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i rat BSmmsgSfflHB agartB 1966 CACTUS Pagel THE 1966 CACTUS CLAIR LYN REEDER Editor-in-Chief CAROL DIANE COOKE Associate Editor FRANK ARMSTRONG Photographer LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR. General Manager MARGUERITE FREEMAN Supervisor PUBLISHED BY TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. AUSTIN, TEXAS VOL. 73 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Page 3 Two buildings reach skyward One with the hopes of government, The other with the hopes of knowledge. We are the students; We are the citizens: We are the cities. TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration 25 Academic 47 LIMELIGHT Personalities 97 Features 121 Honors 177 STUDENT ASSOCIATIONS Scholastic Honoraries 193 Student Government 201 Sororities 231 Fraternities 273 Dorms and Co-Ops 339 Military 371 Organizations 383 ATHLETICS Varsity 487 Freshman 537 Intramurals 543 CLASSES Graduates 563 Graduating Seniors 567 Seniors 611 Juniors 619 Sophomores 633 Freshmen 649 Chronology and Statistics 673 Index . . .686 Page 5 BBWi _fc 3BB Learning is never finished. The steel . . . the books . . . the stone . . . The traditions . . . the mortar . . . the innovations. Constructing a building helps mold the mind. H " , .. , mr IUL Ifl B i B ACI p ,1 Looking, grasping, searching, groping, Find myself! What do I believe? Self-knowledge above all knowledge. PageS Page 9 To read, To know, To understand. One learns of what he is ignorant. Never how much I knew, But how little I know. Page 10 Learning extends beyond the classroom. To the stage, The hall, The theatre, One never stops listening, Seeing, communicating. Page 12 Men speak, and by listening we learn. Black, white, right, wrong. Truth, dishonor Confusion! Who am I? Page 14 Page 15 We forget, we have fun. We relax. Enjoy. Meet new friends, listen, Share. We learn again. Page 16 r MBS Shout! Make them win! Victory pride. Defeat tears. We must know both To be better men. ' L both Page 19 You meet, You talk, You laugh, You share experiences . Perhaps forever. _ Page 20 . I Jli. 81 1 183? 290 IN MEMORIAM STUDENTS E. Robert Bernat Robert Edward Brabham James Michael Buie Julie Ann Cohen William Mack Creswell David Michael Davis Perry B. Dennis Thomas Eckman Chris Edwin Johnson Elizabeth Ann Jones Thomas Ray Karr Ronald Lawrence Lippman Gayl Emily Milstein Lyndia Kay Morton Ronald Wayne Myers Larry Hal O ' Reilly Jim H. Parker Kathy Stephenson James Elsea Tabor Harry Walchuk Charles Joseph Whitman Wende Lynn Williams J. Harry Bennett. Jr. S. LeRoy Brown, Erne Horace Bailey Carrolll Jackson Walter Fostej Dalies Ehrhardt Franl Rosemary CowmeadoJ Rebecca Tapp Dykes Bess Lelia Frazee Smith L. Garrison Artis L. Hortor ACULTY Rosalie S. Godfrey, Emeritus itus Joseph Lindsey Henderson, Emeritus John Francis Kelly. Lieutenant Colonel Harry E. Moore Everett Grant Smith, Emeritus H. JlLutcher Stark. Former Regent STAFF Raymond G. Otting Thomas Lee Porter Dugles Reed J. W. Roper Mrs. Edna E. Townsley I ... S Main Building ADMINISTRATION Edited by Bill Crook Page 25 GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF TEXAS JOHN B. CONNALLY Page 26 CHANCELLOR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HARRY HUNTT RANSOM Page 27 THE BOARD OF REGENTS Left to Right: Olan, Brenan, Erwin, Ikard, Heath, Josey, Johnson, Bauer, Connally. W. H. Bauer, Port Lavaca Walter P. Brenan, San Antonio H. F. Connally, Jr., M.D., Waco Frank C. Erwin, Jr., Austin, Vice-Chairman W. W. Heath, Austin, Chairman Frank N. Ikard, Wichita Falls Mrs. J. Lee Johnson, III, Fort Worth Jack S. Josey, Houston Levi A. Olan, Dallas Betty Anne Thedford, Secretary Governor John B. Connally and the Texas Legislature headed the state administration of Texas education and its state supported colleges and universities which included The University of ' Texas System. Capably administered by Chancellor Harry Huntt Ransom, The University of Texas System increased in size and scope. A growing enrollment was matched by growth in facilities and in academic achievement. The nine member Board of Regents was responsible for the overseeing and planning for the Main University and its nine branches including 47,000 stu- dents. The Development Board worked closely with the Regents to solicit private funds for the Texas System. These private donations made possible the recruitment of distinguished scholars, the acquisition of library collections, student financial aid, and the development of more re- search laboratories and equipment. Page 2 8 THE DEVELOPMENT BOARD Hines H. Baker, Houston W. H. Bauer, Port Lavaca W. D. Blunk, Executive Director Edward Clark, Austin Ernest Cockrell, Jr., Houston H. H. Coffield, Rockdale L. L. Colbert, Detroit, Mich. Proctor W. Day, M. D., San Antonio Joe Dealey, Dallas Mrs. Charles Devall, Kilgore R. A. Furbush, Galveston Wales H. Madden, Jr., Amarillo J. Mark McLaughlin, San Angelo J. Francis Morgan, El Paso J. M. Odom, Austin B. D. Orgain, Beaumortt, Vice-Chairman Charles N. Prothro, Wichita Falls Harry H. Ransom, Austin (Ex-Officio) Tom Sealy, Midland Preston Shirley, Galveston, Chairman John P. Thompson, Dallas Dan C. Williams, Dallas Mrs. Robert F. Windfohr, Fort Worth Gus S. Wortham, Houston Left to Right: B. D. ORGAIN, Vice-chairman and PRESTON SHIRLEY, Chairman. Left to Right: CALVIN CLEAVE NOLEN, Assistant Director; WILLIAM DAVID BLUNK, Executive Director; RICHARD NEAL ELLIOTT, Executive Assistant; ARNO NOWOTNY, Consultant on Develop- ment. Page 29 VICE-CHANCELLORS NORMAN HACKERMAN Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Professor of Chemistry LAURENCE D. HASKEW Professor of Educational Administration Page 30 RAYMOND VOWELL Vice-Chancellor for Federal and State Affairs JAMES CLAY DOLLEY Professor of Finance WILSON S. STONE Director, Genetics Foundation Professor of Zoology Page 31 ADMINISTRATION JOHN WILLIAM MEANEY Assistant to the Chancellor Professor of Radio-Television-Film E. DON WALKER Director, Facilities, Planning and Construction CHARLES HERMAN SPARENBERG Comptroller FRANK D. GRAYDON Budget Officer, Office of the Chancellor Associate Professor of Accounting Page 32 OF THE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM GRAVES W. LANDRUM Assistant to the Chancellor and Director of Administrative Services WILLIAM DAVID BLUNK Executive Director, Development Board WILLIAM WOODROW STEWART Endowment Officer BURNELL WALDREP University Attorney Page 33 I ADMINISTRATION JOSEPH C. KENNEDY Director, University Personnel Office System Personnel Advisor JAMES H. COLVIN Business Manager, Main University ALEXANDER MOFFIT University Librarian WILLIAM EDWARD KEYS Director, University News and Information Service Page 34 OF THE MAIN UNIVERSITY GRADY CLARENCE STARNES Auditor F. C. McCONNELL Director, Division of Housing and Food Service CARL J. ECKHARDT Director of Physical Plant Professor of Mechanical Engineering JOE WEST NEAL Director, International Office Lecturer in Government Page 35 DEAN OF STUDENTS STAFF W. BYRON SHIPP Registrar and Director of Admissions GORDON V. ANDERSON Director, Testing and Counseling Center Professor of Educational Psychology PAUL L. WHITE, M.D. Director, Student Health Center VINCENT R. DINING Director, Longhorn Bands JACK HOLLAND Dean of Students JOHN HERSHEL DODSON Director of Student Financial Aids JOHN G. STEELE Director, Texas Union ALBERT ALBIN ROOKER Director, Intramural Sports for Men SHIELA M. O ' GARA Associate Professor and Director of Physical Training for Women Director, Womens ' Intramurals Page 37 DEAN OF WOMEN The Staff of the Dean of Women is responsible for the administration and coordination of specific areas of student life, particularly those related to the interests and welfare of women students. In this coordination, the Staff works with students, faculty and the administration sharing responsibility for student success in academic and extra- curricular areas of student life. Through continual, daily counseling with individual stu- dents and student leaders the Staff endeavors to create an environment in which students may assume increasing responsibility may experience the values of self-discipline and may achieve major intellectual and personal goals. The Staff works with student housing in the belief that the housing environment which reflects the educational purposes of the University contributes to the development of mature citizens and community leaders. All Staff members work with the general student life responsibilities but in addition each has special major areas of assignment. MARGARET PECK, Dean of Women Left to Right: DOROTHY W. DEAN, Sponsored Panhellenic Council, and assisted with Orientation; MAR- CARET BERRY, presently working with a special research study; MARY RUTH SMITH, worked with Cooperative residences, dormitory Upperclass Advisors and freshman counseling; FRANCES LITTLE MC- MATH, worked with special housing and devoted much time to assisting students who, because of physical handicap, economic need and other circumstances required special help in obtaining housing or other Uni- versity services. Pase 38 DEAN OF MEN The Staff of the Dean of Men has a wide range of re- sponsibilities in student life at the University. Specific areas of responsibility include Fraternities, Housing, Stu- dent Organizations, Discipline, and the enforcement of Parking and Traffic regulations. Students and their families turn to the Dean of Men ' s Office for counseling and information in these and other areas related to University life. In addition, staff members serve oh faculty-student committees and as advisors to several student groups. One of the specific areas in which the Student Life Staff works is the Orientation Program coordinated by William T. Belt. The Orientation Program at The University of Texas is designed to meet the needs of incoming students, especially in their adjustment to the academic life of the institution. The program also includes certain worthwhile information about the mechanical details of university life and provides some social activities. However, the main effort is directed towards helping the student understand the nature of the University, the educational opportunities available to him, and the values and functions of the academic community. Orientation programs at Texas in- clude the following: Fall, Spring, and Summer session orientation, occurring during registration periods; U.T. Day, a day scheduled in March for high school juniors and seniors to visit the University; and summer Orientation, a program of four-day sessions held during the summer for students planning to enroll in the University. LAWRENCE TURNER FRANKS, Dean of Men Left to Right: DAVID HILDRETH THOMAS, Student Group Advisor; THOMAS V. JENKINS, Assistant Dean of Men; FRANK B. CAMPBELL, Student Group Advisor; EDWIN BOOTH PRICE, Coordinator of Student Activities. Page 39 EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION The Lila B. Etter Alumni Center is the home of one of the oldest organizations on the campus, The Ex-Students ' Association. Organized in 1885, only two years after the University opened its doors, the Association is the independent or- ganization through which more than 200,000 Texas Exes serve their alma mater. An 18-member staff directs the alumni program, including more than one hundred Texas Exes Clubs throughout the world. The Ex-Students ' Association ' s services to the University vary. It recruits students through its " Operation Brain- power " program. It interprets the University ' s problems and aspirations to the people of Texas through its " Operation In- formation " program. And its sizeable Loan Funds and Scholarship Program annually benefit more than 150 stu- dents. The Association also contributes thousands of dollars of unrestricted funds to the University each year. This money represents all of the profits from campus vending machines and the concessions at athletic events. These funds are used by the University for fellowships, scholarships, and pro- grams of excellence for which tax funds are not available. More than 22,000 Texas Exes make these activities pos- sible by the payment of dues to the Association. In return for their support, Association members receive a subscrip- tion to the alumni magazine, the ALCALDE; the op- portunity to purchase football tickets in advance of the general public; free privileges in all University libraries, and many other benefits. Affairs of the Ex-Students ' Association are governed by a 46-member Executive Council elected by the members. The full-time staff is headed by Jack Maguire, executive director since 1956. Left to Right: JACK RUSSELL MAGUIRE, Executive Di- rector; FRANK DENIUS. President. Seated: LORAINE M. JACKSON, Administrative Assistant; JUDY WALKER HEARNE, Fall Promotion Director; CAROLE JONES, Secre- tary; PAT MAGUIRE, Managing Editor, Alcalde. Back flow: ROY VAUGHAN, Field Representative; JOHN KENT ULBRICH, Fall Bus- iness Manager; CHARLES SCHNEIDER, Spring Business Manager; ROY C. JAMES, Alumni Records Center Manager. Page 40 DADS ' ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. N. L. Barker, Paris Ivan D. Boxwell, Amarillo Dr. G. V. Brindley, Jr., Temple Joiner Cartwright, Houston Dr. Thomas C. Cole, Huntsville Robert P. Doherty, Jr., Houston Arthur P. Duggan, Jr., Littlefield John D. Furrh, Jr., Marshall Dr. Francis Garbade, Galveston Jenkins Garrett, Fort Worth Judge Reynaldo G. Garza, Brownsville William A. Griffis, Jr., San Angelo Richard A. Gump, Dallas George Leonard, Sweetwater C. K. Loomis, Longview J. S. McKee, El Paso George P. Morrill, Beeville William J. Murray, Jr., Austin George A. Musselman, San Antonio Adrian I. Patton, Houston Jack C. Staley, Wichita Falls W. Marvin Watson, Washington, D.C. Dan C. Williams, Dallas George Williamson, Jr., Jacksonville lite CURRENT OFFICERS Front Row: Allan Bailey, Rex G. Baker, Jr., Dr. Hamilton Ford, President; George H. Marsh, Treasurer; H. Ben Decherd, Jr. Second Row: David C. Hull, Lester Foran, Dr. Hugh W. Savage, J. L. Rehmet, H. Macon Boddy, Hayden W. Head, Colonel Homer Garrison, Jr., W. D. Blunk, Secretary. Not Pictured: Allen Cowden, Judge Joe J. Fisher, Dr. E. K. Jones. PAST PRESIDENTS AND HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS Front Row: Harry W. Ferguson, Dr. C. M. Phillips, Dr. J. B. Heath, E. G. Morrison, Dr. C. M. Townsend. Second Row: Bob Armstrong, Howard T. Cox, Gail Whitcomb, Judge J. Lee Dittert, Colonel D. Harold Byrd, Stanley M. Erskine, Richard W. Blalock. Not Pictured: J. K. Butler, J. Brown Cutbirth, John W. Hampton, Jack S. Josey, J. Clyde Tomlinson, Harry C. Webb. Page 41 TEACHING EXCELLENCE AWARDS The Students ' Association of The University of Texas gives special recognition to University professors who have shown excellence in their respected teaching areas understanding that the word professor refers to instructors, assistant professors, associate professors, and full professors. In the colleges and schools in which student governing boards function they, with the assemblymen from their respective colleges or schools, select the recipients. In those colleges and schools that lack such boards, the assemblymen select the recipients from those nominations they obtain from the various scholastic and honorary organizations within their colleges or schools. The Secretary of the Stu- dents ' Association co-ordinates the selection and this year presented the new Teaching Excellence Award certificates to the recipients at the Students ' Association Inaugural Convocation and Reception. WILLIAM T. GUY, JR., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics and Education CARL OSCAR BERGQUIST, B.A., M.S. Assistant Professor of Architecture HARRY L KENT, JR., P.E., M.S. Professor of Mechanical Engineering Page 42 BERNARD CHARLES KISSEL Associate Professor of Speech MRS. NATALIE CARTER BARRAGA, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Special Education STANISLAV ZIMIC, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages Page 43 ROY ROCHESTER CRAIG, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Engineering Mechanics JAIME N. DELGADO, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry ERNEST E. SMITH, III, B.A., LL.B. Associate Professor of Law Page 44 MARY ADELAIDE GARDNER, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Journalism RAYNARD M. SOMMERFELD, Ph.D., C.P.A. Assistant Professor of Accounting WILLIAM JACKSON LORD, JR., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Business Communications Page 45 HANNS-BERTOLD DIETZ, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Music TERRELL HUNTER HAMILTON, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Zoology DONALD ALFRED LARSON, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Botany Page 46 Academic Center ACADEMIC Edited by Carol Cooke and Lyn Reeder Page 47 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest division of The University of Texas. Through its basic courses, the college aims to introduce students to an understanding of the physical and biological structure of the complex world in which they live; to a knowledge of man ' s economic, political and social development; to an appreciation of his mental and spiritual inheritance, his philosophy and literature. Through his chosen Tnajor, the student moves toward competency in a particular field. The College also provides a foundation for instruction which students will receive in a professional school or in the Graduate School. Many students seek to prepare themselves within the frame- work of the College of Arts and Sciences for a teaching career. A comprehensive program has been developed to enable students to qualify -for a teaching certificate as well as an Arts and Sciences degree. In the union of arts and sciences, of individual expression and useful fact, lies the fulfillment of mankind ' s develop- ment. The science in man teaches him to think in exact terms; the arts, to express those thoughts in a manner that is individually unique. The arts and sciences are the in- separable aspects of the thinking man. Dean John Alton Burdine Pu.m- 18 THE SCIENCE OF MAN FORMS STUDY The DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY completed its third year of expansion and development under Chair- man Richard N. Adams. This year marked the largest single increase of faculty since the expansion program began. The Department added three new members and welcomed two visiting members. The departmental program was also expanded by the addition of new studies. Work in social organization was directed by Dr. Allan D. Coult and Dr. Ira R. Buchler; studies were introduced in anthropological linguistics; work in genetics was under the direction of Dr. James N. Spuhler. Dr. Peter M. Gardner joined the staff to teach on Southeast Asia. Many of the faculty members devoted a great amount of time to working with the Ph.D. program in anthropology which began last year. Members of the anthropology faculty also worked on various foreign projects. Dr. John B. Cornell studied Japanese emigrant farmers working in Brazil, while Dr. Anthony Leeds worked on a slum study in Brazil. Dr. Richard Adams guided the work of twelve students of various academic disciplines in Guatemala. Locally, Dr. S. Chadwick Oliver worked with the development and production of a new undergraduate television series for cultural anthropology instruction. Dr. Jeremiah Fain Epstein used the microscope to study rocks found in Mexico. Dr. S. Chadwick Oliver conferred with Mr. Hugh Greene, Coordinator of the Texas Education Microwave Project Television. Page 49 GRADUATE STUDENTS STUDY AND TEACH Graduate students form an important portion of the Uni- versity community. They pursue advanced studies toward a Master ' s or Ph.D. degree through classwork and special seminars, often featuring distinguished lecturers, as well as through personal conferences and consultation. In ad- dition, many graduate students assume the responsibilities of a teaching assistantship which may include indepe ndent teaching, work with small discussion groups, and laboratory supervision. Study and work opportunities further the graduate student ' s growth toward intellectual maturity. The DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY under Chairman John R. Silber offered individually planned graduate studies structured within the broad areas of history of philosophy, logic and philosophy of science, metaphysics and epistemol- ogy, and ethics and theories of value. Special programs of interdepartmental work broadened the scope of studies. One such joint program was with the Classics Department for the study of Greek philosophy in the context of Greek cul- ture. Another program promotes supporting work in the Department of History in studies of the history and philo- sophy of science. This program of advanced studies pre- pared students for historical and philosophical analyses of problems in the natural and social sciences. In addition to this program, the Department has developed plans for the Newton Studies Symposia, scheduled for 1966-67. The Symposia will commemorate the 300th anniversary of Newton ' s annus mirabilis 1666, a decisive turning point in the history of science. Graduate studies were important in the DEPARTMENT OF GOVERNMENT under Chairman H. Malcolm Mac- donald. This year the Department introduced the use of multiple instruction in a number of courses. A graduate course in Case Studies in International Relations was given by Mr. David Edwards and Dr. Paul Hammond, a distin- guished scholar in the field of international politics and con- nected with the Rand Corporation in California. Lawrence S. Graham, Dr. Charles J. Parrish, Dr. James R. Soukup, and Dr. Orion F. White, Jr. combined their teaching in the Inter-Area Seminar in Comparative Politics: Bureau- cracy and Political Development. Recognition for the Department came from several sources. President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Dr. James R. Roach to a three year term as a member of the Board of Foreign Scholarships and named Dr. Emmette S. Red- ford to the National Council of Humanities. Dr. Carl Leiden was awarded the NDEA Related Fulbright Hays Award for research in Iran and Afghanistan; Dr. Murray C. Havens was awarded a Fulbright Lectureship for Austra- lia; and Dr. James Steintrager received a Relm Foundation Fellowship for study in England. Dr. Edward Taborsky received a research grant from the University of Denver, and Mr. Donald Hancock was awarded a grant from The University of Texas for study in Sweden. Seminars presented by guest lecturers in the Government Department enriched the graduate program. Graduate student F. Gregory Hayden conducted this lecture discussion section as part of his work as a teaching assistant in the Department of Economics. Dr. John Silber and John Hardwig made consultation a stimulating aspect of graduate study. Page 51 Maps are the material of geography. The five foot globe was used for classroom study. SCOPES ENLARGE MAN ' S VIEW OF HIS WORLD The DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY is a com- paratively small but active department involved in teaching and research. Research projects involved the Department in international affairs. Dr. Orville Wyss, Department Chairman, continued his study of microbial survival in the Antarctic. Dr. Wyss ' study is part of an unusual joint project established by American and Russian scientists under the Antarctic Treaty of 1957, the only current joint research presently in operation. In January, 1966, Dr. Wyss spent two weeks in Moscow lecturing at the State University on his research. Other international research included the work of Dr. Charles E. Lankford, an expert in the field of cholera research, who has done extensive vaccine research on cholera in India in con- nection with the World Health Organization. The GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT has a faculty in the field, for geography must be studied on location. Under the chairmanship of Dr. Lorrin G. Kennamer, individual faculty field research continued in India, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Southwest Asia, and in Latin America. Dr. Robert K. Holz participated in the 1965 Summer Seminar in Egyptian Civilization in Cairo, under the UAR-USA Educational Exchange Program. Dr. George W. Hoffman was a member of the Board of Editors of the Eastern European Quarterly as well as being a member of the International Geographical Union Commission on Methods of Economic Regionalization. Dr. Donald D. Brand edited sixteenth century Relacianeo Geograficas of Mexico and Guatemala for the Conference on Latin American History and published Mexico: Land of Sunshine and Shadow in 1966. The Saltzman projector was used for map reproduction in geography research. Page 53 The nursery school offered opportunities for observation and training for home economics students working in the field of child de- velopment. Page 54 HOME ECONOMICS PROMOTES PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Dr. Margaret Eppright chaired the DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS during the year 1965-66. The De- partment included the divisions of nutrition and foods; institutional administration; textiles and fashion design; child development; and family economics and home man- agement. Departmental activities involved not only the University but the Austin community as well. The child development division worked in a consultation capacity with the Austin Head Start Program. The annual January Style Show, sponsored by the division of textiles and fashion design, was presented to attract the interest of high school students who would want to make a career in home economics. Within the Department, students were instructed in con- sumer economics and family finance. The program was concerned not only with the family budget but with the general consumer as well. Studies in textiles also involved consumer benefits. Machinery became the focus of labora- tory work in textile product evaluation in which textiles were subjected to test which measured the strength and elongation of yarns and fabric resistance to wear. Stu- dents used the devices to determine the suitability of a fabric for its proposed use and its potential consumer satis- faction. Dr. Helen McH ugh directed students studying family finance and consumer education. Students learned to operate the Universal Wear Tester which measures resistance to laboratory wear of textile fabrics. Such tests were used to determine the suitability of the fabric for proposed use and for its potential consumer satisfaction. Page 55 V _ u Dr. Ramon Martinez-Lopez, a Spaniard from Galicia, and an internationally recognized scholar in medieval Spanish language and literature, received a Guggenheim fellowship ior study in Spain during 1966-67. Page 56 INTERNATIONALISM COMES WITH LANGUAGE The guiding spirit of the DEPARTMENT OF ROMANCE LANGUAGES this year was internationalism. Chairman Theodore Andersson directed varied activities which in- cluded the study of language, linguistics, civilization, and literature in four languages: French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The faculty included persons of broad in- ternational experience and many different national origins. Dr. Luis Arocena, a professor from the University of Buenos Aires, is a specialist in Hispanic civilization; Profes- sor Donald S. Carne-Ross, who is English, specializes in Italian Renaissance Literature; Dr. Michel Dassonville, a Frenchman has had extensive experience in Canada; Pro- fessor Ricardo Gullon, a Spaniard, interprets modern litera- ture of Spain and Spanish America; Professor Eugenio Garcia do Nora, another Spaniard, comes from the Univer- sity of Bern in Switzerland; Dr. Humberto Lopez-Morales, a Cuban, specializes in linguistics; Professor Miguel Gon- zales-Gerth, a bilingual poet and critic, comes from Mexico; and Dr. Stanislav Zimic, a Yugoslav, is a promising scholar in Spanish literature of the Golden Age. This year the DEPARTMENT OF SLAVIC LAN- GUAGES was under the direction of Dr. Joseph L. Conrad, Acting Chairman. The Department offered courses in Rus- sian, Czech, and Serbo-Croatian. The Department added to its faculty Dr. Jan Perkowski, a Harvard Ph.D., who is a specialist in Slavic linguistics and Dr. Alan Ross, who studied at Columbia and Warsaw University. Dr. Ross taught Russian literature in translation, as well as literature courses for Russian majors. Classroom studies were sup- plemented by extracurricular activities. The Russian film series presented several classic productions, while the Slavic Club brought students together for numerous activities, in- cluding a food fest of national dishes and folk dancing. A major development this academic year was the divi- sion of the DEPARTMENT OF GERMANIC LANGUAGES from the Department of Linguistics. Dr. Helmut Rehder assumed the chairmanship of Germanic Languages. Dr. Winfred P. Lehmann, Dr. Edgard Polome, and Dr. Emmon Werner Bach held joint appointments in Germanic lan- guages and linguistics. The highlight of the Department ' s academic year was the seventh annual Symposium, Novem- ber 29 through December 1, 1965. The topic was the modern German novel, and speakers included German author Gerd Gaiser; Professor Henry Hatfield of Harvard; Professor Charles W. Hoffman of Ohio State; Professor Walter H. Sokel of Stanford; and Professor Heinz Politzer of the University of Califo rnia at Berkeley. With the series of annual symposiums came the publications in October, 1965, of the Symposium of 1962 Introduction to Modernity. In January, 1966, the Symposium of 1963, Symbolism, appeared. Spring departmental activities were highlighted by the production of the German play, Nestroy ' s Der Talisman, put on by the Department ' s undergraduate stu- dents. The production, under the direction of Dr. Wolf- gang Michael, marked the nineteenth such annual produc- tion. Undergraduate students, many with only one semester of German, took part in the production of Der Talisman. Dr. Charles W. Hoffman of Ohio State was one of the speakers at the Symposium on the German hovel. Page 57 DEPARTMENTS STUDY LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE Directed by Chairman Clarence Lee Cline, the DEPART- MENT OF ENGLISH reexamined its undergraduate and graduate programs to determine what the Department should offer to its students. The Department attempted to shape programs which would be suitable for the graduate school-bound student, the English major, the Provisional Teachers Certificate candidate, the student who elects a course in the Department, and the freshman and sophomore student who take required English courses. The study of the Master ' s degree program resulted in an attempt to de- velop a more tightly organized study and research plan for its graduate students. Evaluation and development of the Department ' s program was vitally important in light of the fact that more than ten per cent of all semester hours taught at the University are provided by the Depart- ment of English. September, 1965 marked the establishment of the DE- PARTMENT OF LINGUISTICS, and Dr. Winfred Leh- mann was named chairman. Linguistics is the study of the functioning of language. This study is approached from two directions. One is the descriptive approach which analyzes the characteristics or structure of a language. The other is the historical approach which traces the changes which take place within a language throughout the history of that language. The Department offered courses in phonetics, grammar, and the theory of linguistic science as well as in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, Japanese, and Telugu. Hebrew proved to be the most popular language offered by the Department, but there was remarkable interest among students in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and Japanese as well. Two conferences were arranged during the first year of the Department ' s existence. On January 28 and 29, 1966, the Department sponsored a " Symposium on Phonol- ogy " a conference in descriptive linguistics. The speakers included Morris Halle and Noam Chomsky of MIT; Robert P. Stockwell of UCLA; and Archibald A. Hill and James H. Sledd of The University of Texas. A second symposium on. historical linguistics was held on April 29 and 30. The speakers included Uriel Weinreich and William Labov of Columbia University; Marvin Herzog of the Language and Culture Atlas of Ashrenozic Jewry; Yakov Malkiel of the University of California at Berkeley; E. Benveniste of the College de France; J. Kurylowicz of Harvard; and W. P. Lehmann of The University of Texas. LITCRANV CR I C I PLATO Modern hkit.ii ULYSS tight Great Traged J THE EGOIST Eight Grot Comedies IDDLEMARC AIM ALEXAMDUI THl CHIAT ons from 3 WALDO EMERSON ENGLISH LITERATURE stories from six authors Suseela Kambhampati conducted a conference course in Telugu, an Indian dialect spoken by 35 million people. Dr. Winfred Lehraann, Chairman of the Linguistics Department, conferred with Dr. James H. Sledd, Professor of English and a leader in the field of descriptive linguistics. Page 59 C. Shepherd Burton, chemistry graduate student, worked with an intricate system of apparatus in his research on gas phase electronic energy transfer. Radio Frequency Plasma Discharge Apparatus is used in the Physics Department in basic research on the behavior of ionized gases. APPARATUS SHAPES SCIENCE INQUIRY The DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS, under Chairman Harold P. Hanson, included 35 regular staff members, al- most all of whom are publishing scholars. Virtually every one of them is supported by a grant or contract. The Department ' s relativity group is generally regarded as out- standing in this country. Dr. Rainer Sachs, of the relativity group, gave an invited talk at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society in New York; Dr. Alfred Schild received a National Science Foundation Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship and lectured in Denmark, England, Australia, Israel and Italy; Dr. Engelbert Schucking was one of the organizers of the Conference on Observational Aspects of Cosmology. The nuclear physics facilities are outstanding in the 20 Mev energy region. The most rapidly growing field of physics was plasma physics and plasma turbulence, the field which will play a major role in the ultimate problem of fusion. Page 60 This model of McDonald Observatory was displayed by the Astronomy Department at the 1966 Round-Up Showcase. of At The heart of the ASTRONOMY DEPARTMENT, under Chairman Harlan J. Smith, is McDonald Observatory at Mount Locke in the Davis Mountains. When the observatory was built it was equipped with an 82-inch reflector, second largest in the world at that time. Because of the existing facilities and the staff at McDonald, the National Aeronaut- ics and Space Administration has contracted with The Uni- versity of Texas to have a 105-inch reflector made and added to the McDonald complex. The new telescope is to be used during the next few years for a detailed study of the atmospheres of planets and satellites in our solar system. Other outstanding work of the Observatory ' s staff included W. A. Hiltner ' s finding of interstellar polariza- tion, U. Unsold ' s analysis of the atmosphere of Tau Scorpii and P. Swings and 0. Struve ' s work on the prop- erties of peculiar stars. Page 61 Dr. William T. Guy, Jr. directed the wide range of classwork and re- search in the Math Department. RESEARCH ENRICHED DEPARTMENT PROGRAMS Dr. Gardner Lindzey, chairman of the DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY, welcomed three new faculty members to the Department. Dr. Lloyd Jeffress came to the Uni- versity to work at the Defense Research Lab in the field of acoustics, while Dr. James Bieri came to serve as the director of the clinical psychology program. Dr. Elliot Aronson came to the University from the University of Minnesota as Director of the social psychology program. One of Dr. Aronson ' s experimental studies involved the effects of threat on forbidden behavior. A threat of severe punishment, in and of itself provides ample justification to cease an action. If a person ceases to perform a desired action in the face of a mild threat, however, he lacks an overabundance of justification and must seek additional reasons for not performing the desired act. The milder the threat, the greater will be the tendency to devalue the action. This will result in greater effectiveness of attitude change. This process may occur in more complex situations and may, therefore, be generally applicable as a technique of social control. Dr. Broom, DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY Chair- man, was involved in long term research collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Australian National University, studying social stratification and the Australian labor force. Dr. Norval D. Glenn continued his re- Dr. Aronson ' s experiment involved children who were threatened with punishment for playing with a specific toy. Children who were mildly threatened could not use the threat as an excuse for obeying the command, and had to construct other justifications for not playing with the toy by convincing themselves that the toy was not worth playing with. Page 62 search on stratification within minority groups; Dr. Samuel D. McLemore concentrated on study of ethnic and minority group organizations and methods of sociology in medicine; Dr. Alexander L. Clark worked in the area of psychology and methodology of social control. Dr. J. Allen Williams, Jr. completed two studies involving the academic behavior of university students. A study of academic dishonesty indicated that the type of control system honor versus proctor was more closely related to dishonesty than the personal background of the student. Another study, the analysis of students on scholastic probation indicated that some students will maintain a positive role-image even when failing if that student role is essential to their goals of occupations requiring a college education. Another phase of the Sociology Department was the Population Re- search Center, under Director Harley L. Browning. The Center carried on an extensive study of Latin America in- cluding fertility, mortality, and socio-economic factors of population. The Center also continued its efforts to com- plete a census bibliography of every country of the world. Chairman William T. Guy characterized the DEPART- MENT OF MATHEMATICS as " continuing with the same strong, steady program " at all levels. The most notable growth within the Department was in the area of statistics. Dr. David M. Young, Jr. served as director of the Com- putation Center. Dr. D. B. Owen joined the faculty in the study of statistics. This expansion foreshadowed the crea- tion of the Department of Computation Science scheduled for September, 1966. Other programs of note within the Math Department included continued participation in the secondary school teachers ' summer programs both in math and in conjunction with the Chemistry Department. Dr. James Allen Williams, Jr. researched in the area of academic dishonesty and academic role-images. Page 63 HISTORY STUDIES PROGRESS OF CIVILIZATION Dr. Robert A. Divine, Chairman of the DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY, emphasized a rapidly developing interest within the Department the study of the history of sci- ence. Science is clearly recognized as a dominant force in the modern era, and the study of its development cannot be overlooked. The Department acknowledged the impor- tance of modern science by offering courses in this field. The topic study, under the general guidance of Dr. George Basalla, took several forms. Dr. Basalla taught an under- graduate course centering on the growth of scientific ideas during the period 1500 A.D. to the present. This course stressed the conceptual development of science. A graduate course covered the Scientific Revolution of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Dr. Basalla ' s Plan II tutorial course dealt with the social implications of modern science and technology. Other department members dealing with the history science included Dr. David D. Van Tassel, in his two semester course dealing with the history of Ameri- can thought; Dr. Michael Hall, a specialist in colonial American science; and Dr. William H. Goetzmann, through his work in the American Studies Program. Directed by Dr. Goetzmann, the American Studies Pro- gram focused upon the United States and its relationship to the rest of the world. It seeks to train cultural analysts who are able to employ the principles of several dis- ciplines and the techniques of comparative culture in an integrated and informed way in their studies of civilization in the United States. Participating departments and pro- grams include history, history and philosophy of edu- cation, English, art, economics, sociology, psychology, an- thropology, government, geography, philosophy, and folk- lore. Focused by special inter-disciplinary American Civili- zation courses, each student ' s program was structured ac- cording to his particular interests, talents, and career ob- jectives. Dr. George Basalla inspected Darwin ' s personal copy of Origin of Species which is part of the John Hershel collection. Tom Wolf, 1957 Ph.D. from Yale in American Studies, comes to Texas. Page 64 Mr. James Wiseman, center, at the Corinth excavation site, studied the structural det ail of an uncovered Greek building. Dr. William A. Arrowsmith, University Professor in Arts and Letters, is nationally recognized for his translations of Greek drama. The CLASSICS DEPARTMENT is the largest Classics Department in the United States in both size of faculty and student enrollment. The Classics Department is also a young department; Chairman William A. Arrowsmith, at 41, is one of its oldest members. The department takes a liberal approach to the study of the classics, placing stress on work in literature, philosophy and history. The department emphasizes good teaching, and classroom op- portunities. In line with this emphasis is the recently de- veloped double track program of studies offering the classics student a standard-pace course or an accelerated program. ARCHAEOLOGY has become a part of the Department of Classics in conjunction with the Department of Art History and the School of Architecture. Mr. James R. Wise- man in Classics headed the intradepartmental excavation which began during the summer of 1965 at the site of ancient Corinth in Greece. Some of the 1965 discoveries included the sought for gymnasium and a domed building. The excavation also located an early Bronze Age settle- ment in the area. The University, for the first time involved in this type of research study, is financing this extended project. Dr. Peter Seeligmann, a Guggenheim fellow from the University of Tucuman Argentina, researched in the area of comparative plant chemistry. Part of his research included ultraviolet spectral analysis of chemical substances related to flower pigments. VARIOUS TECHNIQUES USED IN PLANT STUDY Within the structure of the BOTANY DEPARTMENT, under the chairmanship of Dr. Harold C. Bold, two areas of botanical interest have been investigated by Dr. Ralph E. Alston and Dr. R. Malcolm Brown, Jr. Dr. Alston worked in collaboration with Dr. T. J. Mabry in the area of plant physiology to study plant products. One project involved growing tiny duckwee d plants in con- tact with appropriate radioactive compounds. These com- pounds aid the botanist in tracing steps in the formation of various plant products. A complete chemistry laboratory was used for isolation and chemical identification of com- pounds and plant products which were either biologically or chemically interesting. Other work in Dr. Alston ' s lab in- volved Baptisia, a native Texas plant of the bean family, and Tragopogon and Hymenoxys, varieties of sunflowers, in the study of plant pigments and certain oils and alkaloids. Dr. R. Malcolm Brown, Jr. has done extensive work in his study of airborne algae. The algae, which come from soil blown into the air as dust, were sampled at ground level, from the roof of the Engineering Science Building, from an airplane, and from a jet plane up 40,000 feet. These samples were used in the compilation of a taxonomy of soil and airborne algae. These samples were also used by Dr. Brown in his study of algal proteins. The algae as they blow through the air can effect a build-up of human sensitivity which produces allergies. Dr. Brown ' s study has furthered the identification of such algae and made ob- servations pertinent to a study of allergy problems. Alfred Wohlpart, Dr. Kenneth Markham from New Zealand, and Dr. Michael Thomas from England used the Depart- ment ' s organic chemistry lab for studies of natural plant products. Page 66 Dr. R. Malcolm Brown used the Hirst Air Sampler to collect a 24 hour sample of the algae, pollen, and fungi occurring in the air. This station was on the roof of the Engineering Science Building. Page 67 Mrs. Sally Hass operated a vacuum system fixing the gaseous environ- ment of the cells to be irradiated in the study of effects of high energy radiation on living cells. The cecropia silkworm, Hyalophora cecropia, pupa and cocoon are the material for the study of biochemical effects of hormones controlling insect development. Page 68 Dr. Keith Bell operated the mass spectrometer to measure the minute quantities of radioactive materials in rocks which serves as a basis for determining the age of the rocks. Dr. Stephen E. Clabaugh served as the chairman for the GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT for 1965-66. This year Dr. Clabaugh was deeply involved with the plans and con- struction of the new geology building scheduled for com- pletion in September, 1966. The top floor of the new build- ing will be -occupied by the Bureau of Economic Geology, the state agency for geological study in Texas. Within the Department, the faculty directed several studies. Dr. Claude W. Horton held a joint appointment in the Departments of Geology and Physics and taught a new graduate course in geophysics. Dr. J. Hoover Mackin, who occupied the endowed William Stamps Farish Chair of Geology, headed the earth sciences division of the National Science Foundation. Dr. Wann Langston was responsible for the thirty-foot fossil newly displayed at the Texas Memorial Museum. Dr. Alan J. Scott organized extended field trips to the mud flats of Port Aransas where students and faculty studied cored sections of the earth. As part of the new post-doctoral program presently under expansion, the Department hosted Dr. Colin G. Barker and Dr. Keith Bell from Great Britain. Dr. Bell worked with Dr. Leon Long in the study of the determination of rubidium- strontium isotopic ages. The ZOOLOGY DEPARTMENT, under the direction of Dr. A. R. Schrank, added two distinguished researchers, Dr. Edward Lawrence Powers and Dr. Robert Hood Barth, to its staff during this academic year. Dr. Powers joined the faculty as Professor of Zoology and director of the Laboratory of Radiation Biology, located at Balcones. The first studies in radiation biology at UT were done by Dr. Hermann J. Muller, who demonstrated that X-rays cause mutations. For this Dr. Muller won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1946. Dr. Powers studied the mechanisms by which high energy radiations bring about changes, in- cluding mutations, within cells. The continued life of the cell, according to Dr. Powers ' research, appears to de- pend upon molecules that can be destroyed by these radia- tions. Dr. Barth came to the University after seven years of study and research at Harvard University. Dr. Barth is an insect physiologist, and he is particularly interested in the insect endocrine system and its role in reproduction and development. He used cockroaches and silkworm moths as experimental subjects for his studies on the endocrine control of mating behavior and reproductive cycles in female insects. His studies further involved the biochemical changes induced by the hormones which control metamor- phosis, the transformations from larva, to pupa, to adult moth. Page 69 ACTIVITY IMPROVED PHYSICAL HEALTH As a department in the College of Arts and Sciences, the DEPARTMENT OF REQUIRED PHYSICAL EDUCA- TION FOR MEN was staffed by a trained group of special- ists under Director T. E. Barlow. They endeavored to teach not only physical fitness but moral fitness as well. The Department took special pride in its physical plant and equipment. The basketball courts in the new gym annex provided ample space for physical activity. Other new facilities included the gymnastics room and the glass hand- ball court which features extensive seating arrangements. The DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN under the direction of Shiela M. O ' Gara in- cluded a wide range of activities. Gymnastic activities in- cluded exercise, tumbling, and creative dance. Archery, badminton, bowling, fencing, golf, tennis, and swimming classes offered training in specific recreational skills. The new basketball courts provided area for many students to participate in activities. Physical Education for Girls included many muscle and skill-developing activities. V Page 70 Page 71 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY The primary responsibility of the College of Pharmacy as seen by its faculty was to assist each student in acquiring an education that would allow him to make sound value judgments and to accept an active and positive role in so- ciety. The curriculum included courses to train the students to serve effectively in community pharmacies and as con- sultants to the health profession and to the public. The students also learned how to function as medical sales rep- resentatives, as pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmaceutical journalists, and pharmaceutical library scientists. The School of Pharmacy also provided a graduate pro- gram of study for the education of hospital pharmacists, industrial pharmacists, research workers, and teachers in the recognized divisions of pharmacy. Dean Lee Frank Worrell Page 72 In a senior lab, pharmacy students received practice in prescription compounding and dispensing. Junior students learned the theory and technology of dosage forms. Page 73 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The objective of the College of Business Administration is to provide a well-rounded professional education. To obtain this education, the student must have an understand- ing of the modern business culture, an appreciation of its historical evolution, an awareness of the social and econom- ic forces shaping its future, an ability to recognize and pro- mote ethical and social values, and competence in at least one field of business to enable him to earn his living. The study of Human Choice Behavior was undertaken by Dr. W. T. Tucker to determine the effects of effort, reward probability, and reward magnitude on individual choice. The Department of Marketing Administration also has a visiting professor program with professors this year from the University of Illinois and Louvain University. These two professors are teaching in the introductory cowee-to make them available to the largest number of students and in specialized graduate courses to provide course work that could not otherwise be offered. Public service for the people of Texas and the nation has been the main purpose of The University of Texas Bureau of Business Research since its founding in 1926. By col- lecting and interpreting business and economic statistics and publishing studies on business and industry, the Bureau has made available a large body of information useful in planning and building a firmer, more resilient economy. The College of Business also had an exceptional program in Quantitative Methods. This program included the study of mathematics, statistics, quantitative decision-making tech- niques, and the use of computers for the analysis and solu- tion of business problems. The Placement Office served as a vital link between students and prospective employers. The Placement Di- rector, Mrs. Jerry Moore, spent long hours talking to stu- dents and company interviewers in an attempt to place each student in the right job. Also various student groups worked a total of 6,500 hours as volunteers. During 1965- 1966, more than 8,200 individual interviews with ap- proximately 369 companies were arranged by the Place- ment Office of the College. Dean John Arch White Page 74 I -if r r All students in the College of Business explored the computer facilities. Students studied the integrated planning network of the manned spa erf light in conjunction with learning concepts of production control. t Page 75 Members of the faculty research committee were Dr. Edward W. Cundiff, Dr. Floyd S. Brandt, Dr. Glenn A. Welsch, Dr. Harry L. Johnson, and Dr. John R. Stockton. Graduating seniors spent many hours in the placement office interviewing prospective employers. Page 76 Matthew H. Kelly demonstrated the apparatus used in a series of Members of the Bureau of Business Research staff gathered material for their experiments on human choice behavior done by the Department of next publication. Marketing Administration. The use of data processing was a vital part of the Bureau of Business Research. Page 77 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING The objective of the College of Engineering is to de- velop the intellectual capabilities of individuals so that through their profession they can make maximum contribu- tions to society. To obtain this objective, both students and faculty must be of the highest caliber. The College of Engineering is the only college which holds classes for its faculty members. This past year the Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium met twice monthly to discuss improving un- dergraduate instruction focusing on teaching methodology. The Student Engineering Council and Tau Beta Pi annually have student evaluation of engineering professors. These reports are given to each professor. A Freshman Honors program was initiated by the Col- lege of Engineering this year. Its purpose was to promote scholastic excellence and to provide students with better opportunities to develop their abilities. These students had special class sections with more comprehensive courses con- tent and received library stack permits. The College feels it is very important to recognize stu- dent-scholars. Students who rank in the top 2.8 percent of the student body are named Engineering Fellows and each receives an award from the Louis C. Wagner Fund. Dean John J. McKetta, Jr. Page 78 ktofe so tk tad rs. Hese the Col- :: - I. ibkttta .: cor.- The chairman of the CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DE- PARTMENT was Dr. Howard F. Rase. The Molecular Beam apparatus, built by Dr. Eugene H. Wissler is used to study the interaction between gas atoms and solid surfaces. The beam is directed into a solid surface and the reflected atoms are analyzed to gain information about the scattering process. The experiment must be done in a high vacuum chamber to eleminate deflection of atoms from the beam by the background gas. The Chemical Engineering Department also studied catalysis to permit development of more selective catalysts and the fundamentals of distillation. Dr. Wissler demonstrated the use of the Molecular Beam Apparatus. wwtol deal Fd. Environmental students studied the kinetics of biological oxidation of in- dustrial wastes. William R. Holden used this equipment to study directional fluid flow in natural rocks. The chairman of the PETROLEUM ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT was Dr. Ben Hall Caudle. The information gained from the study of directional fluid flow properties of natural petroleum reservoir rocks was used so hat pre- dictions of petroleum flow and production may be made for underground oil reservoirs. Other areas studied were well logging methods, drilling, rock mechanics and drilling studies, hydrocarbon phase behavior studies, and paraffin deposition. This year, the study on ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH was directed by Dr. Earnest Frederick Gloyna. The waste of industry was studied to design procedures for biological waste treatment plants. Waste samples were taken from Texas industries, and biological treatments developed under a variety of operating conditions. A faculty member, W. Wesley Eckenfelder, Jr., had a book published entitled " Industrial Water Pollution Control. " Page 79 This year Dr. Milton John Thompson was chairman of the AEROSPACE ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT. The department did extensive research with Navy, NASA, and NSF support on boundary layer flow problems including effects of roughness and protuberances, heat transfer, and inj ection of other gases in the flow. One project used the subsonic wind tunnel laboratory. A model was mounted on a spindle or " sting-type " balance so that its attitude or angle of attack could be varied. While the tunnel airspeed was held constant by controls on its driving motor, the forces were measured by means of electrical strain gauges built into the supporting spindle. tt Aerospace engineering students used the subsonic wind tunnel to test the suitability of the airplane model and its speed control system. The test involved lift and drag movements and a pitching action. The nuclear reactor provided a source of radiation for the study of its effects upon living tissues and inert materials. Chairman of the MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DE- PARTMENT this year was Dr. William R. Upthegrove. Faculty and graduate students of the department conducted theoretical investigations of rocket engine exhaust plume interactions and steam condensation in rocket engine test cells. These activities were sponsored by the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and the Arnold Center USAF. Dr. Lymon Clifton Reese was chairman of the CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT. The center for research in water resources and for highway research were staffed with faculty of the Department. The department cooperated with Latin American institutions in regard to the exchange of faculty and students. Two visiting professors teaching here this semester were Dr. Eulalio Juarez-Badillo from Mexico and Dr. Victor Levi from Panama. Qvil Engineers used this apparatus to study the impact of model space vehicles. Page 80 Dr. Harold John Plass was chairman of the ENGINEER- ING MECHANICS DEPARTMENT this year. Current re- search in the department was performed on the projectile impact of metals at high temperatures. The air gun and high temperature radiant furnace were used to test copper at various impact velocities and temperatures. Other areas of research were bio-medical research on micro-sensors, stress-ware propagation in metals, and micro- scopic material science studies. ?mts npin This antenna is used to investigate clear-air anomalies. The chairman of the ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT was Dr. Archie Waugh Straiten. An an- tenna and a high-powered radar are being used to study radar echoes obtained from apparently clear skies. The weather bureau, the Air Defense Command, and propaga- tion engineers are interested in the source of these echoes. The project, sponsored by the National Science Founda- tion, provides graduate student research support. This year the ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING DE- PARTMENT received a grant from the National Science Foundation for Undergraduate Laboratory Equipment. The chairman was Dr. F. B. Johnson. The reflecting polariscope works by passing circular polarized light onto plastic which is bounded onto an Hal Watson prepared the air gun and high temperature radiant furnace for a shot. aluminum beam. Light is then reflected out through the lens on the right color. The fringes, which are proportional to the stress in the beam, were observed. The department also did research on models of cylindrical, shell roof structures and evaluation of properties of masonry mortars. The reflecting polariscope was used t o determine the fri nge value of the birefringent plastic sheet. COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS The College of Fine Arts includes departments of art, drama, and music. The college seeks to instill in each stu- dent the skills of an artist, to furnish him the broad educa- tion which is the intellectual foundation of the cultivated man or woman, and to train teachers of the arts. Courses in the arts, art exhibitions, concerts, plays, and associa- tion with distinguished artists and teachers help students develop discriminating taste and sound critical judgment of the arts. Chairman of the DEPARTMENT OF DRAMA, Dr. Loren Winship, was honored as one of six Fellows of the Ameri- can Educational Theatre Association. AETA also elected professor of drama Dr. Francis Hodge as editor of the as- sociation ' s Educational Theatre Journal and assistant pro- fessor C. A. Jennings as editor of the Children ' s Theatre Conference Newsletter. Assistant professor Roy M. Brown was chosen regional chairman of the Secondary School Theatre Conference. The twenty-eighth season of the Department of Drama included the major productions of " Take Me Along, " Euripedes ' " The Bacchae, " Shaw ' s " Saint Joan, " Shake- speare ' s " Julius Caesar, " and " Androcles and the Lion " for the young people of Austin. Several other plays were directed by graduate students. With Dr. Bryce Jordan as permanent chairman, the DE- PARTMENT OF MUSIC continued its distinctive accomp- lishments. Students added such laurels as second place in Metropolitan Opera National Auditions, the G. B. Dealey, Leventritt, and Busoni competitions; first-place Brewster- Allison award; contract offer with Metropolitan Opera National Company following auditions. Department " firsts " included a graduate student entry in the Tschaikovsky International Competition in Moscow; Madrigal Singers tour of Europe and the Near East spon- sored by the State Department; and Longhorn Singers USO tour of Iceland and Greenland. Chairman of the DEPARTMENT OF ARTS was Dr. Donald B. Goodall. The department offered degrees in the major areas of studio art, art education, and art history. It was honored with membership in the Western Arts Associa- tion and National Association of Schools of Art. Dean E. William Doty Pa-re 82 In a Graphic Arts course a student wiped a plate before printing. Mixing his palette the painter prepared the media for the canvas. With a delicate touch a student performed the primary step in the ceramic process of throwing a pot. Page 83 Dr. Henry Swoboda conducted the University Symphony Orchestra, as James Dick performed the Tchaikovsky Concerto. Music students participated in Rigoletto at the Opera Workshop. Page 84 The Drama Department presented Saint Joan as one of their major productions. I Drama students spent many hours working .on sets for the drama productions. Students also helped with fitting and preparations of costumes. Page 85 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION The project for Team Teaching is sponsored by the Science Education Center and the Research and Development Center in Teacher Education. The purpose is to investigate new or- ganizat ' ons of instruction and assist undergraduate elemen- tary education majors in seeing the relationship between content and instruction. The teacher is able to give individual attention when necessary. This year, the program was carried on in Austin and Cypress-Fairbanks with student teachers involved in all programs. The " Film Feedback " Interview was designed so the pro- spective teacher could observe a filmed record of her first teaching experience and discuss implications of this for her professional development. The project is based on the concept that the more objective knowledge a person has about his behavior, the more effectively he can function. This year, a computer was installed in the basement of Button Hall to examine the characteristics of computer- assisted instruction regarding educational and counseling values. Progress is underway to develop formal courses for the computer. Other areas of study in the College of Education were Personnel Services Research Center, development reading readiness of Spanish-speaking first grade pupils, and predic- tion of college success. The College of Education serves as a professional school for the initial preparation of teachers of elementary and secondary schools. It also provides a curriculum for students in other colleges of the University to obtain a legal certifica- tion to teach. Dean Wayne H. Holtzman Page 86 Nancy Elick, a junior teacher, and Richard Connelly watched the film taken of her during her first teaching experience. Elementary student teachers participated in the experimental team- teaching program at Brentwood. At Round-Up Showcase, the College of Education demonstrated the equipment used in the computer-assisted instruction project. In a team-teaching situation, a student teacher and a cooperating teacher gave individual instructions in reading. Page 87 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE The function of the School of Architecture is to train men and women for the practice of architecture in all of its aspects and to develop their intellectual independence and curiosity. Realizing the need for students to have an expanded liberal arts experience, the School adopted an optional six- year program to give the student a chance to take more courses outside the School. The School also sponsored a student publication, IMAGE. This magazine included articles by faculty members, stu- dents and guest contributors. Articles covered architecture in general, foreign architecture and new designs in architec- ture. A series of guest lectures were conducted by the School including talks by architects, educators and designers from all over the nation and Great Britain. The faculty members were involved in development of a landscape architecture program and in recruiting faculty members for the Department of Architecture at the Univer- sity of Bagdad. Director Philip Douglas Creer Page 88 Members of a basic design class learned methods of making kites and understanding their performance. A student ' s project on a housing subdivision was reviewed by faculty members. SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION The School of Communication was established this year vith departments of journalism, speech and radio-television. Hie academic life of the School combined the characteristics af an art and a science. Students studied to improve their skills of oral, written and visual exchange of information ; the objective study and investigation of communication was emphasized. Dr. Norris G. Davis was chairman of the DEPARTMENT OF JOURNALISM. A vital part of the Department was the news lab which trained students in the art of clear com- munication and dissemination of information. Research by faculty members ranged from quantitative studies on com- puter use for studying effects of stress between members of creative teams to biographical and historical topics. Faculty members and graduate students also researched free press- fair trial problems. Chairman of the DEPARTMENT OF RADIO-TELEVI- SION-FILM was Dr. Stanley T. Dormer. The University faculty cooperated with the Stanford University faculty to sponsor a meeting of television policymakers. The Depart- ment was also revising the undergraduate program in radio- television-film to provide a broader base in communication. KLRN-TV and KUT-FM, the University radio station, gave students practical experience in broadcasting, directing and producing. Dr. Jesse James Villarreal was chairman of the DEPART- MENT OF SPEECH. The Department conducted courses in speech pathology, audiology and general speech. The Debate Squad and the Speech Workshop for high school students were sponsored by the Department. Research in the Department included the speech problem of deafness, pathology of speech, ways people respond to messages and the method of speech composition. Director DeWitt Carter Reddick Page 90 The Department of Speech sponsored a Speech and Hearing Clinic to furnish students with an opportunity to observe and practice therapeutical methods. In the reporting labs Journalism students wrote news for the DAILY TEXAN. Special types and techniques of speeches were taught and practiced by Speech students. Radio-Television-Film students participated in all phases of production. Page 91 SCHOOL OF LAW The University of Texas School of Law has installed a new closed circuit television system which links the school with five district courtrooms in the Travis County Courthouse and feeds trial proceedings into a special television room at Townes Hall. Many law educators consider this the logical step in fulfilling the instructional vacuum caused by a stu- dent ' s inability to participate in " live " courtroom proceed- ings. Of 97 law schools participating in the 1965 National Moot Court Competition, winners were a team representing The University of Texas School of Law. Members of the team were J. Eugene Clements, Bryan J. Maedgen, and David R. Noteware. The team won first place for its brief, and Clem- ents was judged best oral advocate in the final round. This spring, the School of Law has begun an extracur- ricular program which will enable their students to view police problems first-hand. Students ride with Austin patrol- men, jotting down observations on arrests, booking proce- dures, and other details of an officer ' s handling of a case. Enthusiasm has been expressed for the value of this program in developing mutual understanding between the police and the legal profession. , Dean W. Page Keeton Page 92 Law students spent many hours studying in the library. Judges for the quarter-finals of the Hildebrand Moot Court competition this spring were Jack Garey, Senator Charles Herring, and Edith Roberts. Page 93 GRADUATE SCHOOL Specialized instruction leading to independent study and scholarly investigation is the objective of the University Graduate School. Course work is concentrated in one area and supported by related studies to train graduate students in advanced subjects and enable them to conduct independent research and to follow their colleagues ' work with critical comprehension. Facilities for this study include a vast system of libraries and special collections, Computation Center, Bal- cones Research Center, and interdepartmental laboratories. The Graduate School of Library Science seeks to equip students with general knowledge, attitudes, and skills to deal with books and related communication media, users of these media, and the social consequences of their uses. Through specialized training, the School stresses critically constructive investigation and appropriate skill for independent research of problems in the profession. The objective of the Graduate School of Social Work is to develop in students a philosophy of social service and to provide supervised experience in applying this philosophy. Through seminars, class work, research projects, and field instruction, graduate students acquire knowledge, both prac- tical and theoretical, concerning human behavior, social serv- ices, and methods of maximizing their usefulness to the individual, the community, and society in general. Dean W. Gordon Whaley Page 94 To develop skills in the fundamental social work processes a student of social work does field practice at the Brown school. A graduate student in Botany does research on the pigments in different plants. Page 95 DIVISION OF EXTENSION In keeping with the growing dem and for educational train- ing, The University of Texas Division of Extension and Adult Continuing Education has expanded its services from El Paso to the Persian Gulf and from Canada to South America. Besides the academic, athletic and musical contests of the University Interscholastic League which involved almost half- a-million contestants last year and the college-level corre- spondence courses, the Division sponsors adult educational, vocational, industrial, teaching and visual instruction services. The diversity of adult educational needs being met by the Division is seen by the groups that hold conferences and seminars coordinated through the University. Examples of these groups include personnel managers, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, letter carriers, US Air Force chaplains, homicide investigators, counselors and student advisors and architects concerned with urban design and campus planning. Teacher-training for the Camp Gary Job Corps Center at San Marcos and for the Texas Headstart pre-school program for deprived children is a new service of the Division. The Division of Extension sponsored the Interscholastic League Track Meet. T Dean James R. Eddy An extension seminar was held for executive development. Page 96 LIMELIGHT : x - . ' ,- ' jX -S - f - fW t . I PERSONALITIES 97 FEATURES 121 HONORS 177 Littlefield Home PERSONALITIES Edited by Lyn Reeder and Carol Cooke Page 97 m . EVA JEANNE WEHMEYER Sweetheart of The University of Texas Jeanne is a junior from Ma this, majoring in Home Eco- nomics. At the University she has been a Texas Star, Cor- dette, dormitory advisor, member of Speaker ' s Committee, and summer orientation advisor. She has also served as president of Delta Gamma. Page 99 SWEETHEART Ginger Carroll Bernard Charlotte Renee Chapman NOMINEES Nancy Ann Abbott Joan Carol Amacker Courtney Margaret Baetz Linda Lee Burke Margo Lynn Ehni Marilyn Frances Friedman Janet Rose Goren Marsha Gay Gostecnik Carolyn Wood Grove Kathy Haymes Page 100 FINALISTS Kathy Jane Hobbs NOMINEES Betty Loa Herolz Michael Hope James Margery Kengla Janet Irene King Mary Ann Mellenbruch Meredith Mitchell Lynne Waite Stoltenberg Andrea Leslie Thornton Merry Nell Van Fleet Beverly Jean Wright Mary Claire Koeppe Page 101 THE SELECTION OF A SWEETHEART Each spring the student body elects the girl to be their official representative, the Sweetheart of The University of Texas. The Sweetheart Election Commission is responsible for the nominating procedures to select the sweetheart can- didates. The Sweetheart Election Commission is composed of the Assistant Dean of Women, the Dean of Men, the chair- man of the Central Round-Up Committee, the president of Orange Jackets, the president of Mortar Board, the Daily Texan editor, the Cactus editor, the Abbot of Friar Society, the president of Alpha Phi Omega, the secretary of the Stu- dents ' Association, the president of the Students ' Association, the director of the Texas Union and a chairman appointed by the Central Round-Up Committee. The members of the Sweetheart Commission nominate ten persons to serve as the Sweetheart Nominating Committee. The Committee, which actually nominates the girls that the student body votes on, is made up of the top twenty-five persons nominated by the Commission members. Each of the members of the Nominating Committee submits a list of ten girls he believes are qualified to be Sweetheart. The Commission tabulates these lists, and the top twenty- five girls are submitted to the students to be voted upon. The five finalists are announced, and the students again vote. The Sweetheart is presented at the annual Round-Up Revue. THE SELECTION OF A BLUEBONNET BELLE The Bluebonnet Belle selection is made on the basis of beauty, poise, campus participation and personality. One hundred and seventy girls are nominated for Bluebonnet Belle by different organizations on campus. Sixty-one semifinalists are selected to be interviewed by a committee consisting of a representative from the Students ' Association, a former University Sweetheart, a representative from the Dean of Womens ' Office, the Dean of Students, the Cactus editor and the Cactus associate editor. The committee selects the fifteen finalists. The selection of the five Bluebonnet Belles is made by the Cactus editor and the associate editor with recom- mendations from the Bluebonnet Belle interviewing com- mittee. MARY ANN MELLENBRUCH Bluebonnet Belle Mary Ann is a junior from Austin majoring in Latin American Studies. She is a member of Alpha Phi and was president of Orange Jackets. She was also an assemblywoman, freshman orientation advisor, and dormitory advisor chair- man. Page 103 ELIZABETH ANNE OAKS Bluebonnet Belle Anne is a senior from Houston majoring in Spanish. She has served as first vice-president of Alpha Phi, as commander of Angel Flight, and as secretary of the committee in charge of Orientation Procedures. She also participated in the Texas- Chilean Student Leader Exchange. Page 104 - li . ' -. ' .- ... . I H| ..-, v . . MARTHA JEANNE PURCELL Bluebonnet Belle Marty is a senior from Houston majoring in government. She has been active in Orange Jackets, Texas Union Council, Mortar Board, and Texas Today and Tomorrow. She has. served as president of Chi Omega and Spooks. She was also the recipient of the Dad ' s Association Outstanding Girl Award. " Page 105 MICHAEL HOPE JAMES Bluebonnet Belle Mike is from Dallas, a junior in the Government Honors Program. She is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and has served as secretary of Panhellenic Council. Her other activi- ties include Orange Jackets, student assembly, and co-chair- man of Interdisciplinary Retreat Committee. Page 106 GINGER CARROLL BERNARD Bluebonnet Belle Ginger, a junior from Houston, is majoring in secondary education. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta and has been selected as sweetheart of the Cowboys, Alpha Phi Omega, and Civil Engineers. She has been a freshman and varsity cheerleader. Page 107 BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Eva Jeanne Wehmeyer April Beall Nancy Louise Kowert NOMINEES Sharon Irene Allison Jeanne Richey Amacker Joan Carol Amacker Patricia Lynn Bailey Ann Cathryn Baird Judy Karen Barefield Frances R. Barnard " Eleanor Corless Beasley Lynne Adair Beaver Ricki Annette Bernstein Cheryl Lynn Blair Deborah Anne Blandy Susan Jane Blood Jeanne Louise Boise Kay Boyles Susan Brandner Margaret Gwynne Brown Sara Virginia Bullock Linda Burk- Irene Claire Buske Toni Butschek Lou Ellen Cargill Brownie Sue Cashion Susie Carol Chaffe ' Charlotte Renne Chapman Flo Crady Cathryn Lynn Culbertson Susan Lynn Dabney Brenda Sue Dean Nancy Louise Denman Patricia Burkes Dougherty Judith Ann Downs " Carolyn Jean DuBose Jacqueline Dunn " Harriett Ann Durr " Sandra Lynn Dykes " Elizabeth Afin Egelhoff Beverly Day Enderle Ellen Edith Epstein Victoria An Epstein Carolyn Estes Kate Tarry Flack Marcia Ellen Freed " Gloria Friedberger Joan Elaine Frensley Shiela Suzanne Fulbright Judy Fay Gable Olga Yolanda Garcia " Donna Lucille Gibson Judy Ann Gillis ' Semi-Finalists Page 108 NOMINEES Martha Ann Glickman Claire Louise Goodnight Virginia Ellen Grillo Carolyn Wood Grove Ann Eldridge Hall ' Jane Biedenharn Hargis Paula Kay Harlan Jo Beth Harrison Barbara Ruth Jligley Dianne Lanelle Hillegeist Terry Lynn Hobbs Elizabeth Ann Houston Carolyn Hunter Patricia Ann Hurley " Joyce Ann Ingram Karen Helen Javurek Mary Leta Jones Karen Kee Jackie Maxine Kimbrough Janet Irene King Mary Claire Koeppe " Margaret Lucile Koy Peggy Marie Lanius Glenda J. Lazarus Diane Rochelle Lequeux Kay Lewis " Prudence Drew Mahaffey " Claudia Ann McCarty Mary Gray McGee Jo Ann Meixner Gwendolyn Jean Metcalfe Barbara Mary Michaelson " Meredith Mitchell " Mary E. Montgomery Margaret Lynn Mulvaney " Mary Ann Nelson " Gail Patricia Neuman Allyne Sue O ' Banion Carolyn Owens " Carolyn Pence " Marian Rebecca Pendleton Dabby C. Phillips Dorothy Louise Plummer Mary Lynn Poston Aura Nell Ranzau Semi-Finalists Dorothy Nelson Lana Mae W atkins - Page 109 BLUEBONNET BELLE FINALISTS Marilyn Frances Friedman Carolyn Kay Walls Elizabeth Anne Clark NOMINEES Linda Janice Regan Kathryn Louise Reichert Gemme Rousseau Carol Ann Rulfs Dianne Rush Carol Lynne Russell Glenna Margaret Schroeder Janet Schuster Gayle Ann Scott Lynda Norene Shaffer Jo Ann Shaw ' Suzanne Shelton Ruth Skibell Mary Katherine Smith Drew Hutchison Steele Susan Carol Stephens Susan Ann Stevenson Betty Lynne Stiles Lynne Waite Stoltenberg Martha Dee Stone Nancy Kay Stroup Ann Sutherland Patricia Lee Swanson Nancy Christine Taylor Merry Nell Van Fleet Florence Ann Vaughan Roma Theresa Weaver Jean Ann Weger Diana Jeanne Weirus Ronni Joy Weksler Rosemary Wendorf Mary Ellen White Sallye Frances Whitener Daisy C. Whitridge Betty Joanne Wilson Marolyn Wittman Beverly Jean Wright Cheryl Anne Zimmerman Semi-Finalists Page 110 Emily Jane Tracy Dana Rose Wortham Carol Marie Reeb Teresa L. Wang m TEN MOST BEAUTIFUL i T HI 1 -J ' Front Aoto: Violantha June Ricks, Marsha Cay Costecnick, Anne Sewell, and Paula B. Savage. Second Row: Sherry Spradley, Donna Raye Morton, and Martha Kuhl. Third Row: Nancy Lynn Haralson, Farrah Leni Fawcett, and Marcia Ruth Lucas. Page 112 1966 GOODFELLOWS The 1966 Goodfellows were chosen by a committee com- posed of a representative of the Dean of Men ' s Office, repre- sentatives from the Dean of Women ' s Office, The Orange Jacket president, a representative from the Union, the Cactus Editor, and the Cactus Associate Editor. The Goodfellows were selected on the basis of their campus participation, personality, leadership, and general " all around GOODFELLOW " characteristics. They were required to be at least a second semester sophomore to be considered for the honor. JOAN CAROL AMACKER Orange Jackets Treasurer, Blanton Dorm Advisors Chairman. LARRY ALLEN MUENZLER Alpha Phi Omega President, Elec- tion Commission Chairman. DWIGHT OLIVER MONTEITH Texas Engineering and Science Magazine Associate Editor, Gradu- ate Assemblyman. GLENN EDWIN STAATS A S Council President, Senior Cabinet Chairman. EDWIN DORN Freshman Orien- tation Advisor, Chancellor Ran- som ' s Cabinet. JANET ROSE GOREN Angel Flight Information Officer, Chal- lenge, Mortar Board. Pae 113 TERRY LYNN HOBBS Tau Beta Sigma Vice-President, Longhorn Band Letterman, Longhorn Singers. WILLIAM DAN BURLESON Varsity Cheerleader, Royal Spirit Committee Publicity Chairman. TOMMY NEAL COWAN Longhorn Band First Counselor, Tejas Club, Texas Cowboys. GINGER CARROLL BER- NARD Varsity Cheerleader, Cowboy Sweetheart. CATHRYN LYNN CULBERT- SON Kappa Epsilon Presi- dent, Pharmacy Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, Blanton Dorm Advisor. WILLIAM REEDER PORTER- FIELD Texas Society of Pro- fessional Engineers President, Student Engineering Council Chairman. JO LYNN CUNNINGHAM Home Economics Chapter State President, Omicron Nu, Scot- tish Scholars. ANTONY LAVENDER Interna- tional Club President, Graduate Assemblyman, Outstanding For- eign Student. JULIA SHAW Chinese Student Association Social Chairman, Mor- tar Board. CAROL MARIE REEB Long- horn Band Featured Twirler, Tau Beta Sigma. JACK L. HOWE, JR. T As- sociation, Football Letterman, Texas Cowboys. RICHARD ROMO T Associ- ation President, Varsity Track Tri-Captain, Friar Society. Jl Page 115 CAROL ANN RULFS Spooks President, Orange Jackets, Dorm Advisor Chairman. WILEY BARRY ROUNTREE Posse President, Freshman Council Advisory Board. MARY CLAIRE KOEPPE Round-Up Co-Chairman, Cordettes. WALTER MARTIN HALL A S Assemblyman, Order of Alcalde, Acacia Fraternity President. JOHN LEWIS ADAMS Silver Spurs Executive Council, Sigma Nu President. OFFICE THE INTERFRATER COUNCIL Page 116 PAULA KAY HARLAN Orange Jackets, Union Fine Arts Committee Chairman. HARRIETT ANN DURR Ed- ucation Assemblyman, Alpha Phi President, Angel Flight Operations Officer. JEROME LEE POWELL NROTC Battalion Commander, Tau Beta Pi, Scabbard and Blade. BECKY ORTIZ Outstanding Co- op Woman, ICC Executive Coun- cil. MICHAEL EARL POWELL In- ter Co-op Ceuncil Vice-President, Outstanding Co-op Man. Page 117 SARA VIRGINIA BULLOCK Spooks, Union Student-Facul- ty Committee. JOHN GOODMAN Texas Today and Tomorrow Steer- RICHARD HENRY SCHROEDER Texas Engi- ing Committee, Order of Al- neering and Science Maga- calde, Posse. zine Engineering Editor, Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Assem- blyman. MERRY NELL VAN FLEET Texas Student Leader in Chile, A S Assemblywoman. BETSY CLARK A S Assembly- woman, Cordettes, Orange Jackets. JAMES EDDY BURK Silver Spurs President, A S Council. Page 118 MICHAEL JAMES Interdisci- plinary Retreat Co-Chairman, Mortar Board, Bluebonnet Belle. ELIOT P. TUCKER Interfrater- nity Council Representative, Fresh- man Orientation Advisor. DAVID ROY LAMBERT Texas Today and Tomorrow Committee, Texas Union Vice- President. TERRY PETERSON Y Cabi- net, Texas Union Executive Council Member-At-Large. MEREDITH MITCHELL Tex- as Union Film Committee Chairman, Orientation Proce- dures Committee, Mortar Board. Page 119 JIM H. DERRYBERRY Texas Today and Tomorrow Steering Committee, Student Assembly. BEVERLY JEAN WRIGHT Challenge Coordinator, Central Orientation Committee. TERESA WANG Chinese Stu- dents Association Vice-President, Orange Jackets, Challenge. Students are ineligible to receive the Goodfellow Award more than once. These students have received the award and are still attending the University: Kathryn Ann Bailey, April Beall, Genie Brackenridge, Thomas Oswell Brightman, George David Carlock, Tommy Drew Cauthorn, Patricia Jane Clem- ents, Nathan Fred Cliett, William Charles Cobb, Peter Rich- ard Coneway, Jane Gould Cornick, Robert Edwin Denham, Charles Clay Doyle, Clif W. Drummond, Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff, Dan Adolph Fleckman, Marilyn Frances Friedman, Mary Esther Garner, Thomas Marion Hagan, David Gray Hall, Jill Annette Harris, Oliver Samuel Heard, Kenneth Ray Jacob, Evelyn Phillis Johnson, Lenoir Moody Josey, II, Bruce Arthur Kowert, Nancy Louise Kowert, Ernest Melvin Koy, Margaret Lucile Koy, David Isadore Kuperman, James Conrad Lederer, Charles Stevenson Leeper, Barbara E. Mai- ick, John Malcolm McRae. George Jack Nachman, David Knight Northington, Gary Richard O ' Connor, John Mack Orr, Patrick Oxford, Lynda Painter, Sandra Lee Parker, Aubrey Lee Pettit, David Clyde Pomeroy, Eleanor Beyea Pomeroy, Martha Jeanne Purcell, Clair Lyn Reeder, Sharon Sue Rountree, James Benton Rylander, Robert Fleming See, Douglas MacArthur Simmons, Frances Spivy, Sue Alyce Stiles, Nancy Kay Stroup, Joseph Pierce Sullivan, Timothy Don Von Dohlen, Carolyn Day Walls, Carol Ann Walters, Alfred Earl White, Jr. WILLIAM E. HALSTEAD, JR. Daily Texan Sports Editor, Cam- pus Guild Co-op Officer, Order of Alcalde. JUDITH ELAINE BALLARD Women ' s Co-ordinator ' s Council Chairman, Felecia Co-op Co-ordi- nator, Co-op Distinguished Stu- dent. Page 120 Drama Building FEATURES Edited by David Lee Shull Page 121 Page 122 W FALL Texas in the fall An autumn sky reflects the figures of eager freshmen and confident seniors. The Mall watches people making new friends, and finding old ones. The sidewalk feels students traveling to new classes and new experiments in learning. The tower observes campaign posters, stump speakers, and students whose lives he regulates to some extent with his chime. Faculty meet with filled lecture rooms and blank note- books. Labs greet future scientist and new equipment and pro- cedures. The library extends itself and its occupants to all ex- plorers. And students find themselves caught up once more in another lesson of the art of living. 123 Suspense of the week relaxed into exuberance of spirit as bids were released. A pledge was welcomed into the fold. Lively Spirits Dominated Greek Rush Rush week to the uninitiated rushee is a wild jumble of faces, names, skits, parties, and punch, which formally begins the year at UT. Fraternity rush begins during the summer so the last week is an anti-climax for the prospective male Greek. Now the dilemma involves deciding which group impressed him the most (and vice versa). After that momentous decision is made, he ' s a pledge at last. Sorority rush is concentrated into five days of smiles, tension, and endurance. Happiness is receiving that final bid often the result of attending all 26 parties ! ! Then another full schedule remains for the new pledges as they discover what it means to be a UT Greek. Some pledges received warm but wet welcomes. Pledge sisters congratulated each other upon receiving bids. Delta Zeta ' s enticed prospective pledges with a highland fling. ! S- tllkt Students Waited to Enter the Gym, Waited to Register, Waited r- I Registration each fall involves people, lines, cards, sched- ules, and confusion. It is a time to make new friends and greet old ones in the line waiting to enter Gregory Gym, in the line waiting to relinquish information cards, in the line waiting to sign the loyalty oath, in the line. . . Besides lines, an enthusiastic UT student, experienced or otherwise, finds himself confronted with impersonal IBM cards, friendly APO members, and uncompromising section- izers. After that " perfect " schedule has been slowly destroyed, the not-so-enthusiastic future student, clutching his class cards in his hand, proceeds to give up these prizes and pay his fees. Next he heads toward the last unofficial stage of registra- tion the organization booths, which competitively clamor for his signature, address, and phone number. Lines lengthened awaiting admittance to Gregory Gym during registration. Page 126 v - T N k 11 MVK SKKVICE ) SS AUI)S IN THK SAMK " - As I.ISTKIIUN COURSE Coeds looked desperately for selective service cards. Over 26,000 wrote checks for registration for the first semester. Payment of fees meant the end of registration for one semester. Page 127 Sneaky Fitch demonstrated his prowess on the Mall before his performance in " The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch. " Controversial subjects always drew crowds to Stump Speaking. The plaza was haunted with goblins during Halloween at a fling sponsored by the Union Entertainment Committee. I APO ' s helped the Marines, in their annual Toys for Tots cam- paign. Page 128 Activities Brightened Academic Work Students have an opportunity to pursue almost any type of pastime activity or interest they desire at UT. Various forms of culture available are Curtain Club productions, Cultural Entertainment Committee events, featuring world renowned artists such as Victorio de los Angeles, and the Philharmonic Orchestra. On campus the Texas Union provides continuous service to the student and gives one an opportunity to join numerous organizations to strengthen his leadership abilities and to become acquainted and learn to work with other people. Besides running an effective registration the APO ' s and other organizations such as the Orange Jackets and Spooks provide the campus with devoted service at elections as hosts to Chilean students, and other University activities. Soccer, an increasingly popular sport after several U.T. victories. Food was secondary to being tapped for Angel Flight. Page 129 That collegiate ritual, that three-day period of chaos and relaxation, that UT tradition arrived again as OU weekend. Some Texas fans even attended the game as evidenced by the 75,000 people that poured into the Cotton Bowl to watch the Longhorns take their eighth straight victory from the Okla- homa Sooners. Even the most hardened Dallas citizen has come to respect the assorted crowd which invades Dallas every October. The weekend offered many opportunities for releasing tension and pent up emotions. These avenues of escape were orga- nized ones like the Texas-OU dance, or they were those im- provised by the more ingenious and imaginative participants, but no matter how it was celebrated. . . . OU was an unfor- gettable blast ! boosted spirit at the OU game. Date tickets became priceless at this time of year. Page 130 O.U. Weekend . . . Undefined and Unrefined, but Definitely a Blast! iThe ffliiot- i Downtown Dallas was jammed once more with Texans for the annual OU-Texas tilt. ' " feT; ,f ; " - s ' - ' aa.5.? .r?J?S The Southland Life Building greeted Texans with this welcome sight. Robert Leach gained precious yardage. Page 131 Visitors aroused discussion and excitement on campus this Fall. Some were clad in clean white silk while others wore the mark of freedom from conformity. New ideals were discussed at stump speaking and protests of all nature rebelled against rules, regulations, and formality in order to create an intellectual and thinking atmosphere among the students. This year the Students for a Democratic Society protested the United States ' foreign policy in Viet Nam while the Student League for Responsible Sexual Freedom advocated a closer look at our moral code. KHY ARE WE BURNING, TORTURING, V [KILLING I THE PEOPLE I OF .VIETNAM? j.. .TO PREVENT FREEILfi PROTEST tin wd dmocf itic , WRITE Prtudffit I jndon I tolnson H Wtiit( Hiif , Wi r .. ton. U. M! IHtSIIIAICH! (S i WRITE Stints fw i Demof-ilK %Ml lililtl..i ni I 4 A serious question prevailed concerning the U.S. foreign policy in Viet Nam. Piloted by the SDS, radical ideals were discussed and argued. Austin KKK ' s walked through downtown toward rallying point at the state capitol. Page 132 Controversy Stemmed From Protest National protest movements did not stimulate everyone. Protestor received friendly aid enroute to capitol. Of course there ' s two sides to every story. Page 133 Lend a Patient Ear to Culture Diversions to dispel September blues were found in the first CEC program of the entertaining arts. Actor-comedian Godfrey Cambridge and folksinger Carolyn Hester performed for this event. Violinist Charles Treger began the Solo Artist series, and students were again reminded of the superior cultural events available to them. The Drama Department ' s production of " Take Me Along " provided drama and music lovers with colorful entertain- ment. The second production of the year was influenced by the ancient Greeks in Euripides " The Bacchae " . The com- pelling tragedy was enhanced with its impressive staging and costumes and the fine translation of Dr. Arrowsmith. Charles Treger performed in the Solo Artist Series. Hard work went into the " Take Me Along " set. Carolyn Hester provided a fresh form of folk music during a cultural entertainment program. Page 134 " Take Me Along " drew capacity crowds. _. . Victoria de los Angeles, a great soprano, was pre- The drama department effectively recreated the Greek tragedy, The Bacchae . sented by the CEC The Trumpet ' s Loud Clangor Excited Us to Arms Bevo, Bertha, Band, Smokey, cheerleaders, are all sights and sounds which helped to make this football season one of the best. A near-capacity crowd for each contest continued to support its team throughout the rainy fall and deeper into the year when Texas faced the schools who prepare the entire season just for the Longhorn game. The season marked the end of a reign for Bevo VII as Bevo VIII, a little lighter in color and younger, was paraded onto the gridiron to create a jinx on the rival teams. And to add to the chivalry portrayed by both teams, there was always a refreshing sound from the Longhorn Band as they performed at halftime and demonstrated their ability as the Showband of the Southwest. Rain wasn ' t too much for devoted Texas fans at the Tulane game. The cheerleaders led the players onto the field before the Rice game. Pete Lammons cleared the way for Phil Harris in the Indiana game. t Page 136 Bevo VIII made his debut this year as the VII was put oat to pasture Row on row of hornblowers stood ready for another halftime. A blast from Old Smokey gave proof of another Texas touchdown The 250-member Longhorn Band always gave a full and lively halftime per formance. Rollicking Fun Found at Cowboy Minstrels Different acts with new jokes broadened the newer student ' s image of the University. Ginger Bernard was chosen Cowboy Sweetheart at the annual Minstrels show. Page 138 Johnny Tillotson enlivened the crowd as guest star. A " different " kind of performance greeted the audience at the Cowboy Minstrels. As the Cowboy Minstrels arrived this year, students turned out in force to observe and heckle the various campus heroes and legends who entertained them with jokes as racy and typical as usual. The Fenderbenders were the rocking background for the antics of their three colorful Go-Go girls complete with individual " cages, " blinking lights, and dancing contests. Guest star Johnny Tillotson changed the pace somewhat with his warm personality and captured the audience with his singing. Despite the change in procedure, the Minstrels ended on a quiet note after its customary bang-up entrance. Red Candles and a Blazing Bonfire Successfully Hexed the Aggies . . . Hundreds were drawn to the annual Aggie Bonfire. There was something to please everyone at the Ford Caravan of Stars performance. Hendra and Ullett, an offbeat pair of English comedians, provided the humor, Earl " Fatha " Hines supplied the beat, and the Serendipity Singers made their appearance unique with their special brand of American fun and song. And may the mighty curse of the red candle forever haunt the Texas Aggies. Longhorns would like to beat them every Thanksgiving. The big candle spawned hundreds of smaller ones which appeared in many a dormitory window during the week before the game. The Aggie bonfire grew tremendous again as wood gather- ing became a popular study break. And as it blazed up, all loyal fans were convinced . . . with so much " glowing " for us, how could we lose ! Hendra and Ullett, a comedy team from Britain. Earl " Fatha " Hines added a touch of jazz. The Serendipity Singers sang out with various and favorite folk songs. . . . And the Ford Caravan Offered Performers to Suit All Tastes. Page 141 Campus Activity Inspired by Enthusiastic Greeks During October the Greek groups on campus found it again time to coax, wheedle, and otherwise solicit contribu- tions from their fellow students for the annual Campus Chest drive. Each student received something for his money whether it was flowers, " pills, " snow cones, or a vote for the Ugly Man. Could it be practice for " Name That Tune " or maybe " Do, Re, Mi " ? Much rehearsed melodies floated from fra- ternity and sorority houses many weeks before the competi- tion provided by Sing-Song arrived. This anticipated event drew many .to Municipal Auditorium and pleased music and pageant lovers, hardworking participants, and audience alike with the results. Zeta ' s pleaded and coerced for " one thin dime " on Dimes ' Day. Page 142 The Ugly Man Contest was another money-raising gim mick for Dimes ' Day. Delta Delta Delta and Kappa Alpha win mixed division at Sing-Song. Tension rises as Greeks congregate backstage between performances. Page 143 Speakers Stimulated Student Inquiry. Various visitors aroused discussion and excitement this fall. They provided another avenue for education presenting the view of an eye witness who saw the policies of America being formed and thus were able to offer an insight different from those presented in a lecture or a textbook. Ted Sorenson, presidential aide of President Kennedy drew nearly 2,000 to the Union where he illuminated students with his views of the Kennedy legacy as being one of hope for the future and the American ideal. He had recently finished a biography entitled Kennedy and was equipped to talk about the former President. Former Secretary of State Dean Acheson created another stir in the Union. He spoke about U.S. policy toward Europe stressing the future role America would have to play in restoring a favorable balance of power in Europe. He em- phasized the importance of America ' s comprehension of Europe ' s problems due to their lack of power. Speakers such as these bring the practical applications of present U.S. policy to the student ' s attention and stimulate an interest in the activities of the nation outside Austin. Senator John Tower interviewed press while on campus. Students became more acquainted with Dean Acheson at Union coffee. Page 144 Ted Sorenson captured his audience with a wide knowledge of the late President Kennedy. Former Secretary of State Dean Acheson gave concise views of U.S. policy in Europe. Sorenson spoke on the Kennedy legacy in the future. Page 145 ' ] . II! Santa and the Alpha Chi Omega ' s helped these children have a happy Christmas. The Christmas spirit at UT is a tree on the tower. It is singing Christmas carols on the mall. It is taking that hour quiz the day before the holidays begin. It is a Greek group or campus organization entertaining orphan or shut-in chil- dren with parties and carols. It is downtown Austin with its lights, busy streets, and crowded stores. It is empty halls and parking places after the holidays start. It is that last break before finals and the end of the fall semester. It is a time for parties, presents, parents, and people. Page 146 Christmas Cheer Captured the Campus i V t Austin at Christmas was a bright sight. Christmas vacation was the only time when a parking space was available. Alpha Chi Omega ' s decorated for Christmas. Formidable Frustration Fostered by Finals . . . That thought-provoking period of books, coffee, and blue books arrived on schedule again this year. The All Sports Banquet was one of the few social events to take place. Between cramming and taking exams, however, students found many forms of relaxing study breaks. Many bleary eyes gazed at, if they did not focus upon, the Union tele-- vision. The Physics Building telescope could take you almost out of this world and make you forget your problems. The Wednesday night folksing was another way of expressing your feelings on the University grading system. But then there were those industrious ones who occupied all available space at the library during all hours of the day and night. Studying became quite the thing to do .... for awhile, as " Next semester I will study harder " was whispered about 26,000 times. The AC proved popular before hour quizzes. Frequent study breaks were taken to watch television in the Union. Page 148 Folk singers tuned up before singing at the Wednesday night folk fests. The telescope was open to students for Wednesday night study Outstanding athletes received awards at the All Sports Banquet, breaks. . . . Drove Students to and From Libraries. Page 149 rw, I II ' ' Page 150 ' y , A . j L SPRING Texas in the spring ... As always, Barton ' s takes prece- dence over books, and the lure of warm sunshine is vic- torious. The old standbys, Round-Up and Varsity Carnival provide welcome breaks from the academic routine. Term papers send students to the library, in frantic attempts to " catch up " before the semester ends. Slowly the year draws to a close. For some it means graduation and a goodbye to the years at UT. For others, work and play during the summer months, until they return to the campus in the fall to live another year. Spring rounds out the nine months at Texas and adds one more chapter to the history of student life at the University. Until next year . . . Page 151 Registration, Co-Op Week, Begin Spring Semester Registration: the fruitless search for the right subject, no Saturday classes and no eight o ' clocks. Gregory Gym reopened their large gates to let the massive crowds in to shuffle course cards, fumble with registration material and to create a jungle of hungry students, each searching for that perfect schedule. Out the back door and through more lines of organizations each wanting your participation in their group. Half the cost of registering is included in buying text- books and the day is not over until all have been purchased at the local book stores. Co-op Week brought the eager cleaning of all coopera- tives to get ready for open house and a combined party. A little crowded, but quite adequate. Sad expressions marked closed sections. The sectionizer seemed to be full of answers. ON Eli MARTI HIZING HAPPINESS IS NOT BEING DRAFTED Registration does not end until textbooks are purchased. Organizations man their stations as prospective joiners exit from Gregory Gym. Page 153 The Chilean Exchange Program The Chilean Exchange Program is one of the most in- teresting cultural exchanges which takes place every year between The University of Texas and the University of Chile. This year ' s fifteen participants were given the " tour de luxe " , student style, beginning with a warm greet- ing at the airport and ending with a well attended farewell party. The Chileans stayed on campus for a month and then they were free to travel or return home. Before they left the country they were made honorary Texans. Texans greeted Chilean neighbors as they arrived in Austin. Spooks entertained the Chilean Exchange students at an informal coffee. Page 154 The psychologist Parson, in 1960 stated that the American social system was becoming " massified " , conformity being its centerpiece. Some students at the University were out to prove him wrong, hoping that they could expel our generation ' s con- formity from our social system. At any rate, unique parades afforded the opportunities to close the books and according to Parson, " let off tension. " The Tech and Texas game offered students another way to " let off tension. " Campus ferment extended into the spring semester. Page 155 . . " ' X! Campus excitement caused the walls of Kinsolving to tremble. Page 156 Snow in Austin . Never Too Late . Always Enjoyed Student prepared for Olympics. Page 157 Challenge and Union Speakers Provided Varied Viewpoints The speakers that were drawn to the University campus were among the nation ' s best, they offered the students their opinion on the varying outlooks of national and foreign affairs, critiques of the motion pictures, civil rights and religion. This year the theme of Challenge was " Campus in Fer- ment " and was led by such outstanding speakers as Brad- ford Cleaveland, Dr. E. G. Williamson, Peter Soderberg, Dr. Ernest Van den Haag and Dr. Phillip Moneypenny. Judith Crist, a well known critic, visited the campus and gave several enlightening talks on her career as a motion picture critic. The University at first refused the University Y and the Methodist Student Center permission to allow Royce Mc- Phail, Grand Dragon of the Texas KKK, to speak on campus but later reversed its decision. The Texas Union offered the solution and a crowd of about 1,000 students met and greeted the controversial person. Bradford Cleaveland encouraged students to take the lead in political activism. Judith Crist, the New York Herald Tribune critic, told students to " React, Don ' t Agree. " As a Texas Union sponsored speaker, Roy Wilkins, Executive Di- rector of NAACP discussed Civil Rights. Pase 158 Dr. Merle Fainsod, a University Visiting Fellow and an authority on Soviet affairs was a guest of the Tejas Club. Madalyn Murray O ' Hair expressed views on religion. Royce McPhail, head of the Texas KKK, spoke in the Union Auditorium. tHi- Page 159 w Elections, Controversies Drew Curious Crowds After many hard weeks of planning and a frustrating campaign schedule including all dormitories, boarding houses and Greek groups, the candidates ' success was measured on Election day. The contested DAILY TEXAJN battle lasted for another month while the majority of the positions were filled accordingly without complication. Al- though not a large turnout, it did merit using the University computer to count votes; not too romantic, but it ended the long night problem for the APO ' s. Signs waved, wars were declared, banners flew and cur- rent topics were discussed at the Model United Nations joint assembly. Every country of the UN was represented and up-to-date controversial subjects were discussed. A " ... he ' s qualified, independent, fair, honest, loyal, brave, kind, reverent, thrifty ... " Political hopefuls faced voters in " Crucify the Candidates. " PRESIDENT CLIP DRUMMOND Page 160 Students cast t heir votes to determine the results of a week ' s campaigning. The Italian delegation made a point at the MUN. The General Assembly was in session. Page 161 A Variety of Interests Took Over the Campus Felecia members prepared for their annual Co-Op Week. Baseball season got under way and went all the way to the NCAA College World Series in Omaha, Neb. " Engineering-Creative Resource for Progress " was the theme of the 57th annual Engineering Power Show. Page 162 FOR EUERYOW IN THEfiLOHO Kappa Sigs showed rambunctious spirit for Texas Independence Day. Spooks tapped their new members at the dinner hour in Kinsolving. The Texas Cowboys put Smokey to work. The Co-Operative living units on campus held their an- nual Co-Op Week the first week in March. The week started with open houses, exchange dinners, student-fdculty coffees and the later part of the week they held their banquet with Dr. John Silber as the guest speaker. The week was closed with a songfest and their spring formal was held at Green Pastures. Texas Independence Day celebration came with a boom as the Kappa Sigs and the Cowboys fought it out on the Main Mall in old Texas style. As the haze cleared, Smokey and the Longhorns were once again victorious. Despite the pageantry and Spanish music reverberating across the cam- pus, classes continued according to schedule, some un- interrupted by the fifteen minute holiday. Page 163 -for na men Sigma Chi ' s protested lack of culture at U.T. during Round-Up parade. Silver Spurs awarded Jim Cooper the First prize for the Most Unique Division in the Round-Up Beard Growing contest. Chuck Berry and the Jolly George Orchestra played at Round- Up Revue. Round-Up Rallied Folks, Contests Page 164 Students took action against the L.C.B. interference. Cactus staffers protested protesters. Spectators demonstrated Texas enthusiasm. L ( R lay Vou tD Pf nrc X. Review, Showcase and Signs Portray Western Mood " a OH HONE ' Hfc . - " ' -- O ' - Early morning students examined the still uncensored signs. Students viewed the 1966 Round-Up Showcase exhibits. Signs continued to draw crowds during the Round-Up week-end. Page 166 d Students found many interesting displays at the Round-Up Showcase. Jeanne Wehmeyer, the new University Sweetheart, received congratulations. Governor and Mrs. Connally watched a demonstration of an old art form still preserved in the Southwest today. The Department of Drama, presented Shaw ' s " Saint Joan " , said by many to be " the most perfect drama of the Twen- tieth Century. " The old Italian tale of Androcles and the Lion presented a taste of music and comedy by the Department of Drama. The Curtain Club ' s opening spring show was " Alice in Wonderland. " Page 168 Versatile Dramatists Drew Crowds B. Iden Payne, master of Shakespearean drama, worked with students for four months in the Laboratory Theatre to present " Julius Caesar " his twenty-first production at the University. The Opera Workshop production of " Rigoletto " with Henry Swoboda as symphony conductor and musical director of the Workshop. Rigoletto was a special Round-Up event sponsored by the Music Department. Page 169 Greeks Held Varsity Carnival, Derby Day Greek extracurricular activities were varied. Pinatas, brooms and balls and always girls seemed to highlight the main spring events. The third annual Derby Day, sponsored by Sigma Chi, would have a cute Kappa chasing and finally treeing a fatigued Sigma Chi just for the Derby he was wearing. Jackie Dodd, Zeta Tau Alpha, was named Miss Derby Day. Varsity Carnival which attracted the more " freely " mind- ed named Kate Flack, Kappa Alpha Theta, Varsity Car- nival Queen. The proceeds from VC went to such worth- while causes as paying student tutors for freshmen and providing special scholarship awards. In all, the Greeks had a gay spring time. One of the 10 races held at Pease Park for Sigma Chi ' s Derby Day. There must be an easier way. Pace 170 Thetas serenaded the Varsity Carnival crowd. Folk Singing Bunny entertained at the " near beer " counter. -rf ,- ' fen Si? - Instruction in languages and English were handled by the Peace Corps instructors. Along with puddles and umbrellas and the soggy strolls down the mall, the campus was confronted with horses and saddles as the Sig Eps delivered their Down South Ball invitations. In other spots the educational process was still going on with the Peace Corps classes in languages and courses for foreign students who wanted to become more fluent in English. The annual Art Auction served to take the student ' s mind off classes, homework, and rapidly ap- proaching finals, as did the Mrs. University contest. Then to jolt the wayward student back into reality and the gravity of his scholastic experience, the Selective Service administered a test to find out just who Uncle Sam really wanted. All of this activity created an atmosphere of con- fusion, diversity, and excitement that is the campus life during the last days of the semester. Umbrellas were called for during the showers. Sig Eps delivered their invitations, Down South style. Page 172 Students Learn, Compete Prepare for Summer Yvonne Slovak, left, Mrs. University, and runner-up, Mrs. Beverly Fulton. Art work drew evaluation and criticism. Groups awaiting draft test lined up outside of the Union. Page 173 RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS COMMISSIONING CEREMONY ROTC cadets are sworn in as commissioned officers. Major General Raymond L. Murray, a much decorated Marine Corps career officer delivered the commissioning address for The University of Texas Army, Navy, and Air Force officer candidates. Colonel John Townsend, USA, professor of military sci- ence, administered the oath to the new officers, each of whom received his commission and letter of appointment from General Murray. The combined commissioning service for the three ROTC units was followed by a reception for the new officers, their families and guests in the Texas Union Junior Ballroom. GRADUATION DAY, JUNE 4, 1966. The University of Texas ' 83rd annual commencement brought to the campus as graduation speaker a man who until recently was the top educational spokesman in the country. Francis Keppel, who resigned as U.S. assistant secretary for education in the Department of Health, Edu- cation and Welfare, and who recently became chairman of the General Learning Corporation, spoke on " The Gradu- ate in Public Service, " at graduation exercises on the south terrace of the Main Building. Board of Regents Chairman W. W. Heath of Austin de- livered the welcoming remarks and introduced distinguished guests. Each dean or director certified degree candidates frpm his college or school, and degrees were conferred by Chairman Heath and Chancellor Harry Ransom. Only recipients of doctoral degrees were recognized in- dividually, each walking to the platform to receive his aca- demic hood from Graduate School Dean W. Gordon Whaley. As the degrees were officially conferred on. all candidates, the Tower was lit, the main shaft white, the observation and column decks in orange. Thus ended Graduation Day for the year 1965-1966. Page 174 f.V. Students mill around just prior to the beginning of the Processional which was led by Senior Marshal H. Malcolm Macdonald. Maces are handed out to the faculty marshals. Page 175 uimwni utmnmi iiimmiti mmimiti iwtintii UIIKIHIH mttmwi Engineering Science Building HONORS Edited by Lyn Reader Page 177 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS OUTSTANDING STUDENTS The Outstanding Students were chosen by a committee composed of the Dean of Men, Dean of Women, President of the Students ' Association, Daily Texan Editor, Cactus Editor, and Cactus Associate Editor. The basic requirements for an Outstanding Student are an approximate grade average of two point, Junior classifica- tion, and not a former Outstanding Student. The committee ' s selection was based on the student ' s contributions to The University of Texas, scholarship, leadership, and participa- tion in campus organizations and activities. The committee considered both the activities and the quality of the student ' s performance in an activity. I! ' At the Awards Convocation, Tony Jung was presented his Outstanding Student Certificate by Lyn Reeder, Editor-in-Chief of the 1966 CACTUS. FORMER OUTSTANDING STUDENTS STILL IN SCHOOL Lloyd Willis Birdwell, Jr. Clarence Vaughn Bray George David Carlocfc Tommie Drew Cauthom John Robert Cope Carolyn Draeger Jim R. Fletcher Julius Glickman Diana Dale Haskinson Sally Lehr Hughes Jan Jopling Bruce Arthur Kowert Gregory Owen Lipscomb Richard Daniel Mauldin John Mack Orr Yuichi Ozawa Comer 0. Patterson, Jr. Martha Jeanne Purcell Keith Oriel Reeves Sharon Sue Rountree Marion Sanford Don Richard Smith Frances Spivy JoAnn Pankratz Stiles John C. Treadwell Richard VanSteenkiste Timothy Don Von Dohlen Carolyn Kay Walls Leah Ann Weaver Page 178 MARILYN FRANCES FRIEDMAN A member of the Student Assembly, Marilyn Friedman is a junior from Baytown. She was an education assembly- woman and is secretary-elect of the Assembly. An active member of Sigma Delta Tau, she has served as rush captain and pledge trainer. Marilyn ' s other activities include Cordettes, Texas Union Advisory Board, and Student-Faculty Discipline Com- mittee. An education major, she has maintained a 2.26 average and was selected for membership in Alpha Lambda Delta and Sigma Delta Pi. In her college, she was a member of the Student-Faculty Council. For her leadership abilities, she was selected for membership in Orange Jackets and Spooks of which she was president. PETER RICHARD CONEWAY Pete Coneway has been an asset to the University as vice- president of the Students ' Association. In the Student Assem- bly, he was a representative of the College of Business and chairman of the Rules and Appropriations Committee. Pete has also served on the Grievance Committee as vice-chairman. A senior business major, he was president of his sophomore class, treasurer of the CBA Council, and chairman of the Business Outstanding Student Selection Committee. An active member of Phi Delta Theta, he has served as social chairman and rush captain. He was also a member of such service honoraries as Texas Cowboys, Order of the Alcalde, and Friar Society of which he was Almoner. CAROL HAGG BUSH An active student in the College of Fine Arts, Carol Bush has maintained a 2.5 average and has been on the Honor Roll every semester. She was on the Student Advisory Board of the Department of Music, a member of the Fine Arts Student Council, and represented them as a Fine Arts assem- blywoman. She served as president of the Music Educators ' National Conference. Carol was also a member of the Long- horn Singers, A Cappella Choir, and Varsity Singers. Her other activities included co-chairman of the Cultural Enter- tainment Committee and membership in Pi Kappa Lambda and Sigma Alpha Iota. Pete Coneway Carol Bush Marilyn Friedman Page 179 Sandra Dykes James Key JAMES EVERETT KEY James Key is a senior from Lake Jackson with a creditable average of 2.78 in pre-med. As a freshman he was selected for Phi Eta Sigma and received the Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Major Scholarship. James was selected as a Junior Fellow and was named to Phi Beta Kappa in his junior year. This year he was selected as. an outstanding member of Phi Beta Kappa. James was also selected as the Outstanding Pre-Med student. He served on the executive council of the Tejas Club and was president of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the pre-med society. SANDRA LYNN DYKES A senior English major from Jacksonville, Sandra Lynn Dykes has shown her scholastic ability by maintaining a 2.81 average. She received a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship and participated in the English Honors Program. For her scholastic achievements, Sandra was selected for Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Beta Kappa. Sandra has been active in the " Y " , serving as coordinator of the Program Council and as a student member of the YWCA Board. In Blanton Dorm, she served as president of Scope honorary. She also served as activities chairman of Alpha Delta Pi. Page 180 NANCY LOUISE KOWERT A journalism major from Fredericksburg, Nancy Kowert has worked on the DAILY TEXAN for three years. During her sophomore year she was Issue News Editor and this year has been News Editor of the TEXAN. Nancy has been a member of the Longhorn Band and of Tau Beta Sigma. She served as vice-president of Orange Jackets and as a partici- pant on the Texas Today and Tomorrow Steering Committee. For her work in journalism, Nancy was tapped for Theta Sigma Phi and has received three scholarships given by Boyce House, Jesse H. Jones, and Brackenridge. THERESA KAYE NORTHCOTT Kaye Northcott climaxed her work in journalism by serving as editor of the DAILY TEXAN. She has also worked on the TEXAN as editorial page editor and assistant and was selected as the Outstanding TEXAN worker. Kaye served as secretary of Theta Sigma Phi. She was tapped for Mortar Board and was a member of the Chilean Exchange Program. Kaye is a graduate student from Bellaire and has been recognized with journalism scholarships from the Press Club of Dallas and Jesse H. Jones. ROBERT EDWIN DENHAM As an active member of the Student Assembly, Bob Denham has served as an Arts and Sciences Representative. Bob worked with the Texas Student Publications Board, as a member of Ransom ' s Advisory Cabinet, and as Chairman of Interdisciplinary Retreat. This past summer he participated in the Chilean Exchange Program. Bob has been an IFC representative and served as vice-president of Lambda Chi Alpha. A Plan II major from Abilene, Bob has maintained a 2.69 average -and has been selected for membership in Silver Spurs, Order of Alcalde, and Friar Society. Nancy Kowert Bob Denham Kaye Northcott Page 181 Gary O Connor April Beall GARY RICHARD O ' CONNOR Gary O ' Connor is a senior botany major from Direct. He has centered his activities within the Co-op system. Gary served as president of Theleme Co-op for two years and as president of the Inter-Co-Operative Council this year. He was named as a Co-op Distinguished Student for his work with Co-ops. This year Gary also served as the Co-Chairman of Round-Up Showcase. He was tapped for membership in Phi Eta Sigma, Order of Alcalde, and Friar Society. APRIL BEALL April Beall is an English major from Austin who has been active in many campus activities. April served as vice-presi- dent of her social sorority, Alpha Delta Pi and as president of Orchesis Dance Club. She served as the chairman of Blanton Dorm advisors where she was a founder of Scope honorary. April was vice-president of Mortar Board and a member of Orange Jackets. April has maintained a 2.47 average and was selected for Alpha Lambda Delta. Page 182 SUSAN DAVIS A Plan II major from Houston, Susan Davis has maintained a 2.72 average. For her scholastic record, she was selected for membership in Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, and Pi Sigma Alpha. This year, she has served as president of the University " Y " . While at the University, she has been an active member of the Wesley Foundation and has served on the Steering Committee. She has also participated in MUN and Challenge. A member of Gamma Phi Beta, she has served as rituals chairman and corresponding secretary. In recognition of her leadership abilities and scholastic average, she was tapped for Orange Jackets and Mortar Board. WILLIAM LEON LUTTRELL A graduate student from Benton. Louisiana, Bill Luttrell has been an asset to the University " Y " in which he was co-chairman of both the Literature Workshop and the Re- ligious Conversation group, " Y " vice-president, and a resi- dent of the " Y ' s " St. John ' s project. He has also served on the Coordinating Committee of Student Off-Campus Housing Commission and was a member of the Student Faculty Disci- pline Committee. WILDA LOU CAMPBELL A member of Gamma Phi Beta, Wilda Campbell is a sei. from Houston. She has been an asset to the University as a. student advisor to the committee for the Proposed Co-ed Dorm and Related Academic Facilities. A member of College House, she has served as a senior tutor. She has also been a member of the " Y " Human Relation Council and Wesley Foundation, and represented the University as a summer intern for the Peace Corps. For her interest in the University, she was tapped " for Orange Jackets and Mortar Board of which she was historian. (Not Pictured) Bill Luttrell Wilda Campbell Susan Davis Page 183 Jane Cornick Frank Hadlock JANE GOULD CORNICK Responsible and dependable Jane Cornick has been an asset to many different campus activities. In the Texas Union, she has served as chairman of the Speakers Committee. A member of Kappa Alpha Theta, she has been second vice- president and also secretary of Panhellenic Council. She has also used her talents as a leader as president of Orange Jackets and chairman of Kinsolving advisors. Her other activities include Freshman Orientation advisor, Freshman Council Coordination Board, and a representative to the Arts and Science Council. A senior home economics major from Austin, she received the Silver Spur Award for her fine leadership in campus activities. FRANCIS PATRICK HADLOCK A scholar and leader from Marshall, Frank Hadlock has maintained a 2.6 average as a Plan II major. For his scho- lastic record, he was selected for membership in Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Eta Sigma. A member of Phi Delta Theta, he has served as president, pledge trainer, and IFC representa- tive. An active member of IFC, he participated on the Judi- ciary Committee and was chairman of the Rush Committee. He has been foreman of the Texas Cowboys and chairman of the Cowboy Minstrels. For his fine leadership and scho- lastic achievements, he was selected for Friar Society and recipient of the Mike Flynn Award. Page 184 CAROL ANN WALTERS A senior from Austin, Ann Walters has worked to maintain a 2.56 overall average while majoring in mathematics. In recognition of her scholastic achievements she was selected for membership in Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Sigma Delta Pi. As a member of the Longhorn Band, Ann has served as president of Tau Beta Sigma and as a freshman band counselor. She also served as president of Mortar Board and was tapped for Orange Jackets. EDGAR NEWMAN SMITH Newman Smith has served the Longhorn Band as a third counselor and section leader, and this year as president. He has worked this year as a member of the Student-Faculty Band Hall Building Committee. Newman is a senior engi- neering major from Dallas and has been active in the Ameri- can Institute of Chemical Engineers. He was selected for membership in Tau Beta .Pi and Omega Chi Epsilon. New- man was also active in the Tejas Club. Ann Walters Newman Smith Page 185 Betty Egelhoff Bruce Schnitzer BRUCE WILLIAM SCHNITZER Bruce Schnitzer, a senior from Fort Worth, has been a leader in his fraternity and in Interfraternity Council. He served as president of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and as treasurer of IFC. Bruce is president-elect of IFC. He was selected as a member of Silver Spurs and Order of the Alcalde. Bruce, a business administration major, has maintained a 2.47 average and made the Dean ' s List seven semesters. He is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and was chosen an Outstanding Business Student. ELIZABETH ANN EGELHOFF Betty Egelhoff, an Alpha Phi, represented her sorority as president of Panhellenic Council. She has also been active in the " Y " Human Relations Committee and as a College House tutor. For her leadership, she was chosen for Orange Jackets and Mortar Board. As a Plan II major, Betty was selected for Alpha Lambda Delta and maintained a 2.22 GPA. Page 186 MARY ANN MELLENBRUCH Mary Ann Mellenbruch is a junior from Austin majoring in Latin American studies. She has distinguished herself this year as president of Orange Jackets. She also worked with the Student Assembly as an A S Assemblywoman. She served her sorority Alpha Phi, as Marshall. Mary Ann has also participated in Texas Today an d Tomorrow and the Interdisciplinary Retreat. Last year she was advisor chair- man for Littlefield Dorm and was a summer orientation advisor. This spring Mary Ann was selected as a Bluebonnet Belle. THOMAS OSWELL BRIGHTMAN Tom Brightman, a senior from Comanche, is an active member of the Army ROTC and the Texas Union. In the Army ROTC, he has served as Transportation Battalion Sergeant Major, Executive Officer and Brigade Staff Person- nel Officer and was selected as a Distinguished Military Student. Tom is a member of Scabbard and Blade and served as the personnel officer and administrative adjutant for the Praetorian Guard. Tom was chairman of the Texas Union Film Committee and served on the Union Council. He main- tained a 2.24 average while majoring in engineering and was selected for Chi Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi. .-V-.afci Tom Brightman Mary Ann Mellenbruch Page 187 John Odell Polly Travis JOHN STEPHEN ODELL John S. Odell, a junior government major from San Antonio, was an asset to the Varsity Debate Squad. As a member of the Debate Squad, he won three championships. He also worked with the Model United Nations serving as vice- president of the General Assembly. John served as vice- president and as president of Tau Kappa Epsilon social fra- ternity. Academically, John maintained a 2.66 average and was selected for Phi Eta Sigma. PAULINE TRAVIS Polly Travis worked for four years with the Model United Nations. As a junior she served as a member of the National Board of Directors of the Collegiate Council for United Nations and was a regional director. This year Polly served as Secretary-General of the Model United Nations at the University. She was also selected to represent the University at the National Student Leadership Institute on United Na- tions. Polly is a senior history major from Beaumont and has maintained a 2.44 grade average. She is a member of Alpha Phi sorority and was tapped for Orange Jackets. Page 188 ANTHONY CHARLES JUNG An honor student from Fredericksburg, Tony Jung has maintained a 2.74 while majoring in pharmacy. He has been selected for membership in Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, and was vice president of Rho Chi. Tony served as president, secretary, and social chairman of the Tejas Club. He was also president of the Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association and was a member of Phi Delta Chi. Tony participated in the Army ROTC and received the Superior Cadet Award and the Distinguished Military Student Award. For his active record Tony was selected for membership in Friar Society. MARY ESTHER GARNER A senior from Galveston, Mary Esther Garner has majored in history and government. An Alpha Phi, Mary Esther was selected as the University Sweetheart, as a Bluebonnet Belle and as Miss Engineer. She has participated for two years in Operation Brainpower and represented the University in the Chilean Exchange Program. Mary Esther was selected for membership in Spooks, Orange Jackets, and Pi Lambda Theta. Tony Jung Mary Esther Gamer Page 189 Jane Cornick Tony Lavender SILVER SPUR AWARD The Silver Spur Award is presented each year to the most outstanding senior woman student. The selection is based on outstanding scholarship, service, and extracurricular activi- ties. The award was presented to Jane Gould Cornick, a senior from Austin. She has served as chairman of the Union Speakers Committee, president of Orange Jackets, chairman of Kinsolving advisors, secretary of Panhellenic Council, and second vice-president of Kappa Alpha Theta. She was also selected as a CACTUS Goodfellow and one of this year ' s Outstanding Students. SPOOK AWARD The Spook Award to the outstanding international student is given annually in recognition of the contributions and loyalties of a foreign student to The University of Texas. Criteria for the award are based on leadership, scholarship, friendship, and service to the campus. This year the award was presented to Antony Michael Lavender a graduate stu- dent from Leatherhead, Surrey, United Kingdom. He has served as treasurer and president of the International Club and as a graduate assemblyman. He also has received the Texas Union Council Leadership Award and CACTUS Good- fellow. Page 190 MARJORIE DARELIK MEMORIAL AWARD The Marjorie Darelik Memorial Award is given each year to the most outstanding independent woman student. The selection is based upon service to the University, scholarship, and extracurricular activities. This year ' s recipient was Mar- garet Lucile Koy, a senior from Bellville. Her activities included education assemblywoman and membership on the Education Student-Faculty Council and Union Board of Directors. She has also served as a Kinsolving advisor and Heflin Manor advisor chairman. An active member of Spooks, she served as spirit officer and was selected as a CACTUS Goodfellow. MIKE FLYNN CITIZENSHIP AWARD The Mike Flynn Citizenship Award is presented each year to the male student who most nearly " fills Mike Flynn ' s shoes. " Selection is based on service and extracurricular activities. This year the award was presented to Francis Patrick Hadlock, a senior from Marshall. Frank served as an officer of the Texas Cowboys, Phi Delta Theta, Inter- fratefnity Council, and Alpha Epsilon Delta. He was also selected for membership in Phi Beta Kappa and as a CAC- TUS Outstanding Student. Frank Hadlock Page 191 Marty Purcell John McRao DADS ' DAY AWARDS Each year, the Dad ' s Association of The University of Texas presents an award to the Most Outstanding Girl and the Most Outstanding Boy of the University. Selection is based on leadership, scholarship, and service to the Univer- sity. This year, the awards went to Martha Jeanne Purcell of Houston and John Malcolm McRae of Vicksburg, Mis- sissippi. Marty has been an active member of Orange Jackets, Texas Union Executive Council, Mortar Board, Texas Today and Tomorrow, and has served as president of Chi Omega and Spooks. She was also selected as a Bluebonnet Belle and a CACTUS Goodfellow and Outstanding Student. John was active as president of the Inter Co-Op Council, representative on the Coeducational Dormitory Planning Committee, editor of IMAGE, and on the Architecture Stu- dent Council. He was a member of such honoraries as Sphinx, Friar Society, and the Order of the Alcalde. He also received the Mike Flynn Citizenship Award, the Most Out- standing Man in The University of Texas Cooperative Hous- ing System, and CACTUS Goodfellow. Page 192 ton is [raver- PurceD ;. Ms- .Tens re Sto- ries as STUDENT ASSOCIATIONS SCHOLASTIC HONORARIES 193 STUDENT GOVERNMENT, TEXAS UNION, PUBLICATIONS 201 SORORITIES 231 FRATERNITIES 273 DORMS AND CO-OPS 339 MILITARY 371 ORGANIZATIONS 383 Chemistry Building SCHOLASTIC HONORARIES Edited by Diana Boland Page 193 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY FOR FRESHMAN WOMEN Founded, University of Illinois, 1924 Texas Chapter, 1933 OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Historian KAY BOYLES SHEILA RAE MORRIS NANCY JOSTES MARY EILEEN POTCHERNICK FALL INITIATES Marilee Claire Adensam Eleanor Ann Arnold Joan Bergstrom Carol Jeanne Claypool Linda Lee Cunningham Susan Ellen Denson Anne Louise Dickinson Carolyn Frances Estes Laura Dean Ford Johanna Franke Theresa Mary Hayden Barbara Holly Himel Lynnell Jackson Anne Hilliard Markley Charlotte Opal McCoy Eugenie A. Musacchio Bunny Lee Paine Karen Lynn Farmer Alice Ethel Patton Rebecca Anne Porter Martha Kathryn Post Susan Camille Saegert Deborah Dee Short Terry Patricia Teague Jane Louise Tillinghast Auda Kathleen Wilkerson SPRING INITIATES Ann Marie Altmiller Kathleen Anderson Judith Darla Ashurst Janet Sue Barkley Suzanne Kay, Barnebey Margaret Becker Jenna Lou Bell Susan Bell Nancy Louise Billingsley Nancy Blakey Rose Anne Blankenbaker Sandra Elaine Blanton Brenda Lorelle Branton Mary Jacquelyn Brown Carolyn Anne Brydson Karen Amelia Bynum Ann Elizabeth Caraway Diana Delia Cardenas Linda Lou Carr Ersalene Faye Chappell Julia Penny Clark Mary Agnes Clark Susan Louise Clem Cecile Marie Cogswell Susan Elaine Cope Suzanne Cornelius Courtenay Lea Cotton Barbara Elaine Coward Frances Anne Crawford Deborah Kay Cruikshank Mary Carol Cunningham Anna Maria Curry Dorothy Helen DePriest Madeleine Draeger Linda Kay Dragon Berla Jane Drake Donna Drennen Linda Kathleen Duncan Peggy Jo Eason Linda Anne Eppright Jean Elaine Feller Judy A. Finberg Mary Jean Fletcher Nancy Jo Fleury Cheryl Faye Floyd Betty Sue Franklin Judy Sue Frazier Ann Friedman Joan Elizabeth Garrett Tobi Kay Gellman Saundra Louise Goodson Ellen Michele Gracey Cynthia Claire Gray Carla Lea Green Joan Myra Greenfield Sharon Kay Grosskopf Gail Irene Gunderson Sarah Elizabeth Harvey Josephine Wilson Holland Mary Kathleen Horn Nancy Ann Horton Virginia Ann Howard Glenda Beth Huffaker Patricia Kay Hutto Sandra Kay Jamison Lynne Carol Juedeman Cathy Allan Kellough Angela Greer Kennon Elizabeth Jane Kinsey Carol Diane Kocurek Donnis D. Koons Marlene Krafcheck Marilyn Joy Krogerus Georgia Ruth Kyser Sandra Kay Lankford Linda Latimer Linda Jean Lege Laura Lee Lehmberg Kathleen Nanette Lucas Patricia Jan Ludeman Patricia MacDonald Livie MacMaster Merry Eve Makela Melanie Anne Martindale Mary Elizabeth Mast Mary Ann Mclntosh Peggy Jean Miller Peggy Jan Mills Anita Kay Moritz Frances Ann Mumme Jerry Gail Murphy Suzanne Haden Nicholl Cheryl Elaine O ' Bannion Karen Sue Owen Susan Marie Palousek Nelda Ann Park Lucy Ann Parker Janette Patterson Barbara Ann Perkins Rosalyn Lee Pransky Linda Kay Reitz Leticia Reyes Harriet Reynolds Erie Kathryn Richards Diane Marie Robin Nora Jean Robinson Frances Rosenberg Susan Glenn Russell Shirley Ann Schmidt Marsha Ann Schraub Donna Kay Schroeter Kay Dianne Scott Sharon Lynn Seals Gloria Sheryl Shoss Suzanne L. Paula Sigel Mary Nelwyn Simes Karen Jane Simonsen Jane Ann Smith Jean Marie Stevens Sylvia Sue Stimson Janet Gay Stone Dorothy Jean Sulik Marian Melinda Sullivan Marilyn Sullivan Hyla Beth Swesnik Patricia Gail Taylor Nancy Jane Thomas Marilyn Kay Tipton Ellen Mercil Trew Evelyn Grace Turner Judith Ann Vittetoe Janis Jo Volkening Jacquelyn Wackerbarth Christine Ann Walker Jean Walker Suzanne Waters Glenda Kay Watson Kathy Darrelean Weatherly Marsha Ann White Jean Marie Wheelis Rebecca Ann Wilson Vanette Wing Laura Joanne Woodward Cynthia Ann Wright Linda Carol Wukasch Linda Ruth Yates Gale Louise Zedler Page 194 BETA GAMMA SIGMA HONORARY BUSINESS FRATERNITY Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1907 Texas Chapter, 1922 OFFICERS President CHARLES HENRY GRIFFIN Vice-President : DOROTHY AYRES Secretary-Treasurer EDMUND CLAYTON LYNCH HONORARY MEMBERS Lester Lum Colvert Henry H. Dewar Richard J. Gonzalez R. C. Andersen J. G. Ashburne E. Norman Bailey William B. Barrett John S. Bickley Grady D. Bruce Robert Charles Bush Vincent E. Cangelosi Jack W. Cashin A. H. Chute A. B. Cox F. Lanier Cox Lawrence L. Crum Edward W. Cundiff William K. Daugherty R. Conrad Doenges S. Marcus Greer A. G. McNeese, Jr. Charles N. Prothro H. J. Stark FACULTY MEMBERS James C. Dolley Charles H. Griffin Mary Ann Harris Roy D. Harris Bobby Don Hart Al Hofflander H. W. Huegy James R. Kay Jerome B. Kernan Charles R. Klasson Eugene W. Lambert Elizabeth Lanham Philip W. Ljungdahl Edmund C. Lynch Donald L. Madden Norton E. Marks F. B. May Gilbert P. Maynard George H. Newlove John E. Porche Charles L. Prather Mitchell H. Raiborn Dennis W. Richardson Bruce W. Roberson Wilfrid F. Rylander Lawrence L. Schkade William E. Schlender Richard A. Scott Robert E. Seller Alan L. Sleeper Jack G. Taylor Carl J. Thomsen Gus Wortham C. Aubrey Smith Ray M. Sommerfeld M. S. Sommers Burnard H. Sord W. R. Spriegel Alfred F. Steiert John R. Stockton Donald V. Stuchell Anthony M. Tuberose Ernest W. Walker Glenn A. Welsch John Arch White James M. Williams Thomas H. Williams Charles T. Zlatkovich Robert L. Adair Donald Mulhall Altman Zoe Anne Bentley Jerry Edmond Chiles Steven Dennis Dietrich Kirby Carl Fortenberry, Jr. FALL INITIATES Karl Eugene Henion, II Dennis Edward Hiser Donald Leo Madden Karen Powell McAnulty Joe Michael McGeath John LeGory Murchison, Jr. Patricia Anne Murray John W. Pettijohn Charla Jean Rea Jack Clark Robertson Charles Wells Shartle Frank Bernard Slomchinski Paula Sue Smith Michael Asa Stone George Allen Whittenburg, II SPRING INITIATES John Joseph Arthur Carol Ann Badgley Darold T. Barnum Richard Ellis Bean Millon C. Beck, Jr. Mary Joan Burns Dennis Craig Cheaney Jerry T. Dennis, III Henry Glaeser Dove Robert I. Ellis Mae Helen Hartgrove Delbert I. Hawkins Charles M. Hibbetts Woodley Larkin Hunt Churchill Wiley Jones Jerry Donald Jones Dan R. L ane, Jr. Connie Ann McDowell Dianne Jean McGowen James Royce Miller Kenneth Ray Miller Donald Eugene Peters Darrell Ray Raines Donald Eugene Robertson Sara Lou Rutherford Sandra Elaine Sanders Bruce William Schnitzer Charles W. Smither, Jr. John Webb Storms Louis Edward Tuffly, Jr. Charles Philip Zlatkovich Page 195 KAPPA TAU ALPHA HONORARY JOURNALISM FRATERNITY Founded, University of Missouri, 1910 Texas Chapter, 1961 President OFFICER ... SIDNEY DAVID NOLAN, JR. HONORARY MEMBERS Harry Provence Frank J. Starzel Norris G. Davis Joe Bertram Frantz Mary A. Gardner J. Edward Gerald Olin E. Hinkle FACULTY MEMBERS Robert Sidney Kahan Clyde Richard King Harrell E. Lee Sidney David Nolan, Jr. DeWitt C. Reddick Alan Scott Ernest A. Sharpe Emily-Mae Stafford Sue Watkins MEMBERS George Lawrence Arnold Richard Ray Cole Janice Catherine Freeman Dorothy Jean Lillard Jeel Stephen Barber Henry Buford Barr Elizabeth Ann Berthothy Judy Burton Linda Joyce Buss SPRING INITIATES Annie Jane Brown Judith Louise Croom Glenda Louise Daniel Christopher Sumner Dann James Nelson Gsell Chet Hunt Dan Douglass Rice Wayne Joseph Villemez John Melton Wallace Page 1% OMICRON NU HONORARY HOME ECONOMICS FRATERNITY Founded, Michigan State University, 1912 Texas Chapter, 1924 OFFICERS President IRENE CLAIRE BUSKE V ice-President ELIZABETH EILEEN WOOD Secretary SHARON ROSE GLASS Treasurer LAURA LEA TURBIVILLE Editor , SARA NELL SEE Publicity | SUZANNE PATTERSON Dorothy Fehlis Aycock Anna Brightman Billie Bishop Davenport Margaret Anne Eppright FACULTY MEMBERS Ann Marie Erickson Lucy Rathbone Patsy B. Reed Phyllis Richards Patricia Jean Sailor J. Russell Tarantino Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie Wilmot Jet C. Winters Christine M. Applin Irene Claire Buske Alice Geraldine Butts Laura Ann Baker Jo Lynn Cunningham Carol Jean Briscoe Nancy Jane Brown MEMBERS Pattie Jo Fairbend Sharon Rose Glass Suzanne Patterson FALL INITIATES Henrietta Humphreys Sara Nell See Laura Lea Turbiville Elizabeth Eileen Wood Constance Ann Marmaduke Sallie Beth Moore SPRING INITIATES Jarrie Dell Davis Joyce Annette Jones Ann Pollard Sarah Beth Reveley Suzette G. Rothen Page 197 PHI BETA KAPPA ARTS AND SCIENCES HONORARY Founded, William and Mary College, 1776 Texas Chapter, 1904 OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary HAROLD CHARLES BOLD JOANNE M. RAVEL MILO W. WEAVER Josef John Barton William Anthony Beavers Charles Lewis Bennett Stanley Charles Beyer Cynthia Louise Brantley Frances Kaye Dodson James Simpson Dyer Gary Cloyd Evatt Jon Michael Ford John Michael Gamer Twila Elizabeth Guynes Sherrill Anne Hudgens Mary Ann Jerkofsky Alan Keith Johnson Michael Barry Karchmer John Patrick Kinney John Attrill Mackintosh Claudia Jean Morgan Larry Ewing Phillips Gordon Wayne Pledger James Hughes Price, Jr. Stephen Maurice Stack Barbara Louise Bearden Steen Patti Gil Gideon Wade Mavis Lavay Williams Carol Ann Winner Alexis Kay Andrews . Alexander Georgiades Arnakis Dick Barlow Charles Kalt Bowman Jonnie Elinor Breaker Patricia Ann Brown Claude Robert Cloninger Karen Sue Darby Susan Davis David Fulton Eanes George Lee Flint, Jr. Jonathan Sewell Fruchter William Richard Greene Lucille Elaine Hackard Francis Patrick Hadlock Rexene Ann Hanes Luralee Hodge Charles Lawrence Hollas VSSES OF 1966 Patrick Ray Jones Ronald Grigsby Kirchem Judith Irene Kutac Emily Jean Stanford Liles David Lynn Luterman William Gary Mallard Susan Elizabeth Matthews Jerry Lynn Matlock Judy Katherine Bell Matlock Michael Lee Meriwether John Carl Moore Charles Louis Mott James Norris Neill Sandra Pauktte Panzarella Paula Elizabeth Robertson Ruby Marquita Hooks Rowley James Benton Rylander, Jr. Richard William Scamell John Staples Shockley Kenneth Ray Smith John Paul Sommers Robert Neille Steck Philip Earl Stephenson Gail Diane Stockman Patricia Kathryn Sulak Sonia Alice Taborsky Edwin Eugene Terry Charlotte Ann Thompson Phyllis Claire Russell Tippit Fern Laura Von Stein Carol Ann Walters Donna Gail Weintraub William Neely Whaley Shelby Allan Wyll Geraldine Lee Zayic James Richard Zigler, Jr. Vicki Sue Calhoun Richard Lawrence Cohen Sherry Jean Lawyer Collins Louise Clarkson Connally Margaret Ellen Deacon Sandra Lynn Dykes JUNIOR MEMBERS Diane Susan Gray Thomas Walter Jones Charles Marvin Kelso, Jr. Patricia Marie Peters Charles Edward Riese Eugene Howard Scott, III Kathleen Shive Jerry Lynn Thompson Robert Stahl Totz Janet Kaye Welsh Warren Stewart Williams Page 198 PHI ETA SIGMA FRESHMAN HONORARY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY Founded, University of Illinois, 1923 Texas Chapter, 1931 OFFICERS President MERRILL PAUL ANDERSON Vice-President WILLIAM DUKE GREENHILL Secretary-Treasurer GARY VIRGIL LEHMBERG Historian KRISS CLONINGER, III Faculty Advisor ARNO NOWOTNY FALL INITIATES Michael Olon Baskin David Velez Bernal James Gee Bonifield Stuart Neil Carriker Walter Clay Cooke James Richard Cullington Jaime Davilla Thomas John Deal Joseph Harry Doenges Glenn Edward Ellison Leon Raymond Escude, Jr. Robert Bradley Fitts Philip Howard Fleckman Charles Howard Fletcher, Jr. Bobby Marshall Gierisch Edward Allen Goforth John Edgar Goodpasture, Jr. James Samuel Groves Thomas Beattie Hancher James Frederick Hicks Stephen Hall Holliday Kenneth Adam Kattawar Anthony Curtis Kimbrough Robert Walter Malone, Jr. Bruce Hal Miner Khodayar Mostafavi Kashani Behrooz Motazed Jon David Mulcahy Gordon Shaw Novak, Jr. David Alan Ott Alvaro Romo De La Rosa Richard Anthony Rosprim Dan K. Seilheimer Frank C. Sergeant Ray F. Sharp William Kenneth Shumpes Lloyd Reynolds Sloan Scott Murray Smith Dennis Eugene Sorensen Ronald Gene Stockstill John Moore Weiss John Wayne Wendel, Jr. Kim Alan Wheetley Kenneth Herman Wolf SPRING INITIATES Arthur Reese Abright, III Duke Baird Adcox, Jr. James Young Allen, Jr. Antonio Alvarado Merrill Paul Anderson Garland Eugene Autrey Alan Robert Barr Alton Keith Barton James Richard Bennett John Stanton Binney Alfred Lawrence Bishop, Jr. John Franklyn Bishop, Jr. Jack Dennis Black Joseph Blinderman Myron Earl Bloom James Carroll Boon, II David Lee Bracken William Michael Breland Steven Craig Broome William Warren Buchholtz James Lee Burke Robert William Burns, Jr. Donald Mack Cadenhead Barry Frank Cannaday Kenneth Shun-Yuen Chan James Winston Chapman, Jr. Hau-Cheung Chow David Wayne Clay Kriss Cloninger, III Desmond Brian Corbett David Michael Collar Alvin Ethelbert Cowan, Jr. James MacKissack Crook Dennis Allen Dalrymple Robert John Daugherty Richard Kent Davis Benjamin Joseph Dean Joseph Biedenharn Dennis Stephen Thomas Denny Robert Wayne Derrick James Robert Dickson, HI Noble Webster Doss, Jr. Lawton Evans Drake Robert Larry Dulaney Charles Harvey Dupuy Clifton Howard Durham, Jr. James David Earnest William Henry Edwards, Jr. Charles Harry Eichler William Marion Elliott, Jr. Kenneth Charles Emery, Jr. Richard Edward Ewing Peter Gail Fagan Lee Byron Faulkner Bernus William Fischman Charles Emil Fisher John Harp Fisher Hollye Carson Fisk Donald Royce Flournoy Carroll Jay Forrest Charles Jay Franklin Jeffrey Howard Friedman David Keith Gartling Edwin Chapman Glass Joe Glickman, Jr. Robert Hart Graham Jerry Franklin Graves William Robert Gray William Duke Greenhill Richard Dennis Grosskopf David Richard Grote John Floyd Hager Woodrow Wilson Hammond, Jr. Stephan Jay Haney Thomas Allen Harris Carlos Jorge Heine James Jay Herman Ronald Jackson Herring Michael Ray Higgins George Russell Hill Richard Keith Hill Marvin Charles Holcomb Arthur Donnes Holder David Crittenden Hooper John Michael Horn Stephen Douglas Houston Joel Robert Huff Ronald Paul Hughes Billy Wayne Hurley Robert Thaddeus Jackson Kenneth Robert Johnson Richard James Johnson Aaron Johnston, Jr. Larry Rayburn Karrh Glenn Frank King Donald Walter Jason Kuhn Gary Virgil Lehmberg Larry Alan Leigon Mark Jeffrey Lerman Edgar Bernard Littlefield, III Larry Lester Long William Grobe Lundell David Jordan Lutrick Roderick Coats Mack Lawrence Allen Margolis William Sherman Marmaduke Jan Duncan Marshall Houshang Masudi Lon Allen McCarley Sidney Loveless McLain William Couch Melton Mark Robert Meyer Richard Wayne Meyer Alton Ray Miihlhouse Ralph Irad Miller Ronald Lee Moore Michael William Morgan Macka Lee Murrah Frank Orville Murray, Jr. John Richard Neel Orville Bateman Neeley, II John Paul Nolley, Jr. Ronald Frederick Norris, II William Charles O ' Donnell, Jr. Thomas Clifton O ' Hara Rufus Walker Oliver, III Isik Onal William Robert Pakalka Wayne Trice Parman Patrick Lake Perkins Glen Frank Petrick Hal Winthrop Pike Jerrold Poizner Jim Wesley Poland Fred Irwin Polsky Sanders Lee Posner Allan Leslie Potter Sam Ellis Prater, Jr. Stephen Ray Puckett. John Galvin Ragsdale John David Reiff Robert Gladstone Ridout, III Richard Royston Roberts Corbin James Robertson Jimmy Kirk Robertson Otha Jennings Rogers Victor Joe Rogers Charles Thomas Rombough John Thomas Rotenberry Thomas Dale Sanders Leonard Gene Schulze David Harold Schweitzer Sanford Ray Setliff Jack Boyd Sheffield Thomas Lee Shelton James Nash Siedow, Jr. Barry Vaughan Smith Philip Arthur Smith Donald Lloyd Spalinger Kenneth Clyde Spinks John Edward Springer John Burgess Stalmach William Luke Stanley Don Louis Steelman Dan Elliot Steinfink Earl Richard Stewart, III William Pierce Stroube Tim Dee Sturdivant Mohamad Tadayon Alvin Thaggard, III Bennie Stanley Thompson Bruce Gary Thornton Larry Price Urquhart Jack Murchison Vaughan Steven Andrew Vaughan George Mason Vaught Charles Everett Vinson Wayne Evan Voskamp Michael Lee Waggoner William Neal Waldrep John Ross Wallis Teddy Dean Warner Carl C. Washington Gary Wayne Watt Robert Erie Wehmeyer, Jr. Andrew Benjamin White Mark Dale Wigder David Stevens Wilbanks James Polk Williams Freddie Ray Wilson Lonnie Wilbur Wilson, Jr. Rickey Wilson Darrell Brent Windham Robert Lee Woolfolk, IV James W. Wright, Jr. James Michael Wyatt Patrick Yarbrough Bruce Martin Zivley Page 199 TAU BETA PI HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY FOR MEN Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 Texas Chapter, 1916 OFFICERS President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . . . Treasurer Cataloger JOHN ALTON POSEY, JR. . . . EDWARD CHARLES SEBESTA RICHARD KENT LENNINGTON LASH DEVOUS HANSBOROUGH . .. JAMES ROBERT KAMRATH . DONALD ALBERT WAGNER Nasser Alrashid Robert Franklin Boggus Carroll Burton Branstetter Oran Brigham, Jr. William Radell Carradine, Jr. Kenneth Randolph Castleman Robert Joseph Dorotik Clarence James Ehlers Ben Russell Eppright, Jr. Paul Gainer Berl Paul Guyton August Joseph Batla, Jr. James David Becker John Lawrence Berkman, Jr. Robert John Brandes Michael Clark Byrd Jerome P. Charba David Link Clifton Ronnie Jack Cottle John Edwin Crosby James Elliott Deans Paul Douglas Engeling Robert Lee Ewing MEMBERS Robert W. Hanks Lash Devous Hansborough Robert L. Herndon Gary Lynn Hunt James Robert Kamrath Rostram M. Kavoussi Alfred Tyrrell Kott Neil Radell Latimer Richard Kent Lennington Lawrence Wayne Maxwell Richard Dixon Maxwell John Harley McElroy Robert Adalbert McLauchlan Wilber Leroy Meier, Jr. James Wynn Moyers John Mack Orr David Raymond Parker Charles Morgan Pearre, III John Alton Posey, Jr. Howard Nixon Roberts John Reuben Ross Joseph Charles Salvaggio FALL INITIATES Richard Joseph Fendley William Henry Grona John Baskin Harper Donald Whitesell Hartman John Clark Heideman Louis Edward Hood William David Howard Robert Steve Hoyle Gerald Paul Kuehler Edward Gene Mahler Robert Michael Massey John Willard Moore Watson Lee Moore Rodney Ray Nachlinger Andrew Nagy Gerald Lewis Neely William Reeder Porterfield Jerome Lee Powell Richard James Raune Jack Frost Sanders Richard Henry Schroeder Reza Sharifpoor Albert Fred Schkade, Jr. Edward Charles Sebesta Douglas Maurice Selman Edgar Newman Smith, Jr. Jackie Lee Stone John William Taunton James Howard Tegarden Wadih Hanna Toubassi Donald Albert Wagner Maynard Lee Wilson Ronny Vonhoy Yates Charles Altus Snell Wayne Arvon Spier Aubrey Lee Stratton Herbert James Sutherland David Franklin Tankersley Marvilee Thompson James Terrell Walker Lieh Chun Wang Glenn Andrew Welsch Thomas Lee Wharton William Ozie Wray SPRING INITIATES Carl Ray Bailey Gilbert Lowell Baker Barry James Boecker Carl Ferdinand Boehm, Jr. Allen Dickson Boger, Jr. Joe Tom Bouchier Thomas Oswell Brightman Richard Nelson Chandler Charles Andrew Cofas Richard Robert Collier John Haven Davis David L. Griffis Billy Roy Gulledge Clinton Sylvester Hartmann Kerry Mahler Hawkins Warren Malcom Heffington Floyd Robert Hill Jimmy Lee Hollis William King Holloman Edmund Joseph Hubenak, Jr. Cordell Llewellyn Jeffrey Donald Roy Johnson James Robert Kelsey Charles Robert Lewis Robert George Makela John Hudson Matlock Phillip Eugene Moseley Stephen Edward Mosher Gary Wayne Munson Dominic Nicolosi, Jr. Robert Vincent Ogden, Jr. Jimmy Dale Polozeck James Edward Pruske Danny Keith Raley Stephen Rester Richard Lee Robinson Ronald Ray Rounsaville Charles Clemon Scaief, HI Jerry Lynn Setliff Bruce Lee Shearer David Rex Siever John Alston Smith Chia-Hsiaing Sung Roy Joel Swanson, Jr. Robert Lynn Sykes Charles Ray Thomas William John Vandenbosch Charles Gene Voorhees William Allan Ware James Rawls Williams Jimmy Doyle Wilson Page 200 Journalism Building STUDENT GOVERNMENT Edited by Sara Broyles Page 201 THE STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION JOHN MACK ORR, President. A university is primarily a community of teachers and students striving to seek knowledge and to reexamine values held both collectively and individually, in the light of that knowledge. Student government must primarily serve ends identical to those sought by a university. Students must recognize their unique position in the academic community. At no time can they affect the con- tent and goals of higher education as directly as during their time in college. The Students ' Association has tried to capitalize on that uniqueness. In the light of this stated purpose, academic concerns were primary, with emphasis on such programs as Cur- riculum Evaluation, Challenge, Interdisciplinary Retreat, Visiting Fellows, Cinema 40 and sponsored Undergraduate Research. Also, since the quality of student accommodations affects academic life, student government took sepcial in- terest in student housing. Students worked hand in han d with faculty and staff in planning the co-ed dormitory complex. Officers of the Students ' Association, through discussions with Dr. Ransom ' s Advisory Cabinet, also played a signifi- cant role in convincing the University Administration to adopt a liberal off-campus speakers ' policy. The Students ' Association performed valuable non-aca- demic services for the student body. Both the Cultural Entertainment Committee and Round-Up enjoyed extremely successful years. There was a record enrollment for the health insurance offered through the Students ' Association. In addition, this year, the travel program took more students to Europe than it had the last two years com- bined. As a service to the community, The Poverty Corps was initiated. It is hoped that this project will broaden into the largest student poverty program in the state. More vital than any program the Students ' Association has yet provided for the campus has been its attempt to define a new role for the student in his relationship to the university. Just as the faculty and administration take part in the decision making that directs the university, it is felt that students should and will take part in the decisions which determine the quality of the academic institution they call " alma mater. " This concept of student participation has been discussed with the Regents, administrators, faculty and students. It has provoked examinations which, it is hoped, will con- tinue. As a result of the inquiries into the student ' s role, a set of proposals for student participation on faculty com- mittees was presented. During the spring semester, stu- dents were invited to sit as guests with the Faculty Sched- ule Committee and the Faculty Committee on Academic Advising, Admissions and Registration. Also resulting from the discussions with faculty and staff, a thorough study of the student government organiza- tion was made. A new constitution, bylaws and a plan for the directing of future efforts for more responsible stu- dent participation was prepared. It now falls to the stu- dents who will lead during the coming years to judge the Association ' s work and, hopefully, adopt both its pur- poses and means. Page 202 The Vice-President serves the Association on numerous committees. He is often called upon to perform many functions which the President is unable to fulfill. He also has the responsibility of the monies of the Students ' Association; he prepares the annual budget and maintains all records of receipts and disbursements. In his role as a member of the Student Assembly, he serves as chairman of the Rules and Appropriations Com- mittee. Therefore, the responsibility for preparing the an- nual Blanket Tax recommendations falls mainly on his shoulders. PETER RICHARD CONEWAY, Vice-President At the end of each year the Secretary of the Students ' Association compiles an accurate and carefully bound yearbook of the Association ' s activities. The Secretary also serves as a member of the Student Assembly and takes the minutes of all sessions. In addition, she is responsible for the official cor- respondence of the Students ' Association. All measures con- sidered by the Student Assembly are circulated to the proper authorities by the Secretary. LANA MAE WATKINS, Secretary The three officers of the Students ' Association conducted a Thursday evening Assembly meeting. Page 203 STUDENT ASSEMBLY ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Seated: Ronald Edwin Tigner, CBA, Fall 1965; Harriett Ann Durr, Education, Spring 1965; William Crawford Parish, Engineering, Fall 1965; Marilyn Frances Friedman, Education, Fall 1965. Standing: Joseph Scott King, Pharmacy, Fall 1965; Harry Smith, CBA, Fall 1965; Leigh Stephen Curry, A S, Fall 1965; Walter Martin Hall, A S, Spring 1965; Richard Henry Schroeder, Engineering, Spring 1965. CAMPUS AFFAIRS Seated: Carolyn Pence, Education, Appointed Spring 1966; Eliza- beth Anne Clark, A S, Fall 1965. Standing: Clif W. Drummond, Pharmacy, Spring 1965; Jim H. Derryberry, Engineering, Fall 1965; Richard Earle Helmer, III, A S, Spring 1965. Not Pictured: Andy Barr, Law, Fall 1965; Edward L. Hughes, Architecture, Spring 1965; Robert Jenkins Garrett, CBA, Appointed Spring 1966; Dwight Oliver Monteith, Jr., Graduate, Fall 1965. RULES AND APPROPRIATIONS Seated: Linda Suzanne Shelton, A S, Spring 1965; Lana Mae Watkins, Secretary of Students ' Association; Terry Lynn Hobbs, Fine Arts, Fall 1965. Standing: Douglas M. Simmons, Graduate, Fall 1965; Charles Albert Oliver, CBA, Fall 1965; Peter Richard Cone- way, Vice-President of Students ' Association; Schuyler Bailey Mar- shall, A S, Spring 1965. Not Pictured: Michael Simon Lang, CBA, Spring 1965; Patricia Erma Price, Fine Arts, Appointed Spring 1966. STATE, NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL Seated: Mary Ann Mellenbruch, A S, Fall 1965; Robert Edwin Denham, A S, Spring 1965; David Irving Safir, Communication, Fall 1965; Stan Louis McLelland, A S, Fall 1965. Standing: Glen Morris White, Law, Fall 1965; Antony Michael Lavender, Graduate, Appointed Fall 1965; John Robert Hudspeth, Graduate, Spring 1965. Not Pictured: Edward Ted Chambers, Law, Spring 1965, Glenn Ed- win Staats, A S, Spring 1965, Merry Nell Van Fleet, A S, Fall 1965. Page 204 STUDENT COURT The organ of the student 1 body which judges all con- troversies arising under the Constitution is the Student Court. It is headed by the Chief Justice, a law student elected by the student body during the spring semester. Serving with the Chief Justice are eight other Justices chosen by the Judicial Selection Committee. Traditionally these Justices are law students of high academic standing although no requirements restrict the choice to such persons. After the Justices are selected, the President of the Stu- dents ' Association designates four to be Associate Justices and four to be Alternate Justices. This year the Chief Justice was Joseph B. Latting. Acting as Associate Justices were Joseph Hill Hart, Walter Dean Hester, Thad T. Hutcheson, Jr., and William Albert Kramer; as Alternate Justices were John Robert Cope, Robert Fleming, Jr., Frank W. R. Hubert, Jr., and Alfred Earl White, Jr. Presley Howard Chalmers, Jr., served as clerk. Seated: William Albert Kramer, Thad T. Hutche- son, Jr., Joseph B. Latting, Chief Justice; Walter Dean Hester, Joseph Hill Hart. Standing: Robert Fleming, Jr., Frank W. R. Hubert, Jr., Alfred Earl White, Jr., Presley Howard Chalmers, Jr., clerk. Not pictured: John Robert Cope. STUDENT APPOINTED POSITIONS FACULTY-STUDENT BOARDS AND COMMITTEES ALL-UNIVERSITY COMMITTEE Schuyler Bailey Marshall COMMITTEE ON GENERAL STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Hugh C. Dismukes Claire Louise Goodnight John Mack Orr COMMITTEE ON STUDENT ACTIVITIES Hugh C. Dismukes John Mack Orr FACULTY-STUDENT CONFERENCE COMMITTEE Robert Edwin Denham Clif W. Drummond John Mack Orr Douglas M. Simmons INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETIC COUNCIL Knox Dillon Nunnally PARKING, TRAFFIC AND SAFETY Richard Earle Helmer, III Richard John Van Steenkiste RALLY ADVISORY COMMITTEE Forrest C. Roan, Jr. RANSOM ' S ADVISORY CABINET Peter Richard Coneway Susan Davis Robert Edwin Denham Hugh C. Dismukes Clif W. Drummond Jonathan S. Fruchter Bert Vee Massey, II Ronald William Massey Stan L. McLelland John Malcolm McRae Theresa Kaye Northcott John Mack Orr Mike Pettit Louis Franklin Stripling STUDENT HEALTH CENTER BOARD Keith Reeves STUDENT LIVING ACCOMMODATIONS Wilda Lou Campbell John Malcolm McRae UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS John Robert Cope UNIVERSITY COOP BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bobby Curtis Hamm Ben Eugene Jacob Bert Vee Massey, II David Perry STUDENT COMMITTEES ACADEMIC INVOLVEMENT COORDINATOR Jonathan S. Fruchter ATTORNEY GENERAL Larry Frank Amerine COMPTROLLER Cyril John Leach EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS Julian Vincent Buenger Jamie Byrne Hugh C. Dismukes Edwin Dorn George Morris Hamm Karen Anne Lerner Bert Vee Massey, II David Lee Wald LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT Mike Godfrey STUDENT INSURANCE Burrell Dean Johnston STUDENT SERVICES COORDINATOR Louis Franklin Stripling TISA COORDINATOR Jerry Richard Crammer Page 205 STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION COMMITTEE POVERTY CORPS The purpose of the University ' s Poverty Corps is to al- leviate want. We cannot hope to conquer poverty in the United States or even in Austin, but we do hope to involve students in the War on Poverty by having them make a contribution to the effort. The University Poverty Corps has several projects under- way from which the student may choose. The student must give of his time and effort in the project but he will reap the rewards of service to his fellow man. George Morris Hamm, Chairman. Students translated Driver Training Lessons for Spanish-speaking citizens taking the course. HUMAN RELATIONS To promote goodwill and understanding among students the Human Relations Committee was founded. Specifically it works to guarantee that no student is discriminated against because of his race, creed or color while attending the University. Jo Mertred Franklin and Mike Tolbert, Co-Chairmen. CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT In giving the students an opportunity to broaden his knowledge of the fine arts, the Cultural Development Com- mittee furthers his education. Under this Committee ' s aus- pices free art lessons were taught by Robert L. Levers, Jr., of the Art Department, and a Play-Writing Contest was held in January. Karen Anne Lerner, Chairman. Visiting Fellows Committee members met to discuss the plans for the year. Jo Franklin and Mike Tolbert interviewed a prospective . Human Relations Committee member. VISITING FELLOWS Students are afforded the opportunity to broaden the scope of their educational environment through the efforts of the Visiting Fellows Committee. Well-known personalities in divergent fields are brought to the campus so they can spend several days meeting with various student groups in informal discussions. During the past year the Visiting Fellows were Dr. Merle Fainsod, director of the Harvard Library and authority on the Soviet Union, and Nathaniel Branden, Ayn Rand ' s intellectual heir and exponent of the philosophy of objectivism. John Catlett Goodman, Chairman. Pass 206 FRESHMAN COUNCIL To acquaint the freshman with a general knowledge of campus life, its problems, opportunities and challenges is one of the functions of Freshman Council. It stimulates interest in campus life, reducing apathy toward student government and campus activities, and stimulates a closer relationship between the faculty and the freshman student as well as among the freshmen themselves. Stan L. McLel- land, Coordinator; Dan Harve Blanks, Thomas Ollis Hicks, Billie Huckabee, Jerry Richard Grammer, Wiley Barry Rountree, Freshman Council Advisory Board. Students participated in thought-provoking discussions at the Fall interdisciplinary Retreat. Members of the Freshman Council Advisory Board considered the results of the election of officers. INTERDISCIPLINARY RETREAT The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Retreat Committee is to bring together students of different disciplines to exchange ideas and share viewpoints concerning particular subjects. " The Role of the University in a Student ' s Life " and " Rich Nation, Poor Nation " were the topics discussed at the fall and spring retreats. Roxanne Boyd, William Crawford Parish, and Michael Hope James, Co-Chairmen. The Grievance Committee considered complaints of Uni- versity students. GRIEVANCE Gripe Week, one activity sponsored by the Grievance Committee, affords students the opportunity to voice any complaints they may have concerning the University and its activities. Gripes which cover areas such as food and hous- ing, traffic and parking, student activities, health and the library are given to appropriate subcommittees to be in- vestigated. This Committee is constantly working behind the scenes with University officials to give students a better campus community. Stanley Jay Eisenberg, Chairman; Michael Alan Hoffman, Vice-Chairman. TEXAS-OU DANCE The members of the Texas-OU Dance Committee work with a corresponding committee from Oklahoma University in planning the Texas-OU dance. Their duties include selecting bands and making all other physical arrangements for the dance which is attended by thousands each year in Dallas. John Lewis Adams, Martha Louise Mclntosh, and John MacNeil Scott, Co-Chairmen. Page 207 STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION COMMITTEES Dr. Edmund G. Williamson, Dr. Ernest Van den Haag, David Edwards, Bradford Cleaveland and Dr. Phillip Monypenny participated in a panel discussion as a part of Challenge. CHALLENGE This year the Challenge Colloquium addressed itself to an issue of the greatest interest to the University com- munity: the nature and goals of the educational procedure itself. Academic freedom, research, teaching, tenure, class size and other factors contributing to the mounting wave of anti-institution protest and introspection were dealt with by Challenge ' s four speakers, program of discussion groups, fireside conversations and panel debate. The program was a major spark in the growing discussion of educational is- sues on the University campus. Coordinators were 0. Ray Baisden, Pamela Jean Etsinger and Beverly Jean Wright. Other students researched, " organized, planned and hosted the Colloquium through various committees. UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH The first of its kind in the nation, the Undergraduate Research Program, was established this year to finance independent undergraduate research. It has proven so suc- cessful that it may be established as a permanent fixture of student government. This Program financed research ventures in such areas as criminology, creative cinema, diabetes and the ancient art of gold granulation. Wallace Burton Stapp, Jr., Chairman. CINEMA 40 Introduced onto the campus this year, Cinema 40 pro- vides for the appreciation of films as art. Foreign and classic films, neglected and heretofore unshown movies and experimental films are shown through an organized program and are examined with the aid of discussion groups, program notes and guest speakers. The showings included a Humphrey Bogart Festival and. " To Have and Have Not, " a film based on the novel by Hemingway. Gregory Barrios, Jr., Chairman. Students prepared for Challenge. Page 208 Members of the Cultural Entertainment Committee talked to a dancer from trie Metropolitan Opera National Company. CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT During the school year, cultural events are provided for the student body by the Cultural Entertainment Committee. It books the artists, arranges for a suitable hall, supervises the ushering and box office work and sets general policy INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION The major purpose of the International Commission is to make the foreign student feel he is an integral part of the University. The Commission ' s activities, such as the International Music Hour, tried to link the life of the foreign student to the American way of life. John Robert Hudspeth and Frank William Stenger, Co-Chairmen. Bob Hudspeth, co-chairman of the International Commission, and a Red Cross nurse showed a foreign student how to use a tape recorder. The final tape was sent to his family. Members of the Public Relations Committee prepared posters to be distributed on campus to advertise a Visiting Fellows program. on the kinds of events to be presented. The Metropolitan Opera was only one example of the superb programs made available by this Committee. Carol Hagg Bush and John D. Hughes, Co-Chairmen. FLASH CARD By adding to the half-time ceremonies., the flash card section promotes spirit at the home football games. This attraction is the creation of the Flash Card Committee which plans it and relies on the students at the games to carry it out. Barry Alan Applewhite and Thomas Michael Settles, Co-Chairmen. Members of the Flash Card Committee placed cards in Memorial Stadium the morning of the TCU game. PUBLIC RELATIONS The publicity coordinator of the Students ' Association is its Public Relations Committee. Through the news media, the Committee informs the student of the opportunities, activities and achievements of his student government. This is done through a weekly radio program, newspaper articles and posters around campus. Phillip Victor Ladin and Linda Lea Ward, Co-Chairmen. 209 STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION COMMITTEES ROUND-UP By striving to promote unity among students, ex-students, faculty and ' friends, Round-Up contributes to the spirit of the University. The entire University can feel a oneness by participating in this centrally planned activity. The pro- grams such as Showcase, Honors Day, the Revue and " the parade and barbecue offer the student with any interest an opportunity for participation. Mary Claire Koeppe, and Thomas Edward Thomason, Co-Chairmen; Patricia Evelyn Nelson, Secretary; S. David Brady, Treasurer. ELECTION COMMISSION Headed by the president of Alpha Phi Omega service organization, the Election Commission provides a means of regulating the election process on campus. The Commission consists of a representative from Spooks and Orange Jackets, an appointee of the president of the Students ' Association, an appointee of the chief justice of the Student Court and the president of Alpha Phi Omega. It interprets the Elec- tion Code and determines the winners in elections by counting the ballots. Lynne Beavers, Joe Belden and John Hemphill initiated survey of campus opinion. CAMPUS SURVEY When the Student Assembly, the president or a com- mittee chairman wants student opinion on issues, the Campus Survey Committee serves as pollster. This year it organized and conducted a poll to obtain student re- action to the new computerized elections. Lynne Adair Beavers, Joe Belden and John David Hemphill, Co-Chairmen. Dale L. Chrisman conducted a meeting of the Round-Up Publicity Committee. CAMPUS CHEST A single concentrated drive, Campus Chest, gives students of the University an opportunity to contribute to organiza- tions which need help in order to help others. With a $10,000 goal, Dimes Day and the Monster Man Contest were but two of the projects which provided these funds for charity. Evelyn Phillis Johnson and David Knight North- ington, Co-Chairmen; Susan Jean Darmer, Secretary; Dan- iel Ray Lazicki, Treasurer; Carolyn Virginia Evans and Wil- liam Judson Wise, Orientation. Ten cents bought a vote for one of the candidates in the Monster Man Contest. Page 210 A student filled out a questionnaire in a program which was designed to evaluate her Fine Arts course. James Allen looked over the original copy of " The Eyes of Texas " which is kept in a vault at the Ex-Students Association. LEGISLATIVE COMMISSION A project of the Legislative Commission was to in- vestigate the possibilities of obtaining the copyright of " The Eyes of Texas " for the Students ' Association. It was concluded that " all rights which belonged to the Students ' Association in connection with the .copyright were lost when the copyright expired on January 30, 1964 " and that these rights would be next to impossible to re- gain. James M. Allen, Chairman. STUMP SPEAKING Stump Speaking Sessions are held every Thursday after- noon on the Main Mall. The Stump Speaking Committee provides this forum for student expression and involve- ment in areas pertinent to student life. It gives the con- cerned student an opportunity to " get it off his chest. " Theodore Rolf Windecker, Chairman. CURRICULUM EVALUATION Seeking to improve the curriculum in the undergraduate Main University through student participation is the con- cern of the Curriculum Evaluation Committee. Student committees are responsible for evaluating and applying the data about courses and instructors supplied by this Com- mittee. Anne Lynn MacNaughton and John Hudson Mat- lock, Co-Chairmen. WORLD STUDENT INVOLVEMENT The purpose of the World Student Involvement Com- mittee is twofold. The members of the Committee aid visiting groups and organizations, such as the Peace Corps, in setting up their activities. The committee acts as a resource group on opportunities for study and travel abroad. Merry Nell Van Fleet, Chairman. Merry Nell Van Fleet and two members of the World Student Involvement Committee- discussed their program for VISTA. Students gathered on the Main Mall to discuss a current contro- versial issue. Page 211 THE STUDENT COUNCIL SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE Front Row: Linam, Sharp, Bludau, Reed, Life, Buie. Second Row: Stuyck, Powell, Cartwright, Stubblefield, Dow, Croft. Two members from each of the design years comprises the Student Council of the School of Architecture. These members represent the entire student body in establishing a strong relationship between the faculty and students. The numerous activities of the Student Council are evidence of its concern for the continual improvement of the School. During the fall semester the Student Council sponsored the annual student-faculty reception and two exhibitions of outstanding architectural design in the United States. The Council was also very active in the " Texas Conference on Our Environmental Crisis. " Spring activities focused mainly on the planning and organization of an alunjni reunion. This weekend of pro- fessional speakers and fine entertainment proved to be very effective in increasing the alumni support for the School. OFFICERS President DENNIS BROOKS LINAM Vice-president JAMES DWIGHT DOW Secretary-Treasurer JAMES LAURENCE LIFE Faculty Sponsor ALAN Y. TANIGUCHI MEMBERS Fall Spring JOHN MILTON POWELL Thesis OWEN WILLIAM BLUDAU WILLIAM BISWELL CROFT Thesis DENNIS BROOKS LINAM OWEN WILLIAM BLUDAU Fifth Year DENNIS BROOKS LINAM Fifth Year JOE LEE STUBBLEFIELD Senior Class JOE LEE STUBBLEFIELD JAMES DWIGHT DOW Senior Class JAMES DWIGHT DOW JAMES LAURENCE LIFE Junior Class JAMES LAURENCE LIFE JAN D. CARTWRIGHT Junior Class JAN D. CARTWRIGHT ROBERT THOMAS REED Sophomore Class ROBERT THOMAS REED JAMES EDWARD BUIE Sophomore Class JAMES EDWARD BUIE Freshman Class RICHARD WAYNE MEYER Freshman Class DON CARTER EDWARD L. HUGHES Assemblyman JOE LEE STUBBLEFIELD GERALD PAUL STUYCK Student A.I.A. GERALD PAUL STUYCK CLARK RAYMOND RUTLEDGE Student A.I.A CLARK RAYMOND RUTLEDGE DALE MORLEY TAYLOR Tau Sigma Delta DALE MORLEY TAYLOR DAN MA RTIN SHARP Alpha Rho Chi DAN MARTIN SHARP Page 212 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COUNCIL The governing body for the students within the College of Business Administration is the Student Council. By uniting the existing organizations of the College into a strong entity, the Council helps further the common interests of the stu- dents and faculty. This fall, the CBA Council circulated a news bulletin per- iodically and installed a free phone in the BEOB for student use. The Council ' s main project during the spring was CBA Week. During this week, outstanding students and faculty were recognized; representatives from business corporations set up displays; and speakers from business, such as this year ' s main speaker, Stanley Marcus, talked on new phases of business life. CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR Kenneth Alwyn Roberson, President William Robert Cox, Vice-President James Lynn McMurtry, Secretary JUNIOR Robert Charles Prather, President Frank B. Brown, Jr., Vice-President Sherry Kay Jones, Secretary SOPHOMORE James Douglas Phelan, President Thomas Ollis Hicks, Vice-President Sherri Dianne Sledge, Secretary FRESHMAN Victor Joe Rogers, President Nick John Milosevich, Vice-President Susan Ann Swan, Secretary COUNCIL OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Secretaries . . . Treasurers Members -at-Large Sweetheart ROBERT J. GARRETT .... ROBERT HARRY SMITH . .. SHERRI DIANNE SLEDGE MARY ELLEN WHITE . JOHN CATLETT GOODMAN CLYDE K. OLDHAM PETER RICHARD CONEWAY DOUG M. SIMMONS RON GENE THARPE . CAROLYN MARSH Sylvia A. Clayton James T. Hood Robert J. Garrett Michael S. Lang COUNCIL ADVISORS Devereaux Maitland Huffman ASSEMBLYMEN Charles Albert Oliver Norton Elliott Marks James Eugene Willis Robert Harry Smith Ronald Edwin Tigner ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVES ALPHA KAPPA PSI Ronald Patrick Turner AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION Joe K. Longley BETA BETA ALPHA Danna Joy Willis DELTA NU ALPHA Albert Newman Burge, III DELTA SIGMA PI William Judson Wise INSURANCE SOCIETY Ronald Mac Bowyer PI OMEGA PI Joanne McCauley REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE Fred Jay Heyne, III SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Letha Lynne Aycock AIESEC Kenneth Courtenay McAlpin Front Row: J. Willis, Smith, Garrett, White, Hood. Second Row: Aycock, Coneway, Burns, Weisfeld, Tharpe, Longley, D. Willis, Tigner, Simpson, Swan, Prather. Third Row: Goodman, McCauley, Burge, Roberson, Brown, Rogers, Hicks, Tur- ' ner, Heyne, Simmons, Oliver. Page 213 STUDENT-FACULTY COUNCIL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION The official channel for student participation in policy formulation and evaluation in the College of Education is the Student-Faculty Education Council. The Council also provides for the development of student activities and a means for students and faculty to work together on prob- lems and special projects. This year it sponsored two seminars to inform prospective teachers of " what to do " and " when. " Speakers included representatives from the Placement Center, Testing and Counseling, faculty in charge Fall OFFICERS of student teaching and observation, honoraries and grad- uate programs. Through the Council, students help during registration by giving faculty advisors a senior ' s viewpoint of fresh- men problems. Council members also help select the re- cipients of the outstanding teacher awards and of the Graduate School Scholarship given yearly by the College. Members of the Council are chosen each spring in a Col- lege-wide election. Spring HARRIETT ANN DURR President PAULA KAY HARLAN KAY CLYDE WEBB V ice-President ELLEN EDITH EPSTEIN MOLLIE BOGGS Secretary MARILYN FRANCES FRIEDMAN Harriett Ann Durr ASSEMBLYMEN Margaret Lucile Koy Kay Walls FACULTY MEMBERS STUDENT MEMBERS Jan Baldwin Susan Jane Blood Mollie Boggs Carla S. Cloninger Harriett Ann Durr Natalie C. Barraga William Andrew Bennie William B. Conroy Frances Fallon Fuller Wayne H. Holtzman Carl Richard Personke John Ormand Rodgers Front Row: Koy, Durr, Webb. Second Row. Pence, Harlan, Yandell, Soriero, Epstein. Ellen Edith Epstein Marilyn Frances Friedman Paula Kay Harlan Margaret Lucile Koy Gail Patricia Neuman Carolyn Pence Susan Wood Soriero Kay Walls Kay Clyde Webb Linda Darlene Yandell Page 214 STUDENT ENGINEERING COUNCIL The purpose of the Student Engineering Council is to cor- relate and coordinate the activities of the member student professional and honor societies. Further aims are to promote goodwill, spirit and tradition in the College of Engineering, to promote the construction and improvement of student recreational facilities in the Engineering buildings and to administer these facilities under the regulations of the University. The Council also represents the Engineering student body when necessary. Two representatives of each professional and honorary engineering society and the president of each group make up the Council ' s membership. Front Row: Bonner, Schroeder, Porterfield, Vogelsang, Hyman. Second Row: Fox, Gentry, Willard, Lanier, Maxwell, Yates, Dorotik. Third Koui: Breen, Canales, Bickle, Carroll, Harlow, Woodrick, Herndon, Chance. Fourth ' Row: Batla, Herron, Derryberry, Kline, Polozeck, Rigsbee, W ;i I KIT. Fall OFFICERS Spring ROBERT L. VOGELSANG Chairman WILLIAM REEDER PORTERFIELD WILLIAM REEDER PORTERFIELD V ice-Chairman EDWARD S. HYMAN DAVID CALHOUN BONNER Recording Secretary MARVIN EDWARD WILLARD RICHARD HENRY SCHROEDER Corresponding Secretary DAVID CALHOUN BONNER EDWARD S. HYMAN Treasurer DENNIS HARRY WITHERS JOHN EDWARD BREEN Faculty Advisor JOHN EDWARD BREEN CLAYTON WILLIAM CHANCE Faculty Advisor CLAYTON WILLIAM CHANCE HARVEY LYNN JEANE Assemblyman SIDNEY EDWARD LANIER TOMMY JORDAN GENTRY Assemblyman JIM HAROLD DERRYBERRY RICHARD HENRY SCHROEDER Assemblyman WILLIAM CRAWFORD FARISH AAAE Lawrence A. Fuess Marcelino Gonzalez James Curtis Harper, Jr. Herbert Kenneth Rigsbee, Jr. AIME Charles Robert Fox Robert Carter Kline ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVES CHI EPSILON OMEGA CHI EPSILON Bill Canales August Joseph Batla, Jr. Kerry Mahler Hawkins TAU BETA PI Richard Dixon Maxwell AIAA William Charles Cobb Robert Joseph Dorotik James Robert Kelsey Marvin Edward Willard ASCE Stephen Carroll Michael Eddie Cavalier Robert Louis Herndon David Richard Washington ETA KAPPA NU James Elliot Deans Jimmy Dale Polozeck PI TAU SIGMA Richard Joseph Fendley Rostam M. Kavoussi TSPE Jim Harold Derryberry Sidney Edward Lanier Larry Ray Brinkley Walker AIChE Stephen Rester James Victor Woodrick Ronny Vonhoy Yates ASME Douglas Julian Ferguson Richard L. Harlow Dennis Harry Withers IEEE Richard Stuart Barr Daniel Edward Herron John Hudson Matlock SES Larry Wayne Bickle Jimmy Robert Deen Page 215 THE TEXAS UNION With its many facilities and meeting rooms, the Union is a central gathering place on campus. Students, ex-s tu- dents, faculty and friends of the University get to know each other and feel a sense of unity because of the varied activities which the student committees of the Union pro- vide. Because of its program, which combines the efforts of many groups for the benefit of all, the members of the University community, the Texas Union is much more than a building; it is an integral part of campus activity. " The Texas Union must plan, build, and now stands dedicated to the purpose of ... promoting a program that will tend to develop a spirit of true democracy, encourage broader culture, cultivate a deeper sense of responsibilities of citizenship, create a more intelligent and understanding love for The University of Texas ... " JOHN G. STEELE Director LUCILLE BODINE BAER Program Assistant BRUCE LYNN TAYLOR Administrative Assistant JANE BARTLEY ODLE Program Assistant SHIRLEY BIRD PERRY Program Supervisor CHRISTIE VIRGINIA SEARIGHT Administrative Assistan! RONALD CHARLES BAKER Arts and Crafts Supervisor JACK EDWARD HURLEY Games Manager CLARENCE F. SUNDBERG Building Crew Foreman Page 216 UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Seated: Jack Holland, William David Blunk, Ronald William Massey, John Mack Orr, Charles T. Clark. Standing: Robert Crawford Cotner, John Robert Cope, Irwin Spear, John G. Steele, William A. Cunningham. Not Pictured: Clif Drummond, Jim R. Fletcher. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL RONALD WILLIAM MASSEY President NANCY KAY STROUP Vice-President for Personnel DAVID ROY LAMBERT Vice-president or Leadership HARVEY RADNOR EANES, III Mem ber-at-Large DONNA LUCILLE GIBSON Member-at-Large TERRY W. PETERSON Member-at-Large MARTHA JEANNE PURCELL Member-at-Large Page 217 KAY WALLS Member-at-Large TEXAS UNION COMMITTEES By sponsoring such events as the Best Dressed Co-Ed C o n t e s t, the CAMPUS COMPETITIONS COMMITTEE strives to create a spirit of competition among the students, which helps to draw them closer together. James Vinson Derrick, Jr., Chairman. Members of the Committee were Daniel Rudy Bechtel, Helen Janie Bowe, Carol Cox, John P. Davidson, Ronald Stephen Davis, Jane Plowman Francis, Carol Elaine Gantt, Tobi Kay Gellman, Jeanne Voiers Goode, Carmen Lynette Hamilton, Susan Jane Hamner, Alice Kay Hartong, Frances Olivia Hill, Lucy Carolyn Hinton, William Joseph Holt, David Joseph Jones, Steve Justice, Carol Ann Kinsman, Jennie Mackenzie, Frances Conni Muller, Laura Ann Oz- mun, Rebecca Anne Porter, Pamela Mavis Roberson, Ann Gardner Williams and Sarah Catherine Woolrich. Responsibility for the planning and execution of the Union ' s leadership program rests with the LEADERSHIP BOARD. This program includes two week long labs, a leadership seminar and other leadership programs. The members of the board were Jerry D. Box, James H. Du- Bois, Philip Lawrence Eiserloh and Diana Dale Haskinson (fall semester). The Board is chaired by David Roy Lam- bert, Vice-President for Leadership Programs. James Vinson Derrick of the Campus Competitions Committee chatted with the Best Dressed Co-eds. Babs Higley, center, Chairman of the Entertainment Committee, discussed a Serendipity album with two members of the group who attended the University, Tommy Tiemann and Diane Decker, Throughout the year the Union DANCE COMMITTEE co-ordinates dances, which offer students entertainment close to campus and give new bands a chance to present themselves to the student body. Dorothy Louise Plummer, Chairman. Members of this Committee were Timothy Eric Adams, Ann Marie Altmiller, Karen Elizabeth Anderson, Shelly Kay Baumgardner, Brenda Nell Blumrich, Pamela Melon Brooks, Steven Alan Burkett, Alice Marie Burns, Sharon Lee Dean, Ann Dusek, Carla Kathryn Fink, Patricia Lee Forney, Ann Roodsby Gardner, Cheryl Girton, Helen Lu Hearne, Paul Ray Huffman, Karen Marie Jackson, Rita Beth Jacobs, Priscilla Ruth Jordan, Paul Kolasci, III, Maxine Yvonne McClellan, Janette Patterson, Robert Charles Pizzitola, Robert Thomas Reed, Jane Ellen Sachse, Thomas Arnold Van Hoose, Margaret Suzanne Vera, Rosalind Louise Vera, Barbara Nan Waltzer and Tom Edward Whitaker. Early in the fall the ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE holds auditions. It then provides talent list of students to community and University groups. The Committee sponsors concerts given by various choral organizations and presents the Forty Acres Talent Show for freshmen during Registra- tion. Barbara Ruth Higley, Chairman. Members of the Committee were Rodney Phillip Allen, Jane Delores Barton, Roy Eugene Bates, Alfred Davis, IV, Dorothea Jean Entzminger, Sherry Sue Garrett, Lynnell Jackson, Nannette Muriel Nau, Irvin Melvin Newman, Rich- ard Lambert Newton, Sharon Ann Owens, Pamela Kate Powell, Roberta Hampton Richards, Karen Ann Rodgers, Lauren Ann Schulze, Jane Ellen Todd and Richard Reid Wadsworth, Jr. Members of the Dance Committee prepared for a St. Patrick ' s Day dance. Page 218 Richard Alan Nicholas, Rosemary Wendorf, Janet Irene King, Mrs. Lucille B. Baer, John Walter Nelson, Jr., Fredda Gordon Portnoy, Eda Brown Brandenstein, Jan Carole Bostick, Kathleen Barrows, Catherine Baumstark and Peggy Lynn Clements, members of the House Committee were found decorating the Christmas tree in the main lobby of the Union. The FINE ARTS COMMITTEE introduces imaginative presentations of the cultural facilities available at the Uni- versity for the appreciation and benefit of the student body. This year ' s activities included the Campus Art Com- petition, the Hallmark Card Exhibition and the Arty Party. Paula Kay Harlan, Chairman. Members of this Committee were Catherine Anne Bal- lantyne, Linda Lorraine Chrane, Donna Drennen, Jack Droitcourt, Danny Gist Duke, James Richard Hardy, Ros- anne Violet Harrison, James William Hindman, Sherri Jean Horton, Nancy Alice Lee, Laura Lee Lehmberg, Susie List, Stephen Campbell Lott, Jennifer McCrory, Mar- vin Roy Mikeska, Jr., Margaret Anne Miller, Eugenia Morris, Diane Robinson, Jane Dawson Sears, Daniel John Traverso, III, Vicki Vanderslice, Barbara Nell Wagner, Nellie Janie Welsh and Danna Joy Willis. The FILM COMMITTEE provides the student body with films for education and entertainment. It is in charge of the weekly replay of football games, the weekend film presentations and special programs, the Ingmar Bergman Film Series and Academy Award Week were highlights of this year. Meredith Mitchell, Chairman. One of the functions of the HOUSE COMMITTEE is to host receptions for noted guests and speakers of the Uni- versity. The Committee also hosts student parties on the Union patio and decorates the Union for Christmas and other seasonal festivities. Rosemary Wendorf, Chairman. Other members of this Committee were Peggy Jane Brzeszkiewicz, Diann Conly, Nancy Jo Fleury, Shiela Suzanne Fulbright, Jo Ann Giese, Saundra Louise Good- son, Ardis Lynn Johnson, Michael Frank Klesel, Karen Jean Lavender, Fran Mulkey, Elizabeth Anne Peterson, Kath- leen Short, Kathryn Kier Skiff, Cheryl Jean Stone, Mar- garet Ellen Thurman and Mary Turner. Alice Kay Hartong, Ann Gardner Williams and James Vinson Derrick painted a blue ribbon at the Arty Party sponsored by the Fine Arts Committee bringing them a first place in the competition. Other members of the committee were Charles B. Branch, Pamela Byfield, Ann Elizabeth Caraway, Reynolds New- man Gate, John Davidson, Jon Goldenbaum, Richard Allan Holmes, Joseph Holsteen Huffman, Sherry McPherson, Larry Armond Seidel, Mar jean Snyder, Sarah Ruth Sparks, Deb- orah Anne Spiva and Jim Ziller. John McNab Grafius, Meredith Mitchell, Daisy Mary Sloan, Judy Anne Davis, Gayle Louise Aicklen, Sally Sue Davis and James Lee Pardue, Jr., discussed presentations to be made during the year. I Page 219 TEXAS UNION COMMITTEES The SPEAKERS COMMITTEE provides a significant and worthwhile supplement to the University curriculum by presenting speakers possessing varied backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. Ted Sorensen, special council to the late President Kennedy, was typical of the kind of speaker presented. Jane Gould Cornick, Chairman. Members of this committee are Ann Brockenbrough Carl- son, Louise Noelie Coerver, E. Fleming Grim, III, Philip Louis Daily, R. L. Diaz, Jr., Lloyd A. Doggett, Charles Crawford Foster, James Cooper Hibbetts, Patricia Ann Hurley, Glenda J. Lazarus, Sally Marie Marks, Jac- queline Arnauld Moehlman, Sarah Ann Robertson, James Richard Ross, Carl Ted Schultz, Sondra Jean Smith, James William Turner and James Douglas Welch. Babs Higley, left, and Bill Gardner discussed a question raised by Dr. James Chase, Department of History, in his discussion of Texas politics and primary elections in 1966 in the group ' s Sandwich Seminar Series. In order to bring the University student in closer con- tact with the faculty, the STUDENT-FACULTY COMMIT- TEE sponsors the Famous Lecture Series and departmental receptions. These activities create an informal atmosphere in which the students can talk freely with the faculty and staff members. Susan Elizabeth Wagnon, Chairman. Other members of this Committee were Ricki Annette Bernstein, Arthur John Brender, Jr., Sara Virginia Bullock, Addie Beth Craft, Karen Lynn Hamilton, Robert Allen Hig- ley, Billy Earl Hunt, Karolyn Karr, Faith Cecelia K naffle, James Harry Lyons, William Couch Melton, Larry Earl Meyer, Robert Wayne Mims, Howard Brian Moore, Sidney Helen Moorhead, John H. Neal, Beverly Jean Pieper, Charles Enders Ross and Ben Masterson Stinnett. ROY mm WUIMBT ,5 Clockwise, Kathleen Dulan, Jane Gould Cornick, and Eva Jeanne Wehmeyer measured posters to be distributed on campus. Sandwich Seminars, sponsored by the SPECIAL PROJ- ECTS COMMITTEE, provide programs for special groups on campus. In determining and fulfilling campus needs, programs such as the Activities Opportunities Project were provided throughout the year. William Jackson Gardner, Chairman. Members of this Committee are Pamela Ruth Beall, Lucinda Louise Bowden, Sharon Elaine Callaway, Susan Kay Callaway, Kay Elizabeth Canter, Lana Gay Coalson, Thomas Shelley Duval, Marshalynn Flowers, Sally Glenn, Betty Susan Goodman, David Michael Greogry, John Curtis Hanks, Valerie Kay Horn, Timothy Crump Johnson, Fred A. Krenzke, Cullen Rogers Looney, Ronald Loye McKinney, Eleanor Anne Newton, Spencer Leroy O ' Conner, Douglas Alan Oldfield, Susan Glenn Russell, Hazel Ann Styron and Sallye Frances Whitener. Suzanne Henderson, Barbara Elaine Coward, Robert Jay Reining and Sue Wagnon chatted with Dr. Donald Larson at the Botany Faculty Reception sponsored by the Student-Faculty Committee. Page 220 TEXAS UNION CLUBS CURTAIN CLUB For students interested in theater, the Curtain Club pro- vides ample opportunity for fulfillment of amateur am- bitions. The students are able to work with all facets of production; acting, directing, set design, publicity, lighting, sound, costumes and makeup. OFFICERS President DAVID GENE GROTE Vice-PTesident ALEX AUSTIN MARSHALL Treasurer RAJA HABIB MITRY Secretary SARAH ANN ROBERTSON Parliamentarian JOSEPH TERRENCE DYKE Properties Manager KEITH PAUL HENDERSON GRADUATE CLUB Organized so that graduate students, law students, fac- ulty and staff at the University could become more involved in campus life as a unified body, the Graduate Club gives its members the chance to work together for the benefit of the University. Their academic efforts are supplemented by an active interest in community and national affairs. The Club also provides its members with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with outstanding personalities. OFFICERS President JOSEPH PIERCE SULLIVAN Executive V ice-President DWIGHT OLIVER MONTEITH Program Vice-President JEANNE RICKEY AMACKER Promotional V ice-President JAMES HUGHES PRICE, JR. Secretary FRANCES ANN McBROOM MODEL UNITED NATIONS Promoting a greater understanding of the United Nations by educating students on its structure, functions and policies is one of the major purposes of the Model United Nations. Each spring a mock session of the United Nations is called to order with student delegates representing and assuming the role of a particular country in the actual United Nations. OFFICERS Secretory General POLLY TRAVIS President of the General Assembly JAY LAWRENCE WESTBROOK Undersecretary General FRANK WILLIAM STENGER Legal Counsel JOHN STEPHEN ODELL Treasurer KAREN HOPE HAWKINS President of Security Council LOUIS WHITLEY STRIEBER Credentials and Communication Committee Co-chairmen CHARLES MICHAEL DICKEY BETTY L. SCHUESSLER International Programming Committee Co-chairmen JANE ARIAN HAUN JAMES WILLIAM KUNETKA MARRIED STUDENTS COUNCIL A representative from each of the wives clubs makes up the Married Student Council. Mary Anderson, representing the Architecture Wives, was president, and Sara Echols of the Law Wives was secretary. The. Council serves as a means of communication for program ideas among the wives clubs and sponsors activities such as the Mrs. University contest, the Baby Show and bridge parties. INTERNATIONAL CLUB Composed of both foreign and American students, the International Club attempts to promote a greater under- standing among the people of the world. Activities such as the International Hour, social dances and International Week helped to promote fellowship among students from a wide variety of countries. OFFICERS President ANTONY MICHAEL LAVENDER Vice-President AUGUSTIN RALPH ALDRETE Secretary KAREN HELEN JAVUREK Treasurer PAVLOS ROUSSOS Directors-at-Large YUICHI OZAWA TERESA L. WANG Page 221 OPERATION BRAINPOWER Designed to attract top high school scholars, Operation Brainpower is dedicated to the University but does not spend state funds. It is a cooperative effort of students, admin- istration, faculty and alumni coordinated by the Ex-Students ' Association. The University of Texas is attracting merit scholars, valedictorians and upper percentitle high school students, yet it will lose much of its brainpower unless the story of educational excellence at the University is fully told. Because of Operation Brainpower, a new concept in freshman scholarships has been instituted. " Return the Favor Scholarships " encourage Texas Exes clubs to seek out top high school students and attract them to the University by providing freshman scholarship grants. Scholarship money raised by these clubs is matched by the Ex-Students ' Association. PARTICIPANTS Deborah Anne Blandy William David Blunk, Jr. George David Carlock Peter Richard Coneway Jim R. Fletcher Mary Esther Garner Mary Tedford Griffith Bobelai Malick Richard Daniel Mauldin Edgar Allen Miller Knox Dillon Nunnally Bobby Glen Odle John Mack Orr Sharon Sue Rountree James Benton Rylander Mary Ann Wycoff ORIENTATION During the summer, four week-long Freshman Orienta- tion sessions acquaint new students with the University. These meetings, along with the smaller Fall and Spring Orientation Programs, are staffed by " student advisors who are chosen each year by the Student Committee on Orienta- tion Procedures. At the sessions, the advisors present the new student with a broad picture of the University. Activities planned to COMMITTEE ON ORIENTATION PROCEDURES show the academic aspect of the University include visits to classes in session, informal coffees with various pro- fessors, academic forums and college meetings. There are discussions of study habits and classroom procedures in the nightly " wing meetings " during the summer sessions. The social side is not neglected for there is a hootenanny and a dance at the Union during each summer session. Eleanor Corless Beasley Christopher Davis Bray William Dan Burleson Carolyn Jean DuBose Joan Carol Amacker Alexis Kay Andrews David King Aymond Eleanor Corless Beasley Dan Harve Blanks Christopher Davis Bray Jefferson Kearney Brim, III James Eddy Burk William Dan Burleson Ben Bynum Brownie Sue Cashion Hazann Chapman Robert M. Collie Louise Connally Jane Gould Cornick Platt Walker Davis, III Carolyn Estes Charles Merritt Girard Claire Louise Goodnight Kenneth Robert Johnson Gary Dane Jones Meredith Mitchell Elizabeth Anne Oaks Charles Albert Oliver ORIENTATION ADVISORS Bob Denham Edwin Dorn James H. DuBois Carolyn Jean DuBose Fred A. DuBose Harriett Ann Durr Stan Eisenberg Carolyn Estes Phil Fleckman John Franklin Tommy Jordan Gentry Charles Roger Gipson John Catlett Goodman Claire Louise Goodnight Janet Goren Tommy A. Graves Allison Gale Hasselmeirt Darrellene Edith Havins Pamela Hundley Kenneth Robert Johnson Phyllis Anne Johnson Gary Dane Jones Steven Dan Kane Martha Gene Lederer Janet Irene King Brian Fisher Mahon Bobelai Malick Claudia Ann McCarty Mary Ann Mellenbruch Robin L. Miller Meredith Mitchell Dot Nelson Beverly Jean Wright William Thomas Belt, Sponsor Dorothy W. Dean, Sponsor Susan Alice Park Carolyn Pence Douglas Campbell Postle Patricia Isabel Price Clair Lyn Reeder Keith O. Reeves Rose Diane Rosenberg Bruce William Schnitzer Leslie Stephen Robert L. Thompson Eliot P. Tucker Eva Jeanne Wehmeyer Dan L. Wood Beverly Jean Wright Kitty Wright TEXAS TODAY AND TOMORROW Founded in 1962, the Texas Today and Tomorrow Pro- gram provides information about the University and gives the faculty, administration and students an opportunity to present their positions and opinions on the University. The program is sponsored by The University of Texas Development Board and informs students today so that the y are interested and participating alumni tomorrow. This purpose is realized through a series of programs which present information about the University and provide dis- cussion sessions between the faculty or administrative speak- er and the student group. STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBERS Dan Harve Blanks Brenda Joyce Cook David William Cook Jerral Walter Derryberry John Catlett Goodman Jack Holland Greg Hooser Lynda B. Johnson Nancy Louise Kowert Daivd Roy Lambert Ronald William Massey John Malcolm McRae Mary Ann Mellenbruch Larry Earl Meyer David Raymond Parker Martha Jeanne Purcell Earl Arqu Koile ADVISORS Calvin Cleave Nolen Sharon Sue Rountree Wiley Barry Rountree Dianne Rush James B. Rylander Kay Walls Shirley Bird Perry Page 222 TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. BOARD OF DIRECTORS VOTING MEMBERS Front Row: Edwin Turner Bowden, Associate Professor of Eng- lish, Norris G. Davis, Professor ' of Journalism, John Mack Orr, President of the Students ' Association. Charles T. Clark, Associate Professor of BusinesV Statistics. Back Row: Barry H. Margolis, Assembly Representative, Jim Lederer, Assembly Representative, George David Carlock, Assembly Representative, Olin Ethmer Hinkle, Associate Professor of Journalism. Not Pictured: Robert Edwin Denham, Assembly Representative. EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Front Row: Lester Loyd Edmonds, Jr., General Manager, Texas Student Publications, Inc., Jack Holland, Dean of Students. Back Row: Theresa Kaye Northcott, Daily Texan Editor, Sam F. Keach, Spring Daily Texan Managing Editor, Byron Allen Black, Jr., Spring Texas Ranger Editor, Clair Lyn Reeder, Cactus Editor. Not Pictured: Sidney David Nolan, Jr., Editorial Manager of the Daily Texan, William Harold Towery, Jr., Fall Daily Texan Managing Editor, Joseph Pierce Sullivan, Texas Engineering Sci- ence Magazine Editor, Clint. Dare, Fall Texas Ranger Editor, Richard W. Bond, Fall Riata Editor, David Franklin Phillips, Spring Riata Editor. Page 223 THE CACTUS Editor-in-Chief CLAIR LYN REEDER Associate Editor CAROL DIANE COOKE STAFF ASSISTANTS Paul David Angenend Toni Bracher Nadine Oleva Cochran Patricia Carole Connolly Barbara Elaine Coward Joyce Darling Ruth Dianne Davis Charles Michael Dickey Pamela Diane Gates Judith Lynne Gibson Lafe Dyson Hill Mary Kathleen Horn Karolyn Karr Gaye Lynn McNutt Jerry Lynn Morris Ellen Gordon Noble Lucy Ann Parker Yvon Gwyn Reeder Pamela Mavis Roberson Lynda Gayle Rogers Diane Cheryl Rubenstein Sharon Diane Valenti Christine Ann Walker Joan Lynn Willis CLAIR LYN REEDER, Editor-in-Chief i TT RICHARD PENLAND SMITH GWEN RICHARDSON WILLIAM EDWARD CROOK Page 221 PATRICIA KAY BOWERS JUDITH LOUISE CROOM CAROL DIANE COOKE, Associate Editor DIANA LYNN BOLAND SECTION EDITORS Administration WILLIAM EDWARD CROOK Athletic ALICE KAY HARTONG ELEANOR ANNE NEWTON, Fall Chronology RICHARD PENLAND SMITH Copy JUDITH LOUISE CROOM Dormitory and Cooperative JARRIE DELL DAVIS Features DAVID LEE SHULL Fraternity GWEN RICHARDSON Military DIANA LYNN BOLAND Organization PATRICIA KAY BOWERS JANIS MAE HUGHEN Sorority LINDA LOU HASTON Student Government . SARA BROYLES Page 225 THE DAILY TEXAN PERMANENT STAFF Editor-in-Chief THERESA KAYE NORTHCOTT Managing Editor WILLIAM HAROLD TOWERY, JR., Fall SAM FORE KEACH, Spring Assistant Managing Editor LARRY J. IKELS News Editor NANCY LOUISE KOWERT Editorial Page Editor CAROLYN ANITA NICHOLS Amusements Editor ALICIA REDDICK HELTON, Fall SARA LEE SPEIGHTS, Spring Features Editor DEBORAH JOAN DRUKER, Fall GLORIA BROWN, Spring Sports Editor WILLIAM EARLE HALSTEAD, JR., Fall DAVID WIESSLER, Spring Panorama Editor HUGH RICE KELLY, Fall SUSAN MARIE JANKOVSKY, Spring Round-Up Edition Editor .... WILLIAM HAROLD TOWERY, JR. AMUSEMENTS STAFF Renee Madeleine Fendrich Barbara Anastasie Jaska Dan Penick Junkin, Jr. Patricia Ann Morrison Lanny Dean Naegelin James Lee Overton Robert Earl Parks Dean Russell Rindy s THERESA KAYE NORTHCOTT Editor Left to Right: Fowler, Wiessler, O ' Hara, Anders, Halstead. NEWS STAFF Judy Burton Pat Neff Hinson, Jr. Nancy Louise Kowert Susan F. Powell Dan Douglas Rite Morris Ray Shelton Lesley Mae Sims SPORTS STAFF John Charles Anders Donald Wayne Cox Ed Fowler William Earle Halstead, Jr. William Patrick O ' Hara David Wiessler Standing: Rice, Sims, Powell, M. Shelton. Seated: Kowert. MANAGING EDITORS Larry J. Ikels Sam Fore Keach William Harold Towery, Jr. EDITORIAL ADVISORS Richard Ray Cole Sidney David Nolan, Jr. Left to Right: Towery, Keach, Ikels. FEATURES STAFF Carolyn Barkley Jane Adrian Haun Sharon Shelton Suzanne Shelton COPY EDITORS Paula Kay Bullard William Liggin Cryer David Arlen DeVoss Ronald Lynn Ellis George William Goss Robert Neil Hinkle Lynnell Jackson Linda Gail Leonard Frann Kay McMurry Raymond Joseph Montemayor Donald Earl Pannen Billie Pat Porter Dan Douglas Rice Morris Ray Shelton Hazle Deane Spiller John Burgess Stalmach Beverly Ann Watson James Leland Webb William Elliott West Mary Alice Zrubek EDITORIAL PAGE STAFF Judith Louise Croom John Richard Erickson Hugh Rice Kelly Evelyn Henrietta Matula Carolyn Anita Nichols Linda Sue Pendley Sidney David Nolan, Jr. MAKE-UP EDITORS Annie Jane Bfown Gloria Brown Peggy Marie Burnett John H. Economidy Pamela Jean Etsinger Henry Lee Ezell Larry C. Jackson Sam Fore Keach William Harold Towery, Jr. Left to Right: Jackson, Ezell. Left to Right: Erickson, Pendley, Nichols. Page 227 THE TEXAS RANGER While it has its stern and noble dedication as the campus " humor and feature " magazine, the RANGER does not limit itself to any such serious duties. Frivolity is the keynote of this madcap magazine: raising eyebrows and encourag- ing heart attacks, by sneaking in pretty words when no one is looking and making barbed comments on this most fragrant yet lethal of all possible worlds. Fall STAFF Spring . . BYRON ALLEN BLACK, JR. .... JAMES GARY BULLOCK JERRY ARNOLD GREENBERG CLINT DARE Editor BYRON ALLEN BLACK, JR Managing Editor GLENN RUSH WHITEHEAD Art Editor JAMES GARY BULLOCK Assistant Art Editor DAVE CHARLES HICKEY Associate Editor RONALD LYNN ELLIS Associate Editor- VIRGINIA ANNETTE GILCREASE KAREN MURPHY RHINELANDER Contributing Editor HARRY C. ECHOLS Photographer VIRGIL JAMES JOHNSON DAVID A. WILSON Photographer FRANK ARMSTRONG RICK LEAHY SMITH Photographer JOSEPH EDMUND RUSH, II Photographer KEN COLLIER Photographer JAMES VAN HOLLAND Photographer WILLIAM J. HELMER Supervisor WILLIAM J. HELMER Joel Stephen Barber Carl Estes Clover, Jr. Billy Jack Combs Jim Evans Ton! Hilliard Hartley STAFF ASSISTANTS Zoe Ann Hunter Elizabeth Arlisse Kernodle Charles I. Loving Neel Roy Lyles Larry Snede Mayo Peggy Jan Mills Gerald Narahara Don Passman Karen Judith Ruble James P. Shaughnessy Joseph Daniel Stanwood, II Glenda Jean Thompson Richard Floyd Ulrich Larry Martin Wood Front Row: Byron Black. Second Row: Carl Clover, Gerald Narahara, Rosa Klebb, Dave Wilson, Don Passman, Danny Stanwood, Jerry Greenberg, Ronnie Ellis, Gary Bullock, Virginia Gilcrease. Page 228 THE RIATA The Spring 1966 issue of RIATA was unique in its dearth of critical opinion and its emphasis upon good fiction and poetry. The editors believed that a literary magazine should offer literature that would stimulate literary discussion rather than literary discussion that stimulated nothing but more literary discussion. This is not to say that the editors were opposed to talking about literature. Much of the fine material K.JR. 10CK (BBC nus ISDN TO LtR Left to Right: N. A. Brookshire, Gordon, Phillips, Joe Barry Ferguson. for that issue was discovered as a result of an informal Writ- ers Group which owed its existence to the belief that writers should read and discuss literature. The spring issue, then, was in part a product of critical opinion the opinion of writers. The editors hope that this was the beginning of a trend which would make every issue one of literary creation rather than analysis. STAFF Editor RICHARD W. BOND, Fall DAVID FRANKLIN PHILLIPS, Spring Associate Editor CHARLES TERRY ANDERSON, JR., Fall ROXY LEE GORDON, Spring Art Editor BARBARA PACKARD MATHEWS Supervisor WILLIAM J. HELMER ADVISORY COMMITTEE Donald L. Weismann Thomas Bacon Whitbread Mary Adelaide Gardner Lester Loyd Edmonds, Jr. TSP PHOTOGRAPHERS Left to Right: Newbern, Lehr, Armstrong, Johnson. , FRANK ARMSTRONG, Head Photographer VIRGIL JAMES JOHNSON, Student ST. CLAIR NEWBERN, III, Student EDWARD LEHR, Student Not pictured: James Van Holland, Fall Rick Leahy Smith, Fall Page 229 TEXAS ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE MAGAZINE The first issue of the TEXAS ENGINEERING and SCI- ENCE MAGAZINE was published in April 1965; the school year of 1965-66 was the first full year of publication. The purpose of the magazine is to acquaint students, faculty and other interested persons with the areas of current thought and research in the fields of science and engineering at The University of Texas. It gives students an opportunity to express themselves in these fields of endeavor and informs the general University population of the challenge of research studies, experimentation and developments in engineering and science. It is dedicated to the enhancement of engineer- ing and science values thro ughout The University of Texas. The TES MAGAZINE found a fine reception this first year with both faculty and students. Numerous commenda- tions were received from both local and national levels. STAFF Editor JOSEPH PIERCE SULLIVAN Chief Associate Editor DWIGHT OLIVER MONTEITH, JR. Associate Editors DON WHITESELL HARTMAN GEORGE G. JOHNSTON Managing Editor DAVID A. WILSON Assistant Managing Editor MARILYN SUE DAUGHERTY, Fall Area Editors ROBERT BRUCE JOHNSTON, Medicine, Fall JOHN RING LaMONTAGNE, Science, Spring LEONARD EDWARD MOHRMANN, JR., Science, Fall RICHARD HENRY SCHROEDER, Engineering Art Editor PAGE NEWTON PILAND Business Manager MARVIN CHRISTOPHER KRISTYNIK, Fall PETER RICHARD CONEWAY, Spring Circulation Manager JOHN C. GOODMAN Legal Advisor GREG LIPSCOMB Supervisor WILLIAM J. HELMER ADVISORY BOARD BILLY HOWARD AMSTEAD, Professor of Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM E. DRUMMOND, Professor of Physics LEWIS F. HATCH, Professor of Chemistry ABLIE RAY McTEE, Lecturer in Journalism JOHN ARNOLD WALTER, Associate Professor of English LESTER LOYD EDMONDS, JR., TSP, Ex-Officio Member Left to Right: Wilson, Sullivan, Monteith. Front Row: David A. Wilson, Jeanne Richey Amacker, Dwight Oliver Monteith, Joseph Pierce Sullivan, Karen Elisabeth Kummer, Toni Butschek, Charles Samuel Cotropia. Second Row: Ronald Edwin Tigner, James L. Rash, Anne Renee Paris, Joan Carol Amacker, Sharon Lee Ellis, Page Piland. Not Pictured: Patrick G. Mar- tin. Page 230 Home Economics Building SORORITIES Edited by Linda Hasten Page 231 ALPHA CHI OMEGA A Chi O ' s brightened their house with decorations for the coming Yule season. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Martha Sue Alexander Judi Ann Bagley Mary Alleen Boggs Rita Kathleen Hamilton Kathryn Nelle Haymes Martha Ann Smith Jan Stockard 2420 Nueces Officers for Alpha Chi Omega were Kay Clyde Webb, president; Marcia Margaret Besselman, first vice-president; Martha Ann Smith, second vice-president; Janet Susan Claassen, corresponding secretary; and Allyne Sue O ' Ban- ion, recording secretary. Mrs. Vera Ussery was house- mother. Major activities were a fall Ranch Dance at Web- wood, a spring formal at Westwood Country Club, and Dad ' s Day buffet. Top Row: Nancy Ann Abbott, Mary Jane Albrecht, Ann Marie Altmijler, Andrea Kay Anderson, Jan Palmer Atkinson, Suzanne Laura Baker, Marcia Margaret Besselman, Mary Diane Birdwell. Second Row: Susan Jane Blood Kerry Kathleen Bogart, Frances Coryne Boggs, Jeanne Louise Boise, Donna Dee Bond, Jane Ellen Booth, Carolyn Lee Bozeman, Susan Mer- rick Breck. Third Row: Judy Jo Ann Brill, Linda Lee Brundrett, Cassandra Elayne Brunson, Peggy Jane Brzes- zkiewicz, Cheryl Ann Burr, Judith Kathryn Byrd, Vicki Sue Calhoun, Sharon Elaine Callaway. Fourth Row: Catherine Elizabeth Carl, Christine Marie Carlson, Janet Susan Claassen, Elizabeth Anne Clark, Carol Cox, Martha Edgerton Cox, Susan Lynn Dabney, Patricia Cornelia Dahlstrom, Carol Ruth Darley. Fifth Row: Eugenia Mary Dibrell, Diane Margaret Dickson, Judy K. Dobbs, Tanna Sue Doing, Susan Jane Duffy, Roxanne Espenship, Emilee Theresa Funda, Diana Lynn Fuste, Jo Ann Giese. Sixth Row: Susan Ann Girardeau, Pamela Glass, Nancy Louise Gove, Peggy Ann Gralino, Elissa Ann Gray, Kathleen Nix Gunn, Diane G. Guy, Patricia Gray Guy, Linda Mellina Guyette. Page 232 Top Row: Jaynee Carole Guynes, Elsie Irene Halleck, Mina Jo Haw- kins, Helen Lu Hearne, Mary Jane Heffelfinger, Peggy Diane Hibler, Pamela Lynn Hicks, Joyce Marie Hilsher, Janet Louise Holden. Second Row: Cheryl Anne Holt, Elizabeth Ann Houston, Constance Elizabeth Hudgins, Dorothy Ann Humphrey, Virginia Lee Humphrey, Margaret Anne James, Brook Anne Johnson, Priscilla Ruth Jordan, Barbara Gail Keller. Third Row: Cathy Allen Kellough, Chris Leah Kellough, S. Anne Kre- mer, Ginger Sharon Lanclos, Phyl- lis E. Lanning, Lucia Ann Law- rence, Mary Christina MacNaugh- ton, Kathleen Graham Martin, Lynn Martin. Fourth Row: Margaret Frances Martin, Virginia Elizabeth McClel- Ian, Shirley Jean McCollum, Lynda Kay McVey, Mary Barbara Miner, Marcia Alice Morrison, Lynne Ash- ley Moyer, Patsy Delia Moyer, Pamela Paige Murphy. Fifth. Row: Phyllis Joan Nash, Nan- nette Muriel Nau, Sharon Kay Newton, Nancy Annette Nixon, Cynthia Nugent, Allyne Sue O ' Ban- ion, Constance Arlene Oliphant, Karen Ann Olsen, Liby An Palmer. Axn Top Row: Charlotte Kay Parker, Janette Patterson, Elizabeth Ann Pendleton, Sara Clarke Petet, Charlene Philp, Virginia Reh Pis- tor, Dorothy Louise Plummer, Lau- rie Posgate, Mary Eileen Potcher- nick. Second Row: Ann Kathryn Rags- dale, Jan Lynn Reimann, Carole Prim Rhodes, Carolyn Faye Richey, Jeanie Ricketts, Lisa Neal Rogers, Susan Jeanette Rogers, Shirley Jean Sachtleben, Elizabeth Sue Sandridge. Third Row: Janice Beth Savage, Wendy Josephine Schuler, Andrea Temple Shupee, Orene Ann Sim- mons, Kathryn Kier Skiff, Sandra Ilene Smith, Suzanne Carolyn Smith, Jann E. Sorrell, Sherry Ann Stafford. Fourth Row: Sharron Kaye Stone, Patricia Lee Swanson, Karen Ann Thompson, Mary Susan Torrqy, Marion Jean Turner, Julia Louise Walker. Nancy Ann Weaver, Kay Clyde Webb, Carole Mae Welhau- Fijth Row: Delia Ann Wilson, Jerolyn Sue Witt, Susan Murray Wood, Beverly Jean Wright, Char- lotte Elizabeth Wright, Janice Lee Wright, Rosalind Wright, Elizabeth Jean Yeager, Muriel Jean Zachery. Page 233 ALPHA DELTA PI 2601 University Officers for Alpha Delta Pi were Mary Jo Parks, pres- ident; April Beall, first vice-president; Susan Chaff e, pledge trainer; Judith McCaskill, recording secretary; and Anne Elizabeth Blakenship, treasurer. Housemother was Mrs. Katherine Neal. The girls held a dessert party for the foot- ball team, a formal in the spring, and a Founders ' Day banquet in May. The local chapter was founded in June, 1906. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED The A D Pi ' s " Dogpatch " theme aided them in Cam pus Chest. Sidney Corinne Brient Susie Carol Chaffe Nana Beasley Huff Lynn Michele McCormack Nelda Ann Pope Mary Edna Reid Carol Jay Russ Margaret Eileen Smith Teresa Anne Steves Willedee Thomas Top Row: Marilynne Ann Allen, Janis Lyn Anderson, Karen Lee Anderson, Amanda Jane Ashford, Robin Ann Austin, Mary Elaine Badeaux, Susan Jane Baldwin, Jud- ith Karen Barefield. Second Row: Shelly Kay Bauin- gardner, April Beall, Celia Rae Beall, Linda Kay Beard, Anne Elizabeth Blankenship, Mary Lou Boone, Sara Boone, Sharon Lynne Bramlett. Third Row: Linda Carole Brock, Carolyn Brooks, Pamela Melon Brooks, Carolyn Kay Brown, Ce- celia Marie Burke, Patty Lynn Burrows, Nadine Oleva Cochran, Louise Noelie Coerver. Fourth Row: Sandra Lee Conerly, Martha Lyn Connally, Maida Mil- dred Corder, Selena Cauble Cor- rell, Francess Kay Crouch, Judith Diane Darwin, Bette Anne Davis, Cheryl Loyd DeShong. Fifth Row: Sarah Gail Dezelle, Diana Dill, Dorothy Sue Dodgen, Sara Lee Doggett, Susan Jane Douglas, Barbara Nell Driscoll, Kathleen Dulan, Sandra Lynn Dykes. Page 234 . pres- rt Anne Mrs. do i ' Day June, Top Row: Carolyn Elizabeth Fer- guson, Judy Ann Ferguson, Mar- garet Annette Floyd, Jo Anne Foster, Carolyn Kay Fuquay, Joan Elizabeth Garrett, Mary Alison Gayle, Susan Norma Greene, Ken- ny Lynn Griffith. Second Row: Lady Jayne Grimes, Glenna Helen Grove, Laura Louise Henderson, Patricia Alice Hender- son, Ann Henslee, Janis Kay Hoelscher, Robin G. Hunt, Linda Kay Isbell, Ricki Lynn Jackson. Third Row: Diane Ruth Johnson, Mary Kathryn Johnson, Janet Johnston, Suzanne Curtis Julian, Susan Bee Jungmichel, Karen Daphne Keel, Linda Louise Keim, Beth Ann Knight, Mary Margaret Kuykendall. Fourth Row: Nancy Kirwan Lam- bert, Cheryl Ann Lansing, Nancy Elizabeth Lehman, Ida Sue Leon- ard, Pamela Marney, Dorothy Gaye Martin, Martha Louise Mar- tin, Sherry Nona Martin, Susan Elizabeth Matthews. Fifth Row: Judy Ellen McCaskill, Jennifer Ann McCrory, Martha Louise Mclntosh, Cecile Marie Me- Mullin, Betty Kaye McWherter, Vicki Lu Metzler, Joan Meyers, Lynn Miller, Marsha Frances Monroe. AAH Top Row: Mary Ann Nelson, Pa- tricia Ruth Nelson, Cynthia Ann Nichols, Ellen Gordon Noble, Diane Oliver, Mary Jo Parks, Martha Lee Pattille, Rhoda Nell Peebles, Patricia Isbel Price. Second Row: Susan Pyeatt, Dian R. Redford, Alice Ruth Riely, Ivy Elizabeth Rodgers, Elaine Rogers, Marcella R. Rowland, Gail Rustin, Patricia Ann Ryan, Margaret T. Sanford. Third Row: Melba Louise Schweinle, George Ann Shamess, Ann Shanks, Catherine Shepperd, Jane Bryan Shuford, Barbara Lynn Skaggs, Michael Thome Stanley, Mary M. Starnes, Frances Ellen Stetson. Fourth Row: Sylvia Sue Stimson, Mary Martha Stotler, Amanda Felicita Struben, Sandra Gay Tay- lor, Ann Carlotta Terrell, Ruth Andrews Tyack, Rebecca Ann Vamado, Clarene Mae Walker, Linda Lee Ward. Fifth Row: Suzanne Waters, Pau- la Michele Wecker, Sharon Kay White, Sandra Beth Wilkins, Glenda Jane Williams, Linda Rubye Wilson, Martha Carolyn Wolf, Sheryl Anne Wolff, Angela Ximenes. Page 235 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Officers for Alpha Epsilon Phi were Diane Susan Gray, president; Ellen Lee Paule, vice-president; Beverly Dale Davis, pledge trainer; Patricia L. Edelman, recording sec- retary; Doris Ann Solomon, treasurer; and Sally Pomer- antz, corresponding secretary. Housemother was Mrs. K. LeRoy. Activities included a house party at Hotel Gondo- lier and a formal at Westwood Country Club. 2500 Rio Grande MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s ate a quick snack before leaving for their retreat. Ellen Jane Fishman Sandra Gernsbacher Margot Elsa Hirsch Barbara Jessel Ellen Lee Paule Nancy Sue Pye Leslie Diane Silberman Luurin Paula Soble Susan R. Wolf Top Row: Betty Barenblat, Fred- die Louise Barrett, Susan Anne Becker, Barbara Jan Berliner, Ricki Annette Bernstein, Miriam Faye Brookner, Gaye Anne Brooks. Second Row: Cynthia Ann Burke, Harriette Ann Clark, Barbara Jean Cohen, Julie Ann Cohen, Beverly Dale Davis, Ingrid Davis, Judy Anne Davis. Third Rout: Gayle Donsky, Patri- cia Louise Edelman, Ann Sara Eisenstein, Gail Eldridge, Stepha- nie Elaine Eramer, Victoria An Epstein, Arlene Lynda Farbman. Fourth Row: Nancy Lynn Feigel- son, Sandra L. Feiler, Sheryl San- dra Feldman, Sharon Gertrude Felsenthal, Leslie Sue Fierman, Judy Ann Finberg, Arlene Finger. Fifth Row: Diana Fisherman, Judy Gayle Fisherman, Wendy Flatow, Linda Lou Freedman, Leslie Ann Gerolde, Lorraine Ginsburg, Nancy Mae Goldberg, Karen Michael Golding. Page 236 Top Row: Carol Beth Goldman, Patsy Lou Goodstein, Janet Rose Goren, Cynthia Claire Gray, Diane Susan Gray, Debora Dell Green- berg, Ann Greenfield, Joan Myra Greenfield. Second Row: Diane Natalie Har- wood, Linda Hirsch, Leisa Hol- land, Susan Jessel, Marian Sandra Kahn, Nancy Ruth Kallison, Mar- cy Kboudi, Linda Beth Kern. Third Row: Candace Elizabeth Knopf, Sandra Judith Kohn, Joan Harrise Labovitz, Carol Neal Lane, Barbara Ann Lasker, Sue Ann Le- ben, Paula Rae Letofsky, Joan E. Levi. Fourth Row: Barbara Lynn Levin, Barbara Rae Levin, Gerry Lee Levin, Susan Jean Levin, Joan Claire Levine, Barbara Diane Lev- itch, Annette Helen Lewin, Nancy Helen Lewis. Fifth Row: Betty Jo Mandel, Jes- sie Lee Mandel, Valerie Schaffer Mann, Teri Lyn Margolis, Sandra Marks, Maxine Ida Mayer, Jo Ann Meixner, Muriel Joy Melcher. AE0 Top Row: Barbara Mary Michael- son, Rochelle Sandra Miller, Nan- cy Ann Nasits, Shirli Rose Novit, Karlyn Janis Painter, Melinda Novy Parrill, Sue Jane Phillips, Nancy Erlene Plotsky. Second Row: Sally Pomerantz, Carolyn Joy Pransky, Rosalyn Lee Pransky, Carol Harriet Pulitzer, Cheryl Lynn Raffkind, Barbara Jane Ravel, Audrey Paige Riemer, Nancy Rae Roosth. Third Row: Joan Lynn Rosen- bloom, Ilene Jill Rosenthal, Judi Barbara Schirnmel, Mar sha Ann Schraub, Beth Anne Shectman, Diane Sue Shoss, Gloria Sheryl Shoss, Barbara Belle Simon. Fourth Row: Ruth Skibell, Sar- ann Smith, Doris Ann Solomon, Margo Susan Spitz, Helen Stahl, Barbara Joan Steinberger, Janna Copeland Stern, Hyla Beth Swes- nik. Fifth Row: Susan Szafir, Joan Lynn Unger, Lynn Susan Wagner, Susan Ellen Wainger, Marcia Lee Waldman, Carolyn Wolfson, San- dra Carol Wolfson, Cheryl Anne Zimmerman. Page 237 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA AGD ' s attended a Model United Nations committee meeting. Officers for Alpha Gamma Delta this year were Shirley Jean Harris, president; Margaret Olivia Burnett, first vice- president; Patricia DeVries, second vice-president; Meli- cent Marie Tlucek, secretary; and Lydia Ann Melcher, treasurer. Housemother was Mrs. Madeline Patton. This year the girls held a pledge Halloween party, a Dad ' s Day buffet, a winter formal at Wilber Clark ' s Crest Hotel, and a spring achievement dinner. The group was founded na- tionally in 1904 at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, and locally in 1940. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED 807 West 25th Carol K. Clapp Linda Lauree Dalton Linea Ann McNeel Mary Evelyn Potter Penny Ann Stillwell Top Row: Linda Ann Adams, Darlene Faye Becker, Cheryl Lynn Blair, Peggy Sue Bobo, Ina Lynne Brundrett, Margaret Olivia Bur- nett, Irene Claire Buske. Second Row: Karen Kay Corso, Helen Elaine Crockett, Mary Anne Crossette, Janet L. Davis, Mary Jane Davis, Patricia Ann De Vries, Rebecca E. Dobie, Donna Gail Dougherty. Third Row: Jacqueline Kay Dunn, Mary Lynne Durlam, Patlee Etter, Barbara Ann Foley, Judith Ellen Fruchter, Corice Anne Galloway, Edna Diane Germer, Nancy June Cetchey. Page 238 Alpha Gam spirit was felt during song practice. Members awaited the beginning of chapter meeting. AFA Top Row: Pamela Glasgow, Peggy Ann Griffis, Shirley Jean Harris, Jane Reed Heaton, Mary Kathryn Holmes, Christina Anne Homer, Linde Nell Huddleston. Second Row: Barbara Jane Jaeg- gli, Janet Kay Jeffery, Yvonne Marie Jensen, Sally Ann Johnson, Bonnie Mae Jones, Mona Lisa Jones, Sandra Lee Kingsbury. Third Row: Cynthia Ann Kouri, Nancy Matthews Law, Pamela Anne Love, Livie Andrea Mac- Master, Lydia Ann Melcher, Mi- chele Louise Melcher, Christine Elizabeth Miller. Fourth Row: Donna Cheryl Orton, Jonnie Kim Peterson, Barbara Eli- zabeth Potter, Patricia Ann Pre- shaw, Anita Jean Scott, Helen Haldon Stikeleather, Jane Marie Tisdale. Fifth Row: Melicent Marie Tlu- cek, Suzanne Dell Veiluva. Carol Sue Walston, Mary Ann Weiss, Di- Ann Williams,. Charlene May Word, Patricia Ellen Word. Page 239 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA The Ivies and their big sisters had a good laugh in a pledge meeting. Alpha Kappa Alpha was led this year by Janet Means, Basilus; Jo Franklin, Anti-Basilus; Willye Witcher, sec- retary; Gloria Grant, treasurer; and Agnes Sue White, dean of pledges. The sorority housemother was Mrs. A. M. Duren. The girls held a Can-Can party to gather cangoods for needy families at Thanksgiving, and caroled for children in the Austin State School. The first chapter was established in 1908 at Howard University in Washington, D.C. The local chapter was founded in the spring of 1958. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Betty Sue Davis Joyce Elaine Felder Jimmye Lee Hill Arlette Iras Jones Mary Lynn Postun Barbara Yevonne Singleton Judy Elaine Stevens Augusta Betty Usher The Duke of Alpha talked with members of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Page 240 Girls get together for an afternoon of fun. A K A ' s actively participated in local tuberculosis work. AKA Top Row: Evelyn Janet Cotton, Betty Jean Devereaux, Jo Mertred Franklin, Mary Kathleen Gordon. Second Row: Gloria Judean Grant, Betty Joan Griggs, Beverly Claire Harris, Ethel Jane Lee. Third Row: Elsie Odessa Marshall, Janet Marie Means, Janice Elaine Thayer, Mary Macreeda Watson. Fourth Row: Agnes Sue White, Barbara Jean Williams, Karen Verne Williams, Willye Stene Witcher. Page 241 ALPHA OMICRON PI 2622 Wichita Alpha Omicron Pi ' s honored their families on Dad ' s Day. Carol Angela Colby led Alpha Omicron Pi this year as president. Toni Lynn Cooney was vice-president; Kathleen Diane May, corresponding secretary; Frances Sherrion Sandlin, recording secretary; and Wanda Jean Graham, treasurer. Mrs. Phoebe Cox was housemother. The group ' s activities included a Dad ' s Day dinner, a State Day in April, and participation in the Aggie Sign Contest. The sorority was founded nationally Jan. 2, 1897, at Barnard College, Columbia University, New York. The local University chapter was founded April 19, 1941. Top Row: Dana Gay Adams, Kathleen Wilson Angell, Gloria Carlyn Bailey, Dorothy Elizabeth Barnes, Eleanor Hatch Batchelder, Marilyn Lee Baughn, Eleanor Sky Benson. Second Row: Jo Anne Breitmeyer, Martha Louise Brott, Annie Lau- rie Bull, Lou Ellen Cargill, Patri- cia Kay Carlson, Carol Angela Colby, Lynda Joyce Cook. Third Row: Toni Lynn Cooney, Jane Christy Cornwall, Patricia Anne Failor, Carolyn Marie Fin- negan, Anne Mary Fraser, Pamela Marjorie Giblin, Elizabeth Grafi- us, Wanda Jeanne Graham. Page 242 Parents scanned the chapter scrapbook. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Polly Ann Coffin Ariene Geneva Dietz Sharon Lee Ellis Barbara Elaine Kunze Linda Lee Mason Antoinette Tartaglia Aon Top Row: Barbara Louise Grant, Virginia Ellen Grille, Sherilyn Kay Grimes, Patricia Louise Her- ron, Martha Ellen Hogue, Caro- lyn Sue Holland, Barbara -Lynn Huber, Nita Kay Krupp. Second Row: Jeanette E. Lesikar, Barbara Lynn Lockett, Kathleen Diane May, Jane Hazelle McBride, Patrice Eileen McCullen, Johnnie Belle McDonald, Mary Maurine McElroy, Lyda Elizabeth McGhee. Third Row: Sandra Sue Mitchell, Maynette Shearn More, Linda Rae Moriarty, Katherine Campbell Naschke, Leslie Jane Nissen, Ka- ren Suzann O ' Neal, Karen Lee Owen, Jerrilee Howell Parker. Fourth Row: Sylvia Jean Pearre, Sharon Irene Perry, Margaret Iris Powell, Gwen Richardson, Marsha Anne Riley, Mary Angus Roberts, Laura Yvonne Roye, Frances Sherrion Sandlin. Fifth Row: Sandra Shaw, Elta Enid Smith, Lynda Gayle Tanker- sley, Connie Lynn Taylor, Mary Jane Underwood, Louella Grace Vine, Susan Wagner, Sharon Kay Wallace. Page 243 ALPHA PHI Alpha Phi officers for the year were Harriett Ann Durr, president; Sheryl Kay Behne, first vice-president; Barbara Jane Tudor, second vice-president; Jan Katheryn Glithero, recording secretary; and Jennie Webb Marquess, treasurer. Housemother was Mrs. Eloise Erwin. Activities included participation in Dimes ' Day, a spring Big-Little Sister party, a winter formal at Wilbur Clark ' s Crest Hotel, and a Dad ' s Day brunch. The Alpha Phi ' s and their dates relaxed during a casual party at Web- wood Corral. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Alexis Kay Andrews Jan Baldwin Susie Baldwin Elizabeth LeGrand Barnett Mary Esther Garner Ronda Janice Johnson Mary Jane Leahy Michaela Edith Lorance Judy Marchelle Mayes Loretta Marguerite McAfee Polly Travis Betsy Ruth Wood 2005 University Top Row: Marilee Claire Aden- sam, Judith Ann Ball, Catherine Anne Ballantyne, Laura Sue Bal- lard, Mary Kay Bartlett, Carolyne Barton, Jan Claudette Barton. Second Row: Mary Frances Baum- stark, Sheryl Kay Behne, Anne Currie Bernhardt, Elizabeth Jane Bobby, Linda Louise Bohls, Diana Lynn Boland, Barbara Ann Bra- ham. Third Row: Margaret Lea Brice, Sally Katherine Broyles, Virginia Marie Brunner, Susan Kay Calla- way, Bonnie Sue Casey, Linda Chambers, Carla Scarlett Clonin- ger. Fourth Row: Jean Anne Craw- ford, Margaret M. Creagh, Linda Louise Cresswell, Judith Louise Croom, Sara Elizabeth Crow, Carol Cruce, Cynthia Anne Davis, Mar- garet Ann Derby. Fifth Row: Nola Suzie Dobbs, Lin- da Kay Dragon, Deborah Dianne Duree, Harriett Ann Durr, Deanna Eagle, Glena June Egan, Eliza- beth Ann Egelhoff, Elaine Eggel- ing. Page 244 ft ft -NZ JT i V Top Row: SheniR Kay Ellison, Judith Lynn Farmer, Ann Eliza- beth Fuller, Judith Carol Garrett, Judith Lynne Gibson, Billie Irene Gillian, Judy Mary Viola Giudice, Jan Kathryn Glithero. Second Row: Gloria Lee Goff, Sharon Dale Graves, Ricka Ann Guitar, Susan Jane Hamner, Don- na Lynne Harlan, Paula Kay Har- lan, Barbara Jeanine Harrison, Rosanne Violet Harrison. Third Row: Mary Susan Henry, Virginia Gail Hibbetts, Patricia Anne Holt, Paula Kathryn Hoop- er, Carol Ann Houston, Sandra Kathleen Hunter, Patti Lynn Hut- ton, Laura Gwyn Johnson. Fourth Row: Leslie Joyce John- son, Judith Gay Jones, Sherry Kay Jones, Susanne Helene Kamenar, Helen Carole Kelley, Teresa Lynne King, Anne Elaine Kolb, Nancy Jean Larson. Fifth Row: Helen Earnshaw Lu- cas, Patricia Irene MacDonald, Jennie Webb Marquess, Selma Jane Mathis, Linda Kay Mavro- poulis, Suzan Lynn McCoin, Claire deMorse McGuire, Sherry Mc- Pherson. Top Row: Diane McWhirter, Mary Ann Mellenbruch, Margaret Anne Miller, Susan Mitchell, Esther Lee Moore, Kathy Sue Moore, Patricia Jane Moran, Mary Dianne Motter. Second Row: Marion Catherine Muenzenberger, Carol Louise Neu, Elizabeth Anne Oaks, Jo Ann Pat- rick, Diane Angela Pontello, Har- riet Reynolds, Janet Elizabeth Rice, Lynn Ann Rogers. Third Row: Linda Mary Rosinski, Susan Glenn Russell, Dianne Louise Sabom, Marguerite Ann Sanders, Sharon Kay Sanders, Di- ane Louise Sawyer, Vicki Jean Saye, Aileen Short. Fourth Row: Barbara Helen Smith, Laurits Sue Sorenson, Sar- ah Ruth Sparks, Leslie Stephen, Hazel Ann Styron, Nancy Joan Sutton, Martha Elizabeth Taylor, Nancy Christine Taylor. Fifth Row: Barbara Jane Tudor, Susan Lee Vance, Cindy Kay Veazey, Ann Watts, Judith Lynn Whitaker, Paula Ann Willock, Kay Lynn Wolters, Margaret E. Wright. Page 245 ALPHA XI DELTA Santa brought Christmas spirit to the Alpha Xi Delta Christmas Party. Alpha Xi Delta officers were Michele Virginia Gilbert, president; Rosemary Wendorf, vice-president; Martha Small, recording secretary; Elizabeth Lynn Kuyendall, cor- responding secretary; and Marnee Elyse Moore, treasurer. Mrs. Mabel Greenwood was housemother. The girls par- ticipated in Sing-Song and had a Christmas party. The local chapter was established Oct. 19, 1963. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Suzanne Elaine Ayer Paula Irene Bohrer Anne P. C. Born Lee Ola Brown Katherine Nell Castellanos Linnie Carol Evans Jimmie Lynn Harman Sharon Gale Saunders Joan Marion Setzer Judith Ann Watson 2508 Rio Grande Top Row: Frances Elina Adams, Mary Elaine Adams, Joann Lenora Ahlberg, Kay Arline Anderson, Martha Jo Armstrong, Eleanor Ann Arnold, Olga Yvonne Arnold, Patricia Anne Bagwell. Second Row: Mary Susan Ballard, Margaret Barton, Paulette Gwen Bauer, Alice Lynn Berkman, Sheila Ann Birden, Brenda Nell Blum- rich, Mary Elizabeth Boortz, Jen- nifer Luella Borsch. Third Row: Sarah Paulette Brash- ear, Jennifer Margaret Brittain, Carol Sue Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Linda Joy Brown, Mary Joan Burns, Kathy Cameron, Bar- bara Ann Cheeves. Fourth Row: Barbara Lynne Chiasson, Barbara June Childs, Patricia Jane Clements, Peggy Lynn Clements, Georgia Dolores Darrow, Dayle Ann DeHart, Don- na Kay Douglas, Donna Sue Dud- ley, Jola Nell Edwards. Fifth Row: Karen Eloise Erwin, Mary Louise Farrar, Marilyn Fife, Anne Elizabeth Fincke, Nancy Jo Fleury, Karen Kristina Flodin, Jane Louise Foster, Zeta Virginia Fry, Mary Ann Geisler. Page 246 Hint oot- l sorer. spa. ' .He . Top Row: Conner Jane Gilbert, Michele Virginia Gilbert, Anne Louise Gilliam, Saundra Louise Goodson, Peggy Marie Goulding, Barbara Anne Grace, Jayne Lar- aine Harlowe, Jillann S. Harrold. Second Row: Dorothy Raye Hayes, Harriett Sue Hierth, Mar- tha Ellen Hindman, Marion Hurt, Karen Marie Jackson, Donna Gene Johnson, Nancy Lynne Jostes, Ju- dith Ann Kateley. Third Row: Judith Elizabeth Keil, Sarah Rebecca Kenhady, Kay Elaine Keyser, Janet Irene King, Nancy Louise Kleck, Frances Pa- tricia Kuhleman, Elizabeth Lynn Kuykendall, Peggy Ellen Leasure. Fourth Row: Nancy Boone Led- better, Diane Rochelle Lequeux, Beverly Ann Linker, Betty Claire Lipscomb, Judy Marilyn Martin, Janet Adrian Massey, Lynda Irene Matocha, Mary Ann Maxwell. Fifth Row: Bonnie Rae McClusk- ey, Jo Carol McGehee, Patricia Ann Minis, Donna Ruth Mooney, Marnee Elyse Moore, Michelle Wyatt Moore, Marion Lynn Mor- ris, Susan Elaine O ' Donnelly. AEA Top Row: Karen Lynn Farmer, Mary Elizabeth Pettit, Jeanette Wilma Pittard, Peggy Jane Points, Sharron E. Potchernick, Denise Yvonne Presley, Hanne Ray, Da- na Gayle Reynolds. Second Row: Dorothy Sue Rod- gers, Jo Ann Rowley, Elizabeth Ann Scherz, Claudia Scheske, Martha Katherine Scofield, Gayle Lea Seamans, Judy Irene Senter, Linda Joyce Simpson. Third Row: Jan Nell Sittel, Caro- lyn Gail Skinner, Martha Small, Virginia Marie Smith, Janice Kay Smyth, Robin Love Soper, Sharan LaRee Spiller, Margaret Susan Starr. Fourth Row: Judy B. Stewart, Susan Elizabeth Swanson, Patricia Jane Taylor, Frances Ann Waghalter, Barbara Nell Wagner, Carolyn Kay Walls, Barbara Ruth Warne, Jan Diane Wechsler. Fi th Row: Mary Weld, Carol Ann Welter, Rosemary Wendorf, Sharon Sue White, Mellie Jo Williams, Ethel Lorraine Wilson, Diane L. Wiseman, Sarah Adele Zimmer- Page 247 CHI OMEGA At the Chi Omega house brunch was served for Dad ' s Day. Chi Omega officers this year were Martha Jeanne Purcell, president; Grace Alice Warren, vice-president; Martha Anne Blount, secretary; Florence Ann Vaughan, treasurer; and Kay Jeannette Spring, pledge trainer. Housemother was Mrs. Helen Bellows. Group activities included a Hal- loween Party at Austin State School, Dad ' s Day brunch, and a party with the Silver Spurs in November. Top Row: Jan Evon Adams, Mar- tha Sharon Adams, Nancy Nell Addington, Becky Sterling Alexan- der, Fay Cathryn Allison, Carol Lynn Althage, Joan Carol Arling- ton, Sara Sue Atkinson. Second Row: Johnetta Jeannine Baker, Nanci Sue Barbee, Karen Elaine Barnard, Jane Delores Bar- ton, Nancy Bernard, Vickie Jo Bil- lion, Linda Bess Blanchette, Mary Dickey Block. Third Row: Martha Anne Blount, Joan Marie Bohman, Linda Mary Boston, Janie Helen Bowe, Rox- anne Boyd, Susan Brandner, Margaret Gwynne Brown, Sherry Anne Brown. Fourth Row: Sara Virginia Bul- lock, Pamela Byfield, Kay Camp- bell, Anna Louise Cannon, Gretch- en Carlock, Marilyn Carpenter, Donna Sue Caveness, Virginia Be- vin Chappell. Fifth Row: Ann Bayler Clark, Brenda Joyce Cook, Kay Cope- land, Carolyn Ann Crumpton, Su- zanne Davies, Diana Marie Davis, Sally Sue Davis, Leslie Donovan. Sixth Row: Sandra Jean Duck- worth, Jessica Suzanne Duncan, Cheryl Marie Dunlap, Roxanna Dunn, Judy Doris Eitelman, Nan- cy Eleanor Elick, Susan Elizabeth Epps. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Marsha Clark Ade Fay Cook Jacqueline Cotrell Mary Virginia Fair Mary Lee Gideon Betty Loa Herolz Karen Louise Johnson Mary Kay Kerr Robbie Ann Kerr Anne McCullough Caryl Denise Nelson Debra Ann Poole Glenna Margaret Schroeder Sharon Ann Smith Betty Lynne Stiles Cheryl jean Stone Florence Ann Vaughan Grace Alice Warren Karen Elizabeth Webb Nancy Lee Webb Laine Whitcomb Margaret Ann Wood Pamela Rose Young Sandra Leigh Young Page 248 Top Row: Carolyn Virginia Evans, Jane Blair Ferguson, Nancy Caro- lyn Fisher, Susan Sherida Gibbs, Donna Lucille Gibson, Jeanne Voi- ers Good e, Judy Ella Gordon, Mary Lou Grantham, Carolyn Wood Grove. Second Row: Candace Ann Hall, Karen Lynn Hamilton, Lynn Har- dy, Jo Beth Harrison, Linda Lou Hasten, Elizabeth Head, Kathy Hobbs, Clarissa Marie Horner, Billye Louise Huckabee. Third Row: Ann Huddleston, Zoe Ann Hunter, Sally Hutchings, Sharon Leigh Hutton, Claudia A. Jackson, Judith Johnson, Suzanne Lynn Jones, Marilyn Margaret Kis- tenmacher, Mary Claire Koeppe. Fourth Row: Susan Anne Kolius, Margaret Leslie Lane, Delia Ann Leahy, Cynthia Anne Leggett, Dana Gay Lindsay, Nancy Ann Littleton, Pauline Lenette Lord, Betty Sue Marable, Linda Ann Martin. Fifth Row: Merry Crawford Mayne, Sharron Kaye McCoy, Mary Patricia McMahon, Nancy Lynn Merrill, Lizella Lynn Miller, Jacqueline Arnauld Moehlman, Margaret Frances Morgan, Kath- arine June Morrill, Patricia Evelyn Nelson. Top Row: Carol Faye Ogden, Anne Oliver, Camille Pickens, Re- becca Anne Porter, Martha Jeanne Purcell, Toni Frances Pyka, Eliza- belh Ann Ray, Judith Eilene Reimers, Janan Margaret Rodgers. Second Row: Virginia Ann Rod- gers, Gemme Rousseau, Carol Lynne Russell, Nancy Guynn Sand- ers, Sherry Lynn Sanders, Su- zanne Elizabeth Sax, Karen Leslye Scown, Susan Dale Searcy, Martha Neil Shaw. Third Row: Nora Anne Sinclair, Glenna Lea Sleeper, Daisy Mary Sloan, Mary Sue Speed, Penelope Anne Speier, Kay J. Spring, Janet Gaye Stone, Mary Elizabeth Strip- ling, Jill Virginia Teague. Fourth Row: Nancy Jane Thomas, Michaele Ann Thorp, Judy Mar- shall Ticknor, Charlotte Gaye Vick- rey, Catherine Connel Walsh, Jan Addeen Weaver, Joan Dell Weav- er, Roma Theresa Weaver, Carol Ann Weber. Fifth Row: Joan Marie Wells, Sallye Frances Whitener, Gloria Kay Wickersham, Janice Susan Wilkinson, Katherine Ann Willis, Leslie Ann Wilson, Patricia Gay Wilson, Cindy Winn, Patricia Lynn Wood. Page 249 DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Delta Delta officers this year were Sue Steele Sim- mons, president; Deborah Ann Blandy, executive vice-presi- dent; Suzann Smith, pledge trainer; Narcissa Moore, chap- lain; and Nancy Ann Neblett, treasurer. Housemother was Mrs. H. C. Booth. Tri Delt activities for the year included a Cowboy-Spur breakfast in May, participation in Sing-Song, and a Big-Little Sister Christmas party. The group was founded nationally in 1888 at Boston University and local- ly in 1912. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED 503 West 27th Betty Brooke Allman Linda Kay Atchley Jeannie Barcus Alline Bowden Janet Ethel Boyle Susanne Mae Boyle Carol Ann Bradley Nancy Marie Carroll Narcie Moore Crosby Jane Ann Fontenot Carol Jane Freeman Gerry Lynn Fuller Susan Elizabeth Henderson Sharon Marie Herberger Cynthia Jean Hewitt Kathryn Patricia Hopkins Ann Elizabeth Jackson Kathy Arlene Karp Karen Kee Mary Susan Lucas Anne Hilliard Markley Janice Johnson Murray Diane Norfleet Nichols Vaughn Deleith Obenhaus Louise Jan Peal Carolyn Pence Suzanne Porter Teresa Jane Raffaelli Gail Speed Rupley Susan Marie Sames Susan Fentress Saunders Tracy Ann Smith Linda Kay Speed Martha Lyle Spencer Susan Frances Tubb Suzanne Warren Suzanne Shippee Watkins Leta Kathleen Weir Ann Arden Westbrook Ellen Wood Top Row: Sondra Suzanne Adams, Billee Claire Albright, Jane Lynne Amend, Andrea Lynn Anderson, Meredith Ball, Ginger Carroll Ber- nard, Susan Joanna Blackburn, Carolyn Estine Blakey. Second Row: Deborah Anne Blandy, Beverly Bloodworth, Shir- ley Joyce Bowen, Carol Jean Bris- coe, Carolyn Carlisle, Cassandra Clark, Gail Elizabeth Clark, Cyn- thia Jean Cobb. Third Row: Claire Collins, Sue Lynn Cooper, Cheryl Diane Cot- ten, Cynthia Cunningham, Susan- na Currie, Shuler Sallis Dansby, Elizabeth Ann Dobbs, Yvonne D ' OIive. Fourth Row: Betty Perry Draper, Patricia Catherine Duffy, Kitty Ann Eckardt, Beverly Kay En- derle, Carolyn Frances Estes, Far- rah Leni Fawcett, Pamela Celeste Ferguson, Sherri Lynn Fort, Con- nie Fraker. Fifth Row: Gail Garland, Glenda Colley Gayle, Janie Ge, Nancy Katherine Gent, Margaret Keith German, Susan Gillingham, Mar- lee Gilmore, Hilaire Michelle Gir- ard, Karen Beth Goodrich. . V Page 250 as led, H vis local. ' -.: I I I Top Row: Ann Frances Gully, Jane Elizabeth Gully, Marryn Parr Harrison, Jan Hastedt, Kathy Rather Henneberger, Nancy Carol Hewitt, Luralee Hodge, Pamela Holbert. Second Row: Sandra Holland, Pa- tricia Ann Holliday, Carol Ann Hubbard, Kay Anne Hubka, Lela Ann Jahns, Cappy Spencer Kenne- dy, Kitty Carolyn King, Jan Kin- ney. Third Row: Patricia Beth Knight, Mary Lea Lamkin, Anne Lavinia Lanford, Babette Elaine Leonard, Sandra Louise Lester, Marijo Lindsay, Barbara Elaine Malick, Marcy Marble. Fourth Row: Carolyn Marsh, Mary Margaret Marshall, Katherine Gordon McCarley, Mary Lee Mc- Clure, Mary Lucille McFarland, Betty Gaye McMahon, Cherie Ann Miller, Daryl Marie Miller. Fifth Row: Narcissa Lee Moore, Kathleen Clark Myers, Nancy Ann Neblett, Victoria Elizabeth Nichol- son, Nancy Nobles, Carol! Julia Olsen, Diann Eileen Osborn, Judy Nan Oxford. AAA Top Row: Susan Alice Park, Ed- ith Ann Peacock, Dawn Geraldine Potter, Aubrilyne Preston, Pamela Ethel Primdahl, Mary Anne Ray, Sheila Rae Reeves, Linda Kay Reitz. Second Row: Christi Lee Schramm, Mardee Anne Schramm, Sue Steele Simmons, Marilyn Kaye Sims, Tessa Louise Slager, Sherri Diane Sledge, Margaret Lacy Sloan, Beverley Ann Smith. Third Row: Carol Lynn Smith, Su- zann Smith, Stephanie Ann Soko- losky, Sallye Jane Sorenson, Kar- en Sue Speakman, Amanda Lou Stallcup, Linda McLane Stanton, Janie Stephens. Fourth Row: Sharon lona Ste- phens, Diana Steves, Sandra Stiel- er, Judy Jane Tedford, Marilyn Kay Tipton, Constance Gaye Vos, Gail Allen Walter, Hilda Suzanne Waring. Fifth Row: Sharon Frances Well- born, Elizabeth White, Judy Ann Williams, Mary Louise Williams, Alice Naomi Wilson, Sheila Kay Wilson, Judy Kay Wiman, Frances Yeary. Page 251 DELTA GAMMA Jill Annette Harris was president of Delta Gamma this year. Margo Lynn Ehni was first vice-president; Sunny Gayle Langston, pledge trainer; Judith Ann McEntee, rush captain; and Eva Jeanne Wehmeyer, social chairman. Mrs. Isabel Haynes was housemother. Group activities included a party with Texas Cowboys for blind students, Sing-Song, Varsity Carnival, and a Christmas party for an " adopted " Latin American family. The first Delta Gamma chapter was founded in 1873 at Lewis Institute, Oxford, Miss. 611 West 25th MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Claudia Dene Arrendiell Michaele Nan Brown Anne Margaret Carr Marcia Claire Chalk Martha Kalen Childs Linda Jane Clark Linda Jan Cooper Billie Kay Haynes Marcy Gene Howard Marca Linn Jones Jean Kelly Kathleen A. Kohler Janet Harlene Koontz Susan Jane Lyle Kay Marshall Cheryl Lynn Mayer Sarah Jane Penn Barbara Ann Sasse Emily Jane Tracy Betty Jean West Sandra F. Worley Around a piano the DG ' s and the Cowboys sang with children from the School for the Blind. Top Row: Patricia Kay Anselin, Susan Kay Arlington, Sharon Dar- landa Baird, Reece Beesley, Court- ney Brooke Bellaire, Cathy Lynn Bond, Nancy Marie Bounds, Teun- isse Virginia Breese. Second Row: Brenda Beverly Buie, Laura Christine Burns, Mary Lou Canion, Hazann Chap- man, Mary Jill Chapman, Janet Diane Christian, Kathy Joan Col- grove, Evelyne R. Crawford. Third Row: Deborah Ruth Crowe, Clare Frances Culbertson, Sheila Kay Daniel, Nancy Lelia Darphin, Brenda Sue Dean, Rita Marie Di- Bella, Nancy Elizabeth Dickerson, Ellen Roberta Dixon. Fourth Row: Toni Margaret Du- ban, Carolyn Jean DuBose, Margo Lynn Ehni, Sue Ann Eisemann, Nancy Jean Ellison, Judy Lynn Everett, Mikel Jean Fisher, Sherry Sue Fox. Fifth Row: Donna Jane Fulwiler, Carol Lee Gillespie, Carol Eliza- beth Glascock, Julie Ann Goode, Martha Katherine Goode, Marsha Gay Gostecnik, Rebecca C. Gro- Page 252 Top Row: Helen Rose Hackbarth, Connie Lee Hallmark, Stephanie Hamilton, Verdery Hammerand, Jill Annette Harris, Darrellene Edith Havins, Barbara Ann Hill, Joan Hill, June Hill. Second Row: Dianne Lanelle Hil- legeist, Nancy Elizabeth Hitch- cock, Allison Platt Howell, Caro- lyn Dianne Hunley, Patricia Ann Hurley, Jane Elizabeth Jarrell, De- borah Jean Johnson, Susan Keyes, Patricia Catherine King. Third Row: Roberta Marie Knigge, Sunny Gayle Langston, Nancy Carol Lanier, Nancy Kay Lee, Marja Lindahl, Ina Glynn Lyle, Marilynn Dell Maddox, Linda Jeanne Marmion, Katherine Lee Marshall. Fourth Row: Marilyn Martin, Becky Maufrais, Carolyn McClel- lan, Judy McEntee, Ann McGeath, Candace Ann McMurrey, Claudia Middleton, Judith Catherine Mil- ler, Sandra Jean Miller. Fifth Row: Kathleen Moran, Don- na Raye Morton, Dinah Leigh Mullen, Frances Conni Muller, Dee Ann Mullins, Sharon Sue Murphy, Priscilla Karen Norton, Roberta Ann Ocker, Mary Pan- coast Orrison. Top Row: Hollace Ann Parks, Frances Carolyn Patton, Patricia Pfefferling, Donna Jeanne Pool, Carolyn Margaret Quick, Louisa Gail Rarey, Mary Liza Rarey, Car- ol Annette Salmon, Barbara Ann Saunders. Second Row: Frances Helen Sei- fert, Gail Sheffield, Mary Nelwyn Simes, Lona Smelker, Kathy E. Stack, Carolyn Nell Stewart, Dele- na Jean Stewart, Susan Lynn Sto- vail, Shirley Ann Stubbs. Third Row: Shannon Lynn Taylor, Susan Kay Taylor, Laura Kathryn Templeton, Beatrice Anne Thomp- son, Vici Ann Thompson, Robin Jane Thrift, Anne Scott Vaughan, Vickie Kay Veazey, Patricia Thay- er Vincent. Fourth Row: Penny Elayne Wad- ley, Beth Ward, Janet Ward, Shar- on Sue Waters, Sheila Dawn Wat- ers, Diane Weber, Eva Jeanne Wehmeyer, Dianna Jeanne Weirus, Janet Sue White. Fifth Row: Marsha Ann White, Nancy Jean White, Pamela Anne White, Claire Evans Whitmire, Gretchen Craven Williams, Sharon Dee Williamson, Suzanne Winck- ler, Nancy Elaine Wray, Joy Lea Wyatt. Page 253 DELTA PHI EPSILON V..- I 2505 San Gabriel Officers for Delta Phi Epsilon this year were Phyllis Elaine Rosenfield, president; Judith Carol Miller, first vice- president; Maureen Subel, recording secretary; Nancy Charlotte Roth, rush captain; and Ellen Edith Epstein, pledge mother. Mrs. Pauline Freeman was housemother. The group had a November house party at the Fiji Lake Hut, a formal at Westwood Country Club, and a March re- treat. Locally, the sorority was established on Nov. 18, 1934. D Phi E ' s entertained their dates with a house party. Top Row: Joan Alexander, Marsha Lynn Ashendorf, Marsha Gail Baumel, Bryna Joyce Bein, Suzan Gail Bell, Jenny Berk, Joan Phyllis Blumberg, Martha Fae Burghei- Second Row: Laura Renee Dattle, Joyce Helen Davidoff, Suzanne Elaine Davis, Ellen Edith Epstein, Carolyn Jean Feibel, Marsha Jo Forman, Judy Framer, Donna Ann Franklin. Third Row: Marcia Ellen Freed, Jaye Marilyn Freeman, Judi Ilene Freeman, Carol Sue Click, Frances Harriett Goldfinger, Diane Marie Go ldsmith, Ronnie Jean Gottlieb, Patricia Faye Greenfield. Fourth Row: Maureen Mona Haus- man, Lois Roberta Heller, Phyllis Jo Horn, Sherry Lynn Hyman, Fredrica Joyce Josephson, Linda Sue Kahn, Joy Lynette Kaplan, Barbara Ann Kay. Fifth Row: Barbara Kaye, Sharyn Joy Kerman, Marlene Krafcheck, Leslie Faye Kriesberg, Sharon Ann Lasik, Cheryl Ann Lewis, Roberta Rita Liebling. Page 254 hills IIDCT stein, tbei. Lake ire- ' .18, Meeting together sisters shared conversations and good fellowship. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Mary Lilla Baxt Gina Rose Frankel Patricia Faye Greenfield Phyllis Elaine Rosenfield Leslie Rae Snyder Mimi Torchin A0E Top Row: Maureen Lubel, Mi- chele Claire Magilow, Diane Jane Mehl, Ellen Mermelstein, Janis Gail Miller, Judy Carol Miller, Gayl Emily Milstein, Jane Claire Nathan. Second Row: Susan Janice Nel- son, Marsha Michele Newman, Frances Sue Novick, Beverly Diane Factor, Anne Selma Pashkoff, Car- olyn Barbara Pulman, Merriessa Ratkin, Joanne Sydney Rosenberg. Third Row: Nancy Charlotte Roth, Ileene Joyce Sagor, Charlotte Ruth Samuels, Becky Ann Samuelson, Deborah Kay Samuelson, Jayne Dierdre Samuelson, Evelyn Dianne Shakno, Michele Carol Sharney. Fourth Row: Lynne Regina Sheri- dan, Miriam Silverberg, Paulette Bernice Silverman, Belinda Rae Spector, Barbara Spivak, Marilyn Freda Stein, Susan Carol Stekin, Cheryl Jean Stern. Fifth Row: Linda Gay Taub, Lin- da Fay Toubin, Ellen Beth Victor, Terrie Linne Weinstein, Gwenda Faye Wizig, Susan Elaine Wolf, Caren Jane Young, Betty Lorraine Zarohin. Page 255 DELTA SIGMA THETA Members and their escorts had an enjoyable evening at their ball in the Gondolier ' s International Room. Delta Sigma Theta was led this year by Carolyn Theresa Jones as president. Other officers were Sandra Juantina Free- man, vice-president and dean of pled ges; Vicky Sandra Kirk, secretary; and Jackie Maxine Kimbrough, treasurer. The sorority activities included a December Ball at the Gondolier Hotel, a King of Hearts presentation, and collecting clothing for underprivileged children at Thanksgiving. The group was founded nationally in 1913 at Howard University in Washington, D.C. The University chapter was established on February 12, 1960. , Three Delta Sigma Theta sisters took a break from their busy schedules. Page 256 With February came the presentation of the King of Hearts. Imsa iF iamira surer. AIO Top Row: Sandra Jauntina Free- man, Nellie Fay Guyden, Karen Hope Hawkins, Carolyn Theresa Jones. Bottom Row: Jackie Maxine Kim- brough, Vicky Saundra Kirk, Sar- ah Beatrice Penn, Betti-Rachelle Poindexter. A Pace 257 DELTA ZETA 2315 Nueces Delta Zeta of ficers this year were Diana Dale Haskinson, president; Fredella Anne Gibson, first vice-president; Kar- en Suzanne Smith, second vice-president; Michaelle Elaine Logoyda, recording secretary; Johanna Franke, correspond- ing secretary, and Joyce Ann Ingram, treasurer. Mrs. A. J. Caldwell was housemother. The girls ' activities included a pledge reception for the freshman football team, a retreat at Green Acres, and a Founders Day celebration. The local chapter was founded in May, 1924. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Tresha May Appleton Diana Gail Clawson Vicki Evans Top Row: Patty Louise Abney, Sharon Ann Adams, Kathy Alli- son, Diane Kay Beach, Margaret Ann Becker, Nancy Sue Beene, Ei- leen Fay Blume, Martha Kay Blume. Second Row: Jennifer Lynn Brown, Sara Broyles, Janet Carol Buck- ner, Sherry Ann Burnside, Betty Lou Butler, Martha Carole Camp- bell, Kathleen Margaret Carnahan, Jalinda Brannon Carroll. Third Row: Carol Annette Cater, Judith Kay Chapman, Sandra Kay Coleman, Patricia Carole Connolly, Susan Diane Cowder, Amelia Dian Crosby, Bryan Daniels, Susan Gayle Du Bose. Fourth Row: Barbara Ann Echols, Dorothea Jean Entzminger, Sabra Ann Everett, Sandra Gwen Fair- cloth, Mary Michelle Fallen, Ann Pearson Fambrough, Lois Marie Feagin. Fifth Row: Kathy Jean Ferguson, Theresia Diane Fillmore, Nancy Ann Fowler, Johanna Franke, Anne Fugate, Ann Rooksby Gard- ner, Carole Susan Gasaway. Janis Lynn Gibson Julia Lynn Perkins Sunnye Susan Stegall Delta Zeta ' s crashed through their victory sign for the start of an intra mural game with the DG ' s. Page 258 Top Row: Fredella Anne Gibson, Alicia Ann Gillen, Joan Rae Gin- ther, Margaret Ellen Glover, Har- riet Lee Graves, Molly Susan Greene, Carmen Lynette Hamil- ton, Rebecca Harden, Diana Dale Haskinson. Second Row: Glynda Kay Heeren- sperger, Julie Ann Hicklin, Judith Ann Hill, Lucy Carolyn Hinton, Christy Carol Hobbs, Terry Lynn Hobbs, Hannah Hoke, Ellen Jane Huffman, Joyce Ann Ingram. Third Row: Karen Helen Javurek, Kathleen Carolyn Javurek, Joanne Jennings, Karen Elaine Jensen, Ardis Lynn Johnson, Jean Adair Johnston, Anne Nelson Jones, Sar- ah Sue Jones, D. Suzanne Kemp. Fourth Row: Kay Elaine Kerche- ville, Nancy Latz Kinard, Mary Ellen Koros, Sandra Kay Lambert, Jane Elizabeth Landsborough, Peggy Marie Lanius, Andrea Sharon Leach, Katherine Anne Leach, Barbara Ann Lee. Fifth Row: Leslie Lee Lentz, Sue Ann Leslie, Kay Lewis, Mary Lewis, Judith Anne Little, Michaelle Elaine Logoyda, Susan Beth Long, Diane Lynette Mang, Michele Mathews. Top Row: Martha Drew Matlock, Nita Lynn McCausland, Carolyn Gene McGill, Sharon Lorraine Meachem, Tyra Jan Menzies, Bar- bara Ann Merrill, Gilbertine Mize, Carol Ann Morrow, Nancy Ruth Nagel. Second Row: Dorothy Ann Nelson, Barbara Lynn Neyland, Susan Pais, Beverly Wayne Patterson, Patricia Elizabeth Payne, Marian Rebecca Pendleton, Elizabeth Anne Peterson, Judy Pfardrescher, Pam- ela Corinne Polser. Third Row: Ann Kay Prescott, Martha Ann Ramsey, Janis Ann Ratzlow, Linda Barclay Ratzlow, Julie Lee Reynolds, Jeanne Richey, Pamela Sue Roden, Susann Rog- ers, Joanna Sawyer. Fourth Row: Martha Sue Schlos- ser, Helen Franc ille Scott, Carolyn Emily Shope, Karen Suzanne Smith, Susan Kaye Smith, Susan Carol Stephens, Olva Louise Ste- wart, Sylvia Jane Stewart, Sandra Jeanette Sutherland. Fifth Row: Carol Collins Taylor, Mary Linda Trice, Mary Patricia Walter, Ann Gardner Williams, Virginia Gail Williams, Alissa Ann Willis, Danna Joy Willis, Joan Lynn Willis, Virginia Sue Wilson. Page 259 GAMMA PHI BETA Gamma Phi ' s received clothes buying tips at a men ' s style show. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Ginny Adams Carol Lyn Armstrong Deborah Ruth Boyd Wilda Lou Campbell Susan Sedell Carpenter Mary Margaret Chastain Judith Kaye Duncan G. Jean Fletcher Carrell Lee Grigsby Pamela Cheryl Howell Mary Linda Kates Mildred Ann Knape Kathryn Nan McLaughlin Mary Ann Robinson Stacie Stone Suzanne Stringer Hillary Anne Walton Officers for Gamma Phi Beta this year were Mary Eliza- beth Montgomery, president; Sandra Lee Swanland, vice- president; Coralie Elizabeth Davis, treasurer; Donna Marie LeBlanc, social chairman; and Nancy Jane Downing, rush chairman. Housemother was Mrs. Jewel Estes. The girls gave a Halloween party at the State mental hospital, partic- ipated in intramural sports and Dimes ' Day, and had a winter formal at Hotel Gondolier. The sorority was founded at Syracuse University on Nov. 11, 1874. 2222 Pearl Top Row: Rietta Caroline Adkins, Diane Louise Alexander, Carolyn Margaret Anderson, Patricia Louise Anderson, Ann Cathryn Baird, Pamela Jane Barr, Suzanne Bealle, Jenna Lou Bell. Second Row: Kathleen Gayle Ber- gen, Wanda Elaine Bergen, Susan Mary Blair, Jan Carole Bostick, Patricia Kay Bowers, Antoinette Bracher, Kay Ann Bransford, Laura Jean Brooking. Third Row: Sandra Gayle Brooks, Linda Rae Brown, Yvonne Joyce Bryson, Audrey Alice Buchert, Dorothy Elizabeth Buttery, Margie Ann Carr, Barbara Anne Carroll, Linda Lee Gather. Fourth Row: Cathy Belle Clarke, Mary Ann Clarke, Margaret Eliza- beth Coleman, Connie Anne Col- lier, Shirley Anne Collier, Mar- garet Phoebe Craig, Rose Mar- garet ( ' rim, Jo Lynn Cunningham, Coralie Elizabeth Davis. Fifth Row: Susan Davis, Susan Moorer Davis, Susan Ellen Denson, Nancy Elaine Dodgen, Nancy Jane Downing, Dolores Lynn Duder- stadt, Frances Kaye Eckman, Caro- lyn Jean Emmott, Cameron Rose Engelke. Page 260 :, c, 1 1 Top Row: Janet Denena Evans, Donna Foster, Jane Elizabeth Frank, Judith Jean French, Sheila Elizabeth Gallagher, Johanna Cath- erine Gebhart, Jane Louise Gibson, Sally Glenn. Second Row: Alice Beth Goodwin, Betty Jean Hardaway, Sally Ann Harris, Barbara June Henson, Bar- bara Ruth Higley, Alice Susan Horn, Sherri Jean Horton, Carol Ann Howie. Third Row: Judy Jan Howie, Jan Huddleston, Martha Lonnette Hud- kins, Linda Ann Hutchins, Billie Kay Johnson, Mary Linda Kates, Carolyn Joan Keck, Mar garet Sue Keir. Fourth Row: Nancy Victoria Ken- nedy, Sabra Jane Knape, Sally Jane Knight, Jo Nell Knize, Karen Jean Lavender, Lillie Jane Lay, Lucy Ann Leaton, Donna Marie LeBlanc. Fifth Row: Cheryl Kay Lee, Jean Christine Leeper, Virginia Dale Longmoor, Molly Aileen Mathis, Kathryn Lynn McDowell, Diana Kay McGaha, Mary Gray McGee, Helene Ruth Meehan. r t B I ' 7 " op Row: Judy Ann Meriwether, Margaret Carter Montgomery, Mary Elizabeth Montgomery, Mary Ellen Newberry, Margie Clair Owens, Judith Craig Parish, Mary Kay Parr, Jo Anne Paul. Second Row: Jacqueline Lorraine Payton, Jane Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Susan Lynn Pfeiffer, Karen Ann Rodgers, Nina Elizabeth Rossi, Janice Ann Routt, Jane Ellen Sachse, Lauren Ann Schulze. Third Row: Sara Linda Segrest, Lynn Atwood Seward, Michael Shelton, Brenda Shepherd, Caro- lyn Simmons, Carol Louise Smith, Carolyn Deborah Smith, Kay Lang Stewart. Fourth Roiv: Beverly Kaye Still, Suzanne Summerhi ll, Sandra Lee Swanland, Marilyn Kay Teal, Bob- bie Diane Thomson, Catherine Grace Trapolino, Carol Ann Volz, Hillary Anne Walton. Fifth Row: Emma Leigh Wash- burn, Marilyn Kay Weeks, Marcy Kay White, Patricia Jane Wiggins, Marion Lynita Willsey, Frances Lenieu Wood, Susan Kay Wylie, Pam Zapp. Page 261 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 2401 Pearl MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Mary Patricia Bruni Margery Lee Clarkson Catherine Anne Coates Criswell Cohagen Jane Gould Cornick Rebecca Ann Davis Carolyn Jane Deshon Jean Bell Dullnig Judy Fay Gable Karen Gutches Rebecca Hornsby Donna Ament Jessen Jeanne Louise Johnson Susan Camille Lee Sally Gay Lewis Anne Figgatt Lovell Jean Royce Merritt Margaret Ruth Miller Susan Rowan Philbin Phyllis Elaine Reed Lurana Elizabeth Ritter Gail Rosborough Anita Scott Becky Sue Snodgrass Hilda Gabriela Stockmeyer Nancy Ellen Vaughan Kristin Helen vonKreisler Myra Nell Ware Nancy Nevers Williams Theta sisters surprised each other with gifts at a big and little sister party. Kappa Alpha Theta officers were Nancy Elizabeth Dean, president; Mary Nell Jeffers, first vice-president; Jane Gould Cornick, second vice-president; Louisa Perry Ma- hone, recording secretary; and Pamela Forbes Crain, treasurer. Housemother was Mrs. Lila Finley. Activities in- cluded a scholarship banquet, Sing-Song, and a Big-Little Sister Christmas party. The group was founded at Indiana Asbury University in 1870, and at the University in 1904. Top Row: Elizabeth Ann Adams, Mary Frances Andrews, Henrietta Julia Armstrong, Catherine Graves Baker, Linda Anne Baldwin, Lana Jo Ball, Catherine Johnson Bean- land, Rebecca Beeley. Second Row: Libby Belk, Eliza- beth Margaret Belknap, Mary Elizabeth Bell, Betty Adele Bord- ages, Lucinda Louise Bowden, Randa Lea Bowyer, Sally Nell Brady, Carolyn Jean Butler. Third Row: Diana Barabra Butler, Elizabeth Arrington Calvert, Ann Brockenbrough Carlson, Juliet Gor- ham Carnahan, Carol Jane Carpen- ter, Kathleen Jane Carter, Mary Hall Carter, Mary Dorsey Cart- wright. Fourth Row: Clay Burns Christen- sen, Helen Dale Coe, Diann Conly, Louise Clarkson Connally, Sharon Eileen Coursey, Olive Corine Crain, Pamela Forbes Crain, Anne Kurd Cronwall. Fifth Row: Susan Margaret Cush- man, Dorothy Dunn Davis, Nancy Elizabeth Dean, Anne Louise Dick- inson, Elizabeth Lansing Doherty, Polly Ann Doherty, Michaele Ann Dougherty, Donna Drennen. Page 262 . ) Top Row: Dianne Duncan, Linda Paige Eastland, Nancy Faubion, Joan Elizabeth Flack, Kate Tarry Flack, Barry Dorothy Flippen, Vic- toria Ann Foxhall, Alatia Plow- man Francis, Jane Plowman Fran- Second Row: Byrd Fuertes, Dianne Fulbright, Sally Ann Galvin, Gail Lois Gardner, Constance Faye Gil- liam, Gail Griffiths, Carol Louise Grover, Daryl Hale Guinn, Carolyn Ruth Hamilton. Third Row: Ann Elizabeth Harvey, Claire Henderson, Suzanne Hender- son, Barbara Ann Henry, Frances Olivia Hill, Barbara Holly Himel, Leslie Louise Houser, Sally Jane Hoverstock, Sue Ann Hoverstock. Fourth Row: Mary Nell Jeffers, Janet Milanne Johnson, Joan Carol Johnson, Virginia Ann Johnston, Nancy Lee Joseph, Austin LeRoy Kern, Freda Adelaide Kline, Cal- anne Dee Koenig, Patricia Ann Leeds. Fifth Row: Nancy Madeline Lu- ton, Katherine Maria Maer, Louisa Perry Mahone, Sara Nancy Mann, Mary Elizabeth Mast, Verner Sue Matthews, Margery Hita Mayfield, Joanne McClelland, Coleene Me- Cracken. KAO Top Rote: Virginia Harris Meyers, Stephanie Anne Millard, Maryln Alice Miller, Sally Ann More- house, Susan Lyn Morehouse, Susan Elizabeth Morris, Elizabeth Nalle, Sally Louise Neely, Anne Stout Newton. Second Row: Mary Jane Northrup, Laura Laird Overton, Katherine Anne Pace, Barbara Anne Parker, Martha Anne Peden, Kathy Pow- ers, Linda Janice Regan, Helen Agnes Reser, Betsy Lucindy Rob- Third Row: Judith Marie Robi- nett, Jane Brite Roderick, Linn Carter Rumsey, Frances Ann Schmerbeck, Sara Ann Schmidt, Nancy Ann Sharp, Sherry Lou Simpson, Carol Geraldine Smith, Gerri Clark Smyser. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Katherine Steinle, Christine Paula Stewart, Sue Ellen Stokes, Lynne Waite Stoltenberg, Alice Stuart Taylor, Dorothy Thomas, Judith Ann Tis- dale, Jane Lenore Vineyard, Na- talie Temple Walker. Fifth Row: Kristin Katherine Way, Carolyn West, Patty Ann Wheat- ley, Suzanne Wheatley, Daisy Clark Whitridge, Alice Merlin Wiemers, Diana Catherine Willis, Jan Willoughby, Julia Caroline Wilson. Page 263 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Officers for Kappa Kappa Gamma this year were Bar- bara Lynn Stone, president; Elizabeth Claire Herd, first vice-president; Lucia Carolyn Painter, second vice-presi- dent; Helen Elizabeth Van Wagoner, recording secretary; and Penelope Schwer, corresponding secretary. Housemoth- ers were Mrs. Lucy Worthley and Mrs. Eunice Spoeneman. Kappa ' s had a Dad ' s Day brunch, Halloween party, Apple Polishing party for professors, and a Fratty Friends party. 2001 University MEMBERS NOT PICTURED After a football win the Kappas gave their coach a free ride. Virginia Ann Akridge Maria Lee Alexander Elizabeth M. Bachman Elizabeth Smith Bowen Susan K. Boyd Elizabeth Ruth Brown Nancy Jane Compere Mary Compton Brenda Joy Cowper Susan Jean Darmer Sandra Kay Fish Diana Gail Fleming Melinda U. Fry Susan Barbara German Ann Gerrard Linda Lea Goss Mary Adele Hardie Susan Wells Hartman Holly L. Hemphill Eleanor T. Hutcheson Catherine B. Jacob Michael H. James Martha Jean Jennings Julianne Kirklin Nancy Ann Martin Carol Olivia Mason Peggy Lou McCafferty Martha Megan McCarthy Gigi McCuistion Mary Lynn McKinley Jan Annabel Miller Terri Moore Patricia A. Munn Ellen Melissa Noel Helen J. Penland Sydney Philen Donna Lee Priddy Sue Ann Ragsdale Rhonda Jo Riner Margaret L. Robinson Nancy Ann Schwer Sondra Jean Smith Susan Elizabeth Stegner Paula Wynne Stephens Mary Nell Sticksel Andrea Lee Tittle Julie Groos Towler Nancy C. Varner Lynne Walton Susan Warriner Ginger Washington Top Row: Nancy Lynn Armstrong, Katharene Judy Aspinwall, Kath- ryn Mary Austin, Betty Jo Deal, Lynne Adair Beavers, Nancy Eliz- abeth Bell, Lucy Minette Brants, Betsy Lynn Brooks. Second Row: Anne Warwick Brown, Nancy Lee Brown, Beverly Sue Bunting, Karen Amelia Bynum, Frances Fotini Chamberlain, Jo Anne Chamberlin, Virginia Scott Chaney, Susan Jane Clarke. Third Row: Lynn Shaw Clawater, Elizabeth Randolph Clopton, Susan Elaine Cope, Catherine Bidenharn Dennis, Susie M. De Sanders, Mary Bowne Dransfield, Martha Lynne Etzel, Linda Gail Fitch. Fourth Row: Susan Downs Fry, Linda Garnett, Susan Gay Gettier, Sharon Ruth Hardin, Jane Bieden- harn Hargis, Jean Ann Heiligen- thai, Elizabeth Claire Herd. Page 264 bty Cathy ISM I i . I " Top flow: Marilee Herren, Stacy Lyn Hoffman, Ann Elizabeth Hola- day, Bari Lynn Holden, Courtney Clare Johnson, Evelyn Phillis John- son, Mary Janice Johnson. Second Row: Margery Kengla, Cynthia Jane Kolb, Linda Kreisle, Kay Lynn Kriegel, Evalyn Delilah Lane, Pamela Ann Lawrence, Lin- da Diana Leach. Third Row: Celia Lynn Loomis, Sally Elizabeth Lovin, Ann Maria Lowdon, Ethel Kelso Lowdon, Lana Christine Lowry, Jennie Mackenzie, Prudence Drew Mahaffey. Fourth Row: Mary Talbott Mar- shall, Linda Nanette McCuIlough, Claire Ann Miller, Carol Lynn Nee- ly, Ann Paula Neuman, Olivia L. Oliver, Linda Marie Pace. Fifth Row: Lucia Carolyn Painter, Anne Renee Paris, Jane Marie Park, Marian Virginia Pipes, Mary Lou Ray, Rhonda Susan Read, Marie Preble Rilling. KKF Top Row: Lucy Riddle Ross, Paula Beth Savage, Elizabeth Ann Scott, Martha Lewalling Seay, Suzie Sene- .vey, Anne Sewell, Julia Fu Shaw. Second Row: I la I lie Groos Slaught- er, Carol June Smith, Trenna Lynn Smith, Margaret Adele Snow, Shar- on Ann Sorenson, Lucile Blake Sparenberg, Margaret Spikes. Third Row: Sherrill Jane Spradley, Susan Margaret Steen, Joan Elisa- beth Stephens, Barbara Lynn Stone, Sally Mills Stowers, Janet Charlene Taylor, Sarah Fulton Thomas. Fourth Row: Susan Reed Thomas, Patricia Thompson, Joan Frances Tips, Carol Jean Tumy, Susan Phyllis Urquhart, Martha Jane Walthall, Florence Ann Wells. Fifth Row: Bettie Townsend Wil- lerson, Suzanne Wilkins Williams, Clair Lynn Wilson, Marilyn Wil- son, Nona Louise Wise, Jan With- erspoon, Jean Carroll Wyrick. Page 265 PI BETA PHI 2300 San Antonio Pi Beta Phi officers were Madelyn Doherty, president; Carolyn Clifton Braselton, vice-president; Paula Gay Ed- wards, corresponding secretary; Marilyn Doherty, record- ing secretary; and Virginia Sue Graham, treasurer. Mrs. Flora Winton was housemother. The group had a Halloween charity party at the Fiji Lake House and participated in Sing- Song. The national group was founded in 1867; the local chapter, in 1902. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Gaile Bering Linda Carol Brack Anne Bryan Edna Candace Cauthorn Sara Douglas Joan Elaine Frensley Kay Fuller Virginia Sue Graham Marguerite Gunn Jean Horsley Carolyn Hunter Mary Susan Kean Nancy Knapp Jane Leizear Jo Marie Lilly Margaret McWhorter Eugenia Morris Helen Hardy Murchison Susan Page Charlotte Gibson Peters Linda Reed Elizabeth C. Rehmann Janet Schuster Anne Finch Taylor Terry Taylor Susan Marie Teeple Suzanne Terrell Jo Frances Tyng Susan Ross Weber Jean Ann Weger Cissy Wilhelmy Christmas time brought an exchange of gifts among sisters. Pi Phi ' s won new friendships with Chilean students. Top Row: Joanie Carol Amacker, Judy Anne Amacker, Lyn Sandefer Arnot, Courtney Margaret Baetz, Frances R. Barnard, Joan Berg- strom, Lona Katherine Bethea, Sus- an Wilder Billups. Second Row: Carolyn Clifton Braselton, Anna Harvey Brelsford, Barbara Anne Brenan, Carol Deanne . Brooks, Susan Elizabeth Brown, Janet Carroll Burroughs, Julie Barry Colgin, Carol Ann Conway. Third Row: Courtenay Lea Cotton, Flo Crady, Mary Celia Crittenden, Cheryl Cromer, Caren Elizabeth Cruse, Mary Lucinda Cruse, Pa- tricia Kay Culler, Joan Carolyn Gulp. Page 266 Top Row: Dawne Diane Daniel, Dealey Dechard, Nancy Louise Denman, Nancy Kay Dieterich, Madelyn Doherty, Marilyn Doher- ty, Patricia Doherty, Jane Kemble Dunbar, Sue Rowe Dunbar. Second Row: Paula Gay Edwards, Linda Kay Emerson, Anne Leslie Fenstermaker, Laura Dean Ford, Nancy Fowler, Priscilla Lamar Fullilove, Virginia Estelle Gerth, Joanne Geyne, Georgia Anita Gra- ham. Third Row: Mary Margaret Gra- ham, Esther Jane Grant. Sally Duncan Grenier, Ann Hdridge Hall, Judy Holmes, Lucy Gail Holmes, Leila Norris Hull, Judith Lynn Jaegli, Laurie Lynn Jones. Fourth Row: Vera S. Korth, Lilly Evelyn Kucera, Kathy LaRoche, Lynn Llewellyn, Nancy Gray Lof- tis, Mary Christine Longoria, Pene- lope Lord, Ruth Gay Lyles, Nancy Ann Mattiza. Fifth Row: Cynthia Mays, Marilyn Mays, Denise Gaye McAdam, Ali- cia McCullough, Kathryn Erin Mc- Kenna, Quita McMath, Mary Alice McPherson, Margareth Ann Mei- haus, Marian Edith Merriman. HB t - jr , V ' Top Row: Susan Elizabeth Moore, Marilyn Moorman, Patricia Ann Morrison, Barbara Elizabeth Moses, Martha Ann Murchison, Melinda Murphy, Nancy Naber, Mary Su- zanne Newman, Leila Sue Nitsch- ke. Second Row: Nancy Ann Norman, Margaret Leigh Pace, Dabney Carr Phillips, Ann Pittman, Becky Pren- dergast, Janice Kathryn Prowell, Karol Lynne Rice, Roberta Hamp- ton Richards, Sally Letitia Riggs. Third Row: Celia Katharine Rob- erts, Mary Lillian Ross, Anne Ken- nedy Rumsey, Pamela Sanders, Elizabeth Anne Sauer, Harriet Jane Schoellkopf, Tetine Aline Sentell, Barbara Alice Shank, Linda Gail Shank. Fourth Row: Sallie Sue Skelley, Nancy Elizabeth Smith, Susan Wood Soriero, Kathy Stephenson, Susan Ann Swan, Mary Mallory Taylor, Linda L. Walker, Julie Elizabeth Wareing, Marsha Maver- ick Wells. Fifth Row: Cynthia J. West, Pauline Elizabeth Westbrook, Mary Ellen White, Suzannah Margaret Wilcox, Marcellene Snorf Wilson, Robin Wilson, Mary Grace Wise- hnieyer, Cynthia Taylor Wood, Dana Rose Wortham. Page 267 SIGMA DELTA TAU Celia Picard Gellman was president of Sigma Delta Tau this year. Gail Patricia Newman was first vice-president; Barbara Diane Friedman, second vice-president; Diane Car- ol Eisenberg, recording secretary; and Carol Anne Katz, treasurer. Housemothers were Mrs. Ann M. Tart and Mrs. Ruby Shelton. This year the group held an informal party at Griffin G Bar G, a formal at the Villa Capri Motel, and a Graduate and Law party. The first chapter was founded at Cornell University on March 25, 1917, and the local chapter was established on March 4, 1938. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Lynne Gordon Marilyn Kay Massman Ellen Sue Rothman The Bean-Steak Dinner reflected each girl ' s grade improvement for the fall semester. 2411 Longview Top Row: Barbara Lynn Bayer, Linda Joyce Bedrin, Carol Ann Bender, Karen Ruth Bernhardt, Sharon Kaye Bernstein, Sandra Ellen Chernikowski, Marsha Lee Cohn, Deborah Jean Druker. Second Row: Judith Ann Druker, Diane Carol Eisenberg, Donna Lynn Englander, Gloria Fried- berger, Barbara Diane Friedman, Dianne Friedman, Marilyn Frances Friedman, Vivien Alice Gaynes. Third Row: Celia Picard Gellman, Tobi Kay Gellman, Teri Margaret Gerson, Beverly Gewertz, Marilyn Ruth Click, Martha Ann Click- man, Evelyn Goldberg, Ann Cheryl Grusin. Page 268 At the Hillel Foundation the pledges practiced for their house party skit. Sigma Delta Taus captured the football team and put the boys behind bars. f ZAT Top Row: Janene Sharon Heller, Barbara Sue Hess, Elsa Rae Hirsch, Libby Harriet Holland, Gail Lynn Isaacson, Patricia Gail Jacobs, Elisabeth Page Jacques, Carol Anne Katz, Anne Helene Klar. Second Row: Paula Lynn Klein, Marilyn Sue Levy, Susan Renee Lipnick, Helen Magedson, Ann Frances Marks, Janis Irma Ma- zur, Sherilyn Meltzer, Gail Patri- cia Neuman, Susan Gail Omell. Third Row: Fredda Gordon Portnoy, Rose Diane Rosenberg, Diane Cheryl Rubenstein, Rachel Sarah Schonberger, Nancy Susan Sherp, Cheryl Dean Shinbaum, Meryl Lynn Siegel, Meryl Phyl- lis Slipakoff, Rose Harriet Slip- akoff. Fourth Row: Sonja Carol Smith, Cynthia Nan Stetzer, Terry Jo Tamon, Peggy Sue Utay, Rae Wagner, Sheila Wall, Ronni Joy Weksler, Naomi Wiesenfeld, Judith Lynn Wizig. Page 269 ZETA TAU ALPHA Ann Beasley was president of Zeta Tau Alpha this year. Vice-president was Sherry Louise Graham; corresponding secretary, Sydney Thompson; recording secretary, Sarah Frances Burcham; and treasurer, Virginia Ann Teutsch. Mrs. Opal Woolsey was housemother. Zeta ' s had a Hallow- een service project at the Austin State School, Christmas caroling with the Silver Spurs, and a Dad ' s Day brunch. 2711 Nueces MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Kay Jeter Axley Eleanor Lynn Barnard Brooke Busby Sarah Susan Butler Deborah Len Dirks Lynne Bryan Graeser Katherine Mary Hall Donna Janice Houghton Dale Louise Knotts Top Row: Rosalie Alexander, Charlynn Anderson, Constance Susan Axley, Alyce Anne Baggett, Patricia Lynn Bailey, Joan Bar- nard, Laura Jane Bass, Jane Bau- cum. Second Row: Joanne Baucum, Ann Beasley, Eleanor Corless Beasley, Charlotte Traylor Bell, Julie Davis Bishop, Susan Lea Boyd, Judith Lynn Britt, Susan Darr Buell. Third Row: Sarah Frances Bur- cham, Linda Lee Burk, Barbara Busby, Carol Frances Carson, Brownie Sue Cashion, Charlotte Renee Chapman, Kay Lee Cough- lin, Dinah Camille Cunningham. Fourth Row: Rosemary Curry, Helen Elaine Davis, Kathleen Clift Davis, Linda Louise Deal, Ann Barnett Denton, Malley Myr- the Dirks, Jacqueline Dodd, Diane Elizabeth Donelson. Fi th Row: Nancy Jean Douglas, Judith Ann Downs, Madeleine Draeger, Judith Carol Eanes, Pa- tricia Anne Elrod, Jane Blake Ford, Elizabeth Jo Fournace, Carol Elaine Gantt, Judi Ann Garner. Cynthi a Jean Meyer Joan Elizabeth Montgomery Katherine Noel Nebecker Judy Piazza Diana Hays Reilly Sandra Kay Sitton Andrea Leslie Thornton Jill Ann Traughber Barbara Delle Woods The Zetas participated in fund raising activities for Cam- pus Chest. Page 270 vear. . 5 H) 5 Top Row: Carol Ann Catton, Flo- rence George, Linda Gay Glodt, Sherry Louise Graham, Patricia Ruth Haberle, Margaret Graham Harman, Darlene Faye Harris, Sarah Ann Hartman, Jane Heart- field. Second Row: Josephine Wilson Holland, Kathy Jo Holmes, Pam- ela Hundley, Stephanie Gail Jack- son, Marguerite Kelly Jarrell, Bar- bara Louise Johnson, Judy Jo Johnson, Lynda Bird Jphnson, Gail Dolores Jones. Third Row: Barbara Abbott Keith, Margaret Ann Kelley, Mary Flor- ence Koch, Martha Eloise Kuhl, Lynne Carol Larson, Christina Lawson, Martha Gene Lederer, Lucy Elizabeth Leeton, Laura Lee Lehmberg. Fourth Row: Bonnie Sue Lewis, Carolyn Frances Lewis, Connie Lou Lewis, Marcia Ruth Lucas, Victoria Lynn Manchester, Gloria Kay Maresh, Ruth Ann Marmion, Sharon Kay Martin, Marty Jo Mayo. Fifth Row: Claudia Ann McCarty, Stormy Jane McNutt, Phyllis Ann Merrill, Donna Vee Miller, Jacque- line Kay Miller, Sallie Cherry Morrill, Joyce Elaine Musselman, Dorothy Maureen Nelson, Nancy Jane Nilscn. ZTA Top Row: Marjorie Esse O ' Brien, Amanda Marie Ochse, Susan Jose- phine Orton, Lois Rachel Pabst, Patricia Kay Parish, Jon Anna Perry, Judy Lynne Ploeger, Oliv- ia Layne Potter, Dianne Sharon Quillen. Second Row: Roberta Elizabeth Richardson, Lynne Frances Ring- ler, Mary Ella Risinger, Nannette Frances Rountree, Susan Sayers Scott, Sally Jane Shaw, Sandy Sue Shaw, Pamela Jene Shear, Susan Hubbard Sikes. Third Row: Sara Ann Sims, Mary Slater, Beverly Murdaugh Smith, Carol Sylvia Smith, Johanna Smith, Warrie Lynn Smith, Holly Sue Spence, Helen Cynthia Stone, Nancy Eileen Stover. Fourth Row: Sherrie Irene Susen, Terry Lyn Taylor, Vicki Jo Taylor, Virginia Ann Teutsch, Molly Thornberry, Sydney Thompson, Linda Ann Tillery, Mary Elizabeth Tompkins, Terry Lynn Tunks. Fifth Row: Merry Nell Van Fleet, Sheila Marian Ward, Anne Hal Warren, Jeanie Linn Wayland, Elizabeth Daniel Weil, June Lyn- ette Wells, Marolyn Wittman, An- drea Patton Wood, Sandra Lea Wright. Page 271 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Fall OFFICERS Spring ELIZABETH ANN EGELHOFF President GLENNA MARGARET SCHROEDER BARBARA KAYE Vice-President KATHY CARNAHAN MICHAEL HOPE JAMES Secretary NANCY LOUISE DENMAN WARRIE LYNN SMITH Treasurer JEANNE LOUISE BOISE RUTH SKIBELL Parliamentarian . . . MEREDITH BALL Fall MEMBERS Spring KATHRYN NELLE HAYMES Alpha Chi Omega JEANNE LOUISE BOISE JEANNE LOUISE BOISE JUDY KATHRYN BYRD PATRICIA R. NELSON Alpha Delta Pi JUDY KAREN BAREFIELD JUDY KAREN BAREFIELD SANDRA GAY TAYLOR RUTH SKIBELL Alpha Epsilon Phi VICTORIA ANN EPSTEIN VICTORIA ANN EPSTEIN DEBORA DELL GREENBERG MARY JANE DAVIS Alpha Gamma Delta JANET KAY JEFFREY CHERYL LYNN BLAIR REBECCA E. DOBIE JANET MARIE MEANS Alpha Kappa Alpha BETTY JEAN DEVEREAUX BARBARA YEVONNE SINGLETON BETTY SUE DAVIS ELIZABETH ISABELL GRAFIUS Alpha Omicron Pi VIRGINIA ELLEN GRILLO VIRGINIA ELLEN GRILLO CONNIE LYNN TAYLOR ELIZABETH ANN EGELHOFF Alpha Phi ANNE ELAINE KOLB ANNE ELAINE KOLB ROSANNE VIOLET HARRISON NANCY LYNNE JOSTES Alpha Xi Delta NANCY LYNNE JOSTES BARBARA NELL WAGNER BARBARA NELL WAGNER NANCY BERNARD Chi Omega GLENNA MARGARET SCHROEDER GLENNA MARGARET SCHROEDER BRENDA JOYCE COOK CAROLYN PENCE Delta Delta Delta MEREDITH BALL MEREDITH BALL MARY ANNE RAY HOLLACE ANN PARKS Delta Gamma HOLLACE ANN PARKS ROBERTA ANN OCKER ROBERTA ANN OCKER BARBARA KAYE Delta Phi Epsilon DIANE JANE MEHL PATRICIA FAYE GREENFIELD JANIS GAIL MILLER SANDRA JAUNTINA FREEMAN Delta Sigma Theta JACKIE MAXINE KIMBROUGH JACKIE MAXINE KIMBROUGH KAREN HOPE HAWKINS MARIAN REBECCA PENDLETON Delta Zeta KATHY CARNAHAN KATHY CARNAHAN BRYAN DANIELS JANE FRANK Gamma Phi Beta LILLIE. LAY LILLIE LAY MARILYN KAY TEAL JANET JOHNSON Kappa Alpha Theta LINDA JANICE REGAN LINDA JANICE REGAN ANN DICKENSON MICHAEL HOPE JAMES Kappa Kappa Gamma SUSAN PHYLLIS URQUHART SUSAN PHYLLIS URQUHART KAY LYNN KRIEGEL PATRICIA FLO CRADY Pi Beta Phi NANCY LOUISE DENMAN NANCY LOUISE DENMAN JANE LEIZEAR GAIL NEUMAN Sigma Delta Tau GLORIA FRIEDBERGER GLORIA FRIEDBERGER PAULA LYNN KLEIN WARRIE LYNN SMITH Zeta Tau Alpha BROWNIE SUE CASHION BROWNIE SUE CASHION LAURA LEE LEHMBERG Front Row: Jeffrey, Dobie, Ray, Ocker, Greenberg, Epstein, Byrd, Cashion. Second Row: Daniels, Devereaux, Davis, Ball, Hawkins, Regan, Denman, Leizear, Teal, Kolb. Third Row: Klein, Lehmberg, Grillo, Miller, Kimbrough, Frjedberger, Mehl, Kriegel, Urquhart, Jostes. Fourth Row: Schroeder, Cook, C. Taylor, Parks, Boise, S. Taylor, Barefield, Wagner, Carnahan. Page 272 . Physics Building FRATERNITIES Edited by Gwen Richardson Page 273 ACACIA 2614 Rio Grande Panics were in vogue during the Christmas season at the Acacia house. Top Row: Merrill Paul Anderson, Richard Smith Arnold, William James Austin, David King Aymond, James. Allen Baker, Alfred Paul Brandimarte, Jr., Roger Layne Brandt. Second Row: Daniel Durden Bren- nan, Gerald Wayne Broesche, Frank Brown, Jr., David Alan Bruce, James Edward Buie, Lewis Ed- ward Cade, Judson F. Gary, Jr., Steven Ray Clark. The Texas chapter of Acacia fraternity, founded on April 6, 1916, was led last year by Walter Martin Hall, Venerable Dean; Robert David Young, Senior Dean; Kenneth Robert Johnson, Junior Dean; Charles Albert Oliver, secretary; Thomas Edward Thomason, rush chairman; and Michael Paul Werner, treasurer. The Acacia housemother was Mrs. Alice DeArman. On campus, Acacia placed first in intramural swimming competition, finishing fifth in overall intramural standings for the fall. The fraternity also entered the Aggie Sign Con- test, joined Alpha Chi Omega in the mixed divison of Sing- Song, and gave a Christmas party for a group of Austin or- phans. Activity men in Acacia included four Student Assembly- men, Chief Justice of the Student Court, president of the CBA Council, freshman cheerleader, vice-chairman of the Freshman Orientation Procedures Committee, and chairmen of Round-Up, OU Dance, Campus Survey, and Steer-Here Committees. Acacia sweetheart Allyne O ' Banion, an Alpha Chi Omega, was crowned " Queen of the Yellow Roses " at the annual Black and Gold Formal in May. Other Acacia social events included a Valentine Dance, a Christmas semiformal, and post-game parties in the chapter house. The Order of Delphi, the Acacia woman ' s auxiliary club, was established last year. Members helped decorate for par- ties, had pledges as Little Brothers, and served as hostesses at fraternity functions. Nationally, Acacia was founded at the University of Michigan on May 12, 1904. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED David Allan Alverson George Herbert Blair Ralph Johnson Castor Leonard Hayden Daniel Earl Dwane Davis, Jr. . Peter Gail Fagen Corwin Ray Fargason Gary David Givens Kenneth Merrill Holden John Michael Jaworski Eric Gregory Mingledorff John Vivian Perry Douglas Campbell Postle David Edward Rupley Ellis Lee Smith Syl William Turicchi , Jr , , v A J i j Page 274 i April Walk Rolen tttaiy; lidael iKn. [Sing. oftke ram tftre i 01 attle iodal innal U, rpai- tesse tyoi ii W kA Top Row: Carl Louis demons, Kriss Cloninger, Robert Collie, Jr., John Porterfield Davidson, Walter Eugene Demond, Fred A. DuBose, Richard Lynn Dugger, Sam Ed- ward Dunn. Second Row: John Gordon Ed- wards, George Wentworth Eiband, John Conrad Erickson, Thomas Cartter Evans, Robert William Fayle, Berge Garabedian, Richard James Glasen, Jonathan Golden- baum. Third Row: Richard Anthony Gump, Jr., Walter Martin Hall, William Belhaven Hamilton, HI, Virgil Everette Harris, Donald Benjamin Hauk, Larry Hausler, John David Hemphill, Preston Edward Henrichson. Fourth Row: George Warren Henry, Richard Allen Hollar, Michael Jay Hood, Robert Eugene Jacobs, Jerry Don Johnson, Kenneth Rob- ert Johnson, Thomas Walter Kersh- ner, Steven Lyle Korby. Fifth Row: Michael Robert Lary, Robert George Loggie, Jr., John Forrest Lowder, John Alexander Lowther, Jr., Harrison Gray Ly- man, Paul Alan Mamaliga, Rich- ard Todd McCulley, Donald Brook Mims. ACACIA Top Row: John Marlin Montgom- ery, Preston David Moore, Watson Lee Moore, Paul Leighton Moyer, Charles Everett Nail, Paul Wesley Newman, Jr., William Emmett Nichols, Charles Albert Oliver. Second Row: Sherrod Hay wood Osborne, Robert Jacob Peterson, Randall Scott Poerschke, Curtis Ed ward Posey, Aubrey Neale Rabens- burg, Jo-hn William Rhea, III, Kenneth Alwyn Roberson, Jr., John MacNeil Scott. Third Row: Thomas Lee Shelton, George Clark Singleton, Zilmon Francis Smith, Robert Michael Sny- der, Gregory Lee Steele, Larry Russell Stevens, Alan MacDonald Stewart, Roy Joel Swanson. Fourth Row: Stephen Pierce Ter- rell. Robert Carroll Thames, Thom- as Edward Thomason, Douglas Aus tin Tims, James Irving Tims, Low- ry Lamar Tims, James William Turner, Malcolm Ellsworth Vaughan. Fifth Row: Michael Eugene War- rick, Cone Joe Wells, Michael Paul Werner, Richard Melville West, Raymond Louis Wheeler, Jr., William Clyde Windrow, Douglas Bond Yarbrough, Robert David Young. Page 275 ALPHA EPSILON PI 900 West 26th Street The largest predominantly Jewish national fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, was founded at the Washington Square campus of New York University on Nov. 7, 1913. The Gamma Deuteron chapter, previously known as the Esquire Club, was chartered on the University campus on Mav 7, 1939. Campus leaders in the fraternity last year included David Epstein, law chancellor; John Perel, Round-Up Parade Committee chairman and Texas Cowboy; and Howard Dreyer, Interfraternity Council representative and Texas Cowboy. In campus and community projects, Alpha Epsilon Pi collected food and clothing for the needy at Christmas and walked pigs on the campus mall before the Texas-Arkansas football game in an annual event. Active in fraternity intramurals, Alpha Epsilon Pi has won the fraternity division intramural participation trophy for the past two years. Traditional Alpha Epsilon Pi social events included the Winter Fiasco, a combination of three parties featuring snowmen, igloos, and ice mountains; the Shack Party set in an imaginary condemned western saloon; and Pioneer Days at Round-Up. The 1965 house officers were Rick Fetterman, president; John Perel, first vice-president; Arnold Pollen and Ronald Stark, second vice-presidents; Russell Silverstein, secretary; and Gary Hoffman, treasurer. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. Carolyn Block. Members not pictured are Bernie W. Fischman, Gerald Robert Smith and David Milton Taub. The AEPi ' g paraded pigs on the mall before the Texas vs. Arkansas football game. Top Row: Jeffrey Alan Alexander, Kenneth Dale Baron, Ivan Charles Beckoff, Myron Earl Bloom, Barry Nathan Blum, Emanuel Bodner, Jef- frey Steven Bormaster. Bottom Row: Frank Arthur Case- bier, Steven Craig Chodorow, Rob- ert Alan Cooper, David Michael Collar, Michael Allen Davis, How- ard Paul Dreyer, Stephen Craig Eatenson, Rick Allen Fetterman. Page 276 lenity, Sjftg IB squire M, David Teas tori as and imsas Piks set in rDays iidait; U toy; ndter foald The AEPi house was transformed into an igloo for their annual spring rush party. i 3 AEFl Top Row: Irvin Simon Fisch, Ken- neth Norman Frank, Charles Jay Franklin, Joel Martin Friedman, Morey Gardner, Don Alan Hecker, Gary Alan Hoffman, Harris Segal Jacobs. Second Row: Jerald Lewis Jacob- son, Leonard Allen Kammerman, Mark Stephen Klein, Steven Low- ell Lass, David Lefton, Lawrence Gene Leichtman, Stanley Marvin Levin, Jay Charles Lipner. Third Row: Jack Marshall Mark- man, Mark Robert Meyer, Ronald David Nodler, Lester Edward Novy, John Harold Perel, Arnold Pollon, Lawrence Rice, Lawrence Frank Rose. Fourth Row: Benjamin David Ro- senberg, Joseph Levy Rosenfield, David Bernard Schneider, Melvin Stanley Schwartz, Richard Leo Shocket, Russell Lee Silverstein, Nathan Andrew Solomon, Ronald Jay Stark. Bottom Row: Dan Elliot Steinfink, Bernard Morris Stoller, Barry Mi- chael Weiner, Walter Bruce Wein- rod, Marvin Stanley Weintraub, Gary Bernard Weiser, Ronald Gil- bert Wiesenthal, Philip Michael Zeisman. Page 277 1914 Nueces MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Olin B. demons Michael Dave Glaspie Weldon J. Grovey Reuben W. Halton James Horatio Means, Jr. James Douglas Paul Lionel Valentine ALPHA PHI ALPHA Active in community service last year, Alpha Phi Alpha participated in voter registration projects in the fall. Several members worked on the " Books to Mississippi Project " in connection with the University ' Y ' in the spring. As a chapter, the Alpha Phi Alpha ' s initiated " Operation Man- hunt, " a project to recruit qualified students for the Univer- sity. High school boys were invited to visit UT in the spring and stay at the fraternity house. This year the Epsilon Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, chartered on campus in 1960, was led by Alvin White, Jr., president. Stanley W. Jackson, Jr., vice-president; Charles G. Langham, III, executive secretary; Elliott Lewis Knotts, comptroller; Alvin F. Easter, dean of pledges; Charles J. Gardner, business manager; Olin B. demons, activities co- ordinator; Robert A. Booker, director of athletics; and Franklin Glasco, publicity director. The housemother was Mrs. Carolyn White, and tire fraternity sweetheart was Jo Mertred Franklin, an Alpha Kappa Alpha. Alpha Phi Alpha social events included a Christmas par- ty, an open house where the fraternity ' s largest pledge class was presented to the public, and a spring formal. Alpha Phi Alpha ' s active on campus were Olin demons, Young Democrats; Reuben Halton, APO; James Means, varsity track team; and members active in University ROTC programs. Participating in intramurals, Alpha Phi Alpha placed sec- ond in the football Class " A " league " D " fraternity divi- sion. Robert Alexander Booker won all-intramural football honorable mention. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. was founded in 1906 at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Members of Alpha Phi Alpha anticipated the arrival of rushees. Page 278 - A OA Close friendships stemmed from intramural participation. Top Row: Robert A. Booker, Al- vin F. Easter, Billy Floyd Ervin, Charles James Gardner. Second Row: Franklin Glasco, Johnny Lee Henry, Stanley W. Jackson, Jr., Elliott Lewis Knotts. Third Row: Charles G. Langham, Sylvester Grant Vaughns, Alvin White, Jr., Robert L. Williams. Page 279 2407 Leon ALPHA RHO CHI The local Dinocrates chapter of Alpha Rho Chi, original- ly chartered on April 19, 1924, was reactivated on campus on Sept. 27, 1963. The fraternity was led last year by Don Tew, Worthy Architect; Michael Borne, Worthy Associate Architect; Ray H. Martin, Worthy Estimator; Michael Ut- sey, Worthy Clerk; and J. Fred Williams, fifth board mem- ber. Active in campus and community service projects last year, Alpha Rho Chi pre-advised freshmen and transfer architecture majors during fall registration, entertained visiting speakers for the Architectural Lecture Series and served as student aids and panel members during the Texas Conference on Our Environmental Crisis in the fall. Alpha Rho Chi members built displays, decorated for a dance, and aided the Texas Society of Architects during their conven- tion held in Austin. APX pledges and Gamma Phi Beta sorority pledges made a Christmas card for the West Mall. Social events last year included casuals after each home football game, a Christmas semiformal, and a Houston New Year ' s Eve party. In intramurals, Alpha Rho Chi ' s took part in fraternity golf, football, baseball, and handball divisions. Alpha Rho Chi activity men on campus were Terry Moor, Student AIA president; Dave Burkick, Professional Inter- fraternity Council president; Garland Anderson, Sphinx So- ciety president; Edward Hughes, Architectural Student As- semblyman; and Dennis Linam, Architectural Student Council president. Other Alpha Rho Chi ' s were members of Student AIA, Tau Sigma Delta (Architectural honor socie- ty), Architectural Student Council, Phi Kappa Phi (all-Uni- versity honor society) and the architectural publication, Image. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Lloyd Austin Hawthorne James Martin Michael Harold Lanier Price James Glenn Reeves Alpha Rho Chi pledges put on skit for active members. Top Row: Garland Sadler Ander- son, Ray Bedford Bailey, Owen William Bludau, Michael Edward Borne, James T. Brown. Bottom Row: William Francis Burke, David Malcohn Burdick, William Terry Chambers, Carl Joseph Dalio, Jon Boykin Decherd, James Dwight Dow. Page 280 I : h HI ID. -;. lt ' ' -: mi . ' . ' : U -.. b i II -: :. b Alpha Rho Chi and Alpha Phi pledge classes painted campaign signs. te 1ms APX Top Rou;: Frank I. Genzer, Jr., Joseph John Holt, Stanley Wayne Holt, Edward L. Hughes, Robert A. Ibsen, Jr., James Laurence Life, Dennis Brooks Linam. Second Row: Raymond H. Martin, Lee Roy Maulding, Jr., John Scott McHolIand, Milton Ray McMur- rey, Richard Wayne Meyer, Terry Martin Moor, Charles W. Nixon. Third Row: Benito Xavier Noyola, Paul James Peters, John Peveto, II, Charles Edward Rawls, Henry Howard Rayburn, Kenneth Sherman Reaves, Robert Thomas Reed. Fourth Row: Deen Erwin Ritter, Clark Raymond Rutledge, Michael John Schroeder, Lawrence Vin- cent Sclerandi, Dan Martin Sharp, Joe Lee Stubblefield, Gerald Paul Stuyck. Fifth Row: Jerrel Howard Sutton, Don Lee Tew, Michael Dale Utsey, Edward Blume Wallace, Darrell Gail Welch, James Frederick Wil- liams, Jackie Lynn Wilson. Page 281 2308 Nueces ALPHA TAU OMEGA The Texas Gamma Eta chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was established on the University campus in 1897. The fraternity was led last year by Toby Dalton, Worthy Master; Ver- nard Solomon, Worthy Chaplain; Gary Cornwell, treasurer; Ashley Smith, Worthy Keeper of the Annals; Jim Maxcey, Worthy Scribe; Adrian Davis, Worthy Usher; and David Stanley, Worthy Sentinel. The fraternity sweetheart was Pam Primdahl, a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. In community service projects, Alpha Tau Omega gave a Halloween party at the Austin State School, had a Christ- mas food gathering for the Salvation Army, and painted the Austin School for the Blind. Alpha Tau Omega varsity athletes included Les Derrick, Bill Sullivan, and Chris Bray, football; and Mason Adkins, golf. The Black and White Formal, a Christmas party, a Val- entine party, and the Streets of Paris Round-Up party were the top events on the Alpha Tau Omega social calendar last year. The Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross, the ATO women ' s honorary auxiliary, grew in strength to 16 members. Alpha Tau Omega was founded nationally on the Univer- sity of Virginia campus in Richmond, Virginia, on Sept. 11, 1865. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED George Mason Adkins James A. Bannerol Christopher Davis Bray Justin Marvin Campbell Harry Joseph Glauser Maurice Edwin Moore, Jr. Edward Lee Pennington Robert Miller Ratliff William Ernest Rioux Charles Michael Smith Robert Clint Smith Vernard Grimes Solomon David Franklin Stanley Bryan Taylor Stratton William Douglas Sullivan Pam Primdahl, ATO sweetheart, was presented a lovely corsage at the annual Christmas party. Top Row: Gary Ray Abbott, David Randolph Allen, Stanley Benjamin Archibald, Kenneth John Bartosh, Daniel Perrin Behringer, Joe John Bond, III, Frederick Joseph Boone. Second Row: Robert Allen Bowie, II, Michael Roe Bradford, Wallace Charles Braun, John Robert Brock, Myron Daniel ' Brown, Tom W. Bru- der, Carl Melvin Carter, James Ste- phen Carter. Page 282 avea Irk- eifc nick, fc iVal- r wre IT last ATO nb, TO- Sqt Ml? Cot Mm " i 19 Top Row: James Benjamin Chote, William Robert Cochrane, Sher- man T. Coleman, Robert Gerald Converse, Gary Tyler Cornwell, Ad- rian Averil Davis, Jr., James Thom- as Dorsey. Second Row: George Arthur Dug- gan, Joseph Reagan du Perier, John Wakefield Durst, James Alva Embry, William A. Ewert, Jr., Dil- lon James Ferguson, Steven Wil- liam Fieldcamp. Third Row: Hollye Carson Fisk, Jerry Don Gibson, James Aubrey Gilbert, James Frank Goerner, Rob- ert Charles Grosjean, James Hor- ace Hall, Robert Lloyd Harper. Fourth Row: Cameron Chapman Harris, Robert Wayne Hellbusch, Robert Michael Hillman, John Douglas Hines, Richard Dolan Hol- der, John William Hoover, Jr., Richard Evans Houser. Fifth Row: Ralph Thomas Hull, Johnny Wade Irvin, Lawson Finis Jacks, III, Thomas Clayton Land- reth, Harry Stuart Lang, McHenry Lee, Richard Curtis Lindemann. ATO Top Row: James Edward Lokey, William Franklin Mason, Jimmy Paul Maxcey, James Mayo Miller, William Byron Minyard, David An- drew Morris, Frederick Clarke Morse. Second Row: Harold McCann Northington, Jr., Claude Gene Par- due, Scott Lee Peden, Milton Whiteside Phair, Jr., Timothy Gage Pickering Charles Malcolm Pogue, II, John Bernard Porter. Third Row: Gregory Paul Powers, David Welton Price, Russell Ken- non Quin, Thomas Luhn Royce, Robert Jerry Sadler, Charles Rich- ard Selke, Edgar Ashley Smith. Fourth Row: Gavin Harris Smith, Reginald Sheffield Smith, Dean Gray Staley, Edwin Lee Summers, H. F. Turley, Kirk Patrick Urqu- hart, Dalton Dale Walton. Fifth Row: Jeff A. Weinberger, Russell Franklin Welch, Thomas Jefferson Welch, III, Eugene Wer- lin. Jr., Leonard Wilson, James Nelms Winfrey, James Ruston Wittliff. Page 283 BETA THETA PI 2317 Shoal Creek MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Linus Lee Baer Anderson Heath Bracht Charles Richard Buffington John Paul Burton Steven Leonard Crowell Samuel Hall Evans Allan Wade Key Charles Schriener Labatt Steven Quincy Lee James Wallace McDugald Hugh Clinton Pendery Clayton Dunning Pledger Robert Nathan Rule Woodrow Wilson Scott Temple Cunningham Stark Edward Kendrick Tatum Roy Stafford Washburn David Lee Wheelis Miami University in Ohio was the site of Beta Theta Pi ' s fo unding on Aug. 8, 1839. The local Beta Omicron chapter was established in 1885. Campus leaders in the fraternity included James Dyer, Phi Beta Kappa. Spur, Phi Eta Sigma, member of Student Assembly; Larry Guillot, Student Assemblyman, Visiting Fellows Committee, government committees; William Cock- rell, Union committees, student government, Visiting Fel- lows Committee; Stanley Hupfeld, member of 1963 National Championship football team, Varsity Carnival; Robert Prather, president CBA junior class; George Overstreet, Phi Eta Sigma, Texas Cowboys; Frank Weisser, Phi Eta Sig- ma; Robert Greenwood, Varsity Carnival chairman; Rich- ard Erdmann and Robert Greenwood, 1965 Sing-Song Chairmen; and Samuel Evans, Interfraternity Council. All Beta pledges participated in Freshman Council. In community projects last year, Beta Theta Pi held a Christmas party at the Austin State School, collected money for the United Fund and held a " lottery " service on Dimes ' Day. Beta ' s active on University varsity athletic teams were Linus Lee Baer. Wesley Barnes, Mike Rose, Wade Key, and Robert Leach, football team members; Bi ll Marshall, cap- tain, Longhorn tennis team; Jim Raup, baseball; Alan Nalle and Steve Crowell, swimming; John Elick, track; and Phil Worsham, basketball. Beta Theta Pi also had 90 per cent participation in intramurals, placing first in " B " divi- sion basketball and runner-up in " A " tennis. Beta Theta Pi officers last year were George Allen Over- street, Jr., president; Milton Phillip Jenkins, vice-president; John Gary Rule, treasurer; Edward Kendrick Tatum, Jr., pledge trainer; and Temple Cunningham Stark, rush cap- tain. The Beta housemother was Mrs. Gertrude Martin, and the fraternity sweetheart was JoAnn Meixner, an Alpha Epsilon Phi. Beta ' s proudly displayed their first place Sing-Sonfi trophy for the fraternity division in 1965. Page 284 Top ?o;: Randall Robert Ache- son, Barry Elaine Anderson, David Alan Archer, Thomas Kirby Ball, David Roy Bednar, Charles Henry Bintliff, Charles Leroy Borgeson, James Malcolm Brown. Second Row: Bill Owen Bull, Brian Lee C annon, Richard Charles Carmichael, Joseph Alden Clarke, William Foster Cockrell, David Bruce Cook, Jack Barton Corley, Dan Evans Crutchfield. Third Row: Charles Albert Dea- son, Jr., James Patrick Deely, Brian Kevin Delaney, Joseph Bi- edenharn Dennis, Raymond Den- son Dueser, Michael Middleton Dunson, James Simpson Dyer, John Vincent Elick. Fourth Row: Richard Frederick Erdmann, Steven Edgar Ezell, Mi- chael James Ford, Robert Bruce Greenwood, Jr., Donald Ray Gregg, Larry Guillot, William Dow Hamm, III, George Wayne Har- court. Fifth Row: Norton Bassett Hargis, Jr., Thomas Calvin Hazelwood, Heron Johnson Head, James Wil- liam Hindman, Charles Augustus Holshouser, Jr., James Lawrence Hull, Jr., Stanley Francis Hupfeld, Jr., Stephen Aubrey James. Bon Top Row: Milton Phillip Jenkins, Charles S. Labatt, Sam Houston Lane, III, Leslie Lawrence Lentz, Jr., Wesley Joseph Leverich, Mi- chael Reginald Maberry, Al Mat- thew Magliolo, William Harbert Marshall. Second Row: Alan Bart Mickish, David Murray Moore, Scott Web- ber Mooring, III, Charles Coppage Murray, Alan Woods Nalle, George Allen Overstreet, Jr., James Lee Pardue, Jr., John Charles Parsons. Third Row: Hal Winthrop Pike, Gary Brian Powell, Robert Charles Prather, James Robert Raup, Eddie Don Roberts, Donald Ira Robin- son, II, Michael Steven Rose, John Garv Rule. Fourth Row: Frank C. Schuller, Carl Conway Sealer, Robert Alan Shoop, Jr., Durward Allen South, David Stephenson, Reginald Mar- ion Taylor, Joseph Phil Thrash, Jack Wilson Tucker, Jr. Fifth Row: Richard Sidney Van Zant, Michael James Waldron, Frank Martin Weisser, Paul Alan Wheelis, Christopher Wallace Wil- liams, William Rawls Wolf, John Andrew Yeager. Page 285 CHI PHI 2518 Leon The Chi Phi ' s and their dates toasted the holiday season at the Christmas formal. The oldest social fraternity in existence, Chi Phi, was founded nationally at Princeton University on Dec. 24, 1824. The Nu chapter was established on the University campus on March 19, 1892. Active on campus last year, Chi Phi won second place in Varsity Carnival concession competition, sponsored the win- ning Varsity Carnival Queen, Susan Carol Stephens of Delta Zeta sorority, and was awarded the runner-up trophy in Dad ' s Day participation competition. Chi Phi activity men included John Matlock, Student As- sociation Evaluation Committee chairman and Rep Party Steering Committee chairman, and Joel Shannon, 1966 Round-Up Review co-chairman. In intramurals, the Chi Phi " B " ' football team won sec- ond place in the fall. Bill Hilburn won the intramural wres- tling championship in his weight division. Chi Phi social life included a Christmas formal, a semi- formal in November, a Lake Travis picnic, and match par- ties with sororities. Last year ' s officers were Rusty Allen, president; Bruce Shearer, vice-president; Stark Nelson, recording secretary; Gaines Griffin, housemanager; and Donnie Burgess, corres- ponding secretary. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. Patsy Gardner Welch, and the Chi Phi sweetheart was Peg- gy Ann Ragan. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Robert Charles Allen Alan Robert Ban- David Drew Beck Howard David Brecht Butler Parnell Crittenden, III Larry Allan Fulbright Eugene Austin Gibbs, Jr. Robert Lee Hilsher Jerry Wayne Lawhon M. Lynn McDonald Ellis Stark Nelson Lewis Forsythe Pennock Alfred Brill Tochterman, Jr. Top Row: Ervin Eldrid Addy.III, Russell Lee Allen, Hugh Douglas Ames, III, Robert Kelly Amthor, Robert Dee Armstrong, Richard Stuart Barr, Michael Emmons Bentley, Guy Norman Blair, Jr. Second Row: Robert Lommen Brandt, Robert Charles Briggs, James Franklin Buchanan, Donnie Ray Burgess, Bruce Kimball Buske, Gerald Gist Bybee, Charles Weldon Chambers, Terrance Rob- in Chapman, William Herschel Choice. fb f t Page 286 , ! iH (As- Party sec- nts- m (3 fa Top Row: Walter Wheatley Church, Charles Armstrong Clark, Michael Scott Clark, Colbert Na- thaniel Coldwell, James William Conrad, Lynn Ray Cooper, Ste- phen Douglas Croan. Second Row: Gregory Kent Cub- bison, Zech Clifton " Dameron, HI, John Edward Davidson, Dan Gar- land Davis, William David Dugan, Robert Alan Edwards, Charles Warren Eisemann. Third Row: Larry Wayne Eu- banks, Michael K. Fagin, Richard James Filip, Clayton Jay Frink, David Alan Gallian, John Mark- ham Green, Robert Charles Green. Fourth Row: rlobert Gaines Griffin, Warren Douglas Hancock, Richard Wayne Harrison, Thomas Richard Hauber, Walter Lane Henkhaus, Thomas Frederick Hig- gins, William Grant Hilburn. Fifth Row: Edward John Holm, Jake Bryant Jarmon, Larry Earl Kelly, David Hammond King, Jo- seph William Kosh, Joseph Marco Lostracco, Vernon Marshall Mabry. i ,Ir, V I Top Aow: James Robert Martin, Jr., John Hudson Matlock, Allen Grover McGuire, Paul Lee Meyer, Milburn Martin O ' Dowd, Jr., John Bowman Payne, John Thurman Payne. A Jfi JR Second Row: Samuel Potter, Jr., Charles Max Rampacek, Charles Arthur Ray, III, Joseph Houston Rentz, Jr., David George Rhodes, David Lee Rogers, Charles Belo Rust. Third Row: Jerry Drew Sanders, Larry Jerry Sauls, Norman Jerry Scheel, Stephen Lee Scheffe, Theodore John Schwink, Michael Adsit Scott, Joel Ingram Shannon. Fourth Row: Bruce Lee Shearer, Dennis Laban Shepherd, James Wilson Stevens, John H. Sucke, III, Thomas Hall Thompson, Wil- liam Mast Wallace, James Walter Ward. Fifth Row: William Clinton Ward, Lonnie Logan Wiggins, Jar- rell Headrick Wilke, Charles Louis Williams, John Richard Williford, Stephen Lee Wise, James Weldon Wright. Page 287 DELTA CHI 2509 San Gabriel Founded on campus on April 13, 1907, Delta Chi fra- ternity was awarded the IFC Highest Grade Point Average and Most Improved Scholarship trophies at the 1965 Sing- Song competition. Dr. Tom Jenkin ' s " Student-to-Student Counseling Program " helped fall pledges academically. In campus and community service projects, Delta Chi had an Easter Egg hunt for Austin State School children, an annual event sponsored by the pledge class; entered Varsity Carnival; and participated in Round-Up Sign Con- test. Delta Chi ' s also sponsored a ski trip to Taos, New Mexico, on the spring semester break. Barbara Jean Frost was crowned the fraternity sweetheart at the annual Christmas formal. During the 1965 Homecoming activities, Delta Chi alum- nus C. W. Cook, president and chief executive of the Gener- al Foods Corporation, was honored as Distinguished Alum- nus of the University. Delta Chi completed plans last year for a new chapter house to be located at 2509 San Gabriel and ready for occu- pancy by the 1967 spring semester. Nationally founded at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, Delta Chi was led locally last year by Paul Joseph Giddens, president; Charles Morgan Pearre, III, vice-presi- dent; Jim Lorkowski, secretary; Johnny F. Harrell, Jr., treasurer; and Paul Joseph Giddens, corresponding secre- tary. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. Roxie Moore. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Donald C. Ahnger James Kenneth Bergen James Ray Butler William Allan Craig Walter Clyde Francis Jerry Gammage Bradford Lee Gough James Royce Lummus, Jr. Allison Murphy Morris, Jr. George Buell Shepherd, Jr. John J. Waldrip Sailing was popular on Lake Travis at the Delta Chi lake house. Pace 288 BLAST off for HAIRY ROUND-UP Originality was demonstrated by the Delta Chi ' s in their Round-Up poster. A AX llTi Top Row: Robert Edwin Ander- son, Jerry Robert Andrews, Ben- jamin Yoakum Cammack, Jr., Wil- liam James Dwyer, Paul Joseph Giddens. Second Row: James Lawrence Gillaspy, Warren Edward Hancock, Jr., Johnny F. Harrell, James Jo- seph Lorkowski, Robert Christo- pher Meisel, Charles Morgan Pearre, I II. Third Row: Michael Luis Rachlin, David Barbee Rohrer, John Patter- son, Rohrer, Noel Ray Smithson, Edward Martin Taylor, Claude Frederick Tears, III. Page 289 2503 Pearl Parties afforded opportunities for brothers to enjoy informal good times. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Activity men last year in Delta Kappa Epsilon included Ronald Tigner, CBA assemblyman; Platt Davis, " strawboss " of the Texas Cowboys; John Frank Younger, Jr., Law School assemblyman; Ronald Hall, parliamentarian in the Student Assembly; and Malcolm Boyd Street, Jr., winner of the Dean Jack Holland Award for Outstanding Service in Interfraternity Council. Participating in community projects, Delta Kappa Epsi- lon gave a Christmas party at the Austin State School with Delta Delta Delta sorority, aided the American Cancer So- ciety in its annual drive in April, and housed Fernando Saa, one of 12 Chilean exchange students, during his 30- day visit to the University in February. The Deke ' s social program was highlighted by a Christ- mas party where members were entertained by Ernie Mae Miller, New Orleans Club pianist. Two tons of ice were dumped in the fraternity ' s backyard before Santa Glaus ar- rived on a motorcycle and passed out gifts. In intramurals, William Roberts finished third in the University golf finals. Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded at Yale University on June 22, 1844. The Texas chapter, established on March 2, 1913, was led last year by secret officers. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. S. B. Farrier. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Gilbert T. Adams James Stanley Ardrey Richard Arthur Becker Joe Bill Bennett William H. Brantly Guy Cade Fisher Michael Joseph Gordon Carney Wade Griggs John Logan Hauer, Jr. Stewart Dewitt Hawkins, Jr. Booth S. Henson Lewis Avery Jones Charles Victor Manes Robert M. Peoples Don Hilton Ray Dan B. Roach James Hogg Rogers, Jr. Joseph Weaver Russell Lowery Lee Thompson John Ernest Walker Top Row: James Patrick Allison, Evan Wayne Anderson, Brace Con- way Barnes, Robert Stephen Bick- erstaff, Jr., David Howard Boyles, Robert Charles Carr, David Car- ruth, John Thomas Conly, Thomas Hill Connor. Second Row: Ray Holton Cook, Wynne Louis Creekmore, Gary Preston Crenshaw, Britt Talley Daniel, Arthur Vincent Danner, Jr., Platt Walker Davis, III, Rob- ert Wallace Dillard, George Ed- win Dillingham. Third Row: John Stephen Eppes, Winston L. Evans, Charles Vinson Floca, Curtis George Goetz, Jr., Robert Lucius Gresham, Ronald William Hall, Therman Thomas Henderson, Charles Merrill Hib- belts. Page 290 in lie ilps- Ui4 eMae were rasa- in tie iek2, :emity Deke ' s entertained dates at informal gathering. Second Row: John Winship Mit- chell, Richard Warren Mithoff, Jr., George W. Murfee, Alexander Hamilton Oliver, George Lee Pax- ton, III, Joel Bennett Pickens, ' Lewis William Pollok, III. Top Row: Allen Russell Hoon, Walter Ervin James, II, Gray Byron Jolink, Robert Horace Kern, Dan Reib Lane, Gregory Colin Lathrop, Neill Nash McKinny. Third Row: Thomas Andrew Ra- dack, Burtis Stephen Rice, Robert Gladstone Ridout William Pinkney Roberts, Doyle Evans Rogers, James Raymond Romig, Evans Swann Rutledge. Fourth Row: William Kimbrough Rutledge, Jr., Charles Davis Scar- borough, Joe Mark Schultz, Albert Harrison Stafford, II, Ronald Ed- win Tigner, Terry Richard Tipton, Louis Edward Tuffly, Jr. Fifth Row: Clifton Harvey Tyler, John William Waddell, David Stev- ens Wilbanks, Lawrence Riley Williams, Darrell Wayne Wood, Walter Chester Wrye, III, Karl David Youens. Page 291 DELTA TAU DELTA 2801 San Jacinto Delt ' s supported brother in student elections. In 1858 Delta Tau Delta fraternity was founded at Beth- any College. The Gamma Iota chapter, founded on the Texas campus on April 4, 1904, has started construction on a new house to be completed by February, 1967. On campus, Delta Tau Delta placed first in fraternity di- vision Aggie Sign Contest, won honorable mention in the 1965 Sing-Song mixed division with Pi Beta Phi sorority, and entered Dimes ' Day, Varsity Carnival, and Western Sign Contest. In community service projects, the Delts participated in the American Cancer Society drive, housed a member of the Chilean Student Leader Seminar, gave a Christmas Par- ty for the Pan-American Youth Center with Alpha Phi soror- ity, and held their annual Easter Egg hunt at Holly Street School. Delt activity men last year were Eugene Mitchell, Cow- boys vice-president; Mike Eledge, Spurs president; Jerry Grammer, Freshman Council coordinator and Advisory Board; Bill Birdwell, Freshman Council Advisory Board; Jay Brim, 1965 head cheerleader; Dan Burleson, 1966 head cheerleader; Dan Lazicki, Campus Chest treasurer; Lloyd Birdwell, Order of the Alcalde vice-president and Freshman Orientation coordinator; John Goodman, CBA sophomore class president, Council treasurer, and assemblyman; and 19 current members in Phi Eta Sigma. Delta Tau Delta social life included a Halloween match with Chi Omega sorority, and Western Round-Up, TGIF and grubby parties. In intramurals, the Delts were fraternity league champions in " A " and " B " football, " B " basketball and " B " volley- ball; runners-up all-University champions in swimming; and fraternity division semi-finalists in tennis and table ten- nis. Varsity Delt athletes included football, basketball, baseball, track and golf team members. Delta Tau Delta was led last year by Gale Hasselmeier, president; Tom Smith, vice-president; John Weissert, re- cording secretary; John Emerson, corresponding secretary; and Tom Graves, rush captain. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. Sophia Dneprof. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Jefferson K. Brim, III Louis S. Casey Gareth Wren Cook Paul Evan Daugherty Douglas Kirk Fell Sam William Gainer Thomas A. Hill Robert Charles Ittner Mark Pryor King Daniel Ray Lazicki Charles Ray Milam Robert Davis Mosby Richard Larry Obenhaus Gary Wayne Overbeck Christop her Allan Paul Sammy Lee Rieger James Webb Shaddix Wallace G. Tingley, Jr. Charles J. Worrel Russel Clayton York Top Row: Albert Slagle Allbritton, Howard Amason Allen, Ace Hill Alsup, Carroll Stanley Harbour, William Randall Berry, Darrell Anthony Beschen. Second Row: William Reagan Bird- well, William Earl Blood, Nathan Ray Brandon, William Dan Burle- son, Thomas Alan Caffey, Robert Auburn Casey, Jr., James Winston Chapman, Jr. Third Row: Richard Robert Clardy, Jack Coley Clark, Robert Benson Coleman, Charles Lee Cox, Thomas Wofford Craddock, Gary Eli Doug- las, Michael Savil Driscoll. Page 292 Feus ion If t Bike only, Stan rof Street Co.. Imy isory Hid; id niore ud rciF itai- ma, 5 Top Row: John Conner Emer- son, Robert Francis Faickney, John Edward Ford, George Gates Fowler, Jr., Dennis Dale Gillette. John Catlett Goodman, Pat Edwin Goodwin, Jr. Second Row: Jerry Richard Gram- mer, Thomas Allen Graves, Steve Rector Gregg, Jr., Billy Roy Gul- ledge, Alton Benton Hankins, Jr., Allison Gale Hasselmeier, Steven Ryan Hickey. Third Row: Ira Lee Hillyer, James W. Hinds, George In- gram Hodges, Gregory Drew Hooser, Robert Joe Hull, Philip Malcolm Hyatt, John Francis Irwin. Fourth Row: Kenneth James Jones, Stephen Cummings Kelley, Byron David Kingrea, Larry Wilson Lang- ley, Richard Rochester Lee, Rich- ard Lee Lipscomb, John Landrum Loftis, III. Fifth Row: James Ball Made- ley, Richard Lee Marshall, John Ramsey Mathis, Donald Porter Mayborn, Mike G. McCollum, Larry Don McDaniel, Douglas Kenneth Mclntyre. ATA Top Rou;: James Wright Me- Natt, Stephen Arville Morris, Randolph George Mueller, Frank Bivin Murchison, Robert Cal Pinto, George Ervin Pittard, William Clay Reed. Second Row: Ralph Guleke Reser, John Stephen Schuessler, Robert Rachal Scott, Jr., Ray Fulton Sharp, Edwin Reese Sharpe, Charles Turner Shelton, Damon Philip Smith. Third Row: Thomas Edgar Smith, Albert Patrick Thomas, Gregory Wilkins Thompson, Ste- phen Edward Thomsen, Robert Douglas Thorpe, Richard Lee Tingley, Thomas Lee Toone. Fourth Row: Eliot Payson Tucker, Thomas Frank Virr, Steven Churchill Ward, James Richard Watts, David Farns- worth Webb, John Michael Wei- sert, Robert Green Wheeler. Fifth Row: William David Whitby, Richard Penn William- son, John Alexander Willoughby, III, Steven Wimberly, James Robert Woodworth, Reginald Glad- ish Young, Jr., Gerald Reese Zwernemann. Page 293 2510 Leon DELTA UPSILON Founded in 1834 at Williams College, Delta Upsilon is the only nonsecret fraternity in America. The Texas chapter, which received its charter in 1949, was led last year by Dean Joyner, president; Tom Blanton, vice-president; Bob Gillespie, treasurer; Milow Klein, executive secretary; and Jack Slayton, chapter relations. On campus last year, Delta Upsilon participated in the Darrell Royal Cerebral Palsy Workshop and drive, entered Varsity Carnival, and was awarded over-all runner-up in the fall Campus Chest drive. Campus leaders in the fraternity included John Orr, pres- ident of Students ' Association; Forrest Roan, Rep Party Executive Committee chairman and Rally Advisory Com- mittee; Lee Mathews, CBA Council and Society for Ad- vancement of Management secretary; Bill King, Steer-Here Committee co-chairman: Michael Godfrey, Student Body Presidential legislation assistant and Legislative Panel chair- man; Chris Johnson, Stump Speaking Committee chair- man; Tom Stephens, Rep Party campaign manager; and Jack Slayton, Ugly Man on Campus winner. In intramurals, Delta Upsilon entered fraternity division football, swimming, basketball, handball, volleyball, wres- tling, softball, and track. The Delta Upsilon calendar of social events included Pro- hibition, Batman, and Pandora ' s Box parties. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED John Young Allen, Jr. Brian Anderson Beach Robert Alan Berry William Clerence Coffey James Allen Cooley John Paul Easton Gunnar Milton Hansen William Kinsey Terrence Lee Marlatt Joseph Samuel Montgomery Piet Nieman Michael Charles Perry Thomas Franklin Rider Raymond Alston Rimkus Randy Roy Shope Michael Ronnie Wilson Jess Oliver Yaryan, III The DU ' s discussed strategy for intramural football. Top Row: John Richardson Allen, John Paul Askew, Walter Harry Baker, Phil Edward Bartlett, James Lee Blackwell, William Thomas Blanton, Nathan Leroy Brightwell, Philip Robert Bunch. Second Row: Ronald L. Burke, William Lee Burnett, Russell Clyde Busby, Robert Anthony Butler, Charles B. Clark, Richard Robert Collier, Steven Douglas Conwell, Danny Michael Corley. Third Row: Robert Charles Davis, Eugene Harris Dewhurst, Paul Byron Diehl, Charles Laures Evans, Patrick James Feeley, John Gar- land Flowers, Richard Stuart Flow- ers, Robert M. Gillespie. Page 294 :and ilk toed ip in prs. Party Com. :Ai Here Parties to ok a new twist at the DU Prohibition party. AY Top Row: Cullen Michael God- frey, Herbert Julius Goerner, Jr., Harry Dorsett Gremillion, Kris- tinn Ingi Hansen, Dale Andrew Harris, David Charles Heath, John David Hooser, William David Jef- fers, Jr. Second Row: Chris Edwin John- son, Dean Jimmie Joyner, John Samuel Kaczmarek, Jr., William Robert King, Claude Ross Kinsey, III, Milow Haude Klein, Russell Weldon Lyday, Roland Scott Ly- ford. Third Row: Richard Tewes Mart- ratt, Lee Haynes Mathews, Robert Charles Maxham, Henry Fuller Mclntosh, Morrell Eugene McMul- len, Michael Nichols McNeff, Ralph Irad Miller, David Everett Mills. Fourth Row: Robert A. Milne, Jr., John Christopher Nichols, John Mack Orr, Thomas Henry Payne, III, Thomas William Rimkus, For- rest Calvin Roan, Jr., Jack Lynn Slayton, Byrom Judson Smith, III. Fifth Row: John Bill Somers, James Wilton Sturdivant, David Neilson Tobey, Charles Sydney Turet, Jr., Ronald Ross Vaughan, Homer Clay Warren, Jr., David Austin Watson, James Alan Word. 2515 Leon Southern charm and tradition accompanied invitations to the annual Kappa Alpha Old South Ball. Top Rom: Joseph Vincent Adams, Barry Alan Applewhite, Alvin Homer Badger, Ralph Vincent Bailey, Richard J. Borden, Joel Lynn Brame, Michael Frederick Brandenberger. Second Row: Scotty Mac Brown, Larry Joe Brundidge, Claude Rob- ert Cage, Terrell Joiner Cart- wright, Jr., Don Clayton Chapell, David William Childress, Scott Creager Childress. Third Row: Michael Joseph Clay- pool, Richard Owen Clements, Jr., William Herblin Cochran, Robert Oran Collier, Walter Louis Cook, Jr., Jack Barry Cowley, Theodore Franklin Crow. KAPPA ALPHA With Robert E. Lee as its spiritual founder, Kappa Al- pha order was organized at Washington and Lee College on Dec. 21, 1865. The local Omicron chapter, the oldest frater- nity on the UT campus, was established on Oct. 5, 1883. On campus, Kappa Alpha won the 1965 Sing-Song mixed division with Delta Delta Delta sorority, placed first in fra- ternity intramural basketball and fast-pitch Softball, and had two members win Student Assembly seats, Bill Parish of engineering and Ron Norwood of Freshman Council Board. In community service, Kappa Alpha sponsored the annual Miss Campus Chest Contest, raising approximately $2,000 for charity in connection with the University Dimes ' Day. KA also gave fall and spring children ' s parties at the Austin State School. Two-time All-America football star Tom Nobis ranked along with Phil Harris, John Elliott, Howard Goad, Joel Brame, David Conway, Loyd Wainscott, Paul Olivier, Min- ton White, and Don Johnson as University Kappa Alpha varsity athletes. The Kappa Alpha social calendar included the annual Old South Week when members serenaded sorority houses and girls ' dorms, delivered party invitations by horseback pa- rade, and had an Old South Ball. The Southern Belles, the KA honorary woman ' s auxiliary, decorated for parties, had pledges as Little Brothers, and helped in fraternity rush. Kappa Alpha officers included Jon Grant Ford, I; Ri- chard Glen Miller, II; Donald Whitesell Hartman, III; Ter- ry Mullins Word, IV; and Alan Bruce Roberts, V. The housemother was Mrs. Dorothy E. Combs, and the fraterni- ty sweetheart was Nancy Lee Webb, a Chi Omega. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Thomas L. Axelrad Francis Folsom Bell Jerry Don Bryant Mark Wade Choate, II Forest Dale Cook Rodger Del Duke Michael H. Gulley Phillip Leon Harris Donald L. Markette Joe Lee McManus Leroy Denman Moody, Jr. Thomas Henry Nobis, Jr. Paul Peter Olivier Jerry Robert Reed Philip Reed Leonard J. Robison Robert F. See W. Evans Verkin Loyd Dale Wainscott, Jr. Minton Lee White Page 296 nned nfo ,1 Farisk moil ustin Uod .Min. ilOld sand i pa- ts, the ;To- ' .Hie Top Row: Jack Willia m Davidson, Charles Michael Davis, Thomas Scott Dill, Durwood Keith Dod- son, William Crawford Parish, IV, Henry Weldon Fielder, Dee Solon Finley, Jr. Second Row: Jon Grant Ford, Wil- liam Arthur Freeborn, S. J. Gaido, Emmet Reid Galbreth, Thomas Ed- ward Giles, William Frank Golds- ton, Fred Da fid Graeber. Third Row: Carl Douglas Griffin, Stephen David Grimes, Charles Marvin Hall, Donald Whitesell Hartman, Russell Morse Haws, Christopher Alan Haynes, Jeffrey Wayne Hightower. Fourth Row: David Crittenden Hooper, Robert Allen Hulsey, Thomas Eugene Jeffrey, Donald Mack Johnson, William Auirett Johnson, Guilford L. Jones, James Robert Kelsey. Fifth Row: David Barton Kiker, John Francis Kirkwood, Robert Lee Koerth, John Karl Koschak, Char- les Conrads Kraft, Raymond Alex Landy, George William Lederer, Jr. KA Top fiou;: Richard Henry Litton, Dudley Wayne Malone, Donald Wayne McCoy, Eugene Chester McDonald, Stephen Gillis McKin- non, Richard Taylor McMillan, J. Michael Metschan. Second Row: Richard Glen Miller, Michael Edward Murray, Ronnie Olga Norwood, William Paul Os- borne, Frank Chase Parker, Carl Nolan Pickett, John Raymond Pip- kin. Third Row: Henry Walz Reid, Alan Bruce Roberts, Gary Louis Roberts, Douglas Wayne Robinson, John Howard Robinson, Wiley Barry Rountree, Joe Christopher Rude, HI. Fourth Row: Russell Henry Schlatt- man, Stephen Allen Scott, Thomas Michael Settles, William Andrew Short, Jr., Bryan Cooper Simmons, Neal David Sleeper, Henry James Smith. Fifth Row: Edward Michael South- erland, Steve Charles Stringer, Fred Kent Taylor, Carl Robin Teague, Jerry Lynn Thompson, Roy Glenn Whitaker, Jr., Terry M. Word. Page 297 203 West 19th MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Eric M. Anderson Charles H. Bankhead Richard H. Bennett Joseph R. Bienvenu James M. Caruth Charles Robert Chaney, Jr. Richard Wofford Chowning Robert B. Farmer Robert B. Ferguson David Stuart Godwin Lloyd Jefferson Gregory, III James R. Hardy Anthony Gardner Harris Nick R. Kralj Joe K. Longley Robert A. Moor Phillip C. Musgrave James Olcote Phillips Richard E. Rainwater David Charles Tabaracci John Patrick Williamson KAPPA SIGMA Nationally, Kappa Sigma fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia in 1869, and locally, the Tau chapter was established on Sept. 18, 1884. This fall the fraternity was led by Rolf P. Larson, Grand Master; Timothy J. Her- man, Grand Procurator; John Carter Llewellyn, Grand Scribe; Stewart Devore, Grand Master of Ceremonies; and Ivan Thornton, Grand Treasurer. Spring officers were James W. Patterson, Grand Master; John Patrick Williamson, Grand Procurator; Martin Scott Stehling, Grand Scribe; James H. Underwood, Grand Mas- ter of Ceremonies; and Ivan Thornton, Grand Treasurer. Fraternity housemothers were Mrs. Fred Vaughn and Mrs. Joane Cocks. In campus and community service projects, Kappa Sigma gave food to needy families at Thanksgiving, placed second with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority in the Ugly Man Con- test in connection with the Campus Chest Dimes ' Day, en- tered Varsity Carnival, and participated in the Texas Inde- pendence Day Revolution. Kappa Sigma also had three Uni- versity organization officers, including the president of the Marketing Club. Kappa Sigma social life included a Christmas formal, a spring formal, and sorority matches. Active in fraternity intramurals, Kappa Sigma placed third in golf, won third in league bowling, played in league " B " finals in basketball, played in the league " A " finals in volleyball, won league " A " football, and won all-University mullet football division with their team, APPAK. Kappa Sig varsity athletes included Jeff Gregory, cross country; Kester Denman, swimming; and Wright Bohlmann, fresh- man football. Mexican attack on the University Tower was led by Kappa Sig ' s on Independence Day. Page 298 lifter snitv jt Irand Scott Mas- surer. Mrs. liana rad Con. ' lade- In. oal.a M MfM a!- in trsity fypa intry: fast. Top Row: George J. Aubin, John Sharp Avery, Sydney Smith Bailey, Jr., Walter Eugene Beard, William Albert Bodin, H. Wright Bohlmann, George Mitchell Boyd, Jr. Second Row: William Henry Cade, James M. Caruth, Stirling Alfred Cavender, Donald Thomas Cheat- ham, William Wolcott Collins, Jr., Gary Brian Craig, John Roy Grain. Third Row: Randolph Wilson Crow, Sam William Cruse, Steve Minot Cummings. Kester Walker Denman, Stewart William Devore, Jr., Thom- as Yost Dunne, Danny Maurice Eaton. Fourth Row. James Rex Elder, Thomas Walter Erwin, III, Roger Lane Ezell, James Parker Gard- ner, Robert Barclay Goldsbury, Joseph Clifford Gunter, III, Mark L. Hart. Fifth Row: David Blanchard Head, Timothy John Herman, David Car- vey Hetherington, Stuart Gibson Hill, Vance Kerr Hobbs, Jr., James Duane Houston, Lawrence Mack Howell. K Top fioui: John Howard Hull, Rob- ert A. Ibsen, Jr., Charles Roland Kinder, Richard George Kouba, Andrew Dale Larson, Rolf Philip Larson, John Carter Llewellyn. Second Row: James McLean Mal- licote, Louis Price Manford, Thom- as Durwood Manford, Alfred Mc- Knight, III, Robert Ardney McLar- ty, Gordon Russell McNutt, Wil- liam Mark Middleton. Third Row: Patrick Stephen Molak, Thomas Slick Moorman, William B. Oliver, Donald Douglas Patteson, Jr., James Milton Richards, Richard Cartwright Rundell, Terrence Lee Russey. Fourth Row: Robert Terry Sabom, Mike Ayres Scholl, Jack Boyd Shef- field, Neal Yard Reynolds Shef- field, Jr., Dan DeLoss Smith, Da- vid Noyes Smith, Martin Scott Steh- ling. Fifth Row: Larry Jay Thomas, James Ivan Thornton, Paul Leigh- ton Tubb, Tommy Stephen Turner, James H. Underwood, Hal Clark Ward. Page 299 2627 Wichita Lambda Chi ' s challenged the Chi Omega ' s to a snowball fight. Top Row: Michael H. Albritton, Robert Frederick Andrews, Roland Jon Armstrong, Burl Brannon Bak- er, Robert Henry Baker, Jr., Wil- liam Dwight Bartlett, Louis Brent Benton. Second Row: Daniel Nelson Bui- la, John David Busiek, John Hoi- brook Chalmers, Jr., Peter Louis Coira, Martin Scott Connor, How- ard Wayne Craft, John Walter Crain. Third Row: Darroll Franklin Craw- ford, John Charles Dailey, Joe Rich- ard Damron, John Harold Davidson, Ronald Stephen Davis, Thomas Cal- vin Davis. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA On Nov. 2, 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity was founded at Boston University. The local Alpha Mu chap- ter was established at the University in May, 1917. On campus, Lambda Chi Alpha won the 1965 Varsity Carnival Best Publicity trophy, participated in the Model United Nations, entered Aggie Sign Contest, and received its eighth consecutive Dad ' s Day participation trophy. Ac- tive in community service, Lambda Chi also gave an annual Muscular Dystrophy drive car wash and held a Halloween party at Austin State School with Delta Gamma sorority. Lambda Chi Alpha activity men last year included Bob Denham, University ' Y ' vice-president, Arts and Sciences assemblyman, and TSP Board of Directors; Douglas Sim- mons, Graduate School assemblyman; Ben Bynum, South- west Conference Sportsmanship Committee executive secre- tary and Rep Party Steering Committee; Jim Derrick, Cam- pus Competitions Committee chairman and Student-Faculty Discipline Committee; David Jones, Pharmacy junior-class president and School of Pharmacy Executive Council; Jay Reining, Markings chairman and Model United Nations vice-chairman; David Lambert, Texas Union vice-president; and Nick Milosevich, CBA Freshman Class vice-president. Lambda Chi social life included the White Rose Formal, a wine-tasting party, a Hunter-Victim match with Gamma Phi Beta sorority, a funny gift Party, and the annual New Orleans party. The Crescents, the Lambda Chi women ' s hon- orary auxiliary, had pledges as Little Brothers, gave par- ties, decorated the house, and held a party for all other fra- ternity women ' s auxiliary groups. In intramurals, Lambda Chi placed two men in the top ten intramural list; Dan Bulla won the all-University wres- tling championship; and David Young was second in all- University " A " tennis. The fraternity was led last year by Robert Simpson, president; David Young, vice-president; Richard Damron, treasurer; Joel Saegert, secretary; and Dan Bulla, social chairman. The housemother was Mrs. Elizabeth Maynard, and the Crescent Girl was Becky Anne Porter, a Chi Omega. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED David Richard Bowles James Ben Bynum Robert Ames Chisholm Jim Harold Derryberry Jonathan Sewel Fruchter John Paul Gaido William Charles Gray Gary Dane Jones Charles Marvin Kelso, Jr. Kenneth James Kepke Jimmy Alf Langston Larry Carroll Levitt Henry Charles Oppermann, III George Carter Purse William Randolph Ransone Morris M. Reese Marshall Mayes Searcy James M. Sherrill Charles Edgar Trapp Timothy Don Von Dohlen Page 300 4 Scences as Sim- .South- me- tCau- Faculty ior-cb cil; Jay Top Sou;: John Marcus Day, Peter Watts Dean, Robert Edwin Den- ham, James Vinson Derrick, Jr., Michael Charles Devine, Lloyd Al- ton Doggett, Rene Lawrence Do- mingue, II. Second Row: James Hugh DuBois, Richard Edward Dunn, Harvey Rad- ner Eanes, III, Philip Lawrence Eiserloh, David Wayne Fisher, David Wilson Flack, Jim Ray Fletcher. Third Row: George Denton Folkes, William Selkirk Franklin, Richard Gary Fratcher, William Edward Geeslin, Sam Magruder Goldfarb, John McNab Grafius, Robert Lee Gray. Fourth Row: John Richard Grier, James Cooper Hibbetts, Robert Allen Higley, Lafe Dyson Hill, William Joseph Holt, David Paul Hooker, James Paul Hubbell. Fifth Row: Gerald Rene Huff, Ste- phen Nelson James, David Joseph Jones, Joe Mitchell Joplin, Law- rence Stephen Kiser, David Roy Lambert, Sidney Edward Lanier. AXA Top Row: Richard Wilson Leong, Jr., Dwight L. Linsley, Clyde Law- rence Logue, Richard Patrick Mac- Kenna, Richard Dixon Maxwell, Robert Nolan Maxwell, Robert Edward Meeker, Jr. Second Row: John Blake Merrick, Jr., Nick John Milosevich, Robert Wayne Mims, Carl Barnes Mitchell, Richard Nawn Neal, Joseph Wayne Patten, William Douglas Perry. Third Row: Thomas B. Ferryman, Ted Hopkins Peters, Terry Paul Pinkard, Robert Jay Reining, Jer- ry Charles Saegert, Joel Gartman Saegert, Jerry Wayne Scheibal. Fourth Row: Douglas Mac Arthur Simmons, Robert Dwight Simpson, Robert Lynwood Smith, Stephen Kelly Smith, David Boone Thomp- son, Carter John Ward, Wendell Williams Warren. Fifth Row: Samuel Mason Watts, Tom Edward Whitaker, Ronald Har- gis Wier. James Steven Williams, Mickey Lynn Wright, David Allen Young, Robert James Zoch. Page 301 2300 Nueces PHI DELTA THETA The first fraternity on the University campus, Phi Delta Theta was founded nationally at Miami University in Ox- ford, Ohio, on Dec. 26, 1848. The local Beta chapter was established on Sept. 15, 1883, the year the University opened. On campus last year, Phi Delta Theta participated in the Aggie Bonfire Contest and, along with Alpha Chi Omega sorority, was named the outstanding contributor to Campus Chest Dimes ' Day. In the national fraternity-sponsored Community Service Day, the Texas Phi Delts placed second for repainting the United Fund ' s Austin Community Guid- ance Center. Phi Delta Theta campus leaders were Pete Coneway, Stu- dent Assembly vice-president, Disciplinary Committee mem- ber, Arts and Sciences assemblyman, Dimes ' Day chair- man, and Student Union Committee member; Frank Had- lock, Texas Cowboys foreman, and IFC rush chairman; and Bill Goodwin, Spurs secretary. In intramurals, Phi Delts placed first in the all-University basketball division, won third-place fraternity division foot- ball, captured the second-place fraternity swimming title, and participated in tennis, bowling, volleyball, and hand- ball. Varsity Phi Delt athletes included two swimmers, one basketball player, four trackmen, and ten football players, plus freshman track, football, and basketball team members. Traditional Phi Delta Theta parties were the Christmas and spring formats and weekend match parties with sorori- ties. Phi Delta Theta officers last year were Frank Hadlock, fall president; Stanton Champion, spring president; John Waid, vice-president; Charles Tate, fall treasurer; D wight Johnson, spring treasurer; Tom Hill, pledge trainer; and Pete Coneway and Mike DeG-eurin, rush captains. The fra- ternity housemother was Mrs. Charles Eugene Ward. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Dancing was momentarily interrupted as Phi Delts aided a coed searching for her contact lens. Rolland Craten Allen, III Kelly Lynn Baker Roy Alph Bechtol James Ellis Bobbitt Frederick Cavanaugh Clark Edwin Lothridge Cox James Madison Furrh Travis William Hammer, Jr. Fred Jay Heyne, III Jack LeRoy Howe, Jr. David Carlock Hull, Jr. Pete S. Lammons William Henry Marsh, III Carl George McCaslin, Jr. James Graham Moses Browne Botts Rice, III Edward Clinton Small James William Stewart, Jr. Michael Wayne Tansil David Thomas Waggoner Top Row: Geoffrey Hill Allen, Richard Lang Allen, J ohn Thomas Armstrong, Edwin Hugo Auler, Jefferson Wyatt Autrey, Jack Keat- ing Ayer, Frank Sharp Bailey. Second Row: Thomas H. Bamett, III, George Scott Bishop, James Bernard Blackburn, Jr., William Al- bert Blackwell, Rhodes Russell Bobbitt, Robert Erie Bratton, J. Shelby Bryan. Third Row: Walter Wilcox Card- well, III, John Allen Carmichael, Stanton P. Champion, John Har- old Chapman, Jr., Charles Benton Childress, Thomas Fuess Clark, P. Michael Coneway, Peter Richard Coneway. Page 302 ra fd in At Bond second Grid- T.Stn- ' ffifln- (kit- (Had- verity tfocl- ? title. ' W. ts. one tyeis, bets. nstmss sorori- adkk. kb Top Row: Douglas Stirling Craig, Leigh Stephen Curry, Richard Way- ne Davis, James Keith Deer, George Michael DeGeurin, Ronald Dennis Dillee, Scott C. Duncan. Second Row: William McComb Dunwoody, William Henry Dwyer, III, Clayton Wentworth Eifler, John Joseph Fisher, Michael Eugene Gammon, George Shelton Gayle, III, Robert Philip Goodwin. Third Row: William Joseph Good- win, Charles Campbell Green, III, William Duke Greenhill, Frank Pat- rick Hadlock, John Eaton Harrison, Thomas Francis Hill, Charles Lewis Hollweg. Fourth Row: Howard David Hughes, Dwight Winslow Johnson, Dan Franklin Jones, Alfred Lee Kaufman, Joe Bob Kinsel, Charles Allison Kuper, George Frank Kutz- schbach. Fifth Row: Jeffry D ' Later Landua, William Alfred Lang, Robert Wal- ter Ligon, Howard McCaleb Mar- shall, Ben B. McAndrew, Clyde Bru- nell Melville, Jr., David Frank Nichols. $ 4 A0 I.H Jr. ifcjr. -: w " Fw PJ I Top Row: Carl Rushing Olson, Marion Alfred Olson, Jr., William Stone Parkinson, Edwin Medley Payne, William Irvin Peck, David William Perry, Danny Gale Pol- lard. Second Row: William Morgan Pru- itt, Jr., Robert Cecil Raley, Kenneth Robert Richardson, Corbin James Robertson, James Maurice Robison, Dal e Garrison Sands, E. Steve San- Third Row: Amos Lonnie Schiller, Dan G. Seitz, Robert Ward Shep- ard, William John Shirley, Robert Holloway Simmons, Jefferis Cardiff Suttles, Charles William Tate. Fourth Row: John Stovall Teutsch, John Hall Thomas, Stephen Harl Thomas, Terry N. Throckmorton, Tim N. Throckmorton, Michael Eric Trapp, John McClelland Waid. Fifth Row: Winston Lee Watson, Robert Erie Wehmeyer, Jr., William Meade Wheless, Gerald Michael Wilson, John Michael Wilson, Paul Samuel Wood, George White Ze- luff. Page 303 300 West 27th PHI GAMMA DELTA The Tau Deuteron chapter of Phi Gamma Delta received its charter on the University campus in 1883. The fraternity was founded on April 22, 1848, at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Fiji community projects last year included the " Fiji War on Poverty " in November, a Christmas party for un- derprivileged children from Round Rock Orphanage, and a Christmas carnival at the Austin State School. On campus, Phi Gamma Delta entered Aggie Sign Contest, Varsity Car- nival, and Round-Up activities. Mike Turner placed fourth in the Campus Chest Ugly Man Contest. Activity men on campus last year were Jack Hanks and Ernie Cockrell, IFC; David Ott, Mike Roark, and Ernie Cockrell, Phi Eta Sigma ; David Oliver, Larry Hankamer, Al Thaggard, Bill Edwards, and Baker Montgomery, Fresh- man Council; four Silver Spurs; and seven Texas Cowboys. In intramurals, Fiji ' s were league winners in Class " B " basketball, champions in both " A " and " B " team intramu- ral football competition; and champion volleyball " A " win- ners. Phi Gamma Delta varsity athletes included Tom Stock- ton, Gene Bledsoe, Greg Lott, Jim Leahy, Randy Bishop, Ronnie Ehrig, David Jefferies, Randy Hudson, Jerry Prich- ard, and John Runge, football; Noel Stout, basketball; Frank Filtsch and Kelly Scott, baseball; and Jim Graham, Ricky Keeton, Ken Tarleton, and Andy White, freshman football. Phi Gamma Delta was led last year by Don Rector, fall president; Roy Herberger, spring president; Bob Harbison, fall historian; Jim Treptow, spring historian; Mike Roark, fall treasurer; David Ott, spring treasurer; Tom Van Zandt, fall corresponding secretary; Tom Johnson, spring corres- ponding secretary; Julius Bergfeld, fall recording secretary; and Ernie Cockrell, spring recording secretary. The frater- nity housemother was Mrs. Mary Pryor. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Marion Corry Adams, Jr. Randy Mack Bishop Michael Rodgers Boxwell Michael L. Butler Charles B. Clark Thomas Watson Cooper Duke Matthews Covert Barney Glenn Graham James Patrick Graham Ronnie Jack Hankamer Roy A. Herberger Robert E. Jenkins, Jr. Thomas Baines Johnson James Russell Leahy Greg Lawrence Lott Robert Wirt Paddock Luther Daniel Prescott Michael Joseph Roark Jack William Robbins Edward Charles Voss, III Figi ' s intercepted a pass in a step toward fraternity football cham- pionship. Top Row: Michael Allen ' Andrews, Kenneth Richard Bains, Julius Lou- is Bergfeld, John David Birdwell, David Clarence Bland, Ben Deck- ard Browning, Ernest H. Cannon. Second Row: Kelly Morgan Clark, William Thomas Clark, Ernest Har- ris Cockrell, William Victor Cond- rey, John Bowden Connally, Thom- as Grimerson Croft, Jay Travis Davis. Third Row: Kenneth Samuel De Lorenzo, William James Donovan, William Henry Edwards, William Larry Elder, Alan Charles Fielder, Larry Harp Frederick, George Thomas Glass, Jr. Page 304 Top Row;: John Lyle Hagan, Larry Ross Hankamer, Jack Walton Hanks, Jr., Robert Lewis Harbison, Clyde Lee Hargrove, Harold David Herndon, Lee Hutchins Hubby. Second Row: Charles Marshall Huey, George Griffin Hughes, Rob- ert Wayne Jarry, Daniel E. Jen- kins, III, Carl Axel Johnson, Jr., Richard Barry Johnson, William Thomas Johnson. Third Row: Crier Patterson Jones, William Edward Junell, Ernest Richard Keeton, III, David Gregory Laird, John Samuel Landrum, T. James Lawhon, Richard Edward Le- Blanc. Fourth Row: James Kinney Long- acre, Eb Frazior Luckel, Richard Gordon Martin, Tom Scott McCor- kle, Jr., Robert Walter McCraw, Lance Lee Mclntyre, Dan Howard McLeland. Fifth Row: Carl Baker Montgom- ery, Jeffrey Gordon Mundy, James K. Nance, Jr., Carl Davidson New- ton, Thomas Raymond Newton, Da- vid Moseley Oliver, David Alan Ott. Top Row: Douglas Belknap Owen, Michael Henry Paggi, Albert Joel Partlow, Horace Ronald Poole, James Stephen Quinn, George Ed- win Rail, John Zigler Ramsey. Second Row: Dan Max Roark, Dav- id Tuxworth Roark, Robert Newt- on Ross, David Charles Schick, Cra- ig Timothy Scott, David Andrew Se- well, David Anthony Snyder. Third Row: John Anthony Snyder, Charles Russell Sparenberg, John Edward Strater, James Scott Sus- ong, Huntington Spann Swanson, Kenneth Nolan Tarlton, George Louis Taylor. Fourth Row: Alvin Thaggard, III, James Richard Treptow, Michael Cain Turner, Thomas Alexander Van Zandt, Robert James Wax, James Jackson Weatherford, An- drew Benjamin White. Fifth Row: H. Philip Whitworth, Jr., Gordon Douglas Wiley, Rob- ert Joseph Wilson, Aubrey Lee Wolf, III, Frank Michael Wood, William Russell Wood, John Leslie Yates. Pa K e 305 2401 Longview PHI KAPPA PSI The Texas Alpha chapter of Phi Kappa Psi, established on the campus in 1904, presented a VIP guest speaker program last year including Preston Smith, Lieutenant Governor of Texas; Eric Kocher, foreign service officer; and Dr. H. Wayne Morgan, University history professor. Screen star Yvette Mimieux received her first fraternity sweetheart pin during a fall visit to the campus and Phi Psi chapter. Fraternal hospitality was also extended to chapter alumnus Lloyd N. Hand, US Chief of Protocol, during his fall visit. Phi Kappa Psi ' s were active in campus organizations and events including Campus Chest, Freshman Council, Chal- lenge, Varsity Carnival, Texas Cowboys, Union Travel Board, Interfraternity Council, Sing-Song, and Round-Up committees. The fraternity supported Bill Langdon for fresh- man class president of CBA Council and Mike Hoffman for Arts and Sciences assemblyman. Pat Moore was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. In intramurals, Phi Kappa Psi football and basketball teams both placed high in their leagues, while Phi Psi ' s also participated in softball, golf, handball, bowling, swimming, and tennis. Members competing on Longhorn athletic teams included Charles Owens, varsity football; Gregg Waddill, varsity swimming; Buddy Hamilton, freshman golf; and Alan Moravcik, freshman football. Phi Psi favorite party themes last year were German Beer Garden, Shipwreck, Casino Royale, George Washington ' s Birthday (Laredo-style), Lake House TGIF ' s, St. Patrick ' s Day, Barn party, and Christmas formal. A Christmas party was also held at the Brown School for Exceptional Chil- dren. Founded nationally in 1852 at Jefferson College, Canons- burg, Pennsylvania, Phi Kappa Psi was led locally last year by William Charles Cobb, president; Robert Joseph Johnson, vice-president; Joel Leslie Smith, AG; Ronald Lee Rhea, BG; and Hugh Bennett Ruckman, III, P. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. Mildred P. Kelly. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Coeds took advantage of Phi Psi ' s at the Easter Bunny party. Henry Porter Boardman John Theodore Burdine Bradford Lee Cash Steven Joe Guynes William Roy Haden William Buddy Hamilton Michael Duane Heil Jack C. Irwin Don Johns, Jr. Charles Samuel Judge William Lester Langdon Peter Jackson Link Jackson Davis Logan Robert Alexander Price James Allen Reece Robert Eugene Ross Gary Wade Schur Charles Howard Wood Top Row: James Lee Bailey, Gary Eugene Barbies, Wade Hampton Beesley, George Don Belt, Donald David Bengston, Joseph Arnold Berwick, Lennox Corley Bower, Jr. Second Row: Terry Allen Burkhart, Robert Glenn Bush, Samuel Keith Cable, Loyal Jefferson Galley, William C. Cobb, Terry Gene Col- lins, Bruce William Connor, Ian Laurence Cupaioli. Page 306 speaker utenaBt officer; Waal KM Travel d-Up rtet t teams Etons atrick ' s JBOIB- st year ibon. Ik, iternitv . ik a Price Kt : , k_ F 9 ' H ' P A Top Row: Billy Wayne Doornbos, Daniel Henry Eikenberry, James William Elles, Lawrence Cameron Elliott, William Lawrence Ewart, James Kenneth Francis, William 0. Freeman, Jr. Second Row: David Hamilton Gib- son, Henry A. Gilstrap, Raymond Ernest Goodman, Donald Richard Grobowski, Mark Nicholas Harde- man, Barry Foster Hartt, Robert White Herren. Third Row: Thomas Howard Hill, Alan Michael Hoffman, Darrell Ed- win Hollis, Randall Howard Hollis, David Michael Hudson, Larry Lee Hutson, Robert Joseph Johnson. Fourth Row: William Franklin Kas- son, Michael George Lane, Timo- thy Joseph Large, Mark Presnell Lee, Stephen Rae Lindemood, Ken- neth Richard Matthews, Jonathan Chase McEvoy, Jr. Fifth Row: James Edward Mclnnis, Robert Read Meadows, Richard Donald Mitchell, Benjamin Earle Moody, Jr., Patrick Allen Moore, William Tyler Moore, Jr., Alan George Moravcik. Top ?o;: Kenneth Hall Morrill, James Freeman Ormand, Darryl Ladd Pattillo, Lynn William Perrin, John Stewart Perry, Jr., Melvin Eu- gene Phillips, Jr., Terry Arnold Pra- ter. Second Row: Stephen McCabe Pur- cell, Jr., Ronald Lee Rhea, Richard Aldrich Riley, Marlin Douglas Rose, Hugh Bennett Ruckman, III, Scott Charles Shclton, Bruce Alan Smith. Third Row: Don Paul Smith, Joel Leslie Smith, Thomas S- Southwick, Robert David Stallings, James Mi- chael Stanton, Jess French Still, Ben Masterson Stinnett. Fourth Row: Frank Thomas Stokes, Rhett Stone, Gary Dean Sullivan, Jack Lon Teverbaugh, Terrance Na- thanial Turner, Jack Edward Vaughn, William Dale Vick, Jr. Fifth Row: Robert Christopher von Doenhoff, Gregg Cooper Waddill, Jr., Tom Jake Watts, Lloyd Posey Webre, Jr.. Frank Howell White, Stephen Terrence Winn, Robert Richard Wright. Page 307 PHI KAPPA SIGMA The Sigma chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma, established on the University campus in 1941, was led last year by Richard Earl Appling, president; Stanley Monroe Poer, vice-president; John H. Garner, secretary; Ulon Willis Rankin, Jr., treasurer; and Derwood Neal Banister, rush captain. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. Maurine Rue, and sweetheart was Francille Scott, a Delta Zeta. Active in campus organizations, Phi Kappa Sigma ' s held positions in the Texas Union, the Texas Union Board of Di- rectors, Round-Up committees, and Challenge. In intramurals, Phi Kappa Sigma was in the league play- off for the fraternity division " A " basketball championship. Members also participated in football, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, ping-pong, and softball. Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity was founded in 1850 at the University of Pennsylvania. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Party decorations provided atmosphere at Phi Kappa Sig cele- bration. John Channell Cargill Leonard Guy Clinton, HI John Richard Croxson James George Litherland, III William Manly Parrish Robert Dale Prince Terry Dean Rexroad Rodney Errol Senterfitt Thomas Lee White, Jr. New house neared completion at 711 W. 22% St. Page 308 Won by Pr, 1ft r, rush iofDi. tennis, at tie mad Lt- . XEcnin : Phi Sigma Kappas threw unsuspecting brother into a cold shower. OKI Top Row: Leslie Clark Acker, A. M. Bobby Aikin, III, Richard Earl Appling, Robert Dexter Appling, Derwood Neal Banister, Joe Tom Bouchier. Second Row: Fred Lewis Brown, III, John Edmond Davis, David Allan Dittfurth, Jack Leigh Eidson, Jr., Charles Leigh Eppright, Allen Wayne Funderburg. Third Row: John H. Garner, Joseph Waldron Goodwin, Moody Hamil- ton, Delbert Ivan Hawkins, Donald Edward Herrmann, William Crock- ett Jennings, Larry Bryant Mallow. Fourth Row: Ronald William Mas- sey, Robert Eugene McDaniel, Ken- neth ' Clarke Olivier, Stanley Mon- roe Peer, A. Taylor Pohlman, Lloyd Brian Porter, Ulon Willis Rankin, Jr. Fifth Row: Albert Rodman Searcy, Alan R. Stablman, Thomas Michael Tonkin, Luther Milam Watson, Chester Lee Wheless, Jr., Kim Dee Wheless, Charles Joseph Zubarik. Page 309 ...- 2804 Rio Grande PHI KAPPA TAU The Beta Alpha chapter of Phi Kappa Tau, chartered at the University on Feb. 6, 1943, was led last year by Ronald W. Blake, president; James Thomas Nesbitt, vice- president; Jerry Hogan, treasurer; and Micheal L. Myers, secretary. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. Lucille Rester, and the Phi Tau sweetheart was Mary Anthony Butschek. On campus, Phi Kappa Tau entered Aggie Sign Contest and Varsity Carnival. Phi Tau ' s also participated in Rep Party, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Karate Club, Long- horn Band, Longhorn Singers, Scabbard and Blade, Tau Beta Pi, Model United Nations, and Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Kappa Tau community projects included assisting the Heart Fund raise money in February and giving a Christ- mas Party at the Austin State School. In intramurals, Phi Tau ' s participated in fraternity divi- sion football, basketball, bowling, volleyball, tennis, base- ball, rifle, wrestling, handball, golf, table tennis, and track. The Phi Kappa Tau calendar of social events included a Playboy Formal, along with Mexican, Hairy Buffalo, Bay of Pigs, Casino, Black Hole of Calcutta, and " Go-to-Hell " parties. The national fraternity was established on March 17, 1906, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Terry Lee Belt Ronald Wayne Blake Thomas John Deal Joseph Sidney Fletcher, Jr. John Paul Rogers Bruce Derden Walcutt Patrick James Willson Gary Word Wilson Phi Taus studied in front of their fireplace. Page 310 trod at rarky Met- Mym, 1 4 ting lie ityivi- s. base- rack. Jo, Bay to-Hel " ichll, Pool table supplied much needed relaxation. Poodle attracted coeds attention at the Phi Tau Christmas formal. 0KT Top Row: Charles Edwin Blank, Jarry David Booth, Stephen Alan Bux, John Chilton Calhoun, Fred Jeff Clubb, Jr., John Douglas Frick, Kyle James Gideon, Michael Ray Glenn. Second Row: James David God- frey, John Wallace Grigsby, Joel Gaylon Halbert, Walter Steven Harris, John Benham Hawley, Lloyd Christian Hershberger, Jerry Clyde Hogan, Paul Ray Huffman. Third Row: John Roger Hufnagle, Robert William Kelly, Steven Har- vey Lord, Raymond John Martin, Charles William Masters, John Cavett McDuff, Richard Joseph Morey, Jerry Lee Morgan. Fourth Row: Michael Lynn Myers, George S. Nalle, Harlan Claude Nelson, J. Thomas Nesbitt, David Herrington Oldham, Bruce John Ponder, George Wheeler Richards, Lawrence Sullivan Ross, V. Fifth Row: David Preston Somers, William Robb Stall, Gene Philips Summ ers, Carl Scott Twichell, Charles Edward Ward, Hugh Nole West, III, Gary Wayne Worsham. Page 311 2107 Nueces MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Andrew Edward Hoover Douglas Vaughan PHI KAPPA THETA Founded nationally on April 29, 1889, at Brown Univer- sity, Phi Kappa Theta began locally as the Catholic Frater- nal Organization in 1956, becoming a national chapter, Alpha Pi, in April, 1959. The Sweetheart and Christmas formals, the Purple and White Ball, and the annual Grody Party highlighted the Phi Kappa Theta social calendar last year. In community service, the Phi Kappa Theta ' s ushered at Sunday services at the Catholic Student Center, held their annual picnics for St. Francis ' Orphanage, and gave their annual Christmas party and Easter Egg hunt for the under- privileged children of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish. Also, Phi Kappa Theta won the 1965 Varsity Carnival concession award trophy, with all money going to local charities. Campus leaders in the fraternity included Marvin Mik- eska, Fine Arts Committee; Charles Buerschinger, Rep Par- ty delegate, Freshman tutorial program, IFC, and Steer Here Committee; Michael Westergren, IFC and Special Funds Committee; Tom Van Hoose, Union Dance Commit- tee; Mark Mueller, Army ROTC Company Commander and Scabbard and Blade; and Allan DuBois, Scabbard and Blade. The entire fraternity participated in intramurals, while David L. Durham won the fraternity division of the table- tennis singles tournament. Phi Kappa Theta officers last year were Joseph Christo- pher Ransom, president; Edgar Rogers Jeter, vice-presi- dent; Allan Keith DuBois, secretary; James William Brink, treasurer; Marvin Mikeska, Sgt-at-arms; and Wallace Hugh Geissler, historian. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. George D. Pickens, and the fraternity sweetheart was Ar- lene Dietz, an Alpha Omicron Pi. Dates relaxed in front of house following dancing at the Christmas party. Page 312 Officers contemplated various proposals at the chapter meeting. 0KO Top flow;: Robert Gregory Bill, Jr., James William Brink, Thomas Ro- land Brunei, John Wayland Buch- anan, Charles Albert Buerschinger, Warren Patrick Crane, Darrell Ray- mond Delahoussaye. Second Row: Allan Keith DuBois, David Lee Durham, Wallace Hugh Geissler, Jr., Robert Edward Hall, Michael James Hanley, James E. Henke, Robert Allen Hollenbeck. Third Row: Edgar Rogers Jeter, George Dale Jonte, Jr., John Ed- ward Keating, Lawson William Magruder, III, Gregory James Mc- Croskery, Marvin Roy Mikeska, Mark Alan Mueller. Fourth Row: John Francis Murphy, David Thomas Nolan. Howard Da- vid Paitison, John Zeik Pickens, John J. Poerner, James Michael Pugh, Rene J. Ramirez, Joseph Christopher Ransom. Fifth Row: Michael Keaney Suther- lin, William Harry Sutton, Thomas Arnold Van Hoose, Thomas Ray- mond Watzlavick, Lawrence Hey- wood Wecsler, Michael Joseph Westergren, Phillip Marvin Wes- tergren, John Marvin Young. Page 313 2626 Speedway MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Jeffrey Alan Falk Bennett Joe Glazer Peter Benjamin Goldblum Sheldon Pailet Goren Ronald Michael Herzfeld Robert Levinthal PHI SIGMA DELTA The Lambda chapter of Phi Sigma Delta, founded on the campus in 1920, was awarded the Brummer Cup last year for being the top Phi Sig chapter in the country. Nationally, Phi Sigma Delta was established at Columbia University in November, 1909. Phi Sigma Delta student government men included Barry Margolis, CBA assemblyman, Silver Spur treasurer, Varsity Carnival chairman, CBA Council, and TSP Board of Direc- tors; Vic Rogers, CBA Council freshman class president; Stan Eisenberg, Grievance Committee chairman, arid vice- chairman of Rep Party; Phil Ladin, Public Relations Com- mittee chairman; and Bennett Glazer, Cowboys Executive Council. Phi Sigs were members of Round-Up committees, Campus Chest Committee, Public Relations Committee, Grievance Committee, Spurs, Cowboys, IFC Code of Con- duct and Rush Committees, Freshman Council, and were Summer Orientation advisors. In intramurals, Phi Sigma Delta placed second in Uni- versity bowling, won fraternity division ping-pong, won lea- gue finals in softball, and placed first in fraternity volleyball, with Bennett Glazer winning all-intramural volleyball honors. Phi Sigs also participated in football, handball, basketball, water-basketball, tennis, and free-throw. Scholastically, Robert Totz was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa and received the Edina Award for the top Phi Sigma Delta scholarship in the nation. Phi Sigma Delta social life included a Ski Party, Pat O ' Brien party, Nuevo Laredo party, Playboy Party, and Christmas party with Chi Omega sorority for orphaned children. Last year the fraternity was led by Murray Klein, Master Frater; Roger Shoss, Vice-Master Frater; Samuel Simkin, recording secretary; Kenneth Levy, corresponding secretary; Richard Bernstein and Steven Raphael, treasurers; and Mark Blumenthal, rush captain. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. Dave Miller. Phi Sigma Delta pledges sponsored a TGIF mud fight. Card games were popular at the Phi Sig house during study breaks. Page 314 ii Top .Row: Roger Lande Badash, Frederick Martin Baron, Harry Abe Bassist, Marc P. Bernat, Richard A. Bernat, Richard Lee Bernstein, Mark Blumenthal, Michael Allen Brier. Second Row: Mark Jay Brookner, Richard Joseph Bueltel, Gary Alan Cohen, Michael Deutser Copland, Daryl Neal Davis, Randall J. Davis, Barry Allen Edelstein, Alan Paul Efron. Third Row: Larry Eichenbaum, Stanley Jay Eisenberg, Michael Eu- gene Epstein, Alan Feinberg, Alan Jay Finegold, Randolph Finkelstein, Philip H. Fleckman, Gilbert E. Fox. Fourth Row: Edwin B. Freedman, Leigh Stewart Galatzan, Donald Frank Goldman, James Charles Gordon, Gerald Marks Goren, Bar- nett A. Greenberg, Jerry Arnold Greenberg, David Greenfield, Jr. Fifth Row: Barry Paul Hoffer, Lew- is Perry Hoffer, Robert Phillip Hurst, Paul Hyman, Jr., Samuel Robert Katz, Daniel Robert Kirsh- b ' aum, Robert Abram Klayman, Murray Alvin Klein. t IA Top Row: Maynard David Koplan, Jr., Larry Arnold Krasner, Phillip Victor Ladin, Mark Jeffrey Lerman, Ira Franklin Levy, Kenneth Elliot Levy, Kenneth Jay Levy, Mark Glenn Lipkin. Second Row: Melvin Allard Lip- sitz, Harold M. London, Barry Howard Margolis, Lawrence Allen Margolis, Eric H. Nelson, Paul Rick Oshman, R. Mark Phillips, Charles Robert Racusin. Third Row: Steven Ernest Raphael, Jeffrey Wayhe Reichman, -Victor Joe Rogers, Richard Ellis Rosen- garten, Harry J. Saginaw, Richard Alan Schaffer, Robert Gordon Shoss, Roget Lee Shoss. Fourth Row: Barry Eli Silverman, Samuel H. Simkin, Robert Samuel Simon, Robert Allan Solomon, Charles Ray Soodhalter, Steve Franklin Spiritas, Leonard Sheldon Spitzer, Gary Jan Steinberger. Fifth Row: Gerald Harris Stool, Ira Edwin Tobolowsky, Robert Stahl Totz, Jeffrey Train, Richard Ste- phen Tucker. Michael Max Weil, Ernest P. Werlin, Donald Nagel Westheimer. Page 315 2706 Salado PHI SIGMA KAPPA Founded at the University of Massachusetts on March 15, 1873, Phi Sigma Kappa has grown to 103 chapters. Theta Triton chapter, the first Phi Sigma Kappa chapter in Texas, was chartered at the University of Texas on May 3, 1947. On campus, Phi Sigma Kappa erected spirit signs on the mall before each home football game, placed second in the 1965 Varsity Carnival and first in money raised for the Car- nival. Each year the Phi Sigma Kappa pledge class devotes Registration Week to Austin charities. In 1965, the pledges did paint, construction, and repair work for the Austin Re- tarded Children ' s Home. Phi Sigma Kappa parties included the Moonlight Girl For- mal in March, the Roaring 20 ' s Party in October, and a chapter retreat to Padre Island in May. Members active on campus were Richard E. Green, secre- tary of IFC, and Ed Hughes, Architecture assemblyman. Phi Sigma Kappa officers were Jan Michael Klinck, pres- ident; Richard Earl Green, vice-president; Daniel Randolph Thomas, secretary; Cameron E. Henry, treasurer; Gregory L. Gregg, inductor; and Brad Edmond Herbert, sentinel. The housemother was Mrs. Gladys Leighty, and the fraternity sweetheart was Roberta Elizabeth Richardson, a Zeta Tau Alpha. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Joe Riley Allen Nick Allen Chavin William Michael Cox Thomas Milton Broke Carl Allen Faulkner James Robert Giddings Robert B. Graham Joseph Byron Hart Ralph Douglas Johnson Timothy Clarence Johnstone Jeffrey Allen Lehmann Robert Eugene Matlock Nolan Aubrey Moore John William Norris James Wesley Phillips Jim Brian Powell Ronald Joe Pugh William Raymond Walsh Wayne Thomas Weber Larry P. White Longhorn spirit prevailed at all Phi Sig gatherings. Top Row. Jack William Anderson, John Ross Avent, Michael William Bealmear, David Gleason Ben- jamin, Robert Sanders Bradley, Dick Brassell, Dale Clay Bullough. Second Row: Robert Eugene Bunce, Gilbert Bruce Carter, John Thomas Chatmas, William Garrett Clark, Robert Harris Cleveland, Preston Blalock Coulter, Charles White Crowley. Third Row: Clinton Edward Dill- ion, Jr., Michael Dunl ap, James David Edwards, Tommy B. Farley, William Harry Fisher, Samuel Ray Gray, Richard Earl Green, Gregory Louis Gregg. Page 316 mourn w 6j ,151?. is on tie id in tie tie Car. Devotes CM For- r. da , Apres- lajdolpi Gregory ' Hi 1m ICE Phi Sigs and Zetas combined artistic talents for the Rice game poster. Mailed Hoore was Hips I aw Ws DZK Top flow: Buddie Joe Hahn, Vaughn Randolph Heady, Jr., Cameron Edward Henry, Bradley Edmond Herbert, Jon Peyton Hud- low, Edward L. Hughes, Timothy Clarence Johnstone, Philip Cater Joseph. Second Row: Sheppard William King, IV, Jan Michael Klinck, John Burton Knight, Frank John Laird, Richard Lee Landwehr, Michael Ross Lewis, Thomas Vincent Macry, Richard Wiley Mayden. Third Row: Larry Earl McCarver, Ronald Loye McKinney, How- ard Brian Moore, Nolan Aubrey Moore, Robert Rae Patterson, Ger- ald Patrick Pfeiffer, James Wesley Phillips, Ronald Joe Pugh. Fourth Row: John Wendelin Ros- cher, James Nathan Ross, Thomas Frederick Safford, Eric Conrad Schaffer, William Philip Schoen- field, Jr., Charles Henry Scott, Joseph Paul Sullivan, Daniel Ran- dolph Thomas. Fifth Row: Greg Warren Thrower, Daniel John Traverse, III, John Thomas Turner, Wayne Thomas Weber, Michael Payne Williams, Kenneth Edward Willmann, Vance James Wilson, Arthur William Zeit- ler. Page 317 PI KAPPA ALPHA 2400 Leon Pikes serenaded the Kappa Alpha Thetas. On March 1, 1868, six men instituted the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity on the University of Virginia campus. The local Beta Mu chapter was formed on Feb. 25, 1920. Pi Kappa Alpha social life was accented last year by a Swamp Party match with Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, a Car- nival Party with Delta Delta Delta sorority, a Christmas party, matches with Chi Omega, Alpha Chi Omega, and Kappa Alpha Theta sororities, and a Dream Girl Formal where Dream Girl Andrea Thornton, a Zeta Tau Alpha, was crowned. In fraternity intramurals, Pikes won the 1965 baseball division, placed second in their football league, won their league in basketball and third in fraternity division, placed third in University bowling, second in fraternity golf, and Tini Coffey and Bill Hill were on the fall top ten intramural list. Varsity athletes were Garry Brown, football; and George Gideon, baseball. Pi Kappa Alpha campus activities included auctioning their pledge class with Chi Omega sorority in Dimes ' Day, participating in the 1965 Sing-Song mixed division with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and entering the show division of Varsity Carnival. In community service, the Pikes had a picnic for children from the Austin State School and for orphans from Round Rock Children ' s Home. Pi Kappa Alpha activity men were Terry Parker, varsity cheerleader; Bill Gardner, Union Speakers Committee; Tommy Gentry, Engineering assemblyman and Spur; Stan McLelland, Arts and Sciences assemblyman and Freshman Council coordinator; and Ed Hyman, Student Engineering Council vice-president. In scholarship, the Beta Mu chapter won the most im- proved scholarship award from the national fraternity. Elev- en Pikes were members of Phi Eta Sigma. The Pi Kappa Alpha house, which is scheduled to be redecorated by Sept., 1966, was led last fall by Milton Ray Johnson, SMC; Philip Kent Maxwell, IMC; Johnny Walter Cook, THC; George Henry Neill, rush captain; and Brian Newberry, pledge trainer. Spring officers were Rob- ert Reeves King, SMC; Morris Don Hairston, IMC; Ken- neth Mash, THC; Brian Newberry, rush captain; and Vic- tor V. Cordell, pledge trainer. The Pike housemother was Mrs. Jane Young. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED James Alvis John Worthy Alvis Hal N. Anderson, Jr. Ernest James Blansfield, Jr. William George Bohannon Carl Henry Bohn, Jr. Garry Dale Brown Donald Royce Flournoy George Stanley Gideon, Jr. John Keith Holman Michael Addison Mitchell Ray Lewis Scarborough Randolph Cochrane Seybold Collier Matlock Sublett James Edwin Willingham, Jr. Top Row: Joseph Wesley Abbate, John Michael Adkins, Joe Daniel Anderson, Vance Michael Arnold, Daniel Andrew Barkley, Douglas Edwards Bell. Second Row: Joseph Lawrence Brewton, John Austin Burger, Mike Butler, Steve Butler, Billy Jeff Campsey, James Patton Cars- sow, Willard William Clark. Page 318 Top fou;: William Steele Clark, Johnny Walter Cook, Victor V. Cordell, Roger Norwood Cude, Phil- ip Louis Daily, Vernon Albert De- ment, Tilman Elson Dodd, Wil- liam Jackson Gardner. Second Row: Tommy Jordan Gen- try, Frank Richard Gessner, III. James Frederick Grove, IV, Gary F. Guenthner, LeRoy Simon Guil- lory, Jr., Morris Don Hairston, Larry Alan Hamilton, Claude Moy- er Henkel, III. Third Row: Phillip Byron Her- ron, Dow Beaman Hickam, Wil- liam Foster Hill, Jr., Wilburn D. Hilton, Robert Edson Hoffman, Larry Raymond Holman, Jimmy Ray Hudson, Edward S. Hyman. Fourth Row: Jerry Lynn Johnson, Milton Ray Johnson, Richard Leon- ard Johnson, Gregory Lynn Jones, Ronald Wayne Kasperik, Kenneth Adam Kattawar, Robert Reeves King, Bruce Clark Lambin. Fifth Row: William Harrison Land- ry, Murray Mark Lesher, James Douglas Long, Michael Francis Lovett, Robert James Lowrie, Jr., Frank Lawrence Loyd, III, James Harry Lyons, Kenneth Edwin Mash. riKA Top Row: Philip Kent Maxwell William McDuffie McAfee, Stan- ley Louis McLelland, James Car- rol Meek, Barry LeNeil Miller, George Henry Neill, Brian Burn- ham Newberry, Rockne William Onstad. Second Row: James Lee Overton, S. Terry Parker, Robert Forrest Pendleton, Randall Lawrence Per- ry, James Douglas Phelan, Ronald Henry Reynolds, William Judson Roberts, Forest Barton Schooley. Third Row: Michael Gary Sel- man, Richard Allen Shanks, Ter- rell Eugene Shell, Felix Mac Shu- ford, George Morgan Slaughter, IV, Harold Loy Teel, Jr., Charles Andrew Thompson, Steven Eric Van Vliet. Fourth Row: Robert Louis Wade, James Erskin Watson, Jr., Eric Lane Westerman, Gary Don Whit- lock, Joe Pat Wicker, Travis Mi- chael Wilhite, James Ray Wil- liams, John Lawrence Williams. Fifth Row: Rabun Thomas Wilson, III, Thomas Judkins Wilson, Dar- rell Brent Windham, Dennis Harry Withers, Reed Glenn Wood, Hal- bert Owen Woodward, Jr., Jon William Worley, Joseph Peyton Wyatt. Page 319 2114 Pearl SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded nationally at the University of Alabama on March 9, 1856, Sigma Alpha Epsilon has become the largest national fraternity in number of members, having 124,000 men initiated in 146 chapters. The Texas Rho chapter of SAE was established on June 10, 1884. On campus, Sigma Alpha Epsilon placed first in the Ag- gie Bonfire Contest, entered the mixed division of Sing- Song with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and participated in the Aggie Sign Contest. In community service, SAE gave Christmas and Easter parties for Pan-American children. Former Gov. Allan Shivers addressed the chapter at their initiation banquet. Sig Alphs active in campus organizations included Hal Miner and Pete Etheridge, Phi Eta Sigma; Harry Smith, CBA assemblyman; David Blunk, " Operation Brainpower " ; and John Middleton, George Works, Pete Etheridge, Joe Lea, and Jim Langdon, Texas Cowboys. Other members participated in Union committees, Freshman Council, and Spurs. In intramural activity, the SAE ' s were division cham- pions in football and placed second in all-University soccer. Sig Alphs also participated on varsity football, basketball, and tennis teams. The Little Sisters of Minerva, an honorary woman ' s aux- iliary of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, had a membership of 20 which included eight new initiates. Members presented the chapter with a pool table at Christmas. The 1965-66 house officers were Hugo Schoellkopt, fall Eminent Archon; Joe Lea, spring Eminent Archon and fall Eminent Deputy Archon; Ben Baldwin, spring Eminent Dep- uty Archon; Terry Willis, fall Eminent Treasurer; Ronald Henley, spring Eminent Treasurer; William Kinard, fall Eminent Recorder; Brooks Frazar, spring Eminent Record- er; and Pete Etheridge, rush captain. The SAE house- mother was Mrs. Sam Murphy, and the fraternity sweetheart was Malley Dirks, a Zeta Tau Alpha. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED SAE ' s initiated Little Sisters of Minerva pledges. George Louis Allen William Kenneth Berg Earl William Brannon, III James Milton Carter Johnathan H. Clark Marvin Eugene Dodd David Ralph Graham Edwin Howard Lanford James Calhoun Langdon, Jr. Albert DeRoy Lewis James F. McDermott Dan Griffin Moreland John Everett Musselman William Denny Parker Virgil Albert Pate Dennis William Seibert Robert Allan Shivers, Jr. David Jack Sloan Jack Carr Staley Chester Herman Weber, Jr. Top Row: Alan Carter Baldwin, Ben A. Baldwin, Jr., Brian William Barry, M. Alan Bergstrom, Dan Isbell Blunk, William David Blunk, Jr. Second Row: Ronald Mac Bowyer, Barrett Keith Brown, Donald Trafford Bryant, William Thomas Catterton. Dick Clark, III, Kenneth Scott Collins, Kent Ronny Collins. Page 320 Top Row: John Rhodes Cook, George Krueger Covert, Douglas Coan Crowell, Michael Carlisle Dawson, David Allen Dean, E. Don- ald Dietz, Dan Kelly Eidman. Second Row: William Charles Ell- wood, Whitson B. Etheridge, Don- ald Louis Evans, Richard Wesley Fairchild, Jr., R. Lance Farrar, G. Brooks Frazar, Rodger Dorman Gaulding. Third Row: Thomas Shephard Gay- lord, Harry Randall Goldsmith, Robert Hart Graham, William Campbell Green, Frederick Parker Gregg, John Bachman Greve, Curtis P. Harkins, Jr. Fourth Row: Robert Alan Hatcher, Ronald T. Henley, E. Lee Higgins, James Hughie Holland, Hal Kiker Hughes, Harvey Lee Hurley, Scott Mackenzie Jarrard. Fifth Row: Joseph Davis Kerbel, William Latz Kinard, David Sloan Kritser, Renn Michael Lawrence, Joe Edward Lea, Jr., Samuel James Lee, II, James Rex Lemert. IAE Top Row: Francis Jules Lund, Jr., John Thomas M alone, Randolph Annan Mayer, John Stuart McKee, Timothy D. Mercer, Bruce Hal Miner, George Poe Merrill. Second Row: Walter Grady Mor- row, III, Richard Dow Murray, Laurence Bosworth Neuhaus, James Lee Norman, Charles Richter Of- ner, David Wilson Pace, Adrian Ivan Patton. Third Row: Alvin Alexander Salge, Hugo William Schoellkopf, III, Robert William Shaw, Stephen Ed- ward Shaw, William Christopher Simmons, Robert Harry Smith, Craig Stripling. Fourth Row: William Burke Tho- man, Jr., Gary Rowe Thomas, Ben- jamin Richard Thomason, III, Jay Stafford Tillinghast, Jack Murchi- son Vaughan, Marvin York Vick, Edward Pendleton Waller, Jr. Fifth Row: James Thomas Way- land, James Lee Weber, Robert Jay White, Robert Wendle Wil- liams, Terry A. Willis, James Har- rell Wilson, Keith Douglas Wright. Page 321 2501 Leon Memories were recalled for the Sammies as they glanced through their yearbook. Top Row: Michael Louis Aaron- son, David Abramowitz, Myron Da- vid Aftergut, Richard Henry An- ton, Stephen Jay Baum, Bradford Marshall Bergmann, Lawrence Ste- phen Berk. Second Row: Ben Lee Blend, Jo- seph Blinderman, Barry Marshall Bloom, Marvin Lynn Brown, Jack Russell Davis, Scott Adrian Davis, Mark David Efron, Jeffry Alan En- kowitz. Third Row: Jim Howard Fichten- baum, Jeffrey Howard Friedman, Dan Benjamin Gerson, Barry Her- bert Gurinsky, Paul Allan Halperin, Dennis Samuel Hanovich, Maury Norton Harris, James Jay Herman. SIGMA ALPHA MU The UT Sigma Theta chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu, found- ed on Oct. 14, 1922, was awarded the Jimmy Hammerstein Award last year for being the top Sammie chapter in the Southwest province. Nationally, Sigma Alpha Mu was es- tablished at the College of the City of New York on Nov. 26, 1909. In 1965, Sigma Alpha Mu ranked second in fraternity scholarship. Michael Barry Karchmer was admitted into Phi Beta Kappa. The Sammies ranked fifth in the 1965 intramural list, won the University division in bowling, placed three men on the fall top ten intramural list, and had three intramural managers. Sammies active on campus were David Safir, Communi- cations assemblyman; Mike Lang, Business assemblyman; Shelly Wills, vice-president of IFC; Ken Karotkin, fresh- man swimmer; and other members in Cowboys, Spurs, APO, Freshman Posse, and scholastic honoraries. In community service, the Sammie pledge class painted and repaired equipment shipped to the local American Can- cer Society office. An Easter Egg hunt for local children was also held. Sigma Alpha Mu was led last year by Ronald A. Weiss, president; Jary A. Glazer and Stanford J. Carp, vice-presi- dents; Myron D. Aftergut and Lester Kuperman, treasurers; and William J. Meyers, secretary. Their housemother was Mrs. Helen Bauman. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Leonard Bruce Abrams Stanford J. Carp Martin William Cohen Michael Stephen Fogel Daniel Benjamin Freundlich Jary A. Glazer Phillip Alan Hamersmith Edward Englander Jacobs Alan Frank Katzberg Lester H. Kuperman Michael S. Lang Sidney Levine Joel Steven Lichtenstein David Lynn Luterman David Irving Safir Harvey Jay Saikin Richard B. Skibell Robert Stuart Skibell Stephen Franklin Toby Stuart Rollin Weiss Page 322 i bike " as g. Nov. ml h, we men can Can- ice-presi- Mere; iervas Sammies showed civic interest as they entertained children from the Austin School for the Deaf. ZAM Top ?oif: Robert Macjc Herman, Herbert Arthur Holman, " Jerry K. Horowitz, Allan James Kamen, Ken- neth Mark Karotkin, Sam Kasmir, Barry Marshall Kleinman. Second Row: Kenneth Fred Kopel, Garrett Stephen Levin, Ben Mi- chael Levy, Lawrence Richard Mehl. William Joseph Meyers, Ronald Stephen Mintz, George Jack Nachman. Third Row: Jim C. Nordhaus, Phillip Jay Paine, Donald Shaw Passman, Benny Fred Rothschild, Ronnie Jay Ruby, Marshall Stan- ton Sabel, Richard J. Savitz. Fourth Row: Jeffry Ben Schafer, Charles Harold Schikman, Terry Wayne Schnell, Robert H. Sha- lette, Richard Frank Stein, Steven Jon Sterling, Daniel F. Sulkin. Fifth Row: Ben David Tobor, Ellis Lee Tudzin, Mark Robert Wallock, Harvev Alan Weisblat, Ronald Ar- thur Weiss, Charles Martin Wend- er, Shelly Alan Wills. Page 323 SIGMA CHI 2701 Nueces Sorority participants risked dunking during spring Derby Day. The Alpha Nu chapter of Sigma Chi was founded on the University campus on Sept. 24, 1884. The first Sigma Chi chapter was established at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, on June 27, 1855. In campus and community projects, the 50-man Sigma Chi pledge class cleared a section of land near Lake Austin to be used as a Boy Scout camping area and placed first in the comical division of the annual Aggie Sign Contest. Sigma Chi activity men last year were Schuyler Marshall, member of Student Assembly, Student-Faculty Discipline Committee, Rep Party Executive Committee, and Posse Se- lection Committee chairman; Robert C. Franks, IFC presi- dent, President ' s Council, and Spur; Kenneth McAlpin, Rep Party representative, Posse, IFC representative, CBA Coun- cil, and former Young Republican vice-president; Clyde Oldham, Cowboy, IFC representative, Rep Party representa- tive, and CBA Council treasurer; and Dave Nelson, Texas Cowboy. Chapter officers were Wilson Jaeggli, president; Ray Fitzgerald, vice-president; Wayne Patterson, treasurer; Steve Smith, rush captain; Richard Gulledge, recording secretary; Richmond Harper, social chairman; and Dave McNeill, scholarship chairman. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. Genevieve Maury, and the chapter sweetheart was Marsha Gay Gostecnik, a Delta Gamma. Last year Sigma Chi initiated the Little Sigma ' s, a wom- an ' s honorary auxiliary. The 16 charter members were led by Caryl Nelson, president; Susie Rogers, vice-president; Mary Dickey Block, secretary-treasurer; and Gail Allen Walter, publicity chairman. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Jerry Leland Barnett Charles Van Winkle Brooks Willard Butler Cox, Jr. John Scott Crawford Richard Dee Gulledge Stephen Miles Hackerman Michael Martin Hanna Richmond Chase Harper, Jr. John Frank Hinrichs, Jr. Lloyd Arthur Lawrence Robert Michael Looney William Sherman Marmaduke John Edward McDonald David Walter Nelson Clyde Keenan Oldham Robert Lindell Ramey Keith Albert Tucker Eddie Lee Vaughan Linden Richards Welsch Jon Wayne Young 1965 Sigma Chi Derby Day winners received muddy congratulations. Page 324 k Austin Marshal, pnsi- 1A Corn- it: Clyde . Teas at; Ray :Stne tottary; McNeil, a- Mrs. Marsha we led trident; f V f a J ' J Top ?oif : James Ovid Atkins, An- drew Nelson Avery, G. Tim Aynes- worth, Stephen Chris Bahm, Ran- dall Howard Baldwin, Lauren Rob- ert Bamebey, Jr., Thomas Adolph Best. Second Row: John Stan ton Bin- ney, Thomas Charles Brennan, Wil- liam Clayton Brown, Clifton S. Butler, William Pollard Capple man, Jr., Davis Stribling Chase, Norton Anderson Colvin. Third Row: Anthony Field Con- stant, Daniel Layne Craig, Thomas Albert Crum, Ronald Michael Da- vis, Warren Nelson Bold, Michael Douglass, Arlen Melbourne Dris- coll. Fourth Row: Michael R. Dunkle, Howard Pinkney Edmiston, David Anthony Fertitta, Ray Munn Fitz- gerald, Robert Calvin Franks, Da- vid Ted Geaslin, Allen Burroughs Hannay, III. Fifth Jiow: Emest Carter Hatton, Otice Z. Helmer, Jr., Malone Vin- cent Hill, Christopher Laurence Hilliard, Alan Richard Holman, Thomas Richard Hudson, Wilson Southwell Jaeggli. Top Row: Kenneth Edward Johns, James Holder Jondahl, Walter Kurt Juncker, Kenneth Ross Kess- ler, Robert Wesley Lambert, Joe Means Leonard, Cullen Rogers Loo- ney, Scott Lytton Mahon. Second Row: Schuyler Bailey Mar- shall, Kenneth Courtenay McAlpin, Peter Alan McAlpin, Dave E. Mc- Neill, III, Robert Edward Morrow, Jackson Lee Nash, Joe Pritchett Parish, Jr., William Wayne Pat- terson. Third Row: Brady Peterson, Jr., Robert Frank Pietrowski, Paul Cut- ler Randolph, John William Rom- berg, Walter Thomas Russell, Jr., Hart Eugene Schleicher, Larry Les- lie Schulz, John Gates Seaman. Fourth Row: Wilson Joe Seldon, Jr., John Charles Sewell, Richard William Sim, James H. Sluder, Marshall Leroy Smith, Jr., Wayne Stevens Smith, John Vernon Stampes, Charles Rankin Stead- Fifth Row: William Robert Suda, Paul Van Swearingen, Gregory Louis Sweeney. Edward Reagan Swift, Stanley King Taylor, James W. Thomson, Wilburn Clyde Wall, William Ernest Zimmerman, Jr. Page 325 SIGMA NU 1002 West 26th The calendar of social events for Sigma Nu last year in- cluded a Christmas formal with state alumni as guests, Mother ' s Day banquet, and a Sweetheart Breakfast at Round- Up for visiting Southwest Conference sweethearts. Sigma Nu placed third in the 1965 Sing-Song mixed division with Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and organized the White Star Sweethearts, a women ' s auxiliary. Sigma Nu ' s active on campus included a varsity cheer- leader, the outstanding Texas Young Republican, three Friars, an Arts and Sciences Student Assemblyman, six Spurs including one member of the Executive Council, four Cowboys including two members on the Executive Council, one Posse member, and one Texas Student Publications Board member. Active in University athletics, Sigma Nu had a member on the varsity golf team, a varsity baseball player, several freshman football lettermen, and the varsity football co-cap- tain, Marvin Kristynik, who was awarded the Dana X. BiHe Team Spirit Award and the Colonel Byrd ' s Leadership Award. Richard Davis was the intramural golf singles champion. In addition, the Sigma Nu ' s had the most all- year trophy points in golf. The local Upsilon chapter of Sigma Nu, founded in 1886, was led last year by Robert Cardin Alfred, Eminent Com- mander; Craig Bartlett, Lieutenant Commander; Richard E. Helmer, III, recorder; John M. Meador, treasurer; and Stan Erwin McCormick, pledge trainer. Organized at VMI in Lexington, Virginia, on Jan. 1, 1869, Sigma Nu has since grown to 130 active chapters. The current national president is an alumnus from the UT chapter. Local officers attended the Sigma Nu Educational Conference at Norman, Oklahoma. The local house added a recreation room and sun deck last year. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Robert R. Bodoin Donald Laurence Craig Richard Thomas Davis, Jr. Walter Eddy Gould Richard Lee Jackson Gary Lance Lawson Ross Moore Lynch Dennis Eblen Malouf Charles W. Matthews George W. Riley Michael Masterson Sheppard Philip Arthur Smith George Robert Wallace A New Mexico ski lodge was visited during spring break by the Sigma Nus and their dates. Top Row: John Lewis Adams, Rob- ert Cardin Alfred, David Harlan Ammons, Stephen Lawrence Arm- strong, Edward Badouh, L. Irvin Barnhart. Craig Edsell Bartlett. Second Row: Sam Collier Bas- hara, William Robert Beaty, Dan- iel Rudolph Bechtel, Chase Bentsen, Jimmy Dee Berry, Stan- ley Gayle Boles, Robert Hunting- ton Brannon. Page 326 7 " op ?ou): Steven Frank Bright, Judd Michael Brooke, Dor Wads- worth Brown, III, Robert Howell Brown, Alan Neil Burk, Richard Nelson Chandler, Lee Ashton Clay. Second Row: John W. Cones, Ger- ald George Connard, James Randal Cox, Marshall Joseph Day, Robert West Decker, Jr., Charles Hughes Dulaney, Byron Flanary Egan. Third Row: Harris Roberts Fender, Jr., Peter Gill, David Wallace Gra- ves, Andrew Pedan Greenwood, Allyn Reuben Harris, Richard Earle Helmer, III, Ernest Edward Hower- ton, Jr. Fourth Row: Donald Kelly Irvin, Bruce LeRoy James, James Wil- liam Jones, John Herff K rue g er . James Richard Lesch, Jr., Robert Lester Loar, Lineaus Hooper Lo- rette. Fifth Row: Michael Edward Love, Charles W. Matthews, James Mor- ris Maund, Stanley Erwin Mc- Cormick, Charles Lawrence Mea- dor, John Manning Meador, Mi- chael S. Dates. N Top Row: Terry Charles Page, Da- vid Raymond Parker, Robert Ran- dall Phelps, Alexander Pope, III, Thomas Louis Raggio, Bill Renfro, Leslie Hamblin Richards, Kenneth David Roberts. Second Row: Irvin Raymond Kob- ertson, Clyde Randy Rogers, Rich- ard Gregory Rundell, Perry Ver- non Rushing, Steven Lee Scar- borough, Carl Ted Schultz, Dayton Charles Sheridan, III, John Dil- lard Shields, Jr. Third Row: Paul Hampton Silvey, Harold Leon Sims, Glen Dale Sin- gleton, William Knox Smartt, Reg- inald Owen Spiers. James Brent Standefer, James Thomas Strawn, H. Dick Teel. Fourth Row: Donald Scott Thom- as, Jr., Walter I. Thomas, II, Wil- liam Rosser Thornton, Jr., Scott Thumwood, James Norris Utter- back, William Sidney Vaughn, Robert William Wachsmuth, Thom- as Allen Wachsmuth. Fifth Row: Edward Tarry Watkins, Henry Rainer Werner, John Mi- chael Wight, Franklin Eugene Wil- liams, Wesley Reed Williams, Har- ry Beauchamp Williamson, Fer- nando Wills, John Marshall Wither- spoon. Page 327 2506 Pearl Sig Eps and their dates enjoyed exchanging presents at the traditional Funny Gift party. Top Row: Stephen Fredrick Ab- ney, Herbert Wesley Agan, Jr., Jimmy Curtis Averitt, Richard Bolton Bender, II, George Maury Blackburn, Jr., Dan Harve Blanks. Second Row: Richard Eugene Brown, James Carroll Brownlow, Rodney McCoy Burton, Frederick Landrum Bush. William Ragsdale Camp, Jack Thomas Cartwright, Jr., Johnnie Ruwell Charnetski. Third Row: Byron Edward Cox, Roderick Wallis Crosby, Frank R. Dehnisch, David Bradfield Deniger, Richard Alan Dial, James Gilmer Dickson, Noel Joseph Dolce. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Sig Eps active on campus included Tommy Hicks, CBA sophomore class vice-president ; Bruce Scljnitzer, treasurer of IFC; Glenn Staats, Jack Cartwright, and Dan Blanks, Arts and Sciences Council; James Burk, Glenn Staats, Jack Cart- wright, and Bob Thompson, Assemblymen; Joe Glickman, freshman cheerleader; and James Burk, Bruce Schnitzer, and Charles Girard, Order of the Alcade. Other members were active in Freshman Council, Summer Orientation, Mo- del US Senate, Parliament and United Nations, Varsity Carnival, Coordinating Board for Freshman Council, Cow- boys, Spurs, Freshman Posse, CBA Council, Challenge, Dai- ly Texan staff, Longhorn Flying Club, Ski and Scuba Club, and Texas Today and Tomorrow. In campus and community projects, Sigma Phi Epsilon helped a poor family at Thanksgiving, operated an organ grinder amusement at Campus Chest Dimes ' Day, placed best all-around sign for first place in the Aggie Sign Con- test, and gave an Easter party for children at the Austin State School. Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College in Richmond, Virginia, on Nov. 1, 1901. The local Alpha chapter, established on May 24, 1930, was led last year by Charles Richard Vermillion, Jr., president; John Mosley Franklin, fall vice-president, and Dan Harve Blanks, spring vice-president; John Ronald Coppedge, fall corresponding secretary, and H. Richard Turner, spring corresponding secretary; Robert Glenn Morris, fall recording secretary, and Mike Carl Landers, spring recording secretary; and Paul Frank Eichelberger, chaplain. The housemother was Mrs. A. H. Montgomery. The Sig Ep social calendar included weekly match parties with sororities, pre-game buffets, Wednesday night coffee and doughnut get-togethers, a Funny Gift party, a Christmas semiformal, the Golden Hearts formal, a Down South par- ty, and a spring formal. The Golden Hearts, the Sig Ep woman ' s auxiliary group, gave the chapter a color television set for Christmas. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED John Powell Ash John Findlay Blocker Sam J. Callaway, III Alan Thomas Derby Samuel David Ellison Ralph E. Fain, Jr. Daniel Reed Garner Charles Roger Gipson Timothy Crump Johnson Matthew Andrew Landry, Jr. William Bartlett Lane William Bennet Palamountain, III Daniel Alexander Roper Michael J. Sampson Bruce William Schnitzer Glenn Edwin Staats Richard Joseph Trabulsi, Jr. Wallace Barry Van Winkle Michael L. Waldron Paul Lee Yates Page 328 Top Row: Thaddeus James Dorsey, Jr., Richard Edward Dullnig, Rob- ert Miller Dullnig, David William Dunning, James Douglas Edwards, Paul Frank Eichelberger, Eugene Thomas Ellison, Tyson Mike Field. Second Row: John David Fishero, John Sydney Fleeter, John Mos- ley Franklin, Kelly Richard Gar- wood, Gus M. George, Charles Merrill Girard, Joe Glickman, Jr., Cliflon A. Goodwin. Third Row: Jack Doneley Gray, Robert Allen Hargrove, Herbert E. Held, Charles Robert Henry, Jr., Thomas Ollis Hicks, Albert Dain Higdon, James Noel Higdon; Kevin Holcomb. Fourth Row: Alan Lee Hubbard, Tom James Edgar Hunt, Jr., James Frederick Hiiry, Bill Braly Janes, George Whitfield Johnson, III, Christopher Donnelly Keenan, Craig Allen Knight, Michael Carl Landers. Fifth Row: Thomas William Lan- ders, III, James Michael Liddle, William Ronald Mahoney, John Thomas Meier, Rufus Walter Mil- ler, III, John Kenneth Milne, Ran- dall Steen Morphew, Jr., Robert Glenn Morris. I0E Top Row: George Robert Myers, II, Kendrick Terry Nathan, Wil- liam Daniel Nicholson, Thomas J. Niehaus, Charles Walter Osgood, James Michael Owen, Charles Vance Parker, James Hendrex Parker. Second Row: James Herbert Per- nell, Peter Kimble Philips, Larry William Poulter, Sam Ellis Prater, Michael Arthur Prince, Harry D. Pruett, Robert E. Ramee, Jr., Franklin M. Rivers. Third Row: John Morris Roberts, Lewis Henry Roberts, Allen Harry Seale, James Howard Stanley, Earl Richard Stewart, Scott Randall Stripling, Caddo Parish Studdard, Emmett Tobias Summers, III. Fourth Row: Terry Niels Taylor, Robert Lewis Thompson, Raymond Stanley Tolson, H. Richard Tur- ner, Clinton William Uhr, Jr., Charles Richard Vermillion, Jon Allen Vogler, Richard Reid Wads- worth. Fifth Row: Larry Dwaine Wall, Gary Lynn Watkins, Richard Har- rison Wheeler. William Thomas White, Gary Hal Willcox, Daniel Arthur Woods, Ralph D. Worsham, Richard Glenn Worthy. Page 329 SIGMA PI 509 West 26th Street tePETa 6 Soi c f 1 ITT CAMPUS CHEST ft 7ft1 Iliit Kittens attracted many coeds to the Sigma Pi Dimes ' Day booth. Founded on Feb. 26, 1897, at Vincennes University in In- diana, Sigma Pi fraternity has grown to 90 chapters and approximately 25,000 initiated men. The local Gamma Theta chapter was organized in April, 1962, as a colony when the first nine men pledged. Since becoming an active chap- ter, Sigma Pi has moved to its present house at 509 West 26, which the members have remodeled. On campus, Sigma Pi participated in Sing-Song, Varsity Carnival, and was one of 17 fraternities in the new Peer- to-Peer Counseling program. Sigma Pi also held an open house for parents on Dad ' s Day Weekend and a Found- ers ' Day banquet, honoring local and national founders and alumni. In keeping with Sigma Pi ' s national program for blood donations, Gamma Theta members gave blood to the Austin blood bank. Sigma Pi ' s were active in campus organizations including Phi Eta Sigma, AAAE, ASCE, AIAA, Arnold Air Society, Marauders, Sigma Delta Chi, ASChE, Longhorn Band, Rep Party, and Interfraternity Council. In intramurals, Sigma Pi competed in football, basket- ball, volleyball, handball, bowling, tennis, track, ping-pong, and fencing. Sigma Pi officers last year were Randolph L. Hall, Jr., sage; Richard R. Dillard, first counselor; Julian W. O ' Bryant, Jr., second counselor; Arthur J. Manson, III, third counselor; Clinton W. Dean, fourth counselor; and Monard L. Kinman, Jr., herald. The fraternity sweetheart was Karen Ann Rodgers, a Gamma Phi Beta. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Louis Robert Anderson John Wesley Bowers, Jr. James Joseph Brown Thomas Norman Burdette Derrell F. Cleghorn, Jr. Kenneth C. Crawford Jimmy Lee Jones William Norvill Puckett, Jr. Thomas H. Wells Members took time between classes to help trim the Christmas tree. Page 330 Sigma Pi brothers reviewed their past year ' s accomplishments. Top Row: John W. Abreu, Steven Henry Alexander, Herbert Joseph Barnard, Jr., Paul Joseph Bear- den, Roger William Bennett, Rod- ney Mac Bills, John Ronald Boyd. Second Row: Jimmy Tom Buford, Michael Melton Card, Lloyd Greg- ory Coleman, Clinton Woodhouse Dean, Richard Earle Deweese, Rich- ard Ray Dillard, Thomas Richard Ehlert. Third Row: James Turner Garner, Jr., Gary Clinton Gibbs, Kirby Wei- don Gupton, Jerald C. Haines, Don Stanley Kinder, Monard Lamar Kin- man, Jr., Roger Floyd Kipp. Fourth Row: Robert Victor Leslie, James Eldridge Lockart, III, Rob- ert Carroll Magers, Arthur James Manson, III, George Lee Manson, Carl Hofmann Moneyhon, Charles Morales- Webster, Julian Wilson O ' Bryant, Jr. Fifth Row: James Fred Porter. Ran- dy Roger Ramming, Russell David Renka, William Joseph Scheibal, Alan Lynn Stinson, Charles Richard Tye, Kenneth Herman Wolf, Mrs. Clema Ruth Alexander. Page 331 2414 Longview TAU DELTA PHI Last year Tau Delta Phi celebrated its fortieth anniver- sary of the Rho chapter on the University campus. The chapter was founded on Feb. 26, 1926, while the national fraternity was established in 1910 at the City College of New York. In the latest overall five-year averages, Tau Delta Phi ranked first on campus scholastically, having three Phi Eta Sigma ' s and three premeds in Alpha Epsilon Delta. One Tau Delt achieved Scabbard and Blade honorary military society membership. In athletics, Tau Delta Phi received the Nelson Puett Award in sports and placed sixth in University intramural athletics for 1965. Tau Delts won championships in frater- nity softball and ping-pong, and University diving, golf, and handball doubles championships. Tau Delts also placed four players on all-intramural teams and had members on varsity baseball and golf teams. Tau Delt social life included the spring formal at West- wood Country Club, the annual " Hatties " and ' Gator parties, the Gay Cock Inn Party, the Pig Party of Arkansas week- end, a Round-Up party, and traditional parties after each home football game. Tau Delta Phi was led last year by Joseph B. Olian, con- sul; Joel S. Levine, vice-consul; Harold D. Schwartz, scribe; Frank S. Goldberg, treasurer; and Herbert M. Ly- man, member-at-large. The fraternity housemother was Mrs. Hannah Krieger. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Tau Delts celebrated winning the championship in intramural baseball. Nathan Stephen A ' xelrod Michael Louis Bender Marvin Leo Brener Kenneth Davidoff Ivan Maurice Edelman Richard Samet Friedman Richard Steven Goldberg David Simon Horwitz Marvin Jon Hyman Kenneth M. Jacobs Barry L. Jagoda Victor Leventhal Arnold Lewis Levey Mark Charles Mendelovitz Fred Robbins David Rubenstein Harold Dennis Schwartz Stephen Jay Segal Shawn Siegel Sanford Alan Weiner Top Row: Reuben Louis Adelstein, Martin Barenblat, Herman Baza- man, Mark William Bierner, Robert Jay Birnbaum, Mark L. Cooper, Russell Caldwell Ducoff. Second Row. Marvin Paul Farber, Lenard David Fein, Brian Steven Folloder, Murray Edward Fox, Jer- ry Herman Frank, Daniel Gilbert Friedlander, Richard Stuart Gar- finkel. Third Row: Joel Bernard Click- man, Frank Steven Goldberg, Ken- neth Wayne Goodman, Marty Har- ari, William A. Kadish, Jerry Kane, David Allen Kboudi, James Lee Kessler. Page 332 All attention was focused on the ladies during the Winter formal. TA t Top Row: Ben Charles Kimmell, Ken J. Klein, Lawrence Stephen Kohn, Ray Gary Lerner, Joel Steven Levine, Louis Levinson, Robert Allan Levit. Second Row: Lewie Jay Levitan, Herbert Michael Lyman, Jack Stev- en Magids, Paul Edward Meyer, R. Scott Meyer, Martin Edward Morris, Frederick Michael Nachman. Third Row: Leon Nelkin, Meynard Morris Nussbaum, Lee Ofman, Joe Olian, Michael Allen Ozer, Lonnie Hank Robin, Jerome Henry Rudes. Fourth Row: Joel Robert Sachs, Phillip L. Samuelsohn, William Al- bert Scholl, Jerry William Shay, Bryan Jerald Siegel, William Jay Slaton, William G. Small. Fifth Row: Larry Philip Smith, Gary Alan Swartz, Robert Arnold Swerdlow, Louis H. Tenenbaum, Sanford Alan Weiner, Barry David Winston, Stephen Worchel. Page 333 915 West 23rd Street TAU KAPPA EPSILON Founded on Jan. 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan Univer- sity, Bloomington, Illinois, Tau Kappa Epsilon has become the largest men ' s social fraternity in terms of number of chapters and undergraduate strength. Founded in 1951, the local Gamma Upsilon chapter plans to have its new chapter house completed by 1966. In community service, Teke pledges rejuvenated the Aus- tin United Fund ' s campaign headquarters and gave a Hal- loween Carnival for children at the Austin State School. The entire chapter participated in " Operation Blood for Viet Nam, " donating blood for American troops in Viet Nam. Active on campus, Tau Kappa Epsilon won second in fra- ternity show division of the 1965 Varsity Carnival and sec- ond in Sing-Song fraternity division. Tekes ranked second on campus in scholarship, out of 31 fraternities. Fred Schade and John Davis became members of Tau Beta Pi, and John Odell was nominated for Junior Fellows. Teke activity men included members on Union commit- tees, Curriculum Evaluation Committee, varsity debate team, University soccer team, and All-Texas Rush Commit- tee. Shelley Duval was assistant to the Student Assembly President and elected Arts and Sciences assemblyman in the spring elections. The 1965 Tau Kappa Epsilon officers were Edmond Howard Lawrence, Prytanis; John Stephen Odell, Epipryta- nis; Gregory Eric Jensen, Grammateus; Larry James White, Crysophylos; and Michael Lawrence Gilmore, He- gemon. The Teke housemother was Mrs. Hattie S. Adams. The fraternity sweetheart Kathleen Angell, an Alpha Omi- cron Pi, was named at the annual spring Red Carnation Ball. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED John Joseph Allex Richard Guy Ancell Kenneth Hewes Barricklo David Gene Conatser Thomas Ennis Dabney Charles C. Dangerfield Kilian Walter Fehr Nevel Thomas Gladd David Lee Hodges Victor Bernard Holmes Robert William Hughes John Porter Mabry James E. Medlin Michael Louis Orsak Albert Fred Schade Alexander Bernard Smith James Edward Springer John Wallace Thompson United Fund ' s George Boyd presented little angel award to Mike Gilmore. Top Row: Enrique Antonio Ack- ermann, Jeffrey Russel Ander- son, Bruce Ault Badger, Frank Ken- neth Becan, Jr.. David Crockett Blevins, Charles R. Boner. Second Row: Larry Zane Hi. mum. Eddie George Bush, Barry Frank Cannaday, Homer D. Carmean, Her- bert Maynard Carr, III, Robert Al- len Craig. Page 334 later- become olerof 8L the chapter he .fe nod for b Viet 1 infra- JnJ sec- second s. Fred Beta Pi, commit- n in tie Edmond .pipryta- James ore. He- Nurse Jean Howard prepared TKE Mike Gilmore to donate blood as Larry Branum and Phillis Johnson observed. Members and pledges donated blood for US troops in Viet Nam. TKE Top flow;: John Haven Davis, Don- ald Kemper Day, Donald Ray Dickerson, Thomas Shelley Duval, Michael Lance Flood, Michael Law- rence Gilmore, Herbert S. Harris, III. Second Row: Thomas Riley Hes- ter, Alan E. Hibberd, Stephen Lee Hixon, Harry Truman Holtzman, William Lane Hubbard, Edward Christian Jelks, Gregory Eric Jen- Third Row: Roger Neal Kahle, Ed- mond Howard Lawrence, Robert Thomas Lee, John Rustin McAdams, William Hurst Miles, John Andrew Mfflin, III, Michael Ray Myrick. Fourth Row: Donald F. Neblett, John Stephen Odell, Harry Herbert Peel, Daryl Pullin, Alfred Dennis Ransel, Stephen Walton Shields, Edward Thornton Sowers. Fifth Row: Kenneth Wayne Sparks, James Lanny Thompson, John Wallace Thompson, Robert Stephen Thornburrow, Clifford John Trahan, Larry James White, Clell John Windham, III. Page 335 THETA XI 2410 San Gabriel The Rho chapter of Theta Xi, founded on the campus on Feb. 22, 1913, was led last year by Mike Callahan, Jr., president; Marvin Middleton, vice-president; Allan Lane Pinchback, treasurer; John Turner, secretary; Terry Butler, pledge trainer; and George Wynne, rush chairman. The fraternity sweetheart was Ellen Jane Bone, an Alpha Phi. Participating in campus organizations, Theta Xi ' s were active in Union committees, Young Republicans, Freshman Council, University Glee Club, Rusk-Rayburn Debating So- ciety, Society of Engineering Science Students, IEEE, the American Student Bar Association, and Peer-to-Peer Coun- seling. Theta Xi social life included a Halloween party at the Austin State School with Alpha Phi sorority, a Christmas semiformal, a Christmas party with Alpha Xi Delta sorority at the Austin State School, a spring formal, and a second place in the 1965 Sing-Song mixed division with Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Theta Xi ' s participated in intramural football, basketball, swimming, tennis, handball, golf, table tennis, free throw, and volleyball. Nationally, Theta Xi was founded at Rensselaer Polytech- nic Institute on April 29, 1864. The UT Theta Xi chapter conducted the official installation of a new chapter at Southwest Texas State College in San Marcos in December. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Robert William Burns, Jr. Ray Lamar Cain John David Calkin Joel Evans Colley Tommy Glover Eads David Roy Holditch Nicholas Lee Jones Robert Hughes McGhee John Underwood Miller Harold Daniel Prejean John Galvin Ragsdale Charles Kenneth Schroeder Michael Thomas Shofner Kenneth David Thompson Willis Raymond Woolrich, in Theta Xi members were busy building their Varsity Carnival entry. Top Row: Lovett Anderson Aber- crombie, Jr., James Lucian Alexan- der, Kenneth Witten Allen, Rod- ney Phillip Allen, Thomas Fred- erick Anderson, James McKinney Baird. Second Row: Paul Preston Boze- man, III, William Thomas Burn- side, Jr., James Terence Butler, Clifford Davis Byrne, Tommy Al- len Caldwell, Michael James Calla- han, Jr., Morris Wright Carlson. Third Row: Robert Leo Dalton, Edward Leroy Doan, James Alan Donaho, Ronald Leonard Gallerano, Alan Dennis Geye, Edward Lyman Goldbeck, Jr., Gary Spencer Groov- Fourth Row: Edward L. Haven, John Baker Howell, Jr., John Sam- uel Richard Howell, Jack Howison, Jr., George Byron Jamison, II, Jimmy Floyd Jeffcoat, Stephen Lee Jones. Page 336 1 Butler, an. H e ft wre v at (lie liiste sctorllv Alpk e tlrow. Jerry Wills and Janet Johnston accepted awards for second place, Sing-Song mixed division, 1965. The punch bowl attracted much attention during the Theta Xi Christ- mas semifonnal. far " | m Top Row: Steven Dan Kane, Wil- bert James Kaper, Jr., James Col- vin Kelley, Robert Everette Kelly, Joe Wesley King, Jr., Larry Kent Le Fevre, Eric Owen Lentz. Second Row: Blayne Stephen Le- queux, Richard Powell Marsh, Henry Stratford May, Jr., Joe Mc- Gee Mayo, Jr., Robert Michael McCall, William Anthony McNutt, Marvin Jim Middleton. Third Row: Ronald Allen Murray, Patrick Elmer Owens, Gary Wai- den Park, Allan Lane Pinchback, Paul Norman Pizzo, II, Travis Earl Ray, Jr., Herbert Kenneth Rigs- bee. Fourth Row: Alvin Willard Roes- ler, Jr., Stanley Marion Scardino, Stephen Anthony Schirmer, Eu- gene William Shier, II, James Rob- ert Smith, IV, William Darrell Smith, Stephen Louis Strubing. Fifth Row: John William Turner, Richard William Vanderdrift, Rich- ard Arthur Warriner, Donald Ray Wills, Samuel Neil Word, Jr., George Parker Wynne, James Houston Zike. Page 337 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President ROBERT CALVIN FRANKS, Sigma Chi Vice-PTesident SHELLY ALAN WILLS, Sigma Alpha Mu Secretary RICHARD EARL GREEN, Phi Sigma Kappa Treasurer BRUCE WILLIAM SCHNITZER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Faculty Sponsor THOMAS V. JENKINS Senior REPRESENTATIVE j un ior MERRILL PAUL ANDERSON Acacia JOHN MACNEIL SCOTT JOHN HAROLD PEREL Alpha Epsilon Pi KENNETH DALE BARON STUART WILLIAM LAW Alpha Kappa Lambda ALONZO JOSEPH STUBBS JAMES HORATIO MEANS, JR Alpha Phi Alpha ROBERT ALEXANDER BOOKER HARRY JOSEPH GLAUSER Alpha Tau Omega JAMES STEPHEN CARTER JOHN PAUL BURTON Beta Theta Pi SAMUEL HALL EVANS JOEL INGRAM SHANNON Chi Phi DONNIE R. BURGESS JOHNNY F. HARRELL, JR Delta Chi BENJAMIN Y. CAMMACK, JR. PLATT WALKER DAVIS, III Delta Kappa Epsilon WILLIAM P. ROBERTS ELIOT P. TUCKER Delta Tau Delta JERRY RICHARD GRAMMER DAVID CHARLES HEATH Belt " Upsilon THOMAS W. RIMKUS RICHARD HINTON Kappa Alpha DAN DAVID McMAHON BILLY NED STRIBLING Kappa Alpha Psi WILLIE JAMES DIRDEN MARTIN SCOTT STEHLING Kappa Sigma DONALD DOUGLAS PATTESON, JR. JAMES VINSON DERRICK, JR Lambda Chi Alpha DAVID JOSEPH JONES THOMAS F. HILL Phi Delta Theta FRANCIS PATRICK HADLOCK ERNEST HARRIS COCKRELL Phi Gamma Delta JACK WALTON HANKS, JR. KENNETH RICHARD MATTHEWS Phi Kappa Psi , . . RICHARD DONALD MITCHELL DONALD EDWARD HERRMANN Phi Kappa Sigma THOMAS MICHAEL TONKIN PATRICK JAMES WILLSON Phi Kappa Tau TERRY LEE BELT CHARLES ALBERT BUERSCHINGER Phi Kappa Theta MICHAEL JOSEPH WESTERGREN BARRY H. MARGOLIS Phi Sigma Delta RICHARD JOSEPH BUELTEL DALE CLAY BULLOUGH Phi Sigma Kappa JOHN BURTON KNIGHT STAN L. MCLELLAND Pi Kappa Alpha TOM JORDAN GENTRY DONALD Louis EVANS Sigma Alpha Epsilon RONALD KENT COLLINS JARY A. GLAZER Sigma Alpha Mu DANIEL BENJAMIN FREUNDLICH CLYDE KEENAN OLDHAM Sigma Chi KENNETH COURTENAY MCALPIN ED BADOUH, JR Sigma Nu LAN CHASE BENTSEN DAN HARVE BLANKS : Sigma Phi Epsilon KEVIN HOLCOMB RICHARD RAY DILLARD Sigma Pi KENNETH HERMAN WOLF LEWIE LEVITAN Tau Delta Phi JEROME HENRY RUDES MICHAEL LAWRENCE GILMORE Tau Kappa Epsilon THOMAS SHELLEY DUVAL GEORGE PARKER WYNNE Theta Xi JOHN BAKER HOWELL, JR. Front Row: Schnitzer, Wills, Franks, Jenkins. Second Row: Crammer, Margolis, Badouh, Glazer, Perel, Wynne, Gentry, Michael Joseph ' Claypool, Freundlich, Tucker, Derrick. Third Row: Jerry Lee Morgan, John Lewis Adams, Richard Taylor McMillan, Thomas Edward Thomason, Evans, Wolf, Holcomb, Heath, Blanks, Harrell. Fourth Row: Booker, Patteson, Willson, Mitchell, Stribling, Shannon, Dillard, Scott, Westergren. Fifth Row: Evans, Hadlock, Hill, Davis, Stehling, Joe Mark Schultz, McLelland, Jones, Burton. Page 338 Health Center DORMITORIES AND CO-OPERATIVES Edited by Jarrie Dell Davis Page 339 ANDREWS Front Row: Student Assistants: Mary Glen Parsons, Martha Ellen Evans. Second Row: Advisors: Sharon Marguerite Sagely, Evelyn Olivia Dugan, Jeanette Pittard, Susan Lee Holmsley, Vice President; Julie Bates Haldeman, Judy Jane Rudd, Secretary-Treasurer; Maria Josefa Perez, Linda Gail Dickerson, Mary Roselind Johnston, Suzette Rothen, President; Elaine Anne Grady. Not Pictured: Anne Louise Marsh, Dinah Leigh Mullen, Sandy Sue Shaw, Kathy Stephenson. Third Row: Linda Sue Shirey, Joanne Sanders, Judi Carol Littlefield, Juanita Marlies Gillette, Mary Ellen Fink, Suzanne Squires, Susan Jean Baldwin, Nancy Ann Moon, Connie Ann McDowell, Linda Darlene Hammons, Cynthia Ann Nichols. Fourth Row: Florence Kim Lau, Kathy Lynn Partlow, Linda Ann Hutchins, Rita Beth Jacobs, Marian Louise Graves, Sue Lynn Blackburn, Darlene Faye Becker, Margaret Ann Holdeman, Georgeann Mauk, Barbara Bartlett Towne, Elizabeth Anne Hindman, Mary Ann Weiss. Fifth Row: Karen Marie Jackson, Mary Katherine Smith, Martha Ann Spillman, Scottie Ann Seymour, Sharon Lynne Volosin, Cheryl Girton, Catherine Elise El- dridge, Peggy Jean Miller, Carol Louise Peters, Judy Gayle Smith, Carlene Monica Ashlock, Patricia Ruth Anderson. 2401 Whitis The girls of Andrews Dormitory have par- ticipated in several dorm activities during the fall semester and are making plans for the spring. At the beginning of school they had several after-hours sing-songs and a Halloween costume party with gag prizes given for the most origi- nal and most unique costumes. During the Christmas season, there was a tree trimming party to which dates were invited and an open house during which refreshments were served in the living room and the halls were opened to visitors to display the doors trimmed for the holiday season. As their fall semester project, the girls chose to give gifts to the older patients at the Austin State Hospital, since it was felt that the older groups are often forgot- ten at Christmas. Roommates got together and bought one gift for a man and one for a woman patient. Plans for the spring semester focus on the formation of a dorm honorary yet to be named, and the tapping of next year ' s advisors. Mrs. Dorothy Martin was Andrews Resident Counselor; this year ' s Student Assistants were Mary Glen Parsons and Martha Ellen Evans. Page 340 BLANTON Blanton was " home " for two hundred and ninety-four girls during the school year. It provided the opportunity for meeting many new friends and acquaintances which last for years during and after college days. Activities of the dorm helped to foster such friendly relations. There were separate parties for each of the five floors to enable girls living on the same floor to get to know each other better. The night before the first day of classes, Halloween, or birthdays pro- vide ample excuses for innumerable such parties. Coffee and doughnuts were served informally on Sunday morning once a month for the entire dorm. There was also a Dads ' Day coffee in the fall and a Round-Up brunch in the spring for the parents and friends of Blanton residents, a Christmas dinner with faculty and administrative guests, the " dollar run " to collect dorm dues, an open house afternoon, door decorating for Christmas, and a tree-trimming party. The boys from Simkins Dormitory joined with Blanton in making a sign for the Aggie Sign contest. There was also a matched party with the boys ' dorms in the spring. Among all these social functions, there is also opportunity for academic growth. " Scope " is the honorary organization 1 for those residents of Blanton maintaining an over-all 2.0 grade point average. The resident counselor of Blanton is Mrs. Mary Claire Middlebrook. The student assistants are Carolyn Nell Stewart, Elizabeth Anne Williams, Mary Frances McGregor, and Sally Lou Roberts. 2500 University Front Row: Advisors: Carol Marie Reeb, Joan Carol Amacker, Chairman, Phyllis Louise Dodson. Second Row: Advisors: Pamela Kate Powell, Treasurer, Paula Kay Harlan, V ice-Chairman, Janet Irene King, Secretary, Sandra Ann Cruikshank, Mary Frances McGregor, Linda Martelle Pennington, Molly Emma Leigh Washburn, Sharon Jean Frizzelle, Cheryl Marie Dunlap, Patricia Ann Wilson. Not Pictured: Cathryn Lynn Cul- bertson, Margaret Elizabeth Lain, Karen Jean Lavender, Ann McCullough, Paula Beth Savage, Martha Sue Strauss, Kathy Loveta Thompson, Reporter, Victoria Jean Vanderslice. Third Row: Mary Linda Kates, Patricia Kay Franklin, Ellen Elizabeth McDaniel, Laura Lee Lehmberg, Sandra Jean Parker, Katherine Lee Ebert, Mrs. Mary Claire Middlebrook, Gerry Lynn McKay, Ann Roslyn Phillips, Deborah Ann Wambold, Virginia Ann Horton, Mary Christine Love. Fourth Row: Bunny Lee Paine, Jean Marie Stavinoha, Nancy Gray Loftis, Sandra Paulette Panzarella, Barbara Spivak, Polly Ann Fowler, Randee Jane Lindsay, Mary Angela Gates, Patricia Ruth Graver, Mary Kathleen Finch, Linda Gale Gee, Frances Anne Crawford, Georgia Ruth Kyser, Anita Jo Narvarte. Fifth Row: Joan Hayn, Pamela Jean Benson, Edith Ann Sterett, Marie Huguenin Me- Kenna, Diane Halprin, Carol Joyce Engel, Frances Conni Muller, Nelda Dianne Munden, Grace Juanita Cleaver, Linda McMillan, Rhana K. Smith, Mary Eugene Otero, Mary Lou Erwin, Mary Evangeline Rentz. Sixth Row: Peggy Mae Pollard, Ruth Ann Johnson, Carol Jane Humphrey, Connie Lee Hallmark, Judith Lynn Beaver, Glenda Jane Williams, Jan Carole Bostick, Louise Sylvia Talen, Martha Ann Warfield, Barbara Ann Bledsoe, Rae Ellen Freeman, Carol Elizabeth Welke, Sandra Dianne Doster. Page 341 CAROTHERS front Row: Advisors: Jamie Lea Giesecke, Chairman; Lois Ann Klaus, Carolyn Louise White, Carol Ann Volz. Second Row: Advisors: Mary Louise Holley, Susan Elise Bender, Social Chairman; Trudie Kaye Smith, Alice Marie Mikulencak, Elizabeth Susan Rockwood, Publicity; Beverly Joyce Fortune, Secretary-Treasurer; Martha Susan Nye, Martha Lee Beard, Heidi Gerchsheimer, Amber Sharon Morris. Not Pictured, Mikel Jean Fisher. Third Row: Janet Leigh Reagan, Carolyn Jean Sopchak, Ardath Ann Payne, Carol Jean Perkins, Evelyn Janet Feuge, Barbara Lynn Groves, Mabel Taylor Wroten, Mary Kathleen Horn, Susan Green, Bettie Bertrand Barnes, Mary Florence Paulette, Karen Christie, Linda Elaine Reagan. Fourth Row: Karen Lynn Farmer, Pauline Marcelle Stevens, Shelly Kay Baumgardner, Karen Elizabeth Johnston, Florence Elizabeth Harris, Sandra Ann Tartt, Sally Ann Matheny, Marilyn Sue Fortenberry, Suzanne Paden, Judith Gail Weber, Evelyn Ann Sizemore, Kiki Alex Skandalis, Sheila Marie Quinn, Karen Jane Eiche, Carolyn Sue Childress. Fifth Row: Pamela Elizabeth Luttrell, Martha Jo Morgan, Beverly Diane Jeschke, Carol Ann Lewis, Patricia Leslie Buchanan, Susan Carol Barclay, Joyce Ellen Gander, Betty Hazel Killebrew, Margaret Houston MacGregor, Jessica Gayle Connell, Linda Dianne Benton, Carole Ann May, Linda Jo McLean, Nancy Lynn Haralson. Sixth Row: Carol Marie Costa, Eileen Fay Blume, Mil- dred Gay Dodson, Rosalyn Clifton, Jacqueline Ann Wooley, Mary Kathleen Norvell, Gail Allison Buske, Martha Kay Blume, Caryl Ann Wise, Barb- ara Gerda Brown, Jean Marie Stevens, Michele Kay Haddad, Hilda Mae Frank. Carothers porch, overlooking the courtyard, provided a secluded nook for a leisurely game of chess. Carothers Dormitory, " the Friendly Dorm, " was built in 1936 and named in honor of Mrs. Asenath Carothers, Direc- tor of the University ' s first residence hall for women. Carothers houses one hundred and twenty-two co-eds on its three floors, and is located at 2501 Whitis. One of the four " Quadrangle Dorms " Carothers shares a courtyard with Andrews, Blanton and Littlefield dormitories. Carothers ' large recreation room is the scene of informal parties throughout the year, and is converted into a study area during final exams. The major social function of the fall semester was the Christmas tree-trimming party. The spring semester was highlighted by the annual advisor-tapping din- ner at which the names of the new advisors were revealed. Residents of Carothers dormitory participate in intramural sports activities in co-operation with Blanton and Andrews dormitories. Short devotional programs presented by resi- dents each Wednesday night have become a tradition in Carothers. Mrs. Mabel Wroten was Carothers Resident Counselor; this year ' s Student Assistants were Lois Ann Klaus, Carolyn Louise White and Carol Ann Volz. Page 342 CAROUSEL The Carousel is an apartment complex operating under university rules and regulations. In addition to each unit, there is a 40 foot swimming pool, central guest lounge, laun- dry facilities, and a storage room. Each separate apartment has a living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two baths, two walk-in closets, and personal desks. The major event of the year is during the pre-Christmas season each apartment decorates inside and out, and prizes are awarded for the most attractive doors and over-all dec- orations. " Open House " is held during this time and guests are invited in for meals and visits. The girls also enjoy gathering around the pool, or with guests in the living room to watch the color television, to play bridge around the large table, or to simply visit. RESIDENT MANAGER: Mrs. Lucille McClellan STUDENT ASSISTANT: Ann Louise Whiting Gab sessions formed easily, especially over a cup of coffee. 2106 Oldham Front Row: Kay Lang Stewart, Mary Sue Speed, Mary Louise Parker, Beverly Ann Huddleston, Kathy Ellen Lohr, Lucille McClellan, Nancy Ann Fowler, Barbara Ann Barkley, Peggy Ann Rogers, Joann Schnadig. Second Row: Eva Patricia Parish, Michelle Mae Moltz, Priscilla Anne Latham, Mary Jane Johnson, Julia Ann Weekley, Judith Ann McLendon, Jean Louise Anderson, Nancy Louise Cove, Ann Frances Gully, Julia Elizabeth Latham, Linda Margaret Eliza- beth Birdwell. Third Row: Kathryn Anne Bearing, Lida Louise Wells, Gwendolyn Faye McKinley, Mary Donna Kennemer, Gloria Kay Maresh, Nancy Jeanne Nowlin, Sondra Lynne Dabe, Ruth Ann Lasater, Linda Lou Fairey, Carol Jean Briscoe, Margaret Adele Snow. Fourth Row: Marcia Jan Tullos, Ann Louise Whiting, Mae Helen Hartgrove, Charlotte Helen Hetherington, Sharon Kay Tumlinson, Dorothy Sue Rodgers, Joanne McCauley, Dixie Jetton, Ann Hall, Polly Martin Wall, Penelope Anne Block. Page 343 HARDIN HOUSE STAFF STELLA HARDIN Director RESIDENT SUPERVISORS Clara Walker Esca Tilghmon Helen Kincannon 2207 Rio Grande Karelin Houses are privately owned dormitories exclusive- ly for University girls. Hardin House has been a part of The University of Texas campus for more than a quarter of a century and places its emphasis on personal contact and home-like atmosphere. Each year outstanding girls are se- lected as House Chairmen and they work with a Student Committee in this capacity. The Hardin Hous e pool is a good meeting area for residents to chat and take a dip. Page 344 HEFLIN MANOR STAFF DOROTHY GEBAUER Resident Supervisor MILDRED HENDRIX Assistant Supervisor JOHN H. BAKER Manager The " Dorm on Longview Hill, " has three special occa- sions which have become traditional during Heflin ' s three year history. The Honor ' s dinner congratulates those resi- dents who are prominent in campus affairs and those who have excelled academically. The Talent Show which offers an opportunity for competition in creativeness, and the Advisors Tapping dinner which honors those residents se- lected for dormitory leadership positions for the coming 2505 Longview year. Once a month, students majoring in a foreign language invite language instructors or international students for dinner. Faculty members in other fields are asked to par- ticipate in " After-dinner-conversations " allowing residents the opportunity to meet and converse with professors in an informal atmosphere. Special dinners celebrate holidays and once a month celebrate the month ' s birthday girls. front Row: Julia Dee Macy, Vicki .Eileen Hall, Sara Virginia Bullock, Lloydanne Holmes, Elizabeth Gale Roden, Jean Holland Craver, Laura Anne Ozmun. Second Row: Linda McDavitt, Olga Jo Garcia, Truett Davis Clifton, Hilaire Michelle Girard, Mary Ella Risinger, Virginia Lee Comstock, Catherine C. Walsh. Third Row: Judith Marie Robinett, Carol Ann Rulfs, Martha Margaret Marks, Ab- bie Louise Massey, Mary Elizabeth Ragsdale, Margaret Lucile Koy, Linnie Carol Evans, Molly Denton. Advisors not pictured: Judy Ella Gordon, Leslie Vivian Robinson, Student Assistant not pictured: Mary Louise Schwartz. Page 345 SOUTHEAST KINSOLVING Kinsolving South is perhaps the most sought after fresh- man residence owned by the University. Girls must make application fifteen months in advance to obtain a room. The residents are housed in two girl rooms and share a community bath. 2600 Whltis Girls compared notes during a ten o ' clock study break. Front Row: Dorothy Ann Slomchinski, Atha Maxine Tubbs, Cheryl Ann Burr, Frances Harriett Goldfinger, Dee Ann Mullins, Andrea Kay Anderson, Mary Kathryn Ashworth, Carol Sue Brown, Eleanor Anne Newton, Nancy Elaine Wray, Susan Anne Kolius, Susan Elizabeth Epps, Cheryl Anne Zimmerman. Second Row: Michael Thome Stanley, Madeleine Draeger, Mary Myrtle Graver, Jane Louise Gibson, Linda Kay Park, Mary Gorman Senske, Carolyn Faye Richey, Sharon Katherine Sanders, Maun Patricia Lunin, Katherine Ann Willis, Joan Annette Pelton, Nancy Gaye Boatright, Nina Elizabeth Rossi, Julie Lee Reynolds, Cheryl Lee Eskridge, Joan Harrise Labovitz, Judy Anne Amacker. Third Row: Bonnie Lee Wheat, Barbara Lynn Alcorn, Lucy Ellen Pence, Frances Elina Adams, Laurie Lynn Jones, Marilyn Reveley, Linda Latimer, Betty Claire Lipscomb, Frances Patricia Kuhleman, Margaret Louise Brown, Patricia Alice Henderson, Molly Keevil, Virginia Elizabeth McClellan, Carol Cox, Dana Gayle Reynolds, Con- stance Ann Spinosa, Judy Framer, Pamela Mavis Roberson, Deborah Louise Vanderveld, Susan Ann Duerr. Fourth Row: Olva Louise Stewart, Jane Elizabeth Landsborough, Suzanne Smith, Donna Jean Caldwell, Marilu Dooley, Lucy Ann Parker, Cathryn Cleland, Sally Kay Jones, Susan Sayers Scott, Nancy Guynn Sanders, Mary Ann McClintock, Cynthia Ann Tracy, Nelda Ann Park, Sharon Ruth Pearson, Sherrye Gene Miller, Theresia Diane Fillmore, Helen Ruth Havemann, Jo Anne Ellis. Fifth Row: Nancy June Getchey, Frann Kay McMurry, Karen Allyne Scruggs, Linda Kay Schulz, Marsha Ann Killer, Karen Bee Hodges, Robin Jane Thrift, June Lynette Wells, Nancy Lynn Merrill, Marsha Clark, Doris Ann Stanford, Barbara Eliza- belh Moses, Carol Lynn Neely, Linda Joy Brown, Susan Bennett, Barbara Ann Fine, Sherry Lynn Sanders, Judith Craig Parish. Sixth Row: Merry Eve Makela, Claudia Elizabeth Speer, Sue Ann Hoverstock, Anne Ridgely Humphries, Dian Adele Danvers, Peggy Ann Miksovsky, Christine Ann Walker, Carolyn Elizabeth Ferguson, Dorothy Raye Hayes, Sallie Ann Glass, Rhojean Barber, Katherine Lynn Davis, June Katherine Bourgeois, Marian Edith Merriman, Rinda Lucille Reaves, Nancy Elizabeth Lehman, Carol Ann Kinsman, Pamela Byfield. Page 346 DORMITORY SOUTHWEST Kinsolving South has a unique atmosphere, due partly to the fact that it is reserved only for freshman girls. Activi- ties which further contributed to this atmosphere through- out the year were the candlelight ceremonies, wing meetings, Halloween skits, and dollar run. Decorations for the Christ- mas open house turned the halls and doorways into a maze of color and gaiety. Finally, climaxing the year was the Advisor tapping dinner in April. The dorm provides snacks during finals at ten o ' clock every night. Anne ' ' . tft Stan itaii C Seott, Dime t E Front Row, Student Assistants: Sara Elizabeth Crow, Patricia Jean Davis, Diane Wroten. Second Row, Advisors: Nancy Ann Nasits, Joan Lynn Unger, Kay Boyles, Joan Bergstrom, Molly Thornberry, Eleanor Corless Beasleyj Dorothy Maureen Nelson, Marolyn Wittman, Charlotte Anne Cunningham, Rosalind Wright, Ricki Annette Bernstein, Nancy Lelia Darphin, Claire Ann Miller, Frances Little McMath. Third Row: Cynthia Jean Cobb, Pamela Celeste Ferguson, Cynthia Jane Kolb, Barbara Elaine Coward, Diane Robinson, Patricia Ann Torrence, Dianne Marie Robin, Rhonda Susan Read, Margaret Spikes, La Noe Boiling, Lydia Frances Furness, Suzanne Elaine Brewster, Jan Palmer Atkin- son, Ellen Gordon Noble, Carol Elaine Gantt, Helen Coffin. Fourth Row: Kathy Jo Holmes, Carol Lynn Smith, Lona Smelker, Dorothy Ann Nel- son, Anne Nelson Jones, Helen Carole Kelley, Nancy Louise Billingsley, Linda Mary Boston, Joyce Marie Cowan, Patricia Carole Connolly, Carolyn Marie Jamail, Cheryl Lynn Raffkind, Laverne Bernice Whitworth, Margaret Rose Parkhurst, Addie Elizabeth Craft, Martha Ann Murchison, Carmen Elizabeth Oertling, Lynda Gayle Rogers. Fifth Row: Mary Lucinda Cruse, Pamela Anne White, Patricia Louise Ahren- beck, Karolyn Karr, Carolyn Carlisle, Jenna Lou Bell, Charlotte Jan Shane, Elizabeth Lenda Kennedy, Martha Gail Gleaton, Roberta Rita Liebling, Maxine Lynn Silverman, Linda Rubye Wflson, Linda Kay Jackson, Lynn Tucker, Martha Ellen Hurst, Sarah Josephine Weilbacher, Susan Marie Blair. Sixth Row: Sharon Kay White, Mary Margaret Kuykendall, Jean Gayle Richey, Kathleen Moran, Frances Ann Schmerbeck, Nancy Carol Fl odine, Mary Jean Fletcher, Susan Glenn Russell, Carolyn Kay Brown, Nancy Joan Volz, Susan Louise Clem, Sharon Leigh Sass, Mardi Gaye Schultz, Deborah Ruth Crowe, Esther Jeanne Wright, Linda Barclay Ratzlow. Muw!iBiMMiuiiiiiiii {r MtiffSBMt iiiuiMMfuinMiiBiMflMfliUHBMMMHMiiMiHMBttfi I ft Page 347 KINSOLVING 2600 Whitis STAFF RESIDENT COUNSELORS ZADIE LUMPKIN IDELLA PATTERSON Kinsolving is the largest of the University owned dormi- tories and has a capacity of eight hundred girls. It is divid- ed into an upperclassman unit (North) and a freshman unit (South), each of which houses four hundred girls. Some of the all dormitory activities included a hootenan- ny to welcome the girls at the beginning of school and Christmas open house. Phi Beta Kinsolving is an academic honorary which was organized to foster academic excellence among the residents. Kinsolving North differs from South in that it housed its residents in four girl suites with a bath separating the two bedrooms. Due to changes in housing policy however, North will no longer be open exclusively to upperclassmen and will be predominately for freshman girls. Special activities which occurred on North were the Halloween Ugly Girl contest and the Advisor tapping dinner. Front Row; Student Assistants; Zadie Lumpkin, Resident Counselor, Julia Ann Brown, Dorothy Lea Cramer, Ann Baylor Clark, Carol Joan Richardson, Idella Patterson. Second Row, Advisors: Jarrie Dell Davis, Linda Beth La Baume, Mary Sidney Turner, Mary Jane Dodd, Betty Joanne Wilson, Kathryn Marie Bianchi, Brenda Sue Dean, Peggy Ann Goldbeck, Patty Lynn Burrows, Suzanne Elizabeth Sax. Third Row: Alice Kay Hartong, Patricia Ann Zimmerman, Sally Jeannette Pierce, Margaret Ann Cowan, Nancy Ann O ' Neal, Barbara Adelia Nelson, Agnes Sue White, Meredith Mitchell, Terry Sue Crawford, Penelope Bowen, Clair Lyn Reeder, Clenda Jo Lazarus, Charlotte V. Streusand. Fourth Row: Norma Sue Stanley, Kay Elizabeth Canter, Judith Ann Michna, Carole Susan Stallcup, Marian Suzanne Wall, Sharon Diane Valenti, Gayle Chernosky, Julie Ann Van Aken, Karen Helene Jacobsohn, Kathryn Louise Reichert, Lois Mary Broussard, Lynnell Jackson. Fifth Row: Patricia Ann Little, Mary Fay Madera, Joan Emily O ' Donnell, Marsha Carol Wolk, Dena Rose Arnall, Sharon Darleen Koehl, Evelyn Duggan Muelder, JoAnn Anderson, Vernell Louise Pape, Barbara Nell Wagner, Diane Cheryl Rubenstein, Kay Marshall. - j ui Page 348 NORTH Girls are often housed in temporary space until a regular room is available. Mail check the bright spot of any day. Spring days find the girls on the sundeck. KIRBY HALL Front, Row: Marilyn Lillian See, Cheryl Lynn Neitzke, Laura Lea Turbiville, Sally Mayvi Whiteside, Elaine Rae Wilkerson, Sara Nell See. Sec- ond Row: Gloria Ann Veazeay, Jeanne Marie Balogh, Elsa Idalia Castillo, Doris Jane Ramsey, Barbara Kathleen Higgins, Janet Marie Barton, Felicia Yvonne Durley, Zelma Lorraine McMahon, Barbara Ann Downing, Theresa Mary Triana, Brenda Raynelle Wilkins. Third Row: Nancy Ruth Nagel, Ruby Jewel Bennett, Rebecca Ann Linn, Rebecca Sue Lennington, Angela Greer Kennon, Donna Lyn Magee, Crystal Waynel Lanham, Ann Margaret Ballman, Marsha Marie Meredith, Judy Norene L ' ale, Edith Ann Norris. Fourth Row: Claudia Leigh Jones, Julia Penny Clark, Martha Ann Swearingen, Cornelia Elizabeth Reaves, Victoria Frances Monro, Cynthia Ann Wright, Patricia Jan Ludeman, Laura Bell Sewell, Rebekah Sarah Naudain, Rose Margaret Crim, Carol Lea Weise. Advisors not pictured: Janie Carol Barker, Linda Joy Fette, Teresa Elizabeth Jackson, Janie Laurel Johnson, Pamela Joyce Miller, Mary Ann Moore. Kirby Hall is owned and operated by Methodist Women of Texas. Girls are accepted on the basis of their merit and ability regardless of race or national origin. A Chris- tian atmosphere is created for girls of all faiths and a li- brary and study halls are provided to encourage academic excellence. Activities included special holiday dinners and programs, monthly birthday dinners, and weekly German, French, and Spanish conversation tables. Also ministers from Austin speak before dinner on Sunday. Mrs. Irene T. Powers, Di- rector and Miss Alma E. White, Dietitian. 306 West 29th Special monthly dinners honored those who had birthdays. Page 350 LITTLEFIELD With the death of G. W. Littlefield in 1920, the Little- field era was drawn to a close. The era of Littlefield had preserved the site of the campus by his unceasing gifts which reached a figure of a million and a half dollars. Littlefield ' s will specified that three hundred thousand dol- lars would be used to help construct a dormitory which would house one hundred fifty freshman women. Littlefield wanted the dormitory, which was to be a memorial to his wife, to " live forever as the gracious home of the freshman class of women. " In the year 1927, the Alice Littlefield Memorial Dormi- tory was completed. At the time the dorm was cited as the first of its kind to be primarily for freshman women. It was to serve as an experimental field for freshman girls to make the transition from high school to college life. So, amid Spanish Renaissance architecture, Littlefield " country- bumpkins " became " Littlefield Ladies " , complete with social graces. Most renowned among Littlefield traditions is that of " O.D.A. " over display of affection from which " Alice " expects all Littlefield Ladies to refrain when they are at the dormitory with their dates. Littlefield is also unique among University-owned dormitories for its dining room, where almost all meals are seated service. Various traditions at Alice Littlefield Dormitory change through the years while others remain to greet each new freshman class. Each event attempts to combine a good time with good taste in an effort to produce a perfect " Lit- tlefield Lady. " The advisors and student assistants surprised Mrs. Small with a Christmas stocking. 300 West 26th Street Front Row: Kay Lynn Wolters, Judy Karen Barefield, Roma Theresa Weaver, Donna Ann Grissom, Martha Drew Matlock, Sara Clarke Petet, Sally Katherine Tampke, Dixie Lee Walker, Anne Currie Bernhardt. Second Row: Shirley Marie Hartman, Nora Faye Hilton, Elizabeth Lynne Tucker, Jo Cheryl McCathren, Susan Craig, Patrice Eileen McCullen, Loraine Esther Udashen, Virginia Dee Atkinson, Patricia Ann McCollough, Shirley Ann Schmidt. Third Row: Paula Jo Coslolow, Judith Lynne Riggs, Anita Louise McNevin, Judith Faye Hanson, Sharon Lee Sitter, Katherine Ann Gibson, Nona B. Small, Lynda Elizabeth Pounds, Jennifer Margaret Brittain, Barbara Lynne Chiasson, Donna Lee Dickerson, Sheridan Watson, Alice Ann Power, Diana Lynne Mills. Fourth Row: Patricia Eileen Thompson, Ina Lynne Brundrett, Alita Mary Zaepfel, Kathleen Elaine Schneck- ner, Linda Collette Langenkamp, Ruth Marie Koeniger, Christine Elizabeth Kelsey, Karen Ann Berndt, Kathryn Lynn McDowell, Mary Edna Reid, Marsha Frances Monroe, Barbara Nan Waltzer, Judith Lee Whatley, Janet Denena Evans, Judith Sherman Nides. Fifth Row: Judy Patricia Routh, Jane Lee Quock, Judy Claire Repman, Sharon Ann -McWhirter Diane Elaine Withee, Kay Sharon McEwen, Virginia Lea Andrus, Brenda Joyce Combs, Barbara June Childs, Nancy Lee Johnson, Barbara Diane Buis, Elisabeth Jane Kinsey, Lynnette Louise Hartmann, Carolyn Sue Moore, Carol Ann Skillman, Carol Ann Strickland. Sixth Row: Lucy Ann Hagelman, Linda Lynn Rudder, Jo Lynette Skutca, Linda Beth Knudson, Carol Lynn Kier, Lynn Marie Renick, Eleanor Anne Zellmann, Janet Florence Gould, Barbara Lynn Neyland, Deborah Ann Byrd, Loretta Marguerite McAfee, Jacqueline Jean Jessup, Suzanne Marie Wilson, Elizabeth Alene Risinger, Nancy Jean White, Michelle Sindo. Seventh Row: Susan May Dezelle, Jeanine Camille Robinson, Deborah Kay Cruikshank, Nancy Sue Beene, Pamela Lee Warner, Leta Banks Mosesman, Terry Ann Allbright, Theresa Frances Daniel, Delena Jean Stewart, Theresa Lois Ward, Kathleen Rose Boening, Susie Ann Webb, Gladys Marie Record, Mary Katherine Kiefer. Page 351 MAYFAIR HOUSE The dining area also provided a place for the girls and their dates to study. 2000 Pearl STAFF Manager Housemother ..FAYE HUSTON . JESSICA WELLS ADVISORS Fr ances R. Barnard Carol Jean Crook Sandra Irene Guerra Sarah Ann Hartman Sandra Kay Maness Anne Milliard Markley Shirley Ann Methvin Betty L. Schuessler Drew Hutchison Steele Leslie Stephen Eugenia Stone Jean Carroll Wyrick The swimming pool was a popular place among the residents on warm spring days. Page 352 NEWMAN HALL pVfll In September, the girls were welcomed to Newman Hall with a hooten- anny. Newman Hall, located at 2026 Guadalupe across the street from the campus, has been housing University of Texas girls since 1918. Owned by the Dominican Sisters, Newman Hall was the first Catholic dormitory erected on a secular campus, and the second religious dormitory at The University of Texas. The dormitory was named after John Henry Cardinal Newman, an English churchman, lecturer, and author of the nineteenth century. About seventy girls live in the main building and a small annex. STAFF Director SISTER FRANCIS, O.P. Housemother ZULA JACOBS Housekeeper KATIE HOFFMAN 2026 Guadalupe Front Row, Advisors: Kathryn Mary Bartosh, Patricia Ann Sablatura, Carol June Wilkins, Elizabeth Anthony Hlavaty, Patricia Ann Lednicky, Barbara June Welp, Mary Lorene Dennis, Teresita Gonzalez, Lee Hudson. Not pictured: Mary Ann Dorotik. Second Row: Gloria Ann Garza, Marilyn Elizabeth Vykoukal, Susan Marie Palousek, Graziella Maria Martin, Mary Julie Christian, Karen Katherine Connors, Jane Ann Dennis, April Cheri Russell, Carol Ann Ritchie, Marilyn Jane Bartosh, Marie Louise Muecke. Third Row: Natalie Catherine Cloutman, Nancy Marie Chude, Susan Edalene Kruger, Elizabeth Ella McKee, Betty Juanna Kuhn, Bertha Gonzalez, Leslie Ann Harrell, Guadalupe Robles, Mary Claudia Neil, Mary Catherine Moody. Fourth Row: Patricia Catherine King, Jennifer Francine Rodrigue, Maryann Joan O ' Hagan, Pamela Agnes Shropshire, Gracie Nell Rainosek, Patricia Gale Graham, Mary Lynn Nass, Jacqueline Monica Ford, Lynne Marie Dusenberry, Dolores Adelia Leal. Fifth Row: Sandra Anita Eagan, Linda Gail Hargraves, Connie Ray Wright, Dolores Slomchinski, Barbara Anne Overbeck, Veronica Louise Janek, Doris Elaine Kristek, Janice Arlyne Richards, Frances Elaine Kramer, Judith Ellen Rexer. Pa K e 353 MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS STAFF Seated: Louise Austin Hill, Clerical Assistant. Front Row Standing: Lottie Mae Ward, Housekeeper; Mattie Ruth Walker, Housekeeper; Ruth P. Klein, Office Supervisor; Lisetta Marie Walenta, Housekeeper; Joan Hayes Collins, Secretary, Fall; Elizabeth Fischer Cun- ningham, Senior Secretary. Back Row Standing: William Arlie Rogers, Building Crew Foreman; Glen Edwin Mullenbruch, Assistant Manager; Helen Norwood Deathe, Manager. MOORE-HILL HALL COUNSELORS Front Row: Gus Noll, III, Steven Gott Crutchfield, John Hill Nail, Jr., Lester Marvin Alberthal, Jr., John Randall Conn, John Calvin Collier, Fall. Second Row: Stanley Francis Hupfeld, Fall; Darryl Ed- win Collier, Fall; Ned Kinkier Handly, Supervisor, Fall; Hayden Edward Boland, Philip Lawrence Eiser- loh, Robert Phillip Smith, Herbert E. Evans. Not pictured: James William Spence, Fall; Harold S. Parks, III, Supervisor, Spring; John Hollis Dealy, Spring; Jerald Robe rt Yankee, Spring. SAN JACINTO A, D COUNSELORS Left to Right: John Michael Garner, Christopher Todd Bowers, Supervisor; Johnny Lee Henry. SAN JACINTO F, G, H COUNSELORS Left to Right: Gary Ronald Ruemping, Charles William Arnold, Supervisor; Anton James Matula, Fall; William Franklin Lowe, Fall. Not pictured: E. Dennis Myer, Spring; William Clay Hunn, Spring. Page 354 BRACKENRIDGE HALL PRATHER HALL COUNSELORS Front Row: David Bruce Kennedy, Laurence Lee Feltz. Back Row: Donald Pierce Wilcox, Supervisor; Wesley Ritchie Osborn, Jr., Richard Eugene Flint. COUNSELORS Front Row: Joe Lynn Brotherton, Advisor; Henry Alton Gray, Supervisor; John Arthur Heitmeyer, Advisor; Paul John Brods- gaard, Foil. Back Row: Charles Cervantes, Advisor; Raymond Sam- uel Whittington, II, Robert Elton Allison, Jr., Michael Lee Skinner, Advisor. Not pictured: Leon Joseph Napoli. ROBERTS HALL COUNSELORS Front Row: Charles Earl Burney, Fall; Robert Charles Green, Gary Newton Morrison, Advisor. Back Row: Carroll DeWitt Blacklock, Michael John Elliott, Jr., Supervisor; Michael Lowery Gillette. SIMKINS HALL COUNSELORS Front Row: William Blewett Chenault, III, Michael Patton, Super- visor; Harold S. Parks, III, Fall. Back Row: Benjamin Valfre, Jeffrey E. Wentworth, John DeWitt Davis, Chester Anthony Justin. Not pictured: Samuel J. Dealey, Spring; Alfred L. Deaton, Spring. Page 355 Scottish Rite Dormitory observed holidays by special din- ners, with appropriate decorations. Each month all residents whose birthdays came in that month were honored with a special birthday dinner. A particularly happy time for all the residents was the pre-Christmas spiritual program, fol- lowed by a seated breakfast, and a formal Christmas din- ner. One of the highlights of the year was the spring formal dance for all residents and their guests. These activities, in an environment of beauty and refinement, contribute to the cultural, spiritual, and social growth of the resident. SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY STAFF Director MRS. F. C. McCONNELL Consultant to Director F. C. McCONNELL Office Manager and Bookkeeper ELIZABETH WOODS Food Production Manager DORIS PATTESON Chief Engineer THOR E. CARLSON Head Gardener GILBERT McEACHERN Head Resident Counselor MARY LEUTWYLER Housekeeping Supervisors MRS. LUTHER JOHNSON MRS. BENNIE FLOURNOY Superintendent of Laundry ROY DAUGHERTY Front Row: Susan Josephine Orton, Carolyn Gail Marlatt, Jane Elizabeth Archer, Gwendolyn Jean Metcalfe, Pamela Sue Roden, Rebecca Anne Porter. Second Row: Barbara Jeanine Harrison, Patti Lou Rogers, Sandra Kay Crow, Judith Ann Kateley, Mary Leutwyler. Third Row: Sidneye Carol Trulock, Janice Lee Maxwell, Jo Ann Law, Sharon Sue White, Diana Kay Simpson, Virginia Gail Williams, Sandra ' Kay McNett, Janet Kaye Welsh, Margaret Gwynne Brown, Dianne Rush. Not Pictured: Ann Cathryn Baird, Mary Kay Beaver, Barbara Jill Berry, Susan Lynn Dabney, Ann Sara Eisenstein, Beverly Kay Enderle, Mary Don Hairston, Sandra Darlene Ingram, Nancy Ann Littleton, Lyndia Kay Morton, Priscilla June Patterson, Charlotte Gail Rice, Gayle Ann Scott, Sandra Gay Taylor. Page 356 TOWER MANOR a m Front Row: Patricia Gail Taylor, Marilyn Joy Krogerus, Tina Louise Call, Cheryl Rena Rogers, Charlotte Anne Beene, Helen Starkey Hagler, Barbara Kay Brantley, Frances Ann Alexander, Linda Rae Brown, Jocille Hanover, Joan Katherine Barnard, Patricia Jane Moran. Second Row: Barbara Ann Traylor, Marilyn Gayle Morris, Peggy Louise Large, Royanne Fleming, Denise Annette Bellinger, Marilyn Martin, Joan Caswell, Connie Lu Robinson, Lynne Carol Juedeman, Betsy Etoile Burleson, Rosemary Bublis, Suzanne White. Third Row: Jo Nell Hartsell, Bonnie Jean McBeth, Pamela Dawn Smith, Martha Del Webb, Caroline Claire Mitchell, Angela Beth Patton, Susan Lee Kirkpatrick, Kathy Lynn Burns, Pamela Ann Wieber, Mary Jane Boswell, Connie Umland, Jan Carol Marsh, Jane Elizabeth Hezlep. COUNSELORS Martha Kay Haymaker Caroline Glair Mitchell Tangy Orange Martha Del Webb STAFF Director HELEN S. HAGLER Advisor . . LINDA COOPER 1908 University Page 357 UNIVERSITY ARMS University Arms is a dormitory for one hundred and twenty-seven girls. There are apartments for six girls each consisting of living room and kitchenette combination, three bedrooms for two girls each and a bath. The counselors live in apartments for three girls with a bedroom for two girls and a separate bedroom for her. Some of the activities held in the dorm this year have been a Western dinner in September, a Halloween party in October, a Listening party during the Texas-Oklahoma game, an Open House during the Arkansas game, and a dinner at Thanksgiving. A Sunday afternoon tree trimming party and an open house after the University Christmas Carol program were held in December. A Valentine and Easter party are planned for the spring semester. The director of University Arms was Mrs. David Craw- ford and she was assisted by Marcia Murray. Mary Esther Garner and Ann Walters were counselors. This year ' s advisors were: Suzanne Marion Dunne, Carol Marie Foster, Beverly Gewertz, Linda Dell Seaberry, Pamela Jene Shear, Jo Ann Shaw. The apartments become the center of many ac- tivities. Six girls share each apartment, consisting of living room and kitchenette combina- tion and three bedrooms for two girls each. :-. . ' : INTER-COOPERATIVE COUNCIL Front Row: Lisabeth Susan Lovelace, Judith Elaine Ballard, Walter Stearns Simonds, Rebecca Ortiz, Gary Richard O ' Connor, Mike Earl Powell, Sylvia Louise Beckey, Douglas Alan Johnson, Linda Lou Sauer, Robin Ritchie. Second Row: Jane Elizabeth Martin, William Ander- son Leitch, Yolanda Cavazos, Carol Sue Pankratz, Barbara Jean Camps, Elaine Patricia Marsch, Saundy Jay Curry, Donna Sue Davenport, Margaret Faye Ellis, Marilyn Ann Perry, Kathleen Elizabeth Henson, Evelyn Janet Cotton. Third Row: Richard M. Eckenrod, Lynn Good- man, Sharon Lee Froehner, Jose Eduardo Limon, John M. Johnston, Charles Everett Vinson, Thomas Aubrey Burns, Jr., Billy Gene Millican, Frances Ann Mofield, Steven Craig Broome, Beth Ellen McEnery, Mary Ruth Smith, Advisor, Thomas Vinnedge Jenkins, Advisor. OFFICERS Fall Spring GARY RICHARD O ' CONNOR President GARY RICHARD O ' CONNOR MIKE EARL POWELL V ice-President MIKE EARL POWELL SYLVIA LOUISE BECKEY Secretary. DONNA SUE DAVENPORT PAUL DEAN JURECKA Treasurer CRAIG BROOME REBECCA ORTIZ Executive Assistant REBECCA ORTIZ WALTER STEARNS SIMONDS WALTER STEARNS SIMONDS REPRESENTATIVES Fall Spring EVELYN JANET COTTON Almetris EVELYN JANET COTTON WILLIAM ANDERSON LEITCH Campus Guild CHARLES EVERETT VINSON DONNA SUE DAVENPORT Century ELAINE PATRICIA MARSCH ROBERT EVERETT FARR : Ed Price LARRY W. ABERNATHY LISABETH SUSAN LOVELACE Felicia ROBIN RITCHIE LINDA KAY MADDUX Halstead LINDA KAY MADDUX SAUNDY JAY CURRY Pearce LINDA ANN KOHLMAN PATRICIA LYNN RICE Powell BETH ELLEN McENERY THOMAS AUBREY BURRIS, JR Ramshorn THOMAS AUBREY BURRIS, JR. JOSE EDUARDO LIMON Royal WILLIAM KUCHAR, JR. KATHLEEN ANN DiMARE Shangri-la FRANCES ANNA BARTON WILLIAM THOMAS KNOX .Stag JOHN MARTIN GILMORE, JR. SHARON LEE FROEHNER Theadorne SHARON LEE FROEHNER RICHARD M. ECKENROD Theleme RICHARD M. ECKENROD STEVEN CRAIG BROOME T.L.O.K STEVEN CRAIG BROOME BARBARA JEAN CAMPS Valhalla BARBARA JEAN CAMPS ANNE ARNOLD Wakonda BARBARA JO WILSON YOLANDA CAVAZOS Whitehall YOLANDA CAVAZOS LYNN GOODMAN Whitis . MARILYN ANN PERRY Page 359 MEN ' S CO-OPERATIVES Membeis of Campus Guild hold their own Pep Rally. One of the many forms of relaxation in Co-op living. CAMPUS GUILD OFFICERS President JOHN THOMAS HORN Kitchen Vice-PTesident WILLIAM JAMES ALBERT House Vice-President ....VICTOR WILLIAM WEHMAN Treasurer DONALD EDWARD BARTON Secretary JOSIAH GEORGE NEWELL Front Row: Hiroshi Jyo, Nikolaus Adam Holzschuh, Richard Arthur Grimmer, III, Van Carter Secrest, John Thomas Horn, Marshall Waneal Abernathy, Jr., Harry Parker, William Anderson Leitch, Edward Ernest Haverlah. Second Roto: James Jay Washburn, Larry Ronald Fuhrmann, Sammy Michael Gilmore, Edward Wagner, Alexander Page, Duane Arthur Degenhardt, Charles Berry, Park Lyle Beeler, Ronald Lee Hughes, Richard Oliver. Third Row: James Robert South, Donald Edward Barton, William Earle Halstead, Jr., Lewis Paul Johnston, Byron Allen Black, Jr., Paul Madison Douglass, Robert Clayton Black, Claude Raymond Zabava, Frank Leonard Arm- strong, Charles James Mott. Fourth Row: James VanDyke Haldy, Josiah George Newell, David Lowry Wallace, Charles Edward Mulroy, William James Albert, Victor William Wehman, William James Craig, Jr., John Wylie Nichols, Kenneth Ray Sims, Jerry Leon Frentress. Page 360 Front Row: Richard Henry Schroeder, Earl Harrison Baker, III, Edward Eugene Ahlrich, Roe E. Croes, Larry Ronald Fuhnnan, Paul Dean Jurecka. Back Row: Dennis George Fortassain, Marshall Waneal Abernathy, Jr., George B. Neff, Jr., Larry Wayne Abernathy, Thomas W. Beno, James Walter Minturn, Robert McGregor, III, Robert Everett Farr, Robert Francis Schneider, Donald Wayne Morran, Harry MacDaniel Pope. Members not pictured: Marvin Scott Byers, Rub in Vasquez Deltoro, Henry William Denny, James Steven Dudley, Pete Manuel Escamilla, Michael Edward Floyd, Donald Ripley Lyttleton, James Earth Root, James Lee Wilson, Randall Olney Winthrow ED PRICE HALL OFFICERS President . . JAMES WALTER MINTURN Vice-President PAUL DEAN JURECKA Detail Manager RICHARD HENRY SCHROEDER Treasurer ROBERT FRANCIS SCHNEIDER Dietician . . ROBERT EVERETT FARR RAMSHORN OFFICERS President . DOUGLAS ALAN JOHNSON Vice-president MARSHALL FRANKLIN PENA Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT ROSS SCHOLL Food Bayer JOHN M. JOHNSTON Front Row: Rolando Antonio Flores, Timothy George Varian, James Kenneth Lee, Juan Francisco Bazaldua, William Gary Miears. Second Row: Robert E. Bailey, Cecil Leon McKenzie, John M. Johnston, William Warren Buchholtz, Douglas Alan Johnson, Bennie Cecil Whitley, Jr. Third Row: William Thomas Varian, Gregory Evans Sims, William Werner Gastinger, Billy Gene Millican, Robert Scott Haraldson, Thomas Aubrey Burris, Jr. Members not pictured: Wesley Roy Embry, Cecilio Garcia, Patrick Henry Hill, III, Russell Jay Owen, Marshall Franklin Pena, Earl Edgar Rhea, III, Robert Ross Scholl, Roger E. Van Matre. Page 361 Fall ROYAL OFFICERS Front Row: Alan Randolph Hous- er, Manuel R. Penalver, William Loane Gibson, Hal Ray Corley, Albert Dwight Trevino, Ernest Joe lira nil am. Second Row: Kamal Eldin Said, Mark William Swope, Robert Richard Cline, William A. Kuchar, Jr., Allan Alvin Gebert, Daniel Richmond Remington. Third Row: Ronald Gene Muel- ler, Alvin Dale Nirider, Michael Earl Powell, Leonard Gene Schulze, Darrell P. Hardman, Rob- ert Wayne Coates. Members not pictured: Charles Harvey Dupuy, Alva Allie Edwards, Carroll Jay Forrest, Trinidad Garcia-Nava, Namir Nouri Izzat, Joseph Reid Kuykendall, Jose Eduarro Limon, Randy Mathews McNatt, Larry Earl Meyer, Robert Joseph Penk- sa, George Carlisle Pittman, Mar- vin Lee Trosper, James Robert Withers. Spring MICHAEL EARL POWELL President MICHAEL EARL POWELL LARRY EARL MEYER V ice-President .... WILLIAM A. KUCHAR, JR. JOSE EDUARRO LIMON Se cretary JOSE EDUARRO LIMON ALAN RANDOLPH HOUSER Treasurer ALLAN ALVIN GEBERT WILLIAM LOANE GIBSON Food Buyer LEONARD GENE SCHULZE Fall STAG OFFICERS JOHN MARTIN GILMORE President . HECTOR DE J. RUIZ-CARDENAS . . Treasurer Spring STEPHEN GRANT TERMAATH JOHN MARTIN GILMORE, JR. GILBERT JOSEPH DURAN Food Buyer GILBERT JOSEPH DURAN ROBERT ERWIN GIDDINGS . . . Secretary-Maintainer. . . VANCE NEATHERY, JR. Front Row: Oscar Backus, Hector de J. Ruiz-Cardenas, Gilbert Joseph Duran, Ernesto Ramon Gamez, Ramon Martinez. Back Row: Julio Cesar DelRio, Brian Dudley Evans, Stephen Grant TerMaath, Vance Neathery, Jr., Ronald Eugene Latimer, Larry Gene Cloud, Roland George Lehmberg, Marshall Harvey Cargill, Jr., William Rawleigh Elliott, Pedro Luz Cuellar, Jose M. Avalos. Members not pictured: Milton C. Dear, Edward Hilmer Eckenroth, Robert Erwin Giddings, John Martin Gilmore, Jr., Henry Louis Gomez, Robert Bennett Guimares, Bret Hurley Lewis, Victor Hugo Miro-Quesada, Richard Dwight Templin, Rong Wang. Page 362 Front Row: Thomas Lee Goodman, Arthur Dennis Murphy, H. Albert Napier, Jr., Richard Michael Eckenrod, Walter Stearns Simonds, Billy Otis Dickey, Donald Earl Mac Dougall. Second Row: Burnis Glenn Allardyce, Tommy Ben Thompson, Thomas Edward Nunn, Edward Harold Littell, Jr., Larry James Lester, John Richard Thomas, Wilfred Charles Decker. Third Row: Raymond William Short, Gary Richard O ' Connor, David Hal Stones, Roddy Melvin Howard, Bennett Lee Engel, Carlton Clarence Steubing, Peter Gail Fagan. Members not pictured: Charles Richard Baldwin, Owen Lee Roberts, Mark Francis VanderDries. THELEME OFFICERS Fall Spring H. ALBERT NAPIER, JR President GARY RICHARD O ' CONNOR WALTER STEARNS SIMONDS Treasurer WALTER STEARNS SIMONDS WALTER STEARNS SIMONDS Secretary JOHN RICHARD THOMAS GARY RICHARD O ' CONNOR Food Buyer TOMMY BEN THEMPSON OWEN LEE ROBERTS Whip WILFRED CHARLES UECKER RICHARD M. ECKENROD ICC Representative RICHARD M. ECKENROD TLOK OFFICERS Fall Spring NOEL DEE EVANS President JAMES R. KITTLES JAMES R. KITTLES Secretary WILLIAM MOREY MONTGOMERY ANTHONY EDWARD NICHOLLS Treasurer ANTHONY EDWARD NICHOLLS BARTON NULL CHERRY Food Buyer EDWARD STARR WHITLOCK EDGAR OELKERS, JR Maintainer A. LEROY MITCHELL ROBERT HENRY MONAGHAN ICC Representative JERALD DUDLEY STINSON Front Row: William Morey Mont- gomery, Rudolf Gallardo Cantu, Harry Lee Pruetz, Manuel George Resales, Adam Gene Chavez, Roy S. Gabryl, Jerry Cecil Jordan. Second Row: Allen James Ander- son, Richard Wayne Meyer, Steven Craig Broome, Edward Starr Whit- lock, James R. Kittles, John Ter- ence Southwell, A. LeRoy Mitchell. Third Row: Carroll Leath Moore, Harold Ray Lewis, Edgar Oelkers, Jr., Anthony Edward Nicholls, Daniel Darby Finnegan, Michael Bruce Foster, Noel Dee Evans. Fourth Row: Ira Joe Klaus, Gary Gregg Goodell, Jasper Calhoun Rowe, Jan Duncan Marshall, Thomas Oakley Baldwin, Charles Edward Riese, Barton Null Cherry, Emilio G. Dutari. Members not pic- tured: Gary Warren Grizzle, Rob- ert Henry Monaghan, Marlow R. Preston, Jerald Dudley Stinson, Leon Dee Stump. Page 363 WOMEN ' S CO-OPERATIVES Front ROM;: Estela Salazar, Melva Diana Gonzalez, Sharon Lynne Smith, Co-Ordinator ; Misako Uemura, Donna Sue Davenport, Frances Ann Buxkemper. Second Row: Ann Dunbar, Elaine Patricia Marsch, Catherine Adele Clarke, Joyce Miller, Kristine Frances Anderson, Cuadalupe Adelina Garcia. Third Row: Cynthia Ann Beach, Kim Ann Smallwood, Jacqueline Elaine Lege, Diane Briggs, Linda LaVaughn Armistead, Judith Elaine .Stones. CENTURY HOUSE Sharon Lynne Smith, Co-Ordinator Donna Sue Davenport, ICC Representative Elaine Patricia Marsh, ICC Representative Guadalupe Adelina Garcia, Secretary Willye Stene Witcher, Co-Ordinator Evelyn Janet Cotton, ICC Representative Barbara Diane Douglas, ICC Representative Johnnye Earlene Cunningham, Secretary ALMETRIS Front Row: Joyce Elaine Felder, Jackie Maxine Kimbrough, Sarah Beatrice Penn, Evelyn Janet Cotton, Sandra Jauntina Freeman, Vivian Maxine Tillman. Second Row: Arleas Joseph Reynolds, Betti Rachelle Poindexter, Marva LaGean Douglas, Lynda Beatrice Coleman, Willye Stene Witcher, Co-Ordinator; Arlette Iras Jones, Betty Jean Devereaux. Third Row: Camilla Joyce Hall, Carolyn Theresa Jones, Alice Marie Johnson, Debbera Ann Williams, Carmen Diane Jackson, Johnnye Earlene Cunningham, Vivian Lucille Mayes, Mar- garet Faye Ellis, Almetris Duren, Housemother. Members not pictured: Barbara Dianne Douglas, Gloria Judeau Grant, Dorothy Dean Green, Betty Joan Griggs, Nellie Fay Guyden, Darlene DeNett Harper, Violantha June Ricks, Barbara Yevonne Singleton, Augusta Betty Usher, Mary Ann Vincent. Page 364 II 1 ' i Front Row: Lucinda Halstead, Linda Kay Maddux, Linda Rae Trulan, Nonna Jean Jimenez, Judith Ellen Crouch. Second Row: Linda Margaret Slavik, Janis Catherine Wester, Annette Margaret Meiners, Rose Kathryn Sims, Patricia Ann Vennillion. Third Row: Donna Marie Schneider, Mildred Hertha Scheel, Ruth Elaine Franklin, Sylvia Louise Beckey, Evelyn Aileen Norton. Donna Marie Schneider, Co-Ordinator HALSTEAD Linda Kay Maddux, ICC Representative Evelyn Aileen Norton, ICC Representative Nikki Gay Rylander, House Chairman Judith Elaine Ballard, Co-Ordinator Robin Ritchie, ICC Representative Lisa Lovelace, ICC Representative Linda Lou Froehner, House Relations Chairman FELECIA General cleaning duties are done on Saturday mornings in some houses. Front Row: Margaret Elizabeth Diden, Christine Ursula Studer, Elizabeth Ann Lehman, Judith Elaine Ballard, Carla Jean Eckenrod, Aurelia Castillo Davila. Second Row: Janelle Mattingly, Nancy Jean Flynn, Sarah Elizabeth Hester, Andrea Mary Ryza, Alice Kath- leen Sayen, Sheila Jeanne Hoehn. Third Row: Dorothy Mae Jentsch, Carol Diane Cooke, Linda Lou Froehner, Gladney Lynn Flatt, Janelyn Eble Dawson, Robin Ritchie. Fourth Row: Nikki Katherine Addison, Paula Ruth Srubar, Marjorie Lee Hughes, Rebecca Ortiz, Lisabeth Susan Lovelace, Judy Kay Harmon. Member not pictured: Betty Lois Goss. Page 365 PF A R PF Zonie Fransica Vasquez, Co-Ordinator E L 01 " 56 Borchers, President Jane Elizabeth Martin, ICC Representative Saundy J. Curry, ICC Representative Front Row: Sandra Kay Rannals, Zonia Francisca Vasquez, Elaine Margaret Stewart, Margaret Mary Fielder. Second Row: Elizabeth Miller Stewart, Linda Ann Kohlman, Saundy J. Curry, Carrol Jean Grounds, Jane Elizabeth Martin. Third Row: Doris Jane Rienstra, E. Louise Borchers, Joanna Lee Fleming, Delores Jeanne Lazarie, Marsha Kay Lloyd. Members not pictured: Linda Kay Smith, Linda Carroll Hines. Girls share in the housekeeping duties. Front Row: Cynthia Lou Gettman, Nancy Kate Adams, Eileen Ann Krampitz. Second Row: Ann Frances Sebesta, Barbara Lynne Williams, Sharon Ann Halstead, Mary Thehna Williams. Third Row: Marilyn Marie Huepers, Mary Margaret Neikirk, Shenye Ann McBurnett, Beth Ellen McEnery. Members not pictured: Randie Kaye Boettcher, Barbara Wright. POWELL HOUSE Nancy Kate Adams, Co-Ordinator Ann Frances Sebesta, 7CC Representative Beth Ellen McEnery, ICC Representative Marilyn Marie Huepers, House Relations Beth Ellen McEnery, House Relations Eileen Ann Krampitz, Social Chairman Pa e 366 The spirit of co-operative living can be found in activities other than housekeeping. The girls of Powell House enjoy an out- door hootenanny. SHANGRI-LA Donna Margaret Bierds, Co-Ordinator Frances Anna Barton, ICC Representative Kathleen Ann .DiMare, ICC Representative Adelheid Schaefer, Secretary THEADORNE Gloria Jean Hornick, Co-Ordinator Marion Leslie Kelly, ICC Representative Sharon Lee Froehner, ICC Representative Doris Elaine Brooks, Secretary Front Row: Joan Carol Mueller, Adelheid Schaefer, Donna Margaret Bierds, Virginia Annette Gilcrease. Second Row: Nancy Ann Stall, Martha Don Hagan, Carol Ann Cude, Kathleen Ann DiMare. Third Row: Olivia Catherine San Miguel, Carolyn Ann Campbell, Betty Lou Wallace, Carol Anne Ginn, Barbara Gail Clifton. Not Pictured: Karen Elizabeth Anderson, Frances Anna Barton, Alma Carole Chase, Talley Margaret Hudson, Beverly Dee Spaulding. Front Row: Sandra Sue Oliphant, Karen Jane White, Gloria Jean Hornick, Patricia Flores, Lois Elaine Brooks. Second Row: Joyce Aileen Burkwall, Martha Helen McKenrie, Jo Ellen Jenkins, Linda Joyce Curtino, Frances Katherine Jetter, Beverly Ann Harrison. Third Row: Mary Elizabeth Wellboern, Shirley Jean Tennyson, Sharon Lee Froehner, Andrea Lynn Frazee, Mary Ellen Homer, Marion Leslie Kelly. Page 367 VALHALLA Nancy Kay League, Co-Ordinalor Beatrice Eileen Bradfield, President Bodil Janet Christiansen, Secretary Barbara Jean Camps, ICC Representative Front Row: Mary Ellen Silva, Nancy Kay League, Eva Mary Gramberg, Martha Amy Sawyer. Second Row: Beatrice Eileen Bradfield, Carrol Ann Clayton, Bodin Janet Christiansen, Mary Catherine McCoy, Barbara Jean Camps. Third Row: Mary Louise Nuuttila, Frances Ann Mofield, Beverly Jean Pieper, Christine Kamprath, Patricia Mary Monaghan. Members not pictured: Carol Cash, Barbara Hines, Lorelei Jean Schmidt. One of the traditions at Felecia is for the en- gaged couple to present a 5 pound box of candy to the girls in the house. Front Row: Linda Wood, Linda Lou Sauer, Barbara Jo Wilson, Sandra Lynn Young, Second Row: Kitty Lee Kring, Janet A_nn Girard, Elaine Terese Quinn, Kathy Elizabeth Henson, Susan Elaine Bartlemay, Mary Rose Almazan. Third Row: Billie Gwen Yocom, Anne Arnold, La Nell Marie Rotter, Anne Camden Stafford, Melanie Lynn Coburn. Members not pictured: Sylvia Alicia Azios, Patricia Christine Stutheit. WAKONDA Linda Lou Sauer, Co-Ordinator Sylvia Alicia Azios, Secretary Kathy Elizabeth Henson, ICC Representative Page 368 WHITEHALL Mary Elizabeth Crawford, Co-Ordinator Carol Sue Pankratz, ICC Representative Yolanda Cavazos. ICC Representative Janice Eileen Willenborg, House Rules Committee Jean Adele Palmer, House Rules Committee Juanita Louise Claburn, House Rules Committee Front Row: Margaret Marie Tiemann, Juanita Louise Claburn, Mary Elizabeth Craw- ford, Glenda Frances Fuhrmann, Linda Ruth Modgling. Second Row: Sandra Joy Modgling, Yolanda Cavazos, Carol Sue Pankratz, Marylyn Elizabeth Barwick, Elaine Rose Heinrich. Third Row: Norma Linda Rodriguez, Nina Elizabeth Glasgow, Karmien Azan Carsey, Janice Eileen Willenborg, Connie Gene West. Members not pictured: Ruth Ann Berry, Barbara Louise Comiskey, Claudia Jean Day, Nancy Jean Dlabaj, Elaine Kneese, Nola June Loving, Jean Adele Palmer. The girls all share the responsibility of food preparation. Front Row: Norma R. Adams, Mary Virginia Garcia, Ernestine Waddy, Edna Violet Munson, Mary Lynn Poston. Second Row: Betty Davis, Jennabeth Louise Ward, Marilyn Ann Perry, jo Mertred Franklin, Beverly Claire Harris, Myrna Leticia Garcia. Third Row: Beverly Ann Watson, Lynn Goodman, Gloria Faye Brown, Karen Verne Williams, Rita Eileen Rienstra, Betty Worcester. Member not pictured: Anne Louise Crane. Mary Lynn Poston, Co-Ordinator Marilyn Ann Perry, ICC Representative Lynn Goodman, ICC Representative Anne Louise Crane, Parliamentarian Page 369 COUNCILS Seated: Gilmore, Mueller, Johnson, Stones. Standing: Miears, Evans, Allardyce, Horn. CO-OPERATIVE COUNCIL Burnis Glenn Allardyce, Theleme Noel Dee Evans, T. L. 0. K. John Martin Gilmore, Jr., The Stag John Thomas Horn, Campus Guild Thomas V. Jenkins, Faculty Sponsor Douglas Alan Johnson, Ramshorn, President William Gary Miears, Ramshorn James Walter Minturn, Ed Price Hall Ronald Gene Mueller, Royal, Vice-President John Wylie Nichols, Campus Guild, Secretary-Treasurer John Terence Southwell, T. L. 0. K. David Hal Stones, Theleme CO-ORDINATOR ' S COUNCIL Nancy Kate Adams, Powell Judith Elaine Ballard, Felecia, Chairman, Spring Donna Margaret Bierds, Shangri-La, Fall Carol Anne Cude, Shangri-La, Secretary Mary Elizabeth Crawford, Whitehall Gloria Jean Hornick, Theadorne Nancy Kay League, Valhalla Mary Lynn Poston, Whitis Olivia Catherine San Miguel, Shangri-La, Spring Linda Lou Sauer, Wakonda, Chairman, Fall Donna Marie Schneider, Halslead Mary Ruth Smith, Faculty Sponsor Sharon Lynne Smith, Century Zonia Francisca Vasquez, Pearce, Vice-Chairman Willye Stene Witcher, Almetris Seated: Bierds, S. Smith, Cude, Sauer, Vasquez, Crawford, San Miguel. Standing: Ballard, Hornick, Adams, M. Smith, Schneider, Witcher, Leauge, Poston. Page 370 ,.... ..-: - : .,. R.O.T.C. Building MILITARY Edited by Diana Lynn Boland Page 371 DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE , __-- H 11 Lieutenant Colonel KARL Y. BENSON, JR., Professor of Air Science The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps was established at the University in July, 1947, in the Department of Air Force Science. AFROTC offers freshman students a four year program and junior students or above, provided they have two years remaining in school, a two year program leading to a commission in the United States Air STAFF Front Row: Shirley Ann Gerhardt, Ollie Brown Arena. Second Row: Major Wallace Jackson McKenzie, Major John Francis Kelly, Captain Richard Joseph McGuinness. Third Row: Staff Sergeant Bernard Charles Knippel, Staff Ser- geant Billy Ray Tucker, Technical Sergeant Harry Ervin Wachsmann. Force. Air Force ROTC cadets receive training in leadership and aerospace studies to qualify them as professional officers. Qualified cadets receive flight instruction training during their senior year. When called to active duty, AFROTC graduates become pilots, navigators, or technicians in their specialized field of study. GROUP STAFF Front Row: John Howard Gullette, Robert Burns Dunkin, Robert Elton Allison, Jr., Jack Welton Shelton, Jr. Second Row: Bryce Eugene Bonner, John H. Economidy, James Rawls Williams, Philip M. Guzman, Michael Zane Lumbley, John Davis Bowen. Third Row: Raymond Robert Leal, Louis McClellan Ayers, Jr., William Caswell Ward, Dennis Craig Cheaney, Pasquale Gregory Falbo, Donald Pierce Wilcox, Albert Lee Martin. Fourth Row: Bruce Gordon Luna, Kenneth Elmer Eickmann, Richard Caldwell Null, Allen Dickson Boger, Jr., James Robert Foreman, James Robert Watkins, Jr. Page 372 SQUADRON ONE offset- I Front Row: Robert Earl Cherry, Richard Thorp Jordan, Jr., Stanley Alton Shaw. Second Row: Richard Calvin Wiser, Charles Garret Keethler, Robert Longtoft Hopkins, Robert Norris Trapnell, Jr., Chris Vernon Cook, Jerry Otho Cochran, Jimmy Douglas Bryan, David Ivan Deel, George Thomas Brennan, William Garner Hughes, Piet Nieman, Lonnie Brauner. Third Row: Jerry Bernett Nichols, Jesse Lee Shead, James Scott Balentine, Jesse Jefferson Moor- head, Jr., Richard Charles Carmichael, Munson Goodyear Compton, Jr., Terry Allen Burkhart, Robert Trevino Perez, Thomas Alan Erdmann, Patrick Marshall O ' Neill, Edward Oscar Fuller, Norman Heumann. Fourth Row: Edward M. Taylor, Mike M. Dunson, Michael Joy Riemann, Peter Louis Coira, Alan Rene Stahlman, James Byron Baugh, Darryl Paul Greenwood, Robert Stephen Bickerstaff, John Harvey Carson, Thomas Lee Krafka, Robert Hill Goodlett, Gary Alan Thomas. Fifth Row: Jerald Robert Yankee, Daniel Warnell Lee, Jr., George Robert Wallace, John Carl Totten, David Bruce Cook, Herbert S. Harris, Jr., Richard J. McNatt, Joe H. McFatter, Jr., Frank Chatmon, Larry Hill Rives, Warren Swain Bollmeier, III, Guy Norman Blair, Jr. SQUADRON TWO Front Row: Robert Edward Kelly, Jr., Richard Lee Wilkison, Mark Allen Fry, Robert Harrison Fowler. Second Row: Cecil Glenn Foster, Jr., Oliver Ridad Garcia, Louis Raphael Guiot, Antonio Alvarado, Roger Philip Macon, Arthur Dennis Murphy, James William Jones, James Frank Boettcher, Nelson Norman Estes, Edwin Medley Payne, Gerald Knox Bishop. Third Row: Tom Guerry deGraffenried, Charles Fredrick Bernhardt, Lloyd Bernard Stearns, Jr., Robert John Mills, Jr., Henry Sibley Meyer, James Bruce Warren, George Freese Wroten, Robert Wade Smith, Gene Philip Summers, Frank John Laird, Charles Edward Morrison. Fourth Row: Russell Carlton Cykoski, James Thomas Gribble, III, Thomas Benjamin Poindexter, III, Scott Lytton Mahon, Alferd Cisneros, Gary Louis Roberts, Tim Frank Haegelin, Kenneth Gordon Woods, Jr., Walter Thomas Patrick Farley, Rufus Green, Jr., John Ray- mond Schwarz, Robert F. Puckett, Jr. Fifth Row: Henry Joseph Van De Walle, Barry Lee Bennett, John Francis Xavier Kelly, Jr., George Westfall Gretser, Lanny Ross Gerald, Jeffrey Allen Lehmann, Thomas Alan Reneau, David Ernest Dwyer, John Perrin Flynn, Michael Wayne Venable, Robert Wayman Dahl, Christian Malford Gotham, III. Page 373 SQUADRON THREE Front Row: Arcadio Garza, III, Paul Lane Murphy, James Thomas Brown, Ogle Tedford Beaty, III. Second Row: Manuel George Resales, Jr., Gary Wayn e Tanner, Edward Augustus Gildemeister, Earl Martin Orbin, Jr., Sidney Ray Boatler, Curtis Ray Moore, Jack Knox Wall, James Paul Lopez, Stephen Hall Holliday. Third Row: William Robert Petty, Eduardo Joseph Mazza, Gordon Brenner Hesdorffer, Robert Francis Miley, Robert Michael Lesseg, Michael Anthony Pandolfo, Charles William Masters, Robert Michael Fowler, Robert Anthony O ' Brien, John Greg Flaherty. Fourth Row: Gene Hamilton Forester, Ronald Edward Bergquist, John Xavier Olivo, Donis Lee Muzik, Gary Keith Jordan, Alfred Clyde Loya, Dennis Wayne Otwell, Vaughan Decker Goldsmith, John Thomas Evans, Colin Kelly Kaufman, Joel Gaylon Halbert. Fifth Row: Walter Eugene Demond, Don Alton Coleman, Ralph Edward Lucus, Phillip Duane Moseley, Robert Douglas Montgomery, Paul Erwin Reichman, Jay Dagley Carroll, Julian Vincent Buenger, Curtis Linwood Junge, Leonard Guy Clinton, III, Leonard Anthony Simek. SQUADRON FOUR Front Row: Tabor Rodger Stone, Randy Roy Shope, Alan Charles Chalfont. Second Row: John Arthur Lillie, Glen Timothy Nicholson, Richard Joseph Morey, Roger William Page, Joseph Martin Hernandez, William Edward von Rosenberg, Roy Esteban Murray, David Laurin Swanson, Michael Andrew Freiband, Ronald Harrison Wassom. Third Row: Dan Richard Williams, Donald Benjamin Stough, William Henry Harrison Smith, John Oliver Terrell, Jr., John Lowell Stiles, Michael Lewis Allen, John Frederick Kopsky, Robert Carroll Thames, David Abramowitz, Howard Samuel Berry. Fourth Row: Wayne Charles Wendland, William Thomas Campbell, III, Byrom Judson Smith, III, Earnest Crawford Leake, II, Stephen Orval Boyd, Ronald James Dentch, Gregory Louis Sweeney, Douglas Kirk Fell, James William Walters, Jr., Benjamin Jacob Horst. Fifth Row: Laurence Randall Jordan, Jr., James Stewart Damron, Victor Joe Holubec, James Parker Bates, Ronald Howard Johnson, Alexander Bernard Smith, Charles Byron Yarling, David Edward Walston, Allen Grover McGuire, Jimmy Don Roberts, Jr. Page 374 1 ANGEL FLIGHT Ir. Gaj; Micbel i:Cat -: : . Andre TrnilL ! K: 1 limes in It. . Dnid I OFFICERS Seated: Betty Lou Butler, Susan Kay Henderson, Claire DeLano Poch, Elizabeth Anne Oaks, Lucy Gail Holmes. Standing: Harriet Ann Durr, Susan Alice Park, Janet Schuster, Dee E. Havins. OFFICERS Commander CLAIRE DELANO POCH Executive Officer BETTY Lou BUTLER Operations Officer JANET SCHUSTER A.S.O. Officer SUSAN KAY HENDERSON Comptroller ELIZABETH ANNE OAKS Information Officer HARRIET ANN DURR Historian LUCY GAIL HOLMES Liaison SUSAN ALICE PARK Drill Commander DEE E. HAVINS Advisor MAJOR JOHN FRANCIS KELLY ACTIVES Front Row: Janet Goren, Linda Burk, Charlotte Gaye Vickrey, Patricia Kay Parish. Second Row: Claire DeLano Poch, Harriet Ann Durr, Denny Gaye Me Adam, Lynn Miller. Third Row: Daisy C. Whitridge, Glynda Kay Heer- ensperger, Elizabeth Anne Oaks, Betty Lou Butler. Fourth Row: Sharon Irene Allison, Kathryn Nelle Haymes, Janet Schuster, Emily Jane Tracy. PLEDGES Front Row: Susan Carol Stephens, Marsha Gay Gostecnik, Cheryl Anne Zimmerman. Second Row: Phyllis Evelyn Lanning, Carolyn Ann Campbell, Jo Ann Rowley. Third Row: Kay Lewis, Ann Cathryn Baird, Kay Copeland, Carolyn Jean Dubose. Page 375 DEPARTMENT OF NAVAL SCIENCE Midshipman Robert Hattan confers with Battalion Commanders Jerry Powell and Jesse Thompson. The University of Texas is one of 53 universities hav- ing Naval ROTC Units on campus. Since September, 1940, thousands of students have received commissions as Ensigns, United States Navy, or as Second Lieutenants, United States Marine Corps. The NROTC Unit is composed of two types of students. Regular Midshipmen are selected on the basis of a nation- wide competitive examination and are interviewed for entry into the Regular program which is designed primarily to procure career-type officers for the Navy and Marine Corps. Contract Midshipmen are selected by the professor of Naval Science at the University on a basis of local exam- ination and are interviewed for entry into the contract pro- gram which is designed primarily to procure Reserve-type officers for the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve. Midshipmen receive valuable training during the summer months whien they embark on cruises for six to eight weeks. Textbook knowledge is supplemented with practical seamanship and knowledge gained on Naval Air Stations, Marine Corps bases, destroyers, submarines, carriers, and cruisers located from San Diego, California, to Sasebo, Ja- pan, and from Norfolk, Virginia, to Ankara, Turkey. Colonel Max H. LaGrone, USMC, Commanding Officer of the NROTC unit talking with Midshipmen Young, Ramos, and Beeler. Page 376 NAVAL SWEETHEARTS Seated Row: Vickie Hudson, Laura Polasek, Kathy Reichert. Standing Row: Toni Wright, Pam Harker, Pat Vincent, Margie O ' Brien. I Lieutenant Montford escorts Navy Sweetheart Pam Harker through the sword line at the Tri-Service Ball. r-v-r. NROTC Buccaneers at football halftime. Midshipmen John Engstrom, Richard Rease, and Wiley James receive maneuvering tips from Chief Redman. Page 377 DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE STAFF Seated: Major Robert C. Hock, Lieutenant Colonel Lowell Gideon Moore, Colonel John Deber Townsend, Major Raymond L. Cook, Major Connelly Sanders. Standing: Sergeant First Class Thomas E. Davern, Master Sergeant James Francis Martin, Sergeant First Class Sherman Holland, Shirley J. Hayden, Sergeant First Class Jack W. Porter, Ser- geant First Class William L. Smith, Dixie Lee Hardison, Sergeant Major William R. Reese, Specialist Robert E. Shat- tuck, Sergeant First Class Thomas F. Kiger. The Army ROTC exists to develop officers for the United States Army, to provide a corps of well-educated, well- rounded leaders for an Army that would need to expand with lightning speed in a national emergency. With this in mind, the Army ROTC has been designed to develop the qualities of leadership in college trained men. Today, the Army ROTC program is offered to 155,000 students by 247 institutions of higher learning all over America. The Department of Military Science, established at the University in 1947, has provided over 1622 commissioned officers for the United States Army. BRIGADE A wise and prudent man shuns war, but knows that armed conflict may come from any type of international incident. This same thoughtful man prepares himself to meet the challenges of our modern day living, to become a better citizen and to face this kind of emergency through the ROTC " on campus " part of his college education. The Army ROTC gives a student a broad understanding of the functions and problems of our national government, and a knowledge of our nation ' s defenses. Upon graduation the Military Science graduate is better equipped to step forth into the world and take his rightful place among the leaders of his community. STAFF Front Row: Stephen Hopkins Franke, Don E. Casey. Second Row: David Lee Shull, Hayden Edward Boland, Harry Stephenson, Michael Franklin Shands, Jim Sterling Hawthorne. Third Row: Joe Alan Shull, Edward Oelkers, Donald Gates Elliott, Keith Allen Maxie. Page 378 DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS Front Row: Harry Stevenson, James Walsh, Colonel John Deber Townsend, James Sterling Hawthorne, Carroll Stanley Barbour, Thomas Oswell Brightman. Second Row: Fred Lee Sims, Robert Alexander Booker, James Warren Kirk, Richard Steele Davenport, Mark Alan Mueller, Stephen Hopkins Franke, Floyd Louis Oliver, Jr., Michael Jan Brown. Third Row: David A. Davidson, Zech Clifton Dameron, III, Hayden Edward Boland, John Baskin Harper, Nathan Stephen Axelrod, Waldo Wilburn Montgomery, Jr., David Lee Shull. MARAUDERS Front Row: William James Albert, James David Walsh, Edward Oelkers. Second Row: David Lynn Sturges, John Stuart Buckley, William R. Jonson, James Thomas Shaw, John Ellison MacQuigg, Gary Don Harrison, Chester Ware Richards, Lupe Moreno Zamarripa. Third Row: Ronald Charles Coburn, Joseph Scott Dean, Charles Buddie Stewart, James Ter- rill Conway, Robert Bruce Allensworth, James Allen Smith, Michael Earl Shields, Steve Glen Jackson, Burnis Glenn Allardyce, Donald Wade Jones. Page 379 ENGINEERING BATTALION :on John Front Row: Iloyd Louis Oliver, Jr., Patrick Ray Jones. Elizabeth Anne Clark, Richard Steele Davenport, Joan Elaine Frensley, Dennis Adding! Johnston, David Dale Craik. Second Row: Frederick William Wiegand. Jr., Robert Hebert Travis, Jr., Fred Lee Sims, Kenneth Tildon McDonald Tol... Haven Davis, James Harry Aldridge, Robert Alexander Booker. Third Row: Robert Lee Fisher, Mike Limerick Butler, Robert George Spangler, Wil- liam Randolph Leyendecker, Robert Harleston Crites, Thomas Wayne Pahl, William Bird Swan, Roger Steve Vaughan, Marshall Wayne Williams Mike Enriquez, Charles Ashford Buford. Fourth Row: Kyle Bruce Rountree, James David Godfrey, Alan Woods Nalle, John Thomas Ferguson, John Vivian Perry, Melvin Howard Faske, William Henry Marsh, III, Charles Everett Baker, Milton Desmond Wyrick, Christopher Kuehne John Wesley Cardwell. Fifth Row: Orville Dwain Harris, Larry L. Wofford, Barry Eugene Endsley, Lawrence Lee Sugarman, Cecil Leon McKenzie, George Sampson Nalle, III, Randolph George Mueller, William Duncan Knox, Jeffrey Laager Hannon. James Clifford Hackard, Richard Shelley Durham Sixth Row- John Micheal Wonsik, James Benson, Micklethwait, Herman Cornelius Henderson, Patrick Michael O ' Keeffe, Paul J. Ridenour, Henry Wesley Ratliff, Michael Lynn Harlan, John Michael Horn, John Albert Thomas, Preston Cagle Hunt, Louis David Helwick. QUARTERMASTER BATTALION Front Row: Cayetano Olivarez, Robbie Raggio Barnett, John Brown Stark, Jr., Waldo Wilbum Montgomery, Jr., Martha Eloise Kuhl, David Anthony Hamilton, Nathan Stephen Axelrod. Second Row: Jon Ronald Rios, Hollis Randolph Sanders, Conrad John Netting, Zech Clifton Dameron, III, Carroll Stanley Barbour, Donald Howard Fortune. Third Row: Michael Francis McGhee, Frank Patrick McGovern, Phillip Eugene Cobb, Carl Axel Johnson, Charles Richard Walker, Gary Don Harrison, Edward Kendrick Tatum, Bobby Mac Shaffer, John Ellison MacQuigg, Jon Neil Wisser, Bill Owen Bull, Henry Pastor. Fourth Row: Jung Mae Lee, Daniel Craig Smith, Wendell Carl Baker, John Robert Langston, Robert Ralph Sonnen, Chris Thomas Hanger, David Charles Heath, Dennis John Jung, Herbert Chee Ching, Stephen Kelly Smith, James Perkins Collins. Fifth Row: John David Boswell, William Thomas Catterton, Gary Robert Gosdin, Kenneth Bruce McCullough, John Buren Alldredge, James Allen Smith, Robert Bruce Allensworth, Michael Gary Erickson, Royal Kenneth Hurrington, Randall Robert Renz, David Wilson Flack, George Robert Hitz. Page 380 TRANSPORTATION BATTALION s 65 u, MitU front Row: Thomas Oswell Brightman, Thomas Edward Lane, Gerry Allan Second Row: Robert Allen Higley, Ross Moore Lynch, Henry David Barton, Russell Gay, Russell Thomas Smith, Alan B. Chu. Third Row: Norman Carroll Peet, Jr., Richard Gary Poulos, Donald Wade Jones, Robert Terry Smith, John Paul Seward Smith, Charles Bernard Branch, Joe Wayne Patten, John Henry Stewart, Clell John Windham, III. Fifth Row: Albert Jerome Anthony Martin, Norton Bassett Hargis, Jr., Brooks Everett Peterson, Jack Coley Clark, Wallace Solcher, Michael Jan Brown, John Baskin Harper, Louis Lane Martinez. James Leroy Lamb, James Frank Atwell, John Harold Watson, Barry Mohn, Chester Ware Richards, James Thomas Shaw, Charles Edward Stuart Buckley, Lupe Moreno Zamarripa. Fourth Row: Ray Lamar Cain, Catterton, Ronald Phil Freeman, Joe Richard Solcher, Charles Buddie Ruben Edward Trevino, James Terrill Conway, Richard Lee Tingley, Gordon Tingley, Jr., Andrew Sidney Chase. W. h fin id Cur I MILITARY POLICE BATTALION Front Row: David Lynn Sturges, Robert James Hale, James Warren Kirk, David A. Davidson, Janet Irene King, Jerry Randall Barnhill, Watson Marmaduke Howell, Jr., Walter John Gueldner, III, Mark Alan Mueller, Richard Bolton Bender, II. Second Row: William R. Jonson, Robert Thomas Binder, Jr.. Theodore Anthony Gonzalez, Joseph Scott Dean, Burnis Glenn Allardyce, Ronald Charles Coburn, Allan Keith DuBois, John Randolph Sims, Donnie Ray Burgess. Third Row: Edward Oliver Spaulding, Dennis Lee Woolam, David Olcott Wright, Clayton Dunning Pledger, Noel Ray Smithson, Daniel Layne Craig, Karl H. Moeller, William Frederick Freeman, Richard Eugene Flint, William Harry Sutton, Clarence Norman Hansen, Roy Lane Nelson. Fourth Row: William Joseph James, John Kennard House, James William Freeman, Michael Earl Shields, William James Albert, William Reaves Schovajsa, Thomas Fielding Jurgensen, Perry Richard Ferryman, Bruce Fremont Woodcock, Jr., Charles Albert Buerschinger, Steve Glen Jackson, Charles Edwin Earhart. Page 381 RIFLE TEAM Front Row: Scott Michael Crandall, Ronald Phil Freeman, Orville Dwain Harris, Harry Camp Stevenson, Philip Robh Winsborough, Marilyn Gayle Morris. Back Row: John Thomas Ferguson, Steve Murray Winn, Michael Earl Shields, George Nichols Ricks, Steve Glen Jackson, First Sergeant James Francis Martin, Coach. CORDETTES Front Row: Bettie Townsend Willerson, Brenda Sue Dean, Courtney Margaret Baetz, Sunny Gayle Langston, Betty Loa Herolz, Beverly Kay Enderle, JoFrances Tyng. Second Row: Hayden Edward Boland, Carolyn Virginia Evans, Marilyn Frances Friedman, Andrea Leslie Thornton, Sandra Gail Stern, Elizabeth Anne Clark, Lynn Susan Wagner, Lieutenant Colonel Lowell Gideon Moore. Third Row: Ginger Carroll Bernard, Joan Elaine Frensley, Margo Lynn Ehni, Susan Downs Fry, Janet Irene King, Eva Jeanne Wehmeyer, Teri Lyn Margolis, Patricia Lynn Bailey. Fourth Row: Judy Fay Gable, Tanna Dee Arnold, Judy Kathryn Byrd, Margaret Sue Keir, Gloria Friedberger, Mary Ann Nelson, Kay Tarry Flack, Shiela Suzanne Fulbright, Edith Ann Peacock, Dabney Carr Phillips. Page 382 Texas Union ORGANIZATIONS Edited by Janis Mae Hughen and Patricia Kay Bowers Page 383 SPECIAL INTEREST 385 PROFESSIONAL FINE ARTS HONORARY SERVICE 409 mmm 427 437 467 Page 384 SPECIAL INTEREST Page 385 ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY " Development of the Novel " was the theme of the Ashbel Literary Society this year. Designed to enlarge the mem- bers ' general education in a social atmosphere, the Society strives to further the study of good literature and to recog- nize high standards of scholarship in the field of English. The Society was founded in November, 1888, as the first literary and dramatic organization on the University cam- pus. Speakers on the novel included Frank H. Wardlaw, direc- tor of the University Press; Dr. David Joseph DeLaura, as- sociate professor of English; Dr. Stanislav Zimic, assistant professor of Romance languages; and Dr. Daniel Morley McKeithan, professor of English. Officers for the group were Jane Ethel Boyle, president; Janet Milanne Johnson, vice-president; Linda Lee Burk, secretary; Carolyn Clifton Braselton, treasurer; Luralee Hodge, contact chairman; and Sydney Philen, membership chairman. Miss Lois Baird Trice, assistant professor of English, was sponsor. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Jane Lynn Amend Ginger Carroll Bernard Vicki Jo Billion Diann Conly Louise Clarkson Connally Carol Ann Conway Brenda Cowper Nancy Kay Dieterich Priscilla Lamar Fullilove Florence George Susan Sherida Gibbs Linda Lea Goss Elizabeth Claire Herd Barbara Holly Himel Carol Ann Hubbard Michael Hope James Virginia Ann Johnston Dale Louise Knotts Susan Camille Lee Lizetta Lynn Miller Claudia Ann McCarty Kathryn Erin McKenna Margaret C. McWhorter Mary Suzanne Newman Susan Josephine Orton Sydney Philen Sue Ann Ragsdale Sharon Ann Sorenson Susan Elizabeth Stegner Paula Wynne Stephens Nancy Lee Webb Alice Merlin Wiemers Sandra Lea Wright Front Row: Sherri Dianne Sledge, Helen Marie Mitchell, Nancy Louise Denman, Janet Ethel Boyle, Margareth Ann Meihaus, Nancy Madeline Luton, Dorothy Dunn Davis, Meredith Ball, Louisa Perry Mahone, Janie Gee, Gail Elizabeth Clark. Second Row: Carol June Smith, Janet Milanne Johnson, Linda Lee Burk, Narcissa Lee Moore, Merry Nell Van Fleet, Christina Lawson, Linda Louise Deal, Charlotte Gibson Peters, Gail Garland, Jane Lenore Vineyard, Penelope Anne Speier, Charlotte Gaye Vickrey, Luralee Hodge, Carol Ann Weber. Third Row: Carolyn Frances Estes, Laura Jane Bass, Shuler Sallis Dansby, Katherine Anne Pace, Carolyn Clifton Braselton, Frances Little McMath, Leslie Ann Wilson, Linn Carter Rumsey, Elizabeth Belk, Pamela Holbert, Nancy Katherine Gent, Marolyn Wittman, Gerri Clark Smyser. Page 386 Front Row: Roma Theresa Weaver, Jo Beth Harrison,. Beverly Earle Lewellen, Christine Marie Carlson, Ann Sutherland. Second Row: Annie Lamar Johnson, Susan Pyeatt, Allyne Sue O ' Banion, Elizabeth Ann Houston, Diana Marie Davis. Third Row: Kathy Rath Henneberger, Charlene Philp, Alice DeArman, Orene Ann Simmons, Mellie Jo Williams, Ann Carlotta Terrell, Judy Kay Jackson, Margaret Lacy Sloan, Sharon Kaye Stone, Janie Helen Bowe, Linda Gay Glodt, Patricia Beth Knight. Members not pictured: Joan Carol Amacker, Margaret Gwynne Brown, Julie Ann Goode, Louisa Gail Rarey, Gretchen Craven Williams. ACACIA ORDER OF DELPHI Susan Pyeatt and orphan boy enjoyed the games at the Order ' s Christmas party for orphans held at the Acacia house. An honorary organization founded in the fall of 1965, the Acacia Order of Delphi recognizes those girls who have shown an enthusiasm and loyal interest in the welfare of Acacia fraternity and its individual members. The group includes all girls dropped, pinned or engaged to the fra- ternity ' s members or those voted in by two-thirds of the active chapter. This year the Order acted as official hostesses for a Round-Up brunch for parents, decorated the house for the Christmas dance and the Black and Gold formal in the spring, sponsored a Christmas party for orphans and an Easter egg hunt, and helped Acacia pledges coordinate their academic and social life. Allyne Sue O ' Banion was president of the Order. Other officers were Jo Beth Harrison, first vice-president; Eliza- beth Ann Houston, second vice-president; Charlene Philp, recording secretary; Joan Carol Amacker, corresponding secretary; and Ann Carlotta Terrell, treasurer. Alice De- Arman was the group ' s sponsor. Page 387 CHI ALPHA A national religious society, Chi Alpha is sponsored by the General Council of the Assemblies of God. The purpose of the group is to present Christ as the basis of the spiritual life of the university student by providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, training and evangelism. Btmonthly meetings and weekly Bible studies include top- ics of modern-day morals and the realization of each member ' s opportunities to promote the ideals of the organi- zation in his college community. Officers of the Alpha Pi Chapter were Ronald Paul John- son, president; Jerry Wayne Shepperd, vice-president; Elaine Wilson, secretary; Shelley Waltine Wilhelm, treasurer; Carl Allen Dunn, historian; and the Rev. J. E. Owen, chaplain. The faculty sponsor was Stephen B. Maul, teaching assistant in chemistry. Chi Alpha members staffed the group ' s information booth at fall registration. Front Row: Paul James Broyles, Elaine Wilson, Paulette Stringer Broyles, Frances Emma jam: Williams, Anna Carol Bayless, David Coy Mc- Neely. Second Row: Carl Allen Dunn, David Nathan Pate, Martin David Cothran, Ronald Paul Johnson, Paul Harold Hagen. Third Row: Shelley Waltine Wilhelm, Jesse Frank Owen, Jerry Wayne Shepperd, Jackson Thomas Bayless, Jr., Sidney Lee Lawrence. Members not pictured: Stephen William Darby, Saul Masar Krell, William Gary Miears, Kenneth Roy Pinckard. Page 388 Front Row: Sarah Jo Dzilsky, Janet Susan Fields, Louisa Gail Rarey, Leyla Gladys Kadjar, James Fowler Eason, Bobbie Ann Person, Cyril Joseph Durrenberger, Mary Marcia Wentworth. Second Row: Forrest Alex Andrews, Sylvia Jean Kerckhoff, Nancy Marie Mills, Linda Darlene Vance, Betty Kay Balzersen, Sara Marie Stuewe, Anne Mary Fraser, Pamela Sue Osgood. Third Row: David Bob Person, Barry Lee Bennett, John Charles Perry, Thomas Alfred J. Vaughan, Lawrence Alan Bruck, George Francis Tatman, John Milton Vance, E. Jeffrey Wentworth, James Rush Brock. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION CSO members worked on literature distribution in the organization library. The purpose of the Christian Science Organization at The University of Texas is to promote orderly growth in the study and practice of Christian Science. Membership in the organization seeks to stimula te the desire for further Christian service, acquaints members with the responsibil- ities and requirements of true brotherhood and provokes thought of spiritual values. Meetings held each Thursday night were open to Univer- sity students and faculty. Two lectures were sponsored this year to familiarize the members of the academic community with the teachings of Christian Science. On October 12, William Henry Alton of New York City spoke on " Man Un- limited. " A second lecture, " Mythology of Matter, " was giv- en by Mrs. Lenore D. Hanks of Portland, Oregon. The or- ganization maintained a library of authorized Christian Science literature, held an Alumni Day in the spring and gave fall and spring receptions for new students. Christian Science Organization officers were John Mil- ton Vance and Louisa Gail Rarey, readers; James Fowler Eason, president; Betty Kay Balzersen, vice-president; Nancy Marie Mills, secretary; John Charles Perry, treas- urer; and Janet Susan Fields, member-at-large. New spring officers were E. Jeffrey Wentworth, reader; John Charles Perry, vice-president; Forrest Alex And rews, treas- urer; and Sylvia Jean Kerckhoff, member-at-large. Dr. James Rush Brock, associate professor of chemical en- gineering, was the group advisor. Members not pictured: Carol Lyn Armstrong, Roger M. Barber, Robert Emmett Carswell, Barbara Taylor DeLaney, Catherine Biedenharn Dennis, Sharon Sue Garrett, Susan Meredith George, Madelyn Helen Gerdes, Neil Edwin Gow- er, Richard Lee Hill, Ronald Lynn Hill, Barbara Sue Holm- sley, Leslie Lee Lentz, Judith Ellen McCaskill, Randolph George Mueller, Elwood Lawrence Munson, Betsy Munson. Mary Elizabeth Pettit, Louisa Gail Rarey, John Weaver Russell, Susan Elizabeth Stegner, John William Turner, Jr., Susan Ross Weber, Wende Lynn Williams, Clarence Leroy Wilson, Jr. and Duronda Winters. Page 389 Front Row: Rebecca Anne Porter, Roberta Lee Leavitt, Penelope Brooks, Elizabeth Maynard, Sara Elizabeth Crow, Janet Kay Johnson, Frances Ann Waghalter. Second Row: Sandra Marie flail, Cynthia Diane Mayer, Nancy Ann Schwer, Frances Constance Muller, Sharon Kay Dunkin, Jennie Mackenzie. Third Row: Merry Crawford Mayne, Rietta Caroline Adkins, Janice Lee Maxwell, Virginia Reh Pistor, Susan Ann Girardeau, Linda Joyce Simpson. Fourth Row: Becky Maufrais, Mary Talbott Marshall, Jane Gould Cornick, Florence George. Not pictured: Phyllus Jean Davis, Peggy Lynn Dry, Donna Virginia Hightower, Cindy McLean, Sue Ransone, Pattie Lou Rogers. CRESCENT CLUB The Lambda Chi Alpha auxiliary, Crescent Club, is an organization of wives, sisters and friends of the fraternity or girls dropped, pinned or engaged to its members. The girls ' purpose is to get to know and work with a group of boys and girls serving and enjoying the fraternity. This year the girls served at teas for Mom ' s weekend. Dad ' s Day and housemother ' s Coffees, decorated the house for Christmas and Thanksgiving and other parties, acted as big sisters for Lambda Chi pledges, handled the fraternity correspondence, compiled a scrapbook for the fraternity and cheered the boys in intramural sports. Club officers for the year were Sara Elizabeth Crow, president; Frances Ann Waghalter, vice-president; Patti Lou Rogers , secretary-treasurer; Roberta Lee Leavitt. his- torian; Rebecca Anne Porter, corresponding secretary; and Janet Kay Johnson, publicity. Faculty sponsors included Mrs. Elizabeth Maynard, Lambda Chi Alpha housemother; Mrs. Josephine H. Irby, department of psychology secre- tary; and Mrs. Dorothy W. Dean, student life staff. Lambda Chi and Crescent Club members discussed plans for the year ' s activities. Page 390 CROW ' S NEST A group of 50 midshipmen of the University Naval ROTC unit, the Crow ' s Nest is a close-knit working organiza- tion and provides the nucleus of leadership and participation in the NROTC program. Founded in 1948, the group is one of two such organiza- tions in the United States. Besides a living unit for mem- bers, the Nest furnishes an atmosphere of fellowship and cooperation among men who have a common desire to be- come officers in the US Naval Service. The Crow ' s Nest operates as a cooperative house, and Nest af- fairs are handled entirely by elected off icers. The independ- ent nature of the Nest gives good training for future offi- cers. The Nest this year had a full social calendar to round out the experiences of the members. The group gave its annual Christmas party for children from the Pan-American Center in East Austin. Members participated in University activi- ties including Round-Up, Campus Chest, and intramural athletics, playing under the Navy banner. Officers of the group were Richard Earl Wauson Jr., president; James Arthur Burns, vice-president; Michael James Clark, treasurer; George Herman Blume, II, work manager; and John Wallace Sutherland, food buyer. Lieutenant Melvin Ronald Sommer, USN, assistant professor of naval science, was faculty advisor. Members participated in the intramural program under the Navy banner. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED James Arthur Burns, Edward Laird Carman, III, Michael James Clark, Charles Harold Cozard, William Ray Davis, Randall Hempling, Richard Henry Kayser, Rodger Paul Kester, James Adrian Kuch, Richard Henry Mason, Charles Alexander Phillips, Richard Martin Reass, William Nicholas Steshko, Jr., Richard Louis Wade, Alejandre Zuniga, Jr. Top Row: Andrew Jeffrey Anderson, Henry Wil- liam Anthony, III, John Michael Baldwin, David Michael Blume, George Herman Blume, Thomas Augustus Bogel, William Richard Brandon. Second Row: James Douglas Brotherton, Clifton Floyd Darby, Robert Joe Davis, Robert Allen Eb- ner, Amir El Senoussi, Paul Thomas Fanning, Francis Orman Galloway. Third Row: Carl Clifton Hill, John Edward How- ard, Gary Wayne Miller, Edward Clark Moore, IV, Dennis Oliver Olson, Jerome Lee Powell, James Anthony Quinn. Fourth Row: Robert Newton Ray, Philip L. Reed, Robert Edward Reitz, James Herrell Sanders, Steven Grayson Smith, Michael David Stubble- field, John Wallace Sutherland. Fifth Row: Edmund Bliss Titcomb, Ernest Michael Trominski, Richard Earl Wauson, Roger Lee Whar- ton, Philip Milam White, Mark D. Wigder, Wiley George Woolsey. Page 391 DAUGHTERS OF THE DIAMOND The Beta Theta Pi auxiliary, Daughters of the Diamond, is a group of girls with a mutual interest in the fraternity. Each girl is responsible for several " Little Brothers " in the pledge class whom she helps with social and academic activities. The Daughters also help decorate the house and pick themes for parties and social events throughout the year. This year ' s main events included decorating for the Beta ' s semi-formal party at the Elk ' s Club Lodge and sponsoring a Christmas party with the Beta ' s for orphan children. MEMBERS Suzanne Marion Dunne Jane Biedenharn Hargis Jean Christine Leeper Jo Ann Meixner Margaret Ruth Miller JonAnna Kay Perry Judith Ann Piazza Sharon Lee Selman Tessa Slager Betty Lynne Stiles Martye Voss Cynthia Taylor Wood OFFICERS President MARGARET RUTH MILLER V ice-President JUDITH ANN PIAZZA Secretary-Treasurer BETTY LYNNE STILES Historian . JANE BIEDENHARN HARGIS Front Row: Tessa Louise Slager, Sue Alyce Stiles, Cynthia Taylor Wood, Suzanne Marion Dunne, Margaret Ruth Miller, Judith Ann Piazza. Second Row: Jo Ann Meixner, JonAnna Kay Perry, Sharon Lee Selman, Robe rt Nathan Rule, Jane Biedenharn Hargis, Martye Voss, Jean Christine Leeper. Page 392 front Row: Merry Maureen Clark, Melodic Gay Eades, David Kenneth Shackelford, Deborah Anne Spiva, Carolyn Joan Keck, Margaret Lynn Mulvaney, Helen Eleanor Cranberry, Leslie Ann Michel. Second Row: Joseph Henry Gallagher, Kurt Thomas Nelson, Lloyd Alton Doggett, Lawrence Morton Lee, John Stephen Odell, Edwin William Knaak, Theodore Rolf Windecker, Lynnell Jackson. Third Row: David Roper Noteware, James William Turner. Michael Lowery Gillette, Keith Denver Moore, Michael Phillips, Samuel Franklin Baxter, Joel Marsh Norvell, John Rex Wier. Members not pictured: Sylvia Louise Beckey, Phyllis Beckham, James Stewart Damron, Jarrell Jay Knowles, Carol J. Shearon, Lana Watkins. DEBATE SQUAD Debate Squad officers were Michael Phillips, Lynnell Jackson and Edwin William Knaak. The University Oratorical Association offers a chance for participation in such forensic activities as debate, oratory, extemporaneous speaking and oral interpretation. The debate squad, open to any undergraduate, attended more than 20 speech tournaments this year at colleges in- cluding Northwestern University, Cal Tech, Baylor, TCU, Abilene Christian College and Oklahoma University and ha " s met teams from all over the country. Coach for the group was Dr. J. Rex Wier, director of forensics. Assistant coaches were Jack Rhodes and Dave Noteware of Austin. Page 393 GAMMA DELTA An international association, Gamma Delta is comprised of Lutheran college students. The Kappa chapter at the Universi- ty aims to train Lutheran students for Christian service to God and to their fellowman and to maintain and increase local and intercampus fellowship among the students of the Lutheran faith. Members participated in community service projects, theo- logical discussions, studies in contemporary trends in liturgies and social activities. They attended such regional events as the summer retreat at Camp Lone Star in La Grange, a fall retreat at Leakey and the annual Gamma Delta convention in San Marcos. Outstanding speakers to the group included Dr. Walter Reiner, head of the Prince of Peace Volunteers; Dr. Paul Henry Westmeyer, associate professor of curriculum and instruction; and the Reverend Keith Gerberding, teacher at the Lutheran Bible Chair. This year officers were David Arthur Sterner, president; George Ernest Schmann, vice-president; Mary Jeanette Curry, secretary; and Julius Lee Tacquard, treasurer. Spon- sor was the Reverend Charles Henry Born, pastor of the University ' Lutheran Church. UT Gamma Delta members attended the Texas Regional Gamma Delta Convention in San Marcos. Front Row: Margarete Luise Davis, Mary Elizabeth Doering, Carol Ann Teinert, Charlene Kay Kangas, Sharon Lee Gatzke, Katherine Inga Jordan, Mary Linda Hix, Linda Kay Pechacek, Linda Louise Lee, Diane Marie Miller, Ann Margaret Ballman. Second Row: William Paul Dannevik, Tony George Morgan, Judith Lynn Combs, Ardis Lynn Johnson, Vernon Edgar Wuensche, Edith Marie Wilke, Jeanette Elaine Kriegel, Judith Sylvia Schroeder, Terrence Albert Kuhlmann, Anne Louise Gilliam. Third Row: Frederick Bruce Growcock, Ruth Ann Johnson, Christine Ann Hanneman, Jane Elizabeth Frank, Linda Kay Graf, Darla Mae Beckman, Bobby Ray Junker, Fred Arthur Krenzke, Jimmy Gonzalez Saldana, John David Boswell. Fourth Row: Stephen Leonard Mueller, John Richard Frank, Melvin Robert Jacob, David Arthur Sterner, Diane Marie Wadzuk, George Ernest Schumann, Irvin Melvin Newman, Glenn Edward Keenon, Edward Leslie England, The Rev. Charles H. Born. Members not pictured: Robert William Boehm, Paula Jo Costolow, Mary Jeanette Curry, Sylvia Nina Jimenez, Linda Beth Knudson, Nancy Michak, Julius Lee Tacquard. Page 394 Front Row: Elizabeth Anne Clark, Marcy Marble, Candace Ann Hall, Theo Wilkes VanWinkle. Second Row: Sandra Lea Wright, Evelyn Phillis John- son, Deborah Len Dirks, Sally Hatchings, Mary Claire Koeppe, Sara Sue Atkinson, Peggy Ann Gralino, Brooke Busby. Third Row: Kathryn Mary Austin, Patricia Evelyn Nelson, Sharon Ann Sorenson, Molly Tnornberry, Vicki Elizabeth Held, Sherri Lynn Fort. Members not pictured: Kay Jean- nette Spring, Flo Ann Vaughan. GOLDEN HEARTS Sig Eps and Golden Hearts enjoyed a get-together at the house. The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity ' s Golden Hearts is a national honorary organization founded at Arizona State University in 1961. The University chapter of the Hearts, es- tablished in 1964, is honored each year during the annual Golden Heart Ball. The welfare of Sigma Phi Epsilon, in general, and the Texas Alpha chapter, in particular, are the major concerns of the club. Members are chosen by the fraternity members on the basis of personality, beauty, campus orientation and in- terest in Sigma Phi Epsilon. The girls serve the fraternity by decorating the house for special occasions and by serv- ing as hostesses at the receptions for parents and national fraternity officers. This year the club members were hostesses for the Mothers ' Dinner on Dad ' s Day weekend and at buffets preceding in-town football games. Each girl was responsible for several " little brothers " in the pledge class and helped them with campus and social life. Theo Wilkes VanWinkle served as president and Patricia Evelyn Nelson as vice-president. Molly Thornberry was sec- retary-treasurer; Sherri Lynn Fort, friendship chairman; and Mrs. Addie Montgomery, Sigma Phi Epsilon house- mother, was sponsor. Page 395 INTERNATIONAL CLUB 1 he purpose of the International Club is to offer an oppor- tunity for closer contact among American and foreign students by informal discussions, international dinners and other social activities. This year Eric Kocher, diplomat-in-residence, talked on the United States Foreign Service; Dr. Carl Leiden, asso- ciate professor of government, lectured and led a discussion on the Middle East; and Peace Corpsmen in Colombia were panel members for a discussion on the work of the Peace Corps. Co-sponsoring activities with other campus groups such as Iran Students ' Association, Texas Union Dance Committee and Turkish Students ' Organization, the Club presented several dances throughout the year and an In- ternational Week in March, featuring a dance festival, exhibits and an interna tional supper. President of the group was Antony Michael Lavender. Augustin Ralph Aldrete was vice-president; Karen Javurek, secretary; Pavlos Roussos, treasurer; and Yuichi Ozawa and Teresa L. Wang, directors-at-large. Mrs. Lucille Baer, Texas Union program assistant, was sponsor. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Sanford Michael Edgar Sandra Gwen Faircloth Irene Lee Gorman Jane Arian Haun Ingrid Heurich Laura Frances Isbell Kathleen Carolyn Javurek Sue Ellen Peterson Sally Eugenia Sneed Carol Ann Walters J. Miguel Collado, tourist officer of the Guatemalan Embassy in Washington, D.C., spoke to club members. Front Row: Jitendra H. Udani, Mazouq M. Khadim, Jean Marie Stavinoha. Teresa L. Wang, Karen Helen Javurek, Anne Fugate. Second Row: Man Mohan Mehta, Paul Xenophontos Roussos, Juan Gustavo Traverse, Eileen Fay Blume, Gayle Louise Aicklen, Richard Cecil Moore, III, Kathleen Carolyn Javurek. Third Row: Luis Jorge Rosalas Arrutti, Yuichi Ozawa, Antony Michael Lavender, Sanford Michael Edgar, Jan Nell Sittel, Hisham Hassan Hafez, Martha Kay Blume. Page 396 KARATE CLUB TAE KWON DO For beginning and advanced students, the University Karate Club Tae Kwon Do offers qualified instruction in karate, an opportunity to learn self-defense with empty hands and preparation for competitive karate. The Club sponsored a National Karate Tournament for all style karate championships and tested for belt-rankings of members at the end of each semester. Members also learned the ancient Korean art of Tae Kwon Do karate, one of the most well-known styles of the sport. An outstanding speaker to the group was Master Jhoongoo Rhee, founder of the club ' s national headquarters, the Jhoon Rhee Institute of Tae Kwon Do in Washington, D. C. Instructor for the group was Bruce Franklin Turner. Jack Cecil Provine was president; David Paul Hooker, vice-pres- ident; and James David Godfrey, secretary -treasurer. Facul- ty sponsor was Robert P. Higley, assistant director of the International Office. Jack Provine demonstrated a malicious kick at the Club ' s spring organizational meeting. MEMBERS James Luther Adcock Floyd Thomas Bradshaw Owen Stuart Brown Jack C. Calhoon Chee Han Ching Walter David Christopher Paschel Lee Church Zachariah Ellis Coombes Ralph Howard Culbertson, Jr. Robert Davidson Stephen Douglas Drake Clinton Howe Evans Milton Fechtel James Reid Frizzell Chalmers Duke Gable James David Godfrey Louis Raphael Guiot Joseph Frank Hoelscher David Paul Hooker James K. Hudgins James Frank Hughes Alfonso Ibanez Barry Irwin Walter Lee Irwin Woodie Jones John Michael King Charles E. Lauderdale Samuel James Lee Marvin Campbell Lewis Richard Tewes Martratt Edoardo Joseph Mazza Jim Jeb McNew Gregory Paul Powers Jack Cecil Provine Hal Francis Rachal, Jr. Richard M. Rendon M. Jackson Ruchelman Haskell H. Shelton Richard D. Slay James B. Stephens John William Sweeney, Jr. Bruce Franklin Turner John Harvey Vincent James Eric Wharton Chester Bernard Whittle Mario Zamora Page 397 LITTLE SISTERS OF THE MALTESE CROSS Sponsored by the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross is a national honorary organiza- tion. The purpose of the organization is to recognize those girls at the University who have shown dedication and enthusiasm for the Gamma Eta chapter of the fraternity. At the beginning of the year, each Little Sister was given a little brother from the new fall pledges. She was responsible for assisting these boys with their campus and social activi- ties. Other activities included decorating the house for parties and serving as hostesses for all parent-alumni func- tions such as Dad ' s Day and Round-Up. The Little Sisters attended all chapter activities and aided the fraternity with a Christmas food drive. In late spring, the Little Sisters presented their annual " End-of-the-Year " party which in- cluded a program and special awards to various people in the chapter. This year ' s officers were Carolyn Marsh, president; Sarah Sus an Butler, vice-president; Lucia Carolyn Painter, secre- tary-treasurer; and Cecile Marie McMullin, coordinating chairman. Chapter sponsor was Tolbert M. Dalton. The Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross is a national honorary organi- zation sponsored by the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Front Row: Sherrie Diane Sanford, Patricia Ruth Haberle, Cecile Marie McMullin, Linda Lee Brundrett, Priscilla Camille Sawtelle, Diann Eilen Osborn. Second Row: Carolyn Marsh, Lucia Carolyn Painter, Mary Madeleine Starnes, Pamela Ethel Primdahl, Hilaire Michelle Girard, Florence Ann Wells, Tolbert M. Dalton, Glenda Lee Gorman, Sandra Jean Duckworth. Members not pictured: Sarah Susan Butler, Mardee Ann Schramm. Page 398 Front Row: Carol Jane Freeman, Marty Meihaus, Caren Elizabeth Cruse, Gail Elizabeth Clark. Second Row: Sandra Shaw, Sally Gay Lewis, Kenny Lynn Griffith, Shirley Ann Methvin. Third Row: Mary Lea Walters, Nancy Ann Sharp, Francess Kay Crouch, Malley Myrthe Dirks, Frances R. Barnard, Mary Nell Sticksel. Members not pictured: Anne Bryan, Margaret Donaldson, Susan Marinis, Betsy Lucindy Roberts, Gerri Clark Smyser, Kristin Katharine Way. LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA The Little Sisters served refreshments at their Christmas party for children from the Pan-American Center. A national honorary organization, Little Sisters of Minerva is sponsored by Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity to recog- nize girls who have demonstrated their loyalty and enthus- iasm to the Texas Rho chapter. To help promote fraternity functions, the Little Sisters decorated for parties, acted as hostesses for mothers at Dad ' s Day weekend and Homecoming and expressed ideas and criticisms to help the fraternity. The girls worked with the fraternity to hold a Minerva Weekend for the mothers in the spring. Active in community services also, the Little Sisters sponsored a Christmas party for the Pan-American Center and an Easter egg hunt in the spring. Officers for the year were Kenny Lynn Griffith, presi- dent; Caren Cruse, vice-president; Malley Dirks, secretary- treasurer; Jane Carol Freeman, social chairman; and Gail Clark, corresponding secretary. Sponsors this year were Mrs. S. R. Murphy and Mrs. J. A. Parker. Page 399 Left to right: David M. Thomas, William H. Craig, Gayle Pat Martin, Bob L. Crutchfield, Fain MoDougal. LONGHORN FLYING CLUB The Longhom Flying Club offered its members complete courses of instruction in flying at half the normal cost. For its members the Longhorn Flying Club provides complete courses of instruction in flying including beginning student pilot training, private and commercial pilot training and flight instructor training. The Club offers economical transportation for its members in its plane and flying lessons at half the normal cost. It centers its activities at Ragsdale Airport. The Flying Club sponsored the Texas Aviation Program on Nov. 18-20, 1965, featuring the first military pilot, William T. Piper, founder and president of the Piper Air- craft Company; Gen. Joseph D. Caldara; and Col. Carl J. Crane, inventor of the Link Trainer and co-developer of " blind flying. " Officers of the Club this year were David M. Thomas, president; William Hubert Craig, vice-president; Fain Mc- Dougal, secretary; and Gayle Pat Martin, treasurer. Bob L. Crutchfield, assistant instructor in physics, was the group ' s faculty sponsor. Page 400 PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB The purpose of the Physical Education Majors Club is to offer its members a chance for an active part in promoting the physical education profession and for leadership and service to the University, community and state. Membership is open to undergraduate and graduate majors in physical and health education, elementary education majors with a specialization in physical and health educa- tion and members of the faculty in the Department of Phys- ical and Health Education and related departments. Club members participated in all areas of the University intramural program and attended the Texas Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation convention in Houston in December. A spring picnic and senior banquet in May were also on the calendar. Club officers were David Ross Freeman, president; Sheryl Kay Behne, vice-president; Jane Gloria Pruett, secretary; Terry Leland Baylor, treasurer; and Stephen Kendall Sin- cleair, intramural manager. Dr. Lynn Wade McCraw, pro- fessor of physical and health education, was faculty sponsor. PEM members played table tennis at Co-Rec night in the Women ' s Gym. Front Row: Stephen Kendall Sincleair, Carol Sue Brown, Linda Ann Stienke, Sheryl Ann Yeary, Walter Paul Kroll, Nancy Joanne Beavers, Curtis Jackson Alderson. Second Row: Sheryl Kay Behne, Mary Buice Alderson, Donald Eugene Campbell, Margaret Elizabeth Lain, Susan Francis Cantwell, Michael Paul Ragland, Marilu Dooley, David Ross Freeman, Virgie Ann Mallett, Ann Maria Lowdon. Third Row: Lynn Wade McCraw, Mary Margaret Neikirk, Wallace Luther Cady, Janice Sherrer Lain, Charles Brent Tombaugh, Jane Gloria Pruett, Terry Leland Baylor, Terry Gay Eudy, Susan Joan Hyde. NEWMAN CLUB The official campus organization for Catholic university students, Newman Club provided activities to students to serve their religious, intellectual and social needs as Christians. Speakers at the Club ' s meetings included religious and educational authorities and professional men. Noted speakers were Dr. Warren Quanbeck, official Lutheran observer at the Vatican Council; Sister Helen Bernard, who spoke on the role of the nun in the modern world; and Father Doody, a Maryknoll priest who spoke on missions. Several campus and community service projects such as teaching at the Austin State School and helping in the re- construction project at San Jose parish in Austin were sponsored by the Club. Besides fellowship and social activi- ties at the Student Center, the Club promoted an Inter- national Student Program and took part in intramural sports. Members also sent more than 2,000 Christmas cards to American soldiers in Viet Nam. Newman Club officers were Joseph Bernard McNamara, president; Gale Eugene Kloesel, first vice-president; Andres Ramos, second vice-president; Russell Carlton Cykoski, third vice-president; Kathryn Mary Bartosh, secretary; and Vidal Falcon, III, treasurer. Picnics were one of the many social activities sponsored by Newman Club for students. Front Row: Gayle Louise Aicklen, Tillie Ann Turanyik, Elizabeth Ella McKee, William Joseph Neilon, Jr., Kathleen Mary McFadyen, Chris Andrew Grosse, Ernest William Spacek, Jr., Judith Ann Powers, Vidal Falcon, III. Second Row: Joseph Paul Cotropia, Susan Marie Palousek, Dixie Lee Walker, Marilyn Joy Krogerus, Maun Patricia Lunin. Third Row: Lesley Mae Sims, Sandra Kay Rohde, Deborah Christine Lawson, Mary Kathleen Kuehler, Steve E. Alcala, Charles Webster, Jennifer Francine Rodrique, Rosemary Bublis, Janice Anne Muhl, Mateo Gilberto Bosquez, Patricia Louise Lane. Fourth Row: Willy Mae Turanyik, Patricia Gale Graham, Sharon Lynne Volosin, Ignacio Espinoza, Jr., J ose Laurencio Silva, Louis Raphael Guiot, Manuel R. Penalver, Margaret Ann McBride, Amancio Jose Chapa, Jr., Adrienne Marie Kucera, Mary Claudia Neil. Fifth Row: Sally Lou Roberts, Paul Kolasci, III, Richard John Harkey, Robert Francis Miley, Frances Elaine Kramer, Robert Francis Schneider, Pamela Ann Wieber, Patricia Ann Athey, Ann Dusek, Glenda Jane Williams. Sixth Row: Patricia Ann Lednicky, Sam Norman Colletti, Carlos Ramon Cavazos, William A. Kuchar, Richard Clark Patyrak, Norman Richard Hitzges, Clyde Alan Locklear, Sam William Dick, Stephen John Hughes, Charles Edward Mulroy, F. Jules Lund, Jr. Page 402 Front Row: Paul Russell Peterson, Kathryn Mary Bartosh, Russell Carlton Cykoski, Mary Margaret Russell, Andres Ramos, Jr., Gale Eugene Kloesel, Joseph Bernard McNamara. Second Row: Georgia Ann Vasicek, Robert Louis Gully, M. Christine Meismer, Paulette Gwen Bauer, Marilyn Gaye Rabon, Barbara Kay Brantley, Yolanda Jeannette Pena, Patricia Marie Blazek, Patricia Ann Bandy, Charles Samuel Cotropia. Third Row: Julia Frances Moore, Saundra Louise Goodson, Dolores Adelia Leal, Ann Josephine Narvarte, Charles Edward Hoffman, Jr., Roland Ben Ramon, David Velez Bernal, Pamela Agnes Shropshire, Mary Catherine Moody, Patricia Suzanne Liska, Margaret Marie Mauldin. Fourth Row: Louis Presly Schoenemann, Jr., Raymond Maurice Brassard, Cynthia Ann Beach, Elizabeth Jean White, John Michael Garner, Doris Elaine Kristek, Marcia Nancy Fife, Elizabeth Joanne Neilon, John Walton Bunnell, Jr., Margaret Frances Martin, Antonio Alvarado. Fifth Row: Kathy Graham Martin, Paul Edward Lyman, Lee Hodges, Jr., Michael Jud Irwin, Lawrence Nicholas Kremer, John Francis Paniszczyn, James Michael Lutz, James Robert Darnell, Jr., Kelly Grinnell, James F ' ..ot( Embry, Norine Ellen Cowhig. Robert Joseph Abresch, II Henry Orien Ager, III Julio Aguilar Robert Alaniz Michael Henry Albritton Jeanne Marie Balogh John Hart Bandas Johanna Frances Bannon Kenneth E. Baxter Theresa Ann Beaman Stephen Robert Beckham Mary Katherine Belisch Nancy Louise Billingsley Olen Clifton Billingsley, III Patricia Ann Book Mary Jane Boswell Fred Dorris Bourg Alfred Paul Brandimarte, Jr. Charles Bruhl Roger Robert Brune Maurice Philip Brungardt Patricia Ann Bumpus Robert William Burns Eugene Robert Butler Michele Angelica Cafone Carolyn Anne Cahill Ann Elizabeth Caraway Mary Angela Gates Andrew Sidney Chase Adam Gene Chavez Charles William Chimnitz Jean Marie Christian Charles Henry Chude Susan Louise Clem Karen Katherine Connors Louis Cotrone Joseph Paul Cotropia Leonard Hal Crabb Linda Joyce Curtino Donna Lynne Denn Diane Marie Dailessi Kathleen Ann DiMare Gary Eli Douglas Kathleen Denise Doyle Charles Harvey Dupuy Clyde Durbin, Jr. Lynne Marie Dusenberry Carla Jean Eckenrod Frances Marie Everage Elizabeth Stanley Everett Milton Feehtel Diemar Lockhart Fife MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Richard James Filip John Gregory Flaherty Patricia Flores John Pcrrin Flynn Carol Marie Foster Gwen Anne Frazee Alexander Cordero Garcia Alfonso J. Garza Gloria Garza Jane Gilbreath Bobby Joe Gilchrist Virginia Annette Gilcrease Theodore Anthony Gonzalez Catherine Regina Gordon Mary Kathleen Gordon James Clements Graves Rose Marie Grimm Nicanor Fernando Gutierrez Art Hamilton Alton Benton Hankins Leslie Ann Harrell Gertrude Hajovsky Verlene Hrachovy Marilyn Marie Huepers Janis Mae Hughen Michele Ann Hughen Virginia Lee Humphrey James Frederick Hunt Richard Allen Janda Barbara Anastasie Jaska Edgar Verner Jensen Ernest George Joseph Chris Kazen David Burton Kettler Sally Ann Kilby Frank D. Kleinworth, III Jo Nell Knize Leo Edwin Kone Thomas Albin Kosh Cynthia Ann Kouri Sandra Marie Krampitz Susan Edalene Kruger Ronald Joseph Kruhl Betty Juanna Kuhn Frank John Laird Jennifer Mari Laier Raymond George Lapierre Delores Ann Lewis John Benoist Linehan James Paul Lopez William J. Lytle Ken Maciula Katherine Maria Maer George Gilbert Mathis Elizabeth Koegl Maverick Peter Lee Maverick Margaret Ann Mazac James Lewis McGavern Margaret Arm McKay Michael Darrell McKay Frank Russell McLeskey Linea Ann McNeel David Foster Mees Larry Earl Meyer Richard Wayne Meyer William Blaine Miller Mary Margaret Moore Antonio Sue Moran Alan George Moravcik Marie Louise Muecke Frances Ann Mumme Daniel Edward Murguia Barbara Elizabeth Murray M. Isabelle Navar Anthony Edward Nicholls Marc Anthony Nigliazzo Darla Eugenia Nussbaum Susan Eileen O ' Brien Carmen Elizabeth Oertling Maryann Joan O ' Hagan Jackson Edward Ormand, Jr. James Freeman Ormand Marie Antoinette O ' Shaughnessy Patrick Timothy Oujezdsky, Jr. Barbara Anne Overbeck Cynthia Adele Overbeck Gloria Jean Ozarchuk Juan Manuel Pardo Joseph Francis Pentony James Eugene Perry Paul James Peters Robert W. Placheck Grace Margaret Plachy Cathy Powers William Daniel Pruett Margaret Ann Ramme Maria Renola Judith Ellen Rexer Leticia Diane Reves John William Robb Durvis Alan Roberts Guadalupe Robles George Jacob Roessler Manuel George Resales Kristine Ann Rozga Michael Thomas Rozga April Cheri Russell Vincent Joseph Scanio, Jr. Richard Lee Schiltz David John Schissler lone Schroeder Michael James Schultz David Harold Schweitzer Joseph Vincent Scott Thomas Arthur Scott Michael Earl Shields Leonard Anthony Simek Dolores Slomchinski Fred Soto Joseph Demetrius Soto Jean Marie Stavinoha Charles Clayton Stevens Carol Ann Strickland Stephen Louis Strubing Michael David Stubblefield Sandra Jean Sullivan Michael Keaney Sutherlin Aliene Mary Taylor Robert Patrick Thomas Don Francis Thompson Paula Ann Thompson Mara Sherwood Tisdale Roberto Alfonso Tobar Elaine Trumm Charles F. Trcka Garry Wayne Vacek Robert Joseph Valentino Zonia Francisca Vasquez Jerry Ted Vavra Margaret Suzanne Vera Rosalind Louise Vera Nancy Joan Volz Marilyn Elizabeth Vykoukal Lynn Ann Walsh Whitney Arthur Walsh Barbara Helen Ward Barbara June Welp Frederick William Wiegand, Jr. Barbara Lynne Williams Barbara Jo Wilson Rosemary Lee Zoeller Craig Robert Zurkey Robert J. Zak Page 403 SOUTHERN BELLES Established in May, 1961, Southern Belles is an honorary society organized to serve Kappa Alpha fraternity in a manner characteristic of Southern womanhood. Last year the members worked with the fraternity pledges to coordinate their social and academic life. They also served as hostesses for weekly coffees, pre-football game buffets and the Kappa Alpha alumni coffee in March, and helped prepare for the annual Old South Ball and other fraternity social functions. President of the Belles this year was Nancy Lee Webb. H. Suzanne Waring was vice-president; Julia Katherine Ryan, secretary; Suzanne Davies, treasurer; and Laura Dean Ford, sergeant-at-arms. Sponsor was Mrs. Worrel Combs, Kappa Alpha housemother. KA ' s and Southern Belles exchanged gifts at their Christmas party. Front Row: Jerolyn Sue Witt, Mary Louise Williams, Laura Lee Lehmberg, Willedee Thomas, Sydney Thompson, Connie Fraker. Second Row: Julia Katherine Ryan, H. Suzanne Waring, Nancy Lee Webb, Suzanne Davies, Laura Dean Ford. Third Row: Carolyn Elaine Lowry, Sandra Carol Wesley, Sarah Ann Hartman, Karen Lynn Hamilton, Alice Naomi Wilson, Suzanne Stringer, Elizabeth Anne Oaks, Ronda Janice John- son. Members not pictured: Susan Elaine Cope, Susan Elizabeth Henderson, Beverly Wayne Patterson, Judy Ann Williams. Page 404 Dr. George Sanchez talked with students during a faculty fire- side at the Y. " Weekend at UT " offered Negro high school students a chance to learn about the various opportunities the Univer- sity provides. UNIVERSITY YM-YWCA Students studied current political issues in Model US Senate. Supplementing conventional classroom education, the Uni- versity YM-YWCA offered students greater involvement in higher education by giving them a chance to meet and work with professors and fellow students. The Y sponsored projects for promoting social change and progress projects concerning community development and high school dropouts. " Weekend at UT, " Model United States Senate, tutoring, religious discussions, St. John ' s Community Development projects and faculty firesides were typical activities of the year ' s program. Almost every topic of academic interest from civil rights to Hefner ' s philosophy of man and woman was treated in a Y discussion forum. Supporting the belief that democ- racy survives only under the aegis of free speech, the Y presented speakers with contrasting views such as William Sloan Coffin of Yale Divinity School and Royce McPhail, Grand Dragon of the Texas Ku Klux Klan. 6fficers for the YMCA were Aubrey Lee (Mike) Pettit, president, and William Leon Luttrell, John Staples Shockley and Robert Edwin Denham, vice-presidents. YWCA officers were Susan Davis, president, and Arlene Lee Barasch, Carolyn Deshon and Mary Lynn Poston, vice-presidents. Anne Appenzellar and Frank Wright were faculty sponsors. Page 405 Front Row: Paschel Lee Church, James Everett Key, William Clinton Reagan, Jerry Wayne Whitten, Mrs. Mabel Boles, Joe Alan Shull, Perry Dwayne Whitten, George Lowell Clayton, John Wesley Cardwell, Larry Joe Kennedy. Second Row: David Lee Shull, Richard Joseph Norman, Richard Ray Spears, Richard John VanSteenkiste, David Michael Gregory, Gary Clifton Shaw, Arthur Furman Isbell, Jr., Charles Michael Dickey, Ronald Lynn Polasek, George Houston Simmons. Third Row: Gsorge Barton Butts, Michael Lowery Gillette, Anthony Charles Jung, Edgar Newman Smith, Jr., Keith Denver Moore, ' James Stewart Wilson, Joseph Roland Krier, Gary Wayne Goodrich, William Harry McFarling, Bobby Marshall Gierisch. TEJAS CLUB Tejas Club placed third in men ' s intramural football. Ill II II II An all-male organization, the Tejas Club provides an in- tellectual environment aimed at stimulating scholarship, leadership and fellowship among its members. Recognizing mental development as the primary purpose of a University education, the Club attracts members with above-average academic and leadership abilities. This year it had the highest grade-point average of organizations maintaining houses and won the club division in intramural touch football. Social activities included gatherings on special University weekends such as Homecoming and Round-up, Christmas caroling for University ex-students of Austin and a Christ- mas party for under-privileged children. Among the speak- ers to the group was Dr. James S. Chase, assistant professor of history. Tejas Club officers were Anthony Charles Jung, presi- dent; David Michael Gregory, vice-president; Paschel Lee Church, secretary; William Clinton Reagan, business man- ager; and George Lowell Clayton, social chairman. Members not pictured: Tommy Neal Cowan, Charles Clay Doyle, David Dunagan Grimland, Thomas Marion Hagan, Billy Rue Karrh, Bruce Arthur Kowert, Thomas Walton Leonard, Larry Douglas Long, James Grover Mc- Mains and Lanis Scott Smith. Page 406 WHITE STAR SWEETHEARTS Formed this November, White Star Sweethearts is a group of girls who aid Sigma Nu fraternity. Members are responsible for helping their little brothers from the frater- nity pledge class in their social and scholastic activities. The group ' s major event this year was a Big Sister-Little Brother picnic at Barnhart Ranch. President of the group was Suzanne Laura Baker. Martha Jeanne Purcell was vice-president and Betty Adele Bordages was secretary-treasurer. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Lynne Adair Beavers Betty Louise Bowen Elizabeth Ann Jones Jan Louise Krueger Lynn Carol Larson Martha Jeanne Purcell Teresa Catherine Rhoten Pamela Sanders Penelope Anne Speier Martha Jane Walthall The White Star Sweethearts sponsored a Big Sister-Little Brother picnic for Sigma Nu pledges. Front Row: Donna Janice Houghton, Rebecca Beeley, Nannette Muriel Nau, Georgia Marie Pollock. Second Row: Redmon Dorothy Wertz, Darlene Faye Hams, Anne Lavinia Lanford, Nancy Elizabeth Dean. Third Row: Jo Ann Giese, Betty Lou Butler, Marilyn Carpenter, Betty Adele Bordages, Sandra Kaye Rushing, Sharon Leigh Hutton, Suzanne Laura Baker. Page 407 YOUNG REPUBLICANS The purpose of the University Young Republicans Club is to give students an opportunity for practical political experience, volunteer work at Republican headquarters and in election campaigning, and an understanding of the Re- publican Party. A club-sponsored " Committee to Support U. S. Policy in Viet Nam " collected almost 5,000 names on petitions. In a program called " 11-66, " Club members, over the Christ- mas holidays, telephoned all University students of voting age to encourage them to buy their poll taxes. Noted speakers to the group were George Bush, senatorial candidate; George Darby, state chairman of the Texas Young Republican Federation; Tom Dixon, Houston Negro Republican leader; and Thad Hutcheson, former state Republican chairman. YR president this year was Edward N. Kasparik. John E. Ford was executive vice-president; Drew H. Steele, as- sociate vice-president; Marianne Carroll, secretary; John Castleton, treasurer; and Alan L. Bailey, operations director. Faculty sponsor was Dr. Bernard Charles Kissel, associate professor of speech. YR ' s sponsored a petition in support of US Viet Nam policy. Front Row: Marianne Carroll, Edward Norman Kasparik, Larry Calvin Jackson. Second Row: Drew Hutchinson Steele, Dick Teel, Marshal Ellis White, Alan Lawrence Bailey. Page 408 PROFESSIONAL Page 409 Front Row: David Wayne Fowler, Alvin Lowell Bennett, Jr., Mary Esther Garner, Franklin Beaumont Johnson. Second Row: Thomas Frank Sewell, David Sims Hill, Thomas Oswell Brightman, Vural Dolen, Benjamin Herbert Nichols, Forrest Alex Andrews, Frank Pierce Greenhaw, Richard Owen Clark, Roben K. E. Shaoul, Sidney Richard Supulver, Ronald Lloyd Brooks. Third Row: Rawleigh Terrell Reagan, Jack Don Angel, Gerald Lee Brownlow, James Allen Thompson, Marcelino Gonzalez, Frank Bryan Cook, Edmund Joseph Hubenak. Donald Earl Jones, Ronald Norman Macon, Henry Grady Guest, James Curtis Harper, Jr., Richard Charles Carmichael. Fourth Row: Terry Duion Gross, James French Tracy, Jr., Raymond Stewart McManus, Kenneth Ray Demers, Anthony Francis Delia Croce, Jr., Charles Joseph Whitman, Nicholas Wayne Heintz, Michael Thompson, John Benham Hawley, Gary Dwayne Wessels, Gary Joe Nelson, Joe Daniel Prihoda. Fifth Row: Jack Frost Sanders, Lawrence Andrew Fuess, Ron Munden, Herbert Kenneth Rigsbee, Jr., Wayne Arvon Speir, Douglas Starks Porter, Jr., James Harold Jones, Jerry Leroy Vernon, Skipper Cole Good, Wilford Lee Inman, Horace Lee Crawford, William Alexander Senseman, Gerald Saunders Prickette. Members not pictured: Gary F. Guenthner, Victor M. Rivera, Kenneth Gordon Roesle, John William Romberg, Lawrence Richmond Schmidt, Perry Edward Thomson. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERS AAAE members worked on their summer project, a Solar Skydome used for tracing orbits of sun travel. The aim of the American Association of Architectural Engineers is to offer conscientious students in architectural engineering a chance to expand their knowledge and interest in design beyond the classroom. This goal is pursued through improved student-faculty relations, acquaintance with pro- fessionals in architecture, scholarships to outstanding students and lectures by professionals. This year the AAAE participated in the annual Uni- versity Power Show and such social events as AAAE and Engineering Sweetheart elections, a spring picnic and a spring awards banquet. Among noted speakers to the group were Dr. Franklin Beaumont Johnson, associate professor of architectural engineering; Dr. David Wayne Fowler, as- sistant professor of architectural engineering; and A. D. Stinger, Austin contractor. AAAE officers were Alvin L. Bennett, president; Benjamin H. Nichols, vice-president; Henry Grady Guest, secretary; Ronald Norman Macon, treasurer; Herbert Kenneth Rigsbee and Larry Andrew Fuess, Student Engineering Council rep- resentatives; Rawleigh Terrell Reagan, chaplain. Other of- ficers were Jack Frost Sanders and Jerry Leroy Vernon, publicity; Michael Thomson, intramurals coordinator. Dr. David Wayne Fowler served as faculty sponsor. Page 410 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS The purpose of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is to provide opportunities for its mem- bers to acquaint themselves with various aspects of the aerospace field. These opportunities are provided through presentations by technical personnel associated with the aerospace industry, by other speakers and by films. The AIAA also fosters fellowship between the faculty and students in aerospace engineering. The AIAA participated in intramural sports and spon- sored field trips to aerospace industries. An outstanding speaker to the group was Sol Love, vice-president and program director of A-7A Corsair, Ling-Temco-Vought Aircraft Corporation. AIAA officers were Howell Wesley Mann, chairman; Donald Albert Wagner, vice-chairman; Joseph Charles Sal- vaggio, recording secretary; Burt Branstetter, treasurer; and Henry Louis Gomez, corresponding secretary. John Conrad Westkaemper, assistant professor of aerospace engi- neering, served as faculty sponsor. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Stephen Leslie Addington Dennis Nick Andrychuk Allen Ray Arnett Donald Robert Artis, Jr. Robert Carlos Baker Larry Woodrow Barker Daniel Andrew Barkley James Henry Belt Larry Wayne Bickle Robert Don Blackwell Louis Conrad Bockman Warren Swain Bollmeier, II Robert Alexander Booker George H. Born Gene Raymond Bosse Karl Henry Brauer William Walter Braymen Richard Nye Butler Michael Clark Byrd John McGlachlin Clark Robert Don Collier Michael Francis Collins William Doswell Conine, III Charles Samuel Cotropia Yarub Mohamed Dafterdar Presley Wright Donaldson Charles Franklin Donham, Jr. Robert Joseph Dorotik Charles Lester Dyer William Crawford Farish Frank W. Fees, Jr. Ben Edward Ferguson Emil Henry Finn Kenneth Todd Firestone Steven Troy Fisher James Michael Frederick James Kenneth Gardner, Jr. Walter Bruce Gillette Dean G. Gonzalez Henry Alton Gray Jim Grubbs James VanDyke Haldy Harrison F. Hamer Warren Malcolm Heffington Herman Lewis Hellman, Jr. Claude Earl Hildebrand, Jr. Christopher Laurence Hilliard John Christian Hinkle Jerry Clyde Hogan William Robert Holmberg Charles Lee Howell, Jr. Scotty Lee Jergenson Larry Dean Kemp Lawrence F. Kern, III James Patrick Kirk Carroll Stone Kirkpatrick Sidney Edward Lanier Blayne Stephen Lequeux Joel Simon Lissauer Edward Harold Littell, Jr. James Joseph Lorkowski Robert Frank L ' Roy James Lee Luksa Alfred N. Lunde Danny Loyd Millaway Ellis Frank Morgan William Wallace Morris, III Bennie Albert Nelson Bill Raiford Newsom, Jr. Doyle A. Nicholson Glenn Ray Parkan James Manning Peck Tom B. Pederson Paul Kenneth Peek, Jr. Manuel Gonzales Perez, Jr. Penny Frances Potter Robert E. Ramee, Jr. H,al Reddick -Wayne Francis Reeh Joseph Charles Salvaggio Pete Salvato, Jr. Gary Michael Sanders Albert Fred Schkade Clifford Emerson Schoone, Jr. Roy Edwin Sikes Charles William Smith Ervin Williams Squires, Jr. Jimmy Tyrone Stewart Aubrey Lee Stratton Michael Keaney Sutherlin James Lanning Thompson John Arden Thorson Panagiotis T. Tsakalakis William John VandenBosch Steven Andrew Vaughan Clinton Norman Waggoner Richard Arthur Warriner Robert Sherman Weathers Robert Earl White Bobby Gene Whiteley John Lendsey Whitesides, Jr. Raymond Samuel Whittington, II Frank Edward Williams Michael Bruce Wortham James Houston Zike Charles Joseph Zubarik Front Roil]: John Herman Sherrer, Henry Joseph Sherrer, Jr ,R ' cnar d Melville West, Jr., John Clark Heideman, Jimmy Doyle Wilson, Marvin Edward Willard, James Edward Fritz, Jimmy Douglas Bryan, Ben Russell Eppright, Jr., William Charles Cobb. Second Row: Thomas Turner Wadsworth, James Everett Embry, Lawrence Wayne Maxwell, William Reeder Porterfield, Howell Wesley Mann, Donald Albert Wagner, Richard Eugene Powe, Burt Bran- stetter, Robert Michael Massey. Third Row: William Eugene Rister, Herbert James Sutherland, Richard David Whitlock, Wesley Christian Hamff, Richard Edgar Wheelis, Gregg Herlong Averett, Adrian Tracy Doryland, Elgene Campbell Spencer, Robert Steve Hoyle. Page 411 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS The University chapter of the American Institute of Archi- tects is intended as a transitional step between the academic and professional areas of architecture through lectures by members of the profession. Through speakers from the pro- fessional AIA chapter, field trips and conventions, the student members learn the responsibilities and expectations of their profession and the importance of collective effort among architects. mjm AIA members made a trip to Mexico City during mid-semester break. AIA delegates attended this year ' s convention of the Texas Society of Architects in Austin and made a mid- term trip to Mexico City. Speakers to the group included Dr. Donald L. Weismann, professor of art; Allison Perry, San Antonio architect; and William Caudel, Houston archi- tect. Terry Martin Moor was AIA president this year. Vice- president was Omar Richard Campos; secretary, Darla Jean Hartman; and treasurer, Carl Joseph Dalio. Faculty sponsor was Richard Proctor Swallow, associate professor of architecture. Members not pictured: Garland Sadler Anderson, Robert Eugene Ayers, Ray Bedford Bailey, Michael Alan Bayley, Owen William Bludau, Michael Edward Borne, Ernest Richard Breig, James Thomas Brown, William Francis Burke, William Henry Butcher. William Terry Chambers, Jon Boykin Decherd, Jerral Walter Derryberry. James Dwight Dow. Joseph Reagan duPerier, Alan Feinberg, Rankin Dee Glover, Lee John Govatos, John Bruce Heath, Joseph John Holt, Edward Llewellyn Hughes, Curtis Lee Inglis, Craig Allan Kress, Adrienne Marie Kucera, Ernesto G. Liebrecht. James Laurence Life, Dennis Brooks Linam, Raymond Hance Martin, John Malcolm McRae, Jeri Lynn Morey, Benito Xavier Noyola. John Peveto, John Milton Powell, Harold Lanier Price, Charles Edward Rawls, Kenneth Sherman Reaves, Deen Erwin Ritter, Theodore John Schwink, James Harold Stewart, Gerald Paul Stuyck, Dale Morley Taylor. Don Lee Tew, Gary Allen Unger, Michael D. Utsey, James Frederick Williams, Jackie Lynn Wilson. Front Row: Richard Proctor Swallow, Carl Joseph Dalio, Terry Martin Moor. Omar Richard Campos, Darla Jean Hartman. Second Row: Donald Wayne Roberts, Edward Blume Wallace, Joseph William Straube, Michael John Schroeder, I. Frank Genzer, Orion Knox, Manuel Rodriguez Penalver, Bryce Eugene Bonner, Martin Valdez Aguilar, Sharon Elizabeth Smith. Third Row: William Edward von Rosenberg, John Anthony Perez, Tommy Neal ' Cowan, Henry Howard Rayburn, Billy Jerome Cox, Gary Lynn Wagner, Darrell Gail Welch, Clark Raymond Rutledge, Charles Hardin Pollard, Norman Perry Hatfield. Page 412 From Row: Elizabeth Marie Gill, Suzanne Davies, Anna Brightman, Sarah Beth Reveley, Diana Grace Mays. Second Row: Margaret Carter Montgomery, Kathy Seale, Patty Lynn Burrows, Mary Donna Kennemer, Linda Louise Deal, Mary Susan Torrey, Barbara Lynn Stone, Vickie Lee Herold. Third Row: Mary Nell Sticksel, Carolyn Estine Blakey, Suzanne Senevey, Jeanie Beth Shafie, Katherine Elaine Etheredge, Lynnette Anna Rabel, Mary Marguerite Carter. Edna Kay Smith. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS AID members joined Home EC Club and Omicron Nu members decorating the Christmas tfee in the great hall of the Home Eco- nomics Building. Through monthly talks by noted designers and studies of their works, the American Institute of Interior Designers offers members a view of the professional side of interior design. Student members of AID cooperated this year with the national organization to enrich student understanding of the functions, duties and responsibilities of interior de- signers and to advance the standards of interior design. Activities included a Union showcase display and a tour of homes noted for unique design work. Among speakers to the group were I. H. Pritchard of the Decorative Center in Dallas; and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Berry, design graduates of the University. AID officers were Elizabeth Marie Gill, president; Suz- anne Davies, vice-president; Sarah Beth Reveley, recording secretary; .Diana Grace Mays, corresponding secretary; and Cheryl Ann Pfluger, treasurer. Faculty sponsor was Dr. Anna Brightman, associate professor of home economics. Members not pictured: Andrea Lynn Anderson, David Drew Beck, Mary Elizabeth Bell, Jane Ellen Booth, Carol Jean Briscoe, Carol Ann Clark, Sharon Rose Glass, Sharon Lee James, Sallie Belt Latham, Elizabeth Ann Littlejohn, Barbara Packard Mathews, Leslie Jane Nissen, Cheryl Ann Pfluger, Donna Jeanne Pool, Aubrilyne Preston, Gail Speed Rupley, Fred Ruben Soto, Mickey Witt Stockwell and Judy Jane Tedford. Page 413 tb Id Sd C:e DB Dn In ca In bri ' . ' Sic fa front {CM;: Joyce Ann Ingram, Ed Charles Sebesta, Lynn Martin. Second Row: Thomas Earl Menn, James Victor Woodrick, Frank Willard Heinemann, Ronny Vonhoy Yates, David Calhoun Bonner. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS The function of the American Institute of Chemical En- gineers is to give students the opportunity to meet with the chemical engineering faculty and to learn of the chem- ical engineering industry. The group ' s activities this year included a trip for freshmen and sophomores to a chemical plant, participation in the Engineering Power Show, and publication of the " Texas Chemical Engineer, " a journal written by students. Joe Brown and Richard Abies from Dupont and Jerry Davis from Proctor and Gamble spoke to the group on the professional aspect of chemical engineering. Dr. Howard Rase, chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering, was also a guest speaker. AIChE officers were Edward Charles Sebesta, president; Frank Willard Heinemann, vice-president; Thomas E. Menn, treasurer; Joyce Ann Ingram, recording secretary; and David Calhoun Bonner, corresponding secretary. Faculty sponsor was Dr. James R. Brock, associate professor of chemical engineering. Shi H : fid Til Front Row: Gerald Wallace Gilmore, Walter Preston Wigley, Jackson Whitney Holladay, Rolando Antonio Flores, William Ernest Winkler, John Preston James, Nancy Bernard, Jacquelyn Wackerbarth, David Louis Walmsley, Othman A. B. Al-Rawi, Charles Franklin Stratton, Lawton Evans Drake, George Leonard Greene. Second Row: David Clarence Bland, Larry Ray Brinkley Walker, Dennis Eugene Wilson, Jerry Franklin Graves, Irvin Melvin Newman, Jr., John Anthony Snyder, Michael D. Alexander, Bruce Alan McComas, Gerald Paul Kuehler, Charles Louis Hilsher, Tim Byron Jahnke, Carroll Jay For- rest, Lloyd Maurice Monroe, Jr. Third Row: Coy Earl McDaniel, Steven Woodrow Hill, Bernard Ray Hollenshead, Richard Merrill Love, Hiram Ben Duncan, John Edwin Crosby, III, August Joseph Batla, Jr., Curtis William Chance, Alan Richard Holman, Philip Louis Daily, William John Proft, Jr., Sidney Gates Hooper, Kenneth Tildon McDonald. Fourth Row: John Thurman Payne, Thomas C. Ponder, Jr., David Arthur Sterner, Gary Wayne Munson, Arnold Willis Sanders, Michael Lucian Turner, Jimmy Louis Thornton, Don Wayne Hoppens, John Charles Clements, Raymond Arless Lewis, Jimmie Frank Harper, Ronnie Jack Cottle. : r fa :: u, : ! ' k li In Page 414 MEMBERS NOT PICTURED FRESHMEN Roy Fredrick Armstrong Randall Keats Attaway Alan Robert Barr Ralph Gilbert Blackman, Jr. Robert Glenn Bush Gregory Kent Cubbison Dennis Allen Dalrymple David M. Delgado James Patrick Dement Clifton Howard Durham, Jr. James Roy Estes Irvin Simon Fisch James Franklin Fuqua Richard Paul Giannoble Farrell Richard Dean Gilreath David Michael Glidden Michael Gerard Haley Stephan Jay Haney David Michael Harris Robert Buckner Heartfield George Mark Henderson Henry Harvey Hesser Steve Ryan Hickey John William Hicks Vance Kerr Hobbs, Jr. Mary Kathleen Horn Donald William Hudson Billy Wayne Hurley Shaikh Maebool Hussain Harry Jefferson, III James Martin Johnson Marvin Rodney Kimbro Lawrence Gene Kownslar Dennis L. Leser Donald Riley Lyttleton David Denzil Merrill John Daniel Miller John Winship Mitchell George W. Murfee John Paul Nolley, Jr. Ronald Frederick Norris Kyle Bruce Rountree Ted George Schneider James Stanley Seale Sanford Ray Setliff William Guy Smyre William Fletcher Stephens, Jr. Jean Wynonne Tribble George William Tullos Louis Ray Verducci Charles Everett Vinson Wayne Evan Voskamp Michael Lee Waggoner Robert Leonard Waldrop James Jay Washburn Robert Green Wheeler Donald Ray Young SOPHOMORES Marshall W. Abernathy, Jr. Robert Engelhardt Almy Patricia Anne Boring Walter Wayne Bradbury Philip Robert Bunch John Ritchey Clayton David Norman Counts John Allan Crozier Victor Henry Estes William Bryan Fagan Samuel Lee Feris San Jacinto Gaido, III Robert B. Graham Earl Marvin Halfen James H. Hasty Paula Kathryn Hooper David Floyd Huber Lyda Lynn Lattimore John H. Laurie Joel Stephen Leavitt Christopher Wiley Maynord Edward Ewing Maxey John Edwin McReynolds John Scott Mgebroff Randall Harold Parkison Ramon Fletcher Rhodes Thomas Gerald Schuble John F. Seyer Carl Andrew Sorensen Ernest William Spacek, Jr. James Howard Stanley James Ray Strong Dana Jan Swan Philippe Tenret Albert Lee Van Amburg, III John Moore Weiss Robert Francis Yousey, Jr. JUNIORS Paul Michael Blackwood Charles K. Bruhl Donald Paul Bynum Ronald Caradine Dipprey William M. Edwards Gary L. Greene Chadwick Joe Hall Dwight Thomas Hammit Richard Lee Hargraves William Richard Hearn Herman William Hoffman, Jr. James Melford Johnson Thomas Baines Johnson Gordon Calvert Lannou, Jr. William Randolph Leyendecker William Harbert Marshall Ignac Rudolph Matocha, Jr. Charles Siu-Lun Mok Clarence Arthur Niebuhr Terry Lee Orr Joseph Benjamin Pargin, Jr. Robert Wayne Reinicke Keith James Ritchey George Jacob Roessler Christopher M. Shaughnessy Robert Mike Sherrod Glenn Dale Singleton William Arnold Smith, Jr. Richard Harry Stephens Roy Joel Swanson John Palmer Terry Eladio Trejos-Montero Jay H. Troell Thomas Edwin Watts James Douglas Welch Marshall Wayne Williams SENIORS Louis Robert Anderson William R. Barron Lewis John Berniard, III Joe Tom Bouchier Robert Doil Burgess Joaquin Codina, III Leonard Weldon Cooper Herbert Kent Danziger Marvin Burris Davis, Jr. Aristeo Delos Santos Jerry Doyle Frampton Charles Roger Gipson Ronald Earl Harmond Robert Leland Hattan William K. Holloman Stephen Patrick Hudnall Wai Jean Janecek Byron David Kingrea Richard Albert Kirsten Alfred Tyrrell Kott Melchor Ray Landin Fred Welch Lowe John Mack McCann John Ty McClain Neil Hugh McLaurin Ed G. Mahler Kenneth Lowell Meisner Cecil Lee Newton, Jr. Doc Carlton Pair Harry D. Pruett J. Alberto Quintana Stephen Rester Pete Ward Roberts Jerry Lynn Rutledge Johnnie Clifton Rutledge Michael J. Sampson Gonzalo Sandino-Salcedo Joel D. Sherlock Edgar Newman Smith Rodger Lee Staha Dennis G. Swift John W. Taunton Tran Thi Chat Thiet Gustavo Vergara-Banda John McClelland Waid Daniel Lloyd Walker William Allan Ware Anton Herbert Witte, Jr. John Wayne Wittliff Oscar Zamora Ralph T. Ferrell Douglas Patrick Harrison James Gordon Helpinstill Carlton Roy Jones Charles Emil Loeffler GRADUATES Eugene Warren McWhorter Martin Portis Moreland James Wynn Moyers Douglas Selman Page 415 Front Row: William Alfred Tramp, Barbara Carol Kyse, Ethel Lorraine Wilson, Billy Edwin Moseley, Norton Elliott Marks, David Carroll Hudson, Robert Adams, Judith Diane Darwin. Second Row: Judith Ellen McCaskill, George Wentworth Eiband, Joe Kenneth Longley, Thomas Kent Lew, Robert Kimberly Gaynor, Charles Bobby Heath, Fred James Kellner, Joyce Ann Stendebach, Sheila Ann Swi cegood, Jake K. Gabbard, HI. Third Row: Homer Columbus Harper, Tommy Louis Chaffin, Jennie Lee Badgley, William Judson Wise, Ivan Maurice Edelman, Lee Haynes Mathews, Janet Ward. Michael Don Winter, Fred Ray Culberson, Judith Gae Wynn, Harry Beau Williamson. Fourth Row: John Baldwin Geddie, Roger La Rue Fisher, John Ike Estes, David Blanchard Head, Michael William Dean, Charles Alan Embrey, Russell Clyde Busby, James Edwin Willingham, Barry Marshall Kleinman, Jack Warren Huffman. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION liai Eat Milton S. Berman, president of Foley ' s Department Stores, spoke to AMA members. Through talks with educators and distinguished members of the marketing field, the American Marketing Association strives to enrich its members ' studies. In addition to having guest speakers to stimulate interest in marketing, the group took field trips and gave a Christmas party. Speakers to the organization included Milton S. Ber- man, president of Foley ' s Department Stores and Dr. Harvey Hugey, visiting professor of marketing. Officers this year included Joe K. Longley, president; Judith Gae Wynn, vice-president; Janet Ward, secretary; John Ike Estes, treasurer; and James Edwin Willingham, representative to the College of Business Administration. Faculty sponsor was Dr. Norton Elliott Marks, assistant professor of marketing administration. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Carlos Jay Allison Craig Edsall Bartlett James William Bass William Albert Blackwell James Arthur Bondurant Carolyn Kay Brown Albert Newman Burge, III Norman Joseph Dierschke Shirley Ann Dinhobl Thomas Yost Dunne James Bryant Durham Dwain E. Glass Mary Carrington Gowen Barnett Alvin Greenberg Rita Frances Haskins Judy Hood Andrew Jacobsen, Jr. Clyde J. Johnson, III John Thomas Jones Dean Jimmie Joyner William Cornelius Kormeier Michael Waymon Layton Victor Leventhal Michael Metschan Linda Fay Molkenbur Gary Michael Pearce Spencer Paul Schlueter Sandra Lee Swanland Terry Patrick Tuggle Kirk E. Williamson John Colwell Wolfe Stephen James Wolfe Page 416 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS MEMBERS NOT PICTURED The annual spring Power Show is the main project of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The group was formed to help civil engineers become acquainted with other engineers, learn more about practicing engineers through technical talks at biweekly meetings, and have the opportunity to meet practicing engineers and learn about the work they do. Society members attended state conventions of the ASCE in Fort Worth and Corpus Christi. Other activities included fall and spring picnics, intersociety football, intramural basketball and painting of the Taylor Hall T-Room and ASCE office. ASCE officers for the year were Joe Repa, president; Norman Jerry Scheel, vice-president; Barry Wade Ellis, secretary; Bill E. Foulds, treasurer; and Robert L. Herndon and Steve Carroll, Student Engineering Council representa- tives. Faculty advisor was Dr. Joseph Francis Malina, Jr., associate professor of civil engineering. Timothy Eric Adams John Hart Bandas Rufus Emil Barker, Jr. Chase Baromeo Wallace Dale Bergman John Lawrence Berkman, Jr. Richard Blakney Jesse Dewaine Bogard Robert John Brandes David Buxton Campbell Steve Carroll Michael Eddie Cavalier John Randall Conn William Ross Cowan Francis Joseph Domingues James Henry Duke, Jr. William Marion Elliott, Jr. Jonathon Douglas Fuller David L. Garbade Alexander Cordero Garcia Ahmad Jamil Ghaddar Robert Brown Higgins, Jr. Monroe Wayne Jones Monard Lamar Kinman, Jr. Mark Norman Lamoureux Douglas Koy Lankford Gerald Ralph McLelland John Miller Jearl Preston Morris Robert Lewis Morris Stephen Edward Mosher Ron H. Munden John Hill Nail Claude Gene Pardue Billie Neal Pearson Douglas Starks Porter, Jr. Robert Terry Pribble Mohammed M. Rashid Curtis Daniel Reagan John Blair Reber, Jr. Norman Jerry Scheel Musallam Nassara Schuman Willard Mac Smith, Jr. Robin Paul Stagg Stephen Louis Strubing Roland Roy Swartz David Franklin Tankersley Roger Steve Vaughan Edward Anthony Verner George P. Willard Sabah Yousif Youash Taha Mohammed Zaghmout Lane Arvid Zunker Front Row: William Presley Williams, Cecil Edward Adcock, Wilton Dal e Prejean, Mike Murray Emery, Charles Morgan Pearre, Joe Thomas Jones, Wil- liam Arthur Yates, Dwight Winston Schulz, Robert Charles Titerle. Second Row: Robert Louis Herndon, John Philip Buckner, John Allen Gault, Billy Earl Foulds, Richard Lee Pannell, Clarence James Ehlers, Robert Edward Weirich, Joe Repa, Richard James Ruane. Third Row: Kerry Mahler Hawkins, Barry Wade Ellis, Floyd Robert Hill, Wesley Michael Douglas, Thomas Alan Armstrong, Marvin Leonard Zahradnik, Benjamin Morrison Naugler, Louis Ed- ward Hood, Joe Patrick Mattingly. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS Fall Spring IBRAHIM HASSAN SADEK Chairman ROBERT Louis VOGELSANG WILLIAM HENRY GRONA First V ice-Chairman WILLIAM HENRY GRONA EDWARD S. HYMAN Second Vice-Chairman JAMES BRUNO FAETCHE JOHN ALSTON SMITH Treasurer JOHN ALSTON SMITH JAMES BRUNO FAETCHE Recording Secretary. EDDIE RYAN HOWE RICHARD HARLOW 5. . C. Representative RICHARD HARLOW DENNIS HARRY WITHERS . S. E. C. Representative . DOUGLAS JULIAN FERGUSON ALVIN DAVID THOMAS, JR Faculty Sponsor ALVIN DAVID THOMAS, JR. JOE EDWARD D ' OLIVE Corresponding Secretary. ROY DALE RIEWE Providing close contact with the engineering faculty in the preparation of technical and social activities, the Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers serves to prepare stu- dents for their future jobs. Among the year ' s activities were technical paper com- petitions with other colleges including Texas A M and the University of Houston. ASME participated in the Gas Econ- omy Run during the annual Engineering Power Show. Speakers this year included Dr. Harlan J. Smith, chair- man of the department of astronomy; R. W. Cox, regional vice-president of ASME; and Roy Evans, secretary-treasurer of Texas AFL-CIO. The Gas Savers competed in the Gas Economy Run held during the Engineering Power Show. Front Row: Dennis Harry Withers, Joe Edward D ' Olive, Edward S. Hyman, Alvin David Thomas, Jr., Ibrahim Hassan Sadek, William Reid Upthe- grove, William Henry Grona, James Bruno Faetche, Richard Lee Harlow. Second Row: Leonard! Ferdinand Kreisle, Harry L. Kent, Venton Levy Doughtie, Willis Raymond Woolrich, Willard Randolph Bass, John Martinez, Barry Don Wheeless, Robert Louis Vogelsang, Hugh Alan Walls, Jamie Parker Lamb, Charles Sprague Beightler. Third Row: Maynard Lee Wilson, Raymond Kent Lamb, Mario Zamora, Douglas Julian Ferguson, Carter John Ward, Lawrence Daniel Dorr, Edward Ryan Howe, John Anthony Kopecky, Robert Allan Beverly, Johnce Eugene Hall, Robert Edward Heuse. Fourth Row: John Reuben Ross, Frank Clyde Weirich, Glenn Edwin Griffith, Robert Vincent Ogden, Jr., George Edward Long, William Monrpe Nash, Charles Arthur Roeber, Terry Edwin Gish, Barry James Boecker, David Leroy Yenawine; Robert Joseph Grant. Page 418 ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE DES ETUDIANTS EN SCIENCES ECONOMIQUES ET COMMERCIALES Contacts between business men and organizations around the world is the objective of AIESEC (Association Interna- tionale des Estudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commer- ciales). The group arranges jobs for foreign students in business who would like to come to the United States, and organizes programs for the students to see the United States and to acquaint them with American life and business. Besides contacts and practical knowledge acquired through AIESEC, a member is eligible for a " traineeship, " which includes a trip to another country, a job in his field of business, and a program to acquaint him with the country ' s business and people. Traineeships last from eight weeks to two years. The promotion of international interests and cooperation is a by-product of AIESEC ' s business training and education program. Founded in Europe in 1948, AIESEC now includes 37 countries on five continents and 55 member colleges and universities in the United States. AIESEC officers were John Penney Cogan, president; Barbara Abbott Keith, secretary; Walter Kurt Juncker, treasurer; David Stanley Komiss, solicitations chairman; and Martha Kay Downing, publicity chairman. Robert Martin Taylor, associate professor of marketing adminis- tration, was faculty advisor. Dimitrios Tassios, University student from Greece, talked with AIESEC members about business in Greece and about its people. Front Row: Patricia Ann Bandy, Martha Eloise Kuhl, Barbara Abbott Keith, John Penney Cogan, Marjorie Esse O ' Brien, Peggy Lee Judd. Second Row: George Arnold Weller, Jr., Stanley King Taylor, Jack Patrick Catewood, Roy Eugene Bates, Kelly Albert Rushing, Stevann Carol Simpson. Third Row: Martha Kay Downing, David Tod Geaslin, Walter Kurt Juncker, Damon Bradley Me Williams, David Stanley Komiss, II, Laurie Jean Morse. Not pic- tured: Gordon D. Bayless, Philip Dominic Chiminello, Robert Wayne Glover, Donnie Joe Harvey, Timothy James Holt, Constance Anne Marmaduke, Kenneth Courtenay McAlpin, Mike Dixon Neely, Henry Gilbert Shonerd. Page 419 HOME ECONOMICS CHAPTER The aim of the Home Economics Chapter is to give its members fellowship among student and faculty, introductions to professional organizations, professional growth and in- volvement and activities of professional interest. Major activities of the year included a style show of garments made and designed by advanced clothing students, acting as hostesses for the Home Economics Department Guest Lectures, and sales of coffee, hot tea, orange juice and doughnuts in the Home Economics Building, Monday through Friday mornings. The group also gave a Christmas tree-trimming party and a spring banquet. Speakers to the group included Dr. Phyllis Richards, as- sociate professor of home economics; Dr. Robert E. Led- better of the Student Health Center; and Dr. Bernice Mil- burn Moore, assistant to the director for community pro- grams, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. Chapter officers were Jacqueline Marie Neubauer, presi- dent; Jo Lynn Cunningham, first vice-president; Janet Fay Fields; second vice-president; Margaret Christine Laws, secretary; Annette Ripper, treasurer; Judy Kay Jackson, reporter; and Marty Nye, historian. Miss Bess Belle Cald- well and Dr. Helen F. McHugh, assistant professors of home economics, were chapter sponsors. Home EC Club members decorated the Christmas tree in the great hall of the Home Economics Building. Left to Right: Kathryn Louise Reichert, Patty Louise Abney, Judy Kay Jackson, Janet Fay Fields, Bess Belle Caldwell, Jacqueline Marie Neubauer, Jo Lynn Cunningham, Margaret Christine Laws, Marty Nye, Janie Sue Glimp, Sheila Kay Daniel. Page 420 - :! 1 4 b EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front Row: Roneal Lynn Martin, Lillian Jeannine Watson, Anthony Chailes Jung, Cathryn Lynn Culbertson, Timothy Haskell McCoy. Second Row: Stephanie Anne Evans. Paul Ray McKinzie, Uhlus Wayne Bethard, Michael Ermon Miller, Timothy Ray Covington, Terry Oliver Tottenham, Bill David Jobe. f LONGHORN PHARMACEUTICAL I ASSOCIATION Anthony Jung escorted Anne Evans to the LPhA Christmas dance where she was crowned sweetheart. It is the purpose of the Longhorn Pharmaceutical As- sociation to offer to its members a chance to meet other pharmacy students and to hear a series of lectures on the organization and functions of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association. The group this year sponsored a get-acquainted meeting for all pharmacy students, a spring picnic and a Christmas dance at which the Pharmacy Sweetheart was crowned. Outstanding speakers to the Association included Ed Baker, chairman of the membership development committee of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association; Luther Parker, executive secretary of the Texas Pharmaceutical Associa- tion; and Bill Dismukes, president of the Capital Area Pharmaceutical Association. Officers this year were Anthony Charles Jung, president; Timothy Haskell McCoy, vice-president; Cathryn Lynn Culbertson, recording secretary; Roneal Lynn Martin, cor- responding secretary; and L. Jeannine Watson, treasurer. Tim Ray served as orientation officer; Paul Ray McKinzie, reporter; Joseph Scott King, parliamentarian; David Joseph Jones, social chairman; Uhlus Wayne Bethard, display chairman; Terry Oliver Tottenham, public relations chair- man; and Michael Ermon Miller, student services chairman. Bill David Jobe, assistant to the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, was sponsor. Page 421 Front Row: John Harilaus Economidy, James Edgar Sutton, George Alvin Covington, David Archer Wilson, William Patrick O ' Hara, William Harold Towery, Jr., Charles Clint Dare. Second Row: John Joseph De La Garza, Jr., Virgil James Johnson, Wendell Allen Patterson, Chester Hunt, Larry Joe Ikels, James Nelson Gsell, Henry Lee Ezell. SIGMA DELTA CHI Active members checked through the file cards to identify out- standing men journalism students who would be considered for membership in Sigma Delta Chi. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Buddy Wayne Camper Richard Ray Cole Richard Ray Dillard William Earle Halstead, Jr. Robert Neil Hinkle Pat Nef f Hinson, Jr. Laurence C. Jackson Sam Fore Keach Dan Douglas Rice Lee R. Salzberger Morris Ray Shelton, Jr. John Melton Wallace James Leland Webb Marshal Ellis White A national professional fraternity for outstanding men in journalism, Sigma Delta Chi presented seminars and speeches which dealt with problems confronting the modern journalist. Noted speakers to the group were John Thawley of KTBC; Olin Hinkle, associate professor of journalism; Bo Byers of the Capital Press Corps; Dr. Murray Havens, associate pro- fessor of government; and Mark Heppler, editorial director of KHOU-TV in Houston. The organization will be slightly re-organized in 1966 in order that it can better serve as a supplement to the educa- tion of the journalist. Committees will be formed to re-write the chapter constitution, handle fund raising projects, and arrange for speakers. Informal discussions with speakers will replace lectures. Two lengthy informal meetings were held in the spring. Carl Freund, Capital reporter for the Dallas Morning News ex- plained the effects of the Criminal Code and the Supreme Court ' s decisions upon journalists. Dwight Macdonald, noted critic, discussed the journalist as a critic in all areas af- fecting society. Officers during the fall were John De La Garza, presi- dent; Larry C. Jackson, vice-president; Sam F. Keach, sec- retary; and David A. Wilson, treasurer. Spring officers in- cluded George A. Covington, president, and William E. Hal- stead, secretary. Dr. C. Richard King, associate professor of journalism, was sponsor. James Edward Vowell Page 422 SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT In addition to social gatherings of students and pro- fessors with common interests, the Society for Advancement of Management provides oppportunities to meet business leaders, industrial contact through field trips, management conferences, and job opportunities. A membership coffee, monthly meetings with speakers, and a fall and spring banquet were the main activities of the group. Field trips took members to such Austin business firms as Ward Body Works, Hall Level and Manufacturing Works and Jefferson Chemical Company. Among speakers to the Society were Noel Egan, credit manager of John Deere and Co. (Dallas); Bill Wadel, vice- president in charge of sales of Hamms Brewery (Houston) ; Dawson Sterling, president of Southwestern Life Insurance (Dallas); and Harold Fischer, national president of the Society for Advancement of Management. This year ' s officers were Lawrence George Loessin, presi- dent; Thomas Arthur Bankston, vice-president; Lee Haynes Mathews, secretary; William Darrell Smith, treasurer; and Judith Gae Wynn, CBA representative. Faculty sponsor was Thomas G. Hopkins, assistant professor of management. Ken Sutton, supervisor of SANDIA ' s labor relations department, explained practical applications of management in labor rela- tions. Front Row: Rosemarie Ellen Penzerro, Peggy F. Lyda, Daryl Wayne Richard, Charles Earl Broughton, Judy Wynn, Linda Ann Martin, William Lewis West, Jake K. Gabbard, Letha Lynne Aycock. Second Row: Kermit Loyd Palmer, David Cantu, James Emory Meska, Garland Gail Hunnicutt, Roy George Eudy, Grace Evelyn Spillman, Lawrence George Loessin, James Leland Thompson, Thomas Arthur Bankston, Shelby Leon Moore. Third Row: Vic Virgil Fowler, Dennis Craig Cheaney, Michael Edward Gadberry, Frances Helen Seifert, Robert Morton Scott, Arthur Richard Thompson, Diane Lynn Scott, Lee Haynes Mathews, Donald Lee Bradford, James Barton Levy. Fourth Row: Jack Winfield Cannon, George Robertson Sutherland, Jr., Richmond Ray Love- lace, William Darrell Smith, Clifford Parks Gann, Jr., James William Traweek, John Jackson Waldrip, Joseph Rene Barsalou, III, James Lee Bailey, Bevis Brannen Frazier. Page 423 Front Row: Dorothy Virginia Roberts, Marilyn Harris Dorsey, Vickie Lynn Jones, Roberta Marie Feil, Sandra Schneider Levy, Eunice Duarte Castillo, Alma Jean Keith, Mary Kathryn Green, Nina Eleanor Keeler, Betsy Roberts Hayes, Lome Foster Henderson, Brenda Kay Nethery, Connie Halliday Sklar, Julia Margaret Little, Gerda Hansen Smith, Helen Wilson Burt, Dorris Claudyne Conway, Velia Rivera. Second Row: Eleanor Eubank Tuck, Margaret Ward, Bonnie Louise Bain, Walter Clayton Freeman, Jr., Virginia Murphy Gunnin, Guy Otha Roberts, Nancy LaMotta Crabb, Kay Elaine Liebrecht, Billye May Muecke, Gustavo Ramos, Mary Elizabeth Weber, Carolle Allison Bell, Leah Ann Weaver, Gay Ellen Jurgens, Barbara Neely Ross, Norma Hendrix. Third Row: Barbara Jean Curtis, Zorena Barbara Bolton, Amelia Ann Alexander, Susan Sample Osteen, Shelba Jean Blankenship, E. Ardelia Brennen, Mary Helen Thompson, Sylvia Sears Moriarty, Gloria Steen Wynne, Thomas P. Foster, Richard W. Sweet, Don L. Gaston, Kenneth J. Allen, Wade E. Wilson. Fourth Row: William Paul Derrick, William Andrew Lay, Wilton Gray Jewell, James Veto McDowell, Donald Ray Anderton, Frank Scott Curtis, John Royce McDonald, Elvin Leroy Pollock, Walter Clyde Brandstetter, James Eberdt Gossett, David Lee Bradfute, Pat V. Powers, Jack Nathan Avant. Fifth Row: Charles William Laughton, Jack Otis, Morris Kagan, Roscoe Yost Miller, Joseph Irvin Hungate, Jr., Josleen Lockhart, Lora Lee Pederson, Mary F. Carswell, Anne Wilkens. STUDENT ASSOCIATION OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Mr. James Payne, Director of Social Services at the Austin State School, discussed community projects with the students. The functions of the Student Association of the Graduate School of Social Work are to provide graduate students in the social work field a formal channel of communication with the faculty and administration, to coordinate student professional and social activities, and to represent the student body with a unified voice. Club activities included a fall picnic to provide oppor- tunity for closer acquaintance, a pre-Christmas party for students and faculty, and monthly luncheon meetings. The group heard such noted speakers as Dr. Jack Otis, director of the Graduate School of Social Work; Dr. Frederick Heckmann, German sociologist; Major L. J. Shellhase, chief, Social Work Branch, Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston; and Dr. Margaretha Schaap, lecturer in special education. Officers for the year were William Paul Derrick, president; James Eberdt Gossett, vice-president; Wade Eugene Wilson, treasurer; and Gerda Hansen Smith and Vickie Lynn Jones, secretaries. Faculty sponsor was Lora Lee Pederson, pro- fessor of social work. Members not pictured are Dorothy Paulette Allen, Alfred Cruz Beza, Donald Henry Cawley, Nancy Johnson Crouch, Sidney E. Fugua, Frances Pharr Jones, Joy K. Cooper Koons, Arthur Robert Landy and Virginia M. Rodman. Page 424 STUDENT ASSOCIATION OF NURSING MAJORS To give its members a chance to work closely with and learn more about those in the nursing profession is the aim of the Student Association of Nursing Majors. Activities to promote this purpose included a student nurse weekend retreat at Camp Heywood, Christmas carol- ing at Seton, St. David and Holy Cross hospitals, district workshops, a spring convention of Texas Nursing Students ' Association in Fort Worth, and a trip to the University School of Nursing in Galveston. In their second year on the University campus, the group also held monthly meet- ings with speakers and sponsored a big sister-little sister pro- gram for nursing students. Speakers included Dr. Robert Rock, Austin ophthalmologist, with slides of his missionary work at an African eye hospital, and members of public health nursing and psychiatric nursing fields. President of the group this year was Susan Stiff Sports- man. Donna Marie LeBlanc was vice-president; Andrea Temple Shupee, secretary; Gayle Louise Aicklen, treasurer; and Suzanne Summerhill, coordinator. Faculty sponsors were Patricia Dodds and Mary S. Cox, instructors in nursing. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Cherrylene Allmai. Virginia Lea Andrus Jan Palmer Atkinson Tynna Kay Baker Susan Bennett Susan Marie Blackburn Carolyn Lee Bozeman Donna Jean Caldwell Carolyn Sue Childress Marsha Clark Sandra Kay Coleman Terry Sue Crawford Marilyn Kay Ebeling Joan Elizabeth Flack Sara Gail Fuller Claire Louise Goodnight Claudia Gordon Andrea Lee Gray Leslie Ann Harrell Sue Ann Hoverstock Sheran Kay Johnson Clair Beth Jordan Madolyn Jean Kirnbrell Jan Ann Klovstad Marilyn Joy Krogerus Donna Marie LeBlanc Betty Lou Ledbetter Patricia Mary Monaghan Carmen Elizabeth Oertling Jane Elizabeth Reinhart Sherlyn Beth Shacter Andrea Temple Shupee Michelle Sindo Paula Lee Strunk Suzanne Summerhill Brenda Kay Tucker Lynn Tucker Linda Kay Uhland Sharon Kay Wallace Dallas Patt Ward Martha Ann Warfield Helen Frances Whittemore Judy Louise Wilson Eleanor Anne Zellmann k ffiUw Haxki | Bramen, Ml a Us, Ant Front Susan Carol Third Marie Row: Helen Elizabeth Cargill, Jaye Marilyn Freeman, Elizabeth Ella McKee, Linda Jean Quintanilla, Karen Elizabeth Johnston, Susan Green, Stiff Sportsman, Marilyn Eileen Adams, Sherry Ann Foote. Second Row: Natalie Catherine Cloutman, Mary Beth Marazzini, Patricia Louise Herron, Ann Kliewer, Rose Marie Grimm, Linda Dianne Walker, Patricia Marie Gray, Joyce Aileen Burkwall, Susan Mary Vender Hoya, Kathleen Ellen Lackin. Row: Glenda Lanell David, Linda Gail Hargraves, Barbara Gerda Brown, Bonnie Jean McBeth, Marilyn Marie Huepers, Kay Sharon McEwen, Judith Robinett, Carolyn Dianne Schrader, Cheryl Girton, Gayle Louise Aicklen. ikalion dent it the offer- ft for lirector nierick .crM .Fort Page 425 STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Membership in the Student Education Association is open to students from the College of Arts and Sciences who are planning to teach and to students from the College of Education. SEA members have the opportunity to participate in the local, state and national levels of the professional organization. A Teaching Career Day for Future Teachers of America chapters in Austin high schools and a Christmas party for a group at the Austin State School were the main activities of the year. The group ' s members heard such speakers as Dr. Frances Fuller, associate professor of educational psy- chology; Dr. William G. Wolfe, professor of special educa- tion; Dr. Wayne H. Holtzman, dean of the College of Edu- cation; and Charles Hamilton, Texas State Teachers Asso- ciation field representative and state consultant for SEA. Officers this year were Carla Scarlett Cloninger, presi- dent; Mary Evangeline Rentz, first vice-president; Carolyn Elaine Jenkins, second vice-president; Barbara Lynn Huber, recording secretary ; and Sharon Ann Smith, treasurer. Dr. John Ormand Rodgers, associate dean of the College of Education; Dr. Frances Fuller, associate professor of edu- cational psychology; and Richard J. Connelly, social science research associate, were faculty sponsors. SEA members attended the Texas State Teachers Association Con- vention in San Antonio. OFFICERS Front Row: Peggy Mae Pollard, Mary Evangeline Rentz, Constance Louise Pollard. Second Row: Susan Ann Yowell, Cherrye Carroll Lesesne, Martha Sue Strauss, Linda Gail Rountree. Page 426 i . - FINE ARTS Page 427 A CAPPELLA CHOIR MORRIS JAY BEACHY Director Open to students from all schools and colleges of the University, the A Cappella Choir presents various perform- ances from Renaissance music to contemporary folk songs. The Choir has appeared in more than 40 Texas cities and has traveled more than 10,000 miles. It performs primarily for high school, junior college and civic audiences. This year the Choir ' s 60 members participated with the other University choral organizations in the annual Christ- mas program at City Auditorium, the Christmas Card Pro- gram on the Main Mall and the Mid-Winter Concert. The group also presented two concerts in Monterrey, Mexico, and gave two performances of Verdi ' s " Requiem. " OFFICERS President JAMES M. VANHEMERT Vice-PTesident MARILYN BEYRER DEAN Secretary ELLEN MARGARET DEACON Treasurer RUSSELL CARL NELSON Publicity Chairman JOHN STOVALL SHARPE Social Chairman JACKIE SUE GRAHAM Librarian . LLOYD BRIAN PORTER MEMBERS Donald Ray Allen Patricia Fay Beadle Robert Miles Beck John Stanley Bleakly Valera Kay Bondesen Elgene Owen Box Carol Hagg Bush Ray Moschel Canant Louise Greer Carroll Jimmy Carl Chapman Carole Alma Chase Richard Robert Collier John Lee Connell Ellen Margaret Deacon Marilynn Beyrer Dean Mary Elizabeth Dickson Sue Harriet Dinwiddie Charles G. Dodson Donna Feaster Eastty Ralph Kerbow Ellis John Charles Ellzey John Richardson Erickson Carolyn Estes Johanna Franke Donald Emmett Giffen Jackie Sue Graham Nancy Lynn Haralson Thomas Ray Irvin Donna Sue King Karen Elizabeth Lane Donald Floyd Lawrence Linda Jean Lege Beverly Ann Linker John Alan Lummus William L. Luttrell, Jr. Bruce Andrew McDonald James Gautier Martin Gerald Kirby Miller Ronald Gerald Miller Gilbertine Mize Mehri Rae Moses Russell Carl Nelson Marie A. O ' Shaughnesay Michelle Shirley Padgett Patricia Gayle Pair Carol Ardelle Phillips David Charles Porter Lloyd Brian Porter Laurie Posgate William John Proft. Jr. James Briggs Pruitt Jane Elizabeth Reinhart Laura Yvonne Roye Carol Annette Salmon John Stovall Sharpe Charles Clayton Stevens Nita Jean Sweatman Janet Elva Tisdale James M. VanHemert Victoria Kay Veazey Janelle Waddell Preston Hunt Waldrop Theresa Lois Ward Nancy Lee Webb Laura Antoinette Williams Guy Samuel Wilson, Jr. Francis Lewis Woodward Page 428 LONGHORN SINGERS DANIEL ROYCE BOYER Director OFFICERS Left to right: Charles Loyd Schmidt, Performance Coordinator; Pamela Kate Powell, Secretary; Axel Emil Lehto, Jr., Fall Vice-President and Spring President; Thomas Axel Anderson, Fall President; Michael Albert Richmond, Treasurer. Not pictured: David Gary Evans, Spring Vice-President. V Page 429 " E ntertainment in the finest college tradition " is the motto of the Longhorn Singers, an 80-member mixed choral group composed of students from all the colleges in the University. This active singing group, with a repertoire of Broadway and Hollywood show tunes, patriotic songs and folk songs, performs more than any other university choral organiza- tion. The group participated this year in programs for Dad ' s Day, Ex-Students ' Distinguished Alumnae Awards Banquet, Choral Organizations Mid-Winter Concert, a spring concert on campus and two successful tours; a December 17-21 tour to Dallas and East Texas schools, colleges and a church for public performances and a tour to the Houston area the weekend of March 18. The Singers still found time to per- form for the West Austin Lion ' s Club which honored them with a commemorative plaque, the Ex-Students ' Center, various Austin schools, Hancock Shopping Center and Scarbroughs. The Longhorn Singers, under the direction of Daniel Royce Boyer and his assistant this year, Conrad Immel, are sponsored by retired dean Arno Nowotny, consultant on the University Development Board. The Singers combine hard work, performing and friendship into a spirit which has enabled them to win the coveted Choral Organizations " Note of Spirit " Award twice in succession. Gayle Louise Aicklen James Anderson Thomas Axel Anderson Jimmy Curtis Averitt Priscilla Ann Bean Dorothy Nell Beaver Thomas William Beno Charles James Birkner Peggy Sue Bobo Linda Mary Boston Christopher Davis Bray Jennifer Margaret Brittain Jack Lynn Bynum James Paul Callaway Mila Kathleen Cameron Mike Melton Card Patricia Jane Clements JJaniel Colodner Cindy Cox John Barton Craft John Thomas Craig James Bennett Creed Merry Christmas, Mr. Boyer. MEMBERS M. Jeannette Curry James Richard Dawes Claudia Jean Day Marilynn Sue Dean Donna Feaster Eastty Michael Gary Erickson Pamela Jean Etsinger David Gary Evans Michael Ray Galbraith Glenda Colley Gayle Mary Jane Glimp Rita Anne Griffin James Leon Hammonds William Paul Handrick Sarah Lu Hardy Ingrid Birgenia Haterius Darrellene Edith Havins Terry Lynn Hobbs Lucy G. Holmes Patricia Ann Hurley George Dale Jonte Julianne Kirklin Terry Michele Klar Carole Gene Knowles Katherine Jane Landrum Russell Van Lehrman Axel Emil Lehto Jo Ellen Lindner Edgar Bernard Littlefield Thomas Dean Lohmeier Richard Dixon Maxwell Martha Lou McAllister Gwendolyn Jean Metcalfe Sandra Jean Miller William Wade Miller Leslie Lucille Milliren Mary Suzanne Newman Charles Brant Pelphrey Lana Kay Phillips Dorothy Louise Plummer Pamela Kate Powell Robert Manning Price Larry Glyndol Quade Forest James Rees John David Reiff Karol Lynn Rice Mike Albert Richmond Samuel Coachman Russell Charles Lloyd Schmidt Jane Marie Schorlemer Kay Smith Sherman Owen Smock Stephanie Strass William Robert Suda Terry Carroll Taylor Laura K. Templeton Gary Rowe Thomas Terry Tunks Julie Elizabeth Wareing Donna Gail Weintraub Mary Ann Weiss Dan L. Wood Dana Rose Wortham Janice Lee Wright The " 2+2 Singers " performed in a show in Dallas. Page 430 MADRIGAL SINGERS Raymond Augustus Lynch accompanied Nora Alexander Peterson as a featured attraction at the " Farewell " con- cert. A three-month tour of Europe, North Africa and the Near East, in the spring, highlighted this year for the Madri- gal Singers. A group of thirteen select voices, specializing in music of the sixteenth century, the Singers were chosen by the United States Department of State to participate in the Cultural Presentations Program by demonstrating abroad the best of American achievements in the performing arts. The spring tour marked the first time a University per- forming group has entertained in these areas of the world. The group ' s repertoire for the trip included over 70 numbers in six languages. The touring Singers also acted as cultural ambassadors by participating in seminars and lec- ture demonstrations. Organized in January, 1958, by director Morris Jay Beachy, the Madrigal Singers have toured extensively throughout the country earning the reputation as one of the f inest vocal chamber ensembles in the nation. The group is recognized by music educators and professional musicians alike. MEMBERS J. David Earnest Edwin Alton Echels Janie Elkins Echels Daniel Henry Eikenberry Joan Barbara Fenton Carole Anne Guerguin Edward Baxter Howk Raymond Augustus Lynch Leonard Alan McCormick Jennifer McCrory Shaaron Merie Melcher Nora Alexander Peterson Wayne E. Smith Sue Alyce Stiles Jack A. Vaughan Catherine Connel Walsh John Kenneth Walters Suzannah Margaret Wilcox Jane Adair Wyss The Madrigals took a bow at their " Farewell " performance: Walsh, Vaughan, Wilcox, Howk, Fenton, Walters, Echels, Earnest, Guerguin, McCorm- ick, McCrory, Smith, Peterson, Echels, Wyss, Eickenberry, Stiles. Page 431 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB VICKI EILEEN HALL Vocalist BETSY ETOILE BURLESON Accompanist Dating from the beginning of the century, the Men ' s Glee Club is the oldest choral ensemble at the University. The organization offers men a chance to participate in the tradi- tion of a male chorus while enjoying cultural advantages as a part of the College of Fine Arts. This year the Glee Club presented a variety of programs. They appeared on KLRN-TV, performed in Scarbroughs Carol Sing at Christmas, and entertained on Dad ' s Day. These local performances were supplemented by a tour dur- ing semester break to Colorado Springs, Colorado, and through West Texas and New Mexico. Formal programs were interspersed with the serenading of women ' s residences. Glee Club officers were Charles David Herzfeld, presi- dent; Charles Guy Hooks, vice-president; Bobby Anderson, secretary; and Glenn Thompson Howard, treasurer. James Gautier Martin, teaching assistant in music, was director. Brian Howard Adkins Robert Edwin Anderson Drew O ' Neal Bacon Ralph Kinard Barham Peter Jackson Barr David Paul Barra Mark Edwin Clark Harlan T. Cooper Carlos Alfonso de la Carza, Jr. Aaron Del Pozo Charles David Herzfeld MEMBERS Earl Stephen Hines Charles Guy Hooks Glenn Thompson Howard Hervey Stuart Hutchins George Edward Loper Alfred C. Loya Anthony Earl Lumpkin Robert Clark McLaughlin Marvin Lynn Morgenroth Terry Lee Orr Henry G. Rodriquez Ruben Moses Ruiz William Henry Simmons Larry G. Smith Kenneth David Thompson Barry Guy Tobola William Bruce Trussell Leonte Eulogio Vasquez William Seymour Warren Robert Dean Williams Dennis Eugene Wilson Gary Word Wilson Page 432 SOUTHERN SINGERS An all-girl chorus, the Southern Singers consists of sev- enty-nine members. The organization offers its members fellowship, and an opportunity to broaden their understanding of music for public performances. Concerts for campus and civic organizations keep the Southern Singers busy all year. This fall the girl ' s choral group entertained at military bases such as Fort Sam Houston and Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio. The girls joined the other choral groups in the Dad ' s Day, Christmas and Mid-Winter concerts, and gave a benefit performance for the Austin Retired Teachers ' Association. In the spring the Singers toured military bases and high schools in Texas and Oklahoma. OFFICERS President BARBARA GAYLE LEWELLEN Secretary PRISCILLA ORPHA MojlCA Treasurer BARBARA RUTH HIGLEY Publicity Chairman SUSAN ESTHER ERICSON Accompanist MARTHA DEE STONE Director BESS ESTELLE HlERONYMUS Sponsor MARGARET BERRY Front Row: Linda Joyce Sank, Mary Hannah McLaran, Linda Dell Seaberry, Rebecca Margaret Dorsett, Alice Boggs Delattre, Nancy Kay Eggleton, Glenda Frances Fuhrihann, Marcia Berla Murray, Christine Elizabeth Miller, Ersalene Faye Chappell, Jorene Sanfilippo, Meredith Ann Lancaster, PriscilJa Orpha Mojica, Meryl Robin Cherry, Dianne Louise Haley, Peggy Lynn Clements, Caroline Cason, Dianne Stevenson, Constance Malloy. Second Row: Carla Sue Snider, Barbara Kathleen Higgins, Barbara Nan Waltzer, Martha Ann Murchison, Debarah Hunt, Mary Kathalena Kennedy, Cathy Fogarty Powers, Emma Munquia, Felicia Yvonne Durley, Donna Sue Dudley, Sheila Rae Barr, Summer Scott, Margaret Ellen Thurman, Jaley Diane Day, Ann Bailey, Carol Ann Wood, Linda Sue Clampit, Betty Burrows, Sara Virginia Bullock, Dorothea Jean Entzminger. Third Row: Patricia Louise Ahren- beck, Susan Esther Ericson, Margaret Cheryl Day, Cherry Wren Peavy, Dorothy Virginia Ferguson, Roxanna Dunn, Ruth Ann Lasater, Lida Louise Wells, Pamela Agnes Shropshire, Sara Ann Edmonds, Patricia An McKinley, Evelyn Shannon Coleman, Saundy Jay Curry, Kay Elaine Kercheville, Mary Patricia Herring, Grace Ann Bose, Christine Ann Hanneman, Barbara Ann Fine, Carolyn Joan Keck, Kathey Ann Augustus. Fourth Row: Patricia Ann Ogle, Bonnie Ellen Burkett, Barbara Gayle Lewellen, Martha Dee Stone, Suzanne Holmes, Gloria Lanelle Jepsen, Linda Lee Mason, Sabra Ann Everett, Virginia Ann Ennis, Cheryl Fay Quicksall, Barbara Ruth Higley, Frances Anna Barton, Jacqueline Gay Cobb, Bonnie Jean McBeth, Lynda Kay McVey, Faith Wittlif, Beverly Faye Fisher, Marilyn Skeen, Ellen Marie Murtaugh, Marsha Lynn Gaston. Members not pictured: Nancy Eleanor Elick, Molly Lacy, Deborah Christine Lawson, Linda Martelle Pennington, Kalhryn Carel Wailes. Page 433 UNIVERSITY CHORUS The largest choral group on campus, the University Chorus has 170 members, and provides on opportunity for participa- tion in technical choral work. Its large size enables the group to specialize in music requiring range and volume. Each year the Chorus develops its work to present one major concert in the fall and one in the spring. The fall presentation was Handel ' s " Dettingen Te Deum " performed at Muncipal Auditorium with the University Symphony. Directing the Chorus this year were Dr. Morris Jay Beachy in the fall, and Daniel Royce Boyer in the spring. MEMBERS Sue Ellen Allen James S. Ardrey Golden Elwyn Arlington Christine Babel Sallie Margaret Baker Ralph Kinard Barham Joan Barnard Ronald Edward Barney Gail Annette Bayley Dorothy Ferrell Bedell Ludy Thompson Benjamin, Jr. David Dow Bentley, III Dennis Henry Bergfeld Anne Currie Bernhardt Nancy Sharon Berry ' Beverly Bloodworth Barry Marshall Bloom Linda Rae Brown Mrs. Haven Whatley Bryant Betty Lee Burkhardt Marilyn Carpenter Sandra Lynn Carter Barbara Ann Cheeves Margaret Brown Cleland John Roger Cooke David Michael Cotten William Michael Cox Jody Marche Cramer Angela Louise Curie Robert Lee Curtis Nancy Clare Daniel Betty Sue Davis Phyllus Jean Davis Michael Ted 1 ' i-nliow Sue M. DrSan.lcrs Cheryl Loyd IVSImng Susan McCarroll Dixon Noel J,.M-ph Dolce Donna DuBois Erna Rubie Ellison William Lance Ennis Hollye Carson Fisk Susan Gillingham Linda Carol Glover Frances H. Goldfinger Rodney Earl Gordon Euzea Sue Graham Dorothy Dean Green Sarah Blanche Green Sandra Kathleen Gregg Gary Dean Griffin Betty Joan Griggs Gayle Guffey Michele Kay Haddad Camilla Joyce Hall Louis Max Harelik Jimmie Lynn Harman Beverly Ann Harrison Mary Louise Holley Joe Ward Howard John Edwin Huett Carlie Sue Hunter Thomas Ronald Hurt Elizabeth Anna Johnson Harold Leonard Johnson Susan Oppenheim Johnson Joyce Annette Jones Dorothy Jean Kasprzyk Katherine Edith Kean Karen Kee Margaret Ann Kelley Gappy Spencer Kennedy Joe Davis Kerbel Vicky Saundra Kirk Ken J. Klein Charles Edmund Koch, Jr. Carolyn Ann Lacy Dan Reib Lane Harry Stuart Lang, III Sunny Gayle Langston Jerry Feltner Lauderdale Nancy Louisa Lee Carol Ann Lewis Marilyn Kay Lundell Ina G. Lyle Jack Ernest Mandelstein Roy Matthews Judy Marchelle Mayes Carol Jane McAdams Betty Kay McWherter Barbara Lois Miller Margaret Virginia Montague Ronald Walter Moore John Raymond Moyer Susan Carol Nail Elizabeth Nalle John Christopher Nichols Sylvia Anne Nieman Donna Cheryl Orton Elizabeth Ottmers Judith Lynn Painter Barbara Anne Parker Betty Patch Sarah Beatrice Penn Markey B. Penner Judith Ann Piazza Robert Charles Pizzitola Jill Elaine Polhamus Suzanne Porter Betty Ruth Pursley James Stephen Quinn James Thomas Ramsey Janet Elizabeth Rice Janice Arlyne Richards Violantha June Ricks Joseph Breen Ringland Irma Jean Rogers Dennis Dwayne Simpson Jan Nell Sittel Dianne Vivian Smith Reginald Sheffield Smith Virginia Louise Smith William Adams Stallknecht Susan Alice Suttles Shirley Jean Tennyson Sylvia Ann Thomas Carrol Eileen Thompson Dona Tobolowsky Barbara Burtlett Towne Terry Lee Turk Anton Bernhardt Ullrich. Ill Susan Mary Vender Hoya Wyatt Wade Mary Jane Ware Suzanne Waters Thomas Raymond Watzlavick Dorothy Ann Wheeler Agnes Sue White Pamela Anne White Debbera Ann Williams Alissa Ann Willis William Andre Wilson A. Yvonne Wilson Marcellene Wilson Marsha Carol Wolk Elizabeth Ruth Wood Johnny Kent Worley Hughston Gatewood Wright, Jr. Pat Wylie Page 434 VARSITY SINGERS On a month ' s tour of US military bases in Newfoundland, Labrador, Greenland and Iceland, the Varsity Singers were one of sixteen collegiate choral groups in the nation to perform in the 1966 Military Overseas Entertainment Pro- gram. Organized in 1963, the sixteen-member group specializes in " self-contained " entertainment exhibiting the special tal- ents of its carefully selected members. This year the Varsity Singers presented programs of light music such as folksongs, rhythmic spirituals and songs from Broadway and Hollywood hit musicals. They appeared at luncheons, banquets, educa- tional and social meetings of civic organizations, in formal performances and special television shows. Varsity Singer business manager was Kenneth G. Altvater, and director was Daniel Royce Boyer, instructor in music. Varsify Singers performed on a tour of US military bases. MEMBERS Kenneth George Altvater Michael Melton Card Cynthia Cox Rita Anne Griffin Ingrid Birgenia Haterius Darrellene Edith Havins Lucy Gail Holmes Patsy Lee McQuay William Wade Miller Isabelle Navar Lloyd Brian Porter Terry Carroll Taylor Robert Carter Wilson Danny L. Wood Dana Rose Wortham Front Row: Altvater, Havins, Miller, Wilson, Wood. Second Row: Porter, Holmes, Taylor, Card, Cox, Wortham, Navar, Griffin. Page 435 SYMPHONIC BAND The University of Texas Symphonic Band was organized in 1942. Under the direction of J. Frank Elsass, the band has grown to approximately seventy-six members. Its style obtains a rich sound while keeping its character of finesse and musicianship. Many concerts are given each year both locally and throughout the state. The band also participates in the Annual Symposium of Contemporary Musicians. Conductor J. FRANK ELSASS FLUTE Louanna Kay Bennett Sue Lynn Blackburn Tina Louise Call Sunny Ellis Virginia Ann Howard Margaret Stephens Jordan Michelle Mae Moltz Jane Frances Osborne Paulette Rainey Lynda Kay Strimple Jean Ann Weger Ann Wilson OBOE Edmund Bennington Levy, III Kathy Darrelean Weatherly BASSOON William Thomas Whitener CLARINET Glenn Robert Anderson Alfred Lawrence Bishop, Jr. Anna Kingsley Brace Betty Lee Burkhardt Frederick Dudley Freeman Jane Garner Edward William Guinn, Jr. Lawrence Miller Payne David James Pino Charles Albert Roeckle Raymond Lee Schroeder Eron Janis Smith Alfonso Alfred Sosa John Edward Springer Marilyn Elizabeth Vykoukal John Maxwell Wilson BASS CLARINET Jackie Jean Jessup Nathaniel Greene Williams, Jr. ALTO SAXOPHONE John David Etheredge Newton A. Hightower Xerxes Lee Sanders TENOR SAXOPHONE Richard Reagan Beeson BARITONE SAXOPHONE Joe Charles Arsuaga FRENCH HORN John Henry Eastty Lorin Glenn Larson Keith A. Math Alex Santos, Jr. David Jerry Taylor CORNET - TRUMPET Monroe Butch Boyd Judye Dian Brunton James Hardy Bryan James Harold Fisher Robert Bruce Giddens Gordon H. Goodwin Stacy W. Hager William Louis Hanks Cynthia Ann Helge James Dale Lovell Edgar Earl Rhea, III Dennis Lee Saathoff Michael Joseph Stehling TROMBONE Donald Dale Barton George A. Carpenter Nicolas Gonzalez Danny Wayne McAngus Griffith Lea Miller Harold Joseph Wilson BARITONE Mickey Alan Benefiel Terry Wayne Cadwell Jack Wayne Locke Gary Joe Nelson Mark R. Voges TUBA David Wilson Flack Abdon Ibarra Jr. Amado Rodriquez, Jr. David Eugene Smith PERCUSSION Walter Joseph Boyer Randall Howard Hoffis Linda McDavitt Gordon Waldon Middleton, Jr. Gerald Michael Walker Page 436 HONORARY Page 437 ALPHA CHI SIGMA A national professional chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma, is composed of men who plan careers in some branch of chemistry. This fraternity offers members a chance to meet and talk informally with chemistry and chemical en- gineering professors from the University. OFFICERS Fall Spring THOMAS WILLIAM RICHARDSON Master Alchemist . . . JAMES GORDON HELPINSTILL RICHARD ALBERT KIRSTEN Vice-Master Alchemist BOBBY JOE BOWEN ARTHUR FURMAN ISBELL, JR Master of Ceremonies STEPHEN RESTER JAY HENRY TROELL Treasurer THOMAS FRANK BAILEY JAMES HUGHES PRICE, JR Reporter DENNIS ALAN HUMPHRIS MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Graham Kerr Barnes Joel Robert Barnhart Bobby Joe Bowen Robert James Brock John Wesley Cardwell Stephen Parker Coburn Leonard W.eldon Cooper Joseph Michael Davidson Danis Tripp Bastes Carroll Jay Forrest Stanley Charles Froehner Gary L. Greene James Gordon Helpinstill Charles Edward Hudson, III Dennis Alan Humphris Wai Jean Janecek Bailey Rhea Jones David Crosley Jones Gary L. Kott Gerald Paul Kuehler Alton Edward Martin Wallace Lee McKeehan Luther Judd Morton Joel Anthony Moser Edward Robert Moss Gary Wayne Munson Terry Lee Orr Jefferson Meadows Patterson SPRING PLEDGES David Bishop Cabe Ronald Lowell Chaffin Dennis Allen Dalrymple Lawton Evans Drake Henry Harvey Hesser Don Wayne Hoppens John Ray Knippa Irvin Melvin Newman Robert Ruben Schmidt John Calvin Shepard, Jr. Harry Pruett Craig Eugene Reese Stephen Rester Thomas William Richardson Rodger Lee Staha Jay Henry Troell Daniel Lloyd Walker James Victor Woodrick Ronny Vonhoy Yates O O Top Row: Thomas Frank Bailey, David Calhoun Bonner, Joe Tom Bouchier, Robert Pressly Bryarly, Jr. Second Row: Donald Paul Bynum, Frank Edward Hangs, Jr., Charles Louis Hilsher, Arthur Furman Is- bell, Jr. Third Row: Richard Albert Kir- sten, Henry William Lester, Mal- colm George Nelson, Clarence Ar- thur Niebuhr. Fourth Row: Thomas C. Ponder, Jr., James Hughes Price, Jr., James Richard Ross, Richard Harry Ste- phens. Fifth Row: John Earl Stevens, Charles Franklin Stratton, Eddie Allen Williamson. Members of Alpha Chi Sigma have opportunities to practice their future Page 438 Front Row: Roy Hannibal Matthews, Jr., Bill Irvin Peck, Ronald Ray Forrester, Charles Gary Haak, John Marshall Wither- spoon. Second Row: Ken Sanger Badt, Joseph Leonard Hamrick, Jr., Kenneth Joe Shelton, Larry Martin Wood, James Herbert Spratling. Third Row: Rabun Thomas Wilson, HI, Joel Stephen Barber, Kent Garrett Platzer, Frederick Clyde Box, Ronald Thomas Henley. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA As a national advertising fraternity founded locally in 1952, Alpha Delta Sigma bridges the gap between classroom theory and professional practice for advanced students ma- joring in advertising. Emphasizing the professional aspects of advertising, the fraternity members assisted with the sales of the Student Directory and the Texas Ranger and also participated in several tours. OFFICERS Fall Spring JAMES HERBERT SPRATLING President KENNETH JOE SHELTON KENNETH JOE SHELTON V ice-President FREDERICK CLYDE BOX HENRY BUFORD BARR Secretary HENRY BUFORD BARR JOEL STEPHEN BARBER Treasurer JOEL STEPHEN BARBER HENRY T. PROWITT Chaplain RONALD RAY FORRESTER ERNEST A. SHARPE Faculty Sponsor ERNEST A. SHARPE ALAN SCOTT Faculty Sponsor ALAN SCOTT At the initiation for fall pledges, Bill McDonald gave a presentation of how advertising agencies acquire new business. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Henry Buford Barr Douglas Edward Beal James Gary Bullock James Walter Bunting Dale L. Chrisman Terry Wesley Davis K. Edward Franks James Nelson Gsell Barry Jan Hruska Richard Kidd Robert Charles Maxham Michael James McNabb Stephen Chatfield Parten Henry T. Prowitt John Edward Schraub Leon Dee Stump Steven Christopher Stuyck Kenneth Ray Thomas, jr. Clell John Windham, III Page 439 Alpha Epsilon Delta made plans for their national conven- tion in Atlanta, Ga. Front Row: Judith Ellen Crouch, William G. Wolfe Sponsor, Patricia Ann Athey, Kenneth Wayne Teufe). Second Row: Richard Alan Denton, Everett Dwayne Alexander, Neal Charles Small, Carol Joan Richardson, Richard Joseph Norman. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA A pre-medical fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Delta, offers its members the opportunity to meet and to associate with people who will be their professional associates in later life. The fraternity presented a monthly program of speakers and films relevant to medicine-dentistry. OFFICERS President PATRICIA ANN ATHEY Vice-president EVERETT DWAYNE ALEXANDER Secretary CAROL JOAN RICHARDSON Treasurer RICHARD ALAN DENTON Historian RICHARD JOSEPH NORMAN Faculty Sponsor WILLIAM G. WOLFE MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Reuben Michael Allen Martha Ann Anderson Martha Sue Andrews Ralph Vincent Bailey John Linceum Bass Chester Wuldemar Beyer, Jr. James Edward Bock Michael Shane Brenan Thomas Franklin Britton Saeed Hussain Buraiky James Eddy Burk Robert Harris Cleveland Claude Robert Cloninger David Gene Conatser Lynn Cottingham Mary Elizabeth Crawford Frank Raymond Dehnisch, Jr. Jimmy Doyle Dickens David Fulton Eanes Ramon Gonzalez Leslie Lynn Gracey William Roger Greenberg Frank Patrick Hadlock Andrew Edward Hoover Leo Marvin Hurley, II Gary Stephen Kahn Ronald Wayne Kasperik James Lee Kessler Clem Lee Kirkland, Jr. Anne Elaine Kolb Richard Weldon Lawson Robert Levinthal John Robert Logsdon John F. Lucas, Jr. David Lynn Luterman Bobelai Malick Charles Allen Mar sh William S. T. Mayhall Albert Ross McWilliams, Jr. Harold Lee Miller Robert Allen Miller William Wade Miller James Norris Neill Max Gregory Neill Kenneth Michael Nugent Jack Edward Ormand, Jr. Lyle Douglas Pahnke, Jr. John Matt Parker John Vernon Peet William Henry Peterek Brian Thomas Pruitt Mary Elizabeth Rapstine Charles Arthur Ray, III Michael Reveley Jerry William Shay Catherine Shepperd Clyde Wilton Simmons, Jr. Cynthia Scott Straunch Neal Gerreald Sutherland Barbara Lynn Thompson Robert Stahl Totz David Neilson Tobey Herbert Arthur Underwood Ray Alan Verm Carole Mae Welhausen Hugh N. West, III SPRING PLEDGES Carla Anne Beechie Barbara Anne Carroll Ronald Dennis Dillee Jerry Wayne Dodson Michael John Elliott, Jr. David Gary Evans Ray Munn Fitzgerald Randall M. Goethals Richard Neal Green Willard Ralph Hebbe Clifton Wallace Hooser Robert William Kelly Anthony Curtis Kimbrough Richard Lee Kimbrough Kenneth Jay Levy Robert Keene O ' Bryan Charles Edward Pehr Charles Harold Schikman Russell Lee Silverstein Edward Henry Snyder Ronald Joe Taska Stuart Rollin Weiss Jerome Paul Wiesner Page 440 ALPHA KAPPA PSI A business fraternity founded in 1915, Alpha Kappa Psi links the professional business curriculum with both service and social activities. Members are selected from business administration students who possess satisfactory ability and potentiality for business success. OFFICERS Fall Spring CHARLES SLOAN TEEPLE President JOHN LESTER SHARP JOHN LESTER SHARP Vice-President ROGER EDWIN CAMP ROBERT HAROLD MAGINEL Secretary DAVID WILLIAM COOK CONRAD JOHN NETTING Treasurer RAY TRAMMELL CHARLES W. SMITHER, JR Master of Rituals GAIL LESLIE DOUGLAS Ronald Elvin Andrews Nathan Stephen Axelrod Richard William Cahill Don Harvey Elliott FACULTY MEMBERS Vincent Emanuel Cangelosi Robert Warren Smith MEMBERS NOT PICTURED James Leon Hammonds Charles David Herzfeld Paul Richard Lundquist Rufos Walter Miller, III John Wayne Phelps Terry Eugene Shell Robert Harry Smith Braxton H. Thomason, Jr. Robert Sethpen Thornburrow James H. Weaver SPRING PLEDGES David King Aymond James Arthur Bondurant Bill Owen Bull James Lonnie Conahan Robert Gene Culak Earnest L. Deadman Lee Byron Faulkner Steve Glen Jackson Thomas Scott Jaster Leo Eldon Jones, Jr. Jerry Kane Aaron Edward Lamb, Jr. Frederick Michael Nachman George Albert Nolle Gyles Richard Norwood Spencer Leroy O ' Connor William Anthony O ' Neill, II Jerome William Pekar James Douglas Phelan David Wayne Sadler Edwin John Simek, Jr. Louis Leroy Squyres, Jr. Frank Ciddings Stone Front Row: Robert Harold Maginel, Conrad John Netting, Charles Sloan Teeple, Vincent Emanuel Cangelosi, Sponsor, John Lester Sharp, Charles Waller Smither, Jr. Second Row: Jorge Felipe Pena, Kenneth William Kincaid, Gordon Daisley Bayless, Jr., William Seymour Warren, Stephen Robert Shupoff, William Braxton Batey, Irvin Sheldon Weisfield, Henry David Calvillo, Charles Earl Broughton, Rog er Edwin Camp, Joe Ben Walker. Third Row: Milton Charles Barfield, Jerry Don Sanders, John Turner Nevitt, John Earl Cockrum, Roy Eugene Bates, David William Cook, Joe Ned Dean, John Jay Parmelee, Jr., David Abramowitz, Fred Barry Moore, Ronald Ray Forrester. Fourth Row: Ronald Pat- rick Turner, One Theodore Dinkins, Jr., Gail Leslie Douglas, Diemer Lockart Fife, Jr., John Thomas Jones, Jr., Don Edward Leach, Rayford Horace Trammell, John J. Lee Caffee, Donald Howard Anderson, Richard Alan Dial, Edwin Ward Prewitt, Jr., Thomas Lawson Blair, Jr. Page 441 ALPHA PHI TAU Affiliated nationally with Alpha Delta Theta, Alpha Phi Tau is a professional fraternity for those medical technology students currently enrolled in Microbiology OOla, a required course in this field. OFFICERS President SHARON MARGUERITE SAGELY Secretary-Treasurer . . EDWARD ANTHONY GONZALES Faculty Sponsor ROYCE Z. LOCKART, JR. Members of Alpha Phi Tau gain knowl- edge and experience for jobs in medical technology. Carolyn Aguirre Marie Elaine Ard Ann Margaret Ballman Judy Bean Blackstone Patricia Marie Blazek Patricia A. Book Valla Ellen Brewington Suzanne Elaine Brewster Sidney Corinne Brient Linda Sue Brooke Mike Eugene Buquoi James Donald Burch Hazel Vernon Burnette Nancy Lee Burrell Karen Amelia Bynum Diana Caldwell Elsa Idalia Castillo Elyse Dorothy Chance Caroline Patricia Choban Carol Lee Chochos Candice Catherine Clark William David Collins Brenda Joyce Combs Henry William Denny Deborah Sue Dobbs MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Jo Anne Ellis Ruth N. Fagan Dowd Fowler, III Renee Elenita Garcia Cynthia Diane Greer Terry Maree Hooper Royal Kenneth Hurrington Linda Joy Jenkins Judy Lynn Johnson Albert Alavaro Judd, III Suzanne Helene Kamenar David Burton Kettler Donna Marie Lange Nancy Boone Ledbetter Roberta Rita Liebling Patricia Suzanne Liska Janice Marie Long Carol Dianne Mabry Shirley Ann Malmquist Anne Milliard Markley Elizabeth Ann Marquardt Lenneth James McKinzie Caroline Terrell McLendon Brenda Scallorn Mendenhall Robert Valentine Mendoza Laura Lyn Miller Maynette Shearn More Erma Dianne Mosley Georgia Nell Muzny Marilyn Diane Nixon Valorie Noreen Deborah Jane Odora Kathleen Ann Oglebay Margaret Kathleen Parker Julia Lynn Perkins Marsha Ann Perlman Margaret Ann Ramme Carolyn Faye Richey Walter Donald Roberts, Jr. Eric Conrad Schaffer Carol Jean Schmidt Donald Dwight Shafford Tessa Louise Slager Lucile B. Sparenberg Fredi Franki Tarpley Dianne K. Urban Kathryn L. Vaccaro Georgia Ann Vasicek Leona Marie Volcik Brenda Raynelle Wilkins Elizabeth Anne Wilson Louise Scott, Linda Rae Trulan Barb june ChiWs Claire Repman, Drenda Anne Wiley, Judy Ann an Carmichae,, Edward An ' th Sharon Lynne Volosin, Michde Josephine LeB.ond, Helen M Sue Fortenl . Page 442 Front Row: Jan Ellis, Judith Eileen Smith, Barbara Ann Tomerlin, Mary Louise De Walt. Second Row: Judith Anne Hutchison, Betty Sue Brooks, Carol Marie Reeb, Mary Ann Maxwell. Third Row: Sylvia Clayton, Joann Lenora Ahlberg, Drnna Joy Willis, Carol Lynn Legett, Linda Kay Boothe. Members of Beta Beta Alpha gain experience in office administration. BETA BETA ALPHA A local honorary organized in 1964 for office admini- stration majors, Beta Beta Alpha invites top professional men and women to discuss different aspects of the business world at its monthly business meetings. Dr. Faborn Etier and Miss Sylvia Clayton sponsor the group. OFFICERS Fall Spring BARBARA ANN TOMERLIN President BARBARA ANN TOMERLIN SONDRA JOYCE ROTH Vice-President SONDRA JOYCE ROTH JUDY EILEEN SMITH Secretary JUDY EILEEN SMITH MARY LOUISE DEWALT Treasurer MARY LOUISE DEWALT JAN ELLIS Historian BETTY SUE BROOKS Some of the members get together to discuss plans for the next meeting. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Olivia Anne Do-bbs Wilda Rae Lowden Linda Lou Fairey Judith Lynn Farmer Marcia Nancy Fife Janice Ruth Jordan Joanne McCauley Sondra Joyce Roth Joan Marlene Sundbeck SPRING PLEDGES JoAnne Ahlberg Frances Helen Seifert Page 443 CHI EPSILON Membership in Chi Epsilon, an honorary civil and archi- tectural engineering fraternity, places a mark of distinction on those junior and senior engineering students who have distinguished themselves by high scholastic records and personal leadership. Fostering the development and exercise of sound character traits and technical ability, Chi Epsilon aims toward a higher standard of professional service. OFFICERS Fall Spring JOHN BLAIR REBER, JR President CLARENCE JAMES EHLERS ROBERT WEIRICH V ice-President JOHN ALLEN GAULT CHARLES MORGAN PEARRE, III Secretary EDWARD ANTHONY VERNER ROBIN PAUL STAGG Treasurer JOHN LAWRENCE BERKMAN, JR. BILL CAN ALES Associate Editor of The Transit- KERRY MAHLER HAWKINS Leland Barclay Ned H. Burns Raymond Filmore Dawson Werner William Dornberger Phil Moss Ferguson John Arnold Focht David Wayne Fowler Richard Wilson Furlong Earnest Frederick Gloyna FACULTY MEMBERS William Ronald Hudson Franklin Beaumont Johnson Thomas William Kennedy Leonard Ferdinand Kreisle Joe Overton Ledbetter Clyde Edward Lee Joseph Francis Malina, Jr. Frank D. Masch Hudson Matlock Walter L. Moore Carl William Morgan Ervin Sewell Perry Lymon Clifton Reese Eugene Arman Ripperger J. Neils Thompson A. Anthony Toprac Robert Davis Turpin Raymundo Aguirre Luther Alton Beale, Jr. Tom Oswell Brightman Bill Canales Kynn Monroe Cole James Robert Darnell, Jr. Donald Bruce Dial Charles H. Edwards Clarence James Ehlers Arlie Nelson Evans William Dunlap Evans Davis Lee Ford John Allen Gault Osman I. Ghazzaly John Franklin Greer MEMBERS Kenneth W. Heathington Robert Louis Herndon David Sims Hill Samuel B. Horton Harry L. Jones Billy R. Karrh Allen Eugene Kelly Larry Douglas Long Robert Leonard Lytton Roberto Ortiz Martinez John Herbert Matthys Wilbur Leroy Meier, Jr. Michael Wayne O ' Neill Charles Morgan Pearre, III David M. Pierce Glen Edward Price John Blair Reber, Jr. Richard James Ruane Daniel Lewis Schodek Chia-Shun Shih Roger Don Shull Willard Mac Smith, Jr. Robin Paul Stagg Rao Jagannadha Tatikonda Thomas Pryce Taylor Paul Robert Tutt Robert Ed Weirich Dan Moody Wells David Paul Womack William L. Young John Lawrence Berkman, Jr. Robert John Brandes Bert Allen Floyd, Jr. David L. Garbade Kerry Mahler Hawkins FALL PLEDGES Floyd Robert Hill Louis Edward Hood David Raleigh Knowles Robert George Makela Gerald Ralph McLelland Donald Ralph Reichmuth Jack Frost Sanders Lloyd Victor Urban Edward Anthony Verner Jerry Leroy Vernon Allen Eugene White John Philip Buckner Larry Wayne Canter Joseph Stephen Carroll Larry Oliver Clevenger Wesley Michael Douglas SPRING PLEDGES Michial Murray Emery Robert Brown Higgins, Jr. Hai Sang Lew James William Lewis George Larry Light Stephen Edward Mosher M. Natarajan Dominic Nicolosi, Jr. Page 444 DELTA SIGMA PI As an honorary fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi offers not only association with business faculty members and social activities, but also an annual field trip to view at first hand professional business activities. This year during the fall semester they visited Humble Oil Company in this capacity. Business meetings host noted businessmen speaking on current topics. OFFICERS Fall Spring DAVID STEWART TAYLOR President WILLIAM HOLIDAY MOSES WILLIAM HOLIDAY MOSES Senior Vice-President JAMES A. EVANS, JR. DAVID M. HARRISON Junior Vice-President CARL ALLEN FAULKNER MICHAEL WILLIAM DEAN Secretary GEORGE R. SUTHERLAND RICHARD CARLTON WORTHAM .Treasurer JAMES WINSTON WHITE DONALD LOONEY Chancellor DAVID M. HARRISON GRADY BRUCE Faculty Advisor GRADY BRUCE Marshal Lee Anderson Charles Rex Brown, II Fredrick Landrum Bush William Robert Cox Paul R. Doggett MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Edward Eugene Dudley, II Michael W. Henderson George Curtis Holland, Jr. Thomas Harold Jackson Kenneth Lynn Jensen Joe Michael Kana William Arthur McCann, Jr. Jay Kelly Gates Wayne Stanley Reed Frank C. Riha Michael Anthony Rodgers Roland Kerby Smith Ron Gene Tharpe Jess Newton Turner, III George Don Belt FALL PLEDGES NOT PICTURED Jerry Wayne Monaghan Ray Simpson SPRING PLEDGES Byron Bentley Black, Jr. Jefery Frank Carson Thomas Newton Cummings, Jr. John Hollis Dealy Michael Charles Gandy Curtis George Goetz John Patrick Greve Nickolai Kerpchov Robert Edward Kelly, Jr. Michael Frederick Lobpries James Lawrence McGilvray John Joseph Motes John Munro Fred Clayton Niemann Joe Roger Pitzer Craig Eugene Reese James Richard Reinauer William D. Rogers William Edmund Rollins Charles Alexander Taylor, Jr. Frederic Powell Thomas James Leland Thompson Roy Tucker Vance Larry Dwaine Wall Carroll Wayne White Kenneth Grey Wilson Troy Michael Wilson Front Row: Don Charles Looney, Vic Virgil Fowler, David Stewart Taylor, William Belew Reese, Michael William Dean, William Holiday Moses, David Malcolm Harrison, Steven Walter Sheaf fer, Richard Carlton Wortham, Grady D. Bruce. Second Row: James Winston White, Stephen James Wolfe, George Edwin Tharp, Wilbum Donald Endebrock, David C. Phillips, Charles David Yarborough, Thomas Kent Lew, Jake K. Gab- bard, III. Third Row: Phillip Ray Craddock, James Barker Lloyd, Gary Lee Mowrey, Ronald Edwin Tigner, Curtis Robert Hale, III, Orman Earl Frazier, Michael Thomas Fitzgerald, John Mack Harmon, Ronny Loyd McGough, Chalmers Duke Gable, William Caswell Ward, James Rus- sell Tabor, Michael Stanley Boswell, Thomas Davidson Murphy, III. Fourth Row: John Lyn Bell, Sam Wilson Russell, William Judson Wise, Perry F. Barrow, Jr., James Allie Evans, Jr., Stanley Joseph Sewall, Jr., Richard EUis Bean, Charles Richard Covert, Jr., Barry R. Gay, James Lynn McMurtry, Clyde John Bennett Johnson, III, William Frank Wells, James Randolph Gildart, William Wirtz Rugeley, Milton Eugene Arnold, John Joseph Allex, James Douglas Sharkey, II, Daniel Richmond Remington. Fijth Row: Billy Carrol Ratliff, Charles Alan Embrey, Walter Lee Parks, Jon Paul Hundley, Carl Allen Faulkner, Sanford Raymond Hereford, William Darrell Smith, James William Traweek, Garey Britton Spradley, John Ernest Specht, Joe Stuart Blair, James Richard Hicks, Michael Earl Horn, George Robertson Sutherland, Charles Lloyd Green, William Herschel Choice, George Byron King, Lloyd Benton Oatis. Page 445 ETA KAPPA NU Members of Eta Kappa Nu, the national electrical en- gineering fraternity, are chosen for their superior academic performance, capacity for hard work, and promise of pro- fessional success. Members are provided with the means to learn cooperation, human relations, communications, and service to their fellow man. The fraternity also offers na- tional membership recognition, leadership training, and technical and professional advancement. Activities this year included Round-Up Showcase Display, construction of a display case for the Engineering Science Building, and various social affairs. OFFICERS Fall Spring CHARLES ELBERT LAIRD, JR President JOHN HARLEY McELROY JOHN HARLEY McELROY Vice-President JOHN MARLAND OLD HENRY R. KLAWITTER Recording Secretary HOWARD WESLEY GLUECK KENNETH RAY HESSEL Corresponding Secretary. . . . EDWARD LOUIS KLAWITTER JOHN MARLAND OLD Treasurer DON WHITESELL HARTMAN FRANCIS X. BOSTICK, JR Faculty Sponsor FRANCIS X. BOSTICK, JR. GRADUATE MEMBERS Raymond Best Allen Albert Washington Baird, III James Daniel Bargainer, Jr. Marvin G. Bloomquist John E. Boehl Oran Brigham, Jr. Robert Randolph Caddel George L. Cardwell, III Billy Dan Carroll William Harold Carter Kenneth Randolph Castleman John Hunt Christian Dickey Eugene Clardy Ray Earl Cooper David Lynn Dobbins Jimmy Lee Dodd Donald H. Eller David K. Ferry Dennis Howard Gill Robert W. Hanks Dale Ralph Harbison Charles A. Harlow Franklin C. Harris Christian Otto Hemmi Kenneth Ray Hessel Howard Don Holden James R. Kamrath Henry R. Klawitter William Neal Kocurek Charles Elbert Laird, Jr. Jerry Lloyd Ligon Gayle Patrick Martin Michael K. Masten David James Mayhall Robert Leonard Nelson, J Carl Edward Nicholas Phillip S. Noe John Marland Old Fred W. Patrick Charles Glenn Richie Howard Nixon Roberts Allan B. Schmitf Joe Frank Sexton William Eldon Sims John Rosco Smith, Jr. Jackie Lee Stone Arnold Joseph Tucker Joe Byron Underwood Joe Mayer Victor Thomas William Whaley, Jr. Travis Gordon White Carl William Wilmsen Arthur E. Wilson James Douglas Wolfe Darrell Roy Word Jerry Reese Yeargan Eddie Young Robert Wallace Young James David Becker Berl Paul Guyton Gary Lynn Hunt Kenneth Erwin Kirsch Edward Louis Klawitter UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Richard Kent Lennington Anton James Matula Richard Dixon Maxwell John Harley McElroy John Willard Moore Jimmy Dale Polozeck Michael Thomas Shay Lieh-Chun Wang Thomas Lee Wharton Austin Neal Brinson John Haven Davis James Elliott Deans FALL PLEDGES Robert Lee Ewing Howard Wesley Glueck Don Whitesell Hartman William David Howard Gerald Lewis Neely James Terrell Walker Harold D. Albertson Gilbert Lowell Baker Allen Dickson Boger Richard Nelson Chandler Lynn Edward Costlow SPRING PLEDGES Jim H. Derryberry Clinton S. Hartmann Edwin Keith Jackson James Brian Klahn Daniel G. Mackey George Baxter Mackey Danny Keith Raley Charles demon Scaief Jerry Lynn Setliff Chia-Hsiaing Sung Robert Curtis Wales Timothy Travis Wilson Page 446 FRIAR SOCIETY An honorary senior men ' s organization, the Friar Society was founded at the University in 1911. Twelve or fewer men are chosen annually on the basis of integrity, prestige, service, scholarship, leadership, character, ideals, sincerity, and unselfishness. Traditionally, the new initiates are tapped during Homecoming and Round-Up activities. OFFICERS Fall Spring TOMMY DREW CAUTHORN Abbot GEORGE DAVID CARLOCK COMER 0. PATTERSON Scrivener ANTHONY CHARLES JUNG DAN ADOLPH FLECKMAN Almoner PETER RICHARD CONEWAY Charles T. Clark John Connally William A. Cunningham H. C. Englehart FACULTY MEMBERS Gus M. Hodges Ettore F. Infante Albert Pearson Jones Calvin Cleave Nolen Arno Nowotny John G. Steele Benjamin Fletcher Wright Lloyd Willis Birdwell, Jr. Clarence Vaughn Bray George David Carlock Tommy Drew Cauthorn John Robert Cope Clif W. Drummond Dan Adolph Fleckman MEMBERS Jim Ray Fletcher Julius Glickman Bruce Arthur Kowert Magne Kristiansen Gregory Owen Lipscomb John Malcolm McRae Bobby Glen Odle John Mack Orr Comer O. Patterson Howard Nixon Roberts Donald Richard Smith Timothy Don VonDohlen Peter Richard Coneway Robert Edwin Denham FALL INITIATES Anthony Charles Jung David Raymond Parker Keith O. Reeves James Benton Rylander Francis Patrick Hadlock Aubrey Lee Pettit SPRING INITIATES Gary Richard O ' Connor Richard Romo Robert Fleming See, Jr. Richard John VanSteenkiste Page 447 GAMMA ALPHA CHI A national women ' s advertising society, Gamma Alpha Chi offers such opportunities to its members as discussions with professional women, field trips where they meet na- tionally known people in the advertising business and job placement through Gamma Alpha Chi ' s national placement service. Personal recommendations and an intention to specialize in the field are prerequisites for membership. OFFICERS Fall Spring AURA NELL RANZAU President AURA NELL RANZAU ZOE ANN HUNTER V ice-President ZOE ANN HUNTER SUSAN KATHLEEN MOORE Secretary BETH INEZ WEST JOSEPHINE ANN DIBELLA Treasurer JOSEPHINE ANN DIBELLA BARBARA DIANE LEVITCH GA X Facts Editor BARBARA DIANE LEVITCH ALAN SCOTT Faculty Sponsor ALAN SCOTT MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Laura Jane Bass Mavis Velta Belisle Toni Lynn Cooney Ann Elizebeth Holaday Rosemary Armmia Kent Judith James Sandidge Mellicent Marie Tlucek Nancy O ' Bryant Wallace SPRING PLEDGES Prospective members enjoy a spring rush coffee. Judie Lynn Beaver Ricka Ann Guitar Deanne Harrell Kathleen Karen Kelley Becky Jo Lanier Susan Patricia Metcalf Beth EUen McEnery Ann Louise Melinger Carol Louise Neu Jane Frances Osbome Jane Celestia Patrick Vivian Henrietta Silverstein Jean Marie Stavinoha Terry Anne West Front Row: Alan Scott, Susan Kathleen Moore, Zoe Ann Hunter, Aura Nell Ranzau, Barbara Diane Levitch, Josephine Ann DiBella. Second Row: Vickie Lu Metzler, Janice Catherine Freeman, Susan Darr Buell, Kelly Lyn Wiley. Third Row: Dianne Louise Sabom, Linda Kaye Warford, Judith Irene Senter, Beth Inez West, Mary Ann Middleton, Andrea Lee Weir. I Pace 448 KAPPA EPSILON Organized at The University of Texas in 1943, Kappa Epsilon selects its members by invitation primarily on the basis of scholastic achievement. Offering its members an opportunity to participate actively in both national and local pharmaceutical activities, the fraternity aims for the advancement of professional knowledge and the social uni- fication of pharmacy majors. OFFICERS President CATHRYN LYNN CULBERTSON V ice-President LILLIAN JEANN1NE WATSON Recording Secretary AILEEN SHORT Corresponding Secretary BETTY ANN PEDEN Treasurer BETTY CAROL WARD Sponsor CELIA DELGADO FACULTY MEMBER Esther Jane Wood Hall ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Mrs. Henry Matthew Burlage Mrs. Gunnar Gjirstad Dorothy Jane Lydiac Marie Betzner Morrow Martha Rodriguez SPRING PLEDGES Doris June Wolfe Beamer Linda Lorraine Chrane Mildred Gay Dodson Cecilia Alba Eisenberg Yolanda Margarita Laurel Cheryl Kay Lewis DorU Rae McDuffie Linda Janice Regan Jean Sheridyn Shelby Two girls prepare for a skit to be presented to all the women in pharmacy. Top Row: Nina Carol Bates, Cathy Lynn Culbertson, Johnnye Earlene Cunningham, Judith Kaye Duncan, Stephanie Anne Evans, Kay Margaret Fooshee, Carmela Andrea Garcia. Second Row: Teresita Gonzalez, Patricia Ann Harrington, Marie Diane Lackey, Donna Kay Light, Linda Gene Lyons, Shirley Ann Marshal], Carolyn Owens. Third Row: Betty Ann Peden, Ma- ria Josefa Perez, Cynlhia Ann Riewe, Aileen Short, Ana Maria Vasquez, Betty Carol Ward, Lil- lian Jeannine Watson. Member Not Pictured: Ann Edmondson. Page 449 KAPPA PSI Through the maintenance of a living residence and a full activity program, members of Kappa Psi, a professional pharmaceutical fraternity, work to promote individual re- sponsibility and initiative among themselves for the benefit of all pharmacy majors. Major activities of the year were a campus-wide blood drive, active membership in the Longhorn Pharmaceutical Association and active participation in the re-establishment of the Inter-Professional Fraternity Council. OFFICERS Fall Spring CLIF DRUMMOND ..................... Regent .................... DAVID M. DANIELS WILLIAM DAVID LACKEY ........... Vice-Regent ......... DOUGLAS ERNEST COURSEY ALFRED BENNIE KLAUS .............. Secretary ................... THOMAS ESTES, JR. GARY ALAN PAUER .................. Treasurer TERRY OLIVER TOTTENHAM DARRELL MONROE BALLARD ....... Rush Captain ......... PHILLIP RANDELL BOWERS HONORARY MEMBER Henry Rudolf Henze Carl Clarence Albers Glenn David Appelt Robert Graves Brown Henry Matthew Burlage Frank P. Cosgrove FACULTY MEMBERS John Emerson Davis Jaime N. Delgado Paul Frank Geiger Gunnar Gjerstad Wallace Louis Guess Fredrick Valentine Lofgren Herbert Frederick Schwartz Billy B. Wylie Lee Frank Worrell Top Row: Larry Keith Baggett, Stephen Kent Balas, Darrell Mon- roe Ballard, Donald Dale Barton, Sterlin E. Barton, Val Bazaco, Sammy Charles Bell. Second Row: Uhlus Wayne Beth- ard, Charles B. Bode, Jr., Ray- mond Renniks Carr, Thomas Alli- son Clark, Douglas Ernest Cour- sey, Jerald Arnold Danhaus, David Mackey Daniels. Third Row: Michael Lee Dietert, Clif W. Drummond, Jon Hope Ed- wards, Kenneth Duane Ellis, Jac- ob Thomas Estes, Alberto Alvino Gonzalez, Ernest David Henry. Fourth Row: Walker Brian Her- ri ngton, David Wade House, Her- bert Eugene Kegans, Joseph Scott King, Alfred Bennie Klaus, Glenn Edward Knight, William David Lackey. Page 450 MEMBERS NOT PICTURED William Dwight Bartlett Phillip Randell Bowers Robert Lee Burnett Carlos Alfonso De la Garza John G. Gibbs Walter Brian Hoke Ben Eugene Jacob Joseph Radford Kiowski Ira Joe Klaus Jerry Wayne Lawhen Robert Lira, Jr. Charles David Lock Victor W. Mokry G. Raymond Newcomb 0. Walker Ogden Dennis Terry Roy Lewis Kenneth Smith George Robert Stone Humberto Jose Varela FALL PLEDGES NOT PICTURED Richard Earl Beck Mike Joseph Bordovsky Jackey Ray Bradsher Ellis Preston Carmichael, Jr. Roger Ruben Hernandez Glenn Edward Knight, Jr. Michael Grover Looney Victor D. Rodriguez SPRING PLEDGES Joe David Burkett Willard Butler Cox Bennie Albert Flynn Pat Willard Hawkins, Jr. David Joseph Jones Charles Carroll Jowers Morray Mark Lesher Larry Lee Mays, Joe Bailey McDonald Brian Burnham Newberry James Allan Richardson Lennard Ray Schlueter Larry Limuel Thomas Members of Kappa Psi supervise blood donations. Top Row: Ronald Alton Lee, Michael Grover Looney, Michael Harris McBride, Jerry Lynn Mor- ris, Warren F. Neely, Gary Alan Pauer, Melvin Vernon Podsim. Second Row: Richard Lee Rob- erts, Harvey Wayne Rokohl, Gor- don Neil Saundfers, Jackie Ross Simmons, William David Smith, Miguel Solis, Darrell Ray Thed- ford. Third Row: Mike Stewart Tisdale, Terry Oliver Tottenham, Leonard Joseph Tupa, Jerry Ted Vavra, Jose Villescas, Timothy Donald Von Dohlen, Edward Smith Walk- Fourth Row: Paul L. Walker, David Gary Watson, Ray Douglas Westerlage, Ray Gilbert White, George Ronald Williamson, Lee M. Wolchansky. Page 451 Front Row: Wilda Lou Campbell, Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff, Lynda Norene Shaffer, Mary Ann Wycoff, Susan Davis. Second Row: Carol Ann Walters, April Beall, Donna Lucille Gibson, Martha Jeanne Purcell, Diana Dale Haskinson, Vicki Sue Calhoun. MORTAR BOARD As an honorary organization Mortar Board is for women who have ninety hours credit and an overall 2.0 average at the University. Members enjoy fellowship while serving the University. Major activities included a Mortar Board section meeting, a Round-Up Reunion of former members, and presentation of a trophy to the sophomore woman with the highest grade point average. i OFFICERS Fall Spring JILL ANNETTE HARRIS President CAROL ANN WALTERS APRIL BEALL Vice-President APRIL BEALL CAROL ANN WALTERS Secretary VICKI SUE CALHOUN DONNA LUCILLE GIBSON Treasurer DONNA LUCILLE GIBSON WILDA LOU CAMPBELL Historian WILDA LOU CAMPBELL DOROTHY W. DEAN Sponsor DOROTHY W. DEAN Students took time to look at the Book Fair set up by Mortar Board in the Union. FACULTY ADVISORS James Bernard Ayers Ira Iscoe Douglas Neil Morgan Catherine Regina Gordon Jill Annette Harris MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Dorothy Jean Lillard SPRING INITIATES Joan Carol Amacker Joyce Elizabeth Arce Judith Louise Groom Jo Lynn Cunningham Marilyn Frances Friedman Janet Goren Michael Hope James Emma Lea King Mary Claire Koeppe Glenda Lazarus Janet Lynn Matthews Meredith Mitchell Marian Rebecca Pendleton Julia Fu Shaw Sally Eugenia Sneed Barbara Jane Tudor Margaret Virginia Watson Page 452 PHI BETA KINSOLVING In its fifth year as a local honorary, Phi Beta Kinsolving strives to increase interest in honorary societies on campus and to promote general academic efforts among the resi- dents of Kinsolving Dormitory. Membership is open to residents listed on the Dean ' s List or on another academic honorary on campus. OFFICERS Fall Spring JUDY ANN GILLIS President JUDY ANN GILLIS EVELYN DUGGAN MUELDER Vice-President EVELYN DUGGAN MUELDER BARBARA ADELIA NELSON Secretary BARBARA ADELIA NELSON JEANETTE ADELE ADAMS Treasurer JEANETTE ADELE ADAMS CHERYL ANN BURR Reporter CHERYL ANN BURR MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Dena Rose Arnall Judith Darla Ashurst Meredith Ball Paulette Gwen Bauer Margaret Ann Becker Nancy Louise Billingsley Lois Mary Broussard Patty Lynn Burrows Ann Elizabeth Caraway Brenda Sue Carney Ann Bayler Clark Susan Louise Clem Susan Elaine Cope Barbara Elaine Coward Dorothy Lea Cramer Linda Lee Cunningham Linda Sue Dickson Deborah Len Dirks Madeleine Draeger Judith Ann Druker Judy A. Finberg Judy C. Garrison Sarah Elizabeth Harvey Linda Lou Haston Marsha Ann Hiller Susan Anne Kolius Donnis D. Koons Linda Latimer Livie Andrea MacMaster Merry Eve Makela Muriel Joy Melcher Leslie Ann Oakley Nelda Ann Park Lucy Ann Parker Paula Elizabeth Robertson Nora Jean Robinson Lynda Gayle Rogers Frances Lynne Rosenberg Susan Glenn Russell Carol Ann Sanderson Nelda Jean Schwartz Jean Sheridyn Shelby Terry Patricia Teague Patricia Ann Thompson Gail Kay Ungerleider Susan Lee Vance Judith Ann Vittetoe Christine Ann Walker Marsha Ann White Gale Louise Zedler Judy Gillis welcomed guests and initiates to Phi Beta Kin- solving ' s spring initiation. Front Row: Cheryl Ann Burr, Jeanette Adele Adams, Judy Ann Gillis, Evelyn Duggan Muelder, Barbara Adelia Nelson, Idella Patterson, Sponsor. Second Row: Sally Jeannette Pierce, Jamie Ann MacNaughton, Suzanne Elizabeth Sax, Cynthia Sue Fowler, Meredith Mitchell, Glenda Jo Lazarus, Martha Kathryn Post, Billie Pat Po. ter, Claire Ann Miller, Diane Floca. Third Row: Jarrie Dell Davis, Lynnell Jackson, Betsy Arnold, Betty Joanne Wilson, Julia Ann Brown, Judith Ann Michna, Laura Dean Ford, Kay Boyles, Lynn Cottingham. Fourth Row: Carol Joan Richardson, Deborah Dee Short, Diane Griffith Riegne ' " Linda Sue Settle, Anne Elizabeth Roberson, Joan Bergstrom, Vernell Louise Pape, Carrie Susan Burks, Linda Beth LaBaume. Page 453 PHI DELTA CHI Promoting the pharmacy profession through association with men of common interest is Phi Delta Chi, national pharmacy fraternity. A new chapter house acquired this year has enabled them to expand both their faciliti es and activities. Socially, the fraternity sponsored a coffee honoring mem- bers of Kappa Epsilon and a Christmas Party for the men at Travis State School. Due to these and other activities, the local chapter received the National Achievement Award of the fraternity. OFFICERS Fall Spring PAUL RAY MCKINZIE President LOUIS CHRIS HEINEMEYER ROBERT RAE PATTERSON V ice-President BILLY JAMES LINNSTAEDTER BILLY JAMES LINNSTAEDTER .... Recording Secretary RONEAL LYNN MARTIN JACK DUFF LUSK Corresponding Secretary KENNETH E. BENSON JAMES RAYMOND JOHNSON Treasurer JOHN LAWRENCE HARSHBARGER Cathy Culbertson, Phi Delta Chi ' s sweetheart, and Jim Brown enjoy one of the organization ' s parties. John Autian William Johnson Sheffield FACULTY MEMBERS Lee Frank Worrell MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Jimmy Bert Coleman Tim Ray Covington James Alvin Johnson Louis Lane Martinez Timothy Haskell McCoy Jan N. Schmidt Wiley Joe Shaw FALL PLEDGES NOT PICTURED James Victor Bruckner Oscar Allan Buck Otho Dwight Compton Terry Wayne Duke Martin Alan Javors Vaughnie Doyl Langwell William Lindsey Lively John Ramsey McDavid Roy Lee Murray John Don Riley Clarence H. Sanders Top Row: Philip Carol Abel, Lyn- gle Dudley. Barnes, III, John Woodson Bell, Kenneth E. Ben- son, Sam Neal Blackstone, Jr., Gil- bert Edwin Boenig, Jr. Jimmie Caleb Brown, Willis Herman Bugg. Second Row: Clarence Jefferson Canker, Michael Dean Carrigan, Roscoe Davis Cawyer, Ronald De- Wayne Cunningham, Jim Joe Da- vis, Richard John Davis, Julian Cook Durst, Larry Glenn Farrow. Third Row: John William Finch, Edd Thomas Fish, John William Ford, Faustino Garza, Barry S. Gil- lingwater, John Lawrence Harsh- barger, Louis Chris Heinemeyer, Clark Houston Jackson. Page 454 Members of Phi Delta Chi work on signs for the Longhorn Pharmaceu- tical Association elections. Phi Delta Chi designed a display for the American Pharmaceutical Association Conventi on held in Dallas. Henry Orien Ager, III Lester Hugh Arnold Jack Demarius Averyt, Jr. Ralph Arthur Boatman Barry Max Brandenberger Stephen Douglas Briggs Woodrow Michael Brimberry Thomas Charles Broumley Lesley Leigh Brown SPRING PLEDGES Joseph Robert Browning, Jr. Eddy George Bush Gerald Clark Clendening William David Cole Ronald Joe Cox Charles Gene Crumley John William Cummings David Thomas Fox John Allen Furnel Cecil Manren Gregg, Jr. Edwin Joseph Haidusek John Edwin Huett Douglas Wayne Kay John Louis Muzny Richard M. Rendon Marlin Douglas Rose David Eugene Wood Top Row: James R. Johnson, An- thony Charles Jung, Bobby Joe Kennedy, James Robert Kinsey, Byron Keith Korges, Gary Lewis Lindahl, Billy James Linnstaedter, Jack Duff Lusk, Roneal Lynn Mar- tin. Second Row: Paul Ray McKinzie, Michael Ermon Miller, Lawrence Gordon Neece, Robert Rae Patter- son, John Warren Richardson, James Bascomb Ross, Loyd Doug- las Rowe, Jr., Clarence H. Sanders, Hollis Randolph Sanders, Jr. Third Rote: Rodney Dale Seitz. Bobby Mac Shaffer, Glen Hilton Smith, Jim O. Smith, Joe Frank Stringer, George Phillip Tompkins, James Alvin Weikel, John Richard Wilhelm, Edward Michael Wood- ruff. Page 455 PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA Composed of men having a professional interest in music, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a national honorary music fra- ternity that serves both to advance music in America and to develop a fraternal spirit among the Sinfonia members. To accomplish this and to raise money for music scholarships, the fraternity co-sponsored " Follies Fantastique, " the an- nual comic review of musical events at the University, pro- vided a guide service for visiting musicians and presented several programs throughout the year. OFFICERS President ROBERT CHARLES TOLL Vice-President JAMES BERT NEELY Secretary RICHARD ALAN DILLARD Treasurer CHARLES LYMAN ELLIS Warden-Historian JOE FRANK DAHLSTROM MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Ronald Edward Barney Thomas Edwin Bru mley Joe Frank Dahlstrom Jerry Mac Dean John Henry Easily Edwin Allon Echels John Charles Ellzey Edward Baxter Howk John Frederick Johnson Robert Mitchell Renz Paul Seward Smith, Jr. Wayne Everetl Smith Charles Lloyd Turner Thomas Henry Wells John Maxwell Wilson Bobby Lewis Wren Charles Byron Yaxling Fraternity members effect last minute changes in the " Follies Fantastique " script. Michael Alan Beqefiel Monroe Butch. Boyd SPRING PLEDGES NOT PICTURED Samuel Henry Robert Thiel Front Row: Robert Xavier Rodriguez, Charles Lyman Ellis, Robert Charles Tull, James Bert Neely, Richard Alan Dillard, Gordon Waldon Mid- dleton, Jr. Second Row: Robert Edward Davis, Wade Houston Weiler, Danny Wayne McAngus, Kenneth Jay Wolfson, James Hardy Bryan, George Stephen Mannix, Calvin Jackson McLerran, Lorin Glenn Larson, Charles Henry High. Third Row: Thomas Jefferson Gibson, IV, David Wilson Flack, Robert Bruce Giddens, Jimmy Carl Chapman, David Edgar Parker, James Mark Van Hemert, Edgar Earl Rhea, III, Peter Hamil- ton Johnston, Robert Leonard Nelson, Jr., Emory Clark Whipple, Jack Wayne Locke. Page 456 Front Row: Barbara Ann Tomerlin, Kay King Davenport, Nelda Carola Garcia, Marjorie Jean Fuquay, Linda Lou Fairey. Second Row: Dena Rose Arnall, Joyce K. Ritchie, Anna Marie Stengel, Joanne McCauley, Joan M. Sundbeck. Spring pledges were the guests of honor at the Initiation Banquet held at Green Pastures. PI OMEGA PI Active membership in Pi Omega Pi, a national business education organization, is open to students enrolled in the teacher-training curriculum or in the business education program. Members work to encourage interest and to pro- mote scholarship in the field of business education. OFFICERS Fall Spring MADELYN HELEN GERDES President CARRIE LINDSAY HOWE CARRIE LINDSAY HOWE Vice-President MARJORIE JEAN FUQUAY LINDA LOU FAIREY Secretary-Treasurer LINDA LOU FAIREY KAY KING DAVENPORT Reporter-Historian KAY KING DAVENPORT ANNA MARIE STENGEL Faculty Sponsor ANNA MARIE STENGEL NELDA CAROLA GARCIA Faculty Sponsor NELDA CAROLA GARCIA Linda Fairey explained the responsibilities of membership to the new members. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Elizabeth Claire Anderson Madelyn Helen Gerdes Carrie Lindsay Howe Mary Leta Jones Karen MacNaulty SPRING PLEDGES Brenda Kay Brown Jane Brown Mary Louise DeWalt Lucy Carolyn Hinton Nancy Rae Roosth Norma Sue Stanley Page 457 Front Row: Robert Conrad Hook, Linda Janice Regan. Second Row: Gerald Knox Bishop, Orville Dwain Harris, John Xavier Olivo, John David Boswell, Guy Norman Blair, Jr., Herman Cornelius Henderson, David Wilson Flack, Ronald James Deutch, Jung Mae Lee, Sidney Ray Boatler. Third Row: Thomas Oswell Brightman, Roger Steve Vaughan, Charles Morgan Pearre, Robert Wade Smith, Ronald Edward Bergquist, Floyd Louis Oliver, Michael Franklin Shands, Stephen Hall Holliday, Frank Patrick McGovern. Fourth Row: Richard Steele Davenport, Thomas Lee Wharton, Thomas Alan Reneau, Phillip Duane Moseley, Hayden Edward Boland, Gregory Gerard Choban, John Francis Xavier Kelly, Bruce Gordon Luna, Richard Eugene Flint. PRAETORIAN GUARD Outstanding cadets in the Army and Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps Programs comprise the Praetorian Guard. Through practical experience in military leadership, academic training, and social activities, the Praetorian Guard develops qualities of an officer. Praetorian Guard members served as hosts at Praetorian Guard Central Texas Invitational Rifle Match, Intercollegi- ate International Rifle Match, registration assistants, and flag raising detail at football games and Texas Relays. OFFICERS Fall Spring HAYDEN EDWARD BOLAND Commander GREGORY GERARD CHOBAN THOMAS LEE WHARTON Executive Officer KEITH ALLEN MAXIE FLOYD LOUIS OLIVER Sergeant Major BRUCE GORDON LUNA GREGORY GERARD CHOBAN S-l JOHN FRANCIS KELLY, JR. KEITH ALLEN MAXIE S-2 FLOYD LOUIS OLIVER, JR. MICHAEL FRANKLIN SHANDS S-3 STEPHEN HALL HOLLIDAY CHARLES MORGAN PEARRE III 5-4 RICHARD EUGENE FLINT MAJOR ROBERT CONRAD HOCK Sponsor MAJOR ROBERT CONRAD HOCK LINDA JANICE REGAN Sweetheart LINDA JANICE REGAN David Abramowitz Robert Alexander Booker Michael Jan Brown MEMBERS NOT PICTURED John Wesley Cardwell Robert L. Herndon Dick Thorp Jordan, Jr. Keith Allen Maxie Waldo Wilburn Montgomery, Jr. Earl Martin Orbin, Jr. Frederick William Wiegand, Jr. SPRING PLEDGES Robert Bruce Allensworth James Scott Balentine Richard Charles Carmichael Jay Dagley Carrol Ronald Phillip Freeman Paul Joseph Giddens Theodore Anthony Gonzales Jon M. Goodfleisch James Clifford Hackard William D. Knox Joseph Wayne Patten Larry Hill Rives Robert Terry Sabom William Reaves Schovajsa Alexander Bernard Smith David Laurin Swanson Ronald Harrison Wassom Page 458 SCABBARD AND BLADE Outstanding cadets and midshipmen from the Army, Navy and Air Force Officers Training Corps of junior and senior rank compose a tri-service national honor society called Scabbard and Blade. While working to unite the military departments of American colleges and universities in closer relationships, this organization also develops the essential qualities of good and efficient officers. OFFICERS Fall Spring CLINTON JAMES CONEWAY ............ Captain ........... CLINTON JAMES CONEWAY ZECH CLIFTON DAMERON, III ...... First Lieutenant ...... ZECH CLIFTON DAMERON, III ELDON STEPHEN WILSON ........ Second Lieutenant ........ ELDON STEPHEN WILSON CHURCHILL WILEY JONES .......... First Sergeant .......... CHURCHILL WILEY JONES ELDON STEPHEN WILSON .......... Pledge Trainer ..... NORMAN CARROLL MOHN, JR. HONORARY MEMBERS Lieutenant Commander Gerald Maddock Dempsey, U.S.N. Colonel W. A. Kengla, U.S.M.C., Retired Lieutenant Harry Joseph Chris, U.S.N. Major Wallace Jackson McKenzie U.S.A.F. Roland Jon Armstrong Nathan Stephen Axelrod George Herman Blume FACULTY MEMBERS Lieutenant Colonel Lowell Gideon Moore, U.S.A. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Joseph A. Cialone Zech Clifton Dameron, III Robert Leland Hattan Ross Moore Lynch Edward Joe Polasek Gary William Sc hoen Edward Badouh, Jr. John Wesley Cardwell William Craig Donald Howard Fortune Thomas Robert Gish James Clements Graves SPRING PLEDGES Robert James Hale Richard Henry Mason Keith Allen Maxie Arnold N. Ott Clayton Dunning Pledger Hugh Bennett Ruckman, III Robert Terry Smith Lewis Arnold Thompson Roger Steve Vaughan Gary Don Whitlock Milton Desmond Wyrick Front Row: Harry Joseph Chris, Gerald Maddock Dempsey, Lowell Gideon Moore, Clinton James Coneway, Eldon Stephen Wilson, Churchill Wiley Jones. Second Row: Thomas Oswell Brightman, David Dale Craik, Jerome Lee Powell, Conrad John Netting, Hayden Edward Boland, Jesse Luke Thompson, Luis Adolfo DeLaGarza, Oland Dale Thompson, James David Mitchell, James Richard Reinauer. Third Row: Roger Edwin Camp, Dale Robin Miller, Park Lyle Beeler, Munson Goodyear Compton, Jr., Charles Bernard Branch, James Sterling Hawthorne, Kenneth Edward Davis, Allan Keith DuBois, Titus Severn Sigler. Fourth Row: Richard James Glaser, Richard Steele Davenport, Gary Wayne Miller, James Terrill Conway, Norton Bassett Hargis, Jr., Dale Robert Hayd en, John Kennard House, James David Godfrey, Norman Carroll Mohn, Jr. Page 459 SCOPE A local honorary founded in 1964 for residents of Blan- ton Dormitory, Scope offers to its members recognition for outstanding scholastic achievement. -The organization periodically provides language tables at dinner and also sponsors guest speakers to the residents. I OFFICERS Fall Spring SANDRA LYNN DYKES President SHIELA SUZANNE FULBRIGHT BETTY ANN WITTIE Vice-President BETSEY JANE MEEKER CAROLYN OWENS Secretary-Treasurer BUNNY LEE PAINE BUNNY LEE PAINE Reporter SALLYE FRANCES WHITENER JOAN CAROL AMACKER Advisor Chairman CHERYL MARIE DUNLAP MARY CLAIRE MIDDLEBROOK Sponsor MARY CLAIRE MIDDLEBROOK Joan Carol Amacker Kathy Ann Augustus Elizabeth Jane Ballew Johanna Frances Bannon Suzanne Kay Barnebey April Beall, Honorary Reva Annette Byers Sharon Elaine Callaway Dixie Ann Cobb Frances Ann Crawford Cathryn Lynn Culbertson Ruth Dianne Davis Linda Kay Delaune Benny Kathrine Dishman MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Doering Jacqueline Dunn Sandra Lynn Dykes Mary Lou Erwin Rae Ellen Freeman Mildred Ann Friedman Shiela Suzanne Fulbright Linda Gale Gee Pamela Marjorie Giblin Rita Anne Griffin Heather Rae Hainline Joyce Anne Hendy Virginia Ann Horton Carol Jane Humphrey Verna Lee Humphreys Patricia Ann Hurley Cathy Allen Kellough Janet Irene King Carol Anne Kinsman Becky Jo Lanier Karen Jean Lavender Suzanne List Carol Jane McAdams Carolyn Owens Bunny Lee Paine Sandra Paulette Panzarella Ann Roslyn Phillips Carol Marie Reeb ' Sharon Lizabeth Reed Mary Evangeline Rentz Rhana K. Smith Martha Sue Strauss Nancy Jane Thomas Elaine Louise Trumm Victoria Jean Vanderslice Madeline Faith Weinstein Carol Elizabeth Welke Sallye Frances Whitener Barbara Anne Wilson Betty Ann Wittie Spring officers are Shiela Suzanne Fulbright, Betsey Jane Meeker, Bunny Lee Paine, Sallye Frances Whitener, and Cheryl Marie Dunlap. Sallye Whitener posts the new Spring Initiates on Scope ' s bulletin board. Page 460 - it Haft k w ftiistea ttlke Pat Cole, Mary Ann Acevado, and Judy Ferguson utilized the group approach to speech therapy. Vicki Crawford selected one of the many therapy materials available to student cli- nicians. SIGMA ALPHA ETA A national professional society for prospective speech and hearing therapists, Sigma Alpha Eta is the only students ' national organization in this field in the country. It meets annually with the American Speech and Hearing Associa- tion in national convention. The chief purpose of Sigma Alpha Eta is to provide a medium for enriched professional and social experiences. Activities for this year included a party for all children served by The University of Texas Speech and Hearing Clinic. OFFICERS Fall PEGGY LYNN DRY NINA JO MERRIAM KATHRYN ANNE DEARING JEAN VICKI CRAWFORD . . . SALLY ANN TAYLOR LEAR LEE ASHMORE . President Vice-President Treasurer . ; . Corresponding Secretary. . . .Recording Secretary. . . . . . . Faculty Sponsor .... Spring NINA JO MERRIAM . . MARILYN JEAN MULLEN KATHRYN ANNE DEARING . . . JEAN VICKI CRAWFORD . JILL PRISCILLA JOHNSON . LEAR LEE ASHMORE KEY MEMBERS Mary Alleen Boggs Patricia Burton Jean Vicki Crawford Kathryn Anne Bearing Peggy Lynn Dry Jill Priscilla Johnson Nina Jo Merriam Marilyn Jean Mullen Ellen Lee Paule Sally Ann Taylor Kathleen Westbrook ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Vicky Ann Barrett Diana Lynn Boland Tommi Dianne Bower Kathie Childs Cindy Lou Curry Sharon Lee Colder Mildred Nelwyn Hart Daphne Hopson Hodges Karen Marie Jackson Virginia Harris Meyers Margaret Shane O ' Bryan Carol Lynne Russell Susan Ann Stevenson Gwenda Faye Wizig Page 461 Members and rushees enjoyed singing during a rush party. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA The purpose of Sigma Alpha Iota is to provide an or- ganized movement to promote music as a profession. Sigma Alpha Iota is an honorary professional fraternity for women musicians. The fraternity offers its members a chance to meet people sharing the same interests as they have, and an opportunity to learn more about music. OFFICERS President MILDRED EVELYN BRANNING Vice-President DIANE WEBER Secretary LESLIE LUCILLE MILLIREN Treasurer CAROL ANNETTE SALMON Chaplain ANNE CURRIE BERNHARDT MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Jackie K. Dunn Joan Barbara Fenton Nanci Bransford Gibbons Mary Jane Glimp Sarah Blanche Green Darrellene Edith Havins Lucy Gail Holmes Patricia Ruth Anderson Sue Lynn Blackburn Judye Dian Brunton Betsy Etoile Burleson Tina Louise Call Patricia Burkes Dougherty Johann Franke Sandra Kathleen Gregg Carlie Sue Hunter Molly Lacy SPRING PLEDGES Beverly Ann Howeth Frances Carolyn Konze Shaaron Merie Melcher Joy Joanne Oster Sarah Jane Penn Dana Rose Wortham Jane Adair Wyss Nancy Louisa Lee Linda Jean Lege Donna Margaret Mathews Michelle Mae Moltz Nancy Ann Norman Donna Cheryl Orton Paulette Rainey Mollie Gregory Tower Dianna Jeanne Weirus Left Hand Vertical: Joyce Elizabeth Arce, Linda McDavitt, Jean Ann Weger, Patti Lou Rogers, Lynda Kay McVey. Middle Vertical: Mescal Wilson, Eve- lyn Branning, Betty Ruth Pursley, Diane Weber, Leslie Lucille Milliren. Right Hand Vertical: Ann Currie Bernhardt, Carol Hagg Bush, Terry Lynn Hobbs, Carol Annette Salmon, Mary Ann Nelson. Pasje 462 SIGMA IOTA EPSILON Members of Sigma Iota Epsilon are given an opportunity to meet people who have like interests, and an opportunity to facilitate contacts between the students and businessmen. Benefits of the organization include a stimulation of interest, achievement, scholarship, and research in the field of man- agement. Among the activities this year included an Initia- tion Banquet, a social meeting at the Ex-Students ' Associa- tion to install spring officers, and a dinner-dance to install eleven new pledges. OFFICERS Fall Spring ROBERT EDWARD COLDWATER President LEO B. OSTERHAUS WILLIAM KING DAUGHERTY Vice-President FREDRIK PORTER WILLIAMS MAURICE WILLIAM REX, JR Secretary-Treasurer JOHN MACK HARMON LYLA JUNE HIXSON Personnel Manager VIC VIRGIL FOWLER FLOYD S. BRANDT Faculty Sponsor FLOYD S. BRANDT HONORARY MEMBERS A. P. Beutel H. E. Chiles, Jr. Morgan J. Davis Lillian M. Gilbreath Patrick E. Haggerty Carl W. Huser L. F. McCollum Ralph Moreland M. Scott Myers Harold M. Scherr Dudley C. Sharp William R. Spriegel J. T. Suggs Fladger Tannery FACULTY MEMBERS Floyd S. Brandt Jessamon Dawe Marvin E. Gholson Roy D. Harris Norris A. Hiett Jack Holland Robert Charles Bus h Robert Edward Coldwater William King Daugherty Bob C. Hamm Lyla June Hixson Jerry Donald Jones Darold T. Barnum Dennis Craig Cheaney Raymond Lewis Cook Tom Rogers Edwards Charles Warren Eisemann Hugh Ellison Adams Tom A. Bankston Robert I. Ellis William R. Faust Thomas G. Hopkins Charles R. Klasson Elizabeth Lanham Edmund C. Lynch Judson Neff Kenneth W. Olm MEMBERS John Logan Kendall Donald E. Kirsopp Eugene Noel Lamm Robert Casey Maddox Elick Neal Maledon, Jr. FALL INITIATES Vic Virgil Fowler John Mack Harmon Otis Dee Horton, Jr. Frank Michael Jordan SPRING INITIATES Gary Rex Killey Ronald La Verne Landstrom Elliot Manferd Lawrence L. Schkade William E. Schlender Burnard H. Sord William R. Spriegel Wilfred H. Watson Glenn A. Welsch David Cotter McDaniel Leo B. Osterhaus Maurice William Rex, Jr. Wilfred Few Rylander Craig A. Townsend Anthony Michael Tuberose Robert Thomas Ryan, Sr. Douglas Ray Schwarz James Glen VanStraten Fredrik Porter Williams Luis E. Zalles Weldon Barker Morton Raymond Lee Read Alan Leslie Sleeper David Allen Young Page 463 SPHINX ; .c:-:: ' ECTURE Members of Sphinx have fun at their informal initiation reading speeches in the traditional manner. Members of Sphinx, an honorary professional architec- ture society founded at The University of Texas in 1930, are elected on the basis of demonstrated excellence in design, academic achievement, character, and interest in the pro- fession of architecture. Through various extracurricular ac- tivities, members may broaden their professional and social contacts in student-faculty relationships. OFFICERS Fall Spring GARLAND SADLER ANDERSON, JR. ... President. . . JAMES ALLISON JOHNSON, JR. MICHAEL EDWARD BORNE V ice-President LANCE EDWARD TATUM JAMES MARTIN MICHAEL .... Secretary-Treasurer .... DAVID MALCOLM BURDICK JAMES GLENN REEVES Sergeant-at-Arms MILTON RAY McMURREY FALL INITIATES David Malcolm Burdick Norman Perry Hatfield, Jr. Milton Ray McMurrey Terry Martin Moor Frank I. Genzer, Jr. Jack C. Irwin John Milton Powell Joe Lee Stubblefield Lance Edward Tatum SPRING INITIATES Michael Allan Shelton Gerald Paul Stuyck Front Row: Dennis Brooks Linam, Dale Morley Taylor, Lance Edward Tatum, John Malcolm McRae, Michael Edward Borne, Norman Perry Hat- field, Jr., James Glenn Reeves. Second Row: Ray Bedford Bailey, James Frederick Williams, Edward Llewellyn Hughes, James Allison Johnson, Jr., John Milton Powell, Jon Boykin Decherd, Raymond Hance -Martin. Third Row: Don Lee Tew, Joe Lee Stubblefield, James Martin Michael, David Malcolm Burdick, Milton Ray McMurrey, Terry Martin Moor, Garland Sadler Anderson, Jr., Member Not pictured: George Villalva, Jr. Page 464 THETA SIGMA PHI Established at The University of Texas in 1919, the XI chapter of Theta Sigma Phi selects its members from among those upperclass women who have maintained satis- factory gradepoint averages and who intend to pursue careers in communications. A national professional fraterni- ty for women in journalism, the chapter sponsors the an- nual Ten Most Beautiful Contest on campus and awards from one to three annual scholarships to its members. OFFICERS President DOROTHY JEAN LILLARD First Vice-PTesident JUDITH ANN DOWNS Second Vice-president PAMELA JEAN ETSINGER Secretary ANNIE JANE BROWN Treasurer AURA NELL RANZAU Faculty Sponsor EMILY-MAE STAFFORD MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Mavis Velta Belisle Marquita Kaye Box Gloria Brown Judy Burton Toni Lynn Cooney Marilyn Sue Daugherty Janice Catherine Freeman Alicia Reddick Helton Theresa Kaye Northcott Sharon Shelton Sara Lee Speights Nancy O ' Bryant Wallace SPRING INITIATES NOT PICTURED Josephine Ann DiBella Evelyn Olivia Dugan Connelle Kelley Judith Elaine Newsom Suzanne Shelton Mary Alice Zrubek Dwight MacDonald spoke to Theta Sigma Phi and Sigma Delta Chi on the failings of daily newspapers. Front Row: Judith Ann Downs, Deborah Joan Druker, Zoe Ann Hunter, Judith Louise Croom, Susan Patricia Metcalf, Lesley Mae Sims. Second Row: Peggy Marie Burnett, Renee Juana Covington, Nancy Madeline Luton, Mary Ann Middleton, Susan French Powell, Linda Killian Wood, Aura Nell Ranzau. Third Row: Nancy Louise Kowert, Dorothy Jean Lilian], Pamela Jean Etsinger, Beth Inez West, Josephine Briseno, Annie Jane Brown, Elizabeth Ann Bertothy. Page 465 Front Row: Stanley A. Arbingast, Lorrin Garfield Kennamer, Donald Whitesell Hartman, David Knight Northington, Harry Huntt Ransom, Joseph Pierce Sullivan, J. Frank Elsass, Roy Joel Swanson. Second Row: William T. Guy, John Harley McElroy, Lawrence Edmund Gilbert, Stanley McLelland, Walter Martin Hall, Howard Nixon Roberts. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA A national men ' s honorary whose members are drawn from all phases of campus life, Omicron Delta Kappa was founded locally in 1966 to recognize outstanding junior and senior men as well as faculty members for their attainments in all-round leadership in collegiate activities. OFFICERS President JOSEPH PIERCE SULLIVAN V ice-President DAVID KNIGHT NORTHINGTON Faculty Advisor HAROLD CHARLES BOLD STUDENT AND FACULTY MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Lloyd Willis Birdwell Harold Charles Bold Clarence Vaughn Bray Tommy Drew Cauthorn Ernest Harris Cockrell John Robert Cope Clifford Drummond Dan A. Fleckman Jim R. Fletcher Julius Glickman Frank Patrick Hadlock Jack Holland Jack LeRoy Howe, Jr. Anthony Charles Jung Bruce Arthur Kowert John Malcolm McRae Larry Allen Muenzler John Mac Orr DeWitt Carter Reddick Darrell K. Royal Don Richard Smith Front Row: Frank L. Wright, Lawrence L. Schkade, Peter Richard Coneway, Robert M. Collie, Jr., Robbin Colyer Anderson. Second Row: Terry W. Peterson, Glenn Edwin Staats, Knox Dillon Nunnally, David Michael Gregory, John Alton Posey, Jr. Page 466 ' ' SERVICE Page 467 ALPHA PHI OMEGA A men ' s service organization, Alpha Phi Omega, em- bodies the principles of leadership, friendship, and service. All members have been or are affiliated with the Scouting Movement. APO offers its members the chance to serve the campus, the community, and the nation, to develop quali- ties of leadership, and to enjoy fraternal fellowship. Major activities of the year were aiding in registration, campus elections, Sing-Song Coordination, and working at the Cerebral Palsy Center. Noted speakers to the group this year included Dean Jack Holland, Dean Aron Nowoty, and John Orr. FACULTY ADVISORS Gerhard J. Fonken Lawrence Turner Franks Amo Nowotny William F. Wallace MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Arland Lee Actkinson Miles Hartman Appleberry Jack Lee Bailey Elgene Owen Box Joel D. Brown Forrest Clair Child Gerald George Connard Albert DuPree Stephen Samuel Ezon Thomas W. Fogwell John Eli Franks Wayne Edwin Gathers, Jr. Kay Hale Joseph Roger Howard Robert Michael Jones John Timothy Lewis Patrick Cahill Long Paul Lundquist John Richard Manire Richard Simmons McCown William Jack Morton George Earl Murphy Gilbert Nelson Page Thomas David Patton Don Passman Ronald Lynn Polasek M. Jackson Ruchelman Donald Eugene Smith Gary Lee Swenson Frank Thayer Stephen M. Vassburg Charles Philip Zlatkovich Front Row: Charles Samuel Cotropia, Rudolf Gallardo Cantu, John Martin Skrhak, Jr., Alan Mihran Arabian, William Jack Morton, George Morris Hamm, Mark Allen Fry, Eugene Richard Crowell, Charles Donnell Walters, Mary {Catherine Smith, Sweetheart, Keith Oriel Reeves, Elmer T. Zilch, Richard Alan Nicholas, William A. Hiers, Jr., Hugh C. Dismukes, Charles A. Marsh, Gary Dale Dawkins, Larry Allen Muenzler, John Thomas Ryder, Dan Keith Seilheimer. Second Row: James William Cage, John David Black, Robert Glenn Reeves, Jr., Edward Albert Luke, Jr., David Lee Wald, Peyton Lee Thompson, Chester Ray Richey, Jr., Hugh Gardner Reeves, William Thomas Adams, III, Kenneth Bruck DeVos, Marvin Joe Stalling, Charlie Sinuard Jamison, Roland Romo, John Charles Blankenship, Dan Nobles Gardner, Eugene Craig Dorf, David Lee Bracken, David Martin Ward, Garvin Dunn Chastain, III, Antonio Al Santamaria. Third Row: Gary Virgil Lehmberg, Sheldon David Bleiweiss, Lewis William Long, Lester Blum, James Richard Bennett, William K. Perry, Jr., Horace Lincoln Thomas, III, Roger Vanstrom Gary, George Mat- thews Fleming, Jack Michael Burns, Munson Goodyear Compton, Jr., Robert Eugene Eickmann, Paul David Angenend, Robert Louis Westheimer, Richard Michael Gray, Benjamin Dean, Forrest Edward Penney, Jr., Samuel David Brady, William Carl Berry, William Edward Crook. Fourth Row: Tomme Ray Actkinson, Walter Thomas Patrick Farley, Robert Edwin Neves, Jr., Allen Bruce Simons, David Charles Porter, John Robert Zizel- mann, Donald Wayne Purcell, Douglas Grady Caroom, James William Freeman, James Steve Hatchings, Robert William Burns, Jr., Douglas Mel- vin Webb, Thomas Albert Bray, David Burton Kettler, Gary Neil Blum, Warren Kevin Wilson, Reuben Wayne Halton, David Nelson Moller, Seg D. Elp, Sul Ross Olen Thorward, William Blewett Chenault, HI, James MacKissack Crook. Fifth Row: James Lawrence McGilvray, John Charles Hugele, Dean Clinton Evans, Alonzo Joseph Stubbs, Charles Edward Mulroy, Jimmy Ray Coolidge, Larry Mitchell Fielder, Ronnie Eu- gene Haws, Walter Samuel Falk, III, Richard Henderson Campbell, Preston Cagle Hunt, Gayle Royce Haws, James Crozier Brown, William John Gill, Billy Lynn Jones, Daniel Edward Herron, George F. Tatman, Joseph Presley Watson, III, John Michael Brady, Robert Earl Dawson. Page 468 OFFICERS Fall Spring KEITH ORIEL REEVES President LARRY ALLEN MUENZLER HUGH CAMPBELL DISMUKES . Administrative Vice-President CHARLES ALLEN MARSH ALAN MIHRAN ARABIAN Membership V ice-President CHARLES DONNELL WALTERS LARRY ALLEN MUENZLER Service Vice-President. RICHARD ALAN NICHOLAS CHARLES ALLEN MARSH Treasurer RONALD LYNN POLASEK CHARLES DONNELL WALTERS Secretary GEORGE MATTHEWS FLEMING GARY DALE DAWKINS Reporter. MARVIN JOE STELLING JOHN DAVID RYDER Historian PATRICK CAHILL LONG WILLIAM JACK MORTON Campus Projects Director DAN KEITH SEILHEIMER RICHARD ALAN NICHOLAS . . . .Community Projects Director BILLY LYNN JONES WILLIAM A. HIERS Scouting Projects Director MARK ALLEN FRY RICHARD EUGENE CROWELL Fellowship Director WALTER SAMUEL FALK, HI SPRING PLEDGES Kenneth Allen Alejandro Becerra David Bishop Cabe Charles Lester Dyer Ronald Lynn Ellis Michael L. Gillette Suhas Ram Ginde Paul Schuyler Gingrich Dennis Grevsky John Keith Harkins Terry Wayne Hesson Arthur Donnes Holder Aaron Johnston, Jr. Gary Lee Leech Harold Ray Lewis Michael Pong Dok Ma John Ellison MacQuigg Randall Kent Pollard James Hord Randals Louis Robert Read Robert Edward Reitz Benjamin Edward Rodriguez Malcolm Ray Russell, Jr. William Robert Schweitzer Joseph Vincent Scott William Madison Singleton, Jr. Fred Edgar Skillern Don Louis Steelman Tim Timmons Gary Wayne Tubb Gus Voelzel, III David D. H. Wong APO ' s boosted campus spirit by sponsoring a telegram to the Long- horn football team for the Arkansas-Texas game. Helping handicapped students was just one of the many services the A P O ' s offer to the campus. Page 469 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Service to the Corps, promotion of interest and esprit de corps both locally and in liaison with other squadrons in other universities, service to civic causes, and a social en- vironment are activities of the members of Arnold Air So- ciety. This organization also sponsored the John H. Payne Lecture Series, attended Area G-l Conclave in Waco, and maintained the aircraft in front of the R.O.T.C. Building. OFFICERS Commander JOHN HOWARD GULLETTE Executive Officer ROBERT ELTON ALLISON Operations Officer RICHARD LEE WILKISON Administrative Officer BRYCE EUGENE BONNER Information Officer KENNETH ELMER EICKMANN Comptroller ROBERT HAROLD MAGINEL Robert Elton Allison Robert Earl Cherry Robert Burns Dunkin MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Darryl Paul Greenwood Louis Arthur Hembree Laurence Randall Jordan James Grover McMains Randy Roy Shope Richard Lee Wilkison Miguel Beruman, III Jerry Otho Cochran Robert Wayman Dahl James Howard Dehoney Nelson Norman Estes, Jr. SPRING PLEDGES Cecil Glenn Foster, Jr. Rufus Green, Jr. Benjamin Jacob Horst Curtis Linwood Junge Colin Kelly Kaufman John Arthur Lillie Michael Bransford McShane Robert Douglas Montgomery- Jesse Jefferson Moorhead, Jr. Steven Sherman Shwiff Edward Martin Taylor Henry Joseph Van De Walle Jerald Robert Yankee Front Row: James Rawls Williams, Roger William Page, Jr., Robert Harold Maginel, Philip M. Guzman, Richard Charles Carmichael, Bryce Eugene Bonner. Second Row: John Howard Gullette, Louis McClellan Ayers, Jr., James Thomas Brown, James Robert Foreman, Dennis Craig Cheaney, Donald Pierce Wilcox. Third Row: Allen Dickson Boger, jr., Mark Allen Fry, Paul tane Murphy, Tabor Rod- gers Stone, Richard Caldwell Null, Kenneth Elmer Eickmann, Jack Weldon Shelton, Jr. LI, Page 470 front foio: Gloria Jean Ozarchuk, Melinda Lee Guthrie, Carolyn Gail Skinner, Brenda Joyce Combs, Jane Lee Quock, Susan Green, Sharon Lynn Seals. Second Row: Pamela Agnes Shropshire, Kntliy Cameron, Peggy Marie Goulding, Marian Louise Graves, Kathleen Barrows, Sheila Ann Birden, Gayle Louise Aicklen. Third Row: Martha Jean McCarley, Elizabeth Arlisse Kernodle, Elizabeth Louise Case, Mary Katherine Kiefer, Delia Lynn Gwaltney, Dolores Kaye Schiller, Barbara Margaret Watson. GAMMA DELTA EPSILON Organized service projects, both in the community and on campus, are some of the benefits offered to Gamma Delta Epsilon members. They are also given the chance to meet others with interests similar to their own and to de- velop leadership abilities. Major activities included working on the Round-Up parade, selling TES and Riata magazines, and working in the Dean of Men ' s and the Dean of Wom- en ' s offices. OFFICERS Fall Spring BARBARA MARGARET WATSON President BARBARA MARGARET WATSON DELIA LYNN GWALTNEY Service V ice-President PEGGY MARIE GOULDING KATHY CAMERON Membership V ice-President KATHY CAMERON SUZANNE PADEN ' Secretary SUZANNE PADEN MARY MARGARET MOORE Treasurer JAN PHILIPS MARY KATHLEEN FINCH Reporter-Historian PAMELA AGNES SHROPSHIRE MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Sharon Ruth Adams Linda Jean Anderson Patricia Ruth Anderson Martha Jo Armstrong Patricia Katherine Arthur Elizabeth Jane Ballew Brenda Carol Boyd Sarah Paulette Brashear Jalinda Brannon Carroll Madelyn Lynn demons Patricia Ruth Graver Gracey Dana Betty Jean Devereaux Donna Lee Dickerson Mary Sue Doyle Lynne Marie Dusenberry Melodie Gay Eades Nica Virginia Elkins Mary Lou Erwin Mary Kathleen Finch Mary Jean Fletcher Paulette Marie Gilliam Margaret Ann Gorham Jacqueline Elizabeth Grice Jill Ann Harrold Marilyn Yvonne Heffler Ruth Hazel Henderson Kathy Elizabeth Henson Charlotte Marie Hudler Catheleen Jordan Jackie Maxine Kimbrough Patricia Margaret Kirk Barbara Carol Kyse Elinor Jane Lucksinger Mary Ann Maxwell Elizabeth Ella McKee G. Jeanette McWilliams Mary Margaret Moore Carol Anita Morrow Margaret Marie Morrow Susan Arlene Osterhaus Suzanne Paden Janet Leigh Phillips Anita Louise Prince Carolyn Ann Prior Susan Jane Randall Virginia Kay Reid Carol Anne Reynolds Janet L. Richards Joanne Sanders Sharon Lou Sheffield Susan Ann Silverman Mary Elsa Singer Bonnie Louise Smith Rhana K. Smith Clare Sterling Shirk Ann Stubbs Louise Sylvia Talen Helen Sheila Turberville Mary Marcia Wentworth Debbera Ann Williams Karen Verne Williams SPRING PLEDGES Virginia Lanier Alspaugh Jo Ann Anderson Susan Elaine Bartlemay Deirdre Christenberry Phyllis Louise Dodson Suzanne June Dolman Frances Marie Everage Dorothy Virginia Ferguson Polly Ann Fowler Beverly Gewertz Evelyn Alexis Hacker Alpha Hernandez Carole Lynn Johnson Doris Elaine Kristek Marie Louise Muecke Lowie Frances Ryland Winona Ruth Schloemer Judy Carrol Snowden Willi Jo Spencer Elizabeth Anne Williams Page 471 LONGHORN BAND STAFF Director VINCENT R. DiNINO Assistant Director JOHN F. EDMUNDS Faculty Advisor ARTHUR M. CORY BAND COUNCIL President EDGAR NEWMAN SMITH, JR. First Counselor TOMMY NEAL COWAN Second Counselor WILLIAM DAVID HOWARD Third Counselor JOHN MICHAEL LOHR Fourth Counselor . . KATHY ELLEN LOHR VINCENT R. DiNINO, Director T;: Jin b Mi Da I Is- K Er Cl: H. Pe Q Di li Da Top Row: Arland Lee Actkinson, Frank Eugene Alexander, James M. Allen, Gloria Amescua, Patri- cia Ruth Andersen, Glenn Robert Anderson, Sharon Ann Anderson, William Marcellus Appenbrink. Second Row: Gardner Davis At- kinson, Jr., Allan Ross Baker, William Ray Banks, Truman Jo- seph Barber, Jr., Charles Wallace Barrow, Jr., John Edward Bar- ton, Roy Eugene Bates, Wilfred Chapman Bell. Third Row: James Henry Belt, Terry Lee Belt, Charles Morton Berg, Sue Lynn Blackburn, David Michael Boatright, John War- ren Bode, Jr., Allen Neal Boggs, III, Warren Swain Bollmeier, II. Fourth Row: Lynda Maurine Boyd, Monroe Butch Boyd, Walter Jo- seph Boyer, Mildred Evelyn Branning, Valla Ellen Brewington, Linda Joy Brown, James Lee Burke, Hazel Vernon Burnette. Fifth Row: Barbara Jayn Burrus, Terry Wayne Cadwell, David Buxton Campbell, Ruth Ann Car- nicom, Nancy Carter, Edgar Co- lumbus Cearley, III, Ronald Lowell Chaffin, Gerald Ray Ches- ter. Sixth Row: Barbara June Childs, Mark Edwin Clark, Kermeta Jan Clayton, Vincent Ross Collins, Tommy Neal Cowan, Richard Alan Crisp, Dennis James Crock- er, Karen Gay Cronquist. Seventh Row: Joe Frank Dahl- strom, Clifton Floyd Darby, James A. Daross, Robert Sharp Davis, Jr., Robert Wayne Derrick, Richard Alan Dillard, Mildred Gay Dodson, Walter Henry Du- Bose. Eighth Row: Carol Ann Easter- wood, John Henry Eastty, Tho- mas Haines Edwards, Lee Garland Eilbott, Saundra Jeanne Ellis, Kenneth Charles Emery, John Da- vid Etheredge, Richard Edward Ewing. I Page 472 Paul Alan Antrim Thomas Oakley Baldwin Jim Scott Ballantine Robert Dean Barg Mike Wood Bartlett David Earl Bates Michael Alan Benefiel Charles Fredrick Bernhardt, Jr. Robert Michael Briffett Judye Dian Brunton Edward Thomas Burba Sarah Beth Cavett Maida M. Corder Richard Earle Deweese Clarence William Dittman Hernani Dumlad Peggy Jo Eason Charles Lyman Ellis Brian Dudley Evans Sam Benjamin Evans Denis McCannon Fluker, Jr. William Joseph Gervers Danny Ray Hall MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Bobby Don Hart Harriett Sue Hierth Nancy Lynn Hinton Terry Lynn Hobbs Mary Louise Hollingsworth Jimmie Wayne Hughes Abdon Ibarra Peter Hamilton Johnston Thomas Walter Jones Frank Maben Keathley Donald Spencer Keeble Edmund Bennington Levy Kathy Ellen Lohr Robert Carroll Magers Elaine Patricia Marsch Stephen Edward Martin Donald Hall McQuarie Michelle Mae Moltz Evelyn Duggan Muelder Frank Thomas Phillips Jim Briggs Pruitt, Jr. Stephen Ray Puckett John E. Rash Richard Dale Relyea Robert Mitchell Renz Charles Wilson Reynolds Edgar Earl Rhea, III Sarah Virginia Searight Roland Joe Sierra, Jr. Elizabeth Clynne Simpson Eron Janis Smith Juan S. Solis William Lynn Stanford Jimmy Tyrone Stewart Sylvia E. Thome James R. Traudt Dwight Emerson Urelius Kurt Resig VanSickle J. Curtis Varnell Gerald Michael Walker Janet Carol Whitmire Sandra Beth Wilkins Sally Ann Yarborough Charles Byron JOHN FRANCIS EDMUNDS, Assistant Director QL k O G D - ST , Jk JL AI Top Row: Jimmie Wayne Farris, Jean Elaine Feller, Barbara Ann Fine, James Michael File, Cheryl Ann Fox, Harvey Dale Fuchs, Anne Fugate, Edna Diane Germer. Second Roiv: Robert Bruce Gid- dens, Steven Roger Gideon, Jo- seph Paul Glabasnia, Martha Gail Gleaton, Edward Allan Goforth, Nicolas Gonzalez, Robert Wayne Goodman, Gary Wayne Goodrich, Third Row: David Frank Gracey, Leslie Lynn Gracey, Kenneth Ed- ward Griffin, Larry Wayland Grimm, Richard Arthur Grimmer, III, William Louis Hanks, John Powell Hardesty, Judy Kay Har- mon. Fourth Row: Margie Adelle Har- ris, Steven Terrance Harsch, In- grid Birgenia Haterius, Jo-Carol Hebert, Cynthia Ann Helge, Ig- nacio Hernandez, Lowell Thomas Higgins, James Linton Hilde- brand. Fifth Row: Barbara Ethelda Hol- land, Edwin Leon Holstien, Frank- lin Cardwell Houston, Stephen Douglas Houston, Roddy Melvin Howard, William David Howard, Robert William Hutchison, Arthur Furman Isbell, Jr. Sixth Row: Barbara Jane Jaeggli, Donna Ruth Jenkins, Gaynelle Johnson, James Martin Johnson, James David Joy, Christine Kam- prath, David Kanter, Johnny Mau- rice Kidd. Seventh Row: Emma Lea King, Clem Lee Kirkland, Jr., Linda Beth LaBaume, Larry Eugene Lamberth, Robert Larry Lane, Lo- rin Glenn Larson, Sallie Belt Latham, John H. Laurie. Eighth Row: Martha Jean Lea, Cherrye Carroll Lesesne, Kaylynn Lloyd, Jack Wayne Locke, John Michael Lohr, Marilyn Kay Lun- dell, Merry Eve Makela, Keith A. Math. Page 473 Top Row: Donna Margaret Math- ews, Woodson Robin Matthews, Larry Donald Mayer, Harvey Lee Mayton, Danny Wayne McAngus, George Edward McCally, Mich- ael James McClure, Linda Mc- Davitt, Nancy Kay McGehee. Second Row: Rose Ann Mcllvain, Robert Larry McKenzie, Calvin Jackson McLerran, Pamela Ann Mederios, Paula Dale Meeks, Gor- don Waldon Middleton, James Albert Moneypenny, Brenda Kay Moorhead, Charles James Mott. Third Row: Malcolm George Nel- son, Mary Ann Nelson, Kathryn Louise Newton, Thomas Edward Nunn, Gus Ronald Oldham, Les- ter Mass Oliver, John Xavier Oli- vo, Jane Frances Osborne, Carolyn Owens. Fourth Row: William John Parma, Jr., Lawrence Miller Payne, Carol Jean Perkins, Charles Leslie Per- kins, William K. Perry, David Wayne Peters, David Oliver Pfeil, Thomas David Porter, Bruce Ste- phen Powers. Fifth Row: Forrest Freeman Preece, William Charles Records, Carol Marie Reeb, Beverliann Reed, Pat Reed, Sharon Lizabeth Reed, Darnell Richey, Kent Mor- rison Rider, Richard Coad Rob- inson. Sixth Row: Salvador C. Rodriguez, Jr., Lowie Frances Ryland, Clau- dia Louise Sanders, Alex Santos, Jr., Margaret Ann Savage , Albert Fred Schkade, Jr., Judy Gayle S c h k a d e, Thomas Edward Schmidt, Clifford Emerson Schoone, Jr. Seventh Row: Michael John Schroeder, James Leonard Schwo- bel, Samuel Robert Scroggins, Johnny Frank Seekamp, Jo Ann Shaw, Diane Sue Shrader, Gregory Evans Sims, James Kendall Sims, Douglas Burns Smith. Eighth Row: Edgar Newman Smith, Jr., Edwina Carol Smith, Margaret Smith, Sherry Ann Smith, Louis Leroy Squyres, Jr., Peggy Sharon Stagg, David George Stamman, Doris Ann Stan- ford, Judy Kay Stark. Ninth Row: Chad Buford Starks, Jr., Mary Loretta Starleigh, Mar- vin Joe Stelling, Thomas Francis Stipulkosky, Lynda Kay Strim- ple, Phyllis Sue Swaim, Gloria Kay Swerk, Judith Olga Taylor, Gary Lee Thomasson. Tenth Row: Kathy L. Thompson, Michael Patrick Tierney, Charles Lloyd Turner, Salyer Dick Van- derwerth, Jr., Janis Jo Volkening, C. Gene Voorhees, Wayne Evan Voskamp, Kathryn Curel Wailes, Richard Edmund Waldrep. Eleventh Row: Carol Ann Walters, Edward Patrick Walters, Jr., Jer- ry Wayne Walton, Joseph Fred- erick Warren, Thomas Charles Wascher, Carl Chandler Washing- ton, Anne Leslie Watkins, Gary Wayne Watt. Twelfth Row: Bennie Cecil Whit- ley, Jr., Nathaniel Greene Wil- liams, Melvin Arthur Winters, Michael Bruce Wortham, Fred Graves Wright, Jr., James Michael Wyatt, Joel Frederick Young, Ger- aldine Lee Zayic. Page 474 BAND COUNCIL The Band Council is the student ' s governing organiza- tion in the Longhorn Band. It determines social and finan- cial matters, decides on the lettering of Band members, and along with the Director, sets Band policy. The Council is composed of five voting members and four ex-officio mem- bers. The voting members are the President, First Counse- lor, Second Counselor, Third Counselor, and Fourth Coun- selor. These officers are elected in the late spring and serve for a term of one year. The ex-officio members of the Band Council are the two Freshman Advisors, the president of Tau Beta Sigma and the president of Kappa Kappa Psi. Freshman Advisors plan and direct an orientation program for Band freshmen each fall. They are appointed in the spring by the outgoing and incoming Band Councils. The 1965-1966 Freshman Ad- visors were Emma Lea King and Kent Rider. Left to Right: Edgar Newman Smith, Jr., Tommy Neal Cowan, Wil- liam David Howard, Kathy Ellen Lohr, John Michael Lohr. SECTION LEADERS Front Row: Gerald Michael Walker, Allen Neal Boggs, III, Edwin Leon Holstien, Charles Gene Voorhees, William Louis Hanks, John H. Laurie, Joel Frederick Young, Richard Alan Dillard. Second Row: Jimmy Tyrone Stewart, Bill C. Records, James Henry Belt, James Kendall Sims, Joe Frank Dahlstrom, Albert Fred Schkade, Jr., William Ray Banks, Charles Fredrick Bernhardt, Jr., Third Row: Gardner Davis Atkinson, Jr., Tom- my Neal Cowan, Kent Morrison Rider, Richard Earle Deweese, Charles Lyman Ellis, Edgar Newman Smith, Jr., Clarence William Dittman, Arthur Furman Isbell, Jr. The University of Texas Page 475 TEXAS STARS Left to Right: Mary Ann Nelson, Sallie Belt Elisabeth Latham, Maida Mildred Corder, Gloria Kay Swerk. TWIRLERS Bobby Don Hart, Drum Major Carol Marie Reeb Page 476 KAPPA KAPPA PSI Selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, musician- ship, and service to the band, members of Kappa Kappa Psi, a national honorary fraternity of college bandsmen, serve the Longhorn Band throughout the year. Aside from caring for and transporting the equipment during the foot- ball season, members also host several socials and an an- nual spring banquet. OFFICERS President CHARLES GENE VOORHEES Vice-PTesident JAMES HENRY BELT Secretary JOE FRANK DAHLSTROM Treasurer LARRY DONALD MAYER Sponsor JOHN FRANCIS EDMUNDS SPRING PLEDGES William Ray Banks Charles Fredrick Bernhardt, Jr. Allen Neal Boggs, III Thomas Haines Edwards Lowell Thomas Higgins Malcolm George Nelson Thomas David Porter Richard Goad Robinson Johnny Frank Seekamp Jerry Wayne Walton Members of Kappa Kappa Psi enjoyed one of their meetings held every two weeks. Front Row: Joel Frederick Young, Edwin Leon Holstien, Woodson Robin Matthews, Calvin Jackson McLerran, William Louis Hanks, John Francis Edmunds, Sponsor, Robert Carrol Magers, Richard Alan Dillard, John Edward Rash. Second Row: Clem Lee Kirkland, Jr., Jack Wayne Locke, James Michael Allen, Arland Lee Actkinson, Wilfred Chapman Bell, William Charles Records, James Henry Belt, Charles Gene Voorhees, John Edward Barton. Third Row: Robert William Hutchison, John Maxwell Wilson, James David Joy, Joe Frank Dahlstrom, Edward Patrick Walters, Jr., Clarence William Dittman, Charles Wallace Barrow, Jr., Charles Morton Berg, James Kendall Sims, Bobby Don Hart. Fourth Row: Gary Wayne Goodrich, Harvey Dale Fuchs, Edgar Newman Smith, Jr., Richard Earle Deweese, Charles Lyman Ellis, James Amador Daross, Larry Donald Mayer, Kent Morrison Rider, Tommy Neal Cowan, Arthur Furman Isbell, Jr. Page 477 Front Row: Kathy L. Thompson, Cla udia Louise Sanders, Evelyn Duggan Muelder, Cberrye Carroll Lesesne, Emma Lea King. Second Row: Diane Sue Shrader, Jo Ann Shaw, Anne Fugate, Kathryn Carol Wailes, Carolyn Owens, Michelle Mae Moltz, Margaret Ann Savage, Kathy Ellen Lohr. Third Row: Natalie Kendall, Phyllis Sue Swaim, Nancy Carter, Martha Jean Lea, Sarah Virginia Searight, Barbara Jayn Burrus, Evelyn Mildred Branning. Fourth Row: Lynda Kay Strimple, Ceraldine Lee Zayic, Margaret Smith, Edna Diane Germer, Cheryl Ann Fox, Linda Beth La Baume, Particia Burkes Dougherty, Carol Ann Walters. TAU BETA SIGMA As the counterpart of Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Beta Sigma is a national honorary sorority for college bandswomen. Cited as one of the top ten chapters in the nation at the national convention in Indiana, the local chapter serves the Longhorn Band by assisting with the various activities as- sociated with High School Band Day and with receptions given for visitors and former Longhorn Bandsmen. OFFICERS President CHERRYE CARROLL LESESNE Vice-PTesident TERRY LYNN HOBBS Secretary EVELYN DUGGAN MUELDER Treasurer EMMA LEA KING Historian CLAUDIA LOUISE SANDERS Sponsor MRS. JOHN FRANCIS EDMUNDS During football season, members of Tau Beta Sigma did needed repairs to Longhorn Band uni- forms. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Maida Mildred Corder Cecilia Diane Frampton Doris Nell Goslin Terry Lynn Hobbs Mary Louise Hollingsworth Sallie Belt Latham Linda McDavitt Lydia Melcher Mary Ann Nelson Carol Marie Reeb Peggy Sharon Stagg Anne Leslie Watkins SPRING PLEDGES Kathryn Louise Newton Judy Kay Stark Page 478 ORANGE JACKETS Sophomore and junior women active in campus activ- ities are eligible for membership in Orange Jackets. While serving the University through participation at pep rallies and election commission work, the members also prepared an improved information booklet for foreign students. OFFICERS President MARY ANN MELLENBRUCH V ice-President MANGY LOUISE KOWERT Secretary GAIL SUE MCDOUGLE Treasurer JOAN CAROL AMACKER Contact Chairman JUDITH LOUISE CROOM Contact Chairman MERRY NELL VAN FLEET Sponsor SHIRLEY BIRD PERRY MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Gloria Faye Brown Susan Carol Chaffe Elizabeth Ann Egelhoff Carolyn Hunter Connelle Kelley Judy Kathryn Byrd Elizabeth Clark Grace Juanita Cleaver Carolyn Jean DuBose Olga Jo Garcia Cara Kathryn Mitchell Glenna Margaret Schroeder Sally Eugenia Sneed Theo Wilkes Van Winkle Mary Ann Wycoff SPRING TAPPEES Kathy Ellen Lohr Dot Nelson Eleanor Anne Newton Cheryl Dean Shinbaum Sally Mayvi Whiteside Merry Nell Van Fleet helped Orange Jackets entertain the Chilean students at their reception. Front Row: Judy Ann Gillis, Linda Lee Burk, Sara Virginia Bullock, Jane Arian Haun, Beverly Jean Wright, Meredith Mitchell, Mary Lorene Dennis, Glenda Jo Lazarus, Gail Sue McDougle. Second Row: Judith Louise Croom, Evelyn Phyllis Johnson, Mary Ann Mellenbruch, Mary Anthony Butschek, Eleanor Corless Beasley, Paula Kay Harlan, Teresa L. Wang, Marilyn Frances Friedman, M erry Nell Van Fleet. Third Row: Diana Lynn Boland, Joan Carol Amacker, Jane Marie Schorlemer, Carol Ann Rulfs, Michael Hope James, Janet Irene King, Nancy Bernard, Nancy Louise Kowert, Patricia Burkes Dougherty. Page 479 POSSE A new honorary and spirit organization, Posse offers its members an opportunity to serve The University of Texas, especially the Freshman Class. The Posse carries out the western theme. The members are called Deputies, the pledges are Outlaws, when pledges are tapped they are lassoed, and when they are initiated, they are deputized. The uniform also carries out the western theme. Posse ' s activities this year included promotion of Varsity and Freshman athletics, giving a Christmas party for the students at the Austin State School, and handling all Round- Up publicity. OFFICERS Spring WILEY BARRY ROUNTREE .............. Marshal. ............... WILEY BARRY ROUNTREE DANNY HARVE BLANKS ................ Sheriff .................. DANNY HARVE BLANKS DOT NELSON ..................... Justice of the Peace ....................... DOT NELSON MICHAELE BROWN FRANKS ............ Banker ................. BARBARA GAIL CLIFTON KEITH DENVER MOORE ................ Parson .................. KEITH DENVER MOORE DEPUTIES NOT PICTURED Richard D. Culledge Ann Huddleston Anne Milliard Markley SPRING OUTLAWS Merrill Paul Anderson Sharon Ann Anderson Elizabeth Jane Ballew Lan Chase Bentsen William Reagan Birdwell Judith Lynn Britt Karen Amelia Bynum Louise Noelie Coerver Anthony Field Constant Susan Elaine Cope Kathleen Ann Dimare Jndy K. Dobbs James Thomas Dorsey Dillon James Ferguson Nancy Josephine Fleury Edwin Buster Freedman Jo Ann Giese Carol Beth Goldman Jane Elizabeth Gully Stephen Jay Haney Allen Burroughs Hannay, III Nancy Lynn Haralson Wilburn D. Hilton, Jr. David Crittenden Hooper Gregory Drew Hooser Billy Earl Hunt Robert Thaddeus Jackson John M. Johnston Gray Byron Jolink Joe Bob Kinsel, Jr. Laura Lee Lehmberg Leslie Ann Michel Nick John Milosevich Ronny Olga Norwood Suzanne Porter Victor Joe Rogers Daisy Mary Sloan Deborah Anne Spiva Earl Richard Stewart, III Carolyn Lynsie Stone Susan Ann Swan Robin Jane Thrift Richard Reid Wadsworth, Jr. Gary Wayne Watt Marsha Ann White Barbara Bryn Wycoff Front Row: Judy Ann Gillis, Lynne Adair Beavers, Martha Don Hagan, Judy Karen Ban-field, Kay Copeland, Peggy Ann Gralino, Dianne Rush, Frances Roderick Barnard, Michaele Nan Brown. Second Row: Barbara Gail Clifton, Dorothy Maureen Nelson, Phillip Victor Ladin, Robert Monroe Collie, John Catlett Goodman, Edgar Ashley Smith, Marion Jean Turner, Joel Frederick Young, Mary Ellen White. Third Row: Daniel Benjamin Freundlich, Richard Taylor McMillan, Richard Lee Kimbrough, Philip Howard Fleckman, Wiley Barry Rountree, Keith Denver Moore, William Thomas Belt, Kenneth Courtenay McAlpin, Richard Ray Spears, Dan Harve Blanks. i u fa h u u u n 480 Front Row: Barry Alan Applewhite, Edward Charles Morris, James Eddy Burk, David I. Kuperman, Michael Ray Eledge, John Frank Younger, Jr. Second Row: George Jack Nachman, Tommy Jordan Gentry, Richard Earl Green, Robert Calvin Franks, Richard Earle Helmer, III, Browne Bolts Rice, HI, Joe Christopher Rude, III, Walter Lee Bradley, Stanley Jay Eisenberg, Edward Englander Jacobs. Third Rote: George Mitchell Boyd, Jr., Lester H. Kuperman, Fred Allen Edwards, John Conner Emerson, Bruce William Schnitzer, James Conrad Lederer, Michael S. Lang, Glenn Edwin Staats, David Wood Jefferies, John Lewis Adams. Fourth Row: Oliver Samuel Heard, William Joseph Goodwin, Clif W. Drummond, Menton Joseph Murray, Jr., Richard Joseph Bueltel, Pete S. Lammons, Diron V. Talbert, Presley Howard Chalmers, Jr., William Crawford Farish, Robert Davis Mosby, George Madison Berry. SILVER SPURS Male students recognized for their scholarship, leadership, and service to the University comprise the Silver Spurs. During the year, the Silver Spurs are solely responsible for the care of Bevo, University mascot. Other activities in- clude sponsoring the Aggie Sign Contest, sponsoring the Round-Up Rally, and escorting visiting Sweethea rts and the University Sweetheart nominees. OFFICERS Fall Spring JAMES EDDY BURK President MICHAEL RAY ELEDGE MICHAEL RAY ELEDGE Vice-President SHELLY ALAN WILLS EDWARD CHARLES MORRIS Secretary WILLIAM JOSEPH GOODWIN BARRY ALAN APPLEWHITE Treasurer BARRY HOWARD MARGOLIS WILLIAM EDWIN DENMAN Executive Council JOHN LEWIS ADAMS OLIVER SAMUEL HEARD JAMES EDDY BURK DAVID KUPERMAN DAVID KUPERMAN JOHN FRANK YOUNGER, JR. JOHN FRANK YOUNGER, JR. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Kelly Lynn Baker Frank John Bedrick, III George David Carlock Ernest Harris Cockrell John Milsap Compere John Robert Cope Robert Edwin Denham William Edwin Denman James Simpson Dyer Jim Ray Fletcher Lawrence Turner Franks, Jr. Charles Roger Gipson Thomas Marion Hagan Donald Whitesell Hartman Allison Gale Hasselmeier James Carlton Helms Robert James Huston Donald Mack Johnson Daniel Robert Kirshbaum Charles Stevenson Leeper Maurice Marcus Barry Howard Margolis Jesse Jefferson Moorhead David Knight Northington Knox Dillon Nunnally John Mack Orr Jerry Robert Reed Robert Fleming See, Jr. Edward Clinton Small Charles Dan Talbert Shelly Alan Wills Mark Blumenthal James Eugene Brown Walter Louis Cook, Jr. Ronald Louis Ehrig Ragan Douglas Gennusa SPRING ROWELS Harry Joseph Glauser John Catlett Goodman Jack W. Hanks, Jr. Wilson S. Jaeggli David Joseph Jones Greg Lawrence Lott Christopher Allan Paul Bill C. Records Michael Joseph Roark Eugene Kelly Scott Woodrow W. Scott, Jr. Dick Vermillion Stuart Rollin Weiss Page 481 SPOOKS Sophomore and freshman women who show leadership potential compose Spooks, an honorary spirit and service organization. Membership is composed of three members of each Greek group and twenty-three members selected cam- pus wide. Spooks assisted all University athletic teams at pep rallies and games, served as pages at the Model United Nations, and gave parties for underprivileged children. OFFICERS Spring MARILYN FRANCES FRIEDMAN President CAROL ANN RULFS LINDA BURK V ice-President ELEANOR CORLESS BEASLEY MICHELE CLAIRE MAGILOW Corresponding Secretary SUSAN ELIZABETH EPPS MARY JANE DAVIS Recording Secretary SARA VIRGINIA BULLOCK AUDREY PAGE RIEMER Treasurer. LOUELLA GRACE VINE CLAIR LOUISE GOODNIGHT Spirit MARY KATHRYN ASHWORTH NANCY BERNARD Service JANE BIEDENHARN HARGIS ORA AILEEN BENNETT Faculty Sponsor ORA AILEEN BENNETT FALL SPOOKLETS NOT PICTURED Susan Elaine Cope Carol Sue Click Paula Dale Meeks Margaret Leigh Pace Sidneye Carol Trulock Esther Jeanne Wright SPRING SPOOKLETS Suzan Gail Bell Mary Gloria Bond Carolyn Sue Cannamore Selena Cauble Correll Rebecca Dobie Barbara Dianne Douglas Madeleine Draeger Dianne Duncan Nancy Jean Ellison Leslie Sue Fierman Linda Carroll Hines Candy Elizabeth Hurd Angela Greer Kennon Sharon Kay Lands Susan Beth Long Patricia Jan Ludeman Cheryl Elaine O ' Bannion Meryl Phyllis Slipakoff Gail Patricia Weyel Front Row: Nancy Bernard, Ora Aileen Bennett, Marilyn Frances Friedman, Linda Lee Burk, Claire Louise Goodnight, Teresa Leigh Wang. Second Row: Michele Claire Magilow, Candy Beanland, Ronni Joy Weksler, Mary Jane Davis, Carol Ann Mor- row. Third Row: Judith Anne Hutchison, Donna Lynne Harlan, Jackie Maxine Kimbrough, Judy Anne Amacker, Edna Candace Cauthorn, Ruth Elizabeth Land, Emma Lea King. Fourth Row: Patricia Isbel Price, Betty Burrows, Antoinette Bra- cher, Kate Tany Flack, Maria Renola, Jo Ann Shaw, Jan Baldwin. Fifth Row: Lynda Joyce Cook, Betty Jean Devereaux, Eleanor Anne Newton, Mary Melissa Gossett, Mary Macreeda Watson, Linda Barclay Ratzlow, Leslie Vida Stephen, Brownie Sue Cashion. Page 482 afe Carol Ann Rulfs, left, president for the spring semester, accepted the gavel from Marilyn Friedman, fall president. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Lana Jo Ball Michaele Nan Brown Judy Kathryn Byrd Marva La Gean Douglas Vicky Saundra Kirk Margaret Elizabeth Lain Diane Rochelle Lequeux Elizabeth Ann Littlejohn Diane Jane Mehl Mary Ann Nelson Audrey Page Riemer Susan Phyllis Urquhart Peggy Sue Utay Roma Theresa Weaver Gretchen Craven Williams Spooks held their annual reception for the international students in the Ex-Students ' Association building. Front Roiv: Mary Kathryn Ashworth, Ora Aileen Bennett, Carol Ann Rulfs, Eleanor Corless Beasley, Jane Biedenharn Har- gis, Susan Elizabeth Epps. Second Row: Cheryl Dean Shinbaum, Sara Virginia Bullock, Ronni Joy Weksler, Kathy Ellen Lohr, Louella Grace Vine, Judy Ann Gillis. Third Row: Sallye Frances Whitener, Virginia Ellen Grille, Mary Lynne Durlam, Peggy Lynn Clements, Nancy Carol Hewitt, Carol Beth Goldman, Elizabeth Ann Houston, Ricki Annette Bernstein, Laura Ann Oz- inmi. Fourth Row: Lucy Carolyn Hinton, Dianne Rush, Julia Fu Shaw, Ann Cathryn Baird, Patricia Kay Anselin, Nancy Josephine Fleury, Linda McDavitt, Karen Hope Hawkins. Fifth Row: Hilaire Michelle Girard, Alice Naomi Wilson, Robin G. Hunt, Cheryl Lynn Blair, Priscilla Ruth Jordan, Carol Marie Foster, Patricia Jane Wiggins, Ricki Lynn Jackson. Page 483 TEXAS COWBOYS Founded in 1922, the Texas Cowboys aims to promote spirit and to serve the University. An honorary men ' s or- ganization, it selects members on the basis of leadership, scholarship, character and campus service. The annual Cowboy Minstrels and the Round-Up Barbecue were among this year ' s featured service events. OFFICERS Fall Spring LUTHER DANIEL PRESCOTT Foreman FRANCIS PATRICK HADLOCK WILLIAM EUGENE MITCHELL Straw Boss PLATT WALKER DAVIS, III MIKE EUGENE GAMMON Camp Cook. WILLIAM CHARLES COBB DAVID RAYMOND PARKER Shotgun DAVID TUXWORTH ROARK RICHARD ROMO Horsewrangler JOE EDWARD LEA MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Marion Corry Adams James A. Bannerol Charles Richard Barnhill Ronald Davis Bandy James Harold Bell Steven Lloyd Bercu Joel Lynn Brame Christopher Davis Bray Clarence Vaughn Bray Gary Everett Bushell Tommy Drew Cauthorn Hubbard Scott Caven Leslie Alfred Derrick Donald Lewis Evans Philip Fleckman William James Galbreath Barney Lewis Giles Jarrold Alan Glazer Phillip Leon Harris Kevin Holcomb Jack LeRoy Howe, Jr. David Carlock Hull, Jr. Richard Lee Kimbrough Ernest Melvin Koy Marvin Christopher Kristynik James Adrian Kuch William Ronald Mahoney William Eugene Mitchell Keith Denver Moore David Walter Nelson Robert Allen Nelson Charles Thomas Newton Tommy Henry Nobis Clyde K. Oldham George Allen Overstreet, Jr. Patrick Oxford Roger William Page, Jr. Donald Douglas Patteson Luther Daniel Prescott Ned Price, Jr. Donald Ray Rector Richard Donald Ruggles Robert Allen Sewell Temple Cunningham Stark Tom Allen Stockton Joe Bill Watkins Alfred Earl White, Jr. George Wesley Works, III Charles Joseph Worrel Front Row: William Charles Cobb, Peter Richard Coneway, John Harold Perel, Dan Adolf Fleckman, Joe Edward Lea, Jr., John Gregg Middleton, Robert Leland Hattan, Thomas Alan Graves. Second Row: Huntington Spann Swanson, Thomas Francis Hill, Michael Eugene Gammon, Platt Walker Davis, III, Robert Charles Ittner, James Calhoun Langdon, Jr., Mark Lafayette Hart, Bennett Joe Glazer, Francis Patrick Hadlock. Third Row: Richard Romo, Robert Lewis Harbison, Pete Ethridge, Henry Weldon Fielder, David Michael Gregory, Gareth W. Cook, Jon Grant Ford, David Tuxworth Roark, Tommy Neal Cowan. Page 484 ACTIVE CLUBS Not represented in this section Alpha Epsilon Rho Alpha Sigma American Finance Association American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers American Meteorological Society Art Students Association Association for Childhood Education Baptist Student Union Beta Alpha Sigma Brethern Student Fellowship Campus Crusade for Christ Canterbury Association Chi Epsilon Pi Chinese Student Association Commercial Art Students League Dallas UT Club Delta Nu Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Delta Pi Epsilon Deseret Club Eta Sigma Phi der Eulenspiegelverein Gamma Theta Upsilon Hellenic Circle of U. T. Hogg Debating Society Indian Students Association Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Insurance Society Intercollegiate Forensics International Friendship Club Iranian Students Association Kappa Beta Pi Laredo Club Law Bachelor ' s Clubbe Longhom Christian Fellowship Mu Phi Epsilon Omega Chi Epsilon Page 485 ACTIVE CLUBS CONTINUED Omicron Delta Epsilon Organization of Arab Students Organization for Students of Objectivism Order of Alcalde Phi Alpha Theta Pi Delta Phi Pi Epsilon Tau Pi Kappa Lambda Pi Lambda Theta Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Tau Sigma Professional Fraternity Council Psi Chi Representative Party Rho Chi Royal Spirit Committee Rusk Rayburn Debating Society Semper Fidelas Society Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sigma Gamma Tau Sigma Kappa Upsilon Nu Kappa Sigma Simkins Epicurean Association Social Welfare Club Society of American Military Engineers Students for a Democratic Society Tau Sigma Delta Texas Society of Professional Engineers University Chess Club University Club University Religious Council University Speleological Society University Socialist Committee University of Texas Anthropological Society UT Economics Society UT Pre Law Club UT Real Estate Society UT Skin and Scuba Diving Club UT Sky Divers UT Society of Engineering Science UT Student Landman ' s Association Varsity Band Wesley Foundation Young Americans for Freedom Young Democrats Page 486 ATHLETICS ! tti I VARSITY 487 FRESHMAN 537 INTRAMURALS 543 Memorial Stadium ATHLETICS Edited by Alice Kay Hartong Page 487 DARRELL K. ROYAL Athletic Director JACK COLEMAN PATTERSON Assistant Athletic Director J. NEILS THOMPSON Chairman ATHLETIC COUNCIL JOE B. FRANTZ KNOX NUNNALLY WILLIAM T. GUY WALLY SCOTT FRANCIS R. HODGE STUART P. WRIGHT JOHN B. HOLMES ORVILLE WYSS Page 488 D - LUNDSTEDT, Business Manager, ALFRED Associate Business Manager, WILLIAM F. ERMEL Ad mmistrative Assistant. JO ANN HAMMER, Senior Secretary, checked schedule of events with Mike Gammon and Bob Inner. INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS LAN L. HEWLETT, Counselor, conferred with David Conway and Barney Giles concerning their degree programs. RUTH ESTELLE GOLD, Executive Assistant, and BLANCHE RHODES Administrative Secretary, received an autographed Bevo from Ragan Gennusa and Ed Small. Not pictured: DOROTHY KEYS, Senior Secretory Page 489 BEHIND THE SCENES JONES RAMSEY, Sports News Director, scanned a news release with Phil Harris, Diron Talbert and John Elliott. ORLAND L. SIMS, Assistant Sports News Director, inspected the conditions at Clark Field with James Scheschuk, Buddy Young and Gary Moore. DONNA JO BRADFORD, Senior Secretary, ALTA MOORE, Administrative Secretary, and SHARLENE RUF, Senior Secretary, located and typed player forms for Frank Bedrick, Tom Stockton and Preston Davis. DR. PAUL RICHMOND, Team Physician, examined Kelly Baker for an arm injury. JANE GILCOAT, Food Service Supervisor, prepared food for eager athletes Marvin Kristynik, Fred Edwards and Pete Lammons. GERRY FLEMING and INA GENELLE VOELKER, Accounting Clerks, took a break with Tommy Nobis and Les Derrick. JAMES V. BLAYLOCK, Athletic Equipment Supervisor, relaxed with Randy Bishop, Greg Lott and Jack Howe in the ' Horn ' s dressing room. Left to Right: CHARLOTTE CHAPMAN, DOT NELSON, SAM BASHARA, DAN BURLESON, JAY BRIM, TERRY PARKER, LYNNE STOLTENBERG and GINGER BERNARD. JAY BRIM, Head Cheerleader 1965-66 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS This year ' s cheerleading squad was led by Jay Brim, a pre-law major from Sulphur Springs. The other 1965-1966 Cheerleaders are Sam Bashara, a sophomore business ad- ministration major from Wichita Falls; Ginger Bernard, a junior education major from Bellaire; Dan Burleson, first- year law student from Austin; Charlotte Chapman, junior education major from Liberty; Dot Nelson, sophomore math major from Galveston; Terry Parker, a junior business ad- ministration major from Austin and Lynne Stoltenberg, junior education major from Midland. Page 492 VARSITY FOOTBALL - 1965 Statistics . . Page 673 Texas 31 SCORES Tulane Texas 33 Texas Tech 7 Texas 27 Indiana 12 Texas 19 Oklahoma Texas 24 Arkansas 27 Texas 17 Rice 20 Texas 14 SMU 31 Texas 35 Baylor 14 Texas 10 TCU 25 21 Texas A M 17 Page 493 THE 1965 Front Row: Coach Mike Campbell, Coach Jim Pittman, Gene Powell, Scott Boyd, John Elliott, Chris Bray, Chachie Owens, Wesley Barnes, David Conwayft Earl Hudson, Gary Moore, Johnny Cain. Second Row: Manager Dennis Simons, Eddie Vaughan, Barney Giles, Gene Bledsoe, Charles Echols, Tommy Loeff . ler, Rusty Workman, Randy Hudson, Terry Boothe, Alan Lee, Pete Gallaher, Dwain James. Back Row: Manager- Richard Spellmann, Joel Brame, Ronnie Ehrigji Les Derrick, James Brooks, Wade Key, John Runge, Clyde Johnson, Howard Fest, Mike Horak, Butch Hubbard, Ralph Cooper, Tom Hill. CHARLES N. SHIRA BILLY M. ELLINGTON WILLIE F. ZAPALAC JAMES N. PITTMAN RUSSELL W. COFFEE- WILLIAM MIKE CAMPBELL Pa-e 494 %5 LONGHORNS - 1 ;:, 14 Ehrig Front flow: Mike Dworaczyk, Diron Talbert, Tom Stockton, Marvin Kristynik, Pete Lammons, Tommy Nobis, Jack Howe, Frank Bedrick, Phil Harris. Second Row: Manager Jay Ward, Danny Bigbie, Randy Bishop, Pat Harkins, Bob Stanley, Jim Helms, .Fred Ed wards, Ronny Landry, Leonard Robison, Kelly Baker, Ed Small, Coach Charlie Shira, Coacn Bill Ellington. Back Row: David Davis, Glenn Steinle, Greg Lott, Linus Baer, Jerry Pritchard, Thomas Harp- er, Richard Kimbrough, Jim Leahy, Mike Rose, Ralph Senior, Gary Shaw, Manager Joe Doenges, Head Coach Darrell Royal. SEASON SUMMARY With 12 lettermen returning from the fifth rated team in the nation and Orange Bowl champion of last year, the Longhorns were again picked to have another fine season. The team was inexperienced in many spots, but the first four games failed to reveal any apparent weaknesses. Then came the game of the year, when on an overcast day in Fayetteville the ' Horns tasted their first defeat. In quick succession came losses to Rice and SMU, and the team seemed to have lost the fire it had for the first half of the season. Baylor was next, and the ' Horns could do nothing wrong; TCU followed, and they could do nothing right. The season ended with a fulfilled Turkey Day wish the defeat of Texas A M making it a 6-4 season. DARRELL ROYAL, Head Coach Page 495 TOMMY NOBIS ALL-AMERICAN The most honored footballer in the University ' s history, Tommy Nobis of San Antonio has again shown that Texas has the best. This year Tommy received the Outland Award as the Nation ' s Outstanding Lineman, the Maxwell Trophy as the Top College Footballer, both the Washington, D. C. and the Columbus TD Clubs ' Trophy for Outstanding Line- man, along with his second selection as the UPI ' s Consensus All-American and his third selection as All-Southwest Conference. Bedrick Howe Kristynik OUTSTANDING LONGHORNS FRANK BEDRICK All Southwest Conference Clyde Littlefield Award JACK HOWE All Southwest Conference Longhorn Club Sportsmanship Award Travis County Exes Scholarship Award MARVIN KRISTYNIK D. Harold Byrd Leadership Award (team vote) D. X. Bible Team Spirit Award (team vote) PETE LAMMONS All Southwest Conference TOM STOCKTON Recognition Award DIRON TALBERT All Southwest Conference Lammons Stockton Talbert Page 497 1965 VARSITY! RESERVE AWARD Terry Eugene Boothe James Edward Brooks Johnny Owen Cain Howard Arthur Fest Ragan Gennusa James Patrick Harkins Charles Marion Holman Lawson Humphrey Hubbard Earl Dee Hudson David Wood Jefferies James Russell Leahy Jerry Mac Pritchard Leonard Joseph Robinson Ralph Stephens Senior SOPHOMORE MANAGERIAL AWARD Joe Doenges Dennis Simons Richard McKeen Spellman LINUS LEE BAER Sophomore Back KELLY LYNN BAKER Sophomore End FRANK JOHN BEDRICK Senior Guard H. EUGENE BLEDSOE Junior Tackle JOEL LYNN BRAME Sophomore Guard DAVID A. CONWAY Junior Kicking Specialist LESLIE ALFRED DERRICK Junior Back FRED ALLEN EDWARDS Junior Linebacker RONALD LOUIS EHRIG DARRELL JOHN ELLIOTT Sophomore Back Junior Tackle PETER K. GALLAHER Sophomore Back BARNEY LEWIS GILES Junior End HOWARD LYNN GOAD Junior Tackle THOMAS HARPER Sophomore Tackle PHILLIP LEON HARRIS Senior Back Page 498 LETTERMEN MARVIN C. KRISTYNIK Senior Back, Leadership and Team Spirit Award B JAMES CARLTON HELMS JACK LeROY HOWE, JR. Junior Back Senior Center PETE S. LAMMONS, JR. Senior End RONALD PAUL LANDRY Junior Guard ROBERT JAMES LEACH Sophomore Back GREGORY L LOTT Sophomore Back GARY DOUGLAS MOORE Junior Back TOMMY HENRY NOBIS Senior Guard CHARLES R. OWENS Sophomore Back ROBERT F. STANLEY Sophomore Center THOMAS ALLEN STOCKTON Senior Bac k WILLIAM D. SULLIVAN Sophomore End DIRON V. TALBERT Junior Tackle EDWARD CLINTON SMALL Sophomore End JAY WARD Senior Managerial Award Page 499 Kelly Baker hauled in the first ' Horn interception of the season for a 7 yard gain. TEXAS 31 - TULANE Capitalizing on frequent Tulane mistakes and a stout Texas defense, the Longhorns opened the season with a 31-0 victory. The first score for Texas was a 29 yard field goal booted by David Conway. Next, Ronnie Ehrig covered a Tulane fumble, and it was first and goal for the Steers at the Tulane 5. Marvin Kristynik went over for the score and Conway ' s successful conversion made the score 10-0 at the half. In the second half, Pete Lammons covered a Tulane fumble and five plays later Tom Stockton went over from the 2. Again, Conway ' s extra point was good. The third Texas touchdown was set up on a 52 yard run by Linus Baer. After a five play drive, Baer went over from the three, Conway ' s kick brought the score to 24-0 with only half of the third quarter expired. The final score came when Baer took a pitchback from Greg Lott and then passed 17 yards to Les Derrick. Conway ' s extra point made the final score 31-0. Sweeping the right side, Linus Baer went in for the third touchdown of the night. Page 500 iEO ssg f r Phil Harris slammed into Tech line for first down. On an aerial from Greg Lott, Pete Lammons carried 29 yards to the Tech four. TEXAS 33 - TECH 7 A capacity crowd of over 65,000 filled Memorial Stadium to see an expected close match between the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the ' Horns of UT. Backing up a fine offensive squad, the Texas defense held the Raiders to only one touchdown. Texas scored first with a 30 yard pass-lateral play from Marvin Kristynik to Pete Lammons to Les Der- rick. Derrick also made the second score for Texas, by taking a 12 yard pass from Kristynik. In the second half, Tom Stockton carried the ball over from the 1 yard line. This was followed by scoring runs of three yards by Greg Lott and four yards by Chachie Owens. The Texas defense, led by Tommy Nobis, held Tech ' s Donny Anderson to a short 17 yards, allowing the Raiders only 7 points and that in the last quarter. Aside from the rain and the countless umbrellas, the only regret Texas fans had was the break in David Conway ' s record of 32 extra point kicks. The final score was 33-7. TEXAS 27- INDIANA 12 With an unblemished 2-0 record, Texas met the Indiana Hoosiers in the first real contest of the season. Taking over after an Indiana punt, the Longhorns marched 66 yards. Marvin Kristynik ' s passing was on target and on the first drive, his passes to Les Derrick and Pete Lammons took the Steers to the 2-yard line. Phil Harris then took a pitch out wide and scored with Conway adding his usual extra point. The Hoosiers bounced back in the second period to score 6. Taking the kickoff, the Steers moved 73 yards behind Stockton ' s carries with Harris taking it in for his second touchdown. Conway added his second extra point. Texas possessed the ball one more time before the half and with Greg Lott in control, they moved 67 yards in five plays. The big play here was Harris ' s 50 yard scamper to the 18. Stockton then took it over from the 1 with the half ending at 21-6. The second half was all defense except for a scoring thrust for each team. Indiana scored on a 63 yard pass, and Texas countered with a 43 yard kickoff return by Chachie Owens and three Kristynik passes. Conway ' s third kick made the final score 27-12. On a quarterback keeper, Greg Lott rolled right looking for receivers down- field. Frank Bedrick, John Elliott, Diron Talbert, Bill Sullivan and Tommy Nobis crashed Indiana ' s line after an Indiana fumble. Page 502 Marvin Kristynik jumped the OU line for a first down. TEXAS 19 - OKLAHOMA With its strong and solid defense, Texas was never seri- ously pressed, but the resisting Sooners did their best to make the Longhorns work for their 19-0 victory. Texas ' David Conway scored a field goal and a touch- down in the second and fourth quarters. In the first half, the Longhorns were within easy scoring distance four times and had only three points to show for their efforts. Towards the end of the first half, Marvin Kristynik ' s passing set up the first touchdown, which he carried over from the 1. The extra point failed, leaving the score 9-0 at the half. The third quarter was scoreless, but Oklahoma made a first down and drove to the Texas 24 before fumbling. The Longhorn defensive wall allowed the Sooners to cross midfield only twice. The first score in the last quarter, a field goal by Conway, ended a drive which started at the Texas 24. With less than 90 seconds left in the game, Greg Lott passed to Kelly Baker for 11 yards and the last touchdown. Conway ' s kick made the final score 19-0. Page 503 Gene Bledsoe and Kelly Baker opened the line for Tom Stockton ' s 2 yard dive on a hamloff from Marvin Kristynik. Les Derrick was on the receiving end of a 44 yard pass from Marvin Kristynik. TEXAS 24 - ARKANSAS 27 What was termed by many as the greatest game of the year was nothing more than a heartbreak for a Texas team who fought valiantly to a narrow loss, 27-24. The Razorbacks scored 20 points before the Longhorns caught fire and began to fight back. The first points for Texas came with David Conway ' s 23 yard field goal. Later in the second quarter, Marvin Kristynik added 6 points when he took the ball in from the 1. Greg Lott added 2 points, and the half ended, Texas 11 Arkansas 20. As the second half began, the determined Longhorns fought for scores. Conway booted his second field goal and Kristynik scored a touchdown to tie the score. Conway added the point to make it Texas 21 Arkansas 20, with 10:48 left on the clock. Conway again hit for another three points, but Arkansas made its comeback and the game ended Texas 24 Arkansas 27. TEXAS 17 - RICE 20 It was an exciting game; but when a 24 point underdog wins, the loser is stunned. Tommy Nobis intercepted a Rice pass to kill one drive, but the Owls soon bounced back with a field goal set up by a Texas fumble. Phil Harris returned the ensuing Rice kick- off 54 yards to the Owl 31. The Longhorns edged closer setting up Robert Leach ' s score and David Conway ' s PAT. Marvin Kristynik ' s pass to Ragan Gennusa in the second period added another 6 points and ended a 53 yard drive. With Conway ' s conversion, the Steers led 14-3 at the end of the first half. With 3:50 left in the third quarter, a pass interception by Gary Moore led to a field goal by Conway. Conway ' s three points ended Texas ' scoring, however, and the Owls won the game 20-17. On a left side sweep, Les Derrick was " hooked " by a Rice Owl. Robert Leach scored behind Frank Bedrick ' s crushing block. Page 505 TEXAS 14 - SMU 31 Costly errors against a fighting SMU team gave the Longhorns their third straight defeat of the season. Although the Texas offense was unable to score in the first half, its defensive unit did all it could to cover up mistakes and hold the Mustangs to a 10-0 lead at half time. With the start of the second half, things looked a bit brighter. Barney Giles deflected an SMU punt on the SMU 17; and in a few plays, Longhorn Robert Leach went over from the 3. The try for two failed leaving the score 10-6. David Conway ' s punts were an asset, but not enough to keep SMU from scoring 14 points after Leach ' s touchdown Texas fought back with an 80 yard passing drive led by quarterback Greg Lott, which he successfully ended by scoring from the 7. He added 2 extra points on a pass to Pete Lammons. SMU added more misery for the Longhorns when they scored again making the final score 31-14. The referee told the story in this carry by Robert Leach. Texas defense, led by Tommy Nobis, appeared adequate in holding SMU for no gain. Page 506 tin tie Wsr up itime, at over Ad hy s to Pete Chachie Owens broke through Baylor line behind Ronnie Landry ' s block. Snatching his third touchdown pass, Pete Lammons set a new Texas record three touchdown passes in one game. TEXAS 35 - BAYLOR 14 Breaking three records and using the forward pass as a major weapon, the Longhorns broke their three game losing streak by defeating Baylor 35-14. Texas did all its scoring the first half; Baylor, the second half. Marvin Kristynik threw the ball three times for 71 yards and three touchdowns setting a school record. Pete Lammons caught five passes, three of which were touch- downs, setting another UT record. Kristynik ' s three r touch- down passes plus one by Greg Lett set the third record for the Steers. Fred Edwards set up the first Kristynik-Lammons touch- down when he intercepted a Baylor pass. Conway added the extra point. Another Kristynik-Lammons pass accounted for the second score with a Conway conversion. A pass to Les Derrick for 46 yards made it 21-0 after Conway ' s kick. Bill Sullivan covered a Bear fumble, and soon after, Greg Lott scored and Conway ' s kick was good. Next, Sullivan intercepted a Baylor pass; then a Lott to Lammons pass and Conway ' s kick made it 35-0. The UT pass defense was effective with several inter- ceptions including two by Pete Gallaher. Other outstanding defensive men included: John Elliott, Barney Giles, Tommy Nobis, Diron Talbert, Gary Moore and Ronnie Ehrig. The Longhorns took advantage of the breaks offered them and came out on top, 35-14. Page 507 Combining forces, Tom Stockton took Marvin Kristynik ' s handoff for 7 yards. Jim Helms picked up a first down on a successful sweep. TEXAS 10 - TCU 25 TCU ' s unexpected use of the field goal and pass, coupled with fatal mistakes by the Longhorns, gave the Steers their fourth defeat of the season. Texas opened the game with a 52-yard loss, then David Conway made his eighth field goal of the season. TCU kicked two field goals (one set ' up by a UT fumble), and the half ended with the Steers trailing 6-3. The Longhorns started the second half, like the first, with a rush. They took a TCU punt, drove 63 yards, and scored the game ' s first touchdown. The moving force was Tom Stockton who finally took the ball over from the 1 with Conway adding the extra point. TCU followed by recovering three Texas fumbles and intercepting a Texas pass and scor- ing on all four counts to give them the edge in scoring, 25-10. TEXAS 21 - TEXAS A M 17 In a game many said was a copy of the ' 63 conflict, the Longhorns had to rally in the second half to defeat the Aggies at College Station. The game can be divided into two parts first half all A M, and second half all Texas. The first 30 minutes Texas could do nothing right, and A M nothing wrong. A M scored first on a history mak- ing bounce-lateral pass that covered 91 yards. Shaken by this, the Texas defense could not get together and the Ag- gies led at half, 17-0. Texas came back in the second half, setting up the first score when Gary Moore intercepted a pass and returned it to the Aggie 34. Four plays later, Pete Lammons took a Marvin Kristynik pass in for 6. The 2 point try failed. After an exchange of punts, Texas marched 80 yards be- hind great catches by Les Derrick and Lammons. Jim Helms went the last 5 yards and the 2 point try by Linus Baer was good. The final score came on a 55 yard drive capped by Helms scoring his second touchdown. Conway ' s extra point gave Texas its 50th win over A M, 21-17. Page 508 David Conway added the last point of the season in a 21-17 victory over A M. Page 509 FRANK MEDINA Head Trainer Famous for his training program, Frank Medina, prepared boys in the conditioning and therapy of athletes for future positions as trainers. TRAINERS Robert Carroll Ballew Charles Clay Doyle Ronald Gayle Early Terry William Hale William Warren Lene Miehael Edward O ' Shea Murl Edward Smith Joe William Street MANAGERS Jimmy Lee Ball Joseph Harry Doenges Danny Loyd Millaway Dennis Steele Simons Richard McKean Spellmann Towing equipment and keeping it in good condition for practice sessions and games is one of the responsibilities of the managers. JAY WARD Senior Manager Page 510 Ife _ - V CAPTAIN BOB TTTNER COACH HAROLD BRADLEY VARSITY BASKETBALL 1965-66 ' Statistics . . . page 673 NON-CONFERENCE GAMES Texas 99 Texas Wesleyan 79 Texas 80 Mississippi 71 Texas 66 L.S.U. 76 Texas 56 Oklahoma State 51 Texas 64 Nebraska 75 Texas 80 Memphis State 72 Texas 71 Northwestern 73 Texas 80 Seattle 95 Texas 77 California 82 Texas 95 , Howard Payne 83 CONFERENCE GAMES Texas 94 Rice Texas 78 S.M.U. Texas 74 Baylor Texas 82 Arkansas Texas 57 Texas A M Texas 87 Texas Tech Texas 77 T.C.U. Texas 110 Texas A M Texas 85 T.C.U. Texas 86 Texas Tech Texas 91 Rice Texas 69 S.M.U. Texas 74 Arkansas Texas 71 Baylor 85 99 89 93 64 74 75 82 77 117 82 71 70 Page 511 DALE DOTSON Guard, Junior Letterman BILLY ARNOLD Guard, Sophomore Letterman MINTON WHITE Forward, Junior Letterman All SWC, Second Team NOEL STOUT CHARLEY TURNBOUGH MICKEY WHITE Forward, Junior Forward, Junior Forward, Senior Letterman Letterman Letterman MICKEY WHITE Front Row: JOE STREET, head varsity manager and TONY RYLANDER, assistant varsity manager; Middle Row: BILL MANTZEL, freshman manager and ART BRENDER, assistant varsity manager. Top Row: LARRY FRANKS, student coach, JOHN PAUL FULTZ, freshman basketball coach. 300 CLUB Page 512 BASKETBALL BO ROTHCHILD GARY OVERBECK BOB ITTNER Guard, Junior Center, Sophomore Forward, Senior Letterman Letterman Letterman Not pictured PAUL OLIVIER Forward, Senior Letterman LARRY LAKE Forward, Sophomore Letterman MIKE GAMMON Guard, Junior Letterman ANDEJ, Um hfca LEON BLACK, Assistant Coach HAROLD BRADLEY, Head Coach SEASON SUMMARY The Southwest Conference saw the 1965-66 season draw to a close with The University of Texas holding a tie for fourth place. Participating in both conference and non-con- ference skirmishes, the ' Horns finished with a 12-12 season record and a 7-7 record in the Conference. Picked seventh in a pre-season poll, Texas posted a 7-3 record in the second semester of the school year. This come- back pulled the record to 50-50 after a 5-9 mark (including a 1-4 conference mark) in the first semester. The Long- horns had a backwards season, having a better Southwest Conference record on the road (4-3) than at Gregory Gym- nasium (3-4). For the full season, the record shows 5-5 at home and 7-7 on the road. High spots this season were the big road wins against Texas Tech 87-74 and a record-setting victory against Texas A M 110-82. In non-conference action, with four of the three-year starters gone, Coach Harold Bradley picked no permanent starters. The cagers collected two quick wins at the start of the season and then dropped the next five out of seven be- fore starting Southwest Conference play. The four high scorers for Texas were Mickey White, Dale Dotson, Noel Stout, and Paul Olivier; White and Dotson making the 300 point club. Graduation will take three play- ers Center Mickey White, Guard Paul Olivier and Captain Bob Ittner, all important performers. Page 513 ' HORNS SIGHT SCORES Mickey White dunked two points on a driving lay-up. Versatile Paul Olivier out-jumped rival to boost the Texas score. Page 514 Minton White moved in to sink for two. Agile Dale Dotso n eluded Rebels for score. Page 515 Team work and ability are Longhorn traditions practiced by Bob Ittner, Noel Stout and Mike Gammon . Paul Olivier stretched high to tip ball as teammates Minton White and Charley Turnbough ready for action. Page 516 r RICHARD ROMO PRESTON DAVIS TRI-CAPTAINS TOMMY KEENE VARSITY TRACK - 1966 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS March 5 .... Texas, Rice, Texas A M at College Station March 12 Border Olympics at Laredo March 19 West Texas Relays at Odessa March 26 Corpus Christi Meet at Corpus Christi April 1-2 Texas Relays at Austin April 7 .... Texas, Baylor, SMU, Texas A M at Dallas April 15 Texas, North Texas, Texas A M at Austin April 22-23 Kansas Relays at Lawrence, Kansas April 29-30 Drake Relays at Des Moines, Iowa May 6-7 Southwest Conference Meet at Austin Statistics Page 673 Page 517 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE Kneeling: James Means Jr., John Elick, Stephen Shopoff, Jack Ridley, Jr. Standing: Mark King, Donald Parkhurst, Ken Sunderland, Brian Woolsey, William Strong, Chuck Frawley, Sidney Sowers, George Luttrell. CLEBURNE PRICE, Assistant Coach JACK PATTERSON, Head Coach LETTERMEN Walter Edwin Belt Preston Clark Davis Charles Carey Frawley Lawrence Edmund Gilbert Thomas Dale Keene Mark King Stephen Ellis Langham James Horatio Means Robert Keene O ' Bryan Donald Ray Parkhurst John William Perry Delbert Wade Roe Richard Romo Steve Edward Sansom Sidney Michael Sowers William Reese Strong Ken George Sunderland David Farnsworth Webb Brian Reed Woolsey RESERVE AWARDS Robert Corson John Vincent Elick Michael Hennen George Ray Luttrell Stephen Robert Shopoff Ivan Douglas Trent Phil Fleckman, Sophomore Managerial Award Pace 518 TRACK CHAMPIONS T m Kneeling: Steve Langham, Steve Sansom, Bob O ' Bryan, Robert Corson, David Webb. Standing: Doug Trent, Tommy Keene, Delbert Roe, Larry Gilbert, Mike Hennen, Preston Davis, Billy Arnold, Richard Romo, John Perry. Manager Donald Goldman and Trainer Ken Murray check travelling equip- ment. Not pictured: Phil Fleckman, manager. - Page 519 SEASON SUMMARY Paced by distance stars Richard Romo and Preston Davis the Texas Longhorns upset the Rice Owls to win their first conference track and field championship since 1961. The smashing victory under the Memorial Stadium lights climaxed a season that saw the Texas Relays splashed with Orange for the first time in several years. The Longhorns were voted the outstanding team trophy and Davis the out- standing individual of the Texas Relays. Davis and his mates won the sprint medley and two-mile relay eve nts at the 39th Texas Relays. It was strictly a team effort in the Southwest Conference. When Steve Sansom won the high hurdles in a major upset (it was his first win of the year after a career plagued with injuries) the tide turned to Orange and White. Romo estab- lished a new record in the mile run and Davis posted a new standard in the 880. Romo came back to double in the three-mile and Davis ran an outstanding leg on the mile relay to clinch the conference title. At the close of the college season the UT two-mile relay team of David Webb, Bob O ' Bryan, Romo and Davis posted a new school record of 7:18.6 at the Coliseum Relays while chasing Southern California to a new record Richard Romo, Ken Sunderland and Brian Woolsey made a clean sweep of the SWC three-mile run. Preston Davis raced te a school and SWC record with a finish of 1 :48.9 in the half-mile run. Page 520 Steve Sansom showed the form that won him a SWC victory in the 120 high hurdles. Bob O ' Bryan led in a two-mile relay victory over Oklahoma state. Mark King vaulted to a new school record of 16-0%. Page 521 TEXAS TOOK TEXAS RELAYS At the conclusion of the Texas Relays, Bob O ' Bryan, Preston Davis, Richard Romo and Don Parkhurst posed with the trophy presented to Preston Davis as the " Outstanding Performer. " Toby Belt concentrated on a shot put at the Texas Relays. AUSTIN Richard Romo received the baton from Bob O ' Bryan in the third lap of the two-mile relay. Page 522 11-32 if 11 i it it lit ti n o f tl I 111 i i7ire OUT OT 2 TIM 001 001 HOUSTON 000 001 9 I I U i Longhorns defeated the University of Houston in the District 6 playoff series in Houston ' s Astrodome. VARSITY BASEBALL - 1966 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Texas 13 Sam Houston 8 Texas 9 Sam Houston 3 Texas 13 Oklahoma 11 Texas 4 Oklahoma 4 Texas 10 Oklahoma 1 Texas 9 Texas Lutheran 2 Texas 5 Baylor 1 Texas 4 Rice 3 Texas 6 SMU 4 Texas 13 Minnesota 9 Texas 10 Minnesota 9 Texas 2 TCU 6 Texas Texas A M 9 Texas 7 . . SMU 5 Texas 8 SMU 1 North Dakota St. Mary ' s 4 Baylor S Texas 2 Baylor 3 Texas 2 Rice Rice 6 Texas 2 TCU 1 Texas 2 TCU 1 Texas A M 9 Texas 6 . . Texas A M 8 Statistics Page 673 Page 523 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE FORREST BOYD All Southwest Conference Shortshop, Senior Allan Clements, Infield, Sophomore Ray Dulak, Outfield, Senior Joe Gideon, Outfield, Senior Gary Gressett, Pitcher, Junior Jimmy Hunt, Infield, Sophomore Don Johnson, Second Base, Junior George Nauert, Catcher, Sophomore Kelly Scott, Outfield, Sophomore Dick Summers, Catcher, Sophomore Robert Wells, Pitcher, Senior Minton White, Outfield, Junior Buddy Young, First Base, Senior GARY MOORE All Southwest Conference Outfielder, Pitcher, Junior NOT PICTURED JAMES SCHESCHUK All Southwest Conference Catcher, Junior Roy Bechtol Scotty Brown Dennis Enderlin Doug Fell Frank Filtsch Ken Klein John McBride Tommy Moore Jack Ridley Kent Roberts Joe Robertson Bill Smartt Mike Smith Eddie Vaughan Ron Bandy, Asst. Coach Ed Denman, Asst. Coach Gordon Lakey, Manager Page 524 BASEBALL CHAMPIONS - BIBB FALK, Coach SEASON SUMMARY Climaxing a wild and wonderful season that included just about everything nobody had ever heard of before, the 1966 Texas Longhorn baseball team played for the fifth time in six years in the College World Series at Omaha, Nebraska. The Longhorns got into the NCAA playoffs only after an unprecedented coin flip that resolved a four-way tie in the Southwest Conference race. Then the Horns became the " unofficial world ' s indoor college baseball champions " as they beat the University of Houston in a doubleheader at Houston ' s Astrodome to qualify for the College World Series. Texas, which had a 15-2-1 record through April 15, finished the regular season with a 20-7-2 record. The 1966 season marked the nineteenth time in 24 years that Texas Coach Bibb Falk had produced a conference champion or co-champion. NCAA WORLD SERIES Behind Gary Moore ' s three-hit pitching, the Longhorn ' s upset No. 3-ranked Arizona, 5-1, in the first round of the College World Series at Omaha. However, a general lack of hitting cost the ' Horns defeats in their next two games 2-0 to St. John ' s and 6-1 to Oklahoma State thus elimina- ting Texas from the tournament. Texas tied Arizona for fifth place in the final NCAA standings. Ohio State won the Championship on an 8-2 victory over Oklahoma State. Forrest Paul Boyd Allan John Clements Raymond Robert Dulak George Stanley Gideon Gary Alvin Gressett Donald Mack Johnson Gary Douglas Moore LETTERMEN Thomas E. Moore Samuel James Scheschuk Eugene Kelly Scott Richard Burton Summers Robert Wells Minton Lee White Reginald Gladish Young, Jr. RESERVE LETTERMEN James Frederick Hunt John Earl McBride George Henry Nauert Page 525 T TEXAS PLAYED, TOSSED AND WON Right fielder Ray Dulak attempted a hit against TCU. Robert Wells pitched against TCU. First baseman Buddy Young took the long throw to retire a Baylor batter. Page 526 M ' ? r wAJ T f . , ' . I ' i Left fielder Joe Gideon touched home plate after hitting a three-run homer against Texas A M. Coach Bibb Falk gave catcher James Scheschuk a few words of advice. Gary Moore exhibited the lefthanded form that won him eight games dur- ing the 1966 season. Page 527 Right fielder George Nauert was mobbed at home plate after hitting a bases-empty homer that tied the District 6 playoff against the University of Houston. Shortstop Forrest Boyd, Texas ' top hitter in Southwest Conference games, took a swing at the ball. Page 528 .r - - - fcfc .- tm I . . - JIM SPILLANE, Breaststroke ALL-AMERICANS CHARLES WORREL, Backstroke INDIVIDUAL SPORTS CROSS-COUNTRY - FIRST PLACE SWC GOLF THIRD PLACE SWC SWIMMING - SECOND PLACE SWC TENNIS - THIRD PLACE SWC Page 529 Front Row: Richard Romo, Preston Davis, Chuck Frawley. Back Row: David Webb, Bob Corson, Ken Sunderland, Steve Shopoff. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Preston Davis and Mary Esther Garner with cross country coach Jack Patterson. The University of Texas captured the team cross country championship of the Southwest Conference for the third consecutive year, under the coaching of Jack Patterson. Richard Romo and Preston Davis represented the last three individual champs and crossed the finish line in a dead heat (14:51.1) for the co-championship. Texas , 28 Arkansas 30 Texas Tech 82 Texas A M 105 Baylor 108 LETTERMEN Preston Clark Davis Richard Romo Stephen Robert Shopoff Kenneth Sunderland David Farnsworth Webb RESERVE AWARD Robert Allen Corson Charles Carey Frawley Loyd Jefferson Gregory Page 530 1966 GOLF SECOND PLACE SWC The Longhorns, under the coaching of George Hannon, have consistently remained in the upper rankings of South- west Conference golf. This year, behind Mason Adkins, Southwest Conference Medalist, the ' Horns compiled a 28-14 record to finish third in the Conference. Baylor finished first and Arkansas second. CONFERENCE PLAY RESULTS Texas 4 Baylor 2 Texas 4y 2 - Texas Tech iy 2 Texas 3y 2 Texas A M 2V 2 Texas 3y 2 , Arkansas 2% Texas 1 S.M.U. 5 Texas 4y 2 T.C.U. 1% Texas 3 Rice 3 LETTERMEN George Mason Adkins Dee Solon Finley James Mike Holbrook Bruce Patrick Miller William Eugene Mitchell RESERVE AWARD Richard Thomas Davis James Frank Key Mason Adkins, Southwest Conference Medalist, drives toward green. Front Row: James Frank Key, Bruce Pat Miller, George Mason Adkins, Jr. Back Row: William Eugene Mitchell, Dee Solon Finley Jr., James Mike Holbrook, Charles Marvin Hall. GEORGE HANNON Coach ff Page 531 1966 SWIMMING SECOND PLACE SWC Top: Steve Boss, James Ahern, Richard Santamaria, Paul Mamaliga. Left: Tom Cunningham, Kenneth Richardson, Charles Worrel, Dan- iel Casey. Right: John Cardwell, Gary Langendoen, Jim Spillane, Gregg Waddill. HENRY CHAPMAN, Coach Coach Henry Chapman is building a swimming team to challenge S.M.U. ' s supremacy in the Southwest Conference. Taking a youthful team, Coach Chapman produced a speedy and graceful team placing second in Conference. Using last year ' s Ail-American Jim Spillane as an anchor, the ' Horns developed quickly in dual meets against Kansas and Okla- homa. Going into the Southwest Conference championship show- down with S.M.U. the Longhorns showed a strength in the sprints and distance and placed well in the relays. The meet, held in Gregory Gym, ended with S.M.U. the winner, but its margin of victory was cut drastically by the upcoming ' Horn swimmers. LETTERMEN Steven Sprague Boss John Wesley Cardwell Daniel Theodore Casey Tom Allen Cunningham Scott Cullers Duncan Gary Langendoen Harold Shad Longenette James Lyon Ahern, Reserve Award Paul Alan Mamaliga Kenneth Robert Richardson Richard Foley Santamaria James Christopher Spillane Gregory Wilkins Thompson Gregg Cooper Waddill Charles Joseph Worrel Stuart Couch, Sophomore Managerial Award Page 532 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE SUMMARY JIM AHERN sixth 400-yd. individual medley JOHN CARDWELL fifth 200-yd. breaststroke SCOTT DUNCAN third 1 meter diving second 3 meter diving SHAD LONGENETTE fourth 1 meter diving third 3 meter diving JIM SPILLANE first 100-yd. breaststroke second 200-yd. breaststroke GREGG WADDILL third 100-yd. breaststroke fourth 200-yd. breaststroke STEVE BOSS first 500-yd. freestyle second 200-yd. freestyle first 1650-yd. freestyle TOM CUNNINGHAM third 100-yd. backstroke fifth 200-yd. backstroke GARY LANGENDOEN second 200-yd. butterfly first 100-yd. butterfly RICHARD SANTAMARIA fourth 500-yd. freestyle sixth 200-yd. freestyle second 1650-yd. freestyle GREGG THOMPSON fifth 200-yd. individual medley fifth 100-yd. f reestyle CHUCK WORREL second 50-yd. freestyle first 100-yd. freestyle All-American Shad Longenette and Tom Cunningham, divers. John Cardwell and Gregg Waddill take-off against Kansas in a dual meet. Page 533 1966 TENNIS THIRD PLACE SWC LETTERMEN William Dan Driscoll Theodore Paul Gorski, Jr. Leo Oscar LaBorde James Calhoun Langdon, Jr. James Michael Liddle David Walter Nelson RESERVE AWARDS Brian Howard Adkins William Curtis Raschke Kneeling: Leo LaBorde, Bill Driscoll, Bill Raschke, Mike Liddle, Bill Marshall. Standing: Coach Wilmer Allison, David Nelson, Jim Langdon, Brian Adkins, Ted Gorski. David Nelson turns opponent ' s shot into UT winner. Tennis is fast becoming the most balanced of all inter-colle- giate sports in the Southwest Conference. Facing " the best tennis teams ever produced in the Conference, " according to Coach Wilmer Allison, the ' Horns finished third. Texas had a young squad this year that performed well against the sea- son players of other schools and next year will have the ad- vantage of returning all lettermen. CONFERENCE MATCH RESULTS Texas 6 S.M.U. Texas 1 Texas A M 5 Texas 3 Rice 3 Texas 3 Baylor 3 Texas 6 T.C.U. Texas 5 Texas Tech 1 Page 534 Captain Bill Driscoll braces for a difficult volley. Classic form by singles player, Mike Liddle. Ted Gorski executes a backhand overhead to perfection. Leo LaBorde slides into a deft backhand volley. Page 535 T ASSOCIATION MEMBERS NOT PICTURED RICHARD ROMO President Linus Lee Baer Charles Richard Barnhill Martin Earl Beaty Merwin Gordon Beavers Walter Edwin Belt Baylus Bennett James Arthur Besselman Hoyt Eugene Bledsoe, Jr. Steven Sprague Boss Forrest Paul Boyd Clarence V. Bray John Bobbins Bush Michael C. Byrd John Wesley Cardwell Daniel Theodore Casey Richard W. Chowning John Drue Christner John Calvin Collier James Davis Cowhig, Jr. John S. Cram Tom Alan Cunningham Donald Michael Dalton William K. Danvers Preston Clark Davis William Edwin Denman Ernie Dale Dotson Scott Cullers Duncan Anthony Post Eastmond Darrell John Elliot Herbert E. Evans Joe Fisher, III Lawrence Turner Franks John Paul Fultz Allen Randall Geiselman George Stanley Gideon Stephen Joe Guynes Kristin I. Hansen John Bruce Heath C. Benefield House Jack LeRoy Howe, Jr. James Clark Hudson Robert Charles Ittner Terry D. Kahn Tommy Dale Keene Mark Pryor King Philip Sherwood Kline, Jr. Ernest Melvin Koy Marvin C. Kristynik Larry Keith Lake Gary Lee Langendoen Robert James Leach Paul Alan Mamaliga Richard Daniel Mauldin Ralph Michael McKinlay Gary Douglas Moore David Walter Nelson Tommy H. Nobis, Jr. Knox Dillon Nunnally Paul Peter Olivier Keith Quentin Owen Kenneth R. Richardson Robert Eugene Ross Richard F. Santamaria George Henry Sauer Robert A. Sewell Stephen R. Shopoff Harold S. C. Sparks Frank Thomas Stokes Robert Noel Stout Joe William Street Bill Sullivan Kenneth G. Sunderland Charles Dan Talbert Diron Vester Talbert Gregory Wilkins Thompson John C. Treadwell Charles Lev! Turnbough Jay Ward Jerry L. Weinstein Johnny Michael White Charles Joseph Worrel Lane Zunker Top Row: Mason Adkins, Kelly Baker, Ronald Bandy, Frank Bedrick, George Berry, Joel Brame, Gary Brown, James Clark, Second Row: David Conway, Les Derrick, William Driscoll, Ray Dulak, Richard Dullnig, Fred Edwards, Ronnie Ehrig, Dan Fleckman, Chuck Frawley, Pete Gallaher, Third Row: Mike Gammon, Dan Gardner, Robert Gaynor, Barney Giles, Howard Goad, Ted Gorski, Mike Gray, Tom Harper, Phil Har- ris, Jim Helms. Fourth Row: Mike Hennen, Carl Hickerson, James Holbrook, Donald Johnson, Leo LaBorde, Gordon Lakey, Pete Lammons, Ron- nie Landry, Harold Longenette, Greg Lott. Fifth Row: Tom Mankin, Bill Marshall, Gene Mitchell, Chachie Owens, Johnny Perry, Francis Roth- child, Steve Sansom, James Scheschuk, Ed Small, James Spillane. Sixth Row: Bob Stanley, Tom Stockton, Bill Strong, Gregg Waddill, David Webb, Harvey Weisblat, Robert Wells, Minton White, Ronny Vonhoy Yates, Buddy Young. Page 536 Ricky Gump, Winnie Chapman, Cherry Merrill, Jane Gully, Joan Haegelin, Susan Portis, Joe Glickman and Bob Casey. FRESHMAN SPORTS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL SWIMMING TRACK BASEBALL TENNIS GOLF CROSS COUNTRY Page 537 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Front Row: Barry Stone, Duane Cross, Ronnie Hawthorne, Guy Harrison, Chris Gilbert, Burt Harkins Jr., John Nichols, Albert Partlow, Marvin Bendele, Marvin Walters, Dennis Aldridge, Paul Read, Loyd Wainscott, Bill Bradley, Richard Watt. Middle Row: Drew Darby, Andy White, Jack Hartung, Chris Smith, Joe Adams, Mike Jaworski, Jim Graham, Delbert Coyne, Danny Abbott, Mack Lawrence, Alan Moravcik, Allan Robinson, Craig Jol- ley, Charles Grob, Rodger Duke, Rick Keeton. Back Row: Scooter Monzingo, Buddy Kobarg, Benny Pace, Johnny Valentino, Corbin Robertson, Mike Reeves, Larry Townsend, Stephen Scott, Kenneth Tarlton, Michael Perrin, Christopher Simmons, Kenneth Gidney, Larry Taylor, Tommy Higgins, Tom- my Souders, Michael Robuck, Wright Bohlmann. SCORES Texas 28 : Baylor 7 Texas 14 Rice 7 Texas 34 ' SMU 24 Texas 20 TCU 24 Texas 26 . . Texas A M 21 FRESHMAN AWARDS Coach Robert C. Schulze contemplates strategy on sideline. Tommy Ford (not pictured) assisted. Danny G. Abbott Joseph E. Adams, Jr. Dtiinis C. Aldridge Marvin J. Bendele William C. Bradley Delbert J. Coyne Foy D. Cross William D. Darby Charles H. Dulaney Kenneth R. Gidney Christopher Gilbert James P. Graham Guy T. Harrison Harold J. Hartung Ronnie R. Hawthorne John M. Jaworski Jon C. Jolley Ernest R. Keeton Rudolph J. Kobarg Richard M. Lawrence Clayton D. Monzingo Alan G. Moravcik Michael W. Perrin Paul M. Read Stephen L. Reed Mike W. Reeves Corbin J. Robertson Allan W. Robinson Michael Robuck Stephen F. Scott William C. Simmons Christopher K. Smith Barry T. Stone Kenneth N. Tarlton Larry G. Taylor Johnny G. Valentino Loyd D. Wainscott, Jr. Marvin Walters, Jr. Richard D. Watt Andrew B. White MANAGERIAL AWARDS Jimmy Lee Ball William Glen Hall Danny Loyd Millaway Bill Bradley eludes opponent for score. Page 538 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRESHMAN AWARDS Joe Billy Bogan Robert Lynn Bradley William Dennis Brosseau Noble Webster Doss Robert Coleman Foster Jeffrey Stewart Inselman Kenneth Ross Kessler Jan Duncan Marshall Otha Jennings Roger Curtis Edward Shaw Larry Randall Smith Bennie Stanley Thompson Phillip Lloyd Worsham MANAGERIAL AWARD William E. Mantzel Fred Anthony Rylander Front Row: Stanley Thompson-, Curtis Shaw, Bobby Bradley, Jack Rogers, Larry Smith, Kenny Kessler. Back Row: Coach John Paul Fultz, Robert Foster, Noble Doss, Wire Bogan, Bill Brosseau, Phil Worsham, Jeff Inselmann, Jan Marshall, Manager Bill Mantzel. Texas 78 Texas 68 Texas 63 Texas 101 Texas 70 Texas 65 SCORES Victoria College 49 Texas 81 Tyler Jr. College 87 Texas 76 Wharton Jr. College 93 Texas 80 Rice Freshmen 84 Texas 103 Baylor Freshmen 78 Texas 73 A M Freshmen 61 Texas 94 TCU Freshmen 71 A M Freshmen 86 TCU Freshmen 79 Lon Morris 97 Rice Freshmen 97 Baylor Freshmen 98 FRESHMAN SWIMMING Front Row: Thomas Landreth, Kenneth Karotkin, Dana Curtis, George Morse, Bruce Larson. Back Row: Trainer John Goodpasture, Joseph West, Richard Ake, Larry Rodgers, Charles Young, John Stiles, Coach Frank Stokes. FRESHMAN AWARDS Richard Topping Ake Dana Allan Curtis Allen Burroughs Hannay Kenneth Mark Karotkin Thomas Clayton Landreth Bruce Edward Larson David Lawlor George Richard Morse Robert Lee Murphy Randy Lawrence Perry Lawrence Rodney Rogers John Lowell Stiles Joseph E. West Charles Frederick Young MANAGERIAL AWARD John Goodpasture Page 539 FRESHMAN TRACK Kneeling: James McGaha, Jimmy Gillham, L. J. Cohen, Lee Anderson, Charles Bernhard, Ted Crow, Martin Zamzow, David Matina, Adrian Gentry. Stand- ing: Alvin Nirider, David Cook, Thomas Cook, Fred Wurst, Jack Ayer, Lonnie Schiller, Craig Zurkey, Jerry Bryant, David Childress, Marvin Alexander, William Elliott. FRESHMAN AWARDS Lonnie Schiller passes baton to L. J. Cohen at Texas Relays. Rudolfo Perez Alaniz Marvin Devural Alexander Lee Martin Anderson Jack Keating Ayer Charles William Berniard William Calvin Bradley Jerry Don Bryant David William Childress L. J. Cohen Thomas Wheeler Cook Theodore Franklin Crow William Marion Elliott Roger Franklin Fry Cecil Adrian Gentry Jimmy Gillham David Joseph Matina Alvin Dale Nirider Barry Lee Noble Amos Lonnie Schiller Craig Robert Zurkey MANAGERIAL AWARD Don Goldman FROSH SWC RESULTS Rice 66 Texas 65 Baylor 41 Texas Tech 25 EVENT 440- Yard Relay One-Mile Run 440- Yard Dash 100-Yard Dash 120-Yard High Hurdles 880- Yard Run 220-Yard Run 440-Yard Hurdles One-Mile Relay Shot Put High Jump Pole Vault Broad Jump Javelin Discus new record Texas A M 22 S.M.U 21 T.C.U 10 Arkansas , .5 WINNER Rice Steve Montoya, Rice Conley Brown, Rice Dale Bernauer, Rice Steve Lane, Baylor David Matina, Texas Dale Bernauer, Rice Jimmy Gillham, Texas Rice Jerry Petty, Arkansas Barry Noble, Texas Bruce Mauldin, Texas Tech 13-6 Bill Elliott, Texas 22-Oy 2 Jim McCasland, Texas Tech 193-6i 2 David Graham, S.M.U. 144-9 MARK 41.2 4:16.9 47.0 9.6 14.7 1:51.8 21.4 54.0 3:09.7 51-8 6-8 ,I ,kj ;TI - ' . ' Page 540 FRESHMAN BASEBALL Kneeling: Nick Heintz, Al Cowan, George Thurman, Tom Cotner, Ricky Peters, Alan Moravcik, Hutch Hubby, Andy Bracht, Richard McClain, Baker Montgomery. Standing: Coach Ronald D. Bandy, Bill Bradley, Dennis Kasper, Richard Johnson, Warren Simmons, Bill Bogan, Pat Brown, Jack Vaughn, Cordell Moore, Mike Gunderson, John Brock, Steve Warren. SCORES FRESHMAN AWARDS Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas 9 Austin Johnston H.S. 11 Baylor 4 Texas A M 11 . . Texas A M 2 2 9 Baylor 5 7 Wharton 8 5 Rice 1 8 Blinn 1 8 Texas A M 13 3 Texas A M 2 Ricky Peters caught in pitch delivery sequence. Joe Billy Bogan Anderson Heath Bracht William Calvin Bradley John Robert Brock David P. Brown Thomas Ewing Cotner Alvin Ethelbert Cowan Nicholas Wayne Heintz Stephen Avery Warren Lee Hutchins Hubby Richard Leonard Johnson Dennis Wayne Kasper Richard Morris McClain C. Baker Montgomery Richard Allen Peters Warren Van Simmons George Irwin Thurman, Jr. Page 541 FRESHMAN GOLF FRESHMAN AWARDS GOLF Jay Sherwood Dunbar William Buddy Hamilton Rik Gregg Massengale Marshall Alan Parker Earl Richard Stewart Robert H. Seaholm CROSS COUNTRY Rudolfo Perez Alaniz Lee Martin Anderson David Joseph Matina Randolph A. Mayer TENNIS Bobby Brooks Connell Robert Lee Gonzales Larry Eichenbaum Thomas Rowlands Thomas Left to Right: William Hamilton, Earl Stewart, Rik Massengale, Marshall Parker, Robert Seaholm. CROSS COUNTRY Left to Right: Rudy Alaniz, David Matina, Lee Anderson. TENNIS Kneeling: Larry Eichenbaum, Robert Gonzales. Standing: Bobby Con- nell, Tommy Thomas, Coach Wilmer Allison. Page 542 Me Gregory Gym Annex INTRAMURALS Edited by Lyn Reeder Page 543 INTRAMURAL SPORTS FOR WOMEN Dean Holland presented the 1st place high point trophy to Judy Keil, manager of Alpha Xi Delta. The Women ' s Intramural program aims to have a sport for every girl and every girl in a sport. Through this pro- gram they strive to help girls to experience wholesome com- petition, to learn co-operation and self-control, to learn to use leisure time wisely, to acquire a knowledge of and liking for sports, to develop bodily grace and improve fitness, to learn to accept and appreciate responsibilities to an indi- vidual as well as to a group and to enlarge one ' s circle to acquaintances on campus. This year ' s intramural program offered a wide variety of team and individual sports to all University women. Tro- phies were awarded for winning tournaments, accumulating the largest number of points, throughout the year, for the best manager, and for sportsmanship. STAFF Director SHIELA O ' GARA Associate Director CAROLYN HEWATT Assistant Director JANE MARTIN Intramural Secretary MARGARET NOACK TROPHY WINNERS HIGH POINT 1st place ALPHA XI DELTA 2nd place DELTA ZETA 3rd place NEWMAN HALL SPORTSMANSHIP KAPPA ALPHA THETA PARTICIPATION ALPHA OMICRON PI ALPHA XI DELTA NEWMAN HALL BEST MANAGER LEE HUDSON, NEWMAN HALL Front Row: Sally Ann Johnson, Mary Jane Underwood, Lee Hudson, Zonia Fran- cisca Vasquez, Judith Elizabeth Keil, Jean Christine Leeper, D. Suzanne Kemp, Marsha Michele Newman. Second Row: Mary Pancoast Orrison, Margaret Lucile Koy, Martha Ann Ray, Gerri Clark Smyser, Anne Warwick Brown, Candy Dans- field, Dixie Lee Walker, Carolyn Hewatt, Associate Director. FACULTY COMMITTEE Walter Kroll C. H. Griffin Carolyn Hewatt R. J. Lawrence N. E. Marks Shiela O ' Gara A. A. Rooker C. S. Watson R. H. Williams MANAGERS NOT PICTURED Amanda Jane Ashford Penny Louise Banks Kathleen Barrows Jan Baldwin Susan Darr Buell Martha Lyn Connally Shirley Ann Dinhobl Melodie Gay Eades Donna Lee Evans Jamie Lea Giesecke Martha Ann Glickman Molly Susan Green Betty Joan Griggs Candace Ann Hall Judy Kay Harmon Martha Ellen Hogue Sally Hutchins Mary Susan Kean Margaret Elizabeth Lain Phyllis E. Lanning Judith Lee Lewis Selma Jane Mathis Kathleen McCue Barbara Irene Michaelson Rochelle Sandra Miller Eugenia Morris Anita Narvarte Priscilla Jane Patterson Sara Petet Patricia Ann Sablatura Barbara Spivak Elizabeth Katie Steinlie Sandra Gay Taylor Janice Elaine Thayer Kathy L. Thompson Betty Jane Warlick Anne Hal Warren Emma Leigh Washburn Claire Evans Whitmire Judith Kay Wiman Laurel Wise Rebecca Jo Wriborg Page 544 pro- com- I ran to f mint circle to iritftol afro- JGMA If AH lO ' Gara Rooter labon M Sojr 0 CHAMPION Toni Bracher, Gamma Phi Beta BADMINTON SINGLES PEM CLUB Nony R. Michulka Jane G. Pruett DOUBLES. RUNNER-UP Susan Joan Hyde, Independent KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Susan Margaret Steen Bettie Townsend Willerson TOUCH FOOTBALL ORANGE BRACKET CHAMPION KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Virginia Ann Akridge Lucy Minette Brants Anne Warwich Brown Virginia Scott Chancy Susan Jane Clarke Lynn Shaw Clawater Candy Dransfield Jackalyn Edgeman Linda Gail Fitch Susan Downs Fry Jean Ann Heiligenthal Claire Ann Miller Marian Virginia Pipes Lynn Painter Donna Lee Priddy Mary Lou Ray Hal lie Groos Slaughter Margaret Spikes Cile Sparenberg Carol Jean Tumy RUNNER-UP CO-OPS Leslie Ann Christensen Caral Jean Eckenrod Joanna Lee Fleming Judy Kay Harmon Marilyn Marie Huepers Margie Lee Hughes Lisabeth Susan Lovelace Mary Margaret Neikirk Carol Sue Pankratz Doris Jane Rienstra Rita Eileen Rienstra Kim Ann Smallwood Christine Ursula Studer Janice Eileen Willenborg Zonia Francisca Vasquez WHITE BRACKET CHAMPION DELTA ZETA Mary B. Bennett Martha Kay Blume Madelyn Lynn demons Bryan Daniels Barbara Ann Echols Dorothea Jean Entzminger Lois Marie Feagin Fredella Anne Gibson Molly Susan Greene Julie Ann Hicklin Christy Carol Hobbs D. Suzanne Kemp Peggy Marie Lanius Katherine A. Leach Carol Ann Morrow Ann Kay Prescott Janis Ann Ratzlow Susan Kaye Smith Ann Gardner Williams Jenny Wilson RUNNER-UP DELTA GAMMA Reece Beesley Evelyn R. Crawford Debbie Ruth Crowe Nancy Elizabeth Hitchcock Carolyn Dianne Hunley Jane E. Jarrell Deborah Jean Johnson Kaki Koehler Nancy Kay Lee Carolyn McClellan Dinah Leigh Mullen Mary Pancoast Orrison Donna Jeanne Pool Carolyn Margaret Quick Shelia Dawn Waters Marsha Ann White Claire Evans Whitmire TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPION ZETA TAU ALPHA Judith Lynn Britt Darlene Faye Harris Mary Sue Marmion Cynthia M. Meyer Sallie Cherry Morrjll Dianne Sharon Quillen Beverly Murdaugh Smith Carol Sylvia Smith Mary Elizabeth Tompkins Hal Warren RUNNER-UP NEWMAN HALL Karen Katherine Conners Lee Hudson Janek Veronica Louise Kathy Elizabeth Kennedy Doris Elaine Kristek Andrea Jeanne Klekar Mary Claudia Neil Barbara Anne Overbeck Elizabeth Ann Williams Page 545 SHUFFLEBOARD Sharon Sue Waters, Delta Gamma, CHAMPION BASKETBALL ORANGE BRACKET CHAMPION SRD Jennifer Susan Bomar Joyce Marie Bowen Mary Louise Brunson Tumble Curry Lorna Hacke Glenda Beth Huffaker Irene Dorothy Kendall Mary Lynn Roddy Sandra Patti Ross Linda Ann Stienke Linda Marie Terry Karen Elizabeth Urban Betty Carol Ward Juanita Alarene Wilson CHAMPION LITTLEFIELD Reba Jeanette Brian Kathleen Rose Boening Jackie Brown Lois Anne Carroll Donna Lee Dickerson Linda Beth Knudson Diane Barbara Mclver Jerry Gail Murphy Marilyn Gaye Rabon Jo Lynette Skutca RUNNER-UP ABC Pamela Kay Cooksey Suzanne Jane Dolman Patricia Kay Franklin Jamie Lea Giesecke Mary Kathleen Horn Margaget Elizabeth Lain Janet Cecilia Maloney Mary Margaret Neikirk Barbara Lynn Thompson Kathy L. Thompson Laurel Wise WHITE BRACKET RUNNER-UP KINSOLVING Julia Ann Brown Jarrie Dell Davis Carol Ann Edmondson Murris Elise Jumper Judith Ann Michna Susan Jane Randall Clair Lyn Reeder Carol Joan Richardson Cynthia Ann Tracy Judith Ann Vittetoe Betty Joanne Wilson TABLE TENNIS SINGLES CHAMPION Lee Hudson, Newman Hall RUNNER-UP Gail Griffiths, Kappa Alpha Theta Page 546 tt it In ilii, z I FENCING CHAMPION Victoria Foe, Newman Hall RUNNER-UP Isabelle Novar, Newman Club POSTURE CHAMPION ALPHA XI DELTA Marti Armstrong Jennifer Margaret Brittain Anne Elizabeth Fincke Nancy Jo Fleury Saundra Louise Goodson Karen Marie Jackson Beverly Ann Linker Jo Carol McGehee Denise Yvonne Presley Ann Scherz Linda Joyce Simpson Jan Nell Sittel Sharan La Ree Spiller Lorraine Wilson RUNNER-UP ALPHA OMICRON PI Carilyn Bailey Dorothy Elizabeth Barnes Pamela Marjori Giblin Leslie Jane Nissen Laura Yvonne Roye INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONS Judy Kay Harmon, Co-ops Laura Yvonne Roye, Alpha Omicron Pi Patty Ann Wheatly, Kappa Alpha Theta BOWLING ORANGE BRACKET CHAMPION SIGMA DELTA TAU Barbara Lynn Bayer Teri Margaret Gerson Celia Gillman Evelyn Goldberg Janis Irani Mazur Cynthia Nan Stelzer WHITE BRACKET CHAMPION DELTA PHI EPSILON Marsha Jo Forman Ronnie Jean Gottlieb Janis Gail Miller Marsha Michele Newman Frances Sue Novick Michelle Carol Sharney Barbara Spivak Cheryl Joan Stern Terrie Linne Weinstein RUNNER-UP HEFLIN MANOR Barbara Lee Beuhner Carol K. Clapp Linda Frances Davidson Margaret Harding Vernelle Gail Heinemeyer Kay Janette Milne Anne Millard Nichols Fay Ann Rheinlaender RUNNER-UP ALPHA XI DELTA Martha Jo Armstrong Susan Ballard Mary Sarah Brashear Jennifer Margaret Brittain Donna Kay Douglas Jola Neil Edwards Zeta Virginia Fry Frances Patricia Kuhlman Sue O ' Donnely Martha Small Sarah Adele Zimmerman Page 547 SWIMMING CHAMPION KAPPA ALPHA THETA Candy Beanland Libby Belk Anne Dickenson Nancy Lee Joseph Austin LeRoy Kern Louisa Perry Mahone Susan Rowan Philbin Gerri Clark Smyser Elizabeth Katie Steinle Kristin Katherine Way Carolyn West RUNNER-UP KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Virginia Ann Akridge Nancy Lee Brown Virginia Scott Chaney Linda Diana Leach Donna Lee Priddy Mary Lou Ray Joan Elizabeth Stephens Paula Wynne Stephens Janet Charlene Taylor Susan Reed Thomas GOLF CHAMPION Joy Lea Wyatt, Delta Gamma RUNNER-UP Emma Leigh Washburn, Gamma Phi Beta VOLLEYBALL ORANGE BRACKET CHAMPION CO-OPS I Judith Elaine Ballard Caral Echenrod Sandra Joy Modgling Mary Margaret Neikirk Carol Sue Pankratz Doris Jane Rienstra Rita Eileen Rienstra Christine Ursula Studer Margaret Marie Tiemann RUNNER-UP CO-OPS H Marylyn Elizabeth Barwick Jacquelyn Dawson Nancy Jean Dlabaj Beverly Claire Harris Sheila Jeanne Hoehn Nola June Loving Marilyn Ann Perry Mary Margaret Pratka Janice Eileen Willenborg WHITE BRACKET CHAMPION GAMMA PHI BETA Patty Anderson Jenna Lou Bell Susan Davis Dolores Lynn Duderstadt Janet Denena Evans Carolyn Jean Emmott Carol Grigsby Sally Jane Knight Jo Nell Knize Lucy Ann Leaton Diana Magaha RUNNER-UP HEFLJN MANOR Mary Bean Melanie Biesele June Katherine Bourgeois Gloria Anna DePetris Failstine Farrell Pamela Diane Gates Loy Holmes Kathie Horn Ann Kliner Barbara Katherine Learned Vicki Myra Melin Patricia Philliber Penny Frances Potter Mary Corman Senske Judy Lynn Tanner Page 548 TENNIS SINGLES CHAMPION Ethel Kelso Lowden, Kappa Kappa Gamma RUNNER-UP Carol Lynn Neely, Kappa Kappa Gamma DOUBLES CHAMPION KAPPA KAP.PA GAMMA Ann Maria Lowden Ethel Kelso Lowden RUNNER-UP ALPHA PHI Jan Baldwin Sheryl Kay Behne ARCHERY CHAMPION D. Suzanne Kemp, Delta Zeta RUNNER-UP Elizabeth Lenda Kennedy, Independent SOFTBALL ORANGE BRACKET CHAMPION ABC Jody Luriene Andrews Sandra Barthel Nancy Joanne Beavers Thelma Berry Glenda Lanell David Linda Gail Dickerson Kathy Home Rosy Johnson Margaret Elizabeth Lain Janet Cecilia Maloney Peggy Ann Miksouvsky Sheila Rae Morris Mary Margaret Neikirk Carol Jean Perkins Cheryl Jean Tesch Barbara Lynn Thompson Cynthia Ann Tracy Jill Zank RUNNER-UP NEWMAN HALL Nancy Marie Chude Karen Katherine Connors Jane Ann Dennis Mary Lorene Dennis Gloris Ann Garza Lee Hudson Veronica Louise Janek Kathleen Elizabeth Kennedy Doris Elaine Kristek Patricia Ann Lednicky Marie Louise Muecke Barbara Anne Overbeck Patricia Ann Sablatura WHITE BRACKET CHAMPION PI BETA PHI Judy Anne Amacker Lona Katherine Bethea Carol Deanne Brooks Susan Elizabeth Brown Vera Sansom Korth Jane L. Leizear Eugenia Morris Martha Ann Murchison Susan Page Janice Kathryn Prowell Celia Katharine Roberts Kathy Stephenson RUNNER-UP KAPPA ALPHA THETA Becky Beeley Betty Adele Bordages Juliet Gorham Carnahan Pam Crain Nancy Elizabeth Dean Dianne Fullbright Constance Faye Gilliam Suzanne Henderson Coleene McCracken Elizabeth K. Steinle Daisy C. Whitridge Page 549 UTSA Lounea Anderson Gail Candace Bailey Joan Caswell Linda Daphine Clunn Joyce Helen Davidoff Barbara Nell Driscoll Diane R. Duncan Linda Sue Harty Sandy Hrncir ORCHESIS Catherine Ann Inness Betty Jo Machann Gwendolyn Jean Metcalfe Margaret Shane O ' Bryan Karen Susann O ' Neal Sharon Marie Owens Susan Kay Portis Summer Scott Alice F. Scurlock Suzanne Sizel Nancy Slaughter Elizabeth K. Steinle Sharon Lynne Volosin Madeline Faith Weinstein Dianna Jeanne Weirus Ann Gardner Williams Janice Lee Wright Camilla Bader Linda Dianne Benton Rose Anne Blankenbaker Rebecca A. Brenner Janet Carol Buckner Alice Letitia Cabe Mila Kathleen Cameron Suzanne Davis Nancy Eggleton TURTLE Ginny Faubion Nancy Faubion Jane Ann Fontenot Barbara Franklin Janet Lynn Jelen Kay Elaine Kercheville Dorothy Ann Pakalka Jimmy Gonzales Saldana, Jr. Scottie Ann Seymour Susan Smith Tracy Ann Smith Marline Keala Stemrick Terry Anne Steves Bini Stiles Bambi Lou Wilson Nikki Youngman Jan Baldwin Sheryl Kay Behne Carol Sue Brown Theresa Frances Daniel Susan Jane Douglas Roxanna Dunn Ann Elizabeth Harvey RACKET Karen Daphne Keel Dorothy Irene Kendall Sabra Jane Knape Janice S. Lain Ann Maria Lowdon Carol Lynn Neely Eleanor Anne Newton Kathleen Ann Oglebay Judy Fayrene Pugh Marilyn Gaye Rabon Jean Walker Marsha Maverick Wells Brenda Sue Benton Anna Kingsley Brace Jan Davis Timber Floyd Carole Jeanne Haralson CANTER Holly Hemphill Catherine Belt Jacob Alex Juneo Vernon Eugene Lynch, Jr. Elizabeth Ann Quass Lynn Ann Rogers Lynn Sheppard Deanna Stoune Margo May Thorning Jan Willoughby , STRIKE AND SPARE Penny Louise Banks Bobbie Baughn Grace Ann Bose Ann Brown Tom Brown Mike Burns Sandy Carter Richard A. Dathe, Jr. John Thomas Eastburn Paulette Marie Gilliam James Larry Hubka Ben Huerta Ellen Jane Huffman James Steve Hutchings Ronald Elmer Isgitt Myrris Elise Jumper Frank D. Kleinworth, HI Patricia Ann Kruppa Livie Andrea MacMaster George Gilbert Mathis Jim Joe McAfee Betty Myer Sherry James Nibblett Anne Millard Nichols Priscilla Karen Norton Betsy Pennington Dale Reed Ruckman Suzan Lynn Schaffner David John Schissler Joseph Vincent Scott Gerald Anthony Semrod Bill Smith E. Clare Sterling Gary Wayne Tanner Terry Edwin Traweek Peggy Elayne Wadley Robert Louis Whiting, II Karen Williams Anne Wilson Samuel Neil Word, Jr. Page 550 INTRAMURAL SPORTS FOR MEN Intramural sports are intended primarily to afford an op- portunity for athletic participation for the majority of the students, and further to cultivate skills which enable them to participate in sports not only during school but also during recreational periods in later life. Through practice, a fond- ness of sports is developed which continues and serves as a means of escaping the monotony of vocational routine. A well-rounded recreational activity program provides leisure time activity to meet individual interest and need. Organized competition in twenty-seven or more sport activities is conducted in such a manner that a sense of fair play and satisfaction will accompany the physical bene- fits derived. Living groups and organizations may partici- pate as groups and also individuals may enter without being a representative of a formal group. The University of Texas Sports Association for Men op- erates under the administration of the Department of Intra- murals Sports for Men and is co-ordinated with the Inter- collegiate Athletic Council. STAFF Director A. A. ROOKER Assistant Directors DELBERT M. COX ROBERT L. HENDERSON M. WAYNE JENNINGS WILLIAM A. MELTON Administrative Secretary EMILY S. DUNBAR Secretary DEIDRE BIRD VANCE Clerk Typist DAW ANA LEE STANTON FACULTY COMMITTEE Charles Henry Griffin Carolyn Hewatt Walter Kroll Shiela M. O ' Gara A. A. Rooker Rhea Hughston Williams SENIOR MANAGERS Left to Right: James F. Atwell, Army; Richard B. Skibell, Sigma Alpha Mu; Patrick Ray Jones, Army; Roger Edwin Camp, Independent Unattached. FALL JUNIOR MANAGERS Front Row: Charles A. Holshouser, Rodney Phillip Allen, Robin Lloyd Miller, Daniel Benjamin Freundlich; Harry Camp Stevenson. Back Row: John David Fishero, Ben David Tobor, David Irving Safir, Thomas Aubrey Burris, Jr., James Houston Zike. SPRING JUNIOR MANAGERS Front Row: Charles Vinson Floca, James Jay Herman, Kenneth Fred Kopel, Jack L. Teverbaugh. Back Row: Dan Evans Crutchfield, Richard F. Stein, Fabian Marvin Summers, Russell Morse Haws. Page 551 TROPHY WINNERS ORGANIZATION ALL-YEAR TROPHY WINNERS Front Row CHAMPIONS: Robert Wayne Jarry, Phi Gamma Delta, David Michael Angell, Recruits, Roger Lee Wharton, Navy, Alan Randolph Houser, Royal. Back Row RUNNERS-UP: William Dan Burleson, Delta fau Delta, Jerry Lee Ballard, Wolverines, Philip M. Guzman, Air Force, Charles Everett Vinson, Cam- pus Guild. PARTICIPATION TROPHIES WINNERS Left to Right: William Foster Cockrell, Beta Theta Pi, David Michael Angell, Recruits, Raymond George Lapierre, Mets, Alan Randolph Houser, Royal. 1- A TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPION RECRUITS David Michael Angell Cue Delias Boykin Michael Francis Collins Delbert Milton Cox Robert Joseph Dorotik Don Michael Hamm John Thomas Hilton, Jr. Herman A. Jesko Jack Richard Mowrey Doyle A. Nicholson Jerry Lynn Setliff CHAMPION PHI GAMMA DELTA Marion Corry Adams Duke Matthews Covert William Henry Fenoglio Allen Rondy Geiselman Herbert E. Graham Roy A. Herberger Robert Wayne Jarry John Logan Kendall Carl Baker Montgomery Jeffrey Gordon Mundy Robert Allen Nelson George Edwin Rail Rodney Wayne Satterwhite David Charles Schick David Andrew Sewell Robert Monroe Speed CLASS A CLASS B RUNNER-UP PHI GAMMA DELTA Jay Currie Bechtol Julius Louis Bergfeld Michael Rodgers Boxwell Charles Boon Clark Donald Michael Dalton Lawrence T. Franks Jack Walton Hanks Frederick Earl Hopkins Charles Marshall Huey, Jr. Tommy Hall Nelms Robert Wirt Paddock Robert Newton Ross RUNNER-UP MOORE HILL Arthur John Brender James Michael Bullard James Lee Burke Herman Edward Canada William Kistler Danvers Herbert E. Evans Ralph E. Fain Nicholas Wayne Heintz John Earl McBride Thomas Merrel Schilling William Ed Slaughter Robert Phillip Smith Richard Burton Summers George Irwin Thurman Page 552 SWIMMING WATER BASKETBALL CHAMPION ACACIA Merrill Paul Anderson Kenneth Robert Johnson Paul Leighton Moyer Sherrod Haywood Osborne John MacNeil Scott RUNNER-UP DELTA TAU DELTA Richard Robert Qardy James Wright McNatt Robert Dean Meador, Jr. Ralph Guleke Reser Gerry Allan Solcher Tommy Lee Toone Richard Penn Williamson CHAMPION DELTA TAU DELTA George Ingram Hodges Michael G. McCollum James Wright McNatt Ralph Guleke Reser Gerry Allan Solcher Stephen Douglas VanErp James Richard Watts Richard Penn Williamson RUNNER-UP NAVY John Michael Baldwin Jerome R. Banks Park Lyle Beeler James A. Broaddus James Arthur Burns Randolph Carter Burwell Clifton Floyd Darby Carl Clifton Hill, III James Michael McCoy Timothy D. Moore Hugh Bennett Ruckman, HI Jesse Luke Thompson A DttlA ftl Id IN I6ej,Jr. fc i afe Buikd i ICiuda Hams HI BOWLING CLASS A CHAMPION SIGMA ALPHA MU David Edward Bird Sanford C. Hurwitz Richard J. Savitz Mark R. Wallock CLASS B CHAMPION AIR FORCE James Scott Balentine James Henry Belt Charles Fredrick Bernhardt David Ivan Deel Kenneth Elmer Eickmann Gary Wayne Tanner RUNNER-UP SIGMA CHI John Stanton Binney William Clay Brown Ronnie M. Davis James W. Thomson RUNNER-UP CHI PHI Robert Lommen Brandt Howard David Brecht Vernon Marshall Mabry William Mast Wallace Page 553 BASKETBALL CLASS A CHAMPION PHI DELTA THETA Kelly Lynn Baker Richard Wayne Davis Gus Kearney Eifler, HI Thomas F. Hill Kenneth Michael Jastrow Knox Dillon Nunnally Robert H. Westerburg CHAMPION BETA THETA PI Wade Allan Key Richard Morris McCJain Marc Rowe Olson James Robert Raup Robert Nathan Rule, Jr. Carl Conway Senter Lloyd Michael Shellhom Gary Lee Shipman CLASS B RUNNER-UP EPICUREANS Thomas W. Forgwell Clester Wade Hornsby John R. Kennedy Robert Edward Landstrom Charles Delmer Lummus Joseph Michael Rio Mitchell J. Vuckovich Jerald Robert Yankee RUNNER-UP RECRUITS David Michael Angell John Gordon Angell Joseph Robert Browning John Cecil Dills, Jr. Gary Jack Hannon James Carol Parker Harold Don Teague VOLLEYBALL CLASS A CHAMPION PHI GAMMA DELTA James W. Clark Edward H. Esquivel Jeffrey Gordon Mundy David Moseley Oliver Leo C. Roan Robert Newton Ross Rodney Wayne Satterwhite Charles Russell Sparenburg CHAMPION DELTA TAU DELTA William Dan Burleson Otis Fielding Cochran Robert Alan Dosher Byron David Kingrea Richard Larry Obenhaus Richard Lee Tingley Wallace Gordon Tingley, Jr. RUNNER-UP RECRUITS Robin Ernest Denell Robert Joseph Dorotik Chuck Fan Jeu Billy R. Karrh Daniel D. Kubin Robert R. Lindsay Jerry Lynn Setliff RUNNER-UP RECRUITS David Michael Angell John Gordon Angell James Earl Drennon Samuel Sykes Houst on Douglas Starks Porter, Jr. Roland Roy Swartz Page 554 SOFTBALL SLOW PITCH CLASS A FAST PITCH CLASS A CHAMPION RECRUITS Henry Lee Arms Thomas Brian Dunn Jimmie Harold Gattis Carroll Wayne Glaser Ernest William Gragg John Thomas Hilton Samuel Sykes Houston John Charles Hugele John L. Janes Gary Lee Mowrey William Henry Peterek RUNNER-UP PHI SIGMA DELTA Moses David Altman Steven Lloyd Bercu Mike Allen Brier Richard Joseph Bueltel Randall J. Davis Alan Paul Efron Edwin Buster Freedman Donald Frank Goldman Robert Levinthal Harold Michaelson London Barry Eli Silverman Ned Ward CHAMPION SIGMA NU Thomas James Abell Don William Dansby Allyn Reuben Harris Richard Lee Jackson Marvice Christopher Kristynik James Richard Lesch James Morris Maund Robert Warren Miller Thomas Louis Raggio Michael M. Sheppard Scott Thumwood RUNNER-UP PHI KAPPA SIGMA Leslie Clark Acker De rwood Neal Banister John Richard Croxson James Alvin Geisler Robert Dale Prince Oliver Albert Schawausch Rodney Errol Senterfitt Michael Edward Spak Thomas Lee White CLASS B SOCCER CHAMPION SIGMA NU L. Irwin Barnhart Walter Lee Bradley Andrew Pedan Greenwood Robert L. Loar Michael Edward Love Robert Randall Phelps Perry Vernon Rushing Randy C. Rodgers William Rosser Thornton Robert William Wachsmuth Edward Tarry Watkins RUNNER-UP MOORE HILL John Randall Conn Jesse Emmett Heath James Robert Nutt Michael W. Ohlendorf Don Hilton Ray Robert Phillip Smith Gary Alan Warrington CHAMPION ACES Ernesto Andonegui Julio C. del Rio Thomas John Kalousek Victor Miro-Quesada Alkis Joseph Mouradoglou Bassin Yamen Nathan James H. Oldham George Vasilios Papalexiou Marcos Lambrou Pareas Pavlos X. Roussos Eleftherios Eris Tassios RUNNER-UP SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Alan C. Baldwin John Findlay Blocker James Walter Bunting Richard Owen Clark Alfred H. Erler Rodger Dorman Gaulding Robert A. Hatcher Michael Lynn Lewis Michael Eugene Lonsford Richard Burleson Negley Frank Richard Rubottom John Dudley Snyder Easley Bowl Waggoner Page 555 INDIVIDUAL SPORTS TABLE TENNIS CHAMPION Frederick Max Haase, Mets SINGLES DOUBLES Douglas M. Simmons, Lambda Chi Alpha David Allen Young, Lambda Chi Alpha RUNNER-UP Kent M. Yantis, Recruits Ronald Elmer Isgitt, Recruits Kent M. Yantis, Recruits TENNIS SINGLES CLASS A CHAMPION RUNNER-UP Luis Alfons Cobos-Cucalon, Independent David Allen Young, Lambda Chi Alpha CLASS B James Ray McDaniel, R. E. Lee Hall Dan M Roark, Phi Gamma Delta DOUBLES CLASS A William Dan Burleson, Delta Tan Delta James Lindsey Short, Delta Tan Delta Charles B. Middleton, SOS Kenneth Travis Summers, SOS CLASS B Robert Henry Baker, Lambda Chi Alpha James Stewart Damron, Air Force William Selkirk Franklin, Lambda Chi Alpha David Edward Walston, Air Force Page 556 TRACK CHAMPION RECRUITS James Charles Alsup David Michael Angell Harry David Hubbard Billy R. Karrh Dan D. Kubin Paul Douglas Mallett Guy Stanley Sawyer Edward Elmer Sharp Shelby Sharpe RUNNER-UP PHI GAMMA DELTA Julius Louis Bergfeld Ronald Louis Ehrig Robert Wayne Jarry Julius L. Lybrand Robert Wirt Paddock Andrew Benjamin White WRESTLING CHAMPION CLASS William H. H. Smith, Air Force 123 Ibs. James A. Kuch, Navy 130 Ibs. William Lyle Hodge, Wolverines 137 Ibs. Ace Hill Alsup, Delta Tau Delta 147 Ibs. Daniel Nelson Bulla, Lambda Chi Alpha 157 Ibs. James Thomas Dorsey, Alpha Tau Omega 167 Ibs. John Michael Camden, Wolverines 177 Ibs. Carlton Clarence St cubing, Theleme 191 Ibs. William Grant Hilburn, Chi Phi Unlimited RUNNER-UP Philip Milam White, Navy David Michael Angell, Recruits Gary James Harloff, Campus Guild David Stuart Godwin, Kappa Sigma George J. Cejka, Mets William Bird Swan, Beta Theta Pi Frederick Morgan Edney, Mets Joe Christopher Rude, Kappa Alpha Stephen R. Smith, Independent Unattached Page 557 GOLF SINGLES CHAMPION Richard Thomas Davis, Sigma Nu RUNNER-UP Timothy M. Coffey, Pi Kappa Alpha DOUBLES Morray Mark Lesher, Pi Kappa Alpha Ed Frazier Luckel, Phi Gamma Delta Douglass Finley Norman, Pi Kappa Alpha James Kinchen Nance, Phi Gamma Delta HANDBALL SINGLES CLASS A CHAMPION Robert P. Lindsay, Recruits RUNNER-UP Kenneth Davidoff, Tau Delta Phi CLASS B Bennett J. Glazer, Phi Sigma Delta Stephen C. Paine, Recruits DOUBLES CLASS A Kenneth Davidoff, Tau Delta Phi Leon Nelkin, Tau Delta Phi Jerry Leland Barnett, Sigma Chi Keith Albert Tucker, Sigma Chi Michael Edward Bonine, Unattached Arthur Robert Landy, Unattached CLASS B Joseph Robert Browning, Jr., Recruits William Abraham Elias, Recruits OPEN TOURNAMENTS SQUASH CHAMPION Charles B. Middleton, SOS RUNNER-UP Leo Oscar LaBorde, Moore Hill William Franklin Mason William Byron Minyard David Andrew Morris HORSESHOES CHAMPION Joel D. Brown, Alpha Phi Omega RUNNER-UP Horace D. Smith, Sigma Chi BADMINTON CHAMPION Edward Lyman Godbeck, Theta Xi RUNNER-UP Michael Andrew Freiband, Air Force FENCING CHAMPION Stephen Baranoff, Unattached RUNNER-UP Paul Donald Erickson, Unattached FREE THROW TEAM CHAMPION ALPHA TAU OMEGA Edwin Lee Summers James Nelms Winfrey INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION Leslie Clark Acker, Phi Kappa Sigma THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SPORTS ASSOCIATION FOR MEN UTSAM was organized for the purpose of promoting interest for outstanding athletes in sports not sponsored by Intercollegiate Athletics. There were many men with out- standing skills and abilities in various sports who could not otherwise be afforded an opportunity of continued par- ticipation. The association, comprised of various sports clubs each having its own director and faculty sponsor, was sponsored by the Department of Intramural Sports for Men and was approved as an official campus organization by the Dean of Students. During this season, nine clubs competed in inter- club tournaments, dual meets, and regional and national championships. The Handball Club won its 4th consecutive National Col- legiate Handball title in Houston placing 1st in singles A B and in doubles. Bob Lindsay and the faculty sponsor, Pete Tyson, also won the Doubles in the National Open Handball Championship in Salt Lake City. The Bowling Club finished 3rd in the Texas Intercollegiate Bowling Conference after being knocked out of its long held 2nd place in the 8th and final round of competition. The Wrestling Team was undefeated in its four meets against the University of Southwest Louisiana, Fort Hood, and LSU. The Fencing Team won a 2nd and two 5th in the South Texas Division AFLA and a 1st, 4th, and 5th in the SMU ' s Mustang Fencing Club Invitational. The Squash Club competition was limited mainly to inter- club tournaments. However, in the 2nd Annual Texas Squash Racquets Tournament, they scored a 2nd in Class B, and a 1st in the Novice Division. The Softball Team played only one game which they lost to Baylor. The Gymnastics Team tallied up as first place team in the Texas Collegiate Championship, Gulf AAU, and South- western AAU meets, along with trophies and medals re- ceived in the 1966 Mid-South Gymnastics Championship and the U.S. Gymnastic Federation Southern Regional Cham- pionships. In dual meet competition the teams 3-2 record included wins over North Eastern Louisiana, twice, and Eastern New Mexico, and losses to LSU and North West Louisiana. The Soccer Team, with a membership representing seven foreign countries, won first place in The University of Texas Invitational soccer-football tournament over seven other teams. Their season record was 9-2, losing only to Lackland AFB and LSU. WEIGHT LIFTING CLUB Front Row: Howard Francis Parker, Jimmy Joe McAfee, Joseph F. DePetris, Danny Michael Corley, Ronald Joe Taska. Back Row: Cecil Lee Newton, Richard James Folmer, Harry Franklin Lundell, Don Paul Smith, Gilbert E. Fox, Brian Anderson Beach. HANDBALL CLUB Left to Right: Ervin William Squires, Larry Paul White, Matthew Herbert Kelly, Kenneth Davidoff, Robert P. Lindsay, John Buckner Randolph. Page 560 SOFTBALL CLUB BOWLING CLUB Front Row: Emmett Edvington Moore, John Thomas Hilton, Carroll Wayne Glaser, Joseph William Royce. Second Row: Marion Wayne Jen- nings, Steven Ernest Raphael, Steven Lloyd Bercu, Randall J. Davis. Back R ow: Donald Nagel Westheimer, Moses David Altman, Donald Frank Goldman. Front Row: Thomas Albert Brown, Richard A. Dathe, Samuel Neil Word, Joseph Vincent Scott. Back Row: Pat Hurley, Sponsor; Gerald Anthony Semrod, Frank D. Kleinworth, Richard W. Helgeson, John Sutherland, Span- SOCCER CLUB Front Row: Tato Hemard, Rodrigo Baldioceda, Clarence Magnus Swanson, Julio Del Rio, Robert George Makela, Juan Manuel Pardo, Carlos Calderon, Pavlos X. Roussos, Xavier Gonzales, Nemir Izzat, Coach. Back Row: George Gruber, Coach, Jaime B. Gonzales, Luis Alfons Cobos-Cucalon, Julio Ivan Torres-Palacios, Alfred Erler, Ramiro Molina- Valencia, Michael Eugene Lonsford, Stephen Hal Frauman, Mario Arguedas, Robert P. Higley, Faculty Spon- sor, Not Pictured Peter Thomas Hazelton, Gary Paulos, Gonzalo Sandino-Salcedo, James Walter Bunting. Page 561 WRESTLING CLUB Front Row: John Karl Dietz, Quentin Ware Martin, William Lyle Hodge, William Bird Swan, James Thomas Dorsey. Back Row: William H. H. Smith, John Michael Camden, David Lee Gregg, Gary James Harloff, Charles Carlton Steubing, William Grant Hilburn. GYMNASTIC CLUB :;;;;; Front Row: Gerald Lloyd Bartosch, Robert Glenn Reeves, Sam Collier Bashara, William Sidney Hembree. Back Row: G. J. Vanis, Coach, James Bayless Lee, Thomas E. Vyse, Shannon Eden Young, Russell F. Burmester, Henry R. Ondrusek, Philip George Baerreis, damn Zack Crow. FENCING CLUB Front Row: Roger William Bennett, Paul Donald Erickson, Stephen Bara- noff, Larry Rick Eisenbach. Back Row: Robert Carlton Rankin, Bobby Darrell Taylor, Robert Clair Taylor, George Leo Nelson. I CLASSES " 3km r- is. GRADUATES GRADUATING SENIORS SENIORS JUNIORS 563 567 611 619 SOPHOMORES 633 FRESHMEN 649 CHRONOLOGY AND STATISTICS 673 I Barker History Center GRADUATES 563 GRADUATES ANDERSON, GENE ALLEN, East Grand Forks, Minn. Chemistry, FA ARNOLD, MILTON EUGENE, San Juan Business, A2II BAKER, JOHNNIE WARREN, Blum Mathematics BARBER, JOEL STEPHEN, Houston Journalism, B9II, AA2 BARLER, DOROTHY VIRGINIA, Alpine Mathematics BENTON, LOUIS BRENT, Fort Worth Finance, AXA BEYERS, ARTHUR L., Dallas Economics, Graduate Club, Economics Club BLACKWELL, JAMES LEE, Overton Finance, AT, CBA Honors Plan, Texas Union Committees BONINE, MICHAEL EDWARD, Abilene Geography, A KQ, T9T, AO, UTSAM, Der Eulenspiegelverein BRADY, SAMUEL DAVID, Garland Marketing, A tt, CBA Council, Texas Union Committees, Texas Union Council, Round-Up, Campus Chest, YR, American Market- ing Association BRIDGES, CHARLES WALTER, Tyler General Business, BA BRIDGES, JOE MACK, Sundown Mechanical Engineering, KA, H2, Engineering Fellow, Campus Chest, ASME BROWN, JAMES CROZIER, Waco Civil Engineering, A n, Student-Faculty Discipline Committee, Sweetheart Election Commission, ASCE BURLESON, WILLIAM DAN, Austin Law, ATA, Goodfellow, Orientation Advisor, Varsity Cheer- leader, Intramurals, Royal Spirit Committee CAVAZOS, JUAN ANTONIO, Laredo Law CHOICE, WILLIAM HERSCHEL, Houston Statistics, X4 , A2II : ID " . lAi h CLAYTON, OWEN GRIFFITH, Fort Worth Classics, H2 J , University Chorus, YR, Young Americans for Freedom COLINA-VARGAS, CARLOS ALBERTO, Barranquilla, Colombia Community Regional Planning, American Institute of Plan- ners, International Club, ULI, AIA DAVID, JOE, Alice Library Science DEALEY, SAM JEROME, Dallas Law, f K t , II2A, J BK, Distinguished Military Graduate, Junior Fellow DE VITO, ALFRED, Englewood, N. J. Curriculum Instruction, 4 AK DYER, JAMES SIMPSON, Fort Worth Operations Research, Ben, HS, 2H2, BK, Silver Spurs, Student Assembly EARNEST, JOHN DAVID, Odessa Music, J MA, IIKA, Madrigal Singers EGAN, BYRON FLANARY, Dallas Law, ZX, A S Assemblyman, A S Council, Round- Up, Campus Chest EISEMANN, CHARLES WARREN, Austin Management, X EYRE, DALE GEORGE, Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada Civil Engineering, International Club, ACI, ASCE FEIGELSON, EUGENE ALEX, Beaumont Government FENELON, JAMES ROY, Dayton, Ohio Psychology FISHER, RADNEY LEE, Sudan Accounting, BA , Honor Roll, Texas Union Committee, Round- Up, Longhorn Singers FLOWERS, JOHN GARLAND, III, Austin English, AT, Student Leaders Seminar in Chile, Freshman Coun- cil, Academic Life Committee, International Club, MUN, Y GAINER, PAUL, Austin Petroleum Engineering, H2, 2IT, TBII, Freshman Council, AIAA, AIME GALBRAITH, LOIS ANNE, San Antonio Library Science Page 564 GRADUATES GRANT, GLORIA JUDENE, Houston Mathematics, AKA, Spooks, Orange Jackets, Almetns Coop Co- Ordinator GSELL, JAMES NELSON, Austin Journalism, AA2, 2AX, Daily Texan, Teaching Assistant HANSEN, KRISTINN INGI, Austin Mathematics, AT, T Association, Honor Code Committee HATFIELD, RONNIE D., Neosho, Mo. Accounting HEARNE, WILLIAM M., JR., Dallas Law HILLYER, IRA LEE, Houston Law, ATA HIX, MARY LINDA, Mercedes Educational Psychology, FA, NDEA Counseling Guidance Training Institute HUNT, CHESTER F., Pleasanton Journalism, 2AX, George W. Brackenridge Fellowship IKEBE, YASUHIKO, Kyoto, Japan Mathematics 1KELS, LARRY J., New Braunfels Journalism, 2AX, Daily Texan IZZAT, NAWFAL NOURI, Mosul, Iraq Microbiology, Teaching Assistant, Research Scientist Assist- ant International Club, Organization of Arab Students JACKSON, JANICE MARCILLE, Wichita Falls English JACOBSEN, GARY ALLAN, Sulphur Springs Business Management, KA, American Finance Association JOHNSON, REBECCA J., Austin " Education, KAII, NEA, TEA JOHNSTONE, TIMOTHY CLARENCE, Elsa Accounting, 4 ZK, BA , Intramurals LANGLEY, LARRY WILSON, San Marcos Law, ATA LIGHT, DAVID WALKER, III, Houston Finance, BSD LITTLE, WILLIAM STERLING, Houston Sociology LIU, YUNG-KAN, Taipei, Taiwan, China Mechanical Engineering LOPEZ-DELGADILLO, HUMBERTO, Guadalajara, Mex. Political Science MANFERD, ELLIOTT, Houston Business Statistics, American Statistical Association MANOPHARS, DANAI, Bangkok, Thailand Electrical Engineering MAYO, JOHN BLOUNT, JR., Austin Communications, AAZ MAYO, NITA LOUISE, Austin Communications, AEP McCOLLUM, MIKE G., Dallas Law, ATA, Freshman Track McGEHEE, CORENE ETTA, Corpus Christ! Management, BA McLAUCHLAN, ROBERT ADALBERT, Beaumont Mechanical Engineering, I H2, J K , IITZ, TBII, ASME, ASM, TSPE, AIME McQUEARY, CHARLES EVERETTE, Gordon Mechanical Engineering MILLER, SAMUEL R., Greenville Accounting, BA , University Graduate Fellowship MORTON, WELDON BARKER, Austin Finance NELSON, DON BAXTER, Gushing Chemistry, 4 AT NEMEC, EDVIN CHARLES, Cibolo Law Page 565 GRADUATES NISBETT, ROBERT STUART, Carthage Law, AX2, A6 , AIChE NOYOLA, BENITO XAV1ER, Mexico City, Mex. Architecture, APX, Sphinx, Student Assembly, Architecture Council, AIA " ORTS, MARILYN JEANNE, Little Rock, Ark. German, ITA , A A PAYNE, PATRICIA CAROLYN, Wichita Falls Educational Psychology, KA8 PETERS, TED HOPKINS, Greenville Finance, AXA, Insurance Society, Real Estate Institute PETERSON, ROBERT LAFAYETTE, JR., Jacksboro Mathematics PRICE, JAMES HUGHES, JR., Arlington Biochemistry, AX2, K , AT, BK, Graduate Club, In- terfraternity Council REAMS, GAIL JACOBY, Houston Physics, H2, ZII2, BK REEVES, KEITH ORIEL, Pasadena Psychology, A f n, Friars, Outstanding Student SAWEY, RONALD MARVIN, Victoria Mathematics, HZ SCHODEK, DANIEL LEWIS, Rosenberg Architectural Engineering, XE, TBII, TZA, AAAE, TSPE SCHWER, GEOFREY DELAPLAINE, Austin International Business SEYDEL, ROBERT EMORY, JR., Moline, 111. Astronomy, Collegiate Forum, Young Americans for Freedom, Wesley Foundation, YR SHOCKLEY, WILLIAM CARL, JR., Uvalde Physics, H2, 2IIZ, t BK SIMMONS, DOUGLAS MACARTHUR, Austin Accounting, AXA, AZII, BA , Student Assembly, CBA Council, Goodfellow, Intramurals SKLAR, DAVID ALLEN, Austin Law, AZ4 , Simkins Epicureans, Law Bachellors ' Clubbe SLAVIK, FRANK HENRY, JR., Austin Educational Psychology, SS SUCKE, JOHN H., Ill, Austin Law, X 1 , A8 , International Law Society, Icthus Summer Theatre, Law Bachellors ' Clubbe TANNICH, JOHN DAVID, Houston Physics, H2, ZII2, BK TOYODA, HISAO, Hyogo-Ken, Japan Civil Engineering TRA VERSO, JUAN GUSTAVO, Resistencia, Argentina Aerospace Engineering, International Club URBINA, MANUEL, JR., Houston Latin American Studies VILLARREAL, JOSE ANGEL, Austin Spanish, ITA , ZAII WALES, ROBERT CURTIS, Arlington Electrical Enginereing WARE, MARY JANE, Fort Worth English, KA f , University Chorus WEBER, WAYNE THOMAS, Fredericksburg Law, J ZK, A6 , International Law Society, Inns of Court WELCH, ROBERT CHARLES WILLIAM, Lake Charles, La. Chemical Engineering, H2, AT, TBII, JJXE, NSF University Fellowships, AIChE WILLIAMS, CHARLES MARTIN, San Angelo Finance, ATA WOOD, GERRY ODELL, Oklahoma City, Okla. Chemistry, Teaching Assistant WOOD, LINDA KAY KILLIAN, Fort Worth Journalism, 62 , KTA, BK, 62 , Graduate Fellowship, Teaching Assistant I Page 566 West Mall Office Building GRADUATING SENIORS Page 567 GRADUATING SENIORS ABEL, HARRIETT LYNN, Austin English History, SEA, YR ABEL, PHILIP CAROL, Borger Microbiology, f AX ABEL, ROBERT GEORGE, Austin Accounting, YR, ASCE ACKERMANN, ENRIQUE ANTONIO, La Paz, Bolivia International Business, TKE ACTKINSON, TOMME RAY, San Antonio Psychology, A l fJ, Intramurals ADAMS, DANA GAY, Harlingen Medical Technology, AOII, A T, Freshman Council, Cactus ADAMS, JEANETTE ADELE, San Antonio Mathematics, AAA, B, Kinsolving, Kinsolving Advisor ADAMS, JOHN LEWIS, Overton Finance, 2X, Silver Spurs, Order of Alcalde, Student Government Committee, Round-Up ADAMS, NANCY KATE, Mexia Elementary Education, NBA, Powell Coordinator ADAMS, NORMA RUTH, Dallas Journalism ADAMS, OTIS EDWARD, Midland Accounting ADAMS, WILLIAM JAMES, Bronx, N. Y. English, Simkins Epicureans AGUILAR, MARTIN VALDEZ, San Antonio Architecture, AIA AHLBERG, JOANN LENORA, Fort Worth Business Education, AHA, SEA, Texas Union Committees Round-Up, Challenge, MUN ADDAD, RUWAID AHMED, Taif, Saudi Arabia Petroleum Engineering, AIME, TSPE, International Club, Organization of Arab Students, YR ALBRIGHT, JOSEPH REED, Austin Finance ALEXANDER, MARTHA SUE, Corpus Christi Portuguese History, AXJ2, Student Government Committee, Y, NDFL Fellowship, MUN ALEXANDER, REBEKAH STERLING, Fort Worth English, xn, Texas Union Committee, Freshman Council, Round- Up, Campus Chest ALEXANDER, ROSALIE, Corpus Christi Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter, SEA, Texas Union Committee, ALFRED, ROBERT CARDIN, Midland Marketing, ZN, Intramurals, Texas Union Committees, Real Estate Institute, Insurance Society ALLEN, DONALD RAY, Dallas Mathematics, A Cappella Choir ALLEN, ROSEMARY, Burnet Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter ALLISON, CARLOS JAY, Austin Marketing, YD, American Marketing Association ALLRED, PATRICIA ELLEN, Houston Elementary Education AMEND, JANE LYNNE, San Antonio Secondary Education, AAA, Royal Spirit Committee, Ashbel, Y ANDERSON, GARLAND SADLER, JR., Gatesville Architecture, APX, Sphinx, Architecture Student Council ANDERSON, GERALD LANE, Plains Government History ANDERSON, IRMA JEAN, San Antonio Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter ANDERSON, JOE DANIEL, Silverton Government, IIKA ANDERSON, THOMAS AXEL, LaMarque Electric Engineering, IEEE, Engineering Council, Power Show, Longhorn Singers President ANDREWS, MICHAEL ALLEN, Fort Worth History, -M ' A ANTHONY, MARSHA DELL, Houston French German Page 568 IRS CLASS OF 1966 APPLEWHITE, BARRY ALAN, Fort Worth Mathematics, KA, Silver Spurs, Student Government Committees ARGUELLO, JOE, San Antonio Electrical Engineering ARMS, HENRY LEE, San Antonio Transportation ARMSTRONG, NANCY LYNN, San Antonio Secondary Education, KKr ARMSTRONG, ROLAND JON, Baytown Electrical Engineering, AXA, Scabbard Blade, NROTC ARNAKIS, ALEX G., Austin Government, -Mli, II2A, A8, 1 BK ARNOLD, BETSY, Houston Mathematics, B Kinsolving, Honor Roll, Kinsolving Advisor, International Club ARNOLD, VANCE MICHAEL, Gilmer Finance, UKA, American Finance Association, Insurance Society ARRINGTON, JOAN CAROL, Houston Mathematics, XIJ ARSUAGA, JOE CHARLES, Corpus Christi Music, Symphonic Band ATHEY, PATRICIA ANN, Austin Plan II, 1 BK, AEA, AAA, J A9, Newman Club ATKINS, FRANCES JOAN HULAN, Austin Psychology ATKINSON, GARDNER DAVIS, JR., San Antonio Engineering Science, Longhorn Band, Society of Engineering Science AUSTIN, ROBIN ANN, Houston History, AAIT, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Angel Flight, Y, Freshman Council AWALT, CHARLES HENRY, Fort Worth Economics, Campus Chest, Round-Up AXELROD, NATHAN STEPHEN,. Houston History, TA-t , AK , AROTC, Distinguished Military Stu- dent, Scabbard Blade r T " ?5 AXTELL, LINDA LEE, Port Arthur Spanish, AAA, Heflin Manor Advisor AYCOCK, KAREN BETH, El Paso Mathematics AYCOCK, LETHA LYNNE, Texarkana Personnel Management AYER, SUZANNE ELAINE, Houston Education of the Deaf, AHA, Panhellenic, Varsity Carnival, Sing-Song, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committee BADGLEY, CAROL ANN, Baytown Accounting, BA , BF2 BAGGETT, LARRY KEITH, Austin Pharmacy, K BAILEY, JAMES LEE, Beaumont Engineering Route to Business Administration, I K , Society for the Advancement of Management, UTSAM, Intramurals, Honor Roll BAILEY, RAY BEDFORD, Marshall Architecture, J K , AFX, Sphinx, AIA BAILEY, ROBERT E., Cisco Finance, American Finance Association, YR BAKER, CAROLYN LEE, Anahuac English BAKER, LAURA ANN, Tolar Home Economics, ON, Home Economics Chapter BALL, SAMUEL ALFRED, JR., Austin Education BALLARD, DARRELL MONROE, Austin Pharmacy, K BALLARD, JERRY LEE, Uvalde Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Society for the Advancement of Management, UTSAM, Moore-Hill Supervisor, Intramural Honor Code Committee BALLARD, MARK EVAN, Hearne Zoology BAMBERGER, WILLIAM JOHN, Dallas Economics Page 569 GRADUATING SENIORS BABBLES, GARY EUGENE, Houston General Business, MC BARBOUR, CARROLL STANLEY, Cotulla Accounting, ATA, CBA Honors Program BARFIELD, MILTON CHARLES, Houston Accounting, AK BARKER, JANIE CAROL, Waco French English, KAH, Kirby Hall Advisor BARNHILL, WELDON W., JR., Houston Mathematics, Texas Union Committee, Intramurals, Skin Scuba Diving Club BARR, RICHARD DENNIS, Bay City Government BARRA, DAVID PAUL, San Antonio Chemistry, Glee Club BARRETT, ANDREW THOMAS, HI, Midland Mathematics BARRIOS, GREGORY, JR., Victoria English, Newman Club, YR, Texas Ranger, Texas Union Committee, Student Government Committees, Daily Texan, Y BARTELS, CAROLYN JEAN, San Antonio Elementary Education, SEA, Education Honor Society BASS, JOHN LINCECUM, Jackson, Miss. Mathematics, AEA, H2, Carl Stone Benedict Scholarship BASS, WILLARD R., Hunt Mechanical Engin eering, ASME, Intramurals BATLA, AUGUST JOSEPH, JR., Granger Chemical Engineering, AIChE, OXE, TBII, Engineering Council BAUGHMAN, JOHNNY P., Lake Jackson Journalism, AA2, Student Government Committee, Daily Texan BEALL, APRIL, Austin English, AAII, UTSA, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Blan- ton Advisory Chairman, Goodfellow, Bluebonnet Belle Final- ist, Outstanding Student BEAN, RICHARD ELLIS, Houston Finance, AZII, BA , BF2, American Finance Associa- tion, Real Estate Institute, Freshman Council BEARD, LINDA KAY, Rosenberg Biology, AAIT, Kinsolving Advisor, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committees, Round-Up BEARD, MARTHA LEE, Bryan Elementary Education, YD, KA1I, Texas Union Committee, Ice Skating Club, Carothers Advisor BEASLEY, ANN, Houston General Business, ZTA BEASLEY, MARY SHARMAN, Dallas History Government, SEA, Texas Union Committees, Union Board of Directors BEELEY, REBECCA, Houston English, KA0, Spooks, Bored Martyrs BEHNE, SHERYL DAY, Austin Physical Education, A , KAII, PEM, Racket Club, Education Council BELL, JOHN LYN, Longview Marketing, AZn, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, American Marketing Association, YR BELL, WILFRED CHAPMAN, San Antonio Finance, Longhorn Band BELT, GEORGE DON, Cleveland Marketing, 1 K , A2II BENDER, SUSAN ELISE, Dallas Secondary Education, English Spanish BENJAMIN, LUDY THOMPSON, JR., Austin Psychology BENJAMIN, PRISCILLA FINLAY, Austin Elementary Education BENNETT, ALVIN LOWELL, JR., Austin Architectural Engineering, AAAE, Honor Roll BENTLEY, DAVID DOW, III, Peekskill, N.Y. History, NC Arms Advisor, Drama Workshop, Student Govern- ment Committee, University Chorus, Students ' Association BERGEN, WANDA ELAINE, Houston Spanish English, r B, Upperclass Advisor, English Honors Program BERKMAN, JOHN LAWRENCE, JR., Austin Civil Engineering, J A6, XE, TBII, ASCE Ib Page 570 CLASS OF 1966 BERNHARDT, ANNE CURRIE, San Antonio Piano, A J , 2AI, University Chorus, Southern Singers, International Club BERNIARD, LEWIS JOHN, III, Baytown Chemical Engineering, HXE, TBII, A T, AIChE BERRY, WILLIAM DAVID, Austin Finance Real Estate, A MZ, Real Estate Institute, CBA Council, American Finance Association, Insurance Society, TACPRE, Texas Union Committee BETHEA, LONA KATHERINE, Houston General Business UB t BEYER, CHESTER W., JR., San Antonio Mathematics, AEA, AFROTC Drill Team, Honor Roll BICKLE, LARRY WAYNE, San Antonio Engineering Science, TBII, Engineering Council, Engineering Fellow, AIAA, SES, ASM, TSPE BILLION, VICKIE JO, Dallas History Spanish, XJJ BIRDWELL, CHARLOTTE LOU, Austin Elementary Education, KATT BIRDWELL, LINDA MARGARET, Beaumont History, AAA BLACKWELL, WILLIAM ALBERT, Cuero Marketing, t AB, American Marketing Association BLANDY, DEBORAH ANNE, Austin Mathematics, AAA, Upperclass Advisor, Sweetheart Nominee, Varsity Carnival, Orientation Co-ordinating Committee, Pan- hellenic BLOUNT, MARTHA ANNE, Dallas Radio-Television, AEP BLUDEAU, ADRIAN LOUIS, San Antonio Mathematics, UTSAM, YD BLUM, GARY NEIL, Corpus Christi Biology, A f n. Hillel Foundation BLUNK, WILLIAM DAVID, JR., Austin Finance, SAE, Operation Brainpower BLURTON, JERRY HALBERT, McKinney Accounting A .A BODEMULLER, PAMELA MARIE, Nederland Elementary Education, AZ BOHLS, RODNEY JOE, Austin BOLAND, HAYDEN EDWARD, San Antonio Government, Texas Union Committee, Praetorian Guard, Scabbard Blade, Orientation Advisor, A S Council BOOK, STANLEY PAT, Miles Accounting, Newman Club BOOKER, PATRICIA ANN, Houston Pharmacy, AZB BOONE, BOBBY LYNN, Hico Management BORGSTEDTE, SANDRA, Washington Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter, YR BOTTS, JERRY MONROE, San Antonio Accounting, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committee, Praetorian Guard BOUCHIER, JOE TOM, Post Chemical Engineering, K2, 4 H2, AX2, TBII, AIChE BOUDREAUX, JAMES ARTHUR, JR., Brownsville Accounting BOWEN, SHIRLEY JOYCE, Houston Art History, AAA, Texas Union Committee, Royal Spirit Committee. 10 Most Beautiful Finalist BOWERS, JOHN WESLEY, JR., Houston Accounting, 211 BOWIE, WALTER FRANKLIN, Amarillo English, AB BOX, MARQUITA KAYE, Fort Worth Journalism, BZ f , Orange Jackets, Junior Fellows, Daily Texan, Challenge BOYD, GARY MICHAEL, Austin English, Honors Program in English BOYD, GEORGE M., JR., Corsicana Finance, K2, Silver Spurs, American Finance Association Page 571 GRADUATING SENIORS C BRADFORD, JACKIE WAYNE, Magnolia, Ark. Mathematics BRADFORD, ROBERT LEE, Sweetwater Anthropology, A-M2, Intramurals BRADLEY, ROBERT SANDERS, Fort Worth Architecture, J K, AIA BRADY, JOHN MICHAEL, Garland History BRANNING, M. EVELYN, Seguin Music Theory, 2AI, TBZ, +K I , TIKA, Longhorn Band BRANTON, JOSEPH BYRON, Austin History BRASELTON, CAROLYN CLIFTON, Fort Worth English History, IIB ] , Ashbel Literary Society BREAKER, JONNIE ELINOR, Houston Chemistry, J BK BRIDGES, JARRELL M, JR., Austin Pharmacy, LPhA BRISENO, JOSEPHINE, San Antonio Journalism, Bi) t BRITTON, THOMAS FRANKLIN, McGregor hi 12, Freshman Council, Intramurals, Microbiology, AEA, Der Eulenspiegelverein BROOKNER, MARK JAY, Beaumont Accounting, J A, BA , 4-HZ, BF2, Freshman Council BROUGHTON, CHARLES EARL, Wharton Industrial Management, AK , Society for the Advancement of Man- agement BROWN, HATTIE JONEEN, Houston Elementary Education, XJJ BROWN, MICHAEL JAN, Kermit Social Studies, Praetorian Guard, Pershing Rifles, Longhorn Band, Distinguished Military Student, AROTC BROYLES, PAULETTE STRINGER, Lufkin Interior Design, XA ! ft 10 CA Id BRYAN, SHERRY LYNN, Graham Mathematics Biology BRYANT, HAVEN WHATLEY, Waco Secondary Education, English Government, Freshman Council, Honor Roll, University Chorus BRYANT, VICTORIA ANNE, Austin Elementary Education, ACE BRYARLY, ROBERT PRESSLY, JR., Little Rock Ark Chemistry, AX2 BRYCE, JAMES YOUNG, Waxahachie Philosophy BRYSON, YVONNE JOYCE, Richardson Pre-Medical, r B, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committees, Round-Up, UTSA, Challenge, Y BUCKSTAFF, SHERWOOD, JR., Houston Finance BURG, CAROLYN ANN DARLENE, Austin Sociology BURGE, ALBERT NEWMAN, III, San Antonio Transportatirn, AXA, CBA Council, American Marketing Association BURK, JAMES EDDY, San Antonio Anthropology, 2 J E, AEA, Goodfellow, Silver Spurs, A S Assemblyman, Freshman Council Co-ordinating Board, Student Government Committee BURKE, RONALD L., Amarillo Marketing, AT, American Marketing Association BURSON, THEO LYNNE, Corpus Christi American Studies BURTON, JOHN KENNETH, Sinton Aerospace Engineering, AIAA BUSCH, MARIAN BETH, La Grange Business Education BUSH, CAROL HAGG, Houston Music Education, 2AI, IIKA, Outstanding Student, Music Educators ' National Conference, Student Assembly, CEC, Longhorn Singers BUSH, JOHN BOBBINS, Lampasas Mathematics History, ATA, Varsity Basketball, T Asso- ciation Page 572 CLASS OF 1966 BUSKE, IRENE CLAIRE, Shiner Home Economics, ATA, OX, KAII, Home Economics Chapter, Texas Union Committee, Freshman Council BUTLER, BETTY LOU, Wharton Business Education, AZ, 10 Most Beautiful Finalist, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist, Spooks, Angel Flight BUTLER, ROBERT ANTHONY, Rusk Finance, AT, Student Government Committee, YD, Repre- sentative Party BYRD, MICHAEL C, Seguin Aerospace Engineering, TBII, 2rT, T Association, AIAA CAFFERTY, LINDA LEE, New Brunswick, N. J. History Government, Newman Club CALHOUN, V1CKI SUE, Wichita Falls Latin, AXfi, AAA, 1 BK, Mortar Board CALLAHAN, MICHAEL JAMES, JR., Orange Electrical Engineering, 03 CAMP, BROOKS LAMAR, Dallas Spanish French, ZX, ANA, Round-Up, YR, MUN CAMP, ROGER EDWIN, Post Finance, AK , Intramurals, Scabbard Blade, Simkins Epicureans, ROTC CAMPOS, OMAR RICHARD, San Antonio Architecture, AIA, Newman Club CAMPSEY, BILLY JEFF, Fort Worth Government Psychology, I1KA CANDALES, JOSE ANTONIO, Corpus Christi Government CANIPE, YATES JULIO, High Point, N. C. Mathematics CAPPLEMAN, WILLIAM POLLARD, JR., Baytown Economics, 2X, Newman Club CARAWAY, NANCY LEE, Comanche Elementary Education CARIKER, CLARENCE JEFFERSON, Round Rock Pharmacy, I AX, LPhA CARLOCK, CARL THOMAS, Henderson Speech History, Curtain Club CARMICHAEL, JOHN ALLEN, Beaumont Finance, AB, Interfraternity Council, CBA Council, CBA Hon- ors Plan, CLASP, American Finance Association CARPENTER, SARAJANE, Victorville, Calif. Interior Design CARR, FRANCES MAE, Baytown English History, NEA CARR, MARGIE ANN, Dallas Elementary Education, r 1 B, Spooks, Freshman Council, Cordettea, Royal Spirit Committee, UTSA CARRIGAN, MICHAEL DEAN, Waco Pharmacy, f AX, Newman Club, LPhA CARRUTH, DAVID, Dallas Finance, AKE, Representative Party, American Finance As- sociation CARSON, GARY DRAKE, San Antonio Philosophy, Skydivers CARTER, JAMES WILLIAM, San Antonio Aerospace Engineering, Longhorn Flying Club, Longhorn Band, AFROTC CARTER, MARY MARGUERITE, Houston Interior Design, AID CARUTH, CAROLYN ANN, Austin History, Freshman Council, YD, University of Texas Or- chestra CASANOVA, EDWARD, San Antonio English CASE, CAROL SUE, Houston Elementary Physical Education, Kinsolving Advisor and Student Counselor, SEA CASEY, DONALD E., JR., Waco Mechanical Engineering CHAFFIN, TOMMY LOUIS, Wharton Advertising, American Marketing Association; Intramurals CHALFONT, ALAN CHARLES, San Antonio Marketing, AFROTC, YR, Texas Union Committees Page 573 GRADUATING SENIORS CHALMERS, JOHN HOLBROOK, JR., Abilene Mathematics, AXA, AEA CHAPPELL, VIRGINIA BEVIN, Dallas English, XS2, Ashbel Literary Society CHARLTON, GEORGE STEPHEN, San Antonio Accounting, Student Government Committee CHEANEY, DENNIS CRAIG, Homewood, 111. Industrial Management, SX, ZIE, BrS, Arnold Air So- ciety, Society for the Advancement of Management CHENAULT, WILLIAM BLEWETT, III, Houston Law, A i f2, Moot Court, Law Day, Collegiate Forum, Texas Union Council, Texas Union Committees, Student Government Committees, YR CHING, CHEE HAN, Houston Speech, Pre-Law, Karate Club, ROTC, Debate Squad CHITTY, CAROL LEE, Austin Studio Art, Art Students ' Association CHRISTIAN, JERRY DONALD, San Saba Mathematics CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM STEPHEN, Corpus Christ! Mechanical Engineering CHRISTOPHER, WALTER DAVID, Amarillo Mathematics, Karate Club, Skin Scuba Diving Club CHURCH, PASCHEL LEE, Houston Psychology, Tejas Club, X, A fl CLAPP, CAROL K., Corpus Christi English, AFA CLOVER, CARL ESTES, JR., LaMarque Psychology, Student Government Committee, Ranger Staff COBB, JACQUELINE GAY, Dallas French Spanish, AAA, ZAIT, HA , Honor Roll, NDEA, Span- ish Institute COBB, WILLMM C., Austin Aerospace Engineering, K , Texas Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, Goodfellow, AFROTC COBURN, MELANIE LYNN, Baytown English, Wakonda Coop, SEA CODY, JAMES MARION, Wake Village Marketing COHEN, MARTIN WILLIAM, San Angelo Accounting, SAM, Freshman Council, Student Government Com- mittee COLBY, CAROL ANGELA, Austin Sociology, AOIT COLLIER, DARRYL EDWIN, Lufkin Finance, Moore-Hill Counselor, Intramurals COLLINS, MICHAEL FRANCIS, Austin Aerospace Engineering COLLINS, SHERRY JEAN, Houston Government, t BK COLUNGA, ALFRED, Brownsville English CONE, FRED LEE, III, Wichita Falls Physics Mathematics CONEWAY, CLINTON JAMES, Hereford Engineering Science, Scabbard Blade, Buccaneers, NROTC, SES CONEWAY, PETER RICHARD, Harlingen Finance, f A9, Students ' Association Vice-President, Outstanding Student, Texas Cowboys, Chancellor Ransom ' s Advisory Cabinet CONNALLY, LOUISE, Houston Mathematics Zoology, KA0, AAA, 1 BK, Freshman Council, Orientation Advisor, Upperclass Advisor CONNALLY, MARTHA LYN, Dallas Education, AAII, SEA, Student Government Committee COOK, CARY BRYANT, Austin Sociology COOK. JOHN K., Austin Accounting, SAK, Challenge, Freshman Council, Round-Up COOK, WALTER LOUIS, JR., Atlanta Accounting, KA, Honor Roll, Freshman Council, Student Government Committee COOKE, CAROL DIANE, Dallas nglish, Cactus Associate Editor, Round-Up, Student Gov- ent Committee - JV IVI Englisl enmu-ri 4 Page 574 R CLASS OF 1966 COOKE, MARY JO, Corpus Christ! Elementary Education, SEA COONEY, TONI LYNN, Austin Journalism, AOII, 62 J , TAX, Freshman Council, Royal Spirit Committee COOPER, LYNN R., Corsicana Government X I CORNICK, JANE GOULD, Austin Home Economics, KA8, Outstanding Student, Silver Spur Award, Panhellenic, Kinsolving Advisor, Orientation Ad- visor, Freshman Council, Freshman Council Coordinating Board, Orange Jackets, Goodfellow, Texas Union Com- mittee, Home Economics Chapter, A S Council CORTES, RONALD, San Antonio Mathematics CORYELL, DOUGLAS EDWARD, San Antonio Accounting, Varsity Baseball COTHRAN, MARTIN DAVID, Georgetown Electrical Engineering, XA COTROPIA, JOSEPH PAUL, Hearne Chemistry, Newman Club, Longhorn Flying Club, MUN COURTNEY, JAMES FORREST, JR., Quitman Economics, Economics Club COVINGTON, RENEE JUANA, Midland Journalism, nA4 , 6Z , University Chorus, Daily Texan COWART, JOHN LAWHON, Dallas History, Canterbury Association, YR CRAGGS, DENNIS WARREN. Lake Jackson Government Economics, UTSAM CRAIK, DAVID DALE, Abilene Physics, ZIIZ, Scabbard Blade, BSU CRAIN, JOHN WALTER, Austin History, AXA, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Campus Chest, Intramurals CRAWFORD, JAMES ROSS, Austin Marketing, B8II, AA2, Intramurals CRENWELGE, CLAYTON RAY, Overton Special Education, SN, Student Council for Exceptional Children . 4ft CROOK, WILLIAM EDWARD, Houston Mathematics, A 2, Cactus, Disciple Student Fellowship, SAME CROSBY, JOHN EDWIN, Midland Chemistry, H2, TBII, S2XE, AIChE, Intramurals CROW, SANDRA KAY, San Antonio History, SRD Advisor CROW, SARA ELIZABETH, Dallas Elementary Education, A , Spooks, Freshman Council Advisor, Kinsolving Student Assistant, Crescent Club, Texas Union Committees, Challenge, Campus Chest, Y CRUM, ROY LEE, Texas City Government, NROTC, Buccaneers CRUMLEY, WILLIAM THOMAS, Lampasas Civil Engineering CRUSE, CHERYL DARLENE, Houston Elementary Education CRUZ, JOSEFINO ESPIRITU, El Paso Chemistry, Newman Club CULBERTSON, CATHRYN LYNN, Corpus Christi Pharmacy, KE, Goodfellow, Blanton Advisor, LPhA CULBERTSON, RALPH HOWARD, JR., San Antonio Aerospace Engineering CUNNINGHAM, JUDY MARIE, Houston History, i AB, Oratorical Association CUPAIOLI, IAN LAURANCE, Dallas General Business, tK CURRIE, SUSANNA, Mart Elementary Education, AAA, Scope, Blanton Advisor, Freshman Council, Y, SEA CUTLIP, DAVID BRUCE, Houston Art, Art Students ' Association DAHL, ALVIN LEE, Clifton Finance, American Finance Association DAHLSTROM, JOE FRANK, Edna Music Education, KK , MA, Longhorn Band, Univer Orchestra Page 575 . ' GRADUATING SENIORS DALLEY, KENNETH, Elgin Mathematics DAMERON, ZECH CLIFTON, III, Pecos Zoology, X , Scabbard Blade DAMRON, JOE RICHARD, Amarillo Psychology, AXA DANA, GRACEY C., Dallas English, TAB, Texas Union Committee, Student Govern- ment Committee, YR DANIEL, SHEILA KAY, Pecos Home Economics, AF, Dexter Advisor, Home Economics Chapter DANZIGER, HERBERT KENT, Helena, Ark. Chemical Engineering, TA4 , i HS, Honor Roll, Freshman Coun- cil, AIChE DARE, BARBARA E., Tyler Plan II, Challenge DARE, CLINT, Melbourne, Fla. Journalism, SAX, Ranger Editor DARVEAUX, JOSEPH EUGENE, San Antonio Economics, t HZ, Junior Fellow DASHIELL, KAREN ADAMS, Dallas Elementary Education, AXJJ, Engineering Wives Club, University Chorus, NEA, SEA DASHIELL, ROBERT ARMSTRONG, Dallas Electrical Engineering DAVENPORT, RICHARD STEELE, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, A n, Engineering Council, AROTC, SAME, IEEE DA VIES, SUZANNE, Dallas Interior Design, XH, Southern Belles Society, Freshman Council, AID DAVIS, BEVERLY DALE, San Antonio English Government, AE , Freshman Council, Upperclass Advisor, Orientation Advisor DAVIS, CORALIE ELIZABETH, San Antonio Accounting, r t B DAVIS, HAROLD WINSTON, JR., Corpus Christi Zoology-Pre-Medical, YR c DB A- DAVIS, PLATT WALDER, III, Houston Plan II, ARE, Freshman Orientation Advisor, Interfratemity Council, Texas Cowboys, Freshman Basketball DAVIS, SUSAN, Houston Plan II, r t B, BK, Outstanding Student, Mortar Board, Urange Jackets, Y, Wesley Foundation DAVIS, TED GAINES, Austin Mathematics DAVIS, WILLIAM BARRY, Austin Accounting, Intramurals DAWKINS, DIANTHA DEE, McCamey History Government, SEA DAWSON, MELINDA JUNE, Amarillo English, UTSA DAWSON, WILLIAM HENRY, Ennis Psychology, t HZ DEAN, MARILYNN SUE, Houston Music, ZAI, Andrews Advisor, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club DEAN, MICHAEL WILLIAM, Argyle Marketing, XJI, A2IT, American Marketing Association DEANS, JAMES ELLIOTT, JR., Houston Electrical Engineering, IIKN, TEH, Engineering Fellow, IKfcK, TSPE DEEN, JAMES ROBERT, Dallas Engineering Science, Longhorn Band, SEC DEEN, ROY HARLE, Dallas Electrical Engineering, Radio Club, IEEE, TSPE DE LA GARZA, ADOLFO, JR., Mission Electrical Engineering, Longhorn Band, IEEE DE LA GARZA, LUIS, Mission Finance, Semper Fidelis Society, Scabbard Blade, NROTC DENBOW, MICHAEL TED, Corsicana History DENHAM, ROBERT EDWIN, Abilene Plan II, AXA, 1 HS, Outstanding Student, Goodfellow, Viars, Silver Spurs, Student Leaders Seminar in Chile, Chancellor Ransom ' s Advisory Cabinet, A S Assembly, TSP Board, Interfratemity Council, Y hi I s m Bat I i Jl m A " !: i I , Page 576 CLASS OF 1966 DENNIS, JERRY T. ( III, Houston Accounting, BA , BF2 DENTON, JUDITH BEVERLY, Houston Government History, UTSA DENTON, RICHARD ALAN, Austin Pre-Medical, AEA DEFINE, GAIL R., Victoria Biology, Newman Club DERBES, HAROLD JOSEPH, JR., Corpus Christi Pharmacy DEVERICK, LLOYD ALAN, Corpus Christi Spanish, SN DEVINE, MICHAEL DENNIS, Corpus Christi Physics, 2112 DE WALT, MARY LOUISE, Pasadena Business Education, BBA, t B Kinsolving, SEA DIAMOND, ROGER ALLEN, Pasadena Biology DICKERSON, LINDA GAIL, Austin Frencn History, French National Honor Society, Andrews Advisor, International Club D ' .EHL, PAUL BYRON, Lubbock English, AT, MUN, Challenge, Varsity Debate DIETZ, ARLENE GENEVA, Dallas Elementary Education, AOII, Freshman Council, Royal Spirit Committee, NEA DIETZ, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Cibolo Accounting, Longhorn Band DILL, LARRY LYNN, Austin English DILLARD, rflCHARD RAY, Odessa Journalism, 211, Interfraternity Council, MUN, Daily Texan DINKINS, ORIE THEODORE, JR., Livingston Finance, DODSON, CHARLES GLENDON, San Antonio Music Education, +MA, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, BSU DODSON, DURWOOD KEITH, Cameron Engineering Route to Business Administration, KA, Intramurals, Society for the Advancement of Management DOERSTE, DAVID CLARK, San Antonio Transportation, ANA DOGGETT, NANCY JANE, Austin Art, Art Students ' Association, Commercial Art Students ' League DOHERTY, JOHN GERARD, JR., San Antonio Accounting, Stag Coop DOLEN, VURAL, St. Louis, Mo. Architectural Engineering, Simkins Epicureans, International Club, AAAE D ' OLIVE, YVONNE, Baytown Physical Education, AAA, Texas Union Committee, SEA, Freshman Council DOREMUS, ELIZABETH LYONS, Houston Plan II, +11, AAA, Panhellenic, Spooks DOROTIK, MARY ANN, Rowena English, +A9, Newman Club, Czech Club, Newman Hall Advisor, Honor Roll DOROTIK, ROBERT JOSEPH, El Campo Aerospace Engineering, 6H2, TBII, 2IT, AIAA, SEC DOUGLAS, WESLEY MICHAEL, Wichita Falls Civil Engineering, ASCE DOVE, HENRY GLAESER, San Antonio Accounting, BFZ, BA , +H2, Chess Club DOWNS, JUDITH ANN, Dallas Journalism, ZTA, B2+, Orange Jackets, Cactus, All-Campus Ad- visor, Campus Crusade for Christ DRAEGER, JOAN MARTHA, Edinburg Elementary Education DROEMER, THOMAS ERNEST, Giddings Insurance, Insurance Society DROSCHE, NELDA JOAN, Austin Mathematics Page 577 GRADUATING SENI ORS DRUM, RAYMOND PHILLIP, Dallas Mathematics DUBOSE, SUSAN GAYLE, Gonzales Education, AZ, Cactus, University Chorus, SEA DUDLEY, MARY DEON, San Angelo Elementary Education DUECKER, SHARON, San Antonio English, TOT, Navy Sweetheart, Shangri-La Coordinator, Coordinators Council, SEA DUFFY, SUSAN JANE, Oklahoma City, Okla. Spanish French, AXJJ, Heflin Advisor, Texas Union Committee DULLNIG, RICHARD EDWARD, San Antonio Finance, 2 I E, Varsity Tennis Manager DUNCAN, JUDITH KAYE, Rusk Pharmacy, r B, KE, Freshman Council, Texas Union Com- mittees, LPhA DUNCAN, KAREN SUE, San Antonio Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter DUNCAN, LEWIS ALVIN, Mineola Physics, 2112, H2 DUNSMOORE, DEAN KEITH, Amarillo History Government DURST, JULIAN COOK, Crockett Pharmacy, I AX DURST, RICHARD EARL, Austin Mechanical Engineering, Honor Roll DUSARD, JOAN T., Rantoul, 111. French, Freshman Council, Newman Club, Texas Union Com- mittees, YR DUSHEY, JACK, Laredo Chemistry, Curtain Club EANES, HARVEY RADNOR, III, Beaumont Psychology, AXA, J H2, X, Order of Alcalde, Texas Union Council ECK , SAMMY K., Greenville Mathematics ECKARDT, KITTY ANN, Fort Worth Special Education, AAA, Campus Chest ECONOMIDY, JOHN H., Wichita Falls Journalism, ZAX, Daily Texan, Public Relations Club, AFROTC EDGAR, SANFORD MICHAEL, Houston Finance, American Finance Association, Real Estate Institute, AIESEC, CBA Council, International Club EDWARDS, ALFRED CORNELIUS, Austin Biology EGELHOFF, ELIZABETH ANN, Austin Plan II, A , AAA, Outstanding Student, Panhellenic, Goodfellow, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets EHLERS, CLARENCE JAMES, Floresville Civil Engineering, XE, TBII, ASCE EIBAND, GEORGE WENTWORTH, Crystal City Marketing, Acacia, YR, American Marketing Association EIDSON, MELINDA YOUNG, Conway, Ark. Elementary Education, KAII ELDRIDGE, JOHN PAUL, Texarkana Engineering Route to Business Administration, Newman Club ELLIOTT, MICHAEL JOHN, JR., Pasadena Zoology, Freshman Council, Roberts Counselor Supervisor, Newman Club, Intramurals ELLIS, BARRY WADE, Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE ELLIS, MICHAEL DUKE, Sonora Pharmacy, LPhA EMBREY, CHARLES ALAN, San Antonio Marketing, A2II, American Marketing Association, YR ENGELKE, CAMERON ROSE, San Antonio English, r B, Texas Union Committees, Newman Club, YD ENGSTROM, JOHN TIMOTHY, Garwood Mathematics, Freshman Council, NROTC ERICKSON, JOHN RICHARD, Perryton Plan II, A Cappella Choir, Y Page 578 ' R CLASS OF 1966 alw ETTER, PATRICIA LEE, Houston English, Spanish, Education, AFA EUDY, ROY GEORGE, Austin Marketing, I A6, Society for the Advancement of Management EVANS, JAMES A., JR., Houston Marketing, A2II, AA2 EVANS, LINNIE CAROL, Dailas Latin, ASA, AAA, Heflin Manor Counselor, Grace Hall Advisor EVANS, PATRICIA JEAN, Beaumont Elementary Education, NEA EWING, ROBERT LEE, Floresville Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBII, IEEE, TSPE EZON, STEVEN SAMUEL, Austin Electrical Engineering, AS, A c ! n, Student Government Com- mittees, University Party, IEEE FAETCHE, JAMES BRUNO, Wharton Mechanical Engineering, ASME, TSPE, TES Magazine FAIRCHILD, RICHARD WESLEY, JR., Nacogdoches Accounting, 2AE FALLON, MARY MICHELLE, Austin English, AZ, Newman Club, Round-Up, Texas Union Committee FARRAR, MARY LOUISE, Dallas French, AHA, L ' Alliance Francaise, Canterbury Association, Freshman Council FAVOR, ANDREA ANN, San Antonio Accounting FEENEY, GAIL, Cuero History, Student Government Committee FENSTERMAKER, ANNE LESLIE, San Antonio Art, nBt , Freshman Council, Y, Art Students ' Association FERGUSON, BEN EDWARD, Dallas Aerospace Engineering, AIAA FERGUSON, GEOFFREY RUSSELL, Austin History, AXA, 4 AA W ipl9 V - 1 " - ' v - A FERGUSON, KATHY JEAN, San Antonio Bacteriology, AZ, AAA, All-Campus Advisors, Varsity Rifle Team, Freshman Council FEUGE, EVELYN JANET, New Orleans, La. Chemistry FEWEL, JOHN GERRARD, Arlington Microbiology FICHTENBAUM, JAMES HOWARD, Dallas Pre-Medical, 2AM, Freshman Council Advisor, Intramurals FIELDING, JOHN EARL, Temple Mathematics FIELDS, SANDRA Y., Denver, Colo. Psychology, A ' I ' E, Hillel Foundation FINGER, JOHN ROBERT, Del Rio Biology Secondary Education FINLEY, DIANE JOHNS, San Antonio English, SEA, CBA Wives ' Club FINLEY, VIRGIL E., Aransas Pass Accounting, Ranger Drill Team, Intramurals FISCHER, MICHAEL CHRISTIAN, Temple Engineering, t HZ, IEEE, UTSS, Disciples Student Fellowship FISHER, CAROL ANN, Atlanta, Ga. Elementary Education, KAII, SEA, ACE, Texas Union Com- mittee, Round-Up FISHER, ROGER LA RUE, San Marcos Marketing, American Marketing Association FLANAGAN, DOROTHY MARIE, San Antonio Spanish History, YR, Newman Club, Curtain Club, Student Government Committee FLINN, MONA KAY, Corpus Christi English, Presbyterian Campus Ministry FLINT, GEORGE LEE, JR., Arlington Physics, H2, BK FLOCA, DIANE, Temple Spanish, 2AII, H2 t , -I B Kinsolving, Honor Roll, Student Government Committee Page 579 GRADUATING SENIORS I C FORD, JON GRANT, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, KA, Freshman Assemblyman, Texas Cow- boys, ASME FOREIT, DARLEEN RAE, Victoria German English FORRESTER, RONALD RAY, Houston Marketing, AA2, AK FORSYTHE, DONALD FORBES, Lindale History FORTUNE, BEVERLY JOYCE, San Antonio Elementary Education, Carothers Advisor FOWLER, GEORGE GATES, JR., Austin Finance, ATA, 4 H2, Business Honors Plan, Interfraternity Council FOWLER, NANCY ANN, Temple Latin, AZ, 22 , Southern Singers, UTSA, Texas Union Com- mittee FOWLER, ROBERT HARRISON, Ballinger History, AFROTC FOWLER, VICTOR VIRGIL, Killeen Industrial Relations Personnel Management, A2IT, 2IE, Society for the Advancement of Management FOX, CHARLES ROBERT, Dallas Petroleum Engineering, MA Sinfonia, AIME, TSPE, SEC, In- tramurals FOX, LYNDA NELL, Mineral Wells Secondary Education, KATE, SEA, Intramurals FOX, PATRICIA ANN, Tyler Elementary Education FRANCIS, WALTER CLYDE, Paris Zoology FRANCKOWIAK, STANLEY V., San Antonio Accounting FRANKE, MARVIN GENE, Abilene Mathematics, A Cappella Choir, Lutheran Student Association FRANKE, STEPHEN HOPKINS, Tyler Russian Slavic Languages, AROTC, Marauders, Slavic Club, Der Eulenspiegelverein, German Honor Student FRANKLIN, JO MERTRED, Dallas Home Economics, AKA, Student Government Committee, Home Economics Chapter, Y FRANKLIN, SUSAN CAROL, Austin Sociology Welfare Studies, Newman Club FRATCHER, RICHARD GARY, Houston Marketing, AXA FRAZIER, BEVIS B., Austin Industrial Management, Society for the Advancement of Management FRAZIER, ORMAN EARL, Dallas Accounting, A2II FREEMAN, FREDERICK DUDLEY, Lufkin Mechanical Engineering ' , Symphonic Band FRENCH, SAM VERNON, McGregor Mathematics FRIEDA, LINDA ANN, Bastrop Biology, Student Association of Nursing Majors FRUCHTER, JONATHAN S., Austin Chemistry, I A , H2, 4 BK, Junior Fellows, Longhorn Flying Club, Order of Alcalde, Students ' Association Coordinator FRY, LEE WILLIAM, Houston Chemistry FUQUAY, MARJORIE M., Austin Business Education, Jinn FURSTENWERTH, JOHN LOUIS, San Antonio Mathematics GABBARD, JAKE K., Ill, Amarillo Marketing, A2II, Society for the Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association GALBRETH, EMMET REID, Sherman Economics, KA, Freshman Council, Campus Chest, AIESEC GALLE, GAIL HARRIET, Corpus Christi Architecture GARCIA, ADOLFO DAVID, San Antonio Personnel Management Page 580 CLASS OF 1966 GARCIA, ARTHUR FELIPE, JR., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, Simkins Epicureans, Laredo Club, ASME, TSPE GARCIA, EDWARD PORTER, Wharton Spanish GARCIA, JOHN ARMANDO, Houston Government, A i fl, Freshman Council, Texas Union Commit- tee, Round-Up GARCIA, ORELIA RUTH, Houston Spanish French, HA , ZAII, Orange Jackets, CCUN- CEMNU, International Club, MUN GARDNER, DAN NOBLES, Austin Industrial Management, A n, T Association, Varsity Baseball Man- ager, AROTC, Texas Union Committee GARNETT, LINDA, Houston Home Economics, KKr GARZA, ARCADIO, III, San Antonio Personnel Management GARZA, FAUSTINO, Laredo Pharmacy, I AX GASTON, VIRGINIA MAE, Dallas English GAULT, JOHN ALLEN, Austin Civil Engineering, XE, ASCE GEASLIN, DAVID TOD, Baytown Marketing, 2X GELLMAN, CELIA PICARD, Austin Marketing, ZAT, Royal Spirit Committee, UTSA GEORGE, SUSAN MEREDITH, Alexandria, Va. Secondary Education, SEC, Christian Science Organization GERHARD, ARMIN, Chicago, 111. German, A 1 2 GERICK, MARY LOU, Bartlett Elementary Education, ACE GEROLDE, LESLIE ANN, Fort Worth Anthropology, AE , YD GIBSON, RICHARD WAYNE, Arcadia General Business GIDDENS, PAUL JOSEPH, Shaker Heights, Ohio Finance, AX, Texas Union Committee, Student Government Committee, American Finance Association, Real Estate Institute, Newman Club, AFROTC GIDDINGS, JAMES ROBERT, Houston Finance, t 2K, Business Administration Honors Plan GIDEON, KYLE JAMES, Coleman Accounting, I KT GILBERT, JAMES AUBREY, Fort Worth Marketing, A TO GILL, ELIZABETH MARIE, Bogata Interior Design, AID GILLASPY, JAMES LAWRENCE, Temple Mathematics, AX, H2, YR, Hogg Debate GILLEAN, JULIA MARY, Victoria Elementary Education, SEA, Newman Club, Texas Union Committee GILSTRAP, HENRY A., Amarillo Law, K GIRALDO, JAIRO, Bogota, Colombia Chemical Engineering GISH, MARIJANE, San Antonio Spanish History GLASS, SHARON ROSE, McGregor Interior Design, ON, Scottish Scholars, AID GLIMP, JANIE SUE, Lometa Home Economics, Littlefield Advisor, Home Economics Chapter, NBA GLIMP, MARY JANE, Austin Music, 2AI GODBOUT, LYNN GIBBS, Austin Psychology GODBOUT, ROBERT CHARLES, Austin Psychology Page 581 GRADUATING SENIORS C GOFORTH. ROBERT RONDA, Overton Physics GOLDBERG, SARA ANN, Houston English History, 2AT GONZALES, PATSY, Pearland Spanish Italian, ZAII, Round-Up, University Chorus GONZALEZ, MARTIN, Austin Accounting, Lulac Scholarship GONZALEZ, RAMON, JR., Rosenberg Zoology, AEA GONZALEZ-SOLER, JORGE, Bogota, Colombia Chemical Engineering, AIChE GOODE, CHARLOTTE MARGARET, Dallas English GOODE, MARTHA KATHERINE, College Station French, Ar, IIA , AAA, Littlefield Advisor, Freshman Council Advisor, Panhellenic, Scope, Challenge, MUN, Y GOODMAN, JUDY LYNN, Dallas English Spanish, Littlefield Advisor, Orientation Advisor GOODRICH, GARY WAYNE, Shreveport, La. Physics, KK , 4 H2, Tejas Club, Longhorn Band GOODWIN, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Longview Finance, t A6, Silver Spurs GOWEN, MARY CARRINGTON, Austin Marketing, I M, Texas Union Committee GRACE, BARBARA ANNE, Austin Microbiology, ASA, A T GRACEY, LESLIE LYNN, Dalhart Zoology, AEA, Longhorn Band, Glee Club GRABBER, HARVEY ALLEN, Houston Finance, American Finance Association GRAHAM, WANDA JEANNE, Texas City Mathematics History, AOII, Student Government Com- mittee GRAY, DIANE SUSAN, San Antonio English, AE3 , AEF, 4 BK, Freshman Council Advisor, Challenge GRAY, JACK DONELEY, Fort Worth Finance, 2 J E, American Finance Association, Longhorn Flying Club, Challenge GREEN, JOHN MARKHAM, Dallas Finance, X I GREEN, JOHN ROY, JR., Uvalde Radio-Television GREEN, LYNN DARWIN, Dallas Psychology, ATA, Intramurals GREEN, RICHARD EARL, Sweetwater Marketing, 2K, Silver Spurs, Student Government Committee, Interfraternity Council; American Marketing Association, Round- Up GREENBERG, BARNETT ALVIN, Beaumont Marketing, 2A, Business Honors Plan, Orientation Advisor, Freshman Council Co-Ordinating Board, Round-Up GREENE, WILLIAM RICHARD, Palestine Mathematics, BA , BK, Honor Roll, summa cum laude GREENLEE, PAULA STECK, Lubbock French, KKT, HA , University Chorus, YR GREGG, GREGORY LOUIS, Wichita Falls Marketing, J 2K, American Marketing Association, Interfraternity Council, Royal Spirit Committee, Round-Up GRIFFIS, PEGGY ANN, Waco Elementary Education, ATA, Texas Union Committees, Stu- dent Government Committee GRIMES, HOWARD HILL, Midland Civil Engineering, J H2 GRONA, WILLIAM HENRY, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, IIT2, TBH, ASME GRONQUIST, WAYNE J., Fort Worth Economics, International Club, AROTC, Drill Team, YD, UTSAM, Economics Club GRUBB, JERRY CARL, Mesquite Zoology, Honor Roll GSELL, MARY KATHRYN, Austin Sociology, AAA Page 582 ' !! CLASS OF 1966 GUELDNER, WALTER JOHN, Throckmorton Accounting GUENTZEL, MELVIN NEAL, Austin Zoology, YD GUERRERO, DAVID McPEAK, Laredo Marketing, Society for the Advancement of Management GUILLOT, LARRY, Dallas Government, BOH, Student Government Committee, A S Assembly, Challenge GUINN, JOHN A., JR., Denton Physics, Skin Scuba Diving Club GULLEDGE, BILLY ROY, San Marcos Engineering Science, ATA, TBII GULLEY, PETER MALCOLM, Kenedy Accounting GUZMAN, PHILIP M., San Antonio Industrial Management, Arnold Air Society, Praetorian Guard, AFROTC HACKARD, LUCILLE ELAINE, Austin Spanish, ZAII, -t BK, Honor Roll HACKBARTH, HELEN ROSE, Waco Elementary Education, AF HADLOCK, FRANK PATRICK, Marshall Plan II, f A9, J HZ, AEA, i BK, Outstanding Student, Texas Cowboys, Interfraternity Council HAFEZ, HISHAM HASSAN, Horns, Syria Civil Engineering HAHN, BUDDIE JOE, Sanderson Marketing, I 2K, American Marketing Association HALE, CURTIS ROBERT, III, Austin International Business, AZII, Texas Union Committee, Freshman Council, YD HALL, ANN ELDRIDGE, Abilene English, ITB i , Freshman Council Advisor, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist, Ashbel HALL, DON TYSON, Tulia Management, Simkins Epicureans, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management, Karate Club Assembly, Interfraternity Council, Student-Faculty HALL, JOHNCE EUGENE, Corpus Christi Mechanical Engineering, SN, SAME, ASME HALL, WALTER MARTIN, Fort Worth History, Acacia, Goodfellow, A S Council, Order of Alcalde, A S Discipline Committee HALLE, ROBERT LEE, Dallas Mathematics HALLMARK, WILLIAM ALFRED, Llano Mathematics HAMILTON, DAVID ANTHONY, San Antonio Mathematics, Orange White Counselor, ROTC Service Award, SAME HAMILTON, MELLWOOD THOMAS, II, Houston Engineering Route to Business Administration, t A8 HAMLETT, EDWARD PHILIP, Corpus Christi Mathematics HAMMONDS, JAMES LEON, Houston Accounting, AK4% Longhorn Singers HAMRICK, DAVID CONRAD, San Antonio Philosophy, Guild of Lay Theologians, Wesley Foundation HANES, REXENE ANN, Ravenna Government, AAA, II2A, BK, International Club, Student Gov- ernment Committee HANNA, JUDITH LYNN, Breckenridge Radio-Television, AEP, Public Relations Club HANSBOROUGH, LASH DEVOUS, Austin Mechanical Engineering, TBIT, IITZ HARMAN, JIMMIE LYNN, Happy Home Economics, AEA, Home Economics Chapter, Challenge HARRELL, JOHNNY F., JR., Savannah, Ga. Government, AX, Interfraternity Council, Student Government Committee, MUN HARRIS, CHRISTOPHER LYNN, Fort Worth Elementary Education HARRIS, JILL ANNETTE, Amarillo English, Ar, Mortar Board, Goodfellow, Orange Jackets, Spooks Page 583 GRADUATING SENIORS i: HARRIS, RAY WAYNE, Fort Worth Business, 4 rA HARRISON, CLARENCE BUFORD, JR., Tyler Finance, AXA HARRISON, LARRY NEIL, Crockett Accounting, KK , Longhorn Band HARTMAN, DARLA JEAN, Corpus Christ! Architecture, r B, AIA HARTMAN, DONALD WHITESELL, Silsbee Electrical Engineering, KA, TBII, Student Assembly, Silver Spurs, Order of Alcalde, TES Magazine Associate Editor HASKINSON, DIANA DALE, Houston Mathematics, AZ, Bluebonnet Belle, Orange Jackets, Panhellenic, A S Assemblyman, Texas Union Committee HASSELMEIER, ALLISON GALE, Galveston Mathematics, ATA, I H2, Silver Spurs, Freshman Orientation Advisor HASTING, HOWARD H., JR., San Antonio General Business, Praetorian Guard HATFIELD, NORMAN P., JR., San Antonio Architecture, Sphinx, AIA HATTAN, ROBERT LELAND, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, Texas Cowboys, AIChE, Scabbard Blade HAUK, DONALD BENJAMIN, Longview Finance, Acacia, YR, Texas Union Committee, Longhorn Flying Club, American Finance Association HAWKINS, OTTO LEWIS, JR., Livingston Engineering Route to Business Administration, KT HAWS, RONNIE EUGENE, Jacksonville Mechanical Engineering, A t n, ASME, YR HAY, MARK HOWELL, Corpus Christi Accounting HAYDEN, DALE ROBERT, Medina, Ohio Electrical Engineering, NROTC, IEEE, SAME, Scabbard Blade HEALEY, DENNIS JAMES, Fort Sam Houston History HEANER, KATHLEEN DIANE, Houston Anthropology HEINEMEYER, LOUIS CHRIS, Geronoimo Pharmacy, 4 AX, Tejas Club, LPhA HELMER, OTICE Z., JR., Midland Pre-Dental, 2X. AX2 HENDERSON, ARVIS BURL, San Angelo Mathematics, 6K HENLEY, RONALD THOMAS, Gainesville Marketing, 2AE, AAZ HENRICHSON, PRESTON EDWARD, Edinburg Government, Acacia, Freshman Orientation Advisor HERD, ELIZABETH CLAIRE, Midland French, KKF, Ashbel HERNDON, ROBERT L., Fort Worth Civil Engineering, TED, XE, Praetorian Guard, AROTC, ASCE HERRON, DANIEL EDWARD, Houston Electrical Engineering, A t n, IEEE, Campus Chest, Texas Union Committees, TSPE HESTER, THOMAS RILEY, Haskell Mathematics, TKE, MUN, Challenge HIERS, WILLIAM A., JR., Austin Electrical Engineering, A ' t n, Intramurals, IEEE HIGGINS, VICTOR ANTHONY, Galveston Mathematics HIGHTOWER, MARJORIE ANN, Austin Elementary Education, Honor Roll HIGHTOWER, NEWTON A., Ill, Austin Music Education, Symphonic Band HILDEBRAND, JAMES LINTON, Corpus Christi Zoology, Longhom Band HILL, JOAN, Houston Elementary Education, Ar Page 584 ' R CLASS OF 1966 HILL, JUNE, Houston Elementary Education, AF HILL, RUTH DANETTE, Conroe Home Economics, AAII, Home Economics Chapter HILL, THOMAS HOWARD, Austin Government, t K , Freshman Council, Intramurals HIND, JOHN McKENZIE, Austin Finance, American Finance Association HINDS, JAMES W., Big Spring History, ATA HINZE, KENNETH JAMES, Bartlett Chemistry HIXON, STEPHEN LEE, Houston Industrial Management, TKE, Society for the Advancement of Management, Royal Spirit Committee, MUN HIXSON, LYLA JUNE, Austin Personnel Management, IE HODGE, LARRY DALE, Austin History, PEM HOFFMAN, JERRY H., Dallas Industrial Management, Golf Team, American Management As- sociation, American Finance Association, Young Americans for Freedom, YR HOLLEY, JAMES RICHARD, JR., Peoria, 111. Mathematics, Simkins Epicureans HOLMES, LLOYDANNE, Arlington Russian, Russian Club, Slavic Club HOOD, KEITH BECKETT, Boerne English, Canterbury Association, Ecumenical Council HOOD, LOUIS EDWARD, Victoria Civil Engineering, XE, TBII, ASCE, TSPE, ITE HOOKER, DAVID PAUL, Dallas Mathematics, AXA, Karate Club HOOKER, GILBERT NORMAN, Weatherford Engineering Route to Business Administration " ' HORN, JOHN THOMAS, San Antonio Aerospace Engineering HORN, MICHAEL EARL, San Angelo Finance, A2IT HORTON, LORETTA JOAN, Victoria English, Scope HORTON, VIRGINIA ANN, San Antonio Mathematics, Scope HOUSER, JOHN RICHARD, Chicago, 111. Journalism HOUSTON, SAMUEL SYKES, Austin Law HOWARD, WILLIAM DAVID, McAllen Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, Longhorn Band HOWELL, ANN ELIZABETH, Texarkana English, AAA, KAII HOWELL, ROBERT BENTON, Midland Physics HOYLE, ROBERT STEVE, Irving Aerospace Engineering, TBH, ZFT, AIAA, TSPE HUBBARD, WILLIAM LANE, Dallas Marketing, TKE, Marketing Club HUCKABEE, RETHA M., Houston Pre-Law International Studies, Daughters of Dinocrates, MUN, Texas Union Committee, Challenge, YD HUDSON, DAVID CARROLL, Cameron Marketing, American Marketing Association, Intramurals HUFF, GERALD RENE, San Antonio Marketing, AXA, American Marketing Association, Intramurals HUGHES, EDWARD L., Dallas Architecture, f ZK, APX, T2A, Architecture Assemblyman, Sphinx HUGHES, ROBERT WILLIAM, Silverton Radio-Television, AEP, H2, Honor Roll, Round-Up, Texas Union Committee Page 585 GRADUATING SENIORS HUMPHREYS, FREDRICKA HOBEIN, Brownsville English HUNT, TOM J. E., JR., Corpus Christi Insurance, 24 E, Insurance Society HUNTER, ZOE ANN, Fort Worth Journalism, XH, TAX, AAA, Daily Texan, YR HUPFELD, STANLEY FRANCIS, Dallas History, Ben, Football, Texas Union Committee, Moore- Hill Counselor ISBELL, ARTHUR FURMAN, JR., College Station Chemistry, AXZ, t H2, AT, KK , Tejas Club JACKSON, CLAUDIA A., Dallas Elementary Education, XO, Ashbel, Freshman Council JACKSON, JOSEPH PAUL, Houston Pre-Medical, Freshman Council, Speleological Society JACOBSOHN, KAREN HELENE, Waco Elementary Education, Freshman Council, SEA JAHNS, LELA ANN, Fort Worth Elementary Education, AAA, Texas Union Committee, Freshman Council JAMES, DWAIN A., Austin Marketing, Varsity Football JAMES,, WILEY FRANCE, III, Honolulu, Hawaii Government, NROTC JANECEK, WAL JEAN, Bellville Chemical Engineering, AXZ, AIChE JANIK, ROBERT EUGENE, Austin Transportation, ANA JAVUREK, KAREN HELEN, Bossier City, La. Spanish, AZ, TAB,. 2 AH, International Club, MUN, Student Leaders Seminar in Chile Finalist JENKINS, MILTON PHILLIP, Palestine Accounting, B0n, BA JINKS, LARRY DEAN, Austin Marketing, Intramurals JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE ANN, Austin Elementary Education, Freshman Council, SEA JOHNSON, CLYDE J. B., Ill, Bulverde Accounting, t A0, ASH, Intramurals, Marketing Club JOHNSON, DONNA GENE, Austin Zoology, ASA JOHNSON, EVELYN PHILLIS, Galveston Plan II, KKT, Sweetheart of The University of Texas, Campus Chest, Varsity Cheerleader, Ashbel, Orange Jackets JOHNSON, JAMES ALVIN, Comanche Pharmacy, AX, LPhA JOHNSON, JAMES RAYMOND, Aspermont Pharmacy, AX, LPhA JOHNSON, JANIE LAUREL, Houston English JOHNSON, JOHN PORTER, JR., Dallas Economics, ! HZ, Challenge, Freshman Council JOHNSON, JUDITH, Houston Elementary Education, XJJ, Kinsolving Advisor, Scherazade of Arab Students, Ashbel, Y, SEA JOHNSON, LYNDA B., Washington, D. C. History, ZTA, Ae, AAA, B Kinsolving, Texas Today Tomorrow Speakers Committee JOHNSON, MOLLY JANE, Panhandle English JOHNSON, PRISCILLA WALDRON, Houston Speech Hearing Therapy, 2AH, SEA JOHNSON, RUTH ANN, Houston Elementary Education, AF, SEA, ACE JOHNSTON, MARY ROSELIND, Houston Accounting, Andrews Advisor, All-Campus Advisors JOHNSTONE, MARY ELLEN DAVIS, McAllen Home Economics JONES, CHURCHILL WILEY, Marlin Finance, BF2, Honor Roll, NROTC, Scabbard Blade, Real Estate Institute Pace 586 awt CLASS OF 1966 JONES, JOYCE ANNETTE, Weatherford Fashion Design, Cloth Textiles, Altrusa Memorial Scholarship, Heflin Manor Student Assistant, Littlefield Student Assistant JONES, KERRY LEE, Houston Government, ITSA, YD, Y JONES, MICHAEL E., Zephyr Accounting JONES, MONA LISA, Corpus Christi English, AFA JONES, WILLIAM PENN, III, Midlothian Government, YD, Skin Scuba Diving Club JORDAN, JANICE, El Paso Statistics, CBA Honors Plan JOSEY, LENOIR MOODY, II, Houston Law, trA, H2, t A4 , A6, Goodfellow, Junior Fellows, Texas Cowboys JUDGE, STEPHEN MARTIN, San Antonio Government JUNG, ANTHONY CHARLES, Fredericksburg Pharmacy, Tejas Club, -f AX, K , H2, Outstanding Student, Praetorian Guard, Friars, AROTC, Distinguished Military Student JUSTICE, JAY VERNON, San Antonic Mathematics KANE, STEVEN DAN, San Antonio History, Economics Latin American Studies, 6E, Y, Daily Texan, Round-Up, Economics Club, Rayburn Debating So- ciety, Texas Travel Committee, Orientation Advisor, Freshman Council, Student-Faculty Discipline Committee KASKIE, MARY LARK, Hartsdale, N. Y. Home Economics Education, Round-Up, Home Econom- ics Chapter, Texas Union Committee, Newman Club KASPARIK, EDWARD NORMAN, Houston Government, Simkins Epicureans, Texas Union Committee, Student Government Committee, AFROTC, YR KATZ, RICHARD ALAN, Houston Physics, Student Government Committee, Strike Spare KEATING, KAREN ANN, Port Arthur Elementary Education, SEA KEEFE, THOMAS MILTON, Weirton, W. Va. Zoology i KEETON, BRUCE GLENN, Independence, Mo. Psychology KEIM, LINDA LOUISE, Dallas Home Economics, AAII, Home Economics Chapter KELLY, ERNEST MICHAEL, Borger Zoology KELLY, ROBERT EDWARD, JR., San Antonio Industrial Relations Personnel Management, American Management Association, AFROTC, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management, Brackenridge Advisor, Texas Union Committees KENDALL, NATALIE, Lufkin Art History, TBZ, Longhorn Band KENNEDY, MARY KATHALENA, Abilene Elementary Education, T6T, SEA, Canterbury Association, South- ern Singers KENT, ROSEMARY ARMMIA, Baytown Journalism, FAX, Daily Texan, Texas Ranger KEY, JAMES EVERETT, II, Lake Jackson Pre-Medical, Tejas Club, AEA, t BK, 4 H2, A , Out- standing Student, Junior Fellow, Outstanding Pre-Medical Award, Round-Up KIDWELL, NEIL FRANKLIN, Austin Accounting KILLEBREW, BETTY HAZEL, San Antonio Biology, SEA KINCAID, KENNETH WILLIAM, Sabinal Finance, AK , Finance Club, Real Estate Club KING, GEORGE BYRON, Mont Belvieu Accounting, A2II KING, WILLIAM ROBERT, Sherman Government, AT, AEA, Challenge, MUN, Student Government Com- mittee KINGREA, BYRON DAVID, Terrell Chemical Engineering, ATA, AROTC KINMAN, MONARD LAMAR, JR., Charleston, S. C. Civil Engineering, Zn, AFROTC, ASCE KIRBY, PATRICK LEE, Austin Geography History, F6T Page 587 GRADUATING SENIORS KIRCHEM, RONALD GRIGSBY, Hitchcock History, +H2, I Afl, BK KIRCHNER, JOHN EDWARD, Pasadena Law, Texas Union Committee, Student Government Committee Challenge KIRK, JAMES WARREN, Fort Sam Houston Geography, AROTC, Marauders KIRSCHNER, CHARLES WESLEY, Munday Mathematics KIRSTEN, RICHARD ALBERT, LaMarque Chemical Engineering, eS, AXS, AIChE KLAUS, LOIS ANN, Houston Elementary Education, Upperclass Advisor, SEA, ACE KLEIN, MURRAY ALVIN, Houston Marketing, I A, Freshman Advisor, Freshman Assembly- man KLEINMAN, BARRY MARSHALL, San Angelo Marketing, 2A1I, American Marketing Association KLINGMAN, BETTY LUCILE, Amarillo Mathematics, Longhorn Band KLINGMAN, CHARLES DAVID, Austin Government, f H2, Longhorn Band, Freshman Council KNAPP, LARRY DAVID, Houston History, Los Charros KNIGHT, GLENN EDWARD, San Saba Pharmacy, K , LPhA KNIGHT, MAURETTA B., San Antonio Microbiology, A ! T KNOLLE, VIRGINIA F., Sandia Office Administration, AAII KOCH, MARY FLORENCE, Dallas Secondary Education, ZTA KOENIG, SANDRA JANE, Rosenberg English Speech, Scope, Blanton Advisor, Campus Chest, NEA KOHLENBERG, LEE MEYER, JR., New Braunfels Applied Organ, t llZ, I K f , IIKA, Carillonneur KOLB, ANNE ELAINE, LaMarque Zoology, A , AAA, AEA, 1 B Kinsolving, Texas Union Com- mittees, Panhellenic KONZE, FRANCES CAROLYN, Corpus Christi Music Literature, SAI, Symphony Orchestra KOON, ROY ALLEN, JR., Austin General Business, BSU, Sacred Singers KORMEIER, WILLIAM C., Austin Marketing, AKE, American Marketing Association KOWALIK, JANICE RUTH, Hobson Office Administration, Challenge KRAMER, KATHRYN R., San Antonio Elementary Education, SEA, Scope KRAWITZ, GEORGE J., San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME KRELL, SAUL MASUR, Houston Microbiology KUBELKA, JOHN KARL, Burton Engineering Route to Business Administration KUEHLER, GERALD PAUL, Baytown Chemical Engineering, AX2, P.XK, TBII, AIChE KUYKENDALL, ELIZABETH LYNN , Grand Saline English History, ASA LACKEY, CYNTHIA LEE, Georgetown History, Texas Union Committee, Inter-Co-Operative Council LACKEY, WILLIAM DAVID, Brownfield Pharmacy, K , LPhA, Pharmacy Council LAKEY, JOHN RADFORD, San Antonio Psychology LAMBERT, NANCY KIRWAN, San Antonio English, AAII, SAME Sweetheart, NEA Page 588 CLASS OF 1966 LANDERS, ELDON RAY, JR., Abilene Finance LANDERS, MEL, Abilene Physics Mathematics, UT Symphony, Texas Union Commit- tee, Karate Club LANDIN, MELCHOR RAY, Austin Chemical Engineering, AIChE LANE, DAN REIB, JR., Dallas Finance, ARE, BF2, Honor Roll, Business Honors Plan LANGFIELD, ELEANOR THERESA, D ' Hanis Elementary Education, Newman Club, SEA LANGHAM, WAYNE ALAN, Tyler Accounting LANGSTON, SUNNY GAYLE, Dallas Elementary Education, Al Cordettes, Praetorian Guard Sweet- heart, Bluebonnet Belle Semi-Finalist LARSON, ROLF P., Midland Personnel Management, KZ LASKER, BARBARA ANN, Little Rock, Ark. Elementary Education, AE4 LAWHON, ROGER BARRY, Dallas Finance, K , American Finance Association LAWRENCE, EDMOND HOWARD, Richmond, Va. History, TKE, Longhorn Band, NROTC LAWSON, RICHARD WELDON, Garland American Studies, FI2, AEA, Ed Price Coop, Freshman Cross-Country, Men ' s Co-Operative Council LEA, JOE EDWARD, JR., El Paso General Business, ZAE, Texas Cowboys, Honor Roll, Interfraternity Council LEDERER, JAMES CONRAD, San Antonio Plan II Law, Silver Spurs, A S Assemblyman, Goodfellow, Order of Alcalde, TSP Board, Ranger Advisory, Freshman Coun- cil, Outstanding Advisor, TISA, Round-Up, Challenge, Repre- sentative Party LEE, JAMES BAYLESS, Nashville, Tenn. Physical Education, UTSAM LEE, JEAN FERGUSON, Fort Worth Biology, ZTA, Kinsolving Advisor, SEA ktftk LEHRMAN, RUSSELL VAN, Houston Marketing, American Marketing Association, Longhorn Singers LEMMING, JEAN WILLETTE, Wharton Mathematics LENAMON, LARRY LEROY, Waco Physics LENEHAN, GEORGE W., San Antonio Psychology LENTZ, LESLIE LEE, Austin Elementary Education, AZ LESESNE, CHERRYE CARROLL, Austin English, TB2, Longhorn Band, SEA LESIKAR, JEANETTE ELIZABETH, Austin Elementary Education, AOII, ACE, NEA, Texas Union Com- mittees, PEM Club, Freshman Council LESTER, HENRY WI LLIAM, Boerne Chemistry, AX2 LETOFSKY, PAULA RAE, Fargo, N. Dak. History Government, AE fr LEVITCH, BARBARA DIANE, Houston Sociology, AE4 , TAX LEW, THOMAS KENT, San Antonio Marketing, A2II, American Marketing Association, Texas Union Committee, Round-Up LEWIS, CAROLYN FRANCES, Houston Spanish, ZTA, Outstanding Freshman Council Advisor, Southern Belles, Upperclass Advisor, Texas Union Com- mittee LEWIS, ELAINE, Houston Plan II French, HA , B Kinsolving, YD, Texas Union Com- mittee LEWIS, HENRY LEE, JR., Liberty Government LEWIS, JAMES WILLIAM, JR., Dallas Finance, American Finance Association LEWIS, RAYMOND A., Dallas Chemical Engineering, UTSAM, Longhorn Flying Club, AIChE Page 589 GRADUATING SENIORS I ( LEWIS, ROBERT EDWARD, Corpus Christi Psychology LIGHTIZER, KAREN, Dailua, Oahu, Hawaii Radio-Television Film LINAM, DENNIS BROOKS, Waco Architecture, APX, Architecture Council, Sphinx, AIA LINDAHL, GARY LEWIS, Austin Pharmacy, i AX, KK , LPhA, Longhorn Band LINDSAY, DANA GAY, Houston Mathematics History, XJ), Texas Union Committee, Upperclass Advisor, Cordettes LINDSEY, MICHAEL BRIAN, Weatherford Finance, Student Government Committees, Real Estate Associa- tion, American Finance Association, Insurance Society LITTLEJOHN, ELIZABETH ANN, Orange Interior Design, Freshman Council, Littlefield Advisor, Spooks, AID LIVELY, JAMES RAY, Mexia Mathematics LLOYD, JAMES BARKER, Garland Finance, A2II LOCKER, BRASWELL, JR., Brownwood Pre-Dental LOFTIS, JOHN LANDRUM, III, Houston Petroleum Land Management, ATA, Landman ' s Association, YD LOHR, JOHN MICHAEL, Austin Physics, ZIIZ, 4 K , Longhorn Band, A S Council LONDON, HAROLD M., Houston Accounting, t 2A, Freshman Baseball, Intramurals, Freshman Council LONG, DIANE MOEHLE, Bastrop English, SEA LONG, NORMAN LYNN, Houston Management LONG, RAYMOND ALBERT, Bastrop Mathematics LORD, PAULINE LENETTE, Houston Elementary Education, XJ2, Challenge, Round-Up, SEA LORTZ, NANCY KAY, Sweeny Elementary Education, Curtain Club, SEA LOTT, KENNETH LANIER, Gladewater Mathematics, Intramurals LOVELACE, MICHAEL BOONE, San Antonio Aerospace Engineering, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, NSF Undergraduate Research Grant, AIAA LOWDEN, WILDA RAE, Austin Business Education, M, BBA, Challenge LOWE, GWENNA SUE, Corpus Christi English, Freshman Council, Round-Up, Texas Union Com- mittee, YD LOWTHER, GERALD EDWARD, Houston Electrical Engineering, IEEE LUMBLEY, MICHAEL ZANE, Taylor Finance, AFROTC, AF Institute of Technology Scholar- ship, Intramurals LUNA, ROBERT EARL, Garland General Business LUTERMAN, DAVID LYNN, Dallas Zoology, 2AM, t HZ, AEA, t BK, Honor Roll LUTON, NANCY MADELINE, Granbury Journalism, KAB LYTLE, JUDITH ANN, Corpus Christi Art Education, Art Students ' Association MABRY, VERNON MARSHALL, Houston Accounting, X t , Interfraternity Council MACIULA, KENNETH M., Waco English, Simkins Epicureans, Newman Club MACON, RONALD NORMAN, San Antonio Architectural Engineering, AAAE MADDOX, MILTON THOMAS, Austin Finance Page 590 J .S CLASS OF 1966 sotu- idw, MADDUX, THOMAS LEE, Weatherford Spanish, International Club, French Club MAGEDSON, HELEN, Dallas Plan II, Spanish History, SAT MAHAFFEY, PRUDENCE DREW, Texarkana English, KKT, Bluebonnet Belle Fi nalist, Sweetheart Finalist, Student Government Committee, Cordettes MAHONE, LOUISA PERRY, Austin Plan II, KA6, Ashbel, Texas Union Committee MAHONEY, WILLIAM RONALD, Houston Pre-Dental, 2 I E, Texas Cowboys, Round-Up, Varsity Cheerleader, Sing-Song MAJEWSKI, GEORGE F., Tenafly, N. J. General Business, Ranger Staff, Speleological Society, Honor Roll MALAN, GREGORY FRANKLIN, Corpus Christi Engineering Science, SES MALICK, BARBARA ELAINE, Houston Zoology, AAA, AEA, AAA, Goodfellow, Operation Brain- power, Junior Fellows MALLETT, THOMAS CHARLES, Austin General Business, Society for the Advancement of Management MALLETT, VIRGIE KLEIN, Austin Physical Education, Intramurals MALONE, ROSS AUGUSTINE, San Antonio Advertising MALY, MILTON ALVIN, Taylor Mathematics MANFORD, THOMAS DURWOOD, III, Austin Philosophy, KS MANN, BETTYE JEAN, Wichita Falls English History MANNING, SHARON BLUME, Austin English Government MANUEL, MARCY ANN, Baytown Elementary Education, SEA rtk MARESH, GLORIA KAY, Houston Mathematics, ZTA, NEA MARKS, MARTHA MARGARET, San Antonio Spanish, Inter-Co-Operative Council, SEA MARNEY, PAMELA, San Marcos History, AAII, J A8, SEA MARSH, CAROLYN, Richmond Finance, AAA, CBA Council, CBA Sweetheart, YR MARSH, KATHY ANN, El Paso Elementary Education MARSH, SUZANN, Deer Park Elementary Education MARSHALL, DENNIS EUGENE, Lufkin Accounting MARTIN, JAMES ROBERT, JR., Dallas Management, X j , J H2, Freshman Council MARTIN, SHARON KAY, El Paso English, ZTA, KAII, Ashbel, SEA, BSU MARTINEZ, CARLOS, San Antonio Mathematics MARTINEZ, CAROL L. DOSS, Belton Physical Education Biology, PEM, Coordinators ' Council MARTINEZ, JOHN, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME MASSENGILL, KAREN LOUISE, Raleigh, N. C. Sociology, AAII, AAA, Honor Roll MASSEY, ROBERT MICHAEL, Fort Worth Aerospace Engineering, TBII, 2FT, AIAA, TSPE MATHEWS, BARBARA PACKARD, Kerrville Interior Design, ASA, UTSA, AID MATHEWS, LEE HAYNES, Lufkin Personnel Management, AT Page 591 GRADUATING SENIORS C MATZ, ELEANOR JOYCE, Harlingen Office Administration, Freshman Council, Cactus MAXWELL, LAWRENCE WAYNE, West Columbia Aerospace Engineering, TBU, ZTT, SEC, AIAA, ASME, TSPE MAXWELL, PHILIP KENT, Dallas Government History, IIKA MAXWELL, RICHARD DIXON, Corpus Christi Electrical Engineering, AXA, HZ, TBII, HKN, SEC, Longhorn Singers, Karate Club MAYBORN, DONALD PORTER, Dallas Anthropology, ATA, Skin Scuba Diving Club MAYES, LINDA BETH, Austin Elementary Education, Freshman Council, ACE, SEA, Round-Up, Texas Union Committee MAYES, MARY BESS, El Paso History MAYHALL, RIKKA ANN, Houston Elementary Education, ASA MAYS, MARILYN, Houston History, IIB J , Freshman Council, Ashbel MAZOW, MIRIAM B., Houston History, Y, Texas Union Committee McAFEE, JIMMY JOSEPH, Houston Mathematics, A2j , A n, UTSAM, Skin Scuba Diving Club, Strike Spare McBRIDE, JOHN EARL, San Marcos Personnel Management, Varsity Baseball McCALISTER, WILLIAM LAMAR, JR., Corpus Christi Government, Simkins Epicureans, Intramurals, YD McCASKILL, JUDITH ELLEN, Houston Marketing, AAII, American Marketing Association, Texas Union Committee, Freshman Council McCONCHIE, PAULETTE LILLIAN, Taylor French English McCOOL, GORDON, Gilmer Electrical Engineering Hd KE ::.: McCORKLE, TOM SCOTT, JR., Dallas Accounting, J rA McCULLOUGH, ALICIA, Houston Elementary Education, IIB McCULLOUGH, FRANCES JUANITA, Austin Social Studies McDANIEL, COY E., Austin Chemical Engineering MCDONALD, ROBERT LESTER, Neches Government MCDOWELL, CONNIE ANN, Dallas Accounting, BA , BFZ McELROY, JOHN HARLEY, Austin Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN McGEATH, ANN, San Marcos Home Economics, AI Honor Roll, Texas Union Committees McGEE, MARY GRAY, Houston Elementary Education, r t B, Debate Squad, Y, Freshman Council Advisor McGHEE, JOHN WRIGHT, JR., Austin Latin American Studies MCGREGOR, MARY FRANCES, Lampasas English McIVER, CARL DUFFIELD, Austin History McKAY, MICHAEL DARRELL, San Antonio Mathematics, Radio Club, YD, Newman Club McLEAN, JOHN A., JR., Laredo AFB Psychology McLENDON, JUDITH ANN, Longview Elementary Education McMASTER, HARRY THOMAS, San Antonio Mathematics, Longhom Flying Club Page 592 CLASS OF 1966 McMICHAEL, JAMES PATRICK, San Antonio Biology McMILAN, HOLLIS KEITH, Eugene, Ore. Government, Freshman Council, Freshman Track McMURREY, MILTON R., Austin Architecture, APX, AIA McNUTT, GORDON RUSSELL, Austin Finance, KZ MEACHEM, SHARON LORRAINE, San Antonio English Spanish, AZ, A Cappella Choir MEIHAUS, MARGARETH ANN, Fort Worth History English, IlB t , KAII, Ashbel MELCHER, LYDIA ANN, Port Lavaca Chemistry, AFA, AAA, IZII, Longhom Band MELIN, VICKI MYRA, Amarillo History, AAII MENKING, GEORGIA MAE, Fredericksburg English MENN, THOMAS EARL, Carmine Chemical Engineering, AIChE METSCHAN, J. MICHAEL, Austin Marketing, KA, Freshman Council, Freshman Assembly, Stu- dent Government Committee, American Marketing Association MEYER, JUDITH ANN, Dallas English, AAA MIDDLETON, MARY ANN, Denison Journalism, FAX, 62 , Freshman Council, Wesley Foundation MIER, DANIEL F., San Antonio Mathematics, Intramurals MIKULAS, LIONEL JOE, Killeen Chemistry, Speleological Society MIKULENCAK, ALICE MARIE, Elgin Elementary Education, SEA fife ' MILBURN, LINDA JEANNE, Odessa Elementary Education MILLER, A. DALE, JR., Washington, D. C. History MILLER, CHERIE ANN, Dallas Elementary Education, AAA, 3RD Advisor, SEA MILLER, DORIS JOAN, Dallas Elementary Education, Cordettes MILLER, MICHAEL ERMON, Temple Pharmacy, AX, LPhA MILLER, RICHARD GLEN, Dallas Pre-Medical, KA, Southern Belle Society MILLER, RUFUS WALTER, III, Houston Finance, 2 E, AK , CBA Council MILLER, SHERRY ANNELLE, Eastland History, Freshman Council, University Chorus MILLER, WILLIAM WADE, Cooper Zoology, AEA MILLS, SHIRLEY ROSE, Wharton Psychology MINKS, JOHN ALBERT, Randolph AFB Geology MITCHELL, CAROLINE CLAIRE, San Antonio Marine Biology, KAII MITCHELL, SANDRA SUE, Dallas Elementary Education, AOII, International Club, Freshman Council MITRO, CHARLES MURRAY, Austin Finance, American Finance Association MOGAS, JOYCE MARIE, San Antonio Elementary Education, SEA MONK, ELIZABETH KAYE, Dallas Physics, UTSA Pace 593 GRADUATING SENIORS I c MONROE, LLOYD M., JR., Corpus Christ! Chemical Engineering, Newman Club, AIChE MONTALBO, JOSEPH DANIEL, San Antonio English Spanish MONTEMAYOR, LUCINDA, Alice Nutrition, Home Economics Chapter MONTGOMERY, MARGARET CARTER, Angleton Interior Design, r B, Kinsolving Advisor, Home Economics Chapter, AID MOORE, JOHN BELL, III, Austin Electrical Engineering, Freshman Baseball MOORE, MARNEE ELYSE, Baytown Psychology, AHA, X MOORE, NARCISSA LEE, Marshall English History, AAA, SEA, Freshman Council Advisor, Ashbel MOORE, SUSAN, Waco Elementary Education MOORE, VIRGIL WESLEY, Brady Mathematics, H2 MORGAN, BARBARA KAY, Corpus Christi Marketing MORGAN, EXEEN MARIE, Victoria Microbiology MORGAN, JOHN NEIL, JR., Kennard Accounting MORGAN, ROBERT COCHRAN, Longview Accounting, Cactus, Texas Union Committee, Student Government Committee, YR MORRIES, SHERRYL ANN, San Bernardino, Calif. History, AOII MORRILL, GEORGE POE, Beeville Finance, 2AE MORRIS, PEGGY ANN, Dallas English W HE : MOSELEY, BILLY EDWIN, Kerrville Marketing, American Marketing Association MOYER, PATSY DELLA, San Antonio Elementary Education, AXQ, SEA, Student Government Com- mittees, Texas Union Committees, NBA MUELLER, MARK ALAN, San Antonio Psychology, K6, Longhorn Band, AROTC, Society for the Advancement of Management MUELLER, PE GGY NELL, Flatonia English, Littlefield Advisor, Scope MUENNINK, CHARYLENE ANN, Baytown Elementary Education, SEA MULLEN, MARILYN JEAN, Ellsworth AFB, S. Dak. Speech Therapy, ZAH MUNDY, JEFFREY GORDON, Dallas Economics, J rA MUNIZ, ROGERIO TOSCANO, San Antonio Mathematics MURGUIA, DANIEL EDWARD, San Antonio English, Newman Club MURPHY, DAVID LAWRENCE, San Antonio Zoology, H2 MYERS, MICHAEL LYNN, Fort Worth Psychology, KT, United Campus Christian Fellowship NABOURS, LARRY ALLEN, Bridge City Government NAFEI, ABDULAZIZ HAMAD, Mecca, Saudi Arabia International Business, Organization of Arab Students NAPIER, HOMER ALBERT, JR., San Antonio Mathematics, Theleme Coop President NAPOLI, LEON JOSEPH, JR., Galveston Mathematics NASS, DIANNE, Fort Worth Government, YD Page 594 RS CLASS OF 1966 Unset, NAUGLER, BENJAMIN MORRISON, San Antonio Civil Engineering, ASCE, SEC, ITE, TSPE, Texas Union Com- mittees NAVARRO, MARY ALICE, San Antonio English Spanish, SEA, Newman Club NEAL, CAROLYN LOU, Houston Chemistry Mathematics NEAL, RICHARD NAWN, Houston Finance, AXA, Texas Union Coiiimittee NEBLETT, NANCY ANN, Houston English, AAA, AAA, | B Kinsolving, Ashbel, MUN, Intramurals NEILL, JAMES NORRIS, Everman Chemistry, AEA, J HZ, BK NELSON, CARYL DENISE, Dallas Elementary Education, XJJ, Ashbel, Freshman Council, SEA NETTING, CONRAD JOHN, San Antonio Accounting, AK , Scabbard Blade, CBA Council, Fresh- man Council NEUBAUER, JACQUELINE MARIE, Austin Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter NEWTON, ANNE STOUT, San Antonio Spanish, KA6, 10 Most Beautiful Semi-Finalist NICHOLS, BEN H., Atlanta Architectural Engineering, AAAE NICHOLS, MICHAEL KENT, El Paso Finance, American Finance Association NICHOLSON, DOYLE ALLEN, Dickinson Aerospace Engineering, AIAA NIGLIAZZO, MARC ANTHONY, Hearne English, Newman Club, Intramurals, Freshman Baseball NIVER, WILLIAM W., Fort Worth Microbiology, A T NORDHAUS, JIM C., San Antonio Business Statistics, SAM, Freshman Council, Student Gov- ernment Committees I " ? NORMAN, RICHARD JOSEPH, Houston Zoology, AEA, Tejas Club, Student Government Committee NORRIS, GARY MICHAEL, Corsicana Finance NUGENT, JOHN CLIFTON, Baytown History Government NULL, JOHNNY MACK, Texas City Accounting OAKS, ELIZABETH ANNE, Houston Spanish Portuguese, A t , Bluebonnet Belle, Sweetheart Finalist, Student Government Committee, Chilean Exchange Program, Angel Flight, Outstanding Freshman Council Advisor O ' BRIEN, ANGELA ROSE, Dallas French Speech, JI, French Club, NBA, SEA O ' CONNELL, WILLIAM RAMSEY, Alexandria, Va. Statistics OEHLER, KENNETH ROY, San Antonio Zoology OESTERLING, JAMES MICHAEL, Austin Latin American Studies, ATA OLIVARIZ, CAYETANO, Wharton Accounting, Pershing Rifles, Praetorian Guard, SAME OLIVER, MAURICE LEON, Vernon Accounting OLMSTEAD, MARY ANN, Houston Elementary Education, Student Government Committee, Challenge ORMAND, JACKSON EDWARD, George West Pre-Medical, AEA, Newman Club ORR, JOHN MACK, Dallas Engineering Science, AT, TBIT, Friars, Silver Spurs, Students ' Association President, TISA ORR, ROBERT NEIL, Washington, D. C. Finance, Real Estate Institute, American Finance Association OTT, DEX EUGENE, Amarillo Mathematics Page 595 GRADUATING SENIORS OTTINGER, RODNEY SCOTT, El Paso History PADEN, SUZANNE, Pampa Linguistics, TAB, Student Government Committee, International Club PADRON, ORAIDA FRANCISCA, Gomez Matanzas, Cuba Portuguese PAHNKE, LYLE DOUGLAS, JR., Orange Chemistry, AEA, Newman Club, UTSAM PAINE, PHILLIP JAY, Bay City History, 2AM, Freshman Council Advisor, Round-Up, Royal Spirit Committee, Intramurals PAINTER, JUDITH LYNN, Dallas Music Literature, M E, Honor Roll PANZARELLA, SANDRA PAULETTE, Humble Biology, AAA, 4 BK, Scope, Newman Club PAPE, CAROLE JOY, San Antonio Elementary Education, SEA PAPE, VERNELL LOUISE, San Antonio General Business, AAA, BF2, BBA, B Kinsolving PARCUS, JANIE REA, Marlin Office Administration, AEA, SEA, NBEA PARKER, CHARLOTTE KAY, Houston Studio Art, AXI2 PARKER, JERRILEE HOWELL, Huntsville, Ala. Government, AOII, University Religious Council, Canter- bury Association, MUN PARRISH, DONALD MALTBY, JR., Dallas Mathematics, YR, International Club, Organization for Students of Objectivism, Der Eulenspiegelverein PARSLEY, DAVID LESLIE, Georgetown General Business PATTERSON, JERRY MICHAEL, Lamesa General Business PATTON, THOMAS DAVID, Rotan English Government PEARRE, CHARLES MORGAN, III, Weslaco Civil Engineering, AX, TBII, XE, Praetorian Guard, ASCE, SAME PECK, ROBERT GLEN, Richardson General Business PECK, WILLIAM IRVIN, Houston Marketing, J A6, Marketing Club, Advertising Club PEDERSON, TOM BRADBURY, McAllen Aerospace Engineering, Longhorn Flying Club, AIAA PENA, MARSHALL FRANKLIN, San Antonio Microbiology, 2EX, Ramshom Society PENALVER, MANUEL R., San Antonio Architecture, AIA, Newman Club PENNINGTON, LINDA MARTELLE, Cuero Elementary Education, Blanton Advisor, Southern Singers, YR PEREZ, MARIA JOSEF A, San Diego Pharmacy, KE, PX, t K , LPhA, Upperclass Advisor PEREZ, VALDEMAR, San Antonio Accounting PERKINS, JOHN NEWMON, Abilene Accounting PERRY, JOHN WILLIAM, JR., Heame Psychology, Varsity Track, T Association PETERS, PATRICIA MARIE, Seymour Slavic Languages, AAA, BK, Czech Club, Newman Club PFARDRESCHER, JUDY, El Campo Elementary Education, AZ, SEA PFEIFFER, JANE ELIZABETH, Houston History, r B, Freshman Council Advisor, Student Government Committees, Y PHELPS, JOHN WAYNE, Houston General Business, AK , Simkins Epicureans PHILLIPS, ANN ROSLYN, Brownsville HUtory, Scope Page 596 CLASS OF 1966 PICKENS, JOHN ZEIK, San Antonio General Business, 4 K9, Newman Club, YD PILAND, PAGE NEWTON, Austin Art, TES Magazine, Art Students ' Association, Art Students ' League PITTARD, JEANETTE WILMA, Dallas Elementary Education, ASA, All-Campus Advisor, Freshman Council PITTS, TERESA EILEEN, San Antonio French, A , ITA , French Club, Student Government Committee PLANTO, SHARON LEE, San Antonio Psychology, Longhorn Band POLLARD, PEGGY MAE, Baytown Elementary Education, Student Government Committee, SEA POLOZECK, JIMMY DALE, Austin Electrical Engineering, HKN, TBII, Honor Roll, Engineering Fellow, Distinguished Military Student, AROTC PORTER, KENNETH L, Gainesville History, A n PORTER, PENELOPE ANNE, Atlanta Art Education, Texas Union Committee, Freshman Council, Upper- class Advisor PORTERFIELD, WILLIAM REEDER, Fort Worth Aerospace Engineering, TBH, 2FT, SEC, " Goodfellow, AIAA, TSPE POTTER, SAMUEL, JR., Dallas Zoology, X , HZ POWE, RICHARD EUGENE, Devine Aerospace Engineering, AIAA POWELL, PATRICIA ANN, Corpus Christi English Speech, Challenge, Madison Advisor, SEA POZZI, ELIZABETH MARIE, Victoria Accounting, Newman Club PRESTON, AUBRILYNE, Cleburne Interior Design, . AAA, Challenge, Freshman Council, Y, Campus Chest, AID PRIBBLE, ROBERT TERRY, Goldthwaite Civil Engineering, ASCE PRICKETT, TERRY LYNN, Amarillo Economics PRIKRYL, KENNETH R., Austin Architecture, Longhom Band PRINCE, ANITA LOUISE, Bellaire Elementary Education, t M, AFE, Freshman Council, ACE PRITCHETT, EVELYN PAULINE, Austin Mathematics, Honor Roll, Freshman Council, NEA PRUITT, WILLIAM MORGAN, JR., Richardson Finance, t A8, Freshman Council, American Finance Association PURCELL, MARTHA JEANNE, Houston Government, Xfi, A S Assemblyman, Outstanding Student, Mortar Board, Spooks, Texas Union Executive Council, Blue- bonnet Belle PYE, NANCY SUE, Houston Elementary Education, AE t PYKA, TONI FRANCES, San Antonio Business Education, XSJ QUINN, JAMES STEPHEN, San Antonio History, 4 rA, NROTC, Semper Fidelis Society, Freshman Council, Buccaneers QUINTANA, J. ALBERTO, San Jose, Costa Rica Chemical Engineering, ATA, Sponsored Student RABEL, LYNNETTE ANNA, Weimar Interior Design, Andrews Advisor, AID RAGAN, PEGGY ANN, Houston En glish RAGER, LARRY ALLEN, Houston Accounting RAGER, LINDA SMITH, Peoria, 111. Elementary Education, KAII, NEA RALEY, DANN Y KEITH, Mount Vernon Electrical Engineering, TBII, Honor Roll, Engineering Fel- low, IEEE RANZAU, AURA NELL, San Antonio Journalism, 62 , TAX, Public Relations Society Page 597 GRADUATING SENIORS HARDEN, REX ALLEN, McCamey International Business RATLIFF, JUDITH, San Antonio Nutrition, Home Economics Chapter RAY, ROBERT NEWTON, San Antonio History, Crow ' s Nest. NROTC, Buccaneers RSC REAGAN, RAWLEIGH TERRELL, Waco Architectural Engineering, ITKA, AAAE, ASME, American Mathematical Association, TSPE REASS, RICHARD MARTIN, Houston Statistics, KA, Crow ' s Nest, NROTC, Buccaneers REAVES, KENNETH SHERMAN, Katy Architecture, APX, Longhorn Band, Architecture Council, AIA REEB, CAROL MARIE, Corpus Christi Business Education, TBS, Spooks, Scope, Sweetheart Nomi- nee, Longhorn Band, Bluebonnet Belle Finalist, Goodfellow REED, HARRY DAN, Austin Accounting, AZ f , T Association, Varsity Track REED, PAT, Dallas Chemistry, Longhorn Band, Longhorn Flying Club REEDER, CLAIR LYN, Austin Mathematics, Cactus Editor, Spooks, Goodfellow, Outstanding Student Government Committee Chairman, Summer Orientation Advisor, Kinsolving Advisor, Faculty-Student Discipline Commit- tee REEVES, SHEILA RAE, Houston Mathematics, AAA, Longhorn Singers, University Chorus, UTSA REILLY, BART, Corsicana Government, International Studies Program, YD REMINGTON, DANIEL RICHMOND, Alvin Insurance, A2II, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committee, Round- Up, Cactus, Insurance Society RENGER, PAUL, III, Hallettsville Sociology RENTZ, MARY EVANGELINE, San Antonio Elementary Education, Honor Roll, Scope, Challenge, Stu- dent Government Committee, TSEA REYNA, ALFONSO RAUL, Corpus Christi History Government, Newman Club c DO Tt ft RICHARDS, CATHERINE CAROL, Austin Eastern European Studies, Slavic Club RICHARDSON, CAROL JOAN, San Angelo Zoology, AEA. B Kinsolving, Kinsolving Advisor, YD, UTSA RICHARDSON, THOMAS WILLIAM, Houston Chemistry, AX2 RICKS, CLYDE WEAVER, Orange Mechanical Engineering, Honor Roll, Intramurals, ASME RIENSTRA, RITA EILEEN, Nederland Secondary Education RIEWE, CYNTHIA ANN, Jacksonville P harmacy, KE RIEWE, ROY DALE, Austin Mechanical Engineering, ASME RIGSBEE, H. KEN, Austin Architectural Engineering, 6E, SEC, Rayburn Debating Society, Intramurals, AAAE, TSPE RILEY, JOE W., Santa Anna Pharmacy RIMKUS, THOMAS WILLIAM, San Antonio Mathematics Physics, AT, Student Government Committee, Interfraternity Council RIPLY, CYNTHIA ANNE TURNER, Houston Elementary Education, AXJ2, SEA RIPPLE, LINDA LOU, El Campo Accounting, Freshman Council, Insurance Society, Uni- versity Club, Newman Club, International Club, Texas Union Committee RITTER, JERRY LYNN, Wichita Falls Petroleum Land Management, Landman ' s Association ROAN, FORREST CALVIN, JR., Austin Insurance, AT, Outstanding Freshman, Campus Chest, CBA Council, Rally Advisory Committee ROBERSON, KENNETH ALWYN, JR., Petersburg Finance, Acacia, Royal Spirit Committee, CBA Council ROBERTS, BETSY LUCINDY, Henderson Art, KA6 Page 598 t mica lilA h Qom. r, Stt- 1 ) I CLASS OF 1966 ROBERTS, WILLIAM JUDSON, Gilmer Finance, II K A, American Finance Association, Insurance Society ROBINSON, JO ANN KENDRICK, Mineral Wells Mathematics English, SEA, Texas State Teachers Association, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of English ROBINSON, JOANNA DURRANCE, Austin English ROBINSON, RICHARD LEE, Mineral Wells Aerospace Engineering, 2TT, TBII ROBINSON, RUDY FRANK, Panhandle Finance, Honor Roll, American Finance Association, Real Estate Club RODEN, PAMELA SUE, Friona English, AZ, Longhom Band, NEA, SRD Advisor RODGERS, DOROTHY SUE, Galena Park History, ASA, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committee RODRIGUEZ, HENRY G., San Antonio Accounting, Glee Club RODRIGUEZ, LARRY, San Antonio General Business, Society for the Advancement of Management ROGERS, CAROL ANN, Houston Elementary Education, ACE ROGERS, ELAINE, Waco Elementary Education, AAII, SEA ROMO, HENRY DAVID, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME ROSENBERG, LEE JAYE, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, AZ Colony, IEEE, TSPE, SAME ROSS, JAMES BASCOMB, Henderson Pharmacy, AX, LPhA ROSS, JOHN REUBEN, Belton Mechanical Engineering, IIT2, TBII, ASME ROSTEN, JUDITH ANN, Harker Heights Mathematics, A E, Cactus, Student Government Commit- tees, Texas Union Committees Q flp ROYCE, THOMAS LUHM, Houston Zoology, ATO RUBLE, KAREN JUDITH, Fort Worth Government, Texas Union Committees, Longhorn Flying Club RUDE, JOE CHRISTOPHER, III, Austin Zoology, KA, J HZ, Silver Spurs, Freshman Council Outstand- ing Advisor, UTSAM, Student Government Committee, Cam- pus Chest, Round-Up, Challenge RUIZ, EDUARDO TEODULO, Puebla, Mex. Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Intramurals RUIZ, GUSTAVO SERGIO, Puebla, Mex. Economics, Good Neighbor Scholarship, Honor Roll, Club de Mexico, Intramurals RUIZ, RUBEN MOSES, Austin Accounting, Glee Club RUSSELL, MARY CLAIRE, Austin Elementary Education, I M, SEA, Panhellenic RUSSELL, SAMUEL C., Recife, Brazil Industrial Management, Longhorn Singers, Society for the Advancement of Management RUSSELL, WALTER THOMAS, JR., Wills Point Finance, 2X, Freshman Council, American Finance Association RUTLEDGE, CLARK RAYMOND, Austin Architecture, APX, Architecture Council, AIA SACHS, JOEL ROBERT, Houston Accounting, TA J , Freshman Council, Campus Chest, Intra- murals SAENZ, PATRICIA SYLVIA, San Antonio Latin American Studies, International Dance Festival, International Club, Student Government Committees SAENZ, REYMUNDO, Pharr Chemistry SALAZAR, EDMUND, JR., Edinburg Spanish SALLADAY, RONALD JAMES, San Angelo Radio-Television SAMPSON, MICHAEL J., Lake Jackson Chemical Engineering, 2 E, AIChE Page 599 GRADUATING SENIORS C SAMUELSON, ROBERT JOHN, Mineral Wells Pharmacy, PX, HE, 4 K t , LPhA SANDERS, CLARENCE H., Tyler Pharmacy, f AX SANDERS, CLAUDIA LOUISE, Austin Mathematics English, TB2, Longhorn Band SANDERS, JACK FROST, Rockport Architectural Engineering, ATI2, TEH, XE, AAAE SANDERS, JERRY DON, Quitman Accounting, AK SANDINO-SALCEDO, GONZALO ALEJANDRO, Bogota, Colom- bia Chemical Engineering, UTSAM, AIChE SAN MARTIN, ANTONIO ALEJANDRO, San Antonio Zoology SAN MIGUEL, JOSEPH GIRARD, San Antonio Accounting, Newman Club SANSOM, E. STEVE, Greenville English, 4 A8, T Association, Varsity Track SANSOM, ELIZABETH ROSE, Austin Elementary Education SAUER, LINDA LOU, Eldorado Government, Wakonda Coordinator, Coordinators ' Council Chairman SAWYER, GUY STANLEY, Austin Zoology SAX, SUZANNE ELIZABETH, Midland Psychology, XJJ, 4 B Kinsolving, Kinsolving Advisor, Texas Union Committee SCALLORN, SALLY JANE, Austin Elementary Education, Freshman Council Advisor, Challenge, CLASP, Round-Up, ACE, SEA SCHESKE, CLAUDIA, Gonzales Journalism, AHA, TAX SCHLUETER, SPENCER PAUL, Austin Marketing, t A6, Marketing Club SCHMIDT, CHARLES LLOYD, Austin Chemistry, Lutheran Student Association, Longhorn Singers SCHNEIDER, DAVID BERNARD, Texas City Accounting, AEn, Freshman Council, Hillel Foundation, Repre- sentative Party, Round-Up. SCHNEIDER, LESTER RAY, Dallas Mathematics, Longhorn Flying Club, Simkins Epicureans, Intramurals SCHOCH, RACHEL BOND, Dallas Fashion Design, Cloth Textiles SCHROEDER, RICHARD HENRY, Dallas Engineering Science, TBIT, Goodfellow, Engineering Assemblyman, SEC, Inter-Co-Operative Council SCHWAUSCH, RUDOLPH MARTIN, Walburg Accounting SCOTT, DIANE LYNN, San Antonio Office Administration, Society for the Advancement of Man- agement SCOTT, ELIZABETH ANN, San Antonio Elementary Education , KKT, A A A, II A8, B Kinsolving SCOTT, GAYLE ANN, Weimar Elementary Education, Upperclass Advisor, Texas Union Committees, ACE, SEA SCOTT, ROBERT MORTON, Gatesville Accounting, Society for the Advancement of Management, In- surance Society SEALE, JAMES MATTISON, Beaumont Zoology SEALE, KATHY, Centerville Interior Design, AID SEARIGHT, SARAH VIRGINIA, Austin Elementary Education, TB2, Texas Union Committee, Longhorn Band, SEA, ACE SEBASTIAN, ROBERT E., Austin Industrial Management, Longhorn Flying Club SEBASTIAN, ROSEMARY McBRIDE History, AAII SEE, SARA NELL, Somerville Home Economics, ON, KAII, AAA, Upperclass Advisor, Home Economics Chapter r Page 600 CLASS OF 1966 SEMBERA, ARTHUR YORK, Houston History Government, Texas Union Committees, Intramurals, Freshman Council, Skin Scuba Diving Club SENEVEY, SUZANNE, Fort Worth Interior Design, KKF, ON, AID SEPKO, MARY CECELIA RICHSTATTER, San Antonio Elementary Education SETTLES, THOMAS MICHAEL, San Antonio History, KA, Student Government Committee, Rally Ad- visory Committee SHAFIE, JEANIE BETH, Austin Interior Design, AID SHALLETTE, ROBERT HAROLD, Dallas History, 2AM, Royal Spirit Committee SHAOUL, ROBEN K., Baghdad, Iraq Architectural Engineering, Hillel Foundation, AAAE, ACI SHAW, MARTHA NEIL, Brownwood Art Education, Xf!, Art Students ' Association, Texas Union Committee, Freshman Council SHEEN, SANDRA DIANE, San Angelo English, Scope, National Council of English Teachers SHELBURNE, RICHARD McKAY, Austin Electrical Engineering, IEEE, SAME, AUSA SHELL, TERRELL EUGENE, German Accounting, TIKA, AK SHELTON, MICHAEL, Tulia Mathematics, r l B, Cactus, Texas Union Committee SHELTON, PATRICIA LOUISE, San Rafael, Calif. English, TIB SHEPPERD, CATHERINE, Marble Falls Plan II, AAII, Texas Union Committees, Cactus SHERR, PAUL M., Dallas Radio-Television Film, Ranger Staff, Daily Texan, SDS, YD SHIRLEY, WILLIAM JOHN, Dallas Marketing Finance, f Ae, American Finance Association r - ttL SHOCKLEY, JOHN STAPLES, Denton Plan II, Government, BK, Y, YD SHOCKLEY, PAULA BETTIS, San Antonio Microbiology SHORT, DOUGLAS V., Bay City Physics SHRADER, DIANE SUE, Austin Business, TBS, Longhom Band SHUFORD, JANE BRYAN, Austin Accounting, AAII, BA , Panhellenic SHURTLEFF, ROBERT NEAL, Houston Physics SIMANK, CHARLES BURNETT, Brenham Zoology SIMMONS, CLYDE WILTON, JR., Ballinger Zoology, f H2, AEA SIMMONS, SUE STEELE, Houston History, AAA, AAA, A6 SIMPSON, DENNIS DWAYNE, Seminole Psychology SIMPSON, EDITH ANN, Dallas Secondary Education SIMS, BILLY DON, Whitesboro Marketing SINCLAIR, NORA ANN, Houston German, Xfi, Kinsolving Advisor SINGER, JOEL MICHAEL, Houston Zoology SINGLETON, DON JAMES, Pasadena Electrical Engineering SITTIG, ARMANDA MARGARET, Grand Prairie History Page 601 GRADUATING SENIORS C SMITH, AUREL EMERSON, JR., DaUas Sociology, A !), Simkins Epicureans SMITH, CAROLYN DEBORAH, Houston Geography, r B, T6T, YR SMITH, DONALD EUGENE, Dallas Economics, Longhorn Band, Economics Club, A S Council, MUN SMITH, EDGAR NEWMAN, JR., Dallas Chemical Engineering, KK , TBII, fiXE, Outstanding Stu- dent, Tejas Club, Longhorn Band President SMITH, JIM 0., Austin Pharmacy, 4 AX, LPhA SMITH, JUDITH EILEEN, Houston Office Administration, BBA SMITH, MARTHA ANN, Port Arthur Accounting, AXJ2, YR SMITH, MARY ANNITA, Amarillo Elementary Education SMITH, MICHAEL LYNN, Barksdale AFB, La. Aerospace Engineering, 2TT SMITH, RICHARD PENLAND, Houston English Sociology, Texas Union Council, Texas Union Com- mittee, Round-Up, Cactus, Y, Freshman Program, YR, Chal- lenge, MUN, Model US Senate SMITH, SUZANN, Corpus Christi English History, AAA SMITH, THOMAS EDGAR, Dallas Mathematics, ATA SMITH, TRUDIE KAYE, Dallas Business Education, Upperclass Advisor SMITH, WARRIE LYNN, San Antonio Elementary Education, ZTA, Freshman Council Advisor, Orienta- tion Advisor, Kinsolving Advisor, Panhellenic SMITHER, CHARLES W., JR., Huntsville Accounting, H2, AK , BA , BF2, Honor Roll SNELL, CHARLES ALTUS, San Angelo Electrical Engineering, TBII SNYDER, JUDITH ANN, Austin Economics, 4 M, Freshman Council, MUN, YR SOLCHER, GERRY ALLAN, San Antonio Finance, ATA, Freshman Council, Scabbard Blade, AROTC SOODHALTER, CHARLES RAY, Houston Finance, t 2A, Freshman Council Advisor, T Association, Intramurals SOPER, CLAIRE BEASLEY, Austin History SORENSON, LAURITS SUE, Bellaire Government History, A SOTO, MARY, Esparta, Costa Rica Spanish French, International Club, Student Government Committee SPEED, MARY SUE, Temple Latin English, Xfi SPEIER, PENELOPE ANNE, San Antonio Art History, XJ2, Ashbel SPENCER, DAVID JAMES, Dallas Political Science, NROTC SPINKS, JAMES ARTHUR, III, Waco Mathematics, 4 H2, Buccaneers SPRING, KAY J., Longview Special Education, XJ2, 24 E, Golden Hearts, Freshman Council SPRINGER, MARIANNE, March AFB, Calif. English Spanish SPRINGER, MARY JANE, Waco Government, Texas Union Committee, Representative Party, Uni- versity Club STACK, KATHEY E., Dallas Elementary Education, Ar, Kinsolving Advisor STALLINGS, JOAN EDMOND, Nacogdoches History, Littlef ield Advisor, Freshman Council, SEA STALLINGS, ROBERT DAVID, Midland English, K Page 602 CLASS OF 1966 STAMPES, WILLIAM BENNETT, Dallas Marketing, Q STARR, DUANE MARTIN, Wake Village Aerospace Engineering, 4 HZ, NROTC STASO, WILLIAM HAYWARD, San Antonio Psychology, YR STEADMAN, CHARLES RANKIN, Houston Accounting, 2X, Freshman Council, AIESEC, American Finance Association STENDEBACH, JOYCE ANN, San Antonio Marketing, American Marketing Association STEPHENS, JONNIE RUSSELL, San Antonio Anthropology Biology STEPHENSON, DAVID, Dallas Government, Ben, II2A, AROTC STEPHENSON, KATHY, Baytown Office Administration, IIB J STERLING, STEVEN JON, San Antonio Institutional Administration Restaurant Management, SAM, Freshman Council, Intramurals STERN, SANDRA GAIL, Dallas Spanish, 2AT, 2AIT, Honor Roll, Outstanding Merit in Romance Languages, Cordettes, ROTC Sponsor STEVENS, LARRY RUSSELL, Houston Finance, Acacia, Intramurals, Insurance Society, American Finance Association STEVENS, MARTHA JEAN, Harper Elementary Education, Scottish Scholars, ACE STEVENS, STANLEY EDWARD, JR., Tioga Microbiology STEWART, CAROLYN NELL, Dallas English, AI Spooks, All-Campus Advisor, Freshman Council Advisor, Outstanding Freshman STEWART, JAMES WILLIAM, JR., Baytown Electrical Engineering, t A6 STEWART, JUDY B., Houston Spanish French, AHA, AAA, 2AII, UTSA STIGALL, ZANE ARNOLD, San Gabriel Electrical Engineering, IEEE, TSPE STILES, BILL M., Tyler STIVER, MAURY EDWARD, Waco Pre-Medical, Zoology STOHLE, JEROME ARVIN, Amarillo Finance, American Finance Association, Insurance Society STOKES, DEE HUNTINGTON, Corpus Christi Accounting STONE, BARBARA LYNN, Fort Worth Interior Design, KKr, Freshman Orientation Advisor, Angel Flight, Texas Union Committee, AID STONE, BROCK RANDALL, Brownsville Aerospace Engineering, AIAA STONE, MARTHA DEE, Linden Music Education, Madison Advisor, Southern Singers STOOKSBERRY, LINDA FRANCES, Mexia Zoology STRAHM, PATRICIA EILEEN, Torrance, Calif. History, YD STRATTON, AUBREY LEE, Mount Pleasant Aerospace Engineering, TBIT, AIAA STRATTON, MERILYN KAY, Mount Pleasant Elementary Education, ACE STRAUSS, MARTHA SUE, Baytown Elementary Education, Scope, Blanton Advisor, UTSA, SEA STRIBLING, BILLY NED, Houston Chemistry, KA , Interfraternity Council STRINGER, JAMES CULLEN, Mount Vernon Mathematics, H2, Longhorn Band STRIPLING, MARY ELIZABETH, Nacogdoches Marketing, XJ1, Freshman Council, Ashbel Page 603 GRADUATING SENIORS STROHMEYER, FERDINAND MONTY, San Antonio Mathematics STRONG, WILLIAM REESE, Henderson Geography, T6T, T Association, Varsity Track STUARD, TOMMYE E., Austin English, +M, SEA STUYCK, GERALD PAUL, Baton Rouge, La. Architecture, APX, TZA, AIA, Architecture Council, Sphinx Society SUBER, NORMAN LOUIS, Longview Insurance, Insurance Society SUGGS, RONALD LYNN, San Antonio Zoology SULLIVAN, JOSEPH PAUL, San Antonio Finance, I i:K, American Finance Association SUTHERLAND, GEORGE R., JR., Brownwood Industrial Management, AZII, Freshman Council, Society for the Advancement of Management SUTHERLAND, HERBERT JAMES, San Antonio Aerospace Engineering, 4 K t , TBII, ZrT, Engineering Fellow, AIAA SUTHERLAND, JOHN WALLACE, Inglewood, Calif. Accounting, Crow ' s Nest SWAIM, JOHNNY LYNN, Temple Accounting, Intramurals SWAIM, PHYLLIS SUE, Austin English History, TBZ, Texas Union Committees, Round- Up, Longhorn Band, SEA SWANEY, SUSAN, Westfield, N. J. History SWANSON, SARAH ANN, Fort Worth Elementary Education SWARTHOUT, PAUL KENNETH, Bryan Government SWIFT, EDWARD REAGAN, Bellaire General Business, ZX, A2II, Freshman Council, Fresh- man Assembly SWINNEY, ROBERT SAMUEL, Austin Mathematics SYKES, GAIL TOSHIKO, Austin Elementary Education, ACE SYKES, ROBERT LYNN, Houston Petroleum Engineering, TBH TANNENBAUM, RONALD DEXTER, San Antonio Marketing, Deseret Club TAYLOR, DAVID STEWART, Houston Accounting, A2 , A2IT, BA , Society for the Advancement of Management, Intramurals TAYLOR, FRED KENT, Houston Mechanical Engineering, KA, ASME TAYLOR, PAUL DUANE, Odessa Accounting TEEPLE, CHARLES SLOAN, IV, Dallas Finance, AK , CBA Council, Insurance Society, Ameri- can Finance Association TERRELL, ANN CARLOTTA, Eagle Lake Speech Therapy, AAII, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committee TERRY, JOHN CHRISTOPHER, Brenham Chemistry TEUFEL, KENNETH WAYNE, Brenham Pre-Medical, AEA TEUTSCH, VIRGINIA ANN, Dumas Elementary Education, ZTA, Freshman Council TEW, DON LEE, Austin Architecture, APX, T2A, Sphinx, Architecture Council THOMAS, JAMES DALTON, Big Spring Government THOMAS, JOHN HALL, Austin Zoology, J AB, Honor Roll, Intramurals THOMASON, JOHN MERRITT, Center Point Mathematics, Simkins Epicureans t l T 5 Page 604 CLASS OF 1966 1111 Fid. THOMPSON, CHARLOTTE ANN, Austin Mathematics, KAII, BK, SEA THOMPSON, JAMES MURRAY, Dallas Industrial Management THOMPSON, KAREN ANN, Houston Speech Therapy Education, AXJ2, ZAH, Angel Flight THOMPSON, OLAND DALE, Houston Mechanical Engineering, Scabbard Blade, ASME THORN, RICHARD DOUGLAS, San Antonio Mathematics, Methodist Lay Guild, MUN, YR THREADGILL, JAMES RANDALL, Denison Economics, Debate Squad, MUN, Round-Up TICKNOR, JUDY MARSHALL, Fort Worth Mathematics History, XJJ, Challenge, UTSA TIDWELL, LINDA JOY, Fort Worth Sociology Social Welfare TIGNER, RONALD EDWIN, San Antonio Insurance, AKE, A2II, CBA Assemblyman, CBA Council, Freshman Council Advisor, Student-Faculty Discipline Committee TIMS, JAMES IRVING, Progreso Finance, Acacia TLUCEK, MELICENT MARIE, Houston Journalism, ArA, TAX, University Orchestra, Daily Texan, Freshman Council TOMERLIN, BARBARA ANN, Austin Business Education, BBA, Him, Honor Roll TOMSON, THOMAS JOSEPH, Houston Mathematics TOUBASSI, WADIH HANNA, Austin Electrical Engineering, TBIT, HKN, IEEE TROELL, LEOLA PATRICIA, Pleasanton Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter TROLINGER, URSULA ANN POYNOR, San Angelo Sociology I TROWER, ROBERT DWAYNE, Rankin Electrical Engineering, IEEE TRUITT, MARCUS JACK, JR., Austin History Government TUBE, PAUL LEIGHTON, Arlington Finance, KS TUCKER, RICHARD STEPHEN, Beaumont Accounting, t ZA, Freshman Council, Student Government Committee, Round-Up, Freshman Track, Intramurals TOGGLE, TERRY PATRICK, Odessa Marketing, American Marketing Association TULLOS, MARCIA J., Corpus Christi Business Education TURBIVILLE, LAURA LEA, Marble Falls Home Economics, AAA, ON, KAII, Upperclass Advisor, Home Economics Chapter TURNER, BRUCE FRANKLIN, Kingsville Art, Simkins Epicureans, Karate Club TURNER, JOHN WILLIAM, JR., Dallas Interior Design, S3, Texas Union Committees, Christian Science Organization, Rayburn Debating Society, Glee Club TURNER, KATHERINE LOUISE, Groves History Government, MUN TURNER, MICHAEL LUCIAN, Groves Chemical Engineering TWINER, NANCY HSIA, Austin Microbiology, A4 T, International Club, Chinese Students ' Association, Newman Club UNDERWOOD, WILBURN CROCKETT, JR., Rockport Mathematics, 4 H2, BK UTSEY, MICHAEL DALE, Tyler Architecture, APX, AIA VAJDOS, VIRGINIA ANN, Karnes City Botany, Student Government Committee, Newman Club, Texas Union Committee VANDERSLICE, VICTORIA JEAN, Dallas Psychology, Blanton Advisor, Texas Union Committees, Scope, Y Page 605 Ot O GRADUATING SENIORS C VANDEVER, JOHN H., Brownsville English, UTSAM VARELA, HUMBERTO JOSE, Laredo Pharmacy, K , LPhA, Laredo Club VAUGHAN, EUGENE RICHARD, JR., Brownsville Accounting, Bridgeway Counselor, Intramurals VAVRA, JERRY TED, Schulenburg Pharmacy, K , H2, Newman Club, LPhA VEAZEY, VICTORIA KAY, Terrell English, AF, A Cappella Choir, Crescent Club VERA, MARGARET SUZANNE, San Antonio Nutrition, Texas Union Committee, Newman Club, Home Eco- nomics Chapter VERA, ROSALIND LOUISE, San Antonio Nutrition, International Club, Newman Club, Home Economics Chapter VICK, MARVIN YORK, Madisonville Building Products Marketing, 2AE VILLESCAS, JOSE, JR., El Paso Pharmacy, K , International Club VINEYARD, MARY BLANCHE, Galveston Elementary Education VITTETOE, ROBERT GLENN, San Benito Pre-Medical, Freshman Baseball VOGELSANG, ROBERT L., Brownsville Mechanical Engineering, Challenge, SEC, ASME, TSPE VOGLER, JON ALLEN, Midland Finance, Z E, Freshman Council, Longhorn Flying Club, AROTC, American Finance Association VOLZ, CAROL ANN, Waco Nutrition, r B, Littlefield Advisor, Carothers Assistant, Blue- bonnet Belle Nominee, UTSA, BSU VON DOHLEN, TIMOTHY DONALD, Goliad Pharmacy, K , Friars, Order of Alcalde, Silver Spurs, Good- fellow, Outstanding Student, Freshman Council, Pharmacy Assembly, Challenge, Newman Club, Catholic Student Center Advisory Board, LPhA VON STEIN, FERN LAURA, Austin Spanish, AAA, ZAII, I BK WADLEY, PEGGY ANNE, Bay-town English WADSWORTH, THOMAS TURNER, Temple Aerospace Engineering WAGNER, DONALD ALBERT, Blanco Aerospace Engineering, TBIT, 2FT, K , AIAA WALDRIP, JOHN J., Brookshire Personnel Management, AX, Semper Fidelis Society, So- ciety for the Advancement of Management WALL, MARIAN SUZANNE, Fort Worth Elementary Education, ACE WALLER, EDWARD PENDLETON, JR., San Antonio History, ZAE WALSH, JAMES DAVID, San Angelo Geography, Marauders, AROTC WALTERS, CAROL ANN, Austin Mathematics, TBS, AAA, SAIL BK, Mortar Board, Outstanding Student, Orange Jackets, Freshman Advisor, Longhorn Band, International Club WARD, BETTY CAROL, Devine Pharmacy, KE WASCHER, RICHARD LOUIS, San Antonio Psychology WATKINS, EDWARD TARRY, JR., Houston Finance, 2N, American Finance Association, Real Estate In- stitute WATSON, LILLIAN JEANNINE, Levelland Pharmacy, KE, Longhorn Band, LPhA WATTS, JUDITH NELL, Austin Elementary Education, SEA WAUSON, RICHARD EARL, JR., San Antonio History, Crow ' s Nest, NROTC WEATHERSBEE, WILLIAM WORTH, McAllen Marketing WEAVER, JOAN DELL, Kerrville History Government, Xf2 Page 606 CLASS OF 1966 WEBB, KAY CLYDE, Houston Elementary Education, AXfi, Education Student-Faculty Council, Freshman Council Advisor, Orientation Advisor WEBB, MARTHA DEL, San Antonio Clothing Textiles, Round-Up, Tower Manor Advisor WEBB, SHARYN FAYE, Crosbyton English WEBER, CAROL ANN, Beaumont History, Xtt, Freshman Council, Ashbel WECKER, PAULA MICHELE, Midland Marketing, AAII WEIKEL, JAMES ALVIN, Austin Pharmacy, AX, LPhA WEIR, KAREN, Abilene Elementary Education, SEA, Student Government Committee WEIRICH, ROBERT EDWARD, Johnson City Civil Engineering, TBIT, XE, SEC, ASCE WELHAUSEN, CAROLE MAE, Shiner Zoology, AXJ2, AEA WELLS, BERTIE GIBBONS, Tomball English, Texas Union Committee, Cap Gown, Engineering Wives Club, French Club WELLS, M. LAWRENCE, Tyler Psychology Government, MUN, UTSAM, Clahlenge, YD WELLS. ROBERT ELLIS, Dallas General Business, Varsity Baseball, T Association, Inter- varsity Christian Fellowship WELLS, VIRGINIA LEE, Dallas Accounting WELSCH, GLENN ANDREW, Austin Engineering Science, 112, TBII, Honor Roll, Engineering Fel- low, AFROTC, IEEE WELSH, BETH BARTON, Texas City French, KA9, YD WELSH, JANET KAYE, Midland English, A A A, HA , 4 BK, 3RD Advisor, Freshman Council WESSELS, GARY DWAYNE, Corpus Christi Architectural Engineering, XA, AAAE WEST, CYNTHIA J., Jacksboro Home Economics, IIB , Student Government Committee, Opera- tion Brainpower, Home Economics Chapter WEST, WILLIAM LEWIS, Bellaire Industrial Management, Society for the Advancement of Management WESTER, JANIS CATHERINE, Dallas Nutrition, Inter-Co-Operative Council, Home Economics Chapter WHALEY, WILLIAM NEELY, Dallas Mathematics, H2, AEA, BK WHEELESS, BARRY DON, Amarillo Mechanical Engineering, ASME WHEELEY, SHARON GAYLE, White Deer Interior Design, Blanton Advisor WHITAKER, JUDITH LYNN, Brownsville Elementary Education, A , SEA WHITCOMB, LAINE, Lubbock English WHITE, ALVIN, JR., Dallas Personnel Management, A A, Army Drill Team, Student Gov- ernment Committee, CBA Assemblyman WHITE, CAROLYN LOUISE, San Antonio Elementary Education WHITE, CHARLES CLIFFORD, JR., Austin Electrical Engineering, YR, IEEE WHITE, FRANK HOWELL, Cleveland Finance, t ' K , Freshman Council Advisor, Pre-Law Society, In- ternational Law Society, UTSAM WHITENER, WILLIAM THOMAS, Corpus Christi Music Education, MA, Symphonic Band, BSU WHITING, ANN L., Dallas Mathematics, Spooks, Cordettes, Inter-Co-Operative Council WHITLOW, MARJORIE ELIZABETH, Austin Geography, T6T, Y Page 607 GRADUATING SENIORS WHITNEY, GAIL YVONNE, San Antonio Elementary Education, ACE WHITRIDGE, DAISY CLARK, Houston Spanish, KAB, Kinsolving Advisor, Angel Flight, UTSA WHITTEN, RALPH UKLER, JR., Tyler Marketing WHITWORTH, EDWARD LEE, Fort Amador, Canal Zone History WICKER, JOE PAT, Whittier, Calif. Marketing, ITKA, Freshman Council Advisor, Election Commission, American Marketing Association, Challenge, Student Government Committee WIEMERS, ALICE MERLIN, Dallas History, KA9, t A6, Texas Union Committees, Student Govern- ment Committee, SEA WILCOX, DONALD PIERCE, Arlington, Va. Government, Arnold Air Society, AFROTC, Brackenridge Supervisor Counselor WILEY, ELIZABETH, Mineral Wells Chemistry, YR WILEY, KELLY LYN, Houston Journalism, FAX WILKINSON, BELINDA MARION MONROE, Dallas Mathematics, AAA, Round-Up, Texas Union Committee WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH ANNE, LaMarque Elementary Education. Upperclass Advisor, ACE, SEA WILLIAMS, JAMES FREDERICK, Austin Architecture, APX, Sphinx, AIA, Architecture Council WILLIAMS, KARA GAIL, Houston History WILLIAMSON, GEORGE RONALD, Crystal City Pharmacy, K , LPhA WILLIAMSON, HARRY BEAU, Houston Marketing, ZX, American Marketing Association, Marketing Club WILLIS, DANNA JOY, Houston Business Education, AZ, BBA, YR, NEA, Texas Union Committee WILLKE, BEVERLY JANE, Houston Zoology, Skin Scuba Diving Club, Collegiate Forum, Challenge, Lutheran Student Association WILLMANN, ROGER WAYNE, Seguin Mechanical Engineering, ASME WILLOCK, PAULA ANN, Houston Microbiology, A4 WILLOUGHBY, JOHN ALEXANDER, HI, Abilene General Business Pre-Law, ATA, Honor Roll, Freshman Council, Intramurals WILLS, SHELLY ALAN, Dallas History, SAM, Interfraternity Council, Silver Spurs, Varsity Carni- val WILSON, CARTER LEE, Austin Studio Art, Commercial Art Students ' League WILSON, ELDON STEPHEN, San Angelo Spanish, 2AII, NROTC, Scabbard Blade WILSON, MARSHA REE, Fort Stockton History Government, Texas Union Committees, Kin- solving Advisor, Challenge, MUN WILSON, PATRICIA ANN, Wharton Accounting, Insurance Society, Texas Sacred Singers WINDLE, WILLIAM RICHARD, Corpus Christi Pre-Medical WINKLER, WILLIAM ERNEST, Houston Chemical Engineering, 4 KT, AIChE WISE, WILLIAM JUDSON, Austin Marketing, AZII, Student Government Committee, Ameri- can Marketing Association WITT, PATRICIA ANN, Corpus Christi Elementary Education, SEA, Madison Counselor WITTIE, BETTY ANN, Tyler Mathematics, Scope WOLCHANSKY, LEE M., Fort Worth Pharmacy, K WOLF, LARRY JAMES, Anahuac Accounting, BA Page 608 CLASS OF 1966 WOLFE, STEPHEN JAMES, Groves Marke ting Administration, AZII, American Marketing Association WOLFSON, CAROLYN, San Antonio Elementary Education, AE4 , ACE WOLK, MARSHA CAROL, Navasota Interior Design, University Chorus, YR, AID WOOD, ANDREA PATTON, San Antonio Languages, ZTA, Freshman Council, Mauna Kai House Council, MUN WOOD, ESTHER A., Houston English, AF, UTSA, Student Government Committee, Texas Union Committee WOOD, NAOMI RUTH, Houston English, AZ, AAA WOOD, PATRICIA WINIFRED, Fort Worth Anthropology, M, MAN, Anthropological Society, Geological Society WOOD, THOMAS }., Austin Marketing, American Marketing Association WOODRUFF, PAUL FRANK, Corpus Christi Zoology WORTHAM, DANA ROSE, Bryan Music, lIB f , Fine Arts Assembly, Challenge, Panhellenic, Orange Jackets, Longhorn Singers, Varsity Singers WROTEN, BOBBY JOE, Pettus Pre-Medical, Zoology WU, MAY KUEN, San Antonio Elementary Education, SEA, ACE WUNDERLICH, KENNETH WALDIE, Spring Branch Mathematics, t I!Z, Honor Roll WUNDERLICH, MARY LOUISE, New Braunfels Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter, Shangri-La Coop WYATT, MARY ELAINE, Eola Commercial Art, Art Students ' Association, Art Student Show Exhibitor WYNN, JUDY, Austin Office Administration, AI BBA, American Marketing Association, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, Southern Singers YARBROUGH, JOHN DAVID, Austin Architecture, Varsity Cross Country YATES, WILLIAM ARTHUR, La Grange Civil Engineering, ASCE YORFINO, STELLA RAE, San Antonio English YOUENS, WILLIAM THOMAS, II, Columbus Zoology, 2X YOUNG, MARTHA MERRILYN, San Antonio English Government, YOUNG, REGINALD GLADISH, JR., Houston Marketing, ATA, T Association, Varsity Baseball YOUNG, ROBERT DAVID, Houston Finance, Acacia, Business Honors Program ZAGHMOUT, TAHA MOHMMED, Damascus, Syria Civil Engineering, Organization of Arab Students, Inter- national Club, ASCE ZAYIC, GERALDINE LEE, Killeen English, AAA, J BK, Longhorn Band ZETIK, JANET IRMA, Brenham Mathematics, SEA ZIMMERMANN, PATRICIA ANN, San Antonio English History ZUEHLKE, ARTHUR EARL, Brenham General Business ZUEHLKE, LANEY CLARE, Hempstead Elementary Education, AI Freshman Council, Texas Union Committee IL Page 609 " ' : x- , . v fc Page 610 I Architecture Building SENIORS Page 611 SENIORS ACKER, LESLIE CLARK, Post Pre-Law, I K2, Texas Union Committee ALEXANDER, GERALD WAYNE, Big Spring Pharmacy ALLISON, ROBERT ELTON, JR., Woodville Electrical Engineering, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, IEEE, Prather Counselor ANDERSON, ROBERT EDWIN, Austin General Business, AX, Glee Club, Disciples Student Fellowship, Simkins Epicureans ANDRON, LEO ALEXANDER, II, Longview Chemistry, Simkins Epicureans, Newman Club, AROTC ARTIS, DONALD ROBERT, JR., Abilene Aerospace Engineering, Pershing Rifles, AIAA AYERS, LOUIS McCLELLAN, Houston Electrical Engineering, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society BAKER, GILBERT LOWELL, Dallas Electrical Engineernig, TBII, IEEE, TSPE BAKER, LINDA RUTH GOULD, Llano Home Economics, Home Economics Chapter BARTLETT, WILLIAM DWIGHT, San Antonio Pharmacy, AXA, K , Order of Alcalde, LPhA BARTON, DONALD DALE, Beaumont Pharmacy, K , LPhA BEHRENDT, DOUGLAS DUANE, Ottine Economics, YD BELL, JOHN WOODSON, JR., Beeville Pharmacy, AX, LPhA, Interfraternity Council BELT, JAMES HENRY, Weimar Aerospace Engineering, KK , AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, AIAA, Longhom Band BENSON, KENNETH E., Odessa Pharmacy, AX BLANKENSHIP, ROBERT NORWOOD, Dallas Marketing, NROTC BLUDAU, OWEN WILLIAM, Karnes City Architecture, APX, Architecture Council, AIA, Distinguished Mili- tary Student, Scabbard Blade BOGER, ALLEN DICKSON, JR., Vernon Electrical Engineering, TBIT, Arnold Air Society, AFROTC, IEEE, Honor Roll BONER, CHARLES R., Austin Music, TKE, University Orchestra BOOK, MICHAEL FELIX, San Angelo Accounting BORNE, MICHAEL EDWARD, Port Arthur Architecture, APX, Sphinx, AIA BOZEMAN, PAUL PRESTON, III, Groves Chemistry, 63 BRIGHTMAN, THOMAS OSWELL, Comanche Architectural Engineering, XE, TBII, Outstanding Student, Goodfellow, Texas Union Committee, Praetorian Guard, Scabbard Blade BRIGHTWELL, NATHAN LEROY, Henderson Microbiology, AT BRISTER, JULIA ELAINE, Burkburnet Clothing, Textiles Costume Design, Home Economics Chapter BROWN, JIMMIE CALEB, Anson Pharmacy, 4 AX, LPhA BUSH, EDDIE GEORGE, Fort Worth English, TKE BUTLER, JAMES ROY, Seymour Chemistry CHAFFEE, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Electra Physics, Newman Club CHAPELL, DON CLAYTON, Dallas Architecture, KA CHERNOSKY, GAYLE, Houston English History CLARKE, JOSEPH ALDEN, Lufkin Electrical Engineering, B6II Page 612 SENIORS Sudan No , CLEMENTS, PATRICIA JANE, Brownwood Speech Therapy, ASA, Spooks, All-Campus Advisor, Round-Up, Y, Longhorn Singers CONN, JOHN RANDALL, Fabens Civil Engineering, Simkins Epicureans, Moore-Hill Counselor, ASCE, TSPE COONROD, ROBERT KENNETH, JR., Austin Sociology CORLEY, JACK BARTON, Austin Accounting, B8IT COURSEY, DOUGLAS ERNEST, Coleman Pharmacy, K , LPhA CRAFT, JOHN BARTON, San Angelo Pharmacy, Longhom Singers CRAWFORD, DARROLL FRANKLIN, JR., Brenham Management, AXA CRAWFORD, RICHARD DENNIS, Corpus Christ! Electrical Engineering, IEEE DAVIS, JIM JOE, Luling Pharmacy, J AX DAVIS, JOHN HAVEN, Killeen Electrical Engineering, TKE, I H2, HKN, TBII, Engineering Fellow DIETERT, MICHAEL LEE, Dallas Pharmacy, K DILL, DALLAS CHARLES, San Angelo Pharmacy, LPhA DOLEZAL, DONALD CREECH, Graham Aerospace Engineering D ' OLIVE, JOE EDWARD, Brenham Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Power Show, ASME DOW, JAMES DWIGHT, Wink Architecture, APX, Architecture Council, AIA DRUMMOND, CLIF W., Hamlin Pharmacy, K , A n, Goodfellow, Silver Spurs, Friars, Pharmacy Assemblyman, Texas Union Co-Ordinating Board, Texas Union Board of Directors, Round-Up f J r DUKE, JAMES HENRY, JR., McAllen Civil Engineering, Speleological Society, ASCE DJJ PERIER, JOSEPH REAGAN, Beaumont Architecture, ATJJ, AIA EASTER, ALVIN FREDRICK, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, A t A ELAM, JERRY WARREN, Corpus Christi Speech, History Speech Therapy EMBRY, JAMES EVERETT, Corpus Christi Aerospace Engineering, Newman Club, AIAA ETHEREDGE, KATHERINE ELAINE, Austin Interior Design, AID EVANS, WINSTON LARUE, Fort Worth Architecture, ARE, AIA FINCH, JOHN WILLIAM, Arlington Pharmacy, 1 AX FLEMING, JAMES ELMER, III, Lindale Pharmacy FLEMING, JOANNA LEE, Nederland Economics FORD, JOHN WILLIAM, Abilene Pharmacy, 1 AX, Varsity Track, Glee Club, University Chorus FOREMAN, JAMES ROBERT, El Paso Meteorology, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Wesley Guild of Lay Theologians FRANKLIN, JOHN MOSLEY, Rockdale Government, 2 i E, Student Government Committee, Summer Orienta- tion Advisor, Freshman Council Outstanding Advisor, Round-Up FULLER, EDWARD OSCAR, San Antonio Mathematics, AFROTC GALLOWAY, CORICE ANNE, Austin Commercial Art, ArA, Freshman Council, Longhorn Singers GAYLE, GEORGE SHELTON, III, Houston Finance, 4 A6 Page 613 . SENIORS GENZER, FRANK I., South Houston Architecture, APX, AIA GOSE, FRANK JOSEPH, San Antonio Mathematics Government GREENHAW, FRANK PIERCE, III, Fort Worth Architectural Engineering, KS, AAAE GRIZZLE, GARY WARREN, Spur Insurance, Insurance Society GROSSMAN, ELIZABETH ANN, Corpus Christi Biology GUEST, HENRY GRADY, JR., Houston Architectural Engineering, AAAE, TSPE GUTHRIE, MELINDA LEE, Belton History, TAB HAMFF, WESLEY CHRISTIAN, Paige Aerospace Engineering, Power Show, AIAA HARDY, JAMES TALMAGE, El Paso Finance HARGIS, NORTON BASSETT, JR., San Antonio Engineering Route to Business, Ben, H2, HART, JACK DONALD, Dallas Engineering Science HART, MILDRED NELWYN, San Antonio Speech Hearing Therapy, Elementary Education, 2AH, Texas Union Committee, Round-Up, Shangri-La Coop HAWS, GAYLE ROYCE, Jacksonville Mechanical Engineering, A n, ASME, YR HEAD, JAMES VAN WILTON, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ASME HEFFELFINGER, MARY JANE, Bay-town Elementary Education, AXJJ HEINEMANN, FRANK WILLARD, Corpus Christi Chemical Engineering, Longhorn Flying Club, AIChE HEININGER, LEWIS HAROLD, JR., Kingsville Mechanical Engineering, Freshman Council, ASME HERRON, PHILLIP BYRON, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, ITKA, IEEE, ASME HOIPKEMEIER, MONA KAY, Irving Architecture, UTSA, AIA HOWE, EDDIE RYAN, Amarillo Mechanical Engineering, Power Show, ASME HUNTER, DIANA LEE, Borger Sociology in Education JACKSON, CLARK HOUSTON, Lampasas Pharmacy, AX, LPhA JONES, HENRY BERNARD, JR., Tyler Chemical Engineering JONES, LEO ELDON, JR., Tyler Finance JUDD, BEN BANKS, JR., Richardson Philosophy, Longhorn Singers, Disciples Student Fellowship, TRUCCF KELSEY, JAMES ROBERT, Dallas Aerospace Engineering, KA, Challenge, AIAA, TSPE KENNEDY, BOBBY JOE, Copperas Cove Pharmacy, AX, LPhA KLINCK, JAN MICHAEL, McAllen Pharmacy, J ZK, Royal Spirit Committee, Interfraternity Council KNOX, ORION, JR., San Antonio Architecture, Speleological Society, AIA, AMCS LAIN, JANICE SHERRER, Corpus Christi Physical Education, PEM, Intramurals LAMB, RAYMOND KENT, Baytown Mechanical Engineering, Simkins Epicureans, Newman Club, ASME LEECH, DANA CORY, Garland History, Radio Club, Speleological Society, German Stu- dents ' Club Page 614 SENIORS ui LEMERT, JAMES REX, Liberal, Kans. Petroleum Land Management, 2AE, Landman ' s Organization LEONARD, LARRY WOOD, Houston Accounting, Wesley Foundation, Bridge Club LEWELLEN, BARBARA GAYLE, Temple Music, J[ E, Southern Singers, Music Educators National Conference LONG, GEORGE EDWARD, Houston Mechanical Engineering, ASME LUND, WILLIAM LAWRENCE, Borger Mechanical Engineering, ASME MAHIN, CHARLES DOUGLAS, Hinsdale, HI. Business Administration MAKELA, ROBERT GEORGE, Dallas ,Civil Engineering, 1 H2, XE, A Cappella Choir, Semper Fidelis Society, UTSAM MALONE, DUDLEY WAYNE, Muleshoe Mechanical Engineering, KA, Freshman Council, Freshman Baseball. ASME MARTIN, SHERRY NONA, Austin Elementary Education, AAII, Freshman Council, Texas Union Com- mittee, University Chorus MARTINEZ, EDMUNDO MANUEL, San Antonio Pharmacy MATTINGLY, JOE PATRICK, Dallas Civil Engineering, Freshman Council, Intramurals, ASCE MAYS, DIANA GRACE, Austin Interior Design, International Club, BSU, AID McAFEE, WILLIAM McDUFFIE, London, England Electrical Engineering, IIKA McLEAN, JOHN ROBERTSON, Fort Worth Electrical Engineering McLELLAND, GERALD RALPH, Harlingen Civil Engineering, TBII, XE McMANUS, RAY STEWART, Corpus Christi Architectural Engineering, AAAE f - J| H r V " cj[ Mi MEISNER, KENNETH L., Fort Worth Chemical Engineering MIDDLETON, MARVIN JIM, Amarillo Interior Design Architectural Studies, OS, Freshman Council, Texas Union Committees, Glee Club, AID MILLER, DALE ROBIN, Houston Engineering Route to Business Administration, ASH, NROTC. Scabbard Blade, AIESEC MILLER, DAVID LINCOLN, San Antonio Mechanical E ngineemig, ASME MITCHAM, GAIL MARIE, Houston Medical Technology MOORE, JULIA FRANCES, Purley, Surrey, England English, Newman Club MUNSON, GARY WAYNE, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, AX2, Engineering Fellow MURPHY, PAUL LANE, Austin Government History, Arnold Air Society, MUN NASH, WILLIAM MONROE, Amarillo Mechanical Engineering, YR, Young Americans for Freedom, ASME, TSPE NICHOLS, GDIS WESLEY, JR., Gatesville Aerospace Engineering NITSCHKE, LELIA SUE, San Antonio Art Education, IIB t O ' KEEFE, JOHN HERBERT, Huntsville, Ala. English OLDFIELD, DOUGLAS ALAN, Houston Mechanical Engineering, Freshman Council, Texas Union Com- mittees, NROTC, ASME ORTIZ, REBECCA, Galveston Spanish, Goodfellow PADGETT, GENE LAVELL, Kerrville Electrical Engineering, IEEE PANTOJA, LUIS ERNESTO, San Antonio Pharmacy, Karate Club Page 615 . SENIORS f!V ITS PARKS, MARY JO, Kerrville Music Education, AAIT, TBZ, Sing Song, Longhorn Band Texas Star PARMA, WILLIAM JOHN, JR., Belton International Bus iness, KK , Longhorn Band, Newman Club PECK, P. MICHAEL, Brownsville Engineering Route to Business Administration PERALTA, ALEXANDER, JR., San Antonio Pharmacy PETERS, PHILLIP JOSEPH, Fort Worth Architecture PEVETO, JOHN, II, Port Arthur Architecture, APX PODSIM, MELVIN VERNON, Yorktown Pharmacy, K POWELL, JEROME LEE, Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Aerospace Engineering, I H2, TBII, 2IT, Crow ' s Nest, Engineering Fellow, Goodfellow RAGSDALE, ANN KATHRYN, Austin Elementary Education, AXJ7, SEA, ACE REED, ROBERT THOMAS, Longview Architecture, APX, Speleological Society, Texas Union Commit- tee, YR RHODES, DAVID WAYNE, Austin Biology, Round-Up RIPPER, ANNETTE, Houston Home Economics, Littlefield Assistant, Cactus, Student Government Committee, Home Economics Chapter, YD ROBERTS, DURVIS ALAN, San Angelo Engineering Science, Engineering Science Society, Newman Club ROGERIO, GRACIELA ESTELA, Laredo English, SEA, Newman Club ROGERS, RONNIE EARL, Houston Architecture, Freshman Council, Varsity Swimming RUDBERG, JOYCE ANN, Dallas Elementary Education, Freshman Council, Student Govern- ment Committee, UTSA, SEA RUGGLES, RICHARD DONALD, Longview Electrical Engineering, f H2, Texas Cowboys, Intramurals, IEEE RUIZ, CARLOS FAUSTO, Puebla, Mex. Electrical Engineering, f H2 SANDERS, JAMES H., JR., Houston Government, Crow ' s Nest SAVAGE, MARGARET ANN, Austin Special Education, TBS, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Long- horn Band SCHKADE, ALBERT FRED, JR., Giddings Aerospace Engineering, J HZ, TBII, ZIT, Engineering Fellow, Long- horn Band SCHULZ, DWIGHT WINSTON, Austin Civil Engineering, ASCE SEITZ, RODNEY DALE, San Angelo Pharmacy, AX SHULL, DAVID LEE, Houston Aerospace Engineering, A J2, Tejas Club, Texas Union Committee, Cactus SIMMONS, BRYAN COOPER, Shreveport, La. Finance, KA SLACK, CHARLES MARSHALL, III, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, IEEE SMITH, GLEN HILTON, McAllen Pharmacy, AX, YR SMITH, VIRGINIA LOUISE, San Antonio Linguistics, Texas Union Committee, Student Government Committees SMITH, WILLIAM ARNOLD, Giddings Chemical Engineering, AIChE SMITH, WILLIAM DAVID, Baytown Pharmacy, K STEVENSON, HARRY CAMP, Dallas History Psychology, Varsity Rifle Team, AROTC, ROTC Rifle Team, Intramurals STONES, JUDITH ELAINE, Midland Elementary Education. STRATTON, CHARLES FRANKLIN, Mont Belvieu Chemical Engineering, AXZ, AIChE Page 616 SENIORS TEMPLETON, NANCY ELIZABETH, Brady Economics TERRY, JOHN PALMER, Houston Chemical Engineering, AIChE THOMAS, CHARLES RAY, Houston Mechanical Engineering, Texas Sacred Singers THOMAS, KENNETH RAY, JR., Waco Marketing, A Al TISDALE, JANE MARIE, Austin Music Education, AFA, Southern Singers, Texas Union Committee, Music Educators National Conference TORREY, MARY SUSAN, El Paso Interior Design, AXI2, Texas Union Committee, Round-Up, AID TOTTENHAM, TERRY OLIVER, Brenham Pharmacy, K TUPA, LEONARD JOSEPH, Flatonia Pharmacy, K VINCENT, MARY ANN, LaMarque Elementary Education, Newman Club WAID, JOHN MCCLELLAND, Midland Chemical Engineering, t , Freshman Assembly, AIChE WALLS, CAROLYN KAY, Brownwood Elementary Education, AHA, Texas Union Council, Educa- tion Assembly, Texas Today Tomorrow, Cap Gown, All-Campus Advisory WARE, WILLIAM ALLAN, Baytown Chemical Engineering, HXE, Texas Union Committee, AIChE WARNER, RONALD RAY, Abilene Physics Mathematics, A t i2, UTSAM WARREN, HOMER CLAY, JR., Waco Electrical Engineering, AT, Glee Club, IEEE, Intramurals WATSON, JOHN HAROLD, Arlington History, AROTC WATTS, JAMES RICHARD, San Antonio Engineering Science, ATA, AIES WATZLAVICK, THOMAS RAYMOND, Schulenburg Psychology, 4 K6, Society for the Advancement of Management WAX, ROBERT JAMES, Houston Marketing, FA WEISE, CAROL LEA, Bellaire Mathematics, Speleological Society WEST, RICHARD MELVILLE, Lufkin Aerospace Engineering, Acacia, AIAA WEST, ROBERT GEORGE, Austin Finance, American Finance Association WESTERLAGE, RAY DOUGLAS, LaMarque Pharmacy, K , LPhA WHARTON, THOMAS LEE, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, t H2, TBII, HKN, Praetorian Guard, SAME WHEATLEY, PATTY ANN, Trinidad Elementary Education, KA6, Texas Union Committees, Cam- pus Chest, ACE, SEA WHEELIS, RICHARD EDGAR, Marfa Aerospace Engineering, Los Charros, AIAA WILCOX, SUZANNAH MARGARET, El Paso Mathematics, IIB I , Madrigal Singers, Texas Union Committee, Round-Up, A Cappella Choir WILEY, SAMUEL KAY, Emporia, Kans. Chemical Engineering, AIChE WILLS, FERNANDO, Bogota, Colombia Chemical Engineering, 2N, NTSAM WINSTON, PATRICIA ELAINE, Austin Interior Design, ArA, Home Economics Chapter, AID WITHERSPOON, JOHN MARSHALL, San Antonio Marketing, SN, AA2, Intramurals WRIGHT, CONNIE RAY, Columbus Elementary Education, Newman Club WRIGHT, JAY ORVILLE, Arlington Pharmacy, LPhA YANDELL, LINDA DARLENE, Austin Elementary Education, ACE, SEA, Education Student- Faculty Council YATES, RONNY VONHOY, Austin Chemical Engineering, TBII, SEC, Engineering Fellow, Varsity Track, Cross Country Letterman Page 617 Page 618 Business Administration-Economics Building JUNIORS Page 619 JUNIORS Abernathy, Larry Wayne, San Antonio Adams, Beverly Jean, Houston Adams, Elizabeth Ann, Beaumont Adams, James Ennis, Midland Ager, Henry Orien, III, Dayton Aicklen, Gayle Louise, Austin Allbritton, Albert Slagle, Groves Ames, Hugh Douglas, III, San Antonio Anderson, Donald Howard, Victoria Anderson, Evan Wayne, Abilene Anderson, Karen Elizabeth, Beeville Anhaiser, Barbara Jean, Rosenberg Appling, Robert Dexter, El Campo Arnall, Dena Rose, Orange . Arnold, Charles Andrew, Pearsall Arnold, Dana Jackson, Texarkana Arnold, Lynda Arminta, Crockett Arnold, Richard Smith, San Antonio Auler, Edwin Hugo, Rockport Bacon, Drew O ' Neal, Jr., Newton Bagwell, Patricia Anne, Austin Bailey, Carl Ray, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Bailey, John Radley, San Antonio Bailey, Ralph Vincent, Austin Bailey, Thomas Frank, Austin Baisden, Orville Ray, Jr., Alexandria, Va. Baker, David Mitchell, Edna Baker, James Allen, Rosenberg Ballard, Judith Elaine, Friendswood Bandy, Patricia Ann, El Paso Banister, Derwood Neal, Mount Vernon Banks, Penny Louise. Houston Bannon, Johanna Frances, Fort Worth Barger. Robert William, Tyler Barkley, Carolyn, Austin Barnard, Herbert Joseph, Jr., Austin Barnett, Joseph Sheppard, Waco Barr, Judy Beth, El Campo Barr, Paul Thomas, San Antonio Barrera, Osmar Leo, San Antonio Bartlett, Craig Edsell, Dallas Bartlett, Mary Kay, Austin Bartosh, Marilyn Jane, Granger Baughn, Marilyn Lee, Austin Baum, Stephen Jay, San Antonio Baumstark. Mary Frances, Houston Beall, Celia R., Fort Worth Beavens, Sandra Lou, Port Arthur Becker, Darlene Faye, Brenham Beckoff, Ivan Charles, Fort Worth Beechie, Carla Anne, Mexico City, Mex. Beeler, Park Lyle, Rantoul, 111. Beere, Charles Webster, San Antonio Bell, Nancy Elizabeth, Sherman Bergstrom, M. Alan, Austin Bernard, Nancy, Lubbock Bernardoni, Stephen Louis, Galveston Berrones, Richard, San Antonio Berrong, Susan Lynne, Houston Bevill, Nancy Jo, Monahans Bexley, Bill Jack, Jr.. Austin Bianchi, Kathryn Marie, Houston Biegert, Eugene Austin, San Antonio Bird, Alan Ross, Houston Blacklock, Carroll DeWitt, Brownwood Blakey, Carolyn Estine, Lubbock Bludvorth, Billy Ray, Houston Bobby, Elizabeth Jane, San Antonio Bobo, Peggy Sue, Houston Bode, Charles W., Jr., Goliad Bode, John Warren, Austin Boemer, William Albert, San Antonio Boenig, Gilbert Edwin. Jr., Woodsboro Boggs, Allen Neal, Richardson Boise, Jeanne Louise, Houston Boland, Diana Lynn, Dallas Bond, Donna Dee, Houston Bondurant, James Arthur, Corpus Christi Bonner, David Calhoun, Weybridge, Surrey, England Bontley, Catherine Anne. Arlington Borchers, Grace Ann, San Antonio Boutte, Milton David. Corpus Christi Bowen, Penelope, San Antonio Box, Elgene Owen, Bartlesville, Okla. Page 620 CLASS OF 1967 Boyd, Roxanne, Fort Worth Boyd, Susan Lea, Temple Bradbury, Walter Wayne, Baytown Bramlett, Sharon Lynne, Baytown Branch, Charles B., Houston Brandon, Karen Nelson, Borger Brandon, Kelly Mack, Borger Brashear, Sara Paulette, Austin Brinkman, Charles Barton, Kerrville Briscoe, Carol Jean, Corpus Christi Brotherton, James Douglas, San Antonio Broussard, Lois Mary, Winnie Brown, Frank B., Jr., College Station Brown, Fred Lewis, III, Corpus Christi Brown, James Opliss, Jr., Brownsville Browning, Ben Deckard, Corpus Christi Browning, Joseph Robert, Gorman Broyles, Sara P., Austin Bruder, Tom W., San Antonio Brunkenhoefer, Ruth Ann, Corpus Christi Bruyere, Joan, Midland Bueltel, Richard Joseph, El Campo Bugna, William Stephen, Jr., Nederland Bullough, Dale Clay, Big Spring Bulman, William Joey, Van Buquoi, Mike Eugene, Houston Burch, Curtis Franklin, Jr., Temple Burger, John Austin, Houston lliirk. Linda Lee, Austin Burke, Stephen Michael, Dallas Burleson, Betsy Etoile, Arlington Burnett, Iris Lynn, Bishop Burnett, Margaret Olivia, Dallas Burnett, William Lee, Dallas Burrows, Patty Lynn, Nacogdoches Bush, Dennis Craig, Houston Butschek, Mary A., Dallas Buttery, Dorothy Elizabeth, San Antonio Cable, Samuel K., Conroe Cady, Wallace Luther, Aransas ' Pass Cafferty, Paul, Houston Caldwell, Tommy Allen, Tyler Calhoun, Susan O ' Neil, Freeport Call, Tina Louise, Corpus Christi Calvillo, Henry David, Temple Campbell, David Buxton, Galveston Cannon, Jack Winfield, Dallas Cantrell, William Herold, Dalhart Cantu, Cynthia Yolanda, Laredo Cantwell, Susan Frances, South Houston Cargill, Lou Ellen, Houston Carl, Catherine Elizabeth, Austin Carley, Addison Boyde, Hurst Carlisle, Elizabeth Sue, Kaufman Carmean, Homer D., El Paso Carmichael, Richard Charles, San Antonio Carnahan, Kathleen Margaret, Dallas Carpenter, Marilyn, Dallas Carroll, Betty Ruth, Lampasas Carter, Brian Craig, Houston Cartwright, Mary Dorsey, Houston Carvajal, Raymond R., San Antonio Casey, Bonnie Sue, Washington, D.C. Gates, Mary Angela, San Angelo Causey, Charmaine Marie, Eagle Lake Cavett, William Andrew, San Antonio Champlin, Arliss Marvin, Odessa Chapman, Judith Kay, Sulphur Springs Chastain, Garvin Dunn, III, Fort Worth Childs, Kathie, Kerrville Childs, M. Kalen, Austin Chrane, Linda Lorraine, Crane Chrisman, Dale L., Austin Christensen, Terry Soren, Port Isabel Christopher. Donna Fay, Sugar Land Clardy, Richard Robert, Austin Clark. Carol Ann, San Antonio Clark, Carol Lynn, Taylor Clark, Elizabeth Anne, Dallas Clark, Mark Edwin, San Antonio Clarke, Mary Ann, San Antonio Clements, John Charles, Pearsall demons, Olin Benjamin, Dallas Cleveland, Robert Harris, Dallas Clinard, Ralph Leon, Jr., Topeka, Kans. Page 621 . JUNIORS Id Cockrell, Ernest Harris, Houston Cockrum, John Earl, Grand Prairie Coe, Helen Dale, Bay City Coffman, James Danny, Pittsburg Coggin, Betty Sue, Corpus Christi Coleman, Myrtis Neal, Clebume Colgin, Julie Barry, Waco Colgrove, Kathy Joan, Midland Collier, Robert Oran, LaMarque Collier, Shirley Anne, Ennis Comstock, Virginia Lee, Corpus Christi Cones, John W., Silsbee Connell, Jessica Gayle, Trinity Conner, John Calvin, Odessa Cook, Haskell Lynn, Corpus Christi Cook, Johnny W., San Antonio Cordell, Victor V., Richardson Corder, Maida M., San Antonio Cordts, Constance Camelia, Beaumont Cornwall, Jane Christy, Houston Cosby, B. Kaye, San Antonio Covington, George Alvin, Texarkana Cowan, Margaret Ann, Arlington, Va. Cowan, Tommy Neal, Austin Cowhig, Norine Ellen, Baytown Cowley, Jack Barry, Dallas Cox, Charles Lee, Tyler ' Cox, Darlene, Austin Cox, Larry Wayne, Amarillo Cox, Robert Doyle, Ozona Cozart, Gray Marvin, San Antonio Craddock, Phillip Ray, Arlington Craft, Robert Lyman, San Antonio Craig, Bernadette Ellen, Stamford Craig, George Robert, Greenville Crim, David Whitten, Greenville Cronfel, Omayma, Laredo Croom, Judith Louise, Houston Cross, Carol Jean, Bellaire Crow, Charles William, Seguin Cruikshank, Sandra Ann, Houston Cuellar, Pedro Luz, Uvalde Cunningham, Jo Lynn, Junction Cunningham, Ronald DeWayne, Lubbock Curry, Cindy Lou, San Angelo Curry, Leigh Stephen, Sweetwater Curry, Rosemary, Midland Cykoski, Russell Carlton, Austin Dahl, Robert W., Corpus Christi Dailey, Philip Louis, Houston Dalio, Carl Joseph, Houston Danhaus, Jerald Arnold, Brenham Daniel, John Odis, Houston Davidson, Jack William, Terrell Davidson, John Edward, Corpus Christi Davis, Alfred, IV, Austin Davis, C. W. Buster, Houston Davis, Charles Michael, Fort Worth Davis, Don D., Amarillo Davis, James Edwin, Midland Davis, Janet L., Houston Davis, Jarrie Dell, Humble Davis, Johnny Beth, Dallas Davis, Mary Jane, Chillicothe Davis, Robert Joe, Dallas Davis, Sally Sue, McAllen Davis, William Isaac, Houston Dawson, Robert Earl, Frisco Deal, Linda Louise, Houston Dean, Brenda Sue, Dallas Dean, Joe Ned, Groveton DeGeurin, George Michael, Austin Dehnisch, Frank R., Jr., Mathis de la Garza, Carlos B., Jr., Mission Delia Croce, Tony Francis, Jr., McAllen Dennis, Catherine Biedenharn, San Antonio Derrick, James Vinson, Jr., Houston Dettmann, James Churchwell, Port Lavaca De Vries, Patricia Ann, Fort Worth Deweese, Richard Earle, Lewisville Dexter, Terry Kay, Houston Dickerson, Donald Ray, Paris Dickson, Diane, Dallas Dieterich, Nancy Kay, Randolph AFB I ( I M ! ' Page 622 R CLASS OF 1967 Dillard, Richard Alan, San Antonio Doan, Edward Leroy, Houston Dodd, Mary Jane, Houston Dodson, Jerry Wayne, Miami Dodson, Phyllis Louise, San Antonio Dolezal, Gary Ray, Graham Dooling, Robert Joseph, Houston Dossey, Dale Armand, Houston Douglas, Royce Dan, Friona Downing, Martha Kay, Houston Downing, Nancy Jane, Wichita Falls DuBois, Allan Keith, San Antonio DuBose, Fred A., Corsicana Dueser, Raymond Denson, Fort Worth Duggin, Jill Kathryn, Austin Dullnig, Robert, San Antonio Dunn, Jacqueline Kay, San Antonio Dunn, Richard Edward, Garland Dunwoody, William McComb, Houston Eaves, Donald Buford, Goldsboro, N. C. Ebert, Kathrine Lee, Houston Eckenrod, Richard M., Houston Eckenroth, Edward Kilmer, San Antonio Eckman, Frances Kaye, Fort Worth Edelstein, Barry Allen, El Campo Edmiston, Howard Pinkney, Crockett Edmondson, Jack Eugene, Odessa Edmondson. James Anthony, Odessa Edwards, Jon Hope, Ballinger Eidson, Jack Leigh, Jr., Weatherford Eisenberg, Stanley Jay, San Antonio Eiserloh, Philip Lawrence, San Antonio Eldridge, Catherine Elise, Austin Ellermann, Carole Jean, Dallas Elles, James William, La Salle Ellett, Robert Harlan, Jr., Lake Jackson Ellis, Jan, Kerrville Ellwood, William Charles, El Campo Elrod, Patricia Anne, Houston Emerson, Donald Edward, Jr.. Rockwall England, Ronald Stephen, Tyler Ennis, William Lance, Alvin Erskine, Blake Charles, Tehuaca Erwin, Alan Russell, Baytown Escamilla, Pete Manuel, Corpus Christi Estes, Billy Dean, San Benito Evans, Carolyn Virginia, Fort Worth Evans, Stephanie Anne, Austin Fairey, Linda Lou, Texas City Falk, Walter Samuel, III, Rockport Farish, Eva Patricia, San Antonio Farish, William Crawford, IV, Dallas Fair, Robert Everett, New Braunfels Farrow, Larry Glenn, Cisco Faulkner, Barry Lynn, Dayton Fayle, Robert William, Baytown Felder, Michael Stephen, Dallas Ferguson, Douglas Julian, Kilgore Fife. Marcia Nancy, Hempstead Finley, Dee Solon, Jr., Fort Worth Fisher, William Harry, Corpus Christi Fitts, Michael Mac, Bartlesville, Okla. Fitzgerald, Ray Munn, Houston Flippen, Barry Dorothy, Dallas Flores, Olga Elisa, Mexico City, Mex. Flowers, Marshalynn, McAllen Flowers, Richard Stuart, Austin Floyd, Margaret Annette, Arlington Fooshee, Kay Margaret, Dallas Forrester. Carl Xavier, San Antonio Fort, Sherri Lynn, Garland Fowler, Polly Ann, Laredo Fox, Murray Edward, Dallas Fraley, Thomas J., Houston Frank. Hilda Mae, Goldthwaite Franks, John Eli, III, Port Lavaca Fraser, Anne Mary, Memphis, Tenn. Frazier, Mary Linnet, McKinney Frederick, Larry Harp, Corpus Christi Frentress, Jerry Leon, San Antonio Froehner, Linda Lou, Houston Fry. Mark Allen, San Antonio Fuchs, Harvey Dale, Austin Fuchs, Rodney Goeth, San Antonio Page 623 JUNIORS tt Fulton, John David, Jr., Dayton Gabbert, Lonnie Jay, Del Rio Gable, Chalmers Duke, Hearne Gaido, S. J., Ill, Houston Galvan, Joe L., Weslaco Gammon, Mike, Denton Garabedian, Berge, Beirut, Lebanon Garcia, Mary Virginia, Corpus Christi Gardner, William J., Coleman Garner, John H., Brownwood Garza, Arnulfo Rolando, San Antonio Gasaway, Carole Susan, Houston Geissler, Wallace Hugh, Jr., San Antonio Gentry, Tommy Jordan, Big Spring Gerchsheimer, Heidi Marie, East Bernard German, Margaret Keith, Bryan Germer, Edna Diane, Edna Gibbs, Gary Clinton, Abilene Giesecke, Jamie Lea, Angleton Giesen, James Martin, Cleburne Giffen, Donald Emmett, Harlingen Gilman, Janet Smith, Wichita Falls Gilmore, Gerald Wallace, Corpus Christi Gilmore, Sammy Michael, Bowie, Md. Gilreath, Charles Lucian, Amarillo Gish, Stanley Keith, Fort Worth Gish, Terry Edwin, Fort Worth Godfrey, Cullen Michael, Decatur Godfrey, James David, Jacksonville Goldbeck, Edward Lyman, Jr.. San Antonio Gonzalez, Alberto Alvino, Alice Gonzalez, Marcelino. Brownsville Gonzalez-Arroyo, Esther, Laredo Goodwin, Alice Beth, Austin Gordon, Mary Kathleen, Beaumont Gostecnik, Marsha Gay, Houston Graber, Emily, Brenham Grady, Linda Constance, Victoria Graeber, Fred David, Houston Graeff, Herman Paul, Houston Graham, Georgia Anita, Corpus Christi Grantham, James Loron, Miami Graves, Thomas Allen, Corpus Christi Gray, Andrea Lee, Dallas Gray, Geraldine Elizabeth, San Antonio Green, Robert Charles, Moran Greene, Gary Loren, Houston Greenwood, Ann, Bellaire Greenwood, William Sexton, Houston Gregory, David Michael, Denton Gregory, Wayne Allen, Baytown Gressett, Alvin Gary, Collinsville, Miss. Griffin, Gerald A., San Antonio Griffin, Robert Gaines, Dallas Griffith, Glenn Edwin, Port Lavaca Griffiths, Gail, Dallas Grimm, Larry Wayland, Stamford Grimmer, Richard Arthur, Dallas Grisham, John Marion, Rusk Grobowsky, Donald Richard, Austin Grosjean, Robert Charles, Houston Grove, Glenna Helen, Corpus Christi Groves, Barbara Lynn, Texarkana Guenthner, Gary F., San Angelo Guerra, Irma Leticia, San Antonio Guillot, Patrick Carl, Dallas Guitar, Ricka Ann, Colorado City Gupton, Kirby Weldon. West Columbia Guynes, Jaynee Carole, Grand Prairie Guynes, Mary Jo, Borger Haas, Marilyn Louise, Victoria Hackerman, Stephen M., Austin Hague, Robert Caldwell, Waco Hairston, Morris Don, Hermleigh Hall, Ann, Galveston Hall. David Michael, Danville, 111. Hall, James Allen, Devers Hall, Randal Mac, Dallas Hall, Robert Edward, San Antonio Halstead, William Earle, Jr., Dallas Halverson, Michael Alfred, Big Spring Hambrick, Jud Frank, Garland Hamilton, Adrianne Ann, Abilene Haner, Jane Yvonne, Alice Hangs, Frank Edward, Jr., Hous ton Hanley, Michael James, Dallas CLASS OF 1967 Haraldson, Robert Scott, Houston Haralson,, Carole Jeanne, Big Spring Hardy, Charles Bert, San Antonio Hardy, George Lee, Corpus Christi Hargraves, Richard Lee, Baytown Hargrove, Beverly Laird, Wilmette, III. Harlan, Paula Kay, Houston Harlow, Richard Lee, Richardson Harper, Robert Lloyd, Pelham, N. Y. Harris, Leo Dale, Jr., Borger Harris, Sally Ann, Austin Harrison, Edwin Larry, Brownsville Harriss, Earl Harvey, Brownwood Hartrick, Carol, Baytown Harwell, Leslie James, Waco Haskett, Sondra Faye, Katy Hasten, Leonard Kenneth, Mertens Hausler, Larry Nelson, Rosenberg Havins, Darrellene Edith, White Oak Hearn, William Richard, Mineola Heath, Charles Bobby, Henderson Hecker, Don Alan, Gladewater Heckmann, Ray Wayne, Brenham Hedrick, Ann Ruth, Austin Helnier, Richard Earle, III, Houston Hemme, Kenneth Arnold, Corpus Christi Henderson, Barbara Ellen, West Henderson, Laura Louise, Royalty Henderson, Robert Franklin, Jr., Frost Henry, Barbara Ann, Corpus Christi Henry, Cameron Edward, Corpus Christi Henslee, Karen Sue, Brenham Hereford, Sanford Raymond, Beaumont Herndon, Harold David, Houston Herrera. Manuel Ostrowski, San Antonio Herrmann, Darlene Faye, Brenham Hickam, Dow Beaman, Houston Hilburn, Don Edward, Pasadena Hill, Dave Courtney, Victoria Hill, Frances Olivia, Wellington Hindman, Martha Ellen, Longview Hinojosa, Olga Iris, Rio Grande City Hinson, Larry Keith, San Antonio i I i Hoelscher, Joseph Frank, San Antonio Hoffman, Jeane Suzanne, Austin Hoffman, Robert Edson, Jr., Amarillo Hoffpauer, Barbara Jinx, Denton Hogan, Jerry Clyde. Houston Holbert, Pamela, Terrell Holland, Carolyn Sue, Austin Holm, Audrey Elayne, Houston Holman, Larry Raymond, Canyon Holmberg, William R., Lake Jackson Holstein, Edwin Leon, Orange Homer, Mary Ellen, Harlingen Hoover, Robert Joseph, Austin Hope, Gary Wayne, San Antonio House, David Wade, Silverton Houser, Alan Randolph, San Antonio Houser, Leslie Louise, Houston Houston, James Duane, Arlington Houston, Sandy Kay, Colorado Springs, Colo. Howell. Lawrence Mack, Grand Prairie Howison, Jack, Jr., Austin Hubbell, James Paul, Dallas Huber, Barbara Lynn, Austin Hudgins, Thomas Clifford, Houston Huey, Charles Marshall, Jr., San Antonio Huffman, Paul Ray, Dallas Hughen, Janis Mae, Houston Hughen, Michele Ann, Houston Hughes, Michael Llewellyn, Dallas Hull, Leila Norris, Houston Hull, Robert Joe, Hempstead Hundemer, James Edward, Brady Hundley, Pamela, Austin Hunt. Preston Cagle, Anson Huntley, Ricki Lyn, Cleburne Hurst, Kathy Ann, Spur Hutchings, Sally, Dallas Hutchins, Hervey Stuart, Fort Worth Hutson, Larry Lee, Houston Ibanez, Alfonso, McAllen Ingram, Joyce Ann, Buffalo Irvin, Sherry Andrea, Dallas Irwin, James Ross, Jr., San Antonio Page 625 JUNIORS Isbell, Douglas Dale, Maypearl Jackson, Carole Elaine, San Antonio Jackson, Ell Jana, Texas City Jackson, Glenn Arthur, Houston Jackson, Judy Kay, Lake Jackson Jackson, Ross Len, Houston Jacobs, Larry Don, Magnolia Jacobs, Rita Beth, Texarkana Jacques, Jasmin, Sabinal James, Walter Ervin, II, Houston Jamison, Garrett Harry, Bartlett Jarrell, Marguerite Kelly, Austin Jaska, Barbara Ann, Ross J aster, Thomas Scott, Brenham Jeffcoat, Jimmy Floyd, Cisco Jeffers, Mary Nell, Houston Jenkins, Daniel E., Ill, Houston Jenkins, Jo Ellen, Houston Jennings, Dianne Estella, Corpus Christi Jepsen, Gloria Lanelle, Dallas Jetter, Frances Katherine, Rosebud Jetton, Dixie, Junction Johns, Kenneth Edward, Harlingen Johnson, Carole Lynn, San Antonio Johnson, Janet JVlilanne, Brenham Johnson, Jeannette, Tyler Johnson, Kaye R., Abilene Johnson, Mary Janice, San Antonio Johnson, Michael Ray, Austin Jones, Billy Lynn, Texarkana Jones, James Harold, II, Houston Jones, James Robert, Bishop Jones, John Michael, Kilgore Jones, Linnea Elizabeth, Dallas Jones, Sherry Kay, Paris Jones, Stephen Lee, Midland Junge, Ann Feller, Austin Junge, Curtis Linwood, Austin Jurecka, Paul Dean, Houston Kasperik, Ronald Wayne, Walburg Kearby, Sidney Leigh, Mineral Wells Keel, Barbara N., Austin Kegans, Herbert Eugene, Trent Keith, Barbara Abbott, Brownwood Kelley, Kathleen Karen, Fort Worth Kelley, Margaret Ann, El Paso Kengla, Margery, Austin Kenley, Loria Ann, Kilgore Kennedy, Jerry Dale, Aspermont Kettler, David Burton, Rowena Key, Pamela Jean, Kilgore Keynon, Gary Alan, San Antonio Kilpatrick, Pamela, Randolph AFB Kinard, Nancy Latz, El Campo King, Janet Irene, Houston King, Joseph Scott, Brady King, Kitty Carolyn, Freeport Kingsbury, Sandra Lee, Austin Kirkland, Clem L., Menard Kistenmacher, Marilyn Margaret, Jackson, Miss. Klahn, James Brian, Sweeny Klesel, Michael Frank, La Grange Knaffle, Faith Cecelia, Corpus Christi Knight, Patricia Beth, Wichita Falls Knight, Sally Jane, Texarkana Knopf, Candace Elizabeth, Dallas Knox, Arnold Lee, Amarillo Koehl, Sharon Darleen, San Antonio Koepnick, Norman Glenn, Palestine Konz, Leo Edwin, Beaumont Krueger, Ronald Keith, Thrall Kyse, Barbara Carol, San Antonio LaBaume, Linda Beth, Pecos Ladd, Douglas Alan, Bellaire Lamb, Aaron Edward, Jr., Brownwood Lambert, David Roy, Garland Lambert, Robert Wesley, Midland Langendoen, Gary Lee, Los Altos, Calif. Lanier, Sidney Edward, Austin Lanius, Peggy Marie, Dallas Large, Timothy Joseph, Houston Laudadio, Theresa Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Laurel, Yolanda Margarita, Laredo Lavender, Karen Jean, Lewisville Law, Lynn Richey, Houston Lavrhon, Thomas James, Houston Page 626 CLASS OF 1967 Lawrence, Lucia Ann, Vernon Laws, Margaret Christine, Buda Laxson, Dana Jeanne, San Antonio Lay, Lillie Jane, Houston Lazarus, Glenda Jo, Tyler Leach, Don Edward, San Antonio Leal, Dolores Adelia, Corpus Christ! Lednicky, Patricia Ann, West Lee, Jung Mae, Altheimer, Ark. Lee, Lawrence M., Odessa Lee, Mancill Grant, Ballinger Lee, Ronald Alton, Three Rivers Lemmon, Bronwen Kathryn, Honolulu, Hawaii Leong, Richard Wilson, Jr., Bellaire Lequeux, Blayne Stephen, Port Arthur Leverette, Gail Revere, San Antonio Levin, Stanley Marvin, Texas City Levy, Eugene Henry, San Antonio Liebe, Carol Sue, Mission Lightfoot, Robert Allen, Jr., Sweetwater Lindsey, James Darryl, Floydada Lindsey, Ronald Lynn, Fort Wroth Linker, Beverly Ann, Fabens Little, Frank Joe, Jr., Greenville Longmoor, Virginia Dale, San Antonio Looney, Grover Michael, Dublin Loper, Max Lindon, Austin Love, Wendelyn V., Greenville Lbvell, James Dale, Austin Loya, Alfred C., San Antonio Loyless, Darrell Mack, Kilgore Luksh, Suzanne, San Antonio Lusty, Ann Marie, Killeen Lynch, Jerryl McWayne, Austin Lynch, Mary Jo, Mercedes Lynch, Michael Craig, Amarillo Lyons, James Harry, Houston Macha, Gerald Charles, Rosenberg Madeksho, Lawrence, Houston Madera, Mary Fay, Louise Magers, Robert Carroll, Breckenridge Mallory, James Robert, Weatherford Mallow, Larry Bryant, Brownwood Maloney, Janet Cecilia, Borger Mann, Patricia Eileen, Bellaire Mansfield, Elwyn Vernon, Merkel Margolis, Barry Howard, Houston Margolis, Teri Lyn. Shawnee Mission, Kans. Marr, Gregory Paul, El Paso Marshall, Clyce Winston, Palestine Marshall, Schuyler Bailey, IV, El Paso Marshall, Shirley Ann. Gainesville Marshall, William Harbert, Baytown Martin, Linda Ann, Cheyenne, Wyo. Martin, Lynn, Houston Martin, Margaret Frances, San Antonio Martin, Richard Clinton, Odessa Martin, Ronald Ellis, Rocksprings Mash, Kenneth Edwin, Kilgore Massey, Abbie Louise, Dumas Matheny, Sally Ann, San Antonio Matocha, Ignac Rudolph, Jr., Freeport Matthews, Betty Caryl, Pasadena Matthews, Woodson Robin, Austin Matula, Evelyn Henrietta, West Maufrais, Becky, Austin Maxcey, Jimmy Paul. Houston Maxham, Robert Charles, San Antonio Maxie, Keith Allen, Houston May, Kathleen Diane, San Antonio Mayer, Larry Donald, La Grange Mayo, Joe McGee, Jr., Henrietta McAndrew, Ben B., Dallas McBride, Michael Harris, Dallas McBurnett, Sherrye Ann, Dallas McCarty, Nancy Ann, Vernon McCasland, Mike, Big Spring McCauley, Joanne, Houston McCauley, Lloyd Ray, Bomarton McClellan, Maxine, Yvonne, San Antonio McCov. Donald Wavne. Naples McDaniel. Ellen Elizabeth, Corpus Christi McDavid, John Ramsey, Kilgore McDonald, Bruce Andrew, Fort Worth McDonald, Robert Leonard, Dallas McDonald, Wesley Paul, Doucette Page 627 JUNIORS McDowell, William Campbell, Bay City McElroy, Paula Kay, Houston McFarling, Harry William, Austin McFaul, Raymond Curtiss, Kemp McFerrin, Mary Ann, Beaumont McKay, Margaret Ann, Corpus Christi McKoy, Joe Alan, Irving McLauchlan, Diane Lancaster, Beaumont McNary, Georgia Gail, Midland McPherson, Lydia Gail, Waco McShane, Michael B., San Antonio McWherter, Betty Kay, Irving McWilliams, G. Jeanette, Paducah Meador, John Manning, Whitewright Meeker, Robert Edward, Jr., Port Arthur Melear, Charles Ray, Seymour Mellenbruch, Mary Ann, Austin Mermelstein, Ellen, Tyler Merrick, John Blake, Jr., Weatherford Metcalf, Susan Patricia, Belton Meyers, Joan, Silsbee Michna, Judith Ann, Woodsboro Mikeska, Judy Ann, Houston Miller, Gary Wayne, Taylor Miller, Sharon Ruth, Jackson, Miss. Miltner, Robert Allen, Dallas Mims, Robert Wayne, Houston Minetree, John Frank, Victoria MiroQuesada, Victor, Lima, Peru Mitchell, Glenn Austin, Dallas Mitchell, Meredith, Corsicana Mize, Mary Lynne, Antonio Mofield, Frances Ann, Hondo Molkenbur, Linda Fay, Corpus Christi Molpus, Janice Eddine, Kilgore Montecalvo, Mark Giuseppe, San Antonio Montgomery, John Marlin, Bryan Moore, Fred Barry, Hamlin Moore, G. W., Big Spring Moore, Robert Ervin, Dayton Moore, Thomas Edward, Austin Moorhead, Sidney Helen, Livingston Moran, Patricia Jane, Geneva, Switzerland Morrill, Kenneth Hall, Fort Worth Morris, Jerry Lynn, Corsicana Morris, Judy Louise, San Antonio Morrison, Patricia Ann, Austin Morton, Lyndia Kay, Eastland Morton, William Jack, Dallas Muckelroy, William Lawrence, Longview Mueller, Shirley Ann, Austin Muller, Frances Conni, Arlington, Va. Murray, Richard Dow, Weatherford Murrell, Jeffrey Auby, San Antonio Mynard, C. Randall, Austin Nance, James K., Jr., Houston Nass, Mary Lynn, Dallas Neal, Charles Clinton, San Antonio Neece, Lawrence Gordon, Clarendon Neely, Warren F., Bellville Neill, Max Gregory, Fort Worth Neilon, William Joseph, Jr., Dallas Nelson, Harlan Claude, Dalhart Nelson, Mary Ann, Andrews Neuman, Ann Paula, Evanston, 111. Neuman, Gail Patricia, Belton Newbern, David T., Victoria Newman, Mary Suzanne. Dallas Newton, Dean Kent, Houston Nichols, William Emmett, Bellaire Niebuhr, Clarence Arthur, Austin Nolle, George Albert, Tyler Norman, James Lee, Rule Norwood, Morris Thompson, Austin Nowotny, Joyce Elaine, Needville Nuuttila, Mary Louise, Dallas O ' Brien, Marjorie Esse, Waco O ' Brvan, Robert Keene, Eglin AFB, Fla. O ' Bryant, Julian W., Jr., Galveston Odom, Ronald Jay, Fort Worth Ogden, Robert Vincent, Jr., Winnie Ogle, Patricia Ann, San Antonio Ohlendorf, Michael William, Martindale Ohlendorf, Thomas Alan, Lockhart Oliver, Alexander Hamilton, Reguio Oliver, Charles Albert, Fort Worth Oliver, Floyd Louis, Jr., San Antonio Olsen, Karen Ann, Corpus Christi Page 628 IRS CLASS OF 1967 Orange, Tangy, Galveston Orr, Terry Lee, Baytown Orton, Susan Josephine, Bellevue Osgood, Charles Walter, Orange O ' Shea, Michael Edward, Brenham Owen, Karen Lee, San Antonio Owens, Hal C., Houston Owens, Margie Clair, Port Arthur Oxford, Judith Nan, Beaumont Paggi, Michael Henry, Austin Painter, Lucia Carolyn, Houston Palasota, Jimmy P., Temple Parsons, Andrew Bruce, Houston Parsons, John Charles, Jr., San Antonio Passman, Donald Shaw, North Hollywood, Calif. Patrick, Jane Celestia, Cleburne Paul, James Douglas, Jr., Conroe Pawelek, Jerome, Jr., Gillette Payne, John Bowman, Midland Pearson, John Rogers, Texarkana Pendergraft, Robert Lewis, Lubbock Pennington, Jerry Vernon, Orange Penny, Duane Benard, Forney Perez, Hector C., San Antonio Perkins, Nancy Elaine, Dallas Perry, Cynthia Cochran, Irene Perry, John Stewart, Jr., Houston Perry, William K., Jr., Dallas Peters, Paul James, San Antonio Peterson, Nora Alexandra, Tuscon, Ariz. Pettigrew, Sharon Lynette, Kemah Pettit, Mary Elizabeth, Del Rio Petty, William Robert, Houston Phillip, Herbie E., San Antonio Phillips, Jack Russell, Harlingen Pipkin, John Raymond, San Angelo Pistor, Virginia Reh, Dallas Pizzitola, Robert Charles, La Porte Plummer, Dorothy Louise, Austin Pogue, Charles Malcolm, II, Beeville Pollak, Michael Hannon, Temple Polser, Pamela Corinne, Lewisville Pontello, Diane Angela, Houston Poole, Sue Marie, Smithville Porter, David Charles, Tyler Porter, Russell Alvin, Jr., Ferris Powell, Pamela Kate, Houston Prejean, Wilton Dale, Houston Price, Georgia Anne, Crystal City Price, Harold Lanier, Eden Prickette, Gerald Saunders, Waco Prihoda, Joe Daniel, El Campo Primdahl, Pamela Ethel, Dallas Prince, Michael Arthur, Lake Jackson Prince, Robert Dale, Helton Pugh, James Michael, Abilene Purcell, Stephen McCabe, Jr., Longview Putman, Lou Ann, Wichita Falls Quinlan, Sheila Patricia, San Antonio Quinney, Douglas Wayne, San Antonio Rail, George Edwin, San Antonio Raup, James Robert, Austin Rawlings. Stephen Wayne, Brady Ray, Charles Arthur, III, Phillips Ray, Travis Earl, Jr.. Alvarado Reagan, William Clinton, Harlingen Reeves, Robert Glenn, Dallas Reichert, Kathryn Louise, New Baden Renshaw, Wanda Sue, Quinlan Reser, Ralph Guleke, San Antonio Ressel, David Edgar, San Antonio Reveley, Sarah Beth, San Antonio Reynolds, Chrystal Ann, Tyler Reynolds, Peggy Ann, San Antonio Rhodes, Beth Lou, Corpus Christi Richardson, John Warren, Buna Richey, Chester Ray, Jr., Texarkana Richey, Darnell, Nederland Rienstra, Doris, Nederland Rimmer, Lajuana Ann, Plainview Ritchie, Joyce K., Austin Roan, John Anthony, Weatherford Roberts, Celia Katharine, Dallas Roberts, Jimmy Don, Jr., Ponder Roberts, Mary Angus, Lindale Roberts, Owen Lee, Belton Page 629 JUNIORS Robles, Guadalupe, Brownsville Roddy, Mary Lynn, Hale Center Roden, Elizabeth Gale, Houston Rodriguez, Albert, Jr., San Antonio Rodriguez, Marie Eugenia, Dallas Rodriguez, Salvador C., Jr., San Antonio Roe, Delbert Wade, Grand Prairie Roeder, Jerry Elbert, Waco Roeder, Larry Drew, Waco Roesler, Alvin Williard, Jr., San Antonio Roessler, George Jacob, Electra Rogers, Doyle Evans, Houston Rokohl, Harvey Wayne, Three Rivers Rollins, William Edmond, Terrell Romberg, John William, Port Neches Ross, Joe Clay, Seymour Rothen, Suzette G., Austin Rountree, Nannette Frances, Waco Rouse, Susan Elaine, North Little Rock, Ark. Rowden, Lonny, Terrell Rowley, Jo Ann, Austin Ruckman, Hugh B., Ill, Karnes City Rush, Joseph Edmund, II, Crown Point, Ind. Russell, Kim, San Antonio Ryan, Julia Katherine, Austin Saenz, Emma M., San Antonio Saenz, George Thomas, San Antonio Samuelson, Linda White, Mineral Wells Sanchez, Marjorie Lee, Rio Grande City Sanders, Hollis Randolph, Jr., Austin Sanders, Marguerite Ann, Harlingen Schaffer, Richard Alan, Corpus Christi Schawe, Mary Louise, Brenham Schiller, Dianna Lynn, San Antonio Schoen, Robert Edward, Austin Schoenfield, William Philip, Jr., Dallas Schoenig, Eilen Margaret, Victoria SchoTield, Edwin Michael, Kerrville Schoonover, David Eugene, Abilene Schorlemer, Janie Marie, Seguin Schroeder. Michael John, Bishop Schuessler, John Stephen, Seguin Schuller, Frank C., Houston Schumacher, William Charles, Jr., Orlando, Fla. Scott, Eugene Howard, III, Lamesa Scott, John MacNeil, Dallas Scott, Robert Rachal, Jr., Falfurrias Seaberry, Linda Dell, Weatherford Seekamp, Johnny Frank, Yoakum Seely, Barbara Gail, Larchmont, N. Y. Seidel, Larry Armond, San Antonio Seller, Larry Wayne, Lake Jackson Seldon, Wilson Joe, Jr., San Antonio Senseman, William Alexander, Beeville Senterfitt, Rodney Errol, Holland Shafer, Beverly Ann, Austin Shaffer, Larry Wayne, Bay City Shaw, Phyllis Ann, Overton Shaw, Sandra, Seguin Sheridan, Denise Marie, Corpus Christi Sherrer. Ann C. Strickland. Austin Sherrill, Yowell Michael, Odessa Shields, John Dillard, Jr., Waco Shields, Stephen Walton, Randolph AFB Shocket, Richard Leo, San Antonio Shokes, Robert Francis, Lancaster Shoss, Robert Gordon, Wharton Shull, Joe Alan, Houston Sifuentes, Martha, San Antonio Siller, Robert S., San Antonio Skeats. Arthur E., San Antonio Skibell, Ruth, Lubbock Slaughter, Hallie Groos, Austin Slayton, Jack Lynn, Andrews Smallwood. Thomas Marion, Rockport Smith, Karen Suzanne, Plainview Smith. Marilyn Kay, Arlington Smith, Marshall Leroy, Jr., Hamlin Smith, Rick Leahy, Belton Smith, Robert Hume, III, Houston Smith, Robert Lynwood, Lubbock Smith, Robert Phillip, Lufkin Smolen, Paul Neal, San Antonio Sneed, Sally Eugenia, Dallas Snyder, Marjean, Austin Sorenson, Sharon Ann, Groves Page 630 CLASS OF 1967 Sorrell, Ben John, Houston South, Durward Allen, San Antonio Space, David Benjamin, Meshoppen, Pa. Speed, Michael Evans, San Antonio Spencer, Mildred Ann, Teague Spencer, Willi Jo, Pasadena Spiller, Hazle Deane, Houston Spinks, Horace Lee, Houston Spretz, Garland Wayne, Galena Park Squyres, Louis Leroy, Jr., Tyler Starrett, Raymond Arthur, Irving Steele, Drew Hutchinson, Midland Steiger, David Michael, Bartlesville, Okla. Stenger, Frank William, San Antonio Stephens, Richard Harry, Wichita Falls Stephenson, Peggy Carol, San Antonio Sterner, David Arthur, Garland Stevens, John Earl, Jr., Dayton Stewart, Alan MacDonald, Houston Stewart, Elaine Margaret, Corpus Christi Stewart, Elizabeth Miller, Corpus Christi Stokey, Bobby Neal, Dallas Stoltenberg, Lynne Waite, Midland Stone, Frank G., Houston Stowers, Sally Mills, Sherman Straw, Cynthia Ruth, San Antonio Stringer, Steve Charles, Richardson Struben, Amanda Felicita, Houston Sustare, Beverly Dennis, Dallas Sutherland, Neal Gearreald, Houston Sutton, Jerrel Howard, Dallas Swanson, Patricia Lee, Arlington, Va. Sweeney, Gregory Louis, Austin Tally, Judy Kay, Lockhart Tankersley, Lynda Gayle, San Antonio Taylor, Jack Edwin, Jr., Houston Taylor, Vicki Ann, Austin Tedford, Judy Jane, Garland Teel, Harold Loy, Jr., Robstown Tesch, Cheryl Jean, Bellaire Thiele, Vernon Gerald, Yoakum Thomas, Donald Cornelius, El Paso Thomas, Marsha Lenore, El Paso Thomas, Nancy Kay, Brownsville Thomas, Ralph William, Jr., Dallas Thompson, Ginny Lynn, Greenville Thompson, Gregory Wilkins, Houston Thompson, Jerry Lynn, Houston Thompson, Kathy L., Fort Worth Thompson, Paula Ann, Corpus Christi Thompson, Thomas Hall, Dallas Thomson, Bobbie Diane, Dallas Thomson, James W., Beaumont Thornburrow, Robert Stephen, Paris Thorpe, Robert Douglas, Corpus Christi Tobey, David Neilson, Dallas Tombaugh, Charles Brent, Lampasas Tooey, Sharon Kay, Dallas Towery, Sharon Kay, Weatherford Trammel!, Joe David, Houston Traverse, Daniel John, III, Galveston Travis, Robert Carlton, San Antonio Travis, Ronald William. Rusk Trice, Mary Linda, Corpus Christi Trow, Richard Freeman, Jr., Port Arthur Trussell, William Bruce, Lake Jackson Tudor, Barbara Jane, El Paso Tumlinson, Kenneth Wayne, Bedford Turner, Frank William, Houston Turner, Mary, San Antonio Tyler Clifton Harvey, Altair Tyng, Jo Frances, Houston Ullrich, Wilbert Lee, Burton Underwood, George Barton, Rogers Van Fleet, Merry Nell, San Antonio VanHemert, James Mark, Houston Van Hoose, Thomas Arnold, Dallas VanVliet, Steven Eric, Amarillo Vasicek, Georgia Ann, Temple Vaughn, Jack Edward, Midland Vaughns, Sylvester Grant, Houston Verm, Ray Alan, Danciger Vines, Kenneth Malone, Kilgore Virr, Thomas Frank, Topeka, Kans. Vokes, Barry Stuart, San Angelo Voss, Donna Elaine, Odem Page 631 JUNIORS time Wade, Robert Louis, Big Spring Wagner, Gary Lynn, Austin Walker, Clarene Mae, Austin Wall, Wilburn Clyde, Marble Falls Wallace, Donna Adele, Dallas Walsh, Catherine Connel, Baytown Walsh, Whitney Arthur, San Antonio Walter, Gail Allen, Fort Worth Ward, Carol Ann, Dallas Warford, Linda Kaye, Ranger Warne, Barbara Ruth, Baytown Warren, Rogers Patton, Beaumont Warriner, Richard A., Midland Wascher, Thomas Charles, San Antonio Washington, David Richard, Lewisville Watson, Beverly Ann, Hurst Watson, Charles Michael, Terrell Watson, David Gary, Cisco Watson, Gilbert Steve, San Antonio Watson, James Erskine, Jr., Katy Watts, Fran R., Houston Weatheread, Carol Elaine, Seagoville Weaver, Thad W., Ill, Friendswood Webb, David Farnsworth, Amarillo Wehner, Sharon Anne, Houston Wehrly, Margaret Ann, Houston Weil, Elizabeth Daniel, Corpus Christi Weinbaum, Rosamond, Dallas Weisblat, Harvey Alan, Dallas Weiss, Mary Ann, Brenham Weissert, John Michael, Dallas Welch, Darrell Gail, Jr., San Antonio Welch, James Douglas, Lake Charles, La. Wellborn, Mary Elizabeth, Dallas Wells, Carla Graham, Austin Wells, William Frank, Austin Wendorf, Rosemary, Corsicana Werner, Michael Paul, Houston Westbrook, Margaret Marie, Annandale, Va. Westergren, Michael Joseph, Corpus Christi Westmoreland, Rickey Ray, Dallas Wheeler, Raymond Louis, Jr., Denton Wheless, Chester Lee, Jr., Corpus Christi Whitaker, Tom Edward, Brownsville White, Nelzane Nixon, Austin Whiteside, Sally Mayvi, Dumas Whitney, George Foster, Del Rio Whitt, Norma Marie, San Antonio Wiederanders, David Gene, Harrold Wiederhold, Joanne Irene, Houston Wier, Ronald Hargis, San Antonio Wilbanks, Hugh, III, Corpus Christi Wiley, Drenda Ann, San Benito Wilkerson, Elaine Rae, Greenville Wilkins, Carol June, Mesquite Williams, James Rawls, Groesbeck Williams, Joe Ray, Corsicana Williams, John Lawrence, Bellaire Williams, Virginia Gail, Houston Williamson, Richard Bruce, San Antonio Wilson, Bambi Lou, Austin Wilson, Betty Joanne, LaMarque Wilson, Ethel Lorraine, Brazoria Wilson, James Dennis, Houston Wilson, John Michael, Winnsboro Wilson, Rabun Thomas, III, Austin Wilson, Randy Loe, Dallas Wilson, Sheila Kay, Houston Windham, Harry Glenn, Waco Withers, Dennis Harry, Fort Worth Wood, Carol Ann, Lubbock Wood, Darrell Wayne. Fort Worth Woodard, Dorinda Kay, Coleman Woods, Mary Francis, Victoria Woolley, Carol Ann, Midland Worchel, Stephen, Austin Word, Elizabeth, Conroe Wroten, Diane, Smithville Wynne, George Parker, Beaumont Yeager, John Andrew, Austin Youens, Karl David, Columbus Youngmeyer, James Phillip, Tyler Yowell, Sue Ann, Houston Zepeda, Henry S., Houston Zoch, Robert James, Houston Zrubek, Mary Alice, Granger Page 632 Waggener Hall SOPHOMORES Page 633 SOPHOMORES Abercrombie, Lovett Anderson, Jr., Houston Abercrombie, Thomas Vernon, II, Stafford Abernathy, Marshall Waneal, Jr., Hughes Springs Abramowitz, David Denison Abudawood, Hussein Hassan, Jeddah, Saudia Arabia Adams, Marilyn Eileen, Groves Adensam, Marilee Claire, Irving Adkins, Brian Howard, Georgetown Aftergut, Myron David, Pampa Ahrens, John Edward, Corpus Christi Ahrens, Sharon Linn, Dallas Aikin, A. M. Bobby, Paris Akin, Mary Elaine, LaMarque Albritton, Michael Henry, Austin Alexander, Diane Louise, Pasadena Alldredge, John Buren, Fort Worth Allen, Dianne Raye. Dallas Allen, Kenneth Witten, San Antonio Allen, Rodney Philip, Houston Allison, Sharon Irene, Woodville Alspaugh, Virginia Lanier, San Antonio Alston, Mary Kathleen, Irving Alsup, Ace Hill, III, Temple Anderson, Andrea Kay, San Antonio Anderson, Hal N., Jr., Gatesville Anderson, Lounea, Lufkin Anderson, William Craig, Houston Andrews, Jody Luriene, Groesbeck Andrews, Ronald Elvin, Austin Anton, Richard Henry. Abilene Archibald, Stanley Benjamin, Jr., Austin Armstrong, Sara Ann, Dallas Arnold, Billy Max. Fort Worth Arnot, Lyn Sandefer, Breckenridge Autrey, Jeff Wyatt, Waxahachie Avery, John Sharp, Austin Badgley, Jennie Lee, Baytown Baggett, Pamela Anne, Fort Worth Bailev, Gloria Carlyn, Austin Bailey, Jack Lee, Odessa Bailey, Patricia Lynn, Beaumont Baker, Allan Ross, Mesquite Baker, Martha Ann, Dallas Baker, Melissa, San Antonio Balas, Stephen Kent, Eagle Lake Baldwin, Virginia Ruth. San Antonio Ball, Judith Ann, Arlington Ball, Lana Jo, Bartlesville, Okla. Ballard, Laura Sue, Paris Banks, William Ray, Austin Barclay, Susan Carol, Cherry Hill, N. J. Barnard, Jerry Allen, Dallas Barnes, Bruce Conway, Houston Barnett, Thomas Henry. Ill, Fort Worth Barnhart, Robert Joel, Pettus Barr. Frank Ervay, San Augustine Barrow Charles Wallace, Jr., San Antonio Barthmaier, Joseph Francis, Jr., Pasadena Bartosh, Kathryn Mary, Columbus Bartosh, Kenneth John. Austin Barwick, Marylyn Elizabeth, Oakland, N. J. Baskin, Michael Olon, Lamesa Bass, Billie Tucker, Hunt Bates, John Robert, Gatesville Bates, Roy Eugene, Fort Worth Battle, Frederick Waddy, Jr., San Antonio Baucum, Jane, Houston Baujr, Paulette Gwen, Beeville Hayer, Barbara Lynn, Houston Bean, Allan Klark, Orange Bean, Mary F., Alvin Bearden, Paul Joseph, Bedford, Mass. Beasley, Eleanor Corless, Houston Beasley, Juanita Joyce, McLean Beaver, Judith Lynn, Queen City Beckey, Sylvia Louise, Deer Park Bedrin, Linda Joyce, Memphis, Tenn. Beesley, Wade Hampton, San Angelo Belk, Libby, El Paso BeHamy, Robert Spence, Lampasas Bennett, John Wayne, Richardson Bennett, Trudy Lee, San Antonio Benson, Pamela Jean, Dallas Bergen, Kathleen Gayle, Austin Page 634 CLASS OF 1968 Bergmann, Bradford Marshall, San Antonio Bergquist, Ronald Edward , Randolph AFB Bergstrom, Joan, Marshall Bernstein, Richard Lee, Enid, Okla. Berry, Jimmy Dee, Overton Best, Thomas Adolph, Austin Binder, Marline Robin, Redlands, Calif. Birdwell, Mary Diane, Mission Birdwell, Raymond S., Weatherford Bishop, George Scott, Dallas Bishop, Gerald Knox, Graham Blair, Cheryl Lynn, Houston Blanks, Dan Harve, Clyde Blanton, William Thomas, Carrollton Bledsoe, Barbara Ann, Dallas Blume, Eileen Fay, Houston Blume, Martha Kay, Houston Blumrich, Brenda Nell, Houston Bode, Eileen Janet, Seguin Boenisch, David Eugene, Garwood Boone, Mary Lou, Austin Borgsteadt, Judith Ann, Corpus Christi Boss, Steven Sprague, Arcadia, Calif. Bostick, Jan Carole, Odessa Boswell, John David, Dallas Bounds, Nancy Marie, Wichita, Kans. Bovello, Elizabeth Rose, San Antonio Bowe, Janie Helen, Mercedes Bowen, John Davis, Cuero Boyd, Brenda Carol, Snyder Boyd, Lewis F., Dallas Boyd, Scott Ward, Decatur Boyles, Kay, Karnes City Brady, James Patrick, Hot Springs, Ark. Brandenburg, Karen Ann, Dallas Brandimarte, Alfred Paul, Dallas Brandon, William Richard, Dallas Brandt, Robert Lommen. Wharton Brauckman, Gay Ann, Springfield, Va. Brauner, Lonnie, Jr., Killeen Brender, Arthur John, Jr., Dallas Brigham, Deborah Joyce, Houston Brill, Judy Jo Ann, Dallas Brooke, Linda Sue, Sweeny Brooks, Betsy Lynn, Fort Worth Brooks, Carol Deanne, Breckenridge Brotherton, Joe Lynn, LaMarque Brown, Barrett Keith, Sherman Brown, Jennifer Lynn, Three Rivers Brown, Margaret Gwynne, College Station Brown, Myron Daniel. Denison Brown, Nancy Lee, Corsicana Brown, Susan Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Bryan, James Hardv, Wingate Bryan, John Shelby, Houston Bryan, Richard Morris, Cleburne Buchanan, Patricia Leslie, Los Fresnos Buchele, Michael John, San Augustine Buckner, Janet Carol, Houston Buerschinger, Charles Albert, Haughton, La. Bull, Annie Laurie, San Antonio Bulla, Daniel Nelson, Park Forest, 111. Bunce, Robert Eugene, Galveston Bunch, Philip Robert. S-m Antonio Burch, James Donald, Wichita Falls Burk. Jeff L., Cleveland Burns, Jane Sharon, Beaumont Burns, Larra Christine, Dilley Burnside. William Thomas, Jr., Henrietta Burr, Cheryl Ann, San Antonio Burroughs, Janet Carroll, Houston Burrus, Barbara Javn. Wichita Falls Burton, Stephen Nelson, Tyler Busby, Russell Clyde, San Antonio Byrd, Judith Kathryn, Austin Byrne, Clifford Davis, Arlington Cade, William Henry, San Antonio Caffee, John J. Lee, Bakersfield, Calif. Caffey, Thomas Alan, Austin Callaway, Sharon Elaine, Longview Calvert, Elizabeth Arrington, Dallas Cameron, Kathy, Katy Camp, William R., Jr., Mexico City, Mex. Page 635 SOPHOMORES Campbell, Kay, Marshall Campbell, Martha Carole. Waco Cannon, Anna Louise, Dallas Canter, Kay Elizabeth, Liberty Capps, John Thomas, Dallas Carlock, Gretchen. Honey Grove Carlson, Diana Kay, Austin Carnahan, George Michael, Dallas Carney, Brenda Sue, Baytown Caroom, Douglas G., Fairborn. Ohio Carrington, Ilene Patricia, Mexia Carroll. Barbara Anne. Austin Carroll, Marianne, Houston Carson, John Harvey, San Antonio Carter, David Ray, Dallas Carter, Gilbert Bruce, San Antonio Carter, Karen Elizabeth, Crystal City Carter, Nancy, Dilley Carter, Robert Anthony, Fort Worth Cason, Leslie Ray, Pasadena Casstevens, David Michael, Fort Worth Casteter, Don William. Seguin Castillo, Daniel T., Corpus Christi Gather. Linda Lee. Fort Worth Catterton, John Henry, Arlington Catterton, William Thomas, Arlington Chapman, Jimmy Carl, Austin Chude, Nancy Marie, Needville Church, Walter Wheatley, San Antonio Claburn. Juanita Louise, Belton Clampit, Linda Sue, Elgin Clark. Charles B., San Antonio Clark, Cynthia, Dallas Clark, Elizabeth Marie, Temple Clark, Kelly Morgan, Carlsbad, N. Mex. Clark, Steven Ray, Austin Clark, William ' Thomas, Tyler Clarke, Catherine Adele, Fort Wayne, Ind. Clay, Lee Ashton, Alvarado Clavpool, Michael Joseph, San Antonio Cleaver, Grace Juanita, Wichita Falls Cleland, Margaret Brown, Houston Clements, Peggy Lynn, Brownwood Cloutman, Natalie Catherine, Nederland Clubb, Fred Jeff, Jr., Montgomery, Ala. Coffee, David Henry, Alvin Coffey, Clarence William, Jr., New Orleans, La. Cohen, Julie Ann, Houston Coira, Peter Louis, Kelly AFB Cole, Trenton Cecil, Clarkwood Coleman, James Roy, Pasadena Coleman, Sherman Tipton, Jr., Cropus Christi Collie, Robert Monroe, Jr., Houston Collins, Kent Ronny, Dallas Colvin, Norton Anderson, Jr., San Benito Connard, Gerald George, Galveston Connor, Thomas Hill, Houston Converse, Robert Gerald, Houston Cook, Joyce Lucas, Longview Cotropia, Charles Samuel, Hearne Gotten, Michael Fleming, Liberty Cottingham, Lynn, Fort Worth Cotton, Evelyn Janet, Galena Park Coughlin, Kay Lee, Dallas Cox, Donald Wayne, Galena Park Cox, Martha Edgerton, Houston Craig, Daniel Layne, Groom Craig, Douglas Stirling, Jr., Houston Craig, Gary Brian, Houston Graver, Patricia Ruth, Houston Crawford, Evelyne R., Houston Crawford. Terry Sue, Galveston Crim, Elias Fleming, III, Henderson Crocker, Dennis James, Angleton Crockett, Helen Elaine, Austin Crouch, Francess Kay, Madisonville Cude, Carol Anne, Big Foot Cude, Kay Ellen, Beeville Gumming, Thomas N., Jr., Dallas Cunningham, Charlotte Anne, Houston Cunningham, Linda Lee, Baytown Cunningham, Tom Alan, Houston Cure, James O., Pittsburg Darphin, Nancy Lelia, Dallas Page 636 CLASS OF 1968 Darwin, Judith Diane, Odessa Davidson, Linda Frances, Vienna, Va. Davis, Adrian Averil, Jr., Crockett Davis, Cynthia Anne, Lampasas Davis, Gerald Steven, Austin Davis, Ingrid, Dallas Davis, Jack Russell, San Antonio Davis, Ruth Dianne, Marshall Dawkins, Gary Dale, Bridgeport Dawson, Dennis Lee, Richardson Day, Donald Kemper, Dallas Day, John Marcus, Longview Dean, Sharon Lee, Houston Deer, James Keith, .Abilene Denbow, George Emory, Austin Denman, Kester Walker, Houston DePalermo, Tommy Richard, Dickinson DePetris, Gloria Anna, Dallas DePetris, Joseph F., Jr., Dallas DeShong, Cheryl Loyd, San Antonio Dewhurst, Eugene Harris, Houston Dial, Richard Alan, Palestine Dickinson, Anne Louise, Austin Dill, Tom S., Houston Dillard, Howard Lavon, Jr., Longview D ' Ingianni, Schansa, Bellaire Dodd, Tilman Elson, Austin Dodson, Mildred Gay, Garland Doering, Mary Elizabeth, Groves Doherty, Polly Ann, Dallas Donaho, Charles Roy, Houston Donham, Charles Franklin, Jr., Little Rock, Ark. Dorf, Eugene Craig, Austin Dornbluth, Nella Carol, Irving Doster, Sandra Dianne, LaMarque Doyle, Kathleen Ann, Hurst Drennan, James Earl, Ranger Driscoll, Arlen Melbourne, Houston Driscoll, Barbara Nell, Devine DuBois, James Hugh, Waco DuBose, Carolyn Jean, Gonzales Dugger, Ric hard Lynn, Robstown i i Duncan, Scott C., Austin Dunlap, Michael, Framingham, Mass. Dunne, Suzanne Marion, Dallas Duree, Deborah Dianne, Calgary, Canada Durham, Tim Loyd, Weatherford Dusenberry, Lynne Marie, Bozeman, Mont. Dyer, Charles Lester, Dallas Dyer, Peggy Lynn, Amarillo Dyer, Ronny Herald, Sweetwater Edmonds, Sara Ann, Austin Edwards, James David, Sweetwater Edwards, Robert A., Dallas Edwards, Tommy J., Torrance, Calif. Efron, Alan Paul, Houston Eggert, Carol Kay, Mathis Eiche, Karen Jane, Tyler Eifler, Clayton Wentworth, Austin Eisenstein. Ann Sara, San Antonio Elder, William Larry, Midland Eldridge, Gail, Beaumont Elkins, Nica Virginia, Rosenberg Ellerkamp, Jane, New Gulf Ellis, Michael Paul, Ore City Ellison, Eugene Thomas, Texarkana Ellison, Glenn Edward, Tyler Ellisor, Earl Lee, Pasadena Estes, Carolyn Frances, Port Arthur Etzel, Martha Lynne, Corsicana Eudy, Terry Gay, Austin Evans, Donald Louis, Houston Everage, Frances Marie, Galveston Faickney, Robert Francis, Angleton Failor, Patricia Anne, Houston Fallin, Joseph Anthony, McAllen Farnsworth, Carla Jean, Amarillo Farquhar, Wallace Lea, Edna Faubion, Nancy, Austin Fein, Lenard David, San Antonio Feldman, Sheryl Sandra, Dallas Ferguson, Gary M., Austin Ferguson, Jane Blair, Temple Fields, Janet Fay, Junction Page 637 SOPHOMORES Fife, Marilyn, Tyler Finegold, Alan Jay, Beaumont Fink, Carla Kathryn, Groves Fishero, John David, Beaumont Flack, Kate Tarry, Houston Fleming, George Matthews, Texas City Flodin, Karen Kristina, San Antonio Flournoy, Charles Hilton, Jasper Flynn Kathleen Louise, Austin Flynn, Nancy Jean, Dallas Follett, Margaret Dollie, El Paso Ford, Jane Blake, Houston Ford, John Edward, Lubbock Ford, Laura Dean, LaMarque Fraker, Connie, Fort Worth Franke, Johanna, Odessa Franklin, David Lynn, Wellman Franklin, Patricia Kay, Poteet Frazier, Edward James, Beaumont Freeborn, William Arthur, San Antonio Freeman, Larry Charles, Grand Prairie Friedlander, Daniel Gilbert, Dallas Friedman, Joel Martin, San Antonio Friend, James McDonald, Wichita Falls Frost, M. Helen, Jasper Fuller, Elizabeth Marie, Beaumont Fulwiler, Donna Jane, Dallas Gaither, Jerry Don, Lamesa Gallagher, Sheila Elizabeth, Dallas Gallian, David Alan, Midland Galvin, Sally Ann, Pacific Palisades, Calif. Gamez, Ernest Ramon, Jr., Corpus Christi Garcia, Myrna Leticia, Corpus Christi Garcia, Renee Elenita, Port Lavaca Gardner, Morey, Port Lavaca Garfinkel, Richard Stuart, Houston Garrett, William Dennis, Crowell Gawrada, Katherine Jean, El Paso Geddie, John B., Fort Worth Gensberg, Maxine Sue, San Antonio George, Gus M., Houston Gerrity, Helen Elizabeth, San Antonio i; Gerson, Teri Margaret, Houston Gewertz, Beverly, Alexandria, La. Gibbs, Meredith Franklin, Wichita Falls Gibbs, Michael Furnace, Belton Gillette, Dennis Dale, Harlingen Gilliam, Anne Louise, Dallas Ginde, Suhas Ram, Bombay, India Girardeau, Susan Ann, Austin Girton, Cheryl, Beaumont Glass, Peggy Sue, Austin Glenn, Sally, Dallas Glickman, Martha Ann, Big Spring Goerner, Cynthia Dianne, Austin Goerner, Herbert J., Jr., San Antonio Goethals, Randall M., Garland Goldberg, Nancy Mae, Dallas Goldenbaum, Jonathan, Houston Goldsbury, Robert Barclay. San Antonio Goodman, Betty Susan, Dallas Goodman, John C., Houston Goodwin, Ernest Lamar, Lampasas Goodwin, Joseph Waldron, Jr., New Orleans, La. Goodwin, Pat Edwin, Jr., Abilene Goodwin, Robert Philip, Longview Gordon, James Charles, Houston Gorham, Margaret Ann. Bloomington Goss, Betty Lois, Nederland Gossett, Mary Melissa, Dallas Goulding, Peggy Marie, Mineral Wells Grammer, Jerry Richard, Dallas Grant, Barbara Louise, Temple Graves, Harriet Lee, MrKinney Gray, Samuel Ray. Ennis Green, Richard Neal, Ferris Green, William Campbell, Jr., Houston Greenfield, Ann, Temple Greening, Ronald Gene, Houston Greeson, Gail Elizabeth, Dallas Greve. John Bachman, Houston Griffin, Carl Douglas, Liberty Grillo, Virginia Ellen, Rosenberg Grissom, David Lee, Stamford ( Page 638 CLASS OF 1968 Guerra, Olga Deanna, Hebbronville Guillory, LeRoy Simon, Freeport Guinn, Daryl Hale, McLean, Va. Gurinsky, Barry Herbert, San Antonio Guy, Diane G., Corpus Christi Guy, Patricia Gray, Corpus Christi Hagan, John L., Tyler Hale, Robert Frank, Jr., Dallas Haley, Jimmy A., Goodrich Hall, Camille Joyce, Houston Hall, Carol Ann, Beaumont Hall, Charles M., San Antonio Hall, James Horace, Anahuac Hall, Ronald William, Abilene Hallmark, Connie Lee, Tyler Halperin, Paul Allan, San Antonio Halstead, Sharon Ann, San Antonio Halton, Reuben W., Dallas Hamilton, Karen Lynn, Harlingen Hamner, Susan Jane, San Antonio Hancock, Warren Douglas, Houston Hannon, Gary Jack, Belton Hansen, Clarence Norman, Laredo Harari, Marty, Dallas Harcourt, George Wayne, Houston Hardwick, Robert Vincent, McKinney Hargis, Jane Biedenharn, San Antonio HargYave, Linda Gail, Beaumont Hargrove, Robert Allen, Dallas Harris, Beverly Claire, Austin Harris, Cameron Chapman, Beaumont Harris, Dale Andrew, Amarillo Harris, Darlene Faye, Pasadena Harris, Herbert S., Ill, Midland Harris, Mary Ned, Corpus Christi Harrison, Joe William, Gainesville Harrison, Rosanne Violet, Eagle Lake Harsch, Steven Terrance, Austin Hartley, Jennifer Ann, College Station Hartman, Sarah Ann, Silsbee Hartong, Alice Kay, San Antonio Haun, Jane Arian, Kingsville 1 Haverkorn, Theresa Diane, Hurst Hawkins, Karen Hope, San Antonio Hayn, Joan, Dallas Haynes, Christopher Alan, Wichita Falls Hays, Lora Ann, Freeport Head, Sandra Marjorie, Baytown Heberl, Jo Carol, Baytown Heins, William Howard, Lyford Hellbusch, Robert Wayne, Houston Heller, Janene, Wichita, Kans. Helwick, Louis David, Dallas Hendricks, Karen Sue, Texarkana Henry, Diana Lynn, Houston Henry, Ernest David, Rockdale Henry, Mary Susan, Liberty Henry, Ronnie Carol, Lake Jackson Hensley, Frankie Lavern, Eastland Herrington, Michael Shane, Clarksville Hester, James Preston, Memphis, Tenn. Hester, Thomas Roy, Carrizo Springs Hicks, James Frederick, Corpus Christi Hieronymus, Robert Campbell, Darien, Conn. Hierth, Harriett Sue, College Station Higgins, Barbara Kathleen, El Paso Higgins, Lowell Thomas, Austin Higley, Barbara Ruth, Austin Higley, Robert Allen, Austin Hill, Carl Clifton, El Paso Hill, Carol Jeane, San Antonio Hill, Lafe Dyson, Des Moines, Iowa Hill, Stuart G., Houston Hill, William Foster, Jr., Hereford Hillegeist, Dianne Lanelle, Houston Hilliard, Christopher L., Pasadena Hillman, Robert Michael, Houston Hines, Jerry Ellis on, Grand Saline Hinton, Lucy Carolyn, Gonzales Hodges, Daniel Ramsey, Lamesa Hoerman, Juanice Velma, McDade Hoffman, Alan Michael, Austin Hoke, Hannah, Dallas Holcomb, Kevin, Quanah Page 639 SOPHOMORES Utitt Holder, Kay Vera, Houston Holder, Richard Dolan, Corpus Christ! Holland, Libby Harriet, Wharton Holliday, Stephen Hall, Randolph AFB Holmes, Mary Kathryn, Austin Holmsley, Susan Lee, San Antonio Hooks, Charles Guy, III, Tomball Hooper, Karen Lee, Houston Horn, Alice Susan, Waco Hornick, Gloria Jean, Houston Houser, Richard Evans, Austin Houston, Elizabeth Ann, Dallas Howie, Carol Ann, Terrell Howie, Judy Jan, Terrell Hubbard, Carol Ann, Fort Worth Huckabee, Billye Louise, Hagerman, N. Mex. Huddleston, Ann, Austin Huddleston, Jan, Wichita Falls Hudson, Annette Marie, Longview Huepers, Marilyn Marie, Alvin Huffhines, Robert Emory, Richardson Huffman, Ellen Jane, Dallas Hulan, Charles Robert, Austin Hull, Holiday, Houston Hulsey, Robert Allen, Terrell Humphrey, Dorothy Ann, Dallas Hunter, Carlie Sue, Kerrville Hurley , Patricia Ann, Arlington Hutton, Patti Lynn, Austin Hutton, Sharon Leigh, Dallas Hyatt, Philip Malcolm, Austin Irwin, John Francis, Hillsboro Jackson, Anita Dianne, San Antonio Jackson, Karen Marie, San Antonio Jackson, Lynnell, Carthage Jacobson, Jerald Lewis, Galveston James, Stephan Aubrey, San Antonio Janecek, Mary Susan, San Antonio Janik, Caroline Evelyn, Austin Jarmon, Jake Bryant, III, Corpus Christi Jensen, Yvonne Marie, Houston Jeschke, Beverly Diane, Miles Johnson, Diane Ruth, Austin Johnson, Gary William, Corpus Christi Johnson, Gwendolyn, Houston Johnson, Janet Kay, Fort Worth Johnson, Jerry Don, Texas City Johnson, John Kenneth, Lamesa Johnson, Joyce Leslie, Houston Johnson, June Fay, Austin Johnson, Karen Louise, Round Rock Johnson, Laura Anne, Burkburnett Johnson, Mary Kathryn, Austin Johnson, Sally Ann, Corpus Christi Johnston, Karen Elizabeth, Dallas Jones, Elizabeth Ann, Weslaco Jones, Gail Dolores, Dallas Jones, Joetta Jessica, Dallas Jones, Mary Leta, Diana Jones, Michael Roe, Lake Jackson Jones, William David, Louise Jonson, William Richard, Temple Jonte, George Dale, Jr., Orange Jordan, Gary Keith, Hico Jostes, Nancy Lynne, Corpus Christi Jowers, Charles Carroll, Abilene Julian, Suzanne Curtis, Austin Juncker, Walter Kurt, Jr., Beaumont Junell, William Edward, Houston Kaczmarek, John Samuel, Jr., Austin Kadish, William A., San Antonio Kapavik, Cherry Lyn, San Angelo Kaper, Wilbert James, LaMarque Kattawar. Kenneth Adam. Metairie, La. Katz, Samuel Robert, Dallas Kay, Barbara Elaine, Dallas Keel, Karen Daphne, Austin Keilin, Sara Elizabeth, Houston Keith. Layton Blain, Fort Worth Kelly, Robert Everette, Austin Kelly, Robert William, Port Lavaca Kemp, Suzanne, Houston Kennady, Sarah Rebecca, Brownsville Kennon, Ken Read,. San Antonio Pace 640 CLASS OF 1968 Kimbrough, Jackie Maxine, Tyler Kinard, William Latz, El Campo King, Charles Michael, Piano King, Jerrell Lawrence, Corpus Christi King, Joe Wesley, Jr., Houston King, Sheppard, William, IV, Houston Kiser, Lawrence Stephen, Richardson Kleck, Nancy Louise, San Antonio Klein, Milow Haude, Tomball Kliewer, Carol Ann, Phillips Klinar, Ann Elizabeth, Alvin Kline, Freda Adelaide, Fort Worth Knight, John Eurton, Dallas Knighton, James Allen, Naples Knowles, Herschel Thomas, Saginaw Kolb, J. Clark, Dallas Korby, Steven Lyle, Hopewell, Va. Korth, Vera Sansom, Fort Worth Kosik, Alfred Hans, Taylor Krasner, Larry Arnold, Tyler Kriesberg. Leslie Faye, Fort Worth Kuch, James Adrian, Union, N. J. Kuchar, William Anthony, Jr., Columbus Kuehler, Mary Kathleen, Baytown Kuper, Charles Allison. Jr., San Antonio Laird, Frank John, Waco Landers, Michael Carl, Longview Landua, Jeffry D ' Later, Midland Lane, Carol Neal, Houston Lane, Margaret Leslie, Houston Lange, Donna Marie, Austin Larson, Nancy Jean, Houston Lasik, Sharon Ann, Houston Lattimore, Lyda Lynn, McAllen Leach, Katherine Anne, Baytown Leaton, Lucy Ann, Houston Lee, David Michael, Cleburne Leeds, Patricia Ann, Dallas Leeper, Jean Christine, Midland Le Fevre, Larry Kent, Henrietta Leggett, Cynthia Anne, Austin Lehman, Carol Ann, Houston . s O c,, LeMarquand, Ann, Midland Lentz, Eric Owen, Jackson, Mich. Lequeux, Diane Rochelle, Port Arthur Lesher, Murray Mark, Borger Lester, Sandra Louise, Houston Levine, Joel Steven, Dallas Levy, Kenneth Jay, Dallas Lewis, Bonnie Sue, Fort Worth Lewis, Cheryl Ann, Houston Lewis, Connie Lou, Fort Worth Lewis. Judith Lee. Houston Liddle, James Michael, Fort Worth Lindahl, Marja, Uppsala, Sweden Lindsay, Randee Jane, San Antonio Linsley, Dwight L., Peoria, 111. Lipscomb, Richard Lee, Nocona List, Suzanne, Dallas Little, Patricia Ann, Metairie, La. Loar, Robert Lester, Newton, Iowa Lockhait, Nancy Vivian, Houston Loftis, Nancy Gray, Longview London, Judy Andrea, Austin Loomis, Celia Lynn, Longview Looney, Cullen Rogers, Edinburg Loper, George Edward, San Antonio Lorkowski, James Joseph, El Paso Love, Mary Christine, Lufkin Love, Richard Merrill, Houston Lovelace, Lisabeth Susan, El Paso Low, David Arthur, Iowa Park Lowther, John Alexander, Jr., Fort Worth Loyd, Frank Lawrence, III, Dallas Luke, Edward Albert, Jr., Fort Worth Luksa, James Lee, Rosenberg Luttrell, Donald D., Dallas Lutz, James Michael, Fort Worth Lyford, Roland Scott, Grapevine Lytle, Charles Gerald, San Antonio Maass, Marsha Louise, Bandera Maberry, Michael Reginald, Lufkin MacDougall, Donald Earl, Houston Machann, Betty Jo, Pasadena . SOPHOMORES i: MacMaster, Benzel Christopher, Dallas MacNaughton, Jamie Ann, Palestine Madeley, James Ball, Corpus Christi Magee, Michael Jack, San Antonio Magliolo, Al Matthew, League City Mahaffey, John Michael, Canton Mahon, Scott Lytton, Ozona Makela, Merry Eve, Dallas Malone, John Thomas, Houston Manhart, Karen Irene, Austin Mapes, Julie Ann, San Antonio Markley, Sue Ellen, Refugio Marshall, Howard McCaleb, Houston Marshall, Katherine Lee, Port Arthur Martin, Arlene Mary, Houston Martin, Mary Kathryn, Baytown Martin, Quentin Ware, Houston Martin, Raymond John, Jr., Wichita Falls Martratt, Richard Tewes, Middlesex, N. J. Mathis, George Gilbert, Austin Matlock, David Kidder, Austin Matocha, Lynda Irene, Austin Matthews, Robert Ray, San Angelo Mattingly, JaNelle, Dallas Mavropoulis, Linda Kay, Austin Maxwell, Janice Lee, Corpus Christi Mayer, Maxine Ida, Helena, Ark. Mayes, Judy Marchelle, Fort Wort h Mazur, Janis Irma, San Antonio McAllister, Martha Lou, Culver, Ind. McAlpin, Kenneth Courtenay, Houston McCally, George Edward, McKinney McCaskill, Douglas Hardy, Houston McCausland, Nita Lynn, San Antonio McClelland, Joanne, Galveston McCollum, Shirley Jean, Dallas McCollum, William S., Jr., Richardson McCoy, Charlotte Opal, Bay City McCulley, Richard Todd, Anahuac McCullough, Linda Nanette, Midland McDaniel, James Ray, El Paso McDonald, Joe Bailey, Abilene McDonald, Johnnie Belle, Neches McDuffie, Linda Lee, Houston McEnery, Beth Ellen, Arlington McFall, Michael Mack, Houston McFarland, Frances, Lytle McGlothlin, Martha, Mesquite Mclntire, Doris Lynn, San Antonio Mclntyre, David Roderick, Houston McKay, Gerry Lynn, Houston McKee, Elizabeth Ella, Fort Sam Houston McKinley, Mary Lynn, El Paso McKinney, Ronald Loye, Dallas McKown, Jerry Lynn, Dallas McLerran, Calvin Jackson, Corpus Christi McMillan, Richard Taylor, Sonora McMurrey, Candace Ann, West Columbia McNatt, James Wright, Alvin McNeff, Michael Nichols, Dallas McNeill, .Dave E., Ill, Houston McNeil), Laura Evans, Dallas McNett, Sandra Kay, San Antonio McNutt, Gaye Lynn, Rosenberg McNutt, William Anthony, Austin McWhorter, Fred A., San Antonio McWhorter, Ted Allan, San Antonio McWilliams, Albert Ross, Jr., Texarkana Meek, Donald Calvin, Jr., Rockport Mehl, Lawrence Richard, Fort Worth Melcher, Muriel Joy, Houston Mensing, John Francis, San Antonio Mercer, Timothy D., Nocona Metcalfe, Gwendolyn Jean, Lafayette, La. Meyer, Paul Edward, Houston Meyers, William Joseph, Atlanta Mikeska, Marvin Roy, Jr., Longview Millard, Stephanie Anne, Austin Miller, Claire Ann, Houston Miller, Janis Gail, Houston Milne, Kay Janette, Port Lavaca Minyard, Vickie Louise, Austin Minyard, William Alexander, III, Austin Mitelman, Michael Everett, Houston Page 642 CLASS OF 1968 Moehlman, Jacqueline Arnauld, Austin Moffitt, Frederick Vincent, San Antonio Moffitt, Helen Verna Elizabeth, Pampa Montemayor, Raymond Joseph, San Antonio Moorman, Thomas Slick, San Antonio Morales, Diane Kay, Houston Morgan, Jerry Lee, De Leon Morgan, Margaret Frances, Lubbock Morrill, Katharine June, Fort Worth Morris, Sidney Machen, Jr., Tyler Morrow, Carol Ann, Houston Morrow, Walter Grady, III, El Paso Muecke, Marie Louise, LaMarque Mulhall, Ronald Timothy, Short Hills, N.J. Mullins, Dee Ann, San Antonio Mulvaney, Margaret Lynn, Houston Murchison, Frank Bivin, Corsicana Murphy, George Earl, Conroe Murray, Charles Coppage, Lufkin Murray, Janice Dee, Houston Naber, Nancy, Dallas Nagel, Nancy Ruth, San Antonio Naschke, Katherine Campbell, Houston Nauert, George Henry, Austin Nauman, Denny, Richardson Neikirk, Mary Margaret, Ankeny, Iowa Neill, George Henry, Borger Nelson, John Walter, Jr., Corsicana Nelson, Malcolm George, Austin Newsom, Bill Raiford, Oxnard, Calif. Newton, Eleanor Anne, Rockdale Newton, Kathryn Louise, Houston Nibling, Frederick Leslie, Jr., Temple Nieto, Edmund Miguel, Jr., Presidio Noel, Ellen Melissa, Odessa Nolan, David Thomas, Houston Norton, Raymond Gene, Abilene Norvell, Mary Kathleen, Arlington Noteware, Jackie Don, Richardson Novick, Frances Sue, El Paso Nuckols, Travis Dale, II, Hitchcock Ocker, Roberta Ann, Robstown O ' Hara, William Patrick, Dallas O ' Keefe, Terrence Charles, Houston Oldham, Gus Ronald, Houston Oliver, Diane, Houston Oliver, Sarah Lucretia, Waco Olivier, Kenneth Clarke, Houston Olivo, John Xavier, San Antonio Olson, Marion Alfred, Jr., San Antonio O ' Neill, William Anthony, II, Houston O ' Reilly, Larry Hal, Richardson Osborne, Sherrod Haywood, Hurst Osterhaus, Susan Arlene, Austin Otero, Mary Eugene. San Antonio Ott, David Alan, Fort Worth Owens, Carolyn, Ballinger Ozarchuk, Gloria Jean, Texas City Ozmun, Laura Anne, Dallas Pahl, Thomas Wayne, Luckenbach Pahnke, Joanne Elizabeth, Orange Paine, Bunny Lee, Houston Paine, Michael Louis, Houston Parish, Kathryn Lucille, Houston Park, Gary Walden, Alvarado Park, Jane Marie, Houston Parker, James Carol, Belton Parker, Mary Louise, Dallas Parker, Sandra Jean, Bellaire Partlow, Kathy Lynn, Fort Worth Pastor, Henry, Houston Patterson, Priscilla June, Corpus Christi Pattillo, Martha Lee, Pampa Payne, Johnny George, Fate Peacock, Edith Ann, Austin Pearre, Sylvia Jean, Weslaco Pearson, Bernard Lee, Austin Pearson, James Charles, Tomball Pechacek, Betty Joyce, Flatonia Pedersen, Gregory Vincent, Austin Pennebaker, Jana Allison, Corpus Christi Penner, Kandace Ann, Dallas Perrenot, Edward Harlan, Laredo Perry, David William, Houston Page 643 SOPHOMORES I Perry, John Charles, Austin Peterson, Brady, Jr., Killeen Peterson, Carolyn Faye, Port Lavaca Petet, Sara Clarice, Dallas Pfeiffer, Gerald Patrick, La Porte Phillips, Melvin Eugene, Jr., Amarillo Phillips, R. Mark, Houston Phillips, Travis Wayne, Kilgore Philp, Joe Dan, Caldwell Pierce, Sally Jeanette, Houston Pinckard, Kenneth Ray, Livingston Piperi, Sharon Ann, Galveston Pittard, George Ervin, Anson Pitts, Edmond Wayne, Temple Pitts, James Ray, Dallas Pitts, John Robert, Dallas Polasek, Ronald Lynn, Fort Worth Pollan, Thomas Miller, Rosenberg Pollard, Constance Louise, Baytown Pollard, Danny Gale, Overton Poole, Horace Ronald, Crane Porter, Lloyd Brian, Houston Porter, Thomas David, Austin Powell, Gary Bryan, Dallas Powell, Milton Carl, Wichita Falls Powell, Robert Lisle, Belle Fourche, S. Dak. Pratt, Robert Barton, Jr., San Antonio Preshaw, Patricia Ann, Austin Price, Patricia Isbel, Austin Priem, Marie Hilda, Round Rock Purcell, Donald Wayne, Alexandria, Va. Pusard, Mary Gay, Del Rio Quade, Larry Glyndol, Sagerton Quick, Carolyn Margaret, Austin Quinn, Sheila Marie, Houston Ouintanilla, Linda Jean, Austin Quisenberry, Tony Merl, Quanah Rabensburg, Aubrey Neale, Houston Racusin, Charles Robert, Corpus Christi Raggio, Thomas Louis, Dallas Ragsdale, William Thomas, Corsicana Ramey, Linda Elaine, Mesquite Ramme, Margaret Ann, Springfield, Va. Ramming, Randy Roger, Lake Jackson Randall, Susan Jane, Houston Randolph, Paul Cutler, Richardson Raschke, Don Arnold, Dallas Raschke, William Curtis, Austin Ratner, Celita, San Antonio Ratzlow, Janis Ann, Phillips Raye, Tommy Doc, Sonora Reagan, Linda Elaine, San Antonio Reding, Jane Sharon, Taft Reeder. Yvon G., Austin Reichman, Jeffrey Wayne, Austin Reinhart, Jane Elizabeth, Galveston Rice, Janet Elizabeth, Houston Rice, Lawrence, Houston Richards, George Wheeler, Arlington, Va. Richards, Roberta Hampton, Fort Worth Richardson, Cameron Elaine, Austin Richardson, Gwen, Houston Richardson, James Allan, Pleasanton Richardson, Kenneth Robert, Austin Richardson, Susan Gwynne, Belton Rickard, Miles Olson, Temple Ricketts, Jeanie, Duncanville Rider, Beverly Jayne, Floresville Rilling, Marie Preble, San Antonio Ringland, Joseph Breen, II, Houston Ritchie, Robin, Midland Roberts, Alan Bruce, San Antonio Roberts, Kent Willis, San Antonio Roberts, Sally Lou. Dallas Roberts, Steven Howard, San Antonio Roberts, William Pinkney, Dallas Robertson, Sarah Ann, Taylor Robinson, Donald Ira, II, Texarkana Rodgers, Virginia Ann, Longview Rodriguez. Oscar Ray, San Antonio Rogers, Charles Thomas, Austin Rogers. Gary Duane, Clebume Rogers, Randy Clyde, Baytown Resales, Manuel George, Jr., San Marcos Page 644 CLASS OF 1968 Rose, Donald E. J., Blanco Ross, James N., Bclton Ross, James Richard, Lake Jackson Ross, Sandra Patti, Texas City Rountree, Wiley Barry, San Angelo Roye, Laura Yvonne, Austin Ruchelman, Morris Jackson, Bellaire Rudd, Judy Jane, Dallas Rudkin, Carol Jean, Dallas Rulfs, Carol Ann, Houston Rush, Dianne, Fort Worth Ryder, John Thomas, Austin Sabel, Marshall Stanton, Dallas Sagely, Sharon Marguerite, Dallas Samuelson, Rebecca Ann, Austin Sanders, Arnold Willis, Sunnyvale, Calif. Sanders, Sandra Elaine , Austin Sanders, Vicki Gail, Houston Sanderson, Carol Ann, Amarillo Sands, Dale Garrison, Houston Schaffer, Eric Conrad, Walnut Creek, Calif. Schick, David Charles, Henrietta Schieffer, Raymond Charles, Austin Schirmer, Stephen Anthony, Dallas Schleicher, Hart Eugene, Alvin Schlosser, Martha Sue, Marble Falls Schmidt, Eddie Charles, II, Fort Worth Schnatterer, Elizabeth Lorraine, Bellaire Schoenke, Olivia Lani, Weatherford Schoone, Clifford Emerson, Jr., Memphis, Tenn. Schroeder, Charles Kenneth, San Benito Schultz, Mardi Gaye, Corpus Christi Schultz, Larry Leslie, Austin Schwartz, Nelda Jean, Houston Schweinle, Melba Louise, Rosharon Scott, Craig Timothy, Fort Worth Scott, Lloyd Elmer, Jr., San Antonio Scurlock, Alice Florence, Buna See, Marilyn Lillian. Somerville Seilheimer, Dan Keith, Fort Worth Self, Robert Andrew, HI, Stephenville Selman, Sharon Lee, Houston Senter, Carl Conway, Forney Settle, Linda Sue, Celina Sewell, Anne, Belton Sewell, David Andrew, Fort Worth Seyer, John Frederick, Houston Shalabi, Abdulla Isa, Medina, Saudi Arabia Shamess, George Ann, Wells Shanks, Joan, Lufkin Shannon, Joel Ingram, Wharton Sharp, Marsha Lee, Placedo Sharp, Ray Fulton, Beckville Sharpe, Edwin Reese, Austin Shaw, Jo Ann, Bonham Shelby, Jean Sheridyn, De Leon Shelton, Charles Turner, Tulia Shepard, John Calvin, Jr., Richardson Shepherd, Brenda, Sour Lake Shepherd, Dennis Laban, Dallas Shively, Christopher E., Garland Shoop, Robert Alan, Jr., Austin Shope. Carolyn Emily, Waco Shults, Gretchen Oleta, Arlington, Va. Sierra, Richard Arthur, Mexico City, Mex. Sim, Richard William, El Paso Simkin, Samuel H., Houston Simmons, Robert Holloway, Brownwood Simmons, William Anthony, Dallas Simon, Barbara Belle, Austin Simons, Dennis Steele, Edna Sims, Gregory Evans, Cuero Singer, Mary Elsa, Coral Gables, Fla. Skandalis, Kiki A., Houston Slack. James Gregory. Lufkin Sluder, James H., Albuquerque, N. Mex. Smith. Beverly Murdaugh, Palestine Smith, Carol June, Crane Smith, Carol Sylvia, Corpus Christi Smith, David Michael, Kilgore Smith, David Noyes. Dallas Smith, Edgar Ashley, Houston Smith, Henry James, Dallas Smith, Jan Elaine, Fort Worth Page 645 SOPHOMORES Smith, Joel Leslie, Austin Smith, Michael Dean, Cleburne Smith, Paul Seward, Jr., San Angelo Smith, Sarann, Austin Smith, Scott Murray, San Antonio Smith, Steven Grayson, Brielle, N. J. Smith, Susan, Omaha, Nebr. Smith, Susan Kaye, Tyler Smith, Trenna Lynn, Amarillo Smith, William Ray, II, Dallas Smith, William Stephen, Floresville Smyth, Janice Kay, Houston Snidow, Frank Chapman, Richardson Snyder, Margaret Jean, San Antonio Snyder, Robert Michael, Austin Solomon, Nathan Andrew, San Antonio Solomon, Robert Allan, Dallas Sopchak, Carolyn Jean, Houston Spacek, Ernest William, Jr., Jourdanton Sparks, Gordon Elliott, Austin Spradley, Sherrill Jane, Houston Srubar, Paula Ruth, San Antonio Staley, Dean Gray, Nocona Stall, Nancy Ann, Smithville Stallcup, Amanda Lou, Marshall Stanley, Norma Sue, Galena Park Stanton, James Michael, Houston Stark, Judy Kay, Fort Worth Stavinoha, Jean Marie, Schulenburg Steed, Kenneth Ray, McAllen Stelling, Marvin Joe, Dallas Stephens, Sharon lona, Houston Sterett, Edith Ann, Houston Stevenson, Dianne, Port Lavaca Stewart, Delma Ann, Borger Stikeleather, Helen Haldon, Austin Stinson, Alan Lynn, Grapevine Stinson, Trina Jane, Pasadena Stool, Gerald Harris, Del Rio Stotler, Mary Martha, Corpus Christi Strand, Kristin Clark, San Antonio Strater, John Edward, Houston C Streusand, Charlotte V., Houston Strimple, Lynda Kay, Temple Stripling, Craig, Nacogdoches Stuart, Helen Irene, San Antonio Stubbs, Shirly Ann, Gonzales Stuyck, Stephen Christopher, Baton Rouge, La. Sulkin, Daniel E., Dallas Sutherland, Sandra Jeanette, Houston Swicegood, Sheila Ann, Port Arthur Talen, Louise Sylvia, Pasadena Tamaddoni, Mohammad Javad, Jahrom, Iran Tanner, Judy Lynn, Alvin Taunton, Shirley Ann, Mount Pleasant Taylor, Alice Stuart, McAllen Taylor, Connie Lynn, Port Lavaca Taylor, Cyrel Dewaine, II, Temple Taylor, Raymond Barry, Taylor Taylor, Susan Doretta, Groves Teague, Jill Virginia. Washington, D.C. Teague, Terry Patricia, Fort Worth Templeton, Laura Kathryn, Cooper Templin, Richard Dwight, Cedar Creek Ter Maath, Stephen Grant, San Antonio Terry, Linda Marie, Skellytown Thames, Robert Carroll, San Antonio Thomas, Doug E., Corpus Christi Thomas, Larry Limuel, Mesquite Thompson, Carolyn Louise, Stamford Thompson, James Lanning, Austin Thompson, Kin man Brock, Victoria Thompson, Patricia, Austin Thompson, Patricia Ann, Corsicana Thompson, Peyton Lee, Willis Thornberry, Molly, Austin Thurman, Margaret Ellen, Pasadena Tichenor, Travis David, Jr., Dallas Timm, Susan, College Station Tisdale, Janet Elva, Lufkin Tobor, Ben David, Fort Worth Todd, Jane Ellen, Houston Tomlin, Barbara Kay, Grapevine Tomson, Sandra Elaine, Pamoa Page 646 I CLASS OF 1968 Tradd, Alexander Simon, II, Houston Trapnell, Robert Norris, Jr., Austin Trapp, Michael Eric, Dallas Treptow, James Richard, San Antonio Trout, Barbara Ann, Fort Hood Trow, Larry Lynn, Conroe Tubbs, Maxine, Cuero Tumlinson, Sharon Kay, Bedford Tunstall, Nancy, Dallas Turet, Charles Sydney, Jr., Dallas Turner, H. Richard. Longview Turner, James William, Crockett Turner, Robert Roger, Richardson Ulrich, Richard Floyd, Weatherford, Okla. Underwood, Mary Jane, Austin Underwood, Maryon Abbe, Mont Belvieu Valenti, Sharon Diane, Dallas Van Aken, Julie Ann, Corpus Christi Vance, Susan Lee, Edna Van Slyke, Don, Dallas Vassberg, Stephen M., Lyford Vaughan, Malcolm Ellsworth, Orange Veiluva, Suzanne Dell, Montgomery, Ala. Vine, Louella Grace, Dilley Vowell, Sandra Gail, San Antonio Wade, Jeffrey Brian, Houston Wade, Wyatt, Reid, Houston Wagner, Lynn Susan, Houston Wagner, Rae, Port Arthur Wagner, Susan, Arlington Waidhofer, Bernard, Houston Wailes, Kathryn Carol, Alvin Walker, Dixie Lee, Eagle Lake Walker, Joe Bruce, Port Arthur Walker, John Nathaniel, Lampasas Wallace, Edward Blume, Shreveport, La. Wallace, William Lewis, Gonzales Wallock, Mark Robert, Corpus Christi Ward, Barbara Helen, Hurst Ward, Dallas Patt, Fort Worth Ward, John Wesley, Jr., Devine Ward, Linda Lea, Corsicana Ward, Sheila Marian, Fort Worth Warfield, Martha Ann, Fort Worth Warren, Anne Hal, Waco Warren, Joseph Frederick, Nederland Warrick, Michael Eugene, Pittsburg Wathen, Carolyn Elizabeth, Houston Watson, David Austin, Sherman Watson, Mary Macreeda, Houston Weaver, Carl George, Fredericksburg Weaver, Roma Theresa, Orange Webb. Charles R., Dallas Weber, James Lee, Beaumont Weber, Kathleen Rose, La Grange Wechsler, Jan Diane, San Antonio Weise, Stanley Allan, Bellaire Weisser, Frank Martin, Fort Worth Weitzner, Esther Judith, Veracruz, Mex. Weksler, Ronni Joy, Coral Gables, Fla. Welch, Thomas Jefferson, III, Crockett Weller, Carol Ann, San Antonio Welsh, Carol Jean, Houston Westerman, Eric Lane, Lake Jackson Westfall, James Lee, Amarillo Wheetley, Kim Alan, White Deer Whitby, William David, Waco White, Elizabeth Jean, Winters White, Paula Louise, Houston White, Philip Milam, San Antonio White, Richard Warren, Houston White, Sharon Sue, South Houston White, William Thomas, Port Lavaca Whiting, Robert Louis, II, College Station Whittenburg. Ann Bynum. Amarillo Wiberg, Susan Marie, Dallas Wiede, Margaret Lillian, Edna Wiggins, Lonnie Logan, Dallas Wikoff, Jack Cupp. Jr., Irving Wilkerson, John Wiley, Houston Willerson, Bettie Townsend, San Antonio Williams, Cynthia Lee, Fort Worth Williams, Debbera Ann, Houston Williams, Glenda Jane, Victoria Page 647 SOPHOMORES Williams, Judy Ann, Baytown Williams, Karen Ann, Midlothian Williams, Michael Payne, Dallas Williamson, Linda Lou, Odessa Willis, James Robert, Pasadena Willmann, Kenneth Edward, Seguin Willsey, Marion Lynita, Corpus Christi Wilson, Elizabeth Anne, Austin Wilson, Frank Walker, Coolidge Wimberly, Steven, Austin Winckler, Suzanne, Houston Windham, Kenneth Charles, Corpus Christi Windham, Mary Ellen, Dickinson Wise, Caryl Ann, Houston Wisner, Linda Elizabeth, San Antonio Wittliff, James Ruston, Lufkin Wittman, Marolyn, Austin Wizig, Judith Lynn, Waco Wolf, Kenneth Herman, Port Arthur Welters, Kay Lynn, Shiner Wood, Frank Michael, Randolph AFB Wood, Patricia Lynn, Austin Woodhall, Sharon Louise, San Antonio Woolrich, Sarah Catherine, Houston Word, James Alan, Longview Word, Patricia Ellen, Freeport Wortham, Michael Bruce, Houston Wriborg, Rebecca Jo, Port Arthur Wright, Mickey Lynn, Longview Wright, Olga Kay, Houston Wyritk, Jean Carroll, Texarkana Ximenes, Angela, San Antonio Yates, John Leslie, Fort Worth Yates, Margaret Elaine, Calvert Yurkanan, Christopher Vaughan, Dickinson Zapp, Pam. Houston Zeitler, Arthur William, Lake Jackson Zike, James Houston. Big Spring Zimmerman, Cheryl Anne, Dallas Page 648 English Building FRESHMEN Page 649 FRESHMEN (i Archer, Sandra Lynn, Edcouch Ard, Marie Elaine, Austin Armstrong, Douglas Clinton, Wichita Falls Armstrong, Henrietta Julia, Kingsville Armstrong, Robert Dee, Jr., Dallas Armstrong. Roy Fredrick, Iraan Arnold, Eleanor Ann, San Angelo Arnold, Harry Edward, Jr., Houston Arthur, Patricia Kathryn, La Porte Ashlock, Carlene Monica, Dalhart Atkins, James O.. Corpus Christi Atkinson, Jan Palmer, Austin Atkinson, Virginia Dee, San Antonio Austin, William Earl, Andrews Austin, William James, Dallas Axley, Constance Susan, Nacogdoches Ayer, Jack Keating, Houston Aynesworth, Gary Tim, Austin Backus, Oscar, Crystal City Badger, Bruce Ault, Austin Bagley, Thomas Ross, Martindale Bailey, Ann, Dallas Bailey, Frank Sharp, LaMarque Bai ' .ey, Janet, Sulphur Springs Bailey, Svdney Smith, Jr.. Houston Baity, Russell Warr en, Garland Baker, Burl Brannon, Amarillo Baker, Catherine Graves, Edinburg Baker, Charles Everett, Holland Baker, Norman Linwood, Jr., Moody Baker, Walter Harry, Waco Baldwin, John Michael, Hot Springs, Ark. Baldwin, Susan Jean, Houston Ballew, Elizabeth Jane, Cleburne Ballew, Robert Carroll, Fort Worth Mailman. Ann Margaret, Mart Balogh, Jeanne Marie. Rocky River, Ohio Barber, Rhojean, LaMarque Barkley. Janet Sue. Austin Barkley, Judith Ann, Houston Barnard, Karen Elaine, Garland Barnes, Bettie Bertrand, Aransas Pass Abbate, Joseph Wesley, Houston Abresch, Robert Joseph, III, Biloxi, Miss. Abright, Arthur Reese, Dallas Acheson, Randall Robert, El Paso Adams, Frances Elina, Houston Adams, Joseph Vincent, Houston Adams, Linda Ann, Austin Adams, Timothy Eric, Austin Adcox, Dukeo Baird, Jr., Bishop Addington, Nancy Nell, Dallas Addison, Nikki Katherine, Crystal City Adelstein, Reuben Louis, San Antonio Adkins, John Michael, Austin Ahrenbeck, Patricia Louise, Houston Ainsworth, Margaret Elizabeth, Galveston Alaniz, Rudolfo P., Corpus Christi Albrecht, Mary Jane, Houston Alcorn, Barbara Lynn, Fort Worth Alexander, Jeffrey Alan, Stanford, Calif. Allen, Geoffrey Hill, McAllen Allison, James Patrick, Alice Allison, Judith Ann, Garland Allman, Cherrylene, Austin Altmiller, Ann Marie, Austin Alvarado, Antonio, Laredo Alves, Karen Sue, New Braunfels Amacker, Judy Anne, Beaumont Andersen, Patricia Ruth, Weslaco Anderson, Carolyn Margaret, Waco Anderson, Gary Don, Richardson Anderson, Janis Lyn, Odessa Anderson, Kay Arline, Dallas Anderson, Patricia Louise, Weslaco Anderson, Robert Lawrence, Hitchcock Anderson, Sharon Ann, Austin Andress, Catherine Ann, Borger Andrews, Jerry Robert, Dallas Andrews, Mary Frances, Fort Worth Angell, Kathleen Wilson, Dallas Anselin, Patricia Kay, Waco Anthony, Henry William, III, San Antonio Appenbrink, William Marcellus, Galveston I i Page 650 CLASS OF 1969 Barnett, Penny Sue, LaMarque Baron, Frederick Martin, Smithville Baron, Kenneth Dale, El Paso Barrett, Freddie Louise, Pensacola, Fla. Barrows, Kathleen, Austin Barry, Bryan William, Dallas Bartlett, Phil Edward, Houston Barton, Alton Keith, Virginia Beach, Va. Barton, Carolyne, Austin Barton, Jan Claudette, Austin Barton, Janet Marie, San Marcos Batchelder, Eleanor Hatch, Fort Worth Baucum, Carlton Edward, Houston Baumel, Marsha Gail, Austin Baumgardner, Shelly Kay, Dallas Baumstark, Catherine, Houston Beach, Cynthia Ann, Waco Beal, Betty Jo, Austin Beall, Pamela Ruth, Gonzales Bealmear, Michael William, Midland Beard, Walter Eugene, Paris Beaty, William Robert, Fort Worth Beaver, Paul Domby, Garland Bechtel, Daniel Rudolph, Fort Worth Beck, Robert Miles, Abilene Beckett, William Michael, Iraan Beene, Nancy Sue, Joshua Beesley, Reece, New Orleans, La. Belcher, Sherian Faye, Dallas Bell, Jenna Lou, Dallas Bell, Suzan Gail, Houston Bellaire, Courtney Brooke, Grand Rapids, Mich. Belt, Terry Lee, Weimar Bender, Carol Ann, Houston Bennett, Barry Lee, Karnes City Bennett, Mary Ann. Huntsville Bennett, Roger William, Athens Benton Linda Dianne, McKinney Bentsen, Lan Chase, Houston Berk, Lawrence Stephen, Dallas Berkman, Alice Lynn, Austin Berndt, Karen Ann, Nacogdoches Q fa o a Bernhardt, Karen Ruth, South Bend, Ind. Berrey, Barbara Lynn, Arlington, Va. Berry, William Randall, El Paso Berwick, Joseph Arnold, Houston Best, Judi Marie, Houston Bickle, Vivian Dawson, Austin Biesele, Melanie, Storrs, Conn. Billingsley, Nancy Louise, Fort Worth Birdwell, William Reagan, Hearne Birnbaum. Robert Jay, San Antonio Black, Richard Randel, Electra Blackburn, James Bernard, Jr., Harlingen Blackburn, Sue Lynn, Corpus Christi Blackmon, Grady Lawrence, Lubbock Blair, Guy Norman, Jr., Randolph AFB Blair, Susan Mary, Houston Blakey, Nancy Catherine, San Antonio Bland, David Clarence, Houston Bland, Helen Dean, Dallas Blanks. Robert David, Ada, Okla. Bleakly, John Stanley, Jr., Haddonfield, N. J. Blevins, David Crockett, Mission Blinderman, Joseph, Houston Blood, William Earl. Austin Bloom, Myron " Earl, Dallas Blunk, Dan Isbell. Austin Boatright, David Michael, Texas City Bobbitt, Gordon Wayne, Mansfield Bodin, William Albert, San Antonio Boenig, Larry Robert, Woodsboro Boettcher, James Frank, Jacksonville, Fla. Bogart, Kerry Kathleen, Houston Bohlmann, Hans Wright, Houston Boles. Stanley Gayle, Houston Boiling. La Noe, Houston Bond, Cathy Lynn, Humble Book, Linda Jean. San Angelo Book, Wayne John, Miles Booth, Jarry David, Houston Borgeson, Charles Leroy, Fort Worth Bormaster, Jeffrey Steven, Galveston Boston, Linda Mary, Chillicothe Page 651 FRESHMEN Boulden, Susan Timmons, Austin Bounds, Helen Ruth, Tennessee Colony Bowden, Lucinda Louise, Houston Bowen, Earl Anderson, Midland Bowers, Mary Elizabeth, Garland Boyett, Ernest Jackson, Jr., Telegraph Bracher, Antoinette, Houston Braddick, Bill C., San Benito Bradford, Michael Roe, Fort Worth Bradley, William Calvin, Palestine Brandon, Nathan Ray, Dallas Brannon, Robert Huntington, Biloxi, Miss. Bransom, Betty Jane, Greenville Brantley, Barbara Kay, Angleton Braun, Wallace Charles, Houston Breitmeyer, Jo Anne, Dallas Brenholtz, Betty Lee, Denton Brennan, Thomas Charles, Houston Brier, Michael Allen, Houston Briscoe, Kathye Jean, San Antonio Britt, Judith Lynn, Austin Brittain, Jennifer Margaret, Dallas Brock, John Robert, Houston Broesche, Gerald Wayne, Bellaire Brooke, Judd Michael, New Orleans, La. Brooking, Laura Jean , Hazlehurst, Miss. Brookner, Miriam Faye, Beaumont Brooks, Beverly Ann, Corpus Christi Brown, Barbara Gerda, San Antonio Brown, Caleb Steve, III, Ballinger Brown, Carolyn Kay, Bonham Brown, David 0., Galveston Brown, DeeAnn, Paris Brown, James Malcolm, Arlington Brown, Linda Joy, Katy Brown, Linda Rae, Rotan Brown, Robert Howell, Austin Brownlow, James Carroll, Irving Bruce, David Alan, Orange Brummell, Nancy Gene, Decatur Brundrett, Ina Lynne, Overton Brunner, Virginia Marie, San Antonio Brunson, Cassandra Elayne, Baytown Bryan, Jimmy Douglas, Moulton Bryant, Douglas Wingert, Dallas Bryant, Jerry Don, Plainview Brzeszkiewicz, Peggy Jane, Dallas Bublis, Rosemary, Plainview Bullard, Paula Kay, Dallas Buratti, Kay Ann, Austin Burk, Alan Neil, Fort Worth Burke, Cecelia Marie, San Antonio Burke, Cynthia Ann, Houston Burke, James Lee, Corpus Christi Burkett, Steven Alan, San Antonio Burley, Sandra Lee, Dallas Burns, Alice Marie, Midland Burton, Rodney McCoy, Houston Busby, Barbara, San Antonio Bush, Robert Glenn, Nederland Buske, Bruce Kimball, Friona Butler, Carolyn Jean, Bonham Byfield, Pamela, McAllen Byrd, Deborah Anne, Seguin Byrd, Kenneth Wayne, Richardson Cabe, David Bishop, Austin Cadwell, Terry Wayne, Austin Caldwell, Donna Jean, Dallas Cammack, Benjamin Yoakum, Jr., Dallas Campbell, Linda Elizabeth, San Antonio Campbell, Richard Henderson, San Antonio Campbell, William Lawrence, Denison Campbell, William Thomas, III, Fort Worth Cannon, Brian Lee, Houston Caple, Eric Lynn, Fort Wayne, Ind. Caraway, Ann Elizabeth, Houston Card. Michael Melton, Pelham, N. Y. Cardenas, Diana Delia, San Antonio Cardwell, Sam Jeffrey, Taft Cardwell, Walter Wilcox, III, Lpckhart Carmichael, Terry Jean, Austin Carrington, Judy Lee, Hopatcong, N. J. Carroll, Jalinda Brannon, Dallas Carson, Carol Frances, Odessa Page 652 CLASS OF 1969 Castellanos, Katherine Nell, Houston Cearley, Edgar Columbus, III, Houston Celmins, Biruta A. C., San Antonio Chamberlain, Frances Fotini, San Antonio Chambers, Charles Weldon, Odessa Chambers, Linda, Richardson Chandler, Patricia Louise, Dallas Chapman, James Winston, Jr., Houston Chapman, John Harold, Jr., Lubbock Charnetski, Johnnie Ruwell, Port Lavaca Chase, Andrew Sidney, Piano Chemnitz, Charles William, Houston Chernikowski, Sandra Ellen, San Antonio Chester, Gerald Ray, Richardson Chiasson, Barbara Lynne, Port Arthur Childers, Camilla Elizabeth, Ozark, Ala. Childress, David William, Ozona Childress, Scott Creager, Houston Childs, Barbara June, Brownwood Christensen, Clay Burns, San Antonio Christner, Catherine Ann, Oklahoma City, Okla. Clark, Cassandra, Kingsville Clark, Julia Penny, Waco Clark, Marsha, Seguin Clark, Michael Scott, Houston Clark, Thomas Fuess, Austin Clark, William Steele, Sweetwater Clarke, Cathy Belle, San Antonio Clarke, Frances Ann, Lefors Clarke, Susan Jane, Lufkin Clayton, Kermeta Jan, Conroe Clem, Susan Louise, San Antonio Clemens, Linda Sue, Decatur Clements, Richard Owen, Jr., Liberty demons, Carl Luis, Houston Clinton, Leonard, Guy, III, Houston Clopton, Elizabeth Randolph, Austin Cocanower, Robert Dunlavy, Jr., Fort Worth Cochran, Nadine Oleva, Freeport Cochran, William Herblin, Austin Coerver, Louise Noelie, Houston Coffey, Howard Lane, Jr., Houston Coffey, Lois Ann, Omaha Coffman, Cleo Mae. Fort Worth Coffman, Marvin Doyle, Clifton Cohen, Gary Alan, Dallas Cohen, Louis Jay, Corpus Christi Cohn, Marsha Lee, Houston Coleman, Lloyd Gregory, Beaumont Coleman, Lynda Beatrice, Tyler Coleman, Margaret Elizabeth, Victoria Coleman, Robert Benson, San Angelo Coleman, Sandra Kay, Austin Collins, James Perkins, Dallas Collins, Kenneth Scott, Dallas Conerlv, Sandra Lee, Houson Coneway, Patrick Michael, Harlingen Connolly, Patricia Carole. Houston Connor, Martin Scott, Mount Pleasant Connors, Karen Katherine, Houston Conrad, James William, Austin Conwell, Steven Douglas, Dallas Cook, Brenda Joyce, Harlingen Cook, David Bruce, St. Louis, Mo. Cook, Lynda Joyce, Austin Cooke, Charles Thomas, Tomball Cooper, Martha LaDelle, Austin Coovert, Gary Glenn, Killeen Cope, Susan Elaine, San Angelo Corbett, Desmond Brian, Fort Worth Cornelius, Sue Sharon, Agua Dulce Correll, Selena Cauble, Richardson Collar, David Michael, Houston Cotton, Courtenay Lea, Dallas Coulter, Preston Blalock, Dallas Covin, Sunny, Houston Cowan, Alvin Ethelbert, Arlington, Va. Cowan, Joyce Marie, Houston Coward, Barbara Elaine, Bellville Cowder. Susan Diane, Laredo Cox, Carol, Houston Cox, Danya Suzann, Fort Worth Cox, James Randal, Midland Craft, Addie Beth, Throckmorton Page 653 FRESHMEN Ci Craig, Margaret Phoebe, Austin Craig, Richard Neil, Crane Craig, Susan, Fort Worth Crane, Warren Patrick, San Antonio Crawford, Pat Barry, Garland Grim, Rose Margaret, Greenville Crist, Anita Louise, Austin Croft, Thomas Grimerson, III, Fort Worth Crook, James MacKissack, Houston Crosby, Amelia Dian, Houston Crow, Theodore Franklin, Dallas Crowe, Deborah Ruth, Dallas Crowell, Steven Glen, Snyder Crowley, Charles White, Dallas Cruce, Carol, Houston Cruse, Mary Lucinda, Houston Crutchfield, Candace, Liberty Crutchfield Dan Evans, San Antonio Cubbison, Gregory Kent, Houston Cullen, Jeffrey Lynn, Austin Gulp, Joan Carolyn, Temple Cummings, Peggy Ruth, Dickinson Cunningham, Mary Carol, Austin Curry, Anna Maria, Dallas Curry, Saundy Jay, Ravenna Curtino, Linda Joyce, Galveston Curtis, Dana Allan, Houston Dahlstrom, Patricia Cornelia, Houston Dalrymple, Dennis Allen, Bellaire Dalton, Linda Lauree. Harker Heights Damron, James Stewart, Midland Daniel, Cynthia Kay, Austin Daniel, Dawne Diane, San Antonio Daniel, Leonard Hayden, Greenville Daniel, Theresa Frances, Gladewater Daniels, Bryan, Houston Darby, Clifton Floyd, Davenport, Iowa Darley, Carol Ruth, San Antonio Davidoff, Joyce Helen, El Paso Davidson, John Porterfield, Fredericksburg Davidson, Royce Glenn, Teague Davila, Aurelia Castillo, Pearsall Davis, Anna Lou, Fort Worth Davis, Beverly Lou, Harlingen Davis, Charles Goodrich, Jr., San Antonio Davis, Dan Garland, Austin Davis, Diana Marie, Dallas Davis, Donald McLucas, Riverside, Calif. Davis, James Edward, Jr., Dallas Davis, Judy Anne, Denton Davis, Kathleen Clift, Ballinger Davis, Margaret Nan, Brackettville Davis, Margarete Luise, Clinton-Sherman AFB, Okla. Davis, Richard Kent, Seguin Davis, Richard Wayne, Midland Davis, Robert Charles, Fort Worth Davis, Ronald Stephen, Victoria Davis, Suzanne, McLean, Va. Davis, Thomas Calvin, Mertzon Dawson, Janelyn Eble, Dallas Day, Bob, Jr., Garland Dean, Ben, III, Breckenridge Dean, David Allen, Dallas Dean, Peter Watts, Austin Decherd, Dealey, Dallas Decker, Robert West, Jr., Fort Worth Deel, David Ivan, Abilene Deely, James Patrick, San Antonio Delleney, Rupert Dean, Marlin Delvige, Robert Lee, Yoakum Dement, Vernon Albert, Austin Demond, Walter Eugene, Carswell AFB Dempsey, Kaye Sue, Richardson Dengler, Miriam Bell, Corpus Christi Dennis, Jane Ann, Richardson Dennis, Joseph Biedenharn, San Antonio DeVos, Kenneth Bruce, Mason DeVoss, David Arlen, Dallas Dialessi, Diane Marie, Dallas Dickson, James Robert, Houston Dickson, Mary Elizabeth, San Antonio Dietz, John Karl, Seabrook Dike, Jerry Lynn, Palestine Dillard, Robert Wallace, Brownwood Page 654 CLASS OF 1969 Dobbs, Judy K., Houston Dobbs, Nola Sue, Teague Dobie, Rebecca E., Cotulla Dodrill, Gregg Wayne, Fort Worth Dodson, Connie Ann, Miami Dolman, Suzanne June, Odessa Domingue, Rene Lawrence, II, Galena Park Donahue, Mike J., Houston Doran, John Hilton, Odessa Dorsett, Rebecca Margaret, Houston Dorsey, James Frederick, Houston Dorsey, James Thomas, Pittsburgh, Pa. Douglas, Gary Eli, Belton Douglass, Michael, Houston Downing, Barbara Ann, Eagle Pass Draeger, Madelei ne, Houston Drake, Berla Jane, Katy Drewry, Jerome Lane, Texarkana Driscoll, Michael Savil, Galveston Druker, Judith Ann, Skokie, 111. Duderstadt, Dolores Lynn, Harper Dudley, Donna Sue, Dallas Dudley, James Stephen, Dallas Dugan, William David, Andrews AFB, Md. Duke, Terry Wayne, Lancaster Dulan, Kathleen, Fayetteville, Ark. Dulaney, Robert Larry, Bonham Duncan, Dianne, Eagle Lake Dunn, Roxanna, Dallas Dunning, David William, Dallas Dunshie, William Edward, Beaumont Duplissey, John Allen, Houston Dupree, Ronald David, Texarkana Durckel, Kathleen Meredythe, Houston Durham, Clifton Howard, Jr., Pecos Durlam, Mary Lynne, Houston Durst, John Wakefield, Crockett Dyer, Charles Richard, San Antonio Eads, Tommy Glover, Ladonia Earnest, Carol Louise, Lamesa Eastland, Linda Paige, Corpus Christi Eatenson, Stephen Craig, Dallas Eaton, Danny Maurice, Paris Eckenrod, Carla Jean, Houston Edwards, James Douglas, Irving Edwards, John Gordon, Dallas Edwards, Jola Nell, Lubbock Egan, Glena June, Dallas Egly, Richard Jesse, Houston Ehlert, Thomas Richard, Dallas Eichenbaum, Larry, Austin Eisemann, John Edwin, Houston Elliott, Dianne Kathleen, Baytown Elliott, William Marion, Sonora Ellis, Jo Anne, Fort Worth Ellis, Ronald Lynn, Dallas Ellison, Nancy Jean, Killeen El Senoussi, Amir, Pacific Palisades, Calif. Embry, James Alva, Houston Emery, Kenneth Charles, San Antonio Emmer, Stephanie Elaine, Oklahoma City, Okla Emmott, Carolyn Jean, Houston Engel, Carol Joyce, Houston Englander, Donna Lynn, Miami Beach, Fla. Engler, Edward James, Ipswich, S. Dak. Eppes, John Stephen, Silsbee Eppright, Charles Leigh, Bay City Eppright, Linda Anne, Dallas Ermis, Edward John, Woodsboro Erwin, Mary Lou, La Porte Estes, James Roy, Mertzon Etheredge, John David, Joaquin Evans, Charles Laures, Dallas Evans, Dean Clinton, Pampa Evans, Janet Denena, McLean, Va. Evans, Vicki Lynne, Dallas Ewing, Richard Edward, Wichita Falls Ezell, Steven Edgar, Fort Worth Fain, Ralph E., Houston Fall, John Michael, Archer City Fallen, Craig Vincent, Dallas Fambrough, Ann Pearson, Houston Farow, Nancy Joan, Arlington Faulkner, Lee Byron, Greenville Page 655 FRESHMEN 1:1 Fehr, Kearby Clark, Austin Feibel, Carolyn Jean, Dallas Feldman, William Steven, Mexico City, Mex. Felsenthal, Sharon Gertrude, Longview Ferguson, Carolyn Elizabeth, Cuero Ferguson, Dillon James, Houston Ferguson, Pamela Celeste, Houston Fertitta, David Anthony, Beaumont Feuerbacher, Eva Kaye, Austin Fieldcamp, Steven William, Houston Fielder, Cecil David, Houston Fields, Henri Victor, Frankston Fillmore, Theresia Diane, Houston Finberg, Judy Ann, Dallas Fine, Barbara Ann, Dallas Finger, Arlene, Dallas Finkelstein, Randolph, Dallas Firth, Marcy Jean, Houston Fisch, Irvin Simon, Houston Fischer, Nancy Darlene, San Antonio Fisher, Beverly Faye, Fort Worth Fisher, Charles Emil, Lubbock Fisher, David Wayne, Houston Fisher, John Joseph, Austin Fisher, Roy Michael, Sudan Fisk, Hollye Carson, Houston File, James Michael, Bonham Flack, David Wilson, San Antonio Fletcher, Charles Howard, Jr., Fort Worth Fletcher, Mary Jean, Bridgeport Fleury, Nancy Jo, Bellaire Flodine, Nancy Carol, Houston Fly, Robert Edwin, Houston Folkes, George Denton, Amarillo Foote, Sherry Ann, Sweeny Forester, Zachary Taylor, III, San Bernardino, Calif. Forrest, Carroll Jay, Burkburnett Forrester, Ann Martha, Bay City Foster, Jo Anne, Longview Fowler, Edward Wayne, Houston Fowler, Nancy, Houston Fox, Sherry Sue, Fort Worth Framer, Judy, Galveston Francis, Jane Plowman, Dallas Francis, Sharon Gayle, Baytown Franklin, Charles Jay, Houston Franks, Edwin Benjamin, Texarkana Frazier, Judy Sue, Dallas Fredricksen, Mary Kate, Galveston Freedman, Edwin Buster, Houston Freedman, Linda Lou, Dallas Freeman, James William, Mount Pleasant Freeman, William Frederick, San Antonio Frick, John Douglas, Kingsville Friedman, Dianne, Texarkana Friedman, Jeffrey Howard, Dallas Friend, Patricia Ann, Houston Fritsche, Alvie Ray, Houston Froehner, Sharon Lee, Houston Fuhrmann, Larry Ronald, Hereford Fulbright, Dianne, Beaumont Fuller, Ann Elizabeth, Dallas Fuller, Ronald Eugene, San Angelo Fulton, Loretta Ann, Floydada Fuquay, Carolyn Kay, Devine Furness, Lydia Frances, Pasadena Furr, Riley John, Baton Rouge, La. Galatzan, Leigh Stewart, El Paso Gallagher, Joseph Henry, III, Houston Gallagher, Patsy Faye, Gainesville Galloway, Francis Orman, Dallas Gantt, Carol Elaine, Houston Garlington, Gerald Thomas, Dallas Garner, Jean Ann, Waco Garner, Laura A., El Paso Garrett, Charlsie Burns, Burnet Garrett, Joan Elizabeth, Houston Garrett, John Henry, La Porte Garwood, Kelly Richard, ' Dallas Gates, Pamela Diane, Houston Gayle, Glenda Colley, Houston Gaylord, Thomas Shepherd, Houston Geisler, James Alvin, Corpus Christi Gellman, Tobi Kay, Austin I i ( Page 656 CLASS OF 1969 Gentry, Cecil Adrian, Henderson George, Roy Edward, Houston Gerson, Dan Benjamin, Houston Getchey, Nancy June, Houston Giannoble, Richard Paul, Dallas Gibson, Jane Louise, Corpus Christi Gibson, Judith Lynne, Arlington Gibson, Katherine Ann, Dallas Gideon, Steve Roger, Stephenville Giese, Jo Ann, Houston Gilbreath, Jane Amelia, Weimar Gilles, Janet Ann, Odessa Gillespie, Hal Keith, Walker AFB, N. Mex. Gillespie, Julia Elizabe ' h, Springfield, Va. Gillette, Juanita Marlies, Gatesville Gilliam, Billie Irene, Dallas Gilliam, Constance Faye, Victoria Gilliam, Paulette Marie, Houston Gilreath, Farrell Richard Dean, Jr., LaMarque Ginnings, Ch arles Michael, Demon Glass, George Thomas, Jr., Santa Barbara, Calif. Glass, Sallie Ann, Maud Glassmire, Charles Joseph, Groves Gleaton, Martha Gail, Comanche Glenn, Michael Ray, Burnet Glickman, Joel Bernard, Wichita, Kans. Glover, Margaret Ellen, Tyler Goad, Wayne Douglas, Dallas Godfrey, Rebecca Carol, Dallas Goldman, Carol Beth, Fort Worth Goldman, Donald Frank, Dallas Goldsmith, Harry Randall, Abilene Goldstein, Judy Ann, El Paso Gonzalez, Cynthia Ann, McAllen Gonzalez, Theodore Anthony, San Antonio Goodloe, Karen Lee, El Paso Goodpasture, John Edgar, Jr., San Antonio Goodson, Saundra Louise, Houston Goodwin, Clifton A., Houston Goren, Gerald Marks, Houston Gould, Janet Florence, College Station Graf, Linda Kay, Vernon A titfifcrttfMft f% 4 -iirfe Grafius, John McNab, Bellaire Graham, Euzea Sue, Longview Gramberg, Eva Maria, Bryan Grant, Esther Jane, Bryan Grantham, Joseph Kelley, Miami Graves, David Wallace, Fort Worth Graves, Marian Louise, Jasper Graves, Sharon Dale, Garland Gray, Charles Lanford, Wichita Falls Gray, Robert Lee, Houston Gray, William Robert, Carthage Green, Carla Lea, Austin Green, Dorothy Dean, Gonzales Green, Ronald Joseph, Henderson Green, Vicki Jann, Del Rio Green, Wesley Woodrow, Jr., Dallas Greenberg, Debora Dell, Tyler Greene, George Leonard, Austin Greene, Molly Susan, Dallas Greenlee, Robert Dewitt, Dallas Gremfllion, Harry Dorsett, Texas City Grenier, Sally Duncan, Dallas Gribble, Kruse, Houston Grier, John Richard, Amarillo Griffin, Brand Norman, Pasadena Griffin, Kenneth Edward, McGregor Grigsby, John Wallace, Austin Grimes, Lady Jayne, Abilene Grimes, Stephen David, Dallas Grob, Charles Earl, Houston Grobe, Peggy Lynn, Sonora Groce, Linda Sue, Short Hills, N. J. Grohn, Carole Eugenia, Beeville Groner, Rebecca C., Baytown Groos, D. Michael, New Braunfels Grove, James Frederick, IV, Austin Gully, Jane Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Gump, Richard Anthony, Jr., Dallas Gundersen, Gail Irene, La Porte Haberle, Patricia Ruth, Liberty Haines, Kathryn Priscilla, Temple Halbert, Joel Gaylon, Jacksonville Page 657 FRESHMEN Hall, Helen Hope, Dallas Hall, William Glen, Palestine Hallock, Bruce Glen, Jr., Austin Halm, Allen Joseph, Mason Halstead, Lucinda, Dallas Hamilton, Carmen Lynette, Amarillo Hamilton, Carolyn Ruth, Houston Hamilton, Daniel Kirk, Jr., Chapel Hill, N. C. Hamilton, Larry Alan, Dallas Hamilton, Richard Alan, Lufkin Hammerand; Verdery, Houston Hammons, Linda Darlene, Dickinson Hammons, Loneta Ann, Houston Hancock, Warren Edward, Jr., Dallas Hanger, Chris Thomas, Fort Worth Hankamer, Larry Ross, Houston Hankins, Alton Benton, Jr., Amarillo Hanson, Judith Faye, San Antonio Haralson, Nancy Lynn, Big Spring Hardesty, John Powell, Merkel Hardgrave, Carol, Palestine Hardy, Hugh William, Abilene Hardy, Joyce Ellyn, Houston Hargrove, Clyde Lee, Bea ' umont Harkey, Eddie Maurice, DeKalb Harlowe, Jayne Laraine, Brownwood Harmon, Judy Kay, Lockhart Harp, David Curtis, Crystal City Harrell, Leslie Ann, Corpus Christ! Harris, David Michael, Houston Harris, Roy Clark, El Paso Harris, Virgil Everette, Houston Harris, Walter Steven, Galena Park Harrison, Frank, Jr., Dallas Hart, Joseph Byron, Austin Hartley, Toni Hilliard, Canton Hartman, James Del, El Paso Hartman, Shirley Marie, San Antonio Hartmann, Lynnette Louise, Fredericksburg Hartt, Barry Foster, Houston Harvey, Sarah Elizabeth, Corpus Christi Harwerth, Elizabeth Noel, Laredo Harwood, Diane Natalie, Houston Hauber, Thomas Richard, Galena Park Haven, Edward L., Wichita Falls Haydon, Robert Lynn, Dripping Springs Hayes, Dorothy Raye, Longview Haynes, Lenora Claire, Houston Head, Heron Johnson, Houston Head, Thomas Edgar, Lubbock Heard, Mary Peters, Belton Hearn, Richard Lynn, Encinal Heartfield, Barbara Ann, McAllen Heath, Claude Robert, Deer Park Heffler, Marilyn Yvonne, Houston Heiligenthal, Jean Ann, Austin Heine, Carlos Jorge, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Heintz, Nicholas Wayne, North Little Rock, Ark. Heise, Mary Elaine, Waco Henderson, Herman Cornelius, Jr., Houston Henderson, Patricia Alice, El Campo Henderson, Therman Thomas, Piano Henderson, William Watson, Jr., Austin Henneberger, Kathy Rather, Austin Henry, Charles Robert, Jr., Dallas Henry, George Warren, San Antonio Henshaw, Jacob Madison, Jr., San Antonio Henslee, Ann, Corpus Christi Hernandez, Alpha, Del Rio Herring, Ronald Jackson, Amarillo Herron, Patricia Lou, Humble Hesdorffer, Gordon Brenner, Monroe, La. Hess, Barbara Sue, Houston Hewell, Jerry Johnston, Nixon Hezlep, Jane Elizabeth, San Antonio Hibbetts, James Cooper, Amarillo Hibbetts, Virginia Gail, Austin Hicklin, Julie Ann, Dallas Hicks, Max Renea, Denison Hicks, Pamela Lynn, Austin Higdon, Albert Dain, San Antonio Higgins, Michael Ray, De Soto Hightower, Jeffrey Wayne, Fort Worth Hill, Holly, Porter m, t I Page 658 CLASS OF 1969 Hill, Jack William, Houston Hiller, Marsha Ann, Eagle Pass Hilton, Nora Faye, Lockhart Hindman, James William, Houston Hinds, Stephen Randolph, Houston Hines, Linda Carroll, Midland Hinshaw, Bonita Kay, Garland Hinton, Paulette Loraine, Skellytown Hirsch, Elsa Rae, Houston Hirsch, Linda, Houston Hitchcock, Nancy Elizabeth, Duncanville Hobbins, Weldon Mason, Rosenberg Hodges, David Lee, Dallas Hodges, Karen Wenda, Austin Hoehn, Sheila Jeanne, Nocona Hoekstra, Thomas Scheie, Dallas Hoffer, Barry Paul, Beaumont Hoffman, Charles Edward, Jr., Beaumont Hogue, Martha Ellen, San Antonio Holdeman, Margaret Ann, Texas City Holder, Arthur Donnes, Corpus Christi Holder, Worth Ramsey, Abilene Holland, Barry Bren, Big Lake Holland, Josephine Wilson, Houston Holland, Leisa, Houston Hollar, Richard Allen, London, England Hollis, Randall Howard, Port Neches Holmes, Kathy Jo, Matins Holmes, Victor Bernard, Dilley Holt, Cheryl Anne, Dallas Holzmann, Doris Mae, New Braunfels Hoon, Alle ' n Russell, Austin Hooper, David Crittenden, Lubbock Hooper, Terry Maree, Houston Hooser, Gregory Drew, Austin Hooser, John David, Dallas Horbelt, Douglas Vincent, Pasadena Hornsby, Helen Marie, Beaumont Horowitz, Jerry K., Corpus Christi Houdyshell, Ronald Guy, Amarillo Hough, Leonard Elijah, Dallas Houston, Franklin Cardwell, Austin Houston, Stephen Douglas, Austin Hoverstock, Sue Ann, Houston Howard, John Robert, Lubbock Howard, Roddy Melvin, Houston Howell, Allison Platt, Austin Howell, John Baker, Jr., Shreveport, La. Hrncir, Sandra Lynn, Houston Hubby, Lee Hutchins, Austin Hufnagle, John Roger, Fort Worth Hughes, George Griffin, Houston Hughes, Hal Kiker, Abilene Hughes, Howard David, Somerville Hughes, Margie Lee, Fort Worth Hughes, William Garner, Austin Hull, Ralph Thomas, Houston Humphres, James Cliford, Lampasas Humphrey, Gene Earl, Clarksville Humphrey, Virginia Lee, Dallas Hunsaker, Linda, Houston Hunt, Howard Alan, Anson Hunt, James Frederick, Austin Hunt, Robin G., Austin Hunter, Sandra Kathleen, Galveston Hurley, Harvey Lee, Jr., Midland Hurst, Martha Ellen, Fredericksburg Hyde, Jerry Ronald, Fort Worth Hyman, Sherry Lynn, San Antonio Ikins, Linda Sue, Van Horn Irvin, Alton Larry, Abilene Irvin, Johnny Wade, Fort -Worth Isaacson, Gail Lynn, Houston Jacks, Lawson Finis, III, Lubbock Jackson, Carmen Diane, Anahuac Jackson, Katherine Laurine, San Antonio Jackson, Sheila Kay, Garland Jackson, Stephanie Gail, Austin Jacobs, Patricia Gail, Beaumont Jacobs, Robert Eugene, Magnolia Jacques, Elisabeth Page, Victoria Jaeggli, Barbara Jane, Floresville Jamail, Carolyn Marie, San Antonio James, Stephen Nelson, Houston Page 659 FRESHMEN c Jamison, Sandra Kenan, Lampasas Jaster, Bruce Wilbert, La Grange Jefferson, Harry, III, Houston Jennings, William Crockett, Belton Jensen, Karen Elaine, Houston Jentsch, Dorothy Mae, New Braunfels Jessup, Jacqueline jean, Waco Johnson, Alice Marie, Houston Johnson, Barbara Louise, Dallas Johnson, Deborah Jean, Dallas Johnson, Jerry Lynn, Houston Johnson, Joan Carol, San Antonio Johnson, Judy Jo, Mount Peasant Johnson, Nancy Lee, Dallas Johnson, Pamiel Lynne, LaMarque Johnson, Randy Luann, Austin Johnson, Richard James, El Paso Johnson, Richard Leonard, Austin Johnson, William Brown, Jr., Abilene Johnston, Aaron, Jr., Houston Johnston, Lewis Paul, Longview Johnston, Lucinda, San Antonio Jolink, Gray Byron, Comanche Jones, Anne Nelson, Shreveport, La. Jones, Claudia Leigh, Dallas Jones, Dan Franklin, Amarillo Jones, David C., Houston Jones, Donald Wade, Corpus Christi Jones, Karen Lee, Austin Jones, Laurie Lynn, Kerrville Joplin, Joe Mitchell, McKinney Jordan, Katherine Inga, Garland Joseph, Philip Cater, Austin Josephson, Fredrica Joyce, Snyder Jumper, Myrris Elise, Houston Kaiser, Michael Ray, Houston Kane, Jerry, Corpus Christi Karotkin, Kenneth Mark, Austin Karr, Karolyn, Houston Karrh, Larry Rayburn, Hale Center Kasparek, Phillip Dale, Pasadena Kates, Mary Linda, Sunnyvale, Calif. K Kaths, Patricia Ann, Dallas Kaufman, Alfred Lee, Beaumont Kay, Barbara Ann, Houston Kboudi, Marcy, San Antonio Keathley, Frank Mafcen, Jr., Dallas Keenan, Christopher Donnelly, Houston Keeton, Ernest Richard, III, Houston Keith, Nancy Gail, Austin Kelley, Helen Carole, Houston Kelley, James Colvin, Henrietta Kellough, Cathy Allen, Houston Kelsey, Christine Elizabeth, LaMarque Kemp, Jimmy Fred, Arlington Kennedy, Elizabeth Lenda, Abilene Kennon, Angela Greer, Houston Kern, Austin LeRoy, McAllen Kernodle, Elizabeth Arlisse, Dallas Kessler, Kenneth Ross, Mineral Wells Kiker, ' David Barton, Amarillo Kilgore, Robert Allen, Beeville Kimbrell, Madolyn Jean, Rockwall Kimmell, Ben Charles, Dallas Kinder, Charles Roland, San Antonio King, Clyde Clifton, Jr., Houston King, David Hammond, Dallas Kinsel, Joe Bob, Jr., Beaumont Kinsey, Elisabeth Jane, Lamesa Kinsman, Carol Ann, Houston Kipp, Roger Floyd, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. Kirk, Patricia Margaret, San Antonio Kirkpatrick, Susan Lee, Houston Kirkwood, John Francis, San Antonio Klein, Mark, Dallas Klein, Mark Stephen, Overland Park, Kans. Klein, Paula Lynn, San Antonio Kleypas, Janis, Freeport Klipple, Karen Wilhelmina, Austin Knize, Jo Nell, Ennis Koch, Nancy Jean, Dallas Koenig, Kathleen Blair, Marshall Kohlman, Linda Ann, Beaumont Kohn, Sandra Judith, Dallas I c (. i ( i Page 660 CLASS OF 1969 Kolasci, Paul, III, Beeville Kolb, Cynthia Jane, LaMarque Kouri, Cynthia Ann, Austin Krampitz, Eileen Ann, Sealy Kraskey, Lynn Sheryl, Waco Krause, Patricia Ann, El Paso Kriegel, Kay Lynn, Bellaire Krippel, John Michael, Houston Kritser, David Sloan, Amarillo Krogerus, Marilyn Joy, Dallas Krueger, David Wayne, Miles Kruppa, Patricia Ann, Houston Kruse, Pamela Elizabeth, Houston Ku, June Chunchin, San Antonio Kubena, Thomas Alan, Ellinger Kucera, Lilly Evelyn, Houston Kuhleman, Frances Patricia, Houston Kutzschbach, George Frank, Bryan Kuykendall, Mary Margaret, Grand Saline Kyser, Georgia Ruth, Houston Labovitz, Joan Harrise, Fort Worth Laird, David Gregory, Fort Worth Lale, Judy Norene, Pleasanton LaMar, Paul Stephen, San Antonio Lamberth, Larry Eugene, Dallas Lambin, Bruce Clark, Deer Park Lancaster, Meredith Ann, Kermit Landsborough, Jane Elizabeth, Freeport Landy, Raymond Alex, San Angelo Lang, William Alfred, Dallas Langdon, William Lester, Port Arthur Langley, Robert E., Jr., San Antonio Lanham, Crystal Waynel, Borger Lanier, Dennis Martin, Fort Worth Lara, Mike, Pecos Laughlin, Carrie Lou, Bay City Lawhon, James Clinton, Floresville Lawrence, Renn Michael, Bryan Lawson, Arleen Elizabeth, Houston Lawton, George Winthrop, Dallas Lay, Larry Wallace, Austin Leahy, Delia Ann, Fort Worth Learned, Barbara Katherine, Houston Leben, Sue Ann, Wichita, Kans. Ledbetter, Nancy Boone, Dallas Lee, Barbara Ann, Houston Lee, Daniel Warnell, Jr., San Antonio Lee, Dorie Earl, Port Arthur Lee, Mark Presnell, Dallas Lee, Robert Thomas, San Antonio Lefton, David, San Antonio Lehman, Nancy Elizabeth, Weslaco Lehmberg. Laura Lee, Mason Lemmons, Julie Ann, Graham Lennington, Rebecca Sue, Arlington Leverich, Wesley Joseph, Fort Worth Levi, Thomas Jack, Killeen Levin, Barbara Lynn, Salinas, Calif. Levin, Barbara Rae, Rock Island, 111. Levin, Garrett Stephen, Brownsville Levin, Susan Jean, Joliet, 111. Levit, Robert Allan, Houston Levy, Kenneth Elliot, Houston Levy, Paul Lawrence, Houston Lewis. Nancy Helen. Houston Liebling, Roberta Rita, Port Arthur Lindsay, Marijo, Houston Linney, Richard Monroe, Refugio Lipnick, Susan Renee, Galveston Lipscomb, Betty Claire, Houston Litherland. James George III, Dallas Little, Gail Lavelle, Weatherford Littlefield, Edgar Bernard, III, Munday Litton, Richard Henry, Houston Livermore, James Frederick, Houston Livingston, Mary, Blytheville AFB, Ark. Lockart. James Eldridge, III, Dallas Lokey, James Edward, Lubbock Long, Larry Lester, Houston Long, Lewis William, Dallas Longacre, James Kinney, San Antonio Loper, Argus Craig, Austin Love, Pamela Anne, Dallas Lovell, James Lloyd, Austin Page 661 FRESHMEN Loving, Polly Anne, Panhandle Lowdon, Ethel Kelso, Fort Worth Lowrie, Robert James, Jr., Houston Lucas, Helen Earnshaw, Austin Lucas, Marcia Ruth, Brownwood Lucas, Mary Ann, Austin Lund, Francis Jules, Jr., El Paso Lundell, William Grobe, San Antonio Lunin, Maun Patricia, Houston Lyday, Russell Weldon, Dallas Lyttleton, Donald Riley, Houston MacDonald, Patricia Irene, San Antonio Mack, Roderick Coats, Dallas MacMaster, Livie Andrea, Dallas MacNaughton, Virginia Sue, Houston Mac Quigg, John Ellison, Dallas Magruder, Lawson William, III, Fort Monroe, Va. Main, Nancy Carolyn, Palestine Mallicote, James McLean, Fort Worth Mang, Diane Lynette, Beaumont Manley, Walker D., Jr., Palestine Manson, George Lee, Gonzales Marek, Robert Charles, Corpus Christi Margosh, Rinette Emily, Houston Marks, Ann Frances, Corpus Christi Marks, Sandra, Houston Marquardt, Elizabeth Ann, McAllen Martin, Kathleen Graham, San Antonio Martin, Richard Gordon, Jr., Houston Martindell, Carla Marie, Fort Worth Mason, William Franklin, Houston Massey, Barry Milton, Universal City Mast, Mary Elizabeth, Midland Masters, Charles William, San Antonio Masterson, Thomas Charles, Dallas Mathews, Michele. Longview Mathis, Selma Jane, Dallas Matsen, Megan Cecelia, Austin Mattiza, Nancy Ann, Corpus Christi Mauk, Georgeann, Houston Maulding, Lee Roy, Jr., Austin Maus, Yvette Louise, Austin I Maxwell, Georgia, Elaine, Austin Maxwell, Robert Nolan, Grand Prairie May, Carole Ann, Dallas May, Henry Stratford, Jr., Denver City Mayer, Randolph Annan, Houston Mays, Cheryl Ann, Austin Mays, Cynthia, Houston McAdoo, Helen Darlene, Austin McAfee, Loretta Marguerite, London, England McBride, Jane Hazelle, Houston McBride, Margaret Ann, Winnie McCarley, Martha Jean, San Antonio McCaskill, Shirley Jean, Austin McCathren, Jo Cheryl, Breckenridge McCharen, Elam Beatty, Jr., Houston McClintock, Mary Ann, La Porte McClure, Michael James, Dallas McCoy, Sharron Kaye, Dallas McCroskery, Gregory James, San Antonio McCullen, Patrice Eileen, Pasadena McDanald, Eugene Chester, LaMarque McDaniel, Trudie Bob, Beaumont McEwen, Kay Sharon, San Antonio McGehee, Nancy Kay, Dallas McGhee, Lyda Elizabeth, Houston McGuffin, Alice Kathryn, Austin McGuire, Claire DeMorse, Dallas Mcllvain, Rose Ann, Pottsboro Mclntosh, Henry Fuller, Dalhart Mclntosh, Mary Ann, Floydada McKenna, Charles Te rence, Houston McKenna, Marie Huguenin, Galveston McKenzie, Robert Larry, Alvin McKinney, Charles Weldon, Groves McKinnon, Stephen Gillis, Houston McLean, Linda Jo, Houston McLendon, Larry William, Alvin McMahon, Betty Gaye, Baytown McMeans, Seth Alan, Brenham McMillan, Kathryn Ann, Junction McNatt, Richard James, Corpus Christi McPherson, Cheryl, Dallas Page 662 CLASS OF 1969 McQueary, Wilburn Eddie, Gordon McQueen, Marilyn Dee, Houston McSween, Marilyn Kathleen, Slaton McTaggart, Virginia Lynn, Northridge, Calif. McWhirter, Sharon Ann, Webster, N. Y. McWilliams, Dennis Oran, New Braunfels Meador, Charles Lawrence, Dallas Meador, Larry James, Houston Mederios, Pamela Ann, San Antonio Meehan, Helene Ruth, Fort Worth Meek, James Carrol, Mount Vernon Meeks, Paula Dale, San Antonio Meisel, Robert Christopher, Dallas Melcher, Michele Louise, Bryan Menzies, Tyra Jan, Austin Mercier, George Timothy, Houston Meriwether, Judy Ann, Austin Merrill, Phyllis Ann, Brownsville Merritt, Nancy Lynn, Denton Meyer, Richard Wayne, Schulenberg Michaelsen, Susan Delayne, Houston Mickish, Alan Bart, San Antonio Micks, Donald Fred, Galveston Middleton, William Mark, Corsicana Migliaccio, Joseph Francis, Dallas Mikel, Paula Dianne, Hurst Miksovsky, Peggy Ann, Angleton Miley, Robert Francis, Bedford, Va. Miller, Barry LeNeil, Austin Miller, Christine Elizabeth, St. Ann, Mo. Miller, Donna Vee, Abilene Miller, James Mayo, Dallas Miller. James Ralph, II, Edna Miller, John Daniel, Houston Miller, Judith Catherine, Cooper Miller, Lynn, Corpus Christi Miller, Margaret Anne, Midland Miller, Pamela Jean, Austin Miller, Ralph Irad, Dallas ' Miller, Sandra Fay, Houston Miller, Sherrye Gene, Graham Millin, John Andrew, III, Galveston Mills, David Everett, Jr., Nashville, Tenn. Mills, Diana Lynne, Austin Millsap, Sam Dewey, Jr., San Antonio Milne, Robert A., Jr., Houston Milosevich, Nick John, Galveston Mims, Donald Brook, Dallas Miner, Robert Camp, Jr., Corpus Christi Minor, James Ira, Austin Mitchell, Andrea Lou, Whittier, Calif. Mitchell, John Daniel, Mount Pleasant Mize, Gilbertine, Perryton Moffett, Lisle Dolores, Medina Molak, Patrick Stephen, San Antonio Moller, David Nelson, Fort Worth Monroe, Marsha Frances, Austin Monroe, Myrick Leonidas, Jr., Kerrville Montanari, Susan Day, Alexandria, Va. Montgomery, Carl Baker, Carrollton Moody, Pamella Suzanne, Pasadena Moon, Kathleen Ann, Randolph AFB Moore, Carolyn Sue, Crockett Moore, David Murray, San Antonio Moore, Esther Lee, Midland Moore, Ronald Lee, Houston Moore, Susan Elizabeth, Austin Moore, William Tyler, Jr., Corpus Christi Moorhead, Sharon Alexis, Randolph AFB Mooring, Scott Webber, III, Fort Worth Morales- Webster, Charles. Houston Moran, Antonia Sue, Richardson Moravcik, Alan George, Odessa Morehouse, Sally Ann, Corpus Christi Morehouse, Susan Lvn. Corpus Christi Morford, Robert William, Abilene Morgan, David Granville, Kilgore Morgan, Joe Mohney, Houston Morgan, Martha Jo. Raymondville Moriarty, Linda Rae, Dallas Morphew, Randall Steen, Jr., Longview Morran, Donald Wayne, Seagoville Morrill, Sallie Cherry, Beeville Morrjs, Edward Stanton, Jr., Amarillo Page 663 FRESHMEN Morris, Marion Lynn, Houston Morris, William Browder, Jr., Corpus Christ! Morse, George Richard, Houston Moses, Bruce Oliver, Houston Mosley, Erma Dianne, Dallas Mott, Roger Dale, Port Neches Motter, Mary Dianne, Fort Lee, Va. Moyer, Lynne Ashley, Bellaire Muir, Carol Gean, Bedford, Mass. Mumme, Frances Ann, Austin Murchison, Martha Ann, Corsicana Murfee, George W., Abilene Murphy, John Francis, San Antonio Murrah, Macka Lee, Diboll Murray, Barbara Elizabeth, Del Rio Murray, Gregory Earl, Katy Murray, Mark Vincent, Huntsville Murrell, Marshall Troy, Sterling City Musgrove, Jack Lynn, San Benito Musselman, Joyce Elaine, San Antonio Muzny, Mary Susan, Austin Myers, John Marcus, Cuero Myers, Linda Carol, Nocona Myrick, Michael Ray, Waco Nagel, Kathryn Laura, Austin Nail, Charles Everett, Plainview Nau, Nannette Muriel, Austin Naudain, Rebekah Sarah, Waco Naumann, Milton Leroy, San Antonio Needham, Janet Deborah, Dallas Neeley, Orville Bateman, II, Houston Neely, Carol Lynn, Midland Neely, Sally Louise, Amarillo Nellis, Leroy William, Killeen Nelson, Dorothy Ann, Dalhart Nelson, Judith Anne, Paris Nelson, Kurt Thomas, Houston Nester, Sally, Canyon Netherland, Alan Jake, Richardson Neuhaus, Laurence Bosworth, Houston Newby, Robert Wayne, Corpus Christi Newhouse, Dorothy, San Antonio Newton, Richard Lambert, Houston Neyland, Barbara Lynn, Fort Worth Nichols, Anne Millard, Dallas Nichols, Cynthia Ann, Fort Worth Nicholson, Glen Timothy, Denison Nilson, Nancy Jane, El Campo Nixon, Nancy Annette, Dallas Noble, Ellen Gordon, Houston Northington, Harold McCann, Jr., Wharton Norton, Priscilla Karen, Dallas Norwood, Ronny Olga, Liberty Novit, Shirli Rose, Dallas Nugent, Cynthia, Austin Odom, Deborah Jane, Houston Ogden, Carol Faye, Houston O ' Hara, Thomas Clifton, Fort Worth Oliver, Anne, Baytown Oliver, David Moseley, Wichita Falls Oliver, Gary Lynn, Beaumont Olson, Carl Rushing, San Antonio Olson, Dennis Oliver, Lamesa Omell, Susan Gail, Memphis, Tenn. O ' Neal, Karen Suzann, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Calif. Oppermann, Henry Charles, Galveston Ormand, James Freeman, Odessa Orsak, Michael Louis, Brazoria Orion, Donna Cheryl, Austin Osteen, Pamela Kay, Waco Owens, Patrick Elmer, Woodville Owens, Sharon Ann, Orange Pace, Margaret Leigh, Fort Worth Palmer, Floyd Ross. Jr., San Antonio Palousek, Susan Marie, Dallas Pandera, Richard Conner, Watch Hill, R. I. Paniszczyn, John Francis, Fort Worth Pardue, James Lee, Jr., Midland Parham, Stephen Jay, Beaumont Parish, Joe Pritchett, Jr., Houston Parish, Judith Craig, Weslaco Parker, Barbara Anne, Dallas Parker, Frank Chase, Huntsville, Ala. f$ G A rtfc Page 664 CLASS OF 1969 Parker, James Francis, Fort Worth Parker, Lucy Ann, Austin Parker, Phillip Lee, Canyon Parkhurst, Margaret Rose, Randolph AFB Parkhurst, Mary Katherine, Orange Farmer, Karen Lynn, Lometa Parsons, Teresa Lynne, Graham Partlow, Albert Joel, Houston Patten, Joseph Wayne, Austin Patterson, Janette, Austin Patterson, Judy Carol, Temple Paulette, Mary Florence, Abilene Paxton, George Lee, III, Abilene Payne, Edwin Medley, Weslaco Payne, Mary Patricia, Lubbock Payne, Patricia Elizabeth, Houston Payne, Thomas Henry, III, Dallas Pearson, Sharon Ruth, Taylor Pechacek, Linda Kay, Houston Peck, Sarah Susan, Rockwall Peet, Charles Edward, Jr., Dallas Fender, John Teal, Jr., Dallas Pendergraft, Jo Arlene, Wichita, Kans. Pe ndleton, Elizabeth Ann, Austin Penn, Gary Paul, Orange Penn, John Michael, Dallas Pepitone, James Scott, Randolph AFB Perkins, Barbara Ann, Silsbee Perkins, Carol Jean, San Antonio Perkins, Johnny Robin, Garland Perry, Sharon Irene, Dallas Perry, William Douglas, Longview Peterson, Jonnie Kim, Austin Peterson, Robert Jacob, Orange Phair, Milton Whiteside, Jr., Houston Phelps, Robert Randall, Houston Phillips, Janet Leigh, Dallas Phillips, Sue Jane, New Orleans, La. Pickens, Camille, Greenville Pieper, Beverly Jean, Cuero Pierce, Marion Susan, Dallas Pimentel, David Vance, El Paso 19. Q I ' !i Pizzo, Paul Norman, II, Metairie, La. Platte, Bonnie Lee, Galveston Ploeger, Judy Lynne, Houston Plunk, Britton Edward, Silsbee Poerner, John J., San Antonio Pollok, Lewis William, III, Houston Pope, Alexander, III, Fort Worth Porfirio, Larry Gene, Austin Porter, James Fred, Junction Portis, Susan Kay, Austin Portnoy, Fredda Gordon. Jackson, Miss. Posner, Sanders Lee, Corpus Christi Pospichal, Janet Gail, Fort Worth Potter, Allan Leslie, Corpus Christi Potter, Olivia Layne, Tyler Pou, Julia Milagros, San Antonio Poulter. Larry William. Irving Powell, Margaret Iris, Dallas Power, Alice Ann, Austin Powers, Catherine F., Austin Powers Gregory Paul, Borger Powers, Joe H., Ill, Abilene Pransky, Carolyn Joy, Galveston Pransky, Rosalyn Lee, Galveston Prater, Sam Ellis, Jr., Houston Prejean, Harold Daniel, Houston Price, Robert Alexander, Jr., San Antonio Prince, Jane Ellen, Amarillo Proft, William John, Jr.. Port Arthui Puckett, Caryl Lynn, Bellaire Puckett, Stephen Ray, Houston Pulitzer, Carol Harriet, New Orleans, La. Pulliam, Joe Clinton, Jr., Dallas Pulman, Carolyn Barbara, San Antonio Quinn, James Anthony, Baytown Rabon, Marilyn Gaye, Eden Radack, Thomas Andrew, Houston Ragsdale, Roy Michael, Belton Rainey, Carolyn Ann. Shreveport, La. Rainosek, Gracie Nell, Richmond Randals, James Hord, Hico Raney, James Grant, Jr., San Antonio Page 665 FRESHMEN (J Rankin, Billy Jack, Big Lake Ransel, Alfred Dennison, Letrobe, Pa. Ratcliff, Max Allen, Jr., Whitney Ratzlow, Linda Barclay, Phillips Ravel, Barbara Jane, Austin Ray, Martha Ann, Lufkin Ray, Mary Anne, Fort Worth Ray, Mary Lou, Corpus Christi Read, Rhonda Susan, Robstown Reagan, Janet Leigh, San Antonio Reeser, John Carl, Temple Reid, Virginia Kay, West Columbia Reiff, John David, Abilene Reimann, Jan Lynn, Austin Reitz, Linda Kay, Pasadena Reitz, Robert Edward, Dallas Renick, Lynn Marie, League City Repman, Judy Claire, Cleburne Reser, Helen Agnes, San Antonio Rettig, Eolus Von, Jr., Dallas Reynolds, Arleas Joseph, Houston Reynolds, Don Edward, Conroe Reynolds, Harriet, Houston Reynolds, Julie Lee, Rockdale Reynolds, Ronald Henry, Austin Rhea, John William, III, Dallas Rice, Virginia Ann, Austin Richards, Leslie Hamblin, Lockhart Richardson, Marsha Lynn, Galveston Richey, Carolyn Faye, Fort Worth Richey, Jean Gayle, Houston Rickrim, William Frank, Jourdanton Ricks, Violantha June, LaMarque Ridout, Robert Gladstone, III, Austin Riggs, Judith Lynne, Euless Ripy, Howard Witherspoon, Biloxi, Miss. Risinger, Elizabeth Alene, Beaumont Rives, Joyce Ann, Pasadena Roark, William Perry, Jr., Wichita Falls Roberson, Pamela Mavis, Austin Roberts, Gary Louis, Greenville Roberts, Lewis Henry, Santa Fe, N. Mex. Robertson, Corbin James, Jr., Houston Robertson, Jimmy Kirk, Odessa Robertson, Linda Gayle, Houston Robertson, William Terry, Houston Robin, Dianne Marie, Conroe Robin, Joel Marc, Dallas Robinson, Diane, Houston Robinson, Douglas Wayne, Jr., Liberty Robinson, Jeanine Camille, Orange Robinson, O. Chandler. Austin Robinson, Stewart O ' Neal, Kaufman Robison, Linda Sue, Sherman Rodgers, Lawrence Rodney, Jr., Houston Rodrigo, Maria Teresa, Lima, Peru Rodriguez, Benjamin Edward, Harlingen Rogers, Cheryl Rena, Hearne Rogers, David Lee, Dallas Rogers, Don Allen. Bellmead Rogers, Lynda Gayle, Dallas Rogers, Victor Joe, Beaumont Romig, James Raymond, Brownwood Rosenbloom, Joan Lynn, Houston Rosenthal, Ilene Jill, McAllen Rosinski. Linda Mary, Houston Rrss, Linda Rachella, Houston Rossi, Nina Elizabeth, Beeville Rouse, Leila Frances, Bellaire Routh, Judy Patricia, Fort Worth Rubenstein, Diane Cheryl, Houston Ruckman, Dale Reed, Houston Rudder, Linda Lynn, College Station Rudes, Jerome Henry, San Antonio Rundell, Richard Gregory, Wichita Falls Russell, Jerry Curtis, Houston Russell, Susan Glenn, Sweetwater Rust, Charles Belo, Cisco Ryan, Teresa Jane, Abilene Ryland, Lowie Frances, Uvalde Rylander, Fred Anthony, Jr., Katy Sadler, Robert Jerry. Port Arthur Safford, Thomas Frederick, El Paso Saginaw, Harry J., Fort Worth I I I I Page 666 CLASS OF 1969 Salazar, Andrew Richard, Houston Samuels, Charlotte Ruth, Houston Samuelson, Deborah Kay, Austin Sanders, Joan Elizabeth, Austin Sanders, Joanne, Irving Sanders, Nancy Carol, Waco Sanders, Nancy Guynn, Lufkin Sanders, Sharon Kay, Harlingen Sanders, Sherry Lynn, Lufkin Sapp, Joseph Stafford, Conroe Sass, Sharon Leigh, Fort Worth Saunders, Barbara Ann, Dallas Savage, Janice Beth, Wichita Falls Savoie, Alice Elaine, Bedford Sawyer, Diane Louise, Dallas Scarborough, Steven Lee, Austin Scardino, Stanley Marion, Houston Schafer, Jeffry Ben, Alexandria, Va. Schaffner, Suzan Lynn, Houston Schay, Joan Marjorie, Houston Schellenger, Harvey Gaylord, Houston Scherz, Elizabeth Ann, San Angelo Schiller, Amos Lonnie, Houston Schilling, Thomas Merrel, Houston Schimmel, Kristin Nora, Houston Schloemer, Winona Ruth, Balmorhea Schmidt, Lorelei Jean, Hurst Schmidt, Shirley Ann, Port Arthur Schoellkopf, Harriet Jane, Dallas Schoenemann, Louis Presly, Jr., Katy Schonberger, Rachel Sarah, Galveston Schooley, Forest Barton, Austin Schotte, William Anthony, Bedford Schovajsa, William Reaves, Miles Schramm, Christi Lee, Dallas Schraub, Marsha Ann, Galveston Schroeder, Sally Ann, Kenedy Schuler, Wendy Josephine, Houston Schultz, Carl Ted, Houston Schultz, Michael James, Houston Schulze, Leonard Gene, Schulenburg Schulze, Randolph Vance, Wells Scofield, Martha Katherine, Austin Scott, Anita Jean, Vernon Scott, Stephen Allen, Dallas Scott, Susan Sayers, Lufkin Scott, Thomas Arthur, III, Richardson Scruggs, Karen Allyne, Houston Seaholm, Robert Harrell, Austin Seals, Alan Edward, Dallas Seals, Sharon Lynn, Bonham Seamans, Gayle Lea, Baytown Sears, Ingrid Kathryn, Houston Sears, Jane Dawson, Houston Segrest, Sara Linda, Waco Selke. Charles Richard, Houston Selman, Michael Gary, Freeport Senske, Mary Gorman. San Antonio Serjak, Gordon Phillip, Tyler Setliff, Sanford Ray, Robstown Seward, Lynn Atwood, Houston Sewell, Cameron Dee, Seagoville Sewell, John Charles, Dallas Seymour, Scottie Ann, Amarillo Shane, Charlotte Jan, Stinnett Shank, Barbara Alice, Jacksonville Shapiro, Francene, San Saba Shaw, Rohert William, El Paso Shectman, Beth Anne, El Paso Shelton, Thomas Lee, Houston Shepard, Robert Ward, Harlingen Sherman, Sheryl Marie, Victoria Sherp, Nancy Susan, Dallas Shields, Michael Earl, Stinnett Shier, Eugene William, II, Universal City Short, Cherlyne, Dallas Shoss, Gloria Sheryl, Houston Shuford, Felix Mac, Austin Shumpes, William Kenneth, Austin Siegel, Bryan Jerald, Houston Sikes, Lester Earle, Nixon Silverman, Maxine Lynn, El Paso Simmons, Warren Van, Henderson Simmons, William Christopher, Amarillo Page 667 FRESHMEN Simpson, Freddy Gene, Seminole Simpson, Linda Joyce, Dallas Sims, Jackie Nell, Mount Vernon Sims, John Randolph, San Antonio Sims, Sara Ann, Happy Sindo, Michelle, Houston Singleton, William Madison, Jr., Pasadena Sittel, Jan Nell, Dallas Sitter, Sharon Lee, McLean Sjurseth, Sandra Kay, Karnes City Skillman, Carol Ann, Port Arthur Skinner, Carolyn Gail, Dallas Skinner, David Ray, Gilmer Slaughter, George Morgan, IV, Fort Worth Slaughter, William Wingo, Dallas Slavik, Linda Margaret, San Antonio Slipakoff, Meryl Phyllis, Houston Sloan, Daisy Mary, Bryan Sloan, Margaret Lacy, Bellaire Smallwood, Betty, Galena Park Smelker, Lona, Terrell Smith, A. Dalton, Jr., Houston Smith, Beverley Ann, Lubbock Smith, Carol Lynn, Beaumont Smith, Damon Philip, III, Llano Smith, Edward Lee, San Antonio Smith, Elta Enid, Austin Smith, James Stanlee, Wichita Falls Smith, Jill Ann, Fort Worth Smith, Judy Gayle, Waco Smith, Larry Philip, Austin Smith, Marilyn Celeste, Baytown Smith, Murl Edward, Bryan Smith, Randy Truett, Texarkana Smith, Sherry Ann, Alvin Smith. Stephen Kelly, Killeen Smith, Suzanne, Houston Smith, Zilmon Francis, Austin Smithson, Noel Ray. Jr., Piano Snapp, Norman Natha.n, III, Houston Snyder, David Anthony, Brownwood Snyder, John Anthony, Beaumont c Sokolosky, Stephanie Ann, Houston Solovey, Sherrie Lynn, Corpus Christi Sonntag, Carla Elizabeth, Hurst Sorenson, Sallye Jane, College Station Sparenberg, Lucile Blake, Austin Sparks, Kenneth Wayne, Mission Speer, Claudia Elizabeth, Robstown Speights, Kathy Marie, Houston Spence, Holly Sue, Raymondville Spikes, Margaret, Corsicana Spiller, Sharan LaRee, Menard Spillman, Martha Ann, Fort Worth Spinks, Kenneth Clyde, Deer Park Spinosa, Constance Ann, Fort Worth Spock, Cornelius Karl, Fort Worth Stacy, Dennis Wayne, Fort Worth Stafford, Sherry Ann, Elsa Stallcup, Nancy Jean, Celina Stanley, Michael Thorne, Dallas Stanley, William Luke, Deer Park Stanton, Linda McLane, Houston Starleigh, Mary Loretta, Dallas Starr, Margaret Susan, Dallas Stearns, Lloyd Bernard. Jr., Pharr Steed, Susan Ann, Hughes Springs Steinberger, Gary Jan, Fort Worth Stephens, Joan Elisabeth, Fort Worth Stephens, William Fletcher, Jr., Bellaire Stern, Cheryl Jean, Omaha, Nebr. Stern, Janna Copeland, Mission Hills, Kans. Stetson, Frances Ellen, Hebbronville Stevens, Diane Yvonne, Silsbee Stevens, James Wilson, Angleton Stevens, Jean Marie, Houston Stevens, Pamela Irene, Denison Stevens, Pauline Marcelle, Tioga Stewart, Christine Pauls, Dallas Stewart, Earl Richard, III, Dallas Stewart, Jimmie Lee, Austin Stewart, Olva Louise, Houston Stieler, Sandra, Austin Stienke, Gloria Kathryn, Garwood Page 668 I CLASS OF 1969 Stienke, Linda Ann, Austin Stimson, Sylvia Sue, Austin Stinnett, Ben Masterson, Amarillo Stiver, David Witcher, Waco Stone, Carolyn Lynsie, Metairie, La. Stough, Donald Benjamin, Los Alamitos, Calif. Stratton, John Robert, Austin Strickland, Carol Ann, Houston Strickling, Cindy Sue, Fort Worth Stroud, Sanders Key, Corpus Christi Stroup, Richard Terence, Dallas Strubing, Stephen Louis, Houston Stuart, Bailey Sibley, III, Dallas Stuart, Michael Julian, Fort Worth Stubbs, Alonzo Joseph, Houston Sturdivant, Tim Dee, Matador Sturges, David Lynn, Dallas Suda, William Robert, Bellaire Sudduth, Barbara Ruth, Dallas Summers, Gene Philip, Killeen Susen, Sherrie, San Angelo Sutherland, Janet Sue, Harlingen Suttles, jefferis Cardiff, Houston Sutton, Frank Leo, Aransas Pass Svacek, Joseph Frank, III, Seminole Swartz, Gary Alan, Beaumont Swerdlow, Robert Arnold, Beaumont Swesnik, Hyla Beth, Dallas Swope, Mark William, Clyde Taliaferro, Melburn Evans, Evansville, Ind. Tanner, Gary Wayne, Alexandria, La. Tarlton, Kenneth Nolan. Fort Worth Tartt, Sandra Ann, Mason Taub, Linda Gay, McAllen Taylor, Carol Collins, Houston Taylor, Janet Charlene, Dallas Taylor, Shannon Lynn, San Antonio Tears, Claude Frederick, III, Dallas Teel, Herbert Driscoll, Jr., Lubbock Tennyson, Shirley Jean, Dallas Teter, Jack David, Dallas Teutsch, John Stovall, Dumas Thaggard, Alvin, III, San Antonio Thames, Willis Wood, II. Beaumont Thomas, Nancy Jane, Big Spring Thomas, Rick, Abilene Thomas, Sarah Fulton, Austin Thomas, Susan Reed, Austin Thomas, Walter I., II, Dallas Thomasson, Gary Lee, Richardson Thomasson, Janet Sue, San Antonio Thompson, Bennie Stanley, Katy Thompson, David Boone, McKinney Thompson, James Allen, Texarkana Thompson, John Wallace, Midland Thomsen, Stephen Edward, Dallas Thornton, Sharon Doris, Galveston Thorward, Sul Ross, San Antonio Thrift, Robin Jane, Houston Throckmorton, Terry N., Midland Tidwell, Robert G., Dallas Tillery, Linda Ann, Longview Tipton, Marilyn Kay, Richardson Todd, Susan Ann, Vanderbilt Townsend, Robert Wayne, Houston Tracy, James French, Jr., Sinton Tracy, Marguerette Rose, Austin Train, Jeffrey, Corpus Christi Tubb, Susan Frances, Arlington Tucker, Elizabeth Lynne, Pasadena Tucker, Lynn, Dallas Tucker, Virginia Marie, San Antonio Tudzin, Ellis Lee, Wharton Tunks. Terry Lynn, Houston Turk, Terry Lee, Dallas Turner, John Thomas, Edison, N.J. Turnock, Chet Bradley, Aledo Twichell, Carl Scott, Dallas Tye, Charles Richard, Waco Tyson, Barbara Ann, Austin Urquhart, Kirk Patrick, Fort Worth Valentino, Robert Joseph, Houston Vanderburg, John Quitman, Jr., Silsbee Vanderdrift, Richard William, Houston Page 669 FRESHMEN Vanderveld, Deborah Louise, Houston Van Voast, Robert Allen, Dallas Vater, Jon Leslie, Mason Vaughan, Douglas, Richardson Vaughan, Jack Murchison, Houston Vaughn, Sharron Lee, Austin Vaughn, William Sidney, Dallas Veazeay, Gloria Ann, Houston Venable, Michael Wayne, Glasgow AFB, Mont. Vercheval, Susan Gayle, Harlingeh Vick, Kyle A., Ill, Houston Vick, William Dale, Jr., Bryan Vinas, Joseph Francis, Houston Vogel, John Fredrick, Houston Volkening, Janis Jo, Lake Jackson Volosin, Sharon Lynne, Houston Wackerbarth, Jacquelyn, Fort Worth Waddell, John William, Eagle Lake Wadley, Penny Elayne, Baytown Wadsworth, Richard Reid, Jr., Irving Waldman, Marcia Lee, Dallas Waldron, Michael James, Fort Worth Walker, Francie Jean, Fort Worth Wall, Sheila, Houston Wallace, David Lowry, Junction Wallace, Sharon Kay, Austin Walsh, James David, Dallas Walthall, Martha Jane, Tyler Walton, Donna Kay, Austin Ward, Charles Edward, Austin Warlick, Betty Jane, Austin Washburn, James Jay, Fort Riley, Kans. Washington, Carl Chandler, Houston Wassom, Ronald Harrison, San Antonio Waters, Gail Ross, Hull Waters, Pamela, Dallas Waters, Sheila Dawn, Dallas Waters, Suzanne, Houston Wathen, Cody Hudson, Houston Watkins, Gary Lynn, Odessa Watkins, Vicki Ann, Irving Watson, Joseph Presley, III, Houston Watson, Shelby Edward, Austin Watson, Sherry Houston Watson, William Ray, Fort Worth Watson, Winston Lee, Daingerfield Watts, Ann, Brownsville Weatherford, Lynda Sue, Houston Weatherly, Kathy Darrelean, Littlefield Weathersby, Robert Lovelace, Port O ' Connor Weaver, Jan Addeen, Kerrville Weaver, Nancy Eugenia, De Leon Webb, Susie Ann, Dickinson Webre, Lloyd Posey, Jr., Houston Weeks, Marilyn Kay, Port Arthur Wehmeyer, Robert Erie, Jr., Mathis Weinberger, Jeff A., Dallas Weiner, Barry Michael, San Antonio Weinrod, Walter Bruce, Washington, D. C. Weisberg, Michael David, Dallas Welch. Russell Franklin, Lufkin Wellen, Constance Ann, Houston Wells, David Michael, Dallas Wells, June Lynette, Edna Wells, Marsha Maverick, Houston Werner, Henry R., Dallas West, Diana Jeanette, Houston West, Joseph Everett, III, Friendswood Westheimer, Robert Louis, St. Louis, Mo. Wetuski, Raft Hyman, Houston Wheat, Bonnie Lee, Richardson Wheatley, Suzanne, Trinidad Wheeler. Richard Harrison, Cuero Wheeler, Robert Green, Corpus Christi Wheelis, Paul Alan, Brownwood Wheless, Kim Dee, Corpus Christi Whelton, Joan Marie, Galveston Whitaker, Roy Glenn, Jr., San Antonio White. Andrew Benjamin, Houston White, Nancy Jean, Houston White. Pamela Anne, Houston White, Robert Jay, Midland White, Sharon Kay, Houston White, William Victor, Richardson Page 670 N Whitley, Bennie Cecil, Jr., Refugio Whittington, Randolph Kimble, Richardson Whitworth, H. Philip, IT., Austin Whitworth, Laverne Bernice, Channel View Wieber, Pamela Ann, Kress Wiesenfeld, Naomi, Dallas Wilburn, Glenn George, Denison Wilhelm, Larry Don, Austin Wilke, Jarrell Headrick, Austin Wilkins, Sandra Beth, Andrews Wilkinson, Janice Susan, Dallas Wilkinson, Karen Ann, Houston Wilkinson, Robert Thomas, Roby Willcox, Gary Hal, Dallas Williams, Ann Gardner, Beaumont Williams, Frances Emmajane, Austin Williams, Franklin Eugene, Bogota, Colombia Williams, James Steven, McKinney Williams, Mary Thelma, Falfurrias Williams, Pamela Gail, San Antonio Williams, Robert Wendle, Albany Williams, Wesley Reed, Gatesville Williford, John Richard, Shiner Willis, Alissa Ann, Dallas Willis, Joan Lynn, Houston Willis, Katherine Ann, San Antonio Williscraft, Linda Suzanne, Dallas Willoughby, Jan, Groves Willoughby, Joe Lawrence, Jr., Amarillo Wilson, Helen Rose, Baytown Wilson, Linda Lea, Sherman Wilson, M ary Louise, Fort Worth Wilson, Patricia Louise, Dayton Wilson, Vance James, Brownsville Wilson, Virginia Sue, Fort Worth Windham, Clell John, III, San Antonio Windham, Darrell Brent, Lufkin Windrow, William Clyde, Houston Winters, Mel A., San Antonio Wischmeyer, Marv Grace, Houston Withers, John Mecum, Houston Withrow, Randall Olney, Austin Wolfson, Sandra Carol, Houston Wolverton, Joe Benson, Jr., Wichita Falls Wood, Paul Samuel, Marshall Wood, Susan Murray, Houston Wood, William Russell, Fort Worth Woolam, Dennis Lee, O ' Donnell Worsham, Gary Wayne, Goliad Worthy, Richard Glenn, Dallas Wright, Fred Graves, Jr., Kingsland Wright, James Weldon. Houston Wright, John Pete, III, Denison Wright, Keith Douglas, Abilene Wright, Veda Janice, Dallas Wrye, Walter Chester, III, Houston Wukasch, Linda Carol, Austin " Wurst, Fred Thomas, Jr., Houston Wyatt, James Michael, Austin Wylie. Susan Kay, Dallas Yarborough, Sally Ann, Houston Yarbrough, Douglas Bond, Littlefield Yates, Linda Ruth, Trinidad Yeonopolus, Nick, II, Killeen Young, Donald Ray, Freeport Young, Sherre Lee, Marble Falls Zedler, Gale Louise, Austin :isman, Philrp Michael, Houston Zeluff, George White, Houston Zivley, Bruce Martin, Austin Zizelmann, John Robert, Houston Zogheib, Julie Ray, Austin . , Page 671 At I ' Page 672 Art Building and Museum VARSITY STATISTICS AND CHRONOLOGY Edited by Dick Smith Page 673 FOOTBALL STATISTICS TEXAS TULANE TEXAS First Downs 19 Yards Rushing 241 Yards Passing 102 Passes 6-23 Punts 3-33.7 Passes Intercepted by 2 Fumbles Lost 1 Yards Penalized 90 Texas 3 7 14 7 31 Tulane TEXAS INDIANA TEXAS First Downs 17 Yards Rushing 257 Yards Passing 107 Passes 9-23 Punts 5-45.4 Passes Intercepted by 2 Fumbles Lost 2 Yards Penalized 61 Texas 7 13 7 27 Indiana 6 6 12 TEXAS SMU TEXAS First Downs 14 Yards Rushing 97 Yards Passing 90 Passes 7-26 Punts 7-47.9 Passes Intercepted by Fumbles Lost 3 Yards Penalized 25 Texas SMU 6 814 10 21 31 TULANE 11 18 141 13-25 7-37.6 1 6 29 INDIANA 18 144 147 9-25 8-36.0 2 1 60 TEXAS ARKANSAS TEXAS ARKANSAS First Downs 23 12 Yards Rushing 208 50 Yards Passing 193 131 Passes 14-21 10-19 Punts 5-35.0 7-42.0 Passes Intercepted by 2 Fumbles Lost 2 Yards Penalized 39 39 Texas 11 3 10 24 Arkansas 13 7 07 27 SMU 12 218 112 5-17 8-36.3 3 60 TEXAS TEXAS TECH TEXAS TEXAS TECH First Downs 19 Yards Rushing 259 Yards Passing 111 Passes 8-17 Punts 945.4 Passes Intercepted by 2 Fumbles Lost 1 Yards Penalized 45 12 45 225 16-29 8-40.1 4 24 Texas Texas Tech 7 6 20 33 7 7 TEXAS OKLAHOMA TEXAS OKLAHOMA First Downs 24 6 Yards Rushing 218 84 Yards Passing 161 30 Passes 14-23 3-12 Punts 3-43.3 9-38.7 Passes Intercepted by 1 1 Fumbles Lost 2 3 Yards Penalized 79 35 Texas 9 10 19 Oklahoma o e o TEXAS RICE TEXAS First Downs 14 Yards Rushing 130 Yards Passing 106 Passes 8-25 Punts 7-44.9 Passes Intercepted by 3 Fumbles Lost 2 Yards Penalized 27 Texas 014 3 17 Rice 3 7 10 20 RICE 14 145 128 9-29 7-35.7 1 1 45 TEXAS BAYLOR TEXAS First Downs 21 Yards Rushing 230 Yards Passing 197 Passes 11-20 Punts 4-50.0 Passes Intercepted by Fumbles Lost 3 Yards Penalized 123 Texas 21 14 35 Baylor 7 7 14 BAYLOR 20 102 224 18-47 5-36.0 2 62 Page 674 .1 ' t, ., PU Mid Dale Nod Paul Gary BiDy U, Milt da. Minn Bob BoR TEXAS TEXAS A M TEXAS First Downs 16 Yards Rushing 204 Yards Passing 159 Passes 10-23 Punts 8-38 Passes Intercepted by 3 Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized 64 Texas Texas A M 6 15 21 017 17 TEXAS TCU TEXAS First Downs 21 Yards Rushing 254 Yards Passing 106 Passes 10-23 Punts 3-45.3 Passes Intercepted by Fumbles Lost 4 Yards Penalized 65 Texas 3 o 7 - - 1( TCU 3 - 3 - 9 - - 10 2J TEXAS A M 14 -1 269 16-36 8-44.3 1 1 35 TCU 15 138 145 11-25 7-40.7 1 25 Tension mounts on the sideline during game. BASKETBALL STATISTICS 1965-66 SEASON AT A GLANCE PLAYER G FIELD GOALS Md. Alt. Pet. FREE THROWS Md. Alt. Pet. REBOUNDS No. Avg. FOULS No. Disq. POINTS Md. Avg. HIGH GAME Mickey White 24 124 261 .475 77 115 .669 216 9.0 68 325 13.5 26 Dale Dotson 24 125 308 .406 57 71 .803 62 2.6 50 307 12.8 22 Noel Stout 24 86 163 .528 66 85 .776 116 4.8 44 1 238 9.9 33 Paul Olivier 23 87 179 .486 62 77 .805 72 3.1 V) 1 236 10.3 23 Gary Overbeck 24 56 102 .549 24 45 .533 101 4.2 47 2 136 5.7 13 Billy Arnold 23 50 122 .410 35 50 .700 22 1.0 44 1 135 5.9 14 Larry Lake 22 45 88 .511 41 56 .732 63 2.9 59 3 131 6.0 20 Mike Gammon 16 43 106 .406 31 40 .775 38 2.4 35 2 117 7.3 16 Chas. Turnbough 23 36 72 .500 23 48 .479 60 2.6 40 95 4.1 16 Minton White 17 35 82 .427 21 36 .583 47 2.8 35 1 91 5.4 14 Bob Ittner 23 24 61 .393 20 29 .690 59 2.6 24 68 3.0 14 Bo Rothchild 17 8 32 .250 8 13 .615 14 0.8 10 24 1.4 4 Page 675 TRACK AND BASEBALL STATISTICS TEXAS RELAYS UNIVERSITY-COLLEGE DIVISION Outstanding Team: University of Texas Longhorns Outstanding Performer: Preston Davis of Texas. EVENTS WINNERS MARK Discus Randy Matson, Texas A M 169-10 Javelin Jack Dyer, LSU 235-4 440- Yard Hurdles Elgy Sam, Southern University 51.5 Distance Medley Relay Abilene Christian College 9 :36.5 Sprint Medley Relay Texas 3:20.7 Three-Mile Run Malcolm Robinson, SW Louisiana 13:27.3 880-Yard Relay Oklahoma 1 :24.9 Long Jump Rainer Stenius, California State 25-3% Four-Mile Relay Kansas 16:50.1 120-Yard High Hurdles Roy Hicks, Texas Southern 13.7 100-Yard Dash Clyde Glosson, Trinity 9.4 Two-Mile Relay Texas 7:27.2 Pole Vault Bill Nelson, Colorado State 15-6 440-Yard Relay SMU 40.6 Shot Put Randy Matson, Texas A M 65-4i 2 High Jump John Hartfield, Texas Southern 7-0 One-Mile Relay Rice 3:09.6 New Record. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET LONGHORNS WIN VARSITY CHAMPIONSHIP Texas 58 Rice 55 Texas A M 48 SMU . 42 Baylor 27 Arkansas 17 Texas Tech 12 TCU . . 11 EVENTS WINNERS MARK Javelin Ricki Jacobs, Rice 224-10% 440-Yard Relay .SMU 40.4 One-Mile Run : .Richard Romo, Texas 4:05.9 440-Yard Dash Jim Bankhead, SMU 46.4 Shot Put Randy Matson, Texas A M 66-9% 100- Yard Dash Gil Smith, Texas A M 9.6 120-Yard High Hurdles Steve Sansom, Texas 14.2 Pole Vault Mark King, Texas 15-6 880-Yard Run Preston Davis, Texas 1 :48.9 220-Yard Dash Gil Smith, Texas A M 21.0 High Jump Mike Schrider, Texas A M 6-4 440- Yard Hurdles Tommy Moore, Rice 52.5 Discus Randy Matson, Texas A M 197-11 Three-Mile Run Richard Romo, Texas 14:32.0 Broad Jump Mike Madigan, SMU 23-21 4 One-Mile Relay Rice 3:08.5 New Record. Mike Sowers practices throwing the javelin. PLA DM Fur: IK I Gq J, CM B b li- fe:: fcr. u tm J: DM T PIT Pli tm GUI 1 Page 676 Houston Astro manager Grady Hatton, ex- Texas baseball star and Coach Bibb Falk. BATTING PLAYER AND POSITION ab r h 2b 3b hr rbi tb bb so sb hb avg. Don Johnson, 2b 95 25 35 9 1 17 47 11 14 2 2 .368 Forrest Boyd, ss 85 24 29 1 1 3 12 41 20 15 9 2 .341 Joe Gideon, If 92 20 28 3 4 4 19 51 14 14 3 .304 Ray Dulak, rf 50 15 14 2 2 1 13 23 15 7 1 .280 Allan Clements, 3b 50 13 14 2 2 2 8 26 13 11 1 2 .280 Kelly Scott, of 43 13 12 4 1 2 8 24 15 8 1 .279 Gary Moore, p-cf 83 12 23 6 1 12 31 8 4 .277 James Scheschuk, c 73 10 20 10 2 14 36 11 6 2 1 .274 Buddy Young, Ib 85 15 21 4 1 1 16 30 14 19 1 .247 Joe Robertson, p 1 1 1 1 1 1.000 Gary Gressett, p-ph 9 4 1 4 1 .444 Bill Smartt, 3b 11 2 4 1 3 6 5 1 .364 George Nauert, of 15 1 5 1 1 3 8 2 1 .333 Dick Summers, c 37 4 11 1 3 8 18 2 4 .299 John McBride, of 11 2 3 1 4 6 2 2 1 .273 Robert Oliver, p 4 1 1 1 2 1 .250 Minton White, of 31 5 7 1 1 2 12 16 4 5 .226 Jimmy Hunt, ss 13 2 2 1 4 2 3 .154 Ken Klein, 3b 7 2 1 1 1 2 .143 Robert Wells, p 36 2 5 1 4 6 12 .139 Frank Filtsch, p .000 Jimmy Raup, p 1 1 .000 Doug Coryell, p 2 1 .000 Tommy Moore, p 5 1 q 1 3 .000 TOTALS 839 170 240 46 19 19 155 381 140 135 21 7 .286 OPPONENTS 827 111 181 30 2 11 93 248 111 178 7 9 .219 PITCHERS ' RECORDS No. Assignments PITCHER g eg ip h r-er bb so w-1 e.r.a. Starts Reliefs Robert Wells 12 5 80% 61 34- 26 27 72 7- 2 2.90 10 2 Gary Moore 12 6 85 62 35- 24 42 74 7- 3 2.54 11 1 Tommy Moore 6 16V 3 18 10- 7 13 15 2- 3.87 6 Jimmy Raup 3 2% 5 2- 1 1 2 1- 3.38 3 Robert Oliver 2 7 5 5- 4 6 3 1- 5.14 2 Gary Gressett 4 11% 15 9- 3 4 4 0- 1 2.38 1 3 Joe Robertson 2 3 4 6- 4 2 0- 0.00 1 1 Doug Coryell 3 6 8 4- 1 4 4 0- 1.50 3 Frank Filtsch 2 5 3 6- 5 10 2 0- 9.00 2 TOTALS 25 11 217 181 111- 71 111 178 18- 6 2.94 25 14 OPPONENTS 10 206 240 170-137 140 135 6-18 5.99 25 15 Page 677 CHRONOLOGY SEPTEMBER SUNDAY, 5th Sorority and fraternity rush week began with a silence. Rushees were prohibited from talking to Greeks outside of rush parties. MONDAY, 6th-FRIDAY, 10th The confusion and excitement of rush started. Sorority rush opened on Monday, and fra- ternity rush on Tuesday. The week was divided into three periods, and the rushee designated preferences at the end of each period. SATURDAY, Llth Littlefield Fountain hosted the new pledges and actives at the end of fraternity rush. SUNDAY, 12th Rush went out with a scream, a laugh, a jumping-for-joy, and a tear as sorority rushees received final bids. At night, each house held pledge lines and open house. Orientation week began with the traditional Parents ' Convocation. MONDAY, 13th Confusion continued with the beginning of Registration Week, marking the official opening of the long session. A record number of 6,191 students registered the first day despite 98 degree weather. The long session kick- off was accompanied by orientation meetings, placement exams, auditions for music organizations, and distribution of the 1965 CACTUS. Considered just as significant by some was Ringo Starr ' s becoming a father. TUESDAY, 14th Registration -continued with a slack day, as Union Week, four days of activities designed to introduce the student to the Texas Union, began with a patio ice cream party and a hootenanny. Preseason football ratings ambitiously placed Texas second in the nation. Where the AP showed optimism, Playboy ranked Texas 16th. WEDNESDAY, 15th Alpha Phi Omega, national service fra- ternity, guided 4,399 through another hectic day of registra- tion. Union Week continued with an arts and crafts demon- stration, a patio art show, a " casino, " replays of the 1964 Longhorn football season films, and a lecture to freshmen on the University by Dr. David DeLaura. The Texas-Tulane game, originally scheduled for Friday night at New Orleans, was moved to Memorial Stadium on Saturday night because of Hurricane Betsy. THURSDAY, 16th The Union sponsored the Activities Fair, an assembly of representatives from campus organizations to introduce new students to their organizations, and the traditional " Forty Acres Talent Show. " FRIDAY, 17th The campus prepared for Tulane with a pep rally, held on the West Mall by the returning cheerleaders. Personnel was adequate as registration finished with an all- time high of 24,780. Students could still register under penalty of a late fee. Union Week closed with a dance music by the Babycakes, the University ' s version of the Rolling Stones. SATURDAY, 18th Texas thrashed Tulane 31-0 in a repeat performance of last year ' s victory. Governor Connally finally announced he would seek a third term. The " Y " and Freshman Council advisors headed for the hills with leadership retreats. SUNDAY, 19th The last day before " the " Grind. " The Long- horn Band, under the direction of Vincent R. DiNino, held its annual fall concert. MONDAY, 20th Classes began amidst rushes on book stores, lost freshmen, and picketing of the plane in front of the ROTC Building by SDS. Facultv and staff got into the act with the opening of their recreation program. More firsts for the day: first meeting of the Faculty Council and of the Coordinating Board for Higher Education (the " super- board " ). TUESDAY, 21st The " Draft " began with Union Commit- tee interviews, Varsity Cheerleader tryouts, and an Alpha Phi Omega coffee. AP, assured of Longhorn prowess after the Tulane game, ranked Texas number three. WEDNESDAY, 22nd The Student Association began inter- views for committee spots, and the YMCA-YWCA joined in with open house and committee registration. THURSDAY, 23rd Last day for adding courses and changing class sections caught about 200 by surprise. The Student Assembly held its first meeting of the year, coinciding with the biggest rainfall of the year. FRIDAY, 24th Pep rally held on West Mall for Texas-Tech game by the new Varsity Cheerleaders: Dot Nelson, Lynn Soltenberg, Charlotte Chapman, Ginger Bernard, Terry Parker, Dan Burleson, Sam Bashara, and Jay Brim, head cheerleader. Bob Dylan, folksinger and protester, appeared at Municipal Auditorium. Sigma Nu lost their tax suit against the city of Austin. Miss Yvette Mimeux, blonde and French, visited campus and was chosen Phi Kappa Psi sweetheart. SATURDAY, 25th Texas rolled (33-7) over Texas Tech, whose early bad luck in football was only exceeded by the bad weather, in a liquid Memorial Stadium. The fourth annual Presidents ' Conference began with a panel discussion. SUNDAY, 26th Alpha Phi Omega held an open meeting for interested students, as Austin attempted to dry off after a rainy week. MONDAY, 27th Rosh Hashanah, Jewish holiday, began. Lyndon was back at the ranch. TUESDAY, 28th Chancellor Ransom held a reception for fac- ulty and staff at Westwood Country Club. Dr. Paul White, Director of the Student Health Center, stated policy on the distribution of birth control pills. AP boldly named the Longhorns number one. WEDNESDAY, 29th Work resumed on the new, married- students housing project after financial difficulties halted work. Carolyn Hester, former student-turned-folk-singer, and Godfrey Cambridge kicked off the CEC calendar for the year. Registration for Texas-OU date tickets began under a new system, similar to Russian Roulette. Freshman cheer- leaders were selected. THURSDAY, 30th The Music Department opened its Solo Artist Series with American violinist, Charles Treger. OCTOBER FRIDAY, 1st Pope Paul made his historic three-day visit to the United States. His visit included a speech to the United Nations General Assembly and mass in Madison Square Garden. The Main Gallery of the UT Art Museum opened an exhibit of paintings by the Washington Color School. Edmond Rather, longtime manager of the University Co-op, retired. The campus fortified against the Indiana Hoosiers with a pep rally on the Mall. SATURDAY, 2nd Byron Shipp, Registrar, announced the final enrollment figure 26,230. Today was the last day to register, except in absentia. The Longhorns put the Hoosiers out to pasture 27-12 in Memorial Stadium amidst rain and Band Day. Viet Nam caused the Selective Service to tighten student deferment policies. SUNDAY, 3rd Actor Zachary Scott, UT ex, died in Austin at fifty-one. Representative Party met to plan the " big hello " as Student Assembly elections approached. For the first time in many years, there was no organized party opposition with the apparent demise of University Party. MONDAY, 4th Kappa Psi, pharmaceutical fraternity, began their annual blood drive. The Union-sponsored Art Lending Library opened. TUESDAY, 5th AP ranked Texas number one; Arkansas peered greedily from number three. Kappa Psi completed their successful blood drive. The Travis County Grand Jury exposed " blatant homo-sexuality " in Austin and around the campus. WEDNESDAY, 6th The World Series began with the Minne- sota Twins squelching the Los Angeles Dodgers 8-2. Presi- dent Johnson signed the $340 million health bill at Bethesda Naval Hospital where he was undergoing tests preceding a gall bladder operation. Challenge began interviews for com- mittee chairmanships. Yom Kippur, Jewish holiday, began. Angel Flight lovelies, serving as Air Force ROTC sponsors, Page 678 OCTOBER CONTINUED tapped 11 pledges. The Cordettes, Army ROTC ' s lovelies, initiated 12. Malcolm Frager, pianist, performed in Hogg Auditorium as a presentation of the Department of Music and CEC. Filing for Student Assembly seats began. THURSDAY, 7th The campus warmed up for the Texas-OU game in Dallas, Saturday, with a torchlight parade and pep rally. The Dante Festival began with a speech by Dr. Robert L. Montgomery on " Narrative Method and Figure in Dante. " Phi Eta Sigma, freshman scholastic honorary, accepted 46 outstanding freshmen. The Shorthorns, the Longhorns ' little brothers, thrashed Baylor in Waco to continue their winning streak. Dr. Clarence Lasby, Professor of History, previewed Kennedy by Theodore Sorenson, who spoke later in the month. FRIDAY, 8th Henry Swoboda conducted the University Sym- phony Orchestra in Hogg Auditorium. The campus grew deserted as the mass exodus to Dallas began. The attraction? The Texas-Oklahoma classic, the annual Friday night de- bauch, and various other debauches. Lyndon underwent " Operation Operation, " surgery for kidney stones. SATURDAY, 9th Texas trounced OU 19-0 to a packed but hungover Cotton Bowl. The Oklahoma Band felt the great need to consume all the time allotted for a halftime show. The Longhorn Band, Showband of the Southwest, under the direction of Vincent R. DiNino, was livid. Saturday Review praised the Riata, Texas Student Publications literary maga- zine, for its consistent quality. SUNDAY, 10th The exodus back to Austin. Regents began their " sinister plot " to remove the stadium and other ath- letic facilities from campus (thus supposed the Ex-Students ' Association). MONDAY, llth Phi Mu sorority announced its withdrawal from campus. Governor Connally ordered the extradition of Madalyn Murray to Maryland. Alpha Phi Omega started their drive to gather signatures for a " Good Luck " telegram to be displayed in Fayetteville at the Tex as- Arkansas clash Saturday. Challenge announced its topic Campus in Fer- ment. Sketches from the National Gallery of Art went on display in the Union Art Gallery. TUESDAY, 12th AP ranked Texas number one and Arkansas number three again. The Wellesley Club of Austin sponsored a book sale at the " Y " The music faculty presented Gayle Horn Ebert on the harp for their first concert of the year. Ted Sorenson, close friend and special counsel of the late President Kennedy, spoke on the Kennedy legacy. He was sponsored by the Texas Union Speakers Committee. Filing closed for Student Assembly elections with 35 candidates for the 18 open positions. WEDNESDAY, 13th William W. Morris, former Daily Texan editor and currently an editor for Harper ' s magazine, spoke on " The University of Texas in the 1950 ' s. " The Longhorn Band prepared to go to Fayetteville to put on their show. THURSDAY, 14th The Curtain Club, sponsored by the Texas Union, opened " The Rainmaker " at Icthus Coffee House. The CEC presented the Harkness Ballet of New York at the Municipal Auditorium. There were petitions and counter- petitions concerning US policy in Viet Nam. A torchlight parade, a burning UT, and incessant screaming the pep rally for the Arkansas-Texas game. FRIDAY, 15th William Sloan Coffin, Jr. of Yale University spoke at the University " Y. " The Students for a Democratic Society stated their " Days of Protest " with a march on the Main Hall. The Inter-disciplinary Retreat began. Sixty stu- dents were involved in the two-day retreat. The Dodgers, after a dramatic comeback, won the World Series. SATURDAY, 16th CHAGRIN, Arkansas chopped over Texas 27-24 in an exciting game. The Longhorns pulled a tre- mendous rally in the second half, but their earlier miscues were the deciding factor. Today was the last day for drop- ping courses without penalty. SDS marched through down- town Austin on the sidewalk after they had been denied a parade permit by the City Council. SUNDAY, 17th More protest against Arkies, football, the draft, the SDS, etc. A petition started by the Young Repub- licans in support of US policy in Viet Nam picked up 3,700 signatures. The Union Board of Directors decided to maintain its new non-student majority after much debate. MONDAY, 18th The student directory went on sale with a concurrent increase in politeness by the Centrex switchboard operators, who were thoroughly harassed the preceding 4 weeks. The Cordettes tapped seven military-oriented lovelies. TUESDAY, 19th AP voted Arkansas number one, as Texas got lost in the shuffle (number five). The Orange Jackets, women ' s honorary service organization, tapped 18 sopho- mores and juniors. WEDNESDAY, 20th Erno Valasek presented a violin con- cert in the Music Building Recital Hall. Fall electioneering officially began. THURSDAY, 21st The Ten Most Beautiful contest, announced 14 finalists. The Texas Engineering Science magazine went on sale with the first issue of the fall. " Piel De Verano " was shown in Hogg as part of the Films Classics Series. FRIDAY, 22nd The Shorthorns " boiled " Rice in Memorial Stadium 14-7. Challenge announced committee selections for the spring program. Madalyn Murray O ' Hair talked to College House on injustice. With fingers crossed, the people who still liked Texas football came out to a pep rally. SATURDAY, 23rd Going, Going xxx. Rice managed to pull a very upsetting 14-7 in Memorial Stadium. Another tradi- tion Rice ' s losing in Memorial went. Bevo VII, old and crippled with arthritis, retired Saturday night. Bevo VTII made his first appearance in the stadium. This weekend was also Homecoming; Alumni Awards were presented to Tex Cook, L. McCollum, John Holmes, and Homer Thornberry. SUNDAY, 24th The Gemini space shot, set for Monday, be- gan count-down. Fear began to mount that Playboy was right when it predicted an 8-3 season for the Longhorns. Even Darrell Royal, one of the most gracious losers in the " industry, " didn ' t sound too optimistic. Rumors began about the romance of Luci Baines and Pat Nugent with a visit to the ranch. MONDAY, 25th " Take Me Along, " presented by the Depart- ment of Drama, opened. Kathy Grant Crosby, UT ex and wife of Bing Crosby, appeared for opening night. The musical was the first of the department ' s 28th season. TUESDAY, 26th Thomas G. Bergin, Professor of Italian at Yale, spoke on " The Divine Comedy, Target of Translators " in the second lecture of the Dante Festival celebrating the 400th anniversary of his birth. The Spooks, freshman and sophomore women ' s service organization, tapped 25 " Spook- lets. " Candidates for Student Assembly seats published their platforms. WEDNESDAY, 27th Thirteen percent of the student body turned out for Assembly elections. The Board of Regents asked for a study on Daily Texan editorial policy after the appearance of a misinterpreted editorial on the war in Viet Nam. Charges against Madalyn Murray O ' Hair were dropped by Maryland. THURSDAY, 28th CEC presented Arthur Fiedler and the Buffalo Philharmonic at Municipal Auditorium. Gamma Delta Epsilon, sister group of Alpha Phi Omega, held an organizational meeting. The Union sponsored Goblin A Go Go halloween party on the patio. FRIDAY, 29th The Shorthorns smashed the SMU Ponies 34-21 in Memorial Stadium. A pep rally followed the game as the Longhorns left for Dallas. Charles Singleton of Johns Hopkins spoke on " How the Poets Saw God. " SATURDAY, 30th Going ... The Longhorns suffered yet another defeat at the hands of SMU in the Cotton Bowl, 31-14. The Department of Music ' s Fine Arts Festival opened with the last performance of " Take Me Along. " A special meeting of Texas editors to study the Daily Texan opera- tion, called by the Regents, rejected the role of censors and planned to meet later to study the problem more closely. SUNDAY, 31st The Union announced it would not sponsor Round-Up Revue as it had done for the last three years. The " Y " announced plans for the first Model U. S. Senate to be held in early December. NOVEMBER MONDAY, 1st The sound of harassing mercenaries filled the Page 679 NOVEMBER CONTINUED 40 acres as Campus Chest began with a record Dimes Day. " The Arts of Fontainebleau ' ' opened at the Art Museum; the Amadeus Quartet, formed string group, performed. TUESDAY. 2nd The usual potpourri: Jean Pierre Rampal and Robert Veyron-Lacroix presented a harpsichord recital; the Union countered with its " Arty Party " ; homeliness set the key for the annual " Ugly Man " contest; and, of national concern, Luci denied marriage plans. WEDNESDAY, 3rd The Solo Artist Series presented Shirley Verrett, mezzo soprano, in Hogg. " Some Problems of Global Art " was the topic of a lecture by Harold Rosenburg, author and art critic. The Ruth Stephan Poetry Center opened in a cubicle in the A.C. THURSDAY, 4th Our courageous Health Center rallied forces against the dread and rumored flu epidemic with free flu shots. The Dallas Morning News, in reporting reparte with the Texan, numbered the new Bevo XIII. The Film Classic Program presented " A Nous, La Liberte. " FRIDAY, 5th Vincent R. DiNino, director of the Longhorn Band the Showband of the Southwest undeniably van- quished all opposition in the Miss Campus Chest contest only to be disqualified for certain inadequacies. The Ama- deus Quartet presented their second concert. Of national import: Mr. President lunched and was barbered here as the Regents toured West Texas again. Sir Steven Runici- man, distinguished British historian, spoke on " The Fall of Constantinople. " SATURDAY, 6th Texas finally broke the losing streak by serving Baylor a daiquiri 35-14. The Dad ' s Association honored C. C. Nolen, Assistant Director of the Development Board; J. Alton Burdine, Dean of A S; and Dewitt Reddick, Director of the School of Communication. The Showband of the Southwest initiated new members, clad in gunnysacks, at the Baylor pep rally. Marty Purcell and John McRae were named Dads ' Day Outstanding Students. SUNDAY, 7th The 24th annual Fine Arts Festival ended with a concert by the University Symphonic Orchestra under direction of Henry Swoboda. Erno Valasek was violin soloist. The KKK parade pep rally took place in downtown Austin. Friars initiated six new members Pete Coneway, Bob Denham, Anthony Jung, David Parker, Keith Reeves, and Jim Rylander. MONDAY, 8th Mid-semester reports caused widespread cha- grin. Two sources of relief were available the Union gallery opened an exhibit on " American Figure Drawings " by the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and the Braniff collection was on display in the A.C. TUESDAY, 9th " The Musical Backgrounds of Dante ' s Poetry " by Dr. Elio Gianturcho was presented as part of Dante ' s birthday party. Filing ended in the CBA elections. WEDNESDAY, 10th Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass provided " Something Nice " at Municipal Auditorium. Dar- rell Royal, when asked about the Baylor game, responded that he was " tickled to death. " He should be with a 71 15 2 record after eight years at Texas. A mere 82.4 percent James R. Wiseman, Assistant Professor of Classics, discussed Corinthian excavation. THURSDAY, llth Reverend Jim Tucker of St. Stephens dis- cussed " Africa: Races and Conflict. " Conservative author Russell Kirk presented a lecture titled " Disintegrated Lib- eralism in Foreign Policy. " The Opera Workshop opened " The Magic Flute. " Cowboys pledged 11. Not to be out- done, the Spurs pledged 16. FRIDAY, 12th The Longhorn Hall of Honor admitted Mai Kutner, Joe Ward, Maxie Hart, and Tex Robertson. A revenge motif (after 1961) characterized the torchlight pep rally on the mall. SATURDAY, 13th There ' s always next year TCU 25, Texas 10. The Law School opened a seminar on the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. SUNDAY, 14th The University Symphonic Band, under di- rection of J. Frank Elsass, presented a concert at Hogg. " Gripe Week " officially began. MONDAY, 15th The University reviewed the extensive col- lection of the Charles R. Byrne ' s papers on the develop- ment of South-Central Texas. 1850-1920. Blanket Tax hold- ers were offered a concert by the Austin Symphony with soloist, Erick Friedman, violin. TUESDAY, 16th The Texas Union Speakers Committee pre- sented Dean Acheson on " Constant Policies in a Changing World. " Junior politicos sprang into action as Model United Nations began registration. WEDNESDAY, 17th The theoretical: Dr. Stanley Donner, Chairman of the Department of Radio and T. V., discussed " Film As Communication " , and Eric Kocher, in a MUN lecture, answered " Can the U. N. Keep the Peace? " The practical: College of Business Administration elections were announced as fraudulent, and a new Ranger hit the orange booths. THURSDAY, 18th CEC presented the Masterplayers Cham- ber Orchestra of Lugano as more candles were fired for Dante Delia Terza: " The Cantos of Disorderly Love: Re- marks on the Structure and Style of ' Purgatory ' . " The classical note was continued by the Sphinx, architecture honorary, initiation in heroic fashion. FRIDAY, 19th The Curtain Club opened " The Life and Death of Sneaky Fitch " as the Cowboy Minstrels again prepared to benefit the Austin Council for Retarded Chil- dren. The business scene . . . CBA elections were ruled " invalid " . . . The Atomic Energy Commission looked around Austin for a place to spend $348,000,000 on a reactor. SATURDAY, 20th A comic opera prevailed. The Minstrels attacked something or other and were attacked for same. Alpha Phi Omega sold " hex candles " for the ill-omened Turkey Day. Billy Graham predicted a sexual revolution (the same one prophet Dr. Bowman has been talking about for years). " Kandy-Kolored, Tangerine Flake, Streamline Baby, " alias Tom Wolfe, came to Austin. SUNDAY, 21st The School of Architecture christened its Texas Conference on Our Environmental Crisis. Keynote address was delivered by Professor Sir Dudley Stamp. Jimmy Dick, destined for the Tchaikowski Competition in Moscow, presented a piano recital. MONDAY, 22nd Lady Bird visited the campus to talk about trees and billboards for the " Environmental Crisis. " The Art Museum opened an exhibition of stained glass of the " secular " variety. Dr. Carl Leiden discussed Iran ' s govern- ment. TUESDAY, 23rd The Serendipity Singers invaded Gregory Gym as part of the Ford CARavan of Music with Earl " Father " Hines, jazz pianist. On the classical side, Erno Valasek presented a violin concert. WEDNESDAY, 24th Hot time in Big A. The annual Turkey Day bonfire was held on Town Lake, and Howard Mumford Jones, Harvard professor of English, refused to serve as visiting professor because of our " asinine " loyalty oath. THURSDAY, 25th-SUNDAY, 28th We thank thee for Thanks- giving holidays and victory over the Aggies. MONDAY, 29th Students, ten pounds heavier, returned to campus to find registration materials waiting. A poignant reminder of the lateness of the hour. Comic relief was pro- vided by the Texan headline concerning the population explosion (2) in Whooping Cranes. The winners of the Aggie Sign Contest were announced: Sigma Phi Epsilon, best all-around; Delta Tau Delta, best fraternity; Alpha Omicron Pi, best sorority; Sigma Chi, most comical. TUESDAY, 30th The Penick Courts became the most recent prey of the Regents. Professor Peter Soderbeigh spoke for th Union Famous Lecture Series, and Professor Robert Kahn of Rice University discussed " Some Difficulties in the German Novel Today. " DECEMBER WEDNESDAY, 1st CEC presented Steve Addis and Bill Crofut,