINE ANN, Houston DICKSON, DEBRA GAIL, Post DILL, ROBERT L., Houston DILLARD, CHARLES WINSTON II, Austin DININO, CARMEN LEE, Austin DIXON JANET G., Dallas DLUGACH, JUANITA SUSAN, Port Arthur DOEDYNS, JOANNA BETH, Bishop DOLEZAL SUSAN DIANA. Hallettsville DOLLAR, JANIE LEA, Dallas DOLPH, HAROLD JOHN, Pompton Plains, N. J. DOLSTRA, EILEEN. Wiesbaden, Germany DONALDSON, RODNEY EARL, San Antonio DOOLEY, KATHLEEN ANN, Beaumont DOOLEY, PATRICIA LYNN, Beaumont DOWDY, WILLIAM CLARENCE III, Dallas DRENNON, DONALD LEE, Waco DREWRY, ROBERT WILSON, Fort Worth Freshmen DUBE, PATRICIA KAY, Rosenberg DUGGER ROSEMARY. Wichita Falls DUNLAP, JOHN KIRKBY, Dallas DUNLAP, KATHLEEN RUTHERFORD, Dallas DUNNING, SUSAN LEE, Houston DURST. BRUCE ERIC. St. Petersburg, Flo. ECKHARDT, LAURIE ANN, Houston EDDINS, JOHN NORRIS JR., Austin EDISON, WILESTA LESTENE, Freeport EDRINGTON ROBERT LEE, Annona EDWARDS, MARK EVAN, Chesterfield, Mo. EDWARDS, NANCY LORAINE, Morfa EDWARDS, REX MARK, Honolulu, Hawaii EHLERS, MARTHA LYNNE, Austin EILAND GARY WAYNE, Houston EISENBERG, RICHARD N., Houston EISENSTATT, KAY SANDRA, New Orleans, la. EKSTROM, WAYNE BAKER, Houston ELLIOTT, ALBERT COLE, Sonora ELLIOTT, PATRICIA LYNN. Abilene ELLIOTT, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Abilene ELLIS, DFBORAH LEA, Austin ELLIS, MABLE FRANCINE, New Boston ELSON, CHRIS ANDREW JR., Dallai ELSTNER, CHARLES JOSEPH, Hallettsville EMBRY, DIANE BREEDLOVE, Houston EMBRY, ROBIN RAY, Corpus Christi EMERMAN, ALAN R., New Orleans, La. EMMONS, JUDITH ANNE, Houston ENG, MABEL SUN, San Antonio ENG MARY CHING, San Antonio ENGLISH, ROBERT JACKSON, Arlington ENGLUND, NORMA JANE, El Campo ENGSTROM, RANDALL ROBERT, Dallas EPSTEIN, DONALYN, Seobrook ERWIN, JAMES FINLEY, Houston ESRIG. BONNIE ANN, Birmingham, Ala. ESTES JANA AUDREY, Dallas EUBANKS, CHARLES ALAN, Santa Rosa EVANS, MARILYNN ELIZABETH, Houston EVANS MARTHA ANN, Waco EVANS, ROGER H., Ill, Dallas EVANS, STANLEY PAUL, Nederlond EVANS, WALTER EARL JR., Fort Worth EVERETT, ALAN KENNEDY, Houston EVERETT, DEBORAH TAYLOR, Groves EVERSOLE, NANCY ANN, Houston EWING, SCOTT ROBERT, Amarillo 635 FAIRCHILD, DEBORAH LYNN, Garland FALCONE, KAREN ANN, Austin FARRIS, SANDRA KAY, Auslin FAULCONER, BRUCE LALAND, Grand Prairio FEEHAN, ANNE ELIZABETH, Houston FEENEY, ANN, Cuero FERGUSON, MICHAEL EARL, Richardson FERNANDEZ, REBECCA MARIE, Texas City FERRIS, JOHN HUFFMAN, Corpus Christ! FIELD, WILLIAM LANE, Dallas FILLINGIM, DAVID BRIAN, Son Antonio FINBERG, STEVEN, Dallas FINKE, BARBARA JO Austin FINLEY, KAY LYNN, Austin FINNEY, MARYLEIN Comfort FISHBECK, CAROL JEAN, Hallettsville FITZGERALD, LAEL, Houston FITZGERALD, LYNDA LOUISE, Houston FLACHE, ARTHUR AME, Brownfield FLAWN, TYRRELL EDITH, Austin FLESHMAN, RELDA ANN, Houston FLETCHER, CELIA RENEA, Dallas FLORES, LINDA FAY San Antonio FLOURNOY, BETTY LOUISE, Alice FLOYD, GARY WARREN, Midland FONTENO, JANICE MARIE, Houston FORD, JIL CAROLYN, Houston FORMAN, CHARLES ROY, Ft. Lauderdale, Flo FORSYTHE, CAROLINE JANE Mexia FORTESCUE, LYNNE C, Universal City FORTIN, MARY KATHRYN, San Antonio FOSTER, VALERIE KAY, Houston FOWLER, EARL LEON, Houston FOWLER, JOHN ROGER, Memphis FOWSER, JANE ELIZABETH, Corpus Christ! FOX, MARTIN EDWARD Houston FOX, STEPHEN ALLEN, St. Louis Mo FOXHALL, LEWIS EMORY. Memphis FRACHTMAN, RICHARD JULIAN, Houston FRAMBACH, NANCY LYNNE, Houston FRANCIS, BOBBIE SUE, San Antonio FRANK, EDMUND PAUL, Austin FRANKLIN, LYNDA, Abilene FRANZ, JOSEPH ROBERT, Houston FREED, IRIS MICHELLE Galveston FREED, LESLIE FERN, El Paso FREDERICK, CECIL CHARLES, JR., Cleburne FRENCH, LLOYD ROBERT III, Houston Class of 1973 FRERKING, ERNEST GREY, Wesloco FREY, ROBERT ALPER, Houston FRIESENHAUN, DEBORAH RENEE, Converse FRUGE, JAMES DOUGLAS, Dallas FUERST, JACK NICHOLAS, Midland FULLER, ALEXIS JOSEPH JR., Houston FULLICK, KYLE FREDERIC K Baylown GABIG, JOHN ANDREW, Houston GAINES, STEPHEN MARTIN, Grand Prairie GAMBLE, WILLIAM RAYMOND, Houston GANDER, PHYLLIS BLANCHE. Son Antonio GANNAWAY, ROBERT R., Ft. Oglethorpe, Go. GARCIA, GUSTAVO, Caracas Venezuela GARCIA, VIOLA CATALINA Alice GARDNER, CAROL ANN, Fort Worth GARDNER, RANDALL LEROY, Houston GARNER, MARGARET ANNE Houston GARRETSON, WILLIAM K Austin GARRETT, CHARLES EDWARD JR., San Antonio GARRETT, HUGH HOWARD, Hole Center GARRETT, MARf ANN, Van GARZA, EDWARDO Laredo GASTON, RAYMOND FRAZIER, Richmond GAUS, ELWOOD BARRETT, Yoakum GAY, IRA EDGAR, Waxahachie GEE, ROBERT WAYNE Houston GEORGE, CHARLES EDDINS, San Antonio GEORGE, DAVID LOUIS, Houston GERSHMAN, DEBBIE SHARON Dallas GIBLIN, SHARON ANN, Austin GILLILAND, CHLOE ELLA Odessa GILLILAND, LUKIN TAYLOR, San Antonio GILLILAND, GWEN ELLEN Dallas GINNINGS, PAUL DOUGLAS, Denlon GIRAUDIN, PATRISSA ANN Corpus Christi GISH, JANET LYNN Dallas GIVEN, ELIZABETH M., El Paso GIVENS, JOHN LEONARD III, San Angela GLASER, DONA DIANNE, Corpus Christi GLASER, STEPHEN JOSEPH, Bellaire GLENN, MATTHEW ALSIDEMOUS, Houston GLOVER, DAN LEE Wink GO FORTH, SHARON RAE. Houston GOFORTH, SUSAN FRANCES, Comfort GOGGIN, JOHN R. JR., Roswell, N M GOIDSOBEL, ALAN BRUCE, Dallai GOLDSTICKER, LAWRENCE A., St. Louis Mo 636 il GOLUB, NATALIE, Si. Paul, Minn. GOMEZ, VIOLA DEANDA, 819 Spring GONZALES, JANETTE IRENE, Houston GONZALEZ, FERNANDO, Irving GOODRICH, CYNTHIA, Arlington, Va. GOODWIN, BARRT LAYNE, Corpus Christ! GOOT, BETTY ROSE, Houston GORDON, KAREN GAY, San Antonio GORNICK, THOMAS WILLIAM, Dallas GOSS, IRENE ELIZABETH, Tyler GOTTESMAN, SANFORD L., New Orleans, la. GOUVIER EDWARD JOHN JR., Port Arthur GRACEY, JOE ELLSWORTH, Fort Worth GRAF, JUDITH ANN, Vernon GRAVES, CAROLYN, Houston GRAY, BEVERLY ANN, Austin GRAY, NICKI NAN, Hurst GREEN, DAVID T., Houston GREEN, DEBORAH LYNN, LoMarque GREEN, DIANN ELAINE, Houston GREEN, JAMES RODNEY, Irving GREEN, LUCY HARDIN, Vega GREEN, NAN LOUISE, El Paso GREEN, NANCY ROBIN, Dallas GREEN, SOPHIE ANNA CATHERINE, Tyler GREENE, MARGARET ANN, Houston GREENWOOD, MARY HELEN, Houston GREGG, GAIL ALENE. Richardson GREGORY, THOMAS AUBREY, Houston GRENIER, ARTHUR SYLV ESTER, Dallas GRIFFIN, GARY GLENN, Austin GRIFFITH, LINDA KAY, Irving GRIGSBY, WILLIAM C-, Austin GROCE, GAYLEN LEE, Fort Worth GROOS, GASTON JAMES III, LaPorte GROSS, GARY LEE, Austin GROSSKOPF, BILL MICHAEL, Austin GROSSMAN, MICHAEL E., Houston GROTEVANT, DEBORAH ANN, Dallas GROTH, JAMES ALAN, Dallas GRUSY, WILLIAM A. II, Austin GUARDALABENE, DEBORAH, Fort Worth GUARINO, DONNA LEIGH, Houston GUESS, VIRGINIA CHRISTINE, Amanllo GUILD, COLLEEN KATHERYN, Fort Worth GUILD, ROBERT BOWMAN, Austin GUILFOYLE, FRANK JOSEPH, Son Antonio GULEKE, EDWARD SEEWALD, Amarillo Freshmen GULLICKSON, DAVID GARTH, Houston GUNN, CAROL, Mesquile GUPTON, THEODORE BRYAN, Fort Worth GUTHRIE, BEVERLY DIANNE, Baylown GUYTON, JUDITH ANN, Dallas GUTIERREZ, ELSA, Loredo GUYTON, THOMAS WOLCOTT, Austin HAACK, DIANE KATHRYN, Houston HAAS, BRIAN GILBERT, Son Antonio HAAS, STANLEY ALAN, Temple HABERLIE, JANET LOU, Houston HADDOCK, KATHY LOUISE, Lockhart HAEDGE, RONALD CALVIN, Hempstead HAGAN, TERRI LEA, Austin HAINES, DEBORAH DAWN, Grand Prairie HAINZE, ANNELL MERLE, Dallas HAJEK, JOHNNIE FRANK, Austin HALL, MARY McKAY, San Antonio HAMANN, DONNA GAYLE, Austin HAMANN, LINDA KAY, Taylor HAMILTON, ELDENA CLARE, Galveston HAMILTON, JEFFREY LANE, Waco HAMILTON, THOMAS YERXA, Houston HAMMER, ROY DAVID, Houston HAMMOND, SUSAN LOUISE, Houston HANCOCK, CATHERINE VAUGHN, Pimburg HAND, CAROL SUE, Weatherford HANSON, SUSAN DIANE, Hullo HARBOUR, JACK GORDON. Austin HARDIN, MICHAEL BURGESS, Austin HARDING, CYNTHIA ANNE, Grand Prairie HARDING, RICHARD LANE, Abilene HARDY, MICHAEL ALAN, Houston HARE, WILLIAM ROBERT, Houston HARGETT, MICHAEL WAYNE, New Braunfels HARGROVE, JOHN MAXEY, Beaumont HARGUS, DAVID BRENT, Killeen HARKEY, CHARLES RYAN Dallas HARPER, JACK WAYNE, Beeville HARPOOl, ROBERT THOMAS, Denton HARRIS, MARVIN LAYFETTE, Eagle Pass HARRIS, MICHAEL BLAKE Austin HARRISON, BECKY SUE, Houston HARRISON, EMMETT ELBERT. Dallas HARVEY, JEROME JOSEPH, Houston HARVEY, RHONDA KAYE Dallas HASHOP, FREDERICK LOUIS, Beaumont HASSELL, RALPH EUGENE, Dallas 637 Class of 1973 HASTY, OBIE JOE, Houston MAUSER, VINCENT PAUL, Houston HAYNIE, RICHARD ALAN, Spring HEALY, MAUREEN, Dallas HEANEY, WINIFRED G., San Antonio HEDGES, CHARLES FREDRICK, Englewood, Cob. HELLAND, HANS RICHARD FRANTZ, San Antonio HELMS, BILLY CHARLES, Clifton HEMMINGHAUS, JANICE RUTH, Houston HENDERSON, ANN, Houston HENDERSON, GRACE KATHLEEN, Deer Pork HENDRICK, LAURIE ANNE, Beaumont HERMANSEN, KAREN DIANE, Yoakum HERRING, LYNDON CLAYTON, Abilene HESS, BETSY LYNN, Dollos HEYE, WILLIAM PAUL, Austin HICKS, BRUCE EDMOND, San Antonio HICKS, ROBERT McMURFR , Amarillo HICKS, SUSAN KYLE, Hale Center HIGH, WILL ROY JR., Austin HILL, KEITH RANDOLPH, Dollos HILL, VALERIE LYNN, League City HINCKLEy, NANCYE ELIZABETH, Houston HINDMAN, DAVID LEROY, Lubbock HINTON, PAUL DOUGLAS, Skellytown HOBBS, KAREN E., Corpus Chrisli HODGE, RICHARD POPE, Wichita Falls HOFFMAN, DAVID EARL, Dallas HOFFMAN, JAY EDWARD, Waco HOFFMAN, RONALD ISRAEL, Houston HOFFMAN, STEVEN WILLIAM, St. Louis, Mo. HOLLAND, MELVIN ORIS, McAllen HOLLINGSWORTH, ANNE ELIZABETH, Colorado Springs, Colo. HOLLINGSWORTH, CAROL ANN, McComb, Miss. HOLT, STEPHEN LEE, Dallas HOOPER, THOMAS EDWARD, Mesquite HOOTON, WILLIAM LEON, Austin HOPKINS, JAMES ARNOLD, Dallas HOPKINS, SCOTT JAMES, Fort Worth HOPPER, CHARLES ODELL, Goldthwaite HORELICA, MARVIN CHARLES, Angleton HORN, DENNIS ALLEN, San Anlonio HORNER, HOLLIS LYNN, Eagle Pass HORWITS, PEGGY LAUREN, Dallas HOUGEN, STEPHEN THORSHEIM, Austin HOUSE, BERNARD LEE JR. Midland HOUSTON, SAMUEL LEE, Richardson HOUZVICKA, KATHERINE FRANCES, Richardson HOWARD, JAMES KENNETH, Corpus Chriiti HOWARD, SUSAN ELIZABETH, San Angelo HOYL, MARJORIE ELIZABETH, Fort Worth HRNCIR, CHARLOTTE, Overland Park, Kans. HRUSKA, THOMAS JENNINGS, Bellville HUB8ARD, NANCY RUTH, Houston HUDMAN, JUANITA JO, Fort Worth HUDSON, ELEANOR KATHLEEN, Dallas HUDSON, NANCY KAY, Gruver HUEBNER, GENE EVERETT, Bellville HUFF, RANDOLPH BUCHANAN, Wichita Falls HUFFORD, MARLA LEA, Pleasanton HUFFMAN, SUSAN, Dallas HUGHES, KNOX BROWN, Houston HULL, MARGARET, Houston HUMPHREY, JANET KAY, Austin HUMPHREY, MARGARET ANNE, Baytown HUMPHREYS, BRIAN A., Brownsville HUNT, ALAN JOE, Houston HUNT, MARSHA LYNN, Houston HUNT, STACY GLENN, Houston HUNTER, CANDACE ELIZABETH, Austin HUNTER, CAROLYN DOLORES, Dallas HUNTER, CHRISTINE KAY, Houston HUNTER, JOHN CHARLES, Houston HUNTER, MARK KENDALL Lulkin HURST, DEBBIE ALICE, Houston HUTCHINSON, BRODIE WAYNE JR., Andrews INGRAM, JULIA CAROL, Dallas INMAN, TINA LEE, Beeville IRELAND, C. MICHAEL, Beaumont IRWIN, ELYSIA ANN, Dumas ITZ, BARBARA LYNN, Austin JACKSON, DARYL WAYNE, Houston JACKSON, GWYNNETH YVONNE, San Antonio JACKSON. JOAN LORAL, Houston JACKSON, KENNETH EDWARD, Edinburg JACOB, CAROL ANN, San Antonio JACOBS, JOHN NOEL, Dallas JAHN, DENISE ANNE, Yoakum JAMES, STEPHEN TROY, Son Antonio JANECKA, PHYLLIS MARIE, Weimar JANSKY, DONALD JOE Taylor JARRELL, SHERRY, Houston JARRETT, THOMAS MITCHELL, Mission JASTER, TERESA ROSE, La Grange JAVUREK, JAMENE FRANCES Austin 638 JENKINS, JEAN LOUISE, Lubbock JENKINS, KATHLEEN DIANE, San Anlonio JENNINGS, CHERYL JO, San Anlonio JENNINGS, STEPHANIE, Houston JESCHKE, PHYLLIS JAN, Miles JIMENEZ, ALMA EDNA, San Antonio JINKINS, EDWARD GRADY, Taylor JOHNSON, ALICE LUANN, Houston JOHNSON, BO PETTY, Burnet JOHNSON, CHARLES DAVIS, Houston JOHNSON, DEBRA LYNN, Arlington JOHNSON, DIANE ELIZABETH, Rockdale JOHNSON, KENT LAfNE, Houston JOHNSON, LAURA JO, Austin JOHNSON, LAURENCE F., San Antonio JOHNSON, MARY MELANIE, Lake Charles, La. JOHNSON, MICHAEL DOUGLAS, San Antonio JOHNSON, RAE LYNN, Waco JOHNSON TERESA MARY, Midland JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH ANNE, Vernon JOHNSTON, LISA, Houston JOHNSTON, STEVE J., Houston JONES, DEBRA KAY, Fort Worth JONES, JAMES KEITH, Dallas JONES, JEFFREY HUDSON, San Angelo JONES, JUDITH DAVIDSON, Kerrville JONES, LAURA GAIL, Lubbock JONES, MURNICE SUE, Houston JONES, NANCY KAY, Dalhort JONES RANDALL GWENrTH, Richardson JONES, RONALD DALTON, Austin JONES. STACEY RAE, Dallas JONSON, ELEANOR KATHLEEN, Temple JORDAN, JAMES MICHAEL, Corpus Christi JORDAN, SHARI DIANNE, Austin JOSEPHS, SHARON, Co.-pus Christi JOUETTE, JENNY LOU, McKmney JOYCE GEORGE ALAN, Richardson JUDEN, MICHAEL, STEPHEN, Springfield KADELL, KERREN ALBERT, Houston KAMENITSA. LAURA KATHERINE, Fort Worth KANA, LINDA MARIE, La Grange KANE, CANDACE LOU, Arlington KANEWSKE, MARY LINDA, Galveston KARIN, MARSHALL JAY, San Antonio KASPER, MICHAEL PAUL, Port Arthur KAUFMAN, JEFFREY ALAN, Dallas KAUFMAN, WILLIAM THOMAS, San Antonio Freshmen KAWAMOTO, CAROLYN SHIZUKO, Mission KAZAK, KARAN MARY, Austin KEEDY, DAVID M. JR., San Antonio KELLERMAN, ROBERT SCOTT, Fort Worth KELLEY, GAIL ANN, Dallas KELLEY, KEVIN JOHN, San Antonio KELLEY, LYNETTE ANN, Devine KELMINSON, MARC PHILIP, Houston KENNEDY, MENTHA DELANEY, Tyler KENNEDY, REBECCA ANNE, Dallas KENNEDY, REBECCA JANE, Taylor KENNEDY, THOMAS JAREL, Farmersville KENT, BONNIE JOYCE, Cincinnati, Ohio KEPPER, MARY ELIZABETH, Austin KERR, CAROLYN ROGERS, El Paso KERR, SHEILA GAIL, Dallas KERSHNER, KAREN, Port Arthur KETCHUM, JULIE ANN, San Antonio KEY, EUGENE MORLAND, Pampa KEY, ROGER ALAN, Lubbock KIENE, CARROLL CANDACE, Midland KIGER, STEVEN MARCUS, Austin KILGORE, REBECCA LYNN, Houston KILLEN, PATRICIA ANN, Richardson KILLIAN, EDWARD WALLACE, Denton KILMAN, RONALD GAY. Fredericksburg KILPATRICK, MICHAEL JAMES, Killeen KINARD, GINA ALAIN, Denton KINCHELOE, RICHARD PERKINS, Dallas KING, KAREN ANNE, Port Arthur KING, PHILIP MONTGOMERY, Houston KING, SHERRY LYNN, Fort Worth KING, THOMAS LEE, Marshall KINGSBURY, LARRY JOE, Natchez, Miss. KINSEY, ROBERT ELWEE. Baytown KINZLER, JOHN EDWARD, Seabrook KIRKLAND, BETTY KATHLEEN, Baylown KISTNER, HARRY LEROY, Dallas KLAEHN, ROY HERMAN, Fredericksburg KLEIN, ANDREW FREDERICK, Houston KLETT, TAYLOR SAMUEL, Fredericksburg KLEVENHAGEN, CECELIA MARIE, Son Antonio KLINE, DAVID DANNER, Corpus Christ! KLING, MARSHALL PAUL, Amarillo KLINGEMAN, FRED V. JR., Kornes City KLIPSCH, REBECCA MARIE, Austin KLUNICK. CHESTER HENRY JR., Houston KNAPP, JULIA AVA, Bryan 639 KNAPPENBERGER, KAREN LYNN Dallas KNIGHTEN, JANELLE, Houston KONARSKY, MARTHA KAY Austin KOONS, CATHEY MARIE, Dallas KOTHMANN, KAREN, San Antonio KOTT, GARY DUANE, Fredericksburg KOVICH, GORDON RONALD Houston KOWALSKY, ELENA, Laredo KRAUSKOPF, ELISABETH ANN, Frederkksburg KRISTEN, MARK ALLEN, Bellville KRIVCHER, JAN SHELLEY, Memphis Tenn KROLL, CHARLOTTE, Austin KRUGER, CYNTHIA ANN, Houston KUEBLER, JOE DAVID, Pasadena KUHLMAN, JOHN LOUIS, Beaumont KULIK, STEVE, San Antonio KUNIN, SUSAN JOYCE, St. Louis, Mo KUTNER, ALAN MARGARET Dallas KUYKENDALL, THOMAS ROBERT Graham KYLE, JOSEPH CROFFORD JR., Houston LACY, FORREST HILTON III Houston LAFARGE, ROBERT AURELIO, San Antonio LAGOUDIS, CYNTHIA LORAINE Houston LAMASTER, DONNA MARIE, Lubbock LANDERS, JERRY BURNEY, Longview LANDRUM, MARGUERITE HELEN, San Antonio LANEHART, LILA JOLAINE, Houston LANG, JENNIE, Midland LANGFORD, SUZANNE B., Austin LANGLEY, ROBERT LOUIS Dallas LANHAM, CAROL NANETTE, Houston LA QUEY, LILLIAN LUCILLE, McCamey LARSON, SUSAN ELAINE, Houston LARUE, CLINT ALLEN, Dallas LATTA, JOYCE ELIZABETH, Flossmoor, III. LAWRENCE, JOHN MARTIN, Beaumont LAWSON, TIMOTHY EDWARD, Dunn Loring Va LAZARUS, RONA SUSAN, Tyler LEBOW, DAVID IRA Houston LEE, CAROL SUE, Houston LEE, JACK GREGORY, Houston LEE, JERRI LYNN Waco LEE, PAUL CARRINGTON Dallas LEE, RICHARD HENRY, San Antonio LEE, SHERRITA DORIS, Houston LEFF, GARY STEVEN, Houston LEHMAN, ANN FRASER Dallas LEIBROCK, ERIC WILLIAM Midland Freshmen LENTZ, EDWIN LAMAR, Houston LEONARD, DIANE ELIZABETH, Kerrville LESLIE, CELETA EVE, Lexington, Ky. LETH, LAURA KATHRYN, Houston LEVI, ALAN HAROLD, McGehee, Ark. LEVIN, DEBRA ANN, Dallas LEVIN, NEIDRA MICHELE, Texas City LEVINE, JEANNIE REVA, Dallas LEVINE, TERRY MARK, Son Antonio LEVIT, DONALD NEAL, Houston LEVITH, JAN BEVERLY, New Orleans, La. LEVY, SUSAN RAE, Nashville, Tenn. LEW, KAREN JOYCE, San Antonio LEWIS, EDWARD SIBLEY, Austin LEWIS, HARRY ALAN, Houston LEWIS, JAMES NEWTON, Irving LEWIS, JANET NEELY, Boy City LEWIS, KATHERINE MARIE, Waco LEWIS, LAUREN LAWSON, Houston LEWIS, ROBERT JACKSON, Dallas LIEBENSON, LILLIAN BETH, Dallas LILLEY, EDWIN LEE JR., Austin LINDER. PAMELA G.. Austin LINDSEY, LINDA GAY, Lockhart LINDSEY, NANCY LOUISE, lufkin LITTLE, JOHN M., Dallas LITTLE. SHELIA M4URINE, Dallas LITTLEJOHN, ROBERT ERNEST, Orange LITTLEPAGE, THOMAS HENDRA JR., Dallas LITTRELL, LESLIE GAIL, Wichita Falls LIVERS HAROLD PATRICK Kansas City, Mo. LOCHHEAD, CHARLES LOUIS, Austin LOCKLEAR, MIKE L.. Belton LOCKWOOD, RANDOLPH. San Antonio LOEFFIER. CYNTHIA BETH Pa-odena LOESER, HOWARD DWIGHT, Houston LOFLIN, JAMES RANDALL, Austin LOGAN. CLIFFORD K , Temple LONABAUGH. WILLIAM MARR Galveston LONG, CHERYL SUE, Houston LONG, JACK LYNN, Dallas LONG MICKEY F Golveston LONG, NANCY ELLEN. Irvinq LONGBOTHAM, JAYLIE IONE, Monohans LOPEZ, IARRY ANTHONY San Antonio LORD. STEVEN DAVID, Denton LORD TERESA ANNE Dallas LOTT, WAYNE HOWARD Austin 640 LOU, ROSE ANN, Houston LUBEL BRUCE DAVID, Mobile, Alo. LUCAS, LESLYE, Bercloir LUCE, STEPHEN FOSTER, Irving LUDEKE AARON KIM, Surkburnett MAASS, CINDY ALICYN, For! Woclti MACE, MARILYN ANN, Houston MACHELL, MARGARET, Seobrook MACKEY, I. B., Son Antonio MACKSON, RUBY LOUISE, Austin MocPHERSON, BARBARA HAZEL, Horlingen MAGEE, JOYCE ANITA, Dunconville MAGLIOLO, THERESA MARIE, Dickinson MAHLER, ROBERT FREDERICK, Plono MAIER CONSTANCE ANN, Houston MAILEY, JAMES FORD, Midlond MAJOR ROBERT ALLEN, Oklohomo. City, Oklo. MAJOR, SUSAN RUTH, Houston MAJORS SAMUEL LEE III, Odessa MALES, BETTY CAROL, Richmond MALIN, MARY ELIZABETH, Dickinson MALONE PATRICK JAY, Austin MALONEY, PATRICK JOSEPH, Forney MANGUM, MARY KAY, Bellaire MANN, RHONDA NELL, Son Antonio MANN, SHERlfL SUE, Austin MANLY, KAREN SUE, Arlington MANLY, LAURA SUE, Houston MARBACH, PATRICIA ANN, New Braunlels MARKS, GARY LEE, Houston MARQUARDT, ANDREW NOYD, McAllen MARSH, CHARLES RANDELL, Pecos MARSH, CONNIE LEA, Loke Jackson MARSHALL, CLYDE CHRISTOPHER, Fort Worth MARSHALL, DEBRA LEIGH, Houston MARSHALL, RANDY WAYNE, Lufk.n MARTIN , JEANNE, Abilene MARTIN JOHN DAVID, Wichita Falls MARTIN, RICHARD FREDERICK, Houston MARTIN, THOMAS ROGER, Midland MARTIN, WORTHY NEIL, Austin MARTINEZ, DANIEL C, Laredo MARTINEZ, RUBEN DAVILA, Harlingen MARTINO, JAMES BOYD, Denlon MASELES, RICHARD MARK, Houston MASTERSON, BETTY JO, Houston MATTAR, MICHAEL FRED, Wesloco MATHEWS, KIMBERLY ANNE, Houston Freshmen MATTHEWS, BONNIE ANN, Midland MATTHI ESSEN, SUSAN. San Antonio MAUPIN, WARREN LANN, Temple MAXFIELD, TERRY E., Son Antonio MAXSON, RICHARD DAN JR., Melairie, La. MAY, DEBORAH ANN, Dallas MAYER, MARK STEVEN, Mobile, Ala. McADOO, SALLY ANNE, Beaumont McAFEE, JACK TERRY, Miami, Fla. McAFEE JOHN MARK, Mesquite McBRIDE, LAWRENCE CAMERON IV, Dallas McBRYDE NATHAN TRUETT, Houston McCALLY, DEBORAH CAROL, Fort Worth McCANN, KAREN BETH, Odessa McCARROLL. SUSAN A., Rusk McCARTY, LINDA DEL, Richmond McCLAIN, SHERRY LYNN, Austin McCLAMROCH, JAMES RICHARD, Shreveport, Lo. McCOLLOUGH, JAMES PARKER, Panhandle McCOLLUM MELANIE ANNE, Victoria McCULLOUGH, LUJET CLEMENTS, Burnet McCULLOUGH, MICHAEL GEORGE, Brownwood McCULLOUGH, STEPHEN WESLEY, Orange McCUMBER. GREGG SCHUYLER, Brownsville MCDOWELL, ROBERT TODD, Houston McELRATH, STAN MOORE. Austin McFARLAND, STANLEY JEFFERSON III, Potomac, Md. McFARLAND STEPHEN MICHAEL, Amarillo McGEE, DEBORAH LEE, Houston McGEHEARTY, PATRICK F., Corpus Christi McGQUGH. CATHY ANN, Marshall McGOWAN, CHRIS WYATTE, Orange McGOWN, DORIS ELIZABETH, Loke Jackson McGOWN KAREN JEAN Bryan McGRAW, MICHELLE ANN. Seattle, Wash. McHALE. DEBORAH BENNETT, Rocky Ml., N. C. McHENRY, JAY MELVIN. Austin McllVAIN, REBECCA JANE, Austin MclVER, THOMAS JOSEPH, Houston McKEE. MARTHA KAREN, Carthage McKENNEY, ROSS S., Colorado City McKENNON, DOLORES KAY, Beeville McKIMM, WILLIAM HARRY, Austin McKINNON, JULIE CHRISTINE, Irving MCKNIGHT, GAIL, Houston McMORDIE, SARAH ELIZABETH, Austin McNAIR, WILLIAM MARK, Corpus Christi McNEAL, DONALD RAY, Dallas 641 McPHAUL, MICHAEL LEE, Austin McSPADDEN, SAMMY KAY Quonari McVICKER, AUTREY PARKER JR., Lufkin McWILLIAMS, JANET SUE Dallas MEDINA, GRIZELDA, Laredo MEDLINGER, CHARLES MICHAEL, Iowa Park MEEKER, ELLEN LOUISE, Port Arthur MEINERS, DON LOUIS, La Grange MEISMER, JOHN MAYNARD Columbus MELETIO, DONNA MARIE, Dallas MENGELKOCH, MARY ANN, Arlington MERCER, BLAIR GRAY JR Dallas MERRITT, KATHRYN LEE, Houston MERRITT, MOLLY MELINDA, Denton MERRITT, REED MONTGOMERY, Terrell MERSKY, DAVID TIMOTHY, Dallas MESLOH, DAVID LYNN, Corpus Christ! METOFF, FREDA ANNE, Irving MEYER, LINDA MARIE, Alvin MEYER, MICHAEL DAVID, Corpus Christi MIERS, JEB STUART, Dallas MILBURN, MELANIE ANNE, Fort Worth MILLER, BARBARA K., Frisco MILLER, DOUGLAS WALTER, Austin MILLER, GEOFFREY MARC, Dallas MILLER, HOWARD BURKE, Lameso MILLER, IRWIN DOUGLAS Dallas MILLER, JODY LYNN, Dallas MILLER, KAREN LYNNE, Dallas MILLER, LAURA JOHANNA, Port Arthur MILLER. MARIETTE, McKinney MILLER, ROBERT KEITH, New Orleans, La. MILLER, WILLIAM EDWARD JR., Houston MILLIGAN, JANICE ELAINE. Austin MILLS, GARY WAYNE, McGregor MILLS, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Mission MILNE, KATHLEEN, Houston MILSTEAD, THOMAS HEWES, Houston MINAHAN, JOSEPH JAMES JR., Houston MINOR. LYNNE PATRICIA, Dallas MINTZ. WILLIAM A , Houston MISCHER, WALTER MAX JR., Houston MISTOVICH, TIMOTHY SCOTT, Bryan MITCHELL, CHARLES WAYNE JR., Austin MITCHELL, DOUGLAS G., Springfield, Vo MOFFATT, ROY HERMAN, Houston MOLEY, JANET ANNE, McGuire AFB N J MOODY, MELISSA LYNN. Manhosset, N. Y. Class of 1973 MOON, BONITA RUTH, Irving MOORE, CAROL JEAN, Dallas MOORE, DANNY, Athens MOORE, GEORGE PROCTOR, Houston MOORE, JACK HUTCHINS, Richmond MOORE, JOSEPH VICTOR II, Midland MOORE, JUDY KAY, Son Antonio MOORE, MARTHA KATHLEEN, Dallas MOORE, STEPHEN PEYTON, Lulkin MORALES, LUIS ANTONIO, Panama Panama MORAN, MARTHA EVELYN, Corpus Christi MORGAN, BRETT PORTER. Dallas MORGAN, CINDY LOU, Dallas MORGAN, JAMES HOWARD JR., Conroe MORGAN, RODNEY BLAKE, Austin MORGAN, SHARON ANN, Pasadena MORGAN, THOMAS SrONEY, Kansas City, Mo. MORRIS, DEBORAH RUTH, Fort Worth MORRIS, IRVIN LIONEL, Shreveport La MORRIS, LARRY EDWARD, Austin MORROW, LILLIAN CAROL, Dollos MORSE, SCOTT NOTLEY, Austin MORTENSEN, LESA, Houston MORTON, DOUGLAS LEE, Kathy MOSELEY, THOMAS, Tomboll MOSER, DENNIS JOE, Houston MOSES. DEBORAH LEE, Dollos MOSS, LARRY ARNOLD, Memphis, Tenn. MUCHA, DAVID, San Antonio MUCK, JOHN KELLY, Kerrville MULKEY, O REN ANSLEM JR., San Antonio MUNNEKE, MARLA KAY, Houston MUNSON CATHERINE GRANER, Fort Worth MUNSON, CATHY SUE, Austin MUNSON, SUZANNE, Angleton MUNTZ, LINDA SUE, Tyler MURPHY, BRENDA LOUISE, Austin MURPHY, MARY LYNN, Houston MURRAY, JAMES EDWARD, Dickinson MURRAY, TINKER DAN, Houston MYERS, JAMES EDWARD, Beaumont NALLE, WILLIAM BYRD, Austin NANCE, DALE RUSSELL, Midland NATHAN, ARTHUR MAURICE, Houston NATINSKY, STEVEN ALAN, Dallas NAUGHTON. JUDITH ANN. Denlon NAVARRO, YVONNE Houston NEAl, MARY JO CLARICE Austin 642 ... NEARY MICHAEL LEONARD, Dallas NEDDERMAN, JOHN FREDERICK, Arlington NEFF, THOMAS GRAHAM, Bortlesville, Okla. NEFFENDORF, GARY RAY, Fredericksburg NELSON, ROBERT WAYNE, Houston NELSON, STEVEN LEE, Odessa NESKAR, ROSALEE RENE, Houston NETTLES, KATHLEEN MARIE, Houston NEU, ELAINE VICKY, Alpine NEUJAHR, STANLEY GORDON, Midland NEVILL, RICHARD ALLEN JR., Houston NEWBERRY, JOAN MARIE, Piano NEWBERRY, JOSEPH ORION III, Dallas NEWELL, WILLIAM HOWARD, Houston NEWMAN, VALERIE ANN, Fort Worth NEWSOM, JULIA JEAN, Dallas NEWTON, SANDRA ANNE, Beaumont NEYLAND, MAINDY LEE, Houston NICHOLS, BARTHOLOMEW N., Son Antonio NICHOLSON, KAY JOYCE, San Antonio NICHOLSON, WILLIAM HENRY JR., Pasadena NIGHT, BARBARA LEE, Beaumont NILAND, PENNY ANN, Tulso, Okla. NOLAN, KEVIN MICHAEL, El Paso NORMAN, JAMES HARDY, Bethesda, Md. NORRIS, HARWELL EDGAR III, Austin NORRIS, JOE DICKEY, Austin NORRIS, MARK ALAN, Celina NOVY, DAVID MICHAEL, Woco NUGENT, NANCY JEAN, Houston NULL, DEBORAH JEAN, Victoria NUNNALLY, ROXANNE ELIZABETH, Austin NUSSENBLATT, SHELLEY GAIL, Galveston OGLESBY, KAREN ALANE, Conroe OLER JAMES WALTER, Tulio OLIVER, FRED LAMAR, Dallas ORR, PATRICIA ANN. Midland OSBORNE, JANET LEE. Midland OSHMAN, DANIEL GREGORY, Richmond OVERMAN, GEORGE ROBERT, Houston OVERSHINER, ELIZABETH JANE, Fort Worth OWEN, GINGER, El Paso OZON, BARBARA LYNN, Texas City PADEN, JUANITA LYNN, Pompa PALMORE, RICHARD MICHAEL, Austin PANKRATZ, DONNA RAYE, Comfort PAPPAS, CHRISTOPHER CULVER, Houston PARHAM, DANIEL KELLEY, Wichita Foils Freshmen PARK, CHRISTINE ELLEN, Son Antonio PARK, ROBERT LYLE, Houston PARKER, JOHN ROSS, Dallas PARKER, JOYCE LOUISE, Lake Jackson PARKER, JUDY LAVERNE, Port Arthur PARKER, SUSAN ANN, Ballinger PARRISH, NANCY SUE, Marlin PARRISH, NORMAN WILTON, Denton PARRISH PATTI, Austin PARSONS, DOLORES ROSE, Houston PASHER, TONI GAIL, Dallas PATTERSON, CHERYL ANN, Houston PATTERSON, ROBERT HAROLD JR., Tyler PATTON, ANDREA JUNE, Austin PATTON, CARLENE ANN, Houston PATTON, GRIER PARKER, Houston PATTON, ROBERT HOWARD, Houston PAYNE. DAPHNE DIANE, Houston PAYNE, HARRY J. JR., Lawrenceville, III. PAYNE, JAMES ARLING III. Weslaco PAYTON CHARLOTTE, Longview PEARCE, KENNETH HORNE, Son Antonio PECENA, LARRY DALE, Dalloi PECK, DAVID ALAN, Dallas PEEK, JULIA ANN. Richardson PEMBERTON, PAIGE, Beaumont PEPPER, SUSAN JEAN, Denver, Colo? PEREZ, JENNIE LYNN. Austin PERKINS, DEBORAH RACHEL, Paris PERRIN. PATRICIA KAY, Hamlin PERRY PENNY, Fredencksburg PERRYMAN, ROBERT YOUNG, Dallas PETERS, CARLA ANN, Dallas PETERSON ANNE CAVANAUGH, Beaumont PETET, JOSEPH NEWELL, Dallas PETKAS, JIMMY BASIL, Houston PFAFF, TONY EARL, Ab.lene PHANEUF, RICHARD GREGORY, Marion PHELPS RONALD CARL, Houston PHILLIPS, KATHLEEN ELOISE. Austin PHILLIPS, PAMELA, Grapevine PICKETT, LEE LAMAR, Houston PIER, BARRY ROBIN, Northbrook, III. PIERCE. ROBERT R.. Houston PIERCE, WILLIAM MARION, Navasota PIGOTT, JOHN DOWLING, Stephenville PINKERTON, MICHAEL NORMAN, Abilene PITT, LAURA RUTH, San Antonio 643 PLUM, RICHARD ALAN, Dallos POAGE, JAMES RANKIN, Austin POLASEK, KAY FRANCES, Liberty POLLAND, MARTHA LUCILLE, Houston POLUNSKY, PEGGY ANN, Son Angelo POLUNSKY, VALERIE JO, San Antonio POPEJOY, RENEE JEAN, Corpus Christi PORTER, JUDITH LEE, Pasadena POSEY, PAMELA RUTH, Dallas POSPICHAL, CINDY LOU, Fort Worth POUYADOU, LEBECCA JEAN, Mobile, Ala. POWELL, MARK ALLEN, Dallas PRASATIK, HAROLD KEITH, Rosenberg PRATHER, JOHN FREEMAN BARCLAY, Austin PRATHER, MELVIN, Mt. Vernon PRATKA, MARY SUSAN, Houston PRESSLEY, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Kirbyville PREWITT, EDITH RENEE, Taylor PREWITT, FRANCES JAYNE, Harlingen PREWITT, PATRICIA LYNN Austin PRICE, DONALD JAMES, San Antonio PRICE, LAWRENCE WILLIAM, Houston PRICE, NANCY JEAN, Fort Smith, Ark. PRIEBE, ROY RODMAN, Big Spring PRIESMEYER, HARRY EDWARD Garwood PROFT. ROBERT WAYNE, Port Arthur PRUETT, CLAUDIA JEAN, Houston PURVIN, JONATHAN PETER, El Paso PYNDUS, SUE ANNE, Houston RABEL, SELMA SUE, Weimar RABUN, ROBIN ANN, Dallos RACHAL, EDWARD ODEM, Toft RADER, CHERYL LYNN, Austin RADIKE, JANET MARIE, Fort Worth RAGIN, CHARLES CHRISTOPHER, Austin BALL, DEBORAH ANN, Dallas RAO, ' JO ANN, Houston RAPE, JOE MARVIN, Arlington RATH, DEBRA KAY, Crosby RATHJEN, WALTER FRED, Brownsvills RAY CHARLOTTE, Austin RAY, ESTHER CAROLYN, Fort Worth RAY, ROBERT STEVEN, Dallas READER, LAWRENCE STUART, Houston RECH, MARCIA EILEEN, Fredericksburg RECH, MICHAEL ANTHONY, Austin REDFEARN, MARGARET ANN Longview REDUS, SUSAN ELAINE, Son Antonio Class of 1 973 REED, BONNIE ALLYN, Houston REED, CHRISTOPHER H., Dallas REED, ELIZABETH ANN, Eagle Lake REED, GRACE YVONNE, Port Arthur REED, LINDA KATHLEEN, Austin REEDMAN, LAURIE P., El Paso REEVES, ALAN, Austin REEVES, PHILIP, Austin REID, BEVERLY CAROLYN, Temple REINSCH, JANET KATHERINE San Antonio REINSCH, JOYCE CAROL, San Antonio REISER, THOMAS WENDEL, Midland REMALEY, THOMAS M., Houston REM8ERT, NANCY TOWNSEN, Houston REUTER, CAROL SUE, Livingston REUTER, LARRY MICHAEL, Houston REYES, JUAN ISIDRO, Monor REYES, RAPHAEL, Houston REYNOLDS, RICHARD WILLIAM, San Antonio RICH, ANITA SUSAN, Dallas RICHARDSON, JIMMY RAY, Odessa RICHARDSON, MARY ALICE, Beaumont RICHARDSON, RANDALL CHARLES, Houston RICHEY, DIXIE LEA, Fort Worth RICHTER, ROBYN RENE, Austin . RIDDLESPERGER, TERRY MAY, Denton RIDOUT, HOWEIL FINCH, Austin RIEGER, VALERIE KAY, Houston RIGGINS, TIMOTHY STEVEN, Dallas RILEY, FLOYD HOLLIS, Fort Stockton RILEY, JAMES HORACE, El Paso RILEY, JOEL PATRICK, Muleshoe RINKOFF, MARK HARRIS Houston RIPPER, WANDA LYNN, Weimar RISTER, MILTON A. JR., Bartletl RITCHIE, CHERRI JEAN, Columbus RIVERS, GEORGE ANN, Bryan ROAN, JANICE MARIE, Weatherford RO8BINS, JOAN CARYL Dallos ROBERSON, DOUGLAS HOMER, Petersburg ROBERTS, JUDITH GAIL, Dallas ROBERTS, KENNETH RAY Dallos ROBERTS, ROWENA LISA, Texas City ROBERTS, SANDRA CAROL Houston ROBERTS, WAYNE RICHARD, Houston ROBERTSON, THERESA SHARON, Vernon ROBINSON. LAURA LYNN, Temple ROBINSON, WILLIAM I., Abilene 644 ROBISON, LEWIS DUNCAN, Dallas ROD, ANTHONY WAYNE, El Campo RODRIGUEZ, DAVID ROY, San Antonio RODRIGUEZ, PEDRO, Laredo ROEBUCK, CHAUNCEY, Dallas ROGERS, DEBRA ANN, Houston ROGERS, LARRY DWA NE, Dallas ROGERS, MARY FRIEDRICH, San Antonio ROGERS PATRICIA ANN, Freepott ROGERS, PATRICE DIANE, Houston ROGERS, RANDALL DAVID, San Antonio ROJAS, NORMA NANNETTE, San Antonio ROOS, STEPHEN CRAIG, San Antonio ROOSTH, BARBARA ELLEN, Dallas ROOT, ADITA LYNN, Terrell ROSALES, ROBERT RUDOLPH, San Marcos ROSELLO, JOHN FRANK, Dickinson ROSEN, DAVID BENNETT, Dallas ROSENBAUM, RALPH STEVE, Houston ROSENBERG, NANCY LYNNE, Dallas ROSENBERG, PAUL HARVEY, Fayetteville, Ark. ROSENBLUM, ARLENE SIMONE, Hammond, La. ROSENFELD ROSALYNN, Waco ROSENTHAL, GWENN ELLEN, Lake Charles, La. ROSENTHAL, TONI MADELYN, Dallas ROSSER, JAN, Abilene ROTH, BOB A. JR., San Antonio ROTH, CHARLES ALAN, Houston ROTHSCHILD, PHYLLIS MARIE, Dallas ROIHER WESSEL PAUL JR.,. Hallettsville ROTTNER, PATRICIA LYNN, Waco ROYAL, RONALD DOUGLAS, Wichita Falls ROYER, DALE ELBERT II, Austin RUBIN, MARILYN SUE, Dallas RUDD, DONNA ELIZABETH, Waskom RUHLAND, DORIS JOANNE, Dallas RUMMEL, MARGARET URSULA, Great Neck, N. Y. RUMMELL, VICKI LYNN, Denton RUNDLE, SUSAN GAYLE, Houston RUPPERT, NANCY LYNN, Houston RUSH, PAMELA ANN, Denton RUSS, DARIEL ANNETTE, Houston RUSSELL, CLOVIS WARREN, Slephenville RUSSELL, JOHN EMERSON, Beaumont RUSSELL, MARTY, Houston RUTLAND, FRANCIS EUGENE, Houston RUTLEDGE, BEVERLY ANN, Austin RYBISKI, MIKIE MARION, Dallas Freshmen RYLANDER, GARY RAY, Austin RYLANDER, LYNN MEDLEY, El Poso SACKETT, MICHAEL WARREN, New Orleans, La. SALLEE, BRADLEY TYLER, Houston SANCHEZ, RICARDO, Rio Grande City SANDAHL, SCOTT DAVIS, Austin SANDBERG, NANCY JANELLE, Austin SANDERS, ALICE MAY, Harlingen SANDERSON. DIEDRE ANN, Abilene SARVIS, LARRY ROBERT, El Reno, Okla. SAULS, DIANA LEOLA, Austin SAULS, RENETTE, Austin SAUNDERS, BONNIE LOU, Sydney, Australia SAUNDERS, EILEEN M., San Antonio SAUNDERS, RICHLA KAY, Kerrville SAXON, TANA GAYLE, Elgin SCANIO, STEPHEN EVERETT, Refugio SCHAFFER, DON MINCHEN, Houston SCHAFFNER, RONALD ALAN, Houston SCHANBAUM, ROBERT ALLEN, Dallas SCHELLER, KENNETH GARY, Montvole, N. J. SCHIEFFER, SCOTT T., Austin SCHIMMEL, BRUCE. IAN, Houston SCHLEIER, RICHARD LEE JR., Houston SCHMIDT, BRUCE LYNN, Lockhart SCHMIDT, CAROL LYNN, Austin SCHNEIDER, HERBERT E. New Braunfels SCHNITMAN, LYNN ANN, Dallas SCHNITZER, DANA LOUIS, Son Antonio SCHNUR, JOY FRANCIS, Houston SCHOENVOGEL, ANN ELISE, Houston SCHOLLENBERGER, JAN, Richardson SCHONBERGER, DEBORAH PEARL, Galveston SCHOOLER, JANICE ANN, Houston SCHOPPE, BYRON DOUGLAS, Houston SCHRAUB, CHERYL ELLEN, Galveston SCHRAUB, LINDA ANNE, Midland SCHRIEVER, ZADA ELIZABETH, San Antonio SCHULER, ROGER JOHN JR., Houston SCHUMANN, SHARON LYNN, New Brauntels SCHUMM, LUCINDA, Lake Jackson SCHUYLER. MARGIE, Bastrop SCHWARZLOSE, EUGENE W., Beaumont SCOTT, YVETTE GALE, Austin SCRINOPSKIE, LINDA ANNE, Waco SEALE, LANA JEAN, Comfort SEALS, LAURA SHIRLEY, Dallas SEARS, JOHN STEPHEN, Houston 645 SEAY, KAREN QUARLES, Irving SERVIZIO, CHARLES MICHAEL, Dalloi SEWALL, NANCY JANE, Palestine SEWELL, KATHYLAN L., Fort Worth SEYBOLD, MARY COCHRANE, Houston SHAFER, JOY EILEEN, Port Isabel SHAFFER, CAROL JOT, Oklahoma City, Okla. SHAHAN, GARY HOWARD, Abilene SHANNON, SUSAN ANNE, Dallas SHAPE, SANDRA ANN, Garland SHAPIRO, DONALD ALAN, Houston SHAPIRO, MARCY BETH, San Antonio SHAPIRO, STEFANIE ANN, Pasadena SHAY, GEORGE JR., Austin SHEA, WILLIAM DAVID, Austin SHEARER, JOE HAL, Booker SHEARN, MICHAEL J., Houston SHEFFIELD, GWYN ANN, Houston SHELAN, EVAN BARRY, Roscoe SHELTON, JAMES RAYMOND, Houston SHELTON, NANCY JEAN, Houston SHEPHERD, WALTER DEETZ III, Dallas SHEPPARD, SUSAN NELL, Teague SHIELDS, ROBERT LAWRENCE, Dallas SHIRLEY, JULIA GALE. Bostrop SHOLTESS, DEBRA ANN, Richardson SHOOP, WILLIAM JUNIUS, Lufkin SHOPOFF, THOMAS COURTNEY, Houston SHUDDE, CORINNE ANNETTE, Houston SHUFORD, WILLIAM CARROLL JR., Dallas SHUPE, KATHLEEN, Houston SIDOTI, SHIRLEY JEANNE, Bonham SIEGEL, ANN, Baton Rouge, La. SIEWERT, REBECCA JOLYN, El Paso SILLS, CYNTHIA LOUISA, Bryan SILVER, THERESA LYNN, Houston SIMMONS, MARSHA E., Boytown SIMMONS, SUSAN DIANE, Dollas SIMON, GAIL ADRIENNE, Son Antonio SIMPSON, CYNTHIA LEE, Bonham SIMPSON, MARY ICA, Dripping Springs SIMPSON, SARA MERRITT, Dallas SINGER DARIEN REBECCA, El Poso SINGER, THOMAS CHARLES, Bryan SINGLETON, ROBERT CULTON. Pasadena SITTON, SAM COCHRAN, Lufkin SKAGGS, JANET, Freeport SKELTON, BETTY JOYCE, Dollas Class of 1 973 SKELTON, MICHAEL THOMAS, Dallas SKINNER, DAVID CAREY, Pennington, N. J. SLAUGHTER, JEAN ELIZABETH, Dollas SLOMCHINSKI, BERNADINE, Refugio SMALL, TERRELL JACKSON III, Fort Worth SMALLING, JEANNE MARIE, Baytown SMITH, DAVID MICHAEL, Belhesda, Md. SMITH, DAVID RAY, San Antonio SMITH, EMMITT SHELTON, Andrews SMITH. JAMES WESTON, Chatham, N. J. SMITH, JANET LYNN, Winnsboro SMITH, JOHN DUNCAN JR., Garland SMITH, LINDA ELAINE, Palestine SMITH, MICHAEL HENRY, Dallas SMITH, NANCY VIRGINIA, Plainview SMITH, RHONDA SUE, Duncanville SMITH, RICHARD JULIAN, Pekin, III. SMITH, ROSEMARY JANETTE, Odessa SMITH, THOMAS FRANK IV Corpus Christ! SNELL, WILLIAM EUGENE JR., Paris SNELSON. LAWRENCE W., London, England SODD, BERNADETTE MARIE, Fort Worth SOLIE, TERRENCE WAYNE, Houston SOLSBERY, STEVEN WARD, Houston SONNEMANN, LORRAINE ODETTE Houston SOUSARES, LYNN SCOTT, Austin SOUTHER, ELIZABETH LEE, Houston SOUTHWELL, SUSAN PATRICE, Waco SPAIN, BRUCE ALLEN, Houston SPARKS, JEFFREY LEE, Dallas SPEARS, CAROLYN BLAKELY, San Antonio SPEER, SHERYL, Chattanooga, Tenn. SPINOSA, HELEN MERLE Fort Worth SPRING, CHARNITA, Lufkin SPROTT, RONALD DAVID, Kerrville STANDISH, WALTER MYLES, Houston STANDLEY, BARRY HOWARD, Houston STANFORD, JOHN EDWIN. DeSoto STANLEY, JORY PAUL, Pasadena STANSBURY, SUZANNE, Houston STARKS, KATHY JO Burleson STARRY, LINDA LEIGH. Western Sprn STASNEY. JAN HUNTICE, Baytown STEADMAN, NANCY JEAN, Houston STEEN, ELIZABETH ANN, Houston STEENSON, KURT ERIC Richardson STEFKA, MARILYN LOUISE, Anglelon STEU, BARBARA SUSAN, Bay City g , HI. 646 STEPHENS, ALLAN HUGH, Houston STEPHENS, JAMES ROY, Lockhart STEPHENSON, MARY SUE, Dallas STEVENER, WADE GERARD, Palestine STEWART, DAVID RIAL, Houston STEWART, JAMES HANNIS, Dallas STEWART, VICTORIA EWING, Dallas STILES, DANNY RALPH, Hughes Springs STIMACH, EDIE MARIE, Stafford ST. JOHN, JACK WILLIAM, Houston STOHL, KRISTIN, Dallas STONE, MARTHA ELLEN, Liberty STONE, RHODA O ' LENE, Coleman STONE, STEVEN EDWARD, San Antonio STOVER SHIRLEY ANN, Marfa STOWITTS, DEBORAH JOYCE, San Antonio STRAITON, LISA KAY, Fort Worth STRICKLAND, RAYMOND L., Son Antonio STRIED BARBARA MARIE, Round Rock STUBBFIELD, SANDRA KAY, Dollos SUCH, THEODORE LOUIS, Houston SUELTENFUSS, KATHRYN ANNE, San Antonio SULLIVAN, CANDACE L., Lake Jackson SULLIVAN, KATHLEEN KERRY, Houston SUMAN, RICHARD HARLAN JR., Houston SUTHERLAND, ELLEN LAURA, Houston SUTHERLAND, SAMUEL SHELTON III, Freeport SUTTON, JOHN EWING, Austin SUTTON, LINDA LANE, Austin SVALBERG, BRADLEY DAVID, Temple SWAN, SARAH CAROLINE, Albuquerque, N. M. SWEENEY, MICHAEL SANDLIN, Whorton SWEENEY, THOMAS JARRELL, Fort Worth SWENDEMAN, DEBORAH JANE, San Antonio SWENSON, ANNE EVELYN, San Antonio SWENUMSON, MARY BETH, Houston SWINEHART, SHELLEY SUE, Houston SYNATSCHK, MARTIN EARNEST, Midland TABAK, DEBRA ANN, San Antonio TABOR, CHRISTOPHER CHARLES, Fort Worth TACOUARD, PHYLLIS ELAINE, Galveston TALLEY, SUSAN GRIER, Houston TALLEY, SUSAN JANE. Son Antonio TALLY, ALTON RUSSELL, Lockhort TAMBURELLO NANCY MELINDA, Houston TANKERSLEY, LIZABETH, Terrell TANNER, JAMES RODDY, Dallas TARLTON, JOHN YERBY, Austin Freshmen TATSCH, JACQUELINE SUE, Fredericksburg TATUM CAROL BETH, Dallas TAUSEND, PATRICIA ANN, Pasadena TAUSEND WELLWOOD NESBIT, Houston TAYLOR, ARDELL, Dallas TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE M., Abilene TAYLOR, CYNTHIA, Bedford, Moss. TAYLOR, CYNTHIA ANN, Austin TAYLOR, JOSEPH KENT, Lulkin TAYLOR, LARRY DALE, Big Spring TAYLOR, TERRI ANN, Son Antonio TEAS, BENJAMIN DAVID JR., Spring TEITELBAUM, JAY, Dallas TEMPLETON, JAMES GUNNAR, Austin TENISON, ANNE HUGHES, Houston TERZIAN, TONI JEANNE, Abilene THAXTON, BARBARA, Falfurrias THOGERSEN, LYNN MARIE, Phoenix, Aril. THOMAS, BEVERLY KAY, Austin THOMAS, DEBORAH MARIE, Austin THOMAS, JOHN CARROLL, Houston THOMAS, RONALD GEORGE, Dickinson THOMAS, FRANCES CLAIRE, Austin THOMAS, THOMAS JAY, Richardson THOMPSON, JANINE ELEANOR, Port Arthur THOMPSON, SUSAN ANN, Houston THORNTON, BRUCE M., Omaha, Nebr. THORNTON, TERRY LEE, Irving THORNTON, THURMAN DOUGLAS, Fort Worth TILLER, GARY PHILLIP, Beaumont TILLY, JOHN ROLAND, Andrews TIMKO, MERRIANNE JILL, Houston TIPTON, GEORGE W., Austin TITUS, JOHN ARTHUR JR.. Groves TOLES, CYNTHIA ANN, Happy TOLK, JUDY ANNE, Amorillo TOLL, LINDA FAY, Austin TOUCHON, RONALD ERIC, Amarillo TOUCHTON, GARY CHARLES, Texas City TRACY, LYNN, Houston TRAHAN, SUZANNE RENEE, Houston TREDWAY, STEPHEN ALLEN, Houston TREVINO, DIANA MARIA, Laredo TRODLIER, MARSHA SUE HOPE, Sinton TROJANOWSKY, DIANA GAIL, Houston TROTT, PAULA JO, Forney TRUM, HILDEGARDE J., Beaumont TUCKER, BYRON COLLIN, Austin 647 TUCKER, CYNTHIA, Grand Prairie TUCKER, JOHN PYNE, Pasadena TUU, CHRISTOPHER McCANDLESS, Lubbock TURNBOUOH, CYNTHIA KAY, Balmorhea TUNE, BILLY CARL, Andrews TURNER, BETTY SUE, Corpus Chrisfi TURNER, GERALD LYNN JR., El Paso TVEDT, DOROTHY- HELEN, Houston TYNAN, TIMOTHY TERRANCE, Son Antonio ULRICH, JOHN MASIL H., Troy, Mich. UMPHRESS, JOHNNY MIKE, Dallas UNTERBERGER, GLEN ALAN, Bryan USELTON, SAMUEL PARKER, Austin VALDEZ, JOE MARIO, Copperas Cove VALDEZ, RICHARD CRUZ, Laredo VANCE, BETTY A., Edna VANCIL, KAREN ANNETTE, Dallas VANDERHOEF, LOUISE BALDWIN, Houston VANN, JON MICHAEL, Austin VAN SHELLENBECK, GLENN KURT, Houston VAN ZANT, JOHN EDWIN, San Antonio VAUGHAN, HILARY LANE, San Antonio VERRETT, RONALD GREGG, Joliet, III. VICK, DONNIE LYNN, Son Antonio VICK, MICHAEL MAYFIELD, Houston VICKLAND, KAREN ANN, Austin VILLASENOR, REBECCA LOIS, Austin VINE, SANDRA KATHRfN, Houston VIOLA, GREGORY PAUL, West Babylon, N. Y. VOGEL, CLAIRE 8ERNICE, Midland VOLPE, MARILYN JEAN, So. Weymouth, Mass. VORNSAND, KURT THEUER, Schulenburg WACHENDORFER, CHARLES, Duncanville WADDELL, LOY ALBIN, Fort Worth WADDELL, MARK STANLEY, Fort Worth WADDELL, STEVAN REED, Houston WADE, KAREN LYNN, Dallas WAHRMUND, DONALD CHARLES, Houston WALDEN, CAROLYN MARGARET, Houston WALDHAUSER, MELANIE MARGARET, Houston WALDMAN, STEPHEN ALAN, Dallas WALDRIP, CYNTHIA LOUISE, Colorado City WALKER, MARCIA SUSAN, Port Lavaca WALLIS, MELINDA LOUISE, Dallas WATT, ALAN S.. Hubbard Woods, III. WALTER, JAMES HARRISON, Dallas WALTON, GEORGIA MIZELl, Houston WALTON, MARK THOMAS. San Antonio Class of 1 973 WARD, ROBERT CARRICK, Houston WARFIELD, CHRISTINE HOPE, Son Antonio WARFIELD, KATHLEEN, Fort Worth WARE, CYNTHIA, Bellaire WARGO, NANCY SUE, Bellaire WARREN, KENNETH DOYLE, Austin WARREN, LINDA BETH, Houston WASHBURNE, RICHARDS P., Dallas WATERS, BARBARA ANN, Fort Worth WATKINS, CARMEN GAIL, Lorena WATKINS, JAMES RICHARD, Houston WATLER, MARK COLLINS, Beaumont WATSON, ANN PATE, Houston WATSON, FRANCES ELAINE, Richardson WATSON, MARIE SEIBOLD, Baytown WATSON, MICHAEL BURCH, Stamford WATSON, PHILLIP ALAN, Shreveport, La. WATSON, TERRY RUFF, Clifton WAUSON, JOHN WESLEY, Blytheville, Ark. WAYS, CATHY ANNE, Dallas WEATHERBY, ROBERTA GAIL, San Soba WEAVER, NANCY Houston WEBB, BARBARA ANN, Lamesa WEBB, PAMELA JO, Austin WEINER, DEBRA RAE, Houston WEIR, RICHARD VAN, Oklahoma City, Okla. WEIRICH. GEORGE THOMAS, Johnson City WEISINGER, JAMES STEVEN, Baytown WELCH, MELINDA JOAN, Houston WELDER, WILLIAM SMITH, Victoria WELDON, ROBERT DAVID, Irving WELHOELTER, MOLLIE S., Houston WELLMAN. JAMES ALLEN. Texas City WELLS, DWAYNE LYNN, Rails WELLS, THOMAS MANN, Richardson WELSCH, MARY ANN, Austin WENDE, DIANE ELAINE, Houston WENDLANDT, HELEN KAY, Austin WEST, GEORGE PAGE, Dallas WEST, JAMES CHARLES, Stamford WEST ROBERT V. Ill, Son Antonio WESTMORELAND, BRADLEY, Houston WESTFAU, MARSHA LYNNE, Nederland WHARTON, LESLIE ANN, Beaumont WHATLEY, LINDA ANN, Richardson WHEELER. MICHAEL IVENS, Houston WHEEIER, WILLIAM ROBERT, Bryan WHELESS, ROBERT FREDERICK, Houston 648 WHITAKER, RICHARD BYRON, Shreveport, La. WHITE, EDWIN HARDY JR., Rocksprings WHITE, ROBERT BURTON, Victoria WHITE THOMAS MARTIN, Pittsburg WHITFIELD. LARRY ALAN, Lubbock WHITFIELD MARY PAULA, Dallas WHITFILL, AILEEN CATHERI NE, Houston WHITLEY, CHERYL LEA, Seobrook WHITMAN, ALAN DEES, Brownsville WHITSON, KENNETH WESLEY, Dallas WHITTON, RANDALL CRAIG, Houston WILEMON, TERRI LYNNE, Dallas WILKES, GAY LEE, Springfield, Va. WILL, JAMES WILLIAM, Houston WILLIAMS, BRADLEY THOMAS, Arlington, Va. WILLIAMS, GEORGE TERRY, San Antonio WILLIAMS, GLENN HIGBEE, Houston WILLIAMS, LINDA MAY, Richardson WILLIAMS, LOIS JANE, Dallas WILLIAMS, MARK THOMAS, LoPorle WILLIAMS, RICHARD BRENT, Houston WILLIAMS, ROBERT LAWRENCE, San Antonio WILLIAMS, THOMAS JOSEPH, Fort Worth WILLIAMS, TONIANNE, Kaufman WILLIS, CHARLES GRANT III, Dallas WILLIS, SYLVIA LYNN, Graham WILLSON, BRIAN LADON, Austin WILLSON, ALISON CARROLL, Austin WILSON, MARY ANNE, Houston WILSON DONALD GENE, Pasadena WILSON, DOYLE ALAN, Amorillo WILSON, GWENDOLYN FAYE, Texas City WILSON, JAMES OWEN, Austin WILSON, MARGARET SUE, Austin WILSON, MARILYN, San Angelo WILSON, NANCY BRINLEE, Houston WINHAM, JOHN WAYNE, Fort Worth WINNIFORD, JULIA BECKMAN, McKinney WINZER, DAVID WAYNE, Winnie WISE, ROBERT ALLEN, Houston WITHERS, GEORGE HERBERT, Houston WOLF BARRY HOWARD, longview WOLF, DONNA JO, Houston WOLFE, LOIS ELLEN, Houston WOLFE, ROLAND TAMPLIN WOMACK, DIANE ELIZABETH, Houston WOOD, GLENA EARLENE, Ardmore, Okla. WOODS, JAHALA AILEEN, Mobile, Ala. Freshmen WOODS, SHARON MARIE, Houston WOODWARD, BETSY, Houston WOOLEY, JANET LYNNE, Corpus Chtisti WORHOL, TERRY ANNE, Houston WORRALL, JOSEPH STERLING, Houston WORTLEY, GARY STEWART, Dallas WRIGHT, BETTY JANE, Dallas WRIGHT, STEPHEN BLOUNT, Dallas WULFF, EMILY KATHERINE, Brady WULFE, SUSAN AILEEN, San Antonio WURZBURG, WARREN SEYMOUR JR., Memphis, Tenn. WYCHE, BRUCE LYNN, Alice WYLIE, CYNTHIA LEE, Dallas YARBROUGH, CHRISTY JANE, Houston YARBROUGH, RANDALL ALLEN, Waco YARBROUGH, RICHARD ALVIN, Waco YATES, SHIRLEY ANNE, Fort Worth YELDERMAN, JUDY KAY, Rosenberg YONACK, DORA LYN, El Paso YORK, WILLIAM E. JR., McAllen YOUNG, DAVID NEAL, Richardson YOUNG, JANINE ELLEN, St. Louis, Mo. YOUNG, MICHAEL STEVEN, Hamlin YOUNGBLOOD, CATHEY JANE, San Antonio YOUNKIN, CAROLYN JEAN, Fayetteville, Ark. YOUNKIN, PAULA ANNE, Houston YOWELL, MARY ELLEN, Longview ZABEL, MARK PATRICK, Woodsboro ZACHARIAS, BONNIE JEAN, Dallas ZACHARY, GILBERT WAYNE, San Antonio ZAJICEK, KENNETH WAYNE, Columbus ZANES, MARGARET McDOWELL, Dallas ZAPP, DONNA DEE, Houston ZEDLER, LYNN MARIE, Austin ZIPP, JAQUELYN MAXINE, San Antonio ZIZELMANN, CAROLYN NELL, Houston ZOLLER, JANET FRANCES, Groves 649 In Memoriam STUDENTS David Alan Benfield Stirling Alfred Cavender George Brantes Collier Charlie Eugene Dean John Lessor Girvin Peter R. Glaser Lonnie Dean Hefner Kay Marie Henderson Gordon Glenn Johnson Conrad Eugene Kaiser Bernard Anthony Lietz Jr. Thomas Henry AAcEvoy Michael Duff Simmer Josephine Starkey FACULTY Robert L. Airth Henry Fred Alves Clark M. Cleveland Willet Titus Conklin Harvey Dingman Gladys J. Everson Frederick Walter Lenz Raphael Levy Carson McGuire Theophilus Shickel Painter Benjamin Floyd Pittenger Alexander Von Kreisler STAFF Chester C. Arrington Howard A. Bergquist Lloyd Carter Willie R. 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Abou-Ze.d, Gail Adams, Anne H Ahl, Frederick M Ails, Ann Aime, Felton Lee Airfh, Robert Lawrence . . . Akin, Elizabeth Alderson, Curtis Jackson . Alderson, Mary E. Butce Alexander, Drury Blakeley . Alezonder, Naoma Lee Alexopoulos, Constantine John Allaire, Edwin 8 Allaire. Joon K Allan. John James, III . . Allen, Hartsel Dale .... Allison, Wilmer L Aipert, Mark I Alschuler, Albert William . . Alvarez, Enrique H Alves, Henry Fred Amberg, Bernhard .... Amis, Maurine Amsel. Abram Amstead, Billy Howard . . . Ancell, Jocklyn Janice . . Anderson, Lynn Foster . . . Anderson, Robert L Angelelli, Ignazio . . Antoniewicz, Peter R. Appel, Victor H Arbmgast, Stanley A. . Arena, Oll.e B Armendoriz, Efraim Pocillas . . 44 . . 78 . . 63 Armstrong, Mrs. Bob Armstrong, Frank Armstrong, Maud Ann 264 75 83 . . 68 . .463 34 . 43 . . 62 Arnott, Howard J Aroceno, Luis A Aronson, Elliot Arrington, Chester G 43 54 52 650 55 542 63 Ashbough, Carl R 61 257 . . 75 . . 43 . 51 61 . 68 . 210 . 490 59 . . 77 . .202 . .650 . . 50 Ashmore, Lear Lee Ashworth, Kenneth Hoyden . . . Atkins, Patrick Riley Audi, Robert N Auxier, Verna Cater Avery, John C Aycock, Tracy Fehlis Aynesworth, Donald Donetle . . . Ayres, Gilbert Hoven Ayres, James Bernard Bodger, William David, Jr Bogley, Ron N Bailey Philip S ... 76, 250 29 ... 67, 259 51 49 207 49 46 44 265 215 257 44 Baker Carl LeRoy 51 Baker Ed 245 Baker, John H 448 58 . . 31 51 . 52 Baker, lila Baker, Mary Farr Jordan .... Baltzer, Rebecca A Bonsemer, Carole Lee Banlel, Karl Heinz 414 46 71 49 44 .265 . .215 . . 73 Boranoff, Mort Barclay. Lelond Bord, Allen J 70 259 44 52 Barker, Daniel Stephen . . . Barlow, Thomas Edward . . Barndt, Richard V Barnes, Anne Breese Barraga, Natalie Carter . . Barrett, Helen Borron, William Edward . . Borth, Robert Hodd, Jr. . . Barton, Leono Suzanne . . Boruch, Ike Bosh, Frank Ness Baskm, Julian C Bauer, W. H Bauman, Richard Baylor, Terry Lelond .... Boys, Robert E Bazerghi, Edmond Maurice . Beochy, Morris Jay . Bean, Frank Dawson . . . Beardsley, B. Maxme Cowsar Beck, Genelle J Becker, Eric Baker .... Beckwith, David Cameron Bedford, Marc A Begg, Edleen Bell, Ernest Arthur .... Bell, Richard E Bell, Roderick Arthmgton . . Bell, William Charles . . . Bellard, Emory D Belt, Terry L Belt, William Thomas t . Bengtson, Roger D Bennett, Ora Aileen .... Benme, William Andrew . . Benson, Edward Allen . . . . ... 47 . ... 55 . ... 77 . ... 50 .... 63 . ... 81 .... 61 .... 54 .... 76 . . . .666 .... 43 .... 44 .... 27 ... 42 .... 63 .... 71 .... 46 69, 71, 286 .... 53 .... 55 .... 50 . . . . 66 .... 75 .... 66 . .264 .... 43 .... 58 ... 48 . . 47 . . . .492 .... 58 . 79. 265 .... 52 . . 76. 314 61 . . 58 Nam. Pogei Berbenon Sterling K 50 Berg Hattie L 81 Bergquist, Corl Oscar . . . . 73, 84 Bergquist, Howard A 650 Bernau, Simon John 50 Bernstein, Richard Lee 58 Berry, Margaret .... 36, 264 Berry, William Augustus .... 70 Bertin John Joseph 229 Bessent, Edgar Wailand .... 61 Bethea, William Lomor .... 55, 529 Bezirgan, Na|m Abdul Karim . . 51 Bichteler, Julie Hallmark .... 80 Bichteler, Klaus 50 B.delmon. William Pendry . . . 43 Bien,. Joseph Julius 51 B.esele, John Julius .... 54. 72 Bigelow, Josette M 46 Bill, James Alban 48 Bittner, George Davis 54 Black, Leon . . . 490, 513 Blockstock, David T 67 Blonchette, James G 38 Blaylock Jerry N 78 Bledsoe, Woodrow 50 Blizzard, Roy B., Jr 51 Bloch. David Paul 43 Blocker, Judith Ann .... 78, 252 Blounl, Gilbert Lee 71 Bluethmon, Sue 38 Blume, Dorothy M 78 Blunk. William Da. id .... 28, 38 41 44 Bohm, Arno 52 Bold Harold Charles .... 43, 265 Bolton. Mrs. Poul 264 651 Pages Pages Pages Pay . 77 Cline, Clarence Lee . . 46 Boner, Mrs. Paul Bonjean, Charles Michael .... 264 53 51 Cloninger, Kriss, III Coates, Clarence L Cobb, Gory . . 58 67, 489 . . 50 Bardie, John G Bose, Henry Robert 51 51 80 Cobet, Christoph Cocks, Jo Anne Coffin, Helen Wiechen . . . . . 48 . .386 458, 460 Bowden, Edwin Turner Bowman, Jon A Bown, Oliver H 46 73 62 Cohen, David B Colbert, L. L Cole, Leon Monroe .... . . 52 . . 28 . . 73 Collins, Frank G Boxtick. Francis X Boyd, William Paxton Boyer. Robert Ernst Brace, David K Bradley, William Frank Brodshaw, Benjamin S Brodshaw, Morcille Brand, Donald Dilworth .... Brandon, Harry B 265 58 47 63 66 53 55 47 210 Collins, Janet Esther Collins, Michael Frederick Collins, Russell Lewis Coltmon, Peter Oakley .... Colvin, James H Colwell, B. Joe Combs, Dorothy Cone, Conrad Conkle, E. P Conklm Willet Titus . . 49 . . 54 . . . 52 . . . 73 . . . 33 . . .401 . . 44 . . . 71 650 Bronning, Howell Pierre . Bratcher, Joe W., Jr Brauner, Charles Samuel .... Brelond, Osmond Philip .... Brewer, JoAnn Brey, Ronald George Briggs, Alice Briggs, Vernon M Brill, Diete ' r ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 71 71 71 54 78 .... 48, 273 442 45 49 Cooper, Billy Howard Cordova, Mary Lupe Cornejo, Phil Cornell, John Bilheimer Cory, Arthur Milton Cotner, Robert Crawford Courtney, Harley M 57 f Courtney, James Forrest Courtney, Thomas H . . . 51 . . . 44 . . . 38 . . . 42 . . . 46 . . . 49 . . . 49 198, 257 . . . 58 . 68, 85 Broodhurst, Betty P 81 Courtnght, James B Cox, Dovid Jockson .... . . . 54 Brockhous, Raymond Dean Brockmeier, Mormon Frederick Brokow, Hohn W Brons, Folkert ; ' Branson, Franklin Herbert .... Brookhort, Charles Edward . Brooks, Eulon V Brooks, Robert Dale Brooks, Sara Choffin 44 66 71 .... 68, 232 54 71 71 76 Cox, Franklin Loner Cox, Margaret Cox, Mary S Craig, Neal Adams Craig, Roy Rochester Crank, Grove Steven Craven, Charles W Crawford, Mrs. David Creer, Philip Douglas . . .489 . . . 58 . . . 78 . . . 46 . . .265 . . .210 . 55, 63 . . .444 . . . 73 Brooks, Thomas Edward Crowson, James L . . . 31 58 Brown, Barbara M Brown, Howard Earl . . . . . Brown, Robert R Brown, Margaret Louise .... 78 68 256 458 Crutcher, Harold L Culver, Joseph Howard Cundiff, Edward William Cunningham, William A . . . 67 . . . 32 . . . 59 . 66, 265 50 Brown, Robert Russell Curtis, James C . . . 49 Brown, Roy Miller . . . Curtis, Russell 1. . . . . 53 Brown. Walter Varian Browne, Goyle Moseley 43 Cushmg, Barry E Gushing, Robert G . . . 57 . . . 53 Bruce, Grady D 59 Dalton, N. Jean Daly, George G. . . . 55, 543 Bryson, Clarence . . Buchdohl, Gerd Bulhof, Fronc.s ' . Bullock, Henry Allen Burdeshaw, Dorothy 44 51 48 53 Danforth, Mrs. William P Daniels, Jack Tupper 63, Daniels, Munal Anne Domelson, Wayne Allen .... 74, 75, Dassonville, Michel . . .264 490, 522 . . . 75 188, 263 . . . 46 Burke, Nelda June Burlage, Henry Matthew . . . Burnham, Stanley .... Burns, Ned H Burton, Carolyn .... Bush, Falcon C 55 72 63 - . 67, 259, 290 63 215 David, James Davids, Cary Nathan Davidson, Lewis Franklin Dovies, Christopher Shane Davis, Edward Mori Davis, Ernst Michael Davis, Hazel Eosthom . . . 73 . . . 52 . 57, 257 . . . 47 . . . 42 . . . 67 . 55, 543 Bush, Guy Louis . . . Buss, Arnold Herbert Butcher, W.lliam Samuel . Butler, Charles Edward . Butts, David P Byrd, Charles L Byrne, Richard Burdick .... Cam, Ralph Winston 54 52 67 45 61 46 .... 76, 84 Davis, John Emerson Davis, Norris G 75, Davis, Ozro Luke, Jr Davis, Raymond Edward Dayton, Mildred A Dean, Dorothy W Dean, Jerry Mac Dean, Marguerite M . . . 72 198, 263 . 61, 261 . . . 44 . . . 78 . . .264 . . . 71 . . . 46 Coirns, Charles E. . - 51 Deatherage, Martha Martin . 71, 251 Coldwell, Bess Belle Calkins, Howard A Campbell, David Aitken Campbell, John Arthur Compbell. Mary Ann ... 49 249 44 45 . . 78 OeCamp, David Dee, James Howard DeLoura, David Joseph DeLoura, Mrs. David J Delgado, Jaime N ... 46 ... 44 ... 46 . .264 ... 72 Campbell, Thomas Julius Compbell, Thomas Nolan Compbell. Mike . . . . ' Connamore, Shirley Canlorino, Vicente Cappleman, Owen Cordona, R Cardwell. Harry 215 42 492 49 54 73 54 71 Dempsey, John R Denny, Lawrence E Dent, Charles H D ' Entremont, Elaine Mary Derdeyn-Joseph, Madeleine Marie-Anne . DeRosier, David Devereaux, Neil Jay . . . 81 ... 68 . . .202 . 61, 261 ... 54 ... 46 ... 44 . . . 54 Carpenter, Edward Lee Carr, Gary 35 76 De Wette, Frederik W Dickens, Robert Louis Dickerson, John Randall . . ... 52 ... 57 Carnngton, Pat . . . Corruth, Beatrice F Carry, L Roy 38 78 .... 50. 61 Dilly, Arthur H Dingman, Harvey DiNmo, Vincent Roirden ... 28 . . .650 . . .265 73 Carter, Floyd .... 81 650 Dneprof, Sophia Dodds, Patricia . . . . . .384 78 Dodge, Richard Leonard 73 Caudle, Ben Hall Chambers. Robert Bruce ... Chommoh, Albert M Chapman. Henry Wilson .... 68 71 ... 52, 59 . 55. 490, 520 Doenges. Rudolph Conrod Dolgener. Forrest Allen . Dollord. John Day Donner, Stanley T Dooley, Bill E. C., II .... ... 58 ... 55 ... 50 ... 76 Chasey, William C Dooley, Manlu . . ... 63 Cherry. Merdy E Dona. Charles ... 44 Chester, James T. . . . Chiles, Chester t Chodm. Bryn Moya Christian. Aubry Duone C.CO, Worren Cikovsky, Nicola. . .202 81 51 61 522 ... .70 Dornbetger, Werner William Doss, Missy K Doty. 1 William Dougal, Arwm Adelbert Douglass, Robert Raymond Drake, William Earle Draper, E Linn, Jr. ... .259 ... 34 . . 69 .67 . . 80 . . 62 68 Clark. Alexander L Dreher. Mitzi Irene ... 78 Clark Charles T Drew, Clifford J 63 38 Clark Michal Charles Dryden, M Virginia . 78 Clark. Robert Beck DuBois. Charlotte Eslelle . 61 71 Clork, Roy Thomas Clark W.It, am M Jr 44 Oucloux, Walter .... Duell. William Socket! . . ... 71 48 Duesterhoefl, William Chorles. Jr 67 Chiton. Charles Wode 45 Duggan, Michael Allan . . . 58 Dunbar, Emily S Duncan, Ann Morris .... Durbin, John Riley .... Duren, Almetris Dybowski, Cecil R Dyer, Nancy Joe Dyl, Edward A Eorhort, Chorles F., Jr. ... Ebra. Martha Eckenfelder, W. Wesley, Jr. . Eckhardt, Carl J Edmonds, Frank Norman, Jr. Edmonds, Lester Loyd . . . Edmondson, Don Elton . . . Edwards, David Van Deusen Ehlers, Victor Marcus, Jr. Ellington, Billy Morris . . . Elliott, Frank W Jr Ellis, June Ellison, Fred Pittmon .... Ellison, Samuel P Elsoss, J. Frank Embree, Royal B., Jr. ... English, Paul W. . .547 . . 63 . . 50 . .483 . . 44 . . 54 . . 58 . . 51 . . 44 . . 67 . . 34 . . 43 . .198 . . 50 . . 85 . . 81 . .489 . . 77 . .404 . . 54 . . 47 71, 265 . . 62 47 Ensminger, Richard Reese 66 Erwin, Frank C., Jr 27 Etier, A. Faborn 53 Evans, David S 43 Everett, Gerald D " ' ' 80 Everson, Gladys 49 650 Fadell, John Edward ' .46 Fallings, Kai 5Q Fonnin, Bob Meredith 67 Farabee, Ralph Herrington 70 Farmer, Normon Kittrell, Jr 46 Farrar, Stanley 658 Farris, Buford Elijah, Jr gl Fassero, Joseph Martin 215 Feather, James N o g Felder, Marvin $J Ferguson, Phil Moss 259 Fernea, Robert Alon 42 Field, William Eorl, Jr 73 Fielder, Parker Clinton 77 Findlay, Chorles L . .43 Fink, Manfred 52 Firey, Walter Irving 53 Fischer, Ernest Gus 75 Fish, Mrs. Russell ............. .264 Fisher, Joe Wayne 50 Fivelsdal, Egil 53 Flagg, Holley 33 Fleming, Richard T 83 Flournot, Mory Frances . Floyd, Chloe . ' ! 78 Focht, John Arnold . . 259 Folkers, Korl 72 Follett, Dione Weber .... 38 Folmer, Charles Fred 32 Fonken, Gerhard J 265 410 Ford, William G. F ' 44 Forrest, Hugh Sommerville .54 Foss, Donald J 52 Foster, James B 79 Fowler, David Wayne 67 259 Fowler, Martha Shultz ' .67 Fowler, Wallace T 66, 279 Fox, J. Lawrence 54 Francis, Bill Dean 79 Franklin, Catheryne 80 Franklin, G. Chorles . ' ..... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 34 Franks, Lawrence Turner 36 Frontz, Joe Bertram 263 Freet, James F 210 Freidmon, S O 2 Friede, Juan 49 Fritz, William Francis ........... 77 Frock, George A 71 Frommhold, Lothar Werner 52 Frost, Joe L o ] Fruh, E. Gus 259 Fuchs, Graver A 7 O Fuldo, Gobnelle . . ' . . 71 Fuller, Frances Fallen 42, 177 Fullerton, Byron Franklin ' .77 Furino, Valeria B 4 O Furlong, Richard Wilson .... .67, 259 Gaddis, Mary Lomar ' . 46 Gage, Stephen J 6 g Gainer, Solly 442 443 Galbraith, Martha A 42 Gal.nsky, G. Korl ' , ' ' . ' . ' _ ' [ ] [ 44 Gallessich, June Mane 62 Gargode, Francis A 33 Garao-Zamor, Jean-Claude 48 Gardiner, William Cecil, Jr 44 Gardner, Clifford S 50 Gardner, Peter Michael 42 Gardner, Rebecca Kay 75 Garner, William S ] [ [ 55 Gorrett, Jenkins 27 Garrett, Nancy Burton .71 Garrett, Ronald Joseph 72 Garthwaite, John 44 Gall.n, Harold 44 Gavendo, J David 52 Gebouer, Dorothy 264 Gebhordt, Elaine ... 78 Gebhart, George Rtchord 45 Gendron, Bernard 5} Genet, Malcolm 4$ Gentle. Kenneth W . 52 George, Warren Edwin . Gerber, Claudta M. B ' . ' . ' . 79 Germusfca, Kafhryn Lillian .... 68 Gertz, J. Barry ] 5 g Gesch, Colvm 202 Getty, Karen Lyn 54 Gibb, Elizabeth Glenad ne ... 50 6t G-bbt, Jock Porte ' 53 Gibson, Alan 52 Gibson, David Thomas 5) Gibson, Foy 52 Gibson, Martin leroy 75 Gibson, Richard Carl 31 Gibson, Robert 202 Gibson, Thornas J 273 Gibson, William Willard 77 Gilbert, Glenn G 48 Gilbert, John Corl 44, 221 Gilbert, John Eric 50 Gill, Clork Cyrus 61 Gilliam, Ellen Bland 44 Gillman, Leonard 50 Gilstrap, Howard C 55 Gleeson, Austin M 52 Gloyna, Earnest Frederick 64, 67, 259 Gobel, Rudiger 52 Goddard, Joseph D 286 Goff, Lewm 71 Goldman, George W 6fl Goldmonn, Mory Ernestine 49 Golla, Edward Dale ' 44 Gonzotez-Gerth, Miguel Ergio 54 Good, Thomas O 2 Goodall, Donald B . 70 Goodman, William Fred 210 Goodwin, Gordon Richard . . 71 Gordon, Wendell C ' . ' . ' . 45 Gould, Lewis Ludlow 49 Groglia, Lino A. 77 Graham, Lawrence S 48 Grohom, Roy Eugene 224 Grant, Richard B 33 Grover, Willard J ' . ' . ' ' ' . ' _ 46 Gray, Kenneth Eugene 68 Gray, William A 42 Groydon, Frank D 3) ( 257 Greenhill, Eleanor Simmons ' .70 Greenleaf, Newcomb 50 Greenwood, Mrs. Rita 419 Greenwood, Robert E 50 Gregory, Robert Todd 45, 50 Griffin, Charles Henry 57 ' 257 Griffith, Vida H ' .75 Griffy, Thomas Alon 52 Gronouski, John A 27, 273 Grosse, Kathleen 464 Grubbs, Clifton Madison . Grubbs, John Whitfield . Gruwell, Richard Grant . Guerin, John Williom . . Guess, Wallace Louis . . Guion, John Isaac . . . Gullon, Ricardo .... Gummermon, Richard Kent Gump, Richard A. ... Gundzik, Michael George Gunn, Robert Dewey . . Gusrafson, Clifford Emery Gustafson, Clifford L. Gustafson, Edra A. ... Guy, William T., Jr. ... Haag, Jessie Helen . . . Hockermon, Norman Hackett, Charles Wilson . Hoden. Ernest F Haiduk, Horry Hoirston, Maxine C. . . . Hakes, David T. . . . Holey, Judith F Hall, Betsey Hudson . . . Hall, E. Wood .... Holl, Jane Hall, Michael Garibaldi . Hallo, Judy A. Hallmon, Johnnie Lou . . Hom.lton, Allen R. . Hamilton, Robert W. Hamilton, Terrell Hunter . Handley, Duchess .... Honey, Bill Honna, Mrs. Ralph 85 . . 71 . .202 . . 70 . . . 72 . . . 44 . . 54 . . 52 . 38 . . 52 66, 230 . .490 .529 . . 71 86, 265 ' II 32, 265 58 46, 51 . . 58 46 . . 52 49 72 377 49 38 210 34 77 54 38 72 264 Honnon, George Edward 490. 534 Honnon, Laurence K )7 O Hons, Anna Louise 7g 63 45 Honsen, Carl E. . . Honsen, Niles . . . Hanson, Grace Hoen Horalson, Michael Art Harder, Verno M. . . Hordesty, Boyd Archer Hordm, Stella . . . Hargrove, Helen . . Harmon, Morlene . . Harms, Robert Thomas Harrell, Ann Lois Cole Harris, Ben M. . . . Harris, Diana . . . Hortshorne. Charles . Harvey, Jasper . . . Harvey, Luroe . . . Hoskew, Laurence D. Haslerok, Gerald S. . Haulenbeck, Lynda Fry Havens, Murray Clark Hoyden, Shirley J. . Hayes, Bascom 6. . . Hoynes, Inez . 76 . 44 . 71 . 44 .446 .264 .255 . 51 76 . 61 . 58 . 51 . 63 55 . 61 . 63 . 78 . 48 202 . 61 78 Hoyme, Willis Firman ........ 34, 36 Hozeteton, Nathan A ............ 210 Hazelngg, Mork Jonathan ...... .44 Hazleton, Jared EoH ........... 45 Heatley, Nathan Rick .... 44 Heg., Fred 8., Jr ............ ' . [ 58 Heimann, Laurene Turnbull ......... 7) Hetnen, Hubert ......... 49 Heil, Jean Nunn .......... . . . 49 Helburn, Isodore, B ...... . 59 410 Helf.nstine, Robert Allen ......... ' .68 , Helmench, Robert Lou Henderson, Terry Lee Hencken, Ph.ltp Hendr. ks. Mildred Hemon, Korl Eugene, II Hnry, Malcolm Philip 52, 86 67 73 474 59 202 652 Pages Pages Pages Hensey, Frederick Gerald .... . . . 54 Henshel, Richard L. . . . 53 Herbert (Catherine . 462 Hereford Corl F 62 . . 44 Herring, Billie Grace ... 80 264 Hess, Dolph 81 Hessel, Ira Jay Hewatt, Carolyn .... 44 55 Hewlett, Lan Lemuel Heyt, John W Hickox, Charles E. Jr . . . 490 68 Hiett, Morris Andrews Higgins, Gerald Francis .... Higley, John Clark 83 45 53 Hilburn, Robert Edwin 198 Hile, Sandra Kay Hill, Annie Hill, Archibald A . . 76 264 Hill, Forest G Hill, James Lofe Hill, Kenneth A Hill, Martha Gossett 45 66 44 75 Hill, Robert Edward Hillis, Stanley Roger Himmelblau, David Mautner Hinderstem, Barry Hinkle, Olm Ethmer Hinton, Frederick L Hiraizumi, Yuichiro Hitt, James Alfred Hoare, Derek Stuart Hoberock, Lawrence Linden 66 54 . . 74, 75, 263 52 54 . ... 44, 266 51 . . . . 68 Hodcroft, Frederick William Hodge, Francis Richard . . Hodges, Gus M Hodges, Merron Alton 71 77 55 63 Hoffman, George W Holdsworth, David J Holland, David C. Holland, Jack ,.,...! Holland, Winford Everett .... Holmes, David Sheridan .... Holmes, James Robert, Sr. ... Holmes, Thomas J Holstrum, Gary L Holtzman, Wayne H Holtzmon, Mrs. Wayne .... Holz, Robert Kenneth Horn, Joseph Marshall 47 44 257 .... 29, 265 .... 59, 223 52 68 38 .... 57, 257 .... 60, 265 264 47 52 Morton, Claude Wendell, Sr. . . Horvath, Louise Teixeira . Hotchkiss, John Calvin Hougen, Joel O Houston, James T Howe, Robert Crozier Howland, Ann Hubbord, Bogel, Jr. . Hubbs, Clark Hudson, William Ronald . . . Huff, David L. . . . Huff, Talbot 52 55 42 66 67 58 78 43 54 .... 64, 259 59 ... 67 Huie, William Orr .... Hull, David George Hunt, Chester Francis Hurst, Kenneth Murrill Huston, Fay .... 77 279 . . . . 75, 311 44 463 Huston, Gladys Hutson, Martha Hutton, Doris ... 425 68 70 Hynd, James . . . Ikard, Frank N Ikebe, Yasuhiko Imber, J. R 27 45 38 Iscoe, Ira Isely, Mrs. Gene Jacks, Becky Jackson, Loraine M .... 35, 52 465 38 38 33 Jacobson, Antone Gardner . . . James, Herman G Jamieson, Suzanne Janich, Peter Gerd . 54 46 46 Jonnuzi, F. Tomosson Jarvis, Beatriz G Jazayery, Mohammad Ali ... Jefferys, William H Jeffrey, Robert Campbell .... .... 45, 266 54 51 43 76 Jellison, Jerald Matthews . . . 52 Jennings, Elmer Earl Jennings, John K 71 62 76 547 Jensen, Gordon Henry Jensen, Paul Allen Jentz, Gaylord Adoir Jessen, Frank Weldon 72 .... 68, 274 58 Jewell, William James Johanson, Stanley Morris .... John, Peter William Meredith . . 67 77 50 Johnson, Curtis Johnson, Franklin Beaumont . . . 67 .... 67, 259 59 Johnson, Marshall C Johnston, Francis Edward 43 ... 42 Jonas , Edward Charles Jondohl, Judy Bess Jones, Albert Pearson 47 46 77 392 Jordan, Bryce Josey, Jock S 35 27 Josh,, S. W Judd, Burke H Judd, Wilson Austin Junqueiro, J. L 50 54 62 . . 66 279 Juola. Robert C 50 Jurtshuk, Peter, Jr 226 Kahan, Robert Sidney Konnappan, Sockalmgam .... Kaplan, Jack Lee . . .... 86, 263 68 . .310 Karttunen, Laun Juhom . . . Kaster, Barbara Katz, Samuel T Koy, James Rudolph Kazen, Barbara Anne . . . . Kearns, Leslie Dan Keeton, W. Page Kehle, Ralph Ottmar Kelley, H. Paul Kelly, Allen Eugene Kendall, Arnold Sidney. . . . Kendall, Richard Parker . . . Kennan, Kent Wheeler . . . . Kennedy, Joseph C Kennedy, Thomas William . . Kent, Harry L., Jr Kerenyi, Caterino Kerlin, W,ll,e R Kermocy, Martin S Kerr, Roy Patrick Kessler, Oren Khalaf, Ali Ali Kibler, Wtllibm W Kidson, Pat Kilgore, Joe M Kilmer, Mary A Kilpatrick, Hortense King, C. Richard King, Janet Kaufman . . . . King, John Kinneavy, James Louis . . . . Kilto, George Borrie Klastorin, Theodore D Klein, Karl K Klemmon, Leonard Klindt, Philip Walter Klingman, Darwin Dee . . . . Knapp, Donna M Knighton, Lennis Morlond . . . Knuhon, Jack M Koen, Billy V Kohl, Denis Alan Kojima, Ken-ichi Kolsti, John Sorter Konecci, Eugene B Kooris, Richard I Kopro, Lennart Lauri . . . . Koran, Mary Lou Kozmetsky, George Kraemer, Richard Howard . . Kromling, Robert William . . . Krause, John Joseph Kreisle, Leonard! Ferdinand . . Kruppa, Joseph E Kuryk, David Lacey, Howard Elton . . . . Lode, Robert E LoGrone, Alfred Holl . . . . Lai, Richard Tseng-yu . . . . Lainiotis, Demetrios George . . Laird, Charles David . . . . Laischner, Stanley L Lamb, Jamie Parker Lambert, David Lawrence . . . Lambert, John Stephen . . . . Lambert, Zarrel V Lambright, Carolina Gale . . Land, Lynton Stuart Londrum, Graves W Lone, John Hart, Jr Loney, Shirley Anne Langdon, George, Jr Longford, Earl J Longford, Gerald Longford, Terry Lonham, Elizabeth lankford. Chorles Ely . . . . Larimer, James L Larson, Donald Alfred ... Larson, Kermit Dean Laska, John Lathrop, Barnes Fletcher . . Leach, Lawrence Verne . . Leary, Daniel Edwin .... Leatherwood, Thomas Lewis . Lebowitz, J. Leon Le Compte, Mary Lou Anselm Ledbetter, Joe Overton . . . Lee, Clyde Edward .... Lee, Edward Nicholls . . . Lee, Horrell Estes Lee, James Bayless .... Lehmonn, Ruth P. M. ... Lehmann, Winfred Philipp Leiding, Gerlinde M. . . . Leighty, Gladys Lembach, Chorles Horry, Jr. . Leipziger-Peorce, Hugo . . . Leisenring, John Robert . . Leishner, Stanley Louis . . , LeMaistre, Charles A. ... Lenhort, Jock Lenox, Bennie Harold . . . Ler.z, Frederick Walter . . . Lesso, William G Lester, Louise Crawford . . Levack, Brian Paul .... Levers, Robert L., Jr Levy, Raphael Liberty, Paul Gerhard, Jr. . . Lieb, Irwm Chester .... bebhofsky, Herbert Hugo . . Lightner, Carloto Smith . . Lightner, Theodore M. . . . Likuski, Robert Keith .... Lindauer, Jerry Douglas . . Lindzey, Gardner Lineberry, Robert Leon . . . Lippmann, Jane Little. Philip Frederick . . . Little, Robert Narvoez, Jr. . Livingston, William S. . . . Loayza, Roberto Arturo . . 77, . . 51 . . 76 . . 81 . . 58 . . 77 . .210 86. 265 . . 47 32, 62 . . 67 . . 71 . 45 . . 71 . . 31 67, 259 . . 68 . . 44 . .650 . . 73 . . 50 . . 67 . . 44 . . 46 . . 38 . . 27 . . 54 . . 81 75, 263 . . 48 . . 63 . . 61 . . 44 . . 58 . . 55 . . . 52 . . 53 . . 58 . . . 78 . . .257 . . . 62 . . . 68 44 . . . 54 . . 53 . . . 59 . . 76 . . 76 . . 62 56, 265 . . . 48 . . . 44 . . .210 . 68, 259 . . . 46 . . . 46 . . 50 . . . 44 . . . 67 . . . 73 . . . 67 . . . 54 . .277 . . . 43 . . . 46 . 59, 236 . . . 63 . . . 47 . . . 30 . . . 53 . . . 63 . . . 73 . . .202 ... 46 . . . 78 ... 59 . . . 51 ... 54 . . .265 . 57, 257 ... 62 ... 49 . . . 71 . 73, 224 .202 ... 77 . 55, 63 . 67, 259 . . .259 ... 51 . 75, 263 ... 55 ... 46 ... 51 ... 73 . . .407 ... 55 ... 73 . . . 71 202, 275 ... 28 513, 519 . . .650 ... 68 . . .650 ... 49 ... 70 . . .650 ... 62 ... 51 ... 45 ... 51 ... 51 ... 67 . . .210 ... 33 ... 48 ... 46 ... 52 ... 52 . 29, 265 . . 54 Lockett, London Johnson, III . Lockhort, Josleen Lockwood, Thelma .... Loder, Frances Goodhue . . Loehlin, John C Lofgren, Frederick Valentine . Lomerson, William Lough . . Long, Leon E Long, W. Robert, III .... Longenecker, John B. . . . Longman, Douglas S. . . . Longoria, George T. ... Looney, Doris Burk .... Lopez-Cepero, Arnold Buist . Lopreato, Joseph Lord, William Jackson, Jr. . Lorentz, George Loshak, Nathan Loucks, Phyllis M Lovett, Dorothy Jo .... Lovett, James William . . . Lown, Charles R., Jr. ... Lowry, Mrs. Alaire Howard . Lugones, Nestor A Lumpkin, Zadie Brown . . . Lundelius, Ernest Luther, Jr. . Lundstedt, Albert Harris . . Lutz, Carol D Lyell, Frank Hollam .... Lynn, Mrs. Hugh Mobry, Tom J Macdonald, H. Malcolm . . MacDonald, Margaret Anne . Mack, Lawrence Riedling . . Mockey, Louis H Macmahon, Alan B MacNeiloge, Peter Francis . Macrini, Nancy Jean . . . Maggard, Michael J. . . . Magruder, Lawson W., Jr. . Maguire, Bassett, Jr Maguire. Jack Russell . . . Maguire, Mrs. Pat .... Mohan, Wayne W Mailla, Giuseppe Molina, Joseph Francis, Jr. . Malkin, Stephen Malof, Joseph Feller .... Manaster, Guy James . . Mandy, William John Manley, Willie Leon .... Mann, Philip Alan .... Manosevitz, Martin .... Marks. Claude H Martin, Beverly Groh . . . Martin, Clyde Inez .... Martin, Frederick Noel . . . Martin, Norman Marshall Martin. Roy P Martin. Mrs. T. L Martinez-Lopez, Ramon . . Masch, Frank D Mota, Margarita Mather, Janis G Mothews, Robert E Matlock, John Hudson . . . Matluck, Joseph H Malzke, Timothy Adams . . Maxwell, Pauline Talley . . May, Francis Barns .... May, Janice Chnslensen . . Mayfield, Robert Charles . . Mays, Pnscilla Hester . . . McAuley, Aubrey Davis . . McBee, Mrs. Frank .... McClellon, Stephen D. . . . McClelland, Dean B. . . . McCormick, William Devlin McCrow, Lynn Wade . McCullough, B. Franklin . . McDonald, Stephen Lee . . McDowell, Fred W McElderry, Stanley .... McElroy, Mourine D. . . . McEnally, Richard W. . . . McForland, Susan Jane . . McGoho, Michael D. . . . McGaughey, Janet Mary . . McGilvroy, Mary McGuire, Alice Brooks . . . McGuire, Carson McGuire, Noel Mclntyre, Kenneth E. . . . McKeithon, Daniel Morley . McKenzie, Gary Ross . . McKetto, John J., Jr. ... McLemore, Samuel Dale . . McMohon, Eva Moe .... McMohon, Tom McMoin, Walter Harold . . McMiken, Donald Froser . . McMillan, Calvin McNemar, Quinn McQueety, Grace Meachom, Standish .... Medina, Frank Edwin . . . Megaw, Robert Neill . . . Meisgeier, Chorles Henry . . Menaker, Michael Menoker, Shirley L Mench, Fred Chorles, Jr. . . Mendelson, Wallace .... Mendes, Rui Vilela .... Merck, Virginia Ann .... Merryman, Coleman .... Mersky, Roy M Merville, Larry Joe .... Mettlen, Robert Delmar . . Mey, Jacob L Michael, Wolfgang F . Miller, Mrs. David .... Miller, Mrs. William K . Millett, Gregg B . 54 . 81 .264 . 71 . 52 . 72 . 58 . 47 . 30 . 49 . 59 .202 . 58 . 52 . 53 . 58 . 50 78 55 438 71 286 54 458 47 489 58 46 264 43 207 44 66 51 52 51 44 59 . . . 202, 207 54 .... 38, 39 38 51 52 259 .... 68, 274 46 62 51 492 52 .... 52, 179 63 76 61 76 51 62 389 54 .... 67, 259 62 46 77 .... 68. 259 54 44 .... 55, 63 58 48 47 38 46 264 36, 61, 177, 198 215 52 .... 63, 248 67 45 47 80 46 58 62 54 71 38 80 650 68 61 46 61 . . 29, 64, 265 ...... 53 76 46 650 55 43 52 467 49 490 46 .... 63, 285 54 62 44 48 52 75 52 .... 77, 80 58 58 51 48 431 264 .... 61. 87 Milliken, Gibbs Mills, Gordon H Mims, Joe D Mindak, William Anthony Moehlmon, Arthur Henry . Mohn, Norman Carroll . . . . Moldenhauer, Joseph John . . . Molenoer, Harriet Molesworth, Kathleen Moll, James W Mollenouer, Robert Russell . . . Monas, Sidney Montgomery, William C Monti, Stephen Arion . . . Moody, William J Moore, Robert John Moore, Sollie Beth Moore, Walter L Morgan, Carl William Morgan, Daniel Croxton, Jr. . . Morgan, H. Wayne Morgan, Leon O Morris, James Morrison, Beverly Joyce . . . . Morrison, Kaye G Morrison, Keith E Morrow, Mane Betzner . . . . Morrow, Violet Mortimor, Holly Moseley, Gerard Franklin . . . . Mourelatos, Alexander Phoebus D Mowry, James Nelson Mowsesian, Richard Muehlberger, William Rudolf . . Mundy, Jeff Munger, Lelond R Murdoch, Francis J Murphy, Alton C Murphy, John Peter Murphy, Loyton Barnes . . . . Musselman, George A Musslewhite, Jack Robert . . . . Myer, Robert Wills, Jr Myers, Jack Myers, William Allen Myrick, Sherrell Theodore, Jr. . . Nancorrow, David Alec . . . . Nance, Williom Leslie Napier, Homer Albert, Jr. . . . Natalicio, Luiz Neal, Joe West Neely, James Alan Neff, Judson Neikrug, George Nelson, Barbara Diane Nelson, Barbara Porter . . . . Nelson, Eugene W Nelson, Helene West Nemotollahi, Jay Newcomb, Williom W., Jr. . . . Newlove, George Hillis . . . . Nicholas, Donald Lee Nicholas, Kenny Nicholson, Ruth Adelia Nickel, Alvin Albert Noble, Marion L Noble, Paul Norton Noble, Roger Ken Nolle, Alfred Wilson . Noonon, P. J Northrup, Mrs. Branch S Nowotny, Arno Noyes, W. Albert, Jr Nunn, Peter Bruce Nymann, DeWayne Stanley . . . Oakland, Thomas Oberdoerffer, Fritz O ' Donnell, Donna Ramsel . . . O Hore, Thomas J Oliver, Joel Day Oliver, Symmes Chadwick . . . Olm, Kenneth William O ' Neil, Sharon Joan Orenbaum, Ruth Ernestine . . . Orozco, Miguel Angel Osborn, Roger Cook Otis. Jack Otte, Daniel Otto, Connie L Otto, Wilson Edward Owen, Reverend J. F Padolina, Williom G Painter, Theophilus Shickel . . . Pair, Wanda Palmer, Lester E Palter, Robert Panayotokis, Nikolaos Paredes, Americo Parker, Douglass Stott Parker, George V. C Parker, Randall Parrish. Charles J Parsons, Ronald Gene Patterson, Idella Patterson, Jack Coleman . . . . Patrick, Nelson Paul, Donald Ross Paul, Mary Pavan, Crodowaldo Poyne, B Iden Payne, James E Peace, John Pearson, Angus George . . . . Pease, Antonella C Peck, John R Peck, Margaret Peck, Robert F Peltier, Isobelle Perkowski, Jan Perry, David Chorles Perry, Edward S Perry, Ervm Sewell Perry, Mrs. Sam 70 46 202 . 75, 222, 239, 263 62 58 46 266 264 71 48 53 38 44 71 52 49 259 67, 259 45 49 489 75 58 68 77 51 442 296 ... 43 ... 51 ... 55 ... 62 ... 47 ... 58 ... 71 . . .207 ... 62 ... 51 ... 80 ... 38 ... 31 ... 63 . 43, 54 ... 63 ... 68 ... 71 ... 46 ... 58 ... 62 ... 33 ... 42 ... 59 ... 71 ... 55 . . .542 . 58, 265 ... 38 ... 72 . 33, 42 . . 223 ... 61 ... 44 . . . 78 ... 70 ... 63 ... 44 ... 68 ... 52 . . .176 . . .650 . . .265 ... 44 ... 43 ... 50 ... 62 ... 71 . . .202 . 42. 48 ... 44 ... 42 .59 ... 78 ... 76 ... 68 ... 50 ... 81 ... 54 ... 78 . . .286 . . .285 ... 44 . . .650 ... 46 ... 31 . . 51 ... 44 ... 42 268. 265, 264, . . 52 . . . 63 . . . 48 . . . 52 458, 459 490, 522 . . . 71 . . . 66 . . . 38 . . . 54 . . . 71 . . . 81 . . . 27 . . . 45 . . . 46 . . . 63 268, 301 . . 62 . . . 46 . . 53 . . .273 . . . 76 . 67, 259 .264 653 Pages Pages Pages Perry, Shirley Bird . . . Peterson, Helen .... Pethia, Robert Francis . Petroski, Henry J. . . . Petty, John William H. . Phelps, Austin 35, 176 38 59 66 58 54 Phillips, Allen W 54 Phillips, Beemon Nool 62 Pianka, Eric R 54 Pierce, Cheryl Jeon 71 Pierce, Frank Nicholson 75 Pilgrim, Geneva Honna 6? Pipkin, Raymond G 38 Pirson, Sylvoin J 68 Pisani, Joseph Ralph 75 Pisk, Rita Gurley 71 Piftenger, Benjamin Floyd 650 Podio, Augusta i 68 Polome, Edgar C 42, 48, 51 Poison, Peter Gorham 52 Pommerenk, Deanna M 55 Porter, Barbara Joyce 542 Porter, Charles Franklin 202 Porter, John William 66 Porter, Robert 210 ' osner, Leonard 71 ' ost, Games, Jr 49 ' otter, Norman Maurice 54 otter, Rosonne 46 ' owers, Edward Joseph, Jr 67 ' owers, Edward Lawrence 54 ' owers, Mrs. I. T 445 ratt, Terrence Wendall 45 ' rott, Willis W 46 Prentice, Norman M 52 Prestwood, Clyde L 451 Price, Daniel O Haver ... - 53 Pringle, James Alexander 71 Prouse, Ervin J 50 Pruden, Henry Oliver 59 Pryor, Mary 398 Purcell, Mrs. K. C 448, 449 Querubin, Rodrigo 67 Quinn, John M 28 Race, William C 71 Roe, John 52 Ragland, Mrs. Elo 364 Rahr, Virginia 78 Raike, Wilham M 58 Rolls, Kenneth Michael 68, 235 Romamoorthy, Chtttoor V 45, 67 Ramsey, Jones W 489 Roney, James G 58 Ranson, Harry Huntt 26, 265 Rao, Raja 5] Raschke, Mrs. Jewel Popham 61 Rase, Howard Frederick 66 Rathbone, Lucy 264 Rattey, Dorothy Jane 46 Ray, Betsy Linn 78 Reod, Ralph Russell ! 48 Rebhorn, Wayne Alexander 46 Reddick, OeWitt Carter 26 265 Redland, Alice 78 Reed, Donald B 68 Reese, Lymon Clifton 67, 259 Rehder, Helmut ... 48 Re.chl, Linda E ' . ' . ' . ' . 52 Reid, Jackson Brock 62 Retd, Russell M 42 ReighHer, Charles 68 Remhardt, Paul D 71 Reinmuth, Oscar Williams 44 Rewertj, Ardis Maureen 49 Reyes, Santos, Jr 81 Reynolds, James Walton 489 Rich, John Martin 62 Richard, Patrick . ... 52 Richards, Phyllis L 49 Richardson, Philip C 67 Richter, Michael ' . 50 Rickelmon, Bonme Louise 78 Ridruejo, Dtonisio 54 Rienitra, William Walter 52 Riley, Barton D 227 Riley, Peter Julian 52 Ripperger, Eugene Armon 66, 259 Roach, James R 48,177,265 Roberts, Bennie 202 Roberts, Beverly 210 Roberts, CoH 245 Roberts, Jerry 286 Roberts, John Harvey 44 Roberts, Roystoa Mr .44 Roberhon, David 77 Rodda, Peter U .... 47 Rode, Leonard John 51 Roaewold, Lynn B 44 Rodgers, John Ormond 1 89 Roessner, R. Gommel .73 Rogers, Delmer Dol ell 71 Rogers, Douglass Morcel 54 Rollins, Henry Mook 58 Rollins, Jonet L 70 Ronden, Michael 46 Rooker, Albert Albm 265, 547 Rosenthol, Michael P 77 Rosier, Karl-Hemz 72 Row, Davtd Word .52 Ross, Stanley R 43 Ross, Steven T 49 Rostow, Ma. Elspeth Dovies 48 Roth, Charles Harold, Jr 67 Rothgeb, John 71 Rowberg, Richard Even 67 Royol, Dorreil K 265, 48t, 490 Ruefli, Ttipothy W 59 RundtJI, Ed 76 Runge, Thomas Morscholl .66 Russell, Robert Lowell 46 Rust, Wifliam Monroe, Jr 47 Ruud, Millard Harrington 77 Rylander, Henry Grady 68 Sabbogh, Michael Ernest 47 Sager, Alan M . .273 Sagik, Bernard P 5} Saini, Knshon G 45 Solone, Jewelene R . . 61 Salziger, Henrietta 409 Sanches, Mary . 42 Sanchez, Jose Gabriel 54 Sander, Kathleen _ . 62 Sander, Lorry Dennis 44 Sanders, Bob G 54 Sanders, Rosemary Roork 73 Sanford, Lathon 71 Sonkey, Stuart 71 Sapienza, Richard Sobino 44 Souls, Diana L 62 Souls, Eugene Howell 57, 257 Savage, Dwayne Cecil 5) Scamell, Richard William . 58 Scarborough, Mrs. Lem .264 Schade, George D., Jr 54 Schatzki, George 77, 87 Schechter, Robert Samuel 66 Schenkkan, Robert F 76 Scherz, Elizabeth Ann 33 Schild, Alfred 52 Schmid, Charles V 48 Schmidt, Marie Payne 58 Schmidt, Paul Francis 53 Schmitt, Karl Michael 48 Schneebeck, Gene A 202 Schoemon, Milton E 59 Scholler, Jean 72 Scholz, Frances Mary 43 Schronk, A. R ' 54 Schuhardt, Vernon T 51 226 Schuler, William D ' .202 Schulz-Behrend, George 48 Schulze, Denise Mool 46 Schumaker, Larry L 50 Schunk, John Frederick 76 Schutz, Bob E 66 Schwartz, Herbert Frederick, II 72 Scott, Alan 47 Scon, W. Paul, Jr . ' . 62 Scott, Wolly 439 Scott-Toggart, Martin John 51 Seever, Galen L 50 Sen, Subrato Kumar 59 Seng, Mark Wilfrid 61 Sesnic, Steve S 67 Sever in, Werner 75 Shamir, Yehuda 51 Sharlof, Maurice Michael 77 Sharpe, Ernest Alonzo 75, 222, 263 Shea, Hanie Lee 78 Shear, Camilla O 1 Sheffield, John . . 52 Sheffield, Thomas D 72 Sheffield, William Johnson 245, 246 Sheldon, Eric 52 Shelley, Nancy Anne 49 Shepley, Lawrence C 52 Sheppard, Simon 47 Sherrill, Jane P 63 Sherzer, Joel 42 Shipp, W. Byron 35 Shive, William 44 Shivers, Beverly Oyler 46 Shocket, Richard Leo 58 Short, Byron Elliott 64 68 Shoulders, Ben Allen ' . . ' 44 Shure, Leonard 7] Shurttesworth, Guy E 81 Silber, John Robert 4Q Silberberg, Irvin Harold 68 Simmons, Leonard M., Jr 52 Simonsen, Stanley Harold 44 Simpson, Robert Eugene 34 Singer, Sidney Griffin . 75 253 Sinkin, Richard N 49 Sisto, David Theodore ...... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 54 Skinner, Aubrey E 44 Slacks, Rosemary 543 Sladek, Kor! Josef, III ........... 66 Sledd, James Hinton 44 Smalley, Webster . . . Smith, Allen E ' . ' . ' . ' . 77 Smith, Bruce Nephi 43 Smith, C. Aubrey ' 257 Smith, Charles Hugh 57 357 Smith, Daniel Burkett ' 74 Smith, Elizabeth K .. ' . ' . ' . . " 44 Smith, Ernest E., Ill . 77 Smith, Harlan J " 43 Smith, M. Ruth 264,301,435 476 Smith, Preston 26 Smith, Robert ... " 547 Snell, Hampton Kent 59 238 Snelson, Richard Eugene ' 210 Snider, Louise W ' 49 Snyder, Corolyne French 73 Sommerfeld, Raynard M ' 57 257 265 Sonnemonn, William Knox ' . ' $7 Sood, Parmjit Singh 44 Sord, Burnard H [ 59 297 Soukup, James Rudplph ......... ' . 43 Spear, Irwin Spearman, Jo Edna . 55 Speer, Richard ;J Speller, Frank Newman 7] Spence, Jonet Taylor 52 Spence, Ralph . . 33 Sprogem, Jane Ellis Sprowls, Joseph B 72 191 Spruce, Everett .... ' jn Stogg,, Fern E 49 Stanford, E. Thomas Stork. John Paul . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 68 Slarnes, Grody Clarence 34 Steorman, Ronald Oron 66 Stedry, Andrew C 53 Steele, John G 35,176,177 Steiner, Henry Malcolm 59 Steinfink, Hugo 66 Stengel, Anno Marie 53 Stephens, James Francis Miller, Jr 46 Stephenson, William Curtis 46 Stern, Harris W $2 Stern, Morris 66 Steutel, Frederik W.lliom 5Q Stewart, Walter Powell 46 Stewart, Willa Elizabeth ' 71 Stey, George C 44 Stockton, John R 53 Stolz, Walter Sargent 52 Stronek, David 61 Stone, Mrs. Coystal T 62 Story, Dee Ann 42 Stotter, Philip Lewis 44 Straiten, Archie Waugh . .... 67 Strauss, Henry 52 Stouwie, Roger 52 Slurdivont, Frederick David 59, 87 Sudorshan, Ennackal Chandy George .... 52 Sullivan, Gerald 72 Sullivan, Richard E 61 Summers, Edward Lee 257 Summers, Max Duanne 43 Sutherland, William Owen Sheppard, Jr 46 Sutton, John F., Jr 77 Swallow, Richard Proctor 73 Swan, John Edward 59 Swanson, Donald Gary 67 Swanson, Huntmgton Spann 68 Swartz, Jon David 62 Swogetinsky, Patsy Lee 73 Sylvester, Richard Disbro 53 Szaniszlo, Paul J 5] Szendrey, John Paul 44 Taborsky, Edward 43, 273 Tockett, Helen ' .264 Taniguchi, Alon Y 73 Tovis, Lee A 53 Taylor, Bruce Lynn 3Q1 Taylor, Jomes Thomas 210 Taylor, Joseph A 75 Taylor, Lyndon 67 Teogarden, Lucetta Jane 46 Tedder, James D 4 O Teele, Roy Earl 51 Terry, Clark 262 Thiessen, Delbert D 52 Thomas, Michael Peter, Jr 61 Thompson, Betty 55 Thompson, Corey Carter 45 Thompson, Guy A., Jr 43 Thompson, J. Neils 259, 489 Thompson, Joseph Garth ' .68 Thompson, Milton John 66 Thorman, George J 81 Thorn, Gordon Lee, Jr 43 Thorp, Isabel Helen 73 Thurston, Earle Laurence 43 Todoro, Martin Thomas 76 Todd, Jerry 53 Tolar, Roger Lee 61 Toogood, Alexander F 7$ Toprac, A, Anthony 259 Torn, Robert C 215 Toth, Andor John j Tourmaniontz, Michel 46 Townes, Natalie 472 Townsley, Floyd Clifford 7] Travis, Don Carlos, Jr 43 Traylor, George Eugene 76 Treece, James M 77 Trepanier, Estelle 46 Trickett, Paul Carey 35 Trinnium, Ivanka .... 296 lull, Robert G , ' ' , 43 Turner, 8. L 43 Turner, Dorothy Ethel 54 Tyson, Kenneth W 55, 541 Ulrich, Bruce Truman 43 Umlauf, Charles 70 Umstattd, James Greenleaf 61 Upthegrove, William R 68 Vodas, Agnes 71 Von Cleave, Ronald Glenn 210 Vandiver, Samuel E 46 VonProog, Jane 68 Van Winkle, Matthew .66 Vargas, Carlos 54 Vaughan, Roy 38 Vaughn, Wanda W 650 Velarde, Manuel G 53 Veldman, Donald 62 Vickery, Don William 57 Villarreal, Jesse Jomes 76 Vogt, Fred B 280 Vowell, Raymond Woodrow 28 Wode, Charles Gordon ! . 44 Wade, William Hampton 44 Wodlington, Warwick Paul . ... 46 Waggoner, Sheila 215 Wagner, Edward John .67 Wagner, Norman Keith 67 Wagner, Robert P. ... 43 Walden, Charles R., Jr . 33 Woldrep, Burnell ' 3) Walker, Charles Alborn . 73 Walker, Elan ! ! ! 202 Walker, Ernest W. . . . 53 228 Walker, Everitt Donald .... Walker, Harold L ' . ' . 76 Walker, Jomes Roy .... 5) Walker, Mory ' . ' 433 Wall, Robert Euaww .51 Walls, Hugh 6S Wolston, Dale Edouard 50 Walter, John Arnold 46 Walters, Jess 71 Ward, Anna Marie 49 Word, Bernard James 77 Wardtaw, Frank H 32 Watkins, Edwin W 44 Watson, W.lfred H 59 Watt, John Reid 68 Weaver, Milo Wesley 50 Webber, Stephen E 44 Weedman, Daniel Wilson 43 Wemstock, John 48 Weintraub, Russell Jay 77 Weis, Potrtcio Ann 55 Weismann, Donald L 88 Welch, Ashley James 316 Welch, Robert Carlton 67 Wells, Jessica 463 Wells, Maria Xenio 46 Wells, Thomas 71 Welsch, Glenn Albert 257 Werbow, Stanley Newman 48 Werner, Oliver Jomes 77 Westbrook, Max Roger 46 Westkoemper, John Conrad 66, 280 Wetzels, Walter Dominic ... 48 Whaley, W. Gordon 43 79 Wheat, John Robert 30 Wheeler, Marshall R 54 Wheelock, K. Carter 54 Whitoker, Beverly ' 76 Whiloker, Rod William 76 White, Philip Lloyd 49 White, Ralph Ernest 70 Whiteman, John Robert 45 Whiteside, Talmoge R 30 Whitfill, Craig Everett 44 Whitson, Frank Edward, Jr 73 Whitten, Sam Gerald 80 Whitten, William 245 Wicker, Frank Woyland " 62 Wicklund, Robert Arnold 52 Wiegond, Oscar F " 54 Wier, John Rex, Jr 76 Wild, Peter Anthony Thornton 43 Wilkov, Melvm Arnold 66 Willord, Daniel E 43 Williams, Dan C 27 Williams, Darrell Hugh ' . 55 Williams, James Allen, Jr 53 Williams, Launtz A 395 Williams, Martha S ! 81 Williams, Thomas Howard 257 Williamson, Robert Burns 53 Willingham, John Joseph 57 257 Willman, Marilyn D. . . . ' 73 Wills, Derek 43 Willson, A. Leslie 43 Wilson, John Andrew 47 Wilson, Richard Hansel ... 43 Wilson, Robert Henry ... 46 Wind, Robert ' . ' . 44 Wingrove, Alan S 44 Winkler, John C ! 286 Wisdom, Eugene 53 Wiseman, James Richard 44 Wissler, Eugene H. . . . 66 280 Witt, Robert C ' .53 Witt, Robert Ernest ... 59 233 Wolf, Harold Arthur ' .53 Wolf, Jeanette E 73 252 Wolfe, Kay Frances 71 Wolfe, William G 63 Womack, Baxter Frank 67, 241 Wong, Henry Vernon . . . ; 52 Woodward, Morion Kenneth 77 Woodward, Mary Shirley 71 Woolsey, Morion Elmer 51,226 Word, Orville Charles 68 Worrell, Lee Frank 72 Worthom, Josephine P. ... 61 Wrather, John D 28 Wright, Charles Alon 489 Wright. Charles Wayne 77 Wright, Frank Raynard 265 Wright, Jock B 71 Wright, Janice .33 Wright, Palmer Winslow 46 Wright, Stephen G 259 Wright, Stephen L 67 Wright, Stuart 439 Wylw, Billy Burben . 72 242 Wylie, Harold A 46 Wynne, Michael J .43 Wynck, Warteen 63 Wyss, OrvHIt 51 Ximenes, E. T. 27 Yoeger, William Henry, III ' . ' . S9 Yoes, Robert Joel 52 Yamoda, Masoo 5J Yonchtck, Victor A. 72, 88 Yeh, Raymond .45 Yen, Sian Lin 51 Ytw, Chmg Hs.e ' 66 York, Charles W e ldon 49, 231 York, L. Jean 61 Young, David M., Jr 45, 50 Young, Louis 78 Young, Robert K 53 Yuro, Joseph Andrew 88, 234, 259 Zacharias. Donald Wayn 76 Zaner, Richard M 51 Zashm, Elliot Martin 48 Ziegler, Domel B 44 Z.nk, James Keith M Zizelmann, Virginia 78 Zlatkovich, Charles Theodora 57, 257 Zurcher, Louis A., Jr 53 654 A Aolen, Diane Elizabeth .... Aaron, Horley Edward .... Aaronson, Jeffrey B Aaronson, Julie Lynn Aoronson, Lee Richard Abbot, Sandra L Abbott, Karen Ann Abbott, William Van Woert . Abernathy, Robert Arthur . . Abies, Dinah Lee Aboud, Russell Michael .... Abou-Seida, Mohsen Mohamed Aboussie, AnneHe Gay Abrams, Janice Ann Abramson, Lawrence J. Abramson, Phillip Abnght, Wm. F., Jr. ... ' . ' Abshier, Catherine Cam Abu Abdun, Jamal M. H. . Abudowood, Hussein H. . . . Acevedo, Carlos Manuel . . . Achilles, James Ernest, Jr. . . . Ackermon, William Randall . . Acock, Randolph Pages 631 .... 235, 556 412 460 366 183 . . 187. 233, 556 412 .... 376, 604 266 .... 3BO, 617 553 617 439 .... 254, 283 412 283 463 309 ... 230, 309 207 . . . . 492, 552 617 Nome Allen, Diane Lynn . . Allen, Elizabeth Ann .... Allen, Gary Ralph . . Allen, Helen Elizabeth, Mrs Allen, Joe Bailey, III .... Allen, John Douglas .... Allen, John Joseph .... Allen, Kathryn Ramono btuder Pages 480 631 267, 546 556 . 205. 269, 392, 631 215 390, 631 it Index Name Anderson, Rodney King . . Anderson. Roger Bozeel . . . Anderson, Roy Alan Anderson, Stephen Patrick Anderson, Steven Ray .... Anderson, Sunya Noelle . Anderson, Teresa Gail .... Anderson, Thomas Aired . . Anderson. Wayne Edward Pages 604 235 269, 404, 617 227 617 ... 267, 270 617 .... 396, 631 Name Atkinson, James Baker . . Atkinson, James Richard . . Atkinson, Melody M. . . . Atnip, Jo Ann G., Mrs. Atnip, Michael Grant . . . Attol, Fred Eugene .... Atterholt, Drusilla Jane . . . Atwood, Daryl Lynn .... Atwood, John Holmes . . . Atwood, Margaret E Poa . . . 211, 299, 617 19o 188, 253, 294, 604 406 406, 557 . 155, 188, 22 J. 270 261, 604 454 420. 631 . . . 389 617 Allen, Kathy Anne . . Allen, Mark Holden .... Allen, Mary Katheryn Allen, Richard Lee .... Allen, Robert Ernmett Allen, Sharon Deen . . Allen, Sidney Allen, Suzanne Allen, Wanza E. . 483 396 556 257 438 183, 617 . 217, 310, 314, 617 . . . 293, 455, 631 Anderson, Widney Sue .... Anderson, William G., II ... Anderton, Norman S., Ill ... Andrew, George Douglas . . . Andrew, Glenn Clark .... Andrews, Anne Wythe Andrews, Curtis Lee, III ... Andrews, Garnet! Lynn Andrews, Kattiryn Dell Andrews, Laura K Andrews, Marilyn L Andrews, Stephen Dan .... Andrus, Jomes Robert .... Angelo, Gerald Sylebo .... Angelo, John Edward .... Angenend, Paul David .... Angevme, Janon- Angevine, Terry Thomas . Ankele, Martha Ankenmon, Decie Dayne . . . Anthony, Dwiaht W Anthony, Mory Ann . . . Anthony, William R., Jr. ... Apgar, Timothy Charles . . Appenbr.nk, William M. . . . Appleman, Kathleen A. Appleman, Susan Morie . . Appleton, Roy, III .... . , Appling, Virginia Claire . . . Arbogust, Harold Oren, Jr. . . Archer, Clara A. (Gray), Mrs. . Archer, Glenn Dowson .... Archer, Guerdon William . .... 460, 631 617 240, 246, 600 .... 216, 275 241, 270, 280 192, 255, 314, 459 .... 412, 631 .... 316, 556 .... 420, 556 268 . 183, 460, 631 280 428 617 ... 254, 556 .... 161. 207 .... 255, 631 364, 451, 491, 604 315 ... 459, 556 604 161, 175, 264, 316 617 296 422 482 455 374 441 256 .... 168, 374 .... 552, 556 Atwood, Michael S Aubel, David Henry .... Aufderhaar, Er.c Allen . . . Aulick, Jack Wesley . 457 283 Austin, Barbara Gayle . . . Austin, Deborah Ann Austin, Jomes Randall . . . Austin, John Edgar .... Austin, Kathleen B,, Mrs. . . Austin, Michael Everett 255, 542 249. 631 631 270 - . 631 Allender, Phoebe Jo .... Allenson, Ruby Beth .... Allensworth, Mory Roxanne . Alles, Susan E Alletag, Gary Michael . . . Alley, Jacqueline M All.son, Dole Crawford . . . Allison, Joseph C Allison, Judy Ann Allison, Lodowick 6., Jr. . Allison, Margaret Scott . Allison, Mary K Allison, William S Allmon, Money Lynne . . . Allshouse, John Harry Allums, John Michael Almendarez, Frank Alnaiemi, Rojiha . 255 271 439 617 . . 269, 456, 631 631 ... 254, 556 388 631 . 134, 196, 198 556 631 456, 509 604 492 208 469. 556 Austin, Nancy Lynne . . Austin, Raymond Henry . . Austin, Robert Steele .... Austin, Wtlliam E. . . . Austin, William S Austria, George Cruz . Autrey, Sharon Kay . . 557 486 292 209 270, 600 282, 486 Autry, Stephen Smith . . , Avant, Lenore Avent, Frances Ava R., II . . Averitte, Clinton Edward . . Avery, Henry Clifton, III . . Avery, Janice Ruth .... Avery, Lucille C Averyt, Jock D., Jr Aves, Alice Louise Avico, V tc k. Rene 282 192 304, 631 420, 557 . . . 209. 404, 631 285 600 247, 557 460, 617 Acosta, Irma Olvero Acosta, Peter Patrick Acree, James David Acreman, Christopher M. Adair, Robin Lee . Ada.r, Weldon Brooks, Jr. . . Adams, Ann Arlene Adams, Clonce Ann Adams, David Richard .... Adams, Deborah Loe . . . . Adams, Diana Kemp .... Adams, Harold Stonbery, Jr. . Adorns, Jane Timleck .... Adorns, Jenny Adams, Mary Georgene . . . 264, 202 Adams, Michael Adrian Adams, Robert M., Ill .... Adorns, Rosalon Adams, Sarah Jane Adorns, Steven Ray Adorns, Tommye Chansse . . . Adorns, Victoria Fern .... Addeman, Linda Roe .... Addison, Randolph Dallas Adelmon. Linda Koy Ader, John Timothy Adger, Stephen Alison .... Adkms, David Joe Adkins, Mark Alan Adkms, Paul Robert Adleman, Mork Lee Aertker, Roger Case Afzal. Suhoil Agalou, Nick Agnes, Judith Agnew, Christian Y. G. ... Agold, Dovid Charles .... Agomo, James B. O Agncola, Paul James .... Aguilar, Benito . Aguilor, Javier Agu.lor, Reuben Perez. Jr. Aguirre, Laura Aguirre, Santiago S Ahern, James Ahern, John Lawrence .... Aiken, James Carlton .... Alkin, A. M. Bobby, III .... Aitches, Sharon Jeanne . . . A|ello, Melanie Irene .... Akers, Chorles B , III Akins, John Royal Alaniz, Dovid Raymond . Alamz, Debra Ann Alaniz, Ernest 2., Jr Alomz, Rudolfo Alorcon, Alfredo G Albers, David Lee Albers, Margaret Irene . . . Albers, Morns E., II Alberson, Tommy D Albrecht, Sandra Lynne . . . Aldape. Israel Aldredge, Joanne 1. M., Mrs. Aldredge, Vaoghn Russell . . . Aldrete, Ray Edmund . . . . 557 .... 242, 557 604 - ... 229, 600 631 217 . . 261, 459, 600 192 .... 241, 617 604 617 214 556 - . 182, 314, 631 . . 163, 167, 261, 204, 298, 308, 604 ... 217, 538 600 313 . 459, 604 292 261 .... 293, 462 301 417 188 . . . . 291, 617 ... 390, 492 604 392 398 . . 213, 469, 547 604 283 . . 187, 223, 617 556 468 604 316 556 .... 410, 556 .... 466, 631 . 209, 262, 304 556 280 161, 205, 552, 553 .... 384. 556 631 556 480 .... 310, 617 492 285 .... 223, 556 617 545 552 556 487 .... 455, 631 205 .... 292, 438 . . 273, 548, 556 556 266 195 556 Alonzo, Gilbert Reyna, Jr. . Alpert, Brod Eugene .... Alrahim, Salah Mahmood Alston, Cynthia Alsup, Jomes Myers .... Alter, Dennis Ira Altermon, Lyle Henry . . Altgelt, George Allen Allgelt, Mary Susan .... Altman, Gwendolyn N. Altman, Reuben Alvarodo, Elizabeth S. . . Alvarez, Betty Anne Alvarez, John Alvis, Jocelyn Becky .... Alvts, Mary Lue Amacker, Clayton M., Jr. . . Aman, John Franklin . . Amayo, Bofdemar Licea Amend, John Thomas . . . Amery, George B , Jr. ... Amescua, Gloria Amick, Jim Phillip . . Amiri, Reza Amirkabirian, lra| Amis, Charles James, III . . Amman, Carol Lee .... Ammar, Ramadan E. Ammerman, Mark Howard Ammermon, Wesley B., Ill Ammons, Barbara Lee Ammons, Judy Kathleen . Amos, Gail Lynn Amos, Marilyn E Amos, Patrick John Amos, Scott Randal Amundsen, Chris Thomas . Anamosa, Kathleen A Andell, Lisa Beth Anders, Gordon Keith Anders, Kenneth Wayne Anders, Victoria Jean . . Andersen, Penny Lee ... Anderson, Albert W, . Anderson, Allan Lynn Anderson, Anita Kathleen . Anderson, Betty Joyce . . Anderson, Beverly R. . . . Anderson, Bruce Worren . . Anderson, Conduce E. . . . Anderson, Cheryl A Anderson, Clarence M. . . . Anderson, Darlene Ann Anderson, David D Anderson, David Edwin Anderson, Diane Marie Anderson, Frederick G. . . Anderson, Jomes Daffis . Anderson, James Robert Anderson, Jeffries D. . . . Anderson, Joan Lynn . . . Anderson, John Freeman . Anderson, Joseph L., Ill Anderson, Karen A Anderson, Karen L . . . Anderson, Kenneth Donald Anderson, Lee Martin Anderson, Lee Stewart . . . Anderson, Lisso Beth . 145, 257 319 309, 553 631 384, 547 412 431, 433 470 631 . . 226, 454, 631 270 483 483 553 278 250, 271 408, 631 282 604 . 187, 208, 223, 277 400 266, 281, 304, 553 617 213 . 428, 604 386, 631 459 227, 309 . . 269, 292, 539 . . 229, 279, 280 443 255 226, 631 182. 631 - 318, 529, 552 388, 617 414, 417 462, 631 455, 631 273, 556 466. 556 459 462, 631 617 254, 617 356 455, 604 . 268, 460, 617 420, 421 460, 631 483, 553 193 191, 556 427, 617 400 Avriett, Patricia Ann .... Awwad, Eric Elias .... Axelrod, Jonis Lynn . . 604 304 . . . . 617 Axelrod, Ronald Alan . . , Aycock, Dowglos Eugene . . Aycock, Jo Elaine Aycock, Steven Leslie . . . Ayers, Manfred Earl .... Ayres, Nancy Ann .... 208 238 452 . 386, 438, 631 631 Archer, John Michael Archer, Vincent W.. Ill . . ' ' . Arechiga, Evelyn Nora .... Arend, N. Lynn Pugh, Mrs. . . Arend, Rodger G Arenson, Linda Diane .... Argobnght, Luonn Arivello, Gerald Joy Arledge, David Eugene . . . Arlitt, Bill Harry Armbrister, Carl S Armor, Richard Dell .... Armstrong, David G. . . . Armstrong. James Allen . . . Armstrong, Jeffrey Neal ... . Armstrong, John James . . . Armstrong, Kenneth B. . . 227 Armus, Henry, Jr Arnakis, Poly Catherine G . Arnett, Lizabeth Len Arnett, Robert K., Jr Arnetl, Tom S., Jr Arnold, Catherine " Ann .... Arnold, Edwin James . . 204 Arnold, Gail Arnold, Gail Ellen Arnold, J. Barto, III .... Arnold, James Anthony . Arnold, Jomes Harlan .... Arnold, Judith Ann Arnold, Lucmdo Gray .... Arnold, Norman Arnold, Phillip Allen Arnoult, Jeffrey B Aronoff, Nancy Frances . 261, Aronofsky, David Judd .... Aronofsky, Donald Alon .... 283, 617 .... 402, 617 ... 476, 477 617 .... 396, 556 424 389 631 . . 552, 492, 501 .... 208, 223 259 186 .... 390. 398 .... 388. 631 604 604 277, 282, 205. 600 617 556 617 .... 372, 631 398 454 205, 277, 283, ' 451 .... 288, 439 .... 240, 556 .... 368, 617 631 160, 317, 466, 556 556 617 631 304 398 270. 271. 450, 557 ... 261, 273 B Babb, Gerald Ransom . . . Bobb, Richard Ott . . . . Babcock, Barbara Kay . . . Babel, Donald Craig . . . Babendure, Bernie Esir . . . Babetz, Jeffrey Dale .... Bachman, Constance Ann , . Bachmon, Gene Weldon . . Bachman, Richard H., Jr. . . Back, James Morris, Jr. . . 205 604 255, 268, 460, 631 384, 631 402, 617 557 460, 631 . . . 316,468,631 236 617 557 . . 557 Bader, Mane Kathleen . . . Bader, Mori jo Badger, Kathryn Marie . . . Badger, Theodore Jenlcinj . . Badke, Gregory Charles . . Boer, Carolyn Baerreis. Philip G., IN . . . Baethge, Jonathan Daniel . Baetz, Bertrond Oliver, Jr. . Bagby, James Thomas, Jr. Baggett, Byrd, III Boggett, Dewey Douglas . . Boggett, Nancy Jane . . . Baggett, Richard Shonds . . Bagley, Taffy Diane .... Bagwell, Louis Lee Jr . 557 460 445 215, 256, 557 422, 617 278 539 604 418. 557 390 552. 526 557 557 372, 631 . . . 273, 300, 604 552 529 Aronofsky, Harriett L., Mrs. Aronowitz, Steven Martin Aronson, Wendy Lynne Arrant, Junious J., Jr Arredondo, Ernest G 183 . . 456, 631 255 283 617 Arnngton, Curtis H., Ill .... Arrmgton, Keith T Arrow, Andrea Nancy .... Arthur A. Judie B., Mrs. . . Arthur, Alan Roy Arthur, Patricia K Arthur, Richard Lee Arthur, Thomas Gail Artusy, Dianne Elizabeth . . . Artzt, Kris Toni Arwood, Thomas Wheeler . Aryo, Munishwar Kumar Asaff, Coby Scott ' Asoff, Thomas Craig .... Aschbacher, Linda Mae Aschenbeck, Janet Lea Ash, Stephen Schmerler Ashoary, Hamid Ashford, Gary Allen Ashleman, Eddie Fred Jr 422 ... 406, 631 549 557 . 229, 488 557 557 604 .... 429, 617 617 631 . . 234, 283 631 .... 552, 492 . . 301, 484 542 254 206 213 .... 380, 381 Bailey, Alden Olm, Jr. ... Bailey, David Paul .... Bailey, Dorothy Rose . . . Bailey, Douglas Colley . . . 302, 304, 604 541 301 398 Bailey, Evalee Frances . . . Bailey, Gilbert Wesson, II . . Bailey, Herbert Arthur, Jr. . Bailey, Kathleen 313 277 438, 631 404, 604 388, 631 - 388, 389, 556 631 617 534 631 617 402, 617 552 390 255 631 617 Bailey, Sharon L. R., Mrs. . . Boiley, Susan Demse .... Bailey, Thomas Albert . . . 270 431 270 Alexander, Cynthia E Alexander, Diana 8 Alexander, Don Wesley . . . Alexander, Henry F Alexander, John D Alexander, Lucius H Alexander, Mary Ellen . . . . Alexander, Matilda f Alexander, Pomelo Sue . . . Alexander, Patricia J Alexander, Robert T. . . Alford. Shelley Jolle Alfred, Ronald D Alfrey, Thomas Neville . . . . Alkire, Dennis Andrew . . Alkuboisy, Amer Allard, Jane Diane .... 316 288 .... 207, 270 .... 408, 631 556 . . 370, 432, 617 631 .... 445, 617 .... 182, 631 . 261, 473, 604 390 . - 182, 455, 631 556 207 380 553 Bain, Beverly Ann Bam, Jolie Ellen 182, 604 177 548 Bain, Shen Gwyn . . 261 557 374 Bnird, Billy Joe, Jr Baird, James Melvm .... Boird, Sherry Kay Bait El Mai, Mohamed M. . Baker, Alice Lynne .... 416 384 604 309 Anderson, Margaret F. . Anderson, Marsha Jane . . Anderson, Mary Claire 459, 604 549 617 Ashman, Mary Martina Askey. Jean Mane Askin, Richord H., Jr. . - . . 460. 617 . , . . 459. 548 293, 617 229 372 Anderson, Michael Alton . Anderson, Michael Glen 276 Astudillo, Tulio Cadiz Ato, Nassar Hassan . Alessis, William James Athon, Merrell A Atkerson, William T. . . . Atkins, Jomes F., Jr. . . [ . . Atkins, Marilyn Foster . Atkinson, Elizabeth Ann . . . Atkinson, Gardner D., Jr. . Atkinson, Henrietta H 553 280 . - 552, 492, 507 388 631 209 193, 452, 454 617 - . . . 155, 175 270 617 Baker, Barbara Ann .... 617 Baker. Brandon High . . . Baker, Chorles E 209, 412 600 275 227 Anderson, Michael J. Anderson, Peggy Joyce - . Anderson, Phyllis Gail . . . Anderson, Ralph E Anderson, Reba Jane . . . Anderson, Richard Dean . . Anderson, Richard L. ... Anderson, Robbin Bruce . . 269 439 462 273 244, 556