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. { .; ' ' " :.- ! f ' " -. - " : sra Wre ;;i T- I ' ' " m Lafe D. Hill Editor-in-Chief Jim Kemp Editorial Assistant Marguerite Freeman Supervisor Frank Armstrong Photographer 196S Cactus Yearbook Published by Texas Student Publications, Inc. The University of Texas at Austin Volume 75 A City Within a City The new day opens for a University community . . . a UT Theater ... a self-contained, self-maintained center, homogeneous in its makeup, varied in its outlook . . . With all points leading to the University . . . j n | University men ' s Shop) U 4 iu -Samen ' JEWELERS NORTH 290 EAST Manor Rd Univ of Texas EXIT 6 10 Ml Emua the freshly starched ROTC cadet salutes the one idea of two flags, national and provincial . . . construction continues like a nurtured, hothouse culture ... a population awakened by the staggered clanging of 30,000 alarm clocks . . . poignant rows of cycles . . . and a Drag-filled return of the masses. Students come from across a state, across a nation, across a world to join this community, a few permanently, but most on a transient basis . . . They come to study, to learn, to participate . . . J Freedom for Self -Government, Speech A chance to survey, to synthesize in the mind . . . the freedom to act as an independent self for or against as con- science demands ... a hurried conference between a Univer- sity president and his student counterpart ... a Regents ' meeting and a trip to the Alamo City ' s HemisFair _F 7, i BLESSED ARE THE .PEACEMAKERS MATTHEW 5:9 ... a coffee-stained, Stump Speaking Thursday afternoon . . student election for the interested and apathetic, in which presidential candidate Mickey Mouse polled 1 1 .9 per cent of the vote. and Religion A City Protected by its own sentinels from early until late ... a mighty power plant pro- viding the mechanical energy necessary to sustain that community . . . i i =9 s= ' %t ' 1 - n| ENTkANCF , BY PERMIT ONLY I 10 ff I I . . and Informed in-residence physicians treating a multitude of ailments, both genuine and imagined . . . a Texan editor striving to inform, persuade, and jostle a student body and its Establishment An Educational headed by a professor- stealing administration . . . Balcones Research Center . . . the home of internationally acclaimed libraries ... a seam-busting student population in a grade-seeking contest . . . filled auditoriums and small seminars r i Li I ... a pile of used bluebooks and a fraternity file ... a sea of nameless faces on their way to an 1 1 o ' clock AAWF . . . a University built on an oily foundation, fighting a metamorphosis into ivy-covered senility. , r s: A Sporting Tradition O f spectator and participant teams ... an afternoon ' s dip at Barton ' s . . . white-gowned tennis buffs . . . pie-slinging throngs ... an intramural scramble for participation points . . . impromptu in 1 V I i ' A sandlot football games ... a super-billed varsity athlete ... the stop watch and ubiquitous Scoreboard ... a miniature soap opera within every audience. In the Heat of the Night the restless pulse of the nerve center of a great University system continues . . . libraries substitute for classrooms . . . the researchist ' s work progresses . . . security prevails. r C 24 DO - WHirili ' AVE. ti :- Sr ri H: liliP ' " iiillMl The University Administration 20 Academics . 36 The Year: Happenings ' 68 The Fall Return 60 A Texas Winter 98 Budding Beauties 122 A Spring Round-Up 144 The Organization Man Who ' s Who at Texas 1 62 Organizations 210 Residences 338 The Student Population 482 The University But above all, he is both great and insignificant. A small man in a large line or a nameless face in an auditorium class, the University student is the most important product of that University its first concern and the only criterion for measuring its success. 196B An on-campus Dormitory-Academic Com- plex began its 15-story assent as com- muter students living off-campus searched for available parking space. sys 1 ' Z Ti A Sign for the Future: The Sprawling Multiversity In 1 876, the State of Texas officially decided to establish a " University of the First Class " and, in so doing, gave The University of Texas an endowment of 2.1 million acres of semiarid waste- land. Later, oil was discovered on that wasteland which in 1968 provided the bulk of UT ' s $485 million endowment, an endowment second only to Harvard ' s $1 billion. Over 90 years later, that University of the First Class truly had become a sprawling multi- versity, claiming 12 branches. Present enrollment at the Austin campus a lone had reached the 30,000 mark while W. Bryon Shipp, University registrar, estimated that by the 1971-72 aca- demic year the student population would total more than 35,000. How would The University of Texas adjust to this increase? What plans were being made to accommodate an increasing, state-supported student population? A rise in entrance requirements or possible limitation placed on out-of-state students was seen as an alternative to the enrollment problem but would " only put off enrollment for a while, " according to Registrar Shipp. Eying an increase in state junior colleges, he stated that a freshman class size of 3,400 at the University was not large compared to a 30,000 total enrollment. High school graduates were being forced into junior col- leges and other state schools before transferring to the University with the required C-plus average. University President Norman Hackerman said, | " Fixed enrollment is an illusion the State University must be available to all students. " At some point, however, there would have to be a legitimate enrollment limit based upon the existing space requirements, Hackerman added. Facilities as well as faculty-staff numbers would estab- lish guidelines rather than an arbitrary number limit. A corollary to the problem of increased enrollment was the problem of increased build- ing facilities. Few realize that it takes as long as three years from the approval of a building to its completion, said Mrs. Henrietta Jacobson, executive assistant to the Chancellor. First the Board of Regents must authorize the money (usually met with one-half grants provided by the federal government). Architect ' s preliminary plans must be approved by the Faculty Building Continued 17 Dr. Bryce Jordan, Vice-President for Stu dent Affairs, said computers will be in strumental in University management, reg istration, instruction of computer sciences and as an instructional aid. 18 ' Fixed Enrollment an Illusion ' - Can a Man -Made Giant Survive? Committee, and the Regent ' s Building Committee before actual plans are submitted to the Board, Texas Governor,, and State Coordinating Board for their approval and the opening of construction bids. Increased building facilities, however, must be matched with increased faculty-staff num- bers, President Hackerman stressed. Building projects must keep up with those in the last five years, that is, a new classroom-office building and a new laboratory building completed each year. " You can ' t build for 1980, " Hackerman emphasized. " It is better to be on the tight side and make more efficient use of available funds and space. " An expanding student enrollment also means the need for expanded student housing. Jack Holland, Dean of Student Life, predicted that the University would continue to house a small percentage of enrolled students and the trend towards off-campus housing would continue. At some point, the University might have to use its own dormitories only for freshman students, but this was mentioned merely as a possibility. Besides more classroom building, Dean Holland also foresaw a greater use of existing classrooms as study areas. For example, classroom space in the new dormitory complex will be open 24 hours a day for study a test case before open- ing other University classrooms for night study. With an increased enrollment there would be an increase in the University ' s security staff, as in all University staffs, although Dean Holland fore- saw " no stricter regulations " applied to students. Student recreation areas likewise will be affected by the increased student body. The Uni- versity ' s intramural sports field was moved off-campus last year, a move that has been termed " highly successful " by both Dean Holland and Sonny Rooker, director of men ' s intramurals. Also under consideration was the relocation or enlargement of Memorial Stadium. Geographically, the main Austin campus will probably grow from 250 acres to 350 acres by 1975, President Hackerman said. " Much of this additional land will be used for parking " another serious problem facing a campus where a large student percentage lives off-campus. At the core of all these problem areas, though, is a more fundamental problem of fi- nances, that is, increased revenue sources to match increased enrollment. C. C. Nolen, associate director to the Development Board responsible for private funds, said that the Texas State Legis- lature provides 62 per cent of the University ' s income. What makes the University superior, however, is its additional income from gifts, grants, and endowments. " It is these four sources and the federal government (which provides 4.9 per cent of the University ' s total income) that make it possible for the University student to get a $1,500 education each year for $150, " Nolen said. But, according to Nolen, momentum is the solution to the financing of academic growth. With more money, better teachers and consequently better students are attracted. Thus, a more respected University is created that can attract more private gifts and perpetuate the cycle. 19 Gov. John B. Connally, Univer- sity alumnus, headed the admin- istration of Texas education and its State supported colleges and univer- sities, including The University of Tex- as System, for his sixth and final year. He chose not to run for an unprece- dented fourth term as the State ' s high- est public official. Administrated by Chancellor Harry Huntt Ransom, the multi-million dollar, 52,681 student body multiversity continued to grow. Ransom, who finished his first year as head of the System, was suc- ceeded as administrative leader of the University at Austin by Dr. Norman Hackerman. John B. Connally Harry Huntt Ransom V As the link between the Board of Regents and the heads of the Uni- versity ' s 1 2 statewide units, Chancel- lor Harry Huntt Ransom coordinated uniform programs of study, both undergraduate and graduate, as the System increased in size and scope. A growing enrollment under his ad- ministration was matched by growth in facilities and in academic achieve- ment. Speaking to The Chancellor ' s Council in September, Ransom said, " In every perspective and in all its 12 official locations, the University is a public institution. It was built phys- ically on Texas ground. It has come through the modern history of the State as one of the instruments of intellect and imagination, guided and developed by successive Governors, legislatures, State agencies, and gov- erning boards rooted in public trus- teeship. " 20 The University Board of Regents, in -keeping with their progressive outlook for the University, continued making major academic policy decisions to update administrative procedures. The Board, responsible for the supervision of The University of Texas System, met once each six weeks, maintain- ing a central government. Variety abounded among the governmental group, for as The Da y Texan wrote, " How the body votes on any particular issue is impossible to predict because of the diver- sity of the individuals on the Board. " Led by Chairman Frank C. Erwin Jr., the nine- member Board implemented a pass-fail grading system, substituted a four-point grading system replacing the previously used three-point, armed 15 traffic and security supervisors, abolished and then later reinstituted the Chilean Exchange Pro- gram, affirmed the construction of a faculty center atop the new dormitory complex, and, in a con- Board of Regents troversial move, reorganized the Texas Union Board of Directors to include four students and one fac- ulty member whose actions, the Board decided, would not have " any force or effect until it had received regental approval. " The Development Board, directly responsible to the Board of Regents, planned and coordinated benefits for all units of the System. It was formed in 1939. Board members are chosen by the Ex- Students ' Association and the Regents and are composed of prominent citizens who voluntarily devote time and effort to the welfare of the Uni- versity. The Chancellor is an ex-officio member of the Board whose new chairman, Joe AA. Dealey, took office during the fall. REGENTS ABOVE: FRONT ROW: Mrs. J. Lee Johnson III, Chair- man Frank C. Erwin Jr., Dr. E. T. Ximenes. SECOND ROW: Rabbi Levi A. Olan, Jack S. Josey, W. H. Bauer, Frank N. Ikard, Joe M. Kilgore, John Peace. 21 John M. Quinn, Director of University Information Service Frank D. Graydon, Budget Officer Burned Waldrep, University Attorney Joseph C. Kennedy, Director of Personnel George Kozmetsky, Executive Associate of Economic Office Analysis William D. Blunk, Executive Director of Development Board Floyd O. Shelter, Executive Director of Investments. Trusts, and Lands 22 i g ' -: , :; University of " Texas System TOP: Charles A. LeMaistre, Vice-Chancellor for Health Affairs. BOTTOM Graves W. Landrum, Vice-Chancellor for Administration. TOP: Raymond W. Vowell, Vice-Chancellor for Public Affairs. BOTTOM: Everitt D. Walker, Vice-Chancellor for Business Affairs. 23 LEFT: Norman Hackerman, President of the University. BELOW: Gardner Lindzey, Vice-President for Academic Affairs. -. LEFT: James H. Colvin, Vice-President for Business Affairs. ABOVE: Bryce Jordan, Vice-President for Student Affairs. 24 Main University Administration Charles F. Folmer, University Librarian Grady C. Starnes, Auditor P. C. McConnell, Director of Housing and Food Service Joe W. Neal, Director of International Office Carl J. Eckhardt, Director of Physical Plant 25 Dean of Students Staff RIGHT: Ira Iscoe, Director of the Counseling Center. BELOW: W. Byron Shipp, Registrar and Director of Admissions. I Edward L. Carpenter, Director of Student Financial Aids. 26 LEFT: Paul L. White, Director of the Health Center BELOW: William T. Belt, Co-ordinator of Orientation LEFT: H. Paul Kelley, Director of the Testing Center ABOVE: Jack Holland, Dean of Students. STAFF: Frances L. McMath, Frank B. Campbell, Mary R. Smith, David H. Thomas, Margaret Berry, Edwin B. Price, Dorothy W. Dean. Responsible for the administration and coordination of specific areas of student life, particularly those related to the interests and welfare of women students, the Dean of Women staff worked with students, faculty, and administration for student success in aca- demic and extra-curricular areas of student life. Special areas of work including scholas- tic honoraries, service organizations, Uni- versity orientation, student-faculty-staff com- mittees, symposia and discussion groups, councils of the women ' s cooperative houses, Pa ' nhellenic, and Upper-class Advisors are as- signed to members of .the staff in addition to daily work with individual students. In the women ' s dormitories, the Dean of Women staff sponsored a program of peer advising through a council of 260 upper-class women. Through continual counseling with individual students, the staff endeavored to create an environment in which students may assume increasing responsibility, may experi- ence the values of self-disciplining, and may achieve major intellectual and personal goals. Members of the staff were Miss Mar- garet Peck, Dean of Women; Mrs. Frances Little McMath, special housing coordinator; Mrs. Dorothy W. Dean, Panhellenic Council and Orientation coordinator; Miss Mary Ruth Smith, Upper-class Advisors and cooperative residences coordinator; and Dr. Margaret Berry, special research study. Dean of Women 28 Lawrence Turner Franks, Dean of Men Dean of Men The staff of the Dean of Men worked with groups ranging from fraternities, hous- ing, and student organizations to disciplining and enforcement of parking and traffic reg- ulations. This wide divergence of responsi- bility encouraged students and their families to turn to the Dean ' s office for counseling and information in many matters related to University life. In addition, staff members served on faculty-student committees and acted as advisers to several student groups. The general information provided by the staff was helpful to the new and return- ing student, parents, faculty, and alumni in- terested in the University, as were their re- ferrals to the appropriate office for more specific information. The staff included Dean Lawrence Turner Franks; Edwin Booth Price, coordinator of student activities; David Hil- dreth Thomas, student group adviser,- and Frank B. Campbell, student group adviser. Margaret Peck, Dean of Women 29 Named as one of sixteen " Bright Young Men with Designs on the Future " by Fortune Magazine, Alan Y. Taniguchi fulfilled his title by participating on com- mittees and in activities outside his role as Director of the School of Architecture. Belonging to the American Institute of Architects, he served on their National Committee on Aesthetics and their Panel of Critics to the Housing and Urban De- velopment Department, as well as being chairman of the Austin AIA chapter ' s Com- mission on Education and Research. Last year, he worked for the Committee on Professional Education, a project of the Texas Society of Architects. Both a teacher and a scholar, Dean John R. Silber of the College of Arts and Sciences has received honors and done work combining the two fields: the Dan- forrh Foundation teaching award, a Fel- low at King ' s College of the University of London under a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1963-64, and was a visiting professor at the University of Bonn, Germany, un- der a Fulbright grant in 1959-60. Belonging to both the Southwestern Philosophical Society and the Texas So- ciety to Abolish Capital Punishment, Sil- ber believed that education should not be eclipsed by research and scientism. A prime place of importance belongs to the individual in the educational program of the University which should give the student an opportunity to develop him- self to the fullest, he commented. George Kozmetsky, Dean of the Col- lege of Business Administration, also served as professor of management and as the Executive Associate for Economic Affairs for the University during the year. He joined the faculty in the fall of 1966, after leaving private business. The 49- year-old native of Seattle, Wash., has taught at the University of Washington, the Harvard Graduate School of Busi- ness Administration, and the Carnegie Institute of Technology Graduate School of Industrial Administration. He has re- mained as a consultant to private in- dustry. The author of many books, he served as president of the Institute of Management Science and has done re- search on that subject, automation, and Deans of the Colleges man-made methodology. He was also a member of the Presidential advisory com- mi ttee on the National Data Center. Celebrating his fortieth year at the University, Dean DeWitt C. Reddick head- ed the three-year-old School of Communi- cation and directed the University Inter- scholastic League Press Conference for high school journalists. Author of two journalism texts and an elder in the Presbyterian Church, he has served as president of the American Council on Education and Journalism for which he was awarded an honor medal from the University of Missouri along with UT-ex Walter Cronkite in 1964. He was selected as the first and only honorary member of the International Council of Industrial Ed- itors in 1966 for his contributions in ele- vating industrial editing to professional status in the Southwest. Wayne H. Holtzman, Dean of the College of Education for the fourth year, was instrumental in sponsoring the na- tional conference of education leaders held in Austin last year and still found 30 time to establish two new centers for learning disabilities and the history of education. Listed in Who ' s Who In Amer- ica in 1962, Holtzman participated in many co-curricular activities: as president of the Inter-American Society of Psychol- ogy, as editor of the Journal of Educa- tional Psychology, as a member of the commission on tests of the College En- trance Examination Board, and as an ed- itorial consultant to various education pub- lications. Listed in Who ' s Who in America, Who ' s Who in Sciences, and Who ' s Who in Engineering, John J. AAcKetta, Dean of the College of Engineering, was the re- cipient of two honors in late 1967 from his two alma maters: an Honorary Doc- tor of Engineering degree from Tri-State College and an Honorary Sesqui-centen- nial Award from the University of Michi- gan. A member of the Faculty Council and now serving his second term on the Graduate Legislative Council, Dean AAc- Ketta has published 166 journal articles. He considers the student a teacher ' s great- est concern, " If our concern for the stu- dent ever becomes secondary, we will be violating a trust we accepted when we joined the faculty. " A University of Michigan graduate, E. W. Doty, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, ended his thirtieth year at the Uni- versity by gaining approval for a new music building and seeing enrollment in the College ' s other two departments, drama and art, overflowing. Urging changes in degree plans and curriculum for majors in the Fine Arts and students required to take such courses, Dean Doty also worked at developing an accrediting association in the arts on a national level and at organizing Fine Arts deans on a national level during the year. The editor of three textbooks and member of the American Cancer Society, American Health Association, and the Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Joseph B. Sprowls, Dean of the College of Phar- macy, was an active participant in Austin ' s community and professional life. Trans- planted to the University after 1 7 years at Temple University in Philadelphia, Dean Sprowls ended his first year as admin- istrative leader of the College seeing in- creases in both enrollment in the five- year program and interest in the profes- sion. On the Board of Directors of the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education and the Travis County Unit of the American Cancer Society, he held memberships in the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Pharmaceutical Association. W. Page Keeton, in addition to his duties as Dean of the School of Law, was a member of the President ' s Advisory Committee on Labor-Management Policy and of other national committees with national legal organizations. Last year, the Clarksville, Tex. native acted as mod- erator for the Law and Free Society Lec- tures, assisted in a lecture and tutorial institute on Texas ' criminal procedures and, as head of the School, sponsored visiting lecturers Peter Brett of the Uni- versity of Melbourne, Australia; Ole Lan- do of the Cophenhagen School of Eco- nomics; and Dr. Julius Stone, a Challis Professor of International Law and Juris- prudence, University of Sydney, Australia. 31 Dads ' Association, Ex-Students ' Association Convening on the campus annually are thousands of fathers who come to participate in the Dads ' Day celebration sponsored by the Dads ' Association. Last year marked the twentieth observance of Dads ' Day and, as part of the Association ' s proceedings, they selected two outstanding students and be- stowed two honorary patron awards and life membership on Jack Steele and George Koz- metsky. October saw the Ex-Students ' Association converging at the University. Composed of more than 200,000 former students, the exes contributed thousands of dollars of unrestrict- ed funds to the University last year. These funds were used for fellowships, scholarships, and programs of excellence for which tax money was not available. Receiving Dis- tinguished Alumnus Awards from the Asso- ciation at the October meeting were four ex-students: Edward A. Clark, Dause L. Bibby, William B. Bates, and R. E. Thomason. In an Independence Day program spon- sored by the Association, short speeches were given by University President Norman Hacker- man; Meade Griffin, retired associate justice of the Texas Supreme Court; Lloyd Doggett, Students ' Association president; and George Meriwether, Association treasurer. 32 DADS ' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: W. D. Blunk, Arthur P. Duggan Jr., George H. Marsh, Rex G. Baker Jr., John T. Steen, George P. Morrill. SECOND ROW: G. V. Brindley Jr., Jack C. Staley, H. Macon Boddy, Hayden W. Head, David C. Hull, Richard A. Gump, James G. Blanchette Jr., H. Ben Decherd Jr. ABOVE: Charles S. Coates, president, and Jack R. Maguire, executive director, presided over the University Ex-Students ' Association. LEFT: Jack Ma- guire addressed a gathering at the Association- sponsored Texas Independence Day celebration. 33 Athletic Administration Supervision of the University ' s intercollegiate athletics fell under the jurisdiction of the Athletic Council. Composed of nine members one each from the Students ' Association and Ex-Students ' Association, two ap- pointed by the Board of Regents, and five from the General Faculty Stand- ing Committee on Intercollegiate Ath- leticsthe Council was headed by Neils Thompson, chairman of the fac- ulty committee and faculty represent- ative to the Southwest Conference. Other Council members included Charles Coates, Lloyd Doggett, Dr. Francis R. Hodge, Dr. James W. Rey- nolds, Wally Scott, Charles Alan Wright, Stuart P. Wright, and Dr. Orville Wyss. Head football coach Darrell Royal served as athletic director for inter- collegiate athletics. Jack C. Patterson, varsity track coach, was the assistant athletic director. The work of the ath- letic business office was led by Al Lundstedt, business manager, and Bob Rochs, assistant business man- ager. Jones Ramsey was responsible for team and player publicity at the University, Austin campus. N. Thompson C. Wright Head Football Coach Darrell Royal S. Wright O. Wyss 34 Baseball Coach Cliff Gustafson Swimming Coach Hank Chapman Cross Country Coach Cleburne Price Track Coach Jack Patterson 35 School of Architecture RIGHT: As with all architectural problems, the drawing board stage came first. BELOW: Next, intricate models of drawings were made in order to help visualize the projects designed by architecture students in classroom work. A new approach to an old problem of grading by jury marked the three-day Survey I project and high- pointed a gradual and continual change in the School ' s objective of meeting the changing needs of the profession and higher education. The traditional system of grading projects by a jury gave way to a review board composed of six outstanding judges who criticized, but did not grade, all submitted student work. Survey I, as other school projects, defined the School of Architecture ' s goal of offering a broadly based edu- cation to meet the expanding need to improve and design man ' s physical environment and to avoid giving the stu- dent only a narrow professional training. To accomplish this goal, flexibility was stressed in planning in response to the changing needs of the profession. The Survey was composed of two phases, an exhibition of students ' work and an oral-slide film review of pre-selected student projects. To help in offering a wide divergence of professional opinions, the School sponsored well-known lecturers at the University. Last year there were 14, including speakers from Columbia, Yale, MIT, Berkeley, State University of New York, and a practicing architect from Dallas. Presently filled to its maximum capacity, the School is made up of 500 students and two departments, archi- tecture and planning. It is headed by Alan Y. Taniguchi, who was the School ' s director beginning in September. 36 LEFT: Survey I was on display for three days in the University ' s Academic Center. BELOW: As part of the School of Architecture ' s Fall 1967 Lectures series, Marvin Manheim, a civil en- gineer at MIT, spoke on " Problem Solving Processes " to students and faculty. ling by Jhiglv khool ' s ifession grading uposed iidnol School d edu- design nestu- wplish sponse eywas i : work student issiona! sityof 1 School , ardii- ligucni, ember. 37 TOP: Dr. W. on Life and lifting were College of Arts and Sciences H. Hutchinson, visiting professor in English, prepared for one of his lectures Literature of the Southwest. BOTTOM: Both beginning and advanced weight- offered in required physical education. Change was the norm for the College of Arts and Sciences which was marked by the appointment of Dr. John R. Silber, professor of philosophy, as the new Dean replacing the seat vacated by the death of Dean J. Alton Burdine in September. In far-reaching plans, the faculty revised Plan I requirements for the University ' s largest College with an accent on liberalized science studies and higher foreign language requirements. Instead of the former 12 hours of science and six of math, changes which would increase the number of hours to 15 from an area of 14 sciences were instituted. Foreign language hours were raised to 18 for those who previously have studied the language and did not pass the advance standing exams. Establishment of University courses and interdisci- plinary work enabled approximately 15 hours to be taken on a pass-fail basis. These University courses would con- sist of lectures by professors well-known in fields cross- ing several interdisciplinary lines. Interdisciplinary courses consisted of interdepartmental endeavors within the Col- lege itself. These programs were favored because they would allow a student to take work in a subject area of interest to him, satisfy his curiosity, and broaden his field of experience without endangering his grade-point average. Through the use of voluntary teacher performance questionnaires, evaluations were made of a teacher ' s effectiveness and relevancy of course material, as the College attempted to form a curriculum oriented more towards the individual student. An additional proposal for smaller classes would enable the student to receive more personal attention in the College. Completing several years of planning and construc- tion, the College dedicated the new Geology Building located on the east side of the campus near the East Mall Development, giving that department enlarged and un- crowded facilities to teach and do research. Stewsrt Udall, Secretary of the Interior, was on hand to help in the dedication and called its completion, " a milestone in the understanding of the earth. " 38 LEFT: Biology students studied the various mutations caused in fruit flies through repeti- tive inbreeding. BELOW: Dr. I. I. Rabi, an eminent physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate, attended the physics honorary ' s initiation. 39 College of Arts and Sciences RIGHT: Scaled models were used to show the architecture of an- cient Greece in a classical civilization course. BELOW: Students attended a large lecture session of required American history. 40 4 ' LEFT: W. J. AAandy, assistant professor of microbiology, used rabbits as his medium for experimentation with the proper- ties of a new serum factor. BELOW: Food preparation was taught firsthand in home economics laboratories. BELOW LEFT: Students taking spoken languages often used the available language tape laboratories. 41 College of Business Administration BELOW: Business administration students learned the principles of ac- counting in Accounting 327 lab work with prepared sheets. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Shorthand skills were taught in the Department of General Business ' office administration division. OPPOSITE BELOW: Courses in business law provided students with background case histories in law suits and court rulings. 42 The College of Business Administration began a long-range program of educating future managers of the technical and intellectual resources of the nation during the long session with changes in outlook, training, re- search, and facilities. Assuming a significant role in this project was the installation of a Controlled Data Corpora- tion 3100 computer used as a teaching aid in sophomore accounting and statistic courses as well as in upper- division accounting, finance, management, and statistics courses where new, advanced techniques were studied. Objectives of the new emphasis included training managers for the last third of the century whose training must be cross-disciplinary and must embrace new meth- ods and techniques. To do this, training consisted of dealing with technical changes, conversing in the appro- priate mathematical language, and communicating with the managing scientists, engineers, accountants, and art- ists. Research played an important part in the CBA with 17 faculty projects supported by grants from the Uni- versity ' s Excellence Fund. These ranged from a study of the retraining problems of defense engineers, an in- ternational business model, and health maintenance cen- ter model to integer programming and information sys- tems research. Private contributions continued to aid the College in its work, raising from $94,500 two years ago to $387,000. Most of this amount came from the College of Business Administration Foundation headed by Forest Parker of Houston. George Kozmetsky served as Dean. 43 TOP: Dr. C. Richard King, associate professor of journalism, supervised a news edit- ing lab. ABOVE: Operating its own broadcasting station, the Department of Radio-Television-Film served the community. RIGHT: Advertising labs taught students the basics of design and layout. 44 Growth, seen in plans for a new Communication Building, dramatized the physical expansion and enroll- ment increase of the University ' s three-year-old School of Communication. Plans for the new building which were approved by the Board of Regents call for the placing of the Departments of Journalism, Radio-Television-Film, Speech, and the new Communication Center in one com- plex. The Center will house the educational television and radio operating division on campus and will serve as the directing unit for educational television for several university campuses throughout the State. Headed by Dean DeWitt C. Reddick, the School rec- ognized the growing importance of communication in an increasingly complex society. New additions during the year included the receiving of a grant from the Ford Motor Company to cover costs of film production and the beginning of an introductory communications course utilizing the latest in teaching techniques to dramatize the immediate and far-reaching effects of mass media. A physical improvement was the Center for Communication Research Laboratory. Composed of soundproof booths and tape decks, the Lab contained recorded material concerning some aspect of communication or a recording of a literary " great. " To keep pace with a changing academic and profes- sional environment, increased attention was given to the theory of communication and its research. This trend has been reflected in alterations in degree requirements strengthening students ' exposure to a more varied selec- tion of courses and lessening in the number of required courses to be taken in the four-year span. School of Communication ABOVE: Speech therapy majors held clinics for children with speech difficulties. ABOVE RIGHT: Exemplary speeches were recorded for student use in the Center for Communication Research Laboratory. 45 The College of Education during the year developed a double-barreled view at the task of educating educators. Combining automation with personal approach, the Col- lege helped individual students in all fields with programs such as the University Computer Assisted Instructional Lab which was offered as a supplement to math courses. Offered on a small scale, the results were evaluated for possible use on a much larger scale later. Sutton Hall housed still other teacher equipment to offer aid in a broader range of subjects. Emphasis, however, remained on meeting the individual student ' s needs resulting from the educational process. The University Research and Development Center for Teacher Education, along with other organizations, sponsored a national conference for education leaders concerned with " Research and Action Imperatives in Teacher Education. " The two and one half-day conference brought together those noted for leadership and in- fluence in the field of teacher education. The meeting was sponsored by the Ford Foundation. The College of Education served as a professional school for preparation of elementary and secondary school teachers and provided a curriculum for students in other colleges of the University to obtain legal certification to teach. Special education for exceptional children and phys- ical health education also were included in the College. ABOVE: A map of the United States produced in braille was a part of the special materials used by students working with the blind. RIGHT: A student in the Department of Special Education worked with children with cerebral palsy. College of Education 46 ABOVE: Student teaching was part of the required preliminary work for future cer- tified teachers. LEFT: New innovations, such as the teaching machine, were de- veloped to aid educators. 47 College of Engineering ABOVE: In civil engineering labs, students tested the strength of various types of concrete cores. RIGHT: The Department of Aerospace Engineering used its wind tunnel for experimentation in connection with course work. Certainly one of the pioneers at the University in faculty-student relations was the College of Engineering, whose faculty during the year continued their efforts with new emphasis on their " greatest concern the student. " Teachers participated by placing goals for effective teach- ing upon themselves and defining the minimum student performance which would be acceptable. A critical mea- surement of the realization of class objectives followed this. Engineering students were encouraged to evaluate their courses and teachers. Their comments played a large part in planning new courses and revamping old ones. In addition to improving teacher performance and course quality through self-criticism and student opinion, faculty programs and student societies instituted programs for those students who needed help in engineering courses. An afternoon and evening tutorial program, which also accepted phone calls from students needing assist- ance, was offered as were evening classes on computer practice. These were aimed at transfer students who may have attended a smaller college without computer fa- cilities. For those needing help in advanced problem solv- ing practice, the Engineering Computation Center offered assistance with the use of the University ' s computer fa- cilities. Students having trouble absorbing the informa- tion of a class lecture could tune in on closed circuit television twice a day. Besides aiding present students in their courses, the College sponsored a traveling 55-foot truck-trailer. Included were exhibits showing the various branches of engineering which enabled students in more than 90 Texas high schools to see for themselves the advantages of a possible career in engineering and of attending the University. Counseling information also was available on the profession and College. As a result of its effective recruiting and the engineer- ing field in general, the College of Engineering has un- dergone a process of rapid growth which has meant an expanding and revising of the curriculum to keep up with a 15 per cent increase in graduate students, and a 30 per cent upswing in graduates. ; 48 LEFT: Chemical engineering students worked their way through mazes of tubes and piping in lab. BELOW: Future mechanical engineers struggled with a laboratory problem in fluid flow. 49 BELOW: Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones re- turned to their alma mater for the Fine Arts Festival, following their Broadway success, " The Fantastics. " 50 BELOW LEFT: Jean-Pierre Rampal, one of the world ' s leading flutists, performed for the University ' s Department of Music. BELOW RIGHT: Shakespeare ' s " Twelfth Night " was produced by the Department of Drama with student acting, directing, and technical aiding. College of Fine Arts Concentrating all their efforts on the 26th annual Fine Arts Festival in November, the College of Fine Arts presented a varied week of concerts, drama and film presentations, art exhibits, and lectures from the College ' s Department of Drama based on " The Artistic Idea. " Through other programs, notably the Solo Artists Series, the Cultural Entertainment Committee, and the many recitals by both faculty and students, the Depart- ment of Music entertained and educated budding musi- cians who have increased enough in number to warrant the authorization of a new music building. The Department of Art presented a " retrospective view " of the works of the well-known sculptor and Uni- versity professor, Charles Umlauf. Other exhibits included the works of German-born artist Diederich Kortland and paintings by the late Ward Lockwood. A photographic collection of Paris by the late Eugene Atget contrasted with the Stanley Marcus collection of Sicilian marionettes in the University Art Museum. Department of Drama lectures about American Shake- speare Festival Theatre, creativity in international theatre, and form in dramatic art were part of the Festival. A public lecture during the Festival on the " Shape of Community " was given by architect-artist Serge Cher- mayeff. The growth of the department was seen in the overflowing enrollment and the development of an ad- ditional degree, the AB, in each of the three departments. 51 College of Pharmacy In an age interested in the consumption of drugs and drug use, the field of pharmacy gained in importance in industry, food processing for both humans and animals, and plant growth. One of the objectives in the College of Pharmacy was the appreciation of the total span of drug usage by society as it affects different fields. Because of the wide interest in the use of drugs, ten- tative plans for expansion of the College included the addition of a wing to the present physical plant and a change in curriculum to attempt a closer relationship through exchange programs with medical school branch- es. Recruiting faculty to enlarge the College was the big- gest job of the year. Heading this expansion was the new Dean of the College, Dr. Joseph B. Sprowls Jr., who came to the University after spending 17 years at Temple Uni- versity. New programs instituted during the year included extensive research in the chemical properties of mush- rooms, the feasibility of using plastic replacements for defective organs, and the establishment of added grad- uate courses. These courses concentrated on the educa- tion of hospital pharmacists, research workers, and teach- ers for the various divisions of pharmacy. Research cen- tered on distinguishing between varieties of mushrooms by their chemical components which, when perfected, will outdate the method of distinguishing between types by physical means. Other work in research was the pos- sibility of developing safe and efficient plastic substitutes for defective body organs in humans through experimen- tation on rabbits ' internal organs. TOP: Pharmacy student! prepared drug orders in the Student Health Center. ABOVE LEFT: Dr. Gerald Sullivan, assistant professor of pharmacy, did experimental work on the chemical components of mushrooms. RIGHT: Rabbits were used in the first step of experimentation with plastic organs. 52 f - ' ; - ; - :; " ' " " .,: ' . ' . ' " . " " .i " ' h " School of Law Throughout 1967, the School of Law faculty and stu- dents involved themselves in projects ranging from a per- sonal bond program and an institute on Texas criminal procedure to the sixth annual Law versus Free Society Lec- tures. Future lawyers were given a chance in the personal bond program to review cases of those held on criminal charges and possibly have them released on promise of bond. Though the project did not provide bond funds, Bryon Fullerton, assistant dean of the school, estimated that clients had saved $30,000 in bondsmen ' s fees ranging from $30 to $100 each. Jim Smith, student head of the service, stated its two objectives to help save the client ' s bondsmen fees and aid in the operation of the criminal justice system. The two-day institute on Texas criminal procedure was an attempt to keep Texas lawyers abreast of changes in the State Penal Code and to aid lawyers not called upon to use their knowledge of criminal law frequently. Co-sponsoring the institute were the criminal law and procedure sections of the State Bar of Texas and Travis County Association. During December, the annual Law versus Free So- ciety Lectures focused on " Defamation, Privacy, and the Public ' s Right to Know " in trials and suits before the court. Participants in the series included out-of-state newsmen, educators, Texas judges, and faculty members. The School of Law published the Law Forum, a news- paper designed to increase faculty-student communication. W. Page Keeton was Dean of the School. ABOVE: By observing the techniques of law enforcement officers, law students witnessed the procedures used by local authorities. LEFT: In an informal session, students visited with some of the participants of their Foreign Exchange Program in Townes Hall. 53 Graduate School W. Gordon Whaley, Dean of Graduate School Robert R. Douglass, Director of Graduate School of Library Science Jack Otis, Director of Graduate School of Social Work The Graduate School is composed of professors and scholars designated as members of the graduate faculty and students admitted to pursue their studies beyond the baccalaureate degree. Divided into several departmental and interdisciplinary programs involving organized cours- es and independent research, the School placed great emphasis on the development of creative ability, in- dividual and inventive work, and leadership qualities. A much debated proposal to revise the School from the standard plan to a modified pass-fail system was re- jected during the fall by the Graduate Assembly. Under this system, the professor would have given grades of pass with honors, high pass, low pass, and no pass. Adopt- ed was a system allowing professors to use the term " credit " as a grade designation for selected lecture and seminar courses at the graduate level. The graduate program was directed toward research excellence to give depth of knowledge in the student ' s field of specialization leading to original research. To aid this, a vast system of libraries and special collections, the Computation Center, Balcones Research Center, Marine Science Institute, McDonald Observatory, and interdepart- mental laboratories were available for graduate instruc- tion and research during all school sessions. ABOVE: Library science students studied " Materials for Children and Young People. " RIGHT: By counseling expectant mothers, the Graduate School of Social Work per- formed one of many community services. 54 JELOW LEFT: Morris A. Hiett, Dean. BELOW RIGHT: Proctored exams ended each course. 3OTTOM: Correspondence courses formed the bulk of the Division ' s work. h Division of Extension To continue the educational process for those leaving the University with or without a degree, and for those who missed the chance to receive a higher education, the Division of Extension headed the correspondence and evening classes. Among the 13,254 registered students were members of the professions, business, and govern- ment throughout the nation and foreign countries. The Division also maintained the largest audio-visual library in the Southwest. The Division of Extension sponsored the University Interscholastic League, the governing structure for aca- demic, athletic, and musical contests drawing over a half million contestants from 1,116 public high schools across the State. Dr. Morris A. Hiett completed his first year as Dean after succeeding Dean James R. D. Eddy. research -.deri ' s i. To aid ions, the Marine srdepart- instruc- The Yean: Happenings Far from nondescript, he is indescribable. He ' s the one who gets trampled in fall Rush, attends Saturday afternoon football fairs, laughs at Cowboy Minstrels, applauds for The Association, meets himself at Challenge, and forgets himself at Round-Up. 196B " l m aLRd H)rp used f iO WO CHI i : pl!f v f -a-v ' J f Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer ' B " 7 Whether they were trying to get ahead, to catch up, or avoid the draft, 14,310 stu- dents remained in Austin for the University ' s once-a-year " vacation semester " sale of grade- points and hours to the ambitious, lazy, or degree-plan conscious student. In addition to the really big campus news construction and expansion, the re-opening of the Tower, the Hiroshima Day Peace Parade, and revision of student government the summer session supplied air-conditioned classrooms, theaters, and the ever-popular Barton Springs. Those who stayed after spring quizzes were joined by freshmen who wanted a glimpse of college life before fully com- mitting themselves for the fall. It was those freshmen that gave fraternities an excuse for Austin and statewide rush parties. Development of the East Mall Project progressed with the destruction and subse- quent reconstruction of Twenty-third Street alongside Memorial Stadium. The Board of Regents approved a $121,061,973 budget for the 12-unit University System, added three ex-students to its rank, and confirmed the naming of the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs. Freshman orienta- tion initiated neophytes into the secret bonds of UT scholarship and life, while 12 University students studied modern Chile under the soon-to-be controversial Chilean exchange program during August. As finals came and went, study continued uninterrupted for the thousands who elected to remain in Austin for the summer session and who, disgusted by letters from roommates cavorting around Europe for the three months, felt the need to take a break from the hectic pace of life in Central Texas. M 58 As the news-minded students re- laxed, life at the University continued as usual with class schedules and University regulations colliding in the red " No Parking " zone. The Return of the Masses September announces fall, which heralds a new semester, which attracts students. Sep- tember ' 67 brought 29,840 students who struggled to become oriented to the Univer- sity campus, fraternities, sororities, co-ops, professors, housemothers, and each other. There were old friends to see, and new ones to make new roommates that would shortly adjust to each other ' s obnoxious habits. A myriad of alterations dotted the face of the campus: further work of the East Mall Project and the face-lifting of Memorial Sta- dium. Students once again viewed the pan- orama of The University of Texas, the City of Austin, and the start of the Great Ba lcones Geologic Fault which officially announces West Texas. All in all, fall brought and left its rich deposit of new blanket tax social security- numbers and a pointed welcome by the Uni- versity " Times, " which reached oblivion after one issue, as familiar faces viewed the Uni- versity once more for some knew it would be their last September on the Forty Acres. Amid the moving of new trunks and suitcases, the greeting of old friends, and scoping out of a new environment, easily- made resolutions of diligent study, loads of sleep, and a 3-point grade average enabled both the unwary and the experienced to look at the year with a sense of confidence. Little did they realize that such resolutions never materialize, especially in the fall semester. From Dallas, Muleshoe, Round Rock, and even from the strongholds of other University of Texas colleges, stu- dents came to meet, learn, argue, politic, party, and hunt, in group or alone, their temporary place along a two-way Drag. 60 On the First Day of... 3 Eight o ' Clocks, 2TTS... To insure a schedule containing six 8 o ' clocks and three 2 to 4 p.m. labs, the Uni- versity, always attune to student needs and desires, set aside party week as a time for registration. For most, the matriculation of visiting advisers, pulling cards, and paying fees netted the student 29,840 classmates and The University of Texas $3,221,147.05. Other- wise, the self-allotted two hours became four days as the dream schedule of gracious living 1 1 o ' clocks and noon classes eroded into a choice between TTS at 8 a.m. or Friday 7 to 10 p.m. After trekking across campus in search of an adviser, the student found he lacked suffi- cient prerequisites for courses in his major; he put in a hurried call, pleading for special permission to take " Marriage and the Family " as an alternative to elementary statistics as an elective. Guided by eternally friendly, helpful APO ' s, small matters such as closed, one- section courses, last spring ' s Final Announce- ment, no time for lunch ever, a ten-minute dash from Wooldridge Hall to University Jun- ior High, late Texans, 6,000 students register- ing per day, the Ranger making fun of you for standing for all of this, endless lines, a lost checkbook, haggard faces, and sunstroke all reminded one that he had returned home. 61 Once again, Rush Week proved a fitting climax to those exhausting summer rush par- ties in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Goose Creek. During the week, fraternities rested their hopes for a good pledge class on firm handshakes, exciting nightlife, and beer kegs in a feverish attempt to put the " good b.s. " on rushees who possessed a " good head on their shoulders. " Sororities entertained a bit more sedately with afternoon teas and skits but ended the festivities with pledge lines to introduce new pledges to their male count- erparts. To discover whether they wanted to go Greek, 1,103 women and 1,048 men con- verged on the campus a week before regis- tration to attend rounds of parties, to be screened and to do some screening them- selves, and to find that " perfect group " in which to spend the next four years. With 32 fraternities and 18 sororities, almost everyone who rushes can find one in which he can be himself. And in the fall of 1967, 782 women and 754 men did just that. 62 " Houston, huh, Do You Know. . ' Rushees, as a willing while captive audience, wit- nessed skits shook hands, and kept their eyes open for a week of seeing, selecting, and accepting of invitations and perhaps a bid from among the 48 groups participating in rush. UT Theater: Act I, Scene I : With the commencing of classes in late September, the campus was set for an action- packed fall semester as the excitement of a Texas football season prevailed, student gov- ernment committees began to interview, The Daily Texan daily announced organizational meetings, and match party lists were signed. The UT Theater curtain was raised on a scene of 90-degree weather, 29,840 clinging stu- dents, Rush Week, and a highly publicized ' 67: Year of the ' Horns. September freshman orientation, for those who had something better to do in the summer, convinced the newcomer that he or she wasn ' t the only one who disliked his roommate, that Harry ' s Place was not a bar, and that the University itself was one large, self-contained educational community. Registration lasted for five harrowing days of hot checks and the freshman ' s first taste of University bureaucracy. Books became scarce and neither assaults on the Co-Op nor Hemphill ' s could produce anything more than an order slip and condolences from harried clerks. The stage was set, the actors ready, the cameras rolling, and the action begun. 66 Today ' s space age student is no longer content with bulging classes, unimaginative lectures, and unstimulating professors. To- morrow ' s Twenty-first Century adult wants involvement. He wants interchange and ex- change. In the midst of a knowledge explo- sion, he seeks to understand the intercepted messages: The medium: The Free University The message: " Man Today and Tomorrow. " Meeting every Wednesday night at the Methodist Student Center, an independent group varying from 10 to 50 from Hippie to straight, hangloose to sorority discussed everything from McLuhan to pop art. " It really turned into an examination of Marshall Mc- Luhan, " said Dr. Joseph Kruppa, assistant pro- fessor of English and moderator of the group. There was no rigid format as participants decided on discussion topics from week to week. This flexibility allowed them to pursue a myriad of ideas: concrete poetry, the rela- tionship between advertisements and modern poetry and pop art, John Cage ' s works, and the ubiquitous McLuhan. " There is no course at the University in which students felt free to bring every kind of idea together, " Kruppa said. The Free Uni- versity could be the medium of that rare mes- sage: learning for the sake of learning. Man: The Medium Is the Message Dr. Joseph Kruppa 67 68 - - - ,-- .- That Wonderful World of Texas Football In Southern days gone by, King Cot- ton reigned supreme. Today, a new king reigns. King Football rules Texas with a grappling hold on students, faculty, and exes alike. On a cloudy, sun-streaked Saturday afternoon, one can witness some fifty-nine thousand loyal Texas fans clinging to Memorial Stadium like bees to a honey- comb. They have come to watch their golden Gladiators-the Superbill ' s of ' 67 perform in their own arena. They sit; they stand; they shout; they cheer and even cry as all loyal Texas fans do and are expected. But most importantly, they watch. They watch the offensive and de- fensive teams perform like teams of work horses square-shouldered, sturdy, strong competing in a country fair log-pulling contest. Only for them, the load is a 12- ounce, grained leather ball. If they win, sugar, in the form of thick steaks and creamy potatoes, is their prize. But if they lose, the steaks remain as there will be another chance another fair next Sat- urday. They watch the exes as a dizzy blur of movement, rippling to their feet to see the play and, like dominoes, falling back again, row by row. They watch the red and blue and yel- low bits rise and scream as a tiny orange spec sets a new Southwest Conference record. They watch the orange skirt of the cheerleader, gold-and-black striped vest of the referee, the burnt-orange jersey of a Saturday afternoon hero, all forming a swirling kaleidoscopic pattern. And the noise. The noise they hear is broken bits of the plastic kaleidoscope multi-colored oaths, yells, prayers, bouncing in a chang- ing pattern. They watch half time activities the precisioned, carefully rehearsed band formations forming another kaleidoscop- ic pattern, the Showband of the South- west. For a brief 90 minutes each Satur- day, that one hundred plus yards of lush, green carpet seems to come alive as the afternoon fair bursts forth in a scene of unparalleled color yes, in that Wonder- ful World of Texas Football. 69 ' B 7: Predicted ' Yean of the ' Horns ' A fundamental fact of life in all college football stems from the difficulty of attaining a winning season year after year, ' as Texas Head Coach Darrell Royal can attest. A much- heralded Royal and his 90-member squad bore the pressure of the season, critics, and loyal Orangebloods but could not escape that malady of late: the lack of a coveted South- west Conference crown. After a four-year run of forty victories in forty-four games and three wins in major bowl games, the locals have since been stuck with three straight standards of 6-4, culmi- nating in 1967 ' s widespread disappointment after the ' 67: Year of the ' Horns excitement, spoiling some grand designs b.y the State ' s press, publicity directors, and anxious fans. Preseason polls by national magazines, wire services, and a 28-member panel of sports writers had the Longhorns picked as top-drawer finishers nationally and South- west Conference-wise, but four losses in two-game streaks opening and closing the season ruined everyone ' s plans and ended the ' Horns ' year well in advance of a long- awaited New Year ' s Day Cotton Bowl date. Instead, Texas finished bridesmaid once more, faltering in conference losses to Texas Tech, Continued AII-SWC tailback Chris Gilbert went to the air against SMU with hopes for some yardage gain. FRONT ROW: Jimmy Ball (Mgr.), Andy White, Tom Higgins, Alan Moravcik, Glenn Steinle, Tom Hill, Eddie Vaughan, Pete Gallaher, Johnny Cain, Terry Boothe, Joel Brame, Linus Baer, Pat Harkins, Bob Stanley, Tommy Loeffler, Jim Leahy, Scott Boyd, Ragan Gennusa, Ed Small, Howard Fest, Joe Doenges (Head Mgr.), Mack Spellman (Mgr.), Bill Hall (Mgr.). SECOND ROW: Benny Pace, Scooter Monzingo, Marvin Bendele, Tommy Burkett, Glen Halsell, Bob McKay, Tommy Rohrer, Johnny Valentino, Loyd Wainscott, Chris Simmons, Mike Perrin, Dick Watt, Denny Aldridge, Ken Gidney, Ronnie Ehrig, Greg Lott, Gene Powell, Bill Bradley, Chris Gilbert, Fred Akers (Ass ' t. Coach), Willie Zapalac (Ass ' f Coach). THIRD ROW: Mike Campbell (Ass ' t Coach), Darrell Royal (Head Coach), Ken Murray (Trainer), Mike O ' Shea (Trainer), Guy Harrison, Tommy Asaff, Steve Noll, Gary Rike, Dan Stathos, David Cook, Paul Kristynik, Jack Freeman, Duane Foster, Chris Young, Warren Gremmel, Leo Brooks, Jim Williamson, Ken Tarleton, Glen Booher, George Cobb, Glen Frantzen, Pat Sheehan, Dickie Johnston, Rob Layne, Burt Harkins, Bobby Wuensch, Jack Hartung, Randy Peschel, Dick Leyda, Leon Manley (Ass ' t Coach), Emory Bellard (Ass ' t Coach). FOURTH ROW: Corby Robertson, Jim Childress, Mack McKinney, Robbie Patman, Mike Hutchings, Mike Campbell, Joe Norwood, James Street, Tim Horn, Mike Sullivan, Charles Copeland, Tom Campbell, Bob White, Mike Dworacyzk, Dean Tully, Rick Sable, Ken Ehrig, Forrest Wiegand, Danny Abbott, Ronnie Swint, Barry Stone, Mike Robuck, D. H. Martin, Steve Reed, Tommy Souders, Deryl Comer, Ted Koy, Tom Ellis (Ass ' t Coach). 71 LEFT: Donnie Terveen (I) and Danny Abbott (r) pre- pared for battle while Bill Bradley called signals versus TCU. LOWER LEFT: Everyone joined in when defense swarmed TCU ' s Ross Montgomery. IB B All-SWC ' ers on the prowl. ABOVE: Defensive guard Loyd Wainscott (55) stopped TCU quarterback Danny Carter as the Frog sophomore broke into the open. RIGHT: Line- backer Corby Robertson, who was all-conference in ' 66 at defensive end, wrapped up fullback Pinky Palmer of Baylor as he looked for a gap in the line. 72 Longhorns Fell to Future National Champs TCU, and Texas A M and in the season ' s in- augural disappointment against Southern Cali- fornia. Three " I ' s " inconsistency, inexperience, and injuries repeatedly offset any advantage that Chris Gilbert, Bill Bradley, numerous other returning personnel, and an above-average supply of sophomores might have given Texas. With stalwarts Joel Brame, Gilbert, Kenneth Gidney, Deryl Comer, Bob Stanley, and Mike Perrin sidelined at various periods during the season, a Texas squad, hard- pressed in an unusually wild and difficult conference title fight, could not compensate for those losses and game-turning plays by opponents in the two season-ending defeats. Coach Darrell Royal ' s charges had the disadvantage of beginning the year against eventual National Champion University of Southern California and its 9.4 sprinter, O. J. Simpson, who raced for 158 yards as USC weathered a late Longhorn surge and won the first of their nine regular season victories, 17-13, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Beginning a three-game trend, Texas got Continued Sophomore quarterback James Street looked ' em over as his line left the mark quickly against Baylor. A Royal Centennial on the board early at Troy, marching 85 yards to a two-yard scoring pass, Bradley to sopho- more tight-end Deryl Comer. But Simpson and DSC quarterback Steve Sogge got the home team a tie at halftime on Simpson ' s two- yard plunge and a 14-7 lead in the third quar- ter with a scoring pass to end Bob Miller. USC led by 10 midway through the third period as footman Rikki Aldredge was success- ful on a 30-yard field goal, and Bradley ' s score with 1:38 minutes to play was too little, too late. Opening losses hurt. Dropping confer- ence openers, though, is suicide. And the morgue tag was on Texas ' toe in the season ' s second game, as J. T. King ' s Texas Tech Red Raiders took their first SWC win in history from the Steers, 19-13. Again Texas fell to a quarterback, Tech ' s John Scovell, who marched off 175 yards, skirting Texas ' har- ried flanks early, late, and often. Gilbert turned in a second bit of slippery running, Continued ABOVE: Texas quarterback Bill Bradley struggled to elude Southern Cal end Jim Gunn ' s clutches in the opening game at Los Angeles. RIGHT: Rice ' s Larry Davis got stiff resistance from Ronnie Ehrig when they contested for Robert Hailey ' s pass. 74 m fmmm mmm mm ' Oeryl Comer outran Eddie Windom (15) and took Bill Bradley ' s scoring pass versus Tech. with 172 yards and an 80-yard sprint to a score. Bradley and Comer combined early for a 36-yard pass-run play and a 6-0 UT lead, but Tech put up two touchdowns, added a field goal, and led 16-13 at intermission. A second half 54-yard field goal brought the final count to 19-13 along with an end to Texas ' hopes for their accustomed winning getaway in conference play. Taunted by pleas to " Beat Somebody, " Texas took out its frustrations on Oklahoma State, winning 19-0, as Bradley, Gilbert, and sophomore Ted Koy slipped away for touch- downs. However, this second straight 100- yard plus game for Gilbert and Royal ' s 100th career victory couldn ' t hide a sketchy Texas performance. OSU, coming from a win over faltering Arkansas, gave it a try, but an earlier injury to junior quarterback Ronnie Johnson had taken the bite from the Cowboy offense, and an OSU defense which had given up only six points in two games was not up to its task. In the OU Weekend classic, Texas faced an Oklahoma team which had given up no points in two previous games. The scene seemed set: fast, experienced, confident Okla- homa versus balky, inexperienced, inconsist- ent Texas. Junior quarterback Bob Warmack drove OU to a quick touchdown with Ron Shotts providing the points. After that only end zone interceptions by line backer Glen Halsell and cornerback Denny Aldridge and a Continued v _ While Howard Fest (75) and Chris Gilbert (25) held off the Cowpoke rush, Bill Bradley set up to pass against OSU. ' SU. 75 Gilbert Romped for a Record missed field goal by Mike Vachon averted what seemed a blossoming Big Red runaway. But the second half brought the emer- gence of a new season. Bob Stanley clawed a fumble from Warmack ' s grasp, and Texas began a march resulting in a 35-yard fielder by Layne. Later, Bradley drove Texas from its own 16-yard line, and Ed Small went down the middle for a once-in-a-career catch, en- abling Bradley to score for a final count of 9-7, Texas. Next to fall was Arkansas. Unusually gen- erous Arkansas which wasn ' t quite up to its fourth straight beating of Texas. Five inter- ceptions and a blocked Paul Conner punt led to the 21-12 Razorback butchering before a disappointed 53,000 at Little Rock ' s War Memorial Stadium. Royal sent Gilbert after the Ozark bad guys and the tailback brought home the skins with help from alert Texas interceptors Perrin and safetyman Pat Harkins, who stole two passes each. Gilbert himself slashed through the Redmen 38 times for 168 yards and a new Texas career total offense record. He scored all three Texas touchdowns. Texas ' fiercely- contested victory produced 1 2 turnovers which kept a Texas victory in doubt until Gilbert ' s third score with only 1:19 minutes left. Rice Head Coach Bo Hagan was hardly welcome when he invaded Austin with his 3-1, high-scoring Owls and a steady passing senior, Robert Hailey. Hailey quickly tied an early 6-0 UT advantage but af terwards no Continued 76 Bill Bradley rolled out against A M. Sooner defenders corralled Linus Baer. Always-tough Arkansas halted Bradle Owl could master Texas ' thunder, and the lo- cals carried the night, 28-6. Let it be said in Rice ' s behalf that Chris Gilbert did not run away with this one, ac- cumulating only 76 yards. For this was the night for Bradley ' s brilliant passing to appeat as a shut-down on Gilbert left the skyway so undefended that Texas ' quarterback riddled the Owls, hitting 12 of 17 for 215 yards and a 36-yard scoring toss to Ragan Gennusa. Even Texas ' defense joined in the scoring as defensive guard Loyd Wainscott pinned reserve Rice quarterback Pascual Pied- fort for a fourth-quarter safety. Following the Rice win, Texas ventured into Dallas matched against a dashing but los- ing SMU team and were lucky to escape as the victors. Pony quarterback Mike Livingston put 40 passes in the air, completed 29, and totalled 378 yards, all for naught in a 28- 35 losing cause. Meanwhile, Bradley and Texas were mounting an effective air game of their own, hitting 12 of 15 for 193 yards. Texas and SMU weren ' t worth comparison on the ground; Texas ' 248 markers far outdis- tanced minus 2 for Dallas ' darlings. But the ' Horns were constantly threatened by Living- ston ' s blitz and darting Jerry Levias, who caught three of the scoring shots and seven other passes. Longhorn running accounted for the first four scores: Gilbert completing the first two. His injury later in the game brought on sophomore relief Ted Koy, who gained 128 Continued A M ' s Tommy Maxwell stole a Bradley pass. 77 L ' f ABOVE: This one didn ' t get away. Long- horn rushmen engulfed the slippery Soon- er quarterback, Bob Warmack, in a cliff- hanger at the Cotton Bowl. ABOVE RIGHT: Getting there proved half the fun when Chris Gilbert rode herd on a puzzled Aggie lineman. RIGHT: Scrambling down on the scrimmage line, Old Army quar- terback Edd Hargett watched as Texas ' Loyd Wainscott, down but not out, toppled an Aggie ball-carrier. 78 The Bradley Pass Surpassed Baylor , . yards and another six points. Credit the fourth and fifth scores to Bradley, who crossed the chalk for one himself and found split end Tom Higgins for another. Back at Austin, the ' Horns battled the Baylor Bears a game that was probably the year ' s dullest. A crowd of 55,000 yawned through much of the 24-0 Texas win which included seven interceptions, five lost fum- bles, and a dismal effort by Baylor ' s stodgy offense. Both first-half touchdowns came on rightside rollouts by Bradley, while Layne added an uncharacteristic 32-yard field goal. With only minutes remaining in the game, James Street, Bradley ' s relief, fired for three yards and six points to sub-wingback Kenny Ehrig. It was in that least inspiring of vic- tories that Texas chose to break its all-time passing mark for one game under Royal. Wasted against TCU were 202 yards by Chris Gilbert and a new Southwest record for the longest run from scrimmage, as Texas succumbed 24-17 to the Horned Frogs. Continued Mack McKinney blocked an Arkansas punt. Ted Koy hurdled through a gap in A AA ' s line as Longhorns Danny Abbott, Howard Fest, and Linus Baer took care of Aggie forwards. 79 TCU won despite a gargantuan Rob Layne effort on a 42-yard field goal, despite Gilbert ' s record 96-yard sprint in the third quarter and another for 61 yards which set up a Bradley score. Otherwise, TCU held Gilbert in check, stopped the theretofore hot-handed Bradley, and ended Texas championship hopes when Kenny Post burst one yard for the winning score with 1:04 remaining. Shuffling toward the end, Texas was living with slim hopes for champion ' s honors and Royal ' s promise that he would not take a 6-4 team to a bowl game, even if invited. Later, as the Aggies celebrated their 10-7 victory on Turkey Day, the Longhorns ' mid-season fire was thoroughly extinguished. For three quarters, Bradley, Gilbert, and the Texas forwards could not dent the stiff frontals of Old Army, and tiny Charley Riggs ' 32-yard field goal comprised A AA ' s 3-0 advantage at intermission. Stopped in the first half with three first downs and 76 yards of total offense, Texas continued as a zephyr through the third quarter: the punting of Bradley and only two A M first downs after half time held the Farmers at bay. Gilbert ' s injury on the second half kickoff was much of the reason. When Texas finally began to move, Bradley ended a 56-yard fourth period drive with two-yard skirt off the left end for a score. But prosperity was too much for the Longhorns. The issue was settled permanently in the next 16 seconds as A AA quarterback Edd Hargett, who had been checked effectively by UT ' s defense most of the day, found wingback Bob Long on a fly pattern for a score that measured 80 yards. Riggs ' kick made it 10-7, A AA. Texas still had time for two more drives, but A M ' s defense was spurred by its three-point lead and the smell of a Southwest Conference champion- shipone which had eluded them since 1957. Linebacker Buster Adami ' s interception at the A AA 15-yard line stopped the first comeback. And still Texas sniped away, but finally Tom Higgins ' catch of a Bradley pass with 29 seconds left was ruled out of bounds and a slow, painful death finally was ended. A ' 67: Year of the ' Horns, begun so enthusiastically in early September, now was November disappointment. Fall ' 67: Where Did All the Victories Go? 80 Yeanlings Victorious Unparalleled recruiting success for The University of Texas football Longhorns in 1967 paid off in spades when Bill Ellington ' s second freshman football team rode to a 5-0 record and the unofficial Southwest Confer- ence championship for six first-year teams. Ellington got championship mileage from an offense which ran up 201 points, much of it by virtue of tailback Steve Worster ' s 546 yards and 48 points, split end Danny Lester ' s six pass receptions for 217 yards, and the play of his alternating quarterbacks, Eddie Phillips and Monty Johnson. The Yearlings opened with a 35-14 shell- ing of Baylor ' s Cubs as Worster debuted with 29 carries for 192 yards and two scores. Fullback Billy Dale teamed with Worster vail year in overrunning opponents, with the high- point versus SMU ' s Colts as the Yearlings breezed past them 58-17, behind 112 yards for Worster, Dale ' s two scores, and an 82- yard scoring pass, Johnson to Lester. The freshmen also rolled over Rice (36-12), TCU (38-7), and Texas A M (34-22) in impres- sive junior-league games. Fullback Billy Dale (24) dove for yardage against SMU ' s Colts as Tim Parker (55) blocked FRONT ROW: Charlie Rogers, Joe Nobis, David Holubec, Fred Steinmark, Baxter Braband, Donnie Wigginton, Danny Lester, Monty Johnson, Billy Schoppe, George Shannon, Allan Avant, David Richardson, Doyce Tomlin, Terry Collins, Billy Dale, Jimmy Gunn, Eddie Phillips, Johnny Robinson, Buddy Hudglns, Happy Feller, Jay Cormier. SECOND ROW: Roy Baldwin (manager), Jim Peppin (manager), Jim Merrift, Jim Achilles, Jerry James, Greg Bales, Butch Engel, Steve White, Jack Levin, Bob Mitchell, Greg Ploetz, Mike Dean, Bobby Callison, Robinson Parsons, Randy Wagoner, Paul Robichau, Steve Stewart, Billy Van Zandt, Jimmy Hull, Don Davidson, Tommy Matula, John Highbarger (manager), Mike Cave (manager), James Kay (manager). THIRD ROW: Jack Howe (ass ' t. coach), Tom Stockton (ass ' t. coach), E. A. Curry Jr., Bill Atessis, Tim Parker, Syd Keasler, Charles Crawford, Johnny Otahal, Donny Windham, Mike O ' Shaughnessy, Gene Salmon, Stan Mauldin, Scotty Palmer, Bill Zapalac, John Scott, Scott Henderson, Steve Worster, Jim Helms (ass ' t. coach), Bill Ellington (head coach). 81 . and the Beat Goes On Gary Marcyt Beverly Enderle Terry Parker Head Cheerleader 82 Twirler Lynn Kohlenberg reigned as a Saturday hero. o . k i I Hysteria, tears, stunts, and general may- hem marked the exuberant entertainment pro- vided by cheerleaders and the Longhorn Band on those long, footbaH Saturdays. Pleading with Orangebloods to raise those horned fingers, eight varsity cheerlead- erswhose selection sparked largely ignored cries of unethical practice and unfairness- ran, screamed, and cavorted during each grid game in an attempt to rescue the sadly sagging ' 67: Year of the ' Horns. The " Showband of the Southwest " pro- duced intricate half time shows with a razzle- dazzle " cast of thousands " an approach fa- vored by the huge organization which strives to entertain, sustain enthusiasm, and pro- mote both the State and UT in Austin and on national television. Marching 350 strong, Big Bertha and two featured twirlers stole the show during the weekly contests. 83 Cross Country, Soccer Behind five victories for Steer Brian Woolsey in six duels with Baylor ' s Walter Reyna, Coach Cleburne Price ' s Texas cross- country squad raced to the Southwest Con- ference championship with a 6-0 record. In the last of several Woolsey-Reyna en- counters at the Festival Beach course on Town Lake, Reyna led for the first two miles before Woolsey came on to win with his strong finishing kick in 14:23 minutes, eight seconds better than Reyna could manage. All five Texas contestants placed in the top twenty finishers in the SWC meet, with Woolsey first, Fred Cooper third, David Ram- sey seventh, David Caffey fifteenth, and Mike AAosley placing eighteenth. ABOVE: Southwest Conference cross country champion Brian Woolsey practiced on the Memorial Stadium track. ABOVE RIGHT: Festival Beach course on Town Lake was demanding on UT harriers. RIGHT: Varsity Cross Country Team: FRONT ROW: Brian Woolsey, John Robertson, Mike Mosley, David Matina, Lee Anderson. SECOND ROW: Coach Cleburne Price, John Myers, David Caffey, David Ramsey, Fred Cooper. 84 Coach Namir Izzat and center-forward Luis Cobos led the 1967 version of the Uni- versity of Texas ' soccer club to a 13-1-1 finish in the Texas Collegiate Soccer Conference, competing with a squad that included players from the United States and fourteen foreign countries. Izzat ' s soccermen rolled to a third- place finish in league play and a similar standing in the third annual UT Open Soccer Tournament held on the weekend of Nov. 18-19, at the University ' s Intramural Field in Austin. St. Mary ' s University of San Antonio walked away with the tournament win. Co-captains Cobos and center-half Mon- three Chulasamaya, plus right-inside Armando Rodriguez emerged as wheelhorses of a club which had athletes representing Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Cyprus, Mexico, Bolivia, China, Japan, Germany, England, Denmark, Iran, and the United States. Izzat is a native of Iraq. Organized in 1964 by a group of foreign students under the direction of Juan Rodriguez-Rosell and Hannes Bohm, the cur- rent soccer club had Robert Higley of the University ' s International Office as its faculty sponsor. Alfred Ehrler served as soccer publi- cist for the UTSAM club. ABOVE: FRONT ROW: Juan Pardo, Armando Rodriguez-Galvix, Hoshang Masudi, John Bradshaw, Michael MacAdams, Wichael AAc- Farland. SECOND ROW: Coach Namir Izzat, John Chuang, Pavlos Roussos, Alejandro Becerra, Juis Cobos-Cucalon, Richard Poulos, Julio Del Rio. THIRD ROW: Thorkild Juul-Dam, Winrford Verkin, Robert Adams, Roger Thompson, Carlos Calderon, Monthree Chu- lasamaya. FOURTH ROW: Rodolfo Castillo, Alfonso Garcia-Hernandez, Ahmad Vadiei, Larry Schneider, Robert Higley, sponsor. LEFT: A Texas player moved in for kick as opponent came up to contest. 85 Hard-hitting football action in the final round saw huddles, caught and nearly caught passes, a ballet- like touchdown, and quick blitzes as Phi Gamma Delta defeated the Vikings and Littlefield Dormi- tory snubbed Alpha Phi sorority. 86 Greek Jocks Scored in the Midnight Hour Destroying their carefully concealed myth of frailty and helplessness, University women joined the men in intramural touch football, swimming, tennis, table tennis, and badminton. Amid the delightful cries of pulled muscles and sprained wrists, the grunts and groans of long workouts, frequent bruises, muffled curses, and occasional shouts of vic- tory, Greeks and independents, graduate stu- dents and undergraduates, clubs, and dorms initiated the new intramural grounds at Fiftieth Street and Guadalupe. Separated into two divisions, women ' s intramural football championships were gar- nered by Kinsolving Dorm I in the Orange Bracket for the more skilled teams and by Littlefield Dorm team in the White Bracket. Residents of Heflin Manor copped a cham- pionship in the swimming tournament with their team, the Heflin Hoofers, by outpaddling the Kappa Alpha Thetas. In tennis doubles competition, the Kappas, represented by Patty Lowdon and Carol Neeley, won first place. While in table tennis singles, Mary Jane Underwood of Alpha Omicron Pi was the champion. Susan Hyde and Diane Mclver were the winners in the badminton doubles competition. In its fifty-first year of action, men ' s intramurals were again divided into three divisions fraternity, graduate and housing, and independent and club. Perennial winner Phi Gamma Delta ran away with top honors in the most popular sport, Class " A " division touch football, while Sigma Alpha Mu knocked off Brand X for the bowling championship. Beta Theta Pi won in tennis singles, while Phi Kappa Psi won badminton honors. In handball, Sigma Nu rebounded to victory. In Class " B " division action, Delta Tau Delta romped to top honors in touch football as did the Betas in tennis competition. Phi Sigma Delta nosed out Moore-Hill Hall for the top spot in handball. Other intramural competition was domi- nated by Greeks as Delta Kappa Epsilon labored to victory in swimming, Sigma Alpha Mu in table tennis singles, and Lambda Chi Alpha in golf competition. 87 Dimes Daze: Greeks Bearing Gifts Campus Chest Week ' s Dime Day was a time of cajoling and supplication sponsored by the University ' s Greek community in November. To raise a $12,000 goal for the week, fraternities and sororities competed by hawking for " one thin dime " in exchange for greatly sought-after items ranging from the Beta Theta Pi ' s cornmeal-and-water pie fling and Delta Delta Delta ' s " Love Week " theme of selling " Love-In Lips, " to Theta Xi ' s " The Pill " complete with chocolate covering. A t otal of $3,140 was collected on Monday. In the Monster Man and Miss Sleezy Contests, Dennis Turnbough of Delta Tau Delta outgrossed candidates from Tau Delta Phi, Sigma Nu, and Sigma Pi fraternities for the dubious honor while his counterpart, Ann Pettit of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, reigned as Miss Sleezy. KTBC ' s radio personality Al Mustin held court on the West Mall with an auction of watches, wigs, car rentals, flight lessons, and sorority pledge classes to eager student bid- ders. Contributions from Dimes Day and re- lated activities were distributed by the Stu- dents ' Association Finance Committee to local charities and organizations in Austin. It was a daze of small change and a few leftover Varsity Carnival bucks that descended on the Main Mall as Mr. Monster Man revenged himself on former match dates, Al Mustin tried to auction off the English Building, and one loiterer found ample excuse to cut that 10 o ' clock accounting class. g 36-24-36? In an effort to promote Campus Chest Week, the Miss Campus Chest Contest was manned by the members of Kappa Alpha fraternity. In the running each year are sorority favorites like Sharon Volosin and national not-so-favorites like the draft. The gentlemen of the Old South them- selves pumped $800 in dimes into the con- test to the accompaniment of an attent ' on- getting hillbilly concert persuading passer-bys to part with ten cents, give vent to their opinions, or boost a favorite. After the final vote, Miss Campus Chest was not the slate-leading Gene Stallings, LBJ, or Pflugerville, who all finished with nega- tive ratings, nor the draft which stayed at zero. She was not a miss at all but Rex Smith, national president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, who captured the coveted title with a win over Miss Volosin of Alpha Xi Delta sorority and third-place winner Loyd Wainscott, Longhorn defensive guard. 89 In a fitting finish to what The Daily Texan labeled the Year of Thorns, Intercol- legiate Athletics officials shortchanged stu- dents with the number of tickets available to the A M game, officials of that university thought it better not to televise the game, an ad hoc green beret group stole UT ' s thun- der and cannon in a daring exploit past the sanctuary of the campus police, and hundreds of " Hex the Aggies " candles failed to work as the College Station team triumphed, 10-7. In fact, only the annual Silver Spur Aggie Sign Contest and the Texas Cowboy bonfire building competition succeeded true to form. Acacia fraternity won best all-around sign honors; Phi Sigrna Kappa placed first in men ' s division; Chi Omega took similar honors in women ' s division; and Sigma Phi Epsilon captured the most comical prize. Phi Delta Theta and Chi Omega brought in more than 69,000 cubic feet of wood to win the Cowboy bonfire building award. In a pathetic ballet of " now we do " and " now we don ' t, " the A M administration A bright-eyed Bevo constructed by optimistic Acacia con- trasted with the sagging Tea Sip to the right held up by two Sig Eps before the Aggie bonfire, Smokey ' s demise, and the Turkey Day football game itself. 90 ' We Told You -We ' re No. 1. ' i allowed the news media to speculate whether the Thanksgiving Classic, which would lead to a possible Cotton Bowl host spot, would be televised, and then with an eloquent " no chance, " reluctantly decided against televising the game. After allotting 6,000 tickets for Univer- sity students, Al Lundstedt, Intercollegiate Athletics business manager, announced that ticket officials had transferred 1,000 of these to public sale following Texas ' loss to TCU. Two hundred tickets were later switched back, but 800 Orangebloods were forced to key positions before the radio set on Turkey Day. As hundreds of burning " Hex " candles complemented a flaming 50-foot-high Aggie bonfire the Tuesday before the game, a group of self-appointed thieves calling themselves the " Olive Green Commandos " made off with the Texas Cowboys ' cannon, Smokey, from its storage trailer behind the campus police headquarters. A note left in the empty trailer proclaimed, " We told you We ' re No. 1. " Following the theft, A AA and Texas of- ficials reaffirmed a joint policy of automatic suspension for any student found committing acts of vandalism on the other ' s campus but it was too late. The Turkey Day Classic soon became known as the Aggie Joke of the Year. 91 Cowboy Minstrels: Is It Deductible? The annual Minstrels satirical attack on University life brought overall-clad Texas Cowboys out from football practice for their annual extravaganza aimed at everyone. Shooting straight into the established staid institutions surrounding Hippies, Gay Society, sex, and A AA with picturesque skits, jokes, and multilevel inuendo, the men ' s service organization created comedy and collected funds for The Austin Council for Retarded Children. The fifteenth show, like its two immedi- ate predecessors, was presented without the characteristic black-faced participants but still included the sharp sting of modern burlesque in the process of destroying sacred cows. The visiting Pozo Seco Singers performed, and Barbara Moses, a Pi Phi junior, was crowned Cowboy Sweetheart. PISTOL bHR DRINK ' TIL ISIDD PISTOL SSOO 92 The Sweetest Sound I Ever Heard . Culture-conscious Austin residents and University students have been attending Sing- Song for 33 years to watch fraternities and sororities put their best public relations foot forward in an all-Greek extravaganza of song and costume. Efforts last December ranged from Phi Sigma Kappa and Gamma Phi Beta ' s rendition of " Annie Get Your Gun " to Beta Theta Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta ' s " Alfie. " Alpha Chi Omega and Sigma Chi rated first-place honors from judges for their " Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd " in the mixed-group division, while Alpha Omi- cron Pi, the only entrant in the sorority di- vision, sang " Up, Up With People " for the top award. Sigma Pi out sang Delta Chi in the fraternity division with the title song from the Broadway musical, A lame. Master of ceremonies Dave Baylor in- terspersed group performances with popular folksongs. Larry Smith and the " Pickers, " an improvised all-girl hillbilly band, also provided curtain-closing entertainment. Pi Phi ' s, eclipsed among their teammates the Pikes (left), won honorable mention for " On a Clear Day You Can See For- ever, " while the Thetas joined the Betas (above) for their rendition of " Alfie. " 93 If I Had a Committee Ol ' high school student council members never die, they just go on to that Big Student Assembly meeting in the sky. Like the Aztecs of Mexico who had nine heavens and 13 paradises, the University ' s Student Assembly was the happy hunting grounds for committee creation and that great American tradi- tion, the railroad . . . Dressed in coat ' n tie, sweater and cords, sailor suits, and hip-riding, leg- showing mini ' s, Assembly members ambled into the Union Station as Presi- dent-Engineer Lloyd Doggett sans gave called the session to order at 7:15 p.m., only 15 minutes late. Overlooking a chapter meeting strategically concealing ten absences, the Engineer offered the group ' s congratula- tions to Engineer-Elect Tom Kavoussi. With the aid of a wooden pointer, he announced a schedule of future meetings while his passengers politicked in their best Uni-Party fashion. Stoking the tender, the Engineer said he had tried to establish -a com- mittee to investigate increased Blanket Tax funds for Intercollegiate Athletics, but he couldn ' t " find enough good people to work on it. " With the arrival of his aid e cum gave , he added, " Good, now I ' ve got a gavel and don ' t have to use this (pointer) anymore. " ENGINEER-ELECT, interrupting to dis- cuss the administrative load of the Stu- dents ' Association: " I ' d like a small com- mittee to look into the Constitution about the possibility of three vice-presidents, and I would be glad to work with them myself. " With the subsequent appointment of an eight-member committee, Engineer Doggett mentioned, " I ' m afraid these people will be a little short on time. " In discussing " a popular topic on Texan editorial pages in addition to my censoring, or supposed censoring, of the Texan, " the Engineer stated emphatically that the newly created $300 presidential salary " should stand. " A VOCAL CONDUCTOR, interceding; " I object. I think that the Assembly has acted hastily in raising the salary from $175 to $300. I don ' t think that a full hearing was held. A committee should be constituted and I would be happy to chair it. Also, I would like this statement injected into the minutes. " The Engineer grinned, stared at his crossed legs, mumbled something about the Constitution forbidding a reversal, and rolled on to the next item. " The next item up significantly is the appointment of two people to the University Co-Op Board of Directors (laughter), " said the Engineer. The As- semblyman nominated for one seat was the same Vocal Conductor who only minutes earlier opposed the presidential pay hike. A FELLOW PASSENGER, asking ques- tioningly. " What do you feel about ex- panding Co-Op services to the student? " VOCAL CONDUCTOR: " Well, I think you have to look into the financial bur- den on the student. Honestly, I haven ' t looked into it that deeply. " At this point, the Texan photogra- pher appeared and began snapping pic- tures from the rear of the caboose. SWITCHMAN, interruptedly changing tracks af mere mention of the Univer- sity ' s Board of Regents: " The parking committee is rarely informed of anything that the Regents are doing (laughter). The campus is being planned piecemeal like it always has been. " SUPPORTING PASSENGER, bringing the crew back to the subject under dis- cussion: " Although the applicant and I don ' t agree on a lot of points (laughter), I would like to speak in favor of him. I would like somebody on the board who can raise a little hell when they try to drop the rebate, and I know he can raise hell. " The Supporting Passenger put down a cigar in favor of a pipe, and the Vocal Conductor was appointed by acclamation. Still shooting from the caboose, the Texan photographer was approached by the Texan Managing Editor who left his special press table near the throttle, ambled down the aisle among the pas- sengers, and told the photographer to take his pictures from the front of the engine. Upon order, the camera bug 94 moved to the front and again began snapping and, with every click, the pas- sengers turned to face camera, self-con- sciously. The other Co-Op Board candidate who was applying for renomination arrived late as the Engineer " announced that he had been appointed " two or three other times. " WOMAN PASSENGER, bleached blonde and beaming with enthusiasm: " Have there been any areas in particular you have wanted to pursue? " CANDIDATE: " You mean in the Co-op? " Following further discussion, he, too, was reappointed by acclamation. Still present, the ubiquitous Texan photographer captured the passengers seated, talking, studying, roaming from coalition to coalition, leaving . . . Much disturbed by the ineffective- ness of the Association ' s student-faculty negotiations, the Engineer called for writ- ten evaluations from each committee chairman " to find out what has been go- ing on and how effective they are and if they should be continued. " " About one half have been doing nothing, " he added. " We ' ve been having problems with the chairmen not showing up for committee meetings. The faculty are also investigating to see if anything is being done, and I would like these reports before the next faculty meeting. " In co-sponsored action, a bill was presented as a denouncement of a Faculty Council proposed bill to restrict demon- strations from the now demonstration-en- hanced Main Mall. COLLABORATING PASSENGER, in turning fo his cohort after his discussion: " Is there anything you would like to say? " VOCAL CONDUCTOR: " No (laughter), not on this matter, anyway, ha ha. " With whistles tooting, the Engineer quickly intervened saying that he would like to go on record for rejecting the Fac- ulty Council motion. " I think that we need more space for free speech on campus. " He added that the only place that any Main Mall protest could be heard would be in the President of the University ' s of- fice and " that ' s where it should be heard. " And, forty minutes after his arrival, the Texan photographer was still madly clicking away. Fifty minutes late, the Engineer final- ly gaveled the crew to silence, needing to do so twice. However, after many more minutes had elapsed and the Texan photographer could still be seen in action, the original motion changed wording several times at each passenger ' s suggestion and, fi- nally, met majority approval. AWAKENED PASSENGER, speaking in a deep Sou hern drawl as fhe racks turned red-hot under the April trip: " Is there any way to reconstitute that OU bash? " Referring to the October, Dallas- drawn celebration, the Engineer ap- pointed a three-man committee to investi- gate the possibilities of the " bash. " In doing so, he said, " We should try to get some people from the House of Delegates to work on the committee. " With that, the Engineer moved on to other work by explaining that the OU Weekend party authorization had failed by Assembly vote before . . . AWAKENED PASSENGER, mumbling: " But I thot the vote was purdy close. " In a last ditch effort, however, the dissenting Brakeman again called for a Constitutional amendment change so that the presidential salary could be reduced. But with his motion rejected, discussion dropped, and the Express rolled onward. As 8 o ' clock approached, the tracks narrowed in the distance and passenger roll call was taken once more. " We did set a new record tonight, " the Engineer announced, referring to a record short trip much to each passenger ' s delight as they, along with the Texan photographer, departed at the Union depot. 95 Far From the Original ' 4O Acres ' Keeping in step with an awakened sense of urgency in Texas education, construction at the University focused upon the planning and execution of structures to house the lab- oratories and classes of an academically and physically rising State university. With the completion of the South Mall Graduate Build- ing (Calhoun Hall), development of the cam- pus ' original " 40 acres " was finished. Prob- ably the most publicized and noticeable ad- dition was the old intramural field ' s officially designated Dormitory-Academic Complex which began its 15-story assent. Completed during the summer, the Ge- ology Building was dedicated by Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall and initiated into service by thousands of Geology 601 students. Other units under construction were the Bi- ological Sciences Building, Defense Research Laboratory, East Mall Development, Engineer- ing Center, Physics-Math-Astronomy Building, Health Center addition, second Music Build- ing, Humanities Research Center, and East Campus Library and Research Building. Progress on a rising new coeducational dormitory on the old men ' s intramural field at Speedway and Twenty-first Street was seen through the surveyor ' s sextant and rolls of reinforcing wire. Work continued on the Collections Library across from the University Junior High property. 96 Workmen cleared rubble left from the destruction of homes along University Avenue. 97 A Texas Winter In spring, the young man ' s fancy turned to love; in fall, it turned to football; in winter, to getting through a last round of hour quizzes and finding a Christmas vacation spot so he wouldn ' t have tb go home and invent excuses for being $400 overdrawn. It was a season for taking three- hour endurance tests known as finals with- out the aid of dexidrine at least until the night before and merely existing until Round-Up. Like the transformation from depressive to manic, a Texas Winter often cold enough to make a suntanned student body look like refugees from the Gold Coast could only be characterized as a severe case of the blahs. The full color extravaganza production in shades of light gray and dark gray was a hodgepodge of drizzle, floods, and tropical and sub-zero days placed back-to-back. A conference-leading basketball team generated student excitement until it lost its final two games and delivered an engraved invitation to TCU to advance one giant step into NCAA play-offs. It was a time of controversy over reorganization of the Cultural Entertainment Committee, no snow in what was to be a hard winter, a visit from jovial, folksy, fount- of-all-knowledge Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, ner- vous breakdowns, and a closed Tower. 98 -, 99 A Stepping Stone to Broadway Acting as a stage for the University ' s tal- ented dramatists, The Department of Drama ' s annual season of seven plays heralded a year of campus culture marked by recitals, con- certs, exhibits, and motion pictures. Begin- ning with " Twelfth Night " and ending with " Serjeant Musgrave ' s Dance, " the season was both a living laboratory for drama studentb and an opportunity for University residents to witness near-professional entertainment. " Blood Wedding, " a story of a bride who ran away with her former sweetheart on the day of her wedding, was not a story of spe- cific personalities but a representation of hu- man forces in somber and haunting move- ment. In a production of Dylan Thomas ' famous radio play, " Under Milk Wood, " first per- formed over the British Broadcasting Co. network starring Richard Burton, a group of 15 actors played as many as five different characters to fill the cast of 70 Welsh vil- lagers. Radical in that the actors and tech- nicians were on stage preparing for the per- formance when the audience arrived, a casual atmosphere was achieved by abandoning the usual devices of the theatre. Sound effects of tolling bells, crowing roosters, and slam- ming doors were all made by the actors them- selves in the melancholy-slapstick play. " Trojan Women " " Three Penny Opera Twelfth Night " 100 Searching for a crack in the defense, Billy Arnold maneuvered around his Baylor Bear opponent and showed his lay-up ability at right in a game against the Arkansas Razorbacks. Texas 35 74 67 5O Opponent Mississippi B2 LSU B7 NYU 75 Bnigham Young 63 Colorado 9O 5B Oklahoma State 54 B7Calif. CSanta Barbara )75 42 Oregon State 54 Princeton 57 Oregon B4 Texas Tech B4 SMU 66 TCU BO Arkansas B7 Texas A M BB Rice SB Baylor 1O5 Texas A M 79 Baylor 94 Rice 79 Texas Tech S3 SMU 65 TCU 73 Arkansas 95 70 72 BO 65 B5 BB 64 74 117 65 S3 60 72 71 74 1 02 Black ' s Boys Finished in Second Place Once a loss-encumbered journey through the non-conference ravages of December had eased assessment of their peers, Coach Leon Black ' s Texas Longhorn basketballers managed to fashion themselves into 8-6 South- west Conference game winners despite a lack of depth and persistent injuries which some- times sidelined, and at all times hampered, the play of two starting sharpshooters. Even with a skimpy record which ex- ceeded a break-even 50 per cent by only two games, the conference was balanced such that in their last-game loss to Arkansas the Long- horns still remained in contention for a share of the SWC championship, to which they had claimed an unimpeded path until a loss to TCU. Along the way, seniors Billy Arnold and Gary Overbeck emerged in their last season as all-Southwest Conference selections, with Arnold selected unanimously after burying Raymond Down ' s conference scoring record of 231 at the University. Arnold ran up 311 league points and 477 overall, both totals leading the eight-team circuit. Arnold ' s 85.2 foul-shooting for the sea- son and his 79.5 career percentage also broke Continued TOP: Wide open against Arkansas, Texas forward Kurt Papp fired over two bewildered Razorbacks. ABOVE: Junior guard John Matzinger took the hand- off from Kurt Papp in a game against the Uni- versity of Mississippi in Austin. 103 16 Records Fell school records left behind by Downs, a 6 ' 6 " UT postman of the early I950 ' s. A bag of I0l field goals by Overbeck, the 6 ' l " guard, erased an old Downs mark of 94. Records established by Texas-ex Joe Fisher also fell once Overbeck hit his senior-season stride. While Overbeck limped through much of the season hampered by knee and shoulder injuries, guard Larry Smith ignored an injured back and made the plays throughout Texas ' resurgence in the conference, filling a glaring early season need for a backcourt quarterback. Forwards Wayne Doyal and Kurt Papp both playing in their first seasons on the varsity, produced efficient scoring and rebounding when Overbeck ' s recurrent injury problems forced him out of the lineup as the whole squad broke 16 school records. While it was evident at Gregory Gym on February 3 that final examinations had dulled UT effectiveness, 60 per cent accuracy from the field was sufficient to get them back on the preferable side of the ledger, edging Rice, 68-64. Overbeck ' s knee had recovered such that he scored 20 points, and Arnold ' s 16 pushed him over the 300 mark for the season with a total of 309. Continued A Red Raider fouled in his attempt to block Arnold ' i shot. 104 , i RIGHT: A leaping Aggie failed to deflect Billy Ar- nold ' s jump shot. TOP: Kurt Papp contested with a Razorback for the loose ball. ABOVE: Traveling down court, John Matzinger sought to reach shooting range against a Baylor opponent. (05 TCU, Hogs Played Spoiler Roles Supposedly reeling after four conference losses, Texas faced the onrushing Baylor Bears with new hope and a 79-65 win. Against a disappointing Texas Tech at Austin, the home team was still not to be caught as the Raiders were crushed, 79-60. SAAU tried at Dallas and Texas, now tied for the conference lead, trailed for as much as 20 minutes before the Ponies succumbed, 83-72. Number One in conference play after the beating of SMU, Texas crossed the turnpike toward the TCU Horned Frogs who were winners of nine straight under the home bas- kets. TCU made it an even ten by winning, 71-65. The disappointment in the Fort Worth lair foreboded a nightmarish finish to what proved a most scrambled of seasons, al- though there seemed little to be feared in the Gregory Gym wrap-up when the ' Horns led Arkansas at half-time, 42-37. Yet the salvo was short-lived as Duddy Waller ' s loose and easy-wheeling Razorbacks, with nothing rid- ing on their windup efforts, led 47-46 with over 1 1 minutes elapsed in the second half and kept a hungry Texas team away from the boards. In a desperation, closing-seconds scramble, Wayne Doyal turned from the base- line rebounded by the clutching, ecstatic Hogs, and the packed house, which had turned out to watch a Southwest Conference champion- ship won, was suddenly limp and silent. ABOVE: FRONT ROW: Glenn Hamilton, Michael Tennison, Larry Smith, Kenneth McWilliams. SECOND ROW: Scotty Brown, Kelly Baker, Gary Overbeck, Michael Lochner, Kurt Papp, Mike Smith, Wayne Doyal. THIRD ROW: Leon Black (head coach), Bennie Lenoz (assistant), Michael O ' Shea (trainer), Billy Arnold, John Matzinger, Billy Bogan, Larry Lake, Randall Hutson (manager), Fred Rylander (manager), Jimmy O ' Bannon (assistant coach). RIGHT: Sophomore forward Wayne Doyal at- tempted to block a Razorback shot in a home game. 106 LEFT: Shooting from the free throw line, Kurt Papp attempted to tie the score. BELOW: Most Valuable Player Gary Over- beck aimed for an easy, uncontested score in the Gregory Gym home court. ,i iff V 107 Cultural Entertainment Committee ' s Solo Artists Series beckoned excellent groups to Austin. The Association and Sergio Mendes and Brasil ' 66 led a procession of professionals that kept the student body alive another year in what one Yankee visitor titled " a cultural wasteland. " Spoofing commercials, duo newmen, and the Happenings ' 68, the six-member Association achieved a state of onstage excitement. Com- bining Latin rhythms into popular works, Sergio Mendes and group performed before two over- flowing audiences. Others on the Solo Artists program included Simon and Garfunkel of " The Graduate " fame, Bach Aria Group, Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians, the Chamber Symphony of Philadelphia, the Harkness Ballet, Poet John Ciardi, Singer John Gary, " Curlew River, " and the " Carmina Burana " ballet. Sergio Mendes and Brasil ' 66 _ UT Theater Presented " The VIP ' s, " Starring . . Secretary of Interior Stewart Udall Former US Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark Envisioning the University as the Perle Mesta of the Southwest, students and faculty held a year-long, Texas-sized open house meeting of the minds and were exposed to the ideas of Secretary of Labor Willard Wirtz, CBS newsman Eric Sevareid, Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall, former US Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark, and Harpers editor Willie Morris, the controversial Texan editor of a decade ago. Visiting President Lyndon B. Johnson attended a Gregory Gymnasium birthday party for Texas Gov. John B. Con- nally. Regent Chairman Frank Erwin also arrived to sing " Happy Birthday " and called the students demonstrating outside " dirty nothin ' s, " a phrase not soon to be forgotten. New York City ' s Willie AAorris came to visit friends and sign autographs in his award- winning autobiography, North Toward Home. Justice Clark, newly retired, returned to his alma mater as a Visiting Fellow. Eric Sevareid, a CBS news analyst for 20 years, briefed students on " The President, the Power and the Peace, " under the auspices of the Union Speakers Committee. In Austin to dedicate the New Geology Building, Secretary Udall stressed the importance of conserving man ' s total environment of the American landscape. 110 ABOVE: Former Texan editor Willie Morris autographed cop- ies of his award-winning North Toward Home. LEFT: Secretary of Labor Willard Wirtz, a Union speaker, urged student involve- ment in government. President Lyndon B. Johnson flew from Washington to wish Gov. John B. Connally a happy birthday. ; NO tll I III Swimmers Second To SMLJ, Once Again Diver Scott Duncan placed second against Kansas. ABOVE: FRONT ROW: Thomas Neyland, Paul Meyer, Scon Duncan, Raymond Gillaspie. SECOND ROW: Joseph West, Dana Curtis, Gregory Smith, Steven Boss, co aptain, James Ahern, co-captain, Harry Garner, Kenneth Karotkin, Robert Jones. THIRD ROW: Jonathan Bible, R. Bruce Anderson, Bruce Anderson, Drew Ligon, John Mastenbrook, James West, Thomas Cole, Philip Ray, Henry Chapman, coach. FOURTH ROW: Lloyd Clifton, Harald Johnson, Kenneth Richardson. RIGHT: Ail-American Dana Curtis received his instructions from Coach Hank Chapman at the Tech meet. 112 For the tenth straight year, Texas swim- mers finished second behind SMU in South- west Conference action. At the SWC meet in Fayetteville, Ark., Texas ' junior ail-Ameri- can, Dana Curtis, gathered three first places in the 200-yard, 500-yard, and 650-yard free-style events. Curtis was high scorer in the meet with 65 points. Handicapped by tonsilitis, Curtis was unable to attend the Southern Intercollegiate Swimming Championships at Athens, Ga., where his teammates won sixth-place honors. Russell Phegan set one of five meet records with his win in the 1,650-yard freestyle. Recovering in time for the NCAA Na- tional Swim Meet at Hanover, N.H., Curtis placed ninth in the 1 ,650-yard freestyle event. Two divers, Tommy Neyland and Scott Dun- can, also competed for Texas, but missed the cutoff. In dual action, the tankers took meet decisions over Rice, Texas Tech, Eastern New Mexico, and Texas A M. However, the Uni- versity of Kansas, UT at Arlington, and SMU handed the Texas team their losses. Ruled eligible for varsity action, freshmen swim- mers helped the varsity team. Texas tankers set the pace for a 440-yard medley relay event. 113 Gymnastics The UTSAM Gymnastics team won the Southwest AAU Gymnastic Championship in Fort Worth behind Mike Caldwell ' s capture of the all-around and free exercise events. In the only dual meet, Texas trampled A M, 153-101. In the Texas Collegiate Champion- ships at Odessa, the Steers finished third in a seven-team field. Other action had UT com- peting in the Gulf Open Championships at Huntsville. Top performer on Coach Jamile Ashmore ' s squad was freshman Caldwell high point-producer in the A AA meet and the Texas Collegiate Championships. In Ag- gieland, Caldwell won the trampoline, free exercise, and side-horse events. Johnny Seekamp performed at the Texas Intercollegiate Championships. TOP: Curtis Varnell worked out on the rings while Glenn Man watched. ABOVE: FRONT TO BACK: Ronald Waldie, Gerald Bartosch, Mike Caldwell, Robert Reeves, Curtis Varnell, Steven Ungerleider. LER TO RIGHT: Coach Jamile Ashmore, Glenn Matt, Richard Ellis, Jerry Bily, Steven Cornell, Johnny Seekamp. 114 Wrestling: Two Won, Two Lost, One Tied Sporting two undefeated wrestlers and a 50 per cent won-lost record, Longhorn grap- plers, sponsored by The University of Texas Sports Association for Men, participated in five dual meets during the winter season. Ted Eckman in the 123-lb. class and John Camden in the 167-lb. bracket won all their face-o ffs during the season. Meet competition saw Texas wrestle in nine classes from the 123-lb. category to the heavyweights. Coach Jim Mowry ' s season record showed two wins, two losses, and one tie. Both wins were over Stephen F. Austin, and both losses were at the hands of Southern Louisiana. Louisiana State University managed the draw with the Longhorn wrestling team. Optimistic about next year ' s outlook, Mowry was hopeful for several more scheduled matches next season. In a Texan interview, Mowry said in evaluation of the year ' s team that " all our boys did a really top-notch job. " TOP: FRONT ROW: Thomas Bauer, William Hodge Jr., Robert Sturdivant, John Camden, James Dorey, John Jeffries, Michael Renfro, Thad Eckman Jr., Bryan Barry, Coach James Mowry. SECOND ROW: Kevin Connors, Daniel Bulla, Raymond Burgett, James Evans, Douglas Hyde, Robert Boothe, Arthur Johnston, Forrest Barker, Quentin Martin. LEFT ABOVE: Ray Burgett tried to free himself from pressure as applied by a Stephen F. Austin wrestler. LEFT: Arthur Johnston pinned his Stephen F. Austin opponent in Austin to take a home match. ' (5 ' At Least We Got Participation Points ' Football injuries gave way to floor burns and mildewed swim suits when winter intra- murals moved from the great out-of-doors of grass stains and stubbed toes to Gregory Gym ' s polished stages. In basketball, UCLA and Phi Delta Chi outscored all others to win Class " A " and " B " championships, respec- tively. Runner-ups were Class " A " Lambda Chi Alpha and Class " B " Phi Gamma Delta. In Class " A " volleyball, the Recruits spiked their way to victory as Delta Tau Delta won in Class " B. " Sigma Phi Epsilon and AFROTC followed with second place honors in " A " and " B, " respectively. Class " A " Recruits and " B " Kappa Alpha claimed victories in handball singles, beating Sigma Alpha Mu and AAoore-Hill Hall. Splash- ing through Gregory Gym pool, Delta Tau Delta won the water basketball event, fol- lowed by a natural, Navy. The Volunteers won table tennis doubles. In crowded wrestling competition, John Michael Camden, unattached, became the heavyweight champion, defeating Phi Gamma Delta ' s William Spence Nance. In the 191- pound division, the Kangeroo Steven Paul Epperson beat Thomas E. Cotner, unattached. Alpha Tau Omega dominated the 177-pound class followed by Beta Theta Pi. Legionnaires defeated Delta Tau Delta in the 167-pound class. Sigma Alpha Epsilon led Delta Tau Delta in the 157-pound class while in the 147-pound division, Vikings defeated runner- up Sigma Alpha Epsilon. John M. Renfro, un- attached, led Keene G. Melde of Price Hall in the 137-pound class, while Brackenridge Hall beat the Legionnaires in the 130-pound class. Thad Allen Eckman and Richard Parks Dyer battled in the 123-pound class with Eckman winning first place. In women ' s intramural action, Kirby Hall won Orange Bracket volleyball and Dexter House the White Bracket. Littlefield Dorm won Orange Bracket honors in basketball as did Kirby Hall in the White Bracket. ABC (Andrews-Blanton-Carothers) and Alpha Epsi- lon Phi won bowling championships in the Orange and White Brackets, respectively. Delta Tau Delta versus Air Force ROTC Kirby Hall versus Newman Ha I Littlefield Dorm versus Independents Recruits versus Sigma Phi fcpsilon 116 .:-.. : IN , Phi Delta Chi defeated Phi Gamma Delta in Class " B " basketball finals to take the all-University men ' s championship. 117 ' Who Said History 32SK Was a Grade- Point Course? ' Winter finals came and left a slimmer student body as many realized that class attendance was not enough. And with that last round of three-hour quizzes came a for- tune in nickels for the ACs Xerox machine, an overloaded Health Center faced with both real and quickly construed illnesses, and the total extinction of course quiz files which passed from one Greek-letter house to another. The truly optimistic and really desperate spent hours estimating maximum and mini- mum GPA ' s and readjusting such figures at the completion of each final. Housemothers shopped for coffee sales and planned mid- night, study break snacks of donuts and peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches. Indus- trious theater managers opened their doors to " standing room only " audiences, and Aus- tin Cable Television Company stock tripled as late-hour viewers were forced to watch the time and temperature on Channel 6. But once the ordeal was ended, students quickly voiced that familiar Registration Week theme, " We got to get out of this place. " The student body studied, counseled, and financed local book stores through their purchase of bluebooks an item never on sale as they prepared for that final onslaught of quizzes in order to raise a sagging grade- point average. 118 m m i m After three days of all-night study, the quiz itself, and the anguish afterward, students began their long trek across cam- pus in search of final posted grades. A Colorful Spring In Kaleidoscope Spring finally blossomed, making side- walks and evenings a little warmer, grass greener, and the sun brighter as God ' s little insect world emerged along with the Con- gress ' Daylight Saving Time. Besides a sag- ging GPA, the season produced a grass- stained student body and harried gardeners who sought to revive the flowering plants that were trampled daily under 30,000 pairs of feet. Along with Round-Up, more construction, fewer parking places, and a tanner student population, spring heralded an increase in fra- ternity " drop " sales. Gentle Thursday helped support a going-down-for-the-third-time " Ten Days in April " protest which was nothing compared to the upheaval the year before when the SDS lost its University organization status. Texas Relays fans forfeited a day of the extended spring break to watch a sur- prising hometeam named the top outfit at its own meet. When late-May finals arrived, another year of study, successes, and heartbreak ended as a select few faced graduation a little worried about their futures. 121 A senior math and history major from Gonzales, Carolyn Jean DuBose has been president, first vice-president, and a delegate to the national convention of Delta Gamma sorority. She was a fresh- man Orientation adviser for three years, Freshman Council adviser, and a member of Orange Jackets, Angel Flight, Operation Brainpower, and Campus Chest Steering Committees. Carolyn also has served on Texas Union committees. Bluebonnet Belles An active participant in the University community, Brenda Joyce Cook has been a member of Panhellenic Council and its executive committee, president of Orange Jackets, chairman of Texas Today and Tomorrow, and a member of Angel Flight and Operation Brainpower. A member of Chi Omega sorority, she served on its executive committee and aided Kappa Alpha fraternity through membership in the Southern Belles, the KA auxiliary. The junior home economics major from Harlingen also was named a University Ten Most Beautiful. 122 Nancy Katherine Gent, a senior ad- vertising major from Austin, was executive vice-president of Delta Delta Delta sorority, secretary of Gamma Alpha Chi advertising society, listed on the School of Communica- tion honor roll, and was a member of Kappa Tau Alpha, journalism scholastic honorary. The recipient of a Jesse Jones Scholarship in Journalism, she was a delegation chairman in the Model United Nations, and served on the Round-Up Ticket Committee and Union Leadership and Student-Faculty Committees. A junior art major from Houston, Nancy Lynn Haralson (left) has been chosen as a University Ten Most Beautiful and was a member of Posse, Orange Jackets, and the A Cappella Choir. A Round-Up Showcase co-chairman, she has been a Freshman Council adviser, Kinsolving adviser, Littlefield Dormitory Student Assistant, and a University Sweetheart finalist. Active in Cordettes, Nancy was an executive officer, infantry sponsor, and past best pledge. Participating in the work of her sorority, Bettie Townsend Willerson (right) has served Kappa Kappa Gamma as president, chaplain, and scholarship chairman, and was named best pledge. The San Antonio senior history major was a member of Cordettes in which she held chairmanships of the activities and social committees. She also was in the " Y " program at St. John ' s School, and a past chair- man of Campus Chest and a Cowboy Sweetheart nominee. 124 I re ; Nancy Haralson Mary Lou Grantham Lynne Shapiro UT Sweet:neart Finalists Baseball: New Coach, Same Championship Freshman catcher Tommy Harmon pulled in the ball in an attempt to corral a high pitch. - With many faces largely unfamiliar to Texas baseball, and by means of a confer- ence scheduling rule made-to-measure for a late-season predicament, the ' Horns took their fourth straight Southwest Conference cham- pionship and their forty-third such crown since 1915. When a season-finishing doubleheader with Texas A M was required to give Texas the championship, rains filled Clark Field, and the conference ruling reading that games can- celled during the last half of the season could not be rescheduled was invoked. Thus, Texas finished with a 12-4 SWC record and a 20-8 season in non-conference play. " We are happy to accept the champion- ship, " said first-year Coach Cliff Gustafson, successor to the r etired Bibb Falk. " It ' s un- fortunate that two fine teams (TCU and A M) should have their last hopes for the crown ruined by the weather. Nevertheless, our boys deserve a lot of credit for coming back after a seemingly hopeless situation with three straight SWC losses. " Texas ' start was painfully slow: A AA, TCU, and SMU slipped by the ' Horns on one- Continued 128 Opponent Oklahoma 2 Oklahoma 1 Oklahoma A Sam Houston 8 Sam Houston 1 Texas A M 1 TCU 10 Texas Lutheran O SMU 5 Rice 3 Minnesota 8 Minnesota 8 Texas Tech 5 Texas lech 2 Texas Tech 1 SMU 2 SMU 5 Baylor O Baylor B Baylor " 7 Trinity 4 St. Mary ' s O TCU TCU 3 Rice 2 Rice 3 St. Mary ' s O Trinity 3 First baseman Bob Snoody retired a St. Mary ' s hitter at that position. LEFT: All eyes followed the baseball as a Texas batter started his swing. FAR LEFT: Outfielder Doug Fell hauled in a fly ball underneath the Scoreboard. 1 29 Longhonns Slid Into Play - of fs run decisions in the first three conference matches. But the home team began battling in mid-season, led a ten-game, league-leading victory streak, and followed with three-game sweeps over Baylor, Rice, and Tech which helped negate earlier losses. Sophomore hurlers James Street and Larry Hardy supplanted the graduated pitch- ing staff of ' 967, while freshman catcher Tommy Harmon led Texas SWC hitters with a .345. Street, of varsity football fame, pitched a 9-2 record, Texas ' best. Football wing back Randy Peschel hit for .362, the best of the full-season averages. A team of transfer students, freshmen, sophomores, and a few veterans finally got Texas in front and kept it there with the help from lineup-shuffling Gustafson, until the May floods arrived to cinch the season ' s final out- come and put Texas into post-season play- off action for the fourth straight year. An unsuccessful baserunner was tagged out at third against OU. Outfielder George Nauert scored on a Gene Salmon pinch hit as Texas edged SAAU. 130 i . : FRONT ROW: Jimmy Crouch, Dennis Enderlin, Donald Home, Larry Hardy, Pat Amos, David Hall, Louii Bagwell, Larry Horton, James Street, Cordon Ohl- hausen (mgr.). SECOND ROW: Richard Peters, Doug- las Fell, Natividad Salazar, Tommy Harmon, Kent Roberts, Dennis Kasper, Mike Peebles, Randy Peschel, Nicholas Heintz, Stephen Warren, John Hargis (mgr.). THIRD ROW: Benny Lenox (ass ' t. coach), Alan Moravcik, Edward Mims, Larry Berkman, Emmett Mil- ler, David Brown, Gene Salmon, Bob Snoddy, George Nauert, James Hunt, Cliff Gustafson (coach), Mike Stephens (trainer). ABOVE: Pat Amos looked past a tumbling baserunner for a double play versus Sam Houston State. LEFT: Infielder Lou Bagwell slid safely into third as Sam Houston third baseman awaited the throw. 131 Independence Day: UT Tradition Though it commenced only with the aid of a borrowed cannon, Texas Independence Day retained a long yet vibrant tradition in its seventy-first year. Saturday classes were dismissed early for the noon celebration which signaled annual meetings of the approximate- ly 250,000 living Texas-exes around the world. Unique in that the University has adopt- ed this anniversary as both a State tradition and one of its own, Independence Day has evolved from a time of unexcused class cuts to a celebration with music, speeches, and cannon firing. The day started with the Longhorn Band playing patriotic Texas music, the raising of the Texas flag by members of the Univer- sity ' s Naval ROTC unit, and several short speeches. In 1897 when University President George Winston decreed that students could not have a holiday on the March 2 remem- brance, incensed students cut classes, tem- porarily borrowed an old Civil War cannon from nearby State Capitol grounds, and fired it on the campus. In 1955, the firing of ill-fated Smokey down University Avenue toward the Kappa Sigma fraternity house and the State Capitol brought one slightly sleepy Kappa Sig, think- ing the house was under siege, finding him- self alone, and seeing hordes of demonstra- tors down the Main Mall, to the window waving a white bedsheet in surrender. Since, the members of Tau chapter of Kappa Sigma have returned the cannon fire from their house on 19th Street dressed in Mexican garb and with the aid of shotguns and rifles. Meade Griffin, former Texas Supreme Court Justice Texas-ex Donald W. Morgan fired up his three- foot cannon brought in for the March 2 In- dependence Day celebration and used it to answer Santa Anna ' s barbarians firing from the Kappa Sigma fraternity house. _. A Place to Start, I ... the Challenge Where life allbegins, at " I ... The Start- ing Point, " and where life goes for the indi- vidual in his interpersonal, personal group, and impersonal group relationships was the focal point for Challenge ' 68. Subtitled " A Colloquim on the Emerging Individual ' s Re- lationships in Contemporary Society, " the two-day meeting concentrated on those areas of human interaction through a film festival, small group discussions, fireside chats, panel discussions, and informal coffees. Five specialists and commentators in the field of human relations, including Dr. Max Lerner, columnist for The New York Post and professor at Brandeis University, addressed each topic under discussion and were supple- mented by members of the University faculty. Columnist Max Lerner urged evaluation of the " self. More than 700 students gathered for Challenge ' 68: Dr. Richard Parson (below) staged a " mini-lab " for audience involvement, 134 MUN Delegates: A Red Dilemma In granting Red China entry into the Security Council but not the General Assem- bly, the Model United Nations ended its annual weekend session by calling for nego- tiations between Israel and her Arab neigh- bors and censoring South Africa for its policy of apartheid, political and economic discrimi- nation against non-European groups. Noting the cries of US imperialism from several delegations, no action was taken on Vietnam. As member nations, 21 colleges and uni- versities across Texas attempted to demon- strate the everyday workings of the world- wide legislative body, its successes and fail- ures, and its future. Sponsored by the Texas Union, the Model UN was led by Betty L. Schuessler, Secretary-General; Kenneth Wayne Sparks, General Assembly President; and James W. Kunetka, Security Council President. Callis Childs of West Texas State prepared to address the MUN General Assembly. 135 UT Relays: Un- Sou them Hospitality v r ;% $. i) For dedicated Longhorn track fans willing to stay an extra day on the spring break-deserted campus, the forty-first Texas Relays offered the excitement of new school records and a chance to wit- ness the nation ' s top track and field talent. Loyal Orangebloods also saw Texas, in an un-Southern hospitable act, race to top honors over veteran institutions like Kan- sas, Kansas State, and Drake as the home- team was voted the outstanding univer- sity team. Other also-rans included South- ern Louisiana, Oklahoma, and all South- west Conference teams. In addition to the best college ma- terial and outstanding Texas high school and women track stars, Olympic hope- fuls Billy Mills and Jim Mines ran in the 6-mile and open 100-yard dash, respec- tively. UT athletes themselves set Relay rec- ords in the mile run and mile relay. Team captain Brian Woolsey ran the fastest mile of his career as he toured the distance in 4:03.6 for a Relays ' record. The mile re- lay team of Stan AAcDaniel, David Matina, Eddie Canada, and Dave Morton set a Re- lay mark of 3:07. Morton, a freshman, ran the anchor leg in a blistering 45 sec- onds and was named the top university division individual. A new sprint medley record was set by Texas although the team of Eddie Can- ada, L. J. Cohen, Dave Morton, and David Matina failed to win the event. Instead, they placed second to Kansas State who clocked a similar time of 3:17.6 but edged in a photo finish. Texas, however, did capture the first-place medal in the two- mile relay as Lee Anderson, Rudy Alaniz, Mike Mosley, and David Matina combined efforts for a 7:36.2 final time. Texas Track: Nationally Renowned With only three seniors on the squad, a host of sophomores, and a crop of talented freshmen, the Longhorn track team raced to a perfect season: eight consecutive meet wins and the Southwest Conference championship. Voted the outstanding team at the forty-first Texas Relays, the team boasted unparalleled depth in the distance and middle-distance events, a depth that opponents were not able to overcome throughout the season. Texas opened the outdoor season with a dual meet against Abilene Christian in Aus- tin. The resulting Texas win foreshadowed the season as UT captured first in the mile, 440-yard and 880-yard events. Next, a trian- gular meet pitted Texas against defending SWC champion Rice and a tough Aggie team. Despite the competition, Texas swept first and second places in five events for an easy win. Paced by Brian Woolsey ' s record-break- ing 3-mile run, the Longhorns won the Border Olympics at Laredo for the first time since 1960. Again, the ' Horn ' s depth was the key as Texas claimed 1-2-4-5 in the 880-yard run. At the Corpus Christi Relays, Charles Clifton set a meet record in the long jump; Steve Kennedy and Barry Noble won the high jump; Brian Woolsey set a school record of 14:02.2 in the 3-mile run; and Texas again captured the 880-yard prize. In a quadrangu- lar meet with SAAU, Baylor, and Texas Tech in Dallas, Texas needed a stellar performance Continued ABOVE RIGHT: -Bill Elliot strained for extra inches in the SWC long jump event. ABOVE: Barry Noble equalled his personal best by jumping 6 ' 6 " in the conference meet. RIGHT: Texas ' David Matina and Mike Mosley finished 1-2 in the 880-yard run against ACC. 138 m Captain Brian Woolsey led the mile run. 139 by pole vaulter Jim Mallard to edge Baylor and claim their eighth straight wi n. At the Drake Relays in Des AAoines, Iowa, the team made headlines across the nation as the mile-relay team of Stan McDaniel, Eddie Canada, David AAatina, and Dave Mor- ton raced to a time of 3:05.5, the year ' s best in the nation and a new Drake Relays ' record. Visiting Fort Worth for the SWC meet, the Longhorns displayed a middle distance strength and waltzed away with the Confer- ence crown. Coach Jack Patterson ' s troops logged stunning finishes in the 880-yard and the 440-yard runs and gained points in the mile, 3-mile, and long jump in winning a total of 66 points. Freshman Dave Morton ran the 440-yard event in a blistering 45.5 for a new SWC record; Fred Cooper and Brian Woolsey placed 1-2 in the mile; the mile relay team claimed a first-place medal; but the 880-yard run clinched the win as Texas finished .1-3-4-5, with David Matina posting a 1-.49.5 first-place time to win the meet. ,{mBKOBdB5 3 A " ITWTV n TVfl II : r OnVirTZXABV 1 -TEXAS IV. t TEXAS 1 H. - XAS UHIV.4 XAS TEXAS VVIV. " TEXAS _ . vwa f nwtVMTPl OMtVCT TEXAS DIVi UNIV " TEXAS UNIV. or TEXAS -4- ! UNIV. " TEXAS _jjMiv r TEXAs uNivw TEXAS BUL | J W f %- TEXAS UNIV. o TEXAS i ' j - f T " -? - vim UNIV. OF TE m 1 Lt I r- .- -? : I I Texas swept the 120-yard high hurdle event on its home track. FRONT ROW: Melvin Sissney, Fred Cooper, Forrest Novy, James Mallard, Christopher Dolton, Brian Woolsey, Rudolfo Alaniz, Bill Elliot, Charles Clifton, David Caffey. SECOND ROW: Donald Goldman (manager). Glen Archer, David Childress, Samuel Weaver, Jimmy Gillham, John Elick, Larry Cohen, Lee Ander- on, James Means, George Cox, Stephen Green, Thomas Colgin, Roy Baldwin. THIRD ROW: Cleburne Price (coach). Warren Hart, Samuel Bradley, Thomas Cook, Michael Koteras, Barry Noble, Herman Canada, John Walker, Joe Cash, Michael Mosley, John Robertson, Cecil Gentry, Jack Patterson (coach). FOURTH ROW: John Kennedy, Terry Moore, Charles Howie, Dan Kaspar, David Cook, Chester Watson, David Matina, Dave Morton, Stanley McDaniel. 140 William Cromwell (left) watched George Tucker putt as Texas won the SWC meet SWC Champs, too LEFT: Paul Matthews putted as Rik Massengale and Chip Stewart watched in Austin. BELOW: FRONT ROW: George Hannon (coach), Dean Overturf, Jerry Smith, William Hamilton, William Cromwell, Chip Stewart, Rik Massengale. SECOND ROW: William Wiley, George Machock, Robert Cleland, Stephen Holmsley, Zachary Padgett, George Tuck- er, Charles Munson. ' 67: Year of the ' Horns became a reality as Golf Coach George Hannon ' s athletes won their third Southwest Conference champion- ship. Texas Christian was the only conference team to outpoint Texas, 5-1, as the Longhorns recorded four wins, one loss, and two ties in conference action. The team beat SMU, 3 ' 2-2! 2, Arkansas, 6-0, Baylor, 6-0, Rice, 6-0, and divided matches with Texas Tech and A M. Texas golfers defeated perennial Na- tional Champion University of Houston three times in non-conference play, including the Houston All-American Intercollegiate title. TCU ' s Jess Claiborne won the conference in- dividual trophy on his home course, while Texas ' Rik Massengale missed in a late come- back and finished second. In the Austin Morris Williams Intercol- legiate meet, Texas beat a six-team field and later spoiled Houston ' s six-year domination of the Border Olympics Tournament in Laredo. A two-hole sudden death play-off brought Chip Stewart and Rik Massengale top honors in the All-American Intercollegiate meet. 141 Tennis: A ' Rebuilding Year ' for ' Horns According to Tennis Coach Wilmer Alli- son, the defending Southwest Conference champion Texas team experienc ed a " rebuild- ing year " as they dropped to fourth position in conference play. Texas ' John AAozola ad- vanced to the semifinals of the SWC indi- vidual tournament and lost to the runner-up. In conference play, Texas beat SMU, 4-2, Baylor, 4-2, TCI), 6-0, and tied with Texas A M, 3-3. The team lost to Texas Tech and Rice. Since the conference championship was determined by the number of matches won against six opponents, Texas ' 17-19 record nudged Baylor for the fourth spot. Rain caused postponement of several Texas-Baylor matches which resulted in a tight finish for the ' Horns. Although five team losses clouded the ' Horns non-conference record, Texas de- feated Pan American College, North Texas State, and Louisiana State University. The team, who moved onto the new Penick Courts north of Memorial Stadium, con- sisted of John AAozola, Bobby Connell, Larry Eichenbaum, Phil Harper, Mike Liddle, Rick Murray, Bill Raschke, John Frazer, Ronnie Barnett, Bill Marshall, and Ray Rhodes. Mil fift ! % I 7 : ' 4 -T A ' vi Texas ' Bill Raschke joined team members in a victory over TCU, 6-0. John Mozola advanced to the semifinal round of Southwest Conference action. 142 - ABOVE: Texas netter Rick Murray ex- hibited his backhand abilities in the Baylor match. LEFT: John Mozola, a Southwest Conference semifinalist, concentrated on his return effort against the Texas Aggies. A Time to Remember. . . and to Forget Round-Up was a myth, stark, aspirin- ridden reality, a tradition a 12-hour prepared " instant parade " vying with those three-week. old-just-for-the-heck-of-it beards, the scholar- ship winner ' s jeans and the sorority scion ' s dainty, frill-trimmed denim originals. It was acid-heads and Bluebonnet Belle hopefuls, each high in their own way, and cowboys, motorcycles, and the last remaining Beetle boots all competing for looks of admiration and often stares of disbelief . . . Spring ' s answer to OU Weekend, Round- Up has been treated as the annointed only child of University students seeking to let loose for " one hell of a good time. " It was a time to drown the memory of home-sent failing slips, allowances already spent through May, the drop that girl wouldn ' t return, and that cool prank the pledges pulled by selling your car to a nice Chinese man from San Francisco. It was western shirts, skirts, and cow- boy hats purchased by an energetic freshman coed from those smiling cowboy outfitters on the Drag. It was the sad realization that af- ter weeks of straining, praying and trans- plants, that beard cultivated for the Beard Growing Contest just might pick up the peach fuzz prize, if one were truly lucky. ' Continued TOP: Texas Gov. John B. Connally officially opened Round-Up Showcase in the Texas Union Main Ballroom. LEFT: A Friday afternoon Cowboy barbecue drew a large crowd at the women ' s intramural field. ABOVE: Western store fronts on the West Mall underwent the judges ' scrutiny. LEFT: Maggie the Go-Go dancer performed at the Silver Spurs ' Rally. BELOW: Showcase housed ex- hibits from the University ' s 50 departments and other on-campus organizations and clubs. It Ain ' t Exactly Macy ' s, but . Round-Up was seeing 12 hours of labor in a parade float collapse at your feet mid- way through the parade ... or seeing your winning entry grace the lawn for the en- tire weekend, a sight bigger than life and twice as hideous that refused to be ignored and somehow, by some cruel twist of fate, stayed in one piece. It was a 21 -year-old scholar, giving his liver the workout of its life, while directing traffic in a drunken stupor on Twenty-fourth Street. It was a new sorority sister who wan- dered over to another after 27 beers and murmured, " I ' m drunk but don ' t worry, I took the pin off. " It was a time when sober- ness was a sin and hangovers were worn like badges of honor, a weekend when Alka- Seltzer and aspirin replaced the church as mankind ' s greatest boon. Round-Up was a forest of signs thickly populating the West Mall and sprouting slogans and drawings that would make Harold Robbins blush. Many fell to the wayside, or " bit the dust, " victims of traditional, yet un- derstandingly fair, censorship. Continued 146 Sweetheart Ball: a Campus Queen for Many Days And with that announcement of a new Sweetheart, Round-Up was over for another year over in the sense that the parties were over and the bands had gone home, that your date said she never wants to see you again, that the garbage man said he won ' t haul away the beer cans unless they are stacked to- gether. Round-Up was over, but the feeling was still there the type of feeling that grips the herd of Texas fans who come back to the fire each spring for another branding. It was a searing imprint of affection for a school with a unique personality and a universal purpose, and the University student who participated in Round-Up, who was a part of Round-Up, who loved Round-Up, carried that brand. Bluebonnet Belle Nancy Haralson Denton Folkes presented newly named Bluebonnet Belle Nancy Gent her bouquet of bluebonnets. 148 Reigning UT Sweetheart Paula Savage addressed the crowd .. v - " , " -- I A junior psychology major from Dallas, Peggy Jane Brzeszkiewicz was named the 1968 University Sweetheart. She has been Orange Jackets treasurer, Freshman Orientation adviser, Freshman Council adviser, a member of Cordettes, and one of the University ' s Ten Most Beautiful. A member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, she served as junior and senior Panhellenic representative. 149 Ten Gentle Thursdays And an Anti- State Fain A Peace Parade marched on the nearby State Capitol where a rally was held. With " Ten Days in April, " as with a stack of sickly remembered Christmas gifts, it was the thought that counted. Supposedly a pro- gram of " education and activity against im- perialism and racism, " the protest degenerated into a " guerilla theater monopoly game " in which giant, homemade dice determined whether a player would spend his turn in the Chuckwagon or luck out as dirty-nothin ' for a day at the next Regent ' s meeting. If the SDS-sponsored " Days of Protest, " as part of the local " Anti-State Fair, " wasn ' t exactly Dallas ' Big Tex spreading his arms and voice over a multitude of fun lovers, it was a successful attempt to involve Greeks, independents, Hippies, and student govern- in. ISO ment enthusiasts on an issue-to-issue, person- to-person basis. Gentle Thursday, always a big drawing card, resulted in the ' largest turnout of the protest although the number fell far short of previous observances. Folk singers sang, and students relaxed Berkeley-style on the West Mall, an area between pansy bed and the Drag. A Saturday Peace Parade marched from the campus to the State Capitol where a rally was scheduled. Without fanfare, the " Ten Days " ended April 30, with another rally following a campus teach-in on racism, bring- ing end to another Happening ' 68. . . . and students relaxed Berkeley-style on the West Mall . . . between the pansy bed and the Drag Are You Going to Scarborough Fain? Though billed as " new and different, " Texas ' answer to a Greek Week, Varsity Car- nival, was a collection of the familiar obsceni- ties that have marked the one-night stand for years. The much-heralded event, reprived from oblivion and moved from Memorial Stadium due to the change in status of Greek groups, had little to offer, except timeliness. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s skit once again bit the early evening dust after censors witnessed a performance and decided " the flower of Texas youth, " as the Texan once described the stu- dent body, had no business seeing such things. Those that survived competed for loving cups in categories ranging from best skit to most concession sales. Best skits were judged to be the KA ' s " The Undergraduate " and the Zeta Tau Alpha show. Alpha Delta Pi captured floor show honors plus the most pre-show ticket sales. Concession winners were Alpha Epsilon Pi and Gamma Phi Beta. The Gam- ma Phi ' s also garnered the most Varsity Car- nival Bucks, while Sigma Alpha Mu was named Best Fraternity Clown winners. Kappa Alpha fraternity and Alpha Chi Omega soror- ity won best publicity awards. All the planning, building, rehearsing, sewing, sawing, and poster constructing went on the line at Austin ' s Municipal Auditorium as Greek performers stepped before the crowds. 152 , 153 Amateur Athletes Concluded Yean The Independents beat Alpha Delta Pi in Softball. Lambda Chi ' s Steve Walton and Rennie Baker won the " A " division tennis doubles. Phi Sigma Delta won track honors. Lambda Chi be Finishing another liniment-filled year, the men ' s intramural program concentrated chiefly on outdoor spring sports fast pitch, track, tennis, and softball. In Class " A, " Sigma Nu won the Softball fast pitch competition followed by runner-up Kappa Alpha, while in regular softball com- petition, the champion Vikings were followed by Alpha Chi Sigma in Class " A. " Class " B " action was won by Lambda Chi Alpha and runner-up Navy. Phi Sigma Delta won spring track honors as the Recruits placed second. Lambda Chi Alpha outscored the Recruits in Class " A " tennis doubles, and Phi Sigma Delta beat the Generals in Class " B " division. Women participants also competed in spring intramural events: Gladys Ginn out- scored her opponents to win the champion- ship in fencing as another independent, Stacey Vinson, won in golf. In softball, the Inde- pendents won, and Alpha Delta Pi was runner-, up. Newman Club took the table tennis doubles title. Carol Neeley, Kappa Kappa Gamma, placed first in tennis singles. In track and field events, Gamma Phi Beta scored over second-place Delta Zeta. Toni Bracher, Gam- ma Phi Beta, triumphed in badminton singles, and Jo Lynne Thomas, Delta Gamma, won the spring billiards competition. f Gamma Phi Beta captured the women ' s track and field award. 154 m 155 Studying, referring, and conferring resulted in a filled bluebook and a returned quiz after three hours of continual writing during spring final exams. The Sounds of Silence With the promise of a European sum- mer, a New York holiday, or anything to wake the scholarly ambitions of the young, par- ents hung prizes, trips, money, and threats in front of the student as a stimulant to fight for that almighty grade-point average. Oblivi- ous to everything, the brilliant, the good, the border line, and the hopeless gassed up in their own way for the two-week dash from reading period to summertime freedom. Aided by their one sheet of class notes, fraternity files for the last four years, and the vital information of the graders ' name, address, and favorite brand of Scotch, stu- dents settled down for 15 minutes of concen- trated, uninterrupted study until someone anyone called about a four-hour break. Somehow the two weeks dragged by with the help of Barton Springs and coffee until that last quiz was finished and that last postcard stamped. Then, it was time to pack a sadly overweight car and leave a roommate eager to be left alone, alone to study for his last three exams on the last day of finals. Out of three nights of study came three hours of brilliant prose. :, 157 Over 3.2OO Certificates of Attendance Texas Gov. John B. Connally autographed pro- grams for students and faculty members. And suddenly, it was over. For many, the formal educational process had ended. Four or ' more years of quizzes, term papers, lab assignments, field trips, and class cuts resulted in graduation, the beginning of life. The 90-minute ceremony included guest appearances by Chancellor Harry Ransom, Regents ' Chairman Frank Erwin, President Norman Hackerman, and Gov. John B. Con- nally, a University alumnus and commence- ment speaker. The solemn occasion in the City of Austin Municipal Auditorium was witnessed by bank- rupt parents and now wealthy Drag mer- chants. That ceremony, however, was anticli- mactic for those who had already left Austin for their summer job, the Army, or Canada but impressive enough to be remembered when the genuine diploma arrived along with a bulk mailing from the Ex-Students ' Associa- tion in late summer. 158 The Organization Man He seeks to create something finer than a Vast Wasteland without being a pyramid- climbing, hidden-persuading, status seeker. He ' s a joiner, a member of ... 4WJAL 196B HI | -., ; Granted, student stereotypes exist, entrenched in the furrowed thought pat- terns of parents, faculty, and administra- tors and revealed, almost always incor- rectly, in the reporter ' s newspaper col- umns. Not all University students are drug-taking, psychedelic-resounding, God Is Dead-proportihg, beard- and sandal- wearing, motorcycle-riding, free-loving, peace-protesting Hippies. Neither are they the pin-wearing " frat rat " or breezy, bub- ble-headed, sisterhood-clinging sorority scion. Instead, the University student of ' 68 falls somewhere, elsewhere, and anywhere on a pendular scale or stereo- typed range. No one person parent, ad- ministrator, professor, dean, coach, or vast society member can categorize, label, pinpoint, itemize, describe, picture, or even predict the University student. Far from nondescript, he is indescribable. Amidst this field of far-flung ab- stractions, one tangible fact emerges: no two University students are the same. One may wear his honors with a much- esteemed sense of humility or may " blow his cool " in a cigar smoke-filled, back- room " politico " scene. He desires con- formity only to those standards set forth by his chosen peer group. Never a ' 50 Rebel Without a Cause, he is a future Gov. John Connally, Katherine Grant Crosby, Walter Cronkite, Willie Morris, Lady Bird Johnson. He seeks to create something finer than a Vast Wasteland without being a pyramid-climbing, hid- den-persuading, status seeker. First, he is the son of the Houston oil company president, Dallas banker, Pecos rancher, Amarillo High School football coach, Fort Worth labor union organizer, San Antonio Air Force captain, Laredo customs inspector, Nacogdoches poodle breeder, or Austin telephone installer. He ' s the freshman who thinks Harry ' s Place is a bar, the sophomore who knows better, and the junior or senior who wishes it were. He ' s the freshman who thinks across campus is a trip and the upperclassman who trips across campus. He ' s the ROTC man who sees Viet- nam as a duty, the II-S man who sees it as a threat, the IV-F man who sees it as a cause, and the graduating senior who sees it as his next mailing address. He ' s the freshman who questions the changing morality and the upperclass- man who wonders what is new about the new morality. He ' s the non-Greek who thinks Jack ' s is a cooling beverage and the Greek who thinks it ' s second only to Gittings ' . He ' s the Hippie who wonders if CEC is a better high than LSD or STP. The University student is a librarian, juggling his texts and notebooks into place as he rushes from class to class. He ' s a stenographer, hurriedly trying to record a verbatim account of the profes- sor ' s lecture. He ' s a clock watcher, wait- ing for those last few minutes of instruc- tion to end. He ' s a track runner, racing to his next class across campus in the ten- minute break. He is the campus " politico, " the BAAOC who functions adeptly as an in- tegral part of his organization ' s well-oiled machine, arranging coalitions, demanding more student authority from the adminis- The Student 162 tration and more student involvement from the student body. Known, courted, cajoled, and even feared within his ranks, the " politico ' s " name is known to only one out of fifty students on campus. He ' s the car-less freshman who thinks the parking problem is a hoax, the sophomore and junior who think having more than 50 parking tickets is a status symbol, and the graduating senior who walks to class. He ' s the new student who takes his first exams filled with fear and trepida- tion and the old pro who takes his filled with amphetamines. He ' s the freshman who can ' t decide whether the Drag is a car race or a puff on a cigarette and the upperclassman who thinks it ' s Thieves ' Market. He ' s the freshman who thinks the University Co-Op is a place to live, the sophomore and junior who think it ' s a place to buy books, and the senior con- vinced it ' s a Wall Street plot. The University student is the sorority pledge who attends evening study halls at th e Delta Delta Delta house, sells kisses on the West Mall for charity, dances to endless hours of psychedelic music at. a KA match party, and anxiously awaits initiation weekend with the proper amount of awe and hesitation. He is the freshman fraternity pledge told to date only in the Top Five sorori- ties while still staying true to his high school sweetheart, the Weatherford High School Homecoming Queen of ' 66, who writes him 10-page letters daily. He is the transfer student planting academic and social roots once again, learning to say " Hook ' Em " in every other breath and " y ' all " at the proper moments, and getting dates for football games, Sing-Song, and Varsity Carnival without appearing like a freshman. He ' s the Austin live-at-home carting himself from home to class and back home again, fighting the 8 o ' clock and 5 o ' clock rush hour traffic. He ' s the weight-lifting, sweat-per- spiring, sweats-clad former high school athlete attempting to keep the Body Beautiful. He ' s the varsity athlete working out and the AC-dwelling scholar booking it, both of them dedicated to their tasks. He ' s the fraternity active rushing a new man and the Hippie calling out to a troubled world to join him in love, both seeking friends. He ' s the Campus Crusade for Christ member and the agnostic, both trying to explain man ' s existence. He is late hours, lying on the top bunk of his Moore-Hill Dorm room listen- ing to radio station KNOW and waiting for fatigue to lull him to sleep. The University student is the campus queen who succumbs to an everlasting battle of campus-sponsored beauty con- tests. She is nominated, poised, photo- graphed, interviewed, discussed, and, finally, voted upon for Ten Most Beauti- ful, Best-Dressed Coed, fraternity Dream Girl, Cowboy Sweetheart, CBA Sweet- heart, Bluebonnet Belle, and UT Sweet- heart. He is the Barton Springs-drawn na- ture lover who spends weekends passing the football in Pease Park, climbing Mount Bonnell, skiing through Lake Travis, and splashing around apartment pools. He is the student journalist, learn- ing to manipulate the word tools of his trade: researching, interviewing, writing, typing, editing, cutting, headlining, and even erroring all in the process of de- veloping that " way with words. " He is the rebel who has taken old thoughts to form a philosophy of his own and uses a beard, longscraggly hair, rumpled clothes, and sandals to proclaim it to the waiting world. Continued ... no two are the same. " 163 He is the ambling athlete, sprinting across the Mall sporting a large orange " T, " tackling his homework early in the week, dribbling through English discus- sions, bouncing back from classroom ob- scurity to glory on the court, the field, the track. His batting average may be higher than his grade-point average, but he is a symbol, a tower to be photo- graphed, publicized, scouted, and inter- viewed. He is an undergraduate ' s grip with the public, a representative to the nation. The University student is the ROTC student strutting on Thursdays in an im- maculate, perfectly starched, brushed, and shined uniform and staying up all Wed- nesday night to get it that way. He ' s the luckless lad who finds him- self quarantined to the Student Health Center during spring break with mono- nucleosis. He ' s a stumbling drunkard, wreaking havoc upon the streets of Dallas during OU Weekend, and he ' s a sober seeker of Truth in the research laboratory Monday. " A sober seeker of Truth and . He ' s the timid freshman, afraid to ask directions on his first day, and the blustering senior, wrangling with a pro- fessor over some trivial point before a class of one hundred. He ' s the writer of a prize-winning composition, filled with emotion and beauty, and yet he can speak with the flavor of a backwoods cedar-chopper and foulmouthed sailor combined. He ' s both interested and indifferent. One day he will organize petitions to save a professor ' s job, and the next he will completely ignore student elections. A ton of nervous jello before his first hour quiz, he ' s one of 500 hoping he can " ace " it, afraid he might " flash " it. He ' s the part-time student job- holder, rushing from class to work to earn that extra dollar for Saturday night. He ' s the one who firmly resists the temptation to cheat on an exam, al- though he studies for that exam in a room filled with stolen street signs. The University student is that 5 ' 2 " sophomore in Kinsolving room 219 with a Paul Newman poster on the ceiling above her bed. He ' s the ubiquitous bearded barker calling, " Buy your Rag here, " and the proper, cashmere-sweatered home eco- nomics major pretending not to see him. He ' s a lone sunbather in Memorial Stadium in the midst of 65,000 empty seats and one hundred yards of soft, green carpet. He ' s a sophomore place-kicker miss- ing his mark on Thursday and making three points on a Saturday afternoon: a bundled, covered, smothered afternoon hero. He is the seeker of intellectual knowl- edge in- courses ranging from computers to religion and, when pushed, can solve the world ' s problems in 1 1 minutes. Espousing free love, atheism, and beer, he doesn ' t practice or believe in any of them, with the possible exception of the latter. He is the 19-year-old senior and the 164 fourth-semester freshman; the confident honor student and the dejected proba- tionary student seeing another month- long project " shot down " by a single letter; the freshman timidly entering his first class and the senior dreading exile into the outside world. He holds a dream for the future. Often idealistic and unrealistic, his plans hinge on a one-point over-all GPA, a 1 1- S draft classification, fraternity affiliations for " later connections, " 1200 points on the Graduate Record Exam, or a wedding band. He is the apartment dweller, learning the harsh financial facts of life prema- turally as telephone, electric, water, food, and rent bills mount and checking ac- counts dwindle. He ' s the one who real- izes too late that apartment parties are great fun when they ' re in someone a representative to the nation. " else ' s apartment. He is the married student, pinching pennies and gleaning income wherever possible, commiserating with fellow mar- rieds and waiting for that long-awaited G Day graduation. Fresh from the mili- tary service and ready to learn, he spends hours on daily Latin assignments and dis- cusses the day ' s problems with a sympa- thetic mate. Finally, he is the omnipotent judge, critic, psychoanalyst, and interpreter of his fellow classmates as he sits in an advanced history course on main currents in American history and mumbles, " There ' s more role-playing going on here than over in the Drama Department. " But above all, he is both great and insignificant. A small man in a large line or a nameless face in an auditorium class, the University student is the most important product of that University its first concern and the only criterion for measuring its success. As Harpers Editor Willie Morris, 33- year-old Texas-ex and Texan editor in 1955-56, wrote in his autobiography, North Toward Home, " We at eighteen or nineteen were only barely beginning to learn that there were ideas, much less ideas to arouse one from one ' s self ... " " The University of Texas had, in its halting unsure, and often frivolous way, to teach those of us with good minds and small-town high-school diplomas that we were intelligent human beings, with minds and hearts of our own that we might learn to call our own, that there were some things, many things ideas, values, choices of action worth com- mitting one ' s self to and fighting for. Yet the hardest task at the University of Texas, as many of us were to learn, was to separate all the extraneous and empty things that can drown a young person there, as all big universities can drown their young people, from the few simple things that are worth living a life by. " 165 Recipient of the Dads ' Associa- tion ' s Most Outstanding Man Award and the Texas Union Leadership Award, Roy Eugene Bates has been a member of the Longhorn Band, the Pre-Law Association, Alpha Kappa Psi, and has served as president of ' AIESEC, an international business fraternity. A Fort Worth senior, Gene has served as chairman of the Texas Union Travel Board and as a member of the Union Executive Council, College of Business Administration Council, and the Fac- ulty-Student Discipline Panel. Serving as secretary of the Texas Union Board of Directors, he also was a Students ' Association Committee Coordinator. Since entering the University, Gene has Outstanding Students retained studies at the top of his " things to-do-well list " believing that -the honors gained from this scholastic effort have been most gratifying to him. I Working with Freshman Orientation for three years has given Eleanor Corless Beasley the greatest satisfaction in what she called an " education in people. " Cor- less, a senior from Houston, has served as vice-president of Spooks and secretary of Orange Jackets. A 1 967 Cacfus Good- fellow, she received the Dads ' Associa- tion ' s Outstanding Woman Award and has served as co-chairman of the Fresh- man Orientation Steering Committee, Operation Brainpower committee chair- man, and president of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. A co-chairman of Campus Chest, she also has been on the Texas Union Grievance and Speakers Committees and Union Leadership Board. Elizabeth Belk, a senior from El Paso, has been secretary of Mortar Board and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Part of President Hacker- man ' s Advisory Cabinet, Libby has par- ticipated in the YAACA tutoring program, Ashbel Literary Society, Model United Nations delegations, and Challenge Re- ception Committee. As a result of her work in the " Y " volunteer program for the St. John ' s Day Care Center, she stated, " Working with children whose goals in life are to be a trash collector has precipitated new goals for me and caused a readjustment of my values. I have learned to understand and come to terms with the world outside the academic community. " A senior from Arcadia, Calif., Steven Sprague Boss was a member of the Stu- dent Engineering Council, T Association, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, and Sigma Gamma Tau. As a member of the varsity swimming squad, Steve held three Southwest Conference records, one NCAA record, and was selected to the NCAA All-American Swimming Team. Named the most valuable swimming athlete at the University, the Delta Tau Delta fra- ternity member was captain of the fresh- man and varsity swimming teams as well as captain of the varsity water polo team. 166 A 1967 Bluebonnet Belle, Kay Boyles, a senior from Karnes City, was a member of Sigma Alpha Eta and has served as president of Alpha Lambda Del- ta and Phi Beta Kinsolving. A member of Orange Jackets, Pi Lambda Theta, and Phi Kappa Phi, Kay also served as president of Mortar Board. For Kay, serving as presi- dent of Mortar Board has been a most gratifying experience. In her words, " It has been more than an honor; it has been a privilege. " She believes that Mortar Board, both nationally and locally, has striven to encourage " well-roundedness " ; that is, to encourage excellence in all areas of University participation. As a student chairman of Operation Brainpower, Christopher Davis Bray con- sidered this program to perpetuate the growth of academic excellence at the University as his most rewarding experi- ence. Chris, a 1967 Cacfus Goodfellow and past member of the varsity football team, has served in the House of Dele- gates and Student Assembly. A senior from Port Arthur, Chris served as treasurer of Order of the Alcalde and was a mem- ber of Omicron Delta Kappa, Texas Cow- boys, and Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. He was a member of Longhorn Singers and co-chairman of the Student Committee on Orientation Procedures. Brenda Joyce Cook, a junior from Harlingen, was a Bluebonnet Belle and one of the Ten Most Beautiful in 1968. She has served as Angel Flight pledge trainer, Texas Today and Tomorrow secretary, Orange Jackets president, Panhellenic Council parliamentarian, and Chi Omega sorority president. Her most satisfying activity, however, has been as a Freshman Orientation ad- viser, " Here you can see the actual results of giving to others. It was a time of rejuvenation and self-evalua- tiona time of measuring myself and my actual accomplishments against the image of me those freshmen had cre- ated, " she commented. Feeling that the Freshman Orien tation program fulfills a vital function for the University, Carolyn Jean Du- Bose believed the four years of work she put into the program have been the most rewarding hours of her Uni- versity activities. The Gonzales senior has been a Freshman Orientation ad- viser for three years and has worked on the Texas Union Leadership Com- mittee, Operation Brainpower, Chal- lenge, Campus Chest, and Round-Up Committees. A member of Orange Jackets, Carolyn has served as presi- dent of Delta Gamma sorority and pledge trainer for Angel Flight. A 1967 Cacfus Goodfellow, she was chosen as a Bluebonnet Belle in 1968. 167 " Say, y ' all, and here ' s what they say about him in his yearbook. " - A. senior engineering student from San Antonio, Philip Lawrence Eiserloh was a member of Omega Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Order of the Alcalde, and Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Philip also has served on the Student Engineering Council, the Texas Union Council, and as En- gineering Assemblyman. A member of Scabbard and Blade Society, Phil was chosen outstanding senior NROTC stu- dent. Intending to enter the Navy after graduation, Phil felt that serving as NROTC Battalion Commander has been most rewarding to him as it gave him an opportunity to exercise both re- sponsibility and initiative. A Texas Cowboy, Philip H. Fleckman thought his association with Cowboy Min- strels has been most rewarding to him. As Phil described it, " Although often criti- cized, the Minstrels always accomplishes its goal, i.e., to make money to support The Austin Council for Retarded Children while bringing outstanding entertainment to the campus. " The Port Arthur senior was also a member of Posse, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, and Phi Beta Kappa. Recipient of the Merc Index Award for the outstanding chemistry stu- dent, Phil served as manager of the track team and was a member of " T " Associa- tion. A member of Phi Sigma Delta fra- ternity, Phil has worked with Freshman Orientation and Operation Brainpower. President of Order of the Alcalde in 1968, Jerry Richard Grammer was also a member of Friars, Delta Tau Delta fra- ternity, and served on Freshman Council, IFC, Freshman Orientation, and Texas Intercollegiate Student Association, of which he was president. A senior from Dallas, Jerry has been an Arts and Sci- ences Assemblyman and was selected as a 1967 Cactus Goodfellow. A member of Texas Cowboys, Jerry stated that this organization has been his most worth- while association at the University. " The Texas Cowboys provide both service and spirit to the University . . . both of these are essential to the maintenance of the traditions and color of The University o Texas, " he noted. i As president-elect of the Texas Union Council, Barbara Ruth Higley commented that her work with the Union has been significant because it developed within her a sense of continuity which has lasted four years. A member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority, Babs served as counselor at University Arms Dormitory. She also has been a Cacfus Goodfellow and Outstand- ing Southern Singer. As an active partici- pant in the Texas Union, Babs, a senior education major from Austin, was chair- man of the Entertainment Committee and member of the Executive Council and vice-president of the Texas Union Council. From her work in the Union, she stated that she has received the feeling of ac- complishment and challenge. 168 A senior from Austin, Robert Allen Higley has found in his work with the Students ' Association " that an ideology of student power can be effected by student responsibility and determination that in- volves every member of the University community. " In addition to his Students ' Association work, Bob was a member of Scabbard and Blade, Order of the Alcalde, and Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Bob also has been active in International Club, Challenge, Model United Nations, and the Texas-Chilean Leadership Exchange. A member of the Faculty-Student Confer- ence Committee, Bob was chosen Dis- tinguished Military Student for 1968. Alan Michael Hoffman, Arts and Sci- ences senior from Austin, believed that through his work with the Texas Student Publications Board he has been able to contribute to the improvement of the Uni- versity ' s publication process and facilities. Mike, a varsity cheerleader, served on the Royal Spirit Organization for the last four years. A member of Phi Kappa Psi frater- nity, Mike held several offices in the fra- ternity, as well as serving on IFC. Other activities for the member of Pi Sigma Alpha and Delta Phi Alpha have included Challenge, Model United Nations, Round 1 - Up, Campus Chest, Student Assembly, and Visiting Fellows. A Freshman Council ad- viser, he was also on the Interdisciplinary Retreat Steering Committee. A government major from Quanah, Kevin Holcomb was a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, and IFC, serving on the Council ' s Varsity Car- nival and Judiciary committees and as chairman of Rush and the IFC Workshop. Kevin also has served on Freshman Coun- cil, as Freshman Orientation adviser, and Interdisciplinary Retreat. A senior, Kevin considered his association with the Texas Cowboys to be his most important activ- ity because it is an organization that " en- deavors to promote the spirit of Texas. " He has served as president, vice-presi- dent, and treasurer of the Cowboys. In addition last year, he was a member of the all-intramural volleyball team. A graduate in engineering, and president-elect of the Students ' Asso- ciation Rostam M. Kavoussi considered organizing the first International Stu- dents Conference his most important activity at the University. Commenting on the problems of organizing the con- ference and its success, Rostam said he has " come to the conclusion that there is nothing a person cannot do. " In addition to his work with the Inter- national Club, Rostam has served as president of the Iranian Students As- sociation and the ASME. A Cacfus Goodfellow in 1967, .the native of Yazd, Iran, has maintained a 2.7 grade average while working on Challenge, as coordinator of the Students ' Associa- tion Exchange Board, and as a Grad- uate Assemblyman. " Let me get a drink, then I want to hear all about that Scholarship. " 169 1 As president of the Texas Union Amateur Radio Society in 1967, Betty Jane Koivula found that organization to be her most rewarding University activity. Betty Jane has been active in the past as a member of the Concert Choir and the Course-Instructor Evalu- ation Committee. The Houston senior has been active in Gamma Delta Epsi- lon as the organizations ' Gammaphone editor and on the pledge training com- mittee. She also is a member of South- ern Singers, House of Delegates, and Executive Council and Board of Direc- tors of the University " Y. " " Ben, we ' re all so proud of you. " The vice-president of Mortar Board, Susan Anne Kolius felt that " as a mem- ber of Mortar Board, I came to know well 24 outstanding senior women. I have profited not only from knowing them as persons, but also from learning of and sharing in their plans and goals. " A mem- ber of Chi Omega sorority, Susan has served as pledge secretary and vice-presi- dent of that organization. The Houston senior also has been a member of Angel Flight, Freshman Council, Round-Up Pro- grams Committee, and the Texas Union Travel Board. A dorm adviser her sopho- more year, Susan also served as a Fresh- man Orientation adviser and was a mem- ber of Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Lambda Theta, Pi Delta Phi, and Sigma Delta Pi. A senior pharmacy major, Larry Ar- nold Krasner was a member of Rho Chi, Phi Delta Chi, Order of the Alcalde, and Phi Sigma Delta fraternity. A 1967 Cacrus Goodfellow, Larry has served as vice- president of the Pharmacy junior class. Larry, a native of Tyler, was also a mem- ber of the Longhorn Pharmaceutical As- sociation and was on the association ' s Ex- ecutive Committee. Larry felt that holding the office of president for Region IV of the American Pharmaceutical Association Student Section was his most important student activity at the University. I A member of the Texas-Chilean Leadership Exchange in 1967, Joseph Ro- land Krier stated that his work with the Students ' Association and Texas Union Board of Directors has been most signifi- cant to him because " we have accom- plished a great deal here to increase rec- ognition of students as responsible and important elements of this community. " Joe, a senior from Denison, was president of the Tejas Club and has served as vice- president and secretary. A member of Order of the Alcalde and the 1968 Com- mittee on Student Organizations, he was chairman of University Party, a Freshman Orientation adviser, and vice-president of Omicron Delta Kappa. 170 ... - .. ' ; Ft A first-year law student from Hous- ton, Barry H. Margolis has served on the Board of Directors of Texas Student Pub- lications, Inc. and on the Texas Union Council and Leadership Board. As a mem- ber of Silver Spurs, he has served as treasurer and social chairman. A member of Phi Sigma Delta fraternity, Barry was active in IFC, serving as its president in 1967-68. He also has served as vice-presi- dent, a member on the Code of Conduct committee, and as chairman of the Ju- diciary and Varsity Carnival committees. Barry commented that while serving as IFC president he has discovered that " understanding the why and the how of fellow citizens is a possession which per- fectly complements classroom learning. " Named Outstanding Texan Worker in 1967, Mary Morphis Moody served as editor of The Daily Texan last year. Mary considered her hours spent working on the Texan as her most rewarding, giving her the opportunity " to learn to be de- pendable, to work with others, to be a follower as well as a leader, to develop professional skills while working in the position of a service organization for the University community. " Mary received the Hearst Editorial Excellence Award and the feature award from the Southwest Jour- nalism Conference. A member of Theta Sigma Phi, the Tyler senior worked on Round-Up Central Committee. A member of the All-Southwest Con- ference basketball team, Gary Wayne Overbeck was selected as the outstanding senior in Texas athletics by American Ath- letes in Action, the athletic division of Campus Crusade for Christ International. In 1967, Gary was chosen Most Valuable Player by his teammates. A senior phar- macy major from Hobbs, New Mexico, he was a member of Kappa Psi, the Uni- versity pharmaceutical society. " I ' m a little worried about my future. " Feeling that programs such as Challenge can make students realize the fulfillment of the University exper- ience, Janette Patterson listed serving as its coordinator as her most reward- ing college activity. A member of Al- pha Chi Omega sorority, Jan also has been active as a member of the House of Delegates, the Student Assembly, and the Student-Faculty Conference Committee. The junior from Austin was a member of Orange Jackets and Al- pha Lambda Delta and has worked with the Panhellenic Council, Round- Up, Freshman Council, Freshman Orien- tation, " Y " Tutoring, and Student Com- mittee on Orientation Procedures. 171 " Have you thought about what you ' re going to do? " Active with the University " Y, " Mike Pettit considered serving as presi- dent his most important activity. In addition, Mike was on the " Y " Board of Directors, co-chairman of the " Y " Cabinet, and a member of the " Y " Human Relations Committee. The senior Houston law student who served on the Moot Court Board was a member of the Texas Union Council, Union Board of Directors, and Round-Up com- mittees. The 1968 abbot of the Friars, Mike was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Union Leadership Award win- ner, and past Cacfus Goodfellow. To Dan Keith Seilheimer, his work with Alpha Phi Omega has been his most significant extracurricular activity at the University. " I have received a great amount of personal benefit from this organization in the form of increased self-confidence and abilities to work with many kinds of people, " explained Dan. A former member of the Longhorn Band, Dan served as APO campus projects director, service vice-president, and presi- dent. The Forth Worth senior also was active in Phi Eta Sigma, Order of the Alcalde, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Friars. The Tejas club member who received the Mike Flynn Award also served on the Texas Today and Tomorrow Steering Committee, as a University " Y " tutor, and chairman of the Election Comrnission. Kiki A. Skandalis regarded serving as president of Upper- Class Advisors as her most rewarding University activity. Kiki felt that the 337 girls serving in the organization made " miraculous con- tributions in peer-to-peer counseling in the residence halls. " A senior from Hous- ton, Kiki majored in education and was a member of TSEA. Other activities for Kiki include International Club, Student- Faculty Committee, Educational Excellence Committee, Student Housing Accommo- dations Committee, and Carothers Dorm- itory advisory chairman. A fifth-year architecture student, Joe Lee Stubblefield believed that " being Architectural Assemblyman was a starting point in becoming a better University stu- dent, and this, in turn, led me to be a more aware architectural student. " Presi- dent of Tau Sigma Delta, Joe was also a Sphinx, serving as 1968 National Chap- ter Coordinator. A member of Alpha Rho Chi, Joe has served as Freshman Orien- tation adviser, and on the Texas Today and Tomorrow Committee, Architecture Student-Faculty Committee, and Architec- tural Council. From Dallas, Joe was selected as a 1967 Cacfus Goodfellow. 172 Feeling his most tangible service to the University has been his person-to- person work in the Freshman Orientation program, Robert Lewis Thompson said his most personally satisfying work has been writing and implementing the new- est student constitution since 1945. Active in the Students ' Association, Bob served as vice-president and was a past Assem- blyman. He also served as chairman of the House of Delegates and Assembly Ap- propriations Committee. Bob was a mem- ber of Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of the Alcalde, Texas Student Publications Board, and the Central Round-Up com- mittee. The Port Arthur senior was a mem- ber of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and was a 1967 Cacfus Goodfellow. A senior from Crockett, James Wil- liam Turner was a member of Order of the Alcalde and Omicron Delta Kappa, which he served as treasurer. Jim, who is a member of Acacia fraternity, has served as CBA Assemblyman and presi- dent of the CBA Council. The 1967 Cactus Goodfellow listed his most significant activity as his participation in the Campus for Christ. Jim explained his choice in that he felt " true happiness and success can never be measured in terms of elected offices or awards, but only in terms of the contribution one makes to the well-being of his fellowman. " Liz Marie Wooldridge, recipient of the Marjorie Darilek Award, has been ac- tive as a Freshman Orientation adviser, and member of Upper-Class Advisors. In addition to serving as treasurer of Mortar Board, Liz was active in Orange Jackets, Challenge, and La Piccola Italia. The sen- ior from McAllen also has been a member of Texas Union Council and Texas Union Student-Faculty Committee chairman. " The enthusiasm and pride generated in our doing something well made each meet- ing perfect for me, " Liz commented. " Each member was independent to fulfill his duties, but the trust established was the dependent factor that made our ener- gies worth every effort. Each task de- manded a responsible member and that made the Student-Faculty Committee im- portant to me. " Former Outstanding Students Still in School Joanie Amacker Lloyd Willis Birdwell Sara Virginia Bullock John Wesley Cardwell Tommy Neal Cowan James Vinson Derrick Jim Harold Derryberry Lloyd Doggett Carolyn Draeger William Dan Driscoll Clif Drummond Harvey Radnor Eanes Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff Thomas Jordan Gentry I. Frank Genzer David Michael Gregory Jim Tom Haynes Anthony Charles Jung David Roy Lambert Terry W. Peterson James Hugh Price Carol Ann Rulfs Terry Oliver Tottenham Pauline Travis " Benjamin, I just want to say one word . . . " " Yes? " " Plastics! " " Plastics? " 173 BMDC Awards The Dads ' Association at The Uni- versity of Texas annually presents an award to two senior students most ex- celling in leadership, scholarship, and service. Last year, Roy Eugene Bates was judged the Most Outstanding Man. A Fort Worth business major, Gene was a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, the Order of Alcalde, Pre-Law Association, Long- horn Band, and president and a na- tional officer in AIESEC, an interna- tional business organization. A recipient of the Texas Union Leadership Award, he has served on the Union Special Projects Committee, Union Board of Directors and Executive Council, Freshman Council, Round-Up Publicity Committee, Entertain- ment Committee, Visiting Fellows, Faculty- Student Discipline Panel, and as chairman of the Union Travel Board. Also exemplifying the ideals of the Dads ' Association, Eleanor Corless Beasley received that organization ' s Most Out- standing Woman Award. A business ad- ministration major from Houston, Corless was a Cacfus Outstanding Student, a former Goodfellow, Spooks vice-presi- dent, Orange Jackets secretary, Operation Brainpower committee chairman, Campus Chest co-chairman, and a member of Texas Union committees. A Kinsolving Dormitory adviser and co-chairman of Freshman Orientation Steering Commit- tee, she has served her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, as president, assistant pledge trainer, and Big-Little Sister chairman. Each year, a male student who best exemplifies the citizenship shown by ex- student Mike Flynn is presented the Mike Flynn Citizenship Award. Dan Keith Seil- heimer, the recipient and a Fort Worth senior, has been Alpha Phi Omega presi- dent, vice-president, Election Commission chairman, and projects and service chair- man. A member of Friar Society, he has been Order of the Alcalde vice-president, a " Y " Tutor, secretary and treasurer of Varsity Hall Cooperative, on-campus com- mittee chairman for Operation Brain- power, and a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Omicron Delta Kap- pa, College House, Tejas Club, Longhorn Band, and the Texas Today and Tomorrow Steering Committee. 174 Marolyn Wittman, an Austin senior, won the Silver Spur Award as the most outstanding senior Greek woman student. A Cactus Goodfellow and recipient of the Students ' Association Award for Distin- guished Service, Marolyn has been affili- ated with Operation Brainpower, Texas Today and Tomorrow Steering Committee, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, and Arts and Sciences Council. Within Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, she has been program and standards chairman. A Freshman Orientation adviser and co-chairman of the Visiting Fellows Committee, she has served on the Texas Union Council, Union Leadership Board, and Union Executive Council for several years. The Spook Award for the outstand- ing international student annually recog- nizes the contributions and loyalties of a foreign student to the University. The award is based on campus leadership, scholarship, friendship, and service. Ros- tam M. Kavoussi, recipient and graduate engineering student from Yazd, Iran, has served as president of the Iranian Stu- dents ' Association, president of the Inter- national Club, and president of the Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers. A former Cacfus Goodfellow, he is presi- dent-elect of the Students ' Association. An Engineering Fellow, Rostam has been a member of Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, and Phi Kappa Phi. He has served as chairman of the undergraduate research fellowship committee and as coordinator of the International Students ' Conference and the Students ' Association Exchange Board at the University. The Most Outstanding Man and Woman in the cooperative housing sys- tem are annually given the Inter-Co- operative Council Award based on the nominee ' s scholarship, junior standing, and their cooperative ' s nomination. Kathy Elizabeth Henson was selected as the Out- standing Co-op Woman. A member of Wakonda House for four years, she has served as social chairman and vice-presi- dent of ICC, Co-op Week chairman, and as a member of Gamma Delta Epsilon. Kathy also has participated in the blind students ' reading program, ICC leader- ship retreats, and the Austin State School golf course project. A past Freshman Council member, she also has participat- ed in ICC leadership retreats. Recipient of the Cooperative Out- standing Man Award was Stephen Grant TerMaath. Serving as president of Men ' s Cooperative Council, Steve was president of Stag Co-op and a resident for four years. A member of Chi Epsilon and the American Society of Civil Engineers, he also was affili- ated with Tau Beta Pi, ICC and MCC advertising committees, and was select- ed a 1968 Cacfus Goodfellow. The most outstanding indepen- dent woman student each year re- ceives the Marjorie Darilek Award. Selections are based upon service to the University, scholarship, and extra- curricular activities. Recipient Liz Marie Wooldridge, a senior from McAllen, has served as a member of Orange Jackets, treasurer of Mortar Board, Freshman Orientation adviser, and as a member of All-Campus Advisors and the Italian Club La Piccola Italia. Treasurer of the 1968 Challenge Col- loquium, Liz has been chairman of the Texas Union Student-Faculty Commit- tee, scholastic sub-committee chairman of the Students ' Association Grievance Committee, and a one-year member of the Texas Union Council. 175 Cactus Goodfellows: Beauty, Brains, and Brawn 1. Wilburn D. Hilton Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha President IFC Code of Conduct Chairman 2. David Arlen DeVoss The Daily Texan Managing Editor Campus Survey Committee Chairman 3. Charles Richard Watson Student Assemblyman Round-Up Parade Co-Chairman 4. D. Kirk Hamilton Student AIA Vice-President Architecture Student Assemblyman 5. Richard Frederick Erdmann Community Involvement Committee Ch airman AIESEC President 6. Rebecca Anne Porter Texas Union Council Union House Committee Chairman 7. Richard Coad Robinson Longhorn Band President Longhorn Band Drum Major 8. Peggy Jane Brzeszkiewicz Orientation Steering Committee Chairman Panhellanic Council 9. James Lyon Ahern Varsity Swim Team Captain Varsity Water Polo Team Captain 10. Kathy Jo Holmes Angel Flight Executive Officer Texas Union Entertainment Committee Chairman 1 1. Paul James Peters Architecture Student Assemblyman Sphinx Vice-President 12. Leonard Gene Schulze Men ' s Co-op Council President A S Council President 13. Lee Byron Faulkner Alpha Kappa Psi President CBA Council Member-at-Large 14. Nancy Lynn Haralson Cordettes Commander Round-Up Showcase Co-Chairman 15. Paul David Angenend APO Election Commission Phi Alpha Theta Vice-President 176 i | .y t V I . . .a Member of Spooks, Panhellenic, Mortar Board 1. Doug Caroom Alpha Phi Omega President Election Commission Chairman 2. Jeanie Ricketts International Students Conference Co-ordinator Curtain Club 3. Beverly Gewertz Round-Up Co-Chairman Gamma Delta Epsilon 4. Donna Lynne Harlan Education Council President Texas Union Leadership Board 5. Charles Guy Hooks Pre-Law Association President Men ' s Glee Club President 6. Stephen Grant TerMaath Men ' s Co-operative Council President Stag Co-op President 7. Colonel Jefferson Davis US Secretary of War Confederate States President 8. Kathy Lohr Longhorn Band Vice-President Tau Beta Sigma President 9. Joe Bob Kinsel Jr. Texas Cowboys Executive Council IFC Code of Conduct Committee 10. Lynn Claudia Ferguson Orange Jackets Upper Class Advisors 1 1. Patricia Jan Ludeman A S Student Assemblywoman Spooks Vice-President 12. Lilly Evelyn Kucera Cordettes Adjutant Panhellenic Council Rush Captain 13. Karolyn Karr Cacfus Section Editor House of Delegates 14. Sharon Leigh Sass Texas Union Council Operation Brainpower 15. Richard Wayne Meyer Alpha Rho Chi Treasurer Texas Today and Tomorrow ..---_ 179 Former Goodfellows Still in School John Lewis Adams Joan Carol Amacker Mary Kathryn Ashworth Judy Karen Barfield Eleanor Corless Beasley Dan Harvey Blanks Jerry D. Box Genie Brackenridge Christopher Davis Bray Thomas Oswell Brightman Sara Virginia Bullock James Eddy Burk Judy Kathryn Byrd Brownie Sue Cashion Tommy Neal Cowan Charles Clay Doyle Clif W. Drummond Carolyn Jean DuBose Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff Susan Elizabeth Epps Carolyn Frances Estes John Catlett Goodman Janet Rose Goren Jerry Richard Grammer Walter Martin Hall William Earl Halstead Jill Annette Harris Oliver Samuel Heard Barbara Ruth Higley Lafe Dyson Hill Terryl Lynn Hobbs Jack LeRoy Howe Nancy Lynne Jostes Rostam M. Kavoussi Larry Arnold Krasner David Roy Lambert James Conrad Lederer Barry Howard Margolis Dwight Oliver Monteith Keith Deaver Moore Dot Nelson Richard Alan Nicholas Carolyn Anita Nichols David Knight Northington Terry W. Peterson Dorothy Louise Plummer Jerome Lee Powell Michael Earl Powell Robert Jay Reining Robin Ritchie Wiley Barry Rountree Pavlos X. Roussos Carol Ann Rulfs Dianne Rush James Benton Rylander Glenn Edwin Staats Nancy Kay Stroup Joe Lee Stubblefield James William Turner Teresa Wang Eva Jeanne Wehmeyer Marolyn Wittman Charles Phillip Zlatkovich 180 . . . " Texas Cowboys, IFC, Sphinx, APO, and Friars 1. Donna Lynn Englander Communication Council President TSP Board of Directors 2. Paula Beth Savage University Sweetheart Art Student ' s Association 3. Sanford Alan Weiner Hillel Foundation President YMCA Tutoring Program 4. Peggy Lynn Clements Texas Union Executive Council Education Council Vice-President 5. Cheryl Ann Burr Cordettes Activities Officer Kinsolving Dorm Adviser 6. Jean Leeper Erdmann Fine Arts Student Assemblywoman CEC Co-Chairman 7. Kenneth Wayne Sparks Student Assembly Parliamentarian MUN General Assembly President 8. Mary Anne Ray Panhellenic Council President Freshman Orientation Adviser 9. Wilfred C. Uecker Army ROTC Brigade Commander Distinguished Military Student 10. Jung Mae Lee Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association President Alpha Kappa Lambda President 1 1. Allan Ross Baker UT Pre-Law Association President Longhorn Band 12. Melinda Elizabeth Hill Round-Up Co-Chairman Campus Chest Auction Chairman 1 3. Betty L. Schuessler AAUN Secretary-General Student Assemblywoman 14. Sallie Cherry Merrill Varsity Cheerleader Freshman Orientation Adviser 15. Madeleine Draeger Orange Jackets Vice-President Texas Union Leadership Board 16. James Winston Chapman Student Committee on Orientation Procedures Chairman Operation Brainpower 17. Nancy Jean Ellison Spooks President Student Committee on Orientation Procedures 18. Mary Lou Grantham Cordettes Chi Omega Vice-President 181 TOP: Marilyn Tipton, corresponding secretary; Kenneth Sparks, parliamentarian; Robert Simp- son, attorney general; Suzan Bell, recording secretary. ABOVE: Frank Smith, Chief Justice. RIGHT: Bob Thompson, Vice-President. Lloyd Doggett, Students ' Association President 182 Students ' : " ' ; Unto Association Acting as the executive and legislative branch of the Students ' Association, the Stu- dent Assembly maintained the necessary inter- action between the student body, faculty, and University administration. Providing student services was a main area of involvement dur- ing the year. The Assembly created an inter- national exchange board to supervise the Chil- ean Exchange Program and to initiate the new student exchange with Peru. In addition, the representative body allocated $1,400 from the money gathered in the 1967 Campus Chest Drive to establish a tape laboratory for blind students on the campus. Expanding student involvement in Uni- versity development, the Assembly achieved control over recommendations for allocation of the $13 semester Student Services fee. The group also participated in negotiations with the Regents and obtained a revision of the Regents ' Rules to ensure student control of the Texas Union and planned construction of an East Side Union. In the area of educational development, the Undergraduate Research Program financed independent, interdisciplinary research proj- ects while the Seminar on Problems of Higher Education provided a non-credit course on the realities of the University administration. In addition, a new Educational Excellence Com- mittee was created by the Assembly. Designed to make improvements in academic advising, the grading system, registration procedures, and teaching methods, the committee had an effective part in the introduction of the lim- ited pass-fail system. The Assembly also instituted many new committees. Helping to alleviate the problems of minority groups on campus was the main purpose of the Minority Student Affairs Com- mittee. With the group ' s aid, the Assembly initiated a campaign against racial discrimina- tion in housing and created a Fair Housing Board to review discrimination complaints re- garding off-campus housing. To encourage student participation in the City of Austin, the Community Involvement Committee was Continued 183 IMS FRONT ROW: Marsha Ann White, Education; Judy Anne Davis, Education Council; Lucy L. Morton, Communication; Pat Jan Ludeman, A S; Susan Lynn Hasslocher, CBA Council; Nannette Muriel Nau, Pharmacy; Jan Patterson, House of Delegates. SECOND ROW: Donna Lynn Englander, Communication Council; Rostam Mehraban Kavoussi, Engineering; Mike Pettit, At-Large; Jerry R. Box, Union; Philip Lawrence Eiserloh, Engineering Council; Kirk Hamilton, Architecture; Bob Allen Higley, A S; Chris D. Bray, House of Delegates; Keith A. Math, Fine Arts Council; Betty L. Schuessler, At-Large. THIRD ROW: Phil W. Lacy, Law; Paul James Peters, Architecture; Charles Richard Watson, House of Delegates; C. Rod Surratt, Law; Joe R. Krier, A S Council; James Hughes Price Jr., Graduate; Rick Lee Harlowe, Engineering; Anthony Field Constant, A S; Ellis Preston Carmichael, Pharmacy Council. NOT PICTURED: Jean C. Leeper Erdmann, Fine Arts; Lee Byron Faulkner, CBA. formed. It provided an extensive program for students interested in day care centers, tu- toring, job referral, and various other types of community assistance. An important bill passed by the voting body was that placing the final selection of the cheerleaders with the Longhorn Band. The bill provided for a professional panel to judge applicants and narrow the initial competition to eight males and eight coeds. Students ' Association costs were cut con- siderably by detailed budgeting in the Round- Up area. The committee which headed this program reduced the amount of money spent in hiring bands and printing programs. Acting favorably in another area of spending, the As- sembly passed a n amendment which raised the monthly salary of the Students ' Association president from $1 75 to $300. Another proposal was made to eliminate the office of vice-president and in its place create three offices: a Vice-President for Aca- demics, a Vice-President for Finance, and a Vice-President for Services. However, the amendment was withdrawn by its author be- cause of partisan controversy. Also discussed was the possible reorganization and move- ment of Freshman Council to the jurisdiction of the Orientation office. However, it was de- cided to leave the Council in the hands of the Students ' Association. Assemblymen considered a proposal concerning Freshman Council. Student Assembly 184 House of Delegates House of Delegates Officers: FRONT ROW: Karen Sue Cook, corresponding secretary; Pennie Kennon, roll secretary; Jessica Elaine Siebel, recording secretary. SECOND ROW: David Howard Rosenberg, vice- chairman; Bob L. Thompson, chairman; Kenneth Wayne Sparks, parliamentarian. Operating under a new constitution for the first time since 1946, the Students ' Asso- ciation widened its base of representation and increased campus interest in the new House of Delegates. The unprecedented problems in organizing a body with more than 200 rep- resentatives began in late October with many questions concerning membership require- ments. However, within four months, the Board of Regents certified House Resolution 1 which repealed the controversial twelve-year old freshman car ban. In January, the Administration acted fa- vorably upon another resolution which al- lowed some residents to break their University dorm contracts because of nearby construction noise. Two other House bills attracted state- wide attention: the " birth-control pill bill " and a resolution calling for the sale of beer in the Texas Union. The " pill bill " was defeated in the House, while the beer measure introduced a conflict with the State regulation against the possession of alcohol on State property. Throughout the year, Delegates consid- ered over thirty resolutions, acting favorably on fifty per cent. Members denounced racism on the campus, supported freedom of expres- sion for all students and faculty, and initiated reforms in registration advising and parking space. The main legacy created within the new House of Delegates was the establishment of a campus forum, a heterogeneous assortment of student delegates representing some 247 campus organizations. Such divergent groups as the Longhorn Band, Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation, Students for a Democratic Society, and Conservative Democrats were members. House committees included Credentials, Rules, Academic Affairs, Activities, and Services. Delegates convened to debate the controversial Texas Union issue. 185 inn New Constitution Spurred Action Presenting the outstanding entertainers in many fields of interest, the Cultural Enter- tainment Committee sponsored a variety of programs for the student body. Some of the main programs featured Sergio Mendes, Simon and Garfunkel, the " Carmina Burana, " the Harkness Ballet, and Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians. The Campus Survey Committee instituted studies concerning the facilities of the Health Center, the proposal change in the University calendar that would schedule finals before Christmas, and the effectiveness and coverage of The Daily Texan. The Grievance Committee initiated many new programs including reports in The Daily Texan, office hours, open meetings, and spe- cial reports to the Student Assembly. The num- ber of gripe boxes available to students for fil- ing complaints was expanded from four to six- teen. Various areas that the Grievance Com- mittee worked on were the freshman car ban, transit system, school calendar, student store, improvement in such student services as blan- ket tax and food in University cafeterias, dor- mitory regulations, book depository systems, and parking in the stadium area. Investigating complaints about living fa- cilities for students, the University Housing Committee attempted to alleviate the many grievances which were brought to its atten- tion. Low cost housing, contracts, married stu- dents ' housing, and dormitory evaluation were some of the areas where the committee was involved. After conducting a survey in the fall, the Library Facilities Committee informed the University Library System of students ' needs. It focused its attention on improvement in such areas as stack permits, loan periods, and xerox machines. Sponsoring the various events of the homecoming week, the Round-Up Committee promoted spirit and unity during the annual celebration. The opening of Showcase, the academic aspect of the week, was presided over by Gov. John Connally at the ribbon- cutting ceremony. Organizations entered the Western Store Fronts Contest, which depicted the Drag in 1883, and the 40-Acres Trail Drive " Instant Parade. " The Round-Up Committee also sponsored a western dance and the Sweetheart Presentation Ball. 1 1 . 8- Composed entirely of law students se- lected by a School of Law committee of stu- dent leaders and professors, the Student Court served as the judicial branch of the University Students ' Association. The Court held the pow- er to hear suits initiated by, for, or against students on matters concerning student gov- ernment. It had original jurisdiction in all cases and controversies arising under the Constitution of the Students ' Association and in cases seeking injunction or mandamus. The representative body legislated appellate juris- diction over election disputes, and its decision in any case was appealable only to the Fac- ulty Appeals Court, a group composed of School of Law faculty members. Justices of the Student Court were left to right: Sam Dealey, David Patterson Smith, Chief Justice Frank Forsythe Smith, Knox Dillon Nunnally, and Michael Shane Brenan. 187 John G. Steele served as director of the Texas Union. " Texas Union Recognizing that much of what students learn they learn from each other and from the faculty in informal association outside the classroom, the Texas Union provided a social center and program enabling University stu- dents to benefit from such an atmosphere. The Union also offered a place for students to eat, work, and have recreation, a place for them to meet and discuss freely and act responsibly in solving their own group problems. In this fashion, the Union helped students become better acquainted with other students and with the workings of the University. Serving as a laboratory of student lead- ership, self-expression, and management, the Texas Union helped to train students for lead- ership in future experiences by providing the means and tools for practicing leadership in everyday life on campus. to FRONT ROW: Mrs. Shirley Bird Perry, program director; Jack Edward Hurley, games manager; Mrs. Virginia Searight, administrative assistant; Mrs. Brucie Taylor, administrative assistant. SECOND ROW: Susan Elizabeth Wagnon, program assistant; Clarence F. Sundberg, building crew fore- man; Harvey Radnor Eanes III, social science research associate; Roger Allen Harvey, arts and crafts supervisor. 188 Dr. Stanley Arbingast Board of Directors Roy Bates Board of Directors Executive Council Jerry Box Board of Directors Executive Council Lloyd Doggett Board of Directors Jack Holland Board of Directors Joseph Krier Board of Directors Dr. Daniel Morgan Board of Directors Mike Pettit Board of Directors Dr. James Roach Board of Directors John Steele Board of Directors Peggy Clements Executive Council Barbara Higley Executive Council As the highest body in the structure of the Texas Union, the Board of Directors was responsible for the over- all program of the Union, its full-time personnel, and its $500,000 budget. Essentially a policy-making body, the Board was concerned with keeping programs responsive to student needs and desires. After several years with a seven-to-five faculty-student ratio, the Union Board was rein stituted by the Board of Regents in January as a stu- dent-majority panel, consisting of four students and one faculty member. The Executive Council was that body that initially discussed new projects to be recommended to the Texas Union Council; coordinated and evaluated activities of the Texas Union chairmen, committees, and clubs; conducted an intensive end-of-the-year evaluation of the Union pro- gram; and sponsored the annual Leadership Awards Con- vocation. It was composed of the president, vice-president for programs, vice-president for personnel, and five other members. Providing personal and group developmental pro- grams, the Texas Union Leadership Board was composed of eight members selected by personal interview. The group sponsored two leadership labs: one was conducted at mid-semester for representatives from campus student organizations while the other was for member schools of Region XI of the Association of College Unions Inter- national. The Leadership Board also sponsored group de- velopment seminars led by doctoral candidates in educa- tional psychology. Not pictured were William David Blunk and Robert Crawford Cotner, Board of Directors; Earl A. Koile, Eleanor Newton, and Shirley Bird Perry, Leadership Board; and Michael AA. Bellamy, Grace Currie, Rostam AA. Kavoussi, Ben Rodriquez, and Betty L. Schuessler, committee chairmen. Pavlos Roussos Executive Council Dianne Rush Executive Council Marolyn Wittman Executive Council Leadership Board Pete Bennett Leadership Board Madeleine Draeger Leadership Board Donna Harlan Leadership Board Patricia Massengale Leadership Board Thomas Perryman Leadership Board Tommy Raye Leadership Board 189 Providing students with films for educa- tion and entertainment, the Films Committee sponsored replays of Longhorn football games, weekend entertainment films, and special pro- grams in conjunction with fall and spring orientation and Challenge. Special projects for the committee included an Alfred Hitchcock Festival, a Marlene Dietrich Festival, a Contem- porary French Film Series, and a comprehen- sive study of the " Film as Art. " Not only promoting campus talent but also bringing famous entertainers to the Uni- versity were the main activities of the Enter- tainment Committee. In the fall, the group presented its traditional Forty Acres Talent Show which featured students of outstanding ability. Other activities included sponsorship of the University choral organizations who sang carols on the Union patio, work with the Union Dance Committee in presenting joint dance-floorshow productions, and the presen- tation of recording stars Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell who made a spring appear- ance. Providing a program of outstanding speakers, for the University community, the Speakers Committee presented Gen. Harold K. Johnson, US Army Chief of Staff; W. Wil- lard Wirtz, Secretary of Labor; CBS News commentator Eric Sevareid; and Hans Mor- genthau of Asian Studies at the University of Chicago. Also responsible for the Visiting Fellows Program, the Speakers Committee in- vited former Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark, who sp ent several days lecturing on campus and visiting the School of Law where he received his education. Union Committees LEFT: Film Committee members advertised for a weekend showing in the Alfred Hitchcock series. BELOW: Singing Christmas carols on the Union patio was an Entertainment Committee event. BOTTOM: The Speak- ers Committee presented CBS News commentator Eric Sevareid. | 190 TOP: The Student-Faculty Committee sponsored a Plan II reception. ABOVE: Students enjoyed lunch while listening to Dr. Richard Adams at a Union Sandwich Seminar. RIGHT: Presenting its annual Travel Fair, the Travel Board offered information from many countries. Helping to enhance relations between the students and faculty at the University, the Student-Faculty Committee sought to develop programs at which all members of the campus community could meet in an informal atmos- phere and become better acquainted. The group sponsored departmental receptions for the Education Council, Graduate School, De- partment of Slavic Languages, and Plan II students. Classroom coffees and student-fac- ulty dinners were also scheduled. Inter-Dis- ciplinary Retreat, a former Students ' Associa- tion committee, was incorporated by the Stu- dent-Faculty Committee. The group presented the topic, " After Affluence, What? " while a spring discussion centered upon, " Social In- security: 453-76-7483. " Created this year, the Ideas and Issues Committee was organized to provide a forum for the discussion of current topics of interest to University students. Activities included the Sandwich Seminar series, beer sessions at Scholz ' with professors, and panel discus- sions. Featured in the year ' s programs were a Sandwich Seminar with Madame Hippie and discussions on " Revolution in Religion Today " and " Legalizing Marijuana the Pros and Cons. " Functioning to encourage student travel in the United States and abroad, Travel Board was a source of information for all students interested in work, study, and travel oppor- tunities. In order to provide this data, Travel Board maintained a set of files containing sources and descriptive brochures; hosted Travel Fairs each semester; sponsored speak- ers from other countries or areas; hosted re- ceptions for those who have or would like to travel; and organized an Orientation Series for students participating in the Texas Union Tour of Europe. In addition, Travel Board published its annual booklet which spotlighted travel in the United States and South America. V- Sponsoring exhibits from both students and institutions, the Fine Arts Committee pro- vided the entire campus with cultural events and services. The group also handled the Art Lending Program which offered prints and original student art work for rent. The com- mittee presented the film showing of Tom Jones ' and Harvey Schmidt ' s " A Texas Ro- mance. " Serving as official hosts of the University, the House Committee created a friendly at- mosphere in the Texas Union. Among the year ' s activities were an Ice Cream Parlor on the patio, " Boil Rice " party before the Texas- Rice game, Dad ' s Day reception, decoration of the Union for Christmas, and the annual recognition banquet for outstanding Union organizations, students, and faculty. Recep- tions were held also for all service organiza- tions ' members, for students visiting from Spain, and for spring semester transfers. Offering new bands the opportunity to play for the campus community, the Dance Committee coordinated dances throughout the year and provided entertainment for Uni- versity students and faculty. The group dec- orated the ballrooms, served refreshments, and publicized all after-game dances. In ad- dition, they sponsored a Dad ' s Day dance, Christmas party, and a spring Las Vegas Night. " I ... The Starting Point " was the topic for the Challenge ' 68 Colloquium which ex- plored the emerging individual ' s relationships in contemporary society. TOP: Fine Arts Committee members discussed the play, " Blood Wedding, " with Miguel Ergio Gonzalez- Gerth, assistant professor of Romance languages. ABOVE: The House Committee trimmed a tree for the Texas Union at Christmas. LEFT: Students en- joyed the rock of the local bands at Union dances throughout the academic year. m Union Committees, Committee Chairmen Jack Droitcourt Fine Arts Jeanie Ellison Dance Beth Herring Curtain Club Kathy Holmes Entertainment Bronwen Lemmon Travel Board Larry Long Speakers Jennie Mackenzie House Paul Radde Challenge Sharon Sass Ideas and Issues Liz Woolridge Student-Faculty A Challenge audience listened to Dr. Ira Iscoe, University professor, speak on " The Multiversity: How Personal? " The Challenge Executive Council included Paul Radde, Gloria Shoss, Jan Patterson, coordinators, William Smyth, Judith Gibson, Jan Wright, William Slaton, John Stokes, Peggy Brzeszkiewicz, Diane Lequeux, and Liz Wooldridge. 193 DANCE COMMITTEE FILM JEANIE ELLISON, chairman Sherry K. Baird Janey Ellen Billings Steve Alan Burkett Harvey Lee Case III Charlcie Jo Devlin Patricia E. Dooley Ann Dusek Mary Elizabeth Emrick Nancy Jeanne Grant Ronnie Gene Greening Tom Bailey Hall Karen N. Krakower Ginger L. Langholz David Lawlor Larry Lynn Lester Tina Elaine Luterman Larry B. Morphew Juan A. Ochoa Carolyn Sue Reynolds Rita Elizabeth Sauls Barbara llene Schonwald Janet Marie Smith Cynthia Lee Strauss Wayland Wong ENTERTAINMENT KATHY JO HOLMES, chairman Nancy Paule Anderson Martha Lou Boston William Priddy Boyd Alphonce Joseph Brown Carolyn Jean Butler Candy Joy Cheek Mary Elizabeth Colbert Nancy Ella Criswell Kathy Marguerite Cummings Diane Davis Judy Anne Davis Sharyl Denise Davis Leslie Fierman Saundra Louise Goodson Marilyn Jane Herring Martha LaNan Hooker Kaki Jane Hoover Mindy Koen Barbra Deen Mann Kathy Dalton McCarty Mike C. McWilliams Patrick Oneil Alfredo Pena Janet M. Pennyculck William R. Ross Martha Jean Thornton MICHAEL M. BELLAMY, fall chairman GRACE CURRIE, spring chairman Betty Ann Birdwell Janet Harriet Brueck Amelia R. Canales Cynthia R. Chapman Kathryn Ann Coxe Linda Joyce Curtino Dennis Lee Elam Richard S. Garfinkel Richard Holmes David Horwitz Sylvia Beth Hughes Judy Ann Karney Michal Anne Lord Maria E. Maldonado Frances McAlpine Lissa Nalle John M. Pope Mary Lynn Rice Rita Gladys Richards Lynda Gayle Rogers James Robert Sergeant Alan Douglas Winter FINE ARTS JACK DROITCOURT, chairman Julia Bearden Margaret Ann Johnson Karen Keel Patricia Sue Kelly Bitsy Kilday Judy Marten Genie McDonald Elizabeth Rempe Susan Ross Pamela Saegert Cynthia Salinas Virginia Lee Scofield Joan Skelton C. Louise Slade Olva Stewart Peyton Lee Thompson Deborah Williams Patty Williams HOUSE JENNIE MACKENZIE, chairman Beth Susan Aaronson Decie D. Ankenman Committee Members Tina Badt Betsy Maurice Bergman Nancy Blanton Marilyn Block Phyllis Brown Claudia Campbell Nancy Elizabeth Carlisle Diana Der Bing Jamie Sue Dollahite Carol Ann Grossman Charles Marion Hassell Melinda Elizabeth Hill Melanie Holland Rebecca Jean Holmes Rebecca Jacks Jeanette Kathryn Jenkins Carol Ann Kinsman Sherril Jane Kirschner Mary Virginia Kowalski Susan Delanie Lenthe Jane Loveft Debra Jean Mann Ann Murchison Margaret Parker Robert E. Pennington John Shawn Piper Andrea Beth Rudd Esther Marlene Skibell Becky Smith Bonnie Lee Straw Kay Lynn Wolters Patricia Hays Yarbrough IDEAS AND ISSUES SHARON LEIGH SASS, chairman Melinda Hilton Brooks Laura Clyburn Melinda Louise Diels Beth Ann Eldridge Ellen Rose Fein Janet Ann Gardner Brenda Ann Guenther Dan Barker Hagan Harriet Hahn Lucinda Boylen Hanks Patty Marie Haralson Kathryn Neil Harrison Bob Heath Barbara Bartholow Henry Mary Lynne Holm Melinda Ann Lewis Greg E. Lucia Judy Ellen Matthews Ada Jean McKown Nancy Lynn Merritt Charlotte Ann Moser Jim Reid Porter Jessica Elaine Siebel Linda Joyce Simpson Wright Williams SPEAKERS LARRY LONG, chairman Mary L. Bailey Judy K. Barefield Libby Belk Sharon Lillian Bennett William Louis Brewer Nancy Jean Browder Mary Josie Cain Roxanna Dunn Ann Elizabeth Fuller William Duke Greenhill Charles Earl Grob Carol Gwynne Harris Jacob Madison Henshaw Eugene Hunt Gail Johns Jennifer Karolyn Jordan Katherine Inga Jordan Terrence Albert Kuhlmann Mary Celeste Krier Gwen E. Larsh Steven Sanor Livingston John Byron Mayo Cherri Lynn Oakley Beverly Gene Robinson Carolyn Dianne Rodgers James Richard Ross Karen DeLura Rowlett Mary Therese Schwendeman Sandra Lee Smith Sharon Ann Staats Lester Allison Stuewer Cary Elizabeth Taylor Deborah Louise Vanderveld Robert Erie Wehmeyer STUDENT-FACULTY LIZ MARIE WOOLDRIDGE, fall chairman BEN RODRIGUEZ, spring chairman Marjorie Lynn Brand Nancy Jo Brett Mollie Allen Childs Sharon Lynn Cohen Sherry Jean Davis David Arlen DeVoss Lauren Lynn Eaton Nancy Gail Etheridge Nancy Carol Flodine Rogene Gee Jerry Robert Gips Susan Lynn Hasslokher Judith A. Hirtenstein Jerry Hunnicutt Mary Tom Keller Georgia Elaine Maxwell Nancy Lee Notley James Michael Penny David Jerome Pittman Carol Joan Rhew Martha Lee Roberts Connie L. Sanders George Edwin Schaefer Cynthia Jane Tate Anthony Torrentinos Mary Alice Tudor Steve Van Charles Rick Watson Judy Ruth Whyman TRAVEL BOARD BRONWEN K. LEMMON, chairman Catherine Renee Barsalou Janice Lynn Butler Ronald Lowell Chaffin Hector Richard Esparza Gail L. Gardner Anne Torrey Gwin Mary Beth Hall Sandra Lynn Hrncir Elizabeth Ann Isenhower Barbara Kay Kasch Paul Stanley Knight Mary Jane Mitchell Elizabeth Jean Nickell Patrick P. Smith Suzanne Trout Sharon Lynne Volosin 194 := - The International Festival featured singing and dancing from many countries Union Clubs Providing opportunities to meet people from different countries, the International Club sponsored dances, international suppers, and programs on dating, marriage, and world religions. The Christmas bazaar offered items from various countries for sale, while the In- ternational Students ' Conference held in March brought together American and foreign stu- dents from across the United States to discuss the problems of developing nations. Officers included Rostam Kavoussi, president; Stephen Donwerth, vice-president; Beverly Jeschke, secretary; and Uma Devi Ravipaty, treasurer. Hosting 650 delegates from twenty-four different schools across the nation, the Model United Nations convened for its eighth annual session in March. The General Assembly di- vided into two political committees to pass preliminary resolutions. Among other bills, the two committees considered the South African question, refugees, Vietnam, and a bill attempting to stabilize the world ' s econ- omy. The session climaxed when the Security Council acted upon the controversial issue by replacing Nationalist China ' s credentials with those of Red China. Betty L. Schuessler served as Secretary-General, while Kenneth Sparks was President of the General Assembly. One of the oldest clubs on campus, the CURTAIN CLUB began a new tradition in edu- cational theater with the establishment of a theater company within the club. The Union granted a scholarship to the director in order to make this possible. Such plays as " Waiting for Godot, " " A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum, " and " The Homecom- ing " were produced. Douglas Dyer served as director, while Beth Herring was chairman. Thailand delegates to Model United Nations considered a proposal carefully. Curtain Club members produced " The Three Penny Opera. ' 195 Jff Texas " Today and Tomorrow Founded in 1962, the Texas Today and Tomorrow program provided information about the University, help- ing to develop a knowledgeable student body of today who will be interested alumni in future years. Teams of TTT cpmmitteemen, accompanied by a faculty member, presented to student groups factual programs pertaining to the history and development, future plans, and prob- lems of UT. The committee, sponsored by the University Development Board, fulfilled an integrative function in providing a situation where students, faculty, and admin- istrators could enjoy open discussion concerning the many aspects of the University. PARTICIPANTS BRENDA JOYCE COOK, chairman THOMAS B. McGREGOR, vice- chairman Charlynn A. Anderson William Thomas Belt Madeleine Draeger Janis Carole Edmonds Karen Jo Elliott Frank Genzer Gary Ernest Griffith Dean Jack Holland David Crittenden Hooper Gregory D. Hooser Sylvia Beth Hughes Henrietta Jacobsen Joe Bob Kinsel Jr. Earl A. Koile Patricia Jan Ludeman Richard Wayne Meyer Keith Denver Moore Charlotte Ann Moser Calvin Cleave Nolen Claude Pardue Shirley Bird Perry Thomas B. Ferryman Ben Rodriguez Dianne Rush Dan Keith Seilheimer Joe Lee Stubblefield Steve Van Martha F. Wilkes Marolyn Wittman Operation Brainpower Operation Brainpower informed outstanding h igh school students, particularly National Merit Scholars and valedictorians, about the various educational opportuni- ties available at The University of Texas. As a working partner in the educational process, the Ex-Students ' As- sociation recruited the services of hundreds of alumni " talent scout " volunteers and coordinated their efforts with those of UT students, faculty members, and Students ' Association representatives in a high school visitation program. Throughout the state these teams related " The University of Texas Story " through slide-tape presentations and informal discussion meetings. Some of the cities vis- ited included Dallas, Fort Worth, Corpus Christ!, and Cor- sicana. " Return-the-Favor " scholarships, combining money raised by local Texas Exes Clubs with matching grants from the Ex-Students ' Association, provided grants up to $500 for talented incoming freshmen selected in their local communities by Texas Exes Clubs. During the year seventy-three students attended the University as " Return- the-Favor " scholars. The " Case for Texas " committee was led by Philip Fleckman. Members included Corless Beasley, Dan Harve Blanks, Christopher Davis Bray, James Winston Chapman Jr., Carolyn Jean DuBose, Forrest Frank Hopkins, Mary Lou McClelland, Cherry Morrill, Dot Nelson, Velma Lacey Pipkin, Dianne Rush, Dan Seilheimer, and Wendy Elizabeth Withers. Orientation During the summer, four orientation sessions helped to introduce new students, freshmen and transfers, to the University. These meetings, along with the smaller fall and spring orientation programs, were staffed by student advisers who were chosen by the Student Committee on Orientation Procedures and approved by the Orientation Policy and Procedures Committee. At the summer sessions, the newcomers were pre- sented with a broad picture of University procedures, in- cluding educational opportunities, registration, housing, and social functions. Activities such as informal coffees with professors, visits to classes in session, and academic forums helped to orientate the students to University life. Study habits and classroom procedures were discussed in nightly " wing meetings, " while Union dances were sched- uled to help new students become acquainted. Student Committee on Orientation Procedures PEGGY BRZESZKIEWIEZ, co-chairman WINSTON CHAPMAN, co-chairman Jim Averitt Justin Campbell Walter Demond Roxanna Dunn Jeanie Ellison Nancy Jo Fluery Jim Guleke Ricky Gump Richard Nicholas Nancy Notley Jan Patterson Karen Scruggs Skip Shumpes ADVISERS Judy Anne Amacker William Austin William Birdwell Judith Britt Alphonce Brown Cheryl Burr Jacquie Campbell Robert Clarke Louise Coerver Lynn Cohen Carol Conner Brenda Cook Kay Copeland Tom Craddock Mike Davidoff Judy Davis Madeleine Draeger Dianne Duncan Arthur Estes Mike Fite Hennen Fleeter Simon Ford William Francis Frances Fuller Dale Gillette Kelley Guest Alfred Holcomb Kathy Holmes Maureen Howe Jackie Kimbrough Joe Bob Kinsel Joseph Krier Laura Lehmberg Larry Long Pat Ludeman Thomas McGregor Mike McLean Linda Marmion Cherry Morrill Ann Murchison Eleanor Newton Cherri Oakley Charles Parker Kirby Parsons Thomas Perryman Dorothy Plummer Mary Ray Victor Rogers Steve Schleler Susan Scott Edwin Sharpe Stephen Silverman Daisy Sloan Donna Smith Edgar Ashley Smith Janet Stone Joe Stubblefield Sherry Swesnik Richard Tingley Richard Wallenstein Charles Watson Martha Wilkes Liz Wooldridge 196 FRONT ROW: David Hooper, James Hitt, Patricia Bateman, Randolph Burwell, Joseph Krier. SECOND ROW: Linda Latimer, Melinda Waggener, Sharon Ahrens, Suzanne Dallas, Margaret Haggstrom. THIRD ROW: Martine Stemerick, Elizabeth Kernodle, Kenneth Nowotny, Thomas Deal, Antonio Alvarado, William Dunn, Marolyn Wittman. FOURTH ROW: Stuart Couch, Paul Gingrich, Stephen Seaquist, Leonard Schulze, Frank Wood, Mark Bierner, David Moller. A S Council To improve student-faculty relations within the largest college on the campus was only one of the many purposes of the Arts and Sciences Coun- cil. One representative was appointed by the chair- man of each department to serve until he grad- uated. Thus, these students were in direct contact with both the undergraduates and the instructors of their respective departments. In their appointed capacity, the A S Council members approached the faculty-at-large, department chairmen, and the Dean concerning problems brought to them by other undergraduates in the College. During the year, the Council requested that students be given a voice in the selection of the new Dean. In addition, the investigation of the various departmental problems in the College ex- pressly concentrated on a Plan I revision proposal. Another project included a publicity program in- forming Arts and Sciences students about the vari- ous ways the Council could aid them. This pro- gram centered around an Undetermined Majors Seminar which provided valuable information and conferences for students who were seeking fields of interest. Fall officers chosen were Patricia Bateman, president; Randy Burwell, vice-president; Sharon Fertsch, secretary; Rita Richards, assistant secre- tary; David Hooper, treasurer; Joe Krier, assembly- man; and Stephen Seaquist, House of Delegates member. Elected in the spring were Leonard Schulze, president; ' Pamela Morrison, vice-presi- dent; Diane Mclver, secretary; and Antonio Al- varado, treasurer. Members of the Council for this year includ- ed Paul David Angenend, American studies; Peggy Jan Mills, anthropology; Pamela Ann Morrison, Asian studies; Mark William Bierner, botany; Ste- phen Randall Seaquist, classics; Kenneth Ray No- wotny, economics; Joseph H. Roquemore, Eng- lish; Melinda A. Waggener, geography; Suzanne Dallas, geology; Leonard Gene Schulze, Germanic languages; Joseph Roland Krier, government; Frank Michael Wood, history; Linda Latimer, home economics; William E. Dunn, international studies; Paul Schuyler Gingrich, Latin American studies,- Sharon Linn Ahrens, linguistics; David Crittenden Hooper, microbiology; Stuart Walton Couch, Mid- dle Eastern studies; Martine Stemerick, philosophy; Tommy Deal, physics; Elizabeth Arlisse Kernodle, psychology; Margaret Allen Haggstrom, romance languages; Patricia Yvonne Bateman, slavic lan- guages; Marolyn Wittman, sociology; Antonio Al- varado, Air Force ROTC; David Nelson Moller, Army ROTC; Randolph Carter Burwell, Naval ROTC; Alphonse Joseph Brown Jr., men ' s PE; Diana B. Mclver, women ' s PE; Sharon Lynne Fertsch, Plan II; Penelope Warren and Byron Tal- mage Sansom, graduate observers; and Rita Gladys Richards, psychology observer. 197 CBA Council FRONT ROW: Lee Faulkner, Victor Rogers, Kelley Guest, John Dealy. SECOND ROW: Frank Mauro, James Snow, Howard Shapiro, Ben Brooks, Nancy Stafford, Ronald Ladin. THIRD ROW: Nancy Nasits, David Swanson, Tieman Dippel Jr., Nikolai Kerpachar, Ronald Janda, William Minyard III, Vernon Bingham, Robert McCleskey. FOURTH ROW: Steve Rice, Albert Napier, Billy Wilson, Max Tarbox, Wesley Ray Jr., Terry Lutz, Robert Carter, John Specht Jr., Charles Taylor Jr., Richard Giesecke, Mark Calhoun, Devereaux Huffman. NOT PICTURED: James Turner. Composed of forty members, the College of Business Administration Council served as the of- ficial channel for student participation and evalu- ation within the College of Business. The Council coordinated not only the seventeen organizations within the College but also the independently elected student and faculty members into a rep- resentative and effective means of student repre- sentation. The Council unified the organizations within the College by honoring the presidents of business organizations at the first annual CBA banquet. In addition, the Council also dealt suc- cessfully with problems such as lengthening li- brary hours and providing student lounge facilities. In the spring, the group sponsored the annual College of Business Administration Week pro- gram. Outstanding businessmen were brought into classroom situations to discuss topics in their par- ticular fields of interest in an effort to better ac- quaint students with the future problems they would face. Highlighting the week was the CBA Convocation when ten outstanding students, five outstanding alumni, and three teaching excellence awards were presented. The main speaker for the occasion was Allan Shivers, president of the United States Chamber of Commerce and former Governor of Texas. Leading the Council were James William Turner, president; John Hollis Dealy, vice-presi- dent; Kelley A. Guest, treasurer,- Beth Ward, sec- retary; Susan Lynn Hasslocher, assemblyman; Lee Byron Faulkner and Garey Britton Spradley, mem- bers-at-large; Max Ralph Tarbox, presidential as- sistant; Camille Pickens, sweetheart; and D. AA. Huffman, Fred E. May, Stanley Arbingast, and Edmund Clayton Lynch, faculty advisers to the Council. Class officers included Terry Wayne Lortz, president; David Laurin Swanson, vice-president; and Billy Wayne Wilson, secretary from the senior class; Richard L. Giesecke, president; Mark A. Cal- houn, vice-president; and Nikolai Kerpchar, sec- retary from the junior class; Howard Shapiro, president; James Edward Snow, vice-president; and Frank Louis Mauro, secretary from the sopho- more class; Ronald M. Ladin, president; Benjamin A. Brooks III, vice-president; and Nancy Stafford, secretary from the freshman class. The various organizations within the Council were represented by the following: John Ernest Specht Jr., ABAC; Adolphus Wesley Ray, Actuarial Club; Roy Eugene Bates, AISEC Texas,- Ronnie G. Janda, Alpha Kappa Psi; Tieman Henry Dippel, American Finance Association,- William Alexander Minyard III, American Marketing Association,- Ver- non Jarrell Bingham, Delta Nu Alpha; Charles A. Taylor, Delta Sigma Pi; Bob Alvin McCleskey, In- surance Society; Nancy Ann Nasits, Pi Omega Pi; Bob Carter, Real Estate Society; Steve Travis Rice, SAM; and H. Albert Napier, MBA Council. 198 Communication Council Serving as the youngest of all college coun- cils, the Communication Council was the repre- sentative body for all students within the School of Communication. Speech, Journalism, and Radio- Television-Film, the three departments of the School, were each represented while honor and interest organizations also held membership posi- tions. With the beginning of the Council in 1966, the body increased from a committee of six to a working group of seventeen. The Council provided for the development of student participation and served as a means for students and faculty to work together on problems and projects. Various programs for the year included evaluating courses, holding coffees for freshmen and transfer stu- dents, planning Round-Up Showcase, assisting CLASP, and working with the University Inter- scholastic League. Donna Englander, assemblywoman for the School of Communication, led the Council as chairman. Members were William Craig Anderson and Barry M. Cohen, Radio-T.V.-Film; Judy Beaver and Lynnell Jackson, Journalism; Teresa Jane Branscombe, Sigma Alpha Eta; Monica Irene Davis, Alpha Epsilon Rho; Lucy L. Horton, assemblywom- an; Richard E. Houser, PRSSA; Dotty Newhouse, Gamma Alpha Chi; Carolyn Anita Nichols, Kappa Tau Alpha; Rena Maria Pederson, Theta Sigma Phi; Jane Purcell, House of Delegates representa- tive; Rachel Spohn, Speech Association; and James Paul Stewart, Alpha Delta Sigma. Faculty members included Norris G. Davis, Department of Journal- ism chairman; Stanley T. Donner, Department of Radio-T.V.-Film chairman; DeWitt Carter Reddick, School of Communication Dean; and Jesse J. Villarreal, Department of Speech chairman. FRONT ROW: Lynnell Jackson, Jane Purcell, Donna Englander, Dorothy Newhouse, Carolyn Nichols, Rachel Spohn. SECOND ROW: Monica Davis, James Stewart, Dr. DeWitt Reddick, Richard Houser, Rena Pederson. 199 Education Council The Student-Faculty Council served as the of- ficial channel for student participation in policy formulation and evaluation in the College of Edu- cation. The Council created divergent student ac- tivities and provided a means for student and fac- ulty members to work together on problems and special projects. In the spring, new members of the Council were chosen in a College election. The Council ' s main project for the year was " Expo Education, " a colloquium to help education majors with their curriculum and job plans. In addition, Council members served as advisers during registration week and held teacher evalua- tions both semesters. In order to aid communica- tion in the College of Education, suggestion boxes and bulletin boards were set up in Wooldridge and Sutton Halls. Fall officers included Cheryl Dean Shinbaum, president; Peggy Lynn Clements, vice-president; and Bryna Joyce Bein, secretary. Leaders in the spring were Donna Lynne Harlan, president; Judy Anne Davis, vice-president; and Marsha White, secretary. Judy Anne Davis filled the position of assemblyman and Natalie Carter Barraga, John Ormand Rodgers, Clark Cyrus Gill, Janet R. Ny- mann, and John Donald Pulliam were faculty mem- bers on the Council. Student representatives included Bryna Bein, Peggy Clements, Judy Davis, Carol Beth Goldman, Donna Harlan, Elizabeth Ann Houston, Susan Hyde, Linda Ikins, Vicki Kaplan, Laura Anne Oz- mun, Rebecca Anne Porter, Dianne Rush, Elizabeth Shelby, Cheryl Dean Shinbaum, Sharon Ann Staats, Marsha White, and Cheryl Anne Zimmerman. Members elected in the spring were Catherine Baumstark, Susan Blackburn, Cindy Bowden, Flor- ence Donald, Diane Frank, Janet Pennycuick, Har- riet Reynolds, Daisy Sloan, Tana Stevenson, Martha Treschwig, Jan Willoughby, and Dana Yarbrough. FRONT ROW: John O. Rodgers, Janet R. Nymann, Bryna Bein, Cheryl Shinbaum, Natalie C. Barraga, John D. Pulliam. SECOND ROW: Becky Por- ter, Laura Ozmun, Cheryl Zimmerman, Liz Shelby, Marsha White, Donna Harlan, Sharon Staats, Vicki Kaplan, Judy Davis, Dianne Rush, Carol Gold- man, Elizabeth Ann Houston. 200 FRONT ROW: Roger Barras, Philip Daily, James Kelsey, John Cardwell, Richard Harlow, Leonardt Kreisle. SECOND ROW: David Fowler, Fred- erick Wiegand Jr., Christopher Maynord, Lawrence Johnson, Ronald Robertson, Charles Voorhees. THIRD ROW: Steven Boss, Hugh Mcllwain, Gary Ferguson, Philip Eiserloh, Richard Winter, llhan Sener, Emmett Wassell, Richard Maxwell. FOURTH ROW: David Rae, Mike Cavalier, Norman Koepnick, John Gilmore Jr., Ronnie Greening, Robert Schluter, Edgar Oelkers Jr. Engineering Council The Student Engineering Council, consisting of the president and two representatives from each professional and honorary engineering society, represented the students of the College of En- gineering. The Council sought to act as a coordi- nating body for all the activities of the member societies, as well as to promote good will, spirit, and tradition within the College. In accomplishing these goals, the Council built and maintained the Taylor T Room in the basement of Taylor Hall, which provided a meeting place for small talk, class discussion, and a quick cup of coffee. In addition, the Council sponsored its annual spring Engineering Sweetheart Election and announced the results at the Engineers ' Ball. Later in the semester, the Engineering Power Show was presented. This exhibition served as the Coun- cil ' s window to industry, to prospective students, and to the University. Displays by professional societies, research groups, and individuals showed some of the many facets of the engineering pro- fession. Officers of the Student Engineering Council for the fall were James Robert Kelsey, chairman; John Wesley Cardwell, vice-chairman; Philip Louis Daily, treasurer; Steven Woodrow Hill, recording secretary; Roger Edward Barras, corresponding secretary; and Richard Lee Harlow, Vector editor. Spring leaders included John Wesley Cardwell, chairman; Philip Louis Daily, vice-chairman; Ron- ald Gene Greening, treasurer; Richard Nelson Win- ter, recording secretary; John Marvin Gilmore, cor- responding secretary; and Richard Lee Harlow, Vector editor. David Wayne Fowler and L. F. Kreisle served as advisers while Philip Lawrence Eiserloh filled the position of assemblyman. Peg- gy Jane Brzeszkiewicz was chosen Engineering Sweetheart. Society members were Lawrence Grider Johnson and David S. Rae, AAAE; Charles Samuel Cotropia and Richard Nelson Winter, AIAA; James H. Hasty, Christopher Wiley Maynord, and James Bryan Hicks, AlChE; Barry Lynn Faulkner, Emmett E. Wassel, and Ronald Wayne Robertson, AIME; William John Neese Jr., Michael E. Cavalier, and Samuel David Ellison, ASCE; Roger Edward Barras, Gary M. Ferguson and Steven Eric Van Vliet, ASME; Henry Grady Rylander III, Ronnie Gene Greening, and Hugh Tom Mcllwain Jr., IEEE; Alan Woods Nalle and Frederick W. Wiegand Jr., SAME; Robert Lawrence Schluter, TSPE; John Martin Gilmore, Eta Kappa Nu; Phil Lawrence Eiserloh, Omega Chi Epsilon; llhan Sener, Pi Epsilon Tau; Edgar Oelkers Jr., Pi Tau Sigma; C. Gene Voorhees, Sigma Gamma Tau; and Richard Dixon Maxwell, Tau Beta Pi. 201 Pharmacy Council Acting as the representative body for all students registered in the College of Pharmacy, the Council was composed of the presidents and vice-presidents of each class, the presidents of the pharmaceutical fraternities, the president and vice-president of the student branch of the Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association, and the assembly- man from the College of Pharmacy. The main purposes of the Pharmacy Council were to pro- mote a better relationship between .students and faculty of the College, to coordinate student ac- tivities, and to represent student opinion. Striving to help educate the general public on pharmaceutical and health matters, the Council sponsored a program in the spring on birth con- trol. Dr. Joseph DesRosiers, a noted gynecologist, was the guest lecturer. Another project of the group included a course evaluation survey which recorded students ' ideas concerning the effective- ness and applicability of their particular classes. The year ' s officers were Sammy Charles Bell, president; Ellis Preston Carmichael, vice-president and assemblyman; and Carmela A. Garcia, secre- tary-treasurer. Council members included Richard Earl Beck, Kappa Psi; S. Neal Blackstone, second professional year class president; Woodrow Mi- chael Brimberry, second year vice-president; Rich- ard John Davis, Phi Delta Chi president; Ernest David Henry, Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association vice-president; Anthony Charles Jung, Rho Chi president; Roger Orrsia King, pre-pharmaceutical vice-president; Jung Mae Lee, Longhorn Pharma- ceutical Association president; Nannette Muriel Nau, first professional year class president; Warren F. Neely, senior class president; Alan Marshall Tanowitz, first year vice-president; and Ronald Alan Wiltse, pre-pharmaceutical class president. Dean Joseph B. Sprowls served as adviser. SEATED: Jung Mae Lee, Ellis Carmichael, Sammy Bell, Alan Tanowitz, Richard Davis, Carmela Garcia. STANDING: Ronald Wiltse, Richard Beck, Ernest Henry, Roger King, Nannette Nau, Warren Neely, Neal Blackstone, Dean Joseph Sprowls, Mike Brimberry. 202 TSP Board of Directors Most important during the year for Texas Student Publications Inc. was the approval by the Regents of the new TSP building as part of the proposed communications complex sched- uled for construction in 1969. That central housing will include the three departments of the School of Communication, the Center for Communication Research, and the seven pub- lications of TSP. The Board of Directors consisted of five student and four faculty members with the responsibility of publishing The Daily Texan, The Summer Texan, the Cacfus yearbook, Tex- as Ranger magazine, R ' afa literary magazine, and the Student Directory. It appointed edi- tors, approved budgets, and formulated all policies of the corporation. A controversial advertising policy for the Texan, avidly en- dorsed by the Students ' Association, passed the Board but was later, after much debate over journalism ethics and the presentation of a petition from Texan staff members, re- scinded by a close vote. Voting board members included Chair- man Lloyd Doggett, Alan Michael Hoffman, Stan Louis McLelland, Norris G. Davis, Olin Ether Hinkle, Charles Clark, Charles Bonjean, Donna Englander, William Crawford Parish, and Robert Lewis Thompson. David DeVoss Texan Managing Editor Dr. Charles Clark Business Statistics Loyd Edmonds General Manager Stan McLelland Student Assembly Robert Hilburn Editorial Manager Robert Thompson Student Assembly William Parish Student Assembly Lafe Hill Cacfus Editor Lloyd Doggett Chairman Lela Abernathy TES Editor Olin Hinkle Journalism Jack Holland Dean of Students Robert Burns Ranger Editor James Hollas Texan Managing Editor IP- ?1 Mary Morphis Moody Texan Editor Kirk Wilson Riafa Editor Donna Englander Student Assembly Michael Hoffman Student Assembly 203 I Robert Inderman, Editorial Page Assistant Mary Morphis Moody, Editor-in-Chief Richard Hill, Assistant Managing Editor Leslie Donovan, Amusements Editor 204 The Daily lexan Jenna Bell, Features Editor James E. Hollas, Fall Managing Editor David DeVoss, Fall News Editor and Spring Managing Editor Margaret Anne Patterson, Panorama Editor Marked during the year by continuing trends set before in typographical make-up, The Daily Texan student newspaper placed new emphasis on in-depth reporting to get behind the day ' s events through the inter- pretive story and editorial page columns. As a journalism laboratory to simulate professional conditions, the Texan published five days a week a morning journal reporting campus news events and, through the serv- ices of The Associated Press, printed state, regional, national, and international news. In May, the Vexan won first place over-all and seven individual awards in the Southwestern Journalism Congress newspaper contest. 205 Toni Bracher, Fall Associate Editor 13BS Cactus The production of the 1 968 Cacfus year- book has been an attempt to capture the Hap- penings ' 68 in ink on paper. Under Editor Lafe Hill ' s unrelenting whip, a staff of 50 slaved from registration to graduation solicit- ing and assembling the photographs and text necessary to produce 61 2 pages of the Uni- versity ' s official memory book. In addition to editorial assistant Jim Kemp, ten section editors spent long hours to simulate the Spirit of ' 68. Picture assign- ments were handled by TSP photographer Frank Armstrong and his student staff. For the Editor ' s comments on the production of the 1968 Cactus, please refer to pages 610-11. LEFT: Jim Morris, Athletics Editor. BELOW LEFT: Linda Wisner, Copy Editor. BELOW RIGHT: Karolyn Karr, Student Government Editor. Lafe Hill, Editor-in-Chief 206 Kelle Snyder, Fraternity Editor ar Pam Mayfield, Academic Editor Ronald McCraw, Military Editor Ticki McKee and Joy Stapp, Organizations Editors Laura Hurst, Dormitory and Co-op Editor Joan Willis, Sorority Editor 207 .y VV - Y.V ' Riata The Riafa literary magazine served as an outlet for those students engaged in creative writing and art. Due to the spicy content in the fall issue, some critics argued that the Riafa had out-Rangered the Ranger. Editor Kirk Wilson is pictured at right with his entire staff. %!. ' 3V tffeS BELOW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Joseph Blinderman, Charles Tips, Charles Loving, John Stalmach, Editor Robert Burns, William Patrick, James Hill, Peter Heyne, Michael Irwin. v " ?-.. $ rf.y i :.. i . " . ' ,;- .-. ' fX TES Acquainting students, faculty and other interested persons with cur- rent thought and research in- fields of science and engineering at the Univer- sity, the Texas Engineering and Science Magazine afforded students the opportunity to express themselves concerning these fields in their own publication. The magazine covered such subjects as the gap between the humanities and sciences, the his- tory of LSD, pollution, and the " apa- thetic engineer. " Staff members were Lela Jane Abernathy, editor; Annette Bingham, managing editor; William R. Holm- berg, engineering editor; William Ed- ward Kidd Jr., copy editor; Panchita Jones and Linda Marie Cover, news editors. CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM: Allen Inks, Linda Carr, Andrea Johnson, Rena Pederson, Bill Holm- berg, Panchita Jones, Editor Lela Abernathy, Annette Bingham, Catherine Hall. Be it hereby resolved: That, to promote the general dis- semination of laughter and good humor unto the multitudes of beleaguered stu- dents, by word and by deed, such as pie flinging contests and film festivals; That, to deflate the bastions of pom- posity and self-righteousness as seen on the local, state, and national scene, re- gardless of race, creed, color, or position of power; That, to encourage the unenlight- ened millions to take heart, and to set up sterling examples for youth to emulate, such as Rondo Hatton; We, the undersigned, do hereby pledge, affirm and swear allegiance to work diligently to uphold the time- honored traditions of the Texas Ranger, of The University of Texas at Austin. THE RANGER STAFF Sworn to me this day of , ; by this sign, know ye that these are stout men, good and true. Hairy Ranger Texas Ranger 209 Actuarial Club members planned their field trip to Dallas at a fall meeting of the organization. Actuarial Club Helping students get summer jobs in insurance companies and introducing them to noted persons in the field of insurance through meetings and field trips, the Actuarial Club ' s major activity for 1967 was a field trip to Dallas to visit four insurance companies. The club also sponsored an introductory picnic and a Christmas party. Mrs. Jerry Moore of the Business Placement Office spoke to the group on pointers in interviewing. Spring activities included a field trip and a banquet honoring seniors. Officers of the Actuarial Club included James Earl Drennan, president, and Curtis Eugene Moore II, secretary-treasurer. The sponsor of the organization was David G. Beverage, associate professor of actuarial sci- ence. Members not pictured included James C. Boon II, Michael Thomas Coyne, Dennis Lee Dawson, W. Duncan Mackeen, Ken E. Polk, and Kay Diane Scott. FRONT ROW: Curtis Moore II, James Drennan, David Beverage. SECOND ROW: James Maughn, Eugene Wells Jr., Felicia Durley, James Ryan, Robert Maggiani. THIRD ROW: Carl lutz, William Schumacher Jr., Thomas Masterson, Douglas Vaughan, Jerry Daniel, Robert Beisenherz. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Andrews, James Wright, Adolphus Ray Jr., Henry Brown Jr., Ted Brannon Jr., William Brooks. 210 FRONT ROW: John Goodpasture, Marshall Abernathy, Sanford Setliff, William Strait, Frank Hangs. SECOND ROW: John Stevens, John Shepard, Charles Fletcher, Paul Bruce, William Fagan, Patrick Schreckenbach. THIRD ROW: Gary Greene, Thomas Glass, John Miller, John Rotenberry, Ronald Chaffin, Robert Brock. FOURTH ROW: Robert Bright, Stephen Andrews, Michael Holmes, Kenneth DeVos, Dukeo Adcox. FIFTH ROW: James Sherman, W. Kenneth Shumpes, Michael Reid, Irvin Newman, Roger Staha, William Freeman, Clarence Niebuhr, Henry Hesser, F. William Cherico, John Henderson, William Groce. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Robert Joel Barnhart David Earl Bates David Calhoun Bonner Peter Keszthely Csaba Mickey Allen Dammann Alfredo Juan Dammert Richard Mason Davis Lawton Evans Drake Phillip Stanley Dzierlenga Carroll Jay Forrest Stanley Charles Froehner R. Antonio Flores Garcia Philip Archel Gibbs Ronald Frederick Hagquist David Randell Holcomb Charles Edward Hudson John Carl Ingram John Ray Knippa Clark Howard Lagow Dennis L. Lesser Michael Edmond Lieppman William Douglas Marshall William Robert Miertschin Robert Leary Richardson James Richard Ross Robert Ruben Schmidt Richard Harry Stephens Eddie Allan Williamson Alpha Chi Sigma, a national professional fraternity for chemists and chemical engineers, has 47 active collegiate chapters. Beta Theta chapter, founded at the University in 1952, was selected outstanding house chapter at the last biennial conclave of the Grand Chap- ter. In spite of a modest social program and participation in intramural sports, the Texas chapter has had the highest grade-point aver- age on campus for organizations maintaining houses during five of the preceding seven years. Officers for the fall were John Earl Stev- ens, master alchemist; Irvin Melvin Newman Jr., vice-master alchemist; Marshall W. Aber- nathy Jr., reporter; and Lawton Evans Drake, master of ceremonies. Spring offices were held by John Calvin Shepard Jr., master alchemist; Patrick William Schreckenbach, vice-master alchemist; Charles Howard Fletcher Jr., re- porter; and Robert James Brock, master of ceremonies. Faculty adviser was John Carl Gilbert, assistant professor of chemistry. Alpha Chi Sigma 211 Alpha Delta Sigma FRONT ROW: Forrest Preece, Loyd Tullos, Stephen Stuyck, Dale Chrisman, William Mindak, Ernest Sharpe. SECOND ROW: Trescott Smith, Richard Nicholson, Phillip Thomas, Travis Froehlich, Jerry Greenberg, Ken Badt, James Stewart, George Craddock. THIRD ROW: William Berger, John Zoeller, David Somers, Jack Poison, Stephen Parten, Jack Bethune, Donald Cox, Fred Attal, Henry Moore. To keep members up-to-date on changes ' in the field of advertising, Alpha Delta Sigma brought outstanding speakers to each meet- ing. Last year, talks were made by Harry McMahan, television columnist for Advertis- ing Age magazine; Norman Campbell of Tracy-Locke Advertising; John Coyle of Com- mercial Recording Corporation; and a team from Time-Life. Fall activities for ADS included the annual banquet and sale of the Student Direc- tory, the Ranger, and Riata on campus. In the spring, members went on field trips to Dallas, Fort Worth, and New York City. Mem- ber Jack M. Bethune was awarded the John McGary scholarship as the outstanding ad- vertising student. Ernest A. Sharpe was hon- ored at " Dr. Sharpe Appreciation Night " for his 20 years of service as Alpha Delta Sigma sponsor. During the summer of 1967, Dale Chris- man, Steve Stuyck, Jerry Greenberg, Loyd Tullos, and Gary Bullock worked in advertis- ing internship programs with advertising agencies and newspapers throughout the State. Officers for the year were Stephen Christopher Stuyck, president; Loyd Tullos Jr., vice-president; Forrest Freeman Preece Jr., treasurer; Dale Lynn Chrisman, corresponding secretary; and Kenneth Earl Casey, recording secretary. Ernest A. Sharpe, professor of journalism, and William A. Mindak, professor of journalism, served as faculty sponsors. Dr. Ernest Sharpe was honored at a testimonial given by ADS for his twenty years of service to the organization. 212 Join Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta, an honorary pre- medical society, hosted representatives from the four medical schools in Texas who ex- plained their particular entrance and course requirements. Representatives during the year were Dr. Adams, Southwestern Medical School; Dr. White, Medical Branch at Galves- ton; Dr. Pannill, South Texas Medical School; and Dr. Schofield from Baylor. Dr. R. W. Rep- ert, newly appointed head of the Student Health Center, presented an informal discus- sion on the future of the Center. A joint pro- gram with the pre-law group was presented dealing with the legal problems of medicine. Social activities included informal lake parties at the beginning and end of the school year and the annual spring banquet and initiation. Officers for the year were Anthony Curtis Kimbrough, president; William Lyle Hodge Jr., vice-president; Lynn Cottingham, secre- tary; Brian Thomas Pruitt, treasurer,- Edward Henry Snyder, historian; and Anna Maria Curry, membership chairman. William G. Wolfe, professor of special education, served as the organization ' s faculty sponsor. OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: William Hodge Jr., Lynn Cottingham, Robert Ridout III. SECOND ROW: Anthony Kimbrough, Anna Curry, Edward Sny- der. NOT PICTURED: Brian Pruitt. ABOVE: Dr. R. W. Repert commented on the future of the Health Center. 213 Alpha Kappa Psi members helped entertain underprivileged children. Alpha Kappa Psi A professional business organization founded in New York in 1904, Alpha Kappa Psi was established on the University cam- pus in 1915 to promote high standards and ideals in academic and professional endeav- ors. Speakers to the group included Don Tabor, Metropolitan Life Insurance represen- tative, and Jay Smith, local Chrysler-Plymouth dealer. A November field trip to Houston in- cluded visits to Anderson-Clayton Co. where the president and chairman of the board met with the group. Alpha Kappa Psi members also toured the Humble Offices and their re- finery in Baytown. In October, the fraternity honored 1 1 men in the College of Business Administration who had given over 25 years of service in teaching and administrative work. Officers for the fall were Ronald Pat Turner, president; Louis LeRoy Squyers, vice- president; Nathan James Bell, secretary; Lee Byron Faulkner, treasurer; and John Jay Par- melee, master of rituals. Spring semester of- ficers were Lee Byron Faulkner, president; Richard L. Giesecke, vice-president; Charles Ray Miller Jr., secretary; Ronald George Janda, treasurer; and Curtis Eugene Moore, master of rituals. Robert D. Metten was adviser. I FRONT ROW: Larry Eisenbach, Curtis Moore II, Lee Faulkner, Louis Squyres, Ronald Turner, John Parmelee Jr., Nathan Bell, John Cartwright, Ronald Janda, Alfredo Pena. SECOND ROW: Rollin Fischer, Richard Wiser, Bradford Williams, John Towers, David McManus, Joe Pulido, Wally Boyer, David Miller, David Baker, Richard George, Charles Miller, Tieman Dippel, Robert Hallmark, John Balzen, Stephen Bell. THIRD ROW: Randel Gibbs, Richard Lloyd, John Gurasich, Vernon Goodwin, David Grissom, James Terrilli, Raymond Martin, William Hunter, Mando Mueller, Frederick Krenzke, Charles Brown, James Betts, George Fleming. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Gray, David Carter, William Patton Jr., David Dybala, Stephen Norton, Frank Mauro, Mark Calhoun, Henry Anthony III, Prentis Duncan, Brian Evans, William Brooks, Thomas Harris. FIFTH ROW: William Kuchar Jr., John Bryant, James Johnson, Harry Taylor, Dan Johnson, James Spring, Michael Peine, William Balkon, Richard Giesecke, Barton Cherry, Howard Pfutzenreuter, Donald Weber. 214 FRONT ROW: Rosemary Stewart, Rebecca Dobie, Peter Jurtshuk Jr., Betty Smallwood, Margaret Apperson, Susan Pugsley. SECOND ROW: Sandra Cohen, Dena Williams, Karen Pearson, Mary Hughes, Jimmie Meredith, Jo Whitehead. THIRD ROW: Mayme Walters, Ardath Payne, Dolores Rogers, Dinah Vacek, Antoinette Ponton, Diane Schwarz. FOURTH ROW: Josephine Zogheib, Sharon Faucheux, Doris Hunter, Rebecca Han- cock, Lydia Guzman, Sharon Ward. FIFTH ROW: Deborah Odom, Eliza- beth Dullye, Sally Moore, Maria Ramirez, Beverly Round, Bonnie Bruce. BELOW: Premedical technologists were stimulated by daily lecture sessions. HI swto D00. i Kid ,, Jl , Oieny. Alpha PhlTau A professional fraternity for medical technology students enrolled in Microbiology OOla, Alpha Phi Tau sponsored four speak- ers from various hospitals and research cen- ters each semester. They included Yvette Leger, assistant chief medical technologist at M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Clinic in Houston, Helen Lacy from the National Aero- nautic and Space Administration, and other speakers from Parkland Hospital in Dallas, the University Medical Branch in Galveston, South- west Texas Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, and Methodist Hospital in Houston. Members also toured the State Hospital ' s laboratory in Austin. Officers included Rebecca Elizabeth Dobie, president; Margaret Elizabeth Apper- son, vice-president; and Betty Smallwood, sec- retary. Faculty sponsor was Peter Jurtshuk Jr., assistant professor of microbiology. 215 Alpha Phi Omega Following its three cardinal principles of leadership, friendship, and service, Alpha Phi Omega offered itself to the campus, com- munity, and scouting whenever service was needed. Alpha Rho, the UT Chapter, again was rated as the most outstanding of the 450 chapters throughout the nation. Alpha Rho served the campus by work- ing at registration, helping with the student elections, giving guided tours of the campus, helping to hex A M on Thanksgiving, and carrying the Texas flag for the Longhorn Band. Members also ushered for Sing-Song and CEC events and pushed wheelchair students to and from classes. In the community area, APO worked closely with the Mary Lee School of Special Education, the Cerebral Palsy Center, the Austin State School, and provided ushers for the Austin Symphony. Members also served as judges for the Boy Scout Camporee, helped with Scout- arama, and started working with a scout troop at the Austin State School for the Blind. Several of the members also acted as coaches of a basketball team in connection with VISTA. Members and pledges held casual parties after football games and throughout the year, celebrated the Chr istmas season with a semi- formal, and presented the new chapter sweet- heart at a spring formal. Officers for the fall semester were Dan Keith Seilheimer, president; Douglas Caroom, administrative vice-president; Sul Ross Thor- ward, service vice-president; Patrick Francis Timmons, membership vice-president; Joseph Presley Watson, secretary; John Robert Zizel- mann, treasurer; Terry Lee Wells, reporter. Officers for the spring semester were Douglas G. Caroom, president; Sul Ross Thorwood, administrative vice-president; David Nelson Moller, service vice-president; Lynn Wade Ma- lone, membership vice-president; Joseph Presley Watson, treasurer; John York, secre- tary; and James H. Randals, reporter. Miss Sharon Volosin was chapter sweetheart and Gerhard J. Fonken, associate professor of chemistry, was the faculty sponsor. - FRONT ROW: Peyton Thompson, Gary Leech, John York, Carroll Wright, Sharon Volosin, Dan Seilheimer, Sul Ross Thorward, Hugh Reeves, Robert Pennington, Joseph Watson, John Zizelmann, Terry Wells, Gary Munneke. SECOND ROW: Patrick Timmons, Gerald Streit, David Isbell, Arthur Holder, Shelby Watson, Gordon Quan, Ronald McC raw, Ralph Hearn, Charles Dyer, David Frishman, Oscar Cisneros, Wayne Gathers, Benjamin Rodriguez, David Todd. THIRD ROW: Mitchel Etter, Tieman Dippel, Michael Gibbs, Robert Ridout, William McGilvray, David Roach, Larry Fuhrmann, John Wright, George Schaefer, Warren Schneider, Gary Lehm- berg, Robert McLean, Ronnie Mohr, Orborn Brown, Walter Manly, Allison Yee, Steven Sicking, Donald Smyth, Robert Marek. FOURTH ROW: Robert Batson, Roy Cook, Roger Gary, Sheldon Bleiweiss, Paul Gingrich, David Draeger, David Moller, Gustave Voelzel, Paul Davis, Robert Bliss, Mike Gibbs, Samuel Brady, Robert Neves, Kenneth Hinton, Kenneth DeVos, Patrick Eck, William Davis, Robert Daugherty, Joe Morrison, Colin Brown. FIFTH ROW: Douglas Webb, Ronald Buls, Miguel Colina-Vargas, John Baker, Jonathan Oelrich, Richard Modesette, Donald Robinson, Clyde Ash, Frank Houzvicka. Richard Nicholas, Sidney Lawrence, Francis Thayer, Larry Mast, Richard Drewa, Bruce Moses, Joel Kizer, William Procter, Gordon Hardin, Bruce Goranson. 216 Members of Alpha Phi Omega helped conduct the registration flow of traffic Hex candles were sold on the West Mall preceding the Texas-A M football game. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED William Thomas Adams Gilbert Royna Alonzo Jr. William Frank Abright John Franklin Aman Paul David Angenend James Richard Bennett William Carl Berry Marshall Alan Bryant David Bishop Cabe Douglas G. Caroom Ronald Dale Carroll Ronald Lowell Chaffin Forrest C. Child Jr. Tim Kuo Chin Randy Clark Richard Tweedy Clark Kenneth Gayle Davis Benjamin Joseph Dean III Eugene Craig Dorf Ernie Eden Thomas H. Eng George Matthews Fleming Theodore Ernest Fogwell Paul Darius Frye John Eli Franks III David Albert Garza John Carl Ghormley William John Gill Thomas Ford Goller David Mark Grammer Dennis Grevsky Thomas Allen Harris Douglas Hawkins Dennis Wayne Helbert Melvin O. Hinson Victor J. Holubec Richard Steven Hoot Douglas V. Horbelt Orion Lawrence Hudson Preston C. Hunt James Steve Hutchings Robert Michael Jones Richard Winston Jung Birch Duke Kimbrough Jack R. Lawson William Lincoln Lyons Lynn Wade Malone Alan Keith Marburger Jerry Van McDonald John Clark Modesette Russell E. Owen Jr. Jennings Neal Naranjo John Michael Nolan James David O ' Dell Richard Lee Odle James Hord Randals Richard Gordon Racusin Roland Romo Malcolm Ray Russell Jr. Stephen Charles Schaeffer Bill R. Schweitzer William Patrick Shannon Paul Eugene Sheffield Michael George Shirley Joseph W. Simpson Michael Simpson William Madison Singleton Don Randall Snyder Tom Joseph Switser Harold Edwin Thiele Jr. Thomas Earl Thigpen K. Martin Tubbs Stephen Michael Vassberg Terry Lee Webb Don Joseph Weber David Sterling White Vernon Johnson Williams Travis Gene Wilson John Henry Zammito Charles Philip Zlatkovich SPRING PLEDGES Members helped clean and repair the Mary Lee School of Special Education. Lawrence Jack Abramson Edwin James Arnold Thomas A. Bleich Leonard W. Cain Rodolfo Castillo David Paul Eldridge Terrell Duane Epperson Roger Reed Evans Jon Anthony Farrar William Carl Fon teno, III Fernando J. Fuentes Matt Heaton Lew David Hunt Larry Lynn Lester Robert Larry Malone Barry Lewis Racusin Scott Cleveland Reeves Thomas Allen Richey William Albert Rodgers Roger Alan Russell Thomas Jefferson Sibley Elgin LaDell Taylor Frank Andrew Tovar Alfonso Jose Wong-Valle 217 Alpha Rho Chi Members of Alpha Rho Chi, national pro- fessional-social fraternity for students in archi- tecture and the allied arts, engaged in chap- ter projects and services to the School of Architecture and the University during the year. APX members were active in Student Council, Sphinx, Image, Student American Institute of Architects, Student Assembly, and Texas Today and Tomorrow. The APX house was the scene of several casuals, parties, a Christmas semi-formal, a Dad ' s Day reception, and rush events. Many of these functions were made possible through the assistance of the Daughters of Dinocrates, a newly activated women ' s auxiliary. As a service to the School of Architecture, Alpha Rho Chi hosted receptions for Charles Moore and Robert Venturi of Yale University after their lectures on campus. During Survey I, a review of student work by a nationwide panel of critics, APX hosted a buffet supper and reception for the student body and fac- ulty. Officers last year were Hubert H. Welch Jr., worthy architect; Jackie Lynn Wilson, worthy associate architect; D. Kirk Hamilton, worthy clerk; Richard Wayne Meyer, worthy estimator; Darrell G. Welch Jr., fifth board member. The sponsor was Daniel E. Leary, assistant professor of architecture. Members not pictured were Joe Charles Freeman, Wil- liam Michael Hablinski, James Laurence Life, John Peveto II, Ralph Allen Rash, Kenneth Louis Routh, and Jon Hunter Thompson. Alpha Rho Chi house displayed a banner announcing Survey I reception. D. Hamilton L. Hawthorne W. Lambert J. Maroney J. McHolland R. Meyer R. Mogas M. Munninger H. Price C. Rawls H. Rayburn W. Richardson M. Salmon J. Schutz L. Sclerandi D. Sharp During a pledge-active football game, players paused for refreshment. 219 FRONT ROW: David Rae, Jimmie Grigsby, Lawrence Johnson, James Thompson, Nancy Nixon, Jo Turk, Walter Grady, Marcelino Gonzalez, Woody Barton, David Fowler. SECOND ROW: Clark Lauderdale, Omar Jazzar, Charles Terry, Alan Matejowsky, Donnie Walton, Maynard Glass- cock, Floyd Oliver, David Grieves, Craig Moore, Marilyn Tutwiler. THIRD ROW: Mark Rinehart, Ronald Bellinger, William McSparran, William Senseman, Joseph Prihoda, Gerald Prickefte, Billy Swindall, Ross Kroll, Richard Carmichael, Valgene James. FOURTH ROW: Douglas Winters Jr., Rodolfo Castillo, Larry Garrett, William Goyen, Thomas Fraley, Claude Smalling, Robert Pedrolie, Dwight Urelius, Pete Serebrenik, William Sullivan. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED AAAE Offering architectural engineering stu- dents a chance to expand their knowledge and interest in design beyond the classroom, the American Association of Architectu ral Engineers sought improved student-faculty re- lations and acquaintance with and lectures by professionals in architecture and provided scholarships to outstanding students. AAAE participated in the annual University Power Show and held such social events as the AAAE and Engineering Sweetheart elections, a spring picnic, and a spring awards banquet. Officers for the year were Walter Pat Grady, president; Gary Fread Guenthner, vice- president; Jo Ann Turk, secretary; and Mar- celino Gonzalez, treasurer. Faculty sponsor was Robert I. Carr Jr., assistant professor of architectural engineering. Edmond Sami Abboud Kenneth Donald Anderson Jack Don Angel Gary Allen Ashford George Cruz Austria James Valgene Brigman Eddie Thomas Burke Samuel Duncan Burnett Lynnwood Thomas Clay Dale Emile Cole Paul Wistar Darden Ben Dobyns Donnell III Lee Allen Ellingson Thomas Alan Erdmann David James Florus Dennis Keith Font Johnny James Friesenhahn Gary Fread Guenthner James Elbert Hortman Michael Glenn Huffman Gary Elton Hyatt Donald Wayne Jackson Lance Craig Johs Charles Willis Jones Noel Michael Kelly Jerry Douglas Lewis Charles John Literati Michael Hugh Loinette James C. Meek Charles Morales-Webster Joseph Scott Mosser Bruce Kent Muehlenbrock Del Harrington McKenzie Guy Victor McNallie Ted Gordon Nelson Lonnie Lemar Porter Frederick John Robinson John William Romberg Larry Malcolm Swayze Paul Alan Sweet David George Tamayo Gary George Taylor Don H. Thornbury I. Anthony Todesco Joseph Philip vonMerveldt Joseph Presley Watson Richard Eugene Watson Mi M, hit 220 AIAA V: A national professional society with a student branch on the University campus, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astro- nautics was established to provide its mem- bers, both in industry and in academics, a link- ing force within the concept of aerospace technology. Not only did this society provide members with an opportunity to meet fellow aerospace engineering students, faculty mem- bers, and industry representatives, but it also sponsored Power Show displays and field trips to industrial installations. In addition to touring the Manned Space- craft Center in Houston, the group sponsored speakers from General Dynamics Corporation in Fort Worth, Bell Helicopter Corporation, LTV, Aerospace Corporation, and the Boeing Company. Officers for the year were Ernest Leroy Williams Jr., chairman; Charles Samuel Cotropia, vice-chairman; Carroll Lynn Guess, recording secretary; Stanley Keith Gish, cor- responding secretary; and Blayne Stephen Le- queux, treasurer. Richard Reese Ensminger, assistant professor, was faculty sponsor. Aerospace engineers got acquainted at their coffee in the fall semester. FRONT ROW: Ernest Williams Jr., Charles Cotropia, Blayne Lequeux, Paula Savage, Stanley Gish, Richard Winter, Phillip Daily. SECOND ROW: Margaret Sloan, Lynne Moyer, Esther Grant, Lana Wallace, Mary Ray, Kathy Holmes, Patricia Jefferson, Mary Andrews. THIRD ROW: John Hunt, Kenneth Griffin, Gary Smith, Joe Gorman, Patrick Gammage, Robert Lenhart, David Kolb, Edward Zihlman, Lloyd Stearns, Steve Boss. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Bryan, Jeffrey Cupples, Warren Bollmeicr, Albert Schkade Jr., Richard Seals, Larry Grimm, James Williams, Robert Weathers, Glenn Parkan, Ralph Clinard, James Thompson. FIFTH ROW: James Vasek, Ellis Smith, Larry Anderson, James Drewry, Eric Wolber, Harold Rose Jr., Robert Trevino, James Pearson, Bobby Taylor, James Costello, Ronald Huffman. SIXTH ROW: Emil Finn, James Feather, Bernd Wollank, Kenneth Spinks, William Stanley, James McCoy, James Clawson, David Schweitzer, John Barton, Jerry Turner, Kathy Schemmel. SEVENTH ROW: John Hinkle, James Key, Kenneth Emery, Steven Broome, Joseph Rapp, Floyd Cooper, Gary Harloff, Robert Hoffman, Fred Pippert, Russell Schwausch, James Goodrich, Craig Blaising, Charles Wolfmueller. EIGHTH ROW: Richard Ensminger, John Kopsky, Michael McCasland, John Archer, James Wortham, Theodore Windecker, William Holmberg, Richard Davis, Rennie Harrison, Millard Holderfield, Albert Preciado, William Conine III., Ben Eppright Jr. NINTH ROW: Peter Coira, James Peck, Charles Ginnings, John Stratton. 221 AIA Established to provide the student of architecture a transition into professional life with an introduction to its methods, attitudes, and associations, the associated student chap- ters of the American Institute of Architects opened its membership to all students working toward a degree in architecture. In the fall, SAIA members toured the HemisFair site under construction in San An- tonio. Also, William Chamlee, principal in the firm of Rucker Chamlee and past president of the Austin chapter of the AIA, spoke to interested architecture students on preparing to enter the profession. Representatives of the University chapter attended both the ASC-AIA National Forum held in Washington, D.C. in November, and the Texas AIA (ISA) Conven- tion held in Houston in October. In March, all architecture students and faculty were invited to attend the Beaux Arts Ball, the organization ' s annual masquerade ball. AIA also sponsored a field trip to the Houston Civic Center, the new Intercontinental Airport, and several architects ' offices in Hous- ton. Again during the summer, the ASC-AIA organized and supervised an orien tation pro- gram for the School of Architecture. Fall officers were Jackie Lynn Wilson, president; John Ross Breckenridge, vice-presi- dent; James Dennis Wilson, treasurer; and Anne Mary Fraser, secretary. Spring officers were James Dennis Wilson, president; D. Kirk Hamilton, vice-president; Michael Dan Salmon, treasurer; and Walton Fleming, secretary. The sponsor was Frank Edward Whitson Jr. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Clifford H. Langford Alan Douglas MacComo Alan Kieth Marburger Richard Wayne Meyer John Prokop Monkhouse Harold Lamer Price Clayton Brooks Proctor Ralph Allen Rash Robert Glenn Reeves Jr. Jack Adolph Romigh Jr. Clinton Walter Searl Louis David Spaw III Richard LeRoy Tinsley Danny James Tosh William Cameron Tucker Carlos Colena Vargos Robert Veselka John Richard Volz Michael Alan Wall Joe Wayne Wallace Robert Herman Wommack David Javier Yturralde Ronald Charles Anderson James Durham Atkinson Charles E. Baker Ronald V. Barbutti Charles W. Barrow Jr. Harold Anthony Breard Jr. Ann Elizabeth Brudno Kenneth Harold Burman Tommy Allen Caldwell Benny Lee Canizaro Don C. Chapell David Kelly Coonrod Dennis Edward Cordes David Carl Denney Michael O ' Neal Doss Alan Floyd Edwards Anne Mary Fraser Michael James Gavin Larry Wayne Gooch Linda Hayden Michael Jay Higler James H. Holland Jr. John William Klein I ' .- TX l ' i 111 FRONT ROW: John Breckenridge, Anne Fraser, Jackie Wilson, James Wilson. SECOND ROW: Edward Wallace, Steven Sicking, Teresa Truitt, Syrian Cass, Michael Holeman, Walton Fleming, Bryce Bonner. THIRD ROW: James Seeman, William Von Rosenberg, Joe Freeman, John Ander- son, Frank Genzer, Douglas Strange, David Wall. FOURTH ROW: D. Kirk Hamilton, Michael Salmon, Jeffrey Henke, Tommy Cowan, Ronald Moore, John Maroney, Jerrel Sutton. FIFTH ROW: Harry Garner, Michael Stenberg, George Reinhart, Nicholas Wagner, William Wells, Gary Wagner, Gustave Voelzel III. 222 FRONT ROW: Edgar Griffith, Herman Hoffman, James Hasty, Jacquelyn Wackerbarth, Irvin Newman, Christopher Maynord. SEC OND ROW: Alfonso Wong-Valle, Ronald Pace, John Stevens, Patricia Boring, Marshall Abernathy. THIRD ROW: Carroll Forrest, Franklin Lopez, Charles Beck, David Sliva, Olvis Spencer, Robert Bright, Robert Yousey. FOURTH ROW: James Cure, Gilbert Rabbe, Clyde Ash, David Sterner, Bryan Ferguson, John Clements, Thomas Griffith, Steven Hill. AlChE Giving students opportunities to meet the chemical engineering faculty and to learn of the profession from speakers at monthly meetings, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers ' activities included participation in the annual Engineering Power Show, intra- mural activities, and a spring picnic. Officers included James H. Hasty, presi- dent; Herman William Hoffman Jr., vice-presi- dent; Irvin AAelvin Newman Jr., treasurer; Jac- quelyn Wackerbarth, recording secretary; and James Shaw Sherman, corresponding secre- tary. Student Engineering Council represen- tatives for the AlChE were Christopher Wiley Maynord and James Frederick Hicks, with Edgar Dennis Griffith as alternate. Robert Dewey Gunn, assistant professor of chemical engineering, was faculty sponsor. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Carlos M. Acevedo Hussein H. Abudawood Howard Allen Alderson Ahmad Mohammad Al-Sari Robert Hatton Anderson Gordon R. Balch Douglas A. Barfoot Anita Jane Beasley David Calhoun Bonner Charles Clifton Bradley Charles Kennedy Bruhl Jr. Ronald Lester Buls Clinton Burklin Raymond Edgar Burgett Robert Wayne Burnop Richard Robert Burns Robert Glenn Bush Robert Buze Jose A. Cardona John Wesley Cardwell John Warren Cates Kenneth Lee Cavanaugh Robert W. Ceyanes Texas Chee Ching Mario Julio Concha-Zuniga Emerson Seymour Conrad Jr. Vaughn Neil Costa John Morris Cunningham Ward Dalley Dennis Allen Dalrymple Alfredo Juan Dammert Christopher Robert Davis Roland Reginald Davis Jr. Rupert Dean Deileney David Sidney Draeger Lawton Evans Drake Gerald Allison Dumas Hiram Ben Duncan Phillip Stanley Dzierlenga Phillip Lawrence Eiserloh John Conrad Erickson William Bryan Pagan Irvin S. Fisch Rolando A. Flores-Garcia William Frederick Freeman Alfonso Garcia-Hernandez Richard P. Giannoble Gerald Wallace Gilmore Edmond J. Gor Jerry Franklin Graves Gary Loren Greene Warren B. Greenspan Waldo Lawrence Grossman William Steve Guerrant William Gunsich Frank Edward Hangs Richard Lee Hargraves John Raymond Harris William Dean Heggie Arthur Briones Hernandez James Frederick Hicks Michael Ray Higgins William Allyn Hill David Floyd Huber Elmore M. Hudgens Voidani Iraj Charles Paul Jackson John Malcolm Joyce David Clyde Kanistanaux Richard A. Kirsten William John Koros Lawrence Gene Kownslar Marvin Darrell Krasner Rebecca Susan Kufus Robert Phillip Kuhlman Hector Lajam E. Russell Lambert III Eric Owen Lentz Dennis L. Leser William R. Leyendecker William B. Lindsey David Jordon Lutrick James Fuller Lyon III Richard J. Manning William Douglas Marshall William Harbert Marshall Ignac Rudolph Matocha Jr. Edward Ewing Maxey Mallory Wendell Mayes Joe Paul McElroy Mack McFarland Robert A. McKetta Tom McNut David D. Merrill William Robert Miertschin Floyd R. Miller John D. Miller Ken Denton Miller Jon David Mulcahy Clarence Arthur Niebuhr George Aloysius O ' Brien Kenneth William Olm R andall Harold Parkison Arthur Ivan Pearson Stephen Pence John J. Perry Clay Louis Price III William John Proft Jr. Robert Wayne Reinicke Theodore Wayne Robinson Kyle Bruce Rountree Consuelo Santoyo Theodore George Schneider Sanford Ray Setliff John Frederick Seyer James Shaw Sherman William Kenneth Shumpes Glen Dale Singleton Michael Lee Skinner Martin Wayne Somers Richard Harry Stephens James Nathan Tarr Larry Lance Thomasson William Ernest Tunmer Larry Addison Turner Charles E. Vinson Wayne Evan Voskamp Michael L. Waggoner Sam Mason Watts Thomas Edwin Watts Frank Martin Weisser Edwin Derrick Wheeler John Lawrence Williams James Michael Willock Madrile Renzy Wilson Jr. Mike Wood 223 Membership in the student chapter of the American Institute of Interior Design provided upperclassmen majoring in interior design the opportunity to gain insight into their future profession from a practical standpoint. Guest speakers included students presenting Euro- pean tours and local interior designers givi ng information on professional procedures. Ac- tivities included a tour of homes with residen- tial interiors, a spring banquet, and a Round- Up Showcase display. Officers were Karen Ann Rodgers, president; David Harrison Wright, vice-president; Sharon Sue Waters, recording secretary; Sandra Jean Fischer, corresponding secretary; and Julius Lee Taxquard, treasurer. Faculty sponsor was Anna Brightman, profes- sor of home economics. American Institute of Interior Interior design students spent endless hours on preliminary sketches. Design 224 FRONT ROW: Karen Rodgers, Sharon Waters, Marilyn Teal. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Fowler, Judy Nowotny, Donna James, Virginia Atkinson, Judy Schwartz. THIRD ROW: Helen McAdams, Risa Horner, Diana Steves, Patricia Tottenham, Dawn Potter, Linda Newcomb. AIME Providing the petroleum engineering stu- dent with the opportunity to associate with professional men and fellow engineering stu- dents to discuss problems and broaden social contacts, the Society of Petroleum Engineers of the American Institute of Mining, Metal- lurgical, and Petroleum Engineers sponsored guest speakers from oil companies at monthly meetings. The society also offered petroleum en- gineering students the opportunity to relate their education to the work of the industry. In addition, it promoted the science of petro- leum mining with participation in local and national essay contests sponsored by the AIME and by attendance at sectional and national AIME meetings. Organization members helped plan and assemble exhibits for Round-Up Showcase and the College of Engineering Power Show. Fall and spring picnics, a Christmas dance, and intramural sports were major social activities. Officers for the year were Barry Lynn Faulk- ner, president; Frederick William Wiegand Jr., vice-president; James Kent Malernee Jr., sec- retary; and Jack Edward Vaughn, treasurer. Faculty sponsor was Keith Hal Coats, associate professor of petroleum engineering. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Abdalla Abdelghani Abdalla Kerry Dean Adams Faisal Jasem Alkazmawi M. Baker Alsinbili Faysal A. Anber Juan Bautista Aravjo Robert Dexter Appling Eiffel Yadit Bermea Adam T. Bourgoyne Walter Wayne Bradbury Michael Jeffrey Briggs Samuel Joseph Byington III John T. Capps William Lee Carpenter Paul A. Caliglione Mark David Cox Eugene Bruce Curry Stephen W. Daniel Donna Dillon Theodore Carl Doerr Charles Durden William Martin Evans Donald Franklin Glass Henry Burton Harkins Jr. Edwin Larry Harrison Gary Don Holcomb Charles Rene Houssiere Jr. Richard Lee Kail Daniel William Koop Jimmy Alf Langston Rodney Earl Lee Pierre Michel Lichaa Eduardo Lopez James Kent Malernee Jr. Willie Lee Matthews John Thomas McCarthy Robert M. McMurrey Jack Bryan McWilliams John L. Mendell Heinz Erich Meyer Gholamhossein Nazari Alvin Dale Nirider Robert Dale Parker Wayland Barker Pickard Robert Lee Robertson Ronald W. Robertson Donald Paul Roesle Luis Augusta Sierra Sidney K. Smith Iman Soengkowo Arthur G. Stell Charles Michael Stone James T. Taylor Eddie Dean Thornton Jack Edward Vaughn Emmentt Eugene Wassell Jr. Leroy Marvin Wernette Jr. Herald W. Winkler Jung Hsi Yang Mojtaba Yazdi Elliot Jacob Zais FRONT ROW: Ginjiro Tsutsumi, Purwanto Mardisewojo, Frederick Wiegand Jr., Barry Faulkner, Saleh Omar, Clifton Young. SECOND ROW: Timothy Taylor, Johnny Seekamp, John Cieslewicz Jr., llhan Sener, John Alexander, Vedat Arslan, William Jeanes, Samir Sergiwa. THIRD ROW: James Brown, Stanley Teater, Raymond Taylor, Mark O ' Brien, John Howell, James Watson, Thomas Grant, Perry Morris Jr. 225 FRONT ROW: Gregory Pedersen, William Minyard III, Zarrel Lambert, Kenneth Casey, Edith Osborn, Lucinda Hicks. SECOND ROW: Sandra Head, Sheryl Kohutek, William O ' Neill II, Pam Nachlinger, Laurie Levin, Olivia Schoenke, Karen Ferris, Betty Bransom, Harriet Martin, Kenneth Cohen, Harold Israel, Sandra Lerch, John Armitage. THIRD ROW: Darrold Guinn, John Morse, Alberto Gonzalez-Sada, Randall Glass, Lew Hunt, William Campbell, James Snow, Howard Dunbar, Billy Wilson. THIRD ROW: Foye Yoakum, Richard Deweese, John Mensing, Nathan Kling, Donald Adams, Robert Langley Jr., Steven Rountree. NOT PICTURED: Larry Eisenbach, Thomas Moore, Eric Shaw. " ' :;-: ' AMA In an effort to offer members the oppor- tunity to relate formal aspects of their edu- cation to specific corporations ' approaches to marketing as a function of management and profit, the American Marketing Association sponsored speakers from various corporations at meetings throughout the year. Last spring, the association sponsored the Ford Motor Company College Seminar Pro- gram at the University in which seven corpo- rate executives of the Ford Motor Company lectured on their respective specialties within their company ' s structure. The AMA also was responsible for the weekly College of Business Administration showcase. In addition, Mrs. Jerry Moore, placement director of the CBA, informed members about the varied services extended to students by the Placement Center. In order to acquaint members with first- hand functions of marketing-oriented firms, the AMA sponsored a field trip each semester. Officers for the fall were Kenneth E. Casey, president; Gregory Vincent Pederson, vice- president; Cindy Hicks, secretar y; Edith Ann Osborn, treasurer; William Alexander Minyard, CBA representative; and Cindy Hicks, House of Delegates representative. Spring semester officers were Gregory Vincent Pederson, pres- ident; Edith Ann Osborn, vice-president; San- dra K. Lerch, secretary; Sheryl A. Kohutek, treasurer; Warren Israel, CBA representative; and Donald E. Adams, House of Delegates representative. Zarrel V. Lambert was faculty sponsor for the organization. 226 ASCE The purpose of the American Society of Civil Engineers was to acquaint civil engineer- ing students with each other, department pro- fessors, and practicing engineers through tech- nical speeches at meetings held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Last year, the members attended State ASCE meetings in Abilene and Houston and a field trip in conjunction with the Houston meeting. Such places as the National Aero- nautics and Space Administration and Houston Municipal Air Terminal were visited. Other activities included spring and fall picnics and the annual spring Power Show at which the organization had displays constructed and discussed by student members. Officers for the year were Charles W. Beere, president; John William Morris, vice- president; David R. Washington, secretary; Da- vid T. Newbern, treasurer; Mike E. Cavalier and Samuel David Ellison, student engineer- ing council representatives. Faculty sponsor was Joseph Andrew Yura, assistant professor of civil engineering. Members of the organization not pictured were Wallace Dale Bergman, Thomas A. Bogel, Barry James Davis, John Edward Hardie, James Edward Harris, Henry James Hervol, Robert Daniel Kadanka, Norman D. Key, Rob- ert Ray Kovar, Michael Clyde Kuebel, George L. Light, Billy Travis McCaslin, William John Neese Jr., Claude Pardue, Oscar Ferna Pena, James Thomas Price, Warren Douglas Samuel- son, Bobby George Scalf, George Edwin Schae- fer, Robert Smith, Richard L. Tyler, and Jimmy Ray Wallace. FRONT ROW: Joseph Yura, David Newbern, John Morris, Charles Beere, David Washington, Mike Cavalier, Samuel Ellison. SECOND ROW: Roger Vaughan, Dennis Carrigan, Robert Frank, James Beene, Jerome Haby, Ahmed Torkey, Malcolm Marschall, Terrell Jackson, Joseph Huston, Daniel Trigg, George Neill, Sher Mirza, Olin Tiemann. THIRD ROW: Eugene Henkhaus, Donald Klinzing, Patrick Hill, Gary Sellars, Roger Frelich, Sam Janes, James Allen, Hal Motheral, Gordon Sparks, Thomas Rioux, Steven Burkett, Earl Harriss, James Broaddus. FOURTH ROW: Gregory Masters, Richard Voigt, William McCabe, Thomas Bush, David Browder, Charles Glassmire, Billy Carter, Victor Wehman Jr., Donald Young, Clifford Bell, David Steitle. 227 FRONT ROW: Houshang Masudi, Rostam Kavoussi, William Humble, Gary Lehmberg, Terry Christensen. SECOND ROW: Robert Hickox, John Tankers- ley, David Matlock, Gary Watt, Ronald Grant, Michael Easton, David Smith, William Windle. THIRD ROW: Stephen Jones, Richard Frelich, James Spears, John Johnston, Robert Frelich, Richard Dreiss, William Upthegrove. ASME A professional organization, the Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers ' purpose was to increase the knowledge of theory and practice of mechanical engineering through contact with student and faculty members and with the parent organization. Activities included talks by William J. Carter, professor of mechanical engineering, on " Sailboat Design " ; George Kosmetsky, Dean of the College of Business Administration, on " The Engineer in Business " ; and other speak- ers on both technical and non-technical sub- jects. In the spring semester, ASME held a pic- nic and participated in the Engineering Power Show. The year was highlighted by the spon- sorship of the Region X ASAAE Technical Paper Contest in which students from 20 schools participated. Fall officers were Paul Kenneth Peek, president; Lawrence Daniel Dorr, first vice- president; James Burch Spears, second vice- president; John William Krueger, treasurer; and Jerry Dale Kennedy, corresponding secre- tary. Spring officers were Roger Edward Bar- ras, president; James Burch Spears, first vice- president; Carl Wayne Thompson, second vice- president; John William Krueger, treasurer; and Charles E. Meredith, corresponding sec- retary. 228 Arnold Air Society PLEDGES: FRONT ROW: Thomas Reneau, David Davis, Lee Ansell, Hal Gilles- pie, Don Ray. SECOND ROW: Richard Morey, Antonio Alvarado, James Plummer, Ted McWhorter, Roger Macon, Berle Barnett. THIRD ROW: Richard Alexander, Melton Pipes, Julian Buenger, Loy Singleton, Joe McFatter, Ptrick Palmer. NOT PICTURED: James Drewry, Richard Olivier!. Arnold Air Society, an honorary service organization, worked to promote esprit de corps among its cadet groups. The year ' s ac- tivities included the area conclave in Norman, Okla., and the national conclave in New York in April. The society sponsored corps parties and Christmas parties at Travis State School. The society also sponsored the John H. Payne lecture series with Dr. Karl Schmitt as speaker. Officers for last year were Russell Carl- ton Cykoski, commander; Michael Anthony Pandolfo, executive officer; Gerald Knox Bish- op, operations officer; Allan Klark Bean, ad- ministrative officer; John Francis Kelly Jr., information officer; and David Abramowitz, comptroller. Capt. Richard J. McGuinness Jr. was faculty sponsor for the group. Power spon- I Paper schools Peek, it vice- dvke- asurer; jsecre- rd Bar- st vice- ACTIVES: FRONT ROW: David Abramowitz, Michael Pandolfo, Russell Cykoski, Allan Bean, Gerald Bishop, John Kelly Jr. SECOND ROW: Manuel Resales Jr., Lonnie Brauner Jr., Earl Orbin Jr., John Burns. THIRD ROW: James Bates, John Totten, Warren Bollmeier, Stephen Holliday NOT PICTURED: Bruce Luna, Robert Mills, John Olivo. 229 FRONT ROW: Nancy Stover, Susan Clark, Anne Rumsey, Addie Craft, Carol Carson. SECOND ROW: Clay Christensen, Bonnie Yates, Barbara Busby, Lavilla Mantooth, Rhonda Read, Lois Trice, Laura Lehmberg, Jane Ford, (Catherine Nebeker, Sarah Weilbacher. THIRD ROW: Mary Langston, Jan Willoughby, Patty Moore, Kristen Holmberg, Ruth Talkington, Lynne Graeser, Jean Wyrick, Sally Thompson, Patricia Speier, Laura Mehr, Adele Perry, Jill Hubbard, Marcia Lucas, Shelia Ward. BELOW: Dr. Westbrook spoke on romanticism at the Pi Beta Phi sorority house. Ashbel Literary Society The first literary and dramatic organiza- tion at the University, the Ashbel Literary So- ciety was founded in November, 1888. The society has continued to offer its members oc- casions to further the study of good literature, and it endeavored to promote closer rapport among its members by recognizing high standards of scholarship in the field of Eng- lish. Lectures by Joseph E. Kruppa and Max Westbrook highlighted the year, providing the members with an excellent opportunity to broaden and deepen their classroom experi- ences. Lois Baird Trice, head of the Ruth Stephen Poetry Center, served the society as faculty adviser. Officers for the year were Nancy Ei- leen Stover, president; Susan Mary Clark, vice- president; Carolyn Francis Estes, secretary; Anne K. Rumsey, treasurer; and Carolyn Con- nell, membership chairman. 230 %, [ M - id : feT ' si Members of the Baptist Student Union often gathered around the piano to sing. BSU A Christian fellowship which ministers to the University community, the Baptist Student Union strove to help students find meaning in life, stressing the Christian ideal. The year began with a Welcome Supper held at the University Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. The program, for an audience of 250 University students, was completely directed by return- ing students including the skits and a sing- song. Throughout the year, the BSU worked with international students through ranch par- ties at the L East Ranch and various " Inter- national Nights " with programs directed by various cultural groups. A major fall emphasis was the series of lectures given by Dr. Eric Rust, theologian from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Rust gave a series of lectures on " The Christian Faith in a Secular Society, " giving various insights on the posi- tion of the Christian today in his society and his church ' s position in the world. Informal discussion groups also were held in which Dr. Rust was able to show students new con- cepts of sacred relating to secular. Highlight of the year was a five-day Mid- Winter Retreat to Larkspur, Colo., for skiing, fellowship, and Christian study. Meeting the 115 University students in Colorado Springs was Dr. Milton Ferguson, a professor at South- western Baptist Theological Seminary. Deliver- ing lectures between ski trips and toboggan runs, Dr. Ferguson presented new intellectual and spiritual experiences to the students. The emphasis of the retreat was " A Man ' s Faith, " with discussions on " The Case for Agnos- ticism " and " Why Be Decent? " CABINET: FRONT ROW: Frances Clarke, Saundy Curry, Linda Cunningham. SECOND ROW: John Reiff, Jimmy Robinson, Bob Brown. NOT PICTURED: Donald Cadenhead, Woodrow Hammond, Janelle Mattingley, Kay Cude, Morris Bell, Rhona Parelman. 231 Chi Alpha A national religious organization spon- sored by the General Council of the Assem- blies of God, Chi Alpha presented religious discussions, fellowship among other students, and devotional services throughout the school year. Those students attending a local Assem- bly of God church and interested in the pro- gram were invited for membership. The local Alpha Pi chapter sought to maintain a balance of worship, training, fel- lowship, and evangelism. The chapter recog- nized the maintenance and practice of a Christian testimony as all important among its members. Activities during the year cen- tered on religious discussions and noted area speakers active in the denomination. Members not pictured were Paul Lee Bruce, Sherry Lynn Conner, Polly Elizabeth Hart, Barry Mitchell Ivy, Donald Stanley Kin- der, David Coy McNeeley, Gary Alan War- rington and Elaine Wilson. Officers for the year were Paul Harold Hagen, president; David Nathan Pate, vice-president; Elaine Wilson, secretary; Sidney Lee Lawrence, treasurer; and Paul Eugene Tezel, historian. Fawwaz T. Ulaby served as faculty sponsor. FRONT ROW: Ray Gonzales, Alice Faulkner, Jeanette Brian, Donald Baker, Douglas Ivy. SECOND ROW: David Pate, Paul Hagen, Sidney Lawrence, Ronald Bellinger, Paul Tezel. ABOVE: Member] of Chi Alpha joined around the piano to sing a few hymns. 232 Choral Directors Choral organizations were made up of eight member groups with each group empha- sizing a particular kind of choral music and style of presentation. While the groups main- tained an individual activity and identity, they all functioned under the administration of the Director of Choral Organizations and his as- sistants. Because of the diversity and differ- ent rehearsal schedules available, any student with an interest in singing could participate. All groups were open to any student who could meet the particular musical require- ments of the various ensembles. Morris J. Beachy has held the position of Director of Choral Organizations since 1957. Under his leadership, the size and activities has grown from two to eight groups and from ten to more than one hundred annual per- formances, singing in nearly 100 Texas cities, 14 states, and 17 foreign countries. Dr. Beachy was assisted by Alaire Howard Lowry, teach- ing assistant in music; James Parker Morgan, teaching assistant in music; and Ivan Wesley Baugh, teaching associate in music. Morris J. Beachy, Director of Choral Organizations s Ivan Wesley Baugh James Parker Morgan Directors Ivan Wesley Baugh, James Parker Morgan, Alaire Howard Lowry, and Dr. Morris J. Beachy looked at a map of tours for the choral organizations. 233 Members went caroling before Christmas at the Governor ' s Mansion. A Cappella Choir Members of the A Cappella Choir were selected by audition and represented all col- leges and schools of the University. The choir presented a varied repertoire, but emphasized classical choral literature from the Sixteenth Century to contemporary works. The credo of the A Cappella was quality of performance, and each year the members strove for a disci- pline which would allow technical and inter- pretive forces to develop into the ultimate goal artistic and communicative perform- ances. Fall performances were given in several local high schools and an early performance was presented for the state convention of the State Farm Bureau. Prior to their performance for the state convention of Texas Music Edu- cators Association, the choir took a four-day tour through several coastal cities and the Valley. An April tour was planned for cities in the eastern part of the State. The year ended with the annual Spring Concert in Hogg Auditorium. Officers for the year were Gordon Wai- don Middleton, president; Charles Sydney Tu- ret, vice-president; Janet Susan Bullington, treasurer; Gayle Cerminaro, secretary; and Ann L. Whitworth, social chairman. Bruce Andrew McDonald was accompanist; Morris J. Beachy was conductor; and Douglas Neil Morgan was the choir ' s faculty adviser. Tom Wadsworth Acord Andrew Ryan Allen Catherine G. Baker Karen Ann Berke Jill Biggs Martha Lou Boston Sue Florence Brown Janet Susan Bullington Gayle Cerminaro Jimmy Chapman Susan Dee Colovin Frances Crawford Diana Duke Diann Elizabeth Driver Daniel Eugene Eastlake Barbara Ann Fine Sherry Jan Freasier John Gilbert Galaznik Rita Anne Griffin MEMBERS Walter Gerald Harrison Mike Holloway Mildred Juanita Hubbard Karen Lynn Kennedy Johnny Maurice Kidd David W. Lamb John Langley John Alan Lummus Ruth Jeanne McAllister Martha Lou McAllister John S. McClelland Claudia K. McGuire Cathy Ann Marable Gordon J. Middleton Carolyn Moore Hays Moore Malcolm Gregory Nelson Russell Carl Nelson Sue Novick Ed Otto Ruth Elizabeth Peden Mary Christine Peterson Randolph E. Porter William John Proft Jr. Georgia A. Putegnat Bob Robertson Bill Ross Suzanna Mary Shuler Paul Gilbert Spencer Mike Stout Maurice Edward Thompson Charles S. Turet Jr. Theresa Lois Ward Richard Watkins James W. Webb Ann L. Whitworth Sallie Ann Worley Gregory Dale Wyatt 234 Elizabeth V. Adams Kathy Akin Maria Barbara Amen Sallie M. Baker Judy Ann Bandy Ronald Edward Barney John S. Bleakly Betsy Meredith Bond Phyllis Jayne Brown Janet Susan Bullington Kathy Cameron Michael Melton Card Anna Louise Carlson Sterling Price Carroll II James Chambers Jr. Jimmy Carl Chapman Ersalene F. Chappell Gay Correll Cindy L. Cox John Craig Frances Elizabeth Crawford Mary Jeannette Curry Lynda Jean Davidson Lyle Jean Day MEMBERS Emily Suzanne Demme Cheryl L DeShong Phyllis Annette Deter Katherine Doughty Nancy Leigh Downs Diann Elizabeth Driver Diana Duke Stephen Alfred Dunlap William Roark Dupre Sara Ann Edmonds Patricia Anne Farrell Joan Barbara Fenton Vicki Nancook Ferguson Beverly Faye Fisher Donna Foster Francis Patrick Foy Marjorie Anne Frazee Sherry Jan Freasier Alvin Harvey Frost John Gilbert Galaznik Mary Margaret Gibbs William Edwin Goodale Dorothy Dean Green Loula Louise Gregg Rita Anne Griffin Paul George Hansen Steve Bernard Hanson Ingrid Birgenia Haterius Susan Elizabeth Henley John Michael Holloway Keith Ann Howard Mildred Juanita Hubbard Edward Edeene Hudson Jr. Donna Marie Johnson Linda Ruth Johnson Irma Lara Linda Jean Lege Karen Aurelia Lehr Axel Emil Lehto Judy Sharon Lively Norma E. Longoria John Alan Lummus Mark Samuel Luther Cathy Ann Marable Mildred Marie Marek Danny Adrian Martin Rise Eileene Matlock William Brett Maxwell Concert Choir During the year, the Concert Choir devot- ed its energies to the performances of major choral literature with orchestra. Its regular membership was supplemented by selected members from all other choral ensembles, thereby providing a well-balanced ensemble for the work chosen and creating the oppor- tunity for members of the other groups to sing this particular literature. The Christmas con- cert, given in Municipal Auditorium, presented " Chamber Mass " by Vivaldi for the first half of the program and a contemporary work, " line Cantate de Noel " by Honegger, for the second half. The Concert Choir was joined by the Austin Chorale and Zilker Elementary Choir in the Honegger piece. A program of similar scope was planned for the spring semester. Morris J. Beachy was conductor. Martha Lou McAllister John Douglass McCasland William Morrison McClellan John S. McClelland Judith Lynn McCracken Bruce Andrew McDonald Ben Taylor McGuire Claudia K. McGuire Linda Louise McKee Lynda Kay McVey Leslie Lucille Milliren Evelyn Estabrook Moloney Linda Kathryn Monroe Hays Moore James Jerome Nabhan Ed Otto Elizabeth Agnes Owen Patricia G. Pair Catherine James Pavlidou Ruth Elizabeth Peden Mary Christine Peterson Steve Peterson Lloyd Brian Porter Laurie Posgate William John Proft Shirley Ralston Anna Kathleen Rash Forest James Rees James Larry Reid Cynthia Ann Riesser Josie Rodriguez Peggy Jane Rose Linda Joyce Sank Suzanna Mary Shuler Edward Sledge Carol Jane Smith Charles t. Smith Jr. Patrick P. Smith Susan Gail Speck Michael Stehling Mary Carla Swenson Janet Gay Tedford Laura Kathryn Templeton Shirley Jean Tennyson Barbara Jo Till Marcia Beth Tracey Charles Sydney Turet Gail R. Waters Richard E. Watkins Christine Diana Weger John Alexander Wieriman Ted Workman Kay Yantis The Concert Choir participated in a Radio-Television-Film conducting class. The Concert Choir joined with the Symphony Orchestra and the Zilker Elementary Choir for 1967 ' s annual Christmas concert. 235 Longhonn Singers An 80-member mixed choral group com- posed of students from all colleges of the University and under the direction of Ivan W. Baugh, the Longhorn Singers combined talent, hard work, and friendship which have enabled them to win the coveted Choral Organizations " Note of Spirit " award three out of the six years that the award has been presented. The Longhorn Singers sang for Ex-Student functions, local civic organizations, Austin high schools, and Hancock Shopping Center. The group also presented its first Christmas Con- cert which was highlighted with effective stag- ing and costuming. After the Christmas holi- days the singers participated in the Choral Organizations Mid-Winter Concert, sang for The University of Texas Football Banquet, and toured to Houston and New Orleans from January 28 through February 4. Officers for the year were Bruce W. Jaster, president; Da- vid M. Meeker, vice-president; Trudy Kier Skiff, secretary; Suzy K. Barneby, treasurer; and John Thomas Craig, program coordinator. Dean Arno Nowotny was faculty sponsor. Dean Arno Nowotny, Longhorn Singers ' faculty sponsor, directed " The Eyes. ' FRONT ROW: Kay George, Jo Lynn Thomas, Bess Owen, Linda Monroe, Linda Pickard, Linda Hughes, Janice Carver, Linda Waterbury, Polly Grant, Linda McKee, Kay Yantis, Shirley Tennyson, Melinda Meyer, Trudy Skiff, Harriet Reynolds, Cheryl Coffin, Linda Terry, Cynthia Waters, Janene Hubbard, Doris Kristek, Maria Schumann, Linda Williams, Kathy Thomas, Donna Dudley, Phyllis Brown, Karen Lehr, Frances Clarke, Laverne Whitworth, Mary Lou Schmidt, Donna Stark, Paula Cook, Leana Jones. SECOND ROW: Paul Hansen, Mike Martin, Bill Goodale, Eddie Littlefield, Steven Ungerleider, Robert Levi, Butch Boyd, Jim Barnes, Larry Jefferson, Mollie Hej l, Mary Gordon Spence, Mary Hazlip, Carole Essig, Arlene Walker, Kathy Cameron, Cathy Kinsel, Susan Mack, Louise Slade, Louise Carroll. THIRD ROW: Bruce Jaster, Charles VanZant, Jim Porter, Tom Buford, Cliff Lanford, Steve Peterson, Lanny Ferguson, Donnie Burgess, Sterling Carroll, Jimmy McDonald, Stan Prescott, Paul Marable, David Meeker. FOURTH ROW: Keith Grieneeks, John Craig, Ted Workman, Mark Enderli, Albert Merubia, Don Johnson, Jim Walker, Clint Lawrence, Dick Maxwell. NOT PICTURED: Rick Cate, Cheryl Craig, Jeanette Curry, Leslie Flowers, Donald B. Johnson, Jerrilyn Johnson, Rinette Margoth, James Peck, Jan Richards, Susan Tucker, Molly Zalesky. 236 FRONT ROW: Trudy Skiff, Bruce Jaster, Mary Gordon Spence. SECOND ROW: David Meeker, Ivan Baugh, John Craig, Eddie Littlefield. BELOW: Longhorn Singers re- hearsed for their Christmas holiday con- cert performance in Texas. Jin FRONT ROW: Joanne Kassel, Jennifer McCrory, Johanna Franke. SECOND ROW: James Morgan, Gayle Cerminaro, Charles McDonell, Jane Wyss, Rod Keating. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Hutchison, Tom Locheed, Tom Acord, Joanie Fenton, Ed Otto. NOT PICTURED: Ivan Wesley Baugh, Raymond Augustus Lynch, Victoria Merrill. Madrigal Singers Dedicated to the performance of vocal chamber music of all periods, the University Madrigal Singers presented the most select vocal ensemble of the eight-member choral organizations. The group has given perform- ances in many parts of the United States as well as many foreign countries. Through such appearances the Madrigal Singers have gained a national reputation, hailed by critics as a leader of its own field. Two separate tours were scheduled dur- ing the year, in addition to several local per- formances. In March, the Madrigals traveled through West Texas, while a May tour took them to several states in the eastern part of the country. The organization was open to all University students by audition. Although re- quirements were strict, the group ' s member- ship contained a good representation of non- music majors. Morris J. Beachy directed the Madrigal Singers. On their Austrian tour, the Madrigal Singers were honored at a reception with Leonard Bernstein. 238 OFFICERS: Thomas Schneider, secretary; Benjamin Rodriguez, vice-president; Charles Hooks III, president; Brian Adkins, treasurer. Men ' s Glee Club The oldest choral group on campus, the Men ' s Glee Club, was composed of men who enjoy the tradition of a male chorus. The rep- ertoire of the group was extremely varied, in- cluding Broadway show tunes, patriotic num- bers, the more familiar popular tunes, sacred works, and serenade numbers. The club was directed by James Parker Morgan, teaching as- sistant in music, and accompanied by Mary Carol May on the piano in the fall. During the year the group toured West Texas and New Mexico during semester break in January. Weekend trips to Houston, Dallas- Fort Worth, and San Antonio rounded out the spring semester. On-campus appearances in- cluded a combined concert with the Southern Singers, as well as participation in the Dad ' s Day activities in November, the annual Choral Organization carol-sing on the South Mall at Christmas, the Mid-Winter concert in Jan- uary, and a spring concert. In keeping with one of the club ' s more pleasant traditions, members serenaded vari- ous sororities and women ' s dorms throughout the year. The Sundowners, a folk-singing group originating in the club, also performed. Jml FRONT ROW: Benjamin Rodriguez, Richard Dolifka, Edward Polansky, Rob Sloan, Thomas Barra, Robert Liddell Jr., John Nichols, Robert Carter, Stephen Cowan, Thomas Schneider, Christian Bohmfalk, Patrick Smith. SECOND ROW: Warren Rees, Blocker Meitzen, John McCasland Jr., Fredric Van Jones, James Walker, Charles Jones, John Cameron, Michael McHone, Leland Lumbley, Larry Damron, Brian Adkins, Stephen Child, Robert James. THIRD ROW: Ted Jordan, Francis Foy, George Zapata Jr., Doyle Rogers, Reavis Tomlinson. FOURTH ROW: Steven Gamboa, William Berger, Edward Prado, Thomas Hurt, Charles Henson, Robert Wahrmund, Gary Brown, James Kilgore, Tony Borden, Douglas Webb, Charles Hooks III. NOT PICTURED: Herman Bazaman, Peter Van Deison, James Ellerbrock, Mark Luther, Leo Ofman, Donald O ' Neal, Jennings Naranjo, James Morgan, director, Stephen Dunlap, spring accompanist. 239 Southern Singers An all-girl chorus offering members fel- lowship and an opportunity to broaden their understanding of music for public perform- ances, the Southern Singers scheduled many activities with the Men ' s Glee Club. They ac- cepted invitations to sing at Lexington and Rockdale and held joint rehearsals and an Italian supper party. The Glee Club-Southern Singers activities culminated in their campus concert, which was video-taped by KHFI-TV. The girls ' calendar also included singing dates for the University Kiwanis Club of Aus- tin, the Texas exes at the Alumni Center, for Dad ' s Day at the Union, the Christmas carol sing on the Mall, and the Mid-Winter Concert. Concert appearances at Fort Sam Houston, Lackland Air Force Base, and Fort Hood high- lighted the performance calendar. The spring tour took them to military bases in other states and HemisFair in San Antonio. Fall accompanist was Mary Carol May. Officers were Priscilla Mojica, president; Pam- ela Shropshire, secretary; Sandra Gordon, treasurer; Patricia Ogle, librarian; Jane Hezlep and Joanne Durflinger, wardrobe. Alaire How- ard Lowrey directed the Singers. Members of the Southern Singers boarded a chartered bus ready to take them on tour. r FRONT ROW: Sherrianne Wylie, Anna Rash, Vonciel Jones, Ardath Payne, Candace Landis, Susan Ericson, Josie Rodriguez, Dianne Casey, Priscilla Mojica, Barbara Hult, Barbara Higgins, Marilyn Townsend, Shirley Kuchar. SECOND ROW: Betty Koivula, Kay Twidwell, Norma Longoria, Janice Murray, Meryl Cherry, Janet Carter, Marcelle Lacouture, Trudy Traner, Betty Crocker, Nancy Duerr, Andree Guillot, Toni Shelton. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Galloway, Patricia Ryan, Patricia Kintz, Mary Naranjo, Debbie Gordon, Donna Foster, Janice Speer, Georgia Bohuslav, Christina Moore, Janis Newberry, Toni Hartley, Blanquita Walsh, Brooke Corley, Virginia Christie, Barbara Waltzer, Bonnie Barnes. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Johnson, Sharon Rentz, Kathy Akin, Carlene Ashlock, Carolyn Petmecky, Cynthia Word, Becky Hughes, Jill Vorhauer, Pamela Shropshire, Carla Fink, Patti Davis, Judy McCracken, Kathleen O ' Connor, Susan Lewis, Stephen Dunlap, spring accompanist. ; 240 LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Smith, Karol Rice, Elmer Addington, Edith Hudson, Jimmy Averitt, Ingrid Haterius, Mary Martin, David Meeker, Martha McAllister, John McClelland, Janci Goodson, Maurice Thompson, Gay Correll, Michael Card, Edgar Lirtlefield, accompanist. jj ifia Woo " ' ),! ! , : ,C| ,. Prf ,t Varsity Singers One of the most recently organized of the eight choral organizations on the University campus, Varsity Singers was a small, versatile ensemble of selected voices. The fourteen- member group specialized in presenting a live- ly show performed with movement and color. Since its organization in 1963, Varsity Singers have gained popularity quickly through its many performances both on-and off-campus as well as on extended tours. During the year, the Singers performed in many cities in a Colorado tour. Repertoire for the Varsity Singers includ- ed special arrangements of folk, spiritual, and popular music as well as lively arrangements of songs from Broadway and Hollywood hit musicals. Accompanist for the group was Ed- gar Bernard Littlefield. Jimmy Curtis Averitt served as business manager. Stanley D. Wood- mansee filled the position of director in the fall and Ivan Wesley Baugh in the spring. Varsity Singers rehearsed a new routine for their Colorado tour. 241 Christian Science members met in the reading room. Christian Science Organization The Christian Science Organization was sponsored by the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass. The organization was established at the Uni- versity in the early 1930 ' s and has since ex- perienced growth and expansion of its activi- ties. Active membership in the Christian Sci- ence Organization provoked students into thought of spiritual values, acquainted them with the responsibilities of true brotherhood, and stimulated their search for means of Christian service. Last year the organization gave a fall and spring reception for students interested in Christian Science. It also sponsored a fall lec- ture by Martin N. Heafer of Houston and a spring lecture by Mrs. Lenore D. Hanks of Port- land, Ore. The organization held its annual Alumni Day in the spring. Officers for the fall were James F. Eason, president; Larry Bruck, vice-president; Sara Marie Stuewe, secretary; K. Ronald Higgins, treasurer; and Karen F. Christmann, member-at-large. James R. Brock served as the group ' s faculty adviser. FRONT ROW: Lawrence Brock, Sara Stuewe, James Eason, Karen Christ- mann. SECOND ROW: Mary LeTulle, Mary Wentworth, Barbara Tschirgi, Pamela Osgood, Deborah Disney, Catherine Werth, Carolyn Dorman. THIRD ROW: Susan Colovin, Randolph Mueller, Frederick Poppe, John Perry, George Tatman, John Bennett, Anne Fraser. 242 FRONT ROW: Toni Hartley, William Green. SECOND ROW: John Rapier, Sylvia Campos, George Zapata Jr. THIRD ROW: Van Secrest. BELOW: Former Attorney General Waggoner Carr addressed the group. Conservative Democrats By sponsoring a political educational speaker program, the Conservative Democrats worked to present students with a better un- derstanding of the Texas Democratic Party. Speakers addressing the group were Wag- goner Carr, former Attorney General; Will D. Davis, chairman of the State Executive Demo- cratic Committee; Dean E. B. Price, Dean of Student Activities at the University; Lt. Gov. Preston Smith; and Secretary of State John Hill. Members also worked in the 1968 Texas elections and the UT House of Delegates. Founded on May 4, 1 967, the group was organized to fill the vacuum that existed on campus In the ranks of the Democratic Party and met the challenge of the Left and the Texas Republican Party. Gov. John Connally signed the charter officially linking the or- ganization to the Texas Democratic Party. Officers for the year were William Ray Green, chairman; Van Carter Secrest, execu- tive vice-chairman; George Zapata Jr., asso- ciate vice-chairman; Toni Hilliard Hartley, sec- retary; John Edward Rapier, treasurer. William Junius Carter, professor of mechanical en- gineering, served as faculty sponsor. 243 Cordettes used the football practice field to practice their drills. Cordettes An honorary service supplement to the Army ROTC, Cordettes selected its members for their scholarship, leadership, and service to the University, as well as their beauty and poise. The Cordettes acted as official hostesses for the Army ROTC, served as administrative aids, attended ROTC drill and Corps functions, and publicized the Army Corps. Some of the girls acted as sponsors to various brigades. A pledge class was tapped each semester fol- lowing a two-period rush by invitation and nomination by members of the Corps and Cordettes. Members must have 1.4 grade- point average to be eligible for membership. Cordette activities included money-raising projects to pay for new uniforms, a picnic with the Corps, and attendance at ROTC intra- mural games. Active on campus with repre- sentatives in many campus activities, Cordettes served as cheerleaders, Orange Jackets, Spooks, and on the Orientation Steering Com- mittee. Officers for the year were Judith Kathryn Byrd, commander; Nancy Lynn Haralson, ex- ecutive officer; Karen Allyne Scruggs, adju- tant; Sherrie Diane Sanford, comptroller; Rosa- lyn Lee Pransky, information; Cheryl Ann Burr, operations; and Nancy Jo Fleury, supply. Lt. Col. Lawrence E. Denny was adviser. Members discussed the various aspects of Cordette training. 244 M. Arthur J. Ballard H. Biesemeier W. Brandon J. Collins C. Darby R. Ebner P. Erickson Crow ' s Nest A group of 53 midshipmen of the Uni- versity Naval ROTC unit, the Crow ' s Nest Club provided the nucleus of leadership and par- ticipation in the NROTC unit. The Crow ' s Nest operated as a cooperative house, with Nest affairs handled entirely by elected officers. Active in campus activities, the Nest had mem- bers in Texas Cowboys, Silver Spurs, the Buc- caneer Drill Team, and Navy intramural teams. Among social activities last year was the annual Christmas party for children from the Pan-American Center in East Austin. Officers for the year included Carl Clifton Hill, presi- dent; Edward Clark Moore, vice-president; Dennis Oliver Olson, treasurer; Rodger Paul Kester, food buyer; and Michael James Clark, work manager. Lt. Charles Lewis Berry was faculty sponsor for the group. M. Gale B. Green C. Hill J. Holbach R. Kayser R. Kester C. Loibner ITfcJKL E. Moore D. Olson J. Quinn G. Roemer W. Steshko T. Strickland M. Tatone E. Trominski D. Wells H. Wright CROW ' S NEST EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: James Burns, Michael Clark, Francis Galloway Jr., Rodger Kester, Carl Hill III, Edward Moore, Richard Kayser. SECOND ROW: William Brandon, Robert Ebner, William Steshko, Robert Felle, James Collins, William Davis, Dennis Olson. 245 Delta Sigma Pi The largest Delta Sigma Pi chapter in the United States, the Beta Kappa chapter of the professional business fraternity was composed of members sharing the ambition to become leaders in the business world. Membership was by invitation. The organization encour- aged scholarship and social activities, and pro- vided contact between the commercial world and students. To acquaint members with the profession, the chapter held lectures featuring speakers from business and industry through- out the country. During the academic year, the fraternity conducted two field trips, one to Dallas in the fall semester and one to Houston during the spring. In December, the fraternity held its annual Rose Dance and conducted a campaign to provide a needy Austin family food and clothing for Christmas. Officers for the year were Charles A. Taylor Jr., president; Michael Max Weil, senior vice-president; William S. McCollum, junior vice-president; Terry Wayne Lutz, chancellor; Stanley Reed Crowe Jr., secretary. Devereaux Maitland Huffman, instructor in management, served as faculty sponsor. In February, the Delta Sigs held a rush party for prospective members. I FRONT ROW: Michael Weil, Phillip Montgomery, William Rogers, Edwin Pryor, Nikolai Kerpchar, Terry Lutz, Steve Pena. SECOND ROW: John Hoopes, Paul Mallett, David Wright, Edward Burdick, James Hunter, Dennis Cavner, Daniel Bedoya, George Wroten III, Alberto Gonzalez, Michael Summers, Richard Parker, Lewis Boyd, Scott McGuire, Jerry Monaghan, Harold Israel, John Thurman Jr. THIRD ROW: Thomas Master- son, Charles Crawford, David Norwood, William Murray, James Cooper Jr., William McCollum Jr., David Swanson, Steve Wischer, Charles Taylor Jr., Edward Morris, William Seaver, Meredith Price, Kenneth Casey, Albert Allen, John Neel. FOURTH ROW: Randall Glass, James Snow, Roy Bragg, James Berne, Danny Byers, Charles Buerschinger, Troy Calhoun, Myer Lipson, Robert Brisbin, Stanley Crowe Jr., Danny Johnson, Jackson Bland, Robert Garcia Jr., Billy Wilson, John Rogers, Lew Hunt, Theodore Gon- zalez, Kirk Anderson, Fred Randolph, Tracy Faulks. FIFTH ROW: Howard Murray, Gary Gandy, Richard Spears, Merle Arnold II, Victor Miro-Quesada, Jorge Palza, Mike Norris, Robert Rice, William Minyard III, Larry Laden, Drew West, Rick Corn Jr., John Dillon Jr., Thomas Brunei, Joseph Warner, Patrick Fitzgerald, Fred Clark, James Morgan Jr., Foye Yoakum. 246 FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE MEMBERS Francis X. Bostick Clarence L. Coates Jr. John Richard Cogdell William C. Duesterhoeft Bob M. Fannin Otto M. Friedrick William D. Gregg William H. Hartwig Elmer L. Hixson Roy Rankin Krezdorn Alfred Hall LaGrone Thomas E. Mueller Edward Joseph Powers Charles Harold Roth Jr. Harold W. Smith Jackie L. Stone William K. Sonneman Archie W. Straiten Herbert Lyndon Taylor Edward J. Wagner UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Larry Wayne Abernathy Richard Robert Collier George Robert Craig Robert Mark Emmer Richard Finley Ferguson John Martin Gilmore Jr. Darryl Paul Greenwood Michael T. Hodkin Thomas Allen Jones Norman Glenn Koepnick Andrew Crockett Kyle John W. Champion Jr. Samuel Kenneth Gulp Robert Hart Graham Michael L. Green David Fred Havemann Edward J. Heitzeberg III James Julian Hinds Claude Vernon King William Travis Maxey James Leo McCreary Laurence Miller Payne Gilbert A. Peon Thomas Gordon Price Jr. Hector Ruiz-Cardenas Robert Siller Kenneth David Thompson Charles Michael Watson John Hal Wray FALL PLEDGES Dimitrios G. Lainiotis David Michael Lee Gordon Shaw Novak Jr. Harry Doyle Record Lloyd Garland Turner Malculm Ellsworth Vaughan Paul Martin Weaver Ashley James Welch SPRING PLEDGES James R. Bennett Kim W. Cox Dennis James Crocker Jerald Paul Dykstra John F. Hunka Michael M. Johnson David Arthur Low Hugh Thompson Mel I wain Jr. Peter Benedict Mumola Kenneth Clarke Olivier Charle s Edward Peet Jr. Chittoor V. Ramamoorthy Scott Murray Smith Richard Alan Vrba John R. Wilcox Jr. Eta Kappa Nu Harold D. Albertson Kim Tung Au Carl Ray Bailey Gilber Lowell Baker Albert W. Baird III Thomas G. Banks III James K. Beard James David Becker William E. Belote George Alvin Bennett John E. Boehle Allen Dickson Boger Jr, Austin Neal Brinson Jr. Milton T. Buchanan Robert Randolph Caddel George L. Cardwell III Billy Dan Carroll Kenneth Randolph Castleman Richard Nelson Chandler Donald Ray Chick Dickey Eugene Clardy Reginald Wayne Clark John Haven Davis James Elliott Deans James Harold Derryberry Joe L. Devine David Lynn Dobbins Spyros C. Economides Donald H. Eller Claude Herbert Feistel Martha Shultz Fowler Walter R. Fuchs Daniel Graham Galloway Tom Jordan Gentry Ralph Herman Genz Howard Wesley Glueck Berl Paul Guyton Robert W. Hanks Dale Ralph Harbison Frank C. Harris Guy Walter Haynes Kenneth Ray Hessel C. Gene Hilborn Jr. Jimmy Herbert Hinton Howard Don Holden Gary Lynn Hunt James R. Kamrath Fredrick J. Kirkpatrick James Brian Klahn Henry Ralph Klawitter Richard Lee Kleir Charles Elbert Laird Jr. Richard Kent Lennington Jerry Lloyd Ligon Daniel G. Mackey George Bond Mackey Gayle Patrick Martin Michael K. Masten Roy Miller Matney Richard Dixon Maxwell David James Mayhall Gerald Lewis Neely Robert Leonard Nelson Jr. Phillip Sanford Noe John Marlin Old David Nathan Pate Frederick W. Patrick Allen Barr Plunket Donnie Joe Pounds Malcolm Richard Railey Dan Keith Raley Erwin Arthur Reinhard Howard Nixon Roberts Janet A. L. Rudolph Charles Clemon Scaief III Allen Burnham Schmitt Jerry Lynn Setliff John Frank Sextton D ' avid Rex Siever Fred Lee Sims William Eldon Sims John Rosecoe Smith Jr. John Eric Swanson Chia-Hsiang Sung Wadih Hanna Toubassi Bernard Frank Tupa Jesus Turullois Fawwaz Tayssir Ulaby Joe Byron Underwood James Terry Walker Lieh-Chun Wang Frederic Weigl Thomas William Whaley Jr. Thomas Lee Wharton James Douglas Wolfe Darrell Roy Word Eddie Young Edward Arnold Zwald Jr. With over 60,000 members from 121 chapters, Eta Kappa Nu offered recognition to individuals who, by they attainments in college or practice, have shown su- perior academic performance, capacity for hard work, good character, and promise for professional success. The local chapter assisted the Department of Electrical Engineering by helping with displays for Round-Up Showcase and the Engineering Power Show. For the first time, Eta Kappa Nu held tutorial sessions every week in beginning electrical engineering courses for students having difficulties under- standing the fundamentals. Fall officers included Thomas Lee Wharton, president; Charles Michael Watson, vice-president; Darryl Paul Green- wood, corresponding secretary; Kim-Tung Au, recording secretary; and John Hal Wary, treasurer. Faculty sponsors were John Richard Cogdell, assistant professor of electrical engineering, and Roy Rankin Krezdorn, associate professor of electrical engineering. Officers for the spring were Darryl Paul Greenwood, president; Richard Finley Fergu- son, vice-president; John W. Chapion Jr., recording sec- retary; Claude Vernon King III, treasurer; David Fred Have- mann, corresponding secretary; and Herbert Lyndon Tay- lor, associate professor of electrical engineering, sponsor. 247 FACULTY MEMBERS Charles T. Clark John Connally William A. Cunningham Gus M. Hodges Albert Pearson Jones Calvin Cleave Nolen Arno Nowotny John G. Steele Benjamin Fletcher Wright MEMBERS Lloyd Willis Birdwell Jr. Tommy Neal Cowan Platt Walker Davis III Clifford W. Drummond Harvey Radnor Eanes III Jim Ray Fletcher Michael Eugene Gammon Anthony Charles Jung Rostam Mehraban Kavoussi Friar Society David Roy Lambert C. O. Patterson Terry W. Peterson Aubrey Lee Pettit Howard Nixon Roberts James Benton Rylander Terry Oliver Tottenham Richard John Van Steenkiste Joe Bill Watkins FALL INITIATES Jerry D. Box John Cardwell Lloyd Doggett Jerry Richard Grammer Jim Tom Haynes Dan Keith Seilheimer SPRING INITIATES Shelley Duval Philip Lawrence Eiserloh Philip Howard Fleckman Kevin Holcomb Joe Lee Stubblefield Recognizing outstanding contributions to the Uni- versity and providing a continuing channel of communi- cation and comradeship between members who are still attending the University and those who have graduated, the Friar Society offered members the opportunity of meeting and discussing the problems and goals of the University with the most outstanding men who have at- tended this school. Founded in 191 1, the Friar Society was the oldest and highest honorary organization on campus. It annually selected for membership twelve or fewer men, of second- semester junior rank or above, who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the University. Specific points considered in selection of new members included leadership, scholarship, service, integrity, character, and evidence of a love for the University. The Society held two initiation and reunion breakfasts during the year to which all members of the Society were invited. Fall officers were Richard John Van Steenkiste, abbot; Terry W. Peterson, scrivener; and Clifford W. Drummond, almoner. Spring officers were Mike Pettit, abbott; Jerry Richard Grammer, scrivener; and Tommy Neal Cowan, almoner. 248 I m H PR i i - , FRONT ROW: Judith Beaver, Cinda Cyrus, Cherri Oakley, Nancy Gent, Janet Hirsch. SECOND ROW: Libby Holland, Charleen Schwemer, Fanchon lunin, Lucinda Hanks, Jean Stavinoha, Becky Lanier, Mollie Graves, Bettye Gormley, Cynthia Cooper. THIRD ROW: Anna Morris, Pamela Yarborough, Paula Bullard, Sharon Perry, Leslie Berman, Mary Goodwin, Karen Berndt, Sheila Gallagher, Ann Fortson. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Pamela Baggett, Carolyn Berry, Bernice Bridges, Dee Ann Brown, Jeanette DiFilippo, Linda Garrison, Grace Hane, Hannah Lane, Beth McEnery, Susan Melton, Toni Moore, Nancy Morris, Judy Orton, Olivia Potter, Kellyn Rozier, Lizabeth Scott, Sharon Todd, Linda Wisner. LJLJ Gamma Alpha Chi Truth and service in advertising were the ideals of Gamma Alpha Chi, national profes- sional advertising fraternity for women. The Alpha Nu chapter introduced college girls in advertising and related majors to profession- als in the field through guest speakers and field trips to agencies and advertising depart- ments of retail stores and firms. During the year, the chapter sponsored talks by Bob Fouchard, director of promotion for the Hous- ton Posf, and Al Boyd, owner of an Austin advertising agency. The chapter worked close- ly with Alpha Delta Sigma to bring nationally recognized professionals to the University campus. Officers for the year were Cherri Lynn Oakley, president; Judie Lynn Beaver, vice- president; Cinda Lynne Cyrus, treasurer; Nan- cy Katherine Gent, secretary; and Janet Flor- ence Hirsch, reporter. Faculty sponsors for the year were Alan Scott and Ellen Render- graft. Spring initiates include Margaret Eliza- beth Coleman, Annita Anne Dyer, Mary Wil- lene Hruska, Jeanette Ann Hunt, Bobbie Sue Mock, Josie Corning McSweeny, Dotty New- house, and Priscilla Wallace. Alpha Delta Sigma and Gamma Alpha Chi members chatted with guest speaker John Cozle of Commercial Recording Corporation, Dallas. 249 Gamma Delta An international association, Gamma Del- ta was composed of Lutheran college students. The University Kappa chapter aimed to train Lutheran students for Christian service to God and man. Members participated in community service projects, social activities, theological discussions and attended the annual Gamma Delta convention in January. Officers were Julius Lee Tacquard, presi- dent; Terrence Albert Kuhlmann, vice-presi- dent; Ann Margaret Ballman, secretary; Ste- phen Leonard Mueller, treasurer; and Donna Maxine Theis and John William Krueger, so- cial chairmen. Rev. Charles Henry Born, pastor of The University Lutheran Church, was the sponsor. Members not pictured were Darla Mae Beckman, Terry Thomas Collins, William Paul Dannevik, Linda Nell Domel, Valie Geyer, Thomas L. Gibson, Michael Alton Haecker, Herbert William Hirsch Jr., Edward Frederick Horn, Gloria J. Jordan, Geneva Ann Kirsch, Lou Ann Liebscher, Michael Willard Lobdell, Molly Eleanor Maltsberger, Sharon Ann Mc- Whirter, Thomas John Mueller, Kenneth George Schindewolf, Barbara Ann Smith, and Ray Allen Zischang. The University Lutheran Student Center was open to all students. FRONT ROW: John William Krueger, Donna Maxine Theis, Terrence Albert Kuhlmann, Julius Lee Tacquard, Ann Margaret Ballman, Stephen Leonard Mueller, Reverend Charles Henry Born. SECOND ROW: Mary Elaine Frank, Sandra Lee Sloan, Mary Gary Petmecky, Kathy Meyerhoff, Warna Rhea Odom, Judith Lynn Combs, Ruth Ellen Becker, Christine Ann Hanneman, Deborah Lillian Sielaff, Janet Nan Mix, Mary Linda Sterner, Mary Elizabeth Doering, Cheryl Ruth Walker, Lynda Darlene Maresh. THIRD ROW: Tony George Morgan, Joe Allan Fischer, Victor Lynn Schill, Irvin Melvin New- man Jr., Michael Paul Dobrasko, Mark Allen Doering, David Arthur Sterner, George Ernest Schumann, Bobby Ray Junker, John Max Hirsch, Martin Randolph Wuensche, Vernon Edgar Wuensche. 250 FRONT ROW: Virginia Searight, Sharon West, Beverly Haynes, Patricia Klntz, Marian Graves, Kiersta, Robert Twombly, Doris Kristek, (Catherine Boozer, Vonciel Jones, Margaret Peck. SECOND ROW: Bertha Burson, Pattie Knight, Laura Garner, Mary Moody, Virginia Alspaugh, Bonnie Cross, Christine Morgan, Kathleen Hiett, Mary Wilson, Karen Breen, Gwen Richardson. THIRD ROW: Judith Zerdecki, Cheryl Lowe, Mary Neil, Polly Fowler, Carol Morrow, Ruth Taylor, Mary Rylander, Jan Klecka, Betty Koivula, Dorothy Ferguson, Ellen McDaniel, Kay Coughran. FOURTH ROW: Mollie Childs, Judy Hawthorne, Toni Hartley, Jane Hezlep, Elizabeth Kernodle, Lynn Johnson, Jo Morris, Amelia Goehring, Gayle Wooldridge, Donna Craig, Dolores Slomchinski, Judith Gordon, Janet Bailey. Gamma Delta Epsilon The Beta chapter of the women ' s national service sorority, Gamma Delta Epsilon, worked with the girls at Mary Lee School, helped man the polls for campus elections, and conducted surveys for the Dean of Men ' s and Dean of Women ' s offices. In service to the nation, GDE ' s worked with the local USO and collected soap to send to the Vietnamese people. To- gether with Coach Darrell Royal and the var- sity football players, GDE ' s chaperoned 116 first-graders on a trip to the circus in October. Members assisted the Students ' Associa- tion in its drive to aid victims of Hurricane Beulah. The group worked with other Uni- versity groups to collect money for UNICEF. Officers for the year were Marian Louise Graves, president; Beverly Bernice Haynes, administrative vice-president; Doris E. Kristek, service vice-president; Patricia Jean Kintz, membership vice-president; Katherine Lee Boozer, treasurer; Vonciel Jones, secretary; and Sharon Lynn West, reporter-historian. Robert Gray Twombly was adviser. GDE ' s spring pledges were Carolyn Kay Cole, Diana Der Bing, Susan Gaynell Gould, Martha Susan Mack, Patricia Ann Pope, Bev- erly Diane Round, Guadalupe (Lupe) Ruiz, Priscilla Ann Talkington, Bonnie Eudora Tip- ton, Susan Tullos, Carol Ann Tunstall, Alice Van Binsbergen, and Willadene Voigt. Beverly Haynes entertained a child at the circus 251 FRONT ROW: Poly Amakis, Nelson Neokleous, Alexander Arnakis, Koula Lolos, Carolyn Protopapas, Stephen Agalou. SECOND ROW: Konstantinos Lambrakos, Effie Georgas, June Melat, Tina Lambrakos, Catherine Pavlidou, Philippa Coetzee, Spyros Economides. THIRD ROW: Athanasios Protopapas, Alkis Mouradoglou, Angelos Panagopoulos, Pamela Gates, Chris loannou, Jesse Molina. NOT PICTURED: Elaine Agalou, Napoleon Avaneas, Peter Chininis, Polly Fowler, Katherine Georgacakis, Vicki Klaras, Nicholas Kypreos, Petros Kyprios, Gus Lolos, Thespo Parker, Pavlos Roussos, Kiki Skandalis. Hellenic Club Fostering interest in Greece through so- cial and academic activities, the Hellenic Club held numerous informal parties, highlighted by a Thanksgiving picnic in the fall and the Greek Easter lamb roast in the spring. Aca- demically, the club heard several distinguished speakers and held panel discussions. Although membership of the club con- sisted primarily of persons of Greek descent, any student or faculty member interested in Greece was welcomed. Officers for the year were Alex G. Ar- nakis, president; Koula A. Lolos, vice-presi- dent; Nelson Kyriakou Neokleous, secretary- treasurer; Stephen Agalou, Nicholas Mercouris Kypreos, Konstantinos F. Lambrakos, and Mrs. Carolyn Protopapas, executive committee. Ga- reth Morgan was the faculty sponsor. Members escaped routine school activities and enjoyed a peaceful picnic. i ; i 191 252 Home EC Chapter A professionally oriented organization designed to acquaint members with careers in home economics, the Home Economics Chapter was affiliated with the Texas Home Economics Association. Members participated in the College Chapters Workshop in San An- tonio in the fall and the THEA Convention in Fort Worth in the spring. During the summer of 1967, some students attended and helped in the planning of the AHEA Convention in Dallas. Within its immediate organization, the chapter awarded three scholarships each year which were supported through the sales of coffee and donuts each morning in the Home Economics Building. Programs were varied and concentrated in several different areas, ranging from a discussion of career oppor- tunities to a spring fashion show where cloth- ing construction students modeled their own creations. A highlight of the year was a visit from THEA president, Mrs. Gayle Wilson. Officers for the year were Connie Lynn Taylor, president; Jo Carol Johnson, first vice- president; Mary Patricia Schmitz, second vice- president and State historian; Gail Ellen Ar- nold, secretary; Marty Nye, treasurer; Melissa Gail Sledge, reporter; Pam Seigler, foods chairman; Anita Louise McNevin, social chair- man; and Kari Fuquay, House of Delegates representative. Tracy Fehlis Aycock and Peggy Marilyn Bass were faculty advisers. FRONT ROW: Melissa Sledge, Anita McNevin, Donna Voss. SECOND ROW Gail Arnold, Jo Carol Johnson, Connie Taylor, Mary Schmitz. THIRD ROW Tracy Aycock, Carol Gilbert, Mary Meismer, Ann Williams, Pamela Seigler Peggy Bass. 253 International Club A Texas Union organization, the Inter- national Club promoted mutual understanding, cooperation, and friendship among American and foreign students. Membership was open to all students and provided opportunities to meet people from many countries. Among club activities was an Interna- tional Dance Festival featuring entertainment from countries around the world. Suppers, films, exhibits, and discussions were held dur- ing the week-long Christmas Bazaar at which articles from different countries were sold. The Buddy Program, matching American and foreign students, helped orient the for- eign student to life on the campus. A trip to Mexico also was sponsored by the club during spring vacation. Officers for the year were Rostam Mehraban Kavoussi, president; Stephen Earle Donwerth, vice-president; Bev- erly Diane Jeschke, secretary; and Uma Devi Ravipaty, treasurer. Mrs. Mary Lou Solomon served as the group ' s sponsor. FRONT ROW: Chandrakant Desai, Jeanie Ricketts, Umd Ravipaty, Stephen Donwerth, Rostam Kavoussi, Mary Solomon, Melodie Eades, Ralph Thor- ton. SECOND ROW: Houshang Masudi, Arvid Youngquisf, Joyce Warren, Carolyn Moore, Carlos Gonzalez-Delgado, Susana Alsina, Vinci Feliz, Ramiro Escalante, Phisit Phisitthakorn. THIRD ROW: Ben Carroll, Mary Frank, Omar Jazzar, Armando Rodriguez, Zaidee Waggoner, Mary Fredrik- sen, Jo Berg, Barbara Tabor, Dorothy Wright, Mary Fleming, Fusako Sato, Vicki Watkins, Joe Baltazar, Saiyed Ali, Richard Harlow. FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth Gray, Nelson Neokleous, Barbara levinson, Linda Pacheco, Patricia Swearingen, Lynda Coleman, Mario Concha-Zuniga, Kenneth Nowotny, Judith Echols, Deborah Smith, Jessica Alexander, Grace Alamia, Reynaldo Macedo, Diana Hansen. FIFTH ROW: James Calderon, Pamela Smith, Mehdi Estakhr, Alkis Mouradoglou, Sher Mirza, Miguel Colina- Vargas, William Wear, Carmen Jackson, Lee Rothenberg, Ahmed Torkey, Douglas Hall, Henry Chang. NOT PICTURED: Thomas Cotner, Richard Darnwell. ABOVE: Students listened to interesting debate. 254 Phisit Phisitthakorn of Thailand recalled dating in the company of servants to the amusement of Susana Alsina from Argen- tina, who described how the shortage of night clubs in Argentina often brought young dating couples face to face with their parents on dates. Five foreign students, each representing a different area of the world, spoke on the differing dating customs of their coun- tries in an October session. " The Inter- national Hour, " jointly sponsored by the International Club and the Newman Club, was designed to acquaint students with customs of other countries. Speaking on " Dating International Style, " foreign stu- dents from Thailand, Argentina, Nigeria, Iran, and Sweden candidly discussed dat- ing habits in their respective countries. Dr. Henry H. Bowman, professor of sociol- ogy, was moderator for the fall program. 255 Claudio Salinas, Arthur Briseno, Joseph Nathman, Charles Peet Jr., Coy Doss, David Karback, Dale Patenaude, David Reindl, James Nutt III. FOURTH ROW: Earl Center, James Walker, Kenneth Thompson, Gordon Novak, Dennis Rasco, W. T. Eckert Jr., Tony Quisenberry, Norman Koep- nick, James Malone, Macka Murrah, Michael Johnson, Jamie Sefcik, Tom Banks. FRONT ROW: Baxter Womack, James Callaway, Paul Hartman, David Havemann, Claude King, Ronald Greening, Henry Rylander, Hugh Me- llwain, Donald Luttrell. SECOND ROW: Michael Doyle, Robert Graham, Otto Orsak, Jonathan Fritz, Peter Reinecke, Robert Trapnell Jr., Leroy Miller, David McElroy, Aquilino Alvarez-Adan, Mitchell Garnett, William McCown. THIRD ROW: Jay Jackson, Kenneth Moore, Jonathan Baethge, I A professional society dedicated toward the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical engineering, electronics, radio, and allied branches of engineering and re- lated arts and sciences, the Institute of Elec- trical and Electronic Engineers served to fa- miliarize engineering students with advance- ments occurring in industry. Speakers lecturing at meetings during the year included E. D. Scarth of Texas Elec- trict Service; Elmer L. Hixson, associate pro- fessor of electrical engineering at the Univer- sity; and Jobie Dean of E. F. Mutton and Com- pany. Officers for the year were James Robert Callaway, chairman; Henry Grady Rylander III, vice-chairman; David Fred Havemann, sec- retary; Vernon King, treasurer; and Ronald Gene Greening, S.E.C. representative. Faculty advisers included both Baxter Frank Womack and Roy Rankin Krezdorn. 256 IEEE members spent a considerable amount of ti me in the laboratory f S. Anderson S. Bartlemoy D. Beomer A. Benavides B. Bower S. Cawyer L. Chomales V. Curt M. Dodion C. Ellis S. Evans K. Fooshee C. Garcia E. Grody J. Hamltt P. Harrington P. Hutto N. Jirasek Y. Laurel N. Lively A. Lyons L. Lyons S. Morgan N. Nau K. Parmtr J. Ration M. Reynolds M. Riley M. Rodriguez M. Sanchez V. Sanders K. Satsky L. Scolf M. Tips A. Vasquez E. Villa Kappa Epsilon An honorary professional fraternity for wom- en in pharmacy, Kappa Epsilon had as its main goal the uniting of women in pharmacy. The Univer- sity ' s Xi chapter began the fall semester with a " Get Acquainted " party for all girls in pharmacy. Faculty wives were invited as special guests. At Christmas, Kappa Epsilon helped Phi Delta Chi with a party at Travis State School and Kappa Psi with a party for the children at Austin State School. A banquet honoring last spring ' s initiates was held Dec. 10 at The Barn. A cocktail party held early in the spring honored the faculty of the College of Pharmacy. Two scholarships were awarded to Bonnie Williams and Carmela Garcia at the midyear meeting of the Texas Chapter of Kappa Epsilon. On Feb. 23 and 24, Xi chapter of Kappa Ep- silon hosted the province convention. The chapter also made a bid to host the national convention in 1969. The officers for the year were Carmela Andrea Garcia, president; Sheridyn Shelby Mor- gan, vice-president; Patricia Ann Harrington, re- cording secretary; Cheryl Kay Lewis, corresponding secretary; Susan Elaine Barlemay, treasurer,- and Doris June Beamer, reporter-historian. Sponsor was Mrs. Gerald Sullivan. Members not pictured were Nancy Carole Frazer, Olga Jo Garcia, Cheryl Kay Lewis, Faith Milling, Sharon Lizabeth Reed, Nancy Eileen S tover, and Carol Ann Voyles. Spring initiates were Rosa- lynne Gayle Abney, Maria Cecilia Gutierrez, Linda Elizabeth Herrera, Cathy J-. Hoover, Bobby Jo Jones, Janet Jones, and Sue Ann Rhodes. C. Walker N. Walker M. White B. Williams 257 A fraternity open house was held for pharmacy majors during the fall semester. Kappa Psl A professional pharmaceutical fraternity, Kappa Psi offered social as well as professional opportunities for its members. The year ' s ac- tivities included a party for underprivileged Austin children and an annual blood drive. Kappa Psi took an active part in State and national pharmaceutical conventions and in student branches of the American Pharma- ceutical Association and the Texas Pharma- ceutical Association. Officers for the year were Warren F. Neely, regent; Richard E. Beck, vice-regent; Herbert Eugene Kegans, secretary; Ernest Da- vid Henry, treasurer; and Jerry Lynn Morris, rush captain. Billy B. Wylie was grand council deputy for the organization. A. Bjese S. Balas R. Bane G. Bazaldua R. Beck S. Bell C. Bode E. Bowen J. Bowmer C. S. Brown C. O. Brown W. Bugna E. Carmichael D. Cook P. Davis R. Dobie J. Downs J. Dunlap E. Eblen, Jr. A. Gonzalez S. Gonzalez J. Gutierrez, Jr. P. Hawkins E. Henry D. House R. Janak F. Jimenez C. Jowers H. Kegans J. King O ifl xK R. King S. Kopecky A. Lang J. Lee R. Lee R. Lewis M. McBride D. McClure C. Marable A. Miller 258 R. Miller J. Morris G. Murphy R. Murr W. Neely W. Nekuza J. Pope G. Prensner J. Puryear W. Pryon R. Ramming R. Read j. Richardson R. Roberts H. Rokohl J. Russell J. Sapp H. Sisson W. Stallknecht D. Stefka A. Tanowitz J. Taylor L. Thomas G. Thompson T. Tichner R. Tyre W. Warren K. White R. Wiltse G. Wortman J. Zavalta I. Zeitler MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Donald Gene Bethard Phillip Randell Bowers Dennis Jefferson Bowles Jackey Ray Bradsher Bennett F. Brooke Ray Rennicks Carr Elmer Alfred Cook John Tenison Corder Clif W. Drummond Jim Bremond Evans Bennett Wray Howell Larry Kent LeFevre Gayle Raymond Newcomb Gary Wayne Overbeck Jackie Ross Simmons Jon Carter Zelisko FACULTY Robert Graves Brown Henry Matthew Burlage Frank P. Cosgrove John Emerson Davis Jaime N. Delgado Gunnar Gjerstad Wallace Louis Guess Eugene Ivan Isaacson Gerald Sullivan Lee Frank Worrell Herbert F. Schwartz SPRING PLEDGES Harold Fay Collins Darrell Dicken Weldon Eugene Ferrell John Landrum Foster George E. Martin Michael Edward Mumme Robert Raney Schiller Jack W. Seely Philip Edward Shaver Gary Wrenn White Active members held a fall casual for the pledge class. 259 FRONT ROW: William Banks, Louis Squyres, John Barton, James Fife. SECOND ROW: Gordon Middleton Jr., David Bartek, George Greene, Charles Perkins, Wally Boyer, Thomas Stipulkosky Jr., Kenneth Williams, Thomas Porter, Joseph Glabasnia, Edward Burba, Curtis Varnell. THIRD ROW: Michael Tierney, Charles Bernhardt Jr., John Love, Clark Curtiss, David Peters, Johnny Seekamp, John Olivo, Richard Robinson, Larry Lamberth, Fred Wright Jr., Charles Nash III. FOURTH ROW: William Hatcher III, Michael McClure, Robert Derrick, Gary Wan, Stephen Houston, Charles Barrow Jr., James Joy, Malcolm Nelson, Richard Ewing, Jerry Walton, Brian Evans, Richard Karm, John Wilson. FIFTH ROW: Hamilton Hays, Warren Bollmeier, James Lindsey, Noel Kelly, Charles Ellis, Steven Gideon, Kent Rider, Blocker Meitzen, Kenneth Sandberg Jr., John Hardesty, Tommy Cowan. Kappa Kappa Psi Membership in Kappa Kappa Psi, nation- al honorary fraternity for college bandsmen, was based on scholarship, leadershi p, musi- cianship, and service to the Longhorn Band. During football season, the fraternity was re- sponsible for loading and . transporting the band ' s equipment as well as providing band members with water throughout the games. Projects undertaken included serving barbe- cue prior to home games to both the Long- horn Band and visiting bands, hosting a party for the visiting chapter from Oklahoma State University, and participating in a number of other activities of service to the band. The fraternity also hosted several socials, includ- ing a fall hayride and the annual spring ban- quet. Officers for the year were Louis Leroy Squyres, president; John Edward Barton, vice- president; James Michael Fite, secretary; and William Ray Banks, treasurer. Representative to the House of Delegates was Jerry Wayne Walton. Richard Prenshaw was faculty spon- sor. Members not pictured were Glenn Robert Anderson, Charles Morton Berg, Clarence Wil- liam Dittman, Thomas Bede Rice, and Salyer Dick Vanderwerth. Pledges for the spring semester were Kenneth Charles Emery, Ar- mando M. Lopez Jr., and Thomas H. Wag- goner. 260 Karate Club Qualified instruction in karate as an art, a self-defense, a sport, and a method for at- taining physical fitness was available to Uni- versity students through the Tae Kwon Do Karate Club. The club came into prominence when head instructor John Wooley won second place in the National Karate Championships and John Worth Sweeney Jr. won first place in the brown belt division of the International Karate Championships. The club also attended the US Invitational Karate Championships and sponsored the 1968 University of Texas In- vitational Karate Tournament in Austin. Of- ficers were James Eric Wharton, president; Neil King, vice-president; William R. Smyth, secretary; and Ronnie Nance, treasurer. FRONT ROW: Bruce Turner, Charles Wahlert, Pam Greinert, Eric Wharton, Tom Bradshaw, Harry Lundell, Parker Brown, Neil King, David AAayhall. SECOND ROW: Randall James, Mike Henderson, David Montgomery, Cartter Evans, Mark Murray, Dana Lockler, Rick Heatley, Henry Teoh, Mark Mariani, John Pendleton, Michael Waugh. THIRD ROW: Charles Sears, Reggie Smyth, Paul Russell, Ronald Curtis, Rennie Harrison, Jack Davis, Jeb McNew, John Bales, Earl Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: John Holmes, Ernesto Alfaro, Douglas McCary, Donnie Walton, Ronn Richardson, George Kurachi Jr., Roger Ratliff, Ernesto Dominguez, Don Kinder, Jane Bolinger, William Hagans, Robert Somoano, Ben Harris, Kim Mote, Sanna Solem. ABOVE: Members demonstrated their karate skill. 261 MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Longhorn Band Organized 68 years ago by a University chemistry professor, the Longhorn Band has grown into the " Showband of the South- west. " Made up of students from all colleges on the campus, the band entertained at pep rallies, football halftimes, and home basket- ball games. Members maintained Big Bertha, the largest drum in the world, and a number of other traditions including freshman bean- ies, initiation, and the Texas Belle, the two- foot tall cowbell heard during football games. The Band Council was the governing body of the band, made up of the five top officers of the band, the freshman advisers, and presidents of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma, band fraternities. Officers for the 1967-68 Longhorn Band were Richard Coad Robinson, president; Malcolm George Nelson, first counselor; Nancy K. McGehee, second counselor; David Wayne Peters, third coun- selor; and John Taylor Love, fourth coun- selor. Drum major was Dick Robinson. Lynn Esten Kohlenberg and Carla Fuerbacker were featured twirlers. The band was under the direction of Vincent Rairden DiNino, who was assisted by Eric Richard Prenshaw. Mike Alton Anderson Ernest Wayne Bachus Dave W. Barham Wally Barrow Mike W. Bartlett Charles Fredrick Bernhardt Deborah Kay Braley Kurt Johann Bredthauer Paula Dale Brock Edward Thomas Burba Terry W. Cadwell Earl C. Center Wrynne Chandler Cherry Barbara June Childs Bill Camp Paula Jean Cook Robert Wallace Crone Michael Lee Denn Sherron Lynn Dimmick Clarence Dittman Dan Bradley Dydek James Lane Elmendorf Jimmie Wayne Farris Carla Vee Feuerbacher Robert Carter Fox Robert Allen Gallaway Philip Anthony Geis William Joseph Gervers Carolyn Elaine Good Robert Wayne Goodman Sandra Claire Hardin Hamilton Kirk Hays Wayne Thomas Henderson Carole Lynne Herrick Carl Fredrick Herring Jerry Sim Herron Jay Shelton Jackson Barbara Jane Jaeggli John Malcolm Joyce Sally Elizabeth Kloss Lynn Esten Kohlenberg Robert L. Lambert David Anderson Littlefield Kathy Lohr John W. Malik Steve E. Martin Keith A. Math Donna Margret Mathews Rose Ann Mcllvain Blocker D. Meitzen Brenda Kay Moorehead Joseph Eric Morrison Evelyn D. Muelder Cheryl Lynn Musket Ronnie Nance Russell E. Owen Carolyn Owens Kermit Andrew Paulos Charlie Leslie Perkins David Peters Thomas David Porter Sharon Lizabeth Reed Richard D. Relyea Suzanne Francis Reum Richard Coad Robinson Patricia Jeanne Rogas Jerome Charles Schwab Cathy Lee Smith Chad B. Starks Jimmy Tyrone Stewart Donnie Henry Supak James William Tankersley Sandra J. Ellis Taylor Michael Patrick Tierney Salyer Dick Vanderwerth G. Curtis Varnell Kitty Walker Jerry Wayne Walton Johnie Mack Walton Sharon E. Watkins Pamela Ann Weatherford Frances L. Wells Donald N. Walker John H. White Sharon C. Whiting Robert Allan Whitley Kathlyn Jean Whitsitt Bob Williams Wade Kimball Wilson Brett Allen Wolfe 262 " Vlftttt Richard Prensnaw, Assistant Director D. Bartek J. Barton D. Bates C. Baxter J. Beauduy S. Blackburn D. Boatright C. Bobo W. Bollmeier M. Boyd W. Boyer J. Braden J. Broadus j. Brown T. Brown T. Bryant J. Buford R. Bull H. Burnette R. Burns B. Burtner B. Camp D. Campbell O. Cantrell R. Carnicom N. Carter . Cedarholm R. Chaffin M. Clark C. Cole G. Cortines W. Craig K. Cronquist L. Cronquist C. Corliss C. Darwin R. Derrick V. Derrick M. Dilorio M. Dodson W. DuBose D. Duncan B. Dysart P. Eason t. Eilbott C. Ellis K. Emery R. Erickson M. Erskine B. Evans Ewing J. Farris P. Fielder J. Fisher j. Fite C. Fox S. Franks B. Friedrich P. Gale A. Gary J. Gibson S. Gideon J. Glabasnia K. Graf L. Graves G. Greene K. Griffin C. Griffith L. Grimm H. Grotevant A. Gruay B. Haddock M. Haecker C. Haik B. Hanka J. Hardest S. Harsch E. Hasse G.W Lfe itl W. Hatcher S. Haugarth J. Head C. Heinrich M. Hejl K. Helgren I. Hernandez K. Hinton M. Hockersmith S. Houston R. Howard J. Huston J. Jackson J. James R. James N. Jirasek G. Johnson P. Johnson J. Joy R. Karm F. Keathley R. Keeney L. Kegley J. Kelly N. Kelly J. Kidd F. King W. Knap 1. Knigge L. Koenig L. Lamberth R. Lane R. L awson B. leaman J. Lindsey A. lopei K. lott J. love T. MacLeod 264 Longhonn Band D. Magee T. Marburger R. Mathews S. Mauzey H. Mayton C. McCalister O. McCally M. McClura R. McCraw J. McCollum Mi G. McCullen L. McDovitt S. McDermott N. McGehee L. McGill R. McKeon R. McKenzi R. McNeill G. Middleton C. Miller H. Mobley C. Montandon M. Montgomery L. Moore N. Moore C. Moll P. Murdock C. Nash M. Nelson K. Newton J. Miles W. Nowlin T. Nunn R. Oliver J. Olivo J. Parr Olm C. Porsonj R. Pedigo G. Pegler P. Pendleton W. Pennington C. Perkins D. Pollock T. Porter S. Path B. Powers J. Primm F. Proctor S. Puryear IFm C. Raesner J. Ramos J. Randall R. Reed T. Rice T. Richey G. Richter F. Robinson C. Ross K. Sandberg A. Schkade B. Schkade J. Seekamp LGM a !. R. Sherman T. Shine N. Siegmund J. Simpson J. Sisk W. Smith D. Snow J. Snowden L. Squyres J. Stage D. Stanford J. Stark M. Stelling J. Stevens L. Stevenson J. Stewart T. Stipulkosky L. Stooksbery T. Strauss W. Stricklin L. Strimple B. Stromberg J. Summers J. Swaim R. Tolley S. Taylor T. Taylor A. Thomas G. Thomasson L. Thomasson D. Thompson J. Thompson P. Thompson J. Tillerson S. Uecker J. Volkening W. Voskamp T. Waggoner D. Walker J. Walker J. Wallers L. Ward J. Warner R. Warner J. Warren J. Watson G. Walt J- Wells M. Werkenthin P. Westbrook S. Willhoite J. Williams K. D. Williams K. R. Williams R. Williams 1. Word M. Wortham C. Wright D. Wright F. Wright J. Wyatt A ' . Yorborough S. Yarborough C. Yarling C. Yelderman 265 LEFT TO RIGHT: John Love, Malcolm Nelson, Richard Robinson, Nancy McGehee, David Peters. Band Council The Band Council was the student ' s gov- erning organization in the Longhorn Band. It determined social and financial matters, de- cided on the lettering of band members, and along with the director, set band policy. The Council was composed of five voting mem- bers.- Richard Coad Robinson, president; Mal- colm George Nelson, first counselor; Nancy K. McGehee, second counselor; David Wayne Pe- ters, third counselor; and John Taylor Love, fourth counselor. These officers were elected in the late spring and served for a term of one year. Ex-officio members of the Band Council were Brenda Kay Moorhead and George Leonard Greene, freshman advisers; Louis Leroy Squyres Jr., president of Kappa Kappa Psi; and Kathy Lohr, president of Tau Beta Sigma. Freshman advisers planned and di- rected an orientation program for band fresh- men each fall; they were appointed in the spring by the outgoing and incoming Band Councils. SECTION LEADERS: FRONT ROW: Albert Schkade Jr., John Barton, Wally Boyer, Gordon Middleton, Thomas Stipulkosky, Charles Nash III, David Bartck. SECOND ROW: Stephen Houston, Thomas Waggoner, Wayne Voskamp, Bill Camp, Malcolm Nelson, Charles McCalister, Gary Watt, David Peters, Lee Ellbott. THIRD ROW: Richard Ewing, Warren Bollmeier, Louis Squyres, Charles Ellis, Steven Gideon, Kermif Graf, Kenneth Emery, David Campbell, John Hardesty. 266 M Standing before a new model Cessna, the 177, the Flying Club ' s Board of Directors and manager surveyed some of the club ' s aircraft. LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Schiltz, Pat Martin, Bob Crutchfield, Pat Warren, Larry Meador. BELOW: The Club ' s chief pilot, Tom Webb, advised Pat Martin as a flight in a Cessna was scheduled. Longhorn Flying Club ,, t, ' , I i: " !i ' kW ' Forming the world ' s largest flying club, the Longhorn Flying Club and its wholly owned subsidiary, the Longhorn Aero Club, had a total membership of over 2,300 mem- bers in 19 cities throughout Texas, New Mex- ico, and Oklahoma. One hundred and forty- two airplanes valued at well over $1 million were available to members. It was estimated that the amount of flying done by members during a 24-hour period would be enough to circle the globe one and one-third times. Membership in the Longhorn Flying Club, presently over 300, was restricted to stu- dents, faculty, and staff of the University. Members learned and continued to fly at a cost well below prevailing commercial rates, since the club was strictly non-profit. Flights to football games and to New Orleans were among those most popular with students. Flying Club Board of Directors were G. Patrick Martin, president; Dick L. Schiltz, vice- president; R. Patton Warren, secretary; and Charles Lawrence Meador, treasurer. Faculty sponsor was Wayne Stratton and club man- ager was Bob Crutchfield, executive director. 267 SEATED: Mildred Dodson, Jung Lee, Dean Joseph Sprowls. STANDING: Larry Krasner, Richard Davis, Paul Lively, Steve Balas, Ann Lyons, Ellis Carmichael Jr., Ernest Henry, Warren Neely, Nannette Nau, Wendell Warren, James Dunlap, Walter Pyron. ' The student chapter of the American and Texas Pharmaceutical Association, the Long- horn Pharmaceutical Association presented programs related to the field of pharmacy and encouraged its members to participate in all functions and activities of the College of Pharmacy. The Association ' s activities included an open house during National Pharmacy Week, an Honors Banquet for January pharmacy graduates, and a Career Day program. Social activities were a casual Christmas party, a spring formal, and the annual spring picnic. Guest speakers to the organization were Dean Joseph Sprowls, Dean of the College of Phar- macy; Dr. P. Clift Price, Austin pediatrician; and Hal Morris, a McKesson and Robbins rep- resentative. Officers were Jung Mae Lee, president; E. David Henry, vice-president; Ann Marie Lyons, secretary; Mildred Gay Dodson, treasurer; and Stephen Kent Balas, orientation officer. Dean Joseph Sprowls was adviser. 268 A winter banquet was held by the LPhA to honor January pharmacy graduates Mortar Board A national honorary organization for sen- ior women, Mortar Board selected its members from University women having 90 hours with an overall 2.0 grade-point average. Members also were selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service to the Uni- versity. Mortar Board sponsored a seminar on graduate school entitled, " Beyond Your First Degree. " Keynote speaker was Lorene Lane Rogers, associate Dean of the Graduate School. Panel members included DeWitt Carter Red- dick, Dean of the School of Communication; Michael Garibaldi Hall, associate professor of history; Jack A. Griggs, assistant to the Dean of the College of Business Administration. In the spring, the fiftieth anniversary of national Mortar Board was celebrated. Officers were Kay Boyles, president; Su- san Anne Kolius, vice-president; Elizabeth Belk, secretary; Liz Marie Wooldridge, treasurer; and Kay Ellen Cude, historian. Faculty adviser was Glenda Kathryn Lippmann, teaching associate in educational psychology. Members not pictured were Elizabeth Belk, Kay Ellen Cude, Johanna Franke, Jeanne Mund Lagowski, Dot Nelson, Rebecca Anne Porter, Glenna Mar- garet Schroeder, Louella Vine, and Sally Ann Yarborough. Spring initiates were Suzan Gail Bell, Judith Lynn Britt, Peggy Jane Brzeszkiewicz, Karen Amelia Bynum, Susan Elaine Cope, Judy Anne Davis, Leslie Donovan, Madeleine Drae- ger, Dianne Duncan, Roxanna Dunn, Barbara Ann Fine, Nancy Jo Fleury, Betty Sue Marable Flowers, Saundra Louise Goodson, Mary Lou Grantham, Kathy Jo Holmes, Karolyn Karr, Lilly Evelyn Kucera, Laura Lee Lehmberg, Pa- tricia Jan Ludeman, Esther Alicia Navar, Jan- ette Patterson, Marilyn Kay Tipton, Delia W. White, and Martha F. Wilkes. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Estes, Susan Kolius, Susan Epps, Frances McMath, Vera Sheshunoff, Joan Bergstrom, Cheryl Burr, Liz Wooldridge. SECOND ROW: Nancy Nasits, Linda Kern, Robin Ritchie, Kay Boyles, Marolyn Wittman, Bettie Willerson, Sara Bullock, Claire Miller. 269 Mu Phi Epsilon members attended a recital at the Ex-Students ' Alumni Center Mu Phi Epsilon An international professional music so- rority, AAu Phi Epsilon promoted music and friendship throughout the world through vari- ous activities. On the Texas campus, the group assisted in ushering at musical events, worked with music for the blind, and co-sponsored the " Follies Fantastique " in the spring for the sup- port of the sorority ' s scholarship fund. The University group supported the sorority na- tionally through donations to music therapy projects and the Memorial Foundation. Officers for the fall semester were Bev- erly Faye Fisher, president; Rita Anne Griffin, vice-president; Ersalene Fay Chappell, record- ing secretary; Jacque Sue Gibson, Correspond- ing secretary; and Sallie Margaret Baker, treas- urer. In the spring, Jean Ann Miles was presi- dent, Ersalene Faye Chappell, vice-president; Marilyn Ann Hall, recording secretary; Beverly Faye Fisher, corresponding secretary; and Sue Florence Brown, treasurer. Gayle Horn Bar- rington was faculty adviser for both semesters. Pledges were Shiriereed Ashworth, Nancy Jill Biggs, Barbara Jane Jaeggli, Karen Aurelia Lehr, Cynthia Ann Riesser, and Barbara Till. FRONT ROW: Sue Brown, Jane Cummings, Jacque Gibson, Carla Swenson, Frances Crawford. SECOND ROW: Jean Niles, Carol Cunningham, Sallie Baker, Penny Peavy, Beverly Fisher. THIRD ROW: Sue Novick, Judith Taylor, Linda Wukasch. NOT PICTURED: Antoinette Bonelli, Ersalene Chappell, Cappy Cory, Gayle Dunlap, Rita Griffin, Marilyn Hall, Nancy Mabry, Constance Malloy, Lana Phillips, Mary Roure, Rosanne VanDorn. f 270 _. ' ! fe. I FRONT ROW: Linda Slavik, Patricia O ' Brien, Rosa Gonzalez, Carol Kanew- ske, Irma Lara, Cynthia Phillips, Catherine Yndo, Melissa Kulchak, Eliza- beth Bolf, Sandra Goertz, Patricia Graham, Patricia Ryan, Bonnie Brandt, Margaret Centilli, Mary Cavanaugh, Joyce Roberts, Catherine Powers, Carole Elliott, Sarah Zalman, Paulette Bauer, Irene Hurd, Lynn Burson, Virginia Hall. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Gedwed, Harrie Pollok, Rebecca Idar, Mateo Bosquez, John Nichols, James Embry, Maureen McGavern, Ernest Haywood, Catherine Varga, Mary Russell, Douglas Lee, Susan Miskell, Harold Grotevant, Carol Rose, Edith James, Charlotte Connally, Judith Skrivanek, Marcia McBride, Geraldine Greenleaf, Jimmy McGavern, James Terilli. THIRD ROW: Vidal Falcon III, John Sauri, Ronald Janda, James Jerkofsky, William Monks, Larry Burke, William Benavides, Joseph Cortes, Joseph Pentony, Don Vacek, Donald Hadd, J. Raul Espinosa, Joseph McNamara, Gerard Mittelstaedt, Mark Wiesner, Roland Romo, Jimmy Castaneda, Timothy Toth, Theodore Blackwell, Arvid Youngquist. FOURTH ROW: Gasper Mir, Paul Peterson, George Zapata Jr., Edward Ermis, Francis Larmore, Robert Pendant, Hector Lujan, Steven Broome, William Curington, Gerald Schoppe, Lee Hodges Jr., Ross Blankert, Glenn Parkan, Paul Anaejionu, Eugene Ebner Jr., Marcia Einck, Frank Mauro, Courtland Logue, Gregory Labbe, Ronald Scharfe, James Lutz, Larry Boenig, David Hons. BELOW: Club members hastily prepared for a hayride during the fall. i kA TBBB B ,[, Nmff Newman Club The official organization of Catholic stu- dents on campus, the Newman Club offered its members a broad scope of activities in- cluding social, social action, religious, and other interesting projects. Membership was open to students not of the Catholic faith, also. Social activities consisted mainly of danc- es, picnics, bonfires, casino nights, and nu- merous parties. As usual, the club was active in both divisions of the intramural program. Under the heading of social action, the Newman Club directed and participated in the Catholic Student Center ' s share of a pro- gram designed to tutor people to pass their High School Equivalency Test at the Human Rights Center in East Austin. The club also sent some of its members to teach religion classes at the Austin State School and to help out at the State Hospital. The club also directed the servers, readers, and ushers who partici- pated in the Catholic Student Center ' s masses. In addition, the club sponsored some intellec- tual, religious, and ecumenical programs. Officers for the year were Ernest Lemuel Haywood Jr., president; Mary Margaret Rus- sell, first vice-president; Harold Dennis Gro- tevant, second vice-president; Steven Craig Broome, third vice-president; and Susan Marie Miskell, public relations director. 271 FRONT ROW: Karen Barraga, Laura Lehmberg, Peggy Breszkiewicz, Brenda Cook, Madeleine Draeger, Patricia Ludeman, Donna Harlan, Nancy Billings- ley. SECOND ROW: Jan Patterson, Laura Ozmun, Carol Conner, Nancy Ellison, Judith Britt, Suzan Cope, Carol Goldman, Judy Davis, Judy Amacker, Marsha White, Suzan Bell. THIRD ROW: Deborah Harlow, Mary 3rantham, Pennie Kennon, Dianne Rush, Lynn Tucker, Karen Scruggs, Nancy Fleury, Kathy Holmes, Mary Keller. FOURTH .ROW: Nancy Haralson, Susan Scott, Deborah Spiva, Lynn Ferguson, Karolyn Karr, Verita Sheshunoff, " iharon Sass, Cheryl Burr, Betty Birdwell, Liz Wooldridge. 1 c Orange Jackets An honorary service organization for sophomore and junior women who have dem- onstrated a desire to serve the University, Orange Jackets gave members the opportunity to learn about numerous areas of University life by getting to know representative students from all areas of campus life as well as mem- bers of the administration and faculty. Serving as officers for the year were Brenda Joyce Cook, president; Madeleine Draeger, vice-president; Patricia Jan Ludeman, secretary; Peggy Jane Brzeszkiewicz, treas- urer; and Nancy Louis Billingsley, service. Members not pictured were Sue Lynn Black- burn, Gloria Friedberger, Kathy Lohr, Claire Ann Miller, Carolyn Owens, Sidneye Carol Trulock, and Sally Ann Yarborough. Spring members were Susan Jean Cunningham, Bar- bara Ann Fine, Frances May Fuller, Lucinda Boylen Hanks, Patricia Carol Massengale, Sallie Cherry Morrill, Charlotte Ann Moser, Nancy Lee Notley, Margaret Ruth Parker, Mary Anne Ray, Frances Sue Tullos, and Dana Elizabeth Yarborough. Sponsors were Shirley Bird Perry, Union program director and Earle A. Koile, professor of educational psychology. Twelve University coeds were tapped as Orange Jackets in the spring. 272 The Order of the Alcalde The Order of the Alcalde, an honorary organization of undergraduate University men, was composed of leaders in many phases of campus life, ranging from athletics and stu- dent government to service organizations and social groups. It was founded in 1963 by ad- ministrative officials and the Friar Society as a communicative device between under- graduate students. Members met regularly to discuss and debate contemporary campus events, such as the Texas Student Publica- tions advertising policy controversy, Union Board of Directors revision, and student body elections. Officers for the year were James Vinson Derrick Jr., president; Dan Keith Seilheimer, vice-president; and Jerry Richard Grammer, secretary-treasurer. Faculty sponsor was James Roach, professor of government. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Pat Anderson Danny Blanks Norman Melton Bonner Jr. Jerry D. Box Christopher Davis Bray James Eddy Burk James Ralph Colley Robert Monroe Collie Tommy Neal Cowan Harvey Radnor Eanes III William Ciawford. Parish James Michael Fite Philip Fleckman Jim R. Fletcher Mike Gammon Thomas Jordan Gentry Michael Lowery Gillette John Catlott Goodman David Michael Gregory Walter Martin Hall William Earle Halstead Jr. Lafe Dyson Hill Alan Lee Hubbard Edward E. Jacobs Ernest Richard Keeton III David Roy Lambert James C. Lederer John Hudson Matlock Larry E. Meyer Keith Denver Moore Clyde Oldham Terry Peterson Mike Powell James Rylander Joel Ingram Shannon Gary Clifton Shaw Edgar Ashley Smith Tommy Dean Stephens Robert L. Thompson Patrick Francis Timmons Eliot P. Tucker James Wilson Turner Charles Phillip Zlatkovich SPRING MEMBERS David William Baylor Calvin Bennett Robert C. Christy Walter Eugene Demond Gary W. Overbeck Claude Gene Pardue Thomas B. Perryman Glen Riley Sul Ross Thorwood FRONT ROW: Larry Long, James Roach, Robert Higley, Dan Seilheimer, James Derrick Jr., Jerry Grammer, Frank Genzer, Roy Bates, Douglas Caroom. SECOND ROW: William Birdwell, Wilburn Hilton, Philip Eiserloh, Larry Upshaw, Winston Chapman, Lee Faulkner, Joseph Riddell II, Glenn King, Orville Harris, Douglas Richnow, Ronald Tigner, David Hooper, Larry Krasner. THIRD ROW: William Melton, Joseph Krier, David Jones, Alphonce Brown Jr., Thomas Higgins, James Daross, Joe Kinsel, Victor Rogers, Stan McLelland, Gray Jolink, Michael Perrin. 273 Organization of Arab Students A social and cultural group, the Organ- ization of Arab Students was established to create a good relationship between Arab stu- dents and American students. The Texas chap- ter, one of more than 100 chapters in the United States and Canada, provided free tu- toring for those students studying Arabic and sent group lecturers to churches, schools, and civic groups to give them a better understand- ing of the Arab world. Major social activities of the OAS were the Scheherazade party and the Arab dinners. At the Scheherazade party, a queen was chosen for the year and Arabian dances and songs as well as the Scheherazade play were presented. In the fall, the honor guest was Judge -Jim Meyers of 126th District Court. Officers for the fall were Saeed Buraiky, presi- dent; Moayda Shafig, v ice-president; Ahmed Thabit, treasurer; Ibrahim Natto, publicity chairman; and Hussain Abudawood, social chairman. Joe West Neal was faculty spon- sor for the organization. V FRONT ROW: Joyce Barton, Inda Hahn, Susan Ann Carter, Barbara Meyers, Naziha Hajjaj, Anna Natto, Marilynn Johnson, Frances McCown, Vivian McCown, Eva Currie, Hussein Abudawood. SECOND ROW: A. Saati, A. R. Melibarg, A. Geziri, Ahmed Thabit, Saleh Omar, Kareem Hajjaj, Saeed Buraiky, Ibrahim Natto, Jamal Abuabdun, Bashin Chenat, Ahmed Ali Kehel, Mohammed Mashat, Taha Zaghmout, Mahmoud El- Lababidi. THIRD ROW: S. Zubek, Edith Domel, James Meyers, Donald Hahn, Isam Kussad, Lewis Johnson, Bassam Barazi. FOURTH ROW: Faisal Kazmawi, Jennie Fleischer, Abd Rahman Solh, Jammaz Sagor, Kais Baker Mirza, Nazar Tawfik AI-Hasso, Baker Khidher Alsinbili, Musallam Shuman, Ahmed Torkey, Abdul-Rahman Jalajel. ABOVE: The OAS sponsored a dinner in the fall honoring Judge Jim Mayer. 274 FRONT ROW: Dianne Robin, Martha Howard, Nancy Billingsley, Kathryn Cain, Deborah Harlow, Judy Vance, Laurie Levin, Billie Porter, Linda Brannon, Mary Martin. SECOND ROW: Lynn Ferguson, Carolyn Connell, Delia White, Nancy Rundquist, Paula Smith, Sarah Harvey, Sharyn Decker, Judy Vittetoe, Cynthia Salinas, Norma Stanley, Donna Theis. Phi Beta Kinsolving SPRING INITIATES Vicki Sue Acheson Mary Georgene Adams Nancy Paule Anderson Mary Jane Andrews Mary Ann Anthony Judith Ann Arnold Sherry Marie Ashmore Emily Elizabeth Barrett Addie Lou Beamguard Julia M. Bearden Julie Ann Bonner Rebecca Ann Bramlett Patricia Diane Brown Karen Lynn Bruggman Ann Terrill Bullion Jane Ellen Burns Susan Chandler Callahan Linda Kay Carter Kay Leslie Casstevens Almitra Eugene Cleaver Mary Brenda Coe Mary Elizabeth Colbert Susan Jean Cunningham Nancy Jane Darby Barbara Kay Darryl Carol Louise Davis Cynthia Ann Davis Diane Davis Angela Ellis Carol Ellison Elizabeth Calvert Fine Beverly Anne Frambach Katherine Elaine Gary Julie Frances Greer Karen Kay Hall Pamela Sue Hardwick Jeanie Adele Hargis Belinda Louise Hase Constance Hays Carole Lynn Herrick Patsy Hill Martha Ann Howard Donna Lee Howell Beverly Ann Ingram Candace Sue Kasper Catherine Elligne Kinsel Barbara Ellen Leatnan Frances Jeanine Longley Cecelia Dorothea Malin Barbra Deen Mann Jessie Bell Mathis Melinda Marie Melone Charlotte Lucille Meyer Mary Jane Meyers Sally Suzanne Moore Janet Christine Newsom Janet Lynn Olander Marguerite Angeline Oldham Jean Pazderny Janet Faye Peters Susan E. Pugsley Donne Lee Rersfeld Laura Gene Richardson Melanie Diane Saunders Judith Jo Skrivanek Lauri Ann Smolins Candice Jane Spinosa Blinn Stewart Diane Farrar Swendeman Cynthia Jane Tate Sharna Fern Tenner Margo Thames Stephanie Sue Turet Ann Marie Waldron Cheryl Ruth Walker Cynthia Waters Joni Yellin Composed of Kinsolving residents who are members of a recognized University scho- lastic honorary or are on the Dean ' s List, Phi Beta Kinsolving initiated new members in the fall and spring. At the spring initiation, a schol- arship plaque was presented to the dormitory wing with the highest grade-point average. Members also served as tutors in an organized program in the dorm and maintained a quiz file for the use of Kinsolving residents. The officers for the year were Lynn Clau- dia Ferguson, president; Deborah Jeannette Harlow, vice-president; Judith Ann Vittetoe, secretary; Sharyn Uecker, treasurer; Nancy Jean Browder, reporter; and Kathryn Frances Cain, historian. Idella Patterson, resident coun- selor, served as adviser. Members not pictured were Nancy Jean Browder, Janice Ruth Carver, Carol Dianne Council, Connie Cramer, Lynda Louise Four- nace, Margaret Elizabeth Griffin, Katherine Susan Gruner, Susan Jarrett, Virginia Marie Kramer, Linda Beth LaBaume, Nancy Lee Not- ley, Nelda Ann Park, Judy Kay Simpson, and Judith Lee Whatley. 275 A national pharmacy fraternity dedicated to the principles and advancement of the pro- fession of ' pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi strove to promote the pharmaceutical profession on campus through active support of the Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. Founded nationally in 1883, the Lamb- da chapter of Phi Delta Chi was established in 1905. The year ' s social activities included a Christmas party for boys at Travis State School, an alumni party after the TCU football game, a Christmas formal, and a coffee honoring members of Kappa Epsilon. Fall officers were Richard John Davis, president; Don Jon Bot- toni, vice-president; Joseph Robert Browning, recording secretary; Daniel Acosat, correspond- ing secretary; and Roscoe Davis Cawyer, treas- urer. Spring officers were John Allen Farnel, president; Don Jon Bottoni, vice-president; Shelley Poe Roaten Jr., recording secretary; Patrick D. Garrett, corresponding secretary; Marlin Douglas Rose, treasurer. William John- son Sheffield, assistant professor of pharmacy, was faculty sponsor for the group. Phi Delta Chi fS J. Adams J. Adkins J. Averyt D. Bennett S. Blackstone C. Boenig L. Boenig W. Brimberry T. Broumley J. Browning (ft e J. Bruckner R. Carvajal R. Cawyer T. Cole R. Cox C. Daleo R. Davis T. Duke T. Durham J. Durst M. Ellis M. Ellis G. Foster J. Freeman P. Garrett D. Garza ABOVE: Members of Phi Delta Chi enjoyed breakfast at a student convention of the American Pharmaceutical Association. RIGHT: Don Bottoni and John Farnel discussed the establishment of a Phi Delta Chi Alumni Association of Lambda Chapter and the James Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund. 276 J. Giles J. Harshbarger J. Herman J. Irwin L. Kramer V. Langwell M. Lawhon G. Martinez J. McDavid R. Murray J. Muzny J. Ochoa D. Roaten S. Roaten B. Rodgers M. Rose H. Sanders P. Shelton . s 312333223333 R. Shelton J. Stringer T. Strong G. Tompkins (3|h c Mb R. Waldrep D. Wheelis J. Wilhelm E. Zost MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Daniel Acosta Henry O. Ager Reynaldo Alaniz Richard Floyd Anderson Eladio Lopez Barrera Don Jon Bottoni William Michael Briggs Michael Hugh Brooks Robert Edgar Bush Jaime Castaneda Amancio J. Chapa Jr. Ronald Dewayne Cunningham Harry Bob Day John Allen Farnel Larry Glenn Farrow Santos Flores Alfredo Tomas Garcia III Gumaro Garza Marin Garza Winston Walton Greene Cecil Manren Gregg Jr. Bobby Gutierrez Grady Lynn Harris David Alan Harwell Dennis Wayne Helbert James Jay Herman Miguel A. Hinojosa John Edwin Huett Raymond D. Ibanez Albert Alvaro Judd William Lindsey Lively Jr. Jimmie Lynn Malone David Matejowsky Walter Lawrence Miller Norvell Ray Moss Thomas Murray O ' Neil Carl H. Prince John Warren Richardson Douglas Wayne Richnow John D. Riley David Ray Skinner Bob L. Smith Jimmy Ray Smith Noe Soza Victor Romeo Villarreal Richard Wayne Watson SPRING PLEDGES Ronald Dan Bryan William B. Campbell William V. Cornelius Charles Leonard Cunningham John Dillard Davis David Lynn Franklin Frank Galabro Cesar A. Garcia Zack Truman Gosler Marcilim Gonzales James Cleveland Hawkins Jr. Gary Lynn Johnson Troy Scott Lawson James Ronald Mclntosh Oscar M. Mendez Gustavo R. Ortega Thomas Leroy Lee David Lowry Wallace Johnie Mack Walton Harold Eugene Wright 277 FRONT ROW: James Reid, Richard Dillard, Robert Davis. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Williams, James Bryan, Gordon Middleton, Hugh Sparks. THIRD ROW: Charles Yarling, Malcolm Nelson, Bruce Elliott, John McClelland. w " Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia A national fraternal organization for scho- lastieally qualified men who have a profes- sional level interest in music, Phi AAu Alpha Sinfonia strove to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to develop the true fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to the alma mater. The University ' s Alpha lota chapter was found- ed in 1924. Activities last year included ushering for concerts, Christmas caroling, three television shows of American music, and a film presen- tation and the " Follies, " a satirical revue for the scholarship fund. Officers were Richard Alan Dillard, president; Robert Leonard Nel- son, vice-president; James Larry Reid, secre- tary; Robert Edward Davis, treasurer; and Robert Xavier Rodriquez, warden-historian. Wayne R. Barrington, assistant professor of music, served as faculty adviser. Members held a Christmas party on Beethoven ' s birthdate, Dec. 16. = ' . H:: S k u 278 Emory Bellard, assistant Longhorn coach, spoke to members at the first meeting. PEM Club Coordinating and integrating the profes- sional interests of all members of the De- partment of Physical and Health Education of the University and creating an active interest in the profession and related areas, the Phys- ical Education Majors Club promoted the de- velopment of the profession by providing leadership and service in the University, com- munity, and State. The major event of the club was the sen- ior banquet in the spring honoring all grad- uating seniors. Speakers at the club ' s first meeting which featured Texas football high- lights were Emory Bellard, assistant Longhorn coach, and two club members, Bill Bradley and Denny Aldridge, members of the 1967 Longhorn team. Last year ' s officers were Michael Edward O ' Shea, president; Mary Margaret Neikirk, vice-president; Mary Jane Underwood, secre- tary; Joseph Harry Doenges; scholarship chair- man; Kaye Cosby, social chairman; and Linda Ann Stienke, publicity chairman. Lynn Wade McCraw was faculty adviser. FRONT ROW: Cecil Gentry, Angela Patton, Mary Neikirk, Michael O ' Shea, MaryJane Underwood, Joseph Doenges, Kaye Cosby, Linda Stienke. SECOND ROW: Sherry Smith, Karen Wright, Lynn Renick, Linda Palmer, Rhojean Arnold, Charles Riggs, Karlynn McDonald, Cheryl Sutton, Linda Bell, Marilu Dooley, Susan Hyde, JerreAnn Tracy, Betty Mach. THIRD ROW: Sara Zearfoss, Donald Campbell, Philip Falbo, James Bowles, Jim Pippin, Larry Kerbow, Joe Street, Roy Baldwin, Dennis Aldridge, Elton Archer, Namir Izzat, Kathryn Kveton, Rosemary Collier. FOURTH ROW: Dwight MacAllister, Jimmy Gillham, Michael Stephens, James Fisher, John Daniels, Lynn McCraw, Michael Dworaczyk, Billy Arnold, Jack Willis, Robert Hansell, Ronald Schroeder, Larry Tilton. 279 HONT Staw ! :. ' Pi Omega Pi A national honorary and professional fra- ternity for business-education majors, Pi Ome- ga Pi was designed to promote interest in scholarship and the ideal of civic betterment through good citizenship, high ethical stan- dards in business and professional life, and service as the basis of all worthy enterprise. Students must demonstrate high scholarship in attaining a 2.0 grade-point average in busi- ness and education courses to become eligible for membership. During the year, Gamma Omega chapter helped with the annual typewriting and short- hand contest during the Interscholastic League Meet in the spring and sponsored shorthand and typewriting night labs for students. Officers were Nancy Rae Roosth, presi- dent; Cherry K. Bartlett, vice-president; Nancy Ann Nasits, secretary and CBA representative; Norma Sue Stanley, treasurer; and Mary Leta Kight, historian-reporter. Faculty sponsors for the year were Sylvia C. Baltz, instructor in office administration, and Judy Lynn Sches- chuk, assistant instructor in general business. Spring initiates for Pi Omega Pi were Sherry Lynn Freitag, Carolyn Pool Gray, Cheryl Rena Rogers, Karen Ann Smith, Nancy Claire Staf- ford, and Willadene Voigt. I FRONT ROW: Cherry Bartlett, Mary Jones Kight, Nancy Roosth, Nancy Ann Nasits, Janet Ferguson, Martha Ramsey. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Baltz, Judy Scheschuk, George Ann Shamess, Mary Beazley, Ann Allums, Esther Grant, Brenda Tietjen. NOT PICTURED: Sue Stanley. 280 FRONT ROW: Rafael Gramatges, Charles Ellis, James Lindsey, Bruce Shearer, Terry Christensen. SECOND ROW: John Ward Jr., Richard Walthall, Michael Dunkle, Federico Rodriguez, Lawrence Dorr, Richard Harlow, Jerry Kennedy, Gary Ferguson. THIRD ROW: Robert Ebner, Edgar Oelkers Jr., Steve Van Vliet, Robert Ogden Jr., James Coffman, Maxie Burnham, Gardner Atkinson Jr. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Barry J. Boecker, Douglas Julian Ferguson, Larry Harp Frederick, Pablo Jose Rodriquez, David Leroy Yenawine. Pi lau Sigma Established in 1915 at the University of Illinois, Pi Tau Sigma is a national honorary mechanical engineering fraternity. The Texas Kappa chapter, formed on April 18, 1931, fos- tered a closer bond of fellowship resulting in mutual benefit to men in the study and pro- fession of mechanical engineering. Members were selected on the basis of scholastic standing, faculty rating, and members ' opin- ions. Personal qualities included leadership, personality, trustworthiness, industry, sound- ness of principles and morals, honesty, per- sonal cleanliness and neatness, and the prob- able future success in mechanical engineering. Officers for the fall were J. Darryl Lind- sey, president; Charles E. Ellis, vice-president; Terry S. Christensen, corresponding secretary; Rafael J. Gramatges, recording secretary; and Bruce L. Shearer, treasurer. Spring officers were John Wesley Ward Jr., president; Jerry D. Kennedy, vice-president; Michael R. Dunkle, corresponding secretary; Robert A. Ebner, re- cording secretary; and Bruce L. Shearer, treas- urer. Faculty sponsor was Hugh A. Walls. Spring pledges were Aubrey L. Anderson, Mi- chael Dennis Devine, Ronald Paul Hughes, Thomas Lee Little, John Hudson Matlock, and Edward Mons Nelson. of Pi Tau Sigma at a 281 Posse FRONT ROW: Thomas McGregor, Mary Keller, Gary Griffith, Florence Donald, Charles Parker. SECOND ROW: Annette Morris, Linda Isbell, (Catherine Gruner, Jacquelyn Richardson, Patricia Haralson, Carol Conner, Pamela Cain. THIRD ROW: Calvin Bennett, Robert Pittenger, Bonnie Graves, Mary Rylander, Betty Birdwell, Susan Thompson, Lynn Kohlenberg, Delia White, Kelley Guest. FOURTH ROW: Robert Giles, Edwin Moore, Thomas Woodard, Harry Garner, Wick Allison, Robert Clark, William Brewer, Randolph Addison, John Hodgson. In its third year at the University, Posse, an honorary spirit organization to promote spirit among freshman students, participated in Round-Up activities by serving as deputies for Western Day, painting signs on the Drag, and helping at the Round-Up Parade. In the fall. Posse hosted a reception for Texas Tech students who came to Austin for the football game and held pep rallies for freshman ath- letic events. Posse members were selected after their first semester at the University on the basis of leadership, scholarship, character, and service to the University. Following their west- ern theme, pledges were called Outlaws when tapped and Deputies when initiated. Posse was led by Jeff Kline, marshal; Charles Roy Parker, sheriff; Florence Muriel Donald, jus- tice of the peace; Gary Ernest Griffith, banker; Thomas Bandy McGregor and Patricia Carol Massengale, rabble rousers; Mary Tom Keller and Calvin Bennett, constables; and Susan Thompson, parson. Dr. William T. Belt, as- sistant dean in the College of Arts and Sci- ences, was faculty sponsor. Pledge Outlaws and initiated Deputies joined the Round-Up Forty Acres parade. now -: - 282 ' r j Praetorian Guard Formed in 1963, the Praetorian Guard took its name from the elite Roman troops who guarded Augustus and subsequent em- perors. Outstanding cadets in the Army and Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps Pro- gram made up the group. Preparation for ac- tive duty as an officer was the prime goal of the Guard. Helping to explain the role of the officer were Col. Lawson Magruder, Dr. Edwin Taborski, and Col. Gerald K. Bishop. As a service organization, the Praetorian Guard helped at ROTC registration, raised flags at home football games and the Texas Relays, and hosted the fourth annual central Texas Invitational Rifle match in December. Fall officers included Knox Bishop, command- er; John F. Kelly Jr., executive officer; John D. Boswell, sergeant major; William Reaves Schovajsa, S-l; Bruce Luna, S-2; Donald Mc- Fetridge, S-3; William Knox, S-4; and John T. Ferguson, S-5. Officers for the spring semester were Everett Baker, S-l; Richard Kramer, S-2; Robert Smylie, S-3; James Tidwell, S-4 ; and John Ferguson, S-5. Lucinda Halstead was sweetheart and Major Charles O. Sims was faculty sponsor. Spring pledges were Larry Anderson, Wes Baker, John Bibo, Charles Brauer, John Bush, Robert Copeland, George Douglass, Robert Hadd, Bob Home, Howard M. Humphrey, Paul Marshall, Melvin McCain, J. David Mc- Coy, Rufus Prikryl, and William Totten. Guard members displayed their gentlemen-like duties. - ' V I FRONT ROW: William Knox, Charles McFetridge, John Kelly Jr., Gerald Bishop, Lucinda Halstead, John Boswell, John Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Larry Farrow, James Ruth, Gregory Meyer, Louis Mize, Paul Smith, Jack Meyer, Gregory Waller, Reynaldo Quijano. THIRD ROW: Ward Blacklock, Travis Powell, David Garner, Richard Kramer, Gerald Rech, Ralph Willcox, Frank Wagner Jr., Thomas Wharton, Bruce Luna, Robert Crites. 283 Members visited with Texas-ex Tom Clark, retired Supreme Court Justice. Pne - Law Association The primary purpose of the Pre-Law As- sociation was to act as a bridge between the undergraduate and the School of Law. Through the Association ' s program, students became acquainted with problems of the School and the methods of legal education. Austin area attorneys aided members by mak- ing them aware of the diverse aspects of the practice of law. Association activities included model law classes, tours, field trips, panel discussions, informal coffees, and a two-day spring col- loquium focused on one aspect of the law. Noted speakers to the Association included Waggoner Carr, Dean John Silber, Dean Page Keeton, and former United States Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark. Allan Ross Baker was president; Robert Blann Jordan, vice-president; Robert Eugene Bunce, secretary-treasurer; Charles Guy Hooks III, College of Business Administration rep- resentative; and Gary Arthur Munneke, Col- lege of Arts and Sciences representative. How- ard A. Calkins was faculty adviser. FRONT ROW: Robert Jordan, Allan Baker, Robert Bunce, Gary Munneke, Charles Hooks, John Sutton. SECOND ROW: Deborah Wilson, Raymond Brassard, Mary Sanders, Bruce Powers, Ruben Bonilla Jr., Robert Raith, Gary Henrichson, Phillip Brown, Richard Panciera. THIRD ROW: John Hintz, Carroll Stewart, James Brown, Frederick Poppe, Christopher John- ston, Cameron Sewell, William Shannon, Daniel Heard, James Wade, Kurt Nelson, Michael Mankins, Donald McCune, Roger Bowdon, Thomas Good- man. FOURTH ROW: Ove Striegler, Van Hilley, Reavis Tomlinson, David Morton, Jerry DeVault, Joseph Gamer, Phillip Hering, Gordon Smith Jr., Joseph Lynch, John Rapier, Donald Eaves, Randall Evans. 284 FRONT ROW: Rande Siegel, Mara Schlader, Lana Silvcrman, Saundra Foard, Delia White, Diana Dilworth, Donna Reisfeld, Sharon Goldstein. SECOND ROW: Mary Gray, Ellen Cook, Karen Mullins, Kathy Shaw, Mary Kuyken- dall, Judy Amacker, Barbara Ammons, Sharon Wheeler. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Holmes, Mike Hoffman, Sallie Morrill, Sam Parker, Judy Dobbs. FOURTH ROW: Arthur Holder, Robert Borden, Michael Waldron, Ronald Greening, Joseph Watson, Donald McCleary, Terry Angevine, Steve Van. hfcW T . s . Royal Spirit Committee A Texas Union committee since 1948, Royal Spirit Committee was an organiza- tion with membership by invitation. Mainly a spirit organization, it worked with the cheer- leaders to promote the spirit of the students and team members. Among activities performed by Royal Spirit were the painting of the Drag store windows during football and basketball sea- sons, distribution of spirit ribbons, and per- formance of skits at pep rallies. At the Baylor game, 300 orange and white balloons were set off as the team ran out onto the field. Members also visited fraternities, sororities, and dormitories informing students about pep rallies and torchlight parades. Officers were Sam Terry Parker, presi- dent; Michael James Waldron, vice-president; Harriet Cline, secretary-treasurer; and Rande Siegel, reporter for the group. 285 Scabbard S. Blade I I I A national honorary organization, Scab- bard and Blade Society derived its member- ship from upperclassmen who were outstand- ing cadets and midshipmen in the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC University units. Selection for membership was based on leadership potential, professional accomplish- ment, and scholastic record. Futhering pro- fessional qualities of its members, creating understanding and cooperation among the three services, and furthering relations with the civilian community were the goals of the society. To accomplish the objectives of the so- ciety, guest speakers were utilized in a variety of subject areas. Additionally, the society par- ticipated in campus activities and sponsored several social events throughout the year. The major project of the year serving to com- bine all objectives into a well-coordinated and growing competitive event was The University of Texas Invitational College Drill Team Com- petition. In three years, this event has grown to be the second largest of its kind in the State. The officers were Park Lyle Beeler, cap- tain; James D. Brotherton, first lieutenant; Mar- vin M. Mikeska, second lieutenant; John T. Conly, first sergeant; and Robert L. Collins, drill meet chairman. Lieutenant Wilfred D. Mc- Cann, USN, was the group ' s sponsor. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Robert Bruce Allensworth John M. Baldwin Nathan J. Bell Thomas Gray Bowman Donnie R. Burgess James Arthur Burns Claude Robert Cage Thomas Alan Erdmann John David Fishero Claude C. Hill James M. Morton William R. Jonson I Albert A. Judd Frank P. McGovern Vernon L. McMinn Ralph I. Miller William R. Newsom Ronald D. Phillips James T. Shaw Ben D. Tobor Ernest Mike Trominski Wilfred C. Uecker David M. Wells FRONT ROW: Thomas Bogel, Marvin Mikeska Jr., Park Beeler, Wilford McCann, James BVotherton, John Conly, Charles Neal. SECOND ROW: Richard Kaysey, Frederick Wiegand Jr., Jordan Janak, David Moller, James Broaddus, Charles Walker, Francis Galloway Jr., Ronald Miller. THIRD ROW: Michael Clark, Steven Fry, Walter Gilmore, Dennis Olson, Randolph Burwell, Robert Higley, Russell Steindam, Donald Stough. FOURTH ROW: Jerome Banks, Elbert Huber Jr., Robert Collins, William Schovajsa, Steven Smith, James Rachel, Philip Eiserloh, Lloyd Sloan. 286 MEMBERS-AT-LARGE Cynthia Cecelia Borgfeld Barbara Lea Burnham Karen Sue Cook Lynn Claudia Ferguson Lucinda Boylen Hanks Nancy Elizabeth Rundquist Paula Frances Smith Rita Louise Williams FALL INITIATES Carolyn Connell Betty Craig Cotton Carol Dianne Council Martha Carol Ferguson Laurel Harvey Janette Gail Helgren Nancy Lee Motley Cynthia Ann Phillips Ann Harriet Riggs Margaret Elaine Roark Sara Schmidt Karen A. Steinhoff Willadene Voigt SPRING INITIATES Vicki Sue Acheson Mary Georgene Adams Nancy Paule Anderson Mary Jane Andrews Catherine Jane Anthony Mary Ann Anthony Nancy Frances Aronoff Sherry Marie Ashmore Taffy Diane Bagley Joyce Marie Bankston Emily Elizabeth Barrett Addie Lou Beamguard Julia Bearden Anita Jane Beasley Claire Beaty Lexie Ann Bell Betsy Maurice Bergman Edith Gazelle Bergman Harriet Ann Bergmann Jackie Dell Blackerby Martha Frances Boethel Julie Ann Bonner Martha Gail Bonner Martha Lou Boston Rebecca Ann Bramlett Mary Estelle Brender Patricia Diane Brown Sandra Kay Brown Karen Lynn Bruggman Sarah Joanna Bryan Ann T. Bullion Jane Ellen Burns Suzanne Caldwell Susan Chandler Callahan Tommy Jo Campbell Patricia Lynn Carroll Linda Kay Carter Margaret Ellen Case Kay Leslie Casstevens Linda Kay Chaikin Joann Chang Deborah Ann Chisholm Mary Brenda Coe Mary Elizabeth Colbert Nancy Gail Coleman Carol Couch Patricia Ann Coyle Lois Ann Cronquist Cynthia Crumlish Katharine Marguerite Cummings Cheryl Suzann Daly Nancy Jane Darby Carol Louise Davis Diane Davis Christine Davis Barbara Eileen Dischinger Sharron Lea Dowling Shirley Jean Dreiss Nancy Laura Duerr Diana Duke Peggy Jean Easterwood Marilyn Ann Ehrensberger Angela Ellis Carol Jean Emmert Elizabeth Calvert Fine Jean Marie Fleming Beverly Anne Frambach Mary Elaine Frank Penny Jo Friduss Judy Lynn Fritsche Bonnie Jean Fuchs Katherine Elaine Gary Rosa Maria Gonzalez Linda Ann Gottesman Lillie Jane Grant Mary Davon Gray Julie Frances Greer Karen Kay Hall Mary Kathleen Hannaman Pamela Sue Harwick Jeanie Adele Hargis Sylvia Ruth Harrell Belinda Louise Hase Constance Hays Judith Ruanne Head Alma Hernandez Carole Lynn Herrick Sarah Ann Hervey Beth Ellen Hogan Martha Ann Howard Donna Lee Howell Janene Hubbard Edith Allan Hudson Lea Ann Huie Beverly Ann Ingram A national honorary scholastic fraternity for fresh- man women, Alpha Lambda Delta recognized scholastic attainment early in the student ' s career. Membership was offered to freshman women who in their first semester or equivalent of their freshman year maintained a scho- lastic average of 2.5 points per semester hour in fifteen hours of work, or 3 points per semester hour in twelve hours of work. Freshmen who failed to qualify in their first semester or equivalent could become eligible by maintaining a 2.5 grade-point average per semester hour for their first two semesters or equivalent. Founded at the University of Illinois in 1924, Alpha Lambda Delta chartered the Texas chapter in 1935. Officers for the year were Donna Parsons Wier, presi- dent; Frances Anne Davis, vice-president; Kathryn Frances Cain, secretary-treasurer; Delia Wright White, historian; and Nancy Louise Billingsley, senior adviser. Margaret Berry, Associate Dean of Women, was faculty adviser. Linda Gay Janknegt Virginia Kay Johnson Julie Jorgensen Eileen Victoria Josue Susan Sydney Kamen Janelle Kasparek Candace Sue Kasper Lisa Kennedy Catherine Elliene Kinsel Sally Elizabeth Kloss Laurel Lambert Lynn Marie Latham Elizabeth Gayle Lawson Barbara Ellen Legman Jeanne Leslie Judith Lynn Lifflander Marsha Lynn Lindgren Susan Gail Lippman Frances Jeanine Longley Karen Sue Maedgen Cecelia Dorothea Malin Barbra Deen Mann Cathy Marable Jessie Bell Mathis Laurilynn McGill Barbara Kay McLaughlin Denise McMullen Mary Lu McNeill Melinda Marie Melone Margaret Louise Menhard Charlotte Lucille Meyer Mary Jane Meyers Leedee Jo Miller Vivian Marie Miller Sally Suzanne Moore Sharon Moore Victoria Elizabeth Morrill Janet Christine Newsom Phyllis Jeanne O ' Donnell Janet Lynn Olander Marguerite Angeline Oldham Diane Elizabeth Olfers Jennifer Susan Oppenheim Elizabeth Agnes Owen Sharon Ann Oxford Martha Jean Page Angeliki Papadopoulos Mary Ruth Parker Paulla Renee Parker Tai-Shan Parnall Deborah Jean Passman Jean Pazderny Judy Elizabeth Perkin Janet Faye Peters Antoinette Louise Ponton Elisabeth Renate Portig Susan Pugsley Erin Christine Raschke Sandra Marlene Ratliff Donna Lee Reisfeld Alpha Lambda Delta Lotty Repp Mary Patricia Rexer Laura Gene Richardson Renate Margot Riley Victoria Anne Roberts Terri Lee Rousser Barbara Natalia Sadow Norma Jeanne Sandberg Toye Kathleen Sargent Melanie Diane Saunders Dinah Schnitzer Linda Diane Schuch Ruth C. Segalman Susan Virginia Seybold Sandra Sims Judith Jo Skrivanek Betty Grace Smith Dale Lynn Smith Lauri Ann Smolins Candice Jane Spinosa Susan Squiros Roselind Squyres Marion Carol Steeg Jo Ellen Stevens Penelope Spencer Linda Jane Stevenson Blinn Stewart Karen Joyce Stewart Nan Louise Sweet Diane Farrar Swendeman Mary Lynn Sumner Cynthia Jane Tate Sharna Fern Tenner Margo Thames Sarah Beth Thomas Deborah Kaye Thompson Darlene Marie Travis Carol Ann Tunstall Stephanie Sue Turet Diane Vasquez Stephanie Ann Voss Mary Elaine Waddell Ann Marie Waldron Cheryl Ruth Walker Nancy Eileen Wallace Cynthia Waters Marieke Christina Wempe Laura Lanair Williams Laura Lee Williams Pamela Wilson Gayle Wooldridge Dorothy Ann Wright Rita Ann Wright Susan Nell Wright Patricia Hays Yarbrough Sandra Ybarra Joni Yellin Josephine Ann Zogheib 287 HONORARY MEMBERS Lester Lum Colvert Henry H. Dewar Richard J. Gonzalez S. Marcus Greer R. N. Lane A. G. McNeese Jr. Charles N. Prothro Allan Shivers Jack G. Taylor Carl J. Thomsen Gus Wortham FACULTY MEMBERS George T. Apolzon Jr. J. G. Ashburne Jane Barkley William B. Barrett John S. Bickley Grady 0. Bruce Douglas R. Carmichael Jack W. Cashin A. H. Chute A. Benton Cocanougher A. B. Cox F. Lanier Cox Lawrence L. Crum Edward W. Cundiff R. Conrad Ooenges James C. Dolley Merlin Chapman Findley III Edwin A. Gerloff William F. Glueck Charles H. Griffin Charles W. Hackett John White Hardy Thomas R. Harper Roy D. Harris Karl E. Henion II William T. Hold James R. Kay George Kozmetsky Zarrel V. Lambert Elizabeth Lanham Kermit D. Larson Edmund C. Lynch F. B. May Frederick E. May Ralph H. Mengel II Robert D. Mettlen Robert F. Pethia Arthur M. Revell Theresa M. Riley William E. Schlender C. Aubrey Smith Ray Sommerfeld Burnard H. Sord Teddy L. Sparks William R. Spriegel John R. Stockton Donald V. Stuchell Jeffrey C. Susbauer Edward W. Trott Ernest W. Walker Glenn A. Welsch John Arch White Edward E. Williams James Madison Williams Jr. Thomas Howard Williams Harold A. Wolf Charles T. Zlatkovlch Beta Gamma Sigma FALL INITIATES Donald Terry Anderson David Allen Arledge Jimmy Kay Burg Charles Robert Butcher Lee Allen Clark Sandra Louise Feiler Marion Bernard Gardner Jr. Otis Ray Gove Jack Allen Griggs Cary Alan Hoffman Michael Barry Karchmer Charles Lester Kight Kennedy Ward Lane Michael Lynn Lewis Charles Douglas Mahin Janet MacEachin Minter Stephen Harry Newman Alexander Hamilton Oliver Charles Randall Parish John Howard Robinson Jr. Hugo William Schoellkopf III Robert Eikens Sikes James Leo Sullivan David Stewart Taylor Edward Allen Townsend Gerald Lynn Usrey James Herbert Weaver Jr. William Lewis West Robert Eugene Wood David Allen Young James Philip Youngmeyer SPRING INITIATES Gilbert R. Alonzo Jr. William T. Bailey Roy Eguene Bates Richard Lee Bernstein Gerald M. Birnberg Karl Henry Brauer Cecil Charles Brown Jr. John Walton Bunnell Jr. Kriss Cloninger III Robert E. Coldwater Lloyd Franklin Crawford Jr. Tieman Henry Dippel Jr. James Simpson Dyer Robert Mack Herman James C. Hibbetts James Vance Holland Michael R. Irwin Mary Leta Kight Milow Haude Klein Elick Neal Maledon Jr. Raymond John Martin Jr. James Ray McDaniel Henry Edward Meadows Diane Jane Mehl John F. Mensing Owen R. Messenger Richard Lee Moore James Joseph Mulva John Kojun Oshiro Addison Lee Pfluger Edward M. Polansky Donald L. Provost Victor Joe Rogers Linda Sue Settle Stephen Nate Shapu Dayton Henry Simms John Richard Stein William Roger Wilson The scholarship honorary in the field of commerce and business administration, Beta Gamma Sigma, based its membership on character and high scholarship. It was restricted to graduating seniors with better than a " B " average who ranked in the upper one-tenth of their class. A few juniors of especially high rank could be selected in the second semester of their junior year. Nationally founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1907, Beta Gamma Sigma chartered the University ' s Alpha chapter in 1922. Officers for the year were Rudolph Conrad Doenges, president; Dorothy Ayres, vice-president; and Edmund Clayton Lynch, secretary-treasurer. 288 Kappa Delta PI- MEMBERS Elizabeth V. Adams Sharon Linn Ahrens Donna Elaine Alvermann Joan C. Amacker Judith Ann Arnold Bryna Joyce Bein Jo Anne Bell Sharla Jane Black Mary E. Boortz Carolton H. Bowyer Alice M. Brown Jane F. Bryant Sarah S. Butler Christine Carlson Kay Coughlin Mary M. Crissman Margaret R. A. Davidson Katherine Davis Anne L. Dickinson Carol E. Dinkins Mary E. Doering Ricki A. Dolce Vernoh S. Ekrut Linda Fischer Sandra Gail Gordon Mary M. Graham Nancy A. Graham Laurabeth Grieneeks Gail E. Hager Martha Mailman Laurence D. Haskew Dorothy Hayes Willie Holdswbrth Wayne H. Holtzman Jr. Esther Kay Keller Mary J. Kelley Linda Beth Kern Frances Kerr Marilyn M. Kistenmacher Bette Krumholz Jo Alice Leeds Diane R. Lequeux Sue Ann Leslie Alicia R. Lowe Jamie MacNaughton Patricia D. Maddox Arberenia P. Malone Patricia E. Mann Janet Mantooth Mrs. Charles McDaniel Linda McMillan Diane McWhirter Eleanor Melcer Brenda Moorhead Mary M. Neikirk Nancy Nowlin Diann E. Osborn E. Gene Patterson Rebecca Anne Porter G. Thomas Rowland Ann Sandel Mary L. Schawe David Sherrill Mary A. Skipworth Judith Ann Smith Mary Ann Smith Peter A. Soderbergh Sally K. Tempke James Lynn Taylor Juanice V. Thiele Andrea L. Thornton Leah B. Tucker Mary Jane Underwood Susan L. Vance Suzanne D. Veiluva Louclla G. Vine Virginia M. Wade Elizabeth D. Weil James J. Weston Kim A. Wheetley Sheila L. Whitesides Betty L. Wright Charlotte E. Wright Franklin K. Zinn SPRING INITIATES Annet Susan Ander Norma Jean Anderson Elizabeth Jane Ballew Nancy Jean Bamberger Charlotte Lee Banks Suzy Kay Barneby Malinda Ann Bell Neva Morgan Biggs Nelda Rose Bishop Barbara McManus Black Carolyn Alfredia Boston Donna Jo Bowen Joyce Marie Bowen Mary Elizabeth Bowers Patricia Carroll Bowles Mary Catherine Bradshaw Carol Ann Christians Stephen Lynn Couch Addie Elizabeth Craft Donna Faye Craig Jane Elise Craig Barbara Madeline Cranflll Janie Lucille Croft Dorothy Helen Depriest Carole Louise Deuser Linda Sue DeWeese Marilu Dooley Linda Kay Dragon Bertha Jane Drake Barbara Nell Driscoll Linda Anne Eppright Tobi Kay Gellman Gladys Linda Ginn Carol Sue Click Nancy Sharon Gunnoe Virginia Joyce Gustafson Linda Gail Hargraves Carolyn Ann Hennessey Ann Henslee Virginia Gail Hibbetts Sandra Louise Hinman Patricia L. Hinton Sharon Gwyn Howard Glenda Beth Huffaker Judy Holmes Hutchison Rita Joellen Irving Sheila Kay Jackson Susan Willson Jennings Maria Yolanda Jimenez Brook Anne Johnson Diane Ruth Johnson Donna Johnson Mary Ellen Johnson Sharon Hilary Johnson Judith Ann Kateley Barbara Elaine Kay Susan Frances Kirksey Marlene Krafcheck Lilly Evelyn Kucera Marcella Louise Kysilka Evalyn Delilah Lane Mary Lynn Langston Cynthia Jan Late Linda Latimer Barbara Lynn Levin Mary Livingston Patricia Ruth Malone Sandra Marks Georgeann Mauk Marth Elizabeth McDonald Judith Virginia McFerran Marion Rose Mclntyre Nancy Lynn Merritt Barbara Kay Mitchell Elaine Molley Shirley Patricia Morgan Barbara Ann Nauwald Sharon Layne Newsome E. Melissa Noel Nancy Ann O ' Neill Nettie Jane Owen Beverly Jean Palmer Phyllis Anne Plog Alan R. Ponder Sherry Lynn Quider Roberta Hampton Richards Robert Norman Richter Carol Jo Robinson Cheryl Rena Rogers Evey Chapa Sadler Joan Elizabeth Sanders Clara Lloyd Scherz Kay Diane Schneider Elizabeth Marie Seamon Patricia Cameron Shaw Elizabeth Shelby Paulette Bernice Silverman Linda Joyce Simpson Peggy Jane Smith Billy Raymond Smoot Barbara Spivak Rachel Christine Spohn Nancy Claire Stafford Margaret Alice Staples . Francess Crouch Starkey Edith Ann Sterett Janice Earl Sumner Patricia Jane Taylor John England Thomas Mirian King Tormollan Beverly E. Ward Teresa Sue West Bonnie Lee Wheat Sharon Kay White Fayrene Bertha Wieland Mary Thelma Williams Nancy Tapp Williams Joan Lynn Willis Brenda Wilson Marilyn Hammon Wilson Lora Ann Wolfe Kay Lynn Wolters Susan Murray Wood Eager to promote a closer bond among students of education, Kappa Delta Pi ' s purpose was to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. The group invited to membership such persons as ex- hibited commendable personal qualities, worthy educa- tional ideals, and sound scholarship. Kappa Delta Pi en- deavored to maintain a high degree of professional fel- lowship among its members and to. quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work. Members of the Illinois Education Club, established at the University of Illinois in 1909, resolved to sponsor the founding of a national society with local chapters similar to its own organization. Successful in its endeavor, the Illinois Education Club was reorganized and incorpor- ated in 1911 as the honorary educational fraternity, Kappa Delta Pi. In 1932, this title was changed to Kappa Delta Pi, an Honor Society in Education. The local Delta chapter was established in 1916. Officers for the year were Suzanne Dell Veiluva, president; Louella Vine, vice-president; Mary Jane Under- wood, treasurer; Sandra Gail Gordon, secretary,- James Lynn Taylor, historian; and David Mclntosh Sherrill, second secretary. James J. Weston, assistant professor of curricu- lum and instruction, and Willie Holdsworth, assistant pro- fessor of educational psychology, were faculty sponsors. 289 FACULTY MEMBERS Wayne Allen Danielson Norris G. Davis Joe Bertram Frantz Sue Watkins Grasty Olin Ethmer Hinkle Robert Sidney Kahan Clyde Richard King Harrell Estes Lee William Anthony AAindak DeWitt Carter Reddick Alan Scott Ernest Alonzo Sharpe MEMBERS Presley Howard Chalmers, Jr. Nancy Katherine Gent Chester F. Hunt Lynnell Jackson Deanna Arlene Larson Dolores Jeanne Lazarie Carolyn Anita Nichols Thomas Eugene Shuford Kathleen Bess Stephenson Wayne Joseph Villemez Beverly Ann Watson Kappa Tau Alpha, founded at the University of Mis- souri in 1910 and chartered at The University of Texas in 1961, was a national society dedicated to the recognition and promotion of scholarship in the field of journalism. It had more than forty national chapters. Election to membership was based on no considera- tions other than scholarship and character. Not more than 10 per cent of the junior-senior group could hold mem- bership at one time and all must rank in the upper 10 per cent of their class. Graduate students of superior at- tainment who are primarily in journalism could be elected to acti ve membership. President of Kappa Tau Alpha was Lynnell Jackson. Faculty sponsor to the journalism honorary was Professor Olin Ethmer Hinkle. Kappa Tau Alpha SPRING INITIATES Henry Alvah Anderson Odes Charles Arrendell Jenna Lou Bell Rosalinda Benavides Joanne Pahnke Clements Ruth Dianne Davis Albert Richard Elam AAaxine Smith Elam Norma R. Foreman Mary Virginia Haynes William Edward Kidd Jr. Ernest Cecil Morgan Jr. Rena Marie Pederson Olivia Layne Potter Blanche G. Prejean Kellyn Rozier Trescott Kimmerjon Smith John Burgess Stalmach Stephen Christopher Stuyck Sharon Lynn West Martha Franklin Wilkes 290 MEMBERS Mark Aldrich Linda Kathleen Allen Ruben Arminana Janet Sue Barkley Donna Barnhill Lawrence Bates Thomas B. Bell Neil Brown Boyd Collier Cheryl Cromer Patrick Culbertson Edwin R. deYoung Michael Furnace Gibbs Robert Glover Gordon Parker Goodfellow Jr. Richard E. Hamner Monty Lynn Harrell Maury Mort on Harris John Louis lacobelli David H. Jones John R. Knippa Omicron Delta Epsilon was founded in 1963 as a result of the merger of Omicron Delta Gamma and Omi- cron Chi Epsilon, a national honor society in economics. The objectives of the organization were to confer distinc- tion for high scholastic achievement in economics, to stimulate and promote student interest in all aspects of economics, and to publish an official journal .entitled The American Economist. Members were required to have at least 12 semester hours of economics with a minimum 2.5 grade-point average, a minimum overall 2.3 average, junior classifi- cation, and high ethical and professional standards. On the graduate level, members must be in residence at least one semester and have a major in economics with a 2.3 average. Officers for 1967 were Vernon E. Sweeney, presi- dent; John Louis lacobelli, vice-president; and Don Stanton Smith, secretary-treasurer. Officers for 1968 were Gene Carlton Uselton, president; William Jefferson Moore, vice- president; Robert Lynn Rittenoure, secretary-t reasurer; and Neil Brown, student delegate. Herbert Hugo Leibhafsky, professor of economics, served as faculty adviser. Peter Karl Kresl Eldon Ray Landers Jr. Eduardo Livas Jr. Lewis Mandell William Jefferson Moore Margaret L. Mulvaney Kenneth Nowotny John Lee Pisciotta Robert Lynn Rittenoure Charles Brunner Smith Omicron Delta Epsilon Don Stanton Smith Gregory F. Smith Lamar Smith Vernon E. Sweeney Wilfred C. Uecker Gene Carlton Uselton Sanford Alan Weiner Lawrence Wolf Mickey Lynn Wright 291 FACULTY MEMBERS Tracy Fehlis Aycock Anna Brightman Margaret Anne Eppright Sallie Beth Moore Ann Pollard Patsy B. Reed Phyllis Richards Patricia Jean Sailor Alice Elrod Whatley Charles Weldon York MEMBERS Mary Moore Fahlberg Bronwen Kathryn Lemmon Benny K. Malone Julie Ann Mapes Brenda Shepherd Elizabeth Tarpley, Emeritus Susan Kaye Smith The purpose of the Omicron ' Nu home economics honorary society was to recognize and promote scholar- ship, leadership, and research in the field of home eco- nomics. Membership was selected from junior, senior, and graduate students who maintained high scholarship. Nationally founded at Michigan State University in 1912, the local Texas chapter was established in 1924. Officers for the year were Mary Moore Fahlberg, presi- dent; Benny K. Malone, vice-president; Julie Ann Mapes, treasurer; Bronwen Kathryn Lemmon, secretary; Susan Kaye Smith, editor; and Brenda Shepherd, publicity. Patricia Jean Sailor, associate professor of home economics, was faculty sponsor. New officers in the spring were Sharon Lee Gatzke, secretary, and Joyce Marie Hilsher, editor. Omicnon Nu FALL INITIATES Carol Lynn Althage Jennie Larson Beverage Marcy Marble Deniger Sharon Lee Gatzke Joyce Marie Hilsher Linda Latimer Penelope Kim Lawhn Linda E. Reagan Janet Sue Skelton SPRING INITIATES Susan E. Calvert Carol R. Darley Judy Doris Eitelman Beverly Ann Hunter Eileen Bode Kitchens Linda Louise Newcomb Anita Dianne Porter Polly Anne Sparks Torrey Kipp Stolz Robert Roger Turner 292 CLASSES OF 1967 Kathey Ann Augustus Barbara Terry Baab Kay Cauthorn Baggett Jack Timothy Baldwin Lynne Juedeman Baldwin Nancy Jean Bales Nancy Elizabeth Bell Robert Stephen Boyer Marion Weldon Brewer Jr. Eben Denard Carsey Jr. Robert Oran Collier Ann Hedrick Cowan Sylvia Byrom Dubois Diana Sheiness Dunlap Carolyn Virgina Evans Kathleen Wilson Farmer Renee Obesteen Fendrich Sharon Marie Ferrance Linda Haston Frazer Judith Ellen Fruchter Gary Neil Grost Alton Keith Hughes Gerald Steele Kidd II Susan Rozelle Knight Charlotte Opal McCoy Mary Rogers Meredith Judith Ann Michna Charles Arthur Mims Jerry Lynn Morrisey Stephen Wayne Rawlings Herbert Henry Ritchie Carol Ann Sanderson Melanie Martindale Sikes Donna Davenport Simonds John Loftin Simpson Sharon Ann Smith Beverly Dennis Sustare Russell Glenn Taylor Mary Kean Tonetti George Barton Underwood Christopher James Viscardi Carol Claypool Webb Ronald Lee Webb Madeline Faith Weinstein Martha Post W ills CLASSES OF 1968 Marilee Claire Adensam Henry Alton Allen Linda Hallowell Allen Ace Hill Alsup III Evan Marcus Anders Charles Taylor Ashworth Jack Hansen Balzersen Michael Olon Baskin Joseph Wesley Baxter Jr. Elizabeth Belk Mark William Bierner Cheryl Ann Burr William Benjamin Butler Stuart Neil Carriker Hau-Cheung Chow Deborah Short Cobb Robert Monroe Collie Jr. Mary Potchernick Cook Russell Louis Cook Jr. Daniel Layne Craig Cheryl Cromer Kay Ellen Cude Thomas John Deal Susan Ellen Denson Deborah Len Dirks William Earl Dunn Judith Lucas Edmiston Clayton Wentworth Eifler Livie MacMaster Elliott Kathryn Newton Elmendorf Philip Howard Fleckman Harold Charles Friend Marianne Carroll Galinsky Morey Gardner Walter Augustus Gilmore Edwin Chapman Glass John Andrew Goth Ellen Michele Gracey David Gene Grote Lee Emisor. Hagy Darrell Pruet Hardman Earl Stephen Hines Andrew Edward Hoover Rollen Edward Houser James Larry Hubka Patsy Whitten Jeffus Dorothy Yates Kirkley Susan Anne Kolius Norman Wallace Krouskop Jr. Kenneth Jay Levy Kathleen Jo Machniak Susan Saegert MacQuigg Merry Eve Makela Muriel Joy Melcher James Benson Micklethwait Claire Ann Miller Keith Denver Moore Sidney Machen Morris Jr. David Alan Ott Charles Horace Palmer Nelda Ann Park Billie Pat Porter Richard Stephen Russell Pamela Sanders Glenna Margaret Schroeder Sheryl Marie Sherman Vera Korth Sheshunoff Russell Lee Silverstein Lloyd Reynolds Sloan Margaret Jean Snyder Betty Lou Wallace Sanford Alan Weiner Mary Ann Weiss Bodil Christiansen Wiggins James Cochran Wiley Kay Harvey Wiley Rhana Smith Williams Rickey Wilson Kenneth Herman Wolf Mickey Lynn Wright Sally Ann Yarborough JUNIOR MEMBERS Lorelei Bela Brown Michael John Buchele Julia Penny Clark Warren Wayne Crump Paul Schuyler Gingrich Marcelo Fulgencia Gomez-Ganen Donna Schroeter Heffington Richard Keith Hill Forrest Frank Hopkins Ralph Irad Miller William Curtis Raschke John David Reiff Ronald Joe Taska George Douglas Vaughan Phi Beta Kappa The Alpha of Texas of the Phi Beta Kappa Society was organized at The University of Texas in 1904. Eligibility to membership was limited to juniors and seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences who took the degree of bachelor of arts or the degree of bachelor of science in chemistry, geology, or physics and who made distin- guished records. Candidates were selected from students who filed application for degree cards prior to March 1 of their junior year. The precise grade requirements depended upon the number of hours completed for the degree at the Uni- versity. Only grades made in courses which are required and counted toward the individual ' s degree were con- sidered. Alumni members were occasionally selected among graduates with at least five years standing who have won special and appropriate distinction since gradu- ation. Honorary members were selected for special merit. Officers for the year were Stanley N. Werbow, president; Robert A. Divine, vice-president; and Barbara Connally Rogers, secretary. 293 FALL INITIATES Dale Crawford Allison Gilbert Reyna Alonzo Jr. Iraj Amirkabtrian David Judd Aronofsky Firooz Azam-Zanganeh Michael Gerard Bush Earl Carlyle Center II John Michael Cook Jerry Robert Gips Kermit Eugene Graf Edgar Dennis Griffith Thomas David Griffith Ronald Frank Kahn Jerry Malcom Keys David Kenneth Kumpf Wilfrido J. Lopez- Beunano David Lyonel Morris Joe Robert Neeley Jr. Gordon George Park Robert Paul Poythress Scott Cleveland Reeve James O ' Neal Routt James Emmett Sondgeroth Daniel Green Talbot Jr. Paul Dewey Thornhill William Alton Willms Ray Allen Zischancj SPRING INITIATES Elmer A. Addington III Roger Case Aertker Don Wesley Alexander Raymond T. Alexander Clyde Henry Allen Jr. Daniel Spencer Alston Lyle Henry Alterman John Louis Anderson Robbin Bruce Anderson Robert Hatton Anderson Edwin James Arnold Jimes Louis Baker Philip Robert Balling3r Jr. James Milward Bayliss Harvey Bazaman Bruce Wayne Seal Charles Edward Beck Robert Rankin Birdwell Cecil Lee Bone Carl Garland Brooking Stephen Brookner Gregg Warren Brown Robert Marshall Bugbee Clinton Edward Burklin William David Burnett William Comer Burton Philip Wayne Capron William Claiborne Childs Texas Chee Ching Martin Sanford Chodorow Steven Dennis Clarkson Rodney Darrell Comedy Michael Haden Conner Patrick Coover Gary Forrest Cox Bruce William Cozad Howard Lawson Crockett Gary Lynn Cupper Geoffrey Michael Curran Bruce Henry Davis Edward Ray Davis Robert Roy Davis Wayne Kennedy Dennard Glen William Dolfi Albert Hugo Douglass Jr. Dan Bradley Dydek Dwight Eads James Harvey Elder III Terrell Duane Epperson Barry Charles Everett Frederick Chaim Ezon Richard, Ernest Fernandez Russell Scott Fields Gary Nils Fielland William Ernest Fleury Ben David Friend Pliny Myron Gale III Howard Louis Gates Jr. Gary Lee Gehlbach William Linton Ginn Jr. Martin Isaac Glass Jr. George Franklin Goolsby Kenneth Arthur Graf Charles Murry Gray Clark Myers Gray Donald Clifford Gregory Charles Richmond Grice Jr. Larry Richard Grisham Gerald Wayne Growcock Michael Alton Haecker Gordon Wesley Hardin Gregory Lynn Hemphill Aaron Joseph Herman Johnnie Alan Herrington Larry Paige Herrington Jerry Sim Herron Patrick Lynn Hodges Alan Leigh Holt Randy Darell Horsak William Gail Huntsinger Jr. William David Hutchison John William Hutto Mark Earl James Georges Edward Jamieson Jimmie Francis Jenkins Brant Montgomery Johnson Roger Richard Johnson Jay Woodfin Jones James Grady Kay James Allen Keillor Thomas Walter Keller John Steven Kennedy Andrew Edward Kline Robert Allen Koch James Richard Koteras Kenneth L. Kunze Donald Ray Lammers Kent Regan Landrum William Shelton Lee Michael Jay Levin Gerald Allan Levit Thomas Michael Little Dean Andrew Littlepage Carlos Miguel Loredo Sam Joseph Lowy Robert Eugene Lucas Robert Truift Maberry Jr. Robert Karl Mahaffey Joe Temple Mahaney William Charles Major Walter M. Manly IV Benjamin L. Manny Jr. Dale Gene Markland Pioquento R. Martinez Phi Eta Sigma Mark Lynn Matthews Jerald Polk Mays Van Doak McAdams III David Arthur McClellan Neil Douglas McFeeley Leigh Craig McGill Robert Andrew McKetta Robert Alexander McLean William E. McReynolds II Leland Austin Meister Lowry Jonathan Messenger Andrew Brian Mickel Joseph David Miller Stephen Andrew Miller Trent Harrison Miller Louis Augustus Moreno William Addison Nance William Howard Neal Paul Gregory Neumann William Lee Norwood David Lee Paine Gleason Edward Parker Jr. Err.merick Joe Pavlas Jr. Walter Edward Payne Jr. David Dantzler Peden jr. Paul Truscott Pedigo Robert Daryl Pedigo Paul K. Pendleton Tom Michael Petocz Garrett D. Polhamus Don Bruce Pollock David Allen Porter Stephen Manning Potts Clay Louis Price III Patrick John Quinlan David Allen Reynolds Albert Dyckman Rich Robert Elgin Robertson Timothy Paul Robinson William Robert Roddy Alberto Rodriguez Jr. Robert Michael Rogers Stanley Allan Rosenberg Ronald Steven Ross David John Rueter Daniel Edgar Salcedo Michael Anthony Sauri William Joseph Schaffer Dirk McKenzie Schenkkan John Aldin Schmidt Don Michael Schneberger Robert C. Schoenvogel Leslie Errol Schoppe Joseph Peebles Scott Jr. James Robert Sergeant Richard Henry Shafer Robin Ernest Shoemaker Charles L. Smith Jr. Samuel Max Smith Erwin John Smolik Jr. Jerome Ernest Sneed David Lusky Snow Franklin Theodore Stevenson Lester A. Stuewer Jr. James Gregory Stovall Yoshiaki Tanaka Donald Ray Taylor Mark Alan Terry Jean Charles Thomas Richard Travis Tiner Donald Fred Towsley William Edward Turner Larry Benjamin Vining Shawn Michael Walker John Jerome Watkins Henry Willis Wells John William Wessels William David Wetsel Mark Gilmore White George Willeford III Randall Bruce Wilson William Allen Wilson John Newton Winn Wayland Wong Alfonso J. Wong-Valle Jr. James Orrall Wright III Bobby Glenn Yeager Stephen Wilfred Yeager Kenneth James Yoder Jeffrey Lea Zickler Membership in Phi Eta Sigma, a national honorary scholastic fraternity, was open to freshman men in all colleges on the Austin campus who in the first semester or equivalent of their freshman year maintained a scholas- tic average of at least 2.5 grade-points per semester hour while carrying twelve or more course hours. Freshmen who failed to qualify in their first semester or equivalent could become eligible by maintaining an average of at least 2.5 grade-points per semester hour in their first two semesters of work combined or the equivalent in at least twenty-four hours. In computing the average, all work undertaken was counted. The purpose of the organization was to recognize scholarship early in the career of the student and by this recognition stimulate a continuance of high scholarship. Members were elected as soon as grades were available at the end of each semester or equivalent period. Founded at the University of Illinois in 1923, the honora ' ry established the Texas chapter in 1931. Officers for the year were David Homer Thornberry, president; Mark Leshin, vice-president; William Henry Healy, secre- tary-treasurer; and William Michael McGinnis Jr., historian. Faculty advisers were Arno Nowotny, consultant on the University Development Board, and Lawrence Turner Franks, Dean of Men. 294 Phi Kappa Phi MEMBERS Roy Eugene Bates Myron Louis Begeman Harold Charles Bold Leonard Broom Henry Matthew Burlage William Henry Grain Karl M. Dallenbach Margaret Ashe Davidson Philip James Dick Ben Russell Eppright Jr. Margaret E. Eppright Phil Moss Ferguson Mary Frances Flourney Otto Martin Friedrich Jr. Earnest Frederick Gloyna Keith Eugene Gray Charles Hartshorne Laurence D. Haskew Lee M. Hollander Chester F. Hunt Fred Earl Ingerson Sr. Bobby Ray Junker James Rudolph Kay Douglas Jay Klein Karl K. Klein George Kozmetsky Leonard! Ferdinand Kreisle Winfred Philipp Lehmann Laura Russ Love H. Malcolm Macdonald Francis Burns May Hugh Lyon McMath Ernest Campbell Mossner Mary Margaret Neikirk Clarence Paul Oliver Harry H. Ransom DeWitt Carter Reddick Patsy B. Reed Oscar William Reinmuth James Walton Reynolds George I. Sanchez Mary Louise Schawe Albert Fred Schkade Byron Elliott Short Dayton Henry Simms Burnard H. Sord William Robert Spriegel John R. Stockton Wilson S. Stone David Willard Straight Archie W. Straiton James Leo Sullivan Robert L. Sutherland Milton J. Thompson Benjamin F. Vaughan III Carolyn J. Weathersbee Robert Charles W. Welch Glenn Albert Welsch W. Gordon Whaley John Arch White John L. Whitesides Jr. Fredrik Porter Williams Jack Kenny Williams Roxanne K. Williamson F. Loren Winship Willis Raymond Woolrich Lee Frank Worrell Keith Young Charles Theodore Zlatkovich FALL INITIATES B. H. Amstead Stephanie Hermina Amster William Tansley Bailey Robert Lee Bass III Bryna Joyce Bein Rosalinda Benavides Richard Lee Bernstein Gerald Mark Birnberg Marian Blissett Zorena Segal Bolton Kay Boyles Robert Graves Brown Winston Nicholson Brundige John Christopher Carothers John Ritchey Clayton Franklin Lanier Cox Elaine Louise Danielson Dennis Lee Dawson Thomas J. Deal Tieman Henry Dippel Jr. Samuel Preston Doughty Jr. Michael R. Dunkle Maurice R. Duperre James Simpson Dyer Wayne Edward Etter William Martin Evans Larry Ray Faulkner Gary M. Ferguson Walter Hans Fertl Lois AMeen Fields Frank Michael Floyd Harold Charles Friend Frances Fallen Fuller Bobby Marshall Gierisch Luz Selenia Gonzalez-Gomez William Garland Haney Jr. Douglas Sloan Harlan Robert M. Herman Judith Beth Hershkowitz Robert Elvin Hickok Carl Glenn Hood Andrew Edward Hoover Arch William Hunt III Bruce Alan Hurt Gary G. Jacobs Patsy A. Whitten Jeffus Mary Kathryn Johnson Bryce Jordan Jerry Dale Kennedy Wilhelmine Johanna Kirwin Richard Harold Klein Peter Karl Kresl Eldon Ray Landers Jr. Lawrence Verne Leach Hugh Leipziger-Pearce Sandra Travis Lemens Kenneth Jay Levy James Darryl Lindsey William Harbert Marshall Raymond John Martin Jr. Lawrence Clark Mayer Lon Allen McCarley Edward Allen McCullough Jr. James Ray McDaniel Robert McGlashan Jr. James Ivan McLean William Alexander McNeill Diane Jane Mehl John F. Mensing Owen Richard Messenger Donald John Minnick Herff Leo Moore Jr. Richard Lee Moore Sheila R. Morris James Joseph Mulva Jr. Ann Harriet Murrah Homer Albert Napier Jr. Thomas Clifton O ' Hara John Kojun Oshiro Jack Otis John Jay Painter Linda Coy Pafker Fredrick Pauck Yn-Hong Peng Paul James Peters Addison Lee Pfluger Edward M. Polaraky Harald Portig Linda Elaine Reagan Fred Dewitt Reed Jr. Carolyn J. Reynolds George Thomas Rowland Kellyn Rozier William E. Schlender Kay Dianne Scott Robert Elton Sebastian Robert Elkins Sikes Lloyd Reynolds Sloan Billy Raymond Smoot less Alfred Stewart Robert Samuel Swinney Alan Y. Taniguchi Madonna Mary Tannian Gene Carlton Uselton Thomas Alfred Vaughan Cindy Kay Veazey Robert Kenneth Wamsley Beverly Ann Watson James M. Watson Thomas Edwin Watts Marsha Amanda Wilkins Bonnie Jeanne Williams Kenneth Herman Wolf Gerry Odell Wood Charles Alan Wright John Peter Wristers Jung Hsi Yang Robert David Young Bruce Martin Zivley SPRING INITIATES Kazim A. Abbud Robert W. Abel Daniel Acosta Linda Kathleen Allen Evan Marcus Anders Patricia Lynn Bailey Jack Timothy Baldwin Meredith Ball Jane Barkley Rodney Linton Bell III William Edward Bivens III Elizabet h Rose Bovello Dorothy P. Brandt Cheryl Ann Burr Linda J. Buss Burton Robert Carlson Barbara Anne Carroll Jack Teague Chapman Harriette Ann Clark Daniel Layne Craig Cynthia Ann Davis Dallas Charles Dill Lee Alfred Dinsmore Mary Elizabeth peering Jon Hope Edwards Clayton Wentworth Eifler Charles Eugene Ellis Bob F. Erskine Leon Raymond Escude Jr. Charles H. Farmer Kelly Fearing Johanna Franke Mark Allen Fry Jamie Lea Giesecke Nancy Shelby Gipson Billiemae Gray Jack Allen Griggs Stephen M. Hackerman Jack Chandler Halter Linda Lou Hasten Warren Malcolm Heffington Floyd Williams Hill Jack Edward Himes Roller Edward Houser Amy Hung Huang Louie C. Huffman Michele Ann Hughen John F. Irwin Michael Robinson Irwin Lynne Carol Juedeman Walter K. Juncker Jr. Alma Jean Keith Nancy Ross Kelly Eugene B. Konecci Paul K. Lackey Jr. Kennedy Ward Lane Richard I. Lay, Jr. Stanley Emanuel Legum Bronwen Kathryn Lemmon Kay Elaine Liebrecht Dudley M. Lynch Robert Emmett Lynch Charles Douglas Mahin Gloria Jeanette McWilliams Max Karlson MHIer Philip Stockton Morey Jr. Herbert Oscar Muecke Margaret Allene Mulvey Lou Ann Naiser Stephen Harry Newman Katsumi Kanzaki Niki John Gilbert Niles Michael W. Ohlendorf Carolyn Owens George P. Parker Jr. John Keith Perryman Alice E. Powell Stephen W. Rawlings Kent Morrison Rider Harry Paul Riley Mary Eden Ritter Alan Bruce Roberts Byron Talmage Sansom Toribio J. Saucedo Hugo William Schoellkopf III Bob Ewald Schutz Julia Fu Shaw Henry Joseph Sherrer Jr. John Alston Smith Margaret Jean Snyder Michael Gail Stevenson Willette Elizabeth Stevenson Robert Lee Sutherland Jon D. Swartz James Lynn Taylor George Douglas Vaughan Penelope Warren Richard Arthur Warriner William Elliott West William L. West Frank Sheldon Wettack Raymond L. Wheeler Jr. Kim Alan Wheetley Perry D. Whitten James C. Wiley Betty Joanne Wilson William G. Wolfe D. Marion Wood Jane Adair Wyss Charles Philip Zlatkovich James F. Zvanut Phi Kappa Phi honor society existed for the dual pur- pose of recognizing and honoring those students who achieved high scholastic results and encouraged those students who were capable of such work. The society de- voted its income to the -annual award of fellowships for first-year graduate study, the erecting of funds to endow both publication and fellowships, and the publication of a journal. Phi Kappa Phi recognized commendable scholarship in all areas of academic endeavor, not restricting the elections to a specific and limited field. Officers for the year were Leonardt F. Kriesle, past president; W. R. Wool- rich, president; Milton J. Thompson, president-elect; Bur- anrd H. Sord, secretary-treasurer; and Margaret A. Epp- right, the organization ' s correspondent. 295 FlONf HtfiM IhiyK ;:. MEMBERS Larry Wayne Abernathy Gerardo A. Aguirre Robert C. Baker James D. Becker William E. Belote Allen B. Boger Jr. David Calhoun Bonner Steven Sprague Boss Gene Raymond Bosse Burton Branstetter David B. Campbell John W. Cardwell Terry S. Christensen Michael J. Clark Marshall Byran Darby Lawrence Daniel Dorr Hiram Ben Duncan Philip Lawrence Eiserloh Charles Eugene Ellis Robert Mark Emmer Thomas W. Fogwell Larry Harp Frederick Howard Wesley Glueck Rafael Jorge Gramatges Darryl Paul Greenwood Larry Wayland Grimm Warren Malcolm Heffington Steven Woodrow Hill Millard L. Holderfield Paul Andrew Hustad Edward Christian Jelks Milton Anderson Jones Jr. James R. Kamrath James Robert Kelsey Jerry Dale Kennedy Richard Lee Kleir Norman Glenn Koepnick William R. Leyendecker James D. Lindsey William Harbert Marshall Ignac Rudolph Matocha Jr. Richard Dixon Maxwell Joe McGee Mayo Jr. James Leo McCreary Dominic Nicolosi Jr. Edgar M. Oelkers Jr. Robert Vincent Ogden Thomas Gordon Price Jr. James Edward Pruske Franz N. Rad Malcolm Richard Railey Danny Keith Raley Nasser A. Rashid James B. Riggs Jerry Elbert Roeder Charles Clemon Scaief III Donald Charles Scarpero ilhan Sener Jerry Lynn Setliff I man Soengkowo Kenneth D. Thompson Don H. Thornbury Jr. Jay Henry Troell Jesus Turullols Joe Byron Underwood C. Gene Voorhees Richard A. Warriner Charles M. Watson Thomas Edwin Watts Paul Martin Weaver Thomas Lee Wharton Hugh Wilbanks III James Rawls Williams James Michael Willock Edwin Arnold Zwald FALL INITIATES Harold D. Albertson J. Gebhard Blum John W. Champion Jr. James Omar Cure Chandrakanr S. Desal Michael R. Dunkle Robert Allen Ebner Richard Finley Ferguson Emil Henry Finn Skipper Cole Good Walter P. Grady Robert Hart Graham Dale Andrew Harris James H. Hasty Robert Elvin Hlckok James F. Hicks Michael Hodkin Lawrence Grider Johnson Thomas Allen Jones James E. Kattner Donald W. Kemper Claude V. King III Andrew C. Kyle David M. Lee John A. Lowther Alan B. Matejowsky William T. Maxey Edward M. Nelson Gordon S. Novak Lawrence M. Payne James C. Pearson Gilbert A. Peon Lonnie L. Porter Tommy D. Raye George J. Roessler Hector J. Ruiz-Cardenas Richard H. Stephens Bobby D. Taylor James L. Thompson Lloyd G. Turner Dwight E. Urelius Vasant N. Vijayvergiya John W. Ward Jr. John M. Weiss Frank M. Weisser Freddie R. Wilson John H. Wray SPRING INITIATES D. Baird Adcox Steven C. Broome Maxie E. Burnham Charles S. Cotropia Ward Dalley Dennis A. Dalrymple Barry J. Davis John M. Day Jerald P. Dykstra Theodore C. Earle Gary M. Ferguson Carroll J. Forrest Maynard S. Glasscock John M. Gilmore Jr. John W. Haldy Rennie J. Harrison David F. Havemann Edward J. Heitzberg Eugene J. Henkhaus John C. Hinkle Mary K. Horn Thomas M. Jones Norman D. Key William J. Koros John W. Krueger Thomas L. Little David K. Matlock Hugh T. Mcllwain Jr. Robert J. Penska Sanford R. Setliff Scott M. Smith William A. Sparks Stephen G. Termaath Malcolm E. Vaughan Wayne E. Voskamp Jacquelyn Wackerbarth Jimmy R. Wallace Richard H. Walthall Harry Wilson Encompassing all branches of engineering, the Texas Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi recognized outstanding students majoring in engineering. Only male students in the upper one-fifth of the senior class, the upper one- eight of the junior class, and a few graduate students were scholastically eligible for membership considera- tion. Character and personality were major factors in determining the election to membership. Tau Beta Pi was nationally founded at Lehigh Uni- versity in 1885. The University chapter was organized in 1916. Officers for the year were Jerry Lynn Setliff, pres- ident; Thomas Edwin Watts, vice-president; Warren Mal- colm Heffington, corresponding secretary; David Calhoun Bonner, recording secretary; Charles Clemon Scaief 111, treasurer; and Larry Harp Frederick, cataloguer. Baxter F. Womack, associate professor of electrical engineering, was adviser to the engineering organization. lau Beta Pi 296 FRONT ROW: Mary Doering, Ruth Davidson, Mary Huhndorff, Margaret Roark. SECOND ROW: Jean Henion, Nancy Cowen, Elizabeth Girouard. THIRD ROW: Mary Livingston, Susan Holmsley, Pamela Ward, Mary Keller. FOURTH ROW: Donna Isaacks, Karen Holland, Frances Rea, Patricia Lane. FIFTH ROW: Suzanne Trout, Julie Norman, Elizabeth O ' Brien, Rachel Spohn, Donna Wilkey. Scope Striving to instill scholastic achievement in residents of Blanton Dormitory, Scope ac- cepted members with an overall 2.0 grade- point average at the University. Scope also en- couraged members to be creative, enthusiastic, and open-minded participants of the academic community by taking part in campus activities. Established in 1964 by the dorm ' s advisers, Scope created its main objective as the broad- ening of the scope of the individual. Scope sponsored a good-natured rivalry between floors for an award to the floor with the highest grade-point average for the year. A tutoring service and a quiz file were avail- able for the use of the residents. During the spring semester, Vincent A. Harren of the Counseling Center spoke to interested resi- dents. Officers for the year were Mary Tom Keller, president; Donna Jean Wilkey, vice- president; Margaret Elaine Roark, secretary- treasurer; and Jean Elizabeth Henion, report- er. Ruth Mercia Moore, Blanton resident coun- selor, was adviser. Spring initiates were Deborah Ann Arm- strong, Margaret Anne Baker, Sally Bauer, Edith Gazelle Bergman, Mary Estelle Brender, Terry Sue Cain, Suzanne Caldwell, Deborah Ann Chisholm, Judith Maxine Chott, Elizabeth Chu, Kathryn Ann Crawford, Martha Robin Cut- ler, Cheryl Suzann Daly, Anna Fonda Deinken, Barbara Eilen Dischinger, Linda Kay Doane, Donna Gay Donalson, Danielle Ruth Doyle, Lillie Jane Grant, Glenda Joyce Grozier, Mari- lyn Mitchell Hadden, Marsha Lee Hawthorne, Constance Ann Howarth, Edith Allan Hudson, Janelle Kasparek, Laurel Lambert, Marsha Kay Law, Elizabeth Gayle Lawson, Jeanne Leslie, Cynthia Lee Linder, Susan Gail Lippman, Mar- cia Ann McBride, Carolyn Sarah Malley, Julie Elizabeth Meeks, Jody Janaire Megason, Don- na Lyn Melton, Sharon Moore, Mary Ruth Parker, Sandra Lynn Pierce, Vicki Anne Rob- erts, Judy Patricia Routh, Terry Lynn Schmidt, Amy Diane Schnoll, Mary Catherine Schuelke, Susan Virginia Seybold, Dale Lynn Smith, Deborah Ann Smith, Pamela Jane Smith, Cath- erine Sue Snyder, Cary Lynn Sowell, Rosemary Lutteman Stewart, Deborah Kaye Thompson, Martha Jean Thornton, Helen Louise Tinner- man, Trudy Ann Traner, Carol Ann Tunstall, Sylvia Sue Verheyden, Margaret Louraine Walker, Joan Elise Walthers, Marieke Chris- tina Wempe, Irene Frances Wilson, Pamela Wilson, and Claire Ann Yelderman. Scope initiated its new members in fall initiation ceremonies 297 FRONT ROW: Nancy Broline, AAarajen Denman, Constance Weld, Karen Williams, Betty Buchanan, Pamela Beaver. SECOND ROW: E. Dee Lane, Sharon Hall, Barbara Davis, Sue J. Smith, Darla Hilton, Sally Riggs, Saundy Curry, Jane Branscombe. THIRD ROW: Bill Jones, Cheryl Fox, Kandace Penner, Joyce Dudas, Ruth Hood, Leslie Christensen, Marylou Alvis, Martha McGlothlin. KEY MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Mary Alleen Boggs, Kay Boyles, and Christine Elise Stratton. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS NOT PICTURED were Mary Alvis, Joan Lillian Clements, Saundy Jay Curry, Marguerite Gunn, Linda Hammons, Karen Marie Jackson, Sally Whiteside Manahan, Kandace Ann Penner, Barbara Rosenberg, Elizabeth Talley. Children from the Speech and Hearing Clinic were entertained at Christmas. Sigma Alpha Eta A national professional fraternity to pro- mote interest and service among University students majoring in the fields of speech pa- thology, audiology, or deaf education, Sigma Alpha Eta met annually with the American Speech and Hearing Association at its national convention. The organization sought to sup- plement formal course studies, increase the professional and social unity of students and faculty, and establish good public relations among college and local organizations show- ing interest in these professions. To make members more aware of the facilities available to speech and hearing hand- icapped individuals in the Austin vicinity, speakers represented services such as the Child Guidance Clinic, the Austin .Evaluation Center, the Learning Disabilities Center, and two medically-orientated individuals in private practice a cleft palate surgeon and an otol- ogist. Officers for the year were Teresa Jane Branscombe, president; Martha McGlothlin, vice-president; William David Jones, secretary; E. Dee Lane, treasurer. Lear Lee Ashmore, as- sociate professor of speech, was sponsor. 298 - An annual recital was held for fraternity alumnae and the general public Sigma Alpha lota A national honorary professional frater- nity for women in music, Sigma Alpha lota undertook various fund-raising and service projects during the year. Included in the year ' s projects was helping the Texas State Welfare Department find musical instruments for chil- dren in foster homes. Musical presentations throughout the year included two annual re- citals and a pledge recital. In other activities, members ushered at concerts and receptions for professional entertainers visiting Austin or the University. Officers for the year were Linda Kay McVey, president; Johanna Franke, vice-presi- dent; Linda McDavitt, treasurer; Barbara Elaine Mahaffay, recording secretary; Linda Jean Lege, corresponding secretary. Martha Martin Deatherage, assistant professor of music, was the faculty sponsor. Members not pictured were Kathy Akin, Joyce Elizabeth Arce, Donna Foster, Diana Ruth Geis, Ingrid Bergenia Haterius, Terry Lynn Hobbs, Iris Elizabeth Jones, Donna Margaret Mathews, Linda McDavitt, Donna Cheryl Orton, Ruth Elizabeth Peden, Patti Rogers Watters, Diane Weber, and Dianna Jeanne Weirus. FRONT ROW: Barbara Mahaffay, Linda Lege, Paulette Rainey, Lynda McVey, Johanna Franke, Jean Weger, Nancy Normann, Maria Amen. SECOND ROW: Joanne Kassel, Linda Williams, Katherine Haralson, Marita Gale, Shirley Ralston, Ann Whitworth. THIRD ROW: Sharron Puryear, Joan Fenton, Sara Edmonds, Leslie Milliren, Cynthia Cox, Faye Franks, Cheryl Musket, Hazel Meyer. 299 Sigma Delta Chi A professional journalistic society, Sigma Delta Chi was dedicated to maintaining high standards in the communications profession and the professionalism of its members. The society brought together all journalists so that they might help each other achieve com- mon goals. To pursue this purpose, the University chapter sponsored a varied program of activi- ties and speakers. Public lectures during the year included " Communication Research and Its Effect on Our Profession, " an address by Dr. Wayne Danielson, Dean of the University of North Carolina School of Journalism and president of the American Association of Schools and Departments of Journalism. Mem- bers also participated in a closed coffee for CBS newscaster Eric Sevareid during his visit to the campus in November. Plans for a jour- nalism museum and a continuing scholarship program were initiated. Officers last year in- cluded Chester F. Hunt, president; Richard Lee Hill, vice-president; Robert Durward In- derman, secretary; and John Charles Anders, treasurer. C. Richard King was faculty adviser. V. m -_. i FRONT ROW: John Cagle, Richard Hill, Chester Hunt, C. Richard King, Larry Upshaw, David DeVoss. SECOND ROW: James Morris, John Brown, Jerome Rudes, Daniel Bulla, Andrew Parsons, Alfred Avalos, James Pryor, David Gaines. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Kemp, Peter Heyne, John Roberts, John Stalmach, William Oppel, Gary Bullock, Lafe Hill, Mark Morrison. ABOVE: Theta Sigma Phi ' s joined members to listen to Dick Elam discuss up-coming State elections. 300 FACULTY MEMBERS Eric B. Becker John J. Bertin Roy R. Craig Richard R. Ensminger Wallace T. Fowler David G. Hull John W. Porter Paul E. Russell Ronald O. Stearman Byron D. Tapley John C. Westkaemper MEMBERS Gene Raymond Bosse Burton C. Branstetter William Doswell Conine Russell Ben Eppright Jr. Paul Gainer Larry Wayland Grimm Warren Malcolm Heffington James Robert Kelsey Phillip Eugene AAoseley James Edward Pruske Jerry Elbert Roeder Ronald Ray Rounsaville Bob Edward Schutz Herbert James Sutherland Gene C. Voorhees Richard Arthur Warriner John Lindsey Whitesides Jr. Hugh Wilbanks III James Rawls Williams Jimmy Doyle Wilson William Ozie Wray FALL INITIATES Robert Baker Sheldon Arnold Bloom Steven Sprague Boss Chul Young Choe Jae Seung Choi Michael James Clark Charles Samuel Cotropia Marshall Byron Darby Emil Henry Finn Millard Lee Holderfield Ching-Kwei Kang Make McDermott Jr. James Charles Pearson Richard Hardy Seale Robert Wade Smith Bobby Taylor James L. Thompson SPRING INITIATES Robert Lee Bass J. Gebhard Blum Thomas H. Bowden Steven Craig Broome James VanDyke Haldy Rennie Jack Harrison Jack D. Hart John Arthur Heitmeyer John Christian Hinkle Carl G. Hood Mary Kathleen Horn Douglas Scott Ingram Thomas M. Jones James Shiro Kishi Frederick B. Pippert William Allan Sparks Sigma Gamma Tau On February 28, 1953, a national convention was held at Purdue University to merge two national honorary aeronautical engineering societies, Tau Omega and Gam- ma Alpha Rho, into a new society. The society established on that date was Sigma Gamma Tau with 14 chapters. There are present 20 chapters with an approximate mem- bership of 5,125. The society became a member of the Association of College Honor Societies on February 27, 1965, and became recognized as a national honor society in aerospace engineering. Members were selected for their scholarship, integrity, and outstanding achievements in the field of aerospace engineering. During the past year, Sigma Gamma Tau sponsored a ground school for private pilot training, an educational film series, and a freshman coffee. The coffee allowed freshmen to meet informally with aerospace faculty mem- bers. The fall initiation banquet featured guest speaker Colonel Byce Poe III, who spoke on the future of air transportation. Officers for the year were William Ozie Wray, president; Ronald Ray Rounsaville, secretary; Jerry Elbert Roeder, treasurer; and C. Gene Voorhees, S. E. C. representative. Dr. Wallace T. Fowler served as sponsor. 301 HONORARY MEMBERS A. P. Beutel H. E. Chiles Jr. Morgan J. Davis Lillian M. Gilbreath Patrick E. Haggerty Carl W. Huser L. F. McCollum Ralph Moreland M. Scott Myers Harold M. Scherr Dudley C. Sharp William R. Spriegel J. T. Suggs Fladger Tannery FACULTY MEMBERS Floyd S. Brandt Jessamon Dawe Marvin E. Gholson Roy D. Harris Norris A. Hiett Jack Holland Thomas G. Hopkins Howard E. Johnson Charles R. Klasson Edmund C. Lynch Judson Neff Sigma lota Epsilon Kenneth W. Olm Lawrence L. Schkade William E. Schlender Burnard H. Sord Wilfred H. Watson Glenn A. Welsch MEMBERS John S. Chaney Lynn Barnett Gray Jack A. Griggs Delbert I. Hawkins Rowland Bruce Hill Otis Dee Horton Herbert Hovan Kamm Elick N. Maledon Jr. Herff L. Moore Jr. Mark Alan Mueller Jim Murphy Parrack Jr. Jimmy D. Reed Ed Dupree Roach John Howard Robinson John B. Rountree III Robert Elton Sebastian Teddy Layne Sparks Robert David Young Formed to promote and encourage the study and development of management and to foster a professional spirit among students of management, Sigma lota Epsilon offered members the opportunity to meet with individuals who have made significant scholastic or business achieve- ments in the area of management. Each semester, Sigma lota Epsilon held two major events an informal coffee attended by members and prospective members and an installation banquet. Dean George Kozemetsky of the College of Business Administration was keynote speaker and was honorarily initiated at the fall banquet. On campus, Sigma lota Epsilon was active in such events as the annual University Honors Day and the Texas Personnel and Management Conference. The group was founded in January, 1927, at the University of Illinois. The University ' s Gamma chapter was founded in 1928. Of- ficers for the year were Ed Dupree Roach, president; Her- bert Hovan Kamm, vice-president; Robert David Young, secretary-treasurer; John S. Chaney, personnel manager; and Jim Murphy Parrack, publicity manager. Robert F. Pethia was the faculty sponsor during the year. 302 Spurs looked after Bevo during the game with Oklahoma State University. A Jr. MM III stian b " i and in psfoi iduals hie Sigma rfee id an fthe eate sudt Texas i was iThe i.0f- ; Her- ' ounj Silver Spurs An honorary service organization basing recognition of its members upon their scho- lastic and leadership abilities coupled with a record of service to the University, the Silver Spurs ' enthusiasm and spirit was demon- strated through their continued service to the University. The Spurs cared for Bevo, the Uni- versity mascot, and could be seen with him at all football games and other major Univer- sity functions. They had the entire financial responsibility and care of Bevo. The Aggie Sign Contest in the fall, a party for some underprivileged group in the Austin area during the Christmas season, Round-Up Rally, the beard-growing contest, and the Round-Up Jail were annually sponsored by the Silver Spurs. Spurs also escorted visiting sweet- hearts and University Sweetheart nominees during Round-Up. Fall officers were John Conner Emerson, president; Browne Botts Rice, vice-president; Ronnie Mac Bowyer, secretary; Jay Stanley, treasurer; and Thomas Ollis Hicks, social chair- man. C. C. Nolen served as sponsor. FRONT ROW: Paul Zubowski, Bill Wylie, Bud Payne, Greg Hooser, Buster Freedman, Brent Standefer, Tolbert Dalton, Steve Brody, Alan Katzberg, Chip Stewart, Jack Hanks, Sherry Spradley, Sweetheart, Dick Watt, Bryan Barry, Doug Wright, Mark Blumenthal, Tom Gentry, David Northington, John Seekamp, Leigh Galatzan. SECOND ROW: Mike Gillette, George Butts, Tom Hicks, Tom Bowman, Ned Holmes, Bob Fender, Jack Lybrand, Jim Leahy, Ashley Smith, Baker Montgomery, Dick Bueltel, Ron Ehrig, Jan Klinck, Jay Stanley, Malcolm Brown, John Connally III, Loyd Wain- scott, David Jones, Jim Boon, Don Johnson, Pat Harkins, Ragan Gennusa. NOT PICTURED: John Adams, Linus Baer, Kelly Baker, Mike Baldwin, Jim Blackburn, Ronnie Bowyer, Bill Bradley, Dale Bullouch, Howard Chalmers, Ernie Cockrell, John Emerson, Bill Farish, John Goodman, Oliver Heard, David Herndon, David Hooper, Hutch Hubby, Michael Lang, Greg Lett, Barry Margolis, David Ott, Chris Paul, Doug Phelan, Browne Rice, Kelly Scott, Edward Small, Dick Vermillion, Richard Wadsworth. 303 Harold Fischer, president of the University division of SAM, spoke in the fall. SAM Through meetings and conferences, the Society for the Advancement of Management provided an association with leading educators and businessmen in an opportunity to ex- change information and develop ideas relative to the field of management. The drawing of students from economics and all phases of business made this exchange of ideas more effective and gave SAAA a wider perspective and frame of reference. Speakers for the year included Karl Bake, plant manager of Continental EMSCO; Professor Harold Fischer, president of the Uni- versity Division of SAM; R. Conrad Doenges, professor of finance at The University of Texas; and Hank Brown, AFL-CIO representative. Field trips and plant tours at Glastron Boats, Jefferson Chemical, and IBM were held in addition to a spring banquet and installation of officers. Officers were Robert Elton Sebas- tian, fall president; Milton Wayne Moody, spring president; Lynn Barnett Gray, vice-presi- dent; Gordon Haeglin, treasurer; and Marilyn Duff Roe, secretary. The faculty adviser was Howard Edward Johnson, assistant professor of management. FRONT ROW: Lynn Gray, Robert Sebastian, Gordon Haegelin. SECOND ROW: Steve Rice, Linda Clark, Michael Murray, Jaime Benitez-Garza, Marilyn Roe, Willson Fahlberg Jr., Robert Pirtle, Milton Moody, Michael Sherman. THIRD ROW: James Terilli, Alberto Gonzalez-Sada, Clarence Coffey, Barton Cherry, Howard Johnson, Lewis LeFevre, Douglas Reddehase, Cecil Parker, John Koschak, Gary Rogers, Van Secrest. 304 III Sphinx An honorary professional architectural so- ciety, Sphinx selected its members on the basis of demonstrated excellence in design, academic achievement, character, and interest in the profession of architecture. Membership was limited to 25 students selected from up- perclassmen in the architecture curriculum. Initiation was held each fall and spring. In the spring, Sphinx sponsored a picnic to promote better faculty-student relationships and fellowship among all students of archi- tecture. In addition, members could broaden their professional and social contacts through various other extracurricular activities. Fall officers were Ronald V. Barbutti, president; Milton C. Powell, vice-president; William E. vonRosenberg, secretary-treasurer; and Paul James Peters, pledge trainer. Jon A. Bowman was faculty sponsor for the group. Members of Sphinx announced the beginning of their initiation to the campus. ; FRONT ROW: William Von Rosenberg, Jan Cartwright, Milton Powell, Paul Peters, Frank Genzer, Michael Penick. SECOND ROW: Cliff Koeninger, Edward Wallace, Ronald Barbutti, Sam Drago, Paul Jurecka, Trenton Wann Jr. THIRD ROW: Jerry Hazelwood, David House, Don Chapell, John Carothers, Joe Stubblefield, Dennis Linam. MEMBER NOT PICTURED: James Edward Buie. 305 Spooks Identified by their black outfits with an armband of a sku.ll and crossbones, Spooks members were busiest during the football sea- son. For each game, Spooks painted the Uni- versity Co-Op window, distributed spirit rib- bons, supported the team at pep rallies, and decorated the Varsity Cafeteria and dressing room. Spooks also distributed streamers for out-of-town games, worked at the polls dur- ing campus elections, and acted as pages at MUN in the spring. Members were chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, service, and character, and were tapped in their freshman or sophomore year. Highlights of the year included a service project with the APO ' s to repair a children ' s home, one with the Silver Spurs at the Austin State School, a reception at the Alumni Center for all international students on campus, and the tapping of Darrell Royal as an honorary Spook on Halloween night. Spooks also worked in the Dean of Women ' s office and had international buddies. Fall officers were Nancy Jean Ellison, chief haunt; Patricia Jan Ludeman, vice-haunt; Donna Lynne Harlan, service haunt; Leslie Sue Fierman, spirit haunt; Madeleine Draeger, corresponding haunt; and Mrs. Ora Bennett, faculty sponsor. Spook Ton! Bracher tapped a new Spookier, Tina Oshle. f 1 1 FRONT ROW: Carolyn Cannamore, Carol Goldman, Donna Harlan, Suzan Bell, Leslie Fierman, Nancy Ellison, Patricia ludeman, Nancy Fleury, Judy Amacker, Linda Simpson, Ora Bennett. SECOND ROW: Dianne Duncan, Sherry Baird, Sarah Richardson, Judith Winkel, Dana Yarbrough, Margaret Parker, Connie Cramer, Sherry Barnes, Catherine Howell, Pennie Kennon, Margaret Jones, Gladys Wall, Martha Hooker, Paula Levine. THIRD ROW: Chsrlynn Anderson, Merle Hoff, Karen Cook, Beth Barnes, Kathryn Mc- Intyre, Velma Pipkin, Marguerite OldSam, Mary Brumage, Sylvia Gray, Gail Weyel, Lynn Ferguson, Trudy Skiff, Gayle Davis. 306 FRONT ROW: Decie Ankenman, Pamela Francks, Pamela Daugherty, Lucinda Hanks, Mar ajen Denman, Elizabeth Lawrence, Dorothy Green, Mary Montgomery, Ellen Tuffly, Susan Gottlieb, Elizabeth Peebles. SECOND ROW: Susan Sparks, Miriam Cohen, Rogene Gee, Linda Steveson, P. Burnett, Florence Donald, Betty Dicker, Linda Beck, Ruth Ford, Susan Long, Shirley Walker, Nancy Notley. THIRD ROW: Terri Horwitz, Constance Pullam, Helen Pettit, Kaye Hilgers, Lydia Lequeux, Karen Elliott, Cynthia Word, Sharyn Uecker, Sandra Hardin, Linda Routt, Deborah Harlow. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED i iy i,M Spooks tapped football coach Darrell Royal as an honorary member. Mary Gloria Bond Susan Elaine Cope Susan Lynn Correll Susan Jean Cunningham Madeleine Draeger Jenny Laura Ferguson Sharon Kay Lands Sandra Jeanne Liddle Janet McRoberts Kristina Sue Oshlo Lois Annette Sheridan SPRING SPOOKLETS Jessica R. Alexander Helene Barab Linda Teresa Benge Mildred Anne Bigger Kathleen L. Bland Diane Davis Margaret Reneau Day Diana Der Bing Carol Jean Emmert Sharyn Hamm Barbara Jean Hoffer Sue Ann Nolle Janelle Holter Lisa Fronde Kennedy Marilyn Linda Koen Betty Jean Lamp Emily Tess Landau Lynn Marie Londeree Claudia Jean Lovett Barbra Dean Mann Debra Jean Mann Sherilyn O ' Hair Sharon Ann Oxford Nancy Pittman Sandra Kay Rosenfield Clydie B. Scott Joyce Ann Strickland Mary Alice Tudor 307 Student Christian Fellowship Members attended a weekly Sunday morning group study on Christian living. A student group associated with the Biblical Studies Center of the Churches of Christ, the Student Christian Fellowship strove to profess the living Christ on the University campus and provide Christian fellowship as a source for spiritual growth. Members of the group met five times weekly for devotional services, participated in All-Campus Fellow- ship, conducted tutoring at the Human Rights Center, and engaged in personal evangelism among University students. During Howdy Week, the Student Chris- tian Fellowship sponsored a welcome supper, devotionals, religious services, and a skiing party at Lake Austin. Highlights for each se- mester were a retreat at Leakey, a student lectureship in the Union, and a formal ban- quet. Theme of the fall semester retreat was " The Art of Loving. " The fall lectureship dis- cussed " Conformity and the Church the Quiet Revolution. " STEERING COMMITTEE: FRONT ROW: Guy Hunter, Marvin Moos, student coordinator; Ray Canant. SECOND ROW: Joseph Spidell; Peggy Eason, secretary. NOT PICTURED: William Shive, faculty sponsor. William J. Moody, director of the Symphonic Band. Symphonic Band The University of Texas Symphonic Band was organized in 1942. The band was open to University students by audition during the year and presented many formal concerts of classic works written especially for band as well as works by modern composers. Last year, the band began a new series of Sunday afternoon concerts. Helping to in- augurate the series was Carl " Doc " Sever- insen, the orchestra conductor of the " To- night " show. Severinsen and the band pre- sented a trumpet clinic for school band di- rectors and band members on the same day. The 63-member band has been conduct- ed by William J. Moody since 1966. Dr. Moody, professor of music and director of bands, came to the University in the fall of 1966 from the University of Southern Mis- sissippi where he occupied a similar position. FLUTES Virginia Ann Howard Cheryl Lynn Musket Beatriz Eugenia Perez Paulette Rainey Mary Jeanne Roure Lynda Kay Strimple Sharon Elaine Watkins Jean Ann Weger Ann Wilson OBOES Jacque Gibson Ray Taylor BASSOONS Darlene Gayle Peterson Bill Whitener CLARINETS Paul Vincent Backlund James Scott Balentine Carolyn Ann Brackeen Marie Louise Diou Bruce Richard Elliot Douglas Cooper Graham Philip Johnson Emmerick Joe Pavlas Jr. Thomas Earl Shine Jeanne Elizabeth Shipley Deborah Kaye Thompson Kitty Walker BASS CLARINET Robert Rodriquez Michael Patrick Tierney Carol Whiting SAXOPHONE Sharron Reaves Puryear Walker Leslie Smith Donnie Henry Supak Kenneth Williams CORNETS James Sidney Gibson Carole Lynne Herrick Verda Marie Herrington John Lamar Indo Jorge Alberto Madrigal Edgar Earl Rhea III Walter Robert Stricklin Scott Lee Taylor Pete Turner HORNS James Baker Lorin Glen Larson Rosa Angelica Lopez Donna Margaret Mathews Steven Charles Price TROMBONES Nicolas Gonzales Lester Conrad Kegley Wilson Terry Rawlins Wallis Melba Smith Hugh Cullen Sparks Thomas Henry Waggoner EUPHONIUM Eddie Seals Gilden Joe Houston Nelson III Michael Lee Pickett TUBAS Rick Dillard Paul Edward McCormick Lester Maas Oliver PERCUSSION Emery Eugene Alford George A. Frock Bruce Paulus Hoffman Carleton Ramon Hoffman Linda McDavitt Gerald Michael Walker STRING BASS David Walter Sloan 309 T Association 8. Arnold K. Bak.r T. Harper h T _ If _ a o S. Duncan D. Casey f C. Clifton T. Higgins D. Johnson L. Eichenbaum W E. Hudson W. Gremmet J. Koy T f 1. Means J. Weil J. Williamson An organization for the lettermen of all varsity sports, T Association included senior intercollegiate athletic and intramural managers as well. Athletes received varsity letters after participating a prescribed number of minutes or after fulfilling requirements within their in- dividual sports. Members received free football tickets and were allowed to use the " T " Room, which was located in Memorial Stadium and was constructed for their use. Minton Lee White served as president, while Hoyt Eugene Bledsoe Jr. was vice-president of the group. rr a g| HHB v- T C. Owns W . Strong W C. Worrel D. Parkhurat R S noddy 310 FRONT ROW: Sharon Bailey, Sally Yarborough, Kathy Lohr, Sharon Ander- son, Gaynelle Johnson. SECOND ROW: Hazel Burnette, Linda Moore, Sandra AAcDermott, Barbara Cederholm, Mary Montgomery, Carol Perkins, Nancy McGehee. THIRD ROW: Rita Williams, Jeanne Williams, Janis Volkening, Mildred Dodson, Cheryl Fox, Sharyn Decker, Linda Word, Lynda Strimple. FOURTH ROW: Sue Blackburn, Barbara Schkade, Ruth Carnicom, Gloria Amescua, Ruth Mathews, Barbara Burtner, Barbara Childs, Jo Tillerson. NOT PICTURED: Nancy Carter, Lynn Kohlenberg, Linda McDavitt, Brenda Moorhead, Cheryl Musket, Kathryn Newton, Jean Niles, Carolyn Owens, Sharon Reed, Liz Shelby, Judy Stark, and Kathy Thompson. Tau Beta Sigma An honorary sorority for college bands- women, Tau Beta Sigma required each girl to have played in the band for two semesters, have an overall 1.5 grade-point average, and demonstrate a sincere willingness to serve the band and the University. Throughout the year, Tau Beta Sigma handled all alterations of band uniforms. They also threw an annual surprise birthday party for Vincent R. DiNino as well as parties for the band women. In the fall, they published a directory containing names, addresses, and other pertinent information about each band member. Sorority members and freshman band women vied in powder puff foot- ball in the fall and volleyball in the spring. Other activities included an annual awards banquet and a water skiing party with Kap- pa Kappa Psi. Assisting the Band Council in its duties, Tau Beta Sigma volunteered to make iced tea after games and refreshments for parties and clean the band hall. They also helped on Band Day and acted as official hostesses for the Longhorn Band. Fall officers were Kathy Lohr, president; Sally Ann Yarborough, vice-president; Carolyn Owens, secretary; Sharon Lizabeth Reed, treas- urer; Gaynelle Johnson, historian; Sharon Ann Anderson, parliamentarian. Vincent R. DiNino, director of Longhorn Band, served as sponsor. Tau Beta Sigma ' s spring pledges included Pa- tricia Andersen, Donna Margaret Mathews, Rose Ann Mcllvain, Terry Sue Porter, Cindy Yvonne Raesener, Barbara M. Stromberg, and Jeton Estelle Swaim. 311 c it, fe G. Butts J. Cardwell T. Cowan S. Crowell L. Long G. McKimmey R. Mislock K. Moore R. Polasek W. Raschke T. Raye D. Richnow K. Rider J. Ross R. Schmidt P. Scott D. Seilheimer lejas Club Providing an intellectual atmosphere of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship for in Spanish, Tejas means friendship the all-male organization of the Tejas Club claimed a mem- bership of those above-average in academic and leadership abilities. Members were ac- tive in many areas of campus activity, includ- ing Friars, Texas Union, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Assembly, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Alcalde, Texas Cowboys, Sil- ver Spurs, Junior Fellows, and Phi Beta Kappa. As a group, they competed in all University- sponsored intramural events. Established 43 years ago, the Tejas Club was led by Joseph R. Krier, president; Tommy Doc Raye, vice-president; Ronald Lynn Polasek, secretary; Keith Denver Moore, business man- ager; and Charles Michael Ginnings, social chairman. Faculty Sponsor was Byron Fuller- ton, assistant dean of the School of Law. Justice Tom Clark talked with members of Tejas Club during his viiit. 312 " Texas Cowboys The Cowboys ' major project was the an- nual Cowboy Minstrels put on to raise money for The Austin Council for Retarded Children. Other activities of the organization included the spring Round-Up barbeque, representing the University at football games and pep ral- lies, ushering at Commencement exercises, and serving as a reception committee for the various celebrities arriving at the airport. Officers for the fall were Michael Eugene Gammon, foreman; Kevin Holcomb, straw- boss; Donald Louis Evans, shotgun; Craig Strip- ling, horse wrangler; and Phillip Victor Ladin, camp cook. In the spring, Kevin Holcomb was foreman; Jerry Richard Grammer, strawboss; Keith Deaver Moore, shotgun; Gerald Harris Stool, horse wrangler; and Donald Louis Ev- ans, camp cook for the group. The annual Cowboy Minstrels collected funds for The Austin Council for Retarded Children. FRONT ROW: Donald Patteson Jr., Philip Fleckman. SECOND ROW: Mike Gammon, David Hull, Cullen Looney, Kevin Holcomb, Ronald Weiss, Jerry Grammer, Robert Schmidt, Lloyd Gregory, David Gregory, Michael Clark, Tommy Cowan, Christopher Bray, Robert Nelson, James Bannerot, Gerald Stool, Donald Evans. THIRD ROW: Jack Davidson, O. C. Houston, William Birdwell, Phillip Ladin, Richard Robinson, Bennett Glazer, Jack Vaughan, Craig Stripling, John Brock, Barbara Moses, Sweetheart, Corbin Robertson, Douglas Richnow, David Boyles, John Yates, Henry Fielder, Temple Stark, Earl Gilbert, Wilburn Hilton. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Higgins, Andrew White, Dennis Olson, Berry Rothschild, Presley Werlein, Steven Crowell, James Burns, Robert Snoddy, Robert Ittner, James Langdon, Keith Moore, William Middleton, Dennis Gillette, Joe Kinsel Jr., Robert Stout, Douglas Crowell, Michael Perrin. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Dan Harve Blanks, Joel Lynn Brame, John Robert Brock, Douglas G. Caroom, Douglas Stirling Craig, Platt Walker Davis III, Daniel Benjamin Freundlich, Kevin Holcomb, Kenneth Robert Johnson, James Adrian Kuch, Richard Edward LeBlanc, Joe Edward Lea, David Walter Nelson, Clyde K. Oldham, Luther Danial Prescott, Larry Randall Smith, Huntington Spann Swanson, Joe Bill Watkins, Charles Joseph Worrell, George Wesley Works. 313 Student nurses entertained patients during Christmas holidays. Texas Nursing Students Ass f n. Giving members the opportunity to work and learn about the nursing profession, the Texas Nursing Students Association acquainted members with the various fields of nursing. Films were shown on childbirth and surgical nursing. Featured speakers were Mrs. Hazle Glenn, director of nursing service at St. David ' s Hospital; Miss Billye Jean Brown, associate dean of the Nursing School; and a panel of student nurses from the Medical Branch at Galveston. Other activities included Christmas caroling at Seton, St. David ' s, and Holy Cross Hospitals; a district workshop; a spring con- vention of Texas Nursing Students Association in Austin; and the national convention in Dallas. Officers included Jodie Kathleen Tron- son, president; Judith Ann Palmer, vice-presi- dent; Louise Ann Ogden, treasurer; Nikki Sra- mek, recording secretary; and Rebecca Sue Brown, corresponding secretary. Faculty spon- sors were Winifred D. Pugh and Alice A. Red- land of the School of Nursing. FRONT ROW: Rebecca Brown, Judith Palmer, Jodie Tronson, Alice Redland, Louiss Ogden, Nikki Scamek. SECOND ROW: Becky West, Donna Glenn, Barbara Metzger, Jesusa Moreno, Bea Becker, Joe Baltazar, Christine Morgan, Christine Adams, Beatrice Ramirez, Sarah Zalman, Linda Willis- craft. THIRD ROW: Margaret Walker, Jerolyn Bartosh, Helen Swenson, Jacqueline Ellington, Sharon DeVos, Janis Sash, Lynn Brandenberger, Stephanie Farley,_ Nancy Barton, Rosemary Jacobs, Linda Whatley. FOURTH ROW: Linda Blankenship, Marilyn Jurek, Michelle Sindo, Linda Rhodius, Susie St. John, Cynthia Cours, Deanna Farfan, Anne Truchard, Charlene Beach, Sidney Binion. 314 FRONT ROW: Judith Fitzhugh, Sharon Rentz, Constance Pollard, Judith Kateley. SECOND ROW: Carl Schmiedekamp, Cynthia Medlin, Eleanor Ozmum, Jo Bell, Franklin Barnes. BELOW: TSTA Field Representative Lee Hicks enjoyed a discussion with members during a campus conference. " S ,.FOUH I Oil -4 TSEA The professional organization for college students who plan to teach, Texas Student Education Association gave members student membership in TSTA and NBA. Members re- ceived the benefits of these organizations such as their journals, newsletters, and placement service. TSEA membership was for all levels of teaching. Among activities for TSEA were the area conference in the spring, the State convention in Houston in the fall, and Teach- ing Career Month in April. Officers for the Association were Con- stance L. Pollard, president; Judith Ann Kate- ley, first vice-president; Sharon Kay Rentz, sec- ond vice-president; Jo Anne Bell, recording secretary; Thespo Nina Parker, corresponding secretary; and Judith Ann Fitzhugh, treasurer. John Ormand Rodgers and Richard J. Connelly served as the faculty advisers. 315 FRONT ROW: Dianne Davis, Kellyn Rozier, Rosalinda Benavides, Carolyn Nichols, Lynnell Jackson, Suzanne Winckler, Kafhy Stephenson. SECOND ROW: Rena Pederson, Olivia Potter, Madelon David, Sandra Brooks, Toni Ivey, Leslie Donovan, Anna Morris, Mary Morphis, Donna Dickerson, Sharon West. THIRD ROW: Sue Grasty, Becky Lanier, Merry Clark, Jenna Bell, Anita Scott, Shirley Hartman, Loretta Fulton, Kathleen Kennedy, Lela Abernathy, Panchita Jones, Jean Stavinoha, Karen Berndt. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Ferryman, Linda Carr, Carol Webb, Jan Shane, Lucy Horton, Anne-Marie Verstegen, Jenny Haynes, Martha Wilkes, Dolores Lazarie, Karen Houghton, Linda Wisner, Linda Thomsen, Norma Foreman, Ann Hardy. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Joanne Clements, Janet Hirsch, Susan Wagner, Beverly Watson. Theta Sigma Phi A national professional society for wom- en in journalism, Theta Sigma Phi selected its members from upperclass and graduate stu- dents who were active in some phase of com- munications and who plan to make journalism their career. The organization, begun at the University in 1919, sponsored the annual Ten Most Beau- tiful Contest (at right), hosted the Journalism Faculty Appreciation Day, and assisted with the Journalism Honors Day. During the year, Theta Sigma Phi established a coffee and do- nut bar each morning in the Journalism- Building for faculty members and students. The chapter awarded three scholarships to its members. One went to the girl selected by Theta Sigma Phi as Outstanding Sophomore Woman in Journalism each spring. Through professional programs and career weekends, the chapter attempted to inform members about the world of professional journalism. After graduation, college members may join professional chapters in more than 45 cities where they receive help in finding jobs or later in re-entering the business world. The University chapter was one of more than 60 student chapters. Over 20,000 mem- bers have been initiated into the national or- ganization since it was founded in 1909 at the University of Washington. Officers for the year were Lynnell Jack- son, president; Carolyn Anita Nichols, vice- president; Dianne Davis, secretary,- Rosalinda Benavides, treasurer; Kellyn Rozier, historian. Norris G. Davis and Sue Watkins Grasty were sponsors. Spring pledges were Letitia Beard, Mary Ann Bennett, Annette Bingham, Sandi Marie Brinkman, Linda Marie Cover, Linda Lee Davis, Lenda Kennedy Delk, Karen Jo Elliott, Donna Lynn Englander, Ann Fortson, Bettye Colleen Gormley, Grace Angelina Hane, Bar- bara A. Jaska, Susan Jane Melton, Josie Corn- ing McSweeney, Anne Selma Pashkoff, Mar- tha Janice Shelby, and Priscilla F. Wallace. 316 Brenda Cook Maureen Howe Molly Suich Whitney Barnhart ' Ufc Peggy Brzeszkiewiez Pat Jefferson Helen Hosey Linda Holyfield L UT Canter Club The English riding club at the University, the Canter Club, enabled members to improve their horsemanship or learn and improve their jumping ability. Other activities included play- ing mounted games, trail rides, and cookouts. The club ' s division into two groups, one ad- vanced and one intermediate, provided a place for riders of differing interests and abil- ities. During the spring horse show season, the Canter Club sponsored one day of Hobby Horse Stable ' s spring show during which classes specifically designed for Canter Club members, and limited to the members, made up most of the day ' s activities. Canter Club also participated in other horse shows in the State. Officers for the year were Coles Hen- nessy Hairston, president; Elizabeth Ann Quass, vice-president; Summer Scott, secre- tary; and Kathleen Mary O ' Connor, treasurer. Form was important to an advanced rider on the steeplechase course at morning practice. l University ' V LEFT: Students had a chance to relate as friends and tutors to Austin children. BELOW: Joseph RiddeH, Betty Koivula, and Otis Magee made up the Course-Instructor Evaluation Committee. The University YMCA-YWCA have served the changing needs of students and faculty on the campus through a program of religious, recreational, vocational, and educational ac- tivities. The " Y " program was aimed to help students understand and change society in responsible ways. It was designed to fulfill some of the personal needs of students both as individual men or women and as learners in the academic community. As in the last three years, the " Y " en- gaged in community development in the St. Johns area in northeast Austin, with volun- teers working with the youth group activities and individual tutoring and counseling. Tu- toring also was done in Austin schools. Executive committee members last year included Barbara A. Fine, YWCA president; C. Gail Rice, vice-president; and committee mem- bers Arlene L. Barasch, Betty Jane Koivula, Gwen E. Larsh, Doris L. Mclntire, Priscilla J. Patterson, Dianne Stevenson. Joseph AA. Rid- del I, Y.AACA president, and committee mem- bers Robert E. Almy, Randall R. Boykin, Wil- liam E. Kays, James C. Todd, and Alan D. Winter were on the executive committee. Volunteers worked with youth in the St. Johns area in group activities such as dramatics. 319 LJTSAM Sports For student athletes unfortunate enough to excel in or merely enjoy what others have labeled as minor sports, The University of Texas Sports Association for Men offered intercollegiate competition in 12 fields. Rang- ing from wrestling to weight lifting, UTSAM clubs set up training programs and held in- dividual tryouts after an initial organiz ation by students was created outside of the estab- lished Intramural Department. These non-varsity sports enthusiasts, who were headed by A. A. Rooker, director of intramural sports, participated in bowling, volleyball, softball, squash, fencing, wrestling, cricket, soccer, gymnastics, handball, sailing, and weight lifting. Each activity, led by a faculty or student sponsor, had an arranged schedule not exceeding five out-of-town trips during the season. With funds supplied by the Intramural Department since 1946, the teams competed against other Texas colleges and universities in an abbreviated season. Both competitors and their sponsors partici- pated on a voluntary basis as there were no scholarships awarded. HANDBALL: Stanley Henson, Kenneth Davidoff, James Love, Kent Richardson. VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW: Richard Obenhaus, Kevin Holcomb, Robert Clarke, Charles Cappel, Charles Vermillion. SECOND ROW: Wayne Jennings, faculty sponsor, Robert McGhee, John Lowther Jr., Charles Boortz, Platt Davis III, Walter Driver Jr., Gregory Lathrop, Rodolfo Castillo. NOT PICTURED: Leonard Robertson, Dan Burleson. 320 CRICKET: FRONT ROW: Inder Singh, John Coet- zee, John Busswell, Geoffrey Garland, E. V. Ganapathy, Orville Wyss, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Dineshchandra Mehta, Mirjehan Janmo- hamed, Richard Wilson, . K.S.V.L. Narasimhan, Sharad Kolte. BOWLING: FRONT ROW: George Mathis, Lee Rothenberg. SECOND ROW: Chester Long, Mike Mauldin, Jack Copeland. NOT PICTURED: Milton Lee, James Hubka, T. A. Miller, J. E. Pat Hur- ley, sponsor. LEFT: Dan Bulla started the match with his Stephen F. Austin opponent. 321 CADET STAFF: FRONT ROW: Nathan Bell IV, Albert Judd III, John Mays, Wilfred Uecker, James Rachel, Marvin Mikeska Jr., Joe Solcher. SECOND ROW: Steven Fry, lloyd Sloan, Barry Bloom, Patrick O ' Neill. THIRD ROW: John Crozier, William Schovajsa, Ralph Miller, David Flack, Richard Azar, Donald Stough, Thomas Barnett, John Wonsik. Army ROTC Covering a wide range of fields from military engineering and flight training to military history and world affairs, the De- partment of Military Science (Army ROTC) program guided cadets toward the ultimate task of becoming a second lieutenant. An Army ROTC graduate will serve upon gradu- ation in one of the five Army branches: in- fantry, corps of engineers, quartermaster, mili- tary police, or transportation corps. The pro- gram, through regular University course work, presented the student with a broad under- standing of the national government, an insight into its defense programs, and the necessary training and background in which to enter the military service. ARMY CADRE: FRONT ROW: Lieutenant Colonel Robert Leroy Phillips Jr., Colonel Lawson William Magruder III, Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Erie Denny. SECOND ROW: Specialist First Class William Jennings Brian Jr., Major Charles O Sims III, Donna Rumsel O ' Donnell, Shirley J. Hayden, Dixie lee Hardison, Major John Henry Sullivan, Captain Thomas Lewis Leatherwood. THIRD ROW: Staff Sergeant Bennie Donald Roberts, Sergeant Major William Bobert Reese, Sergeant First Class Leon Peine Jr., Master Sergeant Tony Baker, Sergeant First Class Russell Curtis Lecy, Staff Sergeant Raymond Lawrence Domin, Sergeant First Class Jimmy Trujillo, Sergeant First Class Ronald D. Rossignol. V 322 ' " Vli DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS: FRONT ROW: Joseph Dean, Chris- topher Ludwig, Nathan Bell IV, Ronald Phillips, Joe Solcher, Wilfred Uecker. SECOND ROW: Larry Clancy, Charles Irby, Burnis Allardyce, Russell Steindam, Paul Smith, Kenneth Elston. THIRD ROW: Ben Tobor, Marvin Mikeska Jr., Gregory Choban, James Rachel, Perry Ferryman, John Sefcik. CORDETTES: FRONT ROW: Rosalyn Pransky, Sherrie Sanford, Nancy Haralson, Judith Byrd, Karen Scruggs, Cheryl Burr. SECOND ROW: Carol Conner, Pamiel Johnson, Judith Druker, Connie Sanders, Mary Grantham, Judy Ploeger, Susan Cunningham, Betsy Ellis, Sherry Simpson, Lucinda Halstead, Mara Schlader. THIRD ROW: Linda Raines, Judy Dobbs, Judith Parish, Sharron McCoy, Georgia Howland, Peggy Brzeszkiewicz, Margaret Keir, Judy Routh, Sallys Sorenson, Nancy Notley, Janis Siegelman. FOURTH ROW: Teresa Milligan, Mary Mast, Judy Ashurst, Sue Blackburn, Patricia Stringer, Lilly Kucera, Linda Marmion, Marsha Schraub, Linda McLean, Delia White, Suzanne Trout. 323 Army ROTC RIGHT: Standing at attention during the weekly noon drills, members of the Color Guard hold rifles and flags aloft as cadets marched. BELOW: The Fiji lake House was the scene of the annual fall picnic for the corps and their dates. RIFLE TEAM: FRONT ROW: Jere Fletcher, John Stephen, Ralph Willcox. BACK ROW: Stephen Winn, John Ferguson, Paula Kluge. 324 LEFT: Awaiting inspection prior to Thursday drill, a " Best Company " stood at attention listening to last-minute instructions. Periodically, this designation is awarded one group that best exemplifies the qualities of leadership and teamwork. BELOW: Col. Lawson Magruder enjoyed the company of the Cordettes. INFANTRY: FRONT ROW: Richard AAodesette, Edward Spaulding, James Smith, Russell Steindam, Linda Marmion, Perry Perryman, Kenneth Elston, Edwin Baker. SECOND ROW: Ralph Miller, Haywood Kinsey, Edward Marrs, Burnis Allardyce, Daniel Kruger, Roy Nelson. THIRD ROW: John Buckley, Clyde Harger, Joe Holland, John Gentry, Gene Strait, Paul Hatter, Joseph Hume, Randolph Wilson, Franklin Williams, James Wake- field, Arthur Orbin, Robert Hadd, John Briggs, Robert Kail, Jack Meyer. FOURTH ROW: Preston Payne, Ronald Coburn, Paul Bounds, Paul Mery, Steve Jackson, Donald Hadd, Robert Kissel, Lance Wittlif, William Waters, Terrence Woods, Fred Mery, Michael Killey, Franklin Deaderick, David Roach, Robert Home. FIFTH ROW: James Chomouf, Robert Copeland, Marshall Bryant, Jeffrey Henke, John Shelton, Ernest Haywood, Jonathan Oelrich, Frank Houzvicka, Richard Kramer, Lawson Magruder, Richard Rapp, Charles Moorhead, William Woodard, William Young, Donald Jones. SIXTH ROW: David Garner, Thomas McDonald, Stephen Kelly. 325 CORPS OF ENGINEERS: FRONT ROW: Judy Parish, Walter Gersch, Alan Nalle, Larry Clancy, Craig Walford, Ronald Miller, Charles Barker, Orville Harris. SECOND ROW: Robert Spangler, James Hackard, Ray Jones, Ulrich Skerhut, Fredrick Wiegand Jr., Thomas Pahl, Ronald Foster, John Wonsik, Jeffrey Hannon. THIRD ROW: Samuel Pantusa, Reynaldo Quijano, Melvin McCain, Stephen Chenault, Richard Manson, Norwin Burgess Jr., Lee Hodgson, Curtis Carr, Robert Bowie, John Cates, Texas Ching. FOURTH ROW: Allen Dubberley, Robert Crites, Louis Mize, William Hodge Jr., James McCoy, Charles Baker, Jerry Keys, John Bibo, William Minyard, Joe von Merveldt. FIFTH ROW: Armin Feldman, Randy Machemehl, John Maroney, John Klarfield, Joe Cepeda, George Manson, David Young, Arthur Sims, Charles Ruckel, Arthur Hernandez, Woodrow Hammond. SIXTH ROW: Lawrence Rosson, Cecil McKenzie, William Freeman, Patrick O ' Keeffe, M. Green, John D ' Arezzo, John Guenther, John Volz, Jerry Berry, Charles Watkins. ABOVE: Doing more serious work, Engineering cadets practiced drilling on the football practice field in prepa- ration for the annual midterm Awards Day honoring out- standing students. RIGHT: Taking advantage of a warm Saturday afternoon before final quizzes, " Engineers " demonstrated their athletic prowess in a volleyball game at a picnic on Lake Austin. 326 " , Army ROTC LEFT: A Quartermaster Corpsman gave a snappy salute as he and other members passed in review in front of the ROTC Building. BELOW: Socially, the corps hosted an eggnog party in the fall for their dates as a prelude to the Christmas season. QUARTERMASTER: FRONT ROW: Larry Holman, Charles Ferguson, Curtis Briggs, Bill Mortimer, Patrick Napier, Frank McGovern, Joseph Dean, Marsha Schraub, Gregory Choban, Charles Irby, Daniel Smith, Christopher Shively, John Williams. SECOND ROW: Richard Stone, Douglas Brown, Roberto Salinas, Barry Bloom, Steven Fry, Nathan Bell, James Rachel, Marvin Mikeska, Albert Judd, William Allen, Christopher Ludwig, Robert McRae, Charles Harrington. THIRD ROW: Martin Morris, Richard Freed, Larry Farrow, Charles Chaffin, Douglas Bennett, Michael Laviage, Michael Boland, Larry Fontana, Phillip Cobb, Robert Fisher, Stephen Brochstein, Harris Howe, Ralph Krueger, Darrell Dicken, Robert Meyer. FOURTH ROW: William Berry, Terry Belt, William Goodale, Gary Leech, Bryan Siegel, David McNeely, Kimmyth Pesz, William Bugna, John Ferguson, Tim Ernster, Avrum Schonwald, Stephen Smith, David Osborn, Philip Johnson, Todd Cone. FIFTH ROW: Kenneth McCullough, John Allums, Michael Gardner, Charles Walker, John Holden, Travis Powell, John Marshall, Edward Rubac, Deryl Crawford, John Bryant, John Boswell, Jan Sonnen, Douglas Crowell, Gary Gosdin, Ward Blacklock. SIXTH ROW: David Flack, Stanley McCormick, Richard Azar, Leonard Wilson, George Goolsby, Larry Rives, Kenneth Brown, Bill Arlitt. 327 Marching drill each week was an integral part of the training for Transportation Corpsmen. TRANSPORTATION: FRONT ROW: Joseph Nicols, Richard Fender, Ronald Niehaus, Paul Smith, Mary Grantham, Wilfred Uecker, Frank Ramert Jr., James Morton, Morris Barto. SECOND ROW: Philip Howard, Joe Solcher, John Butler, James Shaw, William Smith, Max Eversberg, E. Lambert III, John Sefcik, Arthur Manson III, Raymond Tollett Jr., Robert Fry Jr. THIRD ROW: Eugene Erickson, William Reagan, William Stewart, Michael Moran, William Knox, Rufus Prikryl, David Moller, Bruce Borrett, John Weber, Malcolm Marion, Mark Kiester, James Fraser. FOURTH ROW: Milton Baker, Richard Poulos, Terry Tingley, Robert Richardson, Charles Brauer, Benjamine Thomason III, Michael Penton, Joe Calderon, Lawrence Carmichael, Robert Richardson, Joseph Patten, Thomas Barnett, Burton Gilbert. FIFTH ROW: Donald Stough, Stephen Peery, Niels Melo, Robert Smylie, George Wallace, Grant Bouck, John Pope, Gerald Rech, Arthur Stephens, John Goodloe, Joseph James, Reuben Aguilar, Harvey Richey. 328 Army ROTC MILITARY POLICE: FRONT ROW: Charles Cashdollar, David Wright, Horace Williams, Raymond Leal, Donnie Burgess, Ronald Phillips, Judy Dobbs, Ben Tobor, Richard Flint, Karl Moeller, Claude Cage, John Mays, Robert Vann, Larry Brockman. SECOND ROW: Clarence Hansen, Donny Walker, Jerry Choate, Franklyn Singer, Lloyd Sloan, Charles Buerschinger, William Flesher, Charles Earhart, Paul Mathews, John Bush, Mike Enriquez, Rod Gibson, Charles Griffith. THIRD ROW: William Green, Marc Payton, Theodore Gonzalez, Frank Dupuy, Edwin Arnold, Dennis Jung, Barry Galloway, Carlos Acevedo, Ralph Rogers, Anthony Heep, Francisco Rod- riguez. FOURTH ROW: Terrell Eperson, Roy Garcia, Michael Wiatrowski, Richard Priem, Don Alex ander, Joseph Pinnelli, Chris Hanger, John Klein, Christopher Johnston. FIFTH ROW: Arden Fischer, Jerry Duterroil, Donald Anderson, Paul Marshall, Thomas Heifer, Douglas Grace, Fred Goodenough, Larry Morris, Patrick Klein. SIXTH ROW: William Schovajsa, Robert Allensworth, Langston Rogde, George Gilkerson. a MP ' s trained by forming a circle around the instructor and answering his questions individually. 329 BATTALION STAFF: FRONT ROW: Philip Eiserloh, James Brotherton, Charles Neal, Richard Kayser. SECOND ROW: John Fishero, James Ryan, William Brandon, Charles Pollard. THIRD ROW: Daniel Kuttner, John Conly, James Burns, Jerome Banks. FOURTH ROW: John Pritchard, Richard Wade, Robert Thomas, Hal Pike, Carlos Chapa. Navy ROTC The University Department of Naval Science offered two basic programs, the Regu- lar and the Contract. The Regular program prepared officers for the Regular Navy and Marine Corps and paid most of the students ' educational expenses. The Contract program prepared officers for the Naval or Marine Corps Reserve. In addition, the NROTC of- fered a two-year program open to students enrolled in the University and to transfer stu- dents. The unit sponsored many extracurricu- lar activities for Midshipmen, including a pre- cision drill team, the Buccaneers; a rifle and pistol team; a full range of intramural sports; and participation in various social activities of the Midshipman Battalion. A unique fea- ture of the University NROTC unit was the Crow ' s Nest, a cooperative dormitory. NAVAL SCIENCE STAFF: FRONT ROW: Commander Thomas Wood, Captain Hartsel Allen, Major Donald Strain. SECOND ROW: Gunnery Sergeant Charles Lockhart, Lieutenant Charles Berry, Lieutenant Tony Clark, Lieutenant Harrold Waits, Gunners Mate First Class Robert Porter, Johnnie Hallman, Lieutenant Wilford McCann, Storekeeper Chief James Newport, Chief Yeoman Billy Byrd. to . ' : .. 330 SEMINAR: FRONT ROW: Richard Arnold, Thomas Bowman, James Fahrenthold, Paul Guthrie, James Mulva, Rodolfo Renya. SECOND ROW: Robert Collins, Steven Smith, Robert Ebner, Thomas Dunn, James Broaddus, Michael Flood. THIRD ROW: Thomas Bogel, William Green, Rodger Kester, Richard Odle, Michael Clark, Wesley Leverich. BUCCANEERS: FRONT ROW: John Baldwin, Edward Carman, Vernon McMinn, Alphonce Brown Jr. SECOND ROW: John Harrop, James Collins, Bruce Greer, Elton Page III, Clifton Darby, Norman Schafer, Eugene Behal, Steve Chapman, David Crompton. THIRD ROW: Harold Biesmeier Jr., Madrile Wilson Jr., Michael Adams, David Rizy, Joseph Leinenbach Jr., Robert Patton, Mike Gale, Kenneth Bennight Jr., William Dvorak, Michael Costello. FOURTH ROW: Richard Strickland, John Ballard, Wayne Henderson, William Craig, Harry Palmer, Clarence Wigfall Jr., Barry Green, Larry Willis, Leigh McGill, Roberto Flores Jr., Frederick Moon, Richard Wellborn. FIFTH ROW: Everett Williams, James Holbach, John Cocke, Michael Tatone, Robert Felle, Steven Howell, Geoffrey Roemer, John Bretz, Scott Crandall, James Pounds, Tomas Coronado. 331 ALPHA COMPANY: FRONT ROW: Ernest Trominski, Gregg Averett, Dennis Olson, Edward Moore IV. SECOND ROW: George Root, Richard Schleif, William Davis, David Wells, Elbert Huber Jr., Robert Reinauer. THIRD ROW: Fields Jackson III, Robert Dean, James Latta, Russell Fields, Thomas Strickland, David Bryan, John Lindemood, James Frisbie, Bruce Mc- Commons, Jessie Davis, Herbert Teel, Thomas Caldbeck, Tom Urbanek, Robert Hies, Roland Davis. FOURTH ROW: Mark Wigder, Robert Holloway, Alfred Story, Thomas Tennison, Milton Foerster, Robert Shanks, Harold Adams, Thomas Hunt, Everett Buck, John Kephart, Randal McDonald, Robert Lewis, John Nichols, Jerold Miller. FIFTH ROW: Francis Galloway, Lenard Kreuz, Craig Loibner, Theodore Tolle, David Groos, Charles Mulroy, John Carrillo, Fredric Fleshman, John Peek, Stephen Blodgett, Max Tarbox, Michael Carlberg, Edmund Titcomb, John Luethcke Jr., Randall Gray. SIXTH ROW: Oliver Brown, Ronald Kissman, Carl Boren, John Littlefield, Donald Driskill, Terrence Tull, Floyd Jackson, Robert Mahan, Barth Root, Randall Rowan, Robert Frnka, Richard Weaver, Henry Anthony. :. .-; ABOVE: NAVY SWEETHEARTS: FRONT ROW: Sandra Liddle, Chandler Strain, Marijo Lindsay, Kristen Holmberg, Barbara Hughes. SECOND ROW: Farrah Fawcett, Jeanie Holley, Julie Norman, Dottie Plummer, Deborah Perkins. NOT PICTURED: Janice Lawson, Patsy Moffett, Bonita Foster. RIGHT: Celebrating an old-time " Oktoberfest " at Zilker Park was one way to begin the late-starting fall semester. Navy ROTC Wwld, Gilloway, ll G, iy . Dances throughout the year for Navy Midshipmen and their dates were held at the Crow ' s Nest. BRAVO COMPANY: FRONT ROW: Carl Hill, Henry W. Leopold, Bill New- som, Michael Collins. SECOND ROW: Patrick Brady, Randolph Burwell, Thomas Drake, Charles Allen. THIRD ROW: Albert Higdon, Louis Jodry, Morton Baird, Richard Cowart, Jordan Janak, James Lorkowski, Paul Hutchison, Robert Carter, Ronald Schlottman, Kent Keirsey, William Steshko, Gerald Spinks, Jonathan Kaplan, Timothy Early, Paul Frye. FOURTH ROW: Jean Teutsch, Glenn Weichert, Brian Hagerty, Doyal Nelms, John Howard, James Clark, Michael Looney, France Davis, John Turner, Edward Chevalier, Melton Soders. FIFTH ROW: James Quinn, Michael Thomas, Arthur Estes, Paul Eschenfelder Jr., John Preston, Frank Wofford, Walter Sheppard, Douglas Fisher, Robert Wilder, Phillip Erickson, John Darrell Seng, Paul Ferguson, Henri Stewart. SIXTH ROW: Herbert Wright III, Derris Murphy, Bruce Byron, Stephen Sheppard, Marvin Arthur Jr., Albert Rich, Ronald Skewis, Walter Jenkins, Edmund Levy, Daniel Richards, Chet Boortz, David Kirkpatrick. 333 GROUP STAFF: FRONT ROW: Lonnie Brauner. SECOND ROW: Charles Myers, Michael Pandolfo, David Abramowitz, John Totten, Ronald Bergquist, Robert Mills Jr., Gerald Bishop. THIRD ROW: David Davis, Richard Speer, Warren Bollmeier, Thomas Erdmann, Richard Olivieri, Richard Wiser. FOURTH ROW: John Kelly Jr., Stephen Boyd, Steven Franklin, Lloyd Stearns Jr., Manuel Resales Jr. FIFTH ROW: Michael Wortham, Michael Coble, Julian Buenger, Raymond Oelrich, Antonio Alvarado, Robert James. Air Force ROTC The mission of the Department of Air Science was to commission career-orientated officers to meet specific Air Force require- ments through on-campus programs. The Air Force ROTC offered freshman students a four- year program and junior students or above, if they have two years remaining in college, a two-year program leading to commissioned officer status in the United States Air Force. In addition, qualified cadets received flight instruction in their last year resulting in the award of a private pilot ' s license. When called to active duty, graduates became pilots, navi- gators, or specialists in their particular field of study while at the University. STAFF: FRONT ROW: Lieutenant Colonel Karl Benson Jr. SECOND ROW: Staff Sergeant Arneft Starling, Staff Sergeant Albert Gabaldon, Captain John Squires, Mrs. Ollie Arena, Staff Sergeant John Tucker, Captain Richard McGuinness Jr., Mrs. Sheila Waggoner, Lieutenant Colonel Wallace McKeniie. :- o.= -: 334 h : D i - SQUADRON ONE: FRONT ROW: George Wroten, Joe McFatter, Ann Fuller, Ann Baird, John Olivo, James Bates. SECOND ROW: Walter Demond, Hal Gillespie, Donald Holcomb, Jonathan Mark, Robert Bearden, Roger Macon, Harold Arbogust, Jeffrey Petterson, George Zapata, Kristin Wells. THIRD ROW: Lee Ansell, Wil liam Daniel, James Dieterich, Donald Pfiester, Harry Cradduck, Robert Robertson, William Peterson, Steven Sicking. FOURTH ROW: Forrest Penney, Charles Smith, James Talbert, Howard Bayne, Clayton Crossley, Herbert Morgan, Thomas O ' Brien, Ralph Mc- Connell. FIFTH ROW: Leonard Ellis, Jim Jordan, John Lampo, Don Ray, Darrell Donaldson, Loy Singleton, Richard Persons, David Sargen. SQUADRON TWO: FRONT ROW: Robert Mills, Kathy Holmes, Sherry Davis, Judith Hollingsworth, Allan Bean, Leslie Wareing, Russell Cykoski, Jo Rowley, Ted McWhorter. SECOND ROW: Eiffel Bermea, Berle Barnett, Robert Griffin, Baltazar Coronado, Michael Lallinger, William Woods, Calder Robertson, Frank Tovar, Richard Morey. THIRD ROW: Richard Alexander, John Hinkle, Christopher Cobb, David Hammond, Thomas Marburger, Douglas Batson, Walter Cardwell, Scott Parker, Arthur Harvey, Alfred Ransel. FOURTH ROW: William McNeal, John Knippa, Eddie Ashle- man, Theodore Badger, Michael Payne, Mark Reagan, Ronald White, Harrison Lingle, William Hutchison. FIFTH ROW: George Douglas, Norman Flemens, Thomas Reneau, William Strawn, Garrett Polhamus, Neil Orleans, Carl Metzroth, Craig Smith. 335 SQUADRON THREE: FRONT ROW: Robert Trapnell Jr., Kathleen Clewis, Susan Scott, Bruce Luna, Sharon Allison, Suzanne Shepperd, David Swanson, Priscilla Warwick, Victor Holubec. SECOND ROW: Ronald Wassom, Jesse Germany, George McClughan, Robert Fry, Donald Savage, Charles Keeth- ler, Dean Staley, Charles Ploetz, Douglas Hunter, James Robertson. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Gatewood, William Hollon, Richard Davis, David Nesen- holtz, George Vest Jr., Charles Pfiester, Curtis Meinzer, Gregory Waller. FOURTH ROW: Charles Mott, Joel Kizer IV, James Davenport Jr., Chester Winslow, Larry Lay, Jack Stephens Jr., Phillip Scott, William Michna, Robert Riepe. FIFTH ROW: William Small, Lambert Koeniger, Ben Ludeman, John Bush, William Cude, Walter Taliaferro Jr., Jeffrey Zickler, John Wells, Duawe Faith, Howard Humphrey Jr. SQUADRON FOUR: FRONT ROW: Jack Robbins, Donna Smith, Robert Bickerstaff, Judy Jones, Stephen Holliday, Susanne Bischofs, John Burns, David Johnson. SECOND ROW: David Eldridge, Michael Magness, Walter Boyaki, David Prahler, Gregory Meyer, Louis Riefler, James Ruth, Richard Payne. THIRD ROW: Alton Barton, Gus Gates, Scott lashbrook, James Plummer, George Schaefer, Roger Sims, Dana Spears. FOURTH ROW: Patrick Palmer, Larry Anderson, Harry Clark, James Watkins, Gordon Ward, James Stinson. FIFTH ROW: James Heaney, Kenneth Graham, James Drewry, Donald Warner, Willian Totten, Melton Pipes. 336 ' - ' -:- .,.. ' . PLEDGES: FRONT ROW: Judith Jones, Linda Melton, Kathleen Clewis. SECOND ROW: Susanne Bischofs, Frances Fuller, Sherry Davis, Donna Smith. Angel Flight Angel Flight was an honorary service or- ganization sponsored by Arnold Air Society, the Air Force ROTC cadet group. Members must possess poise, personality, and a will- ingness to actively participate in Angel Flight activities. They served as hostesses at Air Force ROTC functions, represented the Arnold Air Society and AFROTC on the campus, attended area and national conclaves, parti- cipated in service projects, and strove to im- prove the morale of the Air Force cadets. Fall officers were Sharon Allison, com- mander; Jo Ann Rowley, executive officer; Ann Baird, administrative services officer; Roberta Richards, comptroller, Kathy Holmes, operations, Susan Scott, informations, and Beth Shectman, pledge trainer. Spring officers were Ann Baird, commander; Kathy Holmes, executive officer; Susan Scott, administrative services officer; Pauline Westbrook, comp- troller; Robin Thrift, operations, and Melanie Moore, informations officer. W ,,G (.ft FRONT ROW: Barbara Coward, Cheryl Zimmerman, Kerry Bogart, Prissy Warwick, Judy Garrett. SECOND ROW: Judith Britt, Diane Peek, Jan Howie, Kathy Holmes, Kay Lewis, Sherry Swesnik. THIRD ROW: Carol Ricci, Ann Fuller, Denise McAdam, Robin Thrift, Jo Ann Rowley, Carol Howie, Beth Schectman. FOURTH ROW: Roberta Richards, Judith Hollings- worfh, LeNoir Wareing, Patricia Moore, Sharon Allison, Ann Baird, Mary Lewis. 337 Panhellenic Council K. O ' Neal Aon Panhellenic Council set social and scho- lastic requirements for all University sororities and made and enforced rush, pledging, and initiation rules. With 18 full members and two associate members, the Council sponsored workshops for sorority representatives, a scholarship fund open to all women enrolled at Texas, and brunches for parents on Dad ' s Day and Round-Up Weekend. Cooperating with the Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic supported Varsity Carnival, Sing-Song, fresh- man tutorial, and a pledge scholarship pro- gram. Officers for the year included Mary Anne Ray, president; Cindy Bowden, vice-president; Susan Dee Bodenhamer, secretary; llene Jill Rosenthal, treasurer; and Sue Ann Meisel, parliamentarian. Mrs. Evelyn Bennett served as executive secretary while Mrs. Dorothy Dean of the Dean of Women ' s Office was the Council ' s sponsor. M. Teal 338 Interfraternity Council Major emphasis of the Interfraternity Council shifted from attempts to build broth- erhood through hazing to building brother- hood by developing a man ' s individuality in a year that saw a lessening of rallies and an increase in constructive work sessions. Led by Barry Howard Margolis, president, fra- ternities were granted social autonomy by the University administration and the IFC passed legislation to regulate fraternity hous- ing in areas of women ' s visiting hours and resident housemothers. The Campus Chest charity drive which raised money for local and national charitable causes also was con- tinued. Panhellenic Council and IFC jointly sup- ported the freshman tutorial program, Varsity Carnival, a pledge scholarship program, and the annual December Sing-Song competition. Other officers were Richard Ray Dillard, vice- president; Dan Harve Blanks, secretary; and Danny Freundlich, treasurer. Dr. Lawrence Franks, Dean of Men, was sponsor. 339 Alpha Chi Omega M. Albrecht S. Allred A. Altmiller A. Anderson T. Anderson C. Andrews M Andrews P. Bernard J. Bechtold K. Bogart J. Byrd C Calhoun M. Campbell A. Caraway E. Cathe C. Christian E. Coole J. Crapilto D. Geswell C. Darley 1. Davis M. Dillon J. Dobbs N. Downs L. Easterling S. Eberhardt B. Framback P. Guy C. Guyette L. Guyette J. Haberstick E. Halleck C. Harris S. Hawkins H. Hearne K. Herrick P. Hicks J. Hilsher aTOHHRB " liM C. Holt M. Howard C. Hudgins M. Huhndorff D. Humphrey V. Humphrey S. Kee M. Kelly M. Lonkford P. Large J. LeMoine S. Lenth Alpha Chi Omega Sing-Song leader received their first place award. 340 The Alpha Chi Omega Cadillac Bar was the pledges ' project for Dimes Day competition last ye F.lcclt K. Monhort J. Meeks Major activities of Alpha Chi Omega were a fall casual, a fall retreat, a Dad ' s Day buffet, Sing-Song, a spring formal, and Varsity Carnival. Last year, the pledges won first place in Most Original and third place in Most Money Contests in Dimes Day compe- tition among Greeks. AChi O ' s were active on campus in Cor- dettes, Orange Jackets, Angel Flight, varsity and freshman cheerleading, Mortar Board, House of Delegates, Student Assembly, Phar- macy Council, Orientation Procedures Com- mittee, Challenge, and Round-Up. Peggy Brzeszkiewicz was one of the Ten Most Beau- tiful. Alpha Chi Omega sorority was founded at De Pauw University in 1885. The Texas chapter received its charter in 1924. Officers for last year were Judith Kathryn Byrd, presi- dent; Linda Mellina Guyette, first vice-presi- dent; Cheryl Ann Burr, second vice-president; Judy Jo Ann Brill, third vice-president; Brook Anne Johnson, recording secretary; and Jeanie Ricketts, treasurer. Mrs. Vera Ussery was so- rority housemother. L. Moyer M. Murphey P. Murphy N. Nau E. Nelson S. Nicholl N. Nixon C. Nugent M. Oldham C. Owen L. Palmer L. Pederson R. Pederson P. Perdue L. Peterson C. Philp P. Fierce C. Pittmon V. Plummer E. Porter M. Potchernick E. Raschke J. Reimann S. Richardson J. Ricketls f. St. Peler K. Schnitzius H. Schmitt I M. Schuelke W. Schuler C. Sendak D. Smith E. Thornton M. Thurman S. Trapolino M. Treschwig S. Turet C. Weatherly S. Wood C Wright J. Wright R. Wright A. Yorbrough P. Yarbrough 341 Alpha Delta Pi Among the many Alpha Delta Pi activi- ties last year was the chapter adoption of an orphan boy in Hong Kong. Close contact was kept with the boy by letters and gifts of food and clothing. Alpha Delta Pi ' s were active on campus in Orange Jackets, Cordettes, Spooks, Student Assembly, and Education and Fine Arts Councils. Sorority officers were Sandra Gay Taylor, president, Barbara Nell Driscoll, vice-president; Louise Noelie Coerver, pledge trainer; Nadine Oleva Cochran, treasurer; and Susan Jane Douglas, rush captain. Mrs. Kath- erine Neal acted as housemother. Alpha Delta Pi was founded May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, as the first secret society for col- lege women. The Delta chapter at the Uni- ve rsity was founded in June, 1906. K. Abbott J. Alexander E. Allen J. Anderson N. Austin R. Babin J. Bode C. Bonks J. Barefield S. Baumgardner B. Beckham M. Bland B. Brantley S. Browner P. Clark S. Cobb N. Cochran L, Coerver C. Conerly C. Conner S. Correll D. Darby L. Davis A. DeShong C. DeShong L. Dietz B. Driscoll F. Dyer M. Eckert C. Emmert J. Ferguson M. Ferguson M. Fields G. Fogel C. Fuquay J. Garrett D. Garvey M. Gayle D. Geis C. Gilbert C. Gillett J. Haag L. Hancock A. Harrison P. Henderson A. Hensle J. Hicks H. Hightowtr C. Hinckley B. Hinton 342 C. Brooks B. Brown M. Bruyere M. Calk C. Carpenter J. Case G. Chandler S. Hollon R. Hunt C. Jackson J. Johns J. Jones J. Jordan S. Julian K. Keel L. Keeton N. Kessler P. Knowle s M. Lane N. Law 5. Lewis V. Lewis M. Lindemann J. Lovett C. Manning D. McCormick D. McGuire f. McMurry M. Middlebrooks M. Monroe C. Murphy C. Nelson E. Noble C. Nuding M. PottMlo N. Peteison C. Porter P. Price M. Proctor S. Pyeatt D. Reed E. Rislnger K. Ross M. Saunden C. Scheel M. Schmitr G. Shamess T. Shotwell S. Smith D. Spiva I HHHH ft f 7 1 ' VJK k M. H r k.7 V : ' .rfrt rA. S. Staafs F. Stetson S. Stimson S. Stoneburner G. Taylor J. Vance S. Vaughar F. Walkins J. K. Whitac-e J. G. Whitacn S. White S. Wilkini G. Williams C. Wilson K. Winninghom S. Wolff D. Yarbroygn C. Zeogle- 343 Alpha Epsilon Phi B. Aoronion C. Altsuler K. Appleman T. Badt S. Barenblat C. Barnard B. Bergman B. Berliner L. Biderman E. Bindursky L. Birnbaum M. L. Block M. Block M. Bloom W. Bramson L. Brandt A. Breemon C. Burke S. Cohen C. Cohn J. Chesnick 1. Colton M. David C. Davis J. Davis L. D. Davis L. K. Davis F. Donald L. Oonosky R. Drosnes T. Edlis K. Eldridge S. Emmer B. Fienberg L. Fiermon J. Finberg A. Finger M. Firestone N. Caller H. Goman C. Gernsbacher A. Glasser J. Goldberg C. Goldman J. Goldstein M. Golub L. Gottesman C. Gray D. Greenberg B. Grossman J. Haber L. Harris D. Henry 1. Hirich B Hofler L Holland M. Holland B. Junov L. Kaplan M. Kboudi S. Kirschner M. Koen S. Kohn K. Krakower B. Krumholz C. Kurtz J. labovitz D. Leidner Fall activities for Alpha Epsilon Phi in- cluded match parties, a party for Austin Alum- nae, Fratty Friends, and a party at Green Pas- tures. Alpha Epsilon Phi also sent gifts to men in Vietnam and provided 10 Christmas din- ners to needy families in Austin. AEPhi ' s were active on campus in Stu- dent Assembly, House of Delegates, Cordettes, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Angel Flight, Posse, Panhellenic Council, and Mortar Board. Nancy Roosth was named one of 10 outstanding business students for 1967. Lara Racusin and Karen Krakower were finalists in the Ten Most Beautiful Contest. The first national Alpha Epsilon Phi chap- ter was founded at Barnard College in New York on Oct. 24, 1909. Omega, the Texas chapter, was founded April 25, 1925, and is now the largest chapter in the nation. Of- ficers were Joan Lynn Linger, president; Jud- ith Barbara Schimmel, vice-president; Carol Beth Goldman, pledge trainer; Nancy Ann Nasits, recording secretary; and Judy Anne Davis, corresponding secretary. i 1 344 to Phi i um. ' Green P as . pus in Su. , Cordettes, light, Posse, oard. Nancy in fc Ten Phi chap. geinNew the Texas 5, and is nation, Of- iident; Jud- ient; Carol Clancy Ann ..:, Anne AEPhi ' s entertained their friends at the annual Fratty Friends party. f n m Levin 1. Levin H. Levy N. Lewis E. Lutermon R. Mondel S. Marcus 1. Mark: S. Marks J. Marten M Melcher F. Michaelson C. Miller J. Miller N. Miller R. Miller N. Nasits N. Neer S. Navit N. Plotsky R. Pransky C. Raffkind G. Raffkind B. Ravel L. Repp S. Robbins N. Roosth S. Rosee I. Rosenthol J. Roltner C. Schmidt D. Schnitzer B. Schonwald M. Schraub S. Schwartz J. Shos! J. Siegelman J. Simkin E. Skibell S. Smith S. Spiritas M. Spitz S. Spitzer M. Steeg f. Stern J. Stern S. Swesnifc J. Unger L. Wagner S. Wainger S. White- J. Wiessenberg Wooden key chains were sold by the Alpha Epsilon Phi pledges on Dimes Day. P. Wolf M. Yoker H. Yorrin J. Yellin H. Zubowski 345 Alpha Gamma Delta Helping in the community and sup- porting their international altruistic proiect, the Alpha Gamma Delta ' s played an active role in the Austin Cerebral Palsy Center. They contributed their services to the Cen- ter during the year and held parties for the children at Halloween, Christmas, and Eas- ter. Various social activities of Alpha Gam- ma Delta included a fall retreat at the 7-A Guest Ranch in Wimberly, a pledge Hal- loween party, Dad ' s Day buffet, an informal party at Griffin ' s Party Barn, Christmas date dinner, spring formal at Balcones Country Club, achievement dinner, and a spring retreat to plan activities for the coming year. During the Campus Chest drive, Alpha Gamma Delta sold painted rock paperweights on Dimes Day, and Ann Pettit won the Miss Sleezy Contest. In the Aggie Sign com- petition, the Alpha Gam ' s won second place with their entry, " Run the Aggies Thru the Mill. " Officers for Alpha Gamma Delta were Yvonne Marie Jensen, president; Rebecca Elizabeth Dobie, first vice-president; Suzanne Dell Veiluva, second vice-president; Mary Kathryn Holmes, recording secretary; and Nancy Matthews Law, treasurer. A. Balfe R. Balke P. Berkley C. Barnett A. Beasley B. Brawley I. Brundrett C. Cook P. Daerr R. Daen L. Dalton I. DeVries R. Dobie N. Elsik B. Foley D. Foster L Haines C. Hembree ' ; M. Hinkel M. Hoff P. Hoffman M. Holmes M. Hrncir B. Jaeggli I ) At an informal gathering at their house, the Alpha Gamma Deltas entertained their dates. Y. Jensen D. Kemp M. Law N. Law E. Lawrence D. Love R. Mcllvain L McNeel B. Moorhead S. Morgan R. AAuenchen B. Owsley E. Peebles J. Peterson H. Pettit P. Reed B. Schnur A. Scott S. Sims J. Skrivanek B. Smith For Dimes Day, the Alpha Gamma Delta pledges sold decorated rock paperweights of various sizes. P. Stillwell K. Taylor J. Thiele S. Veiluva P. Vollmer H. Walker M. White S. White B. Wilson J. Zapalac 347 Members prepared canned food supplies for needy families. Alpha Kappa Alpha The major activity for Alpha Kappa Al- pha last year was the formal ball and Ivy Presentation held at the Driskill Hotel in the spring. During the fall, the sorority gave its annual Can-Can party to collect food for needy families at Thanksgiving and volun- teered service for the Austin Christmas Bur- eau. Christmas parties and Easter egg hunts for day-care centers were other activities. Cultural events were planned in cooperation with the sorority ' s graduate chapter, Beta Psi Omega, as were Founder ' s Day activi- ties in January. In the spring, the sorority held rush activities, Round-Up parties, and a retreat for a reevaluation of the previous year and election of officers. Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority was found- ed on January 16, 1908, at Howard Uni- versity and was incorporated in 1913. The local chapter was established in May, 1959. Officers for the year were Betty Jean Dev- ereaux, basileus; Barbara Diane Douglas, anti-basileus; Karen Verne Williams, gram- mateus; Carolyn Kay Cole, epistoleus,- and Ruby Jewel Bennett, tamiouchos. R. Bennett C. Cole S. Cooper B. Devereaux B. Douglas R. Franklin P. Johnson V. Jones A. Lav 348 Kappa Al. and Ivy in the y gave its for md volun- " -: El " - egg hunts activities, ooperation oier, Beta Jay active IK found- ward Uni- .The ,ay, 1959. lean ' s, ns, gram- l:.--: ' ! I I " . _ LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Douglas, Pamiel Lynne Johnson, Annette Randall, Betty Oevereaux, and Carolyn Cole V. AAayes E. Mayfield C. Pulla A. Randall L. Routf J. Strickland S. Tennyson B. Wilkins K. Williams Alpha Kappa Alpha won the Panhellenic Most Improved Scholarship Trophy for the year. 349 Fall activities of Alpha Omicron Pi in- cluded a Dad ' s Day coffee and open house, a retreat at Pioneer Town near Wimberley, a Christmas semi-formal at Bergstrom Air Force Officer ' s Club, a Founder ' s Day ban- quet at the Forty Acres Club, and the annu- al Rose Ball. Last year, Alpha Omicron Pi won first place in the annual Greek Sing- Song. The first place trophy was won in the sorority division as the AOPi ' s sang " Up, Up with People. " AOPi ' s active on cam- pus last year included the first place win- ner in posture contest, a n ominee for Navy ROTC Sweetheart, the co-chairman of Sing- Song, and several members of Spooks. Officers for last year were Virginia El- len Grillo, president; Mary Jane Underwood, vice-president; Sherri Kay Grimes, recording secretary; Johnnie Belle McDonald, corre- sponding secretary; and Susan Wagner, treasurer. Alpha Omicron Pi was founded nationally on Jan. 2, 1897, at Barnard Col- lege, a part of Columbia University. The Pi Kappa Chapter at The University of Texas was founded on April 19, 1949. Alpha Omicron PI J. Anderson E. Atkinson L. Babel V. Banks B. Barnes M. Baughn G. Collins K. Cooney C. Cusac G. Davis TO M. Day D. Denson ( I D. DePriest 5. Deutsch L. Douglass E. Dullye J. Elliott B. Ford M. Gautreau B. Going B. Grant V. Grille - - . JP . JP v 9 S. Grimes J. Hall M. Hogue H. Holekamp K. Howze R. Jacobs J. Kaminsky V. Koch K. Kveton L. Lattimore A. Lewis V. Limpus M. Lord H. Martin J. McDonald K. Mclntyre L. Moriarty P. Nance K. O ' Neal S. Pearre S. Perry C. Plueckhahn G. Richardson L. Roye B. Schultz L Schulz E. Smith L. Stallings M. Teat M. Tranan M. Underwood S. Wagner M. Wilson FAR LEFT: Gwen Richardson led the AOPi ' s in their Sing-Song rendition of " Up, Up With People. " LEFT: Alpha Omicron Pi pledges met in their own groups to discuss pledge projects for the spring semester. 351 Alpha Phi M. Adensom E. Allen L. Bailey J. Baldwin N. Bollard B. Barnes C. Barton C. Boumstark P. Bergman P. Blohm S. Broyles V. Brunner P. Cafferty S. Callaway A. Canales C. Cannamore L. Chambers C. Coffin P. Connolly C. Cooke C. Cruce C. Davis M. Derby Drogon D. Dureo B. Eads D. Eagle M. Eggeling G. Ehlers L. Epprighr Fall activities of Alpha Phi included placing second in Sigma Chi Derby Day with Margie Harrison being chosen a finalist for Miss Derby Day Queen, a Dad ' s Day lunch- eon at the sorority house for members ' fami- lies, a pledge retreat at Holiday Hills in Wim- berley, a casual party at the Fiji lakehouse, and participation in Sing-Song with Phi Kap- pa Psi fraternity. Spring activities included a formal and a Round-Up brunch. On cam- pus, members of Alpha Phi were active in Union Travel Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Angel Flight, Freshman Council, and the Cac- tus. Alphi Phi sorority was founded nation- ally on Oct. 10, 1892, at Syracuse University. The Omega chapter was chartered in 1920. Officers were Marilee Claire Adensam, presi- dent; Diane McWhirter, first vice-president; Cynthia Anne Davis, second vice-president; JoAnn Patrick, third vice-president; Mary Su- san Henry, recording secretary. B. Harding D. Harlan M. Harrison S. Hasslocher S. Hearne M. Holm M. Hoaser P. Hullman S. Hunter E. lienhowtr vf I f 352 Alpha Phi ' s became acquainted with their new pledges at an informal picnic. fi jf i D. James E. Jennings C. Johnson J. Johnson J. Jones M. Jones S. Jorgensen S. Kamenar H. Kelley J. Kellond J. Kohutek S. Korp M. Krier L. Lolimer M. Leahy P. MacDonald P. Magner B. Monroe S. Mothis S. McLaughlin L. McLean M. Miller L. Moore M. Morgan W. Morrow C. Moser tin " " R. Reed H. Reynolds S. Roach M. Roberts S. Robinson Powell A. Ralney J. Patrick R. Pestor A. Ponton S. Sanders D. Sawyer V. Scofield K. Scott J. Sears P. Shropshire I. Skiff C. Slade M. Smith P. Smith B. Tietien M. Tudor R. Vance S. Vance A. Van Eck P. Warner J. Watkins L. Werkenthin B. Wiederkehr D. Wiei K. Woods 353 Alpha Xi Delta A fall pledge and active retreat, fall casual, Dad ' s Day brunch, Big-Little Sister Christmas party, Tree-Trimming party, and Rose Formal were among chapter functions of Alpha Xi Delta last year. Other activities included a Christmas party for Head Start chil- dren, providing a family of 10 with food, clothes, and presents for Christmas, adopting an eight-year-old Chinese girl for a year, and an Easter egg dye and hunt. Alpha Xi ' s participated on campus in Dimes Day, winning fourth place in collections and second in creativity. Sharon Volosin won Miss Campus Chest. In the fall, Alpha Xi Del- ta took second place in mixed division in Sing-Song with Delta Upsilon and participat- ed in Derby Day. Alpha Xi ' s rode in the Round-Up Parade and participated in Varsity Carnival in the spring. Chapter officers were Judith Ann Kate- ley, president; Marion Lynn Morris, vice- president; Brenda Nell Blumrich, recording secretary, Karen Lynn Farmer, treasurer; Don- na Kay Douglas, pledge trainer; and Jayne Laraine Harlowe, rush captain. Housemother was Mrs. Mable Greenwood. f. Adams G. Allen M. Armstrong 8. Barnard B. Barnes W. Barnhart , VW I X M. Barton B. Bartschmid P. Bauer J. Bearden B. Blumrich J. Boddeke M. Bradley V. Bridges C. Briggs C. Brown E. Brown L. Brow M. Cain K. Cameron K. Castellanos S. Cates K. Chamberlain B. Cheeves B. Childs M. Childs P. Clements M. Cox B. Crawford K. Cumminas L. Doane D. Douglas D. Dudley D. Duke J. Edwards M. Erwin S. Dickey M. Fife N. Fleury J. Foster A. GiMiam G. Godfrey M. Goerner S. Goodson E. Hahn S. Hamm J. Harlowe D. Hayes K. Hodges I BHBMBB aiM B K. Jordan N. Jostei G. Hanza S. Hrncir M. Hurt L. Ikins D. liaacks C. Jackson D. Jacobs A. Jones J. Kateley S. Kennedy hleman B. Lamp P. Leaiure N. Lidbtltc D. Lequeux L. lequeux M. LeTulli B. Lipicomb I. Matocho . i: R. Kigr B. Kilday C K.nsmo 354 ll P. McKinley A. McKown P. McLean L. McMahan F. Milling P. Moeller D. Mooney M. J. Moore M. W. Moore M. Morgan A. Morris M. Morris J. Newton L. Norton E. O ' Brien E. Ozmun P. Pace K. Parmer A. Pratka M. Pressl . fl . fl For their Christmas party last year, the Alpha Xi Deltas made stockings for their pledges. 4 f L. Raines A. Reynolds S. Reynolds L. Rosen J. Rowley E. Scherz M. Scofield K. Seibert L. Simpson J. Sittel M. Sledge M. Spence M. Storr S. Stumpf P. Taylor L. Terry R. Underwood N. Von Kleef S. Volosin S. Wade B. Wogner D. Wombold C. Waters N. Watzlavick J. Wechsler C. Wellen C. Weller S. Wells M. Williams B. Wilson D. Wilson P. Wilson S. Wilta P. Yoryan M. Zike K. Zimmerman 355 The Chi Omega calendar last year in- cluded numerous activities such as match parties, Sing-Song with Kappa Alpha frater- nity, the annual Dad ' s Day brunch, and a Christmas party for the orphans with the Sil- ver Spurs. Honors received by Chi Omegas included AAortar Board membership, Navy Sweetheart, and Mechanical Engineering Sweetheart. Founded at the University of Arkansas on April 5, 1895, Chi Omega ' s Texas lota chapter was established at the University on May 31, 1904. Officers were Susan Elizabeth Epps, president; Susan Anne Kolius, vice-pres- ident; Karen Lynn Hamilton, secretary; Mar- garet Frances Morgan, treasurer; and Billye Louise Huckabee, pledge trainer. C. Althage C. Anderson M. Anthony K. Barnard C. Barsalou C. Beard P. Beaver J. Billings A Christmas party was given for orphan children. E. Block C. Bodilord S. Bohman A. Bracy S. Brandner K. Brandt L. Boston M. Boston Brown M. Broyles J. Buchanan L. Bundy S- Byrd K. Cain P. Cain C. Camp J. Campbell I. Capper L. Carlson C. Carpenter C. Chaplin C. Chapman M. Clark M. A. Clark J. Cloud , Cook J. Cotrell G. Crocker S. Cunningham D. Davis S. Davis 1. Donovan R. Dunn J. Emmert S. Epps B. Foster M. Gideon S. Gideon J. Giesecke J. Goods J. Gordon M. Grontham C. Hall S. Hall L. Hanks J. Hardy C. Harrison J. Hawkins J. Higby M. Hill C. Horak C. Homer M. Horton 8. Huckabee A. Huddleston S, Hudson M. Huffmor V. Humphrey F. Hunter M. Jinkins B. Johnson P. junell 356 Chi Omega K. Keolhofer M. Kinard A. Kincheloe S. Kolius F. Lain D. Leahy C. Leggett N. Leggett C. Leitner K. Lewis L. Lewii l Wr J.W J. Little L. Londeree J. Long Mayne S. Mayne 5. McAnally J- McCann S. McCoy A. McCulloch J. McDonald L. Mehr N. Merntt During Rush Week, the Chi Omegas performed their Mary Poppins skit. B. Miller J. Moehlman M. Morgan K. Merrill V. Murph C. Nunnally C. Ogden L. Parish J. Pennycuick C. Pickens R. Porter J. Reagan R. Richardson |T F. Rife G. Rousseau C. Sanders N. Sanders C. Sounders K. Scown C. Smith R. Talkington D. Taylor S. Taylor K. Terry S. Terry M. Thomas N. Thomas S. Tigris P. Tottenham A. Trojock C. Walker I. Woreing J. Weaver J. Wells C. White S. Wiech J. Wilkinson K. Willis P. Wood 357 5. Adams C. Alexander C. Anthony L. Atchley E. Boliew J. Bearden M. Bell B. Bendo S. Blackburn lit D. Boone M. Boswell K. Bowen L. Braly The Tri Delts happily greeted the rushees during Rush Week. $ $$ f K. Clewis C. Cobb M. Cobb M. Colbert 5. Connolly C. Connell S. Cooper A. Brooks R. Bryant C. Calhoun K. Casstevens J. Chiles P. Craft S. Dansby S. Davenport D. Dilworth E. Oobbs D. Dore D. Drake C. Dryden B. Edgington A. Ellis B. Enderle C. Estes L. Ferguson P. Ferguson M. Fitzgerald S. Foard J- Fontenot C. Gardner N. Gent V. Gillette M. Gilmora N. Graham B. Graves C. Gray J. Gully P. Hall E. Halpin B. Hamric j. Hart E. Henslee S. Hefberger N. Hewitt L. Hicks M. Hill f. i r mUr--- mmmmm fam-mf- -- M. Hooker K. Hubka E. Hudson C. Hu G. Johns C. Justin L. Kennedy M. Kubecka M. Kuykendall A. lonford B. Lanier N. Lawson 358 S. Lester J. Levering S. Liddle S. Maedel K. Malick M. Marshall B. Martin 1. Mayer M. McFarland M. McKenzie B. McMahon D. Miller M. Miller A. Moize N. Nobles I J. Norman c. Olsen C. Osborn E. Peacock P. Peel P. Plait D. Potter L. Powell K. Pnc B J. Prokop M. Queen M. Ra S. Ray S. Robinson M. Rochs J. Rudder M. Schwendeman K. Shaw E. Shelby S. Sledge M. Sloan J. Smith p. Smith T. Smith S. Sorenson K. SpeoVman N. Stafford A. Stallcup L. Stanton S. Stephens D. Steves L. Stratton P. Stringer S. Swan H. Tinnerman M. Tipton T. Tfiece S. Tubb J. Vanston M. Vilcoq E. White M. Williams Delta Delta Delta Social activities for Delta Delta Delta last year included match parties, a chapter re- treat to Greenshores, a Founders ' Day ban- quet, Dad ' s Day buffet, entry in Sing-Song with Delta Tau Delta fraternity, a spring for- mal, Pansy Breakfast, and Varsity Carnival. Pledges also participated in Derby Day and Dimes Day. Tri Delts were active on campus in Orange Jackets, Spooks, Angel Flight, Cor- dettes, Posse, Orientation Advisers, and Mor- tar Board. Founded nationally in 1888 at Boston Uni- versity, the sorority was established locally in 1912. Officers were Sherri Diane Sledge, president; Nancy Katherine Gent, executive vice-president; Carolyn Frances Estes, activi- ties vice-president; Edith Ann Peacock, pledge trainer; and Beverly Kay Enderle, chaplain. Mrs. H. C. Booth was housemother. 359 C. Anderegg P. Anielin M. Ashworth A. Ayers M. Barnhart P. Beoll R. BeesUy L. Benge C. Bond N. Bounds J. Braun T. Breese M. Brumage D. Burson D. Clendenen H. dine J. Colleroin J. Collins C. Cook C. Cordell C. Craig D. Crowe A. Daniel N. Darphin G. Dawion R. DeBella D. Dunlap E. Ellis N. Ellison H. Elmendorf N. Etheridg K. Fenley ! P. Freedlund F. Fuller De | t8 Gamma and the Texas Cowboys gave a Christmas party for blind children. 360 Delta Gamma Activities for Delta Gamma last year in- cluded Campus Chest Dimes Day, Sigma Chi Derby Day, a breakfast with Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, an annual Christmas party with the Texas Cowboys for the blind, several match parties, a fall casual, and a spring for- mal. Members also supported an orphan in Korea and an underprivileged family with nine children. Several members tutored under- privileged Austin children. Among activities Delta Gammas partici- pated in on campus were Spooks, Orange Jackets, Texas Union committees, Student Assembly, House of Delegates, College of Business Administration Council, Angel Flight, Skunks, Cordettes, and Royal Spirit Commit- tee. Many Delta Gammas were active also in Campus Chest, Dimes Day, Challenge, and Round-Up. Ginger Langholz was named Miss Sigma Chi Derby Day. Officers were Carolyn Jean DuBose, presi- dent; Nancy Jean Ellison, first vice-president- Linda Jeanne Marmion, pledge trainer; Shirley Ann Stubbs, third vice-president; and Patricia Kay Anselin, rush captain. K. Gallagher L. Goodrich M. Gray L. Gregg R. Groner K. Grgner C. Hallmark S. Hamilton K. Harris D. Harrison C. Hays B. Henderson 8. Herin P. Hooper K. House M. Hughes S. Hughes V. Hull lift C. Hulsey C. Hurley K. Hunt P. Huth J. Johanson D. J. Johnson D. S. Johnson J. Lane G. Langholz K. Laurea M. Linder J. Long P. McNutt M. Maddox L. Marmion B. Maxwell J. Meade S. Mercer K. Moran M. Muller D. Mullins K. Mullins ii$o tf A, v tOi M. Myers P. Norton R. Ocker T. O ' Neal C. Owen P. Patterson J. PMIquist S. Pugsley H. Roberts N. Rundquist B. Sounders C. Schen M. Schroeder S. Stovall M. Stripling S. Stubblefield S. Stubbs M. Swan S. Tally S. Taylor J. Thomas K. Thompson R. Thrift M. Tomlinson 1. Transou E. Tuffly A. Vaughan L. Voughan P. Wadley L. Wallace B. Ward P. Warwick D. Weiru C. Whilaker M. White N. White P. White C. Whitmire K. Wilhelm P. Williams S. Williamson T. Wise N. Wray K. Yoder J. Youens S. Zunker 361 Active in philanthropies last year, Del- ta Phi Epsilon ' s major activity was a Christ- mas party at a Home for the Aged. Other activities included collecting for UNICEF, sending Christmas presents to servicemen in Vietnam, and collecting for the cancer drive. Socially, the Delta Phi Epsilon year was high- lighted by the annual formal weekend in the spring. A house party and chapter retreat al- so were held. Other social activities were exchange dinners with fraternities, a gradu- ate tea, a tea for visiting sorority interna- tional officers, and a banquet honoring sen- iors. Delta Phi Epsilon was founded March 17, 1922, at Adelphi University in New York. Officers last year were Suzi Elaine Dav- is, president; Bryna Joyce Bein, vice-presi- dent; Cheryl Ann Lewis, recording secretary; Barbara Spivak, pledge trainer; and Suzan Gail Bell, rush captain. Delta Phi Epsilon -T - H. Barab f C. Baum B. H. Bein B. J. Bein VHHI S. Bell M. Bernstein R. Blatt J. Cohen M. Cohen N. Cowen G. Danburg J. Davidoff S. Davis B. Demoratsky S. Epstein C. Frank D. Frank S. Freed I K. Gladstone C. Click C. Goldberg I I The girls of Delta Phi Epsilon invited their dates to an evening meal at the sorority house. I J. Goldblum D. Gordon N. Gorenstein f 362 S. Gottlieb J. Hiesiger M. Hoppenstein S. Hyman J. Kaplan V. Kaplan B. Kay An informal buffet dinner was enjoyed by the Delta Phi Epsilons and their dates last year C. Pulman M. Ratkin S. Rosenfietd J. Sadovnick C. Samuels S. Nelson J. Nussbaum J. Oshman F. Schwartz L Scott M. Sharney L. Sheridan B. Spivak E. Victor A. Weingarten S. Wolf C. Young 363 Last year, Delta Zeta participated in the Aggie Sign Contest, Sigma Chi Derby Day, a retreat at Greenshores, Big-Little Sister ban- quet, Dad ' s Day buffet, and placed fourth in originality in Dimes Day competition. For their philanthropic projects, members made dona- tions to the University Speech and Hearing Clinic and prepared Red Cross Ditty Bags for distribution to US troops in Vietnam. Delta Zeta social life revolved around match parties, a Christmas semi-formal and pledge presenta- tion, Yule-time House-decorating party, Bring- Your-Own-Date casual, reception for the freshman football team, and the traditional Rose Formal. Delta Zetas were members of Challenge, Round-Up and MUN committees, Orange Jack- ets, Angel Flight, Spooks, and Freshman Council. Scholastic honors included AAarian Pendleton in Phi Beta Kappa and Johanna Franke in Mortar Board. Delta Zeta was founded nationally on Oct. 24, 1902, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and locally on May 17, 1924. Officers for the year were Janis Ann Ratzlow, president; Sandra Kay Coleman, v i c e- president; Dorothea Jean Entzminger, vice- president; Sue Ann Leslie, recording secretary; Kay Elaine Kercheville, corresponding secre- tary; and Martha Kay Blume, treasurer. Delta Zeta P. Abney W. Allison 1 Anthony G. Arnold S. Ashmore f. Aymond I M. Boker V. Baldridge Bancroft M. Becker N Benne B. Benecke R. Blankenbaker E. Blume M. Blume I. Brannon R. Brian K. Carlisle K. Carr L. Carter C. Christner C. Connolly P. Connolly M. Crover F. Crawford A. Crosby J. Curry L. Dugat L. Duncan D. Earle " J. Ellington D. Entzminger D. Fausset L. Feagin T. Fillmore J. Franke S. Fraser A. Fugote J. Ginther C. Glaspie 1. Glover J. Gordon N. Grant M. Greene C. Honsen H. Harmon L. Hoie S. Hoskinson S. Hecztto K. Heiberg J. Holler P. Howard N. Humphrey (C. Javurek M. Johnson L. Johnston 364 C. Moys N. McCousland S. McCauslond M. McClintock D. McEvoy J. Mclver T. Menzies C. Milligan C. Morrow D. Nelson S. Nester B. Neyland D. Olson M. Parker P. Payne B. Perry P. Pickord H. Polk M. Ramsey J. Ratzlow L. Reed J. Reynolds A. Requa N. Robinson J. Rosello J. Rois K. Rowlett L. Salcher S. Sander! J. Savage f- Schweke P. Segar J. Serrill M. Sims L Smith S. Smith S. K. Smith O. Stewart S. Stoerner S. Sutherland L. Swisher J. Sykes J. Townsend N. Volz J. Warren S. Westmoreland S. Wicker H. Wieting A. Williams J. Willis K. Zellars Col. Robert Langford helped Chan Mays and Susan Long pack Christmas bags for the fighting men in Vietnam. 365 Last fall, Gamma Phi Beta pledged a col- ony at Southwest Texas State College in San Marcos, and entertained SWTSC pledges with an afternoon party and rush skit. In Sigma Chi Derby Day, the Gamma Phi ' s placed third. Members participated in Sing-Song, held a Founder ' s Day banquet, held a d a y - long pledge-active retreat, entertained par- ents and dates at a Dad ' s Day brunch, and held their annual Crescent Formal at the Aus- tin Country Club. Philanthropic activities in- cluded the sale of Christmas cards for UNICEF and participation in Campus Chest and Dimes Day. During the Christmas season, Gam- ma Phi ' s sponsored a party for crippled chil- dren, a tree-trimming party, and a Big-Little Sister party. Officers for last year were Karen Ann Rodgers, president; Sheila Elizabeth Gal- lagher, vice-president; Mary Ellen Newberry, pledge trainer; Molly Ailleen Mathis, rush cap- tain,- and Pamela Jean Zapp, treasurer. Other members were active in Spooks, Orange Jack- ets, and the Texas Union. Gamma Phi Beta L. Gather L. Clark C. Clarke M. Coleman A. Copeland R. Crim B. Adams R. Adams R Adkins p - Anderson D. Armstrong A. Baird J. Bell J. Bergen C. Bettge B. Birdwell 0. Boyd A. Brache E. Bnghtwell L. Brooking S. Brooks L. Brown P. Burnett C. Carter L. Culver E. Curbello Curry D. Doiley G. Davies S. Davis S. Denson M. Dethlefsen D. Duderstadt S. Dunlap C. Emmolt D. Foster S. Gallagher J. Gibson L. Gilbert D. Gill S. Glenn L. Grant C. Grigsby S. Guild L. Hahn M. Hancock R. Hancock S. Hansen J. Hanson M. Harper H. Harvey L. Hensley C. Higgins S. Higgins B. Higle C. Hollub S. Holmans A. Horn S. Horton C. Howie J. Howie L. Hutchins M. Jackson J. Jacobson j Johnston J. Jones M. Kates C. Keck M. Keir S. Kiehle S. Kirby J. Knize L. Little C. Lovett L. Lundstrom K. Lyons P. Molmgren M. Mothis C. Matter M. McDonald K. McDowell D. McGoha C. McKee S. McKnight H. Meehan D. Mellon J. Meriwelher S. Moore M. Mulvaney M. Murphy M. Newberry M. Nugent J. Ortloll K. Oshlo jl 366 The Gamma Phi Betas entertained rushees with conversation and colorful skits. E. Wiggins 0. Wilson S. Wylie B. Yont P. Zo 367 Kappa Alpha Theta During the year, Kappa Alpha Theta par- ticipated in Derby Day, Dimes Day, and Sing- Song. Social activities included a luncheon on Dad ' s Day, match parties and picnics with fraternities, a luncheon for brothers, sons, and pinees of members, and a scholarship ban- quet with Dr. Margaret Berry as guest speak- er. At Christmas, Thetas held a tree-trimming Christmas buffet and a Big-Little Sister Christ- mas party. Spring brought the kite flight for new initiates and a formal dance. Campus activities included membership in the Representative Party, the Texas Union, Panhellenic Council, and YWCA Cabinet. Of- ficers were Julie Wilson, president; Ann Eliza- beth Harvey, first vice-president; Deanne Full- bright, second vice-president; Paige Eastland, treasurer; Judith Ann Tisdale, rush chairman; and Kate Terry Flack, social chairman. I A. Adams M. Adams J. .Alllard M. Andrews L. Arendall H. Armstrong C. Baker L. Baldwin L. Ball s. Barry C. 8eafy E. Belle C. Bell C. Black K. Bland C. Bowden B. Brooks N. Burch P. Burnett C. Butler B. Carpenter C. J. Carpenter C. Carpenter C. Carter C. Christensen M. B. Coe M. E. Coe O. Crain D. Dayton M. Denman N. Denton A. Dickinson p. Doherty S. Donognue [), Duncan P. Eastland C. Font K. Flack H. Fleeter R. Ford J. Francis D. Fulbright G. Gardner P. Garver A. Gorwood V. Gasche J. George (. Gibson C. Gilliam P. Glorig . C. Guinn 0. Guinn K. Holl C. Hamilton K. Hankinson L. Hansen N. Hemngton K. Harrison S. Hornson A. Harvey K. Harvey E. Hatchet? T. Halhawa H Hawley C. Henderscr S. Henry C. Hoverstock S. Hoverstock S. A. Hoverstock C. Jeflers G. Johnson J. Johnson J. Jones M. Koine 0. Kensel A. Ken A. Killom M. Klep G. lorsh C. Late B. Leggett s - Lenl L Lewis s - Lewis M - Lulz Maer S. Mann M. Mas! J. Mathis V. Matthews D. McCain K. McDonald M. McGehee M. McMurtry C. Meyer J. Michael S. Millard S. Morehouse S. L Morehouse M. Morgan B. Moroney E. Nolle J. Norwood L. Overton H. Owens Kappa Alpha Thetas participated in the annual Sing-Song with Beta Theta Pi fraternity. L. Paddock J. Page B. Parker L. Peterson J. Powell H. Reser N. Richardson K. Ross K. Salyer N. Satterfield S. Sounder! A. Scott G. Seewald I S. Sexbold M. Shepherd J. Simpson S. Simpson S. Spence E. Stell K. Stetter L. Stewart M. Suich F. Swonn S. Swindle E. Talley A. Thomai M. Thornton J. Tisdale S. Verbryke J. Vineyard N. Walker J. Wough C. Wells J. Wells J: Willoughby J. Wilson J. Windham V. Wommack C. Youngblood 369 Kappa Kappa Gamma R. Benfsen M. Bigger G. Bohlmann K. Boone D. Boring N. Brown V. Brown M. Brownfield M. Buck S. Butter C. Carter S. Clarke . Clopton : . The Kappa Kappa Gammas attended intramural games to support their participating members. I " G. Cochran V. Cochran p. Cohenour E. Cook S. Cope J. ' Cowan C. Croon ' K. Crockett N. Darby J. DeBona M. Dranjfield S. Edgar S. Ellsworth M. Etzel P. Evani L. Filch I. Fooihee E. Goisett H. Harm A. Hardie E. Hardie J. Hargit J. Hargit C. Hennessey M. Herren K. Hoover H. Holey V. Hubbard M. Jennings S. Jennings M. Jonei F. Kerr G. Kerr I 370 wmm mmm mmau . ' :: C. Kolb K. Kolb K. Kriegel E. Lone M. Longslon P. Lawrence J. Leecroft M. Lewis S. Longoria J. Mackenzie N. Martin V. Marye L. McCullough M. McKinley G. McLeod M. McMillian L. McNutt N. Moore M. Muckley T. Myers L. Newman E. Nickell W. Owen C. Patterson C. Peterson M. Pipe! S. Proctor F. Pruitt M. Ray R. Read M. Reeves L. Reynaud R. Riner W. Robertson B. Robinson E. Rogers M. Russell P. Saegert P. Savage N. Schwer A. Sewell J. Sha Major functions of Kappa Kappa Gamma last year included a Halloween party for or- phan children given with the Texas Cowboys, a Dad ' s Day Mexican dinner before the Bay- lor football game, participation in Sing-Song and Dimes Day, a Big-Little Sister retreat to Camp Longhorn, the annual Monmouth Duo formal with Pi Beta Phi, and intramurals. Participating actively on campus, Kappa Kappa Gammas held many individual honors. Among these were Paula Savage, Sweetheart of the University and Engineering Sweetheart. Sherri Spradley was Silver Spur Sweetheart. Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded na- tionally at Monmouth College in 1870. The Texas chapter was established locally in 1902. Chapter officers were Bertie Townsend Wil- lerson, president; Lynne Adair Beavers, first vice-president; Gennie Mackenzie, second vice- president; Nancy Lee Brown, pledge trainer; and Jane Biedenharn Hargis, recording secre- tary. Mrs. Lucy Worthley and Mrs. Dorothea Smith served as housemothers. J. Snelton M. Shepherd R. Shytles J. Skelton C. Smith M. Spikes S. Spradley A. Steakley S. Steen M. Swenson J. C. Taylor J. D. Tayloi S. Thomas P. Thompson S. Thompson J. Traege S. Urquhart P. Watson Willerson L. Wisenbaker W. Withers J. Wynck I C. Avery A. Baker B. Baker O. Baker E. Baldwin B. Barton M. Beatty p. Beckstrand B. Bergfield J. Bergjtrom O. Braden L. Braselton C. Brown J. Burroughs K. Cam? N. Collie S. Co rneliui B. Cotton C. Cotton A. Craft M. Cruse P. Culler C. Cullum C. Curbo D. Daniel D. Decnerd K. DeLozier N. Ditto S. Dunbar N. Fowler P. Fullilove S. Gardner J. Geiselman S. Giles M. Glouser L. Goldsbury Pi Phi ' i and Pi Kappa Alphas won honorable mention in Sing-Song as a result of many hours of practice. E. Goodwin $. Goodwin G. Graham M. Graham E. Gran) P. Grant S. Grenier A. Guillot M. Gunn M. Harding I. Hateriul 372 ' C. Howell M. Jackson L. Jacobs Henry A. Hill M. Holmes B. Horsley S. Jarrett J. Johnson I . Jones C. Keeney L. Kucera K. Kuper L Loftis N. Loftis M. Marsh J. Matthews N. Mattiza P. Mayfield Pi Beta Phi Participating actively on campus, Pi Beta Phi entered Sing-Song with Pi Kappa Alpha in the mixed division, participated in Sigma Chi Derby Day, and was active in sign-making contests, Dimes Day, intramurals, and Varsity Carnival. The major social function was Mon- mouth Duo with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorori- ty. An Easter egg hunt for Austin orphans was the Pi Phi ' s major philanthropic project. Pi Phi ' s were active on campus in Spooks, Orange Jackets, Panhellenic Council, Cordettes, Mortar Board, and fraternity little sister groups. Officers were Roberta Hampton Rich- ards, president; Frances Little McMath, vice- president; Susan Elizabeth Brown, recording secretary; Joan Bergstrom, corresponding sec- retary; Janet Carroll Burroughs, treasurer. Mrs. Martha G. Dean was housemother. K. McGown C. McMahon F. McMath A. McMillan M. Merriman B. Mitchell M. Mitchell S. Murray N. Naber S. Norman J. Novotny S. Park R. Porker A. Perry P. Montgomery M. Moorman M. Mortimer B. Mosei N. Perry A. Pittman M. Powell M. Powers B. Prendergast L. Reed K. Rice R. Richardi J. Ridley S. Riggs A. Rumsey P. Sanders C. Scani H. Schoellkopf T. Sentell E. Settle M. Shepperd S. Shepperd S. Shirley C. Shiverc J. Siebel R. Skelley T. Smith K. Snyder S. Sparks M. Taylor C. Terrill S. Thompson N. Timberlake J. Tucker A. Waldron S. Walker J. Wareing J. Weger P. Westbrook D. White J. Whyman M. Willbern C. Wilson 373 Sigma Delta lau The annual winter formal weekend high- lighted Sigma Delta Tau ' s social calendar last year. After the Friday party at the BRW Barn, a formal was held Saturday at the Driskill Ho- tel. Sunday, a brunch for parents and guests was held. Money-raising activities included collecting money for Rio Grande Valley hur- ricane victims and trick-or-treating by the pledges for UNICEF. The pledge class placed second in Dimes Day competition for Cam- pus Chest. Members of Sigma Delta Tau were active in Round-Up, Education Council, Student As- sembly, Spooks, Cordettes, House of Dele- gates, Royal Spirit Committee, and Orange Jackets. The officer s for the year were Libby Harriet Holland, president; Terri Charlyse Hor- witz, first vice-president; Meryl Phyliss Slipa- koff, second vice-president; Ronni Joy Weks- ler, corresponding secretary, and Judith Ann Druker, treasurer. Founded at Cornell Univer- sity in Ithaca, N. Y., in 1917, Sigma Delta Tau chartered its Tau chapter at the Univer- sity in March, 1938. The Sigma Delta Tau pledge class placed R. Croft D. Davis L. Davis B. Dicker G. .Donsky J. Druker M. Emerman D. Englander E. Fain G. Friedberger T. Gellman B. Gewertz M. Click I S.| E. Goldberg A. Goldstein S. Goldstein R. Golf J. Heller M. Henry B. Hess H. Hockman L. Holland T. Horwitz J. Jacobs P. Jacobs E. Jacques L. Kallman S. Kamen C. Kantor C. Kasper D. Katsman K. Katz P. Klein M. lachman D. Lochterman M. Lake E. Landau B. teaman S. Lipnick M. Lipson E. Liss J. Mazur E. Mehl S. Meisel T. Miller T. Muntz D. Passman 374 J. Pinsker D. Reisleld J. Ribnick C. Rosenblatt M. Rothschild M. Rubin P. Rubin M. Sarasohn A. Satlof M. Schlader Schwartz 1. Schwartz L. Sheridan C. Shinbaum M. Shoss S. Snforman R. Siegel L. Silverman L. Singer M. Slipakoff N. Sonkin C. Stetzer D. Str er S. Tapper L linger p. Ufay S. Venef S. Volgelfang R. Wagner S. Wall R. Weksler 375 Zeta lau Alpha sby C. Carson B. Coshion K. Coughlin S. Bay I in C. Beasley D. Beavers C. Black M. Blackwell N. Blanton D. Boger J. Britt K. Crawford K. Davis D. Dirks L. Doing C. Douglas M. Draeger L. Fournace B. Gontt C. Gantt J. Gates C. Gotten T. Oeaccon F. George L. Groeser G. Graves Before going home for the holidays, the Zetas exchanged Christmas gifts among themselves. f : i A. Greenwood A. Gwin S. Hansen T. Hansen M. Harmon S. Hartman J. Hasskarl J. Haworth V. Haynes J. Henderson M. Herring J. Holland K. Holmes R. Holmes M. Holt B. Horlon S. Hunt S. Jackson J. Johnson M. Johnson M. Keeno M. Keller K. Knotts M. Koch V. Kramer C. Lanham L. Lehmberg J. Leonard R. Lindsey M. Longacre D. Lowman P. Lyons L. Mantooth J. Martel L. Martin N. May K. McCarty M. McCurly C. McWhorter N. Nilson S. North N. Notley S. O ' Hoir S. Palmer V. Pipkin J. Ploegei K. Mercer p. ' Merrill C. Meyer H. Meyer D. Miller M. Mooney I. Moore C. Morrill A. Moss P. Murphy J. Musselman K. Nebeker D. Nelson Participating actively on campus, Zeta Tau Alpha entered Sing-Song, Sigma Chi Der- by Day, and won first place in Dimes Day competition. Activities in the fall included a retreat, Dad ' s Day brunch, Founder ' s Day pro- gram, and a Thanksgiving service project for the Austin State School with Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Honors for the Zetas included Corless Beasley ' s selection as Dads ' Association Most Outstanding Woman Student, members in Mortar Board, and sweethearts in Pi Kappa Alpha and Kappa Alpha fraternities. Zetas al- so participated as varsity and freshman cheer- leaders and as Spook, Posse, Orange Jacket, Angel Flight, and Cordette members. Officers for the year were Eleanor Cor- less Beasley, president; Charlynn Anderson, vice-president; Brownie Sue Cashion, record- ing secretary; Kathryn Lee Coughlin, corres- ponding secretary; and Beverly Murdaugh Smith, treasurer. Founded at Longwood Col- lege in 1 898, the Kappa chapter was estab- lished at Texas in 1906. O. Potter D. Quillen J. Redfearn J. Rives S. Scott S. Shelton J. Skelton C. ' Smith J. Smither K. Stover N. Stover C. Strauss J. Sumner C. Taylor P. Terwelp M. Thames L. Tillery M. Tompkins J. Traughber M. Tucker L. Varisco J. Vonderau S. Ward .I E. Warren L. Weller M. Westmoreland J. Withers M. Wittman F. Wright S. Yantis 377 Acacia W. Austin D. Aymond S. Blair P. Brandimarfe S. Bruce H. Bussa W. Bussa J. Cary In 1967, the 51 -year-old Texas chapter of Acacia placed seventh out of 33 fraterni- ties in scholastic standings, fifth in intramu- rals, and emphasized variety in its social events: a German beer garden party, a luau at West Lake Beach, a hippie party, and barn parties achieved this variety last year. In the fall, Acacia gave underprivileged children a Christmas party which included an appear- ance by Santa Claus and his gifts. In spirit competition, Acacia ' s Aggie sign took best all- around honors before the Thanksgiving A AA game. In the spring, M aureen Howe was crowned Acacia Sweetheart at the spring for- mal held at Green Acres. Alpha Chi Omega sorority, the chapter, and Acacia ' s little sis- ter group took retarded children Easter egg hunting at Pease Park. In fraternity division intramurals, Acacia placed runner-up in " B " Softball and " B " vol- leyball competition. In all-University swim- ming competition, the fraternity captured sec- ond place. Acacia also received the Cowboy ' s sportsmanship trophy. Founded nationally in 1904, Acacia char- tered the Texas chapter April 16, 1916. Of- ficers of the chapter were Steven Ray Clark, president; Kriss Cloninger, pledge trainer; Malcolm Ellsworth Vaughan, treasurer; Carl Louis demons, rush chairman; and A. Neale Rabensburg, house manager. R. Clarke T. Clegg C. Clemens K. Cloninger B. Cobb R. Collie J. Condry S. Cornelius R. Cunningham E. Curry L. Daniel W. Demand J. Erickson M. Fairleigh W. Fleming J. Fletcher ACACIA ORDER OF DELPHI: FRONT ROW: Mary Mast, Ann Moss, Diana Davis, Maureen Howe, Christine Walker, Mary Chastain. SECOND ROW: Mary Tompkins, Karen Morris, Martha Taylor, Alice DeArmon, Nancy Wray, Julie Reynolds, Brook Johnson. THIRD ROW: Terri Rousser, Susan Steinhauser, Patricia Stansbury, Suzanne Nicholl, Annie Johnson, Deborah Spiva, Jan Reimann, Loretta Byers, Karen Scruggs, Kathryn Cain, Mellie Williams, Linda Glodt, Kathleen Moran. R. Gump W. Hall J - Hemphill A. Holcomb 378 11 intramu- i( s social ty, a l i and barn . In the children g fl appear. I " spirit best il ving AJM tewe was spring for- liiOmf little sis- aster egg ili, Acacia JTvol. ity swim- teed sec- Cowboy ' s :xia char- 1916. Of- lay Clark, i trainer; irer; Carl A. Neale Acacia members and their dates worked on a giant-size Bevo in preparation for the annual Aggie Sign Contest. I 47 M to Mm3i k m mm mm + m mmi mi m j W LaFuze K. Landin K. Landrum R. Larrey J. Lowther B. Ludeman D. Maggard W. McGinnis S. MeGrow M. Mikeska D. Mims J. Morgan P. Newman p c ' + I ! ' i - , : ft ft L 1 .ft T. Newman C. Norton C Ookley M. O ' Keefe S. Olborne A. Robensburg T. Rain J. Reese J. Rhea R. Rhodes J. Richey R. Roberts S. Robinson J. Seng J. Shannon T. Shelton W. Slaughter C. Smith Z. Smith M. Tarbox R. Thames i G. Thurman J. Timi J. Turner M. Vaughon R. Walker M. Warrick C. Watso L. Weber R. Weir J. Williams R. Williams P Woods J. Wooley C. Young 379 Alpha Epsilon Pi Following policy set in previous years, Alpha Epsilon Pi demonstrated activity in most areas of campus life throughout the year. While the fraternity was second in grade-point average for the 33 campus so- cial fraternities and had a large number of Phi Eta Sigma initiates, AEPi ' s did not neg- lect their social life as winter and spring rush weekends and a spring formal com- plemented regular biweekly casuals. Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded national- ly at New York University in 1913, and Gamma Deuteron chapter was established on the University campus in 1939. Chapter officers last year were Arnold Pollon, presi- dent; Ben Allan Levy and David J. Aronof- sky, rush captains; David Michael Cotlar, sec- retary; and Bernus William Fischman, trea- surer. Chapter housemother was Mrs. Gladys Pollock. Members were active in the Inter- fraternity Council, with Ken Baron serving as chairman of the Texas Rush and Research Committee for the group. D. Aronofsky M. Becker M. Bloom E. Bodner S. Bodzin B. Cohen L. Cohen D. Cotlar S. Collar D. Darryl R. Davidson R. Fine I. Fisch S. Fisch C. Franklin R. Freedman M. Gardner K. Gindy Wm JHHft Al J. Glade R. Goldman W. Goldman C. Golenternek D. Hobbs D. Hoffman R. Howard G. Hesdorffer D. Jones AA. Klein Members of Alpha Epsilon Pi and Sigma Delta Tau sorority gathered at the fraternity house several days before a fall football game in order to paint and construct a Longhorn spirit sign. 380 u S. Pomarantz L. Rose J. Rosenfield M. Rosenfield M. Schwartz M. Seibel M. Seriff J. Shapiro J. Sharkey L. Shrago " Silverstein W. Simon H. Smith S. Smith S. Smolins db B. Weiner R. Wiesenthal The traditional Viking party was held in the latter part of the fall semester. Mourning the death of their iguana, the membership of Alpha Epsilon Pi held funeral services which were attended by many representatives of the press. 381 Alpha Kappa Lambda The youngest fraternity on the Uni- versity campus, Alpha Kappa Lambda cele- brated its first birthday February 18. The fraternity was founded nationally at the Uni- versity of California in 1914. Alpha Kappa Lambda ' s activities included a Christmas party and an Easter egg hunt, both for un- derprivileged children. A winter Playboy party and the annual spring Yellow Rose Ball were included in the year ' s social calendar. Robert Louis Westheimer served as president, with Joe Benson Wolverton, vice-president; Sam Jeffrey Cardwell, secre- tary; and Garvin Dunn Chastain, treasurer. ffi Q. fff A. Barton S. Cardwell B. Carroll G. Chastain J. Cratin J. Graves T. Hanak G. Hill S. Law J. Lee 382 LEFT: Members of Alpha Kappa Lambda, the young- est fraternity on campus, gathered last fall in a variety of costumes depicting different aspects in our cultural history. BELOW: At the same costume party, a mystical seance was conducted between three inspired brothers. J. Lewis D. Mees J. Peck F. Penney T. Peters D. Pitts S. Rase S. Spaeth C. Stone A. Stubbs R. West R. Westheimer J. Wolverton The new sweetheart of Alpha Kappa Lambda received her bouquet of roses at the Christmas party. 383 Alpha Tau Omega The largest single contributor to the Campus Chest auction fund again last year, Alpha Tau Omega also participated in Sing- Song, Varsity Carnival, Round-Up activities, and all intramural sports. Their social calen- dar was highlighted by the Black and White Christmas Formal, a spring formal, the Streets of Paris Round-Up party, and soror- ity match parties. Members were active on campus in the Texas Cowboys, Silver Spurs, and Posse. Founded at Richmond, Va., in 1865, Al- pha Tau Omega established the Gamma Eta chapter on the University campus on Oct. 26, 1897. Officers last year were Edgar Ashley Smith, worthy master; Adrian Aver- il Davis Jr., worthy chaplain; Gavin Harris Smith, treasurer; Milton W. Phair Jr., wor- thy keeper of the annals; and William By- ron Minyard, worthy scribe. Mrs. Jessie Stiles was housemother. G. Abbott J. Allen S. Archibald K. Bartosh H. Bauer J. Bond S. Bowen R. Bowie C. Bray J. Brock 5 ' 1P b , ft J. Carter D. Chamberlain L. Chapman J. Chote M. Chrisco P. Chrisco L. Christopher R. Converse H. Cornwell H. Crockett A. Davis T. Davis S. Dildine J. Dorsey 4Y jrj G. Duggan J. duPerier J. Durst R. Edens J. Embry J. Etchison S. Fieldcamp H. Fisk M. Gaus W. Hearn LiniE SISTERS OF THE MALTESE CROSS: FRONT ROW: Florence Wells, Sally Riggs, Judy Peoeger, Sherrie Sanford, Diann Osborn, Christi Schramm, Carla Hull, Jeanne Rector. SECOND ROW: Priscilla Sawtelle, Ellen Noble, Peggy Brzeszkiewicz, Robin Bonner, Anne Parker, Judith Norwood, Patricia Wilson, Cynthia Bandy, Bonnie Lewis. RIGHT: Members battled Pi Kappa Alpha in fraternity intramural basketball. II. 384 D. Hill R. Holder C. Hook D. Houser R. Houser R. Hull G. Jones R. Krueger R. Lindemann J. Lybrand ftOrin H. Marshall W. Mason W. McGrath R. McMurrey W. Minyard R. Morgan D. Morris E. Nettles J. Painton C. Parker S. Peery M. Phair D. Price R. Rucher R. Russell C. Selke E. Smith G. Smith J. Smith M. Stamey J. Stanton R. Turner D. Warren R. Wellborn W. West C. Wilson R. Wilson J. Winfrey J. Wise T. Young 385 Beta Theta Pi R. Acheson W. Allen D. Ames 1 - mJ . L. Baldwin T. Ball E. Ballases H. Barker J. Bealle C. Borgeson A. Bracht P. Brice J. Brown L. Buell P. Campbell M. Churchill M. Churchill C. Claiborne S. Clay D. Clements Beta Theta Pi held its Christmas semi-formal as one of its many social events of the year. D. Cook J. Cunningham M. Dunson immmmmmmi m mm immf mmBmmmmmm L - y e J - Eli R- Ellis D. English E. Ezell J. Fladger M. Ford D. Garcia D. Garrett J. Geddie C Grob R. Hamilton W. Hardwick D. Harris H. Head T. Hoekstra C. Holshouser W. Hueppelsheuser S. Hull S. Jackson S. Jame J. larsen M. Larsen J. Leigh R. Littleton W. Locke J. Mallard D. Markland W. Marshall J. McEniry 386 ft u 14 . :.-: ' fl 1. ' .fat 1 DAUGHTERS OF THE DIAMOND: FRONT ROW: Virginia Humphrey, Elizabeth Clopton, Mary Lou Ray, Alinda Hill, Sharon Hardin, Lee Henley. SECOND ROW: Joan Wells, Ruth Ford, Suzanne Dunne, Anne Morris, Wayne Hueppel- sheuser, adviser, Natalie Walker, Barbara Hollowell, Kathy Shaw, Mallory Taylor. NOT PICTURED: Donna Bell, Carolyn Connell. J. Nelson J. Pardue H. Pike C. Raup J. Raup H. Robinson f 5 C. Senter J. Smith T. Stark A. Stautberg W. Sullivan W. Swan . G M. Teverbaugh J. Tidwell C. Van Zandt M. Waldron R. Washburn G. Watford S. Robinson M. Rose M. Schuck S. Seaman Active in both campus and community service projects, Beta Theta Pi gave a party for the children of the Austin State School, participated in Dimes Day and Varsity Carni- val, and entered Sing-Song with Kappa Al- pha Theta sorority. In sports, Beta members played varsity football, baseball, track, golf, and tennis. Winning league titles in foot- ball and basketball, Beta placed second in all-year point standings. Several members were placed in all-intramural teams, and Carl Senter was selected as the best all- around athlete of the year. Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami Uni- versity in Oxford, Ohio, on August 8, 1839. The local chapter, Beta Omicron, was estab- lished in 1886. Officers last year were Charles C. Murray, president; David E. Clem- ents, vice-president; Charles A. Holshouser, secretary; Michael M. Shuck, rush captain; and Eddie Don Roberts, pledge trainer. F. Weisser P. Wheelis J. Wilbanks M. Womble T. York R. Yung 387 Chi Phi ; E. Addy F. Ames R. Antrobus AA. Ardoin J. Ball E. Barkle J. Blair R. Brandt W. Brewer G. Burnett Social activities for Chi Phi last year included a bus trip to Mexico, the annual Dad ' s Day reunion, Christmas and spring alumni formals, OU and Round-Up Weekend parties, and sorority match parties. The so- cial calendar also included an eggnog party with their little sister organization, a pledge- active football game, and annual ranch re- treat. On campus, Chi Phi ' s participated in Campus Chest, Freshman Council, Varsity Carnival, and Dimes Day. In intramurals, members ranked high in bowling, softball, and basketball. The oldest social fraternity in the na- tion, Chi Phi was founded at Princeton in 1824. The University ' s Nu chapter was chartered on Mar. 19, 1892. The fraternity was led by John Richard Willifor, president; Thomas Hall Thompson, vice-president; John G. Payne, recording secretary; Charles A. Clark, corresponding secretary; and David Hammond King, treasurer. Shelia Gallagher was chapter sweetheart. M. Cagney W. Church C. Cobb R. Cordes J. Cox S. Croan G. Cubbison R. Daniel R. Edwards J. Friedrichs C. Frink D. Gallian S. Green W. Hancock T. Hauber D. Heers J. Henry W. Hicks W. Jenkins SWEETHEARTS OF CHAKETT: FRONT ROW: Sue Pollard, Donna Dudley, Nancy Thomas. SECOND ROW: Kay Wolters, Judy Garrett, Denise Wai- lace. THIRD ROW: Margo Lee, Nancy Jostes, Dianne Ames. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Oates, Susan Shannon, Kay Douglas. FIFTH ROW Susan Russell, Margaret Shearer. SIXTH ROW. Shcrri Rust, Shelia Gallagher. 388 s: year to annual fatal s. Die so- Jiog party Weekend house parties brightened a quickly-passing spring semester. n me IB. iraton in ipter was fraternity president; JBitjJohn Varies A. ind David Gallagher S. McReynolds T. Mercer P. Meyer W. Miegel L. Miska K. Mooney M. O ' Dowd J. B. Payne J. G. Payne M. Price ft. A D. Purcell F. Rees M. Schmidt R. Schultz R. Schweitzer J. Shannon J. Stevens D. Stockton R. Sutherland W. Tandy ::: : : W. Tenney T. Thompson I. Thome J. Tiner S. Trudeau T. Tumlinson F. Twomey W. Wallace W. Walts J. Williams J. Williford A. Willingham J. Wright T. Wysocki 389 Delta Chi Chartered on the University campus in 1907, Delta Chi started off the school year by winning second place in the fraternity di- vision of Sing-Song. Ten new members were initiated into its little sister organization known as Chi Delphia, the Little Sisters of the White Carnation. In campus and community service proj- ects, Delta Chi gave food to victims of Hur- ricane Beulah and needy families at Thanks- giving. Baskets of food and toys were dis- tributed by Delta Chi and Chi Delphia dur- ing the Christmas holidays. Other activities were Model United Nations, Challenge, Var- sity Carnival, and Campus Chest. In intra- murals, Delta Chi captured the Most Improved and the Best Participation Awards. The chap- ter placed first in its bowling division and was represented in football, basketball, base- ball, tennis, swimming, golf, . handball, vol- leyball, and ping-pong. Social activities included Alumni Home- coming and Founder ' s Day, Dad ' s Day with Delta Chi, a Christmas, Round-Up, and spring formal and numerous weekend match parties. Leading the fraternity were Walter Fred Pate, president; Warren Douglas Hancock, vice-presi- dent; Karl Bonawit Putnam, recording secre- tary; John Rohrer, corresponding secretary; and Charles Monroe Wilson, pledge trainer. Mrs. Roxie Moore was housemother. t info- R. Anderson E. Bale C. Bishop W. Hancock R. Jimenez E. Kato W. Pate C. Pearre S. Prescott R. Blakley B. Cammack J. Dennis J. Denniston J. DuBose R. Lewis J. Lorkowski II R. Lucky R. Neill A. Morris R. Rowan K. Russell K. Schutze S. Sherard I FAR LEFT: Strolling troubadors entertained as Delta Chi ' s relaxed after a football game. BELOW: CHI DELPHIA: FRONT ROW: Kay Taylor, Linda Stalling , Lauren Schulze, Mary Covode, Catherine Casstevens. SECOND ROW: Mary Paulette, Barbara Jaeggli, Marjorie Tay- lor, Dee Atkinson. NOT PICTURED: Linda John- son. M. Smith C. Tears C. Wilson W. Woodward Delta Kappa Epsilon J. Allison G. Ashford D. Beard M. Bone Last year, Delta Kappa Epsilon partici- pated in the University ' s intramural pro- gram, Dimes Day charity event, Aggie Sign Contest, campus organizations, and Interfra- ternity Council activities which regulated the Greek fraternity system as a whole. Several theme parties were held throughout the year, plus sorority match parties, serenades, a Christmas cocktail party, Round-Up parties, and a spring formal. Founded at Yale University in 1844, the Omega Chi chapter at The University of Tex- as was established on Mar. 2, 1913, and was led last year by secret officers. D. Boyle E. Burke J. Conly T. Connor D. Cook R. Christian D. Dillard R. Dillard : : -. T. Hendrix W. Hunter G. Jolink R. Kelly R. Kirksey D. Lane J. Mitchell W. Moore S. Murphy J. Myers C. Polin T. Radack B. Roane G. Sargent J. Seale L Sharpless M. Smith W. Stanley B. Thornton R. Veselka R. Waldrum A. Walton R. Wise Members did everything at their casuals in order to " float the kegs. ' Dekes took time off from studies on weekends to socialize with alumni and dates at one of their frequent Saturday afternoon gatherings. 393 Delta lau Delta In campus and community projects, Delta Tau Delta housed a foreign exchange student from Brazil, gave a Christmas party for underprivileged children with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and held the annual Easter egg hunt at Palm School. Delts also placed third with Delta Delta Delta sorority in mixed division of Sing-Song and took part in Campus Chest, Aggie Sign Contest, Round-Up Parade, and the Western Sign Contest. In intramurals, Delts won the intramu- ral trophy by amassing the highest point total in University intramural history. Mem- bers were active on campus in Silver Spurs, Student Assembly, Texas Cowboys, Friars, and Freshman Orientation. Officers of the Delt chapter included Dale Dennis Gillette, president; Edwin Reese Sharp, vice- president; Damon Philip Smith, recording secretary; Robert Alan Chereck, correspond- ing secretary; and William Reagan Birdwell. who served as treasurer. A. Alsup J. Baird C. Baldwin L. Barbies D. Beck W. Bird AA. Boddy S. Boss W. Burnett R. Burson H. Canada M. Casey J. Chapman R. Christy B. Cline T. Cunningham T. Curtis J. Dumas nnH P. Edmundson R. Faikney J. Ford E. Gideon D. Gillette J. Gourley K. Guest J. Guleke R. Hammett J. Harris F. Honeycutt B. Hosford S. Humphrey G. Ingram J. James K. Karr R. Kelley R. Latham W. Law S. Lee R. Lipscomb J. Madeley T. McGregor R. Meehan S. Miller F. Moore S. Morris R. Mueller F. Muchison L. Nelson G. O ' Brien 394 Delts enjoyed their annual Toga party. E. Page M. Parker R. Phaneuf G. Pinard V. Price J. Raney W. Reed D. Sansom E. Sharpe S. Smith J. Sneed R. Spence C. Spencer M. Stargel P. Taaffe T. Tingley R. Townsend J. lull D. Turnbough S. Wimberly Singing with Delta Delta Delta sorority, Delta Tau Delta placed third in Sing-Song mixed division. 395 Delta Upsilon Active in campus and community serv- ice projects, Delta Upsilon ' s activities ranged from second place honors in the mixed di- vision o f Sing-Song to radio station KNOW ' s chicken eating contest in which member Edgar Livingston Smith II captured the first place trophy. In community serv- ice, the chapter sponsored its annual Christ- mas party at the Austin Community Nursery School for underprivileged children. In addition to the traditional Prohibi- tion party, the fraternity ' s social calendar in- cluded a spring formal and casual and sorori- ty match parties. The fraternity, found- ed nationally in 1834 and locally in 1949, was the only non-secret fraternity on cam- pus. Officers were Herbert Julius Goerner, president; Clarence William Coffey, vice- president; David Lee Bracken, secretary; Charles Sidney Turet Jr., treasurer; and Ralph I. Miller, chapter relations chairman. Mrs. L. K. Hightower served as housemoth- er through the fall until the return of Mrs. Ethel Belton in January. J. Abney 0. Bennett J. Bobbitt i im m D. Bracken D. Braeuer A. Brender W. Brewer S. Burkeft R. Bushy B. Cannaday At the Delta Upsilon Swamp party, one damsel prepared to be sacrificed LITTLE SISTERS OF THE SEVEN STARS: FRONT ROW: Susan Wilberg, Leslie Johnson, Alicia Lowe, Lula Love. SECOND ROW: Diana Sledge, Saundra Goodson, Barbara Bledsoe, Susan Norfhrup. THIRD ROW: Eugene Dewhurst, Patricia Thompson, Patti Davis, Mrs. Judson D. Belton, Anne-Marie Verstegen, Rita S. Crandell G. Curran E. Dewhursf K. Dobbs W. Dougherty T. Dunn J. Elder M. Ellis C. Godfrey H. Goerner S. Haas C. Hargis D. Heath P. Humphries W. Johnson D. Knox T. Kuhlmann D. Lee K. Locklin A. Loper K. Lothman G. Luttrell M. Mainer R. Mayfield J. McAlister N. McCabe H. Mclntosh C. McKinney M. McNeff J. Penny R. Penny D. Pittman L. Rives J. Roberts D. Ruckman R. Schley V. Secrest E. Smith B. Taylor H. Templin C. Turet R. Vaughan C. Watkins D. Watson J. Word J. Yaryan J. Adams P. Amos J. Anderson M. Athon J. Atkinson T. Axelrad L. Bagwell D. Batson R. Blockman ' (rooks J. Burgess T. Cartwright J. Casstevens T. Campion J. Chatelain D Childress S. Childress M. Claypool R. Clements W. Cochran M. Coppedge T. Crow J. Darden D. Darnell T. Dill J. Dinn R. Duke M. East R. Fain K. Fenelon R. Finley W. Francis W. Freeborn G. Graves J. Grubbs H. Harkins J. Hawkins C. Hows D. Henry j. Hightower G. Hill M. Hodges R. Hood 0. Hooper R. Houdyshel! R. Huliey R. Jonas D. Jones R. Kelly D. Kiker C. King R. Koerth J. Koschah e n c R. Londy H. Lingle R. Litton W. Lycdcmonn 0. McCoy E, McDonald S. McKinnon D. McMohon 398 Kappa Alpha Active in both campus activities and community service, Kappa Alpha sponsored the Miss Campus Chest Contest, raising approxi- mately $ 1,000 for charity in connection with the University-sponsored Dimes Day. Other projects included a party for children at Trav- is State School and a Christmas party for under- privileged children from a local day school. Both parties were given in conjunction with Delta Delta Delta sorority. On campus, Kappa Alpha entered Sing-Song competition with Chi Omega sorority and participated in Texas Cow- boys, Silver Spurs, Posse, varsity athletics, and Texas Union committees. An Old South Week, including the traditional ball, was held in the spring. Kappa Alpha Order was organized at Washington and Lee College in 1865, un- der the guidance of Robert E. Lee. The local chapter, chartered on Oct. 5, 1883, followed the leadership last year of Daniel D. Mc- Mahon, I; Christopher Alan Haynes, II; Rich- ard T. McMillan, III; Raymond Alex Landy, IV; and Eugene Chester McDanald and Wil- liam Raleigh Francis, rush captains. r y . SOUTHERN BELLES: FRONT ROW: Susan Robison, Susan Cunningham, Nancy Motley, Sally Shaw, Cynthia Kolb. SECOND ROW: Karen Malick, Cecilia Burke, Susan Cope, Laura Lee Lehmberg, Kathleen Davis, Mary Beeler, Cynthia Late, Susan Davis. THIRD ROW: Sarah Hartman, Barbara Johnson, Mrs. Dorothy Elizabeth Combs, Steve McKinnan, Carol Parley, Nancy LaBarba. FOURTH ROW: Pamela Pendell, Nancy loftis, Roberta Richards, Karen Hamilton, Brenda Cook, Suzanne Stringer, Kay Stringer. J. McMohon R. McMillan R. Miles M. Murray L Musselman K. Nichol W. Noelke J. Oden W. Owens M. Potton C. Picket! J. Pinnelli J. Pipkin R. Pittenger D. Priefert . Richardson L. Riefler D. Robins D. Robinson 1. Robison W. Rounlree C. Schoberle S. Scolt C. Smith R. Snipes J. Tucker Before leaving for the Christmas holidays, KA ' s and their dates celebrated in Austin S. Whilworth L. Wilhelm 399 J. Avery W. Beard D. Bell C. Berson W. Bodin W. Cade S. Cavender J. Clark W. Collins J. Couch A. Grain J. Crowley D. Culwell T. Erwin TL KYto A. Feinsilver S. Forristall G. Garrett J. Gray I. Gregory V. Hobbs M. Hogan J. Horak K. Howard J. Hull W. Johnson L. Jones D. Karoly W. Kilpatrick J. Kimball J. Lesok R. Lippincott J. Mallicote J. Matthews R. McCarroll T. McNutt P. Molak C. Moncrief A. Monken P. Moore M. Morgan W. Murphy A. Noack P. Norris Kappa Sigma Social life for Kappa Sigma included Christmas and spring semi-formals and nu- merous other parties during the year. In the spring, Kappa Sigs participated in the Texas Independence Day celebration. In intramurals, Kappa Sigma was well represented in basket- ball, volleyball, golf, baseball, and track and was fraternity division runner-up in football. Fall officers of Kappa Sigma were Tim- othy John Herman, president; Hans Wright Bohlmann and Philip Edward Moore, vice- presidents; Lloyd Jefferson Gregory III, sec- retary; and William Wolcott Collins Jr., trea- surer. Eleven new members were initiated into the fraternity ' s little sister organization, Sisters of the Star and Crescent. 400 SISTERS OF THE STAR AND CRESCENT: FRONT ROW: Sally Gardner, Kathleen Markum, Kath- erine Willis, Teunisse Breese, Rhonda Read. SECOND ROW: Martha Malone, Catherine Cloud, Julia Tucker, Sandra Lester, Jamie Harris, Jen- nifer Berry, Janice Burrow. NOT PICTURED: Bess Baker, Nancie Brownell, Kathleen Clewis, Mary Gideon, Judy Eitelman, Kathryn Hopkins, Sharon Mutton, Leslie Lindzey, Marilyn Maddox, Carol Ogden, Mary Ririe, Glenna Sleeper, Susan Terry. W. Owen J. Park R. Price T. Rioux M. Roberts T. Russey T. Schillaci J. Scott N. Sheffield M. Shriver L. Singletary D. Smith G. Thomas J. Underwood R. Wallace R. Westerkom R. Wilder Taking advanta ge of a free weekend, Kappa Sigs hosted a casual at their house. 401 Lambda Chi Alpha P. Angenend j. D. Baker R. Baker C. Baucum C. Bennett L. Berkman J. Biggs W. Bolton D. Bowles p. Bozzo S. Broke R. Bruner A. M. Campbell B j. Campbell R. B. Campbell J. Comegys C. Catropia W. Cromwell J. Davidson R. S. Davis T. C. Davis J. M. Day J. Dieterich D. Frederick L. K. Frels S. Goldfarb Z. Cosier J. Grofius J. Grier J. Harper J. C. Hibbetts R. L. Hibbetts W. D. HibbeMs 1. Hill B. Hord S. Hotchkiss H. Howe J. Hurst J. Hufche S. Johnson 0. Jones J. Joplin L. Karrh R. Kennedy H. Kinjey M. Klavenesi W. Lang 402 Founded locally in 1917, Lambda Chi Al- pha celebrated its fiftieth anniversary as the second largest fraternity on the University campus. In campus and community projects, Lambda Chi ' s invited their mothers to live in the fraternity house during a Mom ' s Week- end, participated in Dimes Day, and held a Christmas party for local orphans. Social events included the annual New Orleans, Round-Up Barbeque, Luau, and Casino par- ties. Also included were a Flower Power par- ty, the White Rose Formal, and numerous casuals. Lambda Chi ' s were active in Students ' Association, Friars, Naval ROTC, Order of Al- calde, and the CacCus. Lloyd Doggett was pres- ident of the Students ' Association. Lambda Chi won " B " division football and was runner- up in all-University " A " division basketball. The fraternity was led by David Joseph Jones, presi- dent; Ronald Stephen Davis, vice-president; Paul David Angenend, secretary; Nick John AAilosevich, treasurer; and John March Meyers, social chairman. t A kl.. CRESCENT CLUB: FRONT ROW: Margaret Coleman, Patricia Yaryan, Kay Scott, Mrs. Elizabeth Maynard, Linda Simpson, Paulette Silber, Cynthia Duval. SECOND ROW: Barbara Higley, Dale Hash, Marolyn Wittman, Anne Dickinson, Antoinette Bracher, Diann Conly, Roxan Penland, Pamela Perkins, Suellen McCausland, Diane McCausland. K. North H. Oppermann K. Parsons R. Peck W. Perry J. Porter J. Prothro L. Mercer N. Milosevich D. Morris C. Musko J. My j. Reiff D. Ryder P. Sconlon D. Schenkkan A. Schwamkrug A. Scolr R. Sha S. Smith D. Thompson J. Tolk T. Vaughn S. Walton J. Woltrip D. Watts J. Wells J. Williams R. Welper 1. Whittington J. Winston J. Woodard R. Worth Lambda Chi ' s played blackjack and roulette at their annual fall Casino party. . UiLJi T, Angevine J. Autrey M. Barren I. Bates G. Bishop J. Blackburn R. B. Bowman R. H. Bowman C. Childress T. Clark D. P. Craig D. S. Craig J. Cullers L. Curry J. Dear W. Dorn N. Doss R. Duncan S. Duncan W. Dwyer D. Embry C. fvant G. Gayle R. Goodwin W. Greenhill J. Hum A. Kaufman J. Kinsel H. Landrum K. Loomis J. Lovell C. Melville C. Montgomery Mugging for the photographer at a fall casual party, Phi Delta Thetas and their dates appeared in costumes satirizing con- temporary characters and groups. . V 404 Members and dates gathered to watch Longhorn out-of-town games on television. J. Mclaughlin c. Olson M. Olson T. Ortloff R. Owen E. Payne D. Perry T. Peterson L. Petty H. Pike D. Price K. Richardson J. Russell A. Schiller D. Schley S. Schoenike T. Sharpe R. Simmons J. Spradley W. Taliaferro J. Teutsch D. Thornberry M. Trapp G. Vest J. Vives R. Wehmeyer L. Welder P. Werlein Phi Delta Theta As in the past, Phi Delta Theta again won the Aggie Woodgathering Award and participated in the campus-sponsored Dimes Day. In the National Community Service Day Contest sponsored by the fraternity, the Texas chapter placed second out of 124 par- ticipants as they painted and repaired the Children ' s Home of Austin. An early fraternity on the University campus, Phi Delta Theta was chartered lo- cally in 1883, the year the University opened. It was founded nationally at Miami Univer- sity in Ohio in 1848. Phi Delt officers were Presley Ewing Werlein III, president; Richard Edwin Pitts, vice-president; George Scott Bishop, secretary; James Bernard Blackburn Jr., treasurer; and Marion Alfred Olson Jr., pledge trainer. Mrs. Charles E. Ward served as fraternity housemother. Members participated in campus or- ganizations as well as athletics. Varsity ath- letes included two swimmers, two track- men, one baseball player, and seven foot- ball players. Two Phi Delt football players were named to all-American teams. In in- tramurals, the fraternity placed high in all- fraternity baseball divisions. W. Wheless G. Willeford R. Wilson J. Wright W. Wright T. Wynne 405 D. Bland W. Boone D. Bowersock R. Bridge! M. Brindley L. Carmichael H. Atwood D. Barbour J. Birdwell R. Birdwell R. Bishop R. Davis J. Fenoglio A. Fielder L. Frederick E. Frisk A. Gates W. Chiles C. Clark C. Covin T. Croft G. Gilkerson S. Griffin F. Hole C. Hargrove H. Hubby G. Hughes M. Jenkins W. Jinkins R- Johnson W. Junell D. Kosner S. Knowles G. Koehl J. Landrum R. LeBlonc M. lee S. Livingston W. Martel Phi Gam ' s hosted a Christmas party for orphaned children before the holidays at their house. C Fiji ' s scored in intramural basketball against Phi Sigma Delta. Phi Gamma Delta Active in community projects, Phi Gamma Delta hosted a Halloween party for children at the Austin State School, collected money for UNICEF, and held a Christmas party for under- privileged children. On campus, the fraternity placed third in money collected during Dimes Day and entered the Aggie Sign Contest. Fiji activity men on campus included twelve Silver Spurs, five Texas Cowboys, ten varsity football players, three varsity baseball team members, Interfraternity Council repre- sentatives, and a Phi Beta Kappa. The frater- nity was led by Harold David Herndon, presi- dent; Alvin Thaggard, treasurer; Frank Michael Wood, recording secretary; David Clarence Bland, corresponding secretary; and Richard Barry Johnson, historian. S. Matthews D. McCarroll O. Mileti B. Montgomery It. Muns J. Newman T. Newton D. Oliver D. Otf M. Parham S. Porker A. Portlow T. Pigs W. Rattifr M. Reiily S. Roper D. Schick C. Scott R. Sewell B. Snoddy J. Stabler J. Susong A. Thaggard J. Thompson T. Thurmond G. Tucker W, Tucker J. Tunks K. Walker L. Walthall J. Weatherford P. Whifworth , 4 4 At k ferf T J. Wilcox G. Wiley R. Wilson F. Wood M. Wright R. Yankee C. Young 407 V. Addicks P. Alvey D. Anderson G. Archer D. Barlow W. Barnes V. Bash J. Batten W. Blair R. Bush W. Collier D. Danforth J. Dorsey SISTERS OF THE MYSTIC EYE: FRONT ROW: Patricia Lowe, Reece Beesley, Pamela Adams, Joanne Martin, Martha Ramsey, Karolyn Karr, Diane Davis, Mary Gayle, Barbara Coward. SECOND ROW: Patricia Kidd, Phyllis Nachlinger, Jeane Hoffman, Ann Henslee, Janet King, Sandra Head, Anne Henton, Rebecca Vance, Sarah Cashin. NOT PICTURED: Tanna Anderson, Bonnie Bohnn, Kathleen Delaney, Judy Ferguson, Charlie Geiss, Ann Griffith, Kathy King, Diane McEvoy, Marilyn Nippert, Susan Ormand, Susan Ross, Nancy Varner. In addition to intramural events and the Campus Chest Dimes Day, fall activities for Phi Kappa Psi included a Sing-Song per- formance with Alpha Phi sorority. The Little Sisters of the Mystic Eye, women ' s auxil- iary to the fraternity, assisted in giving a Christmas party for children of the Austin State School. Also, Phi Psi and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority co-sponsored a Christmas party for the Children ' s Home for Orphans. Activities for the spring semester included Varsity Carnival, Round-Up, and the annual spring formal. The first national chapter of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity was organized on Feb. 19, 1852, at Jefferson College, Cannonsburg, Pa. The University ' s Alpha chapter was installed on Oct. 27, 1904. Local officers for fall semester were Joel Leslie Smith, president; Wade Hampton Beesley, vice-president; Paul Franklin Flynn, secretary; James Otto Futterknecht, treasurer; Joseph Breen Ring- land, pledge trainer; and Gary Roland Rod- gers, social chairman. L Elliott D. Escue J. Feldman J. Fletcher P. Foster J. Futterknecht D. Gibson J. Goodnight J. Gormely G. Graning G. Graydon M. Hardeman I C. Harger C. Harrington B. Hartt R. Harwell W. Hill R. Holland W. Irwin J. Jenkins _ 408 ETHfBWl s and activities n ' s auxil. giving j Austin P Kappa Christmas Orphans. included annual " ;:pa Feb. 19, iburg, Pa. installed for M sresident; sresident; nes Otto Ring- add Rod- " Psychiatric help for a nickel " was the theme of a Phi Psi Charley Brown rush party. 1,1 ' ?: . ' ti 8 M. McKinney M. McMurtry AA. AAcWhirter J. Meadows J. Muller D. Murphy A. Orbin D. Penick R. Persinger M. Phillips 4 R. Pidcoke S. Purcell J. Quitta K. Ramsey J. Richardson J. Ringland G. Rodgers R. Rogers P. San Marco B. Skelton D. Small J. Smith S. Smith W. Smith H. Steen J. Stokes If- R. Stone W. Swan S. Vickers A. Waddell J. Ward J. Watts H. Wells W. Wendlandt G. White R. Zivney 409 - 410 Phi Kappa Sigma Among the most notable events on the Phi Kappa Sigma social calendar last year were a fall semi-formal and a spring formal, each of which featured " The Lavender Hill Express. " For their OU Weekend party, the fraternity engaged " The Soul Men " to play in the Adolphus Hotel main ballroom in Dal- las. Other social events were an annual spring retreat and a series of Round-Up par- ties. Phi Kaps were active in intramurals and won first place in the men ' s division of the Aggie Sign Contest. For community serv- ice projects, they sponsored a family in San Antonio for Christmas and provided an Eas- ter egg hunt for underprivileged children in Austin. Phi Kappa Sigma, founded in 1850 at the University of Pennsylvania, was estab- lished locally on Feb. 15, 1941. Officers last year included Nelson Allen Byman, alpha; A. Taylor Pohlman, beta; Charles Allen Poer, pi; Lowell Thomas Higgins, iota,- and Dee Wheless, psi. L. Acker K. Anderson N. Barker W. Barnard F. Brown N. Byman R. Charlton S. Cloud C. Cooke M C. Eppright J. Fechtel J. Garner W. Golden D. Hawkins W. Hearn D. Herrmann L. Higgins . F. Holmes E. Horton P. Layton S. MacFarland B. MacAAaster L. Mallow C. Matney C. AAosley K. Olivier C. Poer A. Pohlman L. Porter J. Potter J. Robb R. Senterfitt T. Tenkin L. Walton L. Watson K. Wheless T. White D. Williams G. Wroten LITTLE SISTERS OF THE SKULL: FRONT ROW: Beverly Acker, Barbara Barnard, Jackie Herrmann. SECOND ROW : Gilbertine Porter, Carolyn Crouch, Deborah Wambold. THIRD ROW: Linda Gilbert, Joyce Garner, Lu-Nita Hawkins, Maurine Rue, Michele Keesee. LEFT: Phi Kappa Sigma members and their dates enjoyed one of their fall casual parties which was held at the fraternity house. 411 Phi Kappa lau J. Anderson S. Beach T. Belt C. Blank ft O ft ft The twenty-fifth anniversary of Phi Kappa Tau at the University brought the Beta Alpha chapter the Roland Maxwell Achievement Award. Phi Tau ' s participation in intramural sports continued after they re- ceived the Nelson Puett Intramural Improve- ment Award. The fraternity ' s teams placed high in football, basketball, bowling, and tennis. In public service, the fall pledge class hosted a Christmas party for the chil- dren ' s ward at Brackenridge Hospital. Mem- bers also were active in Order of the Al- calde, Interfraternity Council, House of Dele- gates, Longhorn Band, Conservative Demo- crats, Representative Party, and Karate Club. Last year ' s officers were Raymond John Martin, president; Richard Edward Ew- ing, vice-president; David Traeger Griffin, secretary; John Cavett McDuff, treasurer, and Charles Edwin Blank, ECMAL. Under the leadership of Kenneth Wayne Goodman, so- cial chairman, the Phi Tau ' s enjoyed an active social life. Social events included a Haunted House party, the Playboy semi-formal, and a silver anniversary weekend for parents and alumni. Miss Frances Rea, Gamma Phi Beta, was selected fraternity sweetheart. G. Blauser S. Bux S. Cangelosi H. Corn S. Cox H. Cradduck J. Dabney Appropriately dressed for their Playboy semi-formal, Phi Tau ' s personally delivered invitations to dropees and pinees of chap- ter members. J. Damron A. Diaz R. Eads R. Ewing J. Fife J. Frick T. Froehlich M. Garner S. Gideon 412 J. Godfrey J. Goodloe W. Green LITTLE SISTERS OF THE LAUREL: FRONT ROW: Julie Ross, Katherine Haralson, Sue Grigsby, Patricia Mastin, Gretchen Richards, Jane Belt. SECOND ROW: Sharon Guild, Janet Wilson, Marilyn Doerste, Janice Boddeker, Mary San- ders, Sheridyn Morgan, Cynthia Leach, Sandra Hardin, Bonnie Ferguson, Frances Rea. NOT PICTURED: Robbie Kerr, Linda Blake, Linda Dennis, Cookie Kerr. T. Kubena W. Kuchar R. Leibrock R. Martin J. AAcDuff T. AAeinke J. Meyer H. Moore R. Morey J. Morgan W. Mortimer D. Newbrough D. Oldham W. Patton W. Penningfon B. Ponder C. Ruckel L. Siler J. Sims R. Sims F. Smith D. Somers D. Stough C. Ward P. Wheatley P. Willson D. Wilson W. Wilson 413 Phi Sigma Delta ( L. Allermon M. Allman R. Amstoter R. Axelrod R. Badash F. Baron H. Bassist E. Berliner M. Bernat R. Bernat M. Blankfeld G. Blumberg M. Blumenthal M. Brier S. Brookner K. Bruder G. Cohen L. Cohen 414 M. Cohen M. Davidoff C. Davis R. Davis T. Davis J. Dorfman L. Eichenboum R. Eiland M. Epstein R. Feldman A. Finegold R. Finkelstein P. Fleckmon B. Ford E. Freedman L. Galatzan P. Gardner I. Gershn M. Glass B. Glozer D. Goldman H. Gordon M. Gordon Phi Sigs tried for that extra point during intramural basketball competi- tion with the Phi Gamma Delta squad. I IM I On Active in intramurals, philanthropic proj- ects, campus activities, social events, and earning one of the highest grade-point aver- ages for University fraternities, Phi Sigma Del- ta won the Brummer Cup as the outstanding Phi Sig chapter in the nation for 1967. In community service, Phi Sigs raised $2,000 for the local Muscular Dystrophy Drive. On the social scene, party themes included Playboy, Pat O ' Brien ' s, Oldies But Goodies, and Ski parties. In fraternity intramurals, the fraternity placed second in " B " division football and " A " division Softball and were University champions in handball, Phi Sig members also participated in bowling, ping-pong, tennis, swimming, golf, and water basketball. Fraternity officers for the year were Ken- neth Elliot Levy, master frater; Edwin Buster Freedman, vice-master frater; Gary Jan Stein- berger, recording secretary; Frederick Martin Baron, treasurer; and Paul Louis Silverman, house manager. Other members were active on campus in Texas Cowboys, Silver Spurs, Posse, Interfraternity Council, and CBA govern- ment and professional honoraries. G. Goren J. Greenberg F. Greenitein P. Groner H. Haikin M. Herrstein A. Hirsch B. Hoffer L. Hoff T. Hoffman R. Hurst p. Hyman R. Klein J. Kline M. Koplan L. Krasner M. Krasner P. Ladin R. Ladin J. Laser M. Lerman M. Levin J- Levit K. Levy H. Lipp J. Lohrmen B. Margolis . Margolis C Meyers A. Miller K. Novorr R. Phillip! G. Pierce C. Racusin S. Rawdin F. Roberts V. Rogers C. Rosin J. Sacks J. Sorfoti M. Sarfali M. Schneider J. Schwartz A. Schwan A. Sekel D. Senior B. Schectrnan 8. Silverman P. Silverman S. Silverman E. Silverstone S. Simkin J. Sloan R. Solomon G. Steinberger G. Stool C. Sugerman G. Tobolowsky J. Train P. Turner S. Ungerleider R. Wallenstei 415 Phi Sigma Kappa J. Anderson J. Archer P. Armstrong M. Atnip W. Bayless W. Boyd E. Carter J. Gates P. Conwell S. Corpora B. Elliott T. Farley L. Ferguson M. Forsythe O. Foster Signs of various sorts were an impor- tant part of the year for Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity. The fraternity not only participat- ed in the Aggie Sign Contest but also built numerous spirit signs with various sororities throughout the football season. Devoting spring registration week each year to work with Austin charities, the fall pledge class helped with repair work on the Austin Re- tarded Children ' s Home. Pledges also took part in the annual Dimes Day. The social calendar last year was ac- cented with the annual Mexican party and South Sea Island party. Other annual social events included the Christmas semi-formal, the Moonlight Girl Formal in March, and the annual spring break trip to Nassau, along with match and after-game house parties. Phi Sigma Kappa placed among the top ten fraternities in the number of ac- cumulated victory points in intramural sports. The fraternity fielded one league champion- ship football team and placed high among contenders in baseball, basketball, golf, and tennis. Providing leadership for Phi Sigma Kap- pa were John Burton Knight, president; Ron- ald Loye McKinney, vice-president; Kenneth Edward Willmann, secretary; and Vaughn Randolf Heady, treasurer. Housemother was Mrs. Gladys Leighty. Fraternity sweetheart was Miss Sheryl Louise White. J. Frick C. Ganc R. Headv D. Hendrix C. Henry T. Hubbert P. Joseph S. Kelly Phi Sigma Kappa joined with Gamma Phi Beta in a Sing-Song performance. 416 ' participal it also bui K sororitig Devotini ar to wor ledge ( Austin i also too ar was ac perry am mual sodJ emi-formal A and the u, aloni ise parties :-. ac- igh among . golf, and SISTERS OF THE SIGNET: FRONT ROW: Beth Terrill, Antoinette DeBois, Holly Spence, Mary Avent, Cissy Carlisle. SECOND ROW: Margaret Spikes, Carolyn Cain, Jan Nelson, Mrs. Gladys Leighty, Helene Meehan, Lolli Little, Martha Murchison. ir- Jon- it; fenneth d Vaughn other was sweetheart A ' .1 J. KinCannon J. Knight J. Kuhatschek T. Macry W. Maxwell M. McClain R. McKinney R. McNatt H. Moore T. Nelms P. O ' Neil R. Percival G. Pfeiffer M. Phillips J. Piper P. Riley J. Ross C. Scott S. Shaw R. Thompson C. Vinson C. Whitney K. Willmann J. Worthari 417 Pi Kappa Alpha J. Abbate R. Adkisson F. Arnold D. Berkley J. Batman R. Bow G. Becker A. Bertoia A. Blum J. Boon J. Buel D. Clark M. Daniels T. Daniels W. Daniels D. Day R. Delleney M. Dies T. Dodd T. Emmons D. Flournoy G. Gardner T. Gentry P. Gibbs M. Gibson 1. Griffith J. Groves L. Guillory D. Gustafson M. Hairston L. Hamilton G. Hart R. Hemphill J. Hewett D. Hickan N. Hillegeist W. Hilton P. Hodges J. Hodgson F. Holcomb Social life for Pi Kappa Alpha consisted of a South of the Border party with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, a Fiesta party with Alpha Chi Omega, the annual Pike Swamp party with Pi Beta Phi, a Protest party with Zeta Tau Alpha, and match parties with Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, and Delta Gamma sororities. Founded on March 1, 1868, at the Uni- versity of Virginia, the national fraternity cel- ebrated its one-hundredth anniversary last year. A local anniversary celebration was held as alumni from across the State attended. The local Beta Mu chapter which was founded on Feb. 25, 1920, was led in the fall by James C. Boon, SMC; Roger Morwood Cude, IMC; James Samuel Groves, ThC; Gerald Dyer Pen- rose, rush captain; and Wilburn D. Hilton, pledge trainer. Spring officers were Donald Royce Flournoy, SMC; James Shelton McClure, IMC; Richard E. Watson, ThC; Martin White Dies, rush captain; Gerald Dyer Penrose, pledge trainer. Miss Victoria Lynn Manchester reigned as Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha. G. Kessler C. King M. Kreisle R. lefler V. Lemens M. Lesher J. Lyons D. Marlowe J. McClure S. Mclellond V. McNollie 1. Meador J. Mendenhall A. Meyers S. Miller J. Moorheod C. Myers 8. Newberry 418 LITTLE SISTERS OF THE SHIELD AND DIAMOND: FRONT ROW: Mary Marsh, Kay Kriegel, Victoria Manchester, Hazel Meyer. SECOND ROW: Karol Rice, Janet Loar, Olivia Potter, Mary Potchernick, Helen Hearne, Joyce Hilsher. THIRD ROW: Marian Merriman, Denna Marcum, Pamela White, Connie Hudson, Jane Henderson, Sandra Parker, Carolyn King, Myrl Carlson, Mrs. Jane Young. FOURTH ROW: Martha McLelland, Jean Wyrick, Judith Windham, Lolla McNutt, Janet Burroughs, Theresa Daniel, Lyn Arnot. T. Parker W. Peel J. Phelan G. Penrose R. Perry G. Pryor P. Ray D. Reed R. Reynolds E. Rogers E. Rutledge F. Schooley T. Scott D. Seibert R. Shanks R. Shields F. Shufard J. Stokes D. Thomas R. Waddell R. Watson R. Whitt mmm R. Whittington R. Wood W. Woodard H. Woodward M. Yarbrough D. Yowe 419 a a a a a W. Abbott W. Armstead J. Arnoult J. Barhom B. Barry G. Bates K. Bell G. Bowman R. Bowyer C. Briggs D. Bryont R. Burgett R. Campbell W. Catterton C. Chandler R. Collins G. Covert D. Crowel O fa C L m A J. Cummins D. Cunningham D. Daniel A. Derbx P. Dudley W. DuVall D. Eidman J. Ellard R. Eutsler D. Evans E. Frnka j Gaddy B. Galloway T. Gaylord R. Graham W. Green M. Hanno W. Hordie J. Hill J. Holland R. Howard S. Jarrard P. Johnson J. Jorns D. Krllser M. Lacy D. Lane T. Lott F. Lund M. Mason E. Maxon R. Mayer M. McClung A. McEvoy K. McWillioms J. Merrill D. Micletti A. Migura G. Moor R. Moorman R. Morrow W. Morrow 1. Neuhaui L. Nixon C. Ofner D. O ' Rourkl D. Pace J. Parker 420 The largest national social fraternity, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon was active in many areas on campus. Teaming with the Kappa Kappa Gam- ma sorority pledge class, SAE pledges made a large welcoming sign that was placed on campus for Dad ' s Day. Philanthropic activities included sending money contributions to vic- tims of the South Texas floods. The chapter participated in Campus Chest activities, winning the Miss Campus Chest award for the most money donated. Sigma Alpha Epsilon again participated in Varsity Carnival and Round-Up and gave their eighth annual Christmas party for the Pan-American underprivileged chil- dren, followed in the spring by its tenth an- nual Easter party. SAE ' s were active on campus with mem- bers in Texas Cowboys, Silver Spurs, fresh- man and varsity athletics, and all intramural sports. Officers were Ronald Mac Bowyer, emi- nent archon; James Lee Weber, eminent depu- ty archon; James Loyd Shawn, housemanager,- Jack Murchison Vaughan, treasurer; and Wil- liam Catterton, social chairman. Sigma Alpha Epsilon P. Poternostro L. Potton H. Phillips S. Plumb J. Pohl C. Price M. Price B. Ronelle J. Ropp M. Reeder M. Reeves B. Robinson A. Sadler R. Schoenvogel W. Sharp J. Shawn A. Shivers W. Simmons S. Skibell 1. Stornes J. Sleeg C. Slripling J. Slroud A. Terry G. Thomas J. Voughan S. Wayland D. Weaver D. Wilbanks J. Works K. Wright LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA: FRONT ROW: Susie Marinis, Jean Toole, Marilyn Moorman, Jacquelyn Richardson, Kay Mercer, Elizabeth Dobbs, Linda Holyfield. SECOND ROW: Ruth Lyles, Linda Baldwin, Stormy McNutt, Nancy Vaber, Pamela Fatten, Sara Walker. THIRD ROW: Shuler Dansby, Laura Wyatt-Brown, Mrs. Sam Murphy, Linda Stanton, Jane Glover. LEFT: SAE ' s battled Chi Phi ' s In " B " division intramural basketball. 421 Sigma Alpha Mu Ranking first in fraternity scholarship, Sigma Alpha Mu was active in many cam- pus activities last year. The fraternity was led by Berny F. Rothschild, president; Ran- dy Alan Gachman and Ellis Lee Tudzin, vice- presidents; Martin Gross Friedman, secre- tary; and David H. Prager, treasurer. Fra- ternity housemother was Mrs. Helen A. Bau- man. The Sigma Theta chapter placed two men on the top ten intramural list and fin- ished fourth in fraternity intramurals. The Sammies had five intramural managers and one senior manager. Members were active on campus in Interfraternity Council, varsity athletics, Texas Cowboys, Silver Spurs, and scholastic honoraries. Social life was promi- nent with match parties, two fall rush week- ends, and the spring formal in February. Nationally, Sigma Alpha Mu was established at the College of the City of New York on Nov. 26, 1909; Sigma Theta chapter was founded on Oct. 14, 1922. I I M. Aftergut D. Altman D. Amdur B. Bakst R. Beckoff ft (ft L. Berk W. Bernstein P. Brant M. Brown L. Cedars J. Chazick B. Cohen C. Cohen R. Cohen H. Dushkin rfim l A. Erlich H. Feiler D. Freundlich J- Friedman S. Friedman D. Gerson B. Gilbert J. Glazer E. Gurinsky D. Hanovich J. Herman G. Hoffman H. Holman N. Howard W. Jacobs K. Kopel K. Kremer R. Mintz J. Novy D. Prager L. Riklin L. Lambert B. Rothschild R. Ruby R. Savitr J. Schapira A. Schwartz L. Schwartz H. Shapiro D. Simon C. Skibell H. Sonkin M. Stein R. Weiss C. Wender ABOVE: Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity invited the mem- bership of Sigma Alpha Epsilon to a Christmas dance. LEFT: Sammies held several theme parties throughout the academic year, including a Vietnam party where members appeared with the appropriate attire and armed weapons. 423 Sigma Chi Wrestling on a wooden horse im- bedded in a foot of mud, darting after derby wearers, and decorating pledges were all a part of the annual Sigma Chi Derby Day. About 400 persons representing 13 sororities competed for trophies which were announced at a Derby Day Dance at Municipal Auditorium. All proceeds were do- nated to the Campus Chest Fund. Sigma Chi ' s also joined with Alpha Chi Omega so- rority to take the first place mixed division trophy in Sing-Song competition with their rendition of " The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd. " Other social ac- tivities included the traditional Sweetheart Ball, Red Onion Saloon operated during Round-Up, and numerous casual parties. The University Alpha Nu chapter was led by Cullen Rogers Looney, president; Ron M. Davis, vice-president, Richard Nathan Azar, secretary; David Anthony Fertitta, pledge trainer; Robert Willis Carson and Mi- chael Dunlap Harper, social chairmen. A. Avery W. Awty R. N. Azar R. E. Azar S. Bahn R. Baity T. Best J. Bibo J. Binney J. Boni P. Bouchard O. Bourg W. Bowman J- Burke J. Caldwell T ( ...iffo j R. Carroll R. Carson K. Carter D. Chase J. Cooper J. Cornett D. Craig R. Crist F. Davidson R. Davis LITTLE SIGMAS OF SIGMA CHI: FRONT ROW: Kay Sanders, Maro Queen, Linda Sund- berg, Linda Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Killam, Marsha Monroe, Patricia Dooley, Dianne Motter, Nancy Mattiza, Dawn Potter. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Harris, Mary Margaret Marshall, Valorie Burns, Connie Hallmark, Christina Avery, Patti Freedlund. NOT PICTURED: Dianne Fulbright, Phyllis Lanning, Sharon Stephens, Sharon White, Carol Wueste. S. Davis D. Dawson E. DeYoung M. Douglass vj- T f J U -|- Jri Ji M. Dunkle C. Dyer D. Fertitta K. Fibich IS ,tt, S W. George R. Goodridge G. Guthrie A. Hahn A. Hannay R. Harris E. Nation L. Henson 424 C. Howell G. Hunter J. Hurst M. Irwin J. Ivey M. James K. Johns W. Juncker C. Kallina o K. Kessler O. Kimbrough R- King R- Knight B. Lary A. Lewter C. Looney P. Mallory G. Marcus CakM 1. Davis Wallowing in the mud at Zilker Park outside Austin, Sigma Chi ' s held their annual Derby Day competition for sororities. CT? v l 1 .1 v f 1 5 ' d fe ktfWr fc 4 tFbick W. Marmaduke K. McAlpin P. McAlpin D. McNeill J. McNicholas J. McWilliams T. Meaders J. Nichols R. Nicholson K. O ' Connor .Han D. Paris! R. Patton M. Ranton J. Rix H. Schleicher J. Sewell M. Smith R. Snow J. Stampes - fT) IT) R. Taylor S. Terry J. Thompson M. Thompson E. Wassell L. Welsc h R. Whitten W. Woodul M. Woodward 425 Sigma Nu The social calendar of events for Sigma Nu fraternity included the Christmas formal, White Star Formal, a breakfast for Southwest Conference Sweethearts at Round-Up, and the annual barbecue. Sigma Nu ' s were active on campus in Silver Spurs, Student Assembly, Texas Cowboys, Posse, and as Texas-OU Weekend dance chairman. Active in Universi- ty athletics, Sigma Nu had members on the varsity football team, the track squad, and varsity baseball team. Paul Murray Read and Mickey Sheppard won the all-University intra- mural handball doubles. In the fall, Sigma Nu pledges had a 1.72 grade-point average with three making Phi Eta Sigma. Two actives reached Phi Beta Kap- pa standing. Chartered in 1886, the local Up- silon chapter was led by Wesley Reed Wil- liams, eminent commander; Dor Wadsworth Brown, lieutenant commander; Michael Edward Love, secretary; Carl T. Schultz, treasurer; and John Bond Loftin, pledge trainer. C. Adams S. Anderson 8. Baefz D. Barnei W. Beary D. Bechte! L. Bentsen H. Belts M. Blounf J. Booth D. Brown G. Brownlow M. Buchele J. Colglazier G. Connard J- Cox T. Crook M. Day T. Early G. Filzgerold C. Fuquay T. Furlong J. Giese G. Guinn R. Haas B. Harris J. Horse H. Hartzog G. Heatherington S. Hoopes P. Howard R. Howard M. Humble D. Hurst B. James H. Jones R. Jones R. Jung M. Klein R. Kobarg R. Leach M. Love L. Mathis R. Matzen H. Miller 0. O ' Neal R. Osbourn WHITE STAR SWEETHEARTS: FRONT ROW: Sally Park, Linda Butts, Kclle Snyder, Sheila Wall, Rita Dibella, Carolyn Smith, Barbara McGowan. SECOND ROW: Judy Amacker, Linda Atchley, Anne Lanford, Lynne Beavers, Carolyn Anderson, Jeanne Goode, Barbara Busby. THIRD ROW: Elsie Buckle, Mrs. Gladys Huston, Hennen Fleeter, Judith Rickards. FOURTH ROW: Jo Ann Giese, Billie Gilliam, Rebecca Bentsen 426 S. Polls T. Reynold! 1. Richards W. Richards R. Roger! J. Rounsaville R. Rundell S. Scarborough C. Schulrz J. Segol : Capitalizing on the success of the " Bonnie and Clyde " movie, Sigma Nu recreated their own version as a party theme. W. Show D. Sheridan G. Shgffler M. Skidmor! C. Smith R. Smilh T. Souders J. Stondefer K. Steed R. Steed D. Tolbor J. Tatum S. Thumwood P. Toler R. Tompkin! E. Vaughan E. Villalobos R. Victory T. Wachsmuth G. Wallace W. Waters 0. Wheeler W. Williams M. Windham D. Wright C. Zurkey 427 Sigma Phi Epsilon A 49-man pledge class, the largest in the chapter ' s history, brought Sigma Phi Ep- silon two honors on campus last year the fraternity division award in Dimes Day Com- petition and the trophy for Most Humorous Display in the Aggie Sign Contest. Sig Ep so- cial functions included numerous pre-game buffets, match parties, a Christmas formal, and a spring formal. The social year added a Valentine Golden Heart Ball and Down South of the Border party. In the fall, Sig Eps gave a Halloween party for the children of Texas State School. Active on campus last year, Sig Ep house officers were Tyson Mike Field, pres- ident; Alan Thomas Derby, vice-president; Dana Wayne Males, corresponding secre- tary; Wayne Trice Parman, recording secre- tary; and Gary Ernest Griffith, chaplain. Oth- er members were active in Texas Cowboys and Silver Spurs. Robert L. Thompson was vice-president of the Students ' Association and House of Delegates chairman. I ti H. Agon V. Aldredge B. Anderson J. Averitt S. Ball P. Beeson J. Berry D. Blanks M. Bobo C. Boortz R. Border, R. Brown J. Brownlow R. Burton Lft J. Butler D. Camp S. Carsey B. Clements R. Cook D. Cox G. Cox D. Dennis R. Dial N. Dolce S. Duderslodt R. Dullnig E. Ellison B. Engel Q ii itiL Jra4 T. Ernsler C. Frederiksen J. Freeman K. Gorwood R. Gilliam D. Glass C. Goodwin W. Gough G. Griffith C. Henry G. Hensley T. Hicks A. Higdon J. Hoffman K. Holcomb R. Honeycult D. Hood A. Hubbard M. Hurley J. Hury J. Hyde J. Jackson W. KecVley C. Keenan M. Kiester GOLDEN HEARTS: FRONT ROW: Ginger Dawson, Katherine Harvey, Denny McAdam, Susan Sparks, Dianne Rush, Suzanne Shepperd, Sharon Park. SECOND ROW: Diane Peck, Ginger Lanclos, Wendy Withers, Martha Cox, Sandra Liddle, Peggy Gralino, Mary Simes, Darryl Gwinn. T. Koby J. Loomii 0. Malts L. Manley 428 0. McCleary ; :.... R. McCrum M. McLean B. Miles E. Miller R. Molina L. Morphew R. Morphew K. Nathan W. Neal J. Neeley R. Neyland C. Osgood I 8. Parker W. Parman R. Potman T. Perritte J. Presley R. Rawson C. Rhea R. Roberts A. Rhode C. Rogers T. Russell P. Sheehan B L. Smith J. South J. Staff E. Summers E. Sumpter R. Thompson R. Tolson S. Vallone S. Van R. Wadsworth L. Wahlquist M. Walsh G. Watklns J. Webster S. White G. Willcox Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon treated Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority to a match Hawaiian luau party. 429 Sigma Pi Sigma Pi social calendar last year consisted of post-game parties during foot- ball season, the OU Weekend blast, week- end theme parties, a Christmas party for the Austin State School, Christmas caroling at a local rest home, Round-Up parties, and the annual Orchid Ball in the spring. In the an- nual Sing-Song Contest, Sigma Pi placed first in the fraternity division for the sec- ond consecutive year with its rendition of " Mame. " Members of Sigma Pi were active in numerous organizations on campus, includ- ing Alpha Rho Chi, Campus Crusade for Christ, Delta Sigma Pi, House of Delegates, Kappa Kappa Psi, Kappa Psi, Longhorn Band, Longhorn Flying Club, and Model United Nations. Sigma Pi ' s also participated in Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Delta Chi, Repre- sentative Party, Varsity Singers, Freshman Council, and Interfraternity Executive Coun- cil. Founded Feb. 26, 1897, at Vincennes University in Indiana, Sigma Pi has 90 chap- ters and over 26,000 initiated members. Of- ficers of the local Gamma Theta chapter, es- tablished in 1962, were Richard Earle De- Weese, sage; Robert Wayne Newby, first counselor; George Lee Manson, second counselor; Jimmy Tom Buford, third counse- lor; John Christopher Klasing, fourth coun- selor; and Eddie Gannon Napps, herald. ft (f f SJT A D. Aertker W. Appenbrink P. Arnold D. Baker H. Barnard P. Bearden C. Bender J. Blackshear J. Boyd J. Brown f j I i J. Buford M. Card S. Clark W. Dewberry R. Deweese R. Dillard R. Dulaney ABOVE: Sigma Pi placed first in the fraternity division of Sing-Song. RIGHT: ORDER OF THE ORCHIDS: FRONT ROW: Johnna Johnston, Kay Midkiff, Kathy Hodges, Carol Blount, Linda Samuel, Mrs. Clema Alexander, Cathy Keathley, Mary Spears, Carol Stinson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Joy Moneyhon, Kay Lyons, Carolyn Emmott, Janet Bullington, Sherri Morton, Sally Glenn, Barbara Crawford, Debbie White. 430 - . -. R. Egliht F. Keathley J. Klasing A. Manson G. Manson R. Manson J. Mays M. McCormick D. Moore E. Napps R. Newby R. Pate D. Pickron K. Plowman S. Rech W. Scheibal C. Schuette G. Smith J. Smith D. Williams K. Wolf D. Young 431 432 Tau Delta Phi C 3H R. Axelrod H. Bazaman M. Bender A. Bernstein MTwr R. Birnbaum S. Blend S. Brochstein M. Bronstein D. Collins N. Diamond I. Diskin L. Eilbott L. Fein R. Frank D. Friedlander J. Friedman R. Garfinkel S. Garfinkel R. Goldsobel M. Goodn R. Goodstein E. Graber H. Kahn A. Kaplan M. Klein L. Kohn M. Laviage S. Lee D. Leeds M. Lerner R. Levit .1 J. Levy G. Marcus P. Meyer E. Morris F. Nachman L. Nelkin A. Nussenblatt H. Nussenblatt H. Oshman C. Pehr G. Rosenbaum L. Roth Members of Tau Delta Phi invited, their alumni to a " Welcome Home Alums " open house before a Saturday afternoon football game in Austin. Active in athletics and scholarship, Tau Delta Phi captured intramural champ- ionships in handball and diving and placed second in all-University " B " division bowl- ing, while finishing sixth in scholastic rank- ing among all University fraternities. Founded in 1910 at City College of New York, the fraternity was led last year by Richard S. Garfinkel, consul; Mike Allen Klein, vice-consul; Ira Phillip Diskin, scribe; Glen Allen Rosenbaum, quaestor; and Leon- ard Matthew Roth, member-at-large. A so- cial chairman planned a South Seas Week- end, Christmas formal, and casuals during the Texas football season. J. Scharff H. Schwartz B. Siegel lau Kappa Epsilon Members of the Gamma Upsilon chap- ter of Tau Kappa Epsilon enjoyed a social calendar featuring traditional Christmas and spring formats, Round-Up and OU Week- end blowouts, and parties with casino, mod, indoor woodsie, and Thank God for Baccus Wine Festival themes. Teke ' s also were busy on campus in Freshman Council, University Housing Commission, Student Assembly, and Model United Nations. The Committee on Ed- ucational Excellence, Students ' Association, and the University Co-Op Board of Directors also occupied the extracurricular interests of members. In the fall, the Teke house was used as a collection center for ' victims of Hurricane Beulah and members delivered the collections. Founded on Jan. 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University, Tau Kappa Epsilon has become the largest men ' s social fraternity in number of chapters and undergraduate strength. The local chapter was established in 1951 and led last year by Stephen Wal- ton Shields, prytanis; Kenneth Wayne Sparks, epiprytanis; Jack Minyard Partain, grammateus; Alfred D. Ransel, crysophylos; and Jim Lee McArdle, histor. I a I , " The band rocked, couples danced, and King Bevo watched ai the Teke ' i held a casual party during football season. 434 D. Bebb W. Blacklock J. Evans P. Ferguson R. Butler H. Carr J. Cox C. Dangerfield J. Dietz J. Frazer D. Hodges V. Holmes R. Jackson J. Judson D. Kuehn R. Lee ri . J. AAillin J. Odell J. Olson J. Partain A. Ransel R. Seaholm S. Shields K. Sparks J. Thompson W. Troutt J. vonAAerveldt T. Walker J. Weaver T. Workman LITTLE SISTERS OF APOLLO: FRONT ROW: Bonnie Coleman, Barbara Schultz, Judy Barefield, Polly Coffin. SECOND ROW: Bobbie Tarpley, Sandra Watts, Ann Dusek, Mary Ann Teat. 435 Theta Xi K. Allen R. Allen R. Anderson B. Baker J. Bartlett Community projects for Theta Xi last year included Christmas and Easter parties for children at the Austin State School, adoption of an overseas orphan, and Dimes Day. On campus, Theta Xi placed in the Aggie Sign Contest. Intramurals played an important part in the year ' s activities as members partici- pated in football, basketball, Softball, volley- ball, track, tennis, swimming, handball, golf, and other sports. Social life included a Flower Power party, a Ski party, a Tiki party, a Christmas semi-formal, and an Easter formal. Theta Xi men were active in campus ac- tivities such as Campus Chest, Freshman Coun- cil, Sing-Song, Challenge, Round-Up, and Texas Union committees. Founded nationally in New York in 1864, Theta Xi established the local Rho Chapter on Feb. 22, 1913. Theta Xi officers were Kenneth David Thomp- son, president; John Baker Howell Jr., vice- president; Ronald Lee Moore, secretary; John Mark Britt, treasurer; and Leonard Allen Robertson, pledge trainer. R. Bean C. Beck J. Briggs J. Britt J Burgin J. Calkin A. Chavez D. Connell B. Dowell A. Dubberley km JTA J. Elrod R. Evans J. Fahrenthold W. Farrell E. Gibbs ORDER OF THE BLUE IRIS: FRONT ROW: Jane Burns, Sallie Smith, Judith Lewis, Susan Long, Donna Wier. SECOND ROW: Judith Wilson, Barbara Trenholme, Kayo Carr, Louise Coerver, Carol Weller, Joan Johnson, Marajen Denman. THIRD ROW: Karen Kaper, Shirley Wells, Mary Stella Naranjo, Helen Cooley, Diane Lequex, Lydia Lequeux, Sharon Waters, Gwyn Allen, Jean Manning, Pamela McNutf, Judith Kellond. 436 last parties for r adoption onant part partici. all, volley. Iballrt J a Flower party, a W formal, ampus ac- wn Conn- % and nationally istablished !2, 1913, : ' -::- Jr., vice- tary; John : - RHHHnBHnQHmHMBHBHBiM H i HBMBHEHBaHBMHBBn Hi J. Howell J. Johnson J. Kaper J. Kellev J. Kemp J. Klarfield J. Ledermann J. Lindgren H. May J. Mayo R. McCall T. McDonald R. McGhee W. McNutt R. Meyer J. AAinshew K. Moore R. Moore J. Morrison J. Naranjo I -- P. Offer G. Park R. Patterson J. Pheil L. Robertson Theta Xi ioined Alpha Delta Pi in the Greek-sponsored Sing-Song. W. Stanford M. Steinheimer W. Stewart A. Strashun B. Taylor K. Thompson J. Volr R. Wendell J. Westerheid W. Wiley R. Wright J. Zike 437 Linda Daphine Clunn Julie Kay Norman Martha Jo Morgan Mary Sidney Binion Linda Louise McKee Deborah Jeannette Harlow Karen Melanie Malick Martha Eileen Fischer . Andrews Blanton Carothers . Kinsolving Northeast Kinsolving Northwest Kinsolving Southeast Kinsolving Southwest . Littlefield Sarah Catherine Woolrich Contessa Betty Jane Koivula Dexter House Harriett Hawley Heflin Manor Elizabeth Louise Young Kirby Hall llene Patricia Carrington Madison House Susan Ann Duerr Mayfair House Susan Kruger Newman Hall Betty Smallwood Scottish Rite Dormitory Liz Marie Wooldridge University Arms Upper-class Advisors Upper-Class Advisors sought an exchange of ideas about methods, techniques, and procedures effective in peer counseling by bringing all ad- visers together from the five University and nine private residence halls. Meeting as a complete or- ganization six times last year, the first meeting was a colloquium to help prepare new advisers for the coming year. Other evening meetings pre- sented faculty and staff speakers and panelists concerned with both the academic and non- academic life of students. Officers and dorm chairmen formed the Executive Council which met monthly with Miss Ruth Smith, sponsor and student group adviser, to program activities of the general organization and to receive ideas from each other and from speakers invited to council meetings. In each dormitory, the advisers worked closely with the resident counselor and staff in planning their ac- tivities. Founded in 1927, the organization was spon- sored by the Dean of Women ' s Office. Officers were Kiki Skandalis, president; Sidney Mary Binion, vice-president; Deborah McCormick, sec- retary-treasurer; Lynn Claudia Ferguson, reporter. 438 FRONT ROW: Mary Estes, Linda Hammons, Phyllis Plog, Linda Clunn, Scottie Seymour, Georgeann Mauk, Peggy Miller, Phyllis Hart, Clara Haynes, Martha Spillman, Carol Schmidt, Elaine Agalou, Jean Wuthrich. SECOND ROW: Linda Lobprise, Kay Barnett, Beatriz Saenz, Barbara Britt, Marie Cooper, Robin White, Emily Scott, Sylvia Duncan, Jessica Alexander, Minerva Villareal, Diana Rasmussen, Beverly Haynes, Barbara Miller, JoAnn Chang, Julie Wright, Sallie Estes. THIRD ROW: Nancy Kirk, Margaret Menhard, Jean Pustejovsky, Bonnie Fetzer, Patricia Ryan, Shirley Wells, Faye Franks, Priscilla Talkington, Ruby Johnson, Joyce Eckert, Rebecca Rodriguez, Kay Coughran, Jo Scott, Judith McFerran, Jo Tollefson, Kathleen Sperry. FOURTH ROW: Harriot Chenault, Harriet Zirkle, Bonnie Tipton, Linda Wissemann, Carol Kier, Linda Knudson, Karen Berke, Sally Griffin, Jo Morris, Nancy Winchester, Doris Thielemann, Deborah Cruik- shank, Jeanine Robinson, Jo Skutca, Janie Croft, Margaret Holdeman, Nikki Sramet. Andrews Last fall, the girl residents at Andrews Dormitory held several after-hours sing-songs. For Halloween, each girl was given a secret twick-or-tweat twin who " twic ked and tweat- ed " her on the sly until the " come-as-your- roommate " Halloween party where the twins were revealed. At Christmas, the dormitory held an open house and tree-trimming party for dates as the halls were opened so that visitors could view the individual doors trimmed especially for the holiday season. Spring activities included the annual dormi- tory dance and tapping of the next year ' s advisers. Advisers for the year were Elaine Aga- lou, Linda Daphine Clunn, Linda D. Hammons, Clara Frances Haynes, Georgeann Mauk, Peggy Jean Miller, Phyllis Anne Plog, Carol Jean Schmidt, Scottie Ann Seymour, Martha Ann Spillman, Jean Gail Wuthrich and Jill Anne Zank. Mrs. Dorothy Martin was resi- dent counselor and was assisted by Mary Carmen Estes and Phyllis Ann Hart. To celebrate Halloween, Andrews residents prepared decorations for a special dinner. 439 Blanton residents shared the experiences of the day with friends before retiring to study. Blanton Social activities for Blanton Dormitory last year included annual all-dorm parties, a dinner for the waiters, a tree-decorating party, and open house before Christmas. At the tapping dinner in April, 24 new advisers were chosen for the coming year. Scope, the Blanton honorary based on scholarship and service, initiated girls with a 2.0 overall grade-point average twice last year. To keep the girls informed about dormitory activities, students edited and published the Blanton Beat, the dorm ' s own private newspaper. Mrs. Ruth Moore was resident counselor. Student assistants were Paula Barklay, Mardi Gaye Schultz, Patricia G. Middendorf, and Barbara Ann Bledsoe. FRONT ROW: Mary Huhndorff, Pamela Leming, Donna Isaacks, Elizabeth O ' Brien, Donna Wilkey, Rachel Spohn, Betty Birdwell, Frances Rea, Julie Norman, Mary Keller, Sally Tampke, Carol Welke, Susan Holmsley, Cather- ine Perley, Patricia Middendorf, Mardi Schultz, Margaret Roark. SECOND ROW: Donna Stone, Ruth Davidson, Elizabeth Chu, Esther Rogal, Joan Walthers, Carolyn Malley, Barrett Msrkland, Terry Cain, Susan Sandridge, Barbara Dischinger, Mary Parker, Terry Schmidt, Marie Fuqua, Martha Harper, Darlene Gill, Sandra Hermann, Susan Lippman. THIRD ROW: Donna Melton, Kathryn Kueneman, Virginia Limpus, Karen Lyda, Constance Howarth, Kathy Rivers, Judith Chott, Deborah Chisholm, Denise McGinty, Karolyn Pickens, Deborah Hillaker, Danielle Doyle, Judy Megason, Gayle Davles, Exa Jones, Helen Tinnerman, Margaret Walker, Glenda Garza, Rosemary Hancock, Carol Kanewske. FOURTH ROW: Laurel Lambert, Rosemary Jacobs, Catherine Snyder, Ellen Gray, Dale Smith, Cheryl Daly, Cary Sowell, Norma Azios, Mary Kelly, Mary Schuelke, Shirl Shirley, Marcia McBride, Jeanne Leslie, Marilyn Hadden, Rebecca Carr, Patricia Rogas, Sherlyn Roach, Carol Whilmire, Constance Scofield, Patricia Haralson. FIFTH ROW: Suzanne Caldwell, Beth Bentson, Sharon Moore, Rebecca Pestro, Pamela Wilson, Sally Bauer, Neva Bergstrom, Elizabeth Lawson, Lynn Johnson, Ann Yelderman, Alberta Brunner, Katherine Schroeder, Kathryn Crawford, Linda Culver, Doris Barren, Martha Cutler, Candace Arnold, Lynna Lewis, Suzanne Trout, Cynthia Sutherland, Mary Ramsey, Marieke Wempe. 440 FRONT ROW: Rose Mendoza, Thespo Parker, Linda Hedrick, Eleanor Ozmun, Sally James, Kiki Skandalis, Martha Morgan, Kathryn Bartosh, Sandra Hinman, Irma Crowley, Cynthia Medlin, Mary Williams. SECOND ROW: Martha Evins, Dolores Svoboda, Martha Jean Feind, Donna Donalson, Rachel Seledon, Alpha Molano, Joyce Strickland, Christina Moore, Marsha Lee, Rebecca Waldrip, Linda Mora, Janet Carter, Candace Kroon, Eileen Molley, Janet Reagan, Dora Meraz, Vonciel Jones. THIRD ROW: Elaine Custer, Linda Reagan, Barbara Burnham, Janis Newberry, Mary Mund- from, Anita Morales, Betty Haddock, Janelle Kasparek, Sandra Hewett, Sharyn Anglin, Diana Crouch, Blanquita Walsh, Rebecca Jacks, Elouise Burrell, Carol Bettge, Mary Standley, Beth Benton. FOURTH ROW: Lynda Coleman, Judith Williams, Margaret Centilli, Susan Squires, Barbara Brown, Margaret I ' Anson, Carol Myer, Carmen Jackson, Robyn Lively, Willadene Voigt, Etha Reavis, Donna Maury, Gloria Adams, Norma Williams, Janice Minger, LaVerne Dickinson, Marilyn Roberts, Sharon Sutherland. 1 1 }( Sk jf, W .(i, - t(bt Carothens Celebrating its thirtieth anniversary last year, Carothers Dormitory housed 128 Uni- versity women. Major social events of the fall semester included a Halloween party with skits, costumes, and hobgoblins and a Christ- mas door-decorating contest, open house, and old-fashioned tree-trimming party. The spring semester was highlighted by the annual ad- viser-tapping dinner. Other dorm activities in- cluded informal gatherings in the living room when residents gathered around the fireplace and piano for hootenannies and informal dis- cussions. Resident counselor last year was Mrs. Mabel Wroten. Student assistants were Kathryn Mary Bartosh, Kiki Skandalis, and Martha Jo Morgan. Carothers girls and their dates enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree in the living room. 441 Carousel Apartments Providing 65 University women the pri- vacy of supervised housing combined with the independence of apartment living, Carou- sel Apartments last year held an informal Christmas open house for dates and friends. Other open houses were held during the year at which guests were invited for visits and meals. Resident manager was Mrs. Lu- cille McClellan. Her assistant was Peggy Rogers. The living room allowed residents to enjoy their activities without disturbing others. Plans for the upcoming weekend were discussed during Thursday night dorm sessions. 442 REPRESENTATIVE COMMITTEE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Patricia Johnson, Barry Racusin, Patricia Hopkins, Michael Barren, Patrick Coym (standing), Freddie Barrett, William Eason, Carol Morrow, Glen Buell. NOT PICTURED: Phillip Brown, Clinton Davis, Thomas Moran, Cecile Russell. The Castilian Offering residents a concept in group living that provides for the recreational as well as educational aspect of student life, The Castilian is a 22-story coeducational dormi- tory. Recreational facilities featured an en- closed heated swimming pool, sauna baths, billiard and ping-pong tables, color television lounges, and gymnasium facilities. A refer- ence library, group meeting rooms, and a proctored study hall were available. Early in the year, a student planning committee consisting of an elected represen- tative from each floor was formed. Any activ- ity deemed beneficial to a majority of resi- dents could be instigated through this or- ganization which was financially supported by an activity fee paid by each resident. Dr. Victor Appel served as faculty adviser. Students gathered in the lounge to discuss their plans for the upcoming vacation. 443 Contessa A busy year at Contessa began with fall Rush Week when advisers helped incoming freshmen get acquainted and upperclassmen enjoyed reunions with old friends. Later, with the year ' s academic work well begun, an open house gave the girls an opportunity to show their rooms to parents and friends. A Halloween dance was the year ' s first major activity, followed by Christmas festivities, in- cluding the tree-trimming event, a " gag gift " party, and a door-decorating contest. A semi- formal Champagne Dance was the highlight of the spring semester. t.. f. Residents at Contessa often found time to relax and share confidences. SASffil IglS. - .-- ... .- ADVISERS: FRONT ROW: Roslyn Kiger, Marsha Wise, Alice Fisher, Kathleen Davis. SECOND ROW: Deborah Smith, Marion Grogan, Ruth Smith, Sally Gainer, Linda Glodt, Diane Davis, Sally Wingo. THIRD ROW: Sarah Woolrich, Kathy Andrews, Suzanne Milder, Pam Terwelp, Louise Ogden, Anne Roy, Pat Keyes, Sarah McAnnally, Charlynn Anderson, Karen Kaase. Dexter House ADVISERS: FRONT ROW: Susanne Bischofs, Evelyn Lawy. SECOND ROW: Sheila Jackson, Joyce Cowan, Karen Clark, Sandra English, Darlene Farnum, Linda Meisenheimer. THIRD ROW: Fanchon Lunin, Constance Hudgins, Mari- lyn McQueen, Pam Schwake, Joan Schneikardt, Marina McCollam, Betty Koivula. NOT PIC- TURED: Linda Menear, Margaret Coleman, Gloria Shoss. BELOW LEFT: Residents decorated their rooms in a variety of styles. BELOW RIGHT: Afternoon bridge games instigated fierce com- petition among residents. Unity and leadership have been the key- notes for Dexter House residents for the 1967- 68 academic year. Residents were active on campus in Angel Flight, Spooks, and in wo- men ' s intramural events, winning first place in the volleyball contest. Dinner speakers, both professors and civic leaders, were welcomed throughout the year, and special dinners and celebrations were held at holidays. Two in- ternational students from Peru and Chile were among residents last year. For the spring semester, in addition to the annual awards banquet and adviser tapping, Dexter House planned an excursion trip to HemisFair in neighboring San Antonio. 445 RIGHT: Saturday afternoon swims helped Hardin House residents relax after the week ' s ordeal. BELOW LEFT: Combination study units and kitchen- ettes attracted several girls. BELOW RIGHT: After dinner gatherings took place in the dorm. -,- ' 5 ' ' : " : + . - - L 9V 446 ? -?:Pi Hardin House A part of the University campus for more than a quarter of a century, Hardin House is privately owned and operated as an apart- ment-dormitory complex for women. Two swimming pools, study carrels, television and game rooms, and a sun deck were some of the facilities available to Hardin House resi- dents. The dormitory placed its emphasis on personal contact and home-like atmosphere. Several housemothers worked under the di- rection of Mrs. Stella Hardin, director and founder of Hardin House, and assisted the residents in their individual sections. TOP: Hardin House, located at 2206 Rio Grande, housed University coeds. ABOVE: During afternoon study breaks, residents assembled in the dormitory ' s living room to practice their musical skills and catch up on the day ' s news in comfort. 447 Heflin Manor bus service transported residents to and from class. Afternoon bridge games helped make the hours pass as impromptu foursomes gathered in the study before dinner. 1 II J9 LEFT: Heflin Manor girls helped earn money for charity by sponsoring a car wash at a local service station. BELOW: STUDENT ASSISTANTS: FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Houston, Dianne Rush, Linda McDavitt. SECOND ROW: Pennte Kennon, Carol Rulfs, Gail Weyel. Heflin Manor Active in campus, dormitory, and intra- mural activities, residents of Heflin Manor par- ticipated in many charity events. At Hallo- ween, student assistants and advisers spon- sored a party for the Austin State School, donating many toys made by Heflin residents. Other charity activities included the donation of apples to the School for the Blind, the decorating of a Christmas tree for the School for the Deaf, the making of gifts for the re- tarded children group, and selling of apples and washing of cars for Campus Chest. Traditional events at Heflin Manor in- cluded the annual adviser tapping dinner, special dinners honoring faculty members and guests, and celebration of residents ' birth- days each month. At Christmas, the dorm sponsored a tree-decorating party and an open house and door-decoration contest. The management staff consisted of Eunice M. Spoeneman and Mrs. Les Cannon, supervi- sors; Jeanne Geller, office secretary; and John H. Baker, manager. ADVISERS: FRONT ROW: Harriett Hawley, Bess Baker, Jill Little, Georgia Russell, Carol Conner. SECOND ROW: Sheila Skeen, Judith Windham, Beth Barnes, Beverly Brooks, Melissa McKenzie, Catherine Chaplin. LEFT: Residents at Heflin Manor gathered together to consume many pounds of food each day, but hoping not to gain pounds. 449 Kinsolving Kinsolving is the largest of the Univer- sity-owned dormitories and has a capacity for 800 girls. It was divided into an upper- classman unit and a freshman unit, each of which housed 400 residents. Some of the all-dorm activities included a hootenanny at Christmas and an open house. The individual dorm wings conducted special activities be- fore holidays. For Christmas, the girls had " secret Santas " who brought them gifts and, at Halloween, the girls presented skits. In Kinsolving South, there are two con- necting girls rooms and a community bath. Kinsolving North differs in that it houses its residents in units of four suites with a bath separating the two bedrooms. Due to changes in housing policy, however, Kinsolving North will no longer be open exclusively to upper- classmen and will be filled predominantly with freshman girls. Resident counselors were Mar- garet Brown, co-ordinator, Southeast; Helen Coffin, Southwest; Zadie Lumpkin, Northeast; and Idella Patterson, Northwest. B sfe V TOP: During University finals period, undergraduate residents at the Kinsolving Dormi- tory complex discussed the week ' s work and headaches, seeking sympathy from fellow residents at mealtime. ABOVE: Candlelight suppers were held in the dormitory dining rooms during the year, in addition to the more traditional Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter pre-Holiday dinners. 450 SOUTHEAST: FRONT ROW: Cheryl Zimmerman, Kathleen Clewis, Linda Blankenship, Laura Mehr, Cathy Hillard, Paula Smith, Rebecca Vance, Deborah Harlow, Mary Holm, Suzanne Swan, Carol Ellison, Michelle Nugent, Carol Koplan, Marion Hurt. SECOND ROW: Cathey Stringer, Adalynn Stevenson, Cynthia Scherz, Beth Eldridge, Mary Grace Fields, Diane Wolf, Iris Colton, Cynthia Johnson, Julie Sweeney, Nancy James, Joanie Ribnick, Susan Frazer, Virginia Richardson, Wendy Colbe, Barbara Zimmerman, Harriet Hochman, Betty Cummings, Margaret Shepherd, Bertha Genna, Gwynne Reeves, Brenda Skrhak. THIRD ROW: Susan Tally, Patricia Hill, Sarah Woods, Cynthia Grant, Dorothy Newhouse, Laurie Douglass, Ann Baltzer, Emma Lawrence, Beryl Katzman, Rosalind Golf, Deborah Wilson, Janann Geissinger, Carol Taylor, Martha Sophia, Carol Andrews, Dorothy Martin, Naomi Sonkin, Debra Stryer, Janine Nussbaum, Carolyn Cook, Deborah Gassaway, Christine Glynis, Margaret Anderson, Laurie Fredrickson, Linda Skrhak, Ada Neal, Phyllis Brown. FOURTH ROW: Susan Bayliss, Effie Georgas, Jane Huston, Georganne Tips, Valerie Roddy, Sharon Doedyns, Elizabeth Fine, Janelle Jacobson, Nancy Watzlavick, Mary Jane Andrews, Judith Leecraft, Georgann Chandler, Barbara McKelvy, June Melot, Barbara Smallshaw, Diane Davis, Barbara Whitfill, Deborah Elliott, Hazel Polk, Carolyn Skinner, Pamela Clark, Patricia Rhoades, Mary Wilson, Judith Johnston, Vicki Lewis, Sheila Bold. FIFTH ROW: Stephanie Farley, Susie Hahn, Nancy McCain, Mary Horton, Carol Arledge, Barbara Crowell, Carol Grossman, Karen Pearson, Kathleen McCarty, Kathleen Reymann, Tina Luterman, Mary McCurley, Addie Beamguard, Margaret Brown, resident counselor, Caralee Woods, Jennie Stuckert, Barbara Powell, Sharon Haskinson, Deborah Hargis, Betty Murray, Mary Kuby, Nancy Darby, Linda Cohn, Pamela Hardee, Susan McEntee, Emily Barrett, Cheryl Walker. SIXTH ROW: Marilyn Newmann, Cynthia Smith, Keesha Seitz, Jennifer Burnham, Marjorie Callahan, Martha Gose, Linda Terry, Janice Foster, Barbara teaman, Donna Bellinghausen, Patricia Daerr, Janney Hicks, Kathleen LeBrun, Christine Braunig, Sarah Goodwin, Ethel Miller, Jeanie Hargis, Nancy Moore, Judy LeMoine, Patricia Guinn, Janice Lawson, Joan Hasskarl, Susan Tucker, Donna Humberd, Janice Shanks, Sharyn Hamm, Suzanne May. SOUTHWEST: FRONT ROW: Norma Stanley, Nancy Billingsley, Lynn Tucker, Edana Coole, Sally Ford, Marilyn Shell, Velma Pipkin, Annie Brooks, Judy Hastedt, Lynn . Ferguson, Karen Malick, Helen Coffin, Judith Winkel, Karol Kolle, Carol Gilbert, Laurie Levin, Sara Hahn, Kathryn Cain, Loleta Blalock. SECOND ROW: Billie Riggin, Terry Muntz, Paula Gross, Marcia Ramser, Molly Mize, Nancy Alletag, Ruthmary Jordan, Anne Schoenike, Roslyn Hager, Linda Whatley, Harryette Warren, Karen Shepherd, Lawana Geren, Janet Peters, Dianne Fausset, Kathryn Fenley, Nancy Kessler, Alice Reynolds, Kathleen Senior, Linda Harris, Barbara Hoffer, Linda Kaplan. THIRD ROW: Janet Mayer, Stephanie Penninglon, Arlene Gershowitz, Franchescia Anderson, Donna Hoffpauir, Vicki Smith, Mary Tudor, Sarah Vaughan, Janis Giesecke, Constance Cohn, Betty Lamp, Nancy Van Kleef, Sharon Hill, Joni Yellin, Glenna Raffkind, Lauri Johnston, Vicki Acheson, Susan Forman, Diana Beavers, Martha Milling, Cheryl Cusac, Barbara Levinson, Elsa Scott. FOURTH ROW: Martha Fitzgerald, Margo Thames, Ruth Jones, Janet Thompson, Melanie Saunders, Teresa Wise, Susan Stoneburner, Virginia Mathis, Linda Landis, Mary Adams, Linda Stermer, Judy Evans, Marechal Smith, Barbara Darryl, Esther Skibell, Jane Emmerf, Billie Sp encer, Patricia Erickson, Nancy Merklein, Betty Fulwiler, Susan Haisten, Hedy Steincamp, Margaret Day. FIFTH ROW: Deborah Dunlap, Jane Burns, Cynthia Shepherd, Lynda Transou, Julie Greer, Patricia Brown, Donna Howell, Linda Hase, Sally Rhotenberry, Lynn Bradenberger, Lorraine Martyn, Elizabeth Flocke, Candice Chapel, Linda Zwiegel, Emily Brightwell, Ann Copeland, Diane Scamell, Candace Graham, Michelle Perry, Shelley Stephenson, Clarice Adams, Kathy House, Martha Goerner, Doris Kemp. 451 Kinsolving RIGHT: Kinsolving residents checked their mailboxes daily in hopes of receiving that long-overdue letter. BELOW LEFT: Noon lunches were served before the rush to one o ' clock classes took place. BOTTOM: The Kinsolving kitchen prepared 19 meals per week which were served cafeteria style by waiters. vV L. NORTHEAST: FRONT ROW: Dianne McEvoy, Carolyn Smith, Judy Mattel, Judith Vittetoe, Susan Godwin, Cynthia Davis, Zadie bumpkin, Jane Ellerkamp, Mary Binion, Pamela Haymes, Janice Carver, Ruth Ford, Laura Powell, Susan Cunningham, Patricia Stringer. SECOND ROW: Terry Ross, Nancy Duke, Sharon Stoorza, Ebba Adkins, Carol Davis, Susan Harrison, Lynn Pugh, Roxanne Richardson, Candace Carpenter, Julia Pike, Mary Anne Marabella, Margie Foster, Angeliki Papadopoulos, Linda Brannon, Vicki Ing, Susan Smith, Stephanie Barnes. THIRD ROW: Sharon Guild, Sally Moore, Rebecca Bramlett, Deborah DeBord, Beverly Pippert, Margo Mulvaney, Donna Boecker, Alice Binder, Jean Pazderny, Barbara Mazzagatti, Linda Steen, Dena Wright, Connie Spinosa, Deborah Gordon, Janis Cloud, Charlotte Goldberg. FOURTH ROW: Emy Lou Settle, Sharyn Decker, Brenda Brown, Linda Hughes, Linda Snider, Carol Council, Helen Pettit, Lindy Stirton, Karen Kennedy, Marsha Warinner, Sheila Dickinson, Cynthia Wallace, Valerie Davis, Halleta High- tower, Susan Keesee, Cecelia Barnett. NORTHWEST: FRONT ROW: Mary Dennis, Bonnie Graves, Carolyn Connell, Jessica Siebel, Nancy Browder, Idella Patterson, Linda McKee, Connie Cramer, Susan Ray, Bobbie Tarpley, Linda LaBaume, Judith Michna. SECOND ROW: Anne Pratka, Joleen Behrens, Judy Buchanan, Debra Mann, Jay Lynn McDonald, Nancy Miller, Marilyn Koen, Larrye Doing, Lurline Parish, Sharon Albert, Ann Lewis, Barbra Mann, Gail Prunty, Janet Smith. THIRD ROW: Cynthia Tate, Sharon Gordon, Claudia Erdmann, Melanie Bradshaw, Kathy Hodges, Marlene Hughes, Karen Bruggman, Billie Porter, Carolyn Dorman, Marilyn Rabon, Virginia Wynne, Susan Shtofman, Ann Jones, Andree Guillot, Elizabeth Curbello, Deborah Longnecker, Barbara Pederson. FOURTH ROW: Linda Vaughan, Linda Dietz, Karen Morrison, Betty Levine, Vicki Vinson, Gwyn Allen, Mary Pate, Margaret Spinn, Reatha Beck, Rita Sauls, Judy Reining, Tommie McDowell, Mary Robinson, Claudia Gernsbacher, Sherril Kirschner, Suzanne Bass. FIFTH ROW: Annetta Frey, Betty Benecke, Judith Skrivanek, Jennifer Townsend, Jacquelyn Higby, Laurie Smolins, Mary Peterson, Gail Buske, Catherine Kinsel, Patricia Walsh, Martha Howard, Jan Case, Diana Lawton, Ellen Fein, Patricia Little, Beverly Ingram. 453 German House New to the University campus last year, Deutsches Haus (German House) was located at 2103 Neuces (boys ' house) and 2101 Nue- ces (girls ' house). The adjoining houses were open to any University students who have a minimum knowledge of the German lan- guage. Only German can be spoken during meals and on the first floors of the houses. Coffees were held on Thursday nights where professors spoke to the students on German culture. Social events of the year included Okto- berfest, held in association with the University German Club, and parties at the home of Charles Schmid, manager of the two houses. A Christmas party was given in the boys ' house with German professors attending where Christmas carols were sung in German. Two German foreign students were added to the German House program. Officers for the two houses were Silas Osgood Hughes Jr., president; Mary Ann Weiss, secretary; Roberta Jane Juday and David C. Hollrah, house activities; and Anthony Ea ' rle Lumpkin, parliamentarian and sergeant-at-arms. Mrs. Charlotte Manger was housemother and Larry Heitkamp was boys ' house counselor. -. : German House residents learned the words and gestures to many old German folk songs. FRONT ROW: Mary Weiss, Marie Goyen, Mary Horn, Peggy Robertson, Adriana Gallardo, Charles Schmid, Carol Morrow, Margaret Lewis, Kathryn Lenox, Norma Lawrence, Harold Gratevant, David Hollrah, Chris- topher McHenry. SECOND ROW: Ray Tyler, Elbert Haber, Kaye Kimzey, Randie Boettcher, Edward Whitlock, Janis Volkening, Daniel Pitts, Barbara Brown, Cynthia Daniel, Sandra McDermatt, Roberta Juday. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Heitkamp, John Payne, Patrick Quintan, Stephen Rase, Christoph Brockhaus, Frances Davis, Charlotte Manger, Kelly Vann, Frederick Grow- cock, James Giesen, Charles Parsons, Sandra Occhipinti, Pamela Osgood, Veronika Muller, Charles Gray, Walter Cooke, Byron Holbert, James Kearney, Leonard Schulze. FOURTH ROW: Anthony Lumpkin, William Feather, Merrie Cronin, Lloyd Sloan, Lance Wittlif, Steve Gaskins, John Turpin, Silas Hughes, Franklyn Singer, Wallace Schroeder, David Bates. : -:- 454 FRONT ROW: Barbara Higgins, Karen Cook, Sandra Scaramell, Elizabeth Young, Mary Moore, Marilyn See, Mary Lyon, Patie Knight, Emily Kahler, Connelly Quinton. SECOND ROW: Beverly Stahly, Mehrbanoo Kavoussi, Dana Schweers, Catherine Yndo, Kathryn Wilson, Danna Welty, Donna Borron, Rebecca Morrison, Zohreh Malek, Patricia Moore, Sherry Freasier, Pamela Giffin, Linda Ward, Pamela Clarkson, Deborah Lapping, Mary Watkins, Diana Alldredge, Virginia Alspaugh, Kathryn Burkhalter, Norma Barrera, Dina Trevino, Nancy Duerr, Alma Hernandez, Sylvia Sanchez, Jesus Moreno, Susie Morenoy. THIRD ROW: Marie Diou, Nelda Biggs, Linda Reger, Royanne Fleming, Nancy Hinton, Carol Cummings, Gayla Grisham, Laura Williams, Alyce McCloud, Linda Aschbacher, Cornelia Reaves, Alona Thomas, Mary Bell, Donna Phillip, Sallie Worley, Eleanor Hinton, Ann Gaither, Martha Bonner, Deborah Olson, Karen Breen. FOURTH ROW: Janet Jennings, Kathleen Bailey, Patsy Guenzel, Lorraine Briggs, Mary Hannaman, Charlotte Johnson, Blanche Beasley, Kathleen Hannaman, Sally Glenewinkel, Rosemary Wigley, Cherry Kugle, Sally Denson, Carol Cullen, Deborah Brokaw, Deborah Sielaff, Patricia Farfan, Judith Smith, Linda Balogh. Kirby Hall Named for the first Dean of Women at the University, Helen M. Kirby Hall is owned and operated by the Womens ' Division of the Methodist Church. Known for its high scholastic standing, the dormitory ' s scholar- ship program included the Kappa Kirby Honor Society, plus senior counselors and upper- class advisers. The girls participated in the Kirby Singers, intramural sports, the annual formal party and open house, special holiday dinner programs, and weekly German, French, and Spanish conversation tables. Ministers from Austin churches spoke at each Sunday dinner following the meal. Advisers for the year were Karen Sue Cook, Marian Catherine Heaton, Kathleen Mary Higgins, Emily Malcolm Kahley, Pattie Jane Knight, Mary Karen Lyon, Connie Jean Quinton, Sandra Lou Scaramelz, and Eliza- beth Louise Young. Irene Powers was resident counselor and she was assisted by Mary Ann Moore and Marilyn Lillian See. Residents of Kirby Hall enjoyed a special Thanksgiving meal before leaving for the holiday. 455 Littlefield Completed in 1927 as a memorial to G. W. Littlefield ' s wife, Alice Littlefield Dormitory housed 166 University freshman women. Lit- tlefield ' s winter activities included the Aggie Sign Contest, a Dad ' s Day coffee, and a Christmas party for children from the Austin State School. In the spring, Littlefield resi- dents enjoyed the annual formal, an adviser tapping dinner, and a talent show. Girls earn- ing a 2.0 grade-point average became mem- bers of Littlefield Mortar Board. Among after- dinner speakers last year were Jack Holland, Dean of Students; Margaret Peck, Dean of Women, and a representative from VISTA. Advisers for the year were Sandra L. Al- brecht, Deann Allen, Linda Kay Bell, Sharon Sue Bozarth, Martha Eileen Fischer, Cynthia Anne Matherne, Deborah McCormick, Teresa Ann Milligan, Brenda Sue Parks, Martha Ann Rainey, Martha Lee Roberts, Linda Spangler, Sally Ann Tiller, Gerry Lynn Weatherford, and Karen Elise Yoder. Helen Blanche Delmar was resident counselor and was assisted by Hilda Marie Eddy, Nancy Lynn Haralson, and Carol Hardgrave. littlefield residents enjoyed many an afternoon sing-song while waiting for dinner. FRONT ROW: Gerry Weatherford, Judith Sparkman, Martha Rainey, Hilda Eddy, Carol Hardgrave, Deann Allen, Martha Fisc her, Helen Delmar, Martha Roberts, Karen Yoder, Lynda Spangler, Nancy Haralson, Brenda Parks, Sally Tiller, Sharon Bozarth, Linda Bell. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Matherne, Laura Williams, Eileen Josue, Lynn Hiramoto, Linda Kindel, Gail Arnold, Kathy Thomas, Priscilla Stork, Karen Carsch, Karen Schwecke, Pamela Kleifgen, Kay Bancroft, Donna Clendenen, Amy Brooks, Barbara Tabor, Suzanne LaLonde, Rosemary Collier, Diane Allen, Suellen Ball, Sharon Presley, Linda Benge, Deborah McCormick. THIRD ROW: Linda Wooley, Christine Walcher, Carol Emmert, Jane Hopkins, Charlene Haskin, Cinda Barnes, Sarah Hervey, Connie Chuoke, Carol Rawe, Paulla Parker, Carolyn Rice, Theresa Stovall, Dena Wilson, Donna Ness, Anne Feltus, Marjorie Poole, Melinda Diels, llene Bartosh, Elsa Garcia, Leah Mutz. FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth Minch, Janice Jennett, Jeannette Monahan, Gail McElwrath, Glennys Peterson, Nancy Shepard, Belinda Hare, Norma Sandberg, Beverly Beyer, Judith Head, Paula Atchison, Gayla Pegler, Koleen Kplley, Catherine Morris, Beverly Bain, Julia Jorgensen, Lea Huie, Barbara Till, Frances Fogle, Judy Perkin, Roselind Squyres, Theresa Stein. FIFTH ROW: Gladys Holstien, Dicksie Lewis, Dorothy Wright, Phyllis McAfee, Jackie Mallernee, Deborah Jones, Peggy Martin, Cynthia McCown, Jacqueline Ellington, Deann Powell, Emily Luedecke, Sherry Woods, Suzanne Bizzell, Barbara Hansen, Christine Davis, Georgia Ehlers, Rebecca DeWeese, Christine Houston, Brenda Guenther, Nancy Barton, Jacqueline Thiele, Harrie Pollok, Sherrianne Wylie. SIXTH ROW: Jane Wilde, Beth Wigginton, Lois Cronquist, Renate Riley, Susan Scott, Melinda Murphy, Karen Haraldson, Elizabeth Atkinson, Mary Dettman, Cathy Fairweather, Jo LeMay, Frances Timmins, Dinah Vacek, Sherry Hogden, Diane Stock, Eileen Bloom, Margaret Jenkins, Connie Smith, Deborah Finch, Mary Covode, Taffy Bagley, Phyllis O ' Donnell. 456 A pre-Chrisfmas vacation atmosphere provided the impetus for many dormitory songfests. Madison House Madison House, a privately owned and operated dormitory, offered residents a swim- ming pool and sun deck, color television, JDUS service to and from campus, and counseling services to aid the girls with academic and social problems. Before every holiday, special dinners were served, occasionally featuring guest speakers. On Halloween night, residents participated in floor races to collect money for a needy Austin family. Spring arrived with hootenannies and afternoon swims while movie enthusiasts had the opportunity to watch requested films presented by the dorm. Also, one-day round trips by bus to Hemis- Fair in San Antonio were planned. Several dorm mothers and student advisers worked under the direction of Mrs. Rex Bodoin, man- ager of Dexter and Madison Houses. ADVISERS: FRONT ROW: llene Carrington, Mrs. Mary Tinsley, Jane Adams, Sandy Schline. SECOND ROW: Maun Lupin, Stella Wiech, Diane Shetland, Sue Spiritas. NOT PICTURED: Gay Dessel, Georgia Putegnat, Susan Steinhaus, Sara Stuewe. 457 Mayfain House RIGHT: Mayfair House residents assembled around their swim ming pool on warm, fall afternoons. BELOW: Following dinner several girls formed an impromptu songfest. ADVISERS: FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Williams, Lenore Prudhomme, Anne Fraser, Jan File, Mary Markley. SECOND ROW: Beki Brooks, Judith Orton, Sally Wynne, Donna Piering. RIGHT: Residents gathered with the purpose of finding the weekend ' s blind date within the pages of the Cacfus annual. v 458 COUNSELORS: SEATED: Charlie Geiss, Donna Pool. STANDING: Fay Huston, house- mother. 459 RIGHT: BRACKENRIDGE HALL: FRONT ROW: John Skrhak, Riley Furr, James Ross. SECOND ROW: John Olivo, Barry Faulkner, Tom Delong. BELOW: STAFF: FRONT ROW: Helen Deathe, Dorris Sheppard, Wil- liam Garland. SECOND ROW: William Rogers, Alice Moore, Mattie Walker, Lottie Ward, Louise Hill, Lisetta Walenta, Elizabeth Cunningham, Jo Whitt. :;:: :- PRATHER HALL: FRONT ROW: Cox Crider, Raymond Whittington, Jerry Sharpies . SECOND ROW: Scotty Jergenson, Alfred Story. MOORE-HILL HALL: FRONT ROW: Thomas Schilling, Lewis Boyd, Charles Cotropia, Ervin Squires Jr. SECOND ROW John Runge, Patrick Palmer, John Totten, Bailey Delaney. THIRD ROW: Hayden Boland, Noble Doss Jr., Arthur Brender Jr., James Welch. 460 Men ' s Residence Halls ROBERTS HALL: FRONT ROW: Larry Maxey, Wayne Gathers Jr., Larry Sharpless. SECOND ROW: Robert Perkins, Michael Gillette, Don Disbennett. SAN JACINTO A: Charles Blanks Jr., Martin Tubbs. SAN JACINTO F, G, H: FRONT ROW: James Love, Michael Weller. SECOND ROW: Alan Dillingham. SIMKINS HALL: FRONT ROW: John Henderson, Robert Jones, Samuel Dealey. SECOND ROW: Joe Holland, Larry Feltz, James Mulva, Gerald Eagleburger. 461 In their own answer to Sing-Song, Newman Hall residents gathered at the piano to sing. Newman Hall Newman Hall, a women ' s residence hall celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 1968. Owned by the Dominican Sisters, it was the first Catholic dormitory erected on a secular campus and the second religious dormitory at the University. Named after John Henry Cardinal Newman, an English churchman, lec- turer, and author in the Nineteenth Century, the main building and a small annex housed about 70 residents. Advisers were Madeline L Caisse, Nancy Marie Chude, Gloria Ann Garza, Kathleen Eli- zabeth Kennedy, Doris E. Kristek, Susan E. Kruger, Shirley Anne Kuchar, Mary Claudia Neil, and Marilyn Elizabeth Vykoukal. Sister Francis O.P., was director and was aided by Johanna Crew as housemother and Katie Hoffman as housekeeper. The student assist- ants were Susan Marie Palousek and Barbara June Welp. FRONT ROW: Johanna Carew, Kathleen Kennedy, Doris Kristek, Madeline Caisse, Gloria Garza, Susan Kruger, Nancy Chude, Shirley Kuchar, Claudia Neil, Marilyn Vykoukal, Sister Francis. SECOND ROW: Susan Palousek, Susan Gould, Soohee Lee, Nancy Cruz, Tina Damascus, Charlotte Eyeington, Rosa Gonzales, Linda Ramirez, Linda Christopherson, Barbara Welp. THIRD ROW: Mary Catherine Moody, Isabell Baker, Lydia Salinas, Sheila Car- michael, Ludivina Samones, Patricia Pope, Joan Thonet, Becky Murph, Gay Irby, Leslie Hendricks, Rachel Castillo. FOURTH ROW: Fran Kramer, Eileen Sullivan, Laura Moncada, Clara Kim, Delores Oliveira, Paulina Van Bavel, Beatriz Perez, Pat Stansbury, Chris Meismer, Ann Arrington. FIFTH ROW: Stasie Janek, Irene Karlik, Angela Castaigne, Lou Holt, Estella Ramirez, Marie Mulkey, Susan Mack, Rebecca Idar, Connie Thomas, Jan Fenner, Marilyn Jurek. NOT PICTURED: Bea Becker, Sister Madeleva Fresquez, Sister Victoria Graves, Claire Kirkpatrick, Irma Lara, Kathleen Lawler, Susan Lewis, Sandra Logan, Lolly Mancha, Gracie Martin, Livi San Miguel, Michele Riddle, Doretta Wolter. 462 University Arms i LEFT: LEFT TO RIGHT: Adviser Patricia Massengale, Coun- selors Barbara Higley, Sandra Smith, Susan Patterson. NOT PICTURED: Advisers Judith Jones, Laura McNecll, Nancy O ' Neal, Liz Wooldridge, and Counselor Dot Nelson. BELOW LEFT: University Arms residents relaxed near the pool. BELOW: Early spring sun tans were obtained upon the dormitory ' s sun deck between classes. University Arms is a privately owned dormitory for 127 residents. A unique apart- ment arrangement for six girls consists of a living room, kitchenette, and three bed- rooms. During registration week, the Advisory Board welcomed newcomers and helped ac- quaint them with the University. Fall activi- ties included a Halloween party, a Turkey- Thanksgiving party, while Christmas brought a tree-trimming party and traditional Christ- mas dinner. Last year, counselors and advis- ers initiated a dorm tutoring program to aid residents in their courses. In the spring, the traditional luau and western patio barbeque were held. Housemother was Mrs. David Crawford who was assisted by Annette Steele. 463 RIGHT: Twice each year, active members of Scottish Scholars, the Scotish Rite Dormitory ' s academic honorary, tapped new members among the dorm ' s residents. BELOW: Evening formal meals were served with the help of student waiters. SCOTTISH SCHOLARS: FRONT ROW: Francie Walker, Dana Cameron, Cheryl Nelson, Susan Denn, Mary Bowers, Paulette Hinton, Linda Mitchell, Christine Adams. SECOND ROW: Penelope Reed, Victoria Burks, Phoebe Malmgren, Stella Hartman, Mary Forbes, Barbara Cranfill, Edwina Powell, Gail Gundersen, Carole Essig, Glenda Huffaker, Edith Allen. RIGHT: Residents took spring study breaks by relaxing, swimming, and playing cards near poolside behind the dormitory. 464 X ADVISERS: FRONT ROW: Frances Clarke, Carol Voyles, Linda Beck, Sally Bumpas, Betty Smallwood, Cynthia Raesener, Glenda Huffaker. SECOND ROW: Judith Kennedy, Patricia Friend, Cristine Stratton, Jane Billings, Meryl Cherry, Linda Deweese, Judy Johnson. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Caldwell, Deborah Chapman, Nancy Weaver, Martha Dozier, Linda Baugh, Barbara Seidler, Gail Gundersen, Diane Cudd, Carole Essig, Sherry Barnes, Edwina Powell, Kay Walker, Susan McMahan, Mary Leutwyler, Susan Hammett, Mary May. Scottish Rite A residence for University undergraduate women, Scottish Rite Dormitory is owned and operated by the Scottish Rite Masons of Texas. The year ' s activities included resident pajama parties, inter-dorm mixers, a Dad ' s Day open house, holiday parties, lectures, and a spring formal dance. The residence academic honorary, Scot- tish Scholars, served as tutors for residents and planned recognition dinners for girls with exceptional scholastic achievement. Outstand- ing alumni were honored at their spring tap- ping dinner. The Scottish Rite Educational As- sociation of Texas ' Board of Directors and Ex- ecutive Committee administered the dormi- tory. Mrs. C. F. McConnell was director, and Mary Leutwyler was head resident counselor. 465 Tower Manor Tower Manor began the year with a tra- ditional coffee and open house for parents on Dad ' s Day. Before Christmas the girls par- ticipated in a tree-trimming party and pro- gram for the girls and their dates. Candlelight dinners were held at Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. Located at 1908 Uni- versity, Tower Manor housed 84 residents. TOP: Barbara Amen (seated) and Judith Hollingsworth com- pleted dormitory records in the office. ABOVE: Tower Manor residents enjoyed the current women ' s magazines during study breaks in the living room. LEFT: Weekend bridge games took place while other residents watched television in a multi-purpose living room. BELOW LEFT: Tower Manor residents enjoyed a fall semi-formal. BELOW RIGHT: Evening hours brought independent study within the dorm. 467 ICC In the spring semester, the Inter- Cooperative Council sponsored its annual Co- op Week and talent show, featuring skits and musical numbers performed by its member men and women cooperatives. Each ' co-op also participated in an open house program where their individual units were open to friends, relatives, and the public. Member cooperatives attended the In- ter-Cooperative Council formal, were mem- bers of the Students ' Association ' s Housing and Cooperative Affairs committees, and par- ticipated in all co-op division intramural ath- letics throughout the year. Council officers for the year were Larry M. Fielder, president; John York, vice-president; Kim Smallwood, secretary; and David W. Lamb, treasurer. -i-- . . -: . ICC members worked late on their entry in the Silver Spurs ' Aggie Sign Contest. FRONT ROW: Frank Campbell, adviser; Barbara Brandenburg, Felicia; John York, T.I.O.K.; Kim Smallwood, Century; Larry Fielder, T.L.O.K.; Wanda Hubbard, Century; David Lamb, Campus Guild; M. Ruth Smith, adviser. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Lear, Whitehall; Jo Whitehead, Theadorne; Dru McBride, Century; Kristen McCaleb, Valhalla; Linda Slavik, Ha stead; Jana Hamlett, Powell; Mary Harrop, Ha stead; Lucinda Halstead, Ha stead. THIRD ROW: Patricia Hutto, Pearce; Virginia Johnson, Wakonda; Marian Janda, Powell; Andrea Frazee, Theadorne; Sigvrd Bue, Campus Guild; Delmar Fankhauser, Ramshorn; Carlos Femat, Stag; Carla Broome, Valhalla; Myrta Rienstra, Pearce; Lisabeth Lovelace, Felicia. FOURTH ROW: William Gastinger, Ramshorn; Andrew Allen, Campus Guild; Robert MacGregor, d Price; Larry Cloud, Stag; Gary Munneke, T.L.O.K.; David Stones, Theleme; Edward Garana, Ed Price; Leon Lowery, The erne; Allan Gebert, Royal. 468 FRONT ROW: Nita Brummett, Shangri-La; LueRachelle Brim, Whitis; Beth McEnery, Powell; Martha Watson, Wakonda; Karen Brandenburg, Fe ecia; Sharon Froehner, Pearce; Kathleen Henson, Wakonda. SECOND ROW: Sandra Cooper, Almetrisj Pamiel Johnson, Ha sfead; Sylvia Beckey, Cenfury; Adonia Purcell, Valhalla; JaNelle Mattingly, Theadorne; Susan Woolsey, Whitehall; M. Ruth Smith, adviser. Women ' s Council M -- -; FRONT ROW: Roy Gabryl Jr., T.L.O.K.; Stephen TerMaath, Sfag; Daniel Diaz Jr., T.LO.K.; Lance Craig, Ramshorn; Donald Tomlinson, Sfag. SECOND ROW: Bruce Cravey, Ed Price; Joseph Kuykendall, Royal; William Holden, Royal; David Stones, The erne; Gerald Towle, The erne; Kenneth Hinton, ri.ox. Men ' s Council 469 Women ' s Cooperatives ALMETRIS CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Sheila Borns, Barbara Douglas, Bessie Whiting, Constance Pullam. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Green, Carroll Smith, Delia Domoneck, Rita McNeil, Sandra Cooper, Ruby Bennett. THIRD ROW: Betti-Rachelle Poindexter, Clydie Scott, Trudie Kibbe, Doris Alexander, Patricia Simpson, Lynda Brown, Patricia Booker, Vivian Mayes, Arlease Reynolds, Betty Devereaux, Darlene Harper, Almetris Duren. .: : :; :: i CENTURY HOUSE: FRONT ROW: Anna Bishop, Mickey Gann, Catherine Campbell, Deborah Stanley, Susan Nance. SECOND ROW: Drucilla McBride, Claudia Fegette, Judy Roby, Teresa Truitt, Vivian Martinez, Susan Butler, Deborah White, Jennabeth Paynter. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Beckey, Marsha Vester, Madeleine Delker, Susan Massengale, Sandi Brinkman, Mary Monro, Kim Smallwood, Karon Houghton, Wanda Hubbard, Katherine Tucker, Cynthia Alsup. Wffl 470 FELECIA CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Molly Smith, Joanna Slavik, Christina Studer, Colleen Gossett. SECOND ROW: Kirsten Terrell, Mary Sandoval, Margaret Napier, Karen Brandenburg, Carol Carver, Aurelia Davila, Linda DiRienzo. THIRD ROW: Twyla Ihms, Linda Domel, Margie Hughes, Lisabeth Lovelace, Barbara Badillo, Sherrie Long, Robin Ritchie, Barbara Branden- burg, Janet Mantooth. NOT PICTURED: Mitzi Lauderback, Valerie Ostarch. . - :: " ; W " ' , , Tu . HALSTEAD CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Lou Ann Liebscher, Geneva Kirsch. SECOND ROW: Linda Slavik, Janet Rogers, Ruth Franklin, Evelyn Badger, Karen Brown, Linda Maddux. THIRD ROW: Patricia Harrop, Pamiel Johnson, Burna Hart, Patricia O ' Brien, Melissa Kulchak, Sarah Zalman, Lucinda Halstead. 471 PEARCE CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Laurie Spencer, Beverly Morrison, Pamela Roberson, Harriett Hobbs. SECOND ROW: Linda Lege, Nancy Bryant, Sharon Froehner, Marie Galloway, Susan Mueller, Patricia Hutto. THIRD ROW: Colette Jones, Myrta Rienstra, Susan Witta, Theresa Luke, Karen Maedgen, Jean Fleming, Edna Lee Williams. W to ;,!: (Ml h POWELL HOUSE: FRONT ROW: Virginia Kilkuskie, Angelina Moreno, Margaret Orr, Patricia Owen, Jana Hamlett, Mickey Owen, Deborah Keas. SECOND ROW: Judith Weber, Cecelia Duncan, Marian Janda, Gay Mc- Enery, Barbara Tucker, Ann Sebesta, Karen Coffey, Beth McEnery, Eileen Krampitz. 472 -:. ;-.,, . 1HID hfe ,,, SHANGRI-LA CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Nita Brummett, Patricia Kittles, Carolyn Van Dusen, Roberta Parker, Frances Tullos, Virginia Makrocki, Madelyn Walston, Linda Pacheco-Torres. SECOND ROW: Sharon Fisher, Kay Cude, Karen Greathouse, Johlyn Wolff, Mary Rylander, Theresa Ward, Nancy Stall, Mary Harrop. NOT PICTURED: Karen Anderson. Women ' s Cooperatives THEADORNE CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Eva Cardenas-Lozano, Rita Godines, Marie Fink, Magdalena Rood, Lynda Goff. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Bolf, Ruth Armistead, Kathy Akin, Andrea Frazee, Judy Rudd, JaNelle Mattingly, THIRD ROW: Jo Whitehead, Alice Dorries, Jacqueline Howard, Penny Guarles, Bonita Bower, Zonetta Duncan. 473 Women ' s Cooperatives VALHALLA CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Karis McCaleb, Barbara Levy, Linda Mi- randa, Julia Wofford. SECOND ROW: Peggy Sheridan, Darthi Follin, Susan Calvert, Mary Montgomery, Barbara Camps, Jean Canfield. THIRD ROW: Adonia Purcell, Linda Woodard, Jacquelyn Wackerbarth, Nan Hanover, Mary Curry, Carla Broome, Kristen McCaleb. HI : x WAKONDA CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Judy Patton, Maria Ramirez, Linda Modgling. SECOND ROW: Betty Younger, Susan Osborn, Martha Watson, Kathleen Henson, Mary Rose Almazan, Mary Cevazos, Joyce Younger. THIRD ROW: Elaine Quinn, Virginia Johnson, Barbara Bryant, LaNell Rotter, Rebecca Strawn, Carolyn Norton, Anne Stafford. 474 ' -Wilt WHITEHALL CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Mary Knipstein, Cynthia Lear, Jimmie Compton, Cynthia Leith. SECOND ROW: Nina Glasgow, Sandra Rannals, Elizabeth Gedwed, Martha Ferguson, Elisabeth Tubbs, Bertha Hill, Angela Welford. THIRD ROW: Emily Schanzer, Sue Haugarth, Carol Mitchell, Jackie Foster, Nancy Stephens, Marie Bader, Edith Domel, Mary Denny, Nancy Gibson, Susan Woolsey. NOT PICTURED: Paula Baker, Nancy Loewen. I WHITIS CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Mildred Hubbard, Edna Munson, Jennifer , , Hartley, Patricia Leonard. SECOND ROW: LueRachelle Brim, Patricia Blake, Annette Randall, Gertha McNeil, Patricia Edwards. THIRD ROW: Olivia Hartman, Ruth Miles, Linda Routt, Charlene Taylor, Shirley Godfrey, Ty Grimstad, Karen Cronquist, Susan Somppi, Linda Merriweather, Anne Crane. NOT PICTURED: Donna Denn, Patricia Porter 475 Men ' s Cooperatives Room and board rates in co-operatives were lower than most University housing as members performed their own cooking and housekeeping. During the spring Co-op Week, house members stressed not only the financial advantages of co-ops but also the closer per- sonal relations developed by working to- gether. Just as houses varied in the distribu- tion of duties, they differed in disciplinary methods. The co-op may have a house rules committee that aids the coordinator or the responsibility may fall on the president. Among other campus activities, members par- ticipated in University charity and intramural events. Men ' s cooperatives competed among themselves in all University-sponsored intramurals. f CAMPUS GUILD CO-OP: FRONT ROW: David Hernandez, Hector Lujan, John Fujioka, William Fannin, Charles AAott, John Mayo, David Bue, William Reaves, Douglas Hall, Patrick Matzner, Daniel Rivera, James Calderon, David Jevas. SECOND ROW: Francisco Guerra, Wayne Rash, Paul Johnston, Loyd Vick, Michael Carlberg, Ray Roeder, William Hal- stead, Bruce Cozad, John Nichols, Martin Bankson, George Austria, Armin Feldman, Richard Bue, David Lamb. THIRD ROW: Sing-Hue! Huang, Adrian Huckabee, Neil McFeeley, Timothy Eastling, Jose Trevino, Elias Zuniga, Arvid Youngquist, Robert Elizondo, Anthony Davidson, Thomas Swinbank, Bun-ichi Ohtsuka, Edwin Bishop, Juan Medrano, Dean Shimek. FOURTH ROW: James Baker, Richard Terrazas, Lloyd Olsen, James Craig, John Reed, William Albert, James Hurst, Victor Wehman, Bruce Neeley, Stephen Pryor, Ryan Allen, Ross Ligon, Richard Kingsley. b. 476 ED PRICE HALL: FRONT ROW: Michael Payne, Gary Hyatt, Harry Durham, David Baker, Thomas McCanne, James Winzig, Donald Baker. SECOND ROW: William Webber, Robert MacGregor III, Ray Jordan, Darryl George, Bruce Cravey, Edward Garana, Ronald Urrabaz, Frank Svrcek. THIRD ROW: Alexander Garcia, Emmerick Pavlas, Donald Wiederhold, Donald Morran, Curtis Carr, Iraj Amirkabirian, Keene Melde. NOT PICTURED: Rubin Doltoro, Gregg Hill, Paul Riley, Charles Robinette. I . K310H RAMSHORN CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Gumaro Garza, William Buchholtz, William Gastinger, Gilbert Peon, Nolan Bowman. SECOND ROW: Gerald Livengood, William Carmichael, Frank Wagner Jr., Wray Kinard, Roy Mills Jr., Eladio Barrera, Leonard Sturn. THIRD ROW: Lance Craig, Thomas Tennison, Frank King, Robert Scholl, David Murphy, Cecil McKenzie Jr. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Bellinger, Bruce Triesch, Benjamin Dickson III, Delmar Fankhauser Jr., Michael VanDevender. NOT PICTURED: David Barnes, Jimmy Coolidge, Rolando Garcia, William Gastinger, Ray Jones, Russell Owen, Edgar Rhea, Noe Soza, William Varian. 477 Men ' s Cooperatives ROYAL CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Mark Larrumbide, Hal Corley, George Patino, Ruben Zertuche, Gary Hough, Kenneth Walker, Carroll Forrest, Lewis Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Jim Walton, Kenneth Schroeder, Allan Gebert, Clarence Von Bergen, Joe Kuykendall. THIRD ROW: Darrell Hardman, Alvin Nirider, Don Towsley, Harry Clark, Del McKenzie, Norman Hajdik. NOT PICTURED: Joe Branahan, Charles Dupuy, William Holden, Thomas Powell, William Walker. " :.: 1 iKO STAG CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Billy McCaslin, Ted Green Jr., Carlos Femat, Donald Tomlinson, Fred Sternberg, Elroy Sneed, Randal McDonald, Aaron Herman. SECOND ROW: Weldon Moser, Gilberto Gonzalez, Daniel Garcia, Ernest Haywood, Sebastian Davis, David Moerbe, Vance Neathery Jr. THIRD ROW: Hugh Patton, Stephen TerMaath, John Nolan, Faulder Colby, Larry Cloud, James Williams, Monty May. NOT PICTURED: Michael Berg- man, Ronald Latimer, John Love, James Marler, Warren Scholz. 478 " Win, THELEME CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Arthur Murphy, Lorenzo Castro, Ben Manny, David Keuter, Orest Gwozdziowsky, Charles Dyer, Jose Olivares. SECOND ROW: Jack Fleetwood, Randall Burrow, Gerald Towle, David Stones, Edward Zihlman Jr., Leon Lowery Jr. i : : ' : " He, . , tut k TLOK CO-OP: FRONT ROW: Allen Anderson, Daniel Diaz, George Rosales, Milton Smith, Wilmer Mitchell, Walt Wilder, Ricardo Ramos. SECOND ROW: Roy Gabryl, Charles Pate, Gilbert Alonzo, Birch Kimbrough II, Gary Munneke, John Zammito, Larry Fielder, Roland Hartzog, John York, Barton Cherry. THIRD ROW: Thomas Pahl, Ron Thornhill, Michael Megahan, Robert Moore, Robert Pennington, Leroy Mitchell, Kenneth Hinton, Jaen Lawrence, Dirk Fraser, Guy Ezelle. NOT PICTURED: Ronald Buls, Ryce Wilson. 479 The Student Population He is the son of the Houston oil company president, Dallas banker, Pecos rancher, Amarillo High School football coach, Fort Worth labor union organizer, San Antonio Air Force captain, Laredo customs inspector . . . 1SBB 480 KW C ALMEIDA, MAURO LAURIA, Recife, Brazil APOLZON, GEORGE THOMAS JR., Lorain, Ohio Business, BIX BA ARNOLD, WILLIAM METCALF, Woonsocket, R. I. Latin American Institute, ZAE ATKINSON, GARDNER D. JR., San Antonio Mechanicol Engineering, JITI, American Nuclear Society AYERS, LOUIS McCLELLAN JR., Lake Charles, La. Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Arnold Air Society, Intramurals. BALDWIN, SUSAN OSTERHAUS, Austin Ma thematic Education BARBOUR, HENRY HAMILTON, Colonial Heights, Va. Mechanical Engineering, YR, ASME BARR, RICHARD STUART, Austin Management, X , IEEE, Engineering Council, Associa- tion tor Business Application of Computers BEAMER, GEORGE CHARLES JR., Austin English BERNARDONI, STEPHEN LOUIS, Galveston Secondary Education and History, BOLAND, HAYDEN EDWARD, San Antonio Political Science BOSWELL, JOHN DAVID, Austin History, f A6, AROTC, Proetorion Guard BUCHANAN, JOHN WAYLAND, San Antonio Pharmacy, 1 K8 CAMP, ROGER EDWIN, Post Business and Finance, AK , T Association, Scabbard and Blade, Intramurals, Simkins Epicureans CHAYASOMBAT, SITTICHAI, Bangkok, Thailand Architecture CHINTRAKARN, KAMOL, Bangkok, Thailand Civil Engineering, XE COFFMAN, JAMES DANNY, Pittsburg Mechanical Engineering, TBH, IIT, ASME COOK, DON SELMAN, Victoria Accounting DAMMERT, ALFREDO JUAN, Lima, Peru Chemical Engineering, AX1, Peruvian Association DANZIGER, HERBERT KENT, Helena, Ark. Business, TA4 Graduates DAVIS, JACKSON BEAUREGARD JR., Shreveport, La. Finance DILLARD, RICHARD RAY, Odessa Communication, 11, AX, IFC DOGGETT, LLOYD ALTON, Austin Business, AXA, Students ' Association President, TSP Board of Directors DOLESHAL, LESLIE LEE JR., Austin Vocational Rehabilitation DWYER, WILLIAM HENRY, Austin Finance, I A6 DYER, MIChAtL EARNEST, Odessa Business, BSU EASTLING, TIMOTHY ANDREW, Atlanta, Ga. Government, YR ESPINOSA, J. RAUL, New York, N. Y. Latin American Studies, 4 K6, International Club, New man Club, International Business Association, MUN, Public Relations Society FATHMAN, ROBERT EDWARD, Farmington, Mich. Clinical Psychology, Newman Club FELDAAAN, ROBERT NEAL, Santa Ana, Calif. Journalism, ZAX, Fentress Fellowship FLOYD, FRANK MICHAEL, Baytown Chemistry, TBII, QXE, K , AT FRELS, LEON KELLY, Lolita Low, AXA, KAFI, HZA, TSEA FRICH, MICHELLE DIANNE, Corpus Christ! GARLAND, GEOFFREY MICHAEL, Punch Bowl, Australia Mathematics GENTRY, THOMAS JORDAN, Big Spring Business Administration, IIKA, TBII, H, HKN, Outstand- ing Student, Dean Jack Holland Award, Silver Spurs, Order of Alcalde, Assembly, IFC GONZALEZ-DELGADO, CARLOS ALBERTO, Monterrey, Mexico Management and Accounting, International Club GRUMBLES, JOHN PAT, San Saba Office Administration, QPA, FE, AX GUY, PAUL WILLIAM, Austin Mathematics HALL, CATHERINE, Pittsburgh, Pa. English, XT A, Texas Engineering and Science Magazine, Coctut, Graduate Association HALL, WALTER AAARTIN, Fort Worth Law, OAK, 4 AA, Acacia, Goodfellow, Order of Al- calde, Assembly, IFC, Student Association Committte, Faculty -Student Discipline Committee ft 482 HAMBLIN, DARYL KIM, Jackson, Miss. Clinical Psychology HARDY, JAMES ROFF, Abilene HARRIS, DARLENE FAYE, Pasadena Mathematics, ZTA, Freshman Cheerleader, Royal Spirit Com- mittee, While Star Sweethearts HARRISON, HERMAN WADE, Dallas Physics HEABERLIN, CONLEY HARTSELL JR., Jackson, Mits. Government HEFFINGTON, WARREN MALCOLM, Round Mountain Aerospace Engineering, TBH, SPT, K , AIAA HEMME, EDWIN DAVID, Lockhart Business HENRY, CAMERON EDWARD, Corpus Christ! Business Administration, 4 2K HINES, JOHN STANLEY, Austin Aerospace Engineering, AIAA HOOD, DONALD CURTIS, Beaumont Low, 4E, Student Member of American Bar Association HORNUNG, WARREN GEORGE, Gonzales Anthropology HOUSTON, SAMUEL SYKES JR., Austin Law, 4 AA, International Law Society, Association of Criminal Law Studies HOWELL, JO ANN, Bonham Computer Science, AAA, TBS, Long horn Band, Texas Stars, Spooks, Upperclass Advisor, Association of Computing Machinery HOWELL, ROBERT BENTON, Midland Physics HUNT, CHESTER F., Pleasanton Education, KTA, K , SAX, 4AK, Brackenridge Fellow- ship, Kellogg Fellowship, Wall Street Journal Fellowship, Teaching Assistant HUNTER, HAROLD COOPER, Dallas Finance, Intramurals, American Finance Association JONES, MILTON ANDERSON JR., Meridian, Miss. Civil Engineering JORDAN, DOWDELL WYLIE, Brady JOSTES, LYNWOOD CHARLES, Tynan JUSTICE, JAY VERNON, Austin Mathematics KAVOUSSI, ROSTAM MEHRAHAN, Karkhaneh, Iran Mechanical Engineering, TBIT, K4 , OAK, IT.T2, BF2 Inter- national Club, ASME, Assembly, Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, Friar Society, Engineering Fellow, Good- fellow, Outstanding Student, Outstanding International Student Award KIGHT, CHARLES LESTER, San Antonio KING, BILLY RAY, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering, HKN, IEEE, TSPE KUEHLER, GERALD PAUL, Stamford, Conn. Chemical Engineering, AXE, TBII, OXE, AT, AlChE LAAKSO, JOHN LLOYD, Los Fresnos Economics LEE, CHIN-YUAN, Yunlin, Taiwan Civil Engineering LESTER, HENRY WILLIAM, Boerne Business, Tejas Club LINDSEY, GEORGE TAYLOR, Midland LUND, WILLIAM LAWRENCE, Borger Nuclear Engineering, ASME, TSPE, American Nuclear MACAULAY, JOHN JAMES, Rockhampton, Australia Business, Rotary Foundation Fellow, International Club MALAN, GREGORY FRANKLIN, Corpus Christ! Nuclear Engineering, American Nuclear Society MANSUVAN, PRASAD, Dhonburi, Thailand Public Administration, Thai Student Association MARGOLIS, BARRY HOWARD, Houston Law, EA, Silver Spun, Goodfellow, IFC President, Out- standing Student MARTIN, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Baytown Business, Affl, Association for Business Application of MARTIN, JAMES OWEN, Commerce Architectural Engineering, AAAE MCCOY, NOEL HOLT, Grand Prairie Education Administration, J AK MCDONALD, BRUCE ANDREW, Fort Worth Music, A Cappella Choir MICHNA, JUDITH ANN, Woodsboro English, AAA, BK, B Kinsolving, Kinsolving Advisor and Student Assistant MINNICK, DONALD JOHN, Dallas Business Management, K , Dean ' s Advisory Council, MBA MPA MIRZA, SHER ALI, Karachi, Pakistan Civil Engineering, ASCE, International Club 483 IH m rl MONEYHON, CARL HOFFMAN, Austin History MONTEMAYOR, JOSE DE JESUS, Durango, Mexico Physics, 2HS MORRIS, NANCY WALDINE, San Angelo English NAHDI, KHAMIS AMER, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Mathematics NAPIER, HOMER ALBERT JR., San Antonio Statistics, 4 K I , Association for Business Application of Computers, Dean ' s Advisory Council O ' KEEFE, JOHN HERBERT, Tuscaloosa, Ala. English ORBECK, JOSEPH CARROLL, Gatesville Studio Aft ORE, CASIO ROLANDO, Lima, Peru Physics OSBORNE, PAUL DUAN, San Antonio Computer Science, TB1I, Association for Computing Ma- OUNG, FENG YEN, Taiwan, China Petroleum Engineering PAEK, PONG HYON, Kyong Buk, South Korea Latin American History PEARRE, CHARLES MORGAN III, Weslaco Civil Engineering, AX, TBII, XE, 25, ASCE, SAME, TSPE PICKETT, DAVID FRANKLIN, Corpus Christi Chemistry, AT, AlChE, Teaching Associate PIERCE, CHERYL JEAN, Richmond, Va. Fine Arts Drama, Jessie Jones Scholarship, Graduate Assistant PIPKIN, JOHN RAYMOND, San Angelo Finance, KA, American Finance Association, Association for Business Application of Computers, Student Association Com- mittee, Challenge, Freshman Golf PYLE, ERNEST SEABORN JR., Magnolia, Ark. Mathematics RADDE, PAUL OLIVER, Wahpeton, N. Dak. Education and Psychology, Challenge, Texas Union Ex- ecutive Council RATNER, CELITA, San Antonio Library Science, Freshman Council, Texas Union Com- RAWLINGS, JOHN SELBY, Tyler Mathematics REAGOR, FRED LOGAN, Shreveport, La. Mathematics REAGOR, MARY PENSWORTH, Shreveport, La. Mathematics REAMS, GAIL JACOBY, Houston Physics, H2, BK, ZII2 RETMONO, R., Surabaja, Indonesia Applied Linguistics RICHARD, THOMAS GLENN, Austin Business, Teaching Assistant RODRIGUEZ, EULALIO MUNOZ, Victoria Psychology RODRIGUEZ, FEDERICO ANGEL, Monterrey, Mexico Mechanical Engineering, TITS, American Nuclear Society ROEDER, BETTE McCALL, Waco Germanic Language SCHKADE, ALBERT FRED JR., Giddings Aerospace Engineering, TKE, TBTI, EHT, K , Long- horn Bond, AIAA, Longhorn Flying Club SENTERFITT, RODNEY ERROL, Holland Physics, KZ SHOCKLEY, THOMAS VALCOUR III, Austin Electrical Engineering, IEEE, TSPE SIDDIQI, QAISER SAEED, Pakistan STERNER, DAVID ARTHUR, Garland Chemical Engineering, FA, AlChE STUESSY, TOD FALOR, Austin Botany TECHACHAN, SAKDI, Pitsanuloke, Thailand Public Administration TICKNOR, JANET GILLAM, Fort Worth Education, T B, TIAO TIMS, JAMES IRVING, Cleveland, Miss. Low, Acacia TOWNSEND, RICHARD LAFAYETTE, Flora, Miu. Accounting, BA+ TUFEKCIOGLU, CENGIZ, Ankara, Turkey Buiinw VIUALOBOS, JOSE ALBERTO, Naranjo, Costa Rica Phyiici WAID, KENNETH RICHARD, Austin Nucltor Engintring, American Nuclear Society 484 WALKER, JIMMY RAY, Tyler Marketing, American Marketing Association WHARTON, THOMAS LEE, San Antonio Electricol Engineering, TBII, HI, HEN, Engineering Fel- low, Praetorian Guard, SAME, IEEE, ROTC Rifle Team, Research Engineering Assistant WILLIAMS, JAMES MADISON JR., Fort Worth Accounting, Acacia, H2, BF2, BA , K , Association for Business Application of Computers WILLIAMS, LYNN CHRISTINE, Houston Mathematics Education WILLIAMS, TROY DAVID, Ozona Low WILLIAMS, WARREN STEWART, San Antonio Mathematics, H2, BK WILLSON, PATRICK JAMES, Austin Government, KT, IFC, Vanity Carnival, Editor IFC Light, Students ' Association Committee WOLFE, JAMES DOUGLAS, Garden City, Kans. Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, XS, ZT YOUNGBLOOD, SHERRY JANE, Waskom Special Education ZINN, FRANKLYN KING, Austin Education, AT, Kill, T6T Graduates Graduating Seniors ABERNATHY, LARRY WAYNE, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, TBH, HKN, IEEE ABERNATHY, MARSHALL W. JR., Hughes Springs Chemical Engineering, AXS, AlChE, House of Delegates ABNEY, PATTY LOUISE, Hillsboro Home Economics Education, AZ, Home Economics Chapter, YR, Campus Crusade for Christ ABRAMOWITZ, DAVID, Denison Personnel Management, I AM, XK , Arnold Air Society, Mitchell Aerospace Flight, Intramural! ADAMS, JOHN SAMUEL, Gladewater ADENSAM, MARILEE CLAIRE, Irving Psychology, A , AAA, X, BK, CEC ADKINS, BRIAN HOWARD, Georgetown Government, Varsity Tennis, Men ' s Glee Club, YR, Pre- Law Association ADKINS, RIETTA CAROLINE, Houston Art History, T f B, Round-Up AFTERGUT, MYRON DAVID, Pampa Indust rial Management, SAM AGOMO, JAMES BERNARD O., Biafra, West Africa Economics AHRENS, SHARON LINN, Dallas linguistics, KAH, 1TA, A S Council AIDE, FOUAD KHALIL Major, Charlotte Psychology AKERS, JUDY KAYE, Brownfield Government, KA, YD 485 ALANIZ, REYNALDO JR., Brownsville Pharmacy, LPhA, Newman Club ALEXANDER, DAVE WAYNE, Houston Mechanical Engineering ALEXANDER, DIANE LOUISE, Pasadena Interior Design, T-tB, YR, AID ALLEN, JOHN DEAN, Longview ALLISON, SHARON IRENE, Woodville Physical Education, Angel Flight, PEM Club ALLISON, WILLA KATHRYN, Houston English, AZ, Freshman Council, Little Sisters of the Mystic Eye, International Club ALMAZAN, MARY ROSE, Taylor French, Inter-Cooperative Council ALMOND, MALCOLM WILLIE III, Fort Stockton Pharmacy ALMY, ROBERT ENGELHARDT, Carlsbad, N. M. Mathematics, Y Board of Directors, Spanish Club ALSPAUGH, VIRGINIA LANIER, San Antonio History, FAE, Southe.rn Singers, Canterbury Association, Freshman Council, Dean ' s List ALSUP, ACE HILL, Temple Zoology, ATA, BK ALTMAN, MICKEY DAVID, Houston Advertising, 4 ZA AMEN, MARIA BARBARA, San Antonio Music Education, ZAI, Tower Manor Student Assistant ANDER, ANNET SUSAN, Seguin Elementary Education, KAJI ANDERSON, JO ANN, Cameron Mathematics, TAE ANDERSON, ROBERT EDWIN, Austin General Business, AX, Men ' s Glee Club, Disciple Student Fellowship, Simkins Epicurean Association ANDREWS, RONALD ELVIN, Austin Actuarial Science, AK+, Actuarial Science Club ANGELL, KATHLEEN W., Dallas Elementary Education ANGENEND, PAUL DAVID, Houston American Studies, AXA, A4 fi, 4 A6, Electron Commis- sion, Student Association Committees, Cactus, Faculty- Student Discipline Committee, A S Council, House of Delegates, Goodfellow ARCHIBALD, FRANCES ANNE, Kilgore Elementary Education, ITA9 Graduating Seniors ARMSTRONG, MARTHA JO, Madison, Wise. French, ASA, HA , TAE, French Club, Dean ' s List, Round- Up, Student Association and Texas Union Committees ARNOLD, RICHARD SMITH, San Antonio Electrical Engineering and Management, Acacia, $H, Dean ' s List, NROTC ARNOLD, WALTER DeWITT, Fort Worth Architecture, Honor Roll ASKINS, JILL, San Antonio Accounting, Canter Club, Freshman Council, YR ATCHLEY, LINDA KAY, Wichita Falls Elementary Education, AAA, White Star Sweethearts AUTREY, JEFFERSON WYATT, Waxahachie Government, $A6 AVERETT, GREGG HERLONG, Atlanta, Ga. Personnel Management, AIAA, NROTC AVERY, JOHN SHARP, Austin Government, KZ AYERS, JOHN HAROLD, Austin Accounting AZIOS, SYLVIA ALICIA, Laredo Elementary Education, Council for Exceptional Children BABIN, REGINA JANE, Beaumont Elementary Education, AAII, Longhorn Flying Club BAGGETT, PAMELA ANNE, Fort Worth Journalism, FAX, Doily Texan BAILEY, DONALD KENNETH, Nacogdoches Mathematics, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society BAILEY, PATRICIA LYNN, Nacogdoches Art, .AAA, K . Cordettes, Dean ' s List BAIRD, ANN CATHRYN, Fort Worth German and French, r$B, Assembly, Angel Flight, Spooks, SRD Adviser BAIRD, GLEN MILTON, Temple Personnel Management BAKER, ALLAN ROSS, Mesquite Plan II, Longhorn Band, Pro-Law Association, Goodfellow BAKER, DAVID MITCHELL, Edna Personnel Manogement, AK BAKER, KELLY LYNN, Dumas Finance, AO, Vanity Football and Basketball, Silver BAKER, ROBERT CARLOS, Edna Aerospace Engineering, TB1T, EFT, AIAA 486 BAKER, THOMAS LYLE, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, longhorn Band, ASME BALDWIN, JOHN CLYDE, Houston Zoology, 4 A9 BALDWIN, LINDA ANNE, Houston Finance, KA0, Y, Little Sillers ol Minerva BALDWIN, THOMAS OAKLEY, Austin Chemistry, Longhorn Band BAMBERGER, NANCY JEAN, Austin Elementary Education, KAII BARAZI, M. BASSAM, Hama, Syria Civil Engineering, Organization of Arab Students BARGER, ROBERT WILLIAM, Tyler Personnel Management, YR, Law Bachelors Club, Model United States Senate Association BARKLEY, PAULA JEAN, Athens Marketing, AI ' A, Blanton Student Assistant BARNARD, JERRY ALLEN, Dallas English and Biology BARNETT, JERRY LELAND, Dallas Pharmacy, 2X, LPhA, UTSAM BARNHART, ROBERT JOEL, Pettus Chemistry, AXE BARON, FREDERICK MARTIN, Smithville Government, I 1A. BARRERA, ED D., Laredo Journalism and Government, AX, YD, Newman Club, Laredo Club BARRETT, DAVID LESLIE, Bellaire History BARRON, KENNETH GENE, Bay City Advertising BARRY, SALLIE JANE, Houston Elementary Education, KA0 BARTLETT, CHERYL KELLY, Marlin Office Administration, IlSiTl BARTOSH, KATHRYN MARY, Columbus Elementary Education, Newman Club, Newman Hall Adviser, TSEA, Orange Jackets, Operation Brainpower BASKIN, MICHAEL OLON, Lamesa Psychology, HS, t BK BATES, ROY EUGENE, Fort Worth Business Honors Programs, 4 " H2, $K I , BF, Longhorn Band, Dad ' s Day Outstanding Man Student, Texas Union Council and Board of Directors, Students ' Association Com- mittee, Order of Alcalde, CBA Council, Outstanding Stu- dent BATTLE, FREDERICK WADDY JR., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Power Show, International Club BAUCUM, JANE, Houston Elementary Education, ZTA BAUER, PAULETTE GWEN. Bceville Chemistry, ASA, IIII, HA6, BKinsolving, Newman Club BAUGHN, MARILYN LEE, Fort Worth Physical Education, AOH, AID, PEM Club, UTSA BAW, ROBERT ALLEN, Harlingen Finance, IIKA BAXTER, CYNTHIA LEE, Austin History BEADLE, PATRICIA FAY, Beaumont Zoology, A Cappella Choir BEAL, MICHAEL SMITH, Tyler Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE BEAMER, DORIS JUNE WOLFE, Austin Pharmacy, KE, LPhA BEASLEY, ELEANOR CORLESS, Houston Statistics, ZTA, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Freshman Orien- tation, Campus Chest, Association for Business Applica- tion of Computers, Goodfellow, Dad ' s Day Award, Out- standing Student BEAVER, JUDITH LYNN, Queen City Advertising, FAX, Challenge, Freshman Council BEAVERS, LYNNE ADAIR, Houston Interior Design, KKF, Posse, Freshman Council Adviser, White Star Sweethearts BEAZLEY, MARY GENE, Brenham Business Education, II ' JII, House of Delegates, Student TSTA BECK, DAVID DREW, Wharton Interior Design, X4 , AID BECK, RICHARD EARL, Portland Phirmocy, K , LPhA BECKEY, SYLVIA LOUISE, Deer Park Plan II, Pre-Law, ICC, MUN, UTSA, Century Hous Co- BECKWITH, SHIRLEY ELLEN, Harlingen Zoology BEDELL, DOROTHY FERRELL, Houston Zoology BEENE, NANCY SUE, Big Spring Mathematics, AZ, Freshman Council, Students ' Associa- tion Committee BEERE, CHARLES WEBSTER, San Antonio Civil Engineering 487 BEESLEY, WADE HAMPTON, III, San Angelo Accounting, tK BEIN, BRYNA JOYCE, Corpus Christ! Elementary Education, A E, Kill, IIA9, f K . Education Council BELK, ELIZABETH, El Paso Spanish and French, KA0, J ' BK, Mortar Board, Texas Union Committee, Challenge, Y Cabinet, Outstanding Student BELL, BRENDA LYNN, Colorado City English BELL, JO ANNE, Austin Elementary Education, KAII, TSEA BELL, SAMMY CHARLES, Umpasas Phormacy, K , LPhA, Pharmacy Council BELLAMY, ALAN DAVID, Odessa History BENDER, MICHAEL LOUIS, Beaumont History, TA f , Freshman Assembly, Campus Chest Stu- dents ' Association BENNETT, LOUANNA KAY, Amarillo Anthropology BENTCH, LEONARD HERMAN, Pasadena Zoology, AEA BENTLEY, MICHAEL WARREN, Dallas BERGQUIST, RONALD EDWARD, Universal City Geography, F6T, AFROTC, Praetorian Guard, Mocdonald ' s Aerospace Flight BERGSTROM, JOAN, Marshall Mathematics, IIB . AAA, BKinsolving, Mortar Board, Association of Computing Machinery, MUN BERNAT, RICHARD ALAN, Cincinnati, Ohio History, 4 A, Students ' Association Committee, Intramurals BERNSTEIN, RICHARD LEE, Enid, Okla. Accounting, HI, K , BA , BIT, Freshmon Golf BERNSTEIN, SHARON KAYE, Waco English and History, EAT BEST, THOMAS A., Austin English, IX BEVERAGE, JENNIE LARSON, Austin Interior Design, ON, AID BEYNON, JUDITH ESTELLE, Corpus Christ! Economics, Real Estate Society BILLETTER, DAVID CHARLES, Austin Marketing, BIT BILLINGSLEY, NANCY LOUISE, Fort Worth Mathematics, AAA, 4 B Kinsolving, Orange Jackets, Spooks, Kinsolving Adviser and Student Assistant BINGHAM, VERNON JARRELL, Kilgore Transportation, ANA, C8A Council BIRD, ALAN ROSS, Houston Management, Society for Advancement of Management, Ameri- can Marketing Association, Longhorn Flying Club B1RDWELL, RAYMOND, Weatherford English, Junior Fellows, Dean ' s Honor List BISHOP, GEORGE SCOTT, Dallas Finance, 4A0, Freshman Assembly, Challenge, Royal Spirit Committee, Texas Union Committee BISHOP, GERALD KNOX, Graham Government, Praetorian Guard, Arnold Air Society, Mitchell Aerospace Flight, Asian Studies Club BISHOP, NELDA ROSE, Glendive, Mont. Elementary Education, KAII, TSEA, Geology Wives Club BLACKBURN, SUE LYNN, Corpus Christ! Psychology, 2AJ, TBS, Orange Jackets, Cordettes, Y, Longhorn Band BLACKERBY, JAMES L, Clarendon American Studies BLACKFORD, NANCY BETH , Abilene Elementary Education, ACE BLAKE, LINDA BEDRIN, Memphis, Tenn. Sociology BLANN, ELIZABETH CAROL, Houston Mathematics, Campus Crusade for Christ BLEDSOE, BARBARA ANN, Dallas Elementory Education, Sisters of the Seven Stars, Southern Singert, Texas Union Committee, Blanton Student Assistant BLEKER, MAURINE LOUISE, Austin Art Education BLUM, LESTER, Corpus Christ! History, A+0 BLUME, EILEEN FAY, Houston Mathematics, AZ BLUME, MARTHA KAY, Houston Mathematics, AZ, TSEA, International Club, Intramurolj BLUMRICH, BRENDA NELL, Houston Mathematics, ASA, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committee, TSEA BODE, CHARLES WILLIAM JR., Go)id Phormacy, K ' l ' BOECKER, BARBARA JANE, Rosenberg Spanish and Portuguese, International Club 488 f BOENIG, GILBERT EDWIN, Woodsboro Pharmacy, AX, LPhA, Newman Club BOENISCH, DAVID EUGENE, Garwood Accounting, BA BOND, BETSY MEREDITH LEVIN, Austin Music, Concert Choir BONDS, EDWARD LEE, Port Lavaca Electrical Engineering BONER, RICHARD ELWOOD, Austin Physics, HS, BK, K i , 112 BONILLA, RUBEN JR., Corpus Christi Government, Pre-Law Association BONNER, BRYCE EUGENE, San Antonio Architecture, AFX, AIA, Arnold Air Society BOOTHE, TERRY EUGENE, Austin History, Varsity Football BOOZER, CATHERINE LEE, Waco French, FAE, International Club BORCHERS, E. LOUISE, Schulenburg Elementary Education BORDEN, ROBERT KENT, San Antonio Mathematics, Association for Computing Machinery BORING, DIXIE, Odessa Psychology, KKT, Little Sisters of the Rampart Lion, Stu- dents ' Association Committee BORING, PATRICIA ANNE, Annapolis, Md. Chemical Engineering, Engineering Fellows, AlChE BORNET, EDWARD PAUL, Houston Pharmacy, LPhA, Faculty-Student Discipline Committee, Round- Up, Students ' Association Committee, House of Delegates, Dean ' s List BOSS, STEVEN SPRAGUE, Arcadia, Calif. Aerospace Engineering, ATA, TBIT, Varsity Swimming, AIAA, Engineering Fellows, Outstanding Student BOWERS, PATRICIA KAY, Dallas Personnel Management BOYD, LEWIS F., Dallas Accounting, iSU, Moore-Hill Counselor, YR, Simkins Epicurean Society BOYD, SCOTT WARD, Decatur Mathematics, Varsity Football, Campus Crusade for Christ BOYLE, PAUL K., Austin Accounting, Honor Roll BOYLES, DAVID HOWARD, Houston Finance, AKE, Texas Cowboys, Varsity Track Team Graduating Seniors A 1 BOYLES, KAY, Karnes City Speech Therapy, AAA, SAH, 4 K . HA6, B Kinsolving, Orange Jackets, Bluebonnet Belle, Mortar Board, Outstanding Student BRADBURY, WALTER WAYNE, Baytown Petroleum Engineering, AIME, ASPE, BSU BRADDY, ROBERT WAYNE, Houston Aerospace Engineering, AIAA, Engineering Honor Roll BRADSHAW, FLOYD THOMAS, Weatherford Government, Karate Club BRADY, JAMES PATRICK, Hot Springs, Ark. Industrial Management, NROTC, Buccaneer Drill Team, En- gineering Fellow BRANDENBURG, KAREN ANN, Dallas Biology and Mathematics, Felecia Co-ordinator, WCC BRANDIMARTE, PAUL ALFRED, Dallas Government, Acacia BRANDON, WILLIAM R., Dallas History, Crows Nest, Buccaneer Drill Team BRAUN, ELEANOR JANE, Corpus Christi Economics, YD, Challenge BRAUNAGEL, MARY ANNE, San Antonio History, $A6, Y, International Club BRAY, CHRISTOPHER DAVIS, Port Arthur History, ATS!, Varsity Football, Texas Cowboys, Operation Brainpower, Freshman Orientation, Longhorn Singers, Good- fellow, Outstanding Student BREEN, KAREN LEE, Denton Spanish, 2AIT, TAE, Campus Chest BRENDER, ARTHUR JOHN, JR., Dallas History, AT, i HZ, T Association, Texas Union Committee, Newman Club, Varsity Basketball Manager BRIAN, REBA JEANETTE, San Antonio Physical Education, AZ, XA, PEM Club, Students Associa- tion Committee BRIGHAM, DEBORAH JOYCE, Houston Mathematics, Campus Crusade for Christ BRIM, LueRACHELLE, Naples English, NAP, Whitis Co-Ordinator BRINKMAN, CHARLES BARTON, Kerrville Pharmacy, LPhA BROOKS, BERTHA NELL, Universal City Zoology, International Club BROOKS, BEVERLY ANN, Corpus Christi Elementary Education, Uppercloss Advisor, Heflin Manor Advisor BROOKS, MICHAEL LYNN, Longview Electrical Engineering, IEEE 489 BROOKS, WILLIAM ED, Longview Actuarial Science, AK , Actuarial Club BROTHERTON, JAMES DOUGLASS, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Scabbard and Blade, NROTC BROTHERTON, JOE LYNN, LaMarque International Business, American Finance Association BROWN, ALICE MAY, Austin Elementary Education, KAII JIA6 BROWN, BARRETT KEITH, Sherman Finonce, 1AE, Honor Roll BROWN, CAROL SUE, Houston Physical Education and English, A3TA, Kinsolving Adviser, PEM Club. UTSA BROWN, GEORGE WILMOT JR., Austin Management BROWN, JAMES JOSEPH, Mineola, N. Y. History, SII, Pre-Low Association, Karate Club BROWN, JAMES OPLISS JR., Brownsville Petroleum Engineering, AIME BROWN, JENNIFER LYNN, Three Rivers Economics, AZ, Dexter House Adviser, Upperclas: Ad- visors, Campus Crusade for Christ BROWNING, JOSEPH ROBERT JR., Gorman Pharmocy, I AX, UTSAM BROYLES, SALLY KATHERINE, Houston Interior Design, A , AID BRUCKNER, JAMES VICTOR, Lubbock Pharmacy, t ' AX BRUMMETT, NITA JOAN, Jackson, Miss. Elementary Education, TSEA, WCC, ICC, Shangri-La Co- BRUNN, ROBERTO BURKE, Grand Forks, N. Dak. Latin American Studies, i ' K ' J ' , Y, Mexican American Student Organization, Student Religious Liberate BRYANT, JANE FRANCENE, Austin Elementary Education, KAII, TSEA, ACE BUCHELE, MICHAEL JOHN, San Augustine Premedical and Microbiology, SN, AEA, $HS, BK BUNCE, ROBERT EUGENE, Galveston Government and History, f ilK, Challenge, Pre-Law Asso- ciation BURCH, CURTIS FRANKLIN JR., Temple Pharmacy, LPhA BURCH, JAMES DONALD, Wichita Falls Zoology Graduating Seniors BURDEN, KATHERINE LOUISE, Dallas Psychology SURGES, BETTIE LEE, Castroville Nutrition, Freshman Council, Home Economics Chapter, Stu- dent Nutrition Organization BURKS, TIMOTHY COLEMAN, Cincinnati, Ohio Marketing BURNS, FRANK WILLIAM III, Cuero Accounting, Association for Business Application of Computers BURNS, JAMES ARTHUR, Granby, Conn. Engineering Route to Business Administration, Crow ' s Nest, Texas Cowboys, NROTC, Semper Fidelis Society, Scabbard and Blade Society, Inter-club Council, Buccaneer Drill Team BURNS, REBECCA ANN, Huntsville History and Government BURR, CHERYL ANN, Austin Mathematics, AXQ, AAA, K , BK, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Cordettes, Ten Best. Dressed, Kinsolving Adviser, Freshman Orientation and Freshman Council Adviser, Goodfellow BURROUGHS, JANET CARROLL, Houston Psychology, IIB f , YR BURTON, DELBERT LOWELL JR., Garland Accounting, Business Honors Program BURWELL, RANDOLPH CARTER, Arlington, Va. Government, A S Council, Asian Studies Club, House of Delegates, Semper Fidelis, Scabbard and Bl ade BUSBY, RUSSELL CLYDE, San Antonio Marketing, AT, Intramurals, American Marketing Association BUSKE, BRUCE KIMBALL, Friona Marketing, X ' l BUX, STEPHEN ALAN, Dallas Premedical and Chemistry, 4 KT BYARS, RICHARD LENZ, Victoria Mothemotict, Newman Club CADE, KENNETH RAY, Chandler Government, YD, College Life CADE, WILLIAM H., San Antonio Zoology, K CAIN, EUGENE MAURICE, Houston Art CAIN, JOHNNY OWEN, Aujtin Accounting, Aill, Freshman and Varsity Football CAMERON, KATHY, Katy Geography, ASA, PAE, TOT, TSEA CAMERON, RICHARD MICHAEL, Houiton Mechanical Engineering, 4K life 490 CAMERON, MILA KATHLEEN, Point Comfort Sociology CAMPBELL, DAVID BUXTON, Galveston Civil Engineering, TBH, XE, Longhorn Band, ASCE CAMPBELL, WILLIAM G. JR., San Antonio Marketing, American Marketing Association CAPERS, ROY TRENT, Mexia CARDWELL, JOHN WESLEY, El Paso Chemical Engineering, TBII, ME, OAK, Varsity Swimming, T Association, Outstanding Student, AROTC Distinguished Military Student, Friar Society, Tejos Club, Student Engi- neering Council, AlChE, SAME CARDWELL, JUDITH ANN, El Paso Sociology CARLSON, CHRISTINE MARIE, Austin Elementary Education, KATI CARMICHAEL, ELLIS PRESTON JR., Corpus Christi Pharmacy, K , Assembly, Pharmacy Council, LPhA CARMICHAEL, RICHARD CHARLES, San Antonio Architectural Engineering, B6n, Arnold Air Society YR AAAE CARNEY, BRENDA SUE, Baytown History and English, AAA, B Kinsolving, BSU CAROOM, DOUGLAS GRADY, Timonium, Md. Zoology, A4 fi, Texas Cowboys, Order of Alcalde, Students ' Association and Texas Union Committees, Goodfellow CARPENTER, CAROL JANE, Hickman AFB, Hawaii French and History, KA9 CARPENTER, DAVID ALLEN, Pasadena Zoology, AEA, YR CARR, DAVID ALTON, Austin CARRIGAN, DENNIS LEE, Waco Civil Engineering, ASCE CARRIKER, STUART NEIL, Roby Mathematics, HS, BK CARSON, JEFERY FRANK, Houston Marketing, ASII, American Marketing Association, UTSAM CARSON, VICKI DEE, Houston Elementary Education, AXQ CARTER, BILLY WAYNE, San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE CARTER, CHARLOTTE TYNER, Mexia Elementary Education t% P CARTER, ROBERT ANTHONY, Fort Worth Finance, Real Estate Institute, CBA Council, American Fi- nance Association, Association for Business Application of Computers, Ex-Students ' Association CARTWRIGHT, TERREL JOINER JR., Houston Microbiology, KA CASAREZ, RUTH, Austin English CASEY, KENNETH EARL, Waco Marketing, ASH, AAZ, American Marketing Association CASHION, BROWNIE SUE, Austin Social Studies, ZTA, Goodfellow, Bluebonnet Belle, Spooks, Students ' Association Secretary, Assembly CASS, BYRLAN FRANCES, Austin Architecture, AIA CASWELL, KENNETH WAYNE, Vinton, La. Architecture GATES, MARGARET ANN, Amarillo Mathematics, College Life, ACM CATHER, LINDA LEE, Fort Worth English and History, r B CATTERTON, WILLIAM THOMAS, Arlington Economics, ZAE CHAFFIN, RONALD LOWELL, Austin Chemistry and Psychology, AXZ, X, A Q, Texas Union Committees, Assembly, Longhorn Band CHAMPION, THOMAS RHODES, Dallas Government, KA CHANEY, JO LYNN, Austin Office Administration, XC CHANG, HENRY HAO-LING, Houston Electrical Engineering, Honor Roll, International Club CHAPMAN, JIMMY CARL, Austin Music Education, i MA, A Cappella Choir, Concert Choir, Opera Workshop CHERICO, FELIX WILLIAM JR., Irving Chemistry, AX2, AEA, YR CHERRY, BARTON NULL, Edna Personnel Management, AKM ' , SAM, Association Business Application of Computers CHOTE, JAMES BENJAMIN, Austin History, ATQ, Freshman Council CHRISTENBERRY, DEIRDRE, Montgomery, Ala. Biology CHRISTENSEN, LESLIE ANN, Austin Speech Therapy, 2AH, Campus Crusade for Christ F 491 CHRISTENSEN, TERRY SOREN, Port Isabel Mechanical Engineering, TBII, TITS, 4 K ASME CHU, BILLY, San Antonio Mathematics, Der Eulenspiegelverein, BSU, Association of Computing Machinery CHUDE, NANCY MARIE, Needville English, Newman Club CINOTTI, JO ANNE, Victoria Elementary Education, Newman Club CLAMANN, ANDREA MARY, Schertz German, Der Eulenspiegelverein, Halstead Co-ordinator, WCC CLAPP, ZELIA KAY, Hearne Elementary Education CLARK, BARBARA ANN, Fort Worth Elementary Education CLARK, CHARLES B. Ill, San Antonio Premedicat and History, AT, Freshman Council, Intra- murals, Round-Up Texas Union Commit tees, Students ' Association Committee CLARK, CYNTHIA, Dallas Mathematics, AAA CLARK, LINDA HOPE, San Antonio Personnel Management, Society for Advancement of Management CLARK, MICHAEL JAMES, San Antonio Aerospace Engineering, SIT, TBII, Crows ' Nest, Texas Cowboys, Scabbard and Blade, Semper Fidel is Society, NROTC CLARK, RICHARD TWEEDY, Brenham Mathematics, A$$2 CLAY, LEE ASHTON, Alvarado Accounting, ZN Assembly, ROTC CLAYPOOL, MICHAEL JOSEPH, San Antonio Economics, KA CLEMENTS, JOANNE ELIZABETH, Orange Journalism, 92 ,KTA CLEMENTS, JOHN CHARLES, Pearsall Chemical Engineering, AlChE, TSPE CLEMENTS, PHILIP RAY, Austin Real Estate. Real Estate Institute, Insurance Society, Intramurals, UTSAM CLINARD, RALPH LEON JR., Newburgh, N. Y. Aerospace Engineering CLINE, BARRY ALAN, Amarillo Marketing, ATA CLYBURN, LAURA, Conroe Government, Texas Union Committees, Round-Up COFFEE, DAVID HENRY, Alvin Economics COFFEY, CLARENCE WILLIAM, New Orleans, La. Accounting, AT, House of Delegates, Society for the Advancement of Management, Association for Business Ap- plication of Computers COHEN, KENNETH MARK, El Paso Marketing, American Marketing Association COLE, JAMES GEORGE, Dallas Advertising, AAS COLEMAN, JAMES ROY, Pasadena Industrial Management, X4 COLEMAN, MYRTIS N., Cleburne Electrical Engineering COLLAVO, BETTY LEE, Three Rivers Music, Symphonic Bond, University Chorus COLLAVO, JON GREGORY, Taft History and Government COLLIE, JOE LYNN, San Angelo Premedical and Zoology COLLIE, ROBERT MONROE, Houston Plan II, Acacia, H2, OAK, BK, Assembly, Order of Alcalde, Freshman Orientation COLLIER, JAMES WARREN, Arlington Electrical Engineering COLLINS, ROBERT LOUIS, Austin Mathematics, NROTC, Semper Fidelis, Scabbard and Blade COMBS, JUDITH LYNN, Houston Special Education, TA, Student Council for Exceptional Children, TSEA COMPTON, DOUGLAS WAYNE, Kerrville Mathematics, Texas Association for Computing Machinery CONNARD, GERALD GEORGE, Galveston Mothimotics, IN CONNER, JOHN CALVIN, Odessa Premedical and Zoology CONNOR, THOMAS HILL, Houston Physics, AKF. CONVERSE, ROBERT GERALD, Houston Finance, ATO COOK, FORREST ANN, Dallas Elementary Education, TSEA COOK, SANDRA SUE, Orange Elementary Education 492 COOLIDGE, JIMMY RAY, Longview Microbiology, A I Q Roberts Holl Counselor, UTSAM, TLOK And Ramshorn Co-ops COOPER, HARLAN TERRY, El Paso Philosophy, Students ' Association Committee, Karate Club, Men ' s Glee Club, College House COOPER, LARRY NEAL, Hereford History COOPER, MARTHA JEANNE, Rolling Meadows, III. Studio Art, Art Students ' Association CORLEY, WILLIAM BOYD, Copperas Cove Accounting CORRELL, GAY, Longview Music, Vorsity Singers, A Coppella Choir, Concert Choir, BSU, MENC CORSON, ROBERT ALLEN, Galena Park Zoology, Varsity Track COSBY, BRENDA KAYE, San Antonio Physical and Health Education, PEM Club, Intramurals, TSEA COTROPIA, CHARLES SAMUEL, Hearne Aerospace Engineering, AXA, TED, AIAA, Student En- gineering Council, Texas Union Committee COTTINGHAM, LYNN, Fort Worth Psychology, AEA COUGHLIN, KATHRYN LEE, Dallas Elementary Education and Sociology, ZTA, KAII COWAN, TOMMY NEAL, Austin Architecture COX, DONALD WAYNE, Galena Park Radio and TV, AAS, Daily Texan COX, RONALD JOE, Austin Pharmacy, 4 AX CRAIG, DANIEL LAYNE, Groom Mathematics, SX, K , HS, f BK CRAIG, DOUGLAS STIRLING JR., Houston Economics, " SAO, H2, Texas Cowboys, YR GRAIN, OLIVE CORINNE, Victoria Elementary Education, KA0 CRANFILL, BARBARA MADELINE, Borger Elementary Education, KAII CRAWFORD, LLOYD FRANKLIN JR., Odessa Accounting, BA , BIT, Dean ' s List CRISSMAN, MARY MARGARET, Dallas Elementary Education, KAII, IIA6 a n } X ( Graduating Seniors CROCKER, GRACE ALLEN, Houston Elementary Education, XS? CROUCH, WAYNE JEFFREY, Houston Finance, Longhorn Flying Club CRUMP, DONNIS KOONS, Austin English, AAA, Student Christian Fellowship CRUMP, WARREN WAYNE, Brownwood English, HS, BK CUDE, KAY ELLEN, Beeville Plan II, AAA, BK, International Club, Mortar Board, Shangri-La, BSU CUEVAS, RUBEN JR., Corpus Christ! Mathematics CULLINGTON, JAMES RICHARD, San Francisco, Calif. Premedicol, HZ CUNNINGHAM, CHARLOTTE ANNE, Houston Government and History, Upperdass Advisor, Orientation Adviser, Students ' Association Committee CUNNINGHAM, LINDA LEE, Baytown English and History, AAA, HA9, 4 B Kinsolving, BSU CUNNINGHAM, TOM ALAN, Houston History, ATA, Varsity Swimming, T Association CURE, JAMES OMAR, Pittsburg Chemical Engineering, TBII, OXE, HS, AlChE, Honor Roll, Engineering Fellows CURE, VIRGINIA RUTH, San Antonio Zoology, KE, LPhA CURRY, ANNA MARIE, Dallas History and Premedical, AAA, AEA CURTIS, CAROLYN, Denver, Colo. Journalism, AAA, Daily Texan CUTHRELL, JACK DIES, Austin Personnel Management, Real Estate Society CYKOSKI, RUSSELL CARLTON, Austin Aerospace Engineering, Newman Club, Arnold Air So- ciety, Mitchell Aerospace Flight, AIAA CYRUS, CINDA LYNNE, Houston Public Relations and Advertising, TAX, Y DAHLGREN, JOSEPH JOHNSON, Austin History DALE, KATHARYNE ANN, Denison DALEY, NICHOLAS GEORGE, Austin Mathematics, A4 ft, BSU, Campus Crusade for Chrilr 493 DANIEL, ANNE DICKSON, Dallas Spanish, Latin American Studies, Af DARBY, MARSHALL BYRON, Jourdanton Aerospace Engineering, TBIT, 2 FT DAROSS, JAMES AAAADOR, El Paso Mathemotics, J H, KK , Tejas Club, Longhorn Band, Order of Alcalde DARPHIN, NANCY LELIA, Dallas Sociology, AF, Upperclass Advisor DARSEY, EDNA NELL, Crockett Elementary Education DAVENPORT, CAROL ANN, Corsicana Psychology, Union Committees, House of Delegates DAVIS, CYNTHIA ANNE, Lampasas Mathematics, A4 , AAA, JIA9, Littefield Adviser DAVIS, DIANE, Dallas DAVIS, LAURA KAY, Texarkana Mathematics, F$B DAVIS, MELVIN DAVID, Florence Government, KAH, K i , 1 HS, Students ' Association, Varsity Football, T Association DAVIS, RICHARD JOHN, Lamesa Pharmacy, 4 AX, LPhA, Pharmacy Council DAVIS, ROBERT GLENN JR., San Antonio Government, YR, Young Americans for Freedom DAVIS, ROBERT JOE, Dallas Mathematics, Crow ' s Nest, NROTC DAVIS, RUTH DIANNE, Marshall journalism and English, 04 , ETA, House of Delegates DAVIS, SUNNYE SUSAN, Austin Mathematics, TTA8, MUN, Upperclass Advisor, Law Wives Club, Kirby Hall Adviser DAVIS, SUZI ELAINE, Little Rock, Ark. Elementary Education, A4 E DAWKINS, MICHAEL WYLIE, Houston Mathematics, ACM DAWSON, DENNIS LEE, Richardson Actuarial Science, HS, BIT, 4 K . Actuarial Club, House of Delegates DAWSON, ROBERT EARL, Frisco Architecture, A K2, AIA DAY, HARRY BOB, Harlingen Pharmacy, 4 AX, LPhA, Longhorn Band Graduating Seniors DAY, JOHN MARCUS, Longview Engineering Science, AXA, TBIT, Freshman Council DEALY, JOHN HOLLIS, Houston Management, AZIT, Real Estate Society, Varsity Football, C8A Council, Society for the Advancement of Management DEALY, SANDRA BRYAN, Houston Marketing, A5U1, American Marketing Association DEAN, SHARON LEE, Houston English, Texas Union Committees, Freshman Council DeBOIS, ANTOINNETTE, Austin Spanish, Sisters of the Signet DeBOIS, BARBARA, Austin Sociology de HOYOS, LAURA, San Diego Psychology DEISON, DAVID PAUL, Austin Accounting DEISON, NANCY ANN, Austin Home Economics, XQ, Home Economics Chapter SRD Adviser DELANEY, BAILEY PEYTON, Port Arthur Premedical DELK, LENDA KENNEDY, Abilene Journalism, AOII, TAX, Daily Texan, YR DELK, STEPHEN RAY, Longview Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Daily Texan, Cactus, Long- horn Flying Club DENNIS, AAARY LORENE, Richardson Psychology, Orange Jackets, Newman Club, Texas Union Board, Operation Brainpower, Kinsotving Student Assistant DENNY, ROBERT JOHN, Odessa Zoology, YR, Longhorn Christian Fellowship DENNY, STANLEY EUGENE, Austin English, Karate Club, Veterans Association DENSON, SUSAN ELLEN, Houston Premedicol, T B, AAA, AEA, 4 BK, SRD Advisor DeSHONG, CHERYL LOYD, San Antonio Muiic Literature, AAII, YR, Concert Choir DEVEREAUX, BETTY JEAN, Houtton Mathematics, AKA, Spooks, Students ' Association Com- mittee, Y, Panhellenic DeVOSS, DAVID ARLEN, Dallas Government, I AX, Daily Texan, Texas Union and Students ' Association Committees, House of Delegates, Goodfellow DeWALL, VIRGINIA ANN, Austin Elementary Education, AXO 494 DEWEESE, RICHARD EARLE, Lewisville Marketing, -IT, KK ' fr, Longhorn Band, Insurance Society, Freshman Council, IFC, Representative Party DeYOUNG, EDWIN RAY, Arlington Economics, IX, OAE, AEII, Economics Honors Plan, Real Estate Society, American Marketing Association DIAL, RICHARD ALAN, Palestine Accounting, iI4 E DIAZ, ANTONIO MANUEL JR., Brownsville Zoology, t KT DIAZ, FRANCISCO VICENTE, Quito, Ecuador Mechanical Engineering, ASME DICKINSON, ANNE LOUISE, Austin Elementary Education, KA9, AAA, KAII, SAII, Pan- hellenic Intramurals DILLARD, HOWARD LAVON JR., Longview Zoology DILLARD, RICHARD ALAN, San Antonio Music Education, HS, MA, KK . tonghorn Band, Symphonic Band, University Symphony DILLEE, RONALD DENNIS, Houston Zoology, A9, AEA DILLON, MOLLY SHARON, Pharr Social Studies DIMAS, NICASIO JR., San Antonio Linguistics, ITA, Itolion Club, A S Council, MUN DINKINS, CAROL EGGERT, Mathis English and Spanish, KAII, Dean ' s List, Freshman Council, DIPPEL, TIEMAN HENRY JR., Brenham Finance, AK , K , A4 O, BrS, American Finance Associ- ation, Pre-law Association, Dean ' s List DIXON, PAUL NICHOLD, Berea, Ohio DOERING, MARY ELIZABETH, Nederland Elementary Education, AAA, KAIT, " tK , TA, Scope DOLCE, NOEL JOSEPH, Port Arthur Government, Z4E, Freshman Council Advisor, Freshman Orientation Adviser DOMINGUEZ, ERNESTO A., Laredo Accounting, Karate Club, Laredo Club DONHAM, CHARLES FRANKLIN JR., Little Rock, Ark. Aerospace Engineering DORF, EUGENE CRAIG, Austin Premedical and Zoology, 4 HS, AEA, AM, Dean ' s List DORNBLUTH, NELLA CAROL, Grand Prairie Microbiology, AAA A DOSSEY, ROBIN GAIL, Houston Elementary Education POSTER, SANDRA DIANNE, LaMarque Speech and Hearing Therapy, Freshman Council DOUGLAS, WALTER C. JR., Texarkana DOWD, LOUIS HOWARD, Austin Zoology and Predental DOYLE, MAURINE HELEN, Castroville English and Spanish DRENNAN, JAMES EARL, Everman Mathematics, FB ' I 1 , Actuarial Club, Intramurals DRISCOLL, BARBARA NELL, Devine Elementary Education and Spanish, AAII, KATT, SEA DuBOSE, CAROLYN JEAN, Gorwales Mathematics and History, AF, Freshman Orientation Adviser, Operation Brainpower, Orange Jackets, Angel Flight, Order of the UT, Dean ' s List, Bluebonnet Belle, Outstanding Student DUELM, ROBERT ELMER, San Antonio Accounting DUGGER, RICHARD LYNN, Robstown Finance, Acacia, Real Estate Society DULLNIG, ROBERT, San Antonio Engineering Science DUNAWAY, MARY KAREN, Yazoo City, Miss. Russian DUNCAN, SCOTT C., Austin Premedical, I A0, Varsity Swimming, T Association DUNN, JOHN LIGHT, Texas City History DUNNE, SUZANNE MARION, Dallas Elementary Education, Daughter of the Diamond, Upperclass Advisors, Freshman Council duPERIER, JOSEPH REAGAN, Beaumont Architecture, ATO, AIA, Newman Club, TACP DUPRE, WILLIAM ROARK, Houston Geology, T.TE, Concert Choir, Men ' s Glee Club DUTTON, RICHARD LEE, Borger Psychology, Karate Club EAGLE, DEANNA, Dallas Elementary Education, A4 EASON, JAMES FOWLER, Greenville Marketing, AK , Christian Science Organization 495 EBERT, KATHERINE LEE, Houston French, HA$, ITA, Freshman Council, Texas Union Com- mittee, Challenge, French Club, Italian Club, Dean ' s List, Round-Up, WUN ECHOLS, JUDITH ANN, Corpus Christ! Spanish, International Club ECKENROD, RICHARD MICHAEL, Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME EDMONDS, SARA ANN, Austin Music Education, IAI, IIKA, Concert Choir, Upperclass Advisors, MENC EDMONDSON, JOHN EUGENE, Odessa Finance EDWARDS, ROBERT ALAN, Dallas Industrial Management, X ' t EICHNER, ROXANNE MAE, Garland Government EISENSTEIN, ANN SARA, San Antonio Speech and journalism, Doily Texan, Dean ' s List EISERLOH, PHILIP LAWRENCE, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, AXA, QXE, TBII, Engineering Council, Outstanding Student EKRUT, VERNON STANLEY, Fort Worth History and Government, A6, KAII, BSU, Dean ' s List ELDRIDGE, GAIL, Beaumont Sociology, AEj ELIZONDO, MARIA CRISTELA, Harlingen ELLIS, RICHARD WILLIAM, Austin Electrical Engineering, TSPE ELLISON, GLENN EDWARD, Tyler Government, 4 H, " fcAG, Intramurals ELLISOR, EARL LEE JR., Austin Mathematics, 4 HS, Association for Computing Machinery ELSIK, NAEDEEN RUTH, Corpus Christ! Office Administration and Business Education, AFA ELSTON, KENNETH DEAN, Spencer Russian, AROTC EMBRY, JAMES EVERETT, Corpus Christ! Aerospace Engineering, AIAA, Newman Club EMMONS, WINFRED S., Beaumont Mathematics EMORY, AMELIA WINIFRED, Austin Drama ENDERLE, BEVERLY KAY, Houston Elementary Education, AAA, Bluebonnet Belle, Varsity Cheerleader, Royal Spirit Committee, Texas Union Committee, University Sweetheart Finalist, Cordettes, Ten Most Beautiful Finalist, Royal Spirit Committee ENGELHARDT, JOHN HUGO, New Braunfels History, YR ENTZMINGER, DOROTHEA JEAN, Houston Marketing, AZ, Southern Singers, Texas Union Committee EPPS, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Houston Elementary Education and Spanish, XO, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Freshman Orientation, Kinsolving Adviser, Education ERICKSON, MICHAEL GARY, Randolph A. F. B. Sociology, AROTC, Longhorn Singers, Speleological Society ERSKINE, ALEXANDER MADISON JR., San Antonio History, ROTC Marauders, Intramurals ESTES, CAROLYN FRANCES, Port Arthur English, AAA, AAA, HA , A Cappella Choir, Freshman Orientation Adviser, Orange jackets. Mortar Board, Goodfellow, Ashbel Literary Society ETZEL, MARTHA LYNNE, Corsicana English ond History, KKP, KAII, SEA, Dean ' s List EVANS, RANDLE CARLINE, Paris Medical Technology EVANS, STEPHANIE ANNE, Austin Pharmacy, KE, PX, College of Pharmacy Sweetheart, LPhA, Pharmacy Council EVERETT, MARIA TERESA, San Antonio Elementary Education EVERSBERG, MAX ROBERT, Albany Marketing, ZAE, American Marketing Association EVERTSON, GEORGE JAMES, Austin FADENRECHT, BENNIE DWIGHT, York Springs, Pa. Mathematics FAHLBERG, MARY HELEN, Austin Home Economics, ON, IIA8, K , Borden Scholarship Award FAHLBERG, WILLSON JOEL, Austin Personnel Management, N, Society for the Advance ment of Management, International Business Association FAICKNEY, ROBERT FRANCIS, Angleton Marketing, ATA FAIN, ROBERT SNEAD JR., Mexia Economics, KA FALK, JANET ELVA, Lufkin English and History, A Coppello Choir FARRIS, JIMMIE WAYNE, Austin Sociology, Longhorn Band 496 FAULKNER, BARRY LYNN, Dayton Petroleum Engineering, A I ME FELIX, VINCI MARTINEZ, Sampaloc, Philippines Aerospace Engineering, AIAA, International Club FENSTERMAKER, MARY ROWENA, San Antonio History FENTON, JOAN BARBARA, Corpus Christ! Music Education and Voice, AAA, ZAI, CEC, A Cappella Choir, Madrigal Singers, MENC FERGUSON, DOROTHY VIRGINIA, McGregor Government and English, FAE, Southern Singers FERGUSON, RONALD RAY, Austin Finance FIFE, DIEMER LOCKART JR., Hempstead Petroleum Land Management, AK , Student Landmarks Association FIFE, MARILYN, Tyler English, AHA, Cinema 40 FILBERTH, ERNEST WILLIAM, Mission Chemistry, National Underwater Society, American Chem- istry Society FINEGOLD, ALAN JAY, Beaumont Accounting, 1 ZA FINK, CARLA KATHRYN, Groves French and German FISCHER, ROLLIN LEROY, Houston Marketing, AK+, ICC, Men ' s Cooperative Council FISHERO, JOHN DAVID, Beaumont Government, 2 i E, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade FITCH, LINDA GAIL, San Antonio Elementary Education, KKP, Freshman Council, Students ' Association Committee FITZHUGH, JUDITH ANN, Tyler Mathematics, TSEA FLACK, KATE TARRY, Houston History and French, KAO FLECKMAN, PHILIP H., Port Arthur Chemistry, 4 SA, H2, AT, BK, Texas Cowboys, T Association, Varsity Track Manager, Orientation Ad- viser, Operation Brainpower, Posse, Outstanding Student FLEMING, GEORGE MATTHEWS, Houston Management, A fi, AK , Tejas Club, Newman Club. Freshman Council Adviser FLEMING, JAMES ELMER III, Lindale Pharmacy, LPhA FLEMING, MARY FRANCES, San Antonio French and Spanish, French Club, International Club Graduating Seniors I FLORES, JAIME LUIS, Laredo Economics, Mexican-American Student Organization FLORY, PAULA KAY, Dallas Sociology FLOURNOY, CHARLES HILTON, Jasper FLOYD, CHARLES EMORY, San Antonio Russian FOGWELL, THOMAS WILSON, San Antonio Mathematics and Chemical Engineering, TBII, A Q, QXE, Freshman Baseball, AlChE, Debate Team, Sim kins Epicureans Association FOHN, GERALD ANTHONY, Uvalde History, Honor Roll, Y, University Chorus FOLEY, BARBARA ANN, Acton, Maine Political Science, ATA, Texas Union Committee, Royal Spirit Committee, MUN FOOSHEE, KAY MARGARET, Dallas Phormocy, KE, LPhA FORD, JOHN EDWARD, Lubbock Government, ATA, Freshman Council, Freshman Assem- bly, Y, Challenge, YR FORD, MICHAEL JAMES, Denver, Colo. Premedical, B8II, AEA FORRESTER, CARL XAVIER, San Antonio Zoology, A I 2 FOUTS, RANDY HUGH, Hawkins Mathematics, Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band FOWLER, CYNTHIA SUE, Kilgore Interior Design, iBKinsolving, AID FOY, FRANCIS PATRICK, San Antonio Psychology, Men ' s Glee Club FRAIN, ELAINE,. Austin Psychology FRALEY, JAMES RAYMOND JR., Austin Mathematics and History FRANK, HILDA MAE, Goldthwaite Pharmocy, LPhA FRANKE, JOHANNA, Odessa Music Education, AZ, AAA, K+, IIKA, ZAI, Mortar Board, A Cappella Choir, Madrigal Singers, Texas Union Committee FRANKLIN, MARTHA LOUISE, Bryan Government, YR, Curtain Club FRANKS, JOHN ELI III, Port Lavaca Electrical Engineering, A B, IEEE 497 FRASER, ANNE MARY, Memphis, Tenn. Architecture FREDERICK, LARRY HARP, Corpus Christi Mechanical Engineering, rA, TBII, TIT2, Engineering Council, Engineering Fellow FREEBORN, WILLIAM ARTHUR, San Antonio Zoology and Premedical, KA, AEA FREY, DARRELL LEE, Austin Geology FRIEDBERGER, GLORIA, Mobile, Ala. Psychology, ZAT, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Cordettes, Panhellenic, Campus Chest, Ten Best Dressed, Orange Jackets FRIEDLANDER, DANIEL GILBERT, Dallas History, TA f FRIEDMAN, JAMES MARTIN, Corpus Christi Microbiology, AEA, Students ' Association Committees, FRITZ, JOHATHAN EDWARD, Taylor Electricol Engineering, IEEE, Texas Union Radio Club FUCHS, RODNEY GOETH, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, IEEE FUCHS, SARAH COCHRAN, Austin Special Education, Student Council for Exceptional Chil- dren GABLE, MARGARET ELAINE, Calvert Elementary Education, ACE GAERTNER, EARL CLEVELAND JR., San Antonio Economics, ICC, Student Co-op Board of Directors, Intra- murals, MUN, Dormitory Counselor GAIDO, S. J., Ill, Houston Chemical Engineering, KA GAINES, DAVID TAYLOR, Austin Journalism GAITHER, JERRY DON, Lamesa Sociology, BSU GALLAGHER, SHEILA ELIZABETH, Dallas Sociology, I " I B, TAX, Sweethearts of the Chakett, Representative Party, Freshman Council Adviser GAMEZ, JOSEPH ANGEL F., San Antonio Economics, YD, Pre-Low Association, MASO, TCF GARCES, JORGE C., Wichita Falls History GARCIA, ALEXANDER C., Corpus Christi Finance, Newman Club, Ed Price Co-op GARCIA, CARMELA ANDREA, San Diego Pharmacy, KE, LPhA, Pharmacy Council Graduating Seniors GARCIA, CELINA, San Diego Mathematics and Biology GARCIA, DAISY WANDA, Corpus Christi Zoology GARCIA, OLGA YOLANDA, Falfurrias Italian, KE, ITA, Orange Jackets, Heflin Manor Adviser Honor Roll, International Club, Challenge, Campus Chest, Round-Up GARDENHIRE, GARY WAYNE, Hugoton, Kans. GARDNER, MOREY, Port Lavaca Zoology and Premedical, AE4 , AEA, BK GARZA, ARNULFO ROLANDO, San Antonio GASTINGER, WILLIAM WERNER, San Antonio Industrial Relations, SEX, Ramshorn Co-op, ICC GATES, PAMELA DIANE, Houston Mathematics, Cactus, Hellenic Circle, International Club GAYLE, GEORGE SHELTON III, Houston Finance, 4 A GEARING, PATRICK JAMES, Vandenberg A. f. B., Calif. Chemistry, t HE GEDDIE, JOHN BALDWIN, Fort Worth Marketing, BOH, American Marketing Association GENT, NANCY KATHERINE, Austin Advertising, AAA, KTA, TAX, Orientation Adviser, Freshman Council Adviser, Upperclass Advisor, MUN, Texas Leadership Board, Bluebonnet Belle, Honor Roll GENZER, FRANK, South Houston Architecture, AFX, Order of Alcalde, AIA, TTT, Sphinx, Outstanding Student GEPPERT, KATHLYN DIANE, San Antonio History GERCHSHEIMER, HEIDE MARIE, East Bernard German GERDES, FRANCIS PAUL, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME GERIK, RODNEY ERNEST, Austin Government GEWERTZ, BEVERLY, Alexandria, La. Biology, IAT, TAB, Round-Up, Freshmon Council, Uni- vtraify Arms Adviser, Cactus, Daily Texan, Ttxas Union and Students Association Committees Goodfellow GEYE, ALAN D., Houston Accounting, 62 GIBBS, MEREDITH FRANKLIN, Wichita Falls Personnel Management 498 GIBBS, MICHAEL FURNACE, Belton Economics, A Q, Internationol Business Association GIBBS, MIKE D., Mabank Premedical and Psychology GIESEN, JAMES MARTIN, Cleburne Mathematics, Underwater Society, German House, ACM GILES, JAMES BOBBY, Austin Pharmacy, AX, LPhA, YR GILLEY, JERRY ALAN, UMarque Finance, American Finance Association GILMORE, GERALD WALLACE, Corpus Christ! Chemical Engineering, AlChE GINGRICH, PAUL SCHUYLER, Seguin Latin American Studies and Government, $BK, Tejas Club GLASPIE, CHERYL ANN, Tyler Office Administration, AZ GLASS, COLEMAN DAY, Austin Statistics and Accounting, Association for Business Ap- plication of Computers GLASS, JOHN RICHARD, Irving History, Simkins Epicureans Association GLASS, THOMAS EDWIN, Kirkwood, Mo. Chemistry, AXE, Longhorn Flying Club GLENN, SALLY, Fort Worth Speech, T B, House of Delegates, Order of the Orchid, Challenge, Texas Union Committee, TSEA, Cactus GLICKMAN, MARTHA ANN, Big Spring Spanish, Freshman Council Adviser, Students ' Association Com- GODELL, JOHN JOSEPH, New Orleans, La. Philosophy GODFREY, JAMES DAVID, Jacksonville Engineering Route to Business Administration ' I ' KT, Distin- guished Military Student, AROTC, Karate Club, Scabbard and Blade, SAME GODINESS, RITA ROSALIND, Laredo Mathematics, House of Delegates, Laredo Club GOERNER, CYNTHIA DIANNE, Austin Home Economics and Teacher Education GOERNER, HERBERT JULIUS JR., San Antonio Government, AT, Freshman Assembly, Student Government Committee GOETHALS, RANDALL MAURICE, Garland Zoology, AEA, WiZ GOLDBERG, MOSES, Laredo Marketing fe3 1 Blr. y . -RY GOLDSTEIN, ALAN LYN, Dallas Biology GONZALES, RAY, San Antonio Pharmacy GONZALEZ, ALBERTO ALVINO, Alice Pharmacy, K , LPhA, Curtain Club, Newman Club, MUN GONZALEZ, ALBERTO MANUEL, Monterrey, Mexico Marketing, AX II, American Marketing Association, Society for the Advancement of Management, Real Estate Club GONZALEZ, MARCELINO, Brownsville Architectural Engineering, Engineering Council, AAAE GONZALEZ, MARY FRANCES, Laredo Mathematics, Laredo Club GOODE, JAMES LANDRUM, La Feria Anthropology GOODLETT, ROBERT HILL, Big Spring Government GOODMAN, BETTY SUSAN, Dallas Psychology, A4 E, Students ' Association and Texas Union Committees, Freshman Council GOODWIN, ERNEST LAMAR, Lampasas Finance GOODWIN, VERNON DOUGLAS, Lubbock Accounting, AK GORDON, SANDRA GAIL, Houston Elementary Education, KAIT, Freshman Council, Southern GRABER, EMILY, Brenham Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter GRACEY, DAVID FRANK, Dalhart Anthropology GRAEBER, FRED DAVID, Houston Finance, KA GRAHAM, WILLIAM THOMAS, San Antonio Sociology GRAMATGES, RAFAEL JORGE, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Mechonical Engineering, TITS, TBTT, American Nuclear Society, ASME GRANGER, EDGAR DARRON, Austin Aerospace Engineering, AtAA, Karate Club, Underwater Society, Longhorn Flying Club GRANT, BARBARA LOUISE, Temple Nutrition, AOII, I ' AE, Freshman Council, Royal Spirit, Student Nutrition Organization Committee, Canterbury Association, Home Economics Chapter GRANTHAN, JAMES LORON, Miami Mathematics and History, Teaxs Union Committee, Univer- sity Religious Council, Intromurals 499 GRAY, LYNN BARNETT, Abbott Personnel Management, ARM ' , ZIE, American Marketing Association, Society for the Advancement of Management GRAY, ROBERT CURTIS, Texas City Government GREEN, CHARLES CAMPBELL, Midland Finance, i ie GREENBERG, JERRY ARNOLD, Beaumont Advertising GREENE, GARY LOREN, Houston Chemical Engineering GREENWOOD, DARRYL PAUL, Dallas Electrical Engineering, TBII, HS, HKN, Engineering Fellows, Arnold Air Society GREENWOOD, WILLIAM S., Houston Finance, YR, Underwater Society GREESON, GAIL ELIZABETH, Dallas GREGG, CECIL MANREN JR., San Marcos Pharmacy, dX, LPhA GREGORY, LLOYD JEFFERSON III, Houston Economics, KZ, Pre-Law Association, Texas Cowboys GRIFFIN, JOHN PIERCE, Kilgore Government, ITS A GRIFFIN, RITA ANNE, Dallas Music Education, M4 E, Scope, Longhorn Singers, Varsity Singers, A Cappella Choir, MENC GRIFFITH, CHARLES GELSTON JR., Dallas Government, AROTC GRIFFITH, MARGARET ANN, Odessa English and History, IIB GRIFFITH, MARY LOUISE, Dallas English GRIFFITH, PATRICIA ANN, Tyler GRIGSBY, JIMMIE MARION, Midlothian Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Engineering Council, Honor Roll GRIMM, LARRY WAYLAND, Stamford Aerospace Engineering, TBII, EfT, AIAA, Longhorn Flying Ctub, Longhorn Band GRISHAM, JOHN MARION, Rusk GRISSOM, " DAVID LEE, Stamford Finance, AK GRUBBS, BEVERLY MAE, Colorado City English, AF GUESS, CARROLL LYNN, Temple Aerospace Engineering, AIAA, TSPE GUINN, DARYL HALE, Pensacola, Fla. Elementary Education, KAO, Intramurals, Golden Heart, Derby Day GUINN, MARY MARGARET, San Antonio Special Education, Council for Exceptional Children, Speleo- logical Society GUINN, ROBERT LEE, Dallas Government GUNBY, DAVID H., Dallas Electrical Engineering, IEEE GUTHRIE, PAUL DAVID, San Angelo Microbiology, HROTC GUTIERREZ, AUGUSTIN, Bastrop Electrical Engineering, IEEE GUTIERREZ, JOSE ALVAR JR., Hebbronville Pharmacy, K+, LPhA GUTIERREZ, MARIA CECILIA, Rio Grande City Pharmacy, LPhA GUYDEN, NELLIE FAY, Fort Worth Sociology, Pyramid, NAP GUZNER, RAYMOND WILLIAM JR., San Antonio Studio Art HAAG, DAVID QUINTON, San Antonio Government, Karate Club, YD HAGER, GAIL ELLEN, San Antonio Elementa ry Education, KAII, IIA6 HAIRSTON, MORRIS DON, Snyder Mathematics, ITKA HALEY, HENRY WAYNE, Dallas Sociology HALL, CAMILLA JOYCE, Hourton Mothtmatici, AKA, YD, Panhellenic HALL, JUDITH KATHRYN, Texarkana English, AOII, YR HALL, SHARON KAY, Luling Speech Pathology, IAII HALL, THOMAS BAILEY, North Tarrytown, N. Y. Sociology, Texas Union Committee 500 HALLMAN, MARTHA BOOKER, Dallas Elementary Education, KKT, KAI1 HALLMARK, CONNIE LEE, Tyler English, AI " , Texas Union Committee, Round-Up, Little Sigmai HALSTEAD, WILLIAM EARLE JR., Dallas Journolism, IAX, OAK, Compus Guild Co-op, Order of Alcalde, Goodfellow, Doily Texan, Berry M. Whitoker Intra- mural Leadership Award HAMILTON, KAREN LYNN, Harlingen Government, XQ, Southern Belles HAMILTON, RONALD DOUGLAS, San Antonio Sociology, YR HAMNER, SUSAN JANE, San Antonio Psychology, A i, Wesley Foundation, Freshman Council Adviser, Y, Interdisciplinary Retreat, Texas Union Com- HANKS, WILLIAM LOUIS, Austin Sociology, KK ] ' , Long horn Band, Symphonic Band HANSEN, CLARENCE NORMAN, Laredo Economics, AKA HARDMAN, DARRELL P., San Antonio Physics, 21IS, I BK, Intramurals HARDWICK, ROBERT VINCENT, Stamford Government and History, Pre-Low Association HARGIS, JANE BIEDENHARN, San Antonio Elementary Education, KKf, Daughters of the Diamond, Campus Chest, Spooks HARGRAVES, RICHARD LEE, Baytown Chemical Engineering, AlChE HARGROVE, FRANCES LEE, Victoria Art Education, Art Students ' Association HARKRIDER, MARIE DOMINQUE, Tyler French, Challenge, French Club, Dexter House Adviser HARLOFF, GARY JAMES, Batavia, N. Y. Aerospace Engineering, UTSAM, AIAA HARLOW, RICHARD LEE, Richardson Mechanical Engineering, TITS, TBTI, Assembly, Engineer- ing Council, Power Show, International Club, Round-Up, ASME HARLOW, WILLARD DUNCAN JR., Kerrville Electrical Engineering, IEEE, AIAA HARPER, THOMAS III, Austin Finance, 4 A9, T Association, Varsity Football HARRELL, CHARLES DELMER, Kerrville History HARRINGTON, PATRICIA ANN, Sherman Pharmacy, KE, LPhA, UTSA Graduating Seniors HARRIS, DALE ANDREW, Amarillo Engineering Science, AT, TBII, Honor Roll HARRISON, EDWIN LARRY, Brownsville Petroleum Engineering, AIME HARRISON, JAMES CHRISTOPHER, Huntsville Government HARRISON, RENNIE JACK, Australia Aerospace Engineering, TBII, AIAA, Karate Club HARRISS, EARL HARVEY, Brownwood Civil Engineering, ASCE HARSHBARGER, JOHN LAWRENCE, Dslhart Pharmacy, $AX, House of Delegates, Dean ' s Advisory Council, LPhA HART, DANIEL CULVER, Austin Zoology, YR HART, PHYLLIS ANN, Daingerfield Psychology and Sociology, AAA, AEA, Andrews Student HARTMAN, SARAH ANN, Silsbee Mathematics and History, ZTA, Southern Belles, Upper- class Advisors HARTONG, ALICE KAY, San Antonio Speech, Cactus, Texas Union Committees HARVEY, ANN ELIZABETH, Dallas Elementary Education, KA9, UTSA, NEA, ACE HARVEY, DONALD JOE, Sherman Economics, International Club, AIESEC, Newman Club, Assembly, Intramurals HARWOOD, ROBERT HENRY JR., Austin Zoology HASTY, JAMES H., Dallas Chemical Engineering, TBII, OXE, AlChE HAVERKORN, THERESA DIANE, Hurst German HAYES, CAROL JANE, Austin Home Economici HAYES, DOROTHY RAYE, Longview Elementary Education, A3TA, KAIT, BKinsolving, Kin- solving Adviser, Varsity Carnival, Panhellenic, TSEA HAYGOOD, DONALD BRYAN, Bishop Pharmacy, LPhA HAZELWOOD, JERRY WAYNE, Cleburne Architecture, Sphinx HEAD, JAMES LAWSON, Hillsboro Pharmacy 501 HEAD, JEANNE PARKER, El Paso French and English HEAD, SANDRA MARJORIE, Baytown Home Economics, American Marketing Association, Little Sisters of the Mystic Eye HEADLEE, DOROTHY LOUISE, Abilene HEATON, CLARENCE KENNETH, Austin Pharmacy HEFFINGTON, DONNA SCHROETER, Marble Falls Mathematics and Spanish, AAA, IIA8, BK HEINS, WILLIAM HOWARD, Lyford Zoology HEINSOHN, THEODORE HERBERT, Fayetteville Management HELLER, JANENE SHARON, Wichita, Kans. Microbiology, SAT HEMME, KENNETH ARNOULD, Corpus Christ! Engineering Route to Business Administration AlChE HEMME, LARRY JAMES, Lockhart Industrial Management HEMPHILL, JOHN DAVID, Tulsa, Okla. Plan II, Acacia HENDERSON, JOHN CHARLES, Frost History and Government, Simkins Epicureans Association, Intramurals HENDERSON, PATRICIA ALICE, El Campo English and History, AATT, Cordettes, Kinsolving Adviser HENDERSON, RUTH HAZEL, Tyler Mathematics HENRY, MARY SUSAN, Liberty Speech and English, A 4 " , Kinsolving Adviser, SKUNKS, School of Communications Council HERNANDEZ, JOSEPH MARTIN JR., Mesquite International Business, UTSAM HERREN, MARILEE, Houston Interior Design, KKT HERRERA, ROBERT VARGAS, San Antonio Accounting HERRINGTON, KENNETH MILTON, Woodson Mathematics HICKS, JAMES FREDERICK, Corpus Christ! Chemical Engineering, TBIT, flXE, AlChE, Engineering Council Graduating Seniors HICKS, THOMAS OLLIS, Beaumont Marketing, X ' l ' K, Freshman Council, Silver Spurs, Summer Orientation Adviser HIERONYMUS, ROBERT CAMPBELL, Brussels, Belgium Mathematics HIGGINS, BARBARA KATHLEEN, El Paso Sociology, Upperclass Advisers, Southern Singers HIGGINS, LOWELL THOMAS, Austin Mathematics, K2, H, KK , Longhorn Band, Longhorn Singers, A Cappella Choir HILL, BARBARA TYSON, Austin Geography and Business, KAII HILL, CARL CLIFTON III, El Paso Mathematics, Crow ' s Nest, Scabbard and Blade, NROTC HILL, LAFE DYSON, Des Moines, Iowa Journalism, AXA, Cactus Editor, Order of Alcalde, Good- fellow, Texas Union Committee, Daily Texan, Texas Student Publications Board of Directors HILL, RICHARD LEE, Austin Journalism, ZAX, Daily Texan, Christian Science Organi- zation, YR, House of Delegates HILLEY, VAN GALEN, Corpus Christ! History, Pre-Low Association HILSHER, JOYCE MARIE, Houston Nutrition, AXfi, ON, Little Sisters of the Shield and Diamond, Home Economics Chapter HILTON, GRADY JOSEPH, Decatur Electrical Engineering HINOJOSA, JESUS, Laredo Mathematics, Laredo Club HINOJOSA, OLGA IRIS, Rio Grande City Special Education HINSON, MELVIN O. JR., Corpus Christ! Zoology, A 0, YR MIX, CARL WALTER, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, Karate Club, Underwater Society HODGES, CHARLES ROBERT, Dallas Government, AXA, Texas Union Committees, Freshman Council Adviser, Challenge HOFFMAN, ALAN MICHAEL, Austin Political Science, K , Texas Student Publications Board of Directors, Assembly, Varsity Cheerleader, IFC, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Campus Chest, A 1 S Council, Fresh- man Council Adviser, Freshman Assembly, Outstanding, Student HOFFMAN, HERMAN WILLIAM JR., Lockhart Chemicol Engineering, AlChE HOFFMAN, ROBERT EDSON JR., Amarillo Aerospace Engineering, IIKA, AIAA HOGE, J. FRED III, Poplar Bluff, Mo . Morkeling, KT ,f ?| " . f 502 HOLCOMB, KEVIN, Quanah Government, 2 J E, Teaxs Cowboys, IFC, Outstanding Stydent HOLDER, LARGE McELROY III, Austin .HOLDERFFIELD, MILLARD LEE, New Braunfels Aerospace Engineering, TEH, EFT, AIAA HOLLADAY, JACK W., Port Arthur Economics, YD, MUN, Association for Business Application of Computers HOLLAND, JAMES VANCE, Houston Accounting, BA , BIT HOLLAND, LIBBY HARRIET, Wharton Home Economics, Clothing Textiles, SAT, TAX HOLLIS, DON KENNETH, Leonard Engineering Route to Business Administration, AIAA, Long- horn Flying Club HOLM, EDWARD JOHN, Houston Mechanical Engineering, X HOLMBERG, WILLIAM ROBERT, Lake Jackson Aerospace Engineering, AIAA, Simkins Epicureans As- sociation, TES Magazine, Freshman Council HOLMES, MARY KATHRYN, Austin English, AFA HOLMSLEY, SUSAN LEE, San Antonio Spanish, AAA, IIA i , Blanton Adviser, Scope, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship HOOKS, CHARLES GUY III, Tomball General Business, 4H, Men ' s Glee Club, University Chorus, Longhorn Flying Club, YR, Pre-Law Association, Society for Advancement of Management, House of Delegates, Goodfellow HOOSER, MARY LOU, Metairie, La. Government and History, A4 , MUN, Faculty Student Disci- plinary Committee, Texas Union Committee, International Club HOOVER, ANDREW EDWARD, San Antonio Premedical and Psychology, AEA, H2:, K , +X, BK, Freshman Swimming, Underwater Society, Newman Club HORN, ALICE SUSAN, Waco Elementary Education, F4 B, KAIT, Freshman Council, Y, Honor Roll HORN, BOBBY EARL, Longview Costume Design HORTON, DAVID LYNN, Fort Worth Government HORTON, SHERRI JEAN, Dallas Elementary Education, F B, Order of Orchids, Texas Union Committee, Round-Up, TSEA HOTCHKISS, STEVEN EARL, Dallas Marketing, AXA, Real Estate Society, American Market- ing Association, YR HOUSE, DAVID WADE, Silverton Pharmacy, K A A r F te9 HOUSER, RICHARD E., Austin History, ATQ HOUSER, ROLLEN EDWARD, Dallas Plan II, t H2, K , t BK, Junior Fellows- HOUSTON, ELIZABETH ANN, Dallas History, AXQ, Acacia Order of Delphi, Freshman Coun- cil, Spooks, Blanton Adviser, Challenge, Educational Council, Students ' Association Committees HOVERSTOCK, SALLY JANE, Houston Mathematics, KA8 HOWARD, PHILIP LOUIS, Longview Engineering Route to Business Administration, ZN HOWIE, CAROL ANN, Terrell Physical Education, rf B, Angel Flight HOWIE, JUDY JAN, lerrell Physical Education, r B, Angel Flight HOWISON, JACK JR., Austin Engineering Science, 82, ASME, Honor Roll, Teaxs Union Committees HUBBARD, WANDA BURNEDETTE, Baytown Mathematics, Newman Club, ICC, TSEA HUBER, ELBERT WILLIAM JR., Houston Mathematics, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade, German House HUCKABEE, BILLYE LOUISE, Hagerman, N. M. Sociology, XQ, Freshman Council, Challenge HUDDLESTON, ANN, Austin Child Development, XQ, Freshman Council Adviser, Posse HUDGINS, CONSTANCE ELIZABETH, Houston Accounting, AXQ HUGHES, BARBARA JEAN, San Antonio Home Economics, Navy Sweetheart HUIE, ROBERT WOLFF, Austin Government, Wesley Foundation, Longhorn Singers HULSEY, ROBERT ALLEN, Terrell Mechanical Engineering, KA, ASME, TSPE HUMPHREY, DOROTHY ANN, Dallas Fashion Design, AXQ, Freshman Council, Challenge HUMPHREY, VIRGINIA LEE, Dallas Zoology, AXO, Newman Club, Freshman Council HUNLEY, CAROL X ' DIANNE, Austin Mathematics, AP HUNT, CAROLYN DIANE, Austin General Business 503 HUNT, HOWARD HULEN, Corpus Christ! Marketing HUNT, JAMES FREDERICK, Austin Mathematics, $HZ, Freshman and Varsity Baseball HUNT, MARILYN MARTIN, Corpus Christ! Home Economics, Teacher Education, AF, Home Economics HUNT, PRESTON CAGLE, Anson Chemistry, A Q, Underwater Society HUNTER, JAMES TY, Galena Park Marketing, A2TI HURT, MARION ANNETTE, Dallas Elementary Education, ASA, Texas Union Committee, Kin- solving Student Assistant, TSEA HYDE, SUSAN JOAN, Houston Health and Physical Education and Government, Littlefield Adviser, Education Council, Orange Jackets INDERMAN, ROBERT DURWARD, Del Rio Journalism, SAX, Doily Texan INGRAM, JOHN CARL, Austin Chemistry, AXZ IRWIN, GERALD BROCKETT, Longview Government IRWIN, JOHN FRANCIS, Hillsboro Chemistry, ATA, H, AEA, K J , AT IRWIN, THOMAS OSBORN, Longview Government IVERS, WILLIAM ELIZABETH, Beaumont Art History JACKSON, GLENN ARTHUR, Houston Radio-TV-Film JACKSON, ILONA STEPHANIE, Brownwood English and Speech JACKSON, LAWRENCE MILTON, Dallas Studio Art JACKSON, LYNNELL, Carthage Journalism, 6Z i, KTA, Oratorical Association, Kinsolv- ing Adviser, Daily Texan, School of Communications Council, Texas Union Committee JAMES STEPHAN AUBREY, San Antonio Industrial Management, BOII JAMESON, LYNNIS ELIZABETH, Austin French, Dean ' s List JARRARD, SCOTT MACKENZIE, Houston Mathematics, ZAE JAVUREK, KATHLEEN C, Austin Education, AZ, MUM, TSEA, Texas Union Committee JEFFUS, PATSY ANN, Dallas Psychology, K , X, f BK JENKINS, JAMES WILEY, Tyler Pre-Low JENKINS, KATHLEEN MILDRED, San Antonio Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter JENSEN, YVONNE MARIE, Houston Art, AFA, Art Students ' Association JESCHKE, BEVERLY DIANE, Miles Government, ITA ! , ITS A, International Club, French Club JIMENEZ, FRANK MICHAEL, San Antonio Pharmacy, K JINKINS, WILEY JUNIOR III, Galveston Zoology, 4 rA JOHNS, KENNETH EDWARD, Portland Marketing, X, Longhorn Flying Club, American Market- ing Association JOHNSON, BONNIE LEE, Irving French and English JOHNSON, DAN ROGERS, Texarkana Accounting, AK ' 4 ' , Association for Business Application of Computers JOHNSON, DONNA SUE, Fort Worth Elementary Education, AF JOHNSON, GERALD MAURICE, Grand Prairie Finance, American Finance Association JOHNSON, GWENDOLYN, Houston English and History JOHNSON, JUNE FAY, Austin Costume Design JOHNSON, LAWRENCE GRIDER, El Paso Architectural Engineering TBJT, XE, Engineering Council, AAAE JOHNSON, RICHARD BARRY, Wichita Falls Accounting, " frfA JOHNSON, SHELBY EUGENE, Talco Premedical, AEA JOHNSTON, AARON JR., Houston Economics JONES, DAVID HAROLD, Haskell Economics, OAE 504 JONES, DAVID JOSEPH, Duncanville Pharmacy, AXA, IFC, Pharmacy Council, LPhA, Silver Spurs, Order of Alcalde JONES, DELAINE, Stillwater, Okla. English JONES, ELIZABETH ANN, Weslaco Government and History, YR JONES, JAMES ROBERT, Bishop Pharmacy, K, LPhA, YR JONES, JAMES WILLIAM, Alexandria, Va. Mathematics, YR, Men ' s Glee Club JONES, LeLONE, Huntsville Pharmacy JONES, MICHAEL ROE, Lake Jackson Chemistry JONES, PANCHITA, Bartlett Journalism, 0Z i , Challenge, Daily Texan, YR, TES JONES, TRUDY LYNN, McCamey Elementary Education JONES, WILLIAM DAVID, Louise Speech Therapy, ZAH JONSON, WILLIAM RICHARD, Temple Mathematics, AKA, H, AROTC JORDAN, JOHN WILLIAM, Corpus Christ! Industrial Management JORDON, GARY KEITH, Hico History, TSEA JOSTES, NANCY LYNNE, Corpus Christi History, ASA JULIAN, SUZANNE CURTIS, Austin Elementary Education, AAII JUNG, ROBERT A., Port Arthur Management, 2N, Society for Advancement of Management JUNOV, BARBARA KAY, Lepanto, Ark. Psychology, AE4 KANTZ, LUCINDA MARY, Kingsville French and Spanish KAPLAN, GAIL YVONNE, Alexandria, La. Psychology, AE4, Honor Roll, Psychology Honors Program KATELEY, JUDITH ANN, Dallas French and German, ASA, KAIT, SRD Adviser, Challenge, TSEA Graduating Seniors KAUFMAN, PAMELA KAY, Houston Biology, IIA8 KAY, BARBARA ELAINE, Dallas Elementary Education, TSEA, KAII KAZEN, TERESA CHRISTINA, Laredo Spani sh, Laredo Club KEARBY, SHARON KAY, Weatherford Office Administration KEARBY, SIDNEY LEIGH, Mineral Wells Marketing KEEL, KAREN DAPHNE, Austin Art History, AAIT, Fine Arts Council, Art Students ' As- sociation, Texas Union Committee, Challenge KEENON, GLENN EDWARD, Austin Economics, FA, AIESEC KEGANS, HERBERT EUGENE, Trent Pharmacy, K , LPhA KEILIN, SARA ELIZABETH, Houston Psychology KEIR, MARGARET SUE, McAllen Psychology, F4 B, Cordettes, Freshman Council, Round -Up KEITH, LAYTON BLAIN JR., Fort Worth Economics, Poleved Club KELLER, JOHN GORDON, Houston American Studies KELLY, JOHN FRANCIS, Austin Government, Praetorian Guard, Mitchell Aerospace Flight, Arnold Air Society, Newman Club, Assembly KELLY, ROBERT EVERETTE, Austin Mathematics, 0S KELSO, JANICE LOUISE, Houston History KEMPER, DONALD WALTER, Houston Engineering Science, TBII KENNADY, SARAH REBECCA, Brownsville Spanish, ASA, TSEA, Intramurals, Sing-Song KENNEDY, JERRY DALE, Aspermont Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IIT2, K KERCHEVILLE, KAY ELAINE, Austin Microbiology, AZ KERNODLE, ELIZABETH ARLISSE, Dallas Psychology, FAE, A S Council 505 KERR, RICHARD LESLIE, San Antonio Marketing, Insurance Society KESTER, RODGER PAUL, Ferguson, Mo. Geography, Crow ' s Nest, Intramurals, NROTC KEY, JAMES FRANK, Midland Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Honor Roll, Varsity Golf KIDD, PATRICIA RUTH, Winona Mathematics, AZ, International Club, Curtain Club, ACM. Scottish Scholars KIDD, WILLIAM EDWARD JR., Mexia Journalism, AX, KTA, Science Fiction Club, Doily Texan, TES Magazine KIGHT, MARY LETA JONES, Diana Business Education, 11011, Bri, SRD Adviser, Scottish Scholars KIMBROUGH, ANTHONY CURTIS, Fort Worth Microbiology, HS, AF.A KINDER, DON STANLEY, Denver City Aerospace Engineering, SIT, AIAA, Karate Club KING, CHARLES MICHAEL, Piano Marketing KING, CHRISTOPHER TERRELL, Dallas Economics KING, CLAUDE VERNON, Houston Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBII, IEEE KING, JOSEPH SCOTT, Brady Pharmacy, K , LPhA, Assembly, Pharmacy Council KINSEY, ELISABETH JANE, Lamesa Sociology, AAA, Littlefield Adviser, Y, Scope KIRBY, SUE ELLEN, Houston Marketing, T I B, YR KIRK, DAVID DEAN, Gorman Finance, Insurance Club, Real Estate Society, American Finance Association KIRSNER, GEORGIA JOAN, Omaha, Nebraska Secondary Education KLEIN, MILOW H., Tomball Finance, AT, BFX, Business Honors Plan KNIGHT, PATTIE JANE, San Antonio History, IIAe, TAB, TSEA, Upperclass Advisors, Kirby Hall Adviser, K Kirby, Kirby Singers KNIGHT, PAUL STANLEY, Houston Spanish and Portuguese, Texas Union Committees KNIGHTSTEP, JOHN RAY, Amarillo Aerospace Engineering Graduating Seniors KOEPNICK, NORMAN GLENN, Palestine Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, IEEE KOERTH, ROBERT LEE JR., Garland Marketing, KA, American Marketing Association KOHUTEK, SHERYL ANN, San Antonio Marketing, American Marketing Association KOIVULA, BETTY JANE, Houston English and Mathematics, FAE, M, Texas Union Radio Club, Y, House of Delegates, Upperclass Advisor, Outstanding Student KOLIUS, SUSAN ANNE, Houston Spanish, XS, HAS, AAA, IIA+, BK, B Kinsolving, Freshman Council, Kinsolving Adviser, Summer Orientation Adviser, Angel Flight, Mortar Board, Texas Union Committee, Round-Up, Outstanding Student KOLLE, DONALD OWEN, Inez Biology, UTSAM, International Club KOPEL, KENNETH FRED, Austin Plan II, AM KOSCHAK, JOHN KARL, San Angeto Personnel Management, KA KRASNER, LARRY ARNOLD, Tyler Pharmacy, IA, AX, PX, LPhA, Goodfellow, Faculty- Student Disciplinary Committee, Outstanding Student KREISNER, HOWARD, Spring Valley, N. Y. Rodio-TV-Film KRIER, JOSEPH ROLAND, Denison Government, OAK, Tejas Club, Assembly, A S Council, Texas Union Board of Directors, Order of Alcalde, Outstanding Student KRUMHOLZ, BETTE GAIL, Austin Elementary Education, AK ' f 1 , KAII KRUSE, JOHN EDWARD, Kingsville Latin American Studies KUBALA, HARRIET C, Austin Elementary Education, ACE KUCHAR, WILLIAM A. JR., Columbus Finance, 4 KT, AK + , MUN, Real Estate Society, Newman Club KURTH, JUDY ANN, Corpus Chriiti Government LaBAUME, LINDA BETH, Pecot Chemistry, 1111, TBE. t B Kinsolving, Longhorn Band, Kinsolving Adviser and Student Assistant LACHTERMAN, DARYL RAE, Houston Deaf Education, IAII, EAH, Campus Chest LaFUZE, WILLIAM LEIG HTON, Abilene Physics and Ma thematic . Acacia, TI, Dean ' j Lilt, Intromurals, ACM LAGOW, CLARK HOWARD, Austin Chemical Enginttring, AX! 506 LAIN, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Corpus Christ! Health and Physical Education, Spooks, Blanton Adviser, PEM Club, Education Council LANEY, JERRY ALTON, Athens Finance, YR, American Finance Association LANGENBERG, CHARLES W., Houston Government LANGLEY, ROBERT EGBERT, JR., San Antonio Accounting, Association for the Business Application of Com- puters, American Marketing Association, YR LANGWELL, VAUGHNIE DOYL, Amarillo Pharmacy, I.iX LANHAM, JO ANN YOUNTS, Temple Elementary Education LANHAM, THOMAS LAMAR, Belton Personnel Management LANIER, DENNIS MARTIN, Fort Worth Premedical and Zoology, AEA LANIER, SIDNEY EDWARD, Austin Aerospace Engineering, AXA, Assembly, Engineering Coun- cil, Freshman Council Adviser, AIAA, TSPE LANSFORD, MICHAEL S., Mont Belview Mathematics LARRALDE, LOUIS, San Antonio Psychology LATHEM, JIM B., Grand Saline Personnel Management LATTIMORE, LYDA LYNN, Edinburg Mathematics and Biology, AOII LAUBER, MARILYN BREWER, Austin American Studies LAUREL, YOLANDA MARGARITA, Laredo Pharmacy, KE LAW, JOHN EDWARD, Devine Sociology, YR LAW, NANCY MATTHEWS, San Antonio Home Economics and Nutrition, AFA, Home Economics LAWRENCE, SIDNEY LEE, San Antonio Zoology, A i S2 LAZARIE, DOLORES JEANNE, San Antonio Journalism, KTA, 62 . Daily Texan LEA, MARTHA JEAN, Marshall Mathematics, TBS, Longhorn Band LEARNED, BARBARA KATHERINE, Houston History LEARNED, DAVID BRYAN, Houston Economics LEE, DAVID MICHAEL, Cleburne Electrical Engineering, HS, TBH, HKN, IEEE LEE, LAWRENCE MORTON, Odessa Finance, Debate Squad, YR, MUN, American Finance Associa- tion, Law Bachelors Club, Dean ' s List LEE MANCILL GRANT, Ballinger Zoology LEE, RONALD ALTON, Three Rivers Phormocy, K LEGGETT, CYNTHIA ANNE, Austin Home Economics, XQ, Freshman Council, YR, Students ' Home Economics Chapter LEHMAN, CAROL ANN, Houston Mathematics LEMMON, BRONWEN KATHRYN, Honolulu, Hawaii Interior Design, ON, K } , Texas Union Committee LENTZ, ERIC OWEN, Canton, Ohio Chemical Engineering, 0S, AlChE LEONARD, ROBERT EARL, Midland, Mich. Statistics, AX II, Association for Business Application of LEQUEUX, BLAYNE STEPHEN, Port Arthur Aerospace Engineering, 02C, AtAA, TSPE, Texas Union Com- mittee LEQUEUX, DIANE ROCHELLE, Port Arthur Elementary Education, ASA, KAII LERCH, SANDRA KAYE, Baytown Marketing, YR, American Marketing Association LESLIE, SUE ANN, Dallas Mathematics, AZ, Kill LESOK, JAY JON, Fort Worth Finance, K2 LESTER, SANDRA LOUISE, Houston Elementary Education, AAA LEVINE, JOEL STEVEN, Dallas Finance, TA$, Real Estate Society LEVY, KENNETH JAY, Dallas Psychology, +H2, AEA, X, K , BK LEWIS, CHERYL ANN, Houston English, A 1 E, Freshmon Council, Texas Union Committee, Round-Up 507 LEWIS, KATHLEEN LAURA, Houston Business Education, XQ LEWIS, KAY, El Paso Business Education, AZ, Angel Flight, Kinsolving Adviser LEWIS, MARY, El Paso Elementoty Education, AZ, Angel Flight, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committee, Round-Up LIEBE, CAROL SUE, Edinburg Biology LIPSCOMBE, RICHARD LEE, Nocona Accounting, ATA LIPSON, MYER JACK, El Paso General Business, SAM LIST, SUZANNE, Dallas Sociology LITTLE, PATRICIA ANN, Metairie, La. English LITTLE, SHIRLEY ANNE, Austin Chemistry, I2II LIVINGSTON, STANLEY DALE, Cisco Government, Student Education Assn. LOCKHART, NANCY VIVIAN, Houston Elementary Education, SEA, Cactus LOFTIS, NANCY GRAY, Longview Spanish and History, TIB , Southern Belles LOFTIS, VINCENT DOUGLAS, Houston Geology, 2TE LOLOS, KOULA ALEX, Corpus Christ! Government and Mathematics, International Club, Hellenic Club LONGANECKER, ANNE ELIZABETH, San Antonio Secondary Education, French and German LOONEY, CULLEN ROGERS, Edinburg Finance, IX, Freshman Council Adviser, Texas Union Committee, Texas Cowboys LOPEZ, FRANKLIN ANTONIO, Ecuador Chemical Engineering, AICHE, fnternational Club LOPEZ, JOSEPH B., San Antonio Accounting LOVELACE, DONNA NELL, Dallas Journalism LOVELACE, LISABETH SUSAN, El Paso History, AAA, A6, ICC LOVELL, JAMES DALE, Austin Personnel Management, Longhorn Flying Club, University Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band, IEEE LOW, DAVID ARTHUR, Iowa Park Electrical Engineering, IEEE LOWE, DANA CLORA, Pleasanton Elementary Education LOWTHER, JOHN ALEXANDER, Fort Worth Engineering Science, TBIT, Acacia LOZANO, JAVIER R., Laredo Mathematics, Laredo Club, ACM LUKE, THERESA CHERYL, Lake Jackson English and History LUNIN, FANCHON LAURIE, Houston Journalism, FAE, TAX, House of Delegates, Newman Club, YR, Curtain Club, Daily Texan, PRSSA, Dexter House Adviser, MUN LUTTRELL, GEORGE RAY, Arlington Accounting, AT, AK , BT2, Varsity Track LUTZ, JAMES MICHAEL, Fort Worth Government, HS, SA, Newman Club LUTZ, TERRY WAYNE, San Antonio Personnel Management, AZJT, CBA Council LYFORD, ROLAND SCOTT, Grapevine History, AT LYON, MARY KAREN, Baytown Elementary Education, TSEA, Southern Singers, Kirby Halt Adviser LYONS, JAMES HARRY, Houston Government, ITKA, Freshman Council, Students ' Association and Texas Union Committees LYONS, LINDA GENE, Austin Pharmacy, KE, LPhA LYTLE, CHARLES GERALD, San Antonio +H1 MAAG, MELANIE P., Austin MACGREGOR, ROBERT III, Chicago, III. Zoology, Ed Price Co-op MACH, BETTY P., Flatonia Physicol Education MACMASTER, BENZEL CHRISTOPHER, Dallas Premedical, 4 K, AKA MACNAUGHTON, JAMIE ANN, Paleitine Mathematics, KAIT, ACM, 4 B Kinsolving 508 MADELEY, JAMES BALL, Corpus Christi Microbiology, ATA, AEA MADRIGAL, JORGE ALBERTO, Laredo Music Educotion, I MA, Symphonic Band MAGEE, MICHAEL JACK, Austin Mathematics MAGUREAN, MARY ANN, McAllen Zoology, AZ MAHAFFAY, BARBARA ELAINE, Amarillo Harp Pedagogy, SAI, Symphony Orchestra MAHAFFEY, MARGARET, Dallas English and History MAJORS, JOHNNY EDWIN, Tyler Zoology MAKELA, MERRY EVE, Dallas Zoology, BK MALDONADO, ANNA CHRISTINA, San Antonio MALLOY, CONSTANCE, Austin Mathemotics, AAA, M E, Little Sisters of the Skull, Southern Singers MALLOY, JANET GAYLE, Tyler Office Administration, TSEA MALONE, BENNY KATHRINE, Houston Home Economics, ON, JIA0 MALONE, ROBERT WALTER JR., Houston Economics, 4 H2 MANCHESTER, VICTORIA LYNN, Bellaire Psychology, ZTA, X, Ten Most Beautiful Finalist, Little Sisters of Shield and Diamond MANHART, KAREN IRENE, Austin Elementary Education, AXQ, TSEA, Students ' Association Committee MANSON, ARTHUR JAMES III, Gonzales Latin American Studies, in, MUN MAN2ER, CHRIS DANA, Dumas Art Education, Art Students Association MAPES, JULIE ANN, Fort Worth Home Economics, ON " , IIA0, Freshman Council, House of Delegates, Home Economics Chapter MARDISEWOJO, PURWANTO, Bandung, Indonesia Petroleum Engineering, AIME MARGO, RICHARD L, Rio Grande City Zoology Graduating Seniors MARGOSH, RINETTE EMILY, Houston French, AE f, Longhorn Singers MARKLEY, MICHAEL MARK, Austin Government, YD, KLRN MARMION, MARY SUE, San Antonio Spanish, ZTA MARRS, EDWARD HAMILTON, Kerrville History MARSH, ANNE LOUISE, San Antonio Home Economics, Upperclass Advisor, Home Economics Chap- ter, Longhorn Singers MARSHALL, WILLIAM HARBERT, Baytown Chemical Engineering, Ben, TBII, HI, QXE, Varsity Tennis, AlChE MARTIN, JANE ELIZABETH, Teague Sociology, ICC MARTIN, MARY KATHRYN, Baytown English, TSEA MARTIN, QUENTIN WARE, Houston Mathematics, YR, Intramurals, UTSAM MARTIN, RAYMOND JOHN JR., Wichita Falls Accounting, 1 KT, AK , BA , BF2, Longhorn Singers MARTINEC, JOHNNY LEE, Temple Statistics, AK MARTINEZ, ALEX NELSON, San Antonio Government and History MARTINEZ, ELODIA GUADALUPE, San Antonio French MASON, JAMES LOWELL III, Dallas Finance, X MASON, JAMES NELSON, Austin Personnel Management MATHIS, MOLLY AILEEN, Winnsboro Home Economics, F I B MATLOCK, DAVID KIDDER, Austin Engineering Science, TBII, ASME MATOCHA, IGNAC R. JR., Freeport Chemical Engineering, TJHI.OXE, AlChE MATOCHA, LYNDA IRENE, Austin Elementary Education, A A, TSEA MATTHEWS, ROBERT RAY, San Angelo Mathematics 509 MATTHEWS, SHANNON SWANN, Jasper History, ATS!, University Chorus MATTINGLY, JaNELLE, Dallas Mathematics, Theodorne Co-ordinator MAXEY, WILLIAM TRAVIS, Waco Electrical Engineering, TBH, HKN, IEEE MAXWELL, JANICE LEE, H ouston Plan II History, MUN, Crescent Club, Texas Union Com- mittee, SRD Adviser, Y, Wesley Foundation MAXWELL, WILLIAM DONALD, Odessa Psychology, UTSAM, Insurance Society MAY, COY LEWIS, Wichita Falls Mathematics, HZ, 1 BK MAYNORD, CHRISTOPHER WILEY, Austin Chemical Engineering, AlChE, Student Engineering Council MAYO, JOE McGEE JR., Henrietta Nuclear Engineering, , TBH, American Nuclear Society McALISTER, JOHN EUGENE, Dallas Mathematics MCALLISTER, MARTHA LOU, Culver, ind. Music Education, Varsity Singers, Longhorn Singers, A Cappella Choir, Round-Up, BSU McBRIDE, MICHAEL HARRIS, Dallas Pharmacy, K+, LPhA McBRINE, JOHN LARSON, Austin Government McCARTY, JARRIE DAVIS, Humble Home Economics, ON, KAIt, Home Economics Chapter, Cactus, Upperclass Advisors McCARTY, NANCY ANN, Vernon Education McCARY, LOIS ANN, Freeport Mathematics, ACM McCASLAND, MICHAEL, Big Spring Aerospace Engineering, AIAA McCASLIN, BILLY TRAVIS, Tyler Civil Engineering, ASCE McCAUSLAND, NITA LYNN, San Antonio French ond Spanish, AZ, Crescent Club, French Club McCLAIN, SUSAN LUCINDA, Paris Speech Therapy, ZTA, Acacia Order of Delphi McCLANAHAN, WILLIAM IRWIN, Paris Accounting, American Finance Association Graduating Seniors McCLESKEY, ROBERT ALVIN, Ranger Insurance, Insurance Society, Actuarial Club, CBA Council McCOIN, SUSAN LYNN, Paris Sociology, A , FAX McCORD, VIRGINIA HELEN, Randolph A. F. B. English McCORMICK, STANLEY ERWIN, Houston Finance, ZN, Insurance Society, American Finance Association, Real Estate Society, Students ' Association Committee McCULLOUGH, LINDA NANETTE, Midland Speech and English, KKF McDANIEL, JAMES RAY, El Paso Accounting, BA , K f , BIT, Honor Roll, Intramurals McDAVID, JOHN RAMSEY, Kilgore Pharmacy, $AX McDERMOTT, SANDRA ELIZABETH, LaMarque Mathematics and German, TBS, UTSA, Longhorn Band MCDONALD, ANDREW DAN, Waco Economics, AZIT MCDONALD, JOHNNIE BELLE, Neches Elementary Education, AOIT MCDOWELL, WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Bay city Pharmacy, LPhA McENERY, BETH ELLEN, Arlinglon Public Relations, TAX, WCC, Song Fest, Powell House Co- ordinator, Student Cooperative Association, Texas Union McFARLAND, FRANCES, Lytle Home Economics, Home Economics Club, YR, Round-Up McFARLING, HARRY WILLIAM, Austin Management, Tejas Club McFETRIDGE, CHARLES DONALD, Brownsville Government and History, Praetorian Guard, ROTC, Asian Studies Club McGAHA, DIANA KAY, Fort Worth History and Latin, I ' f B, International Club, MUN McGIVNEY, MARILYN ANN, San Antonio Germon, A i A, Neman Club, YR McGLOTHLIN, MARTHA, Mesquite Elementary Education, Speech Therapy, AH, KAII, Freshman Council McGOVERN, FRANK PATRICK, San Antonio History. HS, +A9, Scobbord ond Blade McGRATH, ANNE MARGARET, San Antonio Economics, YR, Newman Club 510 MclNTIRE, DORIS LYNN, San Antonio English, Y, House of Delegates McKAY, GERRY LYNN, Houston Elementary Education and English McKENNA, MARIE HUGUENIN, Galveston Sociology, Freshman Council, MUN, YD McKINlEY, PATRICIA AN, San Antonio Spanish, ASA, SRD Adviser, Scottish Scholar, TSEA, Southern Singers McKINNEY, RONALD LOYE, Dallas Economics, t ' ilK McKOWN, JERRY LYNN, Dallas Microbiology MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES MARTIN, Dallas Zoology, 4 AO MCLAUGHLIN, ROBERT CLARK, San Antonio Architecture, Men ' s Glee Club McMAHON, BETTYE GAYE, Baytown Elementary Education, AAA, Angel Flight McMAHON, ZELMA LORRAINE, Houston Elementary Education McMATH, FRANCES LITTLE, Austin English, IIB , Upperclass Advisor, Mortar Board, Ashbel Literary Society MCMILLAN, WILLIAM CHARLES, San Angelo Mathematics, ACM McNEFF, MICHAEL NICHOLS, Dallas Industrial Management, AT McNEIL, DAVE E. Ill, Houston Premedicol and Microbiology, X McNUTT, WILLIAM ANTHONY, Austin History, 6 McSHANE, MICHAEL BRANSFORD, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, Arnold Air Society ASME MEADOR, ROBERT DEAN JR., Grapevine Marketing, ATA MEEKER, ROBERT EDWARD JR., Port Arthur Engineering Science, AXA, ACM MELCHER, MURIEL JOY, Houston Microbiology, AE4 , AAA, f ' BK, Freshman Council MENDOZA-CHISUM, ALICIA ESTELA, Negras, Mexico Economics 4fTJ4 fei2Zk 4 n fc n Mfki.1 MENSING, JOHN FRANCIS, San Antonio Marketing, f K4 , BF2, American Marketing Association, Honor Roll MEREDITH, NORVAL DEE, Amarillo Pharmacy, LPhA MERTENS, IDA JEAN, Dallas Psychology MEYER, CYNTHIA JEAN, Dallas Latin and History, ZTA MEYER, LARRY EARL, Schulenburg History, TTT, Order of the Alcalde MEYER, PAUL EDWARD, Houston Radio-TV, TA f , AEP, Vanity Swimming, T Association MICHALKE, ARNOLD DWAYNE, Schulenburg Mathematics MICKLETHWAIT, JAMES B., Brady Mathematics, IBK MIKESKA, MARTHA LOUISE, Longview Interior Design, AOII, YR, AID, Business Wives Club, AROTC Wives Club MIKESKA, MARVIN ROY, Longview Marketing, 4 KO, American Marketing Association, AROTC, Distinguished Military Student, Scabbard and Blade, House of Delegates, Texas Union Committee, Lumber- men ' s Association MILLARD, STEPHANIE ANNE, Austin Nutrition, KA6 MILLER, CHARLES RAY JR., Baytown Finance, AK , Freshman Council, American Finance Associa- tion MILLER, CLAIRE ANN, Houston Microbiology, KKf, I BK, Orange Jackets, Y, Mortar Board MILLER, DARYL MARIE, Houston Mathematics, AAA MILLER, RONALD ANTHONY, Flemington, N. J. Chemistry MILLS, ELIZABETH ANNE, Baytown Mathematics MILNER, WILLIAM LEE, Dallas MILOSEVICH, NICK JOHN, Galveston Accounting, AXA, Posse MILSTEAD, MARGIE LYNN, Edna Elementary Education MIMS, ROBERT WAYNE, Houston Chemistry, AXA, Freshman Track, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committees 511 MINYARD, VICKIE BENTON, Austin Elementary Education, AZ, TSEA, NEA, SEA, Freshman Council, YR, Business Wives Association, Speech Associa- tion of the University MINYARD, WILLIAM ALEXANDER III, Austin Marketing, fK , AIII, CBA Council, American Marketing Association, Freshman Council, Intramurals, BSU, YD MIRO-QUESADA, VICTOR, Lima, Peru Finance, AZIT, International Club, UT5AM Intramurals MISLOCK, RAYMOND A. JR., Dallas Government, Tejos Club, Canterbury Association, House of Delegates MITCHAM, MARY THERESA, Dallas Art History, Art Student ' s Association, YR, Underwater Society MITELMAN, MICHAEL EVERETT, Houston English MOEHLMAN, JACQUELINE ARNAULD, Austin History, X2, Round-Up, Texas Union Committee, Bored Martyrs MOELLER, KARL H., Waynesville, Mo. History and Government, AROTC Pre-Law Association MOERBE, DAVID NOEL, Corpus Christ! Geography, ICC MOFFITT, FREDERICK VINCENT, San Antonio American Studies, Students ' Association Committees, Chal- lenge, Intramurols MOFFITT, HELEN VERNA ELIZABETH, Pampa Mathematics, ACM MOJICA, PRISCILLA ORPHA, Austin Music Education, Southern Singers MONROE, RITA LYNNE, Kilgore History MOODY, JAMES AUBREY, Mineola Microbiology, Premedicol MOODY, MARY MORPHIS, Austin Journalism, 04 , Daily Texan Editor, Texas Student Publi- cations Board of Directors, Outstanding Student MOORAD, MARSHA ANN, Fort Worth History and Government MOORE, EDWARD CLARK IV, Dallas Government, Crow ' s Nest, NROTC MOORE, MARY ANN, Dallas History, Kirby Hall Adviser and Student Assistant, Upper- class Advisors MOORE, PHILIP BAXTER, Big Spring Finance, 4 A6 MORA, CYNTHIA LUCILLE, Alice Zoology MORALES, DIANE KAY, Houston Romance Languages, Round-Up MORALES, MARCIA ANN, Houston Spanish, Newman Club MORAW, DENNIS ANTON, Cameron Mathematics MORGAN, JERRY LEE, DeLeon Finance, f KT, IFC, Honor Roll, Students ' Association Com- mittee Insurance Society, Real Estate Society MORGAN, MARGARET FRANCES, Lubbock Marketing, XS2, Freshman Council, American Marketing As- sociation MORGAN, MARY ANNE, Bay City Accounting, A f MORIN, RAYMOND, San Antonio Mathematics and Spanish, Men ' s Glee Club MORRILL, KATHARINE JUNE, Fort Worth Elementary Education, XQ, Students ' Association Com- mittee, YR, Y, Freshman Council MORRIS, CLAUDE EDWARD, Dickinson Mathematics MORRIS, DAVID ANDREW, Dallas Finance, ATO MORRIS, DON MELVIN, Longview Premedical and Biology MORRIS, JERRY LYNN, Corsicana Phormocy, K MORRIS, SIDNEY MACHEN, Tyler Chemistry, H, +K f , AT, BK MORRIS, STEPHEN ARVILLE, Dallas Mathematics, ATA MORROW, CAROL ANN, Houston Elementary Education and Geography, AZ, Spooks, Students ' Association Committee, Castilion Student Planning Committee MORROW, ROSEMARY, Cuero History, TSEA, BSU MORSE, JOHN THOMAS, Quitman Morlteting, American Marketing Association MORTIMER, WILLIAM BRYANT, Refugio Psychology, KT MOSELEY, PHILLIP DUANE, Universal City English, Praetorian Guard, Public Relations Society MOTAZED, BEHROOZ, Tehran, Iran Chemical Engineering, AlChE, International Club 512 MOTLEY, LYNN LAWRENCE, Grand Prairie Zoology and History, AEA, Round-Up, Students ' Association MUELLER, MANDO CHRIS, Lockhart Industrial Management, AK 1 ) ' MUELLER, WALTER G. JR., Thrall Pharmacy, IPhA, YD MUIR, ROBERT DOUGLAS, Dallas MULHALL, RONALD TIMOTHY, Hagerstown, Md. Government, Dormitory Counselor, YR, Freshman Council, Longhorn Flying Club MULLINS, DEE ANN, San Antonio French and Speech, AT, Royal Spirit, Upperclass Advisors, Kirtsolving Adviser, Freshman Council Adviser MULLINS, KERMIT M., Wake Village Zoology and Premedical, AEA MULVA, JAMES JOSEPH JR., Depere, Wise. Finance, Bn MULVANEY, MARGARET LYNN, Houston Economics, AAA, OAE, Debate Squad MUMOLA, niANNE ELLENA, New York, N. Y. Biology, Engineering Wives Club MURCHISON, FRANK BIVIN, Corsicana Finance, ATA MURRAH, ANN HARRIET, Austin Elementary Education, RA6, f K f MURRAY, CHARLES COPPAGE, Lufkin Government BBIT, Intramural MURRAY, ROY LEE, Austin Pharmacy, " tAX MURRELL, MARSHALL TROY, Sterling City Economics, Texas Union Committee, UTSAM MUSHRUSH, BARRY MICHAEL, Fort Worth Art MUZNY, JOHN LOUIS, Eagle Lake Phormacy, f AX, LPhA MYERS, CAROL ANN, Lake Jackson Zoology NACHLINGER, PAM, Freeport Marketing, Freshman Council, American Marketing As- NAIFEH, JEROME GEORGE, Orange Premedical and Zoology, Swimming Team, Dean ' s List, Underwater Society f -r fWF Graduating Seniors NAPIER, ELIZABETH LEHMAN, Midland Special Education, Felecia Co-Op., Student Counseling for Exceptional Children NAPIER, FREDERICK DeWITT, Houston General Business NARVAEZ, RICHARD SERRANO, San Antonio NATTO, IBRAHIM ABBAS, Mecca, Saudi Arabia Government, USA, Organization of Arab Students, In- ternational Club NEAL, CHARLES CLINTON, San Antonio Civil Engineering, NROTC, Scobbard and Blade NEBEKER, KATHERINE NOEL, Houston French and English, ZTA NEELY, WARREN F., Bellville Pharmacy, K , LPhA, Pharmacy Council NEESE, WILLIAM JOHN JR., Carmine Civil Engineering, ASCE NEIKIRK, MARY MARGARET, Alice Physical Education, AAA, FIA6, KAII, K , PEM Club NEILL, DIANNE LANELLE, Houston Elementary Education, AF, Little Sisters of the Shield and Diamond, .Summer Orientation Adviser NERADA, NANCY LYN, San Antonio Social Welfare Studies NEUVILLE, JOSEPH STEPHEN, Center NEWBERN, DAVID THOMAS, Victoria Civil Engineering, ASCE NEWMAN, IRVIN MELVIN JR., Houston Chemical Engineering, AXE, PA, AlChE NEWTON, ELEANOR ANNE, Rockdale Sociology and Psychology, A t , Spooks, Orange Jackets, TTT, Kinsolving Adviser, Cactus, Texas Union Leadership Board NEWTON, ROBERT NELSON, Dallas Aerospoce Engineering NG, GIM LOUIE, San Antonio Pharmacy, LPhA NIBBLETT, SHERRY JAMES, Satellite Beach, Fla. English, II A , TSTA NIBLING, FRED LESLIE JR., Temple Zoology NICHOLAS, RICHARD ALAN, Austin Geology, A $12, Union House Committee, Texas Union Leadership Board, Election Commission, Freshman Orien- tation Adviser, Goodfellow 513 lift a fat tt NICHOLSON, RICHARD EDGAR, Baytown Public Relations, EX, AAZ, Karate Club, Public Relations NIEBUHR, CLARENCE ARTHUR, Austin Chemical Engineering, AX , AlChE NIEBUHR, REBECCA MAY, Austin History and Government NONTOSUT, PADET, Bangkok, Thailand Mathematics NORRIS, JOHN WILLIAM, McAllen Civil Engineering, 4ZK, XE, ASCE, Longhorn Band NORWOOD, MORRIS THOMPSON, Austin Microbiology NOTEWARE, JACKIE DON, Richardson Mathematics, KAII, I H NOWLIN, NANCY JEANNE, Ennis Special Education Orthopedic and Mental Retardation, Council for Exceptional Children NUNN, THOMAS EDWARD, San Antonio Music Composition, Longhorn Band NYE, MARTHA SUSAN, Rio Grande City Clothing, Textiles, and Fashion Design, Home Economic Chapter, Students ' Association Committee OAKLEY, CHERRI LYNN, Texas City Advertising, TAX, House of Delegates, Summer Orientation Advisor, Upperclass Advisor, Campus Chest OBENHAUS, RICHARD LARRY, Austin Marketing, ATA OBERPRILLER, JAY DIXON, Houston Personnel Management, Society for the Advancement of Management OCKER, ROBERTA ANN, Robstown Mathematics, AT, Ponhellenic, ACM ODEN, JOHN EVANS, Pecos Finance, KA, American Finance Association, Insurance Society ODLE, RICHARD LEE, Midland Accounting, A S2, NROTC, Student Christian Fellowship ODOM, ORIS LEON II, Amarillo Engineering Route to Business Administration ODOM, RONALD JAY, Fort Worth Mathematics O ' DONNELL, JOAN EMILY, Mason Elementary Education OGDEN, RICHARD ED, Longview Chemical Engineering, AlChE Graduating Seniors OGLE, PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio Music Education, TSEA, Southern Singers O ' HAGAN, JOSEPH, Kilgore Mathematics O ' HARA, WILLIAM PATRICK, Austin Accounting, XAX OHLENDORF, THOMAS ALAN, Lockhart Civil Engineering, ASCE OLIVER, FLOYD LOUIS JR., San Antonio Architectural Engineering, AAAE, SAME, Praetorian Guard, ROTC OLIVO, JOHN XAVIER, San Antonio Government, KK , YD, Dormitory Counselor, Longhorn Band, Praetorian Guard, Arnold Air Society, MASO OLSON, MARION ALFRED JR., San Antonio Accounting, 4 A0, Freshman Council, Freshman Assembly, Texas Union Committee, Campus Chest O ' NEIL, PATRICK WILLIAM, Alamo Predentol, 1K O ' NEILL, WILLIAM ANTHONY II, Houston Marketing, AKM ' , American Marketing Association OPPEL, WILLIAM PETER, Austin Journalism, SAX, Daily Texan ORSAK, OTTO EUGENE JR., Halletsville Electrical Engineering, IEEE O ' SHEA, MICHAEL EDWARD, Brenham Physical Education OTT, DAVID ALAN, Fort Worth History, -t-PA, HI, OAK, BK, Silver Spurs OTTO, THOMAS WAYNE, Baytown History OWENS, CAROLYN, Ballinger Chemistry, AAA, TBS, K . Orange Jackets, Longhorn Band PACE, RONALD VICTOR, Karnes City Chemical Engineering, AlChE PAINTER, KARLYN JANIS, Dallas Art, AE4 , Art Students ' Association PAINTER, NEWTON TED, Pecos Government PAKALA, DOROTHY ANN, San Antonio Psychology PANDOLFO, MICHAEL ANTHONY, Biloxi, Miss. Mathemotici, Arnold Air Society, SAME, AROTC 514 PAPWORTH, MARSHA LORRAINE, Biology Biology, Cordetfes PARISH, KATHRYN LUCILLE, Houston French, IU PARKER, CECIL CHILTON, Victoria Personnel Management, SAME PARKER, JOSEPH EDWARD JR., Houston PARKER, MARY LOUISE, Dallas Psychology PARKER, RICHARD JOSEPH, Nacogdoches Economics, AZII, Pre-Low Association PARKER, THESPO NINA, San Antonio Elementary Education, Carothers Adviser, TSEA, Interna- tional Club, Hellenic Club PARMELEE, JOHN JAY JR., Rockdale Finance and International Business, AK , Challenge, Texas Union Committee, Inter-Disciplinary Retreat PARTLOW, KATHERINE LYNN, Fort Worth Interior Design, AID PAST, ALVIN WALLACE, El Paso English PATRICK, JO ANN, Corsicana English, A PATTERSON, MARGARET ANNE, Tyler Journalism, Daily Texon, Cactus PATTERSON, VIRGINIA GAY, Tyler Elementary Education PATTILLO, MARTHA LEE, Pampa Plan II and French, A All, Assembly, Texas Union Commit- tees, International Club, Inter-disciplinary Retreat, Challenge PATTON, ANGELA BETH, Cedar Hill Physical Education, PEM Club PAVLIDOU, CATHERINE JAMES, Piraeus, Greece Sociology, Helenic Club, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Concert Choir PAYNE, JOHN GEORGE, Fate Physics, Xf PEACOCK, EDITH ANN, Austin Home Economics, A A A, Cordettes, TSEA, Home Economics Chapter PEARRE, SYLVIA JEAN, Weslaco Mathematics, AOIT, UTSA, Campus Chest, Intromurals, Freshman Council PEARSON, JAMES CHARLES, Tomball Aerospace Engineering, TBII, ZPT, AIAA PEHR, CARLES EDWARD, Houston History, TM PELPHREY, CHARLES BRANT, Austin Plan II Philosophy, Long horn Singers PENA, FEDERICO FABIAN, Brownsville Government, YD PENDLETON, JOHN RICHARD, San Antonio Mothemotics, ASME, Karate Club PENDLEY, LINDA SUE, Hillsboro English and Journalism, Daily Texan PENNER, KANDACE ANN, Big Spring Speech Pathelogy, IAH, YR PENNY, RICHARD EDWARD, Dallas Premedicol Zoology PEREZ, EUSTORGIO, Laredo Government PEREZ, ROJELIO, Uvalde PERILLOUX, THOMAS CHARLES, Corpus Christ! Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE PERKINS, SUE ANN, Jacksboro Elementary Education, AA.V ACE PERRY, DANNY L., ALVIN Zoology, AEA PERRY, DAVID WILLIAM, Houston Finance, t e PERRY, MARILYN ANN, Irving Art Education, ICC, Art Students ' Association FERRYMAN, MARGARET GLOVER, Tyler Journalism, AZ, 6S . AROTC Wives Club PETERS, DAVID WAYNE, Chicago, III. Civil Engineering, KK 1 ! ' , Longhorn Band PETERSON, LYNNE FRANCES, Minneapolis, Minn. Economics ond Government, YR PFEIFFER, GERALD P., LaPorte Biology, HK PHANEAUF, ROBERT EUGENE, Langley AFB, Va. Psychology, ATA PHELAN, JAMES DOUGLAS, Driftwood Finance ond Insurance, IIKA, AK , Silver Spurs, Insurance Society 515 fe-r r i j PHILLIP, HERB, San Antonio Accounting PHILLIPS, DIANA GAIL, Baytown Art, Newman Club, Art Students ' Association PHILLIPS, MEL E., Amarillo Government, 4 K+, Inter-disciplinary Retreat, Representative Party, Challenge, Round-Up, IFC, Cactus Club PHILLIPS, ROBERT MARK, Houston Accounting, f A PHILLIPS, RONALD DEXTER, Austin History, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, AROTC PHILP, CHARLENE, Beaumont Elementary Education, AXQ PHILP, JOE DAN, Caldwell History, Freshman Council, Intro murals PIPERI, SHARON ANN, Galveston Social Science, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committees PIRTLE, ROBERT EARL, Fort Worth Management, Society for the Advancement of Management PITTARD, GEORGE ERVIN, Anson Latin American Studies, ATA PITTMAN, PEGGY SHARON, Levelland Secondary Education PITTS, EDMOND WAYNE, Temple General Business PinS, RICHARD EDWIN, Austin Zoology, 4 AO, Dean ' s List PLISCHKE, SHELIA ELENA, Houston Mathematics, AAA, YD PLOG, PHYLLIS ANNE, El Paso Elementary Education, KATI, Andrews Adviser PLUMLEE, JOHN PATRICK, Hobbs, N. M. Government POLASEK, RONALD LYNN, Fort Worth Mathematics, Tejas Club, 4 H, A4 Q POLK, KEN EDWARD, Austin Actuarial Science, Actuarial Club, Insurance Society POLLAN, THOMAS MILLER, Rosenberg History POLLARD, CONSTANCE LOUISE, Baytown Mathematics, TSEA, Southern Singers, SRD Adviser, Stu- dents ' Association Committee POLLARD, PENNE SUE, Forth Worth Home Economics Education, Home Economics Chapter POLLARD, RANDALL KENT, Houston Zoology, A fi, Intramurals, CEC POLLARD, SUE, Waco Education, KA8 POLLON, ARNOLD, Pasadena Sociology. AEIT, Presidents ' Club POPE, NELDA ANN, Tyler Elementary Education, Freshman Council PORTER, ANITA DIANNE, San Antonio Home Economics Teocher Education, ON, Home Economics PORTER, BILLIE PAT, Terrell English, BK PORTER, MELVIN DUANE JR., Austin Psychology POTTER, DAWN GERALDINE, Houston Interion Design, AAA, AID, Texas Union Committees, Little Sigmas of Sigma Chi POWELL, EDWINA SADONIA, Tyler History, Ae, SRD Adviser POWERS, CATHERINE FOGARTY, Austin Mathematics, Southern Singers, Newman Club, International Club POWERS, JUDITH ANN, Austin Journalism, Newman Club, Daily Texan PRATT, DAVID ALFRED, Irving American Studies, House of Delegates, SDS PRATT, ROBERT BARTON JR., San Antonio Mathematics PREECE, FORREST FREEMAN, Austin Plan II, English, AAZ, Longhorn Band PRENTICE, MARGARET VIVIAN, Huntsville Geography, POT, YD, TSEA PRICE, HAROLD LANIER, Eden Archrlecture, APX PRICE, PATRICIA ISBEL, Austin Art, AAII, Spooks, Orientation Advisor, Fine Arts Council, PRICKETTE, GERALD SAUNDERS, Houston Architectural Enginrir.g, Engineering Council, AIAA PRIEM, MARIE HILDA, Round Rock History, TSEA v-f C3 4fe 516 PRIHODA, JOE DANIEL, El Campo Architectural Engineering, +K , AAAE PRINCE, ROBERT DALE, Belton Marketing, IKI, American Marketing Association, Association for Business Application of Computers PRIOUR, DONALD JAMES, Kerrville Premedical and Zoology PROCTOR, MARGARET ANN, Fort Worth English, AAII, AAA, 1AIT, English Honors Program PROVOST, O ' NEIL EDWARD JR. , Austin History, Newman Club, YD PRYOR, JAMES WILLIAM, Lamesa Journalism, ZAX PURCELL, STEPHEN McCABE JR., Longview Mechanical Engineering, QK , ASME, Engineering Coun- cil, Freshman Basketball, House of Delegates PURVIS, GORDON PAUL, Houston Accounting PYEATT, SUSAN, Dallas Mathematics, AAI7, Acacia Order of Delphi, ACM QUINN, DENNIS MICHAEL, Wichita Falls Biology and Psychology, International Club QUINTANILLA, DELIA IDA, San Antonio Elementory Education RACUSIN, CHARLES ROBERT, Corpus Christ! General Business, ld. Freshman Council Adviser, Varsity Carnival, Texas Union Committees, Intramurals RAAAERT, FRANK F. JR., San Antonio Industrial Management, ROTC RANELLE, BRIAN DAVID, Fort Worth Zoology, AE RASCHKE, WILLIAM CURTIS, Austin Chemistry, +BK, Tejas Club RATZLOW, JANIS ANN, Phillips Mathematics, AZ RAUHUT, MARTHA GAIL GLEATON, Comanche English and Speech, Longhorn Band RAWLS, CHARLES EDWARD, Huntsville, Ala. Architecture, APX, BSU, AIA RAY, ADOLPHUS WESLEY JR., Gladewater Mathematics, Actuarial Science Club, CBA Council RAYBURN, HENRY HOWARD, Alvarado Architecture, APX, AIA I Graduating Seniors READ, RHONDA SUSAN, Corpus Christ! English and History, KKf, Sisters of the Star and Crescent REAGAN, LINDA ELAINE, San Antonio Home Economics, OX, I K 1 , Home Economics Club REAGAN, PAUL RANDOLPH, Temple Sociology REDDENHASE, DOUGLAS RAY, Austin Personnel Management, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment REED, DIANNE, Houston Art, AAII REESE, CRAIG EUGENE, San Antonio Accounting-Economics, AII, International Club, Interna- tional Business Association REESE, JAMES RICHARD, Houston Finance, Acacia, YR, Real Estate Society REGO-RAMIREZ, FRANCISCO ALFREDO, Antigua, Guatemala Spanish Literature REID, JAMES LARRY, Temple Music, J1A REID, JERRY PRESTON, Canadian Microbiology REIMAN, LINDA ANN, Austin Speciol Education, CEC, TSEA-NSEA, Round-Up, YR REINICKE, ROBERT WAYNE, Bellville Chemical Engineering, AlChE RENEAU, THOMAS ALAN, Austin History, 4 A9, Praetorian Guard, AROTC, Arnold Air Society RENFRO, ROBERT BRUCE, Dallas English, KZ RENOLA, MARIA, Hagerstown, Md. Textiles and Clothing, +JI, Spooks, MUM, Challenge, Newman Club RENZ, RANDALL ROBERT, Dallas History, Campus Crusade for Christ REQUA, ANNETTE LOUISE, Natchitoches, La. Elementary Education, AZ, TSEA, ACE RESTMEYER, ROSEMARY ANN, Bryan German RICE, STEVE TRAVIS, San Antonio Personnel Management, AKM ' , Society for the Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association, CBA RICHARDS, GEORGE WHEELER, Arlington, Va. Marketing, fKT, Longhorn Singers, Men ' i Glee Club, UTSAM, American Marketing Association, Association for the Business Application of Computers 517 RICHARDS, GRETCHEN SHULTS, Arlington, Va. Clothing and Textiles, Little Sisters of the Laurel RICHARDS, JANET LOUISE, Rockdale Psychology, TAE, YD, Longhorn Singers, Freshman Council, Symphonic Band RICHARDS, ROBERTA HAMPTON, Fort Worth Elementary Education, IIB . KATI, Angel Flight RICHARDSON, GWEN, Houston Biology, AOTT, TAE, Freshman Council, Cactus, YR RICHARDSON, JERRY LEE, Corpus Christi Mathematics RICHARDSON, KENNETH ROBERT, Austin Zoology, 4 A8, OAK, Freshman and Varsity Swimming, T Association RICHARDSON, RITA COCHRAN, Miami, Fla. Spanish and History RICKARDS, JUDITH ANNE, Wichita Falls Physical Education, AXQ, PEM Club RIDDELL, JOSEPH MURRAY III, Fort Worth Physics, HI, 4 BK, 172, OAK, Y, Order of Alcalde RIDOUT, ROBERT GLADSTONE, Austin Premedical, AEA, HI , 4 HZ RIEKE, ROBERT DAVID, Houston Finance, 4 A0, Varsity Football, MBA-MPA Association RIGOTTI, GEORGE MICHAEL, Sinton Marketing RILEY, MARY LISA, San Antonio Pharmacy, KE, LPhA RINGER, WILLIAM CHARLES, Austin Russian, Veterans ' Association, Slavic Club RIRIE, MARY LOUISE, San Antonio Psychology, Sisters of the Star and Crescent RITCHIE, ROBIN, Midland Elementary Education, Mortar Board, ICC, Goodfellow ROBERTS, CAROLE JEANNE, St. Louis, Mo. Radio-TV-Film, AEP ROBERTS, OWEN LEE, Belton Electrical Engineering ROBERTS, RICHARD LEE, San Antonio Pharmacy, K+ ROBERTS, SALLY LOU, Dallas English, Freshman Council, Newman Club, Southern Sing ers, YR Graduating Seniors ROBERTS, WILLIAM PINKNEY III, Rockville, Md. Accounting, ARE, IFC ROBERTSON, SARAH ANN, Taylor English and Speech, Curtain Club, Texas Union Committees, AIESEC, College House, Round-Up, Littlefield Dormitory Officer, Daily Texan ROBINSON, CAROL JO, Austin Elementary Education, KAII ROBINSON, DONALD IRA II, Texarkana Design, Texas Union Committees, Freshman Council ROBINSON, JOHN DAVID II, Houston Computer Science Biology and Zoology, Junior Fellow in Zoology, Arnold Air Society, Roberts Hall Adviser, TSTA, NSTA, STAT, NEA, TCTA RODGERS, JOE TOM JR., Lindale Mathematics and Geography RODGERS, KAREN ANN, Corpus Chrjsti Interior Design, r B, White Star Sweethearts, Ten Most Beautiful Finalist, AID RODGERS, MARGARET ANN, Berclair Home Economics RODRICK, REX OTIS, Austin Geography RODRIGUEZ, OSCAR RAY, San Antonio Mathematics RODRIGUEZ, ROBERT MUNOZ, Victoria Music Education RODRIGUEZ, SALVADOR C. JR., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Longhorn Band ROE, MARILYN DUFF, Corpus Christ! General Business, Society for Advancement of Management ROEDER, JERRY ELBERT, Waco Aerospace Engineering, TIIIF, FT, AIAA ROEDER, LARRY DRUE, Waco Aerospace Engineering, AIAA ROESSLER, GEORGE JACOB, Electra Chemical Engineering, TBII, OXE, AlChE, Newman Club ROGERS, GARY DUANE, Cleburne Engineering Route to Business Administration, Society for the Advancement of Management ROGERS, LYNN ANN, LaMarque Plon II, At ROGERS, OLGA MARIA, Odessa Foreign Languages ROGERS, RANDY CLYDE, Baytown F i none , N 518 -. ROKOHL, HARVEY WAYNE, Three Rivers Pharmacy, K RODNEY, PAULA MARIE, Baytown Elementary Education, TSTA RORK, LOUIS EDWARD, San Angelo Finance ROSALES, MANUEL GEORGE JR., San Marcos Accounting, BFZ, BA , AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, TLOK ROSE, CAROL JEAN, San Antonio Nutrition, Newman Club, Student Nutrition Organization ROSE, DONALD E. J., Blanco Physics ROSELLO, JOHANNA MARIA, Dickinson Mathematics and History, AZ, MUN ROSENBAUM, ALLEN WAYNE, Rosenberg Mechanical Engineering, A5ME, Honor Roll ROSS, JAMES NATHAN, Belton Zoology, 4 SK ROSS, JAMES RICHARD, Lake Jackson Chemistry, Tejas Club, AX2, 4 H2, AEA, Texas Union Committee ROTH, LEONARD MATTHEW, Houston History, TA4 ROTHWELL, RICHARD O ' NEIL, Austin ROTTER, LANELL MARIE, LaGrange Mathematics, ICC, Wakonda Co-op, Intramurals ROWE, JASPER CALHOUN, Kilgore Physics, AIA, Honor Roll, Karate Club ROWLEY, JO ANN, Austin Mathematics, ASA, Angel Flight ROYE, LAURA YVONNE, Fort Worth English, AOII, AAA, Freshman Council, A Cappella Choir, Madrigal Singers ROZEN, PHYLLIS JO HORN, Corpus Christ! Elementary Education, A4E, TSTA, NEA, ACE, Freshman Council ROZIER, KELLYN, Kilgore Journalism, 62 , TAX, HA9, K , KTA RUDD, JUDY JANE, Dallas Mathematics, UA6, Uppercloss Advisers, Theadorne Co-op, B5U RUDKIN, CAROL JEAN, Dallas History, Blonton Adviser, Freshman Council RULFS, CAROL ANN, Houston English, Spooks, Uppercloss Advisers, Assembly, Orange Jackets, Freshman Orientation Adviser, Goodfellow, Out- standing Student, Marjorie Darilek Award RUSH, DIANNE, Conroe Special Education, Freshman Council Adviser, Heflin Manor Adyiser, Orientation Adviser, Assembly, Goodfellow, Educa- tion Council, Cactus, Texas Union Executive Council, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Posse, Bluebonnet Belle, Sweetheart Finalist, Golden Hearts RYAN, JAMES ARTHUR, San Antonio Actuarial Science, Actuarial Club, NROTC, Simkins Epicurean Association RYAN, RONALD FRANKLIN, San Antonio Accounting RYDER, JOHN THOMAS, Richardson Zoology SALES, DANA KAYE, Paris Medical Technician SALINAS, CLAUDIO, Laredo Electrical Engineering SALINAS, GILBERTO S., Corpus Christ! Personnel Management, International Business Association SALINAS, LOUIS JR., San Antonio History, YD SALINAS, ROBERTO I., Laredo Marketing, Laredo Club SANCHEZ, JOSE VASQUEZ, Uvalde Pharmacy, LPhA SANCHEZ, MARJORIE LEE, Rio Grande City Pharmacy SANCHEZ, R. JUAN, Maracaibo, Venezuela Personnel Management, International Business Association SANDERS, CONNIE LANE, Houston Radio-TV, XQ, AAA, AEP, Cordettes, Texas Union Committees SANDERS, HOLLIS RANDOLPH JR., Austin Pharmacy SANFORD, SHERRIE DIANE, Victoria Mathematics, Cordettes, Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross SAVAGE, PAULA BETH, Dallas Art, KKF, Freshman Council Adviser, Upperclass Advisors, Campus Chest, Dimes Day, Engineering Sweetheart, Sweet- heart of The University of Texas, Goodfellow SCARBOROUGH, JOETTA J., Dallas Anthropology, Anthropological Society SCHAEFER, CAROL JEAN, LaGrange Elementary Education SCHANTZ, HAROLD DANIEL, San Antonio Zoology 519 SCHICK, DAVID CHARLES, Henrietta Engineering Route To Business Administration 4 FA SCHIEBOUT, JUDITH ANN, San Antonio Geology SCHKADE, BARBARA BURRUS, Wichita Falls Accounting, TBZ, Longhorn Band SCHLINE, SANDRA DALE, Richmond, Va. Journalism, Y, Daily Texan SCHMIDT, ROBERT RUBEN, Port Arthur Chemistry, AX2, OAK, Tejas Club, Texas Cowboys, Junior Fellows SCHNATTERER, ELIZABETH LORRAINE, Bellaire Nutrition, Home Economics Chapter, Students ' Nutrition Organization SCHOENKE, OLIVIA LANI, Weatherford Marketing, FA, American Marketing Association, Student Association and Union Committees, Challenge, YR SCHROEDER, CHARLES KENNETH, San Benito Personnel Management, 6H, YR, Sing-Song, Texas Union Committees, Campus Chest, Freshman Council, Intramurals, BSU, MUN SLHROEDER, MARILYN DREW, San Benito Speech and Journalism, YR, IAH SCHROEDER, PENNY RENE, Houston Psychology, Freshman Council SCHUBLE, THOMAS GERALD, Baytown Accounting SCHUESSLER, BETTY LOUISE, El Paso Microbiology, MUN, Texas Union Council, Assembly, Upper- class Advisors, Mayfair House Adviser, UTSA, Goodfellow SCHULTZ, MARDI GAYE, Portland Mathematics, Scope SCHUMAN, MUSALLAM N., Tabouk, Saudi Arabia Civil Engineering, International Club, Organization of Arab Students SCHUMANN, GEORGE ERNEST, Dumas Mathematics, FA, ACM SCHWARTZ, HAROLD DENNIS, Houston Radio-TV, TA t , Intramurals SCHWER, NANCY ANN, Austin English, KKF SCOTT, CHARLES HENRY, Frisco Engineering Route to Business Administration, SCOTT, CHERYL KAY, Victoria Office Administration SCOTT, CRAIG T., Fort Worth Accounting, $rA, Freshman Baseball SCOTT, ROBERT RACHAL JR., Falfurrias Finance, ATA SEALE, ALLEN HARRY, Comfort Architecture, S " t E SEALE, DON W. JR., Austin Accounting, Dean ' s List SEALE, RICHARD HARDY, Palestine Aerospoce Engineering, 2TT, AIAA SEALS, BRADLEY NEWMAN, Houston Economics SEAY, CYNTHIA ANN, Houston Elementary Education and Sociology SEE, MARILYN LILLIAN, Snook Home Economics, FB4 , Home Economics Chapter, Upper- class Advisors, Kirby Hall, Student Assistant SEEKAMP, JOHNNY FRANK, Yoakum Petroleum Engineering, UK , Longhorn Bond, UTSAM, Silver Spurs, AIME SEFCIK, JOHN DELBERT, Dallas Electricol Engineering, IEEE, AROTC, Distinguished Mili- tary Student SEILER, LARRY WAYNE, Lake Jackson Chemistry SEILHEIMER, DAN KEITH, Fort Worth Chemistry, -t-HS, AT, OAK, A D, Tejas Club, Operation Brainpower, Order of Alcalde, Friar Society, Mike Flynn Award, Outstanding Student SENSEMAN, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Beeville Architectural Engineering, AAAE SENTER, CARL CONWAY, Forney Mathematics, B6JI SETTLE, LINDA SUE, Celina Accounting, BA+, BIT, +BKinsolving, Honor Roll SEWELL, CAMERON DEE, Seagoville Government and History, Pre-Law Association, YD SEVER, JOHN FREDERICK, Houston Chemical Engineering, +HS, AlChE SHAFFER, LARRY WAYNE, Austin SHAMESS, GEORGE ANN, Wellt Office Administration, AAII, BIT, HA6, HOII SHANE, RICHARD HARLAN, Sugarlsnd Engineering Science, Longhorn Flying Club, Skydivers SHANNON, JOEL INGRAM, Wharton Economici, X+, +H. IFC, Round-Up, Order of th Alcalde, Freshman Council Adviser 520 SHARP, MARSHA LEE, Placedo Art Education, Art Students ' Association SHARPE, EDWIN REESE JR., Austin Economics, ATA, H2, Freshman Orientation Adviser, Fresh- man Council Adviser SHAW, PATRICIA SUE CAMERON, San Saba Elementary Education, KAII SHAW, ROBERT ERIC, San Antonio Marketing, AXA, American Marketing Association, Students ' Association Committee, Texas Union Committee SHAW, WALTER JARVIS, San Saba Marketing SHEFFIELD, FRANK HORNER, Dallas Government, AIESEC, Texas Union Committee SHELIGA, SHARON ANN, Ennis Biology SHELLBERG, GAIL WHITTINGTON, Amarillo Accounting SHELLBERG, LEE PAUL, Amarillo Mechanical Engineering, TSPE, ASME SHELTON, CHERYL DENISE, Houston History and Government, University Chorus SHELTON, LINDA SUZANNE, Wichita Falls English, r B, 62 , English Honors Program, Assembly, Spooks, Daily Texan, Representative Party, Freshman Council Adviser, Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee SHEPHERD, BRENDA, Sour Lake Home Economics, F i B, ON, Home Economics Chapter, Kin- solving Student Assistant SHIELDS, STEPHEN W., San Antonio Accounting, TKE, University Co-op Board of Directors SHINBAUM, CHERYL D., Montgomery, Ala. Speech Therapy and Education, EAT, Education Council, Assembly, Orange Jackets, Spooks SHIPMAN, SANDRA LOUISE, Lake Jackson English SHIVELY, CHRISTOPHER E., Garland Journalism and Government, Daily Texan, Texas Union Committee, AROTC, Praetorian Guard, Freshman Council SHIVERS, ALLAN JR., Austin Finance, SAE SHOPOFF, STEPHEN ROBERT, Richardson Marketing, AK , Varsity Cross Country and Track, T Association, Newman Club SHORT, JAMES KEITH, Henrietta History and English SHULTZ, TOMMY BRENTON, Houston Zoology, Premedicol Graduating Seniors SIFUENTES, JOHN, Austin Accounting SILLER, ROBERT S., San Antonio Electrical Engineering, HKN, IEEE SILVERSTEIN, RUSSELL LEE, Houston Zoology, AEII, H, AEA, BK, Honor Roll, Freshman Council SIMMONS, DAN WALTER, White Deer Mathematics SIMMONS, KATINA, Amarillo Art History, XB, Art Association SIMON, BARBARA BELLE, Austin Fashion Design, AE4 SIMONDS, ELWOOD EUGENE III, Irving Psychology and Sociology SIMONS, ALLEN BRUCE, Houston Marketing, A f 2, ANA, American Marketing Association SINGER, MARY ELSA, Coral Gables, Fla. Government, $A8, MUN, Upperclass Advisors, Students ' Association Committee, Freshman Council SKANDALIS, KIKI A., Houston History and Government, Upperclass Advisors, Carothers Adviser, Students Association Committees, TSEA, Out- standing Student SKELTON, WILLIAM LLOYD, Hallettsville Mathematics, Longhorn Flying Club, ACM, Intramurals SKINNER, MICHAEL LEE, Richardson Chemical Engineering, AlChE SKRHAK, JOHN MARTIN JR., Houston Economics, A4Q, Tejas Club, Economic Club SLEDGE, ROLAND EDWARD JR., Houston History, f A6 SLIPAKOFF, MERYL PHYLLIS, Houston Biology, ZAT, Spooks, Students ' Association Committee SLOAN, LLOYD REYNOLDS, San Antonio Psychology and Mathematics, H, K , BK, Scabbard and Blade, AROTC SMALLWOOD, THOMAS M., Rockport Pharmacy SMITH, BEVERLY MURDAUGH, Palestine Government, ZTA SMITH, CAROL JUNE, Crane History and English, KKF 1 , Ashbel Literary Society SMITH, CAROL SYLVIA, Corpus Christ! General Business, ZTA 521 W . 1 f SMITH, CHARLES BRUNNER, Austin Accounting, BF2, BA , 4 K , OAK, Honor Roll, IDR, Dean ' s List SMITH, DAVID MICHAEL, Kilgore English and Philosophy, Varsity Baseball, Longhorn Flying Club SMITH, DAVID MOVES, Dallas Plan II, Texas Union Committees, Karate Club, Intramurals SMITH, DELMAS LOUIS, Baytown Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Underwater Society SMITH, DENNIS EARL, Tyler Personnel Management, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment, Young Americans for Freedom, YR SMITH, EDGAR ASHLEY, Houston Economics, ATfi, Orientation Adviser, Freshman Council Adviser, IFC, Posse SMITH, ELTA ENID, Austin Elementary Education, AOII SMITH, GAVIN HARRIS, Houston Finance, ATQ SMITH, GORDON BENNETT JR., Gainesville English, ITA 1 ! , Freshman Council, Pre-Law Association, NSEA, Honor Roll SMITH, GREGORY FRANKLIN, Houston Economics, SIT, Honors Program, ACM SMITH, JAMES ROBERT, Houston Government SMITH, JOHANNA LOUETTA, Austin Psychology, Organization for Students of Objectivism, Y, Interdisciplinary Retreat, Challenge SMITH, MICHAEL DEAN, Cleburne Physics SMITH, RICHARD EARL, Clifton Finance, Longhorn Flying Club SMITH, ROBERT MARION, Arlington Chemistry, American Chemical Society SMITH, SUSAN KAYE, Tyler Interior Design, AZ, ON, AID, Home Economics Chapter, Campus Chest SMITH, TRESCOTT KIMMERJON, Nacona Advertising, KAII, HZ, AA, KTA, School of Com- munications Council, Journalism Honors Program, Chal- lenge, Karate Club SMITH, WILLIAM STEPHEN, Floresville Management and Marketing, MM ' , YR SNIDOW, FRANK CHAPMAN, Richardson Finance and Real Estate, Freshman Council, Real Estate Society, Finance Club SNOWDEN, JUDY CAROL, Sherman English, Longhorn Band, TSEA Graduating Seniors SNYDER, MARGARET JEAN, San Antonio Mathematics, AAA, K f , BK, UTSA SOLOMON, ROBERT ALLAN, Dallas Accounting, $A SOLTANI, MOHAMMAD YETT, Meshed, Iran Electrical Engineering, Iranian Students Association SOUTHWICK, THOMAS STANLEY, Friend, Neb. Engineering Route to Business Administration, fyKty SPARKS, DAVID ROWE, Brookhaven, Miss. Marketing and Law SPELL, STANLEY JOE, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE SPENCER, MARTHA ELLEN, Austin Mathematics, BSU, Intramurals SPIVAK, BARBARA, Corpus Christ! Elementary Education, A E, KAII SPRADLEY, SHERRY JANE, Houston Speech Therapy, KKT, SAH, Ten Most Beautiful, Cordeltcs SQUYRES, LOUIS LEROY, Tyler Marketing, AK , KK , Longhorn Band STALL, NANCY ANN, Smithville Elementary Education, TSEA STANLEY, JOSEPH ANDREW III, Lubbock Finance, ATA, Silver Spurs, Insurance Society, American Finance Association STANLEY, NORAAA SUE, Galena Park Business Education, Ilfill, Texas Union Committee, Kmsolving Adviser and Student Assistant STAPLETON, JAMES ALEXANDER, Hillsboro Personnel Management STARGEL, MICHAEL DON, Amarillo Microbiology, ATA, AEA STARK, JUDY KAY, Fort Worth Clothing, Design and Textiles STARK, TEMPLE CUNNINGHAM, Jacksboro Finonce, BBII, Texas Cowboys, Teaxs Union Committee, Freshman Council Adviser, Freshman Assembly STASNEY, BILLY LEE, San Angelo History, Hebrew Club STAUTBERG, AUBREY THEODORE JR., Houston American Studies, B6IT, Freshman Council, Intramurals STAVINOHA, JEAN MARIE, Sehulenburg Advertising, 91 , PAX, Newman Club, International Club, PRSSA 522 STELLING, MARVIN JOE, Dallas Physics, A4 0, Longhorn Band STEPHEN, LESLIE VIDA, Falls Church, Va. Latin American Studies, A4, Spooks, Interdisciplinary Re- treat, Campus Chest, Round-Up. STEPHENS, MICHAEL PATRICK, Houston Geology STEPHENS, SHARON IONA, Dallas Spanish and Anthropology, AAA, Freshman Council, Little Sigmas of Sigma Chi STEPHENSON, KATHLEEN BESS, Dallas Journalism, KTA, 0 f , Upperclass Advisors STERETT, EDITH ANN, Houston Speech and English, KA1I STERNBERG, FRED ALAN, San Antonio Insurance, Insurance Society, House of Delegates STETZER, CYNTHIA NAN, New Orleans, La. Government, EAT STEVES, DIANA, Bay City Interior Design, AAA, AID STEWART, CHERYL DELAINE, Midland French STEWART, ELAINE MARGARET, Corpus Christ! Office Administration STEWART, ELIZABETH MILLER, Corpus Christ! Office Administration STEWART, JAMES PAUL, San Antonio Advertising, Newman Club, A Ail STINSON, ALAN LYNN, Grapevine Accounting, ZII, HA STIRANKA, BARBARA JEAN, Houston Economics, AXfi, AIESEC STOVAL, SUSAN LYNN, Dallas Mathematics, AT, Freshman Council, Round-Up STRASS, STEPHANIE, Seabrook French, Freshman Council, Longhorn Singers, Interna- tional Club, Dean ' s List STRAW, CYNTHIA RUTH, San Antonio Mathematics and Radio-TV-Film, AEP, Upperclass Advisor STRIMPLE, LYNDA KAY, Temple Music Education, TBS, Symphonic Band, Longhorn Band STRINGER, JOE FRANK, Henderson Pharmacy, 1 AX STRINGER, STEVE CHARLES, Richardson Pharmacy, KA, Freshman Council Adviser STRIPLING, CRAIG, Nacogdoches History, SAE, Texas Cowboys STUBBLEFIELD, JOE LEE, Dallas Architecture, APX, TEA, Sphinx, Assembly, Architecture Coun- cil, Image, Orientation Advisor, AIA, Goodfellow, Outstand- ing Student STUDDARD, CLIFFORD LESLIE II, Dallas STUYCK, STEPHEN CHRISTOPHER, Baton Rouge, La. Advertising, AAS, KTA, Daily Texan, Freshman Council SULAK, ALBIN RUDOLPH JR., West Pharmacy SUTHERLAND, RICHARD THOMAS, Houston Radio-TV, X SUTHERLAND, SANDRA JEANETTE, Houston Marketing, AZ, American Marketing Association SUTTON, JERREL HOWARD, Dallas Architecture, APX SVOBODA, DANIEL JERRY JR., Victoria Electrical Engineering, IEEE SWINDLE, SUSAN LILLIAN, Waco English, KA8 SYKES, TALMADGE WESLEY JR., Nashville, Tenn. Mathematics, YR TACQUARD, JULIUS LEE, Galveston Interior Design, FA, AID TAMPKE, SALLY KATHERINE, Austin Mathematics, KAU, Littlefield and Blanton Adviser, College Life TANKERSLEY, JOHN CHARLES, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME TAPLIN, JOHN DAVID, Kingsville History TARVER, ELDON LYNN, Austin Personnel Management TARVER, NANCY NATIONS, Austin TATMAN, GEORGE F., Dallas Accounting, A Q, YR, Christian Scienc Organization TAYLOR, BOBBY DARRELL, Alice Aerospace Engineering, TBII, SPT, AIAA 523 TAYLOR, BUFORD FRANKLIN, Phoenix, Ariz. Government, 62, AX, Intromurals, YR, MUN, Rayburn Debating Society TAYLOR, CHARLES A. JR., Austin Insurance, AZII, CBA Council TAYLOR, CONNIE LYNN, Port Lavaca Home Economics, Panhellenic, Home Economics Chapter TAYLOR, GAY, Longview Government and History, AAJI, IIA, Panhellenic, SRD Adviser, Scottish Scholars TAYLOR, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Houston Microbiology, A4 TAYLOR, RONALD DAVID, San Antonio Rodio-TV-Film TEAL, MARILYN KAY, Houston Interior Design, F i B, Panhellenic, House of Deleqates, AID TERILLI, JAMES LOUIS, Dallas Industrial Management, AK , House of Delegates, So- ciety for the Advancement of Management, Newman Club, Challenge TerMAATH, STEPHEN GRANT, San Antonio Civil Engineering, XE, TBT[, ASCE, MCC The Stag Co-op, Goodfellow TEZEL, PAUL EUGENE, San Antonio Accounting, XA THAMES, ROBERT CARROLL, San Antonio Marketing, Acacia THAYER, FRANCIS NEWTON, Orange Journalism, A ! !! THIELE, JUANICE VELMA, McDade Elementary Education, KAIT, SEA, ACE THOMAS, CHARLIE JOSEPH, Atlanta Civil Engineering THOMAS, JUDITH ROBERTA, Dallas Elementary Education THOMAS, LINDA, San Antonio Elementary Education THOMAS, MARTINE BINDER, Redlands, Calif. Elementary Education, KATI THOMAS, PATRICIA ANN, Dallas English and History THOMPSON, CARL WAYNE, Irving Mechanical Engineering, ASME THOMPSON, JAMES LANNING, Austin Aerospace Engineering, TKE, TBJI, IPT, AIAA THOMPSON, KENNETH DAVID, Houston Electrical Engineering, 62, TBII, HKN, IEEE, Engineering Fellow, Men ' s Glee Club THOMPSON, KINMAN BROCK, Victoria Accounting THOMPSON, PATRICIA, Austin Biology, KKF THOMPSON, PEYTON LEE, Willis Chemistry, A I SJ, Texas Union and Student Association Com- THOMPSON, THOMAS EDWIN, Temple Sociology THOMPSON, THOMAS HALL, Dallas Finance, X f THURMAN, JOHN HOMER, San Antonio Accounting, A Tl TIEMANN, OLIN RAY, Taylor Civil Engineering, ASCE TIMM, SUSAN, College Station Secondary Education, Freshman Council, TSEA TOCKER, MADELINE JAYNE, Waco Journalism and English, Daily Texan TODD, LAURIE, Irving English TOMKINS, GEORGE PHILLIP, McCamey Phormocy, AX, BSU, LPhA TOMSON, SANDRA ELAINE, LaPorte Marketing TRACY, JAMES DAVID, Fort Worth Psychology TRACY, JERAL ANN, Fort Worth Elementary Education, XSi, KAJ1, PEM Club TRAMMELL, JO-CAROL, Baytown Elementary Education, lonfjhorn Bond TRAMMELL, JOE DAVID, Houston Finance, Finance Club TRANT, SANDRA JEAN, Baytown Spanish, International Club TRAPP, MICHAEL ERIC, Dallat Hiltory. -Mft TRIBBETT, MARSHA LYNN, Irving English, Challenge, Student Association Committee 524 TROMINSKI, ERNEST MICHAEL, Allen Park, Mich. Government, Crow ' s Nest, NROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Sem- per Fidelis Society TRUITT, ROY LEE JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME TUBBS, ATHA MAXINE, Cuero History TUCKER, KATHERINE NANCY, Austin Plan 1 1 Psychology TULLOS, LOYD JR., Killeen Advertising, AAS TUML1NSON, SHARON KAY, Bedford Clothing and Textiles TUNSTALL, NANCY, Dallas Rodio-TV-Film TURET, CHARLES SYDNEY JR., Dallas Accounting, AT, A Cappella Choir TURNBULL, WADE WILLIAM JR., Houston General Business and Statistics TURNER, JAMES WILLIAM, Crockett Pre-Law, Acacia, OAK, CBA Council, Assembly, Order of Alcalde, Debate Team, Texas Union and Student As- sociation Committees, Outstanding Student TURNER, ROBERT ROGER, Richardson Interior Design, ON TURNER, THOMAS JACKSON, Carrollton Personnel Management TURNER, TOMMY STEPHEN, Robstown Engineering Route to Business Administration, KZ UNDERWOOD, MARY JANE, Austin Physical Education, AOII, KAII, PEM Club URQUHART, SUSAN PHYLLIS, Dallas French, KKF, Panhellenic, Spooks UTAY, PEGGY SUE, Dallas English, SAT, Spooks, Students ' Association Committee VACEK, GARRY WAYNE, Bellville Accounting, Newman Club VAN DONSELAAR, JODY LURIENE, Austin Elementary Education VAN VLIET, STEVEN ERIC, Amarillo Mechanical Engineering, IIKA, f H2, TBII, Freshman Basketball, Honor Roll, ASME, TSPE Engineering Coun- cil VAN VLIET, TRENNA LYNN, Amarillo Mathematics, KKF, Little Sisters of the Shield and Dia- mond, Round-Up Graduating Seniors II VARGAS, ALBERT G., San Antonio Government and History, YD, Austin Student Religious Liberals, MASO VARISCO, LUNETTE, Bryan Elementary Education, ZTA, TSTA VASSBERG, DANIEL CARL, Lyford Mathematics VAUGHAN, ANNE SCOTT, Dallas Mathematics, AF VAUGHAN, GEORGE DOUGLAS, Dallas Chemistry, H2, f A , K , BK VAUGHAN, RONALD ROSS, Dallas Accounting, AT VAUGHTER, ELIZABETH, Haskell Speech VEILUVA, SUZANNE DELL, Washington, D.C. Elementary Education, AFA, HAS, AAA, KAII, Interna- tional Club VERHEYDEN, CHARLES NASH, Jacksonville Zoology, Simkins Epicurean Association VOGES, MARK RICHARD, New Braunfels Music Education, Symphonic Band VOLKENING, JANIS JO, Lake Jackson Linguistics, AAA, TBS, 4 B Kinsolving, Longhorn Band VON BERGEN, CLARENCE WOODROW JR., San Antonio Psychology, Newman Club VOSS, DONNA ELAINE, Odem Home Economics and Public Relations, AATT, TAX, YR Home Economics Chapter VOSSBERG, STEPHEN MICHAEL, Lyford Latin American Studies, A I 0, YR WADDY, ERNESTINE, Sweeny Microbiology, NAP, YD WADE, JEFFREY BRIAN, Houston Physics, Underwater Society WADE, ROBERT LOUIS, Big Spring Accounting, ITKA WADE, VIRGINIA MAY, Corpus Christ! Elementary Education, KAII, IIA8 WAGGONER, EASLEY BOWL, Dallas Business, AE WAGNER, BARBARA NELL, Crosby Mathematics, AiA, Ponhellenic, Texas Union and Stu- dent Association Committees, Challenge, SKUNKS, Stu- dents ' Art Association 525 WAGNER, GARY LYNN, Austin Architecture, AIA, YR WAGNER, RAE, Port Arthur Elementary Education, SAT WAGNER, SUSAN, Fort Worth Journalism, AOIT, 8S4 1 , Daily Texan WALKER, DIXIE LEE, Eagle Lake Government, IIA6, Students ' Association Committee, Intro- murals, Upperclass Advisor WALLACE, BETTYE LOU, Hughes Springs History, Challenge, " tBK WALLACE, RICHARD JAMES JR., Donna Plan II, Premedical, AEA, Dean ' s List, Freshman Coun- cil WALLACE, WILLIAM LEWIS, Gonzales Sociology, Dean ' s List WALTER, DONALD JOSEPH, San Angelo Aerospace Engineering WALTERS, JAMES ROYCE, Dallas Microbiology WARD, JENNABETH LOUISE, Abilene American Studies, NAP, Y, University Chorus WARD, LINDA LEA, Waco English, AATI, Public Relations Student Society of America, Round-Up WARD, LLOYD RAY, San Antonio Marketing, YR, Longhorn Demolay Club WARD, VIVIAN WOOLDRIDGE, Austin WAREING, JULIE ELIZABETH, Houston Biology, IIB ' f ' , Longhorn Singers, Internationa! Club WARING, HILDA SUZANNE, LaMarque English, AAA, Southern Belles WARREN, JOSEPH FREDERICK, Nederland Economics, Longhorn Bond WARREN, ROGERS PATTON, Beaumont Mechanical Engineering, Longhorn Flying Club, ASME WARRINER, RICHARD ARTHUR, Midland Aerospace Engineering, 63, TEH, 4H, SIT, K , Engineering Fellows, AIAA WASHBURN, ROY STAFFORD, San Antonio Psychology, B8II WASHINGTON, DAVID RICHARD, Lewisville Civil Engineering, ASCE, Engineering Council Graduating Seniors WATERHOUSE, LARRY GENE, Dallas Government WATERS, SHARON SUE, Dallas Interior Design, AF, Order of the Blue Iris, AID WATERS, TERRY DON, Lindale Mathematics WATKINS, NORMA SCOTT, San Benito English and History WATKINS, WILLIAM MACKEY, Paint Rock Zoology WATSON, BEVERLY ANN, Hurst Journalism, KTA, SI . K4 , School of Communication WATSON, CHARLES MICHAEL, Terrell Electrical Engineering, TBJI, HKN, HI, IEEE, En- gineering Fellows WATSON, DAVID AUSTIN, Sherman General Business, AT, Representative Party WATSON, JAMES ERSKINE JR., Katy Pharmacy, TIKA, LPhA WATSON, SHELBY EDWARD, Austin Spanish and History, A S2, TSTA WEAVER, JAMES WILLIAM, Mesquite Mathematics, ACM WEAVER, THAD WARSAW III, Friendswood Mathematics, ZX, A ' MJ, Longhorn Flying Club WEBB, CHARLES RICHEY, Dallas Sociology, Veteroni Association WEBB, WILFORD CARL, Austin Finance, American Finance Association, Honor Roll WEBER, DONALD JOSEPH, Hitchcock Finance, A M}, AKS ' , Tejas Club, P re -Law Association WECHSLER, JAN DIANE, San Antonio Elementary Education, ASA, Texas Union Committee, Challenge, TSTA WEIL, MICHAEL MAX, Corpus Christ! Finance and Accounting, AIII WEINER, SANFORD ALAN, Houston Economics, 4 H, OAE, BK, Y, Hillel Foundation, Houte of Delegates, Pre-Law Association, Goodfellow WEISE, CAROL LEA, Bel I a ire Mothemotici, Speleological Society WEISER, RALPH THOMAS, LaGrange Park, III. Rodio-TV-Film, KUT-FM 526 WEISS, RONALD ARTHUR, Galveston Premedical, Zoology, AM, Texas Cowboys, IFC WEISSER, FRANK MARTIN, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, B6II, f HS, TBTI, AlChE, Engineering Fellows WEITZNER, ESTHER JUDITH, Veracruz, Mexico WEKSLER, RONNI JOY, Coral Gables, Fla. History, SAT, S E, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Student As- sociation and Texas Union Committees, Golden Hearts WELCH, DARRELL G. JR., San Antonio Architecture, APX, AIA WELCH, HUBERT HAROLD JR., Cisco Architecture, APX, AIA, Architecture Council WELDON, SHARON KAY, Fort Worth Political Science, IIEA, I B Kinsolving, Government Honors Program WELLER, CAROL ANN, San Antonio Mathematics and History, AiA, Order of Blue Irij, Chal- lenge, MUN, I ntra murals WELLS, JOHN ANTHONY, Odessa Psychology WELP, BARBARA JUNE, Richardson Elementary Education, Newman Hall Adviser WERLEIN, PRESLEY EWING III, Houston Accounting, I A@, Freshman Council WESTERMAN, ERIC LANE, Lake Jackson Microbiology, FIKA, AEA, M WHEETLEY, KIM ALAN, White Deer Educational Therapy, KAII, H, " frK , Dean ' s Honor Roll WHELESS, WILLIAM MEADE, Houston Finance, J A0, Freshman Track, Real Estate Society, In- surance Club, Freshman Council WHITAKER, CHERYL KAY, Tyler Journalism, AT, Daily Texan, Texas Union Committee WHITE, JERRY B., Austin Economics WHITE, LINDA LEE, Bellaire History WHITFIELD, JUDITH ANN, Amarillo History WHITING, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Houston Government, AIESEC, YR WHITLEY, JERRY BOB, Greenville Accounting WIEDE, MARGARET LILLIAN, Edna Home Economics, Student Nutrition Organization, Home Economics Chapter WIEDERANDERS, DAVID GENE, Round Rock Engineering Science, IEEE, TSPE, Longhorn Flying Club WIESE, GLEN EDWARD, Eagle Lake Pharmacy WILBANKS, HUGH III, Corpus Christi Aerospace Engineering, TB f , SIT, TBH, AIAA WILDFANG, PHILIP HENRY, Bismarck, N. Dak. Psychology WILKERSON, JOHN WILEY, Houston Government WILLETTE, JOHN GEORGE, Corpus Christi Physics WILLIAMS, BONNIE JEANNE, Dallas Pharmacy, KE, LPhA, YR, International Club WILLIAMS, DONNA LYNNE, Corpus Christi History WILLIAMS, ERNEST LEROY JR., Ballinger Aerospace Engineering, AIAA, Power Show, Engineering Council, Simkins Epicureans Association WILLIAMS, JAMES RAWLS, Groesbeck Aerospace Engineering, TBTI, SFT, K , H2, Engineer- ing Fellow, Honor Roll, AIAA, AFROTC, Distinguished Military Graduate, Arnold Air Society WILLIAMS, MELLIE JO, Marshall Radio-TV-Film, ASA, AEP, YR, Acacia Order of Delphi WILLIAMS, RHANA K., Austin English, AAA, TAB, BK, SEA, Sco ' pe WILLIAMS, RONALD DAVID, Texar ' kana Marketing, Acacia, Intramurals WILLIAMSON, ROBERT ARTHUR, Poteet Premedical Zoology WILLINGHAM, MARIAN ANN, Abilene Special Education WILLIS, JAMES ROBERT, Pasadena Accounting WILLKE, BEVERLY JANE, Houston Zoology, International Club, Underwater Society, Chal- lenge WILSON, BILLY WAYNE, Dallas Industrial Relations, A 51 IT, American Marketing Associa- tion, YR WILSON, JAMES PRESTON, Corpus Christi Mathematics, Student Christian Fellowship 527 WILSON, JULIE, Piedmont, Calif. 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RAMMING, RANDY ROGER, Lake Jackson RAY, BOBBY GENE, Midland RAYBURN, ANITA KAY, San Diego, Calif. RAYE, TOMMY DOC, Sonora READ, RONALD ALAN, Baytown REDING, JANE SHARON, Taft REED, WILLIAM CLAY, Dallas REEVES, ROBERT GLENN, Dallas Seniors RHEA, KATHLEEN, McAllen RHODES, CAROLE PRIM, Dallas RICHARDSON, JAMES ALLAN, Pleasanton RICHARDSON, WILLIAM HAROLD, Fort Worth RIDER, HARRY WAYNE, Floresville ROBERTS, JOSEPH ENOCH, Abilene ROBERTS, KENT WILLIS, San Antonio ROBINSON, RICHARD COAD, Sherman ROBISON, LEONARD J., II, Da ' las RODGERS, BOBBY GLEN, Gorman ROMAN, GILDA CHRISTIN, Baytown ROTTER, SHERYL ANNE, Austin ROUNTREE, WILEY BARRY, San Angelo RUCKMAN, EDITH JEANNE, Carswell AFB SANCHEZ, SYLVIA ANNA, San Antonio SANDERS, VIRGINIA LEE, Albany SATSKY, KAREN ANN, Austin SCARAMELL, SANDRA LOU, Abilene SCHIEFFER, RAYMOND CHARLES, Austin SCHMIDT, EDDIE CHARLES, II, Fort Worth SCLERANDI, LAWRENCE V., JR., Port Arthur SCOn, MARY SUSAN, Dallas SEBESTA, ANN FRANCES, Snook SEFCIK, JAMIE GLENN, San Angelo SHELBY, ELIZABETH, Tyler SHEPARD, JOHN CALVIN, JR., Richardson SHEPPARD, LORNA JEANNE, Clarksville SHERIDAN, PEGGY ANN, Arlington SHERMAN, MICHAEL HUGH, Victoria SHINN, JULIE ANN, Houston SIMMONS, ROBERT HOLLOWAY, Brownwood SKELTON, JANET SUE, Houston SLACK, JAMES GREGORY, Lufkin SMID, GEORGE ELLIOTT, Edinburg SMITH, PAUL SEWARD, San Angelo SMITH, ROBERT NELSON, III, Harlingen SMITH, SCOTT MURRAY, San Antonio SMITH, SHARON ANN, Tyler SMITH, STEVEN GRAYSON, Brielle, N. J. SOMMERS, STEVEN WAYNE, Miami Beach, Fla. - , .! z -v -.--. 532 SOURS, SANDRA ANN, Austin SPANGLER, DONALD EDWARD, Houston SPARKS, GORDON ELLIOTT, Austin SPARKS, HUGH CULLEN, Pasadena SPEARS, JAMES BURCH, Houston SPENCE, SUSAN-DEL, Tyler SPENCER, OLVIS RAY, Dimmitt SPENRATH, CURTIS ARTHUR, Comfort STALLKNECHT, WILLIAM ADAMS, Brookshire STARK, PATRICIA JO, Albuquerque, N. Mex. STARLING, MICHAEL DEWITT, Friendswood STEED, KENNETH R., McAllen STEFKA, F. 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WALSTON, MADELYN GAYE, Palestine WAMSLEY, KATHLEEN, Dallas WARD, JOHN WESLEY, JR., Devine WARINNER, GARY NELSON, Pasadena WARRICK, MICHAEL EUGENE, Pittsburg WASSELL, EMMETT EUGENE, Texarkana WATSON, MARTHA EAR 1 ENE, Marble Falls WATSON, RICHARD EUGENE, Willis WEATHERS, ROBERT SHERMAN, Waco WESOIOWSKY, AL BYARS, Irving WEST, CONNIE GENE, Vidor WHEELIS, DAVID LEE, Jacksboro WHITE, JOHN RILEY, Temple WHITTEN, DOROTHY JEAN, Austin WIBERG, SUSAN MARIE, Dallas WIEGAND, FREDERICK WILLIAM, JR., San Antonio WIGGINS, GEORGE EDWARD, JR., Houston WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA LEE, Fort Worth WILLIAMS, JOHN TRAVIS, JR., Sanderson WILSON, HENRY EVAN, Wharton WILSON, JAMES DENNIS, Houston WILSON, KIRK DEE, La Marque WILSON, PHYLLIS ANN, Hondo WILSON, WILLIAM ARTHUR, San Antonio WIMBERLY, STEVEN, Austin WINDLE, WILLIAM PARKER, Henderson WISE, MARSHA, Nashville, Tenn. WITCHER, LINDA JO, Amarillo WOLPER, RODDY, Amarillo WORTHAM, MICHAEL BRUCE, Houston WRIGHT, HAROLD EUGENE, Cleburne WRIGHT, JAY O., Grapevine WUKASCH, LINDA CAROL, Austin YOUASH, SABAH Y., Baghdad, Iraq YOUNG, CLIFTON LEE, Corpus Christi YOUSEY, ROBERT FRANCIS, JR., Lowville, N. Y. ZAVALETA, JESUS ARMANDO, Brownsville ZIKE, JAMES HOUSTON, Big Spring ZIMMERMAN, CHERYL ANNE, Dallas 533 ABBOTT, GARY RAY, Houston ACKERMAN, EDLOUIS HILMAR, JR., San Antonio ACO5TA, PETER PATRICK, San Antonio ADAMEK, JOHN WAYNE, Taylor ADAMS, BEVERLY ANN, Fort Worth ADAMS, FRANCES ELINA, Houston ADAMS, JOSEPH VINCENT, JR., Corpus Christi ADCOX, DUKEO BAIRD. Bishop ADDY, ERVIN EIDRID, Cisco ADLER, DOROTHY DIANE, Boerne AHRENBECK, PATRICIA LOUISE, Houston AINSWORTH, JOHATHAN BASS, New Orleans, la. ALBERTSON, CHARLES LENTON, III, Houston ALBRECHT, MARY JANE, Houston ALDRIDGE, DOUGLAS EARL, Corpus Christi ALEXANDER, JOHN DAVID, Irving ALLEN, ERNEST LEE, Stephenville ALLEN, JENNIFER MARGARET, Son Antonio ALLEN, JOSEPH MARTIN, Tyler ALLEN, THOMAS BYRD, Cleburne ALONZO, GILBERT REYNA, JR., Son Antonio ALVARADO, ANTONIO, Loredo ALVERSON, LINDA MAE, Itosca ALVEY, PATRICK JAY, Odessa AMACKER, JUDY ANNE, Beaumont AMESCUA, GLORIA, Austin ANDERSON, CHARLYNN ANN, Houston ANDERSON, DALE EDWIN, San Antonio ANDERSON, DARLENE ANN, Grand Prairie ANDERSON, DIANE MARIE, Grand Prairie ANDERSON, JANIS LYN, Borger ANDERSON, JEFFRIES DAVIS, Corpus Christi ANDERSON, MICHAEL ANTHONY, Pasadena ANDERSON, NANCY LEE, Corpus Christi ANDERSON, PATRICIA LOUISE, Weslaco ANDERSON, REBA JANE, McKinney ANDERSON, SAMMY ROSCOE, Borger ANDREWS, MARY FRANCES, Fort Worth ANDREWS. STEPHEN DAN, Mount Pleasant ANGLIN, SHARYN KAYE, San Antonio ANSELIN, PATRICIA KAY, Dallas ANTHONY, JAMES DEE, Lubbock APPENBRINK, WILLIAM MARCELLES, Galveston ARCHER, SANDRA LYNN, Edcouch ARDOIN, MARC WALTER, Victoria ARMS, SHARON ANN, San Antonio ARNOLD, RHOJEAN, La Marque ARTHUR, MARVIN LEON, JR., Irving Class of 1969 ATHENS, ZACHARIAS GEORGE, Grand Prairie ATWOOD, HARRY KIR6Y, JR., Houston AUSTIN, WILLIAM EARL, Andrews AUSTIN, WILLIAM JAMES, Dallas AVERITT, JIMMY CURTIS, Dallas AVERYT, JACK DeMARIUS, Odessa BACKUS, OSCAR, Crystal City BAGBY, JOHN ROBIN, Humble BAHM, STEPHEN CHRISTIAN Houston BAILEY, JAN ELAINE, Longview BAILEY, JANET, Sulphur Springs BAITY, RUSSELL WARREN, Garland BAKER, CHARLES EVERETT, Holland BAKER, DAVID LOUIS, Borger BAKER, JOEL D., Phoenix Ariz BALDWIN, CHARLES RICHARD, Lomesa BALDWIN, ELIZABETH GRAY, Marshall BALLARD, JAMES WALLACE, San Antonio BALLEW, ELIZABETH JANE, Cleburne BALLMAN, ANN MARGARET Mart BALZEN, JOHN PAUL. Son Antonio BANKS, JULIA ANN. Wichita Falls BARG, ROBERT DEAN, Robstown BARKER, HOWARD GRAY, Fort Worth BARKLEY, EDWARD JOHN, Bay City BARKLEY, JANET SUE, Austin BARKLEY, JUDITH ANN, Houston BARNARD, KAREN ELAINE, Garland BARNES, WILLIAM ROY, JR., Odessa BARNETT, CAROL ANN, Austin BARNHILL, BETTY LOUISE, San Antonio BARR, DOUGLAS EUGENE, Baylown BARRA, THOMAS CHARLES. San Antonio BARRON, MICHAEL, San Angela BARRON, MICHAEL MONROE, BARRON. SAM P., San Antonio BARRY. BRYAN WILLIAM, Dallas BARRY, CHARLES ESTES, Wallis BARTON, ALTON KEITH. Houston BARTON. JAN ClAUDETTE, Austin BARTON, LEONA SUZANNE, Dallas BAUMSTRAK. CATHERINE Houston BAYLOR, DAVID WIUIAM, Austin BAZALDUA, GILBERT, San Antonio BEALL, PAMELA RUTH, Goniales BEALOR, BARBARA ANN, Son Antonio BEATY, WILLIAM ROBERT, Fort Worth BECHTEl. DANIEL RUDOLPH, Fott Worth 534 BECKER, MARGARET ANN, Austin BECKER, RUTH ELLEN, Austin BEELER, MARY BLAKE, la Marque BELL, SLJZAN GAIL, Houston BELT, JANE AMELIA, Weimor BENAVIDES, ARABELLA DIANA, Laredo BFNAVIDES, MARY JO, Laredo BENNETT, DAN DAVID, Waco BENNETT, DIANA KAY, San Antonio BENNETT, DONALD NEILL, Tyler BENNETT, JAMES RICHARD, Cleburne BENNETT, PAUL JAMES, Austin BERG, CARY PETER, Mineral Wells BERMAN, LESLIE NANCY, Oklahoma City, Oklo. BERNHARDT, KAREN RUTH, Milwaukee, Wis. BERREY, BARBARA LYNN, Arlington, Va. BERRY, WILLIAM CARL, Mineral Wells BING YOU, HARRY LOUIE, San Antonio BIRDWELL, WILLIAM REAGAN, Hearne BIRNBAUM, ROBERT JAY, Son Antonio BLACK, ROBERT CHAPMAN, Houston BLACKMAN, RALPH GILBERT, JR., Bishop BLACKSHEAR, JACK COLBERT, Wichita Falls BLAIR, CULVERSON ESTELL, Dollos BLANKENBAKER, ROSE ANN, Mission BLASS, PAMELA, Texas City BLOHM, CARLIND E., Shiner BLOUNT, CAROL LEA, Grand Prairie BOENIG, LARRY ROBERT, Woodsboro BOGART, KERRY KATHLEEN, Houston BOON, JAMES C., II, Dollos BOONE, KATHLEEN FLORENCE, Dallas BOONE, WILLIAM PRICE, Austin BOUCHERS, MARY LOU, San Antonio BORGESON, CHARLES LEROY, Fort Worth BOSOUEZ, MATED GILBERTO, Robslown BOWSELL, MARY CYNTHIA, Dallas BOWDEN, CINDY, Houston BOWEN, EARL A., Midkifl BOWEN, JENIELOU, Austin BOWEN, LEWIS LOVE, III, San Antonio BOWERS, MARY ELIZABETH, Garland BOWLES, DAVID RICHARD, San Marcos BOWLES, JAMES RICHARD, Terrell BOWMAN, R. H. TIBAUT, Austin BOYD, JOE BILL, Sulphur Springs BOYER, WALLY JOSEPH, Temple BRACHER, ANTIONETTE, Houston BRACHT, ANDERSON HEATH, Houston BRACKEN, DAVID LEE, Fort Worth BRAEUER, DON ALLEN, Victoria BRANNON, CAROL LYNETTE, Baslrop BRANNON, TED CHARLES, JR., Conroe BRANSOM, BETTY JANE, Greenville BRANT, PHILLIP GABRIEL, Houston BRASHEAR, BARBARA ANNE, Lufkin BREARD, HAROLD ANTHONY, JR., Monroe, La. BREESE, TEUNISSE VIRGINIA, El Paso BREWER, CHARLES WILLIAM, Sinton BRICKER, DOUGLAS GRANT, Houston BRIER, MICHAEL ALLEN, Houston BRIGHT, MARTHA CAROL. Dallas BROADDUS, JAMES ANTHONY San Antonio BROCK, JOHN R., Houston BROOKING, LAURA JEAN, Hazlehurst, Miss. BROOKS, SANDRA GAYLE, Caddo Mills BROWDER, DAVID EDWIN, Burleson BROWN, BARBARA GERDA, Son Antonio BROWN, CALEB STEVE, III, Ballinger BROWN, DOR WADSWORTH, Fredericksburg BROWN, ELIZABETH, San Antonio BROWN, ORBORN, Corpus Christi BROWNFIELD, MARY, Fort Worth BROWNLOW, JAMES CARROLL, Irving BRUNSON, LINDA KAY, Overlon BRYAN. JIMMY DOUGLAS, Moulton BRYARLY, RICHARD C., JR., Austin BRZESZKIEWICZ, PEGGY JANE, Dallas BUBLIS, ROSEMARY, Plainview BUCHANAN, BETTY DOYLENE, Snyder BUELL, LOREN SCOTT, Bartlesville BUFORD JIMMY TOM, Grand Proirie BULLARD, PAULA KAY, Dallas BUMPAS. SALLY JEAN, Midland BURKE, IRENE CLAIRE, Tempe Ariz BURKETT, STEVEN ALAN, San Antonio BURNETT, PATRICIA ANN, Houston BUSH, ROBERT GLENN, Nederland BUSKE, GAIL ALLISON, Halletsville BUSSA, HARRY IRVIN, JR., Houston BUTLER. CAROLYN JEAN, Bonham BYERS, DANNY LEE, Spring Lake BYRD, DEBORAH ANNE Seguin CADENHEAD, DONALD MACK, Dallas CAIN, BURNEY DAVIS, Taylor CAIN, MARY JOSIE, Texas City 535 CALDERON, JAMES VILLANUEVA, Son Antonio CALHOUN, MARK ALAN, Tyler CALVERT, SUSAN ELOISE, For! Worth CAMMACK, BENJAMIN Y., JR., Dallas CAMP, BILL ADKINS, San Antonio CAMPBELL, JOE CHARLES, Dublin CANADA, HERMAN EDWARD, JR., Dallas CARAWAY, ANN ELIZABETH, Houston CARD, MICHAEL MELTON, Pelham, N. Y. CARLISLE, CESA LYNN, Dallas CARMICHAEL, JOHN ALAN, Houston CARNAL, MARY C, Corpus Christi CARTER, CYNTHIA CAROL, Dallas CARTER, JOHN GILBERT, JR., Mesquite CARTER, KENNETH WAYNE, Garland CARTWRIGHT, GERALD MICHAEL, Shownee, Okla. CASBEER, LYNDA ELIZABETH, Corpus Christi CASEBOLT, MERRILLIE, Azle CASTELLANOS, KATHERINE N., Houston CAVENDER, STIRLING ALFRED, San Antonio CHAPMAN, CYNTHIA RAY, Waco CHAPMAN, JAMES WINSTON, Houston CHARLTON, ROBERT THOMAS, Rosenberg CHATHAM, WILLIAM DON, Tyler CHAVEZ, ADAM GENE, San Antonio CHAVEZ, ANDRES JOSE, Hidalgo CHERRY, MERYL ROBIN, Dickinson CHESTER, GERALD RAY, Richardson CHIASSON, BARBARA LYNNE, Port Arthur CHILDRESS, DAVID WILLIAM, Ozona CHILDS, BARBARA JUNE, Brownwood CHILTON, JOHN MARVIN, Dallas CHRISTENSEN, CLAY BURNS, San Antonio CHRISTIAN, M. JULIE, Houston CHRISTNER. CATHERINE ANN, Oklahoma City Okla. CHRISTOPHERSON, LINDA ANN, Waco CHRISTY, CYNTHIA JEAN, Crockett CICO, WARREN LEROY, Angleton CLAIBORNE, CHARLES ANDREW, Lake Jackson CLANTON, CAROL LYNN, Corpus Christi CLARK, CLARENCE RANDY, Fort Worth CLARK, KAREN ANN, Gilmer CLARK, STEPHEN TERRELL, Grand Prairie CLARK, THOMAS FUESS, Austin CLARKE, ROBERT TURNAGE, Houston CLAUD, LEONEE LYNN, Baytown CLAY, DAVID WAYNE, Galveston CLEMENTS, LINDA SUE, Decatur CLEMENTS, DAVID EARL, Mason City, Iowa CLEMENTS, RICHARD OWEN, JR., Liberty CLEMONS, CARL LOUIS, Houston CLEVELAND, SAMUEL S., Dallas CLOPTON, ELIZABETH RANDOLPH, Austin CLUNN, LINDA DAPHINE, LaPorte COBB, PHILLIP EUGENE, Wichita, Kans. COCHRAN, VICTORIA ANN, Lubbock COERVER, LOUrSE NOELIE, Houston COFFIN, CHERYL RAE, Amarillo COHEN, LOUIS JAY, Corpus Christi COLE, ANN LOIS, Denton COLE, CAROLYN KAY, Austin COLE, THOMAS C., Huntsville COLEMAN, LYNDA BEATRICE, Tyler COLEMAN, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Victoria COLLIER, WILLIAM AVERY, Brenham COLLINS, GLENDA JEAN, Austin COLLINS, JOHN ROBERT, Houston CONNOLLY, PATRICIA CAROLE Houston COOK, BRENDA JOYCE, Horlingen COOK, DAVID BRUCE, St. Louis, Mo. COOKE, CHARLES THOMAS, Tomball COOKE, JAMES DALE, Boy City COOPER, CHARLES EDWARD, Horlii.gen COOPER, CHARLOTTE EVELYN, San Angela COOPER, CYNTHIA DAWN, Midland COPE, SUSAN ELAINE, Abilene CORDES, DENNIS EDWARD, Arlington CORDES, ROY LEON, JR., Sugarland CORRELl, SELENA CAUBLE, Richardson COTLAR. DAVID MICHAEL, Houston COTRONE, LOUIS, III, Houston COTTON, COURTNAY LEA, Dallal COTTRELL, EDITH LILLIAN, San Antonio COVER, LINDA MARIE, Corpus Chrijti COWAN, JOYCE MARIE, Houston COX, LARRY RENICK, Waco CRAFT, ADDIE ELIZABETH, Throckmorlon CRATIN, JOHN ROGER, III, LoMorque CRAVEN. EDWARD DONECE, Crockett CREAMER, FRANK DANIEL. Houston CRESWEU, DORIS ELAINE, Nederland CRIM, DON WAYNE Henderson CRIM. ROSE MARGARET, Greenville CROFT. JAMIE LUCILLE. Groesbeck CROOM, JR., AUDIS LELAN, Auitin CROW, THEODORE FRANKLIN, Dallas 4 I 536 CROWE, DEBORAH RUTH, Dallas CROWELL, STEVEN GLENN, Big Spring CRUCE, CAROL, Houston CUBBISON, GREGORY KENT, Houston CUMMINGS, PEGGY RUTH, Dickinson CUNNINGHAM, MARY CAROL, Austin CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM RICHARD, Houston CURBO, CYDNEY KAY, Houston CURRY, JOANNE O LENE, Victoria CURRY, SAUNDY JAY, Ravenna CURTIS, THOMAS PERCY, Hillsboro DALTON, LINDA LAUREE, Harker Heights DAMROM, JAMES STEWART, Midland DANIEL, LEONARD HAYDEN, Greenville DARBY, CLIFTON FLOYD, Davenport, Iowa DARRYL, DENNIS DAVID, Dollas DAUGHERTY, ROBERT JOHN, Big Lake DAVID, MADELON BETH, Dallas DAVIDSON, MARY ELAINE, Houston DAVIS, CHRISTINA ETHELYN, Corpus Christi DAVIS, DIANA MARIE, Dollos DAVIS, JACK BISHOP, Lufkin DAVIS, JOHN DILLARD, San Angela DAVIS, JUDY ANNE, Denton DAVIS, KATHLEEN CLIFT, Ballinger DAVIS, LINDA LEE, Dimmitt DAVIS, MARGARETS LUISE, CSAFB, Okla. DAVIS, PAUL FRANCIS, San Antonio DAVIS, RONALD STEPHEN, Relugio DEAN, BENJAMIN JOSEPH, III, Breckenridge DEAR, PATRICK HANSFORD, Austin DEBONA, JEANNIE BONNET, Eagle Pass DeLaROSA, FIDENCIO, Vernon DELLINGER, DENISE ANNETTE, Houston DEMOND, WALTER EUGENE, Fort Worth DePRIEST, DOROTHY HELEN, Houston DERBY, ALAN THOMAS, Midland, Mich. DeSHONG, ANDREA LEA, San Antonio DEUPREE, JOE, Mineola DeVOS, KENNETH BRUCE, Moson DICKSON, SHARON ELAINE, Morton DILLARD, FRANK JEFFERY, Austin DILLARD, ROBERT WALLACE, Brownwood DIOU, MARIE LOUISE, Corpus Christi DISMUKES, DAVID PAYNE, Austin DOBBS, NOLA SUE, Teogue DODD, DeMARIS DAVIS, Dollas DONAHO, CHARLES ROY, Houston Class of 1SB3 DONNELL, DIANNA DARLENE, Corsicona DONOVAN, JOHN LYLE SCOTT, Galveston DOOLEY, MARILU, Austin DORADO, CLIFTON MICHAEL, El Paso, Texas DORAN, JOHN HILTON, Odessa DORSEY, JAMES THOMAS, Pittsburgh, Po. DOSS, NOBLE WEBSTER, JR., Austin DOUGLAS, BARBARA DIANNE, Fort Worth DOWNING, VERNON WESLEY, League City DRAEGER, MADELEINE, Houston DROUILHET, JOHN HUEY, Baytown DuBOSE, SHERRY ANNE, San Antonio DUFFEY, MARY SARITA HOUSTON, Austin DUKE, RODGER DEL, Atlanta DUKE, TERRY WAYNE, Lancaster DULANEY, ROBERT LARRY, Bonham DULLNIG, ROBERT MILLER, San Antonio DULLYE, ELIZABETH LAIRD, San Antonio DUMAS, GERALD ALLISON, Fort Davis DUMESTRE, JEANIE CLARE, New Orleans, la. DUNCAN, DIANNE, Eagle Lake DUNCAN, LINDA KATHLEEN, Houston DUNLAP, JAMES RANDOLPH, Corpus Christi DUNN, BOB, Corpus Christi DUNN, ROXANNA, Dallas DURHAM, CLIFTON HOWARD, Henderson DURST, JOHN WAKEFIELD, Crockett EADS, RONALD DALE, Temple EAGLIN, THERESA MAE, Corpus Christi EANES, JOHN PHILIP, Comeron EASON, PEGGY JO, Austin ECKERT, EDDIE RUTH, Mason EDMONDS, JAMES RAYMOND, Houston EDMONDS, JANIS CAROLE, Austin EDMONDS, OUINN ROSS, Tyler EDWARDS, JOLA NELL, Lubbock EDWARDS, KATHERINE 6., Falls Church, Va. EGGLETON, NANCY KAY, Houston EGLY, RICHARD JESSE, Houston EICHENBAUM, LARRY, Austin EILBOTT, LEE G., St. Louis, Mo. ELAM, DENNIS LEE, Andrews ELAM, LINDA CAROL, San Antonio FLICK, JAMIE JEROME, Bellville ELLEBRACHT, DORIS ANN, Fredericksburg ELLIS, JO ANNE, Fort Worth ELLISON, NANCY JEAN, Killeen ELROD, JAMES MICHAEL, Austin 537 ELROD, SUSAN, Forsan EMBRY, JAMES ALVA, Houston EMERY, KENNETH CHARLES, Son Antonio EMISON, MARTHA JANE, Irving EMMOTT, CAROLYN JEAN, Houston ENGLAND, JANIS CAROL, Burkburnetl ENGLANDER, DONNA LYNN, Miomi Beach, Fla ENGLISH, SANDRA KAY, Houston EPPRIGHT, CHARLES LEIGH, Boy City EPPRIGHT, LINDA ANNE, Dallos ESKRIDGE CHERYL LEE, Houston ETCHISON, J. SCOTT, Brownsville ETHRIDGE, GORDON DANE. Austin EVANS, DEAN CLINTON, Pompa EVANS, MARGARET SUZANNE, Austin EVANS, RANDALL EDWARD, Marlin EVANS, THOMAS CARTER, Polo Alto, Calif. EWING, RICHARD EDWARD, Bryan FAIRLEIGH, MORT W., Houston FARMER, THOMAS ELLIOTT, Dallas FEATHER, WILLIAM LOUIS, Midland FEHR, KEARBY CLARK, Austin FEIBEL, CAROLYN JEAN, Dallas FERGUSON, LYNN CLAUDIA, Houston FERGUSON, PAMELA CELESTE, Houston FERNANDEZ, FIDEL BERNARDO, San Antonio FERRIS, KAREN KAY, Miles City, Mont. FIELDER, ALAN CHARLES, Lockharl FIELDER, CECIL DAVID, Houston FIELDS, WAYLAND EARL, Dallas FIERMAN, LESLIE SUE, El Paso FIFE, ROSEMARY A., Hempstead FINK, MARY ELLEN, Flo dodo FINKELSTEIN, BARRY NATHAN, Dollas FISCH, STEPHEN E., Tyler FISCHER, ARLENE ANN, LoGrange FISHER, BEVERLY FAYE, Fort Worth FISHER, CECILIA, Amorillo FISHER, CHARLES EMIL, Lubbock FISHER, JOHN HARP, San Antonio FISHER, ROY MICHAEL, Sudan FISK, HOLLYE CARSON, Houston FLODINE, NANCY CAROL, Houston FLOOR, DEBORAH DARA, Houston FLOURNOY, DONALD ROYCE, Austin FOLKES, GEORGE DENTON, Amarillo FORMAN, MARSHA JO, Tyler FORRESTER, MARTHA ANN, Bay City Class of 1369 FORTASSAIN, DENNIS GEORGE, Son Antonio FOWLER, NANCY, Houston .fRALEY, THOMAS JEFFERSON, Austin FRANK, SUE NELL, Fort Worth FREDRIKSEN, MARY KATE, Golveston FREEDMAN, EDWIN, Houston FREELAND, DONALD EUGENE, Son Antonio FREEMAN, JERRY DON, Austin FREEMAN, SUSAN KAY, Austin FRENTRUP, JOANNA ELISE, Austin FRIEDRICHS, JAY MARK, Corpus Christ! FRIEND, PATRICIA ANN, Houston FRITSCHE, ALVIE RAY, Houston FRYAR, JACKLYNE KAY, Son Antonio FUHRMANN, LARRY RONALD, Hereford FULBRIGHT, DIANNE, Beaumont FULTON, LORETTA ANN, Floydada FULTS, JERRY WAYNE, Damon FUREN, JENNIFER LEE, Boytown FURLONG, TIMOTHY PATRICK, Dallas FUTTERKNECHT, JAMES O., Elkhart, Ind GALLOWAY, BARRY LEE, Ab.lene GANDARA, DAVID RAYMOND, Tyler GANTT, CAROL ELAINE, Houston GARCIA, ROBERT, JR., Son Antonio GARRETT, CHARLSIE BURNS, Burnet GARRETT, HOWARD NOEL, JR., Premont GARRETT, LINDA JEAN, Son Antonio GARWOOD, KELLY RICHARD Dallas GARZA, DAVID A.. Edinburg GATES, DONALD CARSON, Falfurrias GATES, JUDITH ANN, San Antonio GATHERS, WAYNE EDWIN JR., West Hollywood, Flo GAVIA, PAUL RICHARD, Son Antonio GAVIA, SHARON LEE, San Antonio GEDDIE. SHERYL ELIZABETH, Corpus Christi GEDWED. ELIZABETH, Killeen GEUMAN, TOBI KAY, Austin GENTRY, CECIL ADRIAN, Henderson GENTRY, JOHN EDWARD, Son Antonio GEORGE, JANICE JEAN, San Antonio GIBSON, RICHARD LEE, Beaumont GIESECKE. RICHARD LOUIS, Marble Falls GILKEBSON, GEORGE ERNEST, lubbock GILLIAM, CONSTANCE FAYE, Victoria GILREATH, FARRFLL RICHARD D., La Marque GINNINGS, CHARLES MICHAEL, Denlon GINTHER, JOAN RAE, Bishop CJftifc 538 GLABASNIA, JOSEPH PAUL, Austin GLASS, JERRY LEE, Jacksonville GLASSMIRE, CHARLES JOSEPH, Grove! CLICK, MARILYN RUTH, Texarkana GLOVER, JANE, Childress GOOSEY, RUTH GENE, Austin GOEHRING, AMELIA LYNN, Henderson GOING, BARBARA NEWHALL, Pasadena GOLDFARB, SAM MAGRUDER, San Antonio GOLDMAN, CAROL BETH, Fort Worth GOLENTERNEK, CHARLES ALEXANDER, Tyler GONZALEZ, RUPERT, San Antonio GONZALEZ, SERGIO ALONZO, San Antonio GOODWIN, CLIF, Houston GORDON, JUDITH ANN, Rosenberg GORMLEY, BETTYE COLLEEN, Tyler GOSLER, ZACK TRUMAN, Paradise GOSSETT, ALICE COLLEEN, Lampasas GRAESER, LYNNE BRYAN, Dallas GRAF, LINDA KAY, Vernon GRAHAM, MARY ANNE, Bryon GRANT, THOMAS PATRICK, Hous ton GRANTHAM, JACQUE JEAN, Miomi GRANTHAM, JOSEPH KELLEY, Miami GRANTHAM, MARY LOU, Fort Worth GRAVES, SHARON DALE, Garland GREEN, JUDY JIM, Austin GREENBERG, DEBORA DELL, Tyler GRENIER, SALLY DUNCAN, Dallas GRETSER, GEORGE WESTFALL, San Antonio GRI8BLE, KRUSE, Houston GRIFFIN, KENNETH EDWARD, McGregor GRIFFITH, ANNE GREGORY, Seabrook GRIGSBY, CARRELL LEE, Richardson GRIMM, ALBERT FREDERICK, III, San Antonio GROB, CHARLES EARL, Houston GROVES. JAMES SAMU6L, Freeport GRUETZMACHER, GORDON DWIGHT, Si ' nton GRUSIN, ANN CHERYL, Memphis, Tenn. GUENTHNER, CAROL ANN, Corpus Christi GUERRA, OSCAR M., San Antonio GUMP, RICHARD ANTHONY, JR., Dallas GUNNOE, NANCY SHARON, Victoria GUSTAFSON, DAVID RAY, Gonzales GUTIERREZ, FRANCISCO, Hebbronville GUZMAN-TAMEZ, ARNOLDO, Tamps, Mexico HAAS, FRANCES JOAN, Corpus Christi HAASE, RICHARD GATES, Magnolia HAGLER, ERWIN HARRISON, Fort Worth HALE, FORD RUTLAND, Dallas HALL, DOUGLAS LEE, San Antonio HALL, EVELYN LEE, San Antonio HALPIN, ELIZABETH CATHERINE, Dallas HALSTEAD, LUCINDA, Pallas HAMILTON, D. KIRK, Chopel, Hill, N. C. HAMMOND, WOODROW WILSON, Colonial Heights, Va. HANCOCK, WARREN EDWARD, JR., Dallas HANSEN, DEE VICTORIA, San Antonio HARALSON, NANCY LYNN, Houston HARDESTY, JOHN POWELL, Merkel HARDGRAVE, CAROL, Palestine HARDGRAVE, RICHARD ALLEN, Sonora HARDIE, WILLIAM BRADFORD, JR., El Paso HARDIN, PATRICIA KAY, Austin HARDING, ROBERT NESS, Tyler HARDY, HUGH WILLIAM, Abilene HARDY, JOYCE LYNN, Houston HARGRAVES, EDDIE JO, Baytown HARRIS, ROY CLARK, Navasota HARRIS, THOMAS JEROME, Temple HARRISON, GLENN HOWARD Lampasas HARRISON, SALLY, Austin HART, BURNA FAYE, Houston HARTMAN, SHIRLEY MARIE, San Antonio HARTT, BARRY F., Houston HARVEY, SARAH ELIZABETH, Corpus Christi HARWELL, ROYCE LEE, Amarillo HATFIELD, TERRY MICHAEL, Borger HAUBER, THOMAS RICHARD, Galena Park HAWKINS, ERNEST EDGAR, JR., Austin HAWKINS, JANA GAILE, Fort Worth HAWKINS, JANE SCOTT, Fort Worth HEAD, TOM E., Lubbock HEARNE, HELEN L., Dallas HEATH, C. ROBERT, Deer Park HECK, SONDRA CHERYL, San Antonio HEINTZ, NICHOLAS WAYNE, Austin HEMBREE, CHARLENE, Austin HENRY, CHARLES ROBERT, JR., Dallas HENRY, GEORGE WARREN, San Antonio HENRY, JAMES DAVI D, Nocona HFNSON, LOUIS ALBERT, Odessa HEPNER, JOHN CARSON, Brownsville HERBSLEB, ROBERT CHARLES, San Antonio HERRERA, GLORIA, San Antonio HESS, BARBARA SUE, Houston 539 HES5ER, HENRY H., Corpus Christi HEWLETT, TERRY LEE, Victoria HEZLEP, JANE ELIZABETH, San Antonio HICKS, MAX RENEA, Denison HIGDON, ALBERT DAIN, San Antonio HILL, DOUGLAS ROMAS Ely Nev HILL, EVA JANE, Temple HILL, GEORGE RUSSEL, La Marque HILL, GORDON LEE, Dallas HILL, PATRICIA ANNE, Sinlon HILLER, LCROY FRANK, Victoria HILLER, MARSHA ANN, Eagle Pass HILTON, WILBURN D., Greenville HINKLE, JOHN CHRISTIAN, Tucson, Ariz. HINSHAW, BONNIE KAY, Garland HINTON, PAULETTE LORAINE, Skellytown HIRSCH, RICHARD REBEL, Cleburne HIX, JANET NAN, Mercedes HODGES, DAVID LEE Dallas HOEKSTRA, THOMAS SCHEIE, Dallas HOFFER, BARRY PAUL, Beaumont HOFFER, LEWIS PERRY, Beaumont HOFFMAN, CHARLES EDWARD, JR , Beaumont HOFFMAN, NATHAN PAUL, Goliad HOLCOMB, DAVID RANDALL, Mount Pleasant HOLDEMAN, MARGARET ANN, Texas City HOLDER, ARTHUR DONNES, New Orleans, La. H OLEMAN, MICHAEL WESLEY, Austin HOLLAR, RICHARD ALLEN, London, England HOLLOWAY, PATRICIA LaCREASE, Greenville HOLMES, RICHARD ALLAN, Austin HOLMES, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Odessa HOLT, MARTHA SYLVIA, Odessa HOOPES, SCOTT, Borger HOPE, MARILYN LOUISE, Oakland, Calif. HORTON, BEVERLY FAE, Sherman HORTON, LINDA CAROL Dallas HORTON, LUCY LEE, Austin HOUDYSHELL, RONALD GUY, Amorillo HOUGH, LEONARD ELIJAH, Dallas HOUSTON, STEPHEN DOUGLAS, Austin HOVERSTOCK, SUE ANN, Houston HOWARD, JOHN ROBERT, Lubbock HOWARD, WILLIAM PORTER, Gainesville HOWE, HARRIS MILTON, Houston HOWELL, JOHN BAKER, JR., Shreveport, La. HOYL, KATHLEEN DIANE, Fort Worth HUBBARD, VIRGINIA SUE, Fort Worth HUBLER, LLOYD DAVID, Corpus Christi HUDDLESTON, CAROLYN ANN Bollinger HUDLER, CHARLOTTE MARIE, Austin HUGHES, GEORGE GRIFFIN, Houston HULL, RALPH THOMAS, Houston HUMBLE, WILLIAM H., San Antonio HUMPHRES, JAMES CLIFORD, Lampasas HUNT, HOWARD ALAN, Anson HUNT, KAREN ANN, Dallos HUNT, LEW DAVID, Terrell HUNTER, JOHN LYNN, Son Angela HURST, JAMES MORRIS, Killeen HUTCHESON, JIM BOB, Weotherford HYDEN, WILLIAM EWING, Austin IKINS, LINDA SUE, Kent JACKSON, CARMEN DIANE, Anahuac JACKSON, CAROL, Chamblee Ga JACKSON, CAROLE ELAINE, San Antonio JACKSON, MARY ANN, Paris JACKSON, SHEILA KAY, Garland JACOBS, CAROLYN LUCILLE, Dallas JACOBS, PATRICIA GAIL, Beaumont JACQUES, ELISABETH PAGE, Victoria JAMES, DONNA JO, Richardson JAMES, RANDALL SHERMAN Austin JANDA, MARIAN FAYE, Sealy JASTER, BRUCE W., LoGronge JEFFERSON, HARRY, Houston JENKINS, MARK SCHERING Houston JENNINGS, LINDA JEAN Kaufman JENNINGS, SUSAN WILSON, Fort Worth JOHNS, JILL ANN, San Antonio JOHNSON, BARBARA LEE Liberty JOHNSON, CHARLES MATTHEW, Amarillo JOHNSON, DEBORAH JEAN Dallas JOHNSON, JESSE BREALAND, III La Marque JOHNSON, JUDY JO, Mount Pleasant JOHNSON, UNDA MAE Tyler JOHNSON, RICHARD LEONARD, Austin JOYNSON, RUBY JO, Houston JOHNSTON, JOHN M , Knoxville, Tenn. JONES. BOBBY JO, Muleshoe JONES, CLAUDIA LEIGH, San Antonio JONES, CYNTHIA LOUISE, Mercedes JONES, DAVID CHARLTON, Houston JONES, DONALD WADE, Corpus Christi JONES, DONNA SUE, Tyler JONES, JAMES HILTON Temple 540 JONES, LEANA IRENE, Son Antonio JOPLIN, JOE M., McKinney JORDAN, ROBERT BLANN, Austin JORDAN, WELDON EARL, Charlotte JORNS, JAY FORREST, Houston JOSEPH, PHILLIP CATER, Austin JUDD, KENNETH ROBERT, Satellite Beach, Flo. JUNG, MARIA A., Son Antonio JUNG, MARVIN A., JR., New Brounfels KANTOR, CAROL JOAN, Dallas KAPLAN, VICKI BETH, Dallas KAROTKIN, KENNETH M., JR., Austin KARR, KAROLYN, Scarscale, N. Y. KARRH LARRY RAYBURN, Hale Center KASPAREK, PHILLIP DALE, Pasadena KASPER, DENNIS WAYNE, Austin KATES, MARY LINDA, Houston KATTNER, ERIC BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Fort Worth KAUFMAN, ALFRED LEE, Beaumont KEATHLEY, FRANK M., Dallas KEENAN, CHRISTOPHER DONNELLY, Houston KELLEY, HELEN CAROLE, Houston KELLEY, JAMES COLVIN, Henrietta KELLEY, RUSSELL T.. Stamford KEMP, JIMMY FRED, Arlington KENNEDY, CHERYL ANN, Mineola KENNEDY, DAN HARDING, Hempstead KENNEDY, LYNDA LOUISE, Amarillo KESSLER, KENNETH ROSS, Mineral Wells KETHLEY, JOE LYNN, Waco KIDD, JOHNNY MAURICE, Austin KIEFER, MARY KATHERINE, Gonzales KILPATRICK, WADE ARNOLD, Houston KING, CLYDE CLIFTON, JR., Houston KING, DAVID HAMMOND, Dallas KING, GLORIA LESL IE, Tyler KING, JOHN MICHAEL, Ballinger KINSEL, JOE BOB, JR., Beaumont KLEIN, JOHN WILLIAM, Stonewall KLEIN, MARK STEPHEN, Overland Park, Kans. KNAPE, WELDON L., Temple KNEESE, GLENN LEE, Fredericksburg KNIZE, JO NELL, Ennis KOGER, FRED OWEN, Dallas KOHLENBERGER, LINDA EVELYN, Weatherford KOHUTEK, JANE SUSAN, Wharton KOPLAN, M. DAVID, JR., San Antonio KOPSKY, JOHN FREDERICK, San Antonio Class of 19B9 KOSH, THOMAS ALBIN, Hempstead KOURI, CYNTHIA ANN, Austin KOUTS, ROBERT ALVIN, Austin KRASNER, MARVIN DARRELL, Tyler KREIGER, MARK STEVEN, Austin KRIEGEL, KAY LYNN, Houston KRIPPEL, JOHN MICHAEL, Houston KRUEGER, DAVID WAYNE, Miles KRUEGER, SUE ELIZABETH, San Antonio KRUPPA, ALICE KATHLEEN, Victoria KUBENA, THOMAS ALAN, Ellinger KUHLEMAN, FRANCES PATRICIA, Houston KUHLMANN, TERRENCE ALBERT, Houston KUNKEL, NARITA KAYE, Odessa KUNKEL, REBECCA ANNE, San Antonio KUNZE, BETTY LOUISE, Corpus Christi LoBARBA, NANCY ELIZABETH, Dallas LABOVITZ, JOAN HARRISE, Fort Worth LACEY, BARRY DAN, San Antonio LADEN, LARRY RICHARD, San Antonio LaFERNEY, FRANK WAYNE, Tyler LAMBERTH, LARRY EUGENE, Irving LANCASTER, MEREDITH ANN, Kermit LAND, ALICE JEAN, Raymondville LANDY, RAYMOND ALEX, San Angela LANE, HANNAH STEERE, Houston LANE, ROBERT KEITH, Comanche LANE, ROBERT LARRY, Leander LANGSTON, MARY LYNN, Lubbock LANHAM, CRYSTAL WAYNEL, Borger LARSEN, ROY DEVENY, Axtell LATHAM, RONALD JEAN, Banquete LAUGHLIN, CARRIE LOU, Bay City LAURENCE, CAROL DAVIS, Taylor LAVES, BRUCE B., Tyler LAWHON, MICHAEL LEE, Baytown LAWSON, ARLEEN ELIZABETH, Houston LAY LARRY WALLACE, Austin LAYTON, PAUL ANTHONY, Houston LEAHY, DELIA ANN, Fort Worth LEASURE, PEGGY ELLEN, Houston LEDBETTER, NANNETTE BOONE, Dallas LEE, ANITA ANN, Dayton LEE, DANIEL WARNELL, JR., San Antonio LEE, JAMES CARLTON, Pleasanton LEE. MICHAEL DOUGLAS, Evant LEE ROBERT THOMAS, San Antonio LEEDS, DENNIS I., Dallas 54! LeFAN, JAMES HOLLAND, Temple LEFTON, DAVID, San Antonio LEHMBERG, GARY VIRGIL, Houston LEHMBERG, LAURA LEE, Moson LEHR, KAREN AURELIA, San Antonio LeTULLE, MARY FRANCES, Austin LEVIN, BARBARA LYNN, Salinas, Calif. LEVIT, ROBERT ALLAN, Houston LEVY, JERRY ALAN, Dallas LEWIS, MELINDA ANN, Fort Worth LINDSLEY, PHILIP, III, Dallas LIPNICK, SUSAN RENEE, Galveston LITTLE, JAMES HENRY, Houston LITTLEFIELD, EDGAR BERNARD, Munday LIVINGSTON, STEPHEN SANOR, Austin LLOYD, RICHARD ERNEST, Fort Thomas, Ky. LOCKE, WILLIAM HENRY, Corpus Christi LOGAN, RICHARD CHARLES, Houston LONG, DEBORAH KAY, San Antonio LONG, LARRY LESTER, Houston LOPER, ARGUS CRAIG, Austin LOTHMANN, KARL T., Houston LOTT, THOMAS LUTHER, Houston LOVELL, JAMES LLOYD, Austin LOWE, PATRICIA ANN, Del Rio LUCAS, JUDITH ELLEN, Hammonton, N. J. LUCAS, MARY ANN, Austin LUNIN, MAUN PATRICIA, Houston LUTZ, MARGARET LEE, Amarillo LYBRAND, JACK RUFUS, Wills Point MACK, JACK WADE, San Antonio MAHER, SUSAN GENEVIEVE, Dallas MAINER, MICHAEL JACKS, Bryan MALERNEE, JAMES KENT, JR., Calgary, Canada MANLEY, LARRY PAUL, Houston MANLEY, WALKER D., JR., Palestine MARABLE, CHARLES DOUGLAS, Baytown MARCUS, GARY MAXWELL, Phoenix, Ariz. MAREK, ROBERT CHARLES, Corpus Christi MARGO, ALFONSO E., Rio Grande City MARKS, SANDRA, Houston MARMION, LINDA JEANNE, Houston MARSHALL, JAN DUNCAN, Lufkin MARTINEZ, FRED, III, Rotan MARTINEZ, SANDRA ORTIZ, Ozona MARTINEZ, YVONNE ORTIZ, Ozona MASE, JOHN RUSSELL, JR., Tyler MASON, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, Newgulf Class of 19B9 MASSINGI LL, JOYCE MARITA, Munday MAST, MARY ELIZABETH, Midland MATNEY, CLAUD EDMOND, Austin MATTHEWS, STEVE TAYLOR, Austin MAUK, GEORGEANN, Houston MAXEY, LINDA JOYCE, San Antonio MAXWELL, ROBERT NOLAN, Grand Prairie MAY, HENRY STRATFORD, JR., Denver City MAYER, RANDOLPH ANNAN, Houston MAYFIELD, ELEANOR JEAN, Houston MAYFIELD ROBERT USHER, Cleburne MAYO, ALBERT EARL, Dallas MAYS, CHERYL ANN, Austin MAYS, CINDY, Houston MAYTON, HARVEY LEE, Austin McADOO, KAY, Houston McAFEE LORETTA MARGUERITE, Toronto, Canada MCCARTY, PATRICIA LOUELLA, San Antonio MeCASLIN, ROSEMARY ELAINE, Richardson McCLESKEY, JOHN DAVID, Stephenville McCLURE, DENNIS PAYNE, Fort Stockton McCLURE, MICHAEL JAMES, Dallas McCOULSKEY, RITA KATHRYN, San Angela McCOWN, WILLIAM ROBERT, Victoria McDANIEL, DAVID LYNN, Corsicana McDANIEL, JAMIE RAE, Austin McDANIEL, KATHY SUE, Temple McGEHEE, NANCY KAY, Dallas McGUFFIN, ALICE KATHRYN, Austin McGUIRE, CLAIRE DeMORSE, Dallas MclNTOSH, MARY ANN, Floydada McKEE, SUZAN CAROL, Corpus Christi McKENZIE, ROBERT LARRY, Alvin McKINNEY, CHARLES WELDON, Groves McLEAN, LINDA JO, Houston McMEANS, SETH ALAN, Brenhom McMURRY, FRANN KAY, Sabanol McNAMARA, JOSEPH BERNARD, JR., San Angela McNEEL, LINEA ANN, Golveslon McNEVIN, ANITA LOUISE, Angleton McNEW, JIM JEB, Fort Worrh McSPADDEN, FRANCES MARIAN, Marble Falls McWATTERS, MICHAEL RUSSELL, Piltiburg MEEHSCHEIDT, KATHLEEN CLYDE, San Antonio MEISMER, MARY CHRISTINE, Columbus MELVILLE, CLYDE B., JR., Dallas MELVILLE, RONALD JESSE, San Antonio MENDOZA, ROSE MARY, Son Antonio 542 MENZIES, TYRA JAN, Austin METCALFE, RICHARD EARL, Austin METZROTH, CLAIRE WAYNE, San Antonio MEYER, RICHARD WAYNE, Schulenburg MEYER, ROBERT WILLIAM, La Morque MICHAELSEN, SUSAN DELAYNE, Houston MICKISH, ALAN BART, San Antonio MIDDLETON, GORDON WALDON, San Antonio MILES, RONALD WAYNE, Dallas MILES, RUTH ANN, Mobile, Ala. MILLER, ALFRED EARL, Orange Grove MILLER, PEGGY JEAN, LoGrange MILLICAN, JOHN MICHAEL, Arlington MILLIGAN, CONNIE ROBERTA, Houston MILLIN, JOHN ANDREW, III, Golve ston MILLS, ROY LEE, JR., Ennis MIMS. DONALD BROOK, Dollos MITCHELL, BARBARA KAY, Boytown MITCHELL, JOHN DANIEL, Mount Plcosont MOBLEY, CURTIS DALE, Conyon MOCK, BOBBIE SUE, Son Antonio MOGAS, RICHARD HAMILTON, Son Antonio MOLINE, SHIRLEY ANN, Houston MOLLER, DAVID NELSON, Fort Worth MOLLEY, EILEEN, Friendswood MOON KATHLEEN ANN, Austin MOORE, ANDREW FOLLEY, Sonora MOORE, CURTIS RAY, Greenville MOORE, HENRY HILL, Austin MOORE, NATALIE ANNE, McAllen MOORE, RONALD LEE, Houston MORALES, ANITA ELIZABETH, Son Antonio MORAN, KATHLEEN, Grosse Pointe, Mich. MORGAN, JOSEPH MOHNEY, Houston MORGAN, MARTHA JO, Roymondville MORGAN, RICHARD LEE, Corpus Christi MORGAN, SHIRLEY PATRICIA, Three Rivers MORPHEW, JR., RANDALL STEEN, Longview MORRAN, DONALD WAYNE, Seogoville MORRILL, CHERRY, Beeville MORRIS, EDWARD STANTON, Amarillo MORRIS, MARION LYNN, Houston MORRIS, WILLIAM BROWDER, JR., Corpus Christi MORTIMER, MARY ELIZABETH, Son Antonio MOSES, BRUCE OLIVER, Houston MOTES, FRANCES ANNE, Houston MOTLOCH JOHN LEE, Austin MOTT ROGER DALE, Port Neches MOULD, DIAN, Hutchinson, Kons. MULLINS, ANN LOUISE, Da llos MUMOLA, JOANNE LORRAINE, New York, N. Y. MUNDFROM, MARY LYNNE, Son Antonio MUNS, RONALD JAMES, Odessa MURFF, JAMES DENTON, Ennis MURR, RODDY JAY, Azle MURRAH, MACKA LEE, Diboll MURRAY, SUSAN ELISE, Houston MYERS, JOHN MARCUS, JR., Cuero NAEVE, STEPHEN WARD, Fort Worth NAISTAT, RICHARD JONATHAN, Nocogdoches NALL, JUDITH CLAIRE. Corpus Christi NAU, NANNETTE MURIEL, Austin NEAL, LARRY ALLEN, Temple NEAL, THOMAS WARD, Houston NEELEY, ORVILLE BATEMAN, II, Houston NEKUZA, WILLIAM C, Corsicona NELLIS, LEROY WILLIAM, Killeen NELSON, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH, Round Rock NELSON, KATHY LEA, Houston NELSON, PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio NESTER, SALLY, Canyon NETHAWAY, ROWLAND LEWIS, Dallas NEWBURN, CAROLYN LOU, Tyler NEWBY, ROBERT WAYNE, Corpus Christi NEWCOMB, LINDA LOUISE, Houston NEWHOUSE, DOROTHY, San Antonio NEWMAN, JOHN EDWARD, JR., San Antonio NEYLAND, BARBARA LYNN, Fort Worth NICHOLS, DAN LEE, Fort Worth NICHOLS. JAMES AUBRY, JR., Ennis NICHOLS, JOHN DAVID, Lindenhurst, N. Y. NICHOLSON, GLEN TIMOTHY, Denis on NIEMEYER, LINDA MARGUERITE, San Antonio NILES, JEAN ANN, Wichita Falls NOBLE ELLEN GORDON, Houston NOEL, JAMES EDWIN, Corrollton NOLL WAYNE RICHARD, San Antonio NORTON, PRISCILLA KAREN, Dallas NORTON, STEPHEN CHARLES, Galveston NOVORR, KENNETH BRUCE, Prairie Village, Kans. NOVOTNY, JANE LYNN, Houston NOWOTNY, JUDY CAROLYN, Austin NUGENT, CYNTHIA, Austin OCHOA, CELESTINO RODRIGUEZ, San Antonio OCHOA, JUAN ALEJANDRO, Laredo ODIORNE, JAMES THOMAS, Cedar Creek 543 OFFER, PAUL JOSEPH, JR., San Antonio O ' HARA, THOMAS CLIFTON, Fort Worth OLIVER, CECIL OMAR, Timpson OLIVER, DAVID MOSELY, Houston OLSON, CARL RUSHING, San Antonio OLSON, DENNIS OLIVER, Lamesa O ' NEAL, DONALD RAY, Fort Worth OPPERMAN, HENRY CHARLES, III, Galveston OSBORN, KATHLEEN, McAllen OSBORNE, JERRY PAUL, Abilene OWEN, CYNTHIA JEAN, Houston OWEN, RUSSELL EDGAR, Dallas PAGE, NEYSA DEANN, Arlington PAGE, RALPH EDWARD, JR., Austin PAHL, THOMAS WAYNE, Luckenboch PALMER, PATRICK MICHAEL, San Antonio PARISH, JUDITH CRAIG, Weslaco PARKER, JAMES FRANCIS, Corpus Christ! PARMAN, WAYNE TRICE, Dallas PARSONS, ANDREW BRUCE, Houston PATE, CHARLES HARRELL, San Antonio PATE, ROBERT RONALD, Premont PATTERSON, JUDY CAROL, Temple PATTERSON, MICHAEL LAWSON, San Antonio PATTON, JUDY ANN, Itasca PAULETTE, MARY FLORENCE, Austin PAWLOSKI, MARY KATHRYN, Houston PAYNE, ARDATH ANN, Quanah PECK, JOHN DAVID, Houston PEDERSON, BARBARA JANET, San Antonio PEEBLES. THOMAS WATSON, Alvin PEET, CHARLES EDWARD, JR., Dallas PEINE, MICHAEL LEE, San Antonio FENDER, JOHN TEAL, JR., Dallas PENICK, DAVID LEE, Corpus Christ! PENNEY, FORREST EDWARD, JR., Daingerfield PENNY, JAMES MICHAEL, Dallas PERKINS, BARBARA ANN, Silsbee PERKINS, CAROL JEAN, San Antonio PERKINS, GEORGANNE MAURIE, Frankenslag, Holland PERRITTE, THOMAS LOREN, Houston PERRY, SHARON IRENE, Dallas PERRY, WILLIAM DOUGLAS, Longview PERSINGER, RICHARD RAY, II, Sulphur Springs PETERS, JERRY DAIVD, San Antonio PETERSON, LESLIE LAY, Houston PHILIIPS, CATHERINE B., Austin PHIPPS, JEANETTE TAYLOR, Denison PICKENS, CAMILLE, Greenville PIMENTEl, DAVID VANCE, El Paso PIPPIN, JIM WALTER, Fort Worth PLOEGER, JUDY LYNNE, Houston POND, GEORGE FRED, Galveston POPE, JAMES DAVID, Jasper POSNER, SANDERS LEE, Corpus Christ! POTTER, OLIVIA LAYNE, Tyler POU, JULIA M., San Antonio PRADO, EDWARD CHARLES, San Antonio PRENDERGAST, BONNIE, Marshall PRICE, VERNON GARY, Arlington PSENCIK, DONALD WAYNE, Temple PUCKETT, STEPHEN EDWARD, Tyler PULLIAM, JOE CLINTON, New Orleans, La. QUINN, JAMES ANTHONY, Houston OUOCK, JANE LEE, San Antonio RABON, MARILYN GAYE, Eden RADACK, THOMAS ANDREW, Houston RAGSDALE, BILLIE ARLENE, San Angela RAIN, THOMAS EDWIN, Houston RAINBOLT, TOMMY REED, JR. Vidor RAMIREZ, BEATRICE, San Antonio RANDALS, JAMES HORD Hico RANEY, JAMES GRANT, San Antonio RANKIN, BILLY JACK, Rankin RASCO, DENNIS LAMAR, Corpus Chrisli RAY, MARY ANNE, Fort Worth RAY, MARY LOU, Corpus Christi REAGAN, JANET LEIGH, San Antonio REES, FOREST JAMES, JR., Fredericksburg REESER, JOHN CARL, Temple REEVE, SCOTT CLEVELAND, Gatesville REEVES, MARY ANN Austin REGELIN, CLINTON DONALD, Son Antonio REID, LIBBIE IOU, San Antonio REID, LINDA ELLEN. Austin REID, MICHAEL LOUIS, San Antonio REINERTSEN, KAREN JEAN, Granada, Minn. RENEAU. FRAN, Munday RENTZ, SHARON KAY. San Antonio RENYCK, RAYMOND THERON, Marshall RETTIG, EOLUS VON. Dallas REYNOLDS, CAROLYN, Hamlin REYNOLDS, MAROLYN, Hamlin REYNOLDS, RONALD HENRY, Austin RHEA, JOHN WILLIAM, Dallas RICE, JANE ANNE, San Antonio 544 RICE KAROL LYNNE, Odessa RICHARDSON, MARGARET ELAINE, Austin RICHARDSON, ROBERT GRIGGS, Fort Worth RICHARDSON, ROBERT LEARY, Odessa RICHNOW, DOUGLAS WAYNE, League City RICKRIM, WILLIAM FRANK, Jourdonton RIGBY, CAROL, Garland RIGGS, SALLY LETITIA, Houston RIOUX, THOMAS WAYNE, El Compo RISINGER, ELIZABETH ALENE, Beaumont RIVES, LARRY HILL, Winters ROBB, JOHN WILLIAM, Electro ROBERTS, ANNE ELIZABETH, Tyler ROBERTSON, WILLIAM TERRY, Houston ROBIN, DIANNE MARIE, Conroe ROBIN, JOEL MARC, Dallas ROBINETTE, CHARLES EDWARD, San Antonio ROBINS, DAVID MILTON, Borger ROBINSON, BOB J., Gladewater ROBINSON, NORA JEAN, Houston ROBINSON, THOMAS LEE, Houston ROCKWELL, FREDERICK ALBERT, Corpus Christi ROCKWELL, JANIS ANN, Irving RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS CASTILL, Asherton RODRIGUEZ, JOSIE, San Antonio RODRIGUEZ, MARIE EDNA, Laredo ROGERS, CHERYL RENA, Hearne ROGERS, LYNDA GAYLE, Dallas ROGERS, ROBERT GUY, JR., Amarillo ROSENTHAL, ILENE JILL, McAllen ROSS, KATHY, Houston ROTHSCHILD, BERNY F., El Paso ROTTNER, JO ANN, Waco ROUGHTON, BARBARA KAY, Dallas ROUSE, LEILA FRANCES, Bellaire RUCKER, RANDAL THOMAS, Chattanooga, Tenn. RUCKMAN, DALE REED, Houston RUNDELl, RICHARD GREGORY, Wichita Falls RUSSELL, JAMES MICHAEL, DeKalb RUSSELL, ROGER ALAN, Devine RUSSELL, SUSAN GLENN, Sweefwater RYLANDER, FRED ANTHONY, JR., Katy SAENZ, BEATRIZ, Brownsville SAMPSON, PATRICIA MAXINE, Lake Jackson SANDERS, NANCY GUYNN, Lufkin SANDERS. SHERRY LYNN, Lufkin SANDERS, WILLIAM EDWARD, Jasper SAN MARCO, PAUL, San Antonio Class of 19BS SAPP, JOSEPH STAFFORD, Conroe SASS, SHARON LEIGH, Fort Worth SAUNDERS, BARBARA ANN, Dallas SAWYER, GAY LEE, El Paso SCANIO, CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Woodsboro SCHAPIRA, JAY NEIL, McAllen SCHATZ, JO ANN, San Angelo SCHERZ, ELIZABETH ANN, San Angelo SCHLEY, DONALD B., Cedar Rapids, Iowa SCHMEDES, ANNE ELIZABETH, Austin SCHMIDT. CAROL JEAN, Fredericksburg SCHMIDT, PAULA MARIE, San Antonio SCHMIDT, THOMAS EDWARD, Fredericksburg SCHNEIDER, KAY DIANN, Houston SCHOENEMANN, LOUIS PRESLY, Koty SCHUETTE, CLIFFORD GENE, Corpus Christi SCHULTZ, CARL TED, Houston SCHULZ, LINDA KAY, Houston SCHWARTZ, JUDY ELAINE, Slaton SCOFIELD, ROBERT JOSEPH, JR., San Antonio SCOTT, ANITA JEAN, Vernon SCOTT, RONALD LEE, Katy SCOTT, STEPHEN ALLEN, Dallas SCOTT, STEPHEN FORD, Dallas SCOTT, THOMAS ARTHUR, III, Richardson SCRIVANO, SAMMY FRANK, San Antonio SEAHOLM, ROBERT HARRELL, Austin SERIFF, MARC STEVE, Austin SERJAK, GORDON PHILIP, Tyler SETLIFF, SANFORD RAY, Robstown SEWEIL, NATHAN JEANNE, Houston SEYMOUR, SCOTTIE ANN, Amarillo SHANAFELT, SAMMY ARTHUR, Jcksboro SHARPLESS, JERRY L., Groves SHARPLESS, LARRY ERWIN, Groves SHAW, JAMES THOMAS, Devine SHELTON, JANE MILLER, Dallas SHELTON, KARL WARREN, JR., San Angelo SHEITON, THOMAS LEE, Houston SHEPARD, ALDEN, JR., Belton SHIVERS, MARIALICE SUE, Austin SHROEDER, LINDA JUNE, Winters SHUFORD, FELIX MAC, Austin SHUMPES, WILLIAM KENNETH, Comanch SIKES. LESTER EARL, Nixon SILER, LARRY WAYNE, Temple SILVERSTONE, ELLIOT LYNDON, Austin SIMMON, WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER, Amarillo 545 SIMPSON, DONNIE LEWIS, Big Spring SIMPSON, FREDDY GENE, Seminole SIMPSON, JOSEPH WALKER, Conroe S1NDO, MICHELLE, Houston SINGLETON, WILLIAM MADISON Pasadena SITTEL, JAN NELL, Dallas SKELTON, BRUCE TRUAX, New Canaan, Conn. SKELTON, JOAN McKAMY, Dollas SLAUGHTER, WILLIAM WINGO, Dallas SLEDGE, DIANA KATE, Austin SLOMCHINSKI, DOLORES, Refugio SMALLWOOD, BETTY, Galena Park SMALLWOOD, KIM ANN, Houston SMELKER, LONA, Terrell SMITH, BARRY VAUGHAN, Dallas SMITH, CHARLES JULIAN, Richardson SMITH, CHRISTOPHER KIMBLE, Weatherford SMITH, DEBORAH GEAN, Amarillo SMITH, JUDY GAYLE, Waco SMITH, KENT EDWARD, Houston SMITH, LINDA RUTH, Houston SMITH, MARILYN CELESTE, Baytown SMITH, MARKLE, Houston SMITH, MICHAEL JOHN, Dallas SMITH, TAMARA VEE, Fort Worth SMITH, 2ILMON FRANCIS, Austin SNIPES, ROBERT HAROLD, Corpus Christi SORENSON, SALLYE JANE, College Station SOUDERS, THOMAS EDWARD, San Antonio SPARENBERG, LUCILE BLAKE, Austin SPARKMAN, J. MICHAEL, Freer SPARKS, JOHN HENRY, Fort Worth SPARKS, KENNETH WAYNE, Mission SPENCE, MARY GORDON, Brownwood SPENCER, CHARLES CHAPLIN, Corpus Christi SPIKER, CHARLES JAMES, Houston SPILLMAN, MARTHA ANN, Fort Worth SPINKS, KENNETH CLYDE, Deer Park SPINKS, MARGARET RUTH, Waco SPINOSA, CONSTANCE ANN, Fort Worth SPITZER, SIDNEY STIFFT, Little Rock, Ark. SPIVA. DEBORAH ANNE, Fredericksburg SQUIRES, SUZANNE, Bellaire STAFFORD, NANCY CLAIRE STAGE, JUDITH CHARLENE, San Antonio STALLCUP, NANCY JEAN, Celina STALLINGS, LINDA KAY, Austin STANDEFER, JAMES BRENT, Clifton Class of 1969 STANLEY, WILLIAM LUKE, Deer Park STARGEL, NANCY KAY. Amarillo STARR, SUE SHIRLEY, San Antonio STEARNS, LLOYD BERNARD, JR., Pharr STEED, RICHARD P., McAl.len STEED. SUSAN ANN, Hughes Springs STEINBERGER, GARY JAN, Fort Worth STEINHEIMER, MICHAEL GARRETT, Beaumont STEITLE, DAVID CHARLES, San Antonio STEPHENS, MICHAEL KAY, Bellville STETSON, FRANCES ELLEN, Hebbronville STEVENS, JAMES WILSON, Angleton STEVENS, PAMELA IRENE, Denison STEWART, JIMMIE LEE, Austin STEWART, WILLIAM BENSON, Amarillo STIENKE, LINDA ANN, Stonewall STIMSON, SYLVIA SUE, Austin STIVER, DAVID WITCHER, Waco STOCKTON, DON WELLINGTON, Wichita Falls STOKES, JOHN EMMETT, Houston STOOLZ, JUDITH MANN, Corpus Christi STRIEGLER, OVE JAY, Fredericksburg STURDIVANT, TIM DEE, Matador SUTHERLAND, JANET SUE, Harlingen SWAIN, JETON ESTELLE, Temple SWAN, WILLIAM BIRD, Houston SWARTZ, BRUCE PRESTON, Beaumont SWARTZ, GARY ALAN, Beaumont SWINNEY, BRADY PARKER, Tyler SWOPE, MARK WILLIAM, Clyde TAAFFE, PETER CLYDE, Arlington TALLEY, ELIZABETH ELLEN, Temple TAMAYO, MARY MERCY, Corpus Christi TAYLOR, BRIAN DOUGLAS, Pasadena TAYLOR, CYNTHIA ' JOYCE, San Angela TAYLOR. MICHAEL RAY, Levelland TAYLOR ROY McGLASSON, Waco TEAT MARY ANN, Son Antonio TEUTSCH, JOHN STOVAl, Dumai THAGGARD, ALVIN, San Antonio THIELEMANN, DORIS EMMA, Richmond THOMAS DONALD DURAN, Amarillo THOMAS, NANCY JANE, Big Springi THOMAS, SHERRY ANN, Wake Village THOMAS, STEPHEN DOUGLAS, Fort Worth THOMASSON, GARY LEE, Richardson THOMPSON, BENNIE STANLEY, Kafy THOMPSON, DAVID BOONE, McKinnty 546 THOMPSON, GLENDA JEAN, Naples THONET, JOAN CHARLOTTE, Baldwin, N. Y. THORNTON, BRUCE CARY, Houston THORNTON, RAYMOND WILLIAM, San Antonio THORWARD, SUL ROSS OLEN, San Antonio THUMWOOD, SCOTT, Houston THURMAN, GEORGE IRWIN, Vidor TODD, JOHN EDO, Garland TODD, LINDA ARLENE, Austin TOMAN, KATHRYN, San Antonio TOMLINSON, DONALD CLIFF, Waco TOPP, LINDA ELLEN, Galveston TOSH, DANNY JAMES, Fort Worth TOTTENHAM, PATRICIA ANN, Brenham TRACY, JAMES FRENCH, Sinton TRAHAN, MARILYN, Houston TRAVIS, HAROLD ALLEN, Rusk TRENT, DOUGLAS IVAN, Kerens TREVINO JOE ROBERT, San Antonio TRUDE, PAMELA GWYNNE, San Antonio TRUE, BILLY ROY, Fredericksburg TUBB SUSAN FRANCES, Arlington TUCKER, LYNN, Dallas TURNBOUGH, DENNIS SCOTT, Balmorhea TWIFORD, GINGER ELIZABETH, Houston UPTON, LINDA LOU, Ingleside USELTON, PEGGY WILLIAMS, Austin VALLE, ANNABELLE, San Antonio VAN DEVENTER, GARY MICHAEL, Houston VASQUEZ, ANNABELLA, Benavides VAUGHAN, DOUGLAS, Richardson VEIT, DENNIS BRYAN, Corpus Christ! VESELKA, RONNIE EDWARD, Tivol! VICTOR ELLEN BETH, Fort Worth VOELZEL, GUSTAVE WALTER, III, Houston VOLZ, NANCY JOAN, San Antonio VOSKAMP, WAYNE EVAN, Rockdale WACHSMUTH, THOMAS ALLEN, Port Neches WADSWORTH, RICHARD REID, JR., Irving WAITS, RONALD ERROL, Fort Worth WALDRON, MICHAEL JAMES, Fort Worth WALKER, JOHN NATHANIEL, Lompasas WALL, SHELIA, Houston WALLACE, GEORGE ROBERT, Evanston, Wyo. WALSER, SUE ANN, Houston WALSH, JAMES DAVID, Dallas WAITERS, MAYME JEAN, Ballinger WALTON, DONNIE NEIL, Tyler WARBURTON, JOHN GEOFFREY, Brownsville WARD, CHARLES EDWARD, Austin WARD, DOROTHY ANNE, Devine WARE, LEWIS LEONARD, Houston WAREING, LESLIE LENOIR, Crockett WARNKE, ILENE ANN, Livingston WARRINGTON, GARY ALAN, San Antonio WASSOM, RONALD H., San Antonio WATERS, GAIL ROSS, Hull WATKINS, VICKI ANN, Irving WATSON, CHARLES RICHARD, El Paso WATSON, SHERIDAN, Houston WATT, GARY WAYNE, Austin WEAVER, JAN ADDEEN, Kerrville WEAVER, NANCY EUGENIA, DeLeon WEBB, CAROL ANN, Corpus Christ! WEHMEYER, ROBERT ERLE, JR., Mathis WEINER BARRY MICHAEL, Son Antonio WELD, CONSTANCE MARY, Houston WELLS, CAROL BETH, Eagle Lake WEST, JOSEPH EVERETT, Friendswood WHARTON. JAMES ERIC, Dallas WHEAT, BONNIE LEE, Richardson WHEELIS, PAUL ALAN, Brownwood WHEIESS, KIM DEE, Corpus Christi WHITE, GAY DAWN, Baytown WHITE, MARY JO, Temple WHITE, PAMELA ANNE, Houston WHITE, RONALD HARRY, Corpus Christi WHITE, SHARON KAY, Houston WHITING, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Houstor WHITSON, DON E., Dallas WHITWORTH, STEPHEN A., Corpus Christ! WHYMAN, JUDY RUTH, Houston WIEBER, PAMELA ANN, Kress WIER, VICKI GRACE, San Antonio WIESSENBERG, JERI LEE, Mettairie, La. WIGLEY, ROSEMARY, Corpus Christi WILBER, LOREN ODEIL, Austin WILBURN, GLENN GEORGE, Denison WILDE, SHARON LYNNE, Dallas WILEY, GORDON DOUGLAS, Fort Worth WILKINS, BRENDA REYNELLE, Waco WILKINS, SANDRA BETH, Andrews WILKINSON, JANICE SUSAN, Dallas WILKINSON, MARTHA, Bay City WILLIAMS, DAVID EUGENE, Fort Worth WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH ANN, Bandera 547 WILLIAMS, EVERETT L., Amarillo WILLIAMS, JAMES ROBERT, Weatherford WILLIAMS, JANE WYNETTE, Kerrville WILLIAMS, MARY THELMA, Falfurioj WILLIAMS, WESLEY REED, Galesville WILLIS, JOAN LYNN, Houston WILMUT, CHARLES GORDON, Dallas WILSON, CONSTANCE JUNE, Galena Park WILSON, JANET LOUISE, San Antonio WILSON, THERESA LOUISE, Winnsboro WINDHAM, JUDITH ANN, Livingston WINDHAM, MORRIS BRYAN, Silsbee WITT, WALLACE THURSTON, Aransas Pass WOLVERTON, JOE BENSON, Wichita Falls WOOD, REED GLENN, JR., Richards WOODARD, PAMELA L., Texarkana WOODWARD, M. KENNETH, Austin WOOLSEY, BRIAN REED, Fort Worth WORTHAM, JAMES AUBREY, Dallas WORTMAN, GEORGE ISSAC, Lubbock WRIGHT, CYNTHIA ANN, Texas City WRIGHT, FRED GRAVES, JR., Kingsland WRIGHT, HERBERT RAWSON, III, Abilene WRIGHT, JANICE, Dallas WRIGHT, JOHN PETE, Denison WRIGHT, KEITH DOUGLAS, Abilene WRIGHT, ROBERT EARL, Midland WRIGHT SUSAN NELL, Amarillo WROTEN, GEORGE FREESE, III, San Antonio YARBROUGH, PATRICK, Abilene YOUNG, DONALD RAY, Freeport ZEDLER, GALE LOUISE, Austin ZEITLER, IRVIN EDWIN, Imperial ZELISKO, JON CARTER Cameron ZIRKLE, HARRIET ELAINE Encinal ZURKEY, CRAIG ROBERT, Rochester, N. Y. Class of 1369 Class of 197O ABBOTT, KAREN ANN, Beaumont ACOSTA, IRMA OLVERA, Austin ADAMS, CHRISTINE, Beaumonl ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER HENRY JARRETT, JR., Austin ADAMS. JOYCE MARIE, Carrollton, Ohio AGUILAR, BEN, Lockhart AKIN, MONTA JANE, Houston ALDRICH, CHERYL LYNN, Fort Worth ALEXANDER, DORIS ANN Dalle ALLEN, DEANN, Blum ALLEN, JAMES HERMAN, Rusk ALLEN, KENNETH WARREN, Leoday ALLENSON, RUBY BETH, El Campo ALLISON, DALE CRAWFORD, Rule ALLISON, MARGARET SCOTT, Austin ALLISON, SUZANNE ELAINE, Houston ALVIS, MARY LUE. Rochester AMIRKABIRIAN, I RAJ, Sheshgilan, Tabriz, Iran AMOS, PATRICK JOHN, Fort Worth ANDERS, GORDON KEITH, Shiner ANDERSON, ANITA KATHLEEN, Colorado City ANDERSON, RICHARD LEE, Corpus Christi ANDREWS, KATHRYN DELL, Texarkana, Ark. ANGELO, JOHN EDWARD, Waco APPERSON, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Greenville ARENDALL, LAWRENCE BARCLAY, Mobile, Ala. ARMSTRONG, PAUL DOUGLAS, Irving ARNAKIS, POLY CATHERINE, Austin ARNOLD, GAIL ELLEN, Crockett ARNOLD, JUDITH ANN, San Antonio ASCHBACHER, LINDA MAE, San Antonio ATCHISON, DEANA ANN, Springs ATKINSON, ROBERT DUNNING, Austin ATNIP, MICHAEL GRANT, Fort Worth AXELROD, ROBERT DAVID, Houston BABETZ, JEFFREY DALE, Fort Worth BAETZ, BERTRAND OLIVER, JR., San Antonio BAGGETT, NANCY JANE, Rockdale BAGWELL, LOUIS LEE, Roswell, N. M. BAKER, OLA MAE, Madisonville BALDRIDGE, VICKI ELAINE, San Angelo BALDWIN, HOWARD GILBERT, JR., San Antonio BALDWIN, STANLEY FORREST, Houston BANDY, JUDY ANN, Houston BANKS, CHARLOTTE LEE, Corpus Christi BANTON, G LORIA ANN, Ambler, Pa. BARASCH, CONSTANCE SUE, San Antonio BARBOUR, DAVID ALEXANDER, Austin BARKER, ROBERT GLENN, Corpus Christi BARNARD, BARBARA ANN, Austin BARNES, BETH ANNE, Austin BARNES, SHERRY LEE, Big Lake BARRERA, NORMA, Alice BARTNING, CARLOS EDUARDO, Richardson BASS, SUZANNE, Orange BATES, BOBBY L., Gotesville BATMAN, JACK A., Longview BATSON, DOUGLAS ALLEN, Lubbock BATSON, ROBERT WAYNE, Hearne . Class of 19 7O BAUGH, LINDA GOZELLE, San Antonio BAUGH, PHILLIP DUPONT, Dallas BAYLISS, SUSAN JOAN, San Antonio BEARDEN, JACKIE LEE, Wichita Falls BEARDEN, PAUL JOSEPH, Bedford, Mass. BEASLEY, BLANCHE ELAINE, Kingsville BEBB, DAVID EDWIN, Wichita Falls BECHTOLD, JANIE, Houston BECK, LINDA JEAN, Junction BECKA, MARILYNN, Baytown BECKER, GARY LLOYD, Waco BECKER, MARY ELLEN New Braunfels BEERY, DAVID LOUIS, Houston BELL, LINDA KAY, Woodsboro BELL, MARY CATHERINE, Dallas BENAVIDES, MANUEL, III, Falfurris BENEDICT, BARRY KIRK, Fort Worth BENNETT, CALVIN, JR., Crane BENNETT, DONNA KAY, Gatesville BENNETT, DOUGLAS FAIRFIELD, Woodville BENTSEN, REBECCA ANN, McAllen BERGER, WILLIAM EDWARD, Austin BERGFELD, ELIZABETH BONNEAU, Tyler BERGMAN, PHILLIS ESTES, Austin BERGSTROM, NEVA JOY, Haskell BERMEA, EIFFEL YADIT, University City BERNSTEIN, ALLAN LEE, San Antonio BERNSTEIN, MIRIAM ETTA Dallas BERRY, CAROLYN OUIN, Waco BERRY, JAMES ALAN, West Columbia BERRY, WOODY LYNN, Amarillo 8ERSON, CHARLES VAN, Houston BETTGE, CAROL LYNN, Lockhart BETTS, HOWARD TERRELL, San Antonio BETTS, JAMES LEE, Houston BIDERMAN, LINDA ALICE, Dallas BIGGS, JERRY DAVIS, Panhandle BILLINGS, JANEY ELLEN, Richardson BILLS, SHARON JANE, Midland BIRD, WILLIAM LIGHTNER, JR., Fort Worth BISCHOFF, MARY ETHEL, Albuquerque, N. M. BISCHOFS, SUSANNE CAROL, Abilene BISHOP, CLIFFORD JOE, Bedford BISHOP, PAMELA OUIDA, Seminole BISHOP, RAY McCLAREN, Richardson BLACKLOCK, WARD TRUETT, JR., Austin BLAIR, BETTY CAROL, Lampasas BLAIR, GLORIA JEAN, Belton 549 BLAIR, SONNY, Abilene BLAIR, WYNNE ALLEN, Houston BLAND, MARY MOZELLE, Austin BLANKENSHIP, LINDA ANN, Houston BLISS, ROBERT DEVENEAU, Boytown BOBBITT, JAY CHARLES, Dallas BOBO, CAROLYN GAIL, Austin BODDEKER, JANICE SUE, Austin BOETTCHER, JACK ROLAND, Waco BOLAND, MICHAEL LEE, San Antonio BOND, SALLY JANE, Dryden, N. Y. BONE, MARCUS ROLAND, San Antonio BOORTZ, CHARLES CRAIGHILL LUCAS, Atlanta, Ga. BOREN, CARL LESLIE, Garland BOWDON, ROGER ALLEN, Austin BOWEN, ROBERT GLEN, Fort Worth BOWERS, GARY LYNN, Houston BOWERSOCK, DAVID MICHAEL, San Antonio BOWMAN, WAYNE FRANKLIN, III, Houston BOYD, KATHLEEN BEVERLY, Houston BOZARTH, SHARON SUE, Dale BRADSHAW, MARY CATHERINE, San Angela BRALY, LINDA KAY, Fort Worth BRANAM, WILLIAM W., Ingleside BRANDT, BONNIE LEEANN, San Antonio BRANDT, KATHLEEN LOUISE, Austin BRANNAN, BARTLEY TROY, Clyde BRANNON, LINDA LORAINE, Duncanville BRANSTETTER, REAGAN ECIL, Refugio BREMER, KATHERINE ANN, San Antonio BREWER, WILLIAM LOUIS, San Antonio 8RITT, JOHN MARK, Amarillo BROCHSTEIN, STEPHEN LARS, Houston BROCK, JOHN MARTIN, Bandera BROCKETTE, BETTY SUE, Austin BROKAW, DEBBY ANN, Houston BROOKS, ANNIE MELINDA, Austin BROOKS, ROSEMARY, Coleman BROWDER, ALAN CAMILE, Burleson BROWN, ALPHONCE JOSEPH, JR., Wichita Falls BROWN, JOHN THOMAS, San Angela BROWN, REBECCA SUE, Lake Jackson BROWN, ROBERT MICHAEL, Lutbock BROWN, ROBERT ROY, Baytown BROWN, THOMAS LYNN, Comanche BROWNLEE, TOPSY ANN, Perryton BRUCE, DOYLE EDWARD, JR., Lufkin BRUCE; STEPHEN GRAHAM, Orange Class of 13:70 BRUNNER, ALBERTA ANN, San Antonio BRYAN, RALPH DEWILTON, Houston BRYANT, JACK DAVID, Dallas BRYANT, REBECCA JANE, Sherman BUCK, GEORGINA MARSLAND, Fort Worth BUCKMAN, MICHAEL ALAN, Kansas City, Mo. BURGE, REBECCA FAYE, San Antonio BURKE, EDMUND THOMAS, Houston BURKS, VICTORIA ANN, Corpus Christi BURNETT, P. ALOIS, Houston BURNHAM, BARBARA LEA, Alice BURST, FRANCES ANNE, Dallas BURTON, JOSEPH ARNOLD, Port lovaca BYERS, LORETTA RUTH, Randolph AFB BYRD, CHARLES ELLIOTT, Abilene BYRNE, JOHN TIMOTHY, Dallas CADE, ELLEN ORA, LaPorte CAGNEY, MICHAEL JAMES, Bellaire CAIN, KATHRYN FRANCES, Weslaco CALDWELL, PHYLLIS JUNE, Dallas CAMERON, JOHN HUGH, Brownsville CAMP, CAROL ANN, Post CANFIELD, JEAN, West Columbia CANNON, GORDON THOMAS, Dallas CANNON, LANA GWEN, Madisonville CANTRELl, CHARLES LEONARD, Waco CARLISLE, DOROTHY KAY, Austin CARRILLO, JOHN RICHARD, Dallas CARROLL, RONNIE LEE, Conroe CARSON, ROBERT WILLIS, Odessa CARTER, CYNTHIA SUE, Arlington, Vo. CARTER, DONNA DEE, Dallas CARWIIE, GERALD ARTHUR, McKinney CASEY, LILLIAN DIANNE, Hankamtr GATES, JOHN WARREN, San Antonio CAVENDER, JULIE BETH, Houston CEDERHOLM, BARBARA JOAN, Bastrop CELMINS, BIRUTA ALLI-CATHARINA, San Antonio CENTER, II, EARL CARLYLE, Baytown CHAPMAN, DEBORAH ALYCE, Beaumont CHASE, ANDREW SIDNEY, Piano CHENAULT, HARRIOT ELIZABETH, Houiton CHRISTIE, VIRGINIA LOUISE, Austin CHRISTMANN. KAREN FAITH, Dallas CHRISTY, ROBERT C, Houston CLARK, GARY ALAN, Meiquitt CLARK, HARRY OEAN, Orangt CLARK, JAMES EDWARD, Oklahoma City, Okla. X K A, i Q m 550 CLARK, ROBERT DEAN, Taylor CLARKSON, DAVID MICHAEL, Midland CLAY, STEVEN HENRY, Dallas CLELAND, JANET LYN, Houston CLEMENT, BEVERLY DEE, Cleveland CLONINGER, JIM BRANDEN, Amarillo COBB, CHARLES CLIFTON, Austin COCHRAN, CORNELIA, Lubbock COE, MICHELE ELIZABETH, Baytown COHEN, JANET RUTH, Fort Worth COHEN, MIRIAM LEAH, San Antonio COLE, JR., CECIL FRANK, San Antonio COLE, DALE EMILE, Garland COLEMAN, COLUMBUS EDWARD, JR., Wharton COLLIE, NANCY GWYNNE, Houston COLLINS, DAVID ALAN, Houston COMISKEY, CHARLES EDWARD, Houston CONDRY, JAMES EDWARD, Houston CONNELL, CAROLYN, Denton CONNER, CAROL ALICE, Houston CONNOLLY, PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio COOK, DONALD EDWARD, Baytown COOK, PAULA JEAN, Crane COOLE, EDANA CLEMENTINE, Houston COOPER, JOHN WALLACE, Odessa COOPER, MARIE LOUISE, Corpus Christ! CORDELL, CLAIRE, Fort Worth CORNETT, JAMES REAVIS, Austin CORTINES, GLENN DELL, Daingerfield COTLAR, STEVE WILLIAM, Houston COTTRELL, WILL, Little Rock, Ark. COUNCIL, CAROL DIANE, Corpus Christ! COURS, CYNTHIA, Freeport COWEN, NANCY, Fort Worth COX, JAMES NEAL, Dallas COYM, PATRICK WILLIAM, Alice CRADER, SUSAN, Fort Worth CRAIG, CHERYL RENEE, Houston CRAIG, DAVID PICTON, Houston CRAIG, RICHARD NEIL, Port Arthur CRAIN, CAROLE LOIS, San Antonio CRAVER, MARY DIANE, Houston CROCKETT, KATHY, Houston CROFT, ROCHELLE FAYE, Houston CROW, WILLIAM RAYMOND, JR Lytle CROWLEY, JOHN CHARLES, Houston CRUTSINGER, ELIZABETH ANN, San A ntonio CULLENDER, MICHAEL JOE, Canadian O ' CULWELL, DON ALLEN, JR., Houston CUMMINGS, CAROL JANIS, Houston CUNNINGHAM, DAVID JOHNSON, Houston CUNNINGHAM, JOHN PHILLIPS, Wichita Falll CUNNINGHAM, SUSAN JEAN, San Antonio CURRY, BONNY LYNN, Navasota CURRY, EUGENE BRUCE, Lubbock DALGO, MARILYN RAYE, San Antonio DALLAS, SUZANNE, Austin DANBURG, GLENDA SHARON, Houston DANFORTH, DOUGLAS MUELLER, Austin DANIEL, WILLIAM HENRY, Brownsville DANIELS, JOHN STEELE, Dallas DANIELS, THOMAS G., Gilmer DARDEN, JAMES WILSON, Woodbridge, Vo. DAVIDOFF, MICHAEL ELLIOTT, Houston DAVIDSON, RUTH PATRICIA Houston DAVIS, GAYLE ANN, Austin DAVIS, KATHY, Seguin DAVIS, RICHARD MASON, Royse City DAVIS, ROBERT KENNETH, Houston DAVIS, ROLAND REGINALD, JR., Austin DAVIS, SHERILYN JEAN, Houston DAVIS, THOMAS ROSS, Silver Spring, Md. DAVIS, WILLIAM STEVEN, Austin DAYTON, DONNA, Metairi ' e, La. DEADERICK, FRANKLIN ARTHUR, Odessa DEAN, ROBERT ALLEN, Dallas DEATON, DIONNE, Greenville DE LA GARZA, VICTOR, JR., McAllen DELMAS, LARRY HENRY, Fort Hood DENMAN, MARAJEN ELIZABETH, Dallas DENNIS, NANCY LOUISE, Richardson DENNY, MARY NELL, San Antonio DENSON, DINAH LEA, San Antonio DENSON, SALLY ANN, San Antonio DEUTSCH, SUSAN JANE, Caldwell DEVINE, MARY PATRICIA, Corpus Christi DEVLIN, CHARLCIE JO, Paris DEWBERRY, WILLIAM DAVID, Houston DeWITT, JUDY ANN, Raymondville DICKERMAN, JAMES CLARK, Pasadena DICKINSON, LAVERNE LEE, Austin DICKINSON, SUGAR S. M., Houston DIERINGER, HERBERT NELSON, Schulenburg DIETERICH, JAMES MILTON, San Antonio DIETZ, JOHN KARL, Houston DISMUKES, DAVID LYNN, Magnolia, Ark. 551 DISNEY, DEBORAH ANN, Fort Worth DOANE, LINDA KAYE, Fort Worth DONNELLY, CAROLYN DELLAINE, Baytown DORRIES, GLENN HARVEY Hondo DOUGLAS, VERNA KAY, San Antonio DOWELL, BEN EVANS, Beaumont DOYAL, WAYNE NOBLE, San Antonio DOZIER, MARTHA CAROLYN, Kerrville DRAKE, DEBORAH ANN, Fort Worth DRISKILL, DONALD OSCAR, Houston DUKE, NANCY KAY, Texarkana DUNCAN, DEBRON CURTIS, Henderson DUNCAN, P. JACK, Palestine DUNLAP, STEPHEN ALFRED, Houston DUNN, TOMMY HAROLD, Silsbee DUNNING, ANGELA CAROL, Houston DUPLISSEY, JEANNE CLAIRE, El Paso DYER, PATRICK JOSEPH, Austin EADS, BEVERLY ANN, Austin EARLE, DONNA GAYLE, Fort Worth EASTERLING, DOUGLAS NELSON, Orlando Fla. EASTLAKE, DANIEL EUGENE, Wichita Falls EBLEN, EARL DOOLEN, JR., Slaton ECKERT, JOYCE EILEEN, Fredericksburg EDMOND, MICHAEL TOOLE, El Paso EDMONDS, FORREST DEY, Houston EDRINGTON, SHIRLEY JEAN, Dallas ELDRIDGE, DAVID PAUL, Houston ELDRIDGE, KAY, Beaumont ELLIOTT, CAROLE ANN, Dallas ELLIOTT, ED STANLEY, Fort Worth ELLIOTT, JAN ELIZABETH, Austin ELLIOTT, KAREN JO, Matador ELMENDORF, HEDA ELIZABETH, San Antonio EMBRY, DAVID RHODES, Houston EMSHOFF, GENETTE KAY, Lake Jackson ENGLISH, DAN ALEXANDER, Beaumont ENGLISH, WILKE DENTON, Austin ENGLUND, CHARLOTTE ANNE, El Campo ERICKSON, ROBERT DALE, Fort Worth ERICSON, SUSAN KATHLYN, Temple ERNSTER, TIMOTHY WAYNE, Cuero EUTSLER, ROBERT WESTON, Houston EVANS, BILLIE-ANN, Dallas EVANS, JOHN JOSEPH, Groves FARFAN, PATRICIA DEANNA, San Antonio FARMER, JACQUELYN, Victoria FARRAR, JON ANTHONY, Rosenberg FELDMAN, JAMES KENDRICK, Midland FERGUSON, KENNETH WAYNE, Houston FERGUSON, MARTHA CAROL, Cisco FIBICH, KENNETH THOMAS, San Antonio FINK, MARIE ANTOINETTE, San Antonio FINLEY, ROBERT C, Fort Worth FISHER, ALICE COCHRAN, Houston FITZPATRICK, JODY LYNN, Austin FLADGER, JOSEPH EDWIN, San Antonio FLEMING, WALT, Houston FLETCHER, JOHN THOMAS, Bridgeport FLOERKE, APRIL LOUISE, Taft FLYNN, LINDA CAROLE, Dallas FOLEY, EILEEN THERESE, H.uston FOLLIN, DARTHI NEAL, Fort Worth FOOSHEE, LOIS ELAINE, Abilene FORBES, MARY FLORENCE, Houston FORD, BRENT JAY, Houston FORD, SALLY WELLBORN, Houston FOSTER, MARILYN ANNE, Houston FOSTER, PETERSON, Austin FOURNACE, LYNDA LOUISE, Bella, re FRANCIS, WILLIAM RALEIGH, Fort Worth FRANKS, FAYE SUZANNE, Diboll FRASER, JAMES RAY, Marshall FREDERICK, DAVID O BRIEN, Dallas FREDERIKSEN, CHARLES C., Dallas FREED, SHERYL HELENS, Galveston FRENCH, PEGGY JEAN, Peorland FRENCH, RAYMOND EDWARD Big Springs FRNKA, EDWARD RICHARD, II San Antonio FROEHLICH, TRAVIS DEAN, Weimar FROST, ALVIN HARVEY, Beoumont FULLER, FRANCES MAY, Dallas FUOUA, MARIE ELIZABETH, Navasota GALE, JANIE, Houston GALLAGHER, KATHLEEN MARIE, Houston GAMMAGE, PATRICK ODELL, Wichita Falll GANTT, ERLY LYNN, Houston GARDNER, DEBORAH GAIL, Houston GARDNER, JANET ANN, Arlington Vo GARDNER, NANCY KATHLEEN, San Antonio CARING, JON LADSON Forest Park Go GARNER, WILSON LYNN Belton CARVER, PAULA ANN, Houston GARZA, ARNOLD GONZALES Sanger GAUTREAU, MARY JOYCE, Austin GEE, ROGENE, Houston 552 GEORGE, RICHARD LEE, Houston GERSHNER, IRA, Pine Bluff, Ark. GEWERT2, MARTIN ANSON, Dollos GIBSON, DAVID HAMILTON, Kermit GIBSON, JAMES SIDNEY, Austin GILILLAND, GAVE, Richardson GILL, DARLENE KAREN, Silsbee GILL, HAL MICHAEL, Midland GILLASPIE, DAN WARD, Webster GILLETTE, VICTORIA LYNN, Dallas GILLIAM, ROBERT MILTON, Victoria GINDY, KENNETH MICHAEL, San Antonio GIPS JERRY ROBERT, Houston GIROUARD, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Freeport GJEDDE, HELEN ANN, LaPorte GLADE, THOMAS WALKER, Lufkin GLASSCOCK, MfcRRY LOU, McAMen GLIDDEN, DAVID MICHAEL, Houston GODFREY, GERALDINE JANE, Austin GOLDBLUM, JUDY MERLE, Port Arthur GOLDSOBEL, RANDALL SCOTT, Houston GOODWIN, MARY PATRICIA, San Antonio GORDON, JERRY JOHN, Baytown GORMAN, JOE VANCE, Big Sandy GORMELY, JOHN PAUL, Victoria GOSSETT, JAMES MICHAEL, Silsbee GOTTLIEB, SUSAN E., Dallas GOURLEY, JACK, JR., Dallas GRAF, KERMIT EUGENE, Houston GRAHAM, NANCY, Austin GRANT, LILLIE JANE, Ennis GRANT, PAULINE BRUCE, Bryan GRANTHAM, THOMAS HAROLD, Miami GRAVES, BONNIE BLUE, Corpus Christ! GRAVES, GAYLE FRANCES, Uvalde GRAY, CAROLYN LEE, Odessa GRAY, DOROTHY ELAINE, Mesquite GRAY, EDWARD BARRY, Newton GREEN, JOHN RANDALL, Dallas GREEN, TED EDWARD, Houston GREEN, WILLIAM R., Palestine GRIFFITH, EDGAR DENNIS, Houston GRIFFITH, GARY ERNEST, Dallas GRIFFITH, THOMAS DAVID, Houston GRIGGS, ERIC RANDALL, Sweetwater GRIMES, PATRICIA ANN, San Saba GRING, LARRY MARTIN, San Antonio GROTEVANT, HAROLD DENNIS, Dallas Class of 13 7O GRUBBS, JAMES HOLT, Fort Worth GUENZEL, PATSY ANN, Bartlett GUEST, KELLEY AUSTIN, Clarksville GUIDRY, MONTE J., San Antonio GUINN, BRENDA KAYE, Houston GUINN, GEOFFREY KYLE, Fort Worth GULLEEN, KRIS KARL, Austin GURINSKY, EDWARD KEITH, San Antonio GUSTAFSON, VIRGINIA JOYCE, Austin GWIN, ANNE TORREY, Bay City HAAK, MARGARET BERTHA, Texarkana, Ark. HAHN, BILLY CARL, Post HAHN, HARRIET, Austin HAHN, SARA BETH, Pampa HAHN, SUSIE ELAINE, Fort Worth HAIK, CAROLYN MARY, Austin HAIKIN, HARRY RICHARD, Houston HAIRSTON, COLES HENNESSY, Taylor HALL, CAROL LEIGH, Cuero HALLMARK, ROBERT EDWIN, Dallas HAMMACK, L. SUSAN, San Antonio HAMMON, CLIFFORD WAYNE, Dallas HAMON, CAROL SUE, Pasadena HANKS, LUCINDA BOYLEN, Palestine HANOVER, NAN ANNETT, Bryan HANSEN, SANDRA, Arlington, Va. HARGIS, CHARLES CREGLOW, Seattle, Wash. HARKINS, WILLIAM TRAVIS, Sanderson HARMAN, DOUGLAS MERIWETHER, Austin HARRINGTON, NAN KATHERINE, Dallas HARRIS, CAROL GWYNNE, Sweetwater HARRIS, KATHLEEN FERN, San Antonio HARRISON, CAROL ANN, Dallas HARRISON, DALE, Brownsville HARRISON, ROGER DALE, Haltom City HARTMAN, CARLYNN, Bellaire HARTMANN, PAUL ROBERT, Fredericksburg HARVEY, MICHAEL PAUL, Hereford HARVICK, MELISSA ANN, San Antonio HASSLOCHER, SUSAN LYNN, San Antonio HATCHER, WILLIAM EMMERT, III, San Antonio HAWKES, JOHN CHARLES, Austin HAWKINS, JAMES CLEVELAND, JR., Dallas HAWTHORNE, JUDY KAY. Dallas HAYNES, BEVERLY BERNICE, Dallas HAYWOOD, ERNEST LEMUEL, Dallas HEARD, ROBERT EDWARD, Houston HECZKO, SHIRLEY ANN, Lufkin 553 HEERS, DANIEL KENNETH, Dallas HEIMLICH, MICHAEL DOUGLAS, Dallas HEINE, DARRELL BERT, Del Valle HELM, ALFRED PAUL, Richardson HENDERSON, BETSY, Dallas HENDERSON, JANE LEE, Victoria HENDRICK, DAVID ALAN Andrews HENDRICKS, STEPHEN RICHARD, McKinney HENDRIX, THOMAS LAWRENCE, Houston HENNINGTON, IRIS KAY, fort Worth HENRY, DAViD EDWARD, Fort Worth HENRY, SUSAN KAY, Corpus Christi HERRING, ELISABETH GREY, Austin HERTZ, RAYMOND STANELY, Dallas HEWETT, HELEN JACKIE, Freeport HEWETT, SANDRA LYNNE, San Antonio HICKS, KAREN, Jasper HICKS, WILLIAM HOWARD, Tyler HIETT, KATHLEEN HOPE, Fort Worth HIGGINS, CYNTHIA DuVAL, Houston HILLARD, CATHY GAIL, Baytown HILLMER, CARMEN AVERY, San Antonio HIRSCH, ALBERT LINZ, JR., Dallas HITT, PAMELA JEAN, Simon HOCH, TERRI LYNN, Houston HODGES, FRANCIS LEIGHTON, JR., Houston HODGSON, JOHN SCOTT, Houston HODGSON, LEE KINDLEY, Dallas HOELSCHER, PATRICIA ANNE, Alice HOFFMAN, ROBERT PERSHING, Plainview HOFFMAN, SUSAN LYNN, Waco HOGENSON, CAROL ANN, Wake Village HOLCOMB, ALFRED SIDNEY, JR., Dallas HOLLON, SUSAN JEAN, Toledo Ohio HOLM, MARY LYNNE, Houston HOLMANS, SANDRA KAY, Austin HOLMBERG, KRISTEN MARIE, El Paso HOLMES, MICHAEL LLOYD, Pittsburg HOLT, MARY HELEN, Austin HONEYCUTT, RODNEY LEE, Gilmer HONZA, GAYLE PAULETTE, Ennis HOOVER, KATHRYN JANE, Amarillo HOPPSTETTER, RICHARD DAVID, II, San Antonio HORTON, EDMUND, R., Hico HOTZ, ROGER DALE, Victoria HOUSER, DONALD LYNN, Austin HOUZVICKA, FRANK JOHN, II, Richardson HOWARD, JANICE LYNNE, Corpus Christi Class of 19 7O HOWARD, MARTHA ANNE, Moody HOWARD, ROBERT LAWRENCE, Dallas HUBBARD, JULIA LYNN, Houston HUFF, JANICE CLORA, Midland HULL, CARLA ETHELLEN, Houston HULL, STEPHEN MICHAEL, Wichita Falls HUMPHREY, NANCY PATRICIA, Austin HUMPHRIES, PAT ALAN, Brownwood HUNNICUTT, GERALD WINSTON, Kerrville HUNT, JEANETTE ANN, Fort Worth HUNT, KAY CAROL, Tyler HUNTER, WILLIAM RANDOLPH, JR., San Antonio HURLEY, MARY ANN, Houston HURST, JOHN THOMAS, Austin HURWITZ, JILL ANDREA, Corpus Christi I ' ANSON, MARGI IRENE, Pasadena INGRAM, GREGORY WAYNE, Fort Worth INGRAM, JOEL WESLEY, Killeen INMAN, WILLIAM DAVID Houston IRWIN, WILLIAM MONROE, JR., Stephenville ISAACKS, DONNA LYNN, Houston ISBELL, DAVID KENT, Dallas ISBELL, LINDA ANN, College Station ISENHOWER, ELIZABETH ANN, Baytown IVEY, JOHN DOUGLAS, Houston JACKSON, JAY SHELTON, Mount Pleasant JACKSON, ROBERT WAYNE, Huntsville JACKSON, SUZANNE DEE, Perrvton JACOBS, DEBORAH KAY, Baytown JAMES, JOSEPH D., JR., Richardson JARRETT, SUSAN, Midland JENKINS, WALTER WILLIAM, Davenport, Iowa JIMENEZ, RALPH LUZ, Baytown JIRASEK, NANCY ELAINE, McKinney JOE, JOHNNY, Amorillo JOHANSON, JEANNE, Houston JOHNS, DELBERT ALAN ' Graham JOHNS, GAIL, Odessa JOHNSON, CHESTER HERBERT, JR., Austin JOHNSON, DANNY ELMO, Dallas JOHNSON, DIANNE JEAN, Odessa JOHNSON, HARALD, Belloire JOHNSON, JO CAROL, San Antonio JOHNSON, PATRICIA ALICE, Texas City JOHNSON, RANDALL BAINE, Garland JOHNSON. ROBERT WALLACE, Corpus Christi JOHNSON, STEPHEN HOWARD Amarillo JOHNSON, VIRGINIA ANN, Houston 554 JONES, ANN ELEECE, Austin JONES, DONALD GLENN, Wichita Falls JONES, JACQUELYN EDNA, Beaumont JONES, JAN, Ballinger JONES, JANET CLAIRE, Big Spring JONES, MARGARET WILBURN, Houston JONES, PENNI DONA, Hereford JONES, RALPH MICHAEL, Metairie, La. JONES, VONCIEL, San Antonio JORDAN, CATHELEEN, Fort Worth JORDAN, JANICE CAROL, Corpus Christi JOSEPH, JOHN RAYMOND, San Antonio KAASE, KAREN MARIE, Houston KAINE, MARY ETHEL San Antonio KAMENITSA, DENNIS ELLIOTT, Fort Worth KAROLY, DAVID ROY, San Antonio KASCH, BARBARA KAY, North Brook, KASPAREK, CANDACE ANN, Austin KAY, ROBERT EARL, La Marque KEESEE, SUSAN KAREN, Houston KELLY, PATRICIA SUE, San Antonio KELLY, ROBERT LEE, Houston KENDRICK, GERALD ALAN, Sherman KESSLER, GARY FORREST, Houston KIDD, SUSAN KAY, Tyler KIGER, ROSLYN FRANCES, Council Bluffs, Iowa KIKER, TOMMY LYNN, Bryan KILDAY, ELIZABETH, Bellaire KILGORE, MARK HENRY, Austin KILPATRICK, OLIVER KELSAL, Austin KIMBALL, JOHN PHINEAS, JR., Houston KINCHELOE, ALICE SUSAN, Dallas KING, ELIA V., Lima, Peru KING, FRANK DAVID, Luling KINNAMON, MICHAEL CLAYTON, Dallas KINSEL, CATHERINE ELLENE, Beaumont KLASING, JOHN CHRISTOPH, New Lenox, III. KLAVENESS, MICHAEL ARMISTEAD, Houston KLECKA, JAN MARIE, Pasadena KLEIN, MICHAEL ALLEN, Dallas KNIGGE, LARRY WESLEY, Houston KNOX, JOANN, Brownfield KOCH, COLIN LEE, Austin KOCH, ROBERT ALAN, Longvrew KOEHL, GARY LIONEL, San Antonio KOHN, FRANK EDWARD, Dallas KORP, SUSAN ALISON, San Antonio KRAMER, RICHARD G., Fort Sill, Okla. KRAMER, VIRGINIA MARIE, Houston KRAPP, CATHERINE ELAINE, Port Washington, N. Y. KREISLE, MATTHEW FERDINAND, Austin KRIER, MARY CELESTE, Denison KROON, CANDACE GAYLE, Fort Worth KRUEGER, JANICE JEAN, Red Cloud, Neb. KRUEGER, RALPH WALLACE, San Antonio KUMPF, DAVID KENNETH, San Antonio KYPREOS, NICK MERCOURIS, Galveston LACKS, JUDITH RAE, San Antonio LoLONDE, CAROLYN DIANE, Buda LAMBERT, WARREN CARLTON, Fort Worth LANDIS, CANDACE BETH, Houston LANDON, ALFRED LAWRENCE, Peekskill, N. Y. LANE, DAVID ALLEN, ' Arlington LANE, PAMELA JEAN, Belton LANGE, VERN FRANK, San Antonio LANGRIDGE, SUSAN JO, San Antonio LANGSJOEN, HANS ALFRED, Temple LANIER, PATRICK J. RICHARD, Beaumont LAPPING, DEBORAH SUE, Fort Worth LARREY, RICHARD MORRIS, Houston LARSON, ANN ROBERTA, Dallas LARSON, DIANN, Elgin LARSON, GAYLE LYNN, Beaumont IAVIAGE, MICHAEL LYNN, Houston LAW, WALLACE KENNETH, Belton LEACH, CYNTHIA ANN, Austin LEACH, THOMAS MICHAEL, Houston LeBRUN, KATHLEEN GAIL, Balboa Hgts., Canal Zone LEE, SAMUEL ROBERT, Dallas LEE, ZADEN OLIVER, JR., Randolph AFB LEHMAN, LAWRENCE PHILIP, Prairie Village, Kans. LEIBROCK, ROBERT C, Midland LEIGH, JOHN MARSHALL, Austin LEITH, CYNTHIA, Victoria LEMENS, VELDON L., Austin LEMING, PAMELA JEAN, Pacific Palisades, Calif. LESHIN, MARK, Robstown LEVIN, JERALD DUNN, Texas City LEVIN, LAURIE, Dallas LEVINE, PAULA ANN, Waco LEVY, BEN ALLAN, Victoria LEVY, HELEN, New Orleans, La. LEWIS, DAVID ARDEN, Terrell LEWIS, KEITH CHARLES, Waco LEWIS, MARGARET ANNE, Houston LIDDLE, SANDRA JEANNE, Fort Worth 555 LINDGREN, JAMES THOMAS, Austin LIPPINCOTT, ROBERT IRWIN, Houston LOCKWOOD, NANCY LEE, Comp Zomo, Jopon LOEHR, TOM, Houston LONG, JUDY ANN, Texorkona LOPEZ, ARMANDO MEDINA, JR., Son Antonio LOPEZ, BEVERLY RUTH, Son Antonio LOVE, JOHN TAYLOR, Lafayette, La. LOWDER, ROBERT RAY, Wichita Falls LOWERY, LEON HERCHEL, Dallas LOWRANCE, LINDA, Dallas LUCIA, GREGORY EUGENE, Houston LUTERMAN, ELAINE, Dallas LYONS, JAMES IRWIN, Dallas LYONS, KATHRYN LUCILLE, Wichita Falls LYONS, WILLIAM LINCOLN, Lufkin MocCOMB, ALAN DOUGLAS, Houston MacFARLAND, STEVEN ALLAN, Houston MAEDGEN, KAREN SUE, Troy MAGGARD, DAVID RALPH, Plainview MAGLIOLO, ANDY MICHAEL, League City MAHLMANN, DENNIS WALTER, Comfort MALDONADO, MARIE ELVA San Antonio MALES, DANA WAYNE, Longview MALICK, KAREN MELANIE, Houston MALLARD, JAMES ATWOOD, Austin MANN, BERT ALLER JR., Graham MAREK, JOSEPH THELSON, II, Lewisville MARTIN, HARRIET HARPER, Rockwall MARTIN, LINDA JO, Fort Worth MARTIN, MARY CATHERINE Luling MARTIN, MICHAEL TERRY, Austin MARTINEZ, JOHNNY LUIS, Crystal City MASLEY, DAVID ALLEN, Son Antonio MASSENGALf, PATRICIA CAROL, Fairborn, Ohio MATHEWS, RUTH DIANE, Austin MATTAR, CECELIA MARIE, Weslaco MATTHEWS, JUDITH ELLEN, Midland MATTHEWS, MARILYN, Houston MATTHEWS, WILLIE LEE, Houston MAUPIN, PAMELA, Pasadena MAURY, DONNA GAIL, Dallas MAXWELL, WILLIAM BRETT Alvo Okla MAY, MARY VIRGINIA, Wichita Falls MAYER, LEAH BARBARA, Houston MAYO, MALDA LYNN, Raymondville McADAMS, HELEN LOUISE, Fort Worth McARDLE, JAMES LEE, Fort Worth McBIRNEY, ANNE LOUISE, Houston McBURNETTE, PATRICK EDWIN, Houston McCAUSLAND, SUELLEN, San Antonio McCLANAHAN, MARY JANET, Houston McCLUNG, MICHAEL CLAUDE, Dallas McCLURE, JAMES SHELTON, II, Houston McCORMAOC, JAMES HILL, Garland McCORMICK, DEBORAH, Buda McCRAW, RONALD KENT, Baylown McCRUM, KERRY CLINTON, Garland McCULLEN, PATRICE EILEEN, Pasadena McCULLOCH, AMY VIRGINIA, Texarkana MCDONALD, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Austin MCDONALD, VERA MELINDA, Wolfe city McEVER, MICHAEL DAVID, Paris McEVOY, DIANNE, Hempstead McGILL, MARGARET ANN, San Antonio McGILVRAY, WILLIAM GARY, Sonata McGINNIS, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Houston MCGREGOR, THOMAS BANDY, wmiomsburg, Va. MclNTIRE, PATTY LYNN, Dallas MclNTOSH, GARY DAVID, Midland MclNTYRE, KATHRYN JOYCE, San Antonio McKEAN, RICHARD ALLEN, JR., Monchaca McKEE, CASSANDRA LU, Houston McKENNA, CHARLES TERENCE, Houston McKINNEY, VICKI, Sherman MCLAUGHLIN, CHARLES COY, San Antonio McMAHAN, LINDA KAY, Lometa McMAHAN, SUSAN KAY, Lometa McMAHON, CAROLYN CLIETT, Midland McMAUGHAN, MARGARET ANNE, San Antonio McNALLIE, GUY VICTOR, III, Temple McNUTT, LOLLA ELIZABETH, Austin McNUTT, PAMELA ANN, Austin McSWAIN, RETA JOYCE, Ploinview McWILLIAMS, JACK BRYAN, Houston McWILLIAMS, KENNETH RIPLEY, Pampa McWILLIAMS, MIKE C , Dallas MEANS, SHARON ANN, Austin MEEKER, DAVID MARQUIS, Port Arthur MEHl, ELLA RUTH. Fort Worth MEHR, LAURA LEE Houston MEINERT, BETTY LOUISE, El Paso MEINKE, THOMAS BRUCE, Dollai MEINSTEIN, RACHELLE IIBBY, Fort Worth MELLICHAMP, MARSHA RUTH, Houston MENDENHALl, JAMES DAVIS, Richardson 556 METZGER, BARBARA LEE, Houston METZGER, BONNIE DEE, Houston MEYER, GREGORY MONROE, Canogo Park, Colif. MICKLETHWAIT, DWIGHT BRUNER, Brady MILLER, ALAN MARC, Houston MILLER, EMMETT JACK, Dollos MILLER, LINDA GAIL, Lo Morque MILLER, MARJORIE JO, Austin MILLING, FAITH, Cleburne MIMS, EDWARD TROW, Hereford MISKA, LAWRENCE CONRAD, Wharton MITCHELL, ANN BYRD, San Antonio MOELLER, PAMELA KAY, Houston MOFFETT, MARY JO, Houston MONTGOMERY, MARY CHRISTINE, Austin MOORE, DAVID LAWRENCE, Dallas MOORE, DAVID MEEKER, College Station MOORE, GLORIA KAYE, Conroe MOORE, HAL RAYMOND, Waco MOORE, JERRY GARLAND, Rogers MOORE, LINDA KAY, Dallas MOORE, MICHAEL RAY, Yoakum MOORE, PHILIP EDWARD P., Richmond MOORE, SHARON, Austin MOORE, WILSON HAYS, Waco MORGAN, CHRISTINE, Humble MORGAN, JAMES DURHAM, Sterling City MORGAN, MARY MILDRED, Beaumont MORGENROTH, MARVIN LYNN, Son Antonio MORRIS, EUGENE IRA, Houston MORRIS, JO ANN, Houston MORRIS, LINDA DIANNE, Henderson MORRISON, JOE LESTER, Troup MORRISON, JOSEPH ERIC, Fort Worth MOSELEY, RICHARD, Tomball MOSS, KATHYRN ANN, Devine MULKEY, MARIE LOUISE, Son Antonio MULLER, MARY HELEN, Austin MULLINS, KAREN KAY, San Antonio MURPHY, CHERYL LYNN, Richardson MURPHY, WILLIAM ROCHE, Houston MURRAY, GREG E., Katy MURRAY, JANICE ANN, Katy MURRAY, VIRGINIA LEE, Dallas NANCE, JERRY MILTON, Bryan NANCE, POLLY, Pecos NAPPS, EDDIE CANNON, Longview NARANJO, JENNINGS NEAL, Lufkin Class of 197O NARANJO, MARY STELLA FRANCES, Lufkin NAUWALD, BARBARA ANN, Menord NAYLOR, GARY STEPHEN, Ouonah NEAL, NICKY B., Brady NEAL, WILLIAM LORIEN Houston NEELEY, JOSEPH ROBERT, JR., Point Pleasant, W. Va. NEFF, ROY SIMEON, III, Bartlesville, Okla. NELSON, WILLIAM KENNETH, JR., Austin NEOKLEOUS, NELSON KYRIAKOU, Nicosia, Cyprus NEUMAN, MARILYN JEAN, New Ulm NEWMAN, TERRY MAURICE, Houston NEYLAND, THOMAS ROSS, JR., Houston NICHOLAS, JACQUELYN WOOD, Riverside, Calif. NICHOLSON, JUDY JEAN, Dallas NICKELL, ELIZABETH JEAN, Dallas NICKOLS, PHILIP GUY, Goldthwaite NOAH, WAYNE HURSTON, Amarillo NOLAND, JOHN MICHAEL, Lafayette, La. NORDHEM, RANDALL DUNN Fort Worth NORRIS, H. LEE, Bellaire NORTH, SALLY SUZANNE, San Antonio NORTON, LINDA JANE, Austin NORWOOD, JUDITH LYNN Houston NOVY, JEFFREY L., Austin NUDING, LYN, Goldsboro N C OAKLEY, COLLINS FRANK Houston O ' BRIEN, ELIZABETH GLEN, Midland O CONNOR, KATHLEEN MARY, Dallas ODELL, JAMES DAVID, San Antonio OELRICH, JONATHAN WILLIAM, Colorado Springs, Colo. OHLHAUSEN, GORDON LEE, Houston O ' KEEFE, MICHAEL CARROLL, Beaumont ORBIN, ARTHUR JACKSON, San Antonio ORTLOFF, JOAN ROCHELLE, San Francisco, Calif. ORVEDAHL, ALFRED, Houston OSBORN CELIA ANN, Dallas OSTEN, CHARLES THOMAS, Dallas OWENS, WILLIAM GREGG Nacogdoches PACE, PATSY EVLYN, Austin PAGE, JAY NAN, Amarillo PALMER, JUDITH ANN. San Antonio PAPPAS, JO ANN, Houston PARK, GORDON GEORGE, Son Antonio PARKER, CHARLES ROY, Houston PARKER, MARGARET RUTH, Hale Center PARKER, SCOTT SCHREINER, Kerrville PARTNEY, CARMEN LETA, McComey PARTRIDGE, KAREN LYNNE, Lake Jackson 557 PATTON, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR., Austin PAUL, RICHARD DAVID, Fort Worth PAULSEN, DAVID ALEXANDER, Long Island, N. Y. PAYNE, REBECCA M., Whiteman AFB, Mo. PEDRO, BETTY CATHERINE, Big Spring PEEBLES, ELIZABETH DeWITT, McGregor PEEL, WILLIAM DAVID, Keltys PENA, BENEDICT GONZALES, Floresville PENNINGTON, ROBERT EARL, III, Beaumont PENNINGTON, WALTER BRUCE, Austin PENNYCUICK, JANET MARGUERITE, Son Antonio PERKINS, ROBERT ANTON, Eogle Pass PESCHKA, JOSEPH CRAIG, Vidor PETERS TOMMY NEAL, Dallas PETERSON, MARY CHRISTINE, Houston PETERSON, THOMAS ANTHONY, Beaumont PETMECKY, CAROLYN ANN, Austin PFUTZENREUTER, HOWARD RAYMOND, Houston PHILLIP, DONNA MARIE, Son Antonio PHILLIPS, CYNTHIA ANN, Baytown PHILLIPS, HARRY LYNN, Odessa PHILQUIST, JEANNE ANN, Austin PICKARD, WAYLAND BARBER, Houston PIRRUNG, CAROL ANN, Mesquite PITTS, DANIEL CAULDWELL, Fort Worth PIZALATO, PHYLLIS, Dallas POMARANTZ, STANLEY DEAN, Dallas POPE, JOHN M., Metairie, La. POPE, PATRICIA ANN, Fort Worth PORTER, CYNTHIA LEE, Fort Worth PORTER, RANDOLPH E., Dumas PORTER, TERRY SUE, Luling, La. POWERS, MURIEL DOROTHY, Dallas PRATER, STEVEN T., Amarillo PRESTON, JANET LYNN, Houston PRICE, DANNY RUGELEY, Austin PRIEFERT, DONALD WAYNE, Mount Pleasant PRIESMEYER, RONALD BECK, Garwood PRIMM, JOHN HIESERMAN, Dallas PROKOP, JULIA MAE, Houston PRUITT, FRENCH ANNE, San Antonio PULIDO, JOE CARL, Houston PUTNAM, KARL BONAWIT, Orange QUICK SUANNE, Dallas QUINTON, CONNELLY JEAN, Missouri City RAESENER, CYNTHIA YVONNE, Llano RANDERSON, MARJORIE D., Austin RANTON, MICHAEL L., Gainesville Class of 137O RAPP, JOSEPH WINIFRED, Estelline RAUP, CALVIN LEE, Austin RAY, PHILIP DeWOLF, Greenville RAY RITA CAROL, Austin RAY, SUSAN, Fort Worth REA, FRANCES ANN, Houston RECH, STANLEY CHARLES, San Antonio REDDICK, HENRY FRANKLIN, Arlington REED, PENELOPE ANN, Abilene REYNOLDS, CAROLYN SUE, San Antonio REYNOSO, LUIS EUGENIO, Nueva Lima, Peru RICE, SUSAN ELAINE, Dallas RICHARDSON, KAYE, San Antonio RICHEY, GARY DALE, Nederland RIDLEY, KATHRYN JEAN, Dallas RIFE, FAYE ANNETTE, Hurst RIPPER, LEAH WANDA, San Antonio RITTENBERRY, GARY MICHAEL, Dallas ROACH, SARAH CATHERINE, Midland ROANE, BUCKNER DUNCAN, Jackson, Miss. ROARK, MARGARET ELAINE, Fort Worth ROBERTS, BILLY HAROLD, San Angelo ROBERTS, HETTY, Austin ROBERTS, MARILYN SUE, Beeville ROBERTS, MARTHA LEE, Midland ROBERTS, SHERRY LYNN, Texas City ROBERTSON, MARY ALLEN, North Plainfield, N. J. ROBINSON, HARLEY CLIFTON, JR., Alvin ROBINSON, JENNY KAY, Greenville ROBINSON, SARAH BERNADETTE, Columbus ROBINSON, STEWART CONRAD, JR., Dallas ROCHS, MARGARET ANN, Austin RODGERS, CAROLYN DIANNE, Midland RODGERS, WILLIAM ALBERT, Wichita Falls RODRIGUEZ, REBECCA FELICE, San Antonio ROGERS, ANN ELLEN, Fort Worth ROGERS, CULLEN JAMES, II, Morlin ROGERS, SAMUEL HAYES, Fort Worth ROSE, DOUGLAS ARLING, Baylown ROSE, LINDA ANN, Austin ROSENBAUM, GLEN ALLEN, Houston ROSS, SUSAN IYNN, Houston ROTHWELL, DONALD JOE, Victoria ROUTT, LINDA CAROL, Hitchcock ROWE, SHARON RUTH, San Antonio ROWLETT, KAREN DLURA, Houston ROWTON, BRENDA GAIL, Killeen RUCKEL, CHARLES WALTER, III, Greenville 558 RUIZ, GUADALUPE, San Antonio RUNDQUIST, NANCY ELIZABETH, Houston RUSS, KARAN ANN, Hearne RUSSELL, CAROL JEAN, Jacksonville RUSSELL, JEF CHAISON, III, Beaumont RUSSELL, MARY CECILE, San Antonio RUSSELL, MICHAEL EDWARD, Pittsburg RYLANDER, HENRY GRADY, III, Austin RYLANDER, MARY LYNN, San Antonio SACKEN, DONAL MICHAEL, Beaumont SADOVNICK, JULIE ELIZABETH, Odessa SALAS, CARMEN RITA, El Poso SALCHER, LINDA GAIL, Austin SALMON, MICHAEL DAN, Austin SANCHEZ, REYNALDO, Laredo SANDBURG, KENNETH RICHARD, JR., Austin SANDERS, MARY JOYCE, Cullman, Ala. SANDERS, SUZANNE, Bastrop SANTOS, RICHARD, McAllen SATTERFIELD, DENNIS, Copperas Cove SAUNDERS, CATHY EMMA, San Antonio SAVAGE, JUDITH LYNN, Austin SCHAEFER, FRANK DUANE, Austin SCHEEL, CYNTHIA MARIE, Wharton SCHINDEWOLF, KENNETH GEORGE, Houston SCHLADER, MARA RAY, Corpus Christ! SCHLEGELMILCH, SUZANNE RUTH, La Marque SCHLEY, RICHARD ALLEN, Dallas SCHMIDT, JAMES NEAL, Fort Worth SCHNEIDER, THOMAS LEE, Houston SCHNUR, BARBARA ANN, Houston SCHOBERLE, CARL JOSEPH, Dallas SCHOENIKE, SUMNER LEE, Houston SCHOLZ, WARREN EVERETT, San Antonio SCHROEDER, MYRNA KAY, Bishop SCHROEDER, PEGGY SUE, Houston SCHROEDER, WALLACE JOHN Elgin SCHWARTZ, FREDELL, Bay City SCHWARTZ, JOSEPH MAYER, Eagle Pass SCHWARTZ, LEWIS DANE, Fort Worth SCHWARZ, DIANE ALICE, Mercedes SCHWEKE, PATRICIA ANN, Houston SCHWENDEMAN, MARY THERESE, Baytown SCHWEPPE, LAURA GAIL, Houston SCOFIELD, CONSTANCE CANDEE, Orange SCOTT, JOHN OWEN, Victoria SCOTT, PHILLIP COUCH, San Francisco, Calif. SCURRY, EMMA GANO, Dallas SEARS, CHARLES RAWLINGS, Houston SEEKAMP, JOE RAY, Yookum SEEWALD, WILLIAM HUGHES, Amarillo SEIDERS, JACK WELLER, Austin SHAFER. CONNIE KAY, Alamagordo, N. M. SHANNON, WILLIAM PATRICK, Knox City SHAPIRO, JACK, McAllen SHARKEY, JOSEPH RICHARD, Richardson SHARP, KATHERINE LEE, Dallas SHARP, MICHAEL WOODROW, Castroville SHARP, WILLIAM HENRY, JR., Houston SHAVER, PHILLIP EDWARD Austin SHAW, KATHY ANNE, Conroe SHEEN, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Son Angelo SHELLEY, CYNTHIA ANN, Dallas SHELTON, RICHARD ADAMS, Austin SHEPHERD, MARY MARGARET, Midland SHEPPERD, MARIANNE, Odessa SHEPPERD, SUZANNE, Odessa SHERIDAN, LOIS ANNETTE, Lake Worth, Fla. SHIELDS, RONALD FREEMAN, Clifton SHIFFLETT, LYNN ELLIOTT, DeLeon SHIRLEY, SARAH JOSEPHINE, Galveslon SHOSS, MAURIE LYNN, Wharton SHOTWELL, LARRY KEITH, Brownsville SHOTWELL, TERRY LOIE, Wharton SICILIA, REBECCA RUTH, College Station SIEBEL, JESSICA ELAINE, Dalls SILWOOD, BEVERLY IRENE, Dallas SIMMANS, RALPH RICHARD, Strawn SIMONS, KARL HAMBLEN, Houston SIMPSON, CARY LEE, Stephenville SIMS, DOUGLAS REX, Gonodo SIMS, MARY SUZANNE, Dallas SINGLETARY, LOREN B., Greensboro, N. C. SLAUGHTER, JAMES EDWARD, Austin SLEDGE, MELISSA GAIL, Houston SMALL, ANN MARGUERITE, Houston SMALLING, RICHARD WARREN, Baytown SMITH, BETTY JANELLE, Bellville SMITH, CHARLES LAWRENCE, San Antonio SMITH, CHRISTOPHER WHITAKER, Dallas SMITH, HARRY IRVING, Waco SMITH, JANICE KAY, Tyler SMITH MICHAEL JONATHAN, Midland SMITH MICHAEL WAYNE, Hamlin SMITH, PAULA FRANCES, Lufkin SMITH, PEGGY JANE, Houston 559 SMITH, RONALD EUGENE, La Marque SMITH, SARAH BETH, H ouston SNELLINGS, RICHARD PAUL, Humble SPEER, JANICE PENNIE, Premont SPEIER, PATRICIA MARGARET, San Antonio SPLAWN, GEORGE ALLIE, San Antonio SRAMEK, NIKKI FERN, Crystal City STAFF, JAMES RANDY, Corpus Christ! STANFORD, WILLIAM AARON, JR., San Antonio STAPP, JOY KRISTINE, Houston STARK, CHERYL ANN, Fort Worth STARKEY, FRANKIE MARGARETTE, Austin STEEN, HENRY GATES, Austin STEEN, LINDA KAY, Corpus Christi STEINHOFF, KAREN ALLISON, Dallas STEPHENS, ROBERT EDWARD, Bellaire STEWART, LOWE RETTA, Henderson STEWART, MARY LEE, Austin STOCKMAN, LESLIE ANN, Sweeny STOERNER, SUZANNE, Houston STONE, JIMMIE LOUISE, Kermit STONE, JUDITH ANN, Athens STOVER, KATHLEEN JOANNE, Marfa STRATTON, LYNN, Baytown STRINGER, PATRICIA KAY, Richardson STRIPLING, MARY CAROLYN, Dallas STROUD, JAMES CLYDE, Philadelphia, Pa. SUICH, MOLLY JO, San Marino, Calif. SULLIVAN, LINDA, Dallas SUMPTER, EUGENE DALE, Port Lavaca SUMRALL, JERRY WAYNE, Dickinson SUROVEC, ROBERT LOUIS, Freeport SUTHERLAND, SHARON RUTH, Cuero SVRCEK, FRANK CHARLES, Houston SWAN, MARY ELIZABETH, San Antonio SWANEY, KATHRYN LEE, San Antania SWENSON, PAULA CAROLYN, Elgin TAKOS, JAMES MICHAEL, Miami Springs, Flo. TALIAFERRO, JEANNE, Austin TALIAFERRO, WALTER RICHARD, Palos Verdes, Penisula, Calif. TALKINGTON, PRISCILLA ANN, Pleasanton TALKINGTON, RUTH LYNN, Dallas TANDY, WILLIAM SCOTT, Perryton TANNER, DIANA, Ballwin, Mo. TARBOX, MAX RALPH, Lubbock TARPLEY, BOBBIE LOU, Garland TAYLOR, BOBBY NEIL, Plains TAYLOR, CAROL WAYNE, Houston TAYLOR, DEBORA ANNE, Fort Worth TAYLOR, GARY LEE, Dollos TAYLOR, JOHN THOMAS, Jefferson TAYLOR, RUTH WAURINE, Austin TEAL, EDWARD ALLEN, Beaumont TEARS, CLAUDE FREDERICK, III, Dallas TERRY, ARTHUR FREELS, Dallas TERRY, SUSAN NELL, Houston THACKSTON, THIELEPAPE, THOMASSON THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, ROBERT AHERN, Houston BUNNY LOUISE, Austin LARRY LANCE, Richardson JOHN McKINLEY, Dallas KATHLEEN, San Antonio KENNETH HARRY, Austin MICHAEL W., Overton PATRICIA HARLAN, Austin THOMPSON, RONALD SCOTT, Irving THOMPSON, SALLY PAINE, Son Antonio THOMPSON, SUSAN, Son Angela THORNBERRY, DAVID HOMER, Austin THORNTON, BETTE ANNE, Houston THORNTON, GARY RICHARD, Rosharon THWEATT, LOU WHITE, Rockdale THWEATT, WILLIAM THOMAS. JR., Rockdale TILLER, SALLY ANN, Luling TILLERSON, JO LYNN, Slillwaler, Okla. TINKER, SHEILA ELIZABETH, Texas City TIPTON, BONNIE EUDORA, Garland TODAR, YVONNE ELIZABETH, Waco TODD, SHARON ELIZABETH, San Antonio TOMAS, DOUGLAS ALAN, La Marque TOMLINSON. REAVIS ELDON. Killeen TOUPS, CAROLYN ROSE, Refugio TREVINO, DINA LINDA, Mission TRIECE, TERRY MARGARET, Longview TRIMBLE, GLENDA RUTH Lone Ook TRONSON, JODIE KATHLEEN. Del Rio TROUT, BOBBIE JO, Mesquile TROUT. SUZANNE, Temple TUBB, LEBOTH CAYCE, Fort Worth TURNER, KATHLEEN MARGARET, San Antonio TURNEY, WILLIAM JACKSON, Midland TURPIN, JOHN RUSSELL, JR., Corpus Chrisli TWIDWEIL, VERNA KAY, Austin UECKER, SHARYN, San Antonio UNDERWOOD, GLENN ELDON, JR., Bowie UPCHURCH, RONALD L.. Midland URBANEK, TOM RAY, Austin 560 VALDEZ, JOSE, Harlingen VANCE, ELIZABETH INA, El Paso VANCE, KIM DWAIN, Paris VANCE, REBECCA EUGENIA, Edna VAN VLECK, LAURIE ANN, Houston VESS, DONALD SYLVAN, San Antonio VEST, GEORGE WAVERLV, JR., Weslaco VICKERY, RONALD WAYNE, Waco VINSON, CHARLES DUANE, Fort Worth VIVES, JOSEPH ENRIQUE, San Antonio VOIGT, WILLADENE, McCoy VON STEIN, STEVEN JAY, Austin WADDELL ALLEN REEDER, Fort Worth WADE, JAMES HENRY, Dallas WAGNER, FRANK HENRC, JR., Portsmouth, N. H. WALDRIP, REBECCA CAROL, Hurst WALKER, KENNETH DALE, Alvarado WALKER, RONALD BRUCE, Refugio WALKER, TERRY WAYNE, San Antonio WALLACE ROY THOMAS, JR., Houston WALLER, JOHN CASEY, Fort Worth WALTERS, MARY MARGARET, Houston WALTHALL, LEON NYE, III, San Antonio WARD, JAMES EUGENE, Houston WARDELL, ROY L., Palestine WARREN, DAVE O ' BRIEN, Austin WARWICK, PRISCILLA DAWN, Houston WATFORD, BETTIE SELDEN, Austin WATKINS, CHARLES LEE, Dallas WATKINS, VICKI ANN, Irving WATTS, ALAN WAGNER, Houston WAUGH, JO ANNE, Liberty WAYLAND, STEVEN LEE, Lulkin WEAR, WILLIAM ORANGE, III, Austin WEAVER, DAVID JAMAR, Pittsburgh, Pa. WEBB, LORINDA LEA, Fort Worth WEINGARTEN, ALICE FAYE, Houston WEINTRAU8, DAVID ALLAN, Dallas WELLS, SHIRLEY SUE, Pasadena WEST, ROBERT ALLEN, Midland WHITE, CAROLYN ANN, Temple WHITE, DELIA WRIGHT, Houston WHITE, GARY STEPHENS, Austin WHITE, JOHN HUBERT, JR., Dallas WHITE, MARSHA K., San Antonio WHITE, SAMMY ALAN, Dallas WHITE, SHARON KAY, Weslaco WHITT, ROBERT KEITH, Gorman Class of 1S7O WICKER, SANDRA LEE, Dallas WIEDERKEHR, BARBARA ELAINE, Richardson WIGGINS, EDITH ANN, Fort Worth WILDER, ROBERT ALLAN, Oklahoma City, Okla. WILHELM, JOHN AUGUST, Jonesboro WILKEY, DONNA JEAN, Abilene WILLIAMS, BRADFORD RALLIE, Austin WILLIAMS, JEANNE ANN, Shamrock WILLIAMS, LINDA LEA, College Station WILLIAMSON, TROY WEONARD, Paris WILLMS, WILLIAM ALTON Wilbraham Mass WILSON, BARBARA DEL, Dallas WILSON, CHARLES MONROE, III, Dallas WILSON, CHRISTOPHER JOHN, Austin WILSON, PAUL MANNIE, Waco WILSON, ROBERT CARSON, III, Houston WILTSE, RONALD ALAN, Kingsville WINN, CONNIE SUE, Blanco WISE, JACK G., Austin WISENBAKER, LAURE LYNN, Dallas WISETH, ROBERT EDWARD, Austin WITTA, SUSAN LYNN, Son Antonio WOFFORD, JULIA MARGARET, Fort Worth WOLFE, LINDA LOUISE, Kailua, Hawaii WOLFF, JOHLYN, Alvin WOMMACK, VIRGINIA GAIL, Austin WOOD, PHYLLIS KAY, Austin WOODS, KAY ELLEN, Ingleside WORD, LINDA LEE. Falfurrios WORKMAN, THOMAS EDWARD, Houston WREN, JOHN CALVIN, Weatherford WRIGHT, JULIE ANNE, Houston WRIGHT, NANCY GRACE, Texas City WRIGHT, ROBERT MAX, JR., Houston WRIGHT, WILLIAM ANDREW, Coral Gables Fla YANT, BETTE JEAN, Waco YANTCH, PATRICIA ANN, Dallas YARBROUGH, ANN BURNETTE, Littlefield YARBROUGH, ANNETTE DARLENE, Lampasas YARBROUGH, DANA ELIZABETH, Galveston YARBROUGH, DIANE LOUISE, El Paso YORK, THOMAS FLORY, Corpus Christi YOUNG, CURTIS S., Dallas YOUNG, DAVID ANDREWS Killeen YOUNG, THOMAS SCOGGINS, Houston YOUNG, VANESA LYNN, Abilene YUNG, ROBERT LEE, Fort Worth ZAPATA, GEORGE, JR., Laredo Sf fr AARONSON, BETH SUSAN, El Paso ABNEY, JAMES LORNTZ, Dallas ABRAMSON, LAWRENCE JACK, Dallas ABRIGHT, WILLIAM FRANCIS, Dallas ACHESON, VICKI SUE, El Paso ADAMS, ANN ARLENE, Houston ADAMS, CLARICE ANN, Beeville ADDINGTON, ELMER A., Fort Worth ADKINS, DAVID JOE, Georgetown ADKINS, EBBA PAIGE, San Antonio AGUILAR, REUBEN PEREZ, JR., Dallas ALEXANDER, BARBARA JO, Houston ALEXANDER, CHERYL LYNN, Dallas ALEXANDER, JESSICA RUTH, Houston ALLEN, GWYN CAROL, San Antonio ALLEN, WOODSON HEWELL, Houston ALLISON, PAULA FAYE, Woodville ALTMAN, DANIEL DAVID, Amarillo ALTON, WILLIAM McARTHUR, Houston ALVAREZ, TOM, Austin AMSTATER, RICHARD J., El Paso ANDEREGG, CANDICE JANE, Fredericksburg ANDERSON, BRUCE WARREN, Austin ANDERSON, JAMES DAFFIS, Austin ANDERSON, JOHN LOUIS, Gatesville ANDERSON, KENNETH DONALD Midland ANDERSON, MARGARET FORREST, Asherton ANDERSON, RICHARD DEAN, La Marque ANDERSON, TYRA KAY, Texas City ANDREWS, ALICE LISA, Stamford ANDREWS, CAROL MARGARET, Houston ANDREWS, MARY JANE, San Antonio ANGEVINE, TERRY THOMAS, Midland ANTHONY, CATHERINE JANE, Houston ANTHONY, MARY ANN, Lubbock, Texas APPLEY, RON ABNER, Norman, Okla. ARCHER, GUERDON WILLIAM, Houston ARCHER, JOHN L., Houston ARLEDGE, CAROL ANN, San Angela ARMSTRONG, JOHN JAMES, Panhandle ARNOLD, CANDACE ELIZABETH, Houston ARNOLD, GAIL, Texas City ARNOULT, JOHN TIMOTHY, Beaumont ASHFORD. GARY ALLEN, Houston ASHMORE, SHERRY MARIE, Pasadena ATCHISON, PAULA KAREN, Junction ATKINSON, MARILYN SUE, Houston AWTY, WILLIAM LORD, Houston Class of AXELROD, RONALD ALAN, Houston AZIOS, NORMA GLORIA, Houston BADT, TINA, Dallas BAETHGE, JONATHAN DANIEL, Fredericksburg BAIN, BEVERLY ANN, San Antonio BAIRD, JAMES MELVIN, Kingsville BAIRD, SHERRY KAY, Bellaire BAKER, ANN RUSSELL, Houston BAKER, BRUCE ADDISON, Aransas Pass BAKER, DAVID ANTHONY, Newport News, Va. BAKER, DAVID LOUIS, San Antonio BAKER, EDWIN WESLEY, Wichita Falls BAKER, JEFFREY ROTH, Houston BAKER, MARGARET ANNE, Houston BAKER, THOMAS BENNETT, Kenedy BALDWIN, KENNETH E., Longview BALDWIN, LOUIS GRUNDY, Fort Worth BALES, GREGORY CHARLTON, Sabinal BALFE, ANN McKINSTRY, Seabrook BALL, JAMES WESTLEY, Dallas BALI, SUELLEN, Bryan BALLINGER, PHILIP ROBERT, Sumter, S. C. BALTZER, ANN SUSAN, Austin BANKS, VIRGINIA ANNE, Austin BARBER, WILLIAM WAYNE, Luling BARBLES, LARRY DREW, Houston BARKER, ALVIN WAYNE, Houston BARKER, PATRICK AUSTIN, Von Ormy BARNARD, PEGGY ELIZABETH, San Angela BARNES, BONNIE JEAN, Dallas BARNES, DANIEL MONROE, Trinity BARNES, ELIZABETH ANN, Trinity BARNES, STEPHANIE ANN, Odessa BARNETT, CECELIA ELIZABETH, Houston BARR, GARY STEPHEN, Nocona BARR, SUSAN GAYLE, Austin BARRETT, EMILY ELIZABETH, Bellaire BARRON, DORIS JEAN, Dallas BARTLETT, JOSEPH K., JR., Little Rock, Ark. BARTLEY, PATRICIA ANN, Houston BARTMESS, GEARY, III, Beaumont BARTON, NANCY EARLE, Monahcms BARTOSH, ILENE ANN, Columbus BARTOSH, JEROLYN, Galveston 8ARTSCHMID, BETTY RAINS, Austin BARZIZA, JOE HENRY, Conroe BASH, VINCENT CLARENCE, Houston BATES, GARTH CHARLES JR., Houston t 562 BATES, IRA IRVING, Midland BATES, LUTHER EMERSON, JR., Lancaster BAUER, SALLY, Westfield, N. J. BAUER, SAMMY GENE, Darrouzett BAXTER, CAROL FRANCES, Henderson BAYLISS, SUSAN JEANETTE, San Benilo BAZAMAN, HARVEY, Galveston BEAMGUARD, ADDIE LOU, Dallas BEAN, ROBBIE DEE, Victoria BEAN, WILLIAM CHARLES, Fort Worth BEARD, DAVID GLENN, Dallas BEATY, CLAIRE, Henrietta BEAVERS, DIANA CLAIRE, Baytown BEAZLEY, BETTY GLENN, Lufkin BECK, CHARLES EDWARD, Beaumont BECKHAM, BARBARA JANE, El Poso BEENE, STEVE EARL, Dallas BEHAL, EUGENE FRANK, Eagle Pass BEHRENS, JOLEEN KAY, San Antonio BEINKE, CHARLENE LOIS, Richardson . BELLINGHAUSEN, DONNA ANN, Munday BENECKE, BETTY ANNE, Houston BENGE, LINDA TERESA, Houston BENTON, BETH RAMSEY, Seminole BERGEN, JOYCE ANNETTE, Houston BERGMAN, MICHAEL WILLIAM, Fort Worth BERKE, KAREN ANN, El Paso BERNSTEIN, WILLIAM HENRY, Dallas BERRY, JERRY LEE, El Paso BETIN, BARBARA RUTH, Dallas BEVERLY, BARBARA ANN, Austin BEYER, BEVERLY JANE, Seguin BIBLE, JONATHAN DAVID, Houston BIBO, JOHN CRAIGHEAD, Houston BINDER, ALICE RUTH, Houston BIRES, STEPHEN LAWRENCE, JR., Dallas BIZZELL, SUZANNE MARIE, Austin BLAISING, CRAIG ALAN, San Antonio BLANCO, LAWRENCE E., Austin BLAND, KATHLEEN LOMAX, Houston BLANTON, KEITH LYLE, Dallas BLANTON NANCY, Dallas BIAUSER, GREGORY LEE, Houston BLEND, STUART MARVIN, Houston BLOCK, MARILYNN, Houston BLOODWORTH, JAMES LESLIE, Texarkana BLOUNT, MICHAEL EUGENE, Dallas BLUM, ANDREW CHARLES, Houston Tsjc r BODNER, KAREN ELAINE, Houston BOLD, SHEILA LYNNE, Dallas BOLTON, WILLIAM ROSS, Houston BOMAR, CHARLOTTE ANN, Houston BONAR, LEX, Port Lovaca BONNES, JULIE ANN, Cleveland, Ohio BOONE, DORRIS EVELYN, Austin BOONE, JAMES LEROY, Bryan BORCHERS, RAYDEAN SUSAN, Fredericksburg BORDEN, ROBERT O, Bryan BORDEN, TONY GAYLE, Cleburne BOSTON, MARTHA LOU, McAllen BOUCHARD, PATRICK EDWARD, Houston BOUDOIN, ERNEST SHELDON, Metairie, La. BOWEN, ANGELIA JEAN, Abbeville, S. C. BOWEN, SAMUEL FLOYD, Houston BOWEN, SANDRA ELIZABETH, Greenville, S. C. BOWMAN, RUSSELL B., JR., Monohons BOX, BONNIE BETH, W. Lafayette, La. BOYCE, JOHN VINCENT, Corpus Christi BOYD, WILLIAM P., Corsicana BOZZO, PHILIP, Houston BRADEN, GAIL, Dallas BRADEN, JOYCE IRENE, Pasodena BRADLEY, CHARLES CLIFTON, Corpus Christi BRADSHAW, CHARLINE, Dallas BRADSHAW, MEIANIE MARGARET, Midlothian BRAGDON, SUSAN FRANCES, Brownwood BRAKE, STEPHEN CHARLES, Houston BRAMLETT, REBECCA ANN, Houston BRANDENBERGER, LYNN E., Mason BRAUNIG, CHRISTINE MARIE, Houston BREEMAN, ANN MARCIA, El Paso BRENDER, MARY ESTELLE, Dallas BREWER, WILLIAM MASON, Dale BRICE. PATRICK JOSEPH, Houston BRIDGEWATER, ROBIN LEE, Abilene BRIGGS, CHERYL LYNN, Houston BRIGGS, JOHN ELLIOTT, Mineral Wells BRIGHTWELl, EMILY, Houston BRINK, CALLI, Son Antonio BRITT BARBARA LYNN, Littlefield BROOKING, CARL GARLAND, Hazlehursf, Miss. BROOKS, BENJAMIN A., Ill, Dallo) BROOKS. PATRICIA KATHERINE, Tucson. Ariz. BROWN, BRE ' NDA, lampasas BROWN, CYNTHIA WYNELL, Dallas BROWN, GREGG WARREN, Houston 563 BROWN, HAL DENNIS, San Antonio BROWN, JAMES MONAGHAN, Houston BROWN, JANICE LYNN, Fort Worth BROWN, MARTHA RENEE, Harlingen BROWN, PATRICIA DIANE, Houston BROWNING, NICHOLE, Houston BROYLES, MELINDA ANN, Fort Worth BRUCE, BONNIE LEE, Austin BRUNSON, WALLACE EDWARD, JR., Fort Worth BUCHANAN, JUDY ANN, Fort Worth BUCHANAN, WILLIAM TERRY, New Boston BUCK, EVERETT ROY, JR., Corpus Christi BUCKLAND, CAROL ELAINE, Linden BUEL, JOSEPH GIDDINGS, San Bernadino, Calif. BUELL, GLEN ERNEST, Fort Worth BUGBEE, ROBERT MARSHALL, Dallas BUNCE, GAIL ANN, Austin BURCH, LARRY RANDELL, Austin BURCHFIELD, CYNTHIA ROSE, Kingsville BURGESS, NORWIN DICKIE, JR., Houston BURGETT, RAYMOND EDGAR, El Paso BURGIN, JOHN FREDERICK, Dickinson BURKLIN, CLINTON EDWARD, Houston BURLET, PEGGY ANNE, Gretna, La. BURNETT, GUY, JR., Hurst BURNETT, WILLIAM DAVID, Dallas BURRELL, ELOUISE, Fort Worth BURTON, WILLIAM COMER, Houston BUSBY, THOMAS FRANKLIN, Point Comfort BUSH, JOHN STEVEN, Lewisville BUSKE, BRIAN SCOTT, Hallettsville BUSSA, WILLIAM LLOYD, Houston BUTLER, BETTY SUE, Karnes City BUTLER, ROBERT ALAN, Fort Worth BYRD, SUSAN MARGARET, Abilene BYRNS, MARGARET ENLOE, Houston CAFFERTY, PATRICIA LYNNE, Houston CALAWAY, EDWARD LEE, JR., Shaw FB, S. C. CALDWELL, SUZANNE, Houston CALK, MARILYNN, Longview CALLAHAN, MARJORIE ANNE, Dallas CALLAHAN, SUSAN CHANDLER, Galveston CAMPBELL, BENJAMIN JARRETT, Austin CAMPBELL, PHIL-UPS KENNETH, JR., Claude CAMPBELL, ROBERT BAXTER, Austin CANANT, REBECCA, Corsicana CAPRON, PHILIP WAYNE, Shaw AFB, S. C. CARDINAL, GRANT BLAIR, Lake Bluff, III. CARLISLE, NANCY ELIZABETH, Alice CARLSON, LINDA LOUISE, Dallas CARMICHAEL, PAULA FRANCES, Austin CARPENTER, CANDACE CAROL, Pittsburg CARPENTER CAROL JANE, El Paso CARPENTER, CATHERINE SUE, Pecos CARR, REBECCA ANN, Lewisville CARRINGTON, GERALD LEROY, Dallas CARROLL, BENJAMIN LAFAYETTE, Fairfax, Va. CARROLL, TERESA JO, Marietta, Ga. CARROLL, WALTER WILLIAM, II, Austin CARROLL, WILLIAM PAUL, Hurst CARTER, ELY MONTGOMERY, Austin CARTER, LINDA KAY, Sherman CASAREZ, JESSE LEROY, Austin CASE, HARVEY LEE, III, LaPorte CASE, JAN ELIZABETH, Dallas CASSTEVENS, JOHN MARK, Fort Worth CASSTEVENS, KAY LESLIE, Fort Worth CASTANEDA, JIM, Palestine CEHAN, BETTY, Western Springs, III. CENTILLI, MARGARET ANN, Del Rio CHAMBERLAIN, DONALD EUGENE, Austin CHANDLER, GEORGANN, Baytown CHAPEL, CANDICE ALENE, Fort Worth CHAPMAN, LESLIE ARUNDELL, Liberty CHARTOFF, ARTHUR, Lubbock CHARTRAND, JOHN WILLIAM, III, Houston CHATELAIN, JOEL CARLETON, New Orleans, La. CHAUVEAUX, BERT LAWSON, Claude CHEEK. CANOICE JOY, Houston CHERICO, JACQULYNN MAE, Irving CHESNICK, JOANIE ELLEN, Houston CHILDERS, FLOYD MASON, Houston CHIIDRESS, MARTHA CAROLYN, Crockett CHILES, WILLIAM EDMONDS. Alice CHININIS, PETER GEORGE, Son Antonio CHINN, BARRY WILLIAMS, Hunts, England CHOMOUT, JAMES JOHN. JR., Yoakum CHRISCO, MICHAEL DARDEN, Austin CHRISTIE, JOHN ROBERT, Houston CHRISTOPHER, LARRY J., Crockett CHU, ELIZABETH, Dallas CHURCH, ROBERT LINDSAY, Houston CHURCHILL, MICHAEL TIMOTHY, Fort Worth CLARK, CHRISTY, Cameron CLARK, LINDA KIRK, Dallas CLARKSON, PAMELA ELANE, Prairii View 564 CLARKSON, STEVEN DENNIS, Dallas CLEMENTS, GEORGE RAYMOND, Pipe Creek CLEMENTS, RONNIE CARROLL, Texas City CLENDENEN, DONNA GAYLE, Garland CLOUD, JANIS KAY, Beaumont COBB, BRUCE ALAN, Houston COBB, CHRISTOPHER LEE, Dallas COBB, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Austin COCEK, BRUCE CHARLES, Houston COCKE, JOHN MARION, Pottawatome, Kans. COE, MARY BRENDA, Dallas COHEN, LAWRY MARTIN, Dallas COHN, LINDA EILEEN, Dallas COLBE, WENDY FELICIA, Dallas COLBERT, MARY ELIZABETH, Son Antonio COLHOUN, CATHERINE KULDELL, Brenham COLLERAIN, JANET CLAIRE, Houston COLLIER, ROSEMARY, Driftwood COLLINS, JAMES T., San Marcos COITON, IRIS SUE, Dallas COMEGYS, JOHN WILKINS, McKinney CONDITT, SUNNY LEE, Austin CONE, RICHARD L., JR., Fort Worth CONERLY, CATHY LYNNE, Houston CONNALLY, CATHERINE MARIE, Houston CONNALLY, SHARON, Austin CONNELL, ROBERT THOMAS, Fort Worth CONRAD, RICHARD ARTHUR, Groom COOK, CAROLYN JEANE, Dallas COOK, DON KIRBY, Houston COOK, ELLEN ELIZABETH, San Antonio COOK, PAULINA SUSAN, Houston COOKE, CAROL ELTING, Midland COOLEY, HELEN HOPE, La Marque COONEY, KATHRYN PAULETT, Austin COPELAND, ANN LOUISE, San Antonio COPPEDGE, MARK THOMAS, Dallas CORNWELL, HOWARD DOUGLAS, Houston COSTA, VAUGHN NEIL, Brownwood COTTINGHAM, NANCY EILEEN, Fort Worth COUGHRAN, KAY FRANCES, Montgomery, Ala. COVIN, CARL WINFRED, Houston COX, DANNY LYLE, Houston COX, GEORGE BASCOMB, Ozona COX, JOHN LAWRENCE, Houston COX, WILLIAM JOHN, Son Antonio COZAD, BRUCE WILLIAM, Groves CRADDOCK, WILLIAM PERCIVAL, Bellaire Class of 1371 CRAMER, PATRICIA IRENE, Dallas CRAWFORD, GLYNIS CHRISTINE, Marble Falls CROCKETT, HOWARD LAWHON, Dallas CROCKETT, PAMELA KAYE, Houston CROMWELL, WILLIAM OLIVER, III, Austin CRONIN, MERRIE ELISABETH, Harlingen CUCHIA, JOHN CHARLES, Austin CULBERTSON, KAYE FRANCES, Woxahachie CULLEN, CAROL ANN, Bridge City CULLERS, JAMES B., El Paso CULLOM, CAMILLE, Bonhom CULLUM, CONNIE, Wichita Falls CULVER, LINDA MARY, Phillips CUMMINGS, BETTY MARIE, Bryan CUMMINS, JAMES E., JR., Weimar CUPPLES, JEFFREY ALAN, San Antonio CURBELLO, ELIZABETH ANN Texas City CURE, DAVID SCOTT, Pitrsburg CL ' RRAN, GEOFFREY MICHAEL, Franklin, Mich. CURRY, EARDIE AUGUSTO, JR., Midland CUSAC, CHERYL BROOKE, Houston CUSHMAN, RALPH B., Houston CUSTER, ELAINE GAIL, San Antonio CUTLER, MARTHA ROBIN, Houston DABNEY, JOSEPH THURSTON, III, Livingston DAERR, PATRICIA CAROL, Fort Worth DALEO. CHARLES JOSEPH, Beaumont DALY, CHERYL SUZANN, Houston DANIELS, WILLIAM RANDOLPH, Houston DARBY. NANCY JANE, San Angelo DARDEN, PAUL WISTAR, Waco DARRYL, BARBARA KAY, Dallas DAUGHERTY, PAMELA SUE, Big Lake DAVENPORT, SUSAN JANE, San Antonio DAVIDSON, ELAINE, Midland DAVIS, CAROL LOUISE, San Antonio DAVIS. DIANE, Midland DAVIS, FRANK FORESTER, Corsicana DAVIS, JOSEPH VIVIAN, Houston DAVIS, LAURIE DEE, Port Arthur DAVIS, MARY ELIZABETH Crockett DAVIS, ROBERT ROY, San Angelo DAVIS, SHARYL DENISE, Dayton, Ohio DAVIS, STANLEY HUFF, Longview DAVIS, TERRY ROBERT, Beaumont DAVIS, TONY ROBERT, Abilene DAVIS, VALERIE WYNN, LaPorte DAWSON, DONALD HOWARD, Houston 565 DAWSON, KERRY DON, Woxohochie DEAN, SUMNER, HACKETT, Houston DEBORD, DEBORAH, Houston DE LEON, LEO C, McAllen DELONG, GEORGE THOMAS Bellaire DENNIS, JOHN CARROLL, Dallas DENNISTON, JOSEPH PARIES, Austin DER BING, DIANA, Pasadena DERBY, MARY JANICE, Houston DESMOND, DEBORAH JEAN, Austin DETHLOFF, HERBERT JOHN, Golveston DETTMAN, MARY MARGARET, Stockdole DE VAULT, KATHY LYNN Dallas DEVINS, DONALD ALAN, McAllen DE VOS, SHARON ELLEN, Mason DEWEESE, REBECCA SUE, San Antonio DIAL, STEVEN RANDOLPH, Son Antonio DIAMOND, NEAL, Houston DICKER, BETTY LYNNE, Iowa City Iowa DICKEY, ROGER LE VON, Austin Dl IORIO, MARY JANE, Katy DILLON, MARY SUSAN, Dallas DILWORTH, DIANA MARY, Houston DISCHINGER, BARBARA EILEEN, New Braunfels DODSON, DEBORAH ANN Perryton DOEDYNS, SHARON MARIE Bishop DOERING, MARK ALLEN, Spring DOLFI, GENE ALAN, La Marque DOLFI, GLEN WILLIAM, La Marque DONNELL, BEN DOBYNS, Houston DONSKY, GAYLE JUDITH, Dallas DOOLING, ALMA JEAN, Houston DORFMAN, JEFFREY M., Prairie Village Kans DORMAN, CAROLYN REBECCA Palestine DORN, WILLIAM LEARY, Houston DOSCH, ROBERT O ' NEAL, Bellaire DOUGLAS, GEORGE MICHAEL Dallas DOWLING, SHARRON LEA Pasadena DOWNS, NANCY LEIGH, Dallas DROSNES, RAY ANN, Galveston DUBBERLEY, ALLEN ERBACHER, Tyler DUKE, DIANA, Beaumont DUMAS, JOHN C., Houston DUNCAN, SYLVIA TILGHMAN Fort Worth DUNCAN, WILLIAM RAY, Harlingen DUNCAN, ZONETTA ANN, Austin DUNFORD, LUCY ANN, Houston DUNLAP, DAVID GRAYDON, Dallas Class of 1371 DUNLAP, SUSAN ANN, Lockhort DURBIN, GEORGE MCGILL, Austin DYDEK, DAN BRADLEY, Fort Worth DYER, HAROLD SCOTT, JR., Denison DYER, RICHARD PARKS, Amorillo EAGLIN, LINDA ELIZABETH, Corpus Christ! EARLY, TIMOTHY JON, Virginia Beach, Va. EBNER, EUGENE FRANK, JR., Yoakum ECKERT, MARRILEE, Dallas EDENS, ROBERT BANNISTER, Houston EGLIHT, RANDALL WILLIAM, New Orleans, La EHRLICH, KIM8ERLY D., Follett ELLINGTON, JACQUELINE, Lyford ELLINGTON, JANE ANN, Fort Worth ELLIOTT, DEBORAH, Baytown ELLIOTT, WILLIAM GREGORY, Arlington Hgts., III. ELIIS. MICHAEL LYNN, Brownwood EMMERT, JANE, Dallas EMRICK, MARY ELIZABETH, Houston ERDMANN, CLAUDIA LOUISE, Golveston ERLICH, ANDREW BARRY, El Paso ESCHENFELDER, PAUL FREDERICK, JR., Bellaire EVANS, GREG B., Richardson EVANS, JAMES MICHAEL, Lufkin EVANS. PEGGY LYNN, Houston EVERETT, BARRY CHARLES, Lancaster EZELLE, GUY WILLIAM, Dallas FAHRENTHOLD, CHRISTOPHER JOHN, Houston FAIRWEATH6R, CATHY LYNN, Pacific Palisade! Colif FALKE, CHERYL LYNN, League City FARLEY. SUSAN STEPHANIE, Corpus Christ! FAUSSET, DIANE LORRAINE, Houston FAUSSETT, ROBERT WILLIAM, Houston FEIN, ELLEN ROSE, McAllen FELL, ANNA PEARL Austin FELL, JUDITH ILENE, Tulsa Okla FELTUS, ANNE ELIZABETH Brownsville FENLEY, KATHRYN ANN, Trenton FENELON. KENNETH BRUCE, Boytown FERGUSON, BRYAN WILLIS, Bostrop FERGUSON, LAWRENCE HOMER, III, Cedar Hill FERGUSON, MONICA LEE, El Polo FERGUSON, PAUL FRANCIS, JR., San Antonio FERRELl, THOMAS EARL, Corpus Christi FEUERBACHER, CARLA VEE, Austin FIELDS. RUSSELL SCOTT, Midland FILLEY, FRED DWIGHT, San Antonio FINLEY, STEPHEN M., Houston 566 FIRESTONE, MARILYN JOYCE, Leawood, Kans. FISCHER, RICHARD HAAG, Austin FISHER, JOHN WESLEY, Austin FISHER, SHARON ANN, Dallas FLEMENS, NORMAN ROWE, Sulphur Springs FLEMING, JEAN MARIE, Nederlond FLETCHER, JERRY WAYNE, Blytheville, Ark. FLEURY, WILLIAM ERNEST, Bellaire FLOCKE, ELIZABETH LYNN, Ellsworth AFB, S. D. FLORES, NINFA, Pearsall FLORES, WILLIAM CAESAR, Freer FOGO, JAMES CHARLES, Pasadena FORAN, JAMES ROBERT, Amarillo FORD, BETTY SUE, Austin FORD, HENRY ALAN, Dallas FORMAN, SUSAN MAHLON, Nacogdoches FORREST, WILLIAM CLINTON, Cleburne FOSTER, BONITA LEILA, Dallas FOSTER, DEBORAH JEANNE, Richardson FOSTER, JANICE EMALINE, Son Juan FOWLER, BRUCE DOW, Houston FOX ROBERT CARTER, Irvington, N. Y. FRANK, MARY ELAINE, Austin FRANK, ROBERT LEWIS, Houston FRASER, SHIRLEY JEAN, Beeville FRAZER, SUSAN JUNE, Son Antonio FRAZIER, ALISON LYN, Houston FREEDMAN, RICHARD PAUL, Dallas FRELICH, RICHARD MICHAEL, Houston FRELICH, ROGER, MARCUS, Houston FREY, ANNETTA THERESA, Dallas FRICK, JOHN DAVID, JR., Corpus Christi FRIEDMAN, JONATHAN, Houston FRIEDRICH, BYRON CHRISTOPHER, Austin FRIEDRICH, DENNIS WAYNE, Austin FULLER, FRANK EARL, Woco FUNDERBURK, KERRY DON, Fort Worth FUQUAY, CHARLES SPEARS, Beaumont GABRIEL, DEBORAH, Tyler GAITHER, ANN MARY, Houston GALE, MICHAEL LESTER, Houston GALE, PLINY MYRON, Houston GARCIA, ELSA, Freer GARDNER, ROBERT VICTOR, East Point, Ga. GARFINKEL, STEVEN EARL, Houston GARNER, DAVID EDWARD, Houston GARNER, MICHAEL MONROE, W. Palm Beach, Fla. GARNETT, CAROL, Houston JMLK GARNETT, STEPHEN PHILLIP, Henderson GARRETT, DAVID EARLE, Fort Worth GARRETT, PHILLIP EVERETT, Pittsbura GARVEY, DIANE ELAINE, Longview GARZA, GLENDA ANN Galveston GATES, JANICE LORRAINE, Ingram GAUS, MICHAEL LYNN, Beaumont GAYLE, MARY LESLIE, San Angela GEACCONE, TERRI LOUISE, Houston GEFFEN, CHARLES HARRIS, Denver, Colo GEISELMAN, JAN NELL, Houston GENNA, BERTHA LOUISE, Galveston GEORGAS, EFFIE CHRISTINE, Corsicana GEORGE, DARRYL MICHAEL Houston GEREN, LAWANA LOUISE, Groesbeck GERNSBACHER, CLAUDIA CANDICE, San Antonio GERSHOWITZ, ARLENE MIRIAM, Brownsville GIBBS, EVERETT SHELBY, Pittsburgh, Pa. GIESECKE, JANIS LOUISE, Marble Falls GILBERT, JOHN RALPH, Angleton GILBERT, LINDA RAE, Corpus Christi GILES, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Houston GILILLAND, JOHN CHARLES, Richardson GILL, MARY ANN, Wichita Falls GILLETT, CAROL KAY, Dallas GILMORE GORDON KENNETH, Dallas GLASS, DOUGLAS BRUCE, Houston GLAUSER, MARGARET CAMILLE, Houston GLAZER, JEFFREY BENNETT, Fort Worth GLENN, DONNA, Dallas CLICK, MARSHALL MARC, Texarkana GLOVER, FRANK SCOTT, IV, Houston GOERNER, MARTHA DELL, San Antonio GOERTZ, SANDRA ROSE, Red Rock GOFF, LYNDA JEANNINE, Austin GOLDBERG, HENRY, Laredo GOLDBERG, JERI HELEN, Dallas GOLDSTEIN, SHARON JO, Dallas GOODENOUGH FRED CHARLES, Killeen GOODFRIED, KAREN KAY, Dallas GOODMAN, MICHAEL BARRY, Dallas GOODNIGHT, JAMES RAYMOND, II, Houston GOODRICH, LAURA ANN, Marlin GOODRIDGE, ROBERT JENKINS, JR., Miami, Fla. GOODWIN, SARAH ELIZABETH, Longview GOOLSBY, GEORGE FRANKLIN, Midland GOR, EDMOND J., Houston GORDON, DEBORAH WYNNE, Houston 567 GORDON, HARRY BERNARD, JR., Houston GORDON, MARC PRYZANT, Houston GORANSON, BRUCE ALAN, Garland GOSE, MARTHA ANN, San Antonio GOTTESMAN, LINDA ANN, New Orleans, La. GRABER, EDWIN NEIL, Golveston GRAHAM, STEVEN PRESTON, Dallas GRAHAM, SUSEEN MCKAY, Atlanta, Ga. CRANING, GARY CLARK, Dallas GRANT, NANCY JEANNE, Houston GRAVES, GEORGE THOMAS, Son Antonio GRAY, CLARK MYERS, Oklahoma City, Okla. GRAY, ELIZABETH ANNE, Austin GRAY, ELLEN RUTH, Clarksville GRAY, JEFFERSON SCOTT, Austin GRAY, MARY DAVON, Houston GRAY, RANDALL ALLAN, Caldwell GREEN, JOE RANDALL, Longview GREEN, WILLIAM RUSSEL, Stratford GREGORY, DONALD CLIFFORD, Tyler GRIFFIN, ROBERT LISTER, Mobile, Ala. GRIFFIN, STEVEN WAYNE, Tyler GRIMES, LARRY ALFRED, Denison GRISHAM, LARRY RICHARD, Lufkin GRONER, PHILLIP MARK, Austin GROSS, PAULA SUE, Dallas GROSSMAN, ADRIAN-NAN, New York City, N. Y. GROSSMAN, CAROL JEAN, Galveston GRUSY, ALEXIS KAY, Sherman GUENTHER, BRENDA ANN, Irving GUILLOT, ANDREE, Dallas GUNNELL, JULIA KATHALEEN, Austin GUTHRIE, GRANT WILLIAMS, Houston HAAG, JANICE ADELE, Midland HAAS, SAMUEL DOUGLAS, Dallas HABERSTICK, JEAN, Houston HADDEN, MARILYN MITCHELL, Port Arthur HAECKER, MICHAEL ALTON, San Antonio HAGAN, COLETTE NADINE, Portales, New Mexico HAGAN, LINDA JOYCE, Austin HAGER, ROSLYN GAY, San Antonio HAINES, LETA LADEAN, Richardson HALL, LANA JUANITA, Seguin HALL, SHIRLEY ANNE, Weatherford HAMILTON, SARA ANNE, Galveston HAMM, STEPHEN MICHAEL, Austin HAMMETT, RICHARD HENRY, Lampasas HANCOCK, LLOYD MYATT, El Campo HANCOCK, MARTHA JANIS, Dallas HANNAMAN, M. KATHLEEN, San Antonio HANSEN, BARBARA KRISTINE, Garland HANSEN, LAURA MARIE, Novosota HANSEN, RAYMOND SHERMAN, Houston HANSON, STEVE BERNARD, Austin HARALDSON, KAREN SUE, Houston HARDIN, GORDON WESLEY, Austin HARDING, BETTY JANE, Dallas HARDWICK, LYDIA DIANE, El Paso HARDWICK, PAMELA SUE, El Paso HARELIK, HARRY IRWIN, Waco HARGIS, DEBORAH ANN, Austin HARGIS, JEANIE ADELL, San Antonio HARKEY, MARSHA NELLE, San Saba HARMON, THOMAS HAROLD, Fort Worth HARNESS, MICHAEL LLOYD, Houston HARPER, GEORGE ALBERT, Richmond HARPER, MARTHA LOU, Kaufman HARRELL, FRANCES LOUISE, Leander HARRIS, JOHN GREGORY, Corpus Christi HARRIS, LIBBY JUDITH, Dallas HARRIS, LINDA ANN, San Angelo HARRISON, SUSAN CLAIRE, Dallas HARROP, JOHN K., Denver, Colo. HARSCH, KARON ILENE, Houston HART, GARY RAY, Fort Worth HART, JANE ELLEN, Bryan HARTZOG, HAROLD LEE, Palestine HARVEY, ARTHUR EDWARD, Stamford HARVEY, HELEN JEAN, Dallas HARVEY, LEIGH, Tuscoloosa, Ala. HASE, LINDA LOUISE, Houston HASKINSON, SHARON LOUISE, Houston HASSELL, ROBERT LOUIS, Coldwell, N. J. HASSKARL, JOAN, Brenhom HATCHER, GLENN DAVIS, Brownwood HAYNES, VICKI, Midland HEACKER, LEWIS CECIL, JR.. Houston HEAD, JUDITH RUANNE, Dallas HEARNE, SUSAN CLAIRE, Graham HEFFIER, ROCHELLE KAY, Corpus Chriili HEGGIE, WILLIAM DEAN, Houston HEISLEY, ROBERT MICHAEL, Houston HELGREN, KERRY N., San Antonio HEIMS, PAMELA JEAN, Dallas HEMPHIU, ROSS SEYMOUR, Dolla HENDERSON, ANDREA KAY, lompaias 568 HENDERSON, SHIRLEY SUZANNE, Vernon HENDERSON, THOMAS WILKINS, Frost HENDRICKS, EDWIN RATION, Mt. Pleasant HENDRIX, DANNY, Dallas HENRY, MARTHA LOUISE, San Antonio HENSLEE, ELIZABETH ANN, Brownsville HENSLEY, LENNA JEAN, Houston HERDER, RICHARD WILLIAM, Yoakum HERON, JOHN POWERS, Edinburg HERRING, CARL FREDERICK, San Antonio HERRING, MARILYN JANE, Vernon HERRINGTON, JOHNNIE ALAN, Palestine HERRON, JERRY SIM, Abilene HERVEY, SARAH ANN, Dallas HEWELL, GLORIA JEAN, Nixon HIBBETS, ROBERT LARUE, Humble HIBBETTS, WILLIAM DEAN, Humble HICKS, BRUCE EDWARD Houston HIGGINS, SUSAN STEELE, Houston HIGHBARGER, JOHN ELLIS. Midland HILGERS, KAYE FRANCIS, Austin HILL DAVID AUSTIN Austin HILL, JOHN GRAHAM, Austin HILL, SHARON LYNNE, Wichita Falls HILL, WILLIAM ALLYN, Houston HILLAKER, DEBORAH SUSAN, Fort Worth HINCKLEY, CAROLYN GAY, Houston HINES, RALPH KENNETH, Wichita Falls HINTON, MARILYN, Dallas HOBBS, DAVID LAURENCE, Dallas HOCHMAN, HARRIET, Midland HODGES, MARVIN ALLEN, Hattiesburg, Miss. HOFFER, BARBARA JEAN, Beaumont HOFFMAN, BRUCE PAULUS, Alice HOFFMAN, DAVID HIRSCH, Houston HOLCOMB, FRANK HARVEY, Dollas HOLCOMB, GARY DON, Goldthwoite HOLLAND, EDWIN CARLISLE, Houston HOLLAND, MEIANIE, Houston HOLLE, SUE ANN, Bellaire HOLLEYHFAD, FELICE LYNN, Dallas HOLLINGSWORTH, PAULA JUNE, USAFA, Colo. HOLMES, FRED LOUIS, Lubbock HOLSTIEN, GLADYS SHIRLEY, Orange HOLT, JOE EARL, Henderson HOLTER, JANELLE, Austin HONEYCUTT, FRANK GILBERT, Richardson HONS, DAVID CHARLES, Hobson fll $ rtifc Class of 1S " 71 HOOKER, LANAN, McAllen HOPKINS, JANE ELIZABETH, Garwood HOPKINS, PATRICIA LOUISE, New Orleans, La. HORD, BRUCE WILEY, Austin HOUSE, KATHY ANN, Houston HOUSTON, KENNETH EDWARD, Dallas HOWARD, JACQUELINE LEE Houston HOWARD, KEITH ' ANN, Dimmitt HOWARD, NEAL BERNARD, Atlanta, Ga. HOWARTH, CONSTANCE ANN Houston HOWELL, DONNA LEE, Houston HOWELL, JOHN EDWIN, Pasadena HOWELL, STEVEN K., Son Antonio HOWZE, KAREN KAY, Houston HUBBARD, JANENE, Garlond HUBBERT, THOMAS SAXON, Lubbock HUCKABAY, JANA MAR I LYNN, Eostland HUDGENS, ELMORE M., Austin HUDSON, JACKIE LEE, Gruver HUDiON, MARYE ANN, Weatherford HUGHES, LINDA MAME, San Antonio HUGHES MARLENE ANN, Houston HUGHES, SHANNON LEE, Austin HUMBERD, DONNA LYNN, Springfield, Va. HUMPHREY, HOWARD MACKENZIE, JR., Baytown HUMPHREY, SAMUEL JOHN, Richardson HUNNES, RUBY CATHERINE, Houston HUNT, AL JOE, Wimberley HUNTER, FLOYLEE TRES, Austin HURST, DONALD LYNN, JR., Fredericksburg HURTA, DAVID JON, Angleton HUSTON, JANE LOUISE, Richardson INGRAM, BEVERLY ANN, Atlonta IRBY, PHILLIP GLEN, Kaufman ISENBERG, MARC DAVID, Galveston ITZ, VERNON DEAN KUNZ Fredericksburg JACKS, REBECCA, Waco JACKSON, IVA JOLYNE, Houston JACKSON, JOHN THOMAS, Beaumont JACKSON, LINDA KAY, Baytown JACKSON, MARY PENELOPE, Dollos JACOBS, JILL CELESTE, Corsicana JAMES, RANDY JOE, Junction JANAK, RONALD GEORGE, Dallas JENKINS, JEANETTE KATHRYN, Amorillo JETER, GARY LYNN, Fort Worth JOHNSON, BRANT MONTGOMERY, Metairie, La. JOHNSON, CYNTHIA JO, Houston 569 JOHNSON, ERIC STANLEY, Hutto JOHNSON, JAMES WADE, Pecos JOHNSON, JULIE ELIZABETH, Tyler JOHNSON, LYNN KAREN, Lexington, Mass. JOHNSON, MADELINE NELL, Daisetta JOHNSTON, JOHNNA ANN Golveston JOHNSTON, JUDITH ANNE, Midland JONES, ANN CARROLL, Livingston JONES, COLETTE LINDA, Son Antonio JONES, EXA VIRGINIA, Son Antonio JONES, FRANK STEPHEN, Corpus Christi JONES, FREDRIC VAN, Austin JONES, GARY MAXFIELD, lubbock JONES, GREGORY WAYNE, Crane JONES, WILLIAM LARRY, Waco JORDAN, CHARLES MILTON, Houston JORDAN, RUTHMARY, Houston JORGENSEN, SHERYL KAY, Houston JOYCE, JOHN MALCOLM, Austin JUDGE, JAMES PHENIX, Mineola JUDSON, JAMES MICHAEL, San Antonio KAIL, ROBERT GARDNER, San Antonio KAMEN, SUSAN SYDNEY, Kansas City, Mo. KANE, WANDA SUE, Munday KANEWSKE, CAROL ANN, Golveston KANTER, DAVID JOEL, Son Antonio KANTOWSKI, ANN MARIE, Galveston KAPLAN, LINDA BARBARA, Houston KARR, KENNETH FRANK, Odessa KASPAREK, JANELLE, Needville KATZ, KATHERINE LINDA, Son Antonio KAUFFMAN, MARY KAY, Houston KM, JAMES GRADY, Austin KEALHOFER, KERRIE MATTHEW, San Antonio KEE, SUSAN MIRANDA, Angleton KEEL, JOHN ROBERT, Ballinger KELLER, THOMAS WALTER, Brownsville KELLY, MARY JO, Houston KEMP, DANIEL CHESTER, Dhahron, Saudi Arabia KEMP, DORIS AN NETTE, Ballinger KEMPLIN, MILES STEVEN, Fort Worth KENNEDY, KAREN LYNN, Pasadena KERR, LOY WAYNE, Houston KETCHUM, RONALD LEE, Casper, Wyo. KIESTER, MARK ALLAN, Houston KILGORE, DEAN MILLER, Austin KINARD, MELINDA LOUISE, Denton KINCANNON, JAMES MICHAEL, Dallas Class of 1971 KING, ROGER ORRSIN, Austin KIRCHNER, DAVID LEE, Pasadena KIRK, NANCY ELLEN, Fort Worth KIRKLIN, BETTY SUE, Pecos KIRKPATRICK, DAVID JOHN, Dover, Del. KJORMOE, SONDRA JEAN, Houston KLEIDERER, VIVIAN GAY, Houston KLEIN, EDWARD MORRIS, Son Antonio KLEIN, ROBERT LAWRENCE, Houston KLIARSKY, JOHN MICHAEL, Fort Worth KLINAR, CAROL LYNN, Alvin KLINE, ANDREW EDWARD, Sioux City, Iowa KLOSS, SALLY ELIZABETH, Austin KNEESE, BEVERLY ANN, Fredericksburg KNIGHT, EDWIN ROBERT, Midlond KNIGHT, KATHIE RAE, Austin KNOX, D. S. Burleson KNOX, SAMUEL BARNES, Tyler KOBY, THOMAS GERARD, Houston KOEN, MARILYN LINDA, Dallas KOLODZEY, MARCY LEE, Victoria KONEMAN, SUZANNE, La Marque KOREN, ALAN MICHAEL, Dallas KOTTER, STEVEN MARVIN, Show AFB, S. C. KOZLOWSKI, THOMAS DOMINICK, Austin KREUZ LENARD BRUCE, JR., Austin KRUEGER, TOM RICHARD, Red Cloud, Nebr. KUBECKA, MARTHA ANN, Austin KUBY, MARY KATHERINE, Alomo KUEHLER, PAULA MARIE, Stamford, Conn. KUEHN, DAVID ALLAN, Houston KUENEMANN, KATHRYN SUE, Houston KUGLE, CHERRY LYNN, Athens KUYKENDALL, MARY ELIZBAETH, Houston IACHMAN, MONA SUE, Dalloi LACY, MICHAEL RICHARD, Dallas LAFOLIETTE, GLENN CRAIG, McKinney LAKE, MARILYN, New Orleans, Lo. LALIINGER, MICHAEL JOHN, Houston LALONDE, SUZANNE A., Houston LAMBERT, LAUREL, Fort Worth LAMBERT, LAWRENCE RAY, Dallas LAMMERS, DONALD RAY, Houston LAMON, THOMAS WELTON, Houston LAMP, BETTY JEAN, Houston LAMPE MICHAEL GEORGE, Houston LAMPO, JOHN ANTHONY. Dallas LANCASTER, GARY LYNN, Dollof 570 LANCASTER, MICHAEL JOHN, Lake Dallas LANDAU, EMILY TE5S, Dallas LANDIN, KENNETH WAYNE, Sugarland LANDRUM, HAL BALDWIN, San Antonio LANGFORD, BRIAN NELSON, San Antonio LANGHOL2, GINGER LYNN, San Antonio LANGLITZ, JACKIE MARIE, Portland, Oregon LANNING, JO NELL, Austin LANTRIP, STEPHEN ORIAN, San Rafael, Calif. LARSEN, JACK KIRBY, JR., Houston LARUE, BETTY, Tyler LARY, BANNING KENT, Miami, Fla. LASER JOHN ARTHUR, Omaha, Nebr. LASSETTER, LINDA KAY, Waco LATHAM, LYNN MARIE, Conroe LATTA, JAMES MICHAEL, Dallas LAUGHLIN, NANCY CAROLINE, Houston LAUGHTON, CATHY MAY, Austin LAUREA, KAREN ELIZABETH, Dallas LAW, ALEX, Cedar Lake LAW, MARSHA KAY, Houston LAWRENCE, EMMA CHARLOTTE, Houston LAWSON, ELIZABETH GAYLE, Clarksville LAWTON, DIANA ELLEN, Midland LEACH, RICHARD ALLEN, Fort Worth LEAMAN, BARBARA ELLEN, Crane LEE, WARREN G., Greenville LEECRAFT, JUDITH ANN, Alvin LENZ, SHELLEY ANN, Wichita Falls LEONARD, CHARLES H., Galveslon LEONARD, JANA CAROL, Liberty LESLIE, JEANNE, Richardson LEVERING, JILL ANN, Fort Worth LEVINE, BETTY JOAN, San Antonio LEVINSON, BARBARA ILENE, Houston LEVIT, GERALD ALLAN, Houston LEWALLEN, RUSSELL DAVID, Orange LEWIS, CYNTHIA ANN, Dallas LEWIS, JERRY DOUGLAS, Garland LEWIS, LYNNE LORRAINE, Houston LEWIS, SALLY JEAN, Corpus Christ! LEWIS, VICKI LEE, Dallas LIEPPMAN, ROBERT ERIC, Houston LIMPUS, VIRGINIA MABLE, New Boston LINDER, MARGARET ANN, Austin LINGLE, HARRISON MORTON, Houston LIPP, HOWARD BRUCE, Houston LIPSON, MIMA, El Paso " II QWf? w w 4 LISS, ELLEN, St. Louis, Mo. LISTON, ROY ROBERT, Amarillo LITTLE, SANDRA ANN, Dallas LITTLEPAGE, DEAN ANDREW Baytown LITTLETON, ROBERT KEYS, Dallas LIVINGSTON, JANET ANN, Brownsville LOCXLIN, KENNETH EDWARD, Austin LOFTIS, LYNN KAREN, Longview LOHRMAN, JOHN WILLIAM, Omaha, Nebr. LOIBNER, CRAIG RONALD, North Little Rock, Ark LONDEREE, LYNN MARIE, Dallas LONG, ELIZABETH LENORE, Oklahoma City, Okla. LONGACRE, MARY E., San Antonio LONGNECKER, DEBORAH JO, Palestine LONGORIA, NORMA ELLA, Mission LOPEZ, ROSA ANGELICA, Mercedes LOREDO, CARLOS MIGUEL, Hollettsville IOTT, KERRY BERTROM, Grand Prairie LOVE, DEBORAH DIANE, Dallas LOVE, GERALDINE EBB, Houston LOVETT, CLAUDIA JEAN, Austin LOW, THOMAS KENT, Dallas LOWE, EDWARD DONLEY, Dallas LUCAS, MARGARET ELLEN, Austin LUCKY, RONALD NEAL, Sugorland LUDEMAN, BEN MARTIN, Cotulla LUNDSTROM, LYNDA LORRAINE, Houston LUTERMAN, TINA ELAINE, Dallas LYDA, KAREN JEAN, Anton LYONS, POLLY ANNE, Houston MABERRY, ROBERT TRUITT, JR., Fort Worth MACK, CANDACE ANN, San Antonio MACLEOD, THOMAS WILLIAM, Houston MADDOX, CANDACE ELIZABETH, Waco MAHAFFEY, MARTHA SUE, Baton Rouge, La. MAJOR, WILLIAM CHARLES, Nocona MALLEY, CAROLYN SARAH, San Antonio MALONE, PAT EVANS, Muleshoe MANN, BARBRA DEEN, Fort Worth MANN, DEBRA JEAN, Fort Worth MANNING, CATHRYNE ANN, Dallas MANROE, BEVERLY ANN, Seabrook MARCUS, GLENN JAY, Houston MARK, JONATHAN GREENFIELD, Tulsa, Okla MARKLAND, CATHERINE BARRETT, Coleman MARKLAND, DALE G., Fort Worth MARKLEIN, NANCY JANE, Houston MARSHALL, MILTON VIRGIL, Dickinson ?. ' " , 571 MARTEN, JUDITH PEARL, Prairie Village, Kans. MARTIN, BETTY MAXINE, Austin MARTIN, LOUISE DEE, LaFeria MARTIN, PEGGY JOYCE, Dallas MARTYN, LORRAINE, Son Anlonio MASSEY, REX DWAYNE, Dallas MASTERS, WESLEY ROBERT, Longview MATHIS, JESSIE BELL San Anlonio MATHIS, VIRGINIA LYNN, Pasadena MAYER, JANET MCLAUGHLIN, Houston MAYNE, SALLY ANN, Austin MAYO, JOHN BYRON, Eglin AFB Flo MAYS, ANTHONY AZARIAH, Austin MAYS, JERALD POLK, Houston MAZZAGATTI, BARBARA ANN Bellaire McALISTER, JACK WALTER, San Antonio McBRIDE, MARCIA ANN, Liltlefield McCANN, JANIS JO, Houston McCARTY, KATHLEEN DALTON, Beeville McCLEARY, DONALD CLARK, Victoria McCLELLAN, DAVID ARTHUR, Spearman McCLELLAN, WILLIAM MORRISON Rosenberg McCLOUD, ALYCE VERINDA Houston McCOWN, CYNTHIA LOUISE, Thrall McCUISTON, JERRY WAYNE Miami McCULLICK, LYNDA LAEL, Austin MCDONALD, JAY LYNN Edinburg MCDONALD, KAREN ANN Fort worth MCDONALD, RANDAL SCOTT, Pampa MCDONALD, THOMAS JOSEPH, in, Ft. Belvoir Va. MCDOWELL, TOMMIE JEAN, Houston McEVOY, ALFRED PATRICK, JR., Dallas McFEELEY, NEIL DOUGLAS, Fort Worth McGARVEY, ROBERT BURTON Bellinger McGILL, LARRY DODSON, Sherman McGINTY, LINDA KATHLEEN, Dallas McGUIRE, DOROTHY GAYLE, Austin McHAN, JAMES OLIVER, JR., Austin MclVER, JO ANNE Houston McKAY, KATHRYN, Austin McKEAN, SKYLER LAMAR Lockhart McKEE, STEVE DRAKE, Dallas McKELVY, BARBARA LYNNETTE Lagos Nigeria McKENNA, HARRIET SUSAN Austin McKOWN, ADA JEAN, Pasadena MCLAUGHLIN, BARBARA KAY, Houston McLEAN, ROBERT ALEXANDER Dallas MCNEIL, ROBERT EDWIN, Houston McNICHOLAS, JAMES DONALD, JR., Beaumont McNUTT, THOMAS CARLTON, Rosenberg McREYNOLDS, WILLIAM E., II, Longview McWHIRTER, MICHAEL EDWIN, Houston MEEHAN, RICHARD THOMAS, Fort Worth MEGASON, JUDY JANAIRE, Jasper MEINZER, CURTIS MURL, Kermit MELDE, KEENE GORDON, Bishop MELONE, MELINDA MARIE, Seminole MELTON, DONNA LYNN, Mart MELTON, ROBERT ELMON, Uvolde MERCER, LAWRENCE WILLIAM, Flotonia MERCIA, PATRICK ADRIENNE, Galveston MEREDITH, CHRISTINE ANN, Bellon MERRITT, JAMES H., Dallas METHVIN, STEPHEN DON, Alvin MEYERS, ALAN HOGE. Dallas MICHAEL, JANETTA, Belvedere, Calif. MICHAELSON, FRANCES CAROL, Dallas MICHFLETTI, BARBARA SHARON, Texas City MICHNA, WILLIAM LYNN, Woodsboro MIDDLETON, NANNETTE, Aronsas Pass MIEGEL. WILLIAM ROBERT, Dallas MIGURA, ANTHONY PETER, Houston MILETI, OTTO JOSEPH, Houston MILEY, DAVID L., Bedford MILLER, BARBARA GAIL, LoGrange MILLER, CYNTHIA JOY, Galveston MILLER, ETHEL LEMAE, Blanco MILLER, HENRY ALEXANDER, II, Ozona MILLER, JAMES LESLIE MANNING, San Antonio MILLER, JEROLD PATRICK, Corpus Christ! MILLER, KEN, Houston MILLER, LEEDEE JO Columbus, Ohio MILLER, LOUIS COVINGTON, McKinney MILLER, TRENT HARRISON, Son Antonio MINSHEW, JAMES MARLEN Dallas MITCHELL, MARY JANE, Houston MIZE, MOLLY SUSAN, San Antonio MONKEN, ARTHUR GEORGE, Amorillo MONTGOMERY, CHARLES MICHAEL, San Antonio MOON, JOHN DILLE, Houston MOONEY, KENNETH ALLEN, Dallas MOONEY, MARGARET ROSE, Longview MOONEY, SUZANN, Del Rio MOORE, CHRISTINA, Daisetla MOORE, DAVID STEVENSON, Dallas MOORE, GREGORY NANCE, Plono 572 MOORE, JOHN ELMON, IV, Texarkana MOORE, JULIE MARIE, Austin MOORE, NANCY JANE, Friendswood MOORE PAULA MARIE, Dallas MOORE, SALLY SUZANNE, Killeen MOORE, STEPHEN THORNE, Midland MORALES, CAROL LYNN, Houston MORGAN, ROBERT VERLE, JR., Austin MORIARTY, MARGARET ANN, Fort Worth MORONEY, BARBARA LEE, Dallas MORPHEN, LARRY BIEHL, Longview MORRILL, VICTORIA ELIZABETH, Fort Sam Houston MORRISS, CATHERINE RAY, Baytown MORRIS, KEITHA JANE, White Deer MORRIS, LOIS ANGELA, Austin MORRIS, NANCY EMALY, Austin MORRIS, PERRY FRANKLIN, Arcadia MORRISON, KAREN MICHELE, Beaumont MORTON, JOHN DAVIS, JR., Houston MOSER, WELDON DWAIN, Byers MOSS, DONELL LOU, Austin MULVANEY, MARGO NAN, Dallas MUNTZ, TERRY GAYLE, Tyler MURPHEY, MARY JEANNE, Son Antonio MURPHY, DERRIS HALL, Austin MURPHY, MARTHA MARY, Dallas MURPHY, MELINDA JEANNE, Dallas MURRAY, BETTY MARIE, Harlingen MURRAY, JAMES HOWARD, Austin MUSGROVE, ROBERT LYNN, Sweetwater MUSSELMAN, LARRY JACK, San Antonio MUSTARD, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Phillips MYER, CAROL ANN, San Antonio NANCE, JAMES THOMAS, Pecos NEAL, ADA ELIZABETH, Dallas NEER, NANCY SUSAN, Phoenix, Ariz. NELSON, CHERYL LYNN, Houston NELSON, STEVEN PATRICK, Fort Worth NESS, DONNA JEANNE, El Paso NEWBERRY, JANIS LYNN, Piano NEWBROUGH, DAN KENT, Lamesa NEWSOM, GARY ALAN, Houston NEWSOM, jANET CHRISTINE, San Antonio NEY, LEO EDWIN, Beaumont NIXON, LAURENCE WALTER, Dallas NORMAN, DAVID MICHAEL, Odessa NORTH, KENNETH LIONEL, Texarkana NOWAK, GILES I., Dallas Class of 1371 NUSSBAUM, JANINE, Houston NUSSENBLATT, HARRIS LEE, Galveston OBERDORF, A. CHRISTELL, Austin O ' BRIEN, GEORGE A., Houston O ' CONNELL, MICHAEL JOHN, Austin OGDEN, HERBERT GUY, JR., Trinity O ' HAIR, SHERILYN, Corpus Christi " OLDHAM, MARGUERITE ANGELINE, Houston OLIVEIRA, DELIA DOLORES, Corpus Christi OLSEN, LLOYD MARTIN, McAllen OLSON, JOSEPH ARDEN, Houston OLSON, KRIS, Fort Worth OPPERMANN, JOSEPH KAY, Galveston ORTLOFF, THOMAS WILLIAM, Midland O ' SHAUGHNESSY, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Athens OSHLO, KRISTINA SUE, Dallas OSHMAN, JODEL, Port Lavaca OWEN, ELIZABETH A., Corsicana OXFORD, SHARON ANN, Fort Hood PACHECO, LINDA M., New York, N. Y. PADDEN CATHLEEN ANNE, Austin PAINE, DAVID LEE, Dallas PALMER, MARK TIMOTHY, Austin PALMER, SARA ELIZABETH, Vernon PANTUSA, SAMUEL EDWARD, San Antonio PARISI, DAVID ARTHUR, El Paso PARK, JAMES HOWARD, Houston PARK, PETER, Austin PARKER, GLEASON EDWARD, Palestine PARKER, MARY RUTH, Glen Rose PARKER, RICHARD D., Little Rock, Ark. PARR, JERRY LYNN, Ml. Pleasant PARTRIDGE, LLOYD RAY, Loke Jackson PASCHICH, VICTORIA ADRIAN, El Paso PATENAUDE, DALE CRAIG, San Antonio PATTERSON, ROY BENNON, Winona, Miss. PATTON, CARROLL ANN, Rotan PATTON ROBERT MICHAEL, Rotan PATTON, ROBERT MICHAEL, Fort Worth PAYNE, MICHAEL RAY, Bedias PEARCE, GEORGE WILSON, JR., Johnson City PEARSON, KAREN EVE, Fort Worth PECK, RICHARD LEE, Dollos PEDEN, DAVID D., JR., Houston PEDERSON, LAUREN, Brookshire PEERY, STEPHEN CHARLES, Weslaco PENDLETON, PAUL KYLE, Stephenville PENNINGTON, STEPHANIE HARLAN, Freeport 573 PENNY, ROBERT CRAIG Dallas PERALE2, SIMON STEPHEN, Port Lavaca PERCIVAL, RONALD GEORGE, El Paso PERKINS, PHILLIP EARL, Longview PERRY, MICHELLE LOUISE, San Antonio PERRY, NANCY LITTLE, Houston PETERS, JANET FAYE, Loke Jackson PETTIT, HELEN ANN, Odessa PETTY, MARIBELLE VICTORIA, Austin PIBOIN, LAMAR BERTRAND, JR., Madisonville PIERCE, CAROLE ANN, Bishop PIERCE, SANDRA LYNN, Arlington PIGG, THOMAS MILBURN, Fort Worth PIKE, HERBERT McDOWELL, JR., Weslaco PIKE, JULIA ANN, Bokersville, Calif. PLUECKHAHN, CHERYL LYNN, Dallas PLUMB, STEPHEN JAY, Houston POEHL, PEGGY ANN, Austin POHL, JAMES KELLER, Austin POLASEK, BELINDA LOIS, Fort Worth POLING, CRAIG ALLEN, Fort Worth POLK, HAZEL JAN, Lufkin POLLARD, WINFRED DEAN, Dallas POLLOK, HARRIE MARIE, Falls City PONDANT, ROBERT CHARLES, Daingerfield POOLE, MARJORIE MARIE, Houston POORE, PAMELA RAE, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. PORTER, ADOLPHUS DONALD, Austin PORTER, CLARA LOUISE, Menard PORTER, JAMES REID, Fort Worth POTTS, STEPHEN MANNING, Dallas POWELL, DEANN, Freer POZO, ANA MARIE, Corpus Christ! PRAHLER, DAVID SCOTT, Randolph AFB, Texas PRATT, KEVIN BURTON, Austin PRESCOTT, STANLEY EVERITT, Houston PRESSLER, MARY EVERLYN, Austin PRICE, BARRY LON, Wheeler PRICE, CHARLES STANLEY, III, San Antonio PRICE, CLAY LOUIS, III, Fort Worth PRICE, DELL GWINETTE, Beaumont PRIEBE, PATRICIA EMMA, Houston PRIESS, CHARLES HARRY, Brady PROCTOR, ROBERT WINGO, Fort Worth PRUNTY, GAIL ADELE, Jacksboro PUGH, LYNN, Austin RABBE, GILBERT OTIS, Hamilton RACUSIN, BARRY LEWIS, Corpus Christ! Class of 1971 RAFFKIND, GLENNA RAE Amorillo RAGGIO, KENNETH GAYLORD, Dallas RAMSEY, MARY SUSANN, San Augustine RANSLEBEN, SHEILA MARIE, Corpus Christ! RASCHKE, ERIN CHRISTINE, Austin RATLIFF, SANDRA MARLENE, Austin RATLIFF, WILLIAM D., Ill, Fort Worth RAWSON, ROBERT NICHOLAS, Houston RAY, LINDA GAYLE, Garland REAGAN, MARK THOMAS, Harlingen kEDMOND, JAMES MICHAEL, Dallas REED, DAVID NORMAN, Fort Worth REISFELD, DONNA LEE, San Antonio REPP, LOTTY, Dallas REUM, SUZANNE F. I., Austin REYNOLDS, ALICE KAYE, Arlington, Va. REYN OLDS, DAVID ALLEN, Houston RHOADES, PATRICIA C, Hillsboro RHODES, RAY NORWOOD, Fort Worth RIBNICK, JOANIE, Wharton RICE, CAROLYN CHRISTINE, Dallas RICH, DANIEL RAYMOND, Wickett RICHARDS, WILLIAM BALDRIDGE, Lockhart RICHARDSON, LALfRA GENE, Richardson RICHARDSON, RONALD DALE, Austin RICHEY, JOHN WESLEY, Austin RICHTER, CAROLYN FAE, Austin RIDLEY, JILL, Abilene RILEY, PAUL KONRAD, Orange RISKING, MIRIAM JUDITH, Eagle Pass RIVERS, KATHY GAIL, McKinney ROACH, SHERLYN DALE, Irving ROATEN, DAVID JOHN, Rockport ROBB, RANDOLPH R., Arlington ROBERTS, PHILLIP HAROLD, Dallas ROBERTS, WILLIAM JACK, Austin ROBINSON, FREDERICK JOHN, Palestine ROBINSON, MARY SUSAN, San Antonio ROBINSON, SHEILA RAYE, Austin ROBISON, LINDA SUSAN, Pecos RODRIGUEZ, IRMA E., Anaco, Venezuela RODRIGUEZ, NERIO ANTONIO, Anaco, Venzuela ROEMER, GEOFFREY STEPHEN, Houston ROGAL, ESTHER, San Antonio ROGAS, PATRICIA JEANNE, Marlin ROGERS, ANDREW WIER, Dallas ROGERS, RALPH BRYAN, Austin ROGERS. RONALD LEE, Anglelon 574 ROPER, STEPHEN WILLIAM, Tyler ROSENBERG, LESLIE KAREN, West Palm Beach, Fla. ROSENBERGER, DEBORAH GALE, Houston ROSS, JULIE ANN, Forl Worth ROSS, KAREN KAYE, Houston ROSS, TERRY ANN, Corsicano ROTH IRENE MARIE, Houston ROTHENBERG, LEE HARRIS, Pasadena ROTHSCHILD, MADALYN SUE, Dallas ROUBIDEAUX, ANNE, Austin ROWAN, RANDALL EDWARD, Midland RUBIN, MARSHA JOAN, Dallas RUDES, DAVID ALAN, Dallas RUSSELL, DON FREDERICK, Orange RUSSELL, KENNETH OWEN, Austin RUSSELL, MAJOR FRANK, Jasper RUSSELL, ROBERT L., Dallas RUSSELL THOMAS KEMP, Dallas RUTLEDGE, ROBERT MICHAEL, Athens RUTTEN, DOUGLAS GEORGE, Houston RUTTENBERG, PHYLLIS LYNN, Waco RYAN, PATRICIA ANN, Dallas RYAN, RICHARD HENRY, Pasadena SADLER, ALAN BARBER, Conroe SANDBERG, NORMA JEANNE, Austin SANDIDGE, SUSAN, Kerrville SANSOM, DAVID LESLIE, JR., Austin SARGENT, STELLA ANN, KILLEEN SARGENT, TOYE KATHLEEN, Humble SAUNDERS, MELANIE DIANE, Houston SAUNIER, DEBORAH KAY, Dallas SAVAGE, DONALD CRAIG, San Anlonio SAWYER, PAUL DOUGLAS, Houston SCANLON, PHILLIP JAMES, JR., Dallas SCHAEFER. GEORGE EDWIN, Austin SCHENKKAN, DIRK McKENZIE, Austin SCHMIDT, MICHAEL BRUCE, Corpus Chrisli SCHMIDT, TERRY LYNN, Fort Worth SCHNITZER DINAH, Houston SCHOENIKE, ANNE KATHARINE, Houston SCHONWALD, BARBARA ILENE, Oklahoma City, Okla. SCHOPPE LESLIE ERROL, Houston SCHROEDER, KATHERINE LEE, Kenedy SCHUELKE, LEONARD CARL, Lockhart SCHULTZ, RANDALL CLARK, Houston SCHULZE, PHILLIP SCOTT, Wells SCHUMANN MARLA, Dallas SCHUTZE KENNETH ROBERT, Austin rf tA SCHWAMKRUG, ARNO HOLMES New Orleans La SCHWARTZ, ALAN DOUGLAS, Kansas City, Mo. SCHWAUSCH, LINDA GRACE, Paige SCHWAUSCH, RUSSELL EARL, Jorrell SCHWEITZER, ROBERT LLOYD, Houston SCHWEKE, KAREN SUE, Riesel SCOTT, ALAN RIDER, Midland SCOTT, CLYDIE B., Cleveland SCOTT, JOSEPH PEEBLES, JR., San Antonio SCOTT. ROSE ANNE, Pasadena SCOTT, SUSAN MARIE, Houston SEAQUIST, STEPHEN RANDALL, San Antonio SFATON, PATRICIA ANN, Houston SEAY, ALICE GAIL, Houston SEEMAN, JAMES RICHARD, Galveston SEGAL, JONATHAN McKENZIE, Brownsville SEIBEL, MACHELLE MAYER, Texas City SENG, JOHN DARRELL, New Orleans, La. SETTLE, EMY LOU, Corsicana SEYBOLD, SUSAN VIRGINIA, Houston SHANKS, JANICE, Lufkin SHANNON, JOSEPH ROBERT, III, Houston SHAPPELL, MARY JANE, Wichita Falls SHARPE, THOMAS HARDIE, JR., Athens SHECTMAN, BARRY STEVEN, El Paso SHEFFIELD, JOHN WILLIAM, Brownsvill e SHELTON, JOHN MICHAEL, Hinsdale, III. SHEPHERD, CYNTHIA, Silsbee .SHEPHERD, KAREN, Sour Lake SHEPHERD, MARGARET ANN, Galveston SHERMAN, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Dallas SHERRILL, SUSAN JEAN, Austin SHIMEK, JOHN CARL. Dallas SHOCKLEY, NAN CAROL, Waco SHOSS, JANIS ROSE, Houston SHRIVER, MARK WAYNE, Dallas SHROPSHIRE, JEROME EDWARD, Fort Sam Houston SHTOFMAN, SUSAN JEAN, Tyler SHUFFLER, GLEN GARDNER, Fort Worth SHYTLES. REBECCA, Sherman SIBLEY, THOMAS JEFFERSON, Lufkin SIMKINS, SHIRLEY ANITA, Houston SIMMONS, LARRY PRICE, Henderson SIMON, DARRYL STEPHEN, Houston SIMPSON, JANICE SUE, Austin SIMS, SALLY SUE, Houston SISK, JOHN TIMOTHY, San Antonio SKIBELL, CHARLES FRANK, Lubbock 575 SKIBELL, SAMUEL CLASSMAN Lubbock SKINNER, CAROLYN, Lufkin SKINNER, JOHN FRANCIS, Longvlew SKINNER, ROBERT BARRETT, JR., Austin SKRHAK, BRENDA, Houston SKRHAK, LINDA, Houston SKRIVANEK, JUDITH JO, Bryan SLIVA, DAVID WAYNE, Lone City SMITH, BECKY, Amarillo SMITH, BETTY GRACE, Newton SMITH, CARROLL LORRAINE, Austin SMITH, CONNIE SUE, Dollas SMITH, CYNTHIA LEAH, Fort Worth SMITH, DALE LYNN, Alvin SMITH, DEBORAH ANN, Lake Jockson SMITH, FRANK JUDSON, San Angela SMITH, GARY WAYNE, Fort Worth SMITH, JAMES CAREY Llano SMITH, JANET MARIE, Dallas SMITH, JOHN CALVIN, Duncan, Okla. SMITH, JOHN ROGERS, San Antonio SMITH, LARRY JOE, Austin SMITH, MARECHAL ANN, Son Antonio SMITH, PAMELA JANE, Lake Jackson SMITH, RONALD LESLIE, Rosenberg SMITH, SCOTT BARNETT, Lubbock SMITH, STEPHEN JOSEPH, Miami, Fla. SMITH, SUSAN LYNNE, Kansas City, Mo. SMITH, TERESA LYNN, Austin SMITH, WALLIS MELBA, JR., Austin SMOI INS, STEPHEN JAY, San Antonio SNEAD, WINSTON SCOTT, Monahans SNEED, JERRY ERNEST, Austin SNOE, JOSEPH ANTHONY, Houston SNYDER, CATHERINE SUE, Beoumont SODERS, METLON, Marlin SOMERVILLE, SANDRA LEE, Austin SONKIN, NAOMI RUTH, Fort Worth SoRELLE, PAUL CHARLES, Ploinview SOSA, MICHAEL ANTHONY, Dallas SOWELL, CARY LYNN, New Braunfels SPALDING, MARTHA SUE, Dallas SPEARS, DANA MICHAEL, Corpus Christ! SPENCE, ROY MILAM, JR., Brownwood SPENCER, BILLIE RENEE, Atherton, Calif. SPIES, CATHY RAYE, San Antonio SPINOSA, CANDICE JANE, Fort Worth SPRACKLEN, SHELIA ANN, Houston SPRADLEY, JOHN C, III, Kilgore SPRINGER, ROBERT DEAN, JR., West Columbia SQUIRES, SUSAN, San Antonio STAFFA, KRISTINE LYNN Atlanta Ga. STAHLY, BEVERLY JEAN, Irving STANBERY, BARBARA KAY, San Antonio STANFORD, JOHN BRADFORD, Austin STANLEY, WILLIAM A., Ill, San Antonio STARNES, LEE McKENNON, Gladewater STEEG, MARION CAROL, New Orleans, La. STEIN, MARK ROBERT, Galveston STEPHENS, EDWARD ARTHUR Houston STERMER, LINDA GAYLE, Bryan STEWART, GARY HUTCHINSON, White Deer STEWART, JERRY MELVIN, Sherman STEWART, MICHAEL ROY, Pasadena STIRTON, LINDY JOHANNA, Houston STONE, CHARLES MICHAEL, Dallas STOORZA, SHARON ELAINE, Fort Worth STORK, PRISCILLA MARIE, Houston STRAW, BONNIE LEE, Waco STRICKLAND, THOMAS CARTER, San Angela STRYER, DEBRA RAE, Fort Worth STUBBS, RICHARD ALLEN, Houston STUEWER, LESTER ALLISON, JR., Houston SUDDUTH, MARTHA ANN, Austin SUGERMAN, CLIFFORD ALAN, Dallas SULLIVAN, WALTER WALLACE, Houston SVOBODA, DOLORES MARIE, Smithville SWENDEMAN, DIANE FARRAR, San Antonio SWISHER, LINDA ELLEN, Seobrook SWITSER, TOM JOSEPH, Dallas TABOR, BARBARA ANN, Waco TALLEY, MICHAEL LEONARD, Texas City TANKERSLEY, JAMES DEEN, Terrell TANOOS, TOM NEILL Houston TATUM, JOHN GREGORY, Dallas TAYLOR GARY ELIZABETH, San Benilo TAYLOR, GARY GEORGE, Austin TAYLOR, JAMES MICHAEL, Atlanta TAYLOR, KAY CAROL, Austin TEAGUE, JANICE KATHLEEN, Houston TEATER, STANLEY RAY, Killten TEMPLE, NANCY HELEN, Texoj City TENNEY, WILLIAM COLLINS, Marshall TERRAZAS, RICHARD JAMES, Dallas TERRY, CINDY JEAN, Houston 576 TERRY, KAREN INEZ, Houston TERRY, MARK ALAN, Sherman TEVERBAUGH, MONTY JAY, Houston THALHEIM, MARGARET LOUISE, Gretno, La. THAMES, MARGO, Beaumont THERIOT, GEORGE THOMAS, Port Arthur THIELE, JACQUELINE ELAINE, Fort Worth THOMAS, KATHY ANN, Dallas THOMAS, PATRICIA, El Paso THOMPSON, CAROL SUE, Houston THOMPSON, CATHY ANN, Port Arthur THOMPSON, MELISSA BETH, Galena Park THOMPSON, SUSAN CAROL, Houston THRAILKILL, THOMAS OSWALD, San Antonio THURMAN, MARY LOUISE, Austin TIDWELL, CHARLOTTE JEANNE, Waco TIMBERLAKE, NANCY ANN, El Paso TIMMINS, FRANCES MARILYN, Houston TINGLEY, TERRY WALKER, Midland TINNERMAN, HELEN LOUISE, Lake Jackson TIPS, CHA RLES LEE, Lewisville TIPS, GEORGANNE, San Antonio TOBOLOWSKY, GEORGE EARL, Dallas TOMLIN, DOYCE EARL, Luling TOOMBS, JAMES EDWARD, Austin TOUNGATE, DOROTHY ANN, Austin TOWNSEND, DAVID LEE, Piano TOWNSEND, JENNIFER JANE, Austin TRANER, TRUDY ANN, Dallas TRAPNELL, ROBERTA NORINNE, Austin TRAPOLINO, SANDRA ELIZABETH, Houston TREVINO, JOSE CARLOS, Laredo TRIESCH, BRUCE WILLIAM, Mission TUCKER, DENNIS DIEHL, Dallas TUCKER, GEORGE GILLESPIE, San Antonio TUCKER, MARGARET SUSAN, Dallas TUCKER TOMMY JOE, Grand Prairie TUCKER WILLIAM JOHNSTONE, Corpus Christi TULL JOHN HUGH, Lubbock TUNKS, JOHN MAURICE, Houston TUNSTALL, CAROL ANN, Houston TURET, STEPHANIE SUE, Dallas TURNER, GARRY DAVID, Seguin TURNER, WILLIAM EDWARD, Groesbeck TURNIP5EED, ANN, Gretna, La. TWIDWELL, HARRY LEWIS, Austin UMSTATTD, ROBERT MCNUTT, Austin UNDERWOOD, ROBERTA ANN, Fort Worth Class of 1371 UNGER, LAURIE ANN, El Paso UNGERLEIDER, STEVEN, Larchmont, N. Y. UTLEY, DAN KIRK, Woodville VACEK, DINAH LYNN, Weimar VALLONE, STEPHEN VINCENT, Houston VAN, STEVE, Dallas VAN METER, MICHAEL C, San Antonio VANN, THOMAS EDWARD, Houston VAN ZANT, CHARLES HERBERT, San Antonio VAUGHAN, VICTORIA, Port Arthur VERBRYKE, SHARON, Fort Worth VESELKA, ROBERT ERVIN, Houston VILCOQ, MICHELLE MARY, Austin VILLAREAL, MINERVA ARRIOLA, Del Rio VINSON, VICKI, Dallas VLAHAKOS, VICTOR, Pasadena VOGEL, LEON DAVID, II, Houston VOIGT, REINHARD, Garland VOLTIN, MARCUS JOHN, JR., Killeen VONDERAU, JEAN MOZELLE, Wharton WADDELL, HENRY THOMAS, JR., Dallas WAGGONER, ZAIDEE MARIE, Austin WAGNER, DAVID LEE, Crystal City WALBERG, RONALD MARTIN, Bellaire WALDRON, ANN MARIE, Fort Worth WALKER, CHERYL RUTH, Houston WALKER, HELEN, Austin WALKER, KENNETH JOSEPH, Golveston WALKER, MARGARET L., Garland WALKER, SHAWN MICHAEL, Sutherland Springs WALL, DAVID LYLES, Austin WALL, MICHAEL ALAN, Shreveport, La. WALLACE, NANCY EILEEN, Dallas WALSH, BLANQUITA E., Brownsville WALTER, CARL RAY, Midland WALTERS, JAMES ROBERT, Austin WALTHERS, JOAN ELISE, Houston WALTS, WILLIAM EDWARD, II, Hurst WARNER, JOSEPHINE MARY, Austin WATERS, RICHARD ROY, JR., Houston WATERS, WILLIAM DAVID, Springfield, Va. WATFORD, GEORGE HARDY, Houston WATKINS, JOHN J., Fort Worth WATKINS, JUDY JEAN, Midland WATKINS, SUSAN M., San Antonio WATTS, DANNY DAWSON, Floydada WATTS, JOHN ROBERT, III, Houston WATZLAVICK, NANCY JANE, Schulenburg 577 WAUGH, MICHAEL JAY, Dallas WEAVER, SAMUEL EUGENE, DeLeon WEEKS, JOHN WILSON, Abilene WEISS, BEVERLY JEAN, Lockhart WEISS, ROBERT, Son Antonio WELCH, LINDA ALICE, Abilene WELLED, LUCILE B , Dallas WELLS, HENRY WILLIS, Wellington WELLS, JOHN TULLOS, Houston WEMPE, MARIEKE CHRISTINA, Houston WENDELL, ROBERT EDWARD, JR., Beaumont WENDLANDT, WILLIAM HENRY, III, Austin WERNER, MARK ALLEN, Austin WEST, JAMES CARLIN, Friendswood WEST, REBECCA SUE, Houston WESTBROOK, PATRICIA ANN, Austin WHATLEY, LINDA MARLENE, Angleton WHEELER, LAURENCE RANDOLPH, Houston WHEELER, LINDA, Lakewood, Colo. WHITE, PATTI NELL, Yoakum WHITEHEAD, JO KATHLEEN, Port Lavoca WHITFILL, BARBARA JEAN, Houston WHITING, JACK ELLSWORTH, JR., Houston WICKLUND, JOHN WILBUR, Bedford, Mass. WIESNER, MARK DOUGLAS, San Antonio WIGGINTON, BETH LEE, Brady WILDE, JANE KATHRYN, Lyford WILKINSON, JAMES MICHAEL, Baytown WILLEFORD, GEORGE, Horlingen WILLHOITE, SHERILYN ANN, Austin WILLIAMS, HARRY JAMES, Bay City WILLIAMS, JAMES EARL, Dallas WILLIAMS, LISE GORDON, Wilmington, Del. WILLIAMS, NORMA, Fort Worth WILLIAMS, SUZANNE, Anton WILLIAMS, WRIGHT, Houston WILLMS, LAURA MARIE, Austin WILSON, BENITA FAY, Pollok WILSON, CHERIE GRAY, Wichita Falls WILSON, DEBORAH MARIE, Dallas WILSON, DENA LOIS, Beeville WILSON, PAMELA, LoPorte WINN, JOHN NEWTON, Odessa WISE, TERESA ANNE, Dallas WITHERS, JUDITH ANN, Fort Worth WOLFRAM, MEIANIE ELIZABETH, Houston WOMACK, WALTER RAY, Tyler WONG, ALBERT, San Antonio Class of 1971 WONG, WAYLAND, San Antonio WOOD, JAMES FREDERICK, Dallas WOOD, JANIS LYNN, Port Arthur WOODARD, JAN NEIL, Waco WOODARD, WILLIAM BRENTON, Midland WOODWARD, NANCY ELLEN, Hurst WOOLDRIDGE, GAYLE, Houston WORTH, ROBERT LEE, San Antonio WRIGHT, DENA FRED, Dallas WRIGHT, EDDIE L., Midland WRIGHT, JOHN EDWARD, Houston WRIGHT, MICHAEL FRANCIS, Houston WRIGHT, WILLIAM BRAXTON, Lubbock WUENSCHE, MARTIN RANDOLPH, Spring WUSTERHAUSEN, OSCAR LEE, McDade WYLIE, SHERRIANNE, Cleburne WYSOCKI, TIMOTHY THEODORE, Richardson YANCEY, ROBERT JOHN, Austin YANDELL, BENNY TOM, Austin YARRIN, HOLLY RITA, Dallas YELDERMAN, CLAIRE ANN, El Paso YEUIN, JONI, Houston YEMMA, ANDREW ANTHONY, Austin YOUNG, ROBIN JOAN, Bellaire YOUNG, WILLIAM ROBERT, Austin YOWELL, DAVID ASBURY, Longview ZEARFOSS, SARA ELIZABETH, Houston ZELLARS, KAREN SUE, Houston ZICKLER, JEFFREY LEA, Bandera ZIHLMAN, EDWARD JAMES, JR., Windthorst ZIMMERMAN, BARBARA GWEN, Dallas ZIVNEY, ROBERT CONRAD, JR., Dallas ZOCH, CLIFFORD HERBERT, Austin ZOCH, LINDA ELAINE, Houston ZUBIK, ROBERT DOYLE, Baylown ZUNKER, SUSAN KAY, Corpus Chriiti 578 Index Norn Pages Nome Pages Aaronson, Beth Susan .... 194, 344, 562 Abbate, Joseph W 418 Abbott, Danny Gene 71, 310 Abbott, Gary Ray 384, 534 Abbott, Karen Ann 342, 548 Abbott, William Van Woert 420 Abboud, Edmond Sami 220 Abbud, Kazim Abbud 295 Abdalla, Abdalla A-G 225 Abel, Robert W 295 Abernathy, Larry W 247, 296, 485 Abernathy, Lela Jane .... 203, 208, 316 Abernathy, Marshall W., Jr. .211, 223, 485 Abernathy, Miles Lynn 476 Abney, James Lorntz 396, 562 Abney, Patty Louise 364, 485 Abney, Rosalynne G 257 Abramowitz, David 229, 334, 485 Abramson, Lawrence Jack 217, 562 Abrisht, William Francis, Jr 217 Abu Abdun, Jamal M. H 274 Abudawood, Hussein H 223, 274 Acacia 378, 379 Academics 36-55 A Cappella Choir 234 Acevedo, Carlos Manuel 223, 329 Acheson, Randall R 386 Acheson, Vicki Sue . 275, 287, 451, 562 Achilles, James Ernest, Jr 81 Acker, Beverly Kaye 411 Acker, Leslie C 410 Ackerman, Edlouis H., Jr 534 Acord, Thomas Wadsworth .... 234, 238 Acosta, Daniel 276, 277, 295 Acosta, Irma Olvera 548 Acosta, Peter Patrick 534 Actuarial Club 210 Adamek, John Wayne 534 Adams, Ann Arlene 372, 562 Adams, Anne Elizabeth 368 Adams, Beverly Ann 366, 534 Adams, Christine 314, 464, 548 Adams, Christopher H. J 426, 548 Adams, Clarice Ann 451, 562 Adams, Donald Ear! 226 Adams, Doris Jane 457 Adams, Elizabeth V 235, 289 Adams, Frances E 354, 534 Adams, Gloria Jean 441 Adams, Harold Stanbery, Jr 332 Adams, John Lewis 180, 303 Adams, John Samuel 485 Adams, John W 276, 529 Adams, Joseph V 398, 534 Adams, Joyce Marie 548 Adams, Kerry Dean 225 Adams, Mary Georgene . 275, 287, 368 Adams, Mary Katherine 451 Adams, Michael Patrick 331 Adams, Pamela Jean Adams, Robert Denton Adams, Rosalon Adams, Sondra S Adorns, William T., Ill Adcox, Dukeo Baird, Jr. . 211 Addicks, Vincent George .... Addington, Elmer A., Ill .... Addington, Nancy Nell . . . Addington, Stephen L. ... Addison, Randolph Dallas Addy, Ervin E., Ill Adensam, Marilee Claire . Adkins, Brian H Adkins, David Joe .... Adkins, Ebba Paige . . . Adkins, Jack Milburn . . Adkins, Rietta Caroline Adldsson, Richard Wise Adler, Dorothy Diane . Administration Aertker, Donald R., Jr. Aertker, Roger Case . . Aftergut, Myron David . Agalou, Elaine 252, 439 Agolou, Stephen 252 Agon, Herbert W., Jr 428 Ager, Henry Orien, III 277 Agomo, James Bernard 485 Aguilar, Benito 548 408 85 366 358 217, 529 296, 534 408 241, 294, 562 529 529 282 388, 534 293, 352, 485 239, 485 562 453, 562 276, 529 366 418 534 ... 16-35 430 294 422, 485 Aguilar, Reuben Perez, Jr. Aguirre, Gerardo A Ahern, James Lyon Ahrenbeck, Patricia L. . . . Ahrens, Sharon Linn Aide, Fouad Khalil Ainsworth, Jonathan Bass . Akers, Fred . . . 264, 328, 562 296 .... 112, 176 534 197, 289, 485 485 534 .. 71 Akers, Judy Kaye 485 Akin, Kothy 235, 240, 299, 473 Akin, Monta Jane 548 AI-Hosso, Nazar Towlik 274 Alomia, Grociela Yvonne 254 Alaniz, Reynaldo, Jr 277, 486 Alaniz, Rudolfo 140 Albers, Carl Albers 612 Albert, Sharon Margaret 374, 453 Albert, William J 476 Albertson, Charles L., Ill 534 Albertson, Harold D 247, 29 Albrecht, Mary Jane 340, 534 Albrecht, Sandra Lynne 456 Alderson, Howard A 223 Aldredge, Vaughn Russell 423 Aldrich, Cheryl Lynn 548 Aldrich, Terry Mark 291 Aldridge, Dennis C 71, 279, 310 Aldridge, Douglas Earl 534 Alexander, Barbara Jo 376, 562 Alexander, Cheryl Lynn 358, 562 Alexander, Clema Ruth 430 Alexander, Dove Wayne 4 6 Alexander, Diane Louise 486 Alexander, Don Wesley 294, 329 Alexander, Doris Ann 470, 548 Alexander, Jan 342 Alexander, Jessica Ruth 254, 307, 439, 562 Alexander, John C 225 Alexander, John D 534 Alexander, Raymond T 294 Alexander, Richard Glyn 229, 335 Alloro, Ernesto 261 Alford, Emery Eugene 309 Ali, Saiyed S 254 Alkazmawi, Faisal J 225 Allard, Jane Diane 368 Allordyce, Burnis G 323, 325 Alldredge, Diana Gay 455 Allen, Albert Lee 246 Allen, Andrew Ryan 234, 468 Allen, Charles Terry, Jr 333 Allen, Clyde Henry, Jr 294 Allen, Deann 456, 548 Allen, Diane Lynn 456 Allen, Edith Anna 352, 464 Allen, Emily Ann 342 Allen, Ernest Lee 534 Allen, Gwyn Carol . 354, 436, 453, 562 Allen, Captain Harlsel Dale 330 Allen, Henry Alton 293 Allen, James H 227, 548 Allen, James Watts, III 384 Allen, Jennifer Margaret 534 Allen, John Dean 486 Allen, Joseph Martin 534 Allen, Kenneth Warren 549, 612 Allen, Kenneth Witten 436, 529 Allen, Linda Kathleen .. 291, 293, 295 Allen, Rodney P 436, 529 Allen, Ryan 476 Allen, Thomas Byrd 534 Allen, William F 327 Allen, Woodson Hewell 386, 562 Allenson, Ruby Beth 549 Allensworth, Robert B 286, 329 Alletag, Nancy Sue 451 Allison, Barrett D 529 Allison, Dale Crawford 294, 549 Allison, James P 392 Allison, Lodowick B., Jr 282 Allison, Margaret Scott 376, 549 Allison, Paula Faye 562 Allison, Sharon Irene 336, 337, 486 Allison, Suzanne Elaine 549 Allison, Willa Kathryn 364, 486 Allison, Wilmer 35, 142 Allred, Sharyn Lynn 340 Allums, Ann 280 Allums, John Michael 327 Almazan, Mary Rose 474, 486 Almeida, Maura Louria De 482 Almetris Co-op 470 Almond, Malcolm Willie, III 486 Almy, Robert Englehardt 319, 486 Alonzo, Gilbert Reyna, Jr. .. 217, 288, 294, 479, 534 Alpha Chi Omega 340, 341 Alpha Chi Sigma 211 Alpha Delta Pi 342, 343 Alpha Delta Sigma 212 Alpha Epsilon Delta 213 Alpha Epsilon Pi 380, 381 Alpha Epsilon Phi 344, 345 Alpha Gamma Delta 346, 347 Alpha Kappa Alpha 348, 349 Alpha Kappa Lambda 382, 383 Alpha Kappa Psi 214 Alpha Lambda Delta 287 Alpha Omicron Pi 350, 351 Alpha Phi 352, 353 Alpha Phi Tau 215 Alpha Phi Omega 216, 217 Alpha Rho Chi 218, 219 Alpha Tau Omega 384, 385 Alpha Xi Delta 354, 355 Alsina, Susana 254 Al-Sinbili, Mohamed B. K 225, 274 Alspaugh, Virginia Lanier .... i51, 455, 486 Alston, Daniel Spencer 274 Alsup, Ace Hill, III 293, 394, 486 Alsup, Cynthia Kay 470 Nome Allerman, Lyle Henry 294, 414 Althoge, Carol Lynn 292, 356 Altman, Daniel David 422, 562 Airman, Mickey David 414, 486 Al (miller, Ann Marie 340 Alton, William McArthur 562 Altsuler, Carol Ann 344 Alvarodo, Antonio . 197, 229, 334, 534 Alvarez, Aden Aquilino 256, 562 Alvermann, Donna Elaine Mrs 289 Alverson, Linda Mae 534 Alvey, Patrick Joy 408, 534 Alvis, Mary Lue 298, 549 Amocker, Joan Carol .... 173, 180, 289 Amacker, Judy Anne .... 196, 272, 285, 306, 372, 426, 534 Aman, John Franklin 217 Amdur, David Morton 422 Amen, Maria Barbara . . 235, 299, 466, 486 American Association of Architectural Engineers 220 American Institute of Aeronautic and Astronautic Engineers 221 American Institute of Architects .... 222 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 223 American Institute of Interior Design 224 American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers 225 American Marketing Association .... 226 American Society of Civil Engineers 227 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 228 Ames, Dianne 388 Ames, Donald Wesley 386 Ames, Freddie Russell 388 Amescua, Gloria 264, 311, 534 Amirkobirion, I raj . .. 294, 477, 549 Ammons, Barbara Lee 285 Amos, Patrick John 131, 398, 549 Amstater, Richard J 414, 562 Amsteod, B. H 295 Amster, Stephanie H 295 Anber, Faysal A 225 Ander, Annet Susan 289, 486 Anderegg, Candice Jane 360, 562 Anderle, Charles D 529 Anders, Evan Marcus 293, 295 Anders, Gordon Keith 549 Anders, John C 300 Anderson, Allen J 479 Anderson, Andrea Kay 340 Anderson, Anita Kathleen 549 Anderson, Aubrey L 281 Anderson, Bruce Warren . 112, 428, 562 Anderson, Carolyn M 426 Anderson, Charlynn 377, 444 Anderson, Charlynn A. . 196, 306, 356, 534 Anderson, Dale Edwin 534 Anderson, Darlene Ann 534 Anderson, David Edwin 408 Anderson, Diane Marie 534 Anderson, Donald Ludwig, Jr 329 Anderson, Donald Terry 286 Anderson, Franchescia Lee 451 Anderson, Glenn Robert 260 Anderson, Henry Alvah 290 Anderson, Jack W 416 Anderson, James Daffis 412, 562 Anderson, Janis Lyn 342, 534 Anderson, Jean Louise 350 Anderson, Jeffries D 398, 534 Anderson, Jo Ann 486 Anderson, John Louis .... 218, 222, 294, 562 Anderson, Karen E 473 Anderson, Kenneth Donald .... 220, 410, 562 Anderson, Kirk Hudson 246 Anderson, Lorry Paul .... 221, 283, 336 Anderson, Lee Martin 84, 140 , 310 Anderson, Margaret Forrest .... 451, 562 Anderson, Merrill P 339 Anderson, Michael Alton 262 Anderson, Michael Anthony 534 Anderson, Nancy Lee 534 Anderson, Nancy Paule . 194, 275, 287, 376 Anderson, Norma Jean 289 Anderson, Patricia L. .. 273, 311, 366, 534 Anderson, Reba Jane 534 Anderson, Richard Dean 436, 562 Anderson, Richard Floyd 277 Anderson, Richard Lee 549 Anderson, Robbin Bruce 112, 294 Anderson, Robert Edwin 391, 486 Anderson, Robert Hatton 223, 294 Anderson, Ronald Charles 222, 529 Anderson, Sammy Roscoe 426, 534 Anderson, Sharon Ann 264, 311 Anderson, Tanno Dee 408 Anderson, Tyro Kay 340, 562 Anderson, William C 199 Andrews, Alice Lisa 376, 562 Nome Pages Andrews, Carol Margaret 340, 451, 562 Andrews Dormitory 439 Andrews, Kathryn Dtll 444, 549 Andrews, Mary F 221, 368, 534 Andrews, Mary Jane .... 275, 287, 340, 451, 562 Andrews, R onald Elvin 210 Andrews, Stephen Don 211, 534 Angel Flight 337 Angel, Jack Don 220 Angell, Kathleen W 486 Angelo, John Edward 549 Angenend, Paul David .. 176, 197, 217, 402, 486 Angevine, Terry Thomas . 285, 404, 562 Anglin, Sharyn Kaye 441, 534 Ankenman, Decie Dayne 194, 307 Anselin, Patricia K 360, 361, 534 Ansell, Lee V 229, 335 Anthony, Catherine Jane 287, 358, 562 Anthony, Henry W., Ill 214, 332 Anthony, Jamey Dee 364, 534 Anthony, Mary Ann 275, 287, 356, 562 Antrim, Paul Alan 529 Antrobus, Randolph Carter 388 Apolzon, George Thomas, Jr. . 288, 482 Appenbrinlc, William M. . 264, 430, 534 Apperson, Margaret E 215, 549 Appleman, Kay Ann 344 Appley, Ron Abner 562 Appling, Robert D 225 Araujo, Juan B 225 Arbingost, Stanley A 189, 198 Arbogust, Harold Oren, Jr 335 Arce, Joyce E 299 Archer, Elton Webster, Jr 279 Archer, Glenn Dowson 140 Archer, Guerdon William 408, 562 Archer, John Leroy, Jr. . 221, 416, 562 Archer, Sandra Lynn 312, 534 Archibald, Frances Anne 486 Archibald, Stanley B 384 Ardoin, Marc Walter 388, 534 Arena, Mrs. Ollie 334 Arendall, Lawrence B 368, 549 AH edge, Carol Ann 451, 562 Arledge, David Allen 288 Arlitt, Bill Harry 327 Arminana, Ruben 291 Armistead, Ruth Moment 473 Armitage, John Douglas 226 Arms, Sharon Ann 534 Armstead, William Charles 420 Armstrong, Deborah Ann 264, 297, 366 Armstrong, Henrietta J 368 Armstrong, John James 562 Armstrong, Martha Jo 354, 486 Armstrong, Paul Douglas 416, 549 Arnakis, Alexander G ' . 252 Arnakis, Poly Catherine G 252, 549 Arnold Air Society 229 Arnold, Billy Max . 102, 105, 106, 279, 310 Arnold, Candace Elizabeth 440, 562 Arnold, Edwin James 217, 294, 329 Arnold, Franklin Anthony 418 Arnold, Gail 364, 456, 562 Arnold, Gail Ellen . 252, 253, 364, 549 Arnold, Judith Ann 275, 289, 549 Arnold, Merle Reginald, II 246 Arnold, Phillip Allen 264, 430 Arnold, R hoi tan B., Mrs 279, 534 Arnold, Richard Smith 331, 486 Arnold, Walter Dewitt, III 486 Arnold, William Metcalf 482 Arnot, Lyn Sandifer 372, 419 Arnoult, John Timothy 420, 562 Aronoff, Nancy Frances 287 Aronofsky, David Judd 294, 380 Arrendell, Odes Charles 290 Arrington, Julia Ann 462 Arslan, Vedat 225 Arthur, John K. Stuart, II 529 Arthur, Marvin Leon, Jr 245, 333, 534 Arts and Science Council 197 Asaff, Thomas Craig 71 Aschbacher, Linda Mae 455, 549 Ash, Clyde S 216, 223, 529 Ashbel Literary Society 230 Ashburne, J. G 288 Ashford, Gary Allen 220, 392, 562 Ashleman, Eddie Fred, Jr 335 Ashlock, Carlene M 240 Ashmore, Jamile 114 Ashmore, Lear Lee 298 Ashmore, Sherry Marie . 275, 287, 364, 562 Ashurst, Judith D 323 Ashworlh, Charles T 293 Ashworth, Mary Kathryn . 180, 360, 529 Ashworth, Shirliereed 270 Askins, Jill 486 Atchison, Deana Ann 549 Atchison, Paula Karen 456, 562 Atchley, Linda Kay 358, 426, 486 579 Nome Pages Nome Pogej Pages Nome Pages Atessis, William Jomei 81 Athens, Zocharios George 534 Athletics 58-U7 Athon, Merrell A 398 Atkinson, Dee 391 Atkinson, Elizabeth Ann 350, 456 Atkinson, Gardner D., Jr 281, 482 Atkinson, James Durham 222 Atkinson, James Richard 398 Atkinson, Marilyn Sue 562 Atkinson, Robert Dunning 549 Atkinson, Virginia D 224 Atnip, Michael Grant 416, 549 Attal, Fred Eugene 212 Atwood, H. Kirby, Jr 406, 534 Au, Kim Tung 247 Augustus, Kathey Ann Austin, Nancy Lynne Austin, William E Austin, William J Austria, George Cruz Autrey, Jefferson Wyatt Avalos, Alfred Michael Avaneas, Napoleon G Avant, .Fred Allen Avent, Mary Burke M., Mrs. Averett, Gregg Herlong Averitt, Jimmy Curtis . . 293 342 534 196, 378 220, 476 404, 486 300 252 81 417 332, 486 196, 241, 428, 534 Avery, Andrew N 424 Avery, John Sharp 400, 486 Avery, Lucille C 372, 424 Averyt, Jack D., Jr 276, 534 Awty, William Lord 424, 562 Axelrad, Thomas L 398 Axelrod, Robert David 414, 549 Axelrod, Ronald Alan 432, 562 Aycock, Tracy Fehlis 253, 292, Ayers, Anne 360 Ayers, John Harold 486 Ayers, Louis McClellan, Jr 482 Aymond, David King 378 Aymond, Fayanne 364 Ayres, Dorothy 288 Azam-Zangeneh, Firooz 294 Azor, Richard N., II 322, 327, 424 Azar, Robert Edward 424 Azios, Norma Gloria 440, 562 Azios, Sylvia Alicia 486 Baab, Barbara Terry 293 Babel, Louisa C 350 Babetz, Jeffrey Dale 549 Babin, Regina Jane 342, 486 Bachman, Marianne 370 Bachus, Ernest W 262 Backlund, Paul Vincent 309 Backus, Oscar 534 Badosh, Roger L 414 Badeoux, Janet Elizabeth 342 Bader, Marie Kathleen 475 Badger, Evelyn Norton 471 Badger, Theodore Jenkins 335 Badillo, Barbara Bee 471 Badt, Kenneth S 212 Badt, Tina 194, 344, 562 Boer, Linus Lee 71, 303 Baethge, Jonathan Daniel 256, 562 Baetz, Bertrand Oliver, Jr 426, 549 Bagby, John Robin 534 Baggett, K. Candace 293 Baggett, Nancy Jane 370, 549 Baggett, Pamela Anne 249, 486 Bogley, Toffy Diane 287, 456 Bagwell, Louis Lee, Jr. . 131, 398, 549 Bahm, Stephen C 424, 534 Bailey, Alden Olin, Jr 264 Bailey, Corl Ray 247 Bailey, Donald Kenneth 486 Bailey, Jan Elaine 534 Bailey, Janet 251, 534 Bailey, Kathleen Frances 455 Bailey, Lauren Jane 352 Bailey, Mary Love 194 Bailey, Patricia Lynn 295, 486 Bailey, Sharon Lizabeth 311 Bailey, William Tansley . 288, 295, 302 Bain, Beverly Ann 456, 562 Bain, Sheri Gwyn 374 Bair, Deborah Ann 376 Baird, Albert W., Ill 247 Boird, Ann Cathryn 335, 337, 366, 486 Boird, Glen Milton 486 Baird, James Melvin 394, 562 Baird, Morion Williams 333 Baird, Sherry Key 194, 306, 562 Baity, Russell W 424, 534 Baker, Allan Ross .. 181, 264, 284, 486 Baker, Ann Russell 372, 562 Baker, Bess Heflin 372, 401, 449 Baker, Bruce Addilan 436, 562 Baker, Catherine G 234, 368 Baker, Charles E 222, 326, 534 Baker, David Anthony 477, 562 Baker, David Louii 562 Baker, David Louis 430, 534 Baker, David Mitchell 214, 486 Baker Donald Floyd 232, 477 Baker, Edwin Wesley 325, 562 Baker, Everett Baker, Gilbert L Baker, Isabel Catherine Baker, James Louis 294, Baker, Jeffrey Roth Baker, Joel D 402, Baker, John Christian, III Baker, John H Baker, Keith M Baker, Kelly Lynn 106, 310, Baker, Margaret Anne 297, 364, Baker, Milton Leslie Baker, Ola Mae 372, Baker, Paula Ann Boker, Rex G., Jr Baker, Robert Carlos 296, 301, Baker, Robert H., Jr Baker, Sallie M 235, Baker, Thomas Bennett, Jr Baker, Thomas Lyle Baker, Master St. Tony Baker, Wes Bakst, Barry Sloan Bolas, Stephen K 268, Balch, Gordon Robert Baidridge, Vicki Elaine 364, Baldwin, Charles R 394, Baldwin, Elizabeth Gray 372, Baldv Baldv in, Baldwin, Janetta Howard G., Jr, Jack Timothy 293, Baldv, Baldvt John Clyde John M 286, 303, Baldwin, Kenneth E., Jr. Baldwin, Linda Anne 368, 421, Baldwin, Louis Grundy, II .... 386, Baldwin, Lynne Juedeman Baldwin, Roy Allen 81, 140, Baldwin, Stanley Forrest Baldwin, Susan A. Osterhaus Baldwin, Thomas Oakley Bale, Edward Lewis, III Balentine, James S Bales, Gregory Char I ton 81, Boles, John W Boles, Nancy Jean Bolfe, Ann McKinstry 346, Balke, Renean Barkley, Paula Jean Balkon, William Joseph Ball, James Westley 388, Ball, Jimmy Lee Ball, Lana Jo Ball, Meredith Ball, Sam Hartwell, III Ball, Suellen 456, Ball, Thomas K Bollard, James W Bollard, John Michael 245, Bollard, Nancy Joanne Ballases, Emmanuel Thomas Ballew, Elizabeth Jane . . 289, 358, Bellinger, Philip Robert, Jr. .. 294, Ballman, Ann Margaret 250, Balogh, Linda Sue Baltazar, Joe Andres, Jr 254, Boltz, Sylvia C Baltzer, Ann Susan 451, Balzen, John Paul Balzersen, Jack Hansen Bamberger, Nancy Jean 289, Bancroft, Kay Lynn 364, Bandy, Cynthia Ann Bandy, Judy Ann 235, Bane, Patricia Anne B., Mrs Banks, Charlotte Lee 289, 342, Banks, Jerome R 286, Banks, Julia Ann Bonks, Thomas Gray, III 247, Banks, Virginia Anne 350, flanks, William Roy 260, 264, Bankson, Lewis Martin, III Bankston, Joyce Marie Bannerot, James A Banton, Gloria Ann Baptist Student Union Borab, Helene 307, Barasch, Arlene Lee Borasch, Constance Sue Barazi, Mouhamed Bassam .... 274, Barber, William Wayne Barbies, Larry Drew 394, Barbour, David Alexander 406, Barbour, Henry Hamilton Barbutti, Ronald V 222, Barclay, Anne Lomax Bard, Douglas Thornton Barefield, Judith Karen . 180, 194, Barenblat, Sharon Lee Barentine, Bix Powell Barfoot, Douglas A Barg, Robert Dean 264, Barger, Robert William Barham, David Wayne Borham, Jonathan Mack Barker, Alvin Wayne Barker, Charles Edward Barker, Forrest A Barker, Howard Gray, Jr 386, Barker, Norman Robert, Jr Barker, Patrick Austin Barker, Robert Glenn Barkley, Daniel A Barkley, Edward John 318, 283 247 462 476 562 534 216 449 303 486 562 328 549 475 33 486 402 270 562 487 322 283 422 529 223 549 534 534 549 295 352 487 331 562 487 562 293 279 549 482 487 391 309 562 261 293 562 346 346 214 562 . 71 368 295 428 562 386 534 331 352 386 534 562 534 455 314 280 562 534 293 487 456 384 549 529 549 330 534 256 562 529 476 287 313 549 231 362 319 549 487 562 562 549 482 305 376 529 342, 435 344 264 223 534 487 262 420 562 326 115 534 410 562 549 418 534 Barkley, Jane 288, 295 Barkley, Janet Sue 291 , 534 Barkley, Judith Ann 534 Barkley, Paula Jean 440, 487 Barlemay, Susan Elaine 257 Barlow, Donald Eugene 408 Barnard, Barbara Ann . . . . 354, 411, 549 Barnard, Carol 344 Barnard, Herbert Joseph, Jr, . 218, 430, 529 Barnard, Jerry Allen 487 Barnard, Karen E 356, 534 Barnard, Peggy Elizabeth 340, 562 Barnard, William Robert 410 Barnebey, Suzanne Kay 236, 289 Barnes, Beth Anne . 306, 338, 350, 449, 549 Barnes, Bettie B 352 Barnes, Bonnie Jean 240, 354, 562 Barnes, Cinda Melane 456, 264 Barnes, Daniel T. Monroe 562 Barnes, David Warren 426, 477 Barnes, Elizabeth Ann 376, 562 Barnes, Franklin David 315 Barnes, James W 236 Barnes, Sherry Lee 306, 465, 549 Barnes, Stephanie Ann 453, 562 Barnes, William Roy, Jr 408, 534 Barnett, Berle T 229, 335 Barnett, Carol Ann 346, 534 Barnett, Cecelia Elizabeth .... 453, 562 Barnett, Jerry Leland 487 Barnett, Kay Lynn 439 Barnett, Ronald C 142 Barnett, Thomas H., Ill 322, 328 Barney, Ronald E 235 Barnhart, Marie Adele 360 Barnhart, Robert Joel 211, 487 Barnhart, Whitney Alison 354 Barnhill, Betty Louise 534 Barnhitl, Donna K. B 291 Baron, Frederick Martin . 414, 415, 487 Baron, Kenneth D 339, 380 Borr, Douglas Eugene 534 Borr, Gary Stephen 562 Barr, Richard Stuart 302, 388, 482 Barr, Susan Gayle 562 Barra, Thomas Charles 239, 534 Barraga, Karen J 272 Barrage, Natalie Carter 200 Barras, Roger Edward 201 , 228 Barrera, Eduardo D 487 Barrera, Eladio Lopez 277, 477 Barrera, Norma Gonzalez 455, 549 Barrett, David Leslie 487 Barrett, Emily Elizabeth 275, 287, 451, 562 443 288 270 278 Barrett, Freddie L Barrett, William B Barrington, Gayle Horn . Barrington, Wayne R. ... Barren, Doris Jean 354, 440, 562 Barren, Kenneth G ene 487 Barron, Michael 443, 534 Barren, Michael Monroe 404, 534 Barron, Samuel Patrick 534 Barrow, Charles W., Jr 222, 260, 262, 529 Barry, Bryan W 115, 303, 420, 534 Barry, Charles Estes 534 Barry, Sallie Jane 368, 487 Barsalou, Catherine Renee .... 194, 356 Bartek, David Jerry 260, 264, 266 Bartholomew, Thomas J 476 Bartlemay, Susan E 257, 529 Bartlett, Cheryl Kelly, Mrs. . . 280, 487 Bartlett, Joseph K., Jr 436, 562 Bartlett, Michael W 262 Bartley, Patricia Ann 562 Bartmess, Geary, III 562 Bartning, Carlos Eduardo 549 Barto, Morris Lynn 328 Barton, Alton Keith 336, 382, 534 Barton, Betty Drury 372 Barton, Carolyne 352. Barton, Jan C 534 Barton, Joyce . 274, 221, 260, 264, 266 Barton, Leona Suzanne 534 Barton, Margaret 354 Barton, Nancy Earle 314, 456, 562 Barton, Woody 220 Bartosch, Gerald Lloyd 114 Bartosh, llene Ann 456, 562 Barlosh, Jerolyn 314, 562 Bartosh, Kathryn Mary 441, 487 Bartosh, Kenneth J 384, 529 Barlschmid, Betty Rains 354, 562 Barziza, Joel Henry 562 Bash, Vincent Clarence 408, 562 Boskin, Michael Olon 293, 487 Boss, Peggy Marilyn 253 Boss, Robert Lee, III 295, 301 Bass, Suzanne 453, 549 Bassist, Harry Abe 414 Batemon, Patricia Y 197 Bates, Bobby Lynn 549 Bates, David Earl 211, 264, 454 Bates, Garth Charles, Jr 420, 562 Bates, Ira Irving 404, 563 Bates, James P 229, 335 Bates, Lawrence W 291 Bates, Luther Emerson, Jr 563 Bates, Roy Eugene 166, 174, 189, 198, 273, 288, 295, 487 Batman, Jack Anthony 418, 549 Balson, Douglas Allen . . 335, 398, 549 Batson, Robert Wayne 216, 549 Batten, John Griffin 408 Battle, Frederick Waddy, Jr 487 flaucum, Carlton E 402 Baucum, Jane 487 Bauer, Howard Gibbs 384 Bauer, Paulette Gwen .... 271, 354, 487 Bauer, Sally 297, 440, 563 Bauer, Sammy Gene 563 Bauer, Thomas Lloyd 115 Bauer, W. H 21 Baugh, Ivan Wesley 233, 237, 238, 241 Baugh, Linda Gozelle 465, 549 Baugh, Philip Dupont 549 Baughn, Marilyn Lee 350, 487 Bauknight, Stella Lynn 529 Bourn, Carolyn Jean 362 Baumon, Helen A 423 Baumgardner, Shelly Kay 342 Baumstark, Catherine .... 200, 352, 534 Baw, Robert Allen 418, 487 Baxter, Carol Frances 264, 563 Baxter, Cynthia Lee 487 Baxter, Joseph W., Jr 293 Bayless, William David, Jr 416 Boyliss, James Milward 294 Bayliss, Susan Jeanette 451, 563 Bayliss, Susan Joan 376, 549 Baylor, David W 273, 534 Bayne, Howard Mark 335 Bazaldua, Gilbert 534 Bazaman, Harvey 294, 432, 563 Bazaman, Herman 239 Beach, Charlene Marie 314 Beach, Stephen Anthony 412 Beachy, Morris J. .. 233, 234, 235, 238 Beadle, Patricia Fay 487 Beal, Bruce Wayne 294 Beal, Michael Smith 487 Beoll, Pamela R 360, 534 Bealle, John Forte 386 Bealor, Barbora Anne 350, 534 Beomer, Doris June Wolfe 257, 487 Beamer, George Charles, Jr 482 Beamguard, Addie Lou . 275, 287, 451, 563 Bean, Allan Klark 229, 335, 529 Bean, Robbie Dee 436, 563 Bean, William Charles 563 Beard, Cheryl Ann 356 Beard, David Glenn 392, 563 Beard, James Key 247 Beard, Walter E 400 Bearden, Jackie Lee 358, 549 Bearden, Julia Margaret Bearden, Paul Joseph . . Bearden, Robert Earl . . Beasley, Anita Jane . . . Beasley, Blanche Elaine Beasley, Eleanor Corless 180, 196, 376, 377, 487 Beatty, Margaret Eugenia 372 Beaty, Claire 287, 368, 563 194, 275, 354, 287 430, 549 335 223, 287, 346 .... 455, 549 166, 174, Beaty, William R. Beauduy, John Albert Beaver, Judith Lynn .. Beaver, Pamela Ann . . Beavers, Diana Claire Beavers, Lynne Adair . 426, 534 264 199, 202, 249, 487 298, 356 . 376, 451, 563 370, 371, 426, 487 563 280, 487 435, 549 85 Beazley, Betty Glenn . . . Beazley, Mary Gene .... Bebb, David Edwin Becerra, Alejandro Bechlel, Daniel R 426, 534 Bechtold, Mary Jane 340, 549 Beck, Charles Edward .. 223, 294, 436, 563 Beck, David Drew 487 Beck, Donald Glenn 394 Beck, Linda Jean 307, 465, 549 Beck, Reatha Coleen 453 Beck, Richard Earl 202, 258, 487 Becka, Marilynn 549 Becker, Bea Ann 314, 462 Becker, Gary Lloyd 418, 549 Becker, Heleen Susan 374 Becker, Jomes David 247, 296 Becker, Marc Irwin 380 Becker, Margaret A 338, 364, 535 Becker, Mary Ellen 549 Becker, Ruth Ellen 250, 535 Beckey, Sylvia Louise 469, 470, 487 Beckham, Barbara Jane 342, 563 Beckman, Darla Mae 250 Beckoff, Robert Gene 422 Beckstrand, Peggy Lynn 372 Beckwith, Shirley Ellen 487 Bedell, Dorothy Ferrell 487 Bedoya, Daniel 246 Beeler, Mary Blake 370, 399, 535 Beeler, Park lyl 286 Beene, James Lynn 227 Beene, Nancy Sue 364, 487 Beene, Steven Earl 563 Beere, Charles Webster 227, 487 Beery, David Louis 549 Beery, Jennifer 401 Beesley, Reece 360, 408 Beesley, Wade Hampton, III . 408, Beeson, Peter G 428 Begeman, Myron Louis 295 Behal, Eugene Frank 331 , 563 580 Behrens, Joleen Koy Bein, Beverly Hedda Bein, Bryna Joyce . 200, 289, Beinke, Charlene Lois Beisenherz, Robert L Belew, Marjorie Dale Belk, Elizabeth .... 66, 194, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Brenda Lynn . . Charlotte Rotan Clifford E David Bradford Donna Yvonne . F. Kelly Jenna Lou .... Jo Anne Lexie Ann Linda Faye . . . Linda Kay Malinda Ann . . Mary Catherine Morris P Nancy Elizabeth Nathan J., IV . 205, 290, .. 289 214, Bell, Rodney Linton, III Bell, Sammy Charles Bell, Stephen William Bell, Suzan Gail .. 182, 269, Bell, Thomas B Bellamy, Alan David Bellamy, Michael M Bellard, Emory Bellinghausen, Donna Ann Bellmonl, L. T Belote, William Earl Belt, Jane A. G Belt, Terry Lee Belt, William T 27, Belton, Ethel Belton, Judson D., Mrs Benavides, Arabella D Benavides, Manuel, III Benavides, Mary Jo Benavides, Rosalinda 290, Benavides, William Benda, Betty Ann Bendele, Marvin J Bender, Craig Kavanaugh Bender, Michael Louis Benecke, Betty Anne 364, Benedict, Barry Kirk Benge, Linda Teresa .... 307, Benitez, Garza Jaime Bennett, Calvin, Jr 189, Bennett, Dan David Bennett, Diana Kay Bennett, Donald Neill Bennett, Donna Kay Bennett, Douglas F 327, Bennett, Evelyn Bennetl, George A Bennett, James R 217, Bennett, John Overton Bennett, Louanna Kay Bennett, Ora A Bennett, Paul James Bennett, Ruby Jewel Bennett, Sharon Lillian Bennight, Kenneth L., Jr Benson, Lt. Col. Karl, Jr Bentch, Leonard Herman Bentley, Michael Warren Benton, Beth Ramsey Bentsen, Lan Chase Bentsen, Rebecca Ann .... 370 Bentson, Dorys Elizabeth Berg, Cory Peter Berg, Charles Morton Berg, Jo Ann Bergen, Joyce Annette Berger, William E 212, Bergfeld, Elizabeth B Bergfield, Betty Bergman, Betsy Maurice . 194, Bergman, Edith Gazelle Bergman, Michael William .... Bergman, Phyllis Estes Bergman, Wallace D Bergmann, Harriet Ann Bergquisf, Ronald Edward Bergstrom, Joan .... 269, 372, Bergstrom, Neva Joy Berk, Lawrence S Berke, Karen Ann 234, Berkman, Larry Gene Berliner, Barbara Jon Berliner, Edward Charles Berman, Leslie Nancy .... 249, Bermea, Eiffel Yadir 225, Bernardoni, Stephen Louis . . . . Bernat, Marc Philip Bernat, Richard Alan Berndt, Karen Ann Berne, Jomes Eric Bernhardt, Charles F., Jr Bernhardt, Karen Ruth Bernstein, Allan Lee Bernstein, Miriam Etta Bernstein, Richard Lee .. 288, Bernstein, Sharon Kaye Pages . 453, 563 362 295, 362, 488 563 210 370 269, 293, 368, 488 48 368 227 400 387 420 316, 366 315, 488 287 279 456, 549 289, 358 455, 549 231 293 286, 322, 323, 327 295 202, 488 214 272, 306, 362, 535 291 488 189, 194 . 71, 279 451, 563 612 247, 296 413, 535 327, 412 196, 282 396 397 257, 535 549 535 295, 316 271 358 71 430 432, 488 453, 563 549 360, 456, 563 304 273, 282, 402, 549 276, 535 535 535 549 396, 549 338 247 247, 535 242 488 306 535 348, 470 1 94 331 334 488 488 441, 563 339, 462 426, 549 440 535 260 254 366, 563 239, 549 549 372 287, 344 287, 297 478, 563 352, 549 227 287 334, 488 373, 488 440, 549 422 439, 563 131, 402 344 414 374, 535 335, 549 482 414 414, 488 249, 316 146 260, 262 374, 535 432, 549 362, 549 295, 488 374, 488 Name Pages Bernstein, William Henry 422, 563 Berrey, Barbara L 535 Berry, Carolyn Quin 249, 549 Berry, Ll. Charles Lewis, Jr. . 245, 330 Berry, James Alan 428, 549 Berry, Jerry Lee 326, 563 Berry, Margaret 28, 287 Berry, William C 217, 327, 535 Berry, Woody Lynn 549 Berson, Charles V.P., Jr 400, 549 Berlin, John J 301 Bertoia, Arthur Robert, Jr 418 Best, Thomas A 424, 488 Betta Gamma Sigma 288 Beta Theta Pi 386 387 Bethune, Jack M 212 Betin, Barbara Ruth 563 Bettge, Carol Lynn 366, 441, 549 Belts, Howard Terrell 426, 549 Belts, James Lee 214, 549 Beutel, A. P 302 Beverage, David G 210 Beverage, Jennie Larson 292, 488 Beverly, Barbara Ann 563 Beyer, Beverly Jane 563 Beynon, Judith Estelle 488 Bible, Jonathan David 112, 563 Bibo, John Craighead . . 283, 326, 424, 563 Bickerstaff, Robert S 336 Bickley, John S 288 Biderman, Linda Alice 344, 549 Bierner, Mark W 197, 293 Biesemeier, Harold W., Jr 245, 331 Bigger, Mildred Anne 307, 370 Biggs, Jerry Davis 402, 549 Biqgs, Money Jill 234, 270 Biggs, Nelda Jo 455 Biqgs, Neva Morgan 289 Billetler, David Charles 488 Billings, Jane Ellen 194, 356, 465 549 Billingsley, Nancy Louise 272, 275, 287, 451, 488 Bills, Sharon Jane 549 Bily, Jerry Allen 114 Binder, Alice Ruth 453, 563 Bindursky, Eve Elizabeth 344 Bing You, Harry Louie 535 Bingham, Annette 208 Bingham, Vernon Jarrell 198, 488 Binion, Mary Sidney 314, 438, 453 Binney, John S 424 Bird, Alan Ross 488 Bird, William Lightner, Jr 549 Birdwell, Betty Ann 194, 272, 282, 366, 440 Birdwell. John David, III 406 Birdwell, Lloyd Willis, Jr 173, 248 Birdwell, Raymond S., Jr 488 Birdwell, Robert Rankin 294 406 Birdwell, William R 196, 273 313 394, 535 Bires, Stephen Lawrence, Jr 563 Birnbaum, Linda Jean 344 Birnbaum, Robert Jay 432, 535 Birnberg, Gerald Mark 288, 295 Bischoff, Mary Ethel 549 Bischofs, Susanne Carol 336, 337, 445, 549 Bishop, Anna Lee 470 Bishop, Clifford Joe 391, 549 Bishop, George S 404, 405, 488 Bishop, Gerald Knox .... 229, 283, 334, Name Pages Nome Pages Bishop, Hugh Edwin Bishop, Nelda Rose Bishop, Pamela Ouida . . . Bishop, Randy Mack Bishop, Ray Me Claren . . Bissett, Thomas Edward . Bivens, William Edward, Bizzell, Suzanne Marie . . Black, Barbara McManus . Black, Catharine Durand . Black, Catherine Lamont Black, Meredith Leon Black, Robert C Block, Sharla Jane Blackburn, Jomes B., Jr. Blackburn, Sue Lynn .... Blackburn, Susan J Blockerby, Jackie Dell . . . Blackerby, James Lester . Blackford, Nancy Beth . . . Blacklock, Ward T Blackman, Ralph G., Jr. . Blackshear, Jack Colbert . Blackstone, Sam Neal, Jr. 488 476 . . . . 289, 488 549 406 549 529 II 295 456, 563 289 376 368 35, 106 535 289 303, 404, 405 264, 272, 311, 323, 488 200, 358 287 488 488 283, 327, 435, 549 398, 535 430, 535 . . . . 202, 276, 529 376 271 Blackwell, Mary Maurine Blackwell, Theodore I., Jr. ... Blair, Betty Carol 549 Blair, Culverson E 535 Blair, Gloria Jean 549 Blair, James Scott 388 Blair, Sonny 550 Blair, Stephen S 373 Blair, Wynne Allen 480, 550 Blaising, Craig Alan 221, 563 Blake, Linda Joyce Bedrin 413, 488 Bloke, Patricia Ella 475 Blakley, Robert Dwain 391 Blalock, Loleta 45) Blanchette, James G., Jr 33 Blanco, Lawrence E 563 Bland, David C 406 Bland, Jackson Martin 246 Bland, Kathleen Lomax . 307, 368, 563 Bland, Mary Mozelle 342, 550 Blank, Charles E 412 Blankenbaker, Rose Anne 364, 535 Blankenship, Linda Ann . 314, 451, 550 Blankert, Ross Richard 271 Blankfield, Mark Wulfahrt 414 Blanks, Charles F., Jr 461 Blanks, Dan Harve 180, 196, 273, 313, 339, 428, 529 Blann, Elizabeth Carol 488 Blanton Dormitory 440 Blanton, Keith Lyle 563 Blanton, Nancy 194, 376, 563 Blass, Pamela 535 Blott, Rowena 362 Blauser, Gregory Lee 412, 563 Bleakly, John S., Jr 235 Bledsoe, Barbara Ann 397, 440, 488 Bleich, Thomas Arthur 217 Bleiweiss, Sheldon D 216 Bleker, Maurine Louise 488 Blend, Stuart Marvin 432, 563 Blinderman, Joseph 208 Bliss, Robert Deveneau 216, 550 Blissett, Marian 295 Block, Elaine Woodley 356 Block, Margery L 344 Block, Marilynn 194, 344, 563 Blodgett, Stephen Daniel 332 B ' ohm, Carlind Emmett 535 Blohm, Pamela Mary 352 Bloodworth, James Leslie 563 Bloom, Barry M 322, 327, 529 Bloom, Eileen Marie 456 Bloom, Madalyn Beth 344 Bloom, Myron Earl 380 Bloom, Sheldon A 301 Blount, Carol Lea 430, 535 Blount, Michael Eugene 426, 563 Blum, Andrew Charles 418, 563 Blum, J. Gebhard 296, 301 Blum, Lester 488 Blumberg, Gary Bruce 414 Blume, Eileen Fay 364, 488 Blume, Martha Kay 364, 488 Blumenthal, Mark 303, 414 Blumrich, Brenda Nell 354 488 Blunk, William David 33, 22, 189 Boatright, David M 264 Bobbitt, Jay Charles 396, 550 Bobo, Carolyn Gail 264, 550 Bobo, Michael Stanford 428 Boddeker, Janice Sue 354, 413, 550 Boddy, H. Macon 33 Boddy, Macon Clark 394 Bode, Charles William, Jr 488 Bodenhomer, Susan Dee 338 Bodiford, Claudia Susan 356 Bodin, William A 400 Bodner, Emanuel 380 Bodner, Karen Elaine 374, 563 Bodoin, Mrs. Rex 457 Bodzin, Steven Frank 380 Boecker, Barbara Jane 488 Boecker, Barry Jomes Boecker, Donna Eileen 453 Boehl, John Elmo 247 Boenig, Gilbert Edwin, Jr 276, 489 Boenig, Lorry R 271, 276, 535 Boenisch, David Eugene 489 Boethel, Martha Frances 287 Boettcher, Jack Roland 550 Boettcher, Randie Kaye 454 Bogan, Joe Billy 106 Bogart, Kerry K 337, 340, 535 Bogel, Thomas A 227, 286, 331 Boger, Allen D., Jr 247, 296 Boger, Doris Jean 376 Boggs, Mary Alleen 298 Bohlmann, Genevieve 370 Bohlmann, Hans Wright 400 Bohman, Sonja Bernice 356 Bohmfalk, Christian F 239 Bohnn, Bonnie Ann 408 Bohuslav, Georgia 240 Boland, Hoyden Edward 460, 482 Baland, Michael Lee 327, 550 Bold, Harold Charles 295 Bold, Sheila Lynne 451, 563 Bolf, Elizabeth Rose 271, 473 Bolinger, Carole Jane 261 Bellinger, Ronald Clint . 220, 232, 477 Bollmeier, Warren S., II 221, 229, 260, 264, 266, 334 Bolton, William Ross 402, 563 Bolton, Zorenn Segal 295 Bomar, Charlotte Ann 340, 563 Bonar, Lex 563 Bond, Betsy Meredith Levin, Mrs. . 235, 489 Bond, Cothy Lynn 360 Bond, Joe John, III 384 Bond, Mary Gloria 307 Bond, Sally Jane 550 Bonds, Edward Lee 489 Bone, Cecil Lee 294 Bone, Marcus Roland 392, 550 Bonelli, Antoinette 270 Boner, Richard Elwood 489 Boni, James Michael 424 Bonilla, Ruben, Jr 284, 489 Bonjean, Charles, Dr 203 Bonner, Bryce Eugene .... 218, 222, 489 Bonner, David C 211, 223, 296 Bonner, Julie Ann 275, 287, 563 Bonner, Martha Gail 287, 455 Bonner, Norman M., Jr 273 Bonner, Robin Marie 384 Booher, Glen Franklin 71 Book, Wayne John 529 Booker, Patricia A 470, 529 Boon, Jomes C., II 210, 303, 418, 535 Boone, Dorris Evelyn 358, 563 Boone, Jomes Leroy, III 563 Boone, Kathleen Florence 370, 535 Boone, William P 406, 535 Boortz, Charles Craighill Lucas .... 320, 333, 428, 550 Boortz, Mary E 289, 354 Booth, Florida Tunstall 340 Booth, Mrs. H. C 359 Booth, Jomes Michael 426 Boothe, Robert Lawson 115 Boothe, Terry Eugene 71, 489 Boozer, Katherine L 251, 489 Borchers, Emmie Louise 489 Borchers, Mary Lou 535 Borchers, Roydean Susan 563 Borden, Robert Barclift 285, 428 Borden, Robert Christian 563 Borden, Robert Kent 489 Borden, Tony Gayle 239, 563 Boren, Carl Leslie 332, 550 Borgeson, Charles L., Jr 386, 535 Borgfeld, Cynthia Cecelia 287 Boring, Dixie Lynn 370, 489 Boring, Patricia Anne 223, 489 Born, Charles Henry 250 Bornet, Edward Paul 489 Borns, She! la 470 Barrett, Bruce Cain 328 Borron, Donna Lea 455 Bosquez, Mateo G 271 , 535 Boss, Steven Sprague .... 112, 166, 201, 221, 296, 301, 310, 394 Bosse, Gene R 296, 301 Bostick, Francis X 247 Boston, Carolyn Alfredia 289 Boston, Linda Mary 356 Boston, Martha Lou 194, 234, 287, 356, 563 Boswell, Billy Wayne 529 Boswell, John David 283, 327, 482 Boswell, Mary Cynthia 358, 535 Bottoni, Don Jon 276, 277 Botts, Chyrell 356 Bouchard, Patrick Edward 424, 563 Bouck, Grant Stephen 328 Boudoin, Ernest Sheldon 563 Bounds, Nancy M 360 Bounds, Paul Stewart 325 Bourg, Oscar A natole, Jr 424 Bourgoyne, Adam T., Jr 225 Bovello, Elizabeth Rose 295 Bowden, Cindy 200, 338, 368 Bowden, Lucinda L 338, 535 Bowden, Thomas Henri 301 Bowdon, Roger Allen 284, 550 Bowen, Angelia Jean 563 Bowen, Donna Jo Bowen, Earl A Bowen, Jennielou A Bowen, Joyce Marie .... Bowen, Kathryn Anita ... Bowen, Lewis Love, III . Bowen, Robert Glen .... Bowen, Samuel Floyd .... Bowen, Sandra Elizabeth Bower, Bonita Louise .... Bowers, Gary Lynn Bowers, Mary E Bowers, Patricia Kay .... Bowersock, David Michael Bowie, Robert A., II Bowles, David R Bowles, James Richard . . . Bowles, Patricia Carroll . Bowman, Gus Booty Bowman, John H Bowman, Nolan Eugene . Bowman, Robert T Bowman, Russell B., Jr. . . Bowman, Thomas Gray Bowman, Wayne Franklin, Bowyer, Carolton H. Bowyer, Ronald Mac Box, Bonnie Beth . . . Box, Jerry Dale 289 535 535 289 358 535 550 384, 563 563 257, 473, 529 550 289, 464, 535 489 406, 550 326, 384 402, 535 279, 535 289 420 305 477 404, 535 404, 563 286, 303, 331 424, 550 28 303, 420 563 180, 184, 189, 248, 273 Boyoki, Walter Louis 336 Boyce, John Vincent 563 floyd, Deborah Ruth 366 Boyd, Joe Bill 535 Boyd, John Ronald : 430 Boyd, Kathleen Beverly 550 Boyd, Lewis F 246, 460, 489 Boyd, Monroe B., Jr 236, 264, 529 Boyd, Scott Ward 71, 489 Boyd, Stephen 334 539 Boyd, William Priddy 194, 416, 563 Bayer, Robert S 293 Boyer, Walter Joseph . . 214, 260, 264 266, 535 :. 581 Norn Pages Norn Pages Nome Pages Nome Pages Boylin, Randall R 31? Boyle, Paul Kay 489 BoylM, David Howard . . 313, 392, 489 Boyle., Kay .. 167, 269, 295, 598, 489 Bozarth, Sharon Sue 456, 550 Bono, Philip, Jr 402, 563 Braband, Baxter James 81 Brocher, Antoinette 206, 306, 366, Bracht, Anderson H 386, 535 Brackeen, Carolyn Ann 309 Bracken, David Lee 396, 535 Brackenridge, Genie 180 Bracy, Andrea Lew 356 Bradbury, Walter Wayne 225, 489 Braddy, Robert Wayne 489 Braden, Gail 372, 563 Broden, Joyce Irene 264, 563 Bradley, Charles Clifton 223, 563 Bradley, Mary Elizabeth 354 Bradley, Samuel 140 Bradley, William C 71, 303, 310 Brashaw, Floyd Thomas 261 Brodshaw, John Tryon, Jr 85 Bradshaw, Mary Catherine 289, 550 Bradshaw, Melonie M 453, 563 Brodshaw, Priscilla C 563 Brady, James Patrick 333, 489 Brady, Samuel D 216 Broeuer, Don Allen 396, 535 Bragdon, Susan Frances 563 Bragg, Roy Gene 246 Brake, Stephen Charles 402, 563 Braley, Deborah Kay 262 Braly, Linda Kay 358, 550 Brame, Joel Lynn 71, 313 Bramlett, Rebecca Ann . 275, 287, 453, 563 Bramson, Wendy 344 Branam, William Wally 550 Brand, Marjorie Lynn 1 94 Brandenberger, Lynn E 451, 563 Brandenburg, Barbara llene . . 468, 471 Brandenburg, Karen Ann 469, 471, 489 Brandimarte, Alfred Paul 378, 489 Brandner, Susan 356 Brandon, William R 245, 330, 489 Brandt, Bonnie Lee Ann 271, 550 Brandt, Dorothy P 295 Brandt, Floyd S 302 Brandt, Kathleen Louise 356, 550 Brandt, Linda Sue 344 Brand . Robert L 388 Branhom, Ernest Joe 478 Brannan, Bortley Troy 550 Bronnon, Carol Lynette 364, 535 Brannon, Linda loraine . 275, 453, 550 Brannon, Ted Charles, Jr 210, 535 Branscombe, Teresa Jane 199, 298 Bransom, Betty J 226, 535 Bronstetter, Burton C 296, 301 Bronstetter, Reagan Ecil 550 Brant, Phillip Gabriel 422, 535 Brantley, Barbara Kay 342 Braselton, James T., Jr. Braselton, Linda Adair 372 Brashear, Barbara Anne 535 Brassard, Raymond M 284 Brauer, Charles E 283, 328 Brauer, Karl Henry, II 288 Broun, Eleanor Jane 489 Braun, Jo Lynn 360 Brounagel, Mary Anne 489 Brauner, lonnie, Jr 229, 334 Braunig, Christine Marie 451, 563 Brawley, Betty Gay 338, 346 Browner, Sandra Rene 342 Bray, Christopher Davis . 167, 180, 184, 196, 273, 313, 384, 489 Breord, Harold Anthony, Jr. .. 222, 535 Breckenridge, John Ross 222 Bredthauer, Kurt Johann 262 Breeman, Ann Marcia 344, 563 Breen, Karen Lee 251, 455, 489 Breese, Teunisse V 360, 401, 535 Bremer, Katherine Ann 550 Brenan, Michael S 187 Brender, Arthur Jahn, Jr 310, 396, 460, 489 Brender, Mary Estelle .... 287, 297, 563 Brett, Nancy Jo 194 Brett, John 331 Brewer, Charles William 535 Brewer, Marion W 23 Brewer, William Louis .. 194, 282, 396, 550 Brewer, William Masan 388, 563 Brian, Reba Jeanette 232, 364. 489 Brian, Specialist 1st Class Wm. J. . 322 Brice, Patrick Joseph 386, 563 Bricker. Douglas G 535 Bridges, ternic C 249 Bridget. Robert Ashe 406 Bridges. Vicki Valelo 354 Bridgewater, Robin lee 563 trier, Michael A 414, 535 Briggs, Cheryl Lynn 354, 563 (riggs, Curtis G 327. 420, 529 Iriggs, John Elliott 325, 436, 563 Briggs, Lorraine E 455 Briggs, Michael Jeffrey 225 Bnggs, William Michael 277 Brigham, Deborah Joyce 499 Bright, Martha Carol 535 Bright, Robert Lawrence 211, 223 Brightman, Anno 224, 292 Brightman, Thomas Oswell 180 Brightwell, ' Emily 366, 451, 563 Brigman, James Valgene 220 Brill, Judy Jo Ann 340, 341 Brim, lue Rochelle , 469, 475, 489 Brimberry, Virginia N 529 Brimberry, Woodrow M. . 202, 276, 529 Brindley, G. V., Jr Brindley. Mace Lain Brink, Calli Brinkman, Charles Barton . . Brinkman, Sandra Marie . . . Brinson, Austin Neal, Jr. .. Brisbin, Robert Edward, Jr. Briseno, Arthur G. Britt, Barbara Lynn Britt, John Mark . . Britt, Judith L Broaddus, James A. Broadus, Jerry Ray 33 .... 406 350, 563 .. 489 .... 470 .... 247 246, 529 256 439, 563 436, 550 196 269, 272, 337, 376 .... 227, 286, 331, 535 264 Brochstein, Stephen Lars 327, 432, 550 Brock, James R 242 Brock, John Martin 550 Brock, John R 313, 384, 535 Brock, Paula Dale 262 Brock, Robert J 211 Brockette, Betty Sue 550 Brackhaus, Johann C 454 Brockmon, Larry Dean 35 Brody, Stephen H 303 Brokow, Deborah Ann 455, 550 Broline, Nancy Daniel 2? Bronslein. Martin David 432 Brooking, Carl Garland ' ... 294, 563 Brooking, Laura Jean 366, 535 Brookner, Steven Joseph 294, 414 Brooks, Amy Jill 456 Brooks, Annie Melinda .. 358, 451, 550 Brooks, Beki 368, 458 Brooks, Benjamin Acie, III .. 198, 398, 563 Brooks, Bertha Nell 489 Brooks, Beverly Ann 449, 489 Brooks, Carolyn 342, 529 Brooks, John Howell 529 Brooks, Joyce K 529 Brooks, Leonard Leo, Jr 71 Brooks, Melinda Hilton, Mrs 194 Brooks, Michael Hugh 277 Brooks, Michael Lynn 489 Brooks, Patricia K 563 Brooks, Rosemary 550 Brooks, Sandra G 316, 366, 535 Brooks, William Ed 210, 214, 489 Brooks, William Lee 529 Broom, Leonard 295 Broome, Carlo Frances 468, 474 Broome, Steven C. . 221, 271, 296, 301 Brotheron, James Douglass .... 286, 330, 490 Brotherton, Joe Lynn 490 Broumley, Thomas Chas 276 Browder, Alan Cam Me 550 Browder David Edwin 227, 535 Browder, Nancy Jean .... 194, 453, 275 Brown, Alice May 289, 490 Brown, Alphonce Joseph, Jr. . 194, 196, 197, 273, 331, 550 Brown, Barbara A. . . Brown, Barbara G. . . Brown, Barbara J. . . Brown, Barbara Jill . Brown, Barrett Keith Brown, Brenda Brown, Caleb S., Ill 454 441, 535 356 376, 529 490 342, 453, 563 535 B ' rown, Carol Sue 354, 490 Brown, Cecil C., Jr 288 Brown, Charles 529 Brown, Charles P 214 Brown, Colin Eric 216 Brown, Cynthia Wynell 340, 563 Brown, David Patrick 131 Brown, Dee Ann 249 Brown, Dorlisko W., Ill 426, 535 Brown, Douglas Kirk 327 Brown, Elizabeth 354 Brown, Fred Lewis, III 410 Brown, Gory Alan 239 Brown, Geo. Stanley 476 Brown, George Wilmot, Jr 490 Brown, Gregg Warren 294, 563 Brown, Hal Dennis 564 Brown, Henry Stanley, Jr 210 Brown, James Joseph 284, 490 Brown, James Monaghan 386, 564 Brown, James Opliss, Jr 225, 490 Brown, James Thos 21 B Brown, Janice Lynn 564 Brown, Jennifer Lynn 490 Brown, John Levis 300 Brown, John Randolph 430 Brown, John Thomas 264, 550 Brown, Karen 471 Brown, Kenneth Francis 327 Brown, Linda Joy 354 Brown, Linda Marie 366 Brown, Lorelei B 293 Brown, Lynda Gail 470 Brown, Margaret G 450 Brown, Margaret 1 451 frown, Martha Ren 564 Brown, Phillip Samuel Brown, Phyllis Jayne . Brown, Marvin Lynn ............... 422 Brown, Nancy Lee ........... 370, 371 Brown, Neil ......... . ' ............ 591 Brown, Oliver Carl ............... 332 Brown, Orborn, III ........... 216, 535 Irown, Porker .................... 261 rown, Patricia Diane .. 275, 287, 451, 451 ...... 584, 443 194, 235, 236, 451 Brown, Rebecca Sue .......... 314, 550 Brown, Robert E., Ill Brown, Robert Graves Brown, Robert Michael Brown, Robert Roy Brown, Sandra Kay Brown, Scotty Mac Brown, Sue Florence Brown, Susan E Brown, Thomas Lynn Brown, Virginia L 428 295 550 550 287 106 234, 272, 270 372, 373 264, 550 370 Brown, William Frank ............ 529 Browned, Nancie Annette ......... 401 Brownfield, Mary ............. 370, 535 Browning, Joseph Robert, Jr. . 276, 490 Browning, Nicole ................. 564 Brownlee, Topsy Ann .............. 550 Brownlow, Garland Lee, III ....... 426 Brownlow, James C ........... 428, 535 Broyles, Melinda Ann ......... 356, 564 Broyles, Sally Katherine ...... 352, 490 Bruce, Bonnie Lee ............ 215, 564 Bruce, Doyle Edward, Jr ........... 550 Bruce, Grady D ................... 288 Bruce, Paul Lee .............. 211, 232 Bruce, Stephen Graham ....... 378, 550 Bruck, Lawrence A ................ 242 Bruckner, James Victor ........ 276, 490 Bruder, Kenneth H ................ 414 Brudno, Ann Elizabeth ............ 222 Bruggman, Karen Lynn . . 275, 287, 453 Bruhl, Charles K., Jr .............. 223 Brumage, Mary Elizabeth ..... 306, 360 Brummett, Nito Joan ____ 469, 473, 490 Brundige, Winston Nicholson ....... 295 Brundrett, Ina Lynne .............. 346 Bruner, Richard Bruce ............. 402 Brunei, Thomas R ................. 246 Brunn, Robert Burke ............... 490 Brunner, Alberta Ann ......... 440, 550 Brunner, Virginia M ............... 352 Brunson, Linda Kay ............... 535 Brunson, Wallace E., Jr ........... 564 Bruyere, Marilyn .................. 342 Bryan, David Mack ................ 332 Bryan, James H ................... 278 Bryan, Jimmy D .............. 221, 535 Bryan, Ralph Dewilton, Jr ......... 550 Bryan, Richard M ................. 529 Bryan, Ronald Dan ................ 277 Bryan, Sarah Joanna ......... 287, 354 Bryant, Barbara Ann .............. 474 Bryant, Donald T ................. 420 Bryant, Jack David ................ 550 Bryant, Jane Francene ........ 289, 490 Bryant, John Lay ........ 214, 327, 529 Bryant, Marshall Alan ........ 217, 325 Bryant, Nancy Jo ................. 472 Bryant, Rebecca Jane ......... 358, 550 Bryant, Terry Lynn ................ 264 Bryarly, Richard C, Jr ............ 535 Brzeszkiewicz, Peggy Jane .... 126, 149, 176, 193, 196, 201, 269, 272, 323, 338, 340, 384, 535 Bublis, Rosemary ................. 535 Buchanan, Betty Doylene ...... 298, 535 Buchanan, John Waytand .......... 482 Buchanan, Judy Ann ..... 356, 453, 564 Buchanan, Milton T ............... 247 Buchanan, William Terry .......... 564 Buchele, Michael John .. 293, 426, 490 Buchholtz, William Warren ____ 477, 529 Buck, Everett Roy, Jr. .. 245, 332, 564 Buck, Georgina Marsland ..... 370, 550 Buckland, Carol Elaine ............ 564 Buckle, Elsie Harriet ......... 340, 426 Buckley, John S ................... 325 Buckman, Michael Alan ............ 550 Bue, Richard ..................... 476 Bue, Sigurd David ........... 468, 476 Buel, Joseph Giddings ........ 418, 564 Buell, Glen Ernest ........... 443, 564 Buell, Loren Scott ........... 386, 535 ' Bueltel, Rich Jos .................. 303 Buenger, Julian V ............ 229, 334 Buerschinger, Charles A ....... 246, 329 Buford, Jimmy Tom ..... 236, 264, 430, 535 Bugbee, Robert Marshall ...... 294, 564 Bugna, Willia m Stephen, Jr. . 327, 529 Buie, James E .................... 305 Bulkeley, Harry Clifford ........... 436 Bull, Annie L ..................... 350 Bulla, Daniel Nelson ......... 115, 300 Bullard, Paula Kay ........... 249, 535 Bullington, Janet Susan . 234, 235, 430 Bullion, Ann Terrill .......... 275, 287 Bullock, James Gary .......... 212, 300 Bullock, Sara Virginia .. 173, 180, 269 Bullough, Dal Clay .......... 303, 339 Buls, Ronald Lester ..... 216, 223, 264, 479 Bumpas, Sally Jean .......... 465, 535 Bunce, Gail Ann .................. 564 Bunce, Robert Eugene 284, 490 Bundy, Linda Gay 356 Bunnell, John Walton, Jr 21 Bunten, Allynid Margaret 529 Buraiky, Saeed H 314, 274 Burba, Edward Thomas 260, 262 Burch, Curtis Franklin, Jr 490 Burch, James Donald 490 Burch, Lorry Randell 564 Burch, Nancy Jo Burchfield, Cynthia Rose Burden, Katherine Louise, Mrs. Burden, Robert Edward Burdett, Beverly Burdick, Edward William Burdine, John Alton Burg, Jimmy Kay Burge, Rebecca Faye Surges, Bettie Lee Burgess, Donnie Ray .... Burgess, John Jarvis, Jr. . Burgess, Norwin D., Jr. . Burgett, Raymond Edgar 368 564 490 529 340 546 612 588 550 490 329, 286, 236 398 326, 564 .... 115, 223, 420, 564 Burgin, John Frederick 436, 564 Burk, James Eddy 180, 273 Burke, Cecelia M 35 Burke, Cynthia Ann 344 Burke, Edmund Thomas, Jr. . . 220, 392, 550 Burke, Irene Claire 535 Burke, James Lee 424 Burke, Larry Kenneth 271 Burkelt, Steven Alan 194, 227, 396, 535 Burkett, Thomas Oscar 71 Burkhalter, Kothryn D 455 Burklin, Clinton Edward . 223, 294, 564 Burks, Timothy Coleman 490 Burks, Victoria Ann 464, 550 Burlage, Henry Matthew 295 Burleson, Wm. Dan 320 Burlet, Peggy Anne 564 Burman, Kenneth Harold 22 Burnett, Guy, Jr 388, 564 Burnett, P. Aldis 307, 366, 550 Burnett, Patricia Ann 368, 53 Burnett, Samuel D 220 Burnett, William David . 294, 394, 564 Burnette, Hazel V 311, 264 Burnham, Barbara Lea . . 287, 441 , 550 Burnham, Jennifer Ann 451 Burnham, Maxie Earl 281, 296, 529 Burnop, Robert W 223 Burns, Frank William, Ml 490 Burns, Jane Ellen . . 275, 287, 436, 451 Burns, James Arthur 245, 286, 313, 330, 490 Burns, John C 229, 336 Burns, Rebecca Ann 490 Burns, Richard Robert 223, 264 Burns, Robt. Allen 203, 208 Burns, Susan V 340, 424 Burr, Cheryl Ann .. 181, 196, 244, 269, 272, 293, 295, 323, 340, 341, 490 Burrell, Elouise ' . 441, 564 Burroughs, Janet Carroll 372, 373, 419, 490 Burrow, Glenn Arlen 529 Burrow, Janice K 401 Burrow, Randall Watkins 479 Burson, Bertha Lynn 251, 11 Burson, Diana L 360 Burson, Robert Gordon 394 Burst, Frances Anne 550 Burtner, Barbara Ann 311, 264 Burton, Delbert Lowell, Jr 470 Burton, John Paul 339 Burton, Joseph Arnold 218, 550 Burton, Rodney M 428 Burton, William Comer 294, 564 Burwell, Randolph Carter 197, 286, 333, 490 Busby, Barbara 230, 376, 426 Busby, Russell Clyde 396, 490 Busby, Thomas Franklin 564 Bush, John Howard 329 Bush, John Steven 283, 336, 564 Bush, Michael Gerard 294 Bush, Robert Edgar 277 Bush, Robert G 223, 480, 535 Bush, Thomas P 227 Buske, Brian Scott 564 Buske, Bruce Kimball 388, 490 Buske, Gail A 453, 535 Buss, Linda J 295 Busso, Harry Irvin, Jr 378, 535 Bussa, William Lloyd 378, 564 Busswell, John 321 Butcher, Charles R 288 Butler, Betty Sue 564 Butler, Carolyn J 194, 368, 535 Butler, James Floyd 421 Butler, Janice Lynn 194 Butler, John David 328, 529 Butler, Robert Alan 435, 564 Butler, Sarah Susan 289 Butler, Susan Reed 470 Butler, William Benjamin 2! Butter, Susan Day 370 Butts, George B 303, 312 Butts, Linda Ro 424 Bux, Stephen Alan 412, 490 Buze, Robert 23 Byars, Richard Lenz 490 582 Nome Poges Byers, Danny Lee 246, 535 flyers, Loretto Ruth 378, 550 Byington, Samuel J., 225 Byman, Nelson Allen 410, 529 Bynum, Karen A 269 Byrd, Chief Yeoman Billy W 330 Byrd, Charles Elliott 550 Byrd, Deboroh A 535 Byrd, Judith Kathryn 180, 323, 341, 340 Byrd, Noncy Lynn Kathryn 244 Byrd, Susan Margaret 356, 564 Byrne, John Timothy 550 Byrns, Margaret Enloe 564 Byron, Bruce Bernhardt 333 Name Pages Nome Poges Nome Pages Cabe, David Bishop Cactus, The Coddel, Robert R Cade, Ellen Ora Cade, Kenneth Ray Code, William H Cadenhead, Donald Mock Cadwell, Terry Wayne . . Cofferty, Patricia Lynne . Caffey, David Luther Cage, Claude Robert Cagle, John Ira Cogney, Michael James . . Cain, Burney D., Jr Cain, Carolyn D Cain, Eugene Maurice, Jr. Cain, Johnny Owen Cain, Kathryn Frances . . 206 400, 231, 352, . 84, 286, ' see! 275, 378 . 71, 287, , 451, Cain, Leonard William Cain, Mary Josie 194, 354, Cain, Pomela Susan 282, Cain, Terry Sue 297, Caisse, Madeleine Louise Calaway, Edward Lee, Jr Coldbeck, Thomas Kevin Calderon, Joe Arthur Calderon, Carlos Calderon, James V., Jr. . 254, 476, Caldwelt, John Marvin Caldwell, Michael Douglas Caldwell, Phyllis June 465, Caldwell, Suzanne . 287, 297, 440, Cald ill, Tommy Allen Calhoun, Cathryn Elaine 340, Calhoun, Chester C Calhoun, Claudia C Calhoun, Mark Alan 198, 214, Calhoun, Troy Randolph Caliglione, Paul A Calk, Marilynn 342, Calkin, John David Calkins, Dick S. Calkins, Howard A. (Ph.D) Callahan, Marjorie Anne 451, Callahan, Susan Chandler .... 275, Callaway, James Robert Collaway, Susan Kay Callison, Robert Emmerson Calvert, Susan Eloise .... 292, 474, Camden, John M Cameron, Dana Inez Cameron, John Hugh 239, Cameron, Kathy .... 235, 236, 354, Cameron, Mila Kathleen Cameron, Richard Michael Cammack, Benjamin Y., Jr 391, Camp, Bill Adkins . 262, 264, 266, Camp, Carol Ann 356, Camp, Catherine Mary Camp, Daniel Patrick Camp, Roger Edwin Campbell, Arch Miller Campbell, Benjamin J 402, Campbell, Catherine Verna Campbell, Claudia Campbell, David Buxton 264, 296, Campbell, Donald Eugene Campbell, Frank B 28, Campbell, Jacquolyn C 196, Campbell, Joe Charles Campbell, Justin M,, III Campbell, Melinda Lee Campbell, William Mike Campbell, Phillipi K., Jr 386, Campbell, Robert Baxter 402, Campbell, Robert E Campbell, Tommy Jo 71, Campbell, William Bryson Campbell, William G., Jr 226, Campos, Sylvia Angelina Campus Guild Co-op Camps, Barbara Jean Canada, Herman Edward, Jr 310, 394, Canales, Amelia Rosario 194, Canant, Ray Moschel Canant, Rebecca Canfield, Jean 474, Cangelosi, Sam Andrew, Jr Canizaro, Benny Lee Cannaday, Barry F 217 207 247 550 490 490 535 262 564 140 329 300 550 535 417 490 490 356, 550 217 535 356 440 462 564 332 328 . 85 536 424 114 550 564 222 529 529 358 536 246 225 564 436 284 564 287, 564 256 352 . 81 536 115 464 550 490 491 490 536 536 550 372 428 482 402 564 470 194 266, 491 279 468 356 536 196 340 . 71 564 564 420 287 277 491 243 476 474 140, 536 352 308 564 550 412 222 396 Cannamore, Caroly n S 306, 352 Cannon, Gordon Thomas 550 Cannon, Lana Gwen 550 Cannon, Mrs. Les 449 Cantrell, Charles Leonard 550 Cantrell, Owen Carroll 264 Capers, Roy Trent 491 Cappel. Charles Ward 320 Capper, Iris Margene 356 Capps, John Thomas 225 Capron, Philip Wayne 294, 564 Caraway, Ann E 340, 536 Cord, Michael Melton .. 235, 241, 430, 536 Cardenas-Lozano, Eva 473 Cardinal, Grant Blair 396, 564 Cardono-Gi I, Jose A 223 Cardwell, George L., Ill 247 Cardwell, John Wesley . 173, 201, 223, 248, 296, 312, 491 491 Cardwell, Judith Ann Cardwell, Sam Jeffrey Cordwell, Walter W., Ill Carew Johanna Carlberg, Michael D Carlisle, Cesa Lynn Carlisle, Dorothy Kay Carlisle, Noncy Elizabeth Carlson, Anna Louise Carlson, Burton Robert Carlson, Christine Marie Carlson, Linda Louise Carlson, Myrl Jay Carman, Edward L., Ill Carmichael, Douglas R Carmichael, Ellis Preston, Jr 382 335 462 332, 476 417, 536 364, 550 194, 564 235 295 289, 491 356, 564 419 331 288 184 ....... 202, 268, 491 Carmichael, John Alan ............ 536 Carmichael, Lawrence Jack ---- 328, 406 Carmichael, Paula Frances ......... 564 Carmichael, Richard Carmichael . . 220, 491 Carmichael, Sheila Mary .......... 462 Carmichael, William John ......... 477 Carnal, Mary Cathryn ............. 536 Carney, Brenda Sue ............... 491 Carnicom, Ruth Ann .......... 264, 311 Caroom, Douglas Grady ...... 179, 216, 217, 273, 313, 491 Corothers Dormitory Carothers, John Christopher Carousel Apartments Carpenter, Barbara Louise Carpenter, Condace Carol . . 441 295 442 368 356, 453, 564 368, 491 368, 564 342, 564 491 26 225 326, 477 491 435 436, 364 208, 316, 529 440, 564 227, 491 293, 491 Carrington, Gerald Leroy 564 Carrington, llene P. Carroll, Barbara Anne Carpenter, Carol Jane . . . Carpenter, Carol Jane . . . Carpenter, Catherine Sue Carpenter, David Allen . . Carpenter, Edward L. Carpenter, William Lee . Corr, Curtis Wayne Carr, David Alton Carr, Herbert M., Ill ... Carr, Kaye I rene Carr, Linda Lou Carr, Rebecca Ann Carrigan, Dennis Lee Corriker, Stuart Neil Carrillo, John R. 438 457! 529 Carroll, Barbara Anne 295 Carroll, Benjamin L., Ill 254, 564 Carroll, Billy Dan 247 Carroll, James Larry 382 Carroll, Louise G 236 Carroll, Patricia Lynn 287, 350 Carroll, Ronald Dale 217 Carroll, Ronnie Lee 424, 550 Carroll, Sterling P 235, 236 Carroll, Teresa Jo 564 Carroll, Walter Wm., II 564 Carroll, William Paul 564 Carsey, Eben Denord 293 Carsey, Steven Martin 428 Carson, Carol F 230, 376 Carson, Jefery Frank 491 Carson, Robert Willis 424, 550 Carson, Vicki Dee G., Mrs 491 Carter, Billy Wayne 227, 491 Carter, Catherine B 370 Carter, Charlotte A 491 Carter, Cynthia Carol 366, 536 Carter, Cynthia Sue 368, 550 Carter, David Ray 214, 529 Carter, Donna D 550 Carter, Ely Montgomery 416, 564 Carter, James S 384 Carter, Janet Eastmary 240, 441 Carter, John Gilbert, Jr 536 Carter, Kenneth Wayne 424, 536 Carter, Linda Kay . 275, 287, 364, 564 Carter, Nancy 264, 311, 529 Carter, Robert Anthony 198, 491 Carter, Robert Sharp 239, 333 Carter, Susan Ann 274 Carter, William Junius 243 Corlwright, Gerald M 536 Cartwright, Jan Douglas 305 Cartwright, John Barnes 214 Cartwright, Terrel Joiner, Jr. . 398, 491 Carvajal, Raymond R 276, 529 Carver, Carol Elizabeth 471 Carver, Janice Ruth 236, 275, 453 Carwile, Gerald A., Ill 550 Cary, Judson Franklin 378 Casarez, Jesse Leroy 564 Casarez, Ruth 491 Casbeer, Lynda Elizabeth 536 Case, Harvey Lee III 194, 564 Cose, Jan Elizabeth 342, 453, 564 Case, Margaret Ellen 287 Casebolt, Merrillie 536 Casey, Daniel Theodore Casey, Kenneth Earl 212, 226, 246, 491 Casey, Lillian Dianne .... 240, 350, 550 Casey, Michael Thomas 394 Cash, Joe Casey 140 Cash, Richard M 218, 529 Cashdollar, Charles A 329 Cashin, Jack W 288 Cashin. Sarah Margaret 408 Cashion, Brownie Sue .. 180, 376, 377, 491 Cass, Brylan Frances Casstevens, Catherine Ann 391 Casstevens, John Mark . 398, 564 Casstevens, Kay Leslie . . 275, 287, 358, 564 Castaigne, Angela . . 442 Castanedo, Jaime Enrique 277 Castaneda, Jimmy . . . 271 564 Castellanos, Kotherine N 354, 536 Casteter, Don William . 529 Castilian 443 Castillo, Rachel T ... 462 Castillo, Rodolfo F. . 85, 217, 220, 320 Castleman Kenneth R 247 Castro, Lorenzo Contu 479 Caswell, Kenneth Wayne ... . 491 Cote, Reynolds N , Jr 236 Cotes, Alan Wallace . 406 Cates, John Warren 326, 416, 550 Cates, Margaret Ann 491 Cates, Sandra Kay .... 354 Gather, Linda Lee 366, 491 Cathey, Ellen Rebecca 340 Catterton, William Thomas 420, 491 Cavalier, Mich Edw 201, 227 Cavanaugh, Kenneth Lee 223 Cavanaugh, Mary Grace 271 Cavazos, Marie Elena (Helen) . 529 Cavazos, Mary Hilda 474 Cave, James Michael 81 Cavender, Julie Beth 550 Cavender, Stirling A. . 400, 536 Cavett, William A 529 Cavner, James Dennis 246 Cawyer, Roscoe D 276 Cawyer, Shirley Ann M. Mrs. . 257 Cedars, Leonard Alan 442 Cederholm, Barbara Joan .... 264, 311, 550 Cehan, Frances Elizabeth 564 Celmins, Biruta A. C 550 Center, Earl Carlyle II . 256, 262, 294, 550 Centilli, Margaret Ann .. 271, 441, 564 Century House 470 Cepedas, Joseph 326 Cerminoro, Gayle 234, 238 Ceyanes, Robert Warren 223 Chaffin, Chas. Green 327 Chaffin, Ronald Lowell . 194, 211, 217, 264. 491 Chaikin, Linda Kay 287 Chalmers, Presley Howard, Jr. . .... 290, 303 Chomales, Linda L. Chrane ... 257 Chamberlain, Donald E 384, 564 Chamberlain, Kay . . . 354 Chambers, James N., Jr .... 235 Chambers, Linda 352 Chambers, Wm. Terry .. 218 Champion, John W. Jr. . 247, 296, 529 Champion, Tom Rhodes 398, 491 Chandler, Christopher T 420 Chandler, Georgann 342, 451 , 564 Chandler, Rich Nelson 247 Chaney, Jo Lynn 491 Chaney, John Shaw 302 Chang, Henry Hao-Ling 491 Chang, Jo Ann 287, 439 Chapa, Amancio J., Jr 277 Chapa, Carlos J 330 Chapel, Condice Alene 451, 564 Chapell, Don Clayton 222, 305 Chaplin, Catherine Reda 356, 449 Chapman, Cynthia Ray .. 194, 356, 536 Chapman, Deborah A 465, 550 Chapman, Henry Wilson 35, 112 Chapman, Jack Teague 295 Chapman, James W. Jr 181 196 273, 394, 536 Chapman, Jimmy Carl . . 234, 235, 491 Chapman, Leslie Arundell 384, 564 Chapman, Stephen Earl 331 Chappell, Ersalene 235, 270 Charlton, Robert T 410, 536 Chortoff, Arthur ' 564 Chartrand, John W. Ill 564 Chase, Andrew S 550 Chase, Davis S 424 Chastain, Garvin Dunn III 382 Chastain, Mary M 378 Chatelain, Joel Carleton 398, 564 Chatham, William Don 536 Chauveaux, Bert Lawson 564 Chavez, Adam Gene 436, 536 Chavez, Andres Jose 536 Choyasombat, Sittichai 482 Chazick, Jason Wolf 422 Cheek, Candice Joy 194, 536 Cheeves, Barbara Ann 354 Chenat, Bashin 274 Chenault, Harriot E 439, 550 Chenault, Stephen f 326 Chereck, Robert Alan 394 Cherico, Felix William, Jr. ..211, 491 Cherico, jacquelynn Mae 564 Cherry, Barton Null 214, 304, 479, 491 Cherry, Meryl Robin 240, 465, 536 Cherry, Wrynne Chandler 262 Chesnick, Joan Ellen 344, 564 Chester, Gerald Ray 536 Chevalier, Edward Fleming 333 Chi Alpha 232 Chi Omega 356-357 Chi Phi 388, 389 Chiasson, Barbara L 354, 536 Chick, Donald Roy 247 Child, Forrest C., Jr 217 Child, Stephen Leigh 239 Childers, Floyd Mason 564 Childress, Charles Benton 404 Childress, David Wm 140, 398, 536 Childress, James Allen 71 Childress, Martha Carolyn 564 Childress, Scott C 398 Childs, Barbara J. . 262, 311, 354, 536 Childs, Callis 135 Childs, Mollie Allen Childs, William Claiborne Chiles, H. E., Jr Chiles, William Edmonds . Chilfon, John Marvin Chin, Tim Kuo Ching, Texas Chee Chininis, Peter George ... Chinn, Barry William .... Chintrokarn, Kamol Chisholm, Deobroh Ann Choate, Jerry Allen .... Choban, Gregory G Choban, Yvette L. Maus . . Chodorow, Martin Sanford Choe, Chul Young Choi, Joi Seung Chomout, James John, Jr. . Choquette, James Joseph . Choral Organizations .... Chote, James Benjamin . . . Chott, Judith Maxine Chow, Hau Cheung Chrisco, Michael Darden . . Chrisco, Patrick Sam Chrisman, Dale Lynn Christenberry, Deirdre .... Christensen, Alexis Lynn . . Christensen, Clay W. B. Christensen, Leslie Ann . Christensen, Terry Soren 325, 194, 251, 354 294 358 .... 406, 564 536 217 223, 294, 326 .... 252, 564 564 482 287, 297, 440 329 .... 323, 327 529 294 301 301 564 302 233 .... 384, 491 .... 297, 440 293 .... 384, 564 384 212 491 350 230, 368, 536 298, 491 ... 228, 281, 296, 492 340 536 392 .... 242 .... 289 .... 564 240, 550 242, 550 364, 536 384, 564 462, 536 Christian, Cynthia Lou Christian, Mary J Christian, Robert Durward . . . Christian Science Organization Christians, Carol Ann Christie, John Robert Christie, Virginia Louisa Christmann, Karen Faith Christner, Catherine A Christopher, Larry Joy Christopherson, Linda Ann ... Christy, Cynthia Jean 536 Christy, Robert C 273, 394. 550 Chu, Billy 492 Chu, Elizabeth 297, 440, 564 Chuang, John W 85 Chude, Noncy Marie 462, 492 Chulasamaya, Monthree 85 Chuoke, Connie Dee 456 Church, Robert Lindsay 564 Church, Walter W 388 Churchill, Mac Norwin 386 Churchill, Michael T 386, 564 Cico, Warren Leroy 536 Cieslewicz, John J., Jr 225 Cinotti, Jo Anne 492 Cisneros, Oscar Erasto 216 Claiborne, Charles A 386, 536 Clomann, Andrea Mary R., Mrs 492 Clancy, Larry Don 323, 326 Clanton, Carol Lynn 536 Clapp, Zelia Kay 492 Clardy, Dickey E 247 Clark, Barbara Ann 492 Clark, Charles B 406, 492 Clark, Charles B 396 Clark, Charles T. (Dr.) 203, 248 Clark, Christy 564 Clark, Clarence Randy 217, 536 Clark, Cynthia 42 Clark, Dennis Edward 418 Clark, Fred C 246 Clark, Gary Alan 550 Clark, Harriette Ann 295 Clark, Harry Dean 336, 478, 550 Clark, James Edward 245, 333, 550 Clark, John Wiley, Jr 400 Clark, Julia Penny 293 Clark, Karen Ann 445, 536 Clark, Lea Allen 288 Clark, Linda Hop 304, 492 583 Nome Pages Nome Pages Nome Pages Name Pages Clark, Linda Kirk 366, S6t dork, Work Edwin 244, 529 Clork, Marsha 356 Clark Mory Alix 356 Clark, Merry M 316 Clark, Michael James . . 245, 286, 296, 301, 313, 331, 492 Clark, Pamela Jane 342, 451 Clark, Reginald W 247 Clark, Richard Tweedy 217, 492 Clark, (Bob) Robert Dean 282, 396, Clark, Stephen Terrell 430, 536 Clark Steven Roy 378 Clark, Susan Mary 530 Clark Thomas Fuesi 404, 536 Clork, Lt. Tony Franklin 330 Clorke, Cathy B 366 Clarke, Charles A 388 Clorke, Frances Ann 231, 236, 465 Clarke, Robert Turnoge . 196, 320, 378, 536 Clarke, Susan Jane 370 Clarkson, Dovid Michael 551 Clarkson, Pamela Elane 455, 564 Clarkson, Steven Dennis 294, 565 Claud, Leonee Lynn 536 Clawson, James Bruce 221 Cloy, David W 536 Clay, Lee Ashton 492 Clay, Lynnwood T 220 Clay, Steven Henry 386, 551 Claypool, Michael Joseph 398, 492 Clayton, John Ritchey 295 Cleaver, Almitra Eugene 275 Cleqg. Thomas Daniel 378 Cleland, Janet Lyn 551 Clelond, Robert lane ' 41 Clemens, Linda Sue 536 Clement, Beverly Dee 551 Clements, Bradley Spencer 428, 529, Clements, Dovid Earl 386, 387, 536 Clements, George Raymond - 565 Clements, Joon Lillian 298 Clements, Joanne Elizabeth P 290, 316, 492 Clements, John Charles 223, 492 Clements, Peggy Lynn .. 181, 189, 200, Clements, Philip Ray 492 Clements, Richard 398, 536 Clements, Ronnie Carroll 565 demons, Carl Louis 378, 536 Clendenen, Donna Gayle 360, 454 Cleveland, Samuel S 536 Clewis, Kathleen .. 336, 337, 358, 401, 451 Click, Lloyd Loring 612 Clifton, Carl Lloyd 112 Clifton, Charles William 140, 310 Clinard, Ralph Leon, Jr 221, 492 Cline, Barry Alan 394, 492 Cline, Harriet 285, 360 Cloninger, Jim Branden 551 Cloninger, Kriss, III 288, 378 Clapton, Elizabeth R 370, 387, 536 Cloud, Jonis Kay 356, 453, 565 Cloud, Larry Gene 468, 478 Cloud, Stephen Earl 410 Clunn, Linda D 438, 439, 536 Clyburn, Laura 194, 492 Coates, Charles L 33, 34, 247 Coats, Keith Hal 225 Cobb, Bruce Alan 378, 565 Cobb, Charles Clifton 551 Cobb, Christopher Lee .. 335, 388, 565 Cobb, Cynthio J 358 Cobb, Deborah Dee S 293 Cobb, George Lee 71 Cobb, Morcia Virginia 358 Cobb, Phillip E 327, 536 Cobb, Susan Elizabeth 342, 565 Coble, Michael Ray 334 Cobos-Cucalon, Luis Alfon 85 Coburn, Ronald C 325 Cocanougher, Arthur B 288 Cocek, Bruce Charles 565 Cochran, Georgia Cornelia .... 370, 551 Cochron, Nodine 342 Cochron, Victoria A 370, 536 Cochran, William H 398 Cocke, John Morion 331, 565 Cockrell, Ernest Howard 303 Co., Mary Brenda . 275, 287, 368, 565 Coe, Michele Elizabeth 368, 551 Coerver, Louise N 196, 342, 436, 536 Coetzee, John M 321 Coetzee, Mouna P 252 Coffee, Dovid Henry 472 Coffey, Clarence William, Jr 304, 396, 492 Coffey, Karen Lorraine 472 Coffey, William Curlii 474 Coffin, Cheryl Roe 236, 352, 536 Coffin, Helen 450, 451 Coffin, Polly Ann 435 Coffmon, James Danny 48, 281 Coadell, John Richard 247 Cohen, Barry Maurice 199, 380 Cohen, Burton Irwin 422 Cohen. Charles Sidney 422 Cohen, Gary Alan 414 Cohen, Janet Ruth 363, 551 Cohen, Kenneth Mark 226, 492 Cohen, Lorry Joe 140 Cohen, Lowry Martin 380, 565 Cohen, Louis Jay 310, 414, 536 Cohen, Michael Arthur Cohen, Miriam Leah . . Cohen, Richard Smulian Cohen, Sandra Kay . . . Cohen, Sharon Lynn . . 414 307, 362, 551 422 215 194, 196, 338, 344 370 344, 451 374, 451, 565 221 Cohenour, Pamela M. . Conn, Constance Louise Cohn, Linda Eileen ... Coira, Peter Louis . . . Colbe, Wendy Felicia 451, 565 Colbert, Mary Elizabeth 194, 275, 287, 358, 565 Colby, Faulder 478 Coldwater, Robert E 288 Cole, Ann Lois 536 Cole, Carolyn Kay 251, 338, 348, 349, 536 Cole, Cecil Frank, Jr 264, 551 Cole, Dole Emile 220, 551 Cole, James George 492 Cole, Thomas C 112, 536 Cole, Trenton C, III 276, 529 Coleman, Bonnie J 435 Coleman, Columbus E., Jr 551 Coleman James Roy Coleman, Lynda B. . . . Coleman, Margaret E. 492 254, 338, 441, 536 249, 366, 403, 445, 536 492 287 Coleman, Myrtis Neal .. Coleman, Nancy Gail . . Coleman, Sandra Kay 364 Colgin, Thomas Robert 140 Colglarier, Jon Albert 426 Colhoun, Catherine K 565 Colina-Vargas, Miguel A 216, 254 Collavo, Betty Lee 492 Collavo, Jon Gregory 492 College of Business Administration Council 198 Collerain, Janet Claire 360, 565 Colley, Jomes Ralph 273 Collie, Joe Lynn 492 Collie, Nancy Gwynne 372, 551 Collie, Robert Monroe, Jr. . . 273, 293, 378, 492 Collier, Boyd Dean 291 Collier, James Warren 492 Collier, Rich Robt 247 Collier, Robert Oran 293 Collier, Rosemary 279, 456, 565 Collier, William Avery 408, 536 Collins, David Alan 432, 551 Collins, Glendo Jean 350, 536 Collins, James Thomas . . 245, 334, 565 Collins, Jan Annette 360 Collins, John Robert 536 Collins, Michael J 333 Collins, Robert Louis .... 286, 331, 492 Collins, Ronald Kent 420 Collins, Sanford Willard 612 Collins, Terrell Thomaj 81, 251 Collins, William W., Jr 400 Colovin, Susan Dee 234, 242 Colton, Iris Sue 344, 451, 565 Colvert, Lester Lum 288 Colvin, Jomes H 24 Combs, Dorothy Elizabeth 399 Combs, Judith Lynn 250, 492 Comedy, Rodney Darrell 294 Comegys, John Wilkins 402, 565 Comer, William Deryl, Jr 71 Comiskey, Charles Edward 551 Communication Council 199 Compton, Douglas Wayne 492 Compton, Jimmie Lynn 475 Concert Choir 235 Concha-Zunigo, Mario J 223, 254 Conditt, Sunny Lee 565 Condry, James Edward, Jr 378, 551 Cone, Richard Leo, Jr 565 Cone, Todd Weibert 327 Conerly, Cathy Lynne 342, 565 Conine, Wm. Doswell, III 221, 301 Conly, Diann 403 Conly, John Thomas 286, 330, 392 Connolly, Catherine Marie .... 364, 565 Connolly, Charlotte Ann 271 Connolly, John Bowden, III 303 Connolly, John B. .. 20, 144, 158, 248 Connolly, Sharon 358, 565 Connord, Gerald George 426, 492 Connell, Bobby Brooks 142, 310 Connell, Connell 275 Connell, Carolyn .. 230, 287, 358, 387, 453, 551 Connell, Dave Kilburn 436 Connell, Robert Thomas 453, 551, 565 Connelly, Richard J 315 Conner, Carol Alice .... 194, 272, 282, 323, 342, 449, 551 Conner, John Colvin 492 Conner, Michael Haden 294 Conner, Sherry Lyhn 232 Connolly, Patricia Ann 352, 551 Connolly, Patricia C 3 4, 536 Connor, Thomoi Hill 392, 492 Connors, Kevin Michael 115 Conrad, Emenon S., Jr 223 Conrad, Richard Arthur 565 Conservative Democrats 243 Constant, Anthony F 184 Contessa 444 Converse, Robert Gerald 384, 492 Conwell, Peter Roy 416 Cook, Brenda Joyce 122, 167, 196, 272, 338, 356, 399, 536 Cook, Carolyn Jeanne 451, 565 Cook, Cathy Lorraine 360 Cook, Cinda Leah 346 Cook, Dovid Bruce .. 71, 140, 386, 536 Cook, Don Kirby 392, 565 Cook, Don Selman 482 Cook, Donald Edward 551 Cook, Ellen Elizabeth 285, 370, 565 Cook, Elmer A., Jr 396 Cook, Forrest Ann 492 Cook, John Michael 294 Cook, Koren Sue .. 185, 287, 306, 455 Cook, Mary Potchernick 293 Cook, Paula Jean 236, 262, 551 Cook, Paulina Susan 565 Cook, Robert Berry, Jr 428 Cook, Roy Thomas 216 Cook, Russell L., Jr 293 Cook, Sandra Sue 492 Cook, Thomas W 140 Cooke, Carol Elting 352, 565 Cooke, Charles Edw Cooke, Charles T Cooke, James Dale Cooke, Walter Clay Coole, Edana Clementine 410 536 534 454 340, 451, 551 . 436, 565 . 477, 493 . 350, 565 222 536 534 . 249, 536 221 . . 84, 140 493 424, 551 Cooley, Helen Hope Coolidge, Jimmy Ray Cooney Kothryn Paulette . . Coonrod, David Kelly .... Cooper, Charles Edward . . Cooper, Charlotte Evelyn . Cooper, Cynthia D Cooper, Floyd L., Jr Cooper, Freddy Gardner . . Cooper, Marian Terry .... Cooper, John Wallace, IV Cooper, Lorry Neal 493 Cooper, Marie Louise 439, 551 Cooper, Martha Jeanne 493 Cooper, Sandra Louise . . 348, 469 470 Cooper, Sue Lynn 358 Coover, Patrick 294 Cope, Susan Elaine 269, 272, 307, 370, 399, 536 Copeland, Ann Louise .. 366, 451, 565 Copeland, Charles Robert 71 Copeland, Kay 196 Copeland, Ollie Jackson 321 Copelond, Robert E., Jr 325, 283 Coppedge, Mark Thomas 398, 565 Cordell, Claire 360, 551 Cordes, Dennis Edward 222, 536 Cordes, Roy Leon, Jr 388, 536 Cordettes 244 Corley, Brooke Elizabeth 240 Corley, Hal Ray 478 Corley, William Boyd 493 Cormier, Elmo James Jr 81 Corn, Harvey Ray 412 Corn, Rick, Jr 246 Cornelius, Sterling Craig 278 Cornelius, Suzanne 372 Cornelius, William V 277 Cornell, Stephen H 114 Cornell, James Reavis 424, 551 Cornwell, Howard Douglas 384, 565 Coronado, Baltozar 335 Coronado, Tomas 331 Corpora, Samuel Anthony 416 Correll, Gay 235, 241, 493 Correll, Selena C 338, 342, 536 Correll, Susan Lynn 307 Corson, Robert Allen 493 Cortes, Joseph G 271 Cortines, Glenn Dell 264, 551 Cory, Cappy S. K 270 Cosby, Brenda Kaye 279, 493 Costa, Vaughn Neil 223, 565 Costello, Jomes B., Jr 221 Costello, Michael Edward 331 Collar, David Michael 380, 536 Collar, Steve William 380, 551 Cotner, Robert Crawford 189 Coiner, Zachory Booth 254 Colrell, Jacqueline 354 Cotrone, Louil, III 536 Colropia, Charles Samuel 201, 221, 294, 301, 402, 460, 493 Cottingham, Lynn 213, 493 Cottingham, Nancy Eileen 545 Cotton, Betty Craig 287, 372 Colton, Courtenoy L 372, 534 Collrell, Edith Lillian 534 Cottre.ll, William Burr 551 Couch, Carol Anne 287 Couch, J. O. Terrell, Jr 400, 529 Couch, Stephen lynn 289, 529 Couch, Sluort W 197 Coughlin, Kolhryn Let . 289, 374. 377, 493 Coughran, Kay Francei .. 251, 439, 545 Council, Carol Dianne . 275, 287, 453, 551 Cours, Cynthia, 314, 551 Cover, Linda Marie 208, 536 Covert, Gary Lee 218 Covert, George K 420 Covin, Carl Winfred 406, 565 Covode, Mary Ruth 391, 456 Cowon, Ann Hedrick 293 Cowan, Jan Elizabeth 370 Cowan, Joyce M 445, 536 Cowan, Stephen W 239 Cowon, Tommy Neal 173, 180, 222, 248, 260, 273, 312, 313, 493 Coward, Barbara E 337, 408 Cowart, Richard Lloyd 333 Cowen, Nancy Augusta . 297, 362, 551 Cox, A. B 288 Cox, Cynthia L 235, 299 Cox, Danny Lyle 428, 565 Cox, Donald W 212, 493 Cox, F. Lanier 288, 295 Cox, Gory Forrest 294, 428 Cox, George Bascomb 140, 565 Cox, Jomes Neal 388, 551 Cox, James Randal 426 Cox, John Lawrence, III 435, 565 Cox, Kim Wayne 247 Cox, Larry Renick 536 Cox, Mark David 225 Cox, Martha Arline 354 Cox, Ronald Joe 276, 493 Cox, Steven C 412 Cox, William John, Jr 565 Coxe, Kathryn Ann 194 Coyle, Patricia Ann 287 Coym, Patrick William 443, 551 Coyne, Michael Thomas 210 Cozad, Bruce William .. 294, 476, 565 Craddock, George Milton 212 Craddock, Thomas W 196 Craddock, William P., Ill 565 Cradduck, Harry Victor 335, 412 Crader, Susan 551 Craft, Addie E 230, 289, 372, 536 Craft, Pamela Sue 358 Craig, Cheryl Renee 236, 360, 551 Craig, Doniel Layne 293, 295, 424, 493 Craig, David Picton 404, 551 Craig, Donna Foye 251, 289 Craig, Douglas Stirling, Jr. .. 313, 404, 493 Craig, Geo. Robert 247 Craig, Jane Elise 289 Craig, John Thomas 235, 236, 237 Craig, Lance Anthony 469, 477 Craig, Richard N 551 Craig, William Calloway 264, 331 Craig, William James 476 Crain, Aubrey Dalton 400 Crain, Carole Lois 551 Gain, Olive Corinne 368, 493 Crain, William Henry 295 Cramer, Connie 275, 306, 453 Cramer, Patricia Irene 565 Crandoll, Scott M 331, 397 Crane, Anne Louise 475 Cronfill, Barbara Madeline .. 289, 464, 493 Crapitto, Jo Ann 340 Cratin, John R., Ill 382, 536 Craven, Edward Donece 536 Craver, Mory Diane 364, 551 Cravey, Bruce Michael 469, 477 Crawford, Barbara Celeste 430 Crawford, Charles Travis 81 Crawford, Mrs. Dovid 463 Crawford, Deryl Marice 327 Crawford, Elma Charles 244 Crawford, Frances E 235, 270, 364 Crawford, Glynis C 545 Crawford, Kothryn Ann .. 297, 376, 440 Crawford, Lloyd Franklin, Jr. . 288, 493 Creamer, Frank D 536 Creswell, Doris Elaine 340, 536 Crew, Johanna 462 Crider, Cox Robert 460 Crigger, Thomas Jackson, III 302 Crim, Don Wayne 536 Crim, Rose M 366, 536 Crissman, Mary Margaret 289, 493 Crist, Robert David 424 Criswell, Nancy Ella 1?4 Crites, Robert H 283, 326 Croon, Cynthia Anne 370 Croon, Stephen D 388 Crocker, Betty Charolette 240 Crocker, Dennis James 247, 529 Crocker, Grace Alice 354, 493 Crocker, Lex Crawford 476 Crockett, Howard lawhon 294, 384, 565 Crockett, Kathleen 370, 551 Crockett, Pamela Koye 545 Croft, Jonie Lucille 289, 439, 536 Croft, Rochelle Faye 374, 551 Crofl, Thomas G 406 Cramer, Cheryl 291, 293 Cromplon, Dovid Robert 331 Cromwell, William O., Ill .. 141, 402, 565 Crone, Robert W., Jr 242 Cronin, Merrie Elisabeth 454, 565 Cronquist, Karen Gay 264, 475 Cronquist, loii Ann 244, 287, 454 Crook, Timothy 8 424 Doom, Audis lelan, Jr 534 584 Nome Pages Nome Pages Nome Pages Name Pages Crosby, Amelia Dion 364 Cross, Bonnie Dell 251 Cross, Tom Eugene 302 Crossley, Cloyton Byron 335 Crouch, Carolyn Sue 411 Crouch, Diana Lynn 441 Crouch, James W., Ill 131 Crouch, Wayne Jeffrey 493 Crow, Theodore F 398, S36 Crow, William Raymond, Jr 551 Crowe, Deborah R 360, 537 Crowe, Stanley Reed, Jr 246 Crowell, Barbara Anne 451 Crowell, Douglos C 313, 327, 420 Crowell, Steven Glen 312, 313, 537 Crowley, Irma Kathleen 441 Crowley, John Charles 400, 551 Crow ' s Nest 245 Crozier, John B 322 Cruce, Carol 352, 537 Cruikshonk, Deborah Kay 439 Crum, Lawrence L 288 Crumlish, Cynthia Barbara 287 Crump, Donnis D. Koons, Mrs 493 Crump, Warren Wayne 293, 493 Cruse, Mary L 372 Crutchfield, Bob 267 Crutchfield, Edwina, Mrs 387 Crutchfield, Jay Dean 529 Crutsinger, Elizabeth Ann 551 Crur, Nancy Linda F 462 Csaba, Peter Keszthely 211 Cubbison, Gregory K 388, 537 Cuchia, John Charles 565 Cudd, Mary Diane 465 Cude, Kay Ellen .. 231, 269, 293, 473, 493 Cude, Roger M 418 Cude, William Benton 336 Cuevos, Ruben, Jr 493 Culbertson, Kaye Frances 565 Culbertson, Patrick 291 Cullen, Carol Ann 366, 455, 565 Cullender, Michael Joe 410, 551 Culler, Patricia K 372 Cullers, James Brian 404, 565 Cullington, James Richard 493 Cullom, Camille 565 Cullum, Connie 372, 565 Culp, Samuel Kenneth 247 Culver, Linda Mary 366, 440, 565 Culwell, Don Allen, Jr 400, 551 Cummirtgs, Betty Marie 451, 565 Cummings, Carol Janis 455, 551 Cummings, Katharine Marguerite .. 194, 287, 354 Cummings, Mary Jane 270 Cummings, Peggy Ruth 537 Cummins, James Eugene, Jr. . 420, 565 Cundiff, Edward W 288 Cunningham, Charles Leonard 277 Cunningham, Charlotte Anne 493 Cunningham, David Johnson . . 420, 551 Cunningham, John Morris 223 Cunningham, John P., Jr 386, 551 Cunningham, Linda Lee 231, 493 Cunningham, Mary Carol 270, 537 Cunningham, Richard W 378 Cunningham, Ronald D 277 Cunningham, Susan Jean 272, 275, 307, 323, 356, 399, 453, 551 Cunningham, Tom Alan 394, 493 Cunningham, William A 248 Cunningham, William R 537 Cupper, Gary Lynn 294 Cupples, Jeffrey Alan 221, 565 Curbello, Elizabeth Ann . 336, 453, 565 Curbo, Cydney Kay 372, 537 Cure, David Scott 565 Cure, James Omar 223, 296, 493 Cure, Virginia Ruth B 257, 493 Curington, William Peter 271 Curran, Geoffrey Michael 294, 397, 565 Currie, Grace 189, 194, 274 Curry, Anna Maria 213, 493 Curry, Bonny Lynn 366, 551 Curry, Eardie Augusta, Jr 81, 565 Curry, Eugene Bruce 225, 378, 551 Curry, jo Ann Olene 364, 537 Curry, Leigh Stephen 404 Curry, Mary Jeanette 235, 236, 474 Curry, Saundy Jay 231, 298, 537 Curtino, Linda Joyce 194 Curtis, Carolyn 493 Curtis, Dana Allan 112 Curtii, Ronald Winston 261, 529 Curtis, Thomas Percy 394, 537 Curtiss, Clark Alexander 260, 264 Cusac, Cheryl Brooke 350, 451, 565 Cushman, Ralph B 565 Custer, Elaine Gail 441, 565 Cuthrell, Jack Dies 493 Cutler, Martha Robin 297, 440, 565 Cykoski, Russell Carlton . 229, 335, 493 Cyrus, Cinda Lynne 249, 493 Czelusniak, Donald R 302 Dabney, Joseph T., Il Daerr, Patricia Carol 412, 565 346, 451, 565 Daerr, Rose Marie 346 Dahlgren, Joseph Johnson 493 Dailey, Dale F 366 Daily, Philip L 201, 221 Daily Texas, The 204, 205 Dairs, Melvin David 310 Dale, Katharyne Ann 493 Dole, William Hayden 81 Daleo, Charles J 276, 565 Daley, Nicholas George 493 Dalgo, Marilyn Raye 551 Dallas Suzanne 197, 551 Dallenbach, Karl M 295 Dailey, Ward 223, 296 Dolrymple, Dennis A 223, 296 Dalton, Linda L 346, 537 Dalian, Tolbert Marion, III 303 Daly, Cheryl Suzann 287, 297, 440, 565 Damascus, Christine C 462 Dammann, Mickey Allen 211 Dammert, Alfredo Juan .211, 223, 482 Damron, James S 412, 537 Damron, Larry Alan 239 Danburg, Glenda Sharon 362, 551 Danforth, Douglas Mueller .... 408, 551 Dangerfield, Charles Campbell 435 Daniel, Anne Dickson 360, 494 Daniel, Cynthia Kay 454 Daniel, Dawne Diane 372 Daniel, Dixon Sory 420 Daniel, Gaylon Ray 529 Daniel, Jerry Dale 210, 529 Daniel, Leonard Hayden 378, 537 Daniel, Raymond Jeptha 388 Daniel, Stephen Wynne 225 Daniel, Theresa F 419 Daniel, William Henry 335, 551 Daniels, John Steele 279, 410, 551 Daniels, Matthew Jerry 418 Daniels, Thomas Gilbert 418, 551 Daniels, William Randolph 418, 565 Danielson, Elaine Louise 295 Danielson, Wayne Allen 290 Dannevik, William P 250 Dansby, Shuler S 358, 421 Danziger, Herbert Kent 482 Darby, Clifton F 245, 331, 537 Darby, Deanna 342 Darby, Marshall B 296, 301, 494 Darby, Nancy Jane .. .. 275, 287, 370, 451, 565 Darden, James Wilson, Jr 398, 551 Darden, Paul Wistar 220, 565 Darezzo, Alfred J., Jr 326 Darley, Carol Ruth 292, 340, 399 Darnell, David Porter 398 Darnwell, Richard 254 Daross, James A 273, 312, 494 Darphin, Nancy Lelia 360, 494 Darryl, Barbara Kay 275, 451, 565 Darryl, Dennis David 380, 537 Darsey, Edna Nell 494 Darwin, Clifford Allen 264 Dougherty, Pamela Sue 307, 565 Dougherty, Robert John 216, 537 Davenport, Carol Ann 494 Davenport, James E., Jr 336 Davenport, Susan Jane 358, 565 David, Madelon Beth 316, 344, 537 David, Patti Rogena 397 Davidoff, Joyce Helen 342 Davidoff, Kenneth 320 Davidoff, Michael Elliott 196, 414, 551 Davidson, Anthony Lee 476 Davidson, Don Simmons 81 Davidson, Elaine 565 Davidson, Fredrick Graves 424 Davidson, Jack Wm 313 Davidson, John Harold 302, 402 Davidson, Lynda Jean 235 Davidson, Margaret Ashe 289, 295 Davidson, Mary Elaine 537 Davidson, Roger Lee 380 Davidson, Ruth Patricia . 297, 440, 551 Davies, Gayle May 366, 440 Davila, Aurelia C 471 Davis, Adrian A., Jr 384, 529 Davis, Barbara Lynn 298 Davis, Barry James 227, 296 Davis, Bruce Henry 294 Davis, Carol Louise 275, 287, 344, 453, 565 Davis, Charles Herman 414 Davis, Christina Ethelyn 537 Davis, Christine 287, 456 Davis, Christopher Robert 223 Davis, Clinton Emerson 443 Davis, Cynthia A 352, 453 Davis, Cynthia Ann 275, 295, 352, 494 Davis, David Murrel 229, 334 Davis, Diana Marie 356, 378, 537 Davis, Diane . 194, 275, 287, 307, 408, 451, 565 Davis, Dianne 316, 444, 494 Davis, Dona Lyn 374 Davis, Edward Ray 294 Davis, France Pershing, Jr 333 Davis, Frances Anne 287, 454 Davis, Frank Forester 565 Davis, Gayle Ann 306, 350, 551 Davis, Jack Bishop 537 Davis, Jackson Beauregard, Jr 482 Davis, Jessie Jeremiah 332 Davis, John Dillard 277, 537 Davis, John Haven 247 Davis, Joseph Vivian, III 406, 565 Davis, Judy Anne . 184, 194, 196, 200, 269, 272, 344, 537 Davis, Katherine 289 Davis, Kathleen C. . 376, 399, 444, 537 Davis, Kathy 551 Davis, Kenneth Gayle 217 Davis, Laura Kay 366, 494 Davis, Laurie Dee 344, 565 Davis, Leslie Deverde 342 Davis, Lillian J 340 Davis, Linda Koye 344 Davis, Linda Lee 537 Davis, Lynn Karen 374 Davis, Margorete L 537 Davis, Mary Elizabeth 565 Davis, Melvin D 494 Davis, Monica 1 199 Davis, Morgan J 302 Davis, Norris G 199, 203, 290 Davis, Patti Rogena 240 Davis, Paul Francis 216, 537 Davis, Platt Walker, III 248,313, 320 Davis, Randall J 414 Davis, Richard John 202, 268, 276, 494 Davis, Richard K 221 Davis, Richard Lee 336 Davis, Richard M 211, 551 Davis, Richard Thos., Jr. Davis, Robert E. L 278 Davis, Robert Glenn, Jr 494 Davis, Robert Joe 494 Davis, Robert Kenneth 551 Davis, Robert Roy 294, 565 Davis, Rodney L 406 Davis, Roland R., Jr 223, 332, 551 Davis, Ronald M 424 Davis, Ronald S 402, 537 Davis, Ruth Dianne 290, 494 Davis, Sebastian 478 Davis, Sharyl Denise 194, 356, 565 Davis, Sherilyn Jean 194, 335, 337, 366, 551 Davis, Stanley Huff 424, 565 Davis, Sunnye S 494 Davis, Susan Marie 399 Davis, Suzanne E 362, 363, 494 Davis, Terry Robert 414, 565 Davis, Thomas Calvin 402 Davis, Thomas Ross 551 Davis, Timothy David 384 Davis, Tony Robert 565 Davis, Valerie Wynn 453, 565 Davis, William Ray, III 245, 332 Davis, William Robert 216 Davis, William Steven 551 Dovison, John Alden 218, 530 Dawe, Jessamon 302 Dawes, James R 218 Dawkins, Michael W 494 Dowson, Dennis Lee 210, 295, 494 Dawson, Donald Howard 424, 565 Dawson, Ginger Rae 360, 428 Dawson, Kerry Don 566 Dawson, Robert Earl 494 Day, Douglas Major 418 Day, Harry Bob 277, 494 Day, John Marcus 296, 402, 494 Day, Lyle Jean R 235 Day, Margaret Reneau .. 307, 350, 451 Day, Marshall Joseph 426 Dayton, Donna 368, 551 Deoderick, Franklin A 325, 551 Deal, Thomas John 197, 293, 295 Dealey, Samuel J 187, 461 Dealy, John H 198, 494 Dealy, Sandra L. B 494 Dean, Benjamin Joseph, III .. 217, 537 Dean, Dorothy W 28, 338 Dean, Joseph S 323, 327 Dean, Martha G 373 Dean, Michael P. E 81 Dean, Robert Allen 332, 551 Dean, Sharon Lee 494 Dean, Sumner Hackett 566 Deans, James E., Jr. . . ._ 247 Dear, James K 404 Dear, Patrick H 537 Dearmon, Alice 378 Deaton, Dionne 551 Debois, Antoinette 417, 494 Debois, Barbara 494 Debona, Jean Bonnet 370, 537 Debord, Deborah 453, 566 Decherd, Deoley 372 Decherd, H. Ben, Jr 33 de Hoyos, Laura 494 Deinken, Anna Fonda 297 Deison, David Paul 494 Deison, Nancy Ann L 494 Deison, Peter Van 239 Del-Rio, Julio C 85 Delagarza, Victor, Jr 551 Delaney, Bailey P 460, 494 Delaney, Kathleen C 408 Delarosa, Fidencio 537 Deleon, Leo C., Jr 436, 566 Delk, Lenda Kennedy 494 Delk, Stephen Ray 494 Delker, Madeleine Marie 470 Delleney, Rupert Dean 418 Dellinger, Denise A 537 Delmar, Helen 456 Delmas, Lawrence Henry 551 Delong, George Thomas 460, 566 DeLozier, Kathleen Diane 372 Delta Chi 390, 391 Delta Delta Delta 358, 359 Delta Gamma 360, 361 Delta Kappa Epsilon 392, 393 Delta Phi Epsilon 362, 363 Delta Sigma Pi 246 Delta Tau Delta 394, 395 Delta Upsilon 396, 397 Delta Zeto 364, 365 Demme, Emily Suzanne 235 Demond, Walter Eugene 196, 273, 335, 378, 537 Demoratsky, Beverly Rose 363 Deniger, Marcy Marble, Mrs 292 Denman, Marajen E 298, 307, 368. 436, 551 Denn, Donna Lynne 475 Denn, Michael Lee 262 Denn, Susan Hope 464 Dennard, Wayne Kennedy 294 Denney, David Carl 222 Dennis, Dan Orville 428 Dennis, John Carroll 391, 566 Dennis, Linda Nan 413 Dennis, Mary Lorene 453, 494 Dennis, Nancy Louise 551 Denniston, Joseph Fories 391, 566 Denny, Lt. Col. Lawrence E. . 244, 322 Denny, Mary Nell 475, 551 Denny, Robert John 494 Denny, Stanley E 494 Denson, Dinah Lea 350, 551 Denson, Sally Ann 455, 551 Denson, Susan Ellen .... 293, 366, 494 Denton, Nancy Scott 368 Department of Military Science ... 322, 329 Department of Naval Science 330, 333 Department of Air Science .... 334, 336 Depriest, Dorothy Helen . 289, 351, 537 Derbing, Diana 194, 251, 307, 566 Derby, Alan T 420, 428, 537 Derby, Mary Janice 352, 566 Derrick, Jas. Vinson, Jr. . 173, 273, 339 Derrick, Robert Wayne 260, 264 Derrick, Valla E. B 264 Derryberry, Jim Harold 173, 247 Desai, Chandrakant S 254, 296 Deshong, Andrea Lea 342, 537 Deshong, Cheryl L 235, 342, 494 Desmond, Deborah Jean 566 Dessel, Gay Jeane 457 Deter, Phyllis Annette 235 Dethlefsen, Melissa 366 Dethloff, Herbert John 566 Dettman, Mary Margaret 456, 566 Deupree, Joe Wayne 537 Deuser, Carole Louise 289 Deutchman, Steven 476 Deutsch, Susan Jane 351, 551 Devault, Jerry Alan 284 Devault, Kothy Lynn 566 Devereaux, Betty Jean . . 348, 349, 470, 494 Devine, Joseph Leo, Jr 247 Devine, Mary Patricia 352, 551 Devine, Michael Dennis 281 Devins, Donald Alan 566 Devlin, Charlcie Jo 194, 551 Devos, Kenneth Bruce 211, 216, 537 Devos, Sharon Ellen 314, 566 Devoss, David Arlen 176, 194, 203, 205, 300, 494 Devries, Linda Susan 346 Dewall, Virginia Ann 494 Dewar, Henry H 288 Dewberry, William David 430, 551 Deweese, Linda Sue 289, 352, 465 Deweese, Rebecca Sue 456, 566 Deweese, Rich Earle 226, 430, 495 Dewhurst, Eugene Harris 397, 530 Dewi tt, Judy Ann 551 Dexter House 445 Deyoung, Edwin Ray 291, 424, 295 Dial, Richard A 428, 495 Dial, Steven Randolph 566 Diamond, Neal 432, 566 Diaz, Antonio Manuel, Jr 412, 495 Diaz, Daniel, Jr 469, 479 Diaz, Francisco V 495 Dibella, Rita Marie 426 Dick, Philip James 295 Dicken, Dorrell Lynn 327 Dicker, Betty Lynne 307, 374, 566 Dickerman, James Clark 378, 551 Dickerson, Donna Lee 316 Dickey, Roger Le Von 566 Dickey, Shari Elizabeth 354 Dickinson, Anne Louise . 289, 338, 368, 403, 495 Dickinson, Laverne Lee 441, 551 Dickinson, Sheila M 453, 551 Dickson, Benjamin Hill, III 477 Dickson, Sharon Elaine 537 Diets, Melinda Louise 194, 456 Dieringer, Herbert Nelson 551 Dies, Martin White 418 Dieterich, James M 335, 402, 551 Dietz, John Karl 435, 551 Dietz, Linda Margaret 342, 453 585 Nome Pogei Difilippo, Jeonette P 249 Diiorio, Mory Jane 264, 566 Dildine, Steven Michael 384 Dill, Dallas Charles 295 Dill, Thomas S 398, 530 Dillord, Donald Reed 392 Dillard, Frank J 537 Dillard, Howard L, Jr 495 Dillord, Rich Alan 278, 309, 495 Dillard, Richard Ray 339, 430, 482 Dillord, Robert W 392, 537 Dillee, Ronald D 495 Dillinghom, Alan Edward 461 Dillingham, George E 392 Dillon, Donna 225 Dillon, John A., Jr 246 Dillon, Mary Susan 340, 566 Dillon! Molly S. Oils, Mary Frances Dilworth, Diana Mory ... Dimartino, Dante Francis Dimas, Nicosia Dimmick, Sherron Lynn . . Dinino, Vincent R Dinkins, Carol Koy E. ... Dinn, James Rankin, Jr. . Dinsmore, Lee Alfred . . . Diou, Marie Louise Dippel, Tieman Henry, Jr. Dirks, Deborah L Disbennett, Don Wayne . . Dischinger, Barbara Eilen . Diskin, Ira Phillip Dismukes, David Lynn Dismukes, David Payne . . . Disney, Deborah Ann Dittman, Clarence William Ditto, Nancy Wade Divine, Robert A Dixon, Paul N Doone, Linda Kaye . Dobbins, David Lynn Dobbs, Elizabeth A. Dobbs, Judy K Dobbs, Kevin Carl Dobbs, Nola Sue Dobie, Rebecca E Dobie, Richard Lee, III Dobrasko, Michael Paul Dodd, De Moris Davis . . Dodd, Tilman Elson, Jr. Dodgen, Gary Kim Dodson, Diana Crow . . . Dodson, Mildred Gay . . Doedyns, Sharon Marie . Doenges, Joseph H Doenges, R. Conrad . . . Doering, Mark Allen Doering, Mary E. 495 530 358, 566 285 495 262 262, 263, 311 289, 495 398 295 309, 455, 537 198 214 216, 288, 295, 495 . 293, 376 461 287, 297, 440, 566 . 432, 433 551 537 . 242, 552 . 260, 262 372 293 :..;;. " ...... 495 .. 297, 354, 552 247 358, 421 82, 285, 323, 329, 340 397 537 215, 346, 530 " 530 250 537 418, 530 436 566 257, 264, 268, 311, 530 451, 566 71, 279 288 250, 566 250, 289, 295, 297, 495 Doerr, Theodore C 225 Doerste, Marilyn Ann 413 Doggett, Lloyd Alton, II 34, 173, 182, 189, 203, 248, 402, 482 Doherty, Polly Ann 368 Doing, Larrie Anne 376, 453 Dolce, Noel Joseph 428, 495 Dolce, Ricki A 289 Doleshal, Leslie Lee, Jr 482 Dolfi, Gene Alan 566 Dolfi, Glen William 294, 566 Dolifka, Richard Bruce 239 Dollahite, Jamie Sue 194 Dolley, James C 288 Dolton, Christopher H 140 Doltoro, Rubin Vasquez 477 Domel, Edith Ann 274, 475 Domel, Linda Nell 250, 471 Domin, St. Sgt. Raymond L 322 Dominguez, Ernesto A 261, 495 Domoneck, Delia Pearl 470 Donaho, Charles R 537 Donald, Florence Muriel 200 282 307, 344 Donaldson, Darrell Glenn 335 Donalson, Donna Gay 297, 441 Donham, Charles F., Jr 495 Donnell, Ben Dobyns, III 220, 566 Donnell, Dionno Dorlene 537 Donnelly, Carolyn D 552 Donner, Stanley T 19 Danoghue, Susan Blyth 368, 530 Danosky, Leah Goldie 344 Donovan, John I. S 537 Donovan, Leslie 204, 269, 316, 356 Donsky, Goyle Judith 374, 566 Donwerth, Stephen f 195, 254 Dooley, Morilu 279, 289. 537 Dooley, Patricia Ellen , . 194, 360, 424 Dealing, Alma Jean 564 Dorado, Clifton Michael 537 Doran, John Hilton 537 Dare, Donna Catherine 358 Dorf, Eugene Craig 217, 495 Darfman, Jeffery Marc 414, 544 Dorman, Carolyn Rebecca .... 242, 453, 566 Darn, William leory 404, 566 Dornbluth, Nello Carol 495 Dorr, Lawrence Daniel .. 228, 2(1, 296, Alice Ann 47) 235, 106, 181, 307, Nome Dorries, Glenn Harvey Dorsey, James Frederick Dorsey, James T 115 Dosch, Robert Oneill Doss, Michael Oneal Doss, Noble Webster, Jr Dossey, Robin Gail Doster, Sandra D Dougherty, William E Doughty, Katherine Doughty, Samuel Preston, Jr Douglas, Barbara D ..... 348, Douglas, Catherine E Douglas, Donna Kay Douglas, George Michael .... Douglas, Kay Douglas, Susan Jane Douglas, Verna Kay Douglas, Walter C., Jr Douglass, Albert Hugo, Jr Douglass, Laurie Ann Douglass, Michael Douglass, Robert R Dowd, Louis H Dowell, Ben Evans Dowlinp, Sharron Lea Downing, Vernon W Downs, Nancy Leigh ..... Doww, Coy Ray Doyal, Wayne Noble .... Doyle, Chas. Clay Doyle, Danielle Ruth Doyle, Maurine Helen Doyle, Michael Thomas Dozier, Martha Carolyn Draeger, Carolyn Draeger, David Sidney Draeger, Madeleine ..... 269, 272, 306, Drago, Sam Parigi Dragon, Linda Kay Drake, Bertha Jane Drake, Deborah Ann Drake, Lawton E Drake, Thomas Milton Dransfield, Mary Bowne Dreiss, Richard Charles Dreiss, Shirley Jean Drennan, James Earl Drewa, Richard Stephen Drewry, James M. . 221, Driscoll, Barbara Nell . . Driscoll, William Don Driskill, Donald Oscar Driver, Diann Elizabeth . Driver, Walter W., Jr Droitcourt, Jack J Drosnes, Roy Ann Drouilhet, John Huey Druker, Judith Ann Drummond, Clifford W. . Dryden, Carol Ann Dubberley, Allen Erbocher Dubois, Sylvia Lynn B., Mrs Dubose, Carolyn Jean . . 122, 196, 360, Dubose, John Barcus, Jr ....... Dubose, Sherry A Dubose, Walter H Dudas, Joyce Deborah Duderstodt, Dolores L Duderstadt, Sid Dudley, Donna Sue ...... 236, Dudley, Paul W Duelm, Robert E Duerr, Nancy Laura ..... 240, Duerr, Susan Ann Duesterhoeft, William C Duffey, Mary Sarita Dugat, Anna Lynn Duggan, Arthur P., Jr Duggan, George A Dugger, Richard Lynn ........ Duke, Diana . . 234, 235, 287, Duke, Nancy Koy ............ Duke, Rodger Del ............ Duke, Terry Wayne ........... Duloney, Robert Larry ........ Dullnig, Robert Dullnig, Robert M ............ Dullye, Elizabeth L ...... 215, Dumas, Gerald Allison ........ Dumas, John Clifton .......... Dumestre, Jeanie C Dunowoy, Mory Karen Dunbar, Howard Durwood, Jr Dunbar, Susan Rowe Duncan, Cecelia Ann Duncan, Debron Curtis ........ Duncan, Dianne ---- 196, 269, Duncan, Hiram Ben ........... Duncan, Linda K ............. Dunca, Prentii Jack .......... Duncan, Robert Douglas Duncan, Scott C. .. 112, 310, Duncan, Sylvia Tilghman ...... Duncan, William Ray Duncan, Zonetto Ann ......... Ounford, Lucy Ann Dunkle, Michael ...... Ml, 229, 289, 173, Pages .... 552 408 384, 537 566 218, 222 404, 460. 537 495 495 397 235 295 349, 470 537 376 354 283, 335, 566 388 342 552 495 294 351, 451 424 54 495 436, 552 287, 566 537 340, 566 256 402, 552 180 297, 440 495 256 465, 552 1 73 216, 223 189, 196, 376, 537 305 289, 352 289 358, 552 211, 273 333 370 228 287 210, 495 216 336, 530 342, 495 173, 310 332, 552 235, 530 320 193, 194 344, 566 537 323, 374 180, 248 358 326, 436, 566 293 167, 180, 361, 495 339, 391 537 244 298 366 428 354, 388 420 495 287, 455 438 247 537 344 33 384 378, 495 354, 566 453, 552 398, 537 276, 537 430, 537 495 428, 537 351, 537 223, 537 394, 566 537 495 226 372 472 244, 552 306, 368, 537 223, 296 364, 537 214, 552 404 404, 495 439, 566 564 475, 546 544 295, 294, 424 Nome Dunlap, David Graydon . Dunlap, Deborah Lynn . . Dunlap, Diana Kay S. . Dunlap, Gayle G Dunlap, James Randolph Dunlap, Stephen Alfred . Dunlap, Susan Ann Dunn, John Light Dunn, Roxanna .... 194, Dunn, Solon Robert Dunn, Thomas B Dunn, Tommy Harold . . . Dunn, William E Dunne, Suzanne M Dunning, Angela Carol . Dunson, Michael M Duperier, Jos. Reagan . . Duperre, Maurice R. Duplissey, Jeanne Claire Dupre, William Roork . . Dupuy, Charles H Dupuy, Frank Charles . . Durbin, George McGill . Durden, Charles Duree, Deborah D Duren, Almetris Durflinger, Joanne C. . . Durham, Clifton H., Jr. Durham, Harry Mahlon . Durham, Tim Loyd Durley, Felicia Y Durst, John W Dusek, Ann Dushkin, Harvey Brent . . Duterroil, Jerry Gail . . . Dutton, Richard Lee Duval, Cynthia Duval, Shelley Duvall, William C Dvorak, William Charles Dworaczyk, Michael C. . Dwyer, William Henry, II Dybala, David Vernon . . Dydek, Don Bradley Dye, Larry Joe Dyer, Annita Anne Dyer, Charles Edward, Dyer, Charles Richard Dyer, Douglas C Dyer, Frances Gwen . Dyer, Harold Scott, Jr. Dyer, James Simpson . Dyer, Michael Earnest Dyer, Patrick Joseph . Dyer, Richard Parks . . Dyer, Ronny H Dykstra, Jerald Paul . Dysart, Blan Garrett . Dzierlenga, Phillip S. Ill 537 537 331 397, 552 197, 293 387, 495 552 386 384, 495 295 552 235, 495 478 329 566 225 352 470 240 537 477 276, 530 210 276, 384, 537 194 422 329, 530 495 403 248 420 331 71 , 279 .... 404, 482 214 262, 294, 566 386 249 424 216, 479 195 342 566 288, 295 482 552 436, 566 530 247, 296, 530 264 21 1 , 223 364, 333, 423, 242, 264, 309, Eades, Melodie Gay Eads, Beverly Ann 352, Eads, Dwighf Eods, Ronald Dale 412, Eagle, Deanna 352, Eagleburger, Gerald Gregory Eaglin, Linda Elizabeth Eoglin, Theresa Mae Eanes, Harvey Radnor, III .. 173, 248, Eanes, John Philp, Jr Earhart, Charles E 329, Earle, Charles Douglas Eorle, Donna Gayle . . . Earle, Theodore Charles Early, Timothy Jon .... Earnest, Darrell D. ... Eason, James Fowler . . Eason, Peggy Jo Eason, Wm. Robert . . . East, Myron Elmo, Jr Fosterling, Douglas N Easterling, Linda Ann Easterwood, Peggy Jean Eastlake, Daniel Eugene 234, Easlland, Paige Eostling, Timothy Andrew 476, Easton, Michael J Eaton, Lauren Lynn Eaves, Donald Lester Eberhardt, Sandria Lee Ebert, Kathrine Lee . . . Eblen, Earl Doolen, Jr Ebner, Eugene Frank, Jr. ..... 271, Ebner, Robert A. .. 245, 281, 296, Eby, Frederick Echali, Judith Ann 254, Eck, Patrick Glenn Eckenrod, Richard Michael Eckerl, Eddie Ruth Eckert, Joyce Eileen 43?, F.leit, Mem lee 342, Eckert, W. T., Jr Eckhordl, Carl J Eckman, Thad Allen, Jr Economides, Spyroi C 247, Ed Price Hall Eddy, Hilda Mori . . 235, 264, 168, III 217, Pages Name 378, 566 Eden, Ernie Michael . . . 360, 451 Edens, Robert Bannister . Edgar, Sharon Edginglon, Bettye Elaine 268, 537 Editor ' s Pages 235, 239. E d|i,, Teri A || ene 240, 552 Edmiston, Judith S. I. . 36 . S66 Edmond, Michael Toole Edmonds, Forrest Dey . . 196, 269, 356, Edmonds, James R Edmonds, Janis Carole . . Edmonds, Lester Lloyd . Edmonds, Sara Ann .... Edmondson, John Eugene Edmondson, Quinn Ross, Jr. . . Edmundson, Philip Arnold .... Edrington, Shirley Jean Education Council Edwards, Allan Floyd Edwards, James Edwards, Jr. . . Edwards, Charles Lee Edwards, John Gordon Edwards, Jala Nell Edwards, Jon Hope Edwards, Katherine B Edwards, Patricia Ann Edwards, Robert Alan Egelhoff, Elizabeth Ann Eggeling, Marilyn Eggleton, Nancy Kay Egliht, Randall William Egly, Richard J Ehlers, Georgia Lee Ehrensberger, Marilyn Ann .... Ehrig, Kenneth Dale Ehrig, Ronald L Ehrlich, Kimberly D Eichenbaum, Larry . 142, 310, Eichner, Roxanne Mae Eidman, Dan Kelly Eidson, Jack Leigh, Jr Eifler, Clayton Wentworth Eiland, Randolph Howard Eilbott, lee G Einck, Marcia June Eisenbach, Larry Rick .... Eisenstein, Ann Sara Eiserloh, Philip L. . 223, 248, 273, 286, 296, 330, Eitelman, Judy Doris Ekrut, Vernon Stanley Elam, Albert Richard, Jr Elam, Dennis Lee Elam, Linda Carol Eiam, Moxine Smith Elder, James Harvey, Eldridge, Beth Ann . Eldridge, David Paul Eldridge, Gail .... Eldridpe, Kay Elich, John Michael Elick, James Jerome Elick, John V Elizondo, Maria Cristela Elizondo, Robert Louis Ellababidy, Mahmoud M Ellard, John Ernest, III 254 Eilbott, Lee G 552 Ellebracht, Doris Ann 294 Eller, Donald H 537 Ellerbrock, James Walter 495 Ellerkamp, Jane 461 Ellingson, Lee Ann 566 Ellington, Billy Morris 537 Ellington, Jacqueline .... 314, 188, Ellington, Jane Ann 273 Elliott, Barry Lynn 537 Elliott, Bruce R 530 Elliott, Carole Ann 402 Elliott, Deborah 552 Elliott, Ed Stanley 296 Elliott, Jan Elizabeth 566 Elliott, Karen Jo 196, 530 Elliott, Lawrence Cameron .... 495 Elliott, Livie A. M 537 Elliott, William Gregory 443 Elliott, William M., Jr 398 Ellis, Angela 275, 552 Ellis, Charles E 340 Ellis, Charles Lyman 260, 287 Ellis. Cheryl E 552 Ellis, Elizabeth Karin 368 Ellis, Jo Ann 482 Ellis, Leonard lee, III 228 Ellis, Michael Lee 194 Ellis, Michael Lynn 284 Ellis, Michael P 340 Ellis, Richard John 496 Ellis, Richard William 552 Ellis, Tommie Ray 566 Ellison, Carol Lanier . 331 Ellison, Eugene T., Jr 612 Ellison, Glenn Edward 496 Ellison, Nancy Jean 1(1, 216 272, 306, 360, 496 Ellison, Samuel D 537 Ellisor, Earl lee, Jr 552 Ellsworth, Susan Wood 566 Elmendorf, Heda Elizabeth 256 Elmendorf, James lone . 25 Elmendorf, Kothryn Newton 115 Elrod, James M 252 Elrod, Susan 477 Elsik, Naedeen Ruth 338, 456 Elston, Kenneth Dean .... 323, Pages . 217 384, 566 370 .... 358 610-611 .... 344 .... 293 .... 552 .... 552 537 196, 537 . 203 299, 496 .... 496 .... 537 .... 394 ... 552 200 . . . . 222 .... 612 530 .... 378 354, 537 .... 295 .... 537 475 388, 496 173, 180 ... 352 537 431, 566 .... 537 352, 456 .... 287 71 71, 303 566 414, 537 496 ... 420 .... 410 293, 295 414 432, 537 214, 226 496 184, 201, 402, 496 292, 401 289, 496 290, 300 194, 537 537 290 294, 396 194, 451 336, 552 494 344, 552 140 537 386 496 476 274 420 266 537 247 239 453 220 81 456, 566 364, 566 414 278, 309 271, 552 451, 566 552 351, 552 307, 552 408 293 546 140, 310 287, 358 281, 295 266, 264 257, 294 323, 360 537 335 276. 530 396, 564 276, 530 114, 386 494 71 275, 451 42( 44 193, 194. 341. 537 201, 227 496 370 360, 552 262, 530 293 436, 537 538 346, 496 325, 494 586 Nome Poges Embcy, David Rhodes, Jr 404, Embry, James Alva, III 384, Embry, James Everett 271, Emermon, Marsha Ann Emerson, John Conner Emery, Kenneth C. , Jr. Name Pages Nome Pages Nome fage, 221, 260, 266 Emison, Martha Jane Emmer, Robert Mark 247, Emmer, Stephanie Elaine Emmert, Carol Jean 287, 307, Emmert, Jane 356, 451, Emmons, Tommy Glynn 418, Emmons, Winfred S Emmott, Carolyn J Emory, Amelia Winifred . Emrick, Mary Elizabeth . . Emshoff, Genette Kay . . . Enderle, Beverly Kay .... Enderli, John Mark Enderlin, Dennis Dayton . Eng, Thomas Henry Engel, Bert Carl, II Engelhardt, John Hugo .. Engineering Council .... England, Janis Carol .... Englander, Donna Lynn . English, Dan A., Ill English, Sandra Kay English, Wilke Denton . .. Englund, Charlotte Anne Enriquez, Mike Ensminger, Richard R. ... Entzminger, Dorothea Jean Epperson, Terrell Duane . Eppright, Ben Russell, Jr. 366, 430 82, 83, 359 181, 184, 203, 374 386, 445, .... 221, 364, 217, 294, .. 221, Eppright, Charles L 410 Eppright, Linda Anne 289, 352, Eppright, Margaret Anne 292 Epps, Susan Elizabeth .. 180, 269, Epstein, Michael E Epstein, Susan Rachel Erdmann, Claudia Louise Erdmann, Jean Leeper Erdmann, Richard Frederick . . . Erdmann, Thomas Alan . . 220, Erickson, Eugene Oscar Erlckson, John Conrad Erickson, Michael Gary Erickson, Patricia Ann Erickson, Phillip A Erickson, Robert Dale Ericson, Susan Kathlynn Erlich, Andrew Barry Ermis, Edward John Ernster, Timothy Wayne . 327, Erskine, Alexander Madison, Jr. Erskine, Bob F Erskine, Mary Ann Erwin, Frank C. , Jr Erwin, Mary Anne Erwin, Thomas W., Ill Escalantel, Romiro D. J Escamilla, Elias, III Eschenfelder, Paul F., Jr Escude, Leon Raymond, Jr. . . . Escue, Douglas Walter Eskridge, Cheryl Lee Esparza, Hector Richard Espinosa, Jose Raul Essrg, Carole Elaine 236, Estakhr, Mehdi M. H Estes, Arthur James Estes, Carolyn Frances 286 180, 358 196, 230, , 359 Estes, Mary Carmen .... Estes, Sally L .................... Estrin, Steven A .................. Eta Kappa Nu ................... Etchison, J. Scott ............ 384, Etheridge, Nancy Gail ....... 194, Ethridge, Gordon Dane ............ Etter, Mitchel Frank .............. Etter, Wayne Edward ............. Etzel, Martha Lynne .......... 370, Eulsler, Robert Weston ....... 420, Evans, Billie-Ann ................. Evans, Brian Dudley .... 214, 260, Evans, Carolyn Virginia ........... Evans, Cartter .................... Evans, Charles Campbell .......... Evans, Charles L ................. Evans, Dean C .......... 339, 396, Evans, Donald L ......... 313, 339, Evans, Gregory Blakney ..... , ...... Evans, James Asa ................. Evanj, James Michael ............. Evanj, John Joseph ........... Evans, Judy Evans, Margaret S Evoni, Peggy Lynn ........... Evans, Randall E ........ 284, Evans, Randle Carline Evans, Roger R Evans, Stephanie Anne ....... Evans,